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Embers (poetry By Me)
In the light of the dark In the doom of the gloom Deep embittered embers glow Caught in the whirlwind of emotions Halfway to indecision The spark flickers Tossed in the myriad storm The silent cacophony shouts its purpose But no-one hears its cries Engulfed by the atmosphere Anxious fear reverberates, Echoes down the corridors of his soul Twisted torment howls its pain Sobs in the quiet storm As the embers sputters and dies.
Sand And Stone
Snow & Ice
...........and its now been raining and sleeting for 1/2 an hour.............
The Parking Garage
"Oh, pardon me!" I blurt out as my elbow catches against you, spilling my wine on your dress. "I am so sorry!". You begin to yell about my carelessness, but as you look up at me, your demeanor changes. "It's ok - accidents happen", you say. I feel terrible and offer to help you clean up as we retire to the ladies room at the swanky hotel. We take turns dabbing at your wet dress trying to get as much of the wine up as we can. The embarrassment we felt as I dabbed the top of your dress had passed. When I saw your nipples harden beneath the thin material my breath caught in my throat. You saw my stare and reached up to rub one of your nipples. My eyes widened. "She's coming on to me," I thought. I reached my hand to your other breast and began to caress it, all the while watching your face, ready to pull it back if I caught a hint of a scowl. No scowl. Instead I see a sly smile turn up your mouth and your hand leaves your breast and finds mine. We lean into each other for one of the most
My Birthday Is Tomm!
Hey Everyone Tomm is my Birthday. So dont forget to wish me a happy birthday:) Cant say no to a birthday gift or blast either!
I Will Be Gone Till Tuesday Please Read!!
My Girl Has What U Need...
Adult With Pet Contest Updates
~ Adult with Pet Contest ~ Now i'm taking adults with pet or pets for my contest send your pic link to my inbox and i will enter you! one with most comments wins! 1st person is...... with 1025 comments 2nd person is...... with 1 comments 3rd person is...... with 359 comments 4th person is...... with 100 comments 5th person is...... with 1 comments 6th person is..... with 1 comments Contest from 2/1 thur 2/8 thanks maria
What Men Are Up Against.. Lol
Well guys, the cat is out of the bag. Here is what you've been up against from your youngest days. ;-) Scroll down to see how.
The Meeting
The Excitement swells in your chest , the wait is so long you two shall meet soon and all the mystery is laid to rest. Will it be lust or love or will there be anything at all? Will he grab you and take you in his arms or will he politley kiss your cheek. Will you still ache for his touch when your near him finally ? Or will that ache be a pain ?. The passion you both felt through all the weeks of talking, emailing, will it be real ? You hope you both feel what has grown in your hearts but the physical reality will be here soon . Will it all fade in an instant or grow faster and with all the passion and fire you you felt before.Will you embrace and never want to let it end ? Never stop feeling what your heart has developed and what your body aches for ? It all happens so fast when it arrives but the wait is soo long Soon You will know . Just a thought that ran thru me this morning I was just thinking of all the romances that have started online and possibly continued or ended .
Some Of My Fav Actors/actresses...
Wow I Have Had Enough
alright so I have a pic of me in one of my photo albums i am wearing a white button up shirt that definately shows the clevage and i have my finger pointing at my boob now i didnt think that anyone would be so pathetic as to copy and paste my picture of myself and post it on some dumb fucking website called by the way the name is hrny4u so whoever u are im lettign u know im making an account on there with a salute to make sure it gets taken off i just cant believe how this has happened 6 times already are people really that fake they have to be someone else wtf? i think cherrytap should post their name of the site on the bottom of each pic anyways just watch out girls and guys hope this dosent happen to you and if it has hope u respond to this
What's Alive??? Lol...
Mike's new message: 2007-02-01 06:25:44 IIITTTTT'SSSS ALLLIIVVEEE!
Its Snowing!
Welp for once its actually snowing here n its gonna do it all day. Any volunteers to keep me warm *bats eyes*? Sucks though i still gotta go to class...just glad i only have 1 class today!
Feb. 1st 2007 you can see I didn't do a blog yesterday, not sure if it was lazy or what...either way it didn't happen. It's snowing today. 19 degrees and snowing. What is it about the winter that makes people depressed? I know I get that way alot,sad to say not always in the winter time. My friend Sara from Tucson was here for a visit last Dec. she really loves the snow. We went to Milwaukee and I took her to the lake,went for a walk...she made the mistake of wanting to throw snowballs around. I'd like to think she learned her lesson and would never wanna do that again....but I'd be wrong. Even after having a huge snowball stuff down the back of her pants, knowing her....she's ready for round two. I always did love seeing that look of amazement and happiness in her face. Iv'e recently aquired a job as a DJ at a bar here in town. It's going good so far,as most of you know last weekend was "80's" night, so I played all 80's pop and new wave. The crowd was awesome and the bar was packed...
And I Dream
Peace....the deep feeling of empty space combined with joy, a night of sleep where all of your troubles are simply washed away for a few hours. This morning I write of a simple place, a place where my body lifts itself above the earth and I look down upon my bed......And I Dream. Dream with me this morning as I reach to once again touch those who read me. I release my hands from their evening's grip on my pillow and with coffee in hand, my rested fingres touch their home on my keys as I write...... And I Dream Each night I lie down on a bed of lessons, learned from today. My head falls gently upon my pillow, made from memories yet to be created. I close my weary eyes And I dream… Of an angel’s touch upon my body with a kiss of feathered wings and the softness of skipping rocks across a glasslike lake. Of bubblegum kisses from lips as soft as clouds. With an inner peace found only in deep sleep, my body turns, try
... ... DAWN In my secret world I see, YOU are all that Love can be: Spirit inspiration … Woman love sensations … Imagination’s dream come true. These happy feelings grow with YOU, inside of me; inside of me, I see I am afraid of YOU … I am afraid to feel you, filling my life. I an afraid to love you, dreaming of wife. I am afraid to need you, more than I do. I am afraid of YOU ... Inside of me, I see … I am afraid to kiss you, As the love of my life, I am afraid to want you, As my lover and wife, I am afraid to need you, I am afraid … for then, Can I live without YOU … Again? . . . N O 0 O o o o o … ! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Rhey W. Hedges, August 23, 2005
Family Contest Opens Today At 2 Pm Central Time
~ Okay Family Contest ~ I want to have a family contest on CT and all the familys enter there Logo and then everyone votes and comments on it the family with the highest wins. Also a good way for people who aren't in family to join the familys. Just really to spread the news out! Contest will open today at 2:oo pm and run until 2/8 at 2 pm central time! so i'll be taking family logos send to my inbox and i will add the family! and may the best family win! 1st Family is...... 2nd Family is...... 3rd Family is...... You can Comment Bomb your own pic in my contest! thanks maria ~~UBER MARIA..Angel Family Founder~~@ CherryTAP
The Pilot
Years ago, I was enthralled as I listened to a pastor who for several years had faithfully served the church. His executive responsibilities had taken him all over this country. As he concluded his message, he told of one of the most frightening yet thought-provoking experiences of his life. He had been on a long flight from one place to another. The first warning of the approaching problems came when the sign on the airplane flashed on Fasten your seat belts. Then, after a while, a calm voice said, "We shall not be serving the beverages at this time as we are expecting a little turbulence. Please be sure your seat belt is fastened" As he looked around the aircraft, it became obvious that many of the passengers were becoming apprehensive. Later, the voice of the announcer said, "We are so sorry that we are unable to serve the meal at this time. The turbulence is still ahead of us." And then the storm br
Ask And You Shall Recieve...
I played hookey yesterday. Didn't go into work. I blamed it on a stomach ache. So this morning guess what woke me up. You got it! Sharp pains in my stomach and I even threw up! What's up with that? I guess my body is trying to tell me I'm a bad person for not being truthfull and going to work. But now that I don't feel well, I came in. How intelligent is that?
Praise The God And Goddess!
Please, Baby J, no more!!! It is hard for me to start my day appropriately without CherryTAP, sign of a true addiction, I'm afraid!! I did, however, get quite a few postings done at the other online community I belong to, Darkness Embraced! Thought I had a quiet morning planned, but Noooooo! I am off to cover the store for my friend Paula who has a sick 4 year old to contend with at home! Ah, well. More income for me!! Did get to stretch out a bit and dance for awhile this morning, lol! Spent some time scoping out the belly dancing websites for goodies for my costume! lmao, this is so much fun!! I have a nice list of things I need to acquire over time: harem pants, circle skirt, bra or halter top - yeah, with jingly things on them, lol, veils (got 2 coming!), zils (the little finger cymbols).This doesn't even cover the hair do-dads, jewelry, coin belts, etc., that make it almost like dress-up, all over again!!! Do I sound like a little girl in a candy store? You betcha, Babe!
So it comes to a point when you click on a profile and bam! A profile of a goddess dolled up to look like a million smackaroonies. Those playin at home, its like $$$ a shit load ok. Anway... Over the past week and a 1/2 since joining I've noticed the increase of people posing as others, pinching profile mugs off professional sites. Just so people pay attention at their pretty bods and glamoured up frontal nu-nu's shots(front bums aka. twat for those playing at home n keeping it g-rated) If your one of those people who claim celebrity off others work, shame on you. Anyone to suspects a clone, report them. People are here for entertainment not for your "oh im bored, ill pose as paris today". Then again, if you are Paris and has the time to sit down and blogg on a forum/website....ur busted. That girl wouldnt know one key to the anykey command. Oh and some people are making a busines out of it. Man o Man, get laid would you and leave it to professionals. Peace out!
Doggie Toes Clippy Thing
THIS ONE IS FOR MY FRIENDS CINDY AND DUSTIN AND THERE DOGGIES. Upstairs in momma's secret drawer she keeps a monster thing of horror, they bite and try to eat our toes, why they do that no one knows! We bark and fuss and wiggle and squirm, but our dad and momma holds us firm. This thing of horror makes a noise; although it's squeaky--it's not like toys. It's a squeaky, snippy, clippy thing, it has sharp teeth and a big strong spring. Sometimes after it eats our feet, we get something good to eat. But one day when no one else is home and we are left here all alone, we'll sneak it out and none will know, we sent it where the odd socks go! Author Unknown -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
So Hard.....
Life can be so hard at times. But then something jumps out at you to remind you that you are here for a reason. For me, its my daughter and my boyfriend. Both mean the world to me, and if it wasnt for them I probably wouldnt be here! Ive had a pretty shitty life in the past and I was always one who thought about death, leaving this unkind world, leaving all of the people behind that have hurt me. But then, I gave birth to my daughter and a light was shown in front of me. And just when I thought things couldnt get any better, my boyfriend comes into my life. He makes me the happiest girl alive. If only I knew how to explain to him how I truly feel. Sometimes I even feel as if Im not good enough for him. Or that Im not pretty enough. I guess the lack of any self esteem has something to do with that. I dont know.... All I know is that I thank God every day for my blessings! Life is something you must learn to cherish...and I have learned to cherish mine.
Hey Everyone
Yes i am still alive and breathing. I know i have not been around in awhile but i have been busy. That and dec. was really hard for me. I lost two of my friends ,my grandfather(dad is how i thought of him) and a kitten. March is going to be busier to becouse we are moving to Texas. Yay i get to go home. I can not wait then maybe i wont feel so bad. To top it off all i wanted to do was relax this year i guess that is not going to happen. To all my friends and family i am sorry i have not been around. I am just now coming off my bender from dec. So i am getting back to normal. I hope that is a good thing at lest for me.
Boyfriend Apps
FILL THIS OUT AND EMAIL IT BACK TO ME DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS boyfriend application Name: Age: Hair Color: Hair Length: Eye Color: Contacts/glasses/none: Height: Weight: Tattoos?: Piercings?: Drink?: Smoke?: Any other drugs?: Would u care if i did drugs?: Would u care if i drank?: Are you a virgin?: Do you have sex?: (if so) How often?: Is sex all your looking for?: Would u kiss me anytime?: anywhere?: Do u like to cuddle?: how much?: Have u ever been cheated on?: Would you cheat on me?: Have you ever cheated on someone?: Have you ever been used?: Have you ever used someone?: Favorites.. Current Favorite Song: ..Of all time: Color: Food: Drink: Alcoholic Drink: Cartoon: Candy: List your top 3 bands.. 1. 2. 3. Top 3 movies 1. 2. 3. What is the best thing about you? (Mentally/emotionally): Physically?: What do you think about me?: What's the best thing about me? (Mentally/emotionally): Physically?: What's ur styl
Buffalo And The Feather Spirit
What secrets do the feathers tell As they waft through the silent air Their story is one that is very old Messages that the shadow ones hold They appear before you As they appear before me While upon their flight they did fall To the earth as they touch us all When to our heart your spirit did speak That in which you taught us to be Oh Creator your breath I have seen As it burst forth into a mist From the nostrils of the buffalo in a dream A strong and great life giver he has been For all of us on this path that we do walk Our provider is behind us and stands tall In his strength and wisdom we will remain As he cares for us, we do the same Care for this feather that falls so soft It is the gentle nature of the spirit That covers the heart of the big and the small As is the buffalo, the spirit protects us all...
Some Of My Fav Actors/actresses...
Adult With Pet Contest Updates!
~ Adult with Pet Contest ~ Now i'm taking adults with pet or pets for my contest send your pic link to my inbox and i will enter you! one with most comments wins! 1st person is...... with 1025 comments 2nd person is...... with 1 comments 3rd person is...... with 359 comments 4th person is...... with 100 comments 5th person is...... with 1 comments Contest from 2/1 thur 2/8 thanks maria
Lesson... don't get drunk and play on cherry tap... I have lost some of my pictures... oops
Birds And The Animals
The old ones tell us that one time, the animals challenged the birds to a great ballgame, and the birds accepted. The leaders of each made the plans and set the date, and when the time came, both parties met at the place for the ball dance. The animals met on a nice smooth grassy area near the river, and the birds perched in the treetops overlooking the animals. The captain of the animal team was Yona, the bear, and he was strong and heavy, and could take care of anyone who got in his way. All along the way to the ballgame, he was showing his strength by tossing logs and boulders into the air. He boasted of what he would do to the birds at the ballgame. Dagasi, the terrapin, was a huge terrapin, and his shell was so hard, not even the heaviest blow to him would hurt. He kept standing oThen his hind legs and then dropping to the ground, bragging that this is what he would do at the ballgame. He would crush any bird that tried to take the ball from him. There was also Awi, the
First Time
"Jeanie, I can't believe you've never tried it before." My face turned red. I took a sip of coffee, nervously looking at my roommate. "Mandy, I've had sex with five women in my life and it's always been the same. Never has a woman wanted to tie me up and have her way with me." "Well, you really don't know what you're missing. You need to loosen up and stop being so damn inhibited!" She was right, I didn't know what I had been missing, and I was uptight. I just got nervous in bed, afraid to try anything new. Five minutes till knock off time and I was thanking God it was Friday. I had spent the entire week thinking about what Mandy had said. She'd been in several lesbian relationships, each one kinkier than the last. She was so open about her body, having no problem walking around the apartment naked. I had a problem. I made sure my body was always covered up around her. It wasn't that I was ashamed of it, I actually had a decent one, but I was shy about letting other people s
Powerful hands pulling my hair into a tight rope He tenderly tugs my head as he possesses my face and neck With his warm mouth and tongue. I feel a heavy burning pressure on my thigh and press my chest into his eager hands… He worships my breasts like a prized possession. Patience… I want him now… Patience. I open my lips into the urgency of his mouth, engulfed in insane flames of desire… Patience. He lifts my hips and desperately kneads my belly, Devouring my soft petals with his sensuous lips… Oh, I want him… I want him now. He enters me like he has come home and softly sighs into my ear… I welcome him... oh how I have missed him. Tears of joy stream down my cheeks and moisten his smooth neck and back… I am home… and time stops. His eyes are teasing me to taste him to please him to love him. With each thrust he whispers he loves me…With each thrust I whisper I love him… He pauses… and I smile…He cups my face into his man-hands and smothers my m
Bikers Contest Updates
~ Okay I'm going to do a Bikers Contest ~ So I need bikers male and females for my contest 1st biker is...... with 400 comments 2nd biker is...... with 2 comment 3rd biker is...... with 2 comment 4th biker is...... with 248 comments contest will open up 1/29 thur 2/5 want to enter send me your pic link and i will enter you into the contest! Comments + Rates = total click the pic to enter..... ~~UBER MARIA..Angel Family Founder~~@ CherryTAP
The Train Ride
Calleigh has longish brown hair, laughing green eyes and curves in the right places. She definitely gets attention. She gets noticed by men and women. When she walks down the street she is greeted with smiles, hellos, and male appreciation. She has come to be quite used to it; almost to take it as her due. For a while she had been riding the train commuting from her suburb into the city. For the last month or so she noticed an attractive young man riding on the train for approximately the same stretch that she rides. He is always on before she gets on, and at the end of the day she often catches him riding back on the same train line home. He never notices her. He is a younger man, about 26 years old. He is always dressed with his suit jacket over one arm and adorably old fashioned suspenders on his crisp white shirts. His reddish blonde hair is smoothed back away from his face and neatly cut. Sharp blue eyes peek out behind stylish round glasses. He looks studious; the type o
The Hunting Of The Great Bear
There were four hunters who were brothers. No hunters were as good as they at following a trail. They never gave up once they began tracking their quarry. One day, in the moon when the cold nights return, an urgent message came to the village of the four hunters. A great bear, one so large and powerful that many thought it must be some kind of monster, had appeared. The people of the village whose hunting grounds the monster had invaded were afraid. The children no longer went out to play in the woods. The long houses of the village were guarded each night by men with weapons, who stood by the entrances. Each morning, when the people went outside, they found the huge tracks of the bear in the midst of their village. They knew that soon it would become even bolder. Picking up their spears and calling to their small dog, the four hunters set forth for that village, which was not far away. As they came closer they noticed how quiet the woods were. There were no signs of rabbits
Go Gentle Into That Dark Night...
or how does that go??? lol.... At any rate, Mike's updated message when I finally was able to get back in... 2007-02-01 05:53:27 site is slowly coming back online.. please be gentle for awhile. :-D -mike
Cherrytap Down
Man, I hate it when I can't get on Cherrytap....
Daughter Of The Sun
The Sun lived on the other side of the sky vault, but her daughter lived in the middle of the sky, directly above the Earth. Every day as the sun was climbing along the sky arch to the west, she used to stop at her daughters house for dinner. Now, the Sun hated the people of this Earth, because they never looked straight at her without squinting. She said to her brother, the Moon, "My grandchildren are ugly, they screw up their faces whenever they see me. But the Moon said, "I like my younger brothers, I think they are handsome." This was because they always smiled pleasantly at his mild glow in the night sky. The Sun was jealous of the Moon's popularity and decided to kill the people. Every day when she got near her daughter's house, she sent down such sultry heat that fever broke out and people died by the hundreds. When everyone had lost some friend ands it seemed as if no one would be spared, the humans went for help to the little men. These men, who were friendly spirits, said
Good Morning !
Snowing here , hasnt in about 2 years, sooooooooo pretty !
PLEASE come leave me comments!! I will return the favor! I'm only 700 behind first and still in 2nd! Thank you everyone for all your help. I know bombing sucks and if you don't have time to can you please at least repost this for me.. That alone is a huge help! Thank you!! ♥ HUGS AND KISSES ♥ ♥ Click on the pic above for the contest! ♥ Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Nothing Version)Music Video Codes By Music Video Code
The Song Of Cherokee Rose
The natives of the Florida swamps, the Seminoles, were on the warpath and many lives were lost, and they retreated from their enemy, the Cherokee. One young, handsome Seminole brave was captured and taken prisoner by the Cherokees. He was a strong lad with jet black hair and black eyes, but he had been seriously wounded and was an easy target. He was condemned to die at the stake by burning until his body was consumed by fire. This was the custom of treating enemy captives in the Cherokee culture. The young man fell ill on top of being wounded. He was too sick to stand on his feet, so the execution was postponed until the young man became well. The Cherokees wanted to see a strong, healthy warrior die, not a sick one, weak as a woman. "Let him be fed until he is strong again and then we will punish him," the Chief said. And so it was decided. The young Seminole warrior was brought to a Cherokee lodge to be nursed back to health. In that home lived a Cherokee warrior and his wife
* Lessons Of The Hanged Man *
Lessons of the Hanged Man The art of surrender and letting go To release oneself and go with the flow Accepting all that is Living in the kiss of bliss Ending all struggle, Being Vulnerable and Open, Emancipation Liberation, Freedom, Manumission from all libation Giving up control and accepting free will Setting yourself free and in silence still Reversal - turning the world around Knowing and growing in change abound Change of mind, peeling away the very rind Of all which can serve to hold you in its bind Overturning old priorities, Unchain and unfasten the keys For what it means to open up thee and set you free Seeing and knowing from a new perspective Upending the old order is your elective An about face, change of pace For the human race Suspending action, Pausing, reflecting as your faction Feeling, being, seing freeing outside of time Take time to just be outside the binds of this rhyme Turning over a new leaf to just be Giving up the sense of urgenc
Belief Is Irrelevant
Belief is the acceptance of a proposition without proof. It is an assertion of reality without regards to the manifestations of reality. Belief is an expression of what we wish reality to be. It has no bearing on what reality is, and does not affect what reality is. What we believe, what we wish were true, has no bearing on what is true. Belief does not alter reality. It does not change what is.
