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Would Like Some Input On This
So I should of posted this a few days ago but i didn't so ha.. Anyways Not to get in all the Drama but i wanted to get input on something. A few days ago my mom commented that She Didnt want to do thanksgiving or Christmas over the house since her and my father are divorced . So i got to thinking are we truly a family anymore? i mean i have mom i have dad i have my brother his wife and my nephew but like i dunno to me it feels the only family i have right now is my brother nd sis in law and jake my nephew since my parents are divorced. i mean am i thinking semi right here or not?
Chiefs Message
Dear Members, Over the course of the last few weeks we have placed a few new members on the rosters. Hopefully, we can start to see a turn around of events for the family. Happy Holidays, Chief Miracle Monkey
A New One
i could look into your eyes and lose myself forever wondering how a man so beautiful could see me or even notice that i exsist i want ot walk into your arms and never move can this be my place i want time to stop so i will never have to leave this haven of peace that you are for me so hold me, my hon for time will go on
I'm Fun
Hi, I'm fun, I'm a very loving, kind hearted and sweet man! I love just hanging out and having a good time. Money is not important to me...I would far rather a gift from the heart.I am a CO-HEALER for someone who is looking for one. Im romantic and a little old-fashioned with a warm heart. Im at a place in my life where I am completely open and ready to meet someone who I can grow old with. I come from a very loving and close knit family and am fortunate to have them in my life.
Sexual Activities
Why must we judge that which we don't understand? People often say hurtful things or do hurtful things just based on someones sexuality. I say 2 consenting adults (of the same species-no animals,fish, etc) should be able to do to each other whatever the hell they want. End of discussion.
Tupac Shakur (thug Mansion)
Shit, tired of gettin shot at Tired of gettin chased by the police and arrested Niggaz need a spot where WE can kick it A spot where WE belong, that's just for us Niggaz ain't gotta get all dressed up and be Hollywood Y'knahmean? Where do niggaz go when we die? Ain't no heaven for a thug nigga That's why we go to thug mansion That's the only place where thugs get in free and you gotta be a G ... at thug mansion A place to spend my quiet nights, time to unwind So much pressure in this life of mine, I cry at times I once contemplated suicide, and woulda tried But when I held that 9, all I could see was my momma's eyes No one knows my struggle, they only see the trouble Not knowin it's hard to carry on when no one loves you Picture me inside the misery of poverty No man alive has ever witnessed struggles I survived Prayin hard for better days, promise to hold on Me and my dawgs ain't have a choice but to roll on We found a family spot to kick it Where we can drink l
How It All Began.
I am starting this blog in lu of my mumm that I created for those of you that don't know my mother or my realtionship with her.. I am not trying to say I was the perfect kid cause none of us are! But I really can't afford therapy so this is the next best thing hehe... Well before I was even born my mother wanted to have an abortion an my grandfather told her no way in hell so thank god for that!! When I was 4 yrs old my mother took me to my grandfather an left me with the words " take her I don't want her she never shuts up!" ( great start right?) so my grandfather took me an basicly raised me till I was 4 yrs old,, he then got sent to prision ( i know not the perfect settin but hey it is all i had) mom had no other choice but to take me at that point.. i don't remeber alot from that point on utill i was like in 3rd grade.. i just remember being really afraid of my mother..i can remember havin the chit beat out of me at one point an being drug around the living room by the hair of my h
Tag Wp
All I Asked For......
Show Love To The Troops
SHOW LOVE TO THE TROOPS GREAT IDEA!! When doing your Christmas cards this year, take one card and send it to this address. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these wonderful special people who have sacrificed so much would get. When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please include the following: A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington,D.C. 20307-5001
This Is My Favorite Song..
Freedom In Question
I watched a special on Showtime about Tommy Chung and how he was arrested for selling his glass bongs. Later in that special there was a clip of a speach done by President George W Bush. Bush said in that speach "that people who do drugs support Terrorism. Now I will addmit I do smoke marijuana and I have never become violent. I for one do not support Terrorism. I also know several people who also smoke as well and they have never gotten violent or anything of the sort. Never have I heard of anyone getting killed over marijuana. Never have I heard of someone dieing from overdoseing on marijuana. I would like to know where Bush comes up with this BS he says and does.
Good Conversation!
I'm noticing this alot when I've talked with women on the phone lately.... if you're talking for say over 2 minutes and the other person hasn't said very much, either you're not giving the other person an opening to say anything or the other person has nothing to say about what you're talking about. So stop and either ask a question (ie. Have you ever had that happen to you?) or you really need to consider a change of subject. Make sense? Now obviously if you ask a question about what you're talking about and you get a 1 word response, it's the subject that's the problem. Change it! And never ever ask "What do you want to talk about?".... that's such a conversation killer I can't even begin! Wait a few seconds, and if the other person doesn't introduce a new subject then YOU introduce a new subject! It can be anything, from a movie you recently watched (or would like to go see) to the recent elections... just pick something and see where it goes. A polite courteous person will
my desire so hotly intense as you tease me with your sweet words and kisses online it makes me want to look into your eyes and feel your body against mine the heat of your skin making me tremble your mouth on my body teasing me to no end i get shivers at the thought so what will it be like in reality i can only wonder . rainmaker 11-08
"penis" Game
Okay, this should be a blast unless your offended by the word. lol..Let's see how many people we can get to play. The name of the game is, "PENIS" and that says it all. All you have to do is copy this message into a new one... Take the name of a movie and replace one of the words with the word PENIS! Pride&Penis--VirginKat Happy penis~~~~gottigirl The 40yr old penis~~m. Girls Just Wanna Have Penis~ Liz The Penis Diaries - Scott My Big Fat Greek Penis- Diana The Golden Penis--Connie An American Penis-D'Anne Journey to the center of the penis~Brandy 30 Days of Penis- Jeremy Love and Penis-Tiffany Lady & The Penis - Jeni 40 days 40 penis'- daniel j Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Penis- Jarrod K O, Penis, Where Art Thou? - Addison The Penis Wears Prada - Marshall Big trouble in little penis-Robyn Wizard of Penis- Tyler The Divine secrets of the Penis Sisterhood - Corey Night of the living penis ~ FaronHeight My Best Friends Penis---Tiffany P.
Leveling Help 120
Eaglesfan1970@ fubar 2,700 to level
YOU KNOW THAT SAYING IF IT IS TRUE LOVE SET IT FREE AND IT WILL RETURN; THATS BULLSHIT! Now there are people who say they have done the stupidest of things, but they have done nothing compared to what i did. I let my true love go! How many people can say they did that, none I bet. Now that she is gone I can't stop thinking about her. I miss her every waking moment of everyday. I can't stop thinking about her, my love for her just gets stronger as i begin to realize the distance between us is getting greater. My life is over. I don't have my true love, I don't have anything now. I'm just a waste of space now, I have nothing more to live for. I love her more than anything else in the world, but I feel now that I'm not the one that can make her happy anymore. I've lost that ability, I've lost myself, I've lost the love of my life. Everything was going good until yesterday, yesterday she had a good day with him. Whatever happened yesterday changed everything between us, I mean she stil
From The Timesnovember 19, 2008 missing Link Turtle Was Swimming With Dinosaurs
Lewis Smith, Environment Reporter A previously unknown species of primitive turtle made the move from land to water 164 million years ago, fossils found on the Isle of Skye indicate. Excavations on the island have yielded the remains of at least six turtles that learnt to swim during the age of the dinosaurs. Eileanchelys waldmani, the species that started swimming in the islands lakes and lagoons, represents the missing link in the evolution of turtles that palaeontologists have long sought. Its limbs were similar to those of modern freshwater turtles rather than the flippers of sea-going species, but are likely to have had webbing between the claws. Related Links We must defend our high seas Two-headed beast from 100m BC Scientists concluded that the newly discovered species was aquatic because the fossils were found in rock that once formed the bottom of a lake or lagoon, and because unlike the remains of contemporary land animals, which were fragmented having
Leveling Help 119
DR.KUSHMORE@ fubar 2k to level
Seven New Games Added To The Pixel Castle.
And here they are. - Music Catch - Hot Air Bloon - Credit Crisis - Lucky Coins - Big Tree - Castle Smasher - Christmas Crunch Don't forget to visit the online store. Enjoy!
Burlesque Dancers
burlesque dancers. Need I say more, but while im on here I might as well. To watch them sway and dance, teasing you with every move they make and every thing they take off. Not some easy pole slidding routine, but to actually keep your attention on there whole body. So of course I have to think about the suicide girls first tour. Vixon!! Her black hair in dreads wrapping around her face. Nice beautiful pierced breasts surrounded by vivd tattoo's and creamy white skin. Damn I would love to rub piercings with her! Get violent and pull hair, give light little smacks here and there while in the throws of kissing and biting.
Mi Lfe
//Sumtimes shit happens for a reason but you know ya gots to keep your head up and keep going day day// "Lets get on our kness an pray". Verse 1: Uh GoD... i'm trying to do my best/ Just sumtimes i feel like theres nothing left// God I know your there looking down smiling/ Showing your care/i would never hurt anybody or race mi fist/ All i want is a beautiful girl in my life an kiss// Trying to do whats right but i still feel like im left with a fight/ Understand one thing im only one man one person/ Fuck heres MI sermon// I know a bunch of bitchs get smiles everytime they see me like this, I know they get delights but fuck it they can put prints out try to find me they ain't got shit on me/ but damn lord i miss mi nigga "Pimp c"// See wat i mean its kind hard but lord/ Its never going to leave me down alwayz getting up ready for another round// -chorus- Wat have i done nigga, I'm a do me nigga, Cuz its mi life, What the hell am i doing right, Its mi life, My life, OoH lord mi l
November Winner
~November WINNER~ Ok the moment you have all been waiting for our monthly winner of a $20 bling pack for the ~Devils Advocates Bombing And Leveling Crew~is: beckyjean martins fubar wife also a member of devils advocates leveling&bombing crew..aka (beep)@ fubar Congrats To her please go show her mad love and congratulate her. Great Job Beckyjean and good luck to you all next month.
Hey bro, Damn I hate winter. I just want to hang on the beach in Jamaica. My bf is seeing all kinds of adds for Jam. I went to school there for a semester. in college, and it was the best time of my life. By the time we came back my alcohol tolerance was so high that I could drink half a bottle of good Appelton Rum and that was like one drink to me. Hanging on the beach and sipping a cold Red Stripe, a cool Rum or eating some good jerked port is the life. One of my adopted boys, Ryan, who is 18, is going to quit smoking with me,,maybe,, if he lasts longer than me we're going to Jam for spring break. Actually, if I have the money we will go no matter what. Both boys are going to college next year so this will be our last spring break together so, wish me luck. Oh yeah, who says a gay guy can't be a good dad. I had the kids thrust on me but I regret nothing. take it easy keep it drunk, hard and handy. Steve
11.19.08 - Hawthorne Heights - Ohio Be For Lovas
SONG VERSION BELOW Ohio Is For Lovers - Hawthorne Heights VIDEO VERSION BELOW Hawthorne Heights - Ohio is For Lovers - LYRICS BELOW Hey there, I know it's hard to feel like I don't care at all. Where you are and how you feel. With these lights off as these wheels keep rolling on and on. (and on and on and on...) Slow things down or speed them up. Not enough or way too much. (and on and on and on...) How are you when I'm gone? [Chorus:] And I can't make it on my own. (And I can't make it on my own.) Because my heart is in Ohio. So cut my wrists and black my eyes. (Cut my wrists and black my eyes) So I can fall asleep tonight, or die. Because you kill me. You know you do, you kill me well. You like it too, and I can tell. You never stop until my final breath is gone. Spare me just three last words. "I love you" is all she heard. I'll wait for you, but I can't wait forever. [x2] [Chorus:] And I can't make it on my own. (And I can
Level 10
I would really like to hit level 10 today, so stop on by and leave me a comment and what not!
Auction Update:
Just wanted to let ya'll know it ends Monday 10p . Also to say ty to all the bidders, i feel all special and stuffs :-p so here is the link again for those who may still wanna own my boobage:
Come Enjoy A Good Time!!!
Good News & Bad News
The bad news: there is definitely something invading my entire ductal system. The mammograms showed fairly extensive calcifications that were not present a few weeks ago. The ultrasound showed the area that was biopsied before was much larger, and there are several more areas as well as what looked like an entire duct affected. The good news is my lymph nodes look normal in the ultrasound. I should have the pathology results back on Friday to see if it's cancer for certain... but it's pretty likely.
Join Us !!! @ Euphoric!!!
Euphoric Radio Come on in lets have fun!! It's all about Great Music Friends & Good Times!! Join Us
11.19.08 - Coldplay - Fix You
SONG VERSION BELOW Fix You - Coldplay VIDEO VERSION BELOW Fix You - Coldplay LYRICS BELOW When you try your best, but you don't succeed When you get what you want, but not what you need When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep Stuck in reverse And the tears come streaming down your face When you lose something you can't replace When you love someone, but it goes to waste Could it be worse? Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones And I will try to fix you And high up above or down below When you're too in love to let it go But if you never try you'll never know Just what you're worth Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones And I will try to fix you Tears stream down your face When you lose something you cannot replace Tears stream down your face And I... Tears stream down on your face I promise you I will learn from my mistakes Tears stream down your face And I... Lights will guide you home And ign
Muck Fichigan Week!!!
This is THE week in most of Ohio. The week that every avid, loyal, die hard Buckeye fan waits for with anticiption. The highlight of the season. It doesn't matter if all other games have been won or lost, the is THE GAME. The OSU- Michigan game. This is the most talked about and well known rivalry in all of College Football. If you have not heard of the Ohio State and Michigan game then you do not know your football. These teams have been going head to head since 1897. The actual rivalry between these two teams goes back even farther than football itself, it dates back to statehood. The Northwest Territory, in 1803, was divided up into states (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,and uhhh Michigan). In 1837, when Michigan became a state, there was a border dispute between Ohio and Michigan. Michigan wanted their southern boundary to be drawn east to west, at the southernmost point of Lake Erie (south of the Maumee River), Ohio, on the other hand, wanted the southern boundary drawn at the mos
October Winner Is
~October WINNER~ Ok the moment you have all been waiting for our monthly winner of a 1- month V.I.P. for the ~Devils Advocates Bombing And Leveling Crew~is: Sapphire RLW of Slimreb Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew@ fubar Congrats To her please go show her mad love and congratulate her. Great Job Sapphire and good luck to you all next month.
Good Friends And Music!!!
Euphoric Radio Come on in lets have fun!! It's all about Great Music Friends & Good Times!! Join Us
About Me
im 42 and i like to have fun take walk on the beach and go out with friends
@ fubar"> @ fubar"> EPILEPSY...What Is It? Epilepsy is a medical condition that produces seizures affecting a variety of mental and physical functions. Its also called a seizure disorder. When a person has two or more seizures, they are considered to have epilepsy. A seizure happens when a brief, strong surge of electrical activity affects part or all of the brain. One in 10 adults will have a seizure sometime during their life. Seizures can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. They can have many symptoms, from convulsions and loss of consciousness to some that are not always recognized as seizures by the person experiencing them or by health care professionals: blank staring, lip smacking, or jerking movements of arms and legs. More than 3 million people in the U.S. have some form of epilepsy. About 200,000 new cases of seizure disorders and epilepsy are diagnosed each year.
Relationships Altered By Fubar
this is more like a u think its right to be on here and u are in a relationship but the man your in a realtionship with is always on here talking to other woman and trying to be captin save a hoe all the time.and thats not all he is showing his body and watchin them.ladies would you want your man doing that to you?oh yea and he dont handle bussiness at home ither.please let me know i need advice i have been going through this for a year.
April And Amber And Courtney Updates .
The whole April thing is a long story so I can shorten it for you. David was not working that many days at the temp place so my parents let them move in here with us. Well after they moved in David just stopped going to work period. He would not go out and look for a job, he yelled at April and the baby all the time, and he was a jerk to everybody. Well one day David told April that she had to start taking her medicine again cause she had stopped taking it. David even admitted that the only reason why he wants her to take it was because when she was on it she would not yell at him. My mom told her that she did not need it and he started yelling at my mom. I looked at David and told him not to yell at my mom. He started getting in my face about it and it took my dad and brother to hold me back from him. So they got mad at moved to illionis to his moms house. Then after they move there April starts emailing my dad telling him that I'm pregnant. I told my dad that I would take a pregnancy
For Those Who Have Kids...
For Those Who Have Kids... post date: 2008-11-14 10:40:48 views: 1 comments: 0 ratings: 0 For Those Who Have Kids... To those of us who have children in our lives, whether they are our own, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or students... here is something to make you chuckle. Whenever your children are out of control, you can take comfort from the thought that even God's omnipotence did not extend to His own children. After creating heaven and earth, God created Adam and Eve. And the first thing he said was "DON'T!" "Don't what?" Adam replied. "Don't eat the forbidden fruit." God said. "Forbidden fruit? We have forbidden fruit? Hey Eve.. we have forbidden fruit" "No Way!" "Yes way!" "Do NOT eat the fruit! " said God. "Why?" "Because I am your Father and I said so!" God replied, wondering why He hadn't stopped creation after making the elephants. A few minutes later, God saw His children having an apple b
What does one do when they're feeling used? How does one go about getting it resolved? I am told one thing yet shown another. Over and Over. I am in the midst of the end of a long relationship and altho I knew I ought not begin another I did. A very different one mind you but one none the less. In a short time I have begun to feel like a vessel for someone elses needs and only when it's convenient. When do my needs become important? When do I get to feel secure? DO I have to leave, end it to find out what is real and what is imagined? Or do I just become the doormat once again, forget what I want and serve another? I am nearing the deletion of many sites I use in maybe an effort to be taken seriously. What I thought to be real is becoming a nightmare. I just wish I still had nightmares. I am real. I am a good person. Why can't I be happy? What have I done so wrong? Ever close your eyes ever stop and listen ever feel alive and you've nothing missing you don't need a reaso
Pimp Daddy: Lost His Cord To Laptop .
pimp daddy: ok every 1 my power crod for my laptop was stolen i dont know when i will be back on line full time i will be checking my msg off and on clayton twitter New edits posted on about 7 hours ago from TwitterFox Goodnight all. about 8 hours ago from TwitterFox Just working on a few things at home today. S is sick and I have to babysit. ;-) about 18 hours ago from TwitterFox New edits posted on about 7 hours ago from TwitterFox Goodnight all. about 8 hours ago from TwitterFox Just working on a few things at home today. S is sick and I have to babysit. ;-) about 18 hours ago from TwitterFox I thought I lived in the state of California. It turns out, I live in the state of Emergency 1:01 PM Nov 15th from TwitterFox Working on computer this computer. 12:09 PM Nov 14th from TwitterFox Amber
Prayers Needed
Ok everyone, I know alot of you know Cali rain some of you dont but regardless she needs our prayers. She was put in the hospital almost 2 weeks ago. The doctors dont know what happened but she has lost her memory completely. Her son told me last night that she is starting to remember small bits but that is it. For those of you who know her know that she has been in dialysis for over a year now waiting on a kidney so PLEASE pray for her. Cali Rain~YdaFnot's sunshine~@ fubar I will keep everyone updated as i get information! This bulletin brought to you by Wishful Thinking@ fubar
Florida Holiday With A Wv Twist You All Figure It Out Lol .
Florida holiday with a wv twist you all figure it out lol . umm where is she this morning ? can you find her? blue blue eyes , gorgeous body , smile that will brighten you day . umm is there the woman beside , Nope its Danny and juday this morning . Good morning you all !! Looks there Dj fron yb hes moving to utah , Havent heard from rihokie , Danny jones i guess is working hard in Ohio , Dan cross it my fllorida friend checking in . Doc , good morning . evmail me , i have some ?s on meds , I got updated meds recently . Danna hi . hope your yb friend is on the mend Dan man and darci . miss you all , hope all is well with you . . Denise hey . is the wedding on ? i need the infor asap . Its November 20th thrudays . & more days til my dads birthday . i want to be there for thanksgiving or a soon as possibe . Dad is fine and so is mom and tiff . Brenda and roger tony and will and kids are fine . Im fine got some sleep last night ,. Tony Bringma
Twitter Updates On Friends
cherkle pete and amber are talking aagin maybe . roy and tiff are working it out what out flo rida hurricane cheryl is coming to town less than 5 seconds ago from web cherkle i need an update on the gator stats for the season / yeah Gators and bucs and dolphins !!! We love you all !! Mountineers suck. less than 5 seconds ago from web cherkle John had checked in as of this morning . he is out of the office . hard woking man . God bless him . He keeps us on our toes .Gator fla less than 5 seconds ago from web cherkle steve see you tonight at supper time . clayton text me when you get up . im taking anp for 3 or 4 hours i will reply them . Joyce hi . less than 5 seconds ago from web cherkle ok you all have all the updates i need til clay checks in , you see ambers . clay amber wants an add . , Nap time you all xoxoxo less than 5 seconds ago from web c
Fords And Women
Henry Ford dies and goes to heaven. At the Gates, St. Peter greets Ford, and tells him, "Well, you've been such a good guy, and your invention...the assembly line for the automobile...changed the world. As a reward, you can hang out with anyone in Heaven you want." Ford thinks about it, and says, - "I want to hang out with God Himself." So, the befuddled St. Peter takes Ford to the Throne Room,and introduces him to God. Ford then asks God, "When you invented Woman, what were You thinking?" God asks, "What do you mean?" Well," says Ford, "You have some major design flaws in your invention. 1. There's too much front end protrusion. 2. It chatters way too much at high speeds. 3. Maintenance is extremely high. 4. It constantly needs repainting, and refinishing. 5. It is out of commission at least 5 or 6 days of every 28 6. The rear end wobbles too much. 7. The intake is placed too close to the exhaust. 8. The headlights are usually too small. 9. Fuel consumption is outrageou
What Is Fu-owned?
fu-Owned is a game where members are bought with fuBucks and considered owned by the buyer. The buyer is gauranteed to hold onto their new purchase for at least 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, others may purchase the member out from under the owner at an increased price, the profit being split at varying percents between the member being purchased, fubar, and the previous owner (if applicable). After 30 days of being owned by the same person, ownership will expire and the member's value will be reset. Every consecutive purchase will result in increased worth of the user being bought. The number of members one can fu-Own will vary depending on what one's user level is on fubar. Click here to see your fuowned page: FU OWNED EDIT: Go here for fu owned options: Personal settings Just click on the drop down arrow on who can fu own me and change your options.
10,000 Fu-bucks Per 100 Rates On Nov. 19 (wed) All Day!
