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Metallica - Turn The Page
On a long and lonesome highway east of omaha You can listen to the engines moaning out as one note song You think about the woman or the girl you knew the night before But your thoughts will soon be wandering the way they always do When youre riding sixteen hours and theres nothing much to do And you dont feel much like riding, you just wish the trip was through Here I am - on the road again There I am - up on the stage Here I go - playing star again There I go - turn the page So you walk into this restaurant strung out from the road And you feel the eyes upon you, as youre shaking off the cold You pretend it doesnt bother you, but you just want to explode Yeah, most times you cant hear em talk, other times you can All the same old clichs, is it woman? is it man? And you always seem outnumbered, you dont dare make a stand Make your stand Here I am - on the road again There I am - up on the stage Here I go - playing star again There I go - turn the page
• An old ordinance declares goatees illegal unless you first pay a special license fee for the privilege of wearing one in public. • Biting someone with your natural teeth is "simple assault", while biting someone with your false teeth is "aggravated assault". • Communism has been against the law in Haines City, La., since 1950. • If you've ever been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, you'll see the kings and queens on the various floats throwing plastic money, medallions and jewels to the crowd, but not food. It's against the law to throw food from a float in the Mardi Gras festivities. • It is against state law to steal even a single crawfish. • It is illegal to gargle in public places. • It is illegal to rob a bank and then shoot at the bank teller with a water pistol. • It illegal for a woman to drive a car unless her husband is waving a flag in front of it. • It is illegal in Lafayette, Louisiana to play a musical instrument for the purpose of attracting attention, without a li
Sexy Celebrity Look A Like For Me ( Angel Eyes)
2nd Look A Like For Evil Intentions
2nd Look A Like For Rokk
We will not be remembered by our words, but by our kind deeds. Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath.. - Unknown
Sbradio - Updates
After reading Zoorag and the Charlie Rose interview of Metalica and Chuck D, and Metalica's lawsuit against Napster. This is kinda old news about people loosing their Napster accounts because they have Metalica on their hard drives. I thought this was stupid years ago when Lars Head of Metalica First started his gun slinging effort and I still think its stupid, This is one reason as of today SBRadio Will no longer play metalica. Chuck D of Public Enemy Vs. Lars Ulrich of Metallica -OR- Freedom of music Vs. We want more control On Friday (May 12) Public Enemy frontman Chuck D and Metallica's Lars Ulrich went head-to-head debating the Napster controversy on The Charlie Rose Show on PBS. Ulrich, anti-Napster, and Chuck D, pro-Napster, discussed the different sides of this issue. Listen to the entire broadcast (Courtesy PBS) View the entire broadcast (Courtesy PBS) Here's some excerpts from the broadcast: Charlie Rose: (to La
Vampiric Love
I saw you...and that was enough... To covet your heart your strength your love My vampiric heart began to beat... Needing to feel your lips on me Lust turned to love in our first gaze Setting my mind and my soul ablaze Touture terrifically clouding my mind Wondering if and when your be mine Feeling you feather light hands on my breast Your mouth pressed tight to me I cannot resist Exctasy flooding my very soul I cannot resist I'm loosing control Naked my body pressed tight into you The blood pounding in me so loud as I swoon Pleasure and pain pervade my body Crying out my love to you loudly Feeling you fill me as never before I love you I love you repeats my soul Slowly kissing every inch of your flesh Laying my head down apon your chest This coming together in perfect unison Will be forever now that its begun.
A Life's Lesson
Lessons in Life... What is more important? A professor stood before his Philosophy 101 class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full? They agreed that it was. So the professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles of course rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course the sand filled up everything else. He then asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous yes. "Now", said the professor, "I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the important things, your family, your partner, your health, your children, things that if e
Shangri-la Lounge
Come Visit Us At Shangri-La!!! NOW HIRING ALL STAFF! Shangri-La@ fubar Contact CoCo or Krupt Klown For More Info!!! Krupt Klown&KruptRecordz - Juggalo Mafia 4 life @ fubar> THIS BULLETIN MADE BY: «§ WïkdÇ£øwñz69 §»«§ Jüggålo Måfi噩§» ۞ Wêst-Coåst Gênerål ۞ MMFWÇ£! ۞ @ fubar>
The Cherry Song
soft pink and smelling of soap two little angels carrying hope one the older pushy as me then little girl grace quaterback to be sing me the cherry song daekota asked tonite funny that tortued soul i was no end in sight sang softly of chickens, babies, stories and bones while subtle reminders of not being alone one verse you slept other two versus nana sang and wept covered you gently my coda bear a brief interlude from despair walking down the hall my head bowed in shame gracie squeals nanna gods at it again a diaper a bottle more cherries ive sung lil pieces of me theese girls not leave undone quieter now though pain still runs deep comforting watching them sleep is hard to lose hope with nannas in my ears even when battling past torture and tears quieter still one step at a time a whisper from coda nanna? cherry song one more time. i gave my love a cherry that had no stone i gave my love a chicken that had no bone i read my love a story that had no end i gave my love a baby wi
Thank You All~! F S Circle And The Awesome Shadow Levelers~!
Thanks to everyone who helped me get to level 23...My awesome family The Friendship Circle and them AWESOME Shadow Levelers~!~!Everone who helped is AWESOME to me~!If i can make you a pic..please let me know~!I have a cpl albums of things i make~!~! Thanks again----YOU ALL RAWK~!~! ~~~~~~~~~~~Micki-Blue-Eyes DSC/FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE I made this music player at
Bandits Play For Championship
So Today I will be at the NLL Championship where the Bandits take on the LumberJax. I was going to give the lowdown but there was an article on that does a better job then I could. I will just add that there is pregame stuff that starts at 6pm. EDGE CHAMPIONSHIP GAMe: BANDITS VS 'JAX Buffalo hosts Portland on Saturday at HSBC Arena 05/15/2008 Final preperations are being made for the 2008 Edge Championship Game, which will be held on Saturday when the Buffalo Bandits host the Portland LumberJax at HSBC Arena. The Buffalo Bandits will host the Portland LumberJax on Saturday at 7:30 PM ET in the Edge 2008 National Lacrosse League Championship Game at HSBC Arena. The Bandits, who are the top overall seed in the playoffs, have defeated the New York Titans and Philadelphia Wings on their home turf in East Division playoff games, while the LumberJax, who were seeded eighth overall in the post-season, have been road-warriors, upsetting the Calgar
Questions Do You Have The Answers Lol
Own Me !!!
imikimi - Customize Your World
I am just wondering what the hell the MUMM is for. I have wrote MUMM's and I have gotten nothing but made fun of, poked at, and called some awful names. I was just asking people opinions on things and they are bashing me. I didnt think that was supposed to happen boy was I wrong. I got ripped a new asshole and it wasnt fun. Damn what kinds of things am I supposed to write about in the MUMM section will someone please let me know so that the next time I post soemthing I want get haters and fucktards harrasing me...
Looking For Glamour Gal For My Contest
Life Is Beautiful...............................
Life is something that continues to amaze me. If I flash back to a year ago, I’ve changed drastically in a lot of ways. Thinking about the future excites me in a way that is both scary and exhilarating. Years ago I was scared to grow old, now I think that it will be a beautiful thing and I will be lucky to have that chance. Our experiences are like our fingerprints, their what makes each person unique. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for someone else’s. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and one must take the good with the bad. I do find that the storms of life do not last forever. If one can make it through the tragedies, life can play out much like a comedy. Laughter is some of the best therapy out here that one does not have to pay a shrink or anyone else for. When one is feeling bad a good laugh can change one’s mood in an instant. Laughter is just one example of something God out here on this earth that is made available to all, rich or poor. There are
Reason #8
You have saved my life on numerous occasions... and could feel my pain from 273 miles away.
Selling Shoutcast Severs @good Deals
TONY IS SELLING SERVERS & Web Hosting Space!!!! The "Owner" of wicked- is now selling Shoutcast Servers & Web Hosting Space!!! So if you are a DJ that is looking to open a new lounge or know of someone that is looking to own one, or if you are looking to design your own website and need a place to host it, Tony is your man!!!! So please send em DJ TONY's way!! He will help you figure out exactly what you need!!! For good prices, and monthly specials & for more info, you can contact DJ TONY in the Wicked Lounge!! Or you can also reach him on his yahoo messanger
Bullet With A Name - Nonpoint
Music Video:BULLET WITH A NAME (by Nonpoint) "Bullet With A Name" My disposition is in a position for all to see. Regretless for how it feels. I got a bullet with a name on it. Bullet with a name. Because the cause for all, the pause you think you see is really concentration on the steel. I got a bullet with a name on it. Bullet with a name. See everybody watching and passing judgment on every little move and decision I make. How can I be an individual with the weight of the world with 8 other planets to take? and with everything happening gunshots clapping and people all running in every direction with their hands up praying for the drama to end, I got my hand out looking for some money to spend. [Chorus] The price tags on the things I need are getting bigger by the day I got a bullet with a name on it. Bullet with a name. The way I work so hard for things they just take away from me. I got a bullet with a name on it. Bullet with a name. I'm work
Papa Roach - Forever
In the brightest hour in my darkest day I realized what is wrong with me Can’t get over you Can’t get threw to you It’s been a hell to scowter the romance from the start Take these memories that are haunting me Of a paper man cut into shreds By his own pair of scissors Hell never forgive her Hell never forgive her Because days come and go But my feelings for you are forever Because days come and go But my feelings for you are forever Sitting by a fire On a lonely night Hanging over from another good time With another girl Little dirty girl You should listen to this story of a life You’re my heroine In this moment I’m lonely Fulfilling my darkest dreams All these drugs all these women I’m never forgiving this broken heart of mine Because days come and go But my feelings for you are forever Because days come and go But my feelings for you are forever One last kiss before I go Dry your tears It is time to let you go One last kiss Before I go Dry y
Korn - Tearjerker
Tearjerker lyrics Well I wish there was someone Well I wish there was someone To love me When I used to be someone And I knew there was someone That loved me As I sit here frozen alone Even ghosts get tired and go home As they crawl back under the stones And I wish there was something Please tell me there's something better And I wish there was something more than this Saturated loneliness And I wish I could feel it And I wish I could steal it Abduct it, corrupt it, but I never can it's just saturated loneliness Does the silence get lonely? Does the silence get lonely? Who knows? I've been hearing it tell me I've been hearing it tell me Go home Cause the freaks are playing tonight They packed up and turned out the lights And I wish there was something Please tell me there's something better And I wish there was something more than this Saturated loneliness And I wish I could feel it And I wish I could steal it Abduct it, corrupt it, but
A husband emerged from the bathroom naked and was climbing into bed when his wife complained, as usual, 'I have a headache.' 'Perfect,' her husband said.' I was just in the bathroom powdering my penis with crushed aspirin. You can take it orally, or as a suppository, it's up to you.'
Dj Convict
Quick Composite
...of what I'm like... My review of Cloverfield (2007) Holy fucking Christ on a rocket powered pickle, this film fucking ROCKED! I don’t think I have ever said that about any film made since 2000. Certainly none I’ve seen in the theater. Everything that Emerich and Devlin got wrong with their version of Godzilla in ’98, J.J. and company got RIGHT with this film. First off, they didn’t try to remake a legendary film. What made the two King Kong remakes and the Mighty Joe Young rehash so awful was that the film makers cannot help but concentrate on making the effects "Better." They lose sight of the human drama that made King Kong ’33, Mighty Joe Young ’49, and Gojira ’54 so memorable. Think for a minute... in the years since the first King Kong remake in 1976, how many times have you caught a glimpse of it while channel surfing. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve spotted it since the 80’s. The 1933 version, however, I can say with relative surety that I’ve seen
~*~why They Hate Me~*~
~*~Why They Hate Me~*~ Big Brown Eyes And A Sexy Smile Pink Lips That Make The Guys Go wild Caramel Complected And A killer Shape If I were Them I Would Have To Hate Educated And Beatutil ...These Qualiteis Are Hard To Find..... Being In My Shoes Are Just So Devine... Wanting To Be Me Cause I Have What It Takes To Steal Peoples Man And Take Their Place I Can Walk The Walk, I can Talk The Talk I Got Everything What It Takes To Show It OFF! They Say I'm Concited & Think That I'm It.. But They Have It Twisted...I'm Not it....I'm The SHIT.....I'm the Girl That Wakes Up In The Morning And Knows She Beautiful.......And These Girls Keep Hating...These Hoes Are So Pittiful...I Just Love My Haters They Keep Me Alive..There Are My Reminders To Let People Know That I've Arrived..... So Again I Say....Dont Sell Your T.V And Keep Ya Fan Cause You Are Gonna Need Something To Cool You Off When You See Me With Your Man!!
What A Bunch Of Psycho's
->MyMilkshak...: like i said...i see right through you and i know exactly what you wish you were ->MyMilkshak...: sure thing you too MyMilkshak...: ok well have a good night, glad u think who know me, but ur wrong. lol so wrong ->MyMilkshak...: i know all i need to know MyMilkshak...: or what i am MyMilkshak...: you just started talking to me like 20 min's ago, so you have no idea who i am ->MyMilkshak...: you have shown me exactly what you really are...have been for a long time MyMilkshak...: i dont take anything & who are you to try to diagnose me when u nothing about me? lol ->MyMilkshak...: so you are delusional, schizophrenic, and possibly bi-polar...interesting combo for sure....what meds do you take? MyMilkshak...: nope, just go after what i want ->MyMilkshak...: lol are you schizophrenic or something..? MyMilkshak...: lol this isnt lena, but i do have a chance, that is what he has told me anyway ->MyMilkshak...: ...sooo...when are you gonna realize that
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Can You Find Me?
Come Say Hi To My New Owner
Calls For Obama Assassination
Calls For Obama Assassination
Cheap Tomatoes
THIS HAS GOT TO BE PASSED ALONG TO AS MANY AS POSSIBLE OR WE WILL ALL GO DOWN THE DRAIN BECAUSE A FEW DON'T CARE. This English teacher has phrased it the best I've seen yet. Tomatoes and Cheap Labor CHEAP TOMATOES? This should make everyone think, be you Democrat, Republican or Independent From a California school teacher - - - "As you listen to the news about the student protests over illegal immigration, there are some things that you should be aware of: I am in charge of the English-as-a-second-language department at a large southern California high school which is designated a Title 1 school, meaning that its students average lower socioeconomic and income levels. Most of the schools you are hearing about, South Gate High, Bell Gardens , Huntington Park , etc. , where these students are protesting, are also Title 1 schools. Title 1 schools are on the free breakfast and free lunch program. When I
When Is It Ok?
Since when is it ok to break marriage vows? When one partner isn't happy? When one person has already done it to the other? When? My husband cheated on me around the time we got married! Once before, and once after. And today he decides to tell me that if I were to cheat on him, I wouldn't be cheating unless I fucked the guy. And if I did, he wants to watch, if he can't be here to watch, he wants me to video tape it. Is there something wrong with this picture?
Guidelines For Free Spirits
GUIDELINES FOR FREE SPIRITS ~1~ You must be at least a level 11 and have a valid salute picture, you must have a minimum of 50 pictures in your album and 50 stash items. ~2~ When you join FREE SPIRITS, you must fan, add & rate all the members of the pack. Failure to add, fan & rate the other members of the pack will result in your being removed from the pack or not allowed to join. See Blog "FREE SPIRITS" for a list of everyone in the pack. Which is on Momma Wolf's Page. ~3~ We will not level anybody over 15K for fubarians and 25K for fellow members of the FREE SPIRITS. ~4~ If you see a bulletin posted by any one of the members of the FREE SPIRITS you do what you can to help. "THERE IS A THREE STRIKES YOUR OUT POLICY" ~~ If you do not help at all with the leveling,you will be removed from the pack. IF YOU AGREE WITH THE GUIDELINES OF THE FREE SPIRITS LEAVE A COMMENT ON MOMMA WOLF'S BLOG SO YOU CAN BE ADDED TO THE PACK. ALSO SEND HER A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO LET
My Autistic Son Speaks
the is a copy of wife's blog on my space. she tells the story so mych better than i.anyway we have 15yr old son with autism with little to no verbal communication skills. Every day C and I play this can you catch me steal my school lunch. So yesterday C gets up early which throws my entire day off. I blindly get up and turn his computer on and what not. We have to unplug his tv and computer every night and the outlet has a lock box on it. So I see he has his lunch but I forgot. I go back to the kitchen set the micro timeer and snooze in the recliner. I get up make the kids breakfast and take his to him to see the lunch half eaten. I blurt out a few choice words.... He in turn says "Mom watch your mouth!" So I tell say ya but you should not have eaten your I have to go make a new one and the daycare kids are going to start coming in 5 min. You all know it made my day and well remaking that lunch was not so bad.... smart mouth teen when he
Dr. Dress
During my surgical residency I was called out of a sound sleep to the emergency room. Unshaven and with tousled hair, I showed up with an equally unpresentable medical student. In the ER we encountered the on-call medical resident and his student, both neatly attired in clean white lab coats. The resident said to his student, "You can always tell the surgeons by their absolute disregard for appearance." Two evenings later, I was at a banquet when called to the ER to suture a minor laceration. I was stitching away -- wearing a tuxedo -- when I encountered that same medical resident. He looked at me, then said to his student, "Sure is sensitive to criticism, isn't he?"
I will be getting on the train tomorrow from Kelso Wa to go to glorious Seattle Washington for a few days. My sisters wedding is on Saturday (thank GOD) so I doubt I will be getting on here much. I am sure I will poke my nose in from time to time. I am a little bummed that I will be going so long without seeing my hubby. I miss him when he just goes to work lol but I will be okay. Wish me luck people. My sister is friggan crazy in the best of times. Add Bridezillaness on top of that.... I need some happy pills lol. Have a great day my friends!
Burlesque, Guest Dommes, Dvd Signings, And New Cclips On
Ahhhh!!! It's been hectic around here. I am so late in getting the news out there about the guest Mistresses I am hosting in My playspace both this week and next, due to the anxious anticipation of the upcoming burlesque performance I am doing on this Sunday at Bordello Bar. I hadn't even released the latest notice of what has been recently posted for sale on My clips4sale store!!! Well here it is... GUEST DOMMES- JULIE SIMONE AND BOSSY BITCH DELILAH Today, Julie Simone arrives and will be available for single Mistress sessions, and also will be available for double Domme sessions till Thursday of next week...June 5th (with a trip to San Fran booked for the 1st). Please write Julie directly to inquire about her specialties and availability at The rest of the weekend of June 6th-8th we will not be accepting private sessions...BUT... DO take the oppritunity to meet Julie Simone and Myself, and get an autographed photo or buy a signed DVD's starring
Wake Me When Its Over
Still riding Rolling on these turquoise waves Blank stare on my face and black cloud Hanging over my head Treading, bobbing just above the surface Whipped by tsunamis Like the rollercoaster to Hell Chained to my seat alone Welcoming the red death demons As they flow from my arms and legs Mocking me as I scream As I beg for release As I beg for peace
Online Business
hey all im trying to start a online business on ebay but im stuck and need help what do u think would sell good
Fu-king Jonlee74 3 Month Vip.20k
Re: Rice: Bush Administration Was Clear About Iraq War
RE: Rice: Bush administration was clear about Iraq war ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: jerm: rant in j-minor Date: 29 May 2008, 12:11 Rice: Bush administration was clear about Iraq war By MATTHEW LEE, Associated Press Writer 24 minutes ago Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Thursday rejected allegations from a former White House spokesman who says the Bush administration misled the American public into going to war with Iraq.Rice would not comment specifically on charges made by ex-press secretary Scott McClellan in a new book, but said President Bush was honest and forthright about the reasons for the war. She also said she remained convinced that toppling Saddam Hussein was right and necessary."The president was very clear about the reasons for going to war," she told reporters at a news conference with Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt in Stockholm where she is attending an international conference on Iraq.Chief among those reasons was
What Failure Have I Turned Into Success?
The only people who never fail are those who never try. --Ilka Chase A boy once asked his grandfather how he had become so happy and successful in his life. "Right decisions," replied his grandfather. The boy thought for a while and then asked a second question, "But how do you learn to make right decisions?" The grandfather answered quickly with a twinkle in his eye, "Wrong decisions!" We, too, will learn from our "wrong decisions," our mistakes. Whenever we try anything, there is always the possibility of failure. We must learn to not let this keep us from trying. When we are willing to try, we have already conquered our fear. We can grow no matter what the outcome is. What failure have I turned into success?
Only A Heartbeat Away
Warmth are your words Only a heartbeat away You are stars at night The sunshine of my day The passion fruit vine Entwines day by day Intimate words bloom In the sweetest bouquet Sweet loving thoughts Are never too far away The sexy and sensual At times verging risque Pleasures and desires Express night and day Mirrored by moonlight On your springtime day Devotion in your song To the words I convey Love flows endlessly Only a heartbeat away
Fu's Next God Mother
♥ßlðñÐïe♥§rWhiteKnights R/l wife♥IßïC♥DSC♥§outhernBadAzzCrew@ fubar This is one of the sweetest ladies ever!! She is so giving caring and her attitude is just wow. She is almost to Godmother *screams* Yeah I know so exciting. Am gonna be lov'in her hard can yall come help please. She is 122k away. We can do this fast right?
What Would You Do..??
If you had evidence that someone was lying to you and playing you for stupid? Would you let them know or leave it alone?
So me and nik hung out a few days ago and it was the best time I have ahd with a guy in such a long time. There was talking, laughter, teasing, and hugs and kisses...lots of kisses actually lol. He's an amzing kisser and it made me never want to leave his side. We even fell asleep for like 2 hours on his bed and I was in his arms the whole entire time and God did it feel great. I seriously didnt want to leave. And I cna honestly say that we did not take our relationship to the enxt level. We were good kids and resisted urges lol cause we dont want to make our friendship and relationship based purely on sex. There is a bigger connection betwen us and we want to explore it. We agree that we are taking things very slowly and gonna stay friends at the moment. A relationship is gonna happen but we are taking our time getting to that point. He just amazingly awesome and I adore him. He's an awesome guy...There is just not enough words or right ones to describe what he makes me feel.
