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To all my friends and fans(lol)I am having surgery tomorrow,Feb.2 on my shoulder,as if im not in enough pain already.Anyway those of you who know where I live please feel free to stop in and visit with me.Now I will have free time to figure this site out,so far it's pretty cool!I really like to know how people get all these graphics done on here.They are awesome!Anyway,I need to go and pace some more,so I will see you all later!!Nothing to eat or drink after I must get my fixes in now!
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Eadarainn cadal daoine eadarainn, c`ail p`ogadh ci`uin nas `aille bardachd focalize crindhe be`o leam be`o a nochd sleeping man between us, anything kissing calm more beautiful than poetry open heart alive with me alive tonight g.w.b. Forever Yours waiting on a snowy afternoon child forever yours still warm though separate space and time bearable glowing in the miracle standing at last born again from knowledge that pain and fear are only a memory lost lovers a lesson, each content in Virgo’s grey harmony tears are for joy and relief home is where the heart is and love brought us inside g.w.b.
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I'm Not Just A Survivor Anymore.....
From the moment of my birth, I was known as a "Survivor", after nearly dying being born early and fighting hard to live, that time maybe they were right... As a child growing up for years dealing with sexual, verbal, physical and emotional abuse I went inside my mind to survive...When I grew up, it was on to abusive husbands, multiple rapes, dealing with addiction and mental illness..My many counselors, Drs. and case managers all said "You should be proud that you are such a survivor". I was told that I should write articles and books of my experiences, instead I became an advocate for the sexually abused, mentally ill, disabled, housing and domestic violence...I became sober and gave many talks at meetings as time went on...Still being a survivor. As an advocate I traveled and gave talks and did workshops on many topics, helping alot of people, but I sincerely hope that I made more than an impression on them of more than JUST a survivor... In the past couple of years I have had to
Voila! Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van-guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. Bartenderized Productions©
Come On Folks!!
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An Angel Came To Me
This is true and happened to me 4 pr 5 years ago or so. It kinda blew me away and was quite reassuring at the time - you may think it's coincidence / bullshit / whatever - regardless of the 'reality' i find it inspiring....... My wife and I were having problems at the time. We weren't spending much time together. Money was ok, but teh purse-strings were pulled a little tight. I was working / living in one city, my wife (and son) were in another through much of teh week. I had had my dreams dashed and I felt helpless and depressed. It was one of those times where, even if you don't belive in life after death, angels, god, you find yoursalf pleading for 'a sign', asking for help. On returning home from a gig one night, I found myself standing outside the kitchen door, smoking, staring at the clear starry sky. I didn't know which way to turn in life. I was lonely, low, lost. "Please, show me a sign. If I have an angel looking over me, show me you are there. I ca
"pick Me Up."
A guy is 71 years old and loves to fish. He was sitting in his boat the other day when he heard a voice say, "Pick me up." He looked around and couldn't see any one. He thought he was dreaming when he heard the voice say again, "Pick me up." He looked in the water and there, floating on the top, was a frog. The man said, "Are you talking to me?" The frog said, "Yes, I'm talking to you. Pick me up. Then, kiss me and I'll turn into the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. I'll make sure that all your friends are envious and jealous because you will have me as your bride." The man looked at the frog for a short time, reached over, picked it up carefully, and placed it in his front breast pocket. Then the frog said, "What, are you nuts? Didn't you hear what I said? I said kiss me and I will be your beautiful bride." He opened his pocket, looked at the frog and said, "Nah, at my age I'd rather have a talking frog."
Love Of Rose...
O, what is the song this late, late rose is singing? where will its petals fall, pale orange-yellow rose? when shall the breeze and the rose cease laughing, dancing, when will the raindrops bring time, and loss, and tears? who wrote the song that the rose is singing, singing, who painted petals on this fleeting rose? when did the breeze discover dancing, dancing, with roses that fade and fall in loss and time and tears? after the rosefall, a colder breeze is blowing, rose petals lie in drifts upon the ground; but the breeze remembers, wintering red rose-hips, sowing the rose’s spring and singing; remembering rose’s sound
Appreciating Our Past
It is easy to be negative about past mistakes and unhappiness. But it is much more healing to look at ourselves and our past in the light of experience, acceptance, and growth. Our past is a series of lessons that advance us to higher levels of living and loving. The relationships we entered, stayed in, or ended taught us necessary lessons. Some of us have emerged from the most painful circumstances with strong insights about who we are and what we want. Our mistakes? Necessary. Our frustrations, failures, and sometimes stumbling attempts at growth and progress? Necessary too. Each step of the way, we learned. We went through exactly the experiences we need to, to become who we are today. Each step of the way, we progressed. Is our past a mistake? No. The only mistake we can make is mistaking that for the truth.
Truth And Honor, A Promise Kept. A Goofy Thought. : )
Ok,here It Is
I Need Some Idea's
And More
Why Wiccans Suck. Fluffbunnies, Bicca, and Playganism. WHY WICCANS SUCK Copyright 2003 Faelhach. All Rights Reserved. I'd like to start this informative masterpiece by saying that if anyone is offended by this, they can go suck themselves. I would also like to say that if you are here for an in-depth, thoughtful analysis of Wicca, Paganism and any other subject related to the two, you'd best be looking somewhere else. This is a rant. So deal with it. Now then. Let's get down to business. Wiccans suck. Every last one of them. Why, you ask? Because. Now, J. would want me to expand upon my reasons for exactly why Wiccans suck, so I'm going to oblige him. He also says that I should change my blanket statement to only include contemporary Wiccans, but I think that this is more fun. I suppose I should start with a background of my personal experience regarding Wicca. I believe it was during my freshman year of high school that I first was "enlight
Clothes Do But Cheat And Cozen Us
Away with silks, away with lawn, I'll have no scenes or curtains drawn: Give me my mistress as she is, Dress'd in her nak't simplicities: For as my heart, e'en so my eye Is won with flesh, not drapery. ROBERT HERRICK
What If.
A date with you would start, of course, with me asking you out and you accepting. It would begin around Nine AM I will take you to a restaurant on the beach where we would have a light breakfast...its a good way to get rid of butterflies in the stomach as well as communicate some ice breaking topics, this also gives you an out if you choose to end date.........After we have ate a bit and enjoyed talking to each other and we are both more relaxed, i will take you to a nice late morning stroll on the beach. We can hold hands and walk and talk about how beautiful the scene is and i will tell you how the day is so much more beautiful with you by my side.. We can play a bit chase each other around and walk barefoot in the shallow water.....I will kiss you at some point, a good kiss looking onto your wanting eyes, holding your face to mine....kiss, should you return the kiss I will embrace you, squeeze you close to me, at you will probably feel at this point my desire for you. But this i
A Fight Over Miller Lite
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Mythical Creature/race
You scored as Angel. Congratz! You are an angel. The world looks to you for advice and comfort. You\\\'re very protective of the ones you love and help anyone that you may pass on the street. You will fight if you absolutely have to, but you WILL NOT kill. You treat everyone, even your enemies, with mercy. While you help everyone, you still feel a hint of sadness... for not everyone would truly accept you, if they truly knew you, so you usually keep to yourself.Angel100%Fairy80%Elf50%Dwarf50%Halfling40%Gnome20%Demon20%Orc0%What mythical creature or race are you?created with
Over 40 And Sexy Ladies Contest
Over 40 and sexy ladies contest * Anyone can enter that is 40 years old or older * Comment Bombing welcome * You can comment on your own Photo * Prizes will be given to all that enter * Big prizes to first, second and third place * Anyone getting over 15,000 comments will recieve a Corvette * Anyone getting over 20,000 comments will recieve a porsche * Contest will start on February 14th at 8 am * Contest will end on February 21st at 8 pm * Men you can enter your lady, Picture must come from her page * Send me a PM with the picture you would like to use Please repost this for me so all can have the opportunity hotbostontrkr_loves_sweetlady_tx@ CherryTAP
fell across this site where you can add a lot of stuff and modules to your own page will go and have a proper look and maybe even set up a page myself eventually when i stop suffering from shiny toy syndrome Netvibes
Cindy Lauper~~true Colors
Job/employment Spells
GOOD LUCK JOB OIL Allspice, cinnamon, sage, dill, from kitchen cupboard of grocery shop and mix with base oil - olive oil is fine. Warm leaves overnight strain through a tea strainer if you wish or just use. TO WIN A JOB Before you go to your job interview, you will need a green candle, a banknote and a paperclip. Light the candle and show both sides of the banknote to the flame. Fasten the note to the back of a photograph of yourself. Blow out the candle. Carry your photo, with the note attached, in your handbag or wallet during your interview. JOB SPELL Write on a green candle the kind of job you want and burn the candle saying: "To do for me this deed, bring to me this Job I need" And let the candle burn out. CANDLE SPELL TO GET A JOB This spell should be used only after you have submitted your resume or application. With a pin or sharp knife, write the name of the company(s) you want to work for on the side of a large green candle. On a red candle, you need to carv
Success Spells
SUCCESS SPELL You will need: A green candle A purple candle A talisman with your religious symbol (pentacle, cross, star of David, etc) Place a green candle on one side of a room. Place a purple candle on the other side. Now, light the purple candle. With your religious talisman hanging from a chain or string (to be worn as a necklace) dangling from your right hand, pick up the purple (lit) candle with your right hand. Now walk in a straight line across the room directly to the green candle. Using the purple one, light the green candle. Set down the candle so they sit next to each other. Chant, "I walk forth without doubt and fear, And success draws me near." Lay the necklace in front of it and meditate for awhile on the success you need. Let the candles burn themselves down, and wear the necklace whenever you wish success you follow you. When you walk through a door to job interviews, auditions, or anywhere you need success, imagine how you walked in a straight line in your r
Need A Helping Hand
Nothing In Particular 2
Well, it's another V-Day alone, but getting used to it. Harder to get a date when you're 43, bald and in a chair. But I've met a few cool folks on here so far, so things are lookin' up a bit. Gotta go study and try to set a good example for my younger college counterparts.
Private # 014773216
Today's Times reports that greater numbers of convicted felons are being accepted into the armed forces: Army Giving More Waivers in Recruiting Predictably, this has spawned outrage from all quarters, including those who say this will weaken the caliber of our services and opponents of the patently absurd "don't ask, don't tell" policy. A few positive points, though: They will enter the armed forces with better survival skills than your average high school graduate Blame for any “misbehavior” can be immediately shifted from their commanders to the recruiters They can be treated as poorly as possible because they lack the legal right to vote out the politicians that put them there Ability to fashion a shiv from Spam Loaf obviates need to provide basic weaponry Less civilian outrage if they are killed They have already been indoctrinated into racial supremacist organizations, gangs, or other affinity groups, saving valuable resources that would otherwise be spent on o
In 1954 (the year you were born) Dwight Eisenhower is president of the US Nautilus, the first atomic powered submarine, launches Senator Joseph McCarthy begins leading televised hearings into alleged Communist influence in the Army Roger Bannister, a 25 year old from England, breaks the 4 minute mile with a time of 3:59 Supreme Court rules unanimously that racial segregation in public schools is unconstitutional Hurricane "Carol" hits the Long Island - New England area killing 60 and injuring 1000 Senate condemns Joseph McCarthy for contempt of a Senate elections subcommittee during his Army investigation hearings Playboy magazine issue features Margie Harrison, the first playmate Howard Stern, Oprah Winfrey, Christie Brinkley, John Travolta, and Jerry Seinfeld are born New York Giants win the World Series Cleveland Browns win the NFL championship Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup Lord of the Flies by William G. Golding is published W
Untitled 1
Dark is the night in which ride Deep is the water in which I hide burning, turning spinning fast a soul in turmoil urban class drowning, struggling, dieing last These are days of my past Burning pain that never ends hoping for a whispering wind surging lurching to and fro how will my mind ever know loving, lying, living, dieing all are things worth our trying Giving, caring, sharing too these are things I want to do Time to be all you can be join me in this empty sea life is ever spinning past the road is calling it's a blast come ride with me into the hills and I will show such great thrills Come lie with me beneath the stars and I shall ease away your scars ©Dark
Take One Minute
one minute to give a hug to show that they are loved one minute to say I'm sorry that I caused you any worry one minute to hold them tight before you turn out the light one minute is all it takes to show that your loves not fake ©Dark
Need Some Advise
I need some advice on what could be a life changing decision. I've suspected for some time now that my girlfriend has been having an affair. The usual signs: Phone rings, I answer, caller hangs up. She started going out 'with the girls' a lot recently although when I ask which girls, it is always "Just some friends from work, you don't know them." I always look out for her taxi coming home, but she always comes walking up the driveway as I hear a car setting if she had exited the car 'round the corner. Why? Is it not a taxi? I once picked her mobile up just to see what time it was and she went berserk and screamed that I should never touch her phone again and why was I checking up on her? Anyway, I have never approached the subject with my girlfriend. I think deep down I just didn't want to know the truth but last night she went out again and I decided to check on her. I decided I was going to hide behind my car which would give me a view of the whole street so I could s
All About Him
Okay, there is this boy that i love with all my heart and his name is Michael. But I call him MJ. He is my one and only and always will be. He will also be my baby always and forever. I love this boy so much words cant even being to descibe
Survey Test
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Second Level of Hell!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)HighLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)LowLevel 2 (Lustful)HighLevel 3 (Gluttonous)LowLevel 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)LowLevel 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)HighLevel 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
100% On Quiz
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Birthday Girl Aka Miss Ally
Stranger In Me
I glance into the mirror What do I see? I see two faces One of them is me The other isn't a stranger A person I know Who lives in my mind With an essence that glows He is the hate that I hide The fear you can't see The malice I hold down The darkness within me A tempter of fate A seducer of chaos A pain so rare Corruption at it's best he speaks in a voice That none but I hear he begs me to release him Release all my fear A demon who lies A man trapped A part of my being But responsibly kept. Music Video Codes By Music
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Redneck Man's pick up lines 1) Did you fart? cuz you blew me away. 2)Are yer parents retarded? cuz ya sure are special. 3)My Love fer you is like diarrhea . I can't hold it in. 4)Do you have a library card? cuz I'd like to sign you out. 5)Is there a mirror in yer pants? cuz I can see myself in em. 6)If you was a tree and I were a Squirrel, I'd store my nuts in yer hole. 7)You might not be the best lookin girl here, but beauty's only a light switch away. 8)Man - "Fat Penguin!" Woman - "WHAT?" Man - "I just wanted to say something that would break the ice." 9) I know I'm not no Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make yer bed-rock. 10)I can't find my puppy, can you help me find him? I think he went inta this cheap motel room. 11)Yer eyes are as blue as window cleaner. 12)If yer gunna regret this in the mornin, we kin sleep til afternoon. and.... the best for last! 13)Yer face reminds me of a wrench, every time I think
Oh Yea
Drew -- [noun]:A steamy steamy shower 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at Drew's Sexual Catch-Phrase is... "Not the mama!" 'What is your sexual catchphrase? at
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when will reality break and i'll have that voice in my head to tell me just to stop? aaaand when that voice comes will it be my own or some foregin voice i've never heard before. i think i'd want a french accent peering down on me whispering my name along with other obscenities to get my life in order. but please define order. it is stacking things 1 2 3 in perfect fit or stacking things in 2 1 3 in stilla perfect fit but is it actually in order. i thought about writing a disclaimer. but then i thought against it but then i figured i could at least say to fuck off if your lost,bored or confuseed by what my fingers are producing. yes my fingers because i can't see two feet away fom my face without seeing double. i wish i could call her. her voice is soothing to the loud clanking of my mind.. the buzzing. my left hand is asleep but not too asleep to where i can't mve it but just asleep enough to where i have that slightly rough tingle starting from the tips of my fingggers, ball
Hmm.. What Are You?
What color of shirt are you wearing? Red=loud Green= bisexual Blue=innocent White=naughty Aqua=freaky Yellow=nerdy Purple=a little TOO happy Orange=funny Gray= stupid Pink= preppy Brown=tree-hugging Multicolored= sweaty Black= Hott Nothing= Sexy What kind of pants are you wearing? Shorts=prep Skirt/Skort=lover pajama pants= homo Jeans= emo kid skinny jeans=scene kid Ripped Jeans=hobo Cammo=cage fighter Cordoroy=loser Cargo=clown Sweats/basketballshorts= gangsta OTHER =goth What color is your natural hair color? blonde= with a hot body black= with a sexy smile dark brown =with a broken heart red = that likes to have fun brunette = with a nice butt dirty blonde= with a sexy boyfriend brown= with beautiful eyes bald=with herpes...type 2...and bad OTHER = who trys to be different
Rest In Peace
I died So many years ago But you can make me feel Like it isn't so And why you come to be with me I think I finally know mmm-mmm You're scared Ashamed of what you feel And you can't tell the ones you love You know they couldn't deal Whisper in a dead man's ear It doesn't make it real That's great But I don't wanna play 'Cause being with you touches me More than I can say And since I’m only dead to you I’m saying stay away and Let me rest in peace Let me rest in peace Let me get some sleep Let me take my love and bury it In a hole 6-foot deep I can lay my body down But I can't find my, sweet release So let me rest in peace I know I should go But I follow you like a man possessed There's a traitor here beneath my breast And it hurts me more than you've ever guessed If my heart could beat, it would break my chest but I can see you're unimpressed So leave me be and Let me rest in peace Let me get some sleep Let
Beer Just Isn't Happening Dude!!
You know what people? I get sick and tired of seeing women put themselves down or go out of their way to please men. What the hell makes them so god damn special anyway? Lets get this straight. We're suppose to be 5'8", 125 pounds and blonde. Why are women so hell bent on trying to be something they're not? Hey, if this describes you, great! Now get the fuck out of here so the rest of us can discuss! What amazes me is this. The majority of men that demand this type of woman are so fucking gross it isn't even funny. They have these big ass beer guts and they're going to tell us what looks good? They have to get a mirror just to choke the chicken and I have to depend on them to know if I look good? Please turds! They haven't seen their own dicks in years. They couldn't get laid even if they had $100.00, standing on a street corner where hookers were giving $5.00 blowjobs. These men have no fucking right to tell anyone what looks good, much less, goggle and slober on th
Salute To You
Yin Yang Concept
Yin Yang Concept Blue skies Green grass Happy smiles Clear glass Cloudy skies Off green glass Blank expressions Unclear glass Stormy gray skies Really brown grass Angry and pissed off Dirt covered glass Back to blue skies Back to green grass Nothing can stay It will soon pass
I Need You!!
Get your own glitter and more at
Rules From God For 2007
Rules from God for 2007 1. Wake Up !! Decide to have a good day. "Today is the day the Lord hath made; let us rejoice and be glad in it" Psalms 118:24 2. Dress Up !! The best way to dress up is to put on a smile. A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks. "The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at outward appearance; but the Lord looks at the heart." I Samuel 16:7 3. Shut Up!! Say nice things and learn to listen. God gave us two ears and one mouth, so He must have meant for us to do twice as much listening as talking. "He who guards his lip s guards his soul." Proverbs 13:3 4. Stand Up! !... For what you believe in. Stand for something or you will fall for anything.. "Let us not be weary in doing good; for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good..." Galatians 6:9-10 5. Look Up !!.. To the Lord. "I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians
Got New Pics
hey got new pics everyone rate them comment them and all thanks repost let everyone no thanks
Mmmmmmmm Make My Day
come check me out add me as a friend new here let get together and hang out ... lets see what we can get tangled up in:*
Ain't No Love
Ya know, it's interesting to me. I can sit here on CherryTap all day long, looking for people, adding people, commenting on other's pages just to try to make new friends or meet new people, but I'd be fooling myself. I mean, I've been a member since October, but I've never put any thought into my CT page until about a couple months ago, and I'm only level 3. I see people create new names, and in a matter of days they're up to level 5 or higher. That's amazing to me. The thing is, I've never had that kind of look I think. Everytime I make a new friend, I try to get to know them at least a little bit. I can tell who would be like a real friend, or a fake ass friend. I have people who go through my pictures and leave 10s (or the one 8 someone left on that picture of my dog) but won't say a word to me. That's their business. I'm just saying, if someone sees my picture and think it's worth it just to go through my pictures, why not try to make a friend out of it and say somethin
Rainbow In The Dark
Woke up this morning, thinking of you, same o'l same nothing new, looked out my window, through the mist and the dew, I saw a rainbow, reminded me of you,, you are my pot o gold, my treasures untold, I live for the day, I have you to hold, my life was empty, hollow and cold, then I found you, My Rainbow In The Dark Dio - Rainbow In The DarkMusic Code provided by Song2Play.Com
Missing You Guys
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Mt Stripper Song!
Your Stripper Song Is She Wants to Move by N.E.R.D. "Her off beat dance makes me fantasize (Her curves) She's sexy!!" You are 100% sex appeal. As simple as that. What Song Should You Strip To?
Software Licensing
Why the hell does licensing need to be so damned complicated!? Microsoft licensing is confusing enough, and now I have to deal with Novell Groupwise and OES. With entitlements and groupings and license conflicts between GPL, LGPL, BSD, CC, and commercial licensing, this is giving me a headache... err
Sex And Dirty Jokes: Masturbata.
