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Women Over 40
60 Minutes Correspondent Andy Rooney (CBS) As I grow in age, I value women over 40 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why: A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night and ask, 'What are you thinking?' She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 40 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do, and it's usually more interesting. Women over 40 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you if they think they can get away with it. Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know what it's like to be unappreciated. Women get psychic as they age. You never have to confess your sins to a woman over 40. Once you get past a wrinkle or two, a woman over 40 is far sexier than her younger counterpart. Older women are forthright and honest. They'll tell
Sarab Bully
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Little Ralphy
LITTLE RALPHY ON MATH A teacher asks her class, 'If there are 5 birds sitting on a fence and you shoot one of them, how many will be left?' She calls on little Ralphy. He replies, 'None, they will all fly away with the first gunshot.' The teacher replies, 'The correct answer is 4, but I like your thinking.' Then little RALPHY says, 'I have a question for YOU. There are 3 women sitting on a bench having ice cream: One is delicately licking the sides of the triple scoop of ice cream. The second is gobbling down the top and sucking the cone. The third is biting off the top of the ice cream. Which one is married?' The teacher, blushing a great deal, replied, 'Well, I suppose the one that's gobbled down the top and sucked the cone.' To which Little RALPHY replied, 'The correct answer is 'the one with the wedding ring on,' but I like your thinking.' LITTLE RALPHY ON MATH (Part 2) Little RALPHY returns from school and says he
President Elect Barack Obama
No matter if you were for against Barack Obama I urge everyone to read this with an open mind before you discard the statements and opinions that I will be making here. The one thing that really upsets me is narrow minded people and people that are prejudice and racist. I t is time for all Americans to unite and bring our country back to the United States of America like it should be. United means we all come together and fight for our country, fight for our freedom, fight for our respect and most important fight for our unity. Everyone is looking at President Elect Barack Obama as the first African American president. To some people thats all they can see. They cant see the fact that he was brought up in a low to medium income family and pursued the interest that he had inside to get to where he is today. I doesnt matter what color a mans skin is or where he is from or whatever his religion is. What matters is he will be our leader and co
Why Some Men Have Dogs,not Wives..rofl..
Why Some Have Dogs And Not Wives: 1. The later you are, the more excited your dogs are to see you. 2. Dogs don't notice if you call them by another dog's name. 3. Dogs like it if you leave a lot of things on the floor. 4. A dog's parents never visit. 5. Dogs agree that you have to raise your voice to get your point across. 6. You never have to wait for a dog they're ready to go 24 hours a day. 7. Dogs find you amusing when you're drunk. 8. Dogs like to go hunting and fishing. 9. A dog will not wake you up at night to ask, ?If I died, would you get another dog?? 10. If a dog has babies, you can put an ad in the paper and give them away. 11. A dog will let you put a studded collar on it without calling you a pervert. 12. If a dog smells another dog on you, they don't get mad. They just think it's interesting. 13. Dogs like to ride in the back of a pickup truck.
Meet My New Owner .. Go Show Her Some Luv
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*the Goal Of Native Spirituality*
Have Respect Consideration for the well being of all. To treat someone or something with deference or courtesy. Never interfering with the right to walk their journey in the matter that they so chose. In the Native Culture of all Tribes, every person from the tiniest child to the Oldest ELDER is treated with RESPECT at all times, with special honor given to: Our ELDERS & TEACHERS. No person was shamed or put down. People never spoke of others in a negative way for this interfered with their lives and diminished the Tribe in anyway shape or form. The people believe that every thought and action that went out into the World, affect the next seven generations of family. One of the most important aspects of the Native Culture is Respect. RESPECT includes many things: Respect for Life - Respect for Self - Respect for Elders. RESPECT FOR LIFE - We believe all LIFE is sacred. All LIFE is an expression of The Creator. Each has its place and purpose. Each is dependent upon
Will You Be My Friend ?
Will you be my friend ? Fight with me until the end ? Thats what i like to do With a sort of friens as you .. Will you be my friend ? Hold my hand, get me up When im down .. Just the way i should do.. Will you be my friend Share even youre Joy and anger .. Ill be ther for you Because I think youre A special person Someone whos Hard to find
Loosing Friends
They say we will see each other again that our friendship will last But I dont believe them I just cant when Im looking to right now Because they already dont talk to me the way they used to So how will it be next year when they are together but Im somewhere else But they just dont see that it hurts me and that Im loosing them Im going to brake down if they dont face the truth Because its too heavy to carry all by myself... - someone really special -
Good day my friends today some shoping done for a gingerbread house so in the next few day's I wi make some mixture and let it rest. in the next comming day's I'm gonna make already some cookies for decoration and other yammie things to put up/ under/ in the house so if I am not here I'm working on Chtistmus house and decorations pics will be up aswell from the proces
MyHotComments This is so true. It really takes a lot of nurturing and Love and tenderness to mend those kinds of wounds. And it definitely takes that over a period of time. But wounds can't heal when you rip them open once or twice a month, just as they begin to.
Best Friends
If you care about me you will read the whole thing.....what would you do if for every moment you were truly happy there would be 10 moments of sadness? What would you do if your best friend died tomorow and you never got to tell them how you felt? So I just wanted to say even if I never talk to you again in my life your special to me and you've made a difference in my life. I look up to you, respect you and truly cherish you. Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them and tell new ones you never will...... remember everyone needs a friend.
Guardian Angel
This morning when god opened a window to heaven, he saw me, and he asked, "My child what is your greatest wish for today"? I responded, "please take care of the person reading this message and their family". Guardian Angels exist but sometimes since they dont have wings, we call them True Friends!
Guardian Angel 2
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provideou with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are there for the reason you need them to be Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on. Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.. They bring you an experie
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My Happy Hour Today 11am Fu-time!
Reeka's got a Happy Hour! Auto 11 will be on! Come help me move closer to Disciple pweeaasseee :D This would not be possible without the loving support of my friends who gave this to me: .violets. Monica the Great Who Knows Vixen260 Bounty Hunter Majik Philemon ♡Reeka♡ ~ Anti-Lounge whore ~ owned by half my fu-familly ~ Fishinrod's Human@ fubar
The Battle Of Verdun - The Greatest Balttle Ever
Phase 1 - The preparations before the Battle The Great War in 1914 and 1915 The Great War, or as we now call it - the First World War, began on 4 August 1914. By the end of that year all movement of the armies had ceased and the war had become an immobile trench war. In 1915 several attempts were made to forcibly achieve a decisive breakthrough. However, these attempts all failed and only lead to terrible losses. Both parties were convinced that 1916 would be the year of their crucial victory. Germany expected to have this at Verdun. The allies tried to realise their victory through a joint operation at the river Somme. Click here to see the map of the Battle of Verdun 1916 The German plan of attack The German commander-in-chief General Erich von Falkenhayn considered England to be Germanys most important enemy. He believed England would collapse as soon as France, their most important ally, would be defeated. That is why a target had to be found that would be so impor
This Is What I Have Found So Far
When love is present and at it's peak, all is pleasant and I can sleep. When it vanishes, the dark clashes then the clowns come, and my world crashes. During my wake, the deepest pain is felt all of my sanctuary gone, noone to help. So anger rises and swells, soon to heal. Pain changes to violence, and again i can feel. one day at a time
Suicide Attempts
(First off I don't want your sympathy.. or anything just expressing myself) Rated if you want comment if you care to.. doesn't bother me. There are a lot of people out there that have the opinion that if you really want to kill yourself you will. I will have to say that you are right, but then you know there are some that have the luck that someone or something intervenes in time to save them. I happen to be one of those people. Yeah me, for those of you that think you know everything about everyone and about everything step back look around because you really don't know shit. First of all again I would like to Thank all the people that has stood beside me in my time of need and during my darkest hours. The support of my family and friends is what has brought me through this nothing more. If it wasn't for this I would have given up and would not had the strength to continue. "THANK YOU each and everyone! Especially my loving wife with out you I am no
Windows 7 Put To The Test
Windows 7 put to the test Custom PC editor Alex Watson loads and tests a trial version of Microsoft's next Operating System. A closer look at Windows 7 Software developers have been given a preview of Microsoft's next version of Windows. Windows 7 was demonstrated at the company's Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. Technology analyst Rob Enderle and the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones have taken a look. Page last updated at 14:06 GMT, Wednesday, 28 May 2008 15:06 UK A look at touch screen Windows Microsoft demonstrates Windows 7, the follow-up operating system to Vista. Windows 7 will feature touch screen interfaces and is due for release in 2010. Most of this video is silent. Windows 7 'to kill off mouse' Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system will come with a multi-touch feature,
Bew Govt Or Same As Last3 Demo Congress
Happy Veterans Day
THANK YOU TO ALL OUR HEROES!!! I can't express it enough I appreciate you for being so tough, Thank you, for being so strong Thank you, for standing up against wrong. You'll always be my hero, We will always be indebted to you, Thanks for going long ago. Thanks for securing this blessed life I know Thanks for fighting to keep us free Thanks for saving the future for me, for my family and for everyone who do not understand If wasn't for all of you we would not be enjoying this life and luxuries we have right now. Remembering Those heroes that are dead. They died for liberty-they died for us. They are at rest. They sleep in the land they made free, under the flag they rendered stainless, under the solemn pines, the sad hemlocks, the tearful willows, the embracing vines. They sleep beneath the shadow of the clouds, careless alike of sunshine or storm, each in the windowless palace of rest. Earth may run red with other wars-they are at peace. In the midst of the bat
My Immortal
I'm so tired of being here Suppressed by all my childish fears And if you have to leave I wish that you would just leave 'Cause your presence still lingers here And it won't leave me alone These wounds won't seem to heal This pain is just too real There's just too much that time cannot erase When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears And I held your hand through all of these years But you still have All of me You used to captivate me By your resonating life Now I'm bound by the life you've left behind Your face it haunts My once pleasant dreams Your voice it chased away All the sanity in me I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone But though you're still with me I've been alone all along
How I Feel
This best explains how I feel right now its from slipknots new album. Snuff lyrics Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence And leave me with my sins The air around me still feels like a cage And love is just a camouflage For what resembles rage again So if you love me let me go And run away before I know My heart is just too dark to care I cant destroy what isn't there Deliver me into my fate If I'm alone I cannot hate I don't deserve to have you My smile was taken long ago If I can change I hope I never know I still press your letters to my lips And cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss I couldn't face a life without your light But all of that was ripped apart... When you refused to fight So save your breath I will not hear I think I made it very clear You couldn't hate enough to love Is that supposed to be enough? I only wish you weren't my friend Then I could hurt you in the end I never claimed to be a Saint My
Swallow it up for the sound of my screaming cannot cease for the fear of silent night Oh how I long for the deep sleep dreaming the goddess of imaginary light In my field of paper flowers and candied clouds of multiply I lye inside myself for hours and watch my purple sky fly over me I linger in the doorway our alarm clock screaming monsters calling widening let me stay where the wind will whisper to me where the raindrops as there falling tell there story If you need to leave the world you live in lay your head down and stay awake though you may not remember dreaming something waits for you to breath again In my field of paper flowers and candied clouds of multiply I lye inside myself for hours and watch my purple sky fly over me
I wish I don't have to work today.... It's going to be a real crappy day. Just a feeling but I won't keep being so negative. I barely got any sleep. I get a text from someone and had the feeling I knew who it was. Should I ignore it and continue to sleep or what... I ended up talking about stuff. Do you ever get those crappy feelings when you try to do something right but then it always gets twisted around in some way? Like, when i lived with room mates, I opened up a mail that was sitting in the living room for months and he wasn't living there anymore. He came back to get his mail and wondered who opened it. I could of just lied and say I didn't open it but I confessed that I did it. Thinking I would be a good person and be honest, but no, that turned to crap. Or how about when people say to be honest about your feelings towards someone or something but when you do, it just gets worse. As if it was better that you didn't say anything at all. Or how about when you go out
At The End Of The Day...
It doesn't matter what your friends or family think about you or tell you, or what they want. It doesn't matter what your brain knows or tells you. It matters what your heart wants. And who you think about first thing in the morning and right before you fall asleep at night. Who you dream about, and who you long to be with during the day. If your soul truly longs to be with that person and that's what makes you happy, you will do anything to be with that person. You will risk losing all your friends and family and tell them to fuck off if they say anything bad about that person, even if you are fighting with them. You will miss the little things that you did with them. Everything will remind you of them. You will miss just sleeping next to them and cuddling on the couch with them, and you would do anything to get them back. If you really felt that way about somebody. If not, I guess you would stay away from them, ignore them, and not care if they're mad at you and how you hurt
Hit By Vbied
First off I won't tell you the places this happened at or the names of other people who were involved. If you don't know what VBIED is it stands for Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device or a car bomb. I'm posting these incidents because it helps to get things off my chest so don't ask me where when or who were involved because i won't tell you. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. It's a cloudy day Cars all over the place My team a three vehicle motorcade is rushing through the streets trying to get to our next location. I'm in the passenger seat because I'm the one calling out the treats. my driver is reacting to everything i say coming up to block the vehicles from getting to our motorcade. The roads are packed with cars, trucks, crazy people on bikes it's insane. I'm calling my Threats out. Vehicle left... Car staged right... Vehicle oncoming left side...intersection coming up. I saw the Vehicle it turned quickly through the break in the median. Vehicle oncoming
Did You Know
VICKS VAPOR RUB During a lecture on Essential Oils, they told us how the foot soles can absorb oils. Their example: Put garlic on your feet and within 20 minutes you can 'taste' it. Some of us have used Vicks Vapo rub for years for everything from chapped lips to sore toes and many body parts in between. But I've never heard of this. And don't laugh, it works 100% of the time, although the scientists who discovered it aren't sure why. To stop night time coughing in a child (or adult as we found out personally), put Vicks Vapo rub generously on the bottom of the feet at bedtime, then cover with socks. Even persistent, heavy, deep coughing will stop in about 5 minutes and stay stopped for many, many hours of relief. Works 100% of the time and is more effective in children than even very strong prescription cough medicines. In addition it is extremely soothing and comforting and they will sleep soundly. Just happened to tune in A.M. Radio and picked up this guy talking abou
Us Autos.......
Dieing US Auto Industries So after the amazing success of the bailout of the financial markets we are now going to throw money away into the dieing US auto industries. Here is an idea, let them fail! The free market has spoken. You fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is the story of the US Auto companies. So why do we have to save them? For all the jobs lost would kill the US economy, as if it needs any help. So here is my Joe Nobody plan. Let them fail. When the factories close and the people are canned, then the Feds buy the factories and re-tool them to build wind turbines and solar panels. Hire and re-train the auto workers to make and maintain this new industry. And as for the US Auto industries, if they can survive, good, but not at the cost of the tax payer. We need to invest in our future. What better time then now to do so. Let's stop throwing money into old ideas and invest in new ones. Jeremy P. Lincicum
Vermilion Pt. 2
Vermilion, Pt. 2 (Bloodstone mix) She seemed dressed in all of me Stretched across my shame All the torment and the pain Leaked through and covered me I'd do anything to have her to myself Just to have her for myself Now I don't know what to do I don't know what to do When she makes me sad She is everything to me The unrequited dream A song that no one sings The unattainable She's a myth that I have to believe in All I need to make it real is one more reason I don't know what to do I don't know what to do When she makes me sad But I won't let this build up inside of me I catch in my throat Choke Torn into pieces I won't - no I don't wanna be this But I won't let this build up inside of me She isn't real I can't make her real
Snuff Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence, and leave me with my sins The air around me still feels like a cage And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again So if you love me, let me go. And run away before I know. My heart is just too dark to care. I cant destroy what isnt there. Deliver me into my Fate - If Im alone I cannot hate I dont deserve to have you My smile was taken long ago / If I can change I hope I never know I still press your letters to my lips And cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss I couldnt face a life without your light But all of that was ripped apart when you refused to fight So save your breath, I will not hear. I think I made it very clear. You couldnt hate enough to love. Is that supposed to be enough? I only wish you werent my friend. Then I could hurt you in the end. I never claimed to be a Saint My own was banished long ago / It took the Death of Hope to let you go So
You Don't Love Me Anymore By Weird Al
We've been together for so very long But now things are changing, oh I wonder what's wrong? Seems you don't want me around The passion is gone and the flames died down I guess I lost a little bit of self-esteem That time that you made it with the whole hockey team You used to think I was nice Now you tell all your friends that I'm the Antichrist Oh, why did you disconnect the brakes on my car? That kind of thing is hard to ignore Got a funny feeling you don't love me anymore I knew that we were having problems when You put those piranhas in my bathtub again You're still the light of my life Oh darling, I'm beggin', won't you put down that knife? You know I, even think it's kinda cute the way You poison my coffee just a little each day I still remember the way that you laughed When you pushed me down the elevator shaft Oh, if you don't mind me asking, what's this poisonous cobra Doing in my underwear drawer? Sometimes I get to thinking you don't love me an
To The Hurting
I know someone has hurt you,I have been hurt too,I know that we are afraid to love again,And I want you to know that I love you,I am not afraid to admit it, And I do not regret it,you are the piece that completes me and makes me feel whole.I trust in you and I know that you trust in me too,...confide in me open up your feelings to me,its ok,YOU DONT HAVE TO HIDE,... I havent hurt you,I never want to hurt you. ~~~~~LOVE ME~~~~~
The Blister Exists
The Blister Exists Bones in the water and dust in my lungs Absorbing archaic like a sponge The ultimate way is the way you control But can you stay if you detach your soul? Bury the present and squeeze out the past The ones you endear to never last Chemical burns and the animalistic I'm just another hardline pseudo-statistic Can you feel this? I'm dying to feel this Can you feel this? Blood on the paper and skin on my teeth Trying to commit to what's beneath To find the time is to lose the momentum You learn the lessons and immediately forget them Automatic and out of my reach Consult all the waste to find the key Minimal life and the polysyllabic I'm just another blank page - push the button, pull the rage Can you feel this? I'm dying to feel this Can you feel this? I am all, but what am I? Another number that isn't equal to any of you I control, but I comply Pick me apart, then pick up the pieces I'm uneven I am the damaged one All my life and t
Dead Memories
Dead Memories Sitting in the dark, I cant forget. Even now, I realize the time Ill never get. Another story of the Bitter Pills of Fate. I cant go back again. I cant go back again But you asked me to love you and I did. Traded my emotions for a contract to commit. And when I got away, I only got so far. The Other Me Is Dead. I hear his voice inside my head We were never alive, and we wont be born again. But Ill never survive with Dead Memories in my heart. You told me to love you and I did. Tied my soul into a knot and got me to submit. So when I got away, I only kept my scars. The Other Me Is Gone. Now I dont know where I belong We were never alive, and we wont be born again. But Ill never survive with Dead Memories in my heart. Dead Visions in your Name. Dead Fingers in my Veins. Dead Memories in my Heart
What is/was your biggest dating age gap? 14 Year age difference What was the last thing you ate? a dang quesadilla! Do you believe in love at first sight? I have a hard time believing in it... Are you wearing socks right now? nope What color is the shirt you're wearing now? gray Who was the last person you danced with? Arlene When was the last time you ate a cupcake? 2 days ago!!! Who's birthday party did you last attend? Hmmm...I can't remember Did you hug/kiss one of your parents today? Nope...we live 5 hours apart! Ever embarass yourself in front of a crush? All the time! Do you tan in the nude? I don't tan...I burn. No, I don't want to burn in the nude...I rock the SPF 50! Wanna go splunking (cave diving)? would love to! If you were president, whats the first law you would pass? Hmmm... I'd ban packer clothes. everywhere...even for the team! Do you think humans will ever live on other planets? We better...Earth is dying. *~This or That~
Psychosocial I did my time and I want out - so effusive Fade / it doesnt cut / the soul is not so vibrant The Reckoning / The Sickening Packaging Subversion / Pseudo-Sacrosanct Perversion Go drill your deserts / Go dig your graves Then fill your mouth with all the money you will save Sinking in / Getting smaller again / IM DONE It has begun. Im not the only one AND THE RAIN WILL KILL US ALL WE THROW OURSELVES AGAINST THE WALL BUT NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE THE PRESERVATION OF THE MARTYR IN ME There are cracks in the road we laid, but where the temple fell, The secrets have gone mad This is nothing new, but when we killed it all, the hate was all we had Who needs another mess? We could start over Just look me in the eyes and say Im wrong Now theres only emptiness venomous, insipid I think were done. Im not the only one AND THE RAIN WILL KILL US ALL WE THROW OURSELVES AGAINST THE WALL BUT NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE THE PRESERVATION OF THE MARTYR IN ME
Wait And Bleed
Wait And Bleed I've felt the hate rise up in me... Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves... I wander out where you can't see... Inside my shell, I wait and bleed... Goodbye! I wipe it off on tile, the light is brighter this time Everything is 3D blasphemy My eyes are red and gold, the hair is standing straight up This is not the way I pictured me I CAN'T CONTROL MY SHAKES! How the hell did I get here? Something about this, so very wrong... I have to laugh out loud, I wish I didn't like this Is it a dream or a memory? GET OUTTA MY HEAD CUZ I DON'T NEED THIS! Why I didn't I see this? I'm a victim - Manchurian Candidate I - HAVE - SINNED - BY - JUST Makin' my mind up and takin' your breath away GOODBYE! You haven't learned a thing I haven't changed a thing My flesh was in my bones The pain was always free I've felt the hate rise up in me... Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves... I wander out where you can't see... Inside my shell, I wait and
My Plague
My Plague I'm in conniptions for the final act you came here for The one derivative you manage is the one I abhor I need a minute to elaborate for everyone the Everyday bullshit things that you have done Your impossible ego fuck is like a Megalomaniacal tab on my tongue You fuckin' touch me I will rip you apart I'll reach in and take a bite out of that Shit you call a heart... I don't mind being ogled, ridiculed Made to feel miniscule If you consider the source, it's kinda pitiful The only thing you really know about me is... ...that's all you'll ever know I know why you blame me (yourself) I know why you plague me (yourself) I'm turning it around like a knife in the shell I wanna understand why, but I'm hurting myself I haven't seen a lotta reasons to stop it I can't just drop it I'm just a bastard, but at least I admit it At least I admit it I know why you blame me (yourself) I know why you plague me (yourself) Kill you - fuck you - I will never b
Bullet With Butterfly Wings
"Bullet With Butterfly Wings" The world is a vampire, sent to drain Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames And what do I get, for my pain? Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game Even though I know - I suppose I'll show All my cool and cold - like old job Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage Now I'm naked, nothing but an animal But can you fake it, for just one more show? And what do you want? I want to change And what have you got, when you feel the same? Even though I know - I suppose I'll show All my cool and cold - like old job Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage Tell me I'm the only one Tell me t
Duality I push my fingers into my eyes It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache But it's made of all the things I have to take Jesus it never ends, it works it's way inside If the pain goes on... I have screamed until my veins collapsed I've waited as my time's elapsed Now all I do is live with so much fate I've wished for this, I've bitched at that I've left behind this little fact You cannot kill what you did not create I've gotta say what I've gotta say And then I swear I'll go away But I can't promise you'll enjoy the noise I guess I'll save the best for last My future seems like one big past You're left with me 'cause you left me no choice (I push my fingers into my) eyes It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache If the pain goes on, I'm not gonna make it! Put me back together or separate the skin from bone Leave me all the pieces, then you can leave me alone Tell me the reality is better than the dream But I found out the hard way - noth
Through all of my tears an fears i still smile an after im done crying i still smill smile through all the heartach i still smile an through all of the pain i still smile an keep smiling everyday i never let the bad get to me i still smile Smile BY Cleon
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Listen to Today's OPIE & ANTHONY Show on AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST). Woo. It's...Monday. Can you tell we're excited? Blech. As always, if you missed any of this past week's shows, you can download them in there entirety from the nice folks at AUDIBLE: Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Friday, 11/07/08 (Bernard Hopkins In Studio) Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Thursday, 11/06/08 Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Wednesday, 11/05/08 (Whip 'em Out Wednesday) Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Tuesday, 11/04/08 Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Monday, 11/03/08 (Rich Vos, Seann William Scott) INTERNS NEEDED: Hey boys and girls! How'd you like to INTERN for the Opie and Anthony Radio Show? You'll be fetching coffee, bagels, and other assorted goodies. You'll most likely be tooled on in front of an international audience as well. APPLY TO BE AN INTERN ONLINE NOW (college credit required) Jim Norton 'I Hate Your Guts' Promotio
seriously, how fucking lame can you be when you get that obsessed with a website where you pay real money for fake gifts and spend all day trying to recruit ppl into rating your pictures so you can level up. Grow the fuck up people. Its really not that awesome that your a level 25, and have 8 billion fu points. How about taking the money you spend on auto 11's and go help someone who cant get a meal or a roof over their heads? Oh and fucking fu weddings are even more lame..whats next? fu-alimony?
