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Once again i forgot hot to thinkToo many options of what to drink.So many flavors or Sobe and SnappleLots of orange but no apple.Theres also 7up,Pepsi and Root BeerBut there's more from what i hearCoke,Mountain Dew and SpriteWay too many to recite.Right now I'm not in the mood for sodaThough you can win if you find Yoda.Its just so hard to thinkWith so many options of what to drink.
Just want my day to be free A day where I am who I am A day where stress lets me be Worries faded into light When will I again feel pleasure? When will I be filled with delight? But this wounded hearts soul So full of holes and pain Lets a heavy mind pay its toll The care and compassion of one In a struggle with an old jealousy Fighting a war thats all but done So I cling to an aching life Searching for my light,my friend Anything to help end my stryfe No one knows how much I care I can see it in their eyes But my love is so hard to share I fear the I may be out Another hearts star to be lost In my grey clouds of doubt
So dark in here yet bright outside drowning in those things I hide A little bit of love stomped by fear my heart a ship that I cant steer People tell me what to do but its just not the same around you Maybe I'm too scared to open so I sit here hoping I could be wrong,maybe I'm not Too afraid to give it a real shot Sorry that I'm not a talkative man I dont mean to be a silent fan It's that your beauty steals my mind I've never had feelings of this kind
My Chair
Went to sit in my favorite chair The one shaped like Sonny not Cher. Made of plastic the color white But someone stole it last night. They left me a note, On the paper they wrote: "We got your precious Sonny So Don't try anything funny, You can't get him back, He's my new clothing rack!" The whole night I cried Cuz thats the night my chair had died
This month has been a rollercoaster I've been as high as the sky, burnt like bread in a toaster and all i can do is wonder why You play tennis with my soul then caressed it like a baby the stress is taking its toll but still theres that maybe When will this ride end there's too many times I've cried my heart can no longer mend I can no longer endure this ride
Towelie's Funkytown
Charm Farm- Superstar
  I'm erasing my profile tomorrow when I get home from work.This is not meant to get attention no matter what Im out of here.I've met about 50 or 60 people so far who beg everyone to bling them,rate them,fav them,add them whatever else so you go and do it for them and about 3 or 4 return the favor.SCREW THAT,good luck all!!!!
(no Title)
Today in a breeze I sensed your perfume  But you were nowhere near. And in reverie, I felt you holding me. And even in my dreams I shake from the fear Of truth being swept away By the rhythm of the waves u whisper in my ears.
*i'm Okay*
Hello There
Boys truly confuse me and i never know what to expect so for now im just letting things come as they do. i can be unpredictable so don't try to read me before you know me! If you see me i ted to be laughing or smiling cause im just that kinda person..happy =) I'm crazy and outgoing so hope y'all can deal with that. Stop and think about it, its a good thing to sweat the small things,those are the things the really matter!!sweet angela here.. am online now....wanna talk now! heres my or in msni'll wait you there... thanks.......
Wishes Combined
Wishes CombinedAt the edge of my mind you reside, Within my arms held sound, Or dancing slowly in the rain, Raindrops from skin. Not a soul around... Deep inside you own a corner of my heart, Your presence keeps me warm, A smile ensconced in my mind, In dreams you come. Where wishes combine...            There's a place where passion still lives,            Where titillation still reigns,            The butterflies still play,            This place I seek. For this I pray...            ©2009, C-Wolf
Stillness . . .
Stillness. . .Stillness . . . The quiet of the night, When I am alone, Listening for you, Unaware if you are there, Thinking fondly of you, Missing and hoping for you, That you are well, Wherever you are, In your stillness, In your quiet of the night, When you are alone, Feel me with you, Know that I am there, Wishing in my stillness . . . ©2009 C-Wolf
The Dance
Upon the dance floor we grind Lights flashing, minds blown Down your bare back my hot hand slides Shivers through the sweat, buds show Grinding hips gyrate and press to hurt Stiffening desire felt through the beat Feel your nails digging through my shirt My hands through your hair press lips to feel heat Tongues intertwined like serpents in trance Hands exploring all we have to give On the edge as silk spills down my pants Your hand exploring where my desires live Pressing member against you finds it mark Pressure through silk as inhibition falls Eyes close revealing intoxicating sparks Liquid desire unleashed as nirvana calls Falling into my arms with gasp and pant Hearts beat together in rhythm with the song Kiss me tenderly again, don't say you can't Afterglow together swaying without wrong ©2009, C-Wolf
Which One Are You?
You are The Hierophant (Heavenly Master) Divine Wisdom. Manifestation. Explanation. Teaching. All things relating to education, patience, help from superiors.The Hierophant is often considered to be a Guardian Angel. The Hierophant's purpose is to bring the spiritual down to Earth. Where the High Priestess between her two pillars deals with realms beyond this Earth, the Hierophant (or High Priest) deals with worldly problems. He is well suited to do this because he strives to create harmony and peace in the midst of a crisis. The Hierophant's only problem is that he can be stubborn and hidebound. At his best, he is wise and soothing, at his worst, he is an unbending traditionalist.
For Those Who Served< I Remember!
For those who served and died for this country, I salute you!
So Alone In This World
So alone in this world     The walls are closing in on me     no one seems to see me even thou thier lookin right at me     Its like im invisable sometimes i wish i was so no one would see me cryn and no     one would see me dyin inside     im gettn tired of my heart achin     why cant anyone help me does anyone care     do i deserve all the pain i go thou     do i deserve to be alone     no ones cares bout my feelings     im gettin tired of people breaking my heart       those people must get joy when im hurting     i wish the voices would stop     i dont want thier help     i just want to be alone in my lil corner     i just want to sit and cry     just want to be left in this world all by myself
Need'n All Ur Help
mmm, as u alll kno i don't have many pics of yself up in my pro, sssoo herre's wat i ask, if u have any specific pics u'd like to see, let me kno, and i'll post em
Why Are We At War
The other day, my nine year old son wanted to know why we were at war. My husband looked at our son and then looked at me. My husband and I were in the Army during the Gulf War and we would be honored to serve and defend our Country again today. I knew that my husband would give him a good explanation. My husband thought for a few minutes and then told my son to go stand in our front living room window. He said "Son, stand there and tell me what you see?" "I see trees and cars and our our neighbor's houses," he replied. "OK, now I want you to pretend that our house and our yard is the United States of America and you are President Bush." Our son giggled and said "OK." "Now son, I want you to look out the window and pretend that every house and yard on this block is a different country" my husband sai d. "OK Dad, I'm pretending." "Now I want you to stand there and look out the window and pretend you see Saddam come out of his house with his wife, he has her by the hair and is hitting he
Show Don't Tell
Most of you that have taken a creative writing course at any point have probably heard the phrase"show, don't tell". Here's an example of what I mean “She was beautiful in a way that he couldn’t quite wrap his head around” sounds alright, it's efficient in a way but it's somewhat lazy. This is more how I'd like to write all the time: “He stared at her image, his eyes shifting their focus from her pale green eyes to the curve of her nose. Her lips though frozen in the photograph were whispering things in his mind. Flawless, graceful, angelic… his mind stumbled for the right words. All of them seemed right in their own way but none of them were as perfect to him as her face seemed to be.” It takes more work, but the end result is clearly better. I like to play with words, changing how you say them and how you arrange them  together can alter their meaning entirely and if done at the right time will crack people up.
A Funny For The Day!
April 21, 2009 - Release: Locked Up And Hidden
Katone promised his listeners that this month he would release at least two brand new songs from his new album in progress, and I’m here to say that this man certainly does not disappoint! ‘Locked Up and Hidden’ is the first to be released, and ‘Superstars’ will surely be hitting MySpace soon, within the next few week’s tops! I don’t know about all you friends and fans out there, but I am certainly ecstatic!The music from ‘Locked Up and Hidden’ has a deep, rich, and very dark quality to it. The lyrics, speak of a heart, possessed and transformed by love and all its oppressive glory. This song is certainly different from past lyrical compositions by Katone, yet shows just how versatile of an artist he is, making his music all the more enjoyable to listen to. You are never hampered with the same style and same sound. Every artist has a darker, deeper, more romantic side… This song is just that! ‘Locked Up and Hidden&
May 15, 2009 - Release: Superstars
Katone's song 'Superstars' is finally here, and it was definitely worth the wait! 'Superstars' is the complete opposite of Katone's other new addition, 'Locked Up and Hidden', in the fact that it is a totle rocker! From the very beginning the percussion leaves your heart thumping and your body grooving to the beat! The chords make you wanna sink and grind! The overall affect is a simultanious orgasm of rhythm! This song is also somewhat different from Katone's previous tunes. The 'bow chika bow bow' in the beginning and throughout made me laugh when I first heard this song, yet it seems to fit so well. Making the song even more exciting. There is a clear indication through the lyrics of a night on the town, and the partying and gambling that takes place in any relationship prior to the clothes tossing, sheet ripping activity that transpires soon after. The very essence of what Rock used to, and is supposed to be! As with 'Locked Up and Hidden', 'Superstars' will be hosted on Katon
A Soldier
In A Soldier...You Will Find...      In a soldier...Loyalty and strength you see.In a soldier...Discipline, bravery. In a soldier...A world that is free.In a soldier..Sacrifice, so the world can be free.In a soldier...No compromise.In a soldier...Courage in his eyes.In a soldier...A special bond.In a soldier...Iraq, Viet-Nam.In a soldier...Sad, drooped eyes.In a soldier...Pain, when a buddy dies.In a soldier...Terrible places.In a soldier...Tough, grim faces.In a soldier...Stories untold.In a soldier...Action makes him old.In a soldier...Dark, frightening nights.In a soldier...Missing his lovely wife.In a soldier...Memories of a decent life.In a soldier...Scars deep in the mind.In a soldier...An exploding mine.In a soldier...The thrill of leaving war.In a soldier...No more pains anymore. In a soldier...No more tears.In a soldier...Leaving war, after a long, trying year
Ii Need Inspiration
I need inspiration      I need inspiration like rolling hills and roaring thunderI need inspiration like humanity's fatal blunderI need inspiration of the purest kindWhere both the dark and the light are definedI need inspiration to spark the flame of imaginationI need inspiration that could rouse an entire nationI need inspiration like a roaring fireThe kind of inspiration of which I'll never tirePlease love be my inspirationYou love, are the light of my imaginationWith those emerald eyes that are so serene Your tempting words which set the sceneYour candied lips and gentle breathThat soul of yours with its endless depthCome my love, explore with meThere is so much we've yet to seeOn our journey we shall inspire that dullest of imaginationsAnd your love will be my eternal inspiration
Category: Writing and Poetry The second I laid eyes on you, standing by the baggage claim. I knew all the bad relationships and hurt were through. I could hardly breathe as i stood next to you. Knowing that one day I’ll be standing next to you as your husband and you my wife. I cherish you now like I always have. Loving you more with each passing day. I'm leaving you my heart; I know it's in good hands. Maybe I seemed emotionless when we said goodbye. I left my heart and my feelings behind so I wouldn't cry. I was sad and heartbroken to leave you, but mostly empty. Empty I am without you.
Love? That Is The Question..what Is It?
What exactly is Love?Is it when being away fromSomeone makes youWant them even more?Is it when he looks so deeplyInto your eyes,You feel like you’reThe only one in the worldThrough his eyes.Is it when he reaches out toGrab your hand,You always seem to find his atThat same time, andYou never want him to let go.Is it when he kisses youWith his soft lips,He leaves you speechless, andYou know “he’s got to be the one.”Is it when every timeHe tells you he loves you,You’re suddenly at a loss for words.You know you want him with you forever andHe’s everything you have ever wanted.Is it when you’d put everythingOn the line to make him happy,Even if that meant walking through fire.Is it when you hear his voice on the phone,You know he is there,But you wonder what he is doing, or ifHe is thinking what you are thinking.Is it when you hear his name,You turn around, thenRealize he’s really not there, butYou can hear him whispering your name, andChills
its been a long time!!! well lets see wgere to begin, its still just me and my three oldest daughters, and i am still going to the gym, i have lost 30 pounds so far and i am feeling great. my girls are doing great, and even though i havent had any spare time for myself, its going o.k. my soon to be ex wife is still being really cold to me, but i dont care cause i have my youngest at least 2-3 days a week, and i talk to her everynight on the phone. so as long as i give my ex money, shes happy. anyway, its late and i have work tomorrow, so i will be back on tommorow.
After June 8th
Well since most of you all don't know this summer I'm starting back back college so I can work my way up to a better job and better life. Since I'll probably be busy with my homework and hopefully working again soon I wont be on Fubar as much as I usually am. However I will try to make here on the weekends but I'd rather be working out and trying to get in shape and tone up some. Anyways I just want to say that I have met some "real" nice people on here who actually have connected and bonded friendships. I just want to say that I will miss you all alot once I'm in classes and working and that I hope we remain friends. Also I'd like to say to everyone live your dreams and follow your hearts passion sure it may take time and have ups in downs but in the end it will be worth it. Until then take care everyone. Yours truly, Billy145891
Oh I, had a lot to say.Was thinking, on my time away.I missed you and things weren't the same.Cause everything inside, it never comes out right.And when I see you cry, it makes me wanna die.I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue.I'm sorry about all the things I said to you.And I know I can't take it back.I love how you kiss. I love all your sounds,And baby the way you make my world go round,And I just, wanted to say, I’m sorry.This time, I think I'm to blame.It's harder, to get through the days.We get older and blame turns to shame.Cause everything inside, it never comes out right.And when I see you cry, it makes me wanna die.I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry I'm blue.I'm sorry about all the things I said to you.And I know, I can't take it back.I love how you kiss. I love all your sounds, And baby the way you make my world go round,And I just, wanted to say, I’m sorry.Every single day, I think about how we came all this way.The sleepless nights and the tears you cried.It's nev
Rough Weekend
I had a great weekend and I will never forget, the pounding my body took which I will always regret. Playing a tennis tournament one day, rock climbing the next, then running a 5k in Laguna Hills my body did pay. A price to be paid for the pride to finish, was not the way for my body to be laid. Randbuf38
A Journal Of A Slave
  I decided to open up my journal as a way for Master to see more of my thoughts. I often feel bashful to share some of my darkest secrets with the man that owns me, and owns me completely. I know right now things are hectic due to what I did, but I so long for the feel of a collar around my neck again to show his ownership of me. The bond is getting so strong for me, that I can not even think of my life without this man. Who is he? I have ideas, but nothing confirmed as of late. I have memories of past lives with him where candle wax was spilled on me, and the sound of screams. He derived his pleasure from me every night, or so it seemed, but he called me often enough. I remember the feel of his whip, and the way he kissed me. Even now I long for his tongue in my mouth because it is such a rush to my vaginal area. Oh yes, him being in my ass also is starting to light a fire between us.     All I can think of is that sign of ownership in the dufflebag, and long for it around my ne
Comfort In The Shadows
Dead skies and broken hearts rein hereThere’s comfort in the shadowsProviding darkness for which to hideDarkness pours from meClouding my life and everything in it.Searching to find my way through this labyrinth of lifeLooking in the mirrorMy reflection gocking at meCurious stares wondering is this me or is this youMy evil twin taking over when I am not awareTaking sanctuary in the darknessIt provides me with all I needComfort in the shadows.
Black As My Eyes
I wish my eyes blackIt would show how dead I am inside.These things called emotions keeping me aliveHeart palpatations awaken me at nightFor a moment I feel aliveI notice you lying by my side and happiness overwhelms me momentarly.But as usual, pain sets back in to reassure me that it's all too real.Keeping me in check. Disillusional thoughts of a man gone partially insane.The emotions keeping me aliveNo longer is it my willSometimes no longer do I wish to feel, especially the pain.Depression his partnerThey destroy everything I loveTearing me apart, as my body wishes to do.Failing me when I need it mostOne day my eyes will turn blackShowing that I’m dead outside.
Another Turn In The Jacket
Sometimes I wonderHere in the dead of night, if you really love me.Is all this worth giving up my life.Panic striken that I'll always be alone, I caveAdmitting that I'm wrong.I often wonder Why I'm the one to blameEverything's out of context and it's driving me insane.There's nothing here for me nowIt's all been sent away.If you happen to see my lifeSend it back my way.I want nothing but happinessBut all I get is hurtBroken feelings once againIf you could only seeThey'd be black and blue.Due mostly to outside peopleBut today it's because of you.
Pedals In The Wind/be My Valentine
As i sit here alone on these wooden steps, on this cold windy day.I think about you.Across the road, off in the distance I see several rose bushes swaying in the breeze.One rose in particular caught my attention.I arose from my stoop and made my way over to it.The closer I grew to it the more intently i stared.As I kneeled down I released a saddened sigh."It's broken" mumbling to myself.I snapped it off at the break, cradled it in my hands and made my way back home. Upon arriving, I immediately trimmed the stem and gathered some water in a nearby glass.I took a seat at the kitchen table and positioned the rose in front of me.As I sat there basking in it's beauty I noticed several flawsAll of which though made the rose all that more beautiful to me.I placed my fingertips upon it's stem and spun it around slowly admiring it.Each time my fingers would slip off, it would always come to rest on the right side of the glass. I folded my arms and laid down my head thinking about you.Wonderfu
Unfelt Feelings
Something about your kiss that's freightenly familiar.Like a kiss from a lost love from years forgotten.As a smile grew upon my face, holding you felt comfortable to me.Do i know you? I asked myselfFeelings like this, feelings never felt beforeI've searched for someone who makes me feel loved when i wonder why someone loves me.Someone who's touch is as welcomed as mineYour kiss amazed me, a spark upon my lipsYour beautiful eyes captivate me and still taunt me in my dreams.All i can do is stare in wonder and appreciate your beauty.
My depression is a toolSomething I use to get things done.Mostly used when I come undoneCome sit by my fire and watch me build... Upon myself, day after day until I'm finally finished.I wonder, will I ever finishI wonder what will be accomplishedIn the short time I have left. Will the room be finished that holds and protects my heartBlocking all the harmful things outside from hurting it. I hope not.
Married to death and diseaseMy life is shitLiving without livingDying without tryingFeeling too muchIt's tears of torment I'm cryingMy hearts growing colderand with each passing day I get olderSame old shit, just a different daybut it's the same shit,day after day.
Up From The Ashes
I think about you all the timeYour alive in my dreamsYou and i holding hands and walk through our livesYears pass like moments as we ageTender in your yearsStill holding hands, I hold you dear.I gave you my heart knowing that you careNow old and feebleYour still by my sideI look at you darling and saywe'll be together when i die.
Digging My Own Grave
Scratching and clawing at my skinTearing into my fleshDigging deeper in my existenceThe memories in my mind are the fuel for this machine.Where did I go wrong?Dig deep to find outKeep digging through the skin, through the flesh that makes us human.Through the deepest trenches of blood that flows,through our veins.Dig deeperKeep digging my mind saysHell...I'm digging my own graveLost answers never recoveredHow do i get my closure?Block out the memories and hide the pain inside.My closets full of painful skeletons begging to get out.Beneath the floorboards, skeletons lie that I've put to restBut those don't compare.Fuck, I need silenceMy soul is screaming"Release me, I demand you!"Pounding on the door of my mind.He's sat fire to the forest that protects the garden!Watch as it withers and burnsMy psyche shattered and my soul escapes.Nothing left, just a shell of a manThe garden and forest destroyedOnly ash and darkness remainA catatonic man in a straightjacketStaggering and stumbling thro
The Garden In My Mind
There's more to me than you seeLook again, look deepPast what you see on the computer screenGet to know meThe real me, not just the body you seeFake like a mannequin I'm notNo plastic existence hereBehind these green eyes,lies a garden of thoughts and ideas in bloomFlourishing inside the darkened forest that surrounds and protects them.The pathway to the garden is narrowFollow your heart to find the wayGreed and selfishness get you sent awayTake your time...If my heart coincides with yours, the pathway will be lit.For some the journey is short and for others it's longThe distance depends on youTo find the garden is something rareLost in the labyrinth of my mindI'm not sure I know exactly where it isBut it's there...cause I’m here.Follow your heart to find the way.
Death Is Me
Death is my companionHe sits with me during the day and we talkHe lies next to me in bed at night as i sleepWhen I'm depressed, he lets me hold his handHe shows me how much worse my life could beWhen I'm cold he holds me closeand shows me the fires of hell.Death has taught me a lot about life, pleasure and painHe showed me that life is preciousHe showed me what it's like to really liveHe told me many things about people and the weird thoughts that hide away deep in their brain.Death told me I have lots of life, but not a lot of time.Death is my friend and I know he'll see me through to the end.
Lick my woundsTaste my sufferingAt the hands of a psycho with a knifeTempting me with the sharpened bladeMy laughter only pissing her offStab and stab again my friendDo it repeatedlySee me through to the end.My blood is on your handsDrink me dry as I cry for helpCover my mouth to ease your sufferingSome kind of god your not.
The Fire Within
I met a woman with the greenest of eyes.When I looked into them,I swear I saw the devil inside.Flames a plenty burning deep in her soul,Dancing and flickering with her every breath.I feel the warm air of her breath against my face,Spreading to consume me.The touch of her fingertip to my lipTells me she wants something more.The eternal flame intensifies,As her lips touch mine.Kissing, the flames consumes us both.The fire brought back something,Something that died.Something that I once had inside.Life...Given back to me,Through the magic of a kiss.
All my desires missingCause other guys lips you've been kissingFishing for someone newOr an additional someone to screw.You didn't realize times were toughI had a lot on my mindNow I've left it behindYour in the pastBut you've left me brokenBroken little whoreAlways looking for something moreNext time I won't try to loveI'll just live day to day.
Love Wounds
From me to youYour existence doesn't mean shit.Your delusional world of liesHeld together by your dysfunctional ties.Ignorant, inbred friendsFucking one anotherIs someone else coming?Your always cumming!Legs spread wideFor anyone who wants insideYour tainted love woundDripping my hatred Diseased, but that's only your brain.Fuck a married man just cause you canDid you use your handJack him off and suck it from the tipDid he leave it insideThe place where souls die?Do you think of me and the ways I made you screamI hope you think about me and I appear in your dreamsI know you want more,But that's the difference between you and me.
Death Dreams
Last night while I was dreamingA demon came to meTold me my soul was bleeding. She said she was a friendShe told me what he wanted and what I needed She told me what to do to find a cure. He led me to the kitchenOn the counter, there laid a knifeFor me to take my life. Lying on the floorI couldn't take anymoreShe said "Make it so!"So I may claim your soul The demon screamingHer body's the only thing bleedingMy life without you was all I needed.
Like an engine without oilLike a fish without waterI struggle and on come the conflicts. My brain stumblingTrying to go forward in reverseDo this, do that...wait, do this too!What was I doing? My brain fumblingThree little lettersADDbut nothing adds upunclear logic, scrambled signals to decipherI have rabbit ears, but they don't hear. Sometimes the message gets throughSooner or laterWell, sometime today...what was I doing?
Someonebody, Someone
To look into your eyesknowing that you love meas fucked up as I am. By far I'm not the bestbut my heart's in the right placeI'll love you, if you love me. Make me feel specialThe way love should feelYour the one and I know it. Look past what you seeand let me show you something you can'tLook inward and see what I seeFeel what I feel, but not alone. Don't love me and leave meI'm supposed to feel, but not a hurt this deepThis must be my curseSomebody...Someone, to love.
The future of this world looking up at meTheir laughing and smiling warms my heartChildren,Listen to these words and my musicFeel the love I have in my heart for you. Their tiny hands holding onto mineI can't help but smile.You fill this empty soul full of lifeYou make the pain fade awayI don't want to leaveDon't be sad I won't go awayI'll be back in one more day. The children looking up to meHope shining bright in their eyesTheir existence you can't denyYour the reason I live this lifeYour the future of tomorrowHold on for just one more day.
This Room
Opening the door to memories pastThis room holds many talesLove and HateLust and DisgustPlease walls, tell me a taleThings I might have forgotten, many a lessons learned. Memories of you here that I can't seem to let goThings fell apart One of those things was meThings went to hell in this roomSo many tears shedI want to let it goI just want to leave, this room.
I'm not the same person I was when i met you.Now bitter and angry,Perhaps a little more insane. Leaving you hurts me,But not nearly as much as you did.Anger replaces the love when we argue.You did this, you did that...who really cares? But when it comes to trust,I'm the only one that shares.Trust me and love me.It's the only way,We'll be able to make it from day to day. Missing you dearly,Wanting to hold you tight.Your absence here, is what has me missing you tonight.