Sitting in my house, and I know that I'm alone, Feeling kinda horny, got a jingle in my bone Go and grab a Penthouse it's the one with Sharon Stone Hey Masturbata! I go a little faster and its feeling kind of nice, Once ain't enough so I have to do it twice If you wanna spank the monkey I can give you good advice Hey Masturbata! I use some baby oil or a little Vaseline, Laying down a towel so I keep my carpet clean Never shake my hand cause you don't know where its been Hey Masturbata! I do it in the car when I'm driving down the street, One hand on the wheel and the other on my meat I can't get out the car cause I'm sticking to the seat Hey Masturbata! Since I was a kid I have been a masturbater, Choke the chicken; hum the knob, squeezing the tomato I've looked at Ms. November now I'm gonna decorate her Hey, Masturbata! Buffing the banana, Mr. Lizard shaking bacon, Pounding on the flounder and its mayonnaise I'm makin'. Spank the frank, wax the carrot,
Bush Impeachment Calls Gather Momentum
Bush impeachment calls gather momentum 04 Mar 2007 Ross C. "Rocky" Anderson, Mayor of Salt Lake City, has called for the impeachment of George W. Bush before the Washington State Senate Governmental Operations Committee.§ionid=3510203
Am I Crazy?
So I was having a conversation with my friend's wife who is a psychology major. She said that I may be bipolar. Now at first I was like hmm... na, I don't feel crazy. Then when I read up on it a little more I began to consider it as a real possibility, though not as advanced as the word could get. See, I have always had a form of split personality. One that was usually present in my every day situations and one that would arise in extraordinary situations. Its not really a split just different sets of values, possiblities and priorities. For a little background information of my life. I was born in Mountain Home, Idaho. Was adopted the day after I was born, taken to Anaheim, CA and due to some unfortunate but avoidable situations of my life, still live there. My adoptive parents are one hell of a couple... both are alcoholics, my mom suffers from depression as well as some other forms of psychological problems, and my dad is a workaholic diabetic who doesn't really care bout much.
Funny Questions
Q. How can you tell when a man is well hung? A. When you can just barely slip your finger in between his neck and the noose. & Q. How are husbands like lawn mowers? A. They're hard to get started, they emit noxious odours, and half the time they don't work
So, I'm in this Dragon Tattoo Contest. My first contest here and was wondering if anyone could please go over and vote & comment on my dragon. chaoscowboy I'd REALLY appreciate it as I'm already behind. Love you guys, and thanks. PS. Bombing is allowed if anyone cares to. ;)
Ok. I guess I'm just talking out of my ass here, but ya know what? Who the fuck cares. It's MY blog, I'LL say what I want to say, and NO ONE ELSE can tell ME otherwise. The main point of the blog today is because I'm fed up with being told how I NEED to act. I'll tell you what...I'll act how I want to, SAY what I want to, AND DO WHAT I WANT TO, and you can just get the fuck over it. Yes, it's overused, but the quote "Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one" leaps to mind. And yet, there's another part hardly anyone ever hears: "But justs because you have one, doesn't mean you get to be one"...Refering to you being an asshole with your opinion...WELL GUESS WHAT...IT'S MY OPINION. IT'S MY LIFE. IT'S MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH. AND IT'S MY MOUTH. I'll say and do what the fuck I want to. I can't help that my favorite word is FUCK and it happens to be every other word in every sentence I use. I can't help that I was intended to be a big girl. But hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em,
That Magical Phrase
Damn dude, you just put in work. As you lay there between the darkness of her bedroom and the aroma of insatiable sex — cradling a bottle of ice cold beer — your mind races. You marvel at how just how well you performed and from where that performance came. There, in the darkness, with your outstretched arm between a cool pillow and her freshly shampooed hair tinged with sweat, a french manicured hand on your chest encasing a rapidly beating heart, two perky breasts adjacent to your torso, and one freshly shaven leg draped across yours, you listen to her breathe as she sleeps … … and she sleeps soundly because…. well…. damn dude, you just put in work. Just before she fell into her deep sleep, she uttered those words which make her annoying habit of popping gum bearable; those words that make the fact that she has had more sexual partners than she has fingers or toes insiginificant; those words that make that ex-boyfriend that always seems to pop up inconveniently not so
When Is Your Birth Day?
JANUARY=PIMP Loves to chat. Loves those who love them. Loves to takes things at the center. Inner and physical beauty. Doesn't pretend. Gets angry often. Treats friends importantly. Brave and fearless. Always making friends. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Opinionated. Does not care to control emotions. Unpredictable. Extremely smart, but definitely the hottest AND sexiest of them MFE. FEBRUARY=THUG Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. sexiest out of everyone.A real speed demon. Has more than one best friend. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Love s entertainment and leisure
Looking For Eminem...
ok. i really need a fantasy fullfiled i need someone who looks like eminem to cum and see me! mmm
Just For You
There is a risk involved in everything. Every time you share a smile, Every time you shed a tear, You are opening yourself up to hurt Some people tread slowly through life, Avoiding the closeness risk brings, Sidestepping the things they can't understand, Turning away from those who care too much, Those who care too long, Those who hold too tightly. There is never an easy way to love. You cannot approach it cautiously. It will not wait for you to arm yourself. It does not care if you turn away It is everywhere, it is everything. Love is the greatest of all risks. It is not reliable, it is not cautious, It is not sympathetic. It is unprejudiced and unmerciful. It strikes the strongest of mind. And brings them to their knees in one blow Even in the best of times, love hurts. It hurts to need, it hurts to belong, It hurts to be the other part Of someone else, Without either of your consent, But, from the moment it overtakes you, It hurts w
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Im sad becuz Joe moved away :( =[[[ i miss him terribly and its sad becuz he just moved there today and i havn't seen him since...Friday I miss him terribly soo much But he calls me all the time :)
Silence Is Deadly....
Your making my heart bleed keeping it open like a fresh open wound. Take the knife and stab it making it beyond pain twisting it till I can't take it anymore. I scream for mercy asking you to stop but you dont hear me for you're lost in your thoughts.... I could fill a thousand pages telling you how I've felt and still you would not understand. So now I leave without a sound, except that of my heart shattering as it hits the ground....
What Men Hate About Sex
feel free to add! 1.Men hate when women act as though they do not like sex. 2.Men do not like women who never show initiative in sex. 3.Men do not like women that do not know men's body. 4.Men do not like when women make them responsible for their orgasm. 5.Men do not like when women become sexual controllers in bed. 6.Sexual corpse. Men hate women that are insensitive in bed. 7.Sexual chatterer. Men hate women who talk too much in bed. 8.Men are irritated when a woman does not like her own body and depreciates herself. 9.Men hate women who are too obsessed with their looks. 10.Men hate women who do not like oral sex. 11.Men hate women who kiss insatiably. 12.Men do not like women who are too serious. 13.Men do not like women who are too affectionate and weak. 14.Men cannot stand stupid perfunctory women. 15.Men hate women who are worried only about men's financial status. 16.Men cannot stand women who use their sexuality to manipulate men. 17.Men
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Repost
Last posting to this blog.. subject: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse post date: 2007-03-11 13:45:01 views: 560 comments: 58 ratings: 0 SOME FACTS: 1~Sexual offenders are often known to the family, and not strangers. Abusers can be a man, a woman, or even a child - yes, a child. The offender on the video started sexually abusing others at the age of 10. 2~Sexual offenders are not homosexuals. Do not let your guard down because someone is not gay, vice versa, do not accuse someone just because he/she is gay. 3~Children do not lie about being sexually abused. 4~Only 5% of kids lie about the abuse, which means 95% are true. STEPS TO PREVENT SEXUAL ABUSE 1. Know the Warning Signs: Look for signs that someone may be an offender. In cases of reported sexual abuse, some parents step forward and say, yes, they knew there was something wrong with him/her. So what are some of these signs? · Likes spending time with children all the time. · More com
2 All My Friends, Please Rate My Pic. I Have Close To 500 Friends All Of You Please Rate. Ends Friday. Thanks
To all my friends, please stop by and rate this pic, if I get every single one of my friends to rate, its gonna help me win this contest. Id appreciate it. thanks so much! And to those who are helping me. I thank you. Just click on this pic below. To those who have asked me what comment bombing is, comment bombing is leaving a comment over and over on the same pic. If you comment bomb me during happy hour, you will rack up the points to help you level, so it not only helps me out, it helps you out as well.
My Grandmother
Hello everyone. Mama Dru died today. Yeah, I'm not gonna sit here sugar coating shit. She's gone. I know you're gonna be like "OMG. What happened?" I don't know. She died. Don't know how, and we're not gonna have an autopsy done. Could've been a couple of things. Laura and Kerry both came here today and were like "I read your previous blogs before. Damn, that's crazy." I didn't think she was this close to death. I was here last night and she was fine. She was FUCKING FINE!!! I go to bed after 5 AM, and wake up to the sound of my mother screaming "MAMA!!!" from downstairs. I knew what happened instantly. Don't know how though, and I still don't. Called people, people came, pop made funeral arrangements I guess, called more people, people called us, and I decided to call Amber, Sonya, and Teresa to let them know what was going on. Left a message on Leigh's voicemail. Didn't think of anyone else to call. Christine maybe but...*shrugs* Time is sketchy with her
The Rhythm And Rhyme Of Philosophy ... Why Love?
WHY LOVE? What man has found sweet Peace in Gold; that Happiness he bought or sold? Where is the man can stand and claim, His Greed brought more than Grief or Shame? In what is found that can compare, to Joys that those who Love may share? True Love is all this Life may give, as reason for a man to live. To even the unwise it’s clear, more Joy is found in Love than Fear; More Peace is found in Love than Gold, more Happiness than can be told. Should more be penned, or does this show, The "Why of Love”, that all should know? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Rhey W. Hedges, December 30, 1961
So Yeah....
Ok so this week has been pretty sooner do i get a weeks vacation, do i get told my grandfather's brother has passed away. And im not mad at all that i have spent my vacation driving my grandparents back and forth from the hospital. It just kinda bites i was looking forward to relaxing and sleeping in and taking it easy. So tomorrow is the funeral home and friday is the actually i appologize a head of time if im not on much the next couple days. In a way im glad he has passed. No more suffering for him. And i know he is in a better place now. It just sucks that he had to spend he's last few weeks on earth in a hospital, tied to the bed under 24hr watch. No one should have to go through that. He is and will forever be terribely missed. He was like a second Nonno (grandfather). Ti Amo e sarai mancanto tanto Patino R.I.P
Irish Luck - > > > > His name was Fleming, and he was a poor Scottish > farmer. One day, while > trying to make a living for his family, he heard a > cry for help coming from > a nearby bog. He dropped his tools and ran to the > bog. There, mired to his > waist in black muck, was a terrified boy, screaming > and struggling to free > himself. Farmer Fleming saved the lad from what > could have been a slow and > terrifying death. > > The next day, a fancy carriage pulled up to the > Scotsman's sparse > surroundings. An elegantly dressed nobleman stepped > out and introduced > himself as the father of the boy Farmer Fleming had > saved > > "I want to repay you," said the nobleman. "You saved > my son's life." > > "No, I can't accept payment for what I did," the > Scottish farmer replied > waving off the offer. At that moment, the farmer's > own son came to the door > of the family hovel. > > "Is that your son?" the nobleman asked. > > "Yes,"
Women Everywhere In My Life
WOMEN EVERYWHERE IN MY LIFE I was born, a woman was there to hold me.......... my mother I grew as a child...... a woman was there to care for me and to play with me.......... sister I went to school..... a woman was there to help me learn....... teacher I became depress, whenever I lost a woman was there to offer a shoulder ............ my wife I became tough...... a woman was there to melt me.......... daughter I am dying a woman is there to absorb me in.... my motherland
Statement I Like
6 billion people in the world, 6 billion souls, and sometimes, all you need is 1. I wish I could find my one... or my one could find me.
As Years Have Past
Sunday, March 11, 2007 As I sit here in the dark alone I wonder what it'd be like To have the one girl I truely loved all along It may have taken until now to realize it But better late than never, right? She's beautiful, georgous, hilarious And flat out great to be around Everytime I see her, my heart pounds Not with fear or hate, but with joy She's a little crazy, a little wild but that's what I need That's what I love about her Insanely spontaneous Any guy that lost her is an idiot I think We trust each other and confide every conversation We've always been there for eachother No matter the distance between Neither her nor I are afraid of commitment or otherwise I don't want to ruin the friendship we have But at the same time, I don't want to be alone forever We're much like my ex and her friend... Without the hassle and heartbreak I know she loves me back But I still wonder how in what way Is it more than what I think Or is it just what I think
March 17, 2007: Irish-american
What everybody in America becomes once a year on March 17th. Yea, it's St Patrick's Day! Kiss me, I'm Irish (today).
Oh Ya Baby Lol
You have a sexual IQ of 156 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Can You Handle It?!!!!!!!
Bryant Mcgill's Community For Writers, Artists, Dreamers!!!
If Everybody....
I think it would be good if everybody would shut up just for a few minutes and maybe do something that they enjoy...and I don't mean talk. Something that they really like maybe having sex,or masterbate or maybe sit on the pc or have some time reading a book or doing a hobbie. Something is always better than nothing and running your mouth is not doing anything that I describe here. I know that many people can't shut there mouth for even a second but try maybe you'll like it. cya for now!
The Pain In Pleasure
When the burning of day is over night beckons us to sweet surrender. Under the cooling glow of the stars we open our eyes and let our restless desires taste the sensation of pain in pleasure. Beyond law and morality lies a freedom so unfettered that each step is the first of a new journey. Each breath taken grants our bodies chemical reactions so exciting and fresh. It is not what we seek but in our seeking that pleasue holds us to its sensual warmth. It is not the destiny but the journey; not the orgasm but the delight of anticipation. During the moments when time spans out into eturnity it seems almost possible that such a deep pleasure might never end. How is it that a moment so powerful and passionate could be so fragile in time? And when the song is over and the sweet dance of pleasure comes to an end are we to lay naked and ashamed or revel in the new world that spans before us? When we stand on cusp of paradise should we hear the calls of a stale past? Is it pos
Family Pride
Ok well here goes. I joined a family because I thought it would be great and I emptied my photo comments on every persons contest including the family contest I was Proud to be part of the family was welcomed with open arms..But now I am begining to wonder if I have mae the right choice in joining the family.. we all were told that we needed to let the family page know when we were joining a contest, so I did, and still I am wondering why no one responded, until yesterday when a family blog was written saying that the head family member was ill and heavily medicated. So I now know that I am on my own with my contest. So I am now wondering why I help other with their contest, its called Family Pride, when I joined this family, I was leary to say the least, but then I started commenting on a few contest and there was support out the ass for the contestant, I thought way cool, so I joined a contest and a few people helped out I figured oh I am new and they dont relize I am in the famil
Let's Do Some Gardening In Our Lifes To Make Us Grow Better As People
Here are 10 ways to bring more growth into your life as spring approaches: 1. Rethink Your Landscape. Adopting a new perspective is the first step to successful re-potting. Just as some plants need a different environment if they are to thrive, you need to start thinking in new ways, too. Ask yourself: What is really important to me? What trade-offs do I need to make to bring more light and meaning into my personal garden? What will bring color to my landscape? For example, if you are constantly traveling for work, but missing important family activities and milestones, you could revisit career/family priorities, and after consulting with colleagues and supervisors, make adjustments to your travel schedule. 2. Realize That Planting Is a Process. Slow down and create time in your schedule to research new avenues for personal growth. Don’t be afraid of empty spaces. A friend of ours who cut back on her schedule immediately filled the open time slots with new activities. Remember
The World In A Pill Bottle
Such trepadations you do incur. An exictance inside a hole of inferiority. Let not your weakend flesh shiver so lightly in the cold of a pre-dawn crash. Chemical introjection, like all the lucid dreams we lived before. Knowing that your heart may give out and your brain may shatter. Steadfast into the pandemonium, such souls we do depart. This is the working plan for the chapel worms, writhing under there catacoms. Please flog me again with your sick words of devotion. Let me feel all that is to be ignored. Human desires, Integrity of truth, freedom of evolution. And they dare ask why there children wish to be numb. Continue your endless journey into the presagious. Let the light of knowledge guide you true. Welcome the needles of a new found sensation. Let the sink in deep, pierce you slowly. Its all worth it. The blood you shed today will bloom the flowers of tomorro. Such trepadations we do indure. I.R.M. 03/28/07
So True
"No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever.
I'm A Terrible Person.
I'm starting to feel like I'm a bad person...or, at the very least, a bad Wiccan. I don't like people. I'm not saying that I don't like ANYONE...but people, in general, get on my damned nerves. I've taken to staying home more often than not and using those self checkout lanes in the store just so that I don't have to talk to or look at anyone. And the unfortunate genetic combination who works the drive-thru window at the local Burger King makes me want to vomit profusely all over the floorboard of my van. I want to be a hermit. I want to buy a large plot of wooded land and clear out a big circle right in the middle. That's where I'll build my dream house. Not only will it be surrounded by trees, but I will also have constructed a 10 foot tall stone fence surrounding the entire property with a big steel gate as the only method of entry. I will grow my own vegetables and raise my own livestock. I will shop solely through the internet. I will surround myself only with the peop
Just Keeping Everyone Up To Date
For Someone Special.
You are there. In the shadows of my dreams. Waiting. I imagine it. The taste of you, hot and sweet upon my tongue. I can feel it. Echoes of a touch I've never had. Rough and needy upon my flesh. A god in the darkness, a radiant shining inner light, hidden from the world. Revealed to me.
New Original....3/30/07 At 2:50 Am
i yearn for darkness tired of the light the quite of the night is better than the chaos of the day i want to wrap myself into all of the shadows of the night because the warmth of the sun makes me shiver with fear the peaceful of the darkness the exoctic feeling of the night bring me to extasy to the height of fullfillness wrap your arms around me engulf me in your soul surround me in the shadows of your complete darkness i no longer see the light engulfed in yor pure darkness wrap yourself around me in the safeness of the....... darkness original by dawna wright 3/30/07 at 2:50 am
Don't Be A Coward
A friend of mine referred me to cherry tap saying people here were great and open-minded. So here goes. There is this one person who prefers to stay anonymous when rating or making comments. I can understand its a right, but don't you think its a bit cowardice to do as such? Don't get me wrong, its the fact that this person makes unpleasant comments w/o owning up. Have the courage to stand up for your comments, ratings and convictions here or on the outside world..That's what makes you stand out from the rest. I've made many friends here and I do hope none of them feels offended by my above comment cause it's NOT directed to any of them. This person knows who they are.
All About Me...(if This Works)
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Birthday Coming
yay! 1 week and 1 day! :) drinky drink later
No Fucking Joke!!!!!
: : a girl bumps your arm while walking with you she wants you to hold her hand When she wants a hug she will just stand there When u break a girls heart she still feels it when u run into each other 3 years later When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around When a girl answers, "I'm fine," after a few seconds, she is not at all fine When a girl cries she wants you to hold her close and tell her everything is going to be ok When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are playing games When a girl lays her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever When a girl says she can't live without you, she has made up her mind that you are her future When a girl says, "I miss you," no one in this world can miss you more than that When a girl is mean
Not To Nsfw
Here's an example of one of the reasons I keep taking down my NSFW pics. [14:14] wimsey70: Hello [14:14] redneckdragon64: hi wimsey [14:15] redneckdragon64: welcome [14:15] redneckdragon64: did u like my nude pics [14:15] redneckdragon64: in cherrytap [14:15] wimsey70: I don't look at guys' nude pics on CT [14:15] redneckdragon64: oh ok [14:15] wimsey70: Nothing personal :) [14:16] wimsey70: Might want to read this: [14:16] redneckdragon64: all my 10 inches up there for nothin? [14:18] wimsey70: Why am I supposed to care? I don't know you, and I'm not going to sleep with you, and penises are kind of boring unless they're in real life. [14:18] redneckdragon64: well you were the one who came on to me [14:18] redneckdragon64: on cherrytap [14:18] redneckdragon64: you have sexy pics there [14:18] redneckdragon64: so you want somethin there [14:18] wimsey70: No, I don't. [14:18] wimsey70: I have sexy pics, I also have a lot of o
How Awesome It Would Be If Hippies Ran The World..
"the Wanderer An His Shadow"
PANTHEON I`s second album, "The Wanderer an His Shadow", out now through Candlelight Records!
Greek Shrimp Bake
Greek Shrimp Bake This simple and delicious shrimp entree is good for a busy weeknight. Serve it over rice or orzo to get the most from the Greek-inspired flavors. Credit: Meals on the Move by Holly Clegg Servings: 6 Ingredients: * 1 onion, chopped * 2 tablespoons olive oil * 1 (28-ounce) can diced or quartered tomatoes, undrained * 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley * 1 tablespoon minced garlic * 1 tablespoon dried oregano * Salt and pepper to taste * 2 pounds medium shrimp, peeled * 1 (10-ounce) package frozen peas, thawed and drained * 1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese, optional Directions: Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. In a large skillet, over medium heat, saute onion in olive oil until tender. Stir in tomatoes, parsley, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. Reduce heat to low, cover skillet and gently simmer mixture for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove sauce from stove; stir in shrimp and peas. Transfer mixture t
Some Random About Me Stuff...
