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We are meant to be... Silence is what came out of me I can’t imagine life without thee. I’m not convinced that this is the end I don’t know if my heart can mend. I want to be there for you and comfort your soul But you are afar and only my words of Love can console. You are truly an Angel that came from above But it’s not time for You to fly like a dove. We have many plans to accomplished … You and I Let’s cherish the moments that We have and not cry. For like the song says We don’t know about tomorrow Where we’ll end up but let’s cast away our sorrows. Let Love & Faith lead Us the way All I want is to wake up beside You…look into your eyes …say softly that I Love You with each passing day. Let's not dwell on this ...I really miss the scent of your smell...Til We meet again Luisito...Get well.
Remeber Me
REMEMBER me when I am gone away, Gone far away into the silent land; When you can no more hold me by the hand, Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay. Remember me when no more day by day You tell me of our future that you plann'd: Only remember me; you understand It will be late to counsel then or pray. Yet if you should forget me for a while And afterwards remember, do not grieve: For if the darkness and corruption leave A vestige of the thoughts that once I had, Better by far you should forget and smile Than that you should remember and be sad.
day after day,month after month,year after year i feel the tear the tear that comes down when i think of you....i wonder how ur doing i wonder how you look i wonder if someday i will get to see how you look....the years have gone by and yet when i of you i cry...i miss you so much but i did what i had to do and that was the best thing i could have done...nowi regret it but ur in my heart forever....
Re Fat Women And Sex
fat women are like a fine wine and pizza thay can be hot and sexy and then thay can be soo hottt that i cant get them out of my mind at all
With One Decision My Life Was In Ruins
You've probably heard some version of what all has gone on with me. To be honest, the majority was lies, thought up by my family as a ploy. Because of the lies they have spread I've lost people in my life I always thought would be there. My life, most recently, has begun to crash down. I'll admit I made a bad choice, but no one gave me the time to explain them the actual situation they just continued on with their own assumptions and this is why I am in the current situation. I no longer have people to call friends, no one will even give me the time of day, and in search of people once in my life I've had more than one door slammed on my face from people closest to me. If this wasn't bad enough, I find out three weeks ago I have cervical cancer. So at this point I am left without support in my life, without connections, without my health, and I am left stunned, shocked and exhausted.     
Without You
Without You Really Here I know I didn't show you how I really feel I know what you needed from me was something real I wasted a whole lot of time Made you work for every moment you could steal If given the chance, I'd show you it's real Real love, real attention never miss the chance to mention How I really love you How I really need you How you're really the one That gets me through every real laugh every real tear How little my life means without you really here I know a second chance is the last thing I deserve I was the one who turned his back on you locked you out of my world Now with you gone I see that you are everything to me All I want is the chance to show you what can be, is... Real love, real attention never miss the chance to mention How I really love you How I really need you How you're really the one That gets me through every real laugh every real tear How little my life means without you really here It's funny how it too
Poor Spending
While I was away at OCS, my wife was working very hard.  She spent nearly $400 simply eathing out.  I've started looking at all those little trips to Wal-Mart, Sears and Target for various items.  When I came home it was nice to have a place a little bit newer but we didn't need this crap.  I've been laid off of civilian work and unless the National Guard was sending me to another school or put me on temp orders I have no income.  So we desperately needed to save what we could while I was at school. Now here I am totally up all those little trips.  To her credit about $120 is for our little girl due Sep21.  However WTF is up with the other $?  Really, we could not afford for nearly a grand spend on this crap!  I was away at arguably the toughest school mentally the Army has & 3rd hardest physcially (SF & Rangers my hats off to you!).  So, while I was getting my teeth kicked in she was out enjoying the fruits of my 8 wks of straight 20-21hr days. I'm sick.  I don't think I've ever fel
40 Mistakes
1) NOT KISSING FIRST. Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like you're paying by the hour and trying to get your money's worth by cutting out nonessentials. A proper passionate kiss is the ultimate form of foreplay. 2) BLOWING TOO HARD IN HER EAR. Admit it, some kid at school told you girls love this. Well, there's a difference between being erotic and blowing as if you're trying to extinguish the candles on your 50th birthday cake. That hurts. 3) NOT SHAVING. You often forget you have a porcupine strapped to your chin which your rake repeatedly across your partner's face and thighs.When she turns her head from side to side, it's not passion, it's avoidance. 4) SQUEEZING HER BREAST. Most men act like a housewife testing a melon for ripeness when they get their hand on a pair. Stroke, caress, and smooth them. 5) BITING HER NIPPLES. Why do men fasten onto a woman's nipples, then clamp down like they're trying to deflate her body via her breasts
So...I have this metal spray bottle. accidentally laid in a left over from a silver cleaning liquid. Now it has dark brown stains all over it, not sure if it corroded, or pxidized, or what.   Any ideas on what happened and how to get rid of it? :(
Looking For Good Lady Friend In Pa
is there any ladys in pa whant to chat with me if so e mail me at  am in bethlehem pa
Tuesday's Pakistan Vocabulary Word Of The Day
Today's word is "obsequious."  No, let's make that the word of the year. Its cultural, I know.  It shouldn't bother me.  It does.   Typical conversation with one of my employees.  "Yes, yes boss.  Yes sir, please kindly necessarily as you wish sir. Thank you, thank you. Of course, of course.  Please."  I thought I asked a yes or no question?
For The Z-squad
Please show as much love to these members as possible they deserve it thanks!     Kally aka "Queen of Hearts"@ fubar Ernest aka "King of Hearts" ♥ R/L Husband of Kally aka "Queen of Hearts"@ fubar Sm00tchie Co-Owner @ SINS OF EVIL@ fubar
Beautiful, Well Endowed Women Wanted
i wanna make a best breast of fubar folder.  any women out there wanna see how u stack up just let me know.  big or small, covered or exposed all r welcome. 
My Heart
ok so i want all to know she makes me feel so happy have not felt this way in a such long time she has touched my heart so and i am loving every minute we have with each other anything she does  makes me smile i long for her touch i long to hear her voice i long for her kiss i am so twitterpated thank you for touching my heart the way you have
The Real Number Of Members On Fu
 As with anything numbers or statistics that are placed on anything one must remember that there are 2 that stick out in the mind. The REAL NUMBER and THE INFLATED NUMBER. There are claimed to be 3.5 Million Members on FuBar. I beleive there may be in the neighborhood of 3.5 Million accounts but, I have some questions.  How many of these accounts are subtracted from the real numbers when they are deleted ?  How many accounts are fake, meaning that they do not have salutes ? that a member having a verified email and salute has, so that they can obtain some level or stalk accounts from which they have been blocked?  I am positive that if you get down to the REAL numbers that one will find that there are maybe 65 to 75 percent of the 3.5 Million accounts that are actually real. People can say that I am critical and maybe that I should leave Fu if I have nothing good to say but, I stay for the the fun and amusement of it all. I will never forget that I met the Love of Life here, Clas
Mom Please Don't Go, Not This Way
if I seem not myself lately its because my mother has been the hospital with an some kind of bacterial infection in her blood that has traveled to her face and making it way to her brain the doctors have been giving her antibiotics left and right but it doesn't seem to be working and morphine for the pain  the Doctor told us if this makes it to her brain it will one leave her brian dead or two kill her either one she is dead and i am having a very hard time handling this i lost my grandmother to ganggreen poising that went through out her body and brain which was my moms mother  i can't handle losing my mom the same way at the same age her mother did and my grandmother so i'm asking my friends here please i can use your support in anyway shape or form   drowning in my tears pynkcherry 
The Dog And Pony Show
So I made it through the "big day." Dog and pony show is complete.  I'm a fucking hero for pulling it off.  What a farce.  Basically what can ebe described as "disaster tourism."  The Pakistani culture is amusing.  Its even more amusing when you watch them bullshit clueless Americans.  Particulary when the people bullshitted are Presidential appointees.  I am actually starting to like these people.  I will never, however, get used to seeing a family of 5 on a motorbike.  So my friend Phil cracks me up.  He started explaining the concept of gay marriage to one of our drivers, just to see the poor guy's head explode.  Completely beyond his ability to comprehend.  Honestly, the best way to deal with the Pakistanis is to fuck with them.  They actually appreciate it.
I can’t be anything other than I am. That seems to be problematic as of late.You see it’s like this …I’m changing my name to Goldie.It seems to fit me better.Kind of ironic since I don’t seem to fit anywhere at the moment.I’m too talkative for you.Too quiet for her.I’m too aggressive for him.I’m too reserved for them.It seems lately I’m always too tall, too short, too fat, too pale, too whatever it is you don’t want.Too far away …Too close to your heart …But I remind myself that Goldie needed what was right for her as well …Your porridge is too cold.Your chair is too small.Your bed is too soft.It’s all about the “just right.”
I'll be deleting this account today ... I DO have another one. if you would like the link please ASK me for it.   No offense but I've got some creepy people on this one that need to be weeded out.  
Lets Make Love Tonight
Good One
Walking, waitingAlone without a careHoping, and hatingThings that I can't bareDid you think it's cool to walk right up To take my life and fuck it upWell did youWell did youI see hell in your eyesTaken in by supriseTouching you makes me feel aliveTouching you makes me die insideWalking, waitingAlone without a careHoping, and hatingThings that I can't bareDid you think its cool to walk right up To take my life and fuck it upWell did youI hate youI see hell in your eyesTaken in by supriseTouching you makes me feel aliveTouching you makes me die insideI've slept so long without youIt's tearing me apart, tooHow to get this farPlaying games with this old heartI've killed a million petty soulsBut I couldn't kill youI've slept so long without youI see Hell in your eyesTaken in by supriseTouching you makes me feel aliveTouching you makes me die inside I see Hell in your eyesTaken in by supriseTouching you makes me feel aliveTouching you makes me die inside
Fate And Circumstances
As words flow across the screen,Relationships are discussedPositions dreamed,Frustration intensifies.You say fate has brought us togetherBut circumstances are keeping us apartWill fate and circumstances ever let us be as one?
Life Is Going To Be Hell
Wow, a lot has gone on in the last 24 hours. . . I started my Networking Tech (Net+) training on Monday, September 21, 2009, which went pretty well. Sure it may have gone better if I could have counted, 4 never comes after 1, what was I thinking? Today, Tuesday, September 22, 2009, I was told that my sister, brother-in-law, and niece are moving in, due to the fact that they are losing their house. I don't think I am going to be able to do this. A lot of things are going to have to change, with me, like. . . No more walking around in my towel after my shower. No more fully clean clothes, thanks to the fact that they have a dog! (I am not a dog person, I'm not a pet person!) No more thinking that I can be on whatever site I want, even if I am in my bedroom, due to the fact that my niece thinks she can come in whenever she wants. No more having my own clothes. My sister thinks that my clothes can be worn by her whenever without asking.
"We've managed to muddle through the awkward stages of 'I like you and you like me' and when we both said yes, life became a multiple choice test. Not knowning anything, we became each other's best guess and holding your hand is less like exploration and more like discovery.... I don't have to study you to be sure, you're the choice I made before I knew what the other choices were." From "Apology" by Shane Koyczan
Your touch is like silk , Rolling off my sikin, Your essensce taunting , Lingering an daunting Your name is like the stars , written across the heaves, And every breath you take suroundes me in velvetYour love is like the wind, I can hear it rustle in the leavesI can see it in garden , It brightnes every springIts written on my soul running through my vains , Your names the only word , that makes me feel this way . Your presence winding Like a magic spell , It must be witch craft , The ways you make me feel. In dreamworld I hold you , Untill my body wakes , My spirt longing for you , Untill every Fiber achesAlthough the pendulum swings, The minutes never seem to change , Nothing never seems to give, Nothing ever seems to break. Eternity .harmony, all the things that you bring to me
Dizzy Spell
please dont rank my pics less then a 6 please show respect like i allways do to you all!!! please rank my pics with the 6 or more ty and god loves us all...
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What Type Do You Fall For?
You Fall for the Sensitive and Romantic Type You are a bit of an idealist when it comes to love, and you want to be with a partner who appreciates romance as much as you do. You know you've found your soulmate when you're with someone you'd die for. You believe in sacrificing everything for true love, if necessary. A simple "I love you," kiss, or even look can sweep you off your feet. You tend to get lost in the moment. You believe in happy endings, and you're looking for a prince or princess willing to ride off into the sunset with you. What Type Do You Fall For? Blogthings: A Fine Line Between Insight and Stupidity lol
Cleveland, OH (AP) - A seven-year old boy was at the center of a Cuyahoga County courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulation requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible.. The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried and said that they also beat him. After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him After two recesses to check legal references and confer with the child welfare officials, the judge granted
Single Mommys=nothing But Goldigging Worthless Tramps
single mommys are like dogshit at bottom of the barrel. all they are looking for is a free meal ticket.
Ok It's Naughty... And I Really Hope It Doesn't Offend Anyone... But You Have Been Warned... Don't Like It, Don't Read Any Further :p
OK, so this is what I write... enjoy! (it's not finished yet lol) LA VIE BOHEME   You had left me to entertain myself while you went to watch Leeds play. I knew you were going to be gone for the whole afternoon so I made the most of my time and explored my new surroundings. After spending some time looking around the shops, and having bought the most delicious underwear, I decided to take a tea-break. Settling into a small leather sofa in a cosy tea shop just off of the Millennium Square, oversized coffee cup in hand, I watch the world go by. I’m aware of the other customers but one particular woman stands out. Hiding behind my sun-glasses I watch her for a few minutes. Her long wavy hair lays tousled down her back, her bangs falling forward obscuring the view of her face as she reads, she’s dressed in a long skirt and vest top in bright colours. Her top has tiny mirror sequins that catch the sun when she moves. I love that look, the earth mother, the voluptuous goddes
Every Body To Read This Please
Yeah I, I got to know your nameWell and I, could trace your private number babyAll I know is that to meYou look like you're lots of funOpen up your lovin' armsI want someWell I...I set my sights on you(and no one else will do)And I, I've got to have my way now, baby(and no one else will do)And I, I've got to have my way now, babyAll I know is that to meYou look like you're havin' funOpen up your lovin' armsWatch out, here I come*You spin me right round, babyright round like a record, babyRight round round roundYou spin me right round, babyRight round like a record, babyRight round round roundI, I got be your friend now, babyAnd I would like to move inJust a little bit closer(little bit closer)**All I know is that to meYou look like you're lots of funOpen up your lovin' armsWatch out, here I come[*Repeat]I want your loveI want your love[**Repeat]
Almost Level 32 Thank You!
Hey there my friends.=) I want to thank first off the ones who were kind enough to donate to my leveling fund.I need 17 more million fubucks to level.Trying to get 25 mil isn't easy on fubar where people are stingy.Most of the people I have donated to for them to level or get spotlight or just needing fubucks help haven't even tried to return the favor so you people will get nothing more from me.From now on I'm only helping the ones who help me.I do my best to return love here with all the friends I have and I think I do a pretty good job.So just wanted to say the ones who donated if you ever need help please let me know and I'll do what I can to  help you in the future.Nice to know there are a few kind people left here still.Being a stingy a**hole won't get you far for the record.
What Internal Organ Are You?
You Are The Heart You are very industrious. Working hard makes you feel good. You are powerful and strong. Some people may think you're fragile, but you're not in the least. You are steady and reliable. You keep going no matter what. However, you do tend to react to situations. Stress makes you speed up. What Internal Organ Are You? Blogthings: We're Not Shrinks, But We Play Them On the Internet
Cold Gravel under my feet , Cold that I had no cover to warm myself, I've lived here once inside this wound they call life, Life that I have made the same mistakes one after another, This floor I lie on drains no pain from me , I lie upon this bouquet of flowers called life, Flowers that have no thorns but sharp teeth, sharp from one victim after repeated cold bites, This cold gravel under my feet, A Flower that Has No Thorns, This bouquet of flowers has many sharp teeth.
Face Of Pain
As The Lord Commanded Moses
“And of the blue, and purple, and scarlet, they made clothes of service, to do service in the holy place, and made the holy garments for Aaron, as the LORD commanded Moses.”  Although Bezaleel the master craftsman isn’t mentioned by name in the thirty-ninth chapter of Exodus, it’s a fact that he, Aholiab, and all the people commissioned by the LORD to make the tabernacle and all its furnishings through Moses are still working hard at the base of mount Sinai.  Even the people called upon to serve the LORD in the tabernacle, the priests – beginning with Moses’ older brother Aaron and continuing through his family line – and the Levites – meriting service in the tabernacle due to their standing with Moses against the worshipers of the molten calf in chapter thirty-two and reinforced in chapter thirty-eight – have to look the LORD’s best as He directs. Chapter thirty-nine’s description of the priestly vestments or wear mirr
I Will Meet You
    Im breathing in and out slowlyTrying to match the rhythm of your heartbeatFeeling as if I can hear your soul talking If I listen hard enoughI close my eyes Submersing myself in this momentAnd close off the rest of the worldJust to hear your peaceful breathingYour fingertips touch and smooth my skinAs they run along my back tenderly Your fingertips give me sweet chills on my armsAs they kiss the surface of my skinWe left the radio onBut it is drowned out by our beautiful silenceYou hold me closer and closerTo see if my soul is talking backI slowly open my sparkling eyesAnd pray that Im not just dreamingBut then I see your bright, blue eyes staring backAnd I cant help but fall in love all over againYou touch my face and smileWhile I sink deeper into your armsYou bring your lips closeAnd gently kiss me with passion I am frozen for the momentAnd continue to melt with the love you consume me withEvery instant seems like foreverAnd every embrace is one to remember
Hollow Echos
Hollow EchosHollow echos keep ringing in my ears... Help me master please take away my fears...Feening desires holding on to my fate... Call me near you I dont want to be too late...My funeral has.... prepared... itself....Death is calling... its me,and no one else..I feel like running.... but now theres no where to go... Hollow echos I cant take it no mo'....This road is winded.... down to its very end...I think its finally say goodbye my friend..Havoc is within me can't heal it to norm... feel my blood is no more warm...Hollow echos keep ringing my ears...Help me Master please take away my fears...Feening desires holding on to my fate.. Call me near you...I dont want to be too late...Fall from the dragon and fire shall to the master...he wont let you return...Fall from the dragon and the fire shall to the master...he wont let you return...Inside theres horror and trouble all dispare....Inside is hollow...and no ones ever there...Death is
The Last Shade Of Gray
THE LAST SHADE OF GREY Shallow emotions fill the room as I sit here winding down from the exhausting arguement that just rang through ,Fifteen years of pure struggle and feelings are so numb I am left not knowing now what in the hell I should do.I have lingered here trying to hold to the mere threads of pain and familiarity.But lately I have felt that this lonely feeling I feel, just really isn't enough for me.I have ran far and cried many tears when the lights have grown dim within.Somewhere I invision a life full of love and who knows, maybe even a little feeling.I dream.... I cry.... I sit and wonder why? Why does the story always have to end this way for me?I know I have given my all to make things work, but maybe my all isn't enough , what will be will be...Stolen moments of pleasure and hours of communication from many strangers along my way..Just seems I am still lost and left alone life is slowly killing all there is left within me.Sands of time, chipped away bits of scattered
CROSSROADSHave you ever been at the crossroads of....letting go and yet taking in?....Have you ever been at the crossroads of....loosing a loved one and yet finding a new friend?....Have you ever been at the crossroads of...walking into the darkness or choosing the light instead?....Have you ever been at the crossroads of...falling behind others or moving ahead?...Have you ever been at the crossroads of...Loving someone or just letting go?...Have you ever been at the crossroads of...when you have so much to say but something just won't let it all flow?...Have you ever been at the crossroads of ...forgiving someone or being vengeful in your grief?...Have you ever been at the crossroads of...raging within wanting to hurt yet wanting peace and relief?...Have you ever been at the crossroads of...all these crossroads and not knowing where your even at?...This is the crossroad I am on now I will definitely never forget...written by Erica Chamlee all rights reserved.
The Ranting Blog Part Deuce.
Let's see where should I start..   Well there's one thing I'd like to rant about but Im sure 90 % of fubar would get their feelings hurt. So we won't go there cuz I'm actually nice. Least I think so :P *cough whores cough* Here's something I noticed. If I'm the only guy around and there's a guy in front of me in line and there happens to be a female cashier..He'll say something dumb about women. It's like I have or some other guy HAS to be there because one, He's a dumbass and is checking with me if he said the right words. (its usually jibberish. Like. "Haha. Women.Housework.lawwwl.") Or Two. He's not brave enough and knows that any woman could kick his ass in 2 seconds flat. Look I never understood the whole Women vs Men argument. We both take a shit and piss in the same place in the end. *shrugs* K here's a story. A guy at my dad's work is 22, same age as me. He's going to go to jail now for a long time. He had been arrested before and was on probation. Well this fucking idiot d
October 21st, 2009
I was at my "mom's house" (wasn't really her house, but in the dream it was, y'know?). Someone came to the door- overweight, tall, caucasian bald man. we let him in, he had asked to use our phone. he tried to kill us. he cut me pretty good. mum and i ran from him, tried to hide. I ended up surprising him with a knife and trying to stab him, but my hands were covered in blood and the wound i dealt him wasn't fatal. he laughed, and grabbed me by the shirt and threw me down. he tried to rape me. mom ended up bashing his head in with maybe a lamp; it was some kind of blunt object. then we called the police. there was blood everywhere.
This Year Sucks!!!!!!!
Lets see.....I'm just mainly venting, maybe feeling sorry for myself, not meaning too, just really pissed off right now!!!!! I always try to remain optimistic no matter what, but this year have been trying my patience to the limits. Lets see, first there was heart surgery, couldnt work for awhile, so there goes the savings and the bills pile up, than divorce, got layed off 3 weeks ago, cant find a job, unemployment red tape sucks, a room mate who hasnt worked in at least 4 months so paying more due to him (he has become a parasite with no reguard for anything other than his own needs....and he says I've changed...whatever), phone charger falls apart, creditors on my ass everyday that they have thier own number in my phone, the car I have (1978 t bird) dash doesnt work and now it takes 20 minutes to put in $20, got a 2nd car thanks to my dad and today a deer hits me with my kids in the car!!!!!!!! when does this crap end, one problem after another!!!!!!! I feel like I am going to explod
Where Have All The Leaders Gone?
Remember Lee Iacocca, the man who rescued Chrysler Corporation from its death throes?  He's now 82 years old and has a new book, 'Where Have All The Leaders Gone?'.Lee Iacocca Says: 'Am I the only guy in this country who's fed up with what's happening? Where the hell is our outrage? We should be screaming bloody murder! We've got a gang of clueless bozos steering our ship of state right over a cliff, we've got corporate gangsters stealing us blind, and we can't even clean up after a hurricane much less build a hybrid car. But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, 'Stay the course..'Stay the course? You've got to be kidding. This is America , not the damned, 'Titanic'. I'll give you a sound bite: 'Throw all the bums out!' You might think I'm getting senile, that I've gone off my rocker, and maybe I have. But someone has to speak up. I hardly recognize this country anymore..The most famous business leaders are not the innovators but t
Just To Make This Clear.
I'm not 'looking for fun', i'm not gonna get on cam with you, I'm not some net-slut. Just because i have nsfw pics doesn't mean i'm easy. most of them are there for a reason- showing off why i hate me body/marking my pregnancy. the rest are old pics that i actually find pretty. I have a boyfriend, he is the father of my child and I love him very much, so please treat me with respect.
Some people feel pain to know they are alive Some people feel pain to hide Some people feel pain so the can fell something Some people cause pain to make their pain less Some people cause pain because it is all they know Some people cause pain because they were told So with all this pain how do you find happiness and joy find the strengh to keep going. It is in the pain I find the will to over come all things that hurt me and smile while i am still in pain
What Friends?
They act like they care, Giving advice when it’s needed. They want to help when you’re hurting inside, Especially when times get tough. Times got rough, They all took off. Showing how much they truly care. What friends I have; I made a wise decision Just to get stabbed in the back. I won’t let it bother me, I deserve better than that. You can come back around, Don’t expect a word out of me. I gave you a chance to be my friend, You’ve gone and messed it up again. I don’t want to hear a word, Not a single whimpering apology. So to you I have to say, “Peace and asscheeks bitches, Stay the fuck away”. To those who are stickin by my side, I thank you in so many ways.
~saosin~love Maker~
Run away and play your gamesHide well so I can't find youI'll wait for summer to comethen laugh as the trees burn down around youyour body was just a test for meand if I run as fast as I can the thought of your memorywill catch up with mewill catch up with meI'm always late with my wordsWe tried so hardI should have told youbut I never really caredyou always mislead meYou always got the worst of meIts a shame that your still lying broken hereIn this moment everything just seems so clearbecause,Her body was just a test you seeIf you run as fast as you canthe thought of my memory will catch up you seeI'm always late with my wordsWe tried so hard, we tried so hardI should have told youbut I never really cared atYou always mislead mewhen summer passes, I'll let goand if you don't feelthen just take yourself outand when summer passes let me knowso I can find meaning to liveI'm always late with my wordsWe tried so hard, we tried so hardI should have told youbut I never really cared atYou alw
She Being Brand...
Noone got that you didn't, stop being self-important. So the subtext is this: The Double entendre, a la cummings (so appropriate that I'm smirking). The main text, however is just a question about how you flirt. Yes you do. YES YOU DO! Now do you flirt? And with that, how do you want to be flirted with? Someone, somewhere turned your crankshaft hard and tight one time and it's never subsided from your deeper, darker, dirtier, daintier thoughts.   So spill. I'll make popcorn.