The Key
The solution is simple,Know what's right in your mindand believe it in your heart. Escaping the straightjacketand preventing suicide. The key to life's problems,all hidden inside.Dig through the depthsand search through the darkness,to find the truth. The key will set you free. Locked away in madnessYour crumbling world of dismay,shadowed disillusionsWhat do i do to escape?My body has been set free,It is my mind that is trapped.Insanity a constantDesperate for an escape. The key to life's problems,all hidden inside.Digging through the depthsand searching for light in my darkness,To find some truth. The key will set you free.
Holding back my tears as I surrender my place in life.Holding back words, some of which i need to say.I know you hear me, but I need you to listen.I'm broken and dyingIn my world of dismay. Pushed too hardI'm bound to collapseStriking my weaknesses and building upon my faultsA suicide waiting to happenMy body's a time bomb. An overdose of life leaves me comatoseMaybe it was the pills, considering I overdosedThousands of milligrams coursing through my veinsSending my life spiraling down the drain. Pushed too hardI'm bound to collapseStriking my weaknesses and building upon my faultsA suicide waiting to happenMy body's a time bomb. My eyes are getting heavy and the room begins to spinAs death approaches, I close my eyes and grin.I embrace death as he closes in and i whisper in his ear"Take me please, I can't live this way." I was pushed too hardMy world collapsedConstantly striking my faults and weaknessesSuicide happensMy body's numb.
Window Into Hell
It's your dying dayYou awake gasping for airOne last glimpse of the world as you take your final breath, and so...darkness sets in. Standing before me and all the others you've wrongedAwaiting your judgmentNothing but simple words from me.I wouldn't waste my time.Life was hell with and without youThe judgment passed by me,I want to watch you burnI want a front row seat in hell for eternity,Just to watch you burn.
Soldiers (fold The Flag)
A touch of your name echoes back the existence of a life that was taken too soon.My sight blinded, from gracing your faceOnly leaves a hole in my soul, that nothing can replace.The letters of your existence written, spell out your nameI pray to god, or something that your death wasn't in vein.My senses dulled, everything but the pain.My life's without you now,A soldier was your name.
Sound Of Silence
Listen to thatThe sound of silenceMy heart breakingThe sound of no one thereListen closelyIt has a lot to sayIt tells you how I feelBut it doesn't tell me how to dealI'm deaf to it's voiceBut I know it's thereBy these feelings I haveNo human connectionTo see you would be niceA hug from you; Great!That soundListen... it's here, there, everywhereIt's the sound of nothing, no one and never ending heartacheThe sound of hellIt's the sound of you not here.
Beyond The Cellar Door
Beyond the cellar door, in the darkness i wait.Lonesome and wearyMy mood like the weather, cold and drearyLying upon my side on the cold concrete floorStaring off in the distance at the dirt,Soon to be my grave.Lingering persistence of some sort of hope teases my heartWaiting for you to rescue me from this prison my mind has createdOne soul connected to another cannot live apart.Lying here waiting... for hope, for life, for my dreams, for something or someone.Even my most beautiful thoughts now tainted with anger and deceit.My conscience yelling at me in a hateful tone.Belittling me, confirming my paranoid thoughts that everything is against me.Lying here on my side, waiting...hoping...praying that someone opens that Cellar door.
Love Isn't Enough
Sorry if my death was too much for youBut I can't bear to see you cryLiving my life with you all I did was die. I searched and searched for days,looking for better ways. My lack of motivation and abundance of desperation led to my demise Sorry if my death was too much for you,Seems i was never good enough. I know life is hard and times get toughbut without your support, sometimes love isn't enough.
Without You
My arms are empty without you And my sighs are useless They don't bring me to you The world's so hazy And it's all so fruitless Without you I'm sure you know Every moment hurts without you And as my love grows My mind's never at peace The pain never seems to cease Without you And your burned into my dreams Telling me sweet things With your eyes that gleam But when my eyes open You're not to be seen Without you But the nights never end And the thirst remains As long as you're away Cause I want you near So I'll have nothing to fear As I don’t want to live I have nothing to give Without you But when I imagine That your here with meEverything glows Because you're near Am I awake Or am I asleep I'm lost hereSo very deep And it clearly shows Cause I'm incomplete Without you
Mere Memories
What is life?Scientific functions that make our bodies exist?Perhaps just a collection of memories,Categorized by our years of living. Is it something special, that should be cherished and celebrated?Some think so, others disagree. Life is hell for some, Heaven for others. Either way, life is short. Time passes so quickly. Before you know it, months, years and decades pass. Leaving you dazed and confused about where your life went. What is life but time spent with others. Friends, family and loved ones. You may or may not enjoy their company. With the right people though even the worst job seems fun. With the right people, hours slip by like minutes and leave a smile upon your face. Life with the right kinds of friends is a life worth living. Unhappy? This is quite depressing, my life has me stressing, forcing me, rearranging, testing me. My open sore, come pick my wounds. Here's my issues and my personal box of salt. Pour it on as i struggle and fight. Emotions churning as the
Walk In The Snow
No motion, sound, or light gathering in my brainTrampled snow is where my spirit roseShadows pile up as the surface decreasesAppendages numb The surge of swirling wind definesSnow haze gleams like sandEverywhere, utterly.The images of roads, weather compromised I seek, above all, in the wanderingLeft and right, and far ahead in the dark I treadWith my foot steps as empty as I am, I surrender Against this sky, no longer of our world.
Wish I Was Mechanical
Sometimes I wish I was something else. Something other than human, something mechanical. Simple moving parts, wiring and an electronic brain, they still malfunction...but don't cause you pain. Worn out parts are a simple replacement, but mine are all the same. Original parts, worn and used as the body they slave away for. My brain allows me to live life. But emotions, sensations, and feelings I could live without. Senseless without consequence. Thinking nothing of the world, as I live my life without sickness or pain. Oh what a dream it would be to be something else, at least for a little while.
What It Takes
Murdered myself in a business style suicideWorking myself to death Where did the years goSuppose I worked them away Middle aged and manicSearching frantically for the riches of her labored lifeFound nothing but loneliness and solitudeRunning open arms into her death.
Mourning Glory
Time passes to heal most woundsOthers, time seems to forget.Open wounds leave vivid memories of someone/something whom we regret.Scared our souls beyond recognitionOur names carved in our flesh as a reminder of who or what we are.Conscience eating at us, gnawing, chewing and ripping at our fragile emotions.Silence protrudes from the darkness in the form of death.I beg of it to render me useless and take what little I have left. Lying on the ground begging for mercy and severity from this life.Finally an end to EVERYTHING!Mourning glory please, I beg of thee!Render me helpless upon this new day of light breakAllow me to surrender all my worldly possessions, my life and my soul to alleviate this misery.Time passes to heal most woundsOthers, I seem to forget.Open wounds, wonderful memories of something/someone....I forget.
I was wrongWhat a fool I've beenCreated such dark circumstancePushed myself away from everyone and everythingDue to unrighteous thoughts in my headSickness in part due to a broken heartSomething a band-aid cannot mendTime and understanding is my first-aidPictures remind me of the lies I toldThe sadness once in my eyes, now rests in your heartBecause of meForgive me of my wrongs and understand why i still feelThat's all I ask.
From The Inside
Anger growing with your every syllableHearing your voice or seeing your face enrages meDisappointing downfall leading to my demiseYou've made me everything I amI'm everything, but nothingThe gum on the bottom of your shoe Everything I feared is coming trueEverything I am, I'll invest in destroying youBreaking me down to my coreLeaving wounds exposedBut locking away the truth A year wasted with youAnd a lifetime of regretYou need to know how much I hate youNo fear of being locked away forThe unimaginable things I would doThe sickest of the sick at work Raped repeatedly and ripped apartDestroying your anatomySlicing deep within your fleshJust to see you in painAllow me to salt your woundsDisemboweled and scattered amongst the landscapeMe all covered in your bloodWearing your flesh as my new skinI finally understand how you feel...inside.
Another Life Destroyer
She'll take your soul and rule your lifeUntil your dying dayWaiting a year to claim her freedom Starting over with so much moreI can't contain this damageIt hides from no oneMy body aching from the truthHis dreams fulfilled on a full moon I expect everything went perfectlyThere's only one hitchSomething you can't ditchSomething you'll catch from that bitchIf you allow yourself to be played a foolFalling captive to her mind games
So indeciveWhy didn't she fight it?She gave up so easilyTattered and TornHer soul well wornDamaged so completely She gave into her lustful feelingsGave up all my hopeThat something would be rekindledThe spark, that she extinguishedSo desperately in demandShe quenched her thirst for something differentStumbling along in the darkSearching for her waySearching for answersShe chose her fate that day.
Holding Ground
I sit here deteriorating more by the minuteSickness spreadingCausing infection and decayMy world crumbling with me within itThis body my holding cellCaptive prisoner for all eternityMy blood is taintedSickness in these cellsMental state degradingAs my oxygen's depletingHallucinations entertaining meFeverish phantoms carry me away in the nightCarry me away, into the lightThis isn't heaven it's much worseLiving my life again, sick from the beginningDie my death at 3 years of ageWill it ever be permanentIt was a sign, don't tamper with my lifeShouldn't have been given another chanceI didn't ask for any of thisI'm falling apartFar to young to experience what I've livedTortured?Yes I say soI try so hard to hold my groundAlways slipping, never gripping what i needI can't do it, slipping...things being ripped from meThe "S" word seems so temptingIt includes "U" and "I""C" you don't see me as I see me, or feel what i feel"I" do realize what this all entails"D" Death is what you make of it"E" E
Held in this cell against my will Made to live my life as yoursSpeak commands i must obeyI perform as told, without a choiceFor i am your prisoner Freedoms bells no longer ring for meThe sound of silence callingNo comforting voices to be foundThese bars stop those sounds Please let me outI'm dying in this placeTrapped here like a animal in a cageWhat's this life for?Life is meant to be livedNot trapped here with you
- (negative)
Maybe you can still see the sadness in my bloodshot eyes. Allow me to wipe away the tears, to shed that one solitary tear that rolled down my cheek as my heart broke. Something's changing, maybe it's time to make something new? I feel myself changing into something, someone I’m not. I'm no longer what you want, your desire, the one thought that makes your heart race. Maybe it's you that's changing, changing me. Then again, maybe it's just your love slipping away...wanting someone else.
White- Failed Attempt
Staring downward through the water my eyes strain to focus on the bottom of the bathtub.All i can see is white,The textured surface of the tub leaves it's impression upon my chest.It makes me think,Have i made an impression on anyone? Strangers or people I know? And was it good or bad?A lot of questions and several people come to mind.I lay there whimpering, knowing that I'm only one deep breath away from what i want.What do I really want? I'm not sure.But I'm tired of trying,Sick of being me,Sick of being...SICK,Fed-up with trying to find the perfect match.My mind determined on self destructionI take a shallow breath in to experience what's to come.Now all i can think of is my nephew Jacoband him becoming as fucked up as I am.Now I'm hurting bad...a broken heart,emotionally damaged mind andwater filled lungs.I'm here to experience life as it shits on meBe it good or bad...until the day I see White.
The 7 Gates
  Wealth... People tend to say that they have worked hard to achieve what they have. In actuality what a person has is actually luck. Two people can make the same amount of money, pay the same amount for a house note and one can put extra money away and the other cannot save a penny. (Due to "unexpected situations", home repairs, traffic tickets, car repairs, etc.) Some people have worked all their life and have nothing. Then there are college graduates who don't have jobs and high school drop outs that are millionaires. So accumulation of wealth really has nothing to do with man in the truest sense. Wealth and poverty are circumstances that provide tests. It is not as important as to wether a person has a lot of money or a little, but how he or she conducts themselves as a person. All things have some root of spirituality. It is a blessing to have money. As you read these lines may you have my blessings of good luck and wealth. May it come miraculously and flourish swiftly. May it com
What Do I Do?
Ok, I am in a situation and don't know what to do about it.  I am with this guy and have been with him for 7 months now.  I am the type of person that needs love and affection.  I need to be told that the person I am with loves me, I need hugs and kisses all the time, I need to be cuddled at night.  With this guy, at first he would tell me that he loved me all the time.  He'd always come up to me and give me hugs and kisses.  And we'd fall asleep in each others arms, and wake up the same way.  Now, he doesn't tell me he loves me, we don't hug or kiss at all, and we sleep on opposite ends of the bed...him all the way on his side and me all the way on mine.  I don't know what to do.  I told him that I feel this relationship is falling apart and that I was going to leave.  He started crying and told me that he "needed" me.  If he needed me so badly, wouldn't he at least show me some love and affection?  The second part of my dillemma is that I met the sweetest guy ever on 
Some People Just Should Not Drink.
Have you ever met that person that just don't know their limit? The one that does the dumbest things when they are drunk? They drunk dial, or drunk text. They usually never get sick, they just pass out and drool. The next day these people have a complete different memory of how things went. To them they were just having fun. Everyone was laughing with them. If you're one of these people, please. Don't drink!....or at least learn your limit. It wasn't fun, everyone had to watch out for you. They didn't know exactly where or when you would fall. You probably made a lot of people mad. They definatly were not laughing with you.......maybe at you.
It Sucks
Having to get over something you never thought you would lose really blows.
The Real Deal
Fuck yall I'm actually shit-faced, who is with me?
10 Reasons To Date A Hockey Player
10 Reasons to Date a Hockey Player 1. They always wear protection 2. They have great hands 3. They are used to scoring 4. They have great stamina 5. They find the opening and get it in 6. They never miss the target 7. They know how to use their wood 8. They have long sticks 9.They know when to play rough 10. Because baseball players only know how to hit balls.
Owners Manual Part3
It was late in the evening when Jenny came to wake me. I was dressed in thigh high nylons, 6 inch "fuck me" pumps and wrist cuffs and my collar. Jenny brushed my hair and placed it in a tight bun. A leash was snapped into my collar and I was led to the deck of Master Martin's yacht.All of Master's slave/crew were lined at the dock plank of the boat. As guest arrived they were matched with a slave/crew member. Generally it was females with males and vice-versa. My leash was given to my Master. He touched my face gently and smiled. Without a word, my juices were flowing, nipples erect and aching.With all the guests on board, Master gave the signal to embark and the yacht slowly pulled away from the dock. I was to find out that we were heading to Master's Island Estate. Master led me to the main deck of the yacht and had me kneel beside him. I presented as I had been taught. My legs were spread, arms behind my back and interlocked, and my head down. This position demonstrated my submissio
Won't walk the earth a specter Won't hold my tongue from lashing out This is my writ of honor Drawn by the blood that i have shed The beasts will soon assemble Conjoining in their putrid flesh Their hearts don't beat desire They pump violence and poison Flesh opens up, blood's retreating Flesh opens up, blood's retreating Death's embracing, all is ending Death's embracing, all is ending Time will not heal all of your pain I cannot wait for it all to come crashing Down The monsters walk among us Leeching the blood out from what's good Infecting at transmission Swallowing innocence from life Our time has come to stand forth The wretched womb from which they feed Behold the loathsome demons Send them into the hell they made Flesh opens up, blood's retreating Flesh opens up, blood's retreating Death's embracing, all is ending Death's embracing, all is ending Time will not heal all of your pain I cannot wait for it all to come crashing Down on your face, ripping your veins out Your ins
I Have Alot To Go Yet...please Help
111,838 Points to go! Needing lots of help getting to my next level! Please help out if you wish and I will return the love...   Thanks Your Friend Jaime!
Come Join Me At The Site
Chasing Lexi
im finally me agian.... after years of chasing the former image of myself  i realized it was totally unrealistic.... im not who i was before.  thank god i figured that out before the search drove me crazy.  i like who i am now so much more than who i was...... just a random thought
Honz Died Today
cruel cruel world took away one of my doggies.
The Three Stooges (sarah Brooks, William Randolph Herst, And Jim Greer)
In this episode of Right on Right w/Christopher Fredrickson, Christopher unloads on a psycho path by the name of Sarah Brooks whom Christopher has dubbed Strawberry Shortcake. Christopher then talks with Cory of Cory's Corner of The Conservative Way about the Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist primary in Fla and why it is vitally important for Conservatives to back Marco Rubio. Then Christopher discusses the founder of yellow journalism with Brian of Brian's Edition of The Conservative Way, William Randolph Herst. We discuss how this individual may have lead to how journalism is now. The facts on Herst are shocking, and the schools are not teaching just how influential and destructive this man was. But Orson Welles did.
The Powerless Dom (part 2)
I took a step back after writing about Doms the other day and reexamined my position on the whole thing. After all, some of the best enlightenment occurs well after we think we've mastered a subject, only to start from scratch with no assumptions. Some of the things that Genus has said keep tickling the back of my mind, and a blog that Nookie directed me to the other day gave me a different perspective. What I've come to accept is that I made too much of a blanket statement with my first foray into the topic. I also accept that I have no suitable experience on which base an opinion. But taking an objective look at things, I feel as though I've got a better understanding on a few things. My understanding has grown to encompass the positions that Genus and I take respectively, and that we are, in fact, both correct. Dom are both all powerful, and powerless, dependant entirely upon their context. In the instances that Genus posits, the Dom is responsible for the care of his or her sub,
Lovin Life
Well things are going great. I just got a vacation from work (laid off). My vehicle is  broken, still. Its been broken down for about 3 weeks. i guess it kinda works out since i dont have to go to work. Gotta stay positive. Everyone stay up and love life.
Familiar Settings
It's been about a year that I deleted my old profile.  Not that I really missed this place much ... or the drama that went along with it but ... I've been craving some verbal interaction (of the non-lewd type) lately and fb and myspace just don't cut it.  So that's why I came back to the bar.  When one is lost, one goes to where things are familiar.  Yep, that's me. :) We'll see how this goes.  I'm optimistic anyway.  Ta!
Add Me Up Babe:)
add me babe in tnx mmmmmmmmwwwwwuuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhh:)
Why is it that some people on this site is only worried about points and NSFW pics. There are other things more important like finding new friends or people just to chat with and have a good time on the net. I just dont get it at all. I have met some very nice people on here in just the few days i have had my name up. I just dont understand why there cant be more people interested in actually trying to find new friends and showing the world there is still actual people that care about others feelings. Its just hard to understand but the bad thing is its not just this site my space facebook tagged its all the same anymore. The NSFW pics ain't bad for some but its not about seeing people naked this is a site to meet people and get to know people, unless i am just totaly off base here. If I am somsone let me know cuz i see a lot of potential on this site, and then you have the peopel that rate someones photo NSFW when its not even that. I have seen spread eagle on here and i have seen tas
Who Are Consumers Of Matchmaking Agencies?
In ancient time in Russia there weren’t matchmaking agencies, but there were matchmakers – women, who could find a husband or wife. Matchmakers could to entry in each home and palaces. They specialized not only in affairs of the heart, but in diplomacy and in the merging of capitals too. Matchmakers were very well-to-do, they got good honorariums and even couldn’t spend money on food. The consumers considered it an honour to invite matchmakers in own houses and entertain them to breakfast, lunch or supper, because these women were  well informed about all events, gossips and rumours. Nobody dared quarrel with matchmakers, because they were able to damage reputation to everybody. At that time matchmakers acted as yellow press. But who is performing role of matchmaker now? And who are their consumers?   Every year the tempo of life accelerates. Historically, the circumstances were such that women in Russia and other countries of CIS, used to work to secure their lif
Chi Sono I Clienti Delle Agenzie Matrimoniali?
Nei tempi antici in Russia non ci erano le agenzie matrimoniali, ma esistevano le pronube – le donne, quali potevano trovare un marito o una moglie. Le pronube potevano entrare e in case dei cittadini comuni, e nei palazzi. Loro erano specializzate non soltanto negli affari amorosi, ma anche in diplomazia e nella fusione dei capitali. Le pronube guadagnavano molto ed erano benestanti. Le pronube in Russia non avevano necessita’ di comprare i prodotti alimentari. Loro mangiavano dai clienti. Si era molto onorevolmente di invitare la pronuba alla colazione, pranzo o cena. Perche queste donne erano ben informate di tutti gli eventi, voci e chiacchere. Nessuno osava di litigarsi con pronuba, perche lei poteva rovinare la reputazione ad ognuno. In quel periodo le pronube eseguivano il ruolo di stampa gialla.   Ogni anno il tempo della vita si accelera. Storicamente, le condizioni della vita in Russia e negli altri paesi di CSI erano tali che la donna dovrebbe lavorare per mant
  Its You You really are great to me, The best friend anyone could be. Knowing me better than anyone before, the one person that I truely adore. Before going to bed each night, I wonder if without you my life would be alright? As I think about it, I know it wouldn't be true. Casue I know how much I really do love you. When I wake up each morining I think about this, How it's you and your kiss I always miss. I wonder why I can never get you out of my head, And these are the words I once said, I love you more than life itself, I would do anything to have you here, By my side through thick and thin. Casue I feel your warmth from within, After we met I realized this, Your always the one I miss, I love you more and more. Your the one I've always searched forIts You You really are great to me, The best friend anyone could be. Knowing me better than anyone before, the one person that I truely adore. Before going to bed each night, I wonder if without you my life wou
How Much Have You Changed In 10 Years
****10 YEARS AGO**** (June 1999)1) How old were you? 142) Who were you dating? No one3) Where did you WORK? I was too young to work4) Where did you live? Fresno and Julian, California5) Where did you hang out? at home or at the boarding school6) Did you wear contacts and/or glasses? no7) Who was your best friend at the time? Sarah Manning8) How many tattoos did you have? too young9) How many piercings did you have? ears10) What car did you drive? I was too young11) Had you been to a real party? a few12) Had you had your heart broken? No13) Were you Single/..taken/..Married/..Divorced? Single14) Any Kids? Yes***5 YEARS AGO (June 2004)***1) How old were you? 192) Who were you dating? No one3) Where did you work at the time? I was a secretary4) Where did you live? Bakersfield5) Where did you hang out? At home or Ricky's6) Did you wear contacts and/or glasses? Yes7) Who were your best friend(s)? Ricky8) How many tattoos did you have? none9) How many piercings did you have? just ears10) Wha
Twiztid Ft. Violent J- Marsh Lagoon
[Jamie Madrox] If everything is going my way Then why does it suck so much to be Eric Ritter today? I'm like the captain of the football team And every girl who's someone in my school, they wanna suck my dick or sleep with me I get big props, and high fives For them quarter back sneaks from the 30 yard line I never fuck with drugs, I only drink for the buzz I can handle my liquor, and my daddy is a judge And he looks out for me But what about the prom queen? It's been at least two weeks since she's been heard from or seen Susan Casada, her momma is a lawyer and her daddy is a doctor Her picture's in my locker Her body's in the lagoon, underneath the lily pads Glow from the moon, dark watery tomb Consumed the body, then pulled her below I wrapped her in my letterman coat and slit her throat Then I let go Loudest splash I ever heard And from that day forward I haven't spoken a word And from that day forward i haven't spoken a word......[repeated again distorted] [Chorus x2] The marsh l
Love In The Net?
Is it good or bad to fall in love with somebody here in the net??? I ask you....the agony of ups and downs and the behavior of each other being lovers in the internet are more intense than being lovers in reality...demanding...dramatic...too way short everything is in the limbo...I like to consider my love here as it would never am always in heaven though hell is always there...learning the faults and mistakes of each other is really hard to take...but at the end of the day...talking things out will ease the pain...BLITZEKREIG ICHT CLIE' BER...
Just A Thought.................
Leaving This Site
Woman Next Door Part1
She walked along the pavement, rubbing her forehead with a tired finger. It has been a hectic day at the office, and it was visible in the way she seemed to drag herself up the walkway. She groaned as her hair began to come loose, the jet-black mass of wavy hair sliding over her forehead, making a soft silky curtain. Her slender feet moved slowly as she trudged on down the street, each step taking her closer to the comfort of home. He watched her from the window of his house, feeling the familiar tightening of his chest that occurred every time he saw her. He tried to turn away, but some impossible strength held him to her, making him watch the fullness of her breasts and the soft, sexy sway of her hips. He shifted uncomfortably, awkwardly readjusting the growing thickness in his shorts. It has been one long month since she moved to the house next door, and he has wanted her since then. He hadn't had the chance to approach her, but today... Today he would do it... Today she had gone to
Must B Me
guess no one wants to know me
Adecco Australia
Online recruitment agencies are the future of job hunting. As a part of a broad job search strategy, online recruitment makes job searching easier and more convenient. When used as an overall job search strategy, online recruitment sites are very helpful and time-saving. There is wide range of such sites available in the internet, so finding the employment agency that is right for you is not that difficult. Understanding first, how online recruitment sites operate helps job seekers understand the power of online recruitment. Major corporate to small scale employers post their open positions or vacancies on sales jobs, accounting jobs, banking jobs, IT jobs and engineer jobs and other job opportunities on a particular recruitment site. These recruitment sites will then be responsible for advertising and promoting jobs or vacant positions to the most qualified candidates possible. For job seekers, online recruitment sites offer a wide access to job postings and an opportunity to post
A Pray For Rocio Arce (mom)
Hi dear friends. I'm asking every one to say a pray for my best friend ROCIO ARCE (mom) and her family. She pass away today 05/08/09 about 4pm. I'm so sad for myself, I have one lest best friend in this world.
i was hacked in all of my accounts i haven't been on fu in a long if anyone got any kind messages or comments from me it wasn't me! i finally got the problem fixed though.thanks
Gee... Excuse Me!
