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~my Dream Come True~
You are my dream come true You have my future right in your eyes You love me for me I am the one you see in the morning when you wake up I watch you when you sleep Your voice is a treasure to my soul I see you protect me with everything you have No matter how far a part we are, we keep faith with us Dazzle me with your charm and humor I am the one you hold at night and see in your dreams at night My love for you has always been there for you since day one. Delight me with your love and care Caressing you into my thoughts of life together You are my heart and soul,I love you Melvin Carl Fisher 2nd! Made By: Amber Kestner ~AutoNutCaseLady~
7 Tips For A Good Date
Follow these simple first-date etiquette tips and you'll greatly improve your chances for a second date. 1. Make a backup plan. The weather can change quickly, restaurants can close for renovations. Have a backup plan ready in case your date takes an unexpected turn. 2. Plan a short date. No need to map out the rest of your lives together. Start with a simple, 1-to-2-hour date. If things go well, you can always extend the date. There's nothing worse than being on an all-day tour when you realized five minutes into the date that you have no future together. 3. Be punctual. There's no greater sign of disrespect than being late for your first date. Get directions to your location, arrive early, and show your date that you care about him or her and the plans you made. 4. Agree on the dress code. When planning the date, “talk about the dress code for the particular event” talk about the dress code for the particular event. It can be embarrassing if one person
All Blogs Ffor Fubar Lets Go Oh Yeah
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Help Me Keep 1st Place
Hey everyone I need some help keeping 1st place. I was 2400 ahead now I am less than a 1000. Any and all comments will be a huge help! thanks in advance! Hugs Carrie
The One That Waits For His/her True Love
GEMINI - The Liar (5/21-6/21) Outgoing. Lovable. Spontaneous. Not one to mess with. Funny. Excellent kisser EXTREMELY adorable. Loves relationships, Addictive. Loud. ~16 years of bad luck if you do not repost AQUARIUS - The Slut (1/20-2/18) Great talker. Attractive and passionate. Laid back. Knows how to Have fun. *Is really good at almost anything.* Great kisser. Unpredictable. Outgoing. Down to earth. Addictive. Attractive. Loud. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. **Not one to mess with.** Rare to find. Good when found. ~7 years of bad luck if you do not repost. SCORPIO - The Gorgeous One (10/23-11/21) Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight for what they want. Extremely outgoing. Loves to help people in times of need. Best kisser. Good personality. Amazing in bed. A caring person. One of a kind.Gorgeous Smile.Not one to mess with. Are the most attractive people on earth! ~15 years of bad luck if you do not repost. PISCES - The Addi
Wont Go Away
Omg does anyone have a shotgun so I can put my ex out of his misery he is driving me up the wall!!!
Three Things To Think About
1. The Cows 2. The Contitution 3. The Ten Commandments ON COWS: Isn't it amazing that our government can track a cow born in Canada almost three years ago, right to the stall where she sleeps in the state of Washington? And, they tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wondering around our country. Maybe we should give them all a cow. ON THE CONTITUTION: They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it's worked for over 200 years, and we're not using it anymore. ON THE TEN COMMANDMENTS: The real reason we can't have the Ten Commandments in a cannot post "Thou Shalt Not Steal", "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery", and Thou Shalt Not Lie" in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians ----it creates a hostile work enviroment.
First Blog
Just leaving my first blog only been on here a few days - see if anyone says hello :)
Good Old Daze !
Looking through my closet, and what did I see. Quite a bit of pictures, but they all were not of me. Had to laugh at all my friends, and the good times that have been. Days when nobody had a care in the world, where we could all say to a friend. Come on over, lets have a good time, it doesn`t even matter what we do. As long as we both have fun, I just want to spend time with you. Now time just goes on by, and we have all lost being in touch. I see the times in the past, cant help missing them so much.
What Kind Of Cake Are You?
You Are a Chocolate Cake Fun, comforting, and friendly. You are a true classic, and while you're not super cutting edge, you're high quality. People love your company - and have even been known to get addicted to you. What Kind of Cake Are You?
As Days Move On By I Find The Nicest Ppl In Here >
Wow all Gems , I wont need diamongs or Gold , or saphires or rubys, No need for jade or emeralds,I have true friends instead worth more to me, then all the Jewls. My friends are true and some here and some so far . But they are the best of the best ..And I love them most and wish all well and wish them a great hope and love and desire for our Lord ,s Love > To have a life as full as I have. Though I be alone alot . Im not alone.. ( for God provide me with all my friends here online )> Hugs hugs and love.. To all My friends and you know I love ya alot and need all you cause other than my Lord your all Ive got >> xoxoxox diana
Envy is like an itch: you scratch at it absent-mindedly but it just gets more intense. And once the itch goes away, you're left with a big raw spot. Accept your feelings of envy. Deal with them in a conscious way.
Well Remember When I Said There Was A Fourth Man??? Prayes Being Said Now.
Well there is a fourth man. and God had placed him in my path last night , tonight , I know who he is > Oh God what do,I pray::..>> what do I do ?Iknow I pray ,,//All four are revieled to me > All I know what is expected of me to do or help with < But Im just one woman , With my own simular problems > Please help me to know how to be strong , and show support to them. Oh God.. As I am already exaulted to a breaking point some times . I do try to rest when I can > But My lord just give me strenght , courage , staminia, patience, and lot of tlc.. . so I can be of service to you and help these men . What ever it is you think I can do I will try in thy name . Amen. . Amen .. xoxoxox dina
Free Blogs Part 11
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Free B Logs No 12
FIRE Finance - Top Personal Finance Blog for Early Retirement,Investing ... ... A personal finance blog, free money collection, retirement planning, budget, ... "Top 0.01% of 70 million Technorati Blogs! "A Top Feed The Bull Site " - 256k - Cached Blogging Fusion - Blog Directory - Weblog Directory - RSS Directory ... Popular Blogs. New Blogs. Top Rated Blogs. Contact. Benefits. Support. Blogging Fusion " Business Blogs ... Free Blog Directory, SEO Blog Directory, Web - 30k - Cached FreshApps: Post Rating widgets fot blogs from Spotback ... box, you will find Top rated stories, Recommended stories and you can browser by ... Free Links Direct. BACK-LINKS and PAGE-RANK WEB DIRECTORY - 82k - Cached : Investor Education: Top-Rated Stocks Under $10 Offers ... Quotes Portfolio BullBoards Blogs News Markets Mutual Funds Com
Christianity Is Not A Religion?
So today I was informed by Dallas, one of the mall managers, that Christianity is not a religion. This is news to me! I've heard some crazy Christian arguments in my day, but this one really threw me for a loop. His whole argument was that other religions are awful because they're "man made," but that Christianity is not bad because it's a belief, not a religion. So for those of you who don't know, I'm a recovering Catholic. I am against all religion, even if it's religion that someone claims is not a religion. I told Dallas he was crazy, especially after he told me that evolution had been disproven many times over. Wrong. I told him that I believe in science and that the creation story was exactly that, a story. A nice fuzzy story that explains human existence to make people feel good about themselves. He said, "The Bible is the only thing that has been disproven," to which I replied, "That's because you can't disprove fiction." I compared his argument to potheads who tell me, I don't
Free Blogs 30cool Cant Rate At Min Sulks
Brandon Tucker - Archives for: 2006's big list of golf blogs. Free Golf Podcasts. Feature Stories. Top 20 Deals ... He rated his performance as "pretty darn good" and "I did the - 219k - Cached Brandon Tucker - Fancy five-star hotels should pamper guests with ...'s big list of golf blogs. Free Golf Podcasts. Feature Stories. Columns ... in Amsterdam that has been rated a Top 10 hostel in the world. - 35k - Cached Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things ... when you get to the web site, the free player is harder to find than Osama Bin Laden at night. ... it you are also getting down the stories and folklore. - 557k - Cached TOP STORIES | | News for Louisville, Kentucky Blogs. News Blog. Political Blog. Weather Blog. Sports Blog. Weather ... The National Weather Service rated the Dumas torna
What Is My Dominant Emotion???
Your dominant emotion is Happiness You are a happy person in general. Your friends can always count on you for a good time, and to lift their spirits when they've had a bad day. Take this quiz at
I Wonder Who It Could Be.......
Daily Horoscope: Aries For July 23,2007 An unexpected ally stands by you just when you need it. You always knew that you'd put your faith in them for a reason, but this confirms everything that you'd hoped. Afterward, show your appreciation for their support. THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMMMMMMMMM ~*~HUGS~*~
Salute Rejected
hahahha So I finally log onto Cherrytap ooopps, I mean, fubar, after a couple of busy days and submit my previous salutes to get verified. Both were rejected... booo hooo... I'm going to cry all the way home.... hahahhahah Guess I'm not real enough... oh... and another thing... do we now get points for NSFW stuff? I mean a bar named fubar but you can't do anything above "G".. hmmmm... I can buy someone drinks but can't see a pic of cleavage... Yeep, makes sense to me.. If anyone needs me I'll be in the gym
Mercedes Benz "janis Joplin"
I have nothing left. The atoms have been torn from my DNA. I have felt the ripping of my flesh and the breaking of bone. I have tried. I have tried to make all of them happy. The only end result is the sacrifice of my sanity. To jump thru hoops and to answer their endless questions. And if I don't perform to their expectations, well.. I have lost sight of why I do this... Why I should even care.... Smile and take it... You should be greatful! That's what they tell me... You know what.... fuck you.. that's what I'm saying to them all! til next time... keep your eyes hard and your soul harder....
i've gotta learn to say start saying no to people other than the kids. tonight for the 5 millionth time i'm going to see harry potter.
Freakin Shit Faced!
Ok so today is Monday July 23, 2007 and it has been a very disapointing day and I am pissed off and need to vent so I thought I would just get on here and vent till my lil hearts content. So here is the deal...........I am a part time EMT-IV for an EMS company in my area of the world and I am basically on call when ever I am needed and I have been for a few months now. I love what I do and I love to work so since Febuary anytime the phone has rang I have dropped everything to go to work so that I could prove that I deserve full time. I feel like I have tried very hard to prove this to other people in the company and last Friday they told me that a full time spot was open and ask if I was willing to interview for the position.......HELL YEA!!!! So on with my rant...... my interview for full time was today and I felt so confident that I would get it because I feel that I have worked hard for it. I go to my interview (while I am on duty all day too) in the middle of my interview my me
Fringe Benefits"
Sometimes there are "fringe benefits" to a job that you never even think of. Like the time Alicia's mom asked me to paint their kitchen one weekend. I thought it would be a nice diversion to watch her Alicia while I worked--a lot less boring than doing yard work for old Mrs. Bache--but really the money was the thing that made me accept. I knew Alicia from school, of course--you couldn't help noticing her. She was in her Senior year, so was I, so I didn't see her much...only a glimpse in the hall now and then. But that glimpse was enough to keep you going for the whole day. She was kind of small, and round--I don't mean she was fat; I mean there were rounded corners to her, nice soft curves everywhere you looked. She had great breasts and a lovely rear that you could watch forever. Sad green eyes looked out of a round face, and a cute red mouth. Her hair was brown and straight, but curled under at the shoulder. No sharp edges anywhere. When she first came to th
Need Comments Please
Born to raise hell Live to defy others wills Destroyer of others perceptions When you think you know me, I will show you that you don't. I feel no pain, no shame, no remorse I walk in the shadows, charting my own course Fear is an illusion, death merely freedom I understand all this, I treasure the day I am set free.
Great This
everypage i go on net my browser logs it great eh
Its Happy Hour On The Hour
i bought happy hour on on the hour god bless derek
One Last Cry
Search Video Codes
Ronza Wilson
Raised in the hood Seen people with the wood grain Grew up with the gain of weight The tool of choice was the brain Life was never a thrill With everybody getting killed Getting that first girl Now she was a thrill Known to the world as Lil Will Nothing in the world gave me feeling Until I caught the ghost of the righteous Prayed to just have a happy day Never recognizing that just living was a blessing Always had love foe homemade dressing Caught in a struggle between then and now But then is gone toward a dark past Now is voyaging toward a brighter future. $olo 3/07
20 Reasons To Date A Cowgirl
20 Reasons to date a Cowgirl! 20 - We can mount with ease 19 - We can go the distance 18 - We have good hip control 17 - We know how fast or slow to go 16 - We can ride in many different positions 15 - We are used to something between our legs 14 - We can always hit the right spot 13 - We are used to a bouncy ride 12 - When we fall, we get right back on and ride harder 11 - We like it dirty 10 - We'll ride for hours 9 - We'll use whips 8 - We love to try new things 7 - We are good with our hands 6 - We get a lot of practice 5 - We know what were doing 4 - We do it in lots of places 3 - We're always on top 2 - We get off easily 1 - We have lots of stamina ~*Cowgirl Up, dust yourself off, get back in the saddle give it one more try, sweat n blood it takes all ya got cause the road to heaven is a hell of a ride, tuff get goin when the goin gets ruff, cause u know u gotta COWGIRL UP!!!*~
A Little Girl's Prayer
A father put his three year old daughter to bed, told her a story and listened to her prayers which she ended by saying: "God bless Mommy, God bless Daddy, and God bless Grandma and good-bye Grandpa." The father asked, "Why did you say good-bye grandpa?" The little girl said, "I don't know daddy, it just seemed like the thing to do." The next day grandpa died. The father thought it was a strange coincidence. A few months later the father put the girl to bed and listened to her prayers which went like this: "God bless Mommy, God Bless Daddy and good-bye Grandma..." The next day the grandmother died. Oh my gosh, thought the father, this kid is in contact with the other side. Several weeks later when the girl was going to bed the dad heard her say: "God bless Mommy and good-bye Daddy." He practically went into shock. He couldn't sleep all night and got up at the crack of dawn to go to his office. He was nervous as a cat all day, had lunch sent in and watched the clock. He
To Be Held
Did You See That?
"Did you see that?" "No," the second guy says. "Well, a bald eagle just flew overhead," the first guy says. "Oh," says the second guy. A couple of minutes later, The first guy says, "Did you see that?" "See what?" the second guy asks. "Are you blind? There was a big, black bear walking on that hill, over there." "Oh." A few minutes later the first guy says: "Did you see that?" By now, the second guy is getting aggravated, so he says, "Yes, I did!" And the first guy says: "Then why did you step in it?"
Lie Detector
One day Jack's dad bought a robot. The robot was special in that it could detect a lie and would slap the person who lied on the face. Jack returned late from school that day and his dad asked him, "Son why are you late from school?" Jack answered, "Dad we had extra classes today." Much to his astonishment the Robot jumped up and slapped Jack on his face. His dad told him, this robot is special in that he can detect a lie and will then slap the person who lied now come on tell me the truth, " Why are you late?" "Dad I went for a movie." "Which movie?" "The Ten Commandments." Splatt... Jack got a tight slap on the face from the robot. "No dad honest I went for the movie Sex Queen." "Shame on you son when I was your age I never used to do such shameful things." Splatt, the dad gets a tight slap on the face from the robot. Hearing all this, Jack's mother comes walking out of the kitchen saying, "After all he is your son, he will be like you."
Have You Seen My Pills?
A teenage boy asks his granny "Have you seen my pills, they were labelled LSD?" Granny: "Fuck the pills, have you seen the dragons in the kitchen?"
Iraq Bound
A soldier ran up to a nun. Out of breath he asked, "Please, may I hide under your skirt. I'll explain later." The nun agreed. A moment later two Military Police ran up and asked, "Sister, have you seen a soldier?" The nun replied, "He went that way." After the MP's ran off, the soldier crawled out from under her skirt and said, "I can't thank you enough Sister. You see, I don't want to go to Iraq." The nun said, "I understand completely." The soldier added, "I hope I'm not rude, but you have a great pair of legs!" The nun replied, "If you had looked a little higher, you would have seen a great pair of balls.... I don't want to go to Iraq either."
**brain Twisters**
1. A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven't eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him? 2. A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be? 3. What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and grey when you throw it away? 4. Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? 5. This is an unusual paragraph. I'm curious how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it. It looks so plain you would think nothing was wrong with it. In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is unusual though. Study it, and think about it, but you still may not find anything odd. But
Gettin Upset.......
Ok you know what.. this is pissin me off.. .but i wont let it get to me too much.. I have NEVER Lied to anyone on here.. .. i dont lie.. and thats what i expect in return.. I have told everyone that i know.. about me and my husband to be.. that i live with a man i love.. my page says it.. my name posted says it.. i got pics of MY man, and i am very much in love! Yup we got our problems just like the next person.. But that don't mean i dont love him! When you sit and talk to someone on here.. and tell them you will NOT cyber or Phone sex.. and they talk to you more and more..and you get a bond with them, and then they start tryin to be a lil dirty, and you cut them off and stop it.. you would think they would get the hint.. BUT NO.. they keep goin .. and so you pull away block em and try to just forget about it.. and they still send you messages.. and friends requests since you removed them.. thats FUCKIN STUPID>> can you not get a clue.. can you not just be friends.. doe
Prince Says It All
Prince - Kiss Lyrics Uh! U don't have 2 be beautiful 2 turn me on I just need your body, baby, from dusk till dawn U don't need experience 2 turn me up there U just leave it all up 2 me, I'm gonna show U what it's allabout CHORUS: U don't have 2 be rich 2 be my girl U don't have 2 be cool 2 rule my world Ain't no particular sign I'm more compatible with I just want your extra time and your . . . . . kiss U got 2 not talk dirty, baby, if U wanna impress me U can't be 2 flirty, mama, I know how 2 undress me (Yeah) I want 2 be your fantasy, maybe U could be mine U just leave it all up 2 me, we could have a good time CHORUS Yes, oh I think I wanna dance, uh Gotta, gotta, oh Little Girl Wendy's Parade Gotta, gotta, gotta Women, not girls, rule my world, I said they rule my world Act your age, mama, not your shoe size, maybe we could do thetwirl U don't have 2 watch Dynasty 2 have an attitude, uh U just leave it all up 2 me, my love will be your food (Ye
Shut Up
Shut the fuck up, you talk entirely too much. Babbling about nothing, all the fucking time. Why cant you make any sense, are you drunk or what? Get up and get the fuck out, you are getting own my fucking nerves! Shut up , shut up, shut up, why cant you just listen? Just for once , would be nice, you don`t know everything. Older than me, yeah who cares, why cant you just let me.... make my own fucking mistakes!! Hard-headed just like you. So if you know this why, don`t you just leave me alone. And go to your own room, let me be and shut the fuck up!!
The History Of Condoms
The oldest illustration of a condom was found in Egypt and dates back more than 3,000 years. It is difficult to judge from the drawing what the ancient Egyptian wearing the condom had in mind. He may have worn it for sexual or ritual reasons-or both. Some claim that, in later times, the Romans made condoms from the muscle tissue of warriors they defeated in battle. The oldest condoms were discovered in the foundations of Dudley Castle near Birmingham, England. They were made of fish and animal intestine and dated back to 1640. They were probably used to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections during the war between the forces of Oliver Cromwell and soldiers loyal to King Charles I. Historians disagree about how condoms got their name. Some say a "Dr. Condom" supplied King Charles II of England with animal-tissue sheaths to keep him from fathering illegitimate children and getting diseases from prostitutes. Others claim the word comes from a "Dr. Condon" or a "Colonel
Help Red To Get There
just call me Red! :)@ fubar
The How To's
TO INSERT Female Condoms Be sure the inner-ring is at the bottom, closed end of the pouch. If you wish, add extra lubricant to the outside of the pouch for extra comfort when you insert Female Condoms. HOW TO HOLD THE SHEATH 1. Hold the inner ring between thumb and middle finger. Put index finger on pouch between other two fingers, (or) 2. Just squeeze. Still squeezing Female Condoms with your fingers, insert the device through the anal opening. Take your time. If Female Condoms is slippery to insert, let go and start over. Note that the inner ring helps insert Female Condoms. It also helps to hold it in place during sex. Now push the inner ring and the pouch the rest of the way up into the anal cavity with your index finger; for maximum protection, the inner ring should be inserted past the sphincter muscle. This step may be hard to do on the first or second try. BEFORE ANAL SEX When you are ready for sex, insert Female Condoms, making sure the outside ring
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy....
LMAO... our generation... Sugar Sugar mmm ... ooh She sits alone waiting for suggestions He's so nervous avoiding all her questions His lips are dry, her heart is gently pounding Don't you just know exactly what they're thinking? If you want my body and you think I'm sexy Come on, sugar, let me know If you really need me just reach out and touch me Come on, honey, tell me so He's acting shy looking for an answer Come on, honey, let's spend the night together Now hold on a minute before we go much further Give me a dime so I can phone my mother They catch a cab to his high rise apartment At last he can tell her exactly what his heart meant If you want my body and you think I'm sexy Come on, sugar, let me know If you really need me just reach out and touch me Come on, honey, tell me so His heart's beating like a drum 'Cause at last he's got his girl home Relax, baby, now we are alone They wake at dawn 'cause all the birds are singing Two tot
Thats my horoscope for today. That actually happened today too. Thats what is so fucking crazy. I found out the truth today about someone. Glad I did now tho. A surprising event opens your eyes -- and heart. How on earth did you never notice this side of someone before? Now that you see this person clearly, a whole new set of options opens up in your interactions.