Right Where It Belongs....
See the animal in his cage that you built Are you sure what side you're on? Better not look him too closely in the eye Are you sure what side of the glass you are on? See the safety of the life you have built Everything where it belongs Feel the hollowness inside of your heart And it's all Right where it belongs What if everything around you Isn't quite as it seems? What if all the world you think you know Is an elaborate dream? And if you look at your reflection Is it all you want it to be? What if you could look right through the cracks? Would you find yourself Find yourself afraid to see? What if all the world's inside of your head Just creations of your own? Your devils and your gods All the living and the dead And you're really all alone? You can live in this illusion You can choose to believe You keep looking but you can't find the woods While you're hiding in the trees What if everything around you Isn't quite as it seems? What if all the w
sups everyone just tryin to get the hang of this site so it may take a sec to figure stuff out so yea lol cya!!
From The Hepatitis Foundational International
Basics: Hepatitis C (HCV) What Is Hepatitis C ? Hepatitis C virus (HCV) causes inflammation of the liver. A national U. S. survey found that 1.8 percent of Americans – about 3.9 million – have been infected with HCV, of whom most about 2.7 million – are chronically infected with HCV, with many showing no signs or symptoms. The good news is that, in 1995, a reliable antibody test for HCV was finally implemented nationwide. About 41,000 new cases occurred in 1998 with 15-25% recovering spontaneously. Hepatitis C is a slow-progressing disease that may take 10-40 years to cause serious liver damage in some people. Who Is At Risk? Since about four million Americans are infected with HCV and most don't know it, you should have a blood test for hepatitis C whether you feel sick or not. About one in ten people infected with HCV have had no identifiable exposure to HCV. That said, here are several obvious risk factors: Intravenous (IV) drug users – even IV
Broken Wings
Dad 3 Years
Three years....hard to believe... I miss you, you will always be my hero, mentor and friend, but most importantly you were my father. I hope you know that I succeeded in the task I set before myself last year, and try to continue to bring honor and distinction to our family. Lt.Cmdr.William H. Feyh Caldwell-William H. Feyh, 61, passed away Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2005, in Charleston, WV, of a sudden illness. He was born Mar. 20, 1944, in Columbus, OH, the son of the late William M. and Estelle McGinnis Feyh. Mr. Feyh was a Vietnam veteran who received two Purple Hearts and the Bronze Star among numerous other awards. He was a member and an Elder of Old Stone Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg and was studying to be a commissioned lay pastor through the Presbytery of West Virginia. He was the director of the Lewisburg-Fairlea Food Locker and on the Board of Directors of the Greenbrier Valley YMCA, as well as President of the Greenbrier East Band Boosters. He is survived by:
OK, so there's this guy I know that I've been friends with for about a couple of years now. He's pretty cool, and he likes it when I stalk him all over the internet, from site to site, so he can't be too bad, right? Anyway, he needs a VIP, he's never had one, and deserves it. I'm broke, cuz I totaled my car last weekend and have to buy a new one, or I'd buy him one. So, all you people that like to spread the love around, go and buy him one... he'll show you his peen pics for it, I'm sure :P tenacious teej@ fubar
I Know This Is Going To Upset Some People!
This why our Country is going down the tube! Its not about "race" its about paying attention to the facts!
Dating Application
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Whats your sign? 5.Phone Number: 6. Location: 7. Height: 8.Hair (color and style): 9.Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11. Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would u take a nap with me? 16. Do you think I'm cute? 17. If you could change anything about me -would you? 18. Would you dance with me? 19. Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? What Do You Think Of My...? 1.Personality: 2.Eyes: 3.Face: 4.Hair: W0ULD Y0U... give me your number?_______________ kis
Mourning The Loss
mourning the loss of life, can somtimes bring fear, sometime bring heartace, you have life lessons, but you were only 3 months, the world is crule, the world is hell, sometimes its a good thing, but in this time it is not, you didnt derseve be go, you didnt need to leave, you were loved by your family, and thier friends, you are a princess, you will alawys be, you will be loved, for enternity, Peace baby rose, we shall see you soon. Say hi to my dad for me, he will be up there waiting for you.. bedrock
I Will Be By Raevenzcr8nz08
I will be the rock on the shore when you are drifting away I will be the gentle breeze when you need to cool off I will be the bandage when your hurt and bleeding I will be your sanity when your world goes crazy I will be the hand out stretched when you are sinking I will be your sunshine when you only see the rain I will be your ears when you can not hear I will be your eyes when you can not see I will be your voice when you can not speak I will be your shoulder when you need someone to lean on I will carry you when you no longer can walk I will help you up when you fall and dust you off I will be your clarity in a world that's unclear I will be there with a needle and thread when your heart needs mending I will be there standing in silence to hold your hand when you want to be quiet but need a friend I will be there with open arms when everyone seems to turn you away I will be there with a smile when all you have is a frow
Not much happening today just sitting here trying to chat to people on the internet.
From My Friend Tattman's Blog On Myspace
Tuesday, November 13, 2007 Introduction from me Thought Id try this blog entry shit. Anyways Im only on My Space For Adovate reason!!!!!!!!! HEPITITUS C/ LIVER CANCER, I have both and I would like everybody to lose the styeriotype image that goes with having Hep/C.......... I too would like to be cured, I have failed 3 treatments in the last 5yrs Iam a non-responder to chemo-injections, Boy they suck too!!!!!! I just want you all to know that if there's anything I can do for you just ask OK. Its all GOOD!!!!!!!! Wednesday, August 20, 2008 My HCV ADVOCACY Category: News and Politics I havent written a blog since last year, Ok here it goes, This blog goes directly to all HCV advocates, I for one dont have to explain shit to any one who's judges me for riding with my brothers, I work fuckin hard to get out the HCV awareness for "ALL" Im not an arm chair quaterback for HCV!! I have had an actuall State Legislator's commend me for who Iam and what I fight for! No
What's Up With The Drama?
don't know if anyone reads my blog or not, but i just wanted to put it out there. i've seen a lot of people get too stressed out over this place. here's my belief, you should never take things too seriously, if you do, you'll never have any fun, and just give yourself unnecessary problems. I'm not trying to pinpoint anyone, or hate on anyone, just want to throw out my opinion. Hope i don't offend
A Belated Goodbye
Watching my love, hurts me so bad It made me see something Id missed How I never stopped to say goodbye A fact that has me almost pissed it only took me almost 2 damn years to finally try and say goodbye to tell you how my life has fallen since the days I had to watch you die you were my father and my best friend you were my boss, me... your right hand oh god the times we almost starved now looking back... I understand you tried so hard to keep control molded me into the man that I am a hero's love , thru all your faults you taught me to not give a damn Oh god pop, my heart hurts so bad you were such a big damn part of me I got your smile, your hair, your eyes and I 'm bout as crazy as a man can be how many times I 've stopped my hand as it's reaching for the phone again as if by luck... just one more talk tho I don't know where I'd begin we thought you had it all worked out and everything would be just fine not two days after your last brea
Deep Thoughts
If they ever come up with a swashbuckling School, I think one of the courses should be Laughing, Then Jumping Off Something. When you're riding in a time machine way far into the future, don't stick your elbow out the window, or it'll turn into a fossil. It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man. At first I thought, if I were Superman, a perfect secret identity would be "Clark Kent, Dentist," because you could save money on tooth X-rays. But then I thought, if a patient said, "How's my back tooth?" and you just looked at it with your X-ray vision and said, "Oh it's okay," then the patient would probably say, "Aren't you going to take an X-ray, stupid?" and you'd say, "Aw fuck you, get outta here," and then he probably wouldn't even pay his bill. One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, but instead I drove him to an old burned-out warehouse. "Oh, no," I said. "Disneyland burned down.
Please Dont
drawn from a river of blood viewed as a river of pain self infliction loves the feel of the knives bloody tip stuck deep within twisted with such passion tomorrow is no longer a option tonight shalt be my last please dont moarn please dont cry please dont blame yourself for it was my choice to begin for as my blood flows freely note i lay here dying happy as music saors into my body and i slowly become limp
everytime you shed a tear you shatter my heart i hate watching or hearing you shed one tiny tear heaven didnt send this angel to be sad she was sent to earth to brighten my life and days up all love to me is this feeling i cant get rid of pure butterflies everytime i hear you see you feel you hold you touch you kiss you Your smile melts hearts your eyes melt souls you are what one may say A precious jewel more valuable than like itself Life is always complete around you and never will change all i can do is stare stare into perfection and wonder how i got this lucky why is it in life things become so unclear and confusing yet around you keeps things so stable and normal no matter how you think i will always always forever keep you in my heart in case of question on how i truely feel read into this Love Means... (a girl and guy were speeding over 100 mph on a motorcycle) Girl: Slow down. Im scared. Guy: No this is fun. Girl: No its not. Please, its to scary! Guy:
I Got Accepted To Job Corps
Decided to post blog. Alot easier than telling everyone indivitually.
Tears I Have Wept
The tears i cry are not salty As a matter of fact they are thick They are not but bloody tears Why is it i cry these bloody tears It must be because my heart has been stabbed So many times from so many people I fear one more of it and my heart will die There will be no more left of it Just bleeding more and more Why do I wish that to this day The torn heart would have actually killed me I wouldnt be crying these bloody tears Everything I do reminds me of something Something that we did and you torn my fucking heart up Cheating lying decieving leading me on to walk into that knife Yet whenever I get around her my heart heals It seems to have a way to mend itself It seems to be what it once was so long ago And no matter what all I have to do Is picture your smile in my head And all my problems seem to vanish away
Purity once had a name, And beauty once had a face. Life once had a meaning, And once I was safe. Once there was freedom, And once I could laugh. Happiness once was alive, And once I had another half. Once I shared her love, Once I was by her side, Once I felt I fitted, So quickly that died. Her grace so great, Her beauty so vast, All I ever wanted, Was for it to last. Fate maybe had another plan, Or maybe she had another love, But it all fell apart, The hand too big for the glove. Now it's all died away, Happiness, joy, love; all memories. Now I walk alone in this dark, dark world, With no light to guide my way.
To Watch You Leaving
To Watch You Leaving . . . is to know such pain, it's jagged edges tearing into my soul. As a stake from the garden tears into the warm, dark earth. To Watch You Leaving . . . knowing all the while that never again will I fit myself, warm with sleep, against your solid back. Nor hear your steady breathing. Or feel the beating of your heart. To Watch You Leaving . . . aware in every moment of every day that my dreams, my future; once tied with silken ribbons to yours, will never come to be. And the mornings once so silent and hopeful, us gazing at the mountains and so gently awaiting forever - are now but small pieces of my past. To Watch You Leaving . . . your heart a tight fist of anger and your dry eyes betraying nothing of you. I cry for both of us, my love, because you will not. To Watch You Leaving . . . is to know that I've lost my place on this earth. My station. My heart's home. That I will wander, forever a nomad. Alone and afraid. And in my tr
Miss You Terrie
Well here it is on September 15 I was sent Arizona to help raise my other daughter and maybe restart a relationship back with her mother and go on with life. What I left In Oklahoma was a wife of 25 years and a 18 year old my wife said it was time to raise my other kiddo We divorced on great terms she is and always will be my best friend so i flew to Arizona and started a new life and in November of 07 Terrie was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and then and on December 3rd they took her left breast and 21 lipnoids and 14 were infected with cancer and then we started chemo and it was under control in June it was under 6 for the cancer count in great shape and then in September she had a problem with her Gaul balder and found it was not working and they said that if it wasn't working it might be the cancer in her liver and it could be flaring back up. Which we knew this would happen and then she went into severe pain so i put her back in the hospital and then the next day the do
For Real Michelle
Okay. I'm not totally sure where to start here. But I'm almost positive that your little status message is geared towards me. "If you think he loves're an idiot!!!!" Well, let me break a few things down for you. First of all, YOU are the only one making that assumption. Secondly, He was fair game when YOU moved out of the apartment. And from what he says, your relationship wasn't so gravy even before that. I don't assume that anyone loves me because I've been hurt way to much for that. I'm very cynical. I honestly have a hard time trusting guys. But with him it's different.He's honest about everything. No bullshit. And it's really no biggie if he messes around with other girls because, I don't own him. And just for the record, you never owned him either. You can't own a human being. so yeah. I was the girl at the apartment when you came barging in on your birthday. I was actually sleeping on the couch, and then had gotten up to make some lunch for my f
Soul Searching
I sit in the darkness becoming one with myself Close my eyes and ears to the world outside Soul searching is not easy when your mind is not still But in the shadows a figure appears He is a tormented soul like me He takes my hand and in an instant my soul is revealed The dark storms of my mind subside.....
Drowning In My Pool Or Sorrow....
So dark is this soul in me Searching to find the light I am clawing my way back to the surface from this pool of sorrow I drown in I see the air bubbles slowly escaping me I sink deeper within the darkness Until I watch the last reminisce of air float to the top...
My Friend
I am sure I have help out a lot of you so please come by and give a friend of mine some Fu lovins!! he deserves it!
Help A Southern Gal Level Up...
My Dark Friend
His words touch my soul and give me what I have been missing The sound of his voice makes my spirit soar He sees through my barriers and brings down my walls I know deep within myself that he is good for me He is the one that can help me discover myself I embrace my true form with him I leave my body and my mind when we talk I close my eyes and can feel his touch upon my skin Can feel his kiss upon my lips I am complete
Yet Another Poem
Will I ever find the person I am meant to be Will this pain inside ever subside I lay in a pool of sorrow drowning on air day in and day out. No one can see me slowly dying, confused and hurt, will there ever be someone that truly understands this sorrow Will there ever be a happy ending for me Whether with someone or by myself, I need to find myself. I need that understanding from myself to be at complete peace. Will I always feel as if I need someone to complete me Or will I find the missing pieces of my soul within I yearn for complete freedom from this confusing world I live in. I envy those that are at peace Is it not for me Will that day ever come,or is that only in my dreams When I can determine the outcome
The Brightest Star (the Wishing Star)
When I look up to the black velvety heavens, I see the tiny diamonds glistening faintly, Save one and it burns with a fire all of its own. From the corner of my eye it draws my gaze; With my full attention fixated on it, I suddenly realize that this one was special. This one I always implored to to bring our soldier home, This one was my wishing star... My wish was granted, Just not in the way I had hoped. Now each night when I go out to make a wish, The wishing star burns brightly, Wrenching my heart and bringing tears to my eyes. I know now that our soldier is that star; He is the brightest star in the night sky. He is my wishing star looking down on me. Written by Danielle K.
6 More Years
well everybody i just reenlisted for 6 more years. i got $9,500 and i'm reclassing to 15W(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator. school starts Sept 11 2009 @ Fort Huachuca, Arizona.
A Must Read.. Plz Read, Rate And Comment!
No matter what your political convictions are this is an eyeopener....What a thankless people we are!!! David Letterman, on President Bush. (Surprising) David Letterman wrote this; it's the David we don't often see.... 'As most of you know I am not a President Bush fan, nor have I ever been, but this is not about Bush, it is about us, as Americans, and it seems to hit the mark. ' 'The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across some Poll data I found rather hard to believe. It must be true given the source, right? The Newsweek poll alleges that 67 percent of Americans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed and 69 percent of the country is unhappy with the performance of the President. In essence 2/3 of the citizenry just ain't happy and want a change. So being the knuckledragger I am, I started thinking, 'What are we so unhappy about?' A. Is it that we have electricity and running water 24 hours a day, 7Days a week? B. Is
I think I just made the biggest mistake of my life. I just had one of the lowest points I believe I've ever had, and I took it out on the wrong person. I wigged out on the greatest guy I have ever met and now I don't know how to fix it. Now what the hell am I going to do? I told him to forget about me. Granted, I am kinda annoyed with him, but nothing like I said I was.
There's an empty, desperate feeling in my chest. It's like a pain that isn't mine. Someone close to me is hurting, at this exact moment. Don't ask me why, Don't ask me how I know. Maybe an ex lover, maybe an old friend, maybe a former crush. Doesn't matter, these feelings aren't mine. I have a binary on/off switch for my emotions 90% of the time... unless this is yearning. For what I'm not sure, for whom, I am. I'd take a pitchfork in the heart to feel her fingers traced on my chest. Why does it feel like I'm doing that already, when I'm so certain these feelings aren't mine. Just love me you fucking siren.
Auto 11s
To Obama Supporters
I wish Obama the best of luck. I hope he is a good President. But I won't hold my breath. Thanks to all that voted for him. Now we will have 4 more years of crap.
Poem 4
if dreams of life were perfect, then what would there be to do.... if my dreams were all here now then theres nothing to look forward to.....? so i close my eyes and dream away, and be greatful for the past..... cause in the present i have you a love that was made to last..... so think not of what we can get, but what we all have now.... cause in gods hands is the future key.... that is all of you, and also me so wonder & smile at your will, and close your eyes tight..... feel free and & run into the night..... and dream your dream of life :)
Poem :) 3
Sunday Workout
Tonights workout was a 90 mins jujitsu workout with a couple of good friends of mine. We did the usual warm up followed by 30 mins of drills and then we rolled until we were all spent and tired. It was a good training night with me getting tooled as both of these guys are better than i am. But they are good guys and very good friends, so if I'm gonna get tooled it might as well be by guys i have a lot of respect for. The injury report for this evening is a busted lip that i recieved while rolling. The guys are such good friends, lol. I was wiping the blood from my mouth and Randy said "welcome to the garage" lol (the garage being the name of this club). I got him back tho when i rolled him over his neck and he squealed like a little girl, lol. Only other injury was a minor tweak to my shoulder that made me squeal like a girl, but hey, this is brazilian jujitsu and not tai chi or ballet!!!
Next Auto 11 To Be Activated!
> > Auto 11's will be active on Monday, November 10 at 3pm EST!!!! Please come by and help us both level!!!!!!!! C'mon over and let's help each other!
Poem :)
so now comes the day to throw racism away.... once taken from a land.... which no one1 could understand..... many of life dead.... many bad things also said.... but the black man...kept up his head.... we have all been through changes that we have battled in some we lose and also win..... but victory does not have colour victory is not a race.... and when victory comes to us all she has no face..... justice is for all men & women from all over the world.... lets not embrace what the george bush has incited... lets not see colour but now at last be united.... so gone with the past with replubicans have damaged lets see the future now and vote with true homage... barack obama is the man with the key... so let us now all stand tall as one and breath... ITS TIME FOR CHANGE.... change for the better and a change we all need.... now all sit back and relax we are now all free :)
Next Auto 11 To Be Activated!
> > Auto 11's will be active on Monday, November, 8 at 3pm EST!!!! Please come by and help us both level!!!!!!!! C'mon over and let's help each other!
Auto 11's On Come Love On Me & Level! Thx Xoxo :)
AUTO -11 ON FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS! COME LOVE ON ME & HAVE FUN LEVELING! TY XOXO > AngelnDiscEyes~Sexy BBW~ {DSC}~aka~Dirty Sowf Boop~FARC'n Bling Me~ Welcome 2 My World~@ fubar
Poem :)
you blow my mind into ashes as my heart crumbles before you...... you turn me inside out..... as i truely adore you...... and when i sleep and dream.... its you who are with me....... and you make me into the best that i can be...... so let this day be remembered that i said to you..... my life is only ever good with you..... so take this poem into your soul..... and let it stay forever.... loves hearts are filled with gold..... a true love lasts forever :)
Just A Lil Bit About Me
Hi my name is Holly, I'm about to be 25 on the 17th. I have a son who happens to be my pride and joy. I would do anything in the world for him. I also have a significant other named Mike, which I have been with for 3 years now. I'm new to Fubar and would like help to leatn the site so I can understand it better. So anyways if you would like to know more about me hit me up
A Poem I Like
To Anthea, who may command him anything Bid me to live, and I will live Thy Protestant to be; Or bid me love, and I will give A loving heart to thee. A heart as soft, a hear as kind, A heart as sound and free, As in the whole world thou canst find, That heart I'll give to thee. Bid that heart stay, and it will stay, To honour thy decree; Or bid it languish quite away, And't shall do so for thee. Bid me to weep, and I will weep While I have eyes to see; And having none, yet I will keep A heart to weep for thee. Bid me despair, and I'll despair Under that cypress-tree; Or bid me die, and I will dare E'en death to die for thee. Thou art my life, my love, my heart, They very eyes of me; And hast command of every part To live and die for thee. Robert Herrick (1591-1674) I wish I could find a man who deserved such love but I as of right now I just dedicate this poem to my Mistress.
So Called Friends
I'm getting really fucking annoyed immature people being big babies or oblivious fucks go suck on a fucking bottle damn, i need to get laid maybe then i'll stfu 8-P
The Tire Pressure Gauge Usefull For Car Owners?
My friend has a factory which from small to big only within a few years.His main products is the car tire pressure gauge.see the picture they are small and pen like:( Also there is dial one looks better than above:( My friend he trust me very much.There are many young graduates seaking job in his factory but he insist to invite me work for him,it means he employ me as a salesman for his products---tire gauge. Then I wonder if the products really usefull for car owners? Any reader here uses such products?Is it usefull?Do u offen use them?Is it disposable in ur country?I like to hear ur reply or comments.Thanks a lot! -----Man's ugly braid (Written by East Sun Feb.6th 2008) During Lunar Calendar New Year China. There is thundering covering over All the China land from Metroplis to countryside, From cities to townships, From streets to blocks of buildings, That is the Firecrackers sett
Keep A Smile
My Emotional Turmoil......
So, the biggest question on my plate is...Where do I see myself in 1 year? Well, it's a question that many have asked me, and few seem to know me. I find myself to be creative, and most people would beat themselves up for thinking too long! Not me, a friend of mine says it's like putting your brain on a treadmill. Which is what I do, I let my mind run. I ask myself a lot of questions, I seem to have no answers for. I honestly think, I should have the answers though. I'm not a dark person, I love bright things, and anything with color. I am not a depressed person, I am happy all the time.(well, most) I have 4 very important people in my life who make me that way. Happy, energized, waking up in the morning to see what awaits for me, talking, laughing, kissing, hugging... It's never ending. My problem I guess would be, I'm torn. I have several gentlemen who are well...Interested....And, I don't want to take the chance of being hurt, or hurting anyone else. Another question arises,
Let Me Understand
I need you to let me understand the pain you are in. Help me see through your eyes what you feel. Show me what I can do to help you heal. I just dont understand the pain. I know you want to push me away because you are scared. I know that you dont want to hurt me. Please let me in and let me help. You dont need to do this alone. I am here for you. When you cant go through the pain let me help take it away. I am strong and I will hold on.