I swear!!!Just when I think I know my friends...?????Fuck!!WTF did I do?!No, I am not about "ranking" my friends!But... to be below the one infectious disease!?!?(some of you know WHO I am talking about)I just don't fuckin' get it!!!I mean, really.... does me being so sensitvie such an inconvenience... to all???Yeah, I get it. I know some roll their eyes at me.. thinking.. "oh great, not again!"Just because I share that I am hurt and do NOT like viewing lying faces... doesn't mean to drop me!I so am  fuckin' tired of being stabbed... in the heart!  :(I guess... I never should've looked. But... damn it.... I see now that I am of no importance to ones I call "best" friends.Really..... taking applications for *NEW* best friends!  :(
Annabel Lee
Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe It was many and many a year ago,In a kingdom by the sea,That a maiden there lived whom you may knowBy the name of ANNABEL LEE;And this maiden she lived with no other thoughtThan to love and be loved by me. I was a child and she was a child,In this kingdom by the sea;But we loved with a love that was more than love-I and my Annabel Lee;With a love that the winged seraphs of heavenCoveted her and me. And this was the reason that, long ago,In this kingdom by the sea,A wind blew out of a cloud, chillingMy beautiful Annabel Lee;So that her highborn kinsman cameAnd bore her away from me,To shut her up in a sepulchreIn this kingdom by the sea. The angels, not half so happy in heaven,Went envying her and me-Yes!- that was the reason (as all men know,In this kingdom by the sea)That the wind came out of the cloud by night,Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee. But our love it was stronger by far than the loveOf those who were older than we-Of many far wiser than
Sonnet 58
Sonnet 58   by William Shakespeare That god forbid, that made me first your slave,I should in thought control your times of pleasure,Or at your hand the account of hours to crave,Being your vassal, bound to stay your leisure!O! let me suffer, being at your beck,The imprison'd absence of your liberty;And patience, tame to sufferance, bide each check,Without accusing you of injury. Be where you list, your charter is so strongThat you yourself may privilege your timeTo what you will; to you it doth belongYourself to pardon of self-doing crime.I am to wait, though waiting so be hell,Not blame your pleasure be it ill or well.
I Cant Wait For The Season To Start
Stars on the Radio Friday MorningListen to 104.1 The Blaze, 96KX and 106.3 KFRX starting at 9am this Friday morning as Stars Head Coach Jimmy McGroarty stops by to talk Stars hockey, Stanley Cup Game 7 and more.
The Good Left
So there's been much drama in the past month. Seems like every guy I find worth letting my guard down for is just a liar or so seriously messed up in the head they don't see things they do as "wrong". So I Travis and I were introduced by a mutual friend (whom I think is the greatest btw) back in November. We started messaging little by little, completely platonic and online only until about 3 months ago.  We had our first conversation and then the beginning of last month was when we first started actually hanging out.  I thought he was the most amazing guy ever! He was the only guy that I was ever interested that could actually do "manly" thinks like change the oil, know about cars and fix-it stuff in general. He was a good listener, complete gentleman and at the same time, he was no pushover. I guess the saying of being too good to be true always applies though. I found out about "Holly" through another site. She was his current GF at the time and his claims were that she told him she
I am so happy for weekends!  Plans anyone?
People Piss Me Off
hey dont u just hate it when people get on ur fucking nerves well i have something like that going on in my life right now and i cant standt.i just hate people.I really dont know wut to do about anything right now with everything that is going on i think i should let everything go.
God Must Have Spent Lil More Time Than U
Yeah....Oh yesOhhh..yeah..Can this be true?Tell me, can this be real?How can I put into words what I feel?My life was completeI thought I was wholeWhy do I feel like I'm losing control?I never thought that love could feel like thisand you've changed my world with just one kiss.How can it be that right here with methere's an angel?It's a miracle...Your love is like a riverPeaceful and deepYour soul is like a secretThat I never could keepWhen I look into your eyesI know that it's trueGod must have spent...A little more timeOn you...(A little more time, yes he did baby)In all of creationAll things great and smallYou are the one that surpasses them allMore precious thanAny diamond or pearlThey broke the moldWhen you came in this worldAnd I'm trying hard to figure outJust how I ever did withoutThe warmth of your smileThe heart of a childThat's deep insideLeaves me purifiedYour love is like a riverPeaceful and deep (and deep)Your soul is like a secretThat I never could keepWhen I look into y
Are U Gunna Be There By Nsync
If I was downWould your arms lift me upto higher groundWith just the strength of your loveIf I was lostWould I find something in your eyes to lead me homeAnd if it all went wrongWould you be there to holdIt's easy to be there through the good timeBut when the times get hardWould you stay or walk away(CHORUS)Are you gonna be there when the rain comesAre you gonna be there with a warm touchCan you swear you'll be there with a real loveAre you gonna be thereWill you stand by my side through the bad timesThrough whatever will be will you still be mineWill you stay in my life for a lifetimeAre you gonna be thereWhen I need someone to holdSomeone there for meAre you gonna be thereBe in my worldIf it should all fall downWill you be thereBe there to turn it aroundWill you still careCan I depend on you to see me through this lifeAnd if it all goes wrongWill you still make it rightIt's easy to be there through the good timesBut when the times get hardWill you still be on my side(CHORUS)There wit
How Do I Live Without You By Leann Rimes
How do I get through one night without youIf I had to live without youWhat kind of life would that beOh I, I need you in my armsNeed you to holdYou're my world, my heart, my soulIf you ever leaveBaby you would take away everything good in my lifeAnd tell me nowHow do I live without youI want to knowHow do I breathe without youIf you ever goHow do I ever, ever surviveHow do IHow do IOh, how do I liveWithout you, there'd be no sun in my skyThere would be no love in my lifeThere'd be no world left for meAnd I, oh Baby, I don't know what I would doI'd be lost if I lost youIf you ever leaveBaby you would take away everything real in my lifeAnd tell me nowHow do I live without youI want to knowHow do I breathe without youIf you ever goHow do I ever, ever surviveHow do IHow do IOh, how do I live Please tell me babyHow do I go onIf you ever leaveBaby you would take away everythingNeed you with meBaby don't you know that you're everything good in my lifeAnd tell me nowHow do I live without youI
What A Girl Want By Christina Aguilera
I wanna thank you for giving me time to breathe Like a rock you waited so patiently While I got it together While I figured it out I only looked but I never touched 'Cause in my heart was a picture of us Holdin' hands, makin' plans and it's lucky for me you understand What a girl wants What a girl needs Whatever makes me happy sets you free And I'm thanking you for knowing exactly What a girl wants What a girl needs Whatever keeps me in your arms And I'm thanking you for being there for me Yeah Yeah A weaker man might have walked away But you had faith Strong enough to move over and give me space While I got it together While I figured it out They say if you love something let it go If it comes back it's yours That's how you know It's for keeps, yeah, it's for sure And you're ready and willin' To give me more than What a girl wants What a girl needs Whatever makes me happy sets you free And I'm thanking you for giving it to me What a girl wants What a girl needs Whatever keeps me in yo
Baby 1 More Time By Britney Spears
Oh baby, babyHow was I supposed to knowThat something wasn’t right hereOh baby, babyI shouldn’t have let you goAnd now you’re out of sight, yeahShow me how want it to beTell me baby ’cause I need to know now, oh becauseChorus:My loneliness is killing meI must confess I still believeWhen I’m not with you I lose my mindGive me a signHit me baby one more timeOh baby, babyThe reason I breathe is youBoy you got me blindedOh pretty babyThere’s nothing that I wouldn’t doIt’s not the way I planned itShow me how you want it to beTell me baby ’cause I need to know now, oh becauseChorus:My loneliness is killing meI must confess I still believeWhen I’m not with you I lose my mindGive me a signHit me baby one more timeOh baby, baby how was I supposed to knowOh pretty baby, I shouldn’t have let you goI must confess, that my loneliness is killing me nowDon’t you know I still believeThat you will be hereAnd give me a signHit me ba
Me In A Nutshell
  I'm a modern man, a man for the millenium. Digital and smoke free. A diversified, multi-cultural, post-modern deconstruction that is politicaly, anitomicly and ecologicly incorrect. I've been up-linked and downloaded. I've been inputed and out sourced. I know the upside of downsizing. I know the downside of upgrading. I'm a high-tech low life. A cutting-edge, state of the art, bi-coastal multi-tasker and I can give you a gigabyte in a nano second. I'm new wave, but i'm oldschool and my inner child is outward bound. I'm a hotwired, heat seaking, warm hearted, cool customer. Voice activated and bio-degradable. I interface with my database, my database is in cyber space. So I'm interactive, i'm hyper active and from time to time I'm radioactive. Behind the eight ball, ahead of the curve, riding the wave, dodging the bullet and pushing the envelope. I'm on point, on task, on messege and off drugs. I have no need for coke and speed. I have no urge to binge and purge. I'm in the moment,
I came across this old doc. while i was cleaning out my hardrive. These are ACTUAL QUOTES taken from various anual federal evaluation reports. Hope you enjoy them as much as i did and still do.Quotes from federal employee evaluations1. Since my last report, this employee has reached rock bottom and has started to dig. 2. His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity. 3. I would not allow this employee to breed. 4. This employee is really not so much of a "has-been," but more of a definite "won't be." 5. Works well when under constant supervision and cornered like a rat in a trap. 6. When she opens her mouth, it seems that it is only to change feet. 7. He would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle. 8. This young lady has delusions of adequacy. 9. He sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them. 10. This employee is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot. 11. This employee should go far, and the sooner he starts, the better. 12.
Labyrinth Kingdom
Labyrinth Kingdom The solitary predator, stumbles pass pipes and rivers of rot and filth of his labyrinth kingdom.The hot poker like feeling in his gut gets hotter everyday.The flesh of his skin takes up the likeness of his kingdom.Moist ,Green,Dark,And full of hate and rotHis mones get drowned out by steam and the life up aboveAloneWith only the pain to call his companion.Months pass and the solitary guard still patrols his kingdom.Forever will his hunger grow forever shall he walk below?
Just To Let You Know
I write my own short stories  these five i just posted are some of my favs please i would love input or any ideas on others the write free free to use them but please know that my soul is in each thank you.   tag
2,700 Yr Old Pot Found In Chinese Tomb
Duuuuuude! The world's oldest stash of marijuana has been found in far western China, according to an article in the Journal of Experimental Botany. An ancient Caucasian people, probably the Indo-European-speaking Yuezhi whose fair-haired mummies keep turning up in Xinjiang province, seem to have buried one of their shamans with a whopping 789 grams of high-potency pot 2,700 years ago. That's about 28 ounces of killer green bud, worth perhaps $8,000 at today's street prices, and enough to keep Harold and Kumar happy for a couple of days. "It was common practice in burials to provide materials needed for the afterlife," lead author Ethan B. Russo, a practicing neurologist and prominent medicinal-marijuana advocate based in Missoula, Mont., tells the Canadian Press. "No hemp or seeds were provided for fabric or food. Rather, cannabis as medicine or for visionary purposes was supplied." But the researchers couldn't tell if the weed was meant to be smoked or eaten. No pipes, bongs or r
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Help Me Get My Dream Body!!
Hi Guys My name's Kitty, I'm 23 years old and my greatest ambition is to be a porn star and glamour model. But there's one little problem.... actually - make that two little problems. I need some bigger boobs.   This is where you come in.  Send me donations to my PayPal account:   and help me get new boobs and a few other little things, and when I get my dream body I'll send everyone who made a considerable donation some photos of what they bought  :))   And I'll also run a little raffle draw so that one of you can have the chance to see it in person ;) So don't just sit there waiting, help me out and the sooner I can get this done the sooner you'll get to see me on DVD.... ;)) Thank you and big hugs, Kitty xoxoxoxoxoxox
hello if you are a beautiful woman that dosn't know how amazing you are. then email me and send me a picture and i'll describe your beauty.
Verified Profile
I made have a verified profile with my contact details and have a few x-tra pics there that ive taken of various outfits I have. you can mail me there if u like  its free to register and see my photos. Luv Donna   xx
Just Talking
I just don't get love anymore. Im 27 years old and have only been in love once. A lot of people would say Im lucky, and I guess in a way I am. One day I know I will find love again, but Im in no rush to find it. It will have to find me this time. Ive been emotionally beaten and saddened due to my home life but each day I hope and pray that one day love will truly exsist in my heart again.
Love Is
Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, is not pompous, it is not inflated, it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury, it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.
To Laugh
"To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and to endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty; To find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. "
How is one to live a moral and compassionate existence when one is fully aware of the blood, the horror inherent in life, when one finds darkness not only in one's culture but within oneself? If there is a stage at which an individual life becomes truly adult, it must be when one grasps the irony in its unfolding and accepts responsibility for a life lived in the midst of such paradox. One must live in the middle of contradiction, because if all contradiction were eliminated at once life would collapse. There are simply no answers to some of the great pressing questions. You continue to live them out, making your life a worthy expression of leaning into the light.
  The friendship between a man and a woman which does not lead to marriage or desire for marriage may be a life long experience of the greatest value to themselves and to all their circle of acquaintance and of activity; but for this type of friendship both a rare man and a rare woman are needed. Perhaps it should be added that either the man or the woman thus deeply bound in lifelong friendship who seeks marriage must find a still rarer man or woman to wed, to make such a three cornered comradeship a permanent success.
When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving much advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a gentle and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.
Three passions have governed my life: The longings for love, the search for knowledge, And unbearable pity for the suffering of [humankind]. Love brings ecstasy and relieves loneliness. In the union of love I have seen In a mystic miniature the prefiguring vision Of the heavens that saints and poets have imagined. With equal passion I have sought knowledge. I have wished to understand the hearts of [people]. I have wished to know why the stars shine. Love and knowledge led upwards to the heavens, But always pity brought me back to earth; Cries of pain reverberated in my heart Of children in famine, of victims tortured And of old people left helpless. I long to alleviate the evil, but I cannot, And I too suffer. This has been my life; I found it worth living.
A Special World
A special world for you and meA special bond one cannot seeIt wraps us up in its cocoonAnd holds us fiercely in its womb.Its fingers spread like fine spun goldGently nestling us to the foldLike silken thread it holds us fastBonds like this are meant to last.And though at times a thread may breakA new one forms in its wakeTo bind us closer and keep us strongIn a special world, where we belong.
Usedcardio Cruiser In Great Working Condition
I Only accept Cash or Cashier's Check This Item can not be shipped do to the fact that I no longer have the instruction manual on how to put it together. So if you are intrested , you must pick up in person. The cashier's check is to be drawn on a local bank in the Warren, Ohio, USA area in the amount of US $150.00. Make it payable to Maria Bustos. As soon as you have the check ready, please make an appointment with me to hand deliver it and arrange pick up of the cardio cruiser. USED Cardio Cruiser In Great Condition The Cardio Cruiser has a revolutionary design that combines the powerful cardio and body sculpting movement of three of the most popular gym machines. You get the comfort of the recumbent bike, the upper body toning motion of the elliptical machine and the lower body action of the stair mill - all in one super-charged machine! The secret is the Cardio Cruiser's dual-action, synchronized motion that incorporates most of the muscles in your body by getting your arms and leg
"bigtime Betrayal"
 You got off from work early,Because your not feeling well,and looking forward to getting some sleep. You get notice some thing's that are unusual.with coldness creeping into your heart,you slowly go to your room.and hear moans from open the door and see the love of your life,in bed with your best friend.   What will you do?
"love Is"
   Love is that ethereal experience that make us feel completly alive.Where every sense is heightened,Every emotion is magnified,our everyday reality is transcended,and life seems worthwhile...Love is the nourishment of the soul. It is said that the intire array of human needs is rooted in our needs for Love.our yearning for fame,fortune and material things all boil down to our need to be acknowledged,Respected,Admired,and above all Love. Not truer words have been said than those that George Sand wrote"There is only one happiness in life.To love and to be loved!!!  
Rip Mj And Ff
With what has occured to, June 25th, I was reminded of something that once happened awhile back.  In college, somoene once asked me "What is an artist, really?"  At the time i didnt really have an answer that i thought was good or intelligent enough.Now I think I do.An artist, in the the most basic of terms, is someone that creates.  They maybe be a writer, a painter, a baker, a comedian, a photographer, an inventor, an actor, a musician, etc.  Many people nowadays can make that claim, thanks to Youtube and the mass media of our age.  But a true artist, there is someone that can take their dreams and make them reality. They are  someone that does not create for gain or approval or jsut to be hip or trendy.  They are someone that creates for the sake of creation.  They share the same ambition of God itself, in the fact that they wish to build and mold what they will into something that can be looked or seen or felt, and inspire awe and drive emotion in all that experience it.  They do w
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come find me in facebook e mail me any one is interested just e mail me
Drag Racing
watch pinks allout on the speed channel
I Have About Had It
lately there has been alot of what i call bs going on . i'm about to just shut down my fu page and not come back. if i do come back i will only add how i trust. are i might make my page were only friends can see. i hate to say this but if it keeps up i will start taking people off my page. sorry but i'm tired of it
You Know Who You Are If You Read This
so... i really can't stand people who can dish the insults but can't take them. an asshole wants to call me fat, but gets pissed, calls me a bitch, and threatens to hit me when i call him on the fact that he's not that great looking himself and is obviously a loser since he has absolutely no friends on fubar but is considered a "bar-fly". ha ha ha apparently he's not as great as he thinks he is... if you want to see the asshole search for thephoenix located in lambertville, mi
well im moving again and im kinda scared its a new beggining for robbie and i. i just hope its a good one.
With What Ive Got
With what I’ve got   Just these two hands and my willpower Just this lackluster body and my courage Just this scarred mind and my vision Just what I have in my pocket and my character   Just my broken heart and my determination Just my ailing health and my compassion Just my broken waddling walk and my resolve Just my strange demeanor and my endurance   These are all I have to face the world with So much of the world only see’s me So little of the world actually knows me But with what I’ve got, I will go out and do what is right   It is how I can sleep at night And I hope that some of it makes a difference
Tragic Stand
Tragic stand by Walter Richters   Head bowed down Pain and frown and tear The buildings all around are on fire The buildings all around are crumbling   Children cry in terror Their mommies aren’t there Can’t find them anywhere They’re fighting the invasion   Death of a Nation Overflow comes the enemy Overload comes the cannon America and apple pie burn down   The souls of our founding fathers turn over The spirits of the young get older All the bickering seems a waste
The Living Sadness
The living sadness, by Walter Richters (2009)   Just a kid inside, standing next to a man inside Just a unique personality, trying to hold back on the pride Just the flannel shirt kid from 1988 With howdy doody hair, and nothing that was great   A whirlwind of life, a roller coaster from hell Pain not worth remembering, and punishing if I dwell From 13 to 33, what the hell happened to it all From rise to fall to rise to fall   Still today Im a hobbit in a hole A single overgrown child, afraid to face his role A man with a big heart who could have been a great father But who was too critical of his own life to even try and bother   So 20 years later I am still Wally to my friends
Insanely Long
It has been insanely long to wait for a world where we can all be different and all be as one gigantic family. It still hasn’t happened yet. Everybody’s guard is still up. But we’re close. If President Obama is any kind of indicator, we are close. The stubborn and the narrow minded will still cling to their hate and their violence. But the rest of us; most of us, will learn to love and live freely in a civilized kinship. We will look on the mistakes of our fathers as ones simply not to make ourselves. We will know better. Love grows, hate destroys. We will know what is unacceptable and we will not accept. We will bond, we will bury, and we will know our brothers and sisters and love them.
Survey Body: 1.Who is the last person you held hands with? my best friend 2.If you were drafted into a war, would you survive? I won't get drafted 3.Do you sleep with the TV on? Sometime 4.Have you ever drank milk straight out of the carton? Yes 5.Have you ever won a spelling bee? yes 6.What is your longest fight with one of your friends? months still going 7.Have you ever stuffed your bra? never needed to 8.Are you afraid of the dark? No 9.Have you prank called someone? yes 10.Who can you always turn to? my mom 11.When is the last time you took a bubble bath? last night 12.Who was the last person you hung out with?some creep 13.Are you drinking anything right now? dr.pepper 14.Who are you thinking of right now?my kids 15. Do you talk in your sleep?sometimes 16. Have you ever flown a kite?A long time ago 17.What do you want for Christmas?to visit my friend in arkasas 18. Do you know the muffin man? yes i do 19.What are you looking forward to? the weekend 20.Have yo
Need A Drink,need Points Help!
need a drink,im dry,please help
first im stealing this from a friend[SKARRD]because its truth.Compassion is no more a sign of weakness,than Cruelty is a sign of strength.bBe careful who and how u judge,some of the nicest peaple have some of the most evil/wicked friends........which is why they can afford to be nice.    
Dream A Little Dream
Dream a Little Dream   Late at night I wonder All the things unknown And then I drift on zephyr To a place different from Shapes and colours shift Behind a wall of haze Giving a sense of timelessness Until I look behind To see myself in repose Wondering of the future A ribbon keeps me here And yet I stretch out wide To grip the world of wonder Then race to my destination That I’ve never seen Encountering its people Yet they don’t see me Travelling on the wind
...fear that the future for us is all but fading away quickly yet slow like the sunset. ...constantly stress the unknown, the unknown thoughts and unknown feelings. ...want to know, more than anything just so my weary heart may be at ease again ...hate that these feelings haunted me like the devil,always on my shoulder feeding me what may be lies ...cant be here loving you behind a shut door so i fear this is drawing to a near
From My Myspace Dated May 16th
yesterday i found out that my unborn little boy matthew has spina bifida. just imagine sitting in a room with your mom and a doctor who is a genetics doctor and another person. well needles to say i cried a lot. it was not easy to find out that there was something seriously wrong with my baby. the doctor told me i had two choices at this point. one would be to terminate my pregnancy ( don't think so ) and the other would be to continue the pregnancy ( which i am doing ). so since i have decided to continue with my pregnancy they have to do an amniocentesis ( which is where they take some of the fluid from around the baby ) to determine how bad his condition is. but now that i know what is wrong with baby matthew i will be writing here a lot more. for some reason it seems to help. i have to say that i have the best family and friends that anyone could possibly ask for. they are standing by me through all this they are helping me stay calm they are making sure i don't have a lot of stres
Things I Just So Happen To Notice Here.
If your easily offended please dont read and remove me from your list lol...   The Females like 40 and older seem to be even worse than the girls my age, im talking about with relying on being half naked for attention, and the begging ect. It seems like more older people are into leveling groups then younger ones, weird I just noticed that. I get maybe like 1 profile rate returned for every about 25 I do, thats just fucked up and goes to show how fake and ungrateful alot of bitches here are. Tickers annoy me lol, isnt it already enough with the top scroll screen? Thats it, I was just bored, time to hit up the 360 "entertains me more then this place" Peace
Moon Rise, Moon Set
The pointing fingers attached to faces with morbid disgustHollow laughter with obvious distrustConstantly watching your own back with blind eyesPretending to live when your soul slowly diesSinging a song of masked praiseAs you run like a mouse in your own little mazeNot knowing or not understanding that this is a fakeDrowing, drowning, in emotion like that of a lake You think they judge You think they laugh But really you are just full of yourselfA real boy pretending to be Pinocchio  They never really made fun of youThey actually laughed at your jokesThey never pointed fingers Or  even doubted your trustShe never hurt youyou hurt yourselfShe said I love youYou thought she lied But really you screamedTears sting your faceYou couldn't copeYou couldn't handleBut they are actually right here.Still standing at your sideTheir whisper call to you"Stand up, don't hide"They help you up and shake youYelling at you to snap you out."This is all a dream"
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does any one whant to join facebook look for me male bethlehem pa  check this out www.pasands .com any one whant to chat e mail me ill be yur pen pale on line friend just e mail me ok
Hiring All Staff
Ask For Pic First
Had a bad experience just a few minutes ago where a girl showed interest in me on a dating site and she didn't have a pic. I continued talking with her and then she sent me her pic. Needless to say she wasn't my type and then I made her feel bad by telling her the truth, I don't how many times I apologized, it didn't matter, b/c her feelings were hurt. I should have lied, but then that would have led her on. From now on I will ask for a pic first if they don't have one displayed. I know looks aren't everything, but there must be some type of physical attraction.
