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This Makes Me Sick.........
OK, Is it just me, or has this site turned a lot of women into very greedy, selfish, spoiled, ungrateful people that think they are God's gift to men and that their shit doesn't stink? Actually, I think it's the internet as a whole. Everywhere I look on here most the females on my "friends list" have gimmy this or that on their current status quote thing. My GOD, I'm lucky if I get 2 messages a month on here. It would literally take me ONE YEAR to MAYBE get as much attention as it would that average females get in ONE DAY! The results have women treating men like they are less then human in a lot of cases. Make a salute for you? Why? You already have 300 of them. Ya think anyone is going to make me a salute? Oh HELL NO! So why in the hell should I do ANYTHING for a woman on here that I KNOW they will NEVER do for me? You want a salute? Here's my middle finger! :D Sorry (no im not sorry actually), but if men and woman are truly wanting to be considered equals, the
Fantasy 3 Continued
after arriveing at our home i take my betrothed inside and close the she smiles at me i lead her to the bedroom that has already been more then we enter i look deep into her eyes and say"are you ready to become like me my love?"she replies"yes my lord make me a creature of the night."quickly i sink my fangs deep into her neck drawing and drinking her blood and slowly takeing her over to the bed as we reach the bed i pull back let her fall onto the soft bed drained of so much of her blood.i then take my wrist cutting it open and slowly drip the blood into her mouth and say"drink my love and become my queen.and be reborn as a fellow night hunter"i push my wrist to her mouth and feel her start sucking drinking my blood.and start feeling very aroused as my eyes fill with lust looking deep into my wife's eyes.her body starts shakeing feircely as the change starts as i stand there smileing at her,i tell her "relax my love it is just the change you will be will be
I Love Him ,but We Will Never Fully Be Together !
We met at work about 14 years ago. We began to chat and flirt with each other on a daily basis. I knew he was in a relationship but I was young and it didn't seem to bother me . As we continued to flirt we decided to hook up. We had agreed that we were just going to be friends with benefits, and that we didn't want anyone to know about us . Well as time went on we was hooking up more often and my feelings began to grow even more passionate towards him . I was Falling in Love and I knew he wasn't feeling the same way. But it was still ok because I just wanted to be with him as much as I could. In the mean time I had also been dating other guy's and he knew about it. At first I don't think it really bothered him . But as the years kept passing he had broken up with his girl and also started seeing other girls . We continued to always come back to each other even if we was with other people at the time . I then realized he did care about me . He was always honest with me about why we
The Ulimate Tat
Well here we go its a back peice imagine when christ died after they took him down and the sky got dark then behind the cross flys up a dragon getting ready to grab the arms of the cross with his claws (puase right before he touches) his wings open wide tips almost touching his head cocked and open like hes screaming
An Edition To Make The Third Pass At Henrietta And The Bean Tree Episode.
Well, this has been added to but it was two other stories tacked in and around. Somehow they all fitted without much trouble and they were never written with that particular exercise in mind. I just write like that. A butterfly, flitting from one thing to another and then creating something positive - or something like that. Huh, how do you think the first book was put together. In seven different stories and some piggling about on each one. A fluke of the lucky sort. As for this, well, it is in progress but nobody said it was particularly good! The now enlightened Henrietta had spoken to the great hippo guru who was a kind and gentle creature. He had given her so much information and advised her that she had not lapsed from her creed by having a beauty treatment. Henrietta should have known this as a matter of course. Everyday she had been devout although he had explained that it was not strictly necessary. It was only for those choosing to walk a path of total enlight
Monday Opie And Anthony Links: Download The O&a Show, New Boobs On Ratemywow, Interns Needed, Re-make 'pendulum' Contest, New Videos Online
Listen to Today's OPIE & ANTHONY Show on AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST). Yay! It's Monday! We... couldn' more...excited... As always, if you missed any of this past week's shows, you can download them in there entirety from the nice folks at AUDIBLE: Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Friday, 11/14/08 (Ricky Gervais, Mike Birbiglia, Rich Vos) Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Thursday, 11/13/08 (Brian Regan, Nick DiPaolo) Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Wednesday, 11/12/08 (Whip 'em Out Wednesday) Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Tuesday, 11/11/08 (Jim Florentine, Bear Gryllys Download the Opie and Anthony Show for Monday, 11/10/08 New Boobs On RateMyWOW: Thanks once again to our west coast buddies Yoshi and Brandon Iron, who is always gathering content for his site Load My Mouth (NSFW) and shooting for the latest video in the Hookers and Blow series (click to view now!), we have some lovely boobs for you to slap happy to cour
im wonderin whyu the hell i get no meassages on here ...IM SO LONELY AT THIS BAR!!!!!:-{ lol
I've decided I'll celebrate after my 1000th poem/prose piece. 'scratches his head' with tcophrtarhkf volume 1, and not counting pre college, we're probably about 1/4th the way there. What will I do to celebrate? I might be 30 by that point. Bordeaux? Prague? An antique pen? New watch? I dunno but its an idea I got this week. Marking 1000 poems...and only 12 good ones. Hah! No, I won't tell you which 12. ...wonder what I'll do at 2000...
Of All The...
i have some things to bitch about. you'll see that later. meanwhile, howzabout i do some creative writing??? I sit idly, confused by my circumstances. I'm forced to wait on two things that are chance and necessity. I ponder the beauty of my prison, this paradoxical paradise. I am aware of the events that lead to this, but not how it was preventable. Supposed manners lacked. There is much temptation here. Urges of a violent nature merging with those of a softer value. Yet, I refrain from unloading, just to torture myself...
Gettin Over( Bitescarlett At Ya Hoo)
getting over I'd love to hit my head on the wall just to make this stop just because... should hope against faith what must i do to just get over you its been too long and still i wait stupid me stupid brain if i change who I am it doesn't mean Im done what else is there to prove what else is there to feel She already told me all the stories which you share does she know your little secret whose breathing right beside me tugging on my hair? i told you before there was something in me yet you chose to close your eyes you pushed me away decided to hide she came early morn i told you you didnt even call just to ask how she was now you live your happy life and i seem to be stuck yes i know i did my part to cause you pain but wait must she suffer the same faith? just a nudge or a hi would have been okay then again does she have to know she has a dad who was sacred enough
Lies Blog 5
HERE'SSo to our fubomber family!! This is what happens when people get worked up and take things wrong when I was here before we shouted to make it more convenient on the bomber and to be able to let yall know where we need help. There as never any ill will meant towards anyone. It is just something that helps incase you dont see the blogs or you arent on when we write the blogs.. I am not a bad person or like being called names but you can judge that for yourself. If we all spent more time bombing and not ranting over nothing we would be so far ahead right now.. I love all of my fubombers and that is the reason I came back to this family!! So please before you take what Indian has said to you look around at your family who has bombed for you.. no one has said anything to her about removing people. this is indian ranting and wanting you to leave. It is hard starting and being in a new family so weigh your odds.... And remember who has and will be there when you are needing help in a co
Hope every 1 has a great and safe Thanksgiving ...
The Fantasy Date
She drives over in Leather & Lace Lingerie at his request. Only her Fur Coat hides her excitement underneath! She rolls her toy box toward the door that slowly opens. Without a word spoken, her coat hits the floor, they kiss & he leads her to the couch! He says to her, "Just let me look at you first!" He puts his hand in the small of her back & bends her over, she grabs her leather boots at the ankle. His hands slide down her back, onto her ass, he sighs. He proceeds to touch, lick, kiss & savor EVERY inch of her pulsing passion! With multiple eruptions, she melted at his touch! He leads her to the Bedroom. "On your knees" he commands, as she turns back with a look that says "Take me please!" The music vibrates the bed, he snatches her head back by her hair, and says "Tell me you want me to fuck you!" With a whimper in her voice, she begs "Please FUCK ME NOW!" With every lick & every pet, my body quaked.... With a Naughty Grin, I can't wait to have him FUCK ME AGAIN!
Club Mystic Members
Ok gang, I am sitting on a Happy Hour and an Auto 11 the CM family has awarded me. First, thanks to all of you who decided I deserved it. Now I would like to plan this so we can all be here at the same time or at least be aware at the same time. So if you all would let me know what day is better for you we will go from there. I have Sun 11\23 thru Sat 11/29 off for vacation. I know Turkey day is out for me as I have to travel to see family and I am sure same goes for many of us. Just let me know what day time is good and hopefully we can compromise in the middle someplace.
Gone Forever
Don't know what's going on Don't know what went wrong Feels like a hundred years I Still can't believe you're gone So I'll stay up all night With these bloodshot eyes While these walls surround me with the story of our life I feel so much better Now that you're gone forever I tell myself that I don't miss you at all I'm not lying, denying that I feel so much better now That you're gone forever Now things are coming clear And I don't need you here And in this world around me I'm glad you disappeared So I'll stay out all night Get drunk and fuckin' fight Until the morning comes I'll Forget about our life I feel so much better Now that you're gone forever I tell myself that I don't miss you at all I'm not lying, denying that I feel so much better now That you're gone forever First time you screamed at me I should have made you leave I should have known it could be so much better I hope you're missing me I hope I've made you see That I'm gone forever
An Insatiable Appetite For Anger...
Is what seems to fill my plate these days, instead of the usual feast of genuine nicety and quietness. Honestly, I possess the qualities of a saint on a daily basis but inside I seem to be brewing the regurgitated remnants of Mother Teresa's torrid confessions. You know she had some! No one is perfect! As much as I strive for perfection especially when it comes to my life's decisions, I am nothing but...and that reality is steadily becoming clearer each and every day. How do you know when you're making the right decision? Is it what makes you happy that makes it right? Once upon a time exercising three hours a day made me exuberantly happy! That didn't make it good for me though. Kind of like now, sleeping makes me extremely happy but thirteen hours a day of it is excessively tiring. I feel like I'm at that crossing. You know, those two paths that fork in the road? and I, I have to take the one less traveled by...except... I wore flipflops and the path is littere
In The Meantime....
DESIRE Touch me Gently I do not fear you I want to savor your warm caress Against my skin I want to know how it feels To be touched by you To be vulnerable Primal Whisper to me Quietly Send currents down my spine Ignite my soul I want to wrap myself within you And overflow with your radiance
There's only one. I'll be honest, that's all its ever been about. When the world threw up spit me into a sea of grey fuzzy smiles and ripped off wings she was there. Everything was still smoldering. Was it my fault or the manufacturer's? Who knows. Who cares. She watches me quietly as I rebuild. Passing the occassional odd joke or plastic smile. I wonder if she knows... While some call me Apollo, others only Icarus. I ponder the irony. Have I engineered my fate on Beloved wings of wax?
Meth Monster
read this not a chain letter Lee Current mood: anxious meth monster this is not a chain letter i Lee Johnson wrote this i am sending it to all my friends i would like to hear your comments and then please send it to yours and i would like to hear their comments as well here is my blog url how it all started i dont remember when or where but it ends tonight at midnight when they strap me to that chair the story starts one day when i was home smoking weed a good friend stopped by and offered me some speed it was pretty good i was climbing up the walls next thing i knew it had me by the balls started with a little then it got more and more next thing i knew i was passed out on the floor i stuck the needle in and i pushed it all the way how much was in it, it is hard to say i spent all my money sold off all i owned got up off the floor crawled to the phone called every one i knew no one would
Oh Noes! It's A Social Worker!
So, I'm basically a social worker. I work with families who are at risk of having their children detained by DCS, or have had them detained and are working on reunification. But, the second I say that I work wtih the DCS (not FOR, but WITH), people assume that I'm the one who takes the children from the home. Everybody has their nightmare stories about kids that were yanked because of rumors, or false information, but I'm going to tell you that all of these kids that I have worked with were living in unsafe environments and needed to be somewhere safe until parents can get their acts together. I just want to say that we are not the BAD guy here. Again, that is all.
If It As Only This
Not Okay
"Not Okay" (July 05') by: me I am not fucking okay all I hear is you screaming at me making my stomach to curl I am terrified please do not hurt me anymore you can clearly see the fear in my eyes on most days you just walk away pretending you do not see me on other days you say that your sorry suffocating me with your lies just let me breathe your words will never heal making me to run away to live in my own world where you can never hurt me again but I am still terrified of you and now of everyone else crying out for attention yet none is there no ones gives a shit as long as I smile and say that I am okay but I am not okay I am not fucking okay I am not. *** I wrote this during a very bad part of my life, that I wish I could erase...but it has made me a stronger woman***
My Bad
i forgot to let u ppl kno that i have a GIRLFRIEND!!! i dnt kno how i forgot to mention her!!
A Beautiful Passion
"A Beautiful Passion" by: Me You stare into my eyes making me feel so special like I am the only one that you can see Then you begin to touch me ever so softly sending chills down my spine making my flesh to become hot Reaching towards my ear feeling your hot breath as you whisper sweet nothings saying that you love me Slowly inching your way over to my moist lips wanting to kiss them with your soft and smooth ones You gently take my hands showing me that you truly care and pull me ever so close to your warm and loving soul Pressing your body closer towards mine making my heart to rush gasping for air Every movement you make tenses my body relaxing my mind driving me wild All I can do is think about you Sometimes it seems so surreal but in fact it is my reality I love that you are with me glad that you are mine and I want to be with you forever This is how I can tell that right now you are my love For if these things did
Things To Think About And Remember
Directions: Think about each one before moving to the next one for maximum pleasure !!! 1. Falling in love. 2. Laughing so hard your face hurts. 3. A hot shower. 4 No lines at the supermarket. 5. A special glance. 6. Getting mail. 7. Taking a drive on a pretty road. 8. Hearing your favorite song on the radio. 9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside. 10. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer. 11. Chocolate milkshake (vanilla or strawberry ). 12 A bubble bath. 13 Giggling. 14. A good conversation. 15. The beach. 16. Finding a 20 dollar bill in your coat from last winter. 17. Laughing at yourself. 18. Looking into their eyes and knowing they Love you 19. Midnight phone calls that last for hours. 20. Running through sprinklers. 21. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all. 22. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful. 23. Laughing at an inside joke with FRIENDS 24. Accidentally overhearing so
The Past
The past creeps up on us allusually at some point in someones life when its not appropriate. The strong ones are able to just shake it off and continue with their lives. Then you have my group of peoplethe ones who cant seem to run far enough away from their pastthe ones who relive the memories on a daily basis to the point where it fucks up their lives. Its just not a life I want to live anymore. I said in my previous entry that a hell of a blog was coming up. Well, this is it. My mind is running faster than I can writeand thats just not a good sign. Ive been telling myself that I would quit getting into so much detail with my blogs because it pisses a lot of people offbut this is for me. This is my way to get things out on the table and deal with it when the time comes. And unfortunately, that time is coming near. It seems like this past month has been a battle of the exes so to speakat least from the previous two. The one I havent heard from in two dam
why is it that i have my husband and that he does not want to listen to me to know what i have to say and he would rather go and listen to my 17yr old then me and i think that is very very low,See if there are others out there that want to help me out on this, this would be great.I would like to find as many answers as possible if i can, also see my husband all he wants to do is call me names and all that too,i also have a son that treats me like a dog as well, and i really need some advise from this as well, so if others could please help me out this, this would be great, and one name that my husband calls me is bypoller and i know that i am not a bypoler at all, he wants to do things for my son and stuff like that and it has to be responsablety and i have tried to tell my husband let him take care of his dog and he wont,So again i need some advice on this as well, i am trying to put my foot down but they don't listen to me at all.
I know i am not that good looking but i am far from ungly now tell me why some ladys can put in thier away message they want something and they get it is it because they so darn hot and show all thier nude picks. I can put it in my away meaagae and everyone looks at me like why would i give you anything i dont ask alot from anyone for myself only for my friends and pay for my friends to get thier givaways done i am just like that but you think that i could get a little something here. i had one friend give me something and that was a auto 11 i was so shocked i know i dont give alot when i got blings to give but yet i try to. i know its not right to ask but i had ask maybe red diamond or a jewel heart of fu or the golden horseshoe but did i get NO AND I THINK I KNOW WHY i dont show all my body and and stuff i dont know how many i have helped on here but yet i get nothing dont get me wrong i love my blings i do get because i know its the true friend that does i guess its just me i am not
Stranger Than Fiction
Its stranger than fiction, how you've decayed It must be so lonely, lost within your ways Youre born alone, you die alone The rest is yours to fill the gap The world goes on, without you here Adjust or just collapse Is this what you wanted to be? Alone standing by yourself Is this all you wanted to be? Or was that a cry for help? By yourself By yourself By yourself Verbal grenades, you throw inane I cant believe youd stoop so low Of all the things, you took away I miss my mind the most Is this what you wanted to be? Alone standing by yourself Is this all you wanted to be? Or was that a cry for help? By yourself By yourself By yourself Is this what you wanted to be? Alone standing by yourself Is this all you wanted to be? Or was that a cry for help? Is this what you wanted to be? Alone standing by yourself Is this all you wanted to be? Or was that a cry for help? Its stranger than fiction, how you've decayed It must be so lonely, l
My Two Year Fu-versary
So My Two Year Fu-versary Is Around The Corner!!! Dec. 6th!! I would Love To Have Spotlight By Then Or On That Day!! Its One Of The Things I Havn't Had!!! I Haven't Had A Happy Hour Or A Blast Yet!! Or Auto 11's!! I Have Alot Of Fu-Cherry's Still! *giggles* So Please Send FuBucks!! Rate My Pics N Stash!! Help Me Get The Spotlight Pls!! ♥SexyMel♥OwnedByUrbanSamurai4Hire♥Greeter@BabyDolls{{ThePinkLadies}}♥@ fubar
Never Enough
I'm so fed up with everyone around me (No one seems to care) I'm just so far gone and nothing's gonna change (I'll never be the same) Its always do this, do that, everything they want to I don't want to live that way Every chance they get their always Pushin me away Chorus: Its never enough No its never enough No matter what I say Its never enough No its never enough I'll never be what you want me to be Its all so messed up and no one ever listens (Everyone's deranged) I'm just so fucked up and I'm never gonna change (Wanna lay it all to waste) Their always say this, say that, nothing that you want to I don't want to live that way Every chance they get their always Shovin me aside Chorus I'm Done Bridge: In the end we're all just chalk lines on the concrete Find More lyrics at Drawn only to be washed away For the time that I've been given I am what I am I'd rather hate you For everything you are Tha
About Me
Im strange and deranged. Imcute and Im cuddly. Im alone when I want to be and happy when most arent. Im in to drawing and writing and never have nothing to do. Dont piss me off its a bad thing to do. love the cryptic fairy
I Am A Funny Guy
I have to say that I'm completely full of crap. It is funny to me reading my previous blogs. Everything makes since. Have I done anything about it. Not really. I do want somebody and it will never happen. And judging by the situation. It should never happen again. I have accepted it. Their is somebody else. She is about 300 miles away. Ever since the first time I talked to her. I had a really great feeling about her. It just felt like I found what I was looking for. It will never happen but it is a really nice thought. She knows who it is. And will know if she reads this. But hey I do what I can with what I got. Not really looking for a relationship. Unless it is one of two that are always on my mind. No I'm not sharing who they are. But I can always dream. Not lost, Larry D Kendall
All I am going to say is I am so emotionally drained both for the good and the bad right now... //enough said
Today .. Tomorrow . And All Those To Come
Hello to all my friends . I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you all for being there when i had my ups and downs .. Thank you for sharing such laughter and parts of yourselves and your lives that will forever enrich me .. Ive gotten to a place in my life where im spending less and less time on the computer anymore .. Several reasons for that .. 1 .. as some of you know im going to be a grandmother very soon .. she's due Feb 1st .. theyve yet to pick out a name .. although as of right now they are going between .. Ava .. and Alexis .. Im still holding out that Gwendolyn will be a passing thought lol Weve many things to do to get ready for her arrival .. and not much time to do it in .. 2..Ive met someone very special .. and he's become a very big part of my life .. he's got so many of the qualities ive always looked for in someone i can share my life with we've made an amazing connection with one another and for the first time .. im willing to fight for a rel
Humans "being"
majestic we are . .... humans. simultaneously i am in question as a human and in certainty as a soul.... my soul has been maintaining certainty for days now, total confidence that my God has been speaking clearly with love and support of the current part of my life journey. today i allowed the human in me to question the very thing i already know is right . . . i am guided by my soul with courage . . . a gift from God, a gift i would never have as just a human woman in a human body, but as human being with the gifts of choice and faith and the beautiful soul we all have. it is my courage now that guides me through this part of my journey, the journey to my soulmate. i believe a human being is just that . . . a human "being". Being in all of his gifts,being in all his life, being in all his love, being in all his woes and most importantly . . . being in all his spirit and soul. If fact when spoken about as a group we should be called humans being, humans with an "s
Nov. 16 2008
Why must I be persecuted on this earth? I have not wronged anyone that I have not accounted for already. Why should I continue to suffer for the past. I have paid the price, yet still the agony remains.
Yo Ho, Yo Ho The Single Life For Me...
