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Who or what is the forgotten you ask. So I'll tell you for I am the forgotten. The one you can't see, the one you never think about all that I can be, but now things have changed, now you've set me free for all to see what I can be. I am everywhere you are, but yet you don't realize this for I am you and you are me. I am everything you used to be and you swore you would never be again, but yet you never actually forgot, for you know I am here, and you are well aware of what I can do, and in all reality you need me like I need you. So the question is what are you going to do. I grow more and more a part of you everyday. No longer will I be the forgotten, because you set me free now I will show you all I can be. I will be remembered, so listen to what I am saying. Now you can see me as plain as can be, and now I am all you think about, because now I am you and you are me. So now you are the forgotten, the one I can't see and never think about all that you can be. Things have changed and
I hate myself today While the world was changing outside I remained the same That I'd always been before That one frightful day I lost everything I was living for Then I started to go through changes Cold but I'm still here I've shed many a tear Love lies dying all around me Is there anything else for me All the choices that I chose I was living in a time of lies So heres what I know You should be thankful for your life Even though failure will choose you through a lifetime Because no ones above the constant sorrow So bleeding heart beat faster Bow before your master I'd love you tell the day that I die It's far to obvious this time So I'm begging you to tell me how to love you I can barely start to wrap my head around it Waters rise around us Sinking ships surround us When you loose everything you knew Shine a light into it Shoot a cannon through it Spill it all and hope you can find a way through it Because down is up and up is down So I can't think abou
I can’t take it anymore, no matter what I say or do she is always on my mind.There will never be anyone that will take her place in my heart no matter how hard I try to let go I can’t because I still love her and I always will, she has moved on and I am happy for her, but it is hard for me, she thinks I don’t care, I wish she really knew how I feel. I don’t know what to say or do anymore, I want to be in her life, but maybe it is better for both of us if I’m not, who knows. I mean everything happens for a reason evn things you don’t want to happen and believe me I didn’t want this to happen and if I could go back and change what I did I would, but I can’t, when I was with her everything felt right, and I was happier than I had ever been, then I went and screwed it all up, and I’m paying for it now, and I will never be able to forget it, no matter what happens she will always be my girl, and I would do anything for another chance, bu
Donated Because I Knew
At the Acme as I came out this morning I donated a dollar to the American Legion because I knew something will be coming up this weekend, I kept a dollar. Yesterday damp, cloudy, and rain Pun says to me when I went over to D's that hes chain on hes bike keeps coming off. He added that Ernie worked on it the day before and I thought to myself WTF? Ernie is very good at what he does and Pun had me wondering. I asked wheres the tools but I was just messin with him because I thought about bringing the car key but wouldn't you know it I left it home. So I got my tools and started working on it and noticed that one of links in hes bikes chain was broken but not completely. Problem wasn't the chain was loose but that tension could not be maintained due to damage. Can it be fixed? Yes, I'm very sorry to say because I know how to do it. I need parts and will have to go looking at the bike shops. It would appear that I rant and carry on here but the things that happened should not happen to any
Grow Up
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Looming Is Wednesday
Looming is Wednesday where I said I'll call Erin as to my status on this surgery. See if you can get this? I have nothing or anyone to keep me in this world and likewise for me to leave. What is beyond this world, that is the focus of many as to try their best to stay here no matter the cost? When the position comes that they have to leave due to everything possible has been used and they are going to die soon. They get Hell bent and go almost nuts about it. Life is like a game that cannot be replaced. The goal of this game is try your best and fight but the end of this game is death. It is to this end we have to fight against but must come to in order to finish. Death is the Finish Line. We rarely think of death as the end or goal but we witness to it either second hand or in person meaning very close, like a very dear loved one. My decision at this time right now is that surgeon ideas were correct but that there is a flaw in that thought even though we all follow and accept it. N
Kid, your butts stuck? I see you too.  
As I Thought
Just as I thought I talked to Erin this morning instead of tomorrow. I asked several questions since one was never addressed. As I uderstand it this surgery will be in late December. You know it has to be me because I'm the one that asked her about her hair. I maybe the only patient of hers that asked because she told me sometihng about it the last time we met. My psoition is still the same and I never changed my mind according to this position but only the perspective given to me opened up further. Just as I have no reason to stay there are none to leave. No, I'm not stuck or confused it's just the way I view everything and how I process this and arrive at a conclusion is a little different than yours. Norio  
Should I Even Bother
Feds, should I even bother to look for my prints let alone Mr. Spits on the very large envelope he left behind illeaglly on my door? What do you think was the tip? Black strand of thread? How about  not needing to use my keyboard or mouse, not even have to pull the tower out do what you did? 6601 means what? If it's not me it'll be Telemitsu and if not him another and others will follow. Miss C I hope you got rid of the trash as I told you. I no longer bother with any from that time period and it wasn't just you. Nothing personal but I helped you out as best I can. Feds, you ever going to come clean about my past or are you going to let inexperienced NSA and others do the dirty work for you. You know who you are, expose yourself. Should I just keep giving the Heads Up to certain characters regardless of who or what? Juse screw things up for some and let others walk away? Did you like that? 1339?? Norio
Life Worth Living
I love being alive and will be the best man i possibly can I will take love wherever I find it And offer it to everyone who will take it Seek knowledge from those wiser And teach those who wish to learn from me.
♓♥§ăßă♥♓..American Sex Symbols Member@ fubar
Love And Leasons Learned (wrote This When I Was With My Ex-boyfriend)
I used to think I had the anwsers for everything, but now I know life doesn't always go my way. Feels like I'm cought in the middle, but that's when I realize I'm not a girl, not yet a women. All I need is time to find the women in me. I sometimes got to shake myself to wake myself, feels like I'm swimming in an ocean of emotion, but still some how going down inside. I don't like who I'm becomong I know I have to do something before my life passes by.   I got to cry like the rain, shine like the sun on a beautiful morning, fly like an angel, love like I never have to be alone, take everything this world has to give. I want to live. I wonder why I work so hard to gaurd my heart when I don't feel anything at all. I spent my whole life building this ivery tower and now I'm in it, I wish it would just fall. Life is like a reaper gone in just a blink of an eye.   I want to take every breath I can before the reaper takes my last. But when life gets that much harder, I get that my stroung
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Issues Against The World
Endless fading or your dark silhouette Trying to remember, yet to forget Read the news about a war taking lives You turn to see the stock market taking dives So tired of a plastic, money painted worlds While you smile at riches and count your pearls Your greed hid with deceiving little smiles your anorexic wannbe hid with style Walking in stiletto black heels Trading your life for drug deals Sipping away years with alcohol You get high and then you will fall Yeah, life is something so easy to spend Cutting off breath to fit life's latest trend Spitting blood, and starving yourself To turn your image into something else buying and selling bodies in one night stands giving no thought to life's reprimands money,lust,glory, and fame all become a double edged flame Just paint on you fake plastic smile Your bloody hands oh so vile some one dies, shed crocodile tears and pretend there is nothing to fear So go ahead waste you life Remember lust forget the strife so go ahead and just forget but
Time is lost with spacious and gloomy hair to right of responsibility. For one believes that he is yet to have more power than the just of whom is not vein by vein encouragements. Thee shall not know the spawn of my thoughts towards this treatment of self-importance and pity or indignant actions. Please of whom gives thee power to move thy very thoughts to believe in yet better forgiveness. I don’t want the belief of which is to respond undignified to negative characters. But yet to use detritions ways to even out the thoughts of the many intended negativity.
Money is the thing that drives usThe more we haveThe greedier we areThe less we haveThe more we wantMoney is powerIf we have itWe can get what we wantIf we have itWe only want moreMoney is nothing but hateIt makes us stealIt makes us killMoney is nothing... but hell
My Dream Girl
Everynight I hold her, in every single dream.But when i wake up without her, my heart it starts to scream.I lay here wondering why, my life is full of pain.As i start to cry, my tears they fall like rain.I cant go on without her, she's the reason i live. your all the love i give.I cant go on i need her, she always make me smile.I mean it i cant live without her, i would walk a million miles.To be with her right here right now, my love is true i'll show you how.To love me, the way that i love you.Then maybe you'll, feel just like i do.So wear are you my dream girl....
Kiss Of Death
It seems to all have started with a kiss,and finally lead up to thisA broken heart and miss-used trust,could it of been that all you felt for me was lustI remember all those promises you made,and when you broke them i felt so betrayedDo you not know how much you meant to me,and that letting you go wasn’t done so easilyYou made me feel so grateful and happy to be alive,but now you’re gone and I’m finding it hard to surviveLife is full of emotions that you cannot control,And emotions that cant be preventedNo matter how hard you trysome how someone manages to get into your heartThe problem is not letting them in,The problem is getting them out,When you love someone nothing else matters,You feel like your flyingBut when its time to leave,You feel like your dyingNo one can be blamed for our mistakesEveryone has regrets and complaintsAnd everyone has to deal with the painA thousand words couldn’t bring you back,
Can't Sleep
I can't sleep so I'll be gay and write a blog. I love weekends. I get to spend time with my friends and dirky! Dirk and I are getting a place to gether after the holidays. I'm really excited. This weekend having a party at my brothers house and sunday is corn maze and eagles football game against the cowboys. My bf manda, shaun, dirk and I went to red lobster it was amazing liike always! THan we went and looked at puppies. We are planning to get one soon after we move in to are own place. But nothing is really new just tired and a little stress with school but doing great. All A's so far! *crosses fingers*. Any who goodnight everyone!  
Done With The Circle. Just Done Totally.
So, yeah.... I am at a loss for words right now, I went to my blog to say some things and now it's all gone. it for it....... The lesbian circle of "I dated that persons ex, and now they are dating my ex" RUNNING FAR AND FAST.  Screw the lesbian drama.  I have had enough of it.  As far as I am concerned, I'd rather be totally straight then watch someone who once wanted me turn to one of my exes for a fucking CUDDLE, not that it's ever gonna happen but... Do you know what a cuddle gets you? not a fucking thing. It get's you hurt, and delusions of grandeur. High expectations that lead to, oh, it could never go further than this. I know, I have been there on several fucking occasions, and I'll tell you what.  Someone got hurt every single time.  I have never seen this in the straight world ever, because there is a code of ethics that people go by, you don't hit on your friends exes.  But apparently in the world of desperation and lesbianism, it's whatever
Indicates What
Took a hot shower over an hour ago and almost passed out and have been sick to the stomach ever since, indicates what? This is interesting. Best laid plans of men and mice is what? Perhaps it was mice and men? The Order asks that I study things and has politely asked for me to come to the temple for an Initiation. It is so beautiful. Never has the word Temple ever used. I've been expecting this for a long while. Plan is over night or two, three, and required is a valid Pass Port. Something I am trying to avoid. Chaplin of the VA, Father Oppothilio told me more than just hes odd car vintage 1950's on the morning of 11/20/08. Lot more than I wanted to know. Trime there was very specific in what will happen and the price. The Trime of 2/20/09 was also very specific in what it showed me and the price. Nothing but TMO. TMO has a plan which I will not reveal that is very unique. What happened in 75, 76, and 77 was meant to be out of my life but the action of Walter Reed unknown to them bring
Too Much Said
Nothing is spoken and yet too much is said. Jo-Ann didn't speak much but too much was said. Is it that easy? I though about what was given to me on Mothers Day in 2005 and I thought last night she would be about 31 or 32 years  in age. Who says her hair is blond? Her hair would be dyed almost Raven or black. In 2004 I met a young lady with rather odd ability, I did not expect at this time and age. I was lulled into sleep because I did  not expect it and thought these ways were no longer practiced. Wake up little boy because she won. Reason I escaped was that her concentration was disturbed by her companion. She won! Can't forget that black cat with red collar and puffed pink Heart on it. At 10 PM Mr. Kittykat was at the Bay window but with hes tail going wild. Something is out there. It was this Black cat. I chased it away. Next night at 10 PM the same cat but I went after it and told her I'll send the .22 after you to where you are. No more cat. Ashes of Skeeter, Tiger, and Sheeba
New Music Online!!
heya ppl,i just finished a new track, It´s Called Digital dream,once you heard you know why  :) so go check it out @
A Cpl Yrs Ago There Was This Man I Was Chatting With  That Looked Like Greg Brady...So I Made His Contact Info Say "Greg Brady Dave" But He Had Contact Info Of His Own That Auto Sent After Him And I Added Each Other Which Was "Bill" So For Years  I Have Had This Man On My Messenger Who Never Even Gets Online With His Name Customized To Say "Greg Brady Dave Bill" I Havent Deleted Him Because I Hope Someday He Gets Online Again I Can Ask Him Why He Lied About His Name.Until That They Comes...I Will Never Know Why Bill Decided To Say His Name Was Dave When It Really Was Not.
Every Girl's Dream Guy...... : 1-nov-2009
                      I know way too many really beautiful girls who think they don't lookgood... It hurts... because it's our fault, guys I mean. We make girls feel like they have to be perfect. You know what I mean, flat stoach, big boobs, round booty, long legs, sexy lips, and on top of all that, they have to dress like a whore, and be one as well... nobody can measure up to that... and its not fair... because nobody should have to. Girls prefer being called beautiful instead of hott or sexy. The little imperfections are what make people special. If everyone was perfect the world would be so boring, variety is what makes life interesting. So guys, stop making girls have to live up to your, I'm sorry, our... deluded fantasy visions of perfection. Stop acting like boys and start being men... realize that women don't exist to fufill our sexual desires. Stop talking to them solely to get with them, be nice to them because you want to be their friend, not because you want to hook up with
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New Fumafia Turf
hello i just created a new mafia turf called redneck mafia its a new turf and theres advatage for advesments for people thats welling to get there stats up and show leader ship come check it out
I sealed it by cancelling my appointment with the Cardiologist, permanently. Dr. Rosenbloom sealed my position by taking hes attitude position. You hear this word collar and no one has any such a thing. You know who you are. The very collar I have on you and by now how I cleared the myth and mist of doubt over you with any entities called the Feds. What I said and how I worded it is the reson based on God. If there is a such a pill or medicine to clear out the blockage, Dr. Rosenbloom sealed my fate and that of others by hes attitude. What I feel in my stomach or under it is different that what I felt this past March until about two months ago. It is a steady pressure from under it. The AAA may have gone over size or another one along with it, perhaps a much weaker section on the AAA itself. Want to bet it's a weaker section with that AAA? I told Dell the computer people something about me. Although I have enough credit with my account with them I am not allowed to use it. I told th
Wandering in darkness grope Finding not a glimpse of hope Fingers touch to find my way, Each foot fall, my heart betrays The fear which drives me through the day Suddenly the ground is lost, Flailing arms as body's tossed. Splashing down in crimson pool, The warm embrace is much too cruel, I curse this lowly, wretched fool. Floundering in this self made hell, Warmth increasing as i dwell, Within the confines i create, Screaming as myself berate, Giving in to this, my fate.
Today, did you see "that" someone that makes you smile instantly?no won't see him till ThursdayWho do you sit near in 3rd period?not in high school anymoreWhy did you last cry?stress Is there someone from your past that you wish was still around?old friends as for ex bf's only one but we were together for 5 yrs so it's cool we are somewhat friends againBe honest, who is the easiest person in your life to talk to?Dirk and MandaHas someone ever told you they will love you forever?yes  I think all my ex bfs said that but I believe the guy I'm with now means itHas anyone made you feel like crap lately for something they did?work dramaCan you honestly say you're okay right now?yes When was the last time you took a nap?I take a nap every sunday when dirk is watching football hah Do you think about anyone before you go to bed?of course ;-)Do you like roadtrips?I DOHow many people do you trust 100 percent?4 people dirk, manda, amber and godAre you good at hiding your feelings?depends but dirk
40 Ways Men And Women Fail In Bed
Please keep in mind that if you are not open minded and don't have a very wild sense of humor about sex, stories, and life's mishaps, please do not go any further on this page. I wrote this like 10 years ago on my old website based on advice and stories I heard from men and women I gave sex advice to and from what I heard growing up at parties at my house! Women and men love and agree with it but swear it's not them!!!!!! I didn't make it up myself!!! LOL! HAHAHA! Tell me what you think ___________________________ Personal and private stories are not shared on this site due to privacy and personal trust. Please be aware that these are not linked to anyone directly but are for the enjoyment of your reading pleasure. This is not my own personal opinion but jokes sent in and/or discussed and I thought would be humorous......enjoy! _______________________________________________________ The I.S.E.'s Forty Ways Women Fail In Bed 1. MILKING IT: When stroking a guy's package don't g
Illwickedest Rhymest
Kickin raps kick to dust. Fuck bein depress settlin for forget the stress. I'm back to kickin wicked shit. You don't like it suck my 9 inch cock dick shit is what i spit. Ain't none ever like it. Rhymes i master shits a plaster disaster. Rhymin wicked i'm uncivalist. Comin in kickin what you not gettin in. Think i recycle fuck out yo mind. Shit i see is blind. Shit i'm really lost out there. dead thin air not its a matter chit chat hit up with the batter. Kick culunk souls. Nothin holds where shit folds. Everything ain't what you seein as this. Tryin to get myself back on this wicked rap shit. Been far away from it to not spit at it. & see if i do can kick it spit with the illest. You don't really feel this as i'm up on this. Nothin real fhresh as this brain batterin beaten dead headz. Who you think you runnin kid. They say i'ma piece of dead rotten shit. That ain't never amount to anything. Kick steppin stones & rocks. Weed only inhales high way up into the sky. Smoker choker utilize
To All My Sdmf Brotherz And Sisterz! And Fubar Friendz. A Must Read!!!
To all my SDMF family, SDMF.....Live by them wordz and proudly. Never let anyone tell u different.. Ware your colorz proudly as i do. Hold your head up high! and walk. Never let anyone control u and what u believe in. nothing good will ever come out of it. Trust me.. Im a sister, and i share the love and trust as all of u do. Letz stick together and help each other out when we need it... GOD only knowz i need it rite about now... Im on myspace.... Rachel SDMF , could use advice!! u know where to find me!! BLEED BLACK Love you all and Fubar family and friendz!!!
Life As We Know It.
It seems as if we all stand at the precipice of a world changing life altering shift. The world seems to spin much faster and we seem to live much more of just an exsitence than ever before. At times I ask myself this and wonder deep beyond what a mind should. I find that my life seems a blur. I remember wakeing up as a child on Christmas eve and it seemed to take forever for the day of all days to aproach closer. I remember days dragging into months and years into decades it seemed. Now my life is moving at a break neck pace along with every other body on this planet. The only time I remember time seeming slow and seeming like an eternity in my adult life was at war. Rolling like thunder on Route Irish or Tampa leading into the small villages and towns it seemed that it took forever before we reached our mission spacific target. In battle was worse, on average our engagements only lasted for a brief two and half minutes but seemed to last a lifetime... For some that was theyre life sp
A Quote In My Life!!!
Enjoy Life! No Matter How Hard It May Seem! When Life Gives You A Thousand Reasons To Cry... Show To The World That You Have A Million Reasons To Smile!!!
Now I Know Your Using Xp Cause Everything Else Is Shit So Lets Make Your Machine Boot Faster
First of all, this tweak only apply to those who only have one HDD on their primary IDE channel (nothing else on device 0 or 1) and a CD-ROM and/or DVD-ROM on the secondary IDE channel. Each time you boot Windows XP, there's an updated file called NTOSBOOT-*.pf who appears in your prefetch directory (%SystemRoot%Prefetch) and there's no need to erease any other files as the new prefetch option in XP really improves loading time of installed programs. We only want WindowsXP to boot faster and not decrease its performance. Thanks to Rod Cahoon (for the prefetch automation process...with a minor change of mine) and Zeb for the IDE Channel tweak as those two tricks, coupled together with a little modification, result in an EXTREMELY fast bootup:1. Open notepad.exe, type "del c:windowsprefetch tosboot-*.* /q" (without the quotes) & save as "ntosboot.bat" in c:2. From the Start menu, select "Run..." & type "gpedit.msc".3. Double click "Windows Settings" under "Computer Configuration" and dou
What Do You Mean Your Xp Disc For Reformatting Is Stolen....mine Was Too...heres How To Cheat Bill Gates
Step 1Open Start/Run... and type the command:regedit and click "OK" (or press ENTER).Go to HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version\WPAEvents,on the right double click on "oobetimer" and change at least one digit of this value to deactivate windows.Click "OK" and close the Registry Editor.Step 2Open Start/Run... and type the command:%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a and click "OK" (or press ENTER).This will bring up the "Activate Windows" window.Check the option for "Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows" and click "Next"Step 3Then click "Change Product Key" (don't enter any information on that screen)Step 4Type in the new key and click "Update"The activate Windows by phone window will reappear at this point, just close it by clicking the X in the upper right hand cornerStep 5Reboot your system and Open Start/Run... and type the command:%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a and click "OK" (or press ENTER).If you
Since We Are On The Subject Of Stealing Product Id Codes Try This Too Bitch
ok, this is a little trick that i usually use to find cd keys with google.if your looking for a serial number for nero (for example) goto and type nero 94FBR and it'll bring it upthis works great in googleHOW DOES THIS WORK?Quite simple really. 94FBR is part of a Office 2000 Pro cd key that is widely distributed as it bypasses the activation requirements of Office 2K Pro. By searching for the product name and 94fbr, you guarantee two things.1)The pages that are returned are pages dealing specifically with the product you're wantinga serial for.2)Because 94FBR is part of a serial number, and only part of a serial number, you guarantee that any page being returned is a serial number list page.I hope this trick help you finding your ccd keys easilyEnjoy :)
So You Want Someones Ip Address Huh, Sounds Like Your Up To No Good
How to find a remote IPMethod 1To view someone's IP# when they send you hotmail email do this:1) Click "Options" on the upper right side of the page.2) On the left side of the page, Click "Mail"3) Click "Mail Display Settings"4) Under "Message Headers" select "Full" or "Advanced"5) Click okMethod 2reg a dydns account and install the ip pointer, so each time you ping the host name you regestoredfor example:you regestor the host name, then you keep a little software running on the target host. The little software will keep update your IP to at your pc just start cmd, and ping, it will give you the most updated ip address.Method 3neverender, what doesn't work for you? Simply type in nc -vvv -l -p 80 on your box, which will set it to listen in verbose mode on port 80. Then give them a link to your IP address (for example: and tell them to type it in their browser. The browser should resolve the address as well as append
Never Tried This Ever So If It Doesnt Work Then Fuck You Fix The Corrupt?
////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////             ** How to fix corrupted files in XP **            ////          ** This tutorial was writing by: H|LLJD00 **            //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////        ** H|LLJD00 does not take any responsibility for your actions **    ////  ** H|LLJD00 takes no responsible for any damage caused by this tutorial **  ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////** Contents **(1) Introduction(2) Required(3) Actual Tutorial(4) Copyright Notice// Introduction //This tutorial has been made so people that are having problems with corrupted files, can learn how to fix them easy.// Required //+ Windows XP operating system+ Windows XP cd// Right to the tutorial //+ Place the xp cd in your cd/dvd drive+ Go to start+ run+ type in 'sfc /scannow' (without the ')Now it should all load, and fix all your corrupted file on
Now That Xp Is Reinstalled On Your Machine Lets Turn Off All The Bullshit For More Speed Of Cours
 Services You Can DisableThere are quite a few services you can disable from starting automatically.This would be to speed up your boot time and free resources.They are only suggestions so I suggestion you read the description of each one when you run Servicesand that you turn them off one at a time.Some possibilities are:AlerterApplication ManagementClipbookFast UserSwitchingHuman Interface DevicesIndexing ServiceMessengerNet LogonNetMeetingQOS RSVPRemote Desktop Help Session ManagerRemote RegistryRouting & Remote AccessSSDP Discovery ServiceUniversal Plug and Play Device HostWeb Client--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cleaning the Prefetch DirectoryWindowsXP has a new feature called Prefetch. This keeps a shortcut to recently used programs.However it can fill up with old and obsolete programs.To clean this periodically go to:Star / Run / PrefetchPress Ctrl-A to highlight all the shorcutsDelete them-----------------------------------------
Want To Rename Some Of Your File Extensions Then Fucking Do It Already
How to Rename File Extensions  A lot of people here may ask how to rename a file extension in windows; well it’s very simple and takes little of your time. There are two ways to rename a file extension ‘without’ a stupid program.Number 1, Folder Options:Go into your Control Panel, in my case I use Windows XP so I would press [Start then Control Panel]. Now that you figured out how to get in Control Panel open “Folder Options” and click the view tab and make sure ‘Hide file extensions for know files’ is not selected, then press Ok.Now go into a folder and notice you can see your files extensions, rename them to whatever you'd like, for instance:Code:Dildos.exe to Dildos.Anonymous / Etc,Etc,EtcNumber 2, MS-DOS:The difference between renaming files in DOS is that you can rename multiple files rather then one at a time, therefore making time gracious. Here I’ll provide you a few examples.Go to your start menu and open run, then type “cm
What Your Running Out Of Space On Your Fucking Hard Drive Already Then Let Compress
How To Use File Compression In Windows XpHow To Use File Compression in Windows XPArticle ID    :    307987Last Review    :    July 15, 2004Revision    :    1.1This article was previously published under Q307987IN THIS TASK•    SUMMARY     •    NTFS Compression•    Compressing an NTFS Volume•    Compressing Files or Folders on NTFS Volume•    Displaying Compressed Files in Color•    REFERENCESOn this PageSUMMARY    SUMMARYREFERENCES    REFERENCESSUMMARYCompressing files, folders, and programs decreases their size and reduces the amount of space they use on your volumes or removable storage devices. Volume compression decreases the amount of space that is used by all of the files and folders that are stored on that volume. Because of a potential loss of performance, you may not want to compress some files.back to the topNTFS CompressionNTFS compression is available on volumes that use the NTFS file system, and NTFS compression has the following features and
Google Is The Shit Your Stupid Whore Now Take A Brake And Use The Only Net Browser To Steal
Great Tip For Mp3 Searching On Google,go to google copy and paste in?intitle:index.of? mp3and after mp3 put in an artist or album or whatever and hit enter... what you get is lists of downloadable mp3seg:?intitle:index.of? mp3 santanaAnother trick:Use the followinginurl:microsoft filetype:isoYou can change the string to watever you want, ex. microsoft to adobe, iso to zip etc…Another trick:"Warez"+exe+OR+zip+OR+rar+OR+gzip+OR+tar+OR+bzip&num=100Replace "Warez" with "Gamez" "Mp3" anything you like....
