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New Christmas Poem From A Marine
Some Rules Suck!
Governments and their sometimes stupid rules How old does one have to be to run a vacuum cleaner? Well it seems that teenagers under the age of 18 are not allowed to use such equipment in England. That is what one company used as ground to fire a 16 year old male. Karl Walker, who is in his final year of secondary school and plans to become a computer programmer, had been working for Apollo Cleaning for several weeks. He worked two hours a day, five days a week, and earned 6 an hour. That came to an end when Apollo management, citing "government guidelines", declared that workers had to be 18 years old before they could operate vacuum cleaners and use hot water and other dangerous cleaning stuff. PLEASE!!! What did they think he was going to do drink the cleaning solution? Karl's mum (I love it when I hear the English talk about Mothers) called the decision "ridiculous". Her son, she said, had been helping clean the family home for years without incident. Karl is left to ponder
Will You Give This To My Dad?
Subject: Will you give this to my dad? > > I thought you might like to read this. It's a tear > jerker > > Will you give this to my Daddy? > > > As a Company, Southwest Airlines is going to support > 'Red Fridays.' > > Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia attending a conference. > While I was > in the airport, returning home, I heard several people > behind me > beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around > and witnessed > One of the greatest acts of patriotism I have ever seen. > > Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their > camos. As they > began heading to their gate, everyone (well almost > everyone) was > abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and > cheering. > > When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being > applauded and > Cheered for, it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the > only red-blooded > American who still loves this country and supports our > troops and their > families. > > Of course I imme
My Fantasy
I get into the house and there is a note hanging where my keys go, it says to go upstairs get a glass of wine, undress, and soak in the bath I've made you. So as I walk the stairs I notice the bedroom is lit up with a bunch of candles and so is the bathroom enough to where I don't even have to turn the lights on. I go to the wine and pour me a glass, I notice it my favorite kind and it's chilled to perfection. I take a sip and start to undress. I grab my wine and walk into the bathroom where the bubble bath is so warm and inviting with the rose petals floating on top. I step in and it's still hot enough to take my breath away but is a wonderful feeling. After soaking for a few mins, you walk in and ask me if i would like my back washed? I say Please. You grab a wash cloth and lather it up with vanilla and start to wash my back. When your done I lay back against the tub and you begin to wash the rest of me starting with my chest playing around, pinching my nipples then grabbing my
Jezabelle - May 1993 -
Jezabelle is still with me - for now. Still, she stops at closet doors and yelps for her mother and sister.
So I'm curious to know what is your favorite kind of clothes to shop for, wear, or look at ;p I've recently been thinking of going out and buying stuff not so much my norm but stuff that I still love, and doing a photo shoot. So I've been looking into corsets and leather, which I adore, but let's face it isn't something you don't see everyday. I've never been much of a lace fan but have even considered that at someone else's suggestion. My tastes for everyday stuff is whatever is clean and comfortable but...I do profess that I enjoy the more exotic/erotic leathers and satins and velvets. Textures that grip or are just down right fun to touch. So hell, thought I'd get some opinions or comments, and for men I do really enjoy looking at the more biker / badboy leather pants, trench coats, long hair, I suppose you could say Neo in Matrix but I'm really even more into the look Lorenzo Lamas had for that Bounty Hunter show. *Showing my age methinks* Anyways, feel free to shoot me a msg ;
My Life
hello i just thought id write about my life and and how its going. well first thing is im lonely. see i always fall for girl right off the bat and never think that its never going to end. then i found out that they play head games and leave me hanging in the balance. wondering if they are going to be with me
Kid - May 1993 - Oct. 2008
Kid - one of Nikki's two kittens that I have kept. Not quite the same drama as Nikki. I wake up to Kid walking in circles on the bed. I think to myself, "how odd." So I get up to feed the two girls. Jezebelle, Kid's sister is the only one that comes to eat - odd. Kid's still walking in circles on the bed. I try to coax her with food. She comes to eat, only to have a few licks before walking in circles on the floor. I had seen this behavior before. I knew that she - Kid - wouldn't be with me by the end of the day. I'd comfort her, she'd walk in circles, and I'd comfort her again. Over and over this went on. I can't hold the tears back - when will this be over. What an emotional and humbling day. After eight hours of comforting Kid her breathing stops. With my head on her side, I listening to her heart sloooowly come to a stop. My heart breaks... She's gone.
What I Miss...
What I Miss... What I miss Is the kiss That hides behind your ear And your touch That I love so much Whenever I hold you near When you speak It makes me weak To hear your voice so like a song For I miss the time Your hand in mine And its return is what I long
That Night (genesis Version)
That Night That night as I held you in my arms Thoughts of kissing your precious charms Invaded every thought within my mind I hesitated, not knowing what to do Your perfumes demanding that I kiss you I summoned all the courage that I could find I leaned in closer for the kiss My heart! A beat, I felt it miss Steady nerves, steady that I might kiss her. My hand moved up to brush aside your hair The sweet softness behind your ear then laid bare That is when I first heard your sigh I kissed you faintly in that secret place Behind your ear loving circles I did trace When you spoke my name, my spirits did fly My heart grew bold and I ventured to speak Nameless whispered desires as my knees grew weak Your answer, Yes," it was almost a purr Confidence and courage commandeering my every nerve My kisses grew stronger, filled with passion and verve You tilted your head aside, exposing ever more Excited madness pulled my arms around your back Holding
Subside Subside, O pain! Subside, O grief! Subside and give me a moments release Give me life! Give me light! Give me hope that this pain will cease Ha! Feel it burn! Feel my heart! Feel my soul as it begins to rise I see hope! I see light! I see my dreams burn before closed eyes Let it build! Let it ride! Let it crest like the rising tide Never to turn! Never to rest! Never from this pain again Ill hide Im fucking free!
My Perfect Rose
My Perfect Rose On sight, I sigh She pleases my eye With her beauty and her radiance Her golden hair So fine and fair Fills with joy my every sense Eyes of crystal blue Heart uncommonly true Shes a Dream walking the Earth Her kisses so light Dreams fulfilled at night My passions for her given birth This Perfect Rose Her soft eyes close As I draw her near to me In tight embrace I gaze upon her face And dream together well always be Her softness of touch I desire so much; Sensations race up my spine I bend for the kiss Heart filled with bliss I confess, I want her as mine Again I look in her eyes And I fully realize This is the woman I chose So will you be mine? I ask you for all time For you are my Perfect Rose
Eros Aimed True
Eros Aimed True Eros aimed true And pierced me through With an arrow aimed in my heart You came into sight What I felt was right Now from you I dread to be apart So dont ever leave Else my heart will grieve The loss of your beauty and radiant shine Theres one thing though Which I want you to know; I wish you to forever be mine
Niki - ? - Feb. 2008
Niki's story - in short It's March of '92 I move to Orlando. There are no security doors. Every apartment has its own private entrance. The spring time is beautiful. It's not hot. So the doors and windows are open. Next thing I know, I have this pregnant little feline checking out my place. I don't mind. There's no one here but me anyway. She's gotta belong to someone - right? Wrong. For the next year, when the nights are cold, or wet she's camping at my place. Disappearing for only enough time to give birth and wean the young - two times. At the end of the contract with the complex she watches as I move everything out of my place. Never getting in the way, but staying within sight. The whole time she has this somber, eager tone about her. The way she's sitting, walking, watching. She knows what's up. By now I know that she's been abandoned. I couldn't help it. I couldn't turn my back on her. She picked me. She was pregnant again, but I had to take her with me.
Madness (4 poems in 4 forms) The line between insanity and oh, sweet creativity is a balance subtle, shifting with its nature - duality madness is a relative thing When the madness claims your soul when your passions are burning bright you will gain a calm control that will soothe your restless soul leaving you feeling whole leaving you feeling right when the madness sears your soul like a star blazing bright Let the madness burn bathing your soul in fire let the madness burn with passion, lust, desire - let it carry you higher Feel the madness seize your brain gripped tight in a psychic press squeezing pleasure from sweet pain feel the madness Ah, how could one live life less when uncounted days remain til Deaths enfolding darkness When the passions flow like rain bathing all in sweet caress free yourself and dont abstain feel the madness
Verse 23, Art Of War
Sun Tzu The Art of War Essentials Chapter 1 Verse 23 (a spenserian stanza) When asked, do not begrudge your neighbor a gift of simple, worldly treasure; reach out and kindly extend the favor and feign an interest in his pleasure, for this will bolster his pompous stature and the measure of his arrogance; but when for land he begins to pressure, and it matters not for what distance, destroy his presence with the fiercest resistance.
Wanna Own Me????
101 Things I Know You Don't Know About Me
101. I'm not sure if I should be with a girl or a guy in the end. Women are so sensitive and caring but men are rough and protective. I'm so confused, but I do know I only want one. One person to spend the rest of my life taking care of and making happier than they could ever dream of. 100. I saved a girls' life today that I don't know, and by doing that I may have put my friend's life in danger. 99. I won't sing in the shower unless I'm extremely happy but I'll sing almost anywhere else. 98. I love the holidays but I hate being crowded in the houses we go to even though I'm not claustrophobic. 97. Autumn is my favorite season, the leaves are gorgeous and there's always a light breeze. 96. When I clean anything I'm a neat freak about it, but I can't ever keep my room clean. 95. I looove candles, especially scented ones. 94. I've read the bible twice (all the way through) and I don't agree with everything in there. 93. I hate wearing shoes 92. If someone tells
Verse 26, Art Of War
Sun Tzu The Art of War Essentials Chapter 1 Verse 26 (an octave rima) Study well the enemy master and mark where he his force commits; then strike unexpected disaster against unprepared opposites where least he expects an encounter; for such as when the thunder hits from shinden that is burning fierce, there is no time to cover the ears.
Wild Side
lets take a walk on the wild side.........
Ode To The Wyrm
Ode to the Wyrm Step into the dark night alone For only then will you feel the true chill of the cold Through the door into lifes winter dreams Where only tales of sorrow and sadness are told When the last fleeting glimpse of summer has past And the Tree of Hope stands with branches bare The Path of the Dead is a trail of ice Leading to the mouth of the Dark Wyrms lair The Dreams of the Living lie piled as bone A testament to the hunger of the Beast Cold, dry, deformed by sorrow The sacraments of an unholy feast This is the home of the Lonely Heart In the icy chill of the Cold Wyrms breath The Temple of the Frozen Winters Night Where the only life therein is Death
Happy Thanksgiving My Angels
SEXUPURPROFILE.COM Hello My Angels, just wanted to take a few minutes to wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving and let you know I am doing ok, I don't get on here much anymore but I want you all to know that I appreciate all the love and support you have shown me through all of this and I will cherish our friendships always, I know there has been times when I should have been a better friend to some of you and I am sorry from the bottom of my heart if my actions has hurt anyone. I wish only the best in life for each of you and I will do everything in my power to be there for you if you ever need a true friend. HAPPY THANKSGIVING & KNOW I'M HERE IF YOU NEED ME. David A/K/A Drkangel6(*_*)
Drum Beats
DRUM BEATS Awake! Hear the beat of native drums Hear them match the beat of your heart Feel them catch you by the throat, pulling Pulling til you give in and lose yourself To the Dreams of Dionysus Listen! Hear the waning beat of your heart Hear it match the beat of a funeral dirge Feel the constricting in your throat, tighter Tighter til you give in and lose yourself To the sweet sleep of Death Cry out! Hear the impassioned beat of your heart Hear its song swell with the strains of a thousand strings Feel your soul sing endless songs, crying Crying til you give in and lose yourself To the fools game of Love Actung! Hear the martial beat of the war drums Hear your heart march with the cadence of their beat Feel your blood rage with the passion of war fury, boiling Boiling til you give in and lose yourself To the blood lust of Ares
Verse 22, Art Of War
Sun Tzu The Art of War Essentials Chapter 1 Verse 22 (a scotts stanza) Consider the enemy leader; for if he is prone to anger, reckless and heedless of danger, you must first confuse him by ridiculing his power; then you may destroy him.
What Now Is Past
what now is past... (a scotts stanza) I wooed your heart and captured your dreams I used all in my power, all in my means To promise you a life that was more than it seems; I promised the Earth above, the sky below Castles encrusted with crystal, a paradise that gleams Yet somewhere you believe I let those dreams go And yet if ever shall I persevere Then it shall all be worth this bitter tear For what it is that I most fear Is to lose my love, what I once sought to win And to draw my breath of sleep with you not near And if chance shall arise, I shall do so again All is not permanent, only change has such a fate Thus it can be said our love was destined to abate Yet love today waned does not mean tomorrow hate For spirits are often rekindled, perhaps another day An ember shall always glow and never is it too late The pure light of Eros unbound will show us the way I beg your forgiveness for the time I did not spend Being your husband, not just confidant
Friendship (a stave of six) In a time held dear in sweet memory When you were you and I was me We flew through fields unfettered and free And each new day was a mystery How swift does time fly Past those days gone by The years now past, time flown away Our paths uncrossed in separate ways I oft look back on lonely days And dream of vanished childhood plays All the times we shared Adventures we dared Though many years since have past Memories of our youth still last To transcend a time now vast And bind the ties of friendship fast Though deep in my heart We never did part I hear a voice from long ago A voice now changed yet still I know A strong desire begins to grow The light of friendship again to glow The hope of my tears After all these years
Do You Know Love
Do You Know Love (a stave of six) I ask you, do you know love? Do you know how it feels to soar on its wings? Have you ever felt the pure elation The overwhelming joy when Cupids arrow stings? Have you ever felt your heart with passion fly When youve tasted the fruit, the apple of your eye? I have, with my heart fully aware Felt such a love so true, so honest and alive That when threatened with dark destruction Toward its continuance and preservation I strive And now with armour donned yet my heart bare I prepare to petition for the hand of my lady fair It is a fools folly to surrender so quick A cowards game where love is destined to fall The end game of such a path is always dark As the evil emotions cast their shadow over all For when two choose such a course as hate They deserve the pain and suffering which is their fate Love, though, is the goal to be sought The never ending quest to b e held always in sight The purity of its truth, the
Am I Crazy For Waiting
Ok this is my first blog ..if its stupid im sorry ... my bf here on fubar ...Drives a truck for living ... He ask me to wait on him ..cause hes workin all the time .... ok understandable ... But i haven't heard from him in a month.. And i gave him my phone number ... like he wanted me too ... but he hasnt called ,... He is a real sweetheart ... and i really like him ...Do i continue waiting or do i need to move on ... Any suggestions ...
Know The Reason
Know the reason why the sky seems to be blue when is it grey and is cold and wet outside.The reason is the only one when you are in love the things around look so much differently from those when you are lonely.When love is mutual and true the world smiles to you despite a bad weather or tears on the faces of other people.When we are happy we want to tell about it everybody and wish everybody the same.I believe that we together can become a little happy part of this world and enjoy a great pleasure of being loved. I know that love is not only romantic dinners and sweet kisses., love is based on support, trust,and respect. Love is patient, never deceitful and always faithful.Do you agree with me?I believe in a happy chance and I am here to tell you that....
My Acct!!! Its Gone Help Me Lvl With This One Plez!
Hey It's ME RickaChez! My acct got deleted and i need ur help! Plez stop by and rate some pics... IF u really love me leave comments they can be anythin really *kasdjfnaskjnf* I just need ur help Show love all plez Dont forget to RFA me!
What To Do
so there's this guy that i'm in love with and he says he loves me to. You know the whole I love you wanna marry you, want you to have my baby thing...but for some reason no matter how much i love him i cant get over the feeling that there is someone else. Go figure. I'm getting real tired of all these games. He needs to figure out what he wnats cuz he's about to lose a real good thing.
When It Rains, It Pours!
If it ain't one thing, it's another! Early Sunday morning, Joey and I decided to take Andrew out to breakfast at Denny's after he got out of work. We all were starving and looking forward to feeding our bellies with not so healthy food. LOL As we pulled up to a stop sign at the end of the exit ramp (which is only about half a mile from Denny's) Joey made a comment about how heavy the traffic was for being 12:30am. All of the sudden, our Blazer got hit from behind by another Blazer! We all had our belts on, thank God!, but Joey and I got thrown forward. Andrew did also, but didn't seem to be affected by it. Joey and the other driver pulled up onto the overpass so as not to block the exit ramp, and he and Andrew got out of the car to check the damage and get the other driver's info. I was pretty shook up, and started having neck pain and pvc's. Andrew came back to me and took my pulse, checked my eyes, asked me questions to assess my alertness, and kept me as calm as he c
Merely A Dream...
Actually it was the richest man in the colonies, a silversmith who rode his pony shouting "The British are coming!", a scientist who electrocuted himself with a kite, a French general with a vendetta, and a handful of other ordinary citizens that gave us those rights. The soldier was, and always has been, the hand that guides the will of the brain. It is the job of the reporter, the poet, the campus organizer, and the protester to make every effort necessary to keep that hand out of a very nasty cookie jar. I do not deny the importance of the soldier, but in this present context, it is being used as a distraction in order to remove those very rights listed above. Go, go, patriot act. Simply because the man behind the curtain shouts into a machine that someone is fighting for freedom does not make it so. Lift the axis lids of euphemisms, fallacies, and deceit off your pupils and educate yourself. This nation has become a sickening reservoir of negligence, and only with the knowledge
"Christ, I'm exhausted." Me and my brother were playing hooky from yet another ridiculous list of 'dig-a-ditch fill-a-ditch' jobs. If you're at my parents' house, for whatever reason, and they're doing something- you have to be doing something perceptably useful. Only... my mom's not the most well adjusted to-do list maker on earth. We had just spent three hours cleaning out closets, only for her to walk by and tell us to make a throw-away pile, and then put the rest of the junk BACK into the closet since there was nowhere else to place it, and they wouldn't have a moving truck for another month. That's nothing, I'd tell you about the time me and my brother had to vaccuum the walls, but there just isn't time for that kind of madness tonight. So we were drinking beer on the back stoop waiting for someone to remember we were here... and had a pulse, so we were more than qualified to re-shingle the roof. When my brother opened with a rather unexpected question "Are you happy?" I
I'm Not A Quitter!
but I can't help but feel that way since I dropped school last week. I struggled to find the right solution to my problem thinking that anxiety had just got the better of me but the more and more I pondered my future career the more I realized it was not the avenue I wanted to take. Why waste my time and money on something that I didn't have a passion for, that I didn't love wholeheartedly? I wasn't bad. I was good! The thing was, I dreaded every Thursday morning when I'd have to wake up and put on my happy face to do it all over again...for what? To prove I wasn't a quitter? A failure? To prove to others that I'm actually good at something other than being a mom? Life is too short I've come to realize. I need to be happy inside not just the face I put on every morning for the world. Now I have a job interview on Tuesday...I havn't worked in three years! I can't even articulate how nervous I am... What if they ask me why I quit school? What if they don't? W
How Self Righteous Are People
I have been on this site since June the 24th of 2008, and I have tried to friend 2,078 fubarians of those only 1,596 have accepted. I have fanned every person who's page I have been on, of those 2,078 people only 636 have returned the favor of fanning me back. Before I decided to delete any one that was not my fan from my friends list I only had 560 that had fanned me back. How self-righteous are these people that they are to good to return the favor of being my fan? I put it in my online status that I was going to delete anyone that was not a fan of mine on 11/25 and I had a few people come into my shout-box and tell me to go ahead and delete them which I gladly obliged by removing my fan of them and then unfriending them as well. Who the hell do these people think they are, they want me to be their fan and be their friend so they can have the points and don't want to return the favor, what is the big deal? Are people so self centered that they actually feel they are to good to be som
Would You Like...
Would you like... Would you like me to spend the night? Ill keep you warm and hold you tight Then, when day breaks, bathed in morning light Ill kiss you and tell you everything will be all right
together I really do believe in love In ______, I see this light also In her eyes the light shines bright and clear Can we, she and I, pull together? I hope, I truly hope so Together I do believe we can perservere
Wet Moon
Volume 4 of Ross Campbell's 'Wet Moon' came out this month. I love this book to death. A real slow burn, especially with the long lag between volumes, but it's such a grower. Pretty much an essential book now. And the artwork is brilliant. Basically the trials and tribulations of a group of female students in the Florida town of Wet Moon, it's got a great feel for the alternative undergound scene, and when it's funny, it's actually funny. If you like comics and shit like that, and not just men in tights doing a fight, check it out.
The Good Fight
The Good Fight Always fight the good fight With never a moments rest Always challenge your beliefs And put them to the test Never settle for the banal But strive continuously for the best Take a belief that you hold And put that belief on trial With your convictions on the stand Examine your intentions and style And if your beliefs withstand the test Then it shall all be worth the while
Questions What makes a woman So wonderful to kiss? The softness of her lips That moment of bliss? The sweetness of her breath Is the pleasure that I miss I want to take you in my arms Kiss you firmly on the lips Ill pull you close Run my hands over your hips Raise the hem of your skirt And caress you with my finger tips Placing my mouth firmly Against the warmth of your breast Kissing you softly With never a moments rest The climax of your pleasure The passing of my test These verses I pose As a question to you Expressing my desires In words, in actions too But know my motivations stem From a heart that is true
Please Bid On Me Please show me some love and bid on me woot
La Petite Morte
La Petite Morte Had I known your hair to be woven of gold And your eyes so uncommonly true Far sooner would I have died that sweet little death I died last night thinking of you
angel (for my daughter) Last night I stole into your room To gaze upon your nightly rest And I marveled at how your angelic head Against the pillow was gently pressed And how your sleeping form Lay curled warmly in its nest
Live Life Like Its Your Last Day On Earh!
before i had surgery i didn't care what life through to me but now after the surgery i am taking the joy of life and living likr its my ast day on earth!!!!!