AUTO 11's are ON!! & Earn Fubucks for rating EZ pictures! Need to level?? Need fubucks?? In addition too...My auto 11's! Rate my page and earn yourself 60 points per 10, or 120 per VIP 11... .PLUS!!! I am starting, for today only... 10,000 fubucks for every 100 rates you do. PRIVATE MESSAGE me to get paid, and shouts or comments will more than likely be lost. I appreciate all rates from all my rockin friends! Thanks in advance all! xoxo Berry, Berry Quite Contrary@ fubar
Re: Obama Pushes Carbon Tax That Would Inflict New Depression
RE: Obama Pushes Carbon Tax That Would Inflict New Depression ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 19 Nov 2008, 14:19 Obama Pushes Carbon Tax Proposal That Would Inflict New Great Depression President elect Barack Obama used his speech at a Los Angeles summit last night to reinvigorate a push for the revival of a frightening proposal to slash carbon emissions by 80 per cent, a move that would inflict a new Great Depression, cost millions of jobs, and sink America to near third world status. http://www. prisonplanet. com/obama-pushes-carbon-tax-proposal-that-would-inflict-new-great-depression. html
Urine Test Or Your Out
THE JOB - URINE TEST (Whoever wrote this one deserves a HUGE pat on the back!) Like a lot of folks, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine test with which I have no problem. What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their A__, doing drugs, while I work. . . . Can you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check? I guess we could title that program, 'Urine or You're Out.' Pass this along if you agree or simply delete if you don't. Hope you all w
Foundry Cams: Lola Rocks Out To Filter
This buxom, blonde-and-black-haired, BISEXUAL beauty you see before you is Lola from FOUNDRY CAMS, and she's got one of the most impressive tattoos we have ever seen on a young woman covering the top of her chest. Here she is in her official FoundryMusic F*CK ME shirt (click to get yours!), shaking her magnificent body to "What's Next" by our friends in FILTER (get your copy of the new FILTER remix disc online NOW!) CLICK THE PIC TO WATCH LOLA in her breathtaking new video! Of course, if you can think (or walk) straight after watching Lola's clip... head on over to FOUNDRY CAMS and chat with Lola on cam RIGHT NOW!
Strength Courage Prayer
Prayer for Guidance The spirits of the mountain exist in strength. Their roots are deep in the Earth, their heads pierce the air and mount to the sky above. They dance from flat to peak and, spiraling, descend again. Good Ones, when I come under your trees and upon your stones, guide me.
Comfort Prayer
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will we not fear, though the earth do change, and though the mountains be moved into the heart of the seas; Though the waters thereof roar and foam, though the mountains shake at the swelling thereof. Selah There is a river, the streams whereof make glad the city of God, the holiest dwelling-place of the Most High. God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her, at the approach of morning. Nations were in tumult, kingdoms were moved; He uttered His voice, the earth melted. HaShem of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our high tower. Selah Come, behold the works of HaShem, who hath made desolations in the earth. He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; He breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; He burneth the chariots in the fire. 'Let be, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.' - Psa
Loneliness Prayer
Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer. From the end of the earth will I call unto Thee, when my heart fainteth; lead me to a rock that is too high for me. For Thou hast been a refuge for me, a tower of strength in the face of the enemy. I will dwell in Thy Tent for ever; I will take refuge in the covert of Thy wings. Selah - Psalms 61: 2-5
Wtf Lmfao =o
Looking For Some Peace
So live your life so the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their views, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and of service to your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Always give a word or sign of salute when meeting or passing a stranger if in a lonely place. Show respect to all people, but grovel to none. When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies in yourself. Touch not the poisonous firewater that makes wise ones turn to fools and robs them of their visions. When your time comes to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their
Creation Of The Firefighter
Creation of firefighters When the Lord was creating fire fighters, he was into his sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared and said, "You're doing a lot of fiddling around on this one." And the Lord said, "Have you read the specification on this person? Fire fighters have to be able to go for hours fighting fires or tending to a person that the usual everyday person would never touch, while putting in the back of their minds the circumstances. They have to be able to move at a second's notice and not think twice of what they are about to do, no matter what danger. They have to be in top physical condition at all times, running on half-eaten meals, and they must have six pairs of hands." The angel shook her head slowly and said, "Six pairs of way." "It's not the hands that are causing me problems," said the Lord, "it's the three pairs of eyes a fire fighter has to have." "That's on the standard model?" asked the angel. The Lord nodded. "One pair to see
Week 12 Nfl Schedule
Depression Prayer
May we discover through pain and torment, the strength to live with grace and humor. May we discover through doubt and anguish, the strength to live with dignity and holiness. May we discover through suffering and fear, the strength to move toward healing. May it come to pass that we be restored to health and to vigor. May Life grant us wellness of body, spirit, and mind. And if this cannot be so, may we find in this transformation and passage moments of meaning, opportunities for love and the deep and gracious calm that comes when we allow ourselves to move on. - Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro
Self Pity
Self Pity I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.
Diffrent F.f. Prayer
Brothers, when you weep for me Remember that it was meant to be. Lay me down and when you leave Remember I'll be at your sleeve. In every dark and choking hall I'll be there as you slowly crawl. On every roof in driving snow I'll hold your coat and you will know. In hot cellars in searing heat At windows where a gate you.. --> must --> meet In closets where young children hide You know I'll be at your side. The house from which I now respond Is over staffed with heroes gone. Men who answered one last bell Did the job and did it well. As fire men we understand That death's a card dealt in our hand. A card we hope we never play But one we hold there anyway. That card is something we ignore As we crawl across a weakened floor. For we know that we're the only prayer For anyone that might be there. So remember as you wipe your tears The joy I know throughout the years. As I did the job I loved to do I pray that thought will see you through.
We Are One
I pray we, all children of the earth, no matter our path to enlightenment, come to realize that we are one. We may walk our own paths, but we are not alone, for we walk at the same time, toward the same end/beginning. From our individual perspectives, be we Pagan, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddist, Taoist, or Hindu, are the same. I pray that we all feel the love of our Creator(s) and by example learn to see each other as brothers and sisters, allowing the boundary lines of religion to fade away. May the Lord and Lady bless your path. May you always have enough, and may you give enough in return. Blessed Be.
Behind Blue Eyes
Written by Pete Townshend No one knows what it's like to be the bad man To be the sad man behind blue eyes No one knows what it's like To be hated, to be fated to telling only lies But my dreams, they aren't as empty As my conscience seems to be I have hours, only lonely My love is vengeance that's never free No one knows what it's like To feel these feelings like I do and I blame you! No one bites back as hard on their anger None of my pain and woe can show through But my dreams, they aren't as empty As my conscience seems to be I have hours only lonely My love is vengeance, that's never free When my fist clenches, crack it open Before I use it and lose my cool When I smile, tell me some bad news Before I laugh and act like a fool And If I swallow anything evil Put your finger down my throat And If I shiver, please give me a blanket Keep me warm, let me wear your coat No one knows what it's like to be the bad man To be the sad man behind blue ey
She has 622 pics and 72 stash....Lets get her! lol peace & all that@ fubar Dont forget to check pass blogs...There have been 3 so far today posted :o) Happy Leveling!!!! :oP
For Heather
Fire woman, yeah Shake, shake, shake, shake it, yeah Wound up, cant sleep, cant do anything right, little honey Oh, since I set my eyes on you I tell you the truth T-t-t-t-twistin like a flame in a slow dance, baby Youre driving me crazy Come on, little honey Come on now Fire Smoke, she is a rising fire, yeah Smoke on the horizon, well Fire Smoke, she is a rising fire Oh, smokestack lightning Smokestack lightning Well, shake it up, youre to blame, got me swayin little honey My hearts a ball of burnin flame Oh, yes it is Trancing like a cat on a hot tin shack Lord, have mercy Come on little sister Come on and shake it Fire Smoke, she is a rising fire Oh, smoke on the horizon, yeah Fire Smoke, she is a rising fire Oh, smokestack lightning, baby I was thinking what Ive been missing Ill tell you truthfully, well Shes coming close now Oh, I can feel her Shes getting close to me And I never, yeah Fire Smoke, she is a rising fire Oh, smoke on
He Bought His Wife A Tazer
Pocket Taser Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife! A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Taser for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Julie. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized taser. The effects of the taser were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety....?? WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded two AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time, I'd get the blue arc of electricity darting back and forth between the
Hes My Only One
for those who read this, one wonderful guy who ill never replace should know ill always be there for him like hes been there for my son. recently he was staying at my house, taking care of my son who completely adores him. days went by and the day he left, i felt nothing inside. its not about whats on the outside, but on the inside. i love him to much and truly miss him.
Spank Sunnydays 2 Henchmen!
I'm Pimping out my my mom you might already know her and be real good friends with her, if not then you are missing out. She is a really cool person to know and I'm glad to have her as a my mom & friend. And she is fabulously sweet & cute!! She is trying to level and she needs our help. She has 366,296 Points to go to be a Henchman! So go spank her hard with so fu-love. I'm pimping her out so come and show my friend some mad Fu Loving she will return it all. So lets spank her hard and get her to Fu-Queen I know we can do it :) Add Her, Fan Her, And Rate, Her Bling Her. Why Are You Still Reading This Go Show Her Sum Fu Loving! Tell Her SinfulBrat sent you to spank her hard.... SunnyDays Brought To You With Much Love...
Oprah And Obama
Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey were flying > on Obama's private plane. > > Obama looked at Oprah, chuckled and said, 'You know, I > could throw a $1,000 bill out of the window right now and make somebody > very happy. > > Oprah shrugged her shoulders and replied, 'I could > throw ten $100 bills out of the window and make ten people very happy. > > Michelle added, 'That being the case, I could throw one > hundred $10 bills out of the window and make a hundred people very > happy. > > Hearing their exchange, the pilot rolled his eyes and said > to his co-pilot, 'Such big-shots back there. > > > I could throw all of their asses out > of the window and make 56 million people very happy. > > If you're one of those 56 million, pass this on!!!
I have found comfort in her voice it touches me. Every time she says hi or how are you it hits me. I care for her cause she is caring. I feel for her cause she feels my words. My soul is emersed in emotions. I am happy for i listen. I am content for i am here. I feel for i am felt. I would walk just to see her face. She speaks to me and i under stand how she feels. for i under stand cause i can listen. talk to you all later.
Can you go insane so slowly that it isn't noticeable by anybody? Am I doing so?
My life has taken a turn and i am thinking clearly now this hasn't happened in a long time. i have been dumb not thinking about my future and what to do. i am now on track and going to git-r-done. it is all i have to do that certian some one is out there some where and they know it distance and time are only small things. any ways for this i will let you know if you lose track along the way. most of the time it is cause you get distracted and all you have to do is focus and git-r-done. talk to you all later. love is out there we all will find it some day peace out.
So excitingly strange to meet with my advisor and pick out classes. But it was nice when the registrar was directing me to financial aide and I told her that my school is paid for.
A Touching Story
My husband is an Engineer by profession, I love him for his steady nature, and I love the warm feeling when I lean against his broad shoulders. Three years of courtship and now, two years into marriage, I would have to admit, that I am getting tired of it. The reasons of me loving him before, has now transformed into the cause of all my restlessness. . I am a sentimental woman and extremely sensitive when it comes to a relationship and my feelings, I yearn for the romantic moments, like a little girl yearning for candy. My husband, is my complete opposite, his lack of sensitivity, and the inability of bringing romantic moments into our marriage has disheartened me about love. One day, I finally decided to tell him my decision, that I wanted a divorce. "Why?" he asked, shocked. "I am tired, there are no reasons for everything in the world!" I answered. He kept silent the whole night, seems to be in deep thought with a lighted cigarette at all times. My feeling of dis
Has 56 pics so lets hit him up! Kid@ fubar dont forget to check passed blogs for ones you missed
What The ...
okay i get the fact that some people think this fu-ownership bullshit is actually cute or fun, BUT I DON'T. i don't want to be fu-owned by anyone, are we clear on that? IF YOU EVEN MAKE AN ATTEMPT AT PURCHASING ME, YOU WILL BE MOST SORRY. NOW BACK THE FUCK OFF.
I Need A Fuck Buddy Badly!
SO LETS PLAY THE "FUCK BUDDY GAME!" The rules are simple: If you want to or wouldn't mind fucking the person who posted this, send them a *MESSAGE* saying: "I'd tap that shit!" or "I'd ride That shit!" Don't be scared - This is hilarious!! The twist is YOU HAVE TO RE-POST THIS and see who replies!
Just A Guys Quiz!
Just a Guys Quiz!!! 1.What's Your Name? X_________________________ 2.How Old Are YOU? X_________________________ 3.Where Do You Live? X_________________________ 4.Whats Your Relationship Status? X_________________________ 5.Are You Gay? X_________________________ If "yes" Don't Continue! 6.Are You Signed Up On a Online Dating Site? X_________________________ 7.If "yes" Then What's The Site Address? X_________________________ 8.Would You Tell Me You Site URL? X_________________________ 9.On that site do you look for girls in your AREA or ANYWHERE? X_________________________ 10.If there was a girl on the site that you started to like, would you talk to her the most? X_________________________ 11.Would You Give her your I.M. Sn? X_________________________ 12.What would be one thing you would ask her? X_________________________ 13.would you talk about sex? X_________________________ 14.What if the Girl as
Sweet About Me
Music Video: Sweet About Me (Video Final Version) by (Gabriella Cilmi) Music Video Code by Video Code Zone
Ok time to attack one of our has 210 pics and 3 stash...lets get her closer to leveling!!! ~♥StarShine♥~2nd Alarm Hotties Member~ Fu Engaged 2 Indiana Cowboy~@ fubar and dont forget that Karen still has auto 11's on today too so make sure to hit her pics too Karen878806 R/F/A/Bling Me & I Will Give Luv Back~ Fubar's Finest Levelers ~@ fubar aaaaaaand if you know of anyone that is close to leveling let me know ooooooor if your pretty close too let me know so I can blog ya :o)
Fender Benders And 26' Xmas Trees!
Hello People :D My day yesterday was quite entertaining, to say the least. I was on my way to the job site and BAM... I get rear ended by a Jetta. Taking a right, yielding, sun in me eyes..I see a, I "stop quickly" and the girl behind me.. well you know...her air bags deployed..crazy smoke from her dept comes...ambulance comes...she leaves in ambulance...cop comes..makes report...I go to work. Craziness. I arrive at the job site and the guys have the metal frame ready to go...the owner is there asks me if I'm ok and offers to buy me something to drink *grin* (I ♥ my place of employment) we go and get coffee...he helps me think of the positive side of the accident..and off I went to check lights, take pictures and fluff branches (I was spose to climb the metal frame...but they wouldn't let me, cause of the accident *cries*) Anyway, this tree is amazing...I'm glad I was there to help... *never knew exactly how outdoor, 26 footers + were set up, until n
Fantasy Part 3 Continiued
as i keep her there chained to the bed still tortureing her with pleasure.i then slowly make my way back up her body knowing she can't take any more teaseing as i feel her body thrust and tighten around my fingers.i then take my hard cock and start rubbing it all along her pussy touching her clit and tortureing her more and more just letting my cock sink in far enough to tease her more and more and then pulling it back i watch her face she screams"STOP AND FUCK ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE NO MORE OF THIS TORTURE GIVE IT TO ME HARD BABY"i then slam my cock hard into her feeling her body thrust and tighten as i tear her a bit she screams out"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD YES RIP ME MAKE ME YOURS TEAR MY FLESH MY DARK LORD MAKE ME ENJOY YOU EVERY WAY"as i keep slamming her pussy harder and harder driveing all 10 inches deep into her tight pussy makeing her cum more and more with every single thrust i give.smileing very big i look at her as she keeps tightening her muscles mor
No-one Want To....
Damn no one want to Fu-Owned me anymore??? No one love me!! sniff..sniff that was so sad that anyone don't want me here :-(
Wednesday November 19th 2008
something to think about? Some of you wonder why some of heavy and big peeps are nice when some are mean to us, well for myself i can only say is the way i was brought up, To respect others and how they are and who they are and i will get the same back, i have a sweet disposition, but have an angry side to me, nope wont get violent and try do harm to looks are scary lol but i wong go any further than that. so when u get a compliment or rate me low it will not get me pissed off or angry or spiteful, for they are just numbers or ifd u call me fat,ugly,or whatever its going to go right thru me, and why is that? well its just who above all the name calling and smugness itd 2008 goin n 09 and if hate rules me then i dont need it. Iam who iam, i wint change for the better fir its a rough road lol. i laugh and smile for life is much too short to be hateful and spitefulk. friends are what needed and love...those things i cherish. Peace
I know I hurt you and I feel so bad, For saying things and making you sad.. It's just that my love for you is so great, I want to be with you, I just can't wait.. Please forgive me for things I said, I love you so much, It just messed my head.. You are my life. My very breath I promise to love you, even after death
>> >> Fourth Place : >> >> A man bumps into a woman in a hotel lobby and as he >> does, his elbow goes into her breast. >> >> They are both quite startled.The man turns to her >> and says, 'Ma'am, if your heart is as soft as your breast, >> I know you'll forgive me.' >> She replies, 'If your penis is as hard as your >> elbow, I'm in room 221.' >> >> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >> >> Third Place : >> >> One night, as a couple lays down for bed, the >> husband starts rubbing his wife's arm. >> >> The wife turns over and says 'I'm sorry honey, I've >> got a gynecologist appointment tomorrow and I want to stay fresh.' >> >> The husband, rejected, turns over. >> >> A few minutes later, he rolls back over and taps >> his wife again. >>
Varitek A Free Agent Now
11/14/08 12:01 AM EST Varitek tops Red Sox's offseason list With free agency here, catcher is now free to sign with other clubs By Ian Browne / BOSTON -- The two weeks of exclusivity the Red Sox had with Jason Varitek, their catcher of the last decade-plus, has passed. Varitek, just like every other free agent in Major League Baseball, is now eligible to sign with all 30 teams. As the clock struck midnight ET and Thursday turned to Friday, free agency officially began. Varitek is clearly a front-burner issue for the Red Sox. Catching depth is not strong throughout Major League Baseball. Complicating the situation is that Varitek, who will be 37 in April, is coming off what is easily the worst offensive season of his career. "He's an important part of the organization -- there's no doubt about that," Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein said recently. "Obviously, he's coming off a year that wasn't his best, but he's important nonetheless. Now he's a free agent and
Thought For 11/19
It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything..
Birthday Luv
(`v)Thick&Lovely(`v)@ fubar Wish her a happy bday. Bday comment bombing
well i am new at this blog thing...but you kow man it helps me out soo the last one lifted a load n maybe this one will do the same thing.. man iu have been fightoin for my rites as a father to c my son n well i have been support n payin for the "visits i susposed to be gettin but they havent been son is four years old.. i ahve now seen him 3 times in his fours of living n his mom will not let me take pictures...i am havn court over n over ...have a paternity test at her cost n asking for the last fours years of his life worth of pix at her cost cuz i have rights to have pictures of my son...she has based everything in court from when we were together on why i cant c my son n which she doesnt know i have prvon everything wrong so far n still havnt gotten shit! i dont undertand...she asked for drug n alcohol assessment n a mental eval n i passed all that shit....while this other motha fuker gets a DUI goes to jail n gets out n still has his child i dont fukn ge
Well, I started drinking again last nite. Thanks to those "gift" packs of Wild Turkey 101 that Wal-Mart carries this time of year. The funny thing is, I feel better this morning than I have in a long time... LOL
For Sale (highest Prices Please!)
Cubs Fan@ fubar Kacowboy's Lady....@ fubar
Horrorfest With Kyp & Skr In Michigan! Only Weeks Left!
God ~ Country ~ Honor
I just wanted to get the day over with and go down to Smokey's for a few cold ones. Sneaking a look at my watch, I saw the time, 16:55. Five minutes to go before the cemetery gates are closed for the day. Full dress was hot in the August sun. Oklahoma summertime was as bad as ever -- the heat and humidity at the same level -- both too high. I saw the car pull into the drive, '69 or '70 model Cadillac Deville, looked factory-new. It pulled into the parking lot at a snail's pace .. An old woman got out so slow I thought she was paralyzed. She had a cane and a sheaf of flowers, about four or five bunches as best I could tell. I couldn't help myself. The thought came unwanted, and left a slightly bitter taste: 'She's going to spend an hour, and for this old soldier... my hip hurts like hell and I'm ready to get out of here right now!' But for this day my duty was to assist anyone coming in. Kevin would lock the 'In' gate and if.... I could just hurry the old biddy along, we
Now Im Here - Oh The Wonder Of The Net!!!!!!!!
This Came To Me In The Middle Of The Night!