Flee This Pain
I wish I could flee this pain. With my eyes all I see is a world of pain and sorrow. How can people laugh and smile when there is sorrow around them. My heart breaks everyday to see such pain going on around me. How can one hurt someone in ways that you can not heal. The worst thing to see is someones soul broken. The pain of that I wish not for anyone to bare
Prince Nuada Action Figure
The Game
I can remember being a little kid (yup), and trying to figure out football...on TV. I watched, mainly when the adults were not changing channels on me. I did not understand it...but i liked it. I got the football bug...i guess...when i was about 11 or so. Living in Thunder bay, the closest NFL team was the was a fan. Ahmad Rashad and Tommy favs. I watched alot of games....and it really never did matter who i watched....a good game was a good game. Then came the Bears. Walter payton is my all time favorite any sport. More heart and determination than any player in the game today. So....i was a Bears fan...for awhile...till Payton retired. I had always watched some college ball (NCAA) but did not get too interested until the mid 80s. Ohio St had always been my fav. Coach Hayes....and the absolutely evil ,Jack Tatum....(read...."They Call Me Assassin"). College ball seems to always have more life and passion...than any other foot
Operation Disc Drop
This is something George (no...i`m not spelling the last name) on "The Hour" came up with 2 weeks ago. Great idea...but this had been going on years ago with some friends of mine. George wants to go wild on this...and track it. Do in to his site, and be real...stuff you really like...and think others may have never heard. Operation Disc Drop - How it Works There's nothing more satisfying than sharing the joy of music. Disc Drop is your chance to turn a total stranger on to the tunes that changed your life. Who knows? Maybe you'll change some-one else's life while you're at it. STEP 1: Make a mixed CD of your favourite tunes. Somewhere on the disc write: "DISC DROP -" Be sure to include a track-listing so people can track down more music by the artists on your disc. STEP 2: Drop off your disc in a random public place. STEP 3: Go to the "I Dropped a Disc - W
The Day That Was
I seem to think...that these notes that i write here, are more for soothing my soul, and making me believe that things will work out....and i think thats ok. Today...was a great day....nothing special, but a great day. A couple days ago...i got sick...with some dreaded virus...not even sure what it was...but i was i`ll to the point i could not function. Memories of me...this time last year. Being ill last year...and a couple days ago....has mademe realize....everything....could be done....just like that. And yet...i don`t think i fear will it will....for everyone. Now, i just have a better appreacition for...what was....and what is. So...enjoying a cigar today..was great. racing full throttle down the trail on the and watching the snow come down...going out to see they guys (and girls) tonight....all endless memories. Bad things having bad people come in and out of my life...more lessons learned....and the prospect of new
110408 Fluffy Starr Blog
Oh hey! New VLOG Inside.... Hi! I says hi!!! So how was your Halloween? Well mine was good. I went to a friend's party this year and it was good fun! I sort of ripped off my own Corpse Bride inspired costume I wore in August to that Tim Burton ball, BUT I was a broken doll with cracks in my face and stitches etc. I don't have a clear photo of me anywhere. But maybe something will pop up. If you want, you can post your Halloween costume photo here! A bit of show and tell, shall we? I do have a new Vlog tho. Just as silly as usual. Or maybe a bit more. I've been collecting cute villains again... Take a look at my My New Prince Nuada Action Figure! I hope it's not made of that lead that was killing people this year. I guess to be safe I can't lick it or put it in my mouth. Awwww...... Not that I would. That would be just too pervvy! On another note, somebody figured out what it says on my boyshorts in my profile photo. And yes indeed it says 'Good Girl' on the front. But it a
What I Know
What i know...changes from day to day....and i guess its good to not allow yourself to be understood....or, so it seems. I know that its just after 6am, and too many things running though my head. I know that i saw more in Washington than they brought to the game. Pittsburgh did much of the same. I know that i want to fish on monday or tuesday. Not so concerned about the fish....more concerned about the fresh air. I know if i don`t find that stupid sone...I AM ...gonna lose my mind. I know...all that glitters....ain`t gold. I know that sometimes i disappoint, not planned out....but it happens. I know that the puzzle that not much of a puzzle, and someone will figure out , one day. I know that perfection...must flawed I know that "Titanic 2" a bad idea, and i am glad i turned it down. I know i need a new smoothie recipe I know i need a break...and should get away. I know someone(s) will take this WAY to seriously I know
Woot Woot
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My Sweet Pussy
ok, boys.....Sarah has 360k to level & her tits are almost as epic as mine & whoever blings her will get a butthole salute, so go rape, bling & all that other good stuffs p.s. eat my ass
As It Should Be
To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common--this is my symphony..................William Henry Channing 2thedawn
Team Leader
Dear Members, We have added the Position of Team Leader this persons primary role will be to assist Levelers as role model and also helping us run productive. Jewels has accepted this Position. We look forward to a continued growth and attribute many thanks to all of you for what this family has become. Thanks, Dave & Joanna Founders Llama Levelers
Drunk Dad
A drunk dad...loses his 2 daughters ...cause he was too drunk to look after them. I don`t care who you are.....if your so drunk that you cannot remember where your kids are....or even question it, 8 hours later..... you are a piece of crap. those little kids died a horrible death.....cause daddy wanted to get drunk. let him loose....justice will be served.
Ill No Fun
I think i do handle being sick...pretty good. I don`t feel too good, the majority of the time....and i don`t tend to go about...telling people i don`t feel well. Today, a cold and flu has me in its grips. I don`t complain too much, but today....i am a big suck. Being tend to keep things to yourself, at least in my case. The "solo" ride is sometimes date, socialize, and live your liking. but... when your sick, or not well....for whatever reason.....someone to care for ya....would be nice. last year....when i was really really winnipeg person came to see me....and as it was only for a few hours each time...i will never forget that person for that. When i came home....a couple friends came to see me...even when i KNEW was not the most comfortable ....for one of them. I guess what i am saying is....appreciate your loved ones.....your family...cause not everyone has them...or access to them. Treat them like gold...c
Men Vs. Women
thats it women win! Guys suck! where are all the guys that care about relationships? that want a wife? that just care? hold hand, or just hold you? why does it have to revolve around sex? why is it okay for men to bitch and moan and us women have to listen to your asses over petty bull shit, and when we have a genuine problem or our feelings hurt you either fall asleep or you just leave? how about help us emotionally like we do your asses! with this said this is the thanks..... im goin to become a carpet licker, play with the little man in the canoe, dine at my american pink taco stand... and when you cant figure out why you cant find a girl its because you treat us bad... confusious say: man who treats women with disrespect wake up with boner in other mans booty! cause the only other way you can go is gay! at lease we got both option!
The Grammys ....and More
Its funny, as i get seems what i write about tends to be about the past, and memories. I guess those are really so much more about who we are much as they were important points of our pasts. As i had so many things that influenced who i feel i have become, there are some that stick out more than others. When we were kids, we used to spend alot of time with our grandparents, on weekends. It never made any sense why , until i grew up..and realized what my parents might go through trying to raise me...and my sisters, so...weekend breaks from mom and dad make alot more sense now...than ever. There was always music playing in my grandparents house. It could be traditional ukrainian music, on the fm station, or stereo in the living room, or some jazz or big band selections from my uncle. Being the only boy, in a family of sisters, and strictly girl cousins....i spent alot of time with my uncle. It could be doing odd jobs with him...or just hanging out in that
Next Week....will Be Better
.... try to remember: * fluoride is good for you .....well...teeth falling out of your better ? * smoking makes you look cool ....Smoking is , i believe....slowly declining...our lovely governments are seeing to that. Mind you, i do still love a good cigar when and then. * Osama Bin Laden was behind 9/11 .....yea...he`s an guilt whatsoever. The planes flew into those buildings by themselves. Crooked goverment....yes...i agree, but a "i get away without a shred of guilt" pass....i don`t think so. * lead is ok in gas and paint ....tell me the gen pop is gonna love paying for fuel without it....which will be jacked up in price...even more. * Asbestos is no biggie .....True....bleeding lungs is never any pick em good. * you need anti-depressants to function .....It drives me nuts when your trying to date...and the person you meet, says they have issues....due to their past ...depression. Hey....sure it exists....but life a
What A Day
You know...i have figured it out. not about what you have....what you I know...i have it figured out. Life is about.....what u experience......the one thing. Sure...there has has to be a story...a reason for this...right...well, kind of. last year...with my near venture into the darkside (deadside). I began to see that it does not matter that i do not have a castle....or that i am married with 29328477589393 kids...and a trophy wife.....nope....none of that matters. I took some time off in the get away...and i myself. I spent my night walking city streets...just observing...watched a couple argue for about an hour...then make up. I went over...and said it was really good to see them make up. that...was a treasure. I met a oriental guy today...who i understood...riding his bike around the I was fishing...and he was amazed to see m catch fish. As he stood watching...i hooked into one...and handed him the ro
Sometimes....things Change
"Hello there, my old friend,not so long ago, it was til the end. We played outside in the pouring rain, all the way up the road, we started again." ...Life By The Drop...SRV. Knowing how our lives change, day to day, it funny how things, and people...slip away. Just yesterday we were spinning around that pole...laughing...with not a care in the world, and we grow....concern. We are not the child inside adults bodies, trying to become, and leave behind what was, all the time thinking....i can`t wait to get older. We meet people who we, when younger, believe that life could not go on without....who are now...that soft cloud, in the sky....just a nice thought. There are those, who still....remain, and still amaze. Some who would be surprized that they are held in such high regard, and would never stray. As good as things well as you know people.....they change, they grow....and very seldom, they need to be reminded......ti does not matter, you are loved
99 Problems....and A Burrito Ain`t One
1) Living in a town where sweat pants and cowboy boots , SEEMS to be a fashion statement 2) The idiot(s) that assumed that a woman dying on a train, and others not feeling so great...MUST be the return of SARS (or something like it).....AND, throwing the country into widespread panic mode. 3) Emmitt Smith, for breaking Walter Payton`s rushing record a few years back...have some class and Barry Sanders the record could stand 4) The Town officials...for not having the insight 10 to 20 years ago....that you can`t live on ONE industry, and not planning sooner...for the future. 5) The looming war between Itchy & Scratchy, Bugs & Daffy, Jack & Locke, Chef Ramsay & Anyone 6) Just because she is smiling , does not mean Britney is sane now ! 7) More people having to recognize the massive influence that the New York Dolls have had....on todays music industry. 8) Just because the hat says U.S. Army.....does not mean i support war. I support the troops..
My Mom
My the best. I know your all gonna say...well....everyone says that. But...its true, my mom is the best. And, she never claimed to be the best, she just did. She dealt with all that came at her, like all mothers....and never gave up. Even after her 4 kids put her through hell for so many years....trying and testing her, she still has more love for us....than i do think....some of us deserve. Mom was brought up on very strong morals, by parents who, to this day....i cannot ever see as replaceable. The love and respect that came from my mothers upbringing has transfered into the love for her and children. There was no "Dr.Phil", or "Oprah" to watch to help figure things out back then, so...she did what she felt was best. I know....i drove my Mom nearly batty when i was a kid. I did not always feel what she and my Dad did was right, but hey always had my best interests in mind, and i am a product of some very good upbringing. I have to say...after a
Sexy Sexy Sexyyyyy
How It Is Supposed To Be
I am beginning to believe (doh) that, its not just sunshine and lollipos that should fill your days. You have to have a equal balance of good and bad. Like, when that fat austrailian guy farts beside you.....bad, but not the end of the world (maybe). Bad days, and bad times....things seemingly not going supposed to When i`m down, and the glorious existance i do.....i still...get down, makes me more aware of what i`ve go, and what i not always what i seem. It sometimes drives me nutty (er) listening to how some people can`t ever see that life is more than their so called "ho hum" existance. Funny thing is...if you were not so consistantly down on your self....things would be better than you seem. Hey...i know i don`t walk around town with a big smile, and hugging and kissin all that i run into......but....i am ....generally a happy guy. Good jobs, with lots of time for me, a roof over my head....mostly good people around me, and....f
Dancing Monkeys
it does not matter how bad you think things are, or how your 114 million dollar check blew away....dancing monkeys.....GOTTA cheer you up.
My Dad
As i was messing about, doing some cleaning (yup). I saw something that made me stop...and feel horrible. My Dad`s Fathers Day Card. Yea...i KNOW ! Ok.....i sent an e mail card, but....its just not the same. Anyone who knows me...knows...i am horrible at remembering birthdays, and ...well...sending cards and such. But you know....what hit me the that my mom & dad ALWAYS remember me. Birthdays, everything. Its bothered me...and will always....that i did not send that card. Here is why..... My the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back, then ask you if it fit right, and if it did not....he could fix it for you. No kidding. When a "ex" of mine visited my parents with me, she stated that staying with my parents was like being treated like royalty....because of how they go out of their make you feel more than matter how much of a mistake she was (lol). My dad ...always put his family first, well before
Left To Figure Things Out
Its rough. I`ve been in this situation before. As i look around, i find comfort in being able to identify some of the things i can barely see. I`m not sure how i got here, but i think its gonna it usually is....up to me to find my way home. Looking along the side of the road, i found an old flour bag, reasonably dry, and in one piece. Folding it in to a smaller square makes it somewhat comfortable, and will do until i gather my thoughts...or get picked up. I know the road, is pretty quiet, this time of day, but there is always someone....diving all hours. the middle of nowhere, all this space....and no one. there is near silence, except for the odd sound i make, to remind me that i am still alive. Hours pass, days, even weeks. Who`s counting? At times its all just a blur. Kicking gravel and pulling weeds,passes the time...but does not make it any easier. Finally, someone see`s me, and stops. I know them, but we are not friends, and conversation is
Done...for Now...
Last night, i "participated" in one of my last dj events. I will still be open to opportunities to play music, but have begun to "pass the torch", and am training new dj`s. For the first time, i feel i need a rest. For the last 27 years (started when i was 16...sneaking into bars...JUST to watch the dj`s), i have fought the good fight, i have finished the course, and...i have kept the faith. Playing music was all i had ever wanted to do. I still want to play music...but...i need a break....mostly from drunks, and the pressure (yes) of having to be "ON" ....and perhaps, myself ( not a drunk). I am loving playing live...on line...and will expand on that soon.Playing music on line...for an international a thrill...especially when you can play Keb Mo...for someone in ireland...and then something from High School Musical...for someones florida....its a great feeling. Will still do special weddings for people i know, but....i just will not be
The Lesser Of None
I guess , like most of us, when you get sick, you feel a little sorry for yourself. I don`t know that i feel that way, but i sure hate having a cold AND the flu, at the same time. But...then again, some have it worse. Finding ways to complain, when others lose loved ones, or have conditions that will surely....take them far away.....far far away. So, who am i to complain. Sure...i get like a suck, and wish for relief. My sniffles, and my sore stomach....are nothing, compared to other worries. I have, while i sat and coughed all day, thought about we all do. I look at what most precieve as "necessities", and i don`t consider...what i am supposedly, well....necessities.Who measures their happiness in life, by......what they got. I`ll tell you, its those who will always feel that they are missing something. Those who cannot ever see the gift of life as....just that....a gift. Things in my life...that i do not have, do not really worry me. I am not
Sometimes nudity is gratuitous. We just live in a society where everything goes. - Judi Dench
Remembrance Day 2008
( This is something i wrote a couple years back....i have added a bit...and altered my note some...but the message still...remains the same.) Now...i don`t want to get too harsh here, but this day is something that has been deep rooted in me since i was a child. Even before i really understood why it was "Remembrance Day"....i was something i should take seriously. My dads mom & her husband were vets. He a navy vet....and she a worker in a plane construction plant. In years after the war, they both were very instrumental in building a Royal Canadian Legion in Thunder Bay Ontario...which today, stands as a testement as to the hard working, and strong supporters of vets and the Legion. I know my Gramma was a hard working woman, single mom...who struggled to make things work. My dad has alot of that determination in him...influenced by her...and others. They are both gone rest. there is not a day that i do not think of them...and my other Grandparents.
horripilation \haw-rip-uh-LAY-shuhn; ho-\, noun: the act or process of the hair bristling on the skin, as from cold or fear; goose flesh
Satisfying On Pillow
eyes hurt from the tears that won't come truth is agony tonight new realizations that you'll never know like a scream that burns from heart to soul
Auto 11 Comment Contest
Thanks to all who helped me out on this contest!! We did 10K comments in under 12 hours!!! Special thanks go to my owner Cougarbaby, Mullet Hunter, Deanna, Islandgirl, Omnia Vincit Amor, Wolf of the Night & Ponyboy 1966 !! Without all their hard work and dedication I never would have made it!!! Please go show them all some love from me, they are great people to know!! ~COUGARBABY~OWNER OF COUGARBABIESDEN.COM~GRAPHIC DESIGNER@HH-FORUMS~@ fubar Mullet Hunter*Club F.A.R.*@ fubar ~~Deanna~~HEAD ADMIN OF COUGARBABIESDEN.COM@ fubar ISLИDGIЯL DON'T TOUCH THE COCONUTS☠Co-Owner Club United☠ZODIAK BOMBERS@ fubar ~*~Omnia Vincit Amor~*~@ fubar
Torn Between Writing And Writing
I just can't get on myself to do my paper. Its due on the 13th and its on a subject that I really have no idea about. Chinese civilization Empress Wu. She is one of the only women to rule China. I thought it would be interesting but I am really not interested. I just don't want to do stuff anymore. I have no gumption for education right now. I guess I just need to get my hat back on my head. I know what I need to do I just can't seem to do it. I would rather spend my time fantasizing about a certain person or fiddling around on the internet. I just need to get my ass in gear. Damn... I guess that I just need to get down to business.
The Concert
was freakin greatness, so glad I went and was worth the wait. Didn't choose too good a seat but didn't need to see to enjoy. Unfortunately, could only take my phone so got no good footage, but obviously some people did so hurrah youtube :D Here's a coupla tastes; Watch Over You (Acoustic) In Loving Memory
Bored Fill This Out...
1. Who are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. How have I affected you? 5. What do you think of me? 6. What's the fondest memory you have of me? 7. How long do you think we will be friends? 8. Do you love me? 9. Do you have a crush on me? 10. Would you kiss me? 11. Would you hug me? 12. Physically, what stands out? 13. Emotionally, what stands out? 14. Do you wish I was cooler? 15. On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I? 16. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 17. Am I loveable? 18. How long have you known me? 19. Describe me in one word. 20. What was your first impression? 21. Do you still think that way about me now? 22. What do you think my weakness is? 23. Do you think I'll get married? 24. What makes me happy? 25. What makes me sad? 26. What reminds you of me? 27. If you could give me anything what would it be? 28. How well do you know me? 29. When's the last time you sa
A Sweet Poem Gift
A new friend surprised me today with this poem for my girlfriend and I. We Dance with Love We Danced as the Stars shine bright We Danced beneath the Moon We Danced with Dream ignited As our hearts sang out it's sweet song We Danced in the Morining We Danced till the Night sang out We Danced with our Spirits soaring and We Danced With Pure sweet Love The Moon shown down upon us The Stars shined ever so bright We held each other in our Arms As the Fire of Love burnt Bright The Dream has Brought us together Our Hearts now beat as one Together we Share a World That Others seem to have forgot Love knows no boundaries Love brings out the flame That two Hearts share together And Two Spirits dance the Dream Delighted in the Song Played upon the Wind We Dance the Song of Forever As we hold each other in our Arms time and time again We are Proud We are Strong Together we can Stand And our Hearts will Beat as One ('Tony Kenyon 2008)
For My Own Use.
My response to this user's comment on a MUMM about Obama. Posting it here as a reminder to keep my cool, even in the face of extreme ignorance. They must have been watching CNN ( COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK) or NBC (NATIONAL BARACK CHANNEL). SHEEP! I suppose you prefer FOX news. And everyone who's complaining about their taxes being raised--if you make under 250k a year, they won't be. And if you make over 250k a year, shut the hell up, because you make more money than 92% of the country and nobody feels sorry for you. You should also shut up if you don't like Bush and yet supported McCain--considering that McCain agreed with Bush 95% of the time. I give McCain respect for being so graceful during his concession speech, but the bottom line is that he's a Yes Man all the way. No, Obama is probably not going to keep all of his promises. If he did, he'd be the first president in history to do so. But he's at least coming at these issues from a more positive standpoint; preaching
Really... Why Always Me?!?!?!?!
So... there's this guy... there's always a guy right... but anyway we started dating and then he tells me that he enlisted in the army... he's been gone for months now and every once in awhile i'd get a phonecall from him just to tell me that he's alright... i don't have the net at home so it's a bit difficult for me to get online... i get online today and check out his fubar page and there's new pics up and there's another girl... i feel cheated and betrayed... i really thought he was the one for me... you know who you are if you take the time to read this... i just want to know why... just why... what did i ever do to deserve this kind of treatment from you... i'm not doing it anymore... i've given too much of my time to be waiting... on nothing that's gonna happen... i truly do/did love you... but now i've seen otherwise... just tell me why
My Poem
Please Hear What I'm not saying Don't be fooled by the face I ware. For I ware a thousand masks, and none of them are me Don't be fooled; for God's sake don't be fooled. I give you the impression that I'm secure, that confidence is my name and coolness is my game. And that I need no one. But don't believe me. Beneath dwells the real me in confusion, in aloneness, in fear. That's why I create a mask to hide behind, to shield me, From the glance that know, But such a glance is precisely my salvation. That is, if it's followed by acceptance, if it's followed by love. It's the only thing that can liberate me from my own self-built Prison walls. I'm afraid that deep down I'm nothing and that I'm no good, And that you will reject me. And so begins the parade of masks. I idly chatter to you. I tell you everything that's really nothing and Nothing of what's everything, of what's crying with in me. Please listen carefully and try to hear what I'm not saying.
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plz repost, help if you can! ty!
Become One Of Daddy's Girls
As you can see on my page there is a Folder called Suggadaddy's Sweet Sensation...anyone interested in being one of daddy's girl simply link me your photo u wish displayed and a tag will be made for u...just simply allow my tagmaker a day or so to get the tags made....all pics must be sfw...thank you and lets have fun with this
I Love You Steven !
My Profile Comments ~ nov.s... I can't wait to be hugging & kissing my fu-bride! Always, Steven 6 hrs ago reply | delete comment | block user ~ nov.s... Sweet FEVER, Will you take me as your fu-husband? I love you, your Steven 11 hrs ago reply | delete comment | block user ~ nov.s... 9 days to paradise and counting down! and how long weve traveled this cyber highway -- replete with its virtual pot-holes, crashes, rubber-neckers, traffic-jams, dazzling billboards and sparkling mirages -- and all the tolls we did pay, and all the fuel burned away -- and all the speed-traps we luckily sped passed, and all the drunken-drivers we safely swerved around -- and all the breakdowns we needed repair, and all security measures gnawing at our freedom and wallets -- and all the storms we endured, and all the faulty maps handed us to follow -- all only to find this miracle of love that weve finally found a
From A Friend On Veterans Day
Ladies and Gentleman I would like to Thank ALL MEMBERS OF THE UNITES STATES MILITARY, PAST AND PRESENT.! I Love all of you for your unwavering dedication to freedom throughout the world and here at home...So once again....from the bottom of my heart I LOVE U GUYS AND LADIES.. Sincerely SGT. James G Beam (retired) Could someone Please sticky this for me and I will find away to repay and thank u... SGT. Beam James G. (retired)@ fubar (repost of original by 'SGT. Beam James G. (retired)' on '2008-11-09 17:24:15')
Funny Cats! You've gotta check this out!!! I've never laughed so hard!!!!!
Hiring Bully
7th Circle of Hell Now Hiring All Staff If you have what it takes And you want a Drama free Zone... This is the place to be (Click to Enter)
My Feelings For You..