I was Tagged by Qtazabutton Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. The space between my first two sexual experiences was three years and with the same person. 2. I use to be an introvert. 3. The most defining moment in my life is my mother's sudden death when i was 18. 4. I am the best friend you can have, did i mention i am modest? 5. I believe every woman is beautiful when they smile. 6. I hate elitist. 7. I love my alma mater, Go Rutgers! 8. I am truly a sports fanatic. 9. I am probably the most stubborn person you have ever met, but i am also the most compassionate.
My Help Can Only Go So Far...
Well I got a IM on YAHELL from my ex-BF. Apparently, he is broke...broke to the point that he will lose his electric, his internet, his phone...everything. I have tried to give him ideas to try to jump back to life so to speak. He has a back injury that he has been fighting workers comp over. Workers comp wont pay him. So now he is depressed. I tried to tell him ideas. Ya kno...get a job doin what I do. Be a pizza delivery boy...something...but his complaint was he has no gas money. OK then sell the shit you dont need and get gas money. Have a yard sale. He has shit there he doesnt need. He bought shit from a auction. He can get rid of that. He can clean out the fridge in his trailer he doesnt use and sell it...but what do I kno...he stopped talking to me after that. He has shit he wont get rid of...because he thinks he needs it. He doesnt. Just urks me. He can go shit...but when it comes to work...its like its kryptonite to him. I am tired of voicing my opinio
I Been Tagged
I was Tagged by BigMule Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am retired from the US Air Force 2. I love the color blue 3. I work as a truck driver 4. I love golf 5. Im a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys 6. Im a romantic at heart 7. My favorite drink is iced tea (quit laughing) 8. I have never had sex in a limo. 9. I just lost my little buddy (beagle) in January 10. I don't talk politics or religion (always leads to arguments)
Don't Don't ask me if I care. Don't ask me if want you forever. Don't ask me if what I feel is true. Don't tell me what I should do or feel. Don't tell me what to thinks. Don't tell me not to fall for you. Don't tell me your sorry. Don't tell me that I'm confused about what I feel. Don't tell me how I deserve better. Don't tell me that in time I'll forget. Don't tell me you never meant for this to happen. Heather J McVey Copyright ©2008 Heather J McVey
In Good Time
In good time Are you looking for instant results? Then you'll likely put forth great effort and expense while encountering much frustration, with no guarantee that you'll reach your goal. There is a much more reliable and easily accessible way to achieve the results you seek. It is with patience. Instead of fighting against time and making time your enemy, use time as your friend. Instead of being resentful that you can't have it all now, be thankful that you can savor the process of working your way toward a meaningful goal. To obtain anything of great value, you must provide great value and exert great effort. Spreading that effort over a reasonable amount of time is a key to dependable success. Rushing through life is neither enjoyable nor effective. Slow down, spend your time and resources wisely and thoughtfully, and enjoy the journey. With your efforts steady and consistent, have the patience to let life unfold at a sustainable pace. And the results you seek will s
In Good Time
Are you looking for instant results? Then you'll likely put forth great effort and expense while encountering much frustration, with no guarantee that you'll reach your goal. There is a much more reliable and easily accessible way to achieve the results you seek. It is with patience. Instead of fighting against time and making time your enemy, use time as your friend. Instead of being resentful that you can't have it all now, be thankful that you can savor the process of working your way toward a meaningful goal. To obtain anything of great value, you must provide great value and exert great effort. Spreading that effort over a reasonable amount of time is a key to dependable success. Rushing through life is neither enjoyable nor effective. Slow down, spend your time and resources wisely and thoughtfully, and enjoy the journey. With your efforts steady and consistent, have the patience to let life unfold at a sustainable pace. And the results you seek will surely come to y
I Am Loved!
Is It Assualt Witha Deadly Weapon Or Dead Weapon?
Good Morning and happy Monday in what ever you have planned. I have work planned for me…yuck! Assault with a dead weapon? It normally is state “Assault with a deadly weapon”, however in this case it sounds like the weapon was already dead. WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — A New Zealand man accused of assault with prickly weapon — a hedgehog — has been fined by a court and ordered to pay most of his fine to his teenage victim. Whakatane District Court was told Thursday that William Singalargh picked up the hedgehog and threw it several yards to hit a 15-year-old boy in the North Island east coast town of Whakatane on Feb. 9. Police told the court the unusual assault weapon had hit the victim in the leg, causing a large, red welt and several puncture marks. The teen did not need medical treatment. Singalargh was convicted of common assault and offensive behavior following a defended hearing. He had pleaded innocent to the charges. He was fined a total of 700 New Zealand dollars (US$545)
i'm in the worst mood i've been in, in a long fucking time. i wanna smash someones head through the wall and then laugh about it! i wanna run someone over with my car, back up, and do it again! i wanna stomp someone's face in with my stilettos! i wanna pistol wip someone! i wanna take someone's face and fry it up in my wok! i wanna call all the people that i don't like just to say fuck you! i wanna take a razor and carve FUCK OFF in someones forehead! i wanna take a baseball bat to a really expensive car! i wanna set a m80 off in my pool! i want to throw my phone at the wall and watch it smash into a million pieces. i wanna look a certain someone in the eye and let them know how much everyone hates them for what they've done. i wanna call in a bomb threat to give the cops something to do besides harrass the innocent. i wanna take everything to my roof, throw it off, and watch it smash! i wanna take a hammer to my laptop! i want to take all the
Calling Part 10
The words that he spoke unto me left me in shock and yet with a burning deep inside myself that was tearing me apart for I had no idea what was to come if these men that I held so close to my heart where to ever meet and fight to the dead over some past old laws that had been set down for all us on both sides of these clans. The fear was sharp in me that it pulsed from every vain in my body and he could see this as he knew that this would be the hardest thing for me to face ever and yet he was still telling me that he knew what side I would choose if this was to ever come full circle like he said it would. But yet how did he know that my Son would come and hunt him down along with me before he ever met him ? As the days went by slowly and the nights went by so fast that they seemed like a dream to me I was still lost in my own thoughts of how I would make it if I lost both of these men in my life. One that I had raised and cared for all his life and the other that had always loved
Crossing The Mississippi
There was a Mississippi redneck and a Louisiana Cajun, fishing on their respective sides of the Mississippi river. Just as soon as the redneck put his line in the water, he slung a fish onto the bank, and the Cajun was catching nothing, so he yelled across to the redneck, "Buddy, I'd sure like to be on your side of the river!" "Aight, tell ya whut, I'll shine my flashlight 'cross this river, and you can walk across this little beam of light!" the redneck yelled back. The Cajun replied, "Hain't no way, buddy. I know you think I'm a fool! When I get halfway 'cross, you'll turn your flashlight off!"
Over You
What Happened??
I ask you to read EVERY WORD of this and I thank you in advance for taking 3 minutes out of your day to do so. Im so disgusted and ashamed with mankind and the ways of this world! People walk around with chips on their shoulders and rotten attitudes, thinking that the world owes them something, never having to work for a thing! NEWS FLASH: GUESS WHAT THE WORLD DOES'NT OWE YOU A THING! Life is what you make it, so live it and quit being part of the problem and part of the solution. Besides you will enjoy the things you have because YOU EARNED THEM! People walk around, who profess to be 'Christians', hiding behind their faith/church and are nothing but hypocrytes! They walk the walk and talk the talk when they are at church or around church buddy's then turn around and judge others for their past and short-comings. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ANYONE?? God instructs us to 'Not judge but LOVE' and tells us he will be the only judge in session on judgement day, I personally dont wan
Boyfriend Application
I want to find arms that will hold me at my weakest. Eyes that will see me at my ugliest, and a heart that will love me at my worst. Thats when I will know I found my true love. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain, and even though life might not be the party we hoped for, we should still dance while we're here.
Do You Like My Nudes???
do me a tiny favor please!!!! all i need you to do is rate this pic..and ask your friends to rate it too!!! PLEASE!!! thank you!!
Fire Bad Shit
If I Were...
I sit here in these mums on here and I watch the political drama happen, half of the people who write them haven't a clue what the hell they are talking about and the ones who do get over shadowed by the nonsense! Politics is a listen with your ear and eyes business and it would seem few people listen with their eyes as well as they do with their ears. religion and health care get overshadowed by pettiness within the parties. Religion takes a back seat to money and the money grubbers keep raising gas prices. So if I were president as of today... Gotta play to find out
A Place For Christen People To Talk
WELCOMEVIC LONGE OWNER OF: a place for christen people to talk
Never Lyrics
You know it hurts that I can't see you Damn I can't believe it You know you always run through my mind And still you're tellin' me you love me But you'll never trust me I know I could've fixed it in time And I will never find somebody that could hold me the way that you do (Like you do) And now I'm hopin' and I'm prayin' that it hits you And you feel like I do (Like I do) HOOK: Baby no You will never be fine You will never be fine No You will never be fine You will never be fine CHORUS: Now you will never find somebody that'll love you Like the way that I do (The way that I do) Now you will never find somebody that'll love you Like the way that I do (The way that I do) (No more, no more) Now when you told me you was leavin' Decided you don't need me I felt a nerve quick in my life And then the room just started spinnin' I thought that I was trippin' I wished that I could turn back the time (I wished that I could turn back the time) Now I can't hel
But A Word
But a Word I'm sorry to hear you're Longing and lonley I wish I could say these Things I wanna say But something holds me Back from these feelings That slip through the cracks Right through my fingertips I don't want to scare you But I'll always hold your back Even if it kills me Love is but a word Which doesn't hold much meaning But feelings are different I watch you walk by Like a woman in suffering I find this hard to say But this is me, I dont know any other way Coveted by many Loved by so many more I don't know what else to do Don't know what's instore Just know that I'm here for you Know that i'll fight for you Even if you never look at me that way Still by your side I refuse to stray She knows who she is.
Never Not a whole lot in my mind will ever last With age i've become tempered, an iconoclast. Maybe with time, I can forget my past Patience and heart is all I can ask I feel like a lost ship, awry and dismast Your worldy beliefs, I will not chast First I needed your warmth, your love Now I need you to dicast Even if this will never last I thought I was losing my mind I told myself I cant take anymore I thought I was jelous I thought I was just I was just being over zelous Then I realized, it was you whom I crushed Things will never be the same This I am certain Your love is lost within the sands of my life For you I'll never stop searching Even if whatever God exists, closes my curtain
Good Comebacks
Man: "Haven't we met before?" Woman: "Perhaps. I'm the receptionist at the VD Clinic." Man: "Haven't I seen you someplace before? Woman: "Yeah, that's why I don't go there anymore." Man: "Is this seat empty?" Woman: "Yes, and this one will be too if you sit down." Man: "So, wanna go back to my place ?" Woman: "Well, I don't know. Will two people fit under a rock?" Man: "Your place or mine?" Woman: "Both. You go to yours and I'll go to mine." Man: "I'd like to call you. What's your number?" Woman: "It's in the phone book." Man: "But I don't know your name." Woman: "That's in the phone book too." Man: "So what do you do for a living?" Woman: "I'm a female impersonator." Man: "Hey, baby, what's your sign?" Woman: "Do not Enter" Man: "How do you like your eggs in the morning?" Woman: "Unfertilized !" Man: "Hey, come on, we're both here at this bar for the same reason" Woman: "Yeah! Let's pick up some chicks!" Man: "I know how to please a woman."
Buy Me Nowwww
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Mad As Fuck
got a new tatt and it hurts like hell
Please help me out! Please go to the address above and leave me some comment love daily! I am in a contest and I would really like to win. This is my first contest and it would be pretty damn cool if I won, so show me all sorts of love daily!
im alone again..stuck in this dark corner of my mind..i hear the devil whispering telling me its ok to end my life..i pray to god to help me thru this..but i get no answer so to me he is useless...there is no solution to my state of confusion..but..the pills will ease my pain..yes the pills will ease my pain..i remember when times were simple and carefree..when nothing else existed but you and stuck in the past i can never leave this place for as long as i hear your voice and see your face..but..the pills will ease my pain..yes the pills will ease my pain..i'v lost my love, friends all that a man can you see its getting that much easier for me to choose..hell...hell is where i will go if i choose this oneway ride..guns, blades and pills straight thoughts of suicide..i lay on the pillow..i will cry no more... as the last tear hits the pillow..the bottle hits the floor..the pills will ease my pain..yes..the pills will ease my you stand over my grave dont you shed
(not A Poem But Funny) Things You Never Hear An Ndn Say...
Things you never hear an NDN say... "Dang, it's gonna rain and I just waxed my car." "Naw, I don't feel like going snagging tonight." "You can't feed that to the dog!" "No thanks we're vegetarians." "No thanks I don't want any fry bread." "Do you think my hair is too long?" "Trim the fat off that steak." "The tires on that truck are too big." "Yes officer, I have my license, registration and insurance right here." ?sorry, but you can't sleep here tonight? "No thanks, I'm full." "Yes, this is my truck, and no I won't help you move.? "How many calories are in that?" "I can't wear shorts - look how white my legs are." "Hey! Anybody want this block of cheese??? "I'm gonna vote for the most qualified, best candidate for Tribal council and not my relative." "I think I'm gonna clean my yard this weekend." "My Great, Great, Grandmother was a Cherokee princess." "The other dancer deserved to win...the judges were right t
Contest Rules!
My Taylor Jay
"Here I am" mommy, I swear I heard her say The day she grew from just an egg Deep inside, not big enough to kick But she had a spirit, and I could feel it Tucked away, I hoped to keep my girl safe My second baby, and part of the love we made She had a heart, and maybe some fingers and toes I wonder what she would smile about, only God knows He gave me my Taylor Jay, once upon a time Then took her back before I could hold her hand in mine So young, she didnt even have a chanse to begin My young baby girl, cried deep from within Kayla kissed my tummy, every day, 2 years old, she wanted to be within your grace I dont know why God took you from me He must have had a good reason, and needed another angel to sing So heres to you, my young baby girl, who would now be 10 And I shed an extra tear for those others whose lives never get the chanse to begin
"There was a blind girl that hated herself because of her blindness. Not only did she hate herself but she hated everyone else, except he loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry her boyfriend. One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. and then she could see everything, including her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked her,"Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?". The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend was blind too! She refused to marry him. Her boyfriend walked away in tears and later he wrote a letter to her. It simply said, "Just take care of my eyes dear.". This is how the human brain changes when our status changes. Only a few remember what life was like before and fewer who to thank for always being there even when times were hard or even painfully unbearable." That`s enough sap for today. Time to go throw on some Murderdolls! lol
Signs She Is Getting Bored Having Sex With You
SIGNS SHE IS GETTING BORED HAVING SEX WITH YOU * After you request sex she replies, "Wait 'til the Nyquil kicks in." * Gets very upset when the ashtray falls off your ass. * Actually answers when you ask, "Who's your daddy?" * Last time she screamed during sex was the first time she won at solitaire. * Only moans during commercial breaks. * Starts her fake orgasms during foreplay. * Keeps trying to set you up with her friends. * Runs for vacant Senate seat in New York. * You are currently sitting backstage at the Springer show. * Beginning to think she is only "playing" dead. * During the act, she actually yelled out, "Oh, Baby, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda." * Has suddenly started making you pay in advance. * Her moans of delight discovered to actually be a .wav file. * Instead of asking to leave her shirt on, she wants to leave her pants on too. * Keeps asking, "Are you sure you're not gay?" * Boredom? So that's why she keeps def
Never To Old
An Interview With An 80-year-old Woman A local news station was interviewing an 80-year-old lady because she had just gotten married -- for the fourth time. The interviewer asked her questions about her life, about what it felt like to be marrying again at 80, and then about her new husband's occupation. 'He's a funeral director,' she answered. 'Interesting,' the newsman thought. He then asked her if she wouldn't mind telling him a little about her first three husbands and what they did for a living. She paused for a few moments, needing time to reflect on all those years. After a short time, a smile came to her face and she answered proudly, explaining that she'd first married a banker when she was in her early 20s, then a circus ringmaster when in her 40s, later on a preacher when in her 60s, and now in her 80s, a funeral director. The interviewer looked at her, quite astonished, and asked why she had married four men with such diverse careers. She smil
This is a blog about my new fu owner CubsFan~ Hes a very sweet man , and im sure he has many of kind friends here on fubr. Id like to post a little poem for him below here, And please take a minute to read and rate this ty This_Girl We met upon the internet, My heart you did not have yet. I sit and wait each day, for the song my heart will soon play. Of laughter, love and tears, You have washed away all my fears. To be my friend and see so deep, I now know why I don't get much sleep. I have waited through all these years, To find something to hold so dear. And now I know I'll never be Blue, For I have found a true friend in you.
New Game Posted - Ladybug!
This is a solo project I did. It is a basic casual game made for everyone. Check it out HERE!
Big Poppa Needs 1 Pic Rate
I Think You're The Father Of One Of My Kids.
I THINK YOU'RE THE FATHER OF ONE OF MY KIDS... >>> >>> A guy goes to the >>> supermarket and notices an attractive woman waving >>> at him. She says hello.. >>> He's rather taken aback because he can't place >>> where he knows her from. So he >>> says, 'Do you know me?' >>> To which she replies, 'I think you're the father of >>> one of my kids.' >>> Now his mind travels back to the only time he has ever been >>> unfaithful >>> to his wife and says, 'Are you the stripper from the bachelor >>> party >>> that I made love to on the pool table with all my buddies >>> watching >>> while your partner whipped my butt with wet celery???' >>> >>> She >>> looks into his eyes and says calmly, 'No, I'm your son's >>> teacher.'
Woman Of Your Flavor
Woman of your flavor men have their different color flavors to call my cats taste you say i smell like the sweet smell of strawberry mix with the very erotic scented candles one man after the next has a way of describing that gold piece as a trick-lets to his mouth he has a thick tongue as he describe the taste of me as wild cherrys and the smell of ripe peaches I'm a woman of your flavor taste it and savor it smells of blueberry, strawberry, cherrys, wild berrys you describe my squirts of cum as little droplets of fruity rain oozing out of my cunt onto your tongue woman of your flavor savor the taste intake of the smell of ripe peaches he call me Maiden Puss' of Flavor Savors you see me as that goddess of tasty flavor puss he describe my breast as large melons and little hot tamales at the tip of them you describe my clitoris as a little cherry my ass, as two large round bowls of jello and my thighs as two thick juicy plums you admire my hou
"very Bad Boy
by LateNiteFantasy© "I’ve been a bad little boy. Last night, I stole a lovely’s pearl. She looked to me with passionate eyes told me where a treasure resides. “You possess a key,” she said. “I tell you no lies.” I pondered. Oh, yes, I wondered. Shall I use one key? Two keys? Perhaps, three. “Oh, more,” she panted. “Use more!” More?! I laughed. What a dirty little whore! Resuming, I used four then, fist. The treasure trove now spread open, I reached inside to take a token. A jewel? A ruby? Or is it a pearl? Oh, last night, I was a very bad boy.
Pulling In Close
"pulling me close Her eyes met mine, And they melted me Her hands grabbed mine As she pulled me close. We lay on the bed Our passion growing strong My lips succumbed to hers As she pulled me close Her legs spread beneath me Her pussy wanting more I stroked her gently As she pulled me close We loved each other As only two people can I came inside her As she pulled me close"
Girl it's your body that makes me yearn for you... Nothing right now can hinder this moment... Every time you come into body yearns to feel your kisses...pressing against my lips tasting of things to come... Your body has a way of giving me so much pleasure...this I can't many naughty thoughts running through my mind... Thoughts of you touching me, stroking me...kissing me in all the right places to get me so damn hard... I can't stop now in what my body yearns from you... Your touch... Your kiss... A gentle sucking motion in all the right places... I want my dark hardness to feel every stroke from you... Every lick from your sweet you taste every inch of my body... "Damn how I need to Feel your touch!" I want to feel your soft hands push me I lay down in front of you kneel down between me with a lustful look of pleasure... Only to first feel your lips once again kissing mine g
Will You Woukd You
will you would you LOL Would you Will you ] give me your screen name?_____________ [ ] give me your number? (_ _ _) _ _ _- _ _ _ _ [ ] kiss me? [ ] let me kiss you? [ ]bang me? [ ] let me bang you? [ ] watch a movie with me? [ ] take me out to dinner? [ ] let me drive you somewhere? [ ] take a shower with me? [ ] Sing car karaoke w/ me? [ ] re-post this for me to answer your questions? [ ] Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere? [_] make me breakfast? [_] help me with homework? [_] tickle me? [_] let me tickle you? [_] stick up for me if i was being put down? [_] instant message me? [_] greet me in public? [_] hang out with me? [_] bring me around your friends? D0 Y0U... [_] think im cute? [_] think im hot? [_] want to kiss me? [_] want to cuddle with me? [_] want to hook up with me? AM i... [_] smart? [_] cute? [_] funny? [_] cool? [_] loveable? [_] adorable? [_] compassionate? [_] great to be wit
Moonlight Sonata
Dark tones, brooding in submission, Clarity of touch, staccato caresses Of a high kind, rising, rising, Softly, whispering, breathing into Kisses of an internal kind, rising, rising, Smote unto the breast, belly, womb Feeling from the center of the soul, Warmth, darkness, consumption of vibration, Caressing, cooing, seducing promising Rising, rising, inward, inward, through, through A soft rumble of dark electricity Brooding, rising, rising, submitting To deep, resonating collapse.
OH yes, thats right. Relationship time.
Three Months Of Being A New Mom
well it's becca's three month birthday today. it's hard to believe that it is all real. every morning me and my husband wake up and talk silly to her, she smiles. it makes my heart just melt. i love my daught so damn much. i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. mine and my husband's 1 year wedding anniversary is coming up next month and i can't figure out what to get him for our anniversary. hope fully i'll think of something soon!
Help Me Pls..