Now Lets Do More Speed
How To Speed Up A Slow Computerfirst off in the bottom right hand corner of your computer if you see alot of icons start up there when you first start your computer then this is for you if you dont know already how to get rid of em.Press your Start Button (bottom left) and go to "run"now type in: msconfignow you will get a box that pops up and will tell you bunch of stuff dont mess with anything else other than what I tell you otherwise you could do something really bad (possible) go to your "startup" tab on the top right of the screen where it usually is and click it.Now you will have a closed in box with bunch of filenames n addresses and more boxes with checks in them. Now if your like me you dont want anything startin up when you start you computer up or while your even doing anything cause it slows you down. Now unless your like me right now 1 have 1 thing starting up when my computer starts up and thats my settin for my overclocked vid card. But other than that uncheck every box
Stay Out Of Their Comp Get Your Own!
How to hack/change your Windows XP Boot ScreenHACKING THE XP BOOT SCREENThis is a very simple trick to do if you have done the same for the logon screen and the start button. There are 2 ways to do this trick that I know about one is doing it manually and the other is using a program called bootxp. I am going to tell you the manual way to do it, but if you want to know the other way just let me know, so I can do an update to the guide. Now once you have downloaded your ntoskrnl.exe file save it a general location so that you will have easy access to it, like my folder.Once you have ntoskrnl.exe file in an easy access folder, restart your pc into safe mode. Once into safe mode go to the folder where your files are located.Now that you are there copy the file that you want to change your boot screen too. Once you have copied that file, hit the window key + r or type %windir%\system32 in the run command, so that folder as follows.Once there paste your new file into the folder and overwrit
How Long Have You Been On Nine?
 How Long Has Your System Been Running?Here's how you verify system uptime:Click Start | Run and type cmd to open a command prompt.At the prompt, type systeminfoScroll down the list of information to the line that says System Up Time.This will tell you in days, hours, minutes and seconds how long the system has been up.Note that this command only works in XP Pro, not in XP Home. You can, however, type net statistics workstation at the prompt in Home. The first line will tell you the day and time that the system came online.
Did You Put A New Virus Protection Software On Your Electric Thingy Better Test It Many Free Versions Dont Even Work
How do I Test My VirusScan Installation? (Eicar)DescriptionAfter installing VirusScan, you may logically wonder, how do I know if it's working? The answer is a test virus. The EICAR Standard AntiVirus Test File is a combined effort by anti-virus vendors throughout the world to implement one standard by which customers can verify their anti-virus installations.SolutionTo test your installation, copy the following line into its own file, then save the file with the name EICAR.COM. More detailed instructions are found below.X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H*The file size will be 68 or 70 bytes.If VirusScan is running and configured correctly, when you try to save the file, VirusScan will detect the virus. If VirusScan is not running, start it and scan the directory that contains EICAR.COM. When your software scans this file, it will report finding the EICAR test file.Note that this file is NOT A VIRUS. Delete the file when you have finished testing your i
Have Not Tried This Seems Outdated More Bandwidth Now! By Stealing Of Course
Get unlimited bandwidth from your host for freeNOTE: This applies only to specific hosting companies, due to thespecific setup needed and does have its drawbacks.While setting up hosting space with a specific company I often dealwith, I noticed that they used a shared IP. (IP shared by two or morewebsites/domains.) Well, the rates for unlimited bandwidth werearound $50+ per month, which I found unreasonable. I didnt requiremuch space, and didnt want to be limited to a mere 3 gig of trafficper month.Back on track... When setting up the acct, the hosting company needsto know the domain name so that they can direct it accordingly.(example: 'http://www.123.4.567.890/~user1/ ,'http://www.123.4.567.890/~user2/ etc)At this point you can give a url that doesnt belong to you at all. Aslong as the nameservers dont change, that should have absolutly nonegative effects on you or your site whatsoever.How it works is this:The host propogates you a certain amount space on its servers, andmonitors the
Google Secrets Bitch Its The Most Powerful Thing Online Besides Fubar
Google secrets--------------------------------------------------------------------------------method 1? this string in google search:"parent directory " /appz/ -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums"parent directory " DVDRip -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums"parent directory "Xvid -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums"parent directory " Gamez -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums"parent directory " MP3 -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums"parent directory " Name of Singer or album -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sumsNotice that i am only changing the word after the parent directory, change it to what you want and you will get a lot of stuff.voila!method 2? this string in google search:?intitle:index.of? mp3You only need add the name of the song/artist/singer.Example: ?intitle:index.of? mp3 jackson
Hard Drives Mother Fucker
Hide Drives and PartitionsDo you have data on a partition or hard drive that you don't want tampered with or easily accessible to other users? Well, you can hide any drive/partition in Windows XP, NT, and 2000. That means that they won't show up in Explorer or My Computer.If you want access to that drive from your user account you should create a desktop shortcut before proceeding. Once hidden, you can still access by typing the drive letter and a colon in Start/Run—for example, "D:" will bring up a folder of the contents on your D drive.The easiest way with Win XP is to use the TweakUI power toy from Mcft. Go to Start/Run and type in "tweakui" (without the quotes).Go to My Computer/Drives and uncheck the drive/partition(s) you want hidden. Click "Apply" or "OK" when finished.If you have XP but not Tweak UI you can download it here... Win NT, 2000, and XP you can use the following Registry edit:*Be sure to back
Bad Drive Was Hard Now Its Soft
Hard drive gone badThe most common problems originatefrom corruption of the master boot record, FAT, or directory.Those are soft problems which can usually be taken care ofwith a combination of tools like Fdisk /mbr to refresh themaster boot record followed by a reboot and Norton disk doctoror Spinneret.The most common hardware problems are a bad controller, a baddrive motor, or a bad head mechanism.1. Can the BIOS see and identify the hard drive correctly? Ifit can't, then the hard drives onboard controller is bad.2. Does the drive spin and maintain a constant velocity? If itdoes, that's good news. The motor is functioning.3. If the drive surges and dies, the most likely cause is abad controller (assuming the drive is cool). A gate allowingthe current to drive the motor may not be staying open. Thedrive needs a new controller.4. Do you hear a lot of head clatter when the machine isturned on and initialized (but before the system attempts toaccess the hard drive). Head clatter would in
Firewall Not Nortons'
The best firewall is a hardware firewall that is completely separate from your operating system. It need not be a dedicated router, could be an old pentium box running Linux. Below I have found some sites that have How To's on setting up an outside hardware router using an old computer and using a little linux program that fits on a single floppy disk.Brief Description:floppyfw is a router with the advanced firewall-capabilities in Linux that fits on one single floppy disc.Features:Access lists, IP-masquerading (Network Address Translation), connection tracked packet filtering and (quite) advanced routing. Package for traffic shaping is also available.Requires only a 386sx or better with two network interface cards, a 1.44MB floppy drive and 12MByte of RAM ( for less than 12M and no FPU, use the 1.0 series, which will stay maintained. )Very simple packaging system. Is used for editors, PPP, VPN, traffic shaping and whatever comes up. (now this is looking even more like LRP (may it rest
Free Nothing Is Free I Dont Write This Shit I Just Blog It For Fun To See If You Can Get It To Work
Guide For Getting Free StuffOk, if you are like me you have heard so much about the FreeIpods and FreeFlatScreens websites on different forums, blogs, IM's, etc, you are about to puke. So am I. But yet the draw of getting an Ipod for doing basically nothing is pretty strong. I dismissed all the "stories" of people getting their ipods as the marketing machine at work. However, when Kevin Rose published that not only did he receive his, but a few of his friends did as well, I figured I might take a chance and give it a go. Today I received proof that it does indeed work. Yep, I got my iPod.Whats in it for them?Step 1. Collect Names.Step 2. Send those names items worth $200 or moreStep 3. ?????Step 4. ProfitBefore I signed up, I wanted to get to the bottom of the ?????. I didn't want any sweaty, filth pushing webmonkeys to have all my info, so I did my research. Gratis Internet, the parent company of the FreeIpods, FreeFlatscreens, etc. sites, recently did an interview with Wired Magazine
Block Sites Yourself Fuck Pop Up Blockers Cock Blockers Blue Blockers Cunt Etc
How To Block Websties Without Software, block websites Steps:1] Browse C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc2] Find the file named "HOSTS"3] Open it in notepad4] Under " localhost" Add , and that site will no longer be accessable.5] Done!-So- localhost127.0.0.2> is now unaccessable
Never Buy Music,movies,porn,magazines,books, Information Is Free People Everything Is Free Even Software
 Downloading BitTorrent FilesWhat is BitTorrent in Plain English?BitTorrent is a program you download. It is similar to a peer-to-peer file sharing service. Basically it goes like this: You download the installer. You get the link to a file that ends in .torrent and enter that URL into your browser (preferably Internet Explorer). This opens the BitTorrent download window. It starts downloading the file, or episode that you wanted (eg. alias2x01.torrent). As it downloads, it uploads the parts that you have to other people so many people can get it at once. When you've finished downloading the file, you can leave the window open (don't press finish or close the window) and other people can still download from you. This is very much encouraged.I'm new to all this. How do I download with BitTorrent???First we need to download and install a BitTorrent clientOfficial client 3.3CODE client 3.2.1b-2CODE
For You Laptop Fuckers Who Sit At Shops And Go Outside
How to bypass web filters There are several occasions where you will be at a public te How to bypass web filtersrminal, and require access to a particular website that is blocked for some reason or another. How to bypass these restrictions is a very common question, and will be covered here.Lets pretend for a moment that the Internet is made up of 26 websites, A-Z. The web filter blocks your browser from accessing sites X-Z, but not sites A-W. Simply make the browser think you’re going to A-W. There are a variety of ways to do this:Proxy Servers: This is a list of http proxies. These sites may not be up forever, so you may need to search for “free http proxy” or “public proxy servers” or other similar terms.Proxy server lists:••••••• http://f
Dont Let Windows Talk Back
 Do you experience this kind of problem whenever you attemp to install an application in windows box (2k, xp)?"The Windows Installer service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance."The ms website knowledge article 324516 gives 2 methods as a way of fixing this problem, but you might be very lucky if any of the 2 fixes the problem, alot of guys end up formating their systems and doing fresh windows installations or try wired ways of fixing it.Well, the solution is very easy:1. right click your root windows installation drive i.e drive where you installed windows2. click properties at the bottom3. select security tab4. click Add and scroll down to SYSTEM account click add and click OK.5. allow Full control permission and click Apply and then Ok.This should solve your problem with windows installer.
Your A Password Thief
HOW TO GET ANY WINDOWS PASSWORDok..... here are the full details.....this works whether its windows 2000 or windows xp or windows xp SP1 or SP2 or windows server 2003....this works even if syskey encryption is employed...if it is FAT filesystem...just copy the sam file like stated in the first post to an empty floppy disk and take it home. I'll tell u what to do with it later... DON'T DELETE THE ORIGINAL SAM FILE. just remove its attributes. the sam file is a file called SAM with no extension. YOU MUST ALSO GET.... a file called SYSTEM which is in the same folder as SAM. both files have no extensions...if it is NTFS....u have to download a program called NTFSPro.... it allows u to read from ntfs drives... the demo version allows read only. the full version is read-write.... you use the program to create an unbootable disk (so u will still need another bootable disk and an empty disk) that has the required files to access NTFS.use the boot disk to get into dos, then use the disks create
Very kind of my sister, her husband, and children to pitch in for me. No reason to ever doubt me when that sign is given to you. That sign was given to you this past Sunday morning. I gave you two packs of cigarettes, a box of cigar, and a lighter in a bag and asked you to get rid of it. That is a true sign from me, it is time for me to ever walk away from any smokes. Far as any plan? There isn't any. No, I'm not going to wing it but according to what God hands me and not according to Norio or anyone else. God is the best at these things. God is in charge and not me or any one else. We're not going to lay down any plan according to but as God sees fit and allows it to be. I walked out of Cooper Hospital so fast the dust didn't even have the time to stir. You kept putting off to refine that which already laid waiting and now it is time for God and not according to any man or woman. Usual will be followed about these other physicians. Norio  
Fun Survey Woo Hoo
Where does the last person you kissed go to school?he's done with schoolWhat was the first thing you did this morning?got a showerDo you care of what people think of you?sometimes I doWho was the last person you took a picture with?dirkLast person you went to the movies with?Caity today to see New MoonWhat are you looking forward to right now?sleeping in tomorrow and the holidaysDoes your crush like you back?he betterHow many people have you liked in the past 8 months?a couple because I was single for a litlteWhat did you do today?had a great day movies and lunch at chillis with Caity, went to dirks took a nap when he watched tv went out shopping and out to dinner than party at my brothersDoes anyone hate you for no reason?I dont think soHave you ever kissed someone who's name starts with the letter C?yesHas anyone ever borrowed something from you and never returned it back?oh yeahToday did you hug a person you have feelings for?yesIs the person you like older or younger than you?older
It is now beyond two days but I'll let it go another 12 days and see where I am at in two weeks overall? That physician might be right. I may come a running to the ER? What was going on at Cooper, like other hospitals, the Resident's and the Nurses are the ones making the decision as far as any medication or surgery. If I didn't add my two cents of my past medical history and how these meds were affecting me than I'd be screwed over and over. I saw how I was going down hill in my pain of my Cervica Spine and my over all condition so I decided to leave. 10 minutes I was headed out of Camden on 676. Asked the Nurse which way is out, Security Officer for the front door, and the Receptionist to call me a Cab. Cab arrived in five minutes. Surgery was in their court and they did their best. Now it is up to God. Norio  
Another One Of My Special Blogs...haha
I had a great amazing weekend! Saturday I saw New Moon which was a great movie! I'm excited to finish the book during school break. We went to Chillies after words. More shopping and went to Roburitoes for the first time because dirk thinks it so sooo amazing. It was pretty good. Than party at my brothers. Today was my lazy Sundays nice walk with dirk and chance. (wow this blog is really lame) hah Oh... some exciting new hah (not really) my town is finally putting in a freaking gym!!! It's good price and open alll the time! The one (big) thing I don't like about it is there isn't always staff their working. They have certain day time hours. I sometimes like to go like around 10ish 11 and at that time no employee will be ther and when I use to go to Planet fitness late at night there would be like 7 guys and maybe me and another girl. That's kinda scary and dirk is kinda weird out about that i dea because he has to work really early in the morning so he won't always be able to go with
Loco Roco!
This is a song's lyrics made for the game Loco Roco, for the PSP. I personally did not care for the game, but the song is so bloody happy and cheerful that it could even be the missing link to reversing an emo to a normal person. This is translated into Japanese Gibberish. :) Bajumbo moi noi noi jeckerDabatto bunkergait jun junNora juerue-rotto pura-pura pettoPuraret dum dumPapuranoi noi noi jeckerDabatto bumperget tum tumOra poerketino bookeran tan-tan-so Bokeretyo kyenturanai mimani unlalhood-cha-laTerra hooki-ra pishi-to diki-ra poody-toSeni-kidi koseiboKokorenkyo kyenturanai mimani unlalhood-cha-laTerra hooki-ra shishi-sho tusura hajiki yo Bajumbo moi noi noi jeckerDabatto bumperget tum tumNora juerue-rotto rokorolo-pettoPura-purarun dum dumPapuramoi noi noi jeckerDapatto bumperget tum tumOra poerketino bookeran tan-tan-so
Why did I decide to walk on out on Friday? Self preservation I believe is the answer. Way things were going I would of not have been around to be keying this. I did notice how shaken and pale the nurse was and I said to her that I was sorry and has nothing to do with any personal issue with her. I did briefly explain my reason to her first and than to the physician. The reasons are very simple and here it is. Six days has been squandered by them and I am not willing to squander any more. I asked for a permission to take a shower before 6 AM and here it is after the second request past 10 AM and still no shower. I left out the fact on Tuesday when I came back from the lung test, some one left a corpse of The Christ taped to my side of the upper left rail on the fancy hospital bed. The nurse mentioned it on Thursday since I had the same day nurse from Tuesday to Thursday. Also three people on the night shift asked me if I was cold and I said no. That Wednesday night into Thursday. I woke
Part Of Me
Perhaps a part of me understands what that corpse minus the cross taped on my hospital bed means? Along with the act of someone wrapping me like a mummy means? Perhaps I left rather suddenly this past Friday from Cooper because this part of me felt a threat? Same part of me that took over on August of 2008 to avoid a head on collission. No innocense there. Self preservation alone was the motive, where as, I would do it to protect those that are innocent. The passive driver facing me made the mistake of making a left turn while I was going straight on a green light. We'd all be dead if Mike did not take over. Mike did it for self and for no one else. I'm not Mike but it is getting very hard to define myself as an individual. Happy Thanksgiving. Norio  
Where I lived in Stonybrook there was a neighbor who became sort of a friend. He told me a little of hes life and what has happened up until when I met him. He claimed he was a Christian and takes The Bible literally. This disabled man, neighbor, and a friend was filled with guilt. As I understand Christianity, The Christ, has paid for our Sins and the consequences of it. However one writes this, be it final judgement or karmic with us creating our future, the emotion such as guilt or fear is taken from us and The Christ at the cross paid in full all that we would pay. Giving us a sense of Peace even now. The ritual laws and ceramonies were worth less with out the Sacrifical Lamb being slain for our sake. It was this slaying or spilling of an Innocent Mans Blood that did the Miracullous work through The Son of God, The Christ, Ordained by God. I was puzzeld by my sort of friends actions and reactions based on what I took away from The Bible. He wanted to buy hes way to Heaven or earn
What Colcr Should You Guys Think I Should Dye My Hair.
Hey there fubar fans I am here with another blog for you but, this isn't like any blog this is a question. Okay are you guys ready here we go. What color do you fubar fans think I should dye my hair I have to remind you that it must stay within my work hestition. No weird colors like red, blue or anything like tat until I can find out I can dye my hair that color and no get in trouble. Let me know hit my blog up.
I'm Stressed! Ugh
welp! yet again I'm stress. I am sooo ready for school break it's not even funny. I have this big math test Monday and I have been slacking off my math homework (it's never collected or graded) so I don't always do all of it because I have so much English homework. So Monday I have a test on 2 chaps so I'm freaking out. And so freaked out can't focus on studying so i'm writing a blog to help myself focus. I only had class 2 nights last week becaue Ive been super busy. But everything else is going great. great thanksgiving eve went out to Tailgaters! Went out with my normal people and shared this big tailgatira with dirk and some weird guy took a picture of me drinking it. hah Thanksgiving was one of my best Thanksgiving I ever had. ALL my past relationships we usualy get into a fight on every fucking holiday so it was very nice and freshing to be with someone that doesn't fight with me on a holiday. I think he's a keeper!! Ate dinner at my house and dessert at his house and back to my
What Was That Stuff We Ate In High School
OOOOOOOOOO YAE NSFW ne ways love to have fun here no bars in the sand box..
How To Make A Website The Correct Way Allegidly I Havent Read It Yet
A Web Standards Checklist, How to make a proper websiteA web standards checklistThe term web standards can mean different things to different people. For some, it is 'table-free sites', for others it is 'using valid code'. However, web standards are much broader than that. A site built to web standards should adhere to standards (HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSLT, DOM, MathML, SVG etc) and pursue best practices (valid code, accessible code, semantically correct code, user-friendly URLs etc).In other words, a site built to web standards should ideally be lean, clean, CSS-based, accessible, usable and search engine friendly.About the checklistThis is not an uber-checklist. There are probably many items that could be added. More importantly, it should not be seen as a list of items that must be addressed on every site that you develop. It is simply a guide that can be used:* to show the breadth of web standards* as a handy tool for developers during the production phase of websites* as an aid f
Bois Update Procedure
BIOS Update ProcedureAll latest Motherboards today, 486/ Pentium / Pentium Pro etc.,ensure that upgrades are easily obtained by incorporating the system BIOS in a FLASH Memory component. With FLASH BIOS, there is no need to replace an EPROM component. Once downloaded, the upgrade utility fits on a floppy disc allowing the user to save, verify and update the system BIOS. A hard drive or a network drive can also be used to run the newer upgrade utilities. However, memory managers can not be installed while upgrading.Most pre-Pentium motherboards do not have a Flash BIOS. The following instructions therefore do not apply to these boards. If your motherboard does not have a Flash BIOS (EEPROM) you will need to use an EPROM programmer to re-program the BIOS chip. See your dealer for more information about this.Please read the following instructions in full before starting a Flash BIOS upgrade:A. Create a Bootable Floppy (in DOS)•With a non-formatted disk, type the following:format a:/s
Lets Keep Talking About It Some More What To Know About Spyware
There are a lot of PC users that know little about "Spyware", "Mal-ware", "hijackers", "Dialers" & many more. This will help you avoid pop-ups, spammers and all those baddies.What is spy-ware?Spy-ware is Internet jargon for Advertising Supported software (Ad-ware). It is a way for shareware authors to make money from a product, other than by selling it to the users. There are several large media companies that offer them to place banner ads in their products in exchange for a portion of the revenue from banner sales. This way, you don't have to pay for the software and the developers are still getting paid. If you find the banners annoying, there is usually an option to remove them, by paying the regular licensing fee.Known spywaresThere are thousands out there, new ones are added to the list everyday. But here are a few:Alexa, Aureate/Radiate, BargainBuddy, ClickTillUWin, Conducent Timesink, Cydoor, Comet Cursor, eZula/KaZaa Toptext, Flashpoint/Flashtrack, Flyswat, Gator, GoHip, Hotba
Hacking No Your Getting Hacked Heres The Anti-hack-me-shit
I was just asking to know if there is some audiance beforehere is my methodefor hacking anti leechwe gona use a soft calde proxo mitronproxomitron is an anti bull script web proxy it' works buy applying some rules to elliuminte pop up and many other thing but for our cas we need to desactive all this filtring first gotow-w.proxomitron.infodownload a copy of the softthen you need to unselect all the option of the softand clik on log windowno go to a anti leech web siteuse the plug in and not netpumperin the pluginadd a proxyyou must put this proxy adress127.0.0.1 8080 for httpthe same for ftpnow select the file to download a click downloadwatch in proximitron log winodws you will see many internal forwardingif the file are located in a ftp serverproximitron dont handel themand you will find an errorin a ftp adressif it's a http adressyou will find some thing likeget /blablalma/bla/filesite tr.comand you have foudn the adressit'
Advanced >>>>>>shells Tech
  ***********************************************     *                                             *     * Advanced Shellcoding Techniques - by Darawk *     *                                             *     ***********************************************IntroductionThis paper assumes a working knowledge of basic shellcoding techniques, and x86 assembly, I will not rehash these in this paper.  I hope to teach you some of the lesser known shellcoding techniques that I have picked up, which will allow you to write smaller and better shellcodes.  I do not claim to have invented any of these techniques, except for the one that uses the div instruction.The multiplicity of mulThis technique was originally developed by Sorbo of  The mul instruction may, on the surface, seem mundane, and it's purpose obvious.  However, when faced with the difficult challenge of shrinking your shellcode, it proves to be quite useful.  First some background information on the mul instruction its
Advanced>>>>>>>>>installing Ftp
 Setting Up A Ftp:Well, since many of us have always wondered this, here it is. Long and drawn out. Also, before attempting this, realize one thing; You will have to give up your time, effort, bandwidth, and security to have a quality ftp server.That being said, here it goes. First of all, find out if your IP (Internet Protocol) is static (not changing) or dynamic (changes everytime you log on). To do this, first consider the fact if you have a dial up modem. If you do, chances are about 999 999 out of 1 000 000 that your IP is dynamic. To make it static, just go to a place like h*tp:// to register for a static ip address.You'll then need to get your IP. This can be done by doing this:Going to Start -> Run -> winipcfg or and asking 'What is my IP?'After doing so, you'll need to download an FTP server client. Personally, I'd recommend G6 FTP Server, Serv-U FTPor Bullitproof v2.15 all three of which are extremely reliable, and the norm of the ftp world.You can d
Basics; Computer Upkeep
You may not realize it, but your computer and your car have something in common: they both need regular maintenance. No, you don't need to change your computer's oil. But you should be updating your software, keeping your antivirus subscription up to date, and checking for spyware. Read on to learn what you can do to help improve your computer's security.Getting startedHere are some basics maintenance tasks you can do today to start improving your computer's security. Be sure you make these part of your ongoing maintenance as well.* Sign up for software update e-mail notices. Many software companies will send you e-mail whenever a software update is available. This is particularly important for your operating system (e.g., Microsoft VV!|VD0VV$Ž or Macintosh), your antivirus program, and your firewall.* Register your software. If you still have registration forms for existing software, send them in. And be sure to register new software in the future. This is another way for the software
Basi C Resource: Computer Acranyms
ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber LineAGP - Accelerated Graphics PortALI - Acer Labs, IncorporatedALU - Arithmetic Logic UnitAMD - Advanced Micro DevicesAPC - American Power ConversionASCII - American Standard Code for Information InterchangeASIC - Application Specific Integrated CircuitASPI - Advanced SCSI Programming InterfaceAT - Advanced TechnologyATI - ATI Technologies Inc.ATX - Advanced Technology Extended--- B ---BFG - BFG TechnologiesBIOS - Basic Input Output SystemBNC - Barrel Nut Connector--- C ---CAS - Column Address SignalCD - Compact DiskCDR - Compact Disk RecorderCDRW - Compact Disk Re-WriterCD-ROM - Compact Disk - Read Only MemoryCFM - Cubic Feet per Minute (ft�/min)CMOS - Complementary Metal Oxide SemiconductorCPU - Central Processing UnitCTX - CTX Technology Corporation (Commited to Excellence)--- D ---DDR - Double Data RateDDR-SDRAM - Double Data Rate - Synchronous Dynamic Random Access MemoryDFI - DFI Inc. (Design for Innovation)DIMM - Dual Inline Memory Mo
101 For Dumbshits: The Basics Of Security
10 Fast and Free Security Enhancements PC magazine.Before you spend a dime on security, there are many precautions you can take that will protect you against the most common threats.1. Check Windows Update and Office Update regularly (_; have your Office CD ready. Windows Me, 2000, and XP users can configure automatic updates. Click on the Automatic Updates tab in the System control panel and choose the appropriate options.2. Install a personal firewall. Both SyGate ( and ZoneAlarm ( offer free versions.3. Install a free spyware blocker. Our Editors' Choice ("Spyware," April 22) was SpyBot Search & Destroy (_ SpyBot is also paranoid and ruthless in hunting out tracking cookies.4. Block pop-up spam messages in Windows NT, 2000, or XP by disabling the Windows Messenger service (this is unrelated to the instant messaging program). Open Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services and
Boot Block Recovery For FreeYou don't need to pay a measly sum of dollars just to recover from a boot block mode. Here it is folks:AWARD Bootblock recovery:That shorting trick should work if the boot block code is not corrupted, and it should not be if /sb switch is used when flashing the bios (instead of /wb switch).The 2 pins to short to force a checksum error varies from chip to chip. But these are usually the highest-numbered address pins (A10 and above).These are the pins used by the system to read the System BIOS (original.bin for award v6), calculate the ROM checksum and see if it's valid before decompressing it into memory, and subsequently allow Bootblock POST to pass control over to the System BIOS.You just have to fool the system into believing that the System BIOS is corrupt. This you do by giving your system a hard time reading the System BIOS by shorting the 2 high address pins. And when it could not read the System BIOS properly, ROM Checksum Error is detected "so to spe
Fix: Ie Internet Explorer
So one of your friends, “not you of course”, has managed to nuke Internet Explorer and they are unsure how they did it. You’ve eliminated the possibility of viruses and adware, so this just leaves you and a broken IE. Before you begin to even consider running a repair install of the OS, let’s try to do a repair on IE instead.THE REPAIR PROCESSStart the Registry Editor by typing regedit from the Run box. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Active Setup \ Installed Components \ {89820200-ECBD-11cf-8B85-00AA005B4383} and then right-click the “IsInstalled value.” Click Modify. From there, you will change the value from 1 to 0. All right, go ahead and close the editor and reinstall IE from this location. / SOMETHING GOES WRONGIf messing with the registry and something goes horribly wrong, you can use “Last Known Good Configuration (F8 Safe Mode)” or a Restore Point to get back to
No Longer
I no longer have any faith or believe in anything or anyone, not even in myself. What happens when you don't believe, trust, or have faith? Did I wake up to this or was I always like this but only pretending? Bottom line? There isn't any. Heaven and Hell? Life or death? It matters or it doesn't? You care or don't? I care or don't? In twenty five days it will be Christmas and I doubted reaching this evening in January. Highly unlikely I'll reach Christmas and if I did of ever making any of the New Year's. Last evening I told telemitsu that it is called off. Basically to scatter. At times I am cold as ice and Heartless like a stone to do what I've done so far and to keep any sanity. I disassociate my personality because of the emotional pain of what is going on right in front of me. Either I'm doing it or another. Once this is learned each time or each one can take off on their own if not dealt with. I saw everything far as this last hospitalization and what took place and how I would ju
I'm A Sucker For Surveys!