Well I'm single once again, after a relationship of about a year. She still wants to be friends, but I'm not going to be able to give her as much support as I have been. I'm tired of getting little to no respect and gratitude for all the times I went out of my way to help her. I'm not sorry I did, just there has to be compromise in a relationship. Apparently she never got that memo. But enough bitching for now. I still want a friendship, but after some of the things she said it might be difficult to accomplish before its time comes, and I'm afraid that she will not be patient enough for me to be able to deal with her on another level. but I'm no oracle. Just a guy who can't be lonely while he is in a relationship. It's bad enough when I'm single and lonely, but that's like adding insult to injury. I have learned a lot from my association with her, but that doesn't make moving on that much easier. maybe it'll be helpful in the future. I guess I'll have to be patient myself to find
Why I Can Not Get Any Help
you know it is really bad on here again i have been a member on fubar for some time now and i have just under 700 friends and over 800 fans am i have been trying to level now for some time why can't i get any help i am about to say fu to fubar it seems like everytime someone some one eles needs help they send me the link now i need it and no one is around wow some friends i have. i belong to some fun lounges that they say we consider you as family but when you are family they are suppose to help and i get none wow some family. is it that i am not giving anything away is that why i can not get any help ? i wll return all ratings that you do. thank you all who did help the little that you did .
Laid In Gold
It's Been A Long Time Coming.....
If you're local we're having a girl's night out on Sunday 11/30/08 in Norwalk.Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you the details. ALWAYS an awesome time with this bunch!! :0)
Because i've posted pictures of myself, and i really think they look good. Like they look hot. Alot of people on here have to, i wonder if they think the same thing about themselves. I bet that some people do to a certain extent. But still i don't know, it's wierd. Any feedback?
So, this chick has a "crush" on my guy, and I don't like it... not one bit. I'm secure in our relationship to know that I don't have anything to worry about, but every time I see him talking to her I want to rip her face off with my bare hands. That is all.
Sick Again
Just thought that I would write & let those who care know where I been. I woke up Thursday with a sore throat & laryngitis. As the day went on I started coughing. I haven't been out of my house since Thursday night. My parents stopped & bought me nytequil & other cold medicine but it didn't help. The only thing it has helped with is making my coughing more bareable. Knowing how my immune system is my parents decide to make a doctor's appointment. Couldn't get in until Monday. I can manage during the day but when night time comes the coughin gets so bad. I say I can manage during the day as long as I don't get hot & no air fresheners,purfume,colgne are sprayed . I'm getting tired so I'm going to try & lay down. Will write again when I have more strength . PLEASE KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED I HAVEN'T CAUGHT THE FLU.
Wet T-shirt Contest !!! Are You Brave Enough ???
~~{Calling All Ladies !!! Calling All Ladies !!!~~ Have you ever wanted to show JUST what you have??? Well nows your chance to shine!! The Pu$$ycat Playmates and Pimps are putting on a Wet T-Shirt Contest and all are invited to join!! The first 8 ladies to sign up will compete for the bragging rights of Best Wet T-Shirt !! The rules are simple and easy to follow ... If your interested in joining this contest, there is a entry fee. Its not alot and well worth it. All you have to do is send 5,000 fubuxs to the Pu$$ycat Playmates Homepage and add in the message that its your entry fee for the contest. The contest will run for a total of 4 nights. On the last night the Grand Prize Winner will be chosen and announced. Contest nights are as follows .... November 21st @ 3am EST November 22nd @ 3am EST November 28th @ 3am EST November 29th @3am EST ( Contest will be held in the Pink Pu$$ycat Lounge ) On the first night 4 girls will compete with the top 2 m
Ufc Card 11/15/08
I was just a bit underwhelmed with the majority of the matches on this most recent MMA card, but it was more due to a few fluke outcomes and bizarre finishes than to the predictible main event. After all, we knew it was a matter of strength versus skill, with Lesnar's power and size being almost insurmountable. Couture was better on his feet, in the clinch, and on the ground, with the exception of the very end where he met his defeat at a flurry of blows from the ground and pound position. But for a 45 year old Greco Roman wrestler and boxer to beat the giant (Lesnar cuts substantial weight to make 265) would have been a miracle. My real beef was the fact that powerhouse Gabe Gonzaga was relegated to take on some no name jobber, which he destroyed with such impunity that it didn't do anything to restore him back into title contention or reaffirm his elite status. I also thought the Florian/Stevenson fight was over too quickly, but with two of the lightweight greats in the octagon, an
hell my name is billy im 27 i would love to meet new people im very easy goin and im by no means shy so if you have any question just ask dont be afraid to say what you want
If You Don't See Me On...
Doesn't mean I am far away... I have started Writing on a Site called 'webook' and I am in the mist of writing my first Erotic Horror (well not my first, I started years ago writing Erotic Horror and Erotic Fantasies) and even written 'No Holds Bar' downright very Sexual Stories. Thanks to my Ex. I was to chicken to have ever put them up any where until I came upon another Site called Soulcast where I bared my Soul for all to see and I am a Member of FanFiction. FanFiction scared me at first, due to you having to write our own Stories according to other Anime Fandom Stories. Though I haven't written there due to some of the Anime's I knew nothing about, I discover that 'Helsing' is on there, I have a huge crush on Alucard (the English Voice Actor). That I can easily let my Fantasies unfurl for him, letting him deeply drink from my veins on my lovely pale neck. Alucard is Sir Intrega's 'Lap Dog' or is it Him that she serves. For me, it would have to be give and take. Oh, yes Alucard
15 Month Rotation
Well it's been a adventure on this last rotation to Iraq for me. It was 14 1/2 months of hell. I was on over 150 missions and went to 14 different bases in Iraq. I was lucky not to lose any friends. Now I should be home for a year for least 12 months, but who knows. I'm glad to be home and look forward to getting back with my family and reconnect which is a big prioity in our lives. After the new year Poki and me talked about getting back into occasionally swinging every once in a while to add that spice. The biggest things on my list to do in the near future is to get back to school, see about either microsoft cetifications or business management. I do plan on starting my Digital Photography business out of my home. Hope to get Goddess Poki yahoo group with new photos and vids. My military plans got me going to Warrioir Leaders Course and hopefully go to my E-6 board. I hope to get everything going and succesful I plan to do alot more on fubar so keep watch. Later sn
I don't need a reason to drink anymore. It happens. Things get a little clearer for a minute, and then it all dissapears. 60 proof that I'm still alive. What did I realize last night? What grand naivety struck? Its not that true love conquers all. Its that It can't be taken away from me. You can burn me You can rob me You can rape me At least two counts of each. And I still roar in the night. I still hold the imaginary fingers of that sweet salvation, that perfumed neck tastes all the sweeter. You can have me but you can't take me. You can hate me you can hit me you can deny me. But you can't take the light that you gave me. Thank you. But you could make a good thing perfect... Just take this cold hand in yours, and smother this triage smirk of mine with your lips. I promise you nothing but my best, my worst, my every being. An eternity of the moments I live in just before a pleasant dream.
:::"JEWELS"::: * Club F.A.R. *Llama Levelers ~ LOVE New friends!@ fubar 43k to Disciple show him some love This Pimpout brought to you by: Miracle Monkey Chief of N.A.P, Founder of Llama Levelers, Club F.A.R Team Capt. Team Love@ fubar
Hmm...yeah. This Sums Up The Mood!
Trust is something that I give freely, because due to things in my brain, I assume that all people will do as they say. I met a woman on this site, and I put all of my trust in her. She knew about my head injury and how things said and done could/would affect me emotionally. So after talking for a few weeks, she decided that she would tell me she would come and see me for the week of my birthday. We made plans and everything seemed to be going well, then it got to be the day before she was going to leave. She told me that she wanted to see me so much that she was going to leave a day early. So she was leaving Friday afternoon at 4, or so she said. Friday around 10, after she should have been here, I text her and ask her if she is close, and she replies "No, I took a wrong turn." Finally I find out where she is and she is in Tennessee where it is storming. She says that she is going to get a room for the night there, so I am like ok. I ask her when she will be headed this way and she st
Stupid Bitches
Ok, the other day my lil sister Jamie got in a fight and kicked some girls but (Destiny). Well the next day Destiny's older sister whos about my age came over and was talking shit to my 12 year old sister (Jamie). So I went down stairs to wher she was (Angel) and called her out told her not to ever fucking disrespet my family, she kept running her mouth so i steped in the house she was in to drag her out, her dad stepped in the way and said "get the fuck out of my house" which i did. Knowing from past expereince that stepping into some ones house can get me in trouble. Angel still kept running her mouth at the same time hiding in the house behind her dad (Doug). The next day I saw her and called her out again saying "what you got nothing to say now huh, bitch" No she didnt till she got buy her dad. Whatever it was all petty shit, so I was gonna let it go. Yesterday she was outside with all the kids where i live, and my daughter was out there to. I didnt think anything of it,
One Step At A Time
One Step at a time I have had about enough it's about all that I can take. Hell I've made it this long still don't know what's left. Maybe one step closer to destiny or death. What is there to lose in a game you can't win. I can share it all and look for nothing to gain. Tell me how can I do it you know not worry about the pain. Your right how selfish of me to here and complain. No time wasted because life is all about change. I need to get my life together Prepare for the stormy weather Be ready for whatever Cause at the bottom it can only get better. x2 I may have did somethings to make my parents not to proud me Traveled in the dark so long my way is cloudy I could not see But truth be told it will all come to light I'm only human struggling just to do things right So misunderstood hard for others to understand Living life one day at a time the only way i can Can't worry about the world getting heavy on my shoulders What good am i dead in a grave getting co
Pissed Bout Liers
Ok, so I found out that my fiancee, Dj KrazyKillaKlown, has lied to me, and twice just to make me happy. He said that he took one person off of his crush list, and put me on instead. But my page doesnt have any crushes on it, and he's still talking to a bitch in Ohio, when we live in Kentucky. I just moved down here shortly after he did to stay with his family. Well, my first night here the bitch called. I read one of his letters on here to her and he told her that he missed her sexy voice and that the loved her.... And when I confronted her, she told me that I had cheated on him while i was back up in michigan, and that he didnt want to be with me. We have a beautiful two month old daughter and I guess he must not want to be with me, other wise I'd be the number one in everything for him, but I'm not so I guess he doesnt want to be with me but doesnt have the heart to tell me. That or he just wont leave me because of our daughter, Nevaeh. I just dont know what to do......
Saved A Humane Today
with my job at the shelter we often do not always appreciate the people we meet, the lady who let her son burn their cats ears off. The man who ran over his dog then threw it into a ditch for us to find. But I got this today..... new perspective.. I rescued a human today. Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering apprehensively into the kennels. I felt her need instantly and knew I had to help her. I wagged my tail, not too exuberantly, so she wouldn't be afraid. As she stopped at my kennel I blocked her view from a little accident I had in the back of my cage. I didn't want her to know that I hadn't been walked today. Sometimes the shelter keepers get too busy and I didn't want her to think poorly of them. As she read my kennel card I hoped that she wouldn't feel sad about my past. I only have the future to look forward to and want to make a difference in someone's life. She got down on her knees and made little kissy sounds at me. I shoved my shoulder
i was thinking of mailing people from fu christimas cards. even if you don't believe in the holiday or whatever just for fun. so, if you're willing gimme your address! :D ♥
Hie Alll
Find more photos like this on Slee
Sucking Chest Wound
After having time to sit and think about the past election the only thing I can think to compare it to is this. Watching Mcain losing the election is like watching your favorite college football team losing on saturday but on this occasion you have to deal with the sting of defeat for the next four years instead of until next saturday.
Leveling Help #108
♡♡♡onetruelovepjl&dal♡♡♡~~r/l wifey to peter~uscoastguard~cwo3~~@ fubar 196k to level lets do our best shes 1 of us
I Wouldn't Even Know What To Do
So on Fri night I went into the emergency room for chest pains, I had massive heart palpitations, and very short breath. When I went in they told me I had to have a urine test, I asked why and they said they think I could possibly be pregnant. I explained that I'm on the depo and since I do not have any bleeding or spotting while on the shot, it's quite impossible and they said to do it anyways. They got me into a bed shortly after and before transferring me to the heavily monitored side because my heart was beating crazily, they asked for another urine sample because the first one was inconclusive. They had to do 15 x-rays but wouldn't because they had a thought that I was pregnant. So I waited, they took tons of blood and hooked me up like a Christmas tree. About an hour later they came in again to get another sample and I thought... I really might be pregnant. I would feel helpless because the last guy I slept with was a 19 year old guy who lived with his parents and didn't even ho
Why Did I Not Rate You?
I've been browsing around fubar and checking out profiles. Some of you have shouted and private messaged me wondering why I didn't rate or comment your profile. I'm sorry. I would have atleast rated if I could, but my account has been blocked from doing rates, comments, shouts, bulletins for several months now. If you want me to rate you then get a petition going and send it to babyJ and scrapper. If they won't listen to me alone maybe they will listen to all of you. Until then, I won't be able to rate or comment ya :( I'm getting lots of mail. I don't reply to everyone. I don't have that much time to spend on here to be able to reply to everyone. So please don't be offended if I didn't reply to you. It's not personal. I just have a busy life outside of fubarland. I don't do the fan thing just because someone became a fan of me. That's not how it works. If I become a fan of you it's because either I connected with you and think you're cool or because I simply think you're attract
California Dreaming - Sungha Jung
Smoke A Joint
I once was here But now I'm gone I went away to Smoke some pot I put this here to Prove a point Life ain't shit Without a joint
All Fubombers Please Read This....
Here it is guys!! Indian Rose is on the warpath with her "little buddy" East bolt and here is a blog she posted: ->~Tee~*FU-B...: i don't do mumms, barely leave comments anymore, i'm not defending her, i know we bombed togther 1 night thats all i can truthfully say ~Tee~*FU-B...: she's been in my bar tab commenting MUMMS a whole lot the past week or so ->~Tee~*FU-B...: don't know about mumms i know she has a severe hernia, and hasn't been on much at all ~Tee~*FU-B...: what really looks bad is East saying she's too hurt to bomb yet we all see her MUMMING hours and hours a day ->~Tee~*FU-B...: i'm on here real late the status were bad ->~Tee~*FU-B...: i seen them on that page tee ~Tee~*FU-B...: if they were pissed it was because they weren't doing anything to help much anyway ->~Tee~*FU-B...: just because of the message ->~Tee~*FU-B...: i'm telling u ppl are pissed because of that sb, they may well switch sides ~Tee~*FU-B...: lets postpone it..we need to stay on
(((((((sacred Geometry)))))))
Sacred geometry is an ancient system of design and building based upon the harmonic relationship between man, nature and the universe. Virtually ignored by modern architects and designers, it was central to most ancient societies. The practice concerns a worldview of pattern recognition, producing religious patterns and structures involving space, time and form. By working with such forms, insight can come regarding the nature of all. It often involves mathematics. beta-math Pythagoras realized the importance of this, and also showed how such harmonies work also with music. Hence, sacred geometry is a holistic practice. Even in ancient cave art, it is now known that pictures were drawn at ideal places for sound amplification. These principles seem to have been instinctual in ancient times, but science is also discovering such harmonies. Indeed, it has led some to wonder at the incredible coincidences of exact balance that led to the universe in the first place. Sacred design
Cindragon's Rants And Rambling Rumblings...
Getting Nakid
If ur on my friends list and u have nekid pics and cant see mine let me know and ill fix it smoke on and have a good day
Penis & Vagina
i'm drunk & my cowboys are losing, but hey sexy Romo is back, i wanna do dirty things to that man...anyway, should i watch gay porn or midget porn? feel free to post your naughtiness
What Your Height Says About You You are a gifted communicator, and you understand other people well. You are compassionate and empathetic. You feel other's pain a little too easily. Because of your open heart and open mind, many people admire and adore you. You are classy and well mannered. You have the art of charm mastered. You are about as tall as the average Dutch man. What Does Your Height Say About You?
Read This If Yer On My Friends List
EHHHHH fubar.............. suppose to be a place to meet folks from all over the country right? nope now folks only worry bout rates it seems. its like high school sorta... a populartity contest. folks dont just drop by to say hi n how yer doing. or if u say hi to them they wont rarely respond. well i got some good friends, who are a comfort n help to me, n i hope i am to them. the rest well if what u wanted was rates to level up u got all yer getting from me. just go head n delete me. otherwise i look forward to hofully making new friends. n if anyone thinks i might be like some of these other guys, ask anyone of my friends. ive always watched my manner with em, never asked to see thier nekid pics, or cams or any such bullshit. a man dont ask n damn sure dont begg. as my granpa taught me, manner make the man.
Show On 12/5/08!!!
If you've never been to one of their shows, you're missing out! These guys are awesome! ;0)
Please Contact Me We Need To Find Him
Missing Person post date: 2008-11-16 10:49:42 views: 6 comments: 1 ratings: 0 Clayton (Clay) Bruster His Fubar! His Myyearbook! His Myspace! Other Sites! a href='' target=_blank> Clayton was last heard from his online friends in LA County.. due tio the fires.. many of us are concerned.. he's been living in the Tajunga area.. an area hit by fire storms.. if you have heard from him.. let Sweet Southern Angel or One Hott Momma know.. please. his info. thanks
Slipping deeper into the hollows of my soul I find, I'm drowning in the shallows of my mind. The lies told to me penetrate my broken heart, and continue to tear my darkening world apart. Words spill so easily from those lips that kissed me in vain. who knew it would only take four letters to cause me so much pain. I promised myself I would never say those words to another as long as I live, but then I met you and I knew my heart I could give. You stomped my emotions into the ground, so now only bloody wreckage can be found.
Caught On Camera: Incredible Moment Surfers Are Hit By 50ft Wave Off Cornwall
By BETH HALE Last updated at 12:58 15 January 2008 * Comments (23) * Add to My Stories Beneath a towering wall of water two surfers lay waiting like tiny dots in the dark swell. It's the kind of contest between man and the elements normally associated with the enormous waves of Hawaii or Australia. But with the lights of shore just flickering through grey skies this is Penzance, in Cornwall, where stormy weather has created 50ft waves. Scroll down for more ... wave Braving the elements: Two surfers (circled) off Penzance prepare to surf the wave Enlarge the image Read more... * Heroic rescue of cargo ship crew stricken by storm as forecasters predict worse weather to come * Britain braced for more flooding today as forecasters predict more than a week of rain in just a few hours Heavy rain and gale force winds have taken a heavy toll on parts of Britain, but for surfers Lee William and Charlie Thompson, both 21, it was a perfect excuse to
Giveaways We Are Bombing!! Woot!
Member List!
LET'S GET ANDEE LEVELED THIS WEEK! PLEASE RATE ALL HER PICS, STASH, AND BLOGS! THROW HER A BLING IF YOU CAN! SHE WORKS HARD FOR EVERYONE, AND IS ALWAYS THERE FOR US! ~~~andee~~~@ fubar Henchman -----> Insider 435,669 Points to go! I NOTICED THAT NOT ALL OF YOU RATED MERLYN WHEN I REQUESTED THAT YOU DO SO A COUPLE WEEKS AGO... WHY NOT? HIT HIM UP AGAIN, HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN LEVELED! AND LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED RATING EACH OF THESE MEMBERS! MERLYN....ClubMystic@ fubar Fubarlord -----> Henchman 289,176 Points to go! AS USUAL, ANY BEEFS, GRIPES, QUESTIONS, OR SUGGESTIONS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO ME IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE! THANKS! Home Page Club Mystic!@ fubar Insider -----> Fu-King 341,940 Points to go! Founder CinDragon@ fubar Disciple -----> Prophet 8,549,753 Points to go! Team Captains G- @ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 5,518,679 Points to go! ~SouthernBaby~@ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 1,325,073 Points to go! Resident Wizard MER
Porno Name Ilmao
More Fun Quizzes at
Dog,cat, And Rat
Thanks To All That Helped......
I want to thank all my friends and family and people who I don't even know for coming to my page and rating, I know alot of you did it to help yourself get points as well but friends of mine did it because they were really trying to help me.I am a bit saddened by people who promised me they would help and didn't, but the others that took time out of their day for me makes up for it. That will not be my last auto 11s, I will again use one to help me godfather which is my goal. Love u all and thanks again!
Sucked In
Deep inside You every day You do not know, I will not say Your underground Makes me ill If I don't do it no one will The simple plan I have for you Try to guess what I will do I can see What you mean It's always harder than it seems Don't blame yourself For breaking me 'Cause you just went and set me free Then I sat you down And shut your mouth And show you what I always see There is a small Place for you Where all your hopes and dreams come true You move around My world at will Watch out 'cause I'm coming to kill You've been Sucked in Again and again and again and again You've been Sucked in Again and again and again and again You've been Sucked in Again and again and again and again You've been Sucked in Again and again and again, so.. Motherfucker come and play Come on then, come on then Come on then, come on then Motherfucker come and play Come on then, come on then Come on then, come on then Motherfucker come and play You've b
This Is What She Wrote About Me!! Lies Part 4
I removed Rose because she is only hanging around starting shit with other members, telling them I am going to remove them all and that they need to leave and go with her so she can start her own bombber family...she is pissed because Eastbolt quit. Eastbolt quit because she was confronted with never bombing. A bunch of drama is all it is. But the only ppl I have removed and will ever remove are ppl who are not active. As you can tell by the blogs of ppl I remove, most of them ar eprob ppl you dont even recognize because you have never seen them I removed a shit starter before any shit goes down. I am not in the mood for this kind of drama. UNLESS THEY ASK WHY YOU SB PPL, WHEN THEIR ALREADY BOMBING, AND IN PAIN, AND HAVE ANOTHER LIFE!!! AND EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE IS NOT FU-BOMBING!!!!!!