Writing, Again
this iswhat an aftertouchis to a symphonybarely noticedin the stormof what wasthis islingering resonancenine hundrednanosecondsin durationbut saying everythingthat was ever spokenin one final exhalewhen commotionwas cut sharpinto the loudestsilence ever heard this isyour facerelaxing afterexciting expressionexercise to sinkback into stillnessalmost closed eyesskin so unstrainedbrushing yourstill parted lipsagainst minethis isyour voicea soft moaning sighin sharp contrastto the hollering highthat seconds agofilled the roomand my mindthat uneloquentchanting explodingtonightthis isso much morethan my stillhammering hearttrying to lowerthe pulseas powerlesswe exhaleand sink softlyonto ourselvesand welcomethe aftertouchof a symphonyfor now
At Sea (written For A "friends" English Homework, I Only Got A B Damn It)
tossed and turned despite the lessons learnedthings i've felt things i've burnedmiles i've walked, things i lustand still a hunger lingers in my gutsa tiny vessel that i sailmy heart it thumps it wailslonging for a dry safe placelonging to see a familiar facetossed and turned i felt so lostfighting for my life at all coststhe sun that bakes and burns my skinto this hardship no giving indays to night and night to daythis cruel sea not giving wayso much water and none to drinklost in my mind until i sink
Just To Rant Some
To understand me you have to walk a mile in my shoes...I bet you have never did that before in your life....I have and it is not fun at all..I am so stress out right now that I am going though hell and back..If there was a hell..That is beside the point I am studing my ass off for my G.E.D yeah so fucking what that it has taking this long for me to get it...Well walk in my shoes then just might under stand me ..I really hate ppl that thank they every thing in life {*rolling my eyes on that one*}....Till then shut your damn mouths up and leave me..I am doing the best I fucking can...It take time to get your G.E.D. fuckinga a long time too
Rita was a lil more nervous than Sue had been, I could feel her shaking, like I said she was the youngest, just turned 18, so i could understand her being nervous,,,, anyway I brought her into room and closed the door and I dropped my robe to the floor and she kinda shirked away a lil bit, I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bed where Sue and Sam where sitting.  Sue spoke up and told Rita not to worry that it was fucking fantastic and she was going to love it!!!  I leaned over, Rita is a petite girl, half hispanic and whispered to her that I would get my friends cock hard for her and then show her how to ride him, I was really looking forward to having his cock inside me after seeing him fuck sam and sue, anywho......I let her hand go and climbed on bed on my knees and sam and sue both got off the bed and stood on either side of Rita.  I took my friends hardening cock in my mouth and sucked it just the way he likes me sucking it, he was hard in a manner of seconds, gawd ya gotta l
My Name Is Erica.
NOT: Sexy, Honey, Baby, Sugar, Lover, Beautiful, Pretty Girl, Dear, Darling, Girlfriend, Mama, Mistress, Sweetheart, Dream Girl, Cupcake, Heartthrob, Pet, Treasure, Babycake, Pumpkin, Angel, Heart's Desire, Honeybun, Boo, Honeybunches, Jewel, Lamb, Pearl, Precious, Princess, Beloved, or any OTHER names you think suit me. I am NOT your girlfriend, wife, or mistress, and most of the time, the only reason a man calls a woman he doesn't know by these names is because he thinks it will get him somewhere. If I am in a relationship, that is one thing. If I am close to you, that may be ok, as well. But try as I might, I can NOT comprehend why on the face of this earth men that I don't even know choose to use these terms of endearment, as opposed to my name. Do people not realize that the most pleasing sound to the human ear is one's own name spoken in kindness, warmth, or love? Obviously not. And no matter what I do, it continues. It is IRRITATING!!! The biggest problem with communication t
1-800-safeauto Ads By Conspiracy Theory We're going to try to get them to re-edit this one and include a little more of the full chorus, but to hear the 2nd and 3rd verses you need to watch this one: Here's the parody lyrics by Dana: Well you're..Havin' trouble with the police manHe flashed the red and bluesYou're just sittin on the side of the roadHere's what you gotta doReach real slow... he's nervous you knowIt's really not that hardYou dialed 1 800.. Safe AutoGot your insurance card! Ugh 1 800!Safe Auto1 800!Safe Auto1 800!Safe Auto1 800 ah-Safe Auto (eww!)1 800 ah-Safe Auto A little gecko gonna steer you wrong!That's what you're gonna findThat caveman he just thinks he's smart!Don't pay him any mindI'm telling you... Here's what you doYou just pick up the phoneYou're gonna findYou can get peace of mindDon't gotta take out a loan! 1 800!Safe Auto1 800!Safe Auto1 800!Safe Auto1 800 ah-Safe Auto (eww!)1 800 ah-Safe Auto (Solo) My friend Larr
LMAO, watch til the end
Welcome To My Hearts Premiere
Welcome to my Heart’s personal premiere,Tonight there is no room for explainable fear.I’m not sure where to start,Maybe I’ll just speak from my heart.But what about my mind? Should I speak from it too?Should I just risk what I already have with you?Your aura is just so amazing,Your mentality is just what I’ve been craving.I could use someone like you,Someone who is too good to be true. You’re just so different, you seem unreal,How can someone like you understand how I feel?I close my eyes and wonder how I was so blessed,As to be given the gift of your presence.You would think I was obsessed,But in fact, I am possessed.Possessed by your eyes, and your ability to be so sincere,How do u make all the negative disappear?When something bad happens you’re the first person I want to call,But as soon as I talk to you I forget it all.When you come around my life is so much better,Welcome to the debut of my Love letter.So many feelings will be unspoken,But I&rs
I Wonder What This Means To Me.....?
It's possible that you will feel a little cornered on the romantic front, Gemini. If you are attached, someone may be seeking a commitment from you that is larger than you are willing to give. Do not allow yourself to be coerced into a situation that you will regret later, as this is only going to rile your irate temper. If you are single, you've been wondering about a specific issue with that certain someone. Trust always seems to come in the middle with you, but this time you will need to hold your ground if you expect your own needs to be met.
Ensign: Why Judges Doesn't End At Chapter 16
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.            Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                                    19 November 2009 [I was strolling through my archives of Ensign and found this study set in the book of Judges.  Since I'm currently reading in it on my second run through of the Bible, I found and hope you will as well something to learn from as well as neat to read.  Since I'd originally written this on 5/5/05, my style has changed, but I pray to God not the message.  And now back to my novel "The Book of Numbers" at 33,248 words (66 typed pages) as of last night -- have an awesome and blessed weekend!  David]      After the death of Samson, no more judges come forth in the book.  Taken all together, the administration of the judges and the years of rest Israel had between them covers nearly 400 years.  (The final judge of Israel, t
Me And Stuffs
Instructions......Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.   1. I am a fucking bitch (as I was so nicely told yesterday)   2. I have finally made peace with myself and am content with where I am in life.   3.  I tend to piss people off on a regular basis.   4.  I miss tae kwon do and haganah.  I got into them because it's a great stress reliever and it is cheaper than anger management classes.   5. I have the most wonderful serial killer dog in the whole wide world!  Even if he is only 2 pounds and silly as can be.   6.  I danced competitively when I was stationed in Germany.   9.  I have an intense dislike for most people, I tolerate the rest.   10.  I love my job.   5 vict
Give a man a fish eat for a day . teach a man to fish  eat for a life time.
Ugh Fucking Asshole
Uuugh I just want to strangle my ex!!!! I texted him again today when he would be getting the rest of the stuff out of the old aparement cause when I went there early in the morning, was still a mess. He told me to get off his back about getting in there to clean. I told him he had to get his shit out by tuesday night..did he? No.... Did he come back last night to finish? No.... He went on telling me how he only had two days to pack up when that's total bullshit because he knew beforehand that he had to be out of there. He was too fucking busy being with his gf and his friends....He goes to his friends house at least one or two times a day to hang out and do his nerd shit..when he could of started bringing stuff over there..but no..he's the fucking last minute man. Now I'm getting real pissed and worried because he's taking forever to get that stuff out and that's leaving me less time to clean. why is he being such a fucking lazy asshole? I so fucking hate him... Felica cal
Dealing With Legal Trouble??
legal trouble? check this site out NOT SPAM http:// www. prepaidlegal. com/info/emilye walvatne..... remove any spaces!
Let It Go!!
There are people who can walk away from you.   And hear me when I tell you this!   When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying     you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, loving you,  staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone.
Clinically Depressed
Are you clinically depressed? If you identify with several of the following signs and symptoms, and they just won’t go away, you may be suffering from clinical depression. you can’t sleep or you sleep too much you can’t concentrate or find that previously easy tasks are now difficult you feel hopeless and helpless you can’t control your negative thoughts, no matter how much you try you have lost your appetite or you can’t stop eating you are much more irritable and short-tempered than usual you have thoughts that life is not worth living (Seek help immediately if this is the case)
Are You Walmart Or Target?
You Are Target Like Walmart shoppers, you know how to stretch a dollar when you need to... but you're not exactly stingy. You shop to have fun, and you can't help but be drawn in by all the whimsical things you find at Target. Between red cards, gourmet food, and funky home decorations, you're totally hooked. Plus, you can't help but notice that everyone seems a little happier at Target. You think it's worth a few extra bucks to shop there. Are You Walmart or Target? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
What Chess Piece Are You?
You Are a Knight You are very unusual and even a bit eccentric. No one can really figure you out easily. Because you're not predictable, people behave irrationally around you. They may feel threatened by your presence, or they may underestimate you completely. You do best when you're close to the action. You don't move quickly, so you need to be near the center of things if you want to make a difference. You tend to act quickly, and decisively. In fact, you are often the first person to make a move. What Chess Piece Are You? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
Still Unbroken
Broken bones, broken hearts Stripped down and torn apart A little bit of rust I'm still running Counting miles, counting tears Twisted road, shifting gears Year after year It's all or nothing But I'm not home I'm not lost Still holding on to what I got Ain't much left No there's so much that's been stolen Guess I've lost everything I've had But I'm not dead, at least not yet Still alone, still alive Still unbroken I'm still alone, still alive I'm still unbroken Never captured, never tamed Wild horses on the plains You can call me lost I call it freedom I feel the spirit, in my soul It's something Lord I can't control I'm never giving up While I'm still breathing I'm not home I'm not lost Still holding on to what I got Ain't much left No there's so much that's been stolen Guess I've lost everything I've had I'm not dead, at least not yet Still alone, still alive Still unbroken I'm still alone, still alive Still unbroken I'm still unbroken Still unbroken Like the wind, like the
To Trust
TRUST:: That is a hard word to believe in! In my heart I want to trust that I can love and not be hurt but there is that word, that what if word that keeps the wall up and you want to do everything to make this person see how much you love them and you try and try not to doudt but then you see something that you knew was there and they told you that it was not what you think.. Do I trust that my heart is right and follow it or do I keep that wall up and never TRUST a person with my heart??? Well it is to late for not Trusting he has my heart, he is my soul mate and I love him very much...So I will Trust and let it lead me down the path that is ment to be and just maybe I want get hurt all I have to go by is what I feel and actions that I am being shown, So You have my heart and I hope you do not drop it because with this I know if my heart is broken I will not recover I will surely die.... That is my vow to "TRUST" AND PRAY THAT YOU DO LOVE ME AND EVERYTHING YOU TELL ME IS THE TRUETH
Jesus, The True Meaning Of Christmas!
JESUS, THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS! The, Angel, Gabriel, appeared unto Mary,With a message from God's throne!This virgin would conceive of the Holy Ghost!Her son would be God's own!He would be, 'The Son of the Highest!"Of His kingdom there would be no end!He would have the throne of David!He would save His people from their sins!Mary had found God's favor!Thus, Jesus' birth was her reward!But, He later became her Saviour too!Her son became her Lord!The "Good News" would be to all people,Gentile as well as Jew!The Gentile that was once known as a "dog,"Would have a Saviour too!Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem,Because of Caesar"s decree.They traveled there to pay taxes,From Nazareth, in Galilee!When Mary's time to be delivered came,She brought forth Immanuel!The inn was full, so in a manger he was laid!That was the first Noel!Yes, Jesus was born in Bethlehem,In the days of Herod, the King.A light shone down from Heaven above!Angels began to sing!"Peace on Earth, goodwill to men,"Was
Will You
Will you be there with me until the very endWill you be my soulmate, my lover my friendWill you stand beside me In good times and badWill you hold me & comfort me in happy and sad.Will you promise to love me, not break my heartWill you promise not lies, a fresh clean start.Will you promise to hold me, kiss me each dayWill you say "I love you" and mean it alwaysWhen its time to leave me, your time to move onWill you tell me goodbye, my friend, my love I'm gone.
Irish Prophet
Poem For My Traci
Rayvyn's Song....... Walking along a forest trail, I heard a curious sound..It came from every where i looked, It came from all around.. I searched every tree and bush and stone, I searched the sky above,But there was nothing close to me, not sparrow, robin or dove.. I stoped my search and opened my heart, and to my great suprize.A woman stood befor me now, with deep and knowing eyes.. She looked at me with her smiling face, her black hair fine and long.She said i sing this just for you, It is my Rayvyn's song.. Sence the day she sang for me, my life has been compleat.Her Rayvyn's song still fills spirit and gives my heart its beat.. We walk together through the forest of life, now she and i are one.Her Rayvyn's song is all i will hear untill my life is done....... For my Traci.......Silverthorn68 12-20-09........
Just For Fyi
I'm really EMO today, and extremely tired with a hint of depression.   Today may not be the best day to say much.
The Nice Girl Always Gets Hurt
I am absolutely drained emotionally, and physically. I have always been a good, genuine, caring and nice person. I've always put others before myself and i've always made sure that someone was okay. Whether it was a simple friendship or a relationship, I have always put myself aside so that someone else could be happy. I've always been the sweet one in the group of friends because of how much I cared about others. However, i've out done myself. I have always been there for someone, and given all of my energy and time and emotions to people and friends and what do I recieve in return? Nothing. Nothing at all. I don't even know if I have a friend that really gives a damn. I feel so alone and it almost makes me regret being a nice person. However I couldn't stop being a nice person because its who I am. I know that i'm a no bullshit person but I have a weakness for helping people. I guess people in this world really are ungrateful and just get their big boost up from people like me, the l
my poetry Here is a taste of my poetry..this is just some of the published..I cant seem to track down all of it but I will over time. Untitled Thank you for the gift A gentle heart A beautiful soul A work of art Beauty immeasurable I am enamored Just one touch And my heart stammers An equal partner For me to take In the walk That I will make I have won a prize I did not earn Given at a time Only God could discern To you I am indebted For your benevolence And I am able to learn From your sapience Melissa Diane Hamm Copyright ©2006 Melissa Diane Hamm
Kiss Me ..taunt Me .. Tease Me
Kiss my lips.. Whisper in my ear.. tell me how much you want me.. make me quiver under your touch.. I feel you tug at my clothing as you undress me, only to kiss my heated skin once again with those lips of yours. Making me moan as i feel your fingertips seductively caress my body, only to lean in and nibble, making me rock back and forth as i feel your hands on me. I beg of you to take me , yet you still say no. You tease me, taunt me, to the point of no return. I want to be your lover, Your everything, yet you still taunt me in ways i've never known. I reach for you and as i do, i feel a cold steel clasp around my wrists. I hear your voice... i feel your body against mine.  Rawness like i've never felt before almost to the point of climaxing in your arms, but you hold me as my hands are cuffed above my head , you have me pinned against a wall. Placing my hands on a hook, i watch you smile , a smile i've gotten to know very well, but this time it had a bit of wickedness set in to
I wish for the rain of an early may. Let it wash this away.  Bring me a brighter day.  That first taste of sunshine devours everything that once was.  The anticipation  thrills me.  The end of a long cold winter fills me.  The winter still calling but the rain will soon be falling.  Just a memory left of what once was. One that will soon be forgotten.  For the snow has finally stopped falling.  The cold it has suddenly stopped gnawing.  How amazing this rain of early may feels.  It gently caresses as it slowly slides down my skin.  Warming my soul as it dances erotically over me.  I dreamed of the rain of an early may.  Never have i seen a brighter day.
Yes Its Really Me
I dont post pics of other men so I can pretend 2 be someone Im not. Yes, in fact those really are my pix. Wh cant ppl accept that not all 40something men are fat and balding. Im 5'3, 165 lbs, have a gf, work physical jobs, work out, AND have a brain. Am usually disgusted with all the fake pix on the net. Id rather be friends with a less than attractive person who shows what they really are, than a fake person hiding behind a fake pic. Thanks for reading my rant, MICK
Shatter My Interior~by Jd
Preoccupied in my mind and im not even close to sorts, Locking myself inside my room and feeling somewhat abrassive to say the least. Keeping my distance and right about now its working rather perfectly, Comatose and slowly the clock runs down the minutes, Dragging my feet today i feel diseased.   Maybe i want some kind of closure, Maybe i want something new to endure, Maybe i am just tired of having to pick up the pieces of my frail stained glass heart off the floor. For whatever it could be worth, I am so used to putting my foot in my mouth and this i accept, Suffering from my mental illness i like to call stupid, Tripping over my own two feet yes this is real.   Unconscious and barely breathing, Watch me play the fiddle with my hands stuck in cement, Ever ready to feel change, But my feet are cinder blocks heavy and stuck to solid ground. Sick and tired of never knowing what the next day is going to throw at me, No emotion is real, Say what you will to distract me, But
Better Then Me: Hinder
"Better Than Me"I think you can do much better than meAfter all the lies that I made you believeGuilt kicks in and I start to seeThe edge of the bedWhere your nightgown used to beI told myself I won't miss youBut I rememberWhat it feels like beside youI really miss your hair in my faceAnd the way your innocence tastesAnd I think you should know thisYou deserve much better than meWhile looking through your old box of notesI found those pictures I tookThat you were looking forIf there's one memory I don't want to loseThat time at the mallYou and me in the dressing roomI told myself I won't miss youBut I rememberWhat it feels like beside youI really miss your hair in my faceAnd the way your innocence tastesAnd I think you should know thisYou deserve much better than meThe bed I'm lying in is getting colderWish I never would've said it's overAnd I can't pretend... I won't think about you when I'm olderCause we never really had our closureThis can't be the endI really miss your hair in my f
New Year
I hope everyone has a great new year
Like The Blog Says
 so id hate to sit here and ramble about something you all do not care for so ill make it short and simple maybe you guys have some advise for me or just words or prayer:   dec 5th 2009 was the worst day of my life...what happened..i got fired from my job..a place that i had been at for almost 3years thats been the longest ive had a job i loved it there good people good pay..well alright pay...but experience and excitement galoure!!! well i got into a verbal arguement with another officer and slighty turned physical...on their end...i did what any smart employee who values their job would do turn around and walk away and report it...   well that wasnt good enough for my department the following week they suspended me and ultimately fired me... for the past month i have been going back and forth with the unemployement office to try and get benefits well im not elligible to recieve for a whole month i sat and waited for unemployment to make their final decision..sho
Whats The Point?
Whats the point in trying with everything you have just to feel like its crumbling down around you?  Personally, I dont see a point.  Comments anyone?
My, I, You.
My passion, my desire is rising. I long to touch your vibrant skin, to taste your lips, to drink your health. My thoughts are turned a half and around once again. I long to revisit your peaks and your valleys. My exploration is not yet finish. I wish to map out all your secret hideaways, to reveal all the treasures locked within.
My words may fail, my actions never will with a gentle touch one can reveal a strength A strength that is endless , a strength that endures
Hell Yeah This Rocks Damn Right
Do you see me, sitting here?I'm waiting for you to say anythingHead hung low, kicking stones downKicking stones down the road to hell nowI'm waiting for you to say anything, anything yeahI know you are the only one, my little taste of heavenAnd you know I am the only one, your bitter taste of hellYour eyes scream the end is creeping in on meI'll need thirty-seven stitches, to keep the pain inI know you are the only one, on the darkest side of the sunOoh yeahFollowed the piper's sweet whistlingGuided down the path by the wrong handClose my eyes for the chance of a better viewPlug my ears so I couldn't hear youAnd I know you are the oneAnd you know I am the oneYour bitter taste of hellI know you are the only one, a little taste of heavenAnd you know I am the only one, your bitter taste of hellYour eyes scream the end is creeping in on meI'll need thirty-seven stitches, to keep the pain inI know you are the only one, on the darkest side of the sunDo you see me sitting here?Still waiting f
Strange Encounters And The Ability To Grieve~by Jd
Funny how in a matter of seconds, Someone unexpectedly can share with you their world, One small act of kindness, The people in this life struggle and just need someone to listen close. A little gesture and a genuine smile, For someone to open up and you learn alot from a little, Two complete strangers walking different directions in life, Funny but fortunate is what i call "real life".   Pain seen through the eyes of the beholder, Yet still determined to hold onto what matters most, I fight the painful struggle every moment of my life, I am trying to stay above the current and i know just how it feels. Yet the stories are so different, Mine is my personal struggle, Yours is the beginning of a tremendous amount of pain, You dont feel sorry because of the lose, This pain only comes when it finally sets in life has changed all thatr you've ever known.   I stood at these crossroads before, Came down to the point i no longer has a choice, I walked away from everything i ever had
The Best Rock Band
who do you think the best rock band of all time is????
Satanic Fuck Toy
              I had a surprise for my slave tonight you just did not know it yet. Giggling as I drove to where you lived at I waited outside your  house for you to come out, when I saw you walking to the gas station I got out and fallowed you a bit before I got right behind you and grabbed your hair.             “Look what I found walking around, if it’s none other than my little satanic fuck toy come out to play. Guess what, I have something planed for you tonight to where you will not be coming home tonight. So you better call your daddy because your mine tonight.”            Tugging your head back so I can reach your neck I bite down hard knowing you liked it and so did I. When I let go you was breathing heavy and there was a red mark with my black lip print around it, making me smile before tugging you to my car. I make you get in the back seat and once there I tie your hands and feet together before pushing you down to lay down. I reach down and pinch your ass
Cupid's Test
The Battleaxe Deliberate Brutal Love Master (DBLM)   Sharp. Hardened. Dominating. The Battleaxe sweeps all before her, smiting and what not. You’ve had a number of serious relationships, so you obviously have many attractive qualities. You’re well experienced in dealing with other people’s weirdnesses, and it’s likely you’re good in bed by now, too. Also, like the drunken housewife chucking Heinekens at her no-good husband, you’ve got a lot of energy. People can tell you’re sophisticated, and so you find yourself the object of infatuations quite often. But it’s how you handle yourself in your relationships that gets you the ‘brutal’ tag. Controlling? Imperious? Overbearing? Yes, please. Remarkably, you don’t mind the same from your men. You’ve experience enough to take whatever you dish out. Overall, you’re a very good person and a capable lover, and when the time comes you’ll make a fine divor
La Fleur De Leis And Mourning Atlantis
I can't cry anymore It only gives your memory power I gave until there was nothing left for me You raped my soul Left me famished, emaciated starving for affection Neglected, abused, abandon My flowers wilt into Nothingness Touching her must have been like touching me used to be The secret language of murmur and caress evolved into blood streaked tears and cursing. I am riding a dangerous wave I wish I were a dolphin navigation was never my thing I allowed you to lead me where you were willing to take me All because I just wanted you to love me I wanted to be someones number one Not two, twenty or forty two I have to keep myself out of the eye of the hurricane  and into the chaotic distraction of destruction So as not to slide to deeply into emotional solitude leading to death. Oh here comes the tears again I thought they had dried up in my emotional draught Wet cheeks are just evidence that I truly cared for him. The more you love someone the deeper it
Really Old Poem I Did.. I Found It In My Email Lol!
My heart belongs to you my love My heart belongs to you my love You say i was sent to you from above I don't know what i would do With out you My heart belongs to you my love You say my lips taste so sweet Every time we kiss when we meet My legs get so weak I can barely speak My heart belongs to you Only to you my love One glance from me makes you say "You take my breath away" My heart belongs to you my love You were sent to me from above Your touch is to much to handle I can't imagine life without you I don't know what i would do If i lost you My heart belongs to you my love
Time.....its All We Have!
"There are many lessons in life that only time can teach you, like how much you love someone. It's nearly impossible to know that, until you spend your days without them. And then there are those lessons that you can learn only through the beating of your heart, and through feeling such strong emotions that you can barely breathe. Then finally, the essence of time and the power of your heart crossing paths, and the only knowledge you're left with is the realization that time is the one thing that keeps you from letting go. No, it's never the embracing, or the kisses. Not the laughter or the tears, only time."