My Physical Survey Physical AppearanceHair ColorbrownHieght5'9"GlassesyesShoe SizeI'm not telling!!Casual or FormalcasualLong or Short HairmediumManicured or NaturalnaturalEye ColorbrownLet's get PhysicalLights on or OffoffBed or TablebedRomantic or WildwildRisky or SaferiskyHugs or KisseskissesEars or NeckneckWalk fast or SlowfastDance or Tap Foottap footWalk or RiderideStay in or Go Outgo outSpontanious or PlannedplannedOrganized or FrazzledfrazzzledEarly or LatelateTaken or SingletakenHigh Places or Well Groundedwell groundedSwimming or SkiingswimmingHiking or Beach StrollhikingVertical or HorizontalhorizontalBath or ShowershowerRoll-on or Sprayroll-onHot or ColdhotTongue or LipslipsType or WritetypeRead or SingsingTalk or ListenlistenOne of the Gang or OutsideroutsiderLoud or QuitequietSchool or WorkworkSmoke or DrinkYESThanksgiving Dinner or Midnight Snackmidnight snackNapkin or Hand Towelhand towelTheater or RentalsrentalsCandle lit Dinner or Pizzapizza
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~ ~ Drink ~ ~
Breathe in, breathe out Arms extend Hands touch Bodies embrace Eyes meet, close Lips press Explore Tongues entangle Drink deep Flow into me As I into you Where do I begin; where do you end? Unknown
I Must Admit
after being on this site for nearly a year now, I have seen a lot of changes in the functionality on the site which is a good thing. As with trying to create and maintain a social networking site unless you have started one of your own you have no clue what goes on behind the scenes or the hard work that it takes to put one together. Anyway the behaviour of people on this site has become more childish and pathetic by the day, as if I care if someone rates my pics a one, I know the artwork for the project is good and original and it aint stolen from anywhere else cos people have no talent or taste. Glad I have my own site working now and will be inviting the good people with a bit of a class about them who I don't want to lose touch with. I thought this place wasn't supposed to be like myspace but you just have to take a look at the bulletin boards to realise its just the same with an over 18 age limit, there basically is no difference.
The Word Friend /before You Rate Read Please
I have been nearly all over the word. And i have always learn to call someone a coworker, a neighbour, a roommate for years. This is only because the other side of the world i have been unlike America, they do not use the word Friend loosley, as in America. In America everybody is your friend. But what being friends realy mean. In europe and in Africa, South America, Middle east and Asia. If you call someone your friend, you really mean it, It means you are there for each other no mater what. Also you comunicate well, you care about each other, you are always on your friends side when it comes to anything. But In America, and other English speaking country, the term Friend is used very often, but when you say hey friends come one over, i need a friend to talk to me, a friend to listen, a friend, to tell me to snap out of it. They are all no where to be found. Well you may find a stranger to listen to you, and you will feel better about it. But afterward,, the people you hav
Dj Adams Has Brought Nvasion Radio To Ct
Happy Easter
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You Knnow What?
i see myself as your CT wifey and i cant help but think that, that's all i'll ever be. you say you love me. yet you push me away? i just don't understand you, and probably never will.. just know that i do love you, even though your playing games.. you say things, but i never know the truth. you dedicated a song to me, but now you pull away i'll just never understand your true feelings, i guess i never will..
Leave Us A Message Please We Love And Miss U All
Tired Of Things
this is my gripe session i dont mind ppl putting post about a loss of a ct friend or child we all morn for there loss. but what gets me is missing children yes is a shitty thing that your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/ex/brother/sister/ ran off with your kid it realy sucks that there that low. thats why thay made amber alerts yeah its great to post it but please once when it hits off your list post it again but the entire list made up of a lost kid some are stinking fake hoaxes im not wasting my time to read missing kids unless it has to deal with where i live. and to my opinion i would have time to sit at a computer if my kid was missing id be pounding on every door in a 300 mile radius of my house and trust me id be driving without a licence to find my child. and searching every corner to find my child..
Accept The Shadows
Accept The Shadows As good is to evil, death is to life. While during the life cycle, you are just a pawn for a bigger purpose. Yet, during the end of your days, you start to take a step down. Down the road of endless dreams, your mind wanders. Soon, your life will end, you have no control over this. Stepping out of the shadows, taking you. You are not living, you shall not be missed... As you have already been forgotten. All of your possessions, memories, and life, have been displaced. In this world, they have no knowledge of what lurks within the shadows. Once you have been assimilated, there is no turning back. Your mind is at a complete loss, nothing left to do but follow. And as you follow, there is no greater purpose. Just lurking within the shadows, preying on the unsuspecting. Though there is no real acknowledgment of your doings. Someone will find out, soon enough. And the field will be destroyed. No purpose for being, no reason to be existent. Slowly, you
Questions About Me
1. What is your full name? Timothy Wade Breakiron 2. When is your Birthday? 7/28/1959 3. What is your e-mail address? 4. Do you smoke?....Yes 5.How many sexuall partners have you had?...Enough 6. If you can't answer, is it really that many?....Not at all 7. Can you cook?....Yes 8. What was your dream growing up? to be a great father and grandfather 9. What talent do you wish you had?....To be more friendlier 10. Favorite place? The Amusement Park 11. Favorite vegetable? Corn 12. What was the last book you read? I'm not much for reading other than the Newspaper 13. What zodiac sign are u ? Leo 14. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? none 15. Worst Habit?....Smoking 16. Do we know each other outside of Cherry Tap? I hope so 17. What is your favorite sport? Football Go Steelers 18. Pessimistic or Optimistic attitude? Optimistic 19. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me? Depends on who you are. 20. Worst thing to ever happen to you? Fa
How I want to live my life....BACKWARDS!!!! I want to live my next life backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old age home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy; go collect your pension, then when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day. You work 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You drink alcohol, you party, you're generally promiscuous, and you get ready for High School. You go to primary school, you become a kid , you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a baby, and then... You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, in spa-like conditions; central heating, room service on tap, larger quarters every day, and then, you finish off as an orgasm. I rest my case.
I Destroy Homes, I Tear Families Apart.
Crystal Meth Destroys! I destroy homes, I tear families apart. I take your children and that's just a start. I'm more valued than diamonds, more precious than gold. The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold. If you need me. remember, I'm easily found. I live all around you, in school and in town. I live with the rich, I live with the poor. I live just down the street and maybe next door. I'm made in a lab, but not one like you think. I can be made under the kitchen sink, In your child's closet, and even out in the woods. If this scares you to death, then it certainly should. I have many names. But there's one you'll know best. I'm sure you've heard of me, my name is Crystal Meth. My power is awsome, try me, you'll see. But if you do, you may never break free. Just try me once and I might let you go. But if you try me twice, Then I'll OWN your Soul. When I possess you, you'll steal and you'll lie. You'll do what you have to, just to get high. The crimes yo
To All The Kids Who Survived The 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's And 70's!!
TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this. We ate cupcakes, white bread and real butter and drank Kool-aid made with sugar, bu
Ctaf Members
~AIRSTRIKE LEADER~ LaUrEn♥@ CherryTAP (Contact Your Squad Leader or Lauren if you are in a Contest) She NOW controls CTAF AIRSTRIKE HELP!!! ________________________________________ What we do is help each other in contests...we don't bomb PEOPLE, WE bomb PICTURES ! CONTACT ME AND GET YOUR RANK NUMBER ACCORDING TO YOU MEMBER DATE AS IN I'M # 1 AND ADD THIS TO YOUR NAME IN YOUR PROFILE (C.T.A.F )Cherry Tap Airforce ...oh and when you see someone in a contest with C.T.A.F vote at least 20 times.If a C T A F member is in a CONTEST post a BULLENTIN saying your a C T A F MEMBER and we will AIRSTRIKE IT !!! CTAF President #1NEO@ CherryTAP CTAF #2 SIN {co-Owner of CLUB INFERNO}@ CherryTAP CTAF #3 Dark.Angel¢¾Robs.Girl.C.T.A.F@ CherryTAP CTAF #4 ĐĴ¤ŦỞKΞЙ¥Owner-ClubInferno~CTAF #4@ CherryTAP CTAF #5 Sweet GA Peach~@ CherryTAP CTAF #6 LaUrEn♥@ CherryTAP CT
I Been A Bad Girl. I Love Too Much.
I feel like I've been punished. Sent to my room with no supper. A time out, so to speak. The last man to invoke those feelings in me is now an EX. I swore then I would never let a man get to me like that again. But here I am, feeling the same way. I so don't deserve this. All I do is love with all my heart. Unconditionally. Since when is that a bad thing? When I love someone, I pour my heart out. I am very obvious. Now, apparently, that has become a problem. I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. Well, I got a news flash for you, There is no inbetween with me. I am who I am. Deal. If you can't, well then, I'm so sorry for you. I'm keeping it to myself from here on in. Wish me luck, wish me love.
I'm Lost And Need To Go Home
Anybody that knows me.. knows that this happens quite often. I'm not sure if there's anything that can actually help me either. I try to go out with friends or keep myself busy, so I don't think about it. Sure, most of the time (unless it's brought up) being out and such does help. Then I get home and it's a completely different story. When I sit down and actually try to figure out what's got me like this.. All I can come up with is this... I'm completely torn apart from missing: * Everyone that's ever been one of my best friends * Being able to walk out a door and have my mom sitting at the computer or sleeping on the couch * All the cute retarded things my dad calls me that always annoyed me * Being forced to fish when I didn't want to.. and catching to first fish * Driving the boat * Riding dirt bikes with my dad and burning my thigh on the muffler in the process * Camping in the desert * The way my big brother used to act like I never hurt him but grunt in pain as s
God it was hot out! Danny was sweltering as he made his final delivery for Elmo’s Finer Foods, the bags of groceries getting heavier and heavier as the day had worn on, until finally he was down to the last stop. It was a large stately home at the far end of Main St. almost out of town. The name on the bags said “Deb Ryan”. They must be new in town because Danny was at least acquainted with just about everyone who lived in Eldon. As he rang the door he again thought about how warm and thirsty he was. The door opened and a very tall dark haired lady of about 45 asked his to come in. She was a striking woman with long hair, long slim legs, and a very big chest! Danny caught himself staring at her as he moved into the living room and headed to the kitchen. “Thirsty,” she asked? “And how,” he answered!!! With that she gave him a tall glass of cold lemonade and motioned for his to follow her into the den. As he settled into the easy chair at the far end of the room, Deb Ryan sat down on the
A Much Better Way
There she stands, Her eyes shining blue. A smile to melt all the ice, From a frozen soul. A warm hand to hold mine, Walking through the days. Arms to hold her, When her days are blue. She will always mean the world to me, A treasure to keep safe for all time. Words are so meaningless, When we have so much more to say. Showing her your love, Is a much better way. By INXS421 04/15/07
Almond Chicken With Yogurt Dipping Sauce
Almond Chicken with Yogurt Dipping Sauce In this delicious Middle Eastern-inspired dish, chopped almonds are mixed with bread crumbs to make a crunchy, nutty coating for white-meat chicken strips. The cool, slightly sweet dipping sauce is creamy and refreshing. Servings: 6 Ingredients: Chicken * 1/4 cup all-purpose flour * 1 cup soft bread crumbs * 1/2 cup chopped almonds * 2 tablespoons snipped fresh cilantro * 1 1/2 teaspoons curry powder * 1 egg * 1/2 cup milk * 1 1/2 pounds skinless, boneless chicken breast halves * 1/4 cup cooking oil Yogurt dipping sauce * 8-ounce carton plain yogurt * 2 tablespoons snipped fresh cilantro * 1 tablespoon honey Directions: Place the flour in a shallow dish. In another shallow dish, combine the bread crumbs, almonds, cilantro and curry powder; set aside. In another shallow dish, beat together the egg and milk; set aside. Cut the chicken, lengthwise, into
You Are 52% Pure You're usually the typical girl or guy next door... But you also have a secret naughty side! How Pure Are You?
i remember as a little kid my foster dad and i sitting behind an old junk car and smoking a corn cob pipe,i was 8 years old.thisfosterdad and i became very close though his whisky bottle was closer.i lived in an old burnt out delivery van that we had made into my room.when dad would let out smokey,the huskey,he would come and jump on my bed and wake me up.that ment time for my choirs. id get up,go to the shed and take a quick bath in the tub of water we kept there .afterwords id go get the list hed put on the wrecker and begin my choirs.i guess thats where i got my love for pull what ever needed pulled and run into the kitchen and eat what ever he had put out the night before,then clean up ,change into my school clothes and catch the bus by 800. after school id go home,finish up my choirs and wake him up.after supper wed go back to the yard and he d help me with what ever i hadnt gotten done.that man was a geniouse when it came to cars. after words hed make me study for scho
Morph Pictures-need Help
I need some assistance. I am in a morph contest in a group away from CT. We are all members here, but the morph contest has originated from the outside site I need someone who is really good at Morph's and is a sweetheart to do a morph for me of a goth face from my goth photo's that morphs into my face then into another different goth face and back to my face. I have 3 face pics of me in my main default album and several cool really pretty goth girl faces in my goth photo album. Can anbody help me out in the next DAY or TWO?
Legal Laughs
The following questions from lawyers were taken from official court records nationwide.. 1. Was that the same nose you broke as a child? < 2. Now, doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep, in most cases he just passes quietly away and doesn't know anything about it until the next morning? 3. Q: What happened then? A: He told me, he says, "I have to kill you because you can identify me." Q: Did he kill you? 4. Was it you or your brother that was killed in the war? 5. The youngest son, the 20-year-old, how old is he? 6. Were you alone or by yourself? 7. How long have you been a French Canadian? 8. Do you have any children or anything of that kind? 9. Q: I show you exhibit 3 and ask you if you recognize that picture. A: That's me. Q: Were you present when that picture was taken? 10. Were you present in court this morning when you were sworn in? 11. Q: Now, Mrs. Johnson, how was your first marriage terminated? A: By death.
Was It Really Time(vt Shooting)
This is a very sad time for us here. Ashley was best friends with one of the girls that was killed on Monday. She was accepted to go to Tech in the fall, She is not sure if she wants to go there now. WAS IT REALLY TIME By: Angel In Waiting Dear God our hearts are breaking As we watch these scenes we see A tragedy at Virginia Tech How could this ever be A young man armed with guns Lord Killed 33 right there Dear God, what made him do this Why did he not even care Taking lives of fellow students Who were there to learn ~ to graduate What could have turned this student Into a young man full of hate Killing even young folk that He didn't even know Killing some he knew quite well Dear God, we're hurting so Man's inhumanity to man Seems to be just everywhere I must wonder God above Why is there such despair What creates within a mind A tragedy of this proportion God how were others to even know What would lead to this situation There are no wor
My Life
I am broken on the inside With no desire to be fixed I am haunted by my past and Chased by a future I can’t outrun I hide from the sun, and I'm scared of the dark I live in a world that doesn’t fit The voices in my head scream to be heard Yet I suppress the desire to be loved Or seen, I want to disappear Yet I’m bigger then my jaded thoughts And I'm smaller then this life I’m a puzzle peice, in a world that doesn’t fit I am empty, yet I'm full of questions And I have no desire for answers I am lonely all the time, but only for myself With another’s arms around me I am safely wrapped in lies I wear this mask for the benefit Of a world that doesn’t fit Lex Landry-2007
Put my dirtbike up for sale today. After it goes, I will turn around and get another one hopefully very soon. Got picked up by Osiris Shoes and Vortex. Classes are going well. Things are finally starting to look up for me. That's amazing!
Show Some Love Plz 2400 Needed To Level Her Up
2400 NEEDED TO LEVEL HER UP SHOW SOME LOVE PLZ... MUCH LOVE, ~ERIC~ mandy~~Proud Member of The Confederate Bombers Family of CT~~@ CherryTAP
Before The Dawn - Judas Priest
Before The Dawn Before the dawn, I hear you whisper In your sleep "Don't let the morning take him" Outside the birds begin to call As if to summon up my leaving It's been a lifetime since I found someone Since I found someone who would stay I've waited too long, and now you're leaving Oh please don't take it all away It's been a lifetime since I found someone Since I found someone who would stay I've waited too long, and now you're leaving Oh please don't take it all away Before the dawn, I hear you whisper In your sleep "Don't let the morning take him"
Cherry Blast
Can someone help me out with a cherry blast. Even if it is just for 1 day.
In Response To My Patriotisum.....
I recently received this message from a freind,,whose nam ei will not reave becaus i dont want anyone to respond to hi negatively for the beleifs h holds.. he a combat vet.. anis entitled to his opinion.. i just as moved y the convo and wanted to share.... >i cn see u is in need of sum special coucilin hon, which is a service da hat provides to his friends free a charge. (smiles to self). if i may step out of character for a moment. it's great to support the troops, but it is my considered opinion that the best way to support the troops is to bring em home and let em serve their own country. our boys are fighting and dying for the same reason wars are always fought, somebody gets powerful, and somebody gets rich. our boys get dead, and maimed, and are being saddled with a burden they will carry all their lives. should we send our boys out to die for the benefit of the few? i say our country is in need of repair, but the people qualified to do the job don't want it, so we're s
I Give Up
i think ive finally reached the point in my lyfe that an end would b a pleasure. i opend up my lyfe to soemone and all he did was turn it into complete HELL. i dont understand y someone would wanna treat someone so shitty. the only thing i ever did to him was trust him. BIGGEST MISTAKE ive ever made. and now all i would like to know if there are ne honest people left int he world, cuz it seems like i cant even find one.
April 24th God Bless U
How To F**k Up
How to f*** up The preceding list of answers to questions about polyamory is not a guide to how to have a working polyamorous relationship, although we have strong anecdotal evidence that the tools mentioned are useful in all sorts of relationships, mono and poly. We do, however, have the following guide of carefully tested methods for making mistakes in polyamorous relationships. With proper application and ingenuity, these methods may impair or destroy monogamous relationships as well; they're truly multipurpose tools. We post this listing for your consideration; no liability expressed or implied. 1. Lie. This is basic and effective. To maximize bad results, lie about something important to the other person(s) and arrange to be caught in the lie in such a way as to produce maximum shock. Additional stress points awarded for keeping the lie going for a while before discovery, which increases the disorientation and sense of betrayal in the deceived person(s)
California Dreaming
I cant help but to dream I wake up next to you maybe someday I can get lost within you worlds apart but so close we are lets alter physics and create a spark from nothing but conversation I need no explaination just enjoying elation oh how I love how you make me feel I give no thought to it not being real I want you to feel the way I do I want you to dream your near me too lets travel lets go so far away no baggage needed lets go in our minds maybe we'll find our passion in time maybe someday I can get lost in ur soul lets get together an lose control oh hell....maybe i'm just dreaming
I Liked My Horoscope Today =d
Anzac Day Written By My Mate Roxy
Anzac Day! 25-April Despite my image, there are some things in this world, that i actually do care about! So This blog, to some of you 'inconsiderate UCKFAYS ' might seem boring! so excuse my pig latin again but UCKFAY OUYAY!! This ONE single day in every year, we take the time to remember the brave soldiers that fought for US, that fought for THEMSELFS that fought for YOU, and mostly that fought for our country AUSTRALIA! we were allied forces with NEW ZEALAND and went to WAR in Gallipoli.The plan was to capture Constantinople (now Istanbul), capital of the Ottoman Empire and an ally of Germany.OVER 8,000 Australian soldiers were killed. News of the landing at Gallipoli made a profound impact on Australians at home and 25 April quickly became the day on which Australians remembered the sacrifice of those who had died in war. Fires burned in Europe, Our young men gathered round, They emptied out our cities And our farms and country towns: We gave them 3 months training And a fa
You know guys complain that women have mood swings and bitch for the dumbest reasons..Well let me say one thing about that..It isnt just women fellas...I know a guy is particular that gets pissy when he really doesnt know shit about what is really going on...when you try to talk to him he either ignores you or gets smart about the ordeal...seems like everytime I turn around I hve to kiss some guy's ass...well I give up..Im done From now on its all about me or my kids..anyone interested in me is gonna respect me for who I am..and Im not a if you dont believe what I say then talk to someone else because Im tired of gettin shit from guys... So yeah I Definately have PMS....PUTTING UP WITH MENS SHIT....!!!!! HAVE A GOOD DAY....
A Lovers' Pact
The snow, so peaceful and serene, caressed by the soft moonlight, gave magical feelings to the night. The soft blue glow, the lovers' words that then did flow, their lips closer and closer until, locked in the throes of a passionate embrace, he decided to express his feelings, to keep her safe. He whispered softly, his words like music to her ears, "I Love You," and her response the same, heard like the gentle breeze, "And I, love you, forever." That was the night they promised to be together through everything, each to care for the other when old and gray A lovers' pact the most likely to last.
Mothers Day!
Are you like me and wait till the last minute sometimes to get something for mothers day? Here's a great idea! Every mom loves watches or earrings or some kinda jewelry..and FOSSIL has it all!
Are You Pure Or Wild
Discover Your Purity Level Find out how pure or wild you really are! This purity test rates how pure you are by asking questions of your life experiences. This test will be able to compare you with thousands of others. Find out how you compare. Generally, the higher you score on a purity test, the more pure you are. "MOS" refers to: Member of the opposite sex Have you ever... 1) held hands with an MOS? 2) flirted? 3) slow danced? 4) played twister? 5) kissed an MOS? 6) French kissed (tongued) an MOS? 7) been alone in a room with an MOS? 8) been on a blind date? 9) placed a personals ad? 10) met someone from a personals ad? 11) met someone from a bar? 12) dated someone from work? 13) had or given a hickey? 14) necked? 15) necked for more than an hour? 16) cursed? 17) l
Sexiest Woman On Ct Contest
I have been placed into the Sexiest Woman on CT contest on one of the members profiles. I just found out that the contest opened and I went to see it and found out I have only one comment so far from one of my friends here. There are other women in the contest who have hundreds of comments already....WOW. If you are up to it would you go and comment bomb my picture. Here is the link to the shot. Thanks!