Let Me Make One Thing Perfectly Clear To All...
My Friendship Cannot Be Bought - For Any Price! It has been brought to my attention that I sell my friendship, actually to be more accurate, that someone else has bought my friendship. It is possible I misunderstood, we all know meanings are lost in translations. But I've been around long enough to know that it's probably fairly accurate. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I have not, do not, and will not, EVER sell my friendship to anyone for any cost. You earn it, period. My trust is not for sale either, you earn it. My respect is not for sale, you earn it. Anyone that even alludes to the possibility I may have sold my friendship, can just move along, bye bye, no questions, no discussions. I'm disturbed that any of my friends would hint at this, and frankly offended at the very thought of selling friendships. I certainly hope that's not what happened. That's NOT what I'm about and if you know anything about me at all, you know this to be fact. I have been on this site a very, ve
Something To Give.
My life is a difficult place to be right now. I'm busy, I'm broke, I'm surrounded by everyone else's drama. I'm tired, I'm broken, I'm an idiot's baby mama. Blah. No wonder I dislike most people. I am at my most eloquent and outspoken on this computer. So much so that many would never guess that I often have trouble holding a conversation on the phone, and...when I don't know someone very well, in person. Words that come so easily to me in text often fail me completely when faced with an every day conversation. I volunteer for a local food pantry and I interact with the people there constantly. I am at no loss for conversation when I am helping my daughter with the fundraisers she's doing to help pay for a school trip to Washington DC. But, when it comes to an actual conversation involving something that truly matters to me...affecting my life...I choke. So I'll say my piece here. I don't care about very many people. I mean, I care about people in general...about the wor
Liar Part 3
I told her she could shout everyone...she didnt mean to hurt anyones feelings but shes just doing what I told her to do...I have been spending 18 hours a day on here bombing and she got frustrated cause shes watching her bar tab at all these FuBombers who claim they cant bomb yet they are showing up in the bartab leaving ppl profile comments and voting on MUMM's. I guess MUMM'ing is easier than bombing? I dont know. But I am tired and trying to keep us in first in this thing and Im not getting any help. She is just doing that I told her she could do. None of the other managers ecept Tee are even bombing, let alone trying to get thier ppl to bomb... --------------------------------------LOL SHES THE ONLY ONE BOMBING NONE OF US HELPED AT ALL!!!!!!!!! NO LIFE IF YOUR A FU-BOMBER-----THIS IS FROM TEE A PM---------------------Second, Peggy wanted me to ask you if you could possibly use your status to let the Family know what we are doing.. ie "Bomb Willy" instead of everything else. Hope
Fu Bar Prisoner # 1970156
That's right im locked up What do I want? I want to stalk your page when I'm online! I want to look at and rate all of your pictures with ELEVENS, but I only have 100 to give to you... *pout* and that's if my VIP holds out I shall endeavor to look at and rate all of your family and friends with TENS, until I run out! Dunno how many of those I have... I want to leave you beautiful comments every day your friends as well, if you'll let me... I want to buy you drinks everyday, especially your favorites! I want to buy you nice gifts that make you smile... some small, some big, some naughty, some nice, but all fun! I need a VIP when mine runs out (sad face which is to be soon) , I don't need FuBucks, I luv shiney things tho 'hint hint' especially FuBlings, and I don't need big Pimpin' Gifts but if you choose to give them I'll make it up to you somehow... I need respect and with that in return is respect if you wish to see my NSFW pics all ya need to do is ask
Liar Part 2
Also we are STILL bombing Willy Makit's pic, we have to keep at this until the 18th. We are in first but they have over taken us twice and are keeping up pretty good with us. He has goten help from other bombing families, so we need everyone bombing this. I have already removed 22 inactive people, and when this is over I will be removing about 22 please come bomb with us. I know it is hard work, but we would bomb just as hard for you in your contest. THEY ARE REMOVING PPL AFTER THIS CONTEST, IT'S HER WORDS NOT MINE! AND SHE KNOWS WHO THERE'S 22 OF U!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------READ THIS MESSAGE FROM PEGGY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>When you joined, the main page here says- as well as the emails I send you all- that to be in this family you must have our name on your page and you m
Green Day
sittin here kistenin to my tunes and am finding certain tunes realy match my life lately,,heres 2 more chump---green day I don't know you But I think I HATE you You're the reason for my misery yeah Strange how you've become my biggest enemy And I've never even seen your face Well maybe it's just jealousy Mixed up with a violent mind A circumstance that doesn't make much sense Or maybe I'm just dumb You're the cloud hangin out over my head Hail comes crashing down welting my face MAGIC MAN, EGOCENTRIC PLASTIC MAN Yet you still got one over on me Well maybe it's just jealousy Mixed up with a violent mind A circumstance that doesn't make much sense Or maybe I'm just dumb I'm a chump ....................................... longview---green day Sit around and watch the tube,but nothing's on Change the channels for an hour or two Twiddle my thumbs just for a bit I'm sick of all the same old shit In a house with unlocked doors And I'm fucking l
For Temporary Inactive Members
This is ONLY for Members that have to be away for any reason. Please let us know, doesnt mean we love you any less. But is so we don't worry about you and know that your okay. Thanks again the C,D,M,I Team lol cindie, mystic, island
The New World Of Non Smoking Hell
Well, it finally happened. Someone convinced me to attempt to quit smoking. I am dreading it. I have four cigarettes left. I want then to last forever, but at the same time I want to smoke them all at once. I am afraid to death of eating myself into a size massive in lieu of nicotine, so, I pick up a paint brush, but it is no use, I only want to beat things with it. Not creation by brush strokes, but destruction. It's no good. But, I will not be a pansy. That is not allowed.
Read This Whose The Liar Part 1
->~Tee~*FU-B...: i don't do mumms, barely leave comments anymore, i'm not defending her, i know we bombed togther 1 night thats all i can truthfully say ~Tee~*FU-B...: she's been in my bar tab commenting MUMMS a whole lot the past week or so ->~Tee~*FU-B...: don't know about mumms i know she has a severe hernia, and hasn't been on much at all ~Tee~*FU-B...: what really looks bad is East saying she's too hurt to bomb yet we all see her MUMMING hours and hours a day ->~Tee~*FU-B...: i'm on here real late the status were bad ->~Tee~*FU-B...: i seen them on that page tee ~Tee~*FU-B...: if they were pissed it was because they weren't doing anything to help much anyway ->~Tee~*FU-B...: just because of the message ->~Tee~*FU-B...: i'm telling u ppl are pissed because of that sb, they may well switch sides ~Tee~*FU-B...: lets postpone it..we need to stay on Willy anyway..they are leaving more comments per hour than we are even tho we are ahead --------------------------------
Back To My World
I'm going back into my world, of magic, dreams and play. Where I can dance by torches light, you would not like it anyway. Wolves can speak and Fair Ones walk by the light of a medallion moon, Kiss my cheech, bid me farewell, For I shall be going soon. I was not the love for you, My heart too caring and free. Best to fall upon your sword than claim the love of me. What matters then? Your eyes are cold. Like a dead and distant sea. I grant you the final forever gift........... THE GIFT OF LOSING ME. Bisous, Lacey
I Cant
I cant change what happened yesterday what I was before you entered my life what I did before I met you but the day I met you I knew that you were all I wanted all I would ever want all I could ever hope for to feel complete with you Im not asking you for anything more than to not look at my past without weighing it against what I have been to you since we met Unwaivering uncondionaly unselfishly yours and if you close the doors on me i will still love you in silence I just want you happy I want you safe I want you loved You deserve that I just wish my past had not clouded yoru view of me for if it was up to me I would haved loved to make you happy everyday for the rest of my life Im sorry for my past but I cant change it I cant change who talked to me and who I talked to like the song says they where just road signs along the way a broken road I had to travel to find you
Would You?
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Whats your sign? 5.Phone Number: 6. Location: 7. Height: 8.Hair (color and style): 9.Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11. Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would u take a nap with me? 16. Do you think I'm cute? 17. If you could change anything about me -would you? 18. Would you dance with me? 19. Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? What Do You Think Of My...? 1.Personality: 2.Eyes: 3.Face: 4.Hair: W0ULD Y0U... give me your number?_______________ kis
The Game lyrics Tell me exactly what am I supposed to do? Now that I have allowed you to beat me! Do you think that we could play another game? Maybe I can win this time? I kind of like the misery you put me through. Darling, you can trust me completely. If you even try to look the other way, I think that I could kill this time. Rah! Rah! [x2] It doesn't really seem I'm getting through to you. Though I see you weeping so sweetly. I think that you might have to take another taste, a little bit of hell this time. Rah! Rah! Lie to me! Rah! Rah! Lie to me! Is she not right? Is she insane? Will she now run for her life in the battle that ends this day? Is she not right?! Is she insane?! Will she now run for her life now that she LIED TO ME! You always wanted people to remember you. You leave your little mark on society! Don't you know your wish is coming true today? Another victim dies tonight. Rah! Rah! Lie to me! Rah! Rah! Lie to m
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As of today MysticFaerie, Obsession and Cindie (me) (per Keith) asked us to try and keep things alive in the Club. (Also since Kate needs her rest per her illness, and shes in all of or prayers. We have thee Best Club on the FU and would love to keep it that way. We realize that real life issues due arise. So we can make a unactive folder for those that have things going on (we don't need details) but that way we don't wonder why some are not active. We still have our level up folder for those that need help. But when we as teams notice that elites are not rating, gifting etc. the members of the week and see other Club Members that are so close to level jump into help that kinda of bothers the status of what this Club stands for. Lets start now, example: earthdaughter was our member of the week, I would like her to go to me, Deb, MysticFaerie and even IslandGirl after her week is up and tell 1 of us who gifted, commented, blinged etc.. her the most so if they are not placed on the
170k To Godfather Lets Help Him Out Ty
~`Steve`~ ~`"The Sweet Angel" `~ & Member of Rating Revolution@ fubar
Contest Update
Just an update on the currently 10,000 points behind. Contest ends November 18th at 11pm eastern time.Thanks to all of the great Zodiac bombers and all the other bombing families who are helping me get this far and of course the individuals who have also helped..We can do this..we can still beat the Fu-Bombers...Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Check out my last blog for the my link to the contest.
Game - Miniputt 3!
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He Has Auto 11's So Hit Him Up If Ya Want To Level Up
auto 11's R *Ю уخʮ*Ю@ fubar
Leveling Help #107
Horus@ fubar 21k to level
My Dad * My Hero
Well today would have been my Dads 75th birthday * I miss him so much * There's not A day that goes by without me thinking of him * He not only was A great father he was also my best mate * He and mum brought us kids up, and there's 6 of us , in the most loving and caring way . He was a so funny tho , one minute I'd be crying my eyes out over some little thing that, I thought Id never get over and dad would always do or say something to make me laugh and feel better . He taught us his values of life , Never lie as it will always come back and bite ya on the ass , Lies hurt people feelings and in the end your really hurting your self as well , Treat people with the respect they deserve , Don't put up with nasty people , you don't need them in your life they will only bring you down, Don't try to be some one your not , you are you and if people don't like you that's OK , Don't be pushy let people do things at their own pace , If you hurt someones feelings apologize, only if you mean it
hey come join me over here lets have options to chat and enjoy each other company!!! not sayin leave fubar am a fubar member for as long as they are here just something different to look at
Come To The Bake Sale And Buy Me!
~*~*~*~* Hey Sweetie! My Name is SeXy ViXxY ♥☠ Evil Lil' Twinkie ♥☠ Pastry Family♥ wifey of Nikki, Erin, & Kimmi~*~*~*~*~ I'm Up For Sale @ Triple Kiss Lounge's First Ever "Bake Sale" So Here's What I'm Offering My Bidders: 1. Top Spot In My Friends & Family List For 1 Month 2. SFW Salute 3. Rate ALL Your Pics 4. A Shout Out On My Page 5. A Pimp Out Bully For You 6. (IF you have One in your page) a sexy Voicemail from Me to You! 7. Status changed to focus on you 8. Name changed to Specify I am yours ****Click My Pic To Enter Triple Kiss Lounge & Hang Out With Me!!****
What's Your Hidden Talent?
Your Hidden Talent You have the natural talent of rocking the boat, thwarting the system. And while this may not seem big, it can be. It's people like you who serve as the catalysts to major cultural changes. You're just a bit behind the scenes, so no one really notices. What's Your Hidden Talent?
Rudoph's Misfit Toys Train (18 Riders Room For More)
visit for more info To join this train all you need to do is F/R/A (that's Fan/Rate/Add) EVERYONE on the train Please be sure to put something in the friend request like "Save the misfits!" or "Helping Rudolph to save the misfits!" Well you get the idea! If you already have them on your list be sure to re-rate them if you can and leave a profile comment on their page saying you are "Helping you on Misfit Island!" or something of the sorts! You must F/R/A everyone on this train! Also everyone that joins after you as well! Or you may be removed from the train! Official Rudolph & The Misfit Island Train Tag If you would like an official tag for the train please rate the folder starting with this picture. Leave a comment on the last picture so I know you have rated all 45 of the pictures and that you wish a tag to be made.
What Japanese Smiley Are You?
You Are "Wow"! What Japanese Smiley Are You?
Radiohead - Creep
When you were here before, Couldn't look you in the eye You're just like an angel, Your skin makes me cry You float like a feather In a beautiful world I wish I was special You're so fucking special But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here I don't care if it hurts, I wanna have control I want a perfect body I want a perfect soul I want you to notice when I'm not around You're so fucking special I wish I was special But I'm a creep I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here, ohhhh, ohhhh She's running out the door She's running out She run run run run... run... Whatever makes you happy Whatever you want You're so fucking special I wish I was special But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here I don't belong here...
I Need Help
Help me level please, my friends! I'll be here all year if I do it alone!
Ty Tricky Once Again.....
~*~EyezOfJade ~ She has a mountain to move to level!!! She's got the pics all she needs is your rates!!! Pimp out Done by: דkK~*59th Oracle*~
What Color Day Are You Having?
You Are Having an Orange Day Right now, how your day is going can change on a dime. It's been both frustrating and fun so far. You're used to making the best of days, and today is no different. You are seeking out comfort and security wherever you can find it today. Your little pick me up could be anything... a phone call to a friend or your favorite dessert. What Color Day Are You Having?
Dating Application
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Whats your sign? 5.Phone Number: 6. Location: 7. Height: 8.Hair (color and style): 9.Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11. Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would u take a nap with me? 16. Do you think I'm cute? 17. If you could change anything about me -would you? 18. Would you dance with me? 19. Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? What Do You Think Of My...? 1.Personality: 2.Eyes: 3.Face: 4.Hair: W0ULD Y0U... give me your number?_______________ kis
Superman*commander Of The Justice League
This Soldier is New to Fubar SuperMan24_12_12_83*C ommander of The Justice League*"We The Best!" Just click the Picture!! Please stop by and FAN, RATE and ADD my friend. He also needs help leveling!!! He is a terrific person and a great soldier!!! So come on FUBAR show him some love and he and I will both return the favor!!! PIMPOUT BY Ctgirl OWNER OF FU-LUV BOMB SQUAD-OWNED BY PLAYINHARD-R/L Girlfriend of Wills@ fubar Music Playlist at
My 24 Hour Auto 11's
"OMG" I wanted to take a moment to tell each and every person who stopped by page during my AUTO 11'S how much I appreciated you taking the time to rate my photo's. I was absoutley amazed at how many points You all helped me bust through in the 24hrs that they were on... With all of your help we busted through 2 million points in 24hrs. To me that pretty was phenominal. I hoped to level to "Godmother by my birthday which is in January, but because of all of your help, I am gonna be to that level way ahead of what my original goal was. I have been on this site goin on 2yrs now, I have met and made so many amazing friends along the way, and I must tell you (you might think I am a little crazy)... but there were times through the auto 11's when all of you were coming to help, it literally brought tears to my eyes to feel THE LUV that everyone talks about on here.. it is so very very true! It takes a lot of work to get to these higher levels. I would like to give a special shout out
Kind Of Food Resembles U Sexually
Strawberries! You are incredibly seductive and can tempt any hottie. Try using strawberries, and other sweet fruits as part of your seduction. Throw in a blindfold for extra pleasure. Take this quiz at
So I opened myself up...and got hurt again. And I have no freaking idea what I did. All I know is that one day everything is great, he's texting me and wants to see me, get to know me, etc. and now i'm deleted from his friends and blocked from his page, even removed me from his IM. Don't know why or what caused it. Didn't even get "the speech" about what a great girl I am but he's not ready for a relationship, or he needs some time, or whatever. I'm just left here hanging. Wondering what the hell I did to deserve this? I don't understand why it's so easy for people to take advantage of me and hurt me. Do they get sick pleasure from it? I wish that I could just cut out my heart so that I never had to feel again.
Rate Me Please
please rate me comment me
Where Should U Have Sex
You should have sex outdoors You are the romantic type and enjoy being spontaneous. You are not that into having other people watch though, so make sure that there is no one else around before getting busy. Take this quiz at
Step It Up - Our Troops Having Fun & Relaxin :)
What Animal Represent My Sexual Appitite
A dolphin A dolphin represents your sexual appetite. You enjoy the pleasures of sex, and you dont care who you get it from. You are ruled by animal instinct, which makes you a great lover, but you should be careful and always use protection. (If a dolphin could they would) Take this quiz at
Just Some Thoughts
I'm tell me. How do you let go of someone you love? Do you just forget them and never speak to them again? Do you remain friends and wish them the best? Could you remain their friend? I believe if you truly love someone that in many ways you never let go of the feelings even if you have to let that person go; that is if you can truly love someone unconditionally. I would always want that person to be happy no matter what path they choose in life, or whom they choose it with. I would speak to them anytime they wanted too. I would always be their friend and would hope for them to be mine. I would always be their by their side and support them. Why because when I love someone it is unconditional. I give my whole heart no matter the risk of it getting broken into a million pieces, with the hopes that someone will come along one day, and love all the pieces that are there as much as I would love them.
Various Ways To Make A Panty Dropper
Ever since I saw this drink on fu, I've wondered what was in it. I googled it and found a ton of different recipes. Here are a few of them. Enjoy!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Panty Dropper Recipe Ingredients: 1/2 oz Raspberry Vodka 1/2 oz Blueberry Schnapps 1/2 oz Cranberry Juice Panty Dropper Directions: Pour Stoli raspberry vodka and blueberry schnapps into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake, pour into a shot glass, and serve. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Panty Dropper recipe Scale ingredients to servings 1 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur 1 oz sloe gin half-and-half Pour kahlua and sloe gin into a tall, ice-filled glass. Fill with half and half, and serve. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ D's Panty Dropper Drink Recipe Ingredients to use: 1.0 part Cola 1.0 oz Rum 1.0 oz Tequila 1.0 oz Triple sec 1.0 oz OVAL Vodka Directions: Put 1 ounce of each alcohol in mixer glass,
Help Sexy Green Eyes Level To Henchman!
SEXY GREEN EYES HAS 42,000 to HENCHMAN! Sexy Green Eyes ~ Sarge's Bad Girls HIT UP SEXY GREEN EYES AND HELP HER LEVEL! Sexy Green Eyes ~ Sarge's Bad Girls DO IT NOW; YOU KNOW YOU WANNA! Sexy Green Eyes ~ Sarge's Bad Girls
THE DARKNESS NEVER ENDING By Brandon Hail The darkness never ending creeps on my soul as it kills me I die slowly inside In the darkness I cry then as it creeps to steal my soul like a theif in the night I look up and there is the most beautiful angel ive ever seen and I gasp as the beauty makes me cry The angel reaches out and touches me and kisses away my tears she holds me and carries me out of the darkness into heaven now I am in the light and warmth of a love unknown to me and I fear that it was a dream but now this angel is mine I love you Christy love your husband Brandon
Link To My Man
Baba Yaga@ fubar
Rod Stewart 2
Rod Stewart
(and yeah fyi i know some one who used to drink with this guy before he got famous - rock with it sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
This Is So True.
Helen Shapiro ( For The Oldies Amongst Us!)
Another Pc Problem
This morning I woke up and went to get on my lap top and the computer was DEAD... completely DEAD. No power at all getting to the lap top so I checked the plug in into the lap top and it was connected but I heard this funny sound coming from the AC/DC adapter brick. It was a high pitched sound. I went to lift it up and it was so hot it burned my fingers. I immediately unplugged it from the wall. Apparently the brick shut down and was about to burn up. I am so glad I woke up when I did for it may have burned the house down. Yes, it was that hot. Another day ... another problem. So... $105 later I now am the proud owner of a new adapter from Staples. I hope this is the end. My car broke down Friday night. My husband's XM radio burned out last week. My lap top crashes and I need a new hard drive and now the AC/DC adaptor blows out. What is next?