Ensign: My God, It's Full Of Stars
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 29 January 2010 I expect you and I know more about the stars in the sky than even the most intelligent person who lived and died when the Bible was written did.  But do you ever look up … and just LOOK at them on a clear night?  Those points of light do not twinkle naturally – that’s a diffraction effect of our atmosphere analogous to looking at a straw half-immersed in clear liquid – and they’re not actually where you see them due to the time the star’s light took to get to where you or anyone with a decent telescope can see where it’s been.  Though light IS the fastest physical phenomenon in the universe, it still takes a long time to get where it’s going.   The closest star to Earth minus our sun is called Proxima Centauri (next to the be
The Porch Swing, Memories To Enjoy
The Porch Swing, Memories to Enjoy Some folks might say about our swing, “It’s just an old and rusting thing,” but I remember all the ways that old porch swing would fill our days Upon that swing now hanging still, moon rising o’er the distant hill, Mama rested, sipping tea, and sang sweet lullabies to me With silent rocking dreams were sought on summer days when it was hot, games we played while resting there, chess, and checkers moved on squares Women gathered ‘round the swing, to share the latest gossiping, while sewing patches on our jeans, or maybe popping garden beans Men returning from the field would wait there for the evening meal, at end of day, their work complete, old Rex, our dog, lay at their feet Granny sometimes shedding tears, recalling friends lost through the years, would pass the hours on our porch swinging gently back and forth We courted on that creaking swing, first love softly blossoming, sneaking kisses in the night veiled in shad
The Battle Of The Butterfly Effect
One book I bought last week in Bagel Stop and Book Nook here in town impressed me more than I thought it would.  Yesterday I finished the Brian Thomsen and Martin H. Greenberg-edited anthology “Alternate Gettysburgs” (ISBN 0425183777) and was impressed not only by how much I didn’t know but by how much I thought I knew was wrong.  In the United States study of the Civil War/War Between The States/War of Northern Aggression/War of Secession (have I left any alternatives out) it’s almost a cottage industry to select your favorite battle or event and parse it to pieces, asking what if a particular commander had or had not been present of what if a particular order had or had not been followed or the timing of some event had been different.  Nothing seems to invite that in the Civil War more than Gettysburg, and not just for the 1863 battle.   Often called the high-water mark of the Confederate States of America due to its army’s furthest penetration of U.S.
Possable Zombie Contagins Part 5
Nanobots What are they? Nanobots are a technology that science apparently engineered to make you terrified of the future. We're talking about microscopic, self-replicating robots that can invisbily build--or destroy--anything. Vast sums of money are being poured into nanotechnology. Sure, at some level scientists know nanobots will destroy mankind. They just can't resist seeing how it happens. How it can result in zombies: Scientists have already created a nano-cyborg, by fusing a tiny silicone chip to a virus. The first thing they found out is these cyborgs can still operate for up to a month after the death of the host. Notice how nano scientists went right for zombification, even at this early stage. They know where the horror is. According to studies, within a decade they'll have nanobots that can crawl inside your brain and set up neural connections to replace damaged ones. That's right; the nanobots will be able to rewire your thoughts. What could possibly go wrong?
Going Back To What We Know
going back to what we know Current mood:  happy Category: Blogging  I am guilty of this just like we all r, we go back to what we know. Ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or lover. For reason we forget why the relationship ended in the first place and months or years later we decide that maybe things will be better this time, but it isnt. You get past the newest of it all, the thrill, the love lost moment and its the same old stuff it was before. Is it that we only remember the good times in our heads? Are we still holding on to that love we wish we knew or that we thought we knew? I guess its better to just let it go, because it never works out in the end. Unless you can solve the situation within a 3 three weeks of less, I would say that love has gone. Who is to say, I know I thing I'm done going back,,,,,don't think theres anyone left, ha ha
The Superbowl!
So i just blocked a friend who kept blabbing on about it just before.   IT'S ONLY A GAME! STFU!   i feel good now!  :)
American Capitalism Gone With A Whimper
   American Capitalism Gone With A Whimper        It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American  descent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back  drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.    True, the situation has been well prepared on and off for the  past century, especially the past twenty years. The initial testing grounds  was conducted upon our Holy Russia and a bloody test it was. But we Russians  would not just roll over and give up our freedoms and our souls, no matter how  much money Wall Street poured into the fists of the Marxists.    Those lessons were taken and used to properly prepare the American  populace for the surrender of their freedoms and souls, to the whims of their  elites and betters.   First, the population was dumbed down  through a politicized and substandard education system based on pop culture,  rather then the classics... Americans know more about their favorite TV dra
How I Love Thee Let Me Count The Ways...
SNOW, where the fuck we gonna put it all? I want... To wake up in his & the scent of Summer!
A Tribute
A leaf on the wind, in the stream, in the sky A flap of wings, a rustle of feathers A shrill cry, a glint in the sun A splash in the water, a drop of blood, death. High in the sky, my mind wanders The sights, the sounds, the air My friend, the Hawk, lives his life Far away from everything, from the worries of mankind. Gentle air currents lift him high Landing in the palm of the hand of God Space holds nothing over him For the sky is his, and his alone.
Lucky To Be Alive
Two days ago I was in accident. it was feb. 11, 2010 at 7:15 p.m. I was making a left turn and some dude ran the red and hit me head on. When I came to I heard a lot of shouting. My car was filled with smoke and I could smell fumes from where my engine used to be. When I finally got out of my car i turned around and saw how bad it was. the front of the car was pushed all the way up to the windshield, the engine was almost in the passenger eat and the dashboard was shattered. the steering wheel was bent. both airbags deployed and my seatbelt cuts, bruises, or broken bones. I was very very lucky.
Poem 2
  Take my hand Lead the way Tell me all You want to say Whisper softly In my ear  All those things I yearn to hear Kiss my lips Touch my skin  Bring out passions Hidden deep within Pull me close Draw my body near Your gentle touch upon my skin Will take away any fear  
Random Band Lyrics
"Blood" I will forgive but I won't forget And I hope you know you've lost my respect You better watch out If you don't know whats going on around you You better think twice Before you fly off the handle and lose it You better join us Before you get lost in the shuffle You better rise against The demons that are gonna try and hold you down Does it run in your blood to betray the ones you love? Does it run in your blood to betray the ones you love? The ones you love, the ones you love, the ones you love Cause I'm not a pawn for you to play in your fucking game I've got dignity and a dream that I want to achieve The pressure, your troubled and you let me down I'm not deaf and all I hear are your empty promises Does it run in your blood to betray the ones you love? Does it run in your blood to betray the ones you love? The ones you love, the ones you love, the ones you love Does it run in your blood to betray the ones you love? Yes it runs in your blood to
I Am.....
The deepest substance is torn from me and I find myself feeling rather weak most of the time. Shut down, never do I seize to cry. The shell is a facade created for people that choose to see nothing but. For people who cannot stomach the intensity of truth even if they swallowed it. I am the lonely willow tree on the top of the hill that you failed to notice because you were too busy smelling the flowers. I am the cracks in the sidewalk without life lying still next to the ones whom sprout roses. I am the product of my chosen experiences, not my environment. I am the vomit from your self indulgence which makes you sick. i am me.
Callin All Cars
Calling all cars we've got another victim'Cause my love has become an afflictionWhat did you expect from me?What did you expect from me?I'm sorry but I think I failed to mentionThat I lied at my very first confessionWhat did you expect from me?What did you expect from me?'Cause this has been building since I have been breathingAnd I know how it's going to endSo will you scatter my ashes where they won't be found?I kept my word when I swore that I would let you downAnd now that I'm goneTry to forget me and just move onSo will you scatter my ashes where they won't be found?I kept my word and you hate me for it nowYou knew all alongTry to forget me and just move onOh my dear, what have I gone and done now?It's curtain call, I'm about to take my last bowWhat did you expect from me?What did you expect from me?Without giving away the entire endingI ruined the evening againSo will you scatter my ashes where they won't be found?I kept my word when I swore that I would let you downAnd now that
Larryland - Part Deux
Once upon a time there was a place that was alot like Fubar. Except it didn't have people in underwear, it just had really stupid names for you to don like a fine pair of leopard print banana slings (for men), and I am not sure there really were any real women there except for me - but I always put on a name that was vaguely violent. It was called LARRYLAND - and you had to PAY to PLAY there. Anyway...
Dont Care Who Thinks Differently
ATHF on ADULT SWIM MON-FRI. @12:30&12:45 a.m. then:    4:30&4:45 a.m. (eastern and pacific time)    check it out and behold the new age of toon royalty !!!!!!!                                             
86 Rules To Drinking
                              86 Rules to Drinking If you somehow manage to not break any of these rules, then you my friend, are in fact, a fucking rock star motherfucker!1. If you owe someone money, always pay them back in a bar. Preferably during happy hour.2. Always toast before doing a shot.3. Whoever buys the shot gets the first chance to offer a toast.4. Change your toast at least once a month.5. Buying someone a drink is five times better than a handshake.6. Buying a strange woman a drink is still cool. Buying all her drinks is dumb.7. Never borrow more than one cigarette from the same person in one night.8. When the bartender is slammed, resist the powerful urge to order a slightly-dirty, very-dry, in-and-out, super-chilled half-and-half martini with a lemon twist. Limit orders to beer, straight shots and two-part cocktails.9. Get the bartender's attention with eye contact and a smile.10. Do not make eye contact with the bartender if you do not want a drink.1
Where Is This Guy Or His Twin For Me, Robin Thicke - 1. Sex Therapy 2. Magic
The Baby Animal Test
You Are Wiley and Smart You're the type of person who can get out of any jam. You always have your wits about you. Other people find you to be a little dangerous! They know what you're capable of. You are always planning and scheming. You can't help it - your mind never stops going. You tend to outfox everyone standing in your way. You don't like to play dirty, but you will if you have to. The Baby Animal Test Blogthings: A Fine Line Between Insight and Stupidity
Dear Lover
Your eyes so deep and dark The soul within them touch my heart Through these holes I see you desires I have lost myself in your fire Your lips so soft and sweet They are delicious enough to eat Through these caresses I feel the pleasure That trapped me in your kiss forever Your love so intense and demanding I cannot resist you from where I am standing I belong to you now, devoted I will be To the man that glares down upon me
I'm Me
I think I've finally come to the point in my life where I'm happy with myself and know that I don't have to change or be a certain way for people to like me anymore. I'm just fine and if someone doesn't think I am, then fuck them!!! I dont need them!!! Recognize I'm real and nothing other than that. And you can love me or hate me because either way.... It won't make me or break me!
Family Ties??
I am not close with any of my family. My mother do not speak to each other, I have tried but she uses me for what I can give her and when things don't work out her way she stops talking to me. My sister tries to RULE me when I speak to her. " Do this and do that" and If I don't I am a traitor  and she doesn't let up. My brother is a follower of "GOD" thats fine, I have no issues with that, I do have an issue with his preachings to me. I grew up the good girl, never into drinking, not once did I do any drugs, stayed out of trouble, wasn't having sex ~ and STILL NOT( he was out doing all those things)Thinks he has the right to preach his word to me. I don't follow his religion. I have always been a kind, compassionate, loving soul. I give until I can't give anymore. I don't feel he has the right to preach to me when I am already following my own spiritual beliefs. My older brother has sad issues like my mother( alcoholic and mean spirited individual) I just cant associate with these peop
News Story
I just read this news story about a woman who wants to make it into the Guiness Book, for being the fattest woman.  That in itself wasn't amazing, it was the end of the article where they mentioned that men paid money to watch her eat fast food on her website.  Here I was trying to lose weight, no wonder I don't have any money LOL.  I wonder if people would pay to watch me eat... guess it would depend on what I was eating *wicked grin*
Untutled Poem I Wrote A Long Time Ago
i love you i love you without knowing when where why and how its like i was drowning and you saved me a breath of fresh air you mean the world to me its like words cant explain my heart stops and speeds up everytime i think about you hearing thoes three words is like nothing anyone has expierenced with each passing day i fall more and more in love with you i cant imagine my life without you i know i can but i never want to live my life without you your my world my everything ive never wanted anything more than i want you in my life. no let me correct myself i not only want you in my life i need you in my life before, even in a room full of people i felt alone but now all i see is us nothing matters anymore but us our life you and me your everything i have ever wanted you may not be perfect but your perfect for me
NEW DRUGS FOR WOMEN DAMNITOL Take 2 and the rest of the world can go to hell for up to 8 full hours. EMPTYNESTROGEN Suppository that eliminates melancholy and loneliness by reminding you of how awful they were as teenagers and how you couldn't wait till they moved out! DUMBEROL When taken with Peptobimbo, can cause dangerously low IQ, resulting in enjoyment of country music and pickup trucks. FLIPITOR Increases life expectancy of commuters by controlling road rage and the urge to flip off other drivers. MENICILLIN Potent anti-boy-otic for older women. Increases resistance to such lethal lines as, 'You make me want to be a better person. ' BUYAGRA Injectable stimulant taken prior to shopping. Increases potency, duration, and credit limit of spending spree. JACKASSPIRIN Relieves headache caused by a man who can't remember your birthday, anniversary, phone number, or to lift the toilet seat ANTI-TALKSIDENT A spray carried in a purse or wallet to be used on anyone too eager to share their
Are Greenies? Mumm Disguised As A Blog
Are greenies so illiterate, so even when it is my photo, they ask if I am a male.  Never mind when I put a woman's photo up. Should I state it in my status, not only in my aboutme and the caption next to the photo on the public profile?
How To Do Reverse Mobile Phone Checking And Turn Ikt Into Your Own Detective
It is obvious to use a reverse cell phone from China Wholesale online searching like the work of a detective, where you do not have enough details but only the callers cell phone number and you will do back-ground check of the prankster. Reverse Mobile phone lookup becomes necessary whether you want to have background check for known and unknown person or you are frequently disturbed by blank calls from the pranksters .Once contacting a detective was the only way to find solution but now you can trace back pranksters easily by a reverse Hiphone lookup directory. So far , It is difficult to track back the kind of Wifi Cell Phone numbers either a mobile phone or landline numbers. The general myth about the mobile numbers is that they are easily available from White or Yellow pages but the fact is that they do not cover limited landline cell phone numbers and mobile phone numbers. Reverse phone lookup websites are more accurate and offer authenticated and reliable informatio
An old chief was teaching his grandson about life..."A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy."It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves."One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, self-doubt, and ego."The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith."This same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too."The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather,"Which wolf will win?""The one you feed."
A Question
my brother wants to know if there are any wiccans out there.
Seether Fade Away
I wanna be there when you callI wanna catch you when you fallI wanna be the one you needI wanna be the one you breatheToday’s the day we’ll fade away, ohToday’s the day we’ll fade away, ohToday’s the day we’ll find our way grownToday’s the day we’ll fade awayI wanna be there when you cryAnd when you’re down I’ll help you flyI wanna be the one you needI wanna be the one you breatheToday’s the day we’ll fade away, ohToday’s the day we’ll fade away, ohToday’s the day we’ll find our way grownToday’s the day we’ll fade away, ohBut I’m coming back,and I’m taking back everything I canIt’s breaking me up and tearing me upIt’s all I haveAnd I’m coming back,and I’m taking back everything I canIt’s breaking me up and tearing me upIt’s all I haveToday’s the day we’ll fade away, ohToday’s the day we’ll fade away, ohToday&
The Kill By 30 Seconds To Mars
What if I wanted to break Laugh it all off in your face What would you do? What if I fell to the floor Couldn't take all this anymore What would you do, do, do? Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished with you What if I wanted to fight Beg for the rest of my life What would you do? You say you wanted more What are you waiting for? I'm not running from you Come break me down Marry me, bury me I am finished with you Look in my eyes You're killing me, killing me All I wanted was you I tried to be someone else But nothing seemed to change I know now, this is who I really am inside Finally found myself Fighting for a chance I know now, this is who I really am Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished with you, you, you Look in my eyes You're killing me, killing me All I wanted was you Come, break me down Break me down Break me down What if I wanted to break? (You say you wanted more) (What are you waiting for?)
Isn't It Nice To Forgive?
Isn't it nice to forgive people that kill for no apparent reason, except for hate?  Now I understand to forgive personal debts, but murder?
God Vs. Satan
And God populated the Earth with broccoli and cauliflower and spinach and green and yellow vegetables of all kinds, so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives. And Satan created McDonald's. And McDonald's brought forth the 99-cent double cheeseburger. And Satan said to Man "You want fries with that?" And Man said, "Super size them". And Man gained pounds. And God created the healthful yogurt, that woman might keep her figure that Man found so fair. And Satan froze the yogurt, and he brought forth chocolate, nuts and brightly colored sprinkle candy to put on the yogurt. And woman gained pounds. And God said "Try my crispy fresh salad." And Satan brought forth creamy dressings, bacon bits and shredded cheese. And there was ice cream for dessert. And Woman gained pounds. And God said "I have sent you heart healthy vegetables and olive oil with which to cook them." And Satan brought forth chicken-fried steak from Cracker Barrel so big it needed i
Helly Kitty Whine?
Should I make hello kitty whine? By saying hello kitty and almost eating it?
What Is A Friend?
Here's some definitions of the word friend: 1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. 2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance. 3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade. 4. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement. 5. Friend A member of the Society of Friends; a Quaker. Now definition 1 is what I consider a friend.Here is how I feel a friend should be:A friend is there for you through thick and thin, a friend is a person you talk to on a regular bases not once a month or once in a blue moon. A friend doesn't talk about another friend behind their back. A friend comes to another friend with a problem or concern or question and not to someone else. A friend doesn't run away. A friend is always honest with you. A friend doesn't test a friend in ways that could incriminate them. A friend stands beside you no matter what, whether you're in the right or i
Blog Or Webl?
If blog is short for web log, couldn't it be easily called a webl as well?
It's A Bad Sign When You Fail Your Eye Exam
But I didn’t yesterday, and my only out-of-pocket charge was ten dollars for refraction that our family medical insurance didn’t cover.  I went to the optometrist at WalMart where Martha works, Dr. Cameron Deschamp, and had so small a difference between the magnification of my lenses now and what would be better that I’m still wearing the pair I bought two years ago.  It’s a good idea to get my eyes examined anyway, but since I have type-2 diabetes it’s especially important to pick up on any potential problems, of which there were none this visit.  My mother-in-law Sharon came with Sarah and Jeffrey to pick me up after my appointment because my pupils had been dilated and bright light would not like me for a few hours … it felt like a numb weight on my eyeballs for a few hours. But the kids settled down when we got home and we all got a nap!   I just finished encountering an author I wish I’d had for a professor!  Reading Carl J. Richard&rs
Blackberry Phone - My Favorite Type Of Cell Phone
BlackBerry is developed by Canadian company Research In Motion and is a line of mobile e-mail and smartphone devices. The Blackberry Phone from Chinese Wholesaler is primarily known for its ability to send and receive Internet e-mail wherever it can access a mobile network of certain cellular phone carriers While including typical smartphone applications. It commands a 20.8% share of worldwide smartphone sales. The blackberry phone make it the second most popular platform after HiPhone OS. Of course it is the most popular smartphone among U.S. business users. The service is available in North America and in most European countries. The first BlackBerry device was introduced in 1999. In 2002, it was well known the smartphone BlackBerry was released, which supports mobile telephone, text messaging, push e-mail, Internet faxing, Web browsing,and other wireless information services. So we can classify it a kind of Multi Function Cell Phones,
I Love
I love my fufamily and friends, got an issue, too bad!
Why Are The Woman On This Site Ssoooo Mean And Vicious?
I Hate When People Say There Gonna Get U A Hh Or Blingpack And Lie Why Js....
I hate when people say there gonna get u a hh or blingpack and lie thn igore u like its ur fault even when u tell them its ok
You And Me
Just kiss me softly, sweet and tender I want to be lost in sweet surrender Hold my hand and brush my cheek I want to feel my knees go weak I want your soft lips pressed on mine Your breath so hot, as fingers entwine Losing myself in your sweet embrace My lips longing for one more taste I want to give in to reckless desires See how much I can stoke the fires Hold me close and whisper my name I know I will  never be the same ~me
Ahole Dud And Enmanon
Ahole Dud and Emanon, could it be?
An Introduction To Cell Phone Features
Nowadays,we find that today's mobile phone features provide users many more capabilities than only text messaging or voice calls. General featuresCell Phones contain a standard set of services that allow phones of different types and in different countries to communicate with each other and are designed to work on cellular networks. But they can also support other features added by different manufacturers over the years: 1. Roaming that allows the same phone from China Wholesale to be used in multiple countries, offering that the operators of both countries have a roaming agreement. 2. Sending and receiving pictures and videos through MMS, and for short distances with for example,Bluetooth. 3. GPS receivers integrated or connected to cell phones, primarily to aid in dispatching emergency responders and road tow truck services. This feature is generally referred to as E911. 4. Send and receive faxes and data, access WAP services, and offer full Internet access u
Fu Tip Of The Day :
Broken Heart
You can't mend a broken heart You can't say that you love someone and you don't So why do you say that you love me Even I know that you don't love me So can you please save me the heartache And love me for a change I love you and when I asked you out you said NO Why did you break my heart, I need you So please say that you love me at least for a while Tell me that you want me But you don't have to go out with me So just let me have the idea that I am wanted So mend my broken heart
Teach And Preach
If the past tense of teach is taught, why isn't the past tense of preach, praught?
How many of these did YOU know about?        A sealed envelope - Put in the freezer for a few hours, then slide a   knife under the flap. The envelope can then be resealed.  &n b sp;(hmmmmmm..)                                                   Use Empty toilet paper roll to store appliance cords. It keeps them   neat  and  you can write on the roll what appliance it belongs to.                             For icy door steps in freezing temperatures: get warm water and put   Dawn dish washing liquid in it. Pour it all over the steps. They won't  refreeze. (wish I had known this for the last 40 years!)                              To remove old wax from a glass candle holder, put it in the freezer for   a few hours. Then take the candle holder out and turn it upside down. The   wax  will  fall out.                             Crayon marks on walls? This worked wonderfully! A damp rag, dipped    in baking  soda. Comes off with little effort (elbow grease that is!).                        
How To Kill Yourself Like A Man
I was applying for a job to become a suicide prevention counselor the other day, when the guy interviewing me started bitching about how boring his job had become. The only people he ever hears from anymore are 14 year old girls who try to overdose on Tylenol. YAWN. How about killing yourself with some style? How about killing yourself like a man? Here are some manly ways to shove off this mortal coil, along with ratings for each category from 1 to 10: Eat a tub full of beans: Manliness: 8 Style: 4 Awesomeness: 8 Mess: 5   What you need: a tub, enough beans to fill said tub. How to do it: just dig in, you chunky son of a bitch! Keep eating until you can't possibly eat anymore, then eat some more. Your gut will rupture and you will shit yourself. The cool thing about this method is that it's not only disgusting to clean up, but you'll probably be so bloated from the beans (choose Van Camp's by the way, not Bush's baked beans unless you like the tast
Mother's Day
Mother's Day shoukld be an extra special day to appreciate our mothers, although we should honor and respect them a whole year around.  Those that use Mother's Day as the only time to honor and respect Mom are foolish.
Second To None!!!
These are some words I need to say to you and you'll know where Im coming from by the time Im through. When I tell you I love you,DON'T TAKE ME THERE. When I stroke your ego when your feeling blue and trying to show how much Im feeling you.DON'T TAKE ME THERE. When Im up all night trying to make it right, and agree with you to avoid a fight, DON'T TAKE ME THERE. When you feel like you have no friends, I'll be there for you until the very end, SO DON'T TAKE ME THERE. So when everything is said and done, What Im trying to say boo is,THIS GIRL COME SECOND TO NONE!!!!!
My Jackass
My jackass was on the computer again and doing nothing on it again. I was tired of it so I decided to do something to get him off. Smiling I slowly creep up on him to grab his hair and softly but playfully nibble on his neck. When all he did was pat my head and then go back to the computer I got mad so I tried something else this time. Pulling his hair harder I bit his neck harder as well until he stops what he is doing to look at me. "Good now that I got your attention I want to play so get off your computer and play. Kitty wants to play with her jackass so come play please." I pout and put my ass in the air to wiggle it playfully. "Oh really now, and what does kitty have in mined for me." He says as he gets off the computer and slowly walks toward me. Giggling and smiling up at him I keep going back until I am up against the wall and he is standing right in front of me smiling down at me. Slowly I run my hands down his chest until I get to his pants, slowly I tug on them to where
Zodiac Auction , (come Bid If U Havent (its For My Weekend Bday Bash!) Plz Make Sure Everyone Does Good On It )*if Ur In It Tell Ur Friends To Bid Fo
Todays My Bday! Last Day Of Auction Zodiac Auction , (come Bid If U Havent (its For My Weekend Bday Bash!)
Masters Treat
It was Saturday and I was good all week so Master said I was going to get a treat tonight and I could not wait. When my Master got home that night I was waiting for him in the room on my knees. I listened as he did his normal thing while I staid where I was waiting for him to tell me my reward was going to be. "Well Kitty you where such a good girl that I told you that you where going to get a treat. Well I think I made you wait long enough so here is your surprise." He throw something to where it hit the floor right in front of me. When I saw that it was a new toy I knew what Master had in mind for the most part. "Be a good Kitty and get up and strip for Master before picking up your new toy and then get on the bed. Smiling I get up and do as he said, I slowly take off my close and then I picked up the toy before siding on the bed. I noticed then that my Master was only going to watch me while I use the toy on me. Blushing I look at my Master to see what I am to do first. "Now yo
The World Of Metal Has Lost Its Most Powerful Voice...
Neon Knight's play by the mob rules while the holy diver finds his rainbow in the dark, even  though its just another day for rock n roll children who dream evil. Still the sunset superman is the wild one who locked up the wolves while traveling strange highways to bring down the rain on this computer god and its  angry machines on this double monday. still there  The Lord of the last day suffers fever dreams while well before the fall we stand killing the dragon while Living the lie of the end of the world and have one more for the road...
Check Out My Radio Station welcome to my radio station i hope you like my music we play what ever you like so please holla at me for your request at 386-9826
My Leveling Update Whats Urs?
Ways To Get A Personal Salute From Me Want A Salute Or Salute Video From Me?
