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I Love A Good Bet!
Need your help, I got a bet going with a friend, he says Pimp Outs don't work, I say they do. So help me win this bet. Check out my friends,Rate them, Fan them, Add them, tell them Dawn sent ya ♫ ☆ Serendipity ☆ ♫@ fubar Rock Candy ~ I can happily say that I am the Fubarian Husband to ♥ Dawn ♥@ fubar Archaic Angel *~HEAD GREETER@ SEVEN DEADLY SINS~*~*Charm Girl*~@ fubar MR. MAN@ fubar WendyCaroline#CLUB F.A.R. MEMBER@ fubar Jim ~ Dirty South Crew ~@ fubar Grlskikass2 MGR. (red team) Regiment Dragon Bombers ~ Taken by ~T~@ fubar
Showing Off
just to show off my new kitchen courtesty of my local district council cos i threatened them hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Show My Sexy Friend Stacie Some Love
Some Of The Best Words Ever Written
I have had this for some time. I felt that it should be shared. This is by George Carlin shortly after his wife died.... Isn't it amazing that George Carlin - comedian of the 70's and 80's - could write something so very eloquent...and so very appropriate. A Message by George Carlin: The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too
Does Squirting Really Matter?
Scientific questions arise all the time. Many a woman on Fubar and other sights tell about squirting with climaxing. I, being the sole male that I am, often find this a compliment to my lifelong quest to perfect the art of sex. Does squirting really matter? I guess it depends on the "squirter" and the "squirtee". I find that the variable degrees are such that entire movie length films are made aroundthe art of squirting. Is a squirt to the body more powerful than squirting to water the plants. Or how about that squirting technique call "lights out"? Wow!! I have seen that technique blow out a few bulbs and even electrically shock a few man-balls in the process. THAT occurrence was one of the funniest fuckin events know to man. Too bad there was not film of man-balls being fried by a womans squirting causing the bulb to burst and the current running up the guys water soaked legs. Too damn funny!! Does squirting really matter??
OK a bit extreme probably but its always a thought. Get yourself sent to an island in the South Atlantic for 4 months with 40 mins of broadband a day and dial up for the rest. Food even the dog would turn its nose up at and accomodation with paper thin walls (at least I've got my own room). Away from work but does that realy make up for it?
My Photo Shoot
I'm going out uf town to find a new model to take some photos of and to get my own NSFW photos on. if you want to see add , fan , and crush me. you will not be let down.
Things That Make Me Shiver (adult Content Read At Own Risk)
Things that make me shiver (Adult Content Read at Own Risk) Current mood: horny Category: Romance and Relationships And in a good way.... 1. Pulling my hair. Like I posted before I am in the majority I love having my hair pulled. Especially if you come up behind me and pull me close to you and wrap a hand in my hair and pull my head back so you can bite and nibble on my neck while letting your other hand wander... thats hot...HOT i tell you... 2. THAT look. You know the look, you can be in a room full of people and have your SO give you THAT look. The one that is nothing but a promise of bedrooms, candles, sex and sheets....yeah that look....LOVE it 3. Making out. Ok ok not the kinkiest thing on the planet but god I love it. Especially when you mix it with wandering hands and disappearing clothes. Making out is the bomb. 4. Doggy style....always has been always will be my favorite position...the only other time a guy can thrust deep enough that I ride that thin
The Kats Whiskers: An Adult Story About Me Chapter One
The Kats Whiskers: An Adult Story About Me Chapter One Category: Writing and Poetry This is VERY Adult Content, please do NOT read and then bitch at me later, messages and comments are appreciated and welcome but cannot be guaranteed approval. By opening this post you have resigned yourself to the fact that you want to read an erotic story that was written for me and partially about me, if this is not the case please close your browser now. All names are people I do know and who know me, however everything else in this story is fictional, for the most part. There are four chapters with more probably to follow. This was written by Adam, you can find him on my friends list. He is an awesome erotic literature writer. For more of his stories you can visit (where this story is also listed) and do a search for adam applebiter now on with the story.... The Cat's Whiskers Part 1 Washday Blues Kat's hair, lush as it was, couldn't hide her b
The Kats Whiskers: An Adult Story About Me Chapter Two
The Kats Whiskers: An Adult Story About Me Chapter Two This is VERY Adult Content, please do NOT read and then bitch at me later, messages and comments are appreciated and welcome but cannot be guaranteed approval. By opening this post you have resigned yourself to the fact that you want to read an erotic story that was written for me and partially about me, if this is not the case please close your browser now. All names are people I do know and who know me, however everything else in this story is fictional, for the most part. There are four chapters with more probably to follow. This was written by Adam, you can find him on my friends list. He is an awesome erotic literature writer. For more of his stories you can visit (where this story is also listed) and do a search for adam applebiter now on with the story.... The Cat's Whiskers Part 2 Tradesmen use the back door [Kat] I haven't felt this excited since the high school p
Comin Home Early
It's Friday!! I came home early because i had caught up on all my work. I pull in the driveway and my wife's car is in there. As well as her friends car. I unlock the door and step in. Upon entering the living room, i hear moaning coming from our bedroom. Not thinking, i get closer and hear it some more. Then i'm thinking "damn, they must be having a lesbian experience." Then it comes, 'oh my god your dick feels so good in me." ((my wife)) I try to open the door but to no suprise, it's locked. I listen some more, and hear her friend saying how good her tongue feel in her pussy. Then i hear the voice of her friends bf saying "i've got one more good hour of fucking you two til your husband gets home." Then i hear my wife say, "i know, and he'll never know that i've fallen in love with you." I left real quick and went to the bar. I came home right at the time i usually get home and only her car was there. but no one was home. i find a note on the fridge with her saying
The Kats Whiskers: An Adult Story About Me Chapter Three
The Kats Whiskers: An Adult Story About Me Chapter Three Category: Writing and Poetry This is VERY Adult Content, please do NOT read and then bitch at me later, messages and comments are appreciated and welcome but cannot be guaranteed approval. By opening this post you have resigned yourself to the fact that you want to read an erotic story that was written for me and partially about me, if this is not the case please close your browser now. All names are people I do know and who know me, however everything else in this story is fictional, for the most part. There are four chapters with more probably to follow. This was written by Adam, you can find him on my friends list. He is an awesome erotic literature writer. For more of his stories you can visit (where this story is also listed) and do a search for adam applebiter now on with the story.... The Cat's Whiskers Part 3 A Tale of Two Titties "More coffee?" Kat finished pou
The Kats Whiskers: An Adult Story About Me Chapter Four
The Kats Whiskers: An Adult Story About Me Chapter Four Category: Writing and Poetry This is VERY Adult Content, please do NOT read and then bitch at me later, messages and comments are appreciated and welcome but cannot be guaranteed approval. By opening this post you have resigned yourself to the fact that you want to read an erotic story that was written for me and partially about me, if this is not the case please close your browser now. All names are people I do know and who know me, however everything else in this story is fictional, for the most part. There are four chapters with more probably to follow. This was written by Adam, you can find him on my friends list. He is an awesome erotic literature writer. For more of his stories you can visit (where this story is also listed) and do a search for adam applebiter now on with the story.... The Kat's Whiskers part 4 Sorority sisters are doing it for themselves "Matt, thi
What Can Be Said About Today?
Okay, so today, what can be said about today It effing royally SUCKED.. That about sums it up....If you hadn't guess I haven't had the best day. I didn't really do anything and I guess that's what made it bad. I just don't know. I've got to take some pictures and put some more candles up for sale in the shop so I will be back later. Leave a comment if you want Call me text me whatever, I'm bored the entertainment would be welcome.. XoXo Ady
Have A Little Fun
Come and try it. I'll be you'r sponsor (bravenq) and we can have so much fun.
ughhhhhhhhh!!! i have officially had it with this site!!!! i am sick and tired of fake people making fake accounts and posting fake pictures "claiming" that is it them!!!! i cannot stand the fact that the people on here will continue to vote and rate and bend over backwards just because someone took 5 min to pull pics off the internet and post them to their page. i am sick and tired of seeing these "girls" with not one damn salute picture at all but yet they are all godmother rank!!!!! wtf!!!! i can remember over 2 years ago when i first joined this site to continue to level up past level 10 u need to post a salute how come there are people that are over level 20 with no salute????? so from here on out i am making it a point to not a/r/f anyone who does not have a salute picture!!!! i know i am only one person and i may not make a difference but i have had enough of this and will not add to the stupidity of this site!!!!
Things Women Wish You Knew
Things women wish you knew Category: Romance and Relationships Things women wish you knew Here's something to send an untimely chill down your spine - your partner is hoping you'll read this article. Face it, women are different to men you may already have noticed. So it's predictable that some of the things blokes do in bed will drive women wild, while others might just irk them a bit. Here are a few, and what you can do about them. Hygiene Even if you believe your trouser furniture is clean, a shower before bed never hurt anyone. She might even get into hot water with you. Being clean is a basic courtesy, whether you've spent the day by the pool or mopping out the lion's cage. Don't make a big ceremony of it. Just say, "I'm going to have a shower before bed," or ad lib it. The same goes for your hands and any other part of you that you plan to put inside her. Clean hands and immaculately trimmed and scrubbed nails are mandatory. Trying to be a stud Women can b
Mistakes Men Make In Bed
Mistakes men make in bed Category: Romance and Relationships Mistakes men make in bed You've got her as far as your bedroom. What could possibly go wrong now? Many things - read these and find out why she never phoned or returned your calls. Not shaving. Like love, stubble hurts. When you drag your chin across her face or thighs, she might not be moaning from pleasure, but from pain. Blowing in her ear. There's a big difference between erotic whispering in someone's ear and huffing and puffing as if you want to blow the house down. Twiddling her nipples. Nipples are sensitive and should be treated gently. They should not be treated like radio dials. Ignoring the rest of her body. A woman is made up of more than two breasts and a vagina. Pay attention to the rest of her. Not disposing of used condoms. This is the responsibility of the person who wore it. Not kissing first. Foreplay starts with passionate kissing. Don't skip this part she will feel neglected by yo
Want More Sex? Do The Dishes!
Want more sex? Do the dishes! Category: Romance and Relationships Want more sex? Do the dishes! Want children who think you're their hero and also have a healthy sex life? Simple: pick up after yourself, do doggy-do patrol and leave the toilet seat down. Like many scientific studies, this seems logical enough: if your partner does all the cleaning up while you drink beer in front of the TV, she's less likely feel amorous than if your share the load. But a new study has found that women aren't merely more accommodating of the advances of men who help them they actually find them more attractive. If Dad helps, so do the children What's more, children of dads who do their fair share of the cleaning will help with housework themselves. And, says the study, these children are likely to grow up more socially aware and better adjusted. They're also more likely to have friends and less likely to be depressed or withdrawn at school than their counterparts whose fathers
Dressing Room Undressing Nsfw
Dressing Room Undressing (Adult Content Read At Own Risk) Current mood: bouncy Category: Blogging Let me just start off by saying I didn't write this, but it was sent to me and about me, it is purely ficticous but sounds like alot of fun and well it hit me spot this was written by my friend Jackson, you can find him in my top friends, if you like this story leave some love here or on his page or both, all comments are greatly appreciated! Now on with the story Ady called me this afternoon and asked if I'd take a trip with her to the mall. She promised I wouldn't regret it, and the way she said it made it clear that it would be a good idea. So, she picked me up, and we walked hand in hand into Victoria's secret. She asked me to pick out 6 outfits I liked, and she would do the same, and then she would have a private fashion show just for me. When we got back to the dressing room, she put a chair right by the door. As she slipped in to each outfit, she tried to
How To Tell If You Cat Is Plotting To Kill You.
I don't know about you but most Cats are strange, I mean they stare at you and mostly move around at night, just like ME! So anyways, check this out:
Things You Owe Yourself
Things you owe yourself Category: Romance and Relationships Things you owe yourself Most men will never have a torso like Jean-Claude van Damme, own a McLaren F1 or be able to recite Shakespeare's love sonnets. That's okay, because a few short steps can turn you into the sort of lover that will make your partner overlook these shortcomings. Learn the art of sensual massage Visit your local Body Shop outlet and display no hint of emotion as you buy some of their pricey but hugely useful Sensual Bath and Massage Oil. Or make up your own concoction of oils, including sandalwood, lemon grass, musk and lavender. You can use the essential oils in a burner, or mix it with carrier oil - sweet almond oil is fine - and use it as massage oil. A warning on massage: many blokes rub too hard. Try to rub more softly than you like to be rubbed. By all means work the back (never directly on the spine), shoulders, arms, buttocks and legs, but for a change, massage your partner's face and
Help Prevent Cancer 10 Ways
With cancer rates rising alarmingly, it is good to know that keys to the prevention of many cancers are in our own hands. Find out ten ways to take charge of your health and help to prevent cancer, starting today. * Limit your exposure to toxic chemicals wherever possible, starting at home. Current research suggests that common chemicals are linked to breast cancer. You can minimize your risk by switching to all-natural cleaning and personal care products today. * Get 10 minutes of unprotected sunlight every day. Evidently, Vitamin D plays an important role in cancer prevention and many of us are woefully deficient. * Stop smoking and avoid second-hand smoke. * Keep your consumption of alcoholic beverages down to 2 drinks a day if youre a man, 1 if youre a woman. * Exercise. Even as little as a 10-minute walk every day will benefit your health. * Manage your stress, relax, and practice self-love. Simple meditations, yoga, or a daily walk can all help keep stress lev
My Home
Stay with me Don't fall asleep too soon The angels can wait, for a moment Come real close Forget the world outside Tonight we re alone Its finally you and I It wasnt meant to feel like this Not without you Cause when I look at my life How the pieces fall into place It just wouldn t rhyme Without you When I see how my path Seem to end up before your face The state of my heart The place that we are Its written in the stars
Just F*ck Me Already!!!
Dear Men of Fubar, Look, I know you men have it difficult. Women are just about impossible to understand, much less please. In a post-feminist society, you never know exactly what you should be doing. Women are bloody picky, I know we are. It can be scary, too, when women freak out about what appear to be benign issues. And men who do their best to be respectful, female-positive humans, I salute you, I do. But please, please just fuck me already. Honestly, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I like that you want to take things slow. I can totally get behind the idea of emotional connection, but dearjesusinheaven, FUCK ME. We've done dinner and drinks. We've gone dancing. We've cuddled and watched a movie. I'm wearing a low cut shirt and you've been staring at my breasts all night. Goodgodalmighty, get to it and fuck me. When we get hot and heavy, please take charge. Please, please fuck me. Trust me, I'm not going to just lie still - I'll get involved. But don't make me force you
Talkin Turkey: Aspca Experts Offer Thanksgiving Safety Tips
Friends, family and feaststhe main ingredients for holiday fun can actually result in distress for pets. Not only can too many table scraps set furry tummies a-rumble, but many animals get anxious at the change in household routine. Says the ASPCAs Dr. Steven Hansen, Senior Vice President, Animal Health Services, which includes the ASPCAs Animal Poison Control Center in Urbana, IL, As you begin to prepare for a festive season, remember to be wary of activities that can be potentially dangerous to pets. The following safety tips will help to ensure a safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving for you and your pets: Talkin Turkey: Giving your pets a little nibble of turkey is okay, just be sure that its boneless and fully cooked. Raw or undercooked turkey may contain salmonella bacteria, and dogs can choke on bones, which splinter easily. A Feast Fit for a Kong: While the humans are chowing down, give your cat and dog their own little feast. Stuff their usual dinnerwith a few adde
Alternative Treatments For Migraine Relief
If you suffer from migraines, these debilitating headaches need no introduction. You might feel better, though, knowing that 28 million other Americansthe overwhelming majority of them womenare also searching for something safe to make the pain go away. Scott Greenberg, M.D., a physician at the Magaziner Center for Wellness and Anti-Aging Medicine in New Jersey, says the classic migraine begins with an aura a warning sign such as blurred vision or lines in your visual fieldfollowed by intense pain across your head. It can also occur without any warning at all, however. Sensitivities to light and noise set in next, Greenberg says. Then come the nausea, vomiting, and pain. Migraines can last from two hours to two days, says Greenberg, with the majority of them passing after six to eight hours. They occur as infrequently as two to three times a year or as often as four to five times per week. Common migraine instigators include foods containing tyramine (like chocolate
Subprime Primer
and i even made it clickable. you may all wonder at my mad html skillz. :P
Unjtil The Dying Day!
Life & Hearts keep Beating, Blood flow's free through my Veins, Some of us feel no pain, I guess were not sane, Rose's cast thorns, As the glass shatters. Leave the broken bottle upon the floor, As I throw another person out the door, We came we saw,We conquered, All those who stood in our path. If you incur the wrath of the Tiger, You better run for the Hill's, I will not stand still or defeated, I may stumble over many block's,Again & again. The vampires leave there roost, The tigers creep out from the grass, The wolve's still howling hatred, The Donkeys be our food source. I'll fight for you all, Bend & Break, Every bone & every muscle, Spit blood, Sharpens my teeth on the anvil, Stabs the sword unto clay, Be here until the dying day!
Tired Of Being Sorry
(do You Know) ?
Enrigue Iglesias (Do you know)
For Those Who Have Kids...
For Those Who Have Kids... To those of us who have children in our lives, whether they are our own, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or students... here is something to make you chuckle. Whenever your children are out of control, you can take comfort from the thought that even God's omnipotence did not extend to His own children. After creating heaven and earth, God created Adam and Eve. And the first thing he said was "DON'T!" "Don't what?" Adam replied. "Don't eat the forbidden fruit." God said. "Forbidden fruit? We have forbidden fruit? Hey Eve.. we have forbidden fruit" "No Way!" "Yes way!" "Do NOT eat the fruit! " said God. "Why?" "Because I am your Father and I said so!" God replied, wondering why He hadn't stopped creation after making the elephants. A few minutes later, God saw His children having an apple break and He was ticked! "Didn't I tell you not to eat the fruit? " God asked. "Uh huh," Adam
Waithing To Exhale
Finaly the moment has come when all things are clear, its like when you follow a plane and you see the flight path, in that moment of knowing, you can breathe a little deeper and take in just that much more. You may wander a bit or another revelation may overtake you, makeing the big picture seem HUGE. What would you do with that monent? I would choose to breathe.
I'm Doing It Again!
I am doing it again!! I am for sale in the Battle of the Sexes!! Click the pic below! *Update!!* More offers have been added!! Go check them out!! Auction ends November 25th, Noon est Don't forget to show the lovely hostess some love!
Why ? I Gotta Know Why ?
Enrique Iglesias - Away
My Number One Food
My number one food i like to eat is pizza with an side of salad chips and i like pasta and sauce and with meatball cover in cheese and some ice cream with careml on it that will taste so good right now. Then i will have some donuts with an glass milk to take it down with it.Then maybe some candyto go with it the end
well i got pics but havin a problem postin them thou its gettin me mad
It's Me - Meka !!!!!
It's time to party and have fun ........ so what's up ?
Reality Check For All
reality check for all Category: Life I want all to understand , 2000+ years ago jesus christ lived as a child to a man .Living among all learning as all,working as all,living as all, from a child to a man .Having FAITH and showing humans the judgement of god and what its always been . Among men with no faith/wrong faith and self-judgement , the cause of the final judgement the holy book speaks of , Maybe and most likly is because men of this world will not stop and do the will of jesus and god ,many have but the book says it all wiether you read it or not or even want to read it Well the will of man is free so what happens is all their call we all know the government is plainly against even the only two laws jesus christ gave us, to love your neighbour as your self to not judge I believe the message of jesus christ Quite clear in all ways ,and simplified i just two SIMPLE laws, LOVE IS SIMPLE But we all know besides earth and all its creation,A mans hands b
Skulls are all different color. They all have different shapes and they even have different background that looks very cool and great just wish i can find somethings with glitter in it.I do alot of pics on the computer. To get points for and I save it to my accounts to save it to do pics when i need it. Some skulls can grow at night that very cool. They are very cool and some can be spookey. The end
11/14 Jessykah Top 10
Okay, since I don't know when I will be back, this is my list of songs to remember me by, songs about my life, etc. This top ten will be up for awhile, at least until things improve for me. I have done many things that I have regretted in the last few months, and have done things I am proud of. I have gained friends, lost friends, gained sanity, lost sanity, basically run the gamut of things one could go through in such a short time. Unfortunately things will get worse before they get better. But the roller coaster is almost over! I swear to this! So, here it is, the JessyKah top ten! 1)Time of Your Life - Green Day (forgot the real name for this song, oops. But, this will always be MY song, a song to remember me by. This song will be played at my Funeral, in another 60 years LoL) 2)The Reason - Hoobastank (A song I dedicate to my son. His 9 years of life haven't been easy, since I am a single mom and have moved around a lot. One thing I have always wanted is stability, sinc
My Girls!!!!