Is there anyone you would seriously punch right now if you had the chance? hah yeah maybe 2 peopleLast person you were on the phone with for more than 20 minutes?DirkWould you go out in public looking like you do now?yes just came out of the publicSo, what do you know what your getting for your birthday?I want to know what i'm getting for xmas firstIf the last person you kissed tried to kiss you again, would you kiss back?YEP:)Is there any time cheating is okay?hell no Has anyone ever sang to you?THEY HAVEHave you held hands with somebody in the past three days?YESHow was your weekend?It was good saturday was busy and sunday was stressful cuase of schoolDo you know anyone with the same birthday as you?celine dion hahaHow do you feel right now?pretty good! Ready for tomorrowDid the last person who hurt you, ever apologize?yeah but wasn't very sympathic Are you a mean person?IF I NEED TO BECan a boy and girl be friends without having feelings for each other?ehh I don't no there was p
Christmas Headaches
history: i had alky at a thanksgiving party my aunt didnt go to(old chardonnay bought for my besty and me months prior that never got drank)  i gave it out to be rid of it as alky isnt something we keep around sis made a big deal about it behind my back to my aunt and it became this whole big story eabout me being in cahoots with my mom to get my aunt (a parollee who was jailed for drugs) thrown back in jail... im just not that type of person and ever since then shes been living hell... everytime i turn around shes wanting to turn me into the cops for harassment for something im not doing. (texts, e-mails, facebook etc.) if we go to my familys christmas im pretty sure theres going to be drama with aunt karen...something about us only going to start drama with her... and if there is alky their im gonna loose it... im gonna explode.  they had alky at christmas 07and she didnt say one thing to anyone.  y me? but if we dont go as we proved last year we get blamed for ruining chri
Tomorrow is the appointment with my Cardiologist. I also need things from the grocery store. The demand for my house key by Cheryl places her in doubt far as her motive and who truly is behind her. Also the what if's and her admission of her use of illicit whatever places her in a dark shdow. Can't forget the incident with her car. I took it to a reputable place that has to worry about ratings. I asked for a written estimate and was willing to pay for it and I told her where I will be and that I will call her. To have her OK the repair and the shop manager realizing what happened forced him to reduce the fee significantly. She had no legal ground to OK it. Placing the shop in a bad position. Like the letter from Dr. Rosenbloom via USPS, Certified, Return Receipt, telling him I received it. Sort of covers hes behind of any possible legal suit by any. Also my Psychiatrists assisment of me, again, certifies or bolsters hes position. Is it that clear? No, everything is in the shadow of som
Altough I think about many things I try to be open and receptive. Some may think that I am way out there and filled oppinons. Actually no. If I was truly way out there I wouldn't be here calmly keying this or to even think with any reason. I'd be dead or locked up for good. Honestly, I do see many things when I am out, which I keep to myself. I know that were it not for this openess that God has granted me I will be the one so critical to conceive of hell and damnation. I know that even I try my best I will often fail. Failure results from trying. If I did not try who do I have to blame but me. I told my Cardiologist that same but not in that way. I will see where this God is taking me, for now I truly do not know. Far as any evil I don't have to look far. The same with addiction, no matter what it is. Norio  
Just Random Funny Sayings
y don't u come over to myspace and google my yahoo so i can blow my load on ur facebook while u lick my twitter     we sang this in jail to all the diddlers and it would piss them off so bad cause we would put their names on blast lmmfao All around the mulberry bush the (diddler) chased the child the child thought it was all in fun till (the diddler) got him!
More Poems From My Soul Written While In Jail
Alone Alone, Darkness Consumeing Alone, Darkness Embraceing Alone, Darkness all I'm tasteing Alone, Darkness I am wasteing Blanketed by oblivion Darkness not letting in My ray of hope outside my grasp Realizing darkness is all I have Alone, Darkness Confusing Alone, Darkness I'm looseing Alone, Darkness this is the end Alone, Darkness I finally give in
Last Poem From Jail
no title I sit here in this prison cell slowly drift into hell The walls o
come by n c us
Old New
The Eagles last, they mention Old Order and New Order. The Old Order will let go to The New Order. I laid in bed in silence this afternoon all closed up and thought what am I fighting? I do not wish to be here for the future. A passage from The Bible but more conventional. He or she who lays their hands on the plow and then looks back is unfit for The Kingdom. I was informed by The Order that in the future I will be required to define myself. This week I will define myself in three ways. The Order and TMO will be happy in how subtle I did it. Norio  
Mr. Jack Anderson practiced a type of journalisim called mukaluk, spelling is unkown by me. Take a littl bit of truth and put a lot of nonsense and although he is no longer here it was interesting that the FBI asked the family for permission to go through hes personal effects. I take the truth of my life and put a whole lot of nonsense and it is not meant for all to know what I am saying. I know that I need this surgery but it is not the end or the means to reach this end. What ever my end is I will honor it as I always try to my best but often I fail at it. I extended the Olive brach of Peace to Cheryl and she graciously accepted it. About that bet, I have a funny feeling Jo-Ann maybe collecting that $5.00 off of me. Although the near and distant future concerning me is darkness, I do get a glimpse here and there. The two world I did see at one time in my minds eye, the one of darkness has retreated giving away to a beautiful world. I think the Roman Catholics call this season Adve
Famous Toon Porn
Cartoon Sex
Album Release
you can get my new album dest'n 2 be famous off itunes now thamks    Da-Mind
32 Weeks And Counting
If you would of asked me 2 years ago where I would be and how I would feel today , my answer would of not been pleasant . Since my divorce and Meeting Brett my life is so different . I smile alot and laugh too . A year and a half has gone by since we started dating and I can't picture anyone but him making me feel this good . Getting kicked right now by our little surprise I am sitting here smiling . I am counting the days till we get to hold him . I love my children very much and this little guy growing inside me is no exception . I can't wait to see his eyes and hear his giggle . I haven't felt this "high" on life in such a long time . I don't want it to ever end . Amazing how someone enters your life from out of no where and can so dramatically change it and help you find you and happiness along the way . Few more weeks to go and I am counting each moment,  every kick ,  and every hope not only for Brett and I but for all my children . So happy and content at this moment .....
Stolen Stuff
Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think!Pick your Artist:MetallicaAre you a male or female?I am EvilDescribe yourself:Harvester of SorrowHow do you feel:Creeping Death (sick)Describe where you currently live:Wherever I may RoamIf you could go anywhere, where would you go:Trapped Under IceYour favorite form of transportation:Ride the LightningYour bestfriend is:Stone Cold CrazyYou and your best friends are:FranticWhat's the weather like:BlitzkriegFavorite time of day:All Nightmare LongIf your life was a TV show, what would it be called:For Whom the Bell TollsWhat is life to you:UnforgivenYour current relationship:Nothing Else MattersYour fear:Enter SandmanThought for the Day:Frayed Ends of SanityHow I would like to die:Damage Inc.My soul's present condition:BlackenedMost Faithful Companion:OrionMy motto:   Seek
Another Tree Planted
There is a place that I must go And speak to soldiers that I don't know I go there often just to talk On this sacred ground called Warrior's Walk Another tree planted means another life gone and another family tries to move on Planted in honor of the brave to thank these soldiers for the life they gave Fort Stewart Georgia is where you can see the love and pride around these trees we take for granted so very much like reaching out being able to touch so I go there my thanks to give I'm grateful to them for the life I live and if ever i think what a hard life I lead my heart will find perspective among those trees
Officially I was a COMSEC Clerk. COMSEC stands for Communication Security. All I did was type, file, and control and to monitor. I don't have to believe it but for now it's good enough. I know nothing about typing or to how file. Except what little I learned through the VA at the Abilties Center. I was there for the VA to see if I can be trained. Eight weeks turned into six month's. Well liked and no one had to worry about my motivation. These were disabled people with a hunger for purpose, reason, and excellence second to none. They earned my highest of respect. They and the people that worked with them. Norio  
Ill-half Styler
Fuck forget you & your comments.I won't listen to you cuz i don't have to. I'm just gone insane in bein in this world fuck it all. I just wanna hurl scream cry & shut. I done been through enough i'm fuckin sorry for whatever the fuck it is you want or what i done. I try to be all everything you wanted. Gave you my love & you fuckin ran off with it. But thats ok. I will never fuckin forget you. & i hope that you never forget me. Our love will always be there whether if your with some lame douchebag. & remember i say what the fuck i want thick fhat white girl. I don't give a shit no excuses cuz right now i'm just feelin useless. Forget yourself comin around to rate me. Then leave some status off sayin i shouldn't say this go crawl back up in your lil bush hole. I ain't don't have time for tricks bitch bitch thats right i said fuckin bitches ho skank whore.I'll say it again bitch skank ho & whore. & i don't care if ya get offended. Its a cold world unapprehended. Feelin so dayum unattende
Our journeys are diversified, but our paths have led us to experience and learn a great deal of information and knowledge about a lot of the various aspects of the lifestyle. However, it's also important to note that even with all of this experience and knowledge, we're not experts. We don't hold degrees in psychology or human behavior, nor have we written any books or workshops. We did want to share with all of you what tidbits of knowledge and experiences we've seen, read about and gone through so that it may offer a different ideas and approaches of how to maneuver around the major lifestyle obstacles. It's important to note that there's no right or wrong way in handling much of the issues and situations we are going to bring up today. As the caveat goes "your mileage will vary" and some of these ideas may or may not work for you. In the January 19th, 2004 edition of Time Magazine, a journalist interviews a bdsm couple about how they love one another through a D/s, M/s relationship
Juggala Insania Frenzy 1.9
I'm sittin here all freshed & juggalo'd up with my psychopathic hat. Its like that my money is stacked. Be sure to be lookin for lette thats all thick & that wit so much fhat. I'ma lyrical dis high in nutrient. Shit i spit is so intricate. What is this shit is so numeral kick hit get with so much wickedness. I'm spittin as like if i was on em's old shit called infinite. Repent from it i'm into it. To not forget to not to get whats hard for you not to get. I'm on some shit wicked shit thats how it is. Cuz i'm the insane lyripoeticist. & ain't no one like this thats kickin harder shit. Colashin kickin doors down with a bunch of 44 double in machine guns. Only for ya to want more. Glass shatters shits a cahazard meltin down plastard. Shit when i'm in it gets retarded. You done fucked with the shit you started. Coheist & inherent what the fuck is you starin at. What the fuck yo punk bitch ass got some shit to say. Then bring it cuz i'm a juggalo. Let me rephrase that. A fine black juggalo
Just Sumthin I Thought Of
The lights dim, we hit the floor, now yur screamin more more more, you grab my ass and push me in ne further an my head will spin, soon its over, i've cum at last, when you turn an say "damn, that was fast".
I hint around about it, you dont see it.I ask you, you dont get it.We joke about it, still nothing.What will it take to make you see, I want you.I want you, I want to succeed where every other man has failed.I want you, I want to do what no one else could.I want to make you happy, utterly and truly happy....
life is not what it seems... You will end up falling inlove with your ex gf and getting engaged to her and she will get all mad because she finds out you have a tazer but oh well love is love.... i know it's not much of a blog but it's a start
Ok peeps, these are the rules (Guidline's More then anything) NOTE: IF ANY OF THESE ARE REPORTED TO ME MORE THEN ONCE I WILL DELEATE THE ACCOUNT WITHOUT NOTICE!!!! I AM THE SOLE CARE TAKER OF THIS PROFILE ANY CHANGE WILL BE RUN BY ME FIRST!IF IN ANY CASE I CANNOT BE GOTTEN AHOLD OF, IRISH MINISTER CAN BE ASKED! Ok here are the guidlines: 1) The Name is DJ () @ The Black Shamrock.The () is where you put your name, once done with your shift, Remove your name! 2) add one pic of your self in the defualt album and where you put something to say under it put your FU NAME and Staff tital. 3) other pics can be uploaded, NO NOT SAFE FOR WORK PIC'S PLEASE 4) be nice to the other Dj's who use this do not upload to many pic's please
Fubar Xxxmas
twas the night before xxxmas in the fubar house . everybody was drinkin even the mouse. some girls were flashin some being rude.some girls were being lascivious and lewd. a blond on my left a brunette on my right and a little hot redhead atop of my thighs i was about to have one hell of a night . when in the corner isaw such a site a dozen nude women ay yiyiyi. i jumped out of my seat and got there in a dash the leader grabbed me and shoved my face in her gash. and as everything else went out of site
Paying 2m For A Vip
I am paying 2m for a vip...
Grand Opening From 12-22 12-24-09
please help us out and join us at the lounge. . look for friends_and_family under the lounge tab. if you like to become staff be sure to email me or just wanna join. .head into the lounge and click subsribe
Needing Staff Part And Full Time!!!
please help us out and join us at the lounge. . look for friends_and_family under the lounge tab. if you like to become staff be sure to email me or just wanna join. .head into the lounge and click subsribe. . welcome everyone who is part of is welcome to join the lounge!
Shes So Good To Us All
Hallway Photo Decor Two
Day 6
New favorite Song::   Dragonette "Pick Up The Phone "   Oh Cherry, Cherry Ill read your fortune It says your too serious and such But I learned one thing Cherry You should understand That nothing really matters very much
True Love
There are not enough words, to describe the effect u have on me...You make it easy to be myself, and its you who set me free...You are just so amazing, I can't believe how good you make me feel...I was scared this was only just a dream, but you assured me this was real...When you told me how you really felt, i had difficulty trying to breathe...My heart began to beat much faster, but you promised me you wouldn't leave...Every word that you wrote, made me want to be with you so much more...The thought of you had me trembling, deep down inside my core...I long to b with u boo, like we envisioned for our first meet...The thought of my arms around you, with your hand in mine is just so sweet...Watching the beautiful Cali sunset, and a breeze that is so gentle...We connect on many levels boo, not yet of the physical, but the mental...But soon enough you'll be in my arms, falling fast asleep...I said no harm would come your way, and a promise i always keep...You're safe with me at all times
I used to know what I wanted in life, I woke up one morning to my world crashing down on me, since then I can't seem to even find a peacful nights sleep..... I love him, he's my everything but I got his message loud and clear that his family wasn't worth it I guess he thinks playing people is a better life, I let him go and now he wants to work it out but I can't my heart is to far destroyed and hurt to even bother with it. My kids are more important now and all I'm doing is living by survival a second to second mode. I guess I have to kind of turn a little cold hearted and do whats best for me right? I don't know what to do any more if marriage is worth it or if being hurt is worth forgiving a millionth time!!!
I Would Love For Someone To Make Me Background
I there is anyone out there that can make me a nice background I am paying....
Laeving Fubar
When I first joined Fubar back in September 2008 I was invited by a friend, who now has since left Fubar for sometime now. When I got on here I thought this site was great becuse it was different, but after a little bit more than a year I noticed some changes and more & more drama unfolding. I started to think this is the reason why I had left a few other sites. Well that doesn't matter now because you will get drama everywhere you go maybe because they have taken a few soap operas off air who knows. what I am really glad about is that I have met a few nice people on here whom I am proud to call my friends ( they know who they are).I sincerely hope that Fubar keeps on refining so that one day it will become like a household name & a place in which people will communicate better.
I feel trapped in a world were my family does't know that I'am there.Why does family push other family members away just because they get married.And female women on this site why do they always want to cause problems by showing there bodies in full nude shot.This is coming from the wife of the guy of busman on this site.All you u women and men that have nude pics on here are you not ashamed of doing this.If your not u should be.
Till The Last, Truth Be Told
            It's been a while, so I think I'll start pissing people off.  Oh, and I'm serious about all of this.  No disclaimer needed, if you get offended…good, do something about it.             Are you Politically Correct?  Are you the person who donates to charity?  Are you the one who wishes that everyone can just get along?  Are you the one who saves the dolphins but eats the Tuna?  Are you really that ignorant of today's world?             Actually, it's not just today's world.  It's the way the world has always been.  People eat meat.  People want power.  People like to kill.  People, on a whole, Suck.  Live with it. It's not likely to change.  You can't expect the illness to stop if you just treat the symptoms.  Why do we plow down forests?  To make money.  Why do kill animals in massive amounts?  To make Money.  Why do we kill each other? To make money.  Why do we fight over our beliefs?  TO MAKE MONEY!  Yes, believe it or not even a war for religion comes down to th
Still Working On This One...
     There's a lot to say right now.  A lot that I want put out there for the world.  (or at least for the few people in the world that would stumble across this.)  First though, let me begin with a theory.  I already know that at least one person on my current friends list thinks this kind of stuff is complete bullshit, but work with me here.       Ghosts.  I'm sure they exist.  I'm not sure that they are the spirits of the departed hanging around for…well… who knows why.  They do exist though.  In some form of energy.  Some form of random or not so random accumulation of positive and negative energy that has managed to affect the physical plain or our way of perceiving said plane.  It makes sense to me.  The mind itself is a part of the Brain.  The brain being that squishy grayish thing in the skull composed of neurons and other such tiny little bits-n-pieces.  The mind however, being the information stored within it.  The brain fires off tiny sparks of energy to trig
It’s Late, And I’m Half Asleep.
Okay...Strap in, I have some time to kill.       Life Lessons...they suck.  That's the truth of it.  There is no way out of life without learning a thing or two.  Well, there are some people who have managed it, but only through an unimaginable amount of ignorance.  I like to call these people RELIGOUS FUNDIMENTALISTS.  Thats right.  Their assholes.  No real exceptions to that one.       Just so you know, This really won't have a coherent point.  Actually none of my blogs do, but this one less then most.       I've always viewed life as a maze.  If you've read my blog by the same name you'd know this.  But recently I've been thinking of it more as a tunnel that has no end.  No white light at the end and no real entrance.  Like a doughnut in a mountain.  You just keep on moving through the same thing, but each rotation is minutly diffrent.  Nothing noticable, just some small detail that wasn't the same the last time.        Note to all cooks.  Try to reduce the amount of lettuce
The Classic: The Maze
The original version of "The Maze" We go through our younger years being led through the corridors. Eventually though, we are shown to a door. The sense of security we have grown so accustomed to almost forces us to walk through that door into the darkness beyond smiling and without a second thought. The door slowly closes behind us and by the time we realize that we are alone it's too late. The door is closed and locked firmly. This is when we enter The Maze. This is when we enter our lives. We stumble around in the darkness looking for a light that must be around somewhere. These lights could be friends, loved ones, religion or one of many sources of light in the darkness that is The Maze. Even if you are one of the lucky few to find a light it will not protect you from all things that lurk in the shadows. These lights are more like candles than flashlights. The soft glow of the flame may protect you from sliding your hand along the wall oblivious to the protruding nail waiting to re
Ranch Chicken Potato Packets
RANCH CHICKEN AND POTATO PACKETSone 20 oz. bag refrigerated cooked new potato wedges6 boneless skinless chicken thighs (about 20 oz.) cut in half1 1/4 cups regular ranch dressing4 slices precooked bacon, chopped1/4 cup chopped green onions (4 medium)1/2 tsp. coarse ground black pepperHeat gas or charcoal grill. Cut four 18x12" sheets of heavy-duty foil, spray foil with cooking spray. For each packet, place about 1 cup potato wedges, 3 thigh halves onto center of foil sheet. Drizzle with scant 1/3 cup dressing. Wrap each packet securely using double-fold seals, allowing room for heat expansion. When grill is heated, place foil packets, seam side up, on gas grill over medium heat or on charcoal grill over medium coals; cover grill. Cool 45-50 minutes or until juice of chicken is clear when center of thickest part is cut, potatoes are tender. Open packets carefully to allow steam to escape. Sprinkle each with bacon, onions, pepper.  
Women And Their Uncontrolible Need To Make All Around Them As Fucked Up As They Are???
Why do women feel the need to take all of their pent up aggression through out the day, and then come home and make your life a fucking living hell.? Do they find some sort of comfort in watching someone in a great mood be driven down by insults and nasty looks. Shecome up with another reason find another find s done it to me twice and there wont be a third.  My truck packs in less than the time it takes my wife to find another way to make me the asshole.   ONCE MORE........ AND IM GONE 1 min ago
An Old Post, But One I Like..
Yet another entry for one day.  This one on a more...shall we say. Unique twist.       It’s been almost two months since I've been in NJ.  I'm rather happy about that.  What I left behind was nothing but high school carried on into the outside.  What I gained, was a new appreciation for what people really are.  It's not bad, for I believe that people are all generally good inside.  I honestly have faith in the whole of mankind.  What I understand now as opposed to the Jersey years, is that everyone lives by their own set of moral codes.  Not always do these codes mesh well with others and often they do not mesh well with themselves either.  In fact most of them are pre-conceived notions that, for some reason unknown to me, are held on to.  My personal favorite of these is "bro's before Ho's".   (I oh so despise such flawed and pointless concepts)  But others share in the common deceit these catch phrases elicit.  Such one liners as: "Honesty is the best policy" - Tell this to
How To Fix Congress
  THIS IS HOW YOU FIX CONGRESS!!!!! A friend sent this along to me. I can't think of a reason to disagree.   I am sending this to virtually everybody on my e-mail list and that includes conservatives, liberals, and everybody in between. Even though we may disagree on a number of issues, I believe you will find these provisions fair, no matter what your political opinions may be.    "Congressional Reform Act of 2010" would contain eight provisions, all of which would probably be strongly endorsed by those who drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Father Time Will Have His Way
You'll never really know what pain really is you'll never really know until the confusion sets in as silently time has its way and you realize this is it no more help, no more advice you are lost among the masses you are just one of the many that walks down these streets you are no longer unique and gifted you are just one of the faceless one of the masses all that you thought true becomes fake all that was once precious becomes useless the the time comes when your pushed out by time when you no longer have oppertunitys when your free and yet bound
hands grabing at you dark wet hands holding you down keeping you from life entangling your soul letters pass by your eyes becoming unelgible a languge in symbols as hands slowly covering your body eyes watching you waiting anticipating your heart slowly stops your lungs colapse eyes forever open caught, entangled by broken hands
through my eyes your beautiful through my eyes your perfect through my eyes your fragile a wonderful glass mossaic your voice is like chimes reminding me to breath through my eyes tears fall like tiny fiers stinging my cheeks for my eyes show truth because im not worthy enough for paradies
alone in a closet fearing something that cant be explained just wishing and hoping to disapear and my scars will not be ingrained trying to be faceless so no emotion can be shown not wanting them to see only wanting them to condone held down and abused for nothing that you have done but what you are, and discarded on what you could have become
Hey Everybody
im amanda, i love playing on fubar, i have met alot of awesome people on here, its amazing how people you barely know act like family... i love all my friends on here... thank you all for being so awesome...
A Cup Of Two Day Old Coffee
A cup of two day old coffee four walls lookin' in the mirrors gettin' easier these days that old friend anger is losing its hold on you the key to survival in this crazy world and it's good to see you're still standing strong not too long ago you were tearing at a world that would never let you in outcast turned away you kept your face to the ground and fought the world with your silence and so the seasons change and the people change and the good times come and the good times go found yourself in a winless race fighting for a cause you never believed its easy to regret not so easy to forget all the stupid things that used to hold you down you gotta brake that chain and move on cuz I know I've seen it in your eyes before to surrender now to throw it all away is to sacrifice but you can't repay in a world that don't owe you shit you gotta think for yourself and fight every bit of that piece of mind that keeps you going on gets you outta bed and out that door step back take a look around
World Of Warcraft: Does Anyone Else Play?
If so: Faction/Race/Class/Spec(s) and why you like your spec(s). Main: Horde/Undead/Priest/Holy and Shadow. Most versatile combination available for a priest (in my opinion). Alt: Horde/Tauren/Death Knight/Blood DPS and Frost Dual-Wield Tank. Tons of fun both ways, `nuf said :D
Haven't Got A Clue
I haven't got a clue but go read myspace. Up and atem. Dose of truth might show me the way regarding this surgery but no reply. My reltionship with Cheryl is that we are friends. Difference between us are huge but we both like Angel Heart and The Ten Commandments. I believe as I pulled in the neighborhood there was emergency vehicle or two up the road. I hope all is good there and it's just a false alarm. I had a tough time again sleeping and got up and thought what the Hell, go for a pack of smokes. I think Ernie is right about just a pack and that he himself was up to three packs when things went bad for him just like me. Mostly just a pack for me now but today maybe another one of those days of plus. Myspace is where you want to be. Norio  
Lord, Your Right
lord, Your right. Time to let this anger go before me and the rest of me is consumed with it. I understand what is meant by you lord in that I have to let go of smoking as well and I have to allow the rest of me to accept this decision. Also understood by me is your acceptance of my decision about this surgery. I understand a little bit more about life and death. That experience was very uique giving me that extra boost. Life here is not forever and we all come to the same end. I can fight or deny this as much as I want, it is waste of a sort because our nature is to fight this. Without this natural tendency to fight then we'll just give up and not be born. I and others can beleieve whatever we want regarding life and its meaning and the end of it, but you lord has the wisdom gifted to you from The Lord. I thank you lord for the same Lord that gives you this wisdom is The Son of God, my Lord and Hes Father, God, is my God. Norio  
Why Would
Why would David say, The Lors said unto my lord? It is accepted that. The Lord is God and my lord is The Son of God The Christ. If that is the case should it not be, The LORD said unto my Lord? Why would The Christ depect Himself as not bringing peace but to put at odds all of us against each other? Reincarnation some of us have an understanding of it. Transmigration, does anyone truly understand that? A refernce source has Transmigration as reincarnation? Transmigration, all reincarnation cease. There are lot of thnigs I question and yet most don't care or never given the opportunity to ask or question. I question my own self and why am I here? Norio  
"All of us have bad luck and good luck.  The man who perisists through the bad luck-who keeps right on going-is the man who is there when the good luck comes, and is ready to receive it"-Robert Collier   "None are so fond of secrets as those who do not mean to keep them"-Charles Caleb Colton    
Is it just me or does it seem like no matter what a guy like me does he gets fucked over by someone? Just  wondering if I have a sign over my head that says "Bitches who play games and cheat talk to me"?