They say that animals are monsterous, But truely which is really worst them or us? Animals only kill to survive not out of pleasure, So truely do tell, how can a life be in a measure? Hunting is a survival and a pleasure for humans, Out of all the species on the this planet only one demands. Maybe we should step back and look at ourselves. If the roles were reversed, would we be placed on shelves? So once again is asked the question do a species to disappear for good? Think really hard and long, are we really the ones to say what isnt to be or be it should? Whom is really monsterous? them or is it really us?
Kingdom Hearts Gone Wrong Again
Hi All
Sorry I havent been on in awhile, but I promise to catch up with everyone. Been outta town working...I hope all is well wtih everyone. And thanx for all the love.
New One
My love is crying out for you Yet my living status stops me It's bringin me to my knees Baby when can our love be set free My tears pour out when the pain rises How can I live when I can't be with The man that holds my heart in his eyes And has my cherished love with just one cry My world is complete with him To laugh, touch and feel him is like Pure passion, love and joy in my veins My poor heart has known no sweeter pain Share my love, world and life Be with me through all it's time Let me share it all with you Together we can make this world brand new
Help!!! Prove Urself Friends!!
so this is the time to prove urself my friends and for my final cut to happen anyway i joined this pin up contest that's based on votes and comments sooo go crazy and comment like crazy here's the link! Raven
got some new photography pics...let me know what you think....
Making A Baby
The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. Smith kissed his wife goodbye and said, "Well, I'm off now. The man should be here soon." Half an hour later, just by chance, a door-to-door baby photographer happened to ring the doorbell, hoping to make a sale. "Good morning, Ma'am", he said, "I've come to..." "Oh, no need to explain," Mrs. Smith cut in, embarrassed, "I've been expecting you." "Have you really?" said the photographer. "Well, that's good. Did you know babies are my specialty?" "Well that's what my husband and I had hoped. Please come in and have a seat". After a moment she asked, blushing, "Well, where do we start?" "Leave everything to me. I usually try two in the bathtub, one on the couch, and perhaps a couple on the bed. And sometimes the living room floor is fun. You can really spread out there." "Bathtub, living room floor? No wonder it didn't work out
The Lies Of The Famous Tiger Temple!
A friend of mine went to work in Thailand at the famous Tiger Temple however what she discovered is certainly not what she expected. Read on and I apologise in advance for the harrowing tale! The animals are incredibly abused. The tigers are beaten with chains, planks of wood, garden hoes and anything else around. One very sad moment i witnessed was when I was hosing out a beautiful tiger called "Hanfa" enclosure or should i say cage. He was in there with me and having a great time playing with the water and mucking around with me, i then had to use a squeegy mop to get the water out. Well Hanfa thought that was fantastic and was playing and biting it etc, and obviously he is so strong he actually got the end of the squeegy off. Well he thought that was great and i was trying to get it back off him, he suddenly looked up at me and the most horrible thing happened. This 220kg tiger cringed and cowered and backed away from me, as i was holding the stick part of the squeegy. It was t
Cartoon Pic's
ok i am not gonna rate cartoon pictures anymore!!! :P
I Thank You
THANK YOU................ I WANT TO THANK ALL THE PEOPLE IN MY LIFE THAT HAVE HELPED ME REALIZE WHO I AM :: WHAT I WANT:: AND WHAT I NEED:: THROUGH THE GOOD AND THE BADD : I HAVE TAKEN EVERYTHING WITH AN UNDERSTANDING THAT THE BAD OCCURENCES IN LIFE CAN BE BEST FOR YOUR BENEFIT :: I ACCEPT THIS IN IT........'S ENTIREDY :: I FOUND ME : THANKYOU :: I THOUGHT I WAS OVER :: BUT I....................................'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN::STRONGER: WISER: BETTER EQUIPPED TO LOVE :: TO BE LOVED:: TRULY LOVED:: Life Teaches you lessons everyday:: Builds you each passing moment: leading closer to some destination:: somewhere that you are supposed to be in life:: In this world who knows?? Live each day like it....................................'s the last few hours you have left:: you never know.. You just might.. Love everybody: show them that you can look past um ...................................."stupid shit,...................................." that....................................'s
Life's Too Short
Life is too short to wake up in the morinig with regrets. So love the people who trat you right, forget the ones who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get the chance take it If it changes your life ler it. Nobody said it would be easy they just promised it would be worth it
May 10, 2007 At 06:06 Am Edt
Maria is doing well. She has now tripled the amount she can take from the bottle and her weight is now up over 7 lbs!! Robin & Ray are learning more each day about her care so that soon they should be able to take her home. Robin spends all day with Maria, feeding her, changing her diapers, and rocking her in the chair. Maria seems quite content when her mommy rocks her. No word yet as to when she will go home, but we keep everyone posted!
The Truth . . .
Sometimes the truth is right in front of your face, and U just cant see it. Then one day, it knocks you the FUCK OUT ! I just got knocked the FUCK OUT ! ! ! :(
One Of My Poems I Had Published
This is the latest poem I have written and published. I have more and I will post them from time to time, enjoy. The Man in Red In a world full of dark despair The man in red shall never shed a tear Always aware of the dangers so near For the man in red the world seems clear The tranquil sun will never shine In the dark trenches of his distorted mind The faceless see the man as blind To those who know him he is truely inclined The man in red so keen, so sluth About the world's future it's dismal truth He can't stop the future events to unfold Even all knowing, no man is that bold The man in red so dark and so cold The burden of the world he's left to hold The man in red is now forced to wait The knowledge and pain, for him it's to late For him the end must come, with death he finds his escape
What The Fuck Is Wrong With People
me: when i have downtime I tend to think too much me: and sitting at a pretty empty club for 4 hours does that hahah me: and this chick that came up to me didnt help either jez: was she mean? me: thankfully i wasnt drinking or i would have spit in her face probably me: no just really disgusting me: she was cute just personally fucked jez: hahaha jez: lol oh dear jez: how so jez: what did she do lol me: she grabbed me and steev from skinlab over with her and said "you have to come upstairs for comedy night" me: we both look at each other like wtf is this? me: she's like come upstairs you wont miss the show... and we're both confused and said ok sure whatever... jez: lol me: shes like... do you mean it? and we're like sure? jez: hahaha me: "ill show you my tits if you come up" me: "i edit vagina for a living, get a new line" me: shes like cmon and then grabs BOTH of our junk me: we both just go wtf and jump back me: she then grabs my goatee and said howabout if i jus
Don't Give Up On Me Who My Friends Are!
Its me myself and I against the CT MAFIA.... I really want to win my first blast!!! I can with your help. Its a RACE to 35,000 and I am down....but with a little help I could be on TOP. Please come by.....I really need you!!!!!
Do not worry over the charge of treason to your masters, but be concerned about the treason that involves yourselves. Be true to yourself and you cannot be a traitor to any good cause on Earth. : Eugene V. Debs, Speech, June 16, 1918
Buh Bye Brutal
ok so like here goes im bored with ct,. and i know alot of pplz dont really like me but i dont care i just want my life back so im not going to delete brutal, but i will give it up to those who want to run it, take on the big bad boss role, if no one steps up to it, then i will delete the lounge, and save codec some money, Ill be here if you need to give others mods, but thats about it. in other words any takers? on a side note.. it wasnt any of my staff. just others, and im sick of the childish bs, so i will be the big man and step down
Some Stuff
Do I grow old for you so fast? I realize now my time has passed a sparkle lost, forgotten in place concerned for me no more I am a thing of the past, a night which is not to remember words spoken now gone forever echoes of me, a shadow, a ripple pieces thrown, my heart crippled effect unknown, life as I am Sworn to be forgotten in the end ...J I am reaching for you in dreams finger tips touch soon release cannot have what you cannot hold always quiet, as Beauty unfolds wind blows through hair as from afar captures a moment pure at heart this image burned into my mind I long to drink your water fine giving life to me, still my mind hearts race towards the thought In your ocean of love, I bathe covered with drops of light outside I feel my hate start to slide My blackened heart begins to fade locked inside my body, this cage J
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not?
Remember back when, We used to use a flower, Just to figure out if he liked us.. That was back when.. Back when times were easy..
I'm Backkkk
So...after a long break I'm back. Sorta, lol. Sorry to those who weren't sure what was up. My life got pretty crazy there for awhile, and ya just get to where ya gotta make a list of priorites, and follow 'em. There just wasn't enough hours in the day for awhile there...but things are settling down now, thankfully! Anyway, feel free to say hi...if ya even remember me, lol. Best wishes to you all! ~Sweet~
Unanswered Questions
i sit hear wondering waiting to see what will come of you and me..Are playin with fire to know that we will always get burned by the flame.. There so many question yet un answered yet i still keep hope alive.. I feel ur lonliness and i know your pain..But i cant bring you home again..You have choices of ur own to make and i have mine.. But it makes it so very diffcult to walk away from a love that is as pure as urs and mine.. We walked away from it once and you found happiness for a while, i only found that with my childrens smiles i was ok.. i hear ur voice on the line and know every word is true.. But i just am wondering if you will ever find you way back to me..Or friends who truely love each other is all we will be.. so many question, go un answered,But one day not hearing from you, im lost in broke dreams and tears fallin like rain, there is no end to the pain,But i cant find the road to letting you go. you have the comfort of someone else and i set alone, with a heart full of lov
Our Secretary In A Contest
OK ya'll,tweetyjinxin is in a contest and it has already started.Started @ 12 noon,Monday May 21 and ends in one week,May 28 @ 12 noon.So as usual this is what we do so GIT-R-DONE.
The Decision
Well, with the price of gas so high we cant travel far, however we have decided to start taking some day trips. I want to start to show Mike more of my world down south. I am going to be posting pictures and blogs about each trip. We had planned to go to colorada this summer to visit a very dear friend that lives there now but unfortunatly with the price of gas and the fact that we are trying to save up for a wedding next may we just cant really afford it. I hope you guys enjoy the journey with us through my blogs and pics.
Chain Graphics And Or Comments
Hey cherries, im not trying to sound rude or anything but, I do not like nor do I do chain graphics or letters. To me they take too much room up on my comment section and honestly, "Who in the hell hasnt seen all of them on here yet?" I do apoligize to the ones that post them to me but, upon recieving them I delete them right off the bat. So if you would like to post something on my comments then please do so but no chain graphics or comments nothing personal against anybody but just please dont do it and then your comment will not be erased! :) have a good one
Hillbilly Deluxe - Brooks & Dunn
Actually, it only takes one drink to get me loaded. Trouble is, I can't remember if it's the thirteenth or fourteenth. I don't drink these days. I am allergic to alcohol and narcotics. I break out in handcuffs. Time is never wasted when you're wasted all the time. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day
For Those Who Thought I Was The One....
First of all this is nothing made to be funny. Not to offend anyone, it's just something that needs to be said. What is a relationship to people nowadays. I mean we all have relationships with people whether it is business or personal. From time to time again I have been in relationships that I didn't even know I was in. For instance, ladies have you ever been in the club and a guy offers to buy you a drink and you accept it and the next thing you know this guy is following you around the dance floor all night because he thinks you accepted his gift that you were his. I call that the temporary club boyfriend, lol Or fellas have you ever had a really cool friend that you flirted with from time to time but never thought about anything serious and then maybe one day you get caught up in a compromising position and the two of you take that relationship the extra step. You wake up the next morning thinking about what you did the night prior and the female friend (who just promote
My Life And Happyness
My Life So far up here in Maine has been well going great ! I realy cant complaine! I went to the VA Doctors here in Togus and Have seen diffrent Doctors and they have been realy helpfull in everything! I was diagnose with having PTSD and have had a few aches and pain due to it. I have my blood pressure under controlled and im taking Prozac to help me keep everything Easy going . I realy think Im Mmuch happier here then iI was down in GA. I miss My boys and hopefully I wont have to say bye to them at all over the phone soon! I got a call and am starting a new job this comeing up week as a truck driver which is awesome! Been waiting for a long time for this and I hope everything will work out for me. I also been fishing and love doing that as a stress reliver and hope iI will soon CATCH something instead of drowning worms all the time! Ive nmade some realy good friends and hope one day it will grow into something eles Im in no hurry at all just relaxing and enjoying my time
Today is Memorial Day I have a few members of my family that has retired from the military. My grandfather,my Dad, my Aunt, My grandfather was in the ARMY and VIETNAM VETERAN had left this world many years ago due to cancer. My dad was in the Army and also a VIETNAM VETERAN but stationed in Korea and he is still kicking my butt when I do wrong. My Aunt was in the air force and taking care of my grandmother since my grandfather is gone. My feance was in the NAVY he was in Desert Storm. So my prayers are out to everyone that has fought for our freedom and to those who didn't make it back. Thank Yall From My Family GOD BLESS
Nails In The Fence
Nails in the Fence There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of the fence. The first day, the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few weeks, as he learned to control his anger, the number of nails hammered daily gradually dwindled down. He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence. Finally, the day came when the boy didn't lose his temper at all. He told his father about it and the father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his temper. The days passed and the young boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails were gone. The father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence. He said, "You have done well, my son, but look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same. When you say things in anger, they lea
Wisdom Teeth?
When do they usually grow in? I was always under the impression it was a late teen years thing, but just recently mine have started coming in (I'm 23.) I kind of forgot wisdom teeth even existed... I can't ask a dentist either. I take really awesome care of my teeth, but after my childhood dentist was thrown in jail for attaching razor blades to his sons football helmet so he'd slice up the kids on the other team (how the hell could I make that up?) I have a phobia deep as a root canal. So anyway, are mine kinda late or is this normal?
The last few days of my life have been such an emotional the end of my pregnancy is near so many emotions are soaring through me first I was excited...but as I realize that I have about two months left now fear has set in...and I honestly can't believe I am actually finding myself scared of the unknown road ahead of me...luckily I have alot people in my life that have kept me calm through all of this and assured me that I will be a great mother...which I am sure of myself but it's just so....surreal at times that she will actually BE HERE in my ARMS in two months!!! I guess I felt like this point would never come ....and now here I am wish me luck in my days to come...this week is the final stretch...(the trimester of hell) lol .... yikes : P Atleast I am going to treat myself this weekend and get my hair done :D don't worry I will take pictures!
Quote A Guy Wrote On This Page. I Agree...i Know A Lot Of You Girls Will Too
I know way too many really beautiful girls who think they don't look good... It hurts... because it's our fault, guys I mean. We make girls feel like they have to be perfect. You know what I mean, flat stomach, big boobs, round booty, long legs, sexy lips, and on top of all that, they have to dress like a whore, and be one as well... nobody can measure up to that... and its not fair... because nobody should have to. The little imperfections are what make people special. If everyone was perfect the world would be so boring, variety is what makes life interesting. So guys, stop making girls have to live up to your, I'm sorry, our... deluded fantasy visions of perfection. Stop acting like boys and start being men... realize that women don't exist to fufill our sexual desires. Stop talking to them solely to get with them, be nice to them because you want to be their friend, not because you want to hook up with them. Say nice things about them not to flatter them in hopes that you'll get so
Friends In Deed
You say we will always be friends I would say until the very ends But friends in need Are really friends in deed To be a friend you need to act like one Not to act like you are gone A hello to a friend every once in awhile Helps keep it alive not just in style To keep a friend you must treat them well Not put their life through a living hell Its understandable if that act like that If not don't hit them through action like a baseball bat
see photo's for the judge
Why Is That Being Nice Seems To Get Me Nowhere?
i am so frustrated. I try to treat people nicely the way I want to be treated. I am not a nasty person and I don't do mean things to others. i try to go out of my way to help others... at least I try to be friendly. I feel like I am really getting the short end of the stick these days. Today it was really raining and I was trying to use an ATM. A lady was coming out so I asked if she could hold open the door to the ATM room when she came out and she basically refused to do it. I had the damn MAC card in my hand for gods sake. So I got soaked because she could not be nice for five seconds!!!! Lately this kind of stuff seems to keep happening to me. I don't know why but I am really kind of upset about it. I feel like a punching bag. Like I am supposed to be nice and take everything and these other ppl can just be jerks and it is okay. Well it isn't and I have heard that Karma can be a real bitch! I am going to stay true to my heart and continue to treat others the way that
She walks along this lonely street no one to dry her tears massage her tired feet or calm hier present fears Seeing life through tainted heart making everything gray Alone, her life, anew to start Always searching for a way But life goes on no matter what That fact she cannot quell Memories never to be forgot Within her heart they dwell So she keeps walking this lonely street Keeps searching to find her way Every night she lies down to sleep And prays tomorrow's a better day
i am so depressed right know i think my husband may be trying to cheat on me when i have been faitful and honest about things. every one knows that i am married. but now for the past year i have not been happily married. i lost my uncle in 98 a friend in 2003 lost my brother in 2004 lost my husbands grandpa and a nother uncle of mine in 2005 now i am about to loose my grandpa and thats not everyone. i wish i could smile and laugh again. maybe find some one who change and brighten my world back up it is so gray and dark i cannt tell one day from the other some times. i thought i had found some one that made me happier and laughing again but after 2 days i found out he lied to me. i dont go for those who lie to me. why are all guys the same? i hope one day i will find that some one, or may be i have found him just dont give him much of a chance. i dont know. good luck to all the others out there searching for that true love soulmate.
The Battle Is On !
Calling Sups/angel Family/club Far/ Brits On Tour Could Do With Some Help
In stasis, immobile The air presses against my chest My feet stand in stagnant tears. My thoughts wait for escape. With nowhere to go, they sit. No one willing to invite the torrent that fills my mind.
It's Alive!! Alive!!!
Warning: This is a long one Back story Last summer my friend/unofficial co-producer, Pat and I were talking about putting a musical project together (kind of an Ayreon style prog metal thing). We were trying to come up with a name (the most important part) and throwing out Dune references we're both big fans of the books when he said that if we name it after a Dune reference, I'll have to play balliset (a fictional instrument played by one of the characters). When I reminded him that the balliset doesn't actually exist, he said 'so invent it'. Since I have yet to meet a creative challenge that I can resist, I started working on it the next day. The initial design was pretty easy to come by, basically it was just a box with springs (I was originally planning to make it acoustic), but I couldn't decide on the number of strings or the tuning. Last October, after thinking about how guitar and mandolin are tuned (4ths and 5ths respectively) I decided to try 3rds. I retuned one of my guit
2 Tough Questions
If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion? Read the next question before looking at the response for this one. ************************************************* Question 2: It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three candidates. Who would you vote for? Candidate A. Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologist. He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day. Candidate B. He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college and drinks a quart of whiskey every evening. Candidate C He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian, doesn't smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife. Which of these candidates would be your choice?
Its A Good Know
Hookah Radio
just a quick blog check out for all you ppl who dont know about hookah radio go check it out and be sure to send an email to and tell him your new to hookah and your thoughts about it both positave and negative also where ya heard about hookah
Let me be so dead and gone, So far away from life… Close my eyes, hold me tight, And bury me deep inside your heart…
Adult Swim
The Truth About Words...
In this world of word processors and email, I have come to notice how neglected a thing a pencil has become. I, myself, have been guilty of ‘processing’ my words. The passive ease of typing and spell checking, although attractive, I think, has taken from me some of the freedom and power in my words. Given the opportunity to, once again, wield a pencil, I find myself struck by a sense of satisfaction found, reborn, in watching the page filled by my movements. The words themselves, although sounding the same in my head as I write them, somehow feel more important as I see them written in my own script. The act of erasing is so violent actually scrubbing, and wiping away the proof of my own thoughts, leads me to exercise more caution in the words I choose. The intense compulsion toward all things expressive makes as benign a thing as reading in a coffee shop something tantamount to public masturbation. When a phrase is enticing, my mouth moves, tasting the words, a perfect paragraph
Pet Contest
I'm in a Adult with Pet Contest! Comment bombing allowed. Id like to win or at least get close. I would LOVE some help from you guys! PLEASE??? :D Ends on 6/18. Thanks in advance!!
Types Of Sex
The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex. This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a short time and you are so horny you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen. The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a long time. Your sex has gotten routine and You usually have sex only in your bedroom. The 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for too long. When you pass each other in the hallway you both say "screw you". The 5th kind of sex is called: Courtroom Sex. This is when you cannot stand your wife any more. She takes you to court and screws you in front of everyone. The 6th kind is called Religious Sex, which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in the afternoon and Nun at night. OOPS. Don't forget the 7th kind of
A bond so strong, I cannot, let go. A passionate desire, thats deep within my heart. Satin sheets, deep colors of, purple and red rose petals a flow everywhere. What do this lead to from the heart. My mind is telling me no, but my heart is telling me yes. Yes baby I love you. I wanna be the woman, to always, make you happy. A bond so strong, I cannot, let go. A passionate desire, thats deep within my heart. A bond so strong! A bond so strong!! A bond so strong!!!