Hey Friends and Fans I have been on this site for awhile and would love some help gettin in to the spotlight.. if there is anyone out there that could help me I would reall appreciatate it, and will do anything to pay you back however I can.. Thanks, Chocolate Bunny
Good Friendz
FuGoneWild winners.Check out their profiles as well 4 some awesome friends. BADBOY ~Ms2dmngood2u~ Blue Whore® PIMP™ Sir-Smoke-Alot † BLADE † /яΛzσя ƂłΛ∂э รмîłε Stefan a.k.a Hutch Fu krew
Ok Attention All Out There Who Wants To Own Scooter You Know Come On People
'$ç()øTëR™-(Lori's Hubby)-{Fu-owned by Ashley}-[Demon Crew recruiter]-{ShadowLeveler}' HE wants to be owned so let's go and win him just think owning him could and will be fun!!!! if really want a shot go here AND WIN HIM!!!!
True Beauty.....
is classy and sexy all wrapped in one.....thats it......
Mike And Leeann
JUNE 25, 2008 We are gathered here today to join Michael Glidewell and Leeann Reaves in Marriage before God who will watch over them and keep them together as one until these two can be placed with one other for the rest of their new lifes together. If Michael or Leeann has any reason to doubt this marriage let them speak now. Michael do you have vows you would like to say to Leeann now? I love u so much u are my world u have meant the world to me since day 1 u bring so much sunshine in my life ur the air I breath the happyness in my life ur the reason I get up in the moringings you are what keeps me going with out u im nothing I know im not ur first love but I would love to be ur last ur love I wouldnt miss for the world. Now Leeann will you say your vows to Michael. Mike from the day we met, the beginning of our relationship you've amazed me, suprised me and enchanted me in a way that no other human being ever has. Before I knew you, I wasn't living.
Kissed U
Tango Advert Napoleon
Tango advert Napoleon
Tonight Is My Treat
Tonight is my Treat by LateNiteFantasy© Tonight is my treat A thank you to a faithful lover Let me bath your tired feet Massage them, and you all over Loosening up the tensions in your body Tonight is not about sex But tactile romance, even as we get cuddly If my soothing touch should make you relax Should you feel the need to fall asleep Rest assured I would be here when you awake However, should you be aroused by it I would take my time, and make you cum, and cum From the love we shall make Even as I feel your wall enclosing the shaft of me I shall caress your face, your lips, Your breasts, your back, your thighs And where ever else pleases you most I shall do your bidding whatever that may be Just you relax and take it easy As I eat you, drink you, smell you and feel you Musing to your womanhood, holding onto your behind As your back arches, and you feed me the drink of life As you, receive pleasure time and time again Even now that we are done
we come we go we wander these dark halls passing strangers as we go meeting somewhere in shadow of night some become lovers some enemys some just die alone...
Oh The Humanity!
Earlier I read a mumm about the shootings on the south side of Chicago, and that a Reverend was speaking out on them. It was asking if the city was out of hand because there are innocent people caught in the crossfire. So I have been thinking that it is easy to point out the tragedy that occurs but a solution has not been found. A solution cannot happen if no one does their part. Pardon me if I sound naive, but I think people need to start caring and joining together. In the 70's people left their doors unlocked and gang violence wasn't an issue. I would love a world that was harmonious. Unfortunately that can never be a reality because there are people who are opposed to that. There have been great men in history who spent their life aiming for this goal. Bob Marley, Martin Luther King Jr, and John Lennon are a few and were murdered for their efforts. As people we need to decide what kind of world we want and fight for it. Communities need to join together like they use to and fight t
Tag Your It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I hate rude people 2. I hate being alone 3. I love Southern Accents 4. I love strawberry cheese cake 5. I have several piercings 6. I can't function with out coffee (amen to this one) 7. I absolutely have to have a diet pepsi every day 8. I love the ocean and could stay there forever 9. I love to kiss 10. I cherish the few true friends I have I tag....... jamesbo76 'ღ*Nع but F#ÇK!N TØñÿÄ*™ღ' Laura Mykole and WANNA PLAY
Our Storm
Our Storm by LateNiteFantasy© How stings the rain upon my skin and seeps through hair down spine, to pool along the crack of arse and chill these balls of mine. Your laugh does mock my noble thought to shield you from this storm. Ah, such the price of chivalry; a maiden's unfair scorn. Oh, laugh you now, my lover fair, as you discover that though likewise dank, this bolt of flesh is anything but flat? What say now you, as in the mud together we do clinch, with laughter coming from us both, my sassy, saucy wench? A shower hot do you desire? Your wish am I about. So shall you have a steamy bath, both within and without.
Darkness I Call Home
you hurt me the most tell me the one i care for the most that he is not good for me i know what is good for me you can not tell me what is good for me i make my own choices in life don't tell me that i can not u don't own me i own myself i make my own choices don't try to make up my mind for me i love him with my heart you may try to break that it won't be broken it was broken one to many times already you break it again i will have no heart anymore so try not to break it if u do though i will understand i can go back to the darkness from where i came out of if you should break my heart i will go back to my dark place the darkness that i call home i shall call home again if my heart should come to break the darkness will always welcome me back
Slobs Abound
After doing the 5th sink load of dishes this mornin, and cleaning up the living room, scrubing the black grunge out of the tub at 2 am so I could take a bath scraping, I don't wanna know what off the kitchen floor, vacuming, dusting and cleaning the litter box all before noon today. I have to wonder how people can live this way. There are 4 fully grown people in this house (besides me) and two small children. WHAT THE FUCK ?!?!?!?!?!? Since moving in here a month ago. NOT ONE person has washed a dish besides me, not one person has done laundry, not one person had vacumed a floor, or cleaned the bath, or a litter box...... note I don't own a cat !!! Is it truely possible that any one more or less four can be this unhyginic ?!?!?!?!?!? I thank Allah a million times over every day that my apartment will be turned over soon and I can have peace, quiet, and cleanliness !!! You never know what you miss till it's gone !!!!
A Year Ago
A year ago ...seems like a long time but in my heart so short for my loss was a painful one. Hope my little grand-daughter...turned Two May 27th of 2007...and passed June 29th./07. Hope was born to a mother who hated her (22 wks of Pregnancy)...but to a father (My step son) who loved her with every breath she took. She had to have surgery on her hip because of her birth, part of a defect. She had the first surgery..but was in lots of pain and they decided a second surgery had to be done to leviate the pain. We all awaited word that she was out of surgery and safe and sound. The word came and we were all relieved. Then one hr after the surgery...a call I wasn't expecting. Hope had flat lined. They got her back, she went into a coma..and then while in the coma had a stroke. We prayed and prayed for God to let us keep her but after she came out of the coma and managed a few words of I love you daddy, nanna and everyone, then went into a 3rd stroke which rendered her brai
ok peeps i want to do a auction so i need 10 peep for it 10 k to get in or sp,ething can be worked out so if u want in let me know
What I Did On My Summer Holiday....
1. Went to my girl's cousin's wedding 2. Visited the Isle of Wight 3. Went to a zoo 4. Squealed at butterflies 5. Watched some tennis on the telly 6. Saw my mate's band Silence At Sea play in Brixton 7. Watched some more tennis on the telly 8. Went to Wimbledon and watched some actual tennis in the flesh 9. Slept in four different beds 10. Drove about 350 miles 11. Went to our friends Emma and Neil's wedding 12. Drank FAR too much champagne 13. Ate far too may cooked breakfasts 14. Saw Brian Wilson play in Ipswich 15. Had a thoroughly great time... .... oh, and let's not forget... 16. Accidentally ended up telling my girl's friends all about the time that I made a list of which of my girl's friends I found attractive and in what order.... DAMN YOU FREE BOOZE!!!!
Questions, Please Answer If You Like
I saw this question in a group discussion: "What do you do on a daily basis to better yourself as a sub/slave?" It made me think that it can go the other direction too: What do you do on a daily basis to better yourself as a Master/Dominant? Which made me think that perhaps it may be better stated overall as: “What do you do on a daily basis to better yourself as a person?” I am looking forward to your responses.
I need more music ideas for my lounge. Send me a message with your list of songs you want...hell, if you wanna send me an entire player that's cool too. Just make sure it is NOT autostart...random play is preferred. Or if you just have one or two songs you can comment them here
Real Men
I know way too many really beautiful girls who think they don't look good... It hurts... because it's our fault, guys fault, I mean. We make girls feel like they have to be perfect. You know what I mean, flat stomach, big boobs, round booty, long legs, sexy lips, and on top of all that, they have to dress like a whore, and be one as well... nobody can measure up to that... and its not fair... because nobody should have to. Girls prefer being called beautiful instead of hott or sexy. The little imperfections are what make people special. If everyone was perfect the world would be so boring, variety is what makes life interesting. So guys, stop making girls have to live up to your, I'm sorry, our... deluded fantasy visions of perfection. Stop acting like boys and start being men... realize that women don't exist to fufill our sexual desires. Stop talking to them solely to get with them, be nice to them because you want to be their friend, not because you want to hook up with them. Say ni
Presidential Race
Ok I see a lot of support for Obamma but I just cant understand how thinking women and men could possibly consider him a serious candidate yea he has the Socialised Medicine platform but folks how do you think thats going to be paid for ....more taxes...look at Canada and england they Socialised Medicine and now you have a 3 to 6 month wait to see a doctor,and forget a dentist,Obamma's "friends" are radical racists who feel that white people are subhuman check on the quotes of Louis Farracon who claims Obamma as family wake up folks this man is dangerous and will destroy our country in short order if given the chance
Is This Happy Hour Or Work?!
The sign says "Fubar...It's Happy Hour," yet it feels as though you have to work to have fun on this site. Is any woman on this sight simply to have a good time? Don't get me wrong. You don't have to show your booty or tits, but damn! I see a lot of women with "Private" albums set up and some of them "demand" that you F/R/A/C (whatever that shit means) before they will let you view them. WTF?! So, in order to enjoy some "Happy Hour" on this damn site, I have to blindly rate pics a "10" just to see the juicy ones that are already uploaded? Is there any women on this mofo who is here just for the Happy Hour without all the damn work?
My Everything
Month One Mommy I am only 4 inches long but I have all my organs. I love the sound of your voice. The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby. Month Two Mommy today I learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me you could definitely tell that I am a baby. I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though. It is so nice and warm in here. Month Three You know what Mommy I'm a boy!! I hope that makes you happy. I always want you to be happy. I don't like it when you cry. You sound so sad. It makes me sad too and I cry with you even though you can't hear me. Month Four Mommy my hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine but I will have a lot of it. I spend a lot of my time exercising. I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes and stretch my arms and legs. I am becoming quite good at it too. Month Five You went to the doctor today. Mommy, he lied to you. He said that I'm not a baby.
Baby Needs New Tires!!! Lol
Well I took My lil sport...I call it, in for the regular oil change. I asked them to do a tire rotation and check the brakes. I thought it was the brakes making this thunking noise whenever I stopped but I soon found out that the console on the truck was loose. So they tightened it up and no more thunk. Then to my surprise they come out and ask me to follow them. I thought "ahh shit, what is wrong now!" He says...all four of your tires need to be changed. I looked at him and said, the truck only has 24,000 miles on it..what is the hell are you talking about. Those tires should've lasted me at least another 16,000 before having to change them. I called Bill ...I told him what was said and he told me to basically challenge them...tell them there should be some kind of credit with Goodyear for those tires going before they should. So I did..I told them that and they said to me. We'll call Ford Credit and see what can be done. They called me at home and said Ms.Matt
Rammstein "moscow" Völkerball Dvd
Is This Happy Hour?
I was minding my damn business on Fubar when I notice an invite to a lounge. I'm not going to mention the name of the lounge because what may be wrong for me may be right for you. I went over to the bar and was immediately jumped on by the owner. I mean, the animosity was evident as if I owed the person some money. And even the person who invited me had some strange remarks for me. No problem. I just left. So, let me get this straight: The women of Fubar will post pics, but will not let anyone see them unless they are F/R/A/C, or whatever. People will invite you to a lounge just to become fodder for harassment...without any just cause. No one reads anything unless it is about contests or hatred towards a particular group of people. WTF?! So, Fubar is "Happy Hour" only for assholes and point chasers?
Beefing Up My Mafia .. Play With Me!
Please add me on MYSPACE. I would play it here but the game isnt on FUBAR. I am trying to beef up my mafia. It is the funnest game I have ever played online. HELP ME .. just join me on myspace and add the application that is on my profile for MAFIA. Thanks! :)
Cooter™ Definitions For The Week Of 07/06/08
1.cooter ball The treasured art of balling up some type of bill with a monetary value while attending a strip club; then proceeding to throw the balled up money at the stripper's (that is on the stage at that time) "cooter." If accurately landing the ball of money within the suggested area winning a lap dance on stage by the stripper that has participated in the game. Used in a Sentence: Damn you played a good game of cooter ball, now you get a lap dance with that stripper thats got the herps! 2. cooter ball a variation of the game nut ball when two or more females throw a ball at eachother's crotches. see the nut ball definition Used in a Sentence: wanna play cooter ball?
Sandy Pieces
Sandy Pieces by LateNiteFantasy© Here I am silent Lost in the Landscape of Thought again Fingering the puzzle pieces I struggle to put together But the sun, blazing above me, temporarily blinds me Heating the hardened black pitch on which I work Unable to stand the heat, the struggle, the confusion I flee towards the shore I hit the cool of the sand And search longingly for my diversion But all I see is miles and miles of cool untainted sands Footsteps already smoothed over, forgotten about A body of water whose waves lap the shore in perfect precision and unison I slump into the sand and try to be grateful For this peace I close my eyes and allow the well-trained waves To lull me into a secure sleep A slight breeze crawls into my hair And I part my lids dreamily and notice A gathering of embers beside me Memories of your footsteps on this shore come crashing forward Though your steps were never deep I protected what little I had from extinction as well as I
Tools For Sex
Tools for Sex by LateNiteFantasy© Tools of Sex chosen by Lady Katherine as my subject...thank you my muse. The painters palete may be blue, which brush will do? Carpenters hammer is drew, the wood full of glue. Mechanics boxes are full, for the engine they'll pull. And a writers paper and pen, or the computer trend. In any thing you do, theres a need of some tool. From Kama sutra school, to nude beach or pool. Horny and lustful fools, to whistles and drool. Sex is no exception to this rule. Sex can be an art, bodies together or apart. The way the pussy is ate, or rather you masterbate. Bob on someones knob, it's still called a blow "job." From dribbles of odd, to a great big gob. The first ten are grand, there attached to your hand. They fondel, caress and they wiggle then expand. Not rough like oak, they work well when soaked. They can linger or stroke, or deeply poked. And of course theres the tongue, favored by some. To taste of the cum, and the juic
One By One
One by One by LateNiteFantasy© One by one, Raindrops fall heavily, Pounding an insistent rhythm, Lulling her to slumber One by one, The clouds break and depart And the moon peeks out. One by one, Stars twinkle~ Through unshaded windows, Black velvet diamonds Shine happily One by one, He climbs the steps Carrying her to the warmth Of her bedroom One by one, He removes each piece of her clothing, Drawing the lacy edge of her camisole Teasingly over each nipple Which spring to attention One by one Laying her back Against the soft cotton sheets Swinging her legs around One by one, tucking them Under the thick comforter One by one, He extinguishes the candles That are scattered around the room, The smoke mixing With the sweet smell of roses One by one, They lay parallel Moving closer Melding together Back to chest Mouth to ear Hands caressing soft skin Hips and cheeks and protrusions Fit together, one by one, Like pieces of a jigsaw
Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant. - Socrates
Dentist With Not So Great Hands...
Good Morning and hello there. You ever determine that some people are not meant for certain jobs they specialize in? I have many stories along this line but this one takes the cake. No this is not about a cake thief! It’s about a DDS in Florida…hmm Florida Imagine that…Ok here is the story. Let’s call this the story of the Dentist Who Hates It When That Happens: Anne Greer filed a lawsuit in June against Winter Park, Fla., dentist Wesley Meyers over the death of her father last year during procedures to secure his dentures with implants. During the October 2006 visit, Meyers had accidentally dropped a screwdriver down the patient's throat, which required a colonoscopy to remove. The man returned the following year to give Meyers another chance (against his daughter's wishes), and during that procedure, Meyers accidentally dropped a torque wrench down his throat, creating problems that ultimately proved fatal. Now let’s be honest here. Why in the world would this guy still have his lice
Golf - The Rest Of The Story, Lmao
Dancing Chick With Huge Knockers!!!
Second To None
These are some words I need to say to you and you'll know where Im coming from by the time Im through. When I tell you I love you,DON'T TAKE ME THERE. When I stroke your ego when your feeling blue and trying to show how much Im feeling you.DON'T TAKE ME THERE. When Im up all night trying to make it right, and agree with you to avoid a fight, DON'T TAKE ME THERE. When you feel like you have no friends, I'll be there for you until the very end, SO DON'T TAKE ME THERE. So when everything is said and done, What Im trying to say boo is,THIS GIRL COME SECOND TO NONE!!!!!
Its This Shit That Annoys Me.
So fucktard shouts me, fucktard makes a MuMM about me, fucktard flags about 20 of my pictures. I leave to go play a game and I come back to a fucking message saying I've been maliciously flagging pictures and my account will be suspended if I do it again. Got any fucking explanation for this bullshit? Anyone?
Its Gone
I am no longer who i am i dont know what i am ive cut my hair in hopes of finding whats been so elusive to me sorry to those taht love my hair but its a price ive come to know..i wont get anywhere with my hair i know that now.
My First Midget
New Member To The Dream Team
Reason #15
Because, when were together, nothing escapes our eyes. We are the perfect analytical pair. Just like Orgazmo and Choda Boy
F*ck Frankie
->Frankie Th...: or, maybe stevie nix had sex with a dromedary camel, and gave birth to your woman, possibly. Is that a hump i see!? Frankie Th...: you look 'circus freak'... i was being nice ->Frankie Th...: BTW, your girlfriend looks like a beaver got buttfucked by a motley crew roadie, and gave birth to an illegitamate butthole baby ->Frankie Th...: so i LOOK Afghani, you fuk? LOL...intellect of Ohioans astounds me sometimes.... Frankie Th...: REPORT your fuckin animal bite, that is no doubt from your gay ass lover. And check my girlfriend... MUCH better than anything you could ever hope to have.... FUCK AFGHANISTAN!!!!!! ITALY will take you off the fuckin map you fuckin freak ->Frankie Th...: I beg to differ. You've got two strikes against you. ONE, you're from OHIO. TWO?...You're Italian Frankie Th...: I'm not a fag ->Frankie Th...: OMG!...I SO need to be balls deep in that sweet ass! Frankie The Dago...@ fubar And heres his dromedary camel of
Take Time
Wolves Magical Teachings
Our Love Forever Free
The World Waits For Us
Thw World Waits for Us The world waits for us to be alone, so time can stand still. All that seems wrong, in this world, in our lives, are made right. For awhile. When we kiss my world is brighter, your touch awakens me. And in those rare times, when our anticipation unfolds, you complete me. It is like going home. the world waits for us, when our bodies entwine, and our passions unwind- as our hearts combine. The world waits for us. -Heaven(2008)
Most Popular Eve Lawrence Vid
Nice socks >:) If vid doesn't show:
A Man
I want a man A man all to myself I will treat him as a king He will be mine Love only me I will love him We will I want him
Patience Let it soothe you Entrap the raging beast That dwells just below the surface... Breathe deep 8-19-03
Watching Clouds
A sublime refrain re-affirming the divine in Heaven's grandeur; Cotton-candy explosions of pastels fading away. 9-1-03
Hunter, what is your prey? Do you know what you hunt and do you know what is hunting for you? 10-3-03
Look At Our Tribe. Look!
Look at our tribe...Look! the face of America is the face next door. We have learned to recognize a tribe that transcends the skin. 11-13-03
Fishing for little words any that come my way a serious occupation sober 7-26-02
Recall Your Senses
Recall your senses from where ever they had been, and focus on NOW. Did you intend to be here in this world you find yourself? 8-12-02
Working Overtime This Week!!
I want all my FU-Bomber friends to know I will do all I can this week...I am working 12 hour shifts on thirds....I will bomb when I have a chance ...See ya all soon!!! John - Deadmaninc10
Pimpout 2 From Gem
One of the most beautiful women I have the pleasure of knowing....Lady Kate. Besides being beautiful (inside AND out), Kate is witty, generous, caring, a fighter and most importantly a survivor. She is my hero, my inspiration and my newest FU Owner. Please take a moment and show this incredible woman some love. If you don't already have her as a friend make sure you add her! LadyღKate This bulletin brought to you by ♡aGEM4life♡ ~♫♪HockingRadio™'s DJ Gemini♪♫ Keep smiling, keep shining Knowing you can always count on me, for sure That's what friends are for In good times and bad times I'll be on your side forever more That's what friends are for Thats What Friends Are For - Dionne Warwick & Stevie Wonder
You Are My Heart
You are my heart, my hope, my help, The passion thats is me, The whole of which I am a part, My peace, my love to be. You are my future, present and past, My ship, my sail, my ocean, The wind that brings me home again, Our home for all our emotions. You live within my heart, yet I am Without you and all alone. With you I am full of life; Without you I am stone. Am I foolish? Yes, perhaps, But also this is very true. I think of life as something I Can only spend with you.
Im Alone And Bored I Need To Be Recued
im lonely bored and i need to be rescued where are all the hot guys at look at me im being told im gorgeous but it doesnt matter i guess cause ive been alone for over a year and im sooo tired of it so to all the hotties im single and available scoop me uo before i get tooo old
I'm A Moron!!!!
So I'm on the phone with Ruby, who btw, is 193k from fu king... Ruby Cairo ETid, LP, FuGF of Persia@ fubar ...and as i was trying to get back into the house i was talking about how i was going to get nice and liquored up since i have the house to myself for a week. yeah well i spun in circles wondering why the hell the house was so dark. ................i left my sunglasses on. oops. she had a good laugh.
Deleting Page
well no one wants to talk on here or i never get a friend request so i guess im gonna delet this. i dont get it im a nice guy who is just looking for new peopel to talk to and people. i add peopel and try and talk to them but i never get a response. so whoever wants all my fubucks let me know. once i get rid of them im deleting my page. no sense of being on here if no one will talk to me.