WANT A SALUTE OR SALUTE VIDEO FROM ME? WAYS TO GET ONE: DRAW ME (GOOD LOL) (HAND DRAWN OR AS A TOON IN ANIME ON OR PHOTSHOP ETC) sEND ME A 65-250 BLING OR BETTER (250 FOR VIDEOS) SEND ME 100 MILL OR MORE :p I used to just make regular ones for very close friends but i get asked all the time by everyone and i just cant make them for everyone .... Plus this is my little way of thanking people who gave me gifts make them feel special ... ( ^_____^ ) making some later today
What Color Rose Are You?
Your Are a Blue Rose You represent the unattainable and fantasies Your vibe: larger than life and intoxicating Falling in love with you is: like seeing a whole new world What Color Rose Are You? Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
so there i was, holding the phone in a 3 way conversation with my friend roy, and his gf nicole.  and here i am, telling him that his gf can no longer take this.  his depressive mood.  his yearning to die. she can't take the threats of him killing himself.  doing harm to himself. i've become the middle man between 2 torn lovers. and his response is, what the fuck dee?  why are you telling me this instead of her? i tell him, roy, i'm doing this as a favor, and because she just can't do it anymore.  not after this little stunt you pulled on her.  on us.  we all thought you were dead. bullshit, he says.  i can go anywhere i want, he says.  she's your gf man, i say.  so then, he raises his voice, and asks, why are you there in our place alone with her?  what the fuck is going on? i tell him, you know, you must really be fucked up in the head to take this there.  i've been your friend all this time, and you're accusing me of betraying you that way? he says, how do i know i can tru
How Many More Asshats
How many more asshats need to call me Skippy?
A portal to a world unknown A lonely Heart tattered and torn Swept away by promises broken In a world where lies have been spoken Never to trust again Never to be whole again Standing in a world of tattered dreams Everything falls apart at the seems Trust is no longer there A coldness fills the air As he sits with that cold blank Stare.
You Smiled
You smiled, I did respond. You touched me, and I sang a song, you kissed and hugged me oh so close, I knew my heart would become toast.
Playmates 1991-2000
  1991 Stacy Leigh Arthur Cristy Thom Julie Clarke Christina Leardini Carrie Jean Yazel Saskia Linssen Wendy Kaye Corinna Harney Samantha Dorman Cheryl Bachman Tonja Christensen Wendi Hamilton
My Name Is Erica
NOT: Sexy, Honey, Baby, Sugar, Lover, Beautiful, Pretty Girl, Dear, Darling, Girlfriend, Mama, Mistress, Sweetheart, Dream Girl, Cupcake, Heartthrob, Pet, Treasure, Babycake, Pumpkin, Angel, Heart's Desire, Honeybun, Boo, Honeybunches, Jewel, Lamb, Pearl, Precious, Princess, Beloved, or any OTHER names you think suit me. I am NOT your girlfriend, wife, or mistress, and most of the time, the only reason a man calls a woman he doesn't know by these names is because he thinks it will get him somewhere. If I am in a relationship, that is one thing. If I am close to you, that may be ok, as well. But try as I might, I can NOT comprehend why on the face of this earth men that I don't even know choose to use these terms of endearment, as opposed to my name. Do people not realize that the most pleasing sound to the human ear is one's own name spoken in kindness, warmth, or love? Obviously not. And no matter what I do, it continues. It is IRRITATING!!! The biggest problem with c
Fubar Is A Game, Or A Chat Station?
Is fubar a game, or a place where people can interact?
Some Of You People
Some of you people on fubar just crack me up, I am already a little nuts, and some of the fu-drama pushes me a little closer to the edge!
That Moment
My heart races, I begin to sweat. My hands tremble, As I get closer. With each step, Closer to the door, That will open, Revealing paradise. She opens the door, And peers in to my eyes. She smiles, The moment has finally come. We stand face to face, Only for a moment. As we pull each other, Close to our bodies. Hugging each other, Holding each other. Whispering in each other's ear, How much we have longed for this. The moment, When all dreams, All fantasies, Finally come true. The physical touch, The warm embrace. Feeling the other's heart, Beating against out chest. For so long, Wanting and loving. Wishing nothing more, Than to be here. The time has come, When mental images, Become reality, And the world goes silent. The only thing that matters, At that very moment, In the very place, Is us. Two people, One love. Two hearts, One love. A love, That until now, Was only distant, Untouchable. All that is over, As rea
Come Join Me
Like horses? come join me in Howrse where you can raise and breed your own horses.
That's Mister Doctor Pork Chop To You!
The opening of “Toy Story 3” will surprise you, and its climax will sadden you.  Andy is headed off to college and his toys Buzz, Woody, and the rest are headed off to Sunnyside Daycare (I chuckle at the irony; the school Martha and her sisters attended as kids and our niece Josceline just graduated kindergarten from is Sunnyside Elementary) that’s portrayed as the Prohibition-era Chicago of toys.  It’s “run” by Lotso Bear, a stuffed bear toy with his own reasons for rejecting children and who eventually gets his comeuppance in a can’t-kill-him-by-ripping-his-stuffing-out way.  The little green aliens (“You have saved us!  We are eternally grateful!”) also get their chance to shine, and I guess both Martha and I broke down and cried at the end of the film because of why we came to Kentucky in the first place – to visit my mom who’s in declining health.   I am so thankful to God and to my family that we didn’t have
Perhaps some will recall the passon from "The Chronicles of the Wanton"... Her simpliest desires as from this repost from the past...   Behind my armchairI found a small scrap of torn black fishnetsAnd I smiled to myselfRemembering…My legs spread wideIn four inch heelsBare breastedGripping the chairBent at the waistYou tore throughClutching my hipsRipping my pantiesEnteringThrustingTogether GrindingMoaningTrembling ThrustingCollapsingExhaustedEcstaticNow I am remembering….I wonder what house guestWill trip over the next scrapAnd pocket itSmilingKnowingWonderingI tucked it in a drawer Where I keep such thingsBecause I have such thingsTo conceal.
Using Lace Pt. 2
Stepping out of the limo Lacey relished the cool night air on her flushed body. Leaning against the cold metal for support she tried to calm her racing nerves. Never in her life would she view a limo the same again. Every inch of her screamed in need and demanded completion. How could he do that to her. He seemed so heartless sometimes. Bringing her to the brink of cumming only to stop and leave her hungry and unsated. Looking over at Antonio as he stepped out he looked so calm, unfazed even. Bastard…She couldn’t help thinking to herself. Before the night was through he was either going to fuck her or she would have to take matters into her own hands. Literally! He looked so sexy standing next to her, staring at her with his chocolate eyes. The stark desire in those dark pools as they raked up and down her approvingly had her ready to melt. Extending his elbow she looped her arm through and entered a nearby restaurant. A cascade of smells assaulted her. Her s
Pay It Forward
When someone does you a favor, and they want nothing in return, is it a good idea to do a favor for someone else, and if you want nothing in return, to ask them to do someone else a favor?
Penny Gets Punished
I am standing alone in this damp dark and very cold cellar. It’s creepy. There are cobwebs and all sorts of things I can’t identify. I am frightened – yet at the same time I am so turned on my pussy juices are moistening the small cotton patch of my panties. I am in a bent-over position, my right wrist cuffed to my right ankle and my left wrist cuffed to my left ankle. I am wearing my tall heels, my leather collar and my new satin pink G-string with lace trim. My long brown hair is hanging over my face and touching the cool floor tiles. I am waiting for Master to punish me. I know I deserve it. It all began this morning when Master gave me very specific instructions: Go to the shop and buy a new pair of panties. Then, come home and take a picture of it and send it to me. Then, play with yourself and cum. It sounded simple enough. But sometimes, things just happen that are out of your control. I went to the lingerie shop and browsed through the rows of
New Untitled Story
Mark Callous was a well respected man in the small community of Edgewood. It was a very quiet hole-in-the-wall type of town. Everyone knew each other and for the most part got along or at the very lease respected one another. Mark was a Funeral Director at Dominions Rest Funeral Home on the west side of town. He was a well respected man, whom gives what he can to the community that he lived in for most of his life.  He lives as well as works at the funeral home with his wife Meredith with 2 little daughters Eileen and Jennifer; ages 5 and 7.  Life was going as well as it can for this little loving family. But this is not a deal of happiness, but of one’s demise of sanity and hope.   “Do you know if they ever found Shrug?” Meredith asked her husband. “Not that I have heard. Last thing I heard about Shrug was that there was evidence that suggested he murder an 18 year old girl down by the old mill factory.” Her husband of 15 years told her.  Gary Shrug ha
I Work Up Horny
Passing Souls
  Passing Souls Late in life two souls meet. There soft voices offer comfort To each other. The more they talk comfort turns to friendship. As time passes friendship turns to love. As there love grows the souls gain faces. As there faces become clear, fear creeps in. Fear of lost love or fear of image. Two souls soon part to stop the pain, the pain they felt so many times. Now fear has passes the pain still strong. They search for that comfort they once shared and hope to meet again to test there fate. So hold on to friendship every day and don’t let fear get in the way. Bye Mike 
Compared To
Compared to some people on this site, am I relatively normal?
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Just A Poem I Wrote For My Dad (daddys Hands)
When the days go by I never forget the feel of daddy's hands.Growing up as a little girl, i'll always remember all the times i would wait until my daddy went to shower after work and i would sneak into his lunch box and steal his oatmeal cream pies.Sometimes Daddy's hands were gentle...sometimes they weren't so gentle..but what daddy said went.Daddy's hands held me tight at night when I fell asleep curled up against him. Strong hands never let me go until I was ready for them to leave my grasp, he always knew when and when not to let go.Growing up, I started off on a bad foot.Getting involved with the wrong people threw my attitude off...One slip and I found out just how much campariable Daddy's hands were to a paddle.Look where im at now? What am I doing? I'm not a kid anymore daddy. In my head I put on a front...always telling people I'm grown...Yeah, on the outside.Inside I'm not more grown than a high shcool kid..I'm still so attached to You..I still act like a did with you when i
Just Thinkin Bout Us..
Why do I just lie awake and think of you? It'z because everytime I close my eyes I see you...I never realized what I was doing till It ended..People say never regret the decisions you make, but i can't help but regret what i've done to u..& to a lot of people around me...Now I know why nothing good ever sticks with me..because it took you to realize how I treat other people and only think for myself...I look back at the wonderful 9 months we shared, I couldnt thank God enough for putting you in my life. As a punishment of all the wrng I have done onto people..he's taken you from me. God only Does what's for the best, never for the worst; though it may seem to be. I'm tired, wore out, all i do is lye awake and think about you..3 a.m comes round and all i wanna do is call you up, so i know you're still there..My heart tells me you are, but my thoughts tell me you're gone forever...I wouldn't blame you if you were. Now that i see who & what I've become..I don't blame you or anyone else fo
Lindsey Lohan Comes Out Swinging
Lindsay Lohan has come out swing. In an interview she did with Vanity Fair, Lindsay says she done with clubbing. What’s going to take the place of the clubs? Her career and work in movies she touts. Most of her troubles she said are from trying to emulate other celebs like Britney Spears. This is quite a change for my favorite girl I’d love to have sex with. She tells Vanity Fair “…I’m a damn good actress.” She sure is. Go get them girl. I’ve always stuck by you Lindsey. For more    BlastFM is a damn good internet radio station if I do say so myself. Hit us up 24/7 for great music       
Repeat By Jreal Music
I'm tha Real Mr. Sweet i'll knock you off your feet Girl your hot cause I can feel tha heat when you're ball'n like an athlete Now I can see tha reason why I compete for a woman that makes me complete I would never cheat I wouldn't even trade you in if I had the receipt Now let's slide off in dem sheets & keep this song on repeat  
Evanescence- Anywhere
Dear my love,Haven't you wanted to be with meAnd dear my love,Haven't you longed to be freeI can't keep pretending that I don't even know youAnd at sweet night, you are my ownTake my hand[Chorous]We're leaving here tonightThere's no need to tell anyoneThey'd only hold us downSo by the morning lightWe'll be half way to anywhereWhere love is more than just your nameI have dreamt of a place for you and INo one knows who we are thereAll I want is to give my life only to youI've dreamt so long I cannot dream anymoreLet's run away, I'll take you there[Chorus]We're leaving here tonightThere's no need to tell anyoneThey'd only hold us downSo by the morning lightWe'll be half way to anywhereWhere love is more than just your nameForget this lifeCome with meDon't look back you're safe nowUnlock your heartDrop your guardNo one's left to stop youForget this lifeCome with meDon't look back you're safe nowUnlock your heartDrop your guardNo one's left to stop you now[Chorus]We're leaving here tonightT
Guess that this is it, mi as well turn myself in, but today, is not the day being criminalize, so she will remain, of who she really is, until she know why she should change, but until then she will remain the same, insides of her, a rebel checa, inside of her for sure, so she do not let it out, insides of her, exploding inside checa, inside of her for sure, jumping around inside she will not show much, shamefully fun, also crazy, she fights for it is that she believes in, crashing through the stupid rules, breaking them as she did before, not the whole entire truth, meaningless fight broke out, fire came up sparkles of her broken poetry, insides of her, a rebel checa, inside of her for sure, so she do not let it out, insides of her, exploding inside checa, inside of her for sure, jumping around inside she will not show much, risk bringer in public speakings, ready listen provoke new openings, good causes lasts while they’re in jail, ( me asking questions about a better place ins
they will they will they will they will will will will will will, will will will will will will, find in me a bunch of things, a lot of things that need to be express and heard, shouldn’t i be able to tell it, ( will will will will will), well yes and it can be a song to you which way do you want it, dangerous women on the loose, setting me off is like setting off, my personality, buried, black and grey colors (x2), will will will will will will, is in to stay go ahead and laugh, she runs away and comes to me, black and grey colors, will will will will will will her attitude is me…like?, why do we go on like we don’t care, maybe because of our past, will will will will will, get a hint no one plays what ever is wanted, she in back of line for a reason to be in front instead of being known, she loves me deeply, deeply, it just another word that others say, black and grey colors wil will will will will will (x2), is in to stay go ahead and laugh, she runs away and come
you and me are together, in this graveyard of use to be memories, holding my colorful flowers kneeling on my knees, looking at a tombstone with her name on it, with a black dress on and put the colorful flowers down, no ones are watching us, just some dead trees dead dirt and here, a use to be girly girl rip how stupid was she, how did she get, to this point of her life oh fuck! Its done, its not anything she can do about it, to be weird now is the greatest thing that happened because she found herself, no matter what others think and say, she blocks out all the mess won’t let it stress her out, because it won’t make anything better in any way, in her soul there’s gone away girly poems, she used to write before, she realize what she was apart of also wanted this life, so she can show how she really think, rip forever because she’s not coming in you, how did she get, to this point of her life oh fuck! Its done, its not anything she can do about it, to be weird no
A Look In
Fair warning this blog was intended for me as all of them are if u take something away from it, it's a bonus. Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them. --Aristotle   Having read what I have recently posted has allowed me to examine my thoughts over the past few days. Quite frankly I looked into a mirror and did not like what I saw. The question is no diffrent that it has ever been, Step Up or Step aside? And the answer is ,as it usually is, time to STEP UP.  That being said I will not be ending my string of excellence here. There are Quite a few that would prefer me to do so. The ones who want the recognition without the work. Im sure they would love to me to remain quiet. As many of u know that is not my style. I simply had to look in to a place I haven't had to go for some time. It's dark and terrifying for some. I looked in me and asked, "Are you willing to accept defeat?" Because your sorry ass was starting to sound like it. And in the end:    I do
Death, You Are My Bitch Lover
What are you listening to right now?My dad. Text messaging his internet hos.Ever had a drunken night in Mexico?You know what happens to young girls in Mexico? If you're LUCKY, you get some heroin filled breast implants (like on nip/tuck) and sent back over the border. If you're ugly you just get your ID stolen and you're a sex slave. It's not all sunshine and jose cuervo anymore.What did you do today?Hahaha woke up.What were you doing at 10pm yesterday?Putting on my party shorts probably.What color is your mailbox?Grey or something. Whatever it is it's shitty looking.Have you ever hit a deer?Unfortunately not. I'd like to hit one with a bullet.Is your hair naturally straight or curly?Like 110% sexy.Does anything hurt on your body right now?No. I still have alcohol in my system.Do you often cry during a movie?Man, all the time. It's so embarrassing. Two words: Forrest Gump.Do any of your friends have kids?YES.If you were born the opposite sex, what would your parents name you?Kingston.
Should Have Done My Hair
Should have done my hair   Battered and bruised Heart totally used   Should have done my hair   Hit the ground Without a sound   Should have done my hair   Glass and broom Another hospital room   Should have done my hair   Another police report Swollen mouthed retort   Should have done my hair   Mom's on phone You're all alone   Should have done my hair   Final law suit You friggin brute   Should have done my hair   Now you see Can't have me   Should have done my hair   See him stare Now I care   Should have done my hair   Know that man Yes I can   Should have done my hair
*working Title
****Not finished****   How many times will you be beat?Just sit back,and claim defeatYou gave it your allBut it wasn't your bestYou're left to take the fallAnd give in like the rest
Fairy Tales And Broken Dreams
No fairy tale endings, just broken dreams,At least thats the way it sometimes seems.When you cant find the way or find the means,No secret wishing star, or magical moonbeams.When the world you wish for just can not be,And you have to face the harshness of reality,That what you envision is not what is to be,And if you open your eyes, the truth you will see.No golden mountains, no slow moving streams.No ivory white castles, no Kings or Queens.No walks on the beach, no romantic scenes.No fairy tale endings, just broken dreams.
Getting It Out
Its so hard trying to get out the right words to say, or when to say it. what does it mean when you have dreams about someone you liked for so long but you feel if you make a move , it would possibly be a waste of time because chances are that certain someone hasn't thought of you since 2002. so what do you do, can you make a move and tell them how you really feel or maybe save the time for another embarrassing moment well.. Ill leave it up to you to answer that question! 
Oh No!! Lol
Last night my sister and I were sitting in the den and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That would be no quality of life at all, If that ever happens, just pull the plug." So she got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine.
How To Add "http" Codes To Your Profile For Pictures For All To See
To add pictures or comment pictures to you profile for all to see: Go to your Home page. Above were you see your name you will see "Edit" Then when that pages opens click on the "About Me " tab Then copy the Http code given from the picture you want to show on your profile for all to see Then Right click on the about me section, and hit paste to put the code you just copyed from the picture Remember to put in the Bouncer Check id code before hitting submit Check out your profile it will show up for all to see, you can put more then one code in the about me part Enjoy ~MamaKat
Frustation With The Opposite Sex.
Preface: I just got my heart ran over. So keep in mind you are dealing with opinions that are slanted because of said heartbreak. So while these are my opinions and what I believe in; the anger and angst that will be coupled with this rant comes from a place of pure bile toward the opposite sex. You have been warned. ---- I’m right and you’re wrong. Understand this clearly before reading further. I’m a creature of cold logic, and feelings do not MESH in that logic. Don’t tell me yes or no, but there is this situation or that. You cannot beat logic no matter what the feelings are in regard to that matter. That is what separates us from the animals. We understand logic, we have more than instinct, and we have intellect. It is a sad state of affairs that so few people on this planet do more with their gift. Instead most folks are fine to rut about the mud, being hedonistic savages following their most base of instinct: desire. Desire to live. Desire to eat. De
Help Yourself And Help Those In Need!!!
I know it is a "budget crisis" time for just about everyone this holiday season. But, what if you could save money on your Christmas shopping and help those in need? You can with Jeryd Smith and Electro-tainment!!! This year go to the Electro-tainment!!! online store or to for access to the best deals on music, electronics, movies video games and so much more. When you purchase your discounted holiday gifts there, a portion of the proceeds will go to help struggling families. So, you can help yourself by saving money and help those in need by choosing to make your purchases from Electro-tainment!!! You can also buy with confidence because Electro-tainment!!! is backed by and all of it's benefits and guarantees. You can go to to get a preview or you can copy and paste the following link into your browser to be taken directly to the store site: Buy with confidence and save @ Electro-tainment!!!  
Christmas Cards For Wounded Soldiers
When filling out your Christmas cards this year, take ONE CARD and SEND it to this address: A Recovering American Soldier, c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 6900 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20307-5001. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these soldiers could get. We need to help bring up their spirits. Please re-post!!!!!
Lost And Found
                                                                              "SITTING HERE"   I'm sitting here all alone,feeling so sad,empty and lonely. I think of you every minute and second of each passing day.Wondering how you are doing, what you are doing? I spend my time also wondering where you are right now. Wishing I could hold you again. I sit here remembering all we have shared,over the phone and in person,just dreaming of all that will be. Crying a tear every minute we are apart. At times I tell myself that I'm strong and these  times will go by fast.Yet,at other times I sit here and wonder why I must hurt this way. Though some where in this emptiness I find myself feeling loved still. Then I realize that its not the sadness,emptiness,or even the loneliness that hurts me the most. It's the sitting here and being without you....
The Power Of Water
For those that do not know or have not heard about the devastation that my country is facing i thought i would write a blog to tell all of it's extent. Queensland is on the Eastern side of Australia and is currently battling floods. The floods started before christmas and are continuing as i write this. So far over 75% of Queensland has been affected. Livestock destroyed, Houses destroyed, Plantations destroyed, People have drowned and many more are missing. 75% of queensland equals to the area contained if you join France and Germany together!!!!!! 36 towns thus far have had to evacuate, some have even been air lifted to safety. Roads are closed and people are being told to leave. But where the heck do they go????? The flood waters are even reaching the border of New South Wales and eventually will affect the Murray Rivers and therefore affect Victoria. However, if we stand back and see the bigger picture we soon realise that Queenland is one of the most primary sources of our fresh
Hate Guys That Push & Dont Seem To Get That Your Happy With Someone
Ok so there's this guy who keeps annoying me  think that he has a chance with me and asked me out to dinner and i said no but he told his family that it was a date . Ummm how did you get that this was  a "date" WHEN I SAID NOOOOO! first of all im not SINGLE im taken asshole sheesh i told you that millions of times but you dont seem to get it o well guess u need to get a msg from my bf lol . sometimes i hate BBM , then he post a status thing on FB last night saying this " Gotta love how the girl you like makes you the last priorty on ur list " EXCUSE ME your not my bf . THE GUY I BEEN DATING FOR 2 YEARS IS !! NOT YOU !! then after he deletes it lmfao  cuz he doesnt want anybody to know that he keeps hitting on a girl thats taken and not interested in cheating haha . then on BBM hes like " i hope one day your my girl " hahahahaha yeah nooo i been with my man for 2 years and i want to spend the rest of my life with him so stop bugging and get the hint OKAY??? THESE KIND OF GUYS PISS ME OF
Waking The Demon
Helpless, my eyes are bleeding from the fear that's inside, You sealed your demise when you took what was mine. Dont try and stop me from avenging this world, No voice to be heard. Waking the Demon, Where'd ya run to. Walking in shadows, Watch the blood flow. Theres not much longer so dont try and fight, Your bodies weakening so walk to the light. All those painfull times so alone so ashamed, I'm not coming back there's nothing to gain. Caution, there's just no limits to the boundaries you push, I've warned you but still you just fuck with my mind. There's no escape from this rage that i feel, Nothing is real. Waking the Demon, Where'd ya run to. Walking in shadows, Watch the blood flow. Theres not much longer so dont try and fight, Your bodies weakening so walk to the light. All those painfull times so alone so ashamed, I'm not coming back there's nothing to gain. Breath for me, Don't wake me from this slumber. Stay with me, Possession taking over X2
Lonely Road
When I walk down the lonely road, you're the only one I wish to know. My emotions rise and fall like tides lines on a cliff wall. As I look up at the stars, I wonder why we have these wars. Death, starvation, can't we have a peaceful nation? I wish I had a potion that can cure those notions of greed, power, arrogance, All he thinks abut is his inheritance. Sometimes I wish I was a beam of steel so I wouldn't have to deal with these damn emotions I feel. All I want to do is hide in the dark with my eyes opened wide looking at the shadows that hide deep in my mind. All the evil that is in me, I wish my Lord to free me from these ugly feelings I have inside of me. I wish my faith could hide me, but I know He stands beside me. To comfort me with His love like the white dove I see flying high above. When I'm lonely, scared, or angry I know He will be there to save me. As I lay in bed tonight I wish my Lord a goodnight, and thank Him for lifting me up
Polar Plunge Donations!!!
Link to page for donations!!! One of my friends needs your help raising money for the Special Olympics!!! This is about more than giving it is about helping children and adults out that have disability's. I'm not asking for a ton of money all that I'm asking is for my friends to donate $1 which will help out greatly. So dig that change out from the couch and help out. Click on the link above to read more about it. The first donation has been made, I challenge all of my friends to at least donate $1 dollar. DO YOU have what it takes to take on this challenge? Help out the Special Olympics!!! Put a smile on there faces and show them that in this world people do still care!!!
Biggest Shopping Center Online,
There is Over 1000 different stores where you can find anything you want, like Grocery, Medecine, Cigarettes, Wine, FreeDating,Flowers,Clothings,Tickets,Party Supplies,Trip,Hotel,Jewelry and More
This Is My Favorite Lyric By Dir En Grey
The intention is clear, I stare, with this left hand, unableTo be wordedEvery time I bleed, there lies the reason to live ... And IDiscover words being so vivid and brightEven loved ones scatter like petals from flowers in my handSo even if I engraved the meaning that I lived in my hand, itWill only be known as flowers of vanityThe FinalOne by one it multiplies ... why be a sad bait?Deep within the hell of my heart ... I can't go backA self-torture loser, not being able to see tomorrowSuicide is the proof of lifeEven loved ones scatter like petals from flowers in my handSo even if I engraved the meaning that I lived in my hand, itWill only be known as flowers of vanitySo I can't liveWhat's lost can't be born againA song that's not even seeking the proof of livingLet's put an end ... The FinalLets bloom flowers of attempted suicide.
