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Yntb Chapter Thirty
YNTB...I Cant Chapter 30   Life was rolling along like a peaceful little river.....   My days and nights were filled with home and work. I would get out on the weekends and go visit my father. He never would come out and say anything that was really bothering him. I was only left to assume that it probably shouldnt be said at all and just leave it at that! I dont think I failed him...I really dont think I  dissapointed him. I think any parent that has a child that can get out on their own and make something of themselves, should be proud. Even sometimes if it takes 2 or 3 times to get it right! When I came his home, I wasnt looking for anything other than sanctuary from pain in the arms of a supportive family.  My Father had 3 marriages and 13 children within the context of those marriages. He had other children as well, from women here and there aside from those marriages. My dad was a good man. A smart man, but not a family man. He lived with his regrets. To see me,
Best Friend Fucks My Wife (erotic Fiction)
Well when me and my wife got married she had never been with anyone else. We have 3 kids. She is a natural red head and very hot she is a 36C boobs, has a nice tight ass and shaves her pussy except for a little strip which is red. When we have sex sometimes she made jokes about having sex with her boyfriend. So me and my best friend worked out together all the time. So we would do a lot with him and his wife. We would go out and have drinks and stuff. Him and my wife are teachers. So they were going to this teachers conference. So he was coming to get her and she had just gotten out of the shower. She was rubbing lotion on her. I just ask her about the guy she was going with. They were staying the weekend together. They said they were wanting to have some fun. They was going to get drunk and go dancing. As she was getting ready she put her white g-strings on and had pair of jeans without any pockets in the back. She filled those jeans out like they were painted on here ass. She put on
Would U F*** Me
Bulletin: 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Phone number? 26. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? Email or message your answers..... SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THiS BACK TO YOU! EVEN iF YOU HAVE A BOYFRiEND OR GiRLFRiEND- REPOST THiS!
Top Iphone App For Your Business Networking
iPhone is a wonderful device the reason is its just not the communication device its much more , with high resolution screen, good screen touch, range of iphone apps development is useful and people liked phone among the other mobile. If you are handling and online business then its a good tool to connect your business audience. You can update with things and news with iphone.   So iphone is a must device to have for business oriented people. Because of booming demand of iphone the demand of iphone application development is also sky high. Iphone app developers have understood the needs of people to use different iphone application and they are providing useful apps.   Here are some of the most useful applications that should be in your iphone:     WordPress: You can simply edit your company blog, post comments, update new blog and create website application development from your iphone wordpress app from anywhere.   Youtube: Check your favorite videos, movies, clips from
Smith & Wesson M&p 15x 5.56mm
Smith & Wesson M&P 15X 5.56mm Posted by Rich Grassi. Author Archive » Images by Sovanski / Smith & Wesson Proven law enforcement favorite—a no-nonsense patrol carbine! I was surprised a few years back when, on a trip to my licensee’s premises, I found Smith & Wesson had shipped a long gun to me. Opening the polymer container, I found the M&P15T. The “Tango” had a free-floating 16-inch barrel, 1-in-9-inch rate of twist and was chambered for 5.56mm NATO. The sights were flip-up, front and rear, made by Troy. I took the new rifle out to the police range and the rangemaster had some fun shooting it, as did I. I immediately took to the M&P15 line of AR carbines. Since then, I’ve been the beneficiary of several trips to Wyoming with S&W and SureFire, among others. The M&P was prominently featured, especially the Performance Center versions with big optics, fairly light and really clean triggers as well as specialty barrels. Last summer was no exception.
The Dr. Seuss Purity Test
The Dr. Seuss Purity Test Have you done it on a boat? Have you done it with a goat? Have you done it in a bed? Have you done it with the dead? Have you done it in the ass? Have you done it, high on grass? Have you done it in the car? Have you simply gone too far? Have you done it on the beach? Have you done it with the teach? Have you done it on your back? Have you done it strapped to a rack? Have you done it in a box? Have you done it with a fox? Have you done it in a tree? Have you done it with more than three? Have you done it in the rain? Have you done it for the pain? Have you done it 'tween the tits? Have you done it wearing mitts? Have you done
ok,so yes of course I have had boyfriends and stuff but that was only for a short I want someone who will be there fro me no matter whta yea I'll tlak shit if I need to.but other than that I am really  nice please message me if u aint a perv/stalker
Maybe I Should Have -992
When you are here I'm usually feeling, like your heart, I wish I could be stealing. I'll listen and act well then I get handy, as long as you don't figure every inch is candy.   I don't need to go really fast, I need this to last. With you I am warm, I would like a chance to perform.   All you want time can not measure, everything you hold to me is a treasure. I would like you to know, we will rock as far as you want to go.   Maybe I should have waited, but you teased me and had me well baited. The shocker is I hear you laugh, left before we started IDK maybe I should have.
Most people dont drink there own blood when pissed well i do.
Leh Ladakh Tours: Enjoy The Every Moment Of Your Life In The Influence Of Nature
Leh is a very beautiful and captivating tourist destination that offers great opportunities to the tourists. Whether you are a nature lover or looking for a perfect adventure spot, Leh Ladakh tours can fulfill your every demand. This amazingly beautiful place of Kashmir has got the special blessing of Mother Nature. Although it is the disputed region of Indian state Jammu and Kashmir, it has emerged as a popular tourist destination in the past few years. You can come here with your friends or family in search of the mental peace and to rejuvenate your body and spirit.The heavenly peace and tranquility of the place can attract anyone towards it and can make fall in love with itself. Whether you are planning to go for your honeymoon or for a simple tour with your friends or children, you can think about going to Ladakh where the amazing flora and fauna is waiting for you to soothe your senses. The purity and serenity of the environment can fill your senses with great joy and you can star
Full Circle
Sooo ~ it's been a year ~ I've found someone ~ who makes me sooo happy!  and the one who made me so crazy?  No worries peeps ~ he found someone too ~ "" trailor trash barbie as I like to refer to her ~ come to your own conclusions on why I call her that..cause it's not just her " rode hard and put away wet " look... He's tried being nice and telling me he'll never be over me *pfft* whatever ~ I was his true love ~ bla bla ~ find the man of your dreams *like I have* and kick all others to the curb   MUAH people!
Girls Are The Best Vehicles In The World
Girls are the best vehicles in the world because: 2 beautiful headlights in front, 2 great bumbers at the back, self-lubricating when hot, finger touch ignition automatic engine oil change every month. any type of pistons fit, multiple seating styles & adjustments. great accessories, automatic and manuall drive from both sides. ready 4 test drive any time.. ;)
What's The Speed Limit For Sex?
My girlfriend caught me blow drying my penis...She asked what was I doing. Apparently, 'heating up your dinner' wasn't a sexy answer.   HARRY POTTER CONDOMS: In case you need an invisibility cloak for your wand while entering the chamber of secrets so you don't get hogwarts.   What's the speed limit for sex? . . . 68, coz at 69 u have to turn around   Pizza is like sex, when it is good, it's really good, and when it's's still pretty good.   If days of the week were sex acts, Monday would be a dry, passionless, handjob...            
Men Don't Have Higher Sex Drives Than Women.
Men don't have higher sex drives than women. We just act like we don't always want it because withholding sex gives us all the control.
Be!ng In Control
! at a young age have been luck enough to say ! been there done that. Spec!ally when !t comes to pos!t!ve th!ngs. But !n down those roads ! have met some very really people and some really fake, as we all have, but ! w!ll never be one to apolog!ze for be!ng real, ! don't d!srespect people ! usually am one to k!ll people w!th k!ndness. ! am a people person & have no problem help!n people but ! w!ll not allow myself to be used, ! w!ll help those who help themselves. ! w!ll never bow to anyone who feel threatned by my pos!t!on, ! shall not lower my standards. ! watch people bow to others to get what they want. !s !t worth !t? To be a adult who jumps and bows to someone u feel !s more super!or to u, then !n tha long run st!ll not be happy !n tha end. !f ! say somth!ng u felt was out of context then u br!ng !t to me, ! am tha one who sa!d !t. Don't let !t get back to me then !m p!ssed cause n!ne t!mes outta ten !ts not tha way !t was sa!d n a bunch of extra sh!t !s usually added. ! don't tr
Old Friend's; New Lover's Part.2
  Jane then felt his lips caress her neck. Her mouth opened and she let out a deep long breath, a breath she felt she had seemingly been holding forever! One that held almost every shard of her senses and her thoughts. She felt the glass slip from her hand and soon, drop into the sink. The water spilled from inside about the sink interior, and she found her arms going limp. Her eyes closed, her head fell back and rested on Chris' shoulder as he continued his kissing on her neck. His hands swarmed her, reaching around and gripping her flesh. Grasping her firm C cup breasts... massaging them gently in a clockwise motion. But her hand stopped his as she too grasped them, and she squeezed harder:  Jane: *Light Voice/ Breathless* "Mmm, squeeze harder... harder chris!" Chris did as she asked... squeezing her breasts firmly together, he was afraid he'd harm her, but her body reacted lustfully as she arched. Her sigh only louder than the last as she reach behind her and hugged his head. His
Steamy Sauna Part. 3
Robin whispers: “Oh my god… Oh my god… Oh suck it… suck it… suck it…” Logan looked up at a flushed face of Robin, her face filled with a lush look of passionate lust and need for relief, her forehead slightly beaded in a sheen of sweat as she watched with her teeth clenched. Only letting out soft moans, and deep groans that escaped from her throat as quietly as she could let them. He slurped and sucked, pulling on her lips one last time before letting them go. He ran a hand up and squeezed one of her breasts, tugging the nipple hard enough to make her groan out in a pleasurable cry of agony. He ran his hand south then… over the stomach, along the pubic bone and down her mound. He rubbed her pussy for a second in a nice slow counter-clockwise motion, but gave it a sharp, light slap. The slap made Robin sharply gasp, her hips arching up as the slap sent a sharp tingle up her body like a massive bolt of lightening in a storm. He slapp
Country Hash Brown Casserole!
Country Hash Brown Casserole!         This is another family favorite that we have been making for years.  This is a good potato dish for company or big family dinners, because it can be prepared the night before and it serves a lot of people.   This is also good for both a big breakfast and as a dinner side.   Here is what you will need:     1  2lb. package of southern style hash browns, the diced variety, thawed (you can use the shredded variety if you prefer) 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese 1 stick of butter, melted 1 can cream of chicken soup 16 oz. sour cream 1/2 c finely diced onion 1/2 tsp. seasoned salt 1/2 tsp. pepper  Topping 1/2 stick of butter, melted 2 cups crushed cornflakes     In a large mixing bowl, mix all of the casserole ingredients until well blended.  Pour and spread evenly into a 2  1/2 quart casserole dish sprayed with nonstick cooking spray.  Mix the other  1/2 stick of butter and the cornflake crumbs and sprinkle over the top.  Bake in
ParaphiliaFocus of erotic interest Abasiophilia People with impaired mobility[3] Acrotomophilia People with amputations[4][5] Agalmatophilia Statues, mannequins and immobility[6] Algolagnia Pain, particularly involving an erogenous zone; differs from masochism as there is a biologically different interpretation of the sensation rather than a subjective interpretation[7] Andromimetophilia Trans men[3][8] Anililagnia Attraction by young men to older women
I Miss You
                      I Miss You I miss you when something good happens, because your the one I want to share it with. I miss you when something is troubling me, because your the one that understands me so well. I miss you when I laugh and cry, because I know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear. I miss you all the time, but I miss you the most when I lay awake at night, and think of all the wonderful times that we spent with each other for those were some of the best and most memorable times of my life.
Enlarge Your Penis Today
SIKANDER-E-AZAM is a scientifically engineered herbal enhancement capsule that’s safe and effective. Active ingredients are known the world over for its medicinal treatment by the scientific community. SIKANDER-E-AZAM utilizes these herbs to create a unique system for natural penis enhancement. SIKANDER-E-AZAM is a highly popular and powerful herbal formula which helps in enhancing sexual drive, enlarging penile tool and enjoying sexual pleasure like never before. SIKANDER-E-AZAM is like a divine blessing of herbal science for those people who are suffering from various kinds of sexual diseases such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low sexual performance on the bed. SIKANDER-E-AZAM is a magical capsule for dreaded disease like impotency as it not only increase length and girth of penis but also enhance sexual drive of impotent person and help them in performing brilliantly on bed. SIKANDER-E-AZAM is formulated using herbal ingredients that are co
An Excerpt From "bees"
“Let’s try following a swarm,” Walter suggested.   We waited until we saw a swarm of them overhead, then followed them. They led us into some woods which almost threw us off of their trail because they were hard to see through the leaves, but their buzzing left no doubt as to their direction. We followed them for what felt like half a mile when we saw them approaching a farm. The farm was one I had never seen before and it had several cows enclosed by a fence. The bees lowered from the sky and started towards one of the cows. They slowly covered it all around, and the cow mooed in obvious pain. Its tail swatted, trying to get the bees off of it, but there were too many. The cow soon fell to the ground, and the bees flew off back towards the way they had came.
Visited Wimbledon
WIMBLEDON, England - Prince Charles visited Wimbledon on Wednesday for the first time in 42 years, meeting with some former players and watching Roger Federers match from the Royal Box on Centre Court. Dennis Pitta Jersey . Charles chatted with former British No. 1 Tim Henman before taking his seat in the Royal Box alongside his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who also came to Wimbledon last year. Queen Elizabeth II made a visit to the All England Club in 2010, but Charles had not attended the tournament since 1970. Federer and his Italian opponent Fabio Fognini both bowed to the royals before the second-round match. Camilla arrived to the club before her husband and also chatted with former runner-up Andy Roddick. Jacoby Jones Jersey . "Every time he pitches, we expect that from him," Prado said. "He was so fired up, it was sort of contagious." Hudson gave up only four hits and no earned runs in 7 1-3 innings to remain unbeaten in his career against Houston, and the Braves stayed h
Hey everyone, This blog is just to get a lil feed back about the site.  Im new to fubar, I just signed up yesterday.  Today is my real first day actively useing it.  The first online bar... I like the ring of that.  It sounds like it could be a lot of fun.  However I'm not sure its purpose?  What is the point?   Im going to be off and online most of today trying new things, If anyone would like to help me get started ith tips or pointers it would be great!  I have no friends here yet so feel free to hit me up.  I wish I had more pics of myself on my computer, but don't yet. Thanks for reading my first lil' blog.. lol See you at the bar!
Old Words I Wrote..that Know One Remembers.
Everything is muffled, its hard to see, hard to hear, hard to make sense of the world..especially from this point of view, everything is so blurry, there's no direction, no voice, no calling. Only one thought constantly remains, even when all others fade..."I cant breath..I cant breath..I cant breath"That's when an unexpected hand pulls you from that puddle you've been lost in, as if pulling your own head out of your ass, you were drowning...but it was not God.At first you see an Angel...he stands you up right...but as you gain your barrings you realize, he too was drowning. All around see others...your kindred, your brothers, your sisters..all floating about ..some in lakes of water...others in lakes of fire, but they are all drowning. You get angry, and curse...."Where is God?" "Why isnt he helping us??!"The angel grabs you and points your eyes to where you could not see before....and there you see....GodIn his thrown...all mighty..all powerful...yet his eyes te
Consigli Su Come Scegliere Il Miglior Tablet Pc
Perché si vuole un computer portatile Tablet? Poco prima ho acquistato il mio primo che ho usato per essere il tentativo di capire quando la userei. Io sicuramente acquistato un notebook, perché sarebbe un Tablet Android più essere usare? Dovrei trovare un modo per "andare in pensione" il mio computer portatile, e basta usare un tablet e desktop? Ho ottenere il lavoro fatto da un po 'di residenza un singolo momento, per cui uso un desktop durante l'esecuzione che in quanto richiede un po' di onesta digitazione, insieme a uno schermo più grande è certamente d'uso. Quindi, mi piacerebbe usare la mia per il mio effettuare, derivante dalla mancanza di una tastiera e di ottenere un monitor più compatto. Sapevo che volevo una persona, ma che cosa dovrei usare per? Penso di essere stato il tentativo di giustificare l'acquisizione di un gadget più techno. Gli individui acquistare un tablet Android 4.1 personali per un sacco di cause diverse che molto più portatile che di un notebook, questi s
$1,000+ A Week With Benefits
Hello, Welcome to the Residual Money Method blog. I want to show you how to earn $1,000+ a week with benefits from the comfort of your own home . Like Facebook Page,Residual Money Method. Http://
Sex Is Like A Gas Station
Sex is like a gas station, sometimes you get full service, sometimes you gotta ask for service and sometimes you have to be happy with self service!
JAN 25 delight the delight of writingbringing it in my lifefiguring things out with the writing in sightnot holding back delivering the goodsstill blocked must react making it goodthe delight of writing I must reach the delight of knowledge I must takeI must think write for myself alone for no one else knows what to makeof my writing and my styleI write for pleasure and knowledge opening ones own mindthe thinker the ponder the wonderthe enlightened thought and maybe someday I will figure out exactly what to say until then the journey the moment the writing is what i will say Posted 25th January 2011 by bobby       0   Add a comment JAN 25 deep in digging deep into my hemispherenot knowing what comes nextfor breathing is the aftermathcoming with delightnot knowing what the next move isbut bringing it closer to sight believing feeling and seeing hoping for the delightof the next line or verse as it may beblocked beyond blocked hoping for delight
In A Room
in a room with lights all around so festive so colorful so alive listening and grooving to the tunes  with the magic of the season around me the love of my life making me laugh watching the world through my eyes you would surely love the life you have and the life that will come  
  I was pondering the other day when i was walking out from seeing my probation officer as i was calling her a bitch. Does life ever give u a break or does it get easier? From as far back as i can remember its been as the saying goes "take one step forward, and take two steps back". Well to me it should go "take one step forward, and get thrown down the street". Of course this is all just thought's that went through my head that day! I take it one day at a time making sure i don't wind up becoming *Insane* so until i feel like typing aging...................                                                                                                           ~Red27~                           *Insane- Someone who does the exact same thing over and over expecting different result's*    
A Heart's Hope
a heart hopes for many things including love not only does the heart want but craves things  including love hearts do not feel or are the same without love we die and willl not be normal people without love   many things happen to hurt our hearts for different resons hearts do hurt some for our own good some for our protection some for others selfishness but one thing is clear hearts will and do hurt   a heart is always hopeful whatever happens hearts do mend however you feel your heart will heal things will change in time   with a heart there is always hope and it will mend in time
Each And Every Day
Sometimes I think about giving the whole deal up. It seems that someone else controls everything in my life. My screw ups and my rewards. I wanna believe you need to give to recieve. In which case, I am not the one with the short stick.  Each and every day is a another day that every holiday can be celebrated. It rightfully should be like that too. I try to remember each one. First my mom calls and I love her, so I tell her. Whenever I can give my kids or get my kids something they didn't expect, I say 'Merry Christmas. I'm thankful that my country is independent. That is what is one my mind when I see my American flag. My daughter's birthday is on St. Patrick's Day. I am thankful I don't have as tough of a life as I could. I do get spooked, so my heart skips a beat, everyday. I see beauty in living nature, either in pictures or outside my apartment. It isn't that difficult. I may have just alot of time as seen by some. I figure if I had enough free time and strength, I could do wha
I Am The Same
Hey, hope you are either not hanging or not hanging chilled. Please, do not get too friskey with me, I am not wishing you were shaken and not stirred. OMG, I have more care than that for anyone.  I'm in a good mood, so don't try to disturb my shining moment. Today went very well. I am more thankful than some of you ever are, just for waking up with no pain.  May sound quite meaningless, but not when you have spent more than half your life in pain. I am not a warrior or soldier but I am a mom. That, as I know and have heard and read, is the toughest job. You need to know a little bit about everything. With me being a single mom it is like twice the duty. No one can say I am wrong, because no one is me. I had a little different of a dream when I was growing up, but I have done an excellent job. I shall not take on any bad feelings because someone else is doing better and thinks I am a damn waste of space. I am not taking money from your paycheck by being on Social Security. That is th
That Bull
I recently spent $2,500 on a young Black Angus bull. I put him out withthe herd but he just ate grass and wouldn't even look at a cow. I wasbeginning to suspect he was gay, if that's possible with a bull.Anyhow, I had the Vet come have a look at him. He said the bull was very... healthy, but possibly a little young, so he gave me some pills to feed him once per day.Holy crap. The bull started to service the cows within two days. All ofmy cows! He even broke through the fence and bred all my neighbor's cows!He's been breeding just about everything in sight. He's like a machine!"I don't know what was in the pills the Vet gave him, but theykinda hava a peppermint taste.
Part 5
Week 8, Saturday I had another intense and pleasurable dream last night. I was working on my school work, alone in my room when someone hugged me from behind. Before I could turn around, a voice whispered to me, telling me to relax and let all my strength flow away. Enjoying the feelings I’m experiencing, I was losing myself in the haze of pleasure, feeling ever more relaxed. Even while I found myself slipping into a trance, I couldn’t help but notice how similar the voice was to Justin’s. The hands went into my shirt, seeking out my tits, safety enclosed in my bra. A rip and my bra was gone, freeing my tits to its naked glory, allowing the hands to play with them. I could feel my nipples hardening from all the caresses, both rough and gentle. Lost in the pleasures, I was surprised when the fingers entered me. Ohhh, the feeling. I felt the inside of my pussy being played by those fingers, eliciting more pleasure. Slowly, I felt myself moving to the climax I craved.
Week 10, Saturday Today during our session, Justin suggested that I would feel even more relaxed, if I lie on our parents’ bed. It sounded so enticing. I already feel so comfortable and relaxed lying on Isabel’s bed and if lying on our parents’ bed would made it even better, I couldn’t wait to try. Justin held my hand and led me to our parents’ bedroom. My attention was on the bed, nothing else in the room concerned me. The bed looked so comforting, so soft, as if it was waiting for me to lie on it. I could feel it calling out to me and I felt some sort of strength pulling me towards it. Before I knew it, I was on the bed, the feeling of the bed sheet against my naked body felt so wonderful, so comforting and so relaxed. I could feel myself falling into a deeper hypnotic trance, the bed like enveloping my entire body, sapping my strength away, feeling my body sinking into it yet my soul felt like it was soaring up in the sky, flying to some faraway plac
Angel Loved The Devil - Kenny Chesney
I was lost in the wild side of life,I was blinded by smoke and neon lights.I was drinkin' and sinkin' without a prayer.Then she showed up right out of thin air.She took me to heaven, oh my Lord, what a ride!And I've never been higher, on her love I could fly.I was hellbound, on my way down, then I found what I need:Oh, an angel loved the devil out of me. I thank God for her love each day.He saved me when he sent her my way.Now each night, I drive by those neon lights,And go home to my own paradise. Where she takes me to heaven, oh my Lord, what a ride!And I've never been higher, on her love I could fly.I was hellbound, on my way down, then I found what I need.Oh, an angel loved the devil out of me.Oh yes she did.Yeah, an angel loved the devil out of me.
 Just for the sake of me wanting to keep this daily, I'm going to enter a few words today. St. Valentines murders occured today, but it is overlooked by hearts and love. I am alright with not getting anything today. It isn't a real life altering day. My mom asked me if I have ever got a rose on Valentine's Day, I said 'no'. She isn't wasting a second by saying, 'awe, good'. I don't know if she worked out a delivery to happen today or not. I will be busy at the doctors later today. When it is my birthday, I hope for global peace. When it is Thanksgiving, I give thanks for the lives that still habitate the earth. I'm just wondering come Valentine's Day, just how the people that have someone come this day would do if they didn't have any chance at celebrating anything anymore. No love to be had from their mom or dad, from their wife or husband or their boyfriend or girlfriend.  Its not so difficult either. I know there are people in the hospital and jail or prison that won't get a valen
You Turn Me On - Tim Mcgraw
Yeah, I swore off loveI swore off womenDevoted my life to huntin' and fishin'I'd never be anybody else's lovesick foolIt ain't coolI spend all my spare time Fixin' upThat old rusted up pick-up truckIn no time at all I'd have it lookin' like brand newThen you Flip the switch on my doomaflatchie Played my piano like LiberaceI let down my guardAnd my heart was as good as goneSo longYeah, you cranked my tractorYa flick my bicWoman you tripped the trigger on my thingamajigCan't explain how ya done itBut, honey, you turn me onYou done all the takin'I done all the givin'I threw up my hands, said "The heck with it"I shut down my heartLocked it up and pulled the fuseBefore it blewAll my emotions were disconnectedNo sign of a spark Could be detectedI had nobody So I had nothing to loseThen you Flip the switch on my doomaflatchie Played my piano like LiberaceI let down my guardAnd my heart was as good as goneSo longYeah, you cranked my tractorYa flick my BicWoman you tripped the trigger on my thi
Bastard Ex-con Drug Addict Visitor
I'm working on a big cattle ranch at night, taking care of a widow in her home. It's just the two of us and her cattle dog, Vickie. During the day yesterday and the day before, a neighbor (ex-con drug addict) walked right into the house and started asking questions about the lady's husband and where her artwork is. This guy has walked in before, made a sandwich for himself and picked up their financial planner's 6 month old son when she was here with no one else. He came in one night when the couple was living alone *before their health failed* His strung out g/f was pleasant yesterday (according to the caregiver who was here) but she was trying to distract the women while the guy was going through stuff. 911 was called and the dispatcher didn't want to do anything about it. This guy's brother is a big, famous multi-million dollar celebrity athlete from Oakland. The whole situation is so fucked up. We don't have any window coverings because we're quite literally out in the middle of
Truh Hurts
ok lets be real,some  have hotie ,cute,ect. but really your fucking ugly.change your name to somehing real like fat slob, hit ugly stick,death warm over,fucking drunk,crack head,white trash ect.
No Difference
Might be a hint of difference, but when you really get down to the nitty gritty there isn't any difference. Some may have loads of cash they can spend on here and some may not. OMG, that doesn't mean they are to be shunned. Not every soul takes this site so darned serious. It is just a game or like an escape for me. I try an keep up with my writing and recently my typing. Sometimes I am busy either trying get my songs out there or doing house cleaning. I like doing the dishes, but not all the time. It hurts to stand too long. Maybe that is a difference, maybe not. I already know that others have aches and pains. Mine may seem insucnifficant to some and they may not. Same Shit, Different Day, right?? For me the pain usually isn't staying with me. It just rushes on and stabs me. Maybe a difference, maybe not. If I could speak for others I wouldn't. Each and every soul has their own voice and everyone has the right to be heard. I would like to urge the many voices that can't shout to f
On Sunday a family went to picnic with a few drinks in tin cans. Monday, two family members were admitted to the hospital and placed in Intensive Care Unit. He died on Wednesday. Autopsy results concluded it was Leptospirosis. The virus was stuck to the tin cans and consumed, without the use of glasses / cups. Test results showed that the tin was contaminated because mice urinated on them, and then it dried. The urine contained Leptospira. I Highly recommend to rinse the parts evenly on all soda cans before drinking it. Cans are usually stored in the warehouse and delivered direct to retail stores without cleaning. A study shows that the top of all beverage cans are more contaminated than public toilets (full of germs and bacteria.)So, clean it with water before drinking in order to prevent this from occurring. Please Share!