Can Vs Will
"Can" -- to be able to; to have the ability, power, or skill to "Will" -- am/is/are about or going to To say that we "can" or "cannot" do a thing is to say whether such a thing lies within our grasp, within our ability. It is a mere statement of fact, an observation of reality. To say that we "will" or "will not" do a thing is to state a determination to use or not use our abilities. It is the articulation of choice. "Can" implies acceptance of and submission to the reality of our lives. It underscores the limits of our power and ability. "Will" requires determination and choice regardless of the reality of our lives. It is the affirmation of our power and ability. Two small words, yet how we use them says much about who we are and how we live our lives. Those who merely "can" bow to the forces around them in abject submission; those who "will" receive the submission of those same forces.
There Is No Try
The word "try" is a fiction. We do not "try" anything; we cannot. We act, or we do not act; we move, or we do not move. There is no third option.
The Litany Against Fear
I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
I Will...
When you are sad... I will get you drunk and help you plot revenge against the scum sucking bastard who made you sad. When you are blue... I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. When you smile... I will know you finally got laid. When you are scared... I will rag on you about it every chance I get. When you are worried... I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be and tell you to quit whining. When you are confused... I will use little words to explain it to your dumb ass. When you are sick... Stay away from me until you are well again, I don't want whatever you have. When you fall... I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass. This is my oath... I pledge til the end Why you ask me... Because you are my friend!
A Virgin's Worst Nightmare
A Virgins Worst Nightmare A virgin girl asks her boyfriend to come over Friday night and have dinner with her parents. Since this is such a big event, the girl announces to her boyfriend that after dinner, she would like to go out and make love for the first time. * * * * * * * * * Well, the boy is ecstatic, but he has never had sex before, so he takes a trip to the pharmacist to get some condoms. He tells the pharmacist it's his first time and the pharmacist helps the boy for about an hour. He tells the boy everything there is to know about condoms and sex. * * * * * * * * * At the register, the pharmacist asks the boy how many condoms he'd like to buy, a 3-pack, 10-pack, or family pack. The boy insists on the family pack because he thinks he will be rather busy, it being his first time and all. * * * * * * * * * That night, the boy shows up at the girl's parents house and meets his girlfriend at the door. "Oh, I'm so exci
A Virgin'd Worst Nightmaew
A Virgins Worst Nightmare A virgin girl asks her boyfriend to come over Friday night and have dinner with her parents. Since this is such a big event, the girl announces to her boyfriend that after dinner, she would like to go out and make love for the first time. * * * * * * * * * Well, the boy is ecstatic, but he has never had sex before, so he takes a trip to the pharmacist to get some condoms. He tells the pharmacist it's his first time and the pharmacist helps the boy for about an hour. He tells the boy everything there is to know about condoms and sex. * * * * * * * * * At the register, the pharmacist asks the boy how many condoms he'd like to buy, a 3-pack, 10-pack, or family pack. The boy insists on the family pack because he thinks he will be rather busy, it being his first time and all. * * * * * * * * * That night, the boy shows up at the girl's parents house and meets his girlfriend at the door. "Oh, I'm so exci
To My Ct Friends
A big dragonlvr thanks to everyone that made my Birthday so special..hugzz and kisses to you all..
* The Mysteries Of Isis *
Exploring the Sacred through the Ancient Goddess Isis Welcome to the Mysteries of Isis, a sacred space dedicated to Isis. As a Goddess of light, communication, and energy, what better place for Her to be? Winged Isis, who wafts light and life-giving breezes from her wings. A Few Words on Isis... Isis calls to all who share her vision of the universe. Once called, some of us answer, and, with that answer, begins an amazing relationship between the human and the divine. Because Isis does not only call; she answers. One of her ancient titles is Epekoos, the One who Hears, the one who responds to the needs and prayers of her worshippers and, as I see it, her allies. The divine spirit of Isis reaches through and to all things. She is a divinity who enjoys simplicity and complexity, science and art, feeling and intellect. There is nothing in you that does not find a parallel in Isis -you don't need to stop thinking, stop questioning, to stop loving or stop yearning, to
A Very Blessed Mother And Family
I have spent the last 4 days in a state of awe and disbelief. Saturday morning my 16 year old son was thrown from a vehicle traveling at 140 MPH. His friend who was in the front passengers seat was pronounced DOA. The driver was just released from ICU and arrested yesterday.(manslaughter) The reason I am in awe is that my son was ejected from the vehicle going 140 miles per hour but he walked away with no more than a banged up knee and a very minimal amount of road rash. He is a miracle.... There is no reason on this earth that he walked away with no serious injuries, no broken bones, no serious lacerations.the car was going 140 miles per hour. I can only see the hand of god wrapping him in his protective hand and setting him down gently. There is no other concievable reason for my son being here today. if you have any other insight that may help me understand and cope please write me
You Know What I Hate?
When you meet someone, and you can't get them out of your head. You just want to be with them everyday, and when your not with them, you miss them. . . . I also hate when that guy told you they broke up with their girlfriend just to get you there so he can fuck you. Then time after time he says that again, but you never catch it untill it's to late. To late because, you really start to like him. You really want a relationship with this person. . . He's got your thoughts, you think he's getting your heart. . . . . . . . . . . . . But your still to scared to let him fully in your life. . . . . . . . . . . .Then there's always that day. That cold dark day when you find out the truth. . . . . . You find that all them times he ever said that he left his girlfriend he never did. . . . All those times that he wanted you to hang out he only wanted sex. . . . . . . . . . All those time's you helped him cheat on his girlfriend who didn't do a damn thing wrong to him. . . . . . . . All them
I'm sitting here, sweden is cold as you know, I suppose. I'm drinking my coffee. A bit tired actually... I'm building my big art-site right now with all my paintings, sketches, drawings, shortmovies ah you name it.. (maybe I'll post the link when its ready).. Not getting much done when I am on CT hehe.. OOps, the coffee is cold, must get a fresh cup..
a friend asked me a minute ago for some good songs and i named off a couple, hes like why do you like them i said they remind me of the past so he asks mst of the past blows why do you want to remember, my only reply was reminds me of where past choices landed me and helps me not to repeat my mistakes, ive always been that way drown myself in music to remember. to change the way im thinking i guess my life pretty much revolves arround music
See Ya When This Is Back Up
well my shoutbox is down guess they are starting to work so i will talk to you guys when it comes back..night
I Know This Is Annoying, But Like I Care, Its What I Feel.
I feel that one day, I'll leave. I'm told that whatever needs to be done for me to stay will be done, but that's not fair for another individual involved in this. I might back down for them. For him. But, will this kill him? I don't know what to do.
Nine Inch Nails-dead Souls
Someone take these dreams away that point me to another day A duel of personalities That stretch all true reality They keep calling me Keep on calling me They keep calling me Keep on calling me When figures from the past stand tall and mocking voices ring the hall Imperialistic house of prayer Conquistadores who took their share They keep calling me Keep on calling me They keep calling me Keep on calling me Calling me, calling me [x2] They keep calling me Keep on calling me They keep calling me Keep on calling me ------------------- Nine Inch Nails - Dead SoulsMusic Code provided by Song2Play.Com One of my favorite NIN songs, the deluxe downward spiral killllsss!
Missing Children
Missing Girl Please look at the picture, read what her mother says, then forward this message on. Maybe if everyone passes this on, someone will see this child. That is how the girl from Stevens Point was found by circulation of her picture on tv. The internet circulates even overseas, South America, and Canada etc. Thanks Please pass this to everyone in your address book. We have a Deli manager (Acme Markets) from Philadelphia, Pa who has a 13 year old daughter who has been missing for 2 weeks. Keep the picture moving on. With luck on her side she will be found. "I am asking you all, begging you to please forward this email on to anyone and everyone you know, PLEASE. My 13 year old girl, Ashley Flores, is missing. She has been missing for now two weeks. It is still not too late. Please help us. If anyone any where knows anything, please contact me at: I am including a picture of her. A
Comment Bombers Really Appreciated!!!
10,000 Comments and I win a blast! I can't afford one at the moment, and I've been wanting one for awhile, so please help me out! And I will help bomb anything you post also, like I try to always do! Thank you!!
You Think The New World Order Is Conspiracy?
Check the back of your dollar ;]
just so ya'll know. just cuz i am happy with myself does not mean i think i am better than u... i just dont wanna deal with childish ppl and... and im sry if ur mad at me for that.... the ppl involved in this drama kno who they are...and i guess i could say im sorry but im not...i really trusted one of you...thought i could count on u for anything...the other person...yea u were cool at first but ur charm wears off... so stop thinkin that u are so damn my brother : stab me in the back again please... whatever im pissed off....only 1 person could make me happy right now...
who would like to have my love? as in be my one and only kinda thing, hrmmmmmm?
Fear In The Lgiht
Armed and watchfull i stand ready. for the light has brought me lots of pain and sorrows. And the shadows is what i have known. I walk the road getting more and more causes, People of this road are kind and caring it appears but I fear will once again be double crossed and to return to the shadows from which i came. War destruction beatings is what i have known all my time. Fighting and surviving and evertime i ventured into the light from the shadows and tried to walk this road I have been decevied and double crossed. I'M READY FOR THIS ROAD!!!!!! but my fear is if i get double crossed again should i just stand back to the shadows and continue my life that way and remain alone or just give up and just exist. the damage done is brutle and I honestly don't know if i can take anymore. But what i do know is I will not go down without a fight once and for all!!! I truley hope the one that stands with me in the light stays other ways I will just go back and continue my journey in the dark
Human Nature
Whoever wants to be a judge of human nature should study people's excuses. - Hebbel
Going Home!
Hey everyone. On my way home. So if I'm only on here sporadically for the nexte week or so, its because I'm traveling, not blowing ya off. Hoep to talk to everyone soon! Michael
10 Questions Not To Ask Military Wives
10 Things all of us Military Wives get tired of hearing... *Repost* if you've ever felt like strangling someone for asking you one of these... 1. I don't know how you do it. Well, guess what? In all honesty, I don't know how I do it either. I just do. Because really, what other choice do I have? 2. I could never deal with it if my husband was gone for that long. does hearing how someone else can't deal with it help me to deal with it? 3. Are you scared that something may happen to him while he's there? This one has always really perplexed me. Of course, I'm scared. I wouldn't be human if I wasn't. But being reminded of the fact that something may happen to him doesn't help me out. 4. Do you miss him? Every time I get asked this, I just want to respond "Oh, no, definitely not. I like it when he's gone. It gives me the chance to be all by myself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Who wouldn't want that?" Of course, I miss him. Would
An Original
Well everyone else seems to post poetry so ill give it a go too lol. Ring of the Phone In his room he sits alone Waiting, hoping for the ring of the phone In his room he watches tv Wondering and asking "Why doesn't anyone love me?" There is no answer none at all On deaf ears do his screams fall He's tired of this no more pain From his wrists his blood did drain Even in his death he is alone No one left to hear the ring of the phone
Funniest Movie Ever
It Took A Little While But...
i think i finally have a grasp on who i am. i got a letter from sean the other day. now i usually get emotional when i get a letter but this one took my breath away. this letter held every word that i needed to hear. it told me things he had never said to me before..even though we've been married for almost two years now. as i read the words he wrote i could feel every beat of my heart...& then i felt it flutter. i never realized how much i really mean to him...& i think that was what started the tears. ive written about how lonely i long my days are...but now i realize that its not as one sided as i thought. my husband is devoted to me...::aww now im crying again::...he loves me...he has trouble sleeping at night cuz im not there...he look up at the stars & asks them to shine a little brighter for me. ::damn going to ruin my makeup:: he said that whenever a thought of him comes to my mind not to worry about it..its just a kiss he sent with the wind finally r
High Blood Presure
i just wanted to stop by and tell everybody that im sorry for not being on and i might not be on for awhile i went to the doctor cause of chest pain and pain in my left arm found out i have high blood presure of 183 over 98 so if you care about me at all people please pray for me i need some help to get threw this honestly im scared because i know where high blood presure can lead to so thats why it scars me ill try to be back on later i hope
Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne
My Son
JOHN SAMUEL COLE BORN JAN 28 2007 9 weeks early due to the fact that me or him would not be here today if we didnt take him out on sunday. hes my angel just like my other 2 loving kids are. i had preclampsimia which is a deadly deasese for pregnet weman only 5 to 8% of weman get it. im greatfull to be here today and celebrate the life of my family. thanks to my mom, family, and friends i love you all very much.
Trick To Being More Popular
Tricks To Being More Popular LOOK PEOPLE IN THE EYE: You will seem sincere. notice the color of your coworker's eyes to remember to maintain contact. FINDING BONDING MOMENTS: When colleague mentions that she does yoga, which you love, tell her . We relate quickly with people when we have common ground. STAY TUNED IN: Ask follow-up questions after a coworker finishes talking. It shows you're interested. . DROP A COMPLIMENT: Mention to your boss that you like the new ad campaign she came up with. Genuine flattery goes a long way. Suggest: Nicholas boothman, author of How to connect in business in 90 seconds or less. You can put anyone under your spell. **********************************************
In 24 Hours
I am the fuck out of here lol... Let me know if you want to keep in contact... I will message back if I plan on it... Later...
What Goes Around
Hey girl, is he everything you wanted in a man You know I gave you the world You had me in the palm of your hand So why your love went away I just can't seem to understand Thought it was me and you babe Me and you until the end But I guess I was wrong Don't want to think about it Don't want to talk about it I'm just so sick about it Can't believe it's ending this way Just so confused about it Feeling the blues about it I just can't do without ya Tell me is this fair? Is this the way it's really going down? Is this how we say goodbye? Should've known better when you came around That you were gonna make me cry It's breaking my heart to watch you run around 'Cause I know that you're living a lie That's okay baby 'cause in time you will find... What goes around, goes around, goes around Comes all the way back around What goes around, goes around, goes around Comes all the way back around What goes around, goes around, goes around Comes all the way bac
Birthmonth March
Your Birth Month is March You love life and exude an outgoing, cheerful vibe. Blessed with a great sense of humor, you can laugh at adversity. Your soul reflects: Respect, desire, and generosity Your gemstone: Aquamarine Your flower: Daffodil Your colors: White and light blue What Does Your Birth Month Mean?
A Boy & A Gurl
Put Up Or Shut Up
Save Minutes
Save Minutes: 1. Keep chopped frozen vegetalbe in your freezer for a quick, tasty stir fry. 2. Have your manicure and pedicure done simultaneously to halve your drying time. 3. Buy movie tickets in advance using or 4. Reduce grocery -shopping time. By online check out or or hit stores after 9pm. when they are quietest. 5. Observe the two-minute rule. If an e-mail will take two minutes or less to respond to, deal with it; save the rest until the end of the day.
I'm In Another Contest My Second One
i need bombed i have to get 10,000 comments no time limit just copy and paste the link
Don't Forget
10 Signs You Should Dump Him
10 SIGNS YOU SHOULD DUMP HIM BY NEW YEAR'S 1. When you ask to speak to him about moving in, he schedules the talk on June 2008. 2. Each time after sex, he grabs a private notebook from his bag and scribbles something in it, giggling. 3. His friends call him by the nickname of Cheaty McGee. 4. He loves to touch you and kiss you and will do so just as soon as he powers up and finishes killing these level-four zombies, Die, Video zombie, Die. 5. His ring tone is"Baby got back." 6. The guy's elaborate excuse for not spending the holidays together includes training for an Ironman competition. 7. Mr. Reality still entertains the idea that he could be a "stripper Choreographer." 8. He's alerady written a scathing tell-all memoir of your relationship - and you 've only been dating for two months. 9. He calsl your mom "Mrs. Robinson" and stares at her way too intensely. 10. The big spender usually splurges on buys you awesome gifts, so it'd be a real shame to dump
A Vote Is A Rate In The Sweet Ass Contest
A Vote Is A Rate in The Sweet Ass Contest
He Is With You Always...part 2
You Are 83% Peaceful You are the epitome of inner peace and total calm. You are grounded, emotionally mature, and very wise. While no one's life is perfect, you have a great amount of perspective on the world - and you place in it. How Peaceful Are You?
None The Less...
Your Five Factor Personality Profile Extroversion: You have high extroversion. You are outgoing and engaging, with both strangers and friends. You truly enjoy being with people and bring energy into any situation. Enthusiastic and fun, you're the first to say "let's go!" Conscientiousness: You have high conscientiousness. Intelligent and reliable, you tend to succeed in life. Most things in your life are organized and planned well. But you borderline on being a total perfectionist. Agreeableness: You have medium agreeableness. You're generally a friendly and trusting person. But you also have a healthy dose of cynicism. You get along well with others, as long as they play fair. Neuroticism: You have low neuroticism. You are very emotionally stable and mentally together. Only the greatest setbacks upset you, and you bounce back quickly. Overall, you are typically calm and relaxed - making others feel secure. Openness to experience: Your openness t
New Cherry
Cool! So, I'm new to CherryTap and I really like it. There are so many thingd to do and I really like that it's not full of little kids. Anyways, I'm definatly still tring to figure the site out but so far so good.Peace
Luv Is Amazing
Luv is ... going 2 sleep feeling good about everything, even when so much is going wrong. Luv is ... luv'in those who luv u & 4geting those who forget you. Luv is ... taking risks. Luv is ... not being sure. Luv is ... everything u were scared of. Luv is ... a feeling u can't explain. Luv is ... never knowing what'll happen next. Luv is ... painful. Luv is ... having the courage 2 let them love u back. Luv is ... crying & smiling @ the same time. Luv is ... never looking back or forward.
Your Candy Heart Says "First Kiss" You're a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship. You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love. Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you Your flirting style: friendly and sweet What turns you off: cynics who don't believe in romance Why you're hot: you always keep the romance alive What Does Your Candy Heart Say?
As The Fun Continues!!
Ever since I met the couple the other night for the very first time...I have been with them for four more times! And going to meet them again the 5th time, this weekend, depending on the weather. The first night was basically me and her, the second night was the three of us with the introduction of my vibrator coming into play..tonight culminated in a threesome with literally getting my pussy eaten out to the point of i can not recall how many times i came, as well, as getting penetrated completely to the point of orgasm while in a 69 with her and her licking me!! Hot times, with no end in site..and pics of me and her to boot!! Hugs and Kisses Kelly
Inner Thoughts
i see your face everyday, though it may not be in person i think about everything, past present and future how i wish things could be different how i wish i wasnt like i am everytime i talk to you, i never know what to say my shyness kicks in, and i cant fathom words to say cuz im struck by your beauty, and long for you to be mine how i wish i wasnt like i am im not like most, in case you dont know i have a heart of gold, or at least ive been told i will always be there for you, whether you believe it or not how i wish i wasnt like i am i will stand up to the toughest obsticle no matter the odds, if to protect you i dont even have to protect you, but defend you in any way i can how i wish i wasnt like i am you can love me or hate me leave me or date me i dont really care cuz i have my imagination, and its very detailed i can have a fantasy life in my head, where we are together forever as long as we are friends, you know thats good enough for me though y
Courtesy of YES IWAS THERE
Life Is Strange
I wish people would get a life and go with the flow. Its not hard, just open your eyes, shut your mouth and LIVE!!!!LMAO
Comment Bombers Needed!!!
I have just entered in Sexiest/Best Cleavage contest! Please friends and fans help me out with this one!!! I always help out everyone I can with their contests so please help me this one time!!!! I have not won any contest I have entered yet and would like to win at least one! I luv ya all!!! MUAH, TwinkleBug
Its only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up that we will begin to live each day to the fullest as if it were the only one we had.........
