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Killswitch Engage - My Last Serenad
This revelation is the death of ignorance Tangled in a state of suffocation Slave to self righteousness Damnation is on your lips From sorrow to serenity, the truth is absolution From sorrow to serenity, it's on your head This is my last serenade I feel you as you fall away This is my last serenade From yourself you can't run away It's your choice, point the finger But it's on your head Your destination is a choice within yourself Will you rise or become a slave To self righteousness Open up your heart and gaze within
if you dont see you under my friends list check my family list its very possible i moved you. if you dont see me at all youve been either deleted or not added.
Acts 2:21
and it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be saved
Never Lie To Mom
Brian invited his mother over for dinner. During the course of the meal, Brian's mother couldn't help but keep noticing how beautiful Brian's roommate, Stephanie, was. Brian's Mom had long been suspicious of a relationship between Brian and Stephanie, and this had only made her more curious. Over the course of the evening, while watching the two react, she started to wonder if there was more between Brian and Stephanie than met the eye. Reading his mom's thoughts, Brian volunteered, "I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you Stephanie and I are just roommates." About a week later, Stephanie came to Brian saying, "Ever since your mother came to dinner, I've been unable to find the beautiful silver gravy ladle. You don't suppose she took it, do you?" Brian said, "Well, I doubt it, but I'll send her an e-mail just to be sure". So he sat down and wrote: "Dear Mom: I'm not saying that you "did" take the gravy ladle from the house; I'm not saying that you "did not" tak
How Are You?
how are you?
Hmmm, i can type, i can message, i can even add comments..but aint getting any to reply to so bugga this crap...might be back after the new year...dont hold ya breath OK!!
Stop This is not me I am not here If I keep telling myself that maybe I’ll reappear. I’m not the type of girl who does what I’ve just done I know I’m not alone but I feel like the only one There have to be others just like me Who yell at themselves when no one can see Stop halt put and end to this Freeze quit cease and desist. I plead myself not to persist Conceal the deal with an empty kiss Break away from this ball and chain Stop wearing it like a stain I can’t move on when I’m falling down This princess has broken her crown Tumbled and tattered I’ve become a scattered Put an end to this. I went out for a drink To clear the cobwebs and think I saw a friend at the end of the bar He said I looked like a walking scar Asked if he wanted to see the battle wounds They won’t be healing anytime soon He said I sounded fragile and disturbed He kept talking but I couldn’t hear his words All I could see was memories past How I said back then this would be the
Let It Work !
Today I think me and my ex are finally starting to work things out so that I can see my son Jeremiah. I can only pray to God that she keeps her words that she told me today because she is hard to trust now, but I am going to have faith in her and and give her that trust back though it will be so hard to do so! I really aint going into great detail about the situation because it really isnt no one elses business but mine,hers and my son Jeremiah , but I do want to express myself and whats going on so I choose here to do it! I love you Baby Jeremiah and daddy prays for you !
Hope 2 B Back Soon....
Hey ya'll... Just thought I'd let ya know that I wont be online for awhile other than to check my emails cuz I am having problems with my internet server right now... Make sure u come by my page and leave some luvin... I'll get ya back when I am able to... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ya
Last nights dream: It started with Tony and I walking around this house with a realtor. It was a little house, and very run down. There was a main floor and an upstairs, hardly any walls. Nothing was finished, the floors were plywood and the walls were bare drywall. Upstairs there was a big main area and a small room that you had to jump across an opening to get to, and another room you couldn’t use, because the floor was rotting and you would obviously fall thru. There were tons of windows, like a ridiculous amount. The realtor was telling us of the homes history, how a family died there and it was haunted. I had creepy feelings and kept hearing things like random footsteps behind me and the front door closing. I hated this house. Tony decided he loved it and bought it right there. I was horrified. The realtor left us with our new home, and Tony had to leave for work. So there I was, alone in this weird creep haunted house just thinking to myself, “How am I going to live the rest o
I Got Bored An Took A Test Figured I Would Share
You Are 24% Pure Pure? Sure, you're about as pure as yellow snow. You're a downright devil. But you're also a pretty delightful one! The 100 Question Purity Test
2007 Nfl
Mainly For The Fubar Women Of The World!
WOMAN'S PERFECT BREAKFAST She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box. Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week. Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl. And her husband is on the back of the milk carton. Keep reading-they get better!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WOMEN'S REVENGE "Cash, check or charge?" I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase. As she fumbled for her wallet, I noticed a remote control for a television set in her purse. "So, do you always carry your TV remote?" I asked. "No," she replied, "but my husband refused to come shopping with me, and I figured this was the most evil thing I could do to him legally." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNDERSTANDING WOMEN (A MAN'S PERSPECTIVE) I know I'm not going to understand wome
Crazy Bitch - Buck Cherry
Alright! Break me down, you got a lovely face, we're going to your place, now you got to freak me out Scream so loud, getting fucking laid you want me to stay but I got to make my way Hey! You're a crazy bitch but you fuck so good I'm on top of it When I dream I'm doing you all night scratches all down my back to keep me right on Take it off, the paper is your game jump in bed with fame another one night paid in full You're so fine, It won't be a loss cashing in the rocks just to get you face to face [Chorus:] Get the video, fuck you so good [Chorus] Baby girl you want it all, to be a star you'll have to go down Take it off no need to talk you're crazy but I like the way you fuck me [Chorus]
It Could Happen Again
It Could Happen Again Words and Music by Collin Raye (One frozen night in nineteen fourteen, at the height of World War 1, the unthinkable happen. All along the entire western front, the British and German forces laid down their weapons in an unofficial cease-fire to celebrate Christmas Eve together. They exchange gifts, and saw each other as brothers and that peace lasted for two more days until they were ordered back to battle. In those two days though, men remembered the reason for Christmas amongst the devastation and it's a story that should never be forgotten) Through the smoke field night silence rose from both sides across a bloody battle field it was a cold Christmas Eve in 1914 for those who were there it seemed unreal, as time was still the sprit moved the soldiers to lay down their arms raise their voice in song and pretend for a while the war was over (chorus) If it could happen then it could happen again a world torn apart to join hands and heart to celebrate his
Through Out The Coming Years
Through out the coming years I don’t know if you believe in Christmas or if you have presents underneath the Christmas tree but if you believe in love that will be more than enough for you to come and celebrate with me For I have found the greatest gift of laughter even know I never saw a Christmas star I know there is a light I felt it burn inside and I have seen it shinning from a far Christmas is the time to come together a time to put all differences aside I reach out my hand to the family of friends to share the joy I feel at Christmas time For the truth that binds us all together I would like to say a simple prayer that at this special time you will have true peace of mind and love to last through out the coming years And if you believe in love that will be more than enough for peace on earth to last through out the coming years and peace on earth will last through out the coming years
Donner Pass
Well just made my first trip thru Donner Pass. Actually had to wait over 12 hours before I was able to go thru. There was a big storm that dropped around 6 to 12 inches of snow on the area above 4500 feet. I drove thru and was juat amazed how beautiful it is up there. The drive down the other side was fun. Going about 55 to 60 mph with a full jake brake on and still having to hit the brakes to keep my speed down. Can't wait for my next time thru, maybe I can get some pix with my phone to share. Well spending the night in Ripon California, then going to Rancho Cucamonga tomorrow. Trying to get a load to run thru Pheonix to see my grandma, who just had a heart attack a couple of nights ago. Thats about all for now, be safe out that and come back to hear more about where I am and where I am going. Peace and love AD68
wildatheart@ fubar she is the best friend i have never had she is awesome add rate fan message her
Bloodninja Baby!
bloodninja: Baby, I been havin a tough night so treat me nice aight? BritneySpears14: Aight. bloodninja: Slip out of those pants baby, yeah. BritneySpears14: I slip out of my pants, just for you, bloodninja. bloodninja: Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat. BritneySpears14: Oh, I like to play dress up. bloodninja: Me too baby. BritneySpears14: I kiss you softly on your chest. bloodninja: I cast Lvl. 3 Eroticism. You turn into a real beautiful woman. BritneySpears14: Hey... bloodninja: I meditate to regain my mana, before casting Lvl. 8 C0ck of the Infinite. BritneySpears14: Funny I still don't see it. bloodninja: I spend my mana reserves to cast Mighty F*ck of the Beyondness. BritneySpears14: You are the worst cyber partner ever. This is ridiculous. bloodninja: Don't f*ck with me b!tch, I'm the mightiest sorcerer of the lands. bloodninja: I steal yo soul and cast Lightning Lvl. 1,000,000 Your body explodes into a fine bloody mist, because
Dragon Momma
Soaring Hidden Souls. Travel light, heavy burden burns the chest. Casting angerely among those who burn. Fly high into the phlight of nothingness skys. Peer down to those who burn much more. babes crying in fit of hunger, momma holding in tiresome tightness. So tired...... momma looses her beauty, traveling has not been light, heavy burdens killing ever so slowly. Momma would'nt need clouds to cry rain, only if she knew how to cry. written by merri
Today's Horoscope -- So True!
Daily Horoscope: Leo For December 9,2007 You have little patience for small minds today and anyone who is consumed with pettiness will feel at least a little disdain coming from your direction. Try to spread it around, though!
Merry X-mas Golferchick
imikimi - Customize Your World
Regret City
Regret City I had not really planned on taking a trip this time of year, and yet I found myself packing rather hurriedly. This trip was going to be unpleasant and I knew in advance that no real good would come of it. This is my annual "Guilt Trip." I got tickets to fly there on "WISH-I-HAD" airlines. It was an extremely short flight. I got my "baggage," which I could not check. I chose to carry it myself all the way. It was loaded down with a thousand memories of "what might have been." No one greeted me as I entered the terminal to the Regret City International Airport. I say international because people from all over the world come to this dismal town. As I checked into the "Last Resort" Hotel, I noticed that they would be hosting the year's most important event -- the annual "Pity Party." I wasn't going to miss that great social occasion. Many of the towns leading citizens would be there. First, there would be the "Done" family; you know, "Should Have," "Would Have" and
Letter From Satan
Letter from Satan: I saw you yesterday as you began your daily chores. You awoke without kneeling to pray. As a matter of fact, you didn't even bless your meals, or pray before going to bed last night. You are so unthankful. I like that about you. I cannot tell you how glad I am that you have not changed your way of living. Fool! You are mine. Remember, you and I have been going steady for years, and I still don't love you yet. As a matter of fact, I hate you, because I hate God. I am only using you to get even with God. He kicked me out of heaven, and I'm going to use you as long as possible to pay him back. You see, Fool, GOD LOVES YOU and HE has great plans in store for you. But you have yielded your life to me and I'm going to make your life a living hell. That way we'll be together twice. THIS WILL REALLY HURT GOD! Thanks to you. I'm really showing Him who's boss in your life. With all of the good times we've had..... We have been watching dirty mov
Dandelions! No matter how carefully I try to pull on up, I never get the whole thing. The root stays deep in the ground, threatening to grow up and blossom again. But despite their bad reputation, dandelions are pretty little flowers with their yellow strands all tucked neatly into the center. And truly they are the most beautiful of all flowers when presented clutched in a child's dirty little hand. No one gets yelled at for picking them. Perhaps they grow only to be used and enjoyed by children. Dandelions are ignored or attacked, never nurtured or cared for, yet they always bloom profusely. They demand no pampering or special attention to yield their brightest blossoms; they pop up in fields, in lawns and between cracks in sidewalks, even in the best neighborhoods. Can you imagine trying to grow them in a garden? They'd sneak through the boundaries and pop their sunny yellow faces up in the surrounding lawn. They would never stay put! Christians should be more lik
Steven Wright Quotes.... Ha Ha
If you're not familiar with the work of Steven Wright, he's the famous scientist who once said, 'I woke up one morning and all of my stuff had been stolen...and replaced by exact duplicates.' His mind sees things differently than we do, to our amazement and amusement. Here are some more of his gems: 1- I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize. 2- Borrow money from pessimists, they don't expect it back. 3- Half the people you know are below average. 4- 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name. 5- 42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot. 6- A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good. 7- A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory. 8- If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. 9- All those who believe in psycho-kinesis, raise my hand. 10- The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. 11- I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met. 12- OK, so what's the spee
Teaching Math...
1. Teaching Math In 1950 A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit? 2. Teaching Math in 1960 A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price, or $80. What is his profit? 3. Teaching Math In 1970 A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is $80. Did he make a profit? 4. Teaching Math In 1980 A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is $80 and his profit is $20. Your assignment: Underline the number 20. 5. Teaching Math In 1990 A logger cuts down a beautiful forest because he is selfish and inconsiderate and cares nothing for the habitat of animals or the preservation of our woodlands. He does this so he can make a profit of $20. What do you think of this way of making a living? Topic for class participation after answering the question: How did the birds
Fill In The Blanks
FILL IN THE BLANKS PLEASE..... I am _______________. When it rains I like to _____________. I think _____________is silly. My favorite flavor of icecream is _________. I think _________ should be _________. Mondays are _____________. Time is ______________for __________. Can you __________ me? How about this ___________? I like to ____________as much as possible. Today, I think I will __________. My sweetie is really good at ____________. I feel ___________. At the movies, _____________annoys me. At home, I love _____________. I feel most comfortable in ___________. My favorite super hero is __________. I want to be ___________when I grow up. When I die, I want ____________ sang at my funeral. The first chance I get I will ___________. _____________gets really irritated when I _____________! I really ________these kind of blogs.
The Adult Scene
THEADULTSCENE is a new social network site. And with your help we can be the best site around. Myspace without the restrictions.Join Theadultscene!
Musica Nocturna: M4ch1n35p34k V2.0 Playlist 12/09/07
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Unleashed (Mindless Mix) DIVERJE - Smell The Blood DVATION - Believe In INURE - Subversive (Corrupted Re-Edit) TAU FACTOR - Serotonin FUNKER VOGT - Paralysed (AE5 Remix) XENTRIFUGE - Entombed SCHATTENSCHLAG - Sentenced to Death ANDRACULOID - Lifeless Eyes (Bloodshot Version) DAWN OF ASHES - Torture Device WINTER SOUL - Reactor ASLAN FACTION - Hell On Earth (Retrosic Mix) TERRORFAKT - Criminal Intent BLUDSTON - Machina MANUFACTURA - Killing You SHNARPH! - Ausgebrannt PROCESS OF ELIMINATION - End Of Line (Boxcutter Mix) GOD MODULE - Brains FRACTURED - All That's Left SOMAN - Fly XOTOX - Eisenkiller STAHLFREQUENZ - Black Horizon COMBICHRIST - What the Fuck is Wrong with You? :WUMPSCUT: - Jesus Antichristus (Feindflug Remix) KOMBAT UNIT - We Are Machines REAXION GUERRILLA - Sarifice (Remixed by x-Fusion) CARNIVORA - Motivation for the Unseen Things DERMA-TEK - Existential ADAM X - Chaos & Mayhem (Sonar Remix) THIS MORN' OMINA - (The) Ninth
Are You In Love?
Are you in love? According to our experts, you are : Totally In Love You are totally, madly and deeply in love. You have found your life partner so hang on and never let go. Are you in love? Find out at
Led Zeppelin - Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert To Be Filmed For Dvd Release
Through and BW&BK has learned that, "for the millions of people who want to go to the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert today (December 10th) but aren't able to - the event will be recorded for a DVD release. The show, which pays tribute to the Atlantic Records co-founder will feature performances from FOREIGNER, Paul Rodgers, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts and, most notably, a reunited LED ZEPPELIN. There's no word on when the DVD will hit shelves." As previously reported, recently issued the following report: Led Zeppelin have explained that they are planning to perform for two hours at their reunion show at London's O2 Arena on December 10th. Guitarist Jimmy Page revealed that when the band were first contacted about playing a reunion show, they were asked to play for 40 minutes, but the band thought this was too short. "When we were first asked to do this [reunion show], we were asked to play a 40-minute set. We soon realised we couldn't," he
Report: Led Zeppelin's Backstage Rider: Tea, Coffee And An Ironing Board!
The following report is courtesy of Fans begin long wait for show as LED ZEPPELIN's mild men of rock ask for tea - and an ironing board Led Zeppelin fans braved high winds and heavy rain as they camped out for tonight's comeback concert - even though they already had tickets. Some even started queuing three days before the gig at the O2. But as they said, it was a small price to pay when you have been waiting a quarter of a century. David Beesmer, 42, a businessman from New York who spent more than £3,500 on his ticket and trip, said: “We turned up on Saturday, but we were told to come back the next day as we would still be at the front of the queue. I didn't want to take any risks. “This is the performance of a lifetime. Who knows if they will ever perform together again? They are my favourite all-time band and I wouldn't miss this for the world." Most early queuers were from America and Canada with just one British couple, Paul and Pip Wadswor
Hot and Cold Sex After his exam the doctor said to the elderly man: "You appear to be in good health. Do you have any medical concerns you would like to ask me about?" "In fact, I do," said the old man. After I have sex I am usually cold and chilly, and then, after I have sex with her the second time, I am usually hot and sweaty." After examining his elderly wife, the doctor said: "Everything appears to be fine. Do you have any medical concerns that you would like to discuss with me?" The lady replied that she had no questions or concerns. The doctor then said to her: "Your husband had an unusual concern. He claims that he is usually cold and chilly after having sex with you the first time, and then hot and sweaty after the second time. Do you know why?" "Oh that crazy old fart," she replied. "That's because the first time is usually in January and the second time is in August.
Cya... messages, no comments, no Fubar for me...thanks peeps but no outta here in 24 hours....would it make a difference if i joined the countless amounts of whores and dirty sluts on here and do what they not a prude or nothing but to whore yourself to practically half the world...and most of them you dont really a lack of self respect to yourself and to other women. Oh and to the girls here who r like that...WHY DONT YOU TRY SIGNING UP ON SMUTVIBES.COM
The Hotel Meeting
I sit at the bar of the hotel, positioned so as to have a clear view of the entrance lobby, toying nervously with a glass of untouched champagne, unable to pull my eyes away from the reception desk and front door beyond. My lips tremble, silver flashes appearing in my deep blue eyes as my mind conjures up the image of the beauty I await, my body aching for your touch. I breath deeply as I anticipate inhaling your sweet aroma and my mouth moistens, my lips pursing as I long for the moment when I can explore your tender body with my tongue. My heart skips a beat as there, framed in the doorway, stands your delectable frame , beads of sweat glistening on your body from the hot summer sun causing the light of the hall to dance across your delectable face. Lost in the moment I sit and watch, a warm smile on my face, as this wonderful image of perfection desperately scans the entrance hall for me. Then, in a moment, our eyes lock, both frozen, motionless as we gaze deeply into each others ey
Hell Hath No Torture Like A Dame You Used To See Naked And Don’t Anymore
Fair warning, this is a self-absorbed post. But hey, a blog is a stage and sometimes it's all about me. Just try not to mistake it for publicly stroking my own ego. My numerous and neurotic personalities do a more than adequate job of that already (just a little something I like to call self-actualization). Over the course of my years I've had the fortune to enjoy some women I considered out of my league. Our paths crossed during periods of coincidental turmoil. For whatever the reason, they found aloofness to be an irresistibly disarming quality. Sex was an explosive release of pent-up frustration, a temporary dose of coital sanity that fooled us into believing we were no longer lonely. We were using each other and admitted that it was so. I'm a reasonably intelligent, mature dude who is attracted to the same in a dame; I've never been able to do dumb. I've done some dumb things, no doubt, but never with dumb women. A non sequitur juxtaposition that may be, but it was b
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You Have Been Fucked!
YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKED! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> F.U.C.K Stands For: Friends U Can Keep. So promise me we'll F.U.C.K forever! Send this to 10 people & 1 back to me. To know who your true F.U.C.K .
How Much Would You Like To See?
Orgasm Coupon
Our lives are full of mistakes. we aren't perfect, but one thing i'll never regret is meeting you.
PLEASE do not heart take this joke to your heart. it is only a joke. why do mexicans steal cabbage patch kids from walmart? cuz they come with a birth certificates and a green card.
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Stay (Jennifer Nettles) I been sittin' here starin' At the clock on the wall And I been layin' here prayin' Prayin' she won't call It's just another call from home And you'll get it and be gone And I'll be cryin' And I'll be beggin' you, baby Beg you not to leave But I'll be left here waitin' With my heart on my sleeve Oh, for the next time we'll be here Seems like a million years And I think I'm dyin' What do I have to do to make you see She can't love you like me Why don't you stay I'm down on my knees I'm so tired of bein' lonely Don't I give you what you need When she calls you to go There is one thing you should know We don't have to live this way Baby, why don't you stay (yeah) You keep tellin' me, baby There will come a time When you will leave her arms And forever be in mine But I don't think that's the truth And I don't like bein' used And I'm tired 'a waitin' It's too much pain to have to bear To love a man you have to share Wh
Cougar Nearly Joins Sd Woman In Hot Tub
DEADWOOD, S.D. - A relaxing soak in a hot tub came to an abrupt end when Marlene Todd came eye to eye with a mountain lion in her backyard. I was kind of hidden, sitting with my back up against the side of the tub, and I heard a little rustling sound in the needles right beside me," she said. Todd said she thought it might have been her house cat until she saw "this big, tan, hairy body" just 4 inches away. "I didn't realize what it was until it took a leap and jumped up on the side of my hot tub," Todd said. The cougar was cornered somewhat because the deck stairs blocked its retreat. It would have to go up and over the hot tub. "It just took a leap. It jumped on the side of the hot tub," Todd said of the Thursday morning encounter. "We locked eyes, and it kicked off of the hot tub and ran away. When it jumped, it flipped my robe into the hot tub." She summoned Deadwood police, who surmised the big cat was stalking some deer in the neighborhood and may have been att
On Air Today - Tune Me In!!!