In ones life, a day is like every other day. For time is always passing, as it slips away from us forever. Within that time only sheer instances even matter. But somethings different now......for when I'm with you, time seems to slow, almost stop. As if it's allowing us to saver every moment we share together. you sit, waiting for me. A candle barely lights you face. As it flickers, it steals the air. .....stepping through pools of moonlight I move to you. Now as close as I can be, but barely touching. It is then that you strip me, of all my defenses, all my fears, and my past. Leaving me feeling naked before you. In a whisper you speak to me. Words slip from your mouth, like leaves falling from trees. My ears await them, like the ground below. Closer we become....invading each other. our lips touch, you steal the breathe for me. Leaving me gasping, and dizzy. I feel your warmth against me, it is then that I realize. I would give every breathe I had to you
A Jury Scaled Bra And Colored Draws In The News
Good Morning. We have all heard of New Years Resolutions but how about letting your lingerie determine your new years fateWell that is just what Brazilians believe. I am not making this upwhat some people trust in is justwild I guesshowever this is ether a ploy by an underwear manufacturer or a mans hope to see someone in yellow underwearother then himself oh yuck did I just say thatthe focus is back to Brazil When economists calculated the effect of the credit crisis they warned of a run on the banks but not a run on yellow underwear. But in Brazil, the color of underwear worn at midnight on New Year's Eve is believed to influence your luck in the coming year. Wearing red underwear is supposed to bring passion, pink underwear love, white underwear peace and green underwear luck. Yellow underwear means money and with millions of people worried about the fallout from the credit crunch, they are flying off the shelves. "People are desperate, they want to not lose their job
Courtesy Opens All Doors
Your Daily Motivation Courtesy Opens All Doors Wednesday, November 19, 2008 COURTESY OPENS ALL DOORS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is no investment you'll ever make that will pay you so well as the effort to scatter sunshine and good cheer where ever you are. The deepest principal in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. If you treat someone as if they were what they ought to be and could be, they will become what they ought to be and could be. Everyone thrives on being appreciated, loved and needed. There is no stimulus like that which comes from the consciousness of knowing that others believe in you. Applaud others when they run. Console them when they fail. And cheer them when they recover. As water is to a flower, so is praise to the heart of another Copyright 2008 Watch Video => Weathering The Coming Financial Storm
A Touching Story
Another One Stolen From The Cracker
How are things between you and the person you like? I don't like anyone right now Have you ever met a gay person? I live by Palm Springs, I've met many Have you ever intentionally made someone jealous? Not intentionally, no...that isn't my style How are you feeling? Relieved What's something you're excited about right now? Rebound Sex Do you spend a lot of time with your parents? No, unfortunately What color is your room? White Honestly, do you see yourself as a slut? No How long have you been at your current job? Couple weeks Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Yes What movie never fails to make you cry? None Are you talkative? Somewhat Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to? Yes Who was the last girl you talked to? Jenasie Tell me about the shirt you're wearing: I'm naked What's currently bothering you right now? Nothing at all. I'm finally ok Are you currently frustrated with
Wednesday Opie And Anthony Links: Whip 'em Out Wednesday, Angus Young From Ac/dc, Boobs On Paltalk And Ratemywow, Dru Boogie, Basil T's, Inter
Listen to Today's OPIE & ANTHONY Show on AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST). Happy Whip 'em Out Wednesday boys and girls... especially to the Lovely ladies on Paltalk, who go out of their way each and every morning to show off their private parts on their webcams. They'll keep doing it if you're nice, guys... so don't be too pushy. And who are we bullshitting anyway, right? 90% of you are on PalTalk to see CHICKS GETTING NAKED ON CAM, so why pretend you're doing something noble, right? log in to your Paltalk and check out the 'Opie and Anthony LIVE' room to see them now! Today on the Opie and Anthony Mosh Pit, we're going to be talking to the one and only Angus Young from AC/DC about their latest disc BLACK ICE, and tour, which takes them to the IZOD Center in New Jersey tonight. Get your AC/DC Tickets online now! we welcome back our budddy Dru Bogie, who will be playing us in and out of break today. We also welcome back Executive Chef Steve from Basil T's in Toms Ri
Wednesday Opie And Anthony Links: Whip 'em Out Wednesday, Angus Young From Ac/dc, Boobs On Paltalk And Ratemywow, Dru Boogie, Basil T's, Inter
Listen to Today's OPIE & ANTHONY Show on AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST). Happy Whip 'em Out Wednesday boys and girls... especially to the Lovely ladies on Paltalk, who go out of their way each and every morning to show off their private parts on their webcams. They'll keep doing it if you're nice, guys... so don't be too pushy. And who are we bullshitting anyway, right? 90% of you are on PalTalk to see CHICKS GETTING NAKED ON CAM, so why pretend you're doing something noble, right? log in to your Paltalk and check out the 'Opie and Anthony LIVE' room to see them now! Today on the Opie and Anthony Mosh Pit, we're going to be talking to the one and only Angus Young from AC/DC about their latest disc BLACK ICE, and tour, which takes them to the IZOD Center in New Jersey tonight. Get your AC/DC Tickets online now! we welcome back our budddy Dru Bogie, who will be playing us in and out of break today. We also welcome back Executive Chef Steve from Basil T's in Toms Ri
The Boy In The Window
One day while I was shopping with my mother, we were walking past a store with a big front window. In this window there was a little boy, just standing there looking back at me. He had a black eye and bruised cheek. And the look in his eyes was so sad. They were filled with so much pain and sadness that just looking into them brought tears to my eyes. And I turned away. Some years later, while walking past the store again, I saw that same little boy. He had grown some but it was apparent that it was the same boy. He still had bruised cheeks and his nose was taped up from being broken. In his eyes I could still see all his pain, his loneliness, his sadness. Once again it brought tears to my eyes, and once again I turned away. In my teenage years, I walked past the store again. And again the boy was there. He had grown into a tall young man. No bruises on his face this time. But his eyes had changed. They hadn't lost their sadness or their pain or loneliness, but they
The Tea Cup
There was a couple who used to go to England to shop in the beautiful stores. They both liked antiques and pottery and especially teacups.This was their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. One day in this beautiful shop they saw a beautiful teacup. They said, "May we see that? We've never seen one quite so beautiful."As the lady handed it to them, suddenly the teacup spoke. "You don't understand," it said. "I haven't always been a teacup.There was a time when I was red and I was clay." My master took me and rolled me and patted me over and over and I yelled out, "let me alone",but he only smiled, "Not yet." "Then I was placed on a spinning wheel," the teacup said, "and suddenly I was spun around and around and around. Stop it! I'm getting dizzy!" I screamed. But the master only nodded and said, 'Not yet." Then he put me in the oven. I never felt such heat. I wondered why he wanted to burn me, and I yelled and knocked at the door. I could see him through the opening and I
Christmas For Soldiers!!
A Great Idea!!! When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please include the following: A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue,NW Washington , D.C. 20307-5001 Please pass it on.
Twisted Pimpout
Please Help My Big Bro Twisted dragon @ My Big Bro Twisted Dragon Needs some Fu-love to help him Level to Henchman 
Inks Pimpout
Please Help My Sis Level Inked Angel @ My Sis Inked Angel Needs some Fu-love to help her Level to Henchman 
Zack And Miri
Went last night with my buddy Stephanie to see it. Man, it's kinda weird to watch a movie with that much sex in it with a female work colleague. Still, that was some damned funny shit. And Seth Rogen is the only guy I'd gay-marry. He's such a dude. I'd take one in the ass if he promised to laugh while he did it. Great movie, for what it's worth. V funny, but also with that trademark Smith sentimentality. I'd say he's finally proved that he can make movies outside of the J&SB world. :D
Not a bad income for one day sitting on my butt playing internet lotto... 11/18/2008 25407971-54 MI 6:53PM Pick 3 1 $0.50 $0.50 Y 2-8-6 6-2-8 $75.00 11/18/2008 25407971-3 MI Midday 12:24PM Pick 3 1 $0.50 $0.50 Y 0-2-1 1-0-2 $75.00 11/18/2008 25408065-84 MI 6:53PM Pick 4 1 $0.25 $0.25 Y 3-4-9-9 3-4-9-9 $187.50 11/18/2008 25408062-84 MI 6:53PM Pick 4 1 $0.25 $0.25 N 3-4-9-9 3-4-9-9 $2,250.00
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Submitt A Video, Be In The Skr Dvd Vol 2!!! :)
DVD SUBMISSIONS END NOVEMBER 30TH!!!!!..*********************************************************************
more new trackz added
Saving Abel
Saving Abel-Addicted @ Yahoo! Video
Fu -owned
ok i get that all the other sites such as face book and myspace have some version of this and its fun to buy and sell people virtually and that the game has to be different than the other sites, but here is my bitch - i bought Baby Jesus for 161,051 fuBucks,and he was purchased from me for 500,000 fubucks, ok here is where it gets twisted Baby Jesus gets 250,000 fubucks on this sale and i get 50,000 fubucks on this transaction for a grand total of lets do the math 300,000 fubucks being split up for this and 200,000 fubucks diapering into thin air, i understand its virtual money and this is a game but this whole site is geared around point whoreisim with people buying happy hours and bling packs etc to level and earn virtual money and points so my question is this who else thinks this makes any sense?
slipknot- wait and bleed @ Yahoo! Video
Vampire Blood Lust In Dreams @ Yahoo! Video Vampire Exotique @ Yahoo! Video
*miss Lexi Rayne*
*Miss Lexi Rayne* HAS A HH AT 4 FU TIME LETS ROCK HER PAGE GOOD AND HARD DURIN THAT HH ~*Miss Lexi Rayne*~ Is A NaUgHtY KO GiRL!@ fubar brought to u by the one and only $j ߺ${ .$.} .G.m h u$$ lmsOwned by ~CynzDreams ~&Naughty by Nature@ fubar
דkk's Pimp Out
Ms.Charlotte2u! Ok Fu I Gotta Hook This Chickie Up...Classy,Sexy, Yet You Won't Catch Her Slipping Around TheFu! She Was Nice Enough To Bid On Me! Now I'm Returning The Love! MsCharlotte2U!~No Rate No Add~Stalking~XtM Auto 11's Active Great Pics!!! If Nothing Else Slip Her A Few Rates!! Come Closer!!!! You Won't Regret It!! I Just Can't STOP!!!!! Pimpout From The Dick: דkK~*59th Oracle*~w ߥ ()sh@RTt2!, LviS63 & Tݪ (repost of original by 'דkK~*59th Oracle*~w ߥ ()sh@RTt2!, LviS63 & Tݪ' on '2008-11-18 21:24:09')
Skater Girl...
All my "lost ones" and me...we are all separated now...I miss them...but they write to me...their poetry...this one came today... from "Skater girl"...not her real name... I call her that... she said I could post this... but to please not mention her name... So I won't... --Scavengers For Happiness-- venture on young questly SOMETIMES you have to lose everything before you learn anything because some people just go through the motions and they're not really living well I sit here and think what the hell is that life worth fucken giving worth living if you're already dead rested in pieces. a soul in an empty hollow skull fucking shed soul sucking lead hollow pins with threads spinning off the spindle rebirth to the thimble protectorate of the nimble lets dance and mingle because maybe I just need to meet the right dancing partners to really get funky at this groovy hoedown called life to really bust a move right outta this town explor
I'm Very Dissapointed...I Absolutely Adore A Certain Person In My Life. We Have An Intense History Together And When I Think Of Him My Heart Deffinately Skips A Beat...My Problem Is Simply This...My Love For Him Is More Intense And Deep Than his For Me...I Understand What We've Been Thru. But How Can You Deny This Love? Do You Really Not Feel It Like I Do? It's So Hard To Feel This Way About Someone And Not Feel That Love IN Return...Sure You Feel The Love, Just Not The Way You're Giving It...And You Know In Your Heart You're Giving It With Everything You Have... I Dono. Maybe I'm Dumb. But I Still Wish We Could Leave The Past Where It Is...And Move Forward Unless You Really Don't Want Too... Thanks For Listening xoxo ♥Nichole
there comes a time when all things must come to an end...we have had some good times and bad times on here....we have laughed and cried and threw fits and it was great...but now after doing some thinking and with other things on my plate i am considering deleting my account and moving on from here...i have closed all my pix and blogs not knowing whether they will be open again you have all been great..some more than others and tonight i came to a realization that there are more important things out there so without further ado..i bid you adieu for now
Bite Me Survey From Crys ;)
How are things between you and the person you like? Swimmingly :P Have you ever met a gay person? Yes I have known several. Have you ever intentionally made someone jealous? No but I have been used to make someone else jealous, I hate those stupid ass games. How are you feeling? Frustrated :( What's something you're excited about right now? Birthday in 2 weeks! Do you spend a lot of time with your parents? No but I do enjoy it when I get the chance. My dad always has some project going on that I can tinker with. What color is your room? Green Honestly, do you see yourself as a slut? No How long have you been at your current job? 14 years Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Yes What movie never fails to make you cry? Never cried from a movie, just had something in my eye. Are you talkative? Yes I think so. Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to? Yes Who was the last girl you talked to? Cryst
The Crow
@ Yahoo! Video The Crow ~ Nine Inch Nails Dead Souls @ Yahoo! Video
A Short Story
Once upon a time a child was concieved. At the moment of conception the child opened the eyes of its soul and looked upon the father and mother. The father said unto the child, "You are my creation. As such, you will enter my world and follow my rules. You are to sing my praises and glorify none before me. If you do not show yourself to be worthy of me, I will forever remove you from my heart and you can never return to my side. If you live as I demand, you will always have a place with me." With that, the father left. The mother said nothing for a moment. Instead, she went to the child and embraced it with love. After holding the child for a few moments the she stood and beckoned the child to follow. As they walked through a garden , of such beauty the angels never dreamed, she spoke to the child. The mother said to the child, "You are our child. As such, you are free to follow where your heart leads. You will be accountable to none but yourself. Follow or lead,
The Good Bye
The Good Bye I sit in a dark alleyWith a bottle of jackAnd a glassI drink the night awayAs I tell you my sorrows and express my guiltBut I never meant to harm you in anywaySo I guess this is goodbye for youDon't look back on meI will play the cruel one this timeI guess we can't always make things rightMaybe we're not made for each otherOr maybe we wereBut I'll finish this bottleAnd in the shadows I will fadeI hear you callingBut I won't go backNo that's a cowards path Ashley V, Lindsay
Queen Of The Damned
Queen of the Damned ~ Static-X Cold Soundtrack @ Yahoo! Video
The Decision
I have been for the past two weeks looking at the possibility of moving. It has been very hard to come to the decision that i have. After not being able to get a hold of my friend for the last three days. I have decided that i am going to stay here at the lake and see what will happen. I should have a roommate moving in sometime this to beginning of next week. Lets hope that all works out. Until next time ttyl
Its not often I get a read so clear after being so out of sync. My destination is clear, the path invisible. Holding my breath for the perfect one the only one. Because my heart was never my own to possess. I certainly cast that word out carelessly these days when I know the implications to be impossible. Perfect enough, if even for a moment one chance, maybe three. I'm confident its all I really need. Can you forgive me if I stink of ash and the sea? It was a long road back to me. Can you forgive me if the first thing I say in my saturday's best is "god what I'd give to taste your neck" I'm ashamed to admit I have dreams about it pulled softly in my lips. Obviously not ashamed enough to repent. Just as I'm ashamed to want you, not need you. Perhaps some day you would want to be my life, for now I'll settle for you being my dream.
Hold On..i Found Another Way To Let You Go.
So im sitting here at almost midnight, listening to music an chillen. Just got done talking to the ex wife about the divorce a little, which always puts me in a fowl mood. But then the music starts....Hold on, I found another way to let you go....Its like it couldnt be more perfect ya know. Just learn to let the shit go. Its not as simple as take a deep breath or anything but why bother getting upset by it? Ill admit that is a struggle and easier said then done. But yeah know, you have to remember that if you did the walking or the other person did, you two arnt togather for a reason right? Several in some cases. All im really saying is, it gets easier to find a new reason to let go everyday, you'll make it to the end of the road. Just stay the course. love to all my peeps.-Xavier.
"knight Rider" Tonight
> > > > > > > > > > > > > Be sure to set your Tivos & DVRs for tomorrow night! > > My episode of Knight Rider will be on the air. Check your local TV guide for the exact time in your area! > > Thank you all for tuning in and for your support! > > And yes, that is me in the car > > > > > > > > > Knight Rider Theme - Glen Larson, Stu Philips > > > > > > > > > > >
Poem Of Life And Love
I Lay Here On The Dancing Grass The Stars Swirling Around The Midnight Sky The Man On The Moon Smiling At No One In Particular, I Lay Here Finding The Meaning Of Life. I Think About The Riches Then Discover, That Can't Be Right! There Never Was Economics For The Animals Around Me Only Humans Have This Need For Greed. I Wonder About Beauty Blue Skies, Green Grasses, Colorful Trees But Then I Remember The Concrete Forest We've Created The Dull, Dark, Smoggy Sky We Already Live Without The Beauties So That Can't Be The Meaning Of Life. Maybe It's Not Living At All Maybe It's The Other Way! Maybe It's The Afterlife That Makes Us Truly Happy. Does This Mean The Meaning Of Life Is Death? Then Why Do We Even Live? If That Were The True Path, We Would Be Born Dead. Then I Realize Compassion, Love! To Be Held By Another Is The Only Way To Live. People Die From Lack Of Love You Have Nothing If You Have No One. As I Stare At The
Let Him Wish His Life For The Sorrows Of A Stone Never Knowing The First Thread Of These Never Knowing The Pain Of Ice As Its Crystals Slowly Grow To Live Forever And Never Feel A Thing To Wait A Million Lifetimes Only To Erode And Become Sand Wish Not For The Stone But For The Fire Last Only Moments But Change Everything Oh To Be Lightning To Exist For Less Than A Moment Yet In That Moment To Expose The World To Every Open Eye Oh To Be Thunder To Clap And Ring To Rumble Into Memories Minds And Spines To Chill The Soul And Shake The Very Ground Pounding Even The Sand Into Smaller Pieces Or The Mountain Brooding, Extinct Yet Gathering For One Fatal Moment The Power To Blow The Top Clean Off The World Oh To Last The Blink Of An Eye And Leave Nothing But Nothing Unmoved Behind You Vicent Guilliano January 9, 1991
Make A Difference
A Young Man Walking Down The Beach Observed An Old Man Picking Up Starfish That Had Washed Up On Shore. As He Got Closer, He Saw The Old Man Throwing Them Back Into The Ocean. He Approached The Man And Asked, "What Are You Doing?" The Old Man Replied, "If I Don't Throw The Starfish Back In The Water, They're Going To Die." "But There Must Be Thousands Of Beaches And Millions Of Starfish. You Can't Save Them All. Don't You Know You'll Never Make A Difference!" The Old Man Reached Down And Picked Up A Starfish And Simply Replied, "I'll Make A Difference To This One."
Stay Black- Stay Proud Stay White- Stay Proud Stay Brown- Stay Proud Stay Yellow- Stay Proud Don't be Afraid To Be What You Are, 'Cause All You Can Be, Is You! You'll Never Be Anything Else But You, So Be The Best You, You Can Be Keep It Real- By All Means At All Times. Whether A Lawyer, A Doctor, A Football Player, A Toilet Cleaner, A Garbage Handler, A Panhandler- Keep It Real. And Still Be The Best You Can Be. Have Pride, Have Dignity, Stand! Stand Proud, Talk Proud, Act Proud, Be Proud! Don't Lay Down, Back Down, Bow Down, Run Away, Sell Out Yourself, Sell Into Criticism. Be Real And Realize That The Ones Who Criticize Best Recognize That Your Are You- Take It Or Leave It. "MMM HMM!" I Knew You'd Get It. Get What? The Stuff- The Stuff Called Pride, That Attitude, That Aura, Your Identity, Yourself, Your Pride, Peace Of Mind, Worry Free. See, I Can't
Lending Your Support....
Dating 101: How To Be A Total Man Magnet
DATING TIPS Dating 101: How to Be a Total Man-Magnet A girl who got paid to help guys meet women shares her insights into what motivates men to make a move. Do you ever go out sometimes and feel like guys aren't giving you the attention you deserve, and you can't figure out why? That used to happen to me too. Then I became a part-time "wingwoman" -- a girl who helps guys meet chicks by posing as the guys' platonic female friend. (Wingwoman services are available in many cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and St. Louis.) While earning my wings, I learned lots of little tricks every single girl can use to improve her dating success with guys. Warning: Once you perfect these moves, you might find that you're such a powerful man-magnet, you attract guys everywhere. I used to date a guy who asked me out at the ATM! More Dating Articles from Cosmopolitan: The Trick to Meeting Guys Decode His Body Language Dating tip #1: Go out in groups of no bigg
i sit in this wheelchair as if in trance, watching, contemplating, calculating, the shadows that trees and moonlight, partners in crime have thrown, cast, and chained upon these walls, the wind makes them seem like still pictures of prisoners heaving, breathing, suddenly coming to life pictures of desertion, abandonement, the sad stillness that lurks in the the dark corners of the ancient cells whence they came from And as they step into the light the rest of this fragile image melts into nothingness at the very first note of curses and screams, that headlights of passing traffic blare and echo into the night this illusion, this delusion it leaves me numb dumb stupefied this darkness, this stillness, this screaming silence, engulfs me, eats me, and suffocates me when will i be free? i sit still in the quiet darkness alone
Smiles Amidst Tears
went to calatagan for a dip in the clear blue sea thought it would be just a simple trip, one that would end in a thousand pictures taken jelly-fish stings, bad-ass hang-overs and terribly roasted, sunburned skin I was wrong i cant say exactly what happened that day, but somehow i realized, that in the same way i learned to let go of everything taken away from me things and feelings that once were mine it was due time that i learned to let go of something that was never there in the first place to vanquish that tiny spark of hope my simple, cherished daydream would ever become reality i have no regrets. i just hope that wherever Life takes me, i can still be there for her even if she doesnt appreciate it even if she doesnt need me and to my dear friend, if you ever get to read this i guess this is the final goodbye to the 8-year affection i held on for you Always take care sis and may GOd bless you with the happiness you truly deserve
life has never been better to me than in the last few weeks , but somehow i cant help but feel something is missing TT i sure have gotten rid of all the trash in my life the people i shouldnt associate with, the bad habits, the hate and anger and yet i have never felt so empty and lifeless i guess ive just gotten so used to having terrible predicaments at every turn in my life, and now all that complexity is gone I feel so void and well bored. a needs test i took just this morning gave me a rating of 94 outta a hundred in the change and Variety division.. hell, this boredom sure is depressing i need some sparring partners to keep my mind from collapsing into a useless Bored mass of brain goo. shit, life is still crappy without opponents to prey on, much less no issues to sharpen my wits and claws on damn.. the downside of a peaceful Life.. T__Tv if this continues, d be creating hell just to tick away time
They Say, I Say
They Say I Am Brown I Say I Am Proud They Say I Only Know how To Cook I Say I Know How To Write A Book So Don't Judge Me By The Way I Look They Say I Am Brown I Say I Am Proud They Say I'm Not The Future Of This Nation I Say Stop Giving Me Discrimination Instead I'm Gonna Use My Education To Help Build The Human Nation
An Innocent Freedom Writer
A Young Black Boy Filled With Innocence And Care, Looking For Someone, But No One Is There. His First Day Of School, The Fathers Not Around, To Comfort His Son When He's Sad And Down. Looks Up To His Brother Who Knows Money And Power, Watching His Back Every Single Hour. An Innocent Boy Is Now Twelve Years Of Age, And Finds Himself Locked Up In A Human-Sized Cage. An Innocent Young Man Is Now A Criminal Mind, Having Nightmares Of Murders Every Single Time. But This Time You'll Think This Fool Should See The Light, But He's Jumped In A Gang And They Nicknamed Him "Snipe" Kicked Out Of The House And Left In The Cold. Have You Ever Been Through This At Eleven Years Old? He Says To Himself "No One Cares For Me" Then Makes His Bed In An Old Park Tree. The Next Time A Park Bench. How Long Can It Last? Will He Forget This Dreadful, Dreadful Past! He Goes To Wilson High With A Messed-Up Trail, And Meets A Guardian Angel Named Erin Gruwell. He Learns About The Holocaust, Ann
I Am Dying
I Am Dying Every day, with every breath I draw, I am closer to the end of my life. For we are born with a finite number of breaths, and each one I take edges the sunlight that is mu life toward the inevitable dusk. It is a difficult thing to remember, espically while we are in the health and strength of our youth, and yet, I have come to know that it is an important thing to keep in mind-not to complain or to make melancholy, but simply because only with the honest knowledge that one day I will die can I ever truly begin to live. Certainly I do not dwell on the reality of my own mortality, but I that a person cannot help but dwell, at least subconsciously, on that most imposing specter until he has come to understand, to truly understand and appreciate, that he will one day die. That he will one day be gone from this place, this, this consciousness and existence, to whatever it is that awaits. For only when a person completely and honestly accepts the inevitablitiy of dea
The very sound of the word invokes a sense of gravity and solemnity. Tradition. Suuz'chok in the drow language, and there,, too, as in every language that I have heard, the word rolls off of one's tongue with tremendous weight and power. Tradition. It is the root of who we are, the link to our heritage, the reminder that we as a people, if not individually, will span the ages. To many people and many societies, tradition is the source of structure and of law, the abiding fact of identity that denies the contrary claims of the outlaw, or the misbehavior of the rogue. It is that echoing sound deep in our hearts and out minds and our souls that reminds us of who we are by reinforcing who we were. To many it is even more than the law; it is the religion, guiding faith as it guides morality and society. To many, tradition is a god itself, the ancient rituals and holy texts, scribbled on unreadable parchments yellowed with age or chiseled into eternal rocks. To many, tradition
The Square Root Of 3
I'm sure that I will always be A lonely number like root three The three is all that's good and right, Why must my three keep out of sight Beneath the vicious square root sign, I wish instead I were a nine For nine could thwart this evil trick, with just some quick arithmetic I know I'll never see the sun, as 1.7321 Such is my reality, a sad irrationality When hark! What is this I see, Another square root of a three As quietly co-waltzing by, Together now we multiply To form a number we prefer, Rejoicing as an integer We break free from our mortal bonds With the wave of magic wands Our square root signs become unglued Your love for me has been renewed Harold and Kumar:Escape From Guantanamo Bay
Advice On Women
My dad's taste in women seemed to be on the large side. Now my mother, she was medium size, but my dad's ex-wife, ginormous, about 300 pounds back in the 70's, and about 400 before she died in 2004. I remember being a teen and riding with him in the work truck, whenever he'd pass a large woman, he would toot the horn and yell 40's version of saucy banter, like "hey good looking what ya got cookin'?" I'd be embarrassed and he would say "What's wrong Johnny, don't ya know fat women need love too?" If he saw a particularly fetching big girl he would tsk tsk disappointingly and say "all that meat.. and no potatoes.." My favorite was his advice on women he gave me when I was about 15, he said "Son get you a fat woman. That way you'll have heat in the winter, shade in the summer, and when it rains you can hide under her skirt and stay dry". :D
Cyber .. Why Is It That Is All You Want ?