Time To Fly
so this week i have been talking with people in washington state on buying a house easier said then done sunday i will be flying out to washington to spend a week house hunting finding that perfect pad for me to start my new life wish me luck
Sergeant In Afghanistan
The Following was taken off of "", a website ran by Ex-Military in support of their Friends in still in the Military: The following letter is from a Sergeant still on the front lines: ______________________________________________________________ Things that I am tired of in this war: I am tired of Democrats saying they are patriotic and then insulting my commander in chief and the way he goes about his job. I am tired of Democrats who tell me they support me, the soldier on the ground, and then tell me the best plan to win this war is with a “phased redeployment” (liberal-speak for retreat) out of the combat zone to someplace like Okinawa. I am tired of the Democrats whining for months on T.V., in the New York Times,and in the House and Senate that we need more troops to win the war in Iraq, and then when my Commander in Chief plans to do just that, they say that is the wrong plan, i
Life Isnt Measured
Life is not measured by the number of breaths but by the number of moments that take our breath away....
Last Day At Work...and Iraq...
Tommorrow morning I leave Iraq...head to kuwait. I should be getting on a plane sometime tommorrow headed for Texas, where I'm to demobilize for a week. Then off to Toledo, Ohio to live with my sister. So in the mean time, i will not have internet. Lately i have been packing my bags and have been busy.
Well hello there....uh yea...idk what to say...cept that I had a CRAZY night last night lol omg! head hurts now cause of it lol! ran into like...a wall...haha.....then...almost "died" anywho....uh yea....i is i is gunna go now so yah....laytas!
Hello just thought I would write in here. Not much is going on in my world tonight. My soon to be husband works in the oilfeild so he is out babysitting a oil well and I'm at home with our dogs and farm animals. It sucks he's gone but I talk to him alot on the phone and I go out to the job site to see him often to. Well thats about all I can think of right know. Cyn
My Little Buddy
there was a time in my life where i walked alone i felt alone and i had much sadness in my life then 1 day god blessed me with the most prescious gift that anyone could ever have. he gave me my little ray ray he was such a bundle of joy he smiled he laughed he cried and daddy would take him in his arms and hold him tight and rock him till he fell asleep. little ray ray was so cute he would make faces and laugh at daddy and make daddy grin from ear to ear. i watched him grow till he was about 3 then his mom moved out of state and took him away from me omg my heart was so broken the only thing in life that was so prescious to me was gone and i couldnt see him cause they lived so far away. about 2 yrs went by and each and every day of my life i would think of him and each an every day i would look forward to being with him again someday.then i got a call that he was moving again this time to a different state even further away. my heart dropped out of my chest it felt like. Some nights i
Learn A Second Language. Lol
And for those of you who watch what you eat, here's the final word on nutrition and health. It's a relief to know the truth after all the conflicting medical studies: 1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. [spoke w/a Japanese accent] 性交しているあり私をからかうか。 2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. [spoke w/a Mexican accent] Spa¿Eres que coge embromándome? 3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. [spoke w/a Chinese accent] 你他妈的说笑我? 4. The Italians drink excessive amounts of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans. [spoke w/a Italian accent] Siete che scopate scherzandolo? 5. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausage and suffer fewer heart attacks
New Myspace Blog Up!!!
Reason, Season, Or Lifetime
People come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. When you know which one that it is you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a reason it is usually to meet a need that you have expressed. They have come to assist you through difficulty to provide you with guidance and support to aid you physically and emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are there for the reason you need them to be. Then without wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end sometimes they die sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand there is never a good reason for anything in life. Life is hard it truly is But in life there are many reasons for everything like breaking up of relationships the reason could be so that each one can see what the other means to them in their life and that they may find that happiness in life together eventually repairing what
Calling All My True Friends
this is albert and i need you to join me at 1 a.m. today in the lost lover's lounge i need your help please all of you that read this and are my true friend please come in their please
I love the music of Sara McLachlin...this song brings back memories of a past time. What is a memory? know..whilst somebody lives in our memory..they are not dead..merely around the corner. I refuse to tell anybody I will not remember themmfor to me that is like wishing them dead..and I have not that right ...enjoy the song..and its life..don't let it pass you by... Music Video:I WILL REMEMBER YOU (by Sarah McLachlan)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com
Ok I Know
ive said id never do this but the new pictures i uploaded were to prove a point and they will be deleted soon thanks, lol
Me..summed Up Into Words.
I never pity myself or expect other people to do so for me. The reason why, is because I know there’s always going to be something worse out there than what I’m ever going through. I know I’m young and I have many more years to live. Truth be told, the thought of it scares the shit out of me. The things I have gone through, I should not have to have gone through within the short life I have so far lived. I guess to some extent I’m responsible for it, allowing myself to be exposed to things that the average person my age would not have learned about until their later years. Fact is though, I do not regret having learned from all I’ve been through because I know all of it is who and everything I am. I’ve tried to convince myself that al truly did have that everlasting positive outlook on me where I’ve become completely comfortable with myself but there are times where I do sit down and cry. Times where I do not feel like I’m good enough. I try to stand strong with my head up but of cours
Time To Say Goodbye
Is there ever a right time to say goodbye?..Goodbye to a person. goodbye to dreams, goodbye to many areas to say goodbye. Opera and operetta is a long lasting passion of mine..I have used Ms Brightmans songs in web pages..and this is a beautiful song..I hope you enjoy... Music Video:TIME TO SAY GOODBYE (LIVE) (by Sarah Brightman)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com
Tell Me Have U Seen Her
I'm lookin for that lady i can make my boo lookin 4 dat shawty i ca make wifey dat shawty dat hold me down dat one wit the pretty smile pretty eyes alwaz greasen her lips (hint Hint) she cool she calm she simple but like the hairstyle she gota b juz 4 me she like 2 have a good time and she kno how to play her position so if diz is u den GET AT ME
Canada revisited I write about the land up north Where its all so clean and clear No extremem campaigning, no iraqi war No blame games, no states Provinces spread through the land It seems so far away You never hear of which country hates Not saying its all heavenly Its more like a time we once knew Where it seemed all so simple simple like a maple leaf Like a picnic on the hudson bay Its more like a dream I had Of more than just working and complaints More like just me and you Timmy~~~~~~~
Sweet Dreams!
Most Seductive Look
My Cherry Friends and Fans... I need your help please. Please go to this link and rate my pic and comment bomb me. The Comments are what counts!!!! I'd really appreciate your help. *kisses* Jennie :)
FRIENDS How Many Friends? The old man turned to me and asked "How many friends have you?" Why 10 or 20 friends have I, And named off just a few... He rose quite slow with effort And sadly shook his head "A lucky child you are To have so many friends," he said But think of what you're saying There is so much you do not know A friend is just not someone To whom you say "Hello" A friends a tender shoulder On which to softly cry A well to pour your troubles down And raise your spirits high A friend is a hand to pull you up From darkness and despair... When all your other "so called" friends Have helped to put you there A true friend is an ally Who can't be moved or bought A voice to keep your name alive When others have forgot But most of all a friend is a heart A strong and sturdy wall For from the hearts of friends There comes the greatest love of all!!! So think of what I've spoken For ever
Touch Someones Heart
Touching someones heart for a mere second can touch their soul for a lifetime.
Near Surrouding the life around us We hold onto the heat Be it car, man made or in the house We all want it I run down the steps to turn on the car Run back inside the house Another day, another dollar Another closer to friday Starting to wonder what its like Supporting the reason to keep warm Mostly cause there's something out there More to this than meets the eye Here I am in my car Drive all through the city At the end, we all get out A new path is near ~timmy~
well lets see....nothing new going on. FINALLY winter has southern ontario. the leafs are doing good right now, lets see if the can make the play offs. amyways im just bored so its time to p;ay some nhl 07. later
~~what Teachers Make~~
The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life. One man, a CEO, decided to explain the problem with education. He argued, "What's a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to become a teacher?" He reminded the other dinner guests what they say about teachers: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." To stress his point he said to another guest; "You're a teacher, Bonnie. Be honest. What do you make?" Bonnie, who had a reputation for honesty and frankness replied, "You want to know what I make? (She paused for a second, then began...) "Well, I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could. I make a C+ feel like the Congressional Medal of Honor. I make kids sit through 40 minutes of class time when their parents can't make them sit for 5 without an I Pod, Game Cube or movie rental... You want to know what I make?" (She paused again and looked at each and every person at the table.) I make kids wo
Valentines Day Contest Is Open!!!!!!!!!
babydoll@ CherryTAP
Molly Ivins, 1944-2007
“It’s not enough for me that the Republicans lost; I’d just as soon they all had flat tires on the way home from the polls. My mama may have raised a mean child, but she raised no hypocrites.” "There are two kinds of humor. One kind that makes us chuckle about our foibles and our shared humanity -- like what Garrison Keillor does. The other kind holds people up to public contempt and ridicule -- that's what I do. Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful. I only aim at the powerful. When satire is aimed at the powerless, it is not only cruel -- it's vulgar." "I believe that ignorance is the root of all evil. And that no one knows the truth." "It is possible to read the history of this country as one long struggle to extend the liberties established in our Constitution to everyone in America." "It's like, duh. Just when you thought there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the two parties, the Republicans go and prove you're wrong."
Love Is Like
Love is like a disease you never know when it will hit although its usually just good it takes alot to commit usually all the passion and affection comes along but it can be disaster if your heart is not strong. There is probably only one girl who knows what I have been through. She had her heart ripped out spit on and stompped on too cant really hate to love cant really love to hate. There are just so many feelings being stacked upon your plate can you get it all down? Or will you start to choke? and cough. Love is not some kind of game people treat it like a joke. All these emotions overwhelm you. You cant help it but to cry but, dont little things like love go and get yourself hurt cuz the next thing you know you will be sleeping in the dirt and your soul standing over your corpse asking you why??? How could I let me kill myself How could I let me die? Then you realize thr first person you should ever love is you... Then you should love god too So dont ever let another person get
Double Standers
Wednesday Night Poem
Wednesday Uncertainy Stretch out all outside Tangled up inside. Worried about the nights Don't really care at days Watch the time roll by Repetition is always Tired of what is to come Worrisome of everything Waiting for someone to share their life Not share a portion Hoping it all works out Instead of misery instead ~~~~~Timmy~~~~~
~~breast Cancer Awareness Stamps~~
THE STAMP; Please read the following story and follow the instructions at the end! Thank You . Like most elementary schools, it was typical to have a parade of students in and out of the health clinic throughout the day. We dispensed ice for bumps and bruises, Band-Aids for cuts, and liberal doses of sympathy and hugs. As principal, my office was right next door to the clinic, so I often dropped in to lend a hand and help out with the hugs. I knew that for some kids, mine might be the only one they got all day. One morning I was putting a Band-Aid on a little girl's scraped knee. Her blonde hair was matted, and I noticed that she wa s shivering in her thin little sleeveless blouse. I found her a warm sweatshirt and helped her pull it on. "Thanks for taking care of me," she whispered as she climbed into my lap and snuggled up against me. It wasn't long after that when I ran across an unfamiliar lump under my arm. Cancer, an aggressively spreading kind, had already invade
Lost Some Pinach
Since it was pretty quiet tonite. Nobody really said anything. I thought I'd just ramble in here. american idol was boring.. I'm kinda getting tired of TV.. Maybe its just old age speakin. Oh well.. I was at work and it was better than the other day. I don't like thinking about what i'm going to eat for lunch everyday..its kind of annoying. CT is kinda winding down for me too. Its losing its pinach like it used to be. Again idk if that is cause nobody really talks on here and justs wants votes.. Idk.. I'll just get some sleep and hope tomorrow is better.. Have a great night everybody. Timmy~~~~~~
I'm A Lesbian & Proud Of It
IT'S PRETTY FUNNY THAT YOU OPENED this because in the next seven days you will: * have someone fall in love with you * find a $20.00 bill on the ground * make-out with the person you like * find the love you always wanted BUT...first you will have to repost this with 1 of these titles: "yeah i fucked her..... so? "I'm a lesbian" "I admit that I licked her" "FUCK U BITCH.........AND I HOPE U READ THIS" "I admit I sucked his dick " "I admit it I'd eat her like no tomorrow" "WHo you..Never..." "BEST WAY TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY" "I GOT ARRESTED AGAIN" "OkAy, So i ChEaTeD On HiM LaSt NiGhT...Sooo" ''Baby I want you back, im sorry '' "Just to settle all the rumors... yes i did" "I swear I only screwed him 4 times last night" "I'm getting married!" "Well fuck I'm pregnant again" "I got the job!.. I'm moving to Japan!" "I miss him" ""I guess it was never meant to be "I hit it 5 times last night" "I got the scholarship!...I'm going to LSU" BEWARE IF U DONT REP
Don't Step On The Ducks !!
Three women die together in an accident and go to heaven. When they get there, St. Peter says, "We only have one rule here in heaven: don't step on the ducks!" So they enter heaven, and sure enough, there are ducks all over the pl a ce. It is almost impossible not to step on a duck, and although they try their best to avoid them, the first woman accidentally steps on one. Along comes St. Peter with the ugliest man she ever saw. St. Peter chains them together and says, "Your punishment for stepping on a duck is to spend eternity chained to this ugly man!" The next day, the second woman steps accidentally on a duck and along comes St. Peter, who doesn't miss a thing. With him is another extremely ugly man. He chains them together with the same admonishment as for the first woman. The third woman has observed all this and, not wanting to be chained for all eternity to an ugly man, is very, VERY careful where she steps. She manages to go months
Pretty Please Help!
Please go to this contest and vote for my hubby and comment bomb him and pimp him out to all your buddies!!! PRETTY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! THANKS A TOn!
Check This Out
I need your help in the, Be my Valentine I'm sexy and single pic contest. I need all of you ladys to help me out this Valentines day. Here is the link BOMB me please you know that I am there for all of you so return the love and I want to give a special thank you to the lady that is giving this contest repost and BOMB me up
Results Of The "strange Questions Survey"
The Strange Questions SurveyHave you ever licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work?:No - Why? What's the largest age difference between yourself and someone you’ve date:25 years Ever been in a car wreck?:Yes Were you popular in high school?:No Have you ever been on a blind date?:No Are looks important?:I don't like meeting people with messy hair. Do you have any friends that you've known for 10 years or more??:Yes By what age would you like to be married?:I dunno Does the number of people a person's slept with affect your view of them?:Depends Have you ever made a mistake?:Yes Are you a good tipper?:I dunno, i don't tip myself. What's the most you have spent for a haircut?:8 bucks Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?:Not that i remember Have you ever peed in public?:No What song do you want played at your funeral?:Hells Bells - AC/DC Would you tell your parents if you were gay?:Dunno, that could be scarry! What would your last meal be before getting executed?:Something chine
Dont You Hate It....
When youve been drinking and you forget if you just smoked a cig or not...
Kiss From A Rose
I love roses..and miss being able to grow them smile. I used to have over 200 including some older victorian..I like love songs with a difference. So..Kiss from a Rose....... Seal Kiss From A Rose Low Bandwidth
Bears Vs. Colts
So i was born and raised in Illinois and used to live in chicago for awhile.....So you can only guess I'm rooting for Da Bears!!!!!!! P.S. Colts suck!
Kaviar's Guide To Black Women's Hairstyles...
In a few weeks we will all be under siege with another 28 days of Black Bullshit. Some of you take advantage of Black History Month to learn the names of some of your jig co-workers. That's nice of you. As a preemptive public service I thought we should create a guide to help people learn more about Black women according to the hairstyles they wear. The thing about Black women is that each different hairstyle comes with its own prerequisite attitude and lifestyle. This handy guide will help you choose a comparable Black female friend based on the style of her hair, and the best part is that she won't even know how you knew so much about her. THE SKEEBALL I took this name from Byron Crawford because it's so apropo. Skeeball head chicks are always unbalanced. Heaven forbid you are trying to get close to a bi-racial skeeball head girl. These chicks have too many issues to even begin to wrap your head around. THE UPCHUCK Sometimes this style looks like a mini explosio
~~bubba And The Shrink~~
Bubba Bubba went to a psychiatrist. " I've got problems. Every time I go to bed I think there's somebody under it. I'm scared. I think I'm going crazy." "Just put yourself in my hands for one year," said the shrink. "Come talk to me three times a week, and we should be able to get rid of those fears." "How much do you charge?" "Eighty dollars per visit, replied the doctor." "I'll sleep on it," said Bubba. Six months later the doctor met Bubba on the street. "Why didn't you ever come to see me about those fears you were having?" asked the psychiatrist. "Well Eighty bucks a visit three times a week for a year is an awful lot of money! A bartender cured me for $10. I was so happy to have saved all that money that I went and bought me a new pickup!" "Is that so! And how, may I ask, did a bartender cure you?" "He told me to cut the legs off the bed! - Ain't nobody under there now !!!"
The Cat Says It's Boring.
Things I learned last night: The difference between a perfect martini and a dirty martini. One tongue can put a lot of saliva in my nostrils. : A well-placed flick of the fingers can snap my toes in half. There is a boy out there who is \"perfect\" for me. He will have to be beaten on a regular basis. Pies with nuts in them are MINE ALL MINE. I have really good aim. I have very realistic, well thought-out reasons for my spiritual beliefs and practices. Going to sleep at 1am when you have to open the next day is a bad idea. I like it when Klunk inspects something and declares it, \"Brdrdrweh.\" I really am not certain what it means in kitten-babble, but my guess is \"boring.\" Could everyone welcome my dear friend: Faithfulcynic@ CherryTAP Please? Rates & comments & Cherry love!
Broken Soul
So fragile and Broken with tear stained eye she smiles on the surface while the inside dies she ignores all her feelings she pushes them away. She keeps them all inside her and pretends that she is ok people never see her weak but always happy and strong so of course they cant tell when something is wrong. But theres always something wrong something killing her inside but she never wants to feel it. So all she does is hide behind that smile thats just so lost in grief.It reflects how much she hurts and how she wishes for relief from life that she doesnt want to live and from memories and regrets that she cant let herself forgive. So hiding is all she ever had and its all she will ever do and silentl she will await the day when her life is finally through until then she is fragile and broken and will see through tear stained eyes and she will just keep smilng until the day she dies........
I Have Lost Something Important To Me
Ok well im I can't go to sleep yet and there is nothing to watch on tv.Plus i have too many movies that i dont know which one i wanna watch.The weekend is coming which is pretty cool because my in laws are heading off to Mexico for a week. Which is awesome because we can crash at their place when we want. Especially since one of my friends is moving into the basement this weekend.Man, it will be a blast to see him again.We will definately party hard next weekend.Anyone who wants can join.LOL.I don't know.blah blah blah blah
2 All My Friends.........
2 my friends who r ....... SINGLE " luv is like a butterfly " the more u chase it " .. " the more it eludes u " but if u just let it fly .. it will come 2 u when u least expect it. ****** Luv can make u happy .. but often it hurts .. but luv is only special when u give it 2 some 1 who is really worth it. ****** so take u'r time & choose the best. 2 my friends who R ........ not so single .. luv isn't about becomming some body else's " perfect person " ****** it's about finding some 1 who helps u become the best person u can b. 2 my friends who r .......engaged, the true measure of compatibility is not the yrs. spent 2gether but how good u r 4 each other. 2 my friends who r ...... married, luv isn't about " it's u'r fault " but " i'm sorry " not " where are u " but " i'm right here 4 u " not " how could u " but " I understand " not " I wish u were " but " i'm thankful u r. " 2 my friends who r ..... heartbroken " heart breaks las
No Lying
NO LYING SURVEY! SEVEN have you's: 7. Have you ever dated someone twice? No 6. Have you ever been cheated on? yep 5. Have you ever kissed someone & regreted it? haha yea 4. Have you ever fallen in love? yea 3. Have you ever lost someone? Yes 2. Have you ever been depressed? yes. 1. Have you ever had a heartbreak? yep SIX things you did in the last three days: 6. Went to school: no 5. Went to work: yep 4. Colored: umm no 3. Got drunk: nope 2. Had sex: I wish... 1. Hurt yourself: no List FIVE people you can tell pretty much anything: 1. w00t 2. booboo 3. Dwayne 4. Jay 5. my sis...sometimes THIS YEAR... Fallen out of love- no Laughed until you cried- yea Met someone who changed your life- hmmm...maybe Found out who your true friends were- no I alreay know WHAT DO YOU THINK OF 1. Gay marriage? meh it's not me so go ahead 2. Who is the best hugger that you know? Dwayne 3. Do you believe in love at first sight? nope 4. Is there s
Check Me Out!