Hiya everyone!!I will be DJing TODAY!! 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM EST.My regular schedule as of right now will be every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 3:00PM EST to 6:00PM EST.  So I hope you get a chance to tune in!  If you want to request a song you can do so here: My Playlist Link Just click on the Request button, fill in your name and any message you want me to read on air :)I hope you come visit us!!
The Truth Pt. 1
By no means am I perfect. I know, with 100% certainty, that if I weren't me, I wouldn't like me either. Still, that doesn't mean I can't pick on other people.. FAT CHICKS: Tongue piercings don't make you cuter. You're still fat, and no more intriguing than the "down the blouse" shot you have on your profile page. UGLY CHICKS: At least the fat ones post ones of themselves. Don't post a picture of some hot babe just so we click on your name. When we see the *real* you, we'll try our best not to be mystified by the aforementioned photo and rate you a ten. COMPLAINERS: I know I'm in the minority when I withhold 10 ratings from someone who doesn't deserve them. Why have a rating system if everyone is a 10, anyhow? More than likely, you fit into one of the two previous categories and enjoy the attention you don't receive in normal life. Sorry, if you're a 3, you're a 3.
8 Years!!!!!!!!!!!
If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee (Hardly seems worth it. ;p If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb. (Now that's more like it!) The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet. (O.M.G.!) A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. (In my next life, I want to be a pig.) A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to death. (Creepy.) (I'm still not over the pig.) Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour. (Do not try this at home...... maybe at work.) The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male's head off. ("Honey, I'm home. What the....?!") The flea can jump 350 times its body length. It's lik
Another Poem By My Son Hunter
CHRISTMAS Hunter Christmas time is a time of joy, bringing cheer to every girl and boy. They look for happiness under the tree, never knowing what christmas means to thee. Coloful wrapping with expensive gifts under, but even though its great to them, it still makes us wonder. Is buying Christmas right?......some people thinks its wrong. But I know the truth, a time for giving and of song. So listen to me good, and listen to me well..the true meaning of Christmas is a time of giving thats the story I'm here to tell. Another poem I wanted to share from my youngest son Hunter(14yrs.old) Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays ~~~~~~~~~Leah~~~~~~~~~~~~
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The light falls on the parquet. From something audible beautiful chords of the piano. The invisible hands glide with keys creating the steps to the dancer. She dances, feet hardly brush smooth the floor which has worn out. The dance makes the life in her delicate body beat. She hopes that the music of steps, the melody of the life do not, she ceases. The rays of light blind, the steps lapse too fast from the path of notes. A country hook one falls in the discord, the dance broke too early a life, it ends.
Rascism -the Word Nigga
Started in england. For people the was slaves or foreign people that got off the boats. So it was use for white people that came to America that was slaves that work for there freedom . Also the word came from the work niggardly which means stingy person or ignorant person. This is what we call people today in America. Sad isn't it ? Though we fought for our rights On July 4 ? But we still tax people for the hell of it . No one to back it up . and alot of other shit as well . Thanks for my teacher sharring this information to me . For the last and final note . In England its the worst thing you can call some one there .
Bitchy Ass Peeps
one thing i come to notice is people on here will post blogs letting others know things about themselves . which is fine but when you come on here bein rude , and snobby , and full of urself you risk not being rated or makin friends . im actually a pretty kool gal but their are afew guys on here that need to get over themselves and look in the mirror . danm my hubbys dick is big too but he's not shallow . meaning stop being so danm full of urself . all these guys who think their shit dont stink , are sadly mistaken . and theirs one guy im actually talkin of but i wont say his name to save face on here . but trust me i wish i could!!!!! cause first tyhing he does is block ya so!!!! ohhhhh f****ing well.......ill live ither way! peace out!!!!!!!
Flirty Quotes
I don't have a library card...but can I check you out? I'm feeling a little off today, anyone want to turn me on? If you're cute, you can call me baby. If you're nice, you can call me sweetie. But if you're HOT, you can call me tonight. I'm here. Now what are your other two wishes? I'm doing an assignment for class, I have to find the best kisser in school, can I test you out? Do you know what would look good on you? Me. You should be on a cambell's commercial, cuz you are mm'mm good! These hatas be hatin me - but lovin my style And the guys go crazy - cuz they lovin my smile. My names not Elmo, but you can tickle me anyways. Man: You look like my third wife! Woman: How many times have you been married? Man: Twice. So what if my ass is like woah? Just like Lucky Charms... I'm magically delicious! Are you a ticket? Cuz you got fine written all over you. Sparkle and Shine. Cuz this girl is fine. This babygirl is gonna make you mine
Today On World Rock Radio
Click banner to enter lounge 10:00AM EST 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at krayzeecreeme Click banner to visit Cujo's MySpace page! 2:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at mystic_druid_777 Click banner to visit Mystic's MySpace page! 8:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at shotdaddy2004 Click banner to visit ShotDaddy's MySpace page! 10:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at docnasty2004 Click banner to visit DocNasty's MySpace page! 12:00AM EST (Midnight) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at sircru2004 Click banner to visit Cru's MySpace page! Click banner to visit the World Rock Radio logo store!
Apoplgies 3
Ugly Men 3
Hans vas a Norvegian vorking at the fish plant up Nort in Dulut vhen he accidently cut off all ten of his finkers. He vent to da emergency room in the clinik and vhen he got dar, da Norsky doctor looked at Hans and said " let's hafe da finkers and I'll see vhat I can do." Hans said, " I hafen't got da finkers." Vhat do you mean, you hafen't got da finkers?' he asked. "Lordy, it's 2007....!! Ve got microsurgery and all kinds of incredible techniques. I could hafe put dem back on and made you like new! vhy didn't you brink da finkers?" Hans responded: " how da fock vas I supposed to pick dem up?"
A Park In Korea . . .
Deleting My Account
Hi guys.. I just wanted to let everyone know im deleting my account on here.. if you dont have me on yahoo my ID is bama_keepin_it_real . yall have fun.. and it was great meeting all you new people :) hugs evie
My Mood Right Now
She Fucking Hates MeAdd to My Profile | More Videos
My Mom By Hunter
MY MOM....................By Hunter My Mom is filled with caring and joy, who in her 20's gave birth to 2 beautiful boys. She's loving and cheerful, hardworking too, Even though it's tough, I know we'll get through. She loves a good dance, she loves a good song, she writes poems to help her get along. She stand's by our side, through thick and thin, I know she'll stay with us, right to the end. So listen to me good , right now when I say, I love my mom with all my heart, because I know she'll never turn us away. Happy Holidays ~~~Leah~~~~
Totally 80s Playlist 12/12/07
DURAN DURAN - Hold Back The Rain (12" Re-Mix) THE POLICE - Synchronicity I INFORMATION SOCIETY - What's On Your Mind? (Pure Energy) SPOONS - Nova Heart BLUE PETER - Don't Walk Past TEARS FOR FEARS - Pale Shelter ABBA - The Visitors THE HUMAN LEAGUE - (Keep Feeling) Fascination HOWARD JONES - Everlasting Love GEORGE MICHAEL - Faith MODERN TALKING - Brother Louie NIK KERSHAW - Wouldn't It Be Good BOB & DOUG McKENZIE - Take Off! RUSH - Limelight KIM MITCHELL - Lager & Ale MEN AT WORK - Who Can It Be Now? ROD STEWART - Baby Jane PAUL JANZ - I Go To Pieces PET SHOP BOYS - Heart MADONNA - Open Your Heart DON JOHNSON - Heartbeat DEAD OR ALIVE - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) MICHAEL JACKSON - Billie Jean BILLY IDOL - Mony Mony DOUG & THE SLUGS - Makin' It Work FROZEN GHOST - Should I See GOWAN - Cosmetics SAGA - Wind Him Up CHILLIWACK - Whatcha Gonna Do ALANNAH MYLES - Love Is MANUFACTURE (feat. SARAH MACLACHLAN) - As The End Draws Near JANE CHILD - Don't Wan
Onions And Christmas Trees
A family is at the dinner table. The son asks his father, "Dad, how many kinds of boobs are there?" The father, surprised, answers,"Well, son, there are three kinds of breasts. In her 20s, a woman's breasts are like melons, round and firm. In her 30s to 40s, they are like pears, still nice but hanging a bit. After 50, they are like onions". "Onions?" "Yes, you see them and they make you cry." This infuriated his wife and daughter so the daughter said, "Mum, how many kinds of 'willies' are there?" The mother, surprised, smiles and answers, "Well dear, a man goes through three phases. In his 20s, his willy is like an oak tree, mighty and hard. In his 30s and 40s, it is like a birch, flexible but reliable. After his 50's, it is like a Christmas tree". "A Christmas tree?" "Yes - dead from the root up and the balls are just for decoration". A family is at the dinner table. The son asks his father, "Dad, how many kinds of boobs are there?" The father, surprised, answers,"
Two couples were playing poker one evening. John accidentally dropped some cards on the floor. When he bent down under the table to pick them up, he noticed Bill's wife, Sue, wasn't wearing any underwear under her dress!! Shocked by this, John, upon trying to sit back up again, hit his head on the table and emerged red-faced. Later, John went to the kitchen to get some refreshments. Bill's wife followed and asked, "Did you see anything that you liked under there?" Surprised by her boldness, John courageously admitted that, well indeed he did. She said, "Well, you can have it but it will cost you $500." After taking a minute or two to assess the financial and moral costs of this offer, John confirms that he is interested. She tells him that since her husband Bill works Friday afternoons and, as John doesn't, he should be at her house around 2 p.m. Friday afternoon. When Friday rolled around, John showed up at Bill's house at 2 p.m. sharp and, after paying Sue the
Former Kiss Guitarist Bruce Kulick Attends Gene Simmons Roast - "he Asked For It, And He Got It"
The GENE SIMMONS Roast was held on Tuesday, November 27 at the Key Club on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick was there and offers up this report: "Got an invite to the Gene Simmons Roast and it was a hilarious evening. It ran so late I couldn't even stay till the end, but some of the jokes about Gene and KISS in general were brutal, but very funny. He asked for it, and he got it. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Nicholas, his son. Imagine a young, spitfire version of Gene, without the knowledge of fame and fortune. A classy offspring, so Gene and Shannon (Tweed) have done great with their unique style of family. He is a family jewel! Sophie was not in attendance as it was a bit blue and, shall I say, inappropriate. Also spoke with Geoff Tate from QUEENSRŸCHE, ALICE IN CHAIN's Jerry Cantrell, and Scott Ian from ANTHRAX. METAL SKOOL was the house band, and they are very funny to entertain. I know they will have to edit this even
hi please rate pic to get my friend some kisses
Nfl This Week From Sports Illustrated
Xmas Spirit??
Lmfao...ppl are asking wheres the xmas f*&%ing love to know too. You soon find out who the "FAKE" friends are and who the real ones are. If i remember right, most of mine r "FAKE"....Thanx for making me feel really welcome guys!!! Ill remember you all when i write my xmas card list next year.....
Tese Don't Be Sad!
Tese, I know how distressed and sad you must be and I’m so sorry for what happened. Yet, in this moment of hardship, I wish you didn’t forget you have a friend who is willing to help and give you her support… Don’t cry, don’t despair, things are hard for anyone, but we are all trying to overcome each difficulty we bump into. We will eliminate them, one by one! Remember you will always have a shoulder to cry on and, no matter what happens, you will always find someone you can lean on: me! Don’t waste all your energies crying over spilled milk. Please don’t be that way, my friend! You’ve been through worse and you came out on top… By the way, have you counted the number of years we have known each other and have you realized we have never had a fight? This is true friendship, one of the most valuable things in the world, and true friends are those who are always willing to help us. Right now you are feeling sad and I’m holding out my hand to reach you. In the future, I may be the o
You're A Big Liar
sometimes, I’m under the impression that not even you believe in the things you say. Well, this is a characteristic that doesn’t match my personality and the way I look upon the world, so, it’s all over between us. I regret it took me so long to realize how false you were and how deceived your actions were. I regret having wasted so much of my time believing in your crazy stories. I regret having trusted you with my secrets, my house and my intimacies. Really, I feel sorry for you and for me, because being the way you are will get you no where. The worse thing is, you made a habit out of lying, sometimes you make up stories without a reason, just for the quick you get out of it. So, I hope you’ve learned your lesson; your childish behavior (and I hope that’s all it is), has just ruined the chances of a relationship with someone who actually cared about you, until she found out exactly who she was getting involved with.
Primus - Those Damn Blue Collared Tweekers (live)
I've seen them out at Soco They're pounding sixteen penny nails The truckers on the interstate Have been known to ride the rails The sweat is beating on the brow Can't keep these fellas down 'Cause those damned blue-collared tweekers Are runnin' this here town I knew a man who hung drywall He hung it mighty quick A trip or two to the blue room Would help him do the trick His foreman would pat him on the back Whenever he would come around 'Cause these dammed blue-collar tweekers Are beloved in this here town Now the union boys are there To protect us from all the corporate type While curious George's drug patrol Is out here hunting snipe Now they try to tell me different But you know I ain't no clown 'Cause those damned blue-collar tweekers Are the backbone of this town Now the flame that burns twice as bright Burns only half as long My eyes are growing weary As I finalize this song So sit back and have a cup o' joe And watch the wheels go round 'Caus
In The Beginning . . .
In the beginning, my father was in the Military (USMC) and my mother was his wife. That sounds dumb . . . I was born in Manila, on the Last day of Cancer or the First day of Leo in the Year of the Pig (Boaring, huh . . . lol). Pinoy Ako. I am a Filipino . . . . Here comes the strange part . . . my parents are not filipinos . . . my father is a mix American Indian (50%) and the rest other nationalities, my mother is a full-blooded native born Italian. So Am I a filipino or not? Even though I don't have an ounce of filipino blood in me (that I know of), in my heart and soul . . . I am a filipino. I believe I may lose some friends because of this. Why? Because some friends may believe that I am a filipino by blood when in fact I am only pinoy by birth and by other reason which I may disclose later. Please don't discriminate. I used to cruise the filipino chat rooms, sometimes they speak to me in tagalog, waray waray, cebuano, and other dialect . . . unfortuna
Under The Mistletoe
A gorgeous young redhead goes into the doctor's office and said that her body hurt wherever she touched it. "Impossible!" says the doctor. "Show me." The redhead took her finger, pushed on her left shoulder and screamed, then she pushed her elbow and screamed even more. She pushed her knee and screamed; likewise she pushed her ankle and screamed. Everywhere she touched made her scream. The doctor said, "You're not really a redhead, are you? "Well, no" she said, "I'm actually a blonde." "I thought so," the doctor said. "Your finger is broken"
A girl was visiting her blonde friend, who had acquired two new dogs, and asked her what their names were. The blonde responded by saying that one was named Rolex and one was named Timex. Her friend said, "Whoever heard of someone naming dogs like that?" "HELLLOOOOOOO......," answered the blond. "They're watch dogs!" Two blondes living in Oklahoma were sitting on a bench talking, and one blonde says to the other, "Which do you think is farther away... Florida or the moon?" The other blonde turns and says "Helloooooooooo, can you see Florida ?????" RIVER WALK There's this blonde out for a walk. She comes to a river and sees another blonde on the opposite bank "Yoo-hoo!" she shouts, "How can I get to the other side?" The second blonde looks up the river then down the river and shouts back, "You ARE on the other side." A survey on sexual habits was being carried out by a popular newspaper and one questioner stopped an elderly Italian gentleman in the street who was wearing
Cake - Frank Sinatra
We know of an ancient radiation That haunts dismembered constellations, A faintly glimmering radio station. While Frank Sinatra sings "Stormy Weather", The flies and spiders get along together. Cobwebs fall on an old skipping record. Beyond the suns that guard this roost, Beyond your flowers of flaming truth, Beyond your latest ad campaigns... An old man sits, collecting stamps In a room all filled with chinese lamps. He saves what others throw away; He says that he'll be rich someday. We know of an ancient radiation That haunts dismembered constellations, A faintly glimmering radio station. We know of an ancient radiation That haunts dismembered constellations, A faintly glimmering radio station. While Frank Sinatra sings "Stormy Weather", The flies and spiders get along together; Cobwebs fall on an old skipping record.
Lets Do It Tonite!
Hey everyone this is DJ Branden asking for yalls help to make tonite a special night. I am trying to hit the numbers of anywhere from 80-100 people I DJ IN 8-10pm EST TIME. If you can come and help me out and invite everyone you know I would appreciate it.
Love Survives
Love Survives Time to share is always there I peered thru life Ever avoiding strife But now am undone My barriers broken For one has found me Reached in and unbound me Her love has burst my bonds And set music to my songs Her need for me And mine for she Has made my Winter Spring A new start With hammering heart We color the world with our dream Nothing is as it did seem The darkness of my solitude is done She - my rising sun
Cheerleader Shoot
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Accidents Amazing
Funny Accidents Part 2
Funny Animal Clips
Extreme Funny
Just Wondering
ok so this is my new blog. i gusse i should write whats on my mind. like why do people become you friend on here and never talk to you, or return rates? why can no one seem to ever answer any questions i have about this site why is it i cant seem to level as quicly as others
Xmas Erotica
Greetings all you hardcore eroticism females and friendlies of My fubar habits... known to few as My Ways. Take a peak at this page of fetish and erotic fashions and all that is good about pleasures of the sensual natures... some call these fantasy yet I Live this everyday. Don't be concerned... this is another page of My own website not a trickeration ~~winks~~~ Be Healthy & Be Well Always. Master JerryVG2 Go NOW!!!
Kiss Kiss
Deadly nightshade So fun to eat Hidden in a sunny glade Though you hate the heat Among other plants You wait your turn For your one chance Be eaten by those who never learn I saw you Recognized your leaves Poison strikes true Daggers left in their sheaths I knew what you were You took your turn I was dead for sure Some don’t, but I learned
When You Walk Into My Life
Stay Away!!!!!!
Bananas Song
Hip Hop Police
She Wants It
Evolutionary Psychology sex Human sperm is of a low quality - relative to many animals, including primates, a low proportion of the sperm is viable - and this encourages pair bonded sexual partnerships to the detriment of any arrangement of irregular and infrequent coitus, particularly harem-like arrangements and surreptitious affairs. Women's visual and olfactory sexual preference is biased toward desirable partners during the period of fertility and toward less desirable ones the rest of the time. This is likely an adaptation running counter to monogamy, which tends to maintain the procreative availability of desirable partners and the pacification and utilitarian engagement (household protection and production) of undesirable ones. Underscoring this adaptation, incidence of orgasm in females is predominantly dictated by the perceived sexual (hereditary) desirability of the male, and household partnership or emotional involvement is not a predictor. This is significant because the
Leaving Fubar
Ok due to my health issue i can't keep up with Myspace and 360 and fubar.. and well.. there is ONLY one reason to stay at fubar thats my brother and 100 reasons to leave.. . .so.. to my brother you have my aol and my yahoo name please use it babe! Mswac929 is my aol name Ms_Wac929 is my yahoo name if anyone wants to add me.. but don't add me if you are goin to try to cyber and that bs .. cuz i am NOT like that thanks and have a great day and hoilday for that matter hugs wendy
Holiday Eating Tips
Holiday Eating Tips (The average American gains 15 pounds between October and January.) 1. Avoid carrot sticks. Anyone who puts carrots on a holiday buffet table knows nothing of the Christmas spirit. In fact, if you see carrots, leave immediately. Go next door, where they're serving rum balls. 2. Drink as much eggnog as you can. And quickly. Like fine single-malt scotch, it's rare. In fact, it's even rarer than single-malt scotch. You can't find it any other time of year but now. So drink up! Who cares that it has 10,000 calories in every sip? It's not as if you're going to turn into an eggnog-aholic or something. It's a treat. Enjoy it. Have one for me. Have two. It's later than you think. It's Christmas! 3. If something comes with gravy, use it. That's the whole point of gravy. Gravy does not stand alone. Pour it on. Make a volcano out of your mashed potatoes. Fill it with gravy. Eat the volcano. Repeat. 4. As for mashed potatoes, always ask if they're mad
Gotta Love A Drunk
A man and his wife are awakened at 3 o'clock in the morning by a loud pounding on the door........ The man gets up and goes to the door where a drunken stranger, standing in the pouring rain, is asking for a push. "Not a chance," says the husband, "It is three o'clock in the morning." He slams the door and returns to bed. "Who was that?" asked his wife. "Just some drunk guy asking for a push," he answers. "Did you help him?" she asks. "No. I did not. It is >three o'clock in the morning and it is pouring rain outside!!." His wife said, "Can't you remember about three months ago when we broke down and those two guys helped us? I think you should help him, and you should be ashamed of yourself!" The man does as he is told (of course!), gets dressed and goes out into the pouring rain. He calls out into the dark, "Hello! Are you still there?" "Yes," comes back the answer. "Do you still need a push?" calls out the husband. "Yes! Please!" comes the reply from the darkn
This Man....
I Still Believe.....