Rubai #2
When you speak of ethics of virtue and social mores speak only for yourself as your tongue is not mine
Rubai #1
There are those who wish to lead, to herd and those who follow like sheep by dogs led of these I care not of one or the other for I, like the cat, walk alone
Another Sleepless Night
Another Sleepless Night (Perhaps Ill Dream) Its already four AM And its cold outside I feel my heart breathe Pumping like the flow of the tide Im lying here just thinking of you Theres nothing else that I could possibly do To help me pass this lonely night through Nothing I could do, just thinking of you I stir under my sheets Bordering on the edge of a dream I sigh softly as I realize Lifes not all that it seems The memories of my past life The painful final moments of strife The dagger of regret cuts me like a knife But hey, thats just life, just life... Dreams held in pleasant memory Life passes on At times, through the sadness and pain I feel all my pleasures are gone Then I saw you smile And you let me hold you hand a while My past life was put to trial It lost the day I saw you smile Another sleepless night I pull the blankets over my head Wishing you were here with me Sharing the warmth of my bed And Im wishing you were h
The Internet Love Song
The Internet Love Song A passion of the heart Touching hands a world apart Through a sea of silent sand The connection state of the art Across a pixilated sea Sending hopes of what will be Posted passions of purpose pure In the grains of eternity
A Clean Pate
a clean pate My hair line is thinning And getting rather bare I wonder why that could be? Perhaps Im losing my hair
A Year Ago
a year ago A year ago I longed for the magic of a feathered kiss A year ago you blessed me with that which I most missed That night under the stars with the air soft and sweet You took me in your arms and let me sweep you off your feet A touch of paradise; ` the hour lasted forever But caution called and our bond was soon to sever And oh, deepest regrets as I released you with a sigh My pained and passionate heart taught again to fly And now here we are, a year hence has past I hope to kiss you again and this time make it last For though the magic of your kiss has lasted me this year My deepest dream has been again to hold you near
Breathe Deep
Breathe Deep Breathe deep, child Breathe deep and dream Burn your fears, young God And be more than you seem Spread your wings, Dreamer Give all your visions flight Soar amongst the clouds And revel in the sight Trace your roots, Searcher For your past reaches deep And find your love A place your heart to keep
Dedication #1
Dedication #1 (I wrote this in a Where the Sidewalk Ends I gave to my then 4 year old daughter- 1993) Here inside this book Is Wonder and Magic and Dreams Where you will learn that life is good And everything is more than it seems So never fail to read this book When life gets you a little confused And if you are even a bit like your dad This book is really going to get used
Healing For Christopher And Lori
please keep my son in your prayer he went to docs for an eye exam and now a virus has invaded his brain so im asking for a healing prayer for my son he's in Air force as a staff segrant hes in Tacoma general in Tacoma washington room 471 bed 1 Please keep him in your prayers We believe in Miracles,they happen every second....
Do You Believe?
Do you Believe? Do you believe in the magic of a feathered kiss? Dreams brushing ever so light in a state of bliss? Do you believe two hearts can soar together as one? If so, my Love, our passionate journey has begun
Dream A Dream
Dream a Dream Dream a dream for me tonight A dream innocent and true Dream a dream for me tonight One that I can dream with you The dreams you hold in your pretty head Are the dreams I hold in mine The fancies you fancy when you sleep at night Are the goals for which I pine Dream a dream for me tonight Full of laughter, love and song Dream a dream for me tonight Its that for which I long The fantasies that keep you warm at night Enchanted visions; what can they be? The warm touch of your sleeping soul Oh, what that does to me Dream a dream for me tonight My sweet angel fair Dream a dream for me tonight To chase away my every care Let me touch your wanton heart Let me see you fly On wings of dreams and fancy borne Expressed in an eternal sigh Dream a dream for me tonight Timeless changes of light Dream a dream for me tonight Emotions captured in flight Never does a moment pass That I do not dream of you And never do I ever doubt That
Fool For Love
Fool For Love My heart beats A thousand pumps A thousand lumps Choking my throat Sweet, tortured pain Causing me to scream Ah, is this a dream? Wheres my release? A prisoner of heart I cry for your touch Missing it ever so much A fool for love am I
From Pooh
From Pooh (the girl I was dating had two kids...I bought them the book and this is how it was signed) For _________, I offer an experience rare Full of magic and wonder with never a care For ________, an adventure is about to begin With Tigger, Piglet and the rest of our friends There will be Rabbit and Owl, Kanga and Roo Grumpy ol Eeyore And me, Winnie-ther-Pooh So I ask you both, come explore with me The 100 aker wood... Oh, the wonders well see With Christopher Robin as our guide and our friend Sharing the magic from beginning to end So I give this book for you two to share Signed, with love by me, Pooh Bear
Have You Ever Seen...
Have you ever seen... Have you ever seen a woman so lovely and fair As beautiful as her with her golden blonde hair Her hazel blue eyes, see how they shine See the curve of her smile as I take her hand in mine
If Ever I Should Stumble
If ever I should stumble If ever I should stumble If ever I should fall I hope to find you there, my love To help me stand up tall Oh, if ever I feel weak No strength left in my bones I hope you pick me up, my love And carry me back home Cause manys the time that I feel down Kind of, sort of blue For then, my love, is the time That I must lean on you But dont call me a coward Just a simple fool am I For you see, my love, Im not that strong But Im strengthened by your sigh
Let Me Speak In Abstracts
Let me speak in abstracts Let me speak in abstracts Let me speak in rhyme Grant me that one wish And Ill make you mine Ill sing of your enchanting eyes And the way your hair does shine Ill draw a smile from your lips And assure you all is fine Let me steal your heart in song And let my heart in fancy pine For that wonderful day ahead When I am yours and you are mine
Twas The Night Before Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas, and God it was neat. The kids were both gone, and my wife was in heat. The doors were all bolted, the phone off the hook, It was time for some nooky, by hook or by crook. Momma in her teddy and I in the nude, Had just hit the bedroom and reached for the lube. When out on the lawn there arose such a cry, That I lost my boner, and momma went dry. Up to the window I sprang like an elf, Tore back the shade while she played with herself. The moon on the crest of the snowman we'd built, Showed a broom up his ass, clean up to the hilt. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, But a rusty old sleigh and eight mangey reindeer. With a fat little driver, half out of the sled, A sock in his ear and a bra on his head. Sure as I'm speaking, he was high as a kite, And he yelled to his team, but it didn't sound right. Woa Shithead, woa Asshole, woa Stupid, woa Putz, Either slow down this rig or I'll cut off your nuts. Look o
Mind World
Mind World Maybe Ill sit right here And dream of the world around me Maybe Ill just disappear From this place they call Reality In my minds eye Ill create a new world grand Where Ill soar and fly Over a magnificent new land A world created out of Dreams Of my Fancy taken flight Where all is more than it seems And everything is all right And my world will forever change Never once staying the same Accepting all that is strange Wild, free and untame And this is how it will be This place that I shall find A paradise within me This world within my mind
Of People And Pigment
Of People and Pigment I do not care to know A man or woman outside For I can not know their nature By the color of their hide Give me their hearts and passions Let me feel their inner pride Then Ill know my enemies to shun And the companions with which Ill ride
My Poodle Is A Noodle
My Poodle is a Noodle My poodle is a noodle He died just last fall My poodle is a noodle He got hit by a car My poodle is a noodle He was at the mall My poodle is a noodle Sittin in a bar My poodle is a noodle He was completely tanked My poodle is a noodle He stepped into the street My poodle is a noodle The car tried to stop My poodle is a noodle Now hes just chewy meat
Personal Insight
Personal Insight Oh, I am as mad as a hatter Im really quite insane But I dont know if thats beneficial Or if its truly just a bane You see, I freely admit Ive lost my mind And I lost it some time ago And now that I think I could really use it Where to look, I do not know So I asked around for advice And I got it from a man who eats raw mice He gave it to me without a price Gee, that was nice...
Red Chant
Red Chant Excited temper Please pause Control yourself Create no flaws Come what now Hour is nigh Bloods boil Passions fly Speak no anger Hear no complaint Once you practice Self restraint Toss to wind Another Volley Speaking wrath Fools folly Cruel words Meant to harm Less kind words Lost of charm Whirling dervishes Spinning round Mad thoughts Within your crown Furrowed brows Shielding glares Angry eyes Feral stares
Self Portrait
self portrait Sitting alone on a hill Just like the Analog Kid Thoughts weaving throughout my head Fantasy, reality of a Dreamer Skyways and pathways And worlds on the wind Castles in the clouds And time enough to spend Til the end of my days Sitting alone on the hill I am the Analog Kid And my world is in my mind
Climate Change
Ok not a new issue right? Well this is a issue that has recently sparked my interest as i learn more about it. I have been looking at the IPCC reports (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and what i have read so far is very disturbing to say the least!. You can view the report here: So anyway, this is a panel made up of 100's of scientist from all over the world. So we arent just talking about some basement hobbiest here. They are saying that yes,global climate change is caused by humans and that if we dont do something about it right now, we are in big big trouble. i dont knoow about you but that concerns me. And this isnt the only source of my concern, also the AAAS (The American Association for the Advancement of Science's ) and the NAS (National Academy of Sciences) has put out simialar reports. Well actually not reports but a warning with a call for action! These are the biggest and most respected organizations on the planet when it comes to the scient
Dick Size
To find out the average penis length, go here: To find out the average circumference, go here: Between the two, you should be able to see what your working with. And remember size isn't everything when it comes to a serious relationship. Yeah, mine is 7 1/2" long and 6 3/4" around. Not the biggest, but definitly above average!! It does the job very well!! It makes me happy, but just don't be forgetting about my personality. I'm crazy!! But very good with relationships. Until you lie or deceive me, it hurts me, so i'll be hurting you if that's the way you want it. lol. lololol!! Yeah, so there. Have fun with the penis charts!! Chanda
She Speaks To Me
she speaks to me She speaks to me with a voice That would soften a heart of stone The accents of her tongue Making a music like Ive never known And the smile in her eyes... How do you call a golden blue? Shining clear and light, fresh and pure Like flowers touched with morning dew Her tress is a flaxen dream A golden halo fair And never before have I seen Such beautiful silken hair She smiles as I tell her this Her cheeks a rising blush But how can I tell her what I really feel With my heart in such a rush?
State Of Flux
state of flux In a state of flux My wanton heart beat Erratic pulses Stirred by your heat Unconscious pauses I caress your skin Searching for keys To let me in Lasting impressions Of our passion screams Keep me through the night Drifting primordial dreams
I Just Found My Uncle Is Dying
a few hours ago i found out my uncle is dying. all of his organs are shutting down and we found out that he has cancer in his stomach.He is expexted to pass before Thanksgiving. i may be not be on here for a while due to it. i love you all and all of you will be close to my heart. hugs and kisses to all of you. you all are very dear to me. thank you, love puma(patti)
Thank You
Thank you... Thank you... Thank you for what is so precious and dear For the comfort in your eyes, so tender and clear For the understanding caress you so freely share As, like a dream, you chased away my every care Thank you... Thank you for knowing what I needed so much The half-forgotten dream of a feminine touch And for giving to me what I so dearly miss The tender, sweet gift of a feathered kiss Again... Thank you
The Affirmation
The Affirmation Sometimes when Im down I think of the things All the little things To which I find Im bound And I feel that I must Break free from these chains All the little pains And give in to my lust Ive got a strong will to live Not sit here and rot I must give it another shot Ive got so much to give To give in to the mundane And welcome the night To give in without a fight And to crack under the strain So Ill hold my head high Set my focus deep On the rewards that Ill reap If only Ill try I stare out over the horizon And I know that its right As I see the breaking light That my future is not yet written I am just a man Nothing more, nothing less So I must do my best To be all that I can
The Dancer And The Dream
The Dancer and the Dream She has beautiful silken hair Which sways to and fro When she dances for me Sensuous and slow A rich mass of ebon black Swinging light and free I catch her perfumes as she passes Exciting passions deep within me She brushes back her hair Her dance slow and sweet Ah, the treasure behind her ear! I feel a rising heat She sees my emerging blush A smile gracing her lips As she dances before me Im captivated by her swaying hips She catches my gaze And she moves to please Her graceful gestures Every movement a tease She steps back And my eyes follow Rising to meet her gaze And the way her eyes glow Beautiful is all that I can say Captivated is all I can be Of the smile in her eyes And the way that it warms me The smile graces too her lips A coy grin, a waiting kiss Desire swelling within me A dream, by chance, Ill miss Regret, for she is so pretty In her every move and grace The subtle curves of her form Th
The Dating Game
The Dating Game You see her standing there But youre too afraid to move Unable to take the chance So instead you choose to lose Whenever you see her Its always the same So you ask yourself why Why do you play this game The dating game A ritual dance Go on boy And take a chance Dont be afraid Dont feel no shame Just roll your dice Its the dating game You torture yourself Every time she walks by You think of things to say But instead, you just sigh You wish it were easier You wish you knew how to play Youre sure you could win the game If you only knew what to say Its the dating game The ritual dance If you dont move boy Youll miss your chance Show your hand Play your card Come on boy And get it hard Every time she walks by Every time you see her face You can only win or lose Theres no show or place If you take your chances Sure, you just might miss But what if you win? The reward is her kiss The dating game A
The Morpheus Machine
The Morpheus Machine The mind shines its brightest When it dances on the razors edge Burning with intense white heat Strain against Morpheus invisible hedge A barrier of solid sleep Promising dreams of softness and sweet But the mind flies, a sliver streak Ignoring the demands of the exhausted meat A needles point piercing the darkness Intense with concentration, a burning drive To focus, to cleave the cold ice An incessant desire to stay alive A thousand pin-points begin to burn Each with its own inner fire An offering of pure consciousness Burning on the minds sacrificial pyre Images flare, hallucinogenic bright As the optics begin to waver Struggling against the fog of sleep An addiction born to savor Rolling waves of inaudible thunder Shattering with an invisible flash Echoing colors of intense purity As the minds matrix begins to crash Morpheus spreads the covers of sleep But the mind burns too strong Yet Sleep holds a patient
The Poet's Week
The Poets Week On Mondays, I do rather well On Tuesdays, I dont give it much thought On Wednesdays, I reestablish my pace On Thursdays, not as well as I ought On Fridays, my words sometimes elude me On Saturdays, I find those which I sought On Sundays, I usually give it a rest Lest my ceiling get a little too hot
The Soul And The Wyrm
The Soul and the Wyrm I represent the darkest of dreams I represent the fractured seams I represent the Soul and the Wyrm For my beliefs I shall burn I am the spirit free and true I am a paradox through and through I am the first and the last of my kind Yet I know not what in the future Ill find I am I I am free The Soul and the Wyrm The paradox of me
The Two Suns
The Two Suns There were two suns burning in my sky But all I really need is one Now with the promise of a new dawn I believe this day is finally done Now as one sun finally sets Another begins its rise Warming the bedrock of my heart And setting a fire in my eyes Full of hope and courage strong I stand and face the breaking light I question the course of this new day And assure myself that it is right And with thoughts of this rising sun Warming me to my hearts core I realize of the setting sun I shall think no more
Time To Rebuild
Time to Rebuild When the fabric of your reality Comes crashing apart It is hard to know Just where to start When its time to rebuild What has been destroyed And all your best labors Youve already deployed You sift through the rubble And the remains of your heart Searching vainly for the core That noble, pure part When you begin to bare pieces Of your once sheltered heart Is usually when the pain Begins to build and start Putting things back In the places they belong Is an arduous task Both painful and long The baring of ones soul Is not easy to take But its whats to be followed If a whole you are to make Putting again the pieces together Is the course to be taken Abandoning enmity Vengeance must be forsaken Find the part of yourself That wills to continue Be faithful to that desire Integrity; honest and true The pieces of your life Shall fall again in place But only if you keep striving Only if you keep up the pace It
Time To Go Away
time to go away Its time to find a place to hide Its time to go away Its time to leave this dusty field Where I once used to play The ground has got much colder now And the grass has all but died No trees to shelter me from the wind So I must find a place to hide Time flies by Memories At the speed of thought To fast to see I wish I could Slow it down But this crazy world Keeps spinning round I dont know why! I wish I could fly! I wish I could Spread my wings Soar through the heart Of my dreams Touch that part At my core Where dreams are kept Forever more But I just dont know Where should I go? And now, like a Winters wind My dreams have all passed me by And so I leave this barren field behind As I set my course and fix my eye On the future, an endless road Taking paths never walked before A journey of a thousand steps A quest to find a distant shore A place beyond this cold, gray sky Where I can learn again to dr
Where There Is Magic
Where There Is Magic Little words, dancing and singing Magically across the page Wont you come, join with them And share in their rage For such a time can be had When you take the time to read As anything is possible When your imagination is freed So catch onto a rainbow and dance on a cloud Come dream on a hill with me Tunnel with the trolls who dig mythical holes And wander from the mountains to t he sea Sweet Dorothy welcomes you to Oz Bilbo and Frodo to Middle Earth Little Alice has her wonderful wonderland Where the realities of Dreams are given birth The minds of the sages are all laid bare Beckoning you to contemplate All of the mysteries of our universe All of their thoughts so noble, so great So come along and discover The written word is a powerful hook the Mysteries, the Grandeur, the Dreams of our race All bound between the covers of a book
Wonderment Sometimes I stop and ask myself Sometimes I stop and ponder What are these images in my head? Thoughts full of awe and wonder I ask myself `why do I fancy? I ask myself ` why do I dream? Castles encrusted with crystals Lost in a paradise that gleams Dreams of an age long since past Childhood thoughts pure and free Transferred to a time that is now For the wonder of youth still fills me
3 Years
So its officially been three years since my surgery. The past two years when the date comes, I normally just get in a blah mood. That moods leads to me thinking about all the things that I have lost in these three years. This year Ive taken another look at it. Yes I did loose some things but not everything. I dont blame my parents for not trying to keep up most of my bills. I know they couldnt. I do not blame them for selling my car. Later on they did replace my car but later on we agreed to sale it too. Yes its been three years since I have worked. I choose to have surgery so that I could walk for a little while longer. I knew from the get go I could end up worse. I do not blame the doctor. This year Ive looked at the whole situation from a different point of view. I do not long for the things that I lost better yet Im thankful for the things that came out of having surgery. Im very thankful for my Mama. If it wasnt for her I would be lost. She is always there for me to lean
Your Hair
Your Hair... I really like your hair It has that classic look Done up with ever so much care Ah, the time it must have took The way your hair hangs down At once loose and free Still yet braided and bound Oh, what that does to me... In my eyes you are a dream Aphrodite was never so fair And a woman prettier was never seen Than you and your radiant golden hair
Who Were You?
who Were You? Who were you when you were a child What dreams captivated you, held you Built you into the man you are today? What brought you down this path This road youve chosen? Was it Destiny? Was it Fate? Did you intend to come this way?
Touch Touch I see her She dances for me When my heart is forlorn And my night is lonely Her movements are simple Intricately sweet Passionate and graceful If just our hands would meet To touch... But what can I do About the way that I feel About the way that she moves When I know its not real Touch Just fantasy seen Under the gorgeous gleam Of the dancing lights That paint her body so bright Ah, to touch... To feel her flesh The touch of her hand The caress of her cheek And the smell of her hair as it falls around me in a perfumed cascade Ah, the fantasies Ive made! Just to touch... To smell her hair Ah, I dont care Burn, burn my soul But let me feel Just once, just one time Let this fantasy be real Her touch... Her breath... Her lips... Fool! Oh, forlorn fool! How you torture yourself Have you no dignity? Wont you open your eyes and see? You walk the path of the lonely Just a touch...
To __________
To _____ You are so beautiful... Ah, but to hold you and kiss you until every Dream I ever dreamt merged together as one and froze in time...
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 lyrics for a lullaby now i pray to the lord of sheep take my life from me as i sleep bring death to mine enemies swift and without a sound then both of our evils will be laid down let the tongue of the liar be cut out no more destruction will he toss casually about our fathers who art on earth and haveleft us all in shame you didnt protect us they stole our innocence andleft us with none else to blame give us this day our daily regret stuck reliving bad choices wed rather forget lead us out of temptation,we are all decoming deluded because its not possible to stay clean floating in water polluted amen 7:14 PM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove lyrics for thistles I SIT IN A CAGE MADE OF PLASTER AND RAGE CONTEMPLATING LOSS OF FREEDOM AT THE END OF THIS DAY THE SYSTEM OF LAW,ACCORDING TO MAN HAS SCREWED ME OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN FUCK YOUR SO CALLED AUTHORITY WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DECIDE FOR ME?