Okay so I'm not going to care as long as you are 18. Basics Name: Age: Location: Height: Hair (color and style): Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: OTHER: 1. Where would we go on dates? 2. Who are three of your favorite bands/artists? 3. Do you drink/smoke?? 4. Do you like the beach? 5. If so...would you go with me late at night? 6. Do you like movies? 7. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night? 8. If you were to take me out to a movie would we watch the movie? 9. If not what would we be doing? 10. Do you play an instrument? 11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw each other to make sure I made it home alright? 13. How would you rate your hugs from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on a gurl/guy? 15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 16. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, player, slut)? 17. Would you give me kisses just because? What Would You do if... I cried: I said I liked you: I kissed you: I wanted
~day And Night~
she of morning sun and blossoms she of twilight glow and enchantment omnipresent is her love whether illuminated of sun, moon or stars her radiance is pervasive and fills my own heart with a warmth compared to none and the proximate distance in which we stand whether in daylight or darkness is relative in nature to shadows standing side by side discerning one from another ~ impossible therein lies the magic between day and night of two as one...
A Vow Of Mouth-e-ness
I vow from this day forth, that I will say what is on my mind. If I affend anyone...their stress not mine. Eventually I will get down to sending no one Christmas cards...That is my goal. I am sick and tired of drama, and of me not saying what I want cause I am affraid to make the situation worst, that's thanks to a certain someone, but now I am getting the Ol' Wingy back, don't give a shit what I say...No one but my family and my friends matter to me. FECK OFF! Reality Check BYTCH!
My Fine Is $960.60
I am either very naughty, or just truly fun-loving and experienced. WTF, I will try almost anything once. Twice if it's nice! This is fun to do. Just read the "offense" and if you've done it, you owe that fine. One fine per category no matter how many offenses. Keep going until you've read each "offense" and added up your total fine. When you are done, post it in a comment. "My fine is $___.__" You don't have to confess your answers, just the amount of your fine. Smoked pot -- $10 Did acid -- $5 Ever had sex at church -- $25 Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you -- $40 Had sex with someone on CherryTap -- $25 Had sex for money -- $100 Ever had sex with someone of another race- $20 Vandalized something -- $20 Had sex on your parents' bed -- $10 Beat up someone -- $20 Been jumped -- $10 Crossed dressed -- $10 Given money to stripper -- $25 Been in love with a stripper -- $20 Kissed someone you didn
Just thinkin out loud about the sexzy "fluffy" women i've cum across on here..Ya just gotta luv em, so soft and curvy and sexzy as hell!!
tax time is the greatest time of the year. when they ask if i want it by direct deposit, would it be inappropriate sending a note asking them to send it in cash, small bills, so that i may roll around in it? hmm...let's see what they say!
Road Trip,part 2©
WOW! Now that was fun. What a way to end the day. Start off driving through the hill country and finishing it off naked in the middle of nowhere. The sun was beginning to drop in the west and the wind was picking up. Slowly removing ourselves from each other was almost painful. Slowly I withdrew from her and got off the bike. Extending a hand and helping her off as well as allowing her to get her legs again. Reluctanly we got dressed and back on the bike. As we slowly glided along the road the only sound was the rumble of the bike and the wind whistling by our ears. The temprature was slowly dropping and it was getting cold. She snuggled in tighter as we drove along. After what seemed to take forever we made it back to the hotel. We both wanted to get inside and wash the dirt off. Tossing my jacket in the chair the warmth of the room was welcoming. She brushed by me to the heater and turned it on full blast. Hugging herself,her hands rubbing her goosed bumped arms as she tri
Ways To Get Started...
Want to lose weight and become fit and healthy? You do? Well, the first step to taking control is to become educated! Consult your doctor, read books, speak to a fitness instructor... A few basic steps to get you started are as follows: 1)Walk. If you're cleaning the house and you have a bit of extra time, make five trips instead of gathering everything at once. Bundle up and go out or if it's too cold, go visit a mall and use it as an indoor walking track. Every extra step you take will add up and help! 2)Hydrate! I cannot stress to you the importance of drinking water and keeping your body properly hydrated. Your skin tone will improve. You'll feel better. It'll cut down on false hunger (you think you're hungry, but you're simply thirsty). It'll help your liver function better. It'll flush toxins and whatnot from your body... 3)Add a little bounce! If you have to vacuum, turn on Aerosmith's Dude(Looks Like a Lady) and go to work Mrs. Doubtfire style. Dance around in
Drunk @ Work
~~my Telemarketer Friend And Yours~~
Mujibar was trying to get a job in India. The Personnel Manager said, "Mujibar, you have passed all the tests, except one. Unless you pass it you cannot qualify for this job." Mujibar said, "I am ready." The manager said, "Make a sentence using the words Yellow, Pink and Green." Mujibar thought for a few minutes and said, "Mister Manager, I am ready." The Manager said, "Go ahead." Mujibar said, "The telephone goes Green, Green, and I Pink it up, and say, ‘Yellow, this is Mujibar.'" Mujibar now works as a technician at a call center for computer problems. No doubt you have spoken to him, I know I have.
The Last
what was the last tv show you watched? what was the last joke you laughed at? what was the last scary movie you saw? what was the last song you played? when was the last time you clapped? when was the last time you felt like life was great? when was the last time you took a bubbel bath? when was the last time someone hugged you? where was your last kiss placed? where was your last trip to? where was your last friend made? where was your last pair of shoes bought? why was your last wish made? why was your last cd played? why was your last tear shed? why was your last feeling felt? who was the last person you talked to? who was the last person you laughed with? who was the last person you confided in? who was the last person you made love to?
This Is What I Feel About Dieting
"aqua Teen Hunger Force" Paralyzes Boston
I f*cking love this story! BOSTON COPS MAKE ARREST IN DEVICES PLOY BOSTON (AP) - More than 10 blinking electronic devices planted at bridges and other spots in Boston threw a scare into the city Wednesday in what turned out to be a publicity campaign for a late-night cable cartoon. Most if not all of the devices depict a character giving the finger. Boston police said Wednesday night that one person had been arrested, and authorities scheduled a news conference to provide details. Highways, bridges and a section of the Charles River were shut down and bomb squads were sent in before authorities declared the devices were harmless. "It's a hoax - and it's not funny," said Gov. Deval Patrick, who said he'll speak to the state's attorney general "about what recourse we may have." Turner Broadcasting, a division of Time Warner Inc. (TWX) and parent of Cartoon Network, said the devices were part of a promotion for the TV show "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," a surreal series abou
Great News!
I am...
For Black Women Only! Lol
***DISCLAIMER*** White women from Nutbush and the ghetto and certain trailer parks...are eligible with a waiver..... anyways.... so I talk about being Cuban alot....... So ya'll know who Oshun is, right? (probably dont....but since so many white people are studying african american history these days i figured Id take a stab in the dark) And if you say anything about that poem in the love jones movie, I'll slap you with a bag of pipe cleaners! (then again only the white chicks with the J lo booties even know what the movie love jones was) anyway.... Oshun is a goddess in the religion of Yoruba — which most of us would probably still believe in had it not been for the slave trade and "missionaries." Anyway......Oshun kinda represents all that is unique and beautiful about femininity and the joy of being a woman.......She is loving and kind and hard-working........ And when you piss her off, she has a temper that would make Tony Soprano say, "Well gotdayum!"
My Blog For The Nite
well i\'m tired and lets just say worn out, my ass is draggen, worken 16 -17 hours a day seam like 7 days a week, i just have no social life anymore, my 2 kids leave with there mom and wanting to spend more time with me, ages 16 and 8, dont even have time for them, dont even have time for a relationship or nothing, i know i\'m just rambling on but ths is a blog and people always tell me to say how i feel, its hard for me to open up to anyone in person so this is why i\'m writing it down, I need to get a life, were i can have a relationship and to spend time with my kidos,. Its getting to the point of breakdown or something and i\'m thinken seriously of backen off some of my work hours to do so, I have a day job and an hour after getting off that one straight to my night job, so even when i\'m off for 2 days on my day job i still have to work my night job those 2 days, so yea i\'m worken 7 days a week, this week mostly ive been hyped up on energy drinks 3 or 4 a day and now it
This Is Wrong Lol
Serena Williams Will Eat Your Children
(The arms should tell you who won.) A damn week passed since everyone chimed in on the last Obama post. I meant to post more about that and other shit but life had different ideas. I will come back on that later in the week but in the meantime I couldn't ignore these two pictures I found on the NY Times after Serena smashed Sharapova in the Australian Open. Looking at those pics, Sharpova never had a chance. I've never seen a woman's arms that made me want to go to the gym immediately. Damn Serena. Forget playing tennis, could you imagine trying to sleep with this woman? *sigh* I
The Second Ten Commandments
1. Thou shall not worry, for worry is the most unproductive of all human activities. 2. Thou shall not be fearful, for most of the things we fear never come to pass. 3. Thou shall not cross bridges before you come to them,for no one yet has succeeded in accomplishing this. 4. Thou shall face each problem as it comes. You can only handle one at a time anyway. 5. Thou shall not take problems to bed with you, for they make very poor bedfellows. 6. Thou shall not borrow other people's problems. They can better care for them than you can. 7. Thou shall not try to relive yesterday for good or ill,it is forever gone.Concentrate on what is happening in your life and be happy now! 8. Thou shall be a good listener, for only when you listen do you hear ideas different from your own. It is hard to learn something new when you are talking, and some people do know more than you do. 9. Thou shall not become "bogged down" by frustration,for 90% of it is rooted in self-pit
This Is For All The Dads...
God took the strength of a mountain, The majesty of a tree, The warmth of a summer sun, The calm of a quiet sea, The generous soul of nature, The comforting arm of night, The wisdom of the ages, The power of the eagle's flight, The joy of a morning in spring, The faith of a mustard seed, The patience of eternity, The depth of a family need, Then God combined these qualities,
New Article Up!!!
Hillary Clinton Is A Black Bitch!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Now don’t go getting your politically correct panties all up in a bunch. When people called her husband BILL CLINTON a nigger we all laughed it off. Dude played the saxophone, he smoked pot AND he cheated on his old lady. Yeah, that sounded like a Black man to most of us. Trust me that HILLARY is Black. Blacker than BARACK. BELIEVE THAT! HILLARY embodies everything that the professional Black woman is doing right now. She is holding her own around hundreds of white men. She is writing books that talk about empowering the community, but most of all, HILLARY is representing for Black women by having too many fucking last names. HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON That is some professional Black bitch shit right there. The more successful a Black women, the more last names she will sport. OPRAH is the only person bucking this trend since she is moving in the direction of being known as only the single initial ‘O’. I think OPRAH bought the letter ‘O’ for a billion million dol
What The Fuck Is Wrong With (white) People?
(The Jesus Horse is no more.) I love my white folks and I call out everyone equally on this blog, but I'm going to go out on a racist limb here and assume that the vast majority of people who gave a crap about Barbaro, the racehorse that was injured and eventually died and posted about it on the NY Times are white. Let me know if I'm wrong. I followed this story briefly when it broke months ago, but then I realized I was reading about a horse so I stopped. Now that the horse is finally dead, white people have lost there damn minds on the NY Times. I kept reading this shit hoping it was a joke. Peep this nonsense from the NY Times blog posting, 1. January 29th, 2007 9:08 pm I cried when I heard the news.It is so sad,Barbaro fought so hard to live and run as he did in the Kentcuky derby.The whole country adopted this horse. — Posted by mary weiner 2. January 29th, 2007 9:09 pm What a fighter he was. We can learn from the animals. — Posted by Jenney
How You Feelin. . .
Get 20,000+ Music Videos at
Negroes Go Skiing???
Never in my cotton picking life would I believe that so many jigs listened to Talk Radio and also went skiing. Real skiing too, not just posing in a parka with some goggles on your head like I do. The Black folk that live in Park City, Utah were not just mulatto COLIN POWELL apologists either. There were even some darkskin Blacks with moustaches. Whoa! Utah blew my mind like that. If I ever give up this Hip-Hop shit I know that there will be a community ready to embrace me on the left coast. Peep this shit… And the video channel is called ‘BUPPIE TV’!?!?!?! What the fuck the fuck is BUPPIE TV you ask? Is it the dream realized? Is it the negro network that BILL COSBY once envisioned for himself where DuBOIS’ Talented Tenth and BOOKER T’s Ascendant Negores create programming that displays the diversity and intelligence of African Americans? NIGGA PLEASE!!! BUPPIE TV is just some more of that Black Bullshit. This is why the ‘Internets Celebrities’ are so necess
I Need Your Votes And Comments
On my tattoo Please click on my tattoo and go and vote and comment it!!!
Fried Chicken
1 (4 pound) chicken, cut into pieces 2/3 cup all-purpose flour salt and pepper to taste 2 teaspoons garlic powder 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 cup sherry Put the flour, salt, pepper and garlic powder in a brown paper bag. One by one, coat the chicken parts with mixture. In a large skillet, fry the chicken in 1 inch of hot oil until golden brown. Remove the chicken from the pan and drain the oil. Put the chicken back into the pan and cover the pieces with cooking sherry. Cover the pan and reduce to simmer. Let simmer for 20 minutes. Serve.
Some Vids That Are Adult Content, Figured Would Warn You
The Most Awesomest Radio Station Eva!!!
The most Awesomest radio station Eva!!! and click tune in on the left side requests available;) shout me and let me know when your tuned in and have a personal shout out to you;)
Passion Of A Stranger
One night as you decide to out for a night on the town, you decide to wear a short black skirt and a red lace top with a balck short jakcet. your carefull to show enough to make them stop and stare. As you are driving to a small local club, something catches your eye, a new place that you have never been before. The look of the place is somewhat aluuring to you agianst your better judgment you decide to stop in and check it out. When you walk in the place is dimly lit and theress is only a few pepole in the bar, you decide to have a drink before you leave, you slowly walk up to the bar when you feel that there is somone watching you. You play it off and move to the bar, as you sit a the bar sip at your drink youe feel someone slid down on the stool next to you. he accedently rubs your arms, as you turn to say something he applogizes and introduces himself (me), as you you turn to introduce yoursefl your eyes meet and you see a fire and passion behind his eyes that you have seen before.
Here Is My Yahoo Id
my yahoo id is et6812ly
im as dead as dead could be i have no heart i have no soul they were taken from me both by different peoplehy heart was taken a long time ago it wasnt by any one person it was taken by all the guys who thought they could use me my soul was taken by someone i thought cared about me but alas i was wrong again i started to care about that person and then shortly realized he wanted someone else so now im dead dead as dead can be
I am beginning to think I have stupid written all over my forehead. Its all good.... We live We learn. WE MOVE ON.
Pimped - The February Update Is Complete!
The February Update is Complete! Click on the cover above or the banner below to be taken to the PIMPED website. Please stop by our CherryTAP profile and add, fan and leave us some feedback! PIMPED@ CherryTAP
Philosophy Of Sex
Quotes and blurbs from various sources about a favorite topic: SEX! Sex is like money or air... Only important if you aren't getting any! The advantage of masturbation is that at least you are doing it with someone that truly cares about you. I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy. You know "that look" women get when they want sex? Me neither. Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand. Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances to score on Saturday night. There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women. Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz 500SL. Leaving sex to the feminists is like letting your dog vacation at the taxidermist. Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope. (Obviously before the invention of Viagra!) Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are u
My Apologies
Just wanted to apologise for not bein on in the past week just had more probs with my puter modem AGAIN lol fixed it a 2nd time Argh so just wanted to say i am sorry for not posting anything....once again it was a ppoa to ppoe thingy just lets hope i can access this site when i log on again talk to you all soon hugz Jovichick. PS its only this site..rofl
I Am The Kitchen Pimp
2 pounds medium shrimp, peeled and deveined 1/2 cup butter, melted 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/4 cup dry white wine 3 green onions, chopped Preheat broiler to 500 degrees (260 degrees C). Stir shrimp together with butter, garlic and wine. Place on a baking sheet and broil for 10 minutes. Sprinkle on scallions and broil for another 2 to 3 minutes, until shrimp are firm. Serve hot.
What Is It
So I have been thinking A LOT lately, for no paricular reason just thinking... about LOVE usually. But, what does love really mean? To me love is--hard to explain for sure, but at the same time I'm not sure it is something you can explain it really. I'm sure you've been in a situation where someone you care about a lot asks "Why do you like me so much?" and they get all pissed off because you can't explain in words as to why you like this person, or atleast the words do no justice about like how much you really like the person... and like I said I've been thinking a lot and I think I figured a lot out. About 2 years ago I was with someone, I thought the world of him. We seemed so picture perfect, I was a high school cheerleader, amazing grades, and no worries--except of course, "What will I wear tomorrow?". John, he was fresh out of high school, graduated 12th in his class, and all the time in the world for me. We did things couples did.. went to dinner, kissed, watched
Cherokee Feast 1/31/07
A Cherokee Feast of Days by Joyce Sequichie Hifler Sensible people do not get ruffled easily and are known to be reliable in a crisis. We want these stable people with us as friends and team members when the game is terribly important. We have heard the calm voice and felt the strong hand when our knees wobbled and our hands shook. It is easy to recall those who sustained us with their words, their caring. And sadly, we remember those who did not. Whatever common sense is, the heart has it, not the head. It is having the right priorities, knowing what is important, and giving as much as, or more than, we have received. Indians of old has this stalwart strength to stand like straight arrows to give support. They reached out to lift someone before they stopped to think whether he deserved it. The price is the same now as then - patience, love, loyalty - those things that seem so scarce. ~ I learned many English words....could recite some of the Ten Commandments. ...I knew how to
Hut Hut!!!
ahhhhhhhh i beeen fixed maybe -throws blow pops at everyone- have a little treat don't eat all of them you might get a yummy ache and don't be blaming that on me hehe
What The Hell
Seriously, what the hell. In a good way. I mean, i have been here hardly 2 days and i think i am addicted. Oh my. What the... freak... an i hate writing blogs, wha tthe hell am i doing, where is my shrink.... my head. my god dam freak skull ahhhhhhhhhhhh k, i think i am okay now. w00t
Daily Devotional 1/31/07
January 31 - Daily Feast Volume II Something to look forward to gives us reason to get up in the morning. It may be no more than watching the sun lay long shadows across the land, or enjoying the aroma of coffee and the sound of bacon sizzling in the skillet. Life's little pleasures give us greater compassion and the ability to comfort and to be comforted. It is a lonely road that does not have time for the daily joys that are so common but so enlivening. ~ Certain small things and observances sometimes have connection with large and more profound ideas. ~ PLENTY COUPS - CROW NATION "A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II" by Joyce Sequichie Hifler ***** Elder's Meditation of the Day - January 31 "In sharing, in loving all and everything, one people naturally found a due portion of the thing they sought, while in fearing, the other found need of conquest." --Chief Luther Standing Bear, SIOUX There are two systems of thought that are available for us t
Check This Out
-----Original Message----- From: Hudspeth, Judy [] Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2007 3:14 PM Subject: Denver Post > >Denver Post: > >This text is from a county emergency manager out in the central part of >Colorado after todays snowstorm. > >WEATHER BULLETIN > >Up here, in the Northern Plains, we just recovered from a Historic >event--- may I even say a "Weather Event" of "Biblical Proportions" --- >with a historic blizzard of up to 44" inches of snow and winds to 90 MPH >that broke trees in half, knocked down utility poles, stranded hundreds >of motorists in lethal snow banks, closed ALL roads, isolated scores of >communities and cut power to 10's of thousands. > >FYI: > >George Bush did not come. > >FEMA did nothing. > >No one howled for the government. > >No one blamed the government. > >No one even uttered an expletive on TV > >Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton did not visit. > >Our Mayor did not blame Bush o
Tequlia Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
if i get any more bored i'm gonna go frezze my ass off at outside if have too and its like 29 out there so nevermind i think i'll stay in but what will i do to pass the time and be unbored maybe i'll just stand on my head and clap my hands and sing a little song.. maybe that will work for me probly not
~~suffering From Can't Remember Shit--crs~~
Subject: Wish I could only remember who I sent this to... > > > > > An elderly gentleman had serious hearing problems for a number of years. > He went to the doctor and the doctor was able to have him fitted for a > set of hearing aids that allowed the gentleman to hear 100%. > > The elderly gentleman went back in a month to the doctor and the > doctor said, "Your hearing is perfect. Your family must be really > pleased that you can hear again." > > The gentleman replied, "Oh, I haven't told my family yet. I just sit > around and listen to the conversations. I've changed my will three times!" > > > Keep reading > > Two elderly gentlemen from a retirement center were sitting on a bench > under a tree when one turns to the other and says: "Slim, I'm 83 years old > now and I'm just full of aches and pains. I know you're about my age. How do > you feel?" > > Slim says, "I feel just like a newborn baby." > > "Really!? Like a newborn baby!?" > > "Yep.