Speaking My Mind
Comments (0) [Delete] [Edit] So what am I not supposed to have an opinion Should I be quiet just because I'm a woman Call me a b?tch cos I speak what's on my mind Guess it's easier for you to swallow if I sat and smiled When a female fires back Suddenly the target don't know how to act So he does what any little boy will do Making up a few false rumors or two That for sure is not a man to me Slandering' names for popularity It's sad you only get your fame through controversy But now it's time for me to come and give you more to say This is for my girls all around the world Who've come across a man who don't respect your worth Thinking all women should be seen, not heard So what do we do girls? Shout louder! Letting them know we're gonna stand our ground Lift your hands high and wave them proud Take a deep breath and say it loud Never can, never will, can't hold us down So what am I not supposed to say what I'm saying Are you offended by the message I'm bringing Call me whatever c
Happy 4th Of July
Happy 4th my friends. Hope everyone is enjoying this day with friends and family. Tonight, I will be joining friends in the little town of Yoncalla. They have lots going on tonight. Big Fireworks display at dusk. Rodeo all day. Anyone want to join me? The fireworks display will be located at the high school sports fields. Coming from the your left across from an old mill. Coming from the North...through town you can't miss the high school on the right. Get there earlyish to find parking. Hope to see my Oregon friends there!
Once upon a time there was a boy, he lived far beyond his years. He was often seen by friends to be cultured and mysterious, from all the adventures he spoke of. He never mirrored the same feelings that they did, for he felt his life was greatly unfulfilled. It  wasn't until his addiction to lust dissolved and took a new shape in love. That's right, he had met his match and it made him as clumsy as a doe. He would in fact prove to be a fumbler.....unable to get a grip at the best thing he had ever known.On the otherside of the world was a girl. Her beauty was far beyond magical, and yet she remained oblivious to just how gorgeous she was. She lived in the moment, never allowing herself to get wrapped in anything but her present. Little did she know that one day she would cross paths with a man who would make her see a future. It is a road that would lead to her own self discovery and give her a love that would have a tint of pain. Forgiveness and the will to "yet love" would have to be
A Love Lesson
I have had one of my boys come to me and ask about a situation between him and a good female friend of his. They have been best of friends for a long time and despite her current situation with her boyfriend, she wants him or should I say she think she does. Now we  know that there is a thin line between lovers and friends. I am sure we all have dealt with a situation like he is currently having. Whether to act on these feelings they both share or let them remain dorment and ignored. Can one really give sound advice on love? I don't think we can, but we can share experience about love. So I told him a story or a glimpse into a personal love lesson. Not to hint on how things might turn out for him but how they did for me. Here is that glimpse into my mind before and after I made my decison on whether to act on those feelings. (Yin) There is a comfort that I feel when I'm with you, No one else offers this security the way that you do, Lately the time that we have spent together and on t
A Woman Whom...
A woman whom I never met, Lived in a land I never knew. How could I know what love is? Yet, I do, I do, I do! The woman I never met, Was real and proud and strong; Her eyes were deeply set, And she could sing a song. And she could make a joke, And laugh when in the mood; But long before she spoke, I guessed her solitude. The woman I never met, A shadow in my mind; I saw her silhouette, But will I ever find, That shadows can come alive, Making my dream complete? But then will she arrive, The woman I've yet to meet? All my days alone, And all my nights it seems; I have known a woman unknown, Who shares my secret dreams. But still my dream one seems to hide, When really she should be at my side. The woman I never met Is half a world away; She may not find me, yet I'm waiting for the day. The day I go out to meet The woman I've never met.
The End Of The Internet
Each and every day I want to hear you say I need you, I want you But all I ever hear Is how your heart cant belong to me   I yearn to be cared for To learn to be able to love again The need deep inside To mean something to someone   Just when I think I have found that one It is proven to me There isn't a one   The longing returns  To be wanted To be desired and loved   My world is full Full of sorrow and despair For that one will never be there.    
Kingdom Come - Get It On
Fubucks, Credit, Etc.... Wtfu?
   i know i`m not the first person to have this reaction & who knows, i might get excommunicated from fubar for this! "attempting to inspire revolution"! i just really get kinda irked by the fact that in order to "buy someone a drink" or some other gift i have to have, what? at least 150 fubucks at my disposal? i only got 3 fubucks to rate a pic, i don`t know what other actions get you, i haven`t taken time to find out first hand, but this means that in order to buy 1 person 1 beer i have to rate 50 pix... WTF is up with that?! yeah, i know, most members are fumillionaires several times over. BFD! i haven`t broken 6000 fubucks yet! how the fuck are they gettin` all that dinero?! i haven`t figured it out yet! when i did have 5000 some odd fubucks i went through it like fire through a toilet paper factory!    then there`s the issue of credits. i`m here to goof off, get to know people, you know. why in the fuck would i intentionally spend a dollar of my hard-earned REAL money to buy non-
Why Do Men Treat Women Like Shit
Why do men treat women so badly on here, why cant they have respect for them for who they are. Am glad i was raised treat every female with respect n with love no matter how bad the treat me, Am glad not like them, i treat everyone with respect no matter what less they lie or cheat on me then yeah be ass hole! Am way different from most these guys on here, looks n age don't mean shit to me. It's the feelings you have for the person that matters the most the feelings from your heart is the most important. Not the looks or the age!  whats up these guys talking dirty, to women that some fucked up shit!! Men should have alot more respect for these gorgeous ladys if wasn't for them we all be gay! I all ways treat my friend's loved ones with respect no matter what because want to be treated the same way!
You & I
It was a beautiful sunny day in May. Do you remember? We exchange notes on the 8th day. Now I can’t wait til the day when we first meet. Just to see you in front of me Mmm how sweet. I do believe in Love at first sight. Can’t wait to kiss and hold you tight. I will take you to the beach . . . hand in hand. We will talk, hug, and even play in the sand. Yes like teenagers who are in a Love crush. I would act that way cause I miss you so much. You will see that I’m not here to take you as a fool I want to please, tease and even make you drool. Let’s take things how they come. You and I will dance to the beat of the drum. If God permits you and I will become . . . us, we, even one.
Your Smile...
All I see in a picture of you... are these piercing dark eyes. Took a glance at your smile and though we are miles apart, That smile just opened up my heart. Just a simple thought of you... My heart feels this warmth and happiness inside. I can’t describe it, I just know that this feeling is right. Though I have never met you yet, I know that we will connect. You will see it in my eyes; you will feel it in my touch and even Sense it in my soul. I care about you and yes we are just friends. But if you let us we can be so much more. There’s something About you that captured my attention, something that makes me want To show you affection...nothing more, nothing less. One day we can put this to the test? Find that your decision you will not regret. See how things go, who knows maybe... You will give me a chance and see that I’m not here to play games or even fight. Just want to get to know you better and see that I am real. Have me close to your hips
They Are The Love Of My Life...
One of God’s precious Creations Dedicated to a good friend of mine thats in the Armed Forces for his daughters...Love Ya Lots x0x0 I am thankful for he has given me what truly Love is all about For them I would do anything even give my Life without a doubt There are no words to express my emotions They are my first thoughts when I wake up to the sunrise by the ocean They are what keeps me going strong, Happy and I’m committed to their devotions They are the Love of my Life Even if they seem afar I will be there for them wherever they are I miss their hugs, kisses, laughs and believe or not their cries Makes me frown when they are not around but I know they miss and love me so that brings me up and not down They will always be in my thoughts and deeply in my heart Because They are the Love of my Life My Precious daughters for you I am here and know that I will never depart.
No Gain
When I think I’ve thought it threw.. seems I’ve only moved an inch on the pathway , a pathway of light unhued  and hewn from lies.. on this journey to and fro.. mist of  ill doom..  it is here it is there.. it looms lingered.. how can I reach my heights intended, when those heights are moved by ill intentions.. you see them, can I see.. they walk, can I walk.. walk a different path from these.. now I judge those as them.. I’m no better, to whom do I mortally judge.. are these pathways meant  for my own destruction in their shadows shadowed in loomed darkness.. my mind wonders on heavens I do not see.. my third eyes mind helps me.. shall I see..
It Came To Pass
  Many times often humanity judges, I’ve done this myself.. now I stand correct with self.. when you’re so right the wrongs never felt, I am not the one that breathes all breathe in all life.. what stone shall I cast vast on mortality with might.. smite, hate,  envy ... it all flows the same.. I’m no savior , no jooks of shook nooks.. hooks or fascinations whomever’s temptations.. let the last be first an out last the words from our pads.. scripts, tablets, mallet or hammer.. cut from t he stone milk and honey is it’s clone..
Nickelback - This Is How You Remind Me (dedicated To All My Ex's)
Never made it as a wise manI couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing’Tired of living’ like a blind manI'm sick of sight without a sense of feeling’And this is how you remind meThis is how you remind me of what I really amThis is how you remind me of what I really amIt's not like you to say sorryI was waiting on a different storyThis time I'm mistakenFor handing you a heart worth breaking’And I've been wrong, I've been downBeen to the bottom of every bottleThese five words in my headScream, "Are we having fun yet?"ya, ya, ya, no noYa,ya, ya, no noIt's not like you didn't know thatI said I love you and I swear I still doAnd it must have been so badCause living with me must have damn near killed youAnd this is how you remind me of what I really amThis is how you remind me of what I really amIt's not like you to say sorryI was waiting on a different storyThis time I'm mistakenFor handing you a heart worth breakingAnd I've been wrong, I've been downbeen to the bottom
Complete Stranger At
Will you believe this, a complete stranger that I meet at Joe's barber Shop in Mantua, NJ 08051 has all my personal and private medical history. I played along and he mentions he's angry and writes a crazy letter to he's Cardiologist needs a little bit of a Beta blocker and on he goes. the letter that I write to Dr. Viswanath is not crazy but is missing certain information. If it is taken a wrong way it can mean anything. what I do say is that between Dr. Priest from Our Lady of Lourdes in Camden and him is the truth. Dr. Viswanath like Dr. Rosenbloom says that this surgery may or may not help me. under that circumstances who in their right mind would go through something like that? All I know about this stranger is that he was driving a Cream colored Buick on May 13, 2009 between the hours of 10:38 AM to 11:30 AM at Route 45 in Mantua by the Post Office. All this information privately is between him and I and the FBI but this guy is a lunatic in that he compromised not only Joe but al
Like Her
You know the previous blog was about an insane crime where both federal and state laws were broken. Listen to this because I like her an awful lot. She is around my age and single and also African American. A USA citizen with Civil Service position working in this Beautiful State of NJ out of a nice town named Vineland. She cares for those that cannot but her coworkers where many have questionable citizenship are giving her the royal treatment. I'm thinking she is getting the short end of the stick and some. What do you think? I should contact Homeland Security or the President of The USA? I think this looks like those two plus the FBI. Norio  
Real Women??!!
a real women is one who can take all the crap of other women and deal with it. a real women will be their for her husband through thick or thin. a real women takes care of her kids even when their down. a real women will do anything to get her and her family on track. a real women will love even the ones who disrecept them and their family. a real women understands her mans needs. a real women will stick to her guns. a real women will ask god to forgive the ones who are not doing right. a real women will ask god to put things in his hands if their is nothing she can do. a real women will tell her kids that everything will be ok. a real women will never let go of her future goals. a real women will stand by her man. a real women will pray for the one who needs help, reguardless of her wrong doing. a real women is the women that every women should be, that is if that is what they say they are. but beware, the devil is always their and can change everything. but a real women will not see
The Wheel
Hell Fires
... ..... the laugh of you in my eyes burning every intent.. my friend, enemy resides.. hahaaa, o the laughs you say, i'll give you comfort for evey soul you take.. hell fires, funny, i watch you burn.. shots flamming your every turn.. running, come home you hear, you're to far gone to grab the hand that's near.. feel.. hell fires, hello how are you today, hey i need a miniute in my office once your settled in, ok.. ... ..did you know the thoughts are willing your end.. head in the office smiling leaving no job at days end.. hell fires, hey, your house was vadilized and the ones caught hold family ties, why did you move so fast.. squeezed the trigger silenced the life you can't bring back.. hell fires, demising me in every move i take, making me hate is sought for my dinners plate.. the days hold no light for me, laughing once again you of upright social viewed in our sociotey.. you win what, you take what.. laugh, ill cast of actions.. hell fires working in mobbs, see the soul walk th
Application To Date Me!!
Application for permission to date ME This application will be incomplete and rejected unless accompanied by a complete financial statement job history, lineage, and current medical report from your doctor. 1. Name ___________________ Date of birth ___________ 2. Height __________ Weight _________ I.Q _________ G. P. A _______ 3. Social Security # ___________ Drivers License # _____________ 4. Boy Scout Rank __________________ 5. Home Address _________________ City/State ______________ Zip _____________ 6. Do you have one Male and one Female parent? ______ if not, Explain __________________ 7. Number of years your parents have been married ____________ 8. Do you own a van _____ A truck with oversized tires______ A waterbed _______ Do you have an earring, nose ring, or belly button ring ______ A tattoo ______ (if "yes" to any of #8, discontinue application and leave premises.) 9. In 50 words or less, what does "Late" mean to you? ____________________________________
Off To Italy
Hey I'm off to Florence and Pisa this weekend! I will be back on Monday :-) Have a great weekend everyone! xxx
Hey There
I.m new to this. Please be patient with me, if anyone want to show me how to use this or what to do here please send me a message. Thanks!
Love Remembers
Memories Of Love
You were my precious babyTogether we were clutching a field of dreamsPiercing through oceans of believes One time you were realOne time you were hereOne time a love was bornAnd I loved you like no one else Oh memories of love...You were the sound of the bell Eliciting a magical chant My heart wrapped within your songOne time you were realOne time you were hereOne time a love was bornAnd I loved you like no one else Oh memories of love...You were my fire a fragile flameShed its warmth gently on my soulExtending my love to infinityOne time you were realOne time you were hereOne time a love was bornAnd I loved you like no one else Oh memories of love...My God, what happened to us?I thought I have managed To hold you forever I thought I have managed To show my loveI thought I have managed To have faith for both of usMy God, what happened to us?My thoughts are full of your memoriesFull of words that left unspokenThey will hold me foreverOne time you were realOne time you were hereOne time a
This Evening
Quiet as untroubled watersanother austere day gives wayallowing a sun-tanned twilightto gently coax the night awakeOnce our special time togetherwe watched for Hesparus in half-lightof the genial summer's eveThe harvest of time's scythehas sustained me and I no longer grieveOver the many lost eveningsand things we shall never seefor this special time of dayGod has given to us alleven if the only one who enjoys it- is me
All She Wrote
It Only Hurts
My Gift To You
I live through my dark existenceonly to bask in your beautyyour eyes that shine like sapphiresyour smile that brightens even my sad existenceI envy the wind that runs through your hairthat touches your lipsI long to touch youto hold you in my arms but I cannotfor your heart belongs to anotherso, I can only love you from afaryour friendship means more to methan anything this world providesbut like an angel you touched my heartin a way that I've never felt beforecause I've never known what love is until this dayI know that we are only friendsbut my heart wishes it to be moreso I will still hope and dreamthat one day I can feel your lips pressed to mineto hold you in my arms and say, "I love you"
I Am
I am ...A womanWith a full heart, hiddenSomewhere in an empty room ...With eyes not quite of autumn's gold, and yetNeither all of summer's green;I wonder ...If love is a tale made for children --A granting of sweet dreams in their innocence --A honey-coating to help their throatsChoke down the bitter draught ...I hear ...A voice that whispers warnings, half-formed,Bodiless as hope, until I swear I cannot drawAnother breath unless this spectre be unmasked,His lies mangled 'neath my righteous tread;I see ...A woman, proud, uncompromising,Diaphanous as air -- less, even, than the tearsThat fall in desolation about her weary feet,Salt poison pooled upon the withered ground ...I want ...A measure of quietude, a certain silence,The echo of alone which heals me of dreaming,The nothing that stills the wanting,The numb, the cold that laughs at pain;I amA woman,hidden ...I pretend ...That I can live forever -- that TimeHas no puissance but that which I afford Him --And so, I can wait, I can be h
Seek Not My Heart
Oh gentle winds ’neath moonlit skies,Do not you hear my heartfelt cries?Below the branches, here about,Do not you sense my fear and doubt?Side glistening rivers, sparkling streams,Do not you hear my woeful screams?Upon the meadows, touched with dew,Do not you see my hearts a’skew?Beneath the thousand twinkling stars,Do not you feel my jagged scars?Seek not my mournful heart kind breeze,For you’ll not find it ’mongst these trees.It’s scattered ’cross the moonlit skies,Accompanied by heartfelt sighs.It’s drifting o’re the gentle rain,A symbol of my silent pain.It’s buried ’neath the meadow fair,Conjoined with all the sorrow there.It’s lost among the stars this night,Too far to ease my quiet fright.No gentle winds, seek not my heart,For simply ... it has torn apart.
All My Life
It was not so long ago when I thought I'd never meet someone like you. Wrong was I, thinking I'm in control Believing I'd never fall. All my life I thought no one would melt a heart like mine, a heart so cold, a heart hardened by the past, protected by shields so vast. Slowly I was falling without even knowing. Only to find out too late I have no choice but to accept my fate. I could dream, I suppose forever, I could hope you could love me until I wake up to reality. I wouldn't do a thing to hurt you but I just have to let go. I can't hold on much longer 'cause for us there's no forever. I cangt make you love menor will I tryJust dont say you love me whenyou love someone else.
Tranquil Poeticas
…los Astros me han predicho la vision de la diosa, yen mi alma reposa la luz… como reposa el ave da la luna sobre una forma tranquilo.. yo presigo una forma que no encuentra mi estilo, de miradas polvorientas caidas al suelo o de hojas sin sonido y sepultandose.. tu guardabas la estela de luz, de seres rotos.. tenida con mirades… con tu cuerpo de numero timido.. infinito, forma tranquilo… …the stars have predicted that I will see the goddess, and the light reposes within my soul… like the bird of the moon reposing on a tranquil form.. I seek a form that my style cannot discover, of dusty glances fallen to the ground or soundless leaves burying themselves.. you kept the trail of light, of broken beings.. stained with glances, with your body of timid number.. infinite, tranquil form…  Paso entre documentos disfrutados, entre origenes, vestido como un ser original y abatido.. yo presigo una forma.. yo destruyo la rose que silba y la ansie
I sometimes find I'm driftingThrough this life without effect;I often wonder if I'm trulyWorth what I've been blessed.I search through days that have been hard,To try to understand,The many trials that I have known,The life that I have had.You see me in my daily grind,So confident and strong;Yet when I am alone, I questionJust where I belong.I often try too hard I find,To analyze and guess,To scrutinize, investigateMy life I will confess.For somewhere deeper, there must beSome meaning to this life,Some way to make a difference,Give a reason for this strife.Is there some hidden meaning?Some agenda to be found?A greater purpose waitingIf I care to hang around?It teases and it taunts me,Always slightly out of sight;A hazy vision out of reach,Where darkness hides the light.I struggle to bring clarityTo what awaits me there,And yet this weak illusionAlways fades before my stare.It seems the harder that I try,To focus through the haze,Just serves to add more questions,Through my endless, tir
I Love You
Girl Facts: When a girl says she likes you, she wants you to ask her out. When u break a girls heart, she still feels it when bumping heads 3 years later When a girl just stares deep into your eyes, she's HOPING that your hers and only hers ( it shows how much she cares: eyes never lie) When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind. When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply. When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around. When a girl answers, "I'm fine, " after a few seconds, she is not at all fine. When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are so wonderful. When a girl lays her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever. When a girl calls you everyday, she is seeking for your attention. When a girl wants to see you everyday, she wants to be pampered. When a girl says, "I'll love you forever, " she means it. When a girl says that she can't live without you, she has made up
Going Directly To Jail
World’s Most Extreme Escape Artist to Tackle “Death Row” Condemned Cell at Historic Quebec Prison.   For immediate release.   Ontario escape artist Steve Santini, officially named, “The World’s Most Extreme Escape Artist” by the legendary Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, will put his skills to the ultimate test on July 24th when he tries to free himself from the death row condemned cell at the Old Prison of Trois Rivieres, Quebec.   At 9:00 AM on the morning of July 24th Santini will be searched by members of the media and prison staff to ensure he has no tools, keys, or lock picks to aid him in his escape and he will then be manacled and chained with over 20 lbs of shackles, handcuffs, and fetters and locked into the “Death Cell” at the historic prison.   “En Prison”, built in 1822, is the second oldest historic prison in Canada and was the site of 8 hangings. The first took place in 1854 and the last in 1934. Toda
This past Friday and Saturday I stopped at Joe's Barbershop in Mantua, NJ and looked at one guy in the chair and three more waiting? The cry from all is no money. On the way back from Home Depot I was going to stop on Saturday to ask, let me guess your running a special? Talk to my friend on Saturday and the cry and he did admit that he had to cut back but the status quo. I go get gas and the same people in their vehicles filling up? Yeah it hurts and I know the pain. When I was married way back when we took a hit by loss of half the income and we did without. We burned kerosene and set the temp on 55 and she made meals to last several days. I suddenly became a Handy Man. Cable TV? Forget it. Norio  
If I Were Sadness In Human Form
If Sadness were a human being, it would be me. I would greet you with a weighted smile. I would listen to your woes, for no woes shock me. I would touch your heart, and steer you away from the pain, from me and what I reflect. I would lift you up as I sank further down. I would save you from the very thing that makes into me. For if I were sadness, I would warn you. I know the feeling in my core and it is despair and I would flag you down. “Do not approach me, for I am too much”, I would warn you. Spare yourself. I would not make a very efficient reaper for I wouldn’t take one soul. Rather I would plead, stay away, take a different road, put that glass down, make a different decision. I am glad that I am not Sadness in human form. I am glad I am not the Reaper. Because I wouldn’t dare spread to you what I am, what I feel, what drags me down.
What My Thoughts And Feelings Are Now
I've been with my fiance for over 2 years now. Things have been rough for a while. I love him to death and I would do anything for him, but at the same time....I'm feeling yucky inside from the stuff that he has done to me in the past year. I feel like my heart is aching from everything that he has done to me and that I'm actually falling apart inside. I act like I'm okay, but deep down I'm not. People think I'm overracting about what has happen, but they don't know the feeling I'm feeling inside. If I wanted too....I would spill all my feelings out in the opening to them, but I'm just afraid that they might say I'm "overracting" again. I mean, how would you feel if you found out that the man you loved told another girl(s) they he loved them, etc.? How would you feel if he touch another girl? How would you feel if he straight up lied to you? How would you feel if he kept doing this to you? Those are the questions I even ask myself even though my fiance has done every single thing I sai
Gotta get another year older, atleast I'm not in debt.
The One Sad Night
The One Sad Night I was walking through the pouring rainI saw a girl holding her ankle she seemed to be in painShe had a bloody lip and a ripped up skirtI looked at her closely and she had a black eyeShe said her man beat her for talking to a guyI picked her up and carried her to my homeCause what she had gone through she shouldn't be aloneWe got back to my house and she said with a frightThere is no way i can stay here with you tonightI said fine i'll take you back to that awful manThat treated you like shit and beat you with his hand2 days later i opened the paper and saw an awful sightYou see that girl that i helped.....well her man got mad and killed her last night.