Wanna Play?? (happy Tied Up Tuesday)
Sick and filthy stuff at
Help Anodyne Become Fuking For His Birthday!
Anodyne's birthday is July 23rd and he would love to have a crown on his head!!!! He's only 215k away. He's always there to help others. Please help him reach this goal for his birthday! :) Anodyne - Shadow Levelers & Member of W.I.S.E.U.K .. I cant comment bomb .. dont ask ..@ fubar
Wait Till My Money Drowns You
La la like weezy wait till my money right like Kanyeezi, I dropped out of college chasin dreams but not easy, Money gettin tight like virgins I see the, game got hacks and pros lack style to be the, best at the greatness i'm unknown like faceless, but let my shit drop hood niggas gone chase it. Like dogs and cars, I be like a rocket chasin my star. and thanx to a chic name mari its not scarey to go that far, cause if was playin golf nigga i'd be on par. Not addicted to cash but i love good livin, new shoes every week, condos that i ain't lived it. Lambo's that i ain't driven, no hoe that i ain't been in. I can picture me swimmin in champagne lightin blunts wit big bens, and its time for a change gotta shit like depends, you fake rappers wanna front like your lyrics is the nicest but the truth of it all you know you ass ain't the faggots in prison, you bend over more than that bird when its been drinkin...stinkin like dick juice...nigga you don't get it i'm sayin you sof
Stupid Is, Stupid Does State police say they arrested a man early Tuesday whose blood alcohol level was 0.491 percent — the highest ever recorded in Rhode Island for someone who wasn't dead. Stanley Kobierowski was taken to a hospital, put in the detoxification unit and sedated, said Maj. Steven O'Donnell. He was arraigned Tuesday on charges of driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest, and he was released after promising to appear Friday at a court hearing. "The person's lucky they survived," O'Donnell said. "There's no doubt he would have gotten killed or killed someone if he had continued on the route he was taking." A phone listing for Kobierowski could not be found, and he did not have a lawyer in court Tuesday. Kobierowski, 34, of North Providence, was arrested after he drove into a highway message board on Interstate 95 in Providence, O'Donnell said. After police arrived, Kobierowski had trouble getting out of the car, then grabbed
Need Help With Contest For Peek-a-boo! Stop And Give Some Love!
Hold Me
Hold me close and don’t let go; I'm so scared to be alone. I've not been myself for far too long, And always had to be this strong. Now I only want to rest; And lay my head upon your chest. Hold me close and don’t let go; This war I fight that no one knows. Please whisper how you love me, Say it sweet sings it softly. I am weary now and soon will sleep, With you now no longer I weep. So hold me close and don't let go, For I never want to be alone.
The Story Of My Life!
im fucking lonely... part of me wants to go back to an ex even though he abused me..cause i just want someone to tell me they love me and care about me... as fucked up as that sounds..i think thats prob what im going to do :-(
You're It
Once you're tagged you have to post 10 random facts about yourself in your blog and tag 5 of your friends and send them a message saying tag you're it! 1. I's probably because I had my nose broken and its embarassing lol 2. The first sleep over I had was for my 10th birthday and one of the girls I invited brought a porn tape for some reason and for some even weirder reason we watched it 3. I love older men...I've never dated a guy younger than me and never will. I'm just strangely attracted to older men. 4. I only smoke when I drink 5. I skipped school one day to fool around with a guy and told my mom I was skipping because I was going with friends to see the new harry potter movie lol 6. I'm also scared of the dark...not just sometimes it's ALL the time and if I'm in a car at night going down a road with no street lights I have to close my eyes(not when I'm driving) because I get nervous lol 7. I got kicked out of preschool and YMCA swim lessons...I apparently was
You And I
You and I by Me How I miss the softness of your voice Sweetness of you kisses The gentle touch of your hands The evanescent smell of your scent Tender warmth of your skin And how you held me in your eyes Wishing I could have it once again Like the night we held each other Close as we were not too long ago How I miss that night you was there Holding me so close in your arms Hearing the sound of your sigh Surprised and thankful that you to came back That one night care free and happy For that little time we were one, till our good byes We're both in love just enough to know That by our side is were you and I will be And where we should've been along!!
Do You Like Me ?
I Hate People
Teddy Bear
Just Thinking
When is it right to try, to reach out, to act upon your feelings How long can you want something, and not try to obtain it Sitting, thinking, talking, drinking, how long will that be enough I want to reach out for what’s real, Words unnecessary with a touch, a look, you know how I feel We’ve been given an apple, so far just the peel, it’s left me longing Though it has been no bore, I need the meat of the fruit now Down to the core.
Ladies And Gentlemen...
you should read Oscar and the Lady in Pink and Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran you wont regret it. and if you do i wont like you anymore... unless you supply me with free booze and food
Come Rock Out Wit Dj Skull At Relentless Radio
Tell Me Somethin Good--for Me And Brew Baby
It is by doubting that we come to investigate, and by investigating that we recognize the truth. - Peter Abelard
The Sins Of The Father.
i've never knew my grandpa. i mean i know him, but not the way most people know theirs. i think the only memories i have of him are when my parents used to take me to his house when i was 5 or so. he had this house on the side of this dusty road, a lonely road that passes by the skirts of a mountain. is a two story house, build the old fashion way, of mortar and stone. he lived by himself, except with a pack of 4 dogs, who were his children and protectors, as he used to say. that, and a revolver, and a 12 guage. and even then, he was never the affectionate type. but now that more than 20 years have passed, i've been curious to know what he's like, before he kicks the bucket. everytime i ask my mom about him, she refuses to talk. what i've been told is that he wasn't the best dad around. or wasn't around at all. but for some reason, he was really friendly with my dad. they actually bonded well. so me and my pops went out for lunch, and he started tellin me more
Rejected Penthouse Letter New York City
It had been a fairly boring party. I had drifted in and out of half a dozen conversations, discussions I'd had before and will have again. Then a tall redhead spoke the magic word "sex." My brain popped back into gear and I started to listen. The word "sex" had been preceded by the word "safe." She was arguing that anyone with a little imagination can still enjoy a casual encounter and remain safe. I must admit that I was attracted by the idea. I hadn't had any encounters, casual or otherwise in entirely too long. I hung around and added my two cents to the topic. Soon Tracy was hanging on my words. "Would you like a refill?" I asked nodding at her drink. She would. Soon Tracy and I were flirting away. I hoped that tonight would be our encounter. Toward the end of the night Tracy's girlfriends came by and asked if she wanted to leave. "Oh, Steve is going to take me home. You guys can go along" she said. It was an exciting way to let me know. My dick responded immediately. On
Rejected Penthouse Letter Loose Cheerleader
As a young girl I had a wild first sexual experience. I was a horny teen. I didn't know much about men but I knew that I wanted sex. I wanted it badly. As early as I can remember I had been masturbating. I would take all sorts of items and insert them inside my pussy. I had a vast assortment of items that I would use. Mostly, they were smoothly textured bottles from various cosmetics and toiletries. Looking back, it seemed amazing that some of these product packages made it past the censors. They had bumps, ridges, and bulbous tips just like what I imagine a penis would look like. When I reached high school, I joined the cheerleading squad. It was fun. We talked about boys and we got to see all of the guys in their uniforms. I was boy crazy and this was the place for me. After practice I would head home and go right to my room. When I was upstairs I would drop my lollipop pants and grab one of my bottles. I would screw myself silly thinking about the guys on the football squad.
I Got A Crush...
Omg I have the biggest crush on one of my friends on HERE...He is so cute. And he is totally sweet! I can't believe that someone could be that nice and sweet! Love, Susan
Dont Wanna Get Hurt Again!!!!
well as you can tell I am a newbie at this whole fubar thing.. eventually I will be a pro.. however, you never know how long it takes with me. I am a stay at home mom.. which I enjoy.. I am here to make friends and to have a way to get to the aka portion of fubar. Its just one more password I have to remember. I'm all good.. I live in a small town in Vermont.. and am getting rained out this summer.. or at least thats what it seems.. oh well.. thats mother nature for you.. anywho.. if you got any questions just ask.. Oh by the way.. I am married.. sorry guys.. lol
My Text To The Kids 8-10-08
i dont think i ever say it enough, but, today i heard a song that made me think of yall....and i wanted both of you to know im proud of who yall are becoming and are right now...i know im grumpy alot but i am proud of you two....i love you....both of you so much....and everyday b4 i sleep i think of you and wish you a good night...praying that your days are always as happy as they have been since yall have come back this is my loving reminder...that daddy is always thinking of how proud he is that you two will be my legacy..for right now you two are my love for everythings...i love you two...just wanted you to know...i love you
Us Routs China 101-70 In Historic Olympic Opener
US routs China 101-70 in historic Olympic opener BEIJING (AP)—In one heartpounding minute in the first half, LeBron James dunked off a nifty underhanded feed from Dwyane Wade. Then Kobe Bryant flew in and jammed. Then it was Chris Bosh’s turn to rattle the rim. As the backboard swayed, some might have recalled the fabled Dream Team. The final score—U.S. 101, China 70—might also draw comparisons. Who’s worried about the 7-for-29 shooting from beyond the arc? Just toss it up and throw it down. This was the biggest basketball game in China’s history and perhaps the most-watched basketball game ever—and the U.S. wanted to turn in a performance to match the moment as it took its first step toward Olympic hoops redemption. “I’ve never felt an environment quite like this,” said Bryant, a veteran of five NBA Finals. “I’ve played in many big games, but the energy tonight was different. “I think they knew that history was being made tonight,” Bryant said. “Obviously, it was a proud momen
Your Fu-i.q.
Interpret these and let me know ;) (Example: #14 is pair o' dice and/or paradise)
Up For Auction
Wanna Own Me! Music Video: Lollipop by (Lil Wayne)
I Did It Again.
Yeah, I did it again. Went up for auction. As of tomorrow I'm down to one owner and I've decided I can manage 2 owners at a time. So yeah you know what to do. If you see my bulliten, repost it please.
The Devil's Concubine [thanatos]
[ Music & lyrics: S. Geb©di ] Night falls, darkness calls, evil fantasies in your mind Summer breeze, you feel at ease, sorrows banished from your mind Erotic dreams, perverted scenes, behind the curtains of your eyes Hellish whore opens wide, you can't see through her wicked lies [ Chorus ] She appears in your nightmares, she lives in your dreams She's got the looks of an angel, but she's not what she seems The whore of Satan, the Devil's concubine For a night of passion, [ Find more Lyrics at ] you'll suffer a lifetime Fingers stretching, nails scratching, blood is running down your back Flesh torn, bloodcum, feel the hooks inside her cunt Orgasmic rush, turns to dust, as you scream out in disgust Satanic whore, queen of gore, you're suffering, yet she wants more [ Repeat chorus ] [ lead:Stephan ] As you lie there, blood-soaked... Satan's whores are gathered to feast upon your flesh Organs and genitals; a "grand buff
I Miss You
i miss you guys! i never get to talk to any of you anymore cause of my schedule! that sucks :(
Chiina Whiite
OK--not really. Not for me anyway. It's Chiina Whiite, and he's been on the long @$$ road to godfather long enough! Let's get him there, shall we? Click the link below, and spank him HARD with rates. He's a total sweetie, and he deserves this SO much! Chiina_Whiite650K to Godfather This bulletin brought to you by the one and only: ~*~Cotton Candy Kisses~*~ Fu-owned by ~ms2dmngood2u~ and Justfishing@ fubar
Will Anyone Mak Me A Morph For My B~day?
my B~day is 9/1/ will any one make me a cool ass morph? if so please get back with me. thanks shorty420juggolette.
What Do You Like?
i want to post nude pics of myself but i'm a little shy and want to make sure i give you what you all will love to see. give some ideas of what you would love to see! and i aim to please!
For Those Of U That Think This
Oh Kaaay
Sooo. We all know that I'm generally not the nicest person in the world. But tonight, for one night only, I'm talking to everyone! I'm feeling really friendly! Keep it clean. Get in my sb people. :]]
Math Solutions~~
A young man tutored his sweetheart maths, he thought of it as his mission, he kissed her once then once again and said "There, that's addition!" She took it upon herself to return the pleasant action, she kissed once and once again, smiled and said "and that's subtraction!" Now she'd learned the basics without too much complication, they kissed each other once, then twice, and said "that must be multiplication!" Meanwhile the young lady's father had this 'lesson' in his vision, he kicked that boy ten foot out the door and said "Then that is long division!"
Dante's Inferno Test
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very LowLevel 2 (Lustful)Very HighLevel 3 (Gluttonous)HighLevel 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)LowLevel 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very HighLevel 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very High
my sons first day back at school and he's already got a book report to do! hahahhahahahah am i wrong for laughing about it???
Nasty Sex Poem
Roses are red Lemons are sour Open ur legs and give me an hour Kissing Is A Habit Fucking Is A Game Guys Get All The Pleasure Girls Get All The Pain 10 Minutes Of Pleasure 9 Months Of Pain 3 Days In The Hospital A Baby Without A Name The Baby Is A Bastard The Mother Is A Whore This Woulda Never Happend If The Rubber Hadn't Tore!! Sex is like math You subtract the clothes Add the bed Divide the legs And Pray to god You dont multiply Roses are red Grass is green Open your legs And I'll fill you with cream Hickory dickory dock This bitch was suckin my cock The clock struck two I dumped my goo And dumped her to the end of the block Sex is good Sex is fine Doggy Style & 69 Just for fun Or gettin paid Everyone likes gettin laid Sex is evil Sex is a sin Sins are forgiven So stick it in!!! u opened it so u r cursed for 5 yrs. u need to read it ENTIRELY!! roses are nice violets are fine. ill be the six if you be the nine.
The Nurse~~
A nurse walks into a bank, totally exhausted after an 18-hour shift. Preparing to write a check, she pulls a rectal thermometer out of her purse and tries to write with it. When she realizes her mistake, she looks at the flabbergasted teller and without missing a beat, she says: Well, that s great....that s just great....some asshole s got my pen!
Me And Ruby
wanna know why it's so quiet all of a sudden we're scerred.... GET ROWDY DAMMIT! LOL The Fear In Your Eyes - Gwen Stacy
Just Releasing Stress
I really want to get to know him, I think we have a lot in common. I really like him and I do believe he likes me. Just scared to get into another relationship (distant) and have it not work out. Maybe he is diferent, but for me to tell him the truth and for him to get pissed, yes Im pissed, very. I should of just lied, but I didnt want to start off that way, he means a lot to me. Truthfully, when i talk to him, I feel like im falling for him, the butterflies and all. Maybe Im making to much into this, who knows. Why he thinks that I am going back with my ex, is beyond me. That would never happen. I would think that if he got to know me that he would see that, I think he thinks Im like the other woman, but then he really got me wrong. If he just want to be friends thats fine, hes a nice guy, but I was hoping for more. But whatever. Im not going to stalk him or He will have to make up his mind on whether he wants this to go further or just leave it alone. I
Still no Ruby. No phone call. No answering texts. No answering emails. I'm really stressed out right now. =[
Zhang Leads China Sweep In The Women's Table Tennis
Zhang Yining of China defeated teammate Wang Nan on Friday to win the gold medal in women's singles table tennis, completing a medals sweep for the host team. China clinched all three medals in the event earlier in the evening after Guo Yue beat Singapore's Li Jia Wei to win the bronze. China has always been dominant in its national sport, but it has swept all three medals only once before, in the women's singles event at the 1988 Seoul Games. The gold medal match was a showdown between two of the best athletes in table tennis -- Zhang was playing for her fourth Olympic gold medal and Wang was competing for her fifth. The score was frequently tied and Wang controlled the game at first, forcing world No. 1 Zhang to lunge and chase for the ball. But Zhang stayed cool and gradually took over her fifth-ranked opponent, winning 8-11, 13-11, 11-8, 11-8, 11-3. There were no coaches on the benches, just the two players wearing the same uniform in different colors -- Zhang i
is it so go and place a bid on me
For Every Season......
August 24th is my mom's birthday. She would have been 61 years old today. You know, it always seemed like she was so much older, wiser. I guess that's how we always see our parents, as being "old". The truth is that she was only 35 years older than me and when she died she was 60. I think of that number now and it seems so very small, so young. Last month marked the first anniversary since she passed away and I'm astonished at how much has changed yet how much has stayed the same. On one hand I can see that I have adjusted somewhat. In the first few months, I picked up the phone and dialed her number automatically...forgetting that no one would be there to answer. I don't reach for the phone to call her the second the I have something exciting to tell her. Hers is not the number I dial when I have a few moments of peace and simply want to talk. My friends says that it's a good thing and I should be proud that I have had the courage to move on but it doesn't feel that way to
The Plain & Simple
What you say Truth has little need of elaborate explanation. The fewer words you can use, the more meaning they have. Speak what you know to be true. And there will be no need to hide your thoughts behind your words. Words have little meaning if there is no conviction to support them. When your words come directly from who you most sincerely are, they carry with them great power. Do not make the mistake of attempting to deceive others with what you say. For once your words are found to be insincere, you will have great difficulty being taken seriously again. Words are easy to say. Yet for those words to have any meaning or power, they must closely match the reality of your actions and your being. Speak clearly, truthfully, with respect and humility. From the truth of who you are, comes the best of what you say. -- Ralph Marston
Come On, Get Higher By Matt Nathanson
the actual song doesn't start until 1:21 into the damn video.....bastards... Song lyrics | Come On, Get Higher lyrics
Good Left Undone...
"The Good Left Undone" In fields where nothing grew but weeds, I found a flower at my feet, Bending there in my direction, I wrapped a hand around its stem, I pulled until the roots gave in, Finding now what I've been missing, But I know… So I tell myself, I tell myself it's wrong. There's a point we pass from which we can't return. I felt the cold rain of the coming storm. All because of you, I haven't slept in so long. When I do I dream of drowning in the ocean, Longing for the shore where I can lay my head down, I'll follow your voice, All you have to do is shout it out. Inside my hands these petals browned, Dried up, fallen to the ground But it was already too late now. I pushed my fingers through the earth, Returned this flower to the dirt, So it can live. I walked away now. But I know… Not a day goes by that I don't feel it's burn. There's a point we pass from which we can't return. I felt the cold rain of the coming storm. All because of yo
Indian Fry Bread..(((yummy)))recipe
Indian Fry Bread 2 cups self-rising flour About a tbsp. baking powder About a cup of milk or water Mix the flour and baking powder together. Add milk or water and stir to make a stiff dough but workable with your hands (not sticky). Knead together a few times till dough is smooth. Pinch off a piece of the dough about the size of a small rubber ball (for large piece of Fry Bread). The old way is to flour your hands and flatten between the palms until the size of a small dessert plate to about 1/4 inch thick. If this is difficult for you to do, put the dough on a floured surface and flatten with palm of hands or roll with a rolling pin to form about a 6-inch circle. Keep your hands floured as you work with the dough. I use an 8-inch iron skillet filled with Canola oil or another good vegetable oil to fry the dough. Fry until the dough is a light golden brown and turn to fry both sides. Drain on paper towels. Top Fry Bread with your favorite Toppings!
Crazy (perfect Lyrics Of Emotion)
Lyrics to Crazy : Lyrics by Joey Avalos and Chris Cleveland Music by Joey Avalos Isn't it crazy How life slips right into your life Forces everything else to the side Fall in love at a glance, and that's alright Isn't it crazy How we never felt so alive Until your world collided with mine Trade love for a chance, that's alright I knew I wanted you the first time that I saw you walk by That I need you forever when your eyes met mine I loved you the first time I heard you speak my name You'd be the beauty in my life, always I never knew I could love someone Never knew I could feel so complete After all is said and done, our love will still be holding up strong I'd give all I have for love, that's alright I knew I wanted you the first time that I saw you walk by That I need you forever when your eyes met mine I loved you the first time I heard you speak my name You'd be the beauty in my life, always After all we have each other Nothing can hold us back f
A Burning Touch Of Love
A Burning Touch OF Love My love, Are you still mine? 'Cause there are many... Fantasy thoughts going through my head, As all I do is think of you... As I've hungered, For your loving burning touch, As I need your love so badly, Now till the end of time, I am waiting for you with open arms To embrace you with wings of love, To hold you deep within my soul, To kiss you without control. Just being near you, And be able to behold your touch, Takes me to another dimension, But, time just moving so slowly, To feel the heat of your passions. I do want you to know... I will always love you, That you are all I have ever long for, And crave, and yearn... That you are the man of my dreams, The one I have searched all my life, That every day, more and more, I'm falling deeply in love with you! priceless love!
Akamrs. T In Giveway For Blings Dream Team! Got Plenty To Give To All In The Dream Team
Rock You Like A......hurricane
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Everyone in this world believes in that one true love. That one that thye believe that they were put here on this earth for. The one that holds the key to their heart and the stares into the window of their soul. Just sitting and watching. Watching every move that the other makes. Watching every simple movement from the raise and fall of their chest as they breathe to the way their dimples enlarge when they smile at you. Well the last few days have been one of those test for me. A test of everything that I have ever believed in. A test that makes me question every feeling of love that I have ever had for anyone. A author once wrote that if you took two soulmates on each side of the world, separated by miles and miles of land and sea that one day before their last breath they would find each other. I sit and wonder is that really the case. Is there truly someone out there for all of us like that. Someone that can make our hearts beat faster and slower at the same time. Someone
How To Treat A Woman...