Please Explain!!!!!!!!!!!
I Never knew there was a limit on the number of pictures you can rate for each level, Daily limit anyway,just when I had nearly finished them too
Dang! I Jus' Spilled My Drink!
Ok, I realize that it's winter and all, but could somebody please take the cold away for a few days. It's snowing...AGAIN...and I am getting sick of it already since it has been snowing at least two times a week for almost two months now. On the upside, it's a great "excuse" to procrastinate on crap I hate doing or a great excuse to get out of doing things I really don't want to I guess it's not all bad. ***wink*** The next few weeks are going to be crazy busy as I have a couple of private parties scheduled alongside my regular shows. I am already scheduling shows for late Spring. Friday is Groundhog Day...I know what I will be having for Sunday dinner if that rodent predicts a longer winter!
Need Ur Help
this is my friend here and she is on a im askin for ur help,to help her win this contest....just go to my comment box and click on her's DAMSBaby Blue....and thank yo very much... Roger aka crazyrabbit69
Omg...boss Lady Hosting A Contest !!!
How Open Minded Are You?
You Are 68% Open Minded You are a very open minded person, but you're also well grounded. Tolerant and flexible, you appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints. But you also know where you stand firm, and you can draw that line. You're open to considering every possibility - but in the end, you stand true to yourself. How Open Minded Are You?
Midnight Sky
The secrets of untold adventures that come to me this night, As I gaze upon the midnight sky, and watch a shooting star take its flight. The moon is bright against the ebony sky, the stars how they sparkle , a beautiful enticing sight. What a wondrous gift to behold this night, as I envision my adventures and my dreams take flight. GegiCluck20070129
Domestic Violence All Over Again
i'm writing this just to share my experience and hope it may help others.I thought i was a survivor of DV, but today i found out differently, you see my teenage son punched me today.He grew up watching his dad abuse me, and i thought i educated him about dv. i guess i was wrong, he doesn't even think what he did was wrong.Yes i kicked him out but the only place he has to go is with his dad, i feel like i'm right back where i was before i left his dad. i really hate feeling like this, like i'm out of control of my life. I'm very dissapointed in the local DV program, they helped me greatly when i needed to get away from my ex, but today i called 3 times for help and got no call back.If anyone who reads this has been thru the same thing plz message me with some tips. Thanks for reading this. And plz if someone is abusing you get help now.
Free Reflexology
thats right.. Free reflexology for V-day....
Sexual Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 130 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
im going to bed peace out everyone
Stupid Us Laws - Thanks Red
-- In Bakersfield, California, anyone having intercourse with Satan must use a condom. (An asbestos one we presume.) -- In Oblong, Illinois, it's punishable by law to make love while hunting or fishing on your wedding day. -- In Minnesota, it is illegal for any man to have sexual intercourse with a live fish. (Apparently it's OK for woman.) -- No man is allowed to make love to his wife with the smell of garlic, onions, or sardines on his breath in Alexandria, Minnesota. If his wife so requests, law mandates that he must brush his teeth. -- Warn your hubby that after lovemaking in Ames, Iowa, he isn't allowed to take more than three gulps of beer while lying in bed with you -- or holding you in his arms. -- Bozeman, Montana, has a law that bans all sexual activity between members of the opposite sex in the front yard of a home after sundown -- if they're nude. -- In hotels in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, every room is required to have twin beds. And the beds must always
More Of The Good Stuff
3 slices bacon 1 bunch collard greens - rinsed, trimmed and chopped 1 onion, diced 1 (6 ounce) smoked pork chop, diced 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 (14.5 ounce) can chicken broth 1 (12 fluid ounce) can beer salt and pepper to tastHeat a large pot over medium-high heat. Add bacon, and fry until crisp. Remove bacon, and drain off excess fat. Add the onion; cook and stir until slightly browned. Add the pork chop, and season with cayenne pepper. Cook until pork is browned. Add the collard greens, and pour in the chicken broth and beer. Cook over medium-low heat for 30 to 40 minutes, until collards are tender. Crumble bacon on top, and season with salt and pepper before servinge
Billy-ray was a preachers son And when his daddy would visit hed come along When they gathered round and started talkin Thats when billy would take me walkin A-through the back yard wed go walkin Then hed look into my eyes Lord knows to my surprise The only one who could ever reach me Was the son of a preacher man The only boy who could ever teach me Was the son of a preacher man Yes he was, he was, mmm, yes he was Being good isnt always easy No matter how hard I try When he started sweet-talkin to me Hed come and tell me everything is all right Hed kiss and tell me everything is all right Can I get away again tonight? The only one who could ever reach me Was the son of a preacher man The only boy who could ever teach me Was the son of a preacher man Yes he was, he was, lord knows he was How well I remember The look that was in his eyes Stealin kisses from me on the sly Takin time to make time Tellin me that hes all mine Learnin from each others know
New Preamble To The Constitution?
Here is a suggested "amendment" to the Constitution of this great land. Tongue-in-cheek, of course. If it hits close to home, so be it. It makes an interesting social comment on today's popular culture. The Preamble to the Preamble to the Constitution of the USA: We the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, to restore some semblance of justice, avoid more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior, and secure the blessings of debt-free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great-grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt ridden, delusional, and others who may be "offended". We hold these truths to be self evident: that a whole lot of people are confused by the Bill of Rights, and, are so dim, they require a specific, clearly stated "Bill of NON-Rights"!!! ARTICLE I: You do not have the right to a new car, big screen TV, or any other for
(this Is Fucking Funny As Hell!)
I Had No Idea
Beyond any recollection, surpassing the moments of truth and despair. Around in a designated circle there is a burning desire to create a travel plan that I have never ventured into before. A place I will go which will become the farthest place I have ever been from home. There is no help if I find myself crossing the path of danger.....But I dont see the trouble in it. Surely it couldnt be any worse then any other violent place I have been. Twisting around in my thoughts and emotions is a yearning that has never been so strong....I have never wanted anything so bad and willing to do whatever it takes to get it......But there is much truth in the phrase of "We cant rush it wont bring it any closer".....Taken aback and flattened, I realized that the nobleman was completely right and honest. Moving quickly into the next stages of my life I step in with a small brain and little capacity to hold in my anxiety. A young puppy jumping at the leash ready to go as the world being my owner tugg
Well I'm going to get off of here..goodnight and thank you everyone who left me comments, ratings and love. I do appreciate it!
Valentines Day
valentines day is going to suck i can already see that i am not going to be any ones valentine this year just like every other year except last year
Little Jumps
So I live in this really hilarious suburb. Seattle is mostly a town of suburbs, and there are quite a few truly lovely ones, some really scary ones, and some that are just... dated, I guess. Bothell "For a Day or a Lifetime" (seriously, it's on the town sign) is one of the dated ones. Main street is about 2.5 blocks long, there's a Safeway that still hasn't been remodeled, and there are a few scattered car lots near the major instersection of two highways in the area. I drive right through the center of it usually four times a day. The two and a half blocks of Main St. have assorted restaurants, Main St Alehouse, bakery, drycleaning, music (meaning instruments) store, etc. It's quaint, there are lots of trees and everything is decorated, there are banners that get put up for the holidays and for festivals and things. There are also these really wierd fake people painted on the outsides of the buildings, like they're the vendors standing there outside their shops. I think ma
~~the Frog And Golf~~
ON A man takes the day off work and decides to go out golfing. He is on the second hole when he notices a frog sitting next to the green. He thinks nothing of it and is about to shoot when he hears, Ribbit 9 Iron." The man looks around and doesn't see anyone. Again, he hears, "Ribbit 9 Iron." He looks at the frog and decides to prove the frog wrong, puts the club away, and grabs a 9 iron. Boom! He hits it 10 inches from the cup. He is shocked. He says to the frog, "Wow that's amazing. You must be a lucky frog, eh? The frog replies, "Ribbit Lucky frog." The man decides to take the frog with him to the next hole. "What do you think frog?" the man asks. "Ribbit 3 wood." The guy takes out a 3 wood and, Boom! Hole in one. The man is befuddled and doesn't know what to say. By the end of the day, the man golfed the best game of golf in his life and asks the frog, "OK where to next?" The frog replies, "Ribbit Las Vegas
Trace Adkins - Chrome
Pisces You have an awesome imagination, and often put it to use for sexual purposes. You are very romantic and don’t hook-up with random people very often. Because sex to you is about showing your love, you are incredibly romantic in bed, and very giving. You tend be in a serious relationship more often then not. Sex matches: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio Take this quiz at
Kiss - Gene Simmons On Mike Douglas Show 1974
It Can Be Done!
Okay, People. Wanted to share something with you all. I'm going to briefly tell you about one man's journey to become fit and healthy. At the tender age of twenty-six, Dustin was unable to walk more than few paces without being entirely out of breath. Taking those few steps would make his back and legs ache. You see, over the years, his muscles had atrophied... Dustin's wake up call came in the form of scales. Not your everyday scales, mind you. We're talking scales that are used to weigh semi trucks at weigh stations and truck stops. Four hundred and seventy-five is a hard number to swallow. Looking at the slip of paper with that damning number printed on it, Dustin knew he had to do something. He started off extremely slowly. He could barely walk. He's at two hundred and eighty now. That leaves him eighty pounds to lose. That's one hundred and ninety-five pounds since October 25, 2005. To all of you who have given up, don't. Get up and go again! It c
Don't Be Shy
There seem to be some concered that some of you are afraid to hurt my feeling. look you Can't ok, I've been stood up rejected more times them most of kissed a guy... Now I leave by a code and which most of today people don't leave by but for you to understand it you have to meet me and understand me... Yes I'm mommy little boy and I find it funny that she play's 21 qeastons as to whom i'm seeing... anyways.. ask away and i'll answer...
My Recipe
3 smoked ham hocks 1 onion 5 cloves garlic 3 tabs. crushed red peppers 2 pounds collard greens 3 tbs.franks hotsauce in a large pan over med.heat add ham hocks onion and garlic place the greens in a sink full of cold water let sit for 15 min. add 4 cups of water 2 the pot with ham hacks and add crushed red pepper cook till ham hocks are tender tear the greens down the stalk then rinse a few times 2 get all the dirt out of them.when ham hocks are tender slice them and add the greens 2 the pot and the 3 tbs. franks hot sauce simmer over low heat for 1 hour. then enjoy
PLEASE come leave me comments!! I will return the favor! I'm still holding at 1500 behind first and still in 2nd! Thank you everyone for all your help. I know bombing sucks and if you don't have time to can you please at least repost this for me.. That alone is a huge help! Thank you!! ♥ HUGS AND KISSES ♥ ♥ Click on the pic above for the contest! ♥ Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Nothing Version)Music Video Codes By Music Video Code
~~don't Ever Cross Your Woman~~
To my darling husband, Before you return from your overseas trip I just want to let you know about the small accident I had with the pick up truck when I turned into the driveway. Fortunately not too bad and I really didn't get hurt, so please don't worry too much about me. I was coming home from Wal-Mart, and when I turned into the driveway I accidentally pushed down on the accelerator instead of the brake. The garage door is slightly bent but the pick up fortunately came to a halt when it bumped into your car. I am really sorry, but I know with your kind-hearted personality you will forgive me. You know how much I love you and care for you my sweetheart. I am enclosing a picture for you. I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again. P.S. Your girlfriend called. Your loving wife. SAMANTHA
Who so loves believes the impossible. Elizabeth Barrett Browning A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. Ingrid Bergman Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together. Oprah Winfrey A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing. Emo Philips
Random Thoughts Ii
these wounds won't seem to heal this pain is just too real there's just too much that time cannot erase
Kenny Chesney & Gretchen Hurts So Good
Keroke Contest Update~~~
Beautiful Old Song........vincent
Shoulder My Load
I asked for serenity; And, someone to help shoulder my load. Because I’ve been my own worst enemy; On this long bumpy road. Abuses of life Have left my heart filled with strife Young man showing age past his time. Can’t understand how I’ve wasted my prime. Chased demons and ghosts The devil was my host My existence abused For not following the simplest of rules Life a tattered mess Showing physical signs of excess stress Yet there is some sunlight It leads down a path to the right A promise of peace of mind for me And a chance to truly be free. Because I asked for serenity And, someone to help shoulder my load. A savior died for me; And smoothed out this old bumpy road.
Chivalry Is Not Dead...
Today at work, I got the most AWSOME compliment by one of my first customers today. Her car got towed last night in Aggieville (rescuing her drunk friends ironically enough) and was taken to Wildcat Wrecker. This morning, she called for a cab to go get her car. Thier shop opens at 8 am on Saturdays (supposedly) and we showed up in the parking lot right at 8 this morning. The place was still closed, no one around except us and the cold, blowing wind. I called the number on the side of the building and was told that the worker was on his way. I told her that she could sit in the car where it is warm until they show up. She gladdly thanked me and sat down in the car. After about 45 min. of no one showing up, I called again and was told it would be no more than 15 min. before someone got there; they had some confusion with schedules on their end. The boss called once after I told him what was going on and she kept saying that she could just go sit on the steps if I needed to leave
Super Glue
The day is here, this year...again My heart is broke, I stand alone Yet through mistakes, I've learnt; I've grown. Now I understand...We mend The day is here, this year...again Tonight I'm trying something new This time I will use super glue.
Single Show For The Day.
golden chords of disharmony arise, paralyzing the heart...touching mental chaos, cemented in place. flow down, to the brewing dark, golden thread, glowing drearily in the mist... showing fallouts for exposure seen. hide needlessly, to be seen from the dim draw of the light. the moth silhouettes the shade, to compensate for the shaking dawn. rising sun.
Sabotage - Beastie Boys
Ty Herndon - Steam
10 Things A Military Wife Gets Tired Of Hearing!
1. I don't know how you do it. Well, guess what? In all honesty, I don't know how I do it either. I just do. Because really, what other choice do I have? 2. I could never deal with it if my husband was gone for that long. does hearing how someone else can't deal with it help me to deal with it? 3. Are you scared that something may happen to him while he's there? This one has always really perplexed me. Of course, I'm scared. I wouldn't be human if I wasn't. But being reminded of the fact that something may happen to him doesn't help me out. 4. Do you miss him? Every time I get asked this, I just want to respond "Oh, no, definitely not. I like it when he's gone. It gives me the chance to be all by myself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Who wouldn't want that?" Of course, I miss him. Wouldn't you miss your husband? 5. I know just how you feel. My husband was on a business trip last month for three days and I just thought I would die. A
~~for The Old Fuckers On This Site~~ (i Love Ya)
SENIOR TEST 1. After the Lone Ranger saved the day and rode off into the sunset, the grateful citizens would ask, Who was that masked man? Invariably, someone would answer, “I don’t know, but he left this behind”. What did he leave behind? 2. When the Beatles first came to the U.S. In early 1964, we all watched them on The __________________ Show. 3 “Get your kicks, ___________________.” 4. “The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed _______________________.” 5.”In the jungle, the mighty jungle,_________________________.” 6. After the Twist, The Mashed Potato, and the Watusi, we “danced” under a stick that was lowered as low as we could go in a dance called the “__________________.” 7. “N_E_S_T_L_E_S”, Nestle’s makes the very best ___________________.” 8. Satchmo was America’s “Ambassador of Goodwill.” Our parents shared this great jazz trumpet player with us. His name was ______________________. 9. What takes a licking and keeps
Living Wage/ Minimum Wage
June 2004 A New Push to Increase the Minimum Wage On April 29th, Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Representative George Miller (D-CA) introduced the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2004 (S. 2370/H.R. 4256). This legislation would raise the federal minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.00 per hour over a two year period and follows many previous attempts by Senator Kennedy and others to pass an increase. The bill currently has 26 co-sponsors, though it remains unlikely that the Senate leadership will allow consideration of it this year. However, Senator Kennedy has announced plans to offer the bill as an amendment to other legislation as soon as possible. Why Increase the Minimum Wage? The original goal of the minimum wage, as stated in the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act, was to reduce “labor conditions detrimental to the maintenance of the minimum standard of living necessary for health, efficiency, and general well-being of workers” by ensuring that low-income workers r
Like I Said I'm Bored
ok have u ever meet some on of C.T.?? if so comment their profile about the meeting.. And repost to see what other say...
~~the Aliens Did Visit At Roswell~~
> >> Interesting Fact >> >> >> Many will recall that on July 8, 1947, witnesses claimed that an >> unidentified object with five aliens aboard crashed onto a sheep and >> cattle ranch just outside Roswell, New Mexico. This is a well-known >> incident that many say has long been covered up by the U.S Air Force >> and the federal government. >> >> However, you may NOT know that in the month of March 1948, exactly >> nine months after that historic day, Albert Arnold Gore, Jr., Hillary >> Rodham, John F. Kerry, William Jefferson Clinton, Howard Dean, Nancy >> Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Charles E. Schumer, and Barbara Boxer were born. >> >> See what happens when aliens breed with sheep? This piece of >> information may clear up a lot of things. >> >>
Help Me Out
this is my friends and she needs all our help here to win the let see what we can do too help her.... ~DAMs Baby Blue~
Wat A Day
i dont know if any of you care haha, but damn i had a bad day at work haha...had a weird girl grab my ass and about knocked out and old lady with a piece of cardboard...o well just another crazy day i guess
been listening to LoL it's an online radio station i wanna dance around my room in mah underoos LoL
Joe Nichols - Brokenheartsville
Lol I Love This Stinks
Yes ,i'm Bored
The game is ask any question and for the poster to be honest to the answer
Please Read This Is In Regards To The Sexiest Soldier In Uniform Contest
My Thoughts Ii
ok ok.. it seem that i'm getting a lot of shit on my last post... It's only to when i know by what i've seen.... if i'm wrong correct me.. I can take what every you have to say...
i cant believe that my daughter will be 3 sunday.... im getting old lol
Mindy Mccready - Ten Thousand Angels
Help Pleaseee Losing
" I Am Happy"
"I am happy" The red winter roses hue, brightens the blue, white sky, as I lay beneath , looking up from the snow angels I make they glisten in the sun like bright diamonds. Joyful, laughing children run past, free and loving there is nothing as sweet. I am happy and warm. 01-29-07 J.R.A.F.
Mature Love
Immature love is saying I love you because I need you, mature love is saying I need you because I love you
Please Snow For Me Lol
well we are pose to be getting some bad weather to night which will be snow ice rain hopefully it will be some snow i haven't seen snow in like 2 years we hardly get snow here maybe every 2 - 3 years we see snow if we get lucky maybe if i'm lucky i'll get to see snow once this year...
I Feel.....
Like shit! My head is so conjeste right now & I have to be at work at 4am tomarrow! I'm going to bed!
The Badger And The Bear / Lakota Legend
On the edge of a forest there lived a large family of badgers. In the ground their dwelling was made. Its walls and roof were covered with rocks and straw. Old father badger was a great hunter. He knew well how to track the deer and buffalo. Every day he came home carrying on his back some wild game. This kept mother badger very busy, and the baby badgers very chubby. While the well- fed children played about, digging little make-believe dwellings, their mother hung thin sliced meats upon long willow racks. As fast as the meats were dried and seasoned by sun and wind, she packed them carefully away in a large thick bag. This bag was like a huge stiff envelope, but far more beautiful to see, for it was painted all over with many bright colors. These firmly tied bags of dried meat were laid upon the rocks in the walls of the dwelling. In this way they were both useful and decorative. One day father badger did not go off for a hunt. He stayed at home, making new arrows. His children
My Thoughts
As I see it today women like one type a guy... Those that honestly can't seem to get it togather... Me well I had my fun when I was younger yes I've been bad arrested about to be off probation.. Yes I've been on for five yrs. and come March i'm off...$12,000 in fines all paid.. But thats my thoughts on women....
Thank You
Thank you all for the wonderful welcome. My brother is awesome!!!!