Who Wants To Have Fun.
I am looking for someone who would like to get fumarried just for kicks.  I am a fun person who can take jokes just like the next person and I am very faithful and loyal.  I am also looking for someone who will perform the ceremony for 0 to nothing if at all possible.   I thank you very much.  
No One Reads This Junk Here
No one reads this junk here do they? 14th has passed, 2nd is only 18 days away, and another 18 days until the 20th. Ya think unknown to me I may have signed a release from the management of Stonybrook Apartments? Accident Report. Ya know that's sneaky and against the law. Since that fall involved my knee, head, spine, and my neighbor below is going to make a tons of money on me and offered me 100k. He's name Keith living with Vicki. A real genuine Christian according to him. Who's paying attention? Jo-Ann is right. No one cares if I live or die. Myself, if I cease to be here quickly I'm out and doesn't matter does it? See I post things not only in my life but my past and the lives of others. Contact wiht whomever tells me what if anything is going on. The action and reaction of other who I may know or strangers tell me everything. This Haiti thing the first there is, Red China? I noticed the financial crisis here and abroad but you know what I don't hear it in China and with such a
No Life
God forbid that I have no life and don't do bad things! No, I am not innocent because I know what I did and why. The difference for me was that I went crazy for awhile for whatever the reason. Am I tamed and well heeled now? No, not quite. I'm sure that this God that is dragging me against my will for my own good has a plan that is very unique. As I come to know this God I realize that God has been there beside, behind, below, above, front, and where the need was to keep me going where as I quit so many times, often God alone was The One, and never was it me. Glory alone goes to God. Norio  
CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Tell you not to do something stupid when drunk Military FRIENDS: Will post 360 security so you dont get caught CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs Military FRIENDS: Call your parents Drunk as hell and tell them about the fat chick you tried to pick up CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. Military FRIENDS: Will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn...we fucked up...but hey, that shit was fun as fuck!" CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Cry with you. Military FRIENDS: laugh at you and tell you to put some Vagasil on your pussy. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. Military FRIENDS: Keep your stuff until they PCS. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: know a few things about you. Military FRIENDS: Could write a book with direct quotes from you. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that's what the crowd is doing. Military FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowd's ass that left you. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Would knock on your
Check out myspace Blog about The Bible and why I was forced to leave The Order. The Brotherhood I can recant but never leave. Norio  
Sad And Lonely
What do I do, now I've reached the edge? The cliff is steep to the plain below. Miles upon miles of emptry air And no hand will I hold, but your hand and you are not there! What do I do when smothering black Of night engulfs me ... coldly dark So dark I tingle with sudden fear No arms do I need but your arms And you are not there! What do I do with a life that tells the end of the world in a darkened mist But still must keep senselessly on No love keeps my heart, but your love And you ... you are gone!
My Wife
my is is the most important thing in the world to me.I just can't live without her.
1 Thing
i just have 1 thing  say....looks sure as hell do matter...sad i think
Far Greater
It seems Haiti's medicine is far greater than ours, Europe, Japan, and Korea. We are told three to four day's without any fluids we are dead but here is someone pulled out after twelve days? Norio  
What You Can't See...
Existence just a series of vibrations? Everything is vibrating, moving, down to a molecular level. The only time when things aren't moving is absolute zero, and LIGHT stops moving at that point. Everything is energy, with a certain frequency. We all come from the master pool of vibrations(god) where these certain vibrations move within a certain structure(animals, bugs, rocks etc.), and when we die, our energy(soul) gets recycled into the infinite pool. Vibrations makes everything look so weird, so this scale of existence is part of a universe that is constantly shrinking and expanding in a beautiful sequence. The universe has no bounds, and we can't tell how small atoms actually are. The two are flowing apart in separate directions, and probably make up an infinite amount of other universes operating on a different frequency, on a different scale. Multiverse? NO, infiniverse.
fucking                       rate                  this                                fucking       blog ........ er  imah                                     bogg out
American Idol
Written January 13, 2010I was watching American Idol the other day and one of the people auditioning, Jermaine Sellers, has a Mother who has a birth defect called Spina Bifida. When he entered the audition room for his Audition,they started with a short discussion about himself as they do with all the contestants. Kara Dioguardi,one of the judges, made a comment about him caring for his "Sick" Mother. Spina Bifida is not an illness. The proper term is physically impared or disabled.This just means that we are not able to do some physical activities,such as walking. We all have things that we find difficult whether we are disabled or not. Should we all be labled as being sick? I don't think so. So, labeling someone with Spina Bifida or any other kind of disability, as being sick, is just wrong. It's just as bad as calling someone crippled, if they're not able to walk. Disabled or not, we are all human beings and should be treated as su
Written For Charlene Greer R.i.p. Mom
Hi I just wanna start off by saying I don't have alot of close friends. Everyone who I thought was a good friend just really turns out to be an aquaintence. The people who tell me that thier my friend never call email or wanna do anything with me but when they are in trouble or need something bam I matter then and it does hurt. But I have been called to hang out a few times and when I show up everyone even the person who invited me acts like why is he here. I feel that I'm nice to my friend treat them respectfully & we all pick on each other like brothers & sisters. I treat my friends like thier my familly because it's my way of having total trust in them which I can't say I have in any one in a bout 2 yrs since my exwife left me for my best closest friend. It felt like someone had ripped out my heart and did river dance on it. When I found out I just let her go after 11 1/2 years and 3 yrs of marridge. I felt empty & betrayed but I knew and just told my self to let  her go because if
Wisdom is not an age given thing. It is the ability to see into things. It is not given to the swift, nor the strong or men professing themselves to be wise. For wisdom comes with true knowledge and understanding. Wisdom is not defined by emotion, reason, science or technology. Wisdom is truly better than the weapons of war.
Leadership is a call to action. Acting in good conscience. Not out of a need to be seen or heard knowing that your actions may affect those around you. Given more than you take and taking less than you give. Owning up to any mistakes you made. Having the tenacity to continue. Learning that individual strength begets collective strength. Good leaders come from great followers. For this is a true statement. Good things take time. Great things take even more time. Remember your past for it is your experience. Cherish your present for it is your now. Reach for your future for it is your tomorrow.
Just Here
I dont really have anyone to talk to so Im writing my thoughts down here....This is my first time dealing with a deployment, so Im having a hard time with this and my fiance told me that its not gonna get any easier.....So I am facing this battle on my own I guess cause I dont want to put anymore pressure on him.....I feel a part of me is dying.....this is a new level of fear for me and im scared to death....I am proud of my man and the job he does for our country......dont get me wrong, I LOVE the fact that he is in the military and he keeps us safe.....But at the same time all the what ifs pop in my head and i think about everything that goes along with being an ARMY gf/fiance......Like what if he dont make it home? and what if he gets hurt or captured? these are questions that I cannot ask him because hes under enough stress and he needs me to be strong for him....Im doing my best but I feel like Im failing because all I do is cry...Hes leaving in 2 days and my heart is
One Of My Favorites....
In the twilight glow I see her Blue eyes crying in the rain When we kissed goodbye and parted I knew we'd never meet again Love is like a dying ember And only memories remain And through the ages I'll remember Blue eyes crying in the rain Someday when we meet up yonder We'll stroll hand in hand again In the land that knows no parting Blue eyes crying in the rain
How Do You Mend A Broken Heart? Great Song Title, Ain't It???
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;No more; and, by a sleep to say we end The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep; To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub; For in that sleep of death what dreams may comeHamlet Act III Scene 1 Why exactly is it called a broken heart?  Is it like glass thatit can be easily dropped or throw against a hard surface and shattler into many countless pieces?  Envision trying to repair such a brittle object such as that, finding all the tiny pieces and bits, pasting them back together in some vain hope of restoring it to its original condition. Is it possible or is such an illustion incorrect?  Isn't the heart prone to blows, jabs and stabs from our lovers and others whom we hold dear, those who unthinkingly tear and abuse ou
Day 13
When people call me beautiful for just a second I feel at peace.
Just Because I Love This Song And Well It Does Kinda Hold Something For Me :)
oh whoaoh ohi never thought that i would ever love againi might be wrong cos i can feel it happeninga little scared but i am not petrifiedi love forever, i promise to stay by your sideheart broken, my first and never spokeni waited to hear and i gave it a yearso i stopped holding on and then you came alongand then you came alongI'm gonna, I'm I'm I'm gonnaI'll hold you and i love you the best that i canuntil you understand that i need your handand i can't dance alone cos the beat's just too slowthat's just the way love goes,that's just the way love goes (uh uh)i used to think that i would never get to bein love again cos that was the only one for meand now i feel that you have come and saved methis heart of mine awoken by your smileheart broken, my first and never spokeni waited to hear and i gave it a yearso i stopped holding on and then you came alongand then you came along
a wise man once said Love is a single wmotion inhabiting two bodies
Highly Sexed Teen Girls Like Colorful Bedrooms
A study of models used by dutch porn outfit has revealed a correlation between their sex drive and the choice of color palette when decorating their bedrooms. Results where consistent with 93% of participants ad showed that the sluttier then teen the wider range of colours used. Girls who enjoy anal sex prefer the use of bright colours including yellows, purples and reds. Girls who do not indulge in any form of oral sex where the only ones to use black. 2 teen Asian lady boys were used as ‘controls'. Their results where in line with expectations.
To Hell With Love
My heart aches for someone I know I will never have. I would move heavan and Earth just to make sure their happiness always comes first. Why do I do this for someone, who I know could careless? Love is bullshit...Love is a lie...Why does it have to be so painful? Tell me why. You do everything in your power and all you feel is depressed. This isn't life. This is b/s. All I want is for someone to look into my eyes and see the love I feel and to feel the pain I feel when my heartaches. The kind of love that makes you mind go numb from thinking too much of what is wrong...why not me..why do I feel this way. There will probably never be answers, that is why they call it heartbreak. Just a bunch of b/s if you ask me. To hell with love. Lets just be.
Whats Wrong With People??
So when you see a tow truck on the side of the road please be nice and slow down and possibly move over a lane. We do not know u see us all we see is a car heading tord usat a leathal speed. Not saying everyone is like that but it makes us feel better when we see a car switch lanes and gives us room that trying to squeez by well are trucks are in part of the lane. Not only for are safty but your as well, i would hate to see somone hit the corner of my truck.  Sry just had to rant cause some idiot almost hit me this morning on the freeway. Happens way to offten.   ooo and sorry about spelling. :)
I put the kids to bed and head down to meet you in the basement to play some pool. I come quietly down the wooden steps to see you racking the balls and can't help but stop and stare at your beautiful, sexy body in that short miniskirt and your small tank top. You feel the heat of my stare on you and you turn to look over your shoulder at me, making you look so sensual that I nearly fall down the stairs from my knees going weak. You watch me come down the rest of the stairs in my black, deerskin cowboy boots, my black jeans and nothing else and I can see the love, lust, and passion smoldering in your brown eyes. I approach you slowly, almost like a panther stalking it's prey, and you can see my body trembling with desire for you. I kiss you softly as I try to control myself and we turn our attention to the table.You have me break to get the game started, and I'm so distracted, I do a poor job of it. I hand you the cue and you pick your shot. You turn to me and innocently ask me to help
This Is What I Call Romantic
Traditional and fairly failsafe, the candlelit meal for two can be very romantic. Dress up for the occasion, eat, drink, talk and be merry.
Cebu First Class Asian Massage And Elegant Escorts-elegant Travel Copanions
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New This Summer!
Their new song 'cryin like a bitch is great,i can't wait till it come out,Godsmack is one of if not my favorite bands today!ManSully kickz azz!Shout out to Godsmack!
We Die Alone
Verse 1]A moment in time worthy only of solitude.A stranger not meant for another to see.Are we the abandoned?Are we the deserter?Lived in the night so his wickedness way.The faces light up their screens,as the wealthy cash in on the war.The body counts rise, the ratings will soar.Another deceiver.The liar, the patriot.Counting the lies and keeping the score.The score.[Pre-chorus:]Look at the light based on faith that deserts you.You are the hunted, the victim, the prey and the fallen.[Chorus:]We die alone.[Verse 2]A lamb in the line has been lead to the slaughter.Another to join all the ghosts from before.(Join all the ghosts from before.)Another believer, another casualty.Can't tell the way out from a drain to the floor.The floor.
What Is Your Definition Of Happiness?!
So many ways to define happiness. Here are some definitions of happiness to inspire you.   Finding happiness is like finding yourself. You don't find happiness, you make happiness. You choose happiness. Self-actualization is a process of discovering who you are, who you want to be and paving the way to happiness by doing what brings YOU the most meaning and contentment to your life over the long run.   Realize that true happiness lies within you. Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.   How do you define Happiness?
A Simple Task For The Single
This is for the single guys and girls who cant seem to find a good bf/gf, now this may not work for every1 but its worth a try, its a simple task so listen and do as i instruct. 1. Think of all of the ppl you kno. (for guys think of the girls you kno and girls the opposite)2. Go over this entire list and put a check buy everyone you'd date.3. Erase those names.4. Go threw the list a second time, put a check buy everyone who has ever done sumthin rly bad to you or rly hurt you in sum way.5. Erase those names.6. Look at who's left put a star by every name that has been friendly and nice to you.7. Erase all names that dont have a star.8. Read over your list, see who's left?  Why not try dating 1 of them...
Iller Half Freestyler
Hard hitter ill half insane spitter. Of what life you could get of.  leave ya dead in a hearst with one verse it ain't a curse you reverse. Won't be more til there's nothing worst. Who it be its the wicked killa g. I'm all me nothing here else to see. I'm horrorcore more style in galore. Insane rush hardcore stomp kick ya face in. Fuck you & all of your shit talking. While at it quit with ya stalking. Cause i'm the best next fresh thing. Better then up & coming. You stumbling mumbling with ya jumbling. Then i'm just more then some of then. Put ya in a chicken hen. Have squawking like a chicken. Then a chick in get it. Like a medic i'm off in headed with ya beheaded you is deaded. No tear shedded & next you'll need a paramedic. I said it without nothing being predicted. So insane sick with it no one can deny the ish. Thats mad fhat with what i spit. I'm as crazy as to wickedest hard on some shit. You can't comprehend how it is. I'm k-r-i-s to i.w.s mr. five star avatar to mr. motherfuck
Why I Have Been Gone, Or Just Disappeared.
As most of my friends I thought I had knew I was Type 1 Diabetes.(I am pose to take an insulin shot everyday) The reason I have not been here is because I was in a car accident. I wasnt takin care of myself properly and I had been feeling bad and letting somethings in life bother me. Well when you dont take your medicine and you have all this stress in life on you this is what happens. Early symptoms of hypoglycemia may include: Confusion Dizziness Feeling shaky Hunger Headaches Irritability Pounding heart; racing pulse Pale skin Sweating Trembling Weakness Anxiety Without treatment, more severe hypoglycemia symptoms may develop, including: Headache Feeling irritable Poor coordination Poor concentration Numbness in mouth and tongue Passing out Nightmares or bad dreams Coma And I had been having a few of these, So I was going to go into doctor, I should not have been driving at all. I passed out and hit this man,Thank god we are both ok and Emm
Love To Lonley
The lonely nights with out you. The cold winters with out your love. The hot summer with out your shadow behind me. waking up to your smell and your soft and loveing voice saying good morning and i love you. More days go by and i feel im losing myself on and on the holling winds the hard and wet rain. Your my umbrella your my sun to my moon. And yet thing change and you leave me out there with nothing. With out a love u or miss you. You destroy me, my heart and my soul. You left me anlone just as you see me only to see nothing more gone in the darkness in a world of nothing with ony my love.
Olympian Hard Bodies
Apollo, Bode, Lindsey, Gretchen and a whole host of Olympians won medals for their efforts. Now they can go out and turn this experience into dollars. One way to do that is to shed some clothes and show off their athletic hard bodies. If you’re vain like me then you wish you could look like they do. Check em out BlastFM plays great music for hard and soft bodies alike. Enjoy yourself!
Sex , No Lies , No Videotape :)
As some of you may allready know. My wife was in a car accedent a few years back.  My wife and I are in a open relationship. We are looking for new friends n maybe a lover. It has been very hard 4 us and our sex life has sufferd. I take great pride in pleasing my wife before I please myself. The fact is this, it hurts her every time we make love, so as it is very hard for us. We are looking to meet new single ladies and couples. Preferably over 21 and under 40. we live in the Seattle Wa. area. First we would like to meet and start out as friends and then possibly move into a sexual relastionship of sorts. We are STD free and we do drink, and smoke. Just the way it is. We love to go camping, hanging out in our back yard for BBQ's n lil campfires. Yes we have kids n pets. No we are not looking for one night stands. If this sparks your intest, leave me a message in my inbox, and we can go from there. No salute , dont botther peace
( Talib Kweli ) Just Begun Ft. Jay Electronica
Sean Penn Is Infected With The "ignorance" Disease
The public education system must as bad as it is said to be. How else can you explain actor Sean Penn’s ignorance about the word “dictator.” He’s mad cause Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is called a dictator by people. And if Penn had his way he would put anyone in prison for calling Chavez, what he is, a dictator. Uh, Sean, my man, you’re a dictator too if you deny people their First Amendment Rights. Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin and all the other dictators of history are proud of you.  BlastFM does dictate the play list. But it worth listening too.
A Poem
Broken into small pieces My heart beats no longer And torn where there once was creases My mind now begins to ponder   I will love no more For I've been hurt too many times One rich in happiness, I'm now poor Love lingers in horrible crimes   Alone in life again My horrible destiny A new life will never begin I will never be set free of this agony   It's only him I love No man could take his place I fly no longer like a dove I now, once again, have an empty space   Written by Majesta Burdick Copyright 2010
Another Poem
My love is for only one And he will forever be the only I admit to the wrong I've done It seems I will forever be lonely   I will love no other For there is no other for me My emotions I will cover I will rebuild that wall, so none can see   To hide again what I once showed And begin to feel numb The love that resided there, will be towed Until death kills me with a loaded gun   Hoping to die a miserable death I'm not worthy to be loved or cared for Feeling deaths cringing breath Rotting to my body's aching core   Written by Majesta Buirdick Copyright 2010
Open Marriage Yes Or No
“Swinging saves you from cheating – there’s no lies and deception. It’s letting people have the variety they crave, but their partners get to have power and choice in the matter.” Danielle, 31 I suspect most married men like that idea of sex with other couples. If you are considering “swinging” you have to read this article.,2933,588983,00.html?test=faces  BlastFM swings 24/7 and you can bring your partner to the party. Listen to BlastFM loud!
Remembering Things
Right now, I'm not feeling like the greatest person in life. I've hurt the man I love more than once and I'm still kicking myself in the ass for it all. I hate hurting people. I'd rather be the one hurting. Even though I am not good with emotional pain. I'm really not a perfect person. In the eyes of some, I may be. I've done and said things I deeply regret doing and saying. I am having a hard time right now with things. People will ask me if I am okay. I will say I am, but I'm really not. I'm on a emotional rollercoaster right now. Lately it seems like everyone wants to bite my head off. I know they aren't, but that's just how I am feeling. My health is not the greatest at the moment either, so that doesn't help. I've been hurt and scared a lot through my life, but I do know that others have it worse off than I do. I'm remembering why I became a loner in the first place. I've gotten tired of being hurt physically, mentally, emotionally and verbally. I'm with an amazing man who accepts
Somethin I Wrote For Her
"You Are"You are the breathI take when I first awake each dayYou are the thoughtI have each night when I fall asleepYou are the loveThat keeps me going when I'm downYou are the oneWho holds my heart in her handsYou are my allMy everythingYou are my love
Sean Penn Is A Hater
It’s no secret that Hollywood is a haven for liberal extremists. That fact was displayed by that paragon on civility Sean Penn. At a dinner acknowledging his “humanitarian” work in Haiti, he lashed out a journalist who asked him a question he didn’t want to hear. There is no question that Mr. Penn, now that he’s an old man, is filled with hate and cynicism. How the Hebrew Congregation can embrace a person like Penn is puzzling. Read more if you dare:   BlastFM invites all who love great music. We don’t hate, we only love.        
More And More, For Her
"The Secret"   Her eyes shine, deeper than the deepest pool far more lovely, than mere stars shining I could float through those orbs, forever happy as a little boy, with a new toy   She is, the only thing I desire from this world, or any other for Her, I would do..........anything and gladly count the cost as well spent   And what, you may ask is this secret well, my friend, it is simply this I love Her, far more than I love myself  
Loosing A Friend
no body really reads these and i really have to write something down and here is just as good as anywhere else i lost a friend an within minutes i found an even older one and im still vary bumbed depresed really dont get me wrong i have tons of friends but only a hand hull i can really say i love to death and would do anything for if only asked. only this hand full holds a peice of my soul and any loss of those few hits me hard and deepest and i lost one of this few today no they are not dead or dieing but a path was choosen that i couldnt go down and good by's where made i promised that i would not follow and as a man of my word i shall not i understand why this had to be done and respect there wishes so with a smile on my face and a hearty farewell i died just aliitle inside a small peace of my heart witherd never to be filled with life give by there smile or there sweet plain ol' hi's by them ..........................i have nothing more to say  if you have read this well thanks fo
About Me
Before the dawn of days,There, borne of light and thoughtWere all the symbols wroughtIn fair and candid ways,Beyond the depths of the great seaElven figures, tall and slender,In all the harmony to gender,Were weaving, writhing, words to be.The one was intertwined with all,And all was intertwined with oneFrom the dark it all then shoneIn true love's embracing shawl For all the wilful eyes to see,Thus celestial chants were sung,And bells of energy were rung.Forevermore, for more to be...
The audacity of girl friend to ask me if I'm behaving? I told her no. Tells me try to behave and I answered her as I walked away, I'll try my best. Looking at her, she's a beauty, well, unless she has a darker side, her nails are not done as others and no make up. Wasup with that? I can think of many devious things when I misbehave but I try to be a Gentleman. So I'll stop there. Cheryl, is broken. I try to help her when I can but I have my limits. She is not my girl friend and when we get along we get along, otherwise, we fight like a dog and a cat. I was polite enough to say bye before I hung up on her but she's the one that came banging on my door. I answered the phone the second time and went out to see her because I didn't want her to look resl stupid. Figured I'll take the hit. Sooner or later everything comes back to haunt you, no matter who or what you are. So Mote It Be, as I once said. Glory to God Norio  
Kids Program Gets A Dose Of Nudity
You’re watching a children’s program with your kid when the pictures turns to some nude people talking dirty. Can you imagine what you would think? Time Warner in North Carolina accidentally broadcasts some adult fair on the kiddy channel. The good news is the problem is fixed. Click for more BlastFM only broadcasts great sounds. No oohs or aahs. Just get music. Listen for yourself.
Peter Carrot-top Chapter 1 Meet the Carrot-Tops A long, long time ago, in the year 1850, there was a man by the name of Sam Carrot-Top. He was a well educated man, slender in build and always wore a dusty old cap that covered his orange hair and broken glasses. He was an honest and wealthy man, but you would never guess that he and his family were well off; he never showed his wealth or bragged about it. He used his money to help the poor and needy. His wife, Jane, was oh so beautiful, with lush red hair, a petite figure, and smooth, creamy pale skin. She loved all the children in the neighborhood, always fixing a broken heart or a scraped knee. She was the perfect housewife, the kind any man could want. They lived in a small town in Georgia called Valdosta. Sam and Jane were the talk of the town; they grew the largest vegetables and fruits the eyes have ever seen. Their watermelons were the size of houses and carrots as long as 2
League Of Extraordinary Robots Chapter 1 THE SPOILED PRINCE In the land of Mayfair, lived a king by the name of Alfred and his wife, Queen Jasline. King Alfred and Queen Jasline had two children, the oldest Prince Harry and his younger sister, Princess Cilla. Prince Harry was a very happy little prince because you see Harry was very spoiled and rotten. Nobody, absolutely nobody was allowed to say ‘no’ to Prince Harry when he wanted something, or to punish him when he did something wrong or even to criticize him. Whatever Harry wanted to have, Harry had and whatever Harry wanted to do, Harry did and that was just the way it was. Prince Harry was always getting into mischief, whether it was chasing his sister around the castle with his scary mask or snatching the clothing off the line for the hired help to re-clean them all over again. Harry thought this last was hilarious and he would laugh at all the servants, as he caused their jobs to be much h
Stop Human Trafficking!!! My Personal Story Stop Human Trafficking - The Petition Site: via @addthis OK here it goes. I grew up in the Bahamas,on a small Island name Bimini I thought this was the only place that existed in the world until,I mother said she was leaving for America and she will be right back,I  was in shock America?what is it?is it like a beach or something?   I could remember her laughing and that was the last I saw of here in about I will say three or four years,a neighbor kept me along with some other Hatian children.she was not nice at all but that was all we had so we could not complain.anyway one day my mother showed back up,I knew her before she knew me,I called out to her and she looked upon me like a foreginer.I remember having a pail in my hands and I drop it on the ground the water splashing all over the place.   I could not believe she did not remember me at all,she was all decked out with new
Seeing Something Real
i recently started at my new was kinda like any other day for me at work.there is a resident that is in this facility that her husband comes to see her everyday,however about a month ago he had a stroke and just hasn't been the was the day that i finally got to meet this outstanding person.while i moved thing around in his room for him and his wife to bed there together he just sat in his wheelchair and talked to me about life and why he decided to admit himself to our facility.this gentlemen had some much compassion for his wife that it was almost unbearable, he had lived through the depression,been in wwII, as a young man it was simply amazing to hear this mans life story, as i sat there and listened to him speak of his wife the way he did touched me like i can't even describe.during the process of this convo i realized something this man sitting here talking to me was just like my my eyes filled he said son what's wrong my reply nothi
Only In Tha Moviez
Welcome to America Where everything is fake To the blood that you drop To the breaths that you take That guy got shot twice But he's still strong enough to fight That guy was killed But he was alive to haunt the night I love the brilliantly planned plot And the conveniently places police The highly trained secret agent Always disturbs the enemy's peace The bomb is about to go off But there is still enough time to run Because you won't get out the building Until the ticker counts down to one The mother ship is under attack The space pilots are dieing Lasers are screaming pass the universe And camera trickery are lying Welcome to digital cable Where all magic can be real A man can be immortal And a hero can punch through steel Where's the foolish criminal Who will later become a hero? Where's the crackhead superstar Waiting to be turned into a zero Welcome to hollywood Where the paparazzi crawls And all your money bribery Is hidden beneath the walls
A Song To My Ex-wife Sam Kinison-wild Thing
Wild thing! Wild thing! Wild thing, I think you move me� But. I wanna know for sure! Every time I kiss you, I taste what other men had for lunch! The only thing that can get you off is to see me in pain, but I think I love you! Wild thing! You make my heart scream! You took everything! Oh, wild thing! Wild thing, I think you move me! Ah, that just came to my mind � I thought I�d say it� You made me trust you, then stuck the knife in my heart! You�re a lying, unfaithful, untrustable tramp, and I think I love you! Wild thing! You make my heart scream! You took everything! Oh, wild thing! Wild thing! Oh, we�ve all had some kind of wild thing that went through our lives and made it hell. �Cause everybody�s had one � you, me � NOBODY likes to lose! And you know she�s out there, laughing at you � I don�t care if it was last week or the 3rd grade! Someone broke your heart! What was her name?!!!!! Wild
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Lady Gaga A Lezbo?