I never really knew you You were just a screen name, another friend But when I got to know you, I let my heart unbend. I couldn't help past memories that would only make me cry I had to find a way, to give love another try, So I've fallen in love with you and I'll never let you go I love you more than anyone I just had to let you know And if you ever wonder why I don't know what I'll say But I'll never stop loving you each and every day My feelings for you will never change Just know my feelings are true Just remember one thing I Love You! That is my feelings for you...
Rating Photos
not everyone likes everyone nor is everyone everyones type so if someone rates you dont get huffy and puffy just because things dont go your way. and dont leave rude shouts to me it makes you look like a crying didnt get my way child so sorry to those of you i dont rate high mainly i just didnt like that certain photo show me some more and i may like them who kows nothing personal
Have I Ever Told You
Have I ever told you that if I sit really still and silent, sometimes. I like to think I can hear your heart beating in time with mine? Have I ever told you that when I watch you speak to me through lines and cords, and bytes and ram, I imagine your voice, whispering into my ear? Have I ever told you that I wait out each day in anticipation, wanting only an hour or two, just a second in space and time, to feel close to you? Have I ever told you that there has been times, when I ached for you, ached for you so badly, that the emotions overwhelmed me.. Have I ever told you that sometimes, I will reach out, touching your name on this cold screen before me, wishing I could reach in and pull you to me? Have I ever told you that after the first time I heard the sound of your voice, thousands of miles away, I sat up all night, turning the conversation over and over in my mind, examining it, like some newly discovered species of flower? Have
Until We Meet
Until we meet, My nights will be a little colder My days a little shorter My heart will beat a little less rapid Until we meet I know that my arms will be empty My mind hurting from the constant thought of you Minutes will seem to be hours Hours will seem to be months While months will seem like eternity Until we meet The stars in the sky will not affect me with its gleaming sparkles of life Until I am gazing at them in your arms And the food that I eat will not be as fulfilling and nourishing Until it is you that I share the my food with And Until we meet I will not feel whole My world will seem incomplete Until that wonderful day When our eyes make first contact And our bodies and souls collide in blissful whirlwind The words will roll off my tongue like a sweet love song "Hello, my love, I couldn't wait to meet you
It's Like Tryin' To Hide A Fire In The Dark
From the thoughts that I've been thinkin' I should think of an alibi Thought I'm innocent, I've still got a guilty mind There's no place that I can turn to When she turns out the lights To keep her from seein' you burnin' in my eyes Carrin' around this torch in my heart I cannot conceal it I cannot put it out It's like tryin' to hide a fire in the dark Tryin' to fight a flame I never meant to start It's out of control and nothin' can help me now At first it was no problem Flickering thoughts of you now and then Nothin' intimate that she could call a sin Then you sparked my imagination Temptation bout to drive me wild These flares of desire you can see for miles It's like tryin' to hide a fire in the dark Carrin' around this torch in my heart I cannot conceal it I cannot put it out It's like tryin' to hide a fire in the dark Tryin' to fight a flame I never meant to start It's out of control and nothin' can help me now.
Dragon Train
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A Shocker I Still Can't Believe! 10 Long Yrs For This
Well this past Wed (5th of nov)I had the best thing happen to me and hubby. I woke up and decided to take a pregnacy test just cus i felt like it, thinking it will come out negative like all the other ones i had taken have come back. WEll it didnt say neg but it was positive...So i called hubby back home from the net door nieghbors and i showed him and he was like in shock also. So i took a picture of the test and sent it by text to my sisters and they both said it was positive so i am like no its not so i waited till the next and took it again and it came back the same as the first one... so i am like telling my sister my belly been hurting me so shes like go to the er so i did... So while there in the er , i told them what is going on and that i might be pregnant so i took one of thiers test and it also came back postitive...So they did and ultrasound on the belly and couldnt find anything so im getting scared and worried and crying thinking theres nothing there, so they told
E.e. Cummings - I Carry Your Heart With Me
i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) i am never without it (anywhere i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling) i fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) i want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true) and its you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder thats keeping the stars apart i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)
I wrote a blog about this same subject a couple of years ago. It's in here somewhere if anyone feels like searching it out...which I just did. I'm amazed at how different my views on this subject have become in such a short time. I guess it's true that we are all in a perpetual state of growth and change. I learn more and more about myself...and the world around me...every single day. Everyone wants something, whether they admit it or not. Take me for example. I want peace. I want happiness. I want to see my kids grow up and succeed in life. I want to travel and see places that I've always dreamed of. I want to be alone...and not to be alone all at the same time. I want to not be worried and stressed out all the time. I want my own business. I want a big beautiful house with a stone fireplace that I can curl up in front of on chilly winter nights and a garden where I can grow my own herbs. I want to be held and understood and adored unconditionally. I want to sit on my front
When Promises Made . . . Were Broken
Yesterday's goals, dim memories. Dark saddened eyes, blurring with tears. Painful scars borne; Love's history. Futures crumble when doubt appears. No brightly lit hope envisioned, When following after harsh words. Hurt soul splits in twain, partitioned. Swooned by appeal - when numbness lured. Apologies made, never bought. Price paid turned out far too costly. Though never known what would be wrought - Must walk into the night softly. One wish, only to be released. Granted - now receive this token. Words written in rhyme, love's deceased. When promises made . . . were broken
I Am Lost And Broken
I am lost and broken The nights are wearing me down And it`s hard getting through the day `Cos I need you right now And right now you`re so faraway I guess I should have known That I`d end up this way But I swear I`ll come home And then nothing will drag me away, Now that some much time has passed I know that this love of ours will last forever Cos we feel it, tast it, hold it and believe it You need me like I need you I know you do, I'm sure you do And I`m all alone feeling the tears Falling down from my eyes I was forcing myself just walk through the day When all I really wanted to do was curl up in a corner and cry Nothing had any meaning And I just thought let's give it another day and see if anything happens Then you came along like my own ray of sunshine Made me feel warm, safe and alive again, Don`t you ever leave me baby I am lost and broken
Look Here
Not A Day Goes By.
Not A day Goes By. All I have are pictures, just visions on a screen, I have no way to hold you, no way to show you, just how much you mean, but in my heart and soul, you are forever apart of me, you ask me if I think of you, if my love is real, you have only to open your heart, and inside you will feel, with my every heartbeat, every breath and every thought, I think of you always, love you more then words can say, when don't you cross my mind, a million times a day? Not A day Goes By...
Update #2 On Renegadelvr
Once again this is Renegadelvr's fiance, Forsaken Bitch. He had his surgery on Oct. 27th. He did have a minor complication after the surgery, but he is doing well now. He really appreciates everyone's thoughts, prayers, and gifts. He does have a long recovery ahead of him. He hopes to be able to get online soon so he can thank everyone for himself. For now i'm going to end this blog and let him add to it if he is able to get online at a later point. I will try to keep everyone updated as time goes on. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!! Forsaken Bitch and Renegadelvr~Always & Forever
Lonely Road Of Faith
Lonely Road Of Faith So many dreams have falling, somewhere along the way, so many broken promises, so many wasted days, if only I could turn back the clock, relive this life once more, would things really be better? or would it just hurt so much more? could I find a better way? or is this all life holds for me, being lost & empty, would I find the path, the way life should be, would you travel with me? or would I still journey alone, trying to find my way, through this world to you, would we be together, would we meet along the way, somewhere on this, Lonely Road Of Faith
18th Floor Balcony
18th Floor Balcony i close my eyes and i smile knowing that everything is alright to the core so close that door is this happening? my breathe is on your hair... im unaware that you opened the blinds and let the city in god, you held my hand while we stand... just taking in everything i knew it from the start so my arms are open wide your head is on my stomach and we're trying so hard not to fall asleep so here we are on this 18th floor balcony we're both flying away we talked about moms and dads our family pasts just getting to know where we came from our hearts were on display for all to see i can't believe this is happening to me i raise my hand as if to show you that i was yours that i was so yours for the taking im so yours for the taking and thats when i felt the wind pick up i grabbed the rail while choking up these wo rds to say and then you kissed me i knew it from the start so my arms are open wide your head is on my stomach and we
Just Wait For Me
Just wait for me We said wed walk together, my darling come what may If we couldnt see the path at mid-nigh, or if ever wed loose the way If the winds were blowing fiercely and our hands slipped free Ill wait for you, and if I fall behind Youll wait for me We swore wed travel, sweet darling always side by side Wed be there to help each other make it, stride by stride. And even though our stories have unfolded so very differently Id always wait for you, and when I fell behind Youd wait for me Just wait for me Whats on the road were travelling darling who can say? Weve known both tears and laughter on our journey night and day Weve been stopped by swollen waters, weve been slowed by fallen trees But I would always wait for you, and when Id fall behind, Youd wait for me Now we closer to that raging river that blocks our way Theres a time well have to cross it, precious darling, come what may But when we face that sorrow, and the pain of b
As I sit here alone Looking at the stars Listening to the music Of passing cars Thoughts of you Cross my mind Your words to me Have always been kind But there is something Troubling me I wonder baby Are you ashamed of me Our love is hidden From everyones view Have to watch what we say Have to watch what we do I know I am not perfect No ideal bod I am kind of chubby Certainly no God I have to wear glasses And my hair is turning gray Slowly disappearing With each passing day But my love for you is true I know how to make you smile I love holding you in my arms If only for a while I know things are complicated And the trouble there would be But still I wonder baby Are you ashamed of me I not only hear you I listen as well I can see love in your eyes When you care not to tell For me you true feelings I do not know All I can see Is what your eyes do show With each passing day My love grows deep This once shattered heart Is
Im to aggressive and in being so I come off as well, I suppose interested in only one thing? I am a very sexual woman, but Im not easy. Just because I like my mouth doesnt mean Im going to fuck you and if I let you touch it, your not one of dozens whom have been there. Point is I want a boyfriend, I want one man. I dont want meaningless random sex with several people who are nothing to me. Even if I apparently come off that way. I thought I was out of high school. That when two adults do what adults do, it might possibly just mean. I AM INTO YOU. not Im a whore.
Put Your Lovin' On Me"
Put Your Lovin' On Me" There's nothing here to catch me now I'm gonna fall anyway It's just that kinda day You might not know me good but you know me good enough To make me okay, okay Just close your eyes and put your lovin' on me Put your lovin' on me Take this weight off me There's a chance that you might see something rolling off my cheek But don't stop it's not you Make me forget, be my drug get me high on your touch For the night alright Take this weight off me And put your lovin' on me
You Give A Me Reason
You give me reason, to face the cold dark days, You are the person, that showed me a better way, so many miles lay between us, but you are with me always, when I am alone and empty, I always think of you, and how much I love and need you, You are the one I live for, someday we'll find a way, to change this life and be as one. You will no longer be to far away..
Lost Inside
Lookin deep inside of this world we have created together holdin nothing back when it comes to you Im letting everything out I want to show you all the feelings I have inside for you all thatz locked away that you have opend up in me.. your something good something different in my life and Ill do whatever it takes to keep you by my side I dont want this feeling to ever leave me.. I smile every time I think about you.. I go to bed thinking about you and when I wake your the first thing on my mind.. Im lost in this book we have opend up I want to write nothing but happiness in the blank pages that follow as we begin this journey together.. I see so much in u that gets my attention and wont let go of it I want to explore everything I see if given the chance and make it something more.. All the hurt and pain drifts away every time I think of you I smile from ear to ear people think i'm crazy Im crazy for you in so many ways.. Im fallin for you I dont understand it but why q
Dust In The Wind
what will you leave behind? who's heart have you touched? how many children did you feed? how many hurts have you healed? do the ones you love know that you do? time passes, things change, if you care show it now, tomorrow may never come, we are all just here for a season, in the end we are each just, Dust In The Wind
lost Is it obvious to you When you walk into a room Your face is all I see And my heart races so fast I never knew a rush to feel like that Every time you're touching me I never did believe in anything I couldn't hold between my fingers But the way you make me feel It's just so real the way it lingers I get lost inside your stare Lost when you're not there When everything I have doesn't mean a thing If it's without you If it's a dream, don't wake me up I'll scream if this isn't love If bein' lost means never knowin' How it feels without you I wanna stay lost (forever) (I wanna stay lost forever with you) No, this feeling doesn't end It's with me everywhere I am Hope it never goes away It's like defying gravity Losin' all control and bein' free And I always wanna stay I never thought that I'd let go Long enough to fall for someone deeply Who had the power to erase my fears And find me so completely I get lost inside your stare Lost when you're n
Have I Ever Told You
Have I ever told you how much you mean to me? And how it feels like heaven whenever you're with me. I just love the way you hold me in your warm embrace. And when I'm down, how you gently wipe the tears from my face. The way you kiss, how your lips softly and sweetly meet mine. The way you innocently look into my eyes, with love and passion and never cold like ice. So, you're asking, "How much do I mean to you?" Words can't explain how I feel, , I love you
Unconditional Love
Don't explain Just lay back and watch the rain Cause darling I'm right here And nothing's changed Don't you know by now I would not even know how To keep myself from falling for you I'll be around Unconditional love I'll be there when you fall The one condition of love Is there are none at all Why would I Be a fool and break these ties When all the dreams that I believe Are in your eyes Don't you see at last You don't even have to ask I'll give you so much more Than just a second chance Hey, my precious one
Shadows Shadows Won't you reach out love and touch me, let me hold you for awhile? I been all around the world, oh how I long to see you smile. There's a shadow on the moon and the waters here below do not shine the way they should, and I love you just in case you didn't know. Let it happen like it happened once before. It's a wicked wind and it chills me to the bone, and if you do not believe me come and gaze upon the shadow at your door. Won't you lie down by me baby, run your fingers through my hands? I been all around the town and still I do not understand. Is it me or is it you? Or the shadown of a dream? Is it wrong to be in love? Could it be the finest love I've ever seen? Set it free. Please kiss me gently darlin' where that river runs away from the mountains in the springtime on a blue and windy day. Where there's beauty all around as the shades of night grow deep. When the morning stars grow dim they will find us in the shadows fast asleep.
Dream Of Dragons
Sleep the sleep of a child, And dream of dragons soaring wild; Bright of eye and wise of thought -- The Ancients and their magicks wrought. Lay within a warm cocoon And dream of dragons as they commune; Graceful neck bowed as tales are told Of dragons borne in a time of olde. Dance within the dream's embrace, And dream of dragons -- this star born race. Wise and mighty with immortal soul; Their greatest treasure -- the hearts they stole. Smile sweetly; the heart beats deep, and dream of dragons till dawn does creep. Our souls they soar on wings above, As the dragons vow to forever love.
Where did they come from? Where did they go? Questions to which answers, No one seems to know. Beautiful and gentle, As much as a flower. They soon disappeared, Due to man's lust for power. Only those now As rare as sages. Can truely find a dragon In these modern ages. Once these creatures Where the protectors of us all. Sheltering great civilizations Until they disappeared, leaving them to fall. Everyone I know Is a dragon you see. I look out for you, You look out for me. Dragons will be with us Through the reaches of time. In fact there's one sitting here, Teaching me this rhyme.
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Dragons Live
Dragons. Some say they never were, And were birthed from imagination. The same say that fantasy Is the realm of children and the insane. To believe in the magical, the mythical, And the fantastic Is to be as a child or a madman. I am neither and I believe in dragons. The majestic Lords of skie Born of fire. In an averie of flames The eggs lie Warmed by mothers breath. Emerging weak and hungry, Parchment wings Unfurl for the first time. Infant sings For mothers attention. Noble, proud and powerful Lords of the skie Reach the very stars with A thermal sigh And one thunderous wingbeat. Upon the winds they soar Swooping, diving Breaking free from earths hold. Striving Higher, faster, beyond the limits. All nations praise them Emblems adorned And they do not exist? Scorned! Fools, they are about you! Dragon, Wyvern, firedrake Black, white, blue, red The old bronze The nobel silver The regal gold The death dragon The luck dragon Drago
Team 1 Fuangels & Lost Boyz
A Love Story
**One day a young man was standing in the middle of the town proclaiming that he had the most beautiful heart in the whole valley. A large crowd gathered and they all admired his heart for it was perfect. There was not a mark or a flaw in it. Yes, they all agreed it truly was the most beautiful heart they had ever seen. The young man was very proud and boasted more loudly about his beautiful heart. Suddenly, an old man appeared at the front of the crowd and said, "Why your heart is not nearly as beautiful as mine." The crowd and the young man looked at the old man's heart. It was beating strongly, but full of scars, it had places where pieces had been removed and other pieces put in, but they didn't fit quite right and there were several jagged edges. In fact, in some places there were deep gouges where whole pieces were missing. The people stared -- how can he say his heart is more beautiful, they thought? The young man looked at the old man's heart and saw its state and laughed. "You
Team 2 Fuangels & Lost Boyz
I Had No Idea So Many Of You Could Be So Easily Offended...
So many people blew up after my post election comments... I had no idea so many of you were even reading my blogs... Seriously.... I know it was offensive... Just as offensive as having my daily life barraged with political advertisements... Just as offensive as watching CNN support one person while MSNBC and FOX supported the other... Just as offensive as knowing millions of dollars were spent to promote each person who ran... Just as offensive as the people who actually argued that the facts of how things are done were somehow untrue... Soooooooo, if you think YOU were offended by my one little blog -- Well, I guess you can see how offensive other things involving the whole mess might be to me... Now back to my normal drivel about online dorks, my life as a professional mistress and/or whatever bullshit enters my brain on that day... But ANYHOW thanks for reading...and commenting...It made coming back after being so sick and medicated very interesting..
I'm In My First Giveaway
ok everyone, i am in my very first giveaway.. its for a last or a bling pack.. i would love some help in it please i only need 14 k comments. here is the link and thank you in advance for anyone that is willing to help
I Am A Witch I Am A Witch.
(Author Unknown) I am a witch I Am a Witch. I do not worship Satan; I am not interested in Satan. Satan was invented by the Christians. Satanism is a form of Christianity. I am not a Christian. I don't go to church on Sunday. Jesus is NOT my savior. He was simply a holy man who lived 2,000 years ago. I am not afraid of going to Hell because I don't believe in Hell any more than I believe in Satan. I believe in reincarnation; that I will come back to this world or another and live out another life. I am not evil. Telling people I am a "good witch" or asking me if I am a good witch implies that there are evil witches. There are evil people in the world, and there are people who chose to work with the forces of nature in a way that harms others; those people are NOT witches. The central law of being a witch is: "if it harms none, do as you will." Please don't ask me about sacrificing cats or desecrating churches. I love my cats. And I don't go into churches or synagogues unless a friend f
One Winged Angel
I know an angel with only one wing, with a song in her heart she has yet to sing. She wanders without aim between earth and sky, searching for her soulmate to help her fly. She asked the Lord one lonely night, with only one wing, Lord, will I ever take flight? The Lord then answered in his mysterious way, the wing you are missing will find you one day. I created my angels with only one wing, each one a queen in search of her king. When you see him, then you'll know why, he too is without aim between earth and sky. Until that time, angel, don't lose sight. Your missing wing is searching tonight. And when he finds you, then you'll see, that your wings joined together will set you free.
Team 3 Fuangels & Lost Boyz
Join Hell's Realm
For Carmen....
My words are weapons In which I murder you with But please don't get scared please do not turn your head We are the future the 21st century dyslexic, glue-sniffing cybersluts With homicidal minds and handguns We are the insane Nothing will change We are the same Nothing will change There is a thin line between what's good and what is evil I will tiptoe down that line But I will feel unstable My life is a circus And I'm tripping down the tightrope Well there is nothing to save me now So i will not look down And again and again and again And it happens again and again and again There's no beginning there is no end there is only change Progression backwards Is this where we are heading Take back your soul Forget your emptiness There is a thin line between what's good and what is evil I will tiptoe down that line But I will feel unstable My life is a circus And I'm tripping down the tightrope Well there is nothing to save me now I'm falling to the ground Fall
The Bicycle Messengers
Clerical Team Member At Target! Is It Meant To Be?
Well ladies and gents! as i said on my pro. i am on an LOA from a certain big-box retailer that starts with a "W". yep thats Wal*Mart. well the reason why is that due to some disabilities i was not able to handle the position for which i was originally hired. and they had no open positions which i could handle. so i am technically on LOA. I then applied at the bank inside Wal Mart. they didnt want me because they could not accomodate. How can a bank NOT accomodate? i was even willing to pay for my own chair that would reach the exact height of their counter! so...This morning I applied for Clerical Team Member at the local Target...if your religious pray for me. Will definitely be appreciated! Anyway...i'll keep yall updated!
The Black Hole
The Brady Bunch Train
You know the routine. Rate/Fan and Add each of the following people listed below. Please DO NOT just accept the persons friend request...visit their page, rate and fan them back and leave them a comment. When you have rated everyone...send a message to me (luBell240) to be added to the list (if you do not message me, I do not know you have completed the list). Rate the Brady Bunch folder to get your personalized tag. The Riders... luBell240-{PROUDLYownedbyKAT1114}{Protected by Dakota21220 ♊aGEM4life♊ {Shadow Leveler} ღOwner Of The Life-Savers Familyღ The BULLdaddy~Be Real or Be GONE~ Ike Kat1114 Dakota21220 aka SUPER MAN Slave2Fantasy/Aka/Erotica/AKA/Keeper of Trains see blog~Tat _man73~R/L G/F tat_man73~slave2fantasy r/l b/f ~ jc9764 Ty Katt1114 You Rawk
So Far So Good!!!
Since I posted the blog about auto 11's, I have gone from an average of about 65 photo views a day, to over 1000 in a day. In a two day period I have done approx. 90,000 points and have acquired A spot on today's Fubar spotlight at #387, a spot I never before reached and I have been coming to Fubar since June 25th. Since posting my blog, some auto 11 users especially those selling their private pictures for bling credits have stopped visiting my page. I still rate em, don't get me wrong, but I will not chase them around waiting to see when they will have auto 11's. 10's will just have to do, that's what I get mostly and I am very happy to receive them. I mean there is the possibility of receiving less. Let me add that these points aren't just the results of my effort alone, I joined the "Sin City Train" and have been receiving a lot of visibility thru it. A special thanx is in order to AZ*DSC*IBIC This blog is a work in progress, all comm
Obama Bush And Mc.cain
11/9/2008 NO Obama or the first Black American President. Why? Because Mr. Bush's Tail can only bring tons of problems with any and ALL foreign affairs. This of course translates into the very costly "illegal for some" war in Iraq or the bad relationship our President has with Iran and other dangerous foreign powers. Without any Cosmic Consciousness Mr. President and his *wise advisers could not use supreme wisdom and stay clear of troubles thus last few years wrong decisions were made and those costly errors generated by those in power escalated the downfall of the US economy. It's just that Mr. Obama was at the right time at the right place (as imposed by the Cosmic Code of course) and the US population (and the rest of the world) had enough and indeed we were ALL, READY FOR THE GOVERNMENTAL TRANSITION THAT WOULD BRING THESE CHANGES! If Mr. Bush did not royally messed up during much of his Presidency there would not be that much of an urge to put someone else in power. But t
Auction Closed 8pm 3-27-09
> > > > > > > > > > > > I am holding an AUTO !!" auction ...The hightest bid will win so get them in now Starts 3-24TH th 6pm ..Auction ends 3-27TH At 8PM EST. Highest bid will get an Auto 11. Minimum bid is 5 Million Fu Bucks!!! Have Fun CLICK THIS LINK TO BID
Obama Bush And Mc.cain
11/9/2008 NO Obama or the first Black American President. Why? Because Mr. Bush's Tail can only bring tons of problems with any and ALL foreign affairs. This of course translates into the very costly "illegal for some" war in Iraq or the bad relationship our President has with Iran and other dangerous foreign powers. Without any Cosmic Consciousness Mr. President and his *wise advisers could not use supreme wisdom and stay clear of troubles thus last few years wrong decisions were made and those costly errors generated by those in power escalated the downfall of the US economy. It's just that Mr. Obama was at the right time at the right place (as imposed by the Cosmic Code of course) and the US population (and the rest of the world) had enough and indeed we were ALL, READY FOR THE GOVERNMENTAL TRANSITION THAT WOULD BRING THESE CHANGES! If Mr. Bush did not royally messed up during much of his Presidency there would not be that much of an urge to put someone else in power. But t
Obama In His Own Words...