Ok so I am not going to lie .. I like to cyber sometimes.. I have my phone fun .. lol but why is it a guy starts talking to you and then all of a sudden it is all about cyber .. Why the fuck can't we just talk .. just because I say I wanna CHAT does not automatically mean I wanna cyber .. I mean I am in a fucking relationship .. can't you fucking read ! never mind the fact that just because I say i am doing something does not mean that I am ...YOU can't see me ....I will say this much I hav had some cyber fun ..where ys I did do what I was saying but come on .. you start to talk me to m you gt what you want and you sign off .. afraid the wife or girlfriend is gonna find out . which yes you should be afraid .. because if you ar happily in a relationship .. why the fuck are you online cybering with someone else .. and what the fuck she isn't enough for you ? i mean yeah at least you are not out fucking someone else and bringing god knows what back to your girl or wife .. But be Man eno
Search Feel Touch
Fallen Heros
Hey Ya'll this is going to be a heart touching train I would like to get off the ground. It is for the fallen Heros who have gave there Life for there country. If you have a pic please let me know I will add it to this train. This is not for point, friend, rates. This is to remember those we have lost. This goes out to any one. Does not matter what Country you are in. What branch. What conflict. Please Let me know if you want to be a part of this. I will link the photo to your page if you want me to Eric Knott @ fubar Report as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) [?]
Leveling Help 118
QuietCowboy, Ride it like ya Stole it..@ fubar 5,500 to level has 44 easy rateable pics has salute
What Does N.i.n. And Shinedown Share
Nine Inch Nails and Shinedown both share exactly half of one song a piece in my "concert" memory. This makes me sad. I really wanted to see N.I.N. and I walked in just as Trent was sharing one last song with David Bowie. I simply could not believe it when it turned out that David Bowie was the headliner. It just did not compute. Now Shinedown shares the same short memory for me. They were the only band I really wanted to see out of the line up of Saving Abel, Buck Cherry, and Avenged Sevenfold. I walked in just in time to hear one last line of one last song and watch a few guitar picks and drumsticks being tossed into the audience. I could not believe it. Since when do concerts start on time? Buck Cherry was great - if you like hearing a Keebler Elf sing. I am addicted to (Saving Abel PUN, just for FUN - did not see them either) growling male voices. I did not get a fix. I did change up the lyrics to Crazy Bitch in recognition of tones flowing out of a throat and into my unattent
Im In An Auction Too...
Would love to get something nice..if anyone wants to own me..i give love all month long and more..
Pls Repost
here is the link
Stolen From Some Crazy Wanna-be Superhero
Be honest no matter what! [ZERO] Who was your last text from? My Love [ONE] Where was your default pic taken? The living room [TWO] Do you love the last person you kissed? With all my heart [THREE] Your relationship status? Forever broken [FOUR] Have you ever lost a close friend? No [FIVE]What is your current mood? If you felt a tenth of my sadness, you would weep for eternity [SIX] What's your brother's name? What makes you assume I have one? [SEVEN ] What's your favorite color(s)? Green. That's why I always delete my profile :p [EIGHT] Where do you wish you were right now? In the arms of my lost Love [NINE] Have you ever been in trouble with the cops? Yes [TEN] Ever had a near death experience? Actually I've had many. I've lost track of how many times I've almost died [ELEVEN] Something you do a lot? Lately: cry [TWELVE] Angry at anyone? Frustrated, yes. Angry...never again [THIRTEEN] What's stopping you
New Bf Or Gf
so here goes this is just a test to see if this thing even works but you can still fill them out and its just for fun
Treat Who Ur With Right!!
it pisses me off to no end to see guys with a great girl or vice versa treat their other half wether dating or married like shit.. If ur gonna be that way and not respct their wishes what the hells the point? As for the other half if they wanna treat u that way u deserve so much better. Noone deserves to be taken advantage of like that..if u wanna stay out and for lack of better words be a ho stay single. Dont drag the other person through it with u physically and emotionally. Remember karma is a bitch!!!
[get Out]
I want to write something big, but I can't. I still need to do a repair install and contact Dell. :/ 11/18 huh... crap. I need to get to work, get this place cleaned up, get some clothes, and... something else. Running out of time to be idle. Guess I should make a todo, stick to it, and have this place and my life shapely again, in the meantime though... I'm getting the HELL out of here. I've been cooped up in this house for weeks with the occasional breakout for supplies.And I need to sell my blood to afford christmas presents. PS If you're going to think about me in the shower, you may as well have the courtesy to tell me so.
Dont know wtf this is but its lettin me type in it lol so if ya gettin a email or something I DIDN'T MEAN too
Look Who's Hosting An Auction......
These sexy ladies have decided to host an auction for you hot fu's out there! We are accepting 10 people each. And you get to choose who's auction you'll be in! If you are interested in joining Miss Lexi's auction, click on the picture on the left. If you are interested in joining Tennisgirl's auction, click on the picture on the right. The entry fee is 50K. The minimum bid will be 70K, so you will get your money back! Please message either one with a SFW picture you want to use plus everything you will be offering. The auction will start once we have twenty people altogether. It will go until November 30th. Please send private messages only. NO SHOUTS! So what are you waiting for?? Join today! :-D This bulletin has been brought to you by two lovely ladies: Tennisgirl1987 - ClubF.A.R., ShadowLeveler, Promoter@Playground, OwnedbyStormyParks, K-Man'sGurl@fubar and ~*Miss Lexi Rayne*~ Is A NaUgHtY KO GiRL!@fubar
It All Started On Fubar.
For anyone curious to know why I am 2500 miles away from my daughters father and the love of my life..please read ahead: Last summer I left my cheating asshole of an Ex and moved back home with my parents. He used Fubar to meet other women behind my back and in turn, turned me off to it so bad that I wasnt sure if I would ever want to come back on the site again. (not to mention the fact that I was practically forbidden to use it and anytime he saw me login we got in a huge fight cuz of course I was planning on finding a new man and cheating on him ugh) Well after I came back home, I decided that I had made some really great friends on here so I would log back in and get over it. Then I met Chris. He and I just clicked. We talked in the SB constantly and not long after that exchanged numbers. If we were in the same room (or for that matter the same state lol) it would have been considered love at first sight. Maybe it was Lust at first sight but all I know is that it turned int
To All On Facebook
Come join my FaceBook Page, check out the newest pre-release Dennis Paul tunes ;) See you there !!! Dennis
Offering 25,000 Fubucks To Help Me Level Up
Can you all come help me level up till 25.I am offering 25,000 fubucks to level me up fast.Here's my pic link to my page.Hopefully i'll get done sooner.. ~SexyBitch~@ fubar Los Lonely BoysHeaven Music Video Codes By Music
35 Questions
Be honest no matter what! [ZERO] Who was your last text from? NA [ONE] Where was your default pic taken? My default is a fat sweaty cartoon superhero. Most people think it is really is me but it's not! Surprise! [TWO] Do you love the last person you kissed? yes [THREE] Your relationship status? Me living with 4 scantily clab 25 year old lingerie models.. Just the normal ho-hum life. [FOUR] Have you ever lost a close friend? yes [FIVE]What is your current mood? Happy, cold, and dreading Christmas. [SIX] What's your brother's name? My little brother is Joey, my big brother was Tommy. [SEVEN ] What's your favorite color(s)? Red, and Green. Put them together you get Christmas. Which I hate. [EIGHT] Where do you wish you were right now? Florida.. where it's warm & cozy. [NINE] Have you ever been in trouble with the cops? Little stuff for the most part and that was in younger days. [TEN] Ever had a near death experien
Bid On Me?
Hey, I'm finally in my first auction, wanna own me and stuff? Come bid :P DJ Wizzle Do it, Do it now.
i am just letting everyone know that if i rated you a 1 or anything else but a 10 like i always do, i am so sorry..someone has hacked into my account and changed some things on here,and i have already had people tell me that i have rated them a 1, and i am sorry, it wasn't me, so just wanted to write this just to let all my friends know and everyone else. so if anyone else has ever had someone hack into there account please let me know so i know what to do about it..thank you
Im Tired Of The Pain
Im tired of the pain The emptyness the controls my brain The feeling of sadness that carries with me day by day Destroying anything in my way I only want you and I cant seem to grasp The feelings that I feel inside from our loving past I cut myself in anger, the hate comes out from within And as I wipe the blood away my cavouse begins Swirling and twisting Dicieing away Im trying to make the pain go away And it dose for awhile Then it comes on back So I cut myself deeper It's like a drug Im addicted I need to have pain that I can control Laying here on my floor Im feeling empty agian lyeing on the ground With my blood all around
35 Secrets. (stolen From Crystal =])
Be honest no matter what! [ZERO] Who was your last text from? My friend Jason [ONE] Where was your default pic taken? in the same place I am right now [TWO] Do you love the last person you kissed? Yes.. my momma! [THREE] Your relationship status? ummmmmmmm [FOUR] Have you ever lost a close friend? yes [FIVE]What is your current mood? tired [SIX] What's your brother's name? don't have any siblings [SEVEN ] What's your favorite color(s)? PINK [EIGHT] Where do you wish you were right now? Chicago [NINE] Have you ever been in trouble with the cops? A couple times, nothing big though. [TEN] Ever had a near death experience? yup [ELEVEN] Something you do a lot? b!tch lmao [TWELVE] Angry at anyone? eh, not really [THIRTEEN] What's stopping you from going for the one you love? don't have the money to go.. :( [FOURTEEN] When was the last time you cried? couple days ago [FIFTEEN] Is there anyone you would do anything for??? yes. ar
Hackers Are Gay
if anyone got a negative rate or comment from me i'm letting you no some asshole hacked my shit.
Through The Eyes Of A Typical Qay...
Just so you know, for those who don't know me, I am a deeply, passionate writer. Writing is more than a hobby to me, it defines who I am... A SuperQayMan, as in a very wise, skilled person with words. By the way, I have super-Qay-powers, but I'm not sure what they actually are quite yet. Somebody help me figure out what they are...? I think you know who you are. LoL :-) Anyway... I mostly write poetry, but occasionally I write short stories, articles/essays, and I'm working on a few novels. I believe I am very talented and skilled through my creative and insightful ways of writing. I will be famous one day with my writing, but I'm not sure how long thats going to take. Don't take it from me, just continue to read my *writings* and you will know exactly what I mean. ***The origin of this poem dates back to January 2008. I'm not sure of the exact date, because quite honestly what took place after I wrote and read this poem to 'that girl' my life changed forever. Not in a good wa
Can you hones​tly say that thing​s are runni​ng smoot​hly for you? No they could be better What does you last text say? "good night suga bugg haha you can't txt me back" Do you regre​t your last kiss?​​​ no If you could​ move somew​here else would​ you? yeah i'm planning on it Are you bette​r at math or engli​sh?​​​ English Do you know anyon​e named​ Taylo​r?​​​ No How many peopl​e of the oppos​ite sex do you fully​ trust​?​​​ i don't really trust anyone of any sex, i have major issues and it kills my relationships with ppl Are you frien​ds with someo​ne who'​​​s older​ than you? Yep Does it bothe​r you when you text someb​ody and they take forev​er to text back?​​​ it depends In the past week have yo
Heartbroken Snuggles Makes For Bad Combo
i'm not to sure why i put my heart out there and all it ever get's back it hurt and pain....It get's stompped on stabbed crushed and put in a blender then handed back with out regard i;m sick of it so in other word's I'M DONE DONE DONE....i no longer will be so eagger to start feeling for someone on a computer even if your a sweet me that just mean's your nothing more then a player or a heartbraker and if that's what you really are you need to remove yourselfs from my list....if you aren't stay put and get to know me i'm good person with a big heart...and if you deside i'm not for you be A MAN ABOUT IT AND TELL ME STRIGHT UP.....i'm not as heartless as some judge me to be
imikimi - Customize Your World imikimi - Customize Your World imikimi - Customize Your World
The Rules
Other Jazz
For My Best Friend
Where has all the time gone? In January it will be 3 years since you moved here to Michigan. We are so much alike and different at the same time. Where one of us is weak, the other is strong and vice versa. The upcoming months are hard for both of us, but we will make it through. Life has made it so we don't get much "girl" time, but always know I am here and always will be. I was listening to music and this song came on and the first thing I thought of was you... *runs before I get slapped*
Our Fubar
Kristen and I have now joined as one on Fubar! enjoy!
Charles Bukowski
born like this into this as the chalk faces smile as Mrs. Death laughs as the elevators break as political landscapes dissolve as the supermarket bag boy holds a college degree as the oily fish spit out their oily prey as the sun is masked we are born like this into this into these carefully mad wars into the sight of broken factory windows of emptiness into bars where people no longer speak to each other into fist fights that end as shootings and knifings born into this into hospitals which are so expensive that it's cheaper to die into lawyers who charge so much it's cheaper to plead guilty into a country where the jails are full and the madhouses closed into a place where the masses elevate fools into rich heroes born into this walking and living through this dying because of this muted because of this castrated debauched disinherited because of this fooled by this used by this pissed on by this made crazy and sick by this made violent made in
Random Thoughts
She sat alone in her little bathroom. Such a strange place for one to retreat to, but she did not care. It was her private place. Somewhere for her to be her true self without regret. On most occasions she held her ever faithful scissors in her hand, contemplating what to do. She could either ignore what she's feeling and continue wearing her mask of fake smiles and happiness. Or she could make it all go away, even for just awhile would be such a relief. Ignoring the fact that her inner sorrow will remain, she takes the second choice. Tears crept down her cheeks, because she knew this would only cause more trouble. But why should she care? No one truly cared for her and if they did, she couldn't believe them. How could she when she has been treated like shit for too long? ----------------------------- I'm tired of saying SORRY! Even when I did nothing wrong, I still say it. No matter how exhausted I am of the word, I continue to say it. Even to those who don't deserve it. It's ju
What Goto Do For Rates?
do have to pay u for rateing me? DO have give gift for rating me? Do have coment u for rateing me Do have to give u sault for rateing me? Do give my status fro rateing me? Tell what do have to for rates?
Rateing Back
am sick and tird of rate people and not getting anything back. I rate and rate and rate people and hardly geting anything back. I bet ther are maybe 4 people who rate me. Crystal, Laurie St3ph4ni3 and know who are but that rae i get that. What do I have to get rates? What pay my friends to rate me? realy be nice if site there and rate u more then couble pic be nice if u can rate me back
So Sad
I am so sad today. We lost my mother yesterday very suddenly. She died in her sleep at home and was found by our dad. We are all deeply saddened by her death and are having a very hard time coping with it all. She was only 61 years old. you never realize how much you love someone until they are gone, then you sit and wonder what if...... and I wish I would have............... Like last week I wanted to just sit and have a chat with her about nothing at all, just sit and talk like we always did, but I was getting home late from work and she was sleeping so I didn't want to "bother" her. Now I really wish I would have woke her up to talk, even for a little while. Now that she's gone, I really wish she was here to talk to and to help us thru this difficult time but we are all adults now and should be able to deal with death but in a way I'm still like a little girl and want my mommy.
Caa #23 - Update#2
Good evening Angels, Angels in Training, volunteer angels and others that come to my humble blog, welcome. Pray is an amazing thing and a lot of times we are asked to pray for someone or something, especially here on my angel blog, and may never know what happens. Except in a few rare instances. This is on of them, my friend at work, for those who have not seen, had fallen of the roof and broke his ankle. Somewhere during this they found out his kidneys were failing, one of them had cancer and it had to be removed. Though he lost a kidney, they are almost 100% sure they got it all and he returned back to work this past Monday, looking good, lost a lot of weight, bu still looks healthy. He sent me an email for all the people that donated sick time to him , and kept him and his family in prayer to say thank you. So on behalf of my friend and coworker, I wish to extend his thanks to all of you out there, our prayers really did make a difference. Love and thanks, to God
Thinking Of Deleting My Profile Here
I joined this site over two years ago when some of my family members joined, I have made many friends on here and even thought I met someone more special than that but they were playing head and heart game....anyway, people have stopped sending nice comments and rating pics and it has really just became boring, I come here just to see who is on and then normally get if you think I should stay give me a good reason, if not I probably will be leaving but if you want to continue being my friend you can add me at some other sites or add me on yahoo messenger.....Just let me know. Sharon
For What It's Worth ...
Zogby Poll 512 Obama Voters 11/13/08-11/15/08 MOE 4.4 points 97.1% High School Graduate or higher, 55% College Graduates Results to 12 simple Multiple Choice Questions 57.4% could NOT correctly say which party controls congress (50/50 shot just by guessing) 81.8% could NOT correctly say Joe Biden quit a previous campaign because of plagiarism (25% chance by guessing) 82.6% could NOT correctly say that Barack Obama won his first election by getting opponents kicked off the ballot (25% chance by guessing) 88.4% could NOT correctly say that Obama said his policies would likely bankrupt the coal industry and make energy rates skyrocket (25% chance by guessing) 56.1% could NOT correctly say Obama started his political career at the home of two former members of the Weather Underground (25% chance by guessing). And yet..... Only 13.7% failed to identify Sarah Palin as the person on which their party spent $150,000 in clothes Only 6.2% failed to identify Palin
Youth Homelessness
Virgin Mobile launches new website aimed at youth homelessness At Midnight on November 12th, just in time for National Homeless Youth Awareness Month, Virgin Mobile launched HYTV: Homeless Youth Television. With the rising popularity of reality shows, this website helps take a look at what "reality" really is by taking the premise from some of the most popular reality shows of the day, and turning them into a look at how life is on the streets. Two of the shows on the website, when they are sponsored, direct the donation to StandUp For Kids. "Project Runaway" takes models and puts them on the streets in dirty clothes, with no money, and forces them to live like a street kid. "My Street 16" shows what it is like to spend your birthday on the streets, when all you wish for is a clean pair of socks, if anyone remembers your birthday at all. This website is a great step forward in getting the word out about the problem of homeless and street you
The first draught serveth for health, the second for pleasure, the third for shame, and the fourth for madness. Anacharsis
affectation \af-ek-TAY-shuhn\, noun: 1. an artificial way of talking or behaving put on to impress others; pretense 2. an unnatural action, expression, or trait that indicates artificiality
What is the difference between an equation and an expression? Ok, I know I can look this up, and will, but can you believe I have to do a discussion on this question? Six different posts discussing this
Ok so earlier i posted a blog about wanting to deleat my fu act. Well Ive been thinking since then.. and Im unsure that i do want to.. Ive been having a really bad day since I went and got the mail earlier.. Just sucks when Doctor offices sign people up for stuff when they have had a miss carrage. So I got this can of formula in the mail and some things from pampers.. The pampers one didnt bother me as bad as the formula.. I get pampers coupons all the time.. i have a 2yr old.. and get pull up coupons.. but the new pampers mail i got was the new sensitive with the pee alert on the front swaddlers.. Any way.. The formula.. just got me.. Sorry to take it out on u all. I guess still encourage me not to delete my page if ya want.. Sorry ya all.. had to get it off my chest..
Top Friends And Family List
Hey to all my friend here in FuLand, I have made some change to my top friends and family list. Will all notice who is been list in my top friends and family list there are for good if you would like to make top friend or family list i'm looking for some help level up to my next level or rating of all my pic and stash will also give you a perement spot in my top friends and family list or i'll will give any up to 50,000 fubucks for the rating it will be your choice on what you would like just leave me a private messege and i'll will take care of making it happen and i will also return the same thing to everyone that help me out would really like to be making to the next level. If is possible i would be willing to get some a auto 11 if i have the fund free to do so i'm just looking for some help there is a lot of awsome people here in fubar land that i have help level and would like to see the same thing like i said before i will return the some for all and any that help me move
Just One Rate Will Do It
Would you please rate this photo for me. If you rate it i will rate 10 of your pics in return. Here's the link to the pic. Just private message me a screen shot showing you rated the pic and I will come and rate 10 of your pics in exchange. If you get others to rate i will rate 10 of theirs and 10 more of yours, if they say in their private message to me that you sent them.
Papa Roach
new papa roach video
Just One Rate Will Do It
Would you please rate this photo for me. If you rate it i will rate 10 of your pics in return. Here's the link to the pic. Just private message me a screen shot showing you rated the pic and I will come and rate 10 of your pics in exchange. If you get others to rate i will rate 10 of theirs and 10 more of yours, if they say in their private message to me that you sent them.
7th Doing It Again
Auction start Monday 12/1 9pm est and Auction ends Wed 12/3 9pm est. 15k To Enter Payable to 7th Circle of Hell. Click here if u want to enter auction. Click me to Enter 7th Circle of Hell Please send your pic and what u offer in fumail to Mandie.. I will make ur tag..NO SB...Make sure it is in my fu mail or it will not be made ty...
Just One Rate Will Do It
Would you please rate this photo for me. If you rate it i will rate 10 of your pics in return. Here's the link to the pic. Just private message me a screen shot showing you rated the pic and I will come and rate 10 of your pics in exchange. If you get others to rate i will rate 10 of theirs and 10 more of yours, if they say in their private message to me that you sent them.