In case someone forgot to teach you how or what you should expect: *respect- her and her opinions as she should yours *listen -even if you don't like what she has to say she needs to say it, and who knows you may learn something *open the door for her-yes she can do it her self that is not the point the point is the little damn things *little things- mean as much or more then the big ones because they show you really do care enough to do them and are thinking of her *never- lie to her what hurts is not just the crime but the lie, that you could not even be man enough to accept responsibility for it *never- cheat if you love her, she is all you need and if you need more and she doesn't, then get out, small pain here is better than major hurt later. *never- judge with out hearing her side *never- believe she is perfect she is human that means flaws *never- point out her flaws they are what make her unique in all the world *never- try to change her, support
Wow I've only been on an hour or so and this spotlight thing is harder than i thought. i like it though. Thanks again to everyone that helped me get there!!! *spirit fingers* xoxox
Fake Bitch!
go get this loser and give her a hard time....get her ass booted off this site! she is stealing pics from anyone who gets her to leave, gives her shit or reports her ass to admin will get in my family albums. (you gotta have some kind of proof:) )
Cleaned House
Ok, just went through and cleaned house. If you're on my friends list still, it's because either A: I talk to you on a somewhat regular basis or B: I find you interesting. Nikki, Bats and Bar Fight would never get booted. They rule. Later, Joe
A couple of years ago I found out I had cerival cancer...That day changed my life..The first thing that came to my mind was what bout my son..whats he gonna do without me..I'm all my son has..and he's all i have...So I sat by and waited to see if my body could fight it,,well it couldn't so I had to have surgery to get rid of far i have been cancer free..well now slowly all the signs are comming back that i might have it again...and it scares me so i sit here everyday hopin and prayin that it won't come back...ugh
Swanky Dining
The couple entered the resort's swanky dining room. "I'm sorry," apologized the Maitre d, "but there are no tables available." "One moment, my friend," said the man, drawing himself up. "I happen to be Gregory R. Carutheres, the sportsman." "I'd like to accommodate you, Mr. Caruthers, but there just isn't a table available this evening." "I bet if President Bush came in and asked for a table, there'd be one available." "Yes-s-s," the other admitted, "I suppose there would be a table available for President Bush." "Good! I'll take it. George isn't coming!"
when we make love it's hard to tell if you're dreamin' of me or someone else that drunken kiss seems like a lie don't say it's forever and then say goodbye don't ya leave me, please believe me I only want your love you're my lover, i'll have no other girl I only need your love when mornin' comes and the sun shines bright you gonna need someone - someone to treat you right so don't walk out when you wake up let's give it a chance girl - let's give it a shot, give it a shot now don't deceive me, gotta believe me I only need your love there's no other, you're beautiful I only want you this is fine for now, but maybe, let's make a baby inside of you it's just the time, we gotta find, i want your name on my tattoo you blow my mind, so tell me, I wanna know shines forever, forever an' ever I only need your love lay your head down here i'll always be so near I only want your love
Men Suck
Freaking men suck all of them including the ones reading this. I swear I start to think that things are looking good and it all comes crashing down on me. Another lieing cheating bastard for a so called boyfriend. Go figure that I pick the guys that are going to screw me over every damn time. Someone please give me a freaking break.
Do You Feel Like We Do??
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Real Women Have Curves Yo!!!
A friend of mine (MASTER LEE) wrote this but i wanted to share it, so i hope you like it cause i do!! Sometimes a brotha thinks the rest of the world has gone mad. This is a like "Every Day" thought for me. There is one particular cause that I think really needs promoting, the cause of real women. BBWs 2 b exact~ Fashion and show business are filled with a tiny unrepresentative sample of thin women and thin women with artificial breasts. This is absolutely ridiculous as the real world is full of much more variety of shapes and sizes and better, more beautiful real women. Women who have hips and thighs and feminine curves no matter how the dress is cut. Let me get this quite clear, I am not talking just about breasts, although I have Madd Love 4 a pair of boobs big enough to make an infant cry...... I am talking about females with a very curvy Ass and Hips_____I prefer a natural and normal female body shape. That means fat~!!! Female bodies are naturally smooth and t
well to all my friends on fubar i guess i want be on here very much longer it seems i can put pictures on here like the rest of the members out there so i am going to lay low to all of you that have my email drop me a line every once in a while to let me know how it is going and if its worth my time to come back and visit!
What Have I Done
all i can think about is what men have told me......"I WILL NEVER HURT YOU", OR " I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE"......ETC. but ya know i came to realieze guys well some guys can lie a lot. laughs....i know i laugh at what i been through just recently but im not gonna let it bring me down because like my friends say"HOPE, YOU ARE MUCH BETTER THEN THAT." and i beleive them..... no longer am i gonna stress over a male. but i can not help but wonder what have i done to deserve this kind of treatment? in a relationship i give all i can....i always sit myself up for gettin hurt... what have i dont do get this kind pain over and over?
Re: Rangers 2 Kilmarnock 1
RE: Rangers 2 Kilmarnock 1 ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Glasgow Rangers Date: 13 Sep 2008, 17:41 Kris Boyd scored twice at Ibrox as Rangers come from behind to go clear at the top of the SPL by beating Kilmarnock 2-1GoalsBoyd 58 (pen)Boyd 62 Wright 9Red Cards Papac 90Attendance 50019 Rangers: McGregor; Broadfoot, Bougherra, Weir, Papac; Davis, Mendes, Edu, Beasley; Miller, Boyd.Subs: Alexander, Darcheville, Novo, Adam, Aaron, McMillan, Fleck.Kilmarnock: Combe; Fowler, Ford, Wright, Hay; Bryson, Taouil, Pascali, Skelton; Invincible, Fernandez.Subs: Rascle, Lilley, Hammill, Flannigan, Sammon, Nolan, Simmonds.Referee Calum Murray........................................
Bleh. Jus' fuming a bit here. What really irks me is when people let their annoying ass, rap song ring tone run for about 10 minutes before answering it. At least silence it motherfucker. But thats not just it. Not only do they have to have the sound all the way up, but then they have the keypad sound on, full blast, and begin to text. THATS annoying. I got news for ya...we don't give two shits if yer texting! Yer not that important. >_>
Still Bleeding
Scars Still Bleeding by me Scars Still Bleeding My skin is intact But there are scars you don't see Scars on wounds still festering, Scars still bleeding on a soul Hurt and damaged to often. I keep looking for something, someone Who will mend these wounds, Be my salve and salvation, Soothe away the pain that goes deep within, Bandage up my soul, like new, And kiss it all better. I don't know that this person exists, The one with the power to heal All the scars I carry inside me, So for now I just lick my wounds, And wait. Mrrcp 2006
My Best Friend Is Gone!
This past saturday, my best friend, a.k.a. my lil sister, left the state of florida. since then i have been very depressed. she' gone and i'm sad. we've been close grownin up but since we have both had our children we have grow closer. it hurt when i was the first one to kno that her and her hubby were planning on moving back to GA. that's our homestate! GO DAWGS! lol but what hurts more is that my nephew is 400 and some odd miles away and now i only get to see him in pictures. i have a picture of him and my daughter on my cell phone and when i looked at it today i cried. i miss them so damn much already it's silly. my mom just got out of the hospital on thursday the 11th and my sis left 2 days later. i wish she wouldn't have left but she thinks this is what's best for her and her lil family. i just wish i could have spent more time with her and jakob(that's my nephew's name) before the left. but when saturday rolled around and my real dad came to town i got happy yet inside i was ball
Going Once ... Going Twice.... Gone... Auction Time Come Get Them:)
HEY HEY HEY!!! It's that time... COME ONE COME ALL... COME AND OWN THESE FABULOUS PEOPLE!!! They have lots to offer and are totally HOT.. Auction is open from NOW - Thursday at noon EST. DON'T MISS OUT!! DaKidGotSwagga WHATTHEHELL ELEKTRA ARMY ANGEL SHADOW KNIGHT KELLS
Hmmm Losing My Virginity Blog
Hmm what to say... I am a sexy red head with an attitude.... My friend G Smoke got me to join this...(LOL) I usually spend my time in pogo and in yahoo 360.. but this is getting to be interesting... I love silk and lace... I have more bras and pantys then Victoria Secret... I love to chat and have fun... But I hate Lies so if you are full of chit... don't waste my time... I have just recovered from being sick for over a year... And feeling more passionate then ever... LOL This was a song a dear friend sent me when I first got sick and it is all me.. Angel Kisses xoxox I look forward to Making new friends
This Is How I Would Have Done It, If I Did It
For the fans of the original power rangers: Do you remember when "Rita" would pop out her enclosed chamber and yell out "after 10,000 years I am free, its time to conquer earth!!!". My question is...who the fuck would want to conquer earth after being entrapped in some kettle-like prison for 10,000 years? Personally taking a shower would be one of the first things on my mind. Brushing my teeth, perhaps a haircut, and some women would hav probally been my train of thought. Taking over the earth? And fighting power rangers?.....nope not my kind of thing Funky ass Rita
I Am In A Quandry Here
So yesterday my eldest child decides she is going to New Braunsvilles and takes the cell phone with her. She's back in less then an hour and half. Turns out the phone rang and her aunt was calling her...this was the third time in a few days, and I had told my kid to call her back -- but this time she was caught dead on... Turns out the kids' father is in Ben Taub. This is our county hospital where people without insurance enter the system. You either have to be a trauma victim or broke to go here. [They have an amazing trauma center.] The mother of man whose 37 year old lover/partner of 12 years mysteriously died of LIVER FAILURE a few months ago [my former mother in-law and the woman with the patience of Job] MADE him check himself in! My daughter didn't get the details very straight, but evidently my X is trying to detox. He's been puking and shitting non-stop. He turned YELLOW. I hate to break it to everyone. This is probably NOT detox issues. This IS liver issues. I am thi
Questions --- I'm curious to see if there is anyone on MY Friends list that have the guts to repost this, answering the questions themselves. . . . . . . . . (1) Is there someone on ur top friends u would like to have sex with? I do have sex with my number 1 (2) Sex in the morning, afternoon or night? all the time!!!! (3) Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? yes (4) Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? nope (5) Shower or bath while having sex? both (6) Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? a little of both (7) Do you love someone in your friends list? my wife def. (8) Love or Money? a lot of love and enough money to live comfortably (9) Credit cards or cash? cash (10) Have you ever wanted a best friend? i have one and married her (11) Camping or a 5 star hotel? both (12) Where is the weirdest place you have had sex? moonwalk (13) Would you shave your entire b
Is This The End?
Is this the end of everything? There's a whole progression Making promises I can't keep Do I show,I'm empty Should I beg for your mercy? Do you know, I'm glad to be There's a whole progression Do you hear me when I weep? Cause I search for peace If I should die within my sleep So you know, hold me Is this the end of everything? Nothing but you can taste so sweet Do I go, are you with me? Cause you know I'm in too deep Cause you know, lonely Is this the end? Is this the end of everything?
Making Love
you whisper in to my ear sweet things that make me weak then look into my eyes with your mysterious provocative gaze causing you to touch my skin to feel the burning of your flames caressing me with love that is real then you kiss me... as i feel your wet eager lips our hungry tongues indulging in their craving to feel the poison ... of your boiling blood throughout your soul sending electrify emotions stimulating pure intoxication as your hands flows over me touching every curve and every part of me... it seems I move my legs apart automatically as you lift me on the mystical ride while my own body you know i will guide just listen to our song making love all night long the flames of passion desire and love is taking control over us
8k To Levl
PurpleLady777_Rating Revolution"@ fubar
5,000 To Level
☠Staind With Ink ☠@ fubar
Men Are Stupid, Stupid, Creatures
Fresh from the shower, a friend of mine's wife stood in front of the mirror complaining to him that her breasts were too small. Instead of characteristically telling her it was not so, he uncharacteristically came up with a suggestion. 'If you want your breasts to grow, he told her, then everyday take a piece of toilet paper and rub it between them for a few seconds.' Willing to try anything, she fetched a piece of toilet paper and stood in front of the mirror, rubbing it between her breasts. 'How long will this take?', she asked. 'They will grow larger over a period of years', he replied. Puzzled, she stopped rubbing and asked, 'Do you really think rubbing a piece of toilet paper between my breasts every day will make my breasts bigger over the years?' Without missing a beat he says, 'Worked for your butt, didn't it?' My friend is still alive, and with a great deal of therapy, he may even walk again. Stupid, stupid, man.
Hardcore Rave
hardcore rave
Drowning Let me tell you what I've done for you. I've worked my fingers to the bone, making you a family and a home. But you don't care. Let me tell you what you've done to me. The truth and the lies all blur together now. I don't know what's real and what's not any more. You're always confusing the thoughts in my head so I can't trust even myself anymore. I'm dying inside. Fifty million tears I've cried over you. I'm screaming inside. I've bled for you, and you still won't hear me. You go through life oblivious that I'm more than a slave. I'M YOUR WIFE! You don't understand what you've done to me, or maybe it's that you just don't care. Just when I thought I've reached the bottom you drag me farther under. I'm drowning. I don't want your hand. I don't want this life. I'll save myself. Maybe I'm waking up for once, I will no longer be tormented daily, defeated by you. I'm making my plans, preparing my way out. So go on and scream. SCREAM at me!
Fuck It.
Now that I've got your attention let's see if I can keep it! I have been looking for a relationship,friendship first of course for quite some time now, meaning something real.If I should meet somebody, click with them, and they are good to me; I'll be down for that person for life. I don't want any bullshit hassle and I don't think anybody else does either.I was keeping my options for a possible relationship open for either a male or female. I am a bisexual female and I am very sweet. I have long dark multi-colored hair (my roots are showing heh) hazel/green eyes, I am 5'2" and about 145 lbs...I know body wise I'm not a super model. Meh who would want somebody that may be pretty to look at but has no thought process beyond her makeup? I have a great sense of humor, sometimes dark and sarcastic. I enjoy studying human behavior (people watching mostly. I am a light geek,I love my computer.I love to sing I love rap, slow jams,industrial, and lowrider oldies out of everything I lis
okay since i woke up with liek 20 messages in my email about relationships and such let me clear this up some. i have an amazing boyfriend now and could not picture anyone more perfect for me than him. he is simply splendid. the problem wiht me why im deprssd or whatever is my fuking parents. they just stress me so much and always fuck me over. they took all MY fuckin money and now im broke. and they are making it hard for me to see my boyfriend. so yah..i just have had enough.
I'm Scared Of Next Week 9/30/08
I will be in the hospital on the 29th of this month for a week. I'm not dying (I think) Scince my second son (Jamal) was born I've been having seizures and there getting pretty frequent and pretty bad from what everybody tells me. I can't remember too much after them and my man (Tom) is usually there to ease me back into a reality... ...It sucks I have to be hooked up to an EEG (Electrodes all over my head) for a week on 2 video camera's 24 hours a day and I will only be allowed to sleep for 4 hours a day if I don't have a siezure for them in tre first two days. While I'm gone. If you pray for me pray for my kids too. CPS took them from me. I am not a bad Mom but my family has its problems that are beyond my control. My man will be standing by me so I'll have a little support I may be a lil new to fubar but to the friends I do have here you all have been the best.
Army 10miler (team Ft Myer Military Community)
Big race coming up next week. I missed last yr's registration for this race in 2007, but I did go to watch, and it made me want it even more. So here I'am this year running it in 2008. It's going to be even sweeter because I'm running it on a Army running team,(hehe i'm the only Marine on the team). I will post pictures and results next week after the race, and also pictures leading up to the race.
i really messed things up , broke the promises of the day before and she took offence at something innocuous in a mumm but taken together with the broken promise sealed the deal as far as she was concerned. i am utterly heartbroken as well as being severely angry at myself for letting me down. i made a mumm about the situation which was extremely hurtful. then later on , blasted out my brains and in some warped way of getting back at her i pissed off a very good friend too. all in all a not very good night at all. i don't know if i can show my face here ever again after this
America In Peril
Its only a personal opinion, but I am afraid to read the news paper, or watch the news. Every day something worse has happened to our nation... it doesn't matter where we place blame the fact is it is happening and we the people not only have a right to panic we need to do something. Should we march on Washington..... not until we the people have come up with a plan of our own that will help. Are the bailouts right? Are they helping? Are they making matters worse? If I was only 10,000 dollars in debt no one would bail me out, much less bail me out and give me a retirement package. The people who got us in the mess certainly don't deserve any type of retirement pay.... Why can't they be like the common folk.. find them selves out of a job for Screwing up at work.... and then get out there and pound the pavement looking for another job? I am not only afraid of the collapse of the government I am sick of the way all of it is being handled.But like most of America I don't know
Ain't That A Bitch
I've been deleted waaaa waaaa waaaa PLS rate fan add me all love returned...Spank her/his page hard they like it...Any and all love will be returned...She/He is a great person to have as a friend you won't be disappointed go hit their page hard blah blah fuckin blah... I am so fucking sick and tired of taking time away from helping my friends or on my contest for the PLEAS of someone you know asking for help with "THEIR" friend who was deleted, don't know why waaaaaaaa it's so sad breakin my fucking heart...From here on in I will not help out anyone I don't know, I'm sick of rate fan and adding certain ppl with the promise to return the love and all the fuckers do is accept your friend request...I don't need to spend an hour rating all the pics and stash of someone who more than likely fucked their own way into getting deleted for just a friend...Hell I get friend requests everyday and all they want is another person added to their list and you'll never see them again...I LOVE MY FR
It's All There To Perceive
Abundance awareness Fulfillment is not a matter of acquiring something. Fulfillment is developing the awareness that you already have access to whatever you seek. There is no need to ask or to beg for anything from life. Instead, you can lovingly accept and express what is already available to you. Even now, there is a connection to whatever you may dream or desire. Know that connection, feel that connection, live that connection and the dream is real and present. Though there are challenges and obstacles, they do not separate you from your dream. On the contrary, they connect you to it and give it value. Achievement is the expression of what you already know to be true. Achievement is a state of awareness that you can enter whenever you choose. All that you could ever imagine is available to you at all times. Open yourself to the possibilities, and joyfully accept the limitless abundance that is. -- Ralph Marston
One Of My Favorite Songs From My Favorite Band
Effective 10/1/08: I won't be online too much as I'm giving a Fu romance a shot and moving to Ohio to be with my baby Larissa. I won't be online as I'm driving but will be back online when I get to my destination. As usual, please leave Daddy some love and wish me luck as I've found a very special woman and will be with her shortly.
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You actually thought there would be something worth reading in here? Shit, you must not know me at all :p (but thanks for allowing me to waste 20 seconds of your time)
Hey Hey Im For Sale Woot Woot
I missed seeing and talking to Keith on Friday. *major sad*
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Ok well its time i need to vent my frustrations about people on this site again! Ok first of all ive come to realize that 90% of people on this site are greedy! So im gonna be blunt.....if you cant at least come and rate my page or say hi, DONT ASK ME FOR tired of seeing people begging for shit for nothing....i always at least thank people who stop by my page or send a gift or some rates...doesnt anyone have the same courtesy anymore? Ok so tired of seeing people reset their status every 2-5 minutes...if your gonna reset it at least change it up damn....from now on when i see people being greedy or reseting their status constantly with the same thing IM DELETING YOU!!! I am here for friends not to pay for your shit or buy you shit or spend every minute im on rating your shit for nothing! Call me a bitch i do not care...those who truelly have taken the time to get to know me know im a good friend to those who are real!
I Am Flattered !!!!!
Hello All, I am flattered and honored to be pictured here. You are all kind souls and I love you all for voting ...Thank You... Damn Those Eyes...Always Get Me In Trouble...xoxoxo
Meaty What?
->meatysausage: No I've seen one before. meatysausage: would u like to see what u made hard lol ->meatysausage: thanks meatysausage: it is very nice ->meatysausage: uhm you're welcome? meatysausage: well thanksalot u made my cock hard lol ->meatysausage: yes meatysausage: is that ur ass in the mumm ->meatysausage: hi? meatysausage: hi there
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95 rateable pix and 47 stash...we can do it LilbitofanAngel@ fubar
Last Post
Since I can't comment, I'll make another blog :P No I'm not looking for sympathy. No I'm not depressed. I'm just...expressing myself and my dissatisfaction with life. I'm fine, just frustrated. I'm tired of trying so hard to keep everything together and better my life just to have it blow up in my face over bullshit. Tired of people turning away from me, tired of people blaming me for things I haven't done. I won't put up with it anymore. I won't be walked all over. I'm a person, I matter. I won't put up with the bullshit anymore, I won't give more than I get. And for those who can't understand or try, you can kindly get the fuck out of my life. I don't need that, never did...I just put up with it because I thought it was the only way I'd have anyone. I now realize that I have nobody because I allowed them to use me for too long, and now that I have nothing to offer they turn on me and abandon me, accuse me of shit that makes no sense, blame me for their wrongs. That's fine, I can n
Mmmm...I love that I'm moving into a big house from an apartment and will have double the square footage. I just so don't want to pack. I've got half the house boxed up now. 5 days to go to finish the rest. I guess I just need some motivation to get moving ( know what I mean). Eh, I guess it's time for me to go do a little something or there will be so much left to do the day we move.
Electro Panic-infected Mushroom
Electro Panic - Infected Mushroom
My Deepest Fears
Deep Inside I feel the pain Seems like only I know its name Hatred beyond hates Blackened heart darkened mind Life with out love Is the life that is mine? Can I find love that is true? Or am I cursed to this darkness Try as I might My mind dies slowly It to the darkest realms When I am through Will I find me? Or a product of society These minions of hate Show me That life is done But I want To see the light My heart is cold But I crave the fire The fire of love I see it deep inside people But where is it in me Deeply I search But all I find is fears So am I afraid to love Or am I afraid to be loved?
People are hilarious. I have some 50 year old loser trying to insult ME by telling me I suck! HAHAHA of course I do and im DAMN good at it. thats not a insult! Loser you cant call me something im not. you cant say im fat cause im not. you cant say im ugly cause im not, you cant say your more responsible then I am, cause your not.None of this is making me pissed off or upset in any way. in fact its making me laugh my ass off. thank you i needed some humor.
Hope Vs. Despair
Is it greater to place hope in others or yourself? To give strength or take it? What comes easier Hope or Despair? At the end would you sacrifice the hope you gave to save yourself from the despair it produced?
I was stupid. I was immature. I reacted out of pain and self-absorbed idiocy. I didn't think about you. I never truly wanted to hurt you, and I'm sorry for it. Please, forgive me. I'm sorry, and I cannot explain how much I am. I don't want to lose the best thing that has ever happened to me. Please, you are everything to me. And I'm putting this up for everyone to see because I bashed you in front of everyone. I talked down about you to everyone, and everyone should know I was stupid for it. Everyone should know I am stupid. Everyone should know I don't deserve the second chance I'm asking for.