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 lyrics for who are you accursed=" thou="thou" art="art" a="a" cancer="cancer" cast="cast" upon="upon" your="your" heart="heart" betrayal="betrayal" repaid="repaid" with="with" tears="tears" and="and" plague="plague" dead="dead" before="before" you="you" reach="reach" old="old" age="age" befall="befall" the="the" wickedest="wickedest" human="human" of="of" them="them" all="all" i="i" chant="chant" spit="spit" curse="curse" his="his" life="life" sealed="sealed" in="in" blood="blood" drawn="drawn" by="by" knife="knife" this="this" sacrifice="sacrifice" to="to" obtain="obtain" power="power" summoning="summoning" vengeance="vengeance" rise="rise" devour="devour" let="let" chaos="chaos" flow="flow" from="from" hands="hands" unseen="unseen" put="put" an="an" end="end" dreams="dreams" no="no" joy="joy" or="or" restful="restful" sleep="sleep" at="at" night="night" replace="replace" good="good" terror="terror" fright="fright"> 7:26 PM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos -
To Dena (an Acrostic Poem)
To Dena (acrostic) Done up with ever so much care Every strand in place Never awry is her hair Angelic is her face Lovely visions in hazel-blue Eyes of a Soul that is true Irresistible and bright Glowing with an inner light Heavenly through and through Watch the twinkle in her face And the way she moves her hips Delicious is her every grace Enticing are her sensuous lips
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 lyrics for the siamese a desert vision beneath a cloudless sky ecstatic that youve landed i could never fly so high your touch expands my horizons to the point of pure bliss pleasure and contentment blur into a new sensation self contained within each kiss hand in hand we ascend the mountain path before us never fearful or longing higher still until we reach our place in the sun embracing,eyes locked as we meld into one 7:43 PM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove lyrics for greeneyes feels like moving through a dream lost deep in thought in emerald pools imagining a future not so far off daydreaming happily of smiling at you laughing into the wind,staring at the clouds above describing where weve been,tales of loss and love hand and hand we cease to be two,but one united intertwined souls cant be divided standing in sunshine and outshining it by far is your beautiful green eyes ,my beautiful star it w
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 lyrics for sadness i see the world,its moving parts angry people with broken hearts i lay out the path then watch as all get led astray i try to connect but no one ever stays i just sit and stare into space alot these days wondering what ive done wrong,or could have done differently or how badly i waste the gifts god has given me but the tears will not come,theyve all gone away i bottle up my sadness save it for a rainy day when i can be alone and then no one can see just how empty i feel and how sadness overwhelms even me just one bitter tear that falls to the floor one anguished sigh and then no more im not here to feed you i will not let you see my pain maybe its god who needs you i just want my peace again 7:59 PM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove lyrics for sadness i see the world,its moving parts angry people with broken hearts i lay out the path then watch as all get led astray i try to conne
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 ceasing to vibrate the war within is called off victory declared too late your legs have been shot off youll never be the person you were born again so why do you keep on struggling friend,just let it go dont be afraid youll see your fallen comrades soon walking the pathways of peace on the stones of war youve laid its all just a sickness,an imbalance of chemicals in the mind or is it a power most possess but are scared to let shine let it out let the hatred flow let all the problems and painful feelings go dont think ahead the moment wont be there intermingled with blood and bone and bits of your hair it was a lifetime of misery and it went up in a spark a bullet shining in the moonlight temporarily before hitting its mark 8:13 PM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove 8:12 PM - 1 Comments - 2 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove lyrics for h8red hatemyself,hate it all make the paingo away living thislife of pl
Saturday, August 02, 2008 eyelashes every inch is one step closer to your destiny your door is alot easier to break into than you think,theres no lock that can keep me out;by hook or by crook i will enter.i stand and gaze at you for awhile,taking in all the flood of memories as they rush into my mind.the overwhelming flow of negative emotion is empowering,for i know in this moment that my actions will finally put it all to i casually stride over,and gently kiss your forehead.admiring the delicacy of my advantage.i raise the mallet above me,then suddenly bring it down full force,and mid swing i scream,awakening you a split second before your face caves in,bone crunching and ricocheting off the satin pillows.the look in your eyes was delicious,and i savor it alwaysand forever. 2:39 AM - 1 Comments - 2 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove in no apparent order Current mood: aggravated so,theres this guy joey-disgusting fucking pig.i keep asking f
Invitation An invitation I offer An evening dinner with me Serene and together In perfect intimacy Your hand I ask Your company to share At a table set for two A dedication and celebration Of the short, sweet time Ive known you
Thursday, October 02, 2008 hypohysterical straining,never quite reaching the heights attained in imagination wandering aimlessly down an untrodden crooked path the glinting light of the moon beckons me forward into the mists 7:36 PM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove clowns today i drove around my town everywhere i looked i saw a clown they wore black suits and funny hats they had guns too,then i realized it wasnt so funny 3:53 PM - 2 Comments - 2 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove Friday, September 19, 2008 wolfling sparkling eyes grace my vision as soft hair falls into place i resist the urge to draw nearer and caress your lovely face time and lifes irony always seem to laugh and smile at me a conundrum of wants and needs given and taken away with nothing but fates whim and all i can think of is straining heavenward into the stars to swim to steal one delicious kiss woul
Cool Cat
Cool Cat Youre a cat You know who you are You know what you are You know the reason why youre here You know who you are... Youre a cat Im a man, cat Can I be like you? Is there anything that a man can be To be like a cat? A cool cat? A quiet cat, a soft cat A strong and bold cat A cautious cat, a quick cat A swift, deadly cat I wish cat That I could be more like you Your proud coat Your razor claws I love you cat Youre a Cool Cat
Saturday, October 18, 2008 the sacred vision finally i have come to this place on bended knee,dejected,disgraced no excuses made for deeds ive done no more joy in the setting sun the joyous song of the wind in my ears has faded softly away and i lie here staring at the walls unable and unsure of what to say each feeling betrays my secrets to the world around me and my memory returns to the mocking howls and screams of that fateful day when i had an epiphany,that no matter how fucked up i am,god always loves me and he understands why i do as i do,even if he doesnt agree the evil is squashed by his infinite mercy even if it all turns out to be a product of imagination at least i lived with a purpose,a sense that i could help the world with one smile at a time and that will be my legacy,not the lies or misdeeds,but the good seeds ive sown all the colorful expressions i vomit onto paper the screams and orgasms and guitars all the
Muba 3
read this now Subject: David Letterman......... ..TR> 'As most of you know I am not a President Bush fan, nor have I ever been, but this is not about Bush, it is about us, as Americans, and it seems to hit the mark.' 'The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across some Poll data I found rather hard to believe. It must be true given the source, right? The Newsweek poll alleges that 67 percent of Americans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed and 69 percent of the country is unhappy with the performance of the President. In essence 2/3 of the citizenry just ain't happy and want a change. So being the knuckle dragger I am, I started thinking, 'What are we so unhappy about?' A. Is it that we have electricity and running water 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week? B. Is our unhappiness the result of having air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter? C. Could it be that 95.4 percent of these unhappy folks have a job? D. Maybe it
Another Day
Another Day I touched my Dreams I felt them once I felt their life I felt them whole I touched my Dreams But a memory is not wasted On a Dream that flew away Dont cast your eyes down On that cold rock of Reality Turn your face up to the sky And dream the Dreams of another day Dont cast your eyes down Dont break your spirit Dont let the Demons of Despair Rip your heart out Cold and lifeless Waiting for someone to find it Theres a million steps to be taken On this journey of a lifetime Theres a road Theres a path Straight from your past to your future The future of another day
More Reruns
Sunday, November 16, 2008 predatory all i can do is sit back and grin as the blood splatters upward and drips down your chin before you hit the ground,lain low by my blade ive already retreated,hidden in the shade 1:43 AM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove if this makes you uneasy,youre probably guilty the limitations of this skin bag are becoming all too evident in my latter days exhaustion grips the very fiber of me being and drags me downward with every step each action is strained and half hearted not quite apathetic,nor quite caring i am feeling like a hollow shell this body never felt like home never been farther than closer apart the mind still seems crowded and im all alone i take a deep breath and look to the sky and make a last wish on the clouds floating by to lay down in peace free from all scares no more pain and heartache,no more angry stares mo more confusion,jealousy or greed
A Request
A Request I ask of you, Give to me the fulfillment of this dream, This long awaited moment, So that when I lie on my final bed To rest my ancient bones, I can remember well the love we shared The dreams we wove, And know my life was good.
Uncertain Waters
Uncertain Waters Setting the Course Promises broken, Dreams shattered and Futures dimmed Time wasted worrying, eyes red-rimmed Internal struggles leave Hopes strand thinned Ive stopped and wondered just where Ive sinned Ive committed no crime, just given in I long for the will to try again Time to push forward, not stay where Ive been The strength is within me but where do I begin? I try to move forward but I am held fast Like an incompetent Captain bound to the mast Forced to face the seas unforgiving blast Let it end! I cry, How long must this last? Eyes filled with anguish as the waves roll over me The salt of bitterness blinds; I can not see Through the drowning waves I utter one last plea Give me one more chance, let me be free! I look around the deck and see that Im alone A Captain mutinied, a King without a throne Thoughts reflecting inward I sigh a heavy moan Dreaming that I was once the bright
Multiple Blogs From Myspace
Friday, November 21, 2008 stepping into sunshine you are there in my mind,just past a crooked wethered fence sitting and waiting for me to figure it all out and join you and i linger here in my despair,with my disease your memory is in the corner of every smile all the laughs and silly acts bringing them back at will today i lean upon them strongly today i need that warming embrace,small warm hands the softest kisses on my face i need to be reminded why i must never quit i need to be beside you,and until then i will patiently sit 12:44 AM - 5 Comments - 10 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove Tuesday, November 18, 2008 the nurse who loved me is the best song ive ever listened to 75 times in a row so this it how it ends,pouring out the magic one last time,saying a prayer and wishing love and peace for all my family and friends.kind of anticlimactic,but then again,when did i ever do anything predictable? peace ,love and harmon
Dad, Did You Know!!!
Dear Dad, Did you know, I woke up Thanksgiving morning, at about 7:30 am, With such a strong feeling that I was seriously ill or would soon be dead. I was covered in a cold sweat, chest hurting and heart beating so fast, I was scared, but didn't know, in those few minutes, you had pasted. And still to this day I shed many tears and hurt inside, the pain is so raw, For you Dad aren't here anymore, to catch me when I fall. Dad I want you to know, you have, and always will be my Hero and a true man, I'm still looking for Mr. right, the one who will sweep me off my feet, and make me his fan. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for teaching, and loving me to the end, You need to know you aren't just my Hero and Dad, but one of my truest and dearest of friends. I am proud to be your baby girl, a pride I hold so close, I miss you so very much, but it's your awesome wisdom I miss the most. In a place filled with shadows since the day I felt
The Tapestry Of Dreams
The Tapestry of Dreams As I weave my possible futures On the Tapestries of my Dreams A great host, with the greatest hopes Are golden images of thee Yet I know full well, with heart accepting That I may never realize these scenes It is my greatest desire and my strongest hope That together someday well be
William James
"The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook.
The Royal Family
The Royal Family For the Queen? Errant ways For the King? Consistency pays For the Princess? Who can say For the answer? Upcoming days...
One Last Cigarette
One Last Cigarette One last cigarette Shall I burn? This lonely night No where to turn But phantom Dreams To hold me tight In the silent misery Of this lonely night One last cigarette Its time to burn In hopes of morning I long an yearn Of sunlit fields And mountain streams A place to rest My weary Dreams One last cigarette Smoke in my eyes Obscures these visions Of clear blue skies To hold me captive Here in my room Beneath a starless sky And an empty moon One last cigarette The ember red I think of things Ive left unsaid Frozen regrets In the dead of night Wishing I had A second sight One last cigarette A swirl of smoke A tear withheld In a bitter choke For time spent lost On a frivolous quest As I strove to be My very best Hear this lament For forgotten Dreams For wild hopes And noble schemes For all of that Which I have yearned And this last cigarette Which I have burned
The Difference Of Slave & Submissive
submissives - First,of all I will not be discussing the differences between a sub and a slave but merely that which makes and defines submissiveness and behaviour. - who, what, why and how makes you what you are.. - I think it's a good reason to clear up what a submissive is - the point of this class is that those of you that are here will be able to help your sisters or brothers in the event that they need to better understand their position - the first point is who is submissive? - many just assume it is one who submits to Another, but its really much broader - others feel it is someone who feels the pull and need of submission within them whether they have One to submit to at the time or not - E/everyone is submissive to one degree or another - anyone who feels they are and conducts themselves in that manner - will they act submissive? maybe and maybe not - are they required to be submissive to All? - Respectful or courteous to A/all yes submit to All
I Saw You Walking
I saw you walking I saw you walking and stopped to stare, though I looked the fool I did not care, for enchanted was I by your walk, that I longed just a moment to stop and talk. I held designs much deeper - true - but content am I to chat with you, for a prettier face I neer did see and your eyes touched a chord deep in me. But if I may, if given the chance, if invited by your welcoming glance, I would place the tenderest kiss upon your breast - ah, bliss!
Golden Dreams
Golden Dreams let me dream golden dreams your hair cascading falls sweet scents hidden treasures golden dreams golden pleasures
Honor And Trust
Honor and Trust - now then how do W/we define Honor? - Honor - high respect, reputation, sense of what is right or due - what does Honor consist of in BDSM and is it a two-way avenue? - both the Dom/me and the sub must apply the same rules - Honor consists of Respect - in BDSM Respect must be in both directions - now it is most often spoken about in the terms of the sub having Respect for Dom/mes - but Dom/mes must also have respect for subs or slaves and their rights, cares and needs - to have Honor whether you are Dom/me or sub, you must have a foundation of what is right and wrong - but can you just have that information or must you apply it? - it doesn't make you Honorable to just know what is right or due - or how you should conduct yourself in a relationship - Y/you would have to apply it or the information alone is pretty much worthless - and actually I think I can weave some Judgment in with this subject - respect and trust are both earned yet honor se
A Remembered Dream
A Remembered Dream Drifting through the dreams of my eternal youth Searching vainly for the core, the ever elusive truth A timeless journey, a never ending quest As I try to remember that which was best I remember laughter in the company of friends I remember the summers that never had an end I remember the love I knew in my family And all of the freedom that my parents gave to me I remember it all, a warm, inviting host Those dear memories that which I cherish most And I promise myself never to let them rest As I touch upon the truth, that which is best
you are the biggest bitches on the entire planet. nothing but lies about other people are always coming out of your mouth. get a real life. and why dont you show your fat asses in pictures. you both continuously post only pix of your face so that all these guys wont be able to see how ugly and fat both of you are. Quit makin shit up to make yourselves look good. you are both nothing but traller trash whores and no man will ever be happy looking at a face like that for the rest of their lives. nasty ass bitches! there is a reason why guys only wanna fuck you from the back.. so they can look at the back of your head instead of your nasty grill.put your money where your mouth is, nasty putas'
Is Your Relatioship Healthy?
HOW MANY OF THE FOLLOWING ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS ARE PRESENT IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS??? 1. COMMUNICATION is open and SPONTANEOUS (including LISTENING) 2. RULES/BOUNDARIES are clear and explicit, yet allows flexibility 3. INDIVIDUALITY, FREEDOM, and PERSONAL IDENTITY is ENHANCED!!!! 4. Each enjoys doing things for SELF, as well as for the OTHER 5. PLAY, HUMOR, and HAVING FUN is common place 6. Each does not attempt to "FIX" or control the other 7. ACCEPTANCE of self and other (for REAL selves) 8. ASSERTIVENESS: feelings and needs are expressed 9. HUMILITY: able to let go of need to "BE RIGHT" 10.. SELF-CONFIDENCE and SECURITY in own worth 11. CONFLICT is faced directly and resolved 12. OPENNESS to constructive feedback 13. EACH is trustful of the other 14. BALANCE of giving and receiving 15. NEGOTIATIONS are fair and democratic 16. TOLERANCE: forgiveness of self and others 17. Mistakes are accepted and LEARNED from 18. WILLINGNESS TO
Bdsm In A Vanilla Perspective...
BDSM in a Vanilla perspective It's all for the submissive's benefit? Yeah, right. The submissive is the one being bossed around or spanked or whatever. How can you say that isn't abuse? Simple. Two reasons: In a BDSM relationship, the submissive sets the limits. A victim of abuse doesn't get a vote; the victim can't tell the abuser what to do, or how much to do it. A submissive sets all the limits--what kinds of things can be (and can't be!) done, how much, and for how long. And while we're on the subject of limits, there is more than one kind of limit in a BDSM relationship. Everybody has "hard" limits--things that they absolutely will not do, and will not even consider. Some people, for example, like to be tied up but don't like the idea of being whipped; if they won't allow themselves to be whipped, ever, that's a hard limit. There are also "soft" limits--things that someone won't do under ordinary circumstances, but will allow to be "forced" on him or her in the cont
Characteristics Of Healthy Relationships
O.K., o.k., I swiped with her blessings from my dear friend Gypsy Heart. I did make some typo corrections but felt this is a valuable share for everyone to at least look at and take it for what it is worth. The following is a list like a check list of many "ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS" that either are or are not present in ones own life and then many relationships we all have.. whether its a friendship, and intimate relationship , parent... Print this off and sit back and either check things off as you realize these different little things... hope this helps you all. HOW MANY OF THE FOLLOWING ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS ARE PRESENT IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS??? 1. COMMUNICATION is open and SPONTANEOUS (including LISTENING) 2. RULES/BOUNDARIES are clear and explicit, yet allows flexibility 3. INDIVIDUALITY, FREEDOM, and PERSONAL IDENTITY is ENHANCED!!!! 4. Each enjoys doing things for SELF, as well as for the OTHER 5. PLAY, HUMOR, and HAVING FUN is common place 6. Each
Hard To Admit !!!
Heard this tonight, Great song had me, Great break up song they say. I just think music marks a part in you life. I guess I am marked heart & soul. Mariah Carey I Stay in Love Lyrics: Oh oh ooh ooh Oh oh ooh ooh Oh oh oh ooh ooh Oh oh ooh ooh Oh oh ooh ooh Oh oh oh ooh ooh Oh baby Baby, I stay in love with you Dying inside cause I can't stand it Make or break up Can't take this madness We don't even really know why All I know is baby I try and try so hard To keep our love alive If you don't know me at this point Then I highly doubt you ever will I really need you to give me That unconditional love I used to feel It's no mistaking We're just erasing From our hearts and minds And I know We said let go But I kept on hanging on Inside I know it's over You're really gone It's killing me Cause there ain't nothing That I can do Baby, I stay in love with you And I keep on telling myself That you'll come back around And I try to front like "
Attention All Shadow Levelers
Well today something happened.I have been told y many that we arent allowed too have more then one account.The Shadow Leveler Home Page has been deleted by Fubar. Im not sure the real reasoning. At this point in time we will use the Helpers page as the homepage. This is where we will go too post and find level ups. shadowlevelershelper~OWNED BY SCARLETT...@ fubar I need all of your help!!!! This is a mandatory thing.I need all levelers too send a private message too the home page so that we can do a up too date blog with the members. It doesnt have too be anything more then title member. Please if you see another leveler on your pge ask them if they checked this blog out.
The Spoiled Under-30 Crowd!!!
If you are 30 or older you will think this is hilarious!!!! When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were when they were growing up; what with walking twenty-five miles to school every morning...uphill BOTH ways yadda, yadda, yadda And I remember promising myself that when I grew up, there was no way in hell I was going to lay a bunch of crap like that on kids about how hard I had it and how easy they've got it! But now that...I'm over the ripe old age of thirty, I can't help but look around and notice the youth of today. You've got it so easy! I mean, compared to my childhood, you live in a damn Utopia! And I hate to say it but you kids today you don't know how good you've got it! I mean, when I was a kid we didn't have The Internet. If we wanted to know something, we had to go to the damn library and look it up ourselves, in the card catalog!! There was no email!! We had to actually write somebody a letter with
Come Join The Red Diamonds Leveling Crew
come join us we are a great and cool group we have fun while helpin out others be apart of out team contact this page please
Fred Claus
Ok people I REALLY tried here! I made it through almost an hour of it but I just can't get into it. I have no idea who the movie is geared towards. There are adult references that would make it inappropriate for some children and it's not adult enough to be for adults only. I think I'm going to take it out now and put something else in. If you HAVE to see it because it has Vince Vaughn then enjoy. You very well may actually like it :P
A Contest Like No Other...come Join The Fun!!!
The contest is... A unique SFW Salute from you to me.. Unique meaning something that is not normally seen in a salute. How you win. 500k for the person with the most rates. 500k to the highest rating average 500k to the most real legitimate comments. You must get regular comments, and have the entries ranked.. those comments are only accepted if they look like first place, second place... an so one. any ranking that is just a number will not be counted... it will be veiwed as comment bombing. First place will win a 1 month VIP Second Place will win a 12 credit Bling Pack Third Place will win a 1 day Blast No comment bombing for the comment portions of the contest. if a violation is made with comment bombing the contestant will be warned and their comments will be reset and if the violation persists the contestant will be disqualified. To the individual who can win in all 3 Fubucks winning areas wins a 25 credit bling pack.
The Piano (poem)
This entry was inspired by a news item I caught this evening about a piano found abandoned in the woods of Harwich near Cape Cod Massachusetts. The Baldwin piano, which required 6 men to lift it into a van for removal, was found in tune and perfect condition along with a piano bench. The Piano A swirl of autumnal leaves cascade round the piano in the wooded glade Pagan pianist unknown unseen Composing ballads to his forest queen His melody haunts the icey air Deep within his arboreal lair Her ethereal form floats by night Disappearing with each mornings light His muse from which inspiration springs Accompaniment to the song she sings Phantom fingers on ivory keys Unlock the forests mysteries
Why do people get mad when you don't accept them when they don't even take the time to read a profile? It's like if you read it and did NOT do what u just did like a blank request and all that stuff everything would be straight, because I for one hate it when someone adds you then doesn't speak to you at all. Just sayin yo, I know I'm not the only one...