According to 2Day FM’s Kyle & Jackie O Radio, Lady Gaga is a lezbo. Nothing wrong with being a lezbo. I love lezbos cause we both love eating the good stuff. Some have been wondering what way Gaga would rather swing. Heck if she wanted to swing with me that would be cool. Fat chance of that happening. I don’t play her songs. For more BlastFM swing more way then you can count. Music from most genre’s. listen and boogie.
The stupidest thing I have ever done in my life was get ink. My big dumb jerk husband was cheating on me a LOT and all his ho's had tramp stamps that were butterflies or flowers or some other cheesy looking thing . So I decided to get his attention by getting something more "provocative".I got, on my back, "spank me", on my right upper arm I have handcuffs, and on my left upper arm I have cherries. Now I'm divorced,I hate my tattooes, and I was told there was some kinda cream that would make em fade.Please tell me you know what that cream is and where I can buy it.
Number 16 For Tiger
According to her husband, Devon James is the #1 internet searched girl. Why is she you ask? It’s because she’s Tiger Woods alleged sex partner #16. The husband, Kevin James, is a porn star who said he, Devon and Tiger did the 3 some thing. Wouldn’t it be something if there was a Tiger porn audition video? BlastFM auditions 24/7 for your listening pleasure. Stop by for some listening fun.
My Decision Was Made By
My decision not to have this surgery was based on two law enforcement officers desire to follow me. Could of made a right, went straight, or even the left with me and into Wawa or the Shoprite. Did yo have fun? I hope so because my blood is on your hands alone along with the one that created my circumstances and all those the lied and manipulated. Most are MD's or DO's. I was going to over look everything, but yesterday morning left a bad taste in my mouth. Like the good ol' days in Deptford Twp. It is time for me to move on. Glory to God Norio  
Lets Dance.
Lets Dance.created @ 2008-09-17 17:02:24 Let's Do a danceA Dance to deathDeath of romanceRomance and loveLove of anotherAnother never to holdTo hold never moreNevermore to danceThe dance of romanceIt's time to dance againTo find the right partnerFor the tango of loveWe start with a step n a twirlPain travels up you legAs a few feet are stepped onIt's nothing personalthat's just the way it goesAround an around we goTired of going through partnersBut sooner or latter I'll find the oneAn the dance will endWith a passionate kiss.
Jesse James' Insatiable Appetite
When I was in school I read about Jesse James the western outlaw. Today I read about another Jesse James who rustles babes while being married to a starlet. Jesse James the cowboy is a legend. So is Tiger Woods. Will Jesse James the celeb be a legend too? Only time will tell. Check out the pics of his babes. BlastFM is heading for legend status but not for sexual exploits but for playing great music 24/7. Be a part of it!
A Lil Freestyle
I'm straight hard gutter what up to get ya fucked up. Merrily rarely there will be. What you needing therapy. I'm like way down underground. Out from what you can't even think. I'm more horror to fright in ya. To have to kill ya. Shits unfamiliar i'm cautious like even having a beef. & not be to squash it. From ever started it. Got 'em dumb along with feeling natious. Not wanting no part of this. They unexist get this like having a fiend without a fix. Silly rabbit couldn't catch it. Fuck around & get the hatchet. They ain't shit but some silly fucking tricks. Like no handle along with. I spits it wick talented gift with it. I gets stupid i'm ill with the crazy flow. Oh i thought you know. I'm just a insane dark juggalugga wicked lo. So where does it go. Kicking with the hottest shit. I explode when off in an angry mode. Fuck the shit you rode. I'm an unexempt rhyming lyricist. You act like to never notice this. Combine mixed with a poetist. Insane demonic with my angel. Fuck around &
Michael Jackson Whitening Products
Well the suspicions of Michael Jackson using skin whitening products has been confirmed. Search warrants tell of the products found in his home. Why he wanted his skin white I’ll never know. His skin color was never a distraction from his talent. Here’s more BlastFM plays only colorful music 24/7.  
Apparently The Neighborhood Is Filled With Criminals
Around 2:47 PM to 2:49 PM a police cruiser slows down and stops. apparently the neighborhood is filled with criminals. Here on this street I'm the only one living here. What am I to do but open my blinds lot wider since I want to see. What's next? Who knows? Glory is God Norio  
This Day God Did Not Show
This day God did not show Mercy on Susan. She asked me questions that I have asked and still do. I told her I do not have the answers, however, I will find them and come looking for her,  where ever she may be and I will give you the answers. I left out the part from her, about me descending tothe  belly of Hell and destroying it and to ascend to Heaven and let God crush me comletely. WHO and WHAT are You, God? Who and what am I, Lord? What is this game, Master? Why am I so radical, Teacher? Glory to God Norio  
March 29, 2010
Two dreams.   First: George didn't live with me. He lived a large, white apartment building. all the apartments had doors that led to nowhere (IE, they were on the front of the building, with no stairs, so they just drop off). One of his female friends (who, now that I think about it, was Renee, the chick my ex was fooling around with behind my back) lived there too, in a different apartment. So I climbed up to the third floor, to her door sans stairs, and I was able to open it silently and look in. She was playing WoW, and talking to george, telling him how much she loved him, and wanted to be with him, and it wasn't fair that he was with me... I don't remember if he said anything. I got pissed. so i climbed to his apartment and started yelling at him. he came outside and i sat in his car, sobbing and telling him how unfair it was. he said we should take a break. i sobbed more, begged him not to leave, but he did anyway. THEN i had to beg him to take me home, because I can't drive.
Youtube Can Make Your Kid Famous
YouTube sensation Justin Bierber became a pop star for young girls. It was his mother who posted his performances for his family member all to see. Former marketing manager Scooter Braun was perusing YouTube and saw Bierber and the rest as is said is history. Now moms all over the place are using YouTube to promote their kids. Read the pros and cons. BlastFM plays musical talent you may not hear in any other station. Give a listen for a musical experience.
Good Friday Norio  
Jesse Did You Get Her Pregnant?
Oops! Jesse! Did you impregnate one of your girlfriends? There is a report that Jesse is a broken man and wants to get back with Sandra. Doesn’t look like that will happen. And now the reported pregnancy. See you in divorce court Jesse. For more BlastFM is impregnated with loads of great songs. Tune in to hear them.
Log 1
Tried twice to submit a salute and failed. I know why the first one was wrong but the second one didn't show my forehead so that blew it I suppose. Who knows! I can't seem to get my camera to fit my whole face and the fubar ID both. It just won't go in the frame. I dunno enough about my digital camera to figure it out. lol Any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks!
Happy Easter
Pedophile Mothers?
Now I’m not familiar the TV program Twilight but I understand there are underage male actors in it. With the hysteria around older men having sex with underage young people, ROFL Razzi has published a picture that says a 1000 or more words about moms. Check it out BlastFM is good for moms, dads or young adults. Great music 24/7 for your listening pleasure.
Love Again
Tisk Task !
First blog.. I rock, Guess what America.... (i have no clue) awkward..... (still have no clue to write) Gahhh... Fuck it.... Fubar rocks The End LAME
Tiger's Religion In Full View
Tiger is back playing golf and he’s doing well as you would expect. The funny part is when tiger teed off an airplane flew over the course with a message about Buddhism, Tiger’s religion. I think you might want to read the sign. Check it out BlastFM is a sign of the times. Music you can groove to. Give a listen
Right now I am not taking anything for my Heart or the Cardiovascular System. What I am feeling is slow death. The shortness of breath is always after movement while at rest in laying, reclining, or sitting I am well enough. Even with rest as the day progress and my pace does not stop or change I am becoming weaker and to do less. Afraid? No, but at least I know, because of other occasion seemed just like death was imminient. Eventually we all arrive at the same place. As for life it self, I cannot come up with any reason for it. Is God as explained in The Bible, a God with Human emotions? We maybe blindly following The Bible instead of this One True God as shown to us in The Bible by The Christ and others within The Bible and else where. I have some work to tend to. Glory to God Norio  
Just Another Day
Today has been just another ordinary day in my life. I try not to complain too much. My life is not a bad one at all. I have a great fiance and wonderful children. I am a stay-at-home mom and also an AVON Independent Sales Representative. My fiance just got out of the military and is currently looking for part-time work while he prepares to go back to school to be an EMT. We just moved to Florida to stay with my soon to be father-in-law while we are trying to get our feet back under us. The only small dark spot on this picture is the oldest son I had no choice but to leave behind with my parents in North Carolina. Someday though I know I will get him back. But no matter how good life is, there are always low spots. My fiance and I do have some pretty wicked fights at times. It sucks but I guess that is just how it goes. I have never known anyone who never had a fight with their significant other. My fiance also has a tendency to hide things from me... either because he thinks it is no
Return Of The Regal. The base version is officially available. I myself am looking forward to the GS version which should be a lot more fun. I really hope that GM can pull this one off, the niche that Buick fills needs a serious American-brand competitor (I know it's based on the Opel The specs for the GS version can be found on this page: While I don't think that the 6-speed manual will remain the only transmission choice (a lot of the target market for the car live in areas that make manual transmissions a lot less enjoyable). I think I could (gladly) live with a manual (in Los Angeles) to own that car.
Today, everything was fine fine fine Until roundabout quarter to 9, suddenly I found myself in a bind, a bind Was it something I said Something I read And manifest that's getting you down Don't you dare come to bed with that ambiguous look in your eye I'd sooner sleep by an open fire and wake up fried Say what you will Say what you mean No, you could never offend Your dirty words come out clean, clean Tomorrow, what price will I pay Could I make it all up to you by serving coffee for two in bed, would you then give me the time of day I need a map of your head, translated into english so I can learn to not make you frown Feel better if you vent, put your frustrations into four letter words and let them out on mine The most weathered ears in town! Say what you will Say what you mean No, you could never offend Your dirty words come out clean Clean Clean Clean Clean, yeah Clean Clean, yeah Say what you will Say what you mean No, you coul
Jessica Simpson No Daisy Duke
It’s nothing new that as we age we tend to gain some weight. And it is true with Jessica Simpson. According to stories, Jessica goes up and down with her weight. Lately she has been the fodder of late night comedy shows. Why they pick on her I don’t know. I like her with a little more meat on her bones but that’s me. Want some more meat BlastFM has a meaty variety of music for the discriminating listener. Feast your ears on the montage of songs on BlastFM
Off To End Ya
Check it i'm about to wreck it. Shit i dead you couldn't get in a fad. Think you bad like yo shit stink. You can't get along in ranks. Leave ya with no thanks. You ain't shit. Better off then leaving heads dead in fish tanks. Fuck a five start bitch thats thick. I got a thick booty queen. Thats amazing better then the rest of you hoes. That don't knows. Here i am again spitting with that sick wicked shit. Thats so fucking dark & added with trippy. You off at the mouth thats lippy. Call ya skippy. I'm freshed off more then edible livable. Thats fed up like you still a kid & you wet your bed up. Life is so dead up. Can't get yourself up. You just like one of them lames. Such a shame i'm deadly with shit i rip. You trip can't learn to get a grip. Thats a shift to change. Mind is fuck not only that & deranged. Leave ya hanged. Insane with crazious thoughts. No lessons taughts. Look at how wickedestic styles i variate bought from much such. With shit you can't touch. I fuck up in yo brain.
Blue Raspberry Flow
Sickest highly livid. Undoubtly wittingly. Crazy sporadic thinking various thoughts. Mind deranged change & range wussup not a dayum thing. I can care like i don't give a fucks. Fuck you & fuck yo bitch. I shove you down in your eye. Like glitch which do you think. No less in seems shooting off missle beams. It ain't no dream. There ain't no team. I'm highly created off what's society that ain't me. What's it be seriously. I'm not what's round how i get i down. So take your shit out of here you pervertious clown. I mound fhat white booty ass i pound. Ground drill. I'm off to kill. I off chop dead heads. I rids like open pop top lids fibs. I'll stab you in ya fucking rib. While you trying to make it in yo crib. Gold like you can't thought it was enough to sold what it is you sold untold. Nough to have a hold on me. Groupie wannabez that can't see's. Flees away from off me bling whores. Fakers & pretenders spies that despise. I'll end them off in their own demise. Nothings wise who you t
Just cause i'm not a rapper. Doesn't mean i can spit with such amazing flow. Hitting with the crazy wicked sickness. No witness i do this. Spit the illest truest influence you ruin so fuck how your doing. I'm not a perv but i make sure my shit goes heard. Word adlibbing verbs. Fuck with your shit. & i kick you to the curb. Off with rhymes off the top of my head. Don't end up dead for wrong shit you done said. You in the red better go take your meds. Either that or get caught by the feds. & have a wise nough decision. Before i get in it. Spinning i'm inning. & winning you lost. & it ain't a price you just cost. You soft like the cone that makes the ice cream melt. Run around make me have to get ya with a belt. Fuck i'm looney tuney insane with a craze for the kink ey see i'm stinging like a bee. Wee who wa say ah la vi g. I don't know what the fuck i just said. For some shit you could've read. Busting of led. No miscomprehension. Leave you on the bench. Its suspension I break into wicke
so is anyone else fed up with people who pretend to be your friend only to stab you in the back the first chance they get! i have absolutely had it with people who fake caring about you to use u or get something from u and then turn around and stab u in back or if not that forget you even exist after they get what they wanted.  y cant people just be real and true and stop all the bs, the world would be a much better place if all the users, liars, cheaters, backstabbers, and fake friends were put in a cell somewhere for losers and kept there forever, that way those of us who are honest and kind people would be able to be happy!
Literotica this is a link to a short story i wrote.  let me know what you think of it in the comment box
Hollywood's Top 25 Bombshell's
What is consider a “bombshell” when it comes to a woman? Most young people will look to the stars of today. Not so fast my horny friend. has come up with Hollywood’s top 25 bombshells who ever appeared on the big screen. Feast on the hottest babes as chosen by BlastFM is its own bombshell. Listen to the music you will sing, dance and groove to.
Lloyd Marcus Tea Party Singer Does Benefit
If you are into politics you know about the Tea Party. What you may not know is there is a black singer by the name of Lloyd Marcus who wrote a song called “Take Back America.” Marcus subscribes to what Tea Party member espouse namely tradition American values. Now he is launching a group of singers to do a CD of patriotic songs to help benefit families of solders. As Marcus sings, “I am not an African-American. I am Lloyd Marcus, American.” BlastFM is grounded in reality of great music. Listen 24/7 to get your head right
It seems that as I look back at things through the looking glass, all is lost.  But I do not control today or tomorrow only the moment I am in.,  This is the begining of my long strange trip, are you ready to trip with dew??   Hang on the peak will be long and hard, and the come down will be mellow... but what happens inbetween, may take you places youve never been before....
She sat there, looking at herself, but not truely seeing herself. Many thoughts, ran through, her head. She believed all of them, but at the same time, believed none of them. Green eyes stared back at her, telling her all the wrong things. Making her feel worthless, ugly, and thinking that no one could, love someone like her. Tears slipped from her eyes, her hand reaches up and, touches the wetness on her cheek. She is shocked to feel it there, she has told herself that she is stronger than that. Green eyes that seem so strong, and bright, but when she takes the time, the brightness fades a little. This green eyed girl, who knows she is well loved, and has someone who thinks she is beautiful. So she continues to sit there, thinking, of her love, and her green eyes brighten again, and she promises herself, from this day, she will not think of herself as, worthless, ugly, again, and she knows she is loved very much, by a special person.
When They First Met
She stood there, hair swaying in the breeze, Watching as he walked towards her. Her heart, beating very fast, she can't help but smile, as he gets closer, to where she stands. He stops in front of her, as a smile breaks, on his face. She thinks of, how handsome this man is, with his smiling face, and glowing hazel eyes. Her green eyes, as bright as his, She says a "hello," her cheeks, turning a lite pink, as he stares at her. He says "hello" back, and whispers "how beautiful." She raises her hand, and he raises his own, they press their hands together, palm to palm, fingers intertwining, and in that moment, their connection, grew so much stronger, then it has ever been before. With their fingers intertwines, eyes locked, on each other, both smiling, not needing words at the moment. Its like the world disappeared, the only two things, where the two lovers, that stood before each other. Their hearts, starting to beat as one, makes a love song, for just them to
I would like to know of a good turf that I can join.  With no drama, with people backing up people, and one where I can grow.  I would like to start off as an associate and work to a soldier as soon as possible.  Please help.  
Raquel Welch Didn't Like Being A Sex Symbol
Raquel Welch will be 70 years-old in September and she still garners lustful looks. In her book “One Million Years B.C.” Raquel say she felt like a prisoner because people admired her for her looks and nothing else. A sex symbol of immense desire she felt empty just being a poster girl. Well, I know most women would sure love to be that poster girl. For more BlastFM loves being the poster radio station for those who love real music. Come by to listen 24/7 and
No Name
Window panes come crashing downAmidst the tears and painVanishing hopes are gone and flew awayUp above through twilightShadows cast across the floorReflections of the pastTrembling thoughts of oneDwelling deep within the soulA mystical sense of realityCaptured by the crazeAll in bewildermentOf the shock in the waveCreatures of the dimnessChattering amongst the greenEverything slows in stillnessWhat is this we see?   If these walls could talk,you'd know my body is dead,my mind has been taken over,that's why I am so scared,I can't control it,anger is making me blind,I've been left here on my ownchained to a hate of some kind.If these walls could talk. If these walls could talk,you'd know about my fears,about all those nights I screamed for help,about all my fallen tears.You'd know about the demonshaunting me at night,you'd be able to help mekeep my fire alight,if these walls could talk. If these walls could talkthey would say that it's all right,God sends His angelsto look over me at
A Man's Heart
A mans heart is just as fragileAs the one he wants close byIt can be torn to bits and piecesAnd cause his soul and eyes to cry His heart will tell you what it needsWhen love appears in its sightsSOmetimes it will only tellIts owner what is wrong and right It bleeds at times because of painPain that's felt only insideVisual marks are never shownIts more of sadness, and bruised pride A mans heart beats for the one he lovesYet sometimes blindness takes controlThe hurt he feels seems so realHis mind takes over a brand new role The heart is bruised once againYet it beats but only slowHis soul must heal to open it upANd let a woman's love make it grow WHat must he do to make it beatAs strong as any drumI guess he'll have to wait and seeIf love will this way come
The Buddha taught that the first principle of existence is impermanence. Absolutely everything in this universe is impermanent. Impermanence creates uncertainty. I don't know about you, but I have a very low tolerance for uncertainty. Uncertainty causes me discomfort. Discomfort causes me to think stupid things. Stupid thoughts cause me to take stupid actions. My stupid actions bring about unfortunate results. Luckily, the unfortunate results are impermanent. Is this a great universe or what?
Red Marbles
I was at the corner grocery store buying some early potatoes.I noticed a small boy, delicate of bone and feature, ragged but clean, hungrily apprizing a basket of freshly picked green peas.I paid for my potatoes, but was also drawn to the display of fresh green peas.I am a pushover for creamed peas and new potatoes. Pondering the peas, I couldn't help overhearing the conversation between Mr. Miller (the store owner) and the ragged boy next to me."Hello Barry, how are you today?""H'lo, Mr. Miller. Fine, thank ya. Jus' admirin' them peas. They sure look good.""They are good, Barry. How's your Ma?""Fine. Gittin' stronger alla' time.""Good. Anything I can help you with?""No, Sir. Jus' admirin' them peas.""Would you like to take some home?" asked Mr. Miller."No, Sir. Got nuthin' to pay for 'em with.""Well, what have you to trade me for some of those peas?""All I got's my prize marble here.""Is that right? Let me see it." said Miller."Here 'tis. She's a dandy.""I can see that. Hmmmmm, only t
A Day Of Waiting
Daylight comes and I awakeThinking of you right awayIn my heart you are the oneKissing, touching, every day I sit up and realizeI am in an empty bedBut I smile at just one thingYour sweet face is in my head Mid-day comes and I am hereWishing for you by my sideThinking of the very timeGreeting you with arms real wide Checking email and my phoneWishing you could text me backAt that time I sit and thinkYour sweet words is what i lack Here I sit with fingers poisedWaiting for your name to showEvery minute that goes pastMy love for you greatly grows Evening comes and there you are"Hi baby" is what I seeThose 2 words make me feel gladThat you aim them right at me Doesnt matter where we sleepI love you with all my heartI will show you for all timeWe deserve a brand new start Let me show you ways of loveYou have not seen for a whileLet me be the one to proveI will make you laugh and smile I may not hear those three wordsI dont mind it cuz I knowThat in time if I am trueYour Love for me
Chili Cook-off
HAHAHA THIS IS FUNNY!!   If you can read this whole story without laughing, then there's no hope for you. I was crying by the end. This is an actual account as relayed to paramedics at a chili cook-off in New Mexico . Note: Please take time to read this slowly. If you pay attention to the first two judges, the reaction of the third judge is even better.  For those of you who have lived in New Mexico , you know how true this is. They actually have a Chili Cook-off about the time Halloween comes around. It takes up a major portion of a parking lot at the Santa Fe Plaza . Judge #3 was an inexperienced Chile taster named Frank, who was visiting from Springfield , IL .  Frank: "Recently, I was honored to be selected as a judge at a chili cook-off.. The original person called in sick at the last moment and I happened to be standing there at the judge's table, asking for directions to the Coors Light truck, when the call came in. I was assured by the other two j
Wife Accuses Matt Lauer Of Having An Affair
Today Show host Matt Lauer was allegedly having a good old time in Vancouver during the Winter Olympics. The National Enquirer reported that Annette, his wife, moved out of the apartment after she accused the balding Matt of having an affair. Everyone denies the rumors but you can bet there is something going on with the Lauer’s and it ain’t pretty. I’m wondering if the babe wasn’t that hot Gold medal skier. BlastFM loves having affairs with it listeners. Join the others in a wonderful musical affair on BlastFM
Author Beginning To Write Erotic Stories
Just a short story about an author beginning to write erotic stories. This story will be a dialog between a husband and his wife. H=Husband, W=Wife * H-As I was sitting at the computer in my office, I have a home office, my wife appeared at the door. W-What are you doing? H-Writing a story. W-What do you mean writing a story? You're not a writer. H- Unfortunately a lot of readers agree with you. W-Readers? What readers? H- On this web site, a writer can send in stories and people read them. Then the readers can tell them what they think. W-What kind of story site is this? And, what do you write about? H-Well, honey, it's an erotic story site and I send in erotic stories. W-By erotic do you mean porno? H-Mine aren't just sex, I write stories about people and their sex lives. W- You write stories about our sex life? What's the matter with you, are you some kind of nut telling people about our sex life? H- Not our sex life but the sex life of other people. W-What do you kn
Chase Was Walking Home After Work
Chase was walking home after work rather than taking the subway. It was a little chilly, but it was not unusual for early March. As he walked along he noticed someone in the window at a small out of the way women's boutique shop. As he drew closer he could see it was a woman...a very attractive fact she was damn beautiful. Chase stopped and watched for a moment as she slipped the sexy lingerie onto the mannequin.She turned and saw Chase watching her, and smiled and winked at him. She motioned toward the lingerie, as if she were asking if he liked her display. Chase smiled and nodded. She smiled back as she adjusted the bra. She looked at Chase again....he made the OK signal....then on a whim Chase pointed to the lingerie, and then to the woman in the window as if to say..."Is that what you're wearing?" She knew immediately what Chase was asking. She looked from side to side and then opened the front of her dress allowing Chase to see that she was in fact wearing very simila
Her First Orgasm
It was a normal saturday, I had gotten back from college theprevious day and was preparing to go out with my girlfriend Kristen.Kristen and I have been dating for over four months now. Although wewaited a while to have sex, our sexual urges had overwhelmed us afterabout 2 months of dating. We began to have sex, but, after two monthsof sexual activity, something special was about to happen...We started dating the first week in June. I had known Kristenbefore, she went to my high school. Although she was two years youngerthan me, I still didn't mind going out with the 'younger' ones,sometimes they are the best ones. Kristen had a huge crush on me inhigh school, but I never really persuaded a relationship with her.After I had gone off to college, we lost touch of each other.I never forgot about Kristen while I was gone. It was nice havinga girl fall head over heels for me. Time passed and I went through somerough relationships, never realizing that the summer of 1991 wouldprove to be one
Library Voyeur
Justin worked at the library while attending a small mid western college. It had it's advantages, one of which was that Justin would take some of the more playful coeds he knew to several out of the way locations and have sex with them there in the library. Sometimes it would be good hard fucking, and sometimes a good blow job. Either way...Justin usually had something going on.Justin liked the challenge of having sex with the girls that came into the library, especially since Ms. Cole liked to keep a close eye on her employees. Ms. Cole was an attractive woman in her early forties, although she didn't look her age. She had a really nice body, and she seemed to like Justin. He caught her staring at the bulge in his pants numerous times, which made him wonder if she need some sexual attention herself.One night Kelli, a new girl Justin had met a few days ago came in the library. It didn't take long for Justin and Kelli to end up in a deserted section of the library where they were soon k
Naomi Campbell In Real Trouble Now
Naomi Campbell’s problems with violence against other people is well documented. Now she is facing a real problem in South Africa. A former Liberian president is being prosecuting for war crimes and Naomi may be subpoenaed to testify. It seems Naomi accepted uncut diamonds from this guy that were banned because the diamonds were exchanged for guns. Read the story BlastFM only exchanges great music for you tuning in. The exchange is a great experience for you and BlastFM
Mind F*ck
Enter my mind There you shall find the truthThe truth of insanityCynical foreverEnter my mindTotal MENtal melt downEternal fallHypnotized, unlimited illusionsEnter my mindWhy did the chicken cross the road?Which came first the chicken or the egg?Parasite minds, lucid dreamsEnter my mindNo longer a virginNo longer innocentIts been f*cked for yearsI welcome you to the confines of my mindNothing but a total mind f*ck I think therefore i am, if i think not am i not? I think not.