Parody And Sarcasm
Are parody and sarcasm lost arts or have they become specialties, that only a few can engage in properly?
One Day Soon
It still hurts when I think about you but not as much You said some hateful things when we spoke last But I know it was because you were mad I only wish you would call so we could talk Just so I know ur ok but I know its not gonna be. But you know what thats ok Because in all reality I need the space It will help to move on quicker You did so much for me and yes I miss it I miss you and everything about you But I know we werent meant to be  So in case your wondering the day has not come That I can open my eyes and not think of you But some day soon I am sure I will be able to smile knowing that I am ok But no not yet not yet my love. I do know on the other hand that you Yes you dont feel the pain anymore  and that is fine with me I want you to be happy I want you to know I am happy you moved on So just so you know I will be ok  One day soon I will be ok. So here is to the day that I can smile again.
No longer confused...escaped from those dayz, Shackles are busted...finally freed from your maze, The mind is intact, Having survived your endless attacks, You didnt expect for me to be so bold, To do exactly the opposite of everything i was told, And because i did... i walked down different paths, Constantly able to elude all your traps, Now face to face with your demons you sit, Forced to reflect on this life you have lived, Wrectehed creature crawl away and dissolve, What a waste...for some reason as a being you failed to evolve!!!     thevoice  © 2009
I Guess
I guess the regular MuMMers got their wish i am STILL mumm banned.  The non regulars?   1. Happy 2. Sad 3. Why?
Sexy Angel
The Past
THE PAST BY. LADY NOK.   the past is like a shadow it will always follow you  no matter where you are  no matter how bad or good you can try to run from it but its still there   the past is like the fog some days it's thick in your memory if you just wait it out it will fade  little by little  but then it will hit again later on in your life   the past will often attack  your present with the pain  of your memories 
What Is Money?
Money is the DNA of this society which holds this society in servitude. Money is created from nothing which is called debt or credit which we spend the rest of our lives paying back. They use this thing called money to enslave us. "Money is a flawed system that is holding humanity back" "Money bewitches people. They fret for it, and they sweat for it. They devise most ingenious ways to get it, and most ingenuous ways to get rid of it. Money is the only commodity that is good for nothing but to be gotten rid of. It will not feed you, clothe you, shelter you, or amuse you unless you spend it or invest it. It imparts value only in parting. People will do almost anything for money, and money will do almost anything for people. Money is a captivating, circulating, masquerading puzzle."
Profits Of Doom
Born with a moustache and a supernova, tossed off the cliffs of Dover. Washed up on a far away shore in the arms of the daughter of the Buffalo. Mamma said he was the chosen one. Reverend said he was the other one. All that pay no mind inside his Econoline. Swallower of Planets, the profits of doom. Quarterly projections, the profits of doom. A caliph, rabbi, and a bishop walk into a bar. One says to the other, “Hey now brother, we haven't gotten very far.” Who's that writing? John the Revelator. He wrote the Book of the 7th Seal. Swallower of Planets, the profits of doom. Quarterly projections, the profits of doom. Genesis and Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers, Gideon is knocking in your hotel while you slumber. Swallower of Planets, the profits of doom. Never trust the white man driving the black van He's just saving all his voodoo for you. Just for you. Never trust the white man driving the black van He's just saving all his voodoo for you. Just for you.   By Clutc
I've felt darkness closing in on me. Chilling shadows surrounding me. I've had the poison leak into my skin. And it corroded my heart away. Bled away. Cut away. Dark night of my soul...     words by Fear Factory    
Tired (what I Think Of Myself)
Why am I not good enough? Why do I have to fight to smile? Why cant you see that I'm more than a pretty face on ur arm? Why do you choose drugs (or other girls) over me...?Am I just not enough? Why am I only beautiful on the outside?   Why am I a failure? Why can't I do anything right? Why do I ruin everything I touch?Because if I touch it it burns to the ground. Why can't I smile without faking it? Why can't I be happy? The answer is...I'm not good enough. I'm worthless and I'll never amount to anything. I'm no more imortant than a grain of sand. I'm not special in anyway. And I have no right to be happy.  I'm tired of fighting to get up in the morning. Of trying to find a reason to smile. I'm just tired. So tired. 
Own Ur First Vampire
Jyf Family
JYF is a family group started with people that have been loyal friends, we are open to new members all we ask is that you add the Family page to your family rate and gift at least one family member a day and the same will be done for you, keep up on the family news by reading the family blog and to let all of Fu know you are a family member add JYF behind your name...JYF Family would love to have new members.   On behalf of the Family DevilDog JY Owner and FNDR of JYF
Growing The Family
All current family members, to help the family grow feel free to send invites to ppl you know that will be loyal and hold up the family rules....if you need the family bully code sb me or Vixen on our personal profiles and we will give it to you, just let us know that yoou are looking for the family bully code.   JYF Family, DevilDog JY Owner JYF FNDR
Supermen, Xmen, Spiedrmen And Other Bugs *splash!*
my self preservation instinct turned crimson red but i will tell you what the sneaky guys already know :P situation 1 when you see a girl on the street and your heart goes bOOm bOOm bOOm i want you in my room... dont frekking follow her! honestly dont! it will creep her off  and she will put you a sticker "butt rapist DANGER!" in no time. You want to talk to her just stop her on the street say a compliment but please dont say "hey you cute/sexy/hot "she heard it before compliment an element of her clothing say she has gorgeous shoes, earings or beautiful hair color, it can be a bullshit no one cares but for that 5 seconds you have her smile ;p and thats something good ;p situation 2 she is a  hottie what to do to drag her attention? now you are in troubles NOT! :P step one out of one! separate her from the the herd of hyenas she came with (so called her BFFs SwEeeTTttt)  and make her smile just like in the situation one just make her smile and she will remember you ;] oh important
Quick Feel!
Sydney Let's Down Her Hair, And Gives It A Yank!
Me Dancing
This is what I love
I Am A Cynical Asshole
i'll admit that... but as always there is usally a reason for everything...  mine being life.... ain't it just a bitch sometimes.... okay so daily ranting... i drove over to see my mother to hand her the title to my old car....  so she could scrap it... yeah i don't know why i'm willing to let her get anything else out of me but she's only getting about 260 for it and a tow.... it cost 2400 when i bought it... meh the car my brother has been driving on a now revoked liscense and had 3 accidents in... i say 3 but one of which was his whore of an ex girlfriend who he is sleeping with again... even though she is still fucking the other guy she just had a kid with behind his back and the poor dumb fuck is just too fucking stupid to realize it now don't go feeling any sympathy for the dumb little bitch... i won't have it :) see my brother made his own choices people warned him and tried to help him... myself included... and he does nothing but fuck up constantly and screw everyone else
100 Truths
1. Full name: Heather (the rest is none of your damn business)2. Nickname: Headah, Mommy, Mom, Fuzzy Lumpkins, George, Hatton, Stiffler, White Rabbit, Wabbit, The Madd Hatton, Potato ..... and so on and so on.3. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius4. Male or female: Female5. Elementary School: Atlantic Ementary6. High School: Cheboygan Area High, Rogers City High, Penn Foster, Yulee High. 7. College: None Yet8. Hair color: Auburn9. Tall or short: Short11. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans.12. Phone or Camera: Phone has a camera.13. Health freak: Nope14. Orange or Apple: Orange15. Do you have a crush on someone: Yup16. Eat or Drink: Drink17. Piercings: Ears18. Pepsi or Coke: Neither. HAVE YOU EVER? 19. Been in an airplane: yes20. Been in a relationship: Uhhhh.... ya.21. Been in a car accident(s): yes22. Been in a fist fight: yup23. First piercing: Ears.25. First award: No fucking clue.27. First word: Daddy29. Last person you talked to in person: Mom30. Last person you texted: Ashley31. Last person you watched
A Libran Female
A Libran female is total woman, complete with the charming manners and delightful elegance. She can also argue with the convincing male logic and beat you at any argument. However, the male side may come in front of you after sometime. Debate attracts her and she weighs both sides of the situation with total fairness. A Libra girl may start an argument alone and finish it alone, with your contribution being only some occasional comments. While she is arguing with you, she may smile every now and then.Before you know it, you will feel captivated by her smile and charm. By this time, she would have won the argument as well as your heart. Of course, you won't mind that, since she convinces with such carefully balanced and logical arguments. A typical Libran female characteristics profile includes a constant need to be fair and balanced. The best part is that she presents her case in such a tactful way that you don't feel offended at all. At the same time, she is not stubborn and easily ch
Scientist Prove Dna Can Be Reprogrammed By Words And Frequencies | Wake Up World
Scientist Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies | Wake Up World"Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, words and thought. This has now been scientifically proven and explained."For the full article: click here
Are We At Risk???
2022,  A great deal of energy will be released upon the earth that will all but destroy it unless we can band together and fight off the onslaught that is coming.  By 2021 we will have been contacted by an entity only know as a single digit in our numeric system but known throughout the universe as a life consuming race.  This race will have unparralel information technology that will need the best and brightest mind to be able to understand how to detect the race's computer language along with being able to hack their systems.  If we don't have these capabilities by this date, it might be too late.
I hate this feeling that I’m not good enough for people. I don’t think there is anything wrong with me, but I could be wrong. It seems everyone I get close to leaves for someone better. All my friends find a new best friend and stop talking to me,. Is it wrong that I would like to feel wanted? By someone… by anyone? I’m not trying to whine or anything, i just have to get this off my chest
The baring of teeth A smile for Humans Have you ever come across A fully grown male Chimp Teeth mean war to him That flash moment When the danger smells Fill the air Run or fight? Slow motion He will roll you up And keep you in a tree Eat you slowly over weeks Run or fight
My Dream Guy
AFTER ALOT OF THINKING AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCE IT SEEMS TO HAVE BECOME MY DESTINY....LMAO Looking for a man who lies, cheats and steals...a lot! I'd like to meet someone who is dishonest, lazy, mean, uneducated, unethical and rude. A previous arrest record is not necessary, but would be nice. You should know how to act like a king, preferably a drama king. And not be afraid to talk openly about your feelings, even in a crowded movie theater. You should also be a good communicator, understanding that yelling, screaming and swearing are effective in most conversations. I'd like someone who is open-minded enough to believe that unicorns and leprechauns are real, but also believes that things like hard work, deodorant and exercise are just myths. I like a man who enjoys spending time at the beach, or on long hikes in the woods, as a way to hide from police until "things settle down". You should enjoy a nice evening out shoplifting, or just staying home to cuddle with a nice porn video. An
What Is It About Jackets And Jumping In Them?
Yesterday as Jeffrey, Sarah, and I were leaving church for a while (Martha sang with chapel choir at our second service, and she didn't want us to have to wait for her as we'd already been to first service and Sunday school -- Sarah and Jeffrey at it, me teaching third grade) Sarah first and then Jeffrey got on the outside railing. She slid down it, she got off, and then I called to Jeffrey (you would not think the Sunday school aides would find spelling his name J-E-F-F-R-E-Y so hard, but it happens) to get off and turned aside to Sarah, saying "what is it with boys and stair railings". Then my son comes back with today's title ... I can't help laughing at that! I brought the kids to McDonald's for lunch and after they ate -- still not a fan of their fries, and for that matter I'm getting to be less of one too -- they got to play in McDonald's Play Place for a while before I bought Martha's food and picked her up. So everybody got fed, and I brought Sarah, Jeffrey, and their cousin (
This Is Sad Just So You Know.
When I was fifteen I had just moved to California. I had absolutely NO friends and to make matters worse my birthday is in the summer time. My parents decided the perfect gift would be a dog (I'd been begging for years) so off to the pound we went. First lap through we saw an adorable brown-eyed husky with ears bigger than her tiny body and it was love at first sight. For the rest of my high school years Kira (the husky) and I were inseparable, she slept with me, she followed me around, I took her for walks, I even taught her a few unnecessary tricks like how to viciously growl at people with just the point of my finger. Today we had to put Kira down and it was one of the worst things I've ever had to do. She was a great dog and I will miss her fuzzy little ass sooooo much. Hug and smooch your pooch and if you don't have one, hug someone else's, trust me they won't mind the extra love.
Ok Look...
It has come to my attention that one of my so called friends blocked me from seeing his profile. And you know what I don't give a shit.. You know why?? Because he ASSUMED that I would drop my life because he "supposedly" knew what I was going through. I'm sorry if my KIDS are more important than going off on some whacked out trip to somewhere where I don't know anyone and couldn't see my kids if I wanted to. My kids are my 1st priority in my life, if you don't like that then screw the hell off. And I am MARRIED still. I just don't know what the hell I want to do about it because of certain problems we've been having. If you can't handle that then again screw the hell off. There are 3 people on here that know and understand and have been there for me to talk to and you guys know who you are. I can be the sweetest person in the world until you piss me off so be very careful. And if I block your dumb ass it's because you did something I most likely didn't like. I love my music and will po
My Last Breath
Sunday 10/30/2011 8:30 pm(approx) - I called my daughter to come home I was having trouble breathing.. Sunday 10/30/2011 8:30 pm (approx)  -  I called your name, my last breah was your name. my last tought was of your smiling face. my last words were paalam mahal. Sunday 10/30/2011 8:45  pm(approx) - I awoke in an abmulance - an oxegen mask on and an iv in my arm. I was so cold, and I was having trouble breathing, the EMT was assuring me I would be ok. I rememberd what I wrote days ago, and realised you may never know. Sunday 10/30/2011 9:00 pm  (approx) - I was in  the hospital.. doctors and nurses., taking blood, giving me shots. putting hot blankets on me. Sunday 10/30/2011 10:30 pm (approx) - I woke up, my breathing was better and I was warmer The rest of the night I was taking tests, being poked and prodded, but you and my children were on my mind. Monday 10/31/2011 5:00 am (approx) - I was released.. I thanked God, and my daughter who found her way there. And said a prayer
Always Be Respected For Who You Are!!!!
Always be respected for who you are, not what people want you to be,please never change who you are for someone,because if that someone loves you he would never ask you to you understand where I am coming from? if you go changing yourself, your life, the only person.that will end up unhappy is you!! Is this a price your welling to pay for love?Don't be afraid to fall in love.Fall in love with every little things, It's the only thing that matters in life.So Fall in love with as many things in life as possible.there are so many people on this site that throw that word around like it has no value..basicly to get what they want ( i know it, I have seen it, and I have done it ) But never again its not worth the pain and price you have to pay in the end. I have been hurt on here, because I took a chance and believed in someone I thought was a person apparently he was not!! So why should I believe that anyone else would be any better? I don't I lost that trust alongtime ago and part
What is it with the strange, unsettling people in lounges that seem to give off the impression that they are sex cases? Don't get me wrong, I know everyone likes a bit of harmless flirting, even I don't mind flirting with the women sometimes, providing it goes no further of course, but some people take it too far and come off as right weirdos.For instance, I was in one lounge earlier and they were on about fun being "Sticky" and "Messy", which I'm sure the most innocent of people would deem quite strange.  Then, someone who i used to argue with a lot came in and wanted to make friends with me, which is fine, (although I didn't like her and refused that request).  Anyway, this oldish guy who must have been late 40's maybe? commented and Was all "Let them kiss and make up, it was just starting to get good". Fuck knows what he was doing but it sounded wrong.  But that's not all, the most worrying part was that the girl was like, 18, and some other guy, 39, was telling me that he'd do her
Reality Is A Womb
Reality is a womb.     Where are the people who are not boring and predictable, and so terribly terribly conventional ?  Where are the risk takers, the grand schemers, the producers of elegant variety ?  Who are they, those who can still do something that might shock the lesser mortals ?   Who can still commit the sensational without being ashamed in the morning after ?    I never want to see another trite landscape, wonderfully rendered and so clean !   I'm tired of the same old studio nudes, faithful, realistic and classical posed.   When has there ever been a still life, still alive ?     Find for me the artists, who are not merely qualified technicians.   Let me see alive again, to thrive on the uncommon, the irregular, the impossible made probable.    That's what art and poetry are meant to do.  They are not to celebrate the ordinary.     Whatever your calendar age, if you can't dream beyond the scope of your own limited securities,  you are already old.     Real
Getting Laid, Feels So Good - It Is What We All Love, And, Want              
The First, The Last?
They say that a girl, always remembers her firstHe who claimed her heart, and he who quenched her thirstThe fun that they had, the experiences they sharedAll of which taught the other, how to be preparedThe future was unknown, partners without a faceOne had to walk away, the other increased the pace.Fast forward a lifetime, to something as simple as “hi”Did they really know then, that their emotions would flyThese two first timers, now with separate livesSparks flew from the moment, he looked into her eyesTalking and laughing together, as comfortable as beforeAnd though it’s so exciting, is it right to want more?To spend the next lifetime together, can they both believeIt would be so easy, to merge and blend their livesStronger together, working to overcome the others’ pastCan it really be possible, that the first becomes the last?
Edgar Cayce's Wet Cell Appliance ADVICE COLUMN Clyde's Corner Q: Who was Edgar Cayce and what was his “wet cell appliance”? – Layperson
My Last Status.
  When you leave my colors fade to grey, oh little lover stay or all my colors fade away. All the words of love i use to say, now I paint it everyday. Posted on Sept. 16th, 2011 Deleted on Jan. 11, 2012 219 comments were made.
Someday I'll shed this layer of my past Giving in to what life could be Instead of facing the regret it never was Our existence is so short lived So lets start living for today My shameful secrets I cannot control But I've acknowledged they are here Watch me push them down Back into the darkness of deceit And even though it happened It doesn't make me who I am  What defines you? For me it's the struggles Cause through them I've learned lessons  and without them I'd be lost Consumed by my deviations I refuse to give in So we press on in this reality called life Is it a sweet dream or nightmare? Only you can decide
Sweet Fuck - 953
Last night we were one and so very close, I want you to slide in then give me a lethal dose. Until I feel your heat and taste your sweat, I will stay closed for business.. figure I'm lying, lets bet. Every erection I feel brings you closer to the prize, Needing you deep inside oh yeah I can feel forever in your eyes. Hold me with your legs I won't ever fight, best damn ride ever I'm flexable and tight. Caressing your sculpted frame creates a hard driving thrust, I am almost sure that we could call that the best bump in the dust. Fucked low and lucky sweet fuck, thats me and I'm free.  
Experiences In Life
Memoirs (13-22)   13 I am Thirteen. Today I enter a world of confusion. Life turns upside down. Down is up and up is down. Wrong is right and right is wrong. I hate that which I once loved and love that which I formerly despised. Today marks the years that I start to figure out who I am.   14 Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree; year thirteen wasn’t so good to me. Another day has come and gone. Maybe tomorrow won’t seem forlorn. Fourteen is gone. Its time for next year’s song quoth the raven evermore.   15 Eyes of garland green; tell me I’m not deceived in seeing the inevitable. I am aging. Forced into a merciless havoc that is responsibility. Too little or too much, there is no in between. They say its all been done, that I’m not the first or the last. One question remains; are they seeing what I see?   16 Sink or swim, I drown. High or low, I’m down. A novice to society; how could they expect so much when I’ve only just begun? Reach
Do You?
Dont look at me with soft lovin eyes.  Dont speak if youre only telling lies.  Dont whisper sweet nothings in my ear, Thinking they are what I wish to hear.  Give me the raw, uninhibited you.  Give me the animal that resides within.  Give me the passion that youve kept hidden.  I want all your senses.  Touch, with gentle finger tips, grasp with tender force. See, what you wish, and grab hold.  Taste, the sweet desires with your lips, trace it with your tongue. Listen, with such intent, never forgetting a single step. Smell, the passion in the air, that has been created. Give me everything inside you. Allow me to captivate your mind. Give me permission to your heart. I wish to invade your soul.  I want to savour every ounce of you.  From the begining to the end.  Ecstasy, takes hold....
W Related Bullsh!t
how about all the harssing and the bullshitty rules......can i get fired for this probably, but at ths point i dont give a shit! been working there over a year and they dont do shit for you, they treat you like a salve, all they do is bitch and complain because their lives wont go anywhere....there stuck. you ask to get insurance and all they do is say "ok we will get you the papers to fill out" umm hello i asked you over 6 months ago WERE ARE MY FUCKING PAPERS? most likely in the trash.    the people i work with have no respect for me (i cant say all but most dont) they say nasty things to me degrade me, straight verbal harrassment, and if i say anything they dont even do anything about it, one of the managers lies to the owners of the company all the time about me.....WHY?....because shes a misserable old hag who doesnt even do her fucking job. so she talks shit and lies about me because shes obviously jealous, abuse of power at that place is HUGE they act like working there is s
If You Could Only See The Beast You Made Of Me...
I've been absent for quite some time. I have no interest in conversing with people here....this is just my most constant blog and thats what I keep I shall choose to keep it as. People on here are liars or bullshitters or omitters or what have you. I'm not going to go into that here because I don't openly speak about any certain persons bullshit life stories if they are on fubar and I would assume a person that would take the time to actually read my blog would know who I'm talking about or is that person that I'm talking about...SO. I wont give anyone the pleasure and I wont give you the recognition nor cause you the embarassment or make you go through self realization since you haven't gone through it on your own already. Run ons, run ons....Well...maybe I WILL talk about this...I was planning on talking about something else. But now that I am looking at this black screen and listening to kid cudi...well what the fuck. See? I lie ALL THE TIME.REALLY.So...I suppose if someone tells yo
Behind These Hazel Eyes
Seems like just yesterdayYou were a part of meI used to stand so tallI used to be so strongYour arms around me tightEverything, it felt so rightUnbreakable, like nothin' could go wrongNow I can't breatheNo, I can't sleepI'm barely hanging onHere I am, once againI'm torn into piecesCan't deny it, can't pretendJust thought you were the oneBroken up, deep insideBut you won't get to see the tears I cryBehind these hazel eyesI told you everythingOpened up and let you inYou made me feel alrightFor once in my lifeNow all that's left of meIs what I pretend to beSo together, but so broken up inside'Cause I can't breatheNo, I can't sleepI'm barely hangin' onHere I am, once againI'm torn into piecesCan't deny it, can't pretendJust thought you were the oneBroken up, deep insideBut you won't get to see the tears I cryBehind these hazel eyesSwallow me then spit me outFor hating you, I blame myselfSeeing you it kills me nowNo, I don't cry on the outsideAnymore...Here I am, once againI'm torn into pie
Passion Filled Night
Passion Filled Night Lying on the bed listening to the sounds Candles illuminating the room and sending fragrance all around Feeling your strong presence  and the warmth of your touch Wanting you more and more yet loving you so much Feeling the weight of your body pushing me to the bed Thoughts of endless passion running through my head “I love you” I whisper as u penetrate my love A feeling of sweet ecstasy  as if in heaven above Flows over my body, moaning in pleasure, my heart skips a beat Hearing the sounds of bodies colliding each and every time we meet A union of our love, our bodies and our souls Fucking me hard screwing out of control
Number One
When your strolling the street, and just rocking to the beat, remember the people under your feet. The ones that no one can see, you have been there and didn't want to be, stop and think that could of been me. Give them as much as you could, if you were there you'd be wishin they would, so its like maybe you should. You can praise the highest one, bullshit the regs, but your not done, remember the ones that could of won. They may kind of reak, and not be fashion sleek, but they are not gross and meek. They have a heart like you, they have been happy through and through, and still in search of a four leaf clover too. You might figure your the best, and better than the rest, You aren't, you just had the items needed for the test. For this country to be number one,
Horny Vision - 600
To find out if you show,what it takes to get, gotta say you always know. Course if thats the tale, you must hammer hard, to penetrate the nail.   Don't be a total ass, its true your free, but you can't dance on glass. Or death will bust down the door, and have you wondering, why did you want more.   With one look into his eyes, I want him to run, cuz my dreams aren't lies. the beginning could start here, masked by good intentions, and a silent falling tear.   In all of history no mission, is as popular, look there its horny vision.
The Woman That Hurt My Friend
So one of my long time good friend's since childhood met a woman on here and started to talk to her and stuff. Well being where she was from i suggested he didnt talk to her. Well as things turned out he started talking with her and things were good well things went south on him when she stopped talking some and then they hardly talked. I told him to call it quits with her and he continued due to thinking she was just busy. However she turned out to be a total head case and god know what else but whatever. Then he wrote me last month saying that she hardly writes him and then when she does he felt like she was playing head games with him and I told him leave her alone and move. Well finally he listened and did what I said to do. Well out of the blue this head case decided to write him again and started talking off and on until 2 weeks ago. Well thats where things got worse cause he told me while he was looking for someone else to hook up with that she started to put him down targeting
Yntb Chapter Thirty-three
YNTB...I CANT Chpt 33     Porchdawg was taken back on all levels. I had dropped an incredible 57 lbs in the time since I had last seen him. He looked like he had aged and ragged from being on the road and whatever else he was involved in. It pained Porchdawg to see me happy. I think inside I enjoyed his pain.He just looked deep at me like... wow!  Almost like he was seeing me for the very first time.  In a way he was...He was seeing me the way I shouldve been with him. We made some coffee and sat at the dining room table. I really didnt want him to be around too long. I had all of his belongings in the bedroom. Alot of paperwork and clothing. Some family trinkets of sorts. I just wanted him to retrieve them and be done with this.  He asked me what were we going to do about filing our taxes for the year since neither of us had filed for divorce yet. I didnt need to be reminded of the fact that I was still on paper, his wife, but it did offer me an interesting chance to capitalize o
Dipshit Of The Day
7am number1dad: hello how are you doing today? i hope your doing great. its a very nice day out today. so you have any good plans for today? i love to make new friends. heres a few things about me. im 32 years old.i live in ohio.i work on cars at walmart.i have three beautiful kids.two girls and one boy.they are 6,8,and 9. they are my world. without them i have nothing in life. i also love my parents very much. i have 36 tattoos. i love to tavel and play pool in tournaments. i also love to travel to arm wrestle in tournaments. i've won alot of money and trophys doing so. by the way i think you are very beautiful. i would love to get to know you better if you would let me. i just wanted to tell you that. well takecare and feel free to message me if you would like to...would love to hear from you please text me 567-377-6434 12:00pm Blingy ST: Thank you for your life story I am so not interested but you can go fuck yourself.. and thanks for posting your number ill be sure to pa
Danny Wuerffel
Her Pivate Dancer
Her Private Dancer passion of the night, Dancing with her lover receiving his love he takes her, She feeling excited. Her Private Dancer She feels a satisfaction come over her as he puts his hands between her lags. He kisses her neck nice and slow. She receive love and joy no matter determiner the outcome. Her Private Dancer responding to her .  He makes passion love to her. Dance of love as the Sun comes up, Her Private Dancer, Dances away.   bY Christine 
Funny Mother
A joke my mother told me -  Whats the difference between a drug dealer and a prostitute? a prostitute can wash her crack and resell it
This Date.