Is Obama A Natural Born U.s. Citizen?
CHANGING OF THE GUARD 'Constitutional crisis' looming over Obama's birth location Alan Keyes lawsuit warns America may see 'usurper' in Oval Office Posted: November 14, 2008, 8:40 pm Eastern The California secretary of state should refuse to allow the state's 55 Electoral College votes to be cast in the 2008 presidential election until President-elect Barack Obama verifies his eligibility to hold the office, alleges a California court petition filed on behalf of former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and others. The legal action today is just the latest is a series of challenges, some of which have gone as high as the U.S. Supreme Court, over the issue of Obama's status as a "natural-born citizen," a requirement set by the U.S. Constitution. WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi even traveled to Kenya and Hawaii prior to the election to investigate issues surrounding Obama's birth. But his research and discoveries only raised more qu
Filling In On The Bad News!!
About a month n half ago, doctor said I had HPV virus and mild dysplasia. Well after biopsy pin pointed to one area, surgery went fine cut out the area of bad cells. Well the results came back on that, i went from Stage 1 to Stage 3 in that month n half. So now have a major surgery schedule, to remove the uterus. Ya at 27 i get to have it removed, thank god for my two kids. Dec 10th is surgery, just in time for me to take two weeks to relax. Hoping to be moving by Christmas. So Merry Christmas to all and hope u have good holidays. I will be around but at this rate i have Two weekends to get all shopping down and everything else. MUAH and miss ya'll. will be around when i can get on. Beth
Characteristics Of Healthy Relationships
OK MY FRIENDS ... i came across a page that was folded up among my books and i BELIVE and feel that this will help not only myself but hopefully some of you as well... the following is a list like a check list of many "ATTITUDES AND BEAHVIORS" that either are or are not present in ones own life and then many relationships we all have.. wether its a friendship, and intimate relationship , parent... print this off and sit and either check things off as u realize this different little things... hope this helps you all. HOW MANY OF THE FOLLOWING ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS ARE PRESENT IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS??? 1. COMMUNICATION is open and SPONTANIOUS (including LISTENING) 2. RULES/BOUNDRIES are clear and explicit, yet allows flexibility 3. INDIVIDUALITY, FREEDOM, and PERSONAL IDENITY is ENHANCED!!!! 4. Each enjoys doing things for SELF, as well as for the OTHER 5. PLAY , HUMOR, and HAVING FUN is common place 6. Each does not attempt to "FIX" or contro
Not The Best But Whatever
There are so many things That I could say But damn if my nerves They don't get in the way My hands won't even let me Pick up the phone Continually keeping me Out of that zone I smile I laugh Still I continue to let it pass Ignore my head The things my mind has said Push away my heart That I won't even let start Keep my self to side You'll never know The things I hide But maybe you will If you can see 'me' inside If you can push past the wall The one I put up not to keep people out But see if someone will fight To climb over
You Have To Check Them Out
Rating Revolution@ fubar
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i wanted to thank everyone who left comments and voted on my mumm. I needed to hear everyones opinions. i didnt do it for attention. i just wanted to know what was up. and like i said i know every stripper excuse is they are stripping to pay for college. but i really do need help paying for school. i have been in college for 5 years and just dont want to throw it down the drain. Yes i can get a part time job. but that is not going to help me paying for my school. i have to pay rent, car payment, lights, food etc. im not trying to be a bummer either. you know its just a crossroad i need to make. but once again thank you for all of your support. RAch
A Different Christmas Poem
A Different Christmas Poem author unknown The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, h
Becoming Screen Literate
By KEVIN KELLY Published: November 21, 2008 Everywhere we look, we see screens. The other day I watched clips from a movie as I pumped gas into my car. The other night I saw a movie on the backseat of a plane. We will watch anywhere. Screens playing video pop up in the most unexpected places like A.T.M. machines and supermarket checkout lines and tiny phones; some movie fans watch entire films in between calls. These ever-present screens have created an audience for very short moving pictures, as brief as three minutes, while cheap digital creation tools have empowered a new generation of filmmakers, who are rapidly filling up those screens. We are headed toward screen ubiquity. Skip to next paragraph Enlarge This Image Jonathan Bruce Williams Enlarge This Image Video Citing: TimeTube, on the Web, gives a genealogy of the most popular videos and their descendants, and charts their popularity in time-line form. When technology shifts, it bends the culture. Once, l
escutcheon \ih-SKUHCH-uhn\, noun: 1. a shield decorated with a coat of arms 2. the protective metal plate around a keyhole and lock, drawer handle or pull, light switch, etc. 3. the panel on a ship's stern bearing her name
In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act. - George Orwell
Pedro When I was a boy they walked up my street Ringing their bells in the moist summer heat All knew the meaning of the bell and its sound It meant that the knife sharpener was coming around All pulled a cart with a large stone wheel That they worked with a foot pedal to sharpen the steel Pedro was the same, with the very same kit But the difference lay in what he did with it A small Mexican man, with a smile that could beam And old golden teeth that would sparkle and gleam As he worked away pumping the pedal That sent the stone spinning to grind on the metal But Perdros wheel was not the same As the others in the sharpening game It looked far older, somehow out of place With strange carved symbols etched into its face Most didnt notice and didnt care They just paid him on the street right there And the wheel would spin and the sparks would fly And then old Pedro would say goodbye Then came the last full moon of the year And something gruesome
Greit Vi Begynner Med Ingeborg Bachmann
Ingeborg. Ingen borg Bak-mann. Hun hadde som sterisk kvinne og intellektuell ingen mulighet til komme unna fenomenet Adolf Hitler. Nazismen og jdeutryddelsene ligger under hennes historie. Sammen med et nske om forst seg selv som kvinne. Vi m huske at Hitler var sterriker. Selv om han tidlig forskte gjre sterike til en del av Tyskland. Og vi m huske at sterike har vrt en del av sterike-Ungarn. Et virkelig storrike med tradisjoner. Det Habsburgske dobbelt-monarki. Det leder tankene mot Musil's Mannen Uten Egenskaper. Sammen med en innsikt i kvinnen som en bakenforliggende og styrende makt over mannen med eksemplet Elisabeth Nietzsche som det mest interessante i sammenhengen gir det en mulig innfallsvinkel til Ingeborg Bachmans projekt. Det er mulig se Hitler som styrt av en kvinne. Og det er mulig se ham p villspor p feil side av den steriske grensen. Og som sterisk kvinne blir det med de forutsetningene mulig se seg selv som den styrende
Hey all, how go's it, broken down James here and wanted to let you know hwo my life is going. First and Foremost, i am now officially a Utilikilt Sales Rep ( ) if you would like more info or have any ?'s, let me know offline (IE: dont ask in a comment here or on my profile, i dont mind promoting Utilikilts, but kind of a waste in that manner. Since i last blogged, i have moved again because the Mgt would not allow my Roomie Partner and close friend Duncan on the lease we were expecting to put on due to an issue that he had with them a few years ago. and since we ARE a family, this would and could not let this happen. (plus he is a really kool person ) we then had to find a new place in about 3 weeks. we are now in Mesa. I also got a new Tattoo by a REALLY good artist that shall remain nameless for the time being. ( Check out my Photo's) This was a cover up and if anybody that knows me in "real life" (has met me and seen me and my tattoo's) knows w
All You Do
All You Do Just sitting here wondering if I can do more I'm not out to please anyone but I want to make people happy Can't make anyone be my friend or care about me. Seems like all I do is never enough for anyone I guess I'm looking for attention and going about it all wrong I never though that I would feel this way but its killing me inside No one to talk to about it and it scares me. I cant be perfect but I don't deserve what I get most of time People have it worse of than me but I can say My life is better than most but can I ever do enough Or is never enough
Forgotten Angel
Yesturday you saw me. Today you remembered me. But tomorrow you will forget me! -The Forgotten Angel Yesturday I saw you. Today I remembered you, And tomorrow may never come, because I refuse to forget you! -The one who REMEMBERED the Forgotten Angel
For My Daddy
My mind says "jump!" My heart says "wait! You're putting too much upon your plate!" If this love is true It won't go fast, If you don't push hard it's sure to last! I need his love it feeds my soul, He's the half that makes me whole. I can't believe that this is real, I love the way he makes me feel! A gentle touch a goodnight kiss, I swear I must be dreaming this! Is this a dream? Am I awake? Is it real or is it fake? I think of you each night and day, hoping that you're heare to stay! If there's one thing I know is true, it is this, baby I love you!
I Love U
I can feel my heart beat but I cannot move my feet. Pound, pound in my chest I swear this feeling is the best! Never felt something quite like this and I feel it each time we kiss. Thump, thump in my throat, You're the one that floats my boat. Without you I'm sure to sink, this love has got me on the brink. I just can't wait to be with you, it all sounds crazy, but I swear it's true! You're the one I want holding me tight, You're the one I want sleeping in my bed at night. I want to wake up to your loving smile, so if you don't mind I'm keeping you a while. I'm holding you close, not letting you leave 'cause one thing's for sure you belong with me! You're my angel and I know it's true, 'cause even when you're gone, baby, I love you
Police Video Of Meteor Over Edmonton, Canada
Jingle Boombs
Dashing through the sand with a bomb strapped to my back 'cause i've got a nasty plan for christmas in Iraq! i got through check point "A" but not through check point "B" that's when i got shot in the @$$ by the U.S. Military!! OOOOHHHH!!! Jingle Bombs, Jingle Bombs Mine blew up you see.. where are all the virgins that Benlahden promised me?! OOOHHH!!! Jingle Bombs, Jingle Bombs your soldiers shot me dead the only thing that i have left is this towel upon my head! I used to be a man but every time i cough thanks to uncle sam my nuts keep falling off! my bombing days are done i need to find some work perhaps it would be much safer as a convenient store night clerk! OOOHHH!! Jingle Bombs, Jingle Bombs i think i got screwed don't laugh at me because i'm dead or I...KILL....YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KILL YOU! -Achmed the dead terrorist
To The Lost Angel
o the forgotten angel: you are the guardian angel watching over me. you are the sun that lights my sky in the day. you are the moon that lights my sky at night. you are the air i breathe to survive. you are the whisper in the gentle breeze. you are the sound of the ocean that calms my soul. you are the song stuck inside my head. you are the one i dream about when i sleep. you are the one i think about when i'm awake. you are the world i live in. you are my everything!! and I LOVE YOU!
Sweet Dreams
Eyes growing heavy my muscles weaken slowly I'm slipping away, into the darkness, into my dreams to await the dawn of a brand new day. Head on my pillow, visions of you begin rushing into my head. a smile appears as I'm thinking of you lying with me in my bed. I'm cold and I'm lonely dreaming sweet dreams of your arms holding me close to you. And perhaps if I wait, and pray hard enough, one day my sweet dreams will come true!
Lost Angel
Sitting in the shadows, empty and alone, the Lost Angel waits to be found. So many thoughts running through her mind as she stares blankly at the ground. People pass, some stop and stare, but no one sees the hurt. To make it worse, all these jerks keep treating her like dirt. But deep inside she finds the strength to stand above the crowd; Like the single ray of sun that comes shining through the cloud. You've seen this light, and thanks to you she no longer sits alone. The Lost is found, the empty filled with all the love you've shown.
Its Hes Fault
He's a drunk dad who just can't see he's about to lose his whole family!! The kids can't take it, the mom can't deal, but being drunk he don't know this shit's for real! He won't stop drinking He just don't care, but maybe it'll hit him when his family's not there! He won't have us there to clean his mess, but I'm sure he'll drink more and care even less! He works really hard and I'm sure he means well but his mother fucking drinking is putting us all through hell!! His son is locked up which makes me mad, and its 'cause he can't deal with his drunk ass dad! His daughter's my friend and she's falling apart, she wants her dad to stop drinking and its breaking her heart. She has a boyfriend and they love each other, I like to think of him as an older brother. He treats us all good but hates the drunk dad, and when the dad starts yelling he gets
My 1 And Only
You're the warm sensation that I feel inside my soul, you're my man, my love, my world- you're the half that makes me whole! You're the sun that lights my day, you're the moon that lights my night, I'll love when we get along I'll love you more each time we fight. I know sometimes I'll piss you off, but don't forget how much I care.. and no matter how much we may yell, I promise I'll still be there. I don't always pick up the phone, and I may forget to call... but my feelings and my love for you haven't changed at all. I'm sorry I'm not perfect, but I'll be as close as I can be, You're the only one my heart beats for, You're my One & Only!!
~thanksgiving Wishes~
~~~~~~~~THANKGIVING WISHES~~~~~~~~ Well it's finally here, or nearly! I am packing and getting ready to go see my son in Ft. Worth~ I will leave in the morning and I will get to spend the whole week with my baby! Yes..... (He is 21, but he will always be my baby!) Lol.. I haven't gotten to see him, since my Birthday in August! He is on shift at the firestation, and couldn't come home for Thanksgiving~ SO I am taking Thanksgiving to him! Like I said he is 21 , and I haven't ever spent one holiday without him, and I am not starting now! Lol.. For the last 17 years, I have always cooked Thanksgiving Dinner at my house, I still didn't get out of making 80 quarts of dressing, so I will be leaving some of it, for those left behind! Lol.... And transporting some to Ft. Worth~ It will defintley be a different Thanksgiving, without all of my family~ My mom has been in the hopsitol for most of this month, from complications from her breast cancer surgery~ Our plans were that sh
Teresas Auction
Heart V Head
Every minute of every day in our lives we all make choices, what to wear, what to eat, drink, where to go next, what to do next and every choice we make effects what sort of day we have, what sort of life we are going to have and some we have to make because we can see no other way in any given situation that is right for everyonethese we call sacrifices and theses, for whatever reason are the hardest choices we have to make as they can and invariably do effect our lifes greatly. One of the greatest sacrifices we may have to make is those of the heart and no matter how hard it may seem sometimes that choice has to be made, for instance, you care very deeply for someone but you see that that someone is it utter turmoil for what every reason, then the choice is, do you carry on with that someone as you were and hope they manage to overcome and come to terms with whatever the problem may be, knowing that maybe you are part of or caught up in that turmoil or do you allow that some
Random Feelings.
You are the most beautiful thing to me. You brighten my day with your smile. You make me feel so special when I am around you. You know exactly what to do to make me in a better mood. You know that I love you. You know that I can?t stand not being around you. You are my everything. You are the one I love and the only one I love. You are my princess and I am your prince. You are who you are and that?s why I love you. That?s who you are to me.
I just got done watching Hancock and I have only one thing to say about this movie. OMG!!!! This movie was awesome! I was expecting it to be decent at best but it greatly exceeded my expectations! It started out fast with a high speed chase on the 105 and then goes to a drunk black man passed out on a bench. He gets woken up by a young boy who makes him reluctantly go and save the day. However, he is not your average superhero. He has powers he doesn't understand and he's kinda clumsy. Usually destroys half the city in the process of saving it so the citizens of L.A. aren't really very fond of him. Hancock desperately wants to fit in and be accepted. He feels bad because he works hard to save people and they hate him for it. He saves the life of a publicist who wants to save the world in his own way. The publicist, Ray, can see how much Hancock is hurting and devises a plan to get the people to accept him as a hero. The city puts out a warrant for Hancock's arrest be
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I Has An Idea!
Ok, so I figured that since I work at Blockbuster and I get to bring home movies before they are released on DVD I would let people know what I think about them after I watch them. I just got done watching Hancock and was telling my poi that she had to go and rent it tonight because it's such an awesome movie but I realized she couldn't rent it until Tuesday. So coming up in a few minutes will be my review for Hancock. Followed later by Space Chimps and Fred Claus. Enjoy everyone and make informed decisions when you go to your local video store this week :P
Not That Anyone Cares.
Do you believe in angels? Because I sure do, The first time I saw you, It was too good to be true. For everyone there is someone, And for me its you. I can?t believe this is happening, Its too good to be true. I love you!
Cyberstalking... Obsession & Hacking All Wrapped Up 4 You! Kudos Kittyluv You Busted Us Out!
History With KittyLuv: (as we Know it)x It all Started with WitchyWoman aka "kittyluv" Running to the HideAway seeking protection from REDS LOUNGE using our Head DJ's Name SexyBunny, saying she was a good friend of hers, well of course we automatically gave shelter and protected her from Reds lounge knowing that Reds' had a rep for being this angry & mean lounge. For over the next couple of hours we were hounded by Reds' and their members for allowing this woman into our lounge - they were after her for her "rippin' their lounge members' pics without their permission" Kinda silly I thought.. but hey I promised protection to my staff & their friends @ anytime and by gosh, I was gonna stand by my word and I did.... UNTIL I went to WitchyWomans aka KittyLuvs, page and realized she had me BLOCKED lmfao... and I asked her about this over and over without a response.. and then Mike asked her about this with no response.. pretty soon I ejected and banned her and let her deal with Reds
A New Book I Am Beginning Work On
Hi all, As some of you may know, I currently have several published books to my credit and the positive feedback I have recieved from many here and elsewhere regarding my dark poetry has convinced me that I will now author a new book featuring the stories posted here and many more not yet posted. This new self published book will be called, "Too Twisted For The Campfire: Dark Adult Poems of Horror, Madness, and Death." I am sincerely hoping that I can involve two of my good and talented friends, Scabby Cadaver and Seth Rose, both of whom have worked with me in the past on my live performance photos and in creating original dark artwork for my promo materials, to provide sinister photos and artwork to grace it's pages. I will keep everyone updated on it's progress. Cheers, Steve
Vote 4 Me: Chico Famous Lady 2008
Bully For Pure Seduction
Station Victims Wont See Settlement Until Spring
By TRACY BRETON Journal Staff Writer PROVIDENCE Victims of the Station nightclub fire arent going to get any of their settlement money in time for Christmas. It appears, in fact, that it will be next spring at the earliest that any funds will be distributed. A federal magistrate judge, David L. Martin, met yesterday with lawyers for the victims and the dozens of parties they sued in connection with the February 2003 fire. Representatives of both sides said theyd reached agreement on the next steps to be followed as they try to wrap up the litigation. Providence lawyer William A. Poore will be appointed special master on behalf of the 181 minors who are slated to receive part of the $176 million that has been offered to settle the 11 federal lawsuits brought by those who lost loved ones or suffered injuries in the West Warwick fire. During the next 45 days, Poore will confer with a Duke University law professor who has devised a matrix for distributing the $1
My Daughter Was Assaulted Today At A Party!
My 13 year old went to a slumber party Saturday the 22nd (November) at a "friends" house and in the night (3 am) one of the girls there beat the snot out of her. The girl was kicking her in her ribs til the wind was knocked out of her, and she was crying for her to stop, and then took a plastic whip thing and was beating her with it. She has marks on her legs from it. I went and picked her up ASAP and after talking to my cousin that is a cop he told me not to mess around waiting and to go file a police report against the girl. I took her with me and we went up to the police station and filed a report for assault charges. I'm taking her to school tomorrow morning and going into the school to talk to her 3 teachers (jr. high) and the principal. Let them know what hapened and that a report was filed. If worst comes to worst she will be transferred to another school! It sucks that this stuff happens when you send your kids to CATHOLIC school! She's in a lot of pain right now. Eve
One Child's Hero
While I was passing through Las Vegas on my way to Albuquerque New Mexico one night, I stopped for dinner at the Circus Circus Hotel. My favorite place to eat in town, because they have the best prime rib and all the games a big kid can stand! I drive a lot in my work and in my life in general; here and there and everywhere. This time I was moving to the great southwest, where cowboys roam and the desert is as high as the sky. I never expected what happened next! As I came out of the casino and got into my car, I heard a commotion behind me. I looked into my rearview mirror, and saw a young man and woman arguing. They had a tiny tot in tow and she couldn't have been more than three years old. But there they stood, in the middle of the parking lot in front of me and anyone else that happened to be passing by, just arguing away in very load voices. I couldn't help overhear the conversation and it centered around the fact that he was drunk! She wasn't about to relinquish the c
Callies Cars
Callies Cars The cars A dimpled wreck The uncertain creases in the flesh of the metal Cellulite waiting to rust A graveyard of forgotten dreams Abandoned hopes lying in wait Hoping for someday to leave Longing for a hermit to shrive the dust Cruel fate Lost generations Historys record Ancient nobles of expressed freedom Curse of the final home Invalids unable to move Shut away to forget the dreams of the open road Forgotten and unloved Destined to be alone
Is Obama The Messiah That The Muslims Are Waiting For??
Is Obama the "Messiah" that the Muslims Are Looking For? Bible-believing Christians are joyfully anticipating the return of Jesus Christ, the true Messiah. Islamic followers have a false Christ for which they wait. He is called Mahdi, which means Divinely Guided One. The full meaning is a messianic deliverer who will fill the earth with justice and equity, restore true religion, and usher in a short golden age lasting seven, eight, or nine years before the end of the world. (Britannica, 1991 Ed. Vol. 7, Page 696.) It is scary to hear the hyper descriptions, reports of emotional titillation, and the actual term messiah being assigned to Barack Obama. Muammar al-Qaddafi, president of Libya -- one of the nations to join Russia and Iran in marching on Israel -- recently endorsed Obama. Here are his words, There are elections in America now. Along came a black citizen of Kenyan origins, a Muslim, who studied in an Islamic school in Indonesia. His name is Obama, said Qaddaf
News Flash
Hard 2 handle is a fucking Cunt
Of Ravens And Writing Desks
Of Ravens and Writing Desks There are no mysteries anymore No mysteries for me to explore Nothing for me When I turn to see What hides behind the very next door Ive answered every riddle With my writing desk in the middle And of the Raven I respond, never craven To yield neermore to the enigmatic riddle How sad it must sometimes seem To think perhaps Ill neer again dream But to wax uncertain The mysteries of the curtain What Morpheus hides behind his silver screen What else though can I say Then perhaps on some far distant day The Raven will visit And once again Ill sit And write again the Dreams that come my way
Bridesmaid Dress The color is APPLE! It is GORGEOUS!! Better than I thought I would find out there. I LOVE David's Bridal!! Z
Oh Well...