FIVE of my most favorite girls on the Fu all have Auto 11s today!!! Please hit them up!!!!! They haz teh HAWT!!! Ash SS♥ Owns my Ebil soul*FuPetOfMs.D*@ fubar ~Fiesty~@ fubar ♡Hazel Eyes...RIP Kept In Corsets♡@ fubar Not tellin McLovely@ fubar I AM A HORRIBLE FRIEND!!!! *HANGS HEAD AND CRIES* MONICA THE GREAT, IF YOU CRUSH ME,. PLEASE TELL ME SO I CAN LOVE ON YOU!!@ fubar
Attention: Read Asap!
I wouldn't trust this fellow if he don't get his way he has a fit especially when you block him and I had my reason cause he got all hissy about the fact that I am with DJ Cool now come on I haven't been with anyone in 7 months and at the time online all I wanted was friends how much can I ask okay...I have to watch my stress level as it is I don't need a man controlling who I date got sick of it once and isn't happening me and my mom aren't going to Florida any time soon so I decided to date someone here is that so bad men...All I want is respect that I found someone within distance and that I like him an his kids. I wasn't cheating on anyone online when I never met these fellows and I still get accused what the heck come on I am only 20 now you tell me can you have a long distance relationship when you can't even travel that much with a heart condition such as mine NO I think WOMEN lets show this MAN how rude we can be and he may turn gay lol yeah right he is on
Canyou Hear Me?
Can you hear me? Can you hear me When I say not thing When I look your way I try to say but nothing come out Can you still hear me? When I sit and stare your unaware then look my way Can you stil hear me? When I have my doubts when my heart is shy I say not a thing But Can you still hear me?
For Silverpixi (do Not Join Here)
Tweety's Got Attitude...You know the drill Fan/Rate/Add or Re-rate the members. If you are already a friend, just leave a comment that Tweety's Got Attitude or Gotta love Tweety's attitude. Here's what to do... . *****RULES***** 1. RATE THE TWEETY FOLDER (AUTO 11'S WILL BE ON FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS) 2. ONCE YOU HAVE R/F/A EVERYONE & RATED THE TWEETY FOLDER PRIVATE MESSAGE SILVERPIXI TO BE ADDED TO THE TRAIN AND GET YOUR TAG 3. NO DRAMA!!!! IF YOU START DRAMA YOU WILL BE THROWN OFF THE TRAIN 4. HAVE FUN!!!!! AND LET'S MAKE SOME NEW FRIENDS Silverpixi~Club United~LollipopGurlz~ FSC~Owner of Miss Crys {Please read my profile}@ fubar Mk-l-ȥ ~{r h rw}-r h rЧh rl'@ fubar ŵ ĥ *SDMF*Mrs English*GM@Immortal~XXtremeFullThrottleradioMetalHeadMafia@ fubar manly - TGIF!!@
Momma I'll Never Be Like Him
.... ..... THIS IS A ROUGH BUT FOR SOME REASON I CAN ONLY UPLOAD TO SOUNDCLICK & OUR STAGE HOPING TO GET A BETTER RECORDING IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE Momma I'll Never Be Like Him 2006 Jody Dickey/Ben Burton/Ric Ledford's been awhile, since we talked things through But some memories still haunt me; I had to be near you I was thinking of the bad times, when I used to pray That daddy would stop hurting you, how I wished he'd go away (c) Momma I'll never be like him, that's a promise I will keep I thank you for who I am; that your warm heart is in me In my loving tender arms, my family will always be I will never hurt them, 'cause Momma...I'll never be like him (V) The sad day came when I was ten, I found you lying on the floor You told me not to worry; soon you'd be at Heaven's door He could never hurt you up there and one day soon I'd understand "You'll have a family of your own, be a gentle loving man" (Chorus) (v) I've brought you some dandelions and for
Dear Dr. Laura. (i Found This Quite Interesting)
Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a radio personality who dispenses advice to people who call in to her radio show. Recently, she said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22 and cannot be condoned under any circumstance. The following is an open letter to Dr. Laura penned by a east coast resident, which was posted on the Internet. It's funny, as well as informative: Dear Dr. Laura: Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some of the other specific laws and how to follow them: A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination - Lev. 11:10, it i
To Those Who Serve Our Country
More Stimulous Checks
I found this on Yahoo I thought this might interest some.... Remember those economic-stimulus checks the government was handing out this year? Many taxpayers didn't qualify for the full amount -- or for any payment at all -- because their 2007 income exceeded a certain threshold. But many people who lost their jobs this year, or whose incomes fell for some other reason, will get a second chance next year, thanks to a little-noticed tax-law twist. More from Banks Boost Customer Fees to Record Highs A Little-Known Tax Break for Bruised 529s Bailout Bill Provided Tech Workers With Tax Relief Like many other people, Colleen Kilbreath of Westminster, Colo., thought eligibility for the program was based solely on what she had reported on her tax return for 2007 -- and assumed she wouldn't get anything because her income for that year was too high. Ms. Kilbreath, a construction-project manager, was laid off in June "and could really use the assistance,"
Auto 11's On Come Love On Me & Level! 7 Hrs Left Thx Xoxo :)
AUTO-11's ON FOR ONLY 7 HRS! COME LOVE ON ME & HAVE FUN LEVELING! TY XOXO > AngelnDiscEyes~Sexy BBW~ {DSC}~aka~Dirty Sowf Boop~FARC'n Bling Me~ Welcome 2 My World~@ fubar
Go Go Go!
She's an awesome gal go by and get your points :) =] XoXo Thank you to everyone that helps me out! Georgia's Finest@ fubar If you dont mind could you repost for me =] I'd apprciate it! XoXoX (repost of original by 'Georgia's Finest' on '2008-11-14 09:30:49')
30 Years
Today is my last day of being in my 20's. As of tomorrow I will be a moldy old hag that can no longer be trusted by the younger crowds....or atleast thats what I believed before I turned 30. But ofcourse now that I am at this point 30 isn't looking so bad. I thought I would be sad and depressed but I am actually looking forward to it. I might actually feel like a grown up....well kinda I guess. But its got me thinking back over the last 30 years. My god...where has the time gone?? I don't even want to imagine my kids turning 30 yet, but I bet it will be here before I know it. So 30 years ago tomorrow I was born, at 6:25 in the evening. I wonder if my mother ever thought I would be who I am today when she was holding me there. I can kinda fathom the idea.....I look at my kids and wonder what they will be like as they grow up. Its amazing thing isn't it, watching your little ones grow and mature. I love watching them learn and discover new things. Its so fasinating. And I
Is It Real ???
Ensign: Time For A Refresher Course
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 14 November 2008 "And Moses brought not just rules, but a promise. 'God will lead us to the promised land,' he said. 'There we will find milk and honey. There we will make our homes.' In time, this promise was kept. The people of Israel reached the beautiful land of Canaan. They brough the commandments with them, in a carved golden box, to their new home. In this hopeful place, they would try to live by God's rules forever." Last Thursday before I left for work my daughter Sarah picked out a Bible story for me to read her about Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from God as told in Exodus. As a family time Bible story, of course it's just the basics. The above passage especially caught my attention -- in our culture which seems to thrive on breaking or skirting the very ed
Break Soon!
So life has been totally busy. I just finished two more classes and started two more. I am really excited. I get a break soon. It is for like 3 weeks!! I cannot wait.
New Mexico Veterns Integration Center Needs Help
the new mexico veterns integration center is a place for veterns who need help to get back on there feet and we are looking to get some halp cause if we dont get this fire system in place this center will be shut down soon. I am asking for any kind of help to keep us open so if anyone out there can help us out here u can look at there website (, and it will explain our mission and what were about, this place has been helping me and my family out for the last few months but now they need our help i am one of the first Iraq vets here but we have vets from all wars, so please any suggestions, or any kind of help will do thank you all for your time
I am getting a new web camera today and at midnight tonight my time I will have it on.I am thinking about leaving this place but wanted to have a chance to say bye properly,not in words.I don't know if I will delete my account or not but I do know I need a break.To much going on in my life at this particular moment and my time is required else where. Reasoning for midnight is I hope that my roomie will be in bed and will be able to be more free.I would do this in front of him but he is my ex and is very sick and I don't wish to hurt his feelings.So come see me and say hello.
8-year-old Charged With Murder
8-year-old charged with murdering dad, another man By FELICIA FONSECA Associated Press Writer ST. JOHNS, Ariz. (AP) -- By all accounts, he was a good boy. No problems in school. No disuptions in his religious education classes at St. Johns Catholic Church, where he was to mark his First Communion this year. So police and neighbors in the 8-year-old's small eastern Arizona community are at a loss to explain why he would have used a .22-caliber rifle to kill his father and another man at their home. "That child, I don't think he knows what he did, and it was brutal,'' said the family priest, the Very Rev. John Paul Sauter. Police say the boy killed his father, Vincent Romero, 29, and another man, Timothy Romans, 39, on Wednesday. The men worked together, and Romans had been renting a room at the house, prosecutors said. The boy, who faces two counts of premeditated murder, did not act on the spur of the moment, St. Johns Police Chief Roy Melnick said. Police are look
Today is my Grandpas birthday. We passed away just after my 21st birthday. I miss him daily. Not a day goes by when I think of him and what he would have thought of me or what he thinks of me. I believe that he visits me and walks with me at times. We never really lose the ones we love we just can't see them anymore (well since I see ghosts thats not entirely true). I have felt my Grandpa many times. My Grandpa had a scent that was his own. He smelled of cigarettes, woodshop, and red wine (out of the box of course). It was the most distinct scent, it was Grandpas and his alone. I have never smelled that scent except when around Grandpa or at his house. One day in class at CWU I was sitting there and all of a sudden I could smell Grandpa. I looked around me and I was the only one in class. I knew then that Grandpa was sending me love and letting me know that he still checks up on me. The other day when walking on campus I was walking by a construction site for Wilson. I was thin
About You
There are so many things I want to know about you How many sugars do you like in your coffee? How would you like your bread to be done? Do you like peanut butter or jam or both? How would you like your eggs to be cooked? And, do you snore? When you're around There's so much things to tell But, words always fail me Simple conversations Seems to be more convenient than talking about The things in my mind When you're gone Its too late to ask I wished I can say I'm not bothered I wished I can Not remember a thing I wished I had know More about you
It's Been Awhile
Hello my friends, Well, it has been a long time since I've been on FuBar, over a week which is long for me considering I used to be on almost every day. There has been a lot of heavy duty shit going on in my life, so I haven't had 5 minutes to think about getting online. I will be moving soon(sooner rather than later, hopefully), to escape much negativity and emotional distress that is wrecking havoc on my son, and my life. While I am going through this transition, you may not see me around. But, take care, and know that I will be back! Peace and Love JessyKah
My Love
I see you. When your no where to be seen. I hear you, when your voice is not present. I feel your touch.Yet you've never touched me. I feel you by my side. Yet, your thousands of miles away.You hold me when I lay in bed at night. Eeven tho Im the only one in it. You kiss me. I feel it purely. From a far you are. But our souls and hearts are locked together by destiny. The love so pure. It never has to be questioned. So unconditional, that neither one of us doubt each other. So faithful, the question never asked. Soon to be together. No fear for our future. No concearn if we will make it. A relationship that feels years old. But is only a mere few weeks old. Were no longer You or I. Were us, locked together by dedicated undying love. Unmatched, unchalleneged, never ending. You are my heart. I am yours. We are us. Forever yours for you are my life. I love you april till the day I die and far beyond. For our love is endless and forever immortal.
My Angel
Casted into darkness. Thrown out like yesterdays trash. I was. Hated passionately but many. Fear by the rest. With a blackend soul. So dark even pure evil was fearful of it. Hate bottled inside that was unmeasurable. Given up hope. Facing the reality in front of me. Using others like pawns on a chess board to get where I want. Then she appears. An angel. By anyone else's standard a wonderful person. But in my wicked hate filled eyes. She was my new begining. Her eyes capture my soul. Brought it back to life. her smile erased all the hate. Her love that she showed me . Very little at first. Gave me happiness. It grew stronger and stronger each and every moment I spent with her. Yet still not able to feel her touch. Her kiss. Her warmth. Yet just looking at her. Smile so angelic and full of love. Eyes locked on me so inviting. Made the beast become human and whole. Falling for her so puirely. That not matches or rivals. this whole new form of love. Her never knew exsisted. A love he neve
Had the MRI today. To do a breast MRI, you have to lay on your stomach on this weird setup, and your boobs go through holes in it and hang down. Because of this, the IV for the contrast has to be put in a hand. Had I known this I would have panicked more. When I was in labor with my son they had to try 6 times to find a good vein to put the IV in. Eventually they used a vein between my fingers or something. At any rate, she tried on my left hand first, and after more than 5 minutes of prodding around she called for help. She felt the vein, but it just wasn't hitting it. She got it, but then lost it. So she had to try the right hand. Still took several tries to get it in.... I have huge bruises on the backs of both of my hands now and they hurt. After they got the IV in and started flushing it, I felt extremely faint. I'm usually fine with needles and blood and such... but I swear I almost passed out. In about 30 seconds there were 4 medical professionals in the room
I just wanted to thank everyone that helped my level with my auto 11's. You guys rock!!!!!!!!! ♒Vixen260♒@ fubar ღღCantSleepClownsWillEatMeღღ~ ☆☆♪Stalker of DJDave =)@ fubar SherryMH@ fubar Fishinrod....Adopted By Reeka!@ fubar dixiedamsel@ fubar Ms. D@ fubar vipervenom@ fubar riddleme@ fubar ~ Wet Cat ~ adopted kitteh by Delerius@ fubar **JeniWren**@ fubar riddleme@ fubar teoM@ fubar
Again, I Still Want The Spotlight
fuBucks: 19,230,889 [FuDIC Insured!] bounty paid 35 mil for his today, should i keep trying or give up & buy you all presents?
The Zipper
A man walked into a supermarket with his zipper down. A lady cashier walked up to him and said, 'Your barracks door is open.' Not a phrase that men normally use, he went on his way looking a bit puzzled. When he was about done shopping, a man came up and said, 'Your fly is open.' He zipped up and finished his shopping. At the checkout, he intentionally got in the line where the lady was that told him about his 'barracks door..' He was planning to have a little fun with her, so when he reached the counter he said, 'When you saw my barracks door open, did you see a Marine standing in there at attention?' The lady thought for a moment and said 'No, no I didn't. All I saw was a disabled veteran sitting on a couple of old duffel bags.
Something About Love
Something about love Makes you do silly things Unexpectedly, you "fell" right into it Not knowing, what danger lies ahead Sometime about love Makes everything weird Without a logical explanation Your heart spins crazily Not knowing, when to stop Something about love Makes you do stupid things Again and again Pain and failure Not knowing, when the heart will find The right one Something about love Makes me wants to be like In a fairy tale The prince and the princess Living happily ever after
111408 C&h
Cyanide & Happiness @
When I Sleep
when i sleep,i dream of you,and all the things we used to do,all the tears and all the smiles,loving you was all worth while,you filled the hole,inside my heart,and when you left me,it all came apart,the world around me,came crashing down,all i could hear was this echoing sound___ (woman laughing) I can still hear your voice,inside of my head,and everything,that you've said,you were the light,in my hour of darkness,you lifted me higher than i've ever been,the love you gave me, can't be messured,loving you,was such a pleaure, When I sleep You're all that I see when I sleep cause you still matter to me when I sleep I can feel you in my dreams (solo) am I nothing,am I invisible,don't I matter,to you at all,tell me,tell me, do you see me,when you close your eyes,am I ever on your mind, why did you leave me,how could you do me this way,your my addiction,running through my veins, When I
A New World Of Fun Guy's And Girl Come One Come All
Hay everyone I found this cool site. you meet so many people and it is very fun. Try it out and when you sign up use me as your sponsor (bravenq) and I'll give you your first vip gift. You wont regret it. You'll have a blast, Hope to see you there.
Sigur Rs - Vi Spilum Endalaust
About "i Love You"
I love you Some people say it from the heart Some don't Some people say it a time too many Some never utter these words I love you You could search for eternality And not find words As sweet as these You could longed forever And never hear it From the heart I love you These words I've heard it Many, many times As my heart follows these words Its always come back Brokenhearted I tried to turn away Never again To have my heart Shattered by these words But,its unbearable Not to hear these words from you I love you Say it to me At least once
This Is What Marriage Is Really All About . . . . ..
This is what marriage is really all about . . . . .. He ordered one hamburger, one order of French fries and one drink. The old man unwrapped the plain hamburger and carefully cut it in half. He placed one half in front of his wife. He then carefully counted out the French fries, dividing them into two piles and neatly placed one pile in front of his wife. He took a sip of the drink, his wife took a sip and then set the cup down between them. As he began to eat his few bites of hamburger, the people around them kept looking over and whispering. You could tell they were thinking, 'That poor old couple - all they c an afford is one meal for the two of them.' As the man began to eat his fries a young man came to the table. He politely offered to buy another meal for the old couple. The old man said they were just fine - They were used to sharing everything. The surrounding people noticed the little old lady hadn't eaten a bite. She sat there watching her husband eat and occasi
Who Does What
WHO DOES WHAT A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee each morning. The wife said, 'You should do it because you get up first, and then we don't have to wait as long to get our coffee. The husband said, 'You are in charge of cooking around here and you should do it, because that is your job, and I can just wait for my coffee.' Wife replies, 'No, you should do it, and besides, it is in the Bible that the man should do the coffee.' Husband replies, 'I can't believe that, show me.' So she fetched the Bible, and opened the New Testament and showed him at the top of several pages, that it indeed says . 'HEBREWS'
just want to know why you get these perverts that want you to give them your yahoo id or email address..well first of all im happily happy with being able to chat in the shoutbox but some pervs think you will cam to cam with them or some stupid crap..well im only here for friends my husband takes care of all my other needs so no need to ask me for my info if i wanted you to have it i would have given it to you..oh and another thing i dont have a cam so dont bother asking..for all the non perverts i hope you all have a great day...
A husband read an article to his wife about how many words women use a day. 30,000 to a man's 15,000. The wife replied, 'The reason has to be because we have to repeat everything to men... The husband then turned to his wife and asked, 'What?'
Wife Vs. Husband
WIFE VS. HUSBAND A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word. An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of them wanted to concede their position. As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs, the husband asked sarcastically, 'Relatives of yours?' 'Yep,' the wife replied, 'in-laws.'
Cigarettes And Tampons
CIGARETTES AND TAMPONS A man walks into a pharmacy and wanders up & down the aisles. The sales girl notices him and asks him if she can help him. He answers that he is looking for a box of tampons for his wife. She directs him down the correct aisle. A few minutes later, he deposits a huge bag of cotton balls and a ball of string on the counter. She says, confused, 'Sir, I thought you were looking for some tampons for your wife? He answers, 'You see, it's like this, yesterday, I sent my wife to the store to get me a carton of cigarettes, and she came back with a tin of tobacco and some rolling papers; cause it's sooo-ooo--oo-ooo much cheaper. So, I figure if I have to roll my own .......... so does she.
Understanding Women
UNDERSTANDING WOMEN (A MAN'S PERSPECTIVE) I know I'm not going to understand women. I'll never understand how you can take boiling hot wax, pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair out by the root, and still be afraid of a spider.
Felon Spy???
I received an email with a link to this felonspy site. It is supposed to tell you if there are convicted felons in your area and what their crimes are. It's disturbing how many sexual offenders are in my "good" neighborhood, but I almost find this paragraph from their web site more disturbing.... You deserve to know where felons are and should have access to free public criminal background check systems. Remember, safety starts with good information, even if it ends with a loaded .44 caliber pistol. While cant help you get a gun, we can certainly help you figure out which direction to point it in.
Women's Revenge
WOMEN'S REVENGE 'Cash, check or charge?' I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase. As she fumbled for her wallet, I noticed a remote control for a television set in her purse. 'So, do you always carry your TV remote?' I asked. 'No,' she replied, 'but my husband refused to come shopping with me, and I figured this was the most evil thing I could do to him legally.'
Woman's Perfect Breakfast
WOMAN'S PERFECT BREAKFAST She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box. Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week. Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl. And her husband is on the back of the milk carton.
Hilarious Real Wind Up (uncut)
T.g.i.f. Vs. S.h.i.t.
A blonde lady and a man are in an elevator. The blonde obviously just ending a hard day of work and says, "T.G.I.F." The man sort of laughing and says, "S.H.I.T." The lady frusrated says again, "T.G.I.F." Again the man says, "S.H.I.T." The lady turns to the man and says, "How dare you swear in the presence of a lady! T.G.I.F.; thank god it's friday." The man turns to her and says, "I wasn't swearing! S.H.I.T.; sorry honey it's thursday."