This election had many firsts and many stories that will be told for generations. But one that's on my mind tonight is about a woman who cast her ballot in Atlanta. She's a lot like the millions of others who stood in line to make their voice heard in this election except for one thing - Ann Nixon Cooper is 106 years old. She was born just a generation past slavery; a time when there were no cars on the road or planes in the sky; when someone like her couldn't vote for two reasons - because she was a woman and because of the color of her skin. And tonight, I think about all that she's seen throughout her century in America - the heartache and the hope; the struggle and the progress; the times we were told that we can't, and the people who pressed on with that American creed: Yes we can. At a time when women's voices were silenced and their hopes dismissed, she lived to see them stand up and speak out and reach for the ballot. Yes we can. When there was despai
Ive listen to every reason why I cant be Too big Too black Too much uppity in me Too curvy Wide ass Hey gal feed my baby Too strongand Spiritual Ill hang your ass from a tree I said: All your talk dont mean nothing to me Ill prove you wrong, one day, wait and see Ill no longer be feeding your precious baby My Big Black Uppity Curvy Ass Spirit Will set me free I will no longer live under your tyranny Accept me as I am so I can be who I be!
Corn Bread Cassarole < 3
(this goes so friggin awesome with Chili, or BBQ or as a side for holidays....people devour i always make adouble batch for get-togethers) Ingredients: 1 box of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix 4oz sour cream 1/3 cup sugar 1 can creamed corn 1 can whole kernel corn Prep: preheat oven to 350 deg grease 13X9 pan, or 2 9" round cake pans. make Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix as directed on box (1egg, 1/3c milk) then mix in sourcream, sugar, creamed corn and whole kernel corn. pour into greased pan bake for 1 hour, or until very golden brown on top. let cool for 5-10min before serving enjoy!
Nikola Tesla: Free Power And Death Rays. Haarp!
Nikola Tesla: Free power and death rays. HAARP is evil.A monument to Tesla was established at Niagara Falls, New York, USA. This monument is a copy of a monument standing in front of the Belgrade University Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Another monument to Tesla, featuring him standing on a portion of an alternator, was established at Queen Victoria Park in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.[106] The monument was officially unveiled on Sunday, 9 July 2006 on the 150th anniversary of Tesla's birth. The monument was sponsored by St. George Serbian Church, Niagara Falls, and designed by Les Drysdale of Hamilton, Ontario. Mr. Drysdale's design was the winning design from an international competition. Tesla's most famous statue is the one erected on 23 May 1879 at Sycamore Peak showing him and Dr. Brian S. Whitecross. Belgrade International Airport is called "Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport"Nikola Tesla: The Missing Secrets ( part 1 of 4 ) ( part 2 of 4 ) ( part 3
Momma's Rainbow Chili (or So Autmn Says :p) when it comes to my recipes...things are pretty is a little...relative. anyway! this is some killa chili, and makes a HUGE batch...feel free to cut it in half :) Ingredients: 2 lbs ground beef 1 medium purple onion (chopped into large pieces) 1/2 medium yellow pepper (chopped into large pieces) 1/2 medium green pepper (chopped into large pieces) 6 cloves of garlic (or however much u want- rough chopped) 1/2 jar sliced jalapenos (something like 5 whole jalapenos sliced) 1 can crushed tomatoes 1 can tomato chunks (that doesn't sound attractive lol) 1 large handful cilantro (chopped) 1/2 can black beans 1/2 can pinto beans 1/2 can dark red kidney beans 1/2 can butter beans or great northern beans (drain and rinse beans please!) (1/2 can whole kernel corn and 1/2 can creamed corn are optional) Spices: palmful of paprika, large palmful of good chili powder, large palmful of dried cumin, salt and pepper to taste...and a small dash of
Just A Fyi For Anyone Who Would Like To Know:
As you can see I am back on Fubar since my back surgery. But I am not fully up to back can only handle so much sitting right now. So while I like to return all the rates everyone gives me. I will sure try to return them back and as soon as I can. Just please bear with me for a little while please. Thank You!! Margarita-Patsy
Change Of Heart By Jodi Picoult
Plot Summary: Picoult bangs out another ripped-from-the-zeitgeist winner, this time examining a condemned inmate's desire to be an organ donor. Freelance carpenter Shay Bourne was sentenced to death for killing a little girl, Elizabeth Nealon, and her cop stepfather. Eleven years after the murders, Elizabeth's sister, Claire, needs a heart transplant, and Shay volunteers, which complicates the state's execution plans. Meanwhile, death row has been the scene of some odd events since Shay's arrivalan AIDS victim goes into remission, an inmate's pet bird dies and is brought back to life, wine flows from the water faucets. The author brings other compelling elements to an already complex plot line: the priest who serves as Shay's spiritual adviser was on the jury that sentenced him; Shay's ACLU representative, Maggie Bloom, balances her professional moxie with her negative self-image and difficult relationship with her mother. Picoult moves the story along with lively debates about prison
Auto 11 Controversy
I have been reading all the complaints and whining about the Auto 11 Bling and the people that activate them. Here is my take on the situation: A lot of people are whining and crying because the people they rated with Auto 11's going, never return the love. To these people I say, "Whaaaa fuckin Waaaaaaaa." In case you didn't get the memo, YOU also are making HELLA points for rating these people. And most of the people would be more than happy to return love if they knew you also had an Auto 11 activated. I'm thinkin that isn't the point of the Auto 11, to make more points?? I rate people that have Auto 11's goin and I don't expect ANY rates back. I'm out for the points myself, as are MOST of you. Why can't you just rate and STFU?? You want all the love back?? Get an Auto 11 activated. There will be scores of people rating you. Otherwise, if you don't think you will get the love back, then don't freaking rate. Simple!! I would really love to see all the complaining s
My First Auction Click the link above and chck me out,It ends at Midnight Tonight Central Standard Time
Holding All The Cards
Men want to be the master of their own destiny. They like to take control. They think they can do this with women. They like to play games. In reality they dont know what they are doing. I like to say that you may hold the cards but I know how to play them. Women when are better at playing games. Men are stupid when it comes to thinking with the wrong head. Their brains turn to mush and this is where women has the advantage.
Safety At The Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want people to be extremely safe this holiday season here are a few ideas that may mean safety or a pack of trouble. 1) When you are shopping leave nothing in your back seat. Including coats or blankets/ 1a) blankets and coats can hide a body 1b) people know you have stuff under those if you are in a mall, so don't! 2) At the mall if you bring your packages out to the car, use the trunk! 2a) Then move your car to the other side of the mall. People watch you loading the stuff and they will have a great Christmas as you fill out the police report 3) Ladies please as for an escort if you are at the club. Most places encourage it. 4) Park near the light pole, at least you have something there to help you find it. Also remember the safety. 5) Always and I mean Always look in your car before you get in. If you feel funny, run and get the security. 6) Only put a few minor packages at the tree if it is in front of a window. Remember the big
Tear Drops
Tear Drops This is about learning lessons, and the consequences of making the same mistake again. Tears ran down her cheek. Each tear that dropped to the ground, through the soil of the earth, was a moment wasted on a past love. A river of tears reflected the lessons that she was grateful to have learnt. The wetness on her cheeks would slowly dry. The tears would ever so slightly crease her face, leaving ever the slightest mark of a life lesson. A life lesson, that if she did not learn would be indented further into her cheek, with a new flow of salty and bitter tears. Her cheeks were so marked with her life lessons that she now realized that changes needed to be made. Changes to her lifestyle. Changes to the way that she lived. If she was true to herself and trusted the goddess within, her higher intuitive self, the future tears would no longer stain her beautiful face. A sweeter tear would be cried. Tears of happiness that would mark and clear the indentation o
Thank You All
ChelleBelle I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you that helped me make it to Prophet, from the random pic raters to those that banged out some major points during my Auto 11 runs. Each and everyone got me here and for that I'm very grateful. There are way too many of you to mention individually, but know that I appreciate each and every one of you. Big Hugs, smooches and much love. If and when you need help you know I'm just a shoutbox away and always glad to help. imikimi - Customize Your World
Funny Office Accident Upskirt
Give N Receive
the secret of receiving,lies frist in giving. the only things we keep are those we frist give away. when we act,the universe reacts. this is the law of causation or karma. what comes to you is the result of w you have given. either through serviceor perhaps as an actual gift, that which enters your experiences is directly equated to the causes you set in motion by the action of head,heart, and hand. as a result,the more you give of that which is benefiecial and helpful, the more you receive....
The Men That Brought Down Wall Street
Here is a quick look into 3 former Fannie Mae executives who have brought down Wall Street. 1. Franklin Raines: was a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Fannie Mae. Raines was forced to retire from his position with Fannie Mae when auditing discovered severe irregulaties in Fannie Mae's accounting activities. At the time of his departure The Wall Street Journal noted, " Raines, who long defended the company's accounting despite mounting evidence that it wasn't proper, issued a statement late Tuesday conceding that "mistakes were made" and saying he would assume responsibility as he had earlier promised. News reports indicate the company was under growing pressure from regulators to shake up its management in the wake of findings that the company's books ran afoul of generally accepted accounting principles for four years." Fannie Mae had to reduce its surplus by $9 billion. Raines left with a "golden parachute valued at $240 Million in benefits. The Government file
Boney M
28 International Ways Of Man Hood
For all the men out there, and curious women, we hereby present to you the international rules of manhood. For those young men seeking adulthood, you must abide by said rules in order to obtain your "man badge." 1: Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2: It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: (a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master. (b) The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse. (c) After wrecking your boss' car. (d) One hour, 12 minutes, 37 seconds into "The Crying game". 3: Any Man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his buddies. 4: Unless he murdered someone in your family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hours. 5: If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his sister is off limits forever unless you actually marry her. 6: Moaning about the brand of free beer in a buddy's fridge is forbidden. However complain at will if the temperature is
Please Help
Over the next couple weeks I will do an expose of sorts on this elusive character known as the Anti-Christ. I'm doing this blog over a couple weeks with a Thanksgiving thing in the middle so that I can answer the question once and for all. Is the President Elect the Elusive Anti-Christ? Or is he the precursor to the Anti-Christ and Armageddon? I will use an enormous amount of Biblical information, information taken from the web and I will use my own believes. Please take this time and read my page so you will know what I believe, how I believe and why I believe it. You don't have to fan, rate and add me, just read so that you will see who I am and how I will come to the conclusions I do. If this subject bothers you well too bad, I feel I need to take this time NOW to go over this. This is NOT a political blog. I will begin in the Book of Revelations. Chapter 1 verse 8 , from there other verses and other sources will be used. "I am the Alpha and Omega the beginning and
And Im Back With Another One!
Give Me Back The Passion
A friend of mine sent this to me I really liked it Oh, give me back the passion That left with your embrace It wasnt fair to take it To remove it from its place Its mine, I want it back Its the thing I cant forgive Of all the things youve offered Only the passion deserves to live Oh, give me back the passion That came from your burning kiss Hungry lips are a dime a dozen But the passion I sorely miss I can forgive you for the heartache I can forget your thoughtless greed So take back your honeyed words Its only the passion that I need Oh, give me back the passion Born of your whispered dreams You can keep the sexual notions But the passion I must redeem As the only gift you gave me Stirred as emotions in my soul And they flowed through me like an elixir Through my veins to make me whole Oh, give me back the passion Flamed as fire in your urgent touch So deny me of your caresses But the passion I need so much Why would you want t
I just very depressed somehow i offend and piss off everyone who comes near me. I dont consider myself blatantly rude but I also cant do everything everyone wants. I always end up feeling like I was just going to be the flavor of the week because I wouldnt put myself in a position to compromise myself.why should i compromise myself? I am really depressed right now I hate how misunderstood I always get. my heart is just broken and i am so depressed because people are so hyper sensitive... maybe im just rambling but somehow i feel like the fool but then again i always feel like a fool
Puncuation Mark
You Are a Question Mark You seek knowledge and insight in every form possible. You love learning. And while you know a lot, you don't act like a know it all. You're open to learning you're wrong. You ask a lot of questions, collect a lot of data, and always dig deep to find out more. You're naturally curious and inquisitive. You jump to ask a question when the opportunity arises. Your friends see you as interesting, insightful, and thought provoking. (But they're not always up for the intense inquisitions that you love!) You excel in: Higher education You get along best with: The Comma What Punctuation Mark Are You?
Emilyimax's Winter Beef Stew Recipe - Mmmmmm
EmilyIMAX's Winter Beef Stew 6 slices bacon - or more, you can save for BLT's MMMMMMM Onions Carrots Potatoes 3 garlic cloves Stew meat Nip Cognac 3 C Burgundy (or red wine) 3 T Flour 2 T Tomato Paste 1 T Currant Jelly - Found in the Jelly Aisle 3 C Beef Broth 1/2 t Thyme 1 T Salt 1/2 t Pepper 2 Bay Leaves Sprig Parsley t = teaspoon T = Tablespoon C = Cup Cook bacon. Take out bacon leaving the fat. Chop half onion and galric clove. Brown in fat. Take out onions and garlic, leaving the flavored fat. Cook 1 1/2" chunks of meat in fat until gray. Remove meat and throw away fat. In large oven safe pot, add Cognac, whisk in flour, tomato paste, currant jelly, red wine, beef broth. Bring to rolling boil. Add 2 mashed galric cloves, thyme, salt, pepper. Mix together. Add bay leaves and finely chopped parsley. Boil for 5 minutes. Add meat and onions (I usually quarter them). Cook for 2 1/2 hours at 325. At 2 1/2 hour point, add carrots and potatoes (cut anyway
You outta step into my world.... Its a total psychotic state of bliss... You've been denied in the real world... How many times have u hit and missed? Your catscan shows disfiguration, I wanna laugh myself to death...... With a mismatched misconfiguration, Ill hold the line while you gasp for breath.... You wanna talk to me?..... so talk to me You wanna talk to me?..... so talk to me You dont understand ur sex? You aint been mind fucked yet!!
Barack Obama Do You Know Him?
How about his Reading Material? The way Hitler captivated people. When he gave a speech. (Hitler always arrived late which helped to develop tension and a sense of expectation.) He took the stage, stood to attention and (waited until there was complete silence before he started his speech.) For the first few months Hitler appeared nervous and spoke haltingly. Slowly he would begin to relax and his style of delivery would change. He would start to rock from side to side and begin to gesticulate with his hands. His voice would get louder and become more passionate. Sweat poured of him, his face turned white, his eyes bulged and his voice cracked with emotion. (He ranted and raved about the injustices done to Germany and played on his audience's emotions of hatred and envy.) By the end of the speech the audience would be in a state of near hysteria and were willing to do whatever Hitler suggested. (As soon as his speech finished Hitler would quickly leave t
Holly Cow!!!!
So its been a while since I have posted a blog. First off I am getting married October 17, 2009. I have been busy trying to get things booked and get my dress payed for. Yes I already have picked out my dress. Went two weeks after we got engaged and picked out my dress with two of my bridesmaids then later went back with my mom to make sure that it was the right one. My moms also picked out her dress and all but one of my bridesmaids have picked out there dress. I even went online and had my daughters dress make from China. What a great deal I got. I have been doing lots of wedding stuff to keep me busy. Back to training at the gym 5 days a week with my trainer Sebastien. If I hit that wall and want to stop he yells out wedding dress. Its been great training with him I wouldn't have it any other way. Hes a great guy. Hes birthday Is November 10th so I plan on driving him more crazy then I normally do. So this weekend has been a roll a coaster for me. 5 years ago November 7th my
What State Should You Live In
You Should Live in Tennessee If you don't want to live in Tennessee, you might also consider: Kentucky Missouri Arkansas Louisiana West Virginia What State Should You Live In?
Attention Cleveland Browns' Fans!!
Attention Cleveland Browns' fans!! This is a petition to sign to get a new head coach in place. I doubt the organization will take this seriously, but what's the worst that can happen...another season like this year?
Sexy Girl Playing Wii
Chaos On Air@ 33 East
DJ CHAOS @ in motion Great people, Cold drinks, Good tunes come and check us out oh and lets not forget the cam girls and were hiring all staff come and apply
Why People Envy Me!
People Envy Your Compassion You have a kind heart and an unusual empathy for all living creatures. You tend to absorb others' happiness and pain. People envy your compassion, and more importantly, the connections it helps you build. And compassionate as you are, you feel for them. What Do People Envy About You?
Myself N Bratt Will Be Gone Til The 17th
PLEASE DON'T DELETE US OR FORGET US,LOL SHOW US LOVE TILL WE GET BACK ,WE WILL TRY TO POP ON IF WE CAN BUT A FEW FRIENDS ARE TAKING CARE OF OUR ACCT..TY We will be on and off Fu and comp till after the 17th and it's too slow to rerate profiles or pics cause takes a long time to load pages from here,, Not a lot of bombing till the 17th of nov. And if we don't talk right away bare with us,This comp we are using is slower than a turtle lol.But am gonna try to pop on to say hi anyway till we get back home..Love ya's and bare with us!!! ~Bratt~&*Chaotic Princess* ~Bratt~ ♥~BRATT~♥@ fubar *Chaotic Princess* ♀ht $$♀♥ ♀FuWifey 2 k阮♀♥@ fubar
Ladies Pimpout
These are hard working women that takes care of their families and friends. In their spare time they always try to help people. Please stop by their pages and show them some much needed Love!!!! K:M:P@ fubar Unbreakable Member: Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club, Dylon'sDivaMafia Always owned by T@ fubar CrazyMama45*Co-Owner Regiment Dragon Bombers*//*Fu Bad Girls*/Fu-Wifey to sTaRr/Fu-Owned by Teddy B@ fubar Cherian *Owned by Justfishing* ~Member of the Fu Bad Girls Club~@ fubar hЯΧ Vr4U k rgѪl utfl$$tr wd by TmG707@ fubar ~Rebel
Hot Party In Xenia Ohio Wit Live Performances
No Gaps In My Knowledge O:
There Are 0 Gaps in Your Knowledge Where you have gaps in your knowledge: No Gaps! Where you don't have gaps in your knowledge: Philosophy Religion Economics Literature History Science Art Do You Have Gaps in Your Knowledge?
Dream Chaser
Hatred is a bitter, damaging emotion. It winds itself through the blood, infecting its host and driving it forward without any reason. Its view is jaundiced and it skews even the clearest eyesights. Sacrifice is noble and tender. It's action of a host who values others above himself. Sacrifice is bought through love and decency. It is truly heroic. Vengeance is an act of violence. It allows those who have been wronged to take back some of what was lost to them. Unlike sacrifice, it gives back to the one who practices it. Love is deceitful and sublime. In its truest form,it brings out the best in all beings. At its worst, it's a tool used to manipulate and ruin anyone who is stupid enough to hold it. Don't be stupid. Sacrifice is for the weak. Hatred corrupts. Love destroys. Vengeance is the gift of the strong. Move forward, not with hatred, not with love. Move forward with purpose. Take back what was stolen. Make those who laughed at your
Not A Clue....!!
really havnt got a!!
She's So Cool
Julie is Awsome
Complete System Restore
I am going to do a complete system restore on my Dell laptop and will also be doing a reformat on my old HP desktop today. Hopefully I will be back up in a little while ... but if I am not here you will know why. Wish me some luck!!! I hate doing reformats... never have done a complete system restore on my laptop before but from what I have told the guys on Dell tech service that is what I need to do to resolve my USB connection issues. Each time a connect a USB cord to my laptop my computer shuts down. NOT GOOD. So... here we go... bye for now
Jimi Hendrix
Founders Message
Dear Members, Some are not getting the leveling blogs or don't have there setting set correctly to receive them. Could you all kindly review your settings. A bully will also be now sent out as well as to who we are working. Please take in mind that a level up bully/blog will only be sent out when I see at least enough of you on to help!! thus this is your Family take a few minutes and at least help. We try to get to all of you as we can. Team Capt's need to view previous blogs and see who's helping and alert us to who isn't we will decide what steps need to be taken from there. Thanks, Dave Founder
Please Bomb
Please bomb our family member he needs 12,500 comments for a auto 11 lets get this for him.
Foot Fetish Guys To Girls
im not sure how this works but here it goes anyways LOL why dont like foot fetish guys like mee im funny not bad lookin i work and i have fun all the time but as soon as a girl knows im into feet shes GONE well i hope someone gets back to me on this subject lol
~sweetkittenlove~....76 Nighthawks Leveler@ fubar Just wanted to update everyone on SweetKitten. Yesterday her youngest had to have an emergency appendectomy. She is back home and doing ok. Having some pain and soreness but kids are resiliant. Also her grandmother died this afternoon. Needless to say she has had a really bad weekend and needs lots of prayers. Leave her some love too!
My Friend Has Auto-11's!!! Get Your Points!
Show Some fu-Love! ~ Sadistically~ Twisted~Owned~ by~ mystical~ Bartender ~@ Fyre~N~Ice ~@ fubar JJT{Owned by L}Tagmaker Rating Revolution{ ♥ Sadistically Twisted's RL Wife ♥ }@ fubar Our RL friend...has Auto 11's Activated! She's an awesome person and a great friend! Please show her this beautiful lady some attention!
Dls Auction Time!!!
Click the Picture to Check it out! Running from 11/09/08 to 11/16/08 Brought to you by Sylent And the Dirty Little Secrets Family!!
My husband had decided that we are gonna start going to amtgard again... meaning.. we need armor and garb... GREAT guess who is gonna start leather working and sewing again.. MEEEE my hands are gonna hate me :D
Question Of Life
Is life a contest that everyone is involved in? If so...why is the outcome the same for us all? Does it make a difference who's at the top or the bottom of a status quote, or is life just one big enevitable story that we play roles in? Whats your thoughts?
Rate Me Silly I Got Auto 11's Help Me Level
Today On The Planet: Rock Adds New Music Lounges, Ac/dc And New Gnr, Ozzy On Guitar Heros, Reaction To Obama Victory
Linkin Park Hit the Studio in L.A.: We Have a Ton of Material Mike Shinoda will always make time for important business. Linkin Parks rapper-songwriter-producer has already been sketching out new Tom Morello Celebrates Change, Rouses Rabble in Vancouver In light of Tuesday nights election results, Tom Morello will not be moving to Canada. This news prompted a sold-out audience at Vanco... The Ozzman Playeth Osbourne discovers Guitar Hero: World Tour Sitting underneath a chandelier with its light bulbs screwed into metal bats, Ozzy Osbourne the self-proclaimed "Prince of Fuckin' Da... AC/DC Score Hit With Wal-Mart G n' R to sell through Best Buy; are big-box stores the future? At 12:01 A.M. on October 20th, Wal-Mart opened a temporary 3,000-square-foot store on Hollywood Boulevard devoted entirely to AC/DC's n... Kanye West, Wilco, Beyonce, Mellencamp Shout Out Historic Obama Victory In the wake of Barack Obamas historic victory Tuesday night, a steady
Updated 11/19//chaotic And ~bratt~ Are Back!!!!!!!
I Never Will Understand And Dont Care To Know...
When Tomorrow Starts Without Me
When Tomorrow Starts Without Me When tomorrow starts without me, and I'm not there to see; If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn't cry the way you did today, while thinking of the many things we didn't get to say. I know how much you love me, as much as I love you, And each time you think of me I know you'll miss me too; But when tomorrow starts without me, please try to understand, that an angel came and called my name and took me by the hand, And said my place was ready in heaven far above and that I'd have to leave behind all those I dearly love. But as I turned to walk away, a tear fell from my eye, for all life, I'd always thought I didn't want to die. I had so much to live for and so much yet to do, it seemed almost impossible that I was leaving you . I thought of all the yesterdays, the good ones and the bad, I thought of all the love we shared and all the fun we had. If I could relive yesterday
Gas Prices!