A Mother's Nightmare
I wish I could take back the things I said today Instead of saying"I love you",I wished you dead I'm scared,to think those words could be my last to you I'm so afraid mom,and I'm crying for you I'm a big girl at 18,but inside I never outgrew Your little girl mom,That's who I'll always be And please don't be mad,I know your car was new I swear I tried my best,to drive just like you Now it's wrapped around and twisted into a tree I'm still inside,and my belt wont come free I can hear voices mom,I think their angels You always said they would keep me safe and well You always said,don't ever drink and drive I never once did mom,yet I'm barly alive Cause the stranger that totalled your car Left the bar after drinking all day Our lives crossed paths when he drove my way He walked away without a scrach mom The jaws of life are still trying to disattach The wreakage of metal,off of me,your baby girl Be proud of me mom,keep your heart strong I was on my way h
Update For All The Chaos Fans
Hello Peeps, Splendid Chaos has new feature on the site and below where you can sign up for free text alerts. Be sure to sign up so you'll never have to worry about missing a bulletin or newsletter. We also have songs for sale on our myspace page. If you would like a copy of the first Splendid Chaos CD that is the only way to get yours. Also dont forget to go to the Splendid Chaos Website to get all of your Splendid Chaos gear. (T-shirts, Hats, etc) SPLENDID CHAOS TOUR DATES June 15-16 Splendid Chaos will be at Cap' N Fun in Pensacola, FLJune 22 Splendid Chaos will be at The Supper Club in Auburn, ALJune 23 Splendid Chaos will be returning to The Iron Horse in Hoover, AL Everyone come on out and party it up with Jagermeister and Splendid Chaos. Sign up for Free Text Alerts Add yourself to the Splendid Chaos Fan Map Click Here Link to Splendid Chaos Please place this banner on your page and help promote Splendid Chaos. To add our banner
Children Learn What They See,
Children are born into this world with a loving spiriting and they learn from the moment they are born. It is up to us to teach them love, compassion and patience. Do you do your part to set a good role model? I pray I do.
Friends Love
As your eyes start to bleed, you relize its too late And your sky starts to fall, you relize you stand alone. The time has come for this to bleed The opening of what you've always known is growing near All you've feared here Looks you in the eyes We all fall down Skies are falling tonight As you run and hide Ashes to ashes Dust to dust The wraith of your hate has retunred The plague is reaping back Three-fold of what you've already sown It is said hail and fire mixed with blood Will be thrown down upon the earth Darkness fills a third of the lands And the angels cry woe A star from heaven is thrown from the sky Destroying a third of our sea Not only these things but more to come It is our fate, It is our end Apocalypse We die here tonight You die here tonight We all die here tonight Ashes to ashes We all fall down
Sometimes It Hurts
sometimes we all get mixed up and a little lost in the world around us . we forget about the things that make us happy and start looking for that very thing we hold in our hands some place else . We ask our selves things like why are we here what is wrong with me why don't I feel love for him/her anymore . The truth may be that we don't feel love for ourselves anymore . maybe we are so broke down on the inside that we beg for millons of people to love us hoping that just one of them will make us feel good for a few . The truth is to actually feel good one most love them selves look deep inside and relize just how amazing we are for simple being ourselves . I now know I don't need a millon people to love me , don't get me wrong I love you all , but all I need is just one and all you need is just one that person is myself/yourself .
When you think of it, there are only two things people need. You got to have sex. You got to have food. That's it. You don't need clothing, shelter, or TV. Okay, maybe TV, but otherwise, it's sex and food. But for some reason, some people think sex is dirty. Maybe God said, "All right, you want to propagate, go ahead, but only late at night, with all the doors closed, man on top, once a week, that's it." But not only can you eat the charred decaying flesh of other major mammals, you can do it in broad daylight and invite all your friends to watch: "Hey, Chuck, why don't you come over on Sunday? We're going to kill a pig, cut him up, burn him, and eat him. Bring the kids, have a hell of a time." What if they had been switched around? What if, through a simple twist of fate, sex was clean but food was dirty? Our entire culture would change. Food would become a four-letter word. When people got angry at you, they'd yell out "Oh yeah? Well, food you. Suck
Feelin' Mad Catwoman-y!
Last Friday I had lunch plans with my mum 4 noon... Did my random errand-ish blah, cleaned up, showered and changed. Was wicked giddy about the sunshiney goodness and smiled crooked as I slammed the front door behind me... turning slowly realized that my car/house etc keys were hanging from the Winnie the Pooh rack INSIDE. Blah! Ran around frantically checking all the 1st floor windows and doors. Of course all were lowered and locked. (insert GRR here) Scoured the yard and came up with a plan- 3 air conditioners, 10 masonry slabs, and a above ground pool ladder all facilitated my clambering onto the roof and ninja rolling to to slightly ajar 2nd floor bedroom window. Yay breaking into my own house by means of transcending my uber clumsiness :) After snaking through the 1/2 window I lay on the soft cream shag and just giggled.
How Happy Am I?
Merritt, currently your happiness baseline is 94, which is higher than 98 percent of the other people who took The Happiness Test. What this baseline means is that, taking both your high and low moods into account, your range of happiness, tends to be around this level. As most of us know from first-hand experience, happiness is a changeable thing. In fact, you've probably felt your own overall happiness level shift from year to year, month to month, or even day to day. It's natural to experience highs and lows at different moments in your life. If you expect to feel the happiest of happy all of the time, you'll probably be disappointed. However, you can strive to elevate your baseline of happiness, so that the lows you experience are not as low, and the highs you experience are even higher. A person's overall level of happiness is more consistent than an individual mood or passing feeling. Your baseline for happiness provides a kind of foundation for your emotions and
Photo Subject
This is for all the women out there who like me are completely boggled by mans obsession about photographing his manhood and putting it on his profile. Now i am no prude or anything like that far from it but why is it men have this obsession? Is it to prove they can get it up or to show the size or what?? I mean we all like to see a nice cock when we are in the throws of passion but when it is thrust upon your laptop/pc screen it's not a pretty sight. And to be honest guys it isn't your best side. I think us ladies all know what the last chicken in the shop looks Guys if you think us ladies are obsessed by size most of us aren't. It's not the size of the rocket it's the power behind it.
just added a guest book on here so stop by -n- sign it pleases thank tou
Talk To People If I Get On When I Get Back From Vatcion
ok my friends family and fans i'm leaving for 2 weeks....who birthday is in thoughs 2 weeks will get them when i get back home on the 14th of july..i will have pics up and i'm will try to get everyone comments when i get back and i will have fun and let everyone know that i'm back and talk to everyone that leave me messages and a shout.....i will miss talking to everyone when i leave
A Little Help Here Please
Picture at work Contest Come on you all some of u may work cleaning at home, computer work give this contest some entries in it. Its her first one she has held support her .... Wife to Kewlrunning @ CherryTAP To all my Family, Friends and Fans! My Friend is holding her first contest and it is going to be a pic at work Contest!( pic must be you at work or what you do while at work) P.S to all you domestic goddess and Mr. Mom's please don't feel as you don't work yall hold very important jobs of taking care of the house and family and that is how we survive . So don't let that stop ya from entering the contest!!!!! RULES !!!!!!!! 1. Comment bombing photos 2. Self bombing allowed 3. Bombers welcomed 4. Have Fun DATES OF CONTEST Contest will start on June the 25th at 8:00 a.m. central time and will end on July the 8th at 8:00 p.m. central time. PRIZES !!!!!!!!! Pic Comments!!!!!!! 1st place: One month Vic or 7 day Blast 2nd place: 3 day blast 3rd
Cool Pics
Shot with Photosmart M425. Shot with Photosmart M425.
Ho Hum
Yeah, it's one of those days! My birthday & anniversary were both on Saturday. Pretty uneventful, really. Nothing special happened. The best part was having a family outing. The 5 of us went for ice cream and sat there at the park eating ice cream & watching a shit load of people drive by. This past weekend was also The Country Music Fest. Next month is The Rock Fest. We could hear the music from our backyard. That was pretty cool. Saturday night we listened to Gretchen Wilson & Sunday night we listened to Sawyer Brown. I am sooooo happy it's over. Now my quiet little town is back to normal. At least for another month! Next year I guess there's suppose to be 4 Music Fests, then the following year, there's suppose to be 6. I'm hoping we're no longer living on Main St. by then! It's pretty hot here today. Right now as of 9:30 am it is 75. We're getting an AC today. Thank God!! I'm sweating my ass off. My kitty is hot too. (I mean a real live cat!) His name is Cole. We got him last Octo
Dj St@rstruck Orange
its terrible about chris b huh? we was a great wrestler. and woman? fuck!!
Sexiest Mom
ok dont know how do all the pretty graphics but im holding a contest called sexiest mom on cherrytap..i need twenty moms... i would like to start the contest on sunday july 1st and end it july 8th thats if i get all my moms in by that time gifts will be 1. first place will get a 3 day blast 2. second place will get a 1 day blast 3. third place will get diamond earrings rules are... 1.must fan,add,and rate the host must have a salute photo in your pics 3.anything goes except using scripts or whatever else to cheat. one under a level 5 can bomb you 5.comment bombing yourself is allowed downrating or any type of drama will be tolerated if you are interested pls shoutbox me lovlymom and let me is my link,, [ photo: 2678644761 ]
Generic Weather Post
It's raining... again. The news confirms at least a foot already. People in Central Texas are being rescued by helicopter. Some helicopters couldn't even make it. Ironically, thunderstorms are the only way I can get relaxed enough to sleep. Talk about opportunity knocking.
Why God Made Daughters
Why God Made Daughters When God created daughters He took very special care To find the precious treasures That would make them sweet and fair. He gave them smiles of Angels Then explored the midnight skies And took a bit of stardust To make bright and twinkling eyes… He fashioned them from sugar And a little bit of spice He gave them sunny laughter And everything that is nice He smiled when he made Daughters Because he knew he had Created love and happiness For every Mom and Dad.
Please Help My Sexy Friend...
She's in the Sexiest Military Salute contest. Please show her some love! She DEFINITELY deserves it!!!! Thanks!!!
What we never had, we never lost we never knew just what it cost; to love, to cherish, to hold, to give_ we've never known really how to live. We bought ourselves solitude instead, something inside us almost dead cries out in pain, cries out in vain from desert hearts where it never rains. Oh! something lost and something gained, we chose our paths that fate ordained_ will we ever know, how much it cost? that little something we never had and never lost.
What Is Love?
What is love, but an emotion, so strong and so pure, that nurtured and shared with another all tests it will endure? What is love, but a force to bring the mighty low, with the strength to shame the mountains and halt time’s ceaseless flow? What is love, but a triumph, a glorious goal attained, the union of two souls, two hearts, a bond the angels have ordained? What is love, but a champion, to cast the tyrant from his throne, and raise the flag of truth and peace, and fear of death overthrow? What is love, but a beacon, to guide the wayward heart, a blazing light upon the shoals that dash cherished dreams apart? And what is love, but forever, eternal and sincere, a flame that through wax and wane will outlive life’s brief years? Love is so very special, yet can make you feel so lost. It can arrive just like the springtime and melt away like morning frost. You must find ways to nurture, always grow your love with care. Never ever take for granted the love that you both share. Mistak
What Star Signs Are Like In Bed (i'm Virgo) ..
>What the signs are like in BED! AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19 Ruling Planet: URANUS. The God of unexpected sexual twists and turns Aquarians make much better friends than lovers, but when a typical Aquarian gets some bang-bang, it's more an intellectual experience than an emotional one. Looks aren't important to Aquarians in a relationship, it's the mind and spirit of a lover that turns Aquarius on.They are very entertaining in bed and are probably the most inventive of all the signs.Mental stimulation is more important to them than physical, which means that pornography gets them hot! Aquarians are impatient and like sex to be fast and satisfying. They are very particular about hygiene and contraception and sleeping around holds little interest for them. FAVE POSITION Mutual masturbation. BEST SEX TOY A Dildo. Whether gay, straight, male or female, Aquarians will have some fun with this. AQUARIUS MALE IN BED He has amazing staying power in the sack. He can keep
Knight License
Baby I Told U Id Love U For Ever N Dat Will Alwayz B Tru
Hay Everyone!
Well I just tought that I would say thank you to everyone that has tryed to help me ( You know who you are) I thank you straight up! and I know that I will get it sooner or later Ha,Ha and all tho Im new I really love it here and for everyone else thats new here you are in the right place for sure just take your time and ask someone to help if you need it and I'm sure someone will came and help you out just Respect everyone here that Respect will come back to you ok.Well all tho its raining here I hope that everyone has a great weekend and take care Later Jeffs
Pimp Out
Hey everyone, glad u stopped in. I got a friend on here that wants to move up. he is really cool. you should go by and meet The Preacher Man and show some luv to his page. Tell him I sent u and u all have a great day. I'm off to mow my yard on the first nice day without rain we have had in two months. Mr. Porge *Official Team Shocker Minister*@ CherryTAP
2 More Weeks!!!!!!!!!!
2 more weeks.....UGH. I gotta wait 2 more weeks before I can finally go to Cheetah's. I am going nuts because I haven't been in such a long time because "things" keep getting in the way!!!! But that is totally ok because I am going no matter what in 2 weeks!!!!!! I am getting lap dances for sure!!!!!!!!!
Good Morning!
If you need an energy boost this morning, check out some of my photos that I have added to my NYO Photos Album. I have worked an overnight shift tonight and heading off to the college to learn more about the stipulations of the internship I will be involved with in the biotech industry for the next 5-1/2 weeks. :) Hoping that you all have a fabulous day and a phenomenal week ahead.... K
Australia Condom Maker Seeks "sexecutive" Testers
CANBERRA (Reuters) - Condom makers say it's the world's best job, a "sexecutive position". An Australian company is seeking real life testers for its condom products. "Got what it takes to be an official condom tester?" asks an advertisement launched by Durex Australia next to a photo of a busty young woman in a revealing nurse's outfit. "With this job on your CV, it really will be a chance to brag to your mates about the special skills you possess, not to mention that your new role will work wonders with the opposite sex," Durex Marketing Manager Sam White told local media. The "bed-testing" position is unpaid, but 200 selected testers would be up for free pack of Durex products, plus a bonus prize of A$1,000 (425 pounds) for one lucky winner, White said. In return, testers would have to report back on the feel and performance of the company's products. Only Australians need apply, and would-be testers will be asked to explain why they should be considered. Humour wou
Idiot Award Of The Week Goes To
Here is prime example one of the worlds most short yellow bus riding Idiots. The reason some people should not reproduce. I bet if he met you on the street he would be the most humbliest human being. If you think this is cute or funny think again. Seems you need to reflect on your life and let the fakeness go. You are trying way to hard,the coward is showing. My Shoutbox Chr1sScand...: bitch, you are less than a fucking one, you fucking disgusting fatass bitch Chr1sScand...: what? I like BBBW big beautiful black women ->Chr1sScand...: Well I see your level of maturity and education, Ignorance has no place in my life and neither do you Chr1sScand...: damn, whats up you fat black bitch. sexy ass ho
Tool - Sober
A Sensual Poem From A Sensual Guy......
"UNDIVIDED" We come together, Your voice enters my soul like a gentle breeze... I can hear your thoughts as you sweetly whisper your longings - Our attention, undivided. A bonding of two spirits as we come together in our first intense kiss - our souls merge... heightened senses, a sensual delight as your lips caress mine and we gently fuse as one. Exploring each other softly, passionately; touching each other - a sensual serenity... our bodies embracing as we are caught up in a rapture of endless ecstasy - devouring each other as we heed our desires... our attention, undivided. Sensual grace, communion of our spirits - deeply connected... exploring the contours of each other, consuming each other. From the very first kiss to the very last touch, breathing in each other's essence... savoring each other's taste - sweet aroma of passion, fragrance of love. Our silhouette glows against a darkened sky as the moon
My Dating Profile
Your dating personality profile:Liberal - Politics matters to you, and you aren't afraid to share your left-leaning views. You would never be caught voting for a conservative candidate.Adventurous - Just sitting around the house is not something that appeals to you. You love to be out trying new things and really experiencing life.Big-Hearted - You are a kind and caring person. Your warmth is inviting, and your heart is a wellspring of love.Your date match profile:Funny - You consider a good sense of humor a major necessity in a date. If his jokes make you laugh, he has won your heart.Adventurous - You are looking for someone who is willing to try new things and experience life to its fullest. You need a companion who encourages you to take risks and do exciting things.Intellectual - You seek out intelligence. Idle chit-chat is not what you are after. You prefer your date who can stimulate your mind.Your Top Ten Traits1. Liberal2. Adventurous3. Big-Hearted4. Sensual5. Intellectu
Prediction: Paris Hilton Will Go Back To Jail
Here's my prediction for the day; Paris Hilton, who without her family's wealth would be completely unknown, is going to go back to jail. I think she should serve her complete sentence in jail. Indeed, I think all sentences should be served completely. Now, I've heard that convicts are sometimes let out of jail for "good behavior." I can't say that I've ever heard that whining can be used to get out early. So, here's my opinion on these matters. Excessive whining, or any bad behavior for that matter, should result in an extended sentence, and perhaps additional punishments. Good behavior, on the other hand, should be used both to avoid jail in the first place, and, after a convict has been released from jail, to avoid a return to jail. "Good behavior" should never be used to avoid responsibility for bad (or more technically, illegal) behavior. Now, we have to wonder why Sheriff Lee Baca would countermand Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer's sentence. Sheriff Baca'
Black And White For The Old Ones
Black and White for old farts. Black and White (Under age 40? You won't understand.) You could hardly see for all the snow, Spread the rabbit ears as far as they go. Pull a chair up to the TV set, "Good Night, David. Good Night, Chet." My Mom used to cut chicken, chop eggs and spread mayo on the same cutting board with the same knife and no bleach, but we didn't seem to get food poisoning. My Mom used to defrost hamburger on the counter AND I used to eat it raw sometimes, too. Our school sandwiches were wrapped in wax paper in a brown paper bag, not in icepack coolers, but I can't remember getting e.coli. Almost all of us would have rather gone swimming in the lake instead of a pristine pool (talk about boring), no beach closures then. The term cell phone would have conjured up a phone in a jail cell, and a pager was the school PA system. We all took gym, not PE.. and risked permanent injury with a pair of high top Ked's (only worn in gym)
It Could Have Been Forever
It could have been forever If not for foolish things To play the obstacles And now we both are building up this wall And it falls between us Like the lines we refuse to read And it’ll fall around us Crashing on the shores of our Beliefs We build it up again All because we can’t face The things that push us out Of place We are both to blame For all that we cry for If we cry at all What can save us now To sacrifice what little Dignity remains Push against it just to feel the grain To make sure it’s real this time Not just the heat of the Moment, if you don’t mind I don’t want to be burned by Your fire But it feels so cool I’d like to burst the blister It’s such a pretty pattern If you can see it Trace the lines upon my face Count the wrinkles round My eyes when I smile I’d hate to think this feeling Is you, and you alone I’d hate to think I can’t Feel this way without you If only we would stop Building what fell between us The
Slaying Media Statements: Paris Hilton
One of the least understood and possibly most abused tools in the public relations arsenal is the media statement. Once upon a time, it was simply meant to grab the attention of reporters and give them a lead on a story. Today, however, it seems like more and more celebrities, elected officials, and corporate executives are attempting to use them as masked position pieces with little interest in reporter follow up. In fact, most statements made today try to end stories, not begin them. It almost never works. Sure, there are plenty of examples out there, but Paris Hilton's recent weekend statement, published by the TMZ, really drives the point home. (Hat tip to Spin Thicket for the link.)"Today I told my attorneys not to appeal the judge's decision. While I greatly appreciate the Sheriff's concern for my health and welfare, after meeting with doctors I intend to serve my time as ordered by the judge." Stop. The first graph of her statement works. It might have worked better with a littl
LatinoTags.Com - Graphics Caliente!