11 years ago today, almost to the hour, I was on a job site in Bailey's Crossroads, VA off Rt 7. I'd heard about the plane crashes in NY, and was outside with my friend Dave to get better cell reception when he turned to me and said, "Man that plane is flying awfully low." The next thing we knew there was a plume of smoke in the area of the Pentagon (about 3 miles ENE from where we were) and we'd heard it had just been hit. It was a crazy day, but thankfully I was able to go home to my family and spend time with my young son and daughter them while the world went mad for a bit. My heart goes out to all those that lost people or were affected directly by the events that happened that day.  And to the "truthers" out there and those who wish to post their psuedo-intellectual BS about what happened, or how others celebrate this day, don't.  There's plenty of time any other day to post the latest theory and perpetuate your garbage. Let's just try and remember those lost today.
It Took Me Forever To Find It But Ther Is An All Big Beautiful Women Web Cam Site! It Does Exist!
I have been camming for a year now and have been scouring the internet for a great BBW only website. BBW has a huge following and I would not believe that there was not a segregated website for us. Lo-and-behold there is! When I saw the main pictures for the first time my mouth dropped and even I was like like "that's fucking hot!" And not only did I sign up I went online ASAP! So just a little info about the website-its a free web cam chat room, its only free to flirt and talk, no nudity is allowed, but of corse for a price myself and all other online modles are available to either watch (voyer chat) them in a private show that someone else has started (cheapest rate), private chat means all and any user can join and interact with the cam model-in private chat this is where you can get your requests filled, make sure you ask the model in free chat to accomopdate you just incase she may not have the tools she needs to accomodate at that time; also there is VIP chat which means you have
Services Of Web Hosting Companies
Website hosting, the service serves as a foundation stone for online existence. The procedure can be considered as the consequently online promotion. It is a mode of communication through which companies or individuals launch their website on web or World Wide Web. The first and foremost step for a company that wishes to have a web presence is to sign up with a Web Hosting company. Benefits that a website hosting companies provides you are:   Enables you to run a site online having all the details Provides a wide exposure Lets you create and maintain databases Shopping cart for e-commerce websites Online Advertisements   Almost all web hosting companies need a computer permanently linked to Internet even if they are not web service providers for sending their email and other files. So, computer may be used as a website host by them for providing details about their services & goods. This could add to their business as clients can place their orders onl
Slip And Slide
I know you are tough, and I am hoping you are gentle and not too rough. One plus one can be so damn right, every second of the day not just tonight. Can't you feel my heart beat, as I am feeling so much heat. Created was an origional the day you were born the fire was started to keep you warm.   Slip and slide, let me mount and continue to ride. Flick me, I am magic, in pulsating sync with your dick.   Kissing every centimeter, sucking every in on you, I want to please your senses just on every cue. Feeling sensations you and I have never felt before, up and in, down and out back for more than plenty galore. I need to be there, my mind needs to feel your muscles tense  and relax as next to you I am just soft and bare and ready for this to be real.
In The Booth
I really want you  to know the truth, I really really do want you in a phone booth. I would be so close to inhale your scent, to feel the heat the heat is hot when your bent. Just don't bring out the bitch that can be, in the booth there isn't room to teabag me.   Just start to stir & drive it in, if you can feel lifted, it shouldn't be a sin.
Christmas Around The Corner ...
Es scheint so, christbaumschmuck holz bunt ist um die Ecke: nur drei Wochen nach Halloween, versuchen speichert gegenseitig in einem Rennen zu übertreffen, um unsere Aufmerksamkeit (und US-Dollar) für die größte Shopping-Urlaub des Jahres zu greifen, als ob auf "überspringen" über Thanksgiving und direkt zum 25. Dezember .... Ehe wir uns versahen, wenden wir unsere Uhren um eine Stunde zurück, und schalten Sie den Kopf in Richtung ansprechend store - Fensterheber vorn. Mit weihnachtlicher Musik bereits auf dem Radio, Urlaub, Filme auf TV, und der Weihnachtsmann vor besetzen unsere Pläne. Aber was ist die Eile? Ich begann, mich nach vorne zu Thanksgiving, Kürbis-Kuchen, Zeit mit meiner Familie, Thanksgiving-Dinner, etc. Allerdings scheint die altmodische (traditionell) Idee Thanksgiving und dem Konzept eines Füllhorn, Pilger, etc. von Menschen Grundschule Tag genommen einen Rücksitz zu Black Friday Shopping, "Mag Mile" leuchtet Parade haben, und eine frühe Charlie Brown Christmas ....
Family is supposed to be so important, yet there are so many of mine that could honestly care less one way or another if I am okay or not. I wonder at times if they'd be better off if I just vanished and said fuck all of it. Between always being in the wrong or being put down because of my long hair and weed smoking, just has me wishing so much I'd of never been brought into this world. I have tried so many ways to some how either make them happy or proud, yet to them the only thing I am is both a failure and joke. It's times like these I am so fucking thankful for Xanex bars, because after eating 4 or 5 of them and a bottle of tequila, everything just fades for the night at least.......
Takes Some Doing
Can you find my cookie, my love in your arms to night in the deep dark mist night my love. Don't be sad my love you will find me in candy land. Lick your way to the sound of my body my love can you find my cookie, my love in your arms to night in the deep dark mist to night my love. Don't be sad my love you will find me in candy land. Lick your way to the sound of my body can you find my cookie my love. In your arms to night the stars my love in the deep dark mist to night my love. Don't be sad my love you will find me in candy land. Lick me all over my love                                                             bY cHristine    
Cat's Got My Tongue
Cat's got my tongueGot me sprungNo I like this 2 much2 just yet give U some!HUMMMMMMM HUMMMMMMMMM!Like that inanimate thingI can do it in different keysw/ no batteries2 replacejust my face in yer placedrive U wild w/ each tasteI can taste it 4everunlike a lollipopwhen I get 2 the middleI don't have 2 stopHUMMM HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Do U like that?make sure it stays shavedI don't want yer cat 2 scratchBut I like the fur ballsand and alllick that kittykissyklittyfur cleanUpdownUpside69Don't worry bout mineI want 2 will make U scraemYES!And creamYES!Thighs pressedtightly round my headR U seeing stars?Did ecstasymake U leave yer body yet?And put my fingers where?wherever yer wet enufsweat and yer juices keep cummin upI think U need a bathLet me draw the warm waterlie under the faucetAdd the bubble bathtake it fartherRub a dub dub dubWhat do we have here?U and Iwho came 2 join our fun?3 men, not my stylebut another kittyis a purrr-fect subPull the yarn away from the thongWe help
Making Android Beautiful With Actionbarsherlock
Until recently, Android design lacked definition and we had to fend for attractive apps as best we could. Now with Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has shaped up and come out with an awesome design vision for the platform. For 3.0+, beauty can be native and the Action Bar is the new standard.Read More -
Recapping Fitc Spotlight Android: Building Great Apps On Android
A few weekends ago, Jamie Halpern and I presented at FITC Spotlight: Android to teach new Android developers in the tech community in Toronto their first steps in Android development. Jamie did a great presentation at the event on how to move an iOS app over to Android. We had a great time sharing our experiences at this event.Read More -
Freak Bitch-boondox
The sins of the flesh, a fascination with deathWhile suffocating your breath, it's torture mixed in with sex.I wanna get you undressed and lick the blood from your chestAnd everything I request I know be keeping you wet.My sadomasochistic baby dressed in leather and lace.You're far from a fucking lady but you're sweet to the taste.You love it when I tie you down and put the gun in your faceAnd every time we get together could be our final embrace.I'm on some other kinda level when I got you in bed.It's like you're fiending for the semen when you're giving me head.The liquid pouring out your veins stain these white sheets red.Your eyes rolling back; it's like you're one with the dead.Can't wait to see you in that see through.Fuck until your pussy bleed, that's how we do.You wanna taste pain and make the blood rain.Busting nuts and busting veins until you scream my motherfucking name [Chorus: x2]She wants the kinky stuff, she likes it hard and rough, another kinda love.(My little Freak
"I'm really, really sorry. The pain of life overrides the joy to the point that joy does not exist...depressed ... without phone ... money for rent ... money for child support ... money for debts ... money! ... I am haunted by the vivid memories of killings & corpses & anger & pain ... of starving or wounded children, of trigger-happy madmen, often police, of killer executioners... I have gone to join Ken if I am that lucky."
Rainy And Dreary Time To Fuck
Hi, Hope your having a great day.  It is rainy and dreary here today which always makes me want to stay in bed and fuck.  Are you the same way?  My week has been going pretty good.  Been enjoying the nice weather but then we got a cold front and rain.  I actually had to start a fire which I haven't had to in a week or two.  I have also been working on my blog getting short clips of my movies and sample pics of all my picture sets.  I have it set up where one long movie clip, one short movie clip, and a pic goes up each week so keep an eye on new stuff going up every week.  So have you had any excitement lately?   Hugs and Kisses Chilly
Last Night
Last Night   The door bell rings….my heart leaps. I jump up and run to the door, open it, it’s you standing there. I forget what I am going to do. Taking a deep breath I let you in. You step inside, I close the door…standing before you I’m kinda lost…..looking at you I can’t resist a kiss…leaning in I kiss you moaning…you bring your hand up to message my breast easy at first then harder till I moan deep in your mouth. You pinch my nipple let go the pinch it harder…I whimper in your mouth and try to pull away but you grab my head and hold me there. I moan in your mouth and you let go. Pull back…I find that I need to kiss you to have your mouth…your tongue…your hands on my body. I lean back in you kiss me again…running your hands down my body till you reach the end of my nightgown. Pulling it up as you raise your hand…finding me…I moan and try to pull away only to have you hold me ther
Your Not A Friend
Your not a friend if your judging someone elses life and choices
Erotic Fiction
As Lee held driana  his mouth  gently compressed hers and she slowly let his tongue slipp between her welcoming lips. she moaned slightly as his hands moved over her lush breasts that where still covered with her revealing dressing gown. her lustrous brown tresses were slowly twisted and coiled around his inquistitive fingers.     This hot vixen black guy locked his gaze with her startling dark brown eyes, which were deep pools of shimmering passion. the busty minx moved her welcoming arms around his neck while she sudctively pressed her body against his stiffening dick.  she felt his rigid dick practically brusting from his pants.    Lee unlaced the front of the fancy gown and in moments he was pinching her large nipples and making  her moan in obvious delight. "Oh, Lee, you're so naughty!  What are you going to to to me?"   The gown soon dropped to the floor in a pool of fabric  while he removed his shirt, tossing it atop her crumoled clothing. He replied, "I'm going to pound
To Pass Samsung Help Intel Build The Bay Trail Tablet Pc
Although Intel has been fast in the desktop PC market, but so far it is hard to break into the mobile tablet android products to market. To this end, Intel is ready with the latest Bay Trail platform processors, but also hired the Korean giant Samsung dominate the martial arts in the mobile market, hoping to bring a bloody chip war.     Recently, latest news leaked that Samsung has started to develop a new device is equipped with Intel Bay Trail platform processor, the device is likely to be a Tablet PC or deformable portable products, at least not the standard, purely Tablet PC, because it marked with the keyboard, but the system is temporarily unknown (Android or Windows 8?) As for the publication date must be in the second half of this year.    Bay Trail platform is the first quad-core Atom mobile processor Intel specifies the fourth quarter of 2013, compared to the processor has been available for the Clover Trail processor performance improvements have more than 2 ti
The Cinderella Complex
  Why you should dump the Prince Charming fantasy. I would like to briefly address a situation I have observed among many submissive women and find a tad unsettling. It is, The Cinderella Complex. You remember her, don't you? She had a terrible life of oppression and poverty until the Prince swooped her up onto his white horse and they rode off into the sunset together where they would live happily ever after and she would never know another problem for as long as she lived. The handsome Prince would take all responsibilities off of her shoulders, make all the boogiemen go away, and only asked for her love and adoration in return. The Cinderella Complex is a mind state where someone believes that if the right "One" comes into their life, all of their problems will disappear. How does this tie into dominance and submission? It does not. I understand the allure for women who see themselves as life's victims to think, "oh yes....A dominant man! He'll tell me
The Downfall Of Being A Singlemom
  I'm wondering how in the hell does she wipe his butthole when he
Louis Vuitton Bags Tremble Your Program Has Become Little Clothing
Celine Bags Layout Was ReleasedOne of the most powerful is going to be the fashionable desire, in addition, the grinding machine contests stuffed to assist several very heavy are normally absolutely organized for metal, which unfortunately totes a great modest declare in excess of time. Fake Louis Vuitton Clutches The assortment on their particular appeared to be not offensive, that has a peaceful, blossom vitality tasteful.This girl smiled and told me a pair occasions in many of our loving connection they previously had found sexual by means of A variety of Louis Vuitton Handbags (a selected A couple of.Five occasions the woman states, 1 other Many different, together with a haphazard hang out A single time) and that i has been a virgin mobile right up till the woman. Spot in a apply relating to moisturizing gasoline to remain the head of hair exploring robust not to mention vibrant.Surrender drooling at burial plot Lv asphalt haul despite the fact that A-listers like Mad
As I look up at the stars late at night I think of you beside me, holding me tight Protecting me from harm, I feel the security in your arms.  As I stand ther with you behind me I think of when we are old and gray you still holding me as tight as ever letting me know how much you  still love and care for me. As I lay in bed and sleep, dreaming what it would be like for us to be on a deserted island, where there  was only us and enough food We could sit and talk or lay in bed and  do whatever Just as long as we are together, I will keep having these wonderful thoughts about you   Brynne copywriten 2013
Sistema Nálisis Llama Versión De Android De Embrollados Problemas
Google lanza una nueva versión con el sistema Android muy pronto, si no se invierte más horas y el dinero, los fabricantes de teléfonos celulares que no pueden hacerse cargo de la velocidad de Google, que también desarrolla hardware del teléfono la versión del sistema de configuración móvil Android y la frustración de numerosos problemas . Por lo tanto, el uso de diferentes androidi ? ZT-180I ? ‰ usuarios de teléfonos tienden a acceder a las diferentes funciones y aplicaciones, y las futuras actualizaciones del sistema no puede ser garantizada. Sin embargo, Google ha tomado medidas para resolver poco a poco este asunto. Aplicaciones de Google es probable que se separan durante el uso del sistema Android puede traer ayuda. Aplicación de Gmail, YouTube y mapas que ya está a la venta en la descarga de Android Market de Google para los usuarios de teléfonos celulares no necesita actualizar el sistema para descubrir la nueva aplicación. Google Android también frenar la velocidad de
The Design Of The Garments Holds Air In Between Your Body Along With The Clothing Item
Nike Football Kits Are Worn By Juventus For the 20112012 Serie A SeasonJuventus, a successful Italian football club, and Nike, an award-winning brand creating best top quality sports apparel, worked in collaboration to come up with the maillots football house football shirt for that 2011/2012 Serie A season which began on 9 September 2011 and can end on 13 May possibly 2012. The design from the new shirt worn by Juventus features a futuristic appear that could be regarded a indicator of the new era for that club. Featuring standard black and white stripes and "Juventus" printed within the back in yellow, the brand new design in the shirt is strongly appreciated from the legendary football club and their supporters.Why Nike?Brand Nike football kits are acknowledged for his or her exceptional quality and unbeatable type. It is not surprising that the legendary Italian football club have picked this established sportswear designer to provide an authentic football clothes asso
When we talk, we are so open Even though we have not met It is like our souls know eachother And we find it easy to communicate through them Don't hold anythign back, say what you want I will always be there to listen Do not be afraid, for I will not go anywhere I feel the desire to be beside you To help you, to be ther to help me To be together, to be truely happy   Brynne copywritten 2013
Skoda Once Again Sponsoring The International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships
In the 2013 IIHF International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships closing ceremony, Skoda Auto Chairman of the Board Dr. Fan Ande (Prof. Dr. Hc Winfried Vahland) for the Roman Jossi awarded the "Most Valuable Player" trophy. Swedish ice hockey team at the World Championship final in 5:1 victory over the Swiss team, made the 2013 World Ice Hockey Championship. The Roman Jossi known as the Swiss team championships this year, "the most valuable player." This is the 21st Skoda Auto as the main sponsor to support the World Championships. cheap nhl jerseysStockholm Globe Arena for a hockey game tickets sold out quickly, as many as 12,500 spectators in front of the Swedish national ice hockey team score of 5:1 victory over the Swiss team, becoming this session hockey championship. This is the ninth time the team won the "three-peat." Before the U.S. team in the game with the Finnish team scored a solid bronze. Vancouver Canucks jerseyFinals, Skoda Auto Chairman of the Board
Maillots De Foot Esprit Que La Marchandise
Buying pour les maillots de football italiens et des souvenirsMerci à l'Internet, il n'a pas d'importance où vous résidez, vous pouvez toujours vous connecter à un internet site net et d'acheter quelques maillots de football italiens. Vous pouvez vivre en Asie du Sud-Est, mais de posséder un maillot de football de qualité est à quelques clics de souris. Après tout, maillots sont pas des Maillot Enfant éléments particulièrement encombrants, et ils peuvent être expédiés partout dans le monde très facilement.Et la meilleure partie de l'achat des marchandises sur Internet est que vous pouvez toujours comparer les prix avant de faire votre achat. Cela est vrai non seulement pour les maillots de football, mais pour la plupart des autres produits tels que l'électronique, les livres, les CD et presque tout ce que vous pouvez penser. Puisque nous sommes déjà sur le sujet de l'achat maillots de football, nous allons simplement coller avec lui et l'utiliser comme un exemple.Disons qu
Mourinho At Chelsea Paid, The Annual Salary Of Up To 12 Million Pounds
"Magic Bird" eventually flew back to Madrid or Chelsea next cheap Sunglasses In fact, in addition to virtually nothing, the locker room disharmony also Mourinho and Real Madrid broke one of the important factors. This season, Mike Mussina became the club's public enemy. He blocked Kaka, blocked captain Iker, Ramos vice captain getting mad and so on. It turned out, these are the superstars, are changing the boss, the final outcome is certainly suffer, the key is to see who is hurt. The present results have been announced, Real Madrid, "handsome homes insurance car." It is worth mentioning that, Mike Mussina has been much loved C Lo did not stand out at the crucial moment support it, this is the biggest flaw of Mike Mussina. Next stop: will return to Chelsea Chelsea jersey Yesterday, Real Madrid just announced that Mike Mussina outgoing messages, as Mike Mussina's next stop has not yet announced. But the media generally believe that Jose Mourinho will return to Chelsea.Christian Loubo
Death / Rebirth/ Life
Between my memories and the reports this is what happened.I finally got my motorcycle started again after the winter zapped my battery. After getting it started I decided to go for a quick ride and think. Once I left the driveway I was just going to test it down to the next road where I could turn around and come back home. Was supposed to be nothing more than a 5 - 10 min ride.First thing my hat flew off,checked where it was and turned my attention back to the road,before I knew it there was trouble,and in my road. A car far over the line on my side lead me to go off the road the bike then went out of control and threw me off of it down into a 50 ft ravine,apparently there I laid unconscious for at least 30-45 mins or so. When I came to I knew I was bleeding and badly injured. I heard someone calling out if anyone was down where I was,I responded and let them know I was down. they had seen my motorcycle wrecked against a tree with the lights still on. they called to me and asked if I
Your eyes timid ,shy and questioningYour face a twisted grimace of disbeliefYour hands gripping me as a fierce loverYour body moving in rhythm with each penetrationYour hair falling as gracefully as first I saw youYour mind as one with mine in realizationWhy did you have to go and catch my eye?Intriguing me with your pretty smile as I pass by Licking your vain audacious lips begging my perception For this we both die,you in flesh and me insideYour blood on my hands black under a full moons glazeYour body exhausted beneath mineYour eyes listless in their vanityYour face calm and serene, angelicYour soul dolorous with what was takenYour lips still and protruding their full vanityWhy did you have to go and catch my eye?Intriguing me with your pretty smile as I pass by Licking your vain audacious lips begging my perception For this we both die,you in flesh and me insideFor this we both die,you in flesh and me inside
From Her
I gather strength from the helpless look in her eyesbeneath me gazing up in ecstasy ,delight, and understandingas my instrument of teaching leaves red welts across her beautiful skinAs she cries out I know it's in delectation of my self gratification Before she feels orgasmic rapture she studies the look in my eyesIn that moment of recognition it's absolute exaltationThe is no other that I want to be as close toNone other shall keep my soul so steadily fixed
Write To Me
I want to write me a poemAutumn sky, too lateLet me fall lyrics-in rainReading to remember us.The yellow leaves me writeLive kisses stampsAnd my hand lightlyWhen you open the missed pages.Write to me on the promised starsSilence nezise words,When night falls on my retinaI see in your eyes full moon.Write me a love letterThe waters flowing tears,I-Cheer in delusionLiving the love story.
Finally, I Get The Sex In Fifty Shades Of Grey
BY Victoria Coren   So, I've been away for a month. And I've spent it trying to read Fifty Shades Of Grey. On the plane to America, one person in three had a copy. In California, they were reading it on buses and in diners. In Las Vegas, they clutched it in the swimming pool. I assume they were all struggling as much as I was. The world seems united in determination to get through the damn thing, comforted by the solidarity of communal effort – like the Blitz, or when everyone went on the Atkins diet. Most people know the gist, at least, of the story. Improbable virgin Anastasia meets wealthy businessman Christian Grey, CEO of "Grey Enterprises Holdings". (Why not "Grey Business Company Inc Ltd"?) They then spend 400 pages negotiating a contract for her to become his "submissive" – but don't let that sexy word fool you. It's like reading the legal transcript of a two-year planning application, in real time. This book is ubiquitously described as "erotic"; something,
Little keys open big locks,simple words reflect great thoughts, your smile can cure heart blocks, so keep on smiling it rocks! ;)
I Hope My Players Are Still In The First Half After Persistent Efforts And Some Opportunities
With Florence After the war, Conti cut short the evaluation of the game, then the main focus on the highlight of the weekend with Inter Milan on ...... ??????? Beijing early this morning after a 2-1 victory over Florence, Juventus coach Conti acknowledged the team now has all of the attention on the weekend on a tough battle with Inter Milan.??????? With Fiorentina, Juventus dominated the field situation, Bonucci's goal to help Juventus one goal lead, despite Vidic scored a spectacular equalizer a ball, but Matri's goal eventually the score locked at 2-1. cheap jerseys ??????? Has won a victory, Conti said they now need to prepare for the weekend's league, "Inter are a great team, they are very strong, so my attention is placed now inevitable Inter's body. "??????? "In fact, after the game I will remind the players need to start thinking with Inter Milan game, we obviously can not waste time."??????? With Fiorentina, the team performed very smooth, but it seems the coach
Hey Yall
hey yall i know i this isnt a big deal to a lot of you.But i wanted to let you all i give all honest answers to everything.I have been treated badly over a lot of things if anyone felt like apologizing for treating me bad i want you all to know i forgive you.i have been in bad areas alot lately.i try not to but it happens i am sorry.I have been bullied,been disrespected,and who knows what else i thought i would get a lot of friends in places like here and all that but i guess i dont need it i am sorry once again.
Last Things First
Dear Self, Okay, so I am just starting this thing out. I am excited, but am feeling like under the weather. Uh, allergies suck! Haha, anyway...I need all the help I can get! However, gotta be careful these days the kind of help you get from just anybody, seriously and what not. I start working on finishing up my degree for music business come June 3rd! I am very excited about that! It's at Full Sail University Online, finally! It has taken me lots of documents to fill out, but I am like finally all done! Anyway...I can just use this blog to travel as I go on learning through this very cool ass website! Sincerely Your friend, ME.