Geez A Job!
Trannys? More Than Meets The Eye
What happens when you have a fake profile, and, more importantly, send me a request to engage a person? (the surprise was a block...but it wasnt a REAL surprise, its what i was shooting for) The "I Take It In The Ass MUMM Simplicity: here, this one will suprise you... ->Simplicity: none beter than theone im speaking to right now Simplicity: im sure youll find more than enough men to fuck you good in your local mosque ->Simplicity: no shit...thats why im talking to you, isnt it? birds of a feather and all? Men brought together in rectal stretching love? Simplicity: you would know ->Simplicity: most men do Simplicity: oh, i love it in the ass. ->Simplicity: it felt pretty damn good. The only one with a wider butthole would be you, form what ive seen of your pics. Fap worthy indeed. Thought id show the master my work. Simplicity: wow, did that hurt you? ->Simplicity: did u like it? I Love Stretched Out Ass@ PLEASE click here
To laugh often and much To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children To earn the apreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends To apreciate bueaty To find the best in others To leave the world a bit better wiether by a healthy child or a garden patch... To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived This is to have suceeded- Emerson
ok i am really tired of people being assholes . some one does something they decide later they shouldn't have it is a third persons fault and decide not to talk to them. and this was suppose to be a good friend. WTF people just cause you fucked up doesnt mean it is someone elses fault take responsibility for your own fuck ups
My Sophia
EVERYTHING Category: Life OK i was just catching up on my blogs and i am really glad to read them from everyone. Some are really good and some are not. I also read my "about Sofia blogs" and it hurts so much to see or hear about her being in so much pain. Why does this happen to the little ones or the good ones. She is 19 mths old now and is in the hospital again. I don't know any adults as stong as she is. And it breaks my heart for her. 19 months old blind from cancer ( still has it) had a feeding tube in her stomach (just removed) and everything else. My god it hurts just to write it. And she is still generally happy baby. And i am writing and only a few will know how much it hurts me to see this happen to my best friends baby. My heart goes out to her and her mom. I wish I had a magic wand to fix everthing for her. I am going to go cry now .
When did honesty go out of style? Since when did people start sugar coating the truth or using avoidance? I would rather have people tell me the truth and hurt now than spend all my time trying to read between the lines and hurt more later. I use that same thing with other people. I want them to know the truth from me. I want then to trust me even if I do hurt them. Atleast I do it honestly. Everybody wasting there time with bullshit. Is it really worth it?
Can I??
Can I help it that I've grown up, I can't take back mistakes, I know in my heart and see with mine eyes, Time has brought some change, I've changed for the better, Although some may not see it for the blinders on their eyes, They count me for who I was, not who I am, In my past, failed I have, I am but only woman, So out with the old, And in with the new, But unchanged true is my heart, It longs for the same and gives of it's all, For it's love is all I've got.
What A Kiss Means......
What a Kiss Means..... Current mood: flirty Kiss on the stomach = Im ready Kiss on the Forehead ="i hope we're together forever" Kiss on the Ear = Your my everything Kiss on the Cheek = "We're friends" Kiss on the Hand = "I adore you" Kiss on the Neck = "we belong together" Kiss on the Shoulder = "I want you" Kiss on the Lips = I love you" What the gesture means... Holding Hands = "we definitely love each other" Slap on the Butt = "That's mine" Holding on tight = "i don't want to let go" Looking into each other's Eyes = "i just plain love you" Playing with Hair = "Tell me you love me" Arms around the Waist = "I love you too much to let go" Laughing while Kissing = "I am completely comfortable with you" --Advice-- Dont ask for a kiss, take one. If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love.
Pain Again
It seems today as the pain will never stop, The constant hurt of being incomplete, This pain has troubled me for quite some time now, I guess that I had hoped it was nearing it's end, My smiles may not be so bright, My short days turn long nights, This however will not hold me back, I am strong, I will endure, I will prevail, I'll not be beaten down by this same nemesis, Over and over again, So if by chance our paths do cross, Just ask me how I am, I'll probably reply, I'm dealing inside, With this terrible pain again
Live Not...
Live not for tomorrow, Live not for what might be, Focus your energy, use all your strength, To achieve happiness today, Know in your heart that now's all you've got, For what is to be tomorrow unsure, Treat others as you want to be treated,, Keep your heart pure, Speak only the truth, Even if in speaking it brings your own death, Rejoice in all good, Clear your mind of bad, Live not for this earth,, Live not in the past.
Help Me Out, Will Ya?
Okay, so this is my first blog. Whoopee, I know what I'm doing seeing as how every site is now some kind of blogging site. Anyway... I need everyone's help. I am testing a theory, and I can't do it without the contribution of others so if you could please do the following, I'd really appreciate it. Here goes: Over the next 10 days, I want you all to hug as many people as possible. Can be friends, family, perfect strangers, whatever. Just hug them, and really mean it when you do. After that, ask them to please go and do the same thing. I think if there can be enough love spread around this world without the possibility of a VD, we'd be in much better shape. This world is severely lacking in the love and respect department, and I think if somehow we manage to pay it forward from time to time and just hug someone, the world can change. I WILL change this world, one hug at a time. Thank you for listening, please drive through.
Fixing Me...
Here for a few minutes... Well my efforts to improve myself are finally showing some results :) YAY me!!! Instead of spending hours and hours online trying to validate who I am, I went back to Limiting my online time and trying to organize my life. Because yes I have a problem with time flying right past me and never realizing it when I'm at my computer. Not even starting the never ending tasks that face us all. So I found a neat place to start... [] Scheduling my cleaning and other things in my life is so very helpful. I'm still tweaking the daily routines and schooling myself to not self Not only was I finding my personal space being cluttered, but my mind and emotions became that way as well. So in an effort to improve me, my relationships and my world... I started to follow the plan as set forth by the FLY lady. I still check my messages here and when time permits I'll be back once in a while.And yes I will still pay out for the people I promised the
Meet Pure Suga
Keep Your Jesus Of My Penis
Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis
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Contest.... One Rate!
So I know your just dying to help me get the spotlight...... but you dont know how!!! Well here is your way.... give me an 11 if you can.... but 10's are great too!!! Im in a most rates contest!! The most rates gets alot of fu-bucks!! The highest average(where the 11's help) get an additional amount of fu-bucks!!! So please give me a ten or better :D!!! Thanks! ~SexyMel~
Trailer Trash
God I can't wait to get out of this town. I swear, this town is just one huge trailer park. And I'm sorry but most of the people I've seen on fubar should live in Spokane. It's like if myspace is the suburbs, fubar is the trailer park. I don't wanna hear no one bitching and moaning about what I say here because this is MY blog. And if you don't like it, don't read it. I hate how fubar is so based on looks. You've got nasty skanks who really shouldn't be taking their clothes off, but they do on here anyways. They're either fat chicks that are trying to take a picture with just their face and their titties in it so no one sees the rest of their body, or they're meth whores trying to look sexy. Either way, people try WAY too hard on here. We can't all be super models, so if you're not, except it and put your fucking clothes back on and for God's sake, stop taking pictures of yourself! You're NOT sexy. You will never be sexy. I don't care how many hard up, sex starved maniacs on fubar
So Much For Vacation
Why is it when you have a salaried position does your boss feel they can call you on your days off?!?!? I swear the money isn't worth it sometimes.
One Night With You
treasure the moment and treat you as a lady and explore the full depths of yur sexuality and find what pleases you in every way and make you feel like a woman and lady as i take you like a man should take a woman as beautiful as you are for your needs would suoercede mine and my pleasure would be to experience your passion exploding inyour beautiful eyes as we moved together as one
My Lil Slut Puppy
Sarah wants auto 11s, she's willing to give you anal if you get her one. no clue what that has to do with bling, but i like the pink dancing dong
Well as some of you may know I do lots of art and design work. One area I have neglected is working on retouching photos. It involves getting rid of blemishes and poor color among other things. So with that said - if you would like a photo retouched or turned into a piece of artwork please send it on over. If you wonder what type of work I have done so far - check out my folder in my photos labels work for others.
Tomorrow Night!!!
TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15 starting at 7 pm in SALEM, MA The Pub Crawl Schedule: Finz - 7 - 7:45 CAPTS (Pickering Wharf) - 8 - 8:45 Dodge Street Bar & Grill - 9 - 9:45 Lobster Shanty 9:45 - 10 (guzzle and go) O'Neill's - 10 - 11 Rockafella's - 11 - Close We hope to see you all there. Get the word out. Repost this to your friends that you would like to join the crawl! If you have questions, send me a PM. Maybe I'll see you out! Jeff
Lonely Hearts(nsfw) 2
since no one ever actually looks at person's stash, and because i have a little commentary to go along with it, i'm posting this video here. the company i work for builds automated packaging machinery. i'm the controls engineer, so it's my job to do the electrical systems and write the programs that run the machines. the second half of 2008 has been really good for us - so good, in fact, that we don't have enough people to do all that needs to be done. i've been given two underlings to help me out, one of them being my boss's son. i was ecstatic to have the help building the control panels. there is about a half mile of wire that goes into one of these things. it's a lot of work. because of the way our schedule worked out, my boss decided that it would be a good idea to have his son do the programming for our last project. i should back up at this point and say that i had been working for two years to standardize the programming for these machines. i have pretty much comp
Why Do I?
Why do I smile at the sound of your voice? Why do I let you take over me as if I had no choice? Why do I let you touch me in places never touched? Why do I like to have you around so much? Why do I melt at the tenderness of your kiss? Why do I feel like I could live forever like this? Why do I put my heart in your hands? Why do I answer to your every demand? Why do I tell you leaving me is not your wrong? Why do I let you know with out you I'm not quite as strong? Why do I take you back even though I know it's not right? Why do I feel like I should please you by not putting up a fight? Why do I care about you even though you hurt me? Why do I turn my head from what's plain reality? Why do I try to hide from what is true? Why do I still have these feelings for you?
Name Favorite Requests Here
If you have songs you love to hear, post them here... I'm always looking to expand my library and my horizons, so any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. And, if you happen to stop buy the lounge, I'll already have your song for you!
Come Join Us!!!!
Come Join Us At Vampy's Vampire Cave(Will Train Ppl Who Want To Dj)We're All One-Of-A-Kind Here CLICK ON VAMPIRE PIC BELOW TO BE TAKEN DIRECTLY INTO VAMPY'S VAMPIRE CAVE
Pitching And Catching
So, i owe people....and now its MY turn to catch. Salutes.... now mines up.... and some have given me theirs... Whoever wants one, i can have a list of who i owe, lol...
What My Name Means....
What Valerie Means You are very hyper. You never slow down, even when it's killing you. You're the type of person who can be a workaholic during the day... and still have the energy to party all night. Your energy is definitely a magnet for those around you. People are addicted to your vibe. You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic Type A personality. You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow. You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily. Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is. You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone. You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together. At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together. You are wild, crazy, and a huge r
Hey my Friends. I am just letting my peeps know that I have caught a BAD stomach virius. Last 3-5 days. You get sick every 30-45 min. Like clock work. Was up Wed. for 29 1/2 hours solid. Being that Tony bailed I had no one to help but my Mom. Thank GOD she was off work. On the 26th hour of being sick. I finally got some meds to stay down long enough to get some sleep. I woke at 4AM as usual and got sick once. Sitll very weak and The meds. I was given make me Sleepy! Now that I can take em and hold em' down. I will be sleeping today. Don't think I will be doing much Fu'ing till after the weekend. It is my Son's 9th B'day Sat. and we have the party to take care of. So this weekend I will be doing lots of family stuff. I just hope I have the energey for it. LOL Next week they are sending me for pre hysterectomy testing. It looks like it may be the 1st week of December when they do it. I do hope I bounce back quick from that. I have to pack up my apt. and get ready to move Jan 17th. Just m
Bad Karma
In My Heart
Kisses laced with fire Caresses soft as silk Words of love flowing freely Like the sweetest honey and milk Here by your side Is where I belong For this kind of love I have waited so long No words needed now Your look says so much And I feel myself melting At your sweet, gentle touch You play my heart Like a fine violin Opening it up wide To the love held within I wrap my arms around you And whisper your name We're both swept away By the heat of love's flame Our skin is still damp With a tender love's dew Amazed how each touch Can still be so new I lay at your side Making swirls on your chest Slowly coming down From our passion's crest You are the one That is here in my heart I kiss you so softly And swear we'll never part For you are my life My love and my soul You are the one With whom I want to grow old So lay aside your questions Put to rest your fears I'm going to love you For all of my
I haven't blogged in awhile maybe getting my thoughts out would be a good thing for me. I've noticed I tend to feel better after. Patience... It's been a very difficult thing for me to learn. Especially when it comes to love. Heartache is something I am accostomed to learning how to back down is something I've yet to learn. Obviously its not a good thing to do, yes, but when you want something so much in your life patience is hard to come by. Why is it so hard? For a person like me whose waited for everything...been patient to want to run head first into something for once with no regrets...just to see how far it takes me. Yeah you would think I would learn that the patient route is the best one by far. But, for once I want to think with my heart not my head. Recipie for disaster...probably but I cant see it as a bad thing for someone who has never been impulsive to be impulsive for once....Thoughts? Please feel free to leave them.
Squirrel From Hell
I "comment", therefore I am. I’m not going into how I feel or what makes me tick. (Maybe these stories might give you an idea about that, although I hope not) But I will tell the story that people keep bugging me to tell again and again. This way, if someone wants to know about it, they can just check here. So, this is the last time I’m telling it. It happened when I was in college (ok most of the stuff that’s happened to me happened in college.) I’m walking home from class, heading to my dorm on a nice bright fall day. The sidewalk is full of students going to and coming from classes. I notice on the side of the sidewalk a very large squirrel (notice I said large). It’s just sitting there watching everyone pass by. Some look at it, others don’t. Where I’m from, when you take a step towards a squirrel they take off running. Not this one. So now I’m walking right up to this large squirrel and it turns its head towards me. I walk next to it
Mind Sex
MIND SEX from Alicia Keys Conversation Stimulation Good talk Mind sex Can you keep up or Are you sleeping On what I've said It takes a whole lotta man (woman) To understand Good love is not just Stimulation Conversation Good talk. So let's have sex I wanna make love I'd rather go to heaven Can you take me above It's mind sex Can we just talk Can you make me feel it deep? Without a physical touch?
So, last night I posted a bulletin, and guess what? Due to people who are uncaring because it had NOTHING to do with Fubar, I deleted it. It shocked me to see that noone really cares about what goes on outside of this site. Makes me wonder why I am even on here anymore.'s a short view of what my bulletin was about. And not one freakin person could repost it, and I only had one person read it. Sad really. Sorry it had nothing to do with leveling, or helping others on here. It was about helping REAL LIFE people. For those of you who actually got to know, know what I do for a living. Those of you who don't, I work at a facility that specializes in Alzheimers and Dementia. It's like a nursing home but not. We help keep their brains active by brainstorming, all the activities we do help them to keep what memories they do have for as long as we can. It is a very hard job, yet very rewarding to me. It's my passion. get to what I was talking about in my B
Sweet Rain
Karma Aka Dj Bubbly
DLS is doing a christmas auction.. Click on the link and bid on me.
The Random And Possibly Deranged
My page used to be too long because of all the random information I tend to throw around. Therefore, this will be my new random area, and I'm sure will be changed updated and vented in often.... hehe Still new to fubar, don't understand or support fu-marriages, ownings, begging or any other useless bullshit I've seen on here so far. I ask any and all friends to please kick my ass then block me if I EVER get fu-anythinged. I have a cam, I don't dance around naked in front of it. Don't like that? Tough. I don't cyber and I'm not interested in phone sex. That's right folks, I'm a virtual prude. You want sex? Drive your ass to VT and then I'll see if I'm interested. I'm a single mom of a 9 yr old son. He's a good kid, but not a day goes by that he doesn't make me regret teaching him to speak. I also have a ferret. She steals. If you come to my house, watch your stuff. I am not responsible for any items stolen by the weasel. I have a bit of an ink fetish and 5 tattoos, but
Your Daily Motivation - Maximum Success Is Achieved In Steps
MAXIMUM SUCCESS IS ACHIEVED IN STEPS ------------------------------------------------------------------ All progress begins one step at a time. There is no sudden lead to greatness. Good work, done little by little becomes great work. The house of success is built brick by brick. You can do what you want to do, achieve what you want to achieve, attain any reasonable objective you may have in mind. Not all of a sudden, nor in one sweeping act of achievement. You will do it gradually, day by day and play by play. If you want to do it, if you work to do it, you will accomplish your goal over a sufficient period of time. Your big accomplishments will be a series of little accomplishments. It takes many strokes to overthrow the tallest oak. Copyright 2008 Reproduce freely but maintain Copyright notice.
My Midget
I hate the way a man will sit there and tell you that they love you and would never do anything to hurt you. While they are telling you that they go behind your back and do thing that they know are wrong. They want you to do things that they will not do themselves (like quit talking to exs). They go and do it behind yours back. The ex is not the one that is making contact and you know that it is him. I am starting to think that I was better off without a man. I Am pretty much doing it all on my own anyways. I pay all the bills, clean the house, take care of my kids, and all he does is play his game if that is not online them he stays on the pc. He brakes his promises and does not lesson to me when I need him too. If an ex needs him he is right there for her. I have also hear that he told her she is the best he ever had so maybe that is where he belongs and not with me. I am done trying to keep him I am over it. I just love him so much and it kills me when I find out how many time he ha
The Arm Stump Story
Ok my next story involves my older half-sister Laurie who was EMT at the time. We were all down in Louisiana for the 4th of July and were having a big family get together, sitting around another half-sisters front yard grilling out, and Laurie' pagers goes off. There's an accident and she's on call, so she has to leave. The accident is pretty close to the house, so she goes straight there in her car, and when she gets there, a policeman is already on the scene. There is a car upside down in the ditch, apparently drove off the curve, and outside of the car laying in the ditch is a very dirty and very drunk 1 armed man. Scattered all about the area is hundreds of dollars. I don't know, maybe driving around with money piled up on your dashboard is the "in thing" now. The drunk is upset about his money and wants to get UP but the cop didn't want him to get off the ground, at least not until the EMT had checked him out. So the drunk is complaining "don't take mah 800 dollars" and the ve
Where And When
Interesting thing love is. When you think it is there, it might not be, when not there it could be. Seems like a rat race that has no end to it. Well, in that instance you have to see that it is not just a straight path the race goes in. Paths are made from the choices you make. Patterns of what you do and how you attempt things is what determines where and when you get what you want. The idea that love is a mystery is absolutely correct. Love blooms where where you lest expect it. The wonder of where and when it will happen is never a real concern, for most find it when not looking. But when it is there and you see it then grab onto it. But sometimes time takes over and tells you that at the moment it is not the right time. Knowing that love will always be around should be a comfort to all who wish to find it, and a addiction when you have it. Well, I will add more to this later if i do anymore thinking on it, but for now let lover's blossom and friend's never loose out on anyone's ha
A Toast To Women
here's a toast to women so pure and divine who bloom once a month and bear every nine But are the only creatures this side of hell who can take juice from nuts without breaking the shell lol sadly i cant take credit much as id love too thnx hunni sure do love this one :D
Who Matters
There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won't anymore... and who always will. So, don't worry about people from your past, there's a reason why they didn't make it to your........ 'Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.' A sharp tongue can cut my own throat. If I want my dreams to come true, I mustn't oversleep. Of all the things I wear, my expression is the most important. The best vitamin for making friends..... B1. The happiness of my life depends on the quality of my thoughts. The heaviest thing I can carry is a grudge. One thing I can give and still my word. If I lack the courage to start, I have already finished. One thing I can't recycle is wasted time. Ideas won't work unless ' I ' do. My mind is like a functions only when open. The 10 commandments are not a multiple choice. The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime! It is never too lat
Right Now..