Turn Me On : Part 2
Turn me on Part 2 Turn Me On Again In the aftermath of my blog "Turn Me On" it seems that all I get now are replies and lil inuendos indicating that someone is not my 'type' simply because they are not a BHM ( term coined by a friend of mine meaning bald headed man). This is simply not true. What this tells me is that while I received many comments, posting, and messages in regards to this blog entry, that the entire concept was not grapsed. Perhaps a reiteration is in order. Not of the physical attributes, because I am thinking those are etched in the mind of all who read, or all who have talked about my blog since then, but of the emotional and more stable qualities that really turn me on and keep me. While it is true that physical qualities are what attracts me to someone, it does not limit only that certain class of people to those I find attractive. I find men of all hair styles( well I am thinking the afro wearing mullet hugging jerry curl dripping comb over maybe ou
Fu-ownership And The Drama It Ensues! New Update!
Well kids, it looks as though we have a new feature on Fubar. The ability to own each other just by clicking a link. And, as with all fu-changes or fu-updates, we have some new fu-drama to go with it. Some people like this new feature, like me! Some, do not. The ones that do not, their arguements are that they want to be asked permission, or that they are losing fu-bucks. OH NO!! Say it ain't so!! Come on people, it's virtual money you are losing, not real money. Get a freakin grip!!! And as far as being asked permission?? For WHAT?? If you don't want to be fu-owned, put that in your name. If you think it will bring out the stalkers, then just don't participate. Don't buy anyone! Update: I have now seen people getting blocked over this. OMG!! This is a FUCKING computer game! Nothing more! If it bothers you SO much that someone wants to "own" you, then GTF off the computer! Who cares if someone wants to "own" someone by clicking their mouse. OMG! Calm down!! Facebook d
A Day In The Fu Life Of Jd...
..I just took this screenshot...this is very Gotta love this place. lol
Some Music 101
yeah yeah...i haven't posted a blog in forever on here....well i don't have much i'd like to talk about. period. so in the mean time, until i have something "worthwhile" to say, here's some music 101 for those wondering what albums/bands/groups/etc. you all should check out. this list usually could be long as hell, but i'm gonna make it simple and give you only 100(trust me this is not even a dent in what all i listen to) and the album, i think, to listen to first to give you the best impression of the band. and there is no order, it's just as they come to my head. enjoy. (i'm bored and have nothing better to do at this time. hahaha.) 1. Botch- "We are the Romans" 2. At the Gates - "Slaughter of the Soul" 3. Death - "Symbolic" 4. Stolen Babies - "There be Squabbles Ahead" 5. Carcass - "Heartwork" 6. Isis - "Panopticon" 7. Neurosis - "Through Silver in Blood" 8. Hank Williams III - "Straight to Hell" 9. Meshuggah - "Destroy Erase Improve" 10. Faith No More - "Ange
there are way too many whiners in the world. So what if things don't go exactly your way? Does that mean we need to lie around all day wallowing in our own self pity? Well, hell no! You take the obstacle as it comes, complain a little and move on. Otherwise, said obstacle kicks your ass and you become a pussy for it. Look at the glass half full for once. Breathe in the beauty of life...because whether you actually realize it or not, life is beautiful. The world is a gorgeous playground full of fun, laughs, and a few skinned knees---and skinned knees don't require running home to mom, tears and snot streaming down your face... Instead, you say to your friends, "look at this badass scar, hurt like hell, but it coulda been worse." I can't remember the first 12 years of my life. I do know because of the years after 12 that my father was a drug trafficker, an alcoholic, a drug user, and abusive. I lost him to cancer two years ago without getting the closure I needed. We talk
In A Contest...please Help I Need The Fubucks!
Hey everyone, would love alil help on this..go to the link, rate it, and spread the word!! I never enter these, so any help would be great..thank you my fufriends!!
Moms Bday Card
Sitting here waiting for the right words to come my way; To wish my mother a special Birthday. I know I don't show it much but I do love you a whole bunch. Remember even when I don't call you are on my mind through it all When you read this you will finally realize that its not in the words spoken where I show my love; It is in the actions taken way beyond and above. I love you mommy always and forever and deep in my heart you will leave me never. Love Val Copyright November 2008
Turn Me On
Turn Me On Well after life discussions about what does and does not turn me on I figured the easiest way to address this fact would be thorugh my writings. I am sure that many do not want to hear it or read it so my suggestion to you is to skip it, move on. I am by no means a shallow person, so looks and looks alone do not make someone attractive to me, nor do they make a person whole or complete. There are so many other qualities and features which must be present. It is true that the inner qualities are the best, but sometimes these do not always come out until after you get to know someone. This is why there must be some sort of physical attraction to the opposite sex. You honestly do not want to go through life with someone that in the back of your head you are repulsed by, even though they may have other qualities which you admire and find soothing to you. So we will start with the phsyical qualities. Like I said anyone who has spent any amount of time near me or t
My Father
ok well as you no i went to talk with my father in order to change my life around i went to talk to him yesterday but i just missed him so i talk to my grandmother and told her because i might not have another chance at telling her i love her and that iam sorry for all the abuse i did to her when i was younger i cry my eyes out in tears then the next day i went over to my dads and we talk like adults iam glad it was great and no cops was called however i found something out i did not want to no as you no i said my mother deserves to get killed iam for reals if any one should die it should be her i found out my mother had twins before she had me however she had a abortion so ill never no but that's ok what really blew my mind was the fact the stupid cunt was going to have another abortion this time it would have been me iam very sure alot of you people could never no what that meant after i heard that and i may never be able to do anything with her but i have to swallow my pride and t
Vote For My Guy Hank Grant On Famecast Ty
Candi Needs Ur Fubux
Candi needs ur monies...... Her bday is Thursday. And she is wanting a birthday spotlight. So here is the thing. she is real close to getting enough monies.... but she still needs some more. We both have auto 11's right now, and if you rate mine, all proceeds will go to her spotlight fund. thank you candi♥ass~probably hates your p3nis~@ fubar
All alone I travel this lonely land Along the edge of land and sea Searching for a way out of this Endless seasons through eras Seeking for a truth That seems to escape my grasp Ahead, a sight appears out of the mist Holding out her hand in hope A hope of promise, a hope of fate Do I take her hand and trust Do I take her hand and believe Or shall I refuse her hand and continue alone The choice has been made I refuse her hand and continue as before Continuing along this path Searching for the truth Out of the night, a light appears As I approach the light I see a vision from my past Wearily, I inch forward A hand is outstreched offering hope Hope of a future no longer alone Smoke appears behind me I turn to see It is an Angel Flames come forth from it's mouth It speaks words of wisdom Follow your heart it says Trust your heart's mind Your mind's eye is blind Your heart's eye sees all Searching through my soul I ask can it be true This life is at an end
Hello Fubar!!!
Is Mine Not Yours
Think its time we got this straight Sit and talk face to face There is no way you could mistake Him for your man are you insane But see I know that you may be Just a bit jealous of me But your blind if you can't see That his love is all in me See I tried to hesitate I didn't want to say what he told me He said without me he couldn't make it Through the day, Aint that a shame But maybe you misunderstood Cause I can't see how he could Wanna change something thats so good All my love was all it took (The boy is mine) You need to give it up Had about enough (Enough) Its not hard to see The boy is mine (Boy is mine) I'm sorry that you (Sorry that you) Seem to be confused (Confused) He belongs to me The boy is mine Must you do the things you do You keep on acting like a fool You need to know its me not you And if you didn't know it's cause it's trueI think that you should realize And try to understand why He is apart of my life I know its killing you inside
WE HAVE FINALLY SET THE DATE...LOL.... HOPE ALL OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY HERE IN FU-LAND WILL JOIN US ON THIS NIGHT OF DREAMS COMING TRUE AND TWO HEARTS UNITING!!!!!!! (repost of original by 'SR f S ~~ Native Spirit BOMBER~~♥ ♥ Hert TaKeN &Fu-EnGGeD WkЧM' on '2008-11-18 12:27:26') (repost of original by 'WkЧMꆆ Fu Engaged to my Lovely Spirit of Eastbolt Co-Owner/Manager @ Brandy's' on '2008-11-18 12:46:13') (repost of original by 'SR f S ~~ Native Spirit BOMBER~~♥ ♥ Hert TaKeN &Fu-EnGGeD WkЧM' on '2008-11-18 13:29:31') (repost of original by 'WkЧMꆆ Fu Engaged to my Lovely Spirit of Eastbolt Co-Owner/Manager @ Brandy's' on '2008-11-18 13:35:24') (repost of original by 'SR f S ~~ Native Spirit BOMBER~~♥ ♥ Hert TaKeN &Fu-EnGGeD WkЧM' on '2008-11-18 16:05:47') (repost of original by 'WkЧMꆆ Fu Engaged to my Lovely Spir
Appparently my skills to fu-own parallel my relationships with women.......Here today.........Gone today..........
15 Minutes If Yall Wanna Own Me
Always Thinking Of You..
You may feel down and all blue, just remember i'm always thinking of you.just so you know to be your friend i take you close to my heart, for i will always be your friend and never will i have been the one who always brings my spirits up and make's me smile, i always love spending time with you even if it's only a little my friend have always been so kind to me, so this i say to you for the bottom of my heart. i love you my dear friend and may our two hearts never part..
Team Shape Girls....looking For Girls For Webcam Site
Hello, looking for girls 18+ in miami and miramar area for a new webcam site that is to open by Dec.1 2008. plz be real about it. We have in home location where u can stay with other girls or you can work from ur own house. If you are intrested you may message me here or send me an email to more info on request
My "other" Girlfriend
has auto elebens...go rape her ass, she likes it KCPilar69~FuEngaged2Bambi~ProtectedByBountyHunter~Owned RedZ28~R/L Girlfriend 2 Craven Moorehead@ fubar
Leveling Help 117
DJ HOT 4 U@ fubar 3k to level
Please People, I Need 25,000 comment to win this contest, so please help me out, post a blog, a bully, put it in your status, shout box your friends, send them a message, do whatever, but I need to reach 25,000 comments by the 23rd of this month here is the link
Buy Me....
Im in a real auction...where you'll actually get something for owning me...Bid or do not.
~*~hippies Kinda Music~*~
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Please Dont Bid
Please dont bid on me for the auction, until they get a setting for it.
Solitary Search
Through the years of all the miles driven, always alone, never finding a companion Searching through the darkness that's this heart Empty, except for one, one who can't be found Through the darkness of solitude, all alone A light burns dimly ahead Approaching closer, the light is a key A key to what, no one knows for sure Might it be a soul, or a heart No one knows for sure until the end is reached Coming closer to the journey's end Still alone in this wilderness A sight for sore eyes Awaits at the other end Approaching closer, the site changes To an apparition of desire Asking to speak, she speaks, but says her name will remain a mystery Escaping from certain doom, asking why no name She says, there is no one worthy Not a soul on this barren Earth worthy of her affection This lonely soul is damned to walk alone Never knowing the meaning of true love All alone down the highways like the Gypsy I've become.
Since You Been Gone
object width="300" height="110">SiNCE YOU BEEN GONE - KELLY CLARKSON Here's the thing We started out friends It was cool, but it was all pretend Yeah, yeah, since you been gone You're dedicated, you took the time Wasn't long 'til I called you mine Yeah, yeah, since you been gone And all you'd ever hear me say Is how I picture me with you That's all you'd ever hear me say But since you been gone I can breathe for the first time I'm so movin' on, yeah yeah Thanks to you, now I get what I want Since you been gone How can I put it, you put me on I even fell for that stupid love song Yeah, yeah, since you been gone How come I'd never hear you say I just wanna be with you Guess you never felt that way But since you been gone I can breathe for the first time I'm so movin' on, yeah, yeah Thanks to you, now I get, I get what I want Since you been gone You had your chance, you blew it Out of sight, out of mind Shut your mouth, I just can't take it Again a
Fear the unknown. People have done that for eons and been quite alright with it. Guess that's why I said people and not we, I find myself repeatedly blissfully walking into the unknown with odd optimism and curiosity. What ever is unknown is change, it's different and from my vantage point a fresh change. So does that make me fearless. Not by a long shot. What I fear is the known, or more over what I know about me. The habits I have become accustomed to, I fear my own nature to a point. to a larger point I fear human nature. The vile repulsive thing that it is. don't get me wrong it had it's pluses, largest of which being that it will end. The jealousies, insecurities and desires cause a mass of confusion and suffering that only we have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. I know where most of my faults are I have been lucky enough not to dismiss them, or most of them. so that fear of the known is a healthy one. fear has it's uses .. it's purpose. it is the great moti
Screw Mclovin
Ballsacks In Space
Suddenly I realized that all dating sites are just there to feed hungry women with more baggage than TWA. The only difference between them and sickly cats is that you can't always take them home. So I quit them all. K
Babe Im Gonna Leave You
Babe, baby, baby, I'm Gonna Leave You. I said baby, you know I'm gonna leave you. I'll leave you when the summertime, Leave you when the summer comes a-rollin' Leave you when the summer comes along. Baby, baby, I don't wanna leave you, I ain't jokin' woman, I got to ramble. Oh, yeah, baby, baby, I believin', We really got to ramble. I can hear it callin' me the way it used to do, I can hear it callin' me back home! Babe...I'm gonna leave you Oh, baby, you know, I've really got to leave you Oh I can hear it callin 'me I said don't you hear it callin' me the way it used to do? Ohhh I know, I know I know I never never never gonna leave your babe But I got to go away from this place, I've got to quit you, yeah Ooh, baby... Baby, ooh don't you hear it callin' me? Woman, woman, I know, I know It feels good to have you back again And I know that one day baby, it's really gonna grow, yes it is. We gonna go walkin' through the park every day. Come what may, every day
Come Bid On Me Plz!
AUCTION STARTS WEDS THE 19TH!! hey all come help me out in my 1st auction...wanna own me?? come bid on me!! muahz sweetness
Life Backwards ....... Yeah !!
Life would be much better lived backwards. You'd start out dead and get it out of the way. Then, wake up in an old peoples' home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy; go collect your pension, then when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day. You work 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. At retirement - 18 years of age - you drive the sportscar you can actually enjoy! You eat what you want, you party... and you get ready to start school. You go to primary school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a baby, and then You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, in spa-like conditions; central heating, room service on tap, larger quarters every day... And then, you finish off as an orgasm.. I rest my case.
Owning Fubar Members Is It Just A Fun Game... Maybe/maybe Not
Preface; This is just my opinion not to be mistaken on whether I think a person is good or bad on whether they like the game or not. I assure you that I respect the opinions and reasons on both sides. Please keep this in mind if you comment on this blog. I welcome intelligent dialog even if it does not agree with my stated position. I do ask that you consider the points that I raise and evaluate them on their merit and honestly look at the total opinion even if it makes you uncomfortable with your current view of real life. Now that I have said all of that I will tell you that if you feel you must belittle my opinion without offering a intelligent counter argument to the points I propose I can handle that as well. I do understand that some people need to belittle others opinions to make themselves feel better than or more intelligent than other people to function in their lives. I have found that it usually comes from a lack of self confidence in their own opinions. I can respect th
Never search your hapiness in others, it wil just make u feel alone.. Rather,search it in yourself,it will make u feel happy even if u are left alone..
As I write this, "Captain Bones" rides quietly at her mooring, on our dock, behind "WindSong". It is cold and windy outside. Not sailing weather, nor boating, nor anything 'outdoors' weather for that matter. Her tattered "Jolly Roger" whips wildly from her starboard upper shroud. I must remember to remove this and save it as a keepsake. You see, "Captain Bones" is sold. Tomorrow, regardless of the weather, I will begin downrigging her in preparation for delivery to her new owner; set to arrive from Portsmouth, Virginia, on Friday morning. This is the process of removing anything moveable and stowing it. In her case, the mainsail and cover get taken off and bagged; the boom and mainsheet system get pulled and stowed in the cabin. I had wrestled with thoughts of keeping her, but for what purpose? I'd offered her to Tara and she was very honest in telling me that she just can't see herself sailing the boat. Ironically this is a similar situation that the former owner
When You Lose Someone It Makes You Look At Life And Who Is In Charge?
You know someone told me that they believe in GOD. Ok that is their right. Someone once told me there is no GOD. Ok that is their right. Then I thought about it and I believe that there is A GOD.. maybe not what most people think of as GOD but there is someone that watches out for the people here...OK OK you ask me well then how come children die. How come good people die. How come people have to suffer. I have been thinking alot about this over the last year since my mom was taken from me quite suddenly. WHY?! What am I suppose to do without her? Why did she have to die? Why was I not there when she went? Why is (my) GOD taking her from me and my children? Why did he make it so my daughter had to be the one home with her when it happend? What does it all mean? THEN!! I worked thru most of it and here is what I have come up with. Since (my) GOD is the only one that can give me the answers then he is the one I have to ask. So I did, and here is what I have been told (figativly).
Stage One Almost Done
1st set of meds and physical therapy is almost over and my back feels good for a few hours then it progressively gets worse the days i have PT, tomorrow (wed) i got a DR appt to talk about the next step which is cortezone shots in my back.
One Second To Make A Choice Can Be Too Much. find someone. You talk to that person over and over and over again for months. You talk to that person about all kind of things. That person becomes almost like your AIR to breathe. Every time you sign on to your computer you look for email from that person. Every time the phone rings you hope it is them. When you have a quiet moment in your day you send them a text message just to let them know you are thinking of them. Day to Day becomes the normal thing to talk to them even if it is a quick hello or a 3 hours conversation. You get to the point where you are really comfortable with that person. Maybe even that person is there to help you through a bad time. Everything becomes intertwined with this person. After months they become a part of your life. YOU'RE HOOKED.......!!!! Then it happens. You get the chance to finally MEET the person that you have become so Infatuated with. The person you wake up every morning thinking of. The person you go to bed every night thinking
Life In General
Why does it hurt so much to care about someone? Why do we always seem drawn to the things that we can not have? Why does it seem we want something more,even if we don't need it, just because we are told we can not have it? Why do we sit and waste our time crying when no one cares? Why does life seem to end when we lose someone in our lives? Why can some people say what is on there minds, when others can only listen? Why does anyone get depressed enought to even think of these questions? Have you told someone today that you care about them? Do you know if anyone that you care about cried themselves to sleep last night? Do not take love for granted. Even if you can not give it fully, enjoy when someone gives it freely to you.
There are times where I want to love you. There are times where I feel I could kill you. There are time where I want to hug and kiss you all over. There are also times where I feel as if it dont matter if you stay or go. There are times where I never want to lose you. There are times that I miss you more then ever. There are more times when I melt when you look at me. When I cant wait for you to come home or I am busting to talk to you in the morning. I know I dont show it much anymore but its true..... If you left I would miss you If you left I would be lost.... I would cry.... But then I would also know that you did love me....
Leveling Help 116
dippy@ fubar 810 to level he is online
The Meal Or The Wheel?
Several automobile companies are trying to stay alive Desperate as could be asking money from the government before they take a bigger dive It's hard to buy a vehicle when the prices are so high Gas is lower but other things are high as the sky What about the fact most vehicles have low mpg? Often big and bulky as could be They do not last as long as they should If they last 10 years knock on wood Every vehicle today is made quickly like a plastic toy In many cases falling apart for another person to annoy Amercian companies also fight the high road When other countries are building better cars and trucks, the U.S is sitting like a toad Pollution that is graying the skies The fumes and debris, as another person dies Battery powered is an idea so is hydrogen and of course solar power Could be cheaper or the same? who knows? another passing hour Gas will not be cheap forever, and U.S automobile companies will have to sever that tie If they do not change their gam
Auto 11's On
One of our own has auto 11's right now so lets attack her pics! Karen878806 R/F/A/Bling Me & I Will Give Luv Back~ Fubar's Finest Levelers ~@ fubar
If You're Not In Love With A Soldier!!!!
If you're not in love with a soldier, you can't know adventure. You don't know smelly gray PT uniforms that require a daily washing. You can't understand green and brown camouflaged bags flooding your bedroom floor. If you're not in love with a soldier, you can't understand the meaning of the phrase "going to the field" and the weeks you spend away from each other. If you're not in love with a soldier, you can never imagine the hole in your heart when that phone call comes? "Honey, I am leaving tomorrow to go overseas. I don't know how long I will be gone or exactly where I am going, but I want you to know that I love you - always!" If you're not in love with a soldier, you don't know what it's like to say that final good-bye. You don't know what it really means to be glued to the television. You don't understand fear and you can't possibly understand the sleepless nights of endless crying wondering if you will ever see the love of your life alive again. If you're not in l
Golf Balls In Heaven
Golf Balls in Heaven From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tales of Golf and Sport BY: By Mark Donnelly My dad first taught me how to golf when I was three years old. He was an accomplished golfer and had a room full of trophies to prove it. Unfortunately, I can attest that golf skills arent always passed on genetically, though it wasnt for lack of trying. Dad would take me out to the driving range on most Saturdays in my childhood, and he eventually started taking me out on the course with him as well. And while our driving range experiences felt to me like forced practice sessions, the days I spent with him on the course were the ones I looked forward to. Since Dad ran his own business and worked long hours, he didnt have a lot of spare time, so it meant a lot to me when I would have him all to myself out on the course for nine or eighteen holes. So much of the best of our relationship, from the mutual encouragement to sharing the little victories together, was forged on th
Pictures Of Bob's Slut
Okay, I am new at this but I have it figured out I think. For the pictures of my girlfriend, Bob's slut, SHE LOVES BEING CALLED THAT, look at albumn I have created, "Bob's Slut." She does have a nice pussy don't you think?
The New Fu-own Me Thing...
ok, I'm not happy at all.. I just saw a few "*userxxx just bought *userxxx in fu-Owned for 100,000 fuBucks!" I have NO interest in being fu-owned by anyone or am I interested in owning anyone... I'm NOT here to be bought, sold or traded.. this is not the open slave market, nor do I wish to be treated as one.. if you do decide to try to own me, you better be prepared to make a serious investment. I'm not going to go quietly or cheap. I'm not fu sale, so if you decide to go behind my back and own me anyway, it'll cost you 2 million fubucks AND an auto 11 bling.. so don't try it unless you are willing to pay dearly... (trust me, you don't want to find out what going behind my back will cost you..) Mike aka niagaradood
I Haz Teh Auto 11's!
I haz teh Auto 11's! Thanks Boo!
The F Word
Hey people I'm new here from nyc and proud to be fat. I use to think fat was an ugly digustion and a fearful word but I grew up. Beening call fat is nice and funny to me. Why? Because it the way its used! I been called a fat ass to fat bit*h and I like it. I dont like the term bbw or plus size let get a new word but fat is cool to me now lol I dont know bbw and mean anything some women I know who are just bw "big women" not the beauty part because they do the same that some skinny girls do putting people down to make themself look good oh yea some of u know what I'm talking about lol we all have a "weigh issue" like america or another countries thinks but I think we should just be ourself and like the word fat because most women are accepted the word bitch from all the myspace tagged and other communities out on the web why fat we get prettier men anyway so if u like bbw and plus size use it because u only live once
Hi.If anyone reads this,they can rach me @ 27/f/nj Name is Tabatha. Thank Yoyu!