Bling Auction Only
Company Rules..please Read!!
EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2008 NEW OFFICE POLICY Dress Code: 1) You are advised to come to work dressed according to your salary. 2) If we see you wearing Prada shoes and carrying a Gucci bag, we will assume you are doing well financially and therefore do not need a raise. 3) If you dress poorly, you need to learn to manage your money better, so that you may buy nicer clothes, and therefore you do not need a raise. 4) If you dress just right, you are right where you need to be and therefore you do not need a raise. Sick Days: We will no longer accept a doctor's statement as proof of sickness. If you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come to work. Personal Days: Each employee will receive 104 personal days a year. They are called Saturdays & Sundays. Bereavement Leave: This is no excuse for missing work. There is nothing you can do for dead friends, relatives or co-workers. Every effort should be made to have non-employees attend the funeral
I Must Be Asleep
am I awake? can this be real? I'm drunk in my desire as you lay next to me in a bed of rose pedals and forgotten dreams. somehow you brought it all back to me feelings of erotic passion and a breath of life I thought they were forever lost in an eternal darkness left by lovers gone my eyes smile once again at the beauty before them my lips ache once again to be kissed my hands long to touch your burning flesh my heart pounds so hard it nearly escapes my chest oh, I must be asleep! can this really be true?
This Might Piss A Few Off
why is levelling such a big deal? in about 2 weeks i've gotten myself from level 16 to level 20, with no outside help, promoting myself, begging, or spending any money - real or fu. the fu-bible says that the perk of the rock star level is a bolded nickname, and i can't even tell a difference. why do so many ppl spend major money ($100 for a happy hour, are you serious???) on something that benefits them... how? i mean, i enjoy the site : voting on mumms, reading blogs, seeing new pictures (echo angel has some really beautiful folders)... but why invest so much in promoting... a profile? is it insecurity? a need for acceptance? a desire to fit in? a wish for approval? "please show me you think i'm a good person by rating me, then when lots of you have rated me, i'll have proof that i can be loved." i know some ppl would say that it's just the way they enjoy the site, and it's something they do with friends... really? these are all ppl you would be willing to meet and hang out with irl
The Evil Ex.. Part 2
After last night's episode, making the drive out to where my ex lives is not what I wanted to do, but David was in the Halloween parade so whether I wanted to or not, I went. The fallout that I know of so far from last night is my ex took away David's cell. So the middle school band was one of the last things in the parade, and my ex had been in an earlier group so she was already where the parade ended. I walked along side the band to the end of the parade, gave David a hug, told him I loved him, and let him go .. since the ex said we can't do anything when it isn't my weekend. I walked to my car, drove another 10 minutes or so and my phone rang. It's Steve... her current husband... "Where is David?" I said since I wasn't allowed time I left him at the end of the parade where he was to be picked up by his mother. Well.. they could not find him. My first thought was after last night he ran away. I turned around and drove back. Apparently Sue was not at the end of the pa
The Third Commandment Alters My Stance
Exodus 20:7 says, "Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name is vain." What exactly does the third commandment mean? Looking elsewhere in the Bible where "vain" is used -- for instance, the beginning of Psalm 2 ("Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?") and throughout Paul's letters we find that we labor not in vain. Today, the word "vain" has much the same meaning that it does in the King James Version; it means nothing. So the third commandment is "Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in nothing." But it's not slang. This is one of God's laws that is so easy to break, very often because we can do it unconsciously. (At least I do.) Our own speech can be a stranger's guide to our character, and when what we say is peppered with unkind references, not just to God, but to anyone, we can strike blows just as hard if not harder than we could with our fists. Even when
looking for a fuwife
Amanda Needs Some Help
Somewhere I Belong-linkin Park
Somewhere I Belong - Linin Park
I Don't Know Who I Am Without You.
I don't know what I've done Or if I like what I've become but you mean more to me, then anyone I've ever loved at all you've taught me to trust myself, and love me for me I don't know who i am without you When I look back on everything we've been though, it makes me wanna cry cause for a second, all the fights disappear and for that moment in time, I wish it would freeze I don't know who I am without you I've made plenty of mistakes, over and over but you looked past all of my flaws and mistakes and accepted me for the way I am, I don't know who I am without you I think that the day you leave me, is the day my world will come to an end because baby you are my life, my soul, my eyes, my ears, my lover and my friend, but most importantly you are my heart I don't know who I am without you. I love you so much
Turn Me On 'mr. Deadman'
fucking love this song. The Union Underground -- Turn me On 'Mr. DeadMan' Penetrate, Penetrate all the simple minds they adore what a bore how they stand in line. Dilate, Dilate what's my drug of choice? it's okay, when they pay they pay they say I got the voice. Look at this the motherfucker is a millionaire realize its a mask that you wear Violate violate what a simple plan Turn me on turn me on mr. deadman Yeah I want it I need it to make a million Ya I love it a fuckin' rockstar Penetrate, Penetrate all the simple minds they adore what a bore how they stand in line. Dilate, Dilate what's my drug of choice? it's okay, when they pay they pay they say I got the voice. Look at this the little faggot is a millionaire realize its a mask that you wear Violate violate such a simple plan Turn me on turn me on mr. deadman Yeah I want it I need it to make a million Ya I love it a fuckin' rockstar Penetrate, Penetrate all the simple mi
The truth isn't the truth until people believe you, and they can't believe you if they don't know what you're saying, and they can't know what you're saying if they don't listen to you, and they won't listen to you if you're not interesting, and you won't be interesting unless you say things imaginatively, originally, freshly. [William Bernbach] Vocabulary enables us to interpret and to express. If you have a limited vocabulary, you will also have a limited vision and a limited future. [Jim Rohn] Talk is by far the most accessible of pleasures. It costs nothing in money, it is all profit, it completes our education, founds and fosters our friendships, and can be enjoyed at any age and in almost any state of health. [Robert Louis Stevenson] The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through. [Sydney J. Harris]
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Mandy@ fubar
Soo...I need to go to the doctor, and it might turn out that my fuckin deductible is gonna be too huge. WTF is wrong with healthcare in this country? I am a Republican on most issues, and love this country to death, but sometimes I just wanna move to fuckin Canada or something. This is pissing me off.
New In This Madness
Just want to say what up and just trying to figure this out want to be drunk soon and thanks for the ones that sent me a drink once I get some bucks drinks will be on me. I am a Rum and Coke type of guy but have drank them all so should be fun and hope to hear from some new friends well take care Holla Back!!
Pumpkin Pie- Update 71
Pumpkin Pie Hope you like pumpkin pie. This set is a messy set. I cut into a pumpkin and clean it out. I get a little messy. I have seeds all over my huge tits, round ass, and wet pussy. Then I find a perfect size gourd. I couldn't help but to masturbate with it. I made some pictures as negatives to give a different effect for Halloween. There are a couple video clips of my new video "Vacuum Fun" I never new a vacuum could be so much fun. Something new, when you purchase a video you get to see a 10 second clip of all the other videos for 72 hours. I have over 5100 pictures in 71 sets and 2 bonus sets. Bonus sets are for members only. I also have 23 videos and 41 video clips. Make sure you CUM over to the member's SEXtion to see it all. XOXO Love XOXO Exotic Flame -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame
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Wassup 2008
Monkey Bee: A Short Film By Jamie Hewlett
Raunchy Jokes From My Mother!
A guy goes into a costume shop. He says, "I'm going to a Halloween costume party, and I want to go as Adam." The girl brings out a fig leaf. But he says, "Not big enough!" So she brings out a bigger one. "Still not big enough!" So he brings out a HUGE fig leaf. "Still not big enough!" he proudly tells her. So she says, "Listen, Ace, why don't you just throw it over your shoulder and go as a gasoline pump?" A man is driving home late one Halloween night and is feeling very horny. As he is passing a pumpkin patch, his mind starts to wander. He thinks to himself, you know a pumpkin is soft and squishy inside, and there is no one around here for miles. He pulls over to the side of the road, picks out a nice juicy looking pumpkin, cuts the appropriate size hole in it, and begins to screw the pumpkin. After a while he is really into it, and doesn't notice the police car pulling up. The cop walks over and says, "Excuse me sir, but do you realize that y
I Really Dont Know
Dum Dum Dum
chefboy73: rite and i see you have alrea been brainwashed, free market is a fucking joke, i suppose you support nafta too ->chefboy73: I agree...could you send me all your money? its evil, i'm tryin to do you good chefboy73: capitalists are greedy pieces of shit, hence the stock arket dumb ass ->chefboy73: what would be your ideal then? ->chefboy73: erm, thats not a definition of capitalism...its called free market...but you won't know about it chefboy73: it also economically underminds the true american citizen ->chefboy73: *sigh* and...that is your defenition of capitalism?? chefboy73: capitaliss hire immigrants to save money wich supports there stay here, i hate that shit ->chefboy73: I thought thongs were legal... ->chefboy73: so, what makes you hate capitalism so much? any options? chefboy73: legalize thiongs that arent legal yet ->chefboy73: lmao, no wonder you are a loser... chefboy73: anti capitalist ->chefboy73: uhm, is that it?? chefboy73: pro choice ->chefboy7
Koori Boy-australian Soulja Boy
"the Girl"
The girl of my dreams she is-Skin smooth and soft like a silk satin sheet over her body and eyes with such beauty like the baby blue waters of Cancun, Mexico just of the coast crystallized in place-hair, blood red like the pedals of a rose and a figure untouchable and unimaginably perfected she leaves you breathless, frozen in place-people see her so differently they think she is all for lust without regret heartless and unkind , but in reality as I know her she is caring and wise, more loving than hateful, so heart-warming I can feel her from this distance afar, very imaginative and incredibly intelligent, has the greatest sense of humor there is never a dull moment and always leaves a smile, yet she feels so numb and hurt deep inside from everything shes been through each passing day, faking every smile to hide her true emotions from the world wanting to give up but knows she has a lot to live for ahead, she
What 3 Little Words Scare A Woman
love you are those 3 little words cause when a guy tell you that he loves you it usualy means he wants to get in there pants so know days when guys say i love you it gives the girl a clear sign to run all this guy is looking for is to fuck me dont get me wrong there are some guys out there that when they say i love you realy mean it but most guy that tell a girl i love you are just looking to get fucked so guy girls are getting wiser get a better pick up line or just stop trying to play games and take the time to get to know a girl be for you usen those words on a girl
I Had No Idea So Many Of You Could Be So Easily Offended...
So many people blew up after my post election comments... I had no idea so many of you were even reading my blogs... Seriously.... I know it was offensive... Just as offensive as having my daily life barraged with political advertisements... Just as offensive as watching CNN support one person while MSNBC and FOX supported the other... Just as offensive as knowing millions of dollars were spent to promote each person who ran... Just as offensive as the people who actually argued that the facts of how things are done were somehow untrue... Soooooooo, if you think YOU were offended by my one little blog -- Well, I guess you can see how offensive other things involving the whole mess might be to me... Now back to my normal drivel about online dorks, my life as a professional mistress and/or whatever bullshit enters my brain on that day... But ANYHOW thanks for reading...and commenting...It made coming back after being so sick and medicated very interesting..
Prince Nuada Action Figure
Poem 4
if dreams of life were perfect, then what would there be to do.... if my dreams were all here now then theres nothing to look forward to.....? so i close my eyes and dream away, and be greatful for the past..... cause in the present i have you a love that was made to last..... so think not of what we can get, but what we all have now.... cause in gods hands is the future key.... that is all of you, and also me so wonder & smile at your will, and close your eyes tight..... feel free and & run into the night..... and dream your dream of life :)
If The Matrix Ran On Windows
See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.
Sdmf? Ya'rly!
*and then, i was Blockz0rd* Snuggly Sandy: fuck you please for the last time leave me alone ->Snuggly Sandy: glad to see were making some progress here. Thatll be 3.50 Snuggly Sandy: nope if i want sausage i can get some american sausage ->Snuggly Sandy: no, the mule YOU WANT TO ride in on, is what you meant, correct? Snuggly Sandy: fuck you and the mule your riding in okay ->Snuggly Sandy: who teh hell are you saying to leave alone? LMAO...i just thought id be generous, and offer up my mules services to you. Looks liek you could use a good stroking with his massive equine sausage Snuggly Sandy: ASSHOLE Snuggly Sandy: you dont fuckin know me asshole so please I asked you nicely to leave me alone and you keep opening you fucking mouth so im so only tellin gyou this one more fuckin time LEAVE ME ALONE ASSHOLWE Snuggly Sandy: then why fuckin start shit with me ->Snuggly Sandy: wtf are you talking about, woman?...what the flying fuck does what youre saying h
Tada The Bored Porn Director ( Rather Long Kinda Twisted)
Ok so its whatever in the afternoon and I have some time to kill. So of course me being me (and yes I love me, fuck you. Im narcissistic.) I started watching a movie and inserting porn scenes in my mind. Ummm... to make the movie better. So my ending was they went into the old dusty and run down fucking house with a camera. They were going to video tape ghosts or some shit like that. So they go about the house room by room, fucking everywhere and everyway possible. (they have to piss the ghosts off somehow right?) So they make their way to the last room and of course they have to fuck in it too. So girl one holds the camera while girl 2 and guy 1 start having intercourse. While watching the act and zooming in on great shots, girl 1 gets to excited to hold the camera. She sets the camera on the floor, where the camera only catches feet and hair. Then girl 1's feet walking toward the oddly angled couple. It sounds like they are all getting into it but all you can see is feet and knees. T
Women's Revenge
WOMEN'S REVENGE 'Cash, check or charge?' I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase. As she fumbled for her wallet, I noticed a remote control for a television set in her purse. 'So, do you always carry your TV remote?' I asked. 'No,' she replied, 'but my husband refused to come shopping with me, and I figured this was the most evil thing I could do to him legally.'
It's Been Awhile
Hello my friends, Well, it has been a long time since I've been on FuBar, over a week which is long for me considering I used to be on almost every day. There has been a lot of heavy duty shit going on in my life, so I haven't had 5 minutes to think about getting online. I will be moving soon(sooner rather than later, hopefully), to escape much negativity and emotional distress that is wrecking havoc on my son, and my life. While I am going through this transition, you may not see me around. But, take care, and know that I will be back! Peace and Love JessyKah
Game- Keep Em In The Air
PLAY Pel Diggy Games
Come To The Bake Sale And Buy Me!
~*~*~*~* Hey Sweetie! My Name is SeXy ViXxY ♥☠ Evil Lil' Twinkie ♥☠ Pastry Family♥ wifey of Nikki, Erin, & Kimmi~*~*~*~*~ I'm Up For Sale @ Triple Kiss Lounge's First Ever "Bake Sale" So Here's What I'm Offering My Bidders: 1. Top Spot In My Friends & Family List For 1 Month 2. SFW Salute 3. Rate ALL Your Pics 4. A Shout Out On My Page 5. A Pimp Out Bully For You 6. (IF you have One in your page) a sexy Voicemail from Me to You! 7. Status changed to focus on you 8. Name changed to Specify I am yours ****Click My Pic To Enter Triple Kiss Lounge & Hang Out With Me!!****
General Thoughts Concerning Medicinal Cannabis
General Thoughts Concerning Medicinal Cannabis The most difficult area with which to discuss when considering the altering of National legislation involving Cannabis is the issue of Medicinal use. The reason for this has nothing at all to do with the validity of Medicinal Cannabis, reasons either pro or con or even discussions on social attitudes concerning this issue. The reason for the difficulty here is the amount of source material, once one decides to plumb the depths of this discussion, becomes so overwhelmingly abundant that one is left wondering which of a thousand subjects to begin with first. Also, this information is all rather consistent in its commentary as well with almost all valid research proving not only the medicinal benefits of Cannabis, but its safety and its superiority over many of the narcotic products that are for sale today. Thus I find that if I am going to write briefly on this and not commit myself to an opus of unimaginable length, I must limit mysel
Respect For The Chemicaly Unbalanced
In a once harmonics state, in a very open and free era. Where people were just people, where it was just being and existing and living. It was all about the thinig called "life". To not be numb, to actually feel alive. To know the the pains , the panics, the warm fuzzies. To be able to have all that emotion and feel it, with the knowledge to acknowledge sadness,anger, happiness,and thre big let downs in life and most importantly accept them as life. Everything exists from coexisting with out one the other could not be. With that wisdon you did what made you happy, not what was acceptable and most profitable.To be in perfect sync,to be a harmonic being!! All the icons of the "60's free love era" the great ones Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison,Jimi Hendrix and the list could go on were all chemicaly dependent in someway. Frybabies,potheads,and alcholics,etc.They were also real they were who they wanted to be ,just people. Being musically ,poeticaly and exceptionally talented was th
Stolen From Some Crazy Wanna-be Superhero
Be honest no matter what! [ZERO] Who was your last text from? My Love [ONE] Where was your default pic taken? The living room [TWO] Do you love the last person you kissed? With all my heart [THREE] Your relationship status? Forever broken [FOUR] Have you ever lost a close friend? No [FIVE]What is your current mood? If you felt a tenth of my sadness, you would weep for eternity [SIX] What's your brother's name? What makes you assume I have one? [SEVEN ] What's your favorite color(s)? Green. That's why I always delete my profile :p [EIGHT] Where do you wish you were right now? In the arms of my lost Love [NINE] Have you ever been in trouble with the cops? Yes [TEN] Ever had a near death experience? Actually I've had many. I've lost track of how many times I've almost died [ELEVEN] Something you do a lot? Lately: cry [TWELVE] Angry at anyone? Frustrated, yes. Angry...never again [THIRTEEN] What's stopping you
Fantasy Part 3 Continiued
as i keep her there chained to the bed still tortureing her with pleasure.i then slowly make my way back up her body knowing she can't take any more teaseing as i feel her body thrust and tighten around my fingers.i then take my hard cock and start rubbing it all along her pussy touching her clit and tortureing her more and more just letting my cock sink in far enough to tease her more and more and then pulling it back i watch her face she screams"STOP AND FUCK ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE NO MORE OF THIS TORTURE GIVE IT TO ME HARD BABY"i then slam my cock hard into her feeling her body thrust and tighten as i tear her a bit she screams out"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD YES RIP ME MAKE ME YOURS TEAR MY FLESH MY DARK LORD MAKE ME ENJOY YOU EVERY WAY"as i keep slamming her pussy harder and harder driveing all 10 inches deep into her tight pussy makeing her cum more and more with every single thrust i give.smileing very big i look at her as she keeps tightening her muscles mor
My 111908 Kiss Fortune
Tell them what you really think. Otherwise, nothing will change. --- Speaking honestly right now will save you much sadness and will set the course for you to move through life with strength.
Just A Little Longer
Desolation, Wide open space, Between the trees and me, Emptiness and me, Confusion and decisions, Feelings hard to define, And I say to myself, Just a little longer, Coldness seeps Its way in, I am falling deeper, Into what I fear most, As I reach out, There is nothing there, As possible there was something once, Only to be gone, And I say to myself, Just a little longer, The sun drops, The last inch of light falls, The squirrels more likely to be huddled up, But not me, Something I never possessed, And I say to myself, Just a little longer, Then the sun has gone, Darkness spreads its wings over me, I see nothing so no one sees me, Feeling of bitterness only, And I say to myself, Just a little longer, An Owl peers down, With question in her eyes, She doesn't have a hope, In helping me, As she doesn't see my pain, Spreads her wings, Passes me by, And I say to myself, Just a little longer, The soft earth, Seems the only thing holding me
The Gate To Cemetery Aka Lucifugus Aka Misophotoi Aka Gary Aka The Gate ... *fu-bombers* First Auction
I would like to start it november 23 - 30 or once I get a handful of guys and girls to join. 25K entry fee to join the auction. If you'd like to auction "yourself" up for bids, just leave me a private message with a link to your photo you want used and what your offering and I'll get you added. I want zero drama in this auction!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may also refuse any bid just comment on your pic and private message me what bid you refused.. If you're not sure how this works... All you do is come up with whatever you'd like to put up for the bidding. A list of ideas are listed below. Then, you and I invite people to check out what you have to offer and they bid using fubucks. People can also bid money gifts such as blasts, VIPs and HHs if they REALLY want what you have!! Real money bids trump all Fu$ bids. *List of Ideas* Rate all pics Rate all stash A personal salute pic to winning bidder A NSFW salute pic to winning bidder Access to private folders
Contest Help Plz
ok guys the hubby is in a contest...i entered him for his 40th bday help him out click the pic and rate and comment for me
Come Join The 2 Hottest Lounges On Fubar!firefighters Hall And Aftershock Radio
Legend Of The Snow
She had been driving her Jeep Cherokee for at least nine hours and her eyes were hurting as her vision began to wane. The snow was just beginning to fall, giving a hazy look to what little of the road she could see in her headlights. She is forced to use her windshield wipers, which is further compromising and diminishing her visibility to drive on. Interstate 40 was all but deserted of traffic now as she neared the exit for Tucumcari, New Mexico. After taking the exit, she turns onto South First Street and speeds up trying to get to the Hampton Inn and seek safe haven for the night. The snow was beginning to come down a little harder as each flake grew in size and made the roads quite hazardous. This was fine with her as her body scolded her for being so treacherous to it and driving, almost nonstop, before finally stopping to give it a much needed break. Her lower back and leg muscles were cramping, her joints were stiff, and her feet were becoming numb from not only the drive
The Mercenary
The Mercenary Patient at the edge of the stage, She slips smoothly into glide. This dancer with the mercenary heart Parades a passion play for pay. Death stalks her serpentine, sinuous curves. 12-21-98
The Internet Love Song
The Internet Love Song A passion of the heart Touching hands a world apart Through a sea of silent sand The connection state of the art Across a pixilated sea Sending hopes of what will be Posted passions of purpose pure In the grains of eternity
The Ape
The Ape the perfect form of the Sculptor Elite crawling from the depths of the sea naked
Something Else
Title: Something Else By: detox Numb I can't feel a thing Wondering Will this ever change? Can I make it through Am I lost in thought? Or is this a memory I've already forgot? Is this pain all in my mind Or am I a failure by design A broken soul inside and out Just something else to write about Something else to settle the score There has to be something more Something more than what I became Someone else to place the blame Something other than hurt and pain Something else I can't explain
30 Most Satisfying Simple Pleasures
30 most satisfying simple pleasures 1. Sleeping In on a Rainy Day 2. Finding Money You Didn't Know You Had 3. Making Brief Eye Contact with Someone of the Opposite Sex 4. Skinny Dipping 5. Making the Yellow Light 6. Telling a Funny or Interesting, True Story 7. Seeing a Friend Stumble Over Himself 8. Hearing the Right Song at the Right Moment 9. The First Sip of a Beverage When You're Thirsty 10. Catching a Glimpse of Bare Skin on the Opposite Sex 11. Saying the Same Thing Simultaneously 12. The Pull-Through Parking Spot 13. Realizing You Have More Time to Sleep 14. People Watching 15. Putting On Clothes Straight from the Dryer 16. A Familiar Smell 17. The Feeling You Get When Your Idea Works 18. Fresh, Clean Bed Sheets 19. A Beautiful View 20. Reminiscing About Old Times with Your Closest Friends 21. Receiving an Unexpected Compliment 22. Having a Good Laugh 23. The Feeling After a Healthy Workout 24. Receiving
An Inspirational Story All Should Know About..please Watch Video
Goofylady's On The Auction Block! - Come Bid On Me?