Return Of Mary Poppins...
I used to get reprimanded for my annoyingly bubbly personality...especially when hanging out with east coasters, not sure why. ;) Over the years I've toned it down or gone the opposite extreme as to fit in and not be thought of as being immature or even worse, false. As we know from countless educational projects, like movies, when we change who we are to please others we end up not only screwing ourselves out of happiness and the ease of 'just being yourself' but those people still don't respect you...why would they, you changed for them, right? I knew I was slipping, first there was mild depression then it was the comments and then the 'venting' blogs and I saw all this evidence and thought, "This isn't me." So I'm returning to my natural state, the way I've been since I was a bouncy 4 yr. old singing on my bed for my stuffed animals...their reviews were mixed. It's easier really, holding on to grudges, fear, doubts...takes so much energy and it wears me down. When I'
Want My Goodies!
I'm also having a personal Auction! Once I take the bid and the winner pays up I will start it up again so if you didn't win the first time you will have a second chance at it. :) This Blog Brought To By: SinfulBrat
Happy Turkey Day
It Has It's Advantages.
I just paid my bills online. As some know, for the past year I have had one or another family member staying on and off with me. My nephew, my son, then my mother. Wellllll.... First bills without anyone else using my electric, water, cable, etc..... Over $75.00 less!!!! I ♥ being single! Especially when I am the one paying the bills. :P
Gothic Rose
Just A Reminder To Look On The Bright Side....
Well...Ive finally decided to write one of these...why am I so scared about this? I guess the beautiful sound of the rain is giving me courage or something.... I want you to remember something...well lots of things actually.... I want you to remember to be and you alone have that power to make yourself one else truly can...and you CAN be happy....I promise. Remember to dance...hehe you cant do it well...but its so much fun... Remember the feeling you get every time you love it so much....forget about everything else...its your life. Dont let anyone else dictate it....ever. Remember to laugh...I doubt you could ever forget how to do this. But you never I guess I mean...really laugh...true genuine laughter....its the next best feeling directly under love. Remember to LOVE. Remember your music. Its your fuel to a lot of things. Remember your friends...and the good times that have and will be had....especially remember these times whe
My 111508 Kiss Fortune:
Things will soon go your way. --- Stay the course, keep looking for the good and things will go your way in the long run - even if they don't appear to be working out in the short run.
Just A Thought..
We, women do say that men are not worthy but still we feel without their presence as if we cannot breathe. Is it that we love them wrong or simply the one we love isn't the one?
Why Do
why do persons on here hate the new ones....I have been blocked in one room I dont know how many times by the people in there. I am not looking for anything, was just going to rate them. If that is to hard for them then why do they get on. Or are they tring to hide some someone......that I could understand.
Dragging Moments
Dragging Moments The fleeting smiles Of happy times They never seem to last I watch them painfully One by one Drift into distant past How happiness can be erased So quickly and easily I do not understand It can be blown away With the gentlest wind Or a simple hand But painful moments Can stop the hands of time Lasting a seeming eternity They are the first The memories we carry The imprints they leave When the heart is scarred The mind darkened The spirit crushed The joy and smiles The happiness and laughter To the side are brushed As the cuts they bleed Salt on open wounds No chance of atonement As pain freezes time The darkness only gets deep With each Dragging Moment
Because (palindrome)
Because Because of a certain girl I have lost my heart in this world Into the darkest deepest void I am hurled In my cell I am cold, naked, alone in a ball I am curled Into the darkest deepest void I am hurled I have lost my heart in this world Because of a certain girl
let have a good time..............
I Love My Mommy!
I found the perfect present for my mommy!! Her birthday is Thanksgiving. I won't have the money to get it until Christmas. I still need to get her a birthday present. My mom has expensive taste though! lol. The best part about this gift is I might get some of the ones she doesn't like. Anyone got any ideas for good, inexpensive birthday presents for an amazing mommy turning 50? That's right, the big 5-0! I love my mommy, but I'm poor. Scent Sampler Best Sellers For Her ($80.00 Value) What it is: Ten deluxe samples of Sephora's most sizzling scents, for her. What it does: The Sephora Brand Scent Sampler Bestsellers For Her is the perfect gift of fragrance when you're not sure which one to choose. This set includes ten samples of our top-selling women's fragrances to try, a gift voucher of equal value that can be redeemed at any Sephora store for a full-size bottle of any one of the samples included, and a fragrance guide. What else you need to know: Samples include:
Evil Lil Cherrypie 4 Sale
~*~*~*~* Hey Sweetie! My Name Is ♥MizPťMT F ЯWK♥ *~* EViL LiL ChErRy PiE *~* TRIPLE KISSES PASTRY Family~*~*~*~*~ I'm Up For Sale @ Triple Kiss Lounge's First Ever "Bake Sale" So Here's What I'm Offering My Bidders: 1. Top Spot In My Friends & Family List For 1 Month 2. SFW Salute 3. Rate ALL Your Pics 4. A Shout Out On My Page 5. A Pimp Out Bully For You 6. (IF you have One in your page) a sexy Voicemail from Me to You! ****Click My Pic To Enter Triple Kiss Lounge & Hang Out With Me!!****
About Today
About Today As friends hearts reach out The advice concerning my tomorrow Im told to focus on today Im told tomorrow may never come Im told right now is all that matters All of this is truth All of this given from hearts that care All of this I truly appreciate But today my friends Is where the pain is the greatest Today my heart lays shattered Today is where my despair is Today the darkness simply abounds But tomorrow I dont know Tomorrow maybe life will change Tomorrow is that mystery Tomorrow there could be hope Tomorrow there could be love Tomorrow there could be peace But today everything is before me Today the weight of the world is here Today keeps my focus on my pain Today is the day I dont want Today is the day I want to end I want the clock to strike midnight For I hope tomorrow will be different
Meaning Behind My Tattoo
well when i was 19 my father passed away... and well he was my world my fav parent the 1 that kept me in line my whole life... so having him pass away was like having my world collapse on me... i got severely depressed and was trying to drink myself to death... and my close friends all came and pulled me out of it and made me realzie my father never would have wanted me to do this to myself... so its a tribute to both my Father and my closest friends... and was inspired by this song... Korn - "4 U" This shit right here is for you. All your faces I can see. You all think it's about me. I'm about to break. Is this my fate? Am I still damned to a life Of misery and hate. You will never know. What I've done for you. What you all put me through. I'd do it for you. I could have never lived. If it wasn't for you.
Through Glass--stoned Sour
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Hypnotic Encounters
"My pet, I want you to become very, very horny." I said as I purposely rubbed my growing member. "I am your master. You must obey me. You are totally mine. Now spread your legs and let me explore your body." "Yes, master." she said as she parted her legs. Her legs were silky smooth, and felt sooo good. I slowly and purposely moved my hands past her knees and outlined her secret region with my hands. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as I took liberties with her. I massaged her clit until her it felt prominent. I felt for lubrication, and then tentatively inserted one finger, then two inside her, finger fucking her while rubbing her clit. Her breasts were level with my mouth, so I leaned over and began to sensuously lick her left nipple until it was erect. Desire spread from my loins as I felt her female body react erotically to my touches. I waited until I knew that she was on the road to orgasm. "My pet, let me enter you now." I said as I pulled m
When I Opened My Eyes
When I Opened My Eyes I wanted to shut them quickly I wanted my eyes to close forever The visions I now have are poison Memories of us are crumbling Changed to see new things Watching you let someone else in Pushing me away in my own memories Events that did happen Now bring heartache I watch you run too him All that I know just destroys me Yet My Heart cant let you go Your pictures on my walls remain In the dead of the night I stare I dream and hope and wish Even though I know Im a fool There is no us just me There never really was us You were gone I was Alone When I Opened My Eyes
What About Now- Daughtry
Somebody,Something,Nothing,Nobody It took Somebody like you To just cause my life To go where it did It took Something Seemingly so perfect To have be here now For now I am Nothing Simply stripped bare Manhood shattered My heart broken My tragic ending Came so swiftly it seems Now I am Nobody Out of your eyes Off your lips now
Reign Calling out into the night Please Reign in my heart It is your love that reigns For al the paths I have walked All the faces in the crowd Only your image remains My life is so incomplete All I have lost along the way You have been the biggest piece There seems to be no way To feel you soul again Yet I can not get release Will you ever let your Reign Wash over my heart Gently fall upon my skin Like the rains in spring That renews life Healing deep within I can not take another step For I dont know which direction That you have gone This starless night I am chained in Feels like there will never be a dawn I wish you could hear my cries That echo from my prison The walls that trap me Please Reign On me My Love You are my greatest gift Let your Reign flow free
In Me
In Me You turn away again My world crashes You take your kiss away Across my skin a thousand lashes You say you dont love me And my blood stops flowing You say you are leaving And the sun and moon stop glowing In me there is a love One that will not die In me there is your memory A smile for every tear I cry In me you live and breathe I hold to what is not there In me you have a home Yet Im alone in the middle of nowhere In me everything is yours To take and do as you will In me a desire for a future with you But I fear we will never climb that hill
Laying Here
Laying Here How do I put it in words? All that lives deep within How can I touch you over the miles? Feel the softness of your skin How can my heart reach yours? My hands long to trace your curves How can you feel my love tonight? To give you the love You deserve How do I kiss lips so far away ? Speak softly to My Heart How do I get you to listen? Longing for our life too start How can I handle the empty space? Here in this bed vision unclear How can I handle you next to him? So many thoughts flooding just Laying Here
This One Is A Loser!!!!
live4themoment@ fubar Here is the conversation. Oh this one pissed me off this morning!!!! live4themo...: lmao shu t up and suck some cock ->live4themo...: i dont put up with that kind of talk from someone i dont know ->live4themo...: ok thats so not how you say hi to someone live4themo...: love to suck yur pussy live4themo...: dam u r sexxy
Johnny And June - Heidi Newfield
Ending/Beginning I never wanted to find myself here It has become my living reality Two souls drifting apart Loosing all of our stability We scurried along this tragedy Knowing it never really had to be We arrived together in two separate places I wish I knew how we got so far I know that it wasnt one sided Somewhere our hands slipped from the bar Now we are left both wanting and alone We had become strangers in our home We seemingly went down without a fight Neither throwing a single punch Instead of living off love We tried to live off a hunch Who am I now what will I be? Who are you now what can you see? Love was never and issue between us But in the end forgiveness was Since neither of us guarded the door We escaped like love sometime does Should we have been able to this? Could this have been saved with one more kiss? Now blackened tattered and torn Is the once white wedding gown Memories of days long past Into the depths of the sea d
Well friends the boob/moob auction was flagged nsfw so it has been canceled. We are starting over same scenario only censored for the fubar police. All bids are being kept and nothing has changed its just a CENSORED sfw boob/moob auction. This will begin tommorrow night at 10E, 7P/Fu catch on the boob side lol
Phone Number
got this random in my SB, where's Allah when you need him?? patrickbush12: hey baby wana call me huh here u go 602-861-9076
Deepest Desires 2 With Picture
About Wats Goin On...
Some of you kno wats goin on and sum do not. Well I haven't been on much due to a house fire. Im stayin wit friends for the time bein not sure when I will be able to come home :(. I miss talkin to you all and those of you who kno me well enuf kno other ways to reach me. Another thing is I mite not be back on fubar as much as before or even at all.. I will be on time to time to check messages so I hope while im gone you will think of me and send me a hello every now and again :D love ya all xoxo Kells
Toy Drives!!!
I remember growing up, being so poor and the envy I always felt towards others during Christmas time. My father was a dead beat dad! child support interfered with his drinking. My mother left alone with four boys, struggled to make ends meet and did a fair job of it. Eight years old riding the bus after winter break was a living hell for me. Kids with new clothes and shoes, my stinky old sneakers would always get covered by my book bag for the whole ride. My jacket always a hand-me-down, was full of holes and the zipper very delicate. Only thing new on me was my sweater, my grand mother new I liked thick sweaters, I could always count on grandma for one of those. The teasing would start on the first day returning to school and would last till mid January. "Jeepers Creepers look at them old sneakers"! I heard it so much in a two week period I would try to match it with music. Kids can be real cruel, and when your the "poor" kid, you become the target of everyone. I even ran away
Raped Weekly...
....why would someone do this? Better yet, who the hell would check in here? Maybe some of our more Fu Famous dudes on here have a VIP card to this place..anyways, enjoy this random lol and hope everyone had a good weekend...I'm off to football land...if anyone takes offense I apologize. Rape is not funny, but the fact that someone would let this happen is.
Kryptonite,,3 Doors Down
realy feeling this one today,,if you dont have it,,,download it and listen with me!lol cheers from the zen side! kryptonite by 3 doors down I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind I left my body lyin somewhere in the sence of time But I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon I feel there's nothing I can do yea I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon After all I knew it had to be something to do with you I really don't mind what happens now and then As long as you'll be my friend at the end If I go crazy then will you still call me superman If I'm alive then will you be there to hold my hand I'll keep you by my side with my superhuman might Kryptonite You call me strong, you call me weak but still your secrets I will keep You took for granite all the times I never let you down You stumbled in and bumped your head, If not for me then you'd be dead I'll get you up and put you back on solid ground If I g
Bullie That Was Made For Squirter Princess
I invite you to stop by an meet my new owner Squirter princess ,, Fan / Rate/Add/ Bling her whatever it takes she is a sweet person and so deserves it..i look for forward to serving her over the next month and would like my friend's to show her some love also ... Squirter Princess **Fu Bad Girls** R/L Wifey To Ruiner@ fubar **************************************** This bully made with love by: CrazyMama45*Co-Owner Regiment Dragon Bombers*//*Fu Bad Girls*/Fu-Wifey to sTaRr/Fu-Owned by Teddy B@ fubar (repost of original by '♫♫DjBlueyes ♫♫ Daddy's Levelers member of Regiment DragonBombers&DDleve' on '2008-11-16 09:54:47') (repost of original by '☠ The One ☠ / Founder of Daddy's Levelers / Fu Owned by Buckeyebabe' on '2008-11-16 10:16:26') (repost of original by 'drmami0031(Family Manager Regiment Dragon Bombers)' on '2008-11-16 11:54:11')
Short Note
I'm A Single Father, Not Looking For Anything, Really. Don't Have Much Of A Life Anymore, Just Work & The Baby (Who Just Turned 3 Months.) His Mother Is Mostly Out Of The Picture, As She Keeps Blowing Off Her Visits With Him, & Spends The Rest Of Her Time Hounding Me Into Giving Her An Off-Schedule Visit. Usually When The Weather's Bad. He's Already Gotten A Cold Once, From My Taking Him To Her Like That. I'm Not Chancing It Again. I'm Just Wanting To Meet New People & Talk To Those Out There Willing To Be Friendly. Don't Get Out Much Anymore Because My Little Issac Comes First.
For My Sweet Friend
=== '~Pastel Princess, ~Owner @ Temptation's Playhouse~ FU Wife and RL g/f to Jnaildriver~' wrote the following at '2008-11-16 12:00:18'.. > > Hun you know so many peeps..can you help promote me for my lounge auction? here is my bully... I sure would appreciate it.. wanna get a good owner and some bling bling! lol... huggles.. > > > > > > > > > > for the person that owns me > > > > fu owned in name for the month > > rate all pics and stash during happy hour and rate pics 11 if given a V.I.P. > > > > personal phone call to me > > > make them a salute > > > one gift a week > > *******if cash bid******** > > make them a nsfw salute for CASH bid winer > > daily comments > > rate/comment a friend of owner's choice > > promote the lounge of their choice > > added to family for access to nsfw while owned > > > > > click my pic above to place a bid on me > > > > > > > > >
Here Be Dragons
Here Be Dragons is a free 40 minute video introduction to critical thinking. It is suitable for general audiences and is licensed for free distribution and public display.
Don't Do What I Did!!!!
i deleted my account on an impulse--from getting upset and i so regret it,never let anyone push you to that point,be smarter walk away and count to 100 then come back and stay away from that indivisual--which is kinda hard or was for me he was or i thought my best friend ever---we lived together for 8 yrs been apart for 2 so i let him upset me on here and i was a level 22 and all my blings and gifts and just everything was gone when i pushed that button,also had a vip till Jan.09 lost it all,and should have to let someone let me do this.wasn't his fault i did it but just walk away and count to 100 before comming back and just avoid that person if you can,too much work too lose it all for am inpulse. Thanks for letting me bore you with my stupidinest...Deb
My sister feels the need to tell my daughter about some things that happened in my past. These are things she doesn't need to know about unless I tell. I have never had a great relationship with my sister. She is always trying to be better than me. I could care less if she is. She has no right telling my daughter the things she has told her. right now,she had better not show up at my home...I am seriously fucking pissed the fuck off!!!!
Dreamt Of Words Unsaid
I dream of words to write at night When I awake theres my pencil in sight, I begin jotting down all the words in my head building them into form to make sense when their read, last night I dreamt of words unsaid for they left me using my imagination instead, Here are some of the words that went flowing about... excited and bliss cant forget miss, pale and skin yes even pin, comfort and caring then there was daring, kiss and thighs oh me oh my, touching and caressing maybe some bed messing, lick and spilt yes there's another word that ryhmes, taste and wet I have a dirty mind I find, hands and tying mmm I am not lying, These are the words thats formed while dreaming there it was my imagination went streaming!
Money Auction Only
ATTENTION ATTENTON WICKED LETTE is holding an all money auction!! **WICKED LETTE** I want you to take me to the hospital This means you can only bid with things money can buy or money itself. Entry fee is 30k paid to me (WICKED LETTE). Message me asap with the pic you want to use and what you are offering.(WICKED LETTE) Mininum bid starting at $5.00 (USD). The auction will end when you get the bid you are satisfied with. I will be in this auction too so dont forget to bid on me! This has been created by: ☆PopSicle Gurl☆ [[SERNgC]] ♥Property of KaTman#9825;@ fubar
Leveling Help 106
badassrock@ fubar 15k to level
Best Dj There Is Hire Me
Haters List
Lawyers Suck
Lawyers suck! You pay them out the damn ass and they dick ya around! I wouldn't be having this problem if it wasn't for that Georgia ass who hit me n totaled my baby! I miss my blue Impala!
i'm uber bored, did some laundry, did the dishes and now well...nothing, their is nothing on tv, cowboys don't play until tonight & i don't care about the other games to give a flying rats ass, stupid Eli Manning, i wanna cram a football up his bum. so blah, lick my taint idk, here's a monkey getting a BJ, enjoy
My Job Description.....
If it had been presented this way, I don't believe any of us would have done it !!!! POSITION : Mom, Mommy, Mama, Ma JOB DESCRIPTION : Long term, team players needed, for challenging permanent work in an, Often chaotic environment. Candidates must possess excellent communication and organizational skills and be willing to work variable hours, which will include evenings and weekends and frequent 24 hour shifts on call. Some overnight travel required, including trips to primitive camping sites on rainy weekends and endless sports tournaments in far away cities! Travel expenses not reimbursed. Extensive courier duties also required. RESPONSIBILITIES : The rest of your life. Must be willing to be hated, at least temporarily, until someone needs $5. Must be willing to bite tongue repeatedly. Also, must possess the physical stamina of a pack mule and be able to go from zero to 60 mph in three seconds flat in case, th
How I Feel At The Moment
I Love You All
YOU ALL ROCK!! Thank you all for helping me to GodMother during my first Happy Hour! A HUGE ROCKIN FOCKIN FU THANK YOU You all are the best friends a girl could have and I have mad love for each of you! My HH was bought to you by the letters S.U.P.E.R.M.A.N. (You are the turtle to my snail) hehe: Dakota21220
Auto 11 Train 11/16
THIS IS THE AUTO 11'S TRAIN. IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS AUTO 11'S PRIVATE MESSAGE ME THE PROFILE LINK, THE TIME & DAY THE AUTO 11'S START. I WILL UPDATE DAILY IN THE AM (OR MORE IF NEED BE). I HAVE A FEW ON HERE TO START. I KNOW THERE ARE MORE OUT THERE :) HAVE FUN AND MAKE SOME POINTS! BROUGHT TO YOU BY Carebear ^^T&H destroyers^^@ fubar AUTO 11'S FOR 11/16 BELLADONNA♥OwNeR@SEVEN DEADLY SINS & WICKED MENAGERIE♥R/L/FU-WIFE to DJ HOMICIDE&hearts@ fubar ~Wizard~Owner of Club Tabu~Enforcer for the Rating Revolution~@ fubar ~♥~TEXAS TWISTER~♥~FU WIFE TO TEXASMAN~♥~SHADOW LEVELER♥CLUB UNITE@ fubar Autos On!!!!~*~EyezOfJade ~*~Always Known As Tyghtwhyt BB 2 the Pu$$ycatPlaymates ♥ Owned by.@ fubar TlCh69..l./ Owner of Green Door & ~CHANTELL~Stalker of TM Member of FHSG~@ fubar Stephanie Lynn@ fubar TERESA~OWNER OF T&H DESTROYERS`AUTO 11'S ARE ON,COME RATE MY PICS PLZ@ fubar ~SouthernOutlawBiker~DS
How Much Did I Drink?