If Ur Guy And Looking For Escorts
hi was up guys if ur in new york or even in the tristate area hit me up on my mail iu have over 250 girl ready to go out from all diffrent races from black to white to latin even asain i get girls that do house parties and also treesomes they even company you to office dinners please mail me if interested no bullshit please and if u live in other paert of the world dont bother they will travel there for 10000 and i know u wont pay that lol well see u guys soon be safe chris
11 in 2... oh yeah everything right... hehehe It was a rainy night When he came into sight, Standing by the road, No umbrella, no coat. So I pulled up alongside And I offered him a ride. He accepted with a smile, So we drove for a while. I didn’t ask him his name, This lonely boy in the rain. Fate, tell me it’s right, Is this love at first sight? Please don’t make it wrong, Just stay for the night. All I wanna do is make love to you Say you will You want me too All I wanna do is make love to you I’ve got lovin’ arms to hold on to So we found this hotel, It was a place I knew well We made magic that night. Oh, he did everything right He brought the woman out of me, So many times, easily And in the morning when he woke all I left him was a note I told him I am the flower you are the seed We walked in the garden We planted a tree Don’t try to find me, Please don’t you dare Just live in my memory, You’ll always be there All I wanna do i
I have seen that many on here have fubar hubbys...can you tell me if this is people dating or just for fun on here..cause i do not want to piss someone off...
The Countdown Has Begun
Well the time is near and I am almost out here. Come the 30th I will be going to work at 8 am and I get off at 5 pm. Once I am off work I will be starting my journey back to West Virginia. Today I got a call from my ATL out in Washington PA asking me if I was still planning on making it out there. I told him yes I was leaving here Moday the 30th at around 5 pm to head up there. I told him the I will be ready to work on the 6th of August. I am going to be training a new tech they hired out there for a couple o months till the new store in Wheeling West Virginia open up. Then I am going to be opening up that store, I did find out that I will not be the only tech in the new store there is actually going to be 2 of us and the other person will be already trained and infact has been with the company for a while soIwont have to worry about training there once that store opens. So that is a good relief. I can't wait to get back home and see some old freinds and family members and looking fo
I promise you will love this silk; will love the feel of it around your wrists and ankles. I promise you will beg for me; will beg me to hold you harder, kiss you harder, enter you. I promise I will slide like silk into and out of you and you will feel me as I knock that little guy right out of his boat... I promise that my tongue will make you squirm; my tongue will find your places and will make you wish you had just one hand free to push my head a little deeper, faster, deeper into you. But, I promise to go slowly and to make it last so long that the silk begins to fray and you are running out of sweat. I promise not to promise any more than I can deliver and to whisper all these words (into your ear) as smooth as silk. © All rights reserved Scott Adelmann
Zoot Suit Riot
Ok.... Today is my Mother's Birthday! Lucky her she turns 56... Love that woman to death... anyways... Last night I went home from work walking on a little bit of air... my day went well! Dusty then decided to sleep for 5 hours and after I watched the new really stupid show "Rock of Love" I descended back into my world of Harry Potter.... (yeah I already know I'm a dork, you don't have to tell me!) So anyways.... then Dusty decides to wake up and of course since I'm a bitter woman I begin to argue with him, for not paying attention to me.... The night ends with a happy ending, and I went to bed around 2 am.... Had a very very hard time getting up today... Hopefully I'll be able to talk to a few people today and I will feel just as good as I did yesterday!
Capricorns In A Nutshell
Lead by example rather than instruction and see whether your pupils don't make progress by leaps and bounds. Your imagination and creativity are the best tools you have when it comes to sharing your knowledge.
Winner Of The Week!!
Once, Twice, Three Times Arrested Jul 24, 5:15 PM (ET) ONEIDA, N.Y. (AP) - A central New York man hit the criminal justice trifecta, three arrests in three hours. Kevin Rich, 40, was charged early Sunday morning with soliciting money from people and loitering. A little more than an hour later he was charged with disorderly conduct for stepping in front of a vehicle, causing the driver, an off-duty police officer, to slam on his brakes. Around 2:30 that same morning, police say Rich was arrested a third time after taking money from people after telling them he ran out of gas and needed to get to another town. Police say Rich has no car. Rich was sent to the Madison County Jail and is due back in court later this week.
Think You're Having A Bad Day????
Just Memmer...It Can ALWAYS Be Worse....
The Day Begins
The day begins The day begins with fiery circle, Painful to look at, creeping over the homes. Laser feelers pierce the blinds, Slice my face. Another day With out john. Turn over And pull the covers up The covers are warm and soft, and the place where john use to cuddle is dark, the place begins at my heart and ends with his tiny feet touching my thigh. My arms encircle him. His head rests in my hand. He faces me. We are dreaming of all the adventures yet to come. Facing the inside of my eyelids, the kiss of an angels is puff of clouds, and invisible breeze. It splits in two with hug, drifts away in the haze of denial, before reality pierces though like a laser. The laser is a sword I use to cut the world in half, looking for my john to be warm and whole again, to wake up pink and breathing, to have his little feet on my thigh. The laser is a sword fate uses to cut me in half, w
Cnat Stand It
I cant stand guys puting their pics of their lower area lol yeah anyways its not amazing guys lol my turn other chicks on but yeah No lol I kno I kno What Your Saying "DONT LOOK THEN!" well cant help it name nudes lol plz lol
My Destiny
What if I never knew What if I never found you I'd never have this feeling in my heart ~ * ~ * ~ How did this come to be I don't know how you found me But from the moment I saw you Deep inside my heart I knew ~ * ~ * ~ Baby, you're my destiny You and I were meant to be With all my heart and soul I give my love to have and hold And as far as I can see You were always meant to be My destiny... ~ * ~ * ~ I wanted someone like you Someone that I could hold on to And give my love until the end of time ~ * ~ * ~ But forever was just a word (just a word) Something I'd only heard about But now you're always there for me When you say forever I believe ~ * ~ * ~ Baby, you're my destiny You and I were meant to be With all my heart and soul I give my love to have and hold And as far as I can see You were always meant to be My destiny... ~ * ~ * ~ Ohhhh... Maybe all we need is just a little faith 'Cause baby, I believe that love will find the way ~ * ~ * ~ Oh b
My Heartsong
What is this I'm feeling? From oh so far away That has captured my heart In an oh so subtle way. I have never felt it Quite this way before So quietly soothing My emotional core. Something it's different Somehow I know What I am feeling Is starting to show. Passionate stirrings From deep down inside Feelings I've longed for No longer can hide. Where can I run to? Oh where can I hide? Nowhere my dear Lord I've already tried. The wall I had built Is crumbling fast Real or imagined How long can it last? Come be my heart song Let two beat as one Our hearts together Will rise like the sun.
What Kind Of Angel Am I?
You scored as Seraph, Seraph is the highest rank of angels. They are the closest ones to God and carry out the most important jobs.Seraph100% Dominion83% Guardian Angel83% Archangel75% Cherub67% Virtue50% Power50% Fallen Angel25% Throne25% Principiality0% If you were an Angel, which type would you becreated with
Hey You Open Please
Good Girl (partial)
She likes to rock and roll around the stipper pole But she won't touch it now 'cause she's a good girl (Whoah-oh) What you see depends with all her christian friends You know the party's started and we're dancin' to the end *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Straighten your halo Watchin' cable Learn how to do it on the kitchen table *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ OHHH! Here she goes she likes the stripper pole I see the G-string underneath her Sunday clothes OHHH! Here she goes, around the stripper pole I think the devil got to her please save her soul
Song I Wrote.
Cause your one sad trip to get there, and your one sad sap to call yourself a man. And all your truths you've been telling me, were seeping lies I'll never understand. I once though Love was how you felt, but you tore it up without a doubt. The time you spent at her house, was just another indication of what you were all about. It took one hopeless look to get there, it took one long thought to finally let you go. You were one past I wish I could forget but instead I sit and talk about the times we shared and still know. Innocence lost its edge and we folded our cards that left our hands in misery. It took one sad trip to get here. Now I can say I came so far. Leaving pain and hurt beneath my skin way too long, now I wash it all away and search for where I belong.
Courage & Faith
This poem came to mind shortly after reading a fellow soldiers poetry... These two words have different definitions and thrive on perspective... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Courage~ Standing at the edge he dips his toe Tentative, wobbly and unsure Hands wringing, twisting fingers Voice in his mind encouraging him Same voice…telling himself… It can’t happen for he will most likely fail Digging down deep… Courage and faith in self is all he feels With arms flung open he takes the plunge Diving into a pool Of calm relief... Swimming for a bit Mind yearning for release Fingers and eyes burning He writes, swimming in Thought Feeling Concept Until tired and spent He is only left with... Warm sense of accomplishment In the end... There is but one voice And only one thought Floating in his mind… I did it! ~Faith~ ©RoxyRoxRocker™
Visiting The Pastor
A big, burly man visited his pastor's home and asked to see the minister's wife, a woman well known for her charitable impulses. "Madam," he said in a broken voice, "I wish to draw your attention to the terrible plight of a poor family in this district. The father of the family is dead, the mother is too ill to work, and the nine children are starving. They are about to be turned into the cold, empty streets unless someone pays their rent, which amounts to $400." "How terrible!" exclaimed the preacher's wife. "May I ask who you are?" The sympathetic visitor applied his handkerchief to his eyes. "I'm the landlord!"
Evolution Of Math
Teaching Math In 1950: A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit? Teaching Math In 1960: A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price, or $80. What is his profit? Teaching Math In 1970: A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is $80. Did he make a profit? Teaching Math In 1980: A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is $80 and his profit is $20. Your assignment: Underline the number 20. Teaching Math In 1990: A logger cuts down a beautiful forest because he is selfish and inconsiderate and cares nothing for the habitat of animals or the preservation of our woodlands. He does this so he can make a profit of $20. What do you think of this way of making a living? Topic for class participation after answering the question: How did the birds and squirrels feel as the logger cut down their homes? (There
Synn Radio you can find a link to the station here if you wanna listen in. Much Love The Tinman
I get up, and nothing gets me down. You got it tough. Ive seen the toughest around. And I know, baby, just how you feel. Youve got to roll with the punches to get to whats real Oh cant you see me standing here, Ive got my back against the record machine I aint the worst that youve seen. Oh cant you see what I mean ? Might as well jump. jump ! Might as well jump. Go ahead, jump. jump ! Go ahead, jump. Aaa-ohh hey you ! how said that ? Baby how you been ? You say you dont know, you wont know Until we begin. Well cant you see me standing here, Ive got my back against the record machine I aint the worst that youve seen. Oh cant you see what I mean ? Might as well jump. jump ! Go ahead, jump. Might as well jump. jump ! Go ahead, jump. (guitar solo) (keyboard solo) Might as well jump. jump ! Go ahead, jump. Get it and jump. jump ! Go ahead, jump.
News For July 26th
And You Can Quote Me On That II Quotations and Truisms By Norische “Should Have” shames a good slave. Regrets are unproductive, even detrimental to an arrangement. Modesty is a false god, held in high regard, yet ultimately useless in a world of functional reality. Success is often viewed as the ultimate goal of a proper slave. However, a failure in which knowledge and understanding is gained is far more valuable than a success, regardless of the magnitude of the success. Within every failure is a success cleverly hidden, yet present nonetheless. One must merely be open enough to understand this fact and revel in its discovery. In order to serve with an open heart and with all your might you must be complete in yourself first. A collar with all its glory fills nothing, a collar does no more than create a space, which only you may fill, and how can you fill this collar if there are missing parts within yourself. There is an incredible balance between owner an
Your Name
Birthday, Booze, Tats Oh My
Its update blog time! I had this blog idea all sorted in my head. A very upbeat happy fun time blog. I had a great birthday. But then, as things always seem to do in my life, something came crashing down. It's sort of put a damper on my mood, and I am doing my best to wade through the waters right now. So, Friday was my last day at work. L Very sad. Many did not realize it was my last day. Many thought I still had another week. Well, I did not give much notice when I had decided that I just could not stay another week. Just too much to do and too much going on. One boss took me to lunch. That would be the one no one really gets along with. It was rather awkward. One of our Animal Shelter volunteers brought me a chocolate brownie fudge cheesecake. Which, I saved for me and Julie!! Heheheh It was not easy saying goodbye to anyone. I did not much like it. It got to be like family up there. Saturday I got a little bit of organizing and packing done. Julie came up f
Jimi Hendrix
Hendrix' friendship with, and support of Brian Jones, is what separates Brian from the Klein-story, and he is the turning point of the music history when Brian died. Hendrix' support was problematic for any selfjustification of those involved and is the reason that Klein was led to the Beatles when Brian was beaten. If we see Brian as guilty and served his time there remains an other side of what happened. First his own with Lady Jane. He died because of what happened when his girlfriend was underage and got pregnant, and he made his music because he was not the father of the child. He was like Lennon both innocent and guilty at the same time. He served his time for this in his group. And he did it by giving away everything he did. Next we have Jaggers overtaking of what Brian created. Had he the right to do it? And was the way he did it the problematic part of that? Lennon as a musical counterpart and enemy, Richards as someone "stealing" Brians girlfriend, Dylan as
Quote Of The Day
Love is what holds hearts together when minds disagree.
Here But Away
Well people,no im not dead.i am infact alive Havent been on the comp. Anyhoo I read the last HP book only took me a day.[yeh i cried] great book. im dieing my hair a lite honey blond and im goin to have it in dreads.should be pretty awesome i wanna get my Septum peirced so im debating that. well im off to play guitar hero 2 [cant wait for GH3] i probably wont be on again........for a while,the net is gettin boring. besides,its not like any of u miss me,i havent even gotten a comment,or a msg or a gift,or rates. hell for the fuck of it i may just leave this site.
Mirrored Words...
If you can actually say 'like... zzzohmygod..' without feeling dumb or laughing at how dumb you sound, I hate you. It's just that easy. Now, lets move on to gossip here... 1.) I'm THE awesome. 2.) I'm better than you. 3.) I'm hot and I don't care if you agree. Which brings me to : 4.) My opinion trumps yours. (Why? Because that's how it is.) 5.) I don't like you. It's all good.
Say Anything But Good Bye
Forgive me, forgive me And I’ll kiss your tears away. You're the first thing and the last, I think of every day Let bygones be bygones, And be willing to forgive. And I will love you only Every moment I live. I love you and I need you, It's a fact and not a lie, So if you plan to punish me, Say anything, but good bye
Taking On The World
This is the last time I blog about "him". Just needed to say my peace. This is more for myself than for any of you reading it. I am not the type to hate. Hate has never been in me. I tell my kids " you can hate objects and situations, but NEVER people". Well, hate for a human resides in me right now. It's something I don't think I have ever felt, and am working on getting rid of. I have been emailing "his" ex-wife lately and have found out all sorts of things that I didn't know. The reason he really left. The reason he is ignoring me..blah blah. Thinking about it now, I am really angry. I let my guard down and let him use me over and over. That time is over. I am actually ok with all of this. Ok knowing I will never see him again. Ok knowing his kids really are going to be ok and better off without him. Ok knowing that I am a hell of a lot stronger now than I have been in a very long time. I still feel good about my life and I am not letting "him" take that away from me. The
Did Ever Think There Is A Reason Why Ppl Type In Caps>>? Read And Learn>
Pat is a person that teletypes he cant see and he types on a special type apparatis so he can be here for friends,but he was typing in caps in mums and ppl were their ruddest to him. He typed another mum same in caps explaning. My heart broke , I was in tears . This is why I dont judge . I also know of a man thats in a wheel chair and id never of know by his picture except he told me. God you have opened mine eyes to sees all that not before me . To know that a picture doesnt tell all or show all, and typed words are not showing the person behind those words.That we as a people should be aware of others and their sence of speach to speek out to us, that they maynot be of a whole or perfect body, cause we cant see..; . We should remember we cant see the whole person thats placing type on the screen. Also Lord another man has some problems to he is lonly and depressed. needs your love LORD HELP HIM TOO . hugs diana
Nsfw (new Site For Woosies)
Sub Or Hng?
(I got this from a yahoo group of Dommes I belong to.. very funny but oh so true!! you woudln't believe how much of this crap I get all the time!!) These guys want to make you believe they are really subs when the truth is they are just HNG = Horney Net Geeks... there are so many of those around.... jeez!!! Dear Mistress, Do me, do me, do this to me, do that to me, do this other thing to me, wear these clothes while you are doing it, force me to do these other things, and by the way I expect some kinky sex acts. Here is a picture of my big hard cock for Your pleasure. I've only sent it to 6,342 women on this site so far, so it should make you feel really special that I'm sending it to you too. I won't pay you money because pros are so selfish and demanding. You have to do all this stuff to me just because You like it, and if You don't, then obviously you are not a Real Domme. I didn't actually read your profile and I could care less about what you are looking for o
Some Of My Poetry... Don't Like It? Don't Read It...
These were all written to one guy who broke my heart hardcore... Why do the memories keep running through my head? Of things that we did, Of things that you said Why can't I forget? Why can't I cry? Why did you hurt me? Why did you lie? You said "I want to make love to you" your words, not mine. You can't just throw that around, like some bad pickup line. What were you thinking? Was it just the beer? Were you just saying things, You thought I wanted to hear? You said "We need to talk" so step up, be a man. Instead you hide behind phones, instead you ran. Why can't you just tell me? How did you betray? Why use cryptic words? Why can't you just say? Someday I will forget, but I will never forgive The words left unsaid, the actions left undid. I will move on. I will have one cry. I will mend my heart Goddess bless, and good bye. My heart still bleeds My eyes still weep For the one I couldn't keep Though I've taken many to my bed It's your face I see
Just Rambled Thoughts.
If you only knew how much I missed you I wonder if you'd smile in knowing that someone out there thinks of you so very fondly. There are times I wonder what it would be like if we sat under the stars and gazed up in wonder, together. Would we laugh and smile or would the moment be lost? Sometimes I wish I knew you more than what you let on. Mon amie, will you ever know that I think quite highly of you, and for some reason you amaze me? I'm not sure what it is, but there's something about you that brings a smile to my face. If only you knew, oh if only you knew.
A Piece Of Me Died Too
Something so hard goes straight to the soul; it seems impossible to get over and my heart is left with a big hole. I'm trying to be happy, wearing a smile; but I'm dying inside. The world seems to be fading, and I just want to run and hide. Everywhere I go I see your face, and realize how much I miss you; and on the day you died a piece of me died too.
Alone I Break
That it im done, yep the justin yall knew is dead, now im a new person.(time for changes again) no longer will i be the nice guy that everyone can count on, nor will i make your lives easier. life shits on people like me, and im sick of it. no one cares what i have to say, no one takes me serious, im a fuckin joke to all of you. so yeah all my friends either, screw me over, forget im alive, die, betray my trust, or just dont care what i say. Im alone in this world, and thats how its gonna be. so Stay the Fuck away. RIP. Mark.. you were a great friend, one of the few i could actually trust as much as myself. you will be missed, see you on the otherside. Music Video:ALONE I BREAK (by Korn)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com
Thank You All For Rating My Pics
Thank You C&T Stash Club Family and Friends for taking time to rate my pics From C&T Stash Club--seejaykaygee--
Part 6: Word
from my friend cecil jacob > >God’s armour - Part 6: The Word > > > >" …AND THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, WHICH IS THE WORD OF GOD. " > >EPHESIANS 6 : 17 > > > >So far, all your armour has been “defensive.” Now you must put on the > >one piece which is “offensive.” The sword referred to here was a > >large dagger, used for fighting at close range. > > > >Understand this clearly: you’ll have to stand toe-to-toe with your > >enemy! To defeat him, you’ll need to know how to use the Word of God, > >because it’s “…living…Sharper than any double-edged sword, it > >penetrates…it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart” (Heb > >4:12 NIV). God’s Word can determine with pinpoint accuracy exactly > >what’s going on in your life. When you come face to face with the > >devil, it’s the only weapon capable of rendering him powerless. > > > >But to use it, you must first know it! It must become your automatic > >response to every challenge. If a situation calls for thanksgiving,
There are two ways to be kind: You can tell someone the whole truth or you can plead the fifth. Whatever you do, don't try to pretend you feel something else. The other person can almost always tell you're lying.
The Full Application
If you have seen my page, my family block is my cherrygirl group. They have special privileges like special gifts and comments from me on a regular basis. If you are interested, answer the following questions, and mail it to me.Cherrygirl Status is simple. You simply have to: 1. Add me to ur family 2. Fan Me 3. Rate Me 4. Allow me to rip one pic from ur gallery 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fav. Color: 4. Whats your sign? 5. Location: 6. Height: 7.Hair (color and style): 8.Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13.
Being The Better Sucks!!! why is it that being the better person always sucks? For once I would like to stoop down to there level and give them a taste of what they are doing to us. This is total crap!!! I have to keep telling myself that this is just them being haters. Its not our fault that they both got fat, lazy, bitchy, and self centered. I know that was low...and I am sorry...ok not really.....but the truth hurt sometimes. I am not saying that we were compleatly innocent in everything. Cause lord knows I wasn't. But the time has to come when you need to move on. Its not our fault that you couldn't see the writing on the wall. For the love of god....grow up and move on!!! Cause the sooner you all realize that its over....the sooner you can find someone else to make there life hell. Then we can get back to being one big blended, happy, family!!