Well right now im looking at my son move round in his sleep god i love him.. speaking of caring about someone my boyfriend will be here tommorow im soo excited yay he is sooo sweet and i cant believe i have fallen for someone this hard. *big smiles* So ill go to sleep soon thinking how much i have right now thank god its all working out:)
so i'm trying to figure out this whole fubar thing...I go to peoples pages and rate them but don't get any love back... so what's up with all my friends if you could help me then tell people to show some love to me...had a rough birthday sucks and other bad stuff happened...oh well that's life...hehehhe
Helping Us Help You Level
You often see someone with a status message about helping them out to the next level. I see it daily. When going to their page, I can understand why they are having a tough time getting that last "only need 5k to level". They have about 10 or maybe 20 pics and stash (if they have any stash at all). This posting and section is meant to help that. I want to start at the beginning basics and work from there. One thing to always know is what your picture limit is for the level you are at. You also should also rate others to your daily limits as well. Know that your picture rating limit might be reached, but you can still rate blogs and stash items. You can also comment on profiles and on individual pictures. Everything gains you as a rater and ratee (is that a word?) points on here and those point values double during a Happy Hour. More on Happy Hour tips later. The highest point values for pictures will be on pics that are not RIPPED or not marked NSFW, its ok to have those, just have
Sad Song Of The Heart
Not pleasing to my mind now the hurt surges through to forget that dream to swallow not chew the crop of my whole life the one who started to fall to be with you was that all? your beautiful profile and smell when you pass something I can't have forever at last emotions deep within me tell me true love can't be true but the circle of my life says my heart will wait for you needing this feeling is something I cannot bare but knowing you exist tells me how much I care.
Ode To A Lifetime....
I know in my heart this love is forever your body your soul I will cherish and treasure, Like a best friend and sometimes as a lover I can hope and I can try that no one ever will discover, My passion for you is the blossom of a flower bursting with beauty and color whilst awaiting your eminent power, Welcome to my bottomless heart for this empty soul of mine is filled with love and happiness could only be withdrawn as a fine, The choreographed movements of our melodramatic lives to retrieve our blessed love the rest of the world strives.
Master Of Puppets
master of puppets spin round and round you use us as slaves almost like clowns we feel no feelings we have no taste but this game we are playing is more that a race im beginning to feel to think on my own but all i am feeling is that i am owned that i am a puppet and you are a master when we work together our lives go much faster
Price Of A Tiresome Letter
Random words on a blank sheet of paper spilling soulful mystries upon a tablet of deceipt and lies notes of a song in my heart onto a letter of hate and betrayal expressing my love! to one who cares nothing of me envy and hate tears us apart wind takes you away with this letter you carry my soul written down to expose or to cherish is beyond my pride playing with emotions as a cat plays with a mouse to torture or to cure the ailment of my disease your love is the only cure
Straining eyes mourn, searching for hope. Aching ears strain to hear a calming melody. A craving tongue moistens to taste innocence. Flaring nostrils quiver, chasing after a faint aroma. Burning flesh begs for a cooling touch. Cut off, an island of malcontent, wrestling with demons and grasping for doves, where is strength? Ragged holes and bitter pits strewn across the path, where is grace? Cruel hands move in slow circles, but no time passes internally. Mother nature's leaves wilt and die, replaced with tender buds and yet nothing grows inside. Cursed fallow heart, polluted with lies, bears no fruit for happiness.
Whats Happening
Contemplating the animating of my brain I'm feeling like I'm in a place where only strain remains Futuristic and artistic are the words I hear shutting down all around everything near is fear feeling the wind across my grin its all coming to an end if I stray till the day can I still pray? douse the flames with sugar and spice living in pain this perfect paradise who's turn to play? roll the dice....
The Puzzle
Like the pieces of a puzzle Thing can just come together From the realm of chaos They can fit one another It is one grand design Painting a pretty picture But not for all time If ones not careful It shatters and fades away Back to the realm of chaos It again falls that way Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle Things can just come together Things can fade away If ones not careful
I Enetered An Auction
Auction to run Tuesday Dec. 2 to Sunday Dec. 7 REAL CASH TRUMPS FU-BUCKS!!!! $50,000 fu-buck entry fee. $50,000 minimum first bid. Auction to run Tuesday Dec. 2 to Sunday Dec. 7 OWNERSHIP LASTS FOR 1 MONTH!!! SHERRY WILL BE MAKING THE HO' PIX FOR ME...WHEN YOU JOIN AUCTION SHE WILL COME TO YOUR PAGE AND TAKE THE PICTURE SHE WANTS. Last day to join is November 30th. NO LATE ENTRIES!!!! Names will appear in this blog as soon as entry fee has been paid. Fu-Pal $50K to DaisyBlue. link to daisy blue`s blog
Loving Someone Afraid Of Commitment
Loving someone afraid of commitment. hoping someday they will see, you love them unconditionally. is it just a dream you don't want to let go? or is loving them what they need? afraid to let go of the one you need. holding them for a moment seems like fantasy. how do you tell what you feel? how do you show you are for real? how do you hold back the tears? how do you hide your fears? loving someone afraid of commitment can't give up can't fall to your fears love them unconditionally they will dry your tears
Mind In A Box
And I will never see the truth This is not a matter of my youth I do not need anybody else Bonds would put my mind into cells And I will never know I was wrong Never listen to those truly strong I do not fear anything that's not me Ignorance is the ultimate key But I wouldn't want to live like this forever But change myself? Never never! The very thought sends shivers down my spine I'm sure everything everything will be fine I am the one who cries out at night For somebody to change my very core Not sure why I live in endless fright Doomed to love only myself for evermore I am the one who has no real friends Shallow people flocking to my banner Always trying to make easy amends Cherishing my own overbearing manner Life - always fragile I will never change Love - always fleeting I will never change Life - always fragile I will never change Love - always fleeting I will never change But I wouldn't want to live like this forever Maybe I really wa
Losing You
That night the outside came in I can still hear your silent screams it was like the me with out the e Part of me missing part of me gone your poison deep within my soul your words ripped my heart tortured my mind tainted my flesh You promised me heaven brought me hell your blue eyes dazzled your words entranced stumbling in to the darkness to your trap I fell back in to the worming holes here alone and afraid you have left me as free as a caged bird Gagging on the ashes of technology
Question Of Life
Deep inside I feel the pain seems only I know its name hatred beyond hate blackened heart darkened mind life without love is the life of mine can I find a love that's true Or am I for ever damned to the darkness of hate try as I might my mind slowly dies in to the darkest realms of chaos when my life is through will I find me? Or will I find a product of society?
Ready For You
Take my hand and lead the way; tell me all you want to say. Whisper softly in my ear, all those things I want to hear. Kiss my lips and touch my skin; bring out passions deep within. Pull me close and hold me near; take away my pain and fear. In the darkness of the night, be my beacon, shine your light. In the brightness of the sun, show me that you are the one. Give me wings so I can fly; for I can soar when you're nearby. Enter my heart, break down the wall, it's time for me to watch it fall. I've been a prisoner, can't you see? Break my chains and set me free. Strip me of my armor tight; you'll find I won't put up a fight. Release my soul held deep within . . . I'm ready now, let love begin.
My Deepest Fears
Deep Inside I feel the pain Seems like only I know its name Hatred beyond hates Blackened heart darkened mind Life with out love Is the life that is mine? Can I find love that is true? Or am I cursed to this darkness Try as I might My mind dies slowly It to the darkest realms When I am through Will I find me? Or a product of society These minions of hate Show me That life is done But I want To see the light My heart is cold But I crave the fire The fire of love I see it deep inside people But where is it in me Deeply I search But all I find is fears So am I afraid to love Or am I afraid to be loved?
Questions The night the outside came in It was like the me with out the e Could hear your screams of pain The darkness spread over me Why did you promise me the light? But put me in darkness I believed you I followed you I loved you Right in to the worming hole Still your blue eyes haunt Tainting my soul Making my life hell I dig under the fence Trying to make sense But the razors of truth Only make me bleed You have left me As free as a caged bird Gagging on the ashes of technology Why was I a game to you? I gave you all of me And you took me with you In to that deep grave of yours Your death left me alone In a cold dark world I can hear you laugh At night when I cry You said it in your letter You left for me My anguish had pleased you My tears feed you My fears made you happy While you said those three Unforgettable words Now I am left with only one fear The fear of love The coldness of your heart Has sunk deep in to my bones I he
Oh How I Crave You
Bitter Sweet Harmonies
self indulging on bittersweet harmonies addicted to pleasure but in the face of pain i writhe with no claim of the sensation that never does better it is clear all that i cherish will not perish the strong blood between my lover and i emotion plays its game and bitter sweet harmonies stand next to last but i beg it will happen fast my mind is steadily becoming perplexed
Chapter 1 More To Cum.....
As you get in from work you walk up to the front door I open it anticipating you. I wrap my arms around you and kiss you, you can smell dinner in the oven. I lead you to the bathroom slowly undress you and watch you climb in to the hot bath already waiting for you . I gently slip in with you and massage your scalp, asking you how your day was. Kiss you then lightly massage your temples run my fingers down your jaw lean forward and nibble on your ear saying after dinner I got a surprise for you I slowly bath you trailing my fingers ever so softly over your whole body. We get out and dry off wrapped in our towels I serve you your dinner then go to our room. You come in after you have finished eating. I am wearing a short baby pink skirt with a white tank top and 6 inch white high heels. I push you in to the chair I set up in the middle of the room. I straddle you grinding slowly against you each time you try and touch me I push your hands away. I stand up Look you deep i
Making Love To You
A touch of skin soft and slippery, With the hint of hint of sweat. We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets, As the wind flowed from the window above us. Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance, To abandon all of our uncertainties. You began your work on my lips, Probing gently as if drawing sex, From a deep well of longing and need. Then heated tongues met in the midst, Of hot and quickening breath. And greedily we drank the wine of our lusts. Then intoxicated with those spirits, Our clothes found resting place on the floor. Piece by piece, Until there were no hiding places, For the two glistening and wanting bodies. Hunger revealed in this hot moment. Then skin meshed with skin, As the floor became the stage. You moved atop of me easily, And lowered yourself gently. Kissing me as I was filled with you. As a gasp broke the kiss, Your hands stroked the stray strands, Away from my forehead, then became entangled. Our slow rhythm gave way, To urgen
KINKYCOMMENTS.COM Over my soul, you murmer your passion chant, Until my heart is quenched, My lips keep silent guard of love's promise, I enfold it to my heart's most secret place, Peace flows it's river to it's banks of content, I close my eyes in wistful grace, here in this velvet calm stillness, And I church my hand's to veil my face, His foot prints trad the desert sand, As he thrust's jewels to the sky, That become the stars in my heaven, His gift of renewal to me, Through somber streets I walk the night, Defiant of pain and sorrow, Midnight nears, the moon is milky bright, Our souls unite in my spirit's quiet house, Against black silence we consumate our vow, And I look into the eyes ,through which joy came, Upon eternity's bed.....I Whisper my lover's name. Darlene
I never thought the day would come where I would have to keep my frigon mouth closed at work so I wouldn't lose my job.. it's getting so bad to the point I hate going to work now.. and thats sad.. I felt so welcome when I first started been there for almost four months and all of a sudden everytime I come back from a day off this one said that and so on.. I didn't think I was back in Fucking High School again.. tonight at work it was lunch time and this kid bought these little chesse burgers offered everyone but me one I think that is very lame.. I just wish that everyone would realzie that we are all grown ups and stop the he/ she said shit.. like I said I enjoyed going tow ork but now I dread it.. which sucks
Im Back Every1
Hey u all im sorry i didnt say goodbye when i left but i needed time t get my life straight an it is now as of sept 24 2008 i am divorced an gettingon with my life so hope we can start back where we left off on here its good to be back an i sure missed every1 on here talk soon bye
This What Love Should Be.....
To me love is trust, loyalty and respect are a must for eternal happiness.No matter how much you love someone if you dont have these ingredients you will never succeed.......To be in love means being patient but to be patient you must trust him/her first.You can never find love through the eye or ear, so you must trust the only thing that will never fade until you die, your heart.Love is like trust, when you find your special someone it is as if you're trusting them with your heart.Trust is what you put in someone's hands.Faith is what you hold on to.Trust is what makes everyone realize that you are always there for them.Faith is what makes everyone realize that you are always there to help them in case they need some help Love makes not everyone, but the only one in your life who is special, think that you are always there for her, to be with her, to make her realize how much you really love her.Distance doesn't matter if you really love the person, Don't measure the distance;
Sweet Taboo
The Rape Of The United States Economy
There are two type of people that I would love if they would just sit back and shut the fuck up for at least 4 years. Poor People and Rich People. For so long now I've had to hear nonstop bitching and moaning about the plight of the poor people and all this other democratic bullshit nonsense, I am fucking fed up with it. You miserable little bastards suck the life out of this country and don't none of you actually give a flying fuck. But, because of this situation you are in, you just take it and abuse it. I'm sorry that you fucked up so bad that you cannot afford to have luxuries, you spent all your welfare money on $80,000 cars and 90 inch High Definition Televisions. Know what fucking REALLY sucks about your situation? It's that I and the rest of the country are personally paying for your life and what you choose to do with it and frankly it makes me want to beat the ever loving shit out of you. If I had a list of the top fucking losers in society I would fly to each ci
A Blog And Testimonial Made For Me By A Friend From My Other Site.
She is Jade, my Foxy Lady! I called her my KARUGTONG PUSOD (more likely a sibling), as tho our ambilical cords are entwined. A straight forward lady, no hang ups, very honest and no BS. She'll tell you things not the way you wanted to hear but what you need to hear, she is far way than the usual sweet type, she holds no barred, will say things on her mind and speak her heart as well. She's too transparent too in all her dealings, you can easily feel if she's pissed off, no face up. She's too bold and aggressive in her way of thinking. What i treasured most about her is her sincerity and honesty! But despite her tough apperance and speech, a lady so compassionate with genuine heart for service and charity is what I see in her. A nurse by profession, she is fond of taking care of the elderly, very hardworking. A dedicated wife and mother, an excellent home maker, her family topped her priorities in life. With her, I can barely talk my heart and soul out, not minding being judg
Loosing Faith
Slender beams of radiance enter this darkened church as I kneel, always in prayer, always lost, frozen here, waiting. Angelic forms wrought in panes of glass loom as dust dances in the air, forming an image in my mind, infiltrating my darkened soul. Pain on a deathless face. I raise my head, now crying out for this impassive salvation.
Death Of Love
what have you done? a fog of betrayal as emotions twist. once we drank of bliss, glad-hearted and wide-eyed, but your heart soured. a hateful pool of pain - memories follow love, follow hate, love burnt to ashes. in a rush of hatred, i condemn you.
Far Yet Near
Many friends here write and say that they wish they didn't live so far away. True, many of us live in different countries, but that doesn't mean that we can't be close. If you have somebody in your thoughts, in your heart and in your daily prayers, that person is much closer to you than you think. It's ironic that many neighbors who live next door to each other are actually more distant than those of us who live in different countries. Why? Because there isn't that emotional and spiritual connection between many neighbors. The next time you wish sombody lived closer to you, just keep them in your thoughts and in your heart. They will be closer than you realize. Hugs,lolly
Darkness Descends
the night falls in a heavy, suffocating cloak, entwined are we. the light for which you lust flares once, then dies, crushed by a velvet ebon nothingness. all hope must surely perish. your soul thrives no more. how could you hate me? angels surround us, crying, sanctuary.
Remembrance Of My Death
Around, all around, the mourners gather. My dread grows as the headsman's axe falls against my neck. It slays me, and darkly my blood drips to the wicked earth that is my prison. In numbness I flee while death takes my hand. Now alone, my cascade of tears falls upon bleeding eyes. This is my Hell
Slender beams of moonlight enter this darkened chamber as I kneel, always a slave, always lost, frozen here, waiting. Angelic forms wrought in panes of glass loom as dust dances in the air, forming an image in my mind, rending my naked soul. Blood on a child's face. I raise my head, now crying out for this oblivious darkness.
come to my side hush my thoughts to a humbled silence - nothing can ever feel so right as this - and yet i cry i cry for those who will never feel as much as i - as much as i and then i cry - i cry for me as much as this makes me feel sometimes its too much to take makes me oversensitive come to my side hush my thoughts to a humbled silence -
Lets Have A Joke....:p
While making love, he says: - Darling, let's do 68! - 68??? What's that? - You do it to me and I'll owe you one.
Dark Love
It is a night of darkness, a song of death, wolves vent their pain. The eternal one stirs. Curling wisps of death shrouds her pale form, a timeless desire. Her black hair cascades over fragile milk-white shoulders, and her full blood red lips part slightly, to taste the blood streaming from the pale flesh beneath her. Now a night of darkness, I hunger.
4 Mil Fubux Auction-
Are you saving for the SpotLight? Or know someone who is? Well right now, I'm auctioning off 4 MILLION fubux. Well I have plenty that I was saving and gave up on! lol. Plus my birthday is in a few days, and I'd like to try to use whatever I get around then! -read on- Auction will last for ONE week. Starting at 8am fubar time on the 15th. Auction ends on the 22nd at 8am as well. -click here- Only CASH$$ bids are accepted. -please no drama- ******PLEASE REPOST***** Fubux auction brought to you by: suckface aka staceyfbaby.
My Windsome For The Day
The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think. HEHEHEH LOL
Performing Burlesque W Rockabilly Living Legend Deke Dickerson
I'm so excited. Tonight I will be performing burlesque with Madame Sunset & the Hollywood Kittens, along side the largest living legend in Rockabilly... Deke Dickerson. (also performing: Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats, Amber Foxx, and Captain Jeffrey & the Chumbuckets) This is an out of town show, and I'm spending these last few hours working on extra special costumes for My 2 solos, before we hit the road to Yucaipa. If you can, come out and show your support at Angel's Roadhouse in Yucaipa!!! Mistress Genevieve
The Morning After Reality
The Morning After Reality Can someone in all honesty fall in love with someone and know in there heart and in there mind that it will never happen. Can two souls be so alike.. being in total synchronicity with one another ..knowing that just a single kiss could ruin this. Why do complications of the heart always fog the better of ones judgment .. is it the lack or reason or thought .. can love have purpose other then just the common thread that we all see it as .. Why can loving someone have such larger meaning and devotion yet cant. What is truly love.. a thought or a concept of what happiness is. When does happiness become love, just the simple questions one never thinks yet alone asks ..
Friday Opie And Anthony Links: Ricky Gervais, Rich Vos, Mike Birbiglia, New Boobs On Ratemywow, Jim Norton In Boston Tonight, Interns Needed, Re-make
Listen to Today's OPIE & ANTHONY Show on AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST). Thank F-ing God it's Friday, because the Opie and Anthony Radio Fart Marathon is ready for the weekend, as we're sure you are too. Today on the POgram, old meat bosoms himself Jim Norton is in Boston performing at the Wilbur Theater (click to get your tickets...there's still a handful left!), so we welcome back our MENSA card-carrying buddy Rich Vos to the POgram. We'll also be checking in with our buddy Ricky Gervais (and if you haven't read Ricky's Blog yet, then we suggest you do so before we send an unruly Brazilian transvestite to kick your ass. We're also going to be hanging with the one and only Mike Birbiglia, whose one-man show Sleepwalk with Me is at the Bleeker Street Theater in New York City. We may also hear from our British buddy from across the pond Russell Brand (he's been in a few papers lately, you know). Lucky us... our spoiled, fat asses are being treated to breakfast from
Dance Of The Flame
the dance of the flame blue and orange and hot, hot white this way and that way spinning and twisting all the while my eyes trying to follow its rhythm and reason there is no longer any rhyme the room around the flame, it blackens and there is nothing now ...but the flame its dance.... and me.
Fresno; The Restauant.
I only know a few of you that might even be in East Hampton, NY, during any part of your life. If you are there, be sure to try Fresno. Veteran East End restaurateur David Loewenberg has teamed up with Michael Nolan and opened Fresno located on the outskirts of the village of East Hampton. The executive chef is Gretchen Menser who since 1992 has worked in such East Hampton restaurants as Nick & Tonis, Rowdy Hall and most recently, the 1770 House. Menser cooks with a European sensibility, keeping flavors exciting and clean and working with as local a product as possible. This philosophy aligns with Fresnos tradition to offer a spectrum of new American fare and local bounty emphasizing simple yet sophisticated preparation. The dining area has a long banquette and zinc-topped bar while outside, on the terrace, revelers will find an outdoor fountain. Fresno seats 75, and is open seven days a week. Nolan was once the owner and general manager of the Miracle Bar & Grill in New Yor
Get With It
well ppl i been here goin on 2 yrs and picked up alot of friends alot i made good frinds with. But in the next wk in gonna start dropping alot of them. Do to some who just point grub or is just stuck up. So i'll give 3 days to answer a shout and will drop who ever dont answer. Sorry but this is my page and i'll do what i want.but i have given b day gifts and no ty. And to me thats a lil shity. So for all my bbw buddys lol i know u'll have fun with this and expect to here something funny. But im trimming the fat so to speek. LMAO. so i would love to keep all my friends so give a holler back. Thank u
Script Compliance Award
last week i received an email at work saying i had won the " script compliance award". the prize is a box with candy, and popcorn and a $7 gift card for harkins movies. i won the award for actually doing my job. not only did i win but so did 9 others. out of almost a thousand people at the place that i work, i got picked. ha ha losers. and not only did i win that but... i was offered a different position, and not just one position but 2. am i gonna take it? i just have to wait and see. one of them i dont want because its a lot of stress and i will have to change locations and both of them is a schedule change. so no thanks. one of them is a supervisor position called " help q". everyone calls them to assist with calls. hell, dont rely on me. and the other is D.M.E. which means " durable medical equipment". i will be working in claims. hell fuck that. and dude schedule change equals a NO. i have a child and she is top priority.