This is everything I had to drink last night: 25 shots of Washington Apples 5 shots of Wet Pu$$y (it's a shot, look it up) 1 Pina Colada 2 Strawberry Daiquiris 2 Miller Light 6 Rolling Rocks Do you even realize how much booze that is? And the bartender was making mine extra strong because it was my birthday, lmao.
SALVAGE As the morning sunlight streamed in through the barred window, the prisoner got up from his sleeping place on the floor. He wondered what misfortune today would bring. He was an ugly young man, but his time in incarceration had aged him quickly. Despite that he carried himself with a poise and dignity few could muster. He couldn't even remember his life outside and when exactly he found himself inside. A large cockroach scuttled across the floor and stopped immediately in front of him, hissing. One of the many other denizens of this dank and horrid place. The prisoner backed away against the wall, more out of dismay and disgust than fear. The guard walked past. He was a large muscular man with a shaven head and covered in tattoos. As part of his equipment he carried a heavy truncheon. He was obviously amused at the situation he saw. "Scared of a fucking cockroach, huh?" He took his keys off his belt, opened the cell door and marched inside, crushing the cockroach under his
Elated Flame
Elated Flame by Me The sun is always shining even on a cloudy day With a smile in my thoughts and on my face Wishing everyone to have a wonderful day Knowing that nothing for them would go wrong Stopping to say hello and to assure they are good Reinforcing that everything will be okay Wondering why I am so cheerful and happy I wished I knew that answer, but I'll never ask Never to know why I am so happy and never sad For the cards I was dealt I should've folded To be so optimistic and full of cheer is not so easy When alone in the dark and unable to see There is always one light that guides the way An eternal flame of hope to inspire those around me
Shits And Giggles....
ok.dont honest.when we take a dump,why is it we always pick up whatever is next to us,be it air freshener,or toilet cleaner and read the ingredients off it LMAO.I mean everyone does it now.nomatter how many times you take a shit you stll find yourself fascinated with the same most of you are gona say NOOOOOO,naaaahh.yesssssssss you do it.
Nsfw Pics
To get to see my NSFW , you must buy me a $20 Bling pack or vip renewal and i will add you to my family. it's as simple as that......but worth it :) I will add more pics, depnding on how generous you are!!!! Bea xoxox
Missing Person
Clayton (Clay) Bruster His Fubar! His Myyearbook! His Myspace! Other Sites! a href='' target=_blank> Clayton was last heard from his online friends in LA County.. due tio the fires.. many of us are concerned.. he's been living in the Tajunga area.. an area hit by fire storms.. if you have heard from him.. let Sweet Southern Angel or One Hott Momma know.. please. his info. thanks
What Is Your Favourite Sport.....
imagine u in a bar and a fight starts,there is a midget sitting right next to you drinking a few lagers.the fight becomes more evident as the whole bar is in disarray,and the midget sucker punches you.what do you do?do you pick up the midget and toss it across the bar and become what we call a midget tosser or do you try to be the bigger man lol
A Pirate Joke...
a pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel strapped to his pants.the bartender asks ,"sir why do you have a steering wheel strapped to your pants then he says,"arrrghhhh,it drives me nutts,it drives me nuttts,it drives me nutts"........
This is a little bit of my heart and soul... Please be gentle with it. This blog might have something to say to somebody specific...if that were the case you'd know who you are. To many I may seem that my feeling don't get hurt easily. When it comes to love this is a lie. Why is it so hard to find somebody thats there for you...not for what you can do for them or what pleasure you can bring. There for you as a whole? To be there through thick and thin. My experience always ends with 2 types of men. Not that this is all men. The ones I find though are always one of two thing... Only around for their own self-gratification. once they have it they are gone or everytime they come around thats what they are after. Or.. At the first test of honor or sign of commitment they hit the door running. Is it impossible to find a decent man that wants to be committed to one person and have something meaningful? Have long talks and spend time together and not just want sex a
Come On Do It... You Know You Wanna
Skitz @ fubar SnakeEyes Radio@ fubar ( first prize: 1 month vip, second prize: 7 day blast, third prize: 50,000 fu-bucks and personalized "SER ♥'s...." picture. )
Own Me! Auction Begins 11/15
jnail for the person that owns me fu owned in name for the month rate all pics and stash during happy hour and rate pics 11 if given a vip make them a personal salute one gift a week of my choice *******if cash bid******** daily comments rate/comment a friend of owners choice once per week promote the lounge of there choice jnail click my pic above to place a bid on me
Yo Yo Yo
So my plan was too run around pimping myself all day. That hasn't worked out. But i love my picture today so wanted to share it with everyone. What a wonderful Sunday it is. :S Thats right i haz them. Come rate, 5, 10, 2500 pictures i need the FuBucks. Lmaooooo xoxo Now go rate me. :P My friends are awesome
4392 Hours In."immigration"
Since my move from the states to Canada my view on immigration has come to a complete 180.Ofcourse this time me being the immigrant,it isnt a big fucking shocker that I might have changed my mind on my ways of thinking.Now I know it is'nt as if I moved to a country where people speak a different language or that the culture is even that different,but things are far from the same.I have found myself in a few situations where I am the "butt" of jokes or even had people turn thier heads away from me because I am American.I dont mind the jokes,Lord knows I have plenty of my own.It is the other things that make me think.If you were to sit back and think about how you treated the guy at the store differently because of his accent or nationality I am sure most of you would see how ignorant it is to be this way.Maybe I am the only ignorant one,but 'C'est la vie'.When you find yourself in his shoes things are not the same.I find it kind of ironic how I would'nt take the time to think of how tho
Santa's Little Helpers Auction Preview
Santa's Little Helpers Auction™ Coming on December 14th, the next hottest auction on the fu! Details to come! So keep an eye out for the next Blog! Here is a Preview of the Tag BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Your Ultimate Desire™ Captain for Fu L
some people walk in & out of your life, & others leave foot prints on your heart.. U have to figure out.. who is worth the heartache.
My White Girl Dance :d
Dont hate my loserness HAHA just laugh
My Avatar
Listen Up
I'm on here to make friends and have fun. I happen to like making pictures using those sites like Imikimi, Red dodo things like that. I do not use anyones NSFW photos in these things I make. I also have the album set for friends only. If by chance I just happen to make a photo that you think is not tasteful. Do me a favor. Just move on and dont be a prick and flag it. I just had one flagged thats been up for about 4 days. If the bouncers dont flag it when its uploaded. Dont be an ass and do it. If you dont like it. DONT LOOK. Its that simple.
What Color Should Your Blog Or Journal Be?
Your Blog Should Be Purple You're an expressive, offbeat blogger who tends to write about anything and everything. You tend to set blogging trends, and you're the most likely to write your own meme or survey. You are a bit distant though. Your blog is all about you - not what anyone else has to say. What Color Should Your Blog or Journal Be?
What Color Nail Polish Best Fits You?
Your Nail Polish Color is Black How you're unique: There's nothing about you that isn't unique Why your style rocks: You are a total indie chick... and you can pull it off What this color says about you: "I'm a trendsetter and don't care what anyone else is doing!" What Color Nail Polish Best Fits You?
What Color Orange Are You?
You Are Pumpkin Realistic and practical, you see the world for how it is. You know what it takes to succeed - hard, honest work. You are willing to give it your all in life. You have no problem paying your dues in order to get ahead. And you're happy to help others reach their goals. You have a very generous spirit. What Color Orange Are You?
Going Offline
going offline as of the 1st week in dec. not sure how long it will be before i can afford to have internet again.. anyone that wants to keep in touch with me can call me, will always have cell phone, 207-659-0062... will miss talking with everyone, love my fu friends...have met some great people, love you all...beth
Temptation's Playhouse Auction.. Own This Sexy Man
jnail for the person that owns me fu owned in name for the month rate all pics and stash during happy hour and rate pics 11 if given a vip make them a personal salute one gift a week of my choice *******if cash bid******** daily comments rate/comment a friend of owners choice once per week promote the lounge of there choice jnail click my pic above to place a bid on me
5 Years Curse Of Pain
On the 9th of November 2008 CoP had it's 5 Years band anniversary. So we decided to Upload our 2nd CD "Experimental Metal" for everyone as a Free Download. Please Visit our Myspace for Details.
What Color Green Are You?
You Are Emerald Green Deep and mysterious, it often seems like no one truly gets you. Inside, you are very emotional and moody - though you don't let it show. People usually have a strong reaction to you... profound love or deep hate. But you can even get those who hate you to come around. There's something naturally harmonious about you. What Color Green Are You?
Firestrike: World's First Solid-state Battlefield Laser Now Available
By Jesus Diaz, 8:43 PM on Fri Nov 14 2008, 35,436 views Get ready for some real pew pew, because Northrop Grumman has just announced that the first ever high-energy, solid-state lethal laser for actual war applications is now available for ordering. This means that you can pay now a few millions and get yours for Xmas. The new Firestrike units offer 15 kilowatts of power, but can be combined to offer 100 kilowatts of technological terror, capable of actually destroying the enemy. According to the company, this new laser "changes the game" of military engagement. Nobody would say by judging the neutral looks of it: The FIRESTRIKE(tm) laser is a line replaceable system that allows for scaling a laser weapon to desired power levels for specific warfighting applications and platforms. Northrop Grumman believes that FIRESTRIKE(tm) laser will form the backbone of future laser weapon systems. You can put together up to eight of these to achieve the maximum power available, alth
Ok he has 214 pics...Hes a great guy!!! Lets help him out! Married_With_Children@ fubar
The Death Of Sighs
the rain falls outside of her window as she looks out wishing for someone to come and save her from the death she feels consuming her deep inside, yet her eyes are too blind to see that a savior has wandered into her heart watching her from afar longing to hold her wishing she would open her eyes to see he's there beside her wrapping his every ounce of love and being around her longing to warm her frozen heart and save her from the past but weighted down by his own ball and chain his tattered soul can't break through the mortal world strong enough to touch her. out of the death of a thousand sighs longing for a moment to last but too weak and broken to hold on too afraid to gain a love and lose again from a hundred years of a hundred pains breathing dying living fading like the wind on a cold winters night left alone she sits not seeing that angel hovering above her so close yet so far it seems unable to pierce through the ice too broken himself to see what's inside yet knowing its
Mood Of The Day
Can’tcha say you believe in me? Can’tcha see what you mean to me? Everyday I think of you, You’re on my mind. Some things in the past Are better left behind. Every night I dream of you, The images as clear as day. Can’tcha say you believe in me? Can’tcha say you believe in me? You know that where there’s a will there’s a way. Can’tcha say you believe in me? Can’t you see what it means to me? Don’t leave me alone tonight, ’cause I still love you. We’ve had our time apart And I knew right from the start I could never change The way I feel about you baby. We can sit here all night long And separate the right from the wrong But love won’t wait. Can’tcha say you believe in me? Can’tcha say you believe in me? You know that where there’s a will there’s a way. Can’tcha say you believe in me? Can’t you see what it means to me? Don’t leave me alone tonight,
Night Clubs For "test Ur Knockers"
The World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation is looking for night clubs around the world to host one night events in order to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. The foundation has designed a few sexy events that can done at the events to get the night clubs patrons involved in the giving donations and educating them about breast cancer. If you own, run or know of a night club that would host a "Knockers Pit Stop" fund raiser please contact me. Or if you would just like to donate to the cause then go to to do so on the donation box there. (sorry couldn't download it here) Any amount is welcome, 50cents, a $1.00 it all helps.
Uaw Leader Says Blame Economy For Detroit 3 Woes
UAW leader says blame economy for Detroit 3 woes Saturday November 15, 4:45 pm ET By Mark Williams, AP Business Writer UAW president says economy to blame for automakers problems, not workers COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Even as Detroit's Big Three teeter on collapse, United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger said Saturday that the problem is not the union's contract with the automakers and that getting the automakers back on their feet means figuring out a way to turn around the slumping economy. ADVERTISEMENT "The focus has to be on the economy as a whole as opposed to a UAW contract," Gettelfinger told reporters on a conference call, noting the labor costs now make up 8 percent to 10 percent of the cost of a vehicle. "We have made dramatic, dramatic changes and the UAW was applauded for that," he said. Instead, Gettelfinger blamed the problems the auto industry is suffering from on things beyond its control -- the housing slump, the credit crunch that has made financi
If You Were Born In 2893
If You Were Born in 2893... Your Name Would Be: Iara Reunn And You Would Be: The Destroyer of Earth If You Were Born in 2893
Sqirter Princess Owns Me!!!
My Fave New Song...
Please Help Slipknot Win
MAGGOTS WORLDWIDE!!! PLEASE READ THIS NOW!!! MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND MAGGOTS. PLEASE READ THIS BLOG, AND FEEL FREE TO COPY AND PASTE IT INTO YOUR OWN, OR LINK IT.. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Saw this amongst the bulletins. ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- Date: Nov 15, 2008 4:07 PM So I was on Britney Spears' page to send her hate mail when I looked on her comments. She's one of the candidates I guess you'd call them for the Fuse Best of '08 contest thing. And on her comments people are telling her that if they change the date on their PC they can vote for her over and over as many times as they want. That's fucked up. The idea is to only vote once per day. No wonder she's winning! So we need to let the other bands know this, because this award could pretty meaningful to them and it shouldn't go to some cheating bitch. Sooo....comment their blogs and stuff. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Naughty Application
"!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION !!! Your Name: Age: Location: 1.Favorite position: 2.Do you think I'm cute?. 3.Would you have sex with me? 4.lights on or off? 5.Would you have to be drunk? 6. Would you take a shower with me? 7.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 8.Would you leave after or stay the night? 9.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 10.Condom or skin? 11.Have sex on the first date? 12.Would you kiss me during sex 13.Do you think I would be good in bed /? 14.Would you use me as a booty call? 15.Can I use you as a booty call? 16.Can we take pictures of the act? 17.How long would we have sex? 18.Would you tell your friends about me? 19.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 20. Will you fill this out & send it back to me?" Also < IF YOU HAD ME ALONE, LOCKED UP IN YOUR ROOM FOR A WEEK & I HAD TO DO WHAT EVER YOU WANTED ME TO DO, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH ME? TELL ME IN MY INBOX... CUZ ITS A SECRET
Love On Twaune!
***Happy FuVersary Twaune!!!*** Stop By and Show him Lots of Mad Love!!! He has been on Fubar for Two Years!!! He is one of my most amazing Friends!!And he has Auto 11's ON!!! Lets help him get a lot closer to Prophet! He deserves it fu's!!! Go spank his page with lots of Rates of his pics & stash!! & dont forget that shiny cha Bling blingggggggggggg!!! Click this link right below to get to his page!Dont forget to let him know I sent ya! Twaune Th ast on ™ Fu-Owned by Xt€M€ * nke yeš d Promoter *@ fubar Twaunes one of the most Sweetest!Caring!Smexi! On Fubar!!
Win Blings With My Auto 11
I gotta repost this from my previous profile... Since I'm inspired by a recent 3rd grade level mumm that belongs on a short bus. Is there a fuckin reason why someone who moved here in her teens writes better English than some adult men and women who were BORN in this country?? I mean, American education is not that bad, so wtf?? Short bus?
Are You A Wimp?
You Are Not a Wimp In fact, you are an incredibly tough person. Your nerves do not get the better of you. You don't back down from challenges or intimidating situations. You love the thrill of conquer... so much so that it outweighs the fear of defeat. Are You a Wimp?
One Of Our Own!
Mrs Independent is 590k from Godmothering..So lets get our Fine arses in there and help her out! ~MRS INDEPENDENT~IN REMEBERANCE OF MY SON JR 02/05/1985-11/30/2000@ fubar
Are You Impulsive?
You Are 41% Impulsive You're quite impulsive, but you never are reckless. You qualify as a very spontaneous person, but you still know how to honor your commitments. And while responsibility doesn't come easy to you, having fun does! Are You Impulsive?
For Someone Special To My Heart
Does He Think of ME He is always in my mind, Wondering what he is doing, Wondering if he is ok, He is always in my heart, There helping it beat a little faster, Does he think of me, Am I always in his mind, Am I in his heart, There helping it beat a little faster, Will I meet him oneday, See his beautiful face up close, Will I hold him oneday, Will he tell me everything will be ok, Will we laugh and play together, Never wanting it to end, Holding hands in the park, Looking at each other, Looking into each others eyes, Eyes meeting as if in a dream, Does he think of me, Am I in his mind always? by Linda Weaver With Love
Could You Be Violent?
There's a Chance You Could Be Violent Overall, you're a pretty chill person - and you have a good handle on your emotions. Sometimes your anger gets the best of you, and end up regretting how you act. Try to curb your temper more often. It only has to get out of control once to do some damage. Could You Be Violent?
Without A Doubt Or Complete Certainty.
Exactly Don't just generalize about what you wish to achieve. Don't just have a vague idea about where you would like to go. Tell yourself exactly what you expect of yourself. Make your goals vivid, clear and precise. Whether you are traveling around the block or across the ocean, your destination is always a single, specific point. The only way you can reach that point is by clearly and unambiguously defining where it is. The same is true for every destination you seek to reach, whether it is a place, a person, an object or a set of conditions. When the goal is clear and specific, filled in your mind with all the color, the texture, the sounds and the feelings, you'll surely be able to work your way there. Success is largely a matter of deciding upon every little detail of what you wish to achieve. For each detail you envision provides you with an additional pathway to your goal. Know what you seek, and know it with richness and precision. For that's exactly what you'll ac
Now I Understand!!!
Everyone seems to be wondering why radical Islamic terrorists are so quick to commit suicide. Let's see now... No Jesus. No Christmas. No television. No football. No basketball. No baseball. No golf. No tailgate parties. No cheerleaders. No nude women. No semi-nude women. No beer!!! No wine!! No hard liquor! No ham. No bacon. No sausage. No BBQ'd pork. No pork rinds. No hot dogs. No cheeseburgers. No chocolate chip cookies. No lobster. No other shellfish, or even frozen fish sticks. Rags for clothes and towels for hats. Constant wailing from the guy next door because he's sick and there are no doctors. Constant wailing from the guy in the tower. You can't shower to wash off the smell of donkey cooked over burning camel dung. You can't shave. More than one wife. Your wives can't shave. The women have to wear baggy dresses and veils at all times. Your bride is picked by someone else. She smells just like your donkey, but
Oracle Jim
Shadowmans In A Giveaway
Part One: To Be Continued (feel Free To Keep It Going)
Misty, yes it was her real name, looked at herself in the mirror. At 19 she was all woman. She was brunette with highlights and blue eyed She had soft, perky d cup breasts and pink nipples about the size of silver dollars. Her hips were not narrow, they were slightly wide giving her an hourglass figure, however not so pronounced. Her butt was plump, probably her own favorite part of her own body. It was round and stuck out. She loved her ass. She liked to look in the mirror at her profile figure and rub her nipples and spank herself. All in all she wasnt skinny and she wasnt fat. She was healthy. She had a slight bulge to her tummy. She didnt have a gut just a little tummy. Misty was proud that she wasnt skinny. She liked her slightly fat but and wide hips. After all, thy matched her breasts. Basically she wore a size 10 dress, that is if she ever wore a dress. As she looked at herself she remembered her first sexual experience with a guy. She had begun masturbating at 13, b
What To Do Now?
my first blog here. . . . no longer a virgin uh? so i'm trying to get use to being back in college after years being out. . . . feel like the oldest person there even though I'm not. .
Want To Be A Fu-angel Or A Lost Boy?
WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THE FU-ANGELS AND LOST BOYZ Definition of the FuAngels and Lost Boyz Morality, loyalty, reliabilty, and kindness Rules for a FuAngel and Lost Boy 1. You must be able to help out when called upon if available at least twice a month. Most things done for the group are usually minor things. Unless it is something to promote the group 2. You must have FuAngel in your name if you are female and lost boy in your name if you are male. Also next to that the Team that you are in. 3. You must repost all FuAngel and Lost Boyz bulletins. This is another efficient way to promote the group, and find more good people out there that are like us if you decide to join. 4. Absolutely no drama!!!! The FuAngels have been drama free since day one. One sighn of it will result in immediate expultion from the group. We have been around to long to deal with it, so if two members have some type of anomosity against one another my suggestion is keep
I found this a lil bit ago and thought it was really good! No I didnt write this one but I do believe! I Believe I believe that the sun shines after the rain I believe if you don't get hurt you'll never gain I believe in not doing things the easy way I believe that being selfish doesnt pay I believe in a second chance I believe in a life long romance I believe there is life after death And standing up to a life of mess I believe in love at first sight I believe that revenge isnt right I believe that first impressions last And there is nothing better then a good laugh I believe that dreams do come true I believe there's destiny for me and you I believe that good things come to those who wait I believe love never arrives too late I believe something good comes from something bad I believe that for tears of happiness there are tears of sad I believe everyone has a guardian angel And the good you do will be rewarded well I believe sometimes there
RESPECT If we can not respect another How can we expect them to respect us If we can not respect someones beliefs How can we expect them to respect ours If we can not respect anothers race How can we expect that race to respect us If we can not respect others How can we expect respect in return Everyone expects respect No matter who they are The only way to gain it Is to start treating everyone As a friend, a brother, a sister As part of our extended family No matter what colour or creed they are Only then you will start to get The respect you so dearly crave
Tupac Shakur!