Oh Well... Gazing through the windows of my youth Hoping to catch a glimpse of some half-forgotten truths Looking to the past Searching for something to last Something to carry me through til tomorrow I reach back into my mind Wondering what it is Ill find Digging up my dreams Wondering what they mean Hoping that Ill have something to show Something to tell I look back into my dreams Searching for forgotten themes Trying to find What was on my mind Hunting for just the smallest trace But the mirror becomes clouded And my thoughts from me are shrouded Unable to see Just who it is in me Hiding behind the mask of my face Oh well...
You Wanna Play
Now has come the day that I take the lead and I make you follow. Toast to champagne cause I came for greed and not for tomorrow. If it feels good then it feels good and I do it all day. You want me to play You best bring your brain You best bring your money. Yay! Make me a superstar. Yay! No matter who you are.
The Mad-song Of King Ludwig Ii
The Mad-Song of King Ludwig II (a "mad-song" is related to a limerick only with a non-rhymed first line) Quiet little boy with your music box toy on a hill where a watch tower stood. What do you see? The future maybe? A white swan amidst the wood? You assumed the throne at a tender age and to your ministers you left the affairs of an ancient state to build a palace great abandoning all of your worldly cares Amid your court of unseen ghosts, sipping from your enchanted chalice, you had a dream, a grand noble scheme, to build a fairy-tale kingdom palace Along grand corridors rich and dark your entourage with you nightly strode. oh what a scene to servants unseen as you walked your magical fantasy road. Your dinners were the envy of Kings with each and every royal course such regal guests only the best from Charlemange to your favorite horse In a hidden grotto on a shell shaped boat you sailed down this mortal stream how must your life in this
Again In My Dreams
Again in my Dreams Memories true, unclouded and free Is how I nightly dream of thee For pure as honey, sweet and light The remembrance of your love Keeps me through the night Golden dreams of you my dear Next to my heart I keep them near Locked in a place safe from the harms Cruel Fate deals unforgivingly until Again I hold you in my arms Every breath with which you drew Reconfirmed what I always knew Something lives yet inside your heart Soon again to be awakened in your breast That which will refuse to keep us apart You are my honey, my one true treasure The depth of my love to great to measure I shall always strive to win back your hand To meet you again on a field of green Professing my love next to you I stand To always fight true the good fight To strive forth eternally with all my might Love, the greatest of all virtues Like St. George against the Wyrm I shall battle all to be again with you
Sweet Turtle Giveaway
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My First College Assignment Outside Muncie
Now this is fucked up shit. Its awesome that I get to travel to the British Isles free of cost. The downfall is that I got to study the technology there
Think you can handle the Evil One?!?! Come in and see...
Calling All Fubar Beauties....
I've been around this page site long enough but I wanted to do a little something fun around here. So this message is for all of the ladies here...I'd like to rip at least one photo from those on my friends, family or fans list for this special album. Just send me a message or a shout to let me know you want in. Thanks 4 the time and take care of yourselves.
Another Home Made Video Of Mine . Hope You Like
Photo and video editing at Find me here !!!
Thanksgiving Blessing
For Any And All That wish it .............. Thank you, Earth, For your abundant bounty. I gratefully receive your gifts and blessings. For the air I breathe, I thank the plants and trees. The air, the fire, The water, and the earth. Thank you for sustaining my life And nourishing me. For the blessings of loved ones, who help me along life's path. I am thankful. My life is full to overflowing with gifts of ancestors. Courageous souls who survived, And made my life possible. Thank you great spirits of the cosmos, for the lessons I sometimes try to avoid, But which I need. And for the joys and pains which open my spirit and expand my heart. I am grateful for health, abundance, and challenges, each unique. Thank you all who have touched my life's journey. Each new day is a gift, To which I pledge the best of myself. For the blessings of life's great circle continue in me. From the cave to the stars, I have always been and will al
This Is Tragic! Plz Read!
All right, Fu. Let's face reality for a minute. For a few minutes, let's forget about rating, points, or any other petty shit you may be preoccupying yourself with. PLEASE... STICKY THIS BULLETIN... REPOST IT ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! THIS NEEDS TO BE SEEN AND HEARD!!! I will warn you: these videos will make you cry. They will make you angry. But we NEED to cry. We NEED to get angry. And it goes further than what we, as common American citizens are being told. There has been a cure for AIDS found in Berlin, Germany. It has been medically proven to be an effective cure, yet doctors and scientists are saying its not practical. How is a cure for the most prevalent, most deadly disease in the world not practical??? This link is from the N.Y. Times. It was released on November 13th, and its astounding. It makes me sick to know that this can be prevented, treated, and cured, and nothing is being done about it. [ CLICK HERE AND READ THIS!!! ] [ CLICK HERE FOR A CLOSER WALK'S WEBSITE!
Do You have what it takes to come and listen to the Twisty Slide? Or are you too chicken?!
i get no love, i feel rejected by tons of people, and no guys actually find me attractive, been called a dude. maybe i am what people think of me as...a fat ugly loser with no life
Rodeo Clowns
Rodeo Clowns - Jack Johnson Rodeo Clowns -- Jack Johnson sweeping the floors, open up the doors yeah turn on the lights, gettin ready for tonight nobody's romantic cuz it's too early for dancin but here comes the music bright lights flashing to cover up your lack of so many people, so many problems, so many reasons to buy another round, drink it down just another night on the town with the big man, money man, better than the other man he got the plan with the million dollar give a damn when nobody understands, become a smaller man the bright lights keep flashing, and the women keep on dancing with the clowns, yeah yeah yeah they pick me up when i'm down yeah yeah the rodeo clowns, yeah yeah yeah they pick me up when i'm down the disco ball spinning, all the music and the women and the shots of tequila, man they say that they need ya, what they really just a little room to breathe teeny bopping disco queen, she barely understands her dreams of
Hi Mom And Dad!
Today I had a chance to sit down for a nice meal with some of my golf buddies. We met along with about 100 other people at Quinets Restaurant to celebrate our friend Marks graduation from college. Quinets hosts such events in a room with photos of local sporting events and athletes spanning almost a century. As we sat down one of my friends asked, Is that Lou in that photo? Sure enough, it was one of our golf buddies in his Marshall University basketball uniform. Beside it was another in his high school uniform, the same school where I graduated and played. I asked if they had all heard the story of Lous game against the great Oscar Robinson. Some had not, and so I told it, trying to tell it exactly like Lou has told us a few times. This is a true story, and if you know Lou or any Shortliner, its certainly believable, if not heartwarming and hilarious. Lou Mott might be the greatest basketball player to come out off my high school. He later became one of the greatest ever t
Hyper, Nature N Naked!
These 3 People are very dear to me and need help leveling so could you stop by their pages and fan/add/rate them!!! This Guy has been stuck on this level for a while he doesnt have much to go till he hits level 15 Fu Idol can you help him reach his next level? NAKED ♠ ♠ Lucias RL n FU boytoy ♠ ♠ This Woman is an amazing friend she has been stuck on this level for nearly 14 months can you help her make it to Fubarlord? Hyper ♥Nature's R/L Wife♥ This Guy is an amazing friend can you help him reach his next level? Nature Hyper's R/L Hubby
Kp 2!
OH LOOK A KITTY!!! Come Join the Voluptuous Broad in the Wolf Pack She's tearing up the Airways!
I Can Not Wait
Inside my head, Inside my heart I reach ahead, no longer apart In my life, you, there forever too Loveing me so. no longer blue Sparks will fly lights will shine I now have you.You are mine Forever to hold Forever to love My heart is lifted well above I cannot wait... Wait for this day My soul lingures.. to come and play With yours and yours alone :-) In my eyes.. its been shown I dream I see..I see you with me I must..I must wait for us.. to be My love is yours.. forever you see I can not wait for us..To be Angel
OH LOOK A KITTY!!! Come Join the Voluptuous Broad in the Wolf Pack She's tearing up the Airways!
Blondie's Doing what with who?! come on in to find out!
For the last 2 years, my youngest son has asked me why his Aunt Jenny (my sister) doesn't like me. Without wanting to get into it too much, I just said that Aunt Jenny wasn't a very nice or forgiving person. Today he gave me an answer...Aunt Jenny doesn't like me because I don't go to church. I was SO mad!! My ex husband was NEVER interested in religion when we were together and in fact told me that anyone who went to church was a hypocrite. But since cheating on me, lying to my family, myself and my friends, destroying our family and then marrying the whore he cheated with, he is going to church. And not just a normal church, one of these giant God Cults that boast 10 services over 2 days and tens of thousands of members. My brother in law goes to this church and he has my sister brainwashed. Apparently now they are trying to brainwash my children as well. I don't know whose idea it was for them to go to church. (at first my brother in law was very upset with my ex husband f
For Kit And Weirick
//runs and hides
Group's That The Fat Sonny Reposts For
So i had a few groups on here ask me to repost their stuff most of you know i stay far away from the fu group crap till now If you ask the question oh sonny can you repost this be ready for the comeback question from me of Got Mona? without Ms Mona in your group sorry folk's no repost ஐ*ღDangerous Curvesღ*ஐ (♥All Girl Group♥) I make 1 other exception for the sinful kittie's so save your time i am sorry Sinful Kitties Homepage
Tired And Weak
I really do not know what is going on but all day I have felt drained . All day long I have felt as if I was coming down sick , I am tired and sluggish, which isn't like me in the least . The only reasonable answer would be I am getting sick just before the holiday. But the way my luck goes I still have to work sick or not . At least its going to be quiet and slow the way I love it .
Before You Christmas Shop......
BE CAREFUL When BUYING GIFT CARDS this holiday. It would be better to give cash or a present. Here's why. Stores across America are being scheduled to close after the Christmas season due to economic difficulties and bankruptcy. If the store closes, the gift cards would be no good. Here are some of the announced closings. Of course these companies would love you to give them money for a gift card that would be no good later on. Perhaps some home made jam or a $5 bill would be safer, since once a store declares bankruptcy they don't have to honor their gift cards. Better yet, give the gift of food storage. STORE CLOSINGS AND LAYOFFS: By the end of Dec. 2008 as announced Circuit City Filed Bankruptcy, they promised to keep all stores open for the holiday season, but afterwards, they plan on closing 155 stores nationwide. Ann Taylor closing 117 stores nationwide. A company spokeswoman said the company hasn't revealed which stores will be shut down. It will let the stores th
Miss You
When things get rough, I look for you. When life is a big mess, I look for you. And when im looking theres nothing. Because your no longer here. You were taken from us far to soon, Its just not fair that life is made this way. I always though, hmm will she see me meet that right guy, or see me with my 1st child. I always thought you would be there. I never thought that u wouldnt. I guess to me it was so much easier to be dumb to reality then to believe it. Now im needin you for all ur advice, and theres nothing. I sit outside and I think if I talk to the stars, just maybe you can here me. And just maybe you could show me alittle sign. I miss you so much, I love you.
Omg She Did Not!!
The Chicken Dance - Dance Party Favorites ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Begs for forgiveness NOW!! Is it stuck in your head? Did you find yourself doing the chicken movements? If so good, my job for the day is done! Have a good Sunday!
A Different Point Of View...
How Thanksgiving Became the National Day of Mourning for the Wampanoag Native Americans When I was young, it was O.K. for people to celebrate the myth of Thanksgiving as it had been told to us for hundreds of years. The Pilgrims landed on Plymouth rock and were met by some very friendly Indians. These Indians quickly became friends with the Pilgrims. In a way of celebrating both the Pilgrim/Indian friendship and the wonderful harvest that the Pilgrims and the Indians worked together to cultivate Thanksgiving was born. Now as time goes on and the country becomes more and more politically correct we can see that the story behind Thanksgiving was based mostly on mythology and it has gone through great changes. This is, in part, due to the Wampanog tribe of Native Americans but more specifically a man named Frank B. James, the one time leader of the Wampanog tribe. How did the Wampanog tribe of Native Americans turn Thanksgiving into the National Day of Mourning? The Comm
Rain's Rating Game - Lots Of Prizes - Auto 11 On
~Rain's Rating Game~ So u want a chance to win one of the great prizes? Here is what you do : Below is links to myself and PIA .For every 100 pic rates I will put your name in a drawing for a chance to win a prize (1 entry per 100 rates).There are several prizes that can be won.You may rate any or all of our pics to give you more chances at winning.Please fumail RAIN (NOT SB) fumail ONLY Letting me know how many pics you rated altogether.*BONUS Entry* Fu-own any of us for 1 entry per person you fu-own. WE have auto 11's activated ..So you will benefit just from rating! ~~Prizes~~ Bling (Credit amounts vary) Customized Tag Drinks and much more.... ~~~~~HAPPY RATING~~~~~ ~~~GET STARTED~~~ Rain ~Owner of WYKD~@ fubar ~*~PIA~*~co-owner @WYKD ~*~@ fubar The Winner of last weeks Contest of 35 credits is therapea ..Congrats ! WYKD Radio
Listen To This Little German Lady!!!
Its All Over Till My Next Auto
I couldn't believe it I felt so numb when she asked me the ultimate question how are you and the cowboy doing? She was having problems in her own relationship with my cousin and was asking me for advice. Of all ppl she was asking me like I have such a great record with men. I looked at her and realized that the cowboy and I had been over for a little over 4 months now. As for the rest of the guys I had kicked them to the curb. So I sat there and told her look whatever happens happens for a reason. I found myself qouteing every comment I had recieved or sent to my friends as advice.I told her also that no matter what to keep in touch with me that we were friends after all she had been with my cousin a little more then 5 yrs hell we were family. As I looked down at my cigerette I then told her look the cowboy came back from where ever he was and said he didn't want a relationship with me. The last guy turned out to be married and as for my ex well you know that story you were her
Ldc Birthday Announcement
Today is the Birthday of the member below. Plz go and wish her a happy birthday..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Zaphara Countess Of Angels Lestat's Dark Covenant Family VR Greeter@ fubar
When I Left Levi ( My Ex - Was With Him For 26 Months). We Had A Soap Opera Life.
My convo with my ex, this is when we broke up. I left him. This was on 11.17.08 ( he took it a lot better then I thought he would. He always said that he was my soul mate and couldnt live with out me. Wonder if that was a lie ) Me : It does thanks. My bday was so good that there is no words to describe it, thats how good it was. And i'm doing so much better since you and i are not together. No offense to you, its just the drama is gone, i'm taking care ok ky better and i'm so much happier. So up being only friends and nothing more is perfect. You do realize that you and i will never be together again under any circumstance right? And if you cant deal i'm sorry. Just walk away now and have a good life. Him : wells thats good I plan on moving out of state as soon as most of my bills are paid off. in a couple of years. so i'll probly not be in touch when I leave. Me : I dont want you to keep in touch then or now. I'm moving on with my life. You should to. Him : ok have a
Just Me Ranting
alone again Going deeper in my thoughts never seen this side of myself, no i don't pity myself, or feel low i just make sure that i am all there my brain says one thing and my body does another, I have felt the rain on my face and it feels like tears flowing from my eyes so warm and comforting at times. i will not wish it to go away i will only hope it stays to wash my body of the sins i think i might have committed i feel i need to be purified and taken under someones wings to be told how to do it all over again. I miss not knowing how to make myself whole. I want to be heard, touched, controlled, and loved. Is that to much to ask? I cry alot not for the hope someone will pity me but to cleanse my soul. Please don't look down on me just offer a hand and a heart along with a leash and a collar.
My Life
Shut Up And Read For A Change!
It seems to be a common illness online that guys (and some ladies) are simply not able to read. So here it is loud and clear to read: 1) My age is in my profile! 2) I am NOT you Baby! 3) I will NOT fuck you! 4) I will not go on cam for you 5) And I do NOT want to see pictures of your piece! Got it? Then continue with your worthless life somewhere else, if I hurt your ego. I am NOT a cheap fuck and I can have good sex or BDSM whenever I want to! Yes, I am known to speak my mind and to step on toes, if I have a reason for it. You guys just gave me one! If you are fine with the rules, I will gladly speak with you and be happy to be your friend on here! Scalde/ Sue
All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)
Special Offers 4 Bling Packs For Birthday Happy Hour
Please let me know if you are sending one, BEFORE you send it! $50 bling pack: 100 11's a week for a month Random Gifts 2 sfw salutes $100 Bling Pack: Random Gifts 1 Auto 11 Bling (SHITLOADS OF RATES when activated) Pimped out for your Auto 11's (make sure you let me know when tho) Added 2 Family for NSFW photo viewing 1 SEXY SFW (almost NSFW) Salute Video Salute $250 Bling Pack Random Gifts 2 Auto 11 Blings (SHITLOADS OF RATES FOR BOTH) Pimped out for both Auto 11's 30 credit Bling of your choosin Added 2 Family for NSFW photo viewing 3 NSFW Salutes Another 50 credits of bling.... (thats 150 credits of Bling for YOU!) Video Salute $650 Bling Pack (which I dont expect ever to receive lol) Random Gifts 4 Auto 11 Blings 2 Jewel Fu Blings 60 extra bling credits of your choosing (Thats 400 credits for YOU!) Pimped out for all Auto 11's Added to family for NSFW photo viewing 5 NSFW salutes Midget on page Yahoo Messenger ID (got a cam too:P) NSFW vide
Pick Your Pie Pizza Contest Full Waiting On People To Finish Thier Obligations
UPDATE:All pizzas taken waiting on all to complete comments and rates Note: If you have not gotten all your comments done or worked out another deal with me you will not get your prize until completed. :P How many times have you been sitting on Fubar wishing you had a Pizza? Ahhh Yes, delicious Pizza! Well wish no more! Mama Lucretia to the rescue! The Easiest Contest Ever!! Everyone is a Winner!!
Great Big Sea
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Martini Tinkle on the glass Hour glass shape But no time To waste Three olives Bombay sapphire Whisper of vermouth Shake of the shaker Wriggle of the hips Ice cold Yet warmth A simple drink Elegance Cheers poet
Frayed Knot And Big Papi
Sometimes people reaffirm to you that not all are too busy for you and notice when you are down. Frayed Knot...She noticed I was down. She listened to me, gave me an ear. Papi...thank you so very much for listening as well. You guys are so kind.
Just to let you all knoweverything is ok.but for the next day or so I will not be on here as much as normal.just in now and again, so if you want to reach me and have my yahoo I will be thereif not then leave a message and will return as soon as I can. Hugs to you all
Fuk You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im so sick and tired of the games u play.....u dont know how to seperate fiction from reality...u block me everytime a guys buys me something on here or i comment on a mumm..are u fukin serious. how can i be inlove with someone who treats me so bad...i try so hard to get ur attention and u wanna play games and give these pathetic fake whores ur attention rather than to whom u claim that matters. im not your option and will only be priority in someones life..its what i deserve and fuk ur games ...wen u grow up you will see the big picture, and wen u can deal with the fact that u have or had something that is not only appealing to you...then maybe it'll BLOCK THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hiring Staff (editing 2)
Hiring all staff for: Managers Ast. mgrs Head promoters Greeters Experience is a plus... Not required.. Will train in these areas. *** Head promoters- will also train how to do basic coding*** CLICK ON EITHER PICS TO APPLY WITHIN THE LOUNGE
New Christmas Poem-dont Forget Them
Help Me :p
soooo i am in an auction i never in them so u soooo need to help me out go rate me :p go go go :P and bid one me :P
Looking 4 Lounge Promoters
any 1 who wants to me promote a new lounge i just made let me know please
Realization I have found peace...It dawned on me this morning that I no longer have to fight my exhub1...the death of him and his lover this past year has ultimately set me free...For years I had issues with them and it made for an extremely nasty relationship...One that degraded to the point of little to no communication...but an on-going fight, never-the-less... And this morning it dawned on me the war is more feeling guilty for the ways they were driving me to be cruel to more worrying that my kids would have to deal with exactly what they ended up dealing with -- the long-term affects of their father's alcoholism...No more of the never ending BULLSHIT that came along with having to share my kids with someone I felt never made the effort to appreciate them... I cannot tell you all how freeing this is...It was like I was Atlas and the globe finally rolled off my shoulders or stayed at the top of the mountain...whichever...Eitherway the weight has lif
17 Future Religious Nutjobs & Counting
Has anyone seen the TLC show "17 Kids & Counting?" Honest to God, I've never wanted to cause harm on people so badly. Number 1, stop breeding. Show a little self control. Number 2, stop being so fucking lame. Having everyone's name start with J isn't cute. It's fucking obnoxious. And you make your kids wear "modest swimsuits" and have them dress the same? Really?!? Number 3, if you really, honestly think that dinosaurs existed a few thousand years ago and the Earth is only 6,000 years old and the only way you can back it up is by saying proven science is just "not true," you should have every single right as a human being taken away. Even retarded kids look at you like you're idiots. Number 4, you should really think about sending your kids to foster homes rather than raise them in your sick fucking image of the world. You practice your religion like it's a parody. If Jesus Christ himself could look into the future 2,000 or so years ago, I'm pretty sure he'd say, "Ar
"overthrow The Government" Reviewed In Wildy's World!