So... Help Her Out?
rate her stuff. xxx Ruby Cairo {SSDC}@ fubar
Five Things Men Will Not Admit To A Women
Five things men will not admit to a women 1) Being Afraid Because we want to appear powerful we don't want our woman to know when we are afraid of anything. We want our woman to value our strength and we tend to hid our gentleness. 2) Inadequancy Not feeling we meet the needs of our woman and family. This questions our manhood. 3)Unimportant Feeling like we are of no value to our family and woman. We feel worthless,unwanted and weak. 4) The fear of our woman leaving Us- losing our loved one. Valuable when we can do something of value for our loved ones. All men fear losing their loved one no matter if they are rich or poor, attractive or not so attractive. It springs from personal insecurities which have no boundaries or limits. 5) Her other lover was better in bed than you. Even if this is true, you need to stop looking at sex as a score card and change the focus. Sex starts with your HEAD not the bed. What makes sex GREAT are the feelings of love and
why do guyz gotta be playaz? they think they got game, all they do is play with our hearts Shit isnt dat so fuckin lame? Sum playaz mite be so damn fyne but inside dem niggaz dont even got shyne. Fuck, they think they so fly pimpin in dem chains and and in their rides Tryin to flow, ha but dey so slow cuz them playaz dont even know we caught up to all dat shit dat aint worth da feel so u's betta keep it low boi cuz da way i see it, us chicas da ones who be keepin it real!!!!
New Set, Curve Hugging Dress
I just love this new dress, it came form Big Gal's Lingerie and it hugs all my curves just right! 35 brand new photos of me in (and out) of this new dress on
A mist halos the meadows and a soft wind breaths a wisper through the trees as I lean against a hickory I close my eyes and I can almost see the gostly forms of blue and grey I can almost hear the cannons blast standing in the preasents of the past the first few waves came cheering fear and hatred running through their blood when the day was finally over those left were waiting through the glimps and mud to think I could be right here in the spot were some young soldier breaths his last standing in the presents of the past Brother fightening brother father fightening son by the time the sun was setting the black the south had won now my mouth is dry as cotten and my heart is beating fast standing in the presents of the past Sunrise caught the rebels sleeping and they woke to hear the Yankiee bugle blow bullets flew like angery hornets till the peach tree blosooms drifted down like snow it must have been like hell on earth what happen here is more than we can bear standing in the
Dying Heart
Excruciating heartache pounding on my chest to free itself of captivity. Wanting so much to make the person it loves trully happy. Those tales of the broken heart are not forgotten. Heart is kept in captivity to be guarded and watched. To never go through a similar tale again. Yet heat hurts because it's love is forcing it to forget. Therefore, the blood is falling with no signs of stopping. The pools of it filling the captivity drowning the heart. Heart wants to make the love happy but at what price is it willing to risk it or the love willing to risk it's well- being? How far will they both go? The answer is until one no longer exists like before.
I am going to kill this account. I will do it later this week. I've had enough of FUBAR's games, and do not want to add to the overinflated numbers of the club. Corwin
My Space News My Home Page
heres me on myspace got messenger my space told 147 people and site about fubar oh yeah god bless all derekxxxx
Shoutbox Set For Friends
Ok I'm out of my cranky mood & set the shoutbox to Friends. But I'm heading to bed so if you shout at me I won't answer until morning so ya might want to cmail me instead. XOXO~Lizzy~
Let's Give Our Love A Try!!!!!
I write to you today Not to tear you apart, But I write to you today To say what's on my heart. I know that we've been friends For a very long long time, You've told me your secrets And I have told you mine. We've shared many special times Like true good friends would, You're one of those people Who really knows me good. You hold a special place In the center of my heart, And my undying prayer Is that we never grow apart. But there's something more that's there Something more than friends, Something I believe is real, And I know it will never end! What all started as just a dream Has now actually become real, I really don't mean to hurt anyone I just can't help the way I feel. I began to question If my feelings for you were true, But really there's no question about it Everything I want is you! Everything I needed Was right before my eyes, But I was just so stupid I never did realize. It was when you decided To find someone to share your
Sad Read Me And You Will Know Why
Well I can now tell you all that my store is closing we put up the sign on yesterday (Friday July 27) and I’m all sad cause I have had this job for 2 years now and I love it for though who don’t know I work at borders express and I love it cause it’s a BOOK STORE and I love to read!!!!!!!!!! Well everything is on sell right now starting at 25% for the books, dvd’s, cds, audios, and I think the bookmarks too but I cant remember they could be 50% but the rest of the stuff like all the games burts bees candy stuff toys and the rest of the stuff like that I will keep you all posted about when the discounts get better ohh and the last day were open if I remember right is August 27
The Cry Babys
now there on here crying that they want cam chat lol
Fucking Blocked????
seriously. just since i have been online this morning i have been blocked by 5 people. wtf? what need is there to block me? you dont wanna look at my pic, then dont. you dont like my profile, then dont look at it. you think i am a pervert, so dont talk to me. blocking people is like putting them on a blacklist of sorts, like putting their face on those big bulletin boards with a caption saying, this person is bad, do not talk to them, block them at all costs. i know thats a bit extreme, but come on. thats the feeling i get when people block me. i didnt do anything wrong to anyone. i also heard that people were blocking me because they were telling other people that i am "bad news" and i hit on women. that made me laugh, lol! the other load of bullshit that i heard was that someone blocked me because they rated my profile and points got deducted from their profile. ????? thats something i have not heard until now, lol! its all a load of shit. im not a bad person. i have nothing to hide
The Truth About Your Sign
Truth About Your Astrology (Beautiful Pictures) You are A LeoThe LionModality: FixedElement: FireRuler: The SunSeason: Summer5th Sign of Zodiac Metal: GoldStone: RubyColor: Orange, GoldAnatomy: The heart. Keywords: magnanimous, generous, hospitable, caring, warm, authoritative, active, openComparison with its symbol, the Lion:The majestic lion, the King of the Beasts, is Leo's symbol. Throughout history, the lion has symbolized sovereignty, rulership, and courage. "The lion's size and strength have captured human imagination since ancient times"(1)Leos, like lions, are thought to be strong leaders. They generally have a regal quality to them, and possess a noble manner that is hard to miss.The glyph for Leo represents the manePlease VOTETake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes |
A Good Covo With Boobs
with some women you have too talk too them because looking at there face is just too much
Happy Hour
when happy hour happens if anyone is up 4 a bomb 4 bomb hit me up
Ratings 2
you tell me are people that don't rate lazy
Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ESFP) Your personality type is playful, charming, open minded, and energetic. Only about 7% of all people have your personality, including 9% of all women and 5% of all men You are Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. How Rare Is Your Personality?
Sunday Sale Peek
I am doing a sale today until 7pm Shipping is $3.00 Paypal is accepted Payment must be made within 2 hours by paypal of agreeing to purchase. After today...I will be shutting down my myspace and changing this profile to fit me..not the product. PEEK AT A COUPLE ITEM prices...but I have alot in stock.... Home Alone is normally 22.00 - GET IT TODAY for $5 Gooser is normally 42.50 - GET IT TODAY FOR $8 Personal Massager is normally 15.00 GET IT TODAY FOR $4.00 That is just a SMALL LIST of what I have.. I am running this sale through my yahoo messanger...if you want to take advantage...turn on yahoo.... add friend pureromancepartiesbyjanie ..send me a shout to let me know that your here for the sale....etc.. Thanks to all Janie
The Ghost Pics Just U
freaked me out totaly
2 Timothy 2:1-7
1Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 2And the things that thou hast heard from me among many witnesses, commit thou the same to faithful men who shall be able to teach others also. 3Endure thou therefore hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. 4No man who warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier. 5And if also a man strive for masteries, yet he is not crowned unless he strive lawfully. 6The husbandman who laboreth must be the first partaker of the fruits. 7Consider what I say, and the Lord give thee understanding in all things
to all my friends when you have time can yo sign my guestbook please i will do the same goodnite
Dirty Jokes
Q.) What doesn't belong in this list: Meat, Eggs, Wife, and Blowjob? A.) Blowjob: You can beat your meat, eggs or wife, but you can't beat a blowjob. Q.) Why does a penis have a hole in the end? A.) So men can be open minded. Q.) What's the speed limit of sex? A.) 68 because at 69 you have to turn around. Q.) What does a Rubix cube and a penis have in common? A.) The longer you play with them, the harder they get. Q.) What's the difference between your paycheck and your dick? A.) You don't have to beg your wife to blow your paycheck! Q.) Three words to ruin a man's ego... A.) "Is it in?" Q.) What do you get when you cross Raggedy Ann and the Pillsbury Dough Boy? A.) A red headed bitch with a yeast infection. Q.) How can you tell when an auto mechanic just had sex? A.) One of his fingers is clean. Q.) What do you do with 365 used rubbers? A.) Melt them down make a tire, and call it a Goodyear. Q.) What does bungee jumping and hookers have in common
Oh Goodness
Another glitch or a freaking melt down of FUBAR?? lol.. This is fucking crazy...
My Computer has been totally frustrating the past laptop is finally ..completely..and utterly down..sending it back to Dell to try and repair. I guess that is what happens when water is splashed on But all my friends..that I talk to quite a bit..I so miss you all and the fantastic conversations we have! I hope to check in periodically and maybe catch some of you online. Kisses and wish me luck!
Being Stripper
Have u ever tried to be stripper? What do u think about that? That is very interesting for me.
The only thing I know about Commitment is that I should probably be committed... I almost threw it all away (again) today. She says I am not committed enough. But here I am, moving out of my house- THE HOUSE, the perfect symbol of my independence... Kirk's home for wayward children... The Party House. The place I raised my kids in, The place I got married and divorced in. My FUCKING home. The place I love, Mexican ghetto or not. Hell, I AM the second favorite Wedo in the hood. I am giving up My casa for the unknown. I am stepping off the cliff of structure and throwing myself into the maelstrom... And for what? For a girl. And, that's about it. When I told everyone I was engaged, they didn't believe me. I've been the eternal bachelor, the serial monogamist for so long that people quit trying to hook me up for that so-called reward "marital bliss"... I have my children. I had my commitment. And I am good at it. I'm a DAMN good Daddy, I just normally suck at t
my pain becomes lucid. i feel it grow , in me, on me, around me, consuming me. feeding me as it feeds on me. we become one. father child lover killer. you can feel it. you hate it, you fear it. loathing us for everything we are . you feed my pain with hate. making us stronger. making us, grow. your fear becomes the thing you despise the most, and you join us. we grow. we consume. we destroy. you are we. and we are you. we are all that there is. we are your world. and you live to feed us, you live to be us. and you become what you hate, and hate what you have become...
Send This Back! If You Want...smiles
YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKED! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> F.U.C.K Stands For: Friends U Can Keep. So promise me we'll F.U.C.K forever! Send this to 10 people & 1 back to me. To know who
I Know None Of You Knew Him
I know you more than likely didnt know him but a good friend of mine passed away late July 28/early July 29 when he was involved in a head on collision. For those who care to read this Colton Parker was one of the best friends that anyone could ask for. He had the ability to make anyone laugh and had no trouble bringing a smile to your face. He always had time to listen and was completely understanding no matter what the situation was. Those who knew him may sit and ask why but we know that dwelling on past things doesnt help change our future. And i also know that Colton would want me to look forward to each day with a smile and that is what i shall try to do. RIP COLTON I WILL MISS YOU!!!!!
The Funeral Of Hearts
Love's the funeral of hearts And an ode for cruelty When angels cry blood On flowers of evil in bloom The funeral of hearts And a plea for mercy When love is a gun Separating me from you She was the sun Shining upon The tomb of your hopes and dreams so frail He was the moon Painting you With it's glow so vulnerable and pale Love's the funeral of hearts And an ode for cruelty When angels cry blood On flowers of evil in bloom The funeral of hearts And a plea for mercy When love is a gun Separating me from you She was the wind, carrying in All the troubles and fears here for years tried to forget He was the fire, restless and wild And you were like a moth to that flame The heretic seal beyond divine Pray to god who's deaf and blind The last night's the soul's on fire Three little words and a question why Love's the funeral of hearts And an ode for cruelty When angels cry blood On flowers of evil in bloom T
The Art And Tools Of Bondage.
Sexual bondage and BDSM play is becoming more main stream. There is a large demand for bondage item now and this demand is increasing. Many people find this activity exciting and enjoyable, but do they know some of the basic ins and outs of bondage play. There are safety and comfort factors involved in bondage that should be known by both partners before attempting some bondage or bdsm play. In this article I will cover safety and types of bondage gear. Bondage and BDSM Safe Guards No matter what the bondage activity whipping / flogging, restraint, or domination of any type there should be a safe word or gesture agreed upon by all involved. The safety word or gesture should make the request to stop all bondage activity very clear. For those who will be wearing bondage items such as ball gags where speech isn't possible be very aware of the gesture you will be using. This is a safety and comfort safe guard in bdsm. Always use bondage gear that is designed for bondage play
Jack Rabbit Vibes
What is all the buzz about with these naughty creatures? Everyone knows that dog is man's best friend and this may be true, but the way to a woman's heart is a Jack rabbit vibrator!! The term jack rabbit vibrator has come to be a very likable term. This term is used for many of the multi function, jelly type, pearl beaded, battery-operated vibrators. What are these fascinating vibrators all about? In this article we will feature this icon of female pleasure, that has so many females seeking out the company of their new "pet". We will breakdown the jack rabbit vibrator into its parts. Most of the time, you will find a jack rabbit vibrator has a soft jelly covering. Please note this doesn't mean they are all waterproof vibrators. Some jack rabbits are waterproof. It should be clearly stated in the product description if it is. If it does not say waterproof, it is not. Do not assume that your jack rabbit vibrator is water safe. A jack rabbit vibrator is usually operated by
~search For My Special Girl~
I watch video's I read stories The curiousity bites the nerve Wanting to be able to touch,feel,taste,and see My mouth drips wet thinking about it Day dreaming every day with that lucky girl of my dreams. Be able to wake up and smile at her Be able to tell my boyfriend every inch of the night or day to the story My heart knows that there is that special girl for me Being able to smile an see that the curiousity isn't no more The deep thoughts ponder me so much Until the day that this special girl arrives I am gonna keep day dreaming My thoughts will always have that feeling for that special girl to come to me This lucky girl will always be my day dreamer until I meet her in my life Who ever she is I hope she is doing the same to wanting to know who I am that drives her insane like it does me 24/7 of my life That special and lucky girl I can't wait to see who you are You'd be known as my girl My heart is pouring to find you I hope you my dream girl come to me when time
Kids Hahaha
Perv In Calif
Parents' Ire Grows at Pedophile's Blog By JENNIFER STEINHAUER,The New York Times Posted: 2007-07-29 09:40:03 LOS ANGELES (July 28) -- The search for the self-described pedophile in the large-brimmed black hat commences nearly every day here, with findings posted on chat rooms frequented by mothers. Photo Gallery: 'He's a Threat to Children' Monica Almeida, The New York Times Jack McClellan, 45, who calls himself a pedophile but says he has never sexually touched a child, has created Web sites in Seattle and Los Angeles detailing how and where he trolls for children. 1 of 5 He was spotted at a fair in Santa Clarita. He recently emerged from the Social Security office on Olympic Boulevard. He tapped away on a computer at the library in Mar Vista. Warnings have gone out. Signs have been posted. And yet unlike convicted sex offenders, who are required to stay away from places that cater to children, in this case the police can do next to nothing, because this man,
Lord Take Thy Children In Thy Care>
Show them a vision of love take them upon youself to comfort and hold ; and do all that you can do to protect and keep our childern from out of harm.; Show them a Graceful love .; One glorious over all, hold out thy hand and reach for theirs , grasp it as you so gently can,; let them walk with you ; or may be just hold onto to you oh Master ; to follow you home .; let them feel safe and know your the love ; they need be shown.; May they hurt or cry no more.; for their in the site of the Lord. may no preadator or pray ; take these children away ,; May they not be harmed for they are the innocent of our Lord.; show them Mercy and Grace and Praise, Our Lord ;, he is Holy and wise For he does see all the wicked and they can not hide ;them who harm theses children of ours.. This Poen -Prayer is To You Our Lord and Just hold all the little one so close ; cause they know not of any thing ; to them all people are safe ; they trust with an amazing faith , cause th
The Shower
The water hits me and I lather up My body gets all soapy and wet I close my eyes I feel you cupping my breasts Playing with the nipples causing me to moan with delight Your lips kiss the back of my neck and I let out a sigh Hands touching my mound like an artist with clay Rubbing until I cream down my leg The water shuts off And I miss you already Until the next shower
To Change
How do I change? If I feel depressed I will sing. If I feel sad I will laugh. If I feel ill I will double my labour. If I feel fear I will plunge ahead. If I feel inferior I will wear new garments. If I feel uncertain I will raise my voice. If I feel poverty I will think of wealth to come. If I feel incompetent I will think of past success. If I feel insignificant I will remember my goals. Today I will be the master of my emotions.
The Sounds Of Silence
So Basically I Got Into A Pretty Bad Car wrek The Other Day...yea Not cool. Some Stupid Mother Fucker Was Drunk Driving Down A Fucking One Way And I Swirved To Avoid Being Hit The Car Fucking Rolled...Thank god It Wasn't The Jeep Cuz I'm Sure I Would've Been Dead. It's A Good Thing I Wasn't Injured...Thank God For Seat Belts That's For Sure. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! Thank God I'm Alive. My Neck Hurts And I've Got A Shit Load Of Bruises...I LOVE BRUISES!!! They're Wicked Bad Ass! Well I'm Back And Better Than Ever Everyone!! FUCK YEA!!! THE CAPTAIN RUELS THAT"S WHY I'M THE #1 PIRATE!!!! ARGH BITCHES!
Love Is ...
Love is the greatest feeling, Love is like a play, Love is what i feel for You, Each and every day, Love is like a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion, That keeps U/us going strong, i love You with my heart, my mind, my body and my soul, i love the way i keep loving, Like a love i can't control, So remember when Your eyes meet mine, i love You with all my heart, And i have poured my entire soul into You, Right from the very start. - Meghan - i love You Shujin Sama..... anata no hime~chan, kaleiatia[R]
Nighty Night
Good night and sweet dreams to all....ecspecially to you, Sexy Daddy! MUAH!
How Do U Deal?
I've talked to numerous amounts of people and I get the same responses from everyone about me. I'm beautiful, I'm gorgeous, I'm sweet, I'm smart, I'm a great friend, I'm always there when needed, I'm good at helping with problems, Good at giving advice and the list goes on. I'm always asked to talk and get to know someone better. Sure that is fine but if we are millions of miles apart and the intention at any point is to be more than just a friend.....why bother getting to know each other when we will both end up hurt? I know that I cannot relocate because I have to have stability for my children. I can't expect anyone to relocate for me either because I won't do it for them. I feel like I'm missing out on some great things with some great people and the possibility of the greatest relationship that I could have asked for. I know the internet isn't the best place to meet people but it is all that I have. I don't get out much. I hear of people meeting online all the time and getting mar
To All My Friends And Family
Been gone a lot as I changed jobs, so haven't been online as much as I would like. I apologize to all my friends and family, I haven't kept up with ratings nearly as well as I would like. If people will let me know where I have fallen behind, I will try and catch up as soon as possible. BTW, can't resist the chance to put in a plug for Cali's contest lol
Outa This World
outta this world to a far away place outa this world to some place new outa this world to somewhere warm outa this world somewhere with you outa this world. with new hope outa this world, with all the hope outa this world,with all the dreams outa this world,with new smiles outa this world, with something new copyrighted by catherine
Rocking This Site Rate A
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Pass The Moon On!!!
New Graphics Monday Images Top Comments
Wreck With 2 Connotations For Those Who Personally Know Me
July has been a month of crushes for me both emotianally an financially........Thanks to all you good peeps out there......Finally got my truck back after the deer in VA along I-77 on the 3rd,Yay!.....Gotta say the Cruiser was nice though....An this is for you Caliegh my best friend,heck no!......Them brakes don't squeek anymore!.....Love ya girl,just glad you got home safely an in one piece....Shout at yall later
The Inner Me
here I am in my own little world no one holding on to me here I am I'm strong and proud but invisiable it seems No one ever noticing the real me. You listen to me talk but do you really hear the sadness in my voice the shake the fear? Do you even notice all the hurt I hold within? If you do, then why just stand there and face me with a grin? when you look at me what do you see? take a closer look and find a little girl inside of me that's been hurt to many times even closer still you'll see someone who's made mistakes someone who finds it hard to trust and easier to hate I am not who you think you know this all-together lady I am vulgar I am unforgiving and I'm sure a little crazy So next time that you think of me take caution and take heed get below the surface look for the inner me
Wanna See Abunch On Myspace Kids Lying Over There Age
just come too fubar
George Bush Too Get Away With Crimes
do you think he will get away with crimes the goverment knows damn well we wouldn't get away with
Read This Book
an then you'll (laugh) at christans)....................