In The Depths of Solitude i exist in the depths of solitude pondering my true goal trying 2 find peace of mind and still preserve my soul constantly yearning 2 be accepted and from all receive respect never comprising but sometimes risky and that is my only regret a young heart with an old soul how can there be peace how can i be in the depths of solitude when there r 2 inside of me this duo within me causes the perfect oppurtunity 2 learn and live twice as fast as those who accept simplicity Tupac Shakur
Song Ranking On The Charts!!
Hi everyone!! I am Shawn and my song is currently number 2 on the Pennsylvania/Maryland area Blues Charts! Help me get to number 1 by clicking on the banner and signing up as a fan its free and easy all you have to do is enter your email or click on the banner and listen to my songs!! Thank you, Shawn
i Host My 1st Auction...wanna Be In?
I would like to start it november 23 - 30 or once I get a handful of guys and girls to join. 25K entry fee to join the auction. If you'd like to auction "yourself" up for bids, just leave me a private message with a link to your photo you want used and what your offering and I'll get you added. I want zero drama in this auction!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may also refuse any bid just comment on your pic and private message me what bid you refused.. If you're not sure how this works... All you do is come up with whatever you'd like to put up for the bidding. A list of ideas are listed below. Then, you and I invite people to check out what you have to offer and they bid using fubucks. People can also bid money gifts such as blasts, VIPs and HHs if they REALLY want what you have!! Real money bids trump all Fu$ bids. *List of Ideas* Rate all pics Rate all stash A personal salute pic to winning bidder A NSFW salute pic to winning bidder Access to private folders
So, now that I have figured out that I like treating people like shit, I was given a great advice: why not do it, AND get paid for it. I have no idea what the fuck does one do to become a dominatrix, so no clue. Maybe scope craigslist for old rich men that like their balls stepped on...
Everything Has A Price
Sunday, November 16, 2008 EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No one has a corner on success. Pay the price for it and it is yours. There is no easy road to success. You've got to work a great deal harder than most people to get it. Nothing worthwhile will come easily to you. Hard work will accomplish results that last. No matter what you want from life, you've got to give up something to get it. There is no success at bargain basement prices. You'll find that the highway to success is a toll road. Copyright 2008 The Mangosteen Evolution Discover Mangosteen
The Next Chapter Of The Life Of The Dark Lord
they keep makeing love well into the night.and after about the fourth time of them makeing love.the woman passes out,as he walks back into the room and and sees her passed out.he smiles and then walks over and sinks his fangs back deep into her neck this time draining her completely of blood before leaveing.Sergio looks around before leaveing wanting to know how to make his new home look so he can make sure of the things he will he looks around he sees what time it is and starts curseing himself silently knowing he must now rush as fast as he can back to his castle before the sun he is leaveing and running as fast as he can he see's that it is too late the sun is already riseing as he stands there waiting for death to take him he is shocked when the sun's rays hit his skin and body he isn't effected by them.shocked beyond belief he continues to walk to his castle,and upon arriveing at his castle his servant comes out and says"master your not dead and the sun is shinein
My Mountain
Climbing higher mountains; I will not descend downward until after I have conquered that fear. Clasping stars within my hands, they shall not stray from my touch. I AM A DREAMER. My wings lie in my mind, where they allow me to divide the clouds as I ascend through their cotton like tufts. One cannot pierce my heart with any arrow, it is filed with pure bliss and compassion. No one will ever be able to seize that from me, although at times my eyes may look wounded. My strenght has never failed. BISOUS, Lacey
The Truth About Me And My Ex's.
When I was 18 I lost virginity to Tamara McKinney. She was the perfect little rockabilly chick for me. She would bring me food at work and was just an all around amazing woman. Almost a year into our relationship Pearl Jam came to town and I won tickets on the radio. I had 3 tickets and she asked if she bring her guy friend who was coming into town. Since she hadn't seen him years, of course I agreed. We had a blast at the concert, dropped them off and went home. It was late but I figured I'd go back over to her house and suprise her. Well to my suprise, this "friend" was actually her fiance and I found that out after catching them naked in bed together. I was 21 working in my brother's bar in Scottsdale. Single, going to college and living out on my own. I ended up dating this sorority chick from ASU named Amanda. Smart, funny as hell and a complete opposite from your stereotypical "sorority blonde." We dated for about 6 months before she decided to tell me that she had
I've Been Arrested For Malicious Brattiness And Intent To Brat
This naughty girl has finally been caught and incarcerated, I'm in a holding cell awaiting final placement in a FuPenitentiary. I've been sentenced 30 days of hard futime. Of course, who the Warden is going to be, will be decided by none other than the highest bidder. I promise not to cause any Fuprison riots, and if I do you can take the prison strap out *giggles* Oh wait I might like that! LOL The Fuholding cell is getting full and we can only be held here for 2 weeks, so unless we are sent to our new remformatories, we might be let loose to wreak havoc on the poor people of Fubar again. One good thing about this new game is, it is open and easy for all fubarians, any and all bids are accepted and appreciated, from friend adds, to fubucks, to vips, and bling, that way everyone can participate. Just click the pic and have some fun! ;) I'm Innocent.... I swear! You can catch this exciting scenario unfold at my good friends page "(`LisaNCentralTX)" If
Listen Douglas You Little Cocksucker
Egypts utvikling gr ubnnhrlig mot Kleopatras maktovertagelse kjre venner. Jeg sier ikke at magi var et ukjent fenomen i Egypt. Tvert i mot. Derfor er mine meninger fullstendig uvesentlige. Ikke les dem for faen! Vi diskuterer heller litt med Norman Douglas. Elvis' sang Blues Sweet Shoes red ham som en mare hele livet. Hva betd fenomenet? Og som sagt kom han i ml til slutt med Moody Blue. Men grunnen til at han ikke tok sprsmlet serist (nok) var pga Cashs forelskelse i ham. Vi har sett at Cash grep fatt i A Thing Called Love og mente den og I John handlet om ham personlig. Elvis var ikke forelsket i June Carter. Han mtte skjnne at Cash egentlig var mlet for Elvis' amorse bestrebelser. Uansett om sangen I John overfladisk sett handlet om John Lennon. Og Cash klarte lage en Johannes penbaring med When The Man Comes Around som avslutning p karrieren. Det Cash misforstr er selvflgelig at Elvis kun er en formidler av sangen When The Woman Comes Around
Reason I'm Not Around Much.....
So obviously people have noticed that i am rarely ever on Fubar anymore these days. i have found something else that has caught my interest and that would be the Wonderful game known as WoW (world of warcraft for those who don't know what WoW means) Yes i am not afraid to admit i am addicted to it. i spend countless hours playing it. i am often found playing that game or just working or going to school. I have not had time to take new pictures, or post the ones i have taken. I do plan to do a refresher of new pics sometime soon so i am sorry for those of you i haven't talked to in such a long time. i have also been going through a lot in my life and have been trying to get back to normal and what not. anyway thought i would fill ya in for those who don't already know. toodles -michelle
What The Heck!
My blog was deleted for being not work safe!
i have 100 11s anyone want to buy them?
Random Thoughts
Been doing a lot of thinking lately. Strange yes i know especially considering i do work two full time jobs. Got an email from an ex the other day. In it accusing me of being a lair and unfaithful. How is this possible when i have not had contact with this person in over two years. Yes you heard it two years. I kicked him out. We where only together about three months when i broke it off. I worked during this so called relationship about on average 16 hours a day, he on the other hand sat on his ass 24/7. Granted he did move down here to be with me but one would think he would get out and find a job. No instead he sat at the computer talking to other women, calling others, and not contributing to a relationship. A girl can only take so much. So honestly was i wrong in kicking him out. Granted the only reason i have contacted him in the past is he left some of his shit here and i want it gone. Guess i am stupid for storing it for him. So honestly guys if you read this tell me what you t
Stupid Scale....
Grrrrrr. I'm about ready to toss that stupid scale out of the house. I know that I shouldn't weight myself every morning, but I can't help it but wonder. I weighed myself this morning and found a unhappy number. Graaaah! Either I should get a new one, it's a digital one but years and years old (Rich says it's fine) or just toss it in the bathroom cupboard or whatever and stop weighing myself. Yeah yeah, I know stop weighing myself all the time..but that...stupid number!! Grrr!! How the hell??? I eat fine!! Okay, so I didn't go to the gym or work out yesterday....But I have the last 3 days...can't I have a break? Grah!! Just frustrating. What am I doing wrong????
Life can seem ungrateful and not always kind. Life can pull at your heartstrings and play with your mind... Life can be blissful and happy and free... Life can put beauty in the things that you see... Life can place challenges right at your feet... Life can make good of the hardships we meet... Life can overwhelm you and make your head spin... Life can reward those determined to win... Life can be hurtful and not always fair... Life can surround you with people who care... Life clearly does offer its Up and its Downs... Life's days can bring you both smiles and frowns... Life teaches us to take the good with the bad... Life is a mixture of happy and sad... So... Take the Life that you have and give it your best... Think positive, be happy let God do the rest... Take the challenges that life has laid at your feet... Take pride and be thankful for each one you meet... To yourself give forgiveness if you stumble and fall... Take each day that is dealt you and give
Why News Paper Editor's Should Be Educated
WHY NEWS PAPER EDITORS SHOULD BE EDUCATED (ACTUAL HEADLINES FROM NEWS PAPERS FROM AROUND THE US) Some are just slips of the tongue * Grandmother of eight makes hole in one * Deaf mute gets new hearing in killing * Police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers * House passes gas tax onto senate * Stiff opposition expected to casketless funeral plan * Two convicts evade noose, jury hung * William Kelly was fed secretary * Milk drinkers are turning to powder * Safety experts say school bus passengers should be belted * Quarter of a million Chinese live on water * Farmer bill dies in house * Iraqi head seeks arms Some become unintentionally suggestive * Queen Mary having bottom scraped * Is there a ring of debris around Uranus? * Prostitutes appeal to Pope * Panda mating fails - veterinarian takes over * NJ judge to rule on nude beach * Child's stool great for use in garden * Dr. R
An Open Book
An Open Book Alight the butterfly Upon the branch It opens and closes its wings Open and closes. Visual, regal The monarch of the garden. Each opening of the wings Like the pages of a book Poetry in motion Each verse A colorful rendition Saying read me! Appreciate me! Silently appraise All that I have to say Each opening and closing Articulating that I am I shall be What you see Just take the time to notice And appreciate, Me. Poet
For A Taste Of You
I need to take you in my strong arms let me hold you oh so close and tight our sighs rising high into the heavens rocking wrapped up in sweet delight You know I'll never ever let you go I yearn to kiss your lush warm lips till we melt blissful in love's wild fire in a dance eternal, joined at the hip I want you to know my heart's pure voice hear me pour out my feelings for you to shout them at the boundless sky so strong, so deep, so clear so true love's feast calls us to this moment no reason needed, for what we do I have a gnawing hunger in my soul always aching for just a taste of you
More To Life
Dark gray clouds are in the distance, on the horizon I see the rain. Reflecting on my ordinary day, sometimes I wish I could catch a train. To a place far,far away... where nobody even knows my name. Someplace where the people are different, and there faces aren`t all the same. You ever just want to get away, drop everything that you have to do. Not a job to worry about, nobody will even miss you. Forget about the troubles of the world, maybe even on a desert island. Where the skies are blue, and there is plenty of white sand. Jerked back to reality once again, sitting on the porch watching the grass grow. Thinking of the things I haven`t seen, and everything that I don`t know. Have you ever asked yourself, whether you wanted more out of life? Well I am not sure about you, but I want more for me!!!!
What You See Is What Becomes
Life is a a fascinating adventure. No matter what you find in your time of being alive it is for the most part worth it. Life is a mixture of choices and thoughts. When you think about things you come up with choices. But when you have choices you don't think about them sometimes. Impulses on just making decisions without thinking has because a stigma for most. Knowing where you stand on the desicions you make is very important. Deep thought is required in most choices that are made in all aspects. When though is taken, then your ways of deciding things become clear for the most part. Take some experiences that I have been through, I have been thrown into several desicions that have changed my life over and over. I once was given the choice to either go to a company and work for them but never really liked what they offered but the money was very good. But was offered another job where I loved what was being done and it was less money. Well pretty sure i know what choice most w
Here's To The Haters
Haters come online to harass Haters come online to bash Haters come online to scare and Haters come online to be feared What the haters really come online for Haters hate themselves Haters hate themselves Haters hate themselves Still Clueless? If your words were harsh or brash and your manor was not well liked today then you are probably the hater that we are talking about. Go home and hug yourself. Tell yourself it will be better in the morning. Convince yourself that it was not you that had the problem but everyone else on this big planet that has the problems. Make yourself comfortable and cozy and then ask yourself this: If the rest of the world has the problem then why are you sleeping alone tonight and every other night? If you don't like the answer then by all means call yourself a hater or get over yourself cause the rest of the world is just passing you by.
The Darkness Within
I`ve seen the darkness within I`ve seen the darkness that makes you sin I`ve seen the darkness, I know it well I`ve seen the darkness on the road to hell When you’re in the darkness within, there`s no need to fight the darkness is like quicksand, the more you struggle, the more it holds you tight when the darkness surrounds you and you want to take flight the only way to freedom is to look for the light There is a beast in the darkness within and he sits high on a perch while below his children run and jump at you in a lurch they feed off your fears and desires they bask in the flames of your emotional fires The darkness within will devour your fire with all it`s heat and light until it consumes all your hopes and dreams and fight In the darkness within there is no pain, only dullness with every breath because pain would be a sign of life and all you seek now is death You must kill the demon and bid it adieu before it smothers your soul and there is no mor
All I Wanna Do
Your smile is as sweet, as the words that cross your lips. All I wanna do is hold you tight, and get lost in your kiss. Your eyes tell me secrets, I never want to forget. All I wanna do is hold you tight, and get lost in their depths. Your arms make me feel safe, I have no fear when we're together. All I wanna do is hold you tight, and get lost in you forever. Your love is unconditional, as pure as the snow is white. All I wanna do is hold you tight, and get lost in love like this for the rest of my life
You Can Turn To Me
When you feel like your world is closing in on you, it seems like all your plans are falling through. When you wonder what tomorrow will bring, you can turn to me. When it seems like everyone is out to get you, nothing seems to go the way you want it to. When darkness fills your heart, you can turn to me. Hold out your hand, and I'll be there for you, there's nothing in this world that I wouldn't do. To see you smile, to make you happy, you can turn to me. When giving up seems to be the only thing to do, and uncertainty seems to be the only truth. When you lose your way, you can turn to me. Hold out your hand, and I'll be there for you, there's nothing in this world that I wouldn't do. To see you smile, to make you happy, you can turn to me. I'll be there till the end of time, by your side, through rain or shine, you can turn to me. I'm not giving up on you, my love and friendship will always be true. I'd do anything in this world for you, you
How To Treat A Woman
Wine her. Dine her. Call her. Hold her. Surprise her. Compliment her. Smile at her. Listen to her. Laugh with her. Cry with her. Romance her. Encourage her. Believe in her. Pray with her. Pray for her. Cuddle with her. Shop with her. Give her jewelry. Buy her flowers. Hold her hand. Write love letters to her. Go to the ends of the earth and back again for her. HOW TO TREAT A MAN: Show up naked. Bring chicken wings. Don't block the TV.
Have you ever noticed that convicted criminals have more rights than you do? They have the right to not have to work for a living, to have cable tv, to get fed every mealtime, and so on to the point that they not only get free medical but if they need an organ transplant, they are put at the front of the waiting list. I have often wondered why this is allowed to happen! If we do not work, we do not get to eat and we do get free medical. Why is it that they, who have preyed upon society get everything handed to them. I have been told it is because it is inhumane to force them to work, but the laws of economics force us to work. That since we have locked them away, we are responsible for their well being; but why should we have to provide them with more than is needed to survive when we will not do this for members of our society that have not committed crimes. It seems to me that we do have the responsibility to provide just enough for them to survive and if they want more or better the
I Just Got Freaked Out
I was getting ready to shut everything down and go to lay down and get some rest,when out of nowhere my front door handle and door sound like someone was trying to get in. The only person i was expecting never showed up to bring her dog over so i could watch him.Breath in, hold and breath out, it is not like i am not safe i have tons of homes around me it is just that SOMEONE tried walking through my front door. I keep my door locked at all times I watch trutv and it five in the morning what the hell. maybe it was some drunk neighbor that forgot where they lived. it is strange my husband has complained that people watch him through our windows and we our suppose to keep the drapes and blinds closed as tightly as possible. now i have an uneasy feeling becuz if what he says is true, than someone could be watching me right now, and that creeps me out. I gotta clear my head it was just the wind. or something. yes, my overactive imagination is on overdrive i need to just find a cigarette
The Beauty Of A Wman
The beauty of a woman Is not in the clothes she wears, The figure that she carries, Or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman Must be seen from her eyes, Because that is the doorway to her heart, The place where love resides. The beauty of a woman Is not a facial mole, But true beauty in a woman Is reflected in her soul. It is the caring she lovingly gives, The Passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman with passing years -- only grows and grows
Inside Ya?
want a lil pureevilness inside ya? Touch the Darkness
Another Quiz
Daring, confident, animalistic You like to have a lot of sex and try a lot of things. You are very kinky and have a lot of confidence in yourself. You like to explore all aspects of sexuality because it is something that interests you a lot. Take this quiz at
- sheila's Sexy Acronym - is for...Sis for...SpiritedHis for...HeavenlyEis for...EnchantingIis for...IrresistibleLis for...LasciviousAis for...Alluring The Sexy Acronym Generator at
I Will Always Love This Song
Game - Snowball
PLAY Snowball Game Diggy Games
How Sexually Hot Am I
According to this reading, you are 95% sexually hot! 'How sexually hot are you?' at
Users And Givers
I fine it sad that there are more people who use people for there goodness, Than there good people who just want to share there goodness. Not sure why that is. For the once who been true friends and you know who you are Thank you!!
My Hidden Sexual Talent
Using your mind Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mind. Sex is mostly in your mind and to your partners delight you have mastered the arts of seduction and atmosphere. Take this quiz at
My Sex Zodiac
Aries You are so full of energy, you constantly attract hotties, and you are always the dominant one in the sack. It is very easy for you approach people because you have so much confidence and you are very forward about your feelings.You are very likely to have lots of sexual partners, (sometimes all at once), and be the most sexually experienced of any of your friends.Sex matches: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius 'What is your Sexual Zodiac?' at
What Is My Sex Grade
Your Bedroom Grade: A You are an expert in bed or should I say sexpert? But you're going to have to reach (around) for that A+. You are a natural in bed, and anyone that has had you brags about it long afterwards! What's your Bedroom Grade? at
Fallen Angel
My tears fall to the puddle below as I stand in the rain outside your window.I watch as you cry yourself to sleep holding your pillow so tightly.You lost your bestfriend today,you lost your rock,your confidant and a brother. You did the best you could to save him but he wasnt strong enough to hold on any longer.Let me take your hand and make all your pain,sorrow and guilt go away.Let me take you under my wings and make you feel safe for my love for you grows with every sunrise and sunset and with every tear that falls from your eyes my heart breaks just a little.I love you with every beat of my heart let me be your rock,and your confidant let me pick you up and hold you till you can stand on your own again.Know this: My love will not ever wither as does a dying rose or faulter as a wall should in time.I want to be your today,tomorrow,and future.i love you
Aunt Jen Jen
We recently found out that my sister is pregnant!!! Which, last month I bought her a baby shower gift and she could not figure out why I was buying one so soon. Now, maybe she will believe me when I say something will happen. LOL. But we are all excited as this is the first grandchild for my mother. I am, however, very nervous because shes a huge worrywart and stresses over everything. I think I may feel sorry for the child even, seeing how she is no fun for fear of the kids getting hurt. Yes, even to learn to walk she freaks out about everything. So we will see how this goes.
My 12 Days Of Christmas
The Twelve Days of Christmasfor sapphire jewel:Day #Who?What they got you1stA forty pronged whip for lashing all of your friends2nda confused homeless man bearing a sign that says, 'i'm a slave for you'3rdthe complete works of the Marquis de Sade, on tape4thA signed document releasing their body to you upon their death to do with as you please5thA reverse strip tease6tha pubic hair trimmer7tha gigantic vagina in your yard, drawn in flaming gasoline8tha one-man puppet show using three simultaneous puppets9thA tape of you showering which they filmed without your knowledge10tha small, laminated card stating, 'ALL ACCESS - TO ME!'11th
Game - Virtual Buddy - Pointless But Entertaining
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Great Game- 4 Second Fury!