Me Playing My Schecter Hellraiser
rich gsg march 2009.mp3
Me Singing, Honest
rich-dolphins cry.mp3
Me Singing Angels, Yep That Ugly Mo Fo Is Me
The Blaydon Races---
The Blaydon Races I went to Blaydon Races'Twas on the 9th of JuneEighteen Hundred and Sixty TwoOn a Summer's AfternoonWe took the bus from BalmbrasAnd she was heavy ladenAway we went along Collingwood StreetThat's on the Road to Blaydon Chorus: Oh me lads, you should've seen us gannin'Passing the folks along the roadjust as they were stannin'Aal the lads and lasses thereaal wi' smilin' facesGannin along the Scotswood RoadTo see the Blaydon Races We flew past Armstrong's factoryAnd up by the Robin Adairgannin ower the Railway BridgeThe bus wheel flew off thereThe lasses lost their crinolenesAnd the veils that hide their facesI got two black eyes and a broken nosegannin t' Blaydon Races Oh me lads... Now when we got the wheel back onAway we went againBut them that had their noses brokeThey went back ower hyemSome went to the dispensaryAnd some to Doctor GibbsesAnd some to the infirmaryTo mend their broken ribses Oh me lads... Now when we got to ParadiseThere were bonny games begu
Love And Frindship
      message in a bottle... Current mood:  imaginative love is like a message in a bottle, we flowt in the mass ocean, (ocean) meening life! never knowing where we will end up or where we are going. the beach is our destination. the love in the bottle is what we hold so dear to us all! never knowing whos going to pic it up and open the lid. we dont choose who we love it chooses us! the ones who want love will never finde it, the ones who have found it take addvantige of it and the ones that need it never know its there! people take the bottle and through it away never knowing that it was the one thing that brought the love to you! the message of love ges over looked and sometimes forgoten! my question is why dont people keep the bottle and the message inside together and taking the love they found and keeping it for all time! love is the one thing that gets over looked, thought about to hard,  discarded and misstaken for lust! it doesnt seem so hard to remember where it came f
Anyone That Wants A Salute
Shatterd Faith
      shatterd faith Current mood:  disappointed to the ones who walk among the  truely loved, the ones who love and the ones that are passionate. who know who you are and y you even do this to ppl is beond me! you finde someone and you fall for them not knowing what you really feel till you loose it or you wreck it with disregard, selfishness and take it for granted. so y even try to think you can make it better finding someone eles to take there place? im here to tell ya you cant take another heart and feed it lies, half truths, and say you love this person when in fact the one you truely love is the one you left behinde! if you havent fixed what you broke or shatterd in your past and you are still drawn to that person, you have no bisness hurting another with what and how you feel about a husbend, ex or even a separtaion! i know this will never stop but i wish ppl would take the time to heal or maybe think about what they really want befor they break or shatter another heart
The Storm Has Grown
Can't Stay Angery
Can't stay angryTo night we fought...tonight you had me so angry...I need to be angry at you  but...I Can't ...That look...those eyes...your just can't stay angryat you I rather hold youcaress you... Tell youwhat you mean to me.How you’rethe air...the water...the sun...the moon...the stars...Your everything to me...I rather hold you than be angry.So hunny...All is forgivenbecause...I LOVE YOU.
comfortA memorya picturea bookcomforta shirta blanketa chaircomforta handan arma smilecomforta bottlea typea smellcomfortthese are your thingsthat comfort mecomfortI gather them andhold them closecomfortI embrace them. I hugthem When your not aroundcomfortThey bring you closethey hold me tightthey make me feel safecomfortthey remind me of youthey comfort me whenI am bluecomfortI feel safe when your not here as long as Ihave them. Comfort.
Giving Up
Giving up  Its to hard I am throwing in the towelMy hope my dreams there just out of reach.I try and I try  for every step forward I am pushed back six. I can't handle it.I am losing it. My mind is gonna go.My friends they are so far away. Never there to hold. To comfort.Never there to lend a helping  hand.Here it is take it I am thruThe  towel is for you.I am washing my hands. Its to hardI can't stand the load.The tears they fall and the knife nowdull. I have nothing left. I give up I am tossing in the load.
An empty slient still darknesshowling winds.Branches cracking gates creakThe rain pours down my mind wanders  the lights begin to fadeThe thunder crashessending shivers down my spine.The leaves rustleGoosebumps appear So dark So coldSomething rattles in the distanceSomething make me go coldMy breath heavy infront of me.
Handswe all have themthey start out so smallwe use them to satisfyexplore we gnaw on themthey are always by are sidethey never leavelittle hands make little messesand little prints on fresh cleaned glassas those little hands learn they get hitand break many thingsbut you know what is funnythose little hands never stoplearning till we diel have them you have themand they start out so small
II sit here all emotionalI sit here feeling depressedI sit here and cryyou shoot down my dreamsyou shoot down my hopeWhat goal do I havebut to be your slavebe your dollI am not your childyou are my equalnot my parentI don't need another parentI need an lover a friendI sit here cryingMaybe I am a crybabyMaybe I am emotionalBut you make me that way
I Miss You
I Miss YouYour smileyour eyesyour lipsI miss youYour smellyour caressYour body against mineI miss youHow long will I...How long till you...When will you say to me...I miss youI miss telling you thingsI miss the look in your eyeI miss the way you held meI miss youI took the chanceI told you my feelingsthing I had hiddenBecauseI miss youHave you figured outwhat I am trying to say I MISS YOU!!
I See
 I see I can see your chestI wish you were holding me againstI see your muscular armsI long forI want to be held in as youwhisper sweet things in my ear. But in this darkness I sitall alone with out youWith out some one to holdwith out someone to share hopes and dreams
Let Me In
Let me inI was alone For so longI have watched you for so longI have admired you from afar I amto scared to approach toscared of rejection Please listento my pleaI don't want to be alone anymorePlease don't close that windowon my heartdon't close me outmy heart beats for youI have never wanted to be with anyonequite like thisopen that door Let me inso were never alone again
Moving On
Moving on I wasted my life.On men like you Here today. I am taking a stand. I am moving on.  I am done with you  I am moving on  You’re not worth being bluenor the shit you put me thru.I am movin on New stomping ground.
Moving On
 Moving on I wasted my life.On men like you Here today. I am taking a stand. I am moving on.  I am done with you  I am moving on  You’re not worth being bluenor the shit you put me thru.I am movin on New stomping ground.
My Love
My LoveMy love for you is strong and true your the apple of my eye.The blood coursing thru my veins.The love of my life.your the air I breaththe one my family adoreswhen I look in to your eyes Isee  a love that lasts a life timea feeling thats never been felt.When I see you, feel you, hear youmy heart races and skips a palms go sweaty my knees go weak.My heart melts whenYou enter the room.Your my Love My lifemy eturnity.You make me feel strong you make me feel protected As long as you here I know were safe
Do I Exist To You
DO I exsist to you?Do I exsist to youOr am I just a body laying cold.DO I not breath?Do I not have a heartbeat?that beat only for you?Your the one I want to come home to The one I want to lay next to.Am I not the one that shares your bed at nightAM I not the one that crys on your shoulder.Yet I seem to not exsist You seem to look past me.You talk but not to me. You listen but not to me. Why why doesn't my heart exsist Why don't I exsist?
I Walk Alone
(I walk alone in life)  All that I see, I see alone.The love that once filled my heart and my sole.Forever will be lost and forever will be stole.My life is empty, my dreams are fading. Who I once was, is only a shadow.I lift my head, breath then swallow.My mind is empty and my heart is hollow.I Dreamed a Dream and it once come true. About a girl, her eyes were blue.She was an angel she was my star. I always loved her from afar.She said she'd love me till the end. My one and only lifetime friend.I felt so lucky, to live my dream.Then she left me, and I died inside...So I walk alone, all by myself.I dream alone, all by myself.I live alone, all by myself.  I am alone, ALL BY MYSELF...Scott P Tabor: 7/25/09
A Little Behind!
Ok so my last post was December of 2007.  WEll In Feb 2008 i had to have Hernia repair surgery thanks to my last surgery!  THat took forever to heal months!! Then May 8,2008 exactly 1 year to the date of the original dignosis I was in a pet scan machine to see the extent of the cancer that had returned in my liver!  That's came back!!  I had to have more than half of my liver resected...Well that surgery went well..;and I was out of the hospital after only a week! Of course a month later I was back int eh hospital because it seems that I had picked up MRSA STAPH fromt eh hospital..which was a different hospital then all my other surgeries.  So Of course I went back to Baptist my favorite hospital where I know most of the staph by name and they know me. I was there for 9 days and it really was horribly depressing knowing my kids were off to their first day of school and I was missing it, but the infection forced me into another surgery!  Nothing like h
"Life" I fall fast, I let it all sink inside me, I always feel its tainted grasp I let it all flow through me just crying, always hearing is fatal rasp Time to let it all go I think, funny , I never once thought to think how come it screams for it's release, knowing i'm on the brink I gaze at the trickle of blood as it flows from my fading skin Take this life from me, take all this pain away I want to live a live more normal, more in the light too much is taken from me, all the strings are pulled all I want is love...a simple gesture is all that's needed I hear the tick ticking of my life, watching everything pass me by I wonder when it's my time, I wonder how long before I finnaly die I almost smile at times, almost seeing the dark humor of it all I smile, and be polite when needed, but just wanting to crawl Back to my place of peacefull darkness...and just end it all Take this life from me, take all this pain away I want to live a live more normal, more in the light too much is t
It is a travesty of justice or a crime. I once lived in a very nice apartment complex in Deptford, NJ. Even had a Stonybrook. The fall was very simple. Neglect of the complex in removing the last patch of ice on 2/2/08 at 7 AM I slipped on it and landed on my right knee. It would of been light enough to see but due the weather it was very dark. After this seemingly simple fall on my right knee I am in all sorts of problem. I realized that this fall was not simple at all. I fell backwards on my right foot and went under my right butt and my entire spine and head was compromised. Especially my neck and head. I was unconscious for few minutes and had I, my cell phone with me I would of called 911. Dr. Obrien a specialist tells me he can read the film but he obviousy cannot read the report. He says my neck is fine but the report I get say there is all sorts of damage. Dr. Dinner doing a upper EMG teasts my right arm and left leg? I think the two previous upper EMG invovled the upper body a
This place is CRAZY!
u r payne
The Devil's Plaything
Look aroundAt the devil’s playgroundYou stand in its midstThe epicenter of his filthYou hear the screams Yet you become deafYou suffer its injusticesBut you are muteYou see his atrocities and arcane delightsHowever you do nothingYou are no longer youYou are his playthingEnjoy his passions and lustsFor you are nevermore
Face Book And Myspace
hi all i like new friends come see me on facebook and myspace ok leave me friend reguest ok am looking good lady pen pals any lonly women e mail me frank
I failed with my family,I failed with my friends.When it comes right down to it,I failed to the end.Everywhere I go,Everyone pokes fun.Because I'm non-conforming,I think I'm finally done.Tired of the jokes,Tired of the lies.Everyone's so two-faced,Piece by piece my sanity dies.If there's something to be said,Then say it to my face.Not behind my back,What makes me a unique case?If you don't like my teeth,My personality or my weight.Don't talk when I'm not around,Just tell me what you hate.
Some questions will forever go unanswered. Some loves will forever go. Things we've never mastered. Things we've never shown. When will my answers come to me? When will my lover be? I've loved you all these years, yet am so confused with you. Are you just playing games with my head?
Thug Passion
Oh my dear love, I wish you well.As she reflects, in pasts she dwells.I'll be your guide, I'll be your friend.Under my wing, where have you been?The pain is real and so are you.I wish you well..... I really do.....You're my heart, I'll never forget that you're so beautiful.....She stares in the mirror and tends to fear that she's not beautiful.....Oh my dear love, how can this be?It holds you back, what makes you free.Just let it go and love yourself.Because I do, there's no one else.They make their jokes, they point and laugh.I'm here for you, don't turn your back.You're my heart, I'll never forget that you're so beautiful.....She stares in the mirror and tends to fear that she's not beautiful.....She makes her choice, she's all alone.A crying child, she's on her own.Remorsing for the choice she made.Will she go back? Is she still afraid?It feels so real when she's with me.It's not just me, she's here to be.You're my heart, I'll never forget that you're so beautiful.....She stares in
Desperate Now
I keep breaking all the promises That I keep making to myself You'd think by now that I'd be over this Instead I'm feeling sorry for myself So why does everything seem desperate now I should be feeling so alive But it feels like something's missing Something's wrong somehow It feels like something deep inside has died So why do I feel desperate now Why do I feel like dying Why do I feel desperate now Why do I feel desperate now I keep breaking all the promises That I keep making to myself But promises mean nothing to me anymore Circling the drain Spiraling to hell So why do I feel desperate now Why do I feel like dying Why do I feel desperate now Why do I feel desperate now
Unforgiven Ii
Lay beside me, tell me what they've doneSpeak the words I wanna hear, to make my demons runThe door is locked now, but it's open if you're trueIf you can understand the me, than I can understand the youLay beside me, under wicked skyThe black of day, dark of night, we share this paralyzeThe door cracks open, but there's no sun shining throughBlack heart scarring darker still, but there's no sun shining throughNo, there's no sun shining throughNo, there's no sun shining...What I've felt, what I've knownTurn the pages, turn the stoneBehind the door, should I open it for you....What I've felt, what I've knownSick and tired, I stand aloneCould you be there, 'cause I'm the one who waits for youOr are you unforgiven too?Lay beside me, this won't hurt I swearShe loves me not, she loves me still, but she'll never love againShe lay beside me, But she'll be there when I'm goneBlack heart scarring darker still, yes she'll be there when I'm goneYes, she'll be there when I'm goneDead sure she'll be
Leaving Fubar
In one week I plan on deleting my account. I need to get some pictures off of here and save them set. But the reason I'm leaving is I have alot of medical problems.... and I have lost touch with everyone on here.  If anyone wants a way to keep in touch after i delete my fubar then leave me a private message. I've had fun with ya'll and will miss some of you alot. Mischief
Friend Pic's....
I recently had a bad experience with one of the Fubar Bouncers. I posted a pic of her in one of my albums & forgot to ask permission to do so. She, (of course) called me out on it & deleted me as a friend before I had a chance to apologize for my actions. So I'd like to take this opportunity to ask all my friends, If by some chance I did not ask permission to put you in my album & you feel violated some how. Please let me know & I'll be more than happy to remove your pic. Just like the Bouncer in question, the women in my album are drop dead gorgeous & I wanted to honor your beauty some how.
Manbreak - "ready Or Not (ben Grosse Kombat Mix)"
A Brave New World
Dying swans twisted wings, beauty not needed hereLost my love, lost my life, in this garden of fearI have seen many things, in a lifetime aloneMother love is no more, bring this savage back homeWilderness house of pain, makes no sense of it allClose this mind dull this brain, Messiah before his fallWhat you see is not real, those who know will not tellAll is lost sold your souls to this brave new worldA brave new world, in a brave new worldA brave new world, in a brave new worldIn a brave new world, a brave new worldIn a brave new world, a brave new worldDragon kings dying queens, where is salvation nowLost my life lost my dreams, rip the bones from my fleshSilent screams laughing here, dying to tell you the truthYou are planned and you are damned in this brave new worldA brave new world, in a brave new worldA brave new world, in a brave new worldIn a brave new world, a brave new worldIn a brave new world, a brave new worldA brave new world, in a brave new worldA brave new world, in a
Death Is It.
Death consumes the living, you can't escape this feeling. We see it coming, we feel it's embrace. When we're children we feel immortal, And our parents lie about death. Why?
The Good Life
At the end of this email is a quote of the month by Jay Leno. If you don't read anythingelse, please read what he said. Very well stated, Mr.Leno. TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED THE 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered withbright colored lead-base paints.   We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, locks on doors or cabinets andwhen we rode our bikes, we had baseball caps not helmets on our heads.   As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seatbelts or air bags.   Riding in the back of a pick up truck on a warm day was always a special treat.   We drank water from the garden hose and not from a bottle.   We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and n
She Scares Me
one of the top woman on here are always looking at my profiles and its creepy to see her always looking for rates but yet she does not return the favor! the begging is really pathetic and who has the time to get to the top??? im not interested in it at all! but when i told her she was creepy this is what she wrote me back! she can barely speak english lmfao whats your problem sweetie?Im not stalking you or anyone what I do is I rerating not stalking I dont even know how you look like HAHAHA I dont even look at your pic as you can see if ppl view you I'll be on the your pic looking LOL I dont stalk ppl I RATE ppls profiles and sometimes I came twice coz I dont even remember whether I rate the person or not,SO PLZ DONT FLATTERED YOURSELF SWEETIE I dont even know how you look like how can Im stalking you LOL I just rate your profile and go next and DONT FAN OR RATE ME If you dont want I DONT PUT GUN ON YOUR HEAD Thanx for your time and DO BLOCK ME if you think Im creepy JEZZZZ LOL!!
Pissed Off
Just cus I don't want to date someone and they decide to be all but hurt and start some childish bullshit with me and friends and whatnot, I go and block them on all my email accounts than they text me and I have to tell them repeatdly to leave me alone again and than they call me a cunt and tell me I don't care about my kid. Than they make another account on fubar and come stalking me with that. what the fuck., get a fucking clue. and yeah call me whatever you want say what you will but talk shit about my kid those are fighting words and you cross the line. Get over yourself just because somebody does not want to be with you gives you no right to talk about someone's child
  Max Ehrmann Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and haste,and remember what peace there may be in silence.As far as possible without surrenderbe on good terms with all persons.Speak your truth quietly and clearly;and listen to others,even the dull and the ignorant;they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons,they are vexations to the spirit.If you compare yourself with others,you may become vain and bitter;for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble;it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.Exercise caution in your business affairs;for the world is full of trickery.But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;many persons strive for high ideals;and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself.Especially, do not feign affection.Neither be cynical about love;for in the face of all aridity and disenchantmentit is as perennia
Art Neighbor
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A Blind Eye (act 5, Pt 2)
When Auntie Cherry left, he found himself sitting out there for just a little while longer. The night had a serene feeling to it, though there was something terribly wrong; he just couldn't put a finger on it. The air was calm, a little crisp but that's what happened when the sun went down. His eyes closed as he picked up on the scent of something sweet. When he opened his eyes again, he spotted the Dog that belonged to the Wise's, a family that had been living on the straight and narrow for years. This dog amazed him though. Three legs. One had been amputated after it'd been hit by a car. It hobbled a little but that didn't matter. His name was Jack, a fighter to the bitter end. A collie that found it's peace even with the daily torment of having to keep it's balance and itself out of trouble. The dog liked him though. It perked up a little bit when he whistled, and padded over to him. "Hey what's up guy?" He reached over, petting the mongrel's head. "Nice night isn't it?" Pathetic.
Lasting Love And Being In Love
Well I can't believe it, in 10 days it will be mine and my bf's 4 month anniversary. Longest relationship I've had. I'm so in love. I feel so amazing because of him. I love him very deeply, more than words can truly say. I haven't ever felt like this and its great, well I should say more like amazing. I know some of ya are probably getting tired of reading blogs about it, but ya know what. I don't give a damn. These are for expressing our feelings/emotions right.
CDC or the Center for Disease Control tells me on their website that Lupus Anticoagulant is not a disease in itself but part of HIV or something called Guillain-Barre-Syndrome. Please check that spelling. Another word, a Autoimmune disease. All those in favor of this surgery please stand up and strap yourselves to the Saturn V Rocket and figgure out how you'll get it goin? Ever go fishin? I have my favorite spots and I get a nibble here and there. This brings me to I have 911 don't I? If I went this far I should have no problem going further? A lie will get you a lie. What's next? What else? Norio
Dear Goof,
Last night as I thought about what I would say to you today the words seemed to flood into my head, but now as I sit here trying to find the perfect words (Yes, my OCD is kicking in) I cannot find the words to tell you what I am feeling.  If someone would of asked me 3 years ago if I would fall in love again, I would of screamed NO!  After Dave's death I felt like the world had ended and I would be alone the rest of my life, but then I logged onto Lost Cherry and who did I find leaving those sweet comments on some of my ugliest *runs* pictures .... YOU!  Even as we were talking on yahoo and on the phone I still never dreamed that we would be anything other than friends.  I was not ready to move on, but you were patient with me.  You never pushed me.  You sat and listened (and you still do) to me ramble about Dave and hold me as I cry when it is his birthday or I am just really missing him.  This is not something that most guys would do.  You are truly one of a kind when it comes to t
Hillbilly Thangs
Well I was wearing a shirt without sleeves that said, "This is My Fishin Shirt."  Today alone, I bet there were four people coming up to me sayin it was either way too redneck, or hillbilly.  I can't understand why people think I really care what they have to say lol  I think if I did, I probably wouldn't wear the damn thing.  Besides, I got the thing from Penney's lol  I love me some fishin, that's fer sure.  But if you're gonna come up to me and call me a redneck, check yourself out first.  Promise you, you might not be too far from that proverbial tree ;)
Why Not Ask
There is a very good place to eat in Glassboro and it is P&B Diner. Someone asked me to go with her to a Laboratory and I agreed and we stopped at P&B Diner. These was a couple and the man was talking about someone in Clayton who was depressed and angry that he was dying and was making it misereable for every one. Why not ask tihs man what really happened and those involved? Infact let everything be public. From A to Z and everything else and see if this patron of P&B is justified or am I the one in the right. I am the one that agreed to this surgery almost two moths ago. It is the physicians that has stopped it or is there an investigagtion over a possibly defunct police officer who has breeched the patient confidentiality laws along with some of these physicians. Norio  
Never Thought That Happens To Me Ever :(
let me say that i never thought that my own sister say that she is dealing with me as if i am an orphan or a poor person and she gives me a charity and not considering me as a brother and from family.i feel like i was stabbed from my own flesh and blood and tears and bleeds are the less thing that anyone can ever see what i am going through right now.i wish if i was never borned but because my mom needs me and needs someone to help her out like she did to me whne i was helpless in my early days, so i am just living for my mom to give her some of the favors mom did to me and still do.i knew that relatives especially mysister that she is bigger than me by one a half years  killed me and made my heart bleed and feel like i wish if i never ever exist fro what she did and does to me and my mom... i am almost dying and wanted to say how i feel that is all.
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Watch The Video
At The Far Ends Of Chaos...
I look yet see not but more suffering and lies; the lemmings just continue on swatting their flys. The TV turns white with fuzz as I wish for sleep; when had my life turned to counting sheep? Nearly a year ago when the world was young; I met a woman who promised a life of fun. We swooned, she swollowed and life was grand; then one day when happiest I was, she left my land. And now she sleeps with another man...
Living In Ft Collins, Co 2001
So back in the summer of 2001, I moved out to Colorado to live with a friend I met on new years 2000 in London. Lisa had her friend, Megan, that was going to live with us as well. I arrived out there and went to Target where they were working at the time and saw them at their cash registers and Snuck up and surprised them. I introduced myself to Megan after giving Lisa a big I missed you hug. I noticed that Megan was giving me looks, up and down and made a silly comment that I had wonderful pecks. Lisa rolled her eyes becasue she had told me before I came that I wasn't supposed to sleep with my roomates. Anyways, I got the key to our summer house and went there to start unpacking. They got off work a couple hours later and came in the door happy and dancing and we started to set things up. I brought along some air matresses to sleep on for the summer (was easier to cross the country in a Jeep with that than a bed). They hadn't got their beds over to the house yet so we sat there blowi
Jager Night
Well Jager Night was a  blast as usual.  Amazingly, I didn't wake up with a hang-over ;)  It was nice to see the old friends and new faces.  It was definitely worth the wait.  I suppose the party was near over around 3:00 a.m.  Next time, I think we'll invite a new game to the party...Pong...Most definitely ;)
Well it's been 144 days of sobreity for me. The last year and a half i've lost control of my drinking and of my life. I've finally got things back on track for myself and a great support system for my sobreity. One thing i have learned is there is temptation every where for those of us who have drinking problems. I am thankful i was given another oppertunity to show i can keep sober. I want to thank those of you from here who have been supportive of me throughout everything..............
Quiet neighbor is always welcome but a noisy one that suddenly goes quiet and stays that way something is up. Two Saturdays ago I had a visit from someone. I gave the traditional nod up as he did. I went back to glance at a grassy field lost in thought. I took a break from the tree limb. The tree limb came down in front of me quietly but sadly to those that wanted to be amazed. Norio  
A Lovely Beauty
As the ages pass, we often look back at wonders from long ago.  Ancient relics of beauty that once were marveled for their beauty are still today gazed upon with amazement.  What’s past is now present.  What’s present will be future.  And what the future holds cannot be foretold.  But the wondrous beauties of our world will remain intact.  Will continuously be admired as if time has stayed the same.  For this I am certain.  Some things will never change.  The love we share for art.  Our lovely beauties shall remain.
A hug.  So tightly held, fills my stomach with butterflies.  Warming the blood within my veins, causing my feet to slightly lift. Your touch.  So elegantly placed, that my head feels like it’s filled with air.  As a chill rolls up and down my body, higher and higher my feet rise up. A kiss.  So passionately soft, sends my heart into frenzy.  With eyes closed tight, holding me slight, it feels like I’m walking amongst the clouds.  A memory.  So mindfully thought, directs me to a picture posted of you.  With a smile on my face and a glisten in my eye, the stars are almost within my reach. You.  It’s always been you, that’s given me joy when I had none.  How caring you are; so sweet to me.  With you, I always feel like I’m floating.