The Final Writing
many good times were spent here with my friends,they were happy times with no forseen endsbut as all things these have come to passbut the friendships are there to last.i go on but in my mindi remember those words,all so kindi hate to lave with out a goodbye but in this blog,a farewell i must tryi found riches no man could ever findand its something ill never leave behindthere was love and i had given my heartbut through this world its now torn apart wish me luck as i do you,and remember to u i was always in leaving one thing ive not said,ill take these memories with me till once i am dead. i never was one to say good bye, so im just going,in private ill cry dedicated to all my friends here on ct with special dedications to those so special to me
The Story Of The Scottish Templars
The Story Of The Scottish Templars From The History of Freemasonry by Albert Mackey, 1898 The story, which connects the Knights Templars with Freemasonry in Scotland, after their return from the Crusades and after the suppression of their Order, forms one of the most interesting and romantic legends connected with the history of Freemasonry. In its incidents the elements of history and tradition are so mingled that it is with difficulty that they can be satisfactorily separated. While there are some writers of reputation who accept everything that has been said concerning the connection in the 14th century of the Freemasons of Scotland with the Templars who were then in that kingdom, or who escaped to it as an asylum from the persecutions of the French monarch, as an authentic narrative of events which had actually occurred, there are others who reject the whole as a myth or fable, which has no support in history. Here, as in most other cases, the middle course appears to be the
Motion creates the emotions, tied, transfixed, eclipsed to the sight as a wish takes flight, the moonlight in the light glimmering on the ocean subdue the fear like a love potion. Toasting like a new year cheer with a happiness tear, we're here in a world standing face to face, waist to waist, no need to waste this moment in time. Captured it in a poetical line, poetry is you and me, empathy in your eyes defies logical explanations with loves creation of sensations without hesitations, apex to the odyssey of my existence you overcame my resistance dissolved from your persistence. Unanswered prayers in my past, forgotten fast, reclaimed my sight as a wish takes flight, the moonlight eclipsed now my worlds transfixed to this glimmering ocean in motion creating the emotions. -ed
Covering Hot Topics: Second Quarter 2007
Every quarter, we publish a recap of our five most popular communication-related posts, based on the frequency and the immediacy of hits after they were posted. While we base this on individual posts, some are related to larger case studies.Jericho Fans Make Television HistoryWhen CBS executives cancelled Jericho over Nielsen ratings, fans of this post- nuclear terrorist attack/small town survival drama went nuts, literally. Using the Internet and social media as their point of organization, they launched the largest cancellation protest in history: sending 40,000 pounds of nuts (from just one store); rallied almost 120,000 petition signers; cancelled CBS related-cable subscriptions; boycotted network premieres; sold network stock; sent in countless letters, postcards, and e-mails; captured media attention in every major newspaper and tabloid; and flooded the network with phone calls. Within a few weeks, CBS reversed its decision in record time, heading off what was quickly becoming an
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general. You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take. Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces Take this quiz at
*~*mz. Phattygurl*~*plus Size Pinup... Http://
Lessons Learned - Lessons Yet To Learn
Lessons Learned, Lessons Yet To Learn Read Each One Carefully and Think About It a Second or Two 1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry. 3 Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. 4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. 5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them. 6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. 8. Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you. 9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know h
Tired Of The Bull Sh!t
I need to find me a new job. I have been attacked lately for stupid shit at work right. So let's see, the sense in staying there and putting up with it is oh yeh, none what so ever, so I am looking for a new job. I was training someone today and told them that they need to go over their screens and went to pull out the book for us to go over the screens, the woman goes into tears, the one that was supposed to have trained her to begin with says that she won't be sitting with me anymore and I get a verbal warning for my attitude. Ok fine this was her first day on the phone, but that was the only way I could think to put it. At least I was going to go over the screens with her. I had already gotten bitched at for helping her thru the first one she had gotten that had no good phone number(btw I work in collections) now this. Can we say just simple and all out bullshit? Last week I get bitched at for laughing at something right at the end of the shift a little loud because the head guy
Veiled curtains flow, wrapped in spiral winds of confusion this darkened breeze will know how storm clouds breed illusion this empty room so torn by the storms of yesterday tempest dreams to blow, teacups filled with dripping memories whirlwinds moving slow stir the walls with jaded tapestries and roll the river wild when the treetops start to sway a winter garden grows lush with flowers of uncertainty moonlight tangled in the throes with the winding vines of jealousy and tend the bitter nectar deep inside falling petals filled with wounds hide their fragrance from eternity for the beauty never blooms in the rain of insecurity and the rainbow never shines in darkened skies
It Seems I Have Gotten The Attention Of Ones I Never Wanted To Deal With...
As some of you know but probably not many. I am still in Europe dealing with things I wished I never even heard of... I don't know when I shall return. I am thankful to Jean Claude. He has sent help. I can't really explain much online as the internet connection over here sucks and Neither of us trusts this means of communicating. I have been gone for TWO months and in that time I have dealt with terrors even I could not imagine. I have been able a few times and for limited time to get on the internet. I would have been on more if at all possible. It is late now and I must retire to sleep. A sleep filled with nightmares I may add for they won't even allow moi to sleep peacefully. It would be funny if it wasn't such a serious issue. It would be funny if they didn't try to kill Louis for merely a thought. It would be funny if the leader (who I refuse to even say her name) wasn't a whole hell of a lot more powerful than Akasha ever was. It would be funny if they didn't fe
Just Wondering?
"Through the wind and through the trees my beauty walked with ease. Though the walk was taunting verily she kept on walking. Through the fog and through the rain. She would not stop to wait and see. My beauty would not stop until she reaches me." It's a poem for a crush type thing. What do you think?
What Group R U ?
You scored as Rocker, Mosher, Your A Rocker!Rocker, Mosher80% Goth60% Chav, Townie, Rude Boy, Ned, Kev50% Skater30% Emo30% Prepy20% Trendy15% What Group Are You? What Group Are You? Chav, Rocker, Skater, Emo, Goth, Trendy, Prepy Ectcreated with
hey yall i just wanna thank all the people who support the troops. and for those of you who dont then fuck off. but neways got good news the other day, my company is goin home at the end of nov. we are all so happy. so that means well be home for x-mas. just wanna let yall know that your support means alot to all of us. keep it up yall i love u guys
When I Think About You Love :d
No food in the house will be safe... aaaayyyeee!!!
Where Do I Belong?
You Belong in Paris You enjoy all that life has to offer, and you can appreciate the fine tastes and sites of Paris. You're the perfect person to wander the streets of Paris aimlessly, enjoying architecture and a crepe. What European City Do You Belong In?
In My Thoughts....
I know that only a few of you know personal friends of mine, outside of Fubar but I just received horrifying news. A long time friend of mine just lost his son due to a motorcycle accident that happened last night. Realize that I met them through a classmate of mine many years ago. The father is a Sgt. at our local police station and just an all around great guy and most importantly, a great father! We just talked a few weeks ago before he left on a road trip with his 2 sons, 17 & 12 years old, who are his life. He fought long and hard, while going through a divorce years ago to gain custody of them and they have lived a happily family since until this tragedy has happened. Just last week, we were talking about what a great time they had and how much fun they have together and how his oldest was about to turn 18 next month, etc. & then this morning, I get many phone calls and messages telling me his oldest has died. 17!!! And so sad to say that he had just gotten the bike but had bee
~ Space Invaders ~
Being Fucked Over Sucks..
So yeah my bestfriend fucks me over tonight with moving down and in with him and his dad.. Says all this bullshit to me says I was rude to his dad which i wanna know how I was because I was infact not rude to him at all in anyway.. So now.. I have nothing, No job, no money, no where to stay.. and shit.. I sent him money and everything so they could come get me my mom did.. and then he has enough fucking balls to sit and say he dont wanna end the friendship? HAHAAHHAHA FUNNY SHIT RIGHT THERE.. If he thinks ima stay friends with him after he fucked me over like this hes wrong.. he knows the shit i been trhough he knows i have to be out of this place by next month but fucks me over totally.. I have nothing.. Im stressed, Upset, Depressed, Mad, exhuasted.. and donno what the fuck to do.. this has been a god damn lovely day..
Its Over
Two Men Reported Missing Found Alive (3 Close Friends)
Two men reported missing found alive State Journal Register (Springfield, Illinois Newspaper) A large-scale search for two Springfield men feared drowned in the Sangamon River was called off Sunday evening when the pair returned to land unharmed. Andrew Larson, 20, and Dan Leingang, 22, went swimming in the river near South Tower and Darnell roads about 4 p.m. and told their friend, Michael Yucus, that they would meet him in about an hour at the bridge next to the Dawson water plant on Mechanicsburg Road. Yucus, who can't swim himself, said he arrived at 5 p.m and waited for a hour before he started yelling their names and decided to call 911. "I really thought I was in trouble," Yucus said when he saw no signs of his friends. The Sangamon Rescue Squad responded about 5:30 p.m. along with Mechanicsburg firefighters and the Sangamon County Sheriff's Office and began lining up along the shore and putting boats in the water while ambulance crews waited nearby. Jus
Just Lettin' Ya Know.....
Youse guys are all gay and emo lol, peace bitches! I'm out. I'll be back when y'all stop being so emo lol seriously all you princesses need to just pull your fuckin' panties up and buck up lol. Tah for now emos! Ya ain't gonna drag down my day lol *skips off whistling and smiling while giving ya'll the finger*
Money Stash
hey .. whats up? Man I have met some great people already on this site. This is freakin awesome. I love my baby...right now he is sleeping, that is where I should be, except that I am not tired.
Guess One Does
This was sent to me as an e-mail and thought it went along quite nicely with what I post yesterday for my blog. This woman should run for president Written by a housewife from New Jersey and sounds like it! This is one ticked off lady. "Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan , across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet?..Well, I don't. I don't care at all. I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinera ting all those innocent people on 9/11. I'll
Part 1..... the other night I was laying in bed and I had a "daydream". I say daydream cause I know that I was not sleeping, and yet it was so vivid that it felt like I was not in bed anymore. I've thought about weather I should make this blog private or not and have decided to make it public because I'm curious to see what people will put for comments and what not. Well, here it is: I was standing in a field that could only be described as something very similar to the great plains......a vast field of rolling hills covered in lush green grass. There was a light, warm breeze blowing, sending ripples across the plain. I stood upon the top of one of the endless hills throughout that field. I looked around to see if there was anything about this place that would clue me in as to where I was at. The more I looked around the more I realized that I was standing in a vast nothingness. But to my surprise, Fear, Doubt, Anxiety nor Trepidation accosted me. While I was looking, I saw what lo
Will You Help Me Clean My Room?
Will You Help Me Clean My Room?
"i'm This Girl......."
1.I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because I'm sleepy, but because I want to be closer to you... 2.I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than in an expensive resturant... 3.I'm the girl who says, "Okay, but you owe me..." jokingly. Not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you and I care... 4.I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will have fun because it means I am spending time with you... 5.I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms... 6.I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me... 7.I'm the girl who once I let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it. And even if we spend time apart, I'm the girl who never forgets you.. 8.I'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss.. 9.I'm the girl who you can talk to about anything.
February 02, 2007
The pain is to much I cant take it enymore> It hurt's. I try to let go but I cant. I think about it nonstop. Over and over agan. Am I not good enough for them. Why dont thay want me to be part of there life's. Thay keep pushing me away/ "Your never going to be enything in life." Over and over I hear there voices. "Your nothing the world would be better off without you." The voices are going to drive me crazy. Why me what did I do. Why wont thay shut up. There going on and on. " Your just a waist of life." Finly thay stop. Silence nothing not a sound. Once agan I am alone. Darkness covers my soul. No more acting. I can be myself. But there's No one to see the real me. So I just lay down and sleep. Hopeing when I close my eyes I never open them agan.
Raven's Eggs & Kegs Show Scores The Alley Sponsorship! Exclusive Discounts For Listeners And More!
All you into gothic life style, The Raven's Eggs & Kegs Show is now sponsored by The Alley located in Chicago, IL. The Alley is a well known and respected store located on the northside of Chicago. Specializing in Gothic Jewelery, clothing, shirts, shoes and more! They're currently revamping their website so the site don't have everything up yet, but those who live in chicago or been inside the Alley know how big the store is and the items they offer. In my pictures, it's the shirt you see me wear when I cover events. Promo info will be mentioned week on how you can go to their website and enter a promo code exclusive to listeners of my radio show to get a discount on purchases made online. I would like to thank the alley for accepting the show under its wings and more things are coming with the growth of the show. Even an exclusive shirt might be in the but one thing at a time ;) (the alley) (The radio
Swedish Meatballs
Swedish Meatballs 2 cups fresh breadcrumbs 1 small yellow onion, finely chopped 1 1/2 lb. Ground beef or veal 2 teaspoons Salt 1 teaspoon Nutmeg 2 1/2 tablespoons freshly chopped parsley 3 Eggs, lightly beaten 1/2 teaspoons Pepper 1 teaspoons Paprika 4 tablespoons Butter 3 tablespoons Flour 3/4 cup Milk In a small saucepan, sauté the onion in the butter until translucent. In a large bowl, add the breadcrumbs, onion, meat, and mix well. Add the eggs, salt, pepper, nutmeg and paprika and continue to mix. This is best done with clean hands. Shape the mixture into balls about 1-inch in diameter. Preheat a large skillet over a medium heat. Fry the meatballs until crisp and brown. Remove the meatballs from the pan and melt 3 tablespoons of butter, add the flour and mix until thick and smooth. Gradually add the milk until thick gravy forms. Return the meatballs to the pan and cook for another 10 minutes over low heat. 2 cups fresh breadcrumbs 1 small yellow onion, fine
Just once I would like to feel the touch of a true love. The pure and clean touch that we all long for. The touch of that special someone that makes us smile in the face of adversity, the touch and the feel of warmth that radiates our darkest hours. The knowing tingles of a hand stroking our backs to soothe away the stress that the world presents to us. The gentle caressing the melts away our fears and disbeliefs. I long to feel my true loves eyes gazing upon me in a loving and caring way, a way that shows they see the flaws me have and excepts them unconditionally and insures us that these flaws are what make us each different and special. I long to hold onto my love when I am scarred, anxious, in a hopeless pit of torment, because the touch is an energy that revitalizes and enriches, a surge that protects and destroys any ill will toward us. I say to all that have this special love in their life already turn to them, grab them by the hand, look into their e
My 1st MuMM I posted up and what do I get but a bunch of BS from crying babies. SNAKES OF CHRIST!!! ->~Smokin Dj...: its gone and so is my VIC. thank you please G33K 1N 73H P1NK: thanks ->~Smokin Dj...: GODS. GET OFF MY CASE PLEASE> I understand. G33K 1N 73H P1NK: please do keep in mind the mumm format, if it is phrased as a mumm a lot will get through ->~Smokin Dj...: I did it. THANX! G33K 1N 73H P1NK: you dont want me to do it for you ;) G33K 1N 73H P1NK: please delete your existing mumm here: G33K 1N 73H P1NK: and mumms are rarely flagged for actual NSFW, its usually because its not a real mumm G33K 1N 73H P1NK: thats all that is asked ->~Smokin Dj...: working on that G33K 1N 73H P1NK: if you are careful, you can word a poll into a valid mumm G33K 1N 73H P1NK: I dont make the rules, I have been asked to keep mumms true G33K 1N 73H P1NK: mumm is not a poll G33K 1N 73H P1NK: mumm = make up my mind ->~Smokin Dj...: Thanks again for the warning. I'm abo
Angels Welcome New Member 8/10/07
Largest Database of ImagesFor Comments And Profiles at DEN--@ fubar WELCOME to our club Dennis bless you !
When The World Seems All Against Ya
Where to begin....Recently moved from Grand Junction, CO just to get my self in trouble with the law, about to be homeless....Ugggh, why do I have to place myself between a rock and a hard place....Am fightin reallll hard not to lose it, that's all I need a one way ticket to the loony bin. Well, I dug this pit of hell for myself, guess I will just have to figure a way out of it....well If I do become fully homeless, I can always sell the last of my stuff and go wandering the ol us of a.....and re-learn how it is to be completely broke and down on one's luck as I did when I was a kid....livin on the floor of some ex-girlfriend of my dad's and no friends.....
Balls... Wed around noon, this mother fucker decided he was going to waltz his happy ass right into our home through the front door... With my g/f's 8 year old sister sitting in the front room on her computer. Ugly, short, and in jail now... but I gotta give him credit for having the balls to do that. I shouldn't have been a nice guy and let him leave. I shoulda broke his damn neck. Probably would have got a medal or something from the cops.
You Know.....
for the longest time... i thought that I had one of two choices: That I was doomed to be in a series of bad relationships that seemed to get worse each time.... Or that I was destined to be alone. And I was okay with that. Or that's what I kept telling myself. Shut up, go to school, move up north and get a house, a job, and leave it alone, you'll be fine. My life veered offtrack this year, and it took a turn I definitely didn't expect... and you know something? It was the best detour I ever took. On that road, I met a man I am absolutely crazy about, who's brilliant and funny and romantic and loving and giving, and who loves me for me, and makes me feel beautiful and perfect, and for the first time in a LONG time, unafraid to face my future. Look at the new pictures I posted, esp the default-- can anyone fake a smile like that? I know now, that I'll never be lonely again, and I thank God every day for putting that man into my life. He was an unlooked for
You Can Find Me Here Also
To Much Annoying
well i have tried to many times to complain about something but i am going to post this saying because of the people uploading stuff and it making cherry/fubar go weird and interrupt me typing here, like hitting the back space and going back to the previous page well my venting went from how much of a bitch my grandma is to how much i am annoyed at restarting that blog so if you want to know what happen i will say so if you ask but i hate people who treat family badly therefore that is why i don't consider my grandma family.
Life Suckage
Accidentally but the awesome GF's phone in the wash... I wont suck forever right?
Some People Need To Learn English
I really don't have all that much to say that is "special" or "earth shattering", but I do want to get one thing off of my chest. If you don't know the difference between they're, there, and their then you should consider not commenting on anyone's pictures and appearing to be a totally illiterate bafoon. This goes for your and you're. Here's a cheat sheet for some of you idiots out there - I suggest you copy and paste from my page. I know it's a long shot that you have mastered copy and paste, but I have to feel I am doing something to help out literacy on fubar. "You're amazing!" - It's not "Your amazing". My amazing what? "They're awesome!" - It's not "Their awesome". Whose awesome what? "I don't know!" - It's not "I don't no". I can't for the life of me figure out a good example for this. See the difference? It would also be great if some of you READ what you post before clicking the submit button. Thanks for helping improve fubar literacy!
In My Head For Tattoos
Leg tattoo ideal ice look to finish up sleeve
Need 2 Know How 2 Rate A Page, Add Or Fan Someone?
On the right side of every profile is a box w/10 or 11(if u have vic) cherries. It's not polite to rate less than 10. (fubar etiquette) This is an Alert box (My Bar Tab): Located on the top left of your home page. Click on "see all" to view all alerts. On the left side of the person's profile, under the Alerts box (My Bar Tab) is where u will find the following... Want profile views? New friends? Ratings? Click Here 2 Add a blast! When a member buys a blast they rotate at the top right of everyone's profile. That is all! Any questions? Just ask :)
Poor Horse
Even though it has been a month ago I still cant get him out of my head. A horse. I remember when the barn got him they named him "Dragon" for the dragon wings on his sides. He was about 15 i think. 5 yrs ago before i think. He wasnt in great shape endurance wise but he would give his best we just had to take things slow. Not a mean bone in his body. In the d it said "He needs a man hes man's horse." lol. He had some trust issues but we got him over it. After awhile he could do drill team easily . and seemed to enjoy it. Any way we had a mother and daughter they had one horse that the mother never took care of the horse the daughter did. The mother got married to some guy who looked like Domer.after a year She wanted to get a horse for her husband, but the barn manager said she couldnt have another horse there was no room. So then after Francis and Jeane the owner of the barn's pool patio came off. The Mother and the husband fixed the patio for her. Not knowing they had a plan. Once
Got My Feelings A Little Hurt
I just want to vent for a minute. I know this an online thing and I really shouldn't care what people here think. But, that's besides the point. I have a pic of me in a bikini-like top and very short skirt (which was not how I was dressed all night anyhow) and some guy decided to leave me a comment that I won't repeat here, but basically said that I need to lose weight. Ouch. I'm not skinny, nor do I want to be. But I don't think I'm fat! Yeah, I do have a little "excess baggage" thanks to my 4-year-old. No matter what I've tried, my belly doesn't want to change, lol. So I've made peace with it. But for some stranger to come tell me that, yeah... my feelings were hurt. He just said I needed to have a sense of humor about it. So, just, wow. Most everyone here has been so kind, but this one little thing got me feeling kind of bad. Anyways, I just had to get that out. Love you all! Muah! xoxo Joy
Forgive Me For Not Replying To Comments
I am 43 and have more medical problems then an 80 yr old woman I just found out i now have fibromyalgia along with my diabetes and kidney problems... There are days i feel no pain then there are days i hurt so much all I do is cry and today was one of those days... So I hope that everyone who leaves me a comment understands that I will do my best to comment them back as soon as I am feeling better... I really enjoy the people on Fubar and I dont want to make any one upset with me for not replying to them so Please I hope everyone understands thank you Love to everyone from April
E-mail Petitions
Just a word to the wise. E-mail petitions are NOT acceptable to Congress or any other municipality. To be acceptable petitions must have a signed signature and full address. Same with "prayer chains" -be wary. Almost all e-mails that ask you to add your name and forward on to others are similar to that mass letter years ago that asked people to send business cards to the little kid in Florida who wanted to break the Guinness Book of Records for the most cards All it was, and all this type of e-mail is, is to get names and "cookie" tracking info for tele-marketers and spammers to validate active e-mail accounts for their own purposes. Any time you see an e-mail that says forward this on to "10" of your friends, sign this petition, or you'll get good luck, or whatever, it has either an e-mail tracker program attached that tracks the cookies and e-mails of those folks you forward to, or the host sender is getting a copy each time it gets forwarded and then is able to ge
Fun Time With Xero
To all the people i've helped I need U now. Im in BBG's battle of the sexes contest. Please bomb the hell out of it! It starts the 23rd at 9pm. I will gift anyone that helps out. Thank you, NYC
B-day Card For Me From Catch And Release
Ok--i Hope This Dude Has A Pet Rooster
I'm Going
I'm gone to the movies with the friend boy, his sis, and mom. and might I add I took my green tea.. natural caffine, and then a pain killer cause I feel like shit, now I think i'm acting kind of drunk. ROFL.. This should be fun.. Talk to yall laters.