Review: Steve Lieberman - Overthrow The Government Steve Lieberman Overthrow The Government 2008, Steve Lieberman Steve Lieberman is an artist who lives with Bi-Polar Disorder, an obsessive adoration for Jethro Tull and a very unusual view of the world. Liebermans brand of psychedelic rock is the emotive and logical overrun from a square peg trying to interface with the round holes of society. Steve Lieberman has been very prolific, producing 2-3 albums a year since 2002. Were not sure how many albums Liebermans made, and we dont know if Leiberman himself is sure, but there are at least a dozen for sale on his website. Liebermans latest (purportedly his 15th), Overthrow The Government, rocks out with its tzitzis out. One of the most wonderful (and frightening) things about any Steve Lieberman recording is that there are absolutely no filters whatsoever. Lieberman pours whatever he thinks into his songs without care. His songs are at times hysterically funny, blatant
You All Are The Best!!!!
I don"t really know how to start this. But here goes. First off I would like to give a sincere heartfelt Thanks to all who have helped me along the way from the time I joined Fubar. I never thought I would make it to Oracle today. When I started my Auto 11's I needed 6.4 mil to make it. But with the love of of many ,, many wonderful whom I cant name because there were to many. But you all know who you are and so do I. I made Oracle. Now I can relax and help many others reach their goals on here. If there is ever anything I can do to help any of you please let me know. Again much love and many thanks to all. Joe This brought to you by me Shadow Leveler Team Leader~Passionman71~R/L Hubby of ~Farscapecat~@ fubar
Trying To Godmother!!!!
Irreplaceable - Beyonc EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW DOGGIE LOL!!!!!!!!! Two Gorgeous females trying to level up to Godmother!!! Go on ahead and give them a hand. I know for a fact that they always return the favor!!! ~JUDGE WHITEDOVE?~ FuAngel ?~~J ~~? FuAngel (repost of original by '~Home of Heart of Fires FuAngels & Lost Boyz~ Club FAR ~' on '2008-11-23 09:34:21') === '~JUDGE WHITEDOVE♥~Pegasus Project~ ~FU-ANGEL~Team Leader for Teddy' wrote the following at '2008-11-26 20:11:43'.. > > > > > > > > > (repost of original by 'DJ Cryme Tyme--{Tune Spinner & Resident Big Guy For Green Door}--' on '2008-11-26 15:59:44') > (repost of original by 'TlCh69..l./ Owner of Green Door & ~CHANTELL~Stalker of TM Member of FHSG~' on '2008-11-26 16:07:28')
"the Sound"
The Sound I am now 30 and my name is Bob And in my youth I held many a job I worked in garages, I toiled in a Mall But those were not the strangest of all. No, the oddest job I ever had Was when 14, a precocious lad I worked one summer up on the hill In the old cemetery called Whiperwill. There I helped the Master dig the pits But the most disturbing thing of it Was that late one night with no soul around I was treated to that awful sound Now Im not talking of wind in the trees Something so simple would not bother me Nor would the crowing of Ravens, a common refrain Nothing so normal would torture my brain Believe it or not, there are sounds far worse Things that you hear that haunt like a curse Like the sound that I heard one night all alone When the man that I worked for had headed on home I was filling a hole with a casket inside Some unfortunate soul who had recently died It almost was complete, right up to the stone When I first heard the s
Just Something.
This reality, a weight upon my chest Crushing. Blinding. Tearing the breath from my lungs. Ah, to live in dreams and breathe the cool fresh air; see your face before me, dark angel of my soul.
For My Dear Friends
I wish I could take you my dear friends Into the world that I see To show you how having you in my life Improves this simple soul called me Your loving hearts and gentle smiles Surround me with sweet tenderness Giving me the strength I need to carry on Even when my life is a total mess Hard times affect us all I know this to be true But my world is so much better Because of friends like you When life's burdens become too heavy And push me to the ground You are there to pick me back up And turn my spirits around I have such a wonderful, sweet life Full of love and wonderful friends I am thankful for each one of you And will be until the end - Me
Hiring Staff (editing)
Hiring all staff for: We need: Managers Ast. mgrs Head promoters Greeters Experience is a plus... Not required.. Will train in these areas. *** Head promoters- will also train how to do basic coding*** CLICK ON EITHER PICS TO APPLY WITHIN THE LOUNGE
What Do I Have To Do For A Vip
what does a girl gotta do for a VIP...What do i have to send out nude pic's just to get a bit of love??? well that's never going to happen so i guess i'm stuck with out one or untill someone other then perve's add me as a friend and deside out of the kindness of there hearts to help a friend out and untill i get my debet card fixed i can't buy myself on*sigh*
Rating Game - 11/23/08
~Rain's Rating Game~ So u want a chance to win one of the great prizes? Here is what you do : Below is links to Myself, PIA, and Linz .For every 100 pic rates I will put your name in a drawing for a chance to win a prize (1 entry per 100 rates).There are several prizes that can be won.You may rate any or all of our pics to give you more chances at winning.Please fumail RAIN (NOT SB) fumail ONLY Letting me know how many pics you rated altogether. WE have auto 11's activated ..So you will benefit just from rating! ~~Prizes~~ Bling (Credit amounts vary) Customized Tag Drinks and much more.... ~~~~~HAPPY RATING~~~~~ ~~~GET STARTED~~~ Rain ~Owner of WYKD~@ fubar ~*~PIA~*~co-owner @WYKD ~*~@ fubar })i({☆(`Lz)☆})i({@ fubar ~~ List of Entries Will Be Listed In Rain's Blog ~Last Weeks Winners~ Cowboyup8469 P1971 GnbRebel Snowman BUTTERFLY Teresa Gina
To Be Owned
To crawl on the floor for a great Master is not a bad thing its shows that you know how to be a good slave! To have some onw say that Y/you are theirs is a honor. I have made a lifestyle choice that I tend to keep in my life forever. To crawl on the floor for a great Master is not a bad thing its shows that you know how to be a good slave! To have some one say that Y/you are theirs is a honor. I have made a lifestyle choice that I tend to keep in my life forever. I am a smart and geniune sub, with a open mind and a great heart, I love to give my all and make my Master happy! I am just a regular person who does not heal well my heart has been hurt alot, but i believe that makes me a better person. i believe that I can be a great sub to a great Master with giving my all to Him!
Bad Conversationist
It seems like people nowadays are getting very difficult to deal with (now im not talking about anyone in particular......okay maybe i am, but chances are this is not about you). Even talk to for that matter. Now i say this because when i talk to some people via text message, or instant messenger, or email they only give you one word answers.....and by that i mean answers like ya, na, lol (or any variations of), nm u, o i c, nice, or things like that. Basically close ended answers to which you cannot reply to without changing the subject. See it wouldn't be so frustrating if they didn't want to talk that second now that is understandable, but what's worse is they get mad when you don't reply back or stop you talking to them!!!!! If the one word answers are not frustrating enough, what you talk to people about is just as bad. Now no im not saying the only thing that people should talk to me about is sex or nudity or whatever, im not saying that at all. Im saying that there ar
I Love Fubar
i am first time here i like pepoel from fubar my comefrom holland i living in amsterdam hmmmmmm
So while standing in the parking lot at the hotel I live in, waiting for my ride to work, the fire alarm's go off!! Then the sprinklers start..... at the stairway near my room!! At that moment my ride to work pulls in!!! Well I wasn't about to leave until I knew what was going on!! So the fire truck finally shows up. They firemen run up the stairs, rips open parts of the ceiling on the walk way.... and nothing!! No fire???? So either there never was or the sprinkler system did some good!! But either way I wait nervously until they tell me I can come back up and since Im writing this... My stuff is fine THANK THE LORD!!! *sigh* I can't wait to move into an apartment! Everything I own is squeezed into this hotel room!! If god forbid the sprinklers ever go off in my room I will loose everything! Well, thats all for now I still have to go to work..... dayum lol!! ~Mel
Leveling Help 138
~WAYA~The Hippie Chick~DangerousCurvesGirl~@ fubar 33k to level
Tierd Of Weman's Games
You know its realy bad to hear all the conplaning and everythang about being single ! But yet when a man shows some intrest in thim thay run like oh no a nuther game ! I am not a game player at all !!! I am man that is looking for a lady thats wants a ltr ! ! ! ! ! One that knows what it is to have response ablitys and is able to understand thay need to be met. Yes i am a single dad and yes it is full time !!! Why should every woman i meet on here see single dad run My ex has no part in are life nore do she want a part in are life that why she left! ! ! ! ! Step up give it a chance be a woman and a lady !!! FOR GOD'S SAKE STOP THE CRAP AND GIVE IT A SHOOT sorry for the spelling its never ben my strong spot
Come N Bid On Me Plz Ty
Too many words left unspoken. Too many feeling left bottled up. Hurt so many time it seems numb inside. my heart can't take much more, yet here i am. once again putting my heart on my sleeve. for all the world to see. still no one to share my dreams. No smiling face greets me when i walk in the door. no one to tell my deepest secrets. A dream, a fantasy, of my prince is all i cling too. Soon I can't distinguish between dream or reality. The dream engulfs me till one day I accidentally bump into my real life prince.
My First Blocker
I just knowingly got blocked for the first time. It was a pretty awesome experience. He adds me as a friend, with a blank add I might add. He starts out pleasant enough. I go to read his page and it clearly states he doesn't want to talk to women who are: a) not single b) smoke There were lots more letters but those pertained to me. So I politely tell him you should know I'm married and I smoke. The response I got? "You look like a smoker I should've known, you're blocked". Now I'm not sure if I'm the only one that sees issues with his logic, but if you have that many requirements before even speaking to a girl on the INTERNET then why send blank adds to random women? Some people will forever mystify me.
Help Me! Make Fubucks Too!
Hello everyone. I'm in a comment bombing contest to win an auto 11's bling. At first the contest started off fun we were just bombing away until 25K but in the last 2 days my competitor has decided to cheat and use a comment bombing program to get way ahead of us. So I am asking for your help now. I am offering 10K per 100 comments! To me I could care less now whether I got the auto 11's bling I just want to win because their cheating is making me mad. Here is the link. Contest ends tonight at 11:59 est! Rating the pic counts as 1 comment.
300k In Fubucks Come And Get It
Leaving Fubar
i know this is short notice but im leaving fubar ty for all the love and support i have recieved in the past year mades some great friends if u feel the need to get my email send me a private message and wll try to get back to u but dont plan on comming back much if at all so i wil lcheck the next couple of days for email requests after that im not making any promises to those that have it already please dont share it if somone wants it they can message me in a private massage and i wll take care of u lreaving with mixed feelings but like i said i wont be on much if at all ty again sincerely colton loven kisses to my peeps
New Auction.. Come Own Me
Yepp yepp, I'm at it again. It's been awhile, but I figured I'd give someone a chance to call me their own!! Come see what I'm offering, and make me an offer I can't refuse!!!
Sum Amazing Friends With Auto 11s, Go Love Them Up! Ty!
Go love on all these beautiful, amazing friends of mine, they all have auto 11s running, so ur not only helping out them, but ur making killer points at the same time, go spank them hard! If you dont know these amazing ladies yet, ur missing out, they're the best, love ya all! Ty in advance to all who helps! MyZtErY--☆ SC ☆--I..I.C.@ fubar ◊ Majestic Vision ◊ ~*~DSC~*~ IBIC~*~@ fubar Auto 11's on! ♥ Dawn ♥ Fu-Wifey to Rock Candy-@ fubar Brought to u with lots of love, from the one and only.... ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~ Fu Wife 2 "DJ Satyrgodd" ~*Dirty South Crew*~@ fubar
Auto 11's On.........
Current Tattoo's
1st. Pentacle Upper Right Arm/Shoulder 2nd. Hatchet Man Over Pentacle Lower Left Arm 3rd. Dragon on right arm
Current Piercings
1st. Left Nipple 2nd.Tongue 3rd. Prince Albert
Tattoo Wish List
Dragon Done 2. Personal Symbol 3. KmK Crown - Back side of lower L. Arm 4. Redo/Addon to Pentacle/Hatchet man (Double Lines, Fillin Spots, Add MMFWCL4L * WC4L * Blessed Be) 5. Ankh - Unknown 6. Eagle - Back between Shoulders 7. Power Words (Rune) - Lower R. back 8. The Seven Deadly Sins (Rune) - Lower L. Back 9. "The BullDog" - R. Top Breast 10. "Reverend BlackKlaw" L. Top Breast 11. BullDog Head w/ Crossed Flags (Confederate & Colorado) - R. Breast 12. Leprachon - L. Breast 13. Black & Red Butterfly - Unknown 14. "Dedicated to the Butterfly" - Unknown (Under the Butterfly) 15. Elemental Card Hand - Unknown (4 Aces w/ Joker Spades - Fire Diamonds - Earth Hearts - Water Clubs - Air Joker - Spirit) 16. POW/MIA Flag - Lower R. Leg 17. Stewie Head (Family Guy) In Picture Frame - Top Upper L. Leg 18. Bart Head (Simpsons) In Picture Frame - Lower Upper L. Leg 19. Bender Head (Futurama) In Picture Frame - Top Lower L. Leg 20. Rodger Head (American Dad) In Picture
Piercing Wish List
1. 2nd Prince Albert 2. 9pc Jacobs Ladder 3. Right Nipple 4. One Ear 5. 2nd Tongue 6. Labre 7. Snake Bites
Pleasure is wild and sweet. She likes purple flowers. She loves the sun and the wind and the night sky. She carries a silver bowl full of liquid moonlight. She has a cat named Midnight with stars on his paws. Many people mistrust Pleasure, and even more misunderstand her. For a long time I could hardly stand to be in the same room with her. I went to sleep early to avoid her. I thought she was a gossip and a flirt and she drank too much. In school we learned that she was dangerous, and I was sure she would distract me from my work. I didn't realize she could nurture me. As I have changed Pleasure has changed. I have learned to value her friendship.
I'm gonna throw a few of these in here. They're little pieces of my favorite book. It's called the Book of Qualities by J. Ruth Gendler. Had this book for a long time and it's just one of those things I can pick up any time at all and see something totally differently than I did before..... Courage Courage has roots. She sleeps on a futon on the floor and lives close to the ground. Courage looks you straight in the eye. She is not impressed with powertrippers, and she knows first aid. Courage is not afraid to weep, and she is not afraid to pray, even when she is not sure who she is praying to. When Courage walks, it is clear she has made the journey from loneliness to solitude. The people who told me she is stern were not lying, they just forgot to mention that she is kind.
Please Vote For Me!!!!
Please please PLEASE vote for me daily!! If I win featured model for January 09 Then I wont have to beg you to do this again for another year!!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!! Love, Kandi
Girl Getting Driver's Liscense
There was a young girl who lived up in the hills of Tennessee. She was about to turn sixteen, and couldn't wait to get her driver's liscense. She had been subjected to much ribbing from her older brother, telling her that she was too dumb to get her liscense. When the big day came around, she passed the test with flying colors. She rushed home and asked her father if she could use the car that night so she and her friend could go in to town where all the cool kids were at. The father said, "Sure honey, but you'll have to give me a blow-job first." Wanting to go to town real bad, she agreed. As she went down on her father, she suddenly jumped up an said "Dad your dick tastes like shit" Oh yea, her father replied, "I forgot, your brother's got the car tonight."
New At This
I got pics..I will put them on here soon....
Its Really Endless
package Self; use strict; use warnings; require Exporter; our @ISA = qw(Exporter); our @EXPORT = qw(new); our $VERSION = '1.0.01'; sub new { my $this = shift; my $class = ref($this) || $this; my $self; $self->{Version} = $VERSION; return bless($self,$class); }; __END__
Adopt A Pussycat (me!)
Come by and bid on me!!! :) you know you want to!! *wink*
"love" By Redford (ray) Mounce 11.18.08
If I could take back the pain that I caused you that's something that I would gladly do. If I could remove all the hurt that you hold within i'd promise you that you'd never hurt again. If I could wipe the sadness from your eye I promise you that you'd smile and never cry. If only I could reenter you're heart i'd mend together all that been torn apart. Dark and cloudy day I promise you wouldn't see bright and sunny every day would be. I promise to give you hope when all hope is gone along with all of me so you won't be alone. Benefit of a doubt and half a chance is all we need I promise together we most definitly will succeed with a destination that has no end. So can we please try again...
Show Tonight @ The Peppermint Beach Club
1801 Atlantic ave Virginia Beach, VA SUPPORT YA LOCAL MUSIC!!!!! Come through and show some Love for my BOY!!!! Geo da Vinci
Hey There
Showin Somefu-lov
Hello My Fu-Bar friends and family, I have upload some tags in my stash in the pics catagory for you that I made a time ago and since I have to be a certain level to upload them to fubar , I have done them this way so you wont miss out. It's just my way of saying a Big Thank you to you all for all the R/F/A AND helping me get to where I am . Thanks Guys you all Rawk in my book Love you all God Bless SunnyDays Please leave comment so I will know you got your tags. Thanks!
"aisle Eight"
Aisle Eight Who could imagine such a simple thing, Would death and horror with it bring. Something bought in just a grocery store, Could leave behind a trail of gore I can still recall that fateful day, When my wife sent me on my way. To the grocery store to buy the beast, Guests were coming over join our feast. I found the very best roast I could, And bought the veggies and other food. But my mistake came in aisle eight, When I bought the evil that sealed our fate. In its packaged form it looked innocent enough, Just some simple powdered stuff. Youd just add some water and in no time, The gravy was ready and then youd dine. It was made somewhere across the sea, Out of chemicals, most unknown to me. Strange ingredients, I could not pronounce their name, But I went and bought it all the same. My shopping done I headed back The winter coat draped on my back And plastic bags on both left and right Filled with what wed eat tonight. My wife was
Please Help Me Win A Contest.
If any of you can just spare a few seconds of your time, please rate these two photos for me. I have entered a rates only graphics contest that my friend Ms. B. is hosting. Thank you and have a great day.
Top 10 Things I Learned Today 11/23
10. Dont take life so seriously 9. True friends give back what you give 8. When life hands you lemons instead of making Lemonade sometimes you have to grab the Tequilla and salt! 7. No matter how bad things get they can always get worse 6. People in glass houses will always be the first ones to need your help. 5. Its just hair! It'll grow back! 4. You dont need money to be happy, but you do need it to live. 3. Something bought from money earned is far more precious then something given. 2. Dont take life so seriously!! 1. If you want to be happy you can be, if you want to be sad you will be, if you want icecream GO BUY IT!!
Almost Time To Have My Baby
Well I have 3 days left not including today. I am going in for my c-section on wednesday morning at 7am I cannot wait I'm so excited....thought i would let ya'll know
Check Out My New Friends
Check Out Me And My Friends! Photobucket: ~kittyKat!~
Two Special People... Revised
They Say True Love Cant Be Found Online Well I Have News For You All Those Who Say It LIE!!!! These 2 amazing people found each other on this site and no matter what people say YOU can find love online these two prove it!!! Mrs Violet Evil Mr Big Evil font>
For those of you who know me, ya'll know I'm not really into mushy love movies, but last night I had a moment of envy. I was in bed watching tv, mad as hell from a series of events that probably shouldn't have happened. I was channel suring and came across a movie that I've always been fond of. Diary of a mad black woman. I realized after watching this moving, fuming and steaming that I was envious of the romance that I was watching. After finishing the movie and having a few quiet moments of self reflection. I found myself thinking...damn, why can't I have that? *Inhale....* Yep...I hate my life. Why can't I have a love like that, someone who's genuine and kind. Oh freaking wake up...that crap doesn't exsits... I think.
All I Need Is One Rate Please
just click on this picture to rate it, ty so much!!!
The Wrong Violin
The Wrong Violin Nicolo Paganini (1782-1840), one of the greastest violinists of all time, was about to perform before a sold-out opera house. He walked out on to a huge ovation and felt that something was terribly wrong. Suddenly he realized that he had someone else's violin in his hands. Horrifed, but knowing that he had no other choice he began. That day, he gave the performance of his life. After the concert, Paganini reflected to a fellow musician, "Today, I learned the most important lesson of my career. Before today, I thought music was in the violin. Today, I learned that the music was in me."
You Dont Think The Auto Industry Will Affect You??? Read
MYTH: The demise of the American auto industry won't really affect the American way of life. FACT: What happens to the U.S. auto industry matters on Main Street. From plants to parks. From dealerships to driveways. From gas stations to grocery stores. What happens in the automotive industry affects each and every one of us. In fact, the collapse of the U.S.-based auto industry wouldn't just impact the nearly 355,000 Americans directly employed by the Big Three. One out of every 10 people in America is employed in a service that is related to the U.S. auto industry. If a plant closes, so does its suppliers, the local stores, the hot dog vendors, and the local restaurants. The effect would be devastating in ways of which you never have thought: Nearly 3 million jobs would be lost in the first year alone with another 2. 5 million to follow over the next two years Personal income in the United States would drop by more than $150. 7 billion in the first year The co
99k To Godmother!