My Xsites Information
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Paper Wings
Another rainy day The sky laden with thick, dark clouds On a window sill she sits Staring out over the dying garden beneath her It’s been months since she’s tilled Or planted, watered or pruned Months since she’s even stood atop the soil This dreary house has been her prison Her only escape lies within this little corner With its old-fashioned cushion Covered in little blue flowers And the loose wood plank beneath her feet Where she hides her treasures…   She sits for hours Thankful for the time he is away Watching the world pass her by unknowingly A bruise here, scratches there Just enough time for these to heal Before he lays a fresh set upon her skin With a sigh, the kind that makes one weep with longing, She removes the plank And pulls out the small leather bag within A couple of pens & pencils Scissors, tape, scraps of paper, buttons, odds and ends A purity ring, the diamond now lost to pay some random debt The only thing she has
Playing With Boys
Sneaking looks at her across the table Then flashing your smile at the one you claim to Love A game for you Like a cat with a string, two hearts dangle there for you to play with Two fragile hearts Two souls willing to give you everything Two silly girls One who is all that you’ll ever need and one who needs all you’ll never give   Strong and confident in her coveted place at your side She stands against the storm of the other’s interference She is a hero, a savior And she refuses to give you up that easily You belong to her and her alone   While there she stands, the ghost from your past She simply wants the chance she never had with you She believes herself entitled Yet she has no idea what pain this will bring And she seems not to care   Back and forth you lie with each, lie to each Begging forgiveness for something you said you hadn’t done Calling her crazy for thinking you could ever betray her Even as she watched you betray her You
Calculated Madness
  Constant complication contrives the calloused hands of communication Cramped, cornered left craving for complete connection Clarity creased by careless clutter Another classic case of complacency claims this clouded creation Countless cackles echo of these corrugated crimes As cries of confession seep through cracks in this crumbling canyon Those cliffs upon which contempt corroded all capacity for correlation Clinging like a cancer to a candy-coated hierarchy of crisp versus crinkled collars Comply as would a creature condemned by it's own corruption to this crippled character of caution and conformity And concede to this cloyed continuance you call Life   Copyright 2012 Ella Valentine
What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
[Verse 1][Liam]You're insecure,Don't know what for,You're turning heads when you walk through the door,Don't need make-up,To cover up,Being the way that you are is enough,[Bridge][Harry]Everyone else in the room can see it,Everyone else but you,[Chorus][All]Baby you light up my world like nobody else,The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed,But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell,You don't know,Oh oh,You don't know you're beautiful,If only you saw what I can see,You'd understand why I want you so desperately,Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe,You don't know,Oh oh,You don't know you're beautiful,Oh oh,That's what makes you beautiful[Verse 2][Zayn]So c-come on,You got it wrong,To prove I'm right,I put it in a song,I don't know why,You're being shy,And turn away when I look into your eye eye eyes,[Bridge][Harry]Everyone else in the room can see it,Everyone else but you,[Chorus][All]Baby you light up my world like nobody else,The way that you flip yo
I Am Contradiction
The shadow of love The light of hate The difference between fantasy & reality   The ignorance of mature The wisdom of youth The distance between freedom & captivity   The brighter side of hell The darker side of heaven The muddled line between right & wrong   The honesty of fiction The deceit of fact The conflict between what's weak and what's strong   The saddness of beauty The rapture of grotesque The void between sleep and awake   The mourning of life The celebration of death The friction between give & take   Copyright 2011 Ella Valentine
Silly Girl
Hold in high esteem The things that break your heart Carry your madness on the  sleeve of pride   Wash away those dreams You never really believed them real anyways   Turn from the light you fear to crave And you do so crave   Cautious Excited Restless   Protecting yourself from all the things you cannot even see Linger long enough Here in your own doubt to become lost among the walls   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
Maybe Life's A Vacuum...
i can't help but feel that i'm aloneand chewing on decaying bonesit's not like there isn't people who try their best to careit's just that understanding is oh so very rarei never meant for things to twist and turn this wayno matter all my talent, i can't re-write one yesterdaya little bit of weak can cripple what is strongthat is what i've fought against for so very longi have no one else to talk to except an empty pageeven that is useless if it doesn't kill the ragethe people i encounter pretend to lend their earin the end they are clueless to what i truly feari got all this stuff i keep, thats bottled up insidei'm backed into a corner with no place else to hidei wish someone would offer me something that makes sensefor all my trouble and for what it's worth, all i get is silence
Sex Toys Chat
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Feeling a heartbeat thousands of miles away I lay me down to sleep The symphony of these emotions echoes in the quietness An idea drapes itself across my bare shoulders Bringing warmth into this world grown cold An idea of Destiny Reaching out into the uncharted emptiness that lay before me Soul searching blindly Sight is unnecessary, only feeling, as the darkness beckons This black veil of betrayal shrouds what once was bright Yet there is hope Trailing fingertips along the walls of Faith and Trust Navigating this maze of Shattered Dreams Intuition never failing, only the hearts refusal to listen Lacking synchronicity between the two A tricky matter indeed But a truly worthy cause   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
I Need A Check Mark
I'm warm now. I put some XL pajama pants on, they are red plaid. They are mostly warm with just a few holes. They are warmer than my blue flowered boxers. I have my tweety sweatshirt on. Sometimes its like a window is open or the air conditioner is on, I am just cold. It really helps to imagine arms holding me close and hands warming mine. Damn temps are suppose to be rising. I didn't take and choose either of the guys I mummed about. I want something better. I want to hold the final decision card and want to be able to be sure it will happen, instead of hoping they will show. I don't even really care if it makes sense. I know what I mean. If you don't understand and perhaps wish you did, then get to know me. I don't bite, even when asked to. Our Destiny is my lounge. I would like it to be more active, but if you all are not ready to enter in and try to make Our Destiny successful, tis your choice. In the end thats all that really matters. I never have been a real bitch. Its just in
The cuffs that held her hands and feet,Slowly cutting into her skin.As she saw him approaching,Now her pleasure would begin.The blade he carried glistened,As it slowly slid past her knee.Its cold steel guided inside her legs,To the soft wet flesh waiting,Inside her soaked black lace panties.It slowly traced along a line,To the strand on her thigh.As it was cut,she gave a smile,For him she would never cry.Now a blindfold appears,Gently across her eyes.He lays the knife at her chin,She reacts with gentle moans and sighs.Its steel so cold to touch,Now lays on her bare flesh.Her tongue now licks her lips,As something hot touches her chest.Around her breast the drops run,Slowly hardening as they move.Her chest rises with each drop,As the knife slides on skin so smooth.Now the knife moves as more drops fall,Back to flesh it has seen before.It cuts through her panties,They are now tossed to the floor.His hand gently touches her forehead,She smiles as drops still run.He frees her legs and spre
        w   w   w
The Alpha Of Omega...
pull the silver bladeand wonder at it's makebullet fast and arrow fadesit's time to tremble in the quakekiss the serpent's soundwatch him as he's bornlightning flashed and pierced the groundwe were laughing, naked in the stormkick your horse's hidethundering in the windpanic fever whipped, let's ridethe dawn is assembled, and the end begins
Bridge Burning
"I'm sorry" he uses for his lead in As if those words mean shit As if you can just turn us back 'round and reset the hourglass Those are the words of a coward in a costume   "You must know you are still in my dreams" he throws at me As if I asked to be there at all As if you think you somehow occupy any space in mine Those are the dreams of a boy in denial   "I was scared, I don't know what to do" he presents as his excuses As if that has anything to really do with me As if you really believed I didn't want to hear the truth Those are the lies of a child caught red-handed   "Please talk to me" you plead in desperation As if that will ever change the decision I've made As if you'd even want to hear my reply That is the last failed attempt at a bond now broken   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine  
I Am Still Alive!!
I have tried to keep up with this, but it won't let me finish without throwing me off Fubar. I am not special by far, nor as good as I use to be. I am still not half bad. That is what I just wrote summed up. I can't remember word for word what I wrote and in my life I have figured out that means it was really good. Average junk will have a 50-50 chance and scribled shit won't even delete. I am not totally giving up on my dreams, but I am done searching for my soulmate. If he doesn't know where I am, and he is like me, then he will survive. I hope he is doing good enough to have the best life he can have without me. I don't want to burden anyone. Never have tried too. I am different, yet the same jelly bean. Maybe I am not a princess who is locked in a tower. Just a plain Jane who is in a dark room, with only a window as big as my monitor to veiw the sweet life. Have the best day you can and and have a better tomorrow!!
A Shell Without An Inside...
darknesstravelling in darkness againthe briefest respite from the clouds and i am thrust right back withinit seems darkness is all i'm allowedhollowi feel hollow deep insidelike a tree that's only barkemptied of all except my prideand alone within the darkevery new day is a warwith the same old enemies to facefor every one that i gorethere's ten more to take their placeexhaustionexhaustion's found a gripmy engine is maintained by fumesit seems so easy just to let things slipand be devoured by all that consumes
Laughter When You Fall...
i am burning from the insidea piece of soul has diedi'm not a believer in much these daysand my vision slowly fadeshow else could i keepa wound that cuts so deepwhat else should i findinside a pessimistic mind?people lie to hurtthey rub your face in dirtthey find pleasure in your painand the never ending rainyet they turn to you for comfortwhen their rope is getting shortthey come to you with outstretched handsand beg your sympathy, uncannedthen they tell you that your life is wastedand there are things you should not have tastedand they have the nerve to tell you "hey i'm sorry friendbut yours ain't mine to mend"
If And Ever After...
how can you expect to come alongwhen you think i'm blindhow far along had i gone?and when did you stop the climb?there are things i knowand things i showthat lead you to the truththere are things insideand things i hidebut my deeds they hold the proofhypnotizethen criticizethen hold aloft the blameit's nothing newyou're words aren't truethey're not solidified by flames
Legal Advice?
So I need help. I sent this chick a dick pic last weekend and now she is suing me claiming I gave her acute myopia and chronic vomiting syndrome whenever she thinks of Little Smokies. Is that a computer virus? Did I accidently impregnate her? I mean I do my dabbling on risqué websites like this one and I have a very high sperm count but I am still a virgin. Any advice is welcome.
The Evil Inside
I been living with a Very evil Demonic with in me every time i get hurt phyiscally or emotionally it gets stronger ever when i was struck by an ex gf's car and broke my right arm in 3 places I got up and pushed the her car back with a broken leg sure i was bleeding out but thats what the paramedics told me before i passed out. How do i controle my haterid for every girl that tore or fucked with me? I don't take action i let it slide unless they come after me with a new BF and threaten my life.
Did you know that Shinigami's love apples from our relam? that is a question if you seen Death Note. But beside's that I was going to say something else in that remeberance blog but it was a bit to dark. I Also remembered how much blood I lost in my past and how many time's I been emotionally Hurt It really dos feel like being stabbed many time's but emotions don't bleed It's how we feel because we are only human.
I’m Ranting…reader Beware
I do not look for approval from any known source - I gave up on that idea when I was young enough to crave it, but old enough to know that the world will never allow you to be as you wish.  You’re either not skinny enough, or you’re unhealthy.  You’re never talented enough, or you’re overqualified.  You’re never smart enough, or you’re too smart for your own good.  You’re never confident enough, or you’re arrogant.  You’re a prude, or you’re a slut. This is the box society wants to hold you accountable for... What gets me is that there are souls who have become so fucking jaded by others’ opinions that their only release from those chains is the fleeting elation they feel from picking other people apart piece by piece.  A monster created by an inability to truly see themselves, flaws & all, and know that each little detail makes them the beautiful, unique piece of art that they are.  I truly feel sorry for these people.
Shallow Graves
A cemetery of memories long dead Topped with the soil of scars from many years gone No matter how persistently I dig I cannot reach the wood of these coffins My mind rough and callused exhausted from the long days spent working to uncover my past I had buried the pain deep Covered the anguish with cheap, store-bought imitations of strength and grace I became exactly who the world wanted me to be Hiding all signs of the broken, heavy heart I carried Now unable to retrieve those fleeting smiles lost within the folds of a childhood nightmare As if I created a different kind of monster One who could swallow the history I have been running from I tore out those pages, ripped them carelessly from my thoughts Until nothing was left but an incomplete puzzle of the girl I once was The thought of finding those missing pieces, of completing that picture terrifies me Do I really want to remember? To once again hear the screams escape my lips and reapply the bruises fresh upon my skin? Or am I co
The raw the gritty the unabashed Dig past all the layers the bullshit the judgements the precariousness And pull out the honest the worthy the genuine the unmistakeable Dare to embrace the madness the awkward the beautfiul the unimaginable Just to taste the way I feel   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
Look At These 2 Fukn Nit Wits Here,,saying They Don't Think Or Does No Have Integiry To Be Maybe He Is Not,,,fukn Clowns Everywhere But Who Is To
Uwillqvr69 ⇒ As Kicker 1 Agreed, I don't think he ever was, no marine I know would act that towards a woman, so I seriously doubt he ever was. Likely wishes he was because he thinks it's cool, but Marines have a very high level of integrity which he does not... fukn jokers do have fukn clue what integrity even is,,but as they just must love having the thought of knowing their girlfriends probably just thought I was cute and they can't handle the pure fact that they aren't no where near even in fukn second place to me,,,how bout suk a dik losers but just not mine & get back at the end of the line cowards for integrity comes first over slander or even honor...have a good nite 2 clonws the circus called & they said you were missing from your areas.....
To All Business Owners! ( A Must Read )!
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What Is It You Say Willliam You Did What & Saved Who,,and When Did You Do Such A Thing Young Man,,you Say You Jumped Out To Save Hom Many Beiing The C   William did you have a wpeaon or did you jsut do everbody up bare hands & make all move from harm with maybe a bomb going off,,why did you do that William when you were only 13,,oh you did that to when you were how old 16,,no way 17 to,,,not ever did you take care of stuff of where 200 cowards showed up & who had what in their poclets or shoes did it matter,,,Oh no run William is here,,Oh no is he a MArine or cops or soldier or who the fuk is he,,No weapon,,no vest,,no unifrom,,,no fukn cape,,,is he fukn crazy enough to be the true & real superman,,,yeah he fukn is so if you didn't know,,Now ya knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....Play song for enjoyment it is a very dear & special one to my heart in some time of my training a true lady taught me to play this as my own personal headphones...
You And I
I hate almost everyone.  Stupid people, boring and numb. They fake it every single day.  Fake the smile or fake the way... Fake the way they look at you or in anything they do. I've found just one who wasn't though. She isn't sweet or pure like snow. She's just like me flawed and bent. Nobody ever knew just what she meant... When she said she didn't know... or when she said that she must go. I think I get it more than most. It's always feeling like a ghost. Waking up every day... Never feeling another way. Until I met you and you met me. Now I have begun to see. Without our past we couldn't know... If we should stay or if we should go. Though, seeing it all in the end... I know you're my only one true friend. Not many others know what its like... To live with your insides on a spike. "Oh I'm so sorry I wish I could help" You'll never hear me say these words. Wishing away is for the birds. We live in the real and here it hurts. Though, when you wear one of my sh
Looking For Well Hung Shemales And Very Well Hung Trannies And Well Hung Black Tops Lexington Ky
Living On Borrowed Time -puddle Of Mudd
[Verse 1]Living on borrowed time so I'll die tomorrow (Die)Yeah living in yellow skin so I shed and borrow (shed and borrow)[Chorus]Okay, okay okay I fuckin' get itOkay, okay, okay I'm gonna kill itNo way, no way, no way you're gonna stop me Okay, okay, okay[Verse 2]Waiting on a revolution that I can follow (I can follow) YeahFeeding on an open wound kills the pain but I like it (yeah I like it)I'm looking for a new solution that I can swallow (I can swallow)Yeah living on borrowed timeI'll die tomorrow, who cares if you die?![Chorus]Okay, okay okay I fuckin' get itOkay, okay, okay I'm gonna kill itNo way, no way, no way you're gonna stop me Okay, okay, okay[Bridge]Get out of my face, out of my face with that shit!(I'm getting sick of it!)It gets you no whereYour life becomes a hit to a hit(I'm getting sick of it!)Get out of my face, out of my face with that shit!It's getting deepYou're gonna die tomorrow[Chorus]Okay, okay okay I fuckin' get itOkay, okay, okay I'm gonna kill itNo way,
totally wasted! omg
He wakes up early in the morning and knows it will be a special day. He knows he wont see her for another 7 hours but he is all ready starting to get excited. He showers and thinks of what it will be like when he firsts sees her, what will she look like what will she be wearing. Then a little doubt sets in. What is something comes up and she can’t make it. What if something happens at work and he has to cancel. It has not happened yet but you never know. He doesn’t want to think of that he just wants to think what it will be like when he finally gets her in his arms and takes her. Done his shower he gets dressed and makes coffee and packs his lunch getting ready to go to the train. All the time his mind thinking and thinking. He has been up just a little over half an hour and it seems like hours time just is not moving. He gets to the train station and gets on his train. Finally it feels like the day is getting started. Time will start moving now. Getting closer to that s
He has waited all day for this moment to be with her alone in their special place, but it is finally here. In the room his shirt off his cock hard in his pants. Her shirt off he is biting her neck and chest. He reaches down feeling under her skirt squeezing her ass. He moves around to the front and finding her hot pussy. He can feel her heat. His fingers probing and feeling as they enter her pussy. His fingers moving as her juices start to cover his fingers. She is moaning he is getting harder and more turned on biting her deeper and harder. He kisses her and brings his hand up and they lick and suck her juices off his fingers. She reaches down feeling his cock feeling how hard it is. She unbuckles his pants and pulls them down. Taking his hard cock out. It is a relief for him that it is out it was getting so hard in his pants. She is on her knees and she takes it in her mouth. He looks down and watches and she sucks on his hard cock. He loves to watch it going in and out of her mouth.
Court Flippin
Meanwhile, Good luck i pray for you, please do me let me know, please suck my neck in, don't let me go, Tomorrow in court, i wish i was, sitting beside my e new buzz, so i could bird flip at the fuzz, say what up like gangsta does, double bird flip at the fuzz, bend over kiss my ass to the judge, Good luck dear girl i'll pray for you,,, Please do let me know me do, i wish i was there besides, inside of you. Tomorrow in court, i wished i was, bird flip floppin the judge, double bird flip to the fuzz. Please do please do, E let me know, please E, please me, don't let me go, please suck my neck in, please suck me slow, and mean while i'll pray for you, i want i want good luck for you. Sent from my iPad
Lol A Love Song
If im out of line, tell me the first time, because i have it bad I have it badder than bad, if im out of line, I Want u Back. Back on your knees , As bad as u can be, I have it bad, as bad as it can be, As bad as u can be, Pretty pretty pretty please I want u back on your knees I mean i want you back, Pretty please. If im outta line, i guess too pretty pretty bad, I gotta tell ya the best i ever had, im pretty fuckin sad, really really mad, everybody says i've got it, pretty pretty bad. Tell me the first time, If. Im out of line, Because i have it bad, Badder than bad. I got it worse than i ever had, Butt thats because,, i want you back ! If im out of line, im out of line, tell me baby, pretty pretty please, tell me first time, if im out of line, but i want you back, Pretty pretty please, i want you back , i want you back, I want you back on your knees. Pretty pretty please, Pretty pretty please. OMG I WANT U BACK.
Twinkle More
As I wonder why your finger tips, Can't touch me or my body or my lips. I start yearning for only you, someone I have dreamed about loving all that you can do. Ever second that I am asleep, I find myself lost while you are close and deep. Inside the heat that is waiting, for you to enter but I understand you debating. I ask you not to flee, just to spend time in love with only me. As our shine grows, it will out shine the love anyone knows. If I could open my door, and just let you in I might twinkle more.
15 Moments That Nearly Destroyed Rock
It’s easy to think of rock stars as iconic figures who can do no wrong. That’s because we see all of their well-documented successes in retrospect, seeing how each one in turn led to the creation of their legends. Let’s say we could go back to certain critical moments in the career of a certain band and say “what if?” Would the Beatles still be the Beatles if they had kept Pete Best and never hired Ringo Starr? Could Alice Cooper have still made it if he’d kept the name Vincent Furnier? Would things still turn out the same, or could one small thing destroy the entire legend and change the course of rock and roll history? We partner with Diffuser and Loudwire to take a look at some of those “what if” scenarios in our list of the 15 Moments That Nearly Destroyed Rock. 1. Pink Floyd Almost Rap -  So, what do a legendary British progressiverock band do for a second act when they’re recording their first album after the loss of one o
15 Moments...... Part 2
9. Reunion Averted -  Let us start by saying we’re in no way gladJoe Strummer died in 2002. When the Clash legend succumbed to a previously undiagnosed heart condition, rock lost one of its most passionate, leastcompromising figures. That said, had Joe made it to the 2003 Rock and Roll Hall of of Fame inductionceremony, he might have reunited honorees the Clash for the occasion. He’d convinced guitarist Mick Jones and drummer Topper Headon to join in, leaving bassist Paul Simonon as the lone holdout. Simonon had it right: The Clash only stood to tarnish their legacy, and their story didn’t need this, the Rock Hall, as its final chapter. When Strummer and Jones joined forces one last time in November 2002 at benefit for striking firefighters, it was a more fitting coda for the Only Band That Matters. 10. Blood, Sweat, & Relief -  In 1970, Alex Chilton was a man without a band. The 19-year-old Memphis rocker had tasted success as amember of the Box Tops, scoring a No
Deuces Are Wild
I usually try to first request, its just who I am you could have already guessed. that I am only a human, that sometimes feels like I am just here for consumin. I am a falling star, yet I am invisible beyond what you know so far.   I like a certain type of touch, but I can live without what once meant so damn much. I have become one, who doesn't start what can't be done. It is whats for the best, if you remove my veil I am still not undressed.   If one day you can admit, that you have had a fight with someone you wouldn't hit. Then I will tell what I feel, needs read and burned it is a constant battle that is real. Therefore again, it has been said, so you can't be certain exactly who you take to bed.   Don't look now deuces are wild, still fragile yet curious is my inner child. If I was calm and mild, you don't excite me begone, deuces are wild.
Your Kind Word
To be able to touch the heart means enough so what is the hype, to cause a rumble in the jungle you just have to be the wanted type. I won't beg or even plead, for any one person to fake a loving need.   I will remain ready wth a calm and kind word, I would rather be read always instead of heard. I just don't need to be perfect, nothing is wrong I haven't wrecked.   Sliding in is the expected cumming, I won't be the one for attention bumming. Sweet sin will be completed much sooner than later, then the overly spread becomes the hater.   Can I touch your heart and soul?? you might see heaven and your kind word is the toll.
Fascism   check out these links and ask yourself, "what's really going on?"
" I Caught My Wife Cheating" Cont
Gently i pushed her back until her back until she sat down on the bed. Her legs spreaad apart and i began to kiss her inner thighs. I moved down one leg until i reached her knee, and then went back up to her mound.    Her breathing was so heavy as he waited for my tongue to touch her. I waited also, wanting to build the anticipation. My hot breath pushed against her very moist lips, her pussy almost begging to be touched. but i waited. Her hands went to my head, and she tried to push me into her pussy, but i pulled back, breathing a deep breath of air over her mound. My hands up and began to caress her stomach, moving down to her hair. Her legs spread wider as she beckoned me to eat her.    "Oh, Lee, please, i ned to feel your  touch so badly, please, let me feel your tongue!" She cried, pushing harder on the back of my head. Instead, i moved my hands down between her legs. I began to gently touch her lips with my fingers, playing with them, spreading them apart, watching her jiuce
Another Day... Already??
I am not feeling best of the best today. I use to love Fridays. I remember when I was in junior high school, Friday's were the night we would go to the roller skating rink. In high school, it was party night.  Seems to me that they might not have changed that much if I still had my friends. That there is a key element to happiness too. I may have been making less money in Wyoming, but I had friends. At The Beaver Creek Saloon, they weren't overly trying to take advantage of me at least. They would even give a holla when I walked in the bar. Ya know like the do for Sam or Norm on 'Cheers". It warmed my heart when I became recognizable somewhere, I didn't give a gawd damn hoot, that it was what the higher ups considered where the pond scum hung out. Some places are different to most people. Let's take Fubar here, some think its not safe, virus filled, money gusseling. I think it holds more possiblities than other sites. You can put money into Fubar, you don't have to. You can express yo
Its A Short Walk From Heaven To Hell - John Schniederelf
You were God's best creation but I didn't know what I had till it was too late   When a man's getting older seems the girls are getting bolder and the temptations are sometimes too great   You gave me all kinds of reasons to stay but like the fool I am, I still walked away   And its a short walk from Heaven to Hell A few steps from an angel that loved me so well   When I left, I shook hands with the devil himself and its a short walk from Heaven to Hell   She was young, I was foolish but I needed that young thing to tell me I could still turn her on   What I took for affection  was just your reflection and thats where the whole thing went wrong 'cause when the loving was over and done what I took for love, she took for fun   And its a short walk from Heaven to Hell a few step from an angel that loved me so well   When I left, I shoke hands with the devil himself And its a short walk from Heaven to Hell   Yeah, its a short walk from Heaven to He
Id Smoke U
I'd smoke ya Id smoke u like a thousand and one blunts, Seduce your mind into a sexdrugg euphoria hunt, I carry a large gun and would spend u like a banana clip, Id drink u in like a wine tasting baron sip by sip, Or like a full moon night into a skinny dip. I'd smoke u. Lick u, suck on your body and mind. I would suck you like a lifesaver lolipop from behind. I'd smoke you. Pack you, roll u, id smoke u all the time.
Me Am Trippy
ME AM TRIPPY I am tripping dark shadows and running thru eyes , I am blowing sweet kisses and marshmallow highs, tell me you're better your wetter, your cheddar then cheese . me am trippy thru shadows point me out if you please . I am lie like a, lie like a, lie like a rug. smoking cigarros with a lady Face bug. I am trippy thought planets and mouth in the skies .. I am blowing sweet kisses through hand written cries beat me now beat me now, beat like a drum .. tell me your secrets and I'll tell you some ,, light in me shadow and still you cant see . me am trippy light shadow come running to me. I am blowing sweet kisses to beautiful eyes ... Me am marshmallow lover at handwriting size.. ...................
"the Next Day At Work"
Myria stood with her arms at her side, completely naked. Her breasts were about half the size of Bianca's and stood firm, her nipples at attention.  My gaze moved down her very lovley body, pausing at her midsection, noticing that she was shaved.   "Hi Lee," she said, as she walked into the room. "Thanks for inviting me to join you guys, Bianca. I really enjoyed watching you suck his beautiful black dick."   I was shocked sitting in the chair listening to theses to hot vixens talk about me. i watched as Myria climbed onto the bed and kisses Bianca.   "Hmm," Myria moaned. "i can still taste him on your mouth."   "just wait until you have him yourself, Myria, he's very tasty indeed."
White Assed Crackers.....
It occurs to me that Michelle Obama comports herself in the same way that Rachel Jeantel did in the courtroom where she was expected to be the prosecution's star witness against George Zimmerman, who is on trial for killing Trayvon Martin in self-defense. Michelle Obama is loud, crude, wears hideously expensive, ill-fitting clothes, complete with slacks that showcase panty-lines that look like crevices in the Grand Canyon. Liberals decried the fact that "pundits" (which is code-speak liberals notably use when they are trying to subtly and insidiously have the readers think they're referencing conservatives when in reality it's other liberals) criticized Jeantel's weight and attitude. Much about Jeantel reminded me of the Obama woman. The Obama woman is gregarious and esteems herself far above reality. She is unattractive, unlike Jeantel, who is simply unlearned pursuant to acceptable haute couture. And when it comes to criticizing Jeantel's speech, hers pales in comparison to t
Are Fwb Relationships Really Viable?
Many times I've seen the concept of FWB relationships debated online. Can they work? Are they good? Should I try one? Are they just wishful thinking and a setup for heartache and bad feelings? I've thought a lot about the issue over the years, and the conclusion I've come to is that FWB relationships can not only be possible but also very rewarding, BUT they are very difficult to have successfully. If you're looking for someone to fuck with no strings attached, then in my opinion you are deluding yourself. Using someone for sex is a sure way to mess with someone's head and emotions and will ultimately result in hurt feelings, heartache, and a royal mess. However, if you have a strong friendship with someone and care for them deeply and find that the two of you share a physical attraction and connection, then having the relationship become sexual is completely normal. We are physical people, and a large part of how we express our feelings is through our physical actions.
"my Trip For My Job"
"Wow,' my wife replied, obviously deep in thought, "that's a lot of time away." what was she thinking about? Was she already imagining all the nights of fucking that ass hole? what her mind already picturing his cum filling her up?   "So,  know how much  you hate to be alone," i paused, letting that statement sink in. "I know how you get nervous with me not here, so i purchased a security system today. I'll install a couple of sensors and set up a keypad at the door. All you need to do is punch in the code and the house will be alarmed. that way, when you come home, you'll know if anyone else in in the house. And, at night, if you want you can set just the doors so you'll know if someone tries to enter the house."   Vanessa nodded her understanding, "Thanks, Lee, you're right, i hate being alone."    I wanted to say, "i'm sure you wont be alone too often," but held  back and said nothing.    After dinner i began to set up the system. I put a sensor on each entrance to the house
"my Trip For My Job"
The rest of the week went quickly, and soon it was time for me to leave. I packed up the car, making sure my labtop was secure, and  then tuend back to kiss Vanessa goodbye. We stood in the driveway holding each other tight for a few minutes before i pulled away.   "I'm going to miss you , sewwt heart," she said, reaching out to kiss me again.   "I'll miss you too. Hey, if you get lonely, just call up one of the escort agencies and have some fun." I smiled as i turned to open the care door   "Humm,"" she said playing along. "I just might do that."    "Or, i could just call one of the guys from work and ask him to come over and take care of you. What do you think? How 'bouy Ken or Jerry, or maybe john?"    A look of fear flashed across her face but disappeared just as quickly. I knew i had caught her off guard with that comment, and it was fun watching her try to joke her way out of it.:)   "Nah, if i want a guy, i can find my own. I don't need another salesman to satisfy me
Glory To The Brave - Hammer Fall
Snow is falling down on this glorious land Colours fading, turning into white again To fallenn heroes angels sing, they cry their winter tears Endless mourning days will turn to years So this is goodbye, I take leave of you Spread your wings and you will fly away now, fly away now  Nothing on this earth stays forever But none of your deeds were in vain Deep in our hearts you will live again You're gone to the home of the brave  Every solemn moment I will treasure inside Even though it's hard to understand That a silent wind can blow the candle out Taking everything leaving the pain behind You call out my name, but your voice is fading Into the wind, embraced, you'll fly away now  Nothing on this earth stays forever  But none of your deeds were in vain  Deep in our hearts you will live again  You're gone to the home of the brave  My eyes are closed I feel you're far away (so close) Far beyond that shining star I know you'll find what you've been fighting for Far beyond that shini
*~*~*~Hey BABE*~*~*~*    You are in the bathroom and you just left your email logged in so i am hacking it to tell you... that i love you and i have had a wonderful 4th of july with you...thank you for the chicken and i hope that we can manage to end up together and have many more 4ths and 5ths together!~!~!~\Love Always , Hailey J.