Food Allergies And Anaphylaxis
Not quite like my usual blogs..but this subject is near and dear to my heart...and I consider myself an advocate for The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network..Please read over the preceeding information. I too use to be very limited in my knowledge of food allergies. I am going to be posting some information that is important for everyone to know..even those who know no one with food allergies..What everyone does affects those with food allergies. I myself have personal experiences with a loved one with a peanut and egg allergy..therefore I find it incredibly necessary to reach out to those of you. What is anaphylaxis? Anaphylaxis is a sudden, severe, potentially fatal, systemic allergic reaction that can involve various areas of the body (such as the skin, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system). Symptoms occur within minutes to two hours after contact with the allergy-causing substance but, in rare instances, may occur up to four hours later. Anap
Auto Nut's Sexy Lady!
[ - *Glitter Text*]
Goes Out To Sept. 11th Families
Free Myspace GraphicsBored To Death? - Click Here
Drink And Drive..a Poem
Near to the door he paused to stand as he took his class ring off her hand all who were watching did not speak as a silent tear ran down his cheek and through his mind the memories ran of the moments they walked and ran in the sand hand and hand but now her eyes were so terrible cold for he would never again have her to hold they watched in silence as he bent near and whispered the words.. ""I LOVE YOU"" in her ear he touched her face and started to cry as he put on his ring and wanted to die and just then the wind began to blow as they lowered her casket into the snow.... this is what happens to man alive..... when friends let friends.... drink and drive.
Msn Messenger Nick Names
Im tired of trying, im tired of lying, i know ive been smiling but inside im dying God made butter, God made cheese, God made me for you to please! If your heart is the strongest muscle why does it break so easily? I love when you look at me, cause I know for a second I crossed your mind Somewhere there's someone who's dreaming of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worth while. So when you are lonely remember it's true, Somebody Somewhere is thinking of you! Give me a kiss, give me the world, give me your love and i'll be your girl. Give me a smile, give me your time, give me your love and i'll give you mine I'll be here when your crying, I'll be here when your laughing, I'll even be here when your dying, cause I wouldn't be living if you weren't here for me To all my friends I love u so..u give me all the strength to grow ...a true friendship will never die unless it is all a lie Why is it than wen a boi is a playa, hes consider
Lustful Longing
Lustful Longing Tell me what I'd have to change. Who would I have to be To slip into your arms; for you to make sweet love to me. Must I climb the highest cliff; swim along the ocean floor Crawl over broken glass - would you demand that I do more? Could you take me as I am, with my issues and my flaws Pull me to your chest without a hesitation or a pause? Slide your hungry tongue between my parted lips. Run your anxious fingers along my quivering hips. Wrap me in your passion, expose your every need. Press your steamy lips to mine, every secret freed. Sprinkle your tears across my cheek, confess every desire Moan my name, call me yours, and set my soul on fire. Need me more with every breath that slips into your chest, Please me nightly, miss me daily, never compare me with the rest. Grip my wrists; look in my eyes, and say the words I long to hear Kiss me roughly, and weep my name, forever hold me dear. Do I ask for wishes that could
is long and boring I had cereal and a peanut butter sandwhich for dinner Man, it's great to be young, and be able to do that kinda shit.
Messiah I am your messiah look in my eyes, and what do you see something diffrent for everyone i am what you need a lover for the whore, and a sinner for the saint the lovely boy, half naked, an artist may paint little deaths, each its own, to save you from your suffering these little deaths , suffered alone unseen torture and loving i am the messiah, nothing more and nothing less to save you from your Pain, such a small price, my death, i am your messiah , see how much i care. for you i am dying alone, cold and bare....
My Princess Puked In The Jeep!!!!!
PUKING IN THE JEEP IS FORBIDDEN!!!! GRRRRRRR Bad puking! Meggles Puked In The Jeep...SO NASTY!!! poor Baby Tho...I Filled Her Full Of Mountain Dew And Tossed Her On The Sizzler, Spider, Tilt o whirl, Berry Go Round, And The Dragon...All in A Matter Of 4.3 Hours. Non Stop....So Yea. dont Do That!
On The Pulse Of Morning A Rock, A River, A Tree Hosts to species long since departed, Marked the mastodon. The dinosaur, who left dry tokens Of their sojourn here On our planet floor, Any broad alarm of their hastening doom Is lost in the gloom of dust and ages. But today, the Rock cries out to us, clearly, forcefully, Come, you may stand upon my Back and face your distant destiny, But seek no haven in my shadow I will give you no hiding place down here. You, created only a little lower than The angels, have crouched too long in The bruising darkness, Have lain too long Face down in ignorance Your mouths spilling words Armed for slaughter. The Rock cries out to us today, you stand on me, But do not hide your face. Across the wall of the world, A River sings a beautiful song, It says, come rest here by my side. Each of you a bordered country, Delicate and strangely made proud, Yet thrusting perpetually undersiege Your armed struggles for profit
Place 's Like This Can Join My Club,lmao!!
Freedom Of My Speech,Lmao!!
I Need Visitors
I Should've Slept!
How can one person make me cry a river of tears? Past shit, though I wouldn't call it all shit, shouldn't be so hard to deal with.
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The Loss Of My Children- My Heart Hurts!
Back in 2002 I was married to a man and i had two children previous to my marriage. everything was great at first, felt like i finally had the life i dreamed was a short time after i got married that the worst day of my life came... I went to work and returned home to find my Two year old daughter beaten within inches of her husband at the time severly abuse her, she had bruises on 80% of her body and huge chunks of hair missing from her head. I tried to take her to the hospital and he would not allow me. instead that started the abuse on me because i was trying to help my baby girl. I several days later got a chance to get her out of the house. The first person that saw her with all those bruises called child protection on me. I was trying to go get her help...needless to say child protection came and took her from me...a few months later, the state took my parental rights to both of my kids because i was married to the man that beat my daughter even though i
Interesting Sex Facts
• A man produces 3 million new sperm cells every hour of his life. • The average male member in all its glory is 6 inches long and 5 inches in circumference. • '70s porn star Annie Sprinkle claims have had sex with more 3,000 men. • 5% of men admit to self pleasuring twice a day. • Hanged men become erect as they die. • The average amount of male ejaculate is about 1 tablespoon, or 10cc, which is how the bands 10cc and Lovin' Spoonful got their names. • A humpback whale's erect schwanse is 10 feet long. • White women get 97% of boob jobs. • A man's sticky starch contains protein and trace minerals, and only 15-25 calories per serving. • Texas law makes it illegal for a woman to own more then 6 sex toys. • 67% of men prefer women who shave south of the border. • Former Cuban President Batista spoke out against the growing scourge of American and European pornography, arguing that it took business away from local prostitutes. • A father and son are mos
Some of you may recognize me from a different profile I had on here, well I had to delete that one and create this one, due to the fact of a stalker I had following me around on here. So for my own reasons, I have decided to not say where I am located so this person cannot find me through the search option, if he does, then I'll decide then what to do, until then im just here to have fun and talk with people, I'm not here looking for any hookups. Please feel free to say hi and strike up a conversation Thanks again.........
Livestrong Challenge 2007 Deadline
LiveStrong Challenge 2007- The site is only open to donations to individuals for another few days so please get them in. I appreciate everything, we beat last years total by $300 so far. Almost to $1,600! I am riding in the LiveStrong Challenge bike race in August. It is an event that raises money for the LiveStrong foundation, which supports cancer research and also gives support to survivors such as myself. Last year I raised $1,500 but I only had a month in which to fund raise. This year the goal is at least $3,000 which is very doable. Please leave anything that you can, I promise that this is not a scam or anything... It is just something that I believe very strongly in. I am a cancer survivor, I was diagnosed at 20 and I had a 5% chance of survival. Even a few dollars will save someone's life, someone just like me. My donation website:
Loyalty Vs. Options
Okay, first and foremost, I am a 32 year old woman who can make my own decisions even though those around me question those decisions and choices. Secondly, the heart wants what it wants no matter how irrational it might seem to others. We have all been broken-hearted and hurt, and don't trust anyone at this point, yet here I am trying to take the chance yet again, and find out the truth as best as I can. And thus far am finding out that fear has gotten the best of me but, I am determined to be stronger than the fear that lives within me and allow a good man to love me!!!, And here I am getting harshly judged and put down for it. I try my best not to judge others around me and possibly hurt them, yet am on the recieving end constantly. A question posed to all readers answer if you feel so inclined. What is a true friend? Some say a true friend will be there for you always, will sit and hold you when you cry, will come and get you when you are stranded. To me a true friend is like a
I have removed so many off my list yet it's still sittin at 1-20 an when this happens ya know you've got way to many
Read It And Fucking Do It!!!
Something From Phillip Morris
TAKE ACTION – SAY “NO” TO A FEDERAL TAX INCREASE ON CIGARETTES! Learn what you can do at or call toll-free 1–866–527–4494. Congress is talking about raising cigarette taxes again by as much as $6.10 per carton. But as smokers know, cigarettes are already one of the most highly taxed products in the country today. In fact, since the year 2000, state and federal cigarette excise taxes have been increased over 73 times – driving up the average price of cigarettes over 80%. Everyone should pay their share of taxes, but a federal tax increase on cigarettes is an unfair burden on smokers – especially when these taxes fund a wide–range of expanding government programs that benefit everyone. And as cigarette sales decline it’s an unreliable source of revenue. Singling out smokers for a 156% increase in the federal cigarette excise tax is going too far – tell Congress enough is enough. Click Here To Take Action Today!
Long, long ago, a great island floated in a giant ocean. This island hung from four thick ropes from the sky, which was solid rock. There were no peoples and it was always dark. The animals could not see so they got the sun and put it in a path that took it across the island from east to west each day. The animals and plants were told by the Great Spirit to stay awake for seven days and seven nights but most could not and slept. Those plants that did stay awake, such as the pine and cedar and those few others were rewarded by being allowed to remain green all year. All the others were made to lose their leaves each winter. Those animals that did stay awake, such as the owl and the mountain lion and those few others were rewarded with the ability to go about in the dark. Then the people appeared. Myth 2 Long ago, before there were any people, the world was young and water covered everything. The earth was a great island floating above the seas, suspended by four rawhide ropes repr
What The Fook Is Up With Foot Fetish
ok so I dont find feet that hot. yes if you have cute feet good for you. but damn!!! enough with getting off on the feet. its a fooking foot. it stinks, its full of toe jam and I am not sucking on anything thats been in a sock and/or shoe for 8 hours. get with the boobs and butts and leave the feet alone.
Earth, Teach Me
Earth teach me quiet ~ as the grasses are still with new light. Earth teach me suffering ~ as old stones suffer with memory. Earth teach me humility ~ as blossoms are humble with beginning. Earth teach me caring ~ as mothers nurture their young. Earth teach me courage ~ as the tree that stands alone. Earth teach me limitation ~ as the ant that crawls on the ground. Earth teach me freedom ~ as the eagle that soars in the sky. Earth teach me acceptance ~ as the leaves that die each fall. Earth teach me renewal ~ as the seed that rises in the spring. Earth teach me to forget myself ~ as melted snow forgets its life. Earth teach me to remember kindness ~ as dry fields weep with rain. Cherokee Prayer
The Cherokees called themselves theAni-Yun' wiya meaning leading or principal people. The original Cherokees lived in early times in Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia. The Desoto expedition is believed to have made the first European contact in 1540 when they met the "Chalaque" on the Tennessee River. Although Pardo revisited the area in 1566 and the Spanish maintained a small mining and smelting operation in the area until 1690, the Cherokee's location in the interior mountains kept them relatively isolated until after the settlement of Virginia in 1609. By 1629 English traders had worked their way west into the Appalachians and met the Cherokee. Contact became continuous with the founding of the Carolina colonies. Virginian Abraham Wood tried unsuccessfully to maintain his trade monopoly with the Cherokee and sent two men, James Needham and Gabriel Arthur, to the Cherokee Overhill capital at Echota in 1673, but the following yea
Please Repost, She Is 14 And Can Really Sing
Please repost or forward this to anyone and everyone you can. Asleigh is 14 and loves singing. This was the adventure of a lifetime for her. We need your help to keep the ride going. Vote early, vote often. Be able to say I knew her when...
Been feeling like shit lately. Just keep thinking of my ex. For some reason the pain has come up again. It feels almost like it did when he first left. I guess maybe because I'm so lonely. I miss companionship so much, and its really hard. When you were living with someone for close to a year and you find out all the shit they did behind your back, all the times they betrayed you, and you wonder how. I'm terrified I could never trust a man again, that I would always be scared and paranoid of what they were doing. And yet somehow I believe I could do a long distance relationship, lol, with trust issues. I guess I'm slightly desperate. I really dont think I'll find anyone local. My city is too small and filled with too many people I could care less about. I keep thinking that maybe it will get better when Im 21 and I can go do what normal people do at my age. Go hang out and party. I also keep telling myself that maybe I'll meet someone at school, you never know. People
The 5th Affair
The 5th Affair A man walked into a cafe, went to the bar and ordered a beer. "Certainly, Sir, that'll be one cent." "One Cent?" the man exclaimed. He glanced at the menu and asked: "How much for a nice juicy steak and a bottle of wine?" "A nickel," the barman replied. "A nickel?" exclaimed the man. "Where's the guy who owns this place?" The bartender replied: "Upstairs, with my wife." The man asked: "What's he doing upstairs with your wife?" The bartender replied: "The same thing I'm doing to his business down here."
life is what we give and put into it they say in the end all the pieces to the puzzle will fit what if a piece of the puzzle gets lost in the game so many people want the puzzle to be completed with fame that could be the piece of the puzzle that gets lost maybe you decided to give up and that was the piece you tossed in life you cant loose faith or let it become to low you must live life day by day and go with the flow dont give up on your dreams and in the end the puzzle will fit like i said, life is what we give and put into it
More Plans For Me...
Yippiers I’m so excited. Only a few more days till Ozzfest and then Jer De Fete is right around the corner. Between the yummy food and awesome crafts it’s a sure win. I need to sit down and fix every ones shoes for it. I got conned into decorating sandals for every one to wear. Then its count down time for some very special people’s birthdays so I’m gearing up for party planning mode. September 14th for Ryan and then the 16th for daddy, 2 parties in one weekend. There’s nothing like an eye crossing challenge.
Psalms 145 ; Verses 12-21 And Psalms 146; 1-4verses
!2;To make know to the sons ,of His mighty acts, And the Glorious majesty of His kingdom. 13 ;Your kingdom ;oh LORD is everlasting kindgom. and Your dominion endures throughtout aLL generations. !4 ;The Lord up holds all who fall, And Praise up all who are bowed down. 15 ;The eyes of all look expecantly at you, And You Lord give them their food in due season. 16 ;You oh Lord open your hand and satasify the desire of every living thing. 17 :the Lord is rightness in all His ways. He is gracious in all His works. 18 :The Lord is near to all who call upon Him. To all that call upon Him in truth. 19 ; He will fill the desire of those who fear, He will also hear their cry and save them. 20 ;The Lord preserves all who love Him. but all the wicked he will destroy. 21 ;My mouth shall speek the Praise of the Lord, And all flesh shall be His Holy Name. for ever and ever. Psalms 146; verse 1; Praise Thee Oh Lord! Praise thee Lord oh my soul! 2 ; While
Big Girls Don't Cry
If big girls don't cry And I'm a "big girl" why is crying all I wish I could do? I'm staring at you you're standing, staring at me It's been so long but there's nothing left you see? You wonder why But I can't tell you My heart breaks every day That I stay here chained to you Unfortunately, the rest of my life starts right here with a good-bye I know it's going to suck, But if I don't, I'm fucked I need time to think, to breathe, to feel, I need to go meet me again, I need some time to heal. We've had our ups, we've had our downs But I'm the happiest when you're not around Harsh- it may be But harsh Baby- it's how you've treated me I'm not solid I'm not made of stone I'm not something you can "polish up" I'm not better off when "shown" I have a voice I command attention I have a passion of which youll never know to mention When I look in the mirror ALl I see is average I used to be a beautiful girl And Now I have no leverage
No Title
I want to run and not look back to say it's over and that's a fact too many times- we've been here before too many times have we kept the score laying with you makes me cry to say i don't love you is a lie too many times we've been down this road my feet run ragged- to the bone there have been so many times i've wanted to quit yet I take control and hold out for a bit it's always the little things that bring it home I break down and I'm still all alone I know it'll hurt more the longer we wait the little things build up and turn into hate I don't want to hate you, not now or ever But I can't see this happening forever We want different things from this world you & I You're amazing and I want you to be able to fly I want you to be all you can be But I don't think you can, not here, not with me Things are changing and I'm still growing up We can't sit around and pretend I'm your lil' pup I don't know what I want but nights liek this aren't it. How could we wait unt
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Still trying to figure out things here, feel free to drop by and say hello.
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I recently put my snapvine back if you have one and want to leave me a message let me know and leave me a message ,even if you don't and want to leave me a message please feel free to thank you PS: its in my general intrests box, and its free to call
I Have Tears... :(
Little mandy and billy were young kids who lived next door to each other everyday they would come out side and have a teddy bear picnic and eat there pb&j's .They would play afternoon after afternoon and always have fun theyd go to the beach hold hands and collect shells andd make sandcastless even though they were young this was a start of somthing neww but one day after mandy's 6th birthday day billy came up to her and said will you be my girl frreind and she agreed they sat there by the pond and they promised Forever. they hugged they kissed and there mom and dad's new they were perfect. everyday as they grew older there love kept growing stronger they became teenagers and they were loving better thn ever they spent there summers together they had sleepovers and they were the best of freinds and lovers they loved everywhere . even if they were miles apart it was perfect. years past and passed and they got married one day after billy got home from work
Down Rater
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Life's amazing how things happen. Just when you think they can't get any worse, BAM!! Ur smacked right in the face with even more problems. I tell ya, I'm so fuckin tired of the constant struggles. One of the worse things that could have ever possibly happened to me has happened. How am I suppose to ever trust again? Seems so unreal at this point. My life has been flipped upside down and I can't seem to straighten it up fast enough. Seems right after my whole world flipping bad shit, my sister gets to deal with hers as well. Just when I thought I had run far from my problems I had to come face to face with them again to help her with hers. Why can't things ever just be calm and simple? Why the constant drama and constant struggle? Think I need a good shrink!!!!
As the Moon slowly, gently inches across the mountain top , it's tenderness touches your soft caring heart It kisses your soul leaving memories of a lifetime, of A love that can't be forgotten.The tenderness of the Moon brings love into your soft tender heart.As the gentle breeze caresses your soul and bringing new memories to be treasured by your heart.Embrace, savoring everything in love and life. Let your spirit free to fly.Listen to my whispers, speaking to your heart.Feel my touch, caressing the tenderness within your soul.Let your spirit free as it is drawn to me.As the warmth of passion surges through your veins.Let our desires embrace, as our hearts and souls become one While the tenderness of the Moon, carries you to me...
Pagan Origin Of Christmas
  Few people realize that the origins of a form of Christmas was pagan & celebrated in Europe long before anyone there had heard of Jesus Christ. No one knows what day Jesus Christ was born on. From the biblical description, most historians believe that his birth probably occurred in September, approximately six months after Passover. One thing they agree on is that it is very unlikely that Jesus was born in December, since the bible records shepherds tending their sheep in the fields on that night. This is quite unlikely to have happened during a cold Judean winter. So why do we celebrate Christ�s birthday as Christmas, on December the 25th? The answer lies in the pagan origins of Christmas. In ancient Babylon, the feast of the Son of Isis (Goddess of Nature) was celebrated on December 25. Raucous partying, gluttonous eating and drinking, and gift-giving were traditions of this feast. In Rome, the Winter Solstice was celebrated many years before the birth of Chris
As I Awake To The Rising Dawn>> Cause God May Be Calling You Home.
I say prayers then go to enjoy my day and see where it leads. God shows me sunlight and all the things; that you seem to close yourself off to at night. AWe; But a new day is dawned and you get up and do what you have to do fill up this day with love and memories... You waist not cause tomorow might not come. See your given the chance to help someone ; or your shown a beatiful site to see or maybe a book to read..But what ever it be treasuer the day . Cauce God may come and take you way . Thats beatiful in it,s self , thou your friends be lost with out your being. But It,s God who is a calling them or he or she home.. Dont keep him waiting and do go , It,s thy last place that you behold in Heaven . No more earth to live upon. But I heard it has streets paved in gold.... I hear it,s sweet and full of milk and honey and no tears be shed , no worries , no hate . This God can give ; to those who wait till they be called home in his presence to dine and to bow before
An Open Letter
To those who refuse to listen, I am a mess and I know it. I am a control freak at times. I am still heartbroken. I want more than what I have, and I am going to get it! I like silly things because I want to laugh more than cry. I like being a "guy" and I will not say I'm sorry for liking the following: boobs. cars. motorcycles. tattoos. guns. stupid movies with bad plots wearing black because it adds to my "bad ass" look. loud angry music. cartoons. sci-fi. beautiful/ hot women. strip clubs. weed. laughing at the wrong time. being honest (even when it hurts your feelings). loving my son. and most of all...being my-fucking-self in a world of fakes!!!!