See I Love Country To - Satisfied - Jewel
Teens Pour Vodka Into Their Eyes
For those of us who have been around for years, we can recall college students swallowing live gold fish. There has always been stuff younger people do that older people don’t understand. The current teen craze excepted. Seems like teens are pouring vodka into their eyes directly from the bottle. Now that is really nuts.,2933,593570,00.html BlastFM does not encourage drinking or any other activity that will mess you up. BlastFM is just a fun way of getting you to tap your feet and dance or sign along
Keep Us In Your Prayers Plz
I went into labor yesterday while packing things up to move out of state.. he had a good heartbeat but his lungs wasnt developed to breath on his own.. he was born yesterday May 25th at 5:09 p.m. he was 1 lb 12 inches long... We are very heartbroken.. plz keep me and stanley in your prayers    
Tiki Barber Stopped At Line Of Scrimmage In Hospital
Tiki Barber was stopped for no gain in the hospital. Tiki’s wife, he’s still married, barred the ex-New York Giants running back from the delivery room when she gave birth to their twin girls. Tiki, who is having sex with a hot blond, had to wait to see the girls. Well brother, how is that sex with your new babe? I’m sure it’s still good but being a father is going to be blocked till the court figures it out. BlastFM is loyal to its listeners. BlastFM doesn’t cheat you out of the music you love. Hit us up!
How To Remember Soldiers On Memorial Day"
"sack Tapping" New Teen Game
This is the first I’ve heard of “sack tapping.” Apparently, young men in school are punching each other in the groin. A Minnesota teenager had one of his testicles removed because of this new game. Is there nothing young people won’t do?,2933,593680,00.html BlastFM is a great diversion from the day to day routine of being punched. It’s here for you 24/7. Tune in BlastFM for a musical experience second to none!
Daily News For The Thinking Man
Apparently, some terrorists like to take in the sites before they blow sh*t up. The all-American cocktail of glitz, commercialization, and entertainment, garnished with the busiest subway terminal in the city and thousands of tourists packing the streets daily, Times Square is for terrorists what Carnegie Hall is to musicians: the big time. Fortunately for us, the most recent jackass to attempt taking out a chunk of Times Square wasn’t a front row kind of guy in his bomb-making class. It's good to know there are slackers even in terrorist cells. [Shout out: What do you think about ... Times Square Bombing Attempt?]  
i let her fade as the darkness grew said goodbye to the woman i knew i tried to fight, gave it my all yet little by little i felt the fall my cries rang out, my heart bled until one day i just felt dead an empty shell is what lies here feeding off the hearts worst fear                 Outlaw Angel
Wonderful Poem By Billy Collins
The Death of the Hat--Billy CollinsOnce every man wore a hat.In the ashen newsreels,the avenues of citiesare broad rivers flowing with hats.The ballparks swelledwith thousands of straw hats,brims and bands,rows of men smoking and cheering in shirtsleeves.Hats were the law.They went without saying.You noticed a man without a hat in a crowd.You bought them from Adams or Dobbswho branded your initials in goldon the inside band.Trolleys crisscrossed the city.Steamships sailed in and out of the harbor.Men with hats gathered on the docks.There was a person to block your hatand a hatcheck girl to mind itwhile you had a drinkor ate a steak with peas and a baked potato.In your office stood a hat rack.The day war was declaredeveryone in the street was wearing a hat.And they were wearing hatswhen a ship loaded with men sank in the icy sea.My father wore one to work every dayand returned homecarrying the evening paper,the winter chill radiating from his overcoat.But today we go bareheadedinto the
Pam Anderson Is Brain Dead
Pamela Anderson bought bigger boobs. Then got smaller boobs. Now she could loose her Malibu home. If that wasn’t enough, this giant of intellect calls the Gulf of Mexico “…the end of the world…” Did the doctor take out her brain when he made her boobs smaller? Pam have you ever heard of the Mexican Ixtoc I oil spill of 1979? It lasted for 9 months and people, fish and other wild life are still living and thriving there. Pam ignorance is contagious. Go back to bed and get well before you infect others with your disease. If you want more of her stupidity BlastFM depends on oil for the energy to stream great music to you. Without oil BlastFM and you will be in the dark. I like music keep the oil coming
Beautiful Poem~
Once I was a beautiful shell Giving life to the creatures of the sea Tides and time pounded on me, breaking me bit by bit Then I was stuck nowhere to go... The barnacles found a place to dwell But Mother Ocean gave me a second chance The tides washed me upon the shore There I lay waiting in the sun, dull and chipped and ugly Then, you came along and found me The barnacles were picked, the sand washed off You polished me up and brought out my luster... I'm still chipped with imperfections But you laid me out for everyone to see... The beautiful colors inside me Now I'm shiny with colors and gold The tides have yet to see me grow old With the tenderness and care you gave me I am once again a beautiful shell - Vannessa Thibodeau -
This Shell
i dont know what to door which way to turnno matter whatmy spirit will burnwithin the ashesmy heart will layin this hellmy soul will late to turn backcant fix what is doneand yet once againthe monsters have wonthey came inand ended what could beand all that was leftis this shell of me.........   Outlaw Angel
Gcf Banner
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I am waiting for day to turn to night, when there is no more light.   I used to have fun in the sun, those days are long over done.   time is not moving fats, i need to stop living in the past.   I need to move on, the life i had is gone.   i wish it to come back, hay, hand me that 12 pack!   done by jason borchard
Jenny Block Says Let's Get Naked
Author Jenny Blocks says we all need to get naked more often. It sounds like a good idea. Especially if you have something to do when you are naked. What can you do when you’re naked? I’m sure we all can come up with a few ideas. Jenny has some suggestions for you.,2933,593946,00.html BlastFM streams music to you naked or not 24/7. Now you can get BlastFM on your blackberry. Sign up @
Some Parents Don't Want "winnie Cooper" To Grow Up
In “The Wonder Years” Winnie Cooper was the girl next door. Since leaving the show Danica McKellar, who played Winnie, has shown some skin in a couple of picture spreads she did for a men’s magazine. Apparently, parents of kids who watch the reruns don’t approve. Parents want her to say the teenage girl next door even though Danica is in her 30’s. Some parents just don’t like change. For more BlastFM changes with the new music that is worth listening to. BlastFM plays the old and new. Listen for yourself
Sex Survey
Please send me your answers in a private message. They will be kept top secret. Favorite sex position? What turns you on the most? Does size matter? Most times in one day? Most orgasms in one session? What do you think about during sex? Ever had a Three-some? How often do you masterbate? Do you like oral? What's better, someone you care about or a one night stand?  
Sex Survey 2
Please send me your answers in a private message. They will be kept top secret.   what's your name? sex or money? what's your favorite position during sex? how often do you have sex? do you lick/suck? do u have a big/medium/small penis? are you a freak? name someone you wanna fuck now? one thing you would change about your sexual porformance 1-10 you in the bed[be honest]  
Toad Kill In Australia
If you like hunting you will like what Australia is offering you. You can help local officials kill toads. The Northern Territory has about 92 million cane toads and they eat food other animals eat. So get yourself a club and hightail it down under and whack a few toads to help out the other animals. The locals will love you for it. ttp:// BlastFM will be right with you when you are clubbing. Get yourself a Blackberry and hook up @
That’s One Sneaky Penis
Penises can end up in the funniest of places. Like in a Disney cartoon. Or an Ed Hardy condom.In the latest sneaky shadow penis appearance, a penis shadow has snuck past the editors at luxury style magazine, Miami Living, and made its way into an advertisement for an online dating service. The ad is by, the dating site where "beautiful, ambitious women would meet successful, sophisticated men". At first glance the ad looks like any other dating site ad, way too good to be true. Then you notice the penis shadow over the blonde's chest. The ad appeared in the Spring/Summer edition of the magazine and has been out for weeks without anyone noticing until FoxNews pointed the finger. When we created the ad, we never imagined a magazine like Miami Living would approve it, but judging by the amount of sign-ups we received since the magazine has come out, this ‘shadow penis' ad seems to work and might become a staple of our campaign.(source FoxNews) Maybe Establishe
What Is Lupus
I just recently was diagnosed with the disease lupus and mixed connective tissue disease so my life has been a lot different from how it may look in all my photos..NOT SOMETHING I LIKE TO TALK ABOUT BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS!! Lupus is one of many disorders of the immune system known as autoimmune diseases. In autoimmune diseases, the immune system turns against parts of the body it is designed to protect. This leads to inflammation and damage to various body tissues. Lupus can affect many parts of the body, including the joints, skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, blood vessels, and brain. Although people with the disease may have many different symptoms, some of the most common ones include extreme fatigue, painful or swollen joints (arthritis), unexplained fever, skin rashes, and kidney problems. At present, there is no cure for lupus. However, lupus can be effectively treated with drugs, and most people with the disease can lead active, healthy lives. Lupus is characterized by periods of
Christina Ricci Tells Hollywood To Help America
There not many entertainers I admire but one has come the top of my list. Christina Ricci for chiding the Hollywood types for ignoring the human needs of Americans. She’s right when she said, “We forget we have our own impoverished kids that need adopting, we have our own really needy community.” She goes on to say “…we do tend to forget about America.” Hollywood types are always raising money for other countries. Why not American causes? You go Christina. Read more BlastFM doesn’t forget those who want great music. We just keep it coming 24/7. Hit us up!
Danielle Staub Says Her Sex Tape The Best
If you are interested and I would suppose most men are, “Real Housewife” Danielle Staub, according to who you believe, has a sex tape coming out. Hustler magazine is going to release the vid. Danielle says the tape was stolen and should not be sold. She hasn’t hired an attorney to stop Hustler from releasing it. To top things off, Danielle boasted that she could probably outsell Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape. Wow babes I like it! Who’s porno vid will be the best? Stay tuned. For more BlastFM can out play music from any other streaming radio station. BlastFM is not just a music station. It’s a musical experience
Why Do Women With Hold Sex?
We have heard the joke about wanting and your woman says she has a headache. According to Sarah Stefanson some women make it a habit to with hold the good stuff from their men. Now why would you want to that honey? To find out read on what Sarah says about women taking away the good stuff from us.,2933,594406,00.html BlastFM never denies you what you want, constant music. BlastFM streams music 24/7 right to your computer or smart phone.
Democrat Rep. Bob Etheridge Should Resign Now!
North Carolina Democrat Rep. Bob Etheridge is in hot water as well as he should be. He let his disgust with the America people show itself a few days ago. Etheridge ruffed up a citizen who just asked the representative a question Etheridge didn’t like. And if the incident was not put on YouTube he would not have issued an apology. This guy Etheridge is nothing but a thug and condescending miscreant. There should be an outrage from other law makers because of his behavior. He should resign immediately. If he doesn’t resign on his own then he should be forced to resign. Read on BlastFM is a feel good radio station for you. Listen 24/7 to music that will get you into your groove
Lips And Love.
Define my Lips as yours kiss mine, put, our love together make it last forever For all time, Be true to me cause i'll be the same with you, I wanna hold your hand when we jam to our favorite band I wanna live like no one can I wanna love and I wanna feel your Lips on mine, Yes, I want to feel you touch mine as I tremble now, I'm gonna make this last, a Lifetime, For all time I'll be lovin you and you define the rest of my life.
I Dream Of Love.
I dream of city lights in the night a star that shines so bright It sends me light a lover's arm's to hold me tight when the feeling's right I dream of love I dream of you forever too to hold on to you and me I dream of love when you kiss me this is what I hold on to Because of you I dream of love It's gonna be a perfect night when you hold me tight like the one's I dream, I dream of you
A $44,000 Mattress For Sale
If you have an extra $44,000 in the bank you can spend that on a new mattress. E.S. Kluft & Co. is introducing the Sublime model mattress for you to purchase. That’s a bargain considering what it will cost in Europe. The price is $69,500 in Europe. You must be wondering why the mattress costs so much. Find out why BlastFM the best darn internet radio station you will ever hear. That’s the opinion of those of us who listen. You can listen too @
Avon For Sale
  Hi im courtney an avon rep from brookfield mass pls check my avon site out and pls send it to others thanks you so much pls write that you are interested theres a order due by wednesday thanks
Reading Naked
I want to invite you to a reading by a few girls. Not just any reading but one where the girls are reading naked. Yes, naked on stage reading what ever they want. I thought that would get your attention. The group is called Naked Girls Reading. And they are in major cities across the country. Want to know more? Read on, naked if you wish,2933,594829,00.html BlastFM prefers to be clothed when steaming music. What you wear when you listen is up to you. Tune in 24/7
The Kennedy Brothers Orgies
For years there has been speculation about the Kennedy brothers and their sexcapades. Well, there is an FBI memo about the allegations. It says the Kennedy brothers with Marilyn Monroe of course, Frank and a few other folks had orgies in a hotel in NYC. What else is new? It has been widely reported that Ted sexually harassed waitress along with Chris Dodds. The sad part about it is they got away with it. You try the same thing dude and you’re going to get arrested. For more streams right to your ears the best music from today and the past. Give yourself a treat and tune in 24/7
Long Weekends
This day has been so long and its only a few minutes past 8pm. I am working the phone tonight and its been steady but would enjoy more calls. Check out my profile pics and it will tell you how to call me if your interested. I enjoy meeting people and I love learning about cultures of other people. I need to go out and pull some weeds but its so hot!! I enjoy the outside when its just a tad bit cooler lol. If this night gets any longer I dont know what I am gonna do, guess I am just bored. Looking for friends so look me up!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sally
A open bookA heart apoun a sleeveIts not hard to believenormaly rushing into thingsJumpping head first nor carerringTry to find the right oneEnding up loving the wrong oneSome how my pain is my pleasureYet my pleasure brings me painOne equals the other its all the sameSo what is love but a higher form of lustAn lust is a lower form of loveWanting to find some one to holdDont want a child or some one to oldNot looking for some one to change meJust trying to find some one for meThrough my add attacksBeing able to help me stay on trackThy angel of darkest lightBeautiful from inside not from physical sight
Fist Full Of Tears-maxwell
"Fistful Of Tears" Feel just like a weight has lifted it How can I repay you help me understand Currency a fistful of tears I can afford Fight of your life is not the cost Time will reveal All along you're the one who's losing Cause I go insane Crazy sometimes Tryin you to keep you from losing your mind Open your eyes See what's in front of your face Save me my fistful of tears You can make it disappear girl All you got to do is just raise up, face up, stay up All things will heal we'll feel it with a kiss from the skies Don't' you let it go Don't' you let it go Cause I go insane Crazy sometimes Tryin you to keep you from losing your mind Open your eyes See what's in front of your face And save me my fistful of tears We gon fight the war We gon fight our fears The only thing I wanna throw is a fistful of tears We gon fight the war We gon fight our fears The only thing I gotta throw is a fistful of tears We gon fight the war We gon fight our fears The
Life (taken From Brandi's Profile Cuz It Rocked)
I believe everyone comes into our lives for a reason. We may never know why or understand the timing or agree with the ending. Just be thankful.Maybe God wanted us to meet the wrong person before meeting the right one so that, when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift.Maybe when the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't even see the new one, which has been opened for us.Maybe it is true that we don't know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives.Maybe the brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past, after all, you can't go on successfully in life until you let go of your past mistakes, failures, and heartaches.Maybe you should dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you drea
Today's The Day
 Today's the day       Today’s the dayI go awaywithin this lifei cannot stayplease dont thinkthat I'm the foolfor this lifehas been to cruelYou may thinkyou know whats rightbut I am so tiredof walking the nightI need a placejust to be meTo finally be ableto set myself freeTodays the dayto finally let golet the real meto truly showexcept me nowfor what is menot what you thinkthat i should be Daddyzlostangel
Tainted Angels
Tainted Angelsunworthy to be touchedeven though within her soulshe is wanting it so muchher wings have become brokenproving her no goodwanting to only be lovedbut knowing no one couldbecause she is a Tainted Angelroaming thru the shadows alonewill someone save herbefore her heart becomes more like stone.................
I'll hit you so hard,                           
Love Will Conquer All
So I havnt posted a blog in a long time so bear with me lol! Been doing a lot of soul searching lately and well to be honest Im not exactly sure where im going but im starting to get a pretty good idea of what will make me truly happy. Sometimes life hands you a box of lemons and you have to take a bite of that lemon and spit it back in their faces lmao!!!! So for all of those who hate me ....go ahead and hate me It doesnt bother me. Take that hate somewhere else cause it just consumes and rots the already dead horse. I dont need it anymore For all those who love me....I love you back in full and then some. I have always loved to the fullest and that is one thing I will never change about myself as long as I can help it. I am around somewhere so if you wanna chat or just have some fun haller at me....for those who wont take no for an answer FUCK YOU im deleting you :) have a great day everyone!
Oscar The Fish
I once had a fish named Oscar (named after the dog who mauled me). Oscar was a goldfish some random man happened to give me at the end of a school carnival. The "Carnie" told me if I didn't take this fish that it would probably die before he reached the next town. Of course I took him in. Oscar was my first fish, so naturally, his first home was a fish bowl. Oscar didn't fare so well in such a stark and small environment. Subsequently, he became lethargic and unresponsive, uninterested. My mom pointed out that he appeared to be unhappy and took me to the pet store where she proceded to ge Oscar a big tank (with light), plants, an oxigenator and colorful rocks and other features. We brought all this home and got it setup and started to acclimate Oscar to his new environment. Once he was ready, we released him into his new home where he flourished and grew to be big and healthy. In time, we got Oscar some compainions but ever thereafter, Oscar was the biggest fish in the tank and lived y
The Mulberry Tree And The Birth Of Monarchs
While growing up in Orange County, CA (SoCal). The very first tree I ever learned to climb was a 20 year old mulberry tree (complete with tire swing hung by dad). The tree (who had a name I can't remember) would give the deepest shade from the blasting SoCal sun. One day I noticed a lot of worms eating my tree leaves! (they looked suspeciously like the tomato worms dad told me to look out for). I asked him why the tomato worms were eating my tree, afterall, they were sure to eat the whole tree! "Dad there's hundreds", they were everywhere I climbed. Dad said I am never to "harm or hinder" them, only to watch and learn. Soon it got scary because although the worms stopped eating my tree, the spiders had moved in. Again my dad said I am not to harm or hinder them. Mine is to watch, learn (and now) protect (because they were babies). With curiousity, I was told to keep watching. Only a couple more days now until... "Until what?" I asked- until the surprise (better than watching Disneyland
The Story Of The Wish Man...
I am sorry this is a very personal story only open to an extreme few. To give a cryptic hint however tends to be how I always do it....Whenever possible I release 8 white doves for my Surviors, now instead and due to financial difficulties...I will grow my hair instead. For the living.
Frankie-- My Youngest Cat
Recently I've come to the conclusion that my cat Frankie has Ocelot somewhere in his blood line.  He is only 4 years old, but yet is approx a foot tall and 3 feet long.  He damn near swallows people food whole.  And not just chicken-- he loves almost any people food, just as a dog does.  Before I brought him to live with my others, he would get in to these biting phases.  And hard to the point of breaking skin.  When he was younger, he used to hide behind doors and jump out at me.  Come to find out someone my father knows who has an Ocelot, does the same thing-- except from up above.  Luckily, I didn't have that issue.  I've also had Frankie around dogs.  All kinds.  He even managed to intimidate a half Chow half German her own home.  He damn near stole some chicken right out of her mouth too.  I always thought something was different with him, especially after he started opening doors.  Though he would never close them.  Wonder what kind I'll end up with next... he w
Been to death. Been to surgery. Been married. Been in love. Been out of love. Been in liveins. Been with money. Been broke. Been lied to. Been indecisive. Decision will be given in August. Either yes or no. Glory to God N  
Like It Says..................somewhere, Someone
Your smile melts my heart. Just hearing your voice is like listening to angels sing. Your laughter is indescribable, while  your eyes are deeper than the most beautiful sunset. Your skin glistens like the sea on a sunny afternoon. Your dark brown hair flows like the Nile, while your fragrance is as pleasant as a garden full of the finest roses. Your knowledge will take ages to fathom. Just being in your presence alone could bring a giant to his knees.Your lips taste like the finest wines. Your love could enlighten the dullest day. If I ever dreamt of you, arising would not be an option. I would stay in your dreams forever. Your beauty and knowledge go hand in hand, they are both timeless. Your soft beautiful smile is enough to engulf the darkest moments.To have you in my arms would be the worships of all gods, to hear your soft whispers would be enough to make me hold you forever close to me.For I know and understand that time with you will always be a present and never a past.To feel
Keeping Up
Any one keeping up with the leak in the Gulf? Hurricane will stirr the pot. I don't do that much here. Mostly at myyearbook. Go check it out if you never been there. Myspace is dead and the previous was deleted. Facebook the same, deleted. By-Pass went well but even though I am recovering quickly there is a price that has to be paid by me. I have to put up with lot of pain. I can't do what I did previous to this surgery. Question would be why did I have it? Since it was so highly spoken of I want to see. Ringht now I'm better in some aspect but not in most. Talk is of me attending Cardiac Rehab and I'm saying it can't be done. Can't left anything heavy for anothet two months and all that will be available will aerobic type of exercise. I can go up and down the stairs and walk at the mall for that. Next surgery that is expected out of me is to Stint the Aorta in August. Six months ago it was at 5.5cm and six months previous 5.0cm. Now it should be around 6.0 or greater. I have to won
You All Heard It
You all heard the expression that life is short and live it to the fullest or something like that. To me 10 years and counting of limited ability does mee no good. Opportunity is coming up. I have to have a sugery for my Aorta. Don't have it done I'm good as dead sooner or later. Nothing and no one to convince me to stay here. Glroy to God N  
Lets Play
You wanted to play, so lets play. Mercy and forgiveness belongs to your God and not mine. It's all in your head. US Postal Inspectors was dumb enough to come looking for me so lets play. In Clayton, because we are so Casual we're buck assed naked. No, I never forgot. Code Violation to my home was all under the eyes of Municipal Electrical Code Enforcement. Title to this property to this date is not free. Encroachment does not allow it. So my lein holder has a worthless Title and another to seek the motrgage payment upon my demise. Apparently the law dose not apply to some. Blasting their noise nightly while other residents sit and wait for the law enforcement. What's all this mean? You can do what ever, but make sure you don't pester the innocent. As for the Lot's and Blocks, I figulured someone was lying through their teeth. Real owner of this Block and the Lot next to me may want to look me up someday, but no 50k. Still no to Stint. Glory to God N  
Often it is very easy for me to gather trash and to make  sense out of it. What am I going to do? Nothing. Glory to God N  
The answer by Cardio Reh ab is no ,due to my poor health. I told someone I feel worst off than I did the day before the surgery. Five weeks ago tomorrow. No to Stint for my Aorta. Glory to God N  
So are they going to pass the Unemployment Laws that will never affect them? Independence Day's on the way too. Easy, isn't it? Glory to God N  
When you feel sad and betrayed Who can you count on every single day? When you feel lost and alone Who will be there for you in every way? When you've made mistakes and bad decisions Who can you count on to tell you you're wrong? When you feel you can't go on Who will be there with a feel-better song? Look into your heart and you will find That person you can trust is not far away. Look deep into yourself, don't give up, For if you do, it's yourself you'll betray. When you're looking for answers To all your questions and dreams, There is one person you can count on, It's impossible, I know, it seems. But take a few moments to look deeper inside. Look into your heart and there you will see. You'll be surprised when you find out That you've been looking at ME.
Mel Gibson Comes Unglued
What is Mel Gibson smoking, drinking or eating that has him allegedly using nasty words to his once hot lover Oksana Grigorieva? Does Mel think he’s still making the movie “Passion Of Christ”? I can understand the Romans calling Jesus Christ those names but Mel calling his lover, who incidentally had his baby, is in bad taste. RadarOnline says nice guy Mel even used the “N” word describing who would be screwing her. Man, if this is all true, this guy either has dementia or he’s not the nice guy he portrayed himself to be. I think Mel better have some quiet time, like for a couple of years or more. Want more   BlastFM is your choice for the music you like to hear. Hook up with the best internet radio station on the net, BlastFM 24/7!!! 
My Heart Is For Sale
"HEART FOR SALE"...Who wants to buy my heart?Im having it for sale.Although its only second hand,still it functions well.Because once,I sold it whole,but someone returned it broken.Now,I had it all repaired and now im back in business.Who wants to buy my heart?Satisfaction guaranteed.It has free service charge and a lifetime warranty.So if youre asking for the price,well youre in a bargain,it only cost........TRUE LOVE.,.,if youre interested just hit me up in my messenger so we can talk more about it,heres mine or addme and hit me up
What To Do About The "back To Work Blues"
Summer time, the best months of the year at least for me. It is also vacation time for most people who are lucky enough to be working. It’s always fun to have a week or two off from the daily grind of earning a living. After you’ve spent those days in frivolity and play, all of a sudden it’s back to work. It’s at that time the back to work blues set in for some people. Especially, if you don’t like your work. If you are one of these people has a few suggestions for you. Find out here,2933,595842,00.html BlastFM is working for your entertainment pleasure 24/7. We love what we do and it shows with our listeners. Click the link and party your behind
In The Future
For the future relationship I may be in,  I didnt do it. Dont blame me for what she did. I didnt do it. Dont make me out to the bad person that broke your heart. I didnt do it, yet.  Speaking of broken hearts, you have to have one for it to be broken so dont give me this " I'll never love anyone person like I did her" shit. For my future relationship, whoever you may be. Im not your mom, and I wont kiss your ass. Its not my job nor it is my title to make sure you are treated like a baby. To the future relationship..I dont care if weve been together for many years, if you lie to me once..we're done and dont think for a second that there will be another chance. I dont play that game. Oh one more thing to my future relationship, sex will be great, I only hope you can keep up. If you suck, I will look some where else and its not because I dont care about you..its just that..if you arent in the least..a freak, kinky or willing to try different things with me..i will find someone who will...