A Puzzle Left Unglued...
i held all the powerand i threw it all awaymy kingdom stood for hoursis there more that i should say?i bathed myself in magici gave myself a stonenow i rummage through a carcassand there is nothing left save bonesand i grazebasking in sunlight and golden raysmy eyes?they are glazedbut not because i'm highi give myself a reason and i never wonder whyi am drinking something dirty that is bitter to the tasteand all the little pieces are more than i can pasteshe spoke to me in volumesthough i did not catch her hintnow she's wearing stones for armourthat i cannot seem to denther eyes?they are like flintthey spark a fire and i'll fryshe left me out to season though i'll never wonder whyi am discarding super structuresconstructed out of hastefor all the little pieces were more than i could paste
Come Out And Play - Twisted Sister
Twisted sister...Come out and play...Twisted sister...Come out and play...Twisted sister...Come out and play...Twisted sister...Come out and playAre you afraid Of things that go bump in the night?Behind closet doors Of things when you turn out the lightDon't be afraid of the nightThere's a light in the dark burning brightDon't be afraidDon't be afraidDon't be afraid......of the lightCome inside our worldAn oyster 'round a pearlYou'll all be safe inside A perfect place to hide, you'll seeFun by decreeRide above the stormThe average and the normA new found ecstacyA wild fantasy come trueThis one's for youOh, welcome to our showOh, welcome to our lifeJust follow me and you'll set yourself free Now won't you come out and playCome out and playCome on out and playCome out and playCome on out and playCome out and playCome on out and playCome out and playCome on out and playJoin our cavalcadeEnter the world you madeWe're only here for youTo do what you won't do, you knowOn with the showA place
Waking The Cadaver - Pigtails Are For Facefucking
  Forced deep into the separated cranium of a crusty used up slut, my gigantic rod. Swollen member penetrating her now empty eye sockets, and all other holes are to be filled. Crushing and fucking pulverized brain tissue with a still moist tongue caressing my sack. The bitch never saw that one comin. She tried to scream, she tried to fight. But I plugged her throat. With my ten inch pipe. She choked and gagged and punched for mercy. But this whore should ave known better. I busted out my trusty blade. and removed her skull from her twitching body. Now theres silence and the bitch is dead. Finally I can fuck some face in peace and quiet  
No studio. No fake. All for real. Simply the best I am a girl very fun, loving and complacent, I want to move a while and we welcome much fun. I am here to make your desires happen. Come to my room and see…! :)
How To Tweeze With Out Pain
Step one-- take some pain reducing pills about 1 hr. before tweezing.  Step 2-- place a hot towel on face 5 minutes before tweezing.  Step 3-- pull the area you wanna tweeze taut.  Step 4-- pull out in direction of growth.  Step 5 Pat the area just tweezed with your index finger.  Step 6 Ice the area after your done to close the follicle.
I Must Admit
Relax, its nothing thats going to change anything today anyways. As time goes on, who knows, it might alter someones mind. Sometimes I don't fully grasp the here and now. You know what I mean, dontcha?? Like taking a quantum leap, or jumping into a stargate. Just something to change the everyday happenings. I already guess you could be thinking that I am just zoning, and maybe you are right. Here and now, as far as I know, it isn't illegal yet. I am a changing person and that is why I don't think anyone could possibily treat me like the china doll I am. I bruise very easily and cry at stupid things. Not every god forsken thing, but still. If I could walk well enough, I could walk right out into the world without hesitation. Some miracles still happen, but I am not holding my breath for one. There comes a certain time in your life when you know what is possible. That time as peeked around the corner. Being sure of myself as its limits. I might want to fly, it just isn't going to happen
Wind Below - Rage Against The Machine
Flip this capital eclipseTha vocal tone has got 'em sweatin' their own apocalypseYes, rebel of tha grains stand masterlessTha masked ones cap oneNAFTA comin' with tha new disasterAnd yes we in wit tha wind an tha plan de Ayala kinAre comin' back around againTha slave driver saliva, one night power turnsThem devils mouths dry, now Mexico burnsSo here they come one by one them killers of the new frontierOccupy, causin' fear, come onWit the windbelowWe in wit the wind belowWit the wind Flip this capital eclipseThem bury life wit IMF shifts, and poison lipsYo they talk it, while slicin' our veins yo so mark itFrom the FINCAS overseers, to them vultures playin' marketsShe ain't got nothin' but weapon and shawlShe is Chol, Tzotzil, Tojolobal, TzeltalThe tools are her tools, Ejidos and ovariesShe once suffocated, now through a barrel she breathesShe is the wind belowThe wind She is the wind belowAnd all the shareholders gonna flex, and try ta annex the truthWhile the new trust is gonna flex,
Born As Ghosts - Rage Against The Machine
The hills find peaceLocked armed guard postsSafe from the screamsOf the children born as ghostsGates guns and alarmsShape the calm of the dawnPeering down into the basinWhere death lives onWhen young run foaming at the mouth with hateWhen burning batons beat the freezing who shakeUnder the toxic sunsets they dine and toastOf walls deny the terror facedBy the children born as ghostsBorn as ghostsA warning, you sufferers, begin to speak our wordBorn as ghostsA warning, you sufferers, begin to speak our wordBorn as ghostsA warning, you sufferers, begin to speak our wordBorn as ghostsWe're the children born as ghostsborn as ghostsOne book and forty ghosts stuffed in a roomThe school as a tombWhere home is a wastelandTaste the razor wireAnd thought is locked in the wombThe tales that tear at the myth of the dreamMyth of the dreamMyth of the dreamA suffering that shocks the lives off the screenMyth of the dream Myth of the dreamBorn as ghostsA warning, you sufferers, begin to speak our wordB
Wake Up - Rage Against The Machine
Come on!Uggh!Come on, although ya try to discreditYa still never editThe needle, I'll thread itRadically poeticStandin' with the fury that they had in '66And like E-Double I'm madStill knee-deep in the system's shitHoover, he was a body removerI'll give ya a doseBut it'll never come closeTo the rage built up inside of meFist in the air, in the land of hypocrisyMovements come and movements goLeaders speak, movements ceaseWhen their heads are flown'Cause all these punksGot bullets in their headsDepartments of police, the judges, the fedsNetworks at work, keepin' people calmYou know they went after KingWhen he spoke out on VietnamHe turned the power to the have-notsAnd then came the shotYeah!Yeah, back in this...Wit' poetry, my mind I flexFlip like Wilson, vocals never lackin' dat finesseWhadda I got to, whadda I got to do to wake ya upTo shake ya up, to break the structure up'Cause blood still flows in the gutterI'm like takin' photosMad boy kicks open the shutterSet the grooveThen stick
Bored Out Of My Mind Again. 10:50pm: An Effing Day Too Soon.
    It is a long post or whatever featuring my day 6. I really should have waiting till day 7 as was pertaining to the rules, but I am a hyper person. Shit, I was aries, I get bored easily. lol    PS: PINK is not even my color, but it was different. I am getting out of my comfort zone some because normally I would have chosen blue.              It just is confusing to me why the hell I cannot like find any information that would tell me how the hecko to understand what the "saluting" is here. Well professionally, I am doing 90 days before I spend anything to amp of my profile. I just think it is a good chance for me to get an idea of how to get around in the site, and also how to get loads of mercenaries in fumafia. However, like it has only been 6 days so far and I am just now getting like the really crappy I am not even a beginner here. I am thinking my whole train of thought will have changed in 90 days and maybe will feel comfortable in putting up some mo
The Whole Truth
Kyle told little Johnny that most adults are hiding at least one dark secret making it very easy to blackmail them by saying, "I know the whole truth." Little Johnny went home to give it a try. He looked his mother in the eye and said, "I know the whole truth." She quickly gave him $20 and said, "Just don't tell your father." Undaunted, Little Johnny tried it on his big sister. She gave him every cent she had and begged him not to tell their parents. Little Johnny couldn't wait for his dad to get home. As he greeted his father, Little Johnny said, "I know the whole truth." His father promptly handed him $40 and said, "Whatever you do, don't tell your mother." Little Johnny was liking this game, so on his way home from school the next day, he saw the mailman coming up the front walk. Little Johnny said, "I know the whole truth." The mailman immediately dropped his mail bag, opened his arms and said, "Then come and give your daddy a great big hug!"
Its Alright - Seal
They say it's alright Say it's alright It's alright, have a good time Cause it's alright, whoa it's alright Now we gonna move it slow When the lights are low When you move it slow It feels like more (?)cause it's alright Whoa it's alright Now listen to the beat Kinda tap your feet You got soul Everybody knows that it's alright Whoa it's alright When you wake up early in the morning Feeling sad like so many of us do Hold a little soul And make life your goal And surely something's gotta come to you And you gotta say it's alright Say it's alright It's alright, have a good time Cause it's alright Whoa it's alright Someday i'll find me a woman Who will love me and treat me real nice Where my road has got to go (?)my love she will know from morning, noon Until the night And she's gotta say that it's alright Say it's alright It's alright, have a good time Cause it's alright Whoa it's alright Now listen to the beat Kinda tap your feet You got soul Everybody knows that it's alright Whoa it's a
Spot On My Neck
Your whisper resounds in my head, while soft breath, warms that spot of my neck, both a weakness and strength, you define, for this moment, I'm yours and your mine. From within, a warm glow, saturates, as my flesh melds to yours, and I'm launched into space, undefined is the journey I take, your my vessel in travel you've allowed me to take. Oh, the firmness your arms wrap me in, bind me ever so tightly, keeps me balanced within, If unbound, I would just fall apart, As my body so trembles, being pulled to your heart. My flesh fires, by the touch of your hands, tuned so deeply to you, I await each command, your response that you push into hips, scream in pleasure alone, feather like, finger tips. I must say that I find when I write, all the thoughts in my mind, freely flow, free and bright. and the trust I behold, and give you, gives me wings of an angel, and a heart just as true.
Fun In A Virtual Environment!
For those nights you can't get out of the house, or to simply meet people from all over the world without spending buckoo bucks on a plane ticket ! Fun and anything you can imagine!  For gamers who are tired of just blowing up things in battle, connect REAL socially!   Crazy and exciting fun in a Virtual Environment for ADULTS only. Gotta be 18. Click below to learn more
Life And Its Surprises
              Have you ver walked that thin line of life where emotions are always rampid and there's always a test in time your doing the best you can but but you seen to find that strife! Don't you worry its all just passing time so never you worry love will come in time and there's always someone who will help you and you just got to give it time!
On My Birthday
On my birthday(9-04), I know it is early. Just found some info and I might forget I found this out when it is my birthday. Who was Born on my birthday?? In 1803 Sarah Childress Polk, First Lady of the United States (d. 1891) In 1913 Mickey Cohen, American gangster (d. 1976) In 1917 Henry Ford II, American industrialist (d. 1987) In 1951 Martin Chambers, English drummer (The Pretenders) In 1956 Blackie Lawless, American musician, lead singer in W.A.S.P In 1974 Carmit Bachar, American musician (Pussycat Dolls) Historical events In 1781 Los Angeles, California, is founded as El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora La Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula (The Village of Our Lady, the Queen of the Angels of Porziuncola) by 44 Spanish settlers. In 1923 Maiden flight of the first U.S. airship, the USS Shenandoah. In 1950 Darlington Raceway is the site of the inaugural Southern 500, the first 500-mile NASCAR race. In 1951 The first live transcontinental television broadcast takes place in San
Someday's Gone Now - All American Rejects
What makes you so damn sure,That you’re perfect, huh?I can’t explain youJust like a nightmareI can’t rememberWhat makes you so damn sureThat you’re worth it huh?You’re just a bad tripI can’t come back from since last DecemberI walk into the room and you steal everyoneI see you walk into the roomAnd you kill everyone cause I knowMy someday’s gone nowBye byeMy someday’s gone nowBye byeJust let it goHow did you figure that I let you cut me downRight at the knees,I fall like a dead man out of the airplaneHow do you figure that I let you drag me around, huh?You got my number, draw me a story tell me a pictureI walk into the room and you've had everyoneAnd then you walked into the room, it’s so sad everybody already knowsMy someday’s gone nowBye byeMy someday’s gone nowBye byeJust let it goEven when I live, a piece of me will dieWin some, lose some, she won’t bat an eyeMaybe when I sleepI’ll see you in my dreamsFor
Sleeping Bag - Zz Top
When it's cold outside and you want to sleep in,go for a pallet that's nice and thin.Zip it on around while it's on the ground,spread it out and lay it on down.Slip inside my sleeping bag,slip inside my sleeping bag. You're afraid of the dark, baby, don't be shy.We'll talk about some lovin' while we look at the sky.Don't be hesitating, it'll be alright,we'll tuck it in until it's clean out of sight.Slip inside my sleeping bag,slip inside my sleeping bag. Let's go out to Egypt 'cause it's in the plan,sleep beside the pharoahs in the shifting sand.We'll look at some pyramids and check out some heads.Oh, we'll whip out our mattress 'cause there ain't no beds.Slip inside my sleeping bag,slip inside my sleeping bag.
You are the hole in my headYou are the space in my bedYou are the silence in betweenWhat I thought and what I saidYou are the nighttime fearYou are the morning when it's clearWhen it's over, you're the startYou're my head and you're my heart No light, no lightIn your bright blue eyesI never knew daylight could be so violentA revelation in the light of dayYou can't choose what stays and what fades awayAnd I'd do anything to make you stayNo light, no lightTell me what you want me to say To the crowd I was crying out andIn your place there were a thousand other facesI was disappearing in plain sightHeaven help me, I need to make it right You want a revelationYou want to get "right"But it's a conversationI just can't have tonightYou want a revelationSome kind of resolutionYou want a revelation No light, no lightIn your bright blue eyesI never knew daylight could be so violentA revelation in the light of dayYou can't choose what stays and what fades awayAnd I'd do anything to make you s
I Do What I Do, For You
I do this for You, you're the reason I preserve our culture, the reason I conserve our heritage and protect our People from the promotion and practise of miscegination, You're the reason I fight to assure a future and existance for our beloved, precious and rare white Race, I do it for You... The white Race must stay together, if were to assure a future and existance of Girls like You, if the white Race goes extinct, there will be no more Girls like You. There will be no more blue Eyed, green Eyed or gray Eyed beauties, save for false appearances with Contacts, there'll be no more blondes, redheads or brunettes save for what comes out of a Bottle. You and Girls like You are the reason We must stop the interracial breeding, we cant even condone it, being friends with the other Races just promotes it to others, who are ignorantly misinformed. The other Races argue these facts and incourage You mixing with them because they know its killing us off and thats what they are trying to
I Wish
I wish.. I wish You wanted Me just one sixteenth of how much I love You, because if You did You would be happy with Me too. I wish You were faithfully and devoted glued to my Hip, hanging on Me, clinging to Me, possessive over Me, like You was afraid of losing Me, so I could assure You repeatedly everyday, that my love for You will not ever go astray. I wish You would commit and make the vows of holy matrimony to Me and know that in the name of almight God, our covenant of bonding will save Us and together eternally We wil be free. I wish You wanted Me so much you wanted to tie Me down, that You wanted to love Us so strongly that You'd have my Babies, knowing I would have no where else to go, I'd cuddle with You at Home... I wish more than anything in my Life, more than anything in the World, I wish You were my Wife, I wish You were my Girl...
Some Goddess Of Virtue...
dawn of the sunken rainbow sunshine breed of the forest in solid diamond lines the hero courted Venus, he called her goddess to his earth now the kingdom had a mystic, who visited flowers in the night no one could see, perhaps from lack of insight what would be seen in the hour of birth? the goddess to a lover, the mystic was to blame the hero stood in horror, weak as though he'd been struck lame many stay the same and cry lamenting echoes in their pain follow the treatise toward excess, defining a scale find a reason for misfortune, and the windstorm's sudden gale try to see amidst the clouds can the silence scream out loud? grant the hero refuge, his world's come crashing down
A Puzzle Left Unglued...
i held all the powerand i threw it all awaymy kingdom stood for hoursis there more that i should say?i bathed myself in magici gave myself a stonenow i rummage through a carcassand there is nothing left save bonesand i grazebasking in sunlight and golden raysmy eyes?they are glazedbut not because i'm highi give myself a reason and i never wonder whyi am drinking something dirty that is bitter to the tasteand all the little pieces are more than i can pasteshe spoke to me in volumesthough i did not catch her hintnow she's wearing stones for armourthat i cannot seem to denther eyes?they are like flintthey spark a fire and i'll fryshe left me out to season though i'll never wonder whyi am discarding super structuresconstructed out of hastefor all the little pieces were more than i could paste
New Shit 8/30/2013
new shit still got 1:30 left on the track so either i write more or someone sends me a fn verse !!violently ill psychopathic with the looks that kill i am hard to thrill leave you in the basement til your skin starts to rot and peel whats worse is no one would even hear you squeal cause your in a shack in the middle of nowhere no human contact only black bears giving you blank stares cause they don't care your suffering as you die they all multiply thinking winner winner chicken dinner i am that crazy they'd neverfind you cause i am that grimey dude they call jb i don't give a fuck you seei am that psycho from the 403 don't give a fuck what you think of me violence is the recipe for madness punk motha fucka im a savage any bitch motha fucka imma ravage cause i am here to do damage i aint one of you watered down little bitchesill leave your heads in stiches i dont need no riches to be fresh as fuck cause im a motha fuckin crazy canuck so step up and get your face stuck with my hatchet a
"the Debt " Part 4
Kathy thought for a moment. She could think of hundreds of possiblities. Her mind raced through the list of all bobby's suppliers and subcontrators seeking a name or person who was a foreigner. She knew all of them because she wrote all Bob's checks. Except one Japanese-american sales guy she knew of and that Italian roofer she couldn't think of anyone. She pictured having sex with the two men and decided she might enjoy the evening after all. "So it's Japanese or Italian tonight?" She questioned searching for the answer. "Not even close!" He said sure of himself that she wouldn't be able to guess. He extended his right arm to her. Bob made sure that for tonight his hair was trimmed and his shoes were shined. He cleaned the truck inside and out. He had his blue suit pressed and he wore a clean white shirt lightly starched. The tie she couldn't object to because she had picked it out for him months ago. He wanted things to be special tonight.   until tomorrow stay tuned for "My thou
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It's Not What I Would Call Furlough...
as of late i feel i'm lost, and don't know where to go i feel unsure of myself and doubt the things i know it would be nice to know the reasons of why i am and the way i am it is as though my mind continues bleeding and by birthright i am damned i am powerless to fight against myself my inner eye is blind i often think to shout for help but will not waste your time the sky pummels me with hailstones there is no shelter to run for cover in desperation i am reaching, although i feel alone my lungs can't seem to gasp for air, my ember's slowly smother the forces that succumb me cry out in victory the darkness crowds then drowns the light my eyes no longer see i've lost my grip on sanity, my mind has taken flight
All Of A Sudden
I don't really expect to stay on everyone's mind when I exit Fubar, but it was knda nice that I didn't disappear totally. Still, I guess that my little nap interruped my hand jive. Dang it!! Guess that I need to leave a more memberable touch, huh??  My computer is still screwing up. Just might be awhile before I can do that again. I hope everyone is doing alright, I hope everyone stays doing aright. You know this much, I hope, the best is yet to come!!
A Root Should Plant Itself In Soil...
i stand in front of a broken mirror i try to find my own eyes gaze a spider's web of broken glass makes it hard to see things clearer maybe what is shattered says, my life has been a jungle, and also been a maze i have been in search of answers, for so long i don't know when i have traveled far and long and wide and don't recall where all i've been i can't recall the many faces or the places, as often as i've tried i never felt much need nor comfort, in loitering in one place for long i would always feel a strumming on the inside of my being from subtle to increasing, to ignore it felt so wrong somewhere else on down the road, was another place to sing i would gather my belongings, and set myself in motion braving wind, and rain, and cold, and heat without a second thought, and devoid of much emotion always with the thought in mind, that freedom tastes so bittersweet
My Flame
When I hold one hand on my heart all by myself I hold proof that I do deserve some more of something else When I feel my inner thighs, I see your eyes open I feel the heat eminate and a need for just enough sin   Yeah, okay maybe I am all wrong and the heat doesn't make me strong  but what if I am right and I am in for another perfectly lonely night   my flame seeks someone to share with for as long as I can 1 heart, 2 hands, 3 legs; are you my man?? You could be off center, I don't mind, I am not her   My flame knows your flame even if I don't know your real name
And All Things Will End - Avenged Sevenfold
Lived through you,safe with how we lived our lives,with how it all turned out.(But things are bound to change)Uncovered lies, surfaced throughout,will make you change your mindSometimes life is alteredWon't turn out right. Can't turn out rightWhen I see you, I can read it in your eyes,fate misunderstood.(But things are bound to change)Swallowed the lies, can't blame you for,thinking with your heart.Sometimes life is altered.Break from the ropes your hands are tied.Uneasy with confrontation.Won't turn out right. Can't turn out rightI see my world crumble and fall, before my eyesI know, I know.Dark will turn to light, in time I'll be alrightI know, I know(I never imagined my life could turn out this waySo cold so black so alone)Living goes by fast, catch your breathand it will pass you by.And it won't last, to sulk with the memories you hold.Sometimes life is altered.Break from the ropes your hands are tied.Uneasy with confrontation.Won't turn out right. Can't turn out right[x2]
Save Me- Avenged Sevenfold
Skull!AaaahThey all knowThey all knowSorry did I wake your dreams?Some questions run too deepWe only only wake up when we sleepLed by the lunar light, trouble's all we'd findLost our way tonightIs it something we said?Is it something we said to them?Is it something we said?Save me -I'm trapped in a vile world,Where the endings are the same as every otherWe're only here to dieSave me -I'm losing my only dream,I can use some guiding light, some place to goIf you hear me let me knowThey all knowThey all knowEver since the day you left my fate's been set unknownHow many years to walk this path alone?So much to see tonight, so why'd you close your eyes?Why can't I shut mine?Is it something we did?Is it something we did to them?Is it something we did?Save me -I'm trapped in a vile worldWhere the endings are the same as every otherWe're only here to dieSave me -I'm losing my only dreamI can use some guiding light, some place to goIf you hear me let me know, if you hear me let me knowAaaahHelp
   People say move on after heartbreak! How can You just Move on?? A heart doesnt forget over night of how much you loved a person! Men act like its so easy to keep going and say fuck it, Some women keep pushing and passing out pussy! I can't do it lol He meant so much to me he is on here and thinks its cute to toy with hearts when in reality its his heart that will Pay!! I believe in Karma and shes a bad BITCH! Yes you may be sitting looking at this thinking its cute while im hurting inside but guess what Karma waiting and shes gonna make you feel how I do!!  The Hardest part is forgetting! Forgetting his laugh his meanness his pretend care! I wish I could turn back the hands Of time!  Just venting lovens all ~Lisha~
Everything Has Some Reason
Everything has already been planned out. Its like me finding out about this site and just sticking with it. The people I have met or will meet, it is our destiny. Nothing actually ever goes wrong, its all part of this plan. I am no preacher, so I won't pretend I am. Hell, I don't even like alot of preachers.  That bit about our destiny is what I was trying to get across the border with though. I believe everyone you come in contact with in any such way, is meant to be part of your life. I was meant to be part of anyone's life that gives any amount of their time to check me out. You might even get to know more about me while you are here. I know some people just don't have the time to get serious about much and that is their choice. I won't down them for how they have chosen to be, it is not my business. I however, am different.  Could I maybe just explain how I am different?? I love being liked, and not for the points. You have shared time to click. I like being poked. I adore comment
Let There Be Peace Within You
"May today there be peace within. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, and praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us."
No, Not Me
I ain't no queen, I know you know  damn, I know you said what I mean. I prefer the older, men and jeans they are just more warmer than colder. Don't ask what you lift you oughta know by now its your type, I can't & won't ever gift. I would just like to state I am a dirty little girl with no like or love for destiny or fate. Mine ain't like yours, hers, his, or theirs I don't get any country guided tours. No criminal will be here, I am only me, myself and I I happen to like smokes and beer. May not ever get the chance to do what I love again its only play flirt and slow dance.   I am no answer No, not me I am no private dancer don't you see I am no proper prancer no, not me.  
The Real Beauty
I got out of bed and thought maybe today, my happiness will come back I really hope you are okay. My life was normal until we met, now it is ever so great cause we can't just forget. How the sunrise just seems to fit, its most perfect casting upon eachday luckly it won't quit. Like our love can say, it is helping us grow as does our luck everyday.   If you will look for me, you can always read of how I am, you can see. Upon your hopeful returning, I have kept busy trying to describe my yearning. It keeps me company, while your not here and I need you with me.   I can rythme with your skin, everytime I am ready for us to dicover again. Every reason we can find delight, in our feelings together no matter day or night. You are feeling the breeze as I go out into the city remember my heart is yours, please....   Twilight can't even beat, the real beauty of the feeling when we meet. Every sunset tries to match, the real beauty of our destiny, the love w
Sometimes I Do, Sometimes I Don't
I just go and figure everybody is the same. Some people rush to take a shower in the morning, some like to wake up before performing in water. Some eat breakfast, some don't. Some are in need of more meat on their body, some maybe aren't that much in need.  When you get right down to the nitty gritty, don't we all care sometimes and then like magically don't give a fuck. I use to have myself extraly well kept when I wanted to go online, now its not so much. I would say its because I don't have a cam anymore, but I know that doesn't matter to some of the women and men that broadcast themselves. I will get to taking a shower and washing my hair or washing my hair and taking a bath. Sorry if I am not like many others but I don't shave my legs too well standing up. Its a balance thing, I don't have. Sometimes, just sometimes, when I am alone I like sleeping. No distractions is great. When your running around is limited, its the next best thing.  The safest sex and secrets are kept in dr
Here We Go Agan
MATTHEW: [pvt]: Ehhh it's really a pussy that likes to hide behind turfs with two level 3,000 toons with bounties over 5 trillion each yet hides it is just a shame and a waste in my book LISTER: [pvt]: e turf = hostile LISTER: [pvt]: i sense some hostility MATTHEW: [pvt]: "everyone can see what you type mat" Sure about that beck last i checked it was a mafia meeting room MATTHEW: [pvt]: Well now if your Unexp I have a cease with them too.. Unless you wanna leave be on your own and fight little old me beck ? FIRE{PMS}: [pvt]: Thanks for the E HH MATTHEW: [pvt]: Are you like crying for help now beck not friendly means what ? LISTER: [pvt]: ;o ĎΣĄŦĦ™: [pvt]: ĎΣĄŦĦ™: [pvt]: DIE! MATTHEW: [pvt]: Beck is Beck.. Matt is Matt.. All of a suddin Beck is Unexp when listed fucking bitch LISTER:
Hey I'm New Here
FAQ I am a very fun and friendly girl and I love to chat, so please say hi! I am a softcore model. If you don't know what that means, u can talk to me here .. If you want to see more of me, join me in group or on the website im on . I don't make xxx videos, boy/girl videos, or take PayPal. Amazon giftcards are awesome though. I love getting to know the people and spending time with them. I love new adventures and on the site i'm on has definitely been one of the most amazing adventures of my life! I'm so happy to be here and I thank my lucky stars every day. In real life I'm a bit introverted, I spend too much time playing Candy Crush, go to the gym .i love watching movies mostly i do my beauty rest lol and I always check out WAY more library books than I can ever read. i love dogs and cats ,, I'm a real person, just like you, so please treat me like one. I like people who talk to me ..if u want to know more we just hit me up on here . u can added me my fb and can u do me
How Soon Is Now - Love Spit Love
I am the sonand the heirof a shyness that is criminally vulgarI am the son and heirof nothing in particularYou shut your mouthhow can you sayI go about things the wrong wayI am human and I need to be lovedjust like everybody else doesI am the sonand the heirof a shyness that is criminally vulgarI am the son and the heirof nothing in particularYou shut your mouthhow can you sayI go about things the wrong wayI am human and I need to be lovedjust like everybody else doesThere's a club if you'd like to goyou could meet somebody who really loves youso you go, and you stand on your ownand you leave on your ownand you go home, and you cryand you want to dieWhen you say it's gonna happen "now"well, when exactly do you mean?see I've already waited too longand all my hope is goneYou shut your mouthhow can you sayI go about things the wrong wayI am human and I need to be lovedjust like everybody else does
Everyone Deserves Their Freedom
I don't want to hold anyone down. Ifin you read anything I post, that makes it easier for me to feel free to smile. I am happy when others are happy too. I cleared my crush and not because I don't like him anymore. It was for the same reason I don't always ask for friends. I don't feel I desrve that right all the time.  A crush may seem like a lil bity declaration to some, but to me it does mean something more. I would like to have more freedom, even if I know it isn't possible. I would like to have more of a life. I realize that this is the life I have been given and I am just trying to do the best with what I have. As I am hoping everyone is. Some already have a good life and some of us are still reaching for warmth. When I find my answers that'll be the day I won't shed anymore tears of pain, just tears of joy. We all; each and everyone of us deserve our right to twinkle. Freedom should be a given and not something you need to earn. I already know that as long as there are the one
Just In Case
If ever I forget, will you remind me and yet, not with harsh words or a sarcastic tone,  or I shall forget you and be alone. I am not difficult or tough to breed, I just want to know, your want loves my need.   Another luscious lick lingers wanting more, if you have the time forget every other door. I want to give you a reason to stay, and never wish to leave in any way.   If I am needed, please try an call, I will try to answer and never fall. Sometimes as perfect as I want to seem, reminds me its all just a dream.   Just incase I am not here, I want you to know I love you, dear.