To My Daughter Kylee Paige
Kindness Yerning for our love Loving Everlasting Enchanting Playful Angel I love you Great kid Every smile is to love I love you Kylee Paige Fraser 4-ever and always By midnight_angel
Sex Jokes
Q. What do a Rubix cube and a penis have in common? A. The longer you play with them, the harder they get. Q. What does an old woman have between her breasts that a young woman doesn't? A. A navel. Q. What is the difference between a woman and a washing machine? A. You can bung your load in a washing machine and it won't call you a week later. Q. Why did god create Adam before he created eve? A. Because he didn't want anyone telling him how to make Adam. Q. What is a lesbian's favorite thing to eat? A. A Klondike Bar Q. What did the elephant say to the naked man? A. "How do you breath through something so small?" Q. Why don't women wear watches? A. There's a clock on the stove! Q. What doesn't belong in this list : Meat, Eggs, Wife, Blowjob? A. Blowjob: You can beat your meat, eggs or wife, but you can't beat a blowjob. Q. Have you heard about the new super-sensitive condoms? A. They hang around after the man leaves and talks to the woman. Q. What's
"SEASONS" Life; so beautiful and tender where the wild flowers grow. the smell so sweet with it's intoxicating beauty. Dew on the baby's breath. innocent days of something new. Rolling in the clover on a lazy afternoon. hotter nights. raging tension of a summer fling. adoring. alluring. The crisp leaves, coloring the morning sky. a chill appears in the shorter days and longer nights. then cuddling by the fire. long snowy roads. the touch of old man winters hand touches the valley and once again all is still. 01-29-07 J.R.A.F.
track-mark mission. cigarette submission, giving in the the pilgrim that brings his own kool-aid melts to the picnic of the kicknig. would you fancy a shred of SHUT THE FUCK UP! tipping back....followed by trimethiplene monsters. lavished in the suds of blissful retention. holding the thought that tomorrow can be that change form the one dollar you spent on these lousy sneakers... the ones that don't carry you down the day, the ones that leak into the punch, that freak out the cherries, that piss on the dog called style. metered for failure so goes the woolgathered briggens. speak the lines lost in the shallow plains that tripple when driven upon. fatigue. right to the end.
Zen Of Sarcasm
1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me the hell alone. 2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire. 3. It's always darkest before the dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it. 4. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted. 5. Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else. 6. Never test the depth of the water with both feet. 7. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. 8. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 9. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. 10. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will sit in a boat & dri
To My Mom And Dad
My mom and dad are two of a kind They love each other dearly although He can be a pain in the neck but she Still love him and that will last for awhile I guess one thing that keeps the love flowing Is that they have me as there daughter and A granddaughter that will put a smile on their Face everytime they look at her I love you mom and dad so very much and i wish You many more years of happiness... By midnight_angel (Tameka Fraser my Daughter)
Who Would Be Valentines
For valentines I want to be the first to ask any lady my friend to say would would be my valentines or capture my heart. but the cool thing I have good friends on here
~~now..this Is "deep" Shyte
The Edge
There are times I wish I was still a small child and my mother still guarded my way. She would make sure I stayed out of deep woods and close to the edge while I played. I must have forgotten the things she showed me and all the lessons, I heard her tell. I had no idea there were many different woods and in them you could get lost, as well. When I met her I tried to stay on the edge, to go further would risk getting lost, but I let all my senses fly out the window and went in despite the high cost. Now I wander this forest to find the old path that will return me to safety's front door I'm lost in the woods with wolves all around and I do not have my edge anymore.
Ok you all know its gonna happen. The Colts are gonna win it!!!!!!!! Thought Id just give a shout out and see how much sh*t I could stir up with all you Bears fans ;)
Gotcha Thinkin!?!?!
Let me try this out and see if I still got it, What? never lost it, this as a hobby, don't need a paycheck to feel it. Lyrical assassin, verbal blastin' how many will fall? 1 victim, 2 victim 3 victim 4, want more? Ok here it goes how's this? its been a long time since I had to let loose up in this bitch, speaking of which. Which bitch wanna test this? You? maybe You? Nah not you? Can't be. Lets do this. I'm making them shitty big titties ass for days, mid - west, to west, east coach bitches whatever I'll slay. Who thought I was playing well they found out this ain't no X-Box, did I not say '07 was the year dumb asses would kick rocks? I don't care about what nigga chasing you banging hoops and 1 is the count, I ain't the one to test, cause you'll fail fuckin with me no doubt. Indian up police bitches ... from the south I bend bitches... bi the time you figure this out bitches you'll be wishing bitches. you never crossed my path, here's what
Copy This
Chapter Two Copy This Ms. Simmons walk into her boss office, she says, “Mr. Griego, the copy machine is not working right again. Can you see, if you can fix it, so I may finish copying these papers for you, sir.” But there was nothing wrong with the copy machine, she had a hidden plan for her boss today. “Sure, Ms. Simmons, I would glad to help you out.” He gets up from his desk and walks behind her, he watches her sexy butt move side to side as she walks to the office supply room, where the copy machine is at. He was more than happy to help her out in the office supply room. Ms. Simmons walked her walk that she knew would make him drool for more than just helping her with a issue with the copy machine. She smiled as they walked towards the office supply room, she even stop to bend over to act like she had to pick up something from the floor, she made sure that he knew she was not wearing panties again today at work. Mr. Griego smiled to see her naked butt that he lo
So I was minding my own business and one of my friends on here decided to post a New Kids On The Block video. Now I have liked NKOTB since as long as I can remember, even though the broke up when I was 7 or something like that. But ever since I saw that video I have been remembering how much I liked the group and the music. So I ordered the CD's for my IPOD and have been listening to Hangin' Tough all day at work. I still have two VHS's of there's one of music videos and the other of a concert. I can remember when I used to have slumber parties and we HAD to watch the concert one at LEAST once that night. I think at one point in time my cousin and I used to know ALL the dance moves to the songs, which is kinda scary to me. My friends and I used to all play barbies together and I had a Jordan doll, ( Yes he was my favorite) and a one legged Jon Doll. I have no idea how he ended up with one leg. We all used to fight over who's Barbie Jordan would marry. ha ha Ahhhh the memories. I can
Office Romance
Chapter One Office Romance Mr. Griego called his secretary into his office. Ms. Simmons was dress to impress her very single boss. Ms. Simmons long brown hair was done pass her shoulder, her blouse was low cut to see down if she bent or she was sitting down, her skirt was short and tight, but she was wearing no panties today. Mr. Griego saw that her blue eyes was breath taking even with those glasses on her prefect nose. “Ms. Simmons, please take a memo for the rest of the staff.” Ms. Simmons smiled and sat down in the chair across from her boss desk, her legs were long and slender, she was wearing stockings and high heels today. Mr. Hayashihara quickly ran his tongue across his lips and then gather himself. “Ms. Simmons, I need you to type this up….” “Yes, Mr. Griego.” Mr. Griego loved how his name sound from her lips that were prefect to kiss, he wonder if she taste good too, but he said, “It has come to my attention that some of the workers here seem to be la
The Marine!
FRIENDS ARE BORN, NOT MADE This is a poem being sent from a Marine to his Dad. For those who take the time to read it, you'll see a letter from him to his Dad at the bottom. It makes you truly thankful for not only the Marines, but ALL of our troops. THE MARINE We all came together, Both young and old To fight for our freedom, To stand and be bold. In the midst of all evil, We stand our ground, And we protect our country From all terror around. Peace and not war, Is what some people say. But I'll give my life, So you can live the American way. I give you the right To talk of your peace. To stand in your groups, and protest in our streets. But still I fight on, I don't bitch, I don't whine. I'm just one of the people Who is doing your time. I'm harder than nails, Stronger than any machine. I'm the immortal soldier, I'm a U.S. MARINE! So stand in my shoes, And leave from your home. Fight for the people who hate you, With the protests they'
Shut away from society's view Stares too hard to bare Doors shut, Curtains drawn Myself I cannot share If people would look inside See the heart contained within Instead of only seeing me For my outer skin They would be so surprised Of what they were to find A loving, gentle, caring soul Who is forever kind My illness it has ravished me Can't get it out of my mind Praying that it won't be long I can leave it all behind
~~getting Your Knickers In A Wad!!
...I posted the following comment on one of the friends blog in answer to his chastising me because I didn't post the only comment he was looking for which was......."deep" -------------------------------------------------- ~~~Mele Kaliki Maka ~~~ 2007-01-31 19:15:56 ....if I understand says" Leave a comment on this blog entry! And if it does not meet with what the poster expects, we shouldn't leave a comment? And Rayne says if it is not liked, one should leave the page! What happened to posting the comment, regardless if one doesn't get glassy eyed about it! I happen to have a sense of humor and I express it somewhat like the poet expresses his poem! And if the poet is satisfied with "deep" as the all encompassing commentary....then....I don't qualify!
Riddle / Code
4301 9681 2261 3448731 84471 6881 9681 773631 861 68241 84631 96871 235501 746631 4381 21 54331 9681 382546401 77425 If you think you can figure it out let me know....if you have the answer email it to me and ill let you know if your right or wrong, i made it myself so i want critisicsm :D
Remember Our Troops On Veteran's Day
On this day, we go to church to pray, For every Hero on this Veteran's Day. They fought and died for the Red,White and Blue, They saved our Freedom for me and you. No one likes wars. Sometimes it can't be ignored. Even though they are not worth a penny, These dictators are a World Wide enemy. As they battle their way, Our Troops don't celebrate a Holiday. They have little time to eat, Strong fighters that can't be beat. All their hardships will be over come, Then the job will be done. From the Washington White House Dome, Fly your flags in front of every home. Our Military has done its best, They deserve a warm welcome and good rest. It is plain to see a working democracy, For all the world to see. On Veteran's Day let's have a celebration, Let us all show our appreciation. Thank our God and His Son above, There will be no more wars, but Peace and Love. [A REPOST FROM 2005 SINCE FRANK WAS NOT ABLE TO WRITE ONE THIS YEAR] By FAP
Wishing All A Happy Valentines
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The Fuck You Award
I'm proud to announce the winner of the 2006 Fuck You Award.......................................................................... After much consideration, the winner is................................ MYSELF!!! Yes, I'm giving myself this award for various reasons, one of which oddly involves a mailbox. So, I accept this trophy. I'll go fuck myself now.
Crummy Day.
I guess its been a long ass day today. Dealt with some assholes on this here site, that seem to think all women here are sluts and show bewbies,crotch,ass , whatever. (sadly Ive seen ALOT of the women are just as guilty at treating the men the same way!) HMMM. well I for one Have Respect for My Man and My Body , I will not be showing any thing to anyone other than HIM.Im not a snob, Im certainly not a prude.. but im sure as hell am not gonna get my imaginary rocks off by showing some freak my goodies! hey Man to each thier own, but I assure you, Im sure your all hot and great and stuff, just not interested k? there are plenty of women who wanna see your almighty manliness!!! Thats Just Nasty as far as Im concerned. LOL this one arrogant asswad earlier absolutely could not figure out WHY i didnt wanna see his um "HAHA"...(twig and berries) Uh CUZ I dont Wanna!! I dont give a damn what your packing, cuz im not interested in anything that isnt literally attached to My Co
Love On Earth And In Heaven
You are my love, my rock of Gibraltar, I fell in love with you all the way to the altar. I had seen you once before, In a modern department store. I asked you for a date, Even though it was getting late. When you said “Yes”, I stuttered, I guess. I later asked you to be my bride, I remember how you cried and cried. We knew where we were heading, A nearby church for our wedding. On the first of June, We went to Niagara Falls for our Honeymoon. We went for a boat ride at the foot of the “Falls”, And shopped through the mini mall. Today, we realize that God from up above, Has gifted man and woman with love. Love and peace go together, Here on Earth and Heaven forever. This was Written by My Net Grandmother She dedicated this poem to Her Husband FRANK A PELLEGRINO the famous Author
today, i got into a car wreck, and since it was not my fault, i am even more pissed... Other than that, same shit different day... homework... played with the girls, fought with dennis... nothing new there... hes always being an asshole... I am hella stressed.... i feel like i am losing my mind.... anyways.... shitty day... nothing new, poor robin.... Anyways~ other than that, not a lot new is going on....
HELLO FRIENDS AND FAMILY, WOULD U LIKE TO JOIN NEW LINK HERE Please u add me at I will set up my new group create for 7 days:) Tam
HELLO FRIENDS AND FAMILY, WOULD U LIKE TO JOIN NEW LINK HERE Please u add me at I will set up my new group create for 7 days:) Tam
Rip My Beautiful Angel
Make your Comments HEARD at Today would have been my grandma's birthday, so this is in memory of her, My angel, Betty Anne Fasano,I Love You!
I Can See What You See
I Can See What You See I can tell you the pain of this very once broken down man. I can look into the eyes of this man and tell how many tears he cried;I can say I'm able to tell that this man heart and life has seen turmoil,you ask how I can see what this man seen cause I am him. Poem By: Charles LaMark Nelson Copyright ©2007 Charles LaMark Nelson
Whats Up
To all on my friends list thanks for excepting the adds,as you see im new to this site ,so thanks :) :) (and thanks for the ratings)
Words Women Use: 1.) FINE: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2.) FIVE MINUTES: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five Minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3.) NOTHING: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4.) GO AHEAD: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5.) LOUD SIGH: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idio t and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6.) THAT’S OKAY: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before decidi
In Loving Memory Of My Grandson
My Little Angel Child ~Little Man~ I Love You There is a little angel Who is always standing by He's there when I am happy But also when I cry He's followed me along life's way Quiet and serene I know he even waits for me When I take time to dream I must suppose that angels Are everywhere around But rarely do I hear someone Say tis what they have found I think God sent this angel Because He knew he'd see me through That there would be so many times That's exactly what he'd do I can almost see him Running here then there Tiptoeing cloud to cloud When he isn't here Most times he's like my shadow And so much a part of me I think that's why God picked her Cause He knew that's how he'd be One day I know I'll meet her Will see him face to face And we will hug each other In a tender, warm embrace I think last night I saw her With wings so light and fair And as the breeze embraced him I saw the wind blowing in his hair God is the one w
My Dream Wife This is who i would marry on the Spot.... but honoestly.. I have a thing for Sexy feet and she has it... Beside the fact I love her to death.. yes i've been in the Import scen for 7 yrs and she my Goddess My love My dream...
come to my page and rate me fan me add me&tell me who you think will win the superbowl.I'll show love return.Will
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from hey im sorry for not sendin any love to my family, friends , fan , i was so sick that i could not evn get out of bed ,
Torn ~ Letoya Luckett
A part of me wants to leave you alone. A part of me wants for you to come home. A part of me says I'm living a lie. (And I'm better off without you.) A part of me says to think it through. A part of me says I'm over you. A part of me wants to say goodbye. A part of me is asking why... A part of me wants to leave. But a part of me wants to be here with you. And everytime I think that we're over and done you do something to get me back loving you. And you got me just torn. Torn in between the two. (Oh yeah) Cuz I really wanna be with you. But something's telling me I should leave you alone. (I really want to be with you) Leave you alone. Leave you alone. And you got me just torn in between the two. (In between the two) Cuz I really wanna be with you. (Be with you) But something's telling me I should leave you alone. (You alone) Leave you alone. Leave you alone. There was NO ISSUES when we started out. It was cool. It was everything that lov
Her Fantasy Continues.
What a day it has been. After cleaning me up, they cleaned the kitchen up and my woman’s friend left. So we’re sitting on the couch, still butt ass naked just cuddling. I asked her what she would like to do tonight to which she responded that her friend had told her about a club that she’d like to check out. Well I’m always up for a game of pool, a couple of drinks and a dance floor. Preferably in that order, so I agreed. Well after a long day at work, I needed a shower, so I excuse myself to head upstairs to the shower where she follows me in to the room. She goes to the closet to start picking out her clothes. She asked me if I’d mind if she picked me out something to wear. She has good taste and always makes me look good so I didn’t mind. Especially when she told me she wanted other women to notice me and try to holla. So I knew I’d be looking good. This floated my ego, because I knew I was going to be with the finest woman in the club and she wanted me to be the sex
To My Grandson In Heaven
The Place I Hate...turning Into The Place I Love...again
The nemisis... EXCEPT i weighed myself today for the first time in a month....i lost 11 pounds! SWEET!Oh yeah lets not forget...i lost 128 pounds in 2 years...then i gained 45 or so now...i lost 11 YAY!!
A man boards an airliner, takes his seat, and is surprised to find a large purple parrot in the seat next to him. The aircraft takes off and a pretty Flight Attendant walks down the aisle past the man and his parrot seat mate. "Hey, bitch," says the parrot, "bring me a whiskey and soda, and make it snappy!" The Flight Attendant looks annoyed, but walks on. A minute later, she walks back up the aisle, and the parrot pipes up again: "Damn, you lazy whore, where's my whiskey? Hurry it up!" Visibly flustered, the Flight Attendant hurries up the aisle and returns quickly with the parrot's drink. Impressed with the parrot's technique, the man decides to get some quick service for himself. "Hey, slut," says the man, "get me a dry martini. And don't drag your sorry ass--I want it right now!" The FA turns red with anger and runs to the front of the plane. In a moment she returns with the First Officer and two burly male flight attendants. The crewmen seize the passenger and
Cronicles Of An Alcoholic Volume 3
I was never told the truth from u! Probably never will be..But one things forsure Im still suffering from your lies.. Hopefully its fun living where u do with all the money u saved due to me. Sure u worked to make money but u never had to pay shit (Thanks to me)not to mention the using me.. Then I still dont get Thanks (I get the government trying to charge me instead) Then u disapear (Same with Jenn) I wish I new what was going on.. I cant stay in the same spot.. Im a fact finder but my intuition only goes so far.. Give me some respect n tell me the truth.. I need to know..Its my right to know... I pity this place if the rumours are true n I dont get to see u grow up. Its not right..Its not fair.. In this illusionary world.. All thats seen is money! So blind u dont see the snake...Look at your banks symbol n I bet u see a snake or something to do with the planet or zodiac.. Open your eyes your texts have missing stories n some are changed.. (Divide n conquer its what
"oh, R2.. Where Are You?!"
I want this baaaad
And So Today Is The Day
Today is the 5th anniversary of the day my momma died. I have tried to look at where I was then and where I am now but sometimes the pain just grips me. I can remember our last conversation. I can remember saying, "It's ok to step into the light. It's ok to want the pain to end." I can remember her asking me, "Why do you wanna kill me?" And my answer was, "Momma I don't want to kill you. Don't you remember what we talked about yesterday? Don't you remember you have cancer and they have given you medication to make your brain be less swollen?" She sat back and said, "Oh!" She would get so fucking frustrated. So FUCKING pissed off that she was trying to talk and she couldn't make her mouth say what she wanted to say to us. I felt as helpless as a young child. The sad thing is, I still do. She and I had made so many plans about my business and how she had planned to help with at least helping me with child care while I was out working it. Neither one of us knowi
Vampire's Kiss.
Pull me closer rip me apart try to tame this broken heart pain and passion act as one step back and see what we've become amidst the scent of blood and sweat I'm eager to become your pet teeth like razors sharp as blades darkness comes in deepest shades night is fallen on my heart love me until I'm ripped apart...
Truths Of Pagan Life
Theres many things of being a pagan you must keep to being humble as possible and willing to seek good into life see everthing as a new hope and new joy respect all and everone around you as you wish to be treated and in this make sure all that you care for are honored theres so much beauty in pagan life were are more of family then a *congergation or chruch* place and we always tend to stick by eachother more for the ones whom stick by it live as all we do now is what will get back then its the free will part of it pagans dont force you to be pagan we dont damnate or judge we allow people to come to us to seek out there own path for we all are captains and controls of our own lifes so whats really wrong with pagan and wiccans?
Lessons Learned.
Wasting my time... Wasting my life... Wasting my heart... On something that will never be. Maybe it's time... To read between the lines... And let go of what's... Inside of me. It's so unfair... That I have to care... When indifference is all... That I ever see. So I'll shed this dream... Some things are what they seem... And call it a lesson... Learned this time by me.
yeah!! i get to go see slayer fuck yeah !! :)
~i Wish You Enough~
Recently I overheard a mother and daughter in their last moments together at the airport. They had announced the departure. Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the mother said, "I love you and I wish you enough". The daughter replied, "Mom, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Mom". They kissed and the daughter left. The mother walked over to the window where I was seated. Standing there I could see she wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to intrude on her privacy but she welcomed me in by asking, "Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?". Yes, I have," I replied. "Forgive me for asking, but why is this a forever good-bye?". "I am old and she lives so far away. I have challenges ahead and the reality is - the next trip back will be for my funeral," she said. "When you were saying good-bye, I heard you say, 'I wish you enough'. May I ask what that means?".