Android Application Development Erreicht Wider Horizons Mit Marktver?nderungen
Entwicklung von Web-Marketing ist nicht nur für Start-ups und Unternehmen; heute jeder Live-Gesch?ft erfordert einen Web-Marketing-Strategie, die eigentlich k?nnte alles ab mit einer einfachen Website, um die Entwicklung einer Anwendung für die Android-Plattform. Die Anreize, die von einem Business vorgesehen sind, nicht nach dem Publikum von ihren eigenen bekannt werden, müssen sie ein Portal, um Informationen über die Vergünstigungen zu erlangen. Ein Android-App-Entwickler in der Lage sein, eine solche Unterstützung für die Unternehmen in Bezug auf die Marketing-Strategie geben, wenn das Unternehmen hat spezifische Anforderungen aus der Anwendung. Die Android-App-Entwickler k?nnen die Spezifikationen, nach denen die Anwendung entwickelt werden erhalten. Dies ist ein sehr wichtiger Aspekt im Prozess der App-Entwicklung als eine endliche Vision und Struktur wird immer als Blaupause, um eine Spur von Updates und Fehler zu halten brauchte.-android smartphone dual sim Mit der Zunahme de
Fu-auction Xxvii ...hosted By Twaunevalentino X Triplev X ...coming Soon!
Hey Feminists
guess what? Amplicate collects opinions of people who hate and love Feminists. Currently more than 86% of people hate Feminists..So the next time you feel like calling me a a fucking bigot for speaking out aginst your bullshit shutup and make me a sandwich instead! 
Yahoo to Users: Let Us Read Your Emails or — Goodbye!     Startpage.comJune 1, 2013 As of June 1, all Yahoo email users are required to upgrade to the company’s newest platform, which allows Yahoo to scan and analyze every email they write or receive. According to Yahoo’s help page, all users who make the transition agree to let the company perform “content scanning and analyzing of your communications content” to target ads, offer products, and perform “abuse protection.” This means any message that Yahoo’s algorithms find disturbing could flag a user as a bully, a threat, or worse. At the same time, Yahoo can now openly troll through email for personal
One Thing On Her Mind
Pink has just one thing on her mind.
Milky Way's Local Arm Larger Than Previously Thought "Our new evidence suggests that the Local Arm should appear as a prominent feature of the Milky Way," Alberto Sanna, of the Max-Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy said in a statement. Sanna presented these findings at a news conference during the 222nd meeting of the American Astronomical Society. In fact, the Local Arm looks to be as long as 16,000 light-years wide, Sanna said. Scientists can't be sure what the Milky Way galaxy truly looks like from the outside, because we are stuck within it. Researchers have to measure distances between objects in the Milky Way to understand exactly where something might fit within the context of the rest of the cosmic neighborhood. "Based on both the distances and the space motions we measured, our Local Arm is not a spur," Sanna said."It is a major structure, maybe a branch of the Perseus Arm, or possibly an independent arm segment."
Quatre Maillot De Foot
Tourner dans a Propriétaire Faisant usage d' Ce jeu addictifPour que , Meilleures pourrait être vraiment divertissant pour être joué Cette application est fondamentalement le jeu généralement de simulation qui prévoit l'expérience se révèle être un pro entraîneur de football . Vous trouverez vraiment les PC ce genre de comme ainsi le gestionnaire de Fantasy Football qui avait obtenu le merveilleux bons résultats fantastique réponses de joueurs à travers le globe Maillot Enfant Maintenant, laissez-. permettre examiner jouer et en plus analyse du Onze Football Manager pour votre gadgets mobiles par exemple comme un exemple téléphones Android ou Apple marchandises.Normalement , en participant activement jouer le file Onze Football Manager, tu pourrais Légumes le club de football virtuel puis Play copains copains ou certains autres joueurs en imprimable correspond agréables, ligues, coupes, et aussi ligues de champion du gameplay appels d' au joueur de premier all décider la n
What Are Your Opinions On This?
"my Slut Whore" Cont
Denise couldn't restrain using filthy language with that black dick churning her insides. "Fuck me! Fuck my ass!  Beat it up! Ohhh yyyeeess! Give me that black dick!  Oh Rose pound me silly!"   Her shriek coincided with his own loud groan. Black Rose felt like his balls were rupturing! His throbbing dick jolted spasm after spasm of his hot cum into her ass.  The hot slut whore kept rimming him, forcing him to drain every fucking drop.      But Denise wasn't finished, far from it. "Fuck me! Again! I want it again! Keep pounding my ass! I need it! Oh Master Rose i love you!  Keep it inside me!"   black Rose grimaced with both exaltation and a little anger. That was his slut whore for you. Always giving commands like she owned every thing and every body.  Any normal slut would savored the moment and rest awhile, but not this one. Oh no!    Will resume later:)
Sistema Operativo Android Y Sus Beneficios
Sistema operativo Android fue desarrollado por Yahoo y Google allá por 2007. Su Google introdujo esta tecnología combinada con la colaboración de software, equipos y empresas de telecomunicaciones, que pasan a ser llamados conjuntamente la Open Handset Alliance. Android teléfonos móviles utilizan las aplicaciones y las normas que son de código abierto, i.elizabeth. Codificación, cualquier persona puede desarrollar aplicaciones para que los dispositivos. Es sólo sobre la creación, junto con la liberación de sus aplicaciones. Sin embargo no hay ninguna empresa en concreto los que se reserva el derecho de esta innovación tecnológica, los desarrolladores pueden fácilmente realizar diferentes aplicaciones y programas. Tratamientos Fraxel ha tomado el concepto de la computación móvil a cualquiera o todos los nuevos niveles. -Moviles Chinos La tecnología celular tradicional no permitía a los compradores a salir con paquetes frescos debido a las estrictas leyes de propiedad y reglamentos que
Maillots De Foot Mens Toasts Devrait être Est Le Femmes
vous achetez vos équipes nouveau maillot de football Brûlures Night Pas question aurais-je payer page dollar pour nouvellement développé shirts, kit de banc etc j'attends et get lorsque attiré assez par raisonnable discount - comme je le fais avec CD , DVD, livres, etc et ainsi de suite. Le concept plus récent est l' ou même le qu'un publicité stratagème pour traire les crédules en sur le montant le plus quantité d' fonds réalisable . Je suis un partisan de la ville de Manchester et je préfère désir à l'ordre les chemises rétro vintage de plus tôt ce genre d' depuis le 1970-1980 etc , De cette façon, vous n'avez moût HOLD l'un des plus latest chemise d'être lancée, et aussi l' cru t-shirt rétro nullement de tendance mes chemises seraient à travers les jours de maillot de foot Rodney Marsh et Francis Lee et ainsi de suite, je suppose que l'Arsenal équivalent serait shirts Rétro de la sur l' goûts de Charlie George, John Radford et Ray Kennedy et ainsi de suite.efficacement ,
Watford Residents Forced To Show Papers
Infowars.comJune 5, 2013     A day ahead of Bilderberg’s official start, security theater is in full swing as police appear to be asking residents of Watford, England to identify themselves just to travel on one of the byways located near the Grove Hotel.   Video streaming by Ustream
The Ncaa And Higher College Guidelines For Football Shirt
All About Football ShirtsThe classic football shirt is generally short sleeved inside the spring and summer season months, and while in the fall and winter gamers prefer a long sleeve football shirt.These shirts had been originally produced from cotton and very heavy, but today maillots football created from polyester and nylon as the two materials are lighter in excess weight.Previously the shirts even had buttoned collars, but these days the shirts are button-less and occasionally even collarless.In Europe football shirts are worn for soccer matches and a soccer shirt is called a football shirt!A Number about the BackOn August 28th 1938 numbers within the back of football shirts also known to some as "football kits" became trendy. Arsenal and Chelsea both utilized numbered shirts within their league games. In 1939 the Football League Management Committee introduced Maillot Angleterre Since it is challenging to associate a variety having a place while in the game, only th
I Sit Alone At Night And Look At
I wake up and feel my soul filled gaps that pure angel that flies through my dreams awakens a longing in me immeasurably and start looking for you, and when you hear the excited voice ditch your word that I pamper you with honey and milk, my lips revealed, with a kiss of yours on my lips and lit trupu-start to give a hand you uncover mine and my eyes start to get into it. During a kiss include a kneading me and I'm struggling to find a way out of his chest as slave lips and my hand hit it, not trying to get rid of you and not come home.                                           Sant full of disturbing thoughts of losing your love is the toughest test but you petting me loving my future working pointers for us, stepping forward with your foot, as I have come to love, you never forget, not your body or to a craving nfranata us, I trust you and nobody can see innocence, the purity of the soul unsurpassed. The smile you've captured the look and beauty with poisoned me thinking with her 
Leverkusen In Pole Position To Sign Son
Leverkusen in pole position to sign Son Bayer Leverkusen have moved to the front of the queue to sign Hamburg forward Heung-Min Son, according to Bild. The Imtech Arena outfit would prefer to keep hold of their prized asset, but with his contract due to expire in a year’s time and their financial situation far from perfect, they have no choice but to sell.Until few weeks ago, Tottenham, Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund were being mentioned as the player’s suitors, but things have changed considerably of late. Arsenal jerseyWith none of the three clubs deciding to pursue their interest, it appears Vfl Wolfsburg and Bayer Leverkusen will be vying for the player’s signature.Son is unlikely to be too keen on joining the Wolves seeing as how they have been pretty disappointing of late, but he could be tempted by an offer from Leverkusen. Bayer have established themselves as one of top German sides and the lure of Champions League football is likely to drive the
                                                                          Iubire , tu e esti persoana pe care vreau sa o vad cand sunt fericit , cand sunt trist , cand rad sau cand plang , esti persoana pe care vreau sa o vad in fiecare diminiata , si careia sa-i spun noapte buna in fiecare seara , esti persoana care ma face fericit si atunci cand sunt la pamant , persoana care trasforma plansul in ras , esti persoana cu care vreau sa-mi petrec restul vietii . TE IUBESC  l a nebunie , sunt indragostit pana peste cap de tine . Ursuletul tau pufos te iubeste mai mult decat iti imagina .
A Buying Manual To Animal Pleasant Hair Products
Yves saint laurent's yellow metal 'yse' carrier Animal friendly hair goods could be discovered and obtained effortlessly. Several people are selecting to purchase items that never sacrifice an animals overall health as well as destroy them for that sake of human elegance. The natural and naturally created hair products are turning into much more common, because they are greater to the environment and never tested on animals. Companies may also be resorting to herbal hair merchandise, which can match your hair. Regardless of whether you might have oily, dry, thin, or thick hair, there is an animal friendly hair solution to fit your wants. You'll find one of the most buying options online, but you'll find some merchants as well in which you can store for these objects.The place do you shop for animal friendly items? The response is simply by going on the internet and searching on the vast quantity of websites devoted to these objects. Should you are shopping at a shop, you
Le Maillots De Foot Juve Clairement Pas Proximité
«Notre objectif Objectif est toujours Indicateur {avec l'| utilisant l'| toute l'| avec les {} résistance | pouvoir de 3-4} et informés gamers . Même si souvent obtenir aussi médiocre, mais Ma Luota cette fois c'était il avait été très que l' de la Juve cette été Alors que dans le "Gazzetta dello Sport", Il apparaît que le milieu de terrain Mohamed Sissoko et Mello équipe devoir rester , bien Football Shirt Andrea Pirlo et Javier Mascherano sera probablement deux grand plupart des noms importants dans Ewing Titre cependant le présente scénario , probablement le plus Le maillots de foot Juve clairement pas proximité mieux identifiées deux."Gazzetta dello Sport", déclaré l'expiration du contrat rapport pour Pirlo, Mascherano est Juventus cette été suite les bénéficiaires d'investissements primaires, la Juventus et Barcelone sont anticipé en Avril sera probablement le fonctionnaire entrer en contact avec en Italien shirt de football à mi-formelle Puis Juve sera probablement
Louis Vuitton Outlet
you could look fairly louis vuitton shopping bags Fashion college students at Kent State show off their thrifting savvyThe second annual Goodwill Styling Competition took place on Friday, March 4th within Rockwell auditorium at Kent State University. The competition requires spot yearly and it is an opportunity for style merchandising majors to present their imaginative capabilities. The show is based within the premise that large style fashion isn't going to really need to expense a fortune, and students were challenged to complete a runway worthy look with garments found only at Louis Vuitton Handbags thrift stores.Associated topicsKent State trend schoolThriftingGoodwill Huntingg.Feds crack pipeline for fake designer handbagsIf you the sort of fashion hound who scours Atlanta strip malls and downtown streets for peddlers who pawn counterfeit handbags, watches and shoes off around the masses, lean times are ahead.The Feds estimate the goods captured possess a street wor
Cookie Land Now Open!!
Armani Official Website
Armani is a world famous fashion brand, 1975 by fashion designer Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani) was founded in Milan, Giorgio Armani is the largest sales in the United States, European designer brands, he made use of new fabrics and is known for. Beyond the band of the same name song "AMANI", was written for the sufferings of the war-torn African children's heels Armani official website is currently only available in English, Italian and Japanese, no Chinese Simplified Historical heritage Herve Leger Founder Giorgio Armani was born in Milan in 1934, the city suburbs. In 1957, when he was military service after they have time enough to allow the department to "La Rinascente" play "window designer" (window dresser). In 1961, he transferred to a designer Nino Cerruti.armani sunglasses In 1974, he and his friend Sergio Galeotti joint venture, decided to set up a large appreciation Armani Giorgio Arman (19) i is the name brand of men. As soon as he debut, Giorgio Armani's f
So What's Really Important..??
Words to learn to live by...or just made for great decide....:)    
'hostage Video Adds To Families' Anguish'
The London-based newspaper The Sunday Instances posted a video on-line by which the kidnappers claimed the hostage -- identified as "Jason" -- died on Might 25, 4 days prior to the primary anniversary from the abduction.Maillot Espagne, The footage also displays another hostage interesting for that British government to hasten the men's release."This abhorrent movie will only add on the anguish of families who've suffered a terrific deal over much more than a year when their loved ones have already been in captivity," Brown said in a statement issued Sunday during a go to to Israel.The British government explained it had "no independent verification in the claims in this video,"Maillot Enfant, such as the purported death on the hostage," a spokeswoman said.The five Britons and two Iraqis had been kidnapped last May from an Iraqi Finance Ministry constructing in Baghdad. The sole entirely identified captive is Peter Moore, who explained his identify inside a video launched
How To Make Your Very Own Facebook Game
Click to read more Are you tired of having to pay for facebook games? Well in this video you can learn how to create your very own facebook app/game. Did you know google has thousands of free flash games for anyone’s internet site that you can download? In this video you will learn how to download a free flash game to convert into a facebook app/game and I got really tired of having to pay to get to the next level so I researched on how to create my own.
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Day 4 Of The Mobile Reporter: Hna Scores Of Hard Land
  Kassel. The first weekend is done, pc tablet now we start in the second week at the Hessentag - the biggest party in the country located in Kassel. For us, the location is a mobile team of reporters, the reports live with text, pictures, videos and audio files.All contributions of colleagues you see in our specially decorated Hessentagsarena-blog blog party Tumblr. There also tweets and Instagram photos of Hesse-day visitors go with the hashtag # hessian a n In addition, many short videos that are included with the mobile application Viddy. The reporters are exclusively mobile with tablet PC or smartphone in the city go.Here in our Hessentagsarena special, there is a "best of" of the day. And references to current articles and news around the Hessentag.23 Clock: We will get back again. "Low lie, the fields of Athenrye, where once we've watched the free birds fly." With the words "The last tram runs far," Paddy is just in the last hour of the day. That's it now, but really! Good nigh
Los Miembros Del Consejo De Cobertura De La Red Mejor Teléfono Móvil Efox News
Consejo Horsham, dijo esta semana que hizo un montón de organizaciones, el gobierno local en la Convención Nacional de Canberra, con el fin de promover una mejor cobertura de telefonía móvil. smartphones baratos Junto con otros de la región, también ha estado presionando parlamento previsiones Horsham y actualizar la duplicación Western Highway. Grimble alcalde David dijo, aunque moción australiana de la Asociación de Gobierno Local, en la cubierta del teléfono, se puede plantear esta cuestión con varios políticos federales. Se entiende claramente el problema en las zonas de cobertura telefónica a distancia o la falta intermitente de cobertura de telefonía móvil, por lo que ya conocen el problema, pero subrayó, "dijo." Los servicios de emergencia y el turismo "de cobertura móvil es una parte clave de nuestra propuesta." telemoveis
hi all
Believe In Angels - Nova And Revell
Where the silence falls, there the river runs deep Where the shadow ends, so begins the dream Where the hunger leads me, it's hard to believe I'll be lost to you It's the blood that ties, it's the hurt that heals It's the face you hide, hides the pain you feel So hold me up now, yeah, I'm afraid to breathe And I'm lost to you, yeah, (I'm) lost to you I believe in a heaven, I believe in the night I believe there's a path we follow, I believe in the light Part of you is the devil, part of you is the light You're gonna fly through the city of angels Hold me under, let the river wash away my sins Let me drown in you, let the water and the love rush you You can hear me whisper when you're listening And I'm lost to you, yeah, (I'm) lost to you I believe in a heaven, I believe in the night I believe there's a path you follow, I believe in the light Part of you is the devil, part of you is the light You're gonna fly through the city of angels It's the blood that ties, it's the hurt that heals 
" I Caught My Wife Cheating" Cont
I was a little suprised to say the least. with john's car parked out side. I figured i would find him and Vanessa chatting away in the living room. Maybe he's meeting with a client near here, i thought to myself, slowly heading up the stairs to see if Vanessa was in the bedroom. "Why does she have a candle on?" I whispeared to myself.   As i reached the top of the stairs, i heard a sound that immediately registered in my head. it was unmistakable. up until that very moment, i had never once wondered if Vanessa would ever cheat on me. Never once did i feel jealous toward anyone else. at no time did i worry that she would even think about having sex with anyone but me.     Understand that we had an incredible sex life. I mean, we fucked four or five times a week. Almost every time we had sex Venessa enjoyed a powerful orgasm, finished off with me exploding in her moist pussy or her mouth and even sometimes her ass. Our sex life was extreamely fulfilling and very exciting. We were bo
By The Golden Light = Rafy 2007
  By The Golden Light created @ 2008-05-25 08:32:47     I transfix upon your beauty silhouetted against the roaring fire. Its bright yellow - orange flames Illuminate your mysteriously arousing figure. Each rising of your chest accentuated by its majestic glow. Joining the sizzle of the fire‘s dance, the chorus of nature’s nocturnal creatures, Join in creating a symphony to accompany your laughter while the crackling of the burning logs add harmony to the medley of your voice Your head slightly tilted to one side, Eyes reflecting the intensity of the fire, Lips moist yet slightly parted. I witness the softness of a sensuous woman, Softly bending your right arm, it glides up to your breast, lovingly caressing your golden skin, as shadows kiss each breast In rhythm with the dancing fire. Each finger hungers for attention, As your left hand glides across the softness of your thigh. Gently resting upon your go
The Power Of Love
I never truly understood the magnitude or power of true love till now..and it is by far the greatest feeling in the world...we all love our friends and family..but when you have passion and deep desire in your heart for a woman it simply does not compare to any other form of love...and it is in that moment you realize that all the love you had ever given or received in life was a stepping stone to get you to this prepare you for a life of bliss and serenity...the ultimate happiness..a perfect not saying i love my friends and family saying the love i have for my queen is different and indescribable..its a different feeling entirely and unmatched...and could never be replaced
Achat D'un Laser Vert 200mw
C'est bizarre de vous parler un pointeur laser ici, mais j'étais une fois un acheteur du pointeur laser vert et je voudrais vous partager cette expérience d'achat en ligne        c'était chez un boutique en ligne qui au nom de , je l'a trouvé par google ,le posionnement de ce site est pas mal et les images du laser de ce site sont magnifiques. Donc, je me suis jetée dans l'eau pour l'acheter .       Je sais que c'est un truc dangéreux et le laser de haute puissance est interdit en France. masi malgré tout, il y a encore beaucoup de gens qui l'achete selon les résultats de la recherche de google: Le marché apparaît à mesure que les demandes augmentent! c'est normal.       Je suis une passionnée de l'astronomie et j'aime bien les magnifiques faisceaux du laser, c'est génial et cool!      voilà un  Si qn a cette même passion, laissez-moi un message et nous pouvons le faire ensemble! Dans l'attente de vous
I Wish
I wish you were with me so I can tell you directly how much you mean to me. Ill hold you tight and hug you near my heart so that you can hear what its trying to whisper, You're the reason why Im beating.
Hp Pc Generazione Successiva
Pechino, Cina, Lunedi 24 Giugno 2013. HP ha annunciato la sua gamma consumer di nuova generazione, notebook e ardesie del PC.Questa non è una recensione, ma una panoramica di modelli che devono ancora essere rilasciato in Australia.Slate - un termine ormai riservato a offerte Android di HPL'HP SlateBook x2 è un formato di notebook e ha l'ultima generazione di processore mobile NVIDIA Tegra 4 e accedere all'applicazione TegraZone di sperimentare Tegra 4 giochi ottimizzati. L'unità ha un "display touchscreen HD 10.1, fino a 64 GB di storage e DTS Sound + Solution.L'HP Slate è un formato tablet pc alimentato da un ARM dual core Cortex-A9 processore da 1,6 GHz con un nuovo pannello di commutazione Fringe Campo High-apertura-ratio (HFFS), 3 MP posteriore e VGA anteriore Disponibile in rosso o argento HP Slate7 ha una struttura in acciaio inox.L'HP Slate 21 "All-in-One ha n 21.5" HD touch reclinabile IPS touchscreen con angoli di visuale, processore Tegra 4
So Are You New?
So one question I've been getting asked is if I'm new or why am I here? Well those two questions are related. I'm new in the sense that this profile is new. I was on this site pretty regularly about 6 years ago. I enjoyed myself a LOT so I thought I'd come back and check it out. It hasn't really changed much. Which is either awesome or kinda sad, which I can't decide. Another reason I'm back is because I work from home so I spend like 70% of my day by myself. That can be isolating. So if I pop up on your profile and randomly message you don't let that go to your head. I'm just a nice, friendly bored girl.
Des Nouveaux Be Maillots De Foot Arrivants
Moment dans la soirée du 26 Juillet 2011 à six: trente horloge, Audi Cup 2011 débutera rapidement, 4 line-up sera le Yankees de brillants débuts à Munich sur la Coupe Football Shirts Allianz Arena Record du monde utilisant les pas qui s'approchaient. de la Coupe Audi, beaucoup de spéculation avant le plomb dans les quatre joueurs de club line-up a émergé progressivement Harvey (microblogging), Arjen Robben, Ibrahimovic, qui Alexandra -. ces ventilateurs sont familiarisés avec tout le superstar dans le monde diriger leurs équipes respectives, avec l'expertise de combat exceptionnel et de charme, des centaines de millions près au monde entier montrant l'amateurMaillot de football Enfant match-up difficile off un tourbe maillots de foot de plus de fièvre du football resolved.26, pour apparaître dans la 1ère demi-finale Audi 2011 UEFA Champions League et la Liga champions Barcelone, le groupe fait face à des ennemis en Amérique du Brésil problèmes mondiaux du Sud. Barcelone
Kommer Til At Finde Ud Af Den Nøjagtige Samt Fake Beast Er Bedre End Facilities Brug af vækst og udvikling af videnskab, stadig mere falske poster foretaget en udseende i dagens verden, fake teknologier indhold materiale derudover stadig mere fremragende; nøjagtig samt falske skabe lighed er utrolig højere, så det er svært at skelne, om det er en ægte faktor eller simpelthen en efterligning. Da dyret er bedre end tjekliste bliver ældre, markedet reaktion, effektiv i kundernes virksomheder besidder et enestående samfund politi anholder incitament. Nogle få falsk vare headset vises på markedet. Den faktiske falske udover ydre emballage med hensyn til merchandise er meget sammenlignelige, kan det være vanskeligt at afgøre. Cellular denne slags skaber afbryde markedspladsen køb, ødelægge sundhed af kunder mod kunden faktiske lytte til usund effekt, såvel som udløser alvorlig skade på selve troværdigheden af ​​punkterne. Om denne selskabet højtideligt tilstand, resolut vintage netop denne falske rutiner i tillæg til punkt
For My Sake - Shinedown
[Verse 1:]I remember like yesterdayYou had a dream in your eyes and a smile on your faceAnd I'm missing those days again, yeah I'm missing those days againAnd I forgot what really got in the wayMaybe the sun that wouldn't shine should be taking the blameCause its raining on me again, yeah its raining on me again[Bridge:]A paradoxThe key you droppedA manifestFor what you lost, was meFor my sake please...[Chorus:]Stop slowing me down, stop holding me upQuit making a scene, enough's enough.Let's be honest, your promise, was never meant to lastSo I'm taking you on, I'm calling you out.There's nothing left for us here now.Let's be honest, I promise, I'm never lookin' back for my sake.For my sake.[Verse 2:]Tell me something that's poetic at bestMake me believe there was a time that you weren't like the restAnd I'll never ask you again, and I'll never ask you againFor all the moments and the memoriesNo one could ever say we never had a historyBut I'm leaving that all behindAnd there is nothin
That Sun
If u r a twinkle in the sky, I will call you the moon. When you awake in the morn, I will call you sunshine. And when you smile , I'll bathe in that sun. When u kiss me, you snuggle my soul. Send shivers and thrills. You turn my life into love. That's real. And when u smile, I'll bathe in that sun. When u say that you love me. It's like thunder in my throat. Lightening in my veins. I'm springtime flowers sprinkled in your rain. And When you awake in the morn, I will make you smile.., And when you smile, I will bathe in that sun.