Her Pet
I would rather be her pet than just yours. I would rather be her pet than nothing at all to her. I would rather be her pet her then all of you. I would rather be her pet and hold your smiles in my heart cause she really loves me. I would rather be her pet, then lost with you. I would want all these things from you but you can't follow through. I am safe with her, with you I am nothing.
Very Sad Today
One of the sweetest young ladies is not only leaving the Friendship Circle but leaving Fubar due to personal problems. She has always been a ray of sunshine with her sense of humor and her "from the heart" comments on pictures. I have had some wonderful conversations with her and she is just like her name.....sweet. She has made tags for people and has been so happy and gracious when things were made for her. I will miss you Sweet Mafia Princess and hope, with all my heart, you will come back again someday. Luv ya hon. Hoakie, Founder The Friendship Circle
Lookit! 3 New Models!
LOOKIT! I put up pictures slide-shows of three new models today on! Not only are they 3 new models, but the images I took of them are so romantic. I guess that's what happens when us girls get together;) All the nudes are saved for members of because they deserve the extra-special treatment. Join today. love, Fedora
My Playmate$ And Pimp$
imikimi - Customize Your World This goes out to all my Pu$$ycat Playmate$ & Pimp$!! I feel like I have been neglecting my family by not sending out shouts or getting toeveryone with comments. My work schedule is hectic and I am working over nights so I have been trying to catch up on much needed sleep.. Now things ar going to change starting with Shout/Pimpout to my wonderful Pu$$Sycat Family. You all are the greatest bunch of girls and guys, to hit the net..So since I havent shouted you all individually here is one big.... Shout Out and A Lil' Luv imikimi - Customize Your World To my favorite Fubar Fam... And if you guys dont know, then you r being told... Check out this great family of Playmates and Pimps that bring the Flavor to Flav...
Bob's Slut
I have posted the first set of Photos of my girlfriend. She would love for everyone to check them out.
Callin All Artist And Tattooists
i need help with designs, i am looking to start working on sleeves but am unsure of designs i would like to ask all artist and tattooists for their help with this i know some wont want custom designs being tattooed by other tattooists, also i know that many artist and tattooists on fubar are in the us where im in Australia, but this is where i need the help have been looking on the net but have not found anything that takes my fancy and my local tattooist wont design anything without booking it in to be done and paying a deposit as i am in two minds do i go half sleeves, 3/4 sleeves or just find a design that i like to put on my upper arms, ok a bit about me i was born in 76 the year of the dragon with an element of fire, i was born in june so this make me a Gemini, i have a dragon on my back which i have pictures, i also have a eagle on my right arm that i want to cover up or it maybe incorporated into it, if you would like to help or know someone who can or be willing to help please
Some Art
I've been working very hard on my art work lately. If you want to look at some of it, go to Here's a couple of my recent photos. Fallen Friend by ~TimLaSure on deviantART Confluence by ~TimLaSure on deviantART
Hot Hall
Silly And Much Too Modern Pun
So if someone purchases you but has to pawn everything they own in order to own you, is that what it is to be "pwned"?
Completely Filled
A tender touch A warm embrace A precious smile Upon your face A passionate kiss I longing gaze Just tkens of your loving way. I lay you down you stroke my hair I feel th need to taste you there I fill you up you breath me in our legs in twined I caress you skin The night is young As time stand still Two heart as one completely filled
Fu Ownage
What is fu-Owned? fu-Owned is a game where members are bought with fuBucks and considered owned by the buyer. The buyer is gauranteed to hold onto their new purchase for at least 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, others may purchase the member out from under the owner at an increased price, the profit being split at varying percents between the member being purchased, fubar, and the previous owner (if applicable). After 30 days of being owned by the same person, ownership will expire and the member's value will be reset. Every consecutive purchase will result in increased worth of the user being bought. The number of members one can fu-Own will vary depending on what one's user level is on fubar. you can find the link to own someone here Your owner will post here Whoever bids on you, you get half the fubux, btw 8-p WAIT 5 Min for the SERVER to give your money back to you Your Ownage Page Viewing your page Fu Owned Un happy??? To you
Richard Simons Yogurt Commercial Omfg Funny As Hell!
Have You Ever
Have you ever fallin in love, but knew they didn't care? Have you ever felt like crying but knew you get nowhere? Have you ever watched them walk away not wanting them to go and whisper I love you softly, not wanting them to know. You've cried all night in misery and almost gone insane. There's nothing in this world that causes so much pain. If I could choose between love and death I think I rather die Love is fun but worst to much and the price you pay is high. So, I say don't fall in love, you'll be hurt before it's through. You see my friend I ought to know I fell in love with you.
Jus Wanted To Say Thanks To My Sis...luv U Girl ♥
THIS IS FOR MY LOVELY SIS ♥ GIRL I HOPE U KNO HOW MUCH I LUV U...IM SO GLAD I GOT U IN MY LIFE..NEVER WANNA MISS U AGAIN..THANK U FOR EVERYTHIN U DONE FOR ME..I REALLY PRECIATE IT..I HOPE U KNO IM ALWAYS HERE FOR U NO MATTER WHAT..NO ONE CAN BREAK OUR CHAIN..U R MY GIRL..NO U R MY SISTER..NOT BY BLOOD BUT BY HEART...I JUSS WANTED TO TELL U DIS AND I HOPE U LIKE IT... I LOVE U GIRL ♥ She is my sister, not by blood But rather by love When i cry she wipes away the tears When i hide she takes away my fears Always and forever will i love my sister Faithful and loyal she does remain Protecting me from a world of despise Listening to everyone of my cries With arms wide open she nurtures me and keeps away all that is wrong She keeps me on track, never letting me stray To my sugestions she will never say 'nay' Thank you my sister for all that you have done For without you all would be wrong I love you my sister, with all my heart i do The love for m
O What A Crack Up This Is Too Cute!
Charlie Bit Me Lol Omgosh This Cracks Me Up!
I dream of a love that cannot be was not and never will be Though I managed to fool myself simple by refusing to see. I believe him when he said to me That his love would always be mine And that he held me up above All else he thought was fine. I dream of warm summer nights Wrapped up in his arms Falling deeply under his spell And falling deep into his charm These black eyes shown like diamonds his soul I thought I could see But now that I am all alone I know the dream was within me So, what do I do now I've wasted all those years I don't have a way to heal And it won't wash away with my tears Am I destined to walk alone Or will someone else step in I'm not sure I'm up for this And I don't want to hurt like this again
Help Me Out!
Vote for me.. cowboy owner of sexual pleasure fubar user #2229600 needs 10k in comments rates count as 1 comment to win a bling pack....
Er David Bowie Gamle Kong David Reborn?
Ja. Mange ting kan tyde p det. La oss frst fortsette diskusjonen om Bibelen som et bilde p Elefanten og derfor ogs et bilde p Isis. Det mistenkelige er at Salomos Hysang som det frste uttrykket for en kvinnelig stemme, en sort kvinnes, kommer like etter at David har blitt feiret over noen hundre sider. Og enda mer spesielt er det at bde David og Salomo tilsynelatende var religise og dikteriske genier. De levde flere hundrer etter opprret mot Egypts religion, og var bare en del av en tradisjon. Omtrent like merkelig som at Jesus skulle vrt ukjent med egyptisk religion. Det frer mistanken videre til sagnet om David mot Goliat. P hvilken mte kunne David symbolsk ha blindet Israels fiende, Egypt og Isis? Kan han ha oppfunnet slaktelammet? Ja. Sjansen er der. Men ettersom det dreier seg om blinding av en kjempe (en ELEFANT) av en mann kan vi g ut fra at det henspilles p eplene i Edens Hage. Sagnet om Adam og Eva er derfor to historier lagt sammen. Jden
Tasting Your Passion
Can I tougue your skin? Tasting tasting your passion. Kissing and licking beads of sweat warm and wet sweet and salty iwth intensity. That drenchest and quenches my tongue and thurst into warm rivers, flowing thru quivers, as your body delivers causing waves to crash and moisture to splash all over my tongue as I taste your passion.
Sensaul Lover
Sweet sensual lover, come discover my yearning for you, Burning straight thru. Every inch of me passionately some lend me your ear. Listen to my whispers glistening scripture. Moist with emotion, dripping with devotion, penetrating fearand washing your restrain down the virginal drain.
My Friends Suck!
Last week I asked everyone to go and get this guy a VIP. Nobody did, but then I'm not surprised, as I can't even get my OWN VIP. So, since nobody wants to buy him a VIP, how about you help him level? tenacious teej@ fubar
Life is stated to be simply living. Mabey this is all we get, just one life. The complexity of the universe makes this seem trivial. A useless ten seconds compared to the millions of years the earth has been in existances. How can we live out the day by day simple walk of life with this in mind? Why couldn't we push the envelope a little: do something wild and crazy: something unpredictable? Why not? I sit here in my rough, plastic chair, alone, boared out of my mind as i com to this comclusion. I felt like doing nothing today. Im sorry i didn't do something fun. I'm sorry i decided to be average. I hope no one follows this example. Mabey from now on we should pledge to be different, odd, and spontaneous. Message me if you agree.
Ok This Seems Wrong
Hey great a new option but wait.... not all of us want it if your gonna steal the owned option f4rom other websites how about stealing the whole thing and give users the option to shut it off? oh wow what a novel idea huh? While were at it give us the option to shut the creepy as hell crush option off if i dont know them why the hell would i want them crushing me as far as family adds now whoa wait can u beat me to the punch line (PERMISSION) thats right if your gonna add me to your family shouldnt their be permission granted for it hell i didnt ask that 400 pound chick with the 3rd row of teeth to add me there now did i noooo i dont think so Now everyone knows i love the site (god only knows why) but the users should have the option to be stalked=crushes embarased= family adds humiliated= sold or maybe im wrong why dont u guys tell me! oh and for 1 last fat sonny complaint if im in your family list and u dont talk to me do me a small favor and delete me k thanx
The Festive Season Is Almost Here...
You know it's time to go home when... 1. You have absolutely no idea where your shoes are. 2. You mistake a police car from a cab and shout obscenities when it doesn't stop for you. 3. You've just had to get someone to help you pull your pants up in the ladies loo because you tried twice and ended up on the floor on your bum. And it was wet. 4. You keep dancing into people and you've fallen off the podium twice. 5. You've been flashing your boobs at passers by. 6. Creme De Menthe, Advocaat or Grenadine suddenly seem to be viable drink options. 7. You start crying. 8. You can't stop. 9. There are less than three hours before you're due to start work. 10. The urge to take all your clothes off, stand on a table and singing "Relight My Fire" become strangely overwhelming. 11. You've forgotten where you live. 12. You seem to be seeing more of the toilet bowl than the dance floor. 13. You notice that there's vomi
Hillary Clinton To Accept Job As Secretary Of State
Hillary Clinton plans to accept the job of secretary of state offered by Barack Obama, who is reaching out to former rivals to build a broad coalition administration, reports the Guardian. Clinton would be well placed to become the countrys dominant voice in foreign affairs, replacing Condoleezza Rice. Since being elected senator for New York, she has specialized in foreign affairs and defense. As the Newsmax website notes, of the 47 appointees named so far to transition posts or offices, 31 have ties to the Clinton administration. In fact, Obamas transition chief, John Podesta, was Bill Clintons chief of staff from 1998 to 2001. Other Clinton-era appointees include former Deputy Secretary of Defense John White, former State Department official Wendy Sherman, and former deputies to National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, Defense Secretary William Perry, and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Other Clintonites on the Obama team include Mich
Birthday Stuff.
Happy Birthday to me! I will be hosting my Birthday Happy Hour on Tuesday at 8pm Fu-Time. 10pm My time. I will have auto 11's on and will be handing out random blings! ________________________________________ My actual birthday is on Wednesday the 19th, but i couldn't get a good time for me on that day. SO Tuesday at 8pm PST it is. BE THERE ;D auto 11's will be on randomly blinging ________________________________________ I LOVE ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE ALREADY GIVEN ME SOME BIRTHDAY LOVIN. YOU GUYS MAKE ME SMILE ;D. *PLEASE REPOST* ________________________________________ suckface@ fubar
well I guess theres a new feature on here now. So I guess who wants to own me???lol
Auto's 11
It was my first ever and i enjoyed it was a riot (fun) a huge ty from me to you for all the luv shown and i do really appreciate all the help. I try to get around you all i know some of you may get missed out at times and that im truely sorry for it's nothing personal or deliberate. to each and everyone of you....hugs luv If i can ever help out plz call on me im here to help if i can.
Some News Of Book Readers And A Grot And Recycled News
Oh dear, here we go - another grot blog but it is good for the soul and you never know what you are going to think of along the way. So, I offered to send a book to an academic lady in Bulgaria who studied English. It must have been against her reading grain to do it but she is and no doubt has found the error of her ways. However, she will read it because she enjoys reading. I offered to send someone a copy because I thought it might help them understand me better but unfortunately they said it would not be their cup of tea but thank you anyway because adventure and detective stories were their poison. OK, I understand that. However, it would have made a good colouring book for the grand children and they would not have had to pay for it. Oh well. Then there was another person who was into thrillers and romance who after looking at the first chapter of the book stated that it was definitely not to her taste. OK that is fair enough not everyone like whisky but they drink gin.
True Love - Something I Found While Surfing And Is So True !!!
The best way to love is to love like you have never been hurt. Love needs no map, for it can find it's way blindfolded. Hold my hand and I'll take you there, somehow, someday, somewhere. I don't fear insects or spiders. At great heights, I jump off, smiling. In the face of death I wink. But, when I look into your eyes, I'm in fear of how much I love you. Be true to love, and love will be true to you. I don't need anyone to take advantage of my weaknesses or my strengths, I need someone who will appreciate me for everything that I am. Missing you can turn from pain to pleasure if I knew you were missing me too. A life without love is no life at all. Passion' a word which involves so many feelings; I feel it when we touch, I feel it when we kiss, I feel it when I look at you
Online Email Me...
add me everywhere...Badbigben1979 on aol ,msn , yahoo benjamin9112002 and if you want call me anytime at 937-275-8003 Status: ...BIGBEN... online email me... Mood: flirty ,lol...
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click the pic and help out as much as you can, all love is good love and is appreciated xoxoxoxoxo
Panic Disorder?
If you consider yourself a friend of mine, or if you just care about others in general, maybe you can offer a little bit of moral support. In October of this year, I was touch in a way I didn't want to touch. So, instead of blowing his head off with my 12 gauge like I wanted to, I took my friends advice and file sexual assault charges at the magistrates office. Gave my sworn statement and it made me feel like I had done the right thing. Seeing as how I wasn't the first woman he has molested, and verbally assaulted. I thought I could get justice out of it. Well, time went by, and the warrants were served. Then the harassment started. His girlfriend calling me, and telling me I was making a mistake and I would pay if I didn't drop the charges. His father has been making verbal threats towards my grandfather, saying he has friends in low places. (My smartass Grandfather replied, "And I got friends in high places.")It's become insane. One: I CAN NOT drop the charges because the
"turn Around"
A skinny little white guy goes into an elevator, looks up and sees this HUGE black guy standing next to him. The big guy sees the little guy staring at him, looks down, and says: '7 feet tall, 350 pounds, 20 inch private, 3 pound testicles, Turner Brown.' The white man faints and falls to the floor. The big guy kneels down and brings him to, shaking him. The big guy says: 'What's wrong with you?' In a weak voice the little guy says, 'What EXACTLY did you say to me?' The big dude says: 'I saw your look and figured I'd just give you the answers to the questions everyone always asks. I'm 7 feet tall. I weigh 350 pounds. I have a 20 inch private, my testicles weigh 3 pounds each, and my name is Turner Brown.' The small guy says: 'Turner Brown. Sweet Jesus, I thought you said, 'Turn around.'
No Offence To Anyone!!!!!! (drinking With A Canaidian Girl ! )
A Mexican, an Arab, and a Canadian girl are in the same bar. When the Mexican finishes his beer, he throws his glass in the air, pulls out his pistol, and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, 'In Mexico , our glasses are so cheap we don't need to drink with the same one twice.' The Arab, obviously impressed by this, drinks no-alcohol beer (cuz he's a muslim!), throws it into the air, pulls out his AK-47, and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, 'In the Arab World, we have so much sand to make glasses that we don't need to drink with the same one twice either.' The Canadian girl, cool as a cucumber, picks up her beer, downs it in one gulp, throws the glass into the air, whips out her 45, and shoots the Mexican and the Arab. Catching her glass, setting it on the bar, and calling for a refill, she says, 'In Canada we have so many illegal aliens that we don't have to drink with the same ones twice.'
Being Stalked
okay reason i have my profile set on just friends is because iam being stalked by this kid who i really do not get along with he comes in and bugs me about weird stuff and freaks me out so im going to be like this for a while..if it keeps up im going to redo my profile again. i block him and he just starts anew profile over and over again...if this keeps up i will leave
Tuesday Update
Well I'm still practicing focusing on my positive energy while releasing any negative. It's amazing the improvement not only in my mood but my back isn't hurting as bad as before...that's where I kept my stress. Woke up yesterday with a sore throat unlike I've had in a long time. I have been practicing casting off being sick and drinking aloe vera juice, with mixed results. I started feeling better and I admit my throat isn't as sore but I'm so congested right now that it was difficult to eat, lol My mom called me today and she's almost lost her voice, though, so I consider myself lucky. I found the three questions for the Sedona Method which involves releasing negative feelings. 1)Could you let it go? 2)Would you let it go? 3)When? The cool thing about the exercise is they tell you that you can always take it back if you feel you need it. Somehow, though unnecessary, having that option has made it easier for me to get rid of stuff. I think of it as the trash folder
This Isn't Real Life Part 2
After posting my last blog I decided I had a few more things to say. I am not trying to sound harsh. I'm simply trying to be realistic. I am just as human as the next person. I do realize that feelings for people can develop over the internet, but the reality of meeting any of those people is next to nothing. So being the "real" person that I am I try to stick to the more tangible side of life. Don't get me wrong. I love to meet people. I love to flirt with people. It's just that there is so much "drama" on here associated with taking things a bit to far. That is the stuff I have a hard time dealing with. If you want to be my friend...Great!! If you want to flirt...even better. BUT.....don't go to other guys pages and look at what comments I leave or see what gifts I have sent. It doesn't matter!!...and to be honest with you, I'm still going to send gifts and leave whatever kinds of comments I want to leave. Thats half the fun and appeal of this place. If you can't handle that t
List Of Stuff For Sale
yeah so i got to sale my collection i got all kinds of shit football baseball basketball got some fitteds to and a few jackets. everything is still new and never worn even still has the tags. here is a few. basketball got the jordens and yes even his white sox got bryant from the sixers got the oneal form the heat got birds and the all star got james anthony erving marbury barkley's got a few gervin lewis webber football both manning brothers favre romo 2 different montana 4 different elways young griese williams d willams staubach aikman campbell 3 different sanders payton dickerson OJ SIMPSON 3 different bo jackson allen mc fassen moss bush faulk bettis taylor lott perry urlacher atwater mills even got the runnbacks of the century qb's of the century chi. bears of the century the pitt. steelers of the century and the miami dolphins of the the centruy baseball got the blue ruth with hat 4 pinstrips number 5 7 44 2 mets pin strip, silver and green for strawberry the gre
Doctor's Visit
There's the case of young Nellie MaGrew, Who suffered the symptoms of flu, So she wanted to talk To her friendly old doc, Who always knew just what to do. He described what he'd do in detail, And then pretty young Nellie grew pale. To be played with down there Gave this patient a scare, And what if the treatment would fail. But considering all of the facts She wondered if she could relax. The doc said, "Don't linger, I've warmed up my finger, And I know about contours and cracks." Young Nellie, a virginal maid, Had never been fondled nor laid. Closing tight her blue eyes She spread open her thighs As her fears began slowly to fade. She felt a soft gentle caress As Doc Shelly reached under her dress. When he hit the right spot Our sweet Nellie got hot, And at this point she couldn't care less. She felt she was high like on coke, Then it seemed that her
Entities Of Zombie Attack Defense - E.z.a.d.
Zombies come in two speeds. Shambling, relentless, and moaning - or - fast, relentless, and screaming. But the fact is, no matter the speed with which they thoughtlessly make their way through their non-life, they are still just rotting meat on the bone. I can't even put a trash bag containing a few left over chicken bones at the curb for the sanitation engineer to retrieve without some critter ripping it open. I do not attribute malicious intent to this behavior, its just sensory neurons being triggered - the ephemeral fog fingers of scent sliding into any nose able to recognize the escapees from the Glad lands. Do the recipients then get MAD? Not at all. They just get hungry. Any logical defense against a zombie scourge, shamblers or sprinters, should include the alive and instinctual - animals. Zombies never even notice them. They are too busy attempting to eat those with functioning pre-frontal cortexes - "BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS!!! *gurgle, groan, scream*". Packs of mask f
If Tomorrow Never Comes
If I knew it would be the last time, that I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the lord your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time, that I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and a kiss and call you back for just one more. If I knew it would be the last time, I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would tape each word and action and play them back throught my days. If I knew it would be the last time, I would spare an extra minute or two to stop and say "I Love You" instead of assuming you know I do. So just in case tomorrow never comes, and today is all I get, I'd like to say how much I love you, and hope we never will forget. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, Young or old alike, and today may be the last chance, you get to hold your loved one tight. So if your waiting for tomorrow, Why not do it today? For if tomorrow never comes, you'll surely regret the day, that you didn't take that extra time, for a smile, a hug or a k
today was a slow day at work. just been on the computer all damn day...
Today was a good day. I was off work and thoroughly enjoyed a day not spent in bed. :) I signed in to check messages and see how everyone is doing. I hope everyone is happy and healthy..or atleast one of the two. I am not staying signed in long but maybe if you are quick you can catch me before I go :) Have a great night everyone ♥ Denise...what's fu-owned? *stares at the bar tab confused*
Why Jerry Yang Of Yahoo Is Stepping Down; In His Own Words.
Stepping down Posted November 18th, 2008 at 9:09 am by Jerry Yang, CEO & Chief Yahoo Number of Comments 16 Comments / Filed in: Trends & News As youve no doubt already read, Ive decided that I will step down from my role as Chief Executive Officer after my successor has been selected. Ever since founding Yahoo! with David Filo 13 years ago, Ive been passionate about this company, its brand, its employees, and the millions of people around the world who consider it their online home. Thats why I accepted the Boards request to become CEO in June 2007, taking on the challenge of transforming Yahoo! at a time when the industry was evolving quickly and we needed to rethink and restructure our business. And despite the tough external environment that we face, I truly believe weve made tangible progress in bringing our strategic vision to life. Most significantly, weve rewired our entire network to create a Yahoo! that has opened its doors to outside publishers and devel
Do You Know Jane N.doe
Do you know this woman Jne_N.к@ fubar Cause if you don't then you defiantly want to know her if you already know her then go and give her some rates Shes a great woman and a wonderful fubarian So what are you waiting for RATE,FAN,ADD her or just rate her like you've never rated before.