Here Kitty Kitty
I listen to the sound of the cat as it purrs. Rubbing against my leg looking for attention. Staring up at me like she’s calling me down. So I oblige without a moment’s hesitation. I rub her head gently. Her furs soaked as if she was playing in the rain. With her head tilted back, she softly moans. She enjoys my caressing touch. Her body tingles like it’s encased in an ocean of pleasure. I bend down to give her a little kiss on the lips. She explodes from under me as if her excitement had reached its peak. So I call out to her: “Here kitty kitty!”
Loved By Fate
What does it mean to be loved by fate?  Will she bring us together on a mid-summers day?  Allow is to kiss as the rain goes away?  Underneath the stars, will we talk all the way till the sun comes up the next morning we wait, to see what she has in store?  Is it wrong for me to hope when I open the door, to see you there glistening as the waterfalls pour?  You glide like as angel when walking across the floor.  It’s like your feet slowly rises and you begin to soar.  Of course, it’s nice to be loved by those, whose love you return just as lovers are chose.  A passion between us whenever we’re close, to show all others how we love I suppose.  So what does it mean to be loved by fate?  Will it bring us together on a mid-summers day?  Allow us to kiss as the rain goes away?  Underneath the stars, will we talk all the way till the sun comes up the next morning we wait, to see what she has in store?
Falling Off The Edge
I’m walking on the edge of a cliff.  As I look off the side, I see that there’s no bottom.  Or so it seems to my eyes.  Is this an illusion?  Could there really be no end to this cavern of jagged rocks?  I’m not too sure, but I know that I don’t want to find out first.  So I continue to walk on the edge of this cliff.  Staring into it as if mesmerized by the thought of it.  Suddenly, without the slightest bit of a hint, a strong gust of wind blows from the east.  My footing slips and I stumble to the side.  At this point, all I can see is a vast area of nothingness.  I’m falling.  Over the edge I’m slowly falling.  As I continue down this cavern of endless space, swiftly, my body begins to pick up speed.
Instant Turn On
When you walk into the room just fresh out the shower, still dripping wet from the heat of the steam, I watch you intensely as you pat your body dry.  Seductively, you make your way over to the dresser.  Looking for something sleek to throw on.  You pull out this little pink and blue set and slowly begin to dress yourself.  As I get up, I grab the bottle of Victoria’s Secret lotion and walk over to your location.  I insist that you let me be the one to apply it all over your body.  You agree without hesitation.  So, I get down on one knee and place your leg across my thigh.  Starting with you feet, I begin.  Using just enough for a thin application.  I rub it in with a firm but gentle motion.  I move up to your ankle, then your calf; your thigh.  Your body is warm to the touch.  At the top of the other leg, again I begin.  Working my way back down to your feet.  I stand up, putting my hands on the bed; I look deep into your eyes.  You place a kiss on my lips so passionately soft,
Perfected With Age
A beauty by any other name would sound just as sweet. But nothing could ever be as sweet as you. With a perceived notion that bonds every feeling, To be classified as nothing less than more than exquisite. A dynasty in mind that has years of experience, And yet, in years there is still much to gain.
More Artists
I discovered two new artists, new to me anyway.  Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers and Anjulie.  two artists that are worth listening too.  And you will hear them at BlastFM. Digging the sounds of the best internet station in the universe!!!
Day 2 Of Yuna
So I thought I'd create a small blog to give myself something to look back on (my memory is absolutely terrible some times). She's the most important part of my life right now and I think she deserves it :) Here it goes!   I found Yuna at the animal humane society adoption center, she was sleeping the whole time I was there until I asked to hold her. I was hesitant to get a female cat since all my past animals have all been male (except chickens). I looked at 2 other kittens, one was just too hyper active and not very attentive and then second was scratching up the carpet like crazy (my roommate wasn't too happy about that) so before we left I decided to see Yuna because I thought she looked so cute with her colorations. It took her a while to wake up and look at her surroundings, the poor thing was sneezing a lot. The second you put your hand on her she starts to purr and its so soothing and if for some reason stop petting her, she'll brush against you or try to get up in your face
Just Got Back To Fubar
Words Of Wanting
To Do Or Not To Do
If you can't get enough... Then keep on doing it! So people, you now what to do... aye Greetings from the Belgian Cannulator H&K to everyone...
 i have been offline for awhile but i am back to stay
My life .... UGH... it will never be what I want it to be - I am wholly convinced of this fact. It seems to me that I am doomed to have my life is governed and sealed off by the mistakes that others have made and the heartache that never fully heals. It's like free-falling... no net - no safety... no security... but when you signed up you asked for a parachute. I feel myself slipping into this depression and I can't stop myself. All the things that I have gripped so tightly too and depended on to keep me leveled out... all the things that seem wholly good to me are drifting away from me in a sense. I am trying really hard to be this understanding person that has it altogether - but inside I am flailing like a bird with a broken wing. Many people would look into my life and think that I have much to be proud ans happy about ... but in reality... there is so much that makes me unhappy. I think that I have set myself to certain ideals that I would like from life a long time ago. Things th
Like That Of Metal: That Which Kills Me.
Strong..but so easy to mold..i shine..and show reflection..of where i have come from..yet i am cold..and sometimes cruel..i am strength..yet so damned flawed..smooth icey many scars..been through ups and downs..pressure..and stress..yet here i remain..that which is everywhere..but is slowly being replaced..i am made..and thrown away..reused..melted down and refromed..for better use..i am the steel in your life..i am that support you will one day need..i hold up the broken..i am the name mention..from everyones lips..i that of metal..beaten..shaped..and put to use..but one day..i will no longer have use..and one day..i will be replaced..that which kills me..may just many grow..but only limited by that of the minds imagination..i am a lost soul..seeking understanding..but..morally broken..bleed much so..that i am cold to the touch..yet some will not see..the ghost in me..they will only see..what they wish to see..all this
So Many First With You
I still remember the first time we met.  You were quite, a little shy.  I kind of liked that.  Then, more and more we saw each other; you warmed up to me.  I saw you at your best and your worst and fell in love with the coolness that you exuberated.  Hanging out with you was always a blast.  We became good friends as the times past.  Unlike many other friendships I hope this one lasts. Thinking back I remember the first time we kissed.  So many thoughts left my mind amidst.  Which led to things that I’ve always wished; the first time we slept together.  Passionate sex that can never be repeated, but, I knew in the back of my mind we would.  And we did, because the very first time was so good. The first time you said you loved me left me shocked.  Stunned and surprised but I embraced the thought.  That maybe I could be in love as well.  I wasn’t really sure; it’s still up in the air.  I think I might be falling but what if it’s only lust; either way we’re
All In My Eyes
In a picture of a perfect world, you’d be the center piece.  Surrounded by an array of flowers, blowing in the wind.  In the midst of the sun that is rising to the east; which brings out the beauty from God given to thee.  But this picture is missing something that has yet to be seen.  Or known, and that’s why is it that you’re alone.  With a smile on your face like there’s nothing going on.  And a look in your eyes like there’s nothing wrong.  But all along, I know you’re not doing that fine.  Thinking to yourself how this world could be so unkind.  You’re locked up, but not letting show what’s on your mind.  In time, you’ll find out that someone is on his way.  But it’s your choice if he’s alright and if he’s gonna stay.  Will you like him?  Will you love him?  Will you send him bout his day?  What words will you speak to him?  What are you gonna say?  This man, he could be good for you; take care of your every n
Has To Be Me
Yesterday what I picked up at my Cardiologist office was quite different than what I wrote here or any other place and told anyone. I know it has to be me. What I picked up was another Psych Eval. Perhaps a Forensic Psychiatrist. The reason is very simple. Too many and I mean way too many people want me to have this surgery. Yet, there is no imminent surgery? How about the stranger and my contact with the FBI that no one knew about until way later? How about my sister telling me not to contact the FBI? How about her misunderstanding that I did, past tense and not that I will as I presented it to her, in the future tense. Hip and hip to the stranger and the way he presented himself and cannot deny the sad ass that he was to compromise everone. Typical of the private contractors often used by the military. So why is it I can't remeber my military past? Is it that it was erased or deleted? Maybe I don't want to remeber it. After all my friends are all locked up in that special prison buil
Capricorn Woman Cancer Man
CAPRICORN & CANCER: - You are polar opposites that do quite well together. You feed each other exactly what's needed. Security from you and loyalty and trust from the Crab.
Cancer Man Capricorn Woman
Cancer Man - Capricorn Woman RelationshipSUN SIGN COMPATIBILITY Male Cancer and Female Capricorn Good scope for positive romance here, but with a few key problem areas that you want to be aware of. Basically the attraction is fairly natural, it's earth and water, innit? She will be relaxed by his obvious emotional sensitivity; the fact that he won't walk all over her will allow her to be emotionally freer than usual. He will find that her stability helps him through his fluctuating moods. So what's the problem area? Basically, his moodiness and her stability. He can end up becoming emotionally self-indulgent and she might end up feeling more like his mother than his lover (which is a bit of a bore for women, in case you were wondering).
No Money
The cry is no money! I have to agree. Half a gallon of Ice Cream is now 1.5 quarts. Coffee that went to 13.7 oz from 16 oz is now 11.7 and lower. Yet the price is outrageous. I cried about the smokes. I did notice something though. That is the entire medicine. They are not only building but adding on. Psoitions are open and always for the physicians and certainly for the nurses who are short changed dut to the work load and the stress that goes with these position. Nurses female and male you have my vote of confidence. Also for the teachers. Positions increase and so does the schools. You tell me how bad your hurtin and go see for yourself what is going on. Look on the net at these mega job sites and what position are open. Look for a job as Nano Tech or whatever scifi and also for substance abuse and the medical field. Something aint right here. I see the ladies of the night have reduced their whatever way too much. Lot of the stores have nothing but sales and a lot of them are under
Unknown Love Quote
882. "Time passes quickly when you are in love and you can never get enough of the other person."Source UnknownSubmitted by Jasmine ParkerThis really strikes a chord with me... in fact I have maybe said some sort of generalized version of this many times in my life. If I believe that without exception... does that mean that if you can get enough that your love is fading?I am continually saying that TIME  & SPACE are the enemies in a relationship... I am not a supporter of the "distance makes the heart grow fonder" theory.. rather much the opposite...I am feel like when something is good you wanna just get as much as you possibly can of it... why let it fade or forget or become the obsession of another? I hear ya I hear ya.... (if it goes away it was never really mine to begin with)... hrmm i guess you could say that... but I mean if you neglect it and don't nourish it... how can you expect it to grow?I have never really been one that likes to let the fire smolder... a low flame at best
$25 Piercings/half Off Tattoos
Cheap piercings right now. $25 on mast piercings and buy one get one half off on tattoos.Come see us and bring a friend to 1179 W. Galbraith rd. Cincinnati OH. 45231
Movie Quotes 2
I won't let myself fall in love with a man who won't trust me, no matter what I do.   If can't get into his pockets between the two of us, we're not worthy of the name woman. Isolde: how many have you loved before me? Tristan: None. Isolde: And after me? Tristan: None Fifty years from now, when you're looking back at your life, don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car?  You're supposed to be the leading lady in your own life, for God's sake!  Poor old Cat. Poor slob. Poor slob without a name. I don't have the right to give him one. We don't belong to each other. We just took up one day. I don't want to own anything until I find a place where me and things go together. I'm not sure where that is, but I know what it's like. It's like Tiffany's. Im crazy about Tiffany's. You know what's wrong with you, Miss Whoever-You-Are? You're chicken. You're afraid to stick out your chin and say, 'Okay, life's a fact.' People DO fall in love. People do belong to
E, so says the gas gauge. Some truly don't understand what is right and wrong or what is lawful and what is unlawful. Anyone with any questions as to what I've just stated or asked, please, let me know. I'll immurse you into the holy, unrighteous, untouchable. you know the bunch that the law does not apply to them crowds. They sit proudly in their safe homes or mansions with the protection of both Fedral and State Law Enforcements. Can't forget private body guards. They have the Best of Health Care and Retirement Package around and guess what? Heads up of all the activities of just mentioned agencies. Thank God for This Stranger I met at Joe's in Mantua, NJ on May 13, 2009 ar 10:38 Hrs. Norio  
Redneck Jedi
You know you're a redneck jedi when.. You hear "Luke, I am your father... and your uncle..." You ever said the phrase, "May the force be with y'all." Your Jedi robe is camouflage. You have ever used your light sabre to open a bottle of Bud Light. At least one wing of your X-Wings is primer coloured. You can easily describe the taste of an Ewok. You have ever had a land-speeder up on blocks in your yard. The worst part of spending time on Dagobah is the dadgum skeeters. Wookiees are offended by your B.O. You have ever used the force to get yourself another beer so you didn't have to wait for a commercial. You have ever used the force in conjunction with fishing or bowling. You have ever had your R-2 unit use its self-defence electro-shock thingy to get the barbecue grill to light up. You have a confederate flag painted on the hood of your land-speeder. You ever fantasized about Princess Leia wearing Daisy Duke shorts. You have the doors of your X-wing wel
Show Me Your Mind!
Show me your mind..and not your body..let me know you..the inner you..the side that goes skin deep..let me see..just who you are..for the flesh is flawed..and tangible..i can see you..through your words..and thats the person i want to meet..a greeting of the but second place..for this world is a mess..and i am but a lone soul..trap amongst the the crowd..i know im not the fairest of them all..nor do i have the show myself to all who wish to see me..just bear with me..if we were all in darkness..and the lights were off..would your form make a differences to me..i am not jaded..nor are my worlds..i have a love of beauty..for it graces the pages i write..but it has no power over nothing to drool over..but its my mind..that defines me..and for an hear..whats near and dear to too would agree..that what i know it to be in a love doomed to fail..for every cell..grows old..and die..the mags are ful
Poor Me Some Jager
Another Jager Night down, and so many more to go :)  There was a new sort of drama that arrived to the party.  Relationship troubles...I know, it can be more common than not.  However, when you are asked to give advice while drinking alcohol, the answers can be quite entertaining :)  Friends don't let drunk friends...give advice...The guy asks me, "what should I do about her dude?"  My response, "Kick her out.  She's currently in the process of messin around on you...Kick...Her...OUT...What doe he do?  Calls her...apologizes...For freakin what?!  Nothing...He's freakin drunk...Putz  Oh, and I'll say, what a buzzkill.  Seriously, One of the first Jager nights that I didn't enjoy so much.  Freakin putz.
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Naughty Angels Lounge
They are real nice. Thet will say hello and them ban you. It must be the hooker lounge on this site
6 Ft Under Pt 2
I know how to love. I know how to hate. I know all that I consume, And what I create. I've created a monster. That monster is me. It's all of my fault, At least that I can see. Don't try to help me, When I can't even try. Don't even look at me, My whole life is a lie. I don't fear myself, I fear for all of you. I didn't want to be violent, But my fears have come true. I just had to be evil, I just had to kill. Now you'll be buried, 6 feet under a hill.
I look back on my life and remember some things but not others. I remember what it felt like to watch her sleep. The slow and steady rise & fall of her chest. What it felt like to run my fingers threw her hair. I liked what it felt like to nusal my nose just behind her ear and feel her hair across my face. It is a memory now nothing more or less. I look back and remember some things and not others. I look at the pictures of one or two of the lady's here on fuar and wonder what it would be like to make those kind of memories with them. What suprises me is what I remember of the past. I think that the bad memories fade with time & all I am left with the good ones.
Male Chest Fat
Male chest fat Gynexin
As most of you know I was in a severe car accident last November. I was hit by a semi. I had alot of injuries. I had broke my left arm and leg upper and lower part of them, I broke my pelvis in 6 to 8 places, I had internal bleeding, spleen and liver laceration. I had bruised ribs, I had a massive wound on my left hip that required me to have a wound vac for 8 months. It had to be changed three times a week that was a pain cause it hurt. It was caused by a corn stalk getting stuck up my hip when I was thrown 10 feet from my car. They took skin from both my thighs to put on my left hip. It did not take in the beginning but when they did it later on in I think it was February it worked. My thighs will never tan again oh well. I am alive. I was on a ventilator, and I had a trake. I had all sorts of tubes a gtube which is a feeding tube up your nose, I had a tube for pain meds and regular meds, one for the blood they were trying to give me since I had lost so much, and more tubes. I went i
Post-surgery 2
Well it has been a month since my hip surgery, I seem to be doing ok. I got my staples out the 15 of this month. I JUST ABOUT punched my doctors assistant in the nose, she was taking out my staples and one did not want to come out, it was stuck. I go back next month for a check up. He said the surgery worked, I am glad. I might have a surgery on my arm the metal in it is bothering me, it hurts to do certain things. I am not sure how many more surgeries I will have to have. I hope and pray not many more or none at all. I do apreciate all your thoughts in prayers throught out all I have been through this past year and a half. Its hard to believe sometimes that I survied such a tragic accident. I thank GOD every day for sparing my life. As some of you know I have been recieving money from social secuity called SSI, well it was only 30 bucks a month, and since I am not longer in the nursing home and my insurance is not paying for me to be there I quilify for more money,well since I just to
For those of you that know and those who don't I am having surgery tomorrow on my right hip. The doctor is taking out the screws and fusing it together. My sacrim moves and it is not suppose to. As for those who are wondering why I am having it done. I am in a lot of pain when I lay down. Now I am facing the fact that it hurts when I am up in my electric wheel chair. I hope this surgery will help my pain. For those of you that will be praying for me tomorrow I thank you for that now. This accident as taken its tole on me but I am still fighting even as I am home from the nursing home. I may never be the same again but I have my life and I am sooooooooooooo Thankful for that. I Thank God, my family, and my friends who have been there for me through out this whole process with out them I might have given up. I can not forget the little guy I was watching Edin. I had his picture in my room at the hospital, rehab, and nursing home. I missed him so much. His mom has said I can start watchin
Well I have been home now from the nursing home since last November, I seem to be doing ok now that I am at home. I have had one surgery since I have been home it seems to have worked I hope. My hip still bothers me sometimes. I think its because I keep picking up the neighbor kids. I figure why not I am outside she is outside, plus she like to sit on my lap and play with my cell phone and go for a ride on my power chair. Her parents don't seem to mind. They are outside too. I go back to the docotr for my hip next month, was suppose to be this month but I had to call an cancel. Something came up. I thought I was gunna be starting work up again this summer but I guess not( I was watching little boy before my accident). His mom is no longer the manager of the apartments where I live. She decided it was time to move on in the company. I know where she is moving to I could always go visit him. I am now receiving SSI, so that is gunna help out me and mom. I now have a laptop, so that helps.
  Here in the Dominants section are articles which help explain the ways a Dominant thinks, and those things which are important to them. This section is good reading for subs too!
Dominant Or Master
A controversial chat room topic, for sure. I guess you have to first clarify if you're talking about real time, or online cyber. Online, a person chooses what he is called. Dom, Lord, Master, God, Grand Imperial Poobah. Since there is nothing to judge by, no seen talent, no reality, you can call yourself whatever you like. Everyone is out to "Top" the next guy. The latest fad is to combine titles, to give it more validity. MasterDomX, LordMasterZ. It's a good thing chat limits the size of screen names, or no doubt we would already have a SirDom LordTop MasterExtreme. In the BDSM community, these titles are often earned, from respect. People see you, talk to you at the local meetings and clubs, recognize a level of experience and knowledge. I never labeled myself. It was interesting to be introduced at a meeting or club as "my friend, Neil" to "Sir Neil," and eventua
The fantasy of having someone at your beck and call, someone to order about at your whim, someone who will serve you sexually non-stop, is a fun one. The realities of being an Owner are rewarding, and they can be fun, but it is also a lot of work. Carefully consider before you leap. Are you prepared to make sure this person is cared for? Are you willing to take the time, and spend the money, to get them included in your will? How about the legal paperwork to have yourself declared a health care agent for them, so that if anything should happen you can make decisions for their well being? The paperwork so that you can take care of their financial concerns should something happen? What about their retirement fund? If they’re going to be your live-in slave without an outside source of income, what sort of money are you putting into a retirement fund f
Ethics And The Modern Master
A Master's word is law. That principle is pretty much universally accepted. And yet it cuts a very large swath across the life of the slave that it will affect. For a Master to rely on this adage as a tonic for getting his own way without an argument, when informed guidance to the slave would achieve the same thing, is lazy. It is also wrong. It cheapens the trust of the slave and reduces the master to having no more power than the local schoolyard bully. Unlike the barbarism that shares the moniker of the lifestyle niche that we practice, consensual slavery is at its heart the agreement of one or more people to follow the edicts of another. In essence most of us practice a creative form of slavery grounded on the assumption that the master is noble and the slave is treasured. No matter how intricate the phrasing or how legal-sounding a slave contract might appear,
It seems to Me that this well accepted and widely utilized part of O/our D/s lifestyle is frequently misunderstood and/or misapplied. I’m not certain how many Dominants take the time to know why They punish or discipline, much less the form in which it is applied. Yet, most of Us seem quite adept at doling it out. I’d like to take a moment to reflect upon these issues, in hopes that with greater understanding of them, the punishments/disciplines may prove to be both more reasonably employed and effective. The first question, “why do Dominant’s punish/discipline?” is perhaps the most important. It will set the tone for the structure and type of punishment/discipline used. In this regard, I have two suggestions. Never punish/discipline out of anger. Everyone is human, including submissives
So You Want To Be A Master
Preface: First off, I have to tell you that my hackles go up just thinking about the concept that one can "want" to be a master. It riles me even more so than submissives who think they can wish themselves into instant slavery without a master to serve. At least, the latter know they are submissive. I have encountered some "dominants" whose thinking includes the notion that capitalizing their screen names is the only price of admission into Club Dominance. The harsh reality, as I have come to live it, is that one can develop the native qualities of mastery or submission which lay within them, but those qualities cannot be created out of nothing, or by wishing them into being. In other words, they can only be nurtured if they are there to start with! Therefore, this article is directed to those who have already discern
What Is A Dominant ?
Like the same question, what is a submissive, this is probably one of the biggest questions that is argued about in BDSM and D/s. Each person who has an interest in the lifestyle will undoubtedly have their own ideas about what makes a person dominant, but there will always be some common threads running through everyone's definitions. It is also worth noting that a Dominant may not necessarily be seen as a good Dominant, although this too is open to interpretation by each persons own ideas of what a Dominant should, or should not be. There are probably too many individual characteristics to list, because every person will react differently to every situation but, if you were able to observe a number of people, you might say "Yes that one is Dom", or "No, that one is not", based upon their
  The submissive is both a complex individual, and one who has simple and well defined needs. Understanding those needs is important for both the sub themselves as they become more aware of their lifestyle choices, and for Dominants too so that they may fulfill and cater to the needs of their submissive partner.
Slave V's Submissive.