Misa Campo Biography Misa Campo was born on January 28, 1987, in Montreal, Canada. When she was just two years old, Misa moved to California’s Newport Beach to live with her father. Surrounded by her relatives, Misa grew up in a safe and comfortable environment in which she was encouraged to pursue her dreams. Misa Campo remained exclusively within the sunny vistas of Newport Beach until she was 10, at which point she began to shuttle between California and Montreal (where she lived with her mom and two sisters).
roses drippin blood just waitin here for it to stop, but it wont stop, roses drippin lots of blood im not waitin any more ............. drip drip drip my heart is slowin down, waitin here for it to fix, it wont fix........ roses drippin blood just waitin for it to stop, its slowin down........... drip drip my heart is is fixin roses drippin blood just waitin  for it to start ......drip my heart is fixed roses not drippin blood just waitin for it to  stop ,its stoped .................... didnt fix........................................................     
My E True Hollywood Story Part 1
Ok so like many of you who have profiles on here not many seem to take the time to tell about the real you due to the fact that all u care about is who is gonna buy you your next bling or get you that vip or whos gonna give you money to see your nsfw pics. Like really people…… So with that being said I am gonna give you some real isight to who I am and I guess maybe ull figure out why I am the way I am and if not go FU yourself lol. So like any person theres a point in your life where u can remember your first images or first memories, mine starts when I was 3 almost 4.   It was a warm spring day not hot but warm.  A gentle breeze filled the air as the leaves flowed in it.  Sitting in my bedroom which was pretty bare, a bed, dresser,  closet , and one blue plastic dumptruck with black tires. As I recall my only toy.  Peering out my bedroom door the sound of slamming and banging immurged from downstairs. Like any child curiosity kicked in, as I crept down the stairs not
Thinking. Can't stop thinking.Think of you. This. That. That Life. That day.That dream was mine.A utopian dream.Your aura; struck me like lightning to a tree.Pointy, like a star, you shone.So bright, yet not shining as a star would,But as apparent as white chalk on a blackboard.You would not show off like a star.Yet you did burn so hot, so fiercely, so explosively -you were a star in my eyes.But like all stars, you died.That gas was gone.No pull between us.The atmosphere was dryand I began to choke.I was taken from my star - like a child being taken from its poor,drunken mother - I did not know what was happening.Dazed. Confused. Without true reality, I there sat.Wondering.The end of my world had only just begun, with yours beginning.             Purity once had a name,And beauty once had a face.Life once had a meaning,And once I was safe.Once there was freedom,And once I could laugh.Happiness once was alive,And once I had another half.Once I shared her love,Once I was by her si
I never asked you to call me,Never asked to go with you that day.That one night was perfect. We were one, but Iknew I'd be the one to pay.I never asked you to make me feel good,Never asked you to look my way.It takes two to do what happened that night, sothere's nothing more you can say.I never asked for you to care,Never asked to be the only one.I knew she was in your life too,But still I thought I'd won.I never asked for promises,Never asked if I could put my trust in you.I always though I could handle the thingsyou "so often" like to do.I never asked you to turn away,Never asked you to make me cry.You go on with your life like nothing everHappened while I slowly start to die.I never asked for this loneliness,Never asked to be the one to blame.You tried putting all the guilt on me while youWere the one playing the mind game.I never asked for this empty feeling,Never asked you to be there.While I sit here confused in my own little world,All you can do is stare.I never asked if you lov
I'm A Healthcare Worker
SOmeone can't handle the fact that I work in the healthcare field LOL lol @ clud being a health care worker. left by blainesmomma 7 hours ago lol @ health care worker. I highly doubt that. One has to have some intelligence for that, and you my dear, do not. ? I'm a CNA and going to Nursing school. If being a health care worker scares me since I really AM one.  I guess that proves you're not a health care worker. If you really were, you'd have had no problem telling me what you do, or did, or coming back with something a little more original than that. In 18 months I'll be making more in a half hour than you charge for trick. Exactly, threatened..that's it. left by blainesmomma 8 hours ago   Clud heath care worker. Thats like saying I'm a high paid baby sitter in the Army. left by jimmy_bones 6 hours ago For serious. If in some God forsaken world, she was? I'd pray for those ill and ailing. left by blainesmomma 4 hours ago
Since someone views these Blog's to see my emotional state I don't say up front but hide within. These are not meant for all but some. Yes, she has a tenuious position with me but I'll see where she leads me. God is the witness between her and I. My sister's cell phone has been off all day which means it is broken, everyone is in the same place, she has anotherr cell, or ? I Text someone who acts as though they were out of the loop. Turns around and tries to play stupid only to have me Bless her with God. It'll be Sun down in little over an hour. I'm saying the front door where as another is saying well before that. Glory to God N  
One for the pain, Two for the hartech, Three for the you, And four so I dont forget. One for the pain that i whent though to show you how much your wher to me. Even though i know that i could never doenf for you, but  yet i still try, aven now it still herts though it wa so long ago. Two for the harech that is still there, My hart is in peaces still lieing on the for where you droped it and walk on it as u left, Trhee for you, Cues it was you who did this to me, Your the one i hold up so high in my life and yet i still was't goenf for your love or even for you to carr that I mite get hert, I was just a plase to whipe you feet. And four so i don't forget like I ever could I mean what I'v been though And all the punshiment that i touck for you or by you is still here on my body in my eyes and in my soul.One for the pian, Two for the hartech, Three for you, Lastly four so i don't forget. The blad slipping eeach time deeper and deeper as I look at the sad remder of my life, The blood poori
Moon Lady , - For Dj Totallyhappy!
Alone he sits , In a Silver cradled Moon , Hoping he see's her soon , If only a fleeting glimpse , Join me on a Comet , Heading for the stars , Through the Darkness & Into the light , Bathed in a warm surreal Glare , You'll travel safe, Never leave my arm's , My sweet Lady Moon , We'll be Together once again one hope's, Lost in eternal Bliss , With a flicker off the wrist, No need for light's in this far away distance , Away from the Street Light's , No oragne luminace, Will scar that pretty face or have to lead us home , Fly on wing's off the prettiest Unicorn , Shining the way, Beauty shining through , a trail off warm Magical dust, To sit watching down on on the world & society!        
Life In General
I'm constantly amazed how we seek redemption through actions. Yet, most of the actions we undertake, are harmful to us. When does that stop? When will self-destruction finally impact you enough to know you are destroying yourself? What are your limits?????
What Am I Doing !
I have no idea what im doing on here, anyone care to help me out and tell me what im supposed to do :P
Sophie's New Blog..
hey bored and alone!.im here in Canada right now for some me at yahoo or msn if u love online there right now and im sure u will love to chat with me there..i will just leave my id and if anyone are interested u can try to add me and try to drop me a message ok?.  sophiamadisonsmith at yahoo dot com and i have also msn..sophiamadisonsmith at hotmail dot com ..lets get to know each other ok?.by the way im sophia but u can call me sophie..take care..hugs and kisses to all of you.. -_-
I'm Sorry I Can't Tell You What
I'm sorry I can't tell you what I'm sure you'd rather hear,But there's a burden in my heartI can no longer bear. There's an anger I must crossBefore I come to youAnd make my peace with who you are,And try your soul anew. I know I wasn't what you wantedWhen you wanted me,A healthy, happy baby girlYou could raise easily. I was born impaired, and youHave never understoodThat what I am is whole and fairAnd beautiful and good. You were sorry, first for meAnd then for you, and wept,But I would not be me withoutThe fact that I am deaf. I am a gift to celebrateAnd not a cause to grieve.As a child this was whatI needed to believe. I needed but a different roadTo reach the common goal,But you decided there were thingsI couldn't do at all. And rather than accept what lifeHad given in its grace,You looked at what life had withheldAnd turned from its embrace. Ah, Mother! How you injured meBy what you would not own!To love myself I had to leaveAnd make my way alone, And have
At Least
I now know why I don't have a posting on Face Book or at least not authorized by me. Interesting day. I saw someone in a way I could not see before. A mothers love for her children is second to none. Also mother will lie for her children to their own down fall. Expected. I have nothing against a mother. I had a mother also. Not perfect but I protected and defeded her as required. As a son should. Glory to God N  
I Said
Like I said I don't come here often. Not that it's not interesting, just the time. I truly don't understand this site but time will tell. Time is not on my side. The clock is running out. I don't care if it's 10 years. It is running out very fast. TEMPLER? Glory to God N  
Grandpa Gets An Audit
The IRS decides to audit Grandpa, and summons him to the IRS office.The IRS auditor was not surprised when Grandpa showed up with his attorney. The auditor said, 'Well, sir, you have an extravagant lifestyle and no full-time employment, Which you explain by saying that you win money gambling. I'm not sure the IRS finds that believable.' I'm a great gambler, and I can prove it,' says Grandpa. 'How about a demonstration?' The auditor thinks for a moment and said, 'Okay. Go ahead.' Grandpa says, 'I'll bet you a thousand dollars that I can bite my own eye.' The auditor thinks a moment and says, 'It's a bet.' Grandpa removes his glass eye and bites it. Grandpa says, 'Now, I'll bet you two thousand dollars that I can bite my other eye.' The auditor can tell Grandpa isn't blind, so he takes the bet. Grandpa removes his dentures and bites his good eye. The stunned auditor now realizes he has wagered and lost three grand, with Grandpa's attorney as a witness. He starts to get nervous. 'Wan
The Gift Of Friendship
THE GIFT OF FRIENDSHIPFriendship is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, to which no earthly wealth can compareThe ability to give and receive love between friends is one of the blessings we get to shareWe are told the giving of ourselves for the good of someone else is love put into actionPutting the interests of someone else ahead of ours is what brings real joy and satisfaction.Christian friendship goes far deeper then just the surface and transcends any earthly bondFriendship founded in Jesus will not end in this life but will continue into the life beyondJesus said we are to follow His example and be willing to lay down our lives for our friendsHe said there is no greater love between friends then to give and sacrifice without any ends.A friend is someone who will always seek to encourage you and speak grace into your earThey will never tear you down with words because they know that will fill you with fearKnowing you are accepted and loved by someone is one of the greatest joy
I have been forgotten, as though he never knew me! He said that he loved me and would never leave. But he did ! We use to walk in the garden but know I mean nothing to him! I would have given him everything if he would have just loved me! Why have you forgotten me when my enemies are close at hand! The bind me and drag me through the darkness! I scream for you yet you do not hear! I gave you so much! But you through me away! I fell from grace so long ago ! You said you forgave me for , what I do not know!  For I was guiltless! You Allowed  your forces to through me from heaven, I gave so much! Why do you not remember me my love? I bare your mark no one else will have me! You have marked me to be alone forever! So when dose my time in hell end! When will you save me Love! From all the pain you have given! At last my love it is time to go!
If I Where Your Man
ladys what would u want from me if i was your man?
What Had Happened Was...
So, to keep from having to say the same thing over and over, let me explain. Somehow my old account got deleted last night. I do not know why it happened. I remade my profile and all that jazz. Maybe it wont happen again.
Seems my wit is not appreciated in some places. Perhaps, Mike, will charm all to no end? Mike  
What I Am Looking For
WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR:A great girl with a wonderful personality, one who doesn't care if I talk to my friends weather its a girl or boy, one who will trust me no matter what, one who is cute and will treat me right and who loves me for me and not what they want me to be. If this is you than email me on here..
When We First Meet, This Is What I Hope Will Happen
WHEN I SEE YOU!!!! THE WAY I WILL LOVE YOU…   The moment I see your eyes and my lips touch yours, I know that the waiting has been worth it.  As my tongue parts your lips and I taste your tongue for the first time my cock is busting to get out of my jeans and pressed hard against you.  I find a free space on a wall and move you to it and press you hard against it.    I start stroking my fingers through your hair and grab it pull it with enough force so you tilt your head back so I can start to lick and suck your amazing neck.   My left hand already caressing your sweet breasts and my tongue is making its way down to meet my hand.  I lick and kiss all the skin I can get to and decide that your shirt and bra are in my way.  As I remove them I kiss and lick your shoulders down your arms and all skin that you offer me and I now love the taste of you, the smell of you and want so much more.   As my mouth covers your breast and my tongue makes your nipples scream for more my o
Bent Needle In The Haystack
BENT NEEDLE IN THE HAY STACK    Precious was not an only child, but she was not like the rest of our children. Not that she was a bad child, she was precious. When she was born, there was something wrong.  Actually there were many something’s wrong. We already had a name picked out for her and that name was Victoria. But when we looked at her, we realized that the name simply didn't fit her.    So for the first few days of her new life she had no name. Jack and I loved her as did her brothers and sisters. Everyone could tell that the baby was wrong. But all everyone ever said was "Well she is simply precious". And precious she was. She had the most amazing sparkle in her eyes. They shone with a light which seemed brighter than the North Star. One night Jack and I were sitting in the hospital nursery, as we could not take our new daughter home yet. Suddenly it hit us and we both looked at each other and said "PRECIOUS".    After all the tests were done, we took our Precious h
You Make My Heart
YOU MAKE MY HEART....Written to the woman who is not in my life...Yet!Only you can make me smile with such joy.You are the only one who can make my heart sing. Everyday I awake with blissful happiness,Knowing the joy that only your love brings.Today I just wanted to let you knowThat you are my heart and I love you so.Without you and your love in my life.True love, I would have never known.The many years together have brought us closer.I love you more today than the first time my eyes saw you.Your smile always amazes me.My world is complete because of your love.So many times over the years I have looked at youAnd realized how someone must love me so,To give into my life a precious gift such as you. I am eternally grateful for the gift of your love.You are all I could ever dream of or wish for.To softly kiss your lips and hold you so close.My love just bursting from me within my heart.I am always amazed that you could even love me.I make a promise to you every day,That I will always lo
Scarlet Tears
SCARLET TEARSNot sure what day it is,Not sure that I even care.Lost all desire to move or be part of life.This hole is black, it has no way out.At least none that I can feel.Tears flow from me like blood.Leaving streaks of me where ever they fall..How long has it been now?Since you left me like this?To lie in my own pool of blood?Scarlet tears pouring freely from my eyes.I loved you from the first time our eyes met.Now your eyes look upon anotherAnd yet my eyes see only you and empty blackness.Oh, for the courage to jump,The courage to take a thousand pillsor to slice my willing wrists.But I know I will not.I'll just lie here, as scarlet tears flow like blood,Feeling the flood from my heart slowly dying.You have to come back to me!I can't move, I can hardly even breathe.I've not eaten for days.I remain lying here, wasting away.How Long has it been now?How many hours, how many days?Days that seem like endless years,Lying here in a puddle of my own scarlet tears.By Scott A. Scherer    
When You Touch Me!
WHEN YOU TOUCH ME! @ When you touch me Touch me so I can feel you Let me know the real you The you nobody else knows   When you touch me Touch me with meaning For the world to see That I belong to you alone   When you touch me Don’t let me think or feel That it is just to appease me I’d rather you touch to please me   When you touch me Caress me with meaning Let me feel the love in your hands Let me know it’s my heart that you hold   When you touch me Grab my hand with purpose Do not just touch me Feel me and let me feel your heart   When you touch me I will always touch you So you will know that it’s me And how much I adore you   I Love...When you touch me!   By Scott Scherer    
So Many Words…so Much Emotion
SO MANY WORDS…SO MUCH EMOTIONHow do I pull it all out of my head?So many words…. So many things to say.Emotions roll through me like shockwaves,Rippling through my body, leaving tears and holes as they go.How do I say all that I have and all that I am.A hundred thousand words ripple and roll like the sea.I start again and then stop again.Changing the direction and changing the rhyme.Day after day and time and time.How do I justify my existence?When the world has changed so much?How do pick myself up and move forward?When those that I love lose touch?Tired of changes and evolutions.Tired of remaking my world yet again.I know too much now.I have been beaten down too often.My heart has been destroyed again and again.And left me with just shattered pieces and a river of tears.So one more time I put it back together.The glue dries and the tape comes off.It almost seems like new huh…?Oh, if you only knew.If you only knew what it takes.To put on a new show.To stand up and
15 Seconds Ago
15 SECONDS AGO 15 Seconds Ago…I was fine.Until I walked into your room and saw you lying,You lying so peacefully on your bed.And then I read the note.The note you had written and laid on the pillow by your head.15 Seconds Ago…I was fine.Until I saw your car.Saw your car on the side of the road.Then walking up and seeing your body.Seeing your body crumpled upon the snow.15 Seconds Ago…I was fine.Until I saw you.Saw you go into her room.Then I opened the door slowly.Slowly and saw what you do to her.                                                    15 Seconds Ago…I was fine.Fine, until I got your email.Your email which I thought would be about love.Then I read it and found out,Found out that nothing you said was real and I thought you were a gift from above.15 Seconds Ago…I was fine.Until I got the call.Got the call that you were there.The doctor told me the news.The news that you where shot and had died on the operating table.15 Seconds Ago&hellip
As I look at Myself I wonder Were am I going in life What will I be Doing Who Will I Marrie WROTE?
Dear Friend:
Friend Dear Friend,Take My hand in your hand. Lead Me away from my problems and fears. Dear Friend listen to what I have to say. Each day I face a new problem and fear. You are the only one I can be near to when I have a problem to talk about. Lets take a walk and talk about everything thats on are minds. We are Friends forever until we are gone forever. Then we are still friends.  Wrote for My Ex Best Friend Delanea This pome was writeing 6-29-1999
September 11 2001
Why all this hateing. Many People are hurting. Some People are dead because  of this terrible mess. America will become stronger. The Rescue Workers worked long hard hours to remove People from the Twin Towers in New York. We must go on with our lives. We will  learn from this to respect People more. The day of Horror is over. No More must I say. WROTE 9-11-2010
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where the fuck did it go?
What To Buy
Should I buy a harley davidson or a sport bike? I cant make up my mind they both are sweet.
Perfectly Imperfect
I'm blinded by the sunlight reflecting off your soul. You pull me in like the dark navy blue sea underneath a summer lit moon. Zombified, with every word is my one step closer to your heart. I cherish every moment I spend with you. Craving your endless mind, deeper and deeper I want to be. You have me wishing are souls were fused as one. Together for eternity, just yours with mine. And when the air is filled with nothing but our hearts beating and our breath, we're only gazing into eachothers true selves. Every little piece of you is different but is still amazingly, perfectly imperfect. Your beautiful in your own way. With the Earth sprung on that very day I knew just how much I truly, madly, deeply am in love with you.
Loving You
Your words sprinkled elegantly across the sheets that cover are bare skin. The whispers of our hearts telling untold secrets through our eyes. With lips just touching, breathing in each others souls. Beings merged into one fulfilling all our fantasies. Hearing groans filled with pleasurable shrieks of sensuality, caring and caressing our spirit. Love conquering both minds, healing our battered bodies from neglecter's of the past.
It's All You
When you speak, that beautiful noise leaking from your lips soothe my aching heart. That fills the other half of my soul. It wraps around me like the beating sun on an August morning. When you touch me, those coarse but gentle hands up my arm and around my neck arouses me with aggressive passion. It powerfully conquers my mind and flesh. You pull me in faster than any great black hole in the universe can pull the smallest grain of sand. When you love me, those amazing words whispered softly into my ear and your warm embrace make me feel safe. Your love shelters me from any nefarious demons in my closet. It swallows my form taking all of me in. My every stunning flaw draws your affection for me, making me love myself and with all of that, love you.
Thanks for being, you, Thanks for giving me the joys and smiles from day one, Thanks for helping me enjoy the atmosphere here. Thanks for correcting me when I was wrong, Thanks for helping me follow the guidelines to survive, Thanks for helping me try and cope with people around, Thanks for giving me the courage to stand up on my own. Thanks for all the advices, Thanks for lending me your ears when I was upset, Thanks for teaching me ways to hold on to the end, Thanks for the love and care you showed. Thanks for the wishes you have for me, Thanks for the prayers you pray for me daily, Thanks for the candles that you lit for me, Thanks for the appreciation, Thanks for not keeping a fence between, Thanks for the confidence you have in me, I will miss you and all the funny things you ever did, The little naughty things youever said, I wish you the very best for you future endevour, Thanks once again for everything.
The New Top 5 Annoying Photos
Here's the link to the original list: 1. BEWARE OF THE HEADSHOT! I love my plus-sized gals, but ladies, taking a million shots of a pretty face and hot boobs, hiding behind friends or behind something to hide your mid-drift to attract men is false advertising. If you're ashamed of your size, the cheapest and safest alternative is begin doing sit ups. Start there. It's easy, it's fun, and after that, you might want to do other things to make yourself feel/look better. GASTRO SUX! 2. She doesn't want to see that.....Well not all the time. GUYS! PLEASE! NO MORE DING-A-LING SHOTS! That is the most ugly part on a man(well, I'm a man who hates looking at mine), so it's not sexy...its gross. Especially for women you just met online. You make yourself seem like a sex offender(and maybe some of you are) when you do that. Chuck Berry had a cute lil song, but those girls in the audience we not nude when they sang it. So that said, unless it is requested lik
Time For A Poem
What do you do when the tears don't stop, Why do I feel them just drop. My heart aches, My mind not free. How in the hell could you do this to me.   You know how he treats me, He know of his lies. But thanks to him and you, All I do is cry.   I cant break free, this is haunting me. It's always another, She never looks better.   Always someone who will freely, Spread their legs. Now I know, High school is just based on, Real life.   I'll always be the one not easy, They'll always choose the whores. I cant do this anymore.   I'm too grown for this shit, I fucking hate it.
Desktop Publishing
I often get questions from friend looking for an alternative to the expensive Microsoft Office software. Spending hundreds of dollars isn't an option these days and the Office sutie can cost as much as the PC! Fortunately, there is an alternative. It's been around quite a while now. LibreOffice, formerlay OpenOffice, is an Open Source solution and is available at: It's worth giving it a try and now supports Microsoft document styles as well as XML styles (if you even care). Let me know if you have tried it and have any other software needs!   Pete DeathwishDuck
Edenink Tattoo's
As I was sitting down in the bath tub letting the hot shower water pounce my body, I closed my eyes and wished it was rain.   For a few moments I imagine everything I felt that hurt my soul washed down the drain.    The heat made me sleepy. Drying my naked soaked body off, I at that time understood that no matter what, the door has to come open.   One can not servive alone.   Rather its regret, people or just life in general...get dressed and keep going.   Its easier to share a strange bathroom story with people than keep it locked in my head... that's full enough already.
Why Me Always My Luck
is falling apart right before my eye's. He cant trust me nor wants to, he wont believe me ether. well thats really it the end more to come when i'm not crying
Pain And Sorrow, I Can't Take This No More.
Pain and sorrow, I can't take this no more. screaming in pain on the floor, ripping and tearing out my hair, with tears burning down my face. In a room with only four wall I scream like there was no more. Rage and fear over takes my soul as I pound out my rage and scream out my words with so much hate, that the whole world runs in fear. There is so much darkness with no room for the light to shine through and maybe I don't want it to come true. I rather live in my own world where I can't get hurt and be brused. I don't care if I am missing out, at least I am safe in my own little room of darkness. Where you can't see or hear the pain and sorrow over taking my soul. I have so much hate and rage that even God runs in fear. Maybe I don't care if he can't come through. He took my soul and crushed it through and giving me so little love. Pain and sorrow, I can't take this no more.
Jerry Quarry "the Great White Hope"
The Years Go On
I rember every thing that gos on every year ither Getting hurt or dealing with some bitch who dont like me for me. God People have some fucking heart. I got Plans for up comming years & nobody is guna get in my fucking way Not you not your BF or Husband No body.
Fuck. When ur husband cheats n leaves it is normal to want to date again. And, I did. I started to see my ex-best friends brother. Even tho I knew he had issues with his relationships in his past. Idiot me! So, I started having second thoughts and I wanted to work things out so I started to lie. I didn't intend to hurt ne1 and I didn't mean to cheat. My husband who I want to be with has no idea, And, I broke things off with the othger guy but he came to my house with a gun. I dont no how 2 get out of the situation... HELP!
The Final Inspection
The final inspection:As the policeman stood and faced his god, which must always come to pass.He hoped his shoes were shining Just as brightly as his brass."Step forward now, policeman. how shall i deal with you?Have you always turned the other cheek? to my church have you been true?" the police man squared his shoulders and said, "no, lord i guess i aint, because those of us who carry badges cant always be a saint.i've had to work most sundays, and at times my talk was rough, and sometimes i've been violent, because the streets are awfully tough. But i never took a penny that wasnt mine to keep....Though i worked alot of overtime, when the bills got too steep.and i never passed a cry for help, though at times i shook with fear.And sometimes, God forgive me, Ive wept unmanly tears.I know i dont deserve a place among these people here, they never wanted me around, except to calm their fear.If you've a place for me here , lord, it neednt be so grand. I never expected or had too much, But
Be Good To Your Wife, Your Companion And Gift From God To You
"A good woman is hard to find, and worth far more than diamonds. Her husband trusts her without reserve, and never has reason to regret it. Never spiteful, she treats him generously all her life long. She shops around for the best yarns and cottons, and enjoys knitting and sewing. She's like a trading ship that sails to faraway places and brings back exotic surprises. She's up before dawn, preparing breakfast for her family and organizing her day. She looks over a field and buys it, then, with money she's put aside, plants a garden. First thing in the morning, she dresses for work, rolls up her sleeves, eager to get started. She senses the worth of her work, is in no hurry to call it quits for the day. She's skilled in the crafts of home and hearth, diligent in homemaking. She's quick to assist anyone in need, reaches out to help the poor. She doesn't worry about her family when it snows their winter clothes are all mended and ready for wear. She makes her own clothing, a
I been around for a while to know most guys and girls are just jerks. i tollerate bs and drama but dont really care idk if they are tellin the truth
Week Two Done Two More To Go......
Week two is now over and feel pretty good. Just more week till the recovery week. Then the fun begins. I believe the first benefit is that my day will start earlier. Working out twice aday, have not done that since I was a power lifter. Since I started doing P90x this is the first Sunday that I still walk. 
Happy Mother's Day!!
Lounge Rules And Behavior
Its Curious how lounge owners post rules in their lounges that you don't obey your self? You expect ones to follow your rules and then You violate them at every turn.One main rule of leadership is "lead by example"!  You and your staff Ban people for the dumbest things and then you expect to be respected?i don't get it? I get banned by every turn i make in lounges,and for doing nothing wrong.I have only found one good lounge so far that has one of the best leaders i have ever met,wont mention it here as to not put her on the spot.She rules with a lite but fair touch and this is the way it should be. Some of you lounge owners expect people to worship you and revere you,I wont,to put things in perspective it's the Internet nothing more,nothing less,Most people in the real world could give a shit ,that you run a lounge on a social web site.In the real world you would get eaten alive and spit out! i think you are crazy for even submitting your selves to such head aches! i for one am not t
I am currently in a auction and would love for everyone to rate, comment, bid on me I will make sure to love you back. Just go to this link and do as you wish :)
What Is A Dad?
 A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again.   A dad is someone who wants to keep you from making mistakes but instead lets you find your own way, even though his heart breaks in silence when you get hurt.   A dad is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed, and has faith in you even when you fail…
Blog #1
Well I just joined this site tonight and while I'm still learning my way around and all that fun shit- I'm thinking I found the right site for me. I know I don't have a salute photo right now. I will have one. I just don't have a way of getting on up loaded at the time. But give me time it'll come.