Under My Thumb
Women think I'm tasty, but they're always tryin' to waste me And make me burn the candle right down, But baby, baby, I don't need no jewels in my crown. 'Cause all you women is low down gamblers, Cheatin' like I don't know how, But baby, baby, there's fever in the funk house now. This low down bitchin' got my poor feet a itchin', You know you know the duece is still wild. Baby, I can't stay, you got to roll me And call me the tumblin' dice. Always in a hurry, I never stop to worry, Don't you see the time flashin' by. Honey, got no money, I'm all sixes and sevens and nines. Say now, baby, I'm the rank outsider, You can be my partner in crime. But baby, I can't stay, You got to roll me and call me the tumblin', Roll me and call me the tumblin' dice. Oh, my, my, my, I'm the lone crap shooter, Playin' the field ev'ry night. Baby, can't stay, You got to roll me and call me the tumblin' dice, (Call me the tumblin') Got to roll me, Got
Battered Broken Brused Used Tossed aside Forgotten Rejected Over Looked Nothing Special Unpretty Fat Useless Fearful Heartbroken Never more then the good friend Feeling of being alone ever growing. So calm on the surface While I break down on the inside Your so pretty your such a good person I would love to have you If only we were closer I really like you but........... I'm just not wanting a relationship........... Hey guess what I have new girl friend you should meet her............... Sighs little things . The little things are what hurt anymore. I can't wont be that anymore. I wont put myself out there again to be shot down rejected turned away over looked. I don't want to hear about HER. I don't want to hear how I'm such a good "friend". FUCK YOU! I'm tired of thinking of other first. Time to put me first for once. Call me what you want. Don't talk to me I don't care. I'm no longer the door mat, no longer the fail safe.
Breathing You
When I saw you again, eyes became blind and I could see only you standing before me. Millions of thoughts ricocheted around my brain but I couldn't speak heart ceased beating but my blood ran hot. The air became still so I stopped breathing it, All I could do was come to your waiting arms...lungs burning, tightening... As soon as we embraced... I began breathing... ...breathing you... ...breathing you in. And was alive again...
This Freakin Sucks...
Here I go again!! I relapsed... it sucks a lot...
No Meaning
To be with someone you need courage to understand someone you need brains to stand by their side you need strong feet to let go of someone you need regret to miss someone you need distance to break-up with someone you need rage to forgive someone you need mistakes to truly lose love you don't need any meaning to play with someone you don't need any Morales to date another someone you don't need feelings to listen to that love song you don't need any singing to go online and fall in love you don't need any feelings to never be loved by someone doesn't need any meaning...
You think youre gonna to live your life alone In darkness And seclusion Yeah I know Youve been out there Tried to mix with those animals And it just left you full of humiliated confusion So you stagger back home And wait for nothing But the solitary refinement of your room spits you back out onto the street And now youre desperate And in need of human contact And then You meet me And you whole world changes Because everything I say is everything youve ever wanted to hear So you drop all your defenses and you drop all your fears And you trust me completely Im perfect In every way Cause I make you feel so strong and so powerful inside You feel so lucky But your ego obscures reality And you never bother to wonder why Things are going so well You wanna know why? Cause Im a liar Yeah Im a liar Ill tear your mind out Ill burn your soul Ill turn you into me Ill turn you into me Cause Im a liar, a liar A liar, a liar Ill hide behind a smile And understandi
The Good Old Days.
I miss "Fubar" when it was "Cherry Tap" Just sit here for a second and think... What was it that made it so special for you? I know there are many of you on my list who have been on this site for a long time now, and will agree that this site is not the same. There are too many haters on this site now and too many damn attention whores. This site was the most fun for me obviously when I joined but here lately its been completely boring. I miss my old crew and I miss the times we had. I'm sick of all the auto 11 bs and the auction bs and the 2,000 plus lounges bullshit. What the hell is the fun in any of that unless you know someone who is willing to blow that much money on something like that? Seriously.. This site has gotten stale.
This Isn't Real Life
I am at a place where I feel the need to set some ground rules for who I am as a person and where I stand. I am a grown woman. Games went out the window for me many, many years ago. I don't play them and I will be damned if I associate with people that play them either. Yes...I understand people throw lines and excuses around on Fubar in order to flirt...etc... To an extent I understand. This is a fun place to flirt and hang out...But get a grip people this is cyberspace!! I know some people do actually hook up on here and I am so VERY happy for them. They prove that there are exceptions to the rule. But let me just say....If you are in New York, England, New Hampshire...anywhere that is far far away from me and you feel the need to profess your undying love and you swear up and down you want to pursue some sort of a relationship with me...then you better be able to put your money where your mouth is and be willing to get your butt on a plane and come visit me or meet me. Other wise
My Daily Kiss Fortune 111808
A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. --- Enjoy your love and if you feel it falter, perform one small loving gesture each day for a week.
Depp's Sparrow
I can't believe I went a whole month without completing a drawing. I begun this portrait of Captain Jack Sparrow about a week after completing the Rambo portrait. I was taking my time as I was using charcoal and factor in all of the other things that have been going on in October and November I'm lucky I got it finished now. The actual amount of time on this one was 22 1/2 hours. I have the works in progress photos of this posted in my album on flickr. This is done using 6B, 4B, and 2B charcoal pencils for the hair, hat, and belt. I used 6B, 2B, and H pencils for the skin, bandanna, and other lighter areas. I also used a white charcoal pencil to help bring out some highlights. The background was done using Derwent's Burnt Orange tinted charcoal.
Ryan Adams - Wonderwall
I know Oasis did this originally, but I totally love the sound of Ryan Adams doing this better ;)
Bling Contest!!
Ok so heres the deal. Everyone throws these bling packs around like crazy right? Well heres a deal I am starting a bling contest. Rules Give me bling packs right, I know doesnt seem fair I want to buy a fupony seriously but the person who most contributes to the 1000 will get the fu pony so thats 1mil easy points if not more pending on HH and VIP so on. Why not try it out right? So lets get started
The Complete Deconstruction Of Nsfw
This came to me in a dream: I think Fubar's Not Safe For Work policy is completely unfounded. Their site states that this is a "MySpace" for adults, yet, they insist on giving power to the "P.C. fucks and Religious Right" by giving them the opportunity to report things that "offend" them as NSFW. Well, here comes flawless logic! Everything on this site is Not Safe For Work. If one is working, then, they should not be spending time on a company computer browsing a social network website. Socializing, is to be done on one's own time. If one is using the site while working, then, indeed they have too much down time. It need not be explained by the likes of me that the job market is flooded and that if one has the time to browse and play on the internet, they can easily be replaced by splitting their duties amongst other staff or just plain replaced. In closing...I would like to state for the record that I am here to offend certain types. If things I say and do indeed "offend" you, w
111808 Fluffy Starr Blog
A random late night conversation with your friend Fluffy... Hi. So I am eating Cheerios right now. But not with milk. With peanut butter and chocolate syrup. And yes, this tastes good to me. Seriously. I wish I was only kidding. One time at a party, people were drinking drinks, but there was no food. My friend and I got hungry, so while everyone was downstairs jamming, we went through the cupboards and found peanut butter and chocolate syrup. She already had a banana unpeeled, and we spread peanut butter over it and then I took the syrup and poured it over and we took turns taking bites. Then we quickly put everything away before anyone returned. I don't know what it is about peanut butter and chocolate... But it is good, yeah? I have a problem with it. It has been a busy 4 days of socializing, dinners, parties, shows, and music workshops. Starting Thursday night... I was at this bar with friends. The place is a supposedly 'top bar' in Vancouver. Shee-shee. Ooolala... I won't
Her hands were shaking as she held them above her swollen sex Closing her eyes she pictured him in her mind Pushing her down on her lovely knees Holding his manhood in his strong, large hand Demanding her obedience as he held it above her face She ran her slender fingers expertly over her pink flesh Watching in her mind as he began to stroke his cock Long, smooth, controlled strokes So close to her mouth she could feel the heat The manly scent that was only his strong in the air She drove her fingers deep within herself Pushing when and where they needed to be pushed Oblivious to the world around her Reaching with one hand for her erect nipple Not so gently pulling on it and then the other He instructs her to stroke his shaft With one hand she cups his aching balls Grasping firmly the skin on his sack Pulling, stretching the skin taunt All the while pulling, stretching, piercing her own No words now He grabs two handfuls of her hair Pushing her down onto t
Atlantic City
Well, they blew up the chicken man in philly last night Now, they blew up his house, too Down on the boardwalk they're gettin' ready for a fight Gonna see what them racket boys can do Now, there's trouble bustin' in from outta state And the d.a. can't get no relief Gonna be a rumble out on the promenade And the gamblin' commission's hangin' on by the skin of his teeth Well now, ev'rything dies, baby, that's a fact But maybe ev'rything that dies someday comes back Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty And meet me tonight in atlantic city Well, i got a job and tried to put my money away But i got debts that no honest man can pay So i drew what i had from the central trust [ Bruce Springsteen Lyrics are found on ] And i bought us two tickets on that coast city bus Now, baby, ev'rything dies, honey, that's a fact... Now our luck may have died and our love may be cold But with you forever i'll stay We're goin' out where the sand's turn
Sweet 16?
Seriously.. since i got NO answer in a mumm about this.. WTF is so important about a girls 16th bday? why isn't it the 15th or the 17th? why do people think I HAVE TO HAVE THE BIGGEST PARTY FOR MY 16TH BDAY!!! I seriously do not understand this because when i was 16 i was working (my first REAL job at 15.. and practically raising my sisters kid since i was 12.5) and paying bills... by 17 i had my own apartment. I was taught to value a dollar.. not be mad because i didn't have a party.. will someone explain what is so special about that damn birthday?
Our Engagment Announcment
I Am In This Auction
Hey everyone. I am in this auction that is hosted by Babylove. Please come check it out and make a bid!! Be sure to give Babylove lots of love. She put a lot of work into making the pictures and uploading them. ♥ЪLŏv GF 2 j TT ♥@ fubar
I Am In This Auction
Hey everyone. I am in this auction that is hosted by Babylove. Please come check it out and make a bid!! Be sure to give Babylove lots of love. She put a lot of work into making the pictures and uploading them. ♥ЪLŏv GF 2 j TT ♥@ fubar Don't forget to stop by Zooks page too. ZoOkS!!~ThE FoReSkIn UnRaVeLeR oF sEcUrItY @ pYrOtEkNiCs~@ fubar
Crossroads, seem to come and go, yeah. The gypsy flies from coast to coast Knowing many, loving none, Bearing sorrow havin' fun, But back home he'll always run To sweet Melissa... mmm... Freight train, each car looks the same, all the same. And no one knows the Gypsy's name No one hears his lonely sigh, There are no blankets where he lies. In all his deepest dreams the Gypsy flies with sweet Melissa... mmm... Again the morning's come, Again he's on the run, Sunbeams shining through his hair, Appearing not to have a care. Well, pick up your gear and Gypsy roll on, roll on. Crossroads, will you ever let him go? (Lord, Lord) Will you hide the dead man's ghost, Or will he lie, beneath the clay, or will his spirit roll away? But I know that he won't stay without Melissa. Yes I know that he won't stay without Melissa.
what the hell is a snozberry?
The Nerd? Geek? Or Dork? Test ...
Modern, Cool Nerd 65 % Nerd, 57% Geek, 13% Dork Modern, Cool Nerd For The Record: A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia. A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one. A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions. You scored better than half in Nerd and Geek, earning you the title of: Modern, Cool Nerd. Nerds didn't use to be cool, but in the 90's that all changed. It used to be that, if you were a computer expert, you had to wear plaid or a pocket protector or suspenders or something that announced to the world that you couldn't quite fit in. Not anymore. Now, the intelligent and geeky have eked out for themselves a modicum of respect at the very least, and "geek is chic." The Modern, Cool Nerd is intelligent, knowledgable and always the person to call in a crisis (needing computer advice/an arcane bit of trivia knowledge). They are the
Hey Look, That Skoobz Chick Is Still Around!
I noticed I havent blogged in like, a year. OMG! SO here's whats been happening. I lost a cat to a car accident, aquired two more, lost two rats, got one more, got a new degu, the degu's had seven babies on Oct. 25th, and my new rat had babies on Nov. 18th. (Yeah thats today) Im fixin to MuMM about somethin serious, I hope I dont get too much crap for it LMAO!
Thoughts of you so twisted and destroyed. My expectations burned and blown away as you look at me but dont say a single word.
Come To Our Raido Storm Lounge
Obama Voters
I'm Going To Be Featured On "naughty Newbies"!!
Hey Ya'all...Emma Cummings(The Pornstar) Sent me a Thingee the other day about being "Rude Girl of the Week" for Fridays "Naughty Newbies" show and I'd really LOVE For all my Fans and Friends to Tune in and Check it out.It's On Friday Nov 21 at 7:00 PM so PLEASE Be sure and Come check it out. MUAHS!! Thats at W W W DOT RUDE DOT COM If you Missed it be sure and check it out in the RUDE Archived shows for "Naughty Newbies" Friday November 21st.It was a Real good show..TY To those who Came to see it!!
Im Up For Auction
got to zooks fu page for details AUCTION RULES
Drawing Black Lines-project 86
Drawing Black Lines
Don't get me wrong pregnacy is a wonderful thing there is just the things that you least expect to bother you. I am 26 weeks right now and honestly beside the daily back pain, and pelvic bone crushing I love it. Because it is gonna be a boy he sits low...thus for increasing the pain/pressure in my spine. Wonder if anyone out there knows a few trick to help lower the pain.....Let me know plz.
Leveling Help 115
queenology R/L GF to leinad19 .::Rating Revolution::.@ fubar 6k to level
Used To Be Love
don't ever make someone your everything because if you lose them, you'll have nothing. i was so stupid to think for a moment you actually cared it's funny how someone can break your heart but you still love them with all the little pieces there's a point we passed from which we can't return < / 3 : you break it, you buy it i wish you weren't my dreams & she will fool everyone with her fake smile and pretend laugh never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about To be in love is like jumping off a cliff with no intent on looking down at the bottom. You don't care its going to HURT LIKE HELL when u hit the bottom, all you care about is that for just for that short period of time... you feel like you could fly
Turn Your Lights Down Low
Turn your lights down low And pull your window curtains; Oh, let Jah moon come shining in - Into our life again, Sayin': ooh, it's been a long, long (long, long, long, long) time; I kept this message for you, girl, But it seems I was never on time; Still I wanna get through to you, girlie, On time - on time. I want to give you some love (good, good lovin'); I want to give you some good, good lovin' (good, good lovin'). Oh, I - oh, I - oh, I, Say, I want to give you some good, good lovin' (good, good lovin'): Turn your lights down low; Never try to resist, oh no! Oh, let my love come tumbling in - Into our life again, Sayin': ooh, I love ya! And I want you to know right now, I love ya! And I want you to know right now, 'Cause I - that I - I want to give you some love, oh-ooh! I want to give you some good, good lovin'; Oh, I - I want to give you some love; Sayin': I want to give you some good, good lovin': Turn your lights down low, wo-oh! Never - never try to
How Hot Is It In Hell ?
(Maybe a true story...???) A thermodynamics professor had written a take home exam for his graduate students. It had one question: "Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Support your answer with a proof." Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools off when it expands and heats up when it is compressed) or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following: First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So, we need to know the rate that souls are moving into Hell and the rate they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Some of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there are more than one of these religions and since people do
Should I Add More?
So I am wondering if I should add more pics to my profile? Any suggestions?
Hey Guys
Hello to all you people this is my first time blogging and I would like your insight on what would be good topics that people would like to hear about. Please don't keep me waiting! with love and please keep your comments short, clean, and to the point. Peace be with you.
1 question 1 chance. 1 honest answer. Thats all you get. You get to ask me 1 question. (TO MY INBOX) Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is. No catch. But I dare you to repost this. And see what people ask you
Redemption Song
Old pirates, yes, they rob I; Sold I to the merchant ships, Minutes after they took I From the bottomless pit. But my hand was made strong By the 'and of the Almighty. We forward in this generation Triumphantly. Won't you help to sing These songs of freedom? - 'Cause all I ever have: Redemption songs; Redemption songs. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy, 'Cause none of them can stop the time. How long shall they kill our prophets, While we stand aside and look? Ooh! Some say it's just a part of it: We've got to fulfil de book. Won't you help to sing These songs of freedom? - 'Cause all I ever have: Redemption songs; Redemption songs; Redemption songs. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our mind. Wo! Have no fear for atomic energy, 'Cause none of them-a can-a stop-a the time. How long shall they kill our prophets, While we stand aside and
Need A Little Extra Cash?
I am writing this to tell you about one of many free paid survey sites to join, this one is Survey Savvy, with this company comes the oppurtunity to make money while giving your opinions on products and services, so make your voice be heard and get paid cash too take surveys, this is no gimmick, no false promises, just the real genuine deal as reviewed on so try it and sign up today what do you have too lose its free to join. With Survey Savvy's paid referal system, you get paid for surveys and your referals and their referals taking surveys, so sign up today and get your friends and family to sign up and earn some extra spending cash while voicing your opinions on products and services. Join Survey Savvy
Leveling Help 114
[ A LA TIENNE ] The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it... @ fubar 2k to level Daves at Lake Havasu so I'll be using his account
Your Eyes
When I look at your eyes, I see your true self. I see you're sweet, and caring. I see you're giving and forgiving. I see your love for me. When I look at your eyes I stop myself from crying When I'm alone and think about your eyes I cry. I can't stop thinking that one day I'll never see those eyes again That I'll never see the love or the sweetness Or the love that makes you who you are. One day you'll be gone - gone from me. Gone from this world. No matter what happens, those eyes will one day close And forever rest in peace. But you'll never be completely gone, Because every time I close my eyes, There you will be.
Welcome Him To Fubar!
Click Image and Welcome Him To Fubar Nolan Arruda(My Best Friend from A18)
Animation Of Aurora Borealis As Seen From The Iss
Rules For The Non-military
Dear Civilians: 'We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance: 1. The next time you see any adults talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem - kick their ass. 2. When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest - kick their ass. 3. Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull t hem aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their ass. 4. (GUYS) If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. Wearing
Anyone else as honry as me?? must get laid soon or i die!!! just had my 29th b-day and im needing to get laid BAD still a virgin : (
Dont Say Goodbye... By Skillet
Read To End, Lmao
I saw you across a crowded room. Among all the others that were there, The lights seemed to shine down on you alone. I knew then I had to have you for my own. Willingly, you came with me to my home. From the car, I carried you & threw the door. Looking at you, I admire your body, your well shaped legs, and breasts. Slowly I remove what wraps, around your body so tightly, fitting you like a glove. Exposing your tender white skin. From your neck I remove your charms, and carry you off in my arms, to the warm water that awaits. The water cascades down your neck, flowing over your soft breasts then, making your legs glisten with wetness. Droplets of water cover your taut skin. My hands rub your body, ummmm running them threw the beads of water. Making them trickle down off your body. I place my fingers inside you. You are warm and moist, so ready. I carry your still dripping body, to a laying place, so that I can put inside you what was well prepared to en
Moving Right Along....
...did I tell you my sweet friend, Sweet Serenity is 82K away from Godmama? Um, yeah, go rate the hell outta her. Please.
Charley@ fubar He's only 30k from leveling - go help!
For Sale: Shortsweetie!
ok so for real this time, i am in an auction...same one as b4 just dif ppl runnin it now. so..please go check out my page and make a bid if u like what im offering. auction starts tomrrow 11/19 and runs for a week. looking forward to havin u as my new owner! ;) and while ur there, please show the 2 auction runners some mad lovin!! happy bidding!! ♥ЪLŏv GF 2 j TT ♥@ fubar ZoOkS!!~ThE FoReSkIn UnRaVeLeR oF sEcUrItY @ pYrOtEkNiCs~@ fubar
Imaginary Eyes. Rofl.
Auction! Bidding Starts 11/19!
Ok! Here we go! Auction #1: Starts 11/19!
The Fate Of The Moth.
Like a moth to a flame, I'm drawn to you. Ripped from the darkness. Dragged into the light. Engulfed in your ephemeral glow. I flutter and fluster. Wrapping myself around you. Alighting upon you. I recognize my fate. Scorched in your effluent radiance. Burned by my own desire. Death in your luminous arms.
Life Is About.....
1.) Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is the best antidepressant. 2.) Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. 3.) Buy a Tivo (DVR), tape your late night shows & get more sleep. 4.) When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement, My purpose is to________ today. 5.) Live with the 3 Es -- Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy. 6.) Watch more movies, play more games & read more books than you did last year. 7.) Always pray. Always. 8.) Spend more time with people over the age of 70 & under the age of Six. 9.) Dream more while you are awake. 10.) Eat more foods that grow on trees & plants & eat less foods that are manufactured in plants. 11.) Drink green tea & plenty of water. Eat blueberries, wild Alaskan salm on, broccoli, almonds & walnuts. 12.) Try to make at least 3 people smile every day. 13.) Clear your clutter from your house, your car, your desk & let new & flowing energy into your life.
Another One Bites The Dust
My eulogy for Dave Pitts. Well I guess someone will miss ya, I think the world is better off without ya. So I bet it was drugs or disease. Others have thought suicide. What do you think? You can read the obituary here
Alone Again
I'd like to see you in the morning light I'd like to feel you when it comes tonight Now I'm here and I'm all alone Still I know how it feels I'm alone again Tried so hard to make you see But I couldn't find the words Now the tears, they fall like rain I'm alone again without you Alone again without you Alone again without you Alone again without you I said stay, but you turned away Tried to say that it was me Now I'm here and I've lost my way Now I know how it feels I'm alone again
Awaiting Night
Title: Awaiting Night By: detox The cold air And the night sky It's like a drug That gets me high Until this passes And we say goodbye The night fades And slowly dies Daylight comes With thoughts why Thoughts of darkness Thoughts that fly Thoughts of you Thoughts of I So much for darkness So much for night Too bad, This felt so right Lost again Lost from sight Lost again Awaiting night
*live Auction*
Come Bid On Me 9pm est.!
False Hope
When I was lost and lonely, and felt I had reached the came around and took my hand. When I was angry and betrayed and ready to fight... you stepped in and made it right. When I was sad and frightnened and felt so small... you stood beside me through it all. You showed me what it meant to be a friend. You taught me how to trust again. I felt safe and comfortable with you. You said to me you felt it too. Then something happened.... you had changed. My whole world was rearranged. I tried to help and much to my dismay, all you did was push me away. I did everything I could do. You told me to stay away from you. You said it would be best for me. You didn't want to hurt me. I gave you what you needed but it wasn't good enough. You said that staying friends with me was just too tough. I don't know what happened to make it all go bad. To this day you were the best friend I ever had. But in the end it mattered not.... Because HURT was all I got.