She has TONS of pics and is only 99k to Godmother!!! This is one sweet amazing woman! Lets get this done! She appreciates and returns all love! If you didnt get a chance to get to her yesterday please hit her up today...she is so close! Wicked_Wanda@ fubar
Voodoo Lounge Come Join!
Come Join Me In Crazy VooDoo
Here R The Members Of The Auction
█ℜ@nвωBℜזεK||@█TnThεTnTεrrr█ ღ qt ღ Dangerous Curves ღ ★HiiS GuMMY QueeN★PRoPeRTY oF CuRTiiS.:.oFFiiCaLLY FuSTaLKeD BY BiiG DoN ♥londie ♥lave & Real Life Wife 2 r White Knight ♥IC♥DSC♥outhern Soulbound45 desiel08 ~DJ LM~ TOP DJ@ $$EMPIRE$$~Fu~Angel~ Moshes♏Greeter@♫ HipHopZ♫ Dangerous Curves Member The Gate to Cemetery aka Lucifugus aka Misophotoi aka Gary aka The Gate ... *FU-Bombers* *~Alice in Wonderland~*
Im Just A Girl..............
Leveling Help 137
♥TexasAngel♥~Rating Revolution Recruiter~♥Fu Angel♥@ fubar 37k to go
Start Of Turkey Week
Well its Sunday, need to get out recipes to see just what all I need to start baking and cooking for thursday. Monday have Exam in Med-Surgical class then a Math test. So far doing good in both. At lease this time around I not under so much stress from home. Still stress but not letting it get to me like I did. Hope fingers crossed everyone shows up. I would really like to see my older bro that for sure. Well can think of anything else. Oh had a quiz last Thursday I know I Aced it but find out for sure Monday. me
The Country Of Texas
Please note that Texas is the only state with a legal right to secede from the Union . (Reference the Texas-American Annexation Treaty of 1848. ) We Texans love y'all, but we'll probably have to Take action since B. Hussein Obama won the election. We'll miss you too. Here is what can happen: #1: Barack Hussein Obama becomes President of the United States , Texas immediately secedes from the Union . #2: George W. Bush will become the President of the Republic of Texas . So what does Texas have to do to survive as a Republic? 1. NASA is just south of Houston , Texas . We will control the space industry. 2. We refine over 85% of the gasoline in the United States. 3. Defense Industry--we have over 65% of it. The term "Don't mess with Texas ," will take on a whole New meaning. 4. Oil - we can supply all the oil that the Republic of Texas will need for the next 300 years. Yankee states? Sorry about that. 5. Natural Gas - again
Nov 24th!!!
Ok guys and gals.just wanted to say.Yes Monday is the very day 47 years ago I was born Sadly, this year, more than most is the one year I wish to forget that it is my birthday, its not often it happens and has been a very long time since I have felt this way, but this year will be the very first time in 11 years that the 2 most important and treasured ones in my life will not be here with me and because I have not seen them in over a month nowwell it will not be a great day at all. I am not looking for sympathy and this is why comments have been disabled on this blog..just your understanding and nothing more. BUT...I wish to remind you all that November 24th is also the day that one of the greatest singers was taken from this earth so very early. God bless you Freddie Mercury Thank you Hugs and kisses to you all
Shades Of Grey
Tired of chasing rainbows Tired of looking for a life in color I'm crawling back to darkness and living in shades of grey Where black and white merge as one there is no here or there It will not matter where I belong For no one will be there to care Someday I may choose to Open my eyes again to a world full of splendor but for now I must contain myself in this grey armour
JESSICA~Kaleolani~ November 20, 2008 10:44 PM et's see if you send it back. We all know or knew someone like this!! One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school. His name was Kyle. It looked like he was carrying all of his books. I thought to myself, 'Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday? He must really be a nerd.' I had quite a weekend planned (parties and a football game with my friends tomorrow afternoon), so I shrugged my shoulders and went on. As I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids running toward him. They ran at him, knocking all his books out of his arms and tripping him so he landed in the dirt. His glasses went flying, and I saw them land in the grass about ten feet from him. He looked up and I saw this terrible sadness in his eyes My heart went out to him. So, I jogged over to him as he crawled around looking for his glasses, and I saw a tear in his eye. As I ha
This Has Been A Long Time Comin!!
E Happiness Gene -is It Inherited?
"I have now reigned about 50 years in victory or peace, beloved by my subjects, dreaded by my enemies, and respected by my allies. Riches and honors, power and pleasure, have waited on my call, nor does any earthly blessing appear to have been wanting to my felicity. In this situation, I have diligently numbered the days of pure and genuine happiness which have fallen to my lot. They amount to fourteen." Abd Er-Rahman III of Spain (960 C.E.) The old cliche that you can't buy happiness may be true, but new findings show it looks like you can at least inherit it, according a team of British and Australian researchers. A study of nearly 1,000 pairs of identical and non-identical twins found genes control half the personality traits that make people happy while factors such as relationships, health and careers are responsible for the rest of our well-being. "We found that around half the differences in happiness were genetic," said Tim Bates, a researcher at the University of E
Auction Resalts
Unrequited Love,,,,
You watch him from a distance You love to see him smile You wish one day he might be yours If only for awhile You wish that you could tell him To have the strength to say " I love you and wish that you could feel the same way " Your heart beats as he comes towards you Only to walk on by You try to tell your self you don't love him Try to believe your lie You wish, you dream,you hope, you pray That you could be together Maybe if you could make him see You two could last forever
Utterly Important
i never thought i would have to write something like this, but its become quite apparent that i do. why, you may ask. because people are insane. and for some, that's probably a great understatment. so, backtracking.. this all started many, many months ago, on another website. but soon traveled to others. i have a journal on another website, which i won't name for privacy's sake. a girl from here, someone i do not actually know in real life. someone i've never talked to, even online, found my journal. for what reasons i don't know, but she found it none the less. she then started leaving me harrassing comments. which at first i tried to defend myself. but it did no good. i gave up and started deleting them without giving her a response. for a while she gave up. but always came back with some other wild accusation against me. i got so fed up, that i put my journal on password protection for a few months. i figured by then she'd have forgotten about me and i could ta
Baby Its Cold Outside
Baby Its Cold Outside - Dean Martin & Doris Day I really can't stay (but baby it's cold outside) I've got to go away (but baby it's cold outside) This evening has been (been hoping that you'd drop in) So very nice (i'll hold your hands, they're just like ice) My mother will start worry (beautiful whats your hurry) My father will be pacing the floor (listen to the fireplace roar) So really i'd better scurry (beautiful please don't hurry) but maybe just a half a drink more (put some records on while i pour) the neighbors might faint (baby it's bad out there) say what's in this drink (no cabs to be had out there) i wish i knew how (your eyes are like starlight now) to break this spell (i'll take your hat, your hair looks swell) i ought to say "no, no, no sir" (mind if i move in closer) at least i'm gonna say that i tried (what's the sense in hurtin' my pride) i really can't stay (oh baby don't hold out) both:baby it's cold out side i simply must go (
Fu Auctions!!!
Fu auction's , Is there a need ? People bought & sold, Leashed & Chained, I don't see the f*cking point. Brought & sold, You won't cage the f*cking Tiger, He's cold & tired, Maybe, Claws at the Platinum Bar's again. They can't Galvanise or prrotect me, I'm the f*cking Tiger, Burning & Spitting, Fire & Ice, On behalf off my Family, There Under my protection!
I Am In Another Auction...come Bid On Me!!!!
The Cold Comfort,
Tigers Burn Bright, Under The Cold comfort, Living on hopes & Dreams, Numb & Shining. Seeing pretty colours, Thinking Codeine dreams, Beer & Fags upon the mantle, As I put myself through The Mangle, The Big Cat isin't dead yet, Just a little shaky, Tired, Cold & Hurt, By things I've seen, Hurry back my Sanity & My true Mind. Blessed Be Unto the Animals, Before another ends up under Big wheel's, I miss you Garfield, Shadow, Odie, & Pauly, Let the bird's fly on Feathery Wing!
Hi... I Show You Something....
here is my msn and yahoo.. or
Happiness Is A Gift We Give Ourselves.
Happiness is not a place to travel to. It's a way of getting there. --Anonymous-- Those of us who climb mountains find joy in reaching the top. However, the climb would not make much sense if there were not things to enjoy on the way up. If we groan and complain, it will be hard to feel joy at the summit. However, if we are able to enjoy each day's journey, it makes all the difference in the world. In the midst of each chore, we can notice the sunset or the unique and beautiful surroundings of each day. Each of our days is different. Happiness is not a goal we are struggling to reach some time in the future. It is a gift we can give ourselves today. If we enjoy some parts of each day of our hike, we will also feel joy at the summit. What form will my gift of happiness take today?
Ok...the last meeting never happened..everyone was busy one day and others the next so I figured I am just going to call for a meeting tonight and see who shows...we will go from there...We have a few things to cover but mostly just get to know each other a little more and actually try to get this group rolling...Sorry things have been slow lately a lot has happened on the home front...soooo:::::::::::::: Tonight...Nov 23, 2008 The VIPER Pit 6:00pm central time An invitation will be sent out to remind everyone about 30 to 15 minutes before the meeting starts... Hope to see you all there!!! Scarlet & Toad
Emotional Reck
My sister wont talk to me because my so called uncle told her i stool money that he had sent her and she believes him.....SO YOU ALL KNOW i didnt steel it and i would never stel a thing from anyone!!! and even though she knows that she is going to believe the bastard! and to think i use to be close to him and now he is trying to turn family against a few of us and so far its working. he has my sister pissed off at me so she wont talk to me she has everyone in a different state pissed off at my parents and they didnt do anything! the reason the fight even started is because he put a bill in my name because i was stupid and believed that he would pay it off....well he was putting the min. payments on it wich he said he would not do well my mom found out what he had done and she got pissed and held her anger in for a lil while and then one day and then confronted him about it well they had exchanged words and it pissed him off that she knew what he had done and he denied it all and she to
Changes - 3 Doors Down
This Song His how I am: I'm not suposed to be scared of anything, but I don't know where I am I wish that I could move but I'm exhausted and nobody understands (how I feel) I'm trying hard to breathe now but there's no air in my lungs There's no one here to talk to and the pain inside is making me numb I try to hold this Under control They can't help me 'Cause no one knows Now I'm going through changes, changes God, I feel so frustrated lately When I get suffocated, save me Now I'm going through changes, changes I'm feeling weak and weary walking through this world alone Everything you say, every word of it, cuts me to the bone I've got something to say, but now I've got no where to turn It feel like I've been buried underneath all the weight of the world I try to hold this Under control They can't help me 'Cause no one knows Now I'm going through changes, changes God, I feel so frustrated lately When I get suffocated, save me Now I'm going through cha
Leveling Help 136
MNghTBl GrTR @ ~504 Brbn TrT~@ fubar 19,000 something to level lol
Naughty Questions
***Copied from a MYSPACE bully**** (1) Is there anyone on your top friends list you would have sex with? No (2) Sex in the morning, afternoon or night Anytime (3) Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? Thank god no (4) Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? Nope (5) Shower or bath while having sex? Shower yes, lol gonna have to be a huge tub for a bath (6) Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? Aggressive, they gotta be able to take initiative too (7) Do you love someone in your friends list? No (8) Love or Money? Depends on the situation or matter (9) Credit cards or cash? Debit card (10) fav. sexually positions? Whatever works (11) Camping or a 5 star hotel 5 Star Hotel (12) Where is the weirdest place you have had sex? Huh? (13) Would you shave your entire body (including your head) No (14) Have you ever been to a strip club? Yes (15) Ever been to a club? Duh!!
Indian Boy In Usa
It was the first day of a school in USA and a new Indian student named Chandrasekhar Subramanian entered the fourth grade. The teacher said, "Let's begin by reviewing some American History. Who said "Give me Liberty, or give me Death"? She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Chandrasekhar, who had his hand up: "Patrick Henry, 1775" he said. "Very good!" Who said "Government of the People, by the People, for the People, shall not perish from the Earth?" Again, no response except from Chandrasekhar. "Abraham Lincoln, 1863" said Chandrasekhar. The teacher snapped at the class, "Class, you should be ashamed. Chandrasekhar, who is new to our country, knows more about its history than you do." She heard a loud whisper: "Fuck the Indians," "Who said that?" she demanded. Chandrasekhar put his hand up. "General Custer, 1862." At that point, a student in the back said, "I'm gonna puke." The tea
Leveling Help 135
-Kꮮ- k- greeter @ diablos den & sweetwaters x@ fubar 4,669 to level
Another Path In My Life
as i walk down the road and looks behind me and sees what life ha been and what life has 2 offer i see the happiness that life has to offer me ive gone from a very unhappy life to a life of love ,caring and gentleness a man who really loves me and doesnt try to change me accepts me for me and doesnt try to change that . I am the luckest woman in the world to have found this man Irocz i love you so much and thank you for coming into my life
Eckart Tolle: Not Reacting To Content
Eckart Tolle: Not Reacting To Content
Adyashanti: Wisdom Of Do Nothing
Adyashanti: Wisdom of Do Nothing
Say Goodbye
Seeing the future living in the past I never understood what made you last The dying embers that I see behind your eyes makes me think of all your lies A holding hand is what makes you calm but you let go the hand that holds You seek the dreams of the weak the blood you feel is what makes you peak The midnight screams that wake your sleep is what you feel makes you so deep A holding stare is what you fear while yet a casual glance is your trance A trusting friend never again you fucked it all up I say goodbye it's all been a lie Broken dreams and stealing wings for you that's all it brings Say goodbye don't give it the chance to die hold it back say goodbye.
She Thanks Master.............
But be prepared, this is going to hurt!" That was the thought that ran through her mind on that humid afternoon. It was that thought that caused her anxiety and the butterflies in her stomach. Those were the words Master had said to her about the punishment she was going to receive. She swore to herself that she was going to be his "good little girl" and take whatever punishment he thought she deserved. But never in her wildest dreams did she expect what he had in store for her. "You're late!" "Traffic." As she cast her gaze upon the floor that was the only response she could utter, but she knew it wasn't a good enough excuse. He led her to the back door, the afternoon punishments were going to take place in the woods behind his house. She was beside herself with excitement, after all this would be a first for her. The walk through the woods was unusually quiet. He did not speak so therefore she remained silent. As her thoughts wondered her body began to tremble with antic
1 Question
1 question. 1 chance. 1 honest answer. Thats all you get! You get to ask me 1 question. (TO MY INBOX) Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is. No catch BUT I dare you to repost this and see what people ask you
I'm looking at, and it just boggles my mind how many total pieces of shit die every day. There are some individuals that seemingly have 5 brain cells, and I feel bad for saying this, but its just Darwin theory in practice. Weed off the "weak" ones before they spread their seed. (Unfortunately most already did)
Opportunity Knocks All The Time
Sunday, November 23, 2008 OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS ALL THE TIME -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, for time and chance happen to everyone. Take a second look at what appears to be someone's "good luck." You'll find not luck but preparation, planning and success-producing thinking. Opportunity is around you all the time, but you have to be ready for it. When your chance comes, you must have the equipment to take advantage of it. When you're prepared for opportunity, your chance for success is sure to come. The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success. The tide of opportunity comes to everyone. Even to you. Copyright 2008 Watch this video => Weathering The Coming Financial Storm
Meet Our Amazing New Owner Anna
Hey Everyone.... We had the pleasure of being "bought" by the same wonderful woman in our recent auction!! So please meet our amazing new "Owner"......... ANNA Anna~Shadow leveler~The Pegasus Project -council ~ Teddy Bear Beer Hunter is my owner This is a Great woman!! She does so much for so many friends on here!! If you don't already have her on your friends list, you should go F/A/R her now!! If your lucky enough to already be a friend, Go show her lotsa love!!! She deserves it!! Oh and she ALWAYS has Auto 11's running too!!! *This Loving Pimpout brought to you by* ❤JAmξ ❤ R/L Fiance'of ❤Jakξ The akξ❤Proudly Owned By Anna ~AND~ Jakξ The akξ R/L Fiance'of ❤JAmξ ❤ Proudly Owned By Anna
Our Amazing New Owner Anna
Hey Everyone.... We had the pleasure of being "bought" by the same wonderful woman in our recent auction!! So please meet our amazing new "Owner"......... ANNA Anna~Shadow leveler~The Pegasus Project -council ~ Teddy Bear Beer Hunter is my owner This is a Great woman!! She does so much for so many friends on here!! If you don't already have her on your friends list, you should go F/A/R her now!! If your lucky enough to already be a friend, Go show her lotsa love!!! She deserves it!! Oh and she ALWAYS has Auto 11's running too!!! *This Loving Pimpout brought to you by* ❤JAmξ ❤ R/L Fiance'of ❤Jakξ The akξ❤Proudly Owned By Anna ~AND~ Jakξ The akξ R/L Fiance'of ❤JAmξ ❤ Proudly Owned By Anna
Happy Thanksgiving early to all.Nothing much to write here..too tired from working all the freak'n time.Gotta do what you gotta do.Working two jobs but considering the economy I'm lucky and thankful to have work.Peace!
Got new orders and looks like the powers to be are sending me to Portland in June so hope its a good tour :P
A Virtual Big Screen Hdtv
Thank you "Chicky" Virtual Gifts @
Some of my friends decided to drop in at 4a.m. I'm not sure if they came by wanting to keep me company since I missed a party I really wanted to attend, or if it was bragging. luv u Tara
Okay, I was feeling curious so I weighed myself again...worried that I was gonna gain back those pounds but nope....still lost them and didn't gain...YAY!!!!! I did something stupid though....I guess I wasn't fully awake yet so I accidentally filled my contacts with my cleaning crap again...this stuff isn't suppose to be touched after six hours so when I put them in my eyes, they fuckin' burned like hell!!!! I remember my eye doctor telling me to be careful or my eyes will turn red like the bottle...yeah it did.....sniffles still stings a bit but not as much. Damn, I gotta be more alert on what I do..... Sweet..just one more day of work!! YAY!!! I forgot I have a doctors appointment tomorrorow...rats, thought I could sleep in....oh well...I can take a nap..... Now I'm off to work.
A thing in my room The more I think about, the more real it seems. 3 years ago, I was asleep in my bedroom (I was alone in my apartment). Suddenly, I woke up and saw neon blue light to the left of me, and a dark figure that looked like Darth Vader, or Death (I couldn't see the face)walking around my bed in my direction. I can still feel the fear I felt. There was this blue glow in the spot and he started walking around the foot of the bed towards my side. When he got closer, the light got even brighter around him. I remember not moving, and laying still. All of a sudden, he reached out his bony hand and touched my forehead with his really long, ET-like finger. It electrified me-I felt a bit of electricity go through my arm. Then it was over. I came to my senses, and was completely shocked. I turned on all appliances and lights, and called my hubby. Who said that it was a dream, and that I should go back to bed. Riiight. I walked to my mom's, and stayed there for a night. I neve
Once upon a time there were 2 lovers. Hand in hand they walked through the chilly drizzle with warmed hearts and contented souls. They were surrounded by people, yet alone were they. HE saw what was so familiar to HIS eyes, but so new to hers. HE saw tears and wonder in those perfect new eyes, and he reveled in his role of tour guide, protector, and lover. Happily ever after is an understatement
Gotta Be Somebody
Gotta Be Somebody- Nickelback This time I wonder what it feels like To find the one in this life The one we all dream of But dreams just aren't enough So Ill be waiting for the real thing. I'll know it by the feeling. The moment when were meeting Will play out like a scene straight off the silver screen So I`ll be holdin my breath Right up to the end Until that moment when I find the one that I'll spend forever with Cause nobody wants to be the last one there. Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares. Someone to love with my life in their hands. There`s gotta be somebody for me like that. Cause nobody wants to go it on their own And everyone wants to know theyre not alone. Somebody else that feels the same somewhere. There`s gotta be somebody for me out there. Tonight out on the street out in the moonlight And damn it this feels too right Its just like Dj Vu Me standin here with you So Ill be holdin`my breath Could this be the end? Is
Auto 11 Bling
hi to all I will activate auto 11 bling today 11/23 at 9:00 am futime, ty to all who will come help me, i am trying to be the first french prophet on fubar. sum random blings will be given !!! i wish yu all a blessed day hugzzzz !!!!
My 4th And Definately Final Tag!!!!
ok here goes ............... AGAIN Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. 1. I NOW HAVE 2 DOGS AS WELL AS 2 CATS 2. I HAVE AN EVIL TWIN WHO TAKES OVER WHEN I HAVE ONE TOO MANY DRINKS :P 3. I LOVE BEING RANDOM 4. IT STILL AMAZES ME THAT PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW SHOUT ME WITH SOME CHEESY LINE AND EXPECT ME TO GIVE THEM MY MSN OR YAHOO 5. I FIND I'M HAPPIEST WHEN EVERYONE I KNOW IS HAPPY, IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT I MAY BE GOING THROUGH 6. I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT MY FRIENDS 7. I AM CURRENTLY WEARING AN ANKLE BRACE AS I FELL OVER WHILST WALKING MY DOGS - LUCKILY IT WAS DARK SO NO ONE SAW - OUCH IT HURT BUT OMG IT WAS FUNNY 8. I WANT TO LIVE IN SEATTLE 9. I ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE A WEE AS
Goose Bumps
Sounds that echo in the night Reminds her of the silence Filtered through her blinded sight And heightened in defense Goose bumps risen, hair on end Shivers up and down her spine Senses on alert ascend Adrenaline rush of fear sublime Flinching in anticipation Of the pain which she so craves Welts rise slowly, one by one Her body, heart and soul enslaved
I have to admit it, I HATE being called "darlin", or "sugar", or sweetie". I guess its my cold Russian nature, but all that sweetness makes me wanna vomit. Just...