Talkin' World War Iii Blues By Bob Dylan
Some time ago a crazy dream came to me, I dreamt I was walkin' into World War Three, I went to the doctor the very next day To see what kinda words he could say. He said it was a bad dream. I wouldn't worry 'bout it none, though, They were my own dreams and they're only in my head. I said, "Hold it, Doc, a World War passed through my brain." He said, "Nurse, get your pad, this boy's insane," He grabbed my arm, I said "Ouch!" As I landed on the psychiatric couch, He said, "Tell me about it." Well, the whole thing started at 3 o'clock fast, It was all over by quarter past. I was down in the sewer with some little lover When I peeked out from a manhole cover Wondering who turned the lights on. Well, I got up and walked around And up and down the lonesome town. I stood a-wondering which way to go, I lit a cigarette on a parking meter And walked on down the road. It was a normal day. Well, I rung the fallout shelter bell And I leaned my head and I gave a yell
12 Redneck Days Of Christmas..
Mr. Tambourine Man By Bob Dylan
Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me, I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to. Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me, In the jingle jangle morning I'll come followin' you. Though I know that evenin's empire has returned into sand, Vanished from my hand, Left me blindly here to stand but still not sleeping. My weariness amazes me, I'm branded on my feet, I have no one to meet And the ancient empty street's too dead for dreaming. Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me, I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to. Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me, In the jingle jangle morning I'll come followin' you. Take me on a trip upon your magic swirlin' ship, My senses have been stripped, my hands can't feel to grip, My toes too numb to step, wait only for my boot heels To be wanderin'. I'm ready to go anywhere, I'm ready for to fade Into my own parade, cast your dancing spell my way, I promise to go under it. Hey! Mr. Tambour
Masters Of War By Bob Dylan
Come you masters of war You that build all the guns You that build the death planes You that build the big bombs You that hide behind walls You that hide behind desks I just want you to know I can see through your masks You that never done nothin' But build to destroy You play with my world Like it's your little toy You put a gun in my hand And you hide from my eyes And you turn and run farther When the fast bullets fly Like Judas of old You lie and deceive A world war can be won You want me to believe But I see through your eyes And I see through your brain Like I see through the water That runs down my drain You fasten the triggers For the others to fire Then you set back and watch When the death count gets higher You hide in your mansion As young people's blood Flows out of their bodies And is buried in the mud You've thrown the worst fear That can ever be hurled Fear to bring children Into the world For threatening my baby Unborn and unn
Comments On Masters Of War
just read the lyrics and think of the world today people....Our Government is the Masters of War yet again!!!! It's Amazing that this song was written in the 60's and yet has such meaning in todays world!!!!
Happy Holidays To All My Friends
Free Comments & Graphics
What Do You Expect?
I know we men are pathetically predictable ok. We are aggressive by nature (a lot of women are too). I'm not saying that is always a good thing, it is just that way it is. If women are so turned off by it "maybe" they shouldn't post pictures of themselves all decked out with their legs splayed open and a come fuck me look on their face on their profile and then be shocked when a guy posts something offensive about that picture. Don't get me wrong, I am "ALL FOR" beautiful and sexy women posting great pictures, but most of the time I won't even leave a comment because there are like 2000 comments up there and there is only so many original things you can come up with before it is all so redundant. And sometimes I see a picture that I "MUST" just say, "Wow,nice tits!" I know that is not original, or classy, or any number of other cliche' words, but it is the truth. Hey, why would someone take a picture of themselves holding the camera above their head, pointing down on them while
Give It A Go
A dream of tomorrow kills the past, let it all fly away. Close your eyes, imagine touch of water on your skin. Freedom screams your name, answer to it and close the door behind you.
I Tried To Tell You
I tried to tell you I love you but the words were hard to find. I'm always thinking about you you're the only one on my mind. Oh why do I act so shy forever hiding my face I should learn to laugh and not to cry put yourself in my place. There were times I tried to kiss you but something told me no. You wanted me to hold you but I kept letting you go. I'm afraid that I am not the guy you've searched for all these years. I will kindly leave now don't you cry try to hold back your tears. It's been so long I haven't seen you for quite awhile When I think of how we me met it only brings back your smile. I remember when I held you then and told you we'd never part I loved you then I love you now and I'll hold you in my heart.
Walk By The Sea *my Fav*
One day I walked down by the sea I was all alone, it was just me I wondered why I had no one to love where was the lady I had always dreamed of She is constanly in all my prayers and dreams with skin the color of coffee with just a hint of cream with eyes that can look deep down into the soul I want her now to have and to hold Sometimes we ask for things that cannot be but what I ask is only for someone to love me to walk with me, to hold my hand allowing me to be her only man My love for her will be something she will know for to tell her will be easy as it continues to grow to share with her all the love I possess praying in return to feel her tender caress I will love her like no other before me for I think I have found that magical key the key that will unlock the door to her heart where we will begin our journey, never to part I pray she will enter my life very soon tonight would be perfect for there is a full moon to walk and talk about what we d
Wishes are meant for you to ponder, they pass along to someone in need, or can be kept all to ourselves. Wishes are sincere in belief that all our hopes and dreams are within reach. My wishes for you are my own'..They are an everlasting trust that miracles happen and dreams really do come true. Understood is the value of a nurturing heart, the innocence of a child's eyes and the wisdom of an aging hand. I wish that the morning sky will forever intrigue you and the stardust of the night will captivate you. I wish that you will always see the man in the moon and entrust him with your deepest secrets. I wish for you a creative spirit that dusts your imagination with youthful dreams and opens you to wonderful surprises just waiting to happen. I wish for you to yearn for nothing and find contentment from within. That you will always know what to say to a friend, that your compassion will heal, and many more names will be etched in your heart.
My Family
I am the oldest of 5 children and the only one born out of the US. There were 3 boys and 2 girls total. My brother (Alfonso), I believed who was conceived in Italy was born in the United States only to live for 13 days due to inborn heart defect in 1973. After that, was when my family life steadily gotten worse. My father was an drinker at the time. Thing is, I received much of the blame, since according to my mother (at that time) . . . I was a child of sin. My father received his share of blame too. My mother is very religious . . . when I say very religious . . . everyone is doomed to hell except extremists like herself (Christians like that can give the Islamic extremists a run for their money). In 1976, my sister (Scottie) was born on Friday the 13th, which brought a little normalcy into the family, but it continues to deteriorate. In 1984, my brother (Tony) was born . . . funny thing was . . . according to his birth certificate he wasn't even born yet . . . t
The Runaway . . .
I am a teenage runaway . . . or at least I believe I am . . . . Let me explain . . . approximately 5 months after my brother was born in 1984. I ranaway, the problem is, I don't even remember running away . . . sometimes it is difficult to remember things anymore. The last thing I do remember of that day, was flying through the air (not with the greatest of ease) and crashing into something. (Learned years later that I was thrown into the China Cabinet.) After that, I don't remember a thing. I wasn't until days later, I woke up in a strange room (it wasn't the hospital) with a strange person (not strange weird - strange unknown) bandaging me up with all the cuts and lacerations on my back. I am still not fully cognizant of the event (or various other portions of my life), but I was found in the streets injured and bleeding; and was taken in by a lovely lady . . . My Angel . . . who took me in and took care of me. When I was well enough, I realized that I must of ran
The Angel And The Tragedy
I wish I had a picture of The Angel who saved me . . . but unfortunately . . . I do not. She was beautiful, her name was Rowena. She was 4'10" tall, very slender . . . long brownish black hair, with a lovely golden light brown complexion. She was also a filipina . . . a true filipina. She was 29 at the time and had a 12 year old daughter, Jas. Rowena worked as a dancer at a club in Los Angeles and a couple years later so did I and later on her daughter worked. Jas and I went to school in Los Angeles, while Rowena took care of us. Can't remember where she obtained the documents for me to go to school. But I did go to school. When I was 14 years old, (I looked older than what I was) I got fake ID and other documents, and started working at the Right Track in Los Angeles as an entertainer (dancer). I admit it, I was hot. So hot that even Rowena's friends wanted me . . . they didn't know how old I was . . . lol. They were my first experiences and taught me alot. We've d
I Embark
On this new adventure I sense the challenges ahead They excite me I look at you The power and control Coolly displayed on your face Restraints in hand As you bend to secure my bonds The tension is released Mind clears With assurance, care, and trust I have surrendered my all My submission is complete Communication; the key To open play Lifestyle and the paddle
Rules For A Wise Domina
1) The submissive's safety is first and foremost. This includes emotional safety as well as physical safety. 2) Communicate. The submissive should always know where she stands, why something is happening, and should feel safe to voice her concerns, needs, and desires. 3) Trust and be trustworthy. If a submissive feels she is not trusted, she will always feel she is failing you in some way. We have the right to be trusted until we prove otherwise. If you have issues with trust, that isn't our fault even though we will do everything in our power to prove to you that you can depend upon our words and actions just as you should do the same. Complete honesty is a must!! 4) Punishment should never be administered in anger. It should always be with a loving hand when you are calm and thinking clearly. Take a time out before you act. Explain why you are punishing and what you expect to happen in the future. 5) Admit that you are a human being who makes mistakes. The relationship wi
To All My True Fubar Friends
Starting the first of the year, I will be deleting my profile for good...If you want to keep in contact with me, plz message me with your yahoo id so we can keep in touch...I'd greatly appreciate it... THX
Nfl Fines 5 Falcons For Vick Tributes
NEW YORK - Roddy White and four other Atlanta Falcons were fined by the NFL for violating uniform regulations with tributes to Michael Vick during last week's Monday night game. Vick, Atlanta's suspended Pro Bowl quarterback, was sentenced to 23 months in prison on federal dogfighting charges the morning of Dec. 10. The Falcons played at home against New Orleans that night. After scoring a touchdown, White displayed a "Free Mike Vick" T-shirt under his jersey. He, along with tight end Alge Crumpler and cornerbacks DeAngelo Hall and Chris Houston, were fined $10,000 each. Crumpler, Hall and Houston all wore black eye strips with written tributes to Vick, which the league called "displaying an unauthorized personal message." Wide receiver Joe Horn was fined $7,500 for pulling up White's jersey to show the black T-shirt with handwritten white lettering. The fines were confirmed Tuesday by NFL spokesman Randall Liu. Hall also had a poster of Vick on the field
Now Accepting Applications
Now accepting applications.....
Totally 80s Playlist 12/18/07
DEF LEPPARD - Rocket (Remix) HONEYMOON SUITE - Burning in Love PAT BENATAR - Invincible ROD STEWART - Infatuation PROPAGANDA - Dr. Mabuse THE STRANGLERS - No Mercy SOFT CELL - Tainted Love DANNY WILSON - Mary's Prayer BLVD. - Never Give Up CULTURE CLUB - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? PETER GABRIEL - Mercy Street YELLO - Lost Again STING - Gabriel's Message FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD - Relax DURAN DURAN - Hungry Like the Wolf THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Don't You Want Me EURYTHMICS - Winter Wonderland DAVID BOWIE - Let's Dance GENERATION X - Dancing With Myself KENNY LOGGINS - Footloose CABARET VOLTAIRE - Here to Go NINE INCH NAILS - Down In It SKINNY PUPPY - Dig It UB40 - If It Happens Again I'm Leaving DEPECHE MODE - People are People ULTRAVOX - Love's Great Adventure (Extended Version) U2 - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) THOMPSON TWINS - Sister of Mercy EL DeBARGE - Who's Johnny? MICHAEL JACKSON - Bad ASIA - Don't Cry RUSH - Lock & Key YES - Love Will Find a
The Other You
Have you ever been anyone other than you? Have you ever wanted to be someone other than you? Do you look in the mirror and wish you were someone else? Do you enjoy stepping out of yourself and living another life? Do you like having a dual or multiple personality. If so, are they all you or just one of them or none of them. Is the real you hiding amongst all the masks you wear or is it just an empty mask. If you do something that you say, "isn't like me" then did you really do it? Deep thoughts. Thought I would share. Feel free to answer any that you like. Me - I enjoy being all of the ME's. I AM all of the ME's. Which ME would you like to meet today?
Woman Accused Of Groping Mall Santa
DANBURY, Conn. - Santa Claus says that a woman who sat on his lap was naughty, not nice. A Santa at the Danbury Fair mall said the woman groped him. "The security officer at the mall said Santa Claus has been sexually assaulted," police Detective Lt. Thomas Michael said of the weekend complaint. Sandrama Lamy, 33, of Danbury, was charged with sexual assault and breach of peace. She was released on a promise to appear in court on Jan. 3. Police quickly found and identified Lamy because the woman was described as being on crutches, said Capt. Bob Myles. A call seeking comment from Lamy was answered by a recording Tuesday morning. A woman later called back and said: "It's a false report and I don't have any idea." Police did not give the name of the disconcerted Santa, but they said he is 65 and felt badly because children were waiting to see him. "He was apparently shocked and embarrassed by the whole incident," Myles said. A man who teaches hundreds of prospective Santas
Got Fleas? Get The Vacuum
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vacuum cleaners kill fleas just as well as any poison, surprised U.S. researchers said on Tuesday. They said a standard vacuum cleaner abuses the fleas so much it kills 96 percent of adult fleas and 100 percent of younger fleas. So no need to worry that a vacuum cleaner bag may turn into a fleabag breeding ground for the pesky, biting creatures, said Glen Needham, associate professor of entomology at Ohio State University. Needham studied the cat flea, or Ctenocephalides felis, the most common type of flea found in households. "No matter what vacuum a flea gets sucked into, it's probably a one-way trip," Needham said in a statement. Writing in the journal Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, Needham suggested that the vacuum brushes wear away a waxy outer layer on insects called the cuticle. Without it, the fleas, larvae and pupae probably dry up and die, he said. The findings were so surprising that the researchers ran their experiment severa
The Late, Great, Usa
Read this book >>>>>
Need Help Plz For My Christmas Wish Read More
New Veniamin's Eyes Talent Anna & Alla * ®veniamin Shows Inc
NEW Veniamin's Eyes talent Anna & Alla * ®Veniamin Shows Inc
Octopus Dance, Veniamin Shows
America's Got Talent Novelty, Octopus Dance, Veniamin Shows
Veniamin's Blowfish 2007
One Million $ Act? America's Got Talent, Veniamin's Blowfish 2007
Jet - Shine On
Please don't cry You know I'm leaving here tonight Before I go I want you to know There will always be a light And if the moon had to runaway And all the stars didn't wanna play Don't waste the sun on a rainy day The wind will soon blow it all away So many times I'd planned To be much more than who I am And if I let you down I will follow you 'round Until you understand And if the moon had to runaway And all the stars didn't wanna play Don't waste the sun on a rainy day The wind will soon blow it all away Yeah, oh Yeah Well the days all feel the same Don't feel the cold or wind or rain Everything will be okay We will meet again one day And I will shine on, for everyone So please don't cry Although I leave you here this night Where ever I may go how far I don't know I will always be your light And if the moon had to runaway And all the stars didn't wanna play Don't waste the sun on a rainy day The wind will soon blow it all away Yeah, oh yeah
Entertainment Night At The Senior Center
It was entertainment night at the senior center and the Amazing Claude was topping the bill. People came from miles around to see the famed hypnotist do his stuff. As Claude went to the front of the meeting room, he announced, "Unlike most hypnotists who invite two or three people up here to be put into a trance, I intend to hypnotize each and every member of the audience." The excitement was almost electric as Claude withdrew a beautiful antique pocket watch from his coat. "I want you each to keep your eye on this antique watch. It's a very special watch. It's been in my family for six generations." He began to swing the watch gently back and forth while quietly chanting, "Watch the watch, watch the watch, watch the watch..." The crowd became mesmerized as the wat ch swayed back and forth,light gleaming off its polished surface. Hundreds of pairs of eyes followed the swaying watch, until suddenly, it slipped from the hypnotist's fingers and fell to the f
To Another Day...
Just a song I wrote... On one of my depressed/thoughtful days... To Another Day It's not all right, it's not ok. You told me it was another way. And when you find things aren't great, you wonder why I walked away. When you lie to my face, please don't expect it to be ok. Some days come, some days go. Where will you be when I'm on the road? Will you come or will you stay? It'll just be another day. It's not all right, it's not ok. You told me it was another way. And when you find things aren't great, you wonder why I walked away. When you lie to my face, please don't expect it to be ok. You're just some guy I thought I liked, I guess I don't know what's right. You'll be gone and I'll be fine, who are you to know what's right? No, it's not all right, no, it's not ok. Don't tell me it's another way. You will find things aren't great don't wonder why I walked away. Please just lie to my face, someday I promise, I'll be ok...
My College Years And The Return Of My Family
There wasn't really much to say about my college years. I continued to work as an entertainer, mainly for private parties and occasionally work the club on male review nights in various clubs in San Diego and in Vegas. During that time, I also became a licensed massage therapist and worked with a very select clientele, mainly other entertainers and several of our clients. One day, when I was in college, when I received a phone call from CPS (Child Protective Services) regarding my family. They needed me to contact them ASAP. My family must have really deteriorated, for the State to get involved. So, I called CPS the next morning. They explained the situation to me and I told them about my story, well not the complete story . . . but as it related to me and my family. CPS seemed more determined to remove the children out of the household and put them into protective custody and into foster care. I was able to contact an attorney, and we fought for custody. It w
Mustang Chicks
mustang babesPosted Sep 24, 2007girls and mustangs
Officer, here is how THE FIGHT STARTED I rear-ended a car this morning. So there we are alongside the road and slowly the other driver gets out of the car...and you know how you just get so stressed and everything seems to get funny? Well, I could NOT believe it.. he was a DWARF ! He stormed over to my car, looked up at me and said, "I am not HAPPY!" So, I looked down at him and said, "well, which one are you then?" That's when the fight started....
Shinedown - 45
Send away for a priceless gift One not subtle, one not on the list Send away for a perfect world One not simply, so absurd In these times of doing what you're told You keep these feelings, no one knows What ever happened to the young man's heart Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45 (45), Swimming through the ashes of another life (another life) No real reason to accept the way things have changed Staring down the barrel of a 45 Send a message to the unborn child Keep your eyes open for a while In a box high up on the shelf, left for you, no one else There's a piece of a puzzle known as life Wrapped in guilt, sealed up tight What ever happened to the young man's heart Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart CHORUS Everyone's pointing their fingers Always condemning me And nobody knows what I believe I believe CHORUS And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45 (45), (And I'm) Swimming through the ashes o
Cameras Catch A Smile On Bill Belichick
FOXBOROUGH - Bill Belichick took off his headset, pulled his hood back on to shield him from the rain and wind and moved quickly in the direction of Eric Mangini for the most anticipated handshake in NFL history. Belichick didn't pull a mini-videocamera out of his pocket to give Mangini for the holidays. He didn't throw a plastic rat at him, although one did come flying out of the stands during the game and landed on the Jets sidelines, but not near Mangini. Belichick didn't punch Mangini, call him a traitor, flip him off, curse him out or ignore him as payback for humiliating him in the SpyGate scandal. He also couldn't run up the score on him. It was actually a pretty good handshake. Not real long, no man hugs, but long enough for Belichick to say, "Great game, Eric. Great game. Awesome." By Belichick standards, that's a speech. It made a lasting impression on Mangini. "I can't remember," he said of Belichick's words. "Good game or good luck or something like that." An
Stone Sour - Sillyworld
Freedom's just a word today Freedom's just a word When someone takes your word away It's seldom ever heard So take your sentence full of things you're not supposed to say and carry on but don't write it down or you'll be gone Love is just a song today Love is just a song When someone takes the song away You'll seldom sing along So take those lyrics serious and sing your life away and carry on but don't write 'em down or they'll be gone All we ever do is talk We like to ride but never walk We make it so damn easy We get bored Why can't anybody see What's good for you is good for me I can't take your sillyworld I can't take your sillyworld no more Peace is just two fingers now Peace was just a phase When someone put it on a shirt She knew to count the days So take those fingers tape 'em up and shove 'em up your ass and carry on but don't try it now cause peace is gone All we ever do is talk We like to ride but never walk We make it so damn easy We get
Everclear - Santa Monica
I am still living with your ghost Lonely and dreaming of the west coast I don't want to be your downtime I don't want to be your stupid game With my big black boots and an old suitcase I do believe I'll find myself a new place I don't want to be the bad guy I don't want to do your sleepwalk dance anymore I just want to see some palm trees Go and try to shake away this disease We can live beside the ocean Leave the fire behind Swim out past the breakers Watch the world die I am still dreaming of your face Hungry and hollow for all the things you took away I don't want to be your good time I don't want to be your fall back crutch anymore I'll walk right out into a brand new day Insane and rising in my own weird way I don't want to be the bad guy I don't want to do your sleepwalk dance anymore I just want to feel some sunshine I just want to find some place to be alone We can live beside the ocean Leave the fire behind Swim out past the breakers Watc
I Hate My Job Day!!!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you have an 'I-HATE-MY-JOB' day, please try this. On your way home from work stop by at the local pharmacy and purchase a rectal thermometer made by Johnson & Johnson. Be sure this is the brand-named thermometer you're purchasing. Proceed to your home, enter and lock the door behind you, and lift the telephone receiver off the hook You DO NOT want to be disturbed. Change into comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and sit in your favorite chair. Then open the package and remove the contents, carefully place the thermometer on the table or a surface where it will not be broken, chipped or cracked by mistake. Then unfold the instructional materials packaged with the thermometer and read in its entirety. Please remember to read even the small print sections. THAT'S WHERE THE FUN BEGINS, and where you will find the following
Guess I Need Points Anyone Want Shoot Some My Way Apparently I Havent Got Any In Abit And The Fubar Guys Are Having A Cow Lol
So anyone want to give some points for the holiday season HOHOHOH
Check out my 2008 calendar at Order one if you want! Thanks!!!!! Tams
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general.You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take.Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces 'What is your Sexual Zodiac?' at
For The Armed Forces Personnel!