Since he is needing leveling and I haven't written anything for him yet, I thought I would go ahead and tell you a little something about my friend, NCSpanker. I met NCSpanker (Michael) through Stay at Home Mom (Kirsten) when she was trying to help him level (I think maybe 3 or 4 levels Although, the amount of pics he had was a little intimidating (just look, it was well worth taking the time to rate them because I got to know him and of course, we became friends. Michael stops by my page all the time. There is seldom a day that goes by that he doesn't and those are only day that he is either not feeling well or not around at all. He always tries to take the time to send a different comment every day along with a little saying or note to you personally to bring you a smile! What a nice friend! :) He is big into Nascar, loves his friends and even likes his "spanks" too! :P If ever you need a friend, need help leveling or just want to say hi, this is
Out of fairness, I feel the need to advise all the people who may be masturbating, only 3 of those pictures are mine, the others just look nice. (look for the tattoo, then you'll be able to tell)
Miss Me?
I've been soo busy lately but things are finally starting to calm down. I've been working A LOT lately but I was missing all my online friends so I had to stop by and say Hi. So HI! *waves* Thanks for all the birthday wishes.. I had a blast and I'll fill you in more on that later! xoxoxo See All My Pics HERE
Donna Needs Help
Please, come and bomb this sweet lady. She does so much for everyone and never asks for anything in return. She is someone I am eternally grateful for meeting and I would do ANYTHING for this woman. Come show her some love! She's in third now I believe and I'd love to see her win her first contest. It ends Monday, August 27th at 8 p.m. EST or 5 p.m. Fubar time. ****THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPED! SHE CAME IN FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!****WTG SWEETIE!
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I am a Passion Parties Consultant. I sell adult novelties. I am running a special for Fubar Members! All orders placed before 11:59pm cst tonight, can use the code GIVEME10 to save 10% off their entire order! If you have any questions, just shout. My website is Place an order and let the games begin!
Bored And Drunk
im jsut kinda sittin here at my friend eugenes cp a little buzzed still from like 2 mikes hards, two shots of sky melon, and some bacardisilver strwaberyr stuff. im sure compared to some of yalls drinking abilityds thats is not alot but whatever. im kinda bored but im talkin to people on yahoo im. someone talk to me. add me if u like. dont if ur a douche.
Tender Love
holding you close to me. feeling your breath on my chest, girl, it makes me weak in the knees. holding on as if the world was going to end.if it were,i would freeze time and rewind it, so we could begin again. to imagine my world without you would drive me mad.because i know i would never love someone so much or need their love so bad. so as i lay here tonight, loving you so,so much. one thing is for sure, i will love your every touch.goodnight my darling ,i have disturbed your sleep long enough. nestle in right next to me, so i can feel your tender love. what can i say? i got so much love to give!
Confused Lol
sometimes life just doesnt work the way everyone wants it to trying to get by like the rest of the world but when you got one trying to take someelse spot and isnt ready to move on in his own life just really bites and cant make a mind up of friendship or more and is being the biggest turtle and is trying to get you jealous given you obsticles and test while he is still vary much with his other partner really bites and makes it hard for the other ones life to move in the direction it should be going im just really bored i guess lol but why hide when its only a friendship especial a friendship of 20 years thats the confusing part lol ......
Old Friends!
Hi to all my old friends and new ones also sorry have not been on much been real busy with work and also at the gym getting ready for up comming bmx races October and november will be real hard for me to be online and catch up with friends. There is a bmx race comming up in October in Orlando Florida the Disney bmx cup I hope to race in that and of course at the end of October is the A.B.A. Grands in Tulsa Oklahoma. I thank you all for being my friend and all the love you have shown Eddie before his passing thank you all for being my friend and spending time with me when you can and checkin out my pics. take care all... Jay
Just A Lil Bout Me...
1. Are there any previous relationships you wish could have lasted longer? Yes and No........I know that pretty 2. Whats the most annoying thing anyone could do? act like a stupid dumb ass....there's alot of those around here too 3. When was the last time you saw the last person you kissed? Sunday 4. What is your first name?: Kris 5. Name a quote from the song your listening to: It's really good to hear your voice say my name, it sounds so sweet...comming from the lips of an angel hearing those words it mkes me week..... 6. How is life going for you right now?: it's aight... 7. What is the 10th text message in your inbox and from who? its a shot of tequilla from marsha 8. What about your 5th? "thank you Kris, I m good. and you? hope you re doing very well." ~ from Ece 9. Who was the last person you texted? Kari 10. What do you think of your siblings?: That they are both WEIRD....just like me 11. What was the reason you last cried?
I Never Came (with Music!!!)
Free file hosting by When you say it's dead and gone, I know you're wrong. Cut and slash, sharpest knife. It won't die. Poison cup, drank it up. It won't die. No fire, no gun, no rope, no stone. It won't die. Why you gotta shove it in my face, As if you put me in my place. Cause I don't care, If you or me is wrong or right, Ain't gonna spend another night. In your bed. Laws of man, are just pretend. They ain't mine. Love so good, love so bad. It won't die. Some talk too long, they know it all. I just smile and move on Words ain't free, like you and me. I don't mind. Why'd you have to be so mean and cruel, The dogs are loose I'm on to you. You ball and chained together from the dawn to dusk. Can't call it leavin, cause it's just, I never came.
What To Do
what should i do i picked up my wifes cell today to call my phone so i could find it and found were she was haveing sub. sexy in text messeges she says it for me but she gave her number out to some guy she only knows on myspace and thats it i got mad and im hurt she said its to help her be more agresive in our relationship but she has ben distant for weeks now and saying that i dont trust her and she wonders why im just tired of being hurt
Nsfw Pics
ok i have plans in a bit maybe... but if i get back intime and im bored who wants a flashie pic..... tel me here not mail nor the shout cuz i wont see it and i still have 500 mail not read grrrrrr...... oh and 8 more days left.... thanks to all who r helping but i think this is something i need to do on my own anyhow.... thanks..... Tongue.........
The Storm
The Virgin drops fall gently against my vulnerable sculpture, bringing a wave of tranquility that laps against my soul. As the hands of the piercing wind claws like a wild banshee through the voluminous ebony clouds, tears of anger sting the face of the black sponge waiting below in thirst. The fire of heaven slits through the night sky in a thin line of destruction, and briefly lights what should be dark. As the grumble sounds, there are no signs of what passed in the night except for the freshness that lingers behind. By: Lucky to be Irish
wtf is wrong with ppl. you offer everything n get laughed at,,,you give it all and get yelled are there any normal fuckin ppl around or am i just the craziest son of a bitch in the world aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Don't Quit
dont quit: when things go wrong, as they sometimes will. when thhe road you're trudging seems all up hill,when funds are low and debts aree high, when care i pressing you down a bit rest if you must but dont quit. life is strange with it twists and turns, as everyone of us sometimes learn, and many failure turns about when he might have won had he struckout; dont give up though the peaceseems slow, you may succeed with another blow. success is failure turned inside out, the silver tint of the clouds of doubt and you can never tell how close you are, it may be near when it seems so far; so stick to the fight when you're hardest hit, it when things seem wort that you must not quict.
"love Or War" One Has To Choose!!!
Love is the only hope of the world. And we are coming close to that turning point: either total war or total love. There is nothing like a compromise now ................. And it is a question of life and death: war is death, love is life.
The Door
The Door There are things that make us happy. There are things that cause us pain. Some things make our lives worthwhile. And some drive us insane. One in a million people find Just what they’re looking for. It’s just pure chance to find someone To open up the door. The “door” is just another word To signify the heart. That’s why a new door opens Each time a new love starts. I’ve had my door pushed open. I’ve had it slammed in my face. I’ve felt my door falling apart But held it in its place. But until now I’ve never felt That there was a chance My door could open up again My soul would get to dance. Now I’ve met you and learned about How love can be the key. You pulled me close and understood Just who I want to be. You say you love me as I am You want to hold me near. You’ve seen me at my best and worst I’ve told you all my fears. Our future is uncertain now I want to give you more. The love that you have shown to me Knocks always on my
A Husband's Tough Decision!!!!
My next door neighbor, Sam is a good man. He respects his marriage, works long hard hours as a crane operator for a good company, LOVES his wife and kids and has NEVER put anything above his immediate family! So it pains him to know that his wife has been running out on him! Apparently she has a few problems with alcohol and gambling! She was seeking help for her addictions but Sam sat down with me and told me that she's returning to her "old" ways! She's out at ALL hours of the night with her "sisters" and she's forgetting to pay the bills on time! But as stated earlier, Sam has found prove of her infidelity! He found a few motel receipts from the HoJo Inn dated on the days that he works his "scheduled" 15 hour days! He told me that "this is it"...he cant take it anymore! He asked for my help to make a decision about whether to: leave and divorce his wife or stay and tough it out..not just for her but mainly for his dearly angels!!!! I now ask you the same question...what would you do
Interesting Consequence.... that now I suddenly have guys in my Shoutbox calling names. So, what? Your poor fragile boy egos are offended by what I said? Hmm, if I remember Psycho 101, that is a sign of feeling guilty (and I do remember it well). Guess what? I don't care. Go emo and cut yourselves for all I care. Now it'd be nice if any of them could say something intelligent in their defense but "u suck cock", "ur gay" and "fukin punk" are really just ignorant and prove my point. THANKS! Ya'll keep it up. I am thoroughly enjoying your stupidity.
I Do Remember 9/11 Does Anyone Else
In Memory Of 9-11-01Never ForgetI'll never forget that awful dayWhen our world turned upside downThe stunning blow that shook us allIt could happen in any town. Our lives are changed foreverCaution leads the wayWe're wary now and carefulNo, we shall never forget that day. We used to be so impatientAs we hurried from place to placeBut now we patiently wait our turnWith a smile upon our face. We'll never forget those we lostIn our hearts they will remainThey sacrificed for all of usAnd they did not die in vain. So never forget that awful dayAnd how it changed us allComing together with care and loveOne nation...standing proud and tall.~ Charlotte Anselmo ~
A woman and a man are involved in a car accident on a snowy, cold Monday morning; it's a bad one. Both of their cars are totally demolished but amazingly neither of them are hurt. God works in Mysterious ways. After they crawl out of their cars, the woman says, "So you're a man. That's interesting. I'm a woman Wow, just look at our cars! There's nothing left, but we're unhurt. This must be a sign from God that we should meet and be friends and live together in peace for the rest of our days". Flattered, the man replies, "Oh yes, I agree with you completely, this must be a ! sign from God!" The woman continues, "And look at this, here's another miracle. My car is completely demolished but this bottle of wine didn't break. Surely God wants us to drink this wine and celebrate our good fortune." Then she hands the bottle to the man. The man nods his head in agreement, opens it and drinks half the bottle and then hands it back to the woman. The woman takes the bottle and immediately puts
F_ck This Sh_t
I usually write in my journal,but since my private shit ends up here anyway. Today I learned that what I need in a relationship,I cant have.I dont experience life through sight,touch or sound.I feel my way through life.My emotions control me and rational thought takes a back seat.Maybe I should listen to my friends and give up on the higher ideals of love and commitment.I am difficult.I have an over idealized sense of life and maybe I expect too much,but god I hope not.
MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes
Remember 9-11
Ahh The Light...
At first I thought this was funny...then I realized the awful truth of it. Be sure to read all the way to the end! Tax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table At which he's fed. Tax his tractor, Tax his mule, Teach him taxes Are the rule. Tax his cow, Tax his goat, Tax his pants, Tax his coat. Tax his ties, Tax his shirt, Tax his work, Tax his dirt. Tax his tobacco, Tax his drink, Tax him if he Tries to think. Tax his cigars, Tax his beers, If he cries, then Tax his tears. Tax his car, Tax his gas, Find other ways To tax his ass Tax all he has Then let him know That you won't be done Till he has no dough. When he screams and hollers, Then tax him some more, Tax him till He's good and sore. Then tax his coffin , Tax his grave, Tax the sod in Which he's laid. Put these words upon his tomb, " Taxes drove me to my doom..." When he's gone, Do not relax, Its time to apply The i
So I Need Some Help With This
I'm trying to get people to join my forum. Sending messages in shouts, leaving comments, sending pm's and posting blogs with the link doesn't seem to be working. Any advice? I know the old adage that if there's hot women there, people will join. Doesn't seem to work for me. They all go elsewhere. I do have at least one hot fubar female there. Some people may know her - Kritter. She's a longtime friend though so of course she's there. So any advice? Anyone want to help me promote it and get the word out and bring people in?
Odd But True
I DEFINE N.S.F.... (WNT2SQURT?ASKMEHOW!) M, 32 AUSTRALIA For the sake of a new mumm. Quick is bored created @ 2007-09-14 02:54:45 -- expires in: 23 hr [NSFW] So, im sittin here in my bed, goofing off, while sitting on the phone with my best friend and playing in mumm's.....and a few things came to mind. Some things that just dont make sense to me. Pay attention, and see if you can figure this crap out for me, cause im at a loss! #1) The fear of long words is classified as Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. I have three words for you. WTF? #2) More people are killed by donkeys annually than are killed in plane crashes! (Rev must not know this statistic, or he lives life on the edge) #3) The outdoor temperature can be estimated to within several degrees by timing the chirps of a cricket. It is done this way: count the number of chirps in a 15-second period, and add 37 to the total. The result will be very close to the actual Fahrenheit temperature
I want to ask a question: Why? Why is there so much suffering in the world, if God is a God of love? Why do we face so many problems in our home and in our work, if God is a God of love? My mother taught me a passage of Scripture when I was a little girl: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" John 3: 16, NIV). But how do we reconcile that with all the trouble and suffering in the world? Many people thought that the fall of communism in Eastern Europe would eliminate war and that we would have world peace-that our problems would be solved. But we still have war; we still have hate. We still have pover­ty, disease, loneliness, boredom,psychological prob­lems, unemployment, racism and starvation. And we wonder why. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol to escape. Millions of people are depressed; they cry out,"The bottom has dropped out of my "world!" And more and more people are committing
Funny Quote 8
After twelve years of therapy my psychiatrist said something that brought tears to my eyes. He said, "No hablo ingles."
Judging Others
Though it is human to evaluate people we encounter based on first impressions, the conclusions we come to are seldom unaffected by our own fears and our own preconceptions. Additionally, our judgments are frequently incomplete. For example, wealth can seem like proof that an individual is spoiled, and poverty can be seen as a signifier of laziness—neither of which may be true. At the heart of the tendency to categorize and criticize, we often find insecurity. Overcoming our need to set ourselves apart from what we fear is a matter of understanding the root of judgment and then reaffirming our commitment to tolerance. When we catch ourselves thinking or behaving judgmentally, we should ask ourselves where these judgments come from. Traits we hope we do not possess can instigate our criticism when we see them in others because passing judgment distances us from those traits. Once we regain our center, we can reinforce our open-mindedness by putting our feelings into words. To acknowl
Court 9/17 /2007
So ... I had the thrill today of seeing my ex hubby ~ Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr , resisting the urge to slap his face. Took as much resistace as I could muster and a quick peak at the police officer standing in the corner. Giggles!!! Our case has been continued for a month ... ???? WTF. So there you have it . Thanks for the continued prayers for Taylor and I. Luvs ya all.. Huggles Laura and Taylor
Another Stressful Day
I need to get another report done, submit some paper work after my 3 meetings last night to the home office. And get ready for another night meeting tonight. One more day of preparation and meetings tomorrow and I can then get back to somewhat a normal work life by Friday. I am so much looking forward to Friday. I did relax last night by jumping into a VERY hot shower shampooed my hair and shaved my legs... all the way up!!!! I mean ALL the way UP. ;) I think I will put a scene into my new story for "J" of me shaving my legs. I bet I can turn that simple act of shaving into a very erotic and seductive scene in the story. Hmmmmm... I think this story will be HOT.
I Love
I Love I love to see you smile And I love knowing that I caused that smile I love to see you happy And I love knowing that I caused that happiness I love to look into your beautiful eyes And I love the way I fall into them I love it when you hold my hand And I love having the courage to grab and hold yours I love to tease and torment you And I love it when you tease and torment me I love it when you touch me And I love to touch you I love rediscovering how beautiful you are each time I see you And I love realizing how attractive you make me feel I love wanting so badly to kiss you And I love the way you want to take things slow I love the fact that you still want to be my friend And I love that I want to be yours I love so many things about you But the most important thing is: I Love you!
Just To Let You All Know.....
....I am having some fairly serious problems with my computer. I am going to try to get them all fixed today but there are no promises. I may not be very active here in the mean time but I promise I will try to not fall too far behind on what is going on with everyone. Bear with me while I take care of this problem. If I am not back here in a day or so it will be safe to assume that I threw my computer out of the window. LOL
Slideshow: More Eye Candy
Now That I'm Less Angry...
I guess the things I said in my last blog were a bit harsh... I spoke to the fruit fly and we seem to be straight now (well, as good as we're going to be for a long while) - she apologized and realized she was being an ass which is good enough for me. She's still a punk ass bitch but I love her anyway... I'm going to call the gaylord himself sometime today and let him know he's an asshole. I heard he was depressed so I may be nice to him... probably not though - my hate for him still burns like 1,000 suns and I am still bent on his destruction... opps, sorry guys. :-) I just hate it when people I care for are disloyal fuckbags! I don't do that shit to you and I expect the same treatment, damn it! On a lighter note, it's Friday - I'm supposed to go out tonight but as of right now I feel like crap. I will probably end up going anyway like I always do... lol. Miss getting fucked up beyond recognition? No friggin' way! I guess I'll get some work done now but I may write
Words To Ponder
I found this on a website and it made a lot of sense to me. Thought I would share: The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less; we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbo
Sexy Legs Contest
Do You
Do you ever close your eyes and wish real hard, that the one you want to be with will be there when you open your eyes? Do you ever close your eyes and wish that you could turn back time to experience that one moment you never want to forget? Do you ever close your eyes and smile because you know you feel the love of that one special person if only for a minute? Do you close your eyes and fear when you open them noone will be there waiting to love you? I Do
Pain In My Heart
Oh the sweet taste of pain that i feel in my heart. Why do u fill my heart with such pain and sadness. I say this the heart i once had is gone all there is now is pain anger and biterness that i feel in the new heart that i have. Thus as days go by and i hear no words from you why should i try if u don't want to try as well. My nights are long can't sleep because the thoughts of u but all that is done i wash my hands of you and will start over again. Today i sit and think what is now done and over no more tears will fall as i hold them at bay. I have grow cold and dead insaid all the walls i had are now back up and will not come down any more.
Best Cleavage Competition
I was sent a bulletin today about a competition The best Cleavage competition incase I was interested and to let me know it was starting. Well I thought I might just enter that, I might have a small chance and I got a pic thats not too bad. Then I read the rules, You must inform all your friends and get them to comment bomb etc, Surley the person who wins is the person who has the most friends to comment and rate etc not the lady who has the best cleavage? Being a relative newbie here... I got no chance. On the other hand I spose thats what Fubar is all about. What are your thought on this if any? Just a thought for the day :)
Daddy4Light@ fubar Please show this guy some FU Love. When I began this site (fka, Lost Cherry), he was one of my first FU Friends. Married - yes.... but, Great listener... Great friend... Great writer... Great humor... He got booted from FU back in August and needs help levelling back up. Please go fan, rate, and say "Hello" to my friend...and hopefully yours, too!!
Are You Really You???
***** ATTENTION FRIENDLY FU'S ***** It has been brought to my attention that there are many fake accounts on here (FUBAR) I am not trying to burst anyones hustle but.... I think honesty is the best policy, and if you want to remain on any of my list plz do as follows :D Thanx!!! If you are currently on my family, friend or fan list and you are not a level 11 or above plz... submit a salute to me via email if you do not currently have one posted: :D HAVE A GREAT WEEK :D Skylar "Sky's The Limit"
A Bit About Deanna
Last May I went to India and married some one who to me was the most wonderfull man in the world and we had been together in real liife for 4 years befor he was deported ( my Ali is Muslim ) but if you got to know him you would truly like him ,He's just that kind of person. We spent two wonderfull weeks together then I came home.Well by June my Ali decied we will never be able to be together cause of the war and all the hate so he gave up on me and said he was having our marage desolved ( as far as I know he hasn't yet but ) But he also knew I have strong feeling's for our Lord Jeff and thought maybe. Well in July I was in a very bad car wreck and lost my baby ( that's 8 maybe 9 now I've lost count ) But I checvked out of the hospital befor thay wanted me to cause you see I promased to be here to help Lord Wolf and a few others in a contest and I never break a promes if I can help it. I know this is a little long and I am getting to a point here. In Augest M'Lord and I had our fuba
Back To School
Well I have finally decided to go back to college. I have not been in school since 1994, back then my children were 3 and 4 and I was going through a nasty separation(Not divorce, just together 10 years and splitting up)and I was attending Clinton Community College with a major in Criminal Justice. I wanted to be a Probation Officer. Well needless to say he made it impossible for me to attend with dragging me to court every other day and doing anything he possibly could to take custody from me, which by the way never happened. I have had full custody of my children since the beginning of all this mess and they are now 16 and 17. Anyway I had straight A's but missed so much time they were not able to credit me for the courses, so I lost the A's, and was academically dismissed. I also lost all federal funding and student loans. The requirements to return...paying a full semester out of pocket which was not possible for me at the time being a single mother of 2 small children so I le
The African Tiger Fish
I got these photos from a buddy of mine in Houston. The next time you're wading in a third world eco-paradise stream or lake, just remember, your place in the food chain may get re-shuffled. I bet this reduces the urge to go skinny dipping.