Tonight I Wanna Cry Lyrics
Alone in this house again tonight I got the TV on, the sound turned down and a bottle of wine There's pictures of you and I on the walls around me The way that it was and could have been surrounds me I'll never get over you walking away I've never been the kind to ever let my feelings show And I thought that being strong meant never losing your self-control But I'm just drunk enough to let go of my pain To hell with my pride, let it fall like rain From my eyes Tonight I wanna cry Would it help if I turned a sad song on "All By Myself" would sure hit me hard now that you're gone Or maybe unfold some old yellow lost love letters It's gonna hurt bad before it gets better But I'll never get over you by hiding this way I’ve never been the kind to ever let my feelings show And I thought that being strong meant never losing your self-control But I’m just drunk enough to let go of my pain To hell with my pride, let it fall like rain From my eyes Tonight I wanna cry
Find Me
heya folks~! so lately i have been acting a bit strange....and if u were wondering why ill fill ya in... i have always had a low self esteem....and believe me i mean ALWAYS had one.. i have been known to frequently cut myself down.... well maybe it is my large lack of sleep lately....but i have actually been happier....more confident....nothing really has changed...except that i have made a few more friends...but i mean no major changes... maybe i am glad that i wasnt injured badly in the car accident i was in....i dunno but lately i have had this refreshed look on life...and i am proud to say... I ACTUALLY LOVE ME....I LOVE BEING ALIVE....and i really am happy....i do still cut myself down a bit....but i also am having a higher self esteem and confidence...its almost as if i have just found myself and i finally know who i am....and i dont care if you all think i am a stuck up ugly bitch.... i know i am beautiful and i can be a brat but i love who i am... so yea again i
Hi to all who are my friends. I have not been on lately if you've noticed if not that's cool too. But I probably won't be on very often for the next few months due to school and work. So I cannot participate my time in sending things back and forth or comment bombing if your in something so please do not ask. Not trying to sound like a dick or anything but I seriously have no time besides getting work done. I wish you all well and look forward when I do have time to chat with you all again. :) Warm regards, Derrick/ImmortalRain
I swear sometimes I hate being off my medicine. I get al shakey and start crying for no reason at all and I cant take it. Everytime something from the past that comes up, I end up crying about it because I know how much I messed up back then. I just wish I could change everything about my past but I cant. I just wish people wouldn't judge me on how I look or how I act or the way I dress. Looks are not everything, personality comes first in my books. I just wish I would of got treated alot better in my past than what I was. I wish things can be different. But I guess that's just how life is and how it's gunna be for the rest of my life. I wish it was all different and people can see the better side of me. But I guess they will never know.
Returning The Favor: For A Friend.
She watches him glide across the floor it's become an obsession she can't deny any more She knows that he can see her but pretends she's not there as she walks up to him and grabs hold of his hair ...and she says... My arms ache to hold the demon get lost in his dark embrace touch me there it's just like dreaming leave your mark without a trace... Make me yours and make me tremble draw the life from every vein this love is a sacred symbol take me from this life of pain... Shake me like a battered rag doll pull my hair and make me cry my wounded soul hears your call In your arms I'd gladly die he watches as she walks away rubs his scalp where her claws dug wonders why he didn't see before and finally just shrugs and when the darkness has engulfed her and she has wandered far away he tries to forget the words she whispered but inside he hears her say... My arms ache to hold the demon get lost in his dark embrace touch me there it's just like dreami
My Tongue
changed it today, man the little balls are slippery when wet lol
Angela And I
This is me and my ex...she's arrogant and ignorant but for some reason, I still love her and I wish she would still talk to me. This was our first official pic together (that wasnt on my phone). 2 weeks into our relationship. Sept. '05 At her Homecoming. Oct. '05 After her senior pics were taken. Jan '06 About 2 weeks before we broke up :( April '06
Scarybirded Next
As the process of citizen change is going fairly slow due to the guy who is getting the character the next person on Stu's list to be immortalised is this person. Julio is writing the stories for us. The Aphotic Atrocity@ CherryTAP So just after Stu has finished one more job for his friend he will be doing the rough drafts of Aphotic Atrocity. I will post as I get them.
Truths Of Pagan Life Part One
It sickens me to hear people insulting pagan and wiccan religions calling them stupid or satan worshiping religions well lets get the facts straight like JUDISM we Pagans and Wiccans do not give the devil, satan , lucifer or any of the *dark ones names* credit. The only use of the word satan was not as a person but as a position to prosicute humans *example* the trials that Job went thru when god allowed the satan to take everthing away from job* and that was by the jewish texts wich for the knuckle dragin brainless idiots that say but im christian the old testiments is the torah basicaly (judism) so get it thru your thick head the only ones that are living in sin is the so called hypocritical self serving idiots that call themselfs christians and forget the rulles like thy shall not judge thy shall not lie and thy shall not kill cough cough salem witch trails 17 killed in the name of god com on the bible says Thy shall not kill so lets look and see who is the biggest sinners people wh
Wednesday. . .
Get 20,000+ Music Videos at Hey! It's Wednesday! Get up and move! Always, S~
Mending Broken Hearts
If your heart, it has been broke in two And your world is full of pain If you feel that everything you've done Has always been in vain If you need someone to mend your heart For to make it whole and new Do not despair and don't give up Cause I know the man for you This man lives where the eagles fly And the rivers run so clear Where the sweet song of the nightingale Is the only sound you'll hear It's a place to set your mind at rest Where your worries will depart This man will spend some time with you And mend your broken heart He'll tell you time will heal your pain And make you realise That life goes on no matter what As each day, the sun will rise And tomorrow is another day Full of wonder for us all He'll teach you to prepare yourself For the next time love will call This man will teach you many things That you never ever knew Like love is all, and love is life And love is there for you He'll take your heart and mend it So at last, it can be free
Life Is Too Short
Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets so love the people who treat you right forget about the ones who dont and believe that everything happens for a reason if you get a chance take it. If it changes your life let it nobody said It would be easy They just promised it to be worth it....
My Light
Lost in this maze called life in the dark again trying to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart Struggling as I may I just can't get them to fit right Lost on this journey feeling my way along trying in vain to find where I belong Walking against the wind in a driving rain searching for the beacon that lies in your heart So open it up to me and let my journey end for you love is the like that helps the pieces fit just right.
Broken Home.
Stumbling through the wasteland of this place I once called home wandering through the darkness forced to face it all alone. This was once my solace. It was once a happy place. But it will never be again until I see your face.
Any Guy
Don't Trust The Bitch
Thanks to DARK GODDESS, Religious Genocide will no longer have any contact with Anyone from Cherry. If you are married DO NOT LET YOUR HUSBANDS TALK TO HER. She will ruin your marriage. So long and FUCKING FAREWELL!
To Every Girl Out There
To every girl that dresses cute (not skanky) To every girl that wants to be called beautiful (not hot) To every girl that will spend her whole day( looking for the perfect present for you) to every girl that gets her heart broken because he chose the whore instead. to every girl that would die to have a descent boyfriend. To every girl who would just like once to be treated like a princess. To every girl that cries at night because of another heartbreak. To every girl that wont get down on her knees and open her mouth just to get a boyfriend. To every girl that just wants to hold hands. To every girl that kisses him with meaning. To every girl who wishes that he cared more. To every girl who would just once want a guy to give their jacket up when they are cold. To every girl who just wants him to call. To every girl who lies awake at night thinking about him. To every girl that just wants to cuddle. To every girl that just wants to sleep with him without having sex ever
Dark Peace.
Heavy pain like a stone in my soul. Weighing me down. Sinking me in sorrow. Drowning in tears. Beneath the surface. Where light turns to dark. Diminishing with depth. Icy fingers closing around me. Pulling me farther. Easing me lower. Into the depths. This aching in my chest. This struggle for breath. Breathe out. Release me... Embrace me. Let there be peace. last.
The End.
Desolation all around. There is no comfort to be found. Life goes by in seeming slow motion. Everything is void of emotion. I carry with me in my heart. A joy that has been ripped apart. Ease of speech and tender touch. These things I shall miss so much. As I lock inside this box my soul. And leave within it's place a hole. I want no more to long for joy. For this heart is not a toy. It's broken now, a shattered shell. Perhaps this way is just as well. I'll not let another in. I'll not risk the fall again.
Stomach In Knots
Scared and stomach's killin' me. I wish that I could re-do time...
The Guy Code
What the fuck is the deal??? Why do people feel the need to talk to me in the bathroom? I went in to a public bathroom today, and while i was in there some dude came in there to do his business right? whatever right? fuck no. this sperm bank reject decides to tell me his life story while i'm tryin to "drain the main vein." the guy even takes the stall right next to me!!! YOU ALWAYS LEAVE A BUFFER SPOT!!! ALWAYS!!! Do you see a fuckin couch here?...i said to the i look like dr fuckin phil?...i asked him....and the assbag kept on i said ok've forced my hand........and i peed on his leg......i go to court next wednesday....
Two Hardest Words To Say
Why is it the hardest thing to do Is to tell someone that you have done them wrong To apologize and ask forgiveness Should be easy But those words are the hardest to say Even if they are meant They never come easy "I love you" flows off the tongue Seemly to make everything alright But there are two words That could easily stop the fight Flowers are great But the gesture fades away So why is it so hard for me to say the words I know you long to hear the look you in the eyes and say "I SORRY?"
1 Feb 07 - Thursday
1 Feb 07 - Thursday 1859 Victor August Herbert Dublin Ireland, composer (Babes in Toyland) 1901 Clark Gable Cadiz OH, actor (Gone With the Wind) 1904 S J Perelman Brooklyn NY, author/humorist (Around the World in 80 Days) 1918 Muriel Spark Edinburgh Scotland, novelist (The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie) 1934 Bob Shane vocalist (Kingston Trio) 1937 Don Everly Brownie KY, singer (Everly Brothers) 1937 Ray Sawyer [Dr Hook] Alabama, vocalist (Dr Hook) 1937 Garrett Morris New Orleans LA, actor/comedian (Saturday Night Live) 1942 Terry Jones Colwyn Bay North Wales, actor/comedian (Monty Python) 1952 Rick James [James Johnson], rock/soul/funk vocalist (Super Freak) 1954 Mike Campbell guitarist (Tom Petty & Heartbreakers) 1964 Jani Lane rocker (Warrant) 1965 Brandon Lee Emerson CO, actor (Showdown in Little Tokyo) 1968 Lisa Marie Presley 1968 Pauly Shore 1587 English queen Elizabeth I signs Mary Stuart's death sentence 1709 British sailor Alexander Selkirk is rescued after be
New Cherry Alert--he's A Sweety!!!
crackparrot@ CherryTAP Get your own glitter and more at
Re: My Kids Need You
I was dumb again and enteed another contest because it was for cute kids and I think my kids are adorable. So Please take a minute or two and click the pic below rate it and leave as many comments as you can I will happly return the favor tomorrow since I only have a few comments left today......... Click this pic
Need A Perfect Woman To Love
What I am looking forsomeone who is there,loves his family but can make his own decisions, has had enough life experiences to know what he wants from a relationship, has a hobby or something he enjoys (strip-clubs not an option), and does not live with his parents. A positive attitude is important as well as honesty and integrity.
Help Him
help him out plz
Why Not
All day sitting in class doing database mods for this darn switch hope something more exciting happens soon.
Men Are Just Happier People:
Men Are Just Happier People: -- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Her Wedding dress - $5000. Your Tux rental - $100. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase. You can open all y
My God With God
1.yes i do own a stanton leavey satanic bible 2.yes i do read a page or two a day 3.yes i feel its disrepectful to preach i dont give one shit or a blief in other SO-CALLED satanic bibles... they are rip offs, full of bullshit, and the person who wrote it just did it for money and fam 5. sacrificing animals is WRONG why i decided to fallow throught by converting with satanism... the truth is i was getting sick and tired of all these fakes saying they were satanist... so i researched started fallowing through with it and the bliefs i have were just totally have the same incommon
Tonight i sit here wonder Why im smiling for Realising that my life Is so complete for sure My daughter now she's with me And that's who I do adore Forever and forever Loss not ever more Memories are what im making with you and so much more You are my heart My love and part Of what my life is for
Confederate Flag
Question that's been on my mind. (This is my political "sub-blog" and is not friends-only, half-tempted to move it to another blog, "pet peeves", which is... anyway.) Quite a whole lot of rebels on CT, sporting Confederate Flag images in their galleries, "you'll pry this flag out of my cold dead hands", further to that effect. ("If you don't like it you can k*** my ass"- would rather kick than kiss, thanks v'much; or perhaps both, actually, hatred being, as Kirk Douglas noted, such a wonderful aphrodisiac...) I don't doubt that states' rights motivated some - some - of the participants in that conflict primarily, though probably few, I would guess; and others to a lesser extent; and it is true that when President Lincoln offered an amendment guaranteeing the institution of slavery where it existed in perpetuity, this was turned down by the leaders of the soon-to-be Confederate States as a possible compromise (if memory serves). I suppose it more than possible that someone r
Sunrise And Sunset
A collaboration of poetry again, alternating voices. Greywolf's Sunrise, and Whitedove's Sunset Sunrise, And a new Day Is breaking through... Morning, Of another day With out you... But as the hours roll by No ones there to see me cry Except the sunrise... The sunsrise and you. Sunset Sunset, And the Day ends in glorious rays, Sunset, of another day Without you.... But as the moments pass I feel every tear that falls in my sunset..... The sunset and you. Tired Eyes, Search from sea To shore. I'm searching For love and nothing more. But from now till who knows when My sword will be my friend And i'll love you... For the rest of my life. Sunrise, bless my eyes take me home,..make me whole again... Sunrise... Weary heart, See from my heart to yours. I am seeking for love and all it entails But from this moment till the end My sheath will be my friend And I'll love you For all of time beyond Sunset, ease my soul Bring me home....
Help Me I Beg U
Every morning I wake up with a smile upon my face you have now become part of what was such an empty space. My heart now filled with joy as i feel your warm embrace. I must tread lightly for it remains as delicate as lace. Emotional overload as I think of what could be these thoughts these feelings their taking over me. This time I chose not to be frightened and flee. Your heart brings happiness to my life through and through with it comes feelings and emotions that are so new. My heart overwhelmed and I dont know what to do. This I know my feelings are now becoming few. Waking up with thoughts of you at dawn my heart, my soul, my mind forever drawn. Deciding it is now time for my life to go on and quit living day to day as a lonely little pawn. Now as I look into the future I see a new begining I am set to focus but my head is still spinning with these thoughts of you and a future worth living so from you I will never run. I look forward to every moment with or without you so come ent my mother is off life support and is hanging in there. Family came in and have been amazingly has been nice to not feel like everything is on my shoulders. We are moving her to hospice within the next couple of days. I am moving tomorrow and starting my life as officially single, so I will not be around until next week because my computer will not be hooked up until next week. I hope you all will behave without! Life sure has dealt me some blows, however, I feel as though it was all for a reason and to be honest I feel pretty good on how I have handled it. Needless to say I have not been dragged away in a straight jacket....yet! Some of you...and you know who YOU are...have been amazing, as well as comforting even though it has been done through a keyboard and computer...I really do appreciate the kind words...they have put a smile on my face. There are some that I have just deleted because I just dont have time for immature antics or behavior. I
Please Help Me Out!!
Hey Friends and Fans and Family.. I'm in a Contest done by my friend who's kick Ass!! 'LatinoHeat//Sincity Enforcer' Check him out!! He's doing a contest for the girls that he's made CherryTap Magazine covers for. WHich i'm in one.. So I need your help to Win a Blast.. It would be Awesome!! Click the Link and Vote Please.. Lot of Love SexySherry xoxoxo
Well Friends
I have gotton my call to go to work and thats the good news ... the bad news is I won't have much time for the site ... I will be checkin in from time to time but it will be very busy for a while .... Such is the nature of my life ... Either too much time on my hands or not enough ... I will be looking for ya now and then so until we meet again enjoy your moments and live to the fullest ! Ron
Adult Fairy Tales
ADULT FAIRY TALES CINDERELLA wants to go to the ball, but her wicked stepmother won't let her. As Cinderella sits crying in the garden, her fairy godmother appears, and promised to provide Cinderella with everything she needs to go to the ball, but only on two conditions. "First, you must wear a diaphragm." Cinderella agrees. "What's the second condition?" "You must be home by 2:00 a.m. Any later, and your diaphragm will turn into a pumpkin." Cinderella agrees to be home by 2:00 a.m . The appointed hour comes and goes, and Cinderella doesn't show up. Finally, at 5:00 a.m. Cinderella shows up, looking love struck and very satisfied. "Where have you been?" demands the Fairy Godmother. "Your diaphragm was supposed to turn into a pumpkin three hours ago!!!" " I met a prince, Fairy Godmother. He took care of everything." The Fairy Godmother stated, "I know of no prince with that kind of power! Tell me his name!" Cinderella replied, I can't remember, exactly, Peter,
My Wife And School
my wife just graduated from medical assistant school. im so proud of her. now maybe i will get some i love you danielle
Valentine's Day Sucks
its just another day thats all who cares anyways i work that day so i dont have to worry about going out to buy candy and flowers for anyone... wait what am i saying i wish i was doing that hoo :(
Me On Jerry With My Friends
the story is my good friend kristy the one I fight with gf wants able to be the show so I fulled as the pissed off ex gf wanting her ex bf back.The story was daniel and kirsty had a baby while me and dc was dating.Not true kristy does have a beautiful lil girl not by dc.U'll get a good laugh from it cause are story got mixed up really bad.The sence is where me and kirsty started the fight with dc then we turned on each other.
New Job
I JUST GOT THIS BAD ASS job. i work for a company called glass doctor. i install windsheilds for people. its a basass job. by the end of the year i will be making 20 dollars an hour
Whats Going On With Dating Lately?
It seems lately its becoming increasingly difficult to date and find decent people in general to be friends with. I mean come on Either your too Nice Or your An Ass.. Some like the Bad boy image others like the decent guy.. Whats a person to do? Feel Free to leave whatever comments youd like! thanks!
Have Fun Yet
are we have fun yet?? I don't i guess boredom is getting to me a little. I haven't but it's still hard meet people and making friend but I'm doing ok. so feel free to stop by my page for chate sometime. time for me to ramble a bit. I believe everything happens for a reason I also have havee faith not in god but just blind faith. I tent to believe what people tell me which could be my down fall. I just hold on to hope that I can make friend and even date a little. I hope to fall in love and have a family but hey I just be happy with dating someone.
If you do not tell the story of your life who will? If you dont live the time of your life who will? How can you tell the story of the time of your life, if you never had time to live it?
Affections Of My Heart
Affections Of My Heart by BlueWolf Having thoughts of you As I am writing today I do care so much more Than my words can say Still it's through my pen Where I try to provide The warmth you give me From the feelings inside It was from the first hello To loving you no less My feelings have grown Into pleasures I express Those constant thoughts Words I often impart So special you became In affections of my heart.........
Why Justify?
Some people annoy me. I had to quit my job today due to the risks that were involved with my health... I have chronic asthma and a really bad lower back. With the work I was having to do PLUS the cold, it just wasnt good. So, I picked up a side job selling Avon and Mark. (both online and IRL) until I can get myself into another part time job. Yet SOME people seem to feel the need to have me justify my fucking actions. Why? Shouldnt my reason be enough? I am not the type of person to up and quit a job. I LIKED my job, but my health wasnt worth it. Simple.
Just A Feeling
with your street lamp for a soul i am just one of many insects in your light.i call on the dogs again, now nobody said you could go. and you wanted to watch me bend, well now im gonna put on a show.all things need an end, c'mon six feet below............ theres still six feet to go.
I Love My Bestfriends
True love and understanding births from friendship. Unconditional love and ultimate understanding begins with your heart. Knowing who each other is, and not only accepting them.. embracing them. Words can only go so far, actions are huge. acting jealous is pathetic and insecure, and unloving. Such immaturity should ebb into the epitome of darkness, never to return. If you can't help it, then leave the situation and let what is BE. Those who KNOW me understand where I am coming from. and know that I love you all so much more than you will ever know. each and everyone of you are so important to me. and I hate to see any of you in such pain. I am here for you. I may not always know what to say.. but Ill always be there.