I just wanted to take the time to honor the many men and women that fight for our freedoms...without y'all, there wouldn't be an us. I want you to know that even if I personally feel a war is unjust, I will not turn my back on those that carried out their duties with to all of you that serve, have served or are planning to....I THANK YOU! A Different Christmas Poem The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it w
I Want You To Stay
I want you to stay Never go away from me Stay forever But now, now that you're gone all I can do is pray for you To be here beside me again *Why did you have to leave me When you said that love will conquer all why did you have to leave me When you said that dreaming Was as good as reality And now I must move on Trying to forget all the memories Of you near me But I can't let go of your love That has taught me to hold on I want you to stay never go away from me Stay forever But now, now that you're gone All I can do is pray for you To be here beside me again And now I must move one Trying to forget all the memories Of you near me But I can't let go of your love That has taught me to hold on I want you to stay never go away from me Stay forever I want to stay but I have to go my way Oohhhmmm
Take A Shot For You
I'm holding on your rope, Got me ten feet off the ground And I'm hearing what you say but I just can't make a sound You tell me that you need me Then you go and cut me down, but wait You tell me that you're sorry Didn't think I'd turn around, and say... That it's too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late I'd take another chance, take a fall Timbaland - Apologize Take a shot for you And I need you like a heart needs a beat But it's nothing new - yeah yeah I loved you with the fire red- Now it's turning blue, and you say... "Sorry" like the angel heaven let me think was you But I'm afraid... It's too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late whoa..... Bridge (guitar/piano) It's too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late I said it's too late to apologize, yeah- I said it's too late to apologize, yeah- I'm holding on your ro
Today On World Rock Radio
Click banner to enter lounge 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at krayzeecreeme Click banner to visit Cujo's MySpace page! 2:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at johns_angel2007 Click banner to visit Crimson's MySpace page! 4:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at jrmoose75
Dj Earth Rocking Aftershock Radio
Scorpions Guitarist Rudolph Schenker - "people Cannot Believe How Strong The Band Still Is recently caught up with SCORPIONS guitarist Rudolph Schenker. The following is an excerpt from the interview: MetalExiles: The new record is amazing but was is the fascination with the end of the world? Rudolph: "The end of the world it is not. When you hear the child’s voice say 'it is time', he is saying that is time for a change. We wanted to do a more mature record and give a message to lift up the collective consciousness around the world, especially the young kids who are the pillars of the new world. They care about what we do with the world so we decided to build Humanity Hour 1 around that idea and have a good message." MetalExiles: What is the message? Rudolph: "The message is to care more and the one from the '60s; Make Love Not War. I think it was important for us to not make this album too dark because it was in the beginning and we wanted it to be more Scorpions like, to build a bridge between the old Scorpions sound and the new Scorpions s
I Am Now The Father Of Two.
As of Thursday afternoon, I am the father of two little boys. This is good. I can play with and entertain the oldest while my wife rests and takes care of the youngest. We get to leave the hospital today -- just in time to have everyone home for Christmas! My new little one looks just like my baby pictures, too.
Apology For Devilish Angel
can u please unblock me so i can apologize to you
Do I Look Like And Online Porn Star?
I post a mumm about being alone on christmas and I get every fucking wanker with their dick in their hand jerking off in my shout box. What the hell!? I am a true southern lady and a freak in the bed. But if you don't treat me like a lady in the street you'll never find out what kind of freak you really could have had. So don't come at me with "do you like oral", "do you take it up the ass" and bullshit like that. Crap like that will get you blocked. Be a grown up, have some respect. If you wanna talk to women like that their are plenty of them out there that will charge you $2.99 a minute go find them.
As the year is getting ready to end I had to reflect on things that happened in 2007. We are still fighting a war that none of us understands but, God bless the men and women that are laying down their lives everyday so that we all may be free. There are some brave men and women to protect everyone like they do. No greater sacrifice is there for a man to lay down their life for someone else. That is what those brave men and women are doing for all of us. We Thank the Troops so much. This year I heard of more women getting missing and their husband are the suspects. All the women out there and you can't live without this one. They don't realize what they are doing to the children when the wife/mother is gone. The child is going to be left with neither of you in their live. Think about what you are doing. You may be able to live without your wife but, what about your child. Where I live their where children getting killed and being left at hospitals. How could you possible kill you
12 Days Of Fubar
On the first day of Christmas My Fubar love gave to me: An Oscar in a Christmas tree. On the second day of Christmas My Fubar love gave to me: Two pints of Guninness...etc. On the third day of Christmas My Fubar love gave to me: Three Cans of Bud...etc. On the forth day of Christmas My Fubar love gave to me: Four Root Beers...etc. On the fifth day of Christmas My Fubar love gave to me: Five Bottles of Corana...etc. On the sixth day of Christmas, My Fubar love gave to me: Six glasses of Champagne...etc. On the seventh day of Christmas, My Fubar love gave to me: Seven shots of rum...etc. On the eight day of Christmas, My Fubar love gave to me: Eight Jello Shots...etc. On the ninth day of Christmas, My Fubar love gave to me: Nine Shots of Vodka...etc. On the tenth day of Christmas, My Fubar love gave to me: Ten Margarita's...etc. On the eleventh day of Christmas, My Fubar love gave to me: 'eleven Yards of Ale...etc. On the Twelfth day
Fun Reading For My Friends.....merry Christmas Everyone....
> The month before Christmas > > Twas the month before Christmas > When all through our land, > Not a Christian was praying > Nor taking a stand. > > Why the Politically Correct Police had taken away, > The reason for Christmas - no one could say. > The children were told by their schools not to sing, > About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things. > > It might hurt people's feelings, the teachers would say > December 25th is just a 'Holiday'. > Yet the shoppers were ready with cash,checks and credit > Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it! > > CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-pod , > Something was changing, something quite odd! > Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa > In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda. > > But as Targets were hanging their trees upside down > At Lowe's the word Christmas - was no where to be found. > At K-Mart and Staples and Penny's and Sears > You won'
Business Propositionþ
Joe wanted desperately to have sex with this really cute, really hot girl in his office....but she was dating someone else. One day Joe got so frustrated that he went to her and said, 'I'll give you a $100 if you let me have sex with you...' The girl looked at him, then said, 'NO.' Joe said, 'I'll be real fast. I'll throw the money on the floor, you bend down, and I'll finish by the time you've picked it up.' She thought for a moment and said that she would consult with her she called him and explained the situation. Her boyfriend says, 'Ask him for $200, pick up the money really fast. He won't even be able to get his pants down.' She agreed and accepts the proposal. Over half an hour goes by and the boyfriend is still waiting for his girlfriend's call. Finally, after 45 minutes the boyfriend calls and asks what happened....? Still breathing hard, she managed to reply, 'The bastard had all quarters!' Management lesson: Always consider
Catholic Mathþ
Little Travis was doing very badly in math. His parents had tried everything... Tutors, Mentors, flash cards, Special learning centers. In short, everything They could think of to help his math. Finally, in a last ditch effort, they took Travis down and enrolled him in the local Catholic school. After the first day, little Travis came home with a very serious look on his face. He didn't even kiss his mother Hello. Instead, he went straight to his room and started studying. Books and papers were spread out all over the room and little Travis was hard at work. His mother was amazed. She called him down to dinner. To her shock, the minute he was done, he marched back to his room without a word, and in no time, he was back hitting the books as hard as before. This went on for some time, day after day, while the mother tried to understand what made all the difference. Finally, little Travis brought home his report card. He quietly laid it on the table, went up to hi
Sand And Stone
Patriots Set Nfl Records En Route To Win Over Dolphins
Patriots set NFL records en route to win over Dolphins Associated Press FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Records aren't important to the Patriots. Not yet, anyway. NFL Replay will re-air the New England Patriots' 28-7 win over the Miami Dolphions on Monday, Dec. 24 at 6:30 p.m. ET. Not finishing the season at 16-0. Not becoming the highest scoring team in NFL history. And not Tom Brady and Randy Moss setting individual marks. All those are still within reach, but after becoming the first team to go 15-0 in the regular season with a 28-7 win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, it will mean more if the Patriots have a higher number than the New York Giants on the scoreboard at the end of their game next Saturday night. "When you look back at the end of your career, you'll be excited about individual records," Brady said, "but winning's more important, and I think that's really what everyone's concerned about." Brady threw three touchdown passes, two to Moss, and the Patriots mo
Vote For Me Plzs
Well it's official I've come to the end of my rope, my wife doesn't want to be with me anymore but she doesn't want a divorce and neither do I and I still love her and want to be with her but there's nothing I can do. So I think I'm goin to grant her request and end my life for good then she and nobody else will ever have to worry about me fucking up their life anymore or ever again. It's been a good run but I can no longer think of a reason to stay on this earth. So peace out and I'll see ya on the other side maybe. Love ya'll all
Merry Christmas
MySpace Layouts & MySpace Graphics
Support Message
FYI~ Some people think it's a big deal to level up and think that if you don't post a salute that you're a fake. I appreciate the message from Fubar Support but points don't matter to me AT ALL. I have received messages from a few of my "fu friends" reminding me that I need to post a salute to level up and receive points but I will when/if I feel like it. I appreciate the concern but it has no effect on me either way! With that being said have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! LMAO Dear Cresha: You have stopped collecting points because you cannot move higher than level 10 without a salute. To continue accumulating points and move to a higher level, please post a salute. The process is explained in the fubar Bible section on salutes. -Family fubar
I wrote this at a very dark time in my life. I was at a point where I didn't love myself nor did I feel worthy of being loved....I just wanted my pain to stop but knew the only way for that to happen was through death...which wasn't an option. So I wrote this to try and cope....and now I share it with whoever reads it and it'll give you a little more insight into who I am and why I am the way I am.... FORSAKEN Handsome, sexy, charming and smart, Great smile, nice eyes, and a warm loving heart... Qualities given to me by the Lord, But what I want most I can't truly afford! Everyday I wake up, the sun shining on me, Happiness still elusive, now how can this be? With all that I have, and all that I've lost, My sanity in question, is this too high a cost? I've played out my part, is there more yet to come? Can I rest now my Lord, are my trials now done? I have love from many, my question is why? I just seem to bring sadness and make everyone cry! I used to b
Some Christmas Cheer..haha
What do you call a delivery truck full of vibrators on Christmas Eve? TOYS FOR TWATS!! Happy Holidays!
Aries You are so full of energy, you constantly attract hotties, and you are always the dominant one in the sack. It is very easy for you approach people because you have so much confidence and you are very forward about your feelings.You are very likely to have lots of sexual partners, (sometimes all at once), and be the most sexually experienced of any of your friends.Sex matches: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius 'What is your Sexual Zodiac?' at
APRIL -- [adjective]:Tasting like strawberries 'How will you be defined in the Sexual Dictionary?' at
Sex Name!
APRIL's sexual nickname: "She-bop" Take this quiz at
What I Will Do
You will go to jail for... Making lewd remarks to your arresting officer 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
Your Bedroom Grade: A You are an expert in bed or should I say sexpert? But you're going to have to reach (around) for that A+. You are a natural in bed, and anyone that has had you brags about it long afterwards! What's your Bedroom Grade? at
philosopher your partner will be a very deep thinker. most likely not concerned with fashions or popularity. they care about whats important to them. but one thing is sure the one thing that means the most to them will be their soul! remember that when their deep in thought, it may be about you! Take this quiz at
Glad They Died
i am so glad they died its not funny the military is a piece of crap
Merry Mischief
Merry Mischief Merry Too Merry Season's Greetings Galore! The joy of festivities and so much more Should you open this email? Not unless you are alone. Not unless male anatomy, Chills you to the bone. Bone? Boner? Bonafide, Cannot hide, The lust I feel inside. You smile and it moves me, Jingle, Jingle, Not Santa's sleigh. My jewels are ringing, As they sway. Coming, Yes Cuming, For you today.
At Night!
One of my favorite smells is lavender. I especially love it at night. I have a lavender candle in my bedroom and I usually light it for a while before I go to sleep. That way the scent envelopes the room before I go to sleep. Lavender is one of the relaxing scents. Plus it's very romantic.
Do it and i'll do it for you... would you kiss me? [] Yes [] No [] Maybe [] Already ***************************** Am I hot? [] No! [] OK [] Fine [] Of Course {}Cute {]Sexy ***************************** Would you hug me? [] Yes [] No [] Already did ***************************** Do you think I'm a virgin? [] Yes [] No [] Don't know ***************************** Name one thing you would like to do to me... ____________ ***************************** I look like.. [] A player [] One time thing [] Next bf [] A friend [] A friend with benefits [] A possibility [] Another somebody ***************************** If you saw me for the first time, would you talk to me? [] Yes [] No [] maybe ***************************** Would you rather... [] Hook up with me [] Cuddle with me [] Date me [] Friends [] Friends with benefits ***************************** On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highes
Rot In Hell, Flu!
Seriously. Flu. I hate it. I can't stop throwing up. Throat is in agony, my temperature's whacko, headache, dizzy, potty function's whacked out.... Kill me >.>
I just wanted to say Happy Holidays to all...I hope to hear from u all soon...hugs.
December Update
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone . . . How was everyone Christmas . . . ? Sorry I haven't been on-line much . . . but since I was on Holiday for a week now . . . and with work driving me crazy before then . . . As I mentioned to some of my friends . . . in messenger and fubar . . . that we went to Big Bear California earlier this month . . . and now I finally posted some of those pictures . . . Here are a few of those pictures . . . Also . . . I dressed up as Santa Lee for the children of the Preschool/Daycare my son goes to . . . for after school program. For many of you . . . you were on-line . . . you were able to watch me transform into Santa Lee . . . from the coloring of my hair . . . to the dawning of the robes . . . etc. I tried taking video and pictures . . . but that was difficult. Plus, I needed an extra pair of hands . . . but my volunteer was a no show . . . she was to busy with the Christmas/Birthday party. Attached are
First Of Many
I just recently came over from Myspace ,where I blogged alot , like since 2006 ,everyday. But Myspace got a little too much for me there and dating was such a drag , so I decieded to start posting info about upcoming movies of interest here. And also some of my personal stuff. I think I'll just copy and paste stuff from there to here starting from this monday.
Week 38
- Welcome to crazy town, people! For some reason, the technology of the world has started to go mad, forcing superteams from the JLA to the Freedom Fighters into action, saving off-course planes and accidentally fired missiles. - Out in the ocean, a crazy electrical storm thingy is brewing right by Zatanna’s ocean liner performance space. With a SHOOOOM we learn that it’s just the Slig of the Deep Six (dreaded lackeys of Apokolips) getting tossed up on deck from the depths below. He starts to change the folks on the boat into crazy sea critters in an effort to “escape death,” but when he tries to turn Mary Marvel’s costume into a low-cut number, things get a little dicey. - Meanwhile back in Metropolis, Oracle reveals that the crazy computer malfunctions going off everywhere are a direct result of tampering by the Calculator—a nerdy villain version of herself. He’s trying to nab Oracle’s files on all the superheroes and their true identities. In the midst of this, he shuts down
Week 33
- So Wally West seems to have calmed down between issues, and tells Piper and Trickster to stop acting so scared. I mean, jeez, he just picked them up and ran at top speed to the grave of the young Flash, whose murder they’ve been connected to. What were they worried about? The crybabies. Flash removes the chips that Deathstroke planted in their brains and decides to take the information about Deathstroke’s plan seriously. With the help of Zatanna, the trio teleports away. - Back in the “Palmerverse,” Donna Troy is being kidnapped by the evil, bug-like witch Queen Belthera. Her spell over “Bob” breaks, but neither he, nor Jason Todd or Dr. Choi are able to save her. Enter Kyle Rayner. - The hero bursts onto the scene and fishes Donna out of the black hole she was being sucked into. He then informs the group that Ray Palmer is no longer in the “Palmerverse.” He is now in the multiverse. - Mary Marvel, after traveling to Chung Ling Soo Square, China, finds herself in an unbreaka
Giants Ticket Holders Selling Pat's Tickets Lol
Giants ticket holders selling chance to see Brady, Patriots go 16-0 Associated Press Updated: December 25, 2007, 12:27 PM ET EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The chance to watch the Giants try to mar the Patriots perfect season isn't drawing many Big Blue fans to the stadium this Saturday. Many New York Giants fans are selling their tickets to the game to New England Patriots fans who want to see quarterback Tom Brady and his teammates go for a 16-0 record in their final regular-season game. Internet auction sites that allow customers to buy and sell sports tickets have seen a surge in ticket sales for the game by Giants fans, The Star-Ledger of Newark reported for Tuesday's newspapers. "It looks like it's on pace to be one of our top 25 events for all time. It's definitely one of our hot sellers," Joellen Ferrer, a spokesman for Internet auction site StubHub, which specializes in tickets for events, told the newspaper. "Although it's meaningless to the Giants,
Movie Review: "shrek The Third" (2007)
Plot: Shrek and crew need to find a new king for and stop Prince Charming from taking over Far Far Away. Likes: More of buddy film for adults.; Animation is as good as the first two films. Dislikes: Has fewer cultural references.; A short film that runs at too quick of a pace. Rated PG for some crude humor, suggestive content and swashbuckling action. Out of four stars, I give this film three stars. It is more of an adult film that is only 92 minutes long.
You brew your morning coffee while I scan the TV space, my commentary is just enough - contempt across your face, the dream you had of where we’d be got lost in daily grind, you feel the pressure of the future… the things that tie and bind. These last few years are wearing you - I can see it in your eyes, my little quirks you once found cute - you cannot exorcise, the day-to-day of living with me has become a draining chore, I have no doubt you love me… but I don’t think you like me anymore. Your impatience is so prevalent with every breath and sigh, I feel it when you cut me off - you know you can’t deny, you work so hard to hide the truth but it’s time to call your bluff for I know you know that even love... sometimes ain’t enough. I feel the struggle of mind and heart - you do not want to leave, but my habits drive you to the edge - feeling so naïve, I sense you’re getting tired and don’t know what you’re staying for, I
Tired Of Being Sober! Lol
I'm tired of being sober, so why doesn't someone buy me a drink? come on isn't that what this site is for anyways? LOL
Life Lessons
Beautifully stated.... As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never bee n hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. So send this to all of your friends (and me) in the next 5 minutes and something nice will happen tonight. &nb sp; "Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin."
Medical Examinations
Medical Examinations If you can get through these without losing are a better man/woman than me. 1 . A man comes into the ER and yells, "My wife's going to have her baby in the cab!" I grabbed my stuff, rushed out to the cab, lifted the lady's dress, and began to take off her underwear. Suddenly I noticed that there were several cabs - and I was in the wrong one. Submitted by Dr. Mark MacDonald, San Antonio, TX. 2. At the beginning of my shift I placed a stethoscope on an elderly and slightly deaf female patient's anterior chest wall. "Big breaths," I instructed. "Yes, they used to be," replied the patient. Submitted by Dr. Richard Byrnes, Seattle, WA 3. One day I had to be the bearer of bad news when I told a wife that her husband had died of a massive myocardial infarct. Not more than five minutes later, I heard her reporting to the rest of the family that he had died of a "massive internal fart." Submitted by Dr. SusanSt
Yahoo = Victoriabebeface
Simple... If you want to remain in contact with me, get a hold of me. In the next few days I'm cleaning house and will be up and gone.
Is It Abnormal?