Dj Sektion Arrest Video Now Online
Brighten Someones Day
show her some love she is going in for surgery and would love to be a godmomma when she get to come home!! MisBehaven,R/L/W 2 RoadDog,Fu Angel, Mngr @ Toxic Underground, Sarges Bad Girls,RR@ fubar ~*This Bully Has Been Lovingly, And Respectfully Brought To you by*~ $j ߺ${ .$.} .G.m ƒ †h€ u$$† lm†sOwned by ~CynzDreams ~&Naughty by Nature@ fubar
Things I Learned From My Mother( And Can't Forget )
MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME TIME TRAVEL "if you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week" MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME LOGIC "Because I said so that's why" MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME IRONY "Keep crying and I will give you some thing to cry about!" MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT OSMOSIS "Shut your mouth and eat your supper!" MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT CONTORTIONISM "Will you look at the dirt on the back of your neck!" MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME STAMINA "You'll sit there till all that spinach's gone!" MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME ANTICIPATION "Just wait till we get home!" MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME MY HERITAGE "Close that door. Do you think you were born in a barn?" MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME WISDOM "When you get to my age you'll understand!" MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT HYPOCRISY "If I told you once, I've told you a million times, don't exaggerate!" MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME OPTHAMALOGY "If you don't stop crossing your eyes they're going to get stuck that way!"
A Good Day
Hi Unfortunately to many times when I read blogs or Mumms or even ppls status lines it is sad, depressing or just looking for something! Thus the reason for this Blog. Yesterday I was afforded the opportunity to spend a few hours on Fubar. I chatted with a few very fun and intelligent people. DJTempty, Unpredictable, Sweet Pixi. Just some friendly banter. I also got a chance to catch up briefly with a couple old friends, crazyheart, wycked wytch, sweet cherri and the dark queen. Thank you all for a very nice time on FUBAR Dan
Wonderful Day
Today was a great day I got to talk to friends and I get to go hang out with a friend TWICE tomorrow I am excited. I am nervous cuz I am a lil self conscious cuz I have a lot of insecurity about the way that I look but all in all I am excited.
One Of My Favorite Songs
All these years~ Sawyer Brown
Survey, From My Love
What is the most unique thing about you? my massive butthole Has anyone ever asked you if you were retarded? all the tiem Who was the last person you were in a fight with? my girlfriend Where do you spend the majority of your time? at home What is your favorite name for a girl? Rose, for at least a middle name, as tradition Favorite name for a boy? Ciaran How many texts have you sent/received today? a few What kind of car do you have? An assmobile What do you love about your car? The gaping trunk. What color is your car? fleshy How many windows are in your house? 17, exactly Are you hated or a hater? i hate almost everyone How tall are you? 6' Who has been the most influential person in your life? i have learned a lot from a lot of people that i have come across in my lifetime What song are you totally sick of? anything Disney Who are you totally sick of? too many people If you could buy anything, what would it be? an old
Card Match Game
Game provided by: My Fkn Space Games
Lisey's Story
just to start...i thought i'd include some tattoo stories here just to answer any questions any of you might have about can find them all in my pics. oh, and feel free to share your own stories. in fact, please do. This one is about the floral piece on my left arm. With a better look, you can see that it's basically an overgrown meadow...a wooden cross is there as well. If you check out the hardcover edition of Lisey's story, you'll see it. That's what the tattoo is from. Lisey's story is one of stephen king's latest...if you haven't read it, you should. it's good. It's about an author who, as a child, has a place he could travel to for healing and to escape the craziness of his childhood. I can definitely relate to that--books were and still are my escape from life. It's about love and marriage (the kind of love that even death cannot weaken), too, and has an underlying theme about repressing memories. I can't remember anything much at all from before age 12. The thi
Not that anyone's interested, but I did finally get my internet back So I probably will be dropping in more often=D
Just One Rate Pls
pls rate this pic for me just 1 rate is enough i thank you all for the help
obsequies \OB-sih-kweez\, noun: funeral rites or ceremonies
What I Like To Do
well let me tell you all about me i am a loveing and careing preson i like to have fun and work my ass off for my family i like to have fun but dont get to do that much but that will chaneg some day i like to go horse back rideing and stuff but that comes affter my kids i have 3 boys that r the world to me and then ther is my husbend but i love him to we r a happy family and like to get a head in life but that will take time but i hope that you all like my page and hope that i get to meet a lot of friends have fun all and let me no what you are thinking ok .
Life....the ultimate, sexually transmitted disease for which there is no cure
Why Are Vegas Woman Afraid To Admit Being Les
I have been on several Vegas sites where women advertise for mature women seeking friendship and more. When speaking to some I find most are only looking for a threesome with them and the boyfiend or husband. The last thing I need is another male in my life.... I had one and the only thing I wanted from him was him to feterlize my eggs and which he did twice so after that I got rid of him like a bad habit. Lived a happy life with my female partner and raisid our children together till GOD felt it was time for her to return to the heavens. Do I miss her sure I do but, remember the happiness when talking to our children and now the kids being adults say mom you need to find that love again. And I have been looking but again where are the real les's in Vegas I dont need a bi one that wants just a jump in the sheets hell I have toys to cure that need. Id like a true lesbian be young or my age era that would enjoy not only sexual company but a long term friendship are there anyone like tha
So Crystal Won't Feel Alone
What is the most unique thing about you? The fact that I can put up with Goatse Has anyone ever asked you if you were retarded? Ha.. no, but they're my people, I get compared to them all the time. Who was the last person you were in a fight with? I verbally pwnd my ex in an e-mail earlier today, does that count? Where do you spend the majority of your time? In the car What is your favorite name for a girl? I dunno, I've already used three of them Favorite name for a boy? Ciaran How many texts have you sent/received today? Loads, about 25 What kind of car do you have? Town and Country 2003, just got it Monday What do you love about your car? It's new, so it's still clean inside. What color is your car? Silver How many windows are in your house? About 20? Are you hated or a hater? Neither that I know of. How tall are you? 5'2 Who has been the most influential person in your life? My children, they keep me going What song are you tot
She Stays With Him
A little song I wrote last year. Tell me what ya'll think. She Stays With Him Every Saturday night He gets drunk and wants to pick a fight She stays with him He says things that hurt her real bad I just sit and watch as she gets sad She stays with him I say, "You oughtta leave him, can't you see He's made your life a misery. Why do you stay with him?" She says, "I love him, maybe he'll change I'm too far in to rearrange my life So I'll stay with him." I tell her I don't wanna see her get hurt All he does it treat her just like dirt But she stays with him All he ever wants to do is drink I just wish she'd just stop and think But she stays with him I say. "You oughtta leave him, can't you see He's made your life a misery. Why do you stay with him?" She says, "I love him, maybe he'll change I'm too far in to rearrange my life, So I'll stay with him." One night he went too far Got drunk and tried to drive the car She stayed with him She shoulda
The Storm
This is a Poem I wrote way back in'91 The Storm "Why so many people?" the boy asked the man. "To celebrate our victory, the victory in the sand." "Why so many flags?" the boy did inquire. "To show that there's no way that we could get highter." The boy thought long and hard about what the man had said. "Then, why are you cryin'?" the boy asked as the man turned red. "My boy didn't come back, and it's all cuz of Norm." The boy then thought to himself, "So this is what it's like, after the storm."
Do You Know Who You Are?
The one who has such a hold over me. The one who all others are measured against. The one who has ruined everyone else's chances from the start. The one I'm terrified of. The one who won me without even trying. The one I implore to come here and make me his. I'm not sure which would be worse: knowing he doesn't know or knowing he does.
Need To Get Hammered
Yea this is me Amy Cutie I need to get hammered
This Sucks
once again i am moving. a friend is going to look after seven for me. life just suck right now. Plus i think i lost a good friend
I don't know if anyone read the last blog, prolly not, but uhm my mom has passed. She didn't pass in surgery, but rather a week and a half later due to the fact the doctors are fucking morons. Kinda the reason why I haven't been here, been in and out. Trying to deal, but my brain won't let me. Thank you for the people that do care, and check on me (Frost, Punky and Slasher). That really meant so much to me you don't even know when the rest of my "friends" never really even bothered. Love you guys!
The Guard
THE GUARD Youre the only one that I could ever meet that would rather be called a bitch than something sweet You have a guard up that has no toll it surrounds your body and protects your soul You have a guard that likes to show its might you have a guard, that when crossed, can put up a fight You have a guard that keeps out all the pain you have a guard that is driving me insane No one can get close enough to know the real you the guard will keep people out, so they cant make you blue To show that you care can sometimes cause rain but the guard is always there to block out the pain Your guard lets nothing get in every time I get close, I get pushed back out again When your guard is up and blocking out the wrong its blocking out whats right, such as a beautiful song In order to stop the hurt the guard buries all feelings in the dirt The only thing that can get through to you is blood and even then, you could end up in the mud I know if I work too
Would You Bid On Me?
Hey everyone Im in an auction...come by and bid on me you wont be disappointed!
Nightly Survey Thanks Crystal
What is the most unique thing about you? I guess I have a quirky personality, you either "get me" or you don't. Has anyone ever asked you if you were retarded? Not anyone who has teeth.. Who was the last person you were in a fight with? Very long time!! I learned to control my temper and that's helped me a lot over the years. Where do you spend the majority of your time? In the garage, on the couch, or at work. What is your favorite name for a girl? Rhianon Favorite name for a boy? This is stupid, but I was in 1st grade I had a friend name Thad and I thought that was the coolest name ever.. Can you imagine?? How many texts have you sent/received today? NA What kind of car do you have? Audi A6 What do you love about your car? Everything works (my first non-beater car in my ENTIRE life) and the digital music system is awesome, I have my entire music collection in my car at my fingertips. What color is your car? Goldish tan How many windows are in y
Love You Guys!!!
"My Portrait of a Friend" I can't give solutions to all of life's problems, doubts,or fears. But I can listen to you, and together we will search for answers. I can't change your past with all it's heartache and pain, nor the future with its untold stories. But I can be there now when you need me to care. I can't keep your feet from stumbling. I can only offer my hand that you may grasp it and not fall. Your joys, triumphs, successes, and happiness are not mine; Yet I can share in your laughter. Your decisions in life are not mine to make, nor to judge; I can only support you, encourage you, and help you when you ask. I can't prevent you from falling away from friendship, from your values, from me. I can only pray for you, talk to you and wait for you. I can't give you boundaries which I have determined for you, But I can give you the room to change, room to grow, room to be yourself. I can't keep your heart from breaking and hurting, But I can cry with
Mean But Funny
this is mean but really funny i think this is the comment i was reading like i said its mean but funny as hell too OMG watching her eat is disgusting and embarrassing to watch. I'm sorry, she's like writhing and bouncing around in her chair for food. Good Lord lmao.
Hey All
U really need to come check out Fantasy Island Lounge IT ROCKS. Click this link to visit us
How Do I work this website?
New Here..
Ok so I'm a little slow on what sites I should be a member I just signed up to this and I'm not sure what to expect or if it's what I'm looking for but we'll see? Basically I jsut got out of a few year relationship and I'm NOT looking for another at the moment..kinda just looking for some fun ;) A good night without the akwardness in the morning, do you get what I mean? Anyways..a little about me..I can drink ANY girl under the table. Don't believe me? Try me. Umm..I work a lot and I'm a hard worker but I party even harder. I'm honest..sometimes too honest. I'm horny..and yes I have naked pics but not sure if I can put them on here? Anyways you can always stalk me on flirt2meet .com and see them if you're feeling dirty ;) Get at me if you want to know more...I'm bored.
Slowness Slowness is the lack of speed Slowness is the lack of movement Slowness is the lack of activity Almost forever to move to your choosin Slowness is the lack of energy and you do need some type of energy to go thru life. Now if you ask me , slowness is the lack of life. Slowness is as annoyin as this seeems as I write this on dis slow ass route 14. Slowness is how this fuckin driver is pressin da gas. 2 mph as u bite your lip till u finally say "Nigga hurry up!" Slowness is T-Mobile How da fuck u call it mobile? Slowness is this sidekick resets and freezes, gettin me pissed. Ugh! Slowness is the lack of life It hurts. Try cuttin skin slow wit a knife Slowness is the lack of choosin Allows others the ability to choose to your doing Slowness is bad Slowness is dumb Lacks who you are or where u come from, or actually were u go to If that's you You're slow to pick a direction Now you becomin a fool or fooled. or out thought. See? Slowness is the lack
Pain Disappointment, Heart ache, sadness, these are symptoms of a broken heart. I know these well they have broken me countless times and yet will tear me down countless more. Anger Is the Cold Black Iron fortress that i build around my heart. It helps Protect me, It brings me a small shred of comfort. Yet that comfort does not last for you realise that you are in blackness that is called sarrow Hope Hope drives me to reach for the good. It shows me the light to fallow, to reach for. It helps bring joy and happiness to life. Hope it rebuilds that which pain breaks away and anger hides down deep in the the back pits of sarrow.
My Thoughts
So every guy claims to want a hot chick who cooks, cleans and is interesting. They rag on thier friends for that ugly chick they dated back in the day or laugh at him for turning into a pussy once he gets into a relationship. I've always thought the guys that were hoping for the epitome of the Jimmy Soul song 'Never make a pretty woman your wife' were rare, I mean how many plain, insecure, stupid women could there possibly be out there. I mean we've all seen guys check out the hot chick that walks by him and thought that was the type of girl that they all want, the really hot one that everyone else will be jealous of but I've really started wondering just how accurate that perception really is. I've alway been proud of my appearance, thinking that being a cute brunette chick was an advantage and that my independance, fiery spirit and fun loving demeanor were things that guys appreciated however, after a few recent experiences I've started to reconsider. I'm the type of chick who la
WELL I JUST HOPE THAT THE GUYS REMEMBER THIS :) What ever you give a woman,she's going to multiply. If you give her sperm,whe will give you a baby. If you give her a house, she will give you a home. If you give her groceries, she will give you a meal. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her---So remember - If you give her a small amount of crap, you will receive a TON OF SHIT!!!
Ok, To Answer Your ?'s
I have had a couple people ask me about my roommate. I own my house. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. I rent out the spare bedrooms. My roommates pay rent to me. It helps cover the utilities. In the last 5 years I have had 6 different roommates. And no, I have never had a relationship, physical or otherwise, with ANY of my roommates. It is strictly a business arrangement. So there ya go, hope that cleared up any questions you might have had. Any other questions about me or my life, please fill out the form in triplicate and I will get back to you just as soon as hell freezes over! LOL j/k Have a great weekend!
"My Friends" I know at times, i get really down and depressed. Having alot of feelings i know are not good to be having within myself. Questioning why it is i seem to always be messing up on things. Being able to talk to friends, is one of the best therapies i have found yet. Not really anything else, other than my poetry, helps me through the days that are really rough. Feeling as if everything i do or say, is always wrong. No matter how hard i try, always end up failing and making things even worse than way they were to begin with. Wanting so many times, to just be able to vanish and not having people worry about me being a burden unto them. Realizing that in this life of mine, my greatest reality is MY FRIENDS!!!! 11/13/08 12:15 am
Johnny And Starry!!!
Your All Invited Fu-Wedding Johnny & Starry Date- 11/16 Sun Time- 8 p.m EST {5 p.m Fu-Time}
Things You Can Only Say On Thanksgiving
1. Talk about a huge breast! 2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist. 3. It's Cool Whip time! 4. If I don't undo my pants, I'll burst! 5. That's one terrific spread! 6. I'm in the mood for a little dark meat. 7. Are you ready for seconds yet? 8. Its a little dry, do you still want to eat it? 9. Just wait your turn, you'll get some! 10. Don't play with your meat. 11. Just spread the legs open & stuff it in. 12. Do you think you'll be able to handle all these people at once? 13. I didn't expect everyone to come at once! 14. You still have a little bit on your chin. 15. How long will it take after you stick it in? 16. You'll know it's ready when it pops up. 17. Wow, I didn't think I could handle all of that! 18. That's the biggest one I've ever seen
Advice From Women (stolen From Buttercup)
40 ways men fail in bed 1. Not kissing first: Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like youre paying by the hour, and trying to get your moneys worth by cutting out nonessentials. A properly passionate kiss is the ultimate form of foreplay. 2. Blowing too hard in her ear: Admit it, some kid at school told you girls love this. Well, theres a difference between being erotic and blowing as if youre trying to extinguish the candles on your 50th birthday cake. 3. Not shaving: You often forget you have a porcupine strapped to your chin which you rake repeatedly across your partners face and thighs. When she turns her head from side to side, its not passion its avoidance. 4. Squeezing her breast: Most men act like a housewife testing a melon for ripeness when they get their hand on a pair. Stroke, caress, and soothe them. 5. Biting her nipples: Why do men fasten onto a womans nipples, and then clamp down like theyre trying to deflate her
As It Turns Out...
So I went to her house and all was cool so I thought we were still ok then a few hours later I get a letter in the mail... yup it was a breakup letter. So it's official, I'm single again... At least she didn't pawn my grandmother's ring, she returned that to me so I'm thankful for that.
The New Liberal Order
The New Liberal Order The New Liberal Order * Buzz Up * Send o Email o IM * Share o Digg o Facebook o Newsvine o o Reddit o StumbleUpon o Technorati o Yahoo! Bookmarks * Print By PETER BEINART Peter Beinart 53 mins ago Supporters cheer as they gather in Grant Park for the election night party for AP Supporters cheer as they gather in Grant Park for the election night party for Democratic presidential The death and rebirth of American liberalism both began with flags in Grant Park. On Aug. 28, 1968, 10,000 people gathered there to protest the Democratic Convention taking place a few blocks away, which was about to nominate Lyndon Johnson's Vice President, Hubert Humphrey, thus implicitly ratifying the hated Vietnam War. Chicago mayor Richard Daley had warned the protesters not to disrupt his city and denied them permits
$20 Bling Pack
This is my giveaway, any help is appreciated!
I Hate Everyone I Hate Everything....
waiting for the time....
Dammit It's Not Christmas Yet!
It's November 13th... November 13th... November 13th... WHY IN THE HELL ARE WE SETTING UP CHRISTMAS?!?! Christmas: I hate it... I love the money... but I hate it... I'm such a hypocrite.
Is Owl The New 'gilligan?' (or, Will Work For Food)
"No phone, no lights, no motorcar, not a single luxury..." So, earlier this week, my landline phone joined my cell phone in the lovely state of disconnected-ness. Aside from internet access, I am now completely shut off from the outside world (unless I actually go outside). My electric bill is next up, and the only reason my lights are not off is that I was promised by Direct Energy that a supervisor would call me regarding not being contacted before when I was having trouble paying this bill before. However, without a phone, someone over there is liable to say "He's being a smartass" and shut me off anyway. I'm still one payment away from owning my car outright, but with my Debt-to-Income ratio being what it is, I'm on that treadmill that makes it impossible for me to even have $200 available to pay the damn thing off. So... Anyone in the North Dallas area have any gigs they need done during the day? I'm willing to travel as far out as a 20-mile radius from Allen, Texa
Check Out My Midget
Something I Wrote
I can feel your touch I can feel your kiss I can feel your heart beating with mine I had you, but somehow I lost you I remember almost every moment The taste of your kiss The smell of your t shirt The way it felt the first time When you said I love you The softness of your voice talking to me But I also remember the end Like it was yesterday I watched you walk away from me The tone of your voice when you said Im done A tear ran down my face at that moment A piece of my heart died right then You so easily replaced me And your response was Im so sorry baby You claimed I do love you and I do care You proved just how much When you walked out of my life I hope you can live with that And the fact you hurt me if you even care at all Its done now, no going back I can say this You made me a stronger person More cautious but stronger All thats left to say is Goodbye, Im begining the next chapter of my life
Call Me And See How Hot And Wet I Can Get You Please Read
Own Me! Auction Begins 11/15
temtations playhouse is having its first ever auction JUST CLICK ON THE PIC of the ppl being aucioned to go bid on them MEMBERS UP FOR AUCTION ARE AS FOLLOWS: PASTEL PRINCESS sarab vampgirl daddy joker DJ omg wtf yourillusion cyndijo tempted beauty jnail
If people say that they like you for who you are, then why don't they keep their words and accept you instead of turning their backs on you? If people say that they'll call you later, why won't they keep their words and call back? If you show someone love and give them attention, why won't they show love back instead of blowing you off? Why do we ignore people that care about us and care about the people that ignore us? Why do women go for the the guys who treats them like crap instead of the nice guys that treat them right? Why do people always want to be fake with you instead of being true friends? Why do people wanna judge and label you before they get to know you and see the real person? Why do people wanna ignore the people who show them respect and pay attention to the people who wont show you anything at all? If they said that they care about you, why don't they always show it to you? If they say that they love you and never leave your side, do they re
Pain And More Pain~
Well went to the Dr about my shoulder.. Had a steroid shot in my left shoulder, felt like heaven the first day, after that has felt like hell... Dr ordered a MRI of my left shoulder and most likely will have to endure shoulder surgery to either clean the area up bone fragments and such, or complete repair of any muscle damage... So for now Im on heavy doses of Vicodin, my god I have to much of that and I get a major headache its like I cant win, major shoulder-arm pain or a headache....