Finally I get to see the day when our gas prices here in town are below $2.00 a gallon. I just checked the internet and today it's $1.99 and lower depending on the area of town you're in. I'm so happy now if only we could get the gas leak in our van fixed and could afford to go get gas!
Need Fubux...c How 2 Win!
***In need of Fubucks?Well I got Ten Million fubux up for Auction!!!*** Feel free to bid Blast!Tickers!Bling Packs!HH's!Or be Creative!I will accept the bid when i'm Satisfied! Click on this pic below to get to the ten million fubuck auction*** Are ya Fubroke? Trying for Spotlight? Well Bid right there!!! And you could be the winner of Ten MILLION Fubucks!!! This Fubuck auction pimpout was brought to you by the one and only....................................... ♡Confidence Is What Makes Me Sexy♡Owner Of Burg♡@ fubar
More Pics
ok ladies here is your chance to have me put up anykind of pic you request. pretty much if you request it i will do what i can to put it up. but i still have the decision to whether i put it up or not. so all you gotta do is email me a pic idea
Caa #56
For a dear friend of mine, here son is going into surgery tomorrow and for all those parents out the, you know how this gets to you emotionally. She needa our angel love, hugs, support and strength to help her through this difficult time. For her son let us give angel power, strength and healing make it through okay. Doc
Mc Hammer
(my song to all those that would like to but cant lmfaro!)
My Dream Last Night
I had the weirdest dream last night. I had a baby with Rocks. I was the mother and she was the father. The baby was super cute and I was super proud of him. I was holding him in the hospital room and Rocks was passing out cigars filled iwth a special ingrediant. We still hadn't named the baby cause I wanted to name him after my grandfather and I also wanted to name the baby Rocks Jr. While I was thinking about this Brad Pitt came into the room. He wanted to congratulate me on the birth of my son and he asked to hold the baby. Then the QUEEN walked in Angelina Jolie. She came and sat on the bed and started to pet my head and talk about how hard it is for a woman to have a baby and that she was proud of me because I did it without drugs and was looking good. I was awed by her and didn't want her to remove her hand from my head. Then all of sudden Rocks came running into the room screaming "Wheres my son?". I was like Brad is holding him and Angelina got up and said I will go get him....
Fubar Anonomous Meetings
What is up with this place. I sit for hours, fanning, rating and adding people just to reach the next level. I wonder what happens when I reach my goal. Godfather. Will that be enough or will I have to f/r/c for more? I'm thinking we need Fubar anonomous meetings!
Angels In Leather (hd Train)
Welcome (BACA members talking with children.) This train is dedicated to the bikers that are easily forgotten for all the good they do. Many look at them as bad people; that is certainly not the case. Bikers do many wonderful things for children, moms, animals, active military, veterans etc. Not only do they help families in need during the holiday season but also hold charity events for many in all seasons. So please remember your bikers, give them BIG hugs and thank them for being so wonderful! (Hundreds of bikers gather for Marine Corps Toys 4 Tots Benefit.) Please R/F/A everyone on the train list. You may make ur own tags or I can mak
Soul Seeker
As you stand before me i will see deep within, i shall take your soul and make it one with mine. Open yourself to me let me come in and take you to a place far beneath the sea. The land of souls, come with me, don't fight it for you shall love what i have to offer. Pure Destiny calls for you to swim within me, come to a land beneath the sea, the land of souls. I see deep within you, your soul is mine, it will become one with me. Swim within me feel me become one with me. As you stand before me i will look deep within and take what is rightfuly mine Your Soul.
Convo With What I Thought A Friend!!! (read From Bottom Up)
ok guys and gals, u know how shout boxes work, start from the bottom then read up and let me know what u think!! ------------------------------------------------- ->Jimmy B: i am not jealous of no one on here she is my wife so it is my bussiness don't worry i wouldn't come to your page anyways be a man and grow up ->Jimmy B: i said i don't want it, give it to someone who gives a flyin flip Jimmy B: stay the fuck out my business you jealous insecure possessive mother fucker Jimmy B: LISTEN HERE YOU SON OF A BITCH......... I FUCKING TOLD HER SHE WOULD GET IT........ AND SHE WILL....... YOU CAN STAY THE FUCK OFF MY PAGE ->Jimmy B: well, he says pay but i don't want a damn thing, i'm gone ->Jimmy B: you owe her for the contest and you come to her and said you was going to make it up to her because you couldn't get her vip because she had and when it ran out you couldn't afford to pay up and a year later you come to her and tell her you was going to get her straight so now wh
Sixth Sense
Blades are Drawn, Steels shining In The Reflection Of The Ice Bells are ringing sweet tunes under the Moon. Let the white doves fly & the eagles soar upon this blessed day, May you all fly with Golden Feathers. Under Sunny & Starry skys, You shine so bright under the Moonlight, Yellow & White shades, Let the stars twinkle upon all your eyes, & the hearts beat in unison. Hear the beat of the tribal drums, The Sound of strings play. Sitting by the log Fire dancing, Watching the silhouettes form. Dance across the floors & project against the Granite walls. In the Cove's where the druids & witches Join, Casting spells. Blessings & Healings are passed from each & other. As Another Peacefull spirit enters the room guiding the way forth.
To You All
(friends and family only) I would like to thank you all in advance for your impeding help this evening with helping me to level up (clenches fists and grits teeth!) I WILL DO IT TONIGHT - my outstanding gratitude goes to the following (real names only screen names are too long to list!) Barbara Rebekah Dawn Tom Jim Sandy MIchaele David Tracey (Mishnumber1 - sorry not sure what real name is!) Diane CHuk Candy Cher These people have been here nearly every day rating my cr@p. If I have missed any one out, many apologies feel free to bash me (kinky!!!!!!!) LUV TO YOU AND MAY WE CARRY ON HELPING EACH OTHER AS THE LEVELS GO THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (btw feel free to add rate and fan these amazing people, they have defo made my stay on Fubar worthwhile!)
Chewy Chocolate Chip Cooooookies! (alton Brown)
Ingredients 2 sticks unsalted butter 2 1/4 cups bread flour 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 cup sugar 1 1/4 cups brown sugar 1 egg 1 egg yolk 2 tablespoons milk 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips Hardware: Ice cream scooper (#20 disher, to be exact) Parchment paper Baking sheets Mixer Directions Heat oven to 375 degrees F. Melt the butter in a heavy-bottom medium saucepan over low heat. Sift together the flour, salt, and baking soda and set aside. Pour the melted butter in the mixer's work bowl. Add the sugar and brown sugar. Cream the butter and sugars on medium speed. Add the egg, yolk, 2 tablespoons milk and vanilla extract and mix until well combined. Slowly incorporate the flour mixture until thoroughly combined. Stir in the chocolate chips. Chill the dough, then scoop onto parchment-lined baking sheets, 6 cookies per sheet. Bake for 14 minutes or until golden brown, checking the cookies a
Dumb People
seriously? i once saw a chick asking for money to pay her phone bill....can anyone spot me a $5 i'm almost outa tampons p.s. eat my ass
New Contest Game Coming Soon!
Be on the look out for whole new contest game! Hugs Brat
Brilliance In Marketing.
Leveling Help 88
Dave aka Captain Cuervo@ fubar 30k to level valid salute lets try this again lol
How To Apply
Hello Sex Symbols Prospects... In order for you to apply to The Southern Sex Symbol Group... You have to go through an application process... Its kinda like applying for a job in a way... We need to know a little about you and why you think you have what it takes to be a Southern Sex Symbol... So send a private message to the group and tell us about you... Now we know there are Redneck in all 50 states, so if you are New York but you are a cowboy/cowgirl... or just a plain redneck... Still try to apply... Everyone knows that it the person inside that determined a true Southerner... Oh you must have a regular FUBAR approved salute already in your in order to even apply... So if you dont have a salute... don't apply... After you apply... The founders will review your apllication and determine if you are can join... If you are accepted you will be sorted out into a team and add to the group... Now once you are added to the group you will have to follow the rules of the group.
I'm never sure what to do when I meet someone new. I've been burned so many times that I'm afraid to think that this new person might be honest and sincere. I'm afraid to like him because what if he turns out like all the rest? What if I put myself out there again and get my heart ripped apart and handed back to me in pieces? I'm trying not to dwell on it, to just let things happen as they will. But I think way too much and my brain can never be calm. Why is this so damn difficult?
Have You Ever Been So Lonely,
Have you ever been so lonely, No one there to hold? Pull me in or disown me, And then climb inside. My arms are open wide. Have a look inside. It is not that I am scared to learn, Why I'm empty inside. hold my hand or show some concern, If I live or die. My eyes are open wide. Help me look inside. I hear the water drip from the faucet. It's sweetly falling in tune. I'm gently closing the closet. I fall to the floor, and crawl to my room. The thought of ending it soon... Just let me sleep in my room. Hear me cry! cry! cry! I hear a knock at the front door. Don't come in! I try to look at you But I can't stop shaking. Leave me alone. Just go away. Mother I'm so scared. Empty bed and all of the sheets are gone, They're wrapped around me and you. All is quiet but the drop of a gun. I want to someone... But maybe life's not for everyone
Anything For You
Anything For You I'd give anything to give me to you Can you forget the world that you thought you knew If you want me, Come and find me Nothing's stopping you so please release me I'll believe All your lies Just pretend you love me Make believe Close your eyes I'll be anything for you Nothing left to make me feel anymore There's only you and everyday I need more If you want me Come and find me I'll do anything you say just tell me I'll believe All your lies Just pretend you love me Make believe Close your eyes I'll be anything for you I'll believe All your lies Just pretend you love me Make believe Close your eyes I'll be anything for you Anything for you I'll become your earth and sky Forever never die I'll be everything you need I'll believe All your lies Just pretend you love me Make believe Close your eyes I'll be anything for you
My Immortal
My Immortal I'm so tired of being here Suppressed by all my childish fears And if you have to leave I wish that you would just leave 'Cause your presence still lingers here And it won't leave me alone These wounds won't seem to heal This pain is just too real There's just too much that time cannot erase When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears And I held your hand through all of these years But you still have All of me You used to captivate me By your resonating light Now I'm bound by the life you left behind Your face it haunts My once pleasant dreams Your voice it chased away All the sanity in me These wounds won't seem to heal This pain is just too real There's just too much that time cannot erase I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone But though you're still with me I've been alone all along
Waters Edge
Watching unto the Dark Velvet Sky, Enveloping it into my grasp, Covering me with a Star so bright, The Moon bathing me in eternal Bliss. When the Sun rise's once again, I think I'll hit the water side, Wherever the boat does land, I hope it's not gonna break. Upon these shores,From the distance, There's rocks glistening in the sun, The gentle spray of the sea, On my soul, The Dolphins on the front bow in silent echoes. As we hit the sandy shore's in this rust bucket, I stumble out on hands & knees, Gasping for air, Pulling myself up with the last of my strength, Runs one hundred Miles to a secluded hotel. There I hope to find some solstice & peace, Some quite time alone on a sun beaten chair, Sitting,drinking, waiting for enlightenment, Whatever needs to be done to be with that special one.
When You're Gone
When You're Gone I always needed time on my own I never thought I'd need you there when I cry And the days feel like years when I'm alone And the bed where you lie is made up on your side When you walk away I count the steps that you take Do you see how much I need you right now When you're gone The pieces of my heart are missing you When you're gone The face I came to know is missing too When you're gone The words I need to hear to always get me through the day and make it ok I miss you I've never felt this way before Everything that I do reminds me of you And the clothes you left, they lie on the floor And they smell just like you, I love the things that you do When you walk away I count the steps that you take Do you see how much I need you right now We were made for each other Out here forever I know we were, yeah All I ever wanted was for you to know Everything I'd do, I'd give my heart and soul I can hardly breathe I need to feel you he
In To The Monsoon
Monsoon I'm staring at a broken door There's nothing left here anymore My room is cold It's making me insane I've been waiting here so long But now the moment seems to've come, I see the dark clouds coming up again. Running through the monsoon Beyond the world, To the end of time, Where the rain won't hurt Fighting the storm, Into the blue, And when I loose myself I think of you, Together we'll be running somewhere new Through the monsoon. Just me and you A half moon's fading from my sight I see a vision in its light But now it's gone and left me so alone I know I have to find you now Can hear your name, I don't know how Why can't we make this darkness feel like home? Running through the monsoon Beyond the world To the end of time Where the rain won't hurt Fighting the storm Into the blue And when I loose myself I think of you Together we'll be running somewhere new And nothing can hold me back from you Through the monsoon Hey! Hey! I'm
Fallen Sword
As the title suggests, these are my Recruiting links Fallen Sword: A FREE, browser based, RPG game i have become addicted to. LINK ...
7th Circle Of Hell Bully3
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Wryns ...this Pasage Has A Lot Of Meaning
Wyrns are not avaricious we do not desire much, Pretty, only what we believe is rightfully ours. We are each part of a shield that protects the enirety of the world, and yet we do not wish to own everything in that world. That which is part of our hoard, our treasure, is not our prisoner; we guard it jealously, but only because we love it with everything that is in us. What humans see as possessiveness, dragons believe to be the purest form of love. This is true whether the treasure is a single coin, a living being, or a whole nation of people
Dead Or Alive
"How about here?" Simon Laws looked at the building his friend, Stephen Clark, was pointing at. Lurid red and blue neon tubes ran along the fascia of an otherwise innocuous old warehouse building. The same tubes twisted into the shape of a heavy breasted girl twirling around a pole. The name, "SATAN'S HOLE", was emblazoned above a narrow doorway. Subtle, it wasn't. "Looks a bit tacky," Laws said. The vodka buzz was fading a little and he wouldn't have objected to heading back to the hotel if the truth be told. "Let's check it out," Clark said. "We can always fuck off if the girls are minging." After paying out a small fortune just to get through the door, Laws thought to himself. It was no use. The conference was over and it was their last night in Moscow. Clark had set his vodka-blurred mind on finding some lithe piece of Russian totty to squirm in his lap and wouldn't go home until mission accomplished. "Can't be worse than the last place," Stephen Morris said.
Free Comments and Graphics
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Burgs Fav Fu's
This Special Pimpout is Brought to You by: BURG BURG ~Owned by Confidence Makes me Sexy ~ He is not only my owner but an amazing friend! This is only part of my thank you to him. Make sure you scroll down and...
Some people like to read to ease their minds, I on the other hand love to make vieo's for youtube. Evanescence is my fav, I love the music. Enjoy!
It's amazing. In the past five months I have had four girls say they would like to get together, only to have the vanish on me shortly before we're supposed to meet. What the hell? I don't know what I'm doing wrong but it's getting really disheartening. It's almost not even worth the effort any more.
Fight For The Tiger's
Chrome Bar's seem to cover every corner, Wooden Pallet's Lined up upon the dock, I watch with Beady eye's, My friends barcoded, Leaving for some foreign Market, somebodys table. It cannot be stopped the fucking trade, Humans seem to have so much disrespect, For the Bone's & Flesh we wear with pride, At least theres some with a sense of pride. We mean no harm unto you, Were not your pets, Were free spirits as are you, Not wanting to be tamed. If theres rules & regulations why don't you follow them, As the kindred spirit you should be. Stares at the wall, Probaly the last I'll see, Before they torture me anymore, I'll purr, Follow there every command hoping for a release, Some people just don't see the side I see, A Tiger locked in a world & walls of hatred spite. Waiting for them to show me some mercy,Dignity, As I chew my last Meal & smile as sweet as can be, I know the time is nigh for me to leave this hell.
Okay, this should be a blast! Let's see how many people we can get to play. The name of the game is, "Penis" and that says it all. All you have to do is leave a comment. Take the name of a movie and replace one of the words with the word PENIS. Don't forget to put your name on it - then we can all see how perverted our friends are. NO REPEATS!!! I'll start... Kim- The Truth About Cats and Penis (Dogs)
Monks Brawl At Christian Holy Site In Jerusalem
Monks brawl at Christian holy site in Jerusalem By MATTI FRIEDMAN, Associated Press Writer Matti Friedman, Associated Press Writer 2 hrs 33 mins ago JERUSALEM Israeli police rushed into one of Christianity's holiest churches Sunday and arrested two clergyman after an argument between monks erupted into a brawl next to the site of Jesus' tomb. The clash between Armenian and Greek Orthodox monks broke out in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, revered as the site of Jesus' crucifixion, burial and resurrection. The brawling began during a procession of Armenian clergymen commemorating the 4th-century discovery of the cross believed to have been used to crucify Jesus. The Greeks objected to the march without one of their monks present, fearing that otherwise, the procession would subvert their own claim to the Edicule the ancient structure built on what is believed to be the tomb of Jesus and give the Armenians a claim to the site. The Armenians refused, and
2--7th Coh Comment
1----7th Coh Comment
7coh Comment
Bully For Tha 7th
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Wings Shall Fly
Worlds of worry never seem to end, Looking down with Bleeding thoughts, Scared I may the lose the one thing I cherish, Words sometimes just flow without thought. We say word's we don't remember & forget, Sometimes we unleash hell with our tongue, Do whatever it is you can to survive, In this crazy messed up game of chess. We hold on tight with scarred hands, Feel the pain inside our soul lose control, Sometime's I just feel like throwing away the key, Laying upon a blanket of cold snow, Under the rain. Look after yourselve's & those close, Never look back with hate, Keep yourself stable, The horse's still run through the field's, Black & White streaks upon the wind. If I had a pen I'd write down words, Words so strong to show how much I feel, About 1 very special person in my life, Tugging at every string on my violin. I'd like to see your feather's plume, The beauty of your soul shine bright, For eternity I'll hold on, As distant or dark as the future
i came to while you were sleeping, you looked like an angel who lost her wings, i dropped to my feet and i prayed for you, you started to cry and i kissed your tears away you came to me in my nightmare, and you saved my soul from the devil's grip, you took me away and made love to me till dawn, we held each other all through the night, singing love songs that'll make you cry i came to you while you bathing, washing away your scars from over the years, you mended my broker from all my one night stands, we talked about it over a simple drink, my head felt numb and i couldn't feel my feet
Im In A Sticky Auction :)
if u want to bid let me know:)
Fu-bucks Want Some
im asking anyone if you can help me get him a vip i will pay fu- bucks yes he is my son and im trying to help him you cam private message me if interested thanks so much CHEVYDJ82☠ OWNER OF REDNECKS 4 LIFE@ fubar
i've always wondered what it was like to go to a foreign country and spend some time there, well, now i know. it isn't all it's cracked up to be. but, i'm getting some realy good life experiences here, and i'm learning a lot of things that i never would have learned had i not come here. also, i've learned some things i never wanted to, and i wish i could forget, but it's all good, because what one person goes through in their earlier years of life is the mold that shapes and forms what they become later on. i am truly grateful for everything i have been able to do for the past year, and i hope there are many more experiences to come, good and bad, because i don't believe my horizens have broadened enough to say okay, i know enough to start teaching, because you never stop learning, thats what life is, one lesson after another. and so far, my lessons have led me to a place i can easily cope with on a daily basis. i can look in a mirror and say to myself, i am a good person, i have enoug
Dress Code
A working class woman likely only had two or three everyday dresses, one Sunday best outfit, and maybe the newest everyday dress reserved for going to town or visiting people. **can you imagion ladies dressing like this NOW? Layers of Womens Clothing Here's a list of the Civil War womens clothing that they wore starting next to the skin and working out in layers: Layer 1 * Drawers (underpants) made of cotton or linen and trimmed with lace * Chemise (long undershirt) usually made of linen * Stockings held up with garters Layer 2 * Corset or stays stiffened with whale bone * Crinoline, hoop skirt, or 1 or 2 petticoats (dark color if traveling due to mud and dirt) Layer 3 * Petticoat bodice, corset cover, or camisole Layer 4 * Bodice * Skirt, often held up with "braces" (suspenders) * Belt * Slippers made of satin, velvet, done in knit, or crochet Layer 5 (outerwear for leaving the house) * Shawl, jacket, or mantle * Gloves or mitts * Button up boots
Okay my ex and me have been talking. I love her with all of my heart. Yes during the breakup there was a time I said something different. Probably to the essence of I hated her. Well it wasnt true yes I was upset. But she is the one I want and she is what makes me happy. I dont see how it's anyone's bussiness to be upset about this. This is life and I want her in mine so if you are on my friends list and you messege her in ANY upsetting manner you will be Blocked from any contact with me. She is that important to me. So please respect my wishes cause if anyone fvks this up it will be me.
Kilmarnock 0-4 Rangers #
Kilmarnock 0-4 Rangers # An avalanche of second half goals gave Rangers a comfortable win on a blustery afternoon at Rugby Park. Killie keeper Allan Combe saved a Kris Boyd penalty and the striker thundered a shot against the bar in the first half, while Nacho Novo hit a post. David Weir headed home a Kevin Thomson corner and Boyd smashed in a low strike from a great Kenny Miller pass. Late on, Miller nodded in a Steven Davis cross at the back post and Steven Whittaker added a thrilling volley. The victory keeps Rangers two points behind leaders Celtic, while Kilmarnock have now lost four games on the trot and drop to sixth spot in the table. An early free kick from Thomson caused the home defence all sorts of problems with Madjid Bougherra inches away from diverting the ball home and Kirk Broadfoot, perhaps distracted by his team-mate, glancing it wide from close range. Killie were full of energy and a lovely lay-off from David Fernandez presented Willie Gib
Does It Matter? By Mistress Of Wolves (inspired By Peacey)
To think or not to think to know one is sure yet never to Life is so full of questions when do the answers come or do they? Is all an illusion? Do the supposed insane simply have the key to the myriad of confusion? Are we to know to understand to fathom? Does it matter in the end one simply seeks peace & to not need to always understand? Perhaps to live to feel to take chances knowing there are not nor will be guarantees would in fact end the desire to always know to find What we are or will be
The Rating System.
For all those 12 year olds out there, get a F*$&% life. If you don't like something don't post your thoughts and an image you stole off of someone telling me off THEN place me on Block so I cant reply. Grow the F$&% up or at least take it like a real man/Woman and allow a reply. To place a comment/threat then Block someone is so childish. If you whine because someone didn't automatically rate you a TEN without ever talking to you then you run off to their profile to leave a cr"py comment then block them shows only ONE THING, I was right to rate you that way. There is a very good reason there are numbers in between ONE and TEN, it's a 'rating system' if you can't figure that out, ask someone to explain it to you. A sigh that shows YOUR immature: "ERROR: this user's permissions don't allow you to do this. if you want to add this member to your 'blocked' list..." Man, I tell you, there is nothing on the internet that belittles people more than a rating system. Learn it, an
New Webcam! Kewl!
I just won a new motorized pan/til webcam on Ebay! Very very kewl! Not sure what I'll do with it when I get it... 8-) - Michael
Rowdy Texan Workout, Addendum
ps. I prefer to workout in the buff. It's more... interesting... thatta way. >8-) Saves on laundry too! ;-) - Michael
A Plane Ride
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey were flying on Obama's private plane. Obama looked at Oprah, chuckled and said, 'You know, I could throw a $1,000 bill out of the window right now and make somebody very happy.' Oprah shrugged her shoulders and replied, 'I could throw ten $100 bills out of the window and make ten people very happy. Michelle added, 'That being the case, I could throw one hundred $10 bills out of the window and make a hundred people very happy.' Hearing their exchange, the pilot rolled his eyes and said to his co-pilot, 'Such big-shots back there. Sh*t I could throw all of their @sses out of the window and make 56 million people very happy.'