GoofyLady's on the Auction Block! Buy her with Bling! Minimum Bid is a 5 credit bling Bid individual blings or bling packs. Here is what she is offering. No time limit. Click on the picture below to make a bid. ATTENTION CHANGE OF OFFER: 1 WEEK OWNERSHIP WILL RATE ALL PICS/STASH DURING HH 600 11'S IF OVER $50 BLING PACK...I WILL BLING THE PERSON WITH AN AUTO 11 ****************************** This bulletin was created by: Carrie ******************************
What The Fuck Is A 1 Rate For?
Normally I ignore people who rate my pictures low, but today some one rated my default picture a 1. Now, I realize it's sort of a philosophical photo and not everyone is going to get it or like it, but a fucking 1? I thought about rating her profile and pics all 1's, but realized that was petty and vindictive. I also thought about sending her a message, but that seems poor taste. I think what I will do is block her and just call it good. She doesn't like my photo, she doesn't need to see it or rate it. Hell, I've been rated less than 10 a few times, but I've never gotten a 1 before. It's annoying and slightly discourteous I think. I mean, hell don't fucking rate someones picture if you don't like it. Just leave a message, I think your photo sucks least then I can take the criticism. But just saying it sucks for no reason is rude. Ah well, such is life...but I can still bitch about it.
A Game
so, a game is to explain why its better to be a girl or a boy. im the first. "its better to be a girl because we don't need to shave our faces every day". and the next person should tell why its better to be a boy (doesn't matter who it will be - a boy or a girl). clear?
Fucking New York
About 3 months ago I got pulled over on the bike in New York State, just south of the Hawk's Nest on Route 97. THere was no dollar amount on the fine, and being so far away, I just pled guilty and mailed it in. Last week I got the letter from the town I had been pulled over in. TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!! That's right....and that's what I call GREED. Little steep for a speeding ticket, eh?? To add insult to financial injury, the State of New York assessed points to my name, and are requiring another THREE HUNDRED for the DOT of New York State. So, let's do a little math......FIVE HUNDRED EIGHTY FIVE DOLLARS for a speeding ticket. If you are reading this, and like to take off into the Delaware watershed, or elsewhere in New York and have a tendency to speed, you may want to reconsider. As for me, I will not be giving my money to the state, businesses, or people of New York from now on. Fucking greedy bastards......I guess for a state that promotes tourism so much, th
Here are some rules about me and auto11s. **First and foremost, I like to level. I will use your auto11s to my advantage. Get over it. If I don't Fan and add you, it's because your a pawn in my chess game of leveling. 1. If you send me a sb saying that you have autos on, I probably wont even look twice at it. 2. If a friend of mine knows you have autos on and asks for my help, I will help you. 3. If you beg, fuk off, I'm not helping you. 4. If you are a Prophet and have autos on, get lost, I'm not helping you. 5. If you don't return the initial f/r/a, I'm going to un-fan you and take you off my friends list. 6. No I will not sit and rate all 2,000 of your pictures if I don't want to. If I only rate half of a folder, get over it. 7. You never helped me, why should I go out of my way to help you? ----This all being said, I'm sure I look like a bitch, but oh well, to each their own. Have a wonderful day Fu-land. =] -Loki
My Friend Pete And I
imikimi - Customize Your World just appreciating the best time we have here on fubar!
Complexity Of Human Nature
I do hope you will forgive me, but I am not the best when it come to discussing my emotions or what's going on. I'm trying to take it a day at a time now, because, quite frankly, lately things have been extremely rough. In the last three years, I have lost three family members, I had a good friend commit suicide, I've been robbed twice, once was at gunpoint, once through a misplaced credit card the weekend after my friend's suicide. I have also seen a lot of good times, partying with friends, concerts, a couple of good jobs here and there. Currently I am training for a mixed martial arts fight in February, located in Carbondale, Illinois. I have always been a big fan of contact sports, as it seems that the nature of man, is, in itself, both extremely complex and self destructive. I am no exception. It seems as of the last couple of years, I have been running wild, trying to escape from the pains of my past in bottles and packs of cigarettes. I am seriously working on
December Night
On a cold december's night. I sit here alone. Madly, insationably , passionately in love. Missing the one I love. So intensely, that these words do no justice. To showenough. To express, how I miss her so dearly. She's touched depths within myself. I never knew exsisted. Many trials and tribulations. We have overcomed. More than most care to bare witness too. Yet, we somehow pushed threw all. Destroyed what boundries and fail safes we had built within ourselves. To be stripped down to the bare naked truths. The truths, that are who we really are. Millions of miles seperate us. Time seems to be our enemy most of all. Constantly feeling like if too soon . Is not soon enough. Finding myself in a never ending showering of gifts and intense passionate love. Yet, none of them compare to the greatest gift of all. The blessing and pure love she has given me. Nothing can ever be measured up to it. Nor can it be measured by it. For it is in a league all to it's own. I am forever and always yours
120208 Dilbert
->~~!!!*@NG3...: last i knew, women werent packing 8 inches soft ~~!!!*@NG3...: i dont know who you think your talking to but I am a LAdy and i have respect for myself, maybe you can buy some feelings with your fubucks ->~~!!!*@NG3...: only if youre making me bite the pillow, big boy ~~!!!*@NG3...: your lame and stupid, go back to ankle grabbing and pillow biting ->~~!!!*@NG3...: i didnt say my mother, i said you resembled my father. Thanks, for showing me the second familial set of genitalia this evening. ~~!!!*@NG3...: Your Mother and I ...LOOKING NOTHING ALIKE. You need to talk to her about what she does on the side for money. ->~~!!!*@NG3...: it that YOU!?...dear god...i think it is.... ~~!!!*@NG3...: well ill take your word for that too, cuz im not lookingat that shit ->~~!!!*@NG3...: i could have sworn i seen that guy in your pics ~~!!!*@NG3...: uhhhh ill take your word for it ->~~!!!*@NG3...: The video. Its better than
This Is Great!
Why Does Your Sub Want To Make You Happy?
I have been thinking about what it means to be in a bd/sm relationship and I have realized that it requires a great deal of commitment and responsibility. First of all, you must truely care about your submissive for it to work. There are "doormats" out there who will be whores and if thats what you want thats fine. That is not a bd/sm relationship though. As a master, you mut put your sub above all others. And as a sub, she must earn the right to be above all others. The thing I have come to realize is that you must be willing to provide every need your sub may have. Love, guidence, discipline, shelter, etc. The list goes on and on. In return, your sub must be willing to devote all her thoughts and energy into making you happy. She does this happily because she loves and trusts you and has no fear of you doing anything that would hurt her. She accepts your guidence and teachings because she knows you are only making her stronger, and her devotion to you stronger as we
ou Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? car 2. Your significant other? waiting 3. Your hair? soft 4. Your mother? home 5. Your father? sleepy 6. Your favorite thing? none 7. Your dream last night? FANTASTIC 8. Your favorite drink? beer 9. Your dream/goal? love 10. The room you're in? dining 11. Music? rock 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? moved 14. Where were you last night? basketball 15. What you're not? married 16. Muffins? blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? corvette 18. Where you grew up? PA 19. The last thing you did? yawn 20. What are you wearing? sweats 21. TV? sports 22. Your pets? brats 23. Your computer? good 24. Your life? routine 25. Your mood? tired
Ocean waves kiss my ankles Seagulls speak to me of a better place The sand is cold and gritty yet it comforts me I close my eyes and drift away I am home
My Inner Torment
(Before you start reading, be warned. I am in a strange mood, so much of the content below is raw and unfiltered. Reader Discretion is advised.) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - First off, let me start by saying that I'm not sure if anyone actually reads these things. So if you do, leave me a note letting me know.... But since it's an effective outlet for what I'm thinking, I'm going to continue to write them regardless. Ok, if I ever meet the person who first coined the phrase "Time heals all wounds", I'm going to kick them in the head! It's sappy, optimistic, greeting-card bullshit and it's a fucking lie. Time heals nothing. Anger fades with time, but the aftermath is still very real. Resentment, bitterness, disappointment, these things never really seem to go away, even if anger over something does. I guess that's the problem I have a lot of the time. The funny thing about wounds is, once they heal, they still leave a scar. And scars from deep wounds never re
You Know Who I Am Talking To . . .
You were from the south , I was from the west We were form opposite places, different towns But I knew it was good and you knew it was too So we moved together like a ball and chain Minds becoming two halves of the same It was real, but in shadows it grew Cos you've got a secret don't ya babe? I would've shouted loud and broken through I would've given it all to belong to you But there were different plans, different rules You said "where I'm from there is a lock and key If you'd be so kind as to follow me I will show you the way to the rest of my sins" Cos you've got a secret don't ya babe? Yeah you, you got a secret don't ya babe? And I should know Yeah I should know So this room was damp where your sins laid There was that smell in the air of an old place That hadn't seen much daylight in years And you threw me down, said, "If ya don't mind I'm gonna leave you here until night time Then we can do what we want my baby out of the spotlight." Cos you've
Show Some Love
> > > > > AUTO 11S ON**Rhino**@ fubar >
My Fear
My Fear It is my fear, to let others see me. I'd rather just ask, what would you like me to be? Because what if what they see, is less than desirable. That leaves me vulnerable, and open to the harshest pain.
“Consider” Consider me a blanket, consider me a shroud Consider me tattooed, with colors bold and loud That bravely shout out to the world, for every soul to see The wonder of this woman, and what she means to me Consider me a warming light, consider me the sun Consider me your brightest glow, when the night has come A red hot touch that fires your heart when the days are cold That propane torch still working well, when we are worn and old Consider me your traffic light, consider me your guide Consider me your words of truth, when others scheme and lie The one that tells you when it’s safe to step into the road A man who grabs the plastic bags when you have dropped the load Consider me your shower, when you are worn and soiled Consider me your coffee pot, always warm and boiled A living liquid waiting here, a thing to fill your cup When times are hard and you are drawn to thoughts of giving up Consider me your co conspirator, I’ll always play the game Consi
*penny For The Thoughts*
i just kinda realized that people like me, who does no harm in anyway to others, is loving, kind, giving...deserve the best most amazing kind of love...kind of heart, life, and happiness...just don't get it. and it's those who take for granted everything they have, and could only half ass care about what they have...those are the people that get it all. idk...I guess...I just want that amazing fairytale happy ending and I'm tired of being okay watching everyone else get it. I know I've screwed up good things before. But at the same time I screwed up because of lack of effort...I half ass cared. Those are past lessons learned for life. But now...especially now...I'm not out looking for it, because that's when things don't just "happen" correctly. So it's not like I chase after someone...but I do show interest because I don't believe in playing games such as acting like I'm not. I can't just "settle" for what's out there, because to me, that's not being honest with myself. Idk...just so
The following is a part of the prologue to the novel that has been in my head for several years. I always lack motivation when working on this though, because I know where all the characters will start, and how I want them to end, it's just the middle that has me bogged down. Let me explain a little about the novel, first. It is titled "A Month in the Life Of..." (all the English majors forgive me for not writing the title of a book correctly, I can't italicize.) The novel details the story of a man named Jon (no relation to the Jon from the short "I Do?") The premise is that Jon is an aging man, living in a small town in Louisiana in which he was born. However, Jon has a past that only his friend, Billy, knows anything about. When they were young the left their homes and came back years later changed people. The whole novel takes place in the span of a month (hence the clever title) and tells Jon's story. I won't give too much away, in case I ever decide to finish it, but here is a
Dumbass Recruiter
So as you know; I was suppose to be in KY now... well again my dumbass recruiter fucked up my papaerwork and AGAIN, I got delated going in... This is like the 3rd or 4th time he has screwed shit up... It's actually getting annoying... really annoying... But good news is... I am not going to be alone for christmas now... I get to spend christmas with Shay... which is good...
It's A Boy!
OMG I was sooo nervous, wondering what I was having and the same question was being asked a lot. What is it? Well I found out in the 18th that I am having a boy, a very active boy at that. Iwouldnt be surprised if my insides are bruised at the end of the pregnancy. LoL Sean and I are doing great, getting ready to move to North Carolina and start over. Thinks for the most part have been pretty cool. Except for when my ex moved out without warning to anyone, leaving us stranded with all of his bills. When we tried to get him to talk to us, he didnt have the balls to tell the truth about why he was moving out, but he did have the balls to let me know that if he (my ex) had gotten me pregnant he would still leave me anyway because family life is for people who actually give a shit and he doesnt give two shits about me and he hates kids. Which I found to be a lie because the woman he is dating has kids. Your guess is as good as mine. Well this is Sean and mine's first chris
My So-called Fubar "friends"
You can all kiss my ass dont any one of you EVER fuckin EVER ask me for shit again dont beg for a bling dont ask for a blast youre all fuckin selfish, greedy begging bastards i hope half of you fuckin delete me but i know most of you wont even read this so everyone in my friends list, except Kweenbitch, cuz she helped me out the rest of you, fuckin goto hell this all stems from the auction i was in i blogged, i posted stauts, i shouted some of you, i visited most of your pages and i got 3 fuckin bids 2 of which werent from my friends i sold for 400k fubucks if i could take away the blasts ive bought, or the bling ive sent i would cuz you all fuckin suck may icicles be shoved up your asses for christmas FUCK OFF
Poem For Soldiers In War And At Home
you can copy this poem only to share, but please do not take credit for my work. _____________________________________________ Often The thoughts of those who stand eye to eye with us will seldom shed their hardened skins and let us in the things those men and women have been through will suffice with each tear shed for the things they have seen and heard in battle they will seldom reach out for shelter among loved ones they just couldn't understand what had been seen from the soldier's eyes true, life will carry on but not anywhere near as where it was before battle often thinking why they should be there when their families want them safe often praying that they can return home safe to their families and friends and often wishing that the cries of their ghosts will stop with the next nightmare for many peace shall never come, but they will overcome the restless nights though they may never forget what has occurred in their lives in the fight they often pray for forgiveness of what
Please Come By My Page
Please stop buy my page and show me some mad luv, Luv the pic rate's n comment's and Allway's trys to hit ya back some luv so stop bye and give some major luv. imikimi - Customize Your World
"hey _____________,"
Hey Stephen, I know looks can be deceivin' But I know I saw a light in you And as we walked we were talking I didn't say half the things I wanted to Of all the girls tossing rocks at your window I'll be the one waiting there even when it's cold Hey Stephen, boy you might have me believin' I don't always have to be alone [CHORUS] Cause I can't help it if you look like an angel Can't help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain so Come feel this magic I've been feeling since I met you Can't help it if there's no one else I can't help myself Hey Stephen, I've been holding back this feelin' So I've got some things to say to you I've seen it all, so I thought But I've never seen no body shine the way you do The way you walk, way you talk, way you say my name It's beautiful, wonderful, don't you ever change Hey Stephen, why are people always leavin' I think you and I should stay the same [CHORUS] Cause I can't help it if you look like an angel
How Much
What I see, how I feel, what I want Is to lose myself with you To react from the deepest depths of my soul Knowing you'll use against me what you know I don't know if I have everything you want Or if I can give you everything you need But I'll be the person that brings you to your knees For what I have to offer is given passionately Take of me what you want, what you will Rule the spread of my thighs Make me shameless...make me hot I want you to fuck me inside out Bring the torrid hurricane down on me And I promise to scream your name in return Wrap my legs around you so tight Take everything you have to give every night I'm all yours, body, heart and soul Every morning I'll erase all your doubts of life and love As I crawl on top of you And prove just how much I love you 10 pm, Dec. 29, 2008
Blind Date
A boy and his date were parked on a back road some distance from town,doing what boys and girls do on back roads some distance from town. Things were getting hot and heavy when the girl stopped the boy. "I really should have mentioned this earlier, but I'm actually a hooker and I charge $20 for sex," she said. The boy just looked at her for a couple of seconds, but then reluctantly paid her, and they did their thing. After the cigarette, the boy just sat in the driver's seat looking out the window."Why aren't we going anywhere?" asked the girl. "Well, I should have mentioned this before, but I'm actually a taxi driver, and the fare back to town is $25."
True Friendship
True Friendship What is a true friend? A true friend is defined as follows: A True Friend is there with you when times are bad. A True Friend is there when life is good. A True Friend will stand beside you and fight together till the end. A True Friend is someone who would never leave you when someone calls you names. A True Friend will laugh at your jokes and cry with you when your sad. What does it all mean? A TRUE FRIEND IS SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT TO THE END OF TIME!!! Poem by J. Russell
Well, Guess What
I have decided to finish the story, I did finish it on my myspace page, but then when things got really crazy for me, I deleted the whole page. So now, I will be working on the ending, again. There is a few people on here that have met me and know me, for those who don't I promise to keep the passion alive!
New Start
The Tallest Tale
Words can really fool the fool Who takes them in and thinks they are all true Words need life to be made real People think they can lie to seal the deal If you think you have me fooled You better think again I know your story to be a tale of fiction I was once like you, using lies to be accepted Some people are like mindless golums And when they fight you, you throw a tantrum I am not so naive and dense I walk taller than you tales and I can see clearly through your mist If you think you have me fooled You better take a better look the second time around My eyes are open and my sight is clairvoyant I can filter your words and I see nothing important A terrible mind is one that is wasted You say I'm a failure, and I am thinking the same But not of me, and instead of you Prove me wrong, and show me the truth
Birthday Blues
I will be turning 34 in a few days and I am not all that happy about it. I have 4 kids that I adore with every fiber of my being. I have a loving wife that understands enough about me to tolerate my stupid moments. Sometimes (and only sometimes) I wish I had all the answers. But I am mostly happy to still be able to be amazed in life. I am very happy with the abilities that I have, but I can feel my age creeping up on me. Am I being too hard on myself or do I need medication? Dave of DnT
About Suicide Girls
About the Suicide Girls: With a vibrant, sex positive community of women (and men), SuicideGirls was founded on the belief that creativity, personality and intelligence are not incompatible with sexy, compelling entertainment, and millions of people agree. The site mixes the smarts, enthusiasm and DIY attitude of the best music and alternative culture sites with an unapologetic, grassroots approach to sexuality. In the same way Playboy Magazine became a beacon and guide to the swinging bachelor of the 1960s, SuicideGirls is at the forefront of a generation of young women and men whose ideals about sexuality do not conform with what mainstream media is reporting. Although started as a two person operation out of a loft in downtown Portland, OR in 2001, in five short years SuicideGirls has grown its audience to over 5 million unique visitors a month. With hundreds of thousands of subscribers, over a thousand models, a succesful book and DVD in stores and a new clothing line, there
Old Myspace Poems - The Great Climb
The Great Climb It's absolutely amazing, the changes that were made by ourselves, without any thought. We knew to do things we've never done before, went to places we weren't allowed to, and triumphed in our youthful rebelliousness. It was a time to discover what we were, a time to "love", climb and then fall. Our own little twisted warp in time, our very own Laguna Beach... Where are we now? No one is the same, all driven apart by the forces of life, and just the paths we wind down. It is a truly a beautiful, painful, and most complex situation, this thing we call life. We may be growing older, and wiser, nonetheless life still takes us places we've never been before, leading us down winding roads, allowing ourselves to be enveloped by the sun and swallowed by the moon. We will keep climbing until our legs give out and no longer allow us to carry on, it is the only way... We still carry on to the pinnacle, and still we fall, and fall again. We will triumph, and we
If You Love Someone.....
Variations on "If you love something, set it free..." THE ORIGINAL VERSION: If you love something, Set it free. If it comes back, it's yours, If it doesn't, it never was yours. THE PESSIMIST'S VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. If she ever comes back, she's yours, If she doesn't, well, as expected, she never was. THE OPTIMIST'S VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. Don't worry, she will come back. THE SUSPICIOUS VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. If she ever comes back, ask her why. THE IMPATIENT VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. If she doesn't come back within some time limit, forget her. THE PATIENT VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. If she doesn't come back, continue to wait until she comes back. THE PLAYFUL VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. If she comes back, and if you love her still, set her free again; repeat. THE LAWYER'S VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. Clause 1a of Paragraph 13a-1 in th
If I Told You!