How Can I Tell U What I Feel For You
How can I tell you what I feel for you? When I think of you my feelings twist inside As if someone's fist reached in and grabbed a few, And turned and turned them tight and tangled. I've tried Somehow to say: You're the sun in my sky, The wind that takes me where I want to go, The sweet incense that makes me feel so high That loving you seems all I need to know. But it all sticks in my throat! It sounds too cute, Empty as a wrinkled paper bag. You won't believe it! Better I stay mute Than offer you cliches that make you gag. And yet I wish to tell you of my love, If only love its own locks would remove!
Support Our Troops!!!!!
You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. ____________________ ______ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. _________________________ You complain about h
Sex In Gaming
reprinted from ALWAYSBLACK once upon a time I was amazed to read Sen. Hillary Clinton’s statements in the LA Times expressing her shock and amazement upon learning of the existence of sexual activity in computer gaming. Her statements, although pointed in the direction of a particular game, sounded sort of inappropriately wide-eyed and innocent, and I thought to myself at that time: exactly *how* clueless does a person have to be to run for President of the USA? Of course given the course of the US government over the last several years, with Congress and Executive branches sort of agreeing together that civil liberties and traditional American assurances of freedom of expression are old fashioned and out of date, I would guess that my question is merely rhetorical. After all, we are presently governed by an administration that feels strongly that duct tape can protect people in the event of a terrorist attack. But I did not pick up my pencil to berate Sen. Clinton, although I
For A Friend
IM LEVELING DURING THIS GAME AND GOING TO BUSTY MY ASS ON THE LAST HOUR OR UNTIL ANCIENT 1 IS LEVELED IF THIS IS THE FIRST TIME YOU ARE LOOKING SEE MY LEVEL UP CHALLEENGER I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS..BACK TO BACK HAPPY HOURS I just need 2 minutes of your time. Please can you rate my picture and the rest of demon house and repost this for me..Thanks for all your help
If I've Missed You..
I'm sorry if I miss commenting to come people some days, I end up getting lost on where I am up to in saying hello. Or I get completely side tracked when that certain someone logs in and say's Hi. I know I often say I'm going to look at things or view something, or say hi, give gifts, rate, fan and what not. Just try not to be too hard on me if I do miss dropping by. I'm attempting to, and I guess that counts. ~ Em
Shadows are shown. Darks are hidden. I hide in the dark. I will not be seen. I hide in the shadow. I will be seen. My life are full of dark. They will know nothing about me. Shadow in my life. They will know I'm nothing.
your friends close an your enemys closer
Food For Thought.
Some food for thought: With everything that life has to offer, remember, moderation is the key, for an abundance of any one thing can only bring paucity in others. Work hard for what you want, but don’t step on others to get there. And always remember to be thankful for all that you have. If you're on Fubar, it means that you are probably among the top % of privileged individuals in the world.. Be Blessed, Stay Safe Tay
Thats Some Good Shit Right Thurr...i Dont Care Who Ya Are......
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Lots Ask Me Why Am I In Here ????????
Well it started out at first so I could meet friends ;As time went on I did meet lots of friends. well now I never did find that guy,.. I wanted to find in here..; So I gave up looking . who kows? ; Im now in here saying Prayers and poems . And was doing mums . but thats on hold for ; /Seems my big mouth got me in to trouble. So lets leave it as ; Ah ; well I just want to say its been intresting and friends have come and many have gone. I guess I was to different for the guys to put up with me in here; Cause all are gone and except couple of them . wow.. oh well; Thats way cookie crumbles.. Wish I could of found what I was looking for ; Oh well God has other plans for me. I do listen to him . I have a need to folow My Lord. I just dont fit . not here anyway in this world . I never felt I ever did.. I just do what I can now to help others and to thank God and do what I, can when I can, where im needed. Dont know if im making much sence. Oh well God knows. I get confused s
Yeah I'm Weird
Well, my name is mc chris, I saw that you were alone. I don't know if you knew this but I rock the microphone. You look one kind of lonely - I'm so the antidote. You look seven kinds of juicy like a slice of cantaloupe. You rock the Sheena Easton 'cause, girlfriend, you got the look. And no, I am not teasin', you can read me like a book. Erotic fiction in the kitchen, we'll experiment with foods. Leftovers on my boner puts me in a mighty mood. Okay, I'm a little forward, maybe I should try reverse; what's your name, what's you game, mind if I rifle through your purse? Here's the capper, I'm a rapper, just do a Google search; twenty pages, I'm amazin'! What's your addy? I'll send merch! That's when I saw the rock, the ice, the diamond! It hit me like it's lightning! It's frightening! I'm cryin'. "I was stylin', profilin', down payment on my Scion. His name is Brian, he's in Fallujah freedom fightin', so don't ask me who's your daddy. I'm someone else's mommy. You can bu
Hey Who Want One Let Me Know
Something else I wrote along time ago I have many powers in this world. I hold in my tiny hands the ability to create my own future, to reach for the stars, or to let the grains of earth escape from my grasp. In my heart I have the ability to love, or the choice to hate. My mind holds the answers to questions; I don't have the courage to ask. Chaos and confusion are demons I fight daily. It's easy to say that i will overcome, rejoice in the knowledge that I have control, but doing and saying are so different. They say if you love something let it go free, well I love my mind, heart and soul. Letting go is way to easy though, its holding on that really takes courage. To get back up, and reach higher is so much more difficult then giving in to pain and darkness. I shall continue to get back up until God above puts me down. I will get all that I need, and all that I want. These are things that everyone deserves, and noone should ever settle for less. I know I won't.
You Had Me
You had me You lost me You're wasted You cost me I don't want you here messing with my mind Spitting in my eyes and I still see Tried to keep me down I'm breaking free I don't want no part in your next fix Someone needs to tell you This is it Hey Listen you'll be missin' Out on all my love and my kissing Make your mistakes on your own time When you come down you're just no good to have around Instead of making money you took mine Chorus You had me You lost me You're wasted You cost me I don't want you here messing with my mind I've realized in time that my eyes are not blind I've seen it before I'm taking back my life You tried to trade on my naivete But the things you do and say embarrass me See once upon a time I was your fool But the one I leave behind he is you Hey Listen you'll be missin' Out on all my love and my kissing Make your mistakes on your own time When you come down you're just no good to have
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To Every Girl
To every girl that has been cheated on, because she's not a slut who gives it up to just any guy. To every girl that dresses cute, not skanky. To every girl who wants to be called beautiful, not hot. To every girl that will spend her whole day looking for the perfect present for you. To every girl who gets her heart broken, because he chose that other one instead. To every girl that would die to have a decent boyfriend. To every girl who would just once like to be treated like a princess. To every girl that cries at night because of another heartbreak. To every girl that just wants to hold hands. To every girl that kisses him with meaning. To every girl who just wishes he cared more. To every girl who would just once want a guy to give their jacket up when they are cold. To every girl who just wants him to call. To every girl who lies awake at night thinking about him. To every girl that just want
Horoscope And Relay For Life
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio For August 3,2007 Your altruistic side is on display right now, and you couldn't be happier about it. The day's energy is perfect for helping folks who really need it, and you don't waste a moment doing just that. Yet again, how right it is. Tonight is the Relay for Life, which is very important to me. I am a cancer survivor and this is our time to celebrate life. I can't wait for tonight. If you are local you should come. It will be at Hall High School in Spring Valley, Il. It starts around 5 or so. Come join us. I should have pics to put on here this weekend of it. It is also a sad time for me too. Last year Sami was able to walk the track with me. I told her last year that she had better be here to walk the track with me this year. I am sad that she is not here to do that. I know that is spirit she will be by my side, but its just not the same. I miss just as much today as I do everyday she is gone. But its just another reason for
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butterfliJ@ fubar 90 away from grasshopper she just joined fubar members please welcome her thanks
The Quest For Liberty And Justice...
I read the news article here about how the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said that the FBI raid on Congresscritter William Jefferson's office last year is a violation of the Constitution of the United States of America.In other related non-news, the government is still spying on us, suspended habeas corpus, etc.  (Lots and LOTS of etceteras.)So I guess if you want the Constitution to apply to you, you've got to be on top of the heap... tag: government, liberties, rights, crime, justice, fbi-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-Ave Satanas!Join me at Fubar.comGet paid to surf the web with        
Art is an extension of language -- an expression of sensations too subtle for words. ~Robert Henri If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world. ~Ludwig Wittgenstein
Erotic Story
She lays me down on the floor gently... her gazing and inviting eyes starring at me the whole time. She softly kisses my lips then stops suddenly leaving me begging me for more. She then straddles my small body and slowly starts unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her supple breasts and asks if I want a taste. I then start licking and sucking on her erect nipples and caress them with my petite hands. She starts kissing me again, this time more passionately and with more force and asks if she may remove my top, I tell her sure. She then starts kissing me this time working her way down to my tits and abruptly nibbles on them... I wince a bit which entices her to spank me! I wince again because I am not used to such domination. The woman told me that If I winced again that she would do something to really make me quiver. She then moves her way down from my chest to my stomach. As she is doing this she is running her hands up and down my thigh. Then she slowly slides her hand into my black Ha
Erotic Story
i crawl on you and turn around and flip up my skirt and let me wet pussy tease the tip of your cock, as u moan I slide gently down your cock....I can feel all of you in me and u are pounding me hard making me scream and moan, as u get close to cummin i pull off and make u wait, i then have you get off your ass and bend over the desk and I slide a vibrating dildo in your I am sliding it in and out u r hard, out of the blue some girl walks in and she is slightly shocked by what she sees but u ask her to join...she agrees she strips off her close she has this amazing body thats so silky you almost think she unreal, she says she loves to fuck...she crawls on to the desk and puts her feet in the air and you look down and take a lick of her pulsing clit... she tastes good to u...u lick a couple more times and spread her lips and plow your cock into her tight twat while you are pounding her, I am still pounding your ass....u are moaning as u can feel your cock getting close i spank
Men Are Like Cards
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Life, Honesty And The Truth.
Life, the Only frontier... Current mood: rejuvenated Category: Life I have never posted a BLOG before, especially none like this, but I can only hope that this one is good, and it strikes a chord in all of us. You who get this on your site, know who I am, and what I am about. If anyone out there reads this in passing or gets lucky and reads this, excellent! If you read it and think I am an asshole. Then good, think of it as like you hit the free game on the 19th hole of mini golf, it is nice you won but you may never go play it again or give a fuck. Fact of the matter is I DO care. I am 35 years old and I have been through more than most of you have, maybe a lot less than some of you have. Either way, I am tired of peoples bullshit. So I say this to anyone that can hear this, you wanna be my friend on here, then Sweet! If you do not want to be a friend here or in real life Sweet! If you are a person that wants me as a fuck buddy and does not care about anything else, Sweet!
Oh Lord I Want To Go Home Soon>my Prayer To My>
This world be lost and Im not getting thru ; Forgive me oh Lord ;For I do try so hard and no one hears ; no one see. Our father please keep me strong to focus on what it is Im suppose to do as thy servant .lead me , guide me , show me ; Oh Lord take me home soon cause I really cant begin to accept that those be lost to darkness...It is tearing apart my soul hurting for them,; That wont see and let Thy light shine on them. I dont want to know they were lost ; I dont want to be responsible for not guiding them to your light and Love. For Ive tried so hard in Thy name; but they dont see . they still dont see or hear.Only Christ be the one that can reach them .he is above all. Im just a servant Oh Lord : What more can I do ?Though I wish not to question Thee.. but im unfocused now dont know what to do , so I Pray in Thy Name .. I just want to be in Thy Presence oh Lord . Though I know its not my time to be called home.Please I pray do come soon. Please Oh Lord give me a way to b
Autism - Symptoms
The severity of symptoms varies greatly between individuals; however, all people with autism have some core symptoms in the areas of: * Social interactions and relationships. Symptoms may include: o Significant problems developing nonverbal communication skills, such as eye-to-eye gazing, facial expressions, and body posture. o Failure to establish friendships with children the same age. o Lack of interest in sharing enjoyment, interests, or achievements with other people. o Lack of empathy. People with autism may have difficulty understanding another person's feelings, such as pain or sorrow. * Verbal and nonverbal communication. Symptoms may include: o Delay in, or lack of, learning to talk. As many as 50% of people with autism never speak.2 o Problems taking steps to start a conversation. Also, people with autism have difficulties continuing a conversation once it has begun. o Stereotyped and re
I look at you and wonder and ask myself why you must suffer. Your body so lifeless, your skin so cold, your eyes showing nothing, your soul about to go. I ask why to God, why must it be this way, why can't you take her quick, why can't you stop her from being sick. I know God is busy and can't answer everything, I just wish God would tell me why, Why this is how it is.
"X" leave me alone I'm sick of your tone step down from your throne this is what I've been shown shadowed by lies unable to disguise the buzzing of flies hate spews from your eyes alcohol fueled rage trapped in your cage dragged to my grave acting as your slave living in fear year after year you're not worth a single tear continuing to drown yourself in beer by Jon
Better Off Alone
I'm alone in this world And I like it this way By myself is how it is And by myself is how it'll stay I don't need anyone, To call me on the phone To chat with me for hours To make me feel not so alone I don't need anyone, To hold me when I'm down Cheer me up when I'm sad Make me smile when I frown I don't need anyone, To take a walk with me Talk about the little things in life To laugh and smile with glee I don't need anyone, To tell me it'll be OK That everything will get better My problems will fade away I don't need anyone, To tell me they love me I don't need to feel loved I just want to feel free Free from other people Free from what they feel Free from the effect they have on me On my own I'll heal So what are people for? Caring? Talking to? Holding you? Talking on the phone? Why would I want any of these things? I'm better of being alone...
Gliding along smoothly Effortlessly caressing The liquid emerald of life My destination the unknown Calls,and I answer Sailing gracefully towards It's barely hidden promises Crystalline images of light and dark Sliding past my peripherals A greater vision almost in sight Gently beckons me to the fore Emeralds fade to find indigos And it is good to find my bretheren Along these treasured shores I am home once more
Go Away
GO AWAY! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? I really don’t understand you I really can’t comprehend you I really can’t stand you GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY Never return Oh, do you still want me? Sorry buy you had your chance It’s over And you’re sober WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? Don’t talk to me I don’t need your excuses I don’t need your lies I don’t need your animosity Or your curiosity You said that I’m insane You said I had no brain You said you had no pain GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY And never return You turned me into nothing You made me feel like dirt You walked all over me Guess what Your time is up I woke up You’re the crude one You’re the indecent one I’m the sober one RELEASE ME AS I HAVE RELEASED YOU Forget about me if that’s what you want to do I DON’T NEED YOU I never did You just tricked me As I fell into your gaze ARE Y
So Speaks The Prince Of Insufficient Light!
One of the minor characters in the "Dilbert" comic strip was originally going to be Satan himself. Hard to believe and even harder to imagine, but fortunately Scott Adams' publishers talked him out of it -- few things are the kiss of death to newspapers like the impression of a devil-worshipping cartoonist. So with a few tweaks, the Prince of Darkness became in Dilbert's world a character known as Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light. (Which doesn't sound too different, really . . .) Dressed in a red outfit with horns and a tail and carrying a spoon instead of a pitchfork, Phil is the demon from Heck who will "darn" you for minor infractions (e.g. leaving the last little bit in the coffee pot without making a new one, taking three ketchup packets for your fast food meal when you only need two, stealing a chair from another cubicle, etc.) and eventually turns out to be related to Dilbert's boss (the pointy-haired guy who's become a symbol for clueless management). Thinking about this
Customers Can Be ........
It's been a hell of a week. Today I had to handle a customer phone call who was bitching over his bill from back in June. He says he called and someone said their manager would get back to him. LMFAO - we don't have a manager. I told him that I am the personal assistant of the owner, and told him to tell me what his concerns were. (like I wanted to know) This customer lives in a $300,000. home and he's bitching because his wife was told that it would be a boarding cost of $14./day ...we will definitely honor that, I told him and reimburse the $16.00. He then goes on to tell me that they weren't told about the own food chge of $2. so I told him we would reimburse that as well $22. Then he starts bitching about the seasonal rates he was charged for 3 days. I told him he signed the contract that was highlighted ... did he not read it. He said he was in a hurry. I then told him that being in a hurry can cost you and that I would reimburse him $6. of that money instead of charging hi
Am I in any way sexy at all!!!???
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Louisiana Saturday Night
Concert To Help Heal Vigirinatech>> We Havent Forgot ?
the dave matthews band john myer, phill vasser,and nas will perform. a special concert for Viriginia the the Universities lane Stadium.sept 06 07 .A gunman killed 32 ppl and Vigiirinia Tech on aprl 16. 07 ;The concerst is a way to help the university in the new school year to begin on a positive note.Free tickest willbe avaible to parents , staf and students.muscians waived their fees.for the event.sponcorship and sales of commementrative concert items will help cover expences ; .. diana
One Year
I can't believe that the one year anniversary of Charlie's death was on July 30th...It still just doesn't seem right that he is gone and he is still missed as much today as he was the day that we buried him...Been a really long week and have stuggled with it a lil but it was a lot better then some days...I have learned that he wouldn't want me to mope around about it...I know that he is with me all the time in my heart and soul...I will always remember the things that he did for the people that he cared about...Life always deals us things that we don't like but I have learned no matter how hard that it is I know that he is so much better off and that someday I will see him again...I LOVE YOU CHARLIE!!!!
I'm Drunk
Don't Wanna Lose You Now
I never thought that I would lose my mind That I could control this Never thought that I'd be left behind That I was stronger than you, baby Girl if only I knew what I've done You know, so why don't you tell me And I, I would bring down the moon and the sun To show how much I care [Chorus:] Don't wanna lose you now Baby I know we can win this Don't wanna lose you now No no, or never again I've got this feeling you're not gonna stay It's burning within me The fear of losing Of slipping away It keeps getting closer, baby Whatever reason to live that I've had My place was always beside you And I wish that I didn't need you so bad Your face just won't go away [Chorus] I never thought that I would lose my mind That I could control this Never thought that I'd be left behind That I was stronger than you Don't wanna lose to loneliness Girl I know we can win Don't wanna lose to emptiness, oh no Never again [Chorus]
The Sexy Rose .........
YOU'VE BEEN HIT BY THE SEXY ROSE !! > > > > > > ........@............@ > > > ......@.@.@.@..@.. > > > ....@........@..........@ > > > ...@............@....@@ > > > ...@..............@@..@ > > > ....@..............@...@ > > > ......@...........@..@ > > > .........@......@..@ > > > ..............@..@ > > > .From...........@ > > > ......Me..........@ > > > ............TO.....@ > > > ................You.@........@@@ > > > ......@@@@..@....@..........@ > > > ...@.............@@@......@@ > > > .......@@@.......@..@@ > > > .........................@ > > > .........................@ > > > .........................@ > > > .........................@ > > > .........................@ > > > ........................@ > > > .......................@ > > > > > > ONCE YOU'VE BEEN HIT , YOU HAVE TO HIT > > > 15 OTHER PEOPLE. IF YOU GET THIS BACK > > > IT MEANS YOUR SEXY AS HELLZ , SO START > > > SENDIN
Dready Drunken Goodness
*happy dance* yes so I have finally got my dreadlocks and I must say that look unreal. trying to be enthusiastic as I write this blog but alas I have a cold and a temperature and to be honest I feel like death warmed up. so anyway claire and I started on the dreads at about 2pm yesterday. her hippy clan never showed up so she had to do it all her self (what a fucking legend!). we named my first dread larry, he so pretty, he sits right at the base of my neck and is a fat little fucker! claire's daughter triniti was still at the house waiting for her father to pick her up for the weekend, she named the second dread, bom bom lol! we put coloured rubber bands around larry and bom bom just so we could remember who they were. we had to stop for about two hours while claire's asshole ex parter (the father) arse around the house winging and bitching before taking triniti. poor little tot had such a bad cold and claire was so worried about her, father couldn't give a damn! he was hung over a
Daily Horoscope: Libra For August 5,2007
You're feeling good, and looking even better! If you're single, this is the best time to get out there and meet new people. If you're with someone, they can't take their eyes off of you, so enjoy the attention.
Who Wants To Read It!!!
In our spiritual jorney,there are prizes prepared...not for the first who win the race,but for those who,keep running the race of faith and stick to GOD!!! Have a BLESS day!! GOD BLESS!!!
Can You Be My Friend Forever???
Friendship is a special gift given to us all. The smile of a friend is sunlight on cloudy day,and every smile given to a friend is returned. A friend is someone you can talk to,and listen too, without judging. A friend does'nt ignore your faults. but accept them as a part of you.. A friend is ashoulder to learn on when you need support, A part on the back when you do well, And a sympathetic ear when you fail. A friend is a person you can laught with about everything, you can cry with without same, And whon you trust completely. A friend is a partner i life And a part of you always.... Wishing you,My Friend??? Have a GOOD DAY always!!! GOOD BLESS!!!
I've seen Pinocchio get away with worse lies then that.