A Rowdy Texas Workout
There've been comments made that I sure seem to workout alot... lol! Well I figure I still have plenty of room for improvement, so I keep at it. Usually I try to workout at least every other day (if not daily!). Sometimes I alternate, lifting freeweights and doing ab-crunchs and stretching exercises 1 day, then doing power-incline treadmill with weights the next day. It all takes time and some days it's tough to get motivated to be sure! For freeweight workouts I use a pair of 15lbs weights and a slant board to lay back on. There are 3 specific exercises I do on the slant board with the weights... the only one I can name is the fly's (good for working my pectoral muscles)... I'm up to 75 reps for each exercise now! Gawd but I remember when just doing 10 reps with this weights seemed impossible... at this rate, I'm going to have to buy heavier weights soon! 8-D Also I do bicept kurls and work my triceps with a single 15lbs weight at a time. For my treadmill workout I like to
Controversial Subjects...
if we can accept obama as president how come two gay man can't dance together? My 19 year old brother is gay and him and his male friend and a bunch of chicks (including me) went out to uncle bob's in elkton to do some karaoke...during a slow song me and the girls danced together and he and his male friend danced together....after the song some very drunk and outspoken men started yelling fucking faggets and other derogatory words at i ask you this...if the whole united states can accept a black man to run our country how come to men can't simply share a dance together? men on fubar....i ask you this...if you live in the area and you wanna do something about this...join me this upcoming weekend at uncle bob's in elkton to put an end to this bullshit. be there at 9:30pm..5 dollar cover charge. Thank you for reading. Jessica
Animal's Prayer
Standing upon four paws, Upon the grey solid rocks, Looking down over the undergrowth, Masses of Green in front, The blue blue sky spins overhead, the birds circle free, The Lions & Tigers stride forth, Heads held High! The antelopes & elephants graze in peace upon the vines, Building day by day, Herds of Happiness & Joy, In this leafy Jungle there is no such thing as war, For once let the animal's rush forth & the humans take a backseat. We've had enough of gas guzzling, Infernos burning down our land, Our bone's shattered & pulverised for the sake of your health, We stand as one, Fur & Feathers alike, Watching down upon the sacred land, You use your tools upon are trees, Your drills on our prideland, Listen to the the Wolve's cry unto the Moon, How can you not hear there pain, The Big cats Growling there discontent at the destruction before them, We are destined to have the same right's you live bye, I guess it's not to be, Its nigh upon time this stopped, For th
The Last Night
You come to me with scars on your wrist You tell me this will be the last night Feeling like this I just came to say goodbye Didn't want you to see me cry, I'm fine But I know it's a lie This is the last night you'll spend alone Look me in the eye so I know you know I'm everywhere you want me to be The last night you'll spend alone I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go I'm everything you need me to be You're parents say everything is your fault But they don't know you like I know you They don't know you at all I'm so sick of when they say It's just a phase, you'll be okay, you're fine But I know it's a lie This is the last night you'll spend alone Look me in the eye so I know you know I'm everywhere you want me to be The last night you'll spend alone I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go I'm everything you need me to be Last night...away from me The night is so long When everything's wrong If you give me your hand I will help you hold on
^sin^ Has Auto 11s!!!
^sin^ has Auto 11s all night! ^sin^ ♥property of easye02476♥ Click this picture and give her lots of love: Get points, points, points! Click here: ^sin^ ♥property of easye02476♥ Public Service Announcement by: ღTulsa's Angelღ Sarge's Bad Girl ღ Club FAR Team LOVE ღ
Remembrance Sunday
My grandfather was sitting in his dining room when an unexploded incendiary bomb ripped through the ceiling, ricocheted on to the fruit bowl and landed on the dining table. He picked it up, put it outside and waited for the bomb squad to arrive. That was during World War II when bombs were dropping all over Europe but there cant have been that many that landed on dining room tables without actually exploding. At the time he was doing secret war work for the government but some 20 years earlier hed been a young soldier in the Great War. He died when I was little although I have a vague recollection of him but Id have liked to have asked him about his experiences in those trenches and the awful conditions hed have to have endured and the contrast between the two wars. On Christmas Day, the two opposing sides, Germany and Britain, emerged from their respective trenches put down their weapons and called a day of truce so they could play football against each other. I didnt thin
Lebanon Vs Ray-pec
Battle of wills Israel Potoczny The Daily Record Nov 8, 2008 Mondays Class 5 Sectional game between Lebanon (7-4) and Raymore-Peculiar (9-1) will feature two different approaches to accomplishing the same goal score points. Ray-Pec, the states No. 1 ranked Class 5 team, has used a misdirection attack to average 39 points, while Lebanon has used the spread to average 33. It will be an interesting match-up because it is a difference in the styles of football from that area to here, Lebanon head coach Will Christian said. Ray-Pec features as balanced an offensive attack as you will find. They average 194 yards rushing and pass for 195 yards per game. They average 5.2 yards per rush. 11.7 per pass. We have to bottle them in, Christian said. We have to eleminate the surge and that is something we do well. I think with our defensive line, Justin Britt and Trevor Byrd, they play well. We just have to do a good job with that misdirection, and eleminate their offensiv
Still Here
WELL, still in nevada...lots of fuck ups thru the mortgage broker that we were going thru which we were lied to and I am seeking legal recourse. Good thing is that Lonny is here and we are looking forward to getting home sometime in the near future. We will do this thru the right channels and will be in Illinois soon. We don't have internet at the moment but will hopefully again shortly.
I Love This Song!
The Things That Remain Here
Why does pain and things that effect us stay forever? In time we try and deal with events that always happen like so No matter how much we do in a day, the thoughts remain and never sever Seems that life more about hiding the things that hurt the most and continue on like a show People are complicated, reasons that can explain if we all just have the time Sadness and the ideas that often wonder in our minds again In order to receive we need to give, with out doing so its a mind crime It is easy to run but hard to hide, the emptiness will hit but when? To rely on others to survive is an impossible thing to ask For laughs and a clear state of mind Our mind and our soul needs to do the task A better and brighter path to find When things seem to be spinning out of control Panic and anger should be the last things to do In the end all emotions hitting at once can take a grand toll Which makes everything come undone quicker than paper and glue Over reacting to things
Bully For Ed
Come on over to Shockwave Radio Bar & Grill The Peoples Station Only here on Lots of laughter, meet some really awesome people And hear some great tunes... We take all requests...and we all LOVE to talk!! Click the Banner ^ Above ^ to Enter Shockwave All of the Staff would like to welcome you. DJ Brae (aka Brae) DJ Black Cherry Pearl (aka Brad) DJ Pervinator (aka Ed) DJ Shadow(aka Mike) DJ Earthwalker (aka Kevin) DJ Flash (aka Wayne) Click the Banner ^ Above ^ to Enter Shockwave Lounges we also Stream into Click ^ Banner ^ above for the Firefighers Hall (repost of original by '♫ DJ Brae~Black Cherry Pearl's RL Wife~Owner of ShockWave Radio Bar & Grill ♫' on '2008-11-09 10:02:11')
New Train The Love And Magic! Repost
Magic - Robin Thicke NEW TRAIN IN TOWN AND BY NOW WE ALL KNOW THE DRILL ADD/RATE/ FAN ALL ON THE TRAIN. PLEASE NO DRAMA ON HERE. AND WHEN YOU ARE DONE PLEASE E-MAIL THE HOST........................................! ~AKAMRS.T THE DREAM TEAM ~ DYLON'S DIVA MAFIA~ CLUB F.A.R.~ BAD GIRL~@ fubar A~Very~Proud~Navy~Mami~Here!! The~Spot~of~SunShine~Allows ... "NoWalkin'OnTheSunshine"@ fubar BIG POPPA Ya Heard if im not caressin,em im undressin,em regiment bomber&mgr. girlkikass2 dreamteam@ fubar The Dream Team Organizer & Member of Dylon's Divas Mafia Fubar Queen07-08@ fubar BABYGIRL DJ~~*OFFICAL HOT MOMMA'S CLUB MEMBER~~THE DREAM TEAM BOMBER'S****DYLON'S DIVAS@ fubar Pvt.Passion ~ Jade's Dirty Diamond Crew/Regiment Dragon Bombers & DD Levelers/Owner of StoneCutt
Save The Airline Industry!!
Dump the male flight attendants. No one wanted them in the first place. Replace all the female flight attendants with good-looking strippers! What the hell, they don't even serve food anymore, so what's the loss? The strippers would at least triple the alcohol sales and get a 'party atmosphere' going in the cabin. And, of course, every businessman in this country would start flying again, hoping to see naked women. Because of the tips, female flight attendants wouldn't need a salary, thus saving even more money. I suspect tips would be so good that we could charge the women for working the plane and have them kick back 20% of the tips, including lap dances and 'special services.' Muslims would be afraid to get on the planes for fear of seeing naked women. Hijackings would come to a screeching halt, and the airline industry would see record revenues. This is definitely a win-win situation if we handle it right -- a golden opportunity to turn a liability into an asset
Fire Sale
Ok not really but I do have exclusive pics for sale. I also have panties and I custom make videos for reasonable requests. My rates are fair and negotiable, All requests can be sent by private message. Payments are handled through pay pal. *hugs and kisses* cherrymoon aka zombiegirl
I Never Thought...
I never thought that at the age of only 22 I would already be feeling old. I've heard about women who, as they get older, become depressed because the men pass them up or just get rid of them for younger women. Well, I now know how that feels. I never could've imagined that being only 22 I would be jealous of 16, 17, 18 year old girls because the people that I thought cared about me would rather have them. It is really a sad and disgusting feeling.
Mother Nature's Breeze
As our footsteps tread upon the gentle earth, We find ourself in the same old shoes, Bearing witness to what our Mothers & Fathers, Tried to teach us but never got round too or were to scared too. As they walked us through fields of Green & Gold, Telling us what they thought we wanted to be told, Some of us were entwined with vines, Chained in a cage, Some were left to nurture & bloom free & full of colour. We walked hand in hand under azure skies, The gentle warm Breeze, Enveloping us with its beauty, Bringing warmth & comfort, Even as the seasons changed, Mother Nature still leads us, Toward uncertain paths, Kisses forgotten & found. Spiders spinning there silken webs of wonder, The birds flapping there wings & landing gently upon there nest, The dew upon the grass, Shining like polished childhoof marbles, We remember these days as carefree, When we were who we are, Or who we once where! Running forth through time, chasing clocks that never stopped, Watching
We Are Americans First
Yesterday, Rudy Gulliani said something very interesting when asked about what will happen if Obama won the election. His response: "Tomorrow we wake up not Republican, not Democrat, but American. We must back whomever is elected because if he fails, we fail as a nation." Personally, I'm not thrilled that a majority of our nation chose to send in the rookie quarterback while the team is 4th and 20, but there's nothing we can say or do now to change that. All we can do is hope and pray that the right decisions are made and that we do what needs to be done to fix what is broken. We will never fully agree with every decision made and direction our new President takes us in, but we can't do to him what the left did to President Bush. History was made last night. Whether you supported him or not, history was made in terms of racial equality in this country. Never again can someone say that the political playing field is not level for all. I am and will always be a true, Die-hard
Auto 11's Complaints
You know I Keep seeing The Bulletins and comments People Bitching about the Auto 11's and Just as they are sick of Seeing the Auto 11's and The Bulletins about the auto 11's Im sick of seeing all the Bitching/Whining and Complainging I dont see anyone that has Bitched or complained about the Numerous Happy Hour Bulletins Begging for Help to Help The friends level up.. Have we all forgotten where we actually came from and started? at one time WE WERE ALL *GREEN* How Did we level up? By asking for Help! What about the Status' asking for Friends to buy Happy hours/ BLing Packs/ Blast? Some of Us arent as Fortunate to be able to BUY OUR WAY TO THE TOP Or not Fortunate enough to HAVE FRIENDS BUY US THE HAPPY HOURS ECT TO BE ABLE TO LEVEL UP ... as most of us know the only way to level up Once you Get to the higher levels that need Millions of Points is to Have happy hour after Happy hour that We cannot afford So The Auto Blings is an cheaper way for us to Be able to Level up as well.. PLEAS
Help Ticha Godmother!
TICHA HAS 800,000 to GODMOTHER! Ticha~o-Fndoflb Ft~SBG~Venom'sVixen HIT UP TICHA AND HELP HER LEVEL! Ticha~o-Fndoflb Ft~SBG~Venom'sVixen DO IT NOW; YOU KNOW YOU WANNA! Ticha~o-Fndoflb Ft~SBG~Venom'sVixen
I Am In An Auction...i Need Bids!!!
THIS IS A BLING CONTEST AND I NEED SOME BIDS...CAN YOU HELP ME???? ANYBODY??? Im in an auction ..and I need your help so hit the link and start bidding ....This is a NO fubucks Auction. Real $$$ bids only (Bling Packs, Blasts, VIPs, Tickers, HHs) Only leave a comment if you are making a bid. Auction ends Nov 15th at Noon Futime Heres what im picture to bid.. This bully made with love by: ♫♫DjBlueyes ♫♫ Daddy's Levelers member of Regiment DragonBombers&DDleve@ fubar (repost of original by '♫♫DjBlueyes ♫♫ Daddy's Levelers member of Regiment DragonBombers&DDleve' on '2008-11-09 12:02:45') (repost of original by ' sTaRr ' on '2008-11-09 12:47:31') (repost of original by '☠ The One ☠ / Founder of Daddy's Levelers / Fu Owned by Buckeyebabe' on '2008-11-09 13:21:09')
You Know The Big Brother Thing Right???
Let me start this off by saying I am not as ignorant as this blog may seem. I can show degrees that I have from college and that I am cool about,but when it comes to my daughter I am clueless and learning every day.Always something new.I know that is suppose to be normal but not when you didn't raise her and your parents did for reasons I will not go into. So here it is.I think for the most part we have all heard of Big Brother.My way of thinking is not the reality show,but in the form that someone shows a child or is around a child a lot and does things with them as a big brother does,doesn't matter if it is female or male RIGHT? I put in a lot of hours doing what I do and my baby for the most I feel is neglected,she says she isn't but my heart tells me different.She has only felt really close to one person but to ask him would be wrong and forget about the father he isn't in the picture for a reason. She needs someone that will laugh with her,take her places,help her with thi
Meditation For The Day Nov 9
When something happens to upset you and you are discouraged, try to feel that life's difficulties and troubles are not intended to arrest your progress in the spiritual life, but to test your strength and to increase your determination to keep going. Whatever it is that must be met, you are to either overcome it or use it. Nothing should daunt you for long, nor should any difficulty entirely overcome or conquer you. God's strength will always be there, waiting for you to use it. Nothing can be too great to be overcome, or if not overcome, then used.
Co-founder Day For Angels
ok Angel's Sunday's we Touch the founders of the group and chuckiiboo does plenty for both crews so rate him up leave a rose or an angel as always thanks loves !! ***chuckiiboo***@ fubar
More From Under A Rock
I have come to the conclusion that I was mind raped and like any other rape victim, it wreaks havoc on your emotions. I was told some harsh things the other day that quite frankly screwed me up. As everyone knows the relationship between my husband and I is OVER. I have come to the realization that some people hold on to things because you think thats what you deserve or that is all that is out there. You deprive yourself of what could be or should be. Keep closing doors even before they are even opened, missing doors because you are too blind to see them. You are too wrapped up in the moment, to consumed by emotion to stop and look. Under this rock here, I am learning. Things between us will never be. That simple. I am finally letting go. I wont lie, it has been hard, but I see now. The road to what we call happiness is definitely not an easy one, but hey you live and you learn. What I need right now is some serious me time. I need to be on my own, make peace with myself. I have iss
A Man
Give a man a baby. And watch him become the child he was. Lose the heart of a woman. And watch him become a shell of what he was.
Lousy Ass Weekend
not a very good weekend on this end,one mistake cost me hundreds of dollars and im furious,and cant believe i scratched my "baby" after only 500 miles,its no wonder i need a beer today...i just want to screammmmmmmmmmm
(laugh 4 The Day) You Just Can't Fix Stupid!!
LMAO a friend just forwarded this to me. Gave me a laugh so I wanted to share is with you to help make your day better. You Just Can't Fix Stupid!! ONE Recently, when I went to McDonald's I saw on the menu that you could have an order of 6, 9 or 12 Chicken McNuggets. I asked for a half dozen nuggets. 'We don't have half dozen nuggets,' said the teenager at the counter. 'You don't?' I replied. 'We only have six, nine, or twelve,' was the reply. 'So I can't order a half dozen nuggets, but I can order six?' 'That's right.' So I shook my head and ordered six McNuggets . TWO I was checking out at the local Wal-Mart with just a few items and the lady behind me put her things on the belt close to mine. I picked up one of those 'dividers' that they keep by the cash register and placed it between our things so they wouldn't get mixed. After the girl had scanned all of my items, she picked up the 'divider', looking it all over for the bar code so she could scan it. Not fin
Project Help
I need some help with a project of mine. I had to make balance boards to be donated to a local elementary school. I have two. I need to paint them. I know the school's mascot is the bobcats, but I have no idea what the school's colors are. I also have no way of finding out until it's too late. So what color(s)/design(s) should I paint these stupid things? Thanks for the help everyone. :)
A Loveing Daddy
a lov3ing daddy lov3ing hiz babyz Category: Life da most important thing in mi lif3 is ,mi babyz th3y mak3 m3 th3 man i am taday i am a single par3nt doing what i hav3 ta do 4 mi boyz wit out mi th3y dont hav3 nutt3n wit out th3m i am nutt3n lov3 d3m littl3 vatoz th3y ar3 1 in mi lif3 and alwayz will b3 i would giv3 mi lif3 4 d3m i will do right by th3m and giv3 th3m what i did not hav3 lol shit th3y b3 spoil3d but ya3 im a singl3 daddy doing my thing and i will always do mi babyz right no matta what th3y mi lif3 mi soul mi 3v3rything so ya3 u b3 looking at a r3al man that knowz hiz responsabilytz and will alwayz put th3m first and mak3 sur3 th3y hav3 ev3rthing th3y n33d and want shout outz ta all th3 singl3 daddyz doing th3r3 thing itz hard but h3y im lov3ing 3v3ry bit of it and would not hav3 it any oth3r way and ta all u fak3 ass vatoz l3av3ing ur kidz and not doing ur thang u mak3 us r3al m3n look bad but do what ya hav3 ta cuz uz r3al m3n hav3 b33n doing what w3 hav3 ta an
She Asks Why
As the infant turned to a child the Angel wondered more than once why Feeling helpless the Angel watched from above as her destiny began to unfold A woman selling herself to feed the demon within and for the needle that demon would make her scream Not out of love or even lust one night the seed was planted The Devil laughed as the Lord sighed, and the Angel simply hung his head and cried For the next several years he watched amazed as the child survived As the beatings grew worse and the world turned a blind eye He knew that it wouldn't forever be this way yet the waiting for her time to come was taking a toll The little one never did know what she did that was so wrong she would often try to make herself disappear not make a sound yet it never seemed to work for sure as the sun would rise and fall she would be beaten and passed around to those who wanted to touch by the age of eight she still didn't know why love had to hurt so much He stayed by her s
2nd Alarm Hotties Code of Conduct 1. All Hottie members/prospects must have a verified salute and a minimum of 15 pics which include S.F.W body shots. 2. All hotties must be female by birth. 3. Shout box and Fu-mail must be open to officers for communications (Profile may not be set to friends only for this purpose). Officers must obtain a yahoo screen name. Acting chiefs must have all officers yahoo id's for communication and meeting purposes 4. Hottie homepage must be added to your Family while considered a prospect and remain in family after administration. All new hotties will be assigned to a Team, your team leader must be in your top 7 friends and upon your acceptance to the group you must add '2nd Alarm hotties member' to your fubar screen name, you are allowed 5 days to conform with all C.O.C.rules. 5. All current 2nd alarm hottie Officers must be f/r/a to your page, they may all be found on the homepage in family. After officers, your team mates are
Friends Only Profile
I came onto this site to start a penis picture collection. This is the truth, the first night on here I ended up hitting it off with a man that eventually broke my heart, never again I said. Then I started to check out the mumms and really enjoyed myself. I got lost along the way. This site has provided a reprieve from what has become a difficult and grinding lifestyle. And I throw myself into becoming a point whore to distract myself from these difficulties. But in doing so, I have learned that I have true friendships on this site, people that if given the opportunity I would love to walk through fire for. I don't need to point whore, I definately do not need to escape from my problems, but I do need to realize that my profile is an extension of me, and I don't let everyone in, therefore I have decided to make my profile friends only, because if you are on my list you have proven yourself to be a true friend of mine, I love you for it, and you have full access to my madnes
A Loveing Daddy Looking 4 His Queen
This Is Fun
Send me a private message telling answering all the questions below. It doesn't matter if you're not single. Don't be afraid, because the person you send it to is as dirty minded as you. ;) lol 1.Your Name: 2.Age: 3.Favorite position: 4. Do you think I'm cute? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. Lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8.Would you take a shower with me? 9.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10.Would you leave after or stay the night? 11.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 14.Condom or skin? 15.Have sex on the first date? 16.Would you kiss me during sex? 17.Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Would you use me as a booty call? 19.Can I use you as a booty call? 20.Can we take pictures of the act? 21.How long would we have sex? 22.Would you tell your friends about me? 23.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
980201 Is A Perv!
Yeah, so the user's number posted above, the guy is a real creep! He asks to see your webcam so he can "get off"...gross! Sorry, he should have more common sense, that's pathetic...
Results For The Arena Metal Battle
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road ?
WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD ? BARACK OBAMA: The chicken crossed the road because it was time for a change! The chicken wanted change! JOHN MC CAIN: My friends, that chicken crossed the road because he recognized the need to engage in cooperation and dialogue with all the chickens on the other side of the road. HILLARY CLINTON: When I was First Lady, I personally helped that little chicken to cross the road. This experience makes me uniquely qualified to ensure right from Day One, that every chicken in this country gets the chance it deserves to cross the road. But then, this really isn't about me. GEORGE W. BUSH: We don't really care why the chicken crossed the road. We just want to know if the chicken is on our side of the road, or not. The chicken is either against us, or for us. There is no middle ground here. DICK CHENEY: Where's my gun? COLIN POWELL: Now to the left of the screen, you can clearly see the satellite image of the ch
I recently read a survey taken by some stuffy nose scientist that men magazines negatively effect the minds of most men. What a crock of shit that is. The article stated that the "average" male ego is deflated due to the beauty of the female and her body to the point the observing male begins to think "I am not handsome enough to date that girl". Can you believe it? Personally, I do and always have loved women, women on men, women on women and even in a sick way women that are kind of butchy. That said, why in the fuck didn't these scientist ever contact me for this survey. I personally think we are all attracted to beauty and if you are beautiful and want a male opinion, then contact me direct at and we can chat or meet up about this survey. Some scientist are sick fucks for sure. Have a fantastic Sunday and stay wet and loose.
Leave Me A Voice Comment....pretty Please.. :)
Vengence Is Mine - Again
Fifth cart now stashed on my patio This one is from Kroger's...How the hell they got this one is beyond me, as Kroger's has those damn carts that can only go so far before their wheels lock up while in the parking lot...I know because I once had to move my car to load in my groceries! I heard someone moving it around early this morning [about 8.15ish]. I looked out my window and it was sitting there unattended. So, I ran out there and grabbed it. Now I have a total of FIVE shopping carts on my porch. I've been thinking of what I might do with them. I have this idea of building a shopping cart sculpture in the middle of circle on the mound. I was going to use zip ties to lock them all together, but I figure the little monsters will just cut them. So I need to invest in some chain or cheap bicycle locks. I just want to connect them where they cannot be used. I want to put them right out into their faces but make it where they can't use them for any form of amusement. I also w
Help Queen Of Hearts Win A Auto11 Plz
Please Help Out This Woman She Is a Great Friend Of Mine ..Help Her Win A Auto 11.....