If I told you I love You Would you tell me you love me too If I told you my heart belongs to you Would you take it and treat it good If I told you I can't stand being without you Would you come to me and take care of me If I told you, you are the only one for me Would you tell me I am the only one for you If I closed my eyes and wished you here with me Would you be there when I open my eyes If I told you, you make me happier than I have ever been Would you tell me I make you happier than you have ever been If I told you, you are what keeps me going Would you make sure that I never stopped If I told you I long to hear your voice Would you call me to ease my longing If I told you I dream of you being in my arms Would you come to me and let me hold you If I told you I wanted you to make love to me Would you make love to me and take me places I have never been If I told you I think of you from morning till night Would you tell me you think of me from morning till night
Ra, Wo-man
This time I like the Amma, I am a mama, I don't do drama, and have no llama, if I were egyptian, Id be a Ra, man. ... hmm which reminds me. She used to be from Egypt, but she's lost her Pyramid, And now that she is tired, She seeks a place to sit. Khnum protected Khufu, who commanded Djedi, "The Force is strong in this One, I wish for her to RISE." So wings became her power, And so began her flight. ParabolaTool Music Video Codes By Music
"what A Beautiful Dream "
What A Beautiful Dream " When I close my eyes I dream of you. Can't sleep at night 'cause I wanna be with you. Don't want to live, don't want to cry Without you by my side. When I go to sleep at night I ask God to make my days bright. I know he will do it - I know it is true. Because he knows I only want to be with you. I hear your voice inside my head. I can imagine us together again. I know it will happen - I know it is true; Because I asked God if I can be with you. I see you and I together again; Holding hands and feeling the pain. What a beautiful feeling - I wish it were true. But I am only dreaming - dreaming of you
laying on her back on the cold wet grass her face towards to sky feeling the breeze,ever so slightly glide across her face she slowly opens her eyes to see the blue sky the white clouds and the sun shinen bright she starts to gaze at the sky her thoughts in her head start to dance,like children playing and they start to come clearer i am a mother a wife a sister a daughter a friend a lover a fighter and im 28 28, and in mother hood wishes she could start it over a wife to a man that doesn't even know that she is alive unless hes has no dinner ready or clean clothes a sister to a soldier who gives her life for us to be the way we want to be,Free a daughter to the best parents in the world,couldn't ask for more right?! a friend, who if u needed it would give you everything she could offer to u a lover,to a person that doesn't even love her back,doesn't feel the same passion as she does, doesn't even want her,feels alone a fighter,
my eleven year old son has been sick with stomach bug for a few days. as he is getting better is eating a bit.... last night we were all watching a movie and he said he felt gassy. i told him, you had better go in the bathroom just in case. then he spouts wisdom to rival Confucius.... "never trust a fart when you are sick :)" this made us all giggle....i hope it made you at least smile:)
Thomas Carlyle
Music is well said to be the speech of angels
Concert Flier
Empyrean Sky- hubby's band
The Honest Truth
Ok...for those who haven't noticed yet...Todd and I are back together...this latest fiasco did not entail either of us actually going anywhere or even an actual argument...however statements were made concerning the status of the relationship and it was decided that for the time being we were broken up...Now at some point our fubar profiles ended up changed and some "friends" were notified of what went on...some just noticed and asked and others were left to wonder...All of you who really know us and are truly a good friend know how rough this last year has been...ALL of you have been supportive through the entire process...and I know some of you feel like I have let you down...But seriously our relationship is not as open and shut as it may seem...there are a lot of factors that complicate the hell out of it and may or may not have been mentioned or talked about enough for anyone outside of us to make any sort of adequate judgment as to whether this is a healthy relationship...No two
So I've been in the unique position that most of the people I went to high school with, and college for the most part, have been younger than me. While three years is typically not that big, in their points in life they are much less mature than I am. Now please don't get me wrong, I am not trying to brag, just stating what pretty much all of them have said. What I have seen is that a great number of them get married after meeting their first "love." For the most part there is nothing wrong with this, but I've seen the things they normally can't/don't want to. For instance, a lot of the people that I have noticed getting married don't seem to have any real common ground. While arguments could be made that they might make it work, I don't think they will. Not that I want them to fail, far from it, I'm just worried that they might be biting off more than they can chew at the age of 22. Of course, I was almost married at that age. Though what happened to me was traumatic and I reall
The Thin Line Between Love, Pain And Hate....
It really is a thin line, even though they exist at the extremes of human condition. They are far from center, good and bad. Pain is the opposite end of the spectrum turned inward, hate is projected. Here’s an example of how quickly things can turn. This is a portion of a conversation used for illustrating this purpose: Guy: Okay I’m gonna ask some questions, and I need, really need, honest blunt answers, I feel I deserve them, okay Girl: Okay Guy: So, we fight and 3 minutes later you say you moved on? To what, to who? Girl: (Silence) Guy: Hello? Girl: I’m still here Guy: Okay, so you said you moved on, are ya saying in the last 3 minutes you found someone? Girl: (Silence) Guy: Hello….. Girl: I’m here Guy: Well can you answer? I mean the last few weeks you said we’ll talk about and think about fixing it, then in the last 180 seconds you’ve somehow moved on. What do you have to lose by telling the truth at this point? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain really….
Girls Gang Up On Guy
Reflections In The Eye Of Sickness...
I'm so sick of it People always trying to break me I won't let em get to me They can't pull me down I will die before I fall Gonna keep holding on Brain is ticking like a bomb Feeling like I'm unraveling Suffocating as I'm trying to stay up Sorrow tastes copper on my tongue My world is because I've let it be Anticipating the end, yet staying the course Trying so hard to hold it all together The life I live balanced on the tip of a feather Precarious time twisted........... Fuck it Stay alive or die trying Is it worth it? Go away... Stay Get OUT! Don't leave me.....please Drown out my sound... Break me, make me new Let me go...
On The Inside...
I have looked inside me Jagged edges snag my soul Poison seeps from every pore Killing all that I loved I can hold on to nothing I have lost everything I look in the mirror All I see is a blank I am the Nothingface I am Invisible I thought i was invincible I was wrong I Hate to wake I'm afraid to sleep I dream demons I can't live through this I have to get out of this Why can't I leave this?
The Rapture...
I'm lost within myself again Failing at life. It's so much harder than I thought Losing my grip. I am a distortion of truth This isn't what I wanted Thought about ending it all I've got no further to fall They say life is a song "They" are wrong Life is a tragedy in need of viewing Pain is life and life tickles No random actions are these Purpose is what I need, lost Not knowing is the way I live Shadowed and blind I die.
Missing You
Missing You My heart aches within from missing you, My lips long for the feel of kissing you, Right now all I need is to gently touch your skin, To look into your eyes and see deep within, Just one warm embrace, Just to look upon your face, Just one little touch, From the one I love so much, If I could gaze upon your smile, For just a little while, To know that you miss me too, As I'm thinking of you, To hear the sound of you breathe, Knowing you'll never leave, To see you walk up to me, Then embrace you tenderly, To just be with the one who's sent my heart reeling, And brought about this downpour of emotion and feeling, I sit here alone in my bedroom tonight, And pray that somehow this all turns out right, I've never been one to do more taking than giving, I'm not well off but I work hard for a living, I've told you many thoughts that weren't borrowed or bought, And in lifetime, who would have thought, That I have found someone who was just meant for me, I
I think my lackluster management of my schedule is finally catching up to me. I've not been in the back to school mood, and this online class really has me thrown off. I missed a little chapter quiz, no big deal, just irritates me. I have to get things together or I'm not going to make it. I didn't realize how tired I've been until tonight. I sent a message to a professor and realized I posted it on the class wide discussion board. It was my weekly evaluation of my group members. Fortunately I forgot to attach the file with their scores. So at least I look less dumb. Or at least they don't know how I rated them. I've been off on small things today. Like when I go to bed I always change my status on yahoo, msn and aim so people know they aren't going to get me. Tonight I went to change it, and it was already changed. I don't remember doing that. I think I'll just have to start paying a bit more attention to things. And do my work before the last minute. Hah.
The Numbers Game
I know what you're thinking...Is this another plea for people to add my Rock The Troops page so the numbers are more attractive to the bigger bands pr, right? Rock The Troops! Absolutely! The link was not only passed onto several different bands but also someone at CBS and Gary Sinise. And I know what you're also thinking.. What's in it for you, right? Rock The Troops! I don't know, maybe if enough people add Rock The Troops! then I might be inclined to cater to frivolous whims :D Use your imagination! Click Here-->>Rock The Troops! Then send your request here :)
The Executioner Ii
He looked at the axe one more time, and set it back in the corner. It felt like blasphemy to hold it without intent on using it, and he didn't want to waste that surge of power and adrenaline that he got when he came in touch with his tool on simple handling. He wanted to save that energy for tomorrow, for the big day. Sometimes John didn't feel worthy of this magnificent creation, but it was mostly due to his personal issues and insecurities. In fact, he has mastered the art of chopping heads to perfection, leaving as little mess as possible, and causing the victims as little suffering as they could've wished for, given those unfortunate circumstances. That, however, has not been the case in the beginning, when he just started his job, loathed and feared by most, thus keeping it a secret since day one. John still remembered the day when the blade was still shiny and virginal and there were no familiar grooves to cradle his fingers; when the axe was still a foreign object in his
And Still
Is it the curve in your smile all the while with a growing, knowing, grieving notion that the one you loved, coveted, kept and bewildered lay broken in the afterglow of your fury? do you worry? wonder, wait, anticipate the pride in the kill as you spill the hope from the soul they cage in a heart that they handed you without even a thought do you delight as they fill with fright fueled by regret, confusion, contemplation and humiliation in the place you once lifted them to heights that embarrassed even the stars? What a shame it's a game or a mask or a cloak that you soak with your intolerance, the indifference and shame or unworthiness you feel in yourself that they were blinded to until you forced them to see can't it be, can't you be, can you be not a mighty shoe to stamp out the anthill I call heart ... feed the need the pull the give the grow the orgy of affection that multiplies like fireflies on a warm summers moonlight swelter over skylines painted with the glowing auras of
I Am A Woman
sometimes i set and wonder why things happen to me born out of something horrible cast aside by shame given a one shot deal at someone caring as a baby growing up not knowing there are bad people close to you warm summer day hoping to see birds ends in shattering of youth instead tears flow freely images haunt the night fear becomes my constant companion first love should be sunrises and kisses face never rising to meet gazes head held down fearing what others see broken and battered i must go on happiness within my reach fingertips touch marriage should be forever not ending sooo soon late night ride ended all my dreams now he is gone and i am alone yet again why must i face all this alone why must i be the one to go on strong in spirit i am told is it not strong in heart as well each day is new to me each day i say a silent prayer giving thanks to my guardian i know you are near i feel you each and every day your the one who says pick y
What Men Say, And The True Meaning Behide It...
"I'm going fishing." Really means... "I'm going to drink myself dangerously stupid, and stand by a stream with a stick in my hand, while the fish swim by in complete safety." "Let's take your car." Really means... "Mine is full of beer cans, burger wrappers and completely out of gas." "Woman driver." Really means... "Someone who doesn't speed, tailgate, swear, make obscene gestures and has a better driving record than me." "It's a guy thing." Really means... "There is no rational thought pattern connected with it, and you have no chance at all of making it logical." "Can I help with dinner?" Really means... "Why isn't it already on the table?" "Uh huh," "Sure, honey," or "Yes, dear." Really means.... Absolutely nothing. It's a conditioned response like Pavlov's dog drooling. "Good idea." Really means... "It'll never work. And I'll spend the rest of the day gloating." "Have you lost weight?" Really means... "I've just spent our last $30 on a
My Mom Is Sick
Just so I dont have to continue to repeat the entire story every time I talk to people individually, My mother is sick and in the hospital.Shes been diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism.Normally theres options like thrombolytics or anti coagulants but she has other complications such as a bleeding ulcer. So this is why I haven't been around or why we haven't spoken and its most likely going to continue that way for a while
Photo Business Name
So I am debating a name for my Photo Business... NEED HELP SNAP OUT OF IT Make it snappy Happy Snaps Happy snapper The Memory Bank snap happy Time captured Moments captured Still Working Photography Still Working Photography Billshootsyou Whoshotyou Still Precious Seethelight
Mmmkay, maybe I should explain before I post any more. xD I've got multiple characters and multiple storylines going. Hooray! o_o Can be hard to follow sometimes... Anyway! I'll post with the character name followed by the name of the story... Or roleplay... So, Sterling Rose [well, the version of Sterling I used for that roleplay] is from Thursdays @ Ten. Nadiya Hayze is from Corrupt Me Just A Little? I've got tons more. o_o Enjoy. ^__^ Oh yes, italics will most often be used for thought, but if there are any long bits of writing in italics, that would mean it was not written by me. I'll generally post the author's Gaia name above it.
dear fubar, please make all the fake dj's gtfo thank you sarah
It has been a year today that I have lost a friend who is dear to my heart. Many of you dont know him. Those of you that do. I am talking about country aka rough and ready I want his family to know they are still in my paryers. He was very special to me. He captured my heart and wont let it go yet. I know in time he will. I will keep in my heart forever and someday i hope top see him again. He made me smile when I was crying and cetch me when I fell/ He loved me and I loved him. A few of you know if him. Those of you who dont you missed out meeting a great person. I know in my life he will alway be.He touch heart all thow fubar and now it has been a year and I miss him still. I know he is safe and watchuibg over me guideing me and others as well. I just wanted to leave a bit about him. He was the one of my best friends and even more. Those of you do know of him take a few mintues and pary for his family. I know I am going to.
Everyday that I spend with you it makes me happy Everytime you come around it puts a xmile on my face But at times I think of how great things are between us and I think it's a ll a dream. I'm afraid of caring too much I'm scared that I'm goona wake up and you won't be around I'm afraid of liking you a lot more than I had planned. But I think I am more afraid of falling in love with you, because I know that it's possible to be in love with you It wouldn't be a bad thing to fall in love but at the same time I'm afraid of getting my heart broken, but I'm gonna take the chances and take it as it comes, hopefully it will be a good outcome for the both of us feel free to comment
Joy Joy Joy
The gargantuan stimulus bill Congress has rubber-stamped with virtually no Republican support contains tens of billions of the very spending projects that made the legislation a lightning rod for criticism. And although the bill is generally described as costing $787 billion, the Congressional Budget Office reports the actual figure is now closer to $3.27 trillion. That stems from the $744 billion it will take to pay for the additional debt the legislation will create, and $2.527 trillion in increased spending from the new and expanded programs the bill will spawn over the next decade. To view the letter to Nancy Pelosi, go here. The bill now spans more than 1,000 pages. While Democrats removed some provisions that fiscal conservatives objected to, most of the pork remains. Among them: # The plan has more than $3 billion in “neighborhood stabilization” and Community Development Block Grant funding, much of which may go to benefit ACORN, a low-income housing and voter reg
Two For One Special, Monday Only!
After a massive dry spell, I finally have tards for my tard blog. Rejoice! They even run the gamut from work to Fubar. I got an ICQ message this morning from someone who wanted to cooperate with us businessly. What does he do? He doesn't know! He doesn't even know what company I work for, but he's interested in cooperation, damnit! (9:02:03 AM) Cooperation: hi (9:02:15 AM) Clarissa: Hello, how can I help you? (9:02:33 AM) Cooperation: glad to meet you (9:02:41 AM) Cooperation: do you accept credit cards? (9:02:46 AM) Clarissa: For? (9:03:14 AM) Cooperation: for payment (9:03:32 AM) Clarissa: What are you contacting me about? (9:04:10 AM) Cooperation: do you have your own website? (9:04:35 AM) Clarissa: What are you contacting me about? (9:05:02 AM) Cooperation: I just want to cooperate with you (9:05:12 AM) Clarissa: Regarding what? (9:05:22 AM) Clarissa: You're just asking me random questions. (9:05:44 AM) Cooperation: you can visit my website at www.itsasecret
On My Knees Again
BUT it is for a good cause.....I promise! ok, so I really want to get spotlight soon. NOT for myself but for breast cancer survivors! Survivors go through so much and unless you have gone through the chemo, radiation, surgeries, all the have NO clue what it truly means to be a survivor. Women are looked at for our outward beauty....but really deep down it is the inside beauty that outshines everything. Our strong wills to be beautiful in the world's eyes.....being a survivor means several - you probably were bald at one point from chemo.....two - your body is disfigured in one way or another either by a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. And after a battle with breast cancer...we don't feel beautiful anymore. We don't feel attractive....Either way unless you are a woman and went through or are going through breast cancer you have no idea what goes on for a woman! I want a day of honor and support for all breast cancer survivors here on the fu.....once
So Humbled.......
to say that I am in shock is an understatement. I have some AMAZING friends!! I have wanted to get spotlight for a while now and have been rating pics for what seems like forever on pages.....BUT get this.....I do not want spotlight for me, myself, but to honor and support the ladies who are breast cancer survivors! We all know someone who has fought or is fighting this horrible disease. I, personally, fought it in 2008. It was not fun!! Look around you....did you know that 1 in 8 women will go through breast cancer? So let's say you have 8 women in your will get breast cancer in her lifetime.....not a pretty picture! We need more support! There were days where I just laid around and did nothing...and then came on my page here and had messages of love and support from family and friends....that made my day! So I really want to show love and support to all women on FUBAR who are proud! You made it through some tough stuff! Please donate as
ok...first blog... question to all of fubar: doesn't everyone hate/ strongly dilike FAKE people on here? i mean really are they that ashamed of who they are? To go and find pictures of models or random people on yahoo or google and post them as themselves? It's stupid...if you don't have any intention but to fool people and make them think "yeah this person really looks like this"...." blah blah blah" ..."wow this person looks pretty damn good" etc. WITH FAKE PICTURES...yall should go the hell elsewhere... shows everyone what type of person you really are. thanks to all who comment or read....just thought i should ask.
Leaving The Drama & Fubar! Wants My Fubucks?
Yes I am leaving although it took me forever to get to that damn level, I apologize to all, but the drama here is just not for me. Instead of a place to make friends usually you get drama, This will be the second time i have left, and the last time, for I will not be coming back... The friends that I have made, I will miss you dearly, and hope that your life's are exactly what you dreamed and wished for, or at least are on the the course for your dreams to come true. I will never find a greater friend than those that I made on here, you are all the best, and I hope we can stay in touch, if you ever want to just say "whats up" or chitchat, get me on yahoo ( Now that I have said all that I dont have much but like 100000.00 in fubucks, I dont want them to go to waste and just disappear, so I would like to give them out. Just post to this blog, and you will get a share.... May God be with you all... Sincerely, Ron
Cannabis Hemp
If all fossil fuels and their derivatives, as well as trees for paper and construction were banned in order to save the planet, reverse the Greenhouse Effect and stop deforestation: Then there is only one known annually renewable natural resource that is capable of providing the overall majority of the world’s paper and textiles; meeting all of the world’s transportation, industrial and home energy needs, while simultaneously reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil, and cleaning the atmosphere all at the same time... And that substance is—the same one that did it all before— Cannabis Hemp. READ THIS Or start here...
What It Do...
I have been away from the Fu for awhile. I tried my best to keep in contact with those people who I was friends with, on here. Real life happens, and you make decisions based on then current cirucmstances. I'm back...ish. I probably won't stay for long. I took a look around, and can honestly say "drama" isn't the word for the bullshit people can get into on this site, or because of it. If I had my way, I would collect the few people that managed to climb my walls and make a spot for themselves in this absess known as my heart, and keep them as a part of my everyday world. They know who they are, and if they don't then I kinda suck as a friend. xo for dragging me back into this mess. When I leave again, I leave more than promises to stay in touch.
Know Your Enemy
What does Al Qaeda want? Their goals are relatively simple. The want to drive Americans from Muslim holy lands and establish pan-Arabian, fundamentalist Islamic rule in every area worldwide that has a significant Muslim population. They want to destroy what they see as the profane influence of the West on all Muslims and all Muslim-populated areas. If that involves killing every “infidel” they run across, so be it. What does Al Qaeda mean? The term in Arabic simply means “the base” which refers to the concept that the organization should serve as a launching pad or base of operations for a global Islamic revolt against the West. What is Al Qaeda’s history? The organization grew out of the fundamentalist “Services Office,” which served as a clearing house for the International Muslim Brigade opposed to the 1979 Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. Later in the 1980s, the Services Office – which was run by Osama Bin Laden – recruited, trained and funded thous
Special Gift From Timmy! *smiling*
My dear & wonderful friend Timmy surprised me with this special gift. He dedicated one of his beautiful art photos on his deviantART web site to me! I am so honored & so truly touched by this kind gesture from one of my dearest friends here. I think the world of him & feel so blessed by his friendship. ****************************** "This piece is dedicated to my good friend Loey. She always reminds me that both clear and dark skies are passing things. There are always storms and sun somewhere." ****************************** Much love & appreciation, truly lit up my heart, dear friend!
Gang-rape Victim ‘forced To Kiss Penis’ In Front Of Father In the documented indictments filed at the court on Monday, it was revealed that one of the four accused men had allegedly forced the girl to ‘kiss his penis’, i.e. “… the accused did unlawfully and intentionally sexually violate the complainant… by one of the accused forcing her to kiss his penis without her consent,” court papers read. Exactly one year ago, Foord and her dad Tim were walking their dogs at the Polo Pony Dam in Hillcrest near Durban when five black men allegedly confronted them at gun- and knife point. Foord was repeatedly raped by four of the men while her father was allegedly tied to a tree by the fifth assailant who kept guard. The helpless father was then forced to watch his daughter being raped. One accused, legally a minor, was found guilty of rape and robbery with aggravating circumstances last year and sentenced to 17 years in prison of which part of the sentence would be spent at a j
"A reflection on a pool of water does not reveal its depth." "The river has no shape, but it takes on the boundaries which it carves out for itself, so is the mind boundless, until it creates a prison for its own thoughts." "Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own" Ultimately, you must forget about technique. The further you progress, the fewer teachings there are. The Great Path is really NO PATH. "Be more afraid of an army of sheep led by a wolf, than an army of wolves led by a sheep." "The strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the WOLF" "Everyone lies, even me." "The hawk breaks the back of his prey not because of strength, but because of timing." "He who knows doesn't speak; he who speaks doesn't know."
OK. So I'm only 3.3 million points away from Oracle, and my VIP runs out on Sunday. I have a cherry bomb that I'm waiting to activate. If anyone can sell me an auto11 for 3 million Fu-bucks, I'll bomb that person, and three friends of their choice. Plz let me know. Thanx bunches! Kelly

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