Mass Deletion
ive had a mass deletion t day and hav deleted over 100 friends as these peeps don know me or evan talk to me so ive raped my friends list lol . If ive made a mistake and deleted sum 1 i shouldnt hav ,emme no . Im a reral person lookin for real peeps as friends :) cheers yall
Well I have been a lot of thinking of late, and I realize that some questions in my life need answered. I have been asked why I am still single and such, well its quite simple really, and I dont want to be in a relationship! And I have my reasons; my heart has been so broken that it may never heal. I got so fucked over by my last love that I dont want to be with anybody. But that is just one reason. I am bipolar, and most people cant handle someone like that, they just dont understand or have the patients that it takes to deal with someone like that. I have been rejected because of it, and made to feel as if I am not good enough. Me being sick is not my fault! Its not like I choose to be like this, I really didnt and if I could I would change it, but I cant, so I deal with it. Also I dont want to be in a relationship because I just dont think I can love anyone ever again. I gave so much of my self to my last one that I just dont think there is nothing left. I dont believe in
What Sins Will I Remember?
What sins will I remember? What sins will I remember When I too am old? Will I remember the days of freedom When, with open heart and uncarved mind, I scoured my reality to find The sensual core of my mortal soul? 3-19-99
Obsidian Eyes
Obsidian Eyes A Rondelet So heavenly, Like the diamonds that grace the sky. So heavenly, In their obsidian beauty, That I could scarce suppress a sigh And my heart was wont to fly. So heavenly 8-9-00
When I Am In Heaven
When I am in Heaven When I am in Heaven, I am in complete control. Hasan promised Paradise; Did he imagine this? Did he see houri dancing? Long legged Nymphs and rich intoxicants? When I am in Heaven, I am in complete control. 1-22-99
When You Say Good-bye
When You Say Good-bye When do you say good-bye To those youve held most dear? How do you end a relationship When its become unclear? When do you say good-bye When old friendships die? And when you say good-bye, Are you allowed a tear? Will there ever be a time When the fences can be mended? When forgiveness can be found With those you had befriended? Will there be a time, Maybe one last time, Just a tiny, brief moment Before all has ended? Or perhaps it might be best To let the friendship die. Let it wither and fade away And accept the silence as good-bye. Perhaps this is best; To forget all the rest And learn to set your sights Upon a distant day. 12-30-98
Walk, Pretty Girl
Walk, Pretty Girl Walk, pretty girl Across that stage. Walk, pretty girl And feel my rage. Let my heart With hard-on pull; Let my flesh Fill you full. Feel the fury Of my kiss. Feel and mount My waiting bliss. 12-12-98
The Mirror
The Mirror I held up a mirror To my indecision. I couldnt decide If I liked what I saw. I knew it was something, Or perhaps it was nothing. Regardless, Id decided I wanted it all. But nothing came forth, Nothing coherent. Nothing No light or inspired image. Where could it be hiding? Where could it be hidden? Where could it, or could it be Perhaps not at all? Elusive emotions, Transcendent devotions; Perhaps I was just Inside of a dream. But I couldnt be sure, So I stared at the mirror. Was there something there That wasnt before? Time enough for questions - I awaited the answers. Didnt anything Deign to be real? I could not tell, So I dared touch the mirror Nothing but coldness To suggest it was there. Who was I fooling? Some image of conscious Regarded me coldly From beyond the glass wall. A reflection of Ego, It dared me to thinking That maybe I am Just a reflection of all. 1-00
So now that Travis Barker (the idiot that got fried in a plane crash) is suing the plane company for disfigurement, I have this total desire to know: did his weiner get totally charred? Weird, I know.
Woman: Of all her gifts, All her many faces, Such wonderful variety Is hers. 6-6-00
This Night
This night Heaven shall dream In a butterfly mind; Her wings spread wide and heart alive With dance. 6-20-99
The Rage
The rage That others show When they lose their control; I cannot bring myself to feel Anger. 6-25-99
So Tense
So tense, Like unformed words Just waiting to break free; To spring forth in glorious thoughts Profound. 1-30-99
Placid Not a ripple Disturbs these still waters Upon which I cast my Psyche Adrift. 4-9-00
Notice The things round you. Take note of what they are And what it is that they are not, Or else 7-14-00
My Muse
Each night I feed my muse So that, each night, my muse Brings me dreams far beyond my ken; Rich dreams 1-30-99
My Gaze
My gaze Serious eyes Behind these windows wide, I see things you will never know. Intense. 2-1-99
My eyes are open wide And by the way, I made it Through the day I watched the world outside By the way, I'm leaving out Today Well, I just saw hailey's Comet shooting Said why you always running In place? Even the man in the Moon disappears Somewhere in the Stratosphere [Chorus] Tell my mother, Tell my father I've done the best I can To make them realize This is my life I hope they understand I'm not angry, I'm just saying... Sometimes goodbye Is a second chance Please don't cry One tear for me I'm not afraid of What I have to say This is my one and Only voice So listen close, it's Only for today Well, I just saw hailey's Comet shooting Said why you always running In place? Even the man in the Moon disappears Somewhere in the Stratosphere [Chorus] Tell my mother, Tell my father I've done the best I can To make them realize This is my life I hope they understand I'm not angry, I'm just saying... Sometimes goodbye Is a second cha
To Seek
To seek Lethean peace Within the sleeping soul; To lose oneself in lucid dreams - The goal. 5-21-99
In A World
In a World far removed From that one which we know So well, just whom do you think you Would be? 7-17-00
Reasons For Change In This Country.
"Am I the only guy in this country who's fed up with what's happening? Where the hell is our outrage? We should be screaming bloody murder. We've got a gang of clueless bozos steering our ship of state right over a cliff, we've got corporate gangsters stealing us blind, and we can't even clean up after a hurricane much less build a hybrid car. But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, "Stay the course" Stay the course? You've got to be kidding. This is America , not the damned "Titanic". I'll give you a sound bite: "Throw all the bums out!" You might think I'm getting senile, that I've gone off my rocker, and maybe I have. But someone has to speak up. I hardly recognize this country anymore. The most famous business leaders are not the innovators but the guys in handcuffs. While we're fiddling in Iraq , the Middle East is burning and nobody seems to know what to do. And the press is waving 'pom
I Fail
I fail To understand The full nature of Man; Why have we become what we have Become? 6-22-00
Further - To see further - I need to see further - If only I could see further, I would. 11-28-01
Caution Do not proceed Or even dare to reach Beyond the limits of your will Lest sure. 6-6-00
Plow stalks; She holds in peace The Confederate dream Over the remains of the Dead Long gone. 6-19-99
The Short, Tragic Ballad Of Phelonius Phear
The Short, Tragic Ballad of Phelonius Phear Phelonius Phear drank a bottle of beer, Then made love to his trusty ol steer All while thinkin Gee, Im a feeling kinda queer, But he kept on a-pushin til the end was near. Such is the story of Phelonius Phear. Phelonius Phear thought the End was near So he butcherd his fat, trusty ol steer. So just imagine the size of the tear He shed when eer he was feelin queer. But such was the story of Phelonius Phear. 4-24-00
The Man I Am
The Man I Am Jealousy does not own me. I am my own arbiter of emotion. I dare not let such dread thoughts, Such a dread emotion as jealousy, Enter my heart and warp the man I am. 4-9-99
Waxen Dreams
Waxen Dreams Waxen dreams Melt them; Feel them rundown your spine, Tingling Trails of treasured truths In fluid majesty Gentle agony. 1-22-99
Unhinged Unhinge A fluid release in a mighty yawn Unhinged A mind A gaping gasp Unhinged Like jaws From hungers fast Unhinged Furl forward These fangs to feast Unhinged The mind At last released 8-15-01
The Neighborhood Bar & Grill
The Neighborhood Bar and Grill Its quiet The entire place consumed in hush No central core or theme stands out Conversation dominates the din No band No jukebox No fucking karaoke Just a radio In the background Playing softly A game is on the big screen Sports highlights No ones watching A few couples eat Stragglers play pool And the bar is locked in determined silence What great steam are these people venting? What grand celebration is this? Tight lipped losers and lustful fuck salesmen There is no great Bacchanal here tonight. Here tonight The dead play host to Quiet courtships And a bottle of beer 3-20-99
Love For My Friends~
If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you and share with you its beauty On the days you're feeling blue. If I could build a mountain You could call your very own A place to find serenity, A place to be alone. If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the sea, But all these things I'm finding are impossible for me. I cannot build a mountain Or catch a rainbow fair, But let me be what I know best, A friend who's always there
The Mercenary
The Mercenary Patient at the edge of the stage, She slips smoothly into glide. This dancer with the mercenary heart Parades a passion play for pay. Death stalks her serpentine, sinuous curves. 12-21-98
The Golden Moment
The Golden Moment Welcome The Golden Moment Arrived at last Ah, to hold But not another Oh no! For then, Oh, for then I am sure Of the blithering idiot I shall become Instead I hold Here I hold the Golden Moment Blessed bliss 4-99
Of Love And Loss
So the prince would like to tell me a poem of love? whilst bent on knee with ring in hand? You will never age for me, nor fade, nor die. VIOLA Nor you for me. WILL Good bye, my love, a thousand times good bye. VIOLA Write me well. WILL (VO) whose soul is greater than the ocean and her spirit stronger than the sea's embrace not for her watery end, but a new life beginning on a stranger shore
The Crazy Year
The Crazy Year Refuge The crazy year begins. Madness Apocalyptic wailers cry. Energy Ignites the souls of dreamers. Patiently This world slowly spins. 1-2-99
The Cost
The Cost What better than to sell fantasy? Everyone needs a dream unobtainable. For Men, slaves to a primal urge; For dreams of silken flesh, None count the cost.
The Bride Of Mortal Death
The Bride of Mortal Death This girl is dead. You can see it in her eyes. You can see it in her body, In her tribal scars. But she is dying a Queen; You can see it in her eyes. She knows full well her future. She knows full well her doom And lives in glorious bloom. She lives in passionate splendor But she is dying a Queen. You can see it in her eyes For she lives each moment as if forever; She lives each moment as if the end, As if the end were here. I bet ya shes a stellar fuck. 12-6-98
My story starts at sea...a perilous voyage to an unknown land. A shipwreck. The wild waters roar and heave. The brave vessel is dashed all to pieces, and all the helpless souls within her ...drowned. All save one: a lady...whose soul is greater than the ocean and her spirit stronger than the sea's embrace. Not for her a watery end, but a new life beginning on a stranger shore. It will be a love story for she will be my heroine for all time. And her name will be..
5600 More Comments Needed For An Auto 11
Help SilverPixi Thank you to everyone that has gotten me this far. You all are the best!! Only 5600 more comments needed to win an AUTO 11 BLING in my giveaway. Any and all help is greatly appreciated and I returns the love. Pimp out Brought to you by her friends in The Friendship Circle (repost of original by 'Mk-l-ȥ ~{r h rw}-r h rЧh rl'' on '2008-11-11 22:20:37')
Sweet Ecstasy
Sweet Ecstasy Oh sweet ecstasy! Once upon a time I see A kingdom, Vast, radiant. A satyr free roams unbidden, Unhampered, unchained His soul Unstained. 12-12-98
Tomorrow (July 10, 2005) by: Me I stand in awe, as I stare into the sun hoping it might burn all my fears This will never come to be... A storm begins to conjure as I am terrified as hell hoping it might wash all my fears This will never come to be... Back where I started I have been here a few times My only real hope... Is hoping that tomorrow will be a little better... I often cry myself to sleep my silent tear no one ever hears I wish I had nothing to fear as I continue to weep... There is no need to tell you do not really care you may pretend to, but it is all just a fairy tale but my tears are so real, it is not fair ... This I can not take. Please, just make, make it stop. All of my smiles are fake. Please, my heart can not take, make it stop. Back where I started I have been here a few times My only real hope... Is hoping that tomorrow will be a little better... I wish I had nothing
Never Never! Never! Never! Never! Never shall I die! Not in this earthly soil Ever shall I lie. But free! Free! Free! When my soul has left this coil; After my flesh and blood Have fed the soil. Fed the worms That twist and squirm Through hollowd bones My soul will burn And soar to lands Ive never known To reap the dreams My soul had sown. 12-12-98
Rosa She smelled like apricots; Ripe - fresh Her eyes, obsidian disks Floating in milk Almond pools, Framed in auburn silk Apricots, Fresh and ripe
May I
May I May I, This world so real, Deny? May I Through this fantasy Fly? May I neath soft kisses sigh? Or must I, To reach Heaven, Die?
Love & Hearts
Where doth thine lady's heart lie? not within any sea, nor within any land, to which could not contain it, nor could the stars in the sky span it. A love that never began and never ended, but always has been, only to be discovered, embraced and lived, as two hearts knowing no other, and no other knowing them. To thee I shall never say goodbye, not to the one I have always loved, my lady, my love, of whom I will cherish forever. With all my heart,
Heralding Bells
Heralding Bells To what dawn does this night lead? To what dream will I awake? When morning comes (heralding bells!), Will I find myself still asleep? I wonder what will become of you? 3-9-00
Haunted Remains
Haunted Remains One needs to seek that final end; Tie up those last loose strings. Otherwise, unfulfilled, a devil haunts, Seeking to twist, distort and destroy The haunted remains of cold friendship.
Float Float Soft rhythms In graceful and tender flesh. A breeze A gentle kiss Of light and air Brushes A butterfly swoops past. I dream
Fleet Fleet, These dreams Fleet, Like moths in flame. They burn bright and fast. Glorious Furious These dreams are fleet.
Exiled In Elba the exiled sat, A fool cast from his throne. Such is the story we repeat today But this fool accepts his throne.
Coyote Coyote The minds eye Image: lust Wholesome pride In the feasts of its kills. Hunger The primitive beast unchained Tears at the meat again and again; Gaping jaws, blood red stained. Feral hunter, Serenade the moon - My midnight ghost. 2-18-99
Calcified Saint
Calcified Saint A Poem Crucified, Calcified Saint, What tears would you weep Your legacy complete? Like cordwood, Theyve stacked the bodies; The fishes fattened - Cinders Your name in blood. In hopes of false salvation, Weak hearts, Weak minds Mad shepherds leading Brainless sheep To slaughter. Is this your legacy, Calcified Saint? Is this why Millions mislead, Millions dead? Your tears are blood red, Crucified by Fate. 1-14-99
APRIL Acrostic Verse A wondrous vision, a fantasy, Perfection presented herself to me; Radiant, beautiful and all a-glow. I dream, I dream, and in this dream I see Liquid chestnuts oer a Cupids bow. (yes, she was beautiful...)
Blindness Let blindness gather darkness - Let blindness be your light - In darkened halls Or Psyches street, Let the mind be opened To all but light. A sight seen in darkness bright To show your soul a path aright. To a sweet, unknowing Welcome bliss; Calm and serene, A serpents kiss. Oh, let us meet! Let us meet!
Boors And Beasts (1 Of 4)
Boors and Beasts 1 of 4 Boors and Beasts Animals of all colors and sizes Gathered together in a tribal hall Hunters, preyers Seekers of oblivion A rich host of animal intent Satyrs before and ancient altar Timeless ritual Unarmed warriors Teeth dulled, claws pulled Sit in mockery of ancient traditions Gathered yet still together Burning flames give way To dancing lights Tribal drums in Dolby hi-fi Beat the mantra Amid silent stares Elegant Nymphs serve sweet intoxicants To dull the thunder of bloodless days Furthermore, Angels of mercy Each a dream impossibly dreamt Soothes the soul of collected angst The day is at its end Where have gathered all the men? 3-13-99
Boors And Beasts (2 Of 4)
Boors and Beasts 2 of 4 The Boors and Beasts sit quiet tonight Not much moves in this haunted room Haunted? Oh yes This place is haunted All men bring with them The remains of their day We leave them shed when were here Like snake skins on a cavern floor They haunt us These remains of the day We know they wait beyond the door Waiting for us to leave To gather the night around us And make slowly for the door We are haunted here By what waits without Were haunted here Dont ever doubt That what we fear The reason were here To shed for an hour A minute at most The life outside Lifeless ghost Out there it waits In here, it haunts We know what our ghosts are Weve buried them ourselves This place is haunted But inside, were safe And what do they bring These elegant Nymphs? What do they hold? What do they own That haunts them night and day? What brings them here anyway? Their ghosts Too Remain
Boors And Beasts (3 Of 4)
Boors and Beasts 3 of 4 The Boors and Beasts are hungry We are animals after all Our hopes and dreams The reason we are here Is to satisfy that hunger That need to feed Our simple souls Delicate morsels of supple flesh A banquet for eyes and sense We feast Hungry beasts In their heavenly scents Oh, but to know What they The dreams Here show To feel theyre real When they saunter near We are fools We Beasts, we Boors To believe they dance for us But what can we hope This illusion We pray its truth That here we hold Eternal youth What fatal end Do we depend on When were here? Is it enough to dream? Is it enough to hope and pine? Unsated hunger We starve 4-20-99
Boors And Beasts (4 Of 4)
Boors and Beasts 4 of 4 The boors and beasts have risen Theyve come alive Theyve come home They join the night at a frantic pace, Willing No Needing - Needing to be set free They have a purpose this night They have a need to feed Like gluttons before the trough They are Gluttons of shameless greed They know theyre fools They know the cost But do they care? Do they matter the price of perfect peace? Of a perfect piece? Cageless we roam Like lions upon the heat Predators with a purpose A goal to seek We are mad Or at least half so Hopeless hunters with sights set high Set upon scenes and themes almost unseen Set on things we can only dream Sometimes though 7-06-01
All You Zombies
All You Zombies A Poem All you zombies, Who are you? Who are you Who walk quiet halls? Who are you Absorbed in a teeming mass? Tell me your name. Tell me your game. Do you think independent thoughts Or do you follow blind?
A Call For Civil War In Kosovo
A Call For Civil War in Kosovo Battles were fought long ago On agreed upon battle sites. Though not always the case, Though many a city burned, The preferred means of battle Was a chosen battlefield. At Manassas, for example, The crowds came out to see the carnage And Marathon was miles from Athens. Street to street, house to house, In many a bloody instance; But preferred the open field Where the Generals could see the distance. In Kosovo, civil war stirs; An inevitable event is coming. True too the fact the weapons have changed From lance to guided missile. Now global fears of World War years Temper a new perspective. Why allow such dread destruction As was seen in Dresden or London? Did Tokyo city burn in vain? Why another city destroyed By button pushers from afar? Why another ethnic group Forced to wear a star? Evacuate the populace! Lets make a battlefield! For NATO has the upper hand And the Serbs will use a shield. Theyll hide within
Die For Me
Twenty one years of my life to go Have I lost myself to someone else? Truth, lie, to live or die Makes no difference if your never gonna try. I know I'll die for you Feed off my sorrow [Criss whispers]: If you want me too I know I'll die for you Bleed for tomorrow [Criss whispers]: If you want me too Will you die for me? But, will you die for me? See me standing, so fucking cool Wish you would be like me - a fool Truth, lie, to live or die Makes no difference your never gonna fuckin' try. I know I'll die for you Feed off my sorrow [Criss whispers]: If you want me too I know I'll die for you Bleed for tomorrow [Criss whispers]: If you want me too I know I'll die for you Feed off my sorrow [Criss whispers]: If you want me too, If you want me too I know I'll die for you [Criss speaks]: Can you feel it, can you see it? If you want me too Bleed for tomorrow Will you die for me? But, will you die for me? [Criss sofly speaks]:
Torment A weight falls heavily upon me - A steady pull inside my brain. In one room I seek love and understanding - In another I purge the guilt and pain. My guilt never leaves. The pain only deepens. My life is a wild rotation from one room to the other, Locked in a ceaseless circle of torment - A game of chess I cannot win. I stand up, throat on fire, head spinning, heart pounding; Begging for an end, any end, to this hell. I gaze into the mirror, wiping my mouth, Wondering who I have become; A drawn and pale face, dull, expressionless eyes. I run my hands through my hair Hoping it will quiet the screams in my head - But it doesn't, and tomorrow the game will start again.
This Is Me Yr Not Talkin Too!
Feelings of confusion, Depression, Uncertainty. Where do I belong? Where do I go? What do I do? Pick up the phone. No one to call. What would I say? Get in the car. No where to go. No one to see. Deep inside Is the urge to scream. At what? Trapped. No escape. Have the need, The desire, The want, For release - For freedom.
Whatcha Waiting For?????
WE BOTH HAVE AUTO 11'S ON...COME LEVEL UP ON US!! ♥~K~♥~lu$ W~WR lub F$~@ fubar Pappy Fantasia Enforcer@ fubar
Time To Party!!!!
I have went and did it this time!!! I am hosting a Happy Hour 11/23 at 11 A.M Fu-time. {2 P.M est} in hopes of getting closer to Oracle. I have added close to 2000 easy rate pics and will have an Auto 11 running at 1st HH. So lets all have a party. Much love and many thanks to all. Joe This brought to you by Shadow Leveler Team Leader~Passionman71~R/L Hubby of ~Farscapecat~
Good To Know this link is good to know,,my ex got my password and i just about went nuts trying to get my new girl unblocked!!lol well for anyone else,there it is

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