Why am I hurting more now that I ever had before? Why does the pain in my heart not subside from the worst loss in my life ? Why does the future in my life seem to look like it will never get better no matter how hard I try to remain postitive about it ? Why can't I face the reality that it is over and let go ? Why do I hold out hope that the only thing that ever mattered to me will someday return to make my life whole again ? Why does this depression get worst day after day ? Why is God making me hurt so bad, have I really done so many terrible things in my life to deserve all this pain ? I hope the answers come soon, because I don't know how much longer I can live my life like this before I have to do something I don't want to do to make the pain go away. God please send some kind of sign to make me understand - WHY ?
True Love And Dying Of A Broken Heart
Have you ever heard a story, one of a love so beautiful and so real, that you cannot live without that love? Here is a story of that kind of love, the kind that cant even be expressed in words, the kind that if you lose that love, your heart is so broken, that you cannot go on. If you are not a pet lover, you may not relate to this story. If you have ever loved an animal, then you know that losing your pet, is losing a member of your family. Heres my story Amanda Aaliyah was my mothers day present in 2000. I remember responding to the ad in the paper and going to see the litter of mini schnauzer puppies. When I saw the pups, they were all just balls of cute furrinessso tiny; they could fit in the palm of your hand. The pups were feisty and giving their mom a hard time, all except one. There was one pup all by herself in a corner; she was the runt of the litter. When I saw her I slowly approached her, she smelled my hand and crawled toward me with apprehension. At
Marines Birthday Message
Help My Friend 38ddtates Out
please people help out my friend 39ddtates out she needs to win a bet the bet is to see how much bling she and other person can get and she only has 19 to his 35
Advice Needed
For those that happen to read this, I am going to explain what is going on and would like for you to give me your honest opion as to what you think I should do. I have known a special women for the past 16 years which we have been very close. Through out these past 16 years, we have had times of no communication because of each other's life where she has had various boyfriends and for some reason during this time when she has hit rock bottom, we would cross paths, and we would start to talk like we have never lost communication. I have loved this women for all of these years and until recently since she has been single, finely told her how I have felt for her. In her mind, she did not believe me and has not believed any of her guy friend for these past years when they told her that they seen that I was in love with her. Her comment to them is he does not and that is just the way he is. This women is a single parent with a 15 year old daughter. Since I found out 1 year ago that she w
Here Is A Poem Called Dad
One day A year Is not enough To tell my dad That he's loved much I watched you work From day to day To see us fed and clothed each day Still this day Anyone can see Your still workin hard For the family I see my frieds whose dads are gone They've eighter died or said so long i'm the lucky one To buy a card And sign my name To someone's words Is not my thing And so i write My words and say I love you more Day after day!
In Auto 11 Contest
Hi all..Im in an auto 11 contest. Pls bomb my pic.
Now You Can All Hear My Voice
(but only if you are gonna leave a voice message - otherwise you wont hear it and excuse the background noise - tv and kids fighting!)
Looking In To Your Eyes
Music turned down low sitting in a chair at the lake gazing into your eyes not knowing if its a dream or i am awake I turn to look at your hand touching mine knowing now its not a dream feeling my heart fluttering nope, it is as real as it may seem gently i kiss your lips with a soft touch to your face never in a life time will these thoughts ever be erased. Longing to touch you now knowing your miles away knowing that you are in my heart there, forever to stay I close my eyes with the visions i have a soft breeze, a lake with and island and trees all around i can't believe that i can't feel my feet touching the ground. my love for you in my heart to stay touching my soul every single day.. you know who you are.. Love to you.
You came into my fu-life unexpectedly, and everything took a turn for the better. Without even knowing it, you were slowly making a place for yourself in my heart. Your warm eyes, your laugh, the sincere way you speak, and the kindness you showed me, all became a part of my life... I know now that I had never known what it meant to be loved until I was loved by you.
We Need A New Lead Singer
Recently the lead singer for my Nephews band (Lost Endd) went to another local band. He didn't like playing in the nightclubs, bars, etc.... They are a great band, you can go to to hear thier music. He is not the only singer, my nephew and one of the other guys do also. It would just be nice if we could get some new recruits. These boys have opened for Night Ranger, 38 Special and Lucero. Anyone interested or knows of anyone interested please leave me an e-mail and a way of contacting you. Thanks, Have a great day
Bear Bryant 'simply The Best There Ever Was'
Bear Bryant 'simply the best there ever was' By Mike Puma Special to "His nickname was Bear. Now imagine a guy that can carry the nickname Bear," says Joe Namath on ESPN Classic's SportsCentury series. Bear Bryant Bryant's first, and only, priority was winning. After breaking the record for career victories by a college football head coach, Paul (Bear) Bryant called himself a tired old man who never got tired of football. When Bryant finally retired, he didn't receive an opportunity to enjoy life away from the game, if that were possible for him. He died 28 days after coaching his last game. While Bryant's 323 major-college victories have been eclipsed by Penn State's Joe Paterno and Florida State's Bobby Bowden, Bryant left a legacy that encompassed more than 37 winning seasons overall and five Associated Press national championships at Alabama. No college coach in the second half of the 20th century commanded a bigger presence. Bryant became an icon, a symbol
Hey everybody. This is my first blog, so if it gets a little messed up, well, it's a new thing for me. A great friend of mine, 38ddtatas (Tonia to her friends) is in a pickle. She made a bet with a guy about collecting bling. You can read her blog here: So here is what I am asking... Anyone who helps her out with bling (cheap bling, she gets credit 'per piece') I will do something special for. I will create a folder just for those people who have helped along the way. Just make sure you send her a note that it is from me so I know which of my friends helped, and in turn who I should treat later. Thank you all for helping, she is thankful too. *kisses*
Paul "bear" Bryant...
Coach Bryant was born Paul William Bryant in Kingsland, Arkansas. He earned the nickname "Bear" by wrestling a bear in a theater. Bear was an all-state high school football player in high school and later played college football for the University of Alabama. His first coaching job was as an assistant coach there after graduating in 1935. His first job as a head coach was at Maryland where he acquired a reputation as a demanding coach and strict disciplinarian. In 1946 at Kentucky, Bryant coached the team to four bowl games and won their only Southeastern Conference title. In 1956 at Texas A&M,, he won the Southwest Conference championship in 1956. When Coach Bryant returned to the University of Alabama in 1958, he revitalized the Crimson Tide football program into the nation's top-ranked college football team. His 1961, 1964, 1965, 1973, 1978, and 1979 teams all won National Championships. In 1981, he broke Amos Alonzo Stagg's record of 314 coaching victories and finished coaching wit
In my "all me" album is a picture of me wearing a pair of Tweety pants and some crazy a$$hole marked it as a NSFW. Well I need your opinion is it really or is somebody just haten on me!
What Do You All Think
Well, first of all, thought I am not really new to computers by any means, I have never done a blog before. I hope I can figure it out later. But I am still waiting to see what people think about some NSFW pictures of myself. i am not shy, so I have no problems taking them or posting them. However, I must warn you all, some of you may be scared, some may cry, some may die laughing, and yes even a few my sit and say, "it looks like a penis only smaller....a lot smaller." But truthfully, most of you will be extremely turned on. Ladies only I hope, I don't swing both ways. So anyways, I will leave this up for a few days till I am off again, which will be Thursday and see how many response I get. If I do it, I will update the Blog with them being posted, and then they will only be available for a couple days before being locked away forever. Let me know what you think.
To Leave The Old Me Behind...
A time comes in your life when you finally get it ... When, in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out enough!!! Enough fighting and crying or struggling to hold on. And, like a child quieting down after a blind tantrum, your sobs begin to subside, you shudder once or twice, you blink back your tears and begin to look at the world through new eyes. This is your awakening. You realize it's time to stop hoping and waiting for something to change...Or for happiness, safety and security to come galloping over the next horizon. You come to terms with the fact that you are neither prince charming or cinderella and that in the real world there aren't always fairy tale endings (or beginnings for that matter) and that any guarantee of "happily ever after" must begin with you...And in the process a sense of serenity is born of acceptance. Just as you begin to fathom reality (FathomREALITY is my s/n for a reason) Yo
I Have No Feeling Left......
every member pls update their points in a comment here links to all members: ~*~cutemommy82~*~ I'm his diamond and the queen of his heart!!! love u baby@ fubar $$$$-MyStA BiGzZZ-$$$$$~PU$$YCAT PIMP~@ fubar YOU AINT KNOW~ALA'S MOST WANTED~@ fubar Mr.&Mrs.Sykesfu-owned by puddy@ fubar PaPa_D@ fubar ~Miss Dee~@ fubar Xenobies_world $$~LEVEL POUNDER~$$ Wife of Fuji_Wan & fugirl to Ashton@ fubar ~LiPz~aka~HiPz~@ fubar ~~sPyDa~~@ fubar XKrazyLilQTX*fu-wife to D*@ fubar **DJ Navy ** Fu-Engaged to xoxoflirt **Member of the Level Pounders**@ fubar
No More Trains For Me!!
This is a slight carry on from yesterdays blog, just incase some didnt see it. I have got a lot on my plate, I am lucky that Porl is here to share what is going on ... I feel so disappointed and let down by the schooling systems and authorities and if your a real friend you will know what is going on. Whilst I enjoyed the trains I also noticed that for every train of say 100 members out of that I'd say I hear from 2-5 people and keep in contact, I also am strict with the no salute no add, due to issues which again real friends will know why I do this,this is why I am calling a holt to the trains, I still screen every person on the train lists to see if they have salutes, I have come across some in the past that dont have salutes so dont RAF and then get off them " you didnt RAF me" and when I explain why they harrass me, and with things how they are for me at the moment I havent got the time to screen everyone on a train. So as from today I am hanging up my "train boots" lol .
If you are looking for Barbi then you might as well just leave...she is not here...I am me and this is what you get. If you dont like it the oh well this is just tough....I welcome all whom want to be friends and once we are friends I can be one of the best you have...hurt me and you might as well just never come into my life again....:) I am easy going for the most part and open minded...other than all of the above well enjoy life it is trully to short.
~*~cutemommy82~*~ I'm his diamond and the queen of his heart!!! love u baby@ fubar $$$$-MyStA BiGzZZ-$$$$$~PU$$YCAT PIMP~@ fubar YOU AINT KNOW~ALA'S MOST WANTED~@ fubar Mr.&Mrs.Sykesfu-owned by puddy@ fubar PaPa_D@ fubar ~Miss Dee~@ fubar Xenobies_world $$~LEVEL POUNDER~$$ Wife of Fuji_Wan & fugirl to Ashton@ fubar ~LiPz~aka~HiPz~@ fubar ~~sPyDa~~@ fubar XKrazyLilQTX*fu-wife to D*@ fubar **DJ Navy ** Fu-Engaged to xoxoflirt **Member of the Level Pounders**@ fubar ZION N MORRISON..aka DJ MOGZY'0
Is Obama Really The First Black President? Not Necessarily
It is all in the Library Of Congress. What you are about to read here will forever alter your views on history in our nation. The following information has been researched by David Coyle and many other people have reseached it but Dr Leroy Vaughn, MD, MBA has done the most extensive research. All of these men have black ancesters and Abe Lincoln was half black. There was a picture of the cartoon that Abe Lincolns oponent ran in newspapers. You can check it out at Calvin Coolidge was our 30th president, and he succeeded Warren Harding. He proudly admitted that his mother was dark because of mixed Indian ancestry. However, Dr. Bakhufu says that by 1800 the New England Indian was hardly any longer pure Indian, because they had mixed so often with Blacks. Calvin Coolidge's mother's maiden name was "Moor." In Europe the name "Moor" was given to all Black people just as the name Negro was used in America. Abraham Lincoln was our 16
Daddy's Day
Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mummy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees a dad who never calls.. There were daddies along the back wall, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats One by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, every chil
Friends Huh?
I am usually the one that sits back and hardly complains about anything but I just can't take it anymore. I have helped a lot of people, which I love but when do people step up for me? I was around fubar everyday, helping people level, helping in different contests... Yet, when I post a bully - no one looks. (unless it's a train) I see people offering 50k for something and they get it, for the same thing I have to offer Bling, Rates, and fubucks in order to get it. I'm starting to lose a lot of interest in fubar. Why should I continue to help people as I do when a lot of times I don't even get a thank you. That is all I ask for when I help you! Even my closest friends seem to have no interest in talking to me lately. I've been on here for hours trying to find ppl to talk to... I just get ignored. This breaks my heart... I don't feel like I have but maybe one or two people on here that REALLY want/enjoy to be my friend. When my VIP had runs out (Which I am EXTREAMLY grateful for) I'm th
In The Words Of Dr. House: Everybody Lies
As an individual we think we know what we want in a partner; when we find someone like that it either works out or it doesn't because we either find out that its not what we really wanted at all. That the reason we were that person was out of fear--the fear of being alone. Instead of being pissed off when it ends, stop and reflect on it and remember everything-the good, the bad, and the ugly. For instance, some people are looking for that significant other who doesn't have young children or who's children are just about out of school so that they can enjoy their life together. Then for one reason or another he or she decides that that isn't what they wanted at all and instead start dating people who have children, younger than high school age. The best thing when meeting someone is to be completely honest from the beginning. If you want someone who won't argue with you - tell them straight up and stick to it. Learn to control your anger or the impulses to walk away without an ex
Dj Wicked Deuce
Come check out my new owner and show him some FuLOVE!! DJ WickedDeuce@HipHopZ(Fu Bomber)owned by jamiedawn@ fubar
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The Begining Of The Life Of The Dark Lord
The night is early and it is dark as the lid to the coffin opens.and the man sits up and streaches and he rises looking around his castle that he has lived in for these past 300 years that he has slept away.he walks to the window looking out into the night his eyes seeing everything for the first time in 300 years,and the way the world has he leaves his castle he starts down the road to the near by town to see how life has change during his long he keeps walking he notices the cars and looks puzzled.but he never the less keeps walking and as he arrives in town he sees how much different everything has changed,and he knows he must change to fit in and conceal from the world what he truely is.he then sees people walking down the street,and not wanting to draw unwanted attention to himself.he ducks into the shadows of a near by alley.but he keeps a close watch on the people observeing how they now dress and act.after standing in the alley for a few.he thinks to himse
Fuck Off
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Bless Me With Those Eyes
'A thing of beauty is a joy for ever' Words of Keats one can forget never What is beauty - beauty is where One can enjoy here and there, every where! Grecian urn a beautiful piece Niagara falls a beautiful place Silver streaks of water brings us peace Hills and dales sure nature's grace! Does beauty lie in the objects seen Or lie in the eyes of the seer keen? Beauty seen in the scorching Sun Beauty felt in the biting cold Beauty heard in the melody of birds Beauty smelt in the fragrance of rose Beauty tasted in the bitterness of neem Beauty found sure in every mean(s) ! 'Beauty is truth and truth beauty That is all what ye know on earth And what all ye need to know' Words of Wisdom From votary of beauty And a devotee of Almighty! Creator of noble beauty Harbinger of peace and piety Bless me with those eyes and mind Beauty in ugliness that they can find! Beauty of the mind and beauty of the soul Sure makes one the wholesome whole.
Crazy Night
OMG what a crazy night. Brought on by emoiton. Don't you just hate those :P. lol yeah i'd like to blame the booze, but that doesn't affect me as much as some. Anyways as soon as I logged off and went to bed I started feeling good in a way. Amazing how you tell yourself hey it's all good. Still in heartache, but I believe that practice makes perfect. And this is the third time I have gotten my heart broken so it's getting a little easier. I'm still not sure where I stand with someone, but if things don't turn out the way I want then I can still keep my head high. I don't want to walk away from anything and want to give my full heart to her. Anyways for my crazy night. First the heart ache, then the stomach ache that made me puke, then the booze. Then I tried to get some attention by pulling something out. The only thing the booze did is lower my intellect a little and not realize I would not get the reaction I wanted. But again i don't put the full blame on the booze, only very little,
Life As I Know It
Well i finished my first week at my new its so the people..the work..not really loving the commute but it works. In all of this i have really been learning alot about myself. Which of course is never a bad thing.. I have learned i am alot smarter then i thought i was (that is with numbers) i have never been an english major lol My old job didnt pay me for the last week i worked and none of my vacation time so i went to the union...guess its a fight between them now..problem is im going on vacation next week..have no bills paid and no money..but oh well i will spend alot of time at the beach lol.. im very nervous about leaving the kids for a week..granted they are 17 and 15 but i have never been on vacation without them. Really i have never been away from them at all since they were born and the 3 of us have been nowhere since the seperation and divorce..thats been about 4 yrs..oh well i need to let go alittle i guess. oh another front i also have been learning abo
Love Passes By... Needed A Bit Of Venting After A Hard Night Now I Am Dead To The World Tierd
Im going crazy, Going completely insane, I cant take the talking , Cant take the shame. I cant feel my fingers, As I type the words to you, I cant feel my body, It doesnt know what to do. I talk to her about you, I cant let her see I still care, I cant take it that your with her, I cant take it that shes right there. Walked into the room and saw you flirting, Just about died inside, Walk away with my head held high, Then came home and cried. Now I sit here thinking What is it that I can do I could simply leave Then I would never see you I think about timing , How I could work while your awake, And then it wouldnt hurt so much, I do all this for my sake. I look over and see you sleeping, Knowing we will never be, Knowing Shes the one, Its not me. I am other girl, One more time I cry, One more time I guard my heart, One more time love passes by.
Amaze Yourself
Amaze yourself Once you're up and running, keep going. Once you've worked to establish some momentum, make the most of it. Don't stop when you've done just enough. With a little extra effort, you can achieve so much more. You've spent a lot of time and effort getting to where you are. If you stop now you'll have to put even more effort into getting started again. Keep going until you've far surpassed what you expected to do. Surprise and delight yourself with how much more you can get accomplished. When you've already done what's good enough, that puts you in a great position. It's more effective to reach higher when you're already moving higher. Momentum is an unstoppable force. Once you've got it, keep using it, and keep going until you're amazed at what you've done. -- Ralph Marston
Leveling Pimpout #15
Native American Pride Leveling Pimpout Michelle~R/L G/F and Fiance of Miracle Monkey~Winterhawk~Native American Pride~Member of Llama Level@ fubar 24k to level This leveling Pimpout brought to you by: Native American Pride Homepage@ fubar
Take A Compliment In The Same Spirit It Is Payed.
Love is something if you give away, you end up having more. --Malvina Reynolds The other side of giving is taking. Many of us were brought up to believe that it's not okay to take, so we diminish admiration that people give us. "Oh, this old rag, I got it at a garage sale for next to nothing." This response to a compliment can take away the joy of giving it from the person who admired the way we looked. Giving needs taking to complete it. We can keep the cycle of generosity going by taking gracefully. A world without those who take would be unbalanced. When someone gives us love, appreciation, or a gift, we can show our real pleasure with a simple thank you, and stop thinking we don't deserve it. Can I accept what's given to me today in the spirit it's offered?
Apple Pie Smoothie
INGREDIENTS * 2 (6 ounce) containers vanilla yogurt * 1/2 cup pumpkin pie filling * 1 banana, broken into chunks * 2 cups apple juice * 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon * 1 dash ground nutmeg DIRECTIONS 1. Combine the yogurt, pumpkin pie filling, banana, apple juice, cinnamon, and nutmeg in a blender. 2. Blend until smooth, about 1 minute. Pour into glasses and serve.
Well, some of you already know me, some of you don't. This is just a bit more then I put into my profile for those of you who may be interested........ My name is johnny! I was born in Illinois and have spent the majority of my life in both IL. and MI. When I was 6, I contracted bacterial spinal meningitis, which tore my immune system down and allowed the ear infections I got during the infection to progress to profound deafness. At the age of almost 8, I received a Cochlear Implant, and have used this technology to interact socially since then. I was among some of the first people to receive the implant, and although I have not exactly kept up with the current technology involved in it's evolution, I am still confident in my everyday activities as any normal person would be. But don't be fooled by what you see or hear......if anyone knows better, the key to observing life is to realize things are not always as out senses perceive them to be. I am far from normal, but I try not
Sausage Casserole
INGREDIENTS * 1 pound sage flavored breakfast sausage * 3 cups shredded potatoes, drained and pressed * 1/4 cup butter, melted * 12 ounces mild Cheddar cheese, shredded * 1/2 cup onion, shredded * 1 (16 ounce) container small curd cottage cheese * 6 jumbo eggs DIRECTIONS 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Lightly grease a 9x13 inch square baking dish. 2. Place sausage in a large, deep skillet. Cook over medium-high heat until evenly brown. Drain, crumble, and set aside. 3. In the prepared baking dish, stir together the shredded potatoes and butter. Line the bottom and sides of the baking dish with the mixture. In a bowl, mix the sausage, Cheddar cheese, onion, cottage cheese, and eggs. Pour over the potato mixture. 4. Bake 1 hour in the preheated oven, or until a toothpick inserted into center of the casserole comes out clean. Let cool for 5 minutes before serving.
Blind Russian
Ingredients: * 3/4 oz Bailey's irish cream * 3/4 oz Godiva liqueur * 3/4 oz Kahlua * 1/2 oz Butterscotch schnapps * Milk to fill Mixing instructions: Fill glass with ice. Add all liquers. Add milk. shake.
Pink Gin Tonic
Ingredients: * 2 oz Gin * 5 oz Tonic water * 1 splash Campari * 1 wedge Lime Mixing instructions: Pour the gin and the tonic water into a highball glass almost filled with ice cubes. Stir well. Top with Campari to add more colour and taste. Garnish with the lime wedge.
Iced Lemonade Tea
Ingredients: * 10 cups Tea * 3/4 cup Sugar * 6 oz frozen Lemonade (pink or regular) Mixing instructions: Use a big bowl and mix the sugar and lemonade together. Pour the tea over the top while it is still boiling. That way the sugar and lemonade mix properly. Let cool before serving.
Pink Pillow
Ingredients: * 3 oz Vodka * 1 dash Grenadine * 5 oz Sweet and sour * 5 oz Ginger ale Mixing instructions: Pour the Vodka in first and add Grenadine till it is nice and pink. Then add equal parts of Sour Mix and Ginger Ale until the glass is full.
Pure Pleasure
Ingredients: * 2 cl Absolut Kurant * 2 cl Malibu rum * 1 cl Lemon juice * Cranberry juice * Ice cubes Mixing instructions: Shake all the ingredients with lots of ice. Stir in a Hurricane glass.
Chocolate Martini
Ingredients: * 2 1/2 oz Vanilla vodka (Stoli) * 1/2 oz Chocolate liqueur (Godiva) Mixing instructions: Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into chilled martini glass.
The Mobile Phone
The sounds drift along Slowly getting louder With noise and music They bring the attention home The noise and buzzing brings notice People turning heads Talking is heard But only one is seen Fingers are a tapping Letters forming words Floating in the air Conversations flowing From one to another Secrets and lies are told Friends and enemies Come together The world becomes smaller As we embrace technology A curse or life Only time will tell
A Poem Of Remembrance
A million blood red poppies fell slowly to the floor And I heard a million voices that I had heard before Calling from a foreign field, the earth, the sea, the sky Telling all the story of why they had to die. Liberty and freedom, motherland and home These are words to cherish but the dead lie deathly prone. Have we learned the lesson, all they gave was it in vain? Is this a better world we live in built upon their pain? A million blood red poppies, remember them and pray They gave their tomorrow that we might have this day We must strive to greater effort for peace and goodwill to reign Never should one single poppy fall to the floor again.
when you love with all your heart .your mind .and body .in sickness and in health .till death do us part ..that is loveeeeeeeeee

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