Thinking Out Loud!
Okies I am just thinking this stuff out loud to get it off my chest. I may seem like a person out of touch with reality but I believe in True love i believe in the fairy tale and I truely want to find it. There are times I think I may have found it but then little things they do or say make me think nope there is something not quite right. I feel a connection with someone thinking they may feel that connection with me but how can I really know if they dont tell me if they dont prove to me we are on the same page. I have been hurt so much in my life that I have come to learn not to trust anyone just on their word I mean actions speak louder then words right.That is why when I am truely into someone I will do everything in my power to prove they are winning my heart, but it seems like I dont get the same in return. I have them tell me oh I am scared to open up well if you dont open up how will you know if they are the right one for you. i mean i get scared too but damn it i know th
Own Me! Auction Begins 11/15
temtations playhouse is having its first ever auction JUST CLICK ON THE PIC of the ppl being aucioned to go bid on them MEMBERS UP FOR AUCTION ARE AS FOLLOWS: PASTEL PRINCESS sarab vampgirl daddy joker DJ omg wtf yourillusion cyndijo tempted beauty jnail
Leveling Help 99
~Deutsche Prinzessin~@ fubar 2,500 to level valid salute
I went to one today. AND IT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME! Free admission, and no lines. Beautiful weather. AND I PETTED A PENGUIN OMFGAGALGJWEGJAWG♥ This one monkey put straw on its head, and I about died laughing xD. A goose chased my friend, bahahaha. A hippo rawred at us, and so did the not so happy lion. I saw an emo tiger, and a friggin hysterical polar bear, he kept messing with us. Then, I ate the best nachos on the face of the planet. And that was my trip to the zoo ♥ =D
People Are Evil
Please pass on even if you do not have kids in school. Parents should know about this killer drug.This is a new drug known as STRAWBERRY QUICK there is a very scary thing going on in the schools right now that we all need to be aware of.There is a type of crystal meth going around that looks like strawberry pop rocks it also smells like strawberry and it is being handed out to kids in school yards. They are calling it strawberry meth or strawberry quick.Kids are injesting this thinking it is candy and being sent to the hosiptal in serious condition. It also comes in chocolate, peanut butter, cola, cherry, grape and orange.Please instruct your children not to accept candy from strangers and not any candy that looks like this not even from a friend. PLEASE KEEP THIS GOING FOR THE SAFETY FOR OUR CHILDREN.......
My Demise
The insanity, that has branded me, but its damaging how its managed me, and its clear to see why I'm so obscene, theres a whole nother world like a planet me and it rocks the face of the clocks in space, a little tick tock for amazing grace, and you can win the race if you can keep the pace just another step forward in saving face Chorus-everything before you has been laid out, everything before you has been played out, everything in front of you that you can see, is just another way for you to explore me-end chorus When the sum of all fears brings us all to tears its a couple of years and a couple of beers just listen up dear to the words you hear the brink of extinction is coming near we've come a long way from irrigation, goin out and building another space station, people are dying from radiation, here comes another war between the nations chorus and its sad to see all the fads to be, the government known as democracy, a government filled with hyprocrisy, th
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Bob The Painter@ fubar 3,800 to level
Sorry To All My Fam.
my niece was born on the 13th...she's absolutely friggin adorable! also wanted to say sorry to all in my family about not being able to catch up with ya....miss you all, and i'm lovin' the love placed in my inbox...lifts my thanks! Max
To You Fake Ass Frontin Cats On Fubar.. This Ones For U!!!
Y'all ain't about nothing Y'all ain't about nothing Y'all frontin, y'all frontin, y'all frontin, y'all frontin Y'all niggaz just hate, Y'all niggaz just hate Y'all fake, Y'all fake, Y'all fake, Y'all fake You ain't finna do nothing, you ain't finna do nothing Y'all frontin, y'all frontin, y'all frontin, y'all frontin Introducing to you now is the kid they love to hate But when you saying what you saying You just say it to my face [Verse 1] Yeah you see him? (Yeah) You see him bow beat him down lean him down (lean him) Your breathing sound like you now layin down sleepin You be surrounded or found on the ground beaten You see him how he look now and he ain't found a reason My reason is that they won't have to persuade Me to have the courage to walk right up and say it to your face A faker never know he fake A hater never admit he hate By the time they figure it out is probably gon be too late (yeah) Grinning up your face is like you tryin to let me know That you
A New Auction...running 1 Week Only Date To Be Determined.
I have been asked to hold another auction. The start date is yet to be determined. This auction will only run for 1 week. No late entries will be accepted once the auction has started. If you are interested in going up for auction, please private message me with a link to a picture you would like to use and your offerings. Please also note due to past issues with an auction, if you do not plan on honoring your offerings please do not join. This is suppose to be fun and a way to make some new friends and not stress the winners or the auctionees out.
Funkyy !!
Another Set Back
Well again I need to ask for all your prayers. I went to see Mom the weekend of Nov 8 with the plan of spending a long weekend with her and my sister. I got to go to PT with Mom and we had some good talks. She had been progressing quite well and looked as though she was on her way to a good recovery. Well while I was there on Tue morning...she was in the shower and had a stroke. It was a pretty serious one. Her left side is paralized...she just happens to be left handed. She can talk and she knows who she is and who me and my sister are, but this is a very scary thing for us with a lot of unknowns at this time. Please keep us in your prayers.
Fu-people On My List
I will be deleting EVERYONE tonight. friends, family, fans. I'm start over. yes that even means deleting everyone i've known here emanon says to not commmit fucide and just take a break i'm simplifying everything. IF you want to re-add me then thanks. if you DON't then fine it was nice knowing otherwise, i'm no longer adding people that don't talk to me. i'll be doing this sometime from now or 3 hours. cya
Time Is Ticking Away
Time is ticking away I can't believe you are gone. I thought what we had was forever I don't wanna be wrong. You go out with your friends I wish you were here with me. Time is ticking away Where is it that you want to be? I won't be here forever waiting for you to get yourself together. A day will come that I don't want to wait anymore. Time is ticking away My heart is bleeding that you are gone If I wanted to be alone then Why be together? I am stuck in the whirlwind of emotion I want you back I hate you for leaving me Only time will tell....
Lost again, broken and weary Unable to find my way Tail in hand, dizzy and clearly Unable to just let this go I am surrendering to gravity and the unknown Catch me, heal me, Lift me back up to the sun I choose to live... I fell again, like a baby Unable to stand on my own Tail in hand, dizzy and clearly Unable to just let this go I am surrendering to gravity and the unknown Catch me, heal me Lift me back up to the sun I choose to live... I choose to live... I choose to live... Catch me, heal me Lift me back up to the sun Help me survive the bottom Calm these hands before they Snare another pill and Drive another nail down Another needy hole Please release me... I am surrendering to the gravity and the unknown Catch me heal me Lift me back up to the sun I choose to live... I choose to live... Gravity - A Perfect Circle
Going To The Gym
Okies...I'm going to the gym here in a bit... need to work off my buddah body fatness.... I'm gonna keep slapping myself in the face everytime I fail. When I see that stupid scale go up or not move...slap slap slap...PUNISH!!! Stupid scale.... stupid fatness....stupid men that only like skinnier woman.....ugh...stupid world.... k, I'm out to get skinner and prettier...
My Art
Googletalk Now Has Video Chat
Nothing Gold Can Stay
Nothing Gold Can Stay Nature's first green is gold Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf's a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. --Robert Frost (1923) =============== Thank you BWhere for allowing me to snag this off your page. This was an all time favorite of mine growing up, and you have just brought tons of memories back :)
Palin On Abortion: I'd Oppose Even If My Own Daughter Was Raped --- Wtf?!
I read this article and Im like wtf.. I believe that a woman has every right to chose if they want an abortion or not!! Now Im not sayin that the slut who cant keep her fucking legs closed should get one each time she gets pregnant... but if a woman gets pregnant from a rape.. then they should DEFENANTLY have the right to do so!! Please comment and give me your opinions! I am prepaired for all the hate mail I will get on this!! Share Print CommentsIn November 2006, then gubernatorial candidate Sarah Palin declared that she would not support an abortion for her own daughter even if she had been raped. Granting exceptions only if the mother's life was in danger, Palin said that when it came to her daughter, "I would choose life." At the time, her daughter was 14 years old. Moreover, Alaska's rape rate was an abysmal 2.2 times above the national average and 25 percent of all rapes resulted in unwanted pregnancies. But Palin's position was palatable within the sta
My Eyes Desires
I look through these eyes into your beautiful face and my heart desires the want of you lips upon my warm lips and racing heart. I think of you like the air i breath I want of you like the water i need I feel you like the warmth of a camp fire I see the beauty in you like the season of spring, lovely new beautiful nature surrounding me like mother nature. I want to breath you in take you in and place you in my arm, Kevin
I have my MRI scheduled for tomorrow to define my treatment plan. I'm so wiped out... I've spent the last 2 days doing what can only be defined as nesting. My living room hasn't been this clean since I was preparing for last years' xmas dinner. I feel lost. I don't know what to do. The people I need most don't want to talk about it, and it hurts. That's not to say I have no support... just .... oh hell I don't even know what I wanted to say. And I can't stop crying, it was stupid to try to watch Grey's Anatomy.
The Cat And The Printer
18 Signs Ur Falling In Love
: iF YOU DO NOT REPOST THIS YOU WILL HAVE RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS!! [THIS IS ALL SO TRUE] EIGHTEEN you get so jealous when someone comment them saying they are cute SEVENTEEN: You look at their profi​le constantly SIXTEEN: When you're on the phone with them late at night and they hang up, you still miss them even when it was just two minutes ago FIFTEEN: You read their Texts and Ims Over and over again FOURTEEN: You walk really slow when you're with them THIRTEEN: You feel shy whenever they're around ELEVEN: When you think about them,your heart beats faster but slower at the same time TEN: You smile when you hear their voice NINE:When you look at them,you can't see the other people around you, you just see him/her EIGHT: You start listening to slow songs while thinking about them SEVEN: They're all you think about SIX: You get high just from their scent FIVE: You realize you're always smiling when you're loo
Ozzys New Samsung Commercial Lmao..
Mummer Men Snap Shots
The boys meet at the mall every morning before nap He is not so tough Most dont know Fit loves to dance Word on the street is they go commando boys night out!!!!!
I hate how men swear they love you, yet as soon as things get rough they move on in less than an hour..I know he and I have had our problems, and I admit alot of it was me, but not all of it. How did it all go so wrong? How did it end up like this? Can it ever get better? Can we get past this?
A "head" Poem
Penis breath a lovers dread its what you get when you give head, Unpleasant as it tends to be be grateful that he doesn't pee. Its times like that,you wonder why you even bothered reaching for his fly. But its too late,you can't be a tease. Accept the facts,get on your knees , You know you have a job to do, so open wide ,and shove it through. Lick the tips,then take it all. Don't drag your teeth,you might hear him baul, Slide up and down and use your tongue. Feel the precum start to run Your jaws ache,your neck numb Just when you can't take anymore, you hear your lovers mighty roar. And when he hits the really high note, you feel it oozing down your throat. Sticky,salty,fishy stuff,Okay already thats enough! Lets switch,you say before you gag. And what a sweet revenge,you're on the rag
R.i.p. Ginnie & Ashley
On November 15,2006 two friends of our family,16 yr.old Ginnie & her 15 yr.old sister Ashley were in an automobile accident on their way to school that morning. Ginnie, who was driving was killed instantly when the front right wheel of her car went off the road and she over corrected,sending her vehicle spinning across the other lane,through a ditch and into a tree.Ashley died a week later. It`s strange that it`s so near the anniversary of their deaths when I was on Myspace last night looking through recent pics my son Shane had uploaded and then began looking through his old pics and found these comments made by Ginnie & Ashley about a month and a half before they were killed. There was nothing on Ashley`s Myspace page,but I took this screen shot of Ginnie`s to show the last log in was actually the day she died. I still feel saddened at losing them and just wanted to share this with someone.
The hate inside the pain of pride, the anger of denial your words of spite, it hurts your right, but I hide behind a smile the anger runs deep, a river so sweet, but payback taste so bitter the sparks ignite, from your insight, yes I am a quitter there is no denying, I'm no longer trying, I admit I've lost myself and the pity sounds, but the pity drowns, in my own thoughts I dwell Chorus-You want the truth, from me to you, I know that I have failed And yes im scared, and unprepared, I know that I'm not stable-end chorus Heavy are the wings, that misery brings, my soul it settles down the harsh truth stings, in the midst of things, as the blow goes low The face of a man, you cant understand, whos depths youll never reach Whos feelings been burnt, but still never learnt, yet has the power to teach a brutal game of honesty and all this shit is sprung on me, faith is fading fast, deep down I see, I lie to me, reliving in the past chorus The unseen truth is failed proof a clu
Hero (but This Is Some What I Feel)
let me be your hero would you dance if i ask you dance would you run never look back would you cry if you seen me crying would you save my soul tonight would you temble if i touched your lips would you laugh on please tell me this now would you die for the one you love hold me in your arms tonight i can be your hero baby i can kiss away the pain i will stand bye you for ever you can take my breath away would you swear your always be mind would you lie would you run away. am i in to deep have i lost my mind i dont care your fear tonighti can be your hero baby i can kiss away the pain i will stand by you forever you can take my breath away. i just want to hold you i just want to hold you oh ya am i in to deep have i lost my mind i dont care you here tonight.
Leveling Blog 97
Babydee@ fubar 19k to level 76 pic lets help her
Today I did a photo shoot with Rich for Christmas gifts for some of the family. Thought it would be a nice thing to do. I know that I'm not going to like the photos.....I never like photos taken of myself...I have a couple weeks until their done to get them checked out. This one dude that I've been talking with for a while, he keeps going on about how I'm pretty and shit and I keep telling him, I'm fat and he doesn't believe me. So finally, I sent him a pic of myself to where I wasn't hiding at much. He kind of laughed and stopped talking to me....Ouch... that hurt....
When Love And Hate Collide ....
I am interested in what it means to people. The saying When Love and Hate Collide.
Breaking The Silence By Queensryche
They told me to run But just how far can I go Wearing the black mask of fear? The hate in my eyes always gives me away, The tension building slowly now That I've lost everything I had in you. Nothing we shared means a thing Without you close to me I can't live without you Breaking the silence of the night, Can't you hear me screaming? I look for your face in the neon light but You never answer me There's no direction to my stare. No more flame burning in my heart anymore. Quiet, I keep it to myself Until the sun sets slowly I hear your voice in the evening rain calling Nothing will keep us apart No more lies and fear There's no end to our story Breaking the silence of the night, Can't you hear me screaming? I look for your face in the neon light but You never answer me I could make all the wrong seem right If you were by my side I'd gather all the tears you cried And hide them deep underground. Can't look back, it's just a waste of time Can't era
Girl On Cam
Ima Hottie Wit A Body
Alligator Shoes
Alligator Shoes A young blonde was an vacation and driving through the Everglades. she wanted to take home a pair of genuine alligator shoesint the worst way, but was very reluctant to pay the high prices the local vendors were asking. After becoming very frustrated with the "no haggle on prices" attitude on one of the shopkeepers, the blond whouted. "Well then maybe i'll just go out and catch my own alligator so i can get a pair of shoes for free!" The shopkeeper said with a sly, knowing smile. "Little lady, just go and give it a try!" The blonde headed out toward the swamp determined to catch an alligator. Later in the dy, as the shopkeeper is driving home, he puls over to the side of the levee where he spots that samem young woman standing waist deep in the murky bayou sater, shotgun in hand. Just then, he spots a huge 9-foot gator swimming rapidly toward her with lighting speed, she takes aim, fires, kills the creature and hauls it onto th
Who I Am
I look at the reflection in the mirror, wondering why things arent gettin any clearer i put my thoughts aside, stare into my eyes, and let my brain get cloudy look into myself,deep down it dwells, just let my pain speak loudly Chorus-I could never hide, who i am inside, you always see right through me I could never hide, even though I've tried, they always do consume me-end chorus I look in the mirror to explore myself and a thick mist reveals what I've never felt a new high, a new low, with nowhere to go, i blindly travel deeper Staring blankly ahead, in eyes cold and dead, these mountains are gettin steeper chorus I look at the face in the mirror, staring back are eyes without fear In a haunting flash, comes a haunting past, and I begin to understand This face knows pain and tears fall like rain. malice is never planned chorus I look into the mirror and see a small grin and this is where it all begins I've been deep inside and I've lost my pride, but this is not the wor
The Hunger Of Desire
the hunger of desire my nightly prey, my hunger grows the need to feed, when evening slows trapped by my passionate fires a prisoner of my deepest desires no escape from this yearning as the flames continue burning caught up in the heat of this friction lost to the truth of this fiction a love grown from the seeds of lust driven to do what it is that I must to nourish my spirit, expand my mind to feed on your love, always so kind
Squirting Redhead
A Soldier Died Today
A SOLDIER DIED TODAY He was getting old and paunchy And his hair was falling fast, And he sat around the Legion, Telling stories of the past. Of a war that he had fought in And the deeds that he had done, In his exploits with his buddies; They were heroes, every one. And 'tho sometimes to his neighbors His tales became a joke, All his Legion buddies listened For they knew whereof he spoke. But we'll hear his tales no longer, For old Bill has passed away, And the world's a little poorer For a soldier died today. He will not be mourned by many, Just his children and his wife. For he lived an ordinary And quite uneventful life. Held a job and raised a family, Quietly going on his way; And the world won't note his passing, though a Soldier died today. When politicians leave this earth, Their bodies lie in state, While thousands note their passing, And proclaim that they were great. Papers tell their whole life stories From the time that
Need A Drink
i need a drink, with all the drink i have bought the ladies i could really use one now
Squirting In Van
Spirit Possession
spirit possession in the visions of sleeping unwind her presence permeates my mind embracing the chaos of thought stoking the burning passions caught enchanted by recurring vivid dreams past the point of reason it seems causing opiate addiction boundless incurable affliction born of sweet soft words deftly spoken joined connections more than token branded within each others hearts make panicked sorrows when we're apart chained by us to our very desires glowing from passionate fires lightly grasping our inner peace providing pleasures of sweet release entwined spirits wrestle for contact secreted songs shared in a pact come what may lovers always love to share these gifts from God above
Woman Squirting
I Was A Soldier
I Was A Soldier " By Colonel Daniel K. Cedusky, AUS, Retired I was a Soldier: That's the way it is, that's what we were.are. We put it, simply, without any swagger, without any brag, in those four plain words. We speak them softly, just to ourselves. Others may have forgotten They are a manifesto to mankind; speak those four words anywhere in the world -- yes, anywhere -- and many who hear will recognize their meaning. They are a pledge. A pledge that stems from a document which said: "I solemnly Swear, to protect and defend and goes on from there, and from a Flag called "Old Glory". Listen, and you can hear the voices echoing through them, words that sprang white-hot from bloody lips, shouts of medic, whispers of Oh God!, forceful words of Follow Me. If you cant hear them, you werent, if you can you were. "Don't give up the ship! Fight her till she dies... Damn the torpedoes! Go ahead! . . . Do you want to live forever? . . . Don't cheer, boys; the poor
Bedroom Solo
When I Look In The Mirror
The Paths We Trod
The paths we trod We often wonder about the paths we didn't take, those other choices we didn't have to make. But what of the paths that we daily use, are they the paths we'd prefer to choose? After all it doesn't matter where these paths all end, for in time we become dust like all our friends. Listen for the music, look for the beauty of your way, life is caught in the moments that leap from day to day.