I truely wish there was a way for me to explain, Its not usual, but when it happens it is like pouring rain. I sometimes let people in that I have never even met, guess it is time to stay dry and not like to get wet. Its funny how it seems to flown down the drain, my walls are just like the falling rain.   Just streaming with all the other drops, the thunder rolls has my night sometimes rocks. I can move every piece of furniture, that I own, so I do have muscle power. To fend for myself, ifin something does take place, so there is strong reasons in every wrinkle on my face.   As the rain lets up, I hurry outside hoping I can, veiw the rainbow that I appreciate without the love of a man. I have seen many to date and it still astounds, me enough for me to treasure it on all grounds. I have come to know that even if I can't share, with someone thats close, you could care.     If I am feeling better if you are happy, I hope you accept us being friends. Being this cl
1. Do you think I'm cute? 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5. Would you take a shower with me? 6. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7. Would you leave after or stay the night? 8. Do you like cuddling afterwords? 9. Would you foreplay with me? 10. Night or day? 11. Condom or skin? 12. Have sex on the first date? 13. Would you kiss me during sex? 14. Do you think I would be good in bed? 15. Can we take pictures of the act? 16. How long would we have sex? 17. Would you want me to wear a sexy outfit or nothing? 18. Your fantasy place you would want to have sex with me? 19. Would you be naughty or nice? 20. Would you want me to be naughty or nice?
I Gave In
You may think you know me, but I know you don't really have any idea of the kind of person I really am. I don't wear a mask for anybody. See, I just know that I will probably forget the total person I'm thinking I want to be. Ya know what I mean don't you?? Damned if I do, damned if I don't. You don't have to worry, I even don't like me most of the time. Therefore you are not alone. I am telling you this so you don't think you have it so much better than I do. I have to be with me more than you. Everything is getting down to the nitty gritty. We are coming up short of food and money. I would kinda like to get a job. My daughter still has her job with Walmart. She is doing very well. I don't give two damn cents about the hoopla that Walmart has, its a job.  My daughter doesn't exactly pay for all she ought to. She doesn't fully pay for her part of the rent all the time. I am lucky if she buys $50 worth of grocery's. I know she eats more than $50 worth of everything. She buys her lunch
Ch.2 Bath Time
Ch.2                                           Bath time   Jewel approaches Tia an whispers I don't wanna go alone I am scared can I bathe with you?She smiles at the young horse girl an knods then BlueMoth,Jade,and Rainey say they will go.Tia knods an whispers,"don't fall for their tricks I know we have needs an Urges but Do Not Give InDo not use any of their toys or touch each otherjust wash an come out got that!! They frown but then nod.Fay and LostWind speak up that they want to be next.Clarissa speaks to Crystal in a low tone,"you can bathe with me I won't hurt you I promise you wash my back I'll wash yours..."Crystal looks at her an thinks for a moment an nods once they had decided the order they went in order inside the bath house area Tia an Jewel first they turned on the water an began to wash each other once soaped up they began to rinse each other then they grabbed a towel each an came out for the next set to go in an bathe.BlueMoth,Jade and Rainey go inside the bath house
Message To All Guys Interested In Me...
hey guy's if you want to know about me just talked to me on skype >> sharon.jones5301   i am new in this site i want to know more about the site so i can use it properly and i can get fun there.if you got time hit me up on facebook too. facebook =
To All Guys Hit Me Up If You Want To Know Me ...muaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh :)
hey guy's if you want to know about me just talked to me on skype >> sharon.jones5301   i am new in this site i want to know more about the site so i can use it properly and i can get fun there.if you got time hit me up on facebook too. facebook =
This Is Highly Sexual And Unless You Read The Whole Thing You Just Wont Get It , Beware Is Highly Sexual Memory From The Past .
As I looked down in to her eyes. she stared back I could see that I wasn't here alone. the passion was building in her as it was me. her hand moved so swiftly to the side of my face I could smell the sweet sent of her skin as it filled with in me. now both locked in the aroma of lust. my hands started tickling her skin ever so softly tracing every part of her. exploring to leave goose bumps of passion upon her soft skin . her eyes locked upon mine. she pulled me to her as our lips touched. I could feel the blood with in me warm like a fire. the sparkle in her eyes was that of the purest star. our tongues dancing to music only the two of us could hear. as our lips parted my hands still exploring her body. the texture of a rose pedal my mouth tasting every inch. my mind fogged in desire as my hungry mouth slid over her now fully erect nipple. twisting around as if it were trying to make it stretch. my hands sliding over her wanting needing to posses her. if just to find the source of the
"hey guy's if you want to know about me just talked to me on......  skype >>  sharon.jones5301 facebook >> sharonjones.adam.7
Don't Like The Cold
Being born in California may be whhy I don't like the cold. It has been awhile since I was in California, but still. I spend most of my life in North Dakota and I still never really got use to it. I even hated my mom dressing me up like a damn eskimo to go to school. I don't hate her anymore. I find myself wanting to dress my kids more warmly than they dress themselves. I won't make them wear a snowsuit, but still!! Some people have told me that I have a bright future. I don't really think so all the time. Sometimes I do get ready to go outside and I am thinking maybe today is the day. I don't know why, sometimes I fall or find out someone else doesn't like me. It is like I wake up and I am damned if I do and damned if I don't. If I could just stay warm and cozy, if I could keep dreaming. It wouldn't hurt so much. If anyone missed me, they already have momentos. I have showed my heart and just a few times it has been taken the wrong way. I am me. I am only myself. If that is not your
I love you.
Electric Stars
As I think like I most often do, I simply ponder thoughts of time spent with you. The time is tocking and ticking, drops of sweat are getting a licking. Sliding right on over and maybe in, we surpass every thought of sin.   Baby you may direct your load,  after your hands feel the right code. So much fun and never a threat, you know I will meet your every bet Fire inside both don't need a blowing,  sexy sixty naughty nine both of us knowing.   Caught up in online lust, means it just won't wither and rust. Don't want to have to turn away, when you give me tomorrow today. You are my love and reason, for time to be treasured every season.     Electric stars may lead you home,  but who do you think of when you are alone.
First Meeting
We meet at the motel, finally meeting after months of chatting, exchanging emails, and occasionally talking on the telephone. We've been wanting to meet for so long that the anticipation has been high and now that we're face to face, it's time to find out if we're as compatible as we think we are. We meet in the parking lot, the friendly greeting kiss turning passionate so naturally as we begin to explore each other's lips. It takes all my self control not to take you right there, the anticipation to meet you having been worth the wait. Somehow we manage to restrain ourselves and check in. The hotel was specifically picked with fun in mind; there is a mini jacuzzi, a king size bed, and a mini fridge, all so that our weekend getaway doesn't need to be interrupted by going out. We bring our bags to the room and no sooner have they hit the floor, we are attacking each other again, this time without any public decency laws to keep us in check. Articles of clothing fly left and right as we
"dark Meat For My Treat" Cont
Janet felt her lions tingle when she reached out and touched his muscular arm. "You want go to my place?"  Bobby looked at Janet, opened his mouth to speak and stopped. Janet feeling a fear well up inside of her, looked down at his chest and found it heaving. She then looked down at his crotch finding a huge bulge pushing on his gym shorts. Bobby was hung like a horse and he was completely hard.  Feeling her lust drunk confidence rise, she slipped her hand onto his frim, thick ass and squeezed, it was all muscle.  "You want to see where i live? Janet asked again.  Before Bobby could answer they were at his place.  "Are you going to invite me in?" Janet asked with her heart beating a mile a minute.  Bobby stood in front of Janet and openly scanned her body. Her oxford colored sports bra was still miost allowing her firm nipples to poke through.  Her short shorts rode the curves of her hips and the flesh of her stomach and lovely face she was hot to him.  "Baby, you are smoking"<
All About The One I Love
he dances arownd my head all day and night, he voice is like a song that i can dance to all night long too, his voice is like a drug to me that i need every day. his eyes make me get lost and forget that the wold is here. his body is my hideing place were i go for fun and pain. he is my all and all . i will do as he says and i will have his back. i'm his girl and he is my man. i love him more then life and want him to know. that is his the air i breath and  the food i eat. baby u are my master and i'm ur slave. take me for ever and to u i will be ur queen  as u will be my king. baby i love u know u know how i fell
The Best Or Worst Fails By Fubar Users
Sometimes I am wondering...   I know there are a lot of paraphilias in this world. The last one I heard of was about a woman playing with her plush toy octopus she is calling "Cthulhu". But seriously, why do some people with a body mass index >30 need to post their NSFW photos in here in public? well, thats not the worst of all... Some people can be described just with one word: UGLY. Its not the mom of 32 with some "love-handles" and a bit saggy breasts but a very cute face. It's those people with an all gross appearance: Faces that make you wonder how long they are smoking crack already or if they were even too ugly to apply in a Tunnel Of Horror. Bad teeth showing lack of any dental hygiene, corroded by caries and smoking at least two packages of cigarettes a day. Foul skin with feculent warts, ulcerous pimples and scarred because they love to crush those pimples with their dirty fingers. Do we want to see those ppl taking their clothes off? Not really. But they do- what an act
Exquisite Love
Constant Battle
I dislike, The thoughts The memories that make my tears, Fall so easily I'm breaking... again i break my promise to myself for this day                   It's a constant fight.                  I'm in battle.Im a war between remembering     and forgetting.
Once Upon A Memory
Walking through a field of crushed eggshells I find a bruised butterfly in my mouth with both wings torn off. That’s how I feel without you, as if flight is no longer possible without your limbs holding me up to the sky. Missing your mouth and kissing myself isn’t easy because my teeth always clack together when they hit the mirror. I remember when you pressed apologies into my tailbone and pretended that every notch of my spine was holy ground when you walked over it to crack my back.Holding you felt like running through a sea of grain because everything receded too quickly. In the back of my mouth it still tastes like your mouth, as if we’re nested inside each other like Matryoshka dolls. Now I understand the term “muscle memory” because all my muscles can’t forget what they felt like beneath yours. It’s not a case of short-term memory, or even long-term memory; it’s a case of infinitely-always memory.I go to grocery stores just to star
Every Godforsaken Time
I am overweight and I do know it, I don't need you to remind me I won't all of a sudden forget. So please do not tell me you like them thick, I will develop this hunger for biting off your hickory dick....   If you feel you have been mislead, take some advise not every female is easily read. Men are different yet the same, whats cool is hot and they think every woman loves the game.   Somewhere there crevice or crack, that is open all night and ready for the teabaggin' attack. I am not factory made, I go with the rose that will never start to fade.   Each and every godforsaken time, you start figuring you know the line. You have crossed it, and ain't gonna get no ass or tit.
Just Sayin'
To me prettiness starts in the soul,  you need the perfection and patience of your entire body and soul. Just words is sometimes all, I have and they fail horribly in meaning and sound of a call.   I will remain silent forever, in my tears and tumbles my heart is my lever. If you go and get the ideal, to hurt me with your five fingers you are a mistake and not real.   I know it is wrong, to even believe that someone will hear my song. and come rescue me, knowing what I need its only a dream that will never be.   I'm just dreaming day out and day in, in your arms there is warmth sorry if I was just sayin.
So what, that I am who I am. I don't fight for you, I don't fuck for you, I don't care about you. Most have made their decisions on how they're going to live. And most are just whoring or horndogging. Like I give two shits how many points they have or rates they need or "likes," how many women or men they've fucked, etc. Like I give a rat's ass about a woman's boobs, or worn out pussy. Or which guy's got the biggest dick. Please- don't take me for being a stupid person. Like I give a fuck.
I am screaming to be let go, let out, released. I cannot give a reason other than to say I feel "caged," trapped, bound. I will not be bound; to fate, destiny, or anyone. To be bound to a partner/spouse, she must be as precious as air, water, blood. Not as precious as a diamond. Diamonds are not precious. Precious things cannot be explained with mere science. They must be essntial, not purchased.
Sixty Things That Are Happening Right Now
1. Somebody is very proud of you.2. Somebody is thinking of you.3. Somebody is caring about you.4. Somebody misses you.5. Somebody wants to talk to you.6. Somebody wants to be with you.7. Somebody hopes you aren't in trouble.8. Somebody is thankful for the support you have provided.9. Somebody wants to hold your hand.10. Somebody hopes everything turns out all right.11. Somebody wants you to be happy.12. Somebody wants you to find him/her.13. Somebody is celebrating your successes.14. Somebody wants to give you a gift.15. Somebody thinks that you ARE a gift.16. Somebody hopes you're not too cold, or too hot.17. Somebody wants to hug you.18. Somebody loves you.19. Somebody admires your strength.20. Somebody is thinking of you and smiling.21. Somebody wants to be your shoulder to cry on.22. Somebody wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun.23. Somebody thinks the world of you.24. Somebody wants to protect you.25. Somebody would do anything for you.26. Somebody wants to be forgiven.
"It's a game sorry. TAG YOU ARE IT!!! You fell into the trap. This is a game. The person who likes/comments has to choose one of the following to post on his/her timeline. 1. I confess: I like porn. 2. I wish Obama could run for a third term. 3. I cheated on my ex. 4. I tried smoking crack today. 5. I just fell in vomit at McDonalds. 6. I quit my job today. 7. There's a raccoon in my bedroom! 8. Where can I buy used sex toys? 9. I think I'm changing gender. 10. I'm pregnant. You have to play and you can't tell anyone its a game. I can't wait to see what you choose"
Love Doesn't Kill
Once upon a time I thought, I would never get to love no matter what I gave away or bought. I have found that I was wrong, and that is why I know a few words can stay so long.   It can go so deep,  and stay so long once you know how to keep. Love will help you out, without too much pain when it comes you won't doubt.   Seemingless joy can and will, arrive and feel so good love doesn't hurt, love doesn't kill. Anyone that says other wise, has never known true love you can see throught hat and lies.   Watch the birds in the sky, ask them, they know they know why they can fly. Whenever you are in love and it is true and real time flies till you are in the heavens above.
69ing, A Verb?
69 I know is a noun, but the act of performing it, could it be called 69ing?
In My Thinking
Just another rant of things going on in y head. I tend to overkill things sometimes. I tend to get my emotions to involved sometimes. And I tend to break my own heart. I try to be true to myself and others. So much more easy to be true to others and never myself.  I latch onto things and sometimes I just can't let go. Like a feeling, or a thought. I can be absolutely crazy about someone and they would never know it. I show no emotions to give it away. Looking back I feel guilty about some of the decisions I have made. But there is nothing I can do about it now except to make sure I dont make the same mistakes again. More then likely if you feel like something is bothering me, more then likely there is. But it takes alot for me to tell you what it is. Not because I dont want to, but because I may feel like you wont talk to me tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. But I still keep things to myself. Sometimes I would just rather tell someone to FUCK OFF. But I dont. I keep the conversation g
Fed The Fudge Up!!
I don't normally try to let people bug me,  but some fudging times. Even with whip cream and those fudging picky ass tweebs.... I don't expect that everything will stay fine, I am just hoping it does. To me that is really not asking for too much. Maybe it is some peoples soul mission to fudge everyone elses day up and that is not fair. I have to admit some people are just asking for it, but you don't have to get down on bended knee and give them what they think they want.  Okay, maybe I am just venting, but still. I still want to believe that if you are nice, people tend to be nice in return more than if you are looking for trouble. I have been and sadly will always be an angel. I may give it a go and try the unriden horse, but lets get this clear, I can't be awesome at anything I never was any good at anyways. It is your right, as it is my daughter's right, to be fed up with Paul Walker.  I am not nor ever will be. It doesn't mean I want a piece of the wrecked car or anything Fast a
Cho Thuê Kho Xưởng 3000 M2 Kcn Lai Xá
  Kmass cung cấp dich vụ t́m kiếm cho thuê kho , cho thuê xưởng tại Hà Nội và một số tỉnh miền bắc Việt Nam.   Cho thuê kho xưởng 3000 m2 KCN Lai Xá Diện tích kho xưởng: 600 m2 – 3000 m2 Thời hạn thuê mở Giá thuê xưởng: đàm phán Cách trung tâm Hà Nội: 12.5 km   Trên QL32 đi Sơn Tây Hiệu quả và tiết kiệm thời gian, xin Quí vị lựa chọn dịch vụ t́m kiếm BĐS cho thuê kho, cho thuê xưởng của Kmass. Để được tư vấn và cung cấp thông tin đầy đủ, xin Quí vị hăy cung cấp thông tin và yêu cầu đầy đủ cho Kmass. Liên hệ: 1. Nguyễn Đ́nh Khiêm (Mr.) 0944 725 310 2. Trịnh Thị Vân
Chất Lượng Nhung Hươu Như Thế Nào Là Tốt
Chất lượng nhung hươu không những phụ thuộc vào các chế biến, bảo quản mà c̣n phụ thuộc vào chủng loại nhung. Trong đó có các loại sau:- Huyết nhung: Được coi là nhung quư giá nhất, được cắt khi sừng non chuẩn bị phân nhánh (Thường gọi là phân yên v́ có chỗ ph́nh ra như yên ngựa) ở những con hươu từ 3 tuổi. Thân nhung ngắn, mềm, mọng máu, da hồng, đầu tù, chưa phân nhánh, lông rất mịn và thưa.- Nhung yên ngựa: Là loại sừng non bắt đầu phân nhánh nhưng nhánh c̣n ngắn, chỗ phân nhánh bên dài, bên ngắn như yên ngựa. loại này cũngc rất quư v́ cho rằng nhung đă phát triển đầy đ̗
Du Lịch Chùa Dơi Sóc Trăng
Khu du lich sinh thái với đàn dơi tự nhiên di trú hàng trăm năm nay luôn là điểm thu hút đoàn khách trong và ngoài tỉnh tham quan. Những ngày nghỉ lễ này nhà chùa luôn là nơi đón hàng ngh́n lượt khách đến chiếm ngưỡng và khám phá nét độc đáo này. Bạn có thể tham gia các tour du lịch hoặc du lịch bụi đến đây.Chùa Dơi tỉnh Sóc Trăng có trên 200 ngôi chùa lớn nhỏ. Nếu du khách về Sóc Trăng muốn tham quan hết chùa chiền, tháp cũng phải mất cả tuần lễ. Tuy nhiên, du khách vẫn thường chọn những ngôi chùa lớn và kiến trúc đẹp nhất, để vừa chiêm ngưỡng nét nghệ thuật độc đáo về kiến tN
A pc helper says my computer has been hacked, I am thinkin' its just cause I forget some passwords. I am gonna defrag and pray. He sounded middle eastern, but I am not sure. Don't go and have too much fun without me, please!! I can wait for you, ifin you have an ability to wait for me.  I hope things don't go too crazy without me, laterz!!
Believe In Yourself
“Your journey has molded you for the greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don't think that you've lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.” Asha Tyson born 1970Writer, Public Speaker
"a Little Fun With A Buddy Of Mine Some Years Back"
They just kept pounding their big black dicks into her, while their balls, filled with the hot cum too slammed away at her. They groaned and cursed, pouring their gobs of cum into her holes, feeling as though the cum were being sucked out of them. This cum slut was so far gone her whole body convulsed in climax. and each contraction teased more out of them, until every last drop they had was gone, some of it already dripping out of her well fucked pussy.  Trish's climax had been so over powering she'd not been fully aware of the men's grunts and moans. All she knew was that one dick was fantastic but two at a time was something altogether different. Her whole body had been fucked out, all tensions were gone. And from the looks on the guys faces, Trish had satisfied them too. They semed to be as drained as she was, their limp dicks tired out.  None of them had quite caught their breath yet. "Well, i guess we couldn't have a repeat performance right now, but that sure was better than i
Tải Game Hoàng đế Cho Mobile
Trang tải game khi phach anh hung giới thiệu đến các bạn game cho mobile hay nhất.     Game Hoàng Đế Online là một siêu phẩm bom tấn, một tựa game online kiếm hiệp nhập vai đỉnh cao trong làng game di động. Bắt kịp xu thế tương lai đó là chơi game bất cứ nơi đâu, bất cứ khi nào bạn muốn, chỉ cần điện thoại có thể kết nối GPRS/3G/Wifi, hoàng đế online đă ra đời.         Game hoàng đế online sở hữu công nghệ đồ họa tiên tiến nhất cho thiết bị di động, game hoang de online đă xây dựng nên một thế giới kiếm hiệp tràn đầy màu sắc, cũng như thể hiện đ
The First Edition Of Cabbage News
Purchase Cheap Michael Kors Bags If Your Character Is A Little Suspect
I've just finished a game of Michael Kors during which one of the group was, for reasons uknown, quite aggressive and rough with his Michael Kors bag. This example brought to mind a few of my favourite Michael Kors stories in connection with abuse of Michael Kors equipment around the course and why some individuals are better served buying cheap Michael Kors bags.2013 christmas michael kors 1.Michael Kors bags can't swim - the very best story I ever heard concerning the abuse of the Michael Kors bag was the one regarding the guy who, after a truly awful round, was seen to throw his bag, clubs included, right into a lake which was next to the 18th green. He then stormed away and off to the car-park. 15 minutes later he returned and proceeded to wade in to the water up to his chest in an effort to retrieve his bag. Turned out that in his fit of pique he'd forgotten the bag contained his keys, wallet, mobile telephone and reading glasses. The guy was last seen searching for Michael Kors b
Hengda Lippi Incentive Not Worry Fiasco : Bayern Remember You
This is not meant to be a contest of the same level , even if the same is the Intercontinental champion. Tomorrow morning, Hengda will challenge alive Club Cup semi-final , Bayern ( official microblogging data ) , asserted that " challenge " because the disparity in strength between the two teams , wholesale jerseys what arguments do not need to be corroborated. The AFC game in the league and coach Marcello Lippi Hengda (microblogging ) never let the players gave up something, but this time the target is only proposed , "Let us remember opponents ' victory did not dare even silver fox luxury. Hengda rare released in one day two the theme of " witness to a miracle ," the poster , to take away a victory from the European champions who can only hope for a miracle indeed . Perhaps everyone is aware , in fact, meaningless rhetoric , and even China Hengda football game to give what the harvest is more important. Bayern to the strongest lineup Guardiola 's strategy has been to wi
The Significance Of Precious Stones Between Ancient Beliefs And Modern Symbols
  Since ancient times, gemstones are much more than their outward appearance for their highly symbolic meaning . In all cultures the name and meaning of gems have a meaning that goes beyond the purely aesthetic value . It is often rare and valuable stones , and certainly not to everyone , and that in fact they were a symbol of power and strength. Real and principles of every culture has sported them for centuries and even today the gift of a piece of jewelry(Fashion Rings) is something that goes beyond the mere gesture . Give a ring to his love , for example, is a way to express their feelings : let us see what are the meanings of gemstones. Let's start with what are called even by gemologists " precious stones" for their properties , characteristics and history : diamond, ruby , emerald and sapphire. The meaning of the diamond  
Tải Game Contra Evolution Revolution Cho Mobile
Contra Evolution Revolution một trong những game phổ biến hiện nay với giao diện đẹp mắt , game kinh điển thu hút nhiều người chơi. Rất nhiều phiên bản đă ra đời đều gây được tiếng vang trong thị trường game. Bạn hăy tải khi phach anh hung hấp dẫn nhất dành cho mobile về ngay nhé.Bắt mạch theo xu hướng sự phát triển của hệ điều hành Android, Konani tung ra bản Contra evolution revolution để các bạn thoải mái chinh phục các t́nh huống. Game vẫn lấy cốt truyện xoay quanh cuộc chiến chống lực lượng khủng bố b, có ư định liên kết với lực lượng ngoài hành tinh để
Tải Game Hay The Walking Dead Assault
 The walking dead assault là một phiên bản mới chính hăng của Walking Dead được xây dựng dựa trên cảm hứng so với phiên bản gốc ban đầu của game th́ phiên bản mới đặc biệt lần này đă có khá nhiều yếu tố và đặc điểm được cách tân cũng như phát triển. Bạn hăy tải khi phach anh hung hấp dẫn nhất dành cho mobile về ngay nhé.     ạn hăy tải khi phach anh hung hấp dẫn nhất dành cho mobile về ngay nhé.Game The walking dead assault mới không chỉ được mở rộng về mặt nội dung mà c̣n được nâng cấp về các kỹ thuật âm thanh cũng như hệ thống đồ họa. Ngoài ra, các tinh chỉnh m̕
Game Hay The Dark Knight Rises
 The Dark Knight Rises là game thuộc thể loại game hành động được đánh giá là game hay nhất và hấp dẫn nhất bởi giao diện đẹp mắt lối chơi phong phú sử dụng hệ điều hành Android. Bạn hăy tải khi phach anh hung hấp dẫn nhất dành cho mobile về ngay nhé.     Game nhập vai với thiết kế đồ họa 3D sẽ mang đến cho bạn những h́nh ảnh chân thực sống động cùng nhiều hiệu ứng vô cùng đẹp mắt, bạn sẽ có cơ hội khám phá những tuyệt chiêu vơ thuật cực hay với lối tư duy chiến đấu đỉnh cao.         Đến với game The Dark Knight Rises, người chơi sẽ nhập vai
Game Hay Safari 2 Cho Dế Yêu
Safari 2 game phiên bản mobile bắn súng để săn thú vật vô cùng thú vị, đưa bạn đến một khu rừng hoang dă với rất nhiều thú dữ đang ŕnh rập. Bọn thú hoang dă vô cùng nguy hiểm và sẵn sàng giết thịt bạn để làm bữa tối của chúng. Bạn hăy tải khi phach anh hung hấp dẫn nhất dành cho mobile về ngay nhé.  Đến với game bắn súng Safari 2 này bạn sẽ vào vai một anh thợ săn chuyên nghiệp để tiêu diệt các loài thú vô cùng hung dữ như : hổ, báo, sư tử, khủng long….Bạn hăy thể hiện tài năng thiện xạ của ḿnh nhé, cần phải nhắm thật chính xác và bắn càng nhiều động vật càng t̔
Stay Organized On Your Move
Have you decided to shift to another city with all your belongings? If yes then you need to be stay organized and well prepared so that you can avoid hassles and difficulties of move. Everyone knows that moving home is not a fun chore. It can pester anyone as it consists of lots of tedious tasks, hassles and unpleasant issues. But it does not mean, you need to drop the idea of your move. In fact, you should plan well for it and face the situation coming to you. By making some good decision, doing some smart works and hiring services of one of right and experienced moving companies or packers and movers of your city you can certainly ease moving issues and make the situation into easygoing and smooth affair. Staying organized is a key for a successful move. You need to be well prepared by doing some tasks yourself. You must get rid of junks and old belongings you do not like. Remember; moving is the best time to get rid of items you do not like or do not want to transfer to your new
25 Điểm đến Thu Hút Du Khách đến Mỹ (phần 3)
Các kỳ trước chúng tôi đă đem đến cho quư vị 10 điểm đến ḱ thú khi bạn quyết định đặt vé máy bay đi Mỹ. Mời các bạn tiếp tục theo dơi những kỳ tiếp theo nhằm cung cấp thêm cho các bạn sự lựa chọn đa dạng và có sự sắp xếp các điểm đến trước khi mua vé máy bay đi Mỹ. Sau đây là 5 điểm đến mà bạn sẽ thấy được những sự ưu đăi của thiên nhiên dành cho đất nước xinh đẹp này.     11. Hồ Mead, Arizona- Nevada Cách 30 dặm về phía Đông- Nam của Las Vegas. Đây là hồ chứa nhân tạo lớn nhất của Mỹ và là thánh địa giả
Bí Quyết Giữ ấm Vào Mùa đông
Nhiệt độ giảm đột ngột, thời tiết khô hanh là những tác nhân ảnh hưởng xấu tới sức khỏe. Siêu thị trực tuyến Mẹ và Bé xin chia sẻ một vài bí quyết giữ ấm vào mùa đông, giúp bạn duy tŕ sức khỏe trong mùa đông này Tập thể dục thường xuyên Vào mùa đông, mặt trời mọc muộn hơn, hơi lạnh khiến chúng ta khó rời khỏi chiếc giường ấm áp của ḿnh. Nhưng bạn nên dậy sớm vào buổi sáng để tập thể dục thường xuyên. Khi tập thể dục, cơ thể bạn sẽ tạo ra nhiệt giúp bạn ấm hơn. Thể dục c̣n đem lại cho bạn cảm giác sả
Videocon Of India Makes Foray Into The United Arab Emirates
The initiative could allow them to pay for products Videocon in the United Arab Emirates and that delivered to their homes in the India. With the initiative, customers can get products at prices up to 30 percent less than the India, which will be delivered anywhere in India with all taxes included, within 10 days of booking. Products, under the initiative, are also backed by a two-year international warranty. "We are thrilled to launch this initiative for the indigenous community in the United Arab Emirates. This is a unique service that could revolutionize the way of Indians in the United Arab Emirates for the electronics store. Abhishek Malpani, Global Director of Videocon Online business, would allow them to buy our products of the highest quality and delivered them to their homes in the India, said. A leading brand of the India in electronics dubai of consumption, household appliances, mobile phones and tablets launched its latest range of products in the country. A55 being the p
Trị Nám Da Và Tàn Nhang Hiệu Quả
Điều trị nám da và tàn nhang là mong muốn của nhiều người hiện nay. Mặc dù nám da tuy không phải là một bệnh nhưng ảnh hưởng nhiều đến thẩm mỹ khiến bạn mất tự tin trong giao tiếp với bạn bè, đồng nghiệp, đặc biệt là với người khác giới. Nám da được coi là nỗi ám ảnh của hầu hết phụ nữ. Vậy làm cách nào để giải quyết triệt để t́nh trạng trên? Nguyên nhân gây nám da Nám da và tàn nhang là một trong những mối quan tâm và lo âu của rất nhiều chị em. Có nhiều nguyên nhân dẫn đến nám da như do ánh nắng mặt trời, rối loạn sắc tố, nội tiết
Spectra – Bước đột Phá Trong Công Nghệ điều Trị Nám Da
Tuy không ảnh hưởng nhiều đến sức khỏe nhưng nám da lại được rất nhiều phụ nữ quan tâm bởi nó ảnh hưởng đến vẻ đẹp thẩm mỹ, gây mất tự tin trong giao tiếp. Hăy cùng tham khảo một số công nghệ điều trị nám da – chữa nám da hiện đại nhất hiện nay. Các công nghệ điều trị nám da mặt truyền thống Thực phẩm Khi mới xuất hiện các vết nám, người bệnh thường t́m đến các phương pháp tự nhiên như: dùng nhựa cây đu đủ, dùng chanh, dùng nhựa khoai tây bôi lên mặt. Phương pháp này khá an toàn nhưng lại khó thực hiện, thời gian đi&
Cosmelan & Marvel 6 – “cặp đôi Hoàn Hảo” Trong điều Trị Nám
Thời tiết đang trong giai đoạn chuyển mùa khiến da bạn trở nên khô ráp, thiếu nước. Tuy nhiên, đây là thời điểm thuận lợi nhất trong năm để bạn có thế loại bỏ triệt để những vết nám đen, sậm màu trên g̣ má hay gương mặt. Sản phẩm trị nám Cosmelan Cosmelan là một loại sản phẩm chăm sóc da, trị nám mặt được chiết xuất từ thành phần tự nhiên có tác dụng ức chế đến quá tŕnh oxy hóa thành tố Tyrosinase, ngăn chặn quá tŕnh h́nh thành hắc sắc tố melanin. Đồng thời Cosmelan thúc đẩy quá tŕnh tái tạo và bong tróc lớp da đă bị nám xâm nhập. Làn da nhanh chóng đ&#
Những Mẫu Chăn đệm điện Hàn Quốc Bán Chạy Nhất
Siêu thị trực tuyến Mẹ và Bé xin giới thiệu tới bố mẹ những mẫu chăn điện Hàn Quốc bán chạy nhất hiện nay. Với những tính năng nổi trội như chất liệu cao cấp, an toàn sức khỏe đa, mẫu mă đẹp, sang trọng, chăn đệm điện Hàn Quốc đang là lựa chọn số 1 của các bà, các mẹ trong việc chăm sóc "bữa ăn, giấc ngủ" cho cả gia đ́nh. Chăn điện Hàn Quốc chất liệu cotton Việc sở hữu một chiếc chăn điện Hàn Quốc chất liệu cotton là lựa chọn sáng suốt cho những gia đ́nh trẻ, năng động. Bởi màu sắc, họa tiết hoa văn
Believe In Yourself
"a Hot Time With Two Lovers"
She realized i wasn't quite ready to join in yet when i sat back down in my chair, so she returned her attention to her now naked man.  Barry stood there, lean and muscular with his erect dick right in front of Jocelyn's face as she sat naked on the sofa. Jocelyn was curvaceous with small and petie breasts. She sat with her legs spread wide apart so i had an unimpeaded view of her lucious pussy while she set to work on Barry's dick.  She stroked ot witrh her left hand wile caressing his shaven balls with her right fingerstips, all the while greedily sucking on the head of his shaft.  I found myself wishing that it was my dick she had in her mouth right now. But i didn't have to wish. She was there for the taking. All i had to do was strip off my boxkers and make my way over to the sofa.  So i did.  Jocelyn alternated between sucking her man's dick and mine. Barry had a larger dick than me, but i didn't care. Jocelyn seemed to be equally enjoying both.  as Barry watched his wife's
Trẻ Hơn 10 Tuổi Nhờ Công Nghệ Thermage
Nếu như trước kia, giải pháp duy nhất làm bạn trông trẻ hơn so với độ tuổi là sử dụng phương pháp phẫu thuật thẩm mỹ căng da mặt. Giải pháp này tuy mang lại hiệu quả sau một vài tuần nghỉ dưỡng nhưng có nhược điểm là khá đau đớn. Hơn nữa, với bất kỳ tiến tŕnh phẫu thuật nào cũng luôn tiềm ẩn nhiều nguy cơ và việc tiến hành phẫu thuật thường không đảm bảo một kết quả điều trị kéo dài trên 5 năm.  Ngày nay, Thermage là một sự lựa chọn tối ưu cho nhiều chị em, đây là một tiến tŕnh làm săn chắc da không phẫu thuật
The Three Stooges we've been staring at these white walls for days dripping sweat and going blind this carousel has gone amuck a circus sideshow in rewind chaos like you've never seen art in motion at light speed this is war and war is hell and hell is all I need!