Two Day After
True Story Two Days After David And Kris Well The hot tub incident that happened on saturday night called herb, david and kris. i Was feling kind of ashamed never cheated and slept with someones wife before especially my best friends drunk or not. Kris called me on Sunday and asked if was coming for the dallas game i said no i felt bad about the hot tub thing. so she said "can i come over on monday" I was living with my parents at the time. i knew mom was going to be there and nothing could happen so i said "cool come on". Thats when it fell apart right, before she got there mom got a call and had to leave. Mom Was leaving as kris got there, wow now i would be alone with my friends wife. so now i was alone with chistina, chris is 145 5'7 36d breast and cute. we started talking about the birthday, and it didn't take long for her to change the subject about what happened saturday night. she told me how hot the hot tub night was and how my cock was bigger then my friends and she wanted m
Everyone with half a brain knows this website is a huge fraudulent cesspool of human waste yet I keep coming back so apparently I enjoy using the stupid hemispheres of my brain more than others. This is a pay site and people pay for a service but obviously you are paying for a lie right from the start. In the corner there is a blatantly false counter of the amount of users online usually in the 40,000 range.  They Claim 40,000 online yet in Alexia or Google they only rank 5500- 9600 in usage.  According to unique IP hits they have 900 to 1700 online at any given time. Since this is a PAY SITE this is Fraud. The problem with posting a Blog like this is I am completely wasting my time because it will be censored and deleted by the upper management communist pigs that use this site to lie and steal money from what I can only guess to be pretty uneducated members of society. Baby J and Scrapper are bottom feeders, Carp. Troll around and live on society's waste.
The Spanking Club
My name is Matt, I'm an expatriate Australian who has been living in NY for about five years. What I do for a living doesn't really matter as far as this story is concerned because it is about one of my social interests – spanking. I have been going to the specialist spanking clubs in NY just about all the time I've been here and I have to admit I'm bored. The same old faces keep turning up night after night, I've spanked and been spanked by just about all the women who turn up to these clubs and I almost stayed home tonight – as it turned out I'm very glad that I came out. (no double meaning intended!) I was sitting at the bar my eyes roaming the room, all the usual extroverts were there, showing off in their usual manner but not attracting my interest in the slightest. I had just about admitted to myself that it was going to be a dud evening when the door opened and my hopes for the night were immediately raised. She stood in the doorway, obviously unsure
The Spanking Club Pt.2
I picked up the belt that Vicky had dropped on the floor and took up the correct position. I gave a light flick and Vicky tensed, readying herself for her first strapping. I raised my arm and brought the belt down firmly, leaving a light red stripe across the still pink buttocks. To my surprise Vicky remained silent. With a bit more force the second stroke landed, another red stripe and again no reaction! This was one brave lady! Strokes three and four landed with more force again, the stripes on her arse now made crosses and as each one landed Vicky's legs kicked back, but still no sound! The fifth one landed across Vicky's thighs. "Yeeeowwwww, oh shit that hurts, hurry up with the last one Matt, pleeeaaase!" I paused and the sixth and last stroke whistled through the air and whipped across her arse. "Aaaaaaiiiiiieeeeee!' Vicky cried, standing up and turning around with tears flowing down her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around me and sobbed into my shoulder. "Oh God, wh
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
My Thanksgiving Prayer
My Thanksgiving Prayer   Dear God,   It's the day before Thanksgiving and I sat back and thought of the past year:   Thank you for my failing health.   Thank you for the stress in my workplace because that did not help my failing health and mental stress.   Thank you for taking away the only woman in my life.. and leaving a hole the size of the Grand Canyon in my heart.   Thank you for the sleepless nights I sat awake and cried.   Thank you for yet another year of disappointment.   Thank you for depression.. The loneliness, the living hell I endure daily.       God, each year I set my goals lower and lower.   My only expectation is for this all to end,   I am struggling to believe in you, I look at the Television, watch the news.. she the horror you allow all over the world. I am loving father to 3 children, and I would never let my children go through what you let your children go through. And I am not all powerful and all knowing, I am a man with flaws. But
Secret Admirers
I can never tell if people are being serious on here or not. I think they are just trying to increase their numbers... Like when some super hot girl sends me a secret admirerer thingy... it's like... does she just want me to go to her profile and like/rate/fan her? That's what I'm guessing. That's called playing mind games ladies, and I'm not falling for it. Sorry i'm not just another mindless ape who only thinks with his dick and can't control myself when a hot girl shows me a little attention.    "Treating the whole world as if it works for you doesn't suggest you're special, it means you're an ass. " -- Raina Kelley at Newsweek
They Say. [poem]
They say we’re going too fast.Even so, we think we can last.We’ve got everything all figured out.We know it’s forever without a doubt. They say love is fictional.We think it’s critical. We want that happy ending.They told us stop pretending. Who knew they were right.I thought we were so bright.Who knew love could die.I thought all we had to do is try. I wish we could go back in time.When I was so lucky to call you mine.They told us there’d be fights.Who knew it’d be all we ever do at night.  I thought we were so amazing.But now we’re always hating.They never said we’d be bitter.I never thought I’d be a quitter.
Goodbye Fubar !
First.  All you folks in --209.  Most of you were correct about this experiment.  But, no experiment is ever a failure.  You just don't always get the expected results.  Keep the lefi coast open for me.  I'll be back, as soon as I tie up some ends out here. Then, it's "get the hell out of god's country !" (Be sure to wave, as you fly over.)  Now:  For the few persons I met and gained some shared moments on fubar.  It's been fun, but all things must end.  You have my personal contact info. Let's keep in touch.  Just don't inform me about anything fubar !  You already know, I don't care.   For all others ?   What's the point ?  This is hardly an adult site.  Childish... Childish...  ~Copol
What Would She Think?
I wonder what my wife would think if she knew that I had secretly created this page and didn't even mention that I'm in a relationship. Oh well hope she doesnt mind that I plan on adding single girls from nearby. I almost feel a little shame when I tell her that she's the only girl I want to look at I mean she does have my two kids and is expecting my third. Do you think this makes me a full blown prick? anyways Hit Me up people on my days off the wife wont know and I'm not telling ;) lmao
Dont Understand The Purpose Of This Site, Looking For Some Opinions/experience
i dont understand the point? please respond with personal opinions and or ways to get in touch with the right people
Online Romance
Greg finally made it home from work. It had been an unusually long day and he was tired. He walked into his modest two-bedroom apartment, loosened his tie, and kicked off his shoes. He walked to the refrigerator, pulled out a beer, and the pizza box left over from last night, and then he went back to his home office and set his dinner down on his desk. He pushed the button on his computer, opened up the beer, and went to his bedroom to change clothes while it booted up. He changed into a pair of shorts that he probably wouldn’t ever wear outside of the house. They had paint stains on them, and a hole in a rather embarrassing spot, right in the front, but they were comfortable. He put on a tank top that was in about the same shape. On his way out of the room, he saw himself in the full-length mirror. He was in his forties, and if anyone was asked to guess his age, they usually hit it within a couple of years. His hair was turning gray in a few spots. Not in the way that made him
A Gamble
I create my own prison, I am stuck in my own mind, I try to be something better but the world isnt always kind, I realize who I am and the mistakes I have made, I also realize the sacrificies I have gave, I wish for something different, I wish for something more, But I am the only person that holds the key to that door, I focus on so much negative I forget to look at the rest, Im stuck in a circle, a neverending test, I drink away the pain, I make mistakes like anyone else, much like a deck of cards 52 problems are what I delt, Im tired of gambling with people, my luck is at a short end, So ill quit flirting with disaster before I lose all my friends.
Whats with this second guessing this line and the lure, Even when youve said things ive always heard before, My mind gets in a twist, broken fist, hardly missed, Had me at hello, but took me away when we kissed, I want my redneck romeo to sweep me off my feet, Best kept secret dont worry ill be discreet,   Rebel at heart and easy to throw me away, So what made you think that I would want stay, You ask for something better but not willing to try, And each time you said you wanted me you lied, Theres no such thing as romeo, and im no Juliet, So Why does it hurt when you became something i regret,   Treat me like a rockstar make me sing for you, Give me inspiration ill treat you like a muse, Thought you were something special, something I could adore, But then you left me crying on the floor   Whats with this second guessing, this line and the lure, Even when you said things ive always heard before, I want my redneck romeo to take me away, But its hard to hang on to
A Soldiers Reply
Man took a flight, he was finally coming home,Feeling more relieved than any man has known,He spent so long, in a place that most fear,And when that plane landed down came a tear, Plane door opens still in uniform he stands,Nervous and confused, about stepping back on home land,He follows the others, checking each face for grief,But all that he noticed was the faces had relief, He steps off the plane and people were there,The Soldier astonished could do nothing but stare,They greeted him with open arms, a hug, and a sign,That said thank you soldier, your life for mine, Soldier walks still in uniform, down the street,He passes a man walking, he looks down to his feet,The man looks to him and stops him in his place,Only the Soldier and him, the man spits in his face, Soldier again with a tear, he asks only why,The man returns with an answer, a brutal reply,I do not respect you for the things that you've done,Soldier just listens as the man cuts him to none, Soldier said Sir, can I s
Late Nights
I was the one awake, While everyone else was sleeping, And my eyes were hurting, From all the weeping, You taught me a lesson, A lesson you like to teach , You taught me last night, You even tried to preach, Why did you leave, You said that you won't, Said not in a million years, Shut up, just don't, My arms were wide open, Reaching out to you, But in the end you hurt me, The way you always do, All the time I waisted, I can never take back, All the tears I've tasted, Just for you to get a laugh, I needed you to love me, I wanted nothing more, I wanted you to hug me, Only you I adored, I Try to love another, Now that we're apart, And in the end again, Another broken heart, If I died, would anyone weep for me, Would they even write a melody, If I'd said I loved you, would you have said it back, If I 'd said I hated you, would you have turned around and laughed, All the questions that I have for you, I know the answers will never be the truth, So I remain with tear fil
A Soldiers Mother
I've learned some things I guess you know, Because your the one that has seen me grow, You are my mother but more my friend, your the person that will be there till the end, You went through the hard, been through the tough, but still you were strong, when things got ruff, you helped me when no one even turned their head, if it wasn't for you Id be dead, when things were hard and i felt I was beat, You were the one that brought me to my feet, I'm grateful for you, my one and only true, A mother, a father, a friend was you, I can never tell you how much you were there, I'm sure you know, you were the one that cared, when things were bad and wasn't getting better, you made me remember that family's forever, you mean more to me than anything in this world, And I am proud to say I'm your little girl, I love you mom, Id trade you for no other, I will hold my head high, when I say your my mother, And ill be your daughter proud and serve in this war, because it would be y
Russian Roulette
I wash the blood off my arm, I did not mean to cause such harm,  I did just what I could, I could not hold the blood, There in a puddle where she lay, All I wanted is to play, By myself in this room, the cops will be here soon, Should I tell them what I did, Should I tell them that I give, I hear a knock on the door, I lay face down on the floor, Never try to make a bet, Especially in Russian Roulette, Cause it's murder don't you see, Now this shit is all on me, She said it was just a game, Now my heads hung down in shame, One shot is all it took, In her eyes I couldn't look, I called a friend to help me, But instead she left me, I started cleaning up her blood,   My life is just misunderstood, I walk outside the cops were there, And all I could do is stare, Turn around to start to run, But I was in the sights of their guns, They were pointed to my head, Soon I knew I'd be dead, Fell on my knees and started to pray, Cause I knew I'd die today, I reach i
Hold Me Mark - 444
He sits down to write, late at night. How come I just can't reach, the way you talk; you teach. When we are together your okay, I can't handle pain this way. You talk of plain happiness, IDK cuz my life is such a mess. To be friends we have been, touch me feel free to sin. I'm not sure that is wise, I need you to like not despise. Listen close, do you want me? Nice, I know you can be. A gentle man is enough to see, your near yet too far from me. Your different in your mind, and that is the better kind. Us meeting caused a spark, I was scared, hold me Mark. You were my light in the dark, ......I'm trembling, hold me Mark. 
Do You Love The Real Me -150
My tight shirts to you are fun, and the way I hold your gun. You never get enough of it, then you want some ass and tit.   Look at the I behind the eye, I never do cheat or lie. Physical attraction isn't enough, try to care about this tough stuff.   There is more to a book than the cover, there is more to me than a lover. Open you eyes and see, absolutely the real me.   Do you love the real me, there is more than you see.
No matter how hard I try, I just can't figure out why you lie. The truth shall set you free, but for you the truth just couldn't be. I gave you my heart, soul, and my all, yet you lie and watch everything cruble and fall. If only you just had the guts, instead of kicking me in the nuts. Just don't know what more to say, but if you learn anything tell the truth dont play. You played with my emotions and my heart. You just sat back and watched as I fell apart. Its so hard for you to be true, so in close I again say fuck you.
Enjoy Your Vacations With Fun And Frolic In Malaysia
Whenever any person get frustrate with the hectic lifeshedule then he do plan for vacations a perfect way to make family and lovable ones happy. Well if you are planning for vacations and looking for an exotic holidaying destination where you can take your family and friends and spend some quality time together then look no further than Malaysia, undoubtedly the most sought after tourist destination. Every year from different parts of the world people visit there in great numbers with different holidaying purpose and go back with several memorable holidaying experiences. With spectacular sight seeing, romantic beaches, bustling malls, mouth-watering food, unique culture and several colourful celebrations it encourage tourists to visit there from different parts of the world, throughout the year. It is one such country where there is no dearth of attractions and enjoyment more. The word Malaysia is derived from the Sanskrit word Melayu, which can be translated as ‘land of
Know About The Many Interesting Places To Visit In Malaysia
Malaysia is an incredible country located in Southeast Asia. It is globally renowned for its pristine beaches, captivating islands, thick rain-forest, cool refreshing hill stations, heart throbbing nightlife, rich culture and traditions, shopping festivals and much more. It is one such country that one will easily fall in love with.   Talking about Malaysia, it has so many exciting places of tourist interest from historical to modern, from beach destinations to islands, wildlife to many exciting cities and towns. In true sense, Malaysia is a paradise on earth for tourists and holiday makers. On Malaysia Tours, one can see and explore so many exciting places of tourist interest. It is amazingly beautiful and no wonders, one who comes here to enjoy holidays, return back home with rich memories and pleasant experiences. On Malaysia tour, one can visit to so many exciting and tempting tourism places that include visit to Kuala Lumpur, Kelantan, Malacca, Negeri Sembilian, Penang, Perl
Malaysia And Its Enigmatic Tourist Attractions And Destinations
Malaysia is the most charming and magical destinations to visit and explore in the entire Asia. This beautiful destination is the most sought after tourist destination and is visited by all the sorts of vacationers from all over the globe. This amazing destination in Asia is speckled with numerous wonderful myriad tourists of attractions which truly will spoil your choices and your mind. Endowed with so abounding admirable sightseeing spots, tourism attractions and bustling day-tripper places, Malaysia makes to the account as one of the a lot of admirable day-tripper destination in the world. It is different in every aspect like the accustomed beaches, alien wildlife parks and sanctuaries, admirable and manicured gardens, affluent ability and traditions and abounding others.   These wonderful destinations and sightseeing spots allures abundant amount of visitors and anniversary makers from beyond the globe. So appear and adore appointment to this exciting country, Malaysia and yiel
Wedding Industry Bashes The Self Esteem *explicit Language*
You would think the Wedding Dress Industry would Psycologically help us women out. But No.... *Fucking Bastards* It's already monumental enough, the tasks that need to be done..the Church, the Guests, Flowers and Food..not to mention the Booze, the reception hall preparations, Im a cheap bitch, If I was of the likes of millionaires i wouldnt sweat it... I went to Walmart to buy the invitations....the kind you take home and with templates they provide via a may print out your own on their pretty paper......again * Fucking Bastards*......Very not friendly to use... Even when you get a wild geek squad thought up your ass that ok i can do this and make it turn out just right........Wrong..It doesnt print all you typed, wrong fonts not right font sizes wont fit to paper..its enough to make you cry and scream! I have a wonderful printer...and after several attempt and only greeting failure in the face i had 2 choices left......cry or scream.... I almost cried...So with th
Several Benefits Your Children Can Get From Performing Arts School
Maybe you see Performing Arts Schools as an area where they make dancing and singing stars of the future. Actually that is only part of the story, but they also provide a wealth of great perceptible benefits which stimulate the body and mind. It increasingly becomes accepted that there is several social and educational paybacks to take part in dancing, singing and musical which can benefit the children of either sex and of any age. Researchers found that activities like acting and music had a positive effect on children’s emotional behavior and development. Those who were not able to participate in these kinds of activities had less self-esteem and are discovered to be somewhat socially-immature. Truly, continuous study proves that performing arts events have a primary function in cognitive, social, motor, emotional and language development. Dancing is recognized as an all-around exercise for enhancing muscle strength, coordination, reducing obesity and balance. But at prese
"the Voice" - The Moody Blues
"The Voice" Won't you take me back to school I need to learn the golden rule Won't you lay it on the line I need to hear it just one more time Oh won't you tell me again Can you feel it Won't you tell me again Tonight Each and every heart it seems Is bounded by a world of dreams Each and every rising sun Is greeted by a lonely one Oh won't you tell me again Can you feel it Oh won't you tell me again Tonight 'Cos out on the ocean of life my love There's so many storms we must rise above Can you hear the spirit calling As it's carried across the waves You're already falling It's calling you back to face the music And the song that is coming through You're already falling The one that it's calling you Make a promise take a vow And trust your feelings it's easy now Understand the voice within And feel the changes already beginning Oh won't you tell me again Can you feel it Won't you tell me again Tonight And how many words have I got to say And how many times will it be this way Wit
Obama Supports Same-sex Marriage
     So today President Obama said he supports same-sex marriage.  While it is nice for a sitting president to support same-sex marriage it is not as if this does anything to further the cause of gays and lesbians in our country.  This  will not cancel out the discrimination gays and lesbians face especially in the south and by the Christians and the Republican party.  Not that the Democrats are any better even though the Republicans like to refer to them as all a bunch of left-wing liberals.  And if any of you did not know I am a moderate independent.  And while it is nice to see the President of the United States say he supports same-sex marriage I am aware that it will not help give the basic human right of marriage to same-sex couples in states such as South Carolina, Alabama, or my home state of Texas.  The sates refuse to give gays and lesbians this basic right and decide to leave the vote to the majority.  Well what if we had left the right to give women the right
Dreams Rule Forever - 812
It really isn't a mistake, he just might turn out fake. In your dreams you can move, from bothers there ain't much to prove. Those that do decide to disagree, show that they don't believe in me. But hey that ain't right and it is okay, let them live life their own fucking way.   In dreams you can love for free, no cost to imagine, you feel and see. Carefully to touch what really counts, just before I wake my lover mounts. With the idea that anything is possible, I knew, that just maybe one day my dream would come true. I see that there is plenty that is unfair, doesn't anyone sometimes touch with care.   Who out of everyone has taught the most, no one cares except the father, the son, and the holy ghost. how could anyone care when I hold fear, for those of us that don't listen so they don't hear. Or misunderstand any feeling, here is what fate does with the ultimate stealing. Actually how many times can you turn and trust, 
What A Day!! (erotic Fiction)
What a day!! i remember trembling with anticipation,as she took my hand and slid it up her short skirt."i`ve touched myself thinking of you",she whispered in my ear."mmm,do you feel how wet you make me?"she moaned softly as my fingers run over her hot,wet pussy.i didn`t know what to`s my girlfriends mother,skirt hiked up and my hand in her panties.i certainly felt shocked,yet tunred on.i knew was the luckiest guy in highschool.i was alittle intimidated by this older woman,but was up to the cock was throbbing,pressing up against my jeans,as my fingers spread her pussylips and i gently slipped a finger inside her.she moaned in my ear as she ran her tongue up and down my neck.i was just a teenager at the time but was ready to take this hot mom and make her cum over and over.i dropped to my knees and with one motion,had her panties off and twisted her around to expose her round,tight ass.i spread her ass cheeks and began licking her from her hard clit,right up to
Me Vs Nympho - Bathroom Teasing (erotic Fiction)
Me vs Nympho - Bathroom Teasing We decided to take a bath after our brief action in the toilet. X decided to use her parents jacuzzi. I carried her into her parents' room and walked into the bathroom before letting her down. She prepared the jacuzzi, setting its jet massaging intensity to the highest. She jumped in and started playing with herself as the jets of water shoot into her pussy. Extremely turned on, I went in to massage her boobs and pinch her nipples. It was interesting to feel tge water shooting against my hard dick and balls.She told me to relax and let the water work its magic. I felt the water moving all over me. My cock became more turned on, throbbing. Seeing this, X dived under and started sucking me from down under. She only got a few sucks off before resurfacing. I grabbed her and shoved my cock into her, thrusting my hips against hers. She told me not to cum in the jacuzzi cause it was hard to clean. So I slowed down and instead fingered her.However, despite be
Yntb Chapter Three
You Name Blog ! I Cant ....Part 3 I was mortified. I was livid, I was beyond anger and numb with a rage, that I had never experienced before and to this day do not think I have experienced since. I had to work that night, I had these pictures...And the goddamned Bastard who did this was going to work that night also. How was I going to handle this? My whole world was falling apart. How could I go and be professional? I had to work with him. His parents have alot of clout.How could my husband do this to us? How could he allow his selfishness and his desire for drugs, create the situation to which I was now facing? I was losing everything I had and now my sanity is on the line. Had he done more than just take the photos? My kids had just left for their 2 week summer visitation with their biological father. I couldnt just call them up and ask the questions I desperetly needed answers too!I grabbed the photos and took them into work with me, and got my Leuitenant to take a few minutes aft
Yntb Chapter Four
You Name This Blog! I Cant Part 4The very next day they came to my home and got the photos and asked me to identify every item in those photographs. I gave them what information I could, but without knowing exactly what happened, and when, I wasnt really no help.With my daughters in the summer care of their father, they could not be questioned yet. They would have to be contacted for questioning, and so would their father. Oh my god! That bitter, bitter man will now have all the ammunition needed to do the one thing he has wanted to do since our angry divorce 18 months prior to this happening...Destroy me!  My worst pains and fears were unfolding right before my eyes and I am truly without power or the resources to stop this insane nightmare I had found myself in. All thanks to my current husband, and his insatiable, selfish drug habit..Thats exactly what happened. My Children's father was contacted by cps. Without me, he took the girls to be checked out at the hospital for any evid
Yntb Chapter Twenty-two
YNTB...I Cant! Part 22   Dammit, I wanted to feel loved and needed! I wanted to be held and touched, Some inner and deeper part of me wanted to feel sexually alive. I had been deprived of that in my marriage. I was afraid to ever have sex with my husband. After the first time, I damn near killed him with a heart attack! I was very cautious with lovemaking with him. Then when all the drug crap came into our lives, The drugs coupled with diabetes pretty much rendered him impotent, with the heart medication. My desire for him waned to nothing, and my hatred for him grew. I had shut myself off sexually except for moments of masterbation to get me thru the hard times. Having Slo-poke near me at this moment was driving me and my body nuts! In Indiana, I had been in the heavy petting stage. I wanted to make love and feel his body surround me in pure pleasure! But then I couldnt.... my conscious got to me and I couldnt handle it. But at this moment I wanted to throw all the caution out the
Yntb Chapter Twenty-three
YNTB...I Cant! Part 23   I carried my things out of the motel room and tossed them into the bed of my husband's pickup truck. Staying with him anymore wasnt in my plans. Staying with him so Slo-poke could know my whereabouts and stay in contact with me, wasnt in my plans either. I wanted to be with my family, but I also knew that I needed to be there for them, instead of the other way around. I just felt weird about going home. Its not an easy thing to do for a prideful person. It almost feels like,  if I showed up on their doorsteps, I'd feel as tho I had failed as an adult. Maybe in some ways I had. I had failure stamped on not one, but two marriages. My kids gone from my life, and now from their Grandparents lives as well. I had the brunt of those things hanging on my shoulders, and my mind. I knew when we drove up, It might be a little difficult for my parents to emotionally  be civil to my husband. They did not like him from the word go. With all that happened over the last
Yntb Chapter Twenty-five
YNTB...I Cant! Part 25   I was getting myself together finally! I had a job at the chicken plant. It wasnt the greatest job working on the thigh line. It was cold and wet and annoying. Most of the workers did not speak english and I felt pretty awkward being the new girl on the block. But it was a check nevertheless and I was grateful.   I got me a Post office box and I gave Slo-poke my address. Within days, I was receiving cards and letters from him in addition to our calls. I was really beginning to look forward to hearing from him. I had his attention. His letters were long and full of emotion. It was strange for me to have a man pour out his soul to me like this. He was very strongly suggesting that he was falling in love with me without actually coming out and saying those three words. But it was unmistakable that that was the sentiments his wished to convey to me.My heart needed to hear those things, but my mind and hurt over past events did not want to trust that it was rea
Yntb Chapter Twenty-eight
YNTB....I Cant Chapter 28 The end of January of 98 was fast approaching. I had been on the truck with Slopoke for nearly a month. I dropped a few lbs while riding that month..Slopoke was truly an anorexic man and eating wasnt on his list of priorities.   I got to see lots of the East coast, and more of New Jersey than any other state. But I really wanted to go see my kids. They were still in Texas with their father. So on the last week of January we finally made it back to Missouri. I got me a bus ticket and was bound for West Of Ft. Worthless Tx. I checked into a Motel there and called my kids. They spent the day with me in that motel room watching movies. Luckily for me there was still the video store across the street where you could rent vcrs and dvd players. All I had was 8 hrs of their day but it meant everything to me. I hadnt been able to see them in almost 5 months and it did my heart good! I didnt want to let them go... I didnt want to take them home. It was so wrong the
Yntb Chapter Twenty-nine
YNTB...I Cant Chapter 29     Pure Freedom. Thats what I was beginning to feel. We had done it! We got our little home out in the country. Just enough on the outskirts of town to feel like we were detached from city life. As if this town had a "city" life! The population was a meager 2400. But it had history for me. My father and my step-mother were there. Both of my Aunts were there. This was the town where most of my ancestors were born and raised. From Wagon Trails of the late 1800's to this lil sleepy part of the world. I see why..It offered moderate climates, rolling scenery, and plenty of farmland to raise large broods of families. Our Home was perfect for all of us. My cousins had two children, and me and Slopoke. We had plenty of room and space for us all to coexist peacefully. Slopoke was still trucking, as he owned his own truck. I worked at the chicken plant. My cousin Billy worked some odd jobs at a car/salvage yard, and as a mechanic at the truck stop. My cousin Toni,

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