Real Hot Masterbation
The Odds Are Always With You If You Try
THE ODDS ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU IF YOU TRY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Success in anything is connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but they don't quit. They hang on long after others have let go. You must have persistence. Keep trying is the rule that you must follow to become successful in anything. Persistence means taking pains to overcome every obstacle, to do all that is necessary to reach your goal. You must never, never, never give up. Copyright 2008 Reproduce freely but maintain Copyright notice.
Slutty Little Girls.
so lately i've been noticing that a lot of young girls are really slutty. i'm talking. 13-15 year old girls with pictures of them in skimpy skirts and bras. or just their bikini. well, maybe i'm becoming a complete nut job, but i saw pictures of this 13yr old on a website that i go on...and i couldn't hold my tongue, so i sent her this message: hey there i know this is random, and you probably don't even wanna hear it, but i'm bothered so i'll say it anyway. so, you're 13 years old right? why are you posting such provocative pictures? i mean, yeah who am i to talk i've got a few riskay ones up myself... then again i AM 20. and i'm not saying it to be a bitch or anything.. i'm just trying to look out for you. there are a lot of sick people in the world. and i don't want you to end up with a stalker or something. because just when you think it can't happen to you, it does. i know from personal experience. i've made my fair share of mistakes when it comes to posti
Miss Me Miss Me, Now Ya Gotta Kiss Me
bishes, i'm back....where's my pony
Cute Masterbating
11-13-08 Bling Winners
Race winners... 1.Sexi Sandi *D.S.C* ~CHIINA DOLL ~@ fubar 2.☠ Gina ☠ ~Member of the Rate Spankers~@ fubar 3.~M*I*S*T*Y~F*O*R*E*V*E*R~Dales~ K@NS@S*~*GURL*I love you baby~Proud member of the Fu Bad Girls@ fubar ------------------------------------------------- 75,000 FuBucks Winners for 11-13-08 Thursday winning number 20 ~*Liz*~*owned by Carolvision63*Friendship Circle*~*Club Frat*~@ fubar winning number 125 ~*tinkergirl01*~Reigment Bombers & DD Levelers blue team~Owner Of Vodka Gurl & Sweet Serenity@ fubar LORD_LEVIATHAN@ fubar fubucks winners 11-14-08 ~*Liz*~*owned by Carolvision63*Friendship Circle*~*Club Frat*~@ fubar canub8allnight *Master Rater*...UP FOR AUCTION...BID ON ME SEE BLOG@ fubar My Body As A Shield [Enforcer @ Club Raven - Owned by CLK]@ fubar ------------------------------------------------- Random Bling Winners DJ Acid ~Sexiest Mouth In The South~
Stupid American Things
Only in america drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. ________________________________ Only in people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke. ________________________________ Only in banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. ________________________________ Only in we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage. ________________________________ Only in we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight. ________________________________ Only in they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering. ________________________________ EVER WONDER ... Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin? ________________________________ Why women can't put on masc
Girl Bathing
Damn Cops...damn Shit
Earlier tonight a woman came to my door Asked if she could park her car here for 5 or 10 minets I said ok hour latter cops come to my door Turns out she ran over and killed some one and she lives across the street ( I didnt know that she lived by me thought she was visiting some one) But thay started off bitching me out till thay saw I aint from here.... It's cool now she was areseted for what she did but now Thay said I have to go to cout... WTF???? I only let her park here
Surgery Tomorrow
Surgery On Right Leg Is on Nov 14, 2008 Letting You all know that the surgery on my leg will take place tomorrow. I am scheduled to arrive at 0630 and surgery to get underway around 0730. The proceedure is expected to take about 90 minutes to perform and will consist of placing titianium plates and screws around my fibula. There is also a chance that grafted bone will need to be added but that will not be known until the surgery is underway.. This is now being done on an inpatient basis, so I will remain at Madigan Amry Medical Center for at least one night. I am asking that you keep me in your prayers for a complete recovery so that I can get back out there to perform. Also, this morning there was a death in my family so keep that close to you as well. Thank you for all of your support and prayers. Angel Butler "American Angel" CMA 2007
He is about 10K from leveling. Only 10K. Help please? vipervenom@ fubar
Historien Om O
Polk Salad is my bread and meat. And it will be till I'm dead. Polk Salad Annie? Ya. Sure! For komme tilbake til mitt egentlige anliggende, den kvinnelige massemorderen, tyrannen og psykopaten. Eller, kort sagt, kvinnen slik hun er, nr hun kommer i ml. Vi m g utfra at Isis ikke har noe mot tyranniet som fenomen. Men det er bare interessant for henne i forhold til en kvinnelig enehersker. Historien Om O, skrevet av Pauline Reage, gir en bra innfallsvinkel til denne historien. Med en fransk revolusjon som bakgrunn, en katolsk pnet kirke, en begynnende oppvkning om Isis og med en mann som var dum nok til fortelle sin elskerinne at han likte lese Marquis de Sade. Historien Om O ble mistolket som en mannlig fantasi om knebling av kvinner. Den er hverken en mannlig fantasi om kvinnelig undertrykking eller om kvinnelig masoschisme. Det er snakk om en kvinne som tar sin mann p alvor og som for beholde ham tar seg selv p alvor. Rollene er i boka snudd p
Have You Ever
Man it sucks other women out there use men they find a sugar daddy nope not me. Im a good girl I work hard and waitress and still don't get by going to school, car, home, and extra's its hard to cut it sometimes I just wish sometimes people like me that have come form so little and such a crappy homelife could maybe make enough to fee comfortable and not having to worry all the time....oh well i will leave it in gods hands that all i can do besides work my tail off sorry i need to complain all little i get tired of the same thing everyday and thats what i do the same thing everyday
Why Do I Have A Passion For Animals More Then People
why do i love animals more then people becuse people are greedy they care only for them selfs alot of them do and only very few of them that dont animals are not shallow like people are animals well always be there and they love you for who you are not what you can give them or be for them people on the other hand seem to think you have to either change for them or you have to offer them something for them to like you animals would never lie to you and you wont have to worried about heartache either with people you do they are not clingy like people are dont get me wrong i love a clingy person but too much is bad i love animals alot i hate to see them dead on a street or a highway probably one of the reason why i never try to be a vet i dont think my heart could take it so i hope i awrser your ? well now iam going to take my shower bye 4 now
Auto 11's On Come Love On Me & Level! Thx Xoxo :)
AUTO-11's ON FOR ONLY 24 HRS! COME LOVE ON ME & HAVE FUN LEVELING! TY XOXO > AngelnDiscEyes~Sexy BBW~ {DSC}~aka~Dirty Sowf Boop~FARC'n Bling Me~ Welcome 2 My World~@ fubar
My Mood Today
November Rain - Guns N Roses November Rain When I look into your eyes I can see a love restrained But darlin' when I hold you Don't you know I feel the same 'Cause nothin' lasts forever And we both know hearts can change And it's hard to hold a candle In the cold November rain We've been through this such a long long time Just tryin' to kill the pain But lovers always come and lovers always go An no one's really sure who's lettin' go today Walking away If we could take the time to lay it on the line I could rest my head Just knowin' that you were mine All mine So if you want to love me then darlin' don't refrain Or I'll just end up walkin' In the cold November rain Do you need some time...on your own Do you need some time...all alone Everybody needs some time... on their own Don't you know you need some time...all alone I know it's hard to keep an open heart When even friends seem out to harm you But if you could heal a broken heart Woul
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dakotart24@ fubar 795 to level
Pin Pals
I've got a good friend who's currently incarcerated in the Montgomery County Jail and time there fuckin' sucks! I was locked up with him for the past 6 months so I know what it's like not to get mail ... So if theres any females out there who would be willing to write him to possibly help pass his time a little more quickly please let me know and I'll give you his information ... Thanks
I Saw You
I had come to this party that a friend told me about, i really wasnt in ther mood but to appease his nagging ways i said okay....i had just grabbed my jacket and followed him to his car..nice ride i thought beater with good looks, it was a dodge superbee but needed paintand a quick tune up...i chuckled to myself about that thought and said nothing..he looked over and asked...Have you met anyone on that chat/network site yet? i quirked a brow...nawww...seems they want to do is find a fuck friend ...Hell dude said Joe my friend....why not...most live nearby anyways he laughed..i just shrugged as we crossed the bridge....the place we were going was abit secluded but none theless huge! This person m=ust be fithy rich or verrrry well off...stepping out of the car as we parked and shut the door noticing the long driverway we came up and huge yard. people wre filing in some i knew and some i didnt, i had noticed the sign t the door...."HOT-SITE MEMBERS PARTY" I looked at Joe...You didnt say
Poems Let Me Know What You Think
Today I confess my love and vow, that every breath I take, that you will be the man to whom I will stay. I thought that it wouldn't work, but everyone makes mistakes, and I barely caught you by the hand as you were walking through the door. It seems to me in the end, the only thing left to do would be to say that I love you. Todya I confess my love and now after the vows are said and done, you are the man on whom I can lean on.
Poems Let Me Know What You Think
As the sun sets in the early evening sky, I wonder. I wonder of our love and if it was meant to be. Over and over I keep asking myself, "How do I know his words are true?" In an instant, I can answer my own questions. I just need to look you in the eye and ask myself, "Is this the heart of a cheater or of a liar?" And in the instant, I know for sure that the one I see before me is the one that adores me, the one who cares for me, and the one who is true to me. And I know then, that he is the one.
From Cbs Sunday Morning Everyone Should Read
The following was written by Ben Stein and recited by him on CBS Sunday Morning Commentary. My confession: I am a Jew, and every single one of my ancestors was Jewish. And it does not bother me even a little bit when people call those beautiful lit up, bejeweled trees, Christmas trees. I don't feel threatened. I don't feel discriminated against. That's what they are: Christmas trees. It doesn't bother me a bit when people say, 'Merry Christmas' to me. I don't think they are slighting me or getting ready to put me in a ghetto. In fact, I kind of like it.. It shows that we are all brothers and sisters celebrating this happy time of year. It doesn't bother me at all that there is a manger scene on display at a key intersection near my beach house in Malibu . If people want a crche, it's just as fine with me as is the Menorah a few hundred yards away. I don't like getting pushed around for being a Jew, and I don't think Christians like getting pushed around for be
Poems Let Me Know What You Think
The Ring To my wonderful and loving Thomas On my finger, I wear a piece of gold, a gift from the one I hold dear. Around the shining diamonds,and the band of gold, lies a single center stone. Small that it is, it means more to two people than anyone will ever know, a sign of never ending love. A circle is the sign of a love so kind, it reflects the thought in any young man's mind, "Is she taken, will she ever be mine?"
Poems Let Me Know What You Think
My Dearest To my loving husband I love you with all my heart and all my soul. You are what I ache for in the night and what I yearn for in the morning light. Your touch is as soft as velvet and your kiss as light as a feather. You are the one and only that makes my heart pound. Without your love, I would be nothing, with your love you make me whole and alive. You have chosen to make me your bride and that alone makes my life more precious to me than anything I could ever want or hope for. I only want you never ending love and understanding.
Come Own Me (battle Of The Sexes Auction)
come own some free for a month...if you dont bid rate pic please..highest bidder gets special gift at end of auction :-P follow link to auction XOXOXOXOXOX
Vip Giveaway
Goin Out
So, out of the blue I was contacted by an acquaintance I had more than 5 yrs ago. We are goin to the karaoke, and I just hate meeting new people, let alone ones from the past. I am kinda nervous, grr. Wish me luck! (provided ANYONE reads this)
Whats Going On...
I'll tell ya what's going on lol...My kids sperm donor is a jerk and had the DSL turned off...I've been on strike at home since, and he's ready to break lol...I should be back online in the next couple weeks, I miss everyone so much...The only way I'm able to get online is when I take my son to basketball and I pick up the wifi at the local motel parking lot...I wanted you all to know why I haven't been returning comments, is cuz my time on here is very limited and when I get back online I will let ya know...Love ya my bishes, Tina
Mirror Mask! (2005) By: Jim Henson Preductions
MirrorMask (2005) Valentine: I'm an important person you see. I have a tower, a wonderful tower it was, tall and grand. Helena: Are you? Valentine: Of course. Helena: Where is your tower then? Valentine: We aren't talking... We had an argument, you see. Sphinx: Hungry. Helena: Riddle? Riddle. So have you thought of an answer yet? Gryphon: You can''t pass. I give up, I think, no wait, wait... Fine. What's the answer? Helena: Okay. It's a herring. Gryphon: But a herring isn't green. Helena: You can paint it green. Gryphon: But a herring doesn't hang on a wall. Helena: You can nail it to a wall. Gryphon: But a herring doesn't whistle! Helena: Oh, come on. I just put that in to stop it from being too obvious. Helena: [Trying to summon Valentine's tower to stop from being consumed by shadow swarm] You know, sometimes it helps to apologize to others, even if it isn't your fault. Valentine: I'M SORRY. [repeated line] Valentine: I am a very important man
thinking of leaving fubar
Hawkwind-assassins Of Allah
Hawkwind-Assassins of Allah
Own Me At Auction Nov 15
FOR THE ONE THAT BECOMES MY OWNERFOR A MONTH FOR THE ONE THAT BECOMES MY OWNERFOR A MONTH make sfw salute rate all pics and stash during happy hour and rate pics 11 if given a vip buy a drink everyday for the month u own me click my pic above to place a bid on me rate all pics and stash during happy hour and rate pics 11 if given a vip buy a drink everyday for the month u own me click my pic above to place a bid on me
Starting Over To An Extent
i was hurt one to many times yet i always get right back up and try again to get my life right,just how it should be...sometimes falling in love is the best thing that can happen to a person but at other times it is a mistake from the beginning. sometimes it just wasn't ment to be..but oh well what can you do not long ago i was hurt bad, i was hurt so bad that i didn't think i could ever love again, but here i am learning to trust and love all over again...yes i will say that i don't trust as much as i once did but hey i am only human right? i am relearning how to trust and all that fun stuff that i didn't think i would ever have to do again, but here i am doing it..i don't fully trust men and i don't think i ever will fully trust another man again but i will trust to an extent..i will not open my heart up to soon though cause falling head over heels fast is never good for you never truly know a never truly know what they other person will do..the words "i love you"
And The Winners Are....
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED !!! HERE ARE THE RESULTS and WINNERS of Over 5 MILLION FUBUX!!! RACE, RACE, RACE! CHECKERED FLAG BLING Winners are . cantsleepclownswilleatme HisSweetObsession Gina The Grand Prize Drawings for Over 3 Mil Fubux was a smashing success. Due to high volume, I increased the original prizes by 25% and added a fourth prize at 375k fubux. And the Winners are .. 2 million fubux NATIONLADIE 1 mil Fubux {Everywhere You Look} 500k Fubux Jen 375k Fubux Jeffrey
Putting Way Too Much Thought Into This
I am not someone who much worries over whether someone rates my profile or photos after I rate theirs, and if they do, whether they do so now or next month; especially the way things are set up on this site, as someone I was acquainted with (Syn Derella) put it (and paraphrasing), my rates helped both of (me and another person) at the time (I hope and most of the time - not always), and whenever they return them, well, vice versa and no hurry truly and sincerely. I know that not everyone is of the same mind.
Summer Wine--ville Valo Duet
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More Word Play
i wish that i could just begin to understand the world within because i find it hard to see the concept of rationality that must exist for to explain the workings of the human brain i see the world through my own eyes but what i see somehow defies as to the way that it relates to the logic that my mind dictates i think it odd that this can be is it them or is it me ?
11-13-08 56th Entry
I had my 2nd adjustment 2 weeks ago. I had not lost weight by the surgeon scale (I'd lost 1 pound at nutrionist office and another pound at family doctor office, aka 2 pounds in 2 weeks). I did loose a few ounces type thing but I don't count it if its not full pound. I did fine until after the shot was done. For some reason this time I started bleeding badly. The blood soaked an area about 3 inches long by 1 wide on my pants and shirt then started dripping. I was standing at the check out waiting and felt something wet and thought "Ok that's strange, the saline is leaking back out." No I have no idea why I would think that but I did rotflmao. So anywhoo I said to the nurse after I lifted shirt to check "Um I'm bleeding, bad." So they took me back to the office and there was several drops of blood on the floor. You could tell where I'd gotten off the table and walked over to the counter to look at the sample band and show Sue. They put a pressure bandage on it and it stopped
I've Dreamed Of This Moment Forever,
I've dreamed of this moment forever, When I could look you in the eye, And tell you how I feel about you, The thoughts that are always on my mind Why do you make me love you, I've tried so hard to just be friends But I can't help but want you, And I pray that our love will never end. Because there is something about you, Deep in your heart, That makes me love you When we're miles apart. And I know that you love me, And that you understand, That I can't live without you, Your my best friend. And I miss the summer nights, When we walked hand in hand, Looking at the stars, My mind plays it over and over again. And I can't wait to see you, And for you to hold me in your arms once more, I can't wait for your lips to touch mine, So I will see that smile I adore.
Update Nc
For those of you following my "move" and how things are progressing, Figured it was time for an update :D Well, after having my car for almost a month now, fighting my way through paperwork and waiting for SHIT to clear thru the state regarding my ss card name and blah blah........ IM LEGAL! muahahhaa.....If you live in NC i suggest you stay off the roads cause i Finally got my license....plates/registration AND my insurance is ALL done .Woooooooooooooooooooooot. Yeah,, I know ya'll think im about nuts for being so excited but hey guys, im easy to please lmao. This means that i can finally start applying for jobs again and actually be able to TAKE a job cause i have transportation lol. Hmm lets see....Im still attending college online so if you see me online and im not responding, im probably mumbling obcentities under my breath at my instructors or homework *giggles*. Bear with me though, Im trying to get things set up so that I can spend a little more time on fubar/in
If You're Gone- Matchbox 20
(10 Totally New Ways I Came Up With To Kiss Your Date)
(10 totally new ways to kiss your date) Feel like your kissing repertoire is so been there, done that? Then try one of these creative lip locks to leave your lover weak-in-the-knees and really impressed. Great New Kiss #1: The Waterfall Kiss The next time you're walking your date home and it starts raining, consider grabbing your sweetie and giving a long smooch, sans umbrella. The wetness of your face and lips will give this kiss an incredibly sensual vibe. Just ask Seth, 31, from New York, NY, who began making out with his girlfriend in the rain with great results: "It became increasingly wet with the rain pouring downit was just all tongue and water and slippery and very sexy," he recalls. "Sometimes I try to create that in the shower with the woman I'm dating now. It works, but the original was definitely better. " Great New Kiss #2: The Tickle-Me Kiss For a lighter, more playful night of necking, forget about your lips for a second and try using a new tool in you
Swagger Like Us Train
Bls Lounge
hey come on guys and gals,and get wasted in the bls lounge kick ass music thanx to slade and dawn also hiring everyone
"not Giving Up"
Whatever happen to the love we had, the days you would tell me i love you, Whatever happen to the goodnights and goodbye's Whatever happen to the lovemaking that we would have all night and to know that the next morning me and you were still in eachother's side, Side by side OH WHAT! You forgot? You must of cause the only love im getting here is none.
Whatever Happen
Whatever happen to the love we had, the days you would tell me i love you, Whatever happen to the goodnights and goodbye's Whatever happen to the lovemaking that we would have all night and to know that the next morning me and you were still in eachother's side, Side by side OH WHAT! You forgot? You must of cause the only love im getting here is none.
All this love and all this happieness i gave you,and all this talk made me believe that you were the one.the nights i spend thinking of you,the nights you were by my side.taking things for granted like it was a game then you went and walk away like it was nothing.Tell me just tell me whatever happen to all we had.All this madness that is running thru my mind day in and day out.If this love was good then why did you decide to be so cruel.It would of but you let it go.Wasting all this time with you not even knowing what i did to you.Broken dreams,Broken hearts and i got was the best of both worlds.Not being able to tell you what we had cause all you did was lie,lie,and lie.Could of been something but that all went away.Those dreams i had became nightmares just when i thought happieness would hit home.It wasnt happieness it was all bull that was waiting in my front door.Would of gave you the world and most of all my love but when it came down to it it was all a game.Just let it go and don
Fell For Your Love
Fallen and fallen i went,that love i had for you would of never end.Fell for the days i thought you were mine,fell for the nights that you were by my side.As it got deeper and deeper i kept on believing that this was real but it all came to an end.When i finally open my eyes and heart,it was too late,i got so caught up that i wanted everything to end.Fallen and fallen i went not thinking that all this love i had was just a tragedy waiting to end. sanbertski2000 copyright 2006
"the One True"
MY heart is yours and has been ever since i placed it in the hollow of your hand.Never untill you gently curled your fingers around it has my heart known such love.There is no one i rather call my girl than you.There is no hand i'd rather hold than yours.There is no one i rather make love to than you.No one i'd rather share my dreams with,No one who can hold my heart as tenderly as you.