Is it abnormal to want to give someone the benefit of the doubt? To want to think everyone has good in them? To feel happiness when making someone else happy? To be unselfish? To not want to be alone the rest of your life? To occasionally have suicidal thoughts? To sometimes feel the urge to run away? To keep part of yourself hidden from the rest of the world? To be trustworthy? To not trust others completely? To feel antsy more often than you feel relaxed? To want romance? To expect kindness? To be nice? To feel like nobody gets you? To lay awake at night because your mind won't shut down? To believe in such a thing as love at first sight? To make excuses for other people? To not allow your 13 and under kids to buy rated M video games? To laugh when you feel like crying? To need to feel loved? To have sex with a friend you know you will never have a relationship with? To feel guilt? To cry in Disney movies? To lock your bedroom door when you are home alone? To
Um Done
im done giving ip on men , love and life.. i find someone i really like and i always fuck it up.. so i give up.. fuck it!!
soo... this site is weird, but im getting used to it. sorry for those of you who wasted about three mintutes of your life reading this. :] peathe. [rachel]
The lights are out in the hallway, and the glow coming through the partially cracked bathroom door illuminates just a sliver of my yearning face. Every wisp of steam, every splash of water, and she tortures me anew. My head against the wall, I slump downward silently, grasping my knees to my chest to keep my sighs contained. And all I can think about is the way the beads of water run down the curve of her breasts, how the soap froths up against her skin, bubbles clinging to her navel, the small of her back, her thighs. From my hiding place in the shadows, I can smell the sweet, fruity fragrance of her body wash, the delicious scent of her shampoo. I can hear every lathering motion of her long piano-playing fingers as if they were working my scalp instead of hers. The stroke of a razor against her silk skin. The scrape of a pumice stone on her delicately arched feet. The scratch of a loofah on her perfectly pointed elbows. A small sigh escapes her lips, and to me, it aches like heave
On The Clock Lust
Working an office job isn't my idea of a good career move. I'm too creative, too wild and free-spirited to spend all my days in a small office with only my computers for company. Too much time cooped up and I want to go crazy mad. It doesn't help that I bore easily and I work in big efficient bursts, leaving my wheels spinning for the remaining hours of the day. When I realized I had no other choice for employment, and started casually wandering the hallways of my office building in the hopes of finding some minor distractions, that's when things started to get interesting. I first met Nick when one of my band mates mentioned something about a friend working at the same company I did. I cherish my life outside of the corporate sweatshop, and the thought of connecting with another musician while on the job was more than a little appealing. When I found out that he worked downstairs from me in the same building, I had no excuse but to drop in and say hi. We met hurriedly, both off to
Cyber Master
Wannabe submissive woman looking a man who excites me...a strong, patient, creative, determined man who won’t put up with my BS. I don’t know what I like, but I suspect that I’ll do anything you ask, as long as you’re the right man for the job. Go softly to start and help me feel my way through. But, please, please, force me to obey!" That’s how the ad read, and that’s what I got…a man from my office, no less. And me? I’m foolish enough to accept this Cyber Master, having no idea who he is. I have my dream dates everyday with the master I know only as: Masturbate at your desk, just as you’re finishing lunch. Email when you’re about to come. By ten the next day, I was desperate for this message, about to email him demanding he pay attention to me. And then, this little missal arrived to insist I do exactly what I knew I had to. So titillated by the assignment, I barely gazed about to see if it was safe before my fingers dove for the pulsing wetness betwe
The Destiny Number
THE DESTINY NUMBER A number derived from all of the letters in your FULL BIRTH NAME make up what is called the Destiny or Destiny number. Although this number is called both of these names, throughout this website it will be referred to as the Destiny number. I'm changing my naming of this to Destiny because that name seems to be winning out over all, and it is probably a better descriptive word for the meaning of the this important core element. This is the number that describes the tasks that you must achieve in this lifetime using the name given you. This name, the complete birth name, symbolizes the opportunities you have at your disposal. This is sometimes referred to as your potential or destiny. Living up to attributes of this number may not be easy, but it is your goal in the here and now. It is your life's purpose, spiritual mission, and your field of opportunity. Unlike the Life Path number which reads as you are, the Destiny number more correctly reads as you MUST or wh
The Life Path Number
THE LIFE PATH NUMBER The Life Path is the sum of the birth date. This number represents who you are at birth and the native traits that you will carry with you through life. The most important number that will be discussed here is your Life Path number. The Life Path describes the nature of this journey through life. The Life Path number is established from the date of birth. First, convert the month to a single number . Then convert the day of birth to a single digit . Next, add the total digits of year and reduce this sum to a single digit . The individual digits representing the month, day, and year, be they single digits, are then added together, as necessary to reduce the sum once again to a single digit 1 through 9. Example: If a person was born on October 23, 1972 (10-23-1972*), add the month 10 (which is reduced to 1) to the day 23 (which is reduced to 5) plus the the year 1972 (which reduces to 19, then to 10 and finally to 1**). Thus, the total of the month, day, and
I'm Sick, My Baby's Sick. It Sucks
i'm not that interesting so bare with me,lol so ya i have a cold, thanks to my boyfriend,lol, but thats ok. sucks for him since he has work so early every morning. wish the army would let me have him a bit more often, but i've learned to deal. so thats about it for today. we'll see how often i update this blog,lol.
My Husband's Perspective
Please go to this web address and read all about my husband's perspective of the night I went out and fucked a stranger
Haahaa..... More Pick Me Up...too Damn Funny!
New Here!
I have just signed up for this page today. And I wil check this out a bit tonite. See every one around, maybe.
Pissed Off!!!
You know, I am a single mom and YES I made that decision to have my little girl, But I did NOT make the decision for her father to be a total asshole. I Do NOT trust people with my daughter nor do I have the money to just BLOW and go out and party and meet people, so yes the internet has become my social life, Now those of you who like to leave shity comments on peoples mumms because you have nothing better to do with your life, Go to HELL. I am not going to apologize because I dont have the money to barely pay all my bills on time and I am damn sure NOT going to waste money going out to bars and leave my child alone with someone she does not know. You can all kiss my ass. As for those little bitches that want to tell me to get a life FUCK YOU. I am doing what I can, to make a good life for my daughter, and since her father is a dead beat dick, I am doing it alone. So until you have walked in my shoes, GET THE FUCK OFF MY BACK!
Save A Life
The present wasnt mine but I helped deliver the present to others. In Fire/Ems terms the saturday before Christmas we had a CODE SAVE!!. for those not familier with the term this means we brought a dead person back to life!!!!!!!!! We had her sitting up in her driveway in the snow NOT believing she had a heart attack, and that we just shocked her back to life!!!!!!!!!!. This friends and neighbors is extremly rare!!!!!!!! yes after a few shocks, a grand worth of drugs and cpr we have woke them up but..........when that happens its a slow pulse barely breathing unconcious get their ass to the hospital alive not sitting up in the driveway saying "what theF&^K". So the best christmas present you can give? people give them back their family member for christmas..........
Yep! My New Theme Music-lol
Just A Cool Pic ;)
Yule Lore (December 21st) Yule, (pronounced EWE-elle) is when the dark half of the year relinquishes to the light half. Starting the next morning at sunrise, the sun climbs just a little higher and stays a little longer in the sky each day. Known as Solstice Night, or the longest night of the year, much celebration was to be had as the ancestors awaited the rebirth of the Oak King, the Sun King, the Giver of Life that warmed the frozen Earth and made her to bear forth from seeds protected through the fall and winter in her womb. Bonfires were lit in the fields, and crops and trees were "wassailed" with toasts of spiced cider. Children were escorted from house to house with gifts of clove spiked apples and oranges which were laid in baskets of evergreen boughs and wheat stalks dusted with flour. The apples and oranges represented the sun, the boughs were symbolic of immortality, the wheat stalks portrayed the harvest, and the flour was accomplishment of triumph, light, and life.
Andre Rieu And Ice Skating
Feeling A Lil Country Tonight
Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008: To Better, Brighter, Happier Future
January 1, 2008 As one year is ending another is beginning and the hopes that the New Year will be better than the last. Which seems to be the same hope at the end of every year, and quite frankly each year turns out to be the same. What so many fail to realize and quite honestly what I’ve failed to realize for so long is that life is what you make of it. If you are not happy with something then you must change it and not wait for it to change on its own. I will admit there are quite a few aspects in my life I am not happy with and haven’t been happy with for awhile. Things I honestly thought would eventually change and till this day I am still waiting. I realize now in order for a change to take place I must step up to the plate. I will not go into details as to what they are but I will say many have been lingering for a few years while others are recent battle. These are my own personal battles I must deal with and no one can help me with. For the past few weeks and more so to
Matters Of The Heart
Today, I finally realized something about myself. I have closed down on love alot because of how bad I had bee hurt in past relationships. I had built a wall around me and my heart. I never wanted to let another soul in because it hurt so bad when they leave. I couldn't take that inda pain anymore. Too me, love had started hurting so bad that I closed down. I never wanted to love again. The pain in my heart I couldn't bear anymore. I alway excepted someone to hurt me so, I wanted to hurt them first before they hurt me. That was no way to live. You can't take out on someone what somebody else has done to you. It's hard to love once your heart has been shattered in a million pieces and you don't know which way to turn. Because he said, "I love you and I will never leave you. I will always be there". I started to believe there is no forever. How can you tell someone you love them and leave them? Love is giving someone the ability to hurt you but, trusting them not to. Love is a w
Today On World Rock Radio
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How Do You Rate Yourself In Bed
how do you rate yourself in bed
Happy New Year Everyone
happy new year everyone
I"M bored
Happy New Year !!
HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!! I hope everybody had a happy new years eve. Good Lick to all in the coming year!!
what's for lunch
This Is Bs
After a full week on Fubar -- my default pic suddenly gets "reported" to fubar as NSFW... gimme a f**king break... i'm completely covered, you can't actually see anything -- it's all suggested... yet some a**hole reports the image... if you can't take seeing a fun pic that shows NO actual naked body parts, then get the f**k off of fubar.. to the a$$hole who reported it, get bent and thanks for starting my new year off on the wrong foot... and probably the SAME a$$hole reported the pic of me and my little girl -- taken on her birthday, as NSFW... yet another pic with NO nudity, but because it was in the bath, it gets reported.. sonofabi*ch... a sweet pic taken on a big day in my daughter's life is marked as NSFW?!? Do you know how many pics i've seen on here of girls with their asses hanging out, bent over in front of the cmaera?!? F**K IT... get a motherf**king life...
I'm going to be deleting my fubar... cause I honestly don't want to deal with it anymore... Its just people that I chat with... that I wish I could meet in real life... and it will never be... its a downer. =0[
Having Peace Of Mind And Protection
My goal in life is to become financially stable. I recently was introduced to a growing business that really interest me. I am not one to try all these get rich schemes. This is something I think every average American should take advantage of. Something that will give you peace of mind and protection. The #1 fastest growing crime in the world is Identity Theft. I know of a great way you can protect yourself. I would like to share this with everyone. If you are interested in protecting your identity and having access to attorneys that you can talk to without having to worry about high attorney fees. PLEASE visit my website. This is something I take very seriously. I believe in this business so much. If you have any question the website will tell you a lot about the business. If you have further questions Please contact me by leaving a message on here or email me at I will be more than happy to get you in tou
I was the one awake, While everyone else was sleeping, And my eyes were hurting, From all the weeping, You taught me a lesson, A lesson you like to teach , You taught me last night, You even tried to preach, Why did you leave, You said that you won't, Said not in a million years, Shut up, just don't, My arms were wide open, Reaching out to you, But in the end you hurt me, The way you always do, All the time I waisted, I can never take back, All the tears I've tasted, Just for you to get a laugh, I needed you to love me, I wanted nothing more, I wanted you to hug me, Only you I adored, I Try to love another, Now that we're apart, And in the end again, Another broken heart, If I died, would anyone weep for me, Would they even write a melody, If I'd said I loved you, would you have said it back, If I 'd said I hated you, would you have turned around and laughed, All the questions that I have for you, I know the answers will never be
Virgin Suicide
She runs the blade across her wrist, Wondering if she'll get her wish, All alone she's in tears, Hears the ringing in her ears, Waiting for her life to end, She feels the anger that's within, I watch the blood run down her arm, It give me such alarm, I'm just her imaginary friend, If she dies my life will end, I touch her shoulder she starts to weep, The cut has went to deep, I turn away from her, I turn away from her, She cries out don't leave me, Another friend that deceives me, I call out for her mom, But she's passed out on the lawn, I call out for her dad, But he's been very bad, She trusted the wrong man, She trusted Damian, If God would only take her in, But what an awful sin, Suddenly she pushes away, By her side I'll have to stay, I try to give her air, All that's left is despair, I start to fade away, What a horrible day, By her side I will stay, Until I fade away......
World Rock Radio Celebrates 1 Year!
Click banner to visit our lounge Download our toolbar and listen to us anywhere! Chat & Request live too! World Rock Radio is celebrating our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY and throwing a HUGE PARTY on Saturday, January 19th from 6pm EST until 2am EST. Grab your friends, family, dogs, cats, and anyone else and join us for MUSIC, FUN, LAUGHS, and a CHITLOAD OF PRIZES!!! Just look at this ALL DAY line-up! 2:00PM EST 4:00PM EST 6:00PM EST 7:00PM EST 8:00PM EST 9:00PM EST 10:00PM EST 11:00PM EST 12:00AM EST (midnight) 1:00AM EST
A Real Boyfriend
Don't care if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now.... I dont care if you are a guy or a woman or Michael Jackson.....just read this, it will make a difference..... When she stares at your mouth [ Kiss her ] When she pushes you or hits you like a dumb ass cuz she thinks shes stronger than you [ Grab her and dont let go ] When she starts cursing at you tryin to act all tuff [ Kiss her and tell her you love her ] When she's quiet [ Ask her whats wrong ] When she ignores you [ Give her your attention ] When she pulls away [ Pull her back ] When you see her at her worst [ Tell her she's beautiful ] When you see her start crying [Just hold her and dont say a word ] When you see her walking [ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ] When she's scared [ Protect her ] When she steals your favorite hoody [ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night] When she teases you [ Tease her back and m
goodbye to all my fubar of luck to you all in 2008
New Years!
Im excited to start this new years right!
This is a strictly mathematical goes like this: What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in life? Heres a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions: If: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z is represented as: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26. Then: H-A-R-D-W-O-R-K 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98% and K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96% But , A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100% And, B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T 2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103% AND, look how far ass kissing will take you. A-S-S-K-I-S-S-I-N-G 1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118% So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty that While Hard work and Kn
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
So Just because I can I quit my job today!! I wonder how bad they want to keep me....... I hate Ford!! I'm a chevy girl all the way!! LOL I think its funny I love having the freedom to just say screw you........ Just had to say it!!
If You Go..
Heard you talk about leavin' Heard you talk about leavin' before Heard you talk about givin' up on me Heard you talk about changin' But talk is cheap and I've heard it all before It used to be that I'd fall apart but that don't work no more Cause you cant leave half way And i cant let you stay Take your promise Take your pain Take your restless heart If you go Go all the Don't look back Cause in my heart you've been gone so long I wont miss you that bad If you go Go all the way Don't look back She asked me why I'm not crying Cause I did all of my crying before I took off my pretty party dress And I don't dance no more I don't need someone else To make me feel myself Take your promise Take your pain Take your restless heart If you go Go all the way Don't look back Cause in my heart you've been gone so long That I won't miss you that bad If you go Go all the way Don't look back If you go Go all the w
how do you get paid?
Hillary & Slick Willy
I personally don't care how you vote or are registered, I just thought this was interesting so I posted it here :) HILLARY & SLICK WILLY ~PLEASE REMEMBER THIS WHEN HILLARY RUNS FOR PRESIDENT~ REMEMBER THIS FOREVER -- It is worse than you thought and remembered and well worth reading. P.S. This was written by a Democrat. Dear Mr. Ex-President Clinton: I recently saw a bumper sticker that said, 'Thank me, I voted for Clinton-Gore.' So, I sat down and reflected on that, and I am sending my 'Thank you' for what you have done, specifically: 1. Thank you for introducing us to Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broderick. Did I leave anyone out? 2. Thank you for teaching my 8-year old about oral sex. I had really planned to wait until he was a little older to discuss it with him, but now he knows more about it than I did as a senior in college. 3. Thank you for showing us that sexual harassment in the
Who Can Argue With This Isnt She Beautiful
Aerosmith 2 Can Seem To Get Thease On Stash So Here
Aerosmith - What it takes
So You Think You Like Hillary??
AN ANALYSIS WORTH READING :by Dick Morris, former political advisor to President Bill Clinton If you happen to see the Bill Clinton five minute TV ad for Hillary in which he introduces the commercial by saying that he wants to share some things we may not know about Hillary's background beware . As I was there for most of their presidency and know them better than just about anyone, I offer a few corrections; Bill says: "In law school Hillary worked on legal services for the poor." The facts are: Hillary's main extra-curricular activity in law school was helping the Black Panthers, on trial in Connecticut for torturing and killing a federal agent. She went to court every day as part of a law student monitoring committee trying to spot civil rights violations and develop grounds for appeal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bill says: "Hillary spent a year after graduation working on a children's rights project for poor kids." The facts are: Hillary interned with Bob Truehaft, t
Who Is This For?
i know nobody will ever read this.....this is a test so i can decde weither it will be a safe place to write my truth...........
Today i will be heading out to CA for the weekend to hang with my boys! I will see all my peoples when i return sunday! -Steve-
Amazingly Simple Home Remedies!
"AMAZINGLY SIMPLE HOME REMEDIES" 1. If you are choking on an ice cube simply pour a cup of boiling water down your throat. Presto! The blockage will instantly remove itself. 2. Avoid cutting yourself slicing vegetables by getting someone else to hold while you chop. 3. Avoid arguments with the Mrs. about lifting the toilet seat by using the sink. 4. For high blood pressure sufferers: simply cut yourself and bleed for a few minutes,thus reducing the pressure in your veins. Remember to use a timer. 5. A mouse trap, placed on top of your alarm clock, will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep after you hit the snooze button. 6. If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives, then you will be afraid to cough. 7. You only need two tools in life - WD-40 and Duct Tape. If it doesn't move and should, use the WD-40. If it shouldn't move and does, use the duct tape. 8. Remember: Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. Daily Tho
For My Heart
Love is so very special Yet can make you feel so lost It can arrive just like the springtime And melt away like morning frost You must find ways to nurture Always grow your love with care Never ever take for granted The love that you both share Mistakes are bound to happen You may hurt each other's heart Yet don't give up to easily It will tear your love apart Love resembles a bright flame That lights a dark starry night Never ever let this flame burn down Rekindle with all your might Take a moment every day Look deep into each other's eyes Never hesitate to show affection Small gestures will keep a love alive Talk openly about your feelings Take time to show that you care Treasure each and every moment Because to find true love is rare
Another Rant.. Fucking Mumms
I posted this as a bulletin, also, put it here, nothing personal, I guess I'm just not a mummer... It was fun getting to know you, Since all anyone does is mumm, I am cleaning everything out, except for the few who talk to me. I'm sick of having my alert box tied up w/ who voted on what mumm. Since no one will take the time to read this anyway, I guess it won't be a big loss. But I am also going to blog this so at you can't be mad at me for dropping you.. All of you have fun and enjoy your little mumm world..
Milk Bath For Beauty
A blonde heard that milk baths would make her beautiful. She left a note for her milkman to leave 25 gallons of milk. When the milkman read the note, he felt there must be a mistake. He thought she probably meant 2.5 gallons. So he knocked on the door to clarify the point. The blonde came to the door and the milkman said, "I found your note asking me to leave 25 gallons of milk. Did you mean 2.5 gallons?" The blonde said, "I want 25 gallons. I'm going to fill my bathtub up with milk and take a milk bath so I can look young and beautiful again." The milkman asked, "Do you want it pasteurized?" The blonde said, "No, just up to my boobs. I can splash it on my eyes."
What The ?
i was just sitting here getting drunk on Captain Morgan, and realized that more than half of the people on my so called "friends list" weren't my friends at all. they just added me so they would get points. it's all about winning some prize i guess. everytime i would send a message or shout or gift to some of the people on my friends list i would get no response at all, even when i could see they were logged in. this really pisses me off. so to all of the ones who never replied have been those who have been "friendly" you have been spared from the chopping block. this is a warning. i will not help anyone level up anymore unless they are my friends. so don't even bother adding me to your friends list if you won't even talk to me.
Sexiest Sexual Exchange
I've considered collective years...Sexy Sex is without interruptions in mind or space (prior relationships in mind, phones, music, porn pictures, dramatic sitcoms, etc.) individuals exchanging balanced energy with complete privacy. How can you tell the difference? Great question! Sexy Sex does Not have limitations on one's space, no jealousy, no insecurities, absent of any envy. Respectful freedom when the two of you Are apart. As you come together on any given day; you embrace being fully naked; emotionally then physically at your rightful position. Rightful position? Sure, the masculine energy is always touched like a King; the feminine energy is always caressed like a conquered Queen. How do you know you're the Sexiest one? Your King has honored you by standing to your left...Your King honors you with marriage...You feel his presence, full attention, and never ending protection...Your King will feel your Love or Bullshit too...Nothing is ever Perfect; Sure... people create, define,
6 Jan 2008, Damn Them Astro Slams
Dear Alexa, Here is your AstroSlam for Sunday, January 6: You're feeling down in the dumps today. You probably shouldn't have said all of those awful things to your partner. Hopefully nothing bad will happen to him or her before you apologize. That would suck big cojones.
I Miss You.
Before I sleep and after I wake up and all the hours in between ... you occupy my mind. So, practically every moment of the day you are in my thoughts. I miss you.