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I Can Say I Love What I Do
My profession as a cosmetologist, is a fun, fast pace ever changing career. I am in the fashion and beauty industry, some may say I rip people off on their insecurities. But I say with my knowledge, I can make the most insecure person confident, the most depressed, happy. I am a caregiver, I know all my clients problems before anyone else does even though i can not give advice i am a theorpist. and bound to my ethics what they tell me is put in another part of brain and soon forgoten. If I were to say that I love every client that sits in my chair, I would be lying, I get people who think they know more than I do. Or the one that is and never will be happy. But I enjoy them as much as I enjoy the ones I can talk to easily and have an easier connection with. But I am not the stereotype, gum chewing, big haired ditzy blonde, that has all the town gossip. I can't say my fashion sense isn't over the top or that I am not excentric and bubbly cuz that is me has a person. I see the funn
Game - Election Smackdown '08!
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Game - Tetris!
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Cool Game - Shift 3
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Game - Doodle Defender
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Sex Goddess
I am THE SEX GODDESS OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE so don't mess with me I've got a big bag full of SEX TOYS and you can't have any 'cause they're all mine 'cause I'm the SEX GODDESS OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. "Hey," you may say to yourself, "who the hell's she tryin' to kid, she's no sex goddess," But trust me, I am if only for the fact that I have the unabashed gall to call myself a SEX GODDESS, I mean, after all, it's what so many of us have at some point thought, we've all had someone who worshipped our filthy socks and barked like a dog when we were near giving us cause to pause and think: You know, I may not look like much but deep inside, I am a SEX GODDESS. Only we'd never come out and admit it publicly well, you wouldn't admit it publicly but I will because I am THE SEX GODDESS OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. I haven't always been a SEX GODDESS I used to be just a mere mortal woman but I grew tired of sexuality being repressed then manifest
Game- Keep Em In The Air
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[momentary Lapse]
I might be too tired and content to write anything poetic vague or silly right now. Maybe it was something i atereadimaginedhoped I'd like to write an epic about a fantasy but i'm in too good a mood. I can only think of a couple things I do in this state. One of them is smile, another is sleep. A wise man in my mirror once said- you can't lose forever. But i realised something tonight, a lot of good things i feel can't change or be taken from me. No matter what. Thats a fairly new idea for me. Unconditional hope I guess. More on these topics later.
Game - A Mario Flash
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Game - Twister... For Your Fingers!
This crap keyboard of mine wouldn't let me hold more than 2 keys at the same time. :( PLAY Finger Twister Diggy Games
The Military
Why do we have people that love to hate on the military? We put our lives on the line eveeryday whether we are deployed or we are trainning for deployment! Dont ever come to me and tell me that I have not given to my country ever! My battles and I will never stop fighting for the American Freedom!!!!!! The Military is here for you American, SO DONT EVER BAD MOUTH US!!!!
Game - Seriously F'd Up Game
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Another Poem
Today I walked a long road, Listening to the voices in my head telling me what i did was so wrong The burden tight as a noose around my neck the weight heavy on my shoulders My tears silent within a dying heart Yesterday, stained with shame and a fury diseased cancer tearing me apart And i did not know where to go Tomorrow knows no releif from torment Pain etched into my dirty face with horror in my eyes i reach and hope to unburden my soul But i know, nothing will come with chains and leaden wieghts dragging in the dirt.
Game - Neat Dogfight Game
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Why do I continually give men a second chance when I know they are no good. I gave the "bad boy" a second chance. I missed him, I don't know why. Probably because he promised me he would change and he would try hard to do it. And he did, for the first few days. But after that it went back to treating me like a little kid. I realize he was older than me, but still I am mature for my age and I am pretty sure I can make my own decsions. I don't get it what about him do I miss so much? I broke up with him again and THAT was horrible. Even worse than the first time. I had never ever in my life been called a cunt, and that right there should make me not ever want to see his face again right? Why doesn't it? I'm starting to miss him again and I want to see him again be with him again? I don't know if it's the sexually connection we have or what. Do I just miss the sex and the excitement and the thrill of it all? Sometimes I wish I could just forget about ex's and not miss them it always
Very Nifty Game - Puzzle/action Great Graphs!
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Game - Angry Face Jump High Thing
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James And Daddy
Please forward this to all your friends and tell them about James and his million friend challenge. Your friends just like you can help a dad keep a promise to his son.To forward this on click reply then copy and paste the code into your bulletin.Thankyou
Great Game! - Ball 2 Goal Thing!
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Goodbye Junior hello Senior! Start my last year of High School! I almost became a father (false alarm). My friends and I have many things going on, jumping over the wall to the pool after it closes lol umm, alcohol and illegal substances could have been the cause for one of my friends sitting on the diving board on a chair (many years later, the pool scene with Cameron in the movie Ferris Beullers Day Off reminds me of this, lol). The Lords are official (my gang I am the first and last leader, two in between me) formed to prevent other punks from coming into our neighborhood causing trouble. Only two of us actually had a nick name, mine was Ace and Davids was JC (because he looked like some of the pictures of Jesus). We are also nickname the insiders (a real biker gang in the area, The Outsiders saw us and our colors and their leader said They were the Outsiders so we were the insiders) this happened at the carnival, which I later worked at for a week and almost joined, but t
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My Personal Poems That I Have Hand Written Myself So You Tell Me What You Think Please Comment!!!!!
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10 New Peices
I have placed 10 peices of original collectable art on e-bay, you should go there and search under ACEO Ben, and if you like them feel free to bid on them and own my original hand drawn collectable art.
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Today was a good day, Went to a housewarming party. The saying "its a small world" came to light today at said housewarming. I don't know how many of you had things happen in your life that you pushed out of your mind. (Im sure most of you would say yes) anyway I met a man today who right off the back knew my hubby and started talking to him. He asked if he knew another guy who happend to be one of MY old school friend when he asked me my name he gave me this look like I hit him in the face. My hubby went to grab a drink and the man asked me about another guy from high school who happened to be my high school boyfriend. He asked me if I remembered him and I couldn't, when he told me he was on one of the Sports team it clicked. My boyfriend at the time did something so bad that it came back all at once and I didnt know what to say. I guess I feel bad, why? because it was my fault.
Fake People
Well Now, where to begin? I think the title says it all. Fake People. I am a very proud and independent woman. If there is one thing I can't stand it is a fake ass person. It doesnt make sense to me! Why lie? Why make yourself out to be someone you are not? When I come at a person, I come REAL. What you see and hear is what you get. Dont ask me a question you cant handle the answer to. If there is one thing about Fubar I hate, it is the lies and the drama. The worse thing is people really think we are that dumb! That alone is an insult! I see women waisting a mans time while all along she has like three or more men that she is tellin the same thing and I see men doing the same. What is wrong with you people? People! You reap what you soe! If you cant exist here in fubar without being a lying, cheating, sneaky, fake ass person, then it probably explains why your real life is a mess. Don't even try to get mad either cause if you get mad you are probably one of these people and the trut
[the Soup Of 1000 Deaths]
DEAR GOD! I am a mad genius. Remember that soup I was talking about in Matters of Perfection 1? Course you do. It will KILL you with delicious and rich. I havent got the EXACT method down, but damned if I've got the flavors nailed. To serve 2 you will require, 3 strips of thick bacon Half a pound of lamb salt fresh pepper, white pepper about... 2 cups chicken broth a small bundle of parsley 1/4 pint of heavy whipping cream 1/3 a med white onion 1 clove of garlic 1 small shallot 1 1/2 cups of diced shitake mushrooms (dried if possible) ... white wine goats cheese more parsley salt and pepper to taste. Serve: A) moated around wild rice B) with cubed or medallioned potatoes C) over boe-tie pasta This is the soup of 1000 death's, from the makers of "The One Sandwich". Vegetarian (NOT VEGAN) version coming soon.
Member - "slipknotmaggot"
So, I'm just sittin' here at 1 in the morning just minding my own business. Listening to music, watching some videos, checking out peoples profiles, making some new friends - you know the usual boring "got nothin' goin' on" Saturday night bullshit. So, I'm sittin here and this asshole who is on my friends list apparantly - "Slipknotmaggot" , dumbass name I know, sends me a shout. He starts making derogatory comments about my Man and myslef in my NSFW pics. Well, normally I would get upset and freak the fuck out but I was just like "Dude, wtf is your point?" he proceeds to tell me that I'm gross and blah blah blah and I'm like well don't look. And then of course he mentioned something about how I churned his stomach which actually made me chuckle. I was amused that this kid had nothing else to do but to check out some broads dirty pictures - some broad that HE friend requested in the first place - and then talk shit. I suppose he must have not been able to get laid by whatever Juggalett
Baby Pool Winner
Sweet Judy
Gothish Poetry
He wakes up the room is dark he is alone he realises shes not their he starts to sweat he calls her answer the darkness starts to suffocate him he crys out in fear his angel...his savior is gone he hears her laughter in the darkness he screams she laughs darkness's tendrils grab at him tearing his skin tears and blood pools the floor yet he lives feeling darkness peirce his skin like a million dull knifes tearing a path to his heart they prod at his crumbleing soul and his warm heart his soul tatters his heart grows ice and becomes still and cold. She floats just above eyes shining like green emeralds a tear of blood rolls down his cheek as his life ends
Free Writing
Hard thoughts and black shadows Red tears and Gray thoughts Razor blade love kisses my bones Haunting thoughts regretful words Long hurtful Loneliness Sour hating arms Bony knuckles flowing life forces Last passionate kiss never to be done again lustful goodbyes secrets screamed in your eyes trying to forget both you and i no names no clues no screams no shouts just our regrets screaming out thousands of miles apart together in nightmares you to deny me to dream us to wish us to never again... choices made duty called, will it ever be undone? haunting green eyes forget me not. always am i the one who never forgot haunting your nightmares haunting your dreams always unending as it seems I end this with one note. my crystal eyes haunt your thoughts watching you thru mirrors always hearing your secrets.. never fear the darkness for you always are protected my love for you unyeilding...even if you do forget...i never will
What Is Average Puzzy !?!?!
I know, I know not the type of heading you were expecting from me but I heard this today and fell on the floor rolling with laughter. I mean I laughed sooo hard I had tears in my eyes. If you know me well enough you know that I have strange friends. Anywhoo...a great friend of mine calls me today to tell me he had a horrifying sexual experience. So I sit down to brace myself not sure what to expect. He goes on to tell me about an older woman and this sexual encounter. Now months before he shared with me bits and pieces of their lets say, explicit conversations. Which I must admit got me a little ummm (well you know ) So when he said they finally got together last night, I am thinking oh great the condom broke, she's actually a he or whatever it is that happens in an sexual encounter that makes you start out by saying "I had a horrifying sexual experience". This dufus tells me he had "AVERAGE PUZZY". He couldn't explain it me what he actually meant so I was left thinki
A 'why Me?" Day
I find myself at a pretty low point today. You of those days when you question everything. Why did this happen? Did this mean anything? When will things get better? Why me? It's my own fault I guess. I sat here at home watching sappy chic flicks all night. Talk about loading the emotional gun and pulling the trigger. I was just asking for it. After the TV was turned off, the little one was put to bed and the house was happened. The thoughts and the tears began to flow. I came to the realization tonight that I don't know if I have truly ever experienced what it feels like to be loved. (In a romantic relationship kinda way) In the relationships I have had, there was always an ulterior motive for my significant others actions. Let me back up...I actually started down this "why me" path a couple of weeks ago but I guess I just put up a good fight when it came to trying to ignore it. I was having another low day but it was more because of being bombarded by
Autumn(my Third Book I'm Working On)
her beauty so adamantly standing between cupid and i,she is a work of art that can light up even the darkest beautiful as Cleopatra who ruled over mark anthony's eye,the fountain of youth that keeps all hope young,never aging,forever alive.... poetry is always you and i.....
Brock Lesnar Kicked Ass....booooyaah
So Brock lesnar just won by tko, fuck yeah, and who thought he didnt have a chance in hell? And to all you Randy couture fans...FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKK YOOOOOOOOOUUUUU...LOL
Winn Dixie
When I was a teenager, I worked at Winn Dixie. I worked in just about every department, "front end" which means sweeping, mopping up spills, helping to bag, and getting buggies from the parking lot, "stock crew" which means unloading the truck and putting the food out, "dairy/frozen foods" which is exactly what it sounds like, and "produce". Produce section was the best job I ever had, it was very easy, I never had to go outside in the heat to retrieve buggies, I could hide in the cooler in the back and avoid customers, I could steal strawberries, peaches, kiwi's, and the pastry aisle was next to produce so it was easy to pull a honey bun off the shelf as well. Hey I ate good back in those days! Anyway, 4 times a year, we would stay at the store all night for inventory. It was a major big deal, there would be about 20 of us in the store all night counting and recounting. At the end of the night, our assistant manager would "damage out" a case or 2 of beer for us and we would hang ou
Farscapecat Has Auto-11's Activated
I do a lot of Pimp outs and Bullys for my friends and mostly anyone that needs one done. But never have have I did one for my wife. Its time for a change I think. This one is for her!!! If you don't know you should!! She is getting close to Disciple and has just activated her Auto 11's to help her get there. So if I may ask lets go spank her good and help her get to her goal. Go rate/add/ fan her and spank her real good. Let me introduce all of you to my lovely wife whom I adore. ~Farscapecat~Shadow Leveler~Yeahmon's Angels!~R/L wife of Passionman71& permanently owned by Kat@ fubar This brought to you me Shadow Leveler Team Leader~Passionman71~Proudly owned by ~Bebes~@ fubar (repost of original by 'Shadow Leveler Team Leader~Passionman71~Proudly owned by ~Bebes~' on '2008-11-15 19:56:44')
Today I went with my mom to see my grandma. It was really hard to see her that way. She could hardly talk and she was having a hard time breathing. She cried when we walked in. She tried so hard to talk but you could just tell it hurt her to do so. I am really glad that I got to spend some time with her because there is no way to know how long we will have left. I wish she lived closer to me because it is so hard to get to see her she lives 4 hours away. I told her that it was okay to let go. It is getting harder and harder to see her so sick. Then, she fell out of bed the other day....she is bandaged up and bruised on her arm. My cousin, that lives 5 minutes away hasn't even gone to check on her even though she has POA and was notified of the fall.....yet another reason why I am not going to the grandma christmas at her house......there is no way grandma is going to be able to come home for the day and if I were to make that trip I would rather just go sit at the nursing home not go t
A Wise Man Once Told Me....
a wise man once told me to make mistakes(career wise) now whilst i am still young so i could learn from them,rather than wait to make mistakes when i am older because the more mistakes i make when i am older ,the less time i have to fix them.....
Election Spurs 'hundreds' Of Race Threats, Crimes
Election spurs 'hundreds' of race threats, crimes By JESSE WASHINGTON, AP National Writer Jesse Washington, Ap National Writer 2 hrs 51 mins ago Cross burnings. Schoolchildren chanting "Assassinate Obama." Black figures hung from nooses. Racial epithets scrawled on homes and cars. Incidents around the country referring to President-elect Barack Obama are dampening the postelection glow of racial progress and harmony, highlighting the stubborn racism that remains in America. From California to Maine, police have documented a range of alleged crimes, from vandalism and vague threats to at least one physical attack. Insults and taunts have been delivered by adults, college students and second-graders. There have been "hundreds" of incidents since the election, many more than usual, said Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate crimes. One was in Snellville, Ga., where Denene Millner said a boy on the school bu
Lets Party
Me !!!
I am married for 8yrs and live in Co. I Love it here but look forward to Moving back to WA in the Future. I am on Fubar looking for old Friends and new. am notoriously flirty but know my limits. I love almost all music and enjoy reading and spending time with friends and Family. my Best advice would be to Hold onto the ones you love and cherish every moment. The people in your life are there for a reason and will leave a lasting imprint on your heart even if they are just passing thru .
Gods And Generals.......
ask yourself in your journey to find creativity and prosperity,are you a god dear fellow or just a general.Are you the one to follow orders like everyone else,follow the same path as everyone else.or are you a god who paints their own path and makes their dreams reality by pursuing them.everyday be the artist who draws their way out of a portrait.GODS AND GENERALS.i follow my dream,in fact i am my dream.i am the writer,the poet and the lover,i am alive....
Just Some Things On My Mind
Why are some people sooo freaking ignorant? Why do they jump from one unhappy relationship to a new one without ever taking a look at why the relationship they are in isn't working? Guess what, the problem may not lie within the relationship, but within yourself! No relationship is going to work until you fix the problem with yourself! Why do people rely on others to make them happy? True happiness can only come from yourself, not others! Why are politicians willing to murder babies, but keep criminals alive? Why, at times, do we allow others to stop us from achieving our goals in life? Why do people who are angry, have low self esteem or know they've done something wrong feel the need to try and bring others down by insults and name calling? (Grade school is over try handling things like an adult!) Why do they feel the need to justify themselves like that?
It's Oh So Cute! The Cats Of Youtube.
why dont people here talk more?
Congratulations! Your happy hour was a great success: lots of people gave lots of love.You collected 894,572 bonus points as Happy Hour sponsor. Cheers!223 members leveled up during your happy hour: Goddess 'Fubarlord' (21) kyblueeyes 'Newfu' (1) Dallasbabe~~Head Greeter @ Vampire Haven~~ 'Fubarlord' (21) PAZITRAK 'Fu-ling' (2) rayannah 'Twisted Fu' (6) tinas3769 greeter @ dirty little secrets 'Fu-gee' (16) Heavy T 'Fu-ling' (2) oz333ua 'Fu-ling' (2) redneckoffroad 2001 'Psycho' (8) DJ Bounty ~BADA BING'S HOST & QUEEN'S Quicker Picker Upper & R.W.G~ 'Disciple' (26) Drunkenmonkey 'Fu-ling' (2) Lady Malfoy 'Twisted Fu' (6) rebeling123 'Fu-ling' (2) weeman 'Bad Fu' (13)
Saying Goodbye
ive been here since nov 12 2008 i got the call on nov 10th saying that my gramps isnt doing so well it was almost 2 yrs ago that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer...he started chemo at the end of april 07 and just a few months ago stop treatments all together because it was 2 weeks of chemo 2 months or more without it to allow his blood cell count to was entirely to much for him and for all of us around him, he felt, to go thru anymore...hence why he opted to stop the his time is drawing to an end..funeral arrangements are being made..the nice clasic silver military type casket is picked out for him...a new uniform has been gotten for our Sgt. Maj. to be buried in as he has earned the full military funeral serving in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars But his hardest job that he ever had to do ever in the service was Letting family members know that their loved ones were MIA or Killed in Action and werent coming home....I am proud to have him as
Master Of The Moon
Master Of The Moon And then you dream Of a world with only windows Inside you - you can hide you You know And then the night You're just another empty shadow No questions - no answers No one to scream at you Turn around and when you face the sun We can make you be like everyone you know Hey you - you're just master of the moon And then the eyes If you look at them they'll blind you Who are you - what are you Why do you scream at me Turn around and when you face the sun We can make you be like everyone you know Hey you - you're just master of the moon We can shake you make you over We just need some time to Shed some light upon your darkness We need your mind And then you dream again In a world that only you know Inside you - you can hide you No one to scream at you Turn around and when you face the sun We can make you be like everyone you know I'll turn away and never face the sun You never make me be like you I'm master of the moon
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Thank You 4 This Beautiful Bully
Way to go Robin Fu~bar has a new Prophet Cherokee God MamaOwner of club F.A.RR/L Girlfriend to AnubisClick@ fubar Proudly brought to you by The Click Club The*Click*Club Home Page "We Are Family"@ fubar
As Long As It's Not About Love
As Long As It's Not About Love From the first time we touched with our eyes Only magic could take away my heart I am always afraid for my heart So lay beside me now and tell me lies - sweet lies As long as it's not about love Shall we sail off the edge of the world Fall forever and never look behind But I must keep my heart from my mind Lay beside me now and tell me lies As long as it's not about love Oh the last time we touched with our eyes And the magic was stronger than the heart Oh, I can't run away with my heart So, lay beside me now and tell me lies As long as it's not about love Shall we sail off the edge of the world Fall forever Take my heart away but no You can't say words about love Ooh If the magic comes between us And we never meet again Take a part of me away 'Cause maybe it's all above love Love, ooh
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Senor Bueno@ fubar 4k to level
Thank You Everyone You Rock..
New Rules 3
To Who It May Concern....