If You Really
If you really love me you'll give and sponsore me on the Gumball3000 over in London.. Me and Lola Need 28,000$ thanx 2003g35
To All My New Friends
I just got a cherry blast guys i am sorry that i have not got a chance to show everybody luv but i will. Thanks for everthing guys ttyl plzzz dont forget to make me your fan i have pics cumming soon for all of my fans
A Family Of Hypocrites.
You know, I thought I could keep my mouth shut about this, but I can't. Surprise surprise. LOL. Anyway, here we go! My cousin and I got into a slight argument last Saturday. If she would have done as I asked, we wouldn't have. :D Anyway. I was supposed to go to a Mardi Gras ball that night, and we had previously talked about her doing my hair. Well, Saturday, I decided that I didn't want to be all fancy, just nice and presentable. I wasn't going there to impress anyone. Anyway. she called me and asked me if I wanted to get my hair done. I told her no, I don't feel good, leave me alone. Did she listen? Nope. Sure didn't. She decided to come over and try to convince me to do this. I continued to tell her to leave me alone and go away. She would have none of this. At this point. A NORMAL human would have realized that I was serious and would have left. Noooo. I even removed myself from the situation, and she still persisted. So...I told you that to tell you this. She isn't speaking to me
You Have A Smile....
You have a smile that lights the world, Shining from within, Breaking out between the clouds That form the skin of self. Lucky we, to live nearby That unpretentious sun, To share its fire, to feel its love, To know its warmth so well. Just as the sun's sweet liquid joy Is captured in the wine, So with us your happiness Is captured in our lives. Written by: Born N Raised
True Love
Anyone know when Alexisonfire is doing any shows? i would fuckin die to see them i would drive forever hehe ^_^
New Mouse Trap
Hello my lovely Cherry Friends If you shout at me through my shoutbox and I don't respond..I'm not ignoring you...I sometimes gets swamped with shouts and I just can't respond... please... leave me messages instead. I promise to get back to you with in a day or so. I just started a new job.. so I'm not gonna be on here as much... but I still want to make new friends..and chat... so leave me messages... :D xoxoxox Glenna
Bring Em Home
OK folks here's the deal - we went to Iraq to get rid of Saddam and his weapons of Mass Destruction. That has been done, so....why are we still there? I'll tell you - big business in rebuilding the country. Look at all the lucrative contracts to rebuild what we destroyed. That's another matter to be discussed. Why do we rebuild? Did anyone else ever go to war with a country, win and then rebuild the country? The answer is no and we shouldn't either. If the Iraqis want their country rebuilt, they should pay for it, not us. The main reason I say support our troops is (and it may sound selfish) I spent 20 years defending this great country in the US Air Force. I was in the first Gulf War and it wasn't pretty. I traveled extensively and saw a lot of beautiful things. Always ready to do what had to be done when the time came. And...I have a son over there now and don't think we should be there anymore. The job is done.
Ok, It Appears I Promised This.
Well, I seem to have, while in a drunken state last night, made a promise to tell a little about myself. I'm not quite sure what I had in mind, but I'll do my best to stick to my word. So, yesterday I turned 24. If you're one of those math whizzes, you might be able to figure out that I was born on a Sunday. In fact, it was SuperBowl Sunday. Good ol' XVII. Redskins v. Dolphins. I was born during the halftime. For some inexplicable reason, the doctor was "very busy" until then. Boring stuff. I guess the interesting stuff is more along the lines of what I have done with my life. I got hitched at 18. No regrets either. I joined the Army after September 11th. Maybe a few regrets on that one, but I wouldn't take anything back. The hard times came with some hard lessons. I worked with radios, and necissity being what it is, I learned how to fix them as well. I got to be pretty good at it too. When I left, I decided I would try to steer clear of guns and being a political puppet. So, I to
Hmm.. Another Survey
1. Would you make a fool out of yourself in public if it meant you were making your partner laugh? most definitly 2. Would you prefer the lights on or off during sex? never have with the lights on, so i dunno.. 3. Do you judge people solely by their musical preferences? no 4. If you could 'take back' your virginity from your first partner, would you? yes 5. Would you ever start a relationship with someone who was still living with an ex for financial reasons? yes, as long as they stay exes then i will trust and respect that... 6. Do you need to know everything about someone's past? no but it's nice if they talk 7. It is more worthwhile and satisfying to improve the world or appreciate the world? appreciate it 8. Do you feel you have a purpose or calling in life? i dunno 9. Do you believe that dreams can be messages from a "higher level"? not really 10. Would you rather have a great friend you could share everything with or a great lover you can't re
I Need Poon
please help me
Ends 2night @ 10 Pm Central Time
Two Prostitutes Were Riding Around Town
Two prostitutes were riding around town with a sign on the roof of their car which read, "TWO PROSTITUTES... $150.00." A policeman noticed the car, and quickly pulled them over. He approached the ladies and told them they'd have to remove the sign. Otherwise, they'd be arrested and taken to jail. Just then, another car passed by with a sign which read, "JESUS SAVES." The two ladies asked the policeman why he let the other car drive by without pulling them over. "Well, that's a little different since it pertains to religion." The two ladies were furious, but nonetheless they removed the sign and drove away. The next day, the same policeman noticed the same two ladies riding around town with a sign on the roof of their car. He figured he had an easy bust, so he pulled them over once again. As he approached the car, though, he noticed a new sign which now read, "TWO ANGELS SEEKING PETER... $150.00."
Pure Sexiness !!!! Holla
Ok... Another Blast!
This sure can be addicting to post the cherry blasts. I just posted another one for 7 days so we will see how this one will work out. Will be continuing to work on my ebook and finish chapter three. I have been busy with work and being involved in a fundraising activity that I hardly have time to be on CT. Perhaps this coming week I will be able to spend more time.
I Am Left
I Am Left: Upon Hearing Today Another Friend Has Passed Away _____________ A frozen wildflower blooms outside of Juneau And I am born anew as its petals spread Eternally for her namesake. Knowing there is no single dream that Is overlooked. Not this flower, who but an hour bloomed, And caged within it’s tomb It frees itself Toward the sun. The passage of time knows its own. A frozen flower blooms outside of Juneau. And now a desert rose has entered That tomb Outside of time. Reunited, they wait for me. A frozen wildflower, and a desert rose Pray for me. O blissful rest, for blooms that forget. And I'm the weed who's left, to remember. January 31. 2007/SLN
Update On Prior Blog
well just got off the phone with him. yep he's cheating on me with the 22 yr old named Ashley or if you go look for Derrick "Doople" Castleberry, she is under his family with the name "southern girls ride.." whatever it is, but it has a pic of her tryin to show her chest of. if that doesnt say S*** i dont know what does. anyways. But get this, she is MARRIED to a US Soldier, her BF is a Soldier, and guess what my husband is, yep a soldier
Hi Everyone
I havent been on in a couple days.could all please tell me if i havent rated your pics or profiles or fanned u yet.and if you could please do the same for me
She Is Home
for everyone that wanted to know..Badgirl came home today from hospital.. She is very slow and very much in pain.. but it is good to have her home.. Baby John will be there for a couple more weeks.. but dr's say he is doing very good
I Am Not Dead
If anyone cares. I have 4 kids with confirmed Influenza(we had the flu test) Its starting to hit me. My son seems to be developing pneumonia so I have been busy with my kids and my school work. Since I had a whopping 4 comments today I assume noone noticed I haven't been around. Anyhow Anyone new I added I will get to rating ur pics asap. Now Imma put my jammies on and go watch American Idol then if I am lucky I may get an hour of sleep before I inevitably have to take Trevor to the er. xoxox
Best Morph Contest
Please help me in the Best Morph contest by Wildcat.
Serious Question
All right guys, I know I haven't done a blog in a while and this one is gonna be kinda long so be warned LOL. All jokes aside though, this is on a serious subject that sparked up a pretty good debate in one of my groups I am in. OK to start off I'm gonna post a link to an article that sparked off what I'm gonna discuss today You might have to cut and paste the link it for it to show up but here it is for those of you that can't get it: DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. -- There is a cardboard box in Genarlow Wilson's old bedroom. The Bernstein Firm Despite lacking size, overachieving Genarlow Wilson was being recruited by several college football programs. It rests on the floor of his empty closet, near the deflated football and basketball. It's filled with things he needed in his old life. Mostly, it's overflowing with recruiting letters, from schools big and small. A "Good luck on the
Mumm's The Word
Hey, I posted my first mumm a few hours ago. Take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks!
What Are You?
**DRAMA QUEEN** [] Ever been in a play? [] Seen More than 10 Broadway shows? [x] Have you ever been/Are you in school shows? [] Does your current job involve theater in some way? [] Want to end up working in/for theater [x] Can you recite all of the lyrics to your favorite play/musical? [x] Do you break out into random songs [x] The Phantom of the Opera = Amazing! Total: 4 --REDNECK-- [] Have you driven a four-wheeler? [] Do you love to ride four-wheelers? [x] Do you like to get dirty in mud? [x] Do you like country music? [] Do you have a broken car in your backyard? [] Do you own a cowboy/girl hat? []Do you live/own on more then 1 acres? []Do you mudbog on your free time? [x]Do you like mud? Total: 3 -GOTH-- [] Do you wear black eyeliner? [x] Is most of your clothing dark? [] Do you think about death? [] Do you want to die? [] Are you a social outcast? [] Are you pale? (NO FAIR!!) [x] Do you like Hot Topic? [x] Do you enjoy Tim Burton movies? []
I haven't been me for a while now my voice is softer less sure of itself my heart is tired too lonely to find the balance between war and peace my feet are still unwilling to choose a direction in fear that the choice is not mine to make my eyes constantly search for the piece of me that is lost the piece that left too long ago I want to go home again.
Best Headlines Of 2006
THE YEAR'S BEST (actual) HEADLINES OF 2006: Crack Found on Governor's Daughter Imagine that! Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says No, really? Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers Now that's taking things a bit far! Is There a Ring of Debris around Uranus? Whaaat?? Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over What a guy! Miners Refuse to Work after Death No-good-for-nothing' lazy so-and-sos! Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant See if that works any better than a fair trial! War Dims Hope for Peace I can see where it might have that effect! If Strike Isn't Settled Quickly, It May Last Awhile You think?! Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures Who would have thought! Enfield ( London ) Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide They may be on to something! Red Tape Holds Up Ne
Hardly Home
Romantic Evening Or Not?
have you ever sat and wondered what a romantic evening might entail? i always pictured a romantic evening consisting of alot of activities by candle light. a romantic dinner, looking into eachothers eyes, a nice bath with rose pedals floating in the water a glass of wine, and some soft music. wrapped in a hot towel lead to the bed for a massage by u guessed it by candle light. i have thought about doing that, have never done it yet. i know it doesnt round very romantic, but hey romance is where u find it and with the person u wanna share it with. i have no idea why im even telling ya'll this. maybe me telling it, it will get it out of my head. maybe it will give someone an idea how to spark some renewed romance with their bf/gf. who knows.........
The Other Stall
This could happen to you. > >>> > >> > >>> > >> I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice from the other stall > >>> > >> saying: > >>> > >> "Hi, how are you?" > >>> > >> > >>> > >> I'm not the type to start a conversation in the restroom but I > >>> > >> don't > >>> > >> know what got into me, so I answered, somewhat embarrassed, > >>> > >> "Doin' just fine!" > >>> > >> > >>> > >> And the other person says: > >>> > >> "So what are you up to?" > >>> > >> > >>> > >> What kind of question is that? At that point, I'm thinking this is > >>> > >> too > >>> > >> bizarre so I say: > >>> > >> "Uhhh, I'm like you, just traveling!" > >>> > >> > >>> > >> > >>> > >> At this point I am just trying to get out as fast as I can when I > >>> > >> hear > >>> > >> another question. > >>> > >> "Can I come over?" > >>> > >> > >>> > >> Ok, this question is just too weird for me but I figured I could > >>> > >> just > >>> > >> be polite and end the conversation. I
We All Know Or Knew Someone Like This!!
We all know or knew someone like this!! One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school. His name was Kyle. It looked like he was carrying all of his books. I thought to myself, "Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday? He must really be a nerd." I had quite a weekend planned (parties and a football game with my friends tomorrow afternoon), so I shrugged my shoulders and went on. As I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids running toward him. They ran at him, knocking all his books out of his arms and tripping him so he landed in the dirt. His glasses went flying, and I saw them land in the grass about ten feet from him. He looked up and I saw this terrible sadness in his eyes. My heart went out to him. So, I jogged over to him as he crawled around looking for his glasses, and I saw a tear in his eye. As I handed him his glasses, I said, "Those guys are jerks." They really should get lives." He looked at me and
Stuff I Needed To Do Today...
Learn Laugh Love Think I got those covered.... Now if someone will do the laundry I will have all the L stuff done for today.
Writing And Poetry
The wind whispered through me, like fingers Tracing silently across still waters, Etching abstractly, designs of both fractions. Within the same contemporary chorus, love And hate reside on the same staff--- Where thier songs are so opposing that the Harmony blends fluidly. Two sounds contrast yet compliment, Like the wind---silently composing for Orchestras of leaves And the rain's--violent pounding choir. Yet thier harmonies compelled even the Amateur Strauss, Bach and Handel, Who find solace and insperation between Bars of contrasting color. Where the music tells a lively story, Vividly intricate. And momentarily the wind is pale and Soothing, to exchange with the vibant and Angry tale of the tormented wind. Each has it's own tale of woe and pain to Augment, But between rests, clearly is heard the Beauty of the tragic Messiah Where lain to rest by peals of thunder and Whips of lightening, Ends the sounds of the wind and rain in An Epiphany of Silence
This Shit Is Fucking Hilarious! Lol I Needed A Laugh Today Thanks Lc Man!
Click here for this guy lol I posted this response based on a blog this joke posted regarding some girl who's a 'faker' on this site and obviously duped this poor guy into believing some lies whatever blah blah blah. Click here for the blog This is what I wrote to LC Man's Blog: I'm sorry to say this but this is the downfall of people who trust others so easily on the internet. I feel sorry for this woman for the simple fact that she feels the need to lie about who she really is and what she really looks like. We are all not perfect, hell I know I'm not but despite that, I am very proud of who and what I am. As for you sir, although your actions are noble, posting a blog about such nonsense unfortunately brings you down to her level. Ignorance is bliss, you know she's fake? Block and remove her from contacting you. Online relationships are a complete waste of time especially when it is so difficult to trust people who are so far away. So many people on here lead t
Sub-iraqi Homesick Blues Video- Take Off Of Bob Dylan On Bush
Metaphysical Forecast For Jan.31st-feb.6th Group Consiousness
Group Consciousness Welcome to another week of self-exploration and universal understanding. You start your week forecast of major transit on the Wednesday 31st when Mercury, the planet of communication at 28º Aquarius will sextile Pluto, the planet of regeneration and soul evolution at 28º Sagittarius. This transit will arouse your love of mysteries. You have a need to penetrate below the surface layer of reality today, which will reveal the deeper purpose behind your friends motive too share and communicate with you. Today you have a desire to know the soul truth behind all that is said. Your thoughts will be deep and penetrating, and you will be willing and able to ask searching questions for the truth. Today you are above deception and you will investigate any attempt of distorting the truth. The Full Moon is Thursday at 9:45 pm pst. This is When the feminine and receptive Moon at 13º Leo will be in opposition to the masculine and enlightening Sun at 13º Aquarius. This month’s Fu
I Need More Friends
hey whats up all im jenny and i need more friends in my area so just hit me up
Now I'm The One Who's Afraid.
I fear that, in order for them to be okay, I'll have to step out of the I'm the one who's afraid of losing him. God, I hate this. Oh well, all I can do is prepare myself for the worst, and hope for the best...yeah, right. InDee
Iced Road Bumper Cars In Portland Or!!
You just have to check this out..... Click here for ICE ROAD BUMPER CAR video...and laughs!! And, they laugh at us Texans!! Ha!!
Help Me Out
This Only Happens In Canada
....this is dedicated to my friend "Tree" A woman called a local hospital. " Could you connect me to the person who gives information about patients. I'd like to find out if a patient is getting better." The voice on the other end said, "What is the patient's name and room number. "Sarah Finkel, room 302" "I'll connect you with the nursing station." "3-A Nursing Station. How can I help You." "I'd like to know the condition of Sarah Finkel in room 302" "Just a moment. Let me look at her records. " Mrs. Finkel is doing very well. In fact, she's had two full meals," "She is to be taken off the heart monitor in a couple of hours and if she continues this improvement, Dr. Cohen is going to send her home Tuesday at noon." The woman said, "What a relief! Oh, that's fantastic...that's wonderful news. The nurse said, "From your enthusiasm, I take it you are a close family member or a very close? friend!" "Neither! I'm Sarah Finkel in 302! Nobody here tells me sh
I Gotta Get This Off My Chest
I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to write because I have to get this off my chest and out of my head. As most of you know, I am divorcing. You can only give someone so many chances, and try and work things out so many times for the kid(s) before you have to just say okay, its NOT going to work, and all “we” are doing is hurting the kids. Although we are divorcing he still feels the need to lie. And if you truly know me, you know how I feel about being lied to. In the past 3 and a half years, I have dealt with verbal, emotional, and physical abuse, before, during, and after my pregnancy. I have been drugged. And he has tried to kill me. Sounds like an ass right? But part of me for the longest time (not anymore) believe that he would change and grow up, doing what he needed to do for his family. Boy was I wrong. Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you I was a prefect angel because I wasn’t. I had my moments that instead of walking away during arguments, I stayed there and kept
I lay here in my bed at night, and think of you as i look into the moonlight. at first i thought you were the guy of my dreams. turns out you were nothing like it seemed. i thought you were my one true love. i swore you were sent from above, but once again i was wrong. your love for me was imagined all along. you put me through so much pain. you cause me to go emotionally insane. but now that you are a part of my past... i can go back to living at last.
It's Not Even Mercury Retrograde Yet...
so i need to vent a little about how frusterating it is trying to get people to make sense when they're talking about commissioning me to do work. someone passed on a message to me that someone was looking to have a pencil portrait done, and would pay like 50$-100$ a week until it's completed. I'm thinking, hell i'm perfect cuz it means working from a photograph and i personally find that rather easy. also, i work quickly so if they're willing to pay that price, they will probably be happy that its not going to take me even a week to get this done. however, at this point i wish i was charging him for wasting so much time not answering my questions. he says he wants this to be 30x20. the photo im working from is actually longer lengthwise, so i've been trying to get him to tell me for certain which is length and which is width. he keeps asking me over and over about my prices (which i responded to) and he keeps repeating the "30X20" part as well as saying "i want it to
Just Rambling.....
The last few days I think I have started to get some things straightened out in my head.. not feeling so lost and confused. Give me a couple days.. I'll be right back there Seriously though, its nice to feel like I have a good grip on reality again. Pluto has been such a good dog since I got his antibark collar out again. :) David called already tonight.. actually called before I was able to stopworking for the ray. Wanted to play a computer game withme. He is such a good kid. I can't believe howmuch he has grown up... that he is 11 already. He will be taller than me I am sure. he is already about 5'3".. and I am 6'1". Sometimes I worry that I am not a good Dad because I am not there every day. But I try. I guess the reason he gets up so early when he is here is because we have such little time togethr. Sat he was up at 4:30 in the morning. I have a few friends on here that have cancer and that saddens me greatly. Both my parents have had cancer, with
Top Of The Morning To You -- Just A Little Irish Humor For The Day...
(sent to me via email) ************************************************* Paddy was driving down the street in a sweat because he had an important meeting and couldn't find a parking place. Looking up to heaven he said, "Lord take pity on me. If you find me a parking place I will go to Mass every Sunday for the rest of me life and give up me Irish Whiskey!" Miraculously, a parking place appeared. Paddy looked up again and said, "Never mind, I found one." ************************************************ Father Murphy walks into a pub in Donegal, and says to the first man he meets, "Do you want to go to heaven?" The man said, "I do, Father." The priest said, "Then stand over there against the wall." Then the priest asked the second man, "Do you want to go to heaven?" "Certainly, Father," was the man's reply. "Then stand over there against the wall," said the priest. Then Father Murphy walked up to O'Toole and said, "Do you want to

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