"dear God" By Xtc
This song is with my music if you would like to hear it... Dear God, I Hope you got the letter and I pray that you can make it better down here. I don't mean a big reduction in the price of beer. But all the people that you made in your image, See them starving on their feet 'Cause they don't get enough to eat From God. I Can't believe in you. Dear God, Sorry to disturb you but, I feel that I should be heard loud and clear. We all need a big reduction in amounts of tears. But all the people that you made in your image, See them fighting in the street 'Cause they can't make opinions meet About God. Can't believe in you. Did you make disease And the diamond blue? Did you make mankind After we made you? And the Devil too... Dear God, Don't know if you've noticed but Your name is on a lot of quotes in this Book. Us crazy humans wrote it; you should take a look. And all the people that you made in your image Still believin' that junk is true. Well, I k
Mosaic Heart
Little pieces put together a mosaic of memories, tiny bits that make it whole, like a cracked window, through which people see. A tired broken heart, of jagged glass that lie, in sparkling pieces on the ground, and with trembling hands, I cradle them with woeful sighs. the delicate pieces of my love, the shining joy of my adolescence, reflections of my sorrows, and melancholy everlasting, as I hold my shattered innocence. I've lost some pieces over time, some I've tossed away, others cut my hand without mercy, and with my tears mixing in the wounds, I put those back where they lay. The shards on which I hold dear, I put upon the injured wall, pin them up fragment by shred, to once again find myself whole, praying my heart will not fall. Like petite uncut gems, my heart seems torn and hollow, but the pieces that remain, left on the floor where I fear to walk, a path most fear to follow. You walk in them without doubt, you glimmer with a smile,
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New Tattoo This Weekend
Im getting my second Tattoo this weekend hopefully. Iam getting a Irish Celtic Knot on my right forarm. Ill put a pic of the tattoo of what im getting and then when i get the real thing ill put a pic of it on as well. -IrishSatanicRebel
I Cant Take It Back
I cant take back things i have said in my past.I can only try to make things better.I tend to be way to honest.I don't lie to keep my friends happy or my family.I don't see the point in it.If i lie then I have to keep doing it.Why do people say..."tell me...honestly...does my ass look fat in this?" Yes,it does and no you should never wear that again. I mean I could lie and then your ass would look fat in it and you would be pissed at me right? I don't ask if i don't want the truth damn it. I cussed I put it NSFW...gonna get my fucking account deleted for shit like that lol.I need my meds....i just dont want to get outta the bed for them :P
Me And My Sister Again
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TESTAMONY WRITTEN BY: CHESTER REESE II 12/23/07 If people knew where I’ve been in this world, They would be scared of me, For a long time nobody could see what it is I see, I had no idea what it was that God wanted me to be, I knew the story of how Jesus gave his life for my very soul, I had no idea that God’s love could make my broken heart become whole, Then one day I came to bad place, a place called Jail, God knew this was the time to show me I was on the way to Hell, Even though I knew the story of God’s love, My heart was still filled with pain, I knew how I was living, I also knew it was in vain, All my life; I never cared about God and his only son, In my eyes I hated God for the things people had done, As far as I was concerned, I was happy living in sin, I knew where I was, and I knew where I had been, But see that is the greatest thing about our Lord Jesus Christ, He not only forgives once, but also way more than twice, God knew to let me live
Ghost Filled
GHOST FILLED WRITTEN BY: CHESTER T. REESE II 12/20/07 One day my heart is filled with the Ghost, so I sit down to pray, But the funny thing is I don’t know what to say, So I say Lord give me the utterance to be able to pray, God comes to me and says my son don’t worry, When the ghost comes upon you be in no hurry, For sometimes it takes to know what to do, But know through that time, Just know that my son and I are forever with you, My Lord thank you Father God, Before you saved my soul, Hell is where I trod, Then I opened my BIBLE, and I realized where I stood, I realized that you sent your son to die on a piece of wood, By the stripes on his back I know I have been healed, When I step in a church my heart is Holy Spirit filled, I know that by his blood I have life ETERNALLY, I never knew a God that could love so thoroughly, My son I have always been with you, Before you were born I knew what you would do, I knew the stumbles in life you would someday
hi can you all rate my pic ples and my pro file or add me thax you and have nice day
Lsu Sends Osu To Another Loss
LSU sends Ohio State to another BCS loss Tue Jan 8, 7:44 AM ET NEW ORLEANS - The second-ranked LSU Tigers danced, dodged and darted their way into the end zone Monday night for a 38-24 victory, turning the BCS title game into a horrible replay for No. 1 Ohio State. Playing at their home-away-from-home in the Big Easy, the Tigers (12-2) became the first two-loss team to compete for the title. Still, LSU was a runaway No. 1 in the final Associated Press poll. The Tigers received 60 of 65 first-place votes from a national media panel. Georgia, Southern California, Missouri and Ohio State rounded out the top five. Georgia had three first-place votes while Southern Cal and No. 7 Kansas each had one. And while coach Les Miles got to hoist the $30,000 crystal prize, surely many fans around the country were wondering if someone else was equally worthy. The top six teams in the final AP poll all had two losses and Kansas had one. "Certainly there will be so
Wedding Rings
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My Husband
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Picture Me And Hubby
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Another Pic
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My Man Maded This
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HALLIRAY SEEM TO THINKS THAT CRYING WILL GET HER ELLECTED TO BE PRESIDENT . LET US NOT BE FOOL PEOPLES DO WE WANT THE SAME OLD POLICES THAT WE HAVE BEEN SEEING THE LAST 12 OR MORE YEAR NO IT'S TIME FOR CHANGES THAT MEAN NO CLINTONS AND NO BUSHS IN THE WHITEHOUSE > BE SURE TO READ IT ALL!!! > > If Hillary wins in 2008 and Bill is 'appointed' to fill her Senate > > seat and either live to retire 'they' (together or alone) would get > > two US Presidential retirement checks, two US Senate retirement > > checks, and a retirement check from the State of Arkansas . > > About the only thing they MIGHT NOT get is a Social Security > > check....but I wouldn't bet on it.... > > I understand ole Bill has earned $40,000,000 in the past six years. > > What a guy! > > AND THE REST OF THE STORY... Hilarious Rotten Clinton, as a New York State > Senator, now comes under the 'Congressional Retirement and Staffing Plan,' > which means that even if she never gets reelected,
Modern Day Pen Pals
Ok, so for those of you old enough to remember Pen and paper; you may remember the day when you would write a letter, to a friend, a family member or if so inclined a friend from far, far, away. The Pen Pal! Remember grade school, I think like, 4th grade when the teacher would come in and say today we are going to pick a pen pal from whatever country.... the two of you would right a couple of times or more and exchange information... It was a way for you to learn to write the english language and the pen pal to learn to read and write in english. It was so much fun! You felt so special. My first pen pal was from Greece, he was very nice and we wrote to each other several times. you would get so excited when you would receive the letter and know it was something special from across the world... some pen pals for some were from just across state lines or just different cultures right in your own community... Pen pals were people just different from you that you loved to hear from that
Master Midnight
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My Friend Midnight And A Ford Mustang
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Me As A Monkey Lol
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What Friends Are Like
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"why Doesn't Semen Taste Sweet?"
Why doesn't semen taste sweet? Body: This supposedly happened at Harvard University in October of last year. In a biology class, the Prof. was discussing the high glucose levels found in semen. A young female (freshman) raised her hand and asked "If I understand, you're saying there is a lot of glucose, as in sugar in male semen?" "That's correct", responded the Prof., going on to add statistical info. Raising her hand again, the girl asked, "Then why doesn't it taste sweet?". After a stunned silence, the whole class burst out laughing, the poor girl's face turned bright red, and as she realised exactly what she had inadvertently said (or rather implied), she picked up her books without a word and walked out of class.... and never returned. However, as she was going out the door, the Prof.'s reply was classic... Totally straight-faced he answered her question, "It doesn't taste sweet because the taste-buds for sweetness are on the tip of your tongue and not the back of your t
Why I Hate Organized Religion
All these scammers are going to the darkest caverns of hell to be ass-fu@*ed for eternity. .. I hope. . . Hinn, Hilliard resign ORU regents posts By JUSTIN JUOZAPAVICIUS, Associated Press Writer Two televangelists have resigned their posts as regents at Oral Roberts University, as the debt-ridden school tries to regroup following a spending scandal involving its former president. The university on Thursday also settled with one of three professors who filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the school. Benny Hinn and I.V. Hilliard resigned as regents, where they were involved in making major school decisions, university spokesman Jeremy Burton said Thursday. Burton declined to say why the two resigned, but said both wrote the board to express their support for the school's mission. The resignations come a month after the resignations from the board of regents of two other televangelists, Jesse Duplantis and Creflo Dollar. Hinn and Dollar are among six televa
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Me And My Family
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Me Check It Out Lol
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Wv Football
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Kids And Spiderman
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Dora And The Kids
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My Daughter
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Another Pix
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Hosted By: Single Cell ProductionsWhen: Saturday Feb 09, 2008 at 8:00 PMWhere: Amos� Southend1423 S. Tryon St.Charlotte, North Carolina|34 28203United StatesDescription:Single Cell Productions Presents: PURGATORY XXXVI: "Leather & Lace"Click Here To RSVP The Myspace Event Page!Click Here For Advance Tickets!
The Time Is Now
If you are ever going to love me, love me now, while I can know The sweet and tender feelings, which from true affection flow. Love me now, while I am living, don't wait til I am gone, And then have it chiseled in marble, Sweet words on ice cold stone. If you have tender thoughts of me, please, tell me now. If you wait til I am sleeping, never to awaken, There will be death between us, And I won't hear you then. So, if you love me, even a little bit... Let me know it while I am living, So I can treasure it... Food for thought, huh? Make sure you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, as often as possible...don't say, "I'll do it later"... Later may be too late...
Stupidity Should Be Painful
As Albert Einstein once quipped, “The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity” See below, another one of his theories proven…….. This is why I know I'll always have a job... A village somewhere has lost its idiot. This lesson is on how not to do things seems to totally escape some people. I'd love to see how the trip ended up but I feel confident he ended up in a ravine somewhere wondering why bad things seems to always happen to him. He's hooked up and ready to fly!! It's amazing how the extra weight really smoothed out the ride in the truck. He did have to air up the rear tires a bit (around 160 psi) He added some heavy-duty chain for extra support on the tailgate (note that he used the "Heavy-Duty 'S' hooks to attach the chain) He also paid-up for some BIG 5/16 sheetmetal screws to attach the frame to the tailgate. Yeah, he knows it's overkill, but he didn't want the possibility of having an accident Much of his t
Recipe For A Great Marriage
RED SKELTON'S RECIPE FOR THE PERFECT MARRIAGE 1. Two times a week, we go to a nice restaurant, have a little beverage, good food and companionship. She goes on Tuesdays, I go on Fridays. 2. We also sleep in separate beds. Hers is in California and mine is in Texas. 3. I take my wife everywhere.... but she keeps finding her way back. 4. I asked my wife where she wanted to go for our `nnivers`ry. "Somewhere I haven't been in a long time!" she said. So I suggested the kitchen. 5. We always hold hands. If I let gï, she shops. 6. She has an electric blender, electric toaster and electric bread maker. She said "There are too many gadgets and no place to sit down!". So I bought her an electric chair. 7. My wife told me the car wasn't running well because there was water in the carburetor. I asked where the car was; she told me "In the lake". 8. She got a mud pack and looked great for two days. Then the mud fell off. 9. She ran a
Something To Offend Everyone
SOMETHING TO OFFEND EVERYONE! What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball? Juan on Juan What is a Yankee? The same as a quickie, but a guy can do it alone. What is the difference between a Harley and a Hoover ? The position of the dirt bag Why is divorce so expensive? Because it's worth it. What do you see when the Pillsbury Dough Boy bends over? Doughnuts? Why is air a lot like sex? Because it's no big deal unless you're not getting any What do you call a smart blonde? A golden retriever. What do attorneys use for birth control? Their personalities. What's the difference between a girlfriend and wife? 45 lbs What's the difference between a boyfriend and husband? 45 minutes What's the fastest way to a man's heart? Through his chest with a sharp knife. Why do men want to marry virgins? They can't stand criticism. Why is it so hard for women to find men that are sensitive, caring, and good-looking? Because those men already have
New Music
Check out the Stoned Kings new hit with Baby Bash and David Wade "The Things You Do" and "Gone" on iTunes or go to
Da New Swagg
This will be their first album to blow up, but it's actually their second. Gotta go check them at ""
Well, today has gotten off to an interesting start. Chris and the boys were supposed to go with her sister out of town to her grandmother's and pick up a baby bassinette for her sister's upcoming baby. As usual, things didn't work out as planned. I don’t know if life is against me or if this is honestly just my luck, but every time I start to look forward to something, that something never happens. As I mentioned before, Chris is sick and can't keep anything down, so that stopped her from going with her sister. Earlier this morning she was talking with her sister and started to joke that it was morning sickness, which sent her sister off on a whole bitch fest, probably because dear ole "sis" can't stand me, of course the feeling is mutual. I was sitting at the computer, as usual, when all this was going on and when I heard Chris struggling in her "argument" I got up and went to bed. I get sooooo sick of her mother, brother and sister's "Holier than thou" attitude, the only realistic o
Chasing The Dream
Growing up I had this wonderful dream, I saw myself being graduated from college and working a well paying job that I loved. I'd have a wife that every man was jealous of and perhaps a kid or two that loved me and I loved them just as much in return. We had money, we had understanding but most of all we had love. Nice dream huh? Well, here it is ... I'm 29 now and I have nothing to show for the ten years that I have been away from home. I've had a multitude of jobs doing various works and about the equivalent number of women and failed relationships. It seems that somehow my employment and relationship histories are attached. I can't seem to hold on to either one for very long. With the jobs, it seems that I always start out at the bottom and I do my job well, I take pride in it in hopes that someone will notice. But it seems that I am constantly getting passed over for that big pay raise or promotion, simply because of the fact that I do my job so well and without any complaints (
It's Late, My Fet Hurt And I Wanna Vacation!!!
I just got off work; Things are going good still, although this is only my second day. I don't know quite what to think of this company just yet. I found out that they are staffed mostly by temp. Workers like myself and haven't made any moves towards doing any hiring. Oh well, I'll just go with it and see what happens. I started thinking about the work that I am doing tonight and realized that I could be doing the very same thing sitting right here in my family room. I mean, it's all done over the internet; they don't have anything special, except for routers and hubs and such. But that's just so they can hook up multiple computers to their internet connection. Wells sends everything via e-mail so it's not like I would have to go pick anything up or have anybody bring me anything to do it. I even jotted down the web address tonight to see if I could access my area from home. I mean, why should I drive 10 - 15 miles to another town to work and have to deal with a middle man when I could
Been A Long Time Since I Rocked And Rolled...
Wow! I just rediscovered my journal on here. I mean I knew that it was here all along, but I had been unable to access the account for one reason or another. But, I am back now, after having opened up one or two other accounts LOL. It's been a long time since I put anything down here. So, I suppose it's time to bring you guys up to speed. Since my last entry Chris and I have broken up. I took a job working for the apartment complex that we lived in as a maintenance man and she wound up staying unemployed. Things just got increasingly worse until it finally got to the point that I dreaded going home at the end of the work day. I befriended one of my co-workers, our leasing agent, named Jinya. She's 21, beautiful and full of energy. She's also a full time college student studying to be a theater major. This friendship caused a few problems between Chris and me as I started visiting Jinya after work to avoid going home. Nothing out of bounds or anything like that, just plain and simpl
Let Me Tell Ya A Lil Story About A Man Named Jed.......
OMG!!!!! Somebody save me! I swear I am stuck in a bad episode of the twilight zone. Growing up as I did, a privileged child, my friends and I used to make fun of anybody and everybody that lived in a trailer A.K.A mobile home. As I got older and supposedly wiser I started to change my thoughts on "trailer dwellers", I started being nicer to them and looked upon them as equals. Now, before I get too far into this, if you are reading this and you, yourself are residing in a trailer, you might be exempt from most of what I have to say here. I am just rambling on from personal experience in only one place and situation. We all know that I have gotten back with Chris and the boys, and those who have read this journal from the beginning know my past struggles with her and the boys. Well, I have gotten to see things in a whole different light now. After Chris and I broke up she decided to move back in with her parents because she couldn't stand seeing me and "her" together, being so happy
They Say You'll Never Be Given More Than You Can Handle....
Well, I introduced you to the family in my last entry, so you kind of have an idea of what I’m dealing with here. This morning I woke up to John, the three year old telling Chris that he wasn't going to lay down. After about three times of being told no, Chris gave in and said "fine! Go watch T.V.", OH BOY! Dontcha know that I was up in a heartbeat after hearing that. I walked out to the front room where mom had laid down on the couch and John was sitting in his "kid" recliner, which was right up against the television. I looked at Mom, then John and proceeded to swat his butt once and lay into him about listening to his mother, and then I laid into Mom about giving into John. Everybody wound up lying back down. LOL I wish that she could just be more aggressive with the boys and "persuade" them to do what she tells them to. She just has such a hard time with punishment, let alone spankings. All these boys have to do is smile at her when she's getting on to them and she melts. Now, I u
Something I Maded Awesomelilbunny
imikimi - Customize Your World
I support your right to chose (even though me personally dont agree with abortion) but i do feel this is true and should at least be read and considered first sorry to offend anyone Month One: Mommy I am only 8 inches long but I have all my organs. I love the sound of your voice. Every time I hear it I wave my arms and legs. The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby. Month Two Mommy today I learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me you could definitely tell that I am a baby. I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though. It is so nice and warm in here. Month Three You know what Mommy I'm a boy!! I hope that makes you happy. I always want you to be happy. I don't like it when you cry. You sound so sad. It makes me sad too and I cry with you even though you can't hear me. Month Four Mommy my hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine but I will have a lot of it. I spend a lot of my time exercising. I can
As I sat there in Enqlish class, I stared at the girl next to me. She was my so called "best friend". I stared at her long, silky hair, and wished she was mine. But she didnt notice me like that, I knew it. After class she walked up to me and asked me for the notes she had missed the day before and handed them to her. She said "thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I wanna tell her, I want her to know that I don`t wanna be "just friends", I love her but I`m just too shy, and I don`t know why. . 11th Grade The phone rang. It was her. She was in tears, mumbling on and on about how her love had broke her heart. She asked me to come over because she didn't want to be alone so I did. As i sat next to her on the sofa, I stared at her soft eyes, wishing she was mine. After 2 hours, a Drew Barrymore movie, & 3 bags of chips, she decided to go to sleep. She looked at me, said "Thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell her, I
Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees; a dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats One by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare. Each of them was searching, for a man who wasn't there. "Where's her da
Maded For Friend Classy Sassy
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Piece Of Shit.
Piece of shit.
My Friends
imikimi - Customize Your World
Im the guy who will text you every single morning and tell you good morning and every single night to tell you sweet dreams. Im the guy who will hold you when you're crying and wipe away your tears. Im the guy who still thinks you're beautiful with no makeup on wearing sweats and a big t-shirt. Im the guy who won't pressure you to do things you dont want to. Im the guy who will show up at your house with soup and a movie when you aren't feeling well. Im the guy who kisses you on the forehead. Im the guy who doesnt kiss and tell. Im the guy who actually listens to you when you talk. Im the guy who's excited all day because im looking forward to our date that night. Im the guy who is content to just be able to hold you and wants nothing more. I'm the guy who can't help but smile when you walk into the room. Im the guy who's perfectly content with staying in and watching movies and cuddling. Im the guy who won't lie to you about where he's going or wher
Her smile I love, And her heart is made of gold, She was sent from above, Her hand I want to hold, As I wait for her to love me, I think I can not wait anymore, Was this really meant to be, Or will my heart just end up broke, I will wait until I die, Just to see if it’s true, I will wait forever, Just to hear her say I love you
Look into my eyes and youll see Im the only one Youve captured my love stolen my heart Changed my life Every time you make a move you destroy my mind And the way you touch I lose control and shiver deep inside You take my breath away You can reduce me to tears with a single sigh Evry breath that you take Any sound that you make is a whisper in my ear I could give up all my life for just one kiss I would surely die if you dismiss me from your love You take my breath away So please dont go Dont leave me here all by myself I get ever so lonely from time to time I will find you anywhere you go Ill be right behind you Right until the ends of the earth Ill get no sleep until I find you To tell you that you just take my breath away I will find you anywhere you go Right until the ends of the earth Ill get no sleep until I find you To tell you when Ive found you I love you Take my breath take my breath ... away
Over a gynecologist's office: "Dr. Jones, at your cervix." On a plumber's truck: "We repair what your husband fixed." On the trucks of a local plumbing company in NE Pennsylvania: "Don't sleep with a drip. Call your plumber." Pizza shop slogan: "7 days without pizza makes one weak." Outside a muffler shop: "No appointment necessary. We hear you coming." In a veterinarian's waiting room: "Be back in 5 minutes. Sit! Stay!" Door of a plastic surgeon's office: "We can help you pick your nose!" On an electrician's truck: "Let us remove your shorts." In a non-smoking area: "If we see smoke, we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action." On a maternity room door: "Push. Push. Push." At an optometrist's office: "If you don't see what you're looking for, you've come to the right place." In the front yard of a funeral home: "Drive carefully. We'll wait."
Confucius Says: *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Virginity like bubble, one prick, all gone. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who run in front of car get tired. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who run behind car get exhausted. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Foolish man give wife grand piano, wise man give wife upright organ. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man with one chopstick go hungry. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who scratch ass should not bite fingernails. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Man who eat many prunes get good run for money. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Baseball is wrong: man with four balls cannot walk. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Panties not best thing on earth! But next to best thing on earth. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* War does not determine who is right, war determine who is left. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Dear Alcohol, First and foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect gift, post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around at the holidays (hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings). However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences: 1.Phone Calls: While I agree with you that communication is important. I question the suggestion that any conversation after 2 a.m. can have much substance or necessity. Why would you make me call my ex's? Especially when I know, for a fact, they DO NOT want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night. 2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal. But, why do you suggest that I eat a taco with chili sauce along with a big Italian meatball an
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may leave you wondering what the hell happened to your bra and panties. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make you think you are whispering when you are not. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: The consumption of alcohol is a major factor in dancing like a retard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: The ! consumption of alcohol may cause you to tell your friends over and over again that you love them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may cause you to think you can sing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may lead you to believe that ex-lovers are really dying for you to telephone them at four in the morning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WA
1) New York City has 11 letters 2) Afghanistan has 11 letters. 3) Ramsin Yuseb (The terrorist who threatened to destroy the Twin Towers in 1993) has 11 letters. 4) George W Bush has 11 letters. 5) The two twin towers make an "11" 1) New York is the 11th state. 2) The first plane crashing against the Twin Towers was flight number 11. 3) Flight 11 was carrying 92 passengers. 9 + 2 = 11 4) Flight 77 which also hit Twin Towers, was carrying 65 passengers. 6+5 = 11 5) The tragedy was on September 11, or 9/11 as it is now known. 9 + 1+ 1= 11 6) The date is equal to the US emergency services telephone number 911. 9+ 1 + 1 = 11. 1) The total number of victims inside all the hi-jacked planes was 254. 2 + 5 + 4 = 11. 2) September 11 is day number 254 of the calendar year. Again 2 + 5 + 4 = 11. 3) The Madrid bombing took place on 3/11/2004. 3 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 4 = 11. 4) The tragedy of Madrid happened 911 days after the Twin Towers incident. The most reco
Some kids piss their names in the snow. I can piss my name in concrete. I counted to infinity twice. Once while having sex in a tractor trailer part of my sperm escaped and got into the engine,we now know this truck as Optimus Prime. I can do wheelies on a unicycle. I once won a game of connect 4 in 3 moves Once a cobra bit my leg. After 5 days of excruciating pain the cobra died I can slam revolving doors. Superman owns a pair of my pajamas. If it looks like chicken,Tastes like chicken,and feels like chicken but I says it's beef then it's fucking beef. Giraffes were created when I uppercutted a horse. I secretly sleep with every woman in the world once a month. They bleed for a week after as a result. When I give you the finger,I'm telling you how many seconds you have to live. I can kill 2 stones with one bird. I doesn't pop my collar,my shirt just gets erections when they touch my body. I'm the only person on the planet that can kick the bac
And On The 8th Day........