Nôi Em Bé Baby Playard - Mang Lại Cho Bé Thoải Mái Khi Sử Dụng
Nôi em bé Baby Playard – Màu xanh với thiết kế thông minh, khung nôi chắc chắn liên tục là sản phẩm bán chạy nhất tại Mỹ.  ĐẶC ĐIỂM NỔI BẬT Chất liệu thoáng mát Cotton và lưới thoáng khí tạo sự thoải mái và thoáng mát cho bé. Chất liệu đạt những tiêu chuẩn khắt khe của Mỹ về chất lượng nên bạn hoàn toàn có thể yên tâm sử dụng cho bé. Khung nôi chắc chắn Khung nôi được làm từ thép siêu bền và nhẹ, thiết kế chắc chắn, mang lại độ an toàn cao khi sử dụng. Nôi có khay thay tă Nôi cũi trẻ em Joovy Baby Playard có kèm khay thay tă với đai an toàn cho bé H́nh ảnh sản phẩm THÔNG TIN TH
Chăm Sóc Da Với Công Nghệ Exilis
Theo thời gian, con người trưởng thành và có cái nh́n về cuộc sống phong phú hơn. Đồng thời với đó là gánh nặng về nhan sắc của phụ nữ, lượng collagen trên khuôn mặt và cơ thể sẽ bị thoái hóa làm cho da chảy xệ, xuất hiện mỡ thừa và nếp nhăn, khiến làn da sạm đi trông thấy. Các chuyên gia làm đẹp của Thẩm mỹ Quốc tế Bally khuyên bạn nên giữ vẻ thư thái, bồi bổ và có một chế độ ăn uống, luyện tập để giữ ǵn nét thanh xuân. Và một trong những công nghệ làm đẹp giúp đẩy lùi dấu vết của thời gian đó là công nghệ Exilis của Hoa Kỳ. Đây là
Kế Hoạch Chung Cho Toàn Bộ đám Cưới
Khi đă lên kế hoạch cẩn thận từ trước cho đám cưới, đôi uyên ương sẽ không vướng phải những căng thẳng trong khâu chuẩn bị. Để ngày vui trọng đại trở nên hoàn hảo, chu đáo mọi mặt, cô dâu và chú rể cần chuẩn bị từng bước, từ việc lập kế hoạch, thực hiện, mua sắm, thuê dịch vụ... không nên vội vàng hấp tấp hoặc ôm nhiều việc cùng lúc làm cho mọi thứ trở lên hỗn độn, rối rắm.     1. Thống nhất hai bên gia đ́nh Khi muốn lập kế hoạch cho đám cưới, cô dâu và chú rể cần tham vấn ư kiến của gia đ́nh và tiến hành d
Pvcombank Thu Xếp Gần 800 Triệu Usd Cho Petro Vietnam
Ngân hàng Vietnam Public Bank - Pvcombank làm mối tư vấn và thu xếp gần 800 triệu USD cho dự án của Petro Vietnam.Ngày 9/12/2013, Tập đoàn Dầu khí Việt Nam (Petro Vietnam) tổ chức lễ kư các hợp đồng tín dụng có tổng giá trị 795,25 triệu USD.Các khoản vay trên bao gồm hợp đồng tín dụng xuất khẩu (ECA) trị giá 330 triệu USD, được tài trợ trực tiếp bởi Ngân hàng Xuất nhập khẩu Hàn Quốc (KEXIM); hợp đồng vay thương mại có bảo hiểm tín dụng của KEXIM trị giá 270 triệu USD với các ngân hàng BTMU, Citi, HSBC, Mizuho, OCBC, SCB và hợp đồng vay thương mại nước ngoài trị giá 195,25 triệu USD với tổ hợp
Van Cleef & Arpels , The Art Of Fine Jewelery On Show In Paris
  Van Cleef & Arpels shows off and does so with an exhibition in Paris, at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. From September 20 to 20 February 2013, the hall of the Paris museum home in fact, " Van Cleef & Arpels . L'art de la Haute Joaillerie " : a celebration of the history of jewelry and creations , techniques and knowledge that since 1906 have made it one of the most important fashion houses in the industry(Fashion Rings). More than 500 jewelry retrace the innovations and creativity of the brand over the decades in an atmosphere of great visual impact.   Paris is , these days , a center of interest for lovers of fine jewelry . It is in fact being also the Biennale des Antiquaries where we present the new collections of many designer labels including Cartier. Exposure can be seen , therefore, 148 new pieces of Cartier, with also a selection of collezion Cartier Tradition . Even Van Cleef & Arpels presents his new creations at the Biennale : here, the brand has unveiled the line dedi
Bạn Nên Giặt Màn Của Thường Xuyên Sẽ Tốt Cho Sức Khỏe Con Trẻ
Rèm cửa là một phần của nội thất nhà . Tất cả chúng ta mất rất nhiều thời gian để chọn rèm cửa cho ngôi nhà của ḿnh và họ đă kết hợp với nội thất . Khi tấm màn được treo cổ , chúng tôi giả định công việc của chúng tôi là hơn và hoàn toàn bỏ bê việc giat man cua. Rèm cửa được biết đến để thu thập bụi bẩn , và do đó cần được thường xuyên làm sạch và duy tŕ. Thường xuyên làm sạch không có nghĩa là họ cần phải được làm sạch mỗi ngày. Tuy nhiên , họ cần phải được làm sạch thường xuyên. - Loại bỏ các rèm cửa - Bước đ&
Player Code
Phẫu Thuật Bấm Mí Mắt Hàn Quốc
Không thể phủ nhận sức thu hút và nét duyên ngầm của mắt một mí, nhưng đôi mắt hai mí to tṛn lại được đánh giá là tạo cho khuôn mặt sự rạng ngời, tươi tắn và quyến rũ hơn. Giải pháp mới để biến đôi mắt một mí thành mắt hai mí là cực kỳ đơn giản với phương pháp bấm mí Hàn Quốc.   Ảnh minh họa. Bấm mí mắt là một kỹ thuật giúp mang lại đôi mắt 2 mí to tṛn, long lanh. Phương pháp này xuất phát điểm từ Hàn Quốc và nhanh chóng được đón nhận nhiệt t́nh v́ những ưu điểm vượt trội của nó. Song nhiều người c̣n e dè trước quyết &
Những Mẫu Nail đẹp Tuyệt Cho Cô Dâu
Không chỉ kiểu tóc, kiểu váy hay trang sức mà trong nhiều trường hợp chỉ cần một bộ móng tay đẹp cũng khiến bạn trở thành một cô dâu nổi bật. Mời bạn tham khảo một số mẫu nail đẹp tuyệt dành cho cô dâu trong ngày cưới sau đây. Mẫu Nail Pháp Sơn móng tay kiểu Pháp luôn luôn là xu hướng phổ biến đối với các cô dâu. Trước đây, nail Pháp được thực hiện khá đơn giản: chỉ một đường kẻ trắng ở đầu móng trên nền màu sơn bóng hồng hoặc trong. C̣n bây giờ th́ vô vàn màu sắc khác nhau được trưng dụng nhưng vẫn phải đảm bảo tiêu chí thanh l
Powtran Biến Tần Giá Rẻ Chất Lượng
Với những công dụng của biến tần đem lại trong sản xuất. Hiện nay biến tần được bày bán vời nhiều mẫu mă khách nhau.Bien tan gia re được nhiều nhà sản xuất lựa chọn với những mục đích phục vụ khác nhau ở những loại h́nh sản xuất khác nhau. Biến tần là giải pháp hàng đầu cho việc tối ưu hóa điều khiển động cơ. Biến tần đa dạng về chủng loại nên tùy theo những nhu cầu cụ thể mà người sử dụng có thể chọn loại thích hợp cho dây chuyền động cơ. Ưu điểm của biến tần là giảm bớt chi phí sản xuất, gi̐
  Love him, hate him, or just be confused by him,it matters not for he is  here the new Dr.Love read his profile,and follow his blogs, or dont its up to you, but as they say life gose on, and so dose the life of Dr.Love thank you all love peace and cheiken grease....Yep, Sometimes you have to fall from the mountain,to realize what you are climbing for...Obstacles are placed in our way to see,what we want is really worth fighting for...From every wound theres a scare, and every scar tells a story,a story that says.....I was deeply wounded but...I survived...yes world i have survived and my profile only scratches the surface of me but I have many scars maybe too many some may never realy heal althe way but they are what make me, me Dr.Love..and what makes me what my profile says I am  so if your intrested read these blogs as they are posted and find out why i am,the way i am...from a past whimp to the dark psychopat, to goverment made monster,to now, Dr.Love  a story for comics and tv m
Former Anti-drug, U.s. Attorney Supports Medical Marijuana
(New Times) On the list of people we'd probably never expect to come out in support of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, we'd probably put an anti-drug crusader U.S. Attorney who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan somewhere near the top of the list. However, we've seen that man, A. Melvin McDonald, all over the place in the past couple of weeks, giving a glowing review of medical marijuana.  McDonald, an attorney for the Phoenix law firm Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, has said that fighting the drug war was the "top priority" for the U.S. Attorney's Office when he was appointed by Reagan. Before that, he was previously a prosecutor for the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, and was also a Maricopa County Superior Court judge. Now -- especially as Republican state Representative John Kavanagh is trying to get voters to repeal the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act -- we noticed that someone's paying for an online advertisement that links to a video of McDonald explaining wh
Don't Fight It
We like to think we are different than animals and we are in so many ways.  Yet one thing remains the same among all us creatures.  The way our species survives is by procreation...yes plain and simple...having sex.  Can you image that happening if sex weren't so pleasant?     One way we humans have used our larger and more powerful brains is by capitalizing on that pleasure.  We could just have sex and be done with it, but that pleasure hardwired into our brains makes that silly.     We have learned how to make all those plentiful nerve endings provide us with enormous pleasure.  We use our mouths to stimulate.  We lick and suck and bite and it feels so good.  Any stimulation will get the juices flowing and make us want more.   Some folks have a problem with this. They try to put the whole business into a "moral" context.  The idea of morals is not in harmony with basic biological reality.  Therefore those folks spend a lot of time being miserable and even find themselves being
One Day...
One Day...     The scent of jasmine will just be soothing   The sound of a crackling fire won't remind me of soft words,   The sound of the blues playing softly in the background will make things better   The names of demons will just be related to work   Watching the steam of my breath turn to ice will simply mean it is cold   Nicholas Sparks will once again write fairy tales and not make me believe   Hearing about us in any way will not feel like being frozen in a time of pain   The bruise on my thigh will heal and maybe my soul as well   But not today- even if I have put away what was ours   I can see you all around me and one day I will not   But not today...       Melissa Lay 12-19-2013      
Bbw Heaven Is Looking For Models
Are you a BBW? That's a Big Beautiful Woman. Plus-sized, chubby, whatever you want to call it, the demand for BBW models has never been greater. And BBW Heaven is the place to strut your stuff. Yes, it is an adult site and yes, that does mean nudity. But in a respectful way. you call the shots, you decide on your on content and you make money from it. We take care of the site hosting, the credit card fees, all the site expenses so you can focus on the pictures. Are you gonna get rich? No. No Pie in the sky expectations. We believe in showcasing your beauty in the best possible way and helping you succeed. So check out the site at and see if it's right for you.
Tomb Of Love
Buried in the Tomb of Love Embraced by your Promise Thin Air filled with Hope Restless in Waiting Tears of Blood Silenced by Pain Gently Anticipating Your Long Slipped Kiss Re-Living the Memories We all Missed
Rejected,used And Neglected
I Feel so Rejected Used And Neglected Bottled Up Inside No Where to Hide Your Hand in Mine It Seems so Fine But Where is the Truth? Hiding in your Eyes I Finally See… All of those Lies.
A Short Instance
Eyes Sparkle Filled with Hope A long lost Smile Slowly Blooms For Every Time I Look at You You Smile Back And Take my Hand Interlaced Fingers Blind our Hearts As You Disappear The Grey Goes Black And I go Back To the Life I Lead A Faint Light Glimmers in the Distance Just a Memory- A Short Instance.
Gone Forever
I silently lie here Thoughts of You Wash Over Me Butterflies in my Stomach For Every Smile That Crosses My Mind Then A Tear Flows Down A Smile Turns to a Frown As I Remember Your Gone Forever.
Scarred By Light
NOTE: this is another shit poem. so. um... yeh. lol o.0 and it prob. doesnt make much sense. but.... i dont really make that much sense x.0 Scarred by Light Dark as Night Velvet Whispers Echo in my Mind Memories that Kill Find a way to Bind The Lost Soul of Love Pure as a Dove Red Blood Splatters The Heart of Sight Tears that Fall To the Beat of Light
"Hellboy" makes his debut on the big screen! The film is based off the Dark Horse comic character about a demon from hell, trained by the government to fight the supernatural forces of the Earth. Along with his other two mutant friends, Hellboy fights the forces of hell. The special effects were good as expected, but the story was somewhat mediocre at best. However, "Hellboy" does serve as a palatable film for the family to enjoy. Although the visuals aren't going to be pushing the envelope of special effects, the visual effects' artists do a pretty good job for the film by animating all the demons and fire perfectly. Alas, the story, though, is mediocre at best. The film tries to make "Hellboy" into another X-Men film where Hellboy has to protect a world that both hates and fears him, and the love story was never fleshed out. The love story for Hellboy seemed like it was a bit rushed, and viewers never saw how the relationship started. However, despite this flaw, "Hellboy"
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
Harry is back for another hit sequel. This newest film is based off the children's novel of the same name, in which Harry discovers that someone else is trying to kill him again! And like the last one, this killer has some kind of relationship with Harry's father, and it also has something to do with this hidden room at Hogwartz. At this point, I think most people wouldn't keep going back to an area where someone is always trying to kill them, but it wouldn't be much of a film if Harry ever did realize that. From watching this film, it felt like I was watching the first one again. Once again there's a villain trying to kill Harry and it involves a magical object, in this case it's a room; as opposed to a Sorcerer's stone like the last one. Like the last one, it also has a surprise ending on whom the villain is and lets not forget the promo that was thrown for a meaningless sport that doesn't exist, Quidditch. Yes, Quidditch, in the first two Harry Potter films, seems to play the equiva
For You
If I came to your doorstep would you welcome me in or would you turn me away in shame? Would you take me to your family in pride of knowing me? Or say you have never heard my name? Would you caress me when we met with open arms or would you hide me away in fear of unknown harms? If I beckoned for your love would you open your heart? If I asked for your tenderness would you kiss my tears away? If I came to you willingly would you give me your love? If I whispered I love you, what would you say? I give my love freely, for it is mine to give. My love has no possessor. My life is mine to live.
My True
'Tis said it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. How wronged can a broken heart feel? How lonely can an empty soul be? Once its love is rejected and washed out in a sea of tears. To think of never loving you it makes my soul cry. To have never heard your voice my heart would have never known tenderness. To me each day of loving you was a blessing. To have never had you in my life I would have never known your warmth and compassion. I would have never known my real love, my only love, my light.
Life's Intent
When I think of your love I smile from within my heart. When I think of being with you I wish we would never part. Your love is my companion when days are long and cold. Your love is my destiny when our lives grow old. To be your love forever is my life's intent. Your love is my endeavor. For you are heaven sent.
The Nearness
My thoughts are with you tonight although, we are miles apart. The distance only embeds my love for you deep within my lonely heart. To understand this feeling, that I cannot ask you to do. However, please have compassion for me and this love I have for you. My sadness is for not being near enough to prove this is real. Yet a feeling of happiness for knowing that one day I will get to share with you the tenderness I feel. As I lay here my body aches for your nearness. I long for the sound of your voice and the touch of your skin next to mine. Just to see your face and to feel your warm embrace would take away all that time has given. And make this life of mine worth living again.
My Pic.
is my pic. ok? is it good? waz good about it? u no who it is?u like it? is it bad? tell me tell me!!!
Calligraphy Of Desire
My velvet brush dips deep and lingers there in the warm inkwell of your endless desire the ink of passion flows for me tonight so I may show you how It feels my muse to be so truly needed by an ardent lover I hunger to write poems of love's power upon the warm supple parchment of your skin secret words that only you can comprehend till my brush runs dry and I return to dip again in ink made by god for the calligraphy of desire
In Sweet Surrender
soothe the ache that gnaws at me wrap me warm in that tender place tame the beast that howls inside bond close to you by healing grace whole and smiling I'm alive again sweet surrender to my lover's call she stops my endless litany of doubt her nimble tongue pushed deep warmly filling up my hungry mouth while fingers soft, stroke my loins rising ready to meet our needs sweet surrender to hunger's call silken flesh slides lithely over me quiet strength that in love's service she pins me gasping to our bed legs round my head, she rocks till we tumble locked together sweet surrender to passion's call
Let Your Hair Spill Down
Eyes sparkling, she whispers It's even better with my hair down hands reaching behind her head back arched, full breasts high ringlets fall onto pale silken skin warm gold cascading over us Legs spread she pins me down her head a cloud her hair the rain washing over me soft and gentle lips like lightening strikes dancing deftly wrapping me up in her web wrapped tightly in her tresses
In Sexy Cherry's Sweet Service
My temptress, goddess, friend and mate I long for your soft lips on my burning skin to take you, possess you, make you mine warm flesh pressed so close onto our bed your master and slave in love's sweet service in sweet surrender to love's sublime call lay beside me, moan for me, a hungry melody pinked cheeks made with such tender care cupped hand on your sweet round rump in time hours pass in our journey to that secret place where we flow like river currents entwined twin streams bound tightly by true love your back arches, in sweet surrender you belong to me forever my little one your mountain strong until the end of time I shall protect you and never let you go I cherish the gift you bring to me so freely that you win my heart and I cry your name we are both bound tight in this dance for I am a slave to you in love's service bound to you forever body and soul as you are my love slave forevermore sweet surrender to love's seductive call two wild hearts th
If A Heart Shall Break
If a heart shall break by Meghan Teres Hutchinson If a heart should break, will love remain? If a rose should die, will petals fade? If stars should fall, will they remain in your eyes? If a heart is not blue, will it remain in the skies? If a bird loses a wing, will God give it flight? If the sun burns out, will the moon still shine bright? If rain should cease, will the rivers still run? And if your love stops.... it is my world come undone.
Oh, This Foolish Heart
Oh, This Foolish Heart by ITSme Oh, this foolish heart of mine why do you keep on yearning For the one that isn't mine and keeping this flame burning? You know this love can never be so why not set it free? Instead of hanging onto it... so free from it I'll be. Everytime my mind's made up to try hard to forget This heart of mine starts longing and again I am beset... With thoughts of what could be and all the 'how's' and 'why's' Yet, knowing that it's all in vain it's then I start to cry. Oh, this foolish heart of mine... oh please, please set me free From the love I have for one that cannot ever be. My heart has held onto this love for such a very long time, I guess my heart keeps hoping... that someday love will be mine.
Finding Love
Finding Love by Jessica Anne Pesce I was lost and crying... And so I rode, Into the blinding darkness of my mind Like a knight in search of truth. Holding my heart in hand, Ready to give With my soul open to the twisting universe. I searched for answers, amongst the dirt and stars.
Only You
Only You by Victor S Cordero Only you, with your words, can send me soaring above the clouds. Looking down I feel sorry for those not able to enjoy the view. Spectacular! Only you, with your words, can reduce me to ashes. Scattered to the wind, never to be seen again. Yes... ....only you.
Made Of Paper
Made of Paper by Rebecca Walkins Randle My flesh is made of paper, and I hide myself within the origami confines of my deepest sin. I wore your lewd graffiti like a badge for all to see and I watched in reverent silence as your ink seeped into me. You posessed owned me, you smeared hate across my soul, you vandalized what once was pure, and left a stain as black as coal.
My Champion
My Champion by Ella Kay Cradled against your chest I feel the power of you yield to the sorrow in me reaching out to gently ease my pain Work roughened hands become soft silk. stroking my hair my tears rain on your heart. The fierce Knight, slayer of men champion of women love of my heart My Lord Lance. You crush my pain filling my heart with only you returning my smile, giving me peace My love, my future My Lord We mount your steed balanced perfectly together to ride into tomorrow your arm holds me safe as your heart holds my love. Go forward, my Knight My Champion Let us face tomorrow together......
My thoughts are with you tonight although, we are miles apart. The distance only embeds my love for you deep within my lonely heart. To understand this feeling, that I cannot ask you to do. However, please have compassion for me and this love I have for you. My sadness is for not being near enough to prove this is real. Yet a feeling of happiness for knowing that one day I will get to share with you the tenderness I feel. As I lay here my body aches for your nearness. I long for the sound of your voice and the touch of your skin next to mine. Just to see your face and to feel your warm embrace would take away all that time has given. And make this life of mine worth living again.