Good One..
billie baddass -- [noun]:An oral sex master 'How will you be defined
That's What I Like To See
Steelers off to a good start (unlike last year) 20 - 7 over the Aints. *going to get out the ole Terrible Towel*
Sea World
I woke up at 530 am to the sound of my raider alram clock screaming "Touchdown Raiders" "Touchdown Raiders" I reached over and hit snooze, I swear I heard madden say get up you lazy ass. I bounded out of bed, eyes still swollen shut from the 3 hrs of sleep between now and the REO speedwagon concert, My Raider jammies were bunched up, an my big toe was pertruding thru my left footsie on my jammies, I stumbled into my bathroom, making sure that I stubbed the big toe that was sticking out on the eyes were wide open then. I turned on the shower and hoped in, then i hoped out and took of my jammies, I cleaned all the important parts, some of them twice, it felt good. I grabbed the clothes I had laid out and got dressed, man I was dead sexy.........I went and woke up my kids, it was like waking up 1 week old puppies, all wobely and stubling around with their eyes closed...I even think they had puppie breath........I put all the luggage and coolers outside , As I waited for my sister
Bye Everyone
this is my goodbye ya have ways to get ahold of me and if you dont u should have had it long time ago
The F-word!!!
I jacked this shit from CHAOS!!!! THIS SHIT IS HILARIOUS and IF YOU'VE SEEN IT BEFORE I DON'T GIVE A 'FUCK' ITS FUNNY ANYWAY SO LAFF AT IT...LMAO!!! Fuck is such a versatile word... Greetings: How the fuck are you! Fraud: I got fucked by the car dealer. Trouble: Well, I guess I'm fucked now. Confusion: What the fuck...? Retaliation: Up your fucking ass! Denial: I didn't fucking do it. Apathy: Who gives a fuck anyway? Suspicion: Who the fuck are you? Directions: Fuck off. Chronology: It's Five-Fucking-Thirty! Business: I hate this fucking job. Oedipal: Motherfucker. The word has been used by some very notable people throughout history: Where the fuck is all that water coming from? -Captain of the Titanic That's not a fucking real gun. -John Lennon Who's going to fucking know? -President Nixon Any fucking idiot could understand that. -Albert Einstein What the fuck was that? -Mayor of Hiroshima It fucking does "so" look like her. -Pi
Dracular Art 1
dont read into something that is not there, it only creates problems for you not for me...i get so sick of people assuming things or thinking they know the truth when they dont have a freakin clue. if i wanted you to know i would tell you...come on get a grip on life, its not that hard if you try. i may not be your cup of tea and thats fine with me, im not here to please everyone...but then again, you may not be everything i in the moment and never looking back nor looking ahead. if you live in the past you will never be able to experience life as it should be, you will always be fighting these so-called demons of your past. if you make too many plans for the future then you are pretty much setting yourself up for disaster if things do not work out according to your specific plans. so, as ive said before "live in the moment" no need to dwell on things of yesterday or worry about tomorrow...take people for who they are dont try to read more into them,
Woop....pic Coded
Click the pic below to get to GoThS TwIzTiD know you want to..cmon
Men That Hit Woman Are Scum,come Hit Me And Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
these men are total scum Body: Body: these men are total scum Body: Think its ok to boss a girl around? slap her around a few times and teach her a lesson? She's just a dumb "bitch" a "slut". No! Shes human being, a girl that deserves to be loved and respected. Not used and thrown out like a piece of trash. A "man" should NEVER hit a woman. And should never force his girl to have sex with him, thats not something you do to the person you supposedly love. So if you're aganist Spousal Abuse please repost this! And if you don't you're not going to die or be raped by a toaster, you're just cold at heart. and if your a guy thats man enough to repost this good for you. click reply to poster, then copy into a new bulletin.(DIAMOND DANDY RANDY)
What the hell is with the CODE thingie you have ta do everytime ya go to a picture an rate it or comment on someones page?? Anyone else getting this??
ok ive made a video and i edited it with windows movie maker saved it and now i cant upload it to photobucket whats the problem if anyone can help let me know thanks in advance
Come Join The Party
De Antes
Aahh... regalame un segundo por favor, preciosa... Yo a ti te conosco de antes he visto esos ojos andantes te conosco de antes Tal vez de un tiempo en que mi memoria no alcanza, tal vez de un tiempo en que no habitaba esta masa tal vez en un tiempo en que el lenguaje no hablaba tal vez ni tiempo fue Te conosco de antes y esto me provoca pensarte te conosco de antes Como cuando y donde fue quiero saber preciso entenderlo sera acaso la dama en mi sueños o una revelacion que no entiendo noo! dime si lo sabes no espero nada a cambio preciosa no, no solo intento entender porque al verte me fallan los pies la lengua me pesa al hablar tiemblo y sudo sin parar creo que tus elementos al mezclarse en mi pueden estallar te conosco de antes he visto esos ojos andantes te conosco de antes y no es de cruzaros en la calle te conosco de antes y esto me provoca pensarte te conosco no nesecito mirarte pa' sentir los destellos que nacen de tu ser
Thangs Ya Nevr Heer In Kintuckee
"I'll take Shakespeare for 1000, Alex." "Duct tape won't fix that." "Honey, I think we should sell the pickup and buy a family sedan." "Come to think of it, I'll have a Heineken." "We don't keep firearms in this house." "Has anybody seen the sideburns trimmer?" "You cain't feed that to the dog." "I thought Graceland was tacky." "No kids in the back of the pickup, it's just not safe." "Wrastling's fake." "Honey, did you mail that donation to Greenpeace?" "We're vegetarians." "Do you think my gut is too big?" "I'll have grapefruit and grapes instead of biscuits and gravy." "Honey, we don't need another dog." "Who gives a crap who won the Civil War?" "Give me the small bag of pork rinds." "Too many deer heads detract from the decor." "Spittin' is such a nasty habit." "I just couldn't find a thing at Wal-Mart taday!" "Checkmate." "She's too young to be wearin' a bikini." "Does the salad bar have bean sp
Jerry Will Go To Jail For
Jerry will go to jail for ... Resisting arrest while having sex 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
Just Spreding The Word
Our Raindrop Blanket...
Our Raindrop Blanket By Aaron Wilson The miles between us Are a nothing but A ruthless number A land separated in Loss and misery But for that one magical night, We were together... The memory is always On my mind The rain falling From the sky Our raindrop blanket Comforting us from the evils Of a cold, dark, hateful world. The pale moonlight Seems as our only guide Through this roller coaster Of desire... Though it is so hard to see Through the dark clouds Of despair... Yet, this despair brings Our comfort, Our shield from sadness And heartache. Can despair bring Such happiness? Can such despair Bring two people Longing for affection together? Indeed, it has... The warmth of our bodies The thunder from the storm Echoes our hearts The lightning Not from the clouds, But from the blood pumping Through our veins Feeling faint From the short breaths We take between kisses. Running my fingers Through your warm, wet
A Ga. Joke
>A South Georgia farmer dies and, being a >heathen, goes to Hell. When he gets there it's >95° with 90% humidity. But Satan notices he's >kicked back on the brimstone relaxing >comfortably. He asks, "Why aren't you miserable like everyone else here?" >The farmer replies, "Oh, this is like a warm >spring day in south Georgia. I like it." >Angry, Satan turns up the thermos until it's >100° and 95% humidity. Still, the farmer's >happy. "This is like a good June day on the farm. Not bad at all." >Furious, Satan turns it up to 105°and 99% >humidity. Everyone is even more miserable, >except the south Georgia farmer still laying >there resting. "Hey, this is like a good August >day on the farm bailing hay. Feels good. The hotter the better." >In a total rage, Satan turns the thermostat down >to minus 25°F. Within seconds, the air becomes >chilly and frost appears, soon followed by solid >ice everywhere. Satan smirks, watching the farmer. >The confuse
I Had To, I Had To Laugh
You know it's bad when a porn blog has posters crying about morality LOL Scroll down to the 5th poster...classic, and also a bit sad.
You are my every dream. You are my every desire. You can take the ashes of my passion, And create a fire. The fire that is my passion, Can give you warmth. The fire that is my passion, Can give you light. The fire that is my passion, Can last forever, If only it is treated right. And that light can help you see, My love for you deep within me.
I'm Soooo Bored
So a couple of days ago I hurt my back and today I was out and about doing my errands and it just felt like my back is on fire. I don't think that that is a good thing at all but I don't have any insurance to pay for a doctors visit let alone a the hospital bill i already have from having to call the ambulance to pick me up. I m not sure if I already told you guys but what happened was I was bending down to pick something up off the floor and when I went to stand back up pain shoot down my legs and up my spine. On a brighter note my daughter starts her first day of kindergarten in a brand new school in 20 days. She is so excited grandma got her 5 new out fits thank god cause most people would know that I don't have the money to do that she was going to get thrift store clothes like I used to get when I was in school (and for those of you who don't read my blogs that much and are thinking why don't you buy your daughter what she needs instead of paying for Internet I answer with this my
The Wounded Warrior Project
The Wounded Warrior Project Click Here to Enter The Wounded Warrior Project Website!!! Please consider donating to the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wounded Warrior Project is a phenonmenal opportunity to donate money to a great organization that makes a world of difference in the lives of our wounded heroes. This an efficiently run organization, ensuring that at least 80 cents of every donation dollar get to the soldiers you want to help.
The Dark Knight Trailer
Stop This Animal Cruelty.. Wtf People
Cover Of The Rolling Stones -- Dr Hook
Test For Dementia For All You Fcokers
Test for Dementia Below are four (4) questions and a bonus question. You have to answer them instantly. You can't take your time, answer all of them immediately. OK? Let's find out just how clever you really are.... Ready? GO!!! First Question: You are participating in a race. You overtake the second person. What position are you in? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Answer: If you answered that you are first, then you are absolutely wrong! If you overtake the second person, you take his place, so you are second! Try not to screw up next time. Now answer the second question, but don't take as much time as you took for the first one, OK ? Second Question: I f you overtake the last person, then you are...? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Answer: If you answered that you are second to last, then you are wrong again. Tell me, how can you overtake the LAST Person? You're n
hey all, I was so excited last night, I went to see Monday night Raw Live!!!! It was sooo awesome! Im looking forward to going to westeling again!!
Down With Haters
A Bulletin Posted by Captain Cooter. It is worth saving. Ok as a lot of you know there are A LOT of good people leaving fubar because of some of the changes that are being implemented and mainly because of Jerks that are harassing them by flagging their pictures as NSFW that SHOULD NOT BE FLAGGED in anyway shape or form! And these people are allowed to do so with NO CONSEQUENCES because they can do it without it being known that they are the ones doing it! I think that the person that flags a pic should be made known to the person that just got flagged. So the poor victim has no recourse but to protest the flag which takes days and meanwhile the jerk flagging them gets to keep flagging them over and over! And they have nothing to fear because fubar wont tell us who is DOING it! I have never flagged a pic even ones that should be i simply message the person and let them know that they may get flagged by someone else. Something needs to change most of us came here because
Wed Aug 8
Having trouble sleeping, almost to the 5 year anniversary of Mom's death. Tomorrow Aug 9 at 1:12 pm. Woke up Tue morning at 1 am. Thought it was time for me to be on watch with Mom. Realized I have reverted to 5 years ago and felt the huge empty ache again. Went and watched tv till about 3:30, then tried to get some sleep. I guess I got about 2 to 3 hours, then was up and off to work. Here I sit now at 4:20 am afraid to go to sleep. It's gonna be a long day and Thursday will be pure hell.
Mark 16 ; Verses 15 -18
15 ; And He said to them :Go unto all the world. and preach the Gosple to every creature. 15 ;he who is babtised in Me will be saved. but he who does not belive will be condemed. 17 ;And these signs will follow those who belive, in My name ;they will cast out demons,they will speek with new tounges. 18; they will take up Thy serpents,and if they drink anything deadly,it will by no means hurt them. they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Did you know what Jesus meant when he said you destroy this temple and I can rebuild it in three days? well he meant His body was the Temple and He woulld rise up in three days.. The people mocked Jesus ans said come down from that cross save yourself ; the priest and scribes were all mocking saying He saved others ; But himself He cannot save ;Let the Christ King of Iserael , desend from the cross that we may see and belive. even those crusified with Him were reviled Him. Now the sixth hr. come, there was d
The Old Motor
The Old Motor... He's 80, she's 20. It was the stir of the town when an 80 year old man married a 20 year old girl. After a year of marriage she went into the hospital to give birth. The nurse came out to congratulate the fellow saying: "This is amazing. How do you do it at your age? "He answered, "You've got to keep the old motor running." The following year the young bride gave birth again. The same nurse said: "You're amazing! How do you do it?" He again said: "You've got the keep the old motor running." The same thing happened the next year. The nurse then said: "Well, well, well!!! You certainly are quite a man!" He responded again, "You've got to keep that old motor running." The nurse said: "Well, you better change the oil. This one's black."
Friggin A/c Is Broken...and
I really hate it when people don't respond and say they are busy but then leave profile comments and gifts fr other people, thats BS, just say they dont wanna talk and I'm cool with that. and it's sweltering in this sweatshop of an office. Penthouse suite offices overheat the fastest, and I'm getting hotter by the second!
Words To Live By :)
HellzAngel...: i decided to neither beat them (could land me in jail) nor join them (could land me in a straightjacket)... if they want my attention, they have to come to me... play gamez? sure, i'll play... but i have only one rule... i play how i want to play... all other rulez do not exist. Amen, Sister :)
What's With You?
I've been on fubar only a very short time and it seems as though that there are more men and women on here who don't bother reading profiles and decide to comment, shout and mail others who have no interest in "hooking up". I don't think they understand that NO means NO, TAKEN means TAKEN. Some are on here to meet new people, make new friends and hang out with others they've invited. Not get hit on. What those hormones are affecting the brain's function of comprehending? For those who don't, can't and wont read profiles, Don't get to moaning, groaning and complaining because you've been shot down the first time, told off the second time and blocked the third time. WHAT IS WITH YOU? For those who do read the profiles, are respectful and just want to chat, meet new hat is off to you and I respect you for it!!
My Anniversary
Yes my 15th Anniversary is in 6 days, damn never thought I'd make it although I did an very proud. My son JJ made us an Anniversary cake which I thought was the sweetest thing in the world.. :D Didn't make it till daddy got home cause of course the little ones wanted some an well I could not turn em down...
My Wish..
I love this song.... My Wish - Rascal Flatts I hope that the days come easy and the moments pass slow, And each road leads you where you want to go, And if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose, I hope you choose the one that means the most to you. And if one door opens to another door closed, I hope you keep on walkin' till you find the window, If it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile. But more than anything, more than anything, My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to, Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small, You never need to carry more than you can hold, And while you're out there getting where you're getting to, I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too, Yeah, this, is my wish. I hope you never look back, but ya never forget, All the ones who love you, in the place you left, I hope you always forgive, and you never regret, And you help somebody every chance you get, Oh, you
She Read Between The Lines
The Taming Of The Shrew Part One
"The Taming of The Shrew" Part 1 Lt Jebidiah Baile CO 1st Platoon USS Galaxy & Lt. (j.g.) Faylin McAlister JAG - Liaison Corp USS Galaxy Ten Forward ------------------------ Meeting him yet again, she sinisterly shot him a smile across the table. It was a simple expression, yet when combined with her was an expression that was deadly. Baile didn't return the smile. He sat still, looking her straight into the eyes. She was dangerous. That was the easy part. Even very dangerous. His instinct was to strike out, end it right there and that instinct had rarely taken him for a ride even before someone stole his eyes. "Don't try and hide behind sly remarks and witty comments. If you ever try and play hardball with me again you will have to step up and see just how far away Kansas really is. Is that understood?" Her smile faded, replaced by the thin line that formed her mouth. It finally hit her that he wasn't like the others. He didn't accep
Profile Music Fixed
If anyone cares .. the music player on my profile is fixed. :P !!!!!!!!!!!!
It Still Exists...
I just learned about a case of segregation-era oppression happening today in Jena, Louisiana. I signed onto's campaign for justice in Jena, and wanted to invite you to do the same. Last fall in Jena, the day after two Black high school students sat beneath the "white tree" on their campus, nooses were hung from the tree. When the superintendent dismissed the nooses as a "prank," more Black students sat under the tree in protest. The District Attorney then came to the school accompanied by the town's police and demanded that the students end their protest, telling them, "I can be your best friend or your worst enemy... I can take away your lives with a stroke of my pen." A series of white-on-black incidents of violence followed, and the DA did nothing. But when a white student was beaten up in a schoolyard fight, the DA responded by charging six black students with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murd
Kindred Spirit
(A poem I found that reminded me of my Master.) My kindred spirit, Do you doubt we’ll share, A love transcendent, And truly rare? Our souls dominion; Will give us no choice. Time will stand still, When I hear your voice. If fate has its way Your eyes will meet mine, Lost in forever We’ll travel past time. Then, long awaited Our hands will touch; Mine, fragile, soft, Yours warm and rough. No thoughts will break, Or suspend our dance. When our souls meet, We’ll be left to chance. A force of nature, Destiny shall ordain. Our will cast aside, Released from the pain. To each other's center, We will be led, Seduction upon us, Our hungers fed. My heart, for you only, My flesh will surrender, Respond to your warmth, To your touch, so tender. A coveted encounter, Fulfilled at long last, We’ll know from then on, If this will just pass. The danger for us, Will be revealed then - What might be our future, Are we lovers or friends?
This Is For The Fucker Who Called Me A Bitch Tonight
Largest Database of ImagesFor Comments And Profiles at
Angeleyes Is Doing What!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love You No More
You lost me today But still I return My body is aching For you I still yearn Blood rushing, hearts pounding The heat is on Breathing harder, moving faster The world is gone No inhibitions or love No thoughts of you Just heat and sweat Of things left to do The lust, the desire Entices me more The thought of knowing You'll never be at my door Harder, I scream As you are starting to tease No time for those games Time only to please Faster and stronger The end is so close Your hardness is fading And I am engrosed You finish, but me Alas, I'm still hot I force you down And you know the spot Your tongue, I admit I sometimes shall miss But now I am done And I leave with a kiss
Still In Atlanta.....*sob*
Well here it is....Thursday Morning 7:15 my time, 9:15 Atlanta time and I'm still here. Why did I EVER take this gig I will never know. I have been here since Sunday afternoon, and have of this day made only one trip to Knoxville and back. I have just set out a mailbox in front of my truck here at the Petro, and am thinking of maybe planting a few flowers and shrubs later. LOL Damn I'll be glad when Saturday Gets here!!! So I can turn west and Put Er' IN THE WIND!!!!!
Fear is sharp-sighted,and can see things underground,and much more in the skies. -Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote de la Mancha (1.3.6)
So You Call Yourself A Cowboy, Huh?
If you have never ridden a horse, lived on a farm, cleaned a sheath, cleared organic matter from a metastised udder (the contents of which looked, and smell like cottage cheese, everyone pukes the first time they have to do that), pulled waste from a colic horse, or been thrown from your mount in a way that you could contemplate your death as you were still airborne... If you haven't gone to the barn, and do nothing but sit and watch the dogs, cows, and horses go abut their business...if you haven't taken your horse and ridden out into the pasture, down the road, or on the range, admiring the sunset (or the dawn), and realize that there are far more important things you culd be doing, but none actually worth doing... If you're not willing to beat the living crap out of someone who speaks badly, or treats badly, your horse... then sorry, you AIN'T no cowboy. Having a hat and a harley doesnt make you a cowboy. "Hey, I'm a fighter pilot. Who cares if I haven't taken a
I Wanna Live In The South!
RULES OF THE SOUTH The 'Rules of the South' are as follows: 01.) Pull your droopy pants up. You look like an idiot. 02.) Turn your cap right, your head isn't crooked. 03.) Let's get this straight; it's called a "gravel road." I drive a pickup truck because I want to. No matter how slow you drive, you're going to get dust on your Lexus. Drive it or get out of the way. 04.) They are cattle. That's why they smell to you. They smell like money to us. Get over it. Don't like it? I-10 goes east and west, I-75 goes north and south. Pick one. 05.) So you have a $60,000 car. We're impressed. We have $825,000 cotton-pickers that are driven only three weeks a year. 06.) So every person in the south waves. It's called being friendly. Try your best to comprehend the concept. 07.) If that cell phone rings while a bunch of doves are coming in, we WILL shoot it out of your hand. You better hope you don't have it up to your ear at the time. 08.) OH YEA
Polls R Closing.....
new family is in the making , still a couple openings if u want in for access 2 nsfw pics.....cum show me ur , god i luv being me !!!
An Interesting Joke
Johnny asked his father, "Dad, when birds die, why do their feet always point upwards?" "Well, so that God can reach down, take them by the claws and pull them up into heaven." Next day when Dad got home from work, Johnny rushed over to him and said, "Gee Dad, we nearly lost Mom today." "What do you mean?" queried his father. "Well, I heard noises upstairs so I rushed up to see what was happening. There was Mom, lying on the bed with her legs pointing up while she was yelling, 'God, I'm coming.' If it hadn't been for the gardener holding her down, very tightly, we'd have lost her!!" (Father fainted for two hours!!)