Many ask if slaves truly exist. In the way a dictionary and history define slavery, no they do not exist in most modern countries. (Though there is some contention that slavery rings do still exist in secret) Most people in civilized countries generally agree that the legal ownership of another human being is immoral and thus make it illegal. However, in the world of BDSM, one will find that some of the people involved call themselves by many different terms; one of these is the term "slave". Of course, this often raises the question of how is a slave different from a submissive. This question often is met with outright hostility, disbelief in the existence of slaves and the thought that the words slave and submissive (as nouns) are interchangeable terms within the context of BDSM. Many will not
The fantasy of having someone at your beck and call, someone to order about at your whim, someone who will serve you sexually non-stop, is a fun one. The realities of being an Owner are rewarding, and they can be fun, but it is also a lot of work. Carefully consider before you leap. Are you prepared to make sure this person is cared for? Are you willing to take the time, and spend the money, to get them included in your will? How about the legal paperwork to have yourself declared a health care agent for them, so that if anything should happen you can make decisions for their well being? The paperwork so that you can take care of their financial concerns should something happen? What about their retirement fund? If they’re going to be your live-in slave without an outside source of income, what sort of money are you putting into a retirement fund f
So You Want To Be A Slave
This article has been written because I have seen so many submissives come into the lifestyle expecting everything to be dream-like and perfect. I don't wish to ruin anyone's dreams, or turn them from the activity, but what I wish to do is to explain how things really are. Being a slave can be, and is for me, a wonderful life. It's everything I wanted it to be. It is also more than I ever expected, and had someone explained the realities to me prior to my decision, it would have made my transition so much easier. First, there are a few things you need to discover for and about yourself. Do you wish to be in this type relationship 24/7? Perhaps you only wish to be in it during the scenes. Maybe you want to role-play at only during certain times. There are many ways this activity can be done, but you have to figure out w
Slave Contract
slave, previously in possession of her own person, agrees and states that she wishes and intends to deliver herself entirely into the hands of ....................... her Master. Master agrees and states that he wishes and intends to take possession of slave. By signing this Slavery Contract, it is agreed that slave gives up all rights to her own person in every manner, and that Master takes entire possession of slave as property, claiming for himself her life, her future, and her heart and mind. 1.0.0 Slave's Role (a) Slave agrees to obey and submit completely to Master in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the slave may willfully refuse to obey the directive of Master, except in situations where the slave's veto (section 2.0.1) applies. (b) Slave also agrees tha
Master V's Abuser
I suppose to some there is no difference between the two labels, after all doesn't a Master use and effectively abuse their slave in much the same way an abusive partner does????? Well Yes they do in some ways, yet not in others, however the difference lies in one single word..... Consensual.Having been subject to forced slavery to the extent that it nearly took my life I know the difference. However to some the line may not be that clearly defined and that can cause problems with often devastating consequences. I have always been submissive by nature, always wanting to please others, always making sure everyone else was contented before, if at all, ensuring I was. I was always drawn to Dominant personalities, respected authority even viewed it a little different to others. It is that nature that led me and many others to find them selves in
Safe Words And Safe Guards
Many of My articles find their genesis in conversations and posts that I participate in. This article is an example of one such occassion. Special thanks to dixie for the inspiration. To begin, let's define what a "safeword" is. It is a word chosen by a submissive and known by the Dominant (or bottom and Top) that will halt a scene whenever a submissive feels that their physical, emotional or mental safety is threatened, or that a hard limit has been reached. In addition to a safeword, many couples also rely upon "safe signals" for the same purposes, since submissives may participate in scenes in which they are gagged or otherwise unable to communicate verbally. The first question many people have is, why have a "safeword" over a simple "no" or "stop". I've heard it postulated that during the course of a
The Gift Theory
Note to Readers: My position on this concept will probably be more than a little unpopular with some folks. After all, how dare any respectable dominant in today's touchy feely new age politically correct world not agree that submission is a gift?! But then again, I've never been one to seek popularity over clarity. Now when I talk about this I'm going to use the word "you" a lot and probably "he" and "she" and "him" and "her" a few times. Obviously I'm not saying "you" and meaning anyone in particular, it's simply the generic "you" in this case. And any references to "he" and "she" would apply as easily if you reversed the genders in most cases - it's just easier for me to write from my own particular perspective. (For simplicity I'm also going to use the words "dominant" and "submissive" as if they aren't really jus
Fear Of Failure.
All too often I have found, in my travels via the internet and in talking to submissives with lots of life experience, maturity and even BDSM experience, that a very high proportion of these submissives acknowledge a common fear. Uppermost in their minds is the fear of failure: Failure to please, failure to achieve a required standard, failure to be able to do what they think they should, and failure even to "qualify" as a submissive. Equally, those who are already within some kind of relationship with a Dom, be it online or real life, have this feeling of not being able to "make the grade". One could say that this might be because many submissives carry, maybe from past relationships, a low self esteem image of themselves. Usually, if they were to look at themselves from outside, they in fact, have
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When you rate someones page and pictures, Don't you think that person should return the love!? What about gifts? I think when someone does sends you something and or rates you, you should return the love, Its only fair right!!!???? Tell me if I'm wrong??
Jo-Ann said irresponsible for a psychiatrist a Major to prescribe 30 capsules of Tofranil PM 150mg. a Tricyclic Antideppresant and take a vacation of 30 days the very next day. I said it is impossible and never took place. Military protocol will not allow it. My rank was SP4/E-4 and at that rank it is not allowed. I would of have to been a Commissioned Officer to be able to that. Norio  
The One
The one that watches nothing personal but sometimes I go off line completely and there is no way to look up what I did. Say hi to all and I was wondering what do I have to do to make you show yourself? Ever look up  
Shadow, The Demon From Hell
    Demons have leaped fromthe out side world, attacking my mind and my heart. My internal war is chewing, eating my flesh from the inside out. They aching pain from the knife they have driven  so deep into my heart. The endless, sleepless nights of these demons ripping at my flesh, even my tears will not make it stop. I long for my mind to rest, but night draggs on in slow motion. I am no longer the a man, but to become this hidious ugly monster, caught in a fire that has burned the flesh form my bones. My heart is laid to rest in the dirt and has begun to rot. From my hearts prison  to the dirt, I fall to hell, forever to burn eternity. The pain is unbearable, of when I was once a worrior of a love and the Godess that once stood by my side. My belly is crawling with worms. I am sinkend by what she has asked of me. The over whelming taste of vomit creaps up in my throat. The vomit of demons are trying to rip from my chest, to be realsed into the world and I am their host.  
Jus A Song I Was Bored As Hell K Lol
Get on your mark, get setReady or not here I comeYouve been looking for loveWell honey, I can give you someWhen your world is standing stillI can turn it aroundPut your head up in the cloudsAnd pick your feet off the groundChorus:My loveAre you ready for my love, my loveMy love, my love is ready for you.If youre looking for a heart thats always trueOnly to you, then my loveMy love, my love is ready for you.Girl, Ive heard it saidThat love is good for the soulI see the hunger in your eyesBurning out of controlMy love is overflowing from a loving cupGirl, I know youre downBut love will lift you up.ChorusMy love is overflowing from a loving cupGirl, I know yourre downBut love will lift you upChorusMy love, my love is ready for you....
Far Away
Current mood:  blank Category: Life far away.... isolate myself from you  i dont know what to do distance separating my own existencefrom why im still aliveinto the depths of diversity i divefeeling so far awayfeeling on the insideand this time its to real as it hurts so much to feel i would kill just to feel you as i did but yourself from me is now hid youll never understand how i really feelso my emotions must remain sealed so far down darkness where the light does not shine i'd like to pretend everythings finebut all this is to much to mask and in dyeing with everyone else i wish things couls be as they once were but that possibility seems.....even further away from you i have noone to blame but myself now i must live with what ive done or die so the regret will be gone
Do You Understand?
understand? Current mood:  bummed Category: Writing and Poetry Who Understands- People vent people mend it's all that bullshit that became not needing to explain. Simple matters bleeding bigger splatters. Dripping ones true sins. Only to be one with them pacing steps back and forth along the cracking floor borads. Hearing the heart beat once more. Fighting dreams with reality wish the soul could not have been sold. It's not equal  nor its fair who ever said not to stare. Playing lost and found standing on borads and sand sent out to sea. Wishing upon a star for contement only to resent it. My cause is simple yet its not easy leaving ones mind to gain another. Slice open an eye to see the finelines underneath all lies. Now standing to one side with no line behind. Waiting with ticket in hand for all those ones who understand...
Ashes And Dust
ashes and dustCurrent mood:  betrayed Category: Writing and Poetry -- Ashes and Dust-- My heart left burning inside hidding away all the lies left to die. Scars burning all over again feeling my soul trying to escape the flames. Smothering my screams breathing through ashes and dust. Feeling left alone just like once before, locked up always inside wanting to die. It's been years and many dreams down the line i still can't find where it all became flooded and full of shame wishing the same. Will it ever change or is this always my game paddling threw old lies thought to hide away my true life. Only to bare it all in one call wishing I never said anything at all. They start their game and chains start to sound like my only fate, even after my own self hate takes over in their place. All I want is to flee and be free, why can't I let go of all these screams and dreams..
Wrap It Up
NOTE: This was inspired by creating this fubar account, logging in and being hit with spam witnin seconds... some sex thang. If it wasn't for the obese woman in leather I might have been switched on... We as a society have grown to become perverts... And that's fucking amazing. What I hate is a prude. That whole body chastity won't do doggie style sort of attitude sucks the big one. My question to you is WHY THE FUCK NOT?! You have a body for a reason... the second you're yanked from your Mommas whoseewhatsit, slapped on the ass and welcomed to this shit can we call the world you begin to die. We're all time bombs... some were wired better than others. Some fuck up their wiring beyond repair but regardless we have a very small window to enjoy life. So why not enjoy the best gift you can possibly enjoy... a nice fuck. I mean seriously. It boggles my mind. Sexual exploration is a way of life, it's healthy (wrap_it) and above all feels fucking great. Why not do it sideways and right w
  Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.I do it for the joy it brings, cause I'm a joyful person. 'Cause the world owes us nothing, we owe each other the world.Dreams are like may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.
Just Things
"Life's truest happinessis found in are realsonshipwe make along the wayDon't stop smiling, itwill change the world. I WANT TO THANK YOU, ICOUNT ON YOU AGAIN ANDAGAIN. NEVER STOP BEINGYOU! I APPRECIATE ALL YOUDO. Celebrate the happinessthat we are alwaysgiving, make every day aholiday and celebratejust living!"Think where glory mostbegin and end, And i mustsay my glory was had wheni meet you.When you are happy youmake the world a happierplace.""It is kindness in you not beauty thatwins my love."For this I am blessed your the most wonderfull person. You give much andknow not that you give atall"
Our Dearest Lord, this much I prayIn Your heavenly namePlease bless my friends, in every wayTheir trust has filled the heart of meWith love, beyond the normMy friends are angels, one and allEach is special and kindBecause of them, Iam standing tallOur lives are intertwinedIn darkness, they have been my dawnMy will to trudge aheadI pray their goodness carries onBy Your grace, they are ledFrom morning untill the starlight fadesHold my friends in Your careLet only sunlight touch their shadesBe their strength everywherePlease, Lord, I ask you shine a lightUpon these precious dearsFor they deserve the pure delightThey alive brought me,A new day A new hope A new beginning O lord soak all my negativity Bless me with peace Bless me with friends and lasting prosperity Friendship is a priceless giftthat cannot be bought or sold,But its value is far greaterthan a mountain made of goldFor gold is cold and lifeless,it can neither see nor hear,And in the time of troubleit is powerless to cheerIt has
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'ass' The Focus
"That's a sweet ass ride!" "Go blow it out your ass" "That's one ugly ass..." "Butthead" "Butt munch" 'Cavity searches' The term 'butt pirate' ect. The world is full of quotes/things that seem to have an 'ass' connection. There are times I can't even believe how  many terms relate to it! Don't get me wrong, I don't care but I can't help but observe how popular it tends to be a topic, I mean women think all guys think/care about are boobs, but, nope, the ass is the view point :P 'Anal probes' You can tell the world is ass focused here. They talk of aliens, advanced life forms and yet, these 'advanced life forms' got a thing for the ass too LOL. I mean I always have found this amusing but seriously, don't think any aliens have come to visit and don't think there's any reason to think they want to go out of their way to shove objects up our ass. This HAS to be in relation to the human race's obsession with ass lol... The planet 'Uranus' Am I the only one who DOESN'T think this
!0 Rules Of Fubar!!!
Fuck You number ONE. To the people who have like 25,000 friends; Are you fucking serious? You're stupid. Go play in traffic. Fuck you number TWO. Don't ever post pictures and say: "OMG, I'm so ugly" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. If you do you're a fucking moron. Fuck you number THREE. NOBODY cares about threats over the internet, so don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the Special Olympics; Even if you win, you're still retarded. Fuck you number FOUR. Quit crying because you're not on someones Family. Who cares?!? ITS FUBAR!!! If you really cared that much, you would pick up the damn phone! Fuck you number FIVE. Who really cares if I don't accept you as a friend? MOVE ON!!! Don't send me another request or message asking "What's up with you not adding me?" I don't want you as a friend, that's what's up, Asshole.... Fuck you number SIX. 6th graders who have FUBAR and look like sluts
I just recently got banned from Whiskey Falls lounge because a fata$$, whiny, crybaby, b1tch isn't man enough to fight his own battles. So he got some of his dumba$$ little friends to fight for him. I find this funny as hell, because I really could care less about this site or it's stupid lounges. I had another candy aSS little pu$$y rate me a "1", then blocked me, because I went off on the horse faced c*nt of an owner. That's hilarious, because he thinks that's gonna hurt my feelings or something. OMFG ROTFLMAOUIPMP. Arguing with stupid people on the internet is like running a race in the special olympics ... yeah you won, but you're still a retard. So to all the futards in the world ... do us all a favor ... pull your bottom lip up over your head and SWALLOW ... like your mother should've !
my life had nothing my life was nothing i was empty i wanted to waste away to nothingness to feel nothing to to hold nothing but for you have came into my life and all the feelinof nothing faded away i have my life now there was a piece of me always hoping for you and i have you now the nothingness is no more
Is It Wrong
is it wrong   Why? Is it so wrong to want the things inside you noticed to come alive Why does anyone have to keep your wants hidden away and never allow them to be felt or seen or fill with such a strong need ,that when if ever was mentioned ,what truly would allow me grow and become so happy in life ,be so wrong when I ever allow it to be known and not stay hidden I secretly cry inside To have feel Its shame and wrong that whats inside me has to stay hidden away and not be known as to allow it to be known will only hurt or guilt that is not me at all deeply inside me to not live a life with allowing whats inside you be known and breath as PART of who you are is such sadness inside ones self To be told be myself although is that not part of who I AM what lays deeply inside me my own soul to be released and allowed to bloom and be noticed and LOVED in was I need to be complete is it wrong? Kiss my tears away and notice whats inside me too to
  We spend so much our Time ,with Confusion in our Lives ,at Least some days I can admit I do . Sometimes we also live our Lives not How we really wish our Lives to turn out to be ,some days it could hold expectations of What we allow our selves to be living a life that at times could scream out to you ,this is not your life although your living a life the way someones wishes you to be living . Someday you find your self living with a world filled with past experiences that no matter how you try escape those experiences of the past they seem to be filling up your life existence with the pain that someone shall not let go inside themselves . You look across the net and see ,ebbing of pain even if it is small tiny ventures ,it is there for you to see though filling your growth in no stop You know ,you changed although your finding yourself unable to see those changes and you wonder why ,what is covering this new change in you that was as living a fresh of breath air . Hearing
Don't Rob Each Other Of Time In Life
  TIME -THIS LIFETIME -IS BASED ON HUMAN TIME FRAMES OF ONE LIFE   Knowing Time Frames ,how many Laugh at hearing those Spoken Words . At same Time ,those Spoken Words ,those that live a life ,as there is all the Time in the World and waking up one day to find out ,just how much Time they have wasted in one life time ,that could have been lived much well rounded Life for themselves and others in this World .   How many Time you heard those spoken Words only if I knew ,Time would been different and lived and shared with more intense meaning or next Words is I really hold no regrets in how I lived my life when something hidden or secretly unspoken has stated a feeling I wish I held just a little more Time . Or really I lived a life just the way I wanted for self although we never seem to notice that life we connected and shared and held onto in one life time we actually shared ourselves with not thinking of that life being lived ,as life is really not limited to ones own self no m
I am one of those people that are driven to be wealthy. I come from a middle class family and my parents were very poor in my early days of childhood. My mom told me when I grew up that there was a time when she did not eat out, nor bought anything that was not a necessity for 9587 straight days. My dad was an Economist by training, but changed his career to be a Management Specialist for an additional $4000 a month in salary because his old salary was just not enough. In 1989, we immigrated to Italy, and because my dad was afraid he could not find a job in the new country, he stayed behind. I am not sure if this was the only factor, but the additional push for more money prompted him to look for another job. Luck had it, another company wanted to hire him for his experience as an Operations Manager a few years after the rest of our family immigrated to Italy. He was also offered twice the salary that he originally was getting. Although I did not really realize it at the time, this ma
Walking The Dog
I was watching a movie on TV when Joy came in and said she was going to take the dog for a walk. As she walked by she bent over and put the leash on the dog and I saw she didn't have on any panties on under her skirt. This didn't surprise me since she very seldom wears any panties or bra. I sat back down to continue my movie but something nagged at me. The more I thought about the more curious I became. Finally I knew that I had to check it out just so keep nagging me. I headed for the park about two blocks away. I figured she had about a fifteen minute head start on me. I walked fast. Once in the park I took the path I usually do when I had to take the dog out. I rounded a curve in the walkway that allowed me to look several hundred yards ahead. Knowing that Skip liked to sniff every bush and tree along the way I surmised that if she had taken this path I would see her ahead. That meant that she had taken the cutoff path that went to where the stone picnic tables were. I usually av
Life & Love
it has been a long time since i have been truly happy with the way my life was going.. well that all changed thanks to one person.. he has made me happier than i could ever imagine.. and i can tell you this i love him with all my heart and don't ever want to be without him..
This Was On My Old Profile...and It Still Stands For This One...
1. Marital Status: Single...and not looking...What happens happens...And it may not happen with you...That's life...Don't push and I won't block you...Push...You're gone... 2. I'm Looking for Friendship...Which means...I'm looking for friendship...How hard is that to understand??? There are no requirements for friendship in my eyes...Except to be willing to accept someone for who they are with no conditions attached... 3. My Faith: I'm a Christian...So What? For those of you who wonder what that MEANS to me...I've accepted Christ and I'm forgiven for my sins...It DOESN'T mean I think I'm perfect and I don't pretend to be...I screw up...I make mistakes...And I don't need to be lectured or called a hypocrite...The definition of hypocrite is to pretend to be something your not...I don't pretend to be anything but me...I know my sins...And I don't need anyone to tell me what they are...It DOES mean I will not judge anyone for who they are...what they do...or how they live their lives...I
The Darkness Gets Darker Everyday...where Did The Light Go?
Dark Angels represent every bit of pain and suffering that humans have to endure...And I sit here tonite thinking of the creator of the Angels and wondering what sick, depraved sense of humor or madness this God has that He would allow His most beloved of creation to endure such evil on a daily basis Since the day I accepted Christ, accepted the free gift that is offered, I have paid with my tormented soul for that everlasting and eternal salvation and life with God...Well big effing deal! So I get to live forever because I believe Christ is my Saviour and died for my sins...And it's supposed to be a gift freely given... Then why the hell do I have to pay for it day after day watching the pain of my family, friends and just the random people that you see on the street or in the news? From the moment I accepted Christ, for 5 years I did my best to learn, know and live His word...And it's been a non-stop battle against satan, man, evil, what ever the hell you want to call it...Nothing
I Love Dark Angels...the Darker The Better...anymore Anything Dark Appeals To My Heart
This Blog is taken word for word from a Yahoo conversation I was having with a friend one nite right before Lent began...My life has been in turmoil for a while now...And the beginning of Lent was giving me pause...Making me consider some things...And as I tried to explain to my friend just what motivates my profiles, my profile names, and what lies underneath the surface of my shattered ideas...I wrote what I considered something very interesting...Something I had never tried to put into words...So for the record...And the sake of many a person's curiosity...I am adding that conversation here to give you the reader a slight peek into my jumbled and fevered brain...One that swirls with thousand upon thousands of thoughts and random ideas...Take a minute or two...And read this Blog...And maybe leave a comment on what you think...Peace and hugs to you....This conversation begins in the middle of what my friend and I were talking about... it is all from my side as he didn't interrupt my t
Why did I pick up the item at the USPS? Simple, I may bitch and moan and carry on but unlike others I do so fairly. Gratitude and Honor where it's due and also Ingratitude and Dishonor where it belongs. I did work for a short time for USPS and my kudos to the employees of it. I find the attire of a Supervisor/Post Master rather offensive to be in shorts and a T shirt. To set a expample for others he or she must dress and act appropiately. The item had the wrong address on it but that being said if the employees of this PO knows me like this Post Master addressing me by my Last name and others know me in the PO by my PO Box, is it fair to look a little harder than just a look here and there and to tell me, if we find it you'll get another one of these yellow cards in your box, considering there was no one else waiting until he did look and then another customer showed up? I realize that others like me use the web constantly to not only pay bills but to converse and receive the catalog w
Get Your Arse In The Khoas Chamber
Sexism At It's Best
SEXUAL RIDDLESQ. What do you say to a virgin when she sneezes?A. Goes-in-tight!Q. What did Cinderella do when she got to the ball?A. Gagged!Q. What do you call a man who cries while he masturbates?A. A tearjerker.Q. Define "Egghead"A. What Mrs. Dumpty gives to Humpty.Q. How do you piss off Winnie The Pooh?A. By sticking your finger in his honey.Q. Why are cowgirls bowlegged?A. Cowboys like to eat with their hats on.Q. What's the definition of a teenager?A. Punishment for enjoying sex.Q. Hear the slogan for the Stealth Condom?A. "They'll never see you coming."Q. How is a woman like a road?A. Both have manholes.Q. What's the definition of a vagina?A. The box a penis comes in.Q. What two words will clear out a men's restroom?A. "Nice Dick!"Q. Why do we have orgasms?A. How else would we know when to stop?Q. What's the definition of indefinitely?A. When your balls are slapping up against her ass, you're in-definitely!Q. What do Kodak film have in common with condoms?A. Both capture the mome
Home Sale Tx
Richardson TX   Home sale TX
If I Live That Long
diary whore   know what, i cant wait to have grandkids...if i live that long this is what i am so excited about,,cause i dont, as you know like masking the truth'   so my grandkids will say Grandpa (thats me diary kunt, play along, so i am gradpa) and i will say something like what you pesty kunts they will say..Grandpa' what did you do during the recession of 06-09 and i will say   KRANK  fuckers, i did krank a wheel-barrel full of Krank and i ate pussy and they will say Granpa Your so fucking silly You didnt eat any pussy   Fucking kunts, i cant stand them already Diary and you smell like clam juice, ass, and corn chips Kunt OOOOOW, make me a line too Diary, i want one, me too, me too Kunt
Gonna Keep Track Of These Fucking Girls
RELAX and now this: wait which came first fuck, Diary you suck a bag of dicks at helping me out Kunt   her: fine...i thought you were grown up enough to talk to me like an adult but guess not   her meaning me in regards to shit and the containment thereof hordes of shit that make up what and who i am...what the fuck am i talking about...someone send malt liquor and xanex..and your panties..that you wore today, and dishsoap: your so full of shit -> it was me fuck you: leave me alone your making me cry, just leave me alone : thats a fucken lie ->me: and now i hurt ,,,,,,,and you like to hurt ->me: i used to like myself before i feel oin love with you : god your a fucken tripper ->me recalling words by her aimed at me: i can block anything out..ii can block anything outt -> me me: blockhead ->me: why dont you block yourselft first me: why do you wait for me to fuck up and then talk to me where were you when i was clean and alone her: fine i'll just block u agai
This Is The Kind Of Shit I've Had Happen Time And Time Again
so in other words, those whores that raid the phoenix streets aren't really prostitutes, they're just selling sex for money. right. that's now how the world works. and apparently if you think they're not a whore than you're seriously delusional. i'm sorry but nobody should have to do that. it's immoral and you apparently have no morals.  nothing's free? it's called kindness. maybe you've heard of it.  i did yard work, i cleaned your house when you asked, i gave you head but yet it still wasn't enough. it never would be. even if i had let you fuck me, you still would have kept asking for more and more. should i just lay in traffic for you? would that be enough to prove that you cant ask immoral things of people?  oh and i was taking advantage of you?  you made it perfectly clear that i was welcome to do all that. you never argued. at first i always asked if i could have this or that. you told me i didnt have to ask. well who's the manipulative person, now? apparently it's all you. nothi
Miss You All
As I sit here, listening to music and thinking of the past, I have realized how cruel and painful life truly is. It will give and then take away. In my life has mostly been taking away. All I ever wanted in life was someone to love me and to have a family and a home. Wanted someone to share my life with, someone I could lay down next to at night and hold in my arms and to be able to wake up next to that person and soak in the light of a new day with her in my heart and soul. Wanted a family I could spend time with, teaching whatever I could and doing things families do. But what it boils down to is not being good enough to recieve such a life. In todays world only those with lots of money have the nice life while people that work hard and are honest and fair are scoffed and rejected. I don't know what I ever did wrong to deserve such a fate, but it seems to have consumed everything around me. And I am so tired. I just wish there was some light to brighten this obsidion soul.
As a emotion it can be controlled. That's a part of me that allows me to go through very difficult times and to make the critical decision. I don't even worry abour if I got it right or wrong. Mechanical and I behave just like a machine as I did and now detest. Emotional self sometimes disappear just like I myself sometime disappear and another takes over. I no longer hear another whisper to me to "let go" as I try to fall asleep but only silence. Good in one aspect but in another it is a bad sign. Bad sign because another is taking over. Welcome home Norio to reality of your own self and that is Mike. Michael or Michal.  