Invocation Of The Elements
Invocation of the Elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth Elements of Astral Brith. I call you now: Attend to me! In the circle rightly cast. Safe from psychic curse or blast. I call you now: Attend to me! From cave, desert, sea or hill. By the Wand, Blade, Cup or Pentacle. I call you now: Attend to me! This is my will, so mote is Be!
its almost 330am and im wide awake and so damn bored. le sigh. i wonder what i can find if i dig thru here? hmmmmmmmm
American Solider
The Military The average age of the military man is 19 years. He is a short haired, tight-muscled kid who, under normal circumstances is considered by society as half man, half boy Not yet dry behind the ears, not old enough to buy a beer, but old enough to die for his country. He never really cared much for work and he would rather wax his own car than wash his father's; but he has never collected unemployment either. He's a recent High School graduate; he was probably an average student, pursued some form of sport activities, drives a ten year old jalopy, and has a steady girlfriend that either broke up with him when he left, or swears to be waiting when he returns from half a world away He listens to rock and roll or hip-hop or rap or jazz or swing and 155mm howitzer. He is 10 or 15 pounds lighter now than when he was at home because he is working
I Want You To Use Your Mouth On Me..[ Adult Content ]
Imagine yourself sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing only a black velvet choker which accents the smooth lines of your neck and shoulders, and sheer thigh-high black stockings which give your firm legs a delicious sheen. As I walk in, I catch a faint hint of your perfume- something delicate and quite exotic, unlike anything I've ever smelled before. I get even a stronger dose as I crouch beside you and kiss you gently behind your right ear, inhaling your clean, fresh smell along with that wonderful perfume. Pulling back, I look for a moment into your clear dark eyes before kissing you, gently but firmly, on your velvet lips. After a moment, we break the kiss, only to start another, with more passion in it.. and then another, and another. As we kiss, I run my fingers through your hair and down onto your neck, lightly scratching down your spine, then back up in large circles across your naked back. You shiver, and as you press closer against me I can feel yo
Be Mine Tonight
Well the very first time that I saw you there you know I couldn't believe my eyes I thought I was the winner of the Price is Right and they let me keep every prize I've never been famous as a ladies man I'm not known as a crazy guy In fact I've never made the papers over nothin' at all I think it's time somebody gave me a try Baby, be mine tonight and this ol' world will turn out alright Just to find you took a whole lifetime I could lose you in a minute's time Be mine tonight--baby, be mine tonight Be mine tonight--baby, be mine tonight I don't know if you've ever been in love before, but I think this is my very first time I wish someone could tell me what my next move is I'm afraid I'm falling way behind I know you've been around about as much as I have When the lights go out we'll see You can further your education all your life Honey, just don't make a fool out of me Baby, be mine tonight and this ol' world will turn out alright Just to find you t
My Heart Wrote You
deep chocolate covered kisses in the bath hungry heart and mouth ready to begin again comfort food for the soul, sex and chocolate writing love poems on your hot flushed skin mouth warmed chocolate rolls upon the tongue songs from my heart written on sandy shore freed to dance, swept up in a primal tidal flow deep chocolate covered kisses in the bath I smile at you, lick you clean and beg for more burning bright, I whisper and croon the words sweet songs My heart wrote for your ear alone hungry heart and mouth ready to begin again freed to dance, swept up in a primal tidal flow sex and chocolate, comfort food for the soul
He Fringes [ Adult ]
Frank Cotter pressed the button on his intercom and said, "Send in the next applicant, Miss Brooks," and as an after thought mumbled, "an let's for christ's sake hope she's a good one!!!" While he scanned the remaining names on the list, Frank didn't even notice until he looked up that a beautiful blonde was standing shyly in front of his desk, patiently waiting to get his attention!!! "You must be Chris," he said after glancing back down at his list, "I'm glad to meet you, I'm Frank Cotter, please, have a seat, by the way, would you care for something to drink, soda, coffee!?!" "Uh, no thanks," she replied softly, "I'm just fine!!!" "Okay then, let's get down to business," Frank replied in smooth even voice, "just to make sure we're both on the same page, I've gotta ask you your age!!!" "I'm nineteen," she answered quickly, "just turned last week, why, is it important!?!" "Where are you from, Chris," he asked while ignoring her question!?! "I'm from Omaha, Nebraska," she replied!!! "B
Pure Ecstasy
We both feel the glow of passion, Shining deep in the night with desires And with the thrill of your soft kisses, And the touch, your fingertips so warm, My body starts to shiver, and quiver, In a silence of total ecstasy... Offering both of ourselves with no demands Fiery passions, seductive plans, Luscious cravings, sweetest love And showering me with feelings, Of your... embrace, As I relieve all of my flames, My body begins to tremble with ecstasy... Taking you in my strong arms I lift you, And carry you before the blazing fire, And slowly lay you down as we feel, Love's... desire That flows swiftly through our veins, With the burning flames flickering thru, On our bodies, melting together as one, Having a romantic evening of pure ecstasy
I'm Counting The Days
She wimpered unconsciously under her dark, silky sheets. Images which flooded her dream-filled reality proved to be very confusing to her in actuality. She laid there, her long shining black hair cascading over her pillow and beautifully onto the bed. The sheet clung tightly to her vuluptuous body, ending just above her full breasts to reveal the soft skin of her arms and shoulders. She was naked underneath, and the silky material felt cool yet comforting over the smooth skin of her amazing curves. Her long lashes parted slowly, and she saw him sitting there, inches away from her on the edge of the bed, smiling down at the crimson colored lips which contrasted devilishly with her dark brown eyes and cinnamon skin. She propped herself up onto her elbows excitedly. "What are you- How did you-?!" she attempted to inquire unbelieveingly, but he only laughed lightly, and the way his grin crept across his face let her know that the answers to those questions were unimportant. She flung her a
Virgin Flesh
Snowy Night 'Maria' was sixteen, I was nineteen. She was thin, blonde, about five-three, and as 'pure as driven snow'. Being the merciless letch that I am, I had been going out with her for over three months. Then the night-of-reckoning came.... It was a snowy, cold night in Central New Mexico. My parents were out of town, and we had run of the house for the weekend. All plans were made, everything prepared, lies told, etc when she came over for the weekend. We killed some time drinking, and talking, and drinking (you know how virgins are), until the hour was 'late'. A kiss, a hug, a little slight-of-hand, and the sound of the wind outside faded into silence... 'Maria' had small, firm breasts of the type that only seem to come on virgin teenagers. Silky white, with a fine tracing of veins, and very light nipples that would crinkle at the slightest touch. She began to squirm in my arms. As the liquor and embraces began to warm her throughout. I loosened some more clothing, and lowered m
A Poem I Wrote Back In Junior High School For English Project
Have you ever loved someone But knew he didn't care Did you ever feel like crying But knew you'd get nowhere Did you ever look into his eyes And said a little prayer Did you ever look into his heart And wished that you were there Did you ever see him dancing When lights turn down low Did you ever whisper " God, I Love You " But would never let him know Don't ever fall in love my friend It doesn't pay a dime It only causes broken hearts Yet it happens all the time Love is grand but hurts so much The price you pay is high If i could pick between life and death I think I'd rather die Don't ever fall in love my friend You'll be so hurt it's true You see my friend I ought to know Because I fell in love with You
To Write Something
well i dont really know to much about this so i am just writing what comes to mind and i am starting to get the hang of typing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honey Moon [ 3 ]
All of the wellwishers at the engagement party came up to Lisa and John to offer their congratulations. Beautiful celebrity women that Lisa had seen on television, dressed in the most dreamy fashions, kissed her and hugged her while telling her how lucky she was Most of the men at the party came up to John and congratulated him on the choice of a wife he had made. She overheard one man, who she would later on learn was John's producer, Mark Williams, say to John, "Johnny, its a good thing you kept her under wraps. We got alot of play out of this, and she is a knockout! I'm sure you will be the highlight couple on every supermarket rag for months to come! I'm really surprised that I haven't seen her modeling work You know that with our publishing contacts, I could arrange a multi- part spread on Lisa as part of your wedding promotion in "Brides" Magazine. You know how our woman viewers eat that kind of promotion up. What do you think?" With hearing that Lisa got very weak in the knees a
Honey Moon [ 4 ]
Nicole handed Lisa a small purse and they headed out to the waiting cab. The cabby to them to a club called Obsessions. Nicole knew the owner, Carlo, who greeted them at the door. "Good evening Niki, how are you, I haven't seen you for so long." He kissed her on the cheek and looked at Lisa. "Oh Carlo, I want you to meet my friend Lisa. Honey, this is Carlo." Lisa blushed quite demurely as Carlo kissed her hand." "I am captivated by your beauty my dear Lisa, welcome to my club." Carlo said as he escorted them to a table. Nicole hadn't told Lisa that this was Ladies night. They were sure two hot young ladies and here they were with about a hundred other hot young ladies to see the sensational Obsessions All-male review. Lisa couldn't believe that Nicole had brought her here. They were seated right next to the dance floor. Lisa's heart was beating a mile a minute. What was happening to her, she wanted out, but also wanted to stay. All of a sudden the show started and Tony was introduced.
Honey Moon [ Last ]
Honeymoon Pt. 5 In our previous episodes Lisa (formerly Kenny) was examined by her doctor to receive her new breast implants. She is scheduled to have the work done within the week as well as some other minor plastic surgery to enhance her features. A little more than a week after her surgery she is to be married to John Waterman, soap opera star and taken on her honeymoon to Hawaii. In this episode she receives her implants and takes care of the last minute details before the wedding ***************************************************************** All week long Lisa had been nervous about the surgery. She had never stayed in the hospital before let alone had any surgery done If it were not for the other work she was having done,(cheeks) she would of had the implants done as an out-patient. Nicole readied Lisa to go to the hospital. She wore casual clothes, her new Jordache jeans, and a new red angora sweater with multi-colored jeweled studs at the collar. She wore her black lace br
I'll Open My Spot For You
You get me so Get me so excited I'm hot, come on, so get it ready And I'll open my spot for you Anytime you want me to So you can Act bad Don't hurt me Look sexy Talk dirty And i'll open my spot for you Anytime you want me to Get me so excited For some reason it might be the money that really turns you on But for me it's an attitude that keeps me tight on the floor And no words are suitable to describe your swagger babe And my body is in overdrive when I have you inside of me Do you like it when I do it I go head to toe And whenever you pursue it You'll never hear the word no So forget about them other girls baby Cause now you're rollin with a woman baby I'ma keep your body thumpin baby It's the least I can do Cause you get me so excited I'm hot, come on, so get it ready And i'll open my spot for you Anytime that you want me to So you can Act bad Don't hurt me Look sexy Talk dirty, And I'll open my spot for you
Extracted From Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra
POSITION 1 As history has it, Vatsyayana's point of view on love-making was a key hole one: intense, focused, voyeuristic. But the wonder he imbued to the sexual act essentially stemmed from his rumored virginity. For a doctor who could never try his own prescriptions, he mysteriously found myriad remedies for sexual ennui. His mastery of the body in fact, was so complete, he understood cause and effect through mere conjecture. To the delectably dirty sage, it was the means to the goal that was fun, for the goal itself was inevitable. He treated love-making like a dance in which the hungry couples had to possess grace, timing, rhythm. Look at this position: "As you are seated, lip to lip, arm against arm and thighs pressed fervently to each other, she can raise her thighs a bit, her feet clasping your waist and let you enter her quivering body. And in such moments you should let out a hail of gentle blows provoking her to moan in protest." Vatsyayana was
Adhara Position..kama Sutra
ADHARA-SPHURITAM POSITION The Kamasutra prescribes a high degree of equality between the male and the female in matters of sexual pleasures and positions. If fellatio is dealt with at length, Vatsyayana has kept the woman in mind as well. Thus there's a detailed description of how the man can give oral sex to a woman. The positions range from the simple to the highly complex. Among the basic positions is Adhara-sphuritam which literally translated means The Quivering Kiss. Here's how the sage describes it: "With delicate fingertips, pinch the arched lips of her house of love very very slowly together, and kiss them as though you kissed her lower lip: this is "Adhara-sphuritam" (The Quivering Kiss). Notice how he emphasizes the delicate touch. Not the usual vigorous rubbing that you see in those gnawed adult movies. The man fondles the woman's yoni between his thumb and forefinger and then proceeds to kiss her in that region. The reference to the lower lip is interesti
The Challenging Position
THE PADMA POSITION For the agile couple, supple of limbs and willing of disposition, the Kamasutra offers all manner of challenging positions. Whether the complexity of the position heightens the sexual satisfaction because of greater penetration or more stimulation or simply because of the novelty is a moot point. One such position which calls for great athleticism from both partners is the Padma position which literally translates into the lotus position. Here the man sits facing the woman and lifts her ankles which he positions behind his neck. He then proceeds to enter her while she grabs hold of her feet and helps the thrusting motion. In the Kamasutra, the position is described thus: "If, sitting facing her, you grasp her ankles and fasten them like a chain behind your neck, and she grips her toes as you make love, it is the delightful "Padma" (the Lotus)." As is evident this isn't a position for the faint-hearted but its biggest advantage is that it allows for
Just Thoughts
Just the thought of holding you with these arms makes me sigh For your eyes are a beautiful love poem whispered to me Your smile is the softest caress you have ever shared with me And to know my heart is held close to you comforts me You comfort me in all the ways I yearn to know I'm loved And when your lips share your kiss, I'm filled with electricity My heart races and I begin to tremble, wanting to make love As fingers glide across my skin I look into love swept eyes Tease me, please me, make me cry out your name as you spoil Make me soar among the clouds as you kiss my inner thighs
Shaping You In My Mind
As I shape you in my mind I begin to see your eyes sparkling I see the roundness of your smile and the softness of your hands I feel the warmth of your skin as your heart beats against mine Warm lips that have missed the kiss that is so magical I hear your voice calling to me in a romantic, sensual way Beconing me to dip below your naval and taste you all night I look up between the most beautiful of breasts, nipples so firm As you rock gently back and forth contracting around my tongue Patiently, lovingly guiding you to an orgasm that you have waited for Waiting for my lips to be drenched before crawling into your arms For the best part of making love is when I hold you breast to chest Kissing you softly and stroking your skin as I hear your sigh
To Rock You
When you're feeling lonely and need an orgasm All you need to do is close your eyes, and I'll be there To rock you gently in my arms, breast to chest I will share my softest kiss I will soothe you darling Let me stroke each breast as shivers are enjoyed Let my warm lips tug on each firm nipple as you moan Let me plant 1,000 kisses up and down your spine Massaging your body with lotion as you whisper it's heavenly Enjoy my tongue as I pass your naval caressing delicate lips Tenderly licking at your hood as I feel your pearl awaken Let me feel both your hands hold my head close to heaven As the murmered sounds of my sucking make your body tremble Orgasm my love, drench my lips soar above the clouds I am yours to love, to enjoy for I have waited forever for you
You Need My Tongue?
I lay between your scented thighs kissing the most beautiful lips OMG!!! I could lay here all night and listen to your echoed sighs Soft fingers run through my hair a sign you enjoy what I share It is my gift to you each morning each afternoon, each evening Your orgasm tastes delicious I whisper as you look down at me Smiling with the most sparkling eyes as you spread your lips wider AHHHHHHHHHH that's my baby let me suck down every drop I love how your muscles suck my tongue deeper into your opening It doesn't matter when you need an orgasm, I will never say no It doesn't matter what room you are in, slip off your panties Just tell me you need my tongue and I will happily kneal before you You are the happiness I have waited for and I celibrate your love for me I will always be a unselfish lover to you a sign you are all I've dreamed of I will love you, spoil you and release the 4th of july within your soul
Aphrodisiac Attraction
You're kidding me, James," I scowled. "C'mon, man. This is a load of crap." "It's not, " he protested. "I know how it sounds but it really works, Dave. Honest." Dave doesn't usually casually make up stories, so I was more than curious, but I remained skeptical. "OK," I offered. "Tell me the story again, with more detail." "All right. I went to Bangkok that, as you know, I have to do twice a year to meet with exporters and try to figure out our product line. It used to be different and exciting, but now it's just routine and a very long, tiring trip. After the meetings, I would sometimes have business dinners, and then just usually go back to my hotel, read a little and sack out. The time difference is a killer. "But at this one meeting, there was a new young guy, Hon, and we hit it off well. Before long, we were laughing and joking around like old friends. He was much more progressive than his colleagues. It turns out that Hon was the son of one of the owners and had go
My Woman
Woman of my dreams, her voice whispers in my ear. We long for the day to join as one. From the plains to the mountains, our love transcends all. Dousing the darkness, the sunshine we make is bright, moving aside shadows, setting the stage for a beautiful life. Her lovely, smooth body, silky hair and gorgeous curves make him weak in the knees. Voice of music singing sweetly in his ear, I dream of you nightly, my love. No one will make me as happy as you, filling my life with happiness, replacing the sadness, You are my light, my dove, my everything. Love Always,
Champaine In The Distance
I was driving through Illinois on a rainy evening in late March. My destination, Savannah, was still many miles down the road. The driving rain, bumpy roads and lack of sleep all contributed to the fatigue I was beginning to feel. A mileage marker showed that Champaign was 140 miles away and, although I planned to drive straight through, a warm bed was very inviting. In another hour I would decide if I should stop and get some rest before continuing on my journey. Emergency flashers in the distance caught my attention and I slowed down to see if I could offer assistance. As I pulled in behind the stopped vehicle a stunning Male form got out and approached my window. Opening my window I was greeted by and attractive, soaking wet, and somewhat frustrated man who said his name was Chris. He said that he was on his way to Champaign for a weekend teaching conference and that his transmission had failed. A tow truck had been called but wouldn't be here for another 2 hours. He was unsure ab
Cave Of Fantasy
Me and Suzanne are walking in the forest together, hand in hand, when the path gets too narrow to walk side by side any longer. I slow down to allow her to take the lead, primarily so that I can keep my eyes on her as we walk. Our discussion turns to sex and erogenous zones when finally I can take no more. I reach forward and pull her back to me, my arms wrap around her and my lips press against her neck with my tongue flicking at the junction between head and neck. My teeth gently nibble at just that spot before my tongue travels up the side of her neck to her ear. My tongue flicks in to lick and toy with her ear before reaching back to suck and nibble her ear lobe. “Gods but I want you m’dear,” I whisper into her ear. My hands roam across her stomach still covered by her shirt. A single drop of rain spatters against her nose, followed by another and another. Suddenly lightning flashes and thunder crashes. The rain pours down in buckets. “We have to get out of this st
Blood Of Passion F
Scene: Her home in the heavily gaurded redemption building, which stood 80 stories high consists of rooms for every member of the redemption clan, various shops and markets to aide thier needs. Shinobi was returning to the future this night and soon they would be recruting more into the Clan. Cher has been on the 25th floor shopping. Cheradale pushed the key into the lock and gingled it three times just like he used to, then slowly turned it unlocking the door to her apartment. Her arms were full of groceries and some mail between her teeth as she pushed the door open, dropping her purse in the door way. The living room was dark and only a light from the kitchen was showing in thier little one bedroom apartment. Shinobi wasn't home yet and so she had just enough time to shower and get ready for the night she had planned for him. He had always seen to her needs and satisfied her completely, and tonight was going to surprise him. Cher quickly jumped into the shower, shaved her le
The Scenario
The scenario begins on the 2nd day of our tryst in Amsterdam you slept curled at my feet, then we spend the morning walking - you naked underneath a summer dress, and a couple of paces behind me, always - to let your skin rest a little from the thorough belt-lashing I have it yesterday When we return to our room, I make you stop as soon as the door is closed 'Close your eyes' As you stand, eyes closed, I slip a blindfold, cool & satiny, over your eyes I stand back to admire how you look - and I keep silent, so you don't know what I'm doing, or where I am Carefuly. so you feel nothing until I'm ready, I reach out toward you, my hands coming together behind your neck you hear a click, and at the same moment the feel of cold metal on the back of your neck & collarbones 'you suit your collar, slave', I whisper A shiver runs through you as my breath caresses your ear Then a subtle, musical ringing, followed by more cold between your breasts, over your belly & clit As I
Ghetto Not Attuide
Passion's Touch
I remember passion's touch upon my soul as it once again welcomed me to its shore The magic of feeling so brand new within the passion of my lover's embrace Wondrous gazes into each other's eyes as if you could fall into them forever An unexpected touch of her hand sends energy into my entire being Her lips are mystical miracles which speak volumes to me as they send shock waves throughout my body and soul She moves within my dreams with such a fluid grace that I can't help but yearn to hear her smiling magical voice welcoming me home forever more And I will cry again tonight for I remember too well passion's touch....
"Good afternoon, Terri, and how are you today," the man with the deep voice asked in a subdued tone?!? "I'm just fine, sir," she asked with her head bowed!?! "Are you ready for your session," he asked softly?!? "Yes, sir, I'm ready," she whispered!!! "Very good," he replied, "remove your clothing and assume the position!!!" Terri silently removed all of her clothing and quickly climbed upon a long narrow table, and while leaving her arms at her sides, she spread her legs and waited for her master's next command!!! Terri had never actually seen the face of her master, and in fact she didn't even know his name, but at least twice a month for the past four years she had been making the trip from her north side apartment to the large Victorian mansion on the far south side where she allowed herself to be dominated by this unknown stranger!!! In perhaps one out of ten visits her master would actually show himself and personally use her for his sexual pleasure, but usually she
The Manicurist
Lisa looked at her watch and realized if she didn't leave the office immediately she'd be late for her manicure appointment. She looked forward to this hour every two weeks, as sometimes she have a pedicure as well, and since her divorce, it was all the more relaxing. She breezed into the shop and was greeted by the owner, Eva, who had been doing her nails for nearly five years now. Eva owned the small shop, and had a young assitant, Kim. Eva treated Lisa like part of the family, and always embraced her when she arrived. Lisa always liked this part, as Eva, although a tiny Asian woman, had lovely breasts, feeling them pressed against her small ones always gave Lisa a little rush, dampening her panties. Lisa's ultimate fantasy had always been to be with another woman, and Eva had been the star of more than one of her masturbation fantasies. But how does one convey this without risking losing a good friendship? As Eva ministered to her lovely feet, she told Lisa that since Kim,
Trouble Sleeping?
A story I have thought about previously....every guy I guess has a nurse fantasy. Ok, I have one, or two, but here is one I hope might capture your imagination, plausible or not, I don't know. Ever envisioned yourself as a nurse? I trust you will let me know... I was considering participating in a sleep study when I lived in the UK back in the mid 90's. The local university was conducting a couple years' study, and was paying people who suffered from apnea (waking during the night when breathing stopped) to be monitored. I signed up, and received a date, address, and description of the study, and my part in it. I packed the things the list said I would need in a little bag, and set off just before dinner that evening. The building was non-descript, tucked into a campus of medical clinics and buildings, with probably only a little more security and cameras around than I had seen anywhere else. I buzzed the appropriate office, identified myself, and was let in. I found my way th
Permission Play
She wakes with an intense desire. A desire to feel fingers gently and softly probing between the folds of her velvet lips, then turning hard, demanding the juices that are contained within. Her mind wanders to thoughts she shouldn't be thinking because she is thinking of Him and wanting to feel Him deep within her, possessing her. She can't stand the sensation of deep need she is having at that moment, she calls Him, intending only to listen to His voice message, imagining Him telling her to play for Him, but her voice escapes and begs Him to allow her to play. "Please Sir, please may this one play this morning, girl has a deep, intense need to play. Please Sir?" Once she has finished her message to Him she puts the phone down as if scalded from hot water because she can't believe she just did that. what the hell were you thinking? He won't grant you that...or will He? She goes about completing her daily chores, hoping to take her mind off of the throbbing of her pussy and the in
Delayed Flight
Two weeks ago I attended a seminar in Steam Boat Springs, CO. I flew into the Hayden airport with two other colleges; we rented a car and drove to the lodge where the seminar was to be held. The last day of the seminar was on Friday, I was scheduled to fly out that night, but my two colleges where staying for a weekend ski vacation. As I drove the rental car towards the airport it started snowing. I left the rental office and headed to the airline counter. I asked the attendant if the flight was still on time. He replied it was on schedule, but with a weak smile, shrugged his shoulders. I took a seat in the waiting area. This airport is not like the big mega airports in cities. There is a number of medium sized rooms available for the waiting passengers. I took a seat looking out into the parking lot and watched the snowfall. I noticed a taxicab pulling up the parking lot to the main entrance for passengers. The back door swung open and a long leg with heels comes out
A Feeling To Remember
Oh your touch how it feels so strong so right and so real how it makes my flesh tingle how I want it to last so long Your kiss that kiss one of passion and love one so pure and so true a bond a bond between me and you And your hand in mine what a feeling the way you hold me so firm and so soft all at once it sends my heart reeling Amazing lips that brush along my neck a heat that can not be mentioned in a single word and the things you say oh those things you say the most passionate things I have ever heard Your body not perfect who is any way but to me it is wonderful it is mine in every way You make love to me un like any other a tender yet heated moment turns in to hour after hour of satisfaction and when we are tired and spent we lay back and enjoy our relaxation I thought I heard your heart beat I know for sure that I felt mine both pounding together both longing for each other once more wanting an
On My Way
Well You Guys I'm going over seas on a mission, I Don;t know if im gonna make it back, but i hope and pray i do..that all fer now..peace
long.. I wish i knew how to love you better because i am sure if i knew how you would not be as far away as you are and i am sure if my love meant a thing to you you would not know how to be mean to me and you would know what to say when i ask you to think about me and there would be know need to fuss over how many times you kissed me and i hate to think about you, and talk to you when i know it makes me sad and depression is something i can live with but you are someone i cannot live without, and i think about you whenever i listen to music, wherever life is continuing normally is when i think of you most often and that is without a doubt every minute of every day and i dont need you to be mean, i need you to be here near me, beside me, caressing me with love and drowning me in entangled bodies life would be profound and i would make you entirely infinite i will love you until that ground beneath my feet wishes my body under, and i wont hold my heart too heavy
Easing Orgasms For Ladies[adult Content]
Easing orgasms for ladies Pressing and rubbing the clitoris cause pelvic fullness and body tension to build up to a peak. Orgasm is the point at which all the tension is suddenly released in a series of involuntary and pleasurable muscular contractions. The contractions can be felt in the vagina, uterus, and/or rectum. Orgasms can be mild, intense, ecstatic, or sensuous, depending on the woman, the environment, the moment.... Many women have difficulty orgasming, either by themselves or with a lover. Lack of information and/or shame about touching one's own body, and unknown fears, keeps some women from learning how to orgasm. The following interferes with orgasming: Not noticing or misunderstanding what's happening to your body as you get aroused. It's easy to think about abstractions — how to do it right, why it isn't going well, getting bored with yourself, wondering what your lover is thinking, whether or not your lover is impatient, whether or not your lover can l
In The Mood
Sometimes I just come to watch To see the different styles There are some that we could do If you're staying for a while The ones I see that most can do Practice is not needed Others might take a bit more time Having some moves to be repeated Some will take no skill at all But others can be complex Some prefer to do it alone While others with the opposite sex Some will start right of the bat With someone they've just met While others here are with their mates Enjoying each one they get Some will go the whole night long Rarely taking a break Those I've watched will have a smile For the length of time it takes This must be your lucky night Tonight I'm in the mood If you'd care to take a chance I'd like to dance with you
A World Called Perfect
Sometimes you dont know whats real or fantasy. You seem lost in the world that you made up in your mind. A world where no one dies, no one ever sheds a tear, there are no wars or fights. A world called perfect. A world which doesnt exist. A world so opposite the one you live in now. You wake up in the mornings and your eyes are blurred by the tears that come from the thought of living through annother day. You walk around so silent when inside you're really screaming, crying out for someone to save you. You can't end the pain. You can't stop thinking about that day that started it all. You can't forget the words he said or the way his hands felt moving across your body. You're still disgusted by it all. You hate him so much that it hurts. But it hurts even more that your mother wants to bring him back into your lives. Sometimes you hate her for not believing you. But mostly, you hate yourself, for letting it happen. As if you could help it or stop it. But somehow, in s
Ok... So the older we get you think people would grow up and want to start living their own lives. Stop starting shit, talking about other people in general, and strive to be good people with morals, cant we all just get along....?
Mr & Mrs First Time
They made their way through the house, through the softly lit parlor with abundant pillows and the big screen television, sound muted. Most bodies were upright but some were already horizontal and squirming -- all were naked. He had a nice build, with well-groomed pubic hair a testament to his regard for genitalia. Pierced nipples, too. Very nice. She was much smaller, with a delicate pussy. Great succulent nipples. The man was the first to notice the steady stream of porn being played on the wide screen but the woman saw that the coffee table was strewn with glossy nudie magazines. Steps from the kitchen, where voices and laughter suggested friendly interaction, she had a small panic attack and clutched his arm. I couldn't hear what they said but I can only assume that the steady visual stream of tits, asses, cocks, pussies, moans, and slippery sloshing noises overwhelmed her. It scared the hell out of me the first time, too. And she was a tiny thing, which made her seem more vulnerab
I Love Storms Lol
Fearless storm Winds howl and thunder crash Sound of titans as they clash Quake and shake the world around Flashing and captivating sound Icy fingers of white dance across the sky Hold the attention of mortals such as you and I Force of winds that swirl and blow ever so intense Hide inside safe in cover if you have any sense Yet I am drawn to the show and can’t look away Thrill of it fills me with desire and makes me want to stay Do not fear my sweet one it is only a passing thing Soon to be far away and gone a memory of the sting No more tears for thing that simply just must be I will keep you safe and secure through eternity No thing that is of this world every should you fear For you’re the sweet and touching soul that I hold so dear Winds may blow and thunder crash lightning streak and run When all that is has passed to calm and storm is done You will still be safe from harm and enjoy the moment shared For you will never worry knowing there is always one who
Untiring Love--(this Is For Kimi)
Untiring Love This is a true story that happened in Japan. In order to renovate the house, someone in Japan tore open the wall. Japanese houses normally have a hollow space between the wooden walls. When tearing down the walls, he found that there was a lizard stuck there because a nail from outside was hammered into one of its feet. He saw this, felt pity, and at the same time he was curious. When he checked the nail, turns out, it was nailed 10 years ago when the house was first built. What happened? The lizard had survived in such a position for 10 years! In a dark wall partition for 10 years without moving, it is impossible and mind boggling. Then he wondered how this lizard survived for 10 years without moving a single step--since its foot was nailed! So he stopped his work and observed the lizard, what it had been doing, and what and how it has been eating. Later, not knowing from where it came, appeared another lizard, with food in its mouth. Ahh
Hello My name is brandy and im new to this site .. so far i like what i see an the people are awesome!