Well I know that I haven't been on here in a while and I apologize, but life happened for me. I had to move into a bigger apartment. I ended up having my apartment broken into and a bunch of my stuff stolen...which I am really Pi**ed off about. Then of course I have had to deal with men who are 13 years older than myself who find it necessary to be extremely immature and know who you are!!! Any ways, the wedding has been postponed until I am done with school. I have three years to go and I'm done. :) But other than that, I will be spending the day tomorrow with my kids for my Birthday (aka. Hollyday) and I may be online for a short while over the weekend. I haven't forgotten about those near and dear on here and I hope you'll forgive my absent-ness here. Have a great weekend everyone!
Sex Joke Lmfao!
There once was a couple of newlyweds named John and Wendy. John told his wife Wendy that he wanted a tattoo! Wendy agreed a and said that would be OK. John did not know what the tattoo should say or where he would put it. So Wendy replied, "Well, if you REALLY loved me, you would get my name tattooed on your 'thingy'." John couldn't back out on that one, so he went to the tattoo parlor. The tattoo artist told him that he needed to have an erection while he put it on. After an hour of excruciating pain, the tattoo was done! As John was on his way home from the tattoo parlor he saw a rest stop and decided he needed to stop and take a leak. He went to the restroom and looked down to admire his tattoo and he noticed, that when he was not erect, the only letters that were visible, were the W and the Y. Suddenly, a big black gentleman steps into the urinal beside John and John accidentally looked down at the guy and could not help but notice that he ALSO had the letters W and
More Pics Added
Big Boned Girls
To all the big girl haters out there,I like curves.There is no such thing as a fat woman only bigger challenges to my undying libido.There isnt much difference between a big girl and a skinny girl in the bedroom except the big girls dont bounce as high. regardless of your size i like you all skinny big luscious thick tall short whatever, your all beautiful youre all people and I like people.
Brad Paisley- Ticks
Brad Paisley- Cool Online (hahahaha)
Very Concerned Over Fubar
I am not going to say anything that has not been said before. I use to find CherryTap a hell of allot of fun. When Mike started charging for services, I was a firm supporter of CherryTap and kick in what I could when I could. Hell, there was a month or two there when I paid for Blast in excess of what a VIP would have cost me. I did not mind. I thought they had a good thing. I even put up a Yahoo site to be used as a back door when Mike was doing real time up-grades and the site was crashing twice a day. As an old line Techy, I know what pulling something like this on a shoe-string all is about. It is not easy. My support has waned. That has changed. All the crap pulled by the bouncers is killing the site. I see people who have not been here as long as I have are now bouncers. I see that you have an elite click looking down on others. It is not about money, per say, it is something of a much different animal. I may not be able to name it, but this beast is an asshole now. This is no
Sometimes the choices made in Life are not the right ones and even seem wrong and unfair to others. But as a Man you stand behind your choices and the decisions you make. I have made tough choices and have been brought to task as a mean spirited person but every choice I make is made for a reason. If I choose to bring something to light that causes someone pain I am sorry for the pain but the deception that was brought out was even more painful if left untouched. Sometines a Man can only take so much and decides what would he want if he was in the other persons shoes. I might be seen as selfish but in this case I stand by what I did and would do it again. I hope that in time this person I really do not know understands that what I did was not for selfish reasons as I was hurt and I lost in this situation. I only thought that the truth needed to be shown.The Friend I betrayed only needs to look in the mirror to understand why I did what I did. When you push to long the other person fina
Need Help Comment Bombing Theze Pix Plz Help
click on each pic below and coment bomb and help out if i have not rated ur pix i will if u help me out plz? i have 2 contest pix my mom haz one and my friend ashley haz 1 plus my sis alisha jhaz 1 they r below so plz go to them and go comment bomb crazy here are mine ******************** I need a total of 7500 commentz and az of right now i have 6532 & goin up i am commenting right now ******************** I need a total of 20,000 commentz and az of right now i have 5700 & goin up i am commenting right now ********************* My Momz she needs 20,000 commentz she haz 225 right now and goin up i am commenting ******************* Ashley Needz 10,000 Commentz she now haz ******************* Alisha Needz 20,000 Comments she haz 60 az of now she haz 4519 & goin up thank u and have a awesome day ps i am sure my mom ashley & alisha will rate ur pix in return for comment bombing thier contest pic az well
Please Sign
Hello to all my Fubar Friends, this is my first blog so i decided to do its content about my guest book. I have just put one in my stash for all my Fubar friends to sign.I hope it's not too much trouble asking you to do this for me.LOL. Hugg's to everyone, Thank You, sweetbamagranni
Gettin My Butt Outta Here Tonite
Im being the brave one tonite . im going to the drive in with a BUNCH of kids . Wish me luck lol.. Hope you all have a great nite .. Muah *
Quote For August 10
Every day we should hear at least one little song, read one good poem, see one exquisite picture, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Bonus Quote: They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for. -- Tom Bodett This public service is brought to you daily by FUBAR's Yoda©, speak to you I will!
Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls Of Fire
Doobie Brothers - China Grove
Rick Springfield - Jesse's Girl
Down Raters
how many down raters do you get on a daily basic
I GOTS ME A PROMOTION! i dun prov-ed i be smartner and beddered thans anyone else!...actually they were just really short handed at my clinic and needed a tech FAST. And with all the needle sticks i did in the military they just kinda figured id be the least pain in the ass. Oh did i say promotion? i meant rectal sodomy with a 14 ft mechanical barbed dildo. I got triple the work load, skipped my breaks just so i could do my actual job while being trained, and was left to disinfect, strip down the machines, clean up the biohazard, and sign off all the computers...all of which fell second to my main job which takes time to do and i had alot of it to do right as all the fucks left me hear...i wonder if this is worth 1.25 more an hr... PS: I sound like a bitch and you would too if u had just worked a 16 hr straight w/o breaks and only being allowed 2 FUCKING CIGARETT BREAKS! ... urge to kill rising...must sooth the beast within...with...rum...shit i dont have run...fuck it ill settle fo
Why Does It Have To Be Like This???
You know that for sure that life is not to be takeing lightly!! When you lose the only love in your life you have lost about the only thing in your whole life that has ever mattered to you. You are hurting from the inside out. You feel like the whole word has gone and left you behind.No matter how people try to comfert you you still have the pain. The pain will remain. You try so very hard to moive on in your life. You have the thoughts of , what if I did this or should have done that!! Sometimes you wish you could turn back the hands of time. But we all know that that is not so. Suddenly you are inside yourself and see things different.The world is a very big place to live.You know that some of us wonder what ever will become of this world and the people in it. Why do we do the things we do, say the things we say??? You never can take back the hurt words. And yet we do it again and again. We just never seem to learn . Well I for one have learned the hard way.But God as My witness I
When A Woman Tells A Guy He Cross The Line What Does She Mean By That
when a woman tells a guy he cross the line what does she mean by that bad or good
Who Wants To Hang Out With Me In The Asheboro Area Today Aug 11th
i know this may sounds kinda stupid for me to post something like this but im just wondering who would wanna hang out with me today in the Asheboro,NC area??
Oh Heavenly Father I Pray To Thee Now For>> All Those >
The lile Girl Lost ; crys Out An I am asking Now in Thy name O lord If >>> Lord there is this little Girl hurting so , she ran away last night , she is 7 yrs old , my friends daughter in New york, she finally was found , after hours searching for her . She (the child ).. said he daddy scared her and she ran to be safe cause he scared her so. This little child hurts and is so confused , Please help her and keep her safe. Help her mommy to respond and go to a shelter with them. Im trying to ask her to do this but she isnt responding to my request. Lord if it be Thy will place it on and in her heart to seek help . Place in her heart to save herself and children. thank you O LOrd thank You.. I ask In Thy name O Lord Jesus Christ>> help this family > Amen Thank You Lord.. ~~~~ God ALmighty ~~~~~~ There are those that Grive , please help them cope O LOrd.. Lord there are those Lost , Those Hurting too . Lord there are those Ill and those , Homeless. I
Statue Of A Fool
Statue Of A Fool lyrics Somewhere there should be for all the world to see A statue of a fool made of stone The image of a man who let love slip through his hands And then just let him stand there all alone And there on his face a gold tear should be placed To honor the million tears he's cried And the hurt in his eyes would show so everyone would know That concealed is a broken heart inside So build a statue and oh build it high so that all can see Then inscribe the World's Greatest Fool and name it after me after me
What Is Domestic Violence?
What Is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence is control by one partner over another in a dating, marital or live-in relationship. The means of control include physical, sexual, emotional and economic abuse, threats and isolation. Survivors face many obstacles in trying to end the abuse in their lives although most are able to…psychological and economic entrapment, physical isolation and lack of social support, religious and cultural values, fear of social judgment, threats and intimidation over custody or separation, immigration status or disabilities and lack of viable alternatives. Increased public, legal and healthcare awareness and improved community resources enable survivors to rebuild their lives. Who Is Affected by Domestic Violence? Domestic violence occurs in every culture, country and age group. It affects people from all socioeconomic, educational and religious backgrounds and takes place in same sex as well as heterosexual relationships. Women with fewer resources
My New Niece
On August 10,2007 my sister Bonnie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl....Kaelie Rose....She was born at 11:55a.m. and weighed 8 pounds...she is so precious... she doesnt really cry she sounds like she is meowing when she cries and it is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have A Little Faith -- John Hiatt
Practical Houskeeping.
For all you Americans, Delia Smith is on of the UK's most famous cooks. Delia's Way Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice-cream drips. The Real Woman's Way Just suck the ice-cream out of the bottom of the cone, for God's sake. You are probably lying on the couch with your feet up eating it anyway. Delia's Way To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes. The Real Woman's Way Buy Smash and keep it in the cupboard for up to a year. Delia's Way When a cake recipe calls for flouring the baking tin, use a bit of the dry cake mix instead and there won't be any white mess on the outside of the cake. The Real Woman's Way Tesco's sells cakes. They even do decorated versions. Delia's Way if you accidentally over-salt a dish while it's cooking, drop in a potato slice. The Real Woman's Way If you over-salt a dish while you are cooking, that's tough sh!t. Please recite with me the Real Woman's mot
What A Song
Looking For Fun
She had spent most of the last week wishing she had stayed with him longer. Nothing seemed to take her mind off him until last night. For a very short time last night he wasn't her first thought. She hung out with people from the arty she was going to tonight and it was just fun. She didn't take anyone up on their offers of a night of passion because she really does love him. She wants to be the kind of girl who could just be a slut but that just wasn't her. She had only had one one night stand ad didn't regret it but didn't think she'd ever do it again. Listening to Tainted Love she couldn't help but think that's kinda how she felt sometimes. It seemed like everyone wanted he but the one she wanted. He actually wanted her too, he couldn't keep his hands off her when they were together but she wanted more. She loved him! She would have done anything for him. She turned her world upside down any time he needed her and was there for him. She really didnt mind but it wasn't what
Twiz Bully Woop Woop
Get your ass in here to hear DJ~TwIzLeTtE.....kickin out the wikkid shit and more.......hurry.....TwIz is waitin for YOU!!! Click pic below to get to GoThS TwIzTiD know you want to..cmon
Nsfw Prince Jesse N Crew
Come one come all and show Prince Jesse some love. He is in A Contest and Needs our Help so come and lets see those Comment Bombs. Here is the link!!
I Fall Deep For You
You make my heart sink When we talk I can't speak I can't breathe when you touch me I stutter when I talk to you My heart pounds when I see you I fall deep in love with you I miss you when your not with me It is so lonely when I do not see or hear from you I sink right into your arms when you hold me Drive me crazy every day and night Miss you so much The tender touch is missed I want and need you,I plead in my dreams for you I love you dearly My love come to me and be here for me
Always A Bridesmaid
Global temperature rising! Ice caps melting. Scientists are alarmed. Ah, the price of being a pioneer; in the current turn-based computer strategy game of Civilization II I'm playing, I've gotten this warning since A.D. 1959 game-time. I was at A.D. 2000 when I saved the game last night, and right now I'm at a delicate balance (for further details on what the heck I'm talking about, see Wednesday's blog "I'm King Of The World!") between keeping the people of my civilization happy and productive and completing the "R.S.S. David", the spaceship which will allow us to leave Earth -- one way to win the game. I don't think the other method of achieving victory, conquering every other civilization, is feasible now. I've only got twenty years game-time before the game ends anyhow. The computer players for the Persians and the French were especially crafty, building their cities on a single landmass, developing the land as much as they could, and keeping their contact with foreign c
This Was Amazing And Yes It Made Me Cry...
Marriage In Heaven...
On their way to get married, a young Catholic couple is involved in a fatal car accident. The couple find themselves sitting outside the Pearly Gates waiting for St. Peter to process them into Heaven. While waiting, dey begin to wonder: Could they possibly get married in Heaven? When St. Peter showed up, they asked him. St. Peter says, "I don't know. This is the first time anyone has asked. "Let me go find out," and he leaves. The couple sat and waited, and waited. Two months passed and the couple is still waiting. As they waited, they discussed that IF they were allowed to get married in Heaven, what was the eternal aspect of it all. "What if it doesn't work?" they wondered, "Are we stuck together FOREVER?" After yet another month, St. Peter finally returns, looking somewhat bedraggled. "Yes," he informs the couple, "you CAN get married in Heaven." "Great!" said the couple, "But we were just wondering, what if things don't work out? Could we also get a divorce in H
Im Missing You....
Only Reminds Me Of You.....
The Beach
The air was warm that evening as the couple walked hand in hand along with shoreline of the beach. They talked during the entire walk that evening, it was like they had known each other for years and they both fell right in to what the other said. They stopped and sat down on the beach, she sat between his legs and rested her back against his chest while he wrapped his strong arms around her. She sighed softly as she felt so into his body that she left that they had become one sitting there at the beach, he nuzzled her neck smelling her perfume and how wonderful she smelled. He started to kiss on her neck, planting soft kisses that made her giggle a little as he continued to go up towards her earlobe. She sighed softly as he held her still even closer, it felt like he was almost taking her breath away while his hand started to slowly massage her breasts. He couldn’t help himself from touching her, she was too irresistible and he never thought that he could ever be so into someone li
I cut and I cut, and yet I find myself still... longing for u, needing u, wanting u. Why cant I cut the feeling away? Why do I luv u? Why must u haunt me? One day maybe I will cut deep enough, and end this pain.
Omg i feel so love. Then again i feel so lost. I dont know what to feeel. So im gonna cry
Yet Another Sunrise
Wide awake and watching the sun rise yet again... I ask how many days has it been now... No sleep, no rest for the wicked... Tortured soul anguishing alone in the dark... I see a light, so very bright... I try to reach out, touch it grab ahold of it... Only to have it slip once more through my fingers... My fear has me locked in stasis... Turmoil and conflicting emotions churning... Deep inside tearing me apart... I see what I want, feel it so very strongly... Yet will my dream ever become reality??? Do I have the strength, the courage... To open up and let it in... Cast aside my fears and doubts??? Or live my life never knowing... How can I be sure??? There are no gaurantees... No promises in the midst of passion... Go with your heart... Rely on your instincts... What every essence and fiber of your being is telling you... Learn to love once again... Allow yourself to be cherished... It's what we all want... Wh
Yay! I Am Gettin' There!
I have had a very interesting past 6 months. Things have been up, down and sideways for me. I finally started getting my life on track and it seems that it will pay off in the long run. I am headed in the right direction, and it is about time. For almost a year I let things control me that should not have had the chance. Now I have dealt with my demons, faced some fears and put a plan into action to live the life I want to live. And now I know that no matter what life throws at me, I am strong enough to face it, even if I have to do it alone. That took the longest to accept. But now I won't be facing anything alone. Ben & I are back together and I couldn't be happier about that! He helped me see what I was missing in life. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to do some soul searching and find out who I am. I'm happy with who I am and where I am at this point in time. I still have some growing to do, but I think that is a never ending situation.
My Loss
I have had alot of loss in my life I lost my son in 2002 my dad in 2004 and my ex in 2005 but still have a hard time dealing with them being gone how do i move on ....I feel like i am and then like today i cry all day...just missing one of them or all of them...I want a life for me but the pain of the loss of each one of them makes it hard for me to open my heart to anyone....what can i do? love all my new friends too but know i have a issue with getting too close....hugs....Help me find my back to living...
Love In Vain
Love You To Death
Give Me All Your Love
Have A Beautiful Day
from C&T Stash Club--Seejaykaygee--
Meteor Showers Tonite .. Goin To Check It Out
Meteors Streak Across Sky Tonight By ALICIA CHANG,AP Posted: 2007-08-12 20:21:15 Filed Under: Science News (Aug. 11) - Summer's annual meteor shower promises to put on a dazzling show when it peaks this weekend - provided you're far from city lights. With no moon in sight to interfere with the Perseid meteor shower, skygazers can expect to spot streaking fireballs late Sunday into dawn Monday regardless of time zone. Astronomers estimate as many as 60 meteors per hour could flit across the sky at the shower's peak. This year's sky show comes with an added bonus: Mars will be visible as a bright red dot in the northeastern sky. "We have front-row seats this year," said Kelly Beatty, executive editor of Sky & Telescope magazine. Last year's Perseid shower was somewhat of a dud because the moon's glare washed out many of the faint meteors. This weekend's meteor shower coincides with a new moon, which means the skies will be dark and perfect for viewing meteors. E
To All Members
Well i guess its just one of those nights. I feel sad,and lonely. Ill probably end up watching a movie,falling asleep. Bye
Love Falling Apart
Hey baby how are you doing? I'm not so sure how I feel. I know that we are nearly over, but I'm no sure how to feel? I'm sick of all the tears Ive cried, and the pain is just to much. But I cant stand to lose you. I just don't think I'm that tough. No matter how upset I am. and how bad things seem to get. Every time that I'm in your arms. those nasty things I seem to forget. But I understand you now.. I was never good enough for you. And now Ive pushed you away. and I don't know what to do. You were my sun and my life. you were my laughter & my soul. I cant imagine being without you. its you who makes me whole. All this I cannot tell you. I'm scared for what will you say? I don't want this to upset you. I don't want to push you further away. I'm sorry for everything Ive done I know I don't deserve you I guess thats why we are breaking up you've come to realize it to. Well Ive woken up to myself. and I accept all the blame Its my fault I'm los
dontcha find urself laughin at a wannabe player?? i find them 2 b positively hilarious, wen they think u hav no clue and r n the dark bout everything! yet u knew their so-called game even b4 they played it. seriously, playing a game sloppy will get u caught always, u can never hide from it. wats really funny is they xpect u 2 keep blievin their lies and stories...but wats really funny is wen they tell u one thing then tell another person the complete opposite of wat u've been told...then they just leave it out there n plain sight 4 u 2 c...c'mon, they think they r all that and more, yet cant play freakin UNO right if given the chance!!! LMAO once again another amusing side 2 ppl, of which they think is 100% authentic player!!! TFF!!!!
My Account
to my friends and everyone. i am thinking of deleting my account. i have been sitting here rating people for like 2 weeks now and i have rated probably about 2,000 people. i have had maybe 6 people come back and rated me. i like to meet new people just like anyone else does. if i dont start getting anything by friday i will be deleting my account. sorry to my friends.
Left Handers Day
For any lefties out there, myself included, August 13th is officially left handers day! Check it out online!!
Quitterdon't Even Know How Many Times I've Wanted To Quit My Job In Last 2 Years
Don't even know how many times I've wanted to quit my job in the last 2 years........Too many to count..LOL...But I have stuck it out just the same.....So,you can call me a loser or most anything else,but never call me a quitter.......Got my 4% raise today,oh yeah!
Team Shirts
I'm so excited the shirts for my paranormal team came in today and they look awesome! I can't wait to wear them. :) I'll take a picture with it on to show everyone soon!
Come Join And Talk To Me!
Poem 4
Ticking Time by Megan An evil reigns among this great place Sweeping up those he does make haste Limited on time he's in a huge race To demolish all who are in his space, Watching carefully you will see All the damage done to you and me Ingesting us all he won't let you be Because hes upset and angry with thee, Only one greater, than him will win Because hes almighty and bigger than sin Time is ticking and running real thin Till his return for his very own kin
Mr.fubar Contest
Well i entered my first contest just to prove to myself something(sigh),So far i had 43 comment,and i been asking somefriend to commeent bomb my picture.Some friends,Oh well can't force them to help anyways.I guess i always will fail in life.I entered some contest in my life thou,like the art contest,and still i lose.I guess i have no winner soul in me.Oh well thanks to the people that did comment on my picture,but i guess i'll just give up and leave it alone.Anyways here the link to my picture contest if you want to comment bomb it,and rate it. Just click on it and it'll take you their.Thank and i a preciate the help.
Support Our Troops Contest Winners!!