Quick Check In
well, here it is October again....and you know what that means....BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH!!  I know it will be said many times over this month but plz PLZ ladies have yourself checked.  And MEN can get breast cancer also.  I would like to encourage all my friends to get checked this month!! I am so emotional these days so I tend to keep my mouth shut so I don't end of babbling on and on.....I have seen way too many ppl die from cancer in the last few months.  One of the girls from my BC support group just died 2 weeks ago.....another dear friend is fighting for the 2nd time.  One of my dearest friends found a lump last is awful! Not only breast cancer but all cancer!!!!!!!  ok, that is enough for now...I am getting ready to go on a retreat with 7 ladies from church this weekend.  still got lots to get done before 3:30 today. ~~smooches~~
D 50/50. Maybe. Now I know why this house is so special to me. To others inadequate but sufficient to me. Why the attraction and the dream. Laugh, hickle, shake your head, and wiggle that finger. To God I always belonged and to God goes All The Glory. Norio  
Hmm, me and a friend were discussing the concept of friends the other day.  Though it might be interesting to share.We all like friends, and it gives us a certain feeling of acceptance, or even comradery that is hard to find - depending on where you are or who you are.Well my opinion is that you have 2 different categories in which I classify them into:*Good friends - Give and take. Those kind of people that even if you don't know very well you know they're good for it. They help you out without you asking, call you out on the stupid shit you do, and even end up with you when you do the stupid shit. The ones that actually care.*Bad friends - The ones you keep around, and not really know why.  These people only talk to you when they are bored, or want something from you. Then when you invite them to come with a group or something..they always seem busy..or turn their backs to you when you need help.  These are the people I like phasing out, then they wonder what they did wrong.-If you f
Has the search start for my harsh Critic? Time to contact them more directly and also notify others of their iniquity. Far as the 50/50 I think we agreed on it didn't we? ??? Attraction to this house was immediate and as was the dream telling me where and when. No one can exercise the rights to all these properties unless one has the right to it. Would of sold the house as I was getting ready for the surgery until a ugly man shows up followed by a ugly woman on the 13th of May. Norio  
Carrie Underwood - I'll Stand By You
I'll Stand By You lyrics[Originally performed by The Pretenders]Oh why you look so sadThe tears are in your eyesCome on and come to me nowDon’t be ashamed to cryLet me see you throughCause I’ve seen the dark side tooWhen the night falls on youYou don't know what to doNothing you confessCould make me love you lessI’ll stand by youI’ll stand by youWon’t let nobody hurt youI’ll stand by youSo if you're mad get madDon’t hold it all insideCome on and talk to me nowHey, what you got to hideI get angry tooWell I’m a lot like youWhen you're standing at the crossroads And don't know which path to chooseLet me come alongCause even if you're wrongI’ll stand by youI’ll stand by youWon’t let nobody hurt youI’ll stand by youTake me in into you darkest hourAnd I’ll never desert youI’ll stand by youAnd when, when the night falls on you, babyYou feeling all aloneYou won't be on your ownI’ll stand by youI’ll
Concealed Thoughts
Laying in my bed thinking of you  I start to wonder what your doing  If your thinking of me too.   There are many ways I want you Just holding me, In me , On me Together we will be   Day after Day  Our LOVES here to stay Connecting as one  Our bodies will be   Sexually connected we will be Laying in each others arms Kissing ever so passionately   Ripped apart by  The three years you've been away I long to have you In many different ways
Try the above bogus address and figure out what to key in as I did. "ACCESS DENIED" was what the site said. Any and all places I went to since 1977 and here on the net came into the scruitiny of MI. Don't know what that is? Military Intel and Counter. AI will quickly figure this out and who to notify. Key, NAS leaves a message and runs. Another key is the three blank pages of my military personnel file. I just looked up a old unit with all sorts of bugus information only to come across LRRP from the 75th Infantry. Wheres that leave me? A shadow and I'll flip. You all, well it depends on if your a threat to The National Defense Secrets? Life is so dull that we have all these misunderstannding of God and life in itself. We all have these needs that have to be satisfied. Death, you only have to die to conquer it. Game is life and we all have to get out. That is the rule and only way out is death. Says who? Lie and nothing but lies. Ask  
My Dream Man...episode 1
Ok, so as I come up with characteristics of what my dream man must have I will blog about them. I am trying to weed the garden of men on this site, hoping that maybe I can find someone that I can truely connect with. I am fed up with being attracted to someone and finding out later that the attraction was not mutual. I want to be happy with someone that is happy with me, for once. I want the love you see in the movies. I want what every little girl dreams about when it comes to boys. I want to be swept off my feet and treated sweetly. I want "THE PERFECT MAN"...I am almost positive that he does not exisist beyond fantasies. Anyone who has given a damn to actually read my profile will see the first part of this blog posted with a continuance promise. With all that being said I bid you FuPeople Au'du....Good Night
Clouded Anger
My judgement was clouded, however, it was the anger that kept me fighting. I see the need for this surgery and tomorrow is my appointment with my Cardiologist where I'll explain to him the need and my willingness, also to do this quickly. Quick before I change my mind? No, although my Heart is doing better, I truly see where it is not because it is my Heart. I have not only tempted fate but unltimately God. I can no longer place God in a position of any harm by me. As I stated there is God but not according to what I perceive but God. God cannot be defined or confined to be what ever we wish because then God just becomes a perception of our own thinking. Norio  
Is It Live... Or Memorex?
Do you remember... The sweet smell of my perfume? Can you forget... The soft feel of my skin? Do you long for... The taste of my kisses? Do you still tingle from... The heat of my breath? Do I still haunt... Your dreams at night? Am I on your mind... Every waking moment? Can you still see... The passion in my eyes? Do you feel... The pounding of my heart? Am I alive... Or are you still dreaming? Come to me tonight... Don't stop that feeling!   Written by: Sexualsecret_68 (aka Sthrnbelle).  ALL rights reserved.
My Health
  Why am I in the hospital? I started to get really sick in August of 2007. After many tests, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. The tests also showed indicated a brain tumor. Over the next several months, I underwent many more tests and my health continued to decline. After Krissy found me blacked out, I was admitted to the Mayo clinic in mid-August of 2008. Since my admission to the Mayo Clinic, I have been undergoing radiation therapy. These treatments have caused a number of side effects. The radiation treatments crashed my immune system resulting in meningitis and pneumonia. Additionally, I have lost my hair, my good eye sight, some of my hearing, and my voice. One of the worse parts is the never ending pain I have inside my torso! It seems that the pain is so bad that I can barely breath or think. I also feel like I have the flu but 1000% times worse than I have ever had. I have to have dialysis due to kidney issues from the meningitis. I started to have major r
Vampire Want Nuts (old Movie Script I Made, Sorry If I Don't Post *all* Of It)
Vampire Want Nuts A survival horror comedy By Tyler Vittitow (M)Vanilla: (M) Light Vanilla: (M)Jack(Blue): (F)Nikki(Purple): (F)Ash(Pink): (M)Chuck(Red): (M)Seth(Green/Black): Policeman 1: Policeman 2: Zombie 1/Corpse 1: Zombie 2/Corpse 2: Zombie 3: Zombie 4: Announcer: Woody: Father: Master: New Policeman 1: New Policeman 2: Scene 1: A Night To Remember A house party stuck in the middle of nowhere, where teens are going wild while the parents are out for the night. Show a brightly lit house with no neighbors, surrounded front and sides by forest. A few cars are in the driveway. Inside, show two girls and three boys sitting and standing at different locations, drinking beer. Music is playing loudly. One boy rips off his shirt and begins swinging it over his head. Music fades down. Jack: Take it easy there, Chuck. Don't want to scare everyone off with those lethal weapons you have, called man boobs. Chuck: (Puts shirt back on and sits back down, gri
My First Blog On This Thing
Been having fun leveling up and seeing how creative people are getting with their names, their pics, etc. A lot of them have their faces superimposed on others' bodies and think others can't tell. I can tell. Teehee. My boyfriend turned me on to this site. I love him.
More To It
Feeling I get for this surgery is that there is more to it than as planned. More work than thought but piece of cake. Joined up yet? Try it for three months and give an honest effort with a open mind. The Order is not a religion. Allows both male and female memberships. There is no exclusivity. Rosicrucian Order AMORC in San Jose, CA. PAX Norio  
Emo Clock
Emo Clock   By the Hero of Shadows   The clock's gone ticking, And time's running by; I couldn't help but kick it in the shins, And now it began to cry. :(   Bah, it's an Emo Clock- EMO CLOCK!!1   With a cold white face, And wearing nothing else but black, Each second comes a beatin', Where it can't take the fact:   Damn thing can't cut itself,  So it sits there and refuses to find a solution-   It's a damn emo clock, EMO CLOCK!   "Why do people keep staring at me? I don't want the attention, can't you see?" Oh STFU, you feed off their eyes, Always changing your look, as your battery dies.   Every single moment, you have to make a noise, Needing to swing your arms around, like sugar driven boys. So go ahead and whine, on what time of day it is, There's millions of others like you, just a part of the Rolex biz.   ... Damn Emo Clock.
I Am
You can't see me, but I am thereI am neither dead nor alive, I just amI am there by choice not by dutyI am there to listen, to love, and to lean onThough there are days I don't hear from youI know you'll always come backI never argue with you,I never hurt youThough I might do something that you could take in offense toBut I never do it intentionallyI do what I have to for your lifeNo matter type of life it isI give you, your freedomAnd hope you do rightI understand you and love you unconditionallyNo matter whatBut its your choiceTo believe in me or notNo matter, I will still be there.
Streaming Your Hard Drive Music
Check it out, a company called is developing a software program that will use the songs on your hard drive to stream the music back to you. What does that mean to you? For starters, if you have an Iphone and listen to internet radio will stream music you like back to you. How about that? So cool. For more info go to .  
Twin, Clone, Or A Carbon Copy
She had to be a twin, clone, or a carbon copy. Same legs, butt, tummy, boobs, and hair. Quite taken and never gave her any recognition. Wrote a email and said the above but added that, the guy riding shotgun, could care less about her. Meaning this twin before me and beautiful as she is she held the door for me. Odd, I thought because other beautiful ladies have done the same and I said in the mail it has to be my age. Getting old. Yes, telemitsu is genuine and I am not only a member of The Order but others a little bit more heavy. The Order anyone can join and as long as you put up with it, advance, who knows learn something? Maybe not? Even with The Order after a certain position is reached any teaching stops at this level. Most are happy with that and stay at this level. Show me what you got and join The Order and try for about two years. Rosicrucian Order AMORC in San Jose, CA. Beyond that your on your own. I'm not saying bo-peep. Silence is what allowed me the freedom and placed m
Deaad Beat Friend Listers.
I Have Stopped Accepting add request. I have never been able to find a add that would or will send me messages first & keep in contact with me. I always have to make the first move. Friendships go both ways & are 50/50. No one i ever add talks to me first. Everyone On This Site is a dead beat. so i have officially given up on adding anyone. Ill just talk in random around the site.
Psycho Wack
Why did I say all that I did here and else where? Simple, were it not for psycho wack behaving like a lunatic right here revealing the hands I never would of mentioned anything. All you that have some thing to gain from my silence go get this psycho wack. The Military site I tried to access holds all the regular and SO, Vodoo Doctors operating in the European Theatre. The blame is the back door created by Lisa that I kept because I did not want to go to all the trouble of removing. Psycho Wack used it to do everything here. Norio  
Online Radio Keeps Growing
According to The Infinite Dial 2008 Arbitron ratings report 33 million people listened to online radio on a weekly basis. One in seven 25 to 54 year old listen on a weekly basis. Of these listeners, 52% are men. Come on girls you can surpass men. I know you want to. Online radio is growing fast and with the iPhones and other internet listening devices it will only get bigger. For more detail click and go down to Related Links The Infinite Dial 2008: Radio’s Digital Platforms (PDF) BlastFM is a part of this phenomenon. Listen and groove  
Forbes' 559th Richest Man Arrested For Insider Trading & Fraud
NEW YORK (AP) -- One of America's wealthiest men was among six hedge fund managers and corporate executives arrested Friday in a hedge fund insider trading case that authorities say generated more than $25 million in illegal profits and was a wake-up call for Wall Street. Raj Rajaratnam, a portfolio manager for Galleon Group, a hedge fund with up to $7 billion in assets under management, was accused of conspiring with others to use insider information to trade securities in several publicly traded companies, including Google Inc. U.S. Magistrate Judge Douglas F. Eaton set bail at $100 million to be secured by $20 million in collateral despite a request by prosecutors to deny bail. He also ordered Rajaratnam, who has both U.S. and Sri Lankan citizenship, to stay within 110 miles of New York City. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara told a news conference it was the largest hedge fund case ever prosecuted and marked the first use of court-authorized wiretaps to capture conversations by suspec
I Now Know
I now know that I will not only make that meeting but the surgery as well. Why am I positive? Although I am going down hill I know myself well enough that I can weather this for the short duration. The recovery from the surgery will be a little difficult. Yes, there are friends that are willing to help along with my sister but I do not wish to impose on them that much. I feel funny, however, I will ask as need be. I woke up very early, around 4 AM. I did not do much far as any work here but I am well enough that I'm not bitchin and monin.  Candy for the Holloween, I either have to stop hittn on them or break down and admit I have to buy more. Buy more when I get to it before their gone. Everyone is buying them up aren't they? Food intake is average but the fluid is still down. Output is still less but it did not diminish below what it was yesterday. Mood is calm and I am at times slow but I am hitting all eight cylinders. Sensation is still very unique. The control is what has me puzze
The Metal Dog
Dogs can be a bit overwhelming, due in part to their attentive natures. They can march in and take control of a situation, even when it doesn’t involve them directly.People born under the year of the Dog tend to be very well liked as it is one of the most popular of all of the animals. Dog people are: truthful, clever, with a strong sense of fairness and devotion. They never shirk their duties, they always do their fair share of things and will always "listen to reason". They would never ignore a distress call, often putting the well-being of others before their own and they never abandon people. Other traits include: open-mindedness, never envious, non money-minded and very adept at seeing straight through others. However should you try to snoop into their affairs they can become secretive and also give a cold shoulder to those who they don't really like. They are also: intrepid, practical and "have great insight into human nature". They can be belligerent, gloomy, be anxious
Long Distance Love
They say long distance love never works, but when you really love someone, love conquers all. I have been with an amazing and wonderful man for almost 6 months now. It will make 6 months on the 19th of this month. I am truly in love with him as he is me. I do plan on moving to be with him. He has changed my life in so many ways. I am always happy. His name is mentioned and my heart beats faster and the butterflies in my stomach flutter around. I never truly thought this would happen to me and here it has. For once in my life nothing brings me down. I have more confidence in myself because of him. He makes me feel good about myself as I hope I do the same for him. He makes me feel like a real woman. I am the "Queen of His Heart" as he is the king of mine. No other man will or can steal me away from him. I am his and only his. He truly is the love of my life. I couldn't ask for anything better. I need nothing materialistic because I have his love and he has mine! I love you babe!
September - Cry For You Lyrics(anyone Else Feel Like This?)
I never had to say goodbye You must have known I wouldn't stay While you were talking about our life You killed the beauty of today Forever and ever Life is now or never Forever never comes around You never heard me break your heart You didn't wake up when we died Since I was lonely from the start I think the end is mine to write Forever and ever Life is now or never Forever never comes around People love and let go Forever and ever Life is now or never Forever's gonna slow you down You'll never see me again So now who's gonna cry for you You'll never see me again No matter what you do You'll never see me again So now who's gonna cry for you You'll never see me again No matter what you do I never had to say goodbye You must have known I wouldn't stay While you were talking about our life You killed the beauty of today Forever and ever Life is now or never Forever never comes around People love and let go Forever and ever Life is now or never Forever's gonna slow you down You'll never s
Block Is Block
I sure wish that when we block someone that that blocks you from even seeing their Blast & them scrolling across the top , Ect...To me black meaans block. but only to the ones that blocks you.
Trime is a set of three dreams separated by two to three weeks. First Trime I had dealt with the end of the world and may have been specific and unique to me. Second Trime is troubling because the last dream takes place in the basement of the first house Shirley and I owned. I could feel the presence of Shirley as I peered down into the basement at the pure white concrete slab. There was blood spattered the length of a mans body. I looked up and noticed that it was weeping down from the first floor. I went to that room, a parlor and saw the rug that we once owned and the room was empty.  Venetian blinds were partly open and in the back was a Oak Stairs leading to above. Third Trime takes place on the early morning of 2/20 dealt with a party. I was the focus and I alone was not dressed correctly and was allowed not to, so all can see. Everyone else was dressed in costumes of 17th Century with a mask. First one I end up in a empty kitchen. Second the same but I have a empty wine glass. T
Feelings Vs Males
okay so, you wanna discuss your feelings with a male. wait stop right there. because one males don't understand feelings like we do,and two, if they are assholes. they really don't give a fuck about how you feel. now sometimes you'll get lucky and find a male who is truely understanding and will listen to you, and try to help if they can.but this is really rare. so, how do you deal with this? this is really quite simple really 1. find something that you find funny to get your mind off of these feelings that you are having 2. always remember that you are never alone, because somewhere there is another woman who is feeling the same way you do. 3. and most importantly always know that the pain does go away, but it is up to you, to rid yourself the pain of the male causing it. 4.spend time with friends and family members, because they truely care and want you to be happy. 5. avoid anything that would cause you to think about those feelings, because it will only make matters worse.
The Black Dog
Well alot of you have the movie with Patrick Swayze,in real life the black dog acually exists alot of trucker's have come across it while driving hard trying to some where either to deliver a load or pick one up!Well back in the day it used to be called white line fever where the lines on the highway would start moving on you cause you to either jack knife or crash in a big way!Well with the dog it's even worse you crash or say you lay the truck over or actually killing others!i used to run hard many years ago haullin chickens between Dallas to Denver one night I was outside of Hereford Texas runnin about 70mph and was really tired it was my sixth load headed to Denver!And as I seriously gettin tired eye's heavy a object jumped out of nowhere being as what they call the black dog,well i turned the wheeel hit the shoulder and over I went takin out about 1000 feet of barbwire along with a highway sign or two!Damaged the whole right side of my rig and rippin a hole in the trailer!I magine
A Weeks Pain
Mondays slowTuesdays sameWednesday worstThursdays a painFridays the bestSaturdays moreSundays restFor Mondays galore
If Only
Late at night I think in my mindIf only I could find someone like youThen I realize it's hard to findAnd turns my heart shades of blueIf only I had the will to go onI would find the perfect oneBut all the good ones are goneAnd the bad ones are no funThen I come to realizeShe is perfect and so greatTo anybody else she's not in their eyesBut to me it's almost like fateIf only I could have that girlIt would make me so gladBut somebody else has this pearlAnd it makes my heart break and i feel badIf only I could make her seethat we should be togetherThen I would have this thing called loveAnd Earth would feel like the Heavens above
As You Leave
As you leave me sitting aloneAs you leave me hereAs you leave me wondering whyAs you leave me quivering in fearAs you leave me standing by myselfAs you leave me cryingAs you leave me without respectAs you leave me sighingAs you leave me torn apartAs you leave me in shameAs you leave me Falling downAs you leave me full of painAs you leave me thinking of youAs you leave me wanting moreAs you leave me craving loveAs you leave me starnded ashoreAs you leave me in wasted timeAs you leave me in angerAs you leave me, I sayPlease don't be a stranger
Power Of Kindness
Storm clouds forming in the skyKids begin to go play insideRain drops falling to the groundThunder heard all aroundLighting strikes once, twice, three times fourKids are scared, parents a boreDay fades to night, all signs of life are goneFamilies sit in darkness all aloneThe wind is howling all night longThe rain is falling much more strongThe house's are dark no shadows, no lightThe kids are crying as their parents fightThere's evil everywhere no kindness in sightA gun shot is heard, all the women in frightThe killer runs and the cops begin the searchWith darkness upon us evil starts to learchNobody is safe as evil controls everyoneThe moon begins to dive as begins the sunLight takes over the darkness and all seems wellThe power of kindness raise ass evil will fail
LifeIs it crazyIs it long and lazyIs it doneIs it great and funIs it strong or is it wrongLifeIs it not mineLifeIs it happy, sad or is it fineIs it us upon everybodies staresLifeIs it not theirsLifeIs it right and is it just for spiteIs it known why or howIs it nowIs it loved or fearedIs it weirdLife
Once Upon A Time
Once upon a timeLife was full of joyFilled with happinessAnd stared once moreOnce upon a timeIt all went badAll gone sourAnd stared twice sadOnce upon a timeAll scared for lifeAll gone down hillAnd stared thrice strifeOnce upon a timePatience is no longerNothing ever rightAnd stared even wrongerOnce upon a timeAll turns rightPeople begin to loveAnd stared every night
I Love You More
I love you more each dayI love you more when i see youI love you more every which wayWhen i see you I know my heart flewI love you more no matter whatI love you more no matter whereI love you more no matter whenWhen I see you I know you careI love you more when I hear you voiceI love you more when i see your faceI love you more when you make your choiceWhen I see you my heart begins to raceI love you more than you'll ever knowI love you more than i can tellI love you more than I can showWhen i meet you I knoew I fellI love you more with every breathI love you more with every glanceI love you more with every testWhen I see you I'm glad I took that chance
Bathroom Poetry 1
I was hereSo were youSo drop some shitAnd move on through
Some- timeSome- whereI will find you thereI'll love youI'll hold youI'll understand you're wareWhen tmes have come down on you andIt's to much for you to bearI'll lend you a shoulder, and prove toYou that I still careI'll always be the man in your lifethat you can count onForever in your mind, I'm unyeildingto pressure, like a stoneRegardless of the task at hand andthe triubles to comeI will not fail you and my loveshall never become numbI'll find yousome- timesome- whereI will always be thereI'll love youI'll hold youI will always be fairWhen the time has come for you todecide where life should goNo matter what, you should be awareI'll always be here fo you to know...I'll always be the man in yur lifethat you can count onForever your love always unyeildingto pressure just as a stoneRegardless of the task at hand andthe troubles in lifeI will never falter, I'll help youthrough your strifeI'll be therefor all- timeevery-whereI'll never leave you thereI'll love youI'll hold youYou will a
Not Yet Done....3
The Miracale if birththough mom or animalA baby is bornThe sight so phoenominalOnce brought into the worldIt clings to it's motherIt cries aloud in painAs the mother soothes herThey search in hungerFor it's mother's breastThey suckel for hoursUnaware o the life long testAll so Fraile and Innocent
I Put This Up On Myspace...a Nice Eloquint Fuck You To Be Ex Wife...
This one is for the one who classifies herself my ex but still hasn't divorced me yet.I was bored the other night so I stopped by your page.The first time in 6 months or so.I saw a few of those stickers you put up...and all I could do is laugh. One of wich made me laugh so hard.It says"I know you are stting there looking at my profile saying Damn I miss her."This couldn't be further from the truth. I DON'T MISS YOU.You think that the bullshit I went through in the military can just be gotten over within a few months? You try being the last person to see soembody before he hangs himself. Then being blamed for 2 very long years for it. Oh top of that when a newbie fresh out of A school shows up on board and then BOOM! 2 weeks later dead as a fucking doornail. Also try being half way around the world not knowing if youa re going to make it home. For 4 years the first and last though on my mind both consisus and un, was this day is going to be my last. Not could. IS GOING TO BE MY LAST. no
According To
According to Doctor Rosenbloom I was on Active Duty beyond three years. If I were him I'd stay away from whoever sold him that. The documents I have says something different but maybe the military lied to me and continues to do so? Doctor Rosenbloom I have you LIMA CHARLIE or Loud and Clear. You refuse to do this surgery if I continue to smoke. I'm still smoking so you refuse. Pleasure meeting you again. Someone is awful quiet. More than one. Someone called me and the number I know but left no message. Often the case but this time something was up. Military site I reached is off limits. I'm not suppose to know that. You know what I don't like is this lie that is spread around that they give you something to forget. Your all mixed up. Memories are erased by first death. If I can't remember what they need. That is different. They want me alive so that I'll rememer. The site will wake them up. LIMA CHARLIE. Norio  
Heart Update, Take 2
So, I'm going in Wednesday, October 28th for a catheterization. On one hand, it'll be good because we'll find out what's causing the issue. On the other, not so good, because I'll have to go back for the procedure to fix the problem.
I loved her more than a goddess, I loved her more than my life, I loved her more than anything life could ever bring to me, but now she is nothing more to me than my demontality that is built up inside of me. So make this my last request, just tear the heart from my chest, just kill me get it over with, just kill me tear the heart from my chest, just kill me give this love a rest. If I could travel back to the past, there are a few things I would change, one thing I would change for sure is the way I had been before, but one thing that would remain the same is me loving you for the rest of our lives through and through this I promise you, and I wouldn't let you walk out that open door, because you're all I want, you're all I need, you're everything, everything to me. I just want you to see that we were ment to be, but yet you are still my demontality that is built up inside of me. So make this my last request, just tear the heart from my chest, just kill me get it over with, just kill

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