The Grass Game
Women N Spaghetti
What do women and spaghetti have in common? They both wiggle when u eat them.
This is a blog for Amanda. She's my best friend who has cancer. A place for those who are close, to show her love, support and many prayers. We all love you sweetie!
Finally Home.....
im finally home. i was in the hospital for a couple of days and i havent been so happy to see my house. i have 3 abcesses on my back and they had to cut and drain one of them. now a have a 2 inch deep hole in my back and ive never been in so much pain. but i will live. i have to go to work today so later everyone.
Gotta Go Gotta Go Gotta Go
Well I just had a very stressfull day and I reached out for some love and no one came. So I went thru my friends list and if you were online when I posted my status and didnt come I have deleted you.
Nj State Sucks
You know what really really sucks... I went for unemployment .. waited all this freakin time to have my interview and everythin only to get denied. I was counting on it .. i have been since sept 5th with no income since i was terminated from my job. Now, I found this out yesterday ... I'm really frustrated and upset. It wasn't that i walked out the door.. I told the truth about everythin that happened.. and still denied... I can appeal but it's gonna take more time... it freakin sucks. The thing that's even worse is that i think about it and if i were on my own.. just me and my daughter.. we would be homeless right now. The NJ state government could give a freakin rats ass about people.. esp single moms. It's not that i'm not trying cause i am. I have apps in and everythin .. i just am waiting ... i don't know what more i can do . All i can say is im glad i've got my parents but even then money is hard on them and they relied on me to really help them out. I feel fuckin
New Job
Virtue And Vice
Think of me I'll think of you We better think This whole thing through Sometimes I'm so clumsy You talk to me I'll talk to you You cut the fat And we'll both chew You know we're both hungry I feel so alive today That's all that I wanted to say I hope that it stays this way If not I will be okay Say another prayer Save another life Kiss me on my head And tell me Everything's alright 'Cause I can say it one Or I can shout it twice All there really is Is virtue and vice Virtue and vice Cry to me I'll cry to you Sometimes the pain will only do You know I'm not kidding You laugh with me I'll laugh with you At all the stupid things we do Tomorrow we'll be happy
Station Player
anyone wishing to have a live music stream playing on their page and like what i have on my page playing please do message me and i will give you the html code to put in your page too.,,.
Yea...i Attract The Weird Ones :p
So this guy outta the blue Shouts me...this is the convo *sigh* when will they learn. April♥
Whats good folks, im new to this site. I am kinda addicted already, ive been tryin to get levels fast but its not goin awesome =( plz help me get points and i will return the favor! =) if you wanna know anything about me just ask im real hopen and honest and shit. And PLZ rate my cannabis pics =) It would mean a lot to me =) Im not really sure how this blog thing works, but i think this is what im sposed to do in it =) anyway till next time, xoxoxo, Christopher Cannabis
In Case You Didn't Know
In case some of you didn't know or didn't notice.I am not usually on during the weekend.I am usually out and about so if you send me a comment or mail I won't read it till monday.If I do pop in during the weekend its usually just a second to check something.I just don't really care to be on the computer during the weekend.Oh I hope those of you that got a three day weekend enjoyed it.
Changing Of Seasons
She sits alone on her perch... Looking out through dirty windows as the world starts to turn its beautiful colors, flooding Her mind with memories of a once warm and gentle master who's love has grown cold and bitter. She knows that winter will soon be here... and she wipes a tear from her cheek. by Mary {First Draft}
Attition All
this is to my juggalo lair members & staff i have reopened the lounge under the "new" and more fucked up version of the lounges so please drop by and re join the lounge the skin will be fixed as soon as i can get it done thank you and ttyl
Sad Sad Day
How do you say goodbye to someone you have known and loved all your life. Someone who has left behind so much. Four children and a husband. At such a young age. It just goes to show what drugs can do to someone. They don't only effect you but, everyone around you. Leaving them vulnerable, alone, sad, and depressed. What is to become of there life now that u are gone? The girls are just now teenagers, the baby is three. Let's not forget the six year old too. How could you enjoy yourself pill after pill knowing that you were leaving them behind? Maybe, no one understands but you could have givin them a chance.
fuck yes. this is me right here. lol i had to blog it cuz its just fuckin true. fuck yes. im out b.
I Am Going Back Over The Road 2morrow
Well I only have a short time home, I am working on buying a car, so far I am renting a car on my home time. I miss my friends when I am gone, but one has to earn money, and my job does hold the acconimy in my hands. I wish people would see the meaning in the jobs they do and treat people with respect but these days I no it won't happen. I will be home again close to Christmas time. Well talk to you all later. Have fun life is too short.
Fubar Is Fubar
So my fubars been messed up for a week or two now. It tells me when people rate my pics, but it never puts rates on them. Went to Fubar Support Lounge and they said it was technical problems because they are working onthe lounges[lounges... rates... i guess i can see how they have something to do with each other... or not lol] but i can understand Technical problems, i know the photo albums were fucked up for a while[too long IMO]. But then the Bouncer inthe Lounge tried rating one of my photos and it "ignored him" he said it said, so he reported it for me, it doesnt even show he looked at the photo. I figure it might just be my account cuz no one else seems o have any problems or be complaining about rates not showing up. its just frustrating cuz ive put up new pics a bunch in the last two weeks, and altho i know people have rated them, i feel like everyone hates them and i wana take them down cuz ive got anxiety and cuz i cant see the rates lol. oh yeah i also got this statis
8 Days I Am Behind
I am in need of my friends and family to come and help me out in this contest. All of you know when ever you have asked I have been there. please return the love now that I am in need click on the link rate the pic and comment bomb for the next 8 days all love will be returned
I'm sitting here bored like the rest of you and this thought came to mind. I'm a VIP and have 100 11's, with no way to use them until the rating update is complete. Why not let us keep the 100 11's from today and let them rollover to tomorrow? I mean, since we do pay for our VIP's there should be some compensation for a situation like this.
Budwiser Commercial!!only Aired Once!!!
Thought if you hadn't seen this, you might want to.. Its pretty cool.. A Tribute to 9/11 from budwiser...It only aired once because they didn't want to make a profit off of it...
Music is a gift that feels our heart each day The blessings of music heal our souls each day Music relieves the stress in our daily lives Music is soothing to our ears The blessings of music heal the sick and comfort the sick also The blessings of music Is powerful It is wonderful to hear When somebody is playing something for every one to listen His giving you his gift of music to you and others And to you also God The blessings of music Music is powerful And has a great impact in everybody’s lives The blessings of music Music is universal The blessings of music You can hear the music being played from far away Every song is special Every song has a different meaning and different words
Vote Fr My Sexy Smile Please!!!!!!! Go there to vote my sexy smile the winner in the "LET ME SEE YOUR GRILL contest " Hosted by the bestest golfer chick .Leave me omments, and omment bomming IS ALLOWED so lets make sure i win !!!WOOOT WOOT I love you all MIZZ P
Southern California Wildfires
By Hector Becerra, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer 1:39 PM PDT, October 21, 2007 The fires burning across Southern California today are being fueled by unusual hurricane-force Santa Ana winds that topped 100 mph, and forecasters say the winds and heat will worsen in the coming days. At Whitaker Peak, elevation 4,100 feet, gusts were clocked at 108 mph. The measurement on the isolated, tumultuous peak spoke to the strength of the winds hammering Southern California. "The strongest winds have not occurred yet. They're going to peak [on Monday]," said Ken Clark, a Rancho Cucamonga-based expert senior meteorologist for "This is not just any strong event. This is one of the strongest events you get during any Santa Ana season." In the Newhall Pass and in Port Hueneme, winds gusted up to 78 mph Sunday, qualifying as hurricane force gusts. Generally, gusts were measured between 30 mph to 60 mph, including in Malibu and the major wildfire areas. Early last w
Check My Guys Page Out
When you checked out my profile, you should have seen some rules posted there in order to send me a friends request. The main rule of this was that in order to send me a friends request you would also have to go and check out my guy Winduptoy and add him as well. A lot of my new friends have not gone to check him out as of yet. I am asking you to do this now please, there is NO EXCEPTION to this rule. Here is his link.. Winduptoy@ fubar I will be checking over the next few days to see how many of my friends will respect the rules that I have on my page and add him as well. We only accept mutual friends. If this is not acceptable to you then please let me know and I will delete you off of my friends list. Thanks in advance and have a great day!!
A lovely rose with petals soft A scent so sweet and light So beautiful a flower With colors shining bright. But something not so savory About the fragrant rose - The thorns, so sharp upon the stem, That sharpen as it grows. Yet still lovely is the flower Despite the thorns that prick Just as life and love are sweet They too have thorns that stick. But do not fear to live or love, Life's not exempt from pain - So pick a rose, you may get hurt, But you will also gain!
Life And Happiness
Well, life and my marriage both are both going well for the first time in a very long time. The wife and I found one night while we were talking, that she was not doing certain things because I was not paying attention to her, and I was not paying attention to her because she was not doing certain things. We have been in a vicious circle for a very long time. It goes to show what can happen when two hard heads get something set in their minds without talking to each other. We have found the feeling we had a very long time ago when we met. It is nice to be able to sit next to each other and watch TV, or sit in the back yard, talk, walk, play, or do what ever together and feel the same happiness and sense of comfort we felt a long time ago. I am sure we will still argue and agree on everything, but I know it will never again get as bad as it was. Thank goodness 22 years did not go down the drain. As always, I wish you and yours the best, and never let pride and a hard head destr
Courtesy To Our Fallen
This really goes out to those in the military, who used to serve our country, been on a military installation, or anywhere where the flag of our great nation is raised and lowered on a daily basis. One question: Have ever ran inside a building, not stopped you vehicle, or just stopped and placed your hand over your heart, taken your hat off, or given a salute when the American flag was risen or lowered?? If you have, than shame on you. You are a disgrace as an American, if you can even call yourself one. Many of our nations finest sons, daughters, husbands, wives, grandchildren, and loved ones have payed the ultimate sacrifice to you, to our families, to our friends, and as well to me, to ensure that that flag is risen and lowered everday in freedom, in love, and in happiness. When you do not pay proper respect, you insult everyone who has died, puts their lives in harms way, and to the families of those who have made those sacrifices. If you are in the military and have
Graphics Misc
Comment Graphics at
Needing Attention
im so bored at the moment im waiting too hear if im lucky enough to get a job working with people i will be happy, for a couple of reasons as i will be making 3 people happy one is my dad and the other you know who you are because we chatted about this the other night. 3rd one being me. so anyone want to help me stop feeling bored please do give me your ideas
When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I 'should' be. I am outspoken, opinionated and determined. I want what I want and there is nothing wrong with that! So try to stomp on me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every ounce of beauty I hold within me. You won't succeed. A
Faithfuls Conteset
Attention friends and family. Faithful1 is in a contest and is behind right now. If you can please help it would be very much appreciated. Click on the photo and it will take you to her contest. The contest ends on Nov. 1st. Thanks Kim
Please Help Me Win A 3 Day Blast Need 8000 Comments, Half Way There :) Ty To All Who Is Helping
Ty to everyone who has been helping me, much love xoxoxox Jen
Bad Day
so today was not a happy day. i woke up after a really bad dream to my ex all over me... not fun. it was one of those days when "no" just wasn't good enough. arguments happened. sleep didn't. not a happy start to my day. so i got up, took my friend to work and dropped my other friend's drum off and came home. the burger i had just eaten was not settling well and i was still really tired so i went to go lay down. But no, he wanted to talk. i talked for a bit but then i started to nod off, this displeased him. and so commenced the arguing. finally he shut up and called a buddy of his.i fell asleep... but 20 min later, in he storms in the room in a foul mood. again arguing... (only this time my phone goes through the wall, you should see the hole!) but harsher words were exchanged so i rolled over and slapped him, lightly on the back might i add... and he reciprocated... about 10 times harder. it hurt, it bruised. then he took my phone and called his buddy to come get him. i told him to g
Wha A Week
Hi everyone, Don't you wish sometimes it was easy to quite your job and find another one? After this week that is how I felt. Aside from that life has just been plain crazy with moving and stuff
All I Want Too Do Is Make Love Too You *karoke*
can anyone see my blogs???
why should men play with computers instead of women ? because a computer takes a 3 1/2 inch floppy without bitching at you
Come Check It Out come check the kings castle... and maybe become a lounge member... hope to see ya there sometime
1967 Vs. 2007
Scenario: Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack. 1967 - Vice principal comes over to look at Jack's shotgun. He goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack. 2007 - School goes into lock-down, and FB I is called. Jack is hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fistfight after school. 1967 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends. 2007 - Police called. SWAT team arrives. Johnny and Mark are arrested and charged with assault. Both are expelled even though Johnny started it. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Scenario: Jeffrey won't be still in class, disrupts other students. 1967 - Jeffrey
New Works
new art in the artwork section...stop on by and let me know what u think
Help Animals Who Cant Tell Ya Where It Hurts
I recently became members of the ASPCA. I am a animal lover and believe thoroughly in animal rights. I donate each month to help those who cant tell us where it hurts. Please watch this video and get involved and donate each month. Help me help animals who suffer from cruelty and neglect. If you want to get involved and help then please click below: Click to Donate
"pickin' Daisies"
ADAM SANDLER LYRICS 6 What's the matter honey, are you not feeling well? It's okay, Momma will take care of you Not really sick, but don't you know I still say I am Dad just mumbles, "There goes my girlie son acting up again" How could you be my kid Mom knows I'm faking it But she understands what'll happen if I go The last four days The tough guys have been on a roll They show him no mercy Plenty of name calling And pushing my head in the toilet bowl They call him a loser But they won't get their hands on me today 'Cuz home with Momma is where I'm gonna stay We're pickin' daisies Who cares about them anyway Pickin' daisies They'll all be working for you someday Pickin' daisies They're just jealous of you Pickin' daisies Next year you'll go to private school Can't play sports or games I'm only really good at reading He can't catch a football Apparently that's not too cool That's why my nose is usually bleeding Plus they give him fat lips At this
Things That Matter To Me
I added 3 new pic albums Please rate and comment them These are things i take to heart they are cancer sucks (i do not have it but know ppl that do) violence something i have been through and was strong enough to leave and racism something i wish was never there so show the love on these things Thank you
You- Written By- Adam Little
A Poem Written for me All I see is you face, The beauty and the warmth It brings into my heart, I wish these moments could last forever, Holding you in my arms, Feeling the love we have, Wanting this to never end. For I know if it did i wouldnt be the same, I would forever be mourning how i lost you, So i wish this monent would never end, The love, the beauty, you Written By: Adam Little
Carla's 21st
Friday night was our friend Carla's 21st bday. So, we took her out and got her totally trashed for her very first time! We created a slide show of our crazy night. As u can see, Carla is seriously fucked up lol........ or
A Soaked Parade - Veteran's Day 11-12
I am going with my husband and son this morning to the Veteran's Day Parade here this morning and it has been raining HARD all night. So glad we will be watching and not in the parade this year. My husband is a vet and he wears his Navy flight jacket each year. He loves it... all the young ladies comes over will tell him THANKS and then they give him a kiss on the cheek. It makes his day. LOL I feel sorry for the people who made their floats all weekend and now they wake up this morning and see their floats ruined. Plus, there is to be a high wind warning all day here too with this storm...this could be a very interesting parade. And... the National Guard jets which usually do a fly over every year at the parade won't do it because they will not be able to see anything below them in this crappy sky. Oh well... such is autumn in Oregon.
Saint Blogroach Of The Comment-box
Feel free to delete this comment Just claim this is verbal vomit You’re mad at what I believe in Too livid to hear my reasons Keep getting it out of your system That’s fine because I’m on a mission We who disagree with your views are not alone That’s the signal I’m sending until this comment’s gone
A Simple Wish
By now, I'm positive that everyone knows how much I loath the cold weather. Sure, I love to wear cute winter outfits with fur on them. You know, the ones that make it look like I killed a small animal to keep warm. However, the cold makes me miserable. It tortures my body and makes me ache all over. Anyway, the cold weather means that the holidays are just around the corner. I was sitting in my car tonight and I said to myself "I believe this is the turning point and I don't like it one bit" By that I mean this: Winter is coming quicker than we know it. Soon all the beautiful autumn leaves that are blowing around in the streets will be gone and thick layers or cold white snowflakes will take their place. People will be warm in their houses spending time with their loved ones, family and friends alike. Meals will be devoured quicker than they can be prepared. And for most people, they'll be thinking of wonderful gifts to give and those they'd like to receive. However, this girl
Really Want Some Help For Him
Landry :)
Please meet my good friend Landry. :) Landry is a super friend I met through an old friend, who isn't on here anymore. When I was visiting this old mutual friend of ours, I noticed the comments and poems Landry left on his page and after a while, I decided to go check him out myself. We have been friends ever since and he is a sweetheart! He has an incredible sense of humor and I always look forward to what he is going to leave on my page or send me next. :P He is a cool friend to have, trust me! :) I love me some Landry!! :D Check out his blogs! Landry has a talent for writing...some very interesting stuff in there! :) Click on the link below and tell him I sent you and if you want to add him, please note in the friend request who you are and all...because if you send him an empty request, he is not going to add you. ;) LANDRY the MASTER RATUR " DEMON POET ! READ PROFILE !@ fubar
The Society Today
ok, i am getting ready this morning and i am thinking here...yah hold on ya'll lol. anyways.. what is the world coming to? i remember back when we never had to get finger printed, crimminal background nor a drug test had to be done for a job.... so when did this all come about? or am i just dumb and its been here forever but just never paid any attention? so on this note... i am getting ready to get finger printed... already had the crimminal background and drug test done.. have a good day..
For A Moment...
Walk with me in the moonlight, Kiss me in the rain, Hold me through the dark of night, Til the sun comes up again. Dance with me in the kitchen To the songs on the radio, Promise you'll stand here beside me And never let me go. Tell me that you love me Though we both know it's not true Pretend for a moment so I won't be alone And the memory will see me through.
Check This Out..........
Blah Blah Blah
In my mind I draw your face as I close my eyes, Fearing the time without it will stall my heart. Hours pass as minutes with you by my side, And seconds seem like years when we’re apart. The softness of your lips and warmth of your eyes, Fill my heart so I feel I will surely explode. And when I serve the time away from you, I feel barren and empty, as if I would erode.
Health Update
For all of you who do not knw what is going on in my life right now....I have found out that I have gall stones, which will require having my gallbladder removed. Also, I had an endoscopy done today to check for ulcers. Luckily, tht came back thts good...but I'm not out of the woods yet. So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I will be sure to keep everyone updated. Thanks everyone and Blessed Be!
For All My Sisters!!
I have family tags in my photos for each of you who are members. Come n get em! :D If I missed anyone, please let me know so I can get you yours! If you aren't a member yet, but want to be, (Women only.. sorry guys!) Click the pic above, and leave a comment that says... I'm In! You'll love it! Love you all! Mwah!
Happy Thanksgving
We at the Iron Horse Saloon wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving from our house to yours. So be safe and be thankful for all your love you have. (repost of original by '"MG"~ head promoter 4 IHS' on '2007-11-21 16:39:01') (repost of original by '~SEXI DJ ~R/L PROPERTY OF TECELOTE ~ IRON HORSE LOUNGE ~ AKA IHS ~ READ MY BLOG ~' on '2007-11-21 16:49:19')
So In Love.... New Video I Made
2007 Turkey Awards
Guess who's bizzack? Indeed, the 3rd Annual Turkey Awards are in effect and ready to hand out some wonderful awards to those who tickled us with their often idiotic actions (Click Here for the inaugural awards and Click Here for the 2nd annual). You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll laugh until you cry and obviously you'll call us haters. But once again, ask the HipHopDX staff if we give a flying monkey shit what you say about us. Go ahead...we'll wait. You know the drill - if you don't like it, you can kiss our rainbow coalition of asses (They vary from black as a lump of burnt coal to baking soda white FYI). The Turkey Award For “Worst Album Title For A Fat Guy”... Fat Joe’s upcoming Elephant In The Room The Turkey Award For “I’m Mad Because I’m Not Relevant Anymore…Except To Women Who Buy My Records To Faux Fuck Me *Licks Lips*”... LL Cool J for dissing Jay-Z The Turkey Award For "I Love Knuckle Sandwiches” award... Prodigy from Mobb Deep. How many times is this cat gonna get
Just Boredom Part 3
This part might seem like a repeat and a repeat of the same thing over and over again, but yet it's sorta what i would do as well!! You go to sit up and forget that you are handcuffed to the headboard, you so bad wanted to play with yourself to make you cum, but you can't cause you foregot that you were handcuffed.. Did i also forget to mention that you have your feet tied down as well, as you lay on the bed handcuffed and legs tied down spread eagle. I start to lightly nibble and suck on your clit & start to pinch your nipples. As I am lookin' up into your eyes lookin' at you and watchin' your reactions. I start to suck harder on your clit and bring one hand down to finger your pussy, you can feel my fingers up against your g-spot. I see the look into your eyes that you are feeling great and are about to cum. So I start to suck harder and nibble harder and rubbin' my finger harder and faster on your g-spot.. I can feel you tighten up and i can see the look

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