First off, I have to say that I am extremely touched by everyone that talked to me during the support our troops contest. I have heard some good stories. While I was never in the military I was brought up in a military family and have an unwavering love for all of those that are serving our country. They are your Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Husbands, Wives, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, but most of our they are Our troops. They are the ones out there fighting for the very freedoms we hardly notice. They are willing to put thier lives on the line for people who hate them because of what they are. The are the embodiement of freedom and the foundation of our country. Take a moment next time you see someone in uniform and thank them. Show them you love them. Tell them Thank you for serving all of us! Okay here are the winners of the contest. The winner of the prize for the most comments is! The winner of the prize for most rates is! T
3800 To Level
SHOW SOME LOVE ~Cyanide Dolls~ *D0llH0Us3 ReS1D3nT P0rNAgrApH3r*@ fubar
Tag Game I Made Up Lol
Sendin My Luv
Hot Myspace Comments
Stumbling through, every action a chore, even pleasures take such effort, failing my community, failing even me, failing family, just by being as I am. Lost and cold, isolated, old, zombie me, back again, bloodshot eyes, flaky skin, falling dead again, seeing red again, living dead again...
My Little Sis
she is 40 and has terminal cancer . she was getting kemo but today they said no more kemo now we r just waiting not good she did wiegh 150 now 75 pounds ill post a pic of her later thanks
She Wants It
Something special, Unforgetable, 50 Cent (cent), Justin (tin), Timbaland (land), god damn (damn) She she, she want it, I want to give it to her She know that, it's right here for her I want to, see her break it down I'm ballin', throw'n money around Verse 1 (50 & JT): She work it girl, she work the pole She break it down, she take it low She fine as hell, she about the dough She doing her thing out on the floor Her money money, she makin' makin' Look at the way she shakin' shakin' Make you want to touch it, make you want to taste it Have you lustin' for her, go crazy face it Now don't stop, get it, get it The way she shakin' make you want to hit it Think she double jointed from the way she splitted Got you're head f**ked up from the way she did it She's so much more than you're used to She know's just how to move to seduce you She gone do the right thing and touch the right spot Dance in you're lap till you're ready to pop She always ready, when you wa
Today On World Rock Radio
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So today I'm supposed to get a call back from Mr. Gailey (the lawyer who I interviewed for yesterday) about the job either way. I was told that it was down to me and one other person. He had his secretary give me the "rundown" of things, and even had me sit on her pc and show me some legal forms, etc. Now, I know that it'd be a good job for me, because lets face it I'd be great at working 9-4 on a pc..However, there are so many downfalls I'm not sure I could handle it. I mean, you get paid once a month. Yes you heard me right, once every 30 days. So if I were to start now, I wouldnt get my first paycheck until Mid September. Sure, it'd be a $1,300 paycheck but all my bills would come out of that one lump sum, and youd be adding car insurance and gas to that toll as well...I'm not sure I could handle that responsibility financially. On top of that, since you are the only person there under NO circumstances can you miss work. If you're sick, there's an emergency, for whatever reason you
How Are You Today?
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m Is For Sure Me
----------JANUARY------------------- Easy to talk to, though hard to understand. Thinks far with vision, yet complicated to know. Easily influenced by kindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having lots of ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills. Talkative. Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Abiding. Able to show character. one guy/girl kind of person. Loveable. Easily hurt. Prone to getting colds. loves music. pretty/handsome. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Sensitive. Down-to-Earth. Stubborn. A fighter. Repost this in 5 mins and you will meet someone new in 8 days that will perfectly balance your personality. ----------FEBRUARY-------------------- Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. sexiest out of everyone. Temperament
This Was Just Too Funny I Had To Share It With Everyone
Pre-Booty Call Agreement This pre-booty call agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is entered into on the _______(DD/MM/YY) by ___________ (fill in name) and _____________ (fill in name (if known)). This agreement shall cover the following rules and principles: 1. No sleeping over -- unless it is very good and we need to repeat it in the morning. 2. No meeting in public except for dinner or drinks before the events of the evening. 3. No calls before 9pm -- we don't have anything to talk about. 4. None of that "lovemaking" crap -- only sex allowed. 5. No emotional discussions (i.e. Where are we heading with this? Do you love me?) The answer is no, so don't ask. 6. No plans made in advance -- that is why you are called the "backup," unless you're from out-of-town, then it's only a one-time advanced arrangement. 7. All gifts accepted -- including money. 8. No baby talk -- however, dirty talk is encouraged. 9. No asking for comparisons with former lovers
I want to cut my skin again I want to see the oozing red I want these feelings to be fed pain and scratches, veins are bled Dull the hurt and shut my eyes Feel the pain that I contrive Remind me I am indeed alive Feeling of peace must soon reside Need to let it out, let it go See the blood and watch it flow Mix it with my tears and see the show My drama, the peace it helps me know But why bother, nothing changes I could do it all and still be hating this life I feel, it's all abating Left right back here and I'm still waiting But all peace is gone and I can't find A safe place in my mind to hide I'm sitting here, I wonder why All my life... I've wanted to die.
Mandy (part 2)
The next morning I showered, got dressed, and went off to work. By late morning, I couldn't think anymore. I told my assistant to cancel my afternoon meetings and that I was going to take Friday afternoon off. I raced back to Jack and Kimmie’s in my truck and drove into the garage. I jumped out and walked inside to the kitchen and over to the patio door. I looked out the window and across the pool. There she was...lying down in the same lounge chair. I hustled upstairs and changed my clothes into my swim trunks and a tank top. My cock was hard and making a tent in my boardshorts. I went back downstairs and walked out the patio door and around the pool to where Mandy was laying down. In just a couple of days her skin had gotten several shades darker. It was hot outside and the beads of sweat were glistening in the sunlight on her beautiful, darkened skin. My eyes scanned across her body...from her cute pink toenails up her perfect calves to her nice firm thighs to her little bikini bot
Scream Of The Butterfly
by Acid Bath. A creature made of sunshine, Her eyes were like the sky, Rabbit howls like something old, As we twitch to a lullaby, The scapel shines in god's sunshine, The Streetlights whisper pain, Down here near the poison stream, Our god has gone insane. She smiles like a child with flowers in her hair, With blood on her hands, Into the sun she stares, She feels it die, I heard her cry. She smiles like a child with flowers in her hair, With blood on her hands, Into the sun she stares, She feels it die, I heard her cry... Like the scream of the butterfly. Sunshine in the house of flames, She loves it where she gets it, But it's never felt the same, Surgery, in the house of dissection, When your candle burns out I'll resurrect you, She runs, Through fields of daisies, Yeah, it's just a shame that they eat their own babies, Who cares, Cos the air is free, When you get there will you kiss the dead for me? There's blood on the moon and the summer
Falling Apart
She was so tired. She knew it had to be the emotional stress she was under. She slept a good bit the night before. She had even tried to nap earlier but couldn't. She was just drained. She had come home to recharge and hide from it all for a little while. Now there was as much stress at home as there was everywhere else. Her mother was sick. She was going to lose the only parent she had. Her mind just wouldn't let her come to terms with this. She didn't know how she would go on without her mother. For all the problems her mom was often her closes friend, when she was hurt or sick she wanted her mommy and now she was losing her. She wasn't sure she had ever felt so alone. Her friends were there for her but she still felt cold and empty. He couldn't even make her feel better. She really didn't know what to do anymore. She knew that when it was all over she would run away and hide from the world. She just didn't know where she was going or
Story Of My Life I Luv U Guys :)
Daily Horoscope: Libra For August 15,2007 Someone close really needs you to hear them out. The problem might have nothing to do with you, but you're such a good listener that they know they can figure it out with your quiet assistance.
Yngwie Who?*
(Originally posted to my "real" blog on 5/17/06. Want the link? Throw me a shout.) It's been pretty stressful around the office lately. We're a very small firm, but every single matter in our caseload is worth seven figures or higher. We have two cases in particular that are very high profile in the metro Detroit area. We're in the newspaper a lot lately. We work very hard here. We put in a ton of hours. Recently, I'd come into the office 41 days in a row, and I'm far from the only one that does that. Monday night, we were hard up against a filing deadline. Mama Cat, Daddy Mac and I were here until after 11 PM, and as a result, we were feeling pretty drained on Tuesday. I was looking forward to an early night - home by 8:00 at the latest, then probably dozing off with the puss perched on my chest, purring contentedly. The puss, that is. I can't purr worth a damn. At 5:08, my phone rings. It's Mama Cat. "8:00 tonight. Yngwie Malmsteen at the Royal Oak Music Theater. Ar
I am having surgery tomorrow. Everyone please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!!! Thanks Sheli
Its Hard When A Loved One Is Sick.
It's hard leaving you. You just lay there knowing your life is going to be over soon. I can tell it's going to be shortly. Seeing you like this is hurting me so much. You hold my hand as if wanting me to join you on your journey. I try to take my hand from you, but its hard. Especially since I dont know when the next time I will be with you is going to be. I hear you mumble"no matter what I will always love you." Feeling the tears flowing down my face. Several days have passed and so have you. You may not be around, but I feel you. No matter what I love you to.
My Bday!
Well.... im 23 today! Gonna head to memphis and party it up! Show me some love yall... im gettin old.. lol
Check Out A Couple Songs We Did...and Comment!!!
this is me on fiddle, my buddy Scott on guitar...just hit next to hear the other song..leave comments.. Here is some music me and my buddy did..i hope you like it..please comment too.. theres two songs..just hit ntext to hear the other one.. Its me on fiddle, my buddy on guitar..
Tears Dont Fall
He Only Needs 3,670 To Level Up
Of My~~@ fubar
Just Thinkin Out Loud
Why do men feel they need to play games??? I know women do it too, don't get me wrong, but men just can't frigen be honest.. They gotta hide relationships from u. Not sure why they do, but damn it's frustrating....Can't we all just be honest and live normal lives????? Why all th ecat and mouse games, or playin with each others hearts? It's so sad....Is there anyone with an honest relationship? Where they are truley happy and content? No lies, no games? I doubt it, maybe I am wrong...
Young In New Orleans
Young in New Orleans bby Charles Bukowski starving there, sitting around the bars, and at night walking the streets for hours, the moonlight always seemed fake to me, maybe it was, and in the French Quarter I watched the horses and buggies going by, everybody sitting high in the open carriages, the black driver, and in back the man and the woman, usually young and always white. and I was always white. and hardly charmed by the world. New Orleans was a place to hide. I could piss away my life, unmolested. except for the rats. the rats in my small dark room very much resented sharing it with me. they were large and fearless and stared at me with eyes that spoke an unblinking death. women were beyond me. they saw something depraved. there was one waitress a little older than I, she rather smiled, lingered when she brought my coffee. that was plenty for me, that was enough. there was something about that city
Soldier Packed A Lot Of Life In 24 Years
MAHOMET – Army Spc. Justin Penrod didn't have much time for dating as a teen, his mother says, because he cared for his older brother, a quadriplegic who lived on his own. In between his service in the Army National Guard and his enlistment in the regular Army, Spc. Penrod had a job fixing air-conditioners for P&P Service Center in Mahomet. In 2004, a customer introduced Spc. Penrod to the customer's daughter, Christina Whittington; within a couple of months, they were married, just in time for Spc. Penrod to head off to Iraq. The couple have an 8-month-old son, Colin. Spc. Penrod crammed a lot of life and a little mischief into his 24 years, before he was killed Saturday when a bomb in Baghdad went off as he and his infantry buddies chased after a sniper. It was the second tour in Iraq for Spc. Penrod, who friends say had a lifelong interest in the military, helping the less fortunate and "getting into trouble." His mother, Tina Tuttle of Danville, said that as a you
i’ve kissed someone: [x] on the cheek. [x] on the lips. [x] on their hands or fingers. [x] in my room. [x] in their room. [x] of the opposite sex. [ ] of the same sex [x] a little younger than me. [x] a little older than me. [x] with black hair. [x] with curly hair. [x] blonde hair [x] brown hair [x] blonde hair and blue eyes. [x] with red hair [x] with straight hair. [x] shorter than me. [ ] with a lip ring. [x] who i truly love/loved. [x] who was drunk. [ ] who was high. [x] in the morning. [x] right after waking up [x] just before bed. [x] late at night. [x] who I had just met. [x] who I really didn’t want to kiss. [x] while i was going out with some else. [x] on a bed. [ ] in a graveyard. [x] at school. [x] against a wall. [x] at a show. [ ] at the beach. [x] in a pool. [x] who was/is a good friend. [x] in the rain. [ ] with an std. [x] in the shower/tub [x] in a car/taxi/bus. [x] on a plane. [x] in the movies. [x] in a bathroom. [x] in
What Ifs *they Can Kill Ya*
its kilin' me so i have to get all of them out... please bear with me... what if i dont get the job? what if the financial aid doesnt come thru? what if i run out of money? what if i cant pay barb back? what if i cant get daycare? what if i get sick? what if noone with hire me? what if the truck breaks? what if i can't pay rent? what if i cant afford an internet connection? what if there is something wrong with stella? what if i cant sell the massage table? what if i sell it but its not enough? what if i cant start school? what if i cant move into a bigger place? what if i cant get a job? what if the only job i can get is in downtown dallas - what do i do with reece? do i send him to 360 or back to the bgc? what if he doesnt adjust to school? what if i have so screwed up my life that this time i cant get it back together? what if i have a breakdown? what if i cant get out of this depression? what if i start to cry - which i really want to - but cant stop? what if i get a job!!?lol w
Bohemian Rhapsody
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and see, I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy, Because I'm easy come, easy go, Little high, little low, Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to me, to me Mama just killed a man, Put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger, now he's dead Mama, life had just begun, But now I've gone and thrown it all away Mama, ooh, Didn't mean to make you cry, If I'm not back again this time tomorrow, Carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters Too late, my time has come, Sends shivers down my spine, body's aching all the time Goodbye, ev'rybody, I've got to go, Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth Mama, ooh, I don't want to die, I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all I see a little silhouetto of a man, Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very fright'ning me (Galileo) Galileo
Ppl Aways R Asking Why Does Our Lord Let Bad Happen>?>>
I havent any answers; I can tell you this; I dont question The Lord. God He gave a great sacrifice to save us; His Son came and honnored Thy father to die; To save us . This was greatest love of all; In faith Jesus Christ did this; Hopeing we would belive have a great faith in him and trust in him too..;Our Lord be in Jesus veins and Jesus was of a human woman to Mary . So God came to Our earth Thru Jesus . He Let his only Son die for us ; Shouldn,t we love Him as much to do the same ;If we ask in Jesus name and have a great faith that he resurrectes us; From all death and sin in a new body, and new life to serve him this will be so in His name Jesus Christ.. ;Well never want for anything ; Our Father can give us all..we,ll have no needs that we wont be given ,and no hurt or suffering ever again; He took on all our sins , dying on that cross. he paid our price for sin . Thru him we be saved ,if we belive He gave us a way to be saved eternally thru Him if
Funnny!! I'm Albertan
An Albertan, a little man, was sitting at a bar in Toronto when this Huge, burly American guy walks in. As he passes the Albertan, he Hits him on the neck knocking him to the floor. The big, burly Yank says, "That's a karate chop from Korea." Well, the little Albertan gets back on his barstool and resumes drinking his beer. The burly American then gets up to go to the bathroom and, as He walks by the Albertan, he hits him on the other side of the neck And knocks him to the floor. "That's a judo chop from Japan", He says. The little Albertan decides he's had enough and leaves. A half hour later he comes back and sees the burly American Sitting at the bar. He walks up behind him and whacks him on the Head, knocking him out. The Albertan says to the bartender, "When He wakes up, tell him that was a fuckin' hockey stick from Canadian Tire."
Die, Die My Darling
Hater Alert ------------lol
Happy Birthday To All August And September Fubar Members And Friends
rock on and enjoy from C&T Stash Club-- Seejaykaygee--
Pillar - Frontline
~dream Girl~
I see this pretty brunette in my dreams She is every where that my boyfriend is in my dreams We know that she isn't real or is she? I would loved to know who she is This girl is making me bite my tongue as hard as I can She must be telling me something or wants to give me her heart. When I dream of her she is all I think about I just wanna know her name an what she is wanting or needing? This lovely girl is a meaning to me My thoughts are on her constantly I don't want to feel lost when I make love to my boyfriend I want to know she is This pretty girl must be something meaningful to be in me and my boyfriends dreams But who is she? Where is she located? Tons of questions that can't be answered I do want the answers about this lovely girl This girl is a mystery in my life
Omg I am so depressed, I have court tommorow for what my rotten ass ex husband did to me...I am so nervous, I know he aint gonna get much, justice system sucks big time....Men can do whatever they want to women and get away with it, its so frigen damn sickning!!!! I'm bitchin I know, just worried on what is gonna happen, and typin random thoughts
For You!
Have A Reason, A Purpose For Living? Does Each Breath Count, Or Is It A Missed Chance? When The Time Arrives, Will You Sit Or Dance? Who Would You Do Anything For, Everything For? Who Will You Laugh For, Cry For? Who Are You Willing To Live For, Die For? For You,Theres Nothing I Wouldnt Do, Turn Night Into Day,All For You, Whatever It Takes To See You Through. I'll Give You A Reason, A Purpose. I'll Breathe For You, When Its Not Enough. When The Times Comes, With You I'll Dance, I'll Give You Anything, Everything I Can. I'll Laugh For You, And I'll Cry With You, I'll Live For You, And I'll Die For You. When Times Make It Hard To Forget, Remember,Everything I Lived For, All That I Have Been,Was For You.
Hmmm Life
I just wish I can have the fairy tale life. Everything being brought to me and I don't have to do a damn thing in the cleaning department of life. I wish I could have it easy like other people do. I know that never is going to happen. I have many dreams and wishes that have not come to true yet. I just wish it would already. Many of my friends would understand exactly what I am talking about but, if you don't well then just ask.
Update On Previous Blog.......
In the last blog I was rambling on about a magic genie's lamp. I listed out what my 3 wishes would be. Well I have to update/change a couple of those. I still want that little place in the country. Wow. I think that would be great to live out there. A co- worker, who is a city person mentioned the other night that they didn't like the sound of crickets. Well the thing is you never hear to many of them around were I live, here in town. Go out to my parents house and there is a symphony of them. I think that sound is peaceful. The parts I was going to update was the job. Yeah I still would want to work at Caterpillar but I guess I don't necessarily need that now. I have currently found another job and I start on the 27th of this month. I hope it is a good one. I don't know if it stacks up to Caterpillar but it is definitely better then what I am doing now. The other thing I wanted to change was the women of my dreams. I put that I was interested in the women that my friends introduced m
The Flowers
The Flowers The flowers are crying While people are dying The sky is falling While children are whining The bodies are piling While the birds keep flying The clouds are churning The sky turns black My stomach is burning Constantly yearning For pain to release my soul Minds are screaming Get me away Take me away Get me out of here Take me away from it all Everything seems all wrong Everything goes all wrong No matter what I do The flower are crying While the people are dying The sky is falling Now I am whining -J.Bendiksen
Some Bad News
i am on dial up for about two weeks so i will not be on that much cause it is too damn slow and it pisses me off and if i get pissed off too much i will end up punching the moniter and that wont be good cause i will end up being off longer than two weeks so i will see u guys when i get on wich will be gere and there....that goes for jenn...aka...angel1111 too...
Corporate Ghetto
You know you are CORPORATE GHETTO ...... if two or more of the following are true: 1.. You don't officially start working in the morning until you get your breakfast from the kitchen and read your emails. 2.. You have at least one drawer/cabinet that contains more food than office supplies. 3.. Not only do you know all the security guards, janitors and cafeteria workers, one of them has asked you out on a date. 4.. Your version of a conference call is when you call your friends and plan what you are doing for the weekend. 5.. The only time your man/woman picks you up from work is on payday. 6.. Friends and family members call you at work to cuss you out because you didn't answer your phone quick enough. 7.. You paint your nails at your desk. 8.. When you are on a personal call you, laugh so loud your co-workers on the other side of the office come and ask you what's so funny. 9.. You have pictures on your wall with you and your friends a
Sage Advice From A Friend!
As Ben Franklin said: In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria. In a number of carefully controlled trials, scientists have demonstrated that if we drink 1 liter of water each day, at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli, (E. coli) - bacteria found in feces. In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop. However, we do NOT run that risk when drinking wine & beer (or tequila, rum, whiskey or other liquor) because alcohol has to go through a purification process of boiling, filtering and/or fermenting. Remember: Water = Poop, Wine = Health Therefore, it's better to drink wine and talk stupid, than to drink water and be full of shit. There is no need to thank me for this valuable information : I'm doing it as a public service.
Where We Stand....
I wanted to turn and walk away. That is no longer an option, you made sure of that. Now we have come to this...and make no mistake I will not hold back..... My anger for what you have done to me and others will now fuel the pain you are about to recieve. I will not hold back on inch..... Your cry of pain is now a beautiful harmony in my ears. I want the world you dwell in to know why this is happening and if they do not heed these actions the same fate awaits them. My blood is filled with pure hate and rage. I will not hold back this time..... And by the slim chance that you live thru this, I will forgive you and you can leave. But, those chances are few and not likely going to happen this time. Look into the soul you helped destroy. The monster you help create. I will not hold back this time.......
Family Guy..peter And Lois Nude On The Couch
Family Guy W.hip
Quote For August 17 (sorry Been Gone So Long)
The man for whom time stretches out painfully is one waiting in vain, disappointed at not finding tomorrow already continuing yesterday. -- Theodor Adorno Bonus Quote: Is it all ready? Right. Come on then. Back to creation. We mustn't waste any more time. They'll think I've lost control again and put it all down to evolution. The Supreme Being, Time Bandits
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