Love And War
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Working Class Hero
john lennon - working class hero As soon as your born they make you feel small, By giving you no time instead of it all, Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all, A working class hero is something to be, A working class hero is something to be. They hurt you at home and they hit you at school, They hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool, Till you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rules, A working class hero is something to be, A working class hero is something to be. When they've tortured and scared you for twenty odd years, Then they expect you to pick a career, When you can't really function you're so full of fear, A working class hero is something to be, A working class hero is something to be. Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV, And you think you're so clever and classless and free, But you're still fucking peasents as far as I can see, A working class hero is something to be, A working class hero is som
New At This
hi ya'all im kinda new at this
Trick Or Treat.!? - No. 1 Pimp Site I'M GOING TO SUCK... UR ____.!?
I Had Too Much Fun Time Last Week!!!!
omg i party for three days straight shyt i had fun but dont ask what i did aight!!!! bye ya'll!!!!
Moon Chik
Save A Horse
Rob Zombie
Anime Fairy
My Comfort
Smiley Lick
I first met Georgia about a year ago, when I was moving in my new condo in West Palm Beach. She was tan, trim, big busted for a petite lady and the divorced mother of two children. She was very out going, with a steady stream of questions, local information, and the latest gossip going around the complex. Over the next few months, I became a regular visitor, dropping by Georgia's apartment after work and on Saturday mornings. She never seemed to mind, and occasionally she would drop by my place if she hadn't seen me for a day or two. I never thought much about her, sexually that is, as she never mentioned a boyfriend and appeared to never date or even go out with the "girls". She was fun to be with, but I just figured that she would rather give her time to her childrenthan be hanging out in some bar or whatever. She never mentioned sex, except to joke about never wanting it anymore, or being "no mans land" was better than putting up with a "man" hanging around wanting it all
Condoms With Pesticide
A farmer walked into a drug store and said to the Pharmacist, "I want me one of them thar condoms with pesticides on it. Where do I find 'em?" The pharmacist replied, "Oh sir, you must mean that you want the condoms with SPERMICIDE, not pesticide. They're on aisle 4." "No, no, I want me them thar condoms with PESTICIDE on it," growled the farmer. "Sir," said the pharmacist, exasperated from explaining, "PESTICIDE is for killing insects, SPERMICIDE is for killing sperm. I'm sure that you mean spermicide instead of pesticide." "Listen here, " argued the farmer, "I want condoms with PESTICIDE on them. My wife's got a bug up her ass, and I aim to kill it.
It Takes An Italian Man To Make A Woman Feel Like A Woman...
It takes an Italian Man to make a Woman feel like a Woman... On a recent transatlantic flight, a plane passes through a severe storm..The turbulence is awful, and things go from bad to worse when one wing is struck by lightning. One woman in particular loses it. Screaming, she stands up in the front of the plane. "I'm too young to die," she wails.Then she yells, "Well, if I'm going to die, I want my last minutes on earth to be memorable! Is there ANYONE on this plane who can make me feel like a WOMAN?" For a moment there is silence. Everyone has forgotten their own peril. They all stared, riveted, at the desperate woman in the front of the plane. Then an Italian man stands up in the rear of the plane. He is gorgeous - tall, well built, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He starts to walk slowly up the aisle, unbuttoning his button at a time. ........No one moves.........He removes his shirt. ........Muscles ripple across his chest. ........She gasps... ....
Adding Sensations That Please
Oh mY, Oh Yes,she said with a wicked smile No way,I'm not,Its just not my style, You coward,you're yellow,she grinned at him, That surely hit home,and he had to give in. Pushing him out ,and surely urging him on, She whispere get ready , I wont be that long, Entering the toilet,and bolting the door, Stripped fully naked ,his clothes on the floor. Within a few moments,came a knock that he knew, He opened the door,and in too, she now flew, Oh dear me Oh my, she smiled with a grin, Shutting the door,and now bolting them in. Moving to his face,Her lips rained down fire, She was crazy, and determined,to have her desire. Her Hands roaming freely,across his naked ass, His passion took over,and his manhood grew mass. He lifted her top,and removed the lace bra, He wanted to do this,now he had come so far, Her breasts were so firm,he teased with the nipple, Sending through them the both,a sensitive shivering ripple. Lifting her skirt,her lace panties were tight, He rubbed hi
Friends Forever
As life grow into a shining sun, So our friendship has began. Everyday together we walk, Laughing and crying as we talk. Different dreams that we have shared, Hoping one day it won't be spared. Whenever my days become so blue, You're there for me to make it new. You comfort me when I am down, And you made me smile the moment I frown. Each p*ssing day that we spend together, our friendship get stronger and stronger. Trials and challenges that we had faced, Sum as though our friendship amaze. But God's grace make us united as one. Like the river flowing throughout together. And through God He linked our hearts, That whatever happens, we'll be friends forever.
Seventeen pounds heavy in the base Exactly ten feet from the danger sign. Vandals had less chaos-lust than these Ecstatic children of our mores and malls. Now they tumble, burning, molten steel To their molds like white-hot waterfalls, Empty, plunging hearts too sheer to freeze Each time the lights go on, the worlds align, No wall of sound across one's ravaged face
Seventeen's an age when love comes easy: Ecstasy rolls in at a caress. Very easy to submerge in eyes Exotic, erotic, excessively impressed. No point in saying nothing comes that easy: There's time to work on slowing that caress. Eventually, love confiscates those eyes, Entangling joys too deep to be expressed, Now sweet, secure, and rich, but never easy.
Seventeen is bursting with ambition. Ecstasy comes often when one dreams. Vested in a vague, momentous mission, Each moment is more vital than it seems. Now is what the future must depend on, Though time itself seems like an endless plain. Eventually, the note that one might end on Even now beguiles the budding brain. Nor will faith be so bountiful again.
I Am Afraid To Love, And Yet I Love You.
I am afraid to love, and yet I love you. My fear is like a wall I walk right through. The wall is there, and yet it doesn't stop me. I need it still, and yet I still need you. I know someday we will be in a field Surrounded by the blessing of the sky. I'll dance with all the freedom of pure joy, Needing you without a reason why. But now I'm still afraid that I might lose you, That you might not accept my desperate need. You make me laugh and cry and be completely. You are the flower, I the slender reed.
A Private Message To ****lady D****
Our love is that of a red rose Whose splendor rises as the sun shows its face, Whose petals expand further and richer Whispering secrets of happiness and affection. And even though with the fall of dusk All contentment is swept away, And the rose's petals unite as one Reflecting any light that may endeavor to shine through, The sun will always rise And the rose's petals will eternally broaden Until they fully blossom into a stunning creation. Our love is that of a red rose Possessing a few imperfections That may cause evanescent wounds, But the internal radiance That will everlastingly bestow healing and comfort.
Keep It Kinky
Tie me up then throw me down I crave your warmth when no one's around press me aginst the wall then tell me i'm the one who'll make you scream and make you holler and you'll fuck me hours upon hours But do you mean Can you really touch me there without your guilt without closing your tender-loving eyes you're too young and a virgin to this i see you like it slow you want it sweet well let me show you just what i need I want it now Spoil me hurt me make me scream to yell your voice and bite my lip is all a woman needs hit my spot real long real hard and keep it kinky with the chanis in you hand and your real and innocetnt eyes oh so far After i've shown you Then tie me up and throw me down you know just how i want it so keep it kinky and we'll see just who can make the other
My Name Is "exciter"
Oh, deep in the night I am waiting, sent from above, power of love in my hand And I know what you want, I know what you need and I know what you feel Lose all your fears and live out your dreams I'm the one who's gonna make it real Passion and fire, lust and desire, exciter Pleasure and pain, this is my name, exciter Oh, heaven is yours for the taking, power of love,sent from above in your hand And I'll give you more than ever before, so take all you need When you open your arms, open your eyes, I'm the one who's gonna make you see Passion and fire, lust and desire, exciter Pleasure and pain, whisper my name, exciter Surrender to me and I'll guarantee, you'll pray that the night never ends Come play the game, this is my name, exciter And I'll show you a world where you've never been, it's time that you knew There's no time for waiting, it's time to begin, I'm the one's gonna take you Passion and fire, lust and desire, exciter Pleasu
Not For The Innocent
I'm mean and I'm dirty, like none you've ever seen Bad habits drip like honey, no tongue can lick me clean I'm not of royal blood, I've never been discreet Better lock up your daughters, we're comin' to your town We're here for the slaughter, kick you when you're down Kick you when you're down We're not for the innocent, we're not for the innocent We're not for the innocent, let the beast run wild I've been damned,I've been cursed,I've been guilty and abused I spit the hangman in his face and hung him on his noose Habitual threat, I got you in my claws Gonna tan your hide, rip the flesh off your bones Look me in the eye, and you're gonna turn to stone You're gonna turn to stone We're not for the innocent, we're not for the innocent We're not for the innocent, let the beast run wild Better lock up your daughters, we're comin' to your town Better pray we're not around Let the beast run wild We're not for the innocent, we're not for the innocent
Lick It Up
Don't wanna wait 'til you know me better Let's just be glad for the time together Life's such a treat and it's time you taste it There ain't a reason on earth to waste it It ain't a crime to be good to yourself Lick it up, lick it up, it's only right now Lick it up, lick it up, ooh yeah Lick it up, lick it up, come on, come on Lick it up, lick it up Don't need to wait for an invitation You gotta live like you're on vacation There's something sweet you can't buy with money lick it up, lick it up It's all you need, so believe me honey It ain't a crime to be good to yourelf Lick it up, lick it up, it's only right now Lick it up, lick it up, ooh yeah Lick it up, lick it up, come on, come on Lick it up, lick it up Come on - it's only right now (it's only right now) Ooh yeah (ooh yeah) ooh yeah (ooh yeah), yeah yeah Lick it up, lick it up, it's only right now Lick it up, lick it up, ooh yeah Lick it up, lick it up, come on, come o
Young &wasted
Like a fly to a spider, you're under the spell It's the game and the liar, for those who toll the bell You're more than just a name, you fight for the right Like a moth to a flame, you see the bait you bite You're restless and wild and walkin' the line You're not just another pretty face Need an answer fast and you're runnin' out of time And the night goes on for days Young and wasted - ooh yeah, ooh yeah - young and wasted You been branded by the iron, you been cut by the knife There's a monkey on your back runnin' up and down your spine Up and down your spine You hunger for the fire and run with the pack But you know damn well there ain't no turnin' back Ain't no turnin' back, no no You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't You laugh in the face of the fates Fallen angels spread their wings, so you cross the gates of hate Young and wasted - I can almost taste it, I can almost taste it Young and wasted - ooh yeah, ooh yeah,
Gimme More
Live wire on the loose, white fire gotta move Hot blood, need your love, hard as rock, can't get enough Wanna feel you deep inside, pumpin' through my veins, fill you to the core Let me take you thru the night, heaven knows no pain, open up the door Gimme more, ooh gimme more, baby gimme more, ooh Like a dog to a bone, make you sweat, make you moan Love is sweet, so insane, come on lick my candy cane Passion in the third degree, burning in my brain, slave to love's desire Livin', lovin', feel the heat, never to be tamed, born to play with fire Gimme more, ooh gimme more, baby gimme more, ooh, yeah yeah Ah, listen - touch my body, take it slow, c'mon make my juices flow Feelin' good, any price, ooh nothin' I won't sacrifice Got a thirst for playin' rough, I can't get my fill, never keepin' score C'mon baby, let me in, gonna break your will, open up the door Gimme more, ooh gimme more, baby gimme more, ooh, I want you C'mon and gimme, gimme more, gim
Me And You In The Darkness
The candles flicker in the darkness and the room is quiet. You awaken and feel your fingers inside your pussy, instinctively you begin to move your hips up and down in rhythm. you're am soaking wet and your nipples are hard as they brush against the cotton sheets. I remain asleep, You hear my breath breaking the silence. We sleep naked, as always, our bodies connecting in the most intimate places. you love to feel my body behind you, it is so strong ,hard and big, it envelopes you. You groan loudly causing me to murmur in my sleep, you feel my dick grow harder pressing into the small of your back. you hold your fingers inside your pussy and continue to stroke gently, you think of my dick grow larger as I sleep, preparing itself for You. This makes you shiver and you're close to cumming. you try not to moan too loudly as you do not wish to wake me...yet. Your pussy aches for my touch but you continue to move your hand slowly, up and down through the wetness, pushing your finge
I Need His Seeds
"You want me to what???" Jack exclaimed. We were old friends and only friends, but my clock was ticking and I wanted a baby. I had no boyfriend or husband and didn't want one. I just wanted a baby. So I decided to ask Jack to try to impregnate me, although I emphasized that I would never obligate him to help support our raise the child. I tried to tilt the scales in my favor by wearing a low cut day dress to emphasize my cleavage and my legs. I may be approaching my mid-30s, but I still think I look pretty good. Maybe it was unfair, but I removed my shoes and lifted them onto the couch we were both sittng on. After a while I subtly moved my feet closer to his legs and began rubbed one of them on his thigh while we talked. I didn't want him to think too much and I wanted his physical urges to take over. It was working. He took my foot in his hand and started massaging it. He was talking to me about how he wants to be responsible and all, but I still noticed the bulge in his je
Kelly,give And Take
I knew you would come tonight. So, I head to the shower to wash away the days worries. I remove my jewelry and place it in the dresser drawer, then undress and remove my makeup before stepping into the stall. Luxuriating in the hot spray, I am not too surprised when a draft of cool air heralds your arrival. Turning in the roomy stall, I push wet hair out of my eyes and smile. "I know I locked the door, "I murmur. "I picked the lock." you say smilingly..while reaching for me. You shut the stall door to enclose us within. Hot water streams over us as you pull me close, and your gaze fixes on my face. My arms go around your neck and my mouth moves eagerly beneath yours, hungry. Your chest scrapes my breasts sensuously and my legs move to twine with yours. I can feel your hands moving slowly over the slippery flesh of my back, spanning my waist, lowering to cup my hips. My head falls back when your mouth leaves mine and moves to taste my throat, my shoulders. You lift
More Than Passion
Silently she awakes and gazes upon him there. She sees him sleeping peacefully and longs to hold him near. She reaches out her trembling hand to gently touch his face. Remembering short hours ago, sharing love's embrace. He stirs just then and spies her tender. loving stare. Then places his hand over hers, stunned at the extent of her care. Their eyes never leave each other as she caresses his soft skin. She smiles at him slightly as she moves closer to him. He takes her in his arms placing a kiss upon her cheek. She turns her head slowly, his lips for her to seek. A subtle moan escapes her as his hand explores anew. Passions kiss intensifies as their rhythmic dance ensues. He proclaims his love for her as he kisses her wanting neck. She moves her hands over him finally to rest upon his chest. Feeling her velvet secret engulf him again and again, And feels her building climax escaping from her then. She arches back, catches his eyes adoring their allure. As they reach
Your Evil Smile And Whispering
I love to watch you as you smile at me and hold your toy Eyes sparkle with excitement as you add your favorite lube You adjust your pillow and lift your legs, parting your knees I lay between your thighs, spread your pussy lips, and watch There is a low hum, as you take a deep breath as you massage Intent on teasing your swollen clit, as shivers race thru you I kiss your inner thighs so gently and encourage you to squeese Juice begins to leak slowly from your opening as I hear you moan My tongue quickly laps away as your hand curls around my head I move away as your vibrator spoils your lips as the room spins around Your eyes are close and your body reacts to wonderful pleasure Your breath is shot, your face flush as you murmur my name Slowly, ever so slowly you slide it inside, with one deep stroke I look up between your breasts into love swept eyes and whisper to you "I love you darling and I will always encourage you to orgasm Whet
Always Wet
Wetness does not always pertain to water in an ocean, river or lake; Sometimes it refers to how I feel when I remember your embrace. I only have to think of you to remember me in your arms; My legs quivering, my mouth moaning I have fallen captive to your charms. I long to feel your body on mine to know the taste of satisfied love; To lie quietly in your arms we fit together like a hand to a glove. You are the sweetheart of my life you are my one sure bet; You never have to wonder babe . . . you can always keep me wet.
A Mystery
You look into my eyes and see things you don't understand. Am I a mystery? I think not. You look at my smile; You search for something that isn't there. Am I a mystery? I think not. You listen to my voice, and call me an angel. This angel is flesh and blood, Not a doll to be put on show. You see - I'm not a mystery. I am me. I am flesh and blood. Touch me; I wont break. There's no mystery here. Caress me; feel the warmth. I'm not a mystery; I am Woman. Here I am - desires abound; Relentless and sensuous - yours to caress Like a flower; make me bloom. Don't stop; not even to rest! No mystery here; Just a Woman. I feel the weight of your body against mine; Your heaving breath upon my skin. The most gentle touch on my thigh, The soft nibbling on my breasts - Moving slowly in a downward motion. Now you see, I'm no mystery; I am YOUR Woman. I am all Woman.
Your Master
You kneel, supplicant before me your will offered up in quiet acquiescence awaiting my approval or reproach the fine line between pleasure and pain becomes ever sweeter with my control with every touch, kiss, word smoldering embers are kindled tormenting desires awakened You quiver captured by heat and hunger bend you to my will My Lord,you obey! showing you what i most desire Your purpose but to serve through my dominion you find yourself You, the Master of many,You say Proud and Honored You feel Your Master Only
Your Last Visit
From : 1234 4321 Sent : Thursday, 25 October 2006 6:39:25 PM To :, milkin????, Subject : Fwd: you and me :Your last visit. Baby and My all World Lover, I'm sending you a copy of what i have written about your last visit to my country,I'm writting this down to tell history about 2 lovers meeting thru IT with will and prisoned desires that they decided to make them come true.I Hope and wish that you dont mind on this,you can even post it to any of your groups you join. Missing you very much,and hoping that you will have an opportunity this New year too ,to make the other fantasies come true,lol..Who knows? kisses and loves ......................................... We spent one amazing night together months ago, right before you moved half way across the country. I'm walking through the airport to the baggage carousel, where I know you'll be waiting to meet me. I smile as I walk up to you. I let out a soft moan at your touch as you sli
One Night ,in The Rai
One Night ,In The Rain The words stick in her throat. She knows what is on his mind. His voice is tantilizing. The storm is weakening her resistence. Without an answer, he says he'll be over in 15 minutes. As she is waiting she begins to think of why she let him come over. She doesn't know. She has felt this mysterious sensation before. Why her...? She is pondering all sorts of thoughts. Slowly she rises. SHe knows what he is expecting. She removes her sweatshorts and panties, leaving only her nightshirt. Her skin is tingling.Her body quivering. She wonders what would occur if her roommate would wake up. The tension is invigorating. Suddenly there is a knock on the door, she slowly opens the door. He makes his way in from the rain. He takes her in his arms in a deep passionate kiss. He realizes her lack of clothing quickly by exploring the realms of her body. He gently massages her swollen pussy lips She moans at his touch. He slowly pushes 3 fingers deep inside her. Her headfall
Her Thoughts
Her skin, I love to touch, I love to touch her skin. Soft, succulent, delicious skin on legs, belly, breasts, her folds. I love to touch her skin. Our mouths, with gentle suction, pulling and drawing, Our tongues, entwined in rhythmical dance, sliding, swirling, simulated movements when united. Thick protrusion enters her skin, Her skin, I love to touch. Silence ******* Moving on, Going no where. Caring 'till dawn, Sounds that seem to care. Music low, Hearts beat, No one must know, Panting in the street. The two as one, Lovers in the night. All night long, 'Till they're done. Coming together - to make everything right. When Our Bodies Come To Meet **************************** When I see you I can feel you In my soul - my heart takes flight. I can hardly wait to taste you In the darkness of the night. I feel your breath so hot and sweet Circling in my soul. When our bodies come to meet It's then that I feel whole.
Standing before you, naked, but unaware, body trembling with every breath, I await your approach. embracing you in ecstasy, our energies ascend in a feverish rapture as the moon illuminates our silhouettes through lace curtains. you pull away, leaving me listless, writhing in agony on the floor as my essence seeps through my skin into you, my sweet, emotional vampire, who leaves me in anguish, tormented until our next encounter when I will stand before you, naked, waiting to be drained again. How Dare You *************** *************** How dare you walk into my life at the eleventh hour, Causing confusion in my world and seizing the power That I possess over the feelings I choose to have for a man, You weakened my wall by holding my hand; By being the man that I miss And showing you care in just one kiss. How dare you walk into my life through the back door and unannounced; Leaving me dreaming of every moment we've spent
Is This A Gift Or A Test?
I'M FALLING IN LOVE. I sit here awake, I cannot sleep I think about this feeling in my heart that I keep I close my eyes but still I see A picture of tomorrow with you and me I don't know why I feel this way I try to come up with the right words to say To express myself, to show what's inside My thoughts of you I don't want to hide The magic I feel when I'm with you Something that seems too good to be true What if we were really meant to be I wonder if you'll ever fall in love with me? Only time can tell if this thing's for real The happiness that you and I feel But I care for you, and I'm falling in love Tell me, is this a gift or a test from above?
Go South Young Man !
Men don't talk to each other about sex like women do, and it's a shame they don't. Because women, when asked about sexual technique, will describe in great detail their personal experience. They will act it out, moving the pillows around to get their hips just right, or hang their heads off the bed in wild (yet orchestrated) abandon to the applause of their entire recipe club invariably "on that subject" again. Women will demonstrate on vegetables; women will demonstrate on each other. And you can be sure that they bring what they've learned back into the bedroom. Otherwise, how could Cosmo have survived this long? I can't be certain men don't give each other pointers. But if the good ones did share their know-how, why have we gritted our teeth and bit our lips through such crappy cunnilingus? The most dastardly thing of all, is that the worst oral sex is usually accompanied by an arrogance that would make Howard Stern look modest: "Come on baby, I'm going to make you feel soooo goo
Now,its My Turn
Now it's my turn.... I am a single hardworking man in my early 30's. I like to think I am a good looking guy and that I am a good person with a soft heart that would do anything for anybody. My problem "confession" is I am very much in love with a co-worker of mine! She know's how strongly my feelings for her are and we are very good friends. She is the sweetest, kindest, smartest and MOST BEAUTIFUL woman I have ever met in my life! She is truly a 10 on any mans (or womans) scale. I know all about her life and she mine. Recently I texted her and she invited me to her friends house for a night of drinking. Well, I arrived and watched her box one of her oldest friends and listened to many great stories that were being shared by them. I wasn't much in the drinking mood so after about 1 1/2 drinks I had to stop. I stayed for a little bit longer and finally told them I had to go...Well.... She said she would walk me out to my car and that's when things went a whole di
Now,its My Turn
Now it's my turn.... I am a single hardworking man in my early 30's. I like to think I am a good looking guy and that I am a good person with a soft heart that would do anything for anybody. My problem "confession" is I am very much in love with a co-worker of mine! She know's how strongly my feelings for her are and we are very good friends. She is the sweetest, kindest, smartest and MOST BEAUTIFUL woman I have ever met in my life! She is truly a 10 on any mans (or womans) scale. I know all about her life and she mine. Recently I texted her and she invited me to her friends house for a night of drinking. Well, I arrived and watched her box one of her oldest friends and listened to many great stories that were being shared by them. I wasn't much in the drinking mood so after about 1 1/2 drinks I had to stop. I stayed for a little bit longer and finally told them I had to go...Well.... She said she would walk me out to my car and that's when things went a whole di
Linkin Park
The Pleasure And Passion
"Please Gimme One More Night" It's the feelings in my heart Just to know you're around Your tender words of love Have the sweetest sound It's the feelings of intimacy That togetherness inspires Cozy hugs and soft kisses To those deepest desires It's the feelings I embraced Hands caressing blissfully Savouring sweet pleasure As your lips slide over me It's the feelings love ignited The burning passion of we Love glistening on the skin Wears the glow of ecstasy
Poet Makes Love His Type
How A Poet Makes Love Lightly nipping ear lobes in the shadow of your hair. Holding hands in public, without a single care. Blowing in your ear and nibbling on your neck. Gently probing fingers, going up your back. Softly touching lips and whispering while you breathe. Taking little bites on a finger in your teeth. Bumping with your hips as you swivel with the dance. Giggling with the thought as you strive for more romance. Rubbing on the feet and then firmly grabbing toes. Tracing out an arc on a body in its throes. Waiting for a climax, then more and even then, You'll find I did it all with my ball point pen. ;-)
To My First And New Love
Your sexy voice is what I want to hear My everlasting love you shouldn’t fear, The sign of your love I will wear Because of you we’ll be a perfect pair. Looking in your eyes is dreams come true Making love to you is what I want to do, With you I’ll Share my wonderful thoughts Singing and laughing as we walk. Whispering softly in my ear Breathing on me telling me you’re near, Grabbing my waist with your hands Stressing more and more that you’re my man. Waiting on the moment of bliss So I make it hot with a kiss, As I slowly caress your lips, I feel my pants going past my hips. As we take it smoothly to the bed Between my legs I feel your head, Going deeper; in and out I feel a warm substance come out. As we take it to the showers And to me you present a dozen of flowers, Making love to me more and more Is what I wanted and adore. So I gently pull back curtain Taking a moment to think very uncertain Watching me as I slowly walk away I hear your voic
In The Moonlight
I can see us in the moonlight, shining bright. I can feel the magic, so light. Just take all of this in tonight. We're kissing Unresisting In the roses in the meadow Our silhouettes and shadows Dance together in the sheen Prancing in the green Grass that so surrounds us No one else can find us Because we're kissing in the night, You're arms so tight Around me, I feel safe Kissing, having a most passionate time This feeling, so sensual, so romantic, so sublime I've never loved anyone this much before. I don't even know what anything is anymore. I love you so much, I don't know what I'd do, Without you. I'm so glad, That I'm not sad, and To not be sad is to be With You.
In Flames
Swept away in passion Love molten, flowing hot Passionate flames burning bright Two lovers embraced feeling the warm soft summer breeze touch their skin bringing forth more than heat. Soft moans and crys for more could be heard through the soft summer winds The ocean crashing against the shore, the sounds the smells drove them closer and closer to the ultimate release.
You consume me with your lips so sweet Raw passion ignites the animalistic lust in me You climb all over me with mouth watering desire You taste me there... mmmmmmmmmmm A complete head to toe ritual Caressing the contours of my body consume me Every inch of you fills deep inside me
A Dream To Reality
Close your eyes and open a dream Dream in which we together are alone You are stealing my heart with your magical eyes And leading me to the world full of romance and love Your tender look Your slender body And your silky blonde hair Oh may darling I’m getting out of my mind Because you are so near I touch your fiery lips With my fingertips You bite it in a way As you want something to play I gaze into your wanted eyes N’ understand your demand I hold your hand and pull you closer As you are at my command I undress you and you cannot move a muscle I’m trying to hold that moment Now I’ve a tussle Then I caress your mysterious body and give your breast a lick The time is passing very swiftly with every single tick I can hold this dream for long As you are still with me But this dream has to over for now Cause’ I will enjoy it is reality!
The 3 Wishes
If I had three wishes, I would wish to trade lives, With a person so lucky, A guy, Your man. Just to have one day of waking up beside you, Looking into those beautiful eyes, Tasting your morning lips. To make slow love to you 'Til we collapse into each other's arms. I want to watch you shower and Help with the hard to reach areas (wink). I will make your breakfast and Send you to work with a kiss and a smile. I would love nothing more than to be that person You come home to after work, To greet with a hug. We can talk over dinner . . . Enjoy dessert much much later (smile). I want nothing more than to appreciate The beautiful, kind, caring, gentle, honest, loyal and loving man you are. I would love the chance To show you what you deserve and Enjoy what she has. If I had three wishes . . . I would give away two, because The only thing I want in this world, Is one chance with you!
Ecstasy Of Passion
We both feel the glow of passion, Shining deep in the night with desires And with the thrill of your soft kisses, And the touch, your fingertips so warm, My body starts to shiver, and quiver, In a silence of total ecstasy... Offering both of ourselves with no demands Fiery passions, seductive plans, Luscious cravings, sweetest love And showering me with feelings, Of your... embrace, As I relieve all of my flames, My body begins to tremble with ecstasy... Taking me in your strong arms you lift me, And carry me before the blazing fire, And slowly lay me down as we feel, Love's... desire That flows swiftly through our veins, With the burning flames flickering thru, On our bodies, melting together as one, Having a romantic evening of pure ecstasy.