"And on the seventh day the lord did drive his Ranchero, and it came to pass that he popped the hood to gaze upon the Cleveland he had created, and he saw that it was good. And the serpent was upon the motor, for there were 8 venturis, and this too was good. So the Lord closed the hood and did drive from the garden of Dearborn, until he came to the house of Chevrolet where Satan was complaining that his cam had walked through his tin can timing cover. And the Lord didst ask "Why art thou persisting with such heresy? Turn thee to the light, and see that it is blue". And satan grunted, for his waterpump-on-a-stick didst fall upon him, and he was of foul humour. Seeing this, the Lord didst spin his tires all the way into 4th, and lo Satan was enshrouded in a curious blue mist that not being of oil, didst confuse him, and he was unable to see the light. And so it came to pass that satan remained loyal to the house of Chevrolet". Amen.
Fubar Friends
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Wild Child
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imikimi - Customize Your World
A Mother's Love / A Child's Pain
I remember when you were small Just barely a few feet tall In your pale blue eyes the future I did see With your tiny hands my face you touched I closed my eyes with awe Trapped gently in all that was you With just a smile you touched my heart The years passed by as they often do Times had changed and you withdrew In desperation alone you cried Pain pooling in those pale blue eyes I reached for you You shied away No greater pain I ever knew Your eyes grew cold Your innocence they have stole Death would stroke your tender thoughts As you sat alone with in the dark But cant you see without you there is no me Without your love I can not dream My heart does ache my soul does scream Before you take your final road Listen to these words of love. "Trust in me for I am here, to brush away your every tear." Nixy
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I'm sure that not alot of you will really care, but I'm goin to be deleting my fubar account! The reason for this is because I don't have alot of time to check to see if no one left me a message or whatever! So as of monday Jan. 13th. my account will be deleted! For those who care, let me know and I'll let you know how you can stay in contact with me!
So Far So Good!!!
Ok!! I begin my PT on Thursday, and I visit the surgeon on Wednesday. So far meds. are working just great. I am in no more pain, just dealing with the numbness now. In doing research on my injury I now know that surgery will not be likely. I am healing as expected, so that is a relief to me. We will see what the surgeon says however on Wed. Hope all is well with u all.
To My Lover Who Know Her
dear love my soul meet your soul befor we come to life and i knew you witout time live with you in zando your soul give me all my life i need you to still life you are my all need love is you happiness are you you are my sky my air my blood you ddidnot beleive me because you are practical but me is romantic may be me knew you mor than you your knew to you you need price of love how? love is great mor than eny price love is a gift from our god love are only fact in our life I love the love only love
A World Of Glass
As I stand within this world of glass my eyes wide with the horror before me. My thoughts becoming twisted forms of illusions you chose to create. Dreams no longer are comforting but condemning forms of self-abuse. Love no longer bringing pleasure but an endless source of pain. Hope as if a forgotten novel lay tossed aside in a darkened corner. All I know and once found comfort in vanishing without a trace. When all is lost what is it there is left to see? When I no longer can stand inside your twisted version of what should be. Will you still refuse to see within you is me and with in me there is you? Will you cast me out and stand aside laughing while I begin to bleed? Or will you embrace this our reality and allow again your heart to be free. Nixy
Well i have theses so called friends, that when i really needed them, are never there go figure!!! But when they want to talk or want something they expect you to be right there and pay attention...And they expect you to forgive them over and over, damn people need to grow the f--- up..I could of been dead by now, they never would have cared.. Hum friends or not......
Biker Bar A blind man wanders into an all girls biker bar by mistake. He finds his way to a bar stool and orders some coffee. After sitting there for a while, he yells to the waiter, 'Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?' The bar immediately falls absolutely silent. In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says, 'Before you tell that joke, sir, I think it's only fair, since you are blind, that you should know five things: 1. The bartender is a blonde girl with a baseball bat. 2. The bouncer is a blonde girl. 3. I'm a 6 foot tall, 175 lb. Blonde with a black belt in karate. 4. The woman sitting next to me is blonde and a professional weightlifter. 5. The lady to your right is blonde and a professional wrestler. Now, think about it seriously, Mister. Do you still wanna tell that joke?' The blind ma n thinks for a second, shakes his head, and mutters, 'No...not if I'm gonna have to explain it five times.'
Just Hanging Out On Fubar
Brave warriors in suits of armor yellow and black, Answering a call for help without question they go on the attack. Mounting their powerful steeds of gleaming gold and red, Of their fears and worries nothing is said. They race to the battle, an unforgiving demon to slay, Until the task is complete not one will stray. Working to exhaustion as their chest's pound, Into the lair of the beast, insane as it may sound. To snatch a person from death is the goal and greatest reward, It's what all the preparation and self sacrifice is geared toward. They love their country and all their neighbors the same, It's a vocation that provides little financial profit or gain. Their mission is simple the American dream to defend, A life to save, a home to protect, to this they will tend. JDK
Every person has something that fills his or her heart with purpose. Some it is as simple as buying movies to fill the “ultimate” collection, or model trains, or even video games. For me it is playing music. Lately my heart hurts with the lack of it. The strings turning black with oxidation, dust settles on the fret board; with silence its only sound. This is my bass guitar. This is my ally, in plight and in joys, cold with uselessness weeks at a time. I wish and dream in the thoughts of music. Melodies and “riffs” accompany my every emotion and thought. Though this is cliché, I have no canvas as to paint. For this is my melancholy. With a few friends, I had a band-aid to mask this dilemma. Now it is no longer the case, as with much of our lives, a page has turned. So fond of the sweet taste of those memories, it stings the very palette I aim to satisfy, if thoughts drift to then. Sometimes I just sit and stare at my bass, or my lyrics and a song by the band cold, runs th
Wolf Spirit
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Things I Read That Ment Alot To Me
Part of the reason women are so tired is because we are spending SO much energy trying to "keep it together." So much energy devoted to suppressing the pain and keeping a good appearance. "I'm gonna harden my heart," sang Randy Ross. "I'm gonna swallow my tears." This is a terrible way of living your life. Part of this is driven by fear that the pain will overwhelm us. That we will be consumed by our sorrow. Grief, dear sisters, is good. Grief helps to heal our hearts. Why, Jesus himself was a "Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief" (Isa. 53:3 NKJV)
Beautiful Women
So while i was in Cali i saw some beautiful women and thought WOW there amazing, then i got to know them and was like what? you look great when you keep your mouth shut and just stand there, how come women go through alot to look beautiful on the outside but dont take time to create a beauitful person on the inside? it is because there inscure? or it it because they dont know what guys look for in women?
Lasting Love
With winter's cool kiss, they embrace. Two hearts that beat as one. No words were spoke as their souls take flight on the endless bitter winter night. With in their love there are no rules place upon them by mindless fools. They'd try to break them and make them see this love of theirs was not meant to be. But through it all they'll survive and keep this precious love alive. For in their love there is no pain. Only memories of those they once left behind. They found each other in the night, their hearts a flame their eyes shone bright. In that moment time stood still their hearts . They lost each other once in time. His thoughts of anger ruled his mind. Her gentle tears fell like rain. As fate would have it they'd met again, like two old forgotten friends. With the softest touch and slightest look deep inside the spark does grow. Their minds at peace their souls at rest the purest love is now revealed. Where others failed they will win, t
Pool Of Sorrow
Upon the rock of life she sits The pool of sorrow licking wickedly are her tiny feet Misunderstanding brought the tears Alone and vurnerable to their tortures She listens............ You are tainted child Ruined for lifetimes to come Come home..... Depression stood on the banks of despair His hand out stretched ~ Come to me........ Come let me dry you tears From behind her the light begins to warm her cooling flesh Listen ........ A gentle voice calls The sound of laughter warms a aching heart The feel of love.... warms a dying heart She turns ..........Hope beckons her Confusion sets in......... Her mind begins to race The battle begins. Nixy
What To Do, What To Do...
I can't decide if I want to persue drumming or bass as my primary musical endeavor. I can't give either up completely, but I'm having a very hard time deciding which to dedicate myself to! HELP :)
I Just Wanted 2 Say
I am out of here and it has been fun but I need to go now because i am moving to alaska 2 be with my new girlfriend and her man! I will miss u all and it was nice knowing the ones in my friends list! Always, JUST ME
Ok here we go people....I am starting a trend here on Wednesday you are required to show all of your friends and family your tits We are going to call this Whipum out Wednesday (WOW) it doesn't matter if your a girl or guy everyone should spread the love and do this...Help me get this started people...
U.s. Health Care System Really Gives It To You Up The Ass!!
F-in bastards probably didn't even use KY!! Man: NY hospital forced rectal exam Wed Jan 16, 11:26 AM ET A construction worker claimed in a lawsuit that when he went to a hospital after being hit on the forehead by a falling wooden beam, emergency room staffers forcibly gave him a rectal examination. Brian Persaud, 38, says in court papers that after he denied a request by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital emergency room employees to examine his rectum, he was "assaulted, battered and falsely imprisoned." His lawyer, Gerrard M. Marrone, said he and Persaud later learned the exam was one way of determining whether he had suffered spinal damage in the accident. Marrone said his client got eight stitches for a cut over his eyebrow. Then, Marrone said, emergency room staffers insisted on examining his rectum and held him down while he begged, "Please don't do that." He said Persaud hit a doctor while flailing around and staffers gave him an injection, which knocked him ou
If Your Not Into Metal You Are Not My Friend!!!!
The Making Of Love
The making of love in my eyes... is a feeling of passion, hope, lust and utter devotion to one another. To be woken from sleep in the dead of night by sweet whispering in my ear, the touch of a hand on my face and the sensual kisses on my neck...only to fall into one anothers arms and make love, kissing passionately and holding each other as if we were one, looking into each others eyes to see the love shared between us as we whisper from our lips," I love you ", over and over again. Hearts beating so hard that we feel the rhythm against our chests as we get closer to each other. When the love making stops, we continue to embrace one another, my head on his chest, his arms cuddling me closer as his other hand strokes my hair until I fall into sweet dreams of us all over again!!!
9 Words Women Use
1. Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2. Five Minutes: If s he is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minute s to watch the game before helping around the house. 3. Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4. Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5. Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6. That's Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you wi
Religious Truths
Four Religious Truths... During these serious times, people of all faiths should remember these four religious truths: 1. Muslims do not recognize Jews as God's chosen people. 2. Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah. 3. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian world. 4. Baptists do not recognize each other at Hooters.
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Mizz With Lightin
Just Me Again
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Feelin Pathetic
so im feeling pathetic. still kinda hung up on the married guy, although i know i shouldnt be. if you've ever been in love and for one reason or another it hasnt worked out and trust has been broken then you know how hard it is to stop loving someone. time and effort were put into that relationship - at least by me. he's over it and was able to turn his back and go home. me, im left to pick up the pieces by myself. so, how am i going to do it you ask? im moving. im leaving this sorry ass state to go to another one! LOL. my sister lives in Indiana and has been bugging me since i moved here and had my life fall apart to move up there. i have finally decided to do it. i am scared to death, but feel that it is the best thing to do. i have two kids and am on the brink of an emotional breakdown. i realize i need that support, ya know? my dad has been great the last few months, but god only knows how long that will last. he is the reason i moved here and then he dropped me like shit on
Family Ties
Family Ties Fighting back tears Is part of the pain. Nothing but loss, Nothing to gain. I cry so often Over everything. Inside me The pain Runs deep. No rest at all. Not even in sleep. I know It’s time To do something More. Overcome these Feelings That I can’t Ignore. The hurt is Real. I can’t deny. But my whole Life Has been one big Lie. How can I sort This, in my mind? I’ve been lied to So long, All this time. It doesn’t seem Real. It goes on and on Taking its toll Way beyond. I’m about done With all the lies. Time to set them Straight. Or cut all ties. © 2007, Kristin E. Porter. All rights reserved. No republication of this material, in any form or medium, is permitted without express permission of the author.
Hope? Some may think that all is good, I know different. Evil has seeped in, Taking what it wants When it wants Taking hostage those Unfamiliar With good things. Children and adults alike. Anyone can be taken Only to tear others Down. Rip them Apart. Treading heavily on the Heart. Things were never great, But good was there for a Little while. Making us comfortable. Comfort is gone, In mind and body and Soul. Children and adults alike, Being torn apart Because all is not as it was Before. People change I say, We move on, Move away. Learning things As we go. Some, thinking they Know Everything Children and adults alike Know nothing But what they want To know. Have I allowed things to become Worse? I think, I may have. We carry on, Others act up. Life is not good, Today. Tomorrow? Maybe. I hope. © 2007, Kristin E. Porter. All rights reserved. No republication of this material, in any form or medium, is permitted without
Something You Might Be Interested In
Safety Tips -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please read these safety tips and check the box below. No social networking site is safe, including myYearbook. Reporting bad people to the police is important. Remember to call law enforcement if threatened. Don't lie about your age. If you lie about your age, your profile may be deleted without notice. Don't give out your contact information. myYearbook is a public space, including your profile. Anything you post is available to the whole world. Don't post things you wouldn't want the whole world to know. Don't post your phone number, address, IM screen name, or your specific whereabouts. Report nudity, harassment, hate speech, and other inappropriate content. Call the cops if you think anyone is in danger. You can be denied admission to college or a job based on things you put in your profile. It has happened. Don't let it happen to you. Don't post things that can embarras
Something I Maded For A Friend
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Las Vegas Church Scene
Great American Stories
Four Great Short Stories These tales make your American spirit pulsate....... When in England at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of "empire building" by George Bush. He answered by saying, "Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return." It became very quiet in the room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Then there was a conference in France where a number of international engineers were taking part, including French and American. During a break one of the French engineers came back into the room saying "Have you heard the latest dumb stunt Bush has done? He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims. What does he intended to do, bomb them?" A Boeing e
Looney Tunes Poppin Bottles
Backyardigans Fergie
I can stir you up a poem that will metaphorically mix your espresso crème, dark brown spicy chai dream, warm honey coated, drip drip drop indigo notions with your vibe scene. While I beat stanzas with brand new adjectives created just to make similies fall weak while I slowly swirl my ink on your ink… spilling into black cherry puddles, after I speak…in whispers so quiet on the lobe, breath filling all space making tingles happen in f o l d after f o l d, whipped into raspberry plush molds of mounds and mind, whisking nectar from peaches with the juices that born sensuous thought… nothing else as delectable… nothing of this kind… can you withstand? palpable poetry simmered into syrups that sweeten thighs and lips, hips and eyes, any color imaginable that come standard with midnight skies allow this poetess to coalesce your subconscious into a lucid affair with all things that transgress definition and embrace states of being, mixed, sw
Once Again.....
Once again I bare witness to the rising of the Sun. Those early morning beams are a painful reminder that now you're just a memory. Loneliness puts it's cold grip around my soul once again. It's not very often I find myself at a loss for words, but then again, it's not very often I find myself getting hurt. As you see, normally I don't let people get close to me. A self-defense mechanism that I've had since my early years. Even the people who've known me the longest, people I've known my entire life, people that I consider family and even some that really are family..... They don't know me at all. They think they do, but at the end of the day, I'm just a familiar stranger. It doesn't bother me. I know it's my own fault. I guess I'm just more comfortable with the idea of not letting anybody in deep enough to be able to hurt me. It's been a double-edged sword of sorts through all my years. By not letting anybody in I create a false sense of security, so I feel safe but when I need someon
Things Happen For A Reason
Things Happen For a Reason Sometimes we sit and wonder why in the world things happen but they happen for a reason. Maybe it's to open our eyes to see what's going on right in front of us or what might happen in the future. We never know from day to day how things will turn out but we should always hope for the best. No matter who you are mad at never leave that person without letting them know you care. For the simple reason they may not be here tomorrow or next week. We never know who will be next. I regret things that I say sometimes but I try to make things right by telling them I'm Sorry. I lost a brother it will be a year July 26th. I hadn't talked to him or seen him for 5 years and I regret every minute of everyday for not staying in contact with him but when I talked to my dad I would always ask him if he had talked to him and tell him I said hello or something. It happened for a reason. I miss him dearly but I will see him again in a matter of time. I'm not sure why but I t
What Eye Color Are You
Black Eyes People with black eyes spend the shortest time in relationships except for the one with their current addiction. They always fall in love with anything that has two legs, a pulse.They are great kissers----until they vomit all over you.. If you dont repost this and you have black eyes you will either spend the night in jail, or wake up next to some weird guy you've never seen before within the next 2 days. ___________________________________________________________ Blue Eyes People with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. They are kind, pretty or handsome, very good kissers and are really hot. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why. They are very funny, outgoing and don't care what people think or say. They love to party.They are very satisfying and love to please. Are straight up WARRIORS when they need to be.They are bad to the bone. If you repost this and you have blue eyes you will have the best kiss sometime in the next
My Next Tattoo
possibly? I can picture it in my head. I'm only putting this here as a storage for my thoughts. I want to do my full left leg up to or maybe past my knee, it has a dragonfly already, my thoughts, I fill it out with bulrushes, maybe add a frog make it look like a swamp, but as you go to the other side of the leg I want the swamp dying. I want there to be a wraith or cloaked figure and the bulrushes are bigger then him. He's holding onto 2 bulrushes and they're dead. Lots of fog, really eerie, the water turns from bluish to brown/green, or red like blood. Just thoughts so far..
How A Seven Year Old Explains Sex
How a seven year old explains sex Jonny is seven years old and unlike any other boys his age rather curious. He had been hearing quite a bit about 'making out' from the older boys, and he wondered what it was and how it was done. One day he took his question to his mother, who became rather flustered. Instead of explaining things to Johnny, she told him to hide behind the curtains one night and watch his older sister and her boyfriend. This he did. The following morning, Johnny described EVERYTHING to his mother. "Sis and her boyfriend sat and talked for a while, then he turned off most of the lights. Then he started kissing and hugging her. I figured 'Sis must be getting sick, because her face started looking funny. He must have thought so too, because he put his hand inside her blouse to feel her heart, just the way the doctor would. Except he's not as sm
I Am A Submissive Woman
I am a submissive woman. I am just that. I am not submissive because of any inferiority on my part. Not because I feel I am less intelligent, or less wise than those who identify as dominant - or those who do not identify with any alternate lifestyles. I am not submissive because of the lack of strength or mass of my body. I am not, nor would I want to be submissive to everyone. But for you - I will become your slave. I will be your slave only after gaining trust in you.. and in gaining more trust and earning your trust.. I will embrace your dominance - and eventually I will embrace your mastery. You have looked into my heart and mind and are beginning to see my desires and passions. I work daily at throwing away my fears and inhibitions. You and I both tell each other of the needs of our hearts and bodies. I am giving you access to my soul, and you have accepted that responsibility and see it as an honour. I am a woman. I am not weak or inferior because
What It's Like To Wake Up Dead. . .
Not dead yet, Chilean man wakes up at his own wake Sun Jan 20, 4:05 PM ET An 81-year old man in the small Chilean village of Angol shocked his grieving relatives by waking up in his coffin at his own wake, local media said on Sunday. When Feliberto Carrasco's family members discovered his body limp and cold, they were convinced that the octogenarian's hour had come, so they immediately called a funeral home, not a doctor. Carrasco was dressed in his finest suit for the wake, and his relatives gathered to bid him a final farewell. "I couldn't believe it. I thought I must be mistaken, and I shut my eyes," Carrasco's nephew Pedro told the daily Ultimas Noticias. "When I opened them again, my uncle was looking at me. I started to cry and ran to get something to open up the coffin to get him out." The man who "rose from the dead" said he was not in any pain, and only asked for a glass of water. Local radio also surprised listeners by announcing a correction to Carr
Global Warming Now Blamed On Belching Cows
Sweden to study belching cows Mon Jan 21, 12:42 PM ET A Swedish university has received $590,000 in research funds to measure the greenhouse gases released when cows belch. About 20 cows will participate in the project run by the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, about 40 miles north of Stockholm, officials said Monday. Cattle release methane, a greenhouse gas believed to contribute to global warming, when they digest their food. Researchers believe the level of methane released depends on the type of food the eat. Project leader Jan Bertilsson said that the cows involved in the study will have different diets and wear a collar device measuring the methane level in the air around them. He said 95 percent of the methane released by cows comes out through the mouth. "This type of research is already being conducted in Canada so we will be in contact with Canadian agricultural researchers in the near future," he said. The research will be
Join Us For Krush Fest!!