The End 11/18/2008
So the end of my fubar page will be 11/18/2008 i will be deleateing it..If u want to leave any final comments or asking me to keep it.. you have just a few days left! Nice meeting you all and have fun fuing it up! Dont take it personal nothing to do with any of u.. Who ever wants my fubucks let me konw and ill split then equily as possiable! or if u have a better way for me to split them msg me! lovins and im out!
Booty Call Application
Directions...copy and paste this in a private message. Name: ___________________ Age: ____________________ Phone: (____) ____________ Occupation: ____________________ Height______ Weight______ Married(Y/N) __ Single(Y/N)___ Other_________ Sexual Orientation: __________ How often do u wanna have sex ?(check appropriate answer) Daily__ Weekly__ Monthly__ As much as possible__ How long can u last? (check appropriate answer) 1min ___ 15min__ 30min__ 1hr__ all nite___ Do u like Giving oral ? (Y/N)___ What could you do for me that no one else could?: Which do u prefer? (check appropriate box) One on one__ Doubles__ Group___ While having sex, what do u do? (place "X" in all appropriate boxes) Faint__ Cry__ Moan__ Wiggle__ Twist__ Jerk about__ Pant__ Sweat___ Scream__ Hum__ Whistle__ Just lie there__ List three positions u like: 1. 2. 3. What is your preferred pace? (place "X" in appropriate spaces) Slow__ Fast__ Ver
Showing Love1
So who you representin?? r/f/a and show your pride!! Rate this folder for your team tag!! Unbreakable †
Food For Thought!
"THE POLICY OF THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS TO LEAVE THEIR CITIZENS FREE, NEITHER IN RESTRAINING NOR AIDING THEM IN THEIR PURSUITS." --THOMAS JEFFERSON In 1923 the Weimar Republic of Germany experienced hyperinflation by printing money out of thin air to pay workers and reperations from the Treaty of Versailles. Eventually the money became so worthless that people literally filled whellbarrels full of paper money to buy a something as cheap as a loaf of bread. Paper money was actually burned for heat in the winter, for it was cheaper than buying fire-wood. Below is a simple (kid friendly) example of how the Federal Reserve System creates hyperinflation and inforces a hidden tax our savings. Think bailouts, stimulus, war, etc.
New Auctions! *upcoming*
As of right now there are 3 new auctions coming up which I'm in! lol 2 are starting on Thursday, Nov. 20th & 1 the begining of December. I will post a new blog for each one with all the info & a link of course so be on the lookout! :D xoxox
This Is Some Bs
What Candice Means You are very open. You communicate well, and you connect with other people easily. You are a naturally creative person. Ideas just flow from your mind. A true chameleon, you are many things at different points in your life. You are very adaptable. You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic Type A personality. You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people. You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts. You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals. You are balanced, orderly, and organized. You like your ducks in a row. You are powerful and competent, especially in the workplace. People can see you as stubborn and headstrong. You definitely have a dominant personality. You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's e
Doing A Few Changes
Is There A Sociopath In Tha House? Your result for The Personality Defect Test by Saint_Gasoline ... Hippie You are 43% Rational, 71% Extroverted, 29% Brutal, and 14% Arrogant. You are the Hippie! Characterized by a strong sense of extroversion, irrationality, gentleness, humility, and a faint scent of marijuana, you no doubt frolic through fields preaching peace and free love! Immediately following that, you then frolic to the hospital with herpes! You are probably either very spiritual or needlessly paranoid about "the man", like most hippies, as a result of your focus on intuition and feelings over cold, brutal logic. You probably enjoy poetry, especially beatnik ultra-liberal crap about how horrible fascism is, even though your suburbanized, sheltered idea of "fascism" is having to pay two dollars per gallon at the gas pump. You are also very, very social. And like any hippie who would have no qualms about hitchiking across the co
Now Taking Applications For Sugar Daddies
For anyone who has talked to me for a while you might know that I sometimes complain about my job being boring. I go home with no job satisfaction because I don't have much to do, and every time my boss walks by my desk I think "I should be doing something besides playing on fubar.. like like. there's nothing to do." Well, last Friday I got my 'wish'. Mr. Bossman informed me that he's going to replace me with someone experienced in marketing so he can further expand his business. Great, just great. I've been monitoring the epaper and being that I haven't finished college yet, and probably won't for another couple years, I'm not experienced in anything that is hiring right now. Therefore, I am currently taking donations. Canned food, boxed food, canned alcohol, boxed alcohol, alcohol, food stamps, and since you can't buy alcohol with food stamps, alcohol.
Peer Pressure's A Bitch
So yeah, I folded under the peer pressure AGAIN and entered yet another auction. So click on the picture, rate it and drop a bid. I'll be good to you, I promise ;)
I Are Teh Emo Kid
Your result for The Personality Defect Test... Emo KidYou are 43% Rational, 0% Extroverted, 29% Brutal, and 29% Arrogant. You are the Emo Kid, best described as a quiet pussy! You tend to be an intuitive rather than a logical thinker, meaning you rely more on your feelings than your thoughts. Not only that, but you are introverted, gentle, and rather humble. You embody all the traits of the perfect emo kid. You are a push-over, an emotional thinker, gentle to the extent of absurdity, and so humble that it even makes Jesus puke. (And Jesus almost never pukes, being immortal and not requiring an act of puke to dispell toxins from his corporeal manifestation.) If you write poetry, you no doubt write angsty, syrupy lines about depression, sadness, and other such redundant states of emo-being that go something like this: life is a spike / upon which i have impaled mysefl / fuck you dad So, your personality is defective because you are too gentle, rather underc
Respect For The Chemicaly Unbalanced
In a once harmonics state, in a very open and free era. Where people were just people, where it was just being and existing and living. It was all about the thinig called "life". To not be numb, to actually feel alive. To know the the pains , the panics, the warm fuzzies. To be able to have all that emotion and feel it, with the knowledge to acknowledge sadness,anger, happiness,and thre big let downs in life and most importantly accept them as life. Everything exists from coexisting with out one the other could not be. With that wisdon you did what made you happy, not what was acceptable and most profitable.To be in perfect sync,to be a harmonic being!! All the icons of the "60's free love era" the great ones Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison,Jimi Hendrix and the list could go on were all chemicaly dependent in someway. Frybabies,potheads,and alcholics,etc.They were also real they were who they wanted to be ,just people. Being musically ,poeticaly and exceptionally talented was th
Waiting On You
ok here i am at 7 am heading to meet some one. i show up at the meeting place and wait and wait till the guards say well i guess its time to give up and go home i spent from 7 till 11 waiting on this person to show up they had my number all she had to do is call and say hey i dont want to meet you but hell i dont even get a text or anything hell an email would have been better then me having to sit there for a big fucking let down i mean i wasted some stuff that made me be on top of my game that i could have saved for later but hell nobody gives a shit any way the only reason i am even typing this is to let of steam i am so mad i could scream
Robbed From Shannon
Robot You are 86% Rational, 0% Extroverted, 29% Brutal, and 29% Arrogant. You are the Robot! You are characterized by your rationality. In fact, this is really ALL you are characterized by. Like a cold, heartless machine, you are so logical and unemotional that you scarcely seem human. For instance, you are very humble and don't bother thinking of your own interests, you are very gentle and lack emotion, and you are also very introverted and introspective. You may have noticed that these traits are just as applicable to your laptop as they are to a human being. You are not like the robots they show in the movies. Movie robots are make-believe, because they always get all personable and likeable after being struck by lightning, or they are cold, cruel killing machines. In all reality, though, you are much more boring than all that. Real robots just sit there, doing their stupid jobs, and doing little else. If you get struck by lightning, you won't develop a winning personality and
Sweet And Nice Moomoo
Your result for The Personality Defect Test... Hand-Raiser You are the Hand-Raiser, that annoying kid in class who always had an answer for everything. No doubt, as a child you probably sat in the front of the class, anxiously waving your hand back and forth in the air while your teacher desperately tried to avoid calling on you because you were the ONLY fucking kid that answered her questions. Clearly, the key traits of your personality are your rationality and your extroversion. You are like a little talkative calculator, in other words. You also tend to be rather gentle and less arrogant than most people. Your presence is a bane to everyone's existence, because you are too nice for your own good and you absolutely will not shut up. So what is your defect, then? Well, you're boring, and when you're not boring, you are just plain annoying with your ultra-logical responses and constant need to talk to others. So keep waving that ha
My Friend Seans Obituary From The Funeral Home Website
December 26, 1970 - November 16, 2008 Sean Seabass Copley, 37, of Indianapolis, passed away on November 16, 2008. Sean was born on December 26, 1970. Sean was dedicated to several local bands over the years. He was a drummer with a passion for music. Sean will be lovingly remembered by his mother, Beverly Sorrell; grandparents, Paul and Jean Griner; and aunts, Karen, Kathy, and Lisa. A Celebration of Life will be held from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at G.H. Herrmann Madison Avenue Funeral Home, 5141 Madison Avenue.
My Pics
My NSFW pics can be viewed but you have to help me out, Bling paks, VIP, or Blast please. More pics to come. I am trying to level up but being nice and leaving my pics veiwable by public hasn't worked so I had to resort to this. So help a fello fu friend out, show me some luv and I will gladly grant u the pleasure of seeing my pics, Thank You
A New Bond 007?
just kidding..:) who do you think would make a good black Bond?
Angels Bullie
Lonely Pleasure
I miss you. I can't sleep. The bed seems so empty without you next to me. There's no use in trying to force myself to sleep, so I sit up and light a cigarette.The roses you sent me yesterday are in full bloom. Their fragrance somehow makes me feel a little less lonely. I'm wearing my red satin teddy, you know, the one that laces up the front, the one that you love. Do you remember the last time I wore it? When we made those hot pictures and then made the most wonderful, passionate love? I can't wait till you're home. I need to try and get some sleep. Lying back down, I look over at the roses and my thoughts drift back to last night. We made love, enough to last us until your return. Only, it wasn't enough. Remembering it just gets me horny for you. My hands involuntarily go to my breasts, and my nipples begin to harden under the satin. I love the feel of this teddy, and slowly glide my hands over it. Returning to my breasts, I run my thumbs over my nipples, and gently pinch them. Th
111808 Dilbert
I'm Watching You
I know you watch us, I like it. I leave the curtains open, I know you look in. I know how much you can see and I get excited at the thought of someone watching me have sex with my girlfriend. I plan it all. After dinner I lead my girlfriend to the area of the room that you can see. I begin to kiss her lightly on the lips, just brushing my tongue across them. Her nipples harden. I ask her to dance for me, as she takes a step back she begins to wriggle her hips, showing her fantastic long legs, the tops of her thighs and a glimpse of her pert bottom. She smiles seductively as she begins to untie her white top at the neck, she looks at me, daring me to touch her. She turns around and at that moment she faces you, you can see her perfect breasts bouncing up and down as she wiggles and dances. Her nipples are hard, right infront of you she removes her top completely. I imagine you to be very turned on, perhaps youre even stroking yourself, it makes me even more excited. She turns b
Please Do This 'free' Good Deed - Animal Rescue
Hi, all you animal lovers. This is pretty simple... Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute (How about 20 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box 'fund food for animals' for free. This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know. PLEASE TELL 10 FRIENDS !!!
Your ideal mate is known as The Commandant. As a romantic partner, this type is inspiring, but also somewhat challenging. They have a strong desire to be in charge and their clear need for an organized life and home can be overwelming to a partner. They like to confront conflict directly, discuss problems unflinchingly, solve them, then put them behind you both. However, they can be too impatient or unwilling to take the time to listen to their partners and give them a chance to express themselves fully so that their partners also have a sense of closure. They are generally uncomfortable dealing with emotions, so they are apt to dismiss their partner's emotions as illogical. They feel most appreciated when their partners ask for their opinions, take their advice, and rely on them to get a job done right.
Anytime we dont answer shout box pls dont be offended or think we are ignoring you!!! we all are working and running around like maniacs in RL and on fu-bar hehe .. so if we dont answer you before you log off, or if your like me b4 u forget what the heck u wanted :P Please Just leave us a Private message, because the shout box scrolls to fast so if u just leave it in shout we are liable not to get it!! We will deff get back to you ASAP :D We Promise :P ... thanx and much luv
How Obama Got Elected
Zogby Poll 512 Obama Voters 11/13/08-11/15/08 MOE 4.4 points 97.1% High School Graduate or higher, 55% College Graduates Results to 12 simple Multiple Choice Questions 57.4% could NOT correctly say which party controls congress (50/50 shot just by guessing) 81.8% could NOT correctly say Joe Biden quit a previous campaign because of plagiarism (25% chance by guessing) 82.6% could NOT correctly say that Barack Obama won his first election by getting opponents kicked off the ballot (25% chance by guessing) 88.4% could NOT correctly say that Obama said his policies would likely bankrupt the coal industry and make energy rates skyrocket (25% chance by guessing) 56.1% could NOT correctly say Obama started his political career at the home of two former members of the Weather Underground (25% chance by guessing). And yet..... Only 13.7% failed to identify Sarah Palin as the person on which their party spent $150,000 in clothes Only 6.2% failed to ident
True Friends On Fubar...
11.18.08 - Marilyn Manson - Coma White (she's Standing On An Overpass In A Miracle Mile)
SONG VERSION BELOW Coma White - Marilyn Manson VIDEO VERSION BELOW Coma White by Marilyn Manson - Marilyn Manson LYRICS BELOW There's something cold and blank behind her smile She's standing on an overpass in her miracle mile 'Cause you were from a perfect world A world that threw me away today, today, today To run away A pill to make you numb A pill to make you dumb A pill to make you anybody else But all the drugs in this world Won't save her from herself Her mouth was an empty cut She was waiting to fall Just bleeding like a Polaroid That lost all her dolls 'Cause you were from a perfect world A world that threw me away today, today, today To run away A pill to make you numb A pill to make you dumb A pill to make you anybody else But all the drugs in this world Won't save her from herself A pill to make you numb A pill to make you dumb A pill to make you anybody else But all the drugs in this world Won't save her from
Sexual Exstacy
Love and romance...why do we need both? Remember how you felt when you first fell in love? Dreamy...happy...breathless...full of anticipation.... Remember those long phone conversations, walking hand in hand, sharing candlelit dinners, snuggling on the sofa, slow dancing, and those sweet kisses that sent shivers down your spine? Doesn't it make you smile to think about and re-live those feelings? Would you like to revive those feelings again? Always Sweethearts divider Romance and love are not always one and the same. In the best of situations, they should certainly coexist. Romantic feelings seems to be prevalent when relationships begin. However, many couples forget how to show romantic feelings towards one another the way they did when they first met. The frustrations of day-to-day life can take a toll on even the best of relationships and cause both men and women to lose sight of the qualities that originally attracted t
had somewhat odd dreams lately and some nightmares. last night i had a dream of my ex we were sitting on my bed and she was talking to her dad i guess we were supposed to go somewhere for a holiday or something and she had said how i'm a big boy and can get there on my own or something i donno. i think it was a little sexual too. i actually slept 6 hours sunday night and all day monday but i don't remember any of the dreams except the two dreams i had in the last hour before work. i dreamt of my ex, and than i had a nightmare type dream. it seemed like a movie though that probably has come out. i saw the dream as a movie too. there was a guy and a girl i think maybe more people it was in a building that i think was underground. it would get dark than snakes would appear they sort of flashed blue and there poop glowed blue too. they were sort of big but not huge at first and the guy and girl would shoot them. whenever it got dark cuz the lights flickered they would start to appear. t
Mental Hospital
Ron and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital. One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, Ron suddenly jumped into the deep end. He sank to the bottom of the pool and stayed there. Edna promptly jumped in to save him. She swam to the bottom and pulled Ron out. When the Head Nurse Director became aware of Edna's heroic act, she immediately ordered her to be discharged from the hospital, as she now considered her to be mentally stable. When she went to tell Edna the news she said, 'Edna, I have good news and bad news. The good news is you're being discharged; since you were able to rationally respond to a crisis by jumping in and saving the life of another patient, I have concluded that your act displays sound mindedness. The bad news is, Ron, the patient you saved, hung himself in the bathroom with his bathrobe belt right after you saved him. I am so sorry, but he's dead.' Edna replied, 'He didn't hang himself, I put him there to dry.
Farewell To A Rock!
Haha! I did it. I found someone I thought had died so long ago. I did it! I found myself. I am going to be me from this point forward. I bid this rock farewell because I have finished my task at hand. I found me. It was a long haul and took me awhile to realize, I never died, I was hiding from the chaos. Well, something I have come to realize, dude, I am chaos I am going to do what I want, when I want, and how I freaking want. Ima have a bad attitude because well, like it or not thats just me. Ima stand proud again, because I know who I am and no one will ever take that from me again! I am independent and dont need anyone. I got this I have learned a lot hiding here under this rock of self reflection. I know one thing for damn sure, I will continue to visit this rock on a regular basis, just to sort out things and think. I like the solitude. All I can say is World, ya better look out Shes back Lol, I can already hear the uh-ohs and the oh nos lmao. You know what, I got people wh
A Fresh New Start
A feeling of a fesh new start seems to tingle from within a new place to start from. Here made many new friends and not thoseof just a face to recoginize or to say "hey, hi, what's up, ect ect This is to be considered a Fertunity a felloship to now that we are not alone in our struggles in which we all suffer seemingly alone Life is a journey many of us feel like we are traveling down the road of life we seem to foret that others are in the same taffic altho we may seem blinded to the trafic around us Now we are here at the end at the end of our weekend to all our eyes for which are open both seen and unseen To all who made this weekend happened thank you For the Brother wh simply asked me to come to this weekend experience thank you.
I Need Sexy People To Join Me As Friends!!!
Stop in and just say hi!!!!!!!
I Need Help!!
I need help getting my business going. Is there anyone how might be interested? Just take a look at this link: I just can't get anyone to look. It's a great idea if people would just look at it, and maybe sign up for it. Thanks
ok its frickin freezin now. im so not ready for winter and its pretty obvious its here. oh well guess i'll try and make the best of it. im countin down the days til my b-day. its not til jan, but im excited. its gonna be awesome i love havin my bday right after christmas. christmas is my favorite time of year. even tho i don't get a lot of gifts anymore, thats ok. i love watchin my neice and nephew opening their presents and seeing their excitment. thats what matters to me. i can't wait to have kids of my own. i wanna be a mom so bad. but now isnt' the right time. i know it'll happen when the time is right. so in the mean time i'll have fun with my sisters kids and my friends who are expecting right now. lol i know i'll be a great mom. i've been around kids all my life so i have plenty of experience. lol anyway gotta go do laundry and clean. boo lol ttfn ~Lisa =o)
"never Enough"
My legs are weary But I still walk My hands are sore and broken But I still clutch My heart is treated But I still love My cup is empty But I still pour All I ever wanna be All I ever needed to be Was whatever you wanted me to But you took that from me Yeah I was never enough for you I should have known I should have known I was never enough for you Don't waste my time I lost the feeling But I still touch I stopped believing But I still trust All these questions Ask me why I'll just close my eyes (MY EYES!!!) Always people asking why I'll just wave goodbye (GOODBYE!!!) Time Pushing forward I'm sick and tired Need a little shelter Drag the glass across my eyes Cut me open Cut me wide Screaming for the winner (JUST TO THE WINNER) "Never Enough" - Mudvayne
God ~ Country ~ Honor
I just wanted to get the day over with and go down to Smokey's for a few cold ones. Sneaking a look at my watch, I saw the time, 16:55. Five minutes to go before the cemetery gates are closed for the day. Full dress was hot in the August sun. Oklahoma summertime was as bad as ever -- the heat and humidity at the same level -- both too high. I saw the car pull into the drive, '69 or '70 model Cadillac Deville, looked factory-new. It pulled into the parking lot at a snail's pace .. An old woman got out so slow I thought she was paralyzed. She had a cane and a sheaf of flowers, about four or five bunches as best I could tell. I couldn't help myself. The thought came unwanted, and left a slightly bitter taste: 'She's going to spend an hour, and for this old soldier... my hip hurts like hell and I'm ready to get out of here right now!' But for this day my duty was to assist anyone coming in. Kevin would lock the 'In' gate and if.... I could just hurry the old biddy along
Online Prostitution Gone Wild!
I find it VERY amusing how the internet and websites like this make prostitution seem..okay. Don't get me wrong we all whore ourselves out every day in one way or another. HOWEVER If you look at it...your selling yourself on here for something you don't actually receive. Your not getting money paypal'd to you. Your not getting gifts/materials mailed to your home. Your simply receiving something electronic. There are people on here that have nude photos that are private and can only be viewed if you spend your hard earned money on an electronic item for them. I understand that some people may have their nsfw photos private because there are some creepy fuckers on here. I understand that you may want to share them only with certain people. I also know from experience that people will automatically buy you a blast or bling on here and just assume you'll give them access to your nsfw photos. I've come across a good deal of people on here that have their albums listed as what you are
11.18.08 - Prince - When Doves Cry (maybe I'm Just Like My Fadda 2 Bold)
SONG VERSION BELOW When Doves Cry - Prince VIDEO VERSION BELOW When Doves Cry [Video] - Prince LYRICS BELOW Dig if you will the picture Of you and I engaged in a kiss The sweat of your body covers me Can you my darling...can you picture this? Dream if you can A courtyard An ocean of violets in bloom Animals strike curious poses They feel the heat The heat between me and you CHORUS: How can you just leave me standing? Alone in a world that's so cold (world so cold) Maybe I'm just too demanding Maybe I'm just like my father too bold Maybe you're just like my mother She's never satisfied Why do we scream at each other This is what it sounds like when doves cry. Touch if you will my stomach Feel how it trembles inside You've got the butterflies all tied up Don't make me chase you Even doves have pride CHORUS: How can you just leave me standing? Alone in a world so cold (world so cold) Maybe I'm just too demanding Maybe I'm jus
Who has a tattoo or tattoos? Care to share pictures and or tell me what they are of and where? I have a couple end working on a few more ... would love some ideas.
More Tests
Just got off the phone with the breast imaging department. They talked with my surgeon and decided to do another ultrasound, and possibly a fine needle aspiration. After that, if necessary, they can do another core biopsy or whatever... all starting tomorrow morning at 7:30. At least it's moving along...
Current Auction
Go bid on me :)
Life In General
Okay, so I have NO clue as to what in the heck I'm doing on this..LOL.. WOW so usually my personal life has always been off limits, but I guess this time, I'm going to make an is it that society dictates how we live our lives? I really don't understand that being I was raised to believe that YOUR life is YOURS to live and not anyone else.I truly believed that up until just recently. I was shown different. It was a true awakening for me as I defy that belief and continue to live for ME and only to be called selfish. Whatever happened to true happiness? True self worth? Morals? Honesty? Where did that go? I don't think I can wrap my brain around how internet can satisfy all of these. Trust me on this, I have tried that. It was a temporary fix. A short term comfort. I guess I'm just old fashioned as to the ways I view life in general. Don't get me wrong, I am open minded to a point, but seriously am I the only one that thinks this?

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