What is this, if not passion The feeling of something unusual Waiting to be caressed, wanting to explode, What if I get that heavenly touch For which my body has been aching Will I remain what I am Or will the entwining of the bodies Lead me to something ethereal I am confused, do not know how to react But what I know is that I yearn for that touch A soothing touch of caress And a wild sensation of fulfillment.
In the still of the night When all sound is asleep, I hear a faint echo When I listen deep. I hear not one beat But an echo of two, One beating for me And the other for you. Mine beats out a rhythm That says "I love you", The other beat matches As my heart beats for two. The echo flows soft Like footprints in sand, It beats out a message Only our hearts understand. The message is simple As it calls out to you, "I will love you forever.... Our whole lives thru..." With every beat I hear you inside, With a voice that's strong And can't be denied. With every beat of my heart I hear a faint sound, An echo of a heart beat With love all around. I am never alone When I feel my heart beat, For your heart is in mine And I am complete. Two hearts that beat Forever as one, An echo in time As two hearts become one.
Broken Hearted
Emotions Masked
Emotions raw and strong, Seeming different with every passing hour of twilight. Longing for the loving friendship once shared, but now is gone like a flicker of light. Heart aches from things said and done... Unable to fix or undo what has been said or done. The things shared between us... Are now burned to ashes, And withered away with just one blink of an eye. Saying I'm sorry won't fix a thing... Our friendship has broken after trust between us was lost. Always remembering the happier days... Sitting alone sadden and wondering where had we gone wrong. If only you would have come to me first... Things would have been different, I could have explained all misunderstandings instead of laying here alone missing you. I'll always love you, no matter what you do. That is all I have left to offer to you.
Dream Simple Love
dancing in this dream relinquishing a momentary gleam everlasting in this dream adapting my beam managing this dream simply closing my eyes imaging your heart making a beat pumping the engulfing love throughout my soul everlasting from this moment love spins our world other quandaries follow vulnerable to love engulfed in this dream.
Wild Wolf On Fire
I dream of you when the hunger grows the times I laid you down, open wide filled till you cried "no more.. no" your wild wolf on fire in the dark of night I think of you and the hunger grows the times you held me deep inside milked me till I cried "no more.. no" your wild wolf on fire in the dark of night I dream of you and the hunger grows the times we wrestled flesh to flesh filled untill we cried "no more.. no" your wild wolf on fire in the dark of night
Blessings Of God
Blessings of God Ephesians 1:3-14 How many times have you thought: "I wish God would bless me"? Maybe those words came to you when you were asking God to answer a specific prayer or when you sensed some type of adversity approaching. There are many different ways to receive God's blessings, but most often we think of it from a material sense. The people that followed Jesus did the same thing. After feeding the 5,000, Jesus exposed this materialistic attitude: "Truly, truly, I say to you, you seek Me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate of the loaves and were filled" (John 6:26). Many followed the Lord in order to receive "something." Their eyes were set on seeing miracles and material provisions. But Jesus wanted them to see Him as the Bread of Life in whom all their needs would be met. The greatest of all God's blessings has nothing to do with material wealth and social position, and everything to do with the closeness of His presence. This is why He instructed
No Lady Tonight
Don’t treat me like a lady No timid touches tonight Hands penned behind Kisses deep and demanding Make me squirm and beg For more of your hands More of your lips Burn me with your tongue And take what you want Without even asking No tender sweet talk Whisper those words so hot They burn my ears Cause my body to tremble Talk dirty to me, Baby Prime my desire until Passion’s fountain overflows And your beard is drenched With the dew of liquid love Released from my reason Soul filled with your breath Flesh with the force of rigid fire No refined lady tonight Just a wild woman in love
Needing Bad
I need it bad Baby, so give it up now. I need some real hot stuff and I know you know how to squeeze and please me and treat me just right. Baby, you’ll make me scream with pure delight tonight. I need it now Baby, You Bad Boy, you. Need all the touchin and hot kissin that you do. I need it sooo bad and I want it red hot. So Sweet Man, why not give me all you got? Take off that tie and just lose that stuffy shirt. I plan to love you, Baby until you beg and hurt. Got all the things to make you stand at full attention. I know a few night moves too naughty to even mention. I need it bad, Baby, so give it to me hot and wild. I’m a tigress, Darlin. I’ll leave you with a smile. A little hot stuff to remember on a lonely cold night. Come on over here, Handsome, I’ll treat you more than right!
I Will Come
Love, I will come with you to destinations exotic and erotic gardens of purple delights bathed in platinum moonlight On shimmering wings of cosmic light ascending far above frothy, bleached clouds of twirling, melting mists to ecstasies unplumbed, unknown We’ll sing with stars and capture their diamond dust in violet crystal urns of unparalleled pleasure on a carpet of woven dreams, I’ll come…with you
Hey Bad Boy !
Hey Bad Boy Whatca gonna do? You got a red-haired vixen coming after you. Don’t decide to hide out or make a quick getaway. Just go ahead… try it and make my day! Got the fur lined cuffs and the riding crop and we’re gonna ride, Baby til you beg me to stop. You’ve got a reputation as a real bad boy but tonight you’ll be my midnight boy toy. Hey Bad Boy Whatcha gonna do? You can’t leave until I’m finished with you. Tonight those hands and those lips are all mine. If you explore a little no telling what you might find. Give me what I want I’ll commute your sentence soon. I might let you go free ……by next May or June. Surrender your weapon without a fight every hard inch is mine tonight. Hey Bad Boy you’re in my jail now let me lock you up and show you how to make some time, me and you. I’m the warden tonight so whatca gonna do?
Ropin & Ridin
Ridin the range all day makes a cowboy’s life so tough What you need is some cowgirl love Baby, I know you like it a little rough I know how to rope you until your struggle stops I know how to please you Until your resistance drops I’ll round you up, Darlin and lock you in my corral Don’t try to run away from this hot, hard riding gal We’ll fit together just right Be my saddle, Baby Get some cowgirl love tonight Just a few lashes with this riding crop I’ll have you beggin for mercy and hopin I won’t stop all the lasso tricks in this torrid rodeo show It’ll be a “Hard” night Baby We’ll ride until you can’t go
THE THOUGHT-FOX I imagine this midnight moment’s forest: Something else is alive Beside the clock’s loneliness And this blank page where my fingers move. Through the window I see no star: Something more near Though deeper within darkness Is entering the loneliness: Cold, delicately as the dark snow, A fox’s nose touches twig, leaf; Two eyes serve a movement, that now And again now, and now, and now Sets neat prints into the snow Between trees, and warily a lame Shadow lags by stump and in hollow Of a body that is bold to come Across clearings, an eye, A widening deepening greenness, Brilliantly, concentratedly, Coming about its own business Till, with a sudden sharp hot stink of fox It enters the dark hole of the head. The window is starless still; the clock ticks, The page is printed. THE ‘THOUGHT-FOX’ HAS often been acknowledged as one of the most completely realised and artistically satisfying of the poe
He Will Not Forget
He will not forget And why worry about your clothes? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow. Matthew 6:28 NLT God knows your name A good friend of mine once went to visit his brother during a time of deep crisis. His marriage was struggling, his business was near collapse, and his money was drying up quickly. He had just sold his home and moved into a one-bedroom apartment and had no idea how he was going to dig himself out of his financial and relational problems. My friend listened as his brother confided in him about his deep frustration. "Some days you want to go outside and shake your fist at heaven and say, 'God, why don't you help me?'" his brother said. My friend looked at his brother in the eye and said somberly, "That wouldn't do any good. He doesn't even know who you are." The two looked at each other for several seconds then burst out laughing. The two brothers had spent their lives trusting God and studying his Word, and the absurdity of the stat
Ties In Lingerie
Red And Black
Smile In Your Heart
I have a feeling that you're holding my heart And I know that this is true You wouldn't let it be broken apart Coz it's too much dear to you. Forever we'll be together No one could break us apart For our love will truly be A wonderful smile in your heart. Im always dreamin' of being in love But I know that this is true Since you came into my life Tis true love I have found. I pray that you wouldn't leave me Whatever may come along But if you do I would feel so bad Just give me a smile in your heart
Night Of The Ravens
Oh Great Spirit whose voice I hear in the winds And whose breath gives life to everyone, ... Hear me ... I come to you as one of your many children I am weak .. I am small .. I need your wisdom and your strength. Let me walk in beauty, and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunsets. Make my hands respect the things You have made and make my ears sharp so I may hear Your voice. Make me wise, so that I may understand what You have taught my people. And the lessons You have hidden in each leaf and each rock. I ask for wisdom and strength not to be superior to my brothers But to be able to fight my greatest enemy ... Myself ... Make me ever ready to come before You with clean hands and a straight eye So as life fades away as a fading sunset My spirit may come to You without shame.
Hello Everyone
If you are reading this then you have been blessed with yet another wonderful day in life to enjoy. Its a chance to take in the beauty all around, to breath in deeply, and to love someone.
Passion's Flame
A touch, soft and tender. A whisper, full of desire A gasp of sweet surrender As passion fuels the fire No words spoken between them No promises to be kept No lies being told tonight No looking back - no regrets Longing to hold each other Such precious little time Both vowed to another Being lonely their only crime Tomorrow bringing sorrow A brief moment of shame With the memory of this one night A release from passion's flames.
Forever takes me by a minute, While I’m here with you. I’m falling even more in love, With everything you do. Hold me in your arms, Look deep into my eyes, Don’t turn away and let me go, Don’t ever tell me lies. I swear I’ll never loose you, In my arms I’ll always hold. I’ll never let you slip away, And leave nothing left untold. There aren’t enough hours, In each passing day, To find all the words, I wish I could say. Your kiss will last forever, Your touch forever warm. You’ll guide me to the sunlight, And shield me from the storm. This is what I’m saying, With everything that’s true, I swear on my life, That I really do love you.
All My Life
It was not so long ago when I thought I'd never meet someone like you. Wrong was I, thinking I'm in control Believing I'd never fall. All my life I thought no one would melt a heart like mine, a heart so cold, a heart hardened by the past, protected by shields so vast. Slowly I was falling without even knowing. Only to find out too late I have no choice but to accept my fate. I could dream, I suppose forever, I could hope there will never be any 'us', that's our destiny so I wake up to reality. I lied when I said I didn't love you, that my feelings for you are through. I lied not because I wanted to but because I love you and I still do. I wouldn't do a thing to hurt you but I just have to let go. I can't hold on much longer 'coz for us there's no forever.
You Are All That........
A smile that is freely given, Laughter that is heart-felt, Wisdom given when needed, Comfort to my troubled mind, Balm for my tortured soul, Bandage for my wounded body- You are all that,and more... You are my lighthouse becon on life's tumultous seas, You are the one who knows the pain inside of me. You are the guide post on the highway of life, You are the only one who can end the strife. You are all that,and more... Without you,I drift along the days become a blur Without you,each day I become less sure Without you,the night grows forever long, Without you,I'm not sure how long I can go on. You are all that and more...
While I Was Sleeping
I was sleeping, my hand was searching for you, but you were not there. I turned my head, I opened my eyes slightly and saw you fixing your new toy, the computer. I just smiled. It would be so typical of me to do. I didn't know that you saw me blinking, getting glimpses of you. I turned my head to the other side and slightly fell right back to sleep. Within minutes, I felt you beside me wearing your robe. I cuddled right into you, like two spoons against eachother. This may just be memories, but I still wake up at times thinking of that morning smile when you read my mind. Love Always,
Wont Ever Be Able
Dear T... It's been only short time and somehow we made it. No matter how much I screwed up, you were determined to keep our love alive. I'll never be able to thank you enough for that. You are the reason I live, breathe, love and laugh. You mean everything to me. Sometimes you ask me why I love you and I don't answer. I know you must believe that it is because I don't love you, or I can't think of a reason, but it's just that when you ask me I don't know where to start. Our love was meant to be. There's no arguing with fate. Forever,
Angels Of Our Name....
Dear Angel, Some of the most superb feelings and tingling emotions come from what love an Angel, such as yourself, and I make. Our world, as we have come to see it, has no bearing and an infinite boundary when we are locked lips to lips. No one person can sever that bond of nothing but pure affection and intimate passion. We are the Angels of Our Heaven and with merely our names to live with. A name, which consists of nothing more than symbols of a language taken for granted. I would soon rather speak nothing. A true test of love of which we have accomplished merely by the elucidation in our eyes. Earth moves with such apathy that only Our Heaven can keep the pace of our devotion for one another. As slow as the heart beat of a goliath at rest. Why would the world seem so passive? I believe it is a chance for us to make our own time to spend together. It is love. It is what binds the thoughts of all beings trying to understand it. It appears that you and I have fallen into love, w
Sweetheart, This is my way of showing you how much I truly care for you. I can't really find the words to explain the way I feel when I read your words or when I see your face... all I can say is that I like the feeling that I feel. Love always, Sweetheart, What is it about you sweetheart, That touches my heart so deeply? Could it be the touch of your soft sweet lips, As they ride up my neck to greet me? Maybe its in the way you smile at me, As you brush back your beautiful hair. Perhaps its the joy you give me, When you let me know how much you care. I wonder if its the passion I see, Burning deep within your eyes. The sounds I hear while kissing you, Like your heavy breaths and sighs. My precious, your love consumes me, You are my every thought. You fill my dreams with fantasy, That will always be lovingly sought.
The Best Surprise
It's the middle of the day and I was thinking about you, as usual. I want you to know how much I sincerely love the countless hours we spend talking. It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I love you and only you ... and that love will only grow stronger. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll never let you go. Love always, La meilleure surprise ---------------------- C'est le milieu du j
It was unbelievable how we met. Knowing each other’s every thought And, stop to think, We never really understood. Shooting stars sweep forgotten Lost like tears of my desire. My heart is on fire All because you swept me away Into a world remarkable. My love for you is unbelievable. The rain pours down The clouds race above us I smile and we don’t care We sit alone Side by side, together. And as we dream- the world swims past. Il était incroyable comment nous met. Savoir de chacun chaque pensée et, cessent de penser, Nous avons jamais vraiment compris. Les étoiles filantes balayent oublié Perdu comme des larmes de mon désir. Mon coeur est sur le feu Tous parce que vous m'avez balayé loin À un monde remarquable. Mon amour pour toi est incroyable. La pluie se renverse vers le bas Les nuages emballent au-dessus de nous Je souris et nous ne nous inquiétons pas Nous seul nous asseyons Côte à côte, ensemble. Et pendant que nous rêvons le monde nage au delà.
Mi Amor
Dear Mi Amor, I am thinking about you every second of every day and cannot wait until I see you again. We should never be apart this long again. I miss your kisses and your touch; I miss you so much. I hope that I can see you soon but until I do I will keep you in my dreams and in my heart, and remember that I love you and I always will. We are the lucky ones because we found each other again and we are able to love each other more than we ever have before. I'll be waiting to see you again. It's only been a little over a week but now I know that I cannot be away from you, from this love. I love you with all my heart. Love always, Cher Mi Amor, Je pense à toi chaque seconde de journalier et ne peux pas attendre jusqu'à ce que je vous revoie. Nous devrions ne jamais être distants ce long encore. Je manque vos baisers et votre contact ; Je m'ennuie de toi tellement. J'espère que je pourrai vous voir bientôt mais jusqu'à ce que je je vous maintiendrai dans mes rêves et dans mo
Strip Night
Strip Night by Noon © My girlfriend Deanna and I had been partying for several hours. We were bar hopping on the strip, drinking and dancing to our wild hearts desires. Deanna was in a wraparound skirt with a thong bikini underneath and a button up half sweater with no bra. Both of us rubbed strange bodies and felt strange hands on every jam-packed dance floor. We could see in each others eyes that we were horny, dripping sweat and ready to do it. After midnight we began to tire of the dance scene and were planning our next move. Since Deanna had been drinking and seemed open to new things I suggested a strip club just for fun. To my surprise she accepted my offer and off we went. She had never been in a strip club so I picked one of the more classy and expensive ones around so it would be a nice experience. The doorman couldn't take his eyes off Deanna's long legs as we entered. She is 5'9" tall with strong tan legs that go on forever. The 36c breasts bouncing under the swe
Toy Whores Ch. 07
Toy Whores Ch. 07 by R. Richard © After we sell machines to the four ladies that Heather recruited for us we expect more ladies from Heather's group to call. However, we first get a call from a lady who identifies herself only as ‘Lulu.' She has heard some rumors about Heather buying ‘some sort of sex machine. I politely point out to Lulu that we do not discuss our customer's names or any other identifying information about them. However, we do have any number of socially prominent ladies who are satisfied users of our machines. Lulu wants to know how our machine works. I tell her that our machine used a unique system to stimulate a woman sexually. I quickly tell her that most stimulation systems create a dependency in the women who use them. Our machines not only do not create a dependency, they actually make sex with a partner more enjoyable. Lulu is very skeptical. I then point out that we are not doctors, but perhaps more like sex therapists. I then tell her
Sweet Email I Just Got
Someone at Berkely .. university of california .. wants to use a design I created for one of their fliers for theater/drama students at their college. It's one of a microphone thing I did.. Click here to see the design But they're sending out over 5k+ fliers with my design thing on it.. and I just thought that was super cool and wanted to share that. =D
A Sexercise We All Love....[ One ]
I’m enjoying having him in my life. I feel as if someone has injected me with glitter and stars and popping candy and it’s all in my blood and brain and toes. I love him. I don’t know how to describe how happy I am. – …later, she would tell him that there had been a crackling magic in the air and he would tell her that his desire at that moment was so intense that his groin ached. When she finally felt that desire, she was surprised above everything else. She did not know that a man’s thrusts could suspend memory, that it was possible to be poised in a place where she could not think or remember but only feel. This was love: a string of coincidences that gathered significance and became miracles. There is an extravagant exultation in being in love, living always at the extremes of emotion. The problem—which is never evident to the victim—is that this exultant state induces mental tunnel vision. We could have grown roots, we stood there so long. We could have g
A Sexercise We All Love [ Two ]
Your body is a new country, hidden landscape in cotton and chambray that I want to travel with every vehicle I own: hands, tongue, slide of silk. Below, in the heat and rush of wet, we’re learning again how summer moves through the deep canyons, stirring grasses and honeying fruit. _________________________________________ The sexual embrace can only be compared with music and with prayer. At the heart of sex is something intrinsically spiritual, the desire for a union so primal it can be called divine. The Christian view of sex is that it is, indeed, a form of holy communion. –Bishop John Robinson In love there are two things: bodies and words. In bed this morning you tucked into the cove of my belly our feet slipping past each other like fish I reached out to embrace the flat rock of your back and carved out our names with my tongue _________________________________________ Drunk as drunk on turpentine From your open kisses, Your wet body wedged
Questions To Ponder Over First Cup Of Coffee Of The Day ....
Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand? If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we ever know? If Webster wrote the first dictionary, where did he find the words? Why do we say something is out of whack? What is a whack? Why does "slow down" and "slow up" mean the same thing? Why does "fat chance" and "slim chance" mean the same thing? Why do "tug" boats push their barges? Why do we sing "Take me out to the ball game" when we are already there? Why are they called "stands" when they are made for sitting? Why is it called "after dark" when it really is "after light"? Doesn't "expecting the unexpected" make the unexpected expected? Why are a "wise man" and a "wise guy" opposites? Why do "overlook" and "oversee" mean opposite things? Why is "phonics" not spelled the way it sounds? If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting? If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular? If you are cross-eyed and have dyslexia, c
Just To Put It Out There
Missing Love Thinking of you and then comes the pain my tears fall down like a cleansing rain the purity of your love has always been true of all from the past the one I miss most is you my heart it aches without giving a sign that the pain will end, sweet child of mine never have I loved any in that special way sometimes I wish I had let myself stay I knew that your life would be better if I went now in my mind you live free of rent I can't help but think of you all the day through missing the joy that has always been you This pain I will know for the rest of my days I have loved only you and I am stuck in this maze of never ending conflict between the mind and the heart I try not to think of you because it is just not smart to rehash the past and live in regret I look for a cure, I haven't found one yet I earned this pain by not leaving long ago now in this time it is something I know that when we hold on when we know better all we have left is whats found i
Two Wheel Desires Ch. 05
Two Wheel Desires Ch. 05 by Sweetcheekss © I managed to ease my legs out from under Kelly without waking her. Although, Cody was still trapped by his sleeping wife. Rolling the woman onto her side, he managed to work his legs free. "Let's let her sleep." I suggested, tossing a sheet over her. "I need to take a shower." "I'll run down and put on some coffee, then I'll join you." Cody stated with a grin. "You wouldn't mind a little company, would you? "Better make it quick." I replied with a laugh. "I may not wait on you." Feeling the hot water spray over me, I stood motionless, enjoying the sensation. I thought about the events of last night, the seduction of Cody and Kelly Mitchell. I'd dominated the two, shouting orders and scaring the hell out of them. Through them, I'd worked out my frustrations without them being any the wiser. I felt better, sexually, physically and emotionally. "Hey! Gimme a little room!" Cody exclaimed, stepping into the shower with me. "
Two Wheel Desires Ch. 06
Two Wheel Desires Ch. 06 by Sweetcheekss © Cradled warmly in my arms, Liz drifted off to sleep within minutes. With Cory's wife finally tamed, I hoped I could do the same with her husband. I was tired of trading barbs with the smart-ass, fearing our differences would turn into an argument. We were here to enjoy the Sturgis Rally and gather information for Cody and Kelly's biker bar. An argument would only put a damper on the festivities. Sunday morning, I awoke before anyone else. Slipping from beneath the covers, I headed for the bathroom. Liz was sleeping soundly, as she had throughout the night. It wasn't until I returned to the living area that I noticed Cory wasn't sleeping on the couch. Peering out the window, I saw him wiping the dust off his Harley-Davidson Softail. Picking up Liz's panties, I tossed them on the foot of the bed, then slipped into the t-shirt and jeans I'd worn the night before. "Good Morning." I greeted Cory, cautiously approaching him. "Morni
Two Wheel Desires Ch. 08
Two Wheel Desires Ch. 08 by Sweetcheekss © It was the late afternoon Sunday when Cody finally wheeled the motorhome into his driveway. The four of us sat in silence for a few moments, quietly celebrating the completion of our trip to Sturgis. We'd already dropped off Liz along with her new trike off at her home in Crawfordsville. "Let's get everything unloaded." Kelly suggested. "Before we come up with excuses to put it off." While Cody and I unloaded the four motorcycles, Kelly and Heather cleaned out the motorhome. "I'm glad we didn't run into Cory when we dropped Liz off." Cody commented. "I'd probably have busted him in the mouth...even though he is my younger brother." "Get over it Cody." I advised him. "Put in in the past and quit dwelling on it." "That's the same thing Kelly said." He asserted, rolling his Road King into the garage. With everything cleaned out, I gave the couple and hug and drove Heather home. It felt strange driving a car after being astr
Tabby Seduces The Mechanic
Tabby Seduces The Mechanic by Tabby18lover © Tabby had gone to her friends Laura for lunch, like she did every Saturday. A small group of friends always met there for lunch and some fun. Laura's was the place of choice because it was almost half way between Tabby's to the West, Tammi's to the South and Jen's to the North. The four 22 year olds had grown up in this area together, all gone to school together. Jen still lived with her widowed Mum. Now they met on most Saturdays to plan their weekends. Tabby and Tammi were called the twins, not because they were related, but because they were very similar in looks. Both stood 5 foot 9 tall, were slim and more than attractive. What distinguished them apart was Tabby's long black hair and Tammi's long blond hair. Jen had mousy coloured hair and was a good four inches shorter than the twins. Laura was a brunette, not as dark as Tabby, a little shorter and her face was not as stunning as the twins. "So what's happening tonight girls
Sorority Sisters Frolic Part 3
Sorority Sisters Frolic by genderbender © This was their third time together and it showed in their lovemaking. They'd learned about one another's bodies and dared to take greater risks. Rob marvelled at Shelley's response as his tongue slid between the upturned cheeks of her perfect bottom. She loved the attention, pressing her hips back against his penetrating tongue. She even offered her bottom to his cock, though it seemed more a matter of fantasy play than reality. She'd had his huge organ in both her mouth and pussy and surely knew it would never fit her tiny ass. And so he took her from behind again, enjoying the feeling of her cheeks against his belly, reaching around to cup her heavy breasts, then pausing to lick her once again. They fucked and sucked through the evening, ending in the shower once again. Only this time they paused to indulge themselves sexually, fucking one last time beneath the shower head. Rob watched Shelley's Mercedes drive away. He was ready for b
Nancy's Delight
Nancy's Delight by No Panty Girl © Forty-six-year old Tim and his thirty-nine-year-old wife Nancy shared a fairly simple life. Tim stands five foot ten weighing a trim two hundred pounds with grayish blonde hair. Tim is quite distinguished looking and is blessed with a seven-inch cock. Nancy is five foot five, a shapely one hundred and thirty-five pounds with 34D breasts, large nipples with full lips and a nicely rounded ass. She likes wearing short skirts and tight tops that draw attention to her assets. Even at her age she still warrants second looks and wolf whistles from construction workers when she walks down the street. Tim and Nancy had engaged in a few threesomes with both another man and another woman and had exchanged partners a few times with an older couple. Nancy had experimented with anther woman at one time. The woman was a confirmed lesbian and wanted nothing to do with Tim so Nancy would go to her apartment for their liaisons. Nancy had enjoyed m
Your Presence
Your presence fondles me touches my sensitive soul reaches out and massages like fingertips of gold When you enter my sight always a fluttering feel the radiance you bring peaceful and so still Even when you are not within my senses sight thinking of you is warmth chocolate on a cool night. Your presence fondles me caresses my every part manipulates my senses penetrates deep into my heart.
If I Dont Make It To Heaven
If I don't make it to heaven I've been graced by what you do I've already had my blessings with the time I've spent with you. If I don't cross those pearly gates I have no reason to complain The years I've shared with you no less a soothing Spring Rain. If I fail to make it to heaven I have plenty to tell the folk I've been in my earthly Eden in bearing your loving yoke. If I don't make it to heaven I still will pass on a happy man. hoping to stay in your presence forever, thru eternity if I can. It won't rock my world if heaven locks its door cause loving you, to me has got to be a lot more
Hanging At The Edge
We haven't touched ecstasy least not as yet, so far but please know I see it in the way I see you are. We haven't touched no not narry a single part, which would stir shudders in the crevices of our hearts. Oh, I hang at the edge tarry near to the rim those intimate yearings "were" kinda slim. But now I can't hide nor ignore what they do when I have my moments those yearns for you. You tingled my needs aroused my latent desire. Now the embers softly lain became a raging fire. No, need not say a word I'll just kiss your lips wander in the land of lust with little nibbling sips. Embrace you tenderly hold you close as I can with thoughts of loving you as your Poetic Blissful man. No, we haven't touched ecstasy least not as yet, so far. But please know I see it in the way I see you are.
Oohh ! Ride On....
At the risk of making you blush or making you feel warm inside. Please know I have a thang for you and would love to share a ride. Would love to wrap my arms round your waist and hold tightly as we gallop to the sunset brave and gently bold. As each hoof reaches ground and I am bounced to the hilt I know I will be touching you making my passions get to tilt. Ride on mighty steed carry us to sensual bliss. Bounce my soul in ecstasy sharing with you like this.
The Ho..ho..blondie
I was on my way to my sisters place in south Texas, for a little two week vacation. I am recently divorced with 3 kids and it was my ex-husbands two week visitation time and I needed a break from all the stress I had been under lately. I had a long drive ahead of me and I always drive at night, less traffic, and guess what. The mini-van breaks down about an hour into the drive. No warning, just dead. I am in the middle of nowhere and going to have to walk. I had no hope of catching a ride because most women don't pick up hitchhikers and I am a big girl, literally, so most men wont even give me a second glance. About 15 minutes into my little stroll, a big black hummer pulled up. A good looking guy asked if I needed any help. I said my van broke down a little ways back and he said he saw it. He told me to get and he would take me to a phone. OK should I? I mean a girl alone with this buff dude, sure what does someone like me have to be worried about anyway. So I climbed on in. I loo
Sugar Baby
Sister, Sister gimme some sugar baby The Truth is that I never meant, to fall for you. This love, it was never meant to happen, meant to be. I bumped into you, literally, passing the old parish hall, you were carrying His Hymn books to mass I was lost in the bewilderness. We both apologised, you giggled, I smiled Next thing I know we're running naked through the hills, Alive with the sound of horny music. I knew it was wrong, but why change the habit of a lifetime? We just had to get it on. Shoulda took my time. For Gods sake woman you were taking the veil, when we fell. And you, saving yourself for Jesus as well. How could we? Did we really dare to bear God's wrath? Shall I compare you to Julie Andrews, Though not Sister Wendy I mean what kind of sick sinner would do that? Or in your cassock to Monica Lewinsky In her infamous little black number? Oh how we giggled as we soiled it. Ooh you, my little hot tub of fun nun! Darling we were so hot, Oh Maria I

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