Dream Music
It's getting near dawn The lights close their tired eyes I'll soon be with you, my love To give you my dawn surprise I'll stay with you, darling, soon I'll stay with you 'til the seas are dried up I've been waiting so long To be where I'm going In the sunshine of your love Be with me, my love The light shining through on you Be with me, my love It's the morning and just we two I'll stay with you, darling, soon I'll stay with you 'til the seas are dried up I've been waiting so long To be where I'm going In the sunshine of your love Be with me, my love The light shining through on you Be with me, my love It's the morning and just we two I'll stay with you, darling, soon Oh, 'til the seas are dried up I've been waiting so long To be where I'm going In the sunshine of your love In the sunshine of your love In the sunshine of your love Let me do it again! This makes me want to be with the man I love
You're So Vain! You Think This Blog Is About You!
I'm home after a hard day's work. Tired, hungry(not anymore..ty, KFC Fully Loaded Meal), and wondering WTF is goin' on around here.... Oh, my car started when I stopped by to work on it...just started right up....fucking thing..grrr So what's shakin' out there, fuckers?
Thinking Of You
All my life....i live for them not for me.Never once thinking of me always there thinking of you.and now i know that when i think of me you think of you baby please think of me now that i been set free.
You Came In My Life
You came in my life like a breeze in a summer night.A warm breeze with a heart that i would of never known that had so much love like the way you do.Now what am i gonna do now cause of the way i feel towards you.I never thought that i would get attached to someone after what i've been thru but i'm realizing that i am getting attached cause of the way i feel about you! Copyright @sanbertski2000,
Think About You
You came in my life when i was down.You came in my life all of a sudden like the sun beaming thru a cloud.You got to know me and i got to know you.Now i can't get my mind off you.You opened my heart in more ways than one.You made me forget about the pain i was going thru and you made me love again.Now all i do is think about you.Copyright sanbertski2000@
Romance,is It A Dying Art???
Ok so I see and hear all kinds of people claiming romance is dead. What is romance? Is it a candle lite dinner? Is it flowers just because? Is it breakfast in bed? Is it a sweet and sensual kiss? In my opinion and experience its all of the above. It means different things to different people. Now id like to address whether its dead or not. Personally I don't feel it is, im an extremely romantic person and I do any number of things from lighting candles, to cooking dinner to writing poetry. It isn't something that can be forced, its something that has to be felt in order for it to happen properly. Sometimes we women think its too soon or he wont like it. Ladies you have to let your men know what you like, or what you want. Here once again communication is the key. I remember growing up as a kid and my mom always telling my dad not to waste money on flowers or expensive dinners or things like that. But then shed get mad when he didn't. Hmmmm kind of speaks to a breakdown in communi
You came in my life when i was down.You came in my life all of a sudden like the sun beaming thru a cloud.You got to know me and i got to know you.Now i can't get my mind off you.You opened my heart in more ways than one.You made me forget about the pain i was going thru and you made me love again.Now all i do is think about you.Copyright sanbertski2000@
Living In Fear.......
It's not a great feeling to be afraid to go home. So..... Ridiculous.....
There something in you baby that got me going crazy.Everytime we speak on the phone you give me butterflies in my stomach.I dont know what to do cause i'm falling in love with you cause the way you making me feel all i wanna do is make love to you and only you!Copyright sanbertski2000@
So You Think You Know Me?
So you think you know me enough to call me your friend.If I am your friend what are at least 3 things you know about me?
Something I Do Not Get.....
The one thing that I do not get and that irritates me to no end is the people that are so fixated on one artist or "group of artists" that they are close minded about any other music. I listen to a wide variety of music but the one thing that irritates the hell out of me is that I have to listen to the same thing over and over every single day. I used to like the kind of music but the childish drama that surrounded it when I was around large groups that liked it turned me away from the whole thing.....sorry.....just mad.....
What Makes You Feel The Most Special
A Lil 411
Whats up all? I got umm 4 friends on this list? lol...But I just wanna state a few things here and get it out the way with because im not gonna be doing constant blogging about my feelings like a journal anymore. Like it says on my about me Im not gonna be excepting just anyones request especially blank requests, to me it just says im a number to them, only exceptions will be some people I already know. I just dont wanna get in the game nomore here. Imma rate and shit but Im not gonna risk getting fucked over more and meeting more psycho courtney love bitches like I always do. Lol...I REALLY didnt wanna delete again and people know I didnt, it wasent out of something small this time for those who already know what my past week has been like :( BUT here I am refreshed and ready for the world. Peace to all... Jay
Healing The World...
The healing has begun... It began the moment Obama won the election... Already there have been many positive comments from world leaders... It won't be easy to make the changes necessary, it will take all of us working together... Barack has a plan to engage and empower all that want to be involved in the solution. He has so many good ideas. He is a true leader..., with the right positive attitude, to make change happen... Obama is truly right for the time...
Battle Of The Sexes: Sexy B
Sexy B is up for sale!!!! I am for sale in the Battle of the Sexes!! Click the pic below! Auction ends November 25th, Noon est Don't forget to show the lovely hostess some love!
Hero Levelers
Hard Cock!
Hard C0CK (Send... just checked you out! RUH ROH!!!
Baby P (copied From Sandy Ty For Highlighting This Sad Case)
doubt if anyone in the UK has missed the shocking news of baby P, sadly again another child slips through the net of people that are suppose to look after such vulnerable children. Baby P was 17 months old and was used as the papers put it as a punch bag for his sick mother, who spent her time on the internet in porn sites, her boyfriend and their lodger. Baby P was seen 60 times by social workers and doctors, they failed to spot anything wrong with him, even when he was seen again and had 50 injuries after 8 months of torture. Words just fail me on this .... but even more shocking this little lad was on the child protection register and still no-one did nothing. The people that should have been protecting this little boy the social workers, doctors that all saw him and did nothing STILL HAVE THEIR JOBS! they let him down, no 2 ways about it, and they should be made to pay, some may say but it wont bring baby P back! I disagree they should be sacked all of those professiona
Sign For Baby P
I doubt if anyone in the UK has missed the shocking news of baby P, sadly again another child slips through the net of people that are suppose to look after such vulnerable children. Baby P was 17 months old and was used as the papers put it as a punch bag for his sick mother, who spent her time on the internet in porn sites, her boyfriend and their lodger. Baby P was seen 60 times by social workers and doctors, they failed to spot anything wrong with him, even when he was seen again and had 50 injuries after 8 months of torture. Words just fail me on this .... but even more shocking this little lad was on the child protection register and still no-one did nothing. The people that should have been protecting this little boy the social workers, doctors that all saw him and did nothing STILL HAVE THEIR JOBS! they let him down, no 2 ways about it, and they should be made to pay, some may say but it wont bring baby P back! I disagree they should be sacked all of those professio
no pretty flowers or tall green trees no hummingbirds or buzzing bees no tales of love lost or love to be none of these feelings flow through me no winded songs of life or theatrical plight no star filled skies or moonlit night profound philosophy, twist of fate, and absolute beings are all negate no play on words just rhyme with no reason to nothing is there a time or season no grief no strife just being and seeing is the essence of life Artist - Keith Hayden
Dove's Love Train.. Free Hugs
Filling fubar with LOVE... FREE HUGS HERE!!! I've decided it's time to start a real LOVE TRAIN here on fubar.Sure we all like to play the game and level, but what about startinga parade of HUGS. I know these little tokens of love do not add pts to your profile, or help anyone to level or rank... but they do make you feelLOVED just for the sake of LOVE.So, A/R/F the ppl on this list (add "Dove's Love Train" to add request) and then... send ea a simple HUG. After that, repost this bully and send me (Dove Goddess) a private msg to let me know you would like to join Dove's Love Train and I'll add your link and pic to this bully and you will become a passenger on Dove's Love Train!!!! You can also send a HUG to all your friends and invite them to join this lil love train... SMILES.That's it... no photos to rate, no bling to give... no money or extended amount of your time is needed. Just a few moments of your time and a few fubux and hopefully by the end of the day fubar will be filled
Taken By Dj Dr Demento
MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments
OMG!!! I think I just came! Well, I did er... nevermind. I have this thing for Cheetos. I just finished eating a bag and if you were watching, I'm sure you would have seen my eyes rolling into my head and the look of absolute bliss on my face. They get me licking my lips in this slow, savoring every crumb type of way. It's even worst if music is playing. Then I'm gyrating while eating and sucking my fingers. Just had a visual that made me shudder. There are other types of Cheetos that I like but the original Crunchy pulls me in and doesn't let me go until I am done licking my fingers, hands are washed and teeth are brushed. Then I can sit back down and give that sly smirk of mine and think, "Damn, that was good." Pieces, ~ Silky
All That I've Got- The Used
I Caught Fire- The Used
Hmm Raidernation
now this one totallly confused me... raidernati...: Thanks for adding me babew raidernati...: *babe ->raidernati...: um dont call me babe.. but no problem raidernati...: Sorry...I did not mean any disrespect..... ->raidernati...: its ok raidernati...: Thanks for th 10's ok so this was the short conversation.. all i said was dont call me babe.. i wasnt mean about it and i said it was ok.. well this is what there was: raidernation68 rated you a '10'! THENNN: raidernation68 re-rated you a '1' from a '10'! there was no other conversation.. i didnt say anything more then that and neither did he.. but he gave me a 1 because i asked him not to call me babe... mannn people confuse me! im sorry i dont want you to call me babe old man who is 40 years old.. no thank you.. read my profile ass hole. :)
Bonnie Tyler
Sound Track (for Talas Blastmor!)
Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze
Oh My Winter Is Almost Here!
I'm really excited winter is almost here. Alot of people think I'm nuts, but if you really think about it, the closer we are to winter the sooner summer will be here ;0 OH how I cant stand the cold but I love the snow. Of course half way through winter im begging my friends to come with me out of town.hehehehehehehe
The World's Greatest Cowboy
The World's Greatest Cowboy (wgc) was captured by some Indians, who told him they would burn him at the stake at dawn. But because he was the wgc, they would give him a last request. The WGC said, let me talk to my horse. So he whispers in the horse's ear, and the horse runs off, and returns in an hour with a beautiful redhead. He takes her into a teepee and makes love to her for a couple of hours. Finally she staggers out, gets on the horse, and rides away. An hour later the horse returns. The Indian chief says "Now we know why you are called the WGC! That was a good horse trick, and we are good horsemen ourselves. We will give you another last request." So WGC asked to speak to the horse again. The horse runs off, and returns in an hour with a naked, beautiful, to die for, knock you off your feet, blonde. WGC takes her into the teepee, and after 3 hours, she staggers out, and has to be helped onto the horse, which carries her away and returns in an hour. The chief says "T
The Test Results Are In.........ugh!!!!!
Dear Friends & Family, My MRI results are in and folks its gonna be a long road for me. The severity of my arthritis is worse than first thought. I have to start taking a slew of meds to control it. They have started me on Methotrexate 2.5mg (this is widely used in cancer patients) and I have to take 6 pills all at once, once a week. The side effects will be HORRIBLE!!! I could and probably will lose some of my hair, severe nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and dizziness or drowsiness, even anemia could occur. They have given me a RX for folic acid to help minimize some of these effects. Then they have put me on a daily steroid (Prednisone 5mg) to help with the swelling. They have also told me that my Vitamin D level is still dangerously low and they are increasing my dose of that as well. I have to go to the doctor once a month for blood work because of the possible damage to my liver from all these meds I'm on. If these meds don't diminish some of my pain and swelling, I h
Rory Gallagher - A Million Miles Away
Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe ;)
What Not 2 Say 2 A Soilder's Spouce!!!
THE TOP THINGS YOU NEVER SAY 2 A SOILDERS SPOUCE!! 1."Aren't you afraid that he'll be killed?" (This one ranks in at number one on the "duh" list. Of course we're afraid. We're terrified. The thought always lingers at the backs of our minds but thanks brilliant, you just brought it back to the front. Maybe next you can go ask someone with cancer if they're scared of dying) 2. "I don't know how you manage. I don't think I could do it. (This is intended to be a compliment. Though, its just a little annoying. Here's why: it's not like all of us military wives have been dreaming since childhood of the day we'd get to be anxious single moms who carry cell phones with us to the bathroom and in the shower. We're not made of some mysterious matter that makes us more capable, we just got asked to take on a challenging job. So we rose to the challenge and found the strength to make sacrifices) 3."At least he's not in Iraq' (This is the number one most annoying
It's All About Great Music & Friends!!!!!!
Euphoric Radio Come on in lets have fun!! It's all about Great Music Friends & Good Times!! Join Us
This Hopefully Will Touch Your It Did Mine...
I came across a REALLY Kewl Chick today... All to find out that she is fighting Breast Cancer. Her 1 Fubar wish is to Make Oracle By Christmas... So PLEASE...Help her out? Thank You ALL :)
Loving A Soilder
1.) If she wasn't emotional before, that is all about to change. 2.) You getting a higher rank could just mean an automatic free lay. 3.) Get her a pair of dog tags, ASAP, This is crucial, she will never take them off. 4.) Most of the time, you losing reception during training is your fault. (Though, she will eventually understand) 5.) Most of the time, everything is your fault. (This especially goes for when she is pregnant) 6.) She WILL start talking like your guys and you talk, including using your last names. 7.) Her patriotism could out-do most of your men... she will be proud... VERY proud. 8.) Be Ready: your car will end up with a yellow ribbon magnet or an "I LOVE MY _____" sticker eventually. (if you have seperate cars, hers will DEFINITLY have these) 9.) She will most likely need a pair of dog tags to hang from the car's rear view mirror. (see 3) 10.) Every week she'll have "another song" that makes her think of you when you're away. (And she'll
I Am Up For Auction
for the ladies of fu i decided to put myself up for auction the bidding will start at 100,000 fu bucks what I am offering is this. I will rate all your pics every week for a month, number 1 in my family number 1 in my friends owned by in my name for a month 4 comments every day 3 gifts everyday rate stash every week rate blogs every week add to my yahoo one on one cam in yahoo 2 salutes every week 1 NSFW salute every week 1 NSFW cam show Auction ends Nov. 27th
It's Weird.
How a day that's supposed to be so happy turns out to suck. Today is my aunt's birthday, she would've been 61. I made her a really nice pretty red bracelet because red was her favorite color. I left it on an angel at her grave. :) Its days like today I love my friends for being so awesome and being the ones that always happen to make me laugh when they know I need it the most.
Up For Auction
BIG EVIL'S AUCTION IS NOW OPEN!!! COME SEE WHO HE HAS UP FOR SALE!!! IF YOU'D LIKE TO ENTER THE AUCTION SEND HIM THE LINK TO YOUR PICTURE AND A SHORT NOTE OF WHAT YOU'RE OFFERING!!! ENTRY FEE IS 50K FUBUX! UP FOR AUCTION: SHAWN Shawn is offering 2 sfw salutes, owned by in his name, rate all photos 11's, 1 gift per day of his choice if VIP or blast is offered he will do more. KIRK Kirk is offering 2 SFW salutes, Owned by in his name for a month, added to top friends and family for one month, daily comments for one month, pic rates for one month. SUNSHINE Sunshine is offering added to her top family and friends for a month, she will leave one profile comment a day for 2 weeks, she will rate all pics(up to 500) with 11's during happy hour the first week, she will add owned by in name. KIMMIE Kimmie is offering Owned for one month, rate all pics, comment 10 pics, sfw salute,gift every week,crush for the month,profile comment a week for a month, and numbe
How Do I Get The Chance 2 Be In An Auction?
I've Never Got Invited 2 Be In An Auction. I'm Wanting 2 Be Owned, But I Don't Know How Auctions Get Offered. What Do I Have 2 Do 2 Get 2 Be In 1?
My Daily Kiss Fortune111308
Your luck is about to change. --- What was elusive will now be available when you are honest with your love, honesty and warmth will come back to you.
Lets Make A Deal
I have been wandering around fubar and every so often I see these auction things going on...people offering to rate picks and make comments and get people drunk and make signs whatever whatever...I thought to myself hey I already do all that for free!...time to get paid! want me to do some stuff for you?...make your demands and a offer and message me and I will tell you if I accept!...all interesting trades considered!...if multiple bids are taken multiple winners are possible! never ends unless I end it!...the only thing not for bid is my name nobody will ever own me dammit!
Byrdman Didnt Pay Up 6 Mths Vip
Love Profile
Capricorn - Your Love Profile Your positive traits: You are serious about relationships and ready for a commitment. You tend to help your partner attain the success they dream of. You are a rock. Relationship problems don't seem to phase you. Your negative traits: Sometimes it's very hard for you to accept your partner's past. You are emotionally reserved, and difficult to connect with. You expect your partner to take care of you - and make cheat if they do not Your ideal partner: Is incredibly powerful and well respected. Is often older than you - and could be a superior at work. Has a good amount of money... or the ability to be rich someday. Your dating style: Practical. A "get to know each other" coffee date is just fine by you. Your seduction style: Bossy - you like to be the one in charge in the bedroom. Slow and patient. You know that good sex takes time. Calculating. You'll use sex to get ahead, if necessary. Tips for the future:
Im Up For Auction
A Friends Wedding
Rates System
I am sometimes more resistant than normal to "accept change" - and I expect the new appearance to the rating system here to be greeted with the (lack of) hurrahs, or rather, the boos and jeers that have greeted every other change here to date (almost). Maybe it's because my life is undergoing (really) major changes, and because, more to the point :), I like a system that dynamically shows the effect of my "rate" without my having to refresh the screen (it's not so very important to me anyway, but a 10 rate can reduce your 10.05 to a 10.03 and some people seem to care about that, alas... *shrug* ... ) - I also like the look of it... - so I do like it, expect to disagree with most everyone else about this, and am satisfied with that ;^) Eric sounding off on one of the important issues of the day (erm... of course...)
Crappity Weather...and It's A*hole-ness
So Basically Due To The Crappy Weather I Feel Like Complete Boo Boo. But I'm takin It Easy So i Can make It To Work Tonight...Wish me Luck!! lol Silver Lining...I Feel VERY Loved. xoxo ♥Nichole
Fight H8: Gay Rights Rally In Providence Sat. 11-15
Auto 11
i will be activating my auto 11 friday please if you decide to rate pm me for return thanks so much
The Start
Bilbo's involvement with the tale begins with Gandalf's goading his acceptance into Thorin Oakenshield's party on their quest to destroy the dragon, Smaug, at his lair in Lonely Mountain. While on this quest, Bilbo stumbled into a deep, dank, underground cavern. In this cavern he found a magic, golden ring. Unknown to Bilbo, this ring belonged to Gollum, a filthy slimy creature who lived on the small underground lake, in the center of the cave. After a game of riddles, Bilbo managed to escape Gollum's lair, and find his party again. He also flushed Smaug out of his lair, which eventually led to Smaug's destruction. Bilbo returned home after his quest, and did not do anything especially important to the tale until his 111th birthday, upon which he had an enormous party. In front of 144 select guests, he disappeared; then he departed the Shire forever, leaving Bag End, the Ring, and most of his possesions to his heir, Frodo.
Callaway X-22 Irons
From Callaway's X-22 Callaway's X-22 forged Look out for a new series of irons from Callaway Golf in the New Year. The latest X-22 and X-22 Tour irons were launched at the Golf Europe trade show in Munich last week and are set to have golfers drooling. Distinctive with a sculpted cavity back, the X-22, says Callaway, has been designed to enable golfers to take dead aim with confidence, thanks to its forgiving properties which allow off-centre hits to fly longer and straighter. This has been achieved in part by enhancing precision notch-weighting to maintain a low centre of gravity to propel the ball airborne more efficiently. From the left:Hawk, Teron and F7 2 ball putters The X-22 Tour irons, which have also been designed by roger cleveland will appeal to the aspiring golfer able to handle a refined head, narrow sole and a thin top line. ther X-22, currently used by Rocco Mediate and Phillip Price also feature a stylish satin finish. Callaway says i
Girly Blogthings
Your Glamour Icon Is The beauty of the world has two edges, one of laughter, one of anguish, cutting the heart asunder. What Glamour Icon Best Represents You? Your Makeup Look Is Punk Glam Eyes You're the perfect mix of rock and roll meets glamour! What's Your Signature Makeup Look? You Are a Cappuccino You're fun, outgoing, and you love to try anything new. However, you tend to have strong opinions on what you like. You are a total girly girly at heart - and prefer your coffee with good conversation. You're the type that seems complex to outsiders, but in reality, you are easy to please What Kind of Coffee Girl Are You? Your Stripper Song Is Closer by Nine Inch Nails "You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you He

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