This is to someone that will remain nameless on Fubar..... Dude, I seriously don't get you. You are always so unfair to me. There's been numerous times that you would whine to me, complain to me, beg me...tell me not to talk to certain people...etc etc.... I put up with your shit and kept giving you chances. Why?? I don't know, perhaps I have a soft heart or I'm just that type of person to give chances and be able to forgive them. You just didn't get the point when I kept saying No. Then you apolgoize to me, saying that you would do better and not be so I gave you another chance and was willing to get to know you get to know you more....that's why I said yes to you. To get to know you more..the real you... But no, until this morning, I saw the old you again. And if you think that I did that after you sent me that gift, then you are wrong. I had thanked you kindly for that....then I see you went behind my back and pretty much did shit that you would of go
Help Ticha Godmomma With Her Auto 11s
HELP TICHA GODMOMMA! Ticha~o-Fndoflb Ft~SBG~Venom'sVixen TICHA HAS AUTO 11S RUNNING RIGHT NOW! Ticha~o-Fndoflb Ft~SBG~Venom'sVixen SPANK BAD GIRL TICHA WITH LOTS OF RATES! Ticha~o-Fndoflb Ft~SBG~Venom'sVixen This public service announcement brought to you by.... ღTulsa's Angelღ Sarge's Bad Girl ღ Club FAR Team LOVE ღ@ fubar
To Who It May Concern
This is to the lucky man who might get to keep my heart!!! READ through the list and see if you qualify!! Good Luck!!! [Looks] any color hair any color eyes Somewhat decent clean teeth between height of 4'11 - 6'4 between 120-180 lbs for weight [Personality] loves receiving/giving laughing loves receiving/giving jokes loves receiving/giving compliments in the morning after waking up br> [Education] Must have a full time job and or' going to college full time [Living Arrangements] Either with friends or by yourself... you can live with your children but I don't want one Who is living with they parents [Children] none or proud parent wanting more ;) [Pets] any that you want,,, but I'm not picking up a freaking spider I'm TERRIFIED of them [Habits] If you smoke cigarettes then great but if you don't then you will have to respect me because I do If you do drugs then the only drug you can do is smoke Marijuana and that's it... I'm n
Your Ideal Sex Position is...Roughdoggy Intense. Submissive... And just a tad bit painful.You don't mind bending over to get porked -As long as you're getting pulled and forked. 'What is your Ideal Sex Position?'at
New Rules 11/14
Giving Thanks
First I would like to say that we shouldnt just limit thanks to this one day but be thankful everyday for everything. I am thankful that I have a job to go to everyday. It might get a little monotonous but it pays the bills. Im thankful for the roof over my and the car that I drive. Im thankful that my kids are healthy and I know they love me unconditionally. Im thankful that my mom is still alive and that I am able to call her anytime. Thankful we have air to breathe and water to drink. Im thankful for friends and family and I dont tell them that enough. Just remember, be thankful for what you have and stop trying to compete with everyone around you. Someone will keep trying to be one up on everyone around them. The little things in life are usually the best, anyway. Much love to all.
Tell With Some Comments!
Hay has anyone signed up for the new site yet drop me a comment and let me kow if you have questions. Because it is a very cool site and you don't have to pay anything. Well let me know if your like it.
Advice And Dissent: Obama Reaches Out To Ex-rivals
Advice and dissent: Obama reaches out to ex-rivals By CALVIN WOODWARD, Associated Press Writer Calvin Woodward, Associated Press Writer Sat Nov 15, 5:50 pm ET WASHINGTON Presidents typically say they want to be surrounded by strong-willed people who have the courage to disagree with them. President-elect Barack Obama, reaching out to Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republicans, actually might mean it. Abraham Lincoln meant it. He appointed his bitter adversaries to crucial posts, choosing as war secretary a man who had called him a "long-armed ape" who "does not know anything and can do you no good." You could say his Cabinet meetings were frank and open. Richard Nixon didn't mean it. "I don't want a government of yes-men," he declared. But among all the president's men, those who said no did so at their peril. He went down a path of destruction in the company of sycophants. It so happens that Obama and New York Sen. Clinton share a reverence for "Team of Rivals," Doris
Another Poem Made For Me :-d
An Open Book Alight the butterfly Upon the branch It opens and closes its wings Open and closes. Visual, regal The monarch of the garden. Each opening of the wings Like the pages of a book Poetry in motion Each verse A colorful rendition Saying read me! Appreciate me! Silently appraise All that I have to say Each opening and closing Articulating that I am I shall be What you see Just take the time to notice And appreciate, Me. Poet Tysm Sweetie :-D Much love ♥
Foreign Accent Syndrome
So Simple
Silently, she smiles to herself, as she thinks of him, sitting along in his comp. room sipping coffee. He thinks of her too. But little does she know it's shameful. Both check each other out everyday everywhere in the cyber world, without passing on the knowlege of their inwardly turned love. Time and time again it happens, for who has the courage to say it first. Or do they just enjoy their secret love affair? BISOUS, Lacey
Boredom Has Struck
I finished my homework that is due Monday. I can't do my lesson plan because somehow I was left off the professor's email list. Therefore, I'm the only person who didn't get the email with the attachment. I've been working on my study guide for my final on Tuesday all week. I'm burnt out. I want to go do something. But I have nowhere to go and no one to go with. I'm a pretty independent person, but I cannot go to bars or movies by myself. And even though I've done it before, I really don't like going to nice sit down restaurants by myself. Ugh. Someone entertain me or give me some ideas. Right now all I can think of is going to the 24 hour Wal-Mart. :|
Own Me (:
My Found Girlfriend
im so in love with you - Babiixjenii and we been hanging out and cuddling to movies late at nite her name is Brittany as she don't have an account here but we've been see alot of eachother lately at eachothers house and going out to the movies am so happy with her as she went through the same thing I did with my ex and we both like the same exact things and alot in common! heres are the pictures of her as I took these the top one I took tonight of her On halloween
An Open Book
An Open Book Alight the butterfly Upon the branch It opens and closes its wings Open and closes. Visual, regal The monarch of the garden. Each opening of the wings Like the pages of a book Poetry in motion Each verse A colorful rendition Saying read me! Appreciate me! Silently appraise All that I have to say Each opening and closing Articulating that I am I shall be What you see Just take the time to notice And appreciate, Me. Poet
Vote For Me
The Game Of Life
I've decided that Life is one big football game! When your born, you're given this ball called "YOUR LIFE". This ball of responsibility is handed to you by the "HEAD COACH" (who I call "God", but you may have another name you would rather use). He gives you some "ASSISTANT COACHES" for the game who he calls "PARENTS" and "GRANDPARENTS". Just like in real football, these coaches can be great, or they can SUCK! you just never know how it's going to turn out in that regard. Sometimes, you're even given "TRAINERS" in the form of other adults that come in when you've been really hurt or need extra motivation. Usually these come in the form of "MENTORS", "TEACHERS", "COUNSELORS"......people who have been playing their own game for years, and now have wisdom to share. As you play through your "LIFE SEASON", you find that your "TEAMMATES" consist of your friends and extended family. Opposing teams are everywhere, trying to knock the ball out of your hand, knock you down, trampl
Todays Message
Online shopping seems so easy Why do results appear so cheesy? Trying to buy movie tickets on a site Making sure its the right theater with all my might The town is correct, the directions are not so One wrong click, and a little futher 2 people will have to go Becuase of locations that are not known so well That is why an error was made, Very easily I can tell For this movie named twilight to be seen later in day Misread the information on the page that is all that one can say The tickets are processed, the purchase is done Now here enters the anxiety that has begun One theater did not have the schedule in advance Leaving only one option at this moment that left the mind in a trance Should have waited perhaps, should have put it off another day Then this would not have happened today The credit card mut be carried to this location Yet the buyer will not be at this theater station The two that wiill see this movie are ladies of the sort Girlfriend and her fri
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I Wish Someone Would Buy Me A Blast!!!
I hope everyone is doing kick ass!!!
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A Pic From My Fubar Crush..
Idiots In Mums
This dumb bitch post a mum about how neglectful she is of her kid. And I called her on it in a second mum. I told this girl that I hoped someone called CPS on her. She was bragging about her neglect of him in one mum and thanking mummers in the second. So everyone attacks me in mums needlessly but I jump one mindless bitch and this is what I get... SilverOak Online (tangerine dreaming) Pawtucket, RI November 15, 2008 @ 11:47 am #95 of 98 Crissy: FYI, children will have times when they need to vent just to unwind. They learn about 1500 new things a day and experience frustration over all the things they still want to learn. Do some research before you attack someone needlessly. Who the hell does he think he is? Defender of stupid whores? I hope someone shows him this and he sees what I said. Cause if the mother fucker is gona attack me when I'm not around to defend myself then I can sure as hell attack his ass.And as a woman who is finishing her degree in psychol
Computer Issues
my laptop keeps overheating once I get it solved tonight I'll do my best to get another leveling up for everyone Dave
My Heart Cries
Speckled stars And moon lit skies Im here alone And my heart cries Your true feelings For me I dont know Keeping them hidden Not letting them show I wish I could read minds Then maybe I would see The thoughts you keep hidden That you truly love me I have seen love In your eyes Yet Im here alone So my heart cries Sometimes I wonder What thoughts you have of me Do they make you smile What can they be Like the feelings you had From our first gentle kiss Or the warm of a hug Do you really miss Our bond is real Us together it ties Yet Im here alone So my heart cries Have you ever thought Of a life together Being there for each other No matter the weather Supporting each other In all that we do Comforting each other With a love so true Keeping no secrets Telling no lies Yet Im here alone So my heart cries I just want to love you The way that you dream Making you smile And your eyes gleam Loving your for eternity On a
Live Concert Right Now In Vampy's Vampire Cave Just Click Pic To Enter
JUST CLICK THE PIC BELOW COME JOIN THE PARTY!! Saturday Night 8:00pm to 2:00am. For Recorded Live Mental Mania. With DJ GHOSHT (the birthday boy). Its going to be the PARTY of the YEAR, and You Dont Want To Miss It. So lets get ready to have some fun chat listen to music and PARTY!! ITS MENTAL MANIA NIGHT!!
The Never Ending Comment Blog
Soo... ok.. here we go.. This is going to be a FUN blog! Where I want tons of comments on it. Basically what it is... is a blog on all the stupid, pathetic, annoying, idiotic comments and emails you get from having your pics up on a page.. These are coming from Adultspace, , Myspace, Fubar and any other sites you may be on! To start out with, my favorite idiot from Adultspace longandhard1 this fool was first noticed after posting his idiotic comment on my Goodbye Geroge blog: Fuck yall, bush was a good president, now we got Obama to come in and ruin things, congradulations dumbasses From there his comments only got worse and his true self began to show. I made it a point to show that he was the dumbass as you can tell by my responses to him on both is page and my page just to show u that Im not going to sit back and allow this idiot to think that he is so better than everyone else. HAHAHA! Im also getting tired of these pathetic emails that I keep getting from idiots.
On the 11/11/08. I left work early and went tp the ER because I was having a MAJOR anxiety attack that wouldnt go away. Anyways, long story short...I was admitted for 3 days. My EKG readings didnt look right and they wanted to do more tests. I have a bad heart. My heart is enlarged and is round, instead of foot-ball shaped and is working at about 75%-80% of how it should. The Cardiologist was amazed I don't have chest pain! Anyways, on top of all my life stress that is going on, my heart is damaged and in bad shape. Pray for me, and if anything major should happen, I will make sure I will have somebody notify you all...
I Am This Girl
I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because she's sleepy, but because she wants to be closer to you. I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the park more than inside your bedroom or in an expensive restaurant. I'm the girl who says,"Okay, but you owe me...", not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you. I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will have fun because it means I am spending time with you. I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms. I'm the girl who never wants to forget all the sweet little things you do for her. I'm the girl who never gives up hope even when I tell others I have. I'm the girl who once I let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it. And even if we spend time apart, I'm the girl who never forgets you. I'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a k
WOrking nights all alone, I have tons of "me" time, and recently I've started trying to figure out my emotional distancing from people, and my attitude towards men. I have a most loving and wonderful husband in the world that I would give my arm for, and yet I am still indifferent to his sweetness. ANd I think I have figured out why...I can't treat him like shit. While I have never been burnt or hurt by men, I have encountered a lot of entitled, selfish assholes. I felt it was my duty to put them into their place, let them know they are not special, not all that, not flawless. I would go out with a guy, make snippy remarks about his bragging, let him know that I think and know that he is a lowly dog, and try to ruin his self esteem one by one. Once I went out with a guy that was in his 20s, and a lil spoiled brat. He whined about me being mean to him, and I told him that I want to treat him like a dog that he is. He was trying to sweet talk me ofcourse, but that didnt wor
Hey all I'm gonna be up for auction this next Tuesday with my fellow loungers. So, stop in say hello and make a bid. It'll be Tuesday night @9PM EST. Hope to see you there and if you like it feel free to become a member!!!!!!!!!
This Is Really Sad.
I hate when I see people I like going at it. Sometimes things get out of hand and we say things we regret or shouldn't say in the heat of the moment. I want to say something about buying friendships. My friendship isn't for sale. I appreciate any act of kindness and try to return it when possible, as long as it has no hidden agenda behind it. I am a non confrontational person who is friendly with EVERYONE until they give me reason not to be. I don't take sides and I try to get along with everyone. I seriously hope no one thinks my friendship can be bought. If they do, they don't really know me. I really don't want to get caught in a crossfire, in which I am made to look as if I was "bought".
It amazes me when people get so proud to the Navy. I believe the Navy is for pussies that never made it into Marines. I mentioned it to one of the lover boys that wasted his night talkin to me at work (at the hotel), and he got a lil pissy about it, explaining the dangers of being in the Navy and going through training. I said that Navy is for boys, while Marines is for Men.
A Tribute To Our Men And Women That Fight For Our Freedom
some of you look at a guy or girl with a uniform on and say, oh i support our men and women of the armed service. many folks forget to think of all the fallen service men n women not just for today but yesterday. I truely dont see how any one can forget the ones in the past that fought for our freedom. we have places for vetrans being closed and moved further away from the ones who need the care of that service thats rightfully given to them. i recently had a close friend call me and told me that one of our friends that served in the armed service pasted away. it hurt like losing a family member. i look in the world today and i notice alot of people want to place blame on events that has happens even right down to the tragic even of 9/11. i want to say this if oyu cant support our troops and the man who sends them to protect our freedoms we do have. then i say this for every one of you out there. we send you over there with a gun and ship 5 of our men or women home and let you fight
November 15th 2008
So I can feel my little girl moving more now. She has some powerful kicks that scare me sometimes when I am watching tv. She has found a water bed called my bladder lol...which she loves to lay on and make me have to pee every 5 minutes. I will be 24 weeks on monday and thats another week closer for Richard and I to meet our little girl. Its so exciting.
The Wooden Bowl
The Wooden Bowl I guarantee you will remember the tale of the Wooden Bowl tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. A frail old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and four-year - old grandson. The old man's hands trembled, his eyesight was blurred, and his step faltered. The family ate together at the table. But the elderly grandfather's shaky hands and failing sight made eating difficult. Peas rolled off his spoon onto the floor. When he grasped the glass, milk spilled on the tablecloth. The son and daughter-in-law became irritated with the mess. "We must do something about father," said the son. "I've had enough of his spilled milk, noisy eating, and food on the floor." So the husband and wife set a small table in the corner. There, Grandfather ate alone while the rest of the family enjoyed dinner. Since Grandfather had broken a dish or two, his food was served in a wooden bowl. When the family glanced in Grandfather's d
The Empty Chair By Jeffery Deaver
Plot Summary: Lincoln Rhyme, the gruff quadriplegic detective and forensic expert of Bone Collector fame, strays far from his Manhattan base to a spooky North Carolina backwater in this engrossing and outlandish tale about the hunt for evil. The hick town is called Tanner's Corner, where Rhyme--in North Carolina for experimental surgery--has been called by the local sheriff to oversee the search for a kidnapper and his victims. The kidnapper is 16-year-old Garrett Hanlon, a local youth of ill repute whose obsession with bugs has earned him the nickname "The Insect Boy." His captives are Mary Beth McConnell, who Hanlon has stalked for months, and local nurse Lydia Johansson, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A marathon chase ensues across North Carolina's perilous swampland by sheriff deputies and Rhyme's assistant and lover, Amelia Sachs. Rhyme, a former New York City cop whose on-the-job injury several years earlier left him with movement in only one finger, dir
Wii Got Lips
I read today that Microsoft is releasing a game for the Xbox called "Lips." This is a shame, because if it would come out for the Wii, then you could ask "Hey do you like to play Lips on the Wii?"
This Will Make You Cry
Angelina Schneider October 27, 9:30 PM child abuse my name is Sarah.....I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I can't speak at all I can't do a wrong Or else I'm locked up All the day long. When I awake I'm all alone The house is dark My folks aren't home When my mommy does come Ill try and be nice, So maybe I'll get just One whipping tonight. Dont make a sound! I just heard a car My daddy is back From Charlie's Bar. I hear him see him My name he calls press myself Against the wall I try and hide From his evil eyes Im so afraid now I'm starting to cry He finds me weeping He shouts ugly words, He says its my fault That he suffers at work. He slaps me and hits me And yells at me more, I finally get free And I run for the door. He's already locked it And I start to bawl, He takes me and throws me Against the har
I Hang My Head To Cry
I Hang My Head To Cry by S.R.E. Have you ever known a gloom so long When everything seems to go wrong That's where I find myself this day Lost in a sea of hopeless dismay. And as I sit alone watching life go by I hang my head to cry. Listen to the leaves in the autumn breath Their mournful whines of their death Sometimes I see myself as a falling leaf Drifting aimlessly in a gust of grief And as I watch the gray cover up the sky I hang my head to cry. Have you ever seen an eagle's gloom After its mate had fell to its doom Thats how my life looks to me Fallen into pain and misery And as I wonder why I dont desire to try I hang my head and cry. Have you seen a stars light grow cold While others burn so bright and bold Sometimes I think I've nothing to give Except for this lonely life I live And now I've lost my last tear to cry I hang my head to die. Copyright 2005 All Rights Reserved
~play With Me~
You've just orgasmed together,you're lying satiated, panting, sweating,you feel so close,as one,you turn to your partner and say those three little words ....? ? ? Play with me .. Make it as loving, romantic, funny, dirty, wicked as you like. (Which three little words would you say????? )
Come Show Luv
I just want to thank everyone for showing us support and I know all of our friends are not on but, I just wanted to write to all of you New and old and tell ya how much I appreciate the help.
9 Things I Hate About Everybody
9 Things I Hate About Everyone 1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time.... I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? 2 People who are willing to get off their ass to search the entire room for the T.V.. remote because they refuse to walk to the T.V. and change the channel manually. 3 When people say 'Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too'. Damn right! What good is cake if you can't eat it? 4 When people say 'it's always the last place you look'. Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you've found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they? Gonna Kick their asses! 5 When people say while watching a film 'did you see that?'. No Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor. 6 People who ask 'Can I ask you a question?'.... Didn't really give me a choice there, did ya sunshine? 7. When something is 'ne
A Woman's Love.....
A woman's love can withstand your selfishness, forgive your harsh words, believe in you when you give no hope ...a woman's love knows no hatred, but survives on her undying devotion to make you happy.... A woman's love would ALWAYS find a way , she would comfort you in her arms when and just let a grown man cry , she would NEVER judge you ( like the way you always seem to find fault )... a woman's love forgets yesterday and looks forward to tommorow..... Some men seem to think of us as weak creatures filled with emotions ...we are always nagging and fighting ...we never know when to hush, never good enough to be loved , there is always something we could never do enough of ..... But these men don't know the hidden strength of a woman's love ...because if they only knew , shame would engulf them and they would fall to their knees.........for the woman they so love to hate and take advantage of, has been there all along .NEVER doubting the good man that he was and believing still the goo
Auction Results
Pimps & Hoes Auction™ Final Results and Next Auction Preview! The Winner of the $20 Bling Pack goes to Burg with 318 Rates! (Payable on 11/25). I also want to add he was an awesome help during this auction! He stickied alot of the bullies and was a big help when I wasn't here! Thank you Burg. You rock hun! BURG ~Owned by Confidence Makes me Sexy ~ List of the PIMPS™ and their new Owners Owned By:Wonder Woman with a $50 Bling Pack, 1 Ticker, 1 Mil Fu Bux, Link on Page ($75 Value) Wonder_Woman is a good Fu-slave 2 T ! Fu-Engaged to Suggadaddy Owned By:CANDYGIRL with a 1 Month VIP & 1 Ticker ($25 Value) ♥ CANDYGIRL ♥ GREETER AT FORBIDDEN INC.
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Just A Rate Please
OK Help her out just a rate is all that is needed Brought To You By :
So here's the thing...I am sick of ppl assuming that I am a mind reader...cuz I'm not. Half the time I dont know whats going on in mine, much less yours. If you have a damn problem, talk to me...or leave me alone.
Roasted Chicken Thighs W/ Brussels Sprout Pasta.
I just made this, it tasted awesome and you can either feed a ton of people with it or eat it for over a week. I live alone, so that means I don't have to cook for the next nine days. Score! Ingredients: pack of chicken thighs, around 10 3 tbs. mayo 1 tsp. spicy mustard Worcestershire sauce hot sauce dried rosemary dried thyme dried parsley salt & pepper 1 lg. onion, chopped or sliced 1 lb. Brussels sprouts, sliced 1 1/2 tbs. extra virgin olive oil 1 1/2 tbs. butter 1 tsp. allspice 1 tsp. dried sage 1 bag shredded mozzarella Preheat oven to 400 degress. Mix mayo, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, rosemary, thyme, parsley, and salt and pepper in a bowl. Smear on chicken and put skin side down in a metal baking pan. Cover with foil and bake 1 hour. Remove foil, flip chicken skin side up, and bake an additional 20 mins. Start boiling water for pasta. Heat skillet over medium-high heat, put in oil and butter. Saute onions until soft, then add brus

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