Click banner to visit the KRUSH Radio websiteHey Everyone...for the first time in 3 years, we're having another KrushFest...this time, we're Taking on the Big EASY! Thats right, New Orleans. Here are the particulars for ya:May 15th-18th 2008Firstly, We've gotten special room rates at the Dauphine. Ask for Jennifer and mention 1-(800)-521-7111 The best rooms to get are the ones around 108 and 109... 108 can fit 4 people, 109 is for 2. If we fill those rooms, we'll have a private courtyard for ourselves. If you're looking for something cheaper, request the tower. And yes, the Dauphine is located in the French Quarter.Now, if you're looking for cheap airfare, the best 2 places to look are on and for anything, really. I know we have friends at alot of the bars there, including the blues club. If you're gonna go, reply to this thread, we'll see what we can do.Any Questions, post 'em here or send me a personal message. And if you are
I'm Deleting This Accoun
ok i've decided to delete this account. i am never on it maybe once a month if that. I am on my other profile every day..please feel free to add me. i will be deleting this at the end of the week Baby-Gurl *FU wife to Cuppycake* ~FU- Bombers Family Manager , recruiter/promotor~@ fubar
So today was a fairly crappy one. Work was painfully boring and uneventful and left us with more than ample time to discuss all of our wonderful relationship woes. The one thing that seems to bother me most about women is the 'Bad Boy Syndrome.' How does an intellegent woman consciously decide that the best option for them is a guy who talks down to them, takes from them, treats them like a piece shit and sugar coats it with 'I love you's.' You give up your friends, freedoms, dreams and personal safety because he's got something special that you just can't quite put your finger on. Newsflash ladies, its his asshole, it's what he does all his talking through. You cry and complain about how horribly he treats you and lean on the nice guys shoulder. Ever consider that if you dated the nice guy instead of the bad boy that you wouldn't need a shoulder to cry on because you'd be able to see your friends when you wanted, your dreams would be supported and when he says I love you its fol
Recipe For Jaylen (kissin Katie)
3 parts understanding 2 parts warmth 1 part fascination Splash of flair Finish off with a little umbrella and straw.
The Fool Card
The fool is the card of infinite possibilities. The bag on the staff indicates that he has all he needs to do or be anything he wants, he has only to stop and unpack. He is on his way to a brand new beggining. But the card carries a little bark of warning as well. Stop daydreaming and fantasising and watch your step, lest you fall and end up looking the fool.
Water Effect
i can make water picture if you want one let me know
if your going block me then don't come to my page alright I"M not a blocker alright yea i don't get the blocking thing so yea (:
Bear Hunting, Republican Style
Bear Hunting - Republican Style The Pope took a couple of days off to visit the mountains of Alaska for some sight-seeing. He was cruising along the campground in the Pope-mobile when there was a frantic commotion just at the edge of the woods. A helpless liberal Democrat, wearing sandals, shorts, a "Save the Whales" hat, and a "To Hell with Bush" T-shirt, was screaming while struggling frantically, thrashing around trying to free himself from the grasp of a 10 foot grizzly bear. As the Pope watched horrified, a group of Republican loggers came racing up. One quickly fired a .44 magnum into the bear's chest. The other two reached up and pulled the bleeding, semiconscious liberal Democrat from the bear's grasp, then using long clubs, the three loggers finished off the bear and two of them threw it onto the bed of their truck while the third tenderly placed the injured liberal Democrat in the back seat. As they prepared to leave, the Pope summoned them to come
Hot News
Bomb squad disarm vibrator A bomb disposal squad was called out in Sweden to deal with a vibrating package - which turned out to be a sex toy. A janitor alerted police after he found the package in the garage of an apartment building in Goteborg, reports Metro. The package was humming and vibrating suspiciously, so police took no chances and sent out a team of explosives experts. After cordoning off the area, they opened the package with bomb disposal equipment, only to find the battery-operated device inside. "The package was vibrating when the janitor found it, but I think it had sort of died out by the time it was disarmed," police spokesman Jan Strannegard said. He said police did not know who it belonged to: "We don't really expect anybody to come asking for it." he added.
Good Citizen Burglar
Burglar finds corpse and calls police Thu Jan 17, 12:57 PM ET A Berlin burglar's break-in took an unexpected turn when he stumbled upon a corpse and felt compelled to call the police. "He called to say he'd just broken into a flat and found a dead body," said a spokeswoman for Berlin police Thursday. "He gave the address of the place and then hung up." Officers discovered the 64-year-old resident of the flat dead in his bedroom. The man had passed away about two weeks ago, and authorities are not treating the death as suspicious. The burglar has not been heard of since. Local media said he fled the apartment empty-handed, but police could not confirm this.
A Promise
A Promise... Never To Be Broken By Noey Thoughts of you illuminate my soul. My mind races as waves of passion flush over my pale skin. Have I ever told you that if I sit really still and silent sometimes, I like to think that I can hear your heart beating in time with mine? There have been so many times when I ached for you... ached for you so badly that the emotions overwhelmed me... I reach out... hoping to feel the slightest bit of you... your skin, your breath, anything... I keep my head up, knowing we are closer to having each other; For I have found a place I want to be, this place I see is with you, in your arms. Your arms... a safe haven just for me. I give my heart to you, for my heart believes in you. My Promise to you: I promise to work out our problems together. If you ever need me I'll give it my all and work out the problems, big or small. I'll hold you when you are down, make you smile not frown. I only wish to make you see... I"ll give you nothing but
To You...
To You... I am still amazed that I have you. It's still hard to understand how you chose me. How after just one short conversation you knew I was meant for you. Now I know the truth of your conviction. I've never been with someone who suited me so perfectly. You seduced me with your words and strong spirit, and you've kept me with your tender heart. I am so happy. A part of you has become part of me and that is enough. You might laugh when I say this, but I dream about you every night; probably because I can't be with you often enough. However, when I am awake, I know that you are the furthest thing from a dream. Sometimes I imagine that you are built from sold rock; a moving statue and an indestructible human being, because I feel so safe with you and because I know I am so safe in your arms. You absolutely contain yourself and then again much more than yourself. Your confidence is consuming and your perspective is huge. I want you to know how much you’ve opene
Lost Forever.....
She was the one. She was everything I was looking for. She was the one I wanted to get on one knee for and ask her to spend the rest of her life with me. Through the best of times, through the worst of times. She completed me. She filled the hole in my heart. She gave me reason to look forward to tomorrow. She taught me what it was to truely be happy..... She was the one. She was the one that could hurt me. She was the only one that had the ability to completely destroy me. I trusted her to not show me what it was to truely know what pain is. She knows not the pain I have endured. I have fought to have her in my life once again. I fought to not repeat the history that we knew once before. She's convinced that I wanted that young girl I had in the early days, not realizing that as each day had passed, I fell more and more in love with the woman she had become. What we had was good. There was more love between us than there had ever been before, and it had continued to grow. She was t
Black Hole Sun
In my eyes, in disposed, In disguise:as no one knows Hides the faceLies The snake, the sun In my disgrace Boiling heat, Summer stench 'Neath the black The sky looks dead Call my name Through the cream And I'll hear you Scream again Black hole sun Won't you come Nd wash away the rain Black hole sun Won't you come Won't you come Stuttering Cold and damp Steal the warm wind Tired friend Times are gone For honest men And sometimes Far too long For snakes In my shoesA walking sleep And my youth I pray to keep Heaven send, Hell away No one sings Like you anymore Black hole sun Won't you come And wash away the rain Black hole sun Won't you come Won't you comeB Black hole sun Won't you come And wash away the rain Black hole sun Won't you come Won't you come Hang my head Drown my fear Till you all just Disappear Black hole sun Won't you come And wash away the rain Black hole sun Won't you come Won't you come
A lonely mother gazing out of her window Staring at a son that she just can't touch If at any time he's in a jam She'll be by his side But he doesn't realize he needs her so much But all the praying just ain't helping at all Cause he can't seem to keep himself out of trouble So he goes out and he makes his money the best way he knows how Another body laying cold in the gutter Listen to me Don't go chasing waterfalls Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that You're used to I know that your gonna have it your way Or nothing at all But I think you're moving too fast Little precious has a natural obsession For temptation but he just can't see She gives him loving that his body can't handle But all he can say is baby it's good to me One day he goes and takes a glimpse in the mirror But he doesn't recognize his own face His health is fading and he doesn't know why 3 letters took him to his final resting place Don't go chasing waterfalls Please stick to the rivers
Under The Bridge
Sometimes I feel Like I don't have a partner Sometimes I feel Like my only friend Is the city I live in The city of Angels Lonely as I am Together we cry I drive on her streets 'Cause she's my companion I walk through her hills 'Cause she knows who I am She sees my good deeds and She kisses me windy and I never worry Now that is a lie I don't ever wanna feel Like I did that day Take me to the place I love Take me all the way I don't ever want to feel Like I did that day Take me to the place I love Take me all that way (yeah yeah yeah) It's hard to believe That there's nobody out there It's hard to believe That I'm all alone At least I have her love The city she loves me Lonely as I am Together we cry I don't ever wanna feel Like I did that day Take me to the place I love Take me all the way I don't ever want to feel Like I did that day Take me to the place I love Take me all the way (yeah yeah yeah) Ooh no (no no yeah yeah) Love me I say
Whut Up!?
its 9:30pm 1-23-07 i am currently living in Columbus, with my friend BLEU, what up sexy? im pretty new to all this shit, so sorry if this "blog" sucks. im originally from the 330. i love smoking weed, as i am right now. well im high and dont really know what im doin here, so holla back or some shit PEACE *Dave*
A Womans Week At The Gym
If you read this without laughing out loud, there is something wrong with you. This is dedicated to everyone who ever attempted to get into a regular workout routine. Dear Diary, For my birthday this year, my daughter (the dear) purchased a week of personal training at the local health club for me. Although I am still in great shape since being a high school football cheerleader 43 years ago, I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and give it a try. I called the club and made my reservations with a personal trainer named Belinda, who identified herself as a 26-year-old aerobics instructor and model for athletic clothing and swim wear. My daughter seemed pleased with my enthusiasm to get started! The club encouraged me to keep a diary to chart my progress. MONDAY: Started my day at 6:00 a.m. Tough to get out of bed, but found it was well worth it when I arrived at the health club to find Belinda waiting for me. She is something of a Greek goddess -- with b
Maude And Claude
Maude and Claude, both 91, lived in The Villages, in Florida. They met at the singles club meeting and discovered over time that they enjoyed each other's company. After several weeks of meeting for coffee, Claude asked Maude out for dinner and, much to his delight, she accepted. They had a lovely evening. They dined at the most romantic restaurant in town. Despite their age, they ended up at his place for an after-dinner drink. Things continued along a natural course, and age being no inhibitor, Maude soon joined Claude for a most enjoyable roll in the hay. As they were basking in the glow of the magic moments they'd shared, each was lost for a time in their own thoughts... Claude was thinking: "If I'd known she was a virgin, I'd have been gentle." Maude was thinking: "If I'd known he could still do it, I'd have taken off my pantyhose."
Need A Push
A man and his wife were awakened at 3:00 am by a loud pounding on the door. The man gets up and goes to the door where a drunken stranger, standing in the pouring rain, is asking for a push. "Not a chance," says the husband, "it is 3:00 in the morning!" He slams the door and returns to bed. "Who was that?" asked his wife. "Just some drunken guy asking for a push," he answers. "Did you help him?" she asks. "No, I did not, it is 3:00 in the morning and it is pouring rain out there!" "Well, you have a short memory," says his wife. "Can't you remember about three months ago when we broke down, and those two guys helped us? I think you should help him, and you should be ashamed of yourself!" The man does as he is told, gets dressed, and goes out into the pounding rain. He calls out into the dark, "Hello, are you still there?" "Yes," comes back the answer. "Do you still need a push?" calls out the husband. "Yes, please!" comes the reply from the dark. "Where are you?" asks the husband.
Beauty Tips By Audrey Hepburn (the Ultimate Classy Lady)...
Did Any Miss Me?
hi everyone!! i just got my interent back if you wanna chat let me know. huh? thankx for the comments. i missed all of you hope that everything is all good. ttys
All Of This 'rate Me' Stuff
ok, so people here are primarily interested in showing up on a person's page and saying oh hi.. and rate, fan, me blah me and yada yada me such crapola... what kind of site is this? is this a video game or a social enviroment? fan me rate me? yeah hello to you too
On Being A 24/7 Livein Kajira(slave)
I have been in the Gorean BDSM Lifestyle for over 16 years. I have been on both sides of the collar. Freewoman and slave. I have found that I am happiest as a slave (to men only) and as a "first girl" over females. I have also spent many years in all different arenas of BDSM, from just simple kink on ocassion, to Old Guard, to Goreanism, to profesional slave work. I personaly prefer Gorean/old guard. I am slave not submissive, and YES there is a major diffrence. Most Submissives are in it for the kink and are not truely 24/7 lifestylers, its more of a play thing. Gorean or Old Guard slaves are 24/7 365 days out of the year in servitude. This is not a lifestyle that degrades women (at leaste not for me) I feel empowered Free and safe within this lifestyle. I am loved, cared for, watched over, protected, and guided. My Master is Gorean/ old guard/ and Vampire Freeman. When I started researching D/s together and Master/slave… I was drawn to the extremes; I am a complex and extreme pers
Gorean / Old Guard Slave Positions
(#9, Version 5.0) A well trained kajira is expected to know a variety of slave positions and be able to respond to a series of common commands. There is some erroneous information online concerning Gorean positions and commands as depicted in the novels. Positions such as "kar-ta" and "sula-ki" are never explicitly named in the novels. Their names have been created by others online to describe certain matters mentioned in the novels but never formally named. Other such positions have been created out of nothing and have no basis in the novels. This work shall show a number of named positions that exist in the novels and describe some unnamed positions and their uses. Other positions and commands do exist. The following is not an inclusive list. Kneeling: The primary position for all slaves is kneeling. The Gorean word for kneel may be "nadu" but that is only speculation. In the books, "nadu" is only used as a specific command that will be further on in this scroll. All women, free an
Today's Quote A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. -William Shedd
Oh To Hell With It
Yes, so I\'ve begun to come to the conclusion that I\'m not meant to socialize in general...As many people as have stabbed me in the back and I am still not as jaded as s0ome, apparently...I recently thought that I had made a new friend who might actually understand me, but alas it doesn\'t seem like it now...seems its much easier to judge me as lacking without knowing the truth of the matter than to bother to get the facts straight in the first place without making assumptions...I\'m either too friendly or not friendly enough,it seems, and I\'m tired of it...Just because someone else is a bitch doesn\'t automatically mean that I am...Yes,I may be shy, and yes, I may be weird, but I would give a person the shirt off my back if they really needed it, and its just a bit insulting when someone wants to judge me with no cause...and I hate lying,so no, I don\'t make a habit of that either...*shakes head* But yeah, fuck a bunch of that...I don\'t plan on attempting to make any
Southern Thinkin'
Southern Thinking Georgia : The owner of a golf course was confused about paying an invoice, so he decided to ask his secretary for some mathematical help. He called her into his office and said, "You graduated from the University of Georgia and I need some help. If I were to give you $20,000, minus 14%, how much would you take off?" The secretary thought a moment, and then replied, "Everything but my earrings." *************************************************************** Alabama : A group of Alabama friends went deer hunting and paired off in twos for the day. That night, one of the hunters returned alone, staggering under the weight of an eight-point buck. "Where's Henry?" the others asked. "Henry had a stroke of some kind. He's a couple of miles back up the trail," the successful hunter replied. "You left Henry laying out there and carried the deer back?" they inquired. "A tough call," nodded the hunter. "But I figured no one is going
I was once on here and got deleted but need help leveling up I ma getting there once again
Health Tip
Thursday, Jan. 24, 2008 Work Out and Drink Up By Sanjay Gupta, M.D. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you're probably trying to eat right, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. Good steps. Now how about adding a little alcohol to your regimen? That's right. It is well documented that tossing a few drinks back in a week (and that means a few: up to one a day for women, up to two for men) has potential heart benefits. But researchers in Denmark decided to look further. Could drinking alcohol have a benefit similar to that of exercise? "If you don't want to exercise too much," asks Dr. Morten Gronbaek, epidemiologist with Denmark's National Institute of Public Health, "can you trade it for one to two drinks per day and be fine?" A study Gronbaek and colleagues just published in the European Heart Journal suggests the answer just may be yes. That finding, not surprisingly, has proved to be a crowd-pleaser. There are a number of reasons a drink can be such a
Cyber Marriage?
Why do people get cyber married? Tell me what you think? ;
Protect Your Identity
Great News For Many Of You
Women get bra price equality Mon Jan 28, 9:06 AM ET Forty years after feminists threatened to burn their bras, British women have won another battle in the fight for equality. Asda, Britain's second-biggest food retailer and owned by U.S. giant Wal-Mart, says it will no longer charge women more for bigger bras in its George fashion range. "We're putting an end once and for all to one of the last prejudices -- that of the bigger-busted woman," said brand director Fiona Lambert in a statement. "From now on, all bras at George will be exactly the same price from A cup through to F cup."
Loser Of The Week
Spanish driver sues dead crash cyclist for damage Fri Jan 25, 10:37 AM ET A Spanish driver who collided with a cyclist is suing the dead youth's family $29,300 for the damage the impact of his body did to his luxury car, a Spanish newspaper reported on Friday. Businessman Tomas Delgado says 17-year-old Enaitz Iriondo caused $20,500 of damage to his Audi A8 in the fatal 2004 crash in La Rioja region, the El Pais newspaper reported. Delgado, who has faced no criminal charges for the incident, wants a further 6,000 euros to cover the cost of hiring another vehicle while his car was being repaired, El Pais said. The youth had been cycling alone at night without reflective clothing or a helmet, according to a police report cited by El Pais. His family won 33,000 euros compensation from Delgado's insurance company after the firm acknowledged he had been driving at excessive speed and this could have contributed to the incident, El Pais reported. "I'm also a victim in a
Smoken An Apple
THIS HOW U MAKE APPLE BONG 1. If you feel like eating the apple afterwards you might want to take the ink well out of the pen, otherwise, on the top of the apple, jam the pen in at a slight angle about halfway through the apple. Do this next to the core rather than having to make another hole through the hardest part of the apple. 2. Poke a hole on the opposite side near the bottom or middle so that it meets up with the first hole you poked. 3. Using the same technique an inch or a little more from the top hole, jam a third hole that will meet up with your existing chamber system. This "carb" can be essentially anywhere on the apple, but you'll want it to be convienient to cover with a finger while you're lighting your tobacco. 4. Carve out a bowl on the top of the apple where the first hole was drilled. Make it big enough to hold the material you want to smoke. This can be done by "eating" it essentially. The best way is to carefully gnaw away with one of your sharp t
Today On World Rock Radio
Click banner to enter lounge 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at jrmoose75
Lauryn Hill - Killing Me Softly
Stromin my pain with his fingers Singin my life with his words Killing me softly with his song x2 Telling my whole life with his words Killing me softly with his song Yea yea yea do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do I heard he sang a good song, I heard he had a style, And so I came to see him and listen for a while And there he was this young boy Stranger to my eyes Chorus: Stromin my pain with his fingers (one time, one time) Singin my life with his words (two times, two times) Killing me softly with his song x2 Telling my whole life with his words Killing me softly with his song I felt all flushed with fever Embarrased by the crowd, I felt he found my letters and read each one out loud, I pray that he would finish But he just kept right on Repeat chorus Wooooooaaaa ohhhhhhhhhh laaaa la la la la la la ohhh la laaa woaaa laa Aaaalaaaaaa Repeat chorus until fade
Last nite I had a double-feature of "Flags of our Fathers" and "Letters from Iwo Jima" in my home cinema and it touched me very deeply. Although I was in the military myself and would defend my country and my homeland, my family and my people against enemies with a weapon in my hands, I wonder why man never learnt enough to prevent wars. Soldiers risk their lives everyday, especially my American brothers-in-arms in Afghanistan and Iraq. They fight wars they didn't start, they stopped to understand this war and neither do I. They are told they fight for freedom, but truth is they fight for the profit of American companies and the thirst for oil. Is that what "freedom" is ? There was a time when young people were told the same and this time is portrayed in the movie pictures above - on both sides. And it is still the same today - Muslims are told we are of inferior belief, insolent and must be killed at all costs. They have been promised to have dozens of virgins in Heaven (how ar
My Kinda Airline
Fly naked on nudist holiday flight Tue Jan 29, 9:13 AM ET German nudists will be able to start their holidays early by stripping off on the plane if they take up a new offer from an eastern German travel firm. Travel agency said it would start taking bookings from Friday for a trial nudist day trip from the eastern German town of Erfurt to the popular Baltic Sea resort of Usedom, planned for July 5 and costing 499 euros ($735). "It's expensive, I know," managing director Enrico Hess told Reuters by phone. "It's because the plane's very small. There's no real reason why a flight in which one flies naked should be more expensive than any other." The 55 passengers will have to remain clothed until they board, and dress before disembarking, said Hess. The crew will remain clothed throughout the flight for safety reasons. "I wish I could say we thought of it ourselves but the idea came from a customer," Hess told Reuters by phone. "It's an unusual gap in th
Man Struggles To Return From The Dead
Man struggles to return from the dead Tue Jan 29, 9:09 AM ET Red tape is preventing a Polish man from returning from the dead. Piotr Kucy, 38 and from the city of Polkowice in southwest Poland, was wrongly identified by authorities last August as a drowned man, only to show up a few days after his own funeral. Despite pointing out the fact that he was alive to government officials, Kucy still remains dead in official records, stopping him from working and paying social insurance. But on the bright side, a local newspaper reported on Tuesday, he no longer needs to pay taxes. "We are nearly through January, and my documents still say I'm dead," Kucy told Gazeta Wyborcza, adding: "It's a bit of a joke." But a registry office official was adamant about the situation. "This citizen does not exist," she told the paper. (Writing by Barbara Sladkowska, editing by Peter Millership)

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