Continued From Starting The Blog
well anyway.... as i pushed myself back up i feel him pushing me harder like lifting me up and i enjoyed that position he never did that while in bedroom
Packers Along With Movers Throughout Indian Along With Lots Of Moving Options
Changing collected from one of spot for a another location abandon folks throughout quite nerve-racking scenarios in this numerous style of troublesome task such as presentation involving things, loading along with unloading, vehicles involving goods, unpack along with turn around them with brand-new position. Regarding widespread folks, it is very difficult perform to accomplish changing along with tote along with bagger without having professional packers along with movers involving Faridabad, folks can make his or her changing hassle-free. Inside any kind of changing presently there is just about the most crucial jobs to help Packaging involving things. A suitable filling guarantee the actual basic safety involving things over the vehicles, it ought to be simply digest the actual shock along with jackasses over the shifting. packers and movers gurgaon provides packers along with movers products and services in different position involving Indian because Packers along with Movers Ko
Not Du Joueur Seulement Seraient Les Publicités Affichées Bien En Vue Sur Les Maillots
Mondial de hockey a eu des annonces en plâtre tout au long de leur maillot depuis des années et les gens ne regarderez plus jamais à l'esprit eux. Quand j'observe la Coupe Spengler annuel sur la télévision de Davos, en Suisse, deux facteurs généralement se faire remarquer pour me.Very premier, l'automobile qui est donné à la MVP du tournoi qui est certainement toujours placé dans un coin de la patinoire,maillots football, seulement plusieurs lignes et juste au-dessus du verre. Presque jamais vous allez voir des voitures comme prix dans des tournois en Amérique du Nord. J'ai souvent demandé si 1 n'a jamais été sonné par une rondelle errante! Deuxièmement, les annonces des entreprises qui occupent pratiquement chaque spot de rechange au sein de uniforms.Not du joueur seulement seraient les publicités affichées bien en vue sur les maillots, ils sont aussi collées pour le pantalon en même temps. La LNH est principalement une opération de revenu porte-driven, ce qui signifie presque tout so
Precious Ore
Precious Ore March 19,th,2013 Watching my sunsetter retractible awning, Feel froggy & wanna leap of faith with me & do some spawning, some if not all of God’s creations is what I want. In a confused mind state, confounded by that silly rule=no sex on the first date, want some head so I can nut all over a plate, just 2 watch a bitch lick it up, The world is watching & doing too much talking but ain’t doing nothing. & Just cuz I don’t say much don’t mean U know what I’m capable of. I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me-No: I luv drugs till I take em’ with me 2 the gallows 2 hang w/lil Reid. aw man,No-High Five? Don’t leave a friend hanging. Whispering in my ear drum & Begging in the bedroom is the only time whispering & begging is sexy So tell me what U know & what U want. I’m not a mind reader. However, I am a fortune teller, I’m fortunate enough 2 make good use & learn a little from my failures, & just cause I&rsqu
Inner Ramblings
Sometimes it is hard to explain love. I think to each of us it is different. Half of the stuff that I experienced with my brit many of you would gasp and and be stunned by. He and I laughed he laughed alot. We rarely fought and when we did we made up rather quickly. Alot of it was jealousy when there was never a need for it. It mostly being self estem issues on one side..(not mine) haha We still talk. We still miss one another. I find myself compairing who I date to him. I will most likely always love him. He was my first and my greatest love. His faults and flaws made me love him more....The day I asked him why he loved me and he answered with....You are everything i can never be. That in itself self was the moment i feel head over heels. He and I are different as night and day. he is chaos and havoic, I am peace and serenity. No one understood what it was for either of us. My friends never thinking he was good enough. (they love me what more can I say). His long time friends telli
Ac Milan Pro Exposure Over 30 Million Offer From Arsenal Giant: Too Bad Again Into The First Three
Italy time Saturday night, AC Milan [microblogging] vice president Adriano Galliani attended a charity event, cheap jerseys he said when interviewed by reporters, AC Milan is a different Juventus [microblogging] and Inter Milan [micro Bo] of the club, while praised Balotelli last season's outstanding performance. In addition, Galliani has confirmed to the media about the number of clubs Buying Chaaraoui news. Galliani told reporters says: "AC Milan have never dropped out of the top three, we've been over the past five seasons in Serie A on the podium when we experience a bad season, we still get third, but for other clubs like Juventus and Inter Milan, when they behave badly when they can not enter the top three. Serie A champions Juventus are still in a position, AC Milan jersey because they won last year, however, AC Milan is on the rise, at least we are one of the strongest of the three teams. " AC Milan second half of last season, thanks to the outstanding performance
Il S'est Avéré être Parmi Les Gens Situations Comiques Redondantes Que Je Ne Pouvais M'empêcher De Rire Guy Fond About.
Partiellement camouflée par le maillot, la chose qui pend n'était pas du tout évident après la surprise s'est estompé. Comme étant une question de réalité, il s'est avéré être parmi les gens situations comiques redondantes que je ne pouvais m'empêcher de rire guy fond about.The stockées apparaissant dans toutes les scènes diverses dont j'ai parlé plus tôt. Il suffit de taper du présent vers le haut, se promener dans son maillot de football et après cette sortie.Soldes Maillot de foot, Pratiquement rien n'a jamais eu lieu pour clarifier sa conduite, avec les autres acteurs semblaient d'être inconscient de son absence de clothing.In toute occasion, quelle que soit sa assumer dans le film était sur le point, chaque fois qu'il est apparu sur l'écran, chacun des gars vous diraient whoa - recherche à cela, irréel, ou. . . effectivement, il est possible d'imaginer la chaîne de rétroaction.Je comprends cette dimension peut faire une distinction à certaines femmes, mais je pense q
One Chance
One chance to do this Don't want to miss One chance to stare Do you even care   One chance to do it Please don't have a fit One chance to say I love you I really do love you to   One chance to be there for me I don't think you really see One chance to start a life I really do need a knife   One chance to make it right Now I want you to get out of my sight One chance to go away today You broke my heart anyway                                                                                                       by Alexia Webb                                                                                                             3/06/08
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Cette Football Jersey abat-jour facile métier est vraiment une excellente façon de refaire toute abat-jour en jour une nouvelle et personnalisée des activités sportives à thème abat-jour idéal pour à peu près n'importe quelle zone de jeu, chambre ou sportives Activités d'enfant décor de maison sur le thème. Vous serez en mesure d'utiliser n'importe quel vieux ou des dommages matériels abat-jour depuis la base de ce projet Football Jersey abat-jour artisanale pour abaisser votre expenses. maillots football ,To faire | Pour créer | Pour produire | Pour générer} un abat-jour Jersey Football vous aurez besoin de: La initial étape serait d'éliminer complètement chacun des matériaux de l'abat-jour cassé ou présente. Commencer par piquer une paire de ciseaux avec le tissu, puis minimiser loin. Une fois que vous avez le corps du matériau éliminé alors commencer à fonctionner autour du matériau enroulé sur es fils. Cette obtiendrez un certain temps, mais c'est une bonne façon d'économiser quelq
Tweet By Russian Lawmaker On Snowden Asylum In Venezuela Deleted
Tribune news wire reports 10:47 a.m. CDT, July 9, 2013 A tweet in which a senior Russian lawmaker said former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden had accepted Venezuela's offer of asylum was deleted from his Twitter feed shortly after it was posted on Tuesday.The lawmaker, Alexei Pushkov, later tweeted that he had seen the news on state-run Russian television channel Rossiya-24, but a representative of Rossiya-24 said it had been referring to Pushkov's initial tweet. Pushkov, the pro-Kremlin chairman of the international affairs committee in the lower parliament house, could not immediately be reached for comment.A Russian Foreign Ministry official declined immediate comment and the Venezuelan embassy in Moscow could not immediately be reached.Snowden, who is wanted in the United States on espionage charges after revealing details of secret surveillance programmes, is believed to be holed up in the transit area at a Moscow airport where he arrived on June 23 from Hong Kong.
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keep your head held high, all you need to do is spread your wings and fly...   Wipe those tears from your eye's... It's a sad thing when I see an angel cry...   Follow your heart, you know that have a place in the heart that is mine.   I know you got a lot of shit in life goin' on for you.. I know that it seems like the whole world is conning you... But just sit back, and relax, and put the whole damn world on mute... And listen to your surroundings...   I know the pain of the game, strikes back and attacks... but reveal what is real ad hold yourself higher... because your the only one that holds you from your life's desires...   please girl just hold on, your the dame on the Effiel Tower... Accomplish all of your dreams before the final hour...   Just keep your head held high, all you need is to spread your wings and fly... Wipe those tears from your eye's, it's a sad thing to witness an angel cry... Begin to follow your heart...  You know you have a place in the
Seduce Me
Seduce me. Bring me into your secretive world of lust Your wishful thoughts provoke me and have me wanting more.Make me beg for said seduction. After all, make me realize why I want It so badly- Why do I want you so badly-I`ll drop down on my knees. Tell me to call you what you want.Tell me to say `Yes Sir and please`Give me something that I have never had me before.Lure me into your desire. Deep down I know you want itI can see it in the eyes that won`t contact mine.Damn you hide it so well.Dear, please give me your mercy.Satisfaction is all I need from you.Make me want to please you.
Their Employees And Considerably Enhanced
Zhang Yaokun with Champions League Football Shirt even now in reserve instructionGood results will usher in the 2nd in the season in your own home, their rivals are defending champions Shandong Luneng with English Premier League Soccer Jersey. That is the initial accomplishment this season game against AFC Champions group, but in addition in the AFC Champions League inside a super staff with poor functionality. Within the League, Luneng is additionally Maillot Espagne 11, Nineth. Initially fall fully inside the downwind of the good results team, has also witnessed a glimmer of hope, however, players are not luxury ideal final results, "if we will break even or.?Away win over building business, no main turning stage, but at least stopped season success staff, temporarily from danger. War once more above the weekend, their employees and considerably enhanced, Premier League Soccer Kit are already pinning their hopes on James on this round comeback, Physio also make greatest
hi i am a fun out going guy an like to have fun and i am old fashion i still open doors for the lady and i like to fin some one start as friends and date and talk to see where it goes from there
        Some men always try to have sex wiht me but dont even know me    i mean i know im thick and all but i wish you could try to get to know me before  you get in the panties 
Frye Shoes Online Store Operations
frye shoes Online store Operations and its kind in the United States Navy, with 12 helicopters and 284 officers and enlisted personnel. The primary mission of this squadron is to detect and destroy small vessels and enemy submarines. Search and Rescue, Special Warfare Operations, and Anti-ship Missile Defense are also important roles for the squadron. Established in 1984 in San Diego, the squadron wa.frye boots sales initially aboard the USS Ranger. In 1989, HS-14 was an integral part of a rescue operation when they performed search and rescue operations of 37 refugees from Vietnam. In 1991, the HS-14 had an important role in Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield..frye boots Responsible for the capture of four Iraqi commandos, the destruction of two anti-shipping mines, and the destruction of one Iraqi gunboat, the HS-14 showed why this squadron was so beneficial. In 1992, the squadron deployed to Somalia for Operation Restore Hope. On.frye shoese of the operational co
"the Last Few Days Of My Trip"
Her breathing was much heavier now, and i could see the moisture forming on her exposed pussy. She was getting horny at the feeling of helplessness she was experiencing. I stood quietly, taking her her in. I could tell she was trying to figure out what i was doing. Where i had gone.  Finally she spoke. "Lee? Are you there?" "Yes, i am. Let me make one more suggestion, lover. From this moment on, don't ask questions. Speak if you wish, but don't try and figure things out. I know you'll make  a lot of noise tonnight but don't worry about what's happening. The feeling of heplessness that you're ecperiencing is a powerful sensation. Right now every nerve in your body's on edge. You're going to feel every touch in a way you've never felt a touch before. However, i want to give you a special word to use in case you want  this to stop. The word is, Flower.. If at anytime you become scared and want me to stop, just say the word "Flower" and i'll quickly untie you. do you understand that?"  
The Presentation Of Arcane Empires
Arcane Empires (gold arcane empires) is a game for the public really amazing and full of sorpese will succeed, because of this, a surprise to all those who will be able to play the game and as a result no longer be able to do without because you will have to immerse in the game from the first moment.The game was first conceived and then created so that we can satisfy all those who have always loved the adventure that is the kind of action, a real mix that always fascinates. The player soon comes into contact with the game now finds himself staying in a fantastic city at the bottom of the sea and it will be there that will face many situations, some other complicated a little 'easier.The graphics of the game was conceived and then created to make it clear and well able to make the player feel the same part of the game. Even the sounds will be able to give even more emphasis to the whole. The game will be very funny because the same character finds himself in the role of a brave octopus
WHO         Who can you be yourself around?To pick you up when you are down,The one you tell all of your secrets to,That would feel the same way about you,Who would this person be?You would have a special door in theirheart and they would hold the key,Only to open it when you are there,Do you know anyone who has that much care?And you would do the same,No matter how deep or lame,The one you can do anything near,Whether is be crazy or drink beer,Never speak a word that you've said,Do you know anyone who's always in your head?So if you ever find anyone like this,Take them in as fast as you can because this is one friendship you don't want to miss
Edge In Emerging Markets
Competing against Apple and Google will definitely not be an easy task, but Firefox OS phones might get an edge in emerging markets, as many potential customers look for cheap smartphones with decent specs and features. If anything, it's a new mobile operating system and a new experience, and that's bound to make at least some consumers curious enough to give it a try.Ahora vuelven al ruedo con su ultrabook ASUS VivoBook S551, cuyas características técnicas lo posicionarán como un modelo a seguir dentro del mercado. Este nuevo dispositivo de 15.6 pulgadas tiene una pantalla táctil que responde mucho mejor que otros productos de la competencia.www.myefox.frEs ultraliviano; con un grosor máximo de 22.5 mm; pero eso no le impide tener un potente procesador por dentro, ya que cuenta con la más reciente generación de procesadores Intel Core y una tarjeta de gráficos NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M: estos chips le aseguran un rendimiento sin igual tanto para juegos como para tareas de oficina. China,
Everything Just Fades
Everything just fades Even when intentions are good Misunderstood, I am Considered, I am to be the reason for every problem. I accept that life treats me like this I will go on and live Not to die so soon, I will live Life will go on, that is all I can say Even if I am considered to be the worst human alive Only cared, that is all.
Ok, So Mein Freund Ich Habe Zusammen
Ok, so mein Freund Ich habe zusammen 4 eine Weile Im in love w / Ihr Haustier er mir sagt, er oder sie liebt MeHe liebt Vier mich mit seiner Familie in seiner Existenz. Bis vor kurzem fand ich heraus, dass er gewesen ist Messaging dieses besondere M? dchen durch ein von vielen Websites wut 2 glauben? wut 2 zu tun? Fügen Sie weitere Freunde bei myspace. Fügen Sie eine Menge myspace Freunden schnell!Myspace hat sich für eine lange Zeit jetzt gewesen. Es ist in der Regel als Standort für Jugendliche gesehen, aber wie ein Unternehmer, wenn Sie über keine myspace Konto fehlen das Schiff. Myspace ist wie mit Ihren pers? Nlichen opt in Satz Millionen. Sie müssen nicht mehr Verkehr zu finden, ist es gerade jetzt ist es für Sie schon alles, was Sie wollen, w? hlen Sie, wen Sie wollen!Wenn Sie jemanden, der Ihren myspace Freund, den sie haben, um Ihre Anfrage zu akzeptieren einladen. Die Tatsache, Menschen stimmen auf Ihrem myspace sein. Com Freundesliste hinzufügen sowie Interaktion mit Ihnen m
Such An Imagination He Has
Kyle is the biggest pot-pie He chases cats trying to steal their sneaky shoes He likes burritos and uses them as traps- to catch all those sneaky cats At first he used mice but they were too squeaky.. Then he tried steak but it got too expensive. Its hard for him to sneak up on them- Cuz he's as big as a tree and his shadow alerts his prey. I told him to try crawling after the cats- But it proved to be too slow. After trying to crawl after them- He then tried using rollerskates to chase 'em But found he couldnt stop soon enough to catch 'em- and he'd always fall down causing the cats to scatter. For weeks upon weeks he tried catching these cats It boggled my mind why he was doing this But then I realized what it was As it turns out,it was all his imagination- Kyle was busy eating SHROOMS!!!
Spaghetti With A Spoon
The spoon is my archnemesis All of my noodles lay scattered upon the floor My plate mocking me with its square-toothed smile What have I done to deserve such treachery? I thought us united by a common bond But the crafty fork,it seems,has split us apart Never to be joined harmoniously again I will now cast an untrusting eye on you,O spoon Your hollow depths deceiving me for the final time No more will I clean your shiny surface You,dear spoon,leave me NO choice..... I must consume ALL my edibles with my hands
Ils Veulent Démontrer Leur Soutien En Arborant Un Maillot Avec Le Numéro De Leur Joueur.
C'est le numéro de maillot de joueurs qui les rend mémorable, tout comme ces joueurs que la variété Marandona 10 ou le montant de Michael Jordan 23. Ils sont les maillots de tous les joueurs. Dans la NFL, maillots personnalisés sont disponibles avec une quantité en avant et en arrière avec leur nom imprimé Dans la NFL, maillots sont personnalisables avec la variété autour de l'avant et à l'arrière, aussi parce que le titre du joueur imprimé dans le dos. Les throwback maillots de joueur de la NFL peuvent également être proposés. maillot de foot 2013,Ces maillots peuvent être dédicacé ou non dédicacé. Ce sont les throwback maillots légendes qui peuvent être assez bien connus. Les joueurs qui jouent dans la NFL a titre diversifié et le montant imprimé sur elle, dans l'avant et dans le dos en même temps. Ceux-ci leur donnent une position distincte, tandis que dans le groupe. Tout simplement parce que disciples semblent joueurs de football comme des héros, ils veulent démontrer leur soutien
Chaaraoui The Envy Of All The Teams
Inzaghi: Milan hope to qualify for the Champions League race and strive to cultivate a team player Milan youth team's 2013-14 season started! Wednesday Montreal Canadiens jersey morning at Milanello Milan youth team conducted a physical examination, after which the team began to depart for Pinzolo summer training. The following is a coach Phillip Inzaghi interview before departure: "Back to Milanello feeling is unique, and I want to pass this feeling to my kids and we still have a long way before we will go to a superb training base for summer Chicago Blackhawks jersey training, we also Galliani and the club from the support of Philip Gary, my goal is to bring out a few to enter Milan a team player, I am honored to be the responsibility of the club to me. Pinzolo training on our new the season is very important, my goal in addition to a team training players, then have to try to win some honor. " "My team and streamline time, some players have decided to leave, and then if a player
The Wolverine Film Secrets
Watch The Wolverine Online - Improbably seated at the helm of this strong activity diversion (Download The Wolverine Movie) is Wayne Mangold, a The show biz industry hireling whose before forays into category cinema—the Tom Vacation automobile Soldier And Day, the toothless rebuilding of 3:10 To Yuma—scarcely recommended a existing for splash-panel scene. Yet the setpieces, such as an impressive skirmish on top of a boosting topic practice, use a kinetic elegance mostly missing from this year's other big-budget promotions. Mangold delivers design but not content, which is not so critical for a late-summer pulp smash hit, though the movie director oversold—in pre-release interviews—the expected impact of his movie characters. (There are few records of Seattle Tale in this Seattle story.) Truly excellent comic-book modifications need a visionary’s touch; one can only think about what an auteur like Darren Aronofsky, who was initially connected to immediate,
Another Dog Story
Man With PTSD Threatened With Jail For Posting Flyers About His Missing Service Dog     Mikael ThalenInfowars.comJuly 26, 2013 A Marysville, Washington man who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder due to a violent police encounter was threatened with fines and jail time this week after posting flyers about his missing service dog. Shawn Slater’s dog Nanna Shawn Slater, 34, says his dog Nanna, a 3-year-old certified medical alert and therapy Rottweiler, helped him manage his a
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Whether you are moving locally from one place to another within the city of Hyderabad or moving from this city to somewhere else you will either have to do or make arrangement for packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of furniture, home appliances and other household effects. Apart from these tasks there are some unpleasant issues involved in the process that may pester you extremely. But if you schedule your move with a right moving company in Hyderabad then you can definitely simplify the entire operation and get rid of all hassles, difficulties and issues. If you have decided to schedule your move from Hyderabad then you may see many professional companies in this city to choose from. Just you need to do little research and find out a legitimate moving company to schedule your move with. A right company will provide you comprehensive solution catering to all your moving needs. You will be helped in the entire operation from schedule the move, to packi
Alone in the darkness, Searching for life, Wanting to be needed, Yearning to be loved, Emptiness fills my heart, I long to feel wanted, No longer to be alone, My soul flies freely searching, For a mate that can never be found, Tears run like a river, As I realize I'm all alone, Forever to walk within the darkness alone.
Lost Loves
Blackness is all I see, Death is all I dream, Once our love was true, But now you say we're through, My happiest times were with you, To you my heart belonged, I long to be in your arms again, To feel the warmth of your embrace, Cold inside is all I feel, Emptiness is all that I have, Hopes and dreams shattered, I have nothing left to give, Where did I ever go wrong, To lose your love forevermore.
It Is Not Just About
The Lenovo Horizon is not just bending the usual in computing today but it teleports back and transforms everything. The screen is 27 inches diagonally. Many of the company's competitors will probably find it confusing whether Lenovo is marketing a tablet or an all-in-one PC. The debate can go on forever.myefoxIs the Horizon a tablet or a PC? What is it exactly? Running on three hours worth of battery can confuse most consumers. There is also the optional table and rolling adjustable stand to fix, secure and elevate the Horizon.iPad made waves because it was bottomless and a touch screen - that was years ago. From then on, rivals of Apple Inc. started producing their own versions ranging from ten inches to eleven. Samsung alone has nearly every size anyone think so. Today, it is not just about touch screens and bottom computers. Variation is crucial and Lenovo brings to the table their 27-inch table PC.bought one, like the quality, screen is very good and responsive. But I am sending i
Barcelona Champions League And Then Went To Get A General Insisted That Certainly Expect To Come Away Angry Superstar
Barca goalkeeper Victor Valdes on Monday accepted the media interview. Speaking on Martino's first impression when Valdes said: "We talk about for a while, we see him full of longing, and he was very easy-going and he asked us not to lie on the honor, cheap soccer jerseys while experience tells This does not happen we said he will adapt to Barcelona in order not to alter the forward direction of the team, I think Barca introduce him was very positive and we have been able to adapt to various coaches, our group is very good , in athletics as well and we will continue to complete the tasks assigned by the coach. " Valdes is very clear that Real Madrid will once again become Barcelona's enemies, Barcelona jersey he said: "Ancelotti is a great coach, he was in the teams have proved their level, such as in Milan, he was great in the hands of there are very good players, which is why Real Madrid will once again become a strong opponent. " In for Barcelona 11 season, this season
A boss has to interview 4 girls for a secretary position.He asked the same question to each one of them.Boss: "A woman normally has lips in 2 different places. What's the difference between the two?First Girl: "one is hairy, the other isn't " . Boss: "OK.. good!"Second Girl: "one can talk but the other can't ". Boss: "that's better!"Third Girl: "one is vertical & the other is horizontal ". Boss: "Hmm.. clever!"Last Girl: "one is for me & the other is for my Boss ".Boss: "you are hired "!!!?
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My Map Of United States Visited
visited 22 states (44%)Create your own visited map of The United States or jurisdische vertaling duits?
Fantasy Angel
This poem was written a few years ago. It was untitled originally... I'll call it...   Fantasy Angel   I.   Tune your instrument To follow the beat To play the right song To lead your soul.   I’ve heard this one before When I was a child And it was new like The whole world I saw.   II.  
In The River
Where have you gone my only friend? Who do I turn to for guidance now? In the river I came to lose it all, To find my redemption I must turn to you, Cause now you’re my only friend   To tear away and be the man I need to be, I must first lean how to walk with you, Even if that means giving up everything, I can feel you next to me changing me   How can I reach for someone I can’t see? How can you catch me when I fall? How can I feel so alone? How can you be beside me for all I’ve done?   Trying to turn the page and start over new, Please wash away and take this away, In the river I became reborn and in the end I found you, In the end you’re all I needed, in the end it was only you, Who could save me, redeem me, and love me after all I’ve done  
Lost In You
Tangled up twisted in you, Breathing in loving all about you, Tied up and drowning, Been drowning for you for so long   Lost in your fire and passion, You’ve got me feeling so submissive, The way you chain me down, You have me begging for you for too long   I want to be lost in your sexual frenzy, I want to be buried deep inside your lust, I want you to tire me down to your pain so I can ease your suffering, I want you to take all your pain out on me (keep me begging for more)   I want to be lost in you, Lost in your frenzy, Lost in your pain, Lost in your lust   Tangled up and twisted, Breathing in all your sexual ways, Tired up and drowning on your lustful suffering, Been drowning for you for far too long 
My Dad - Paul Petersen
He isn't much in the eyes of the world, he'll never make history. He isn't much in the eyes of the world, but he is the world to me. My dad. Now here is the man, to me he is everything strong no he can't do wrong, my dad. My dad. Now he understands, when I bring him trouble to share ah he's always there, my dad. When I was small I felt ten feet tall when I was by his side, and everyone would say that his son, and my heart would burst with pride. My dad. Oh I love him so, and I only hope that someday my own son would say, my dad. Now here is the man.
The Devil Went Down To Washington
the echoes of the voices that sent me back here are fading againand everything formless suddenly has shapethe lines and seams ripple like liquidand i can hear the colors of this aching inside   and i'm right here......losing strengthits pushing in......pushing downbut i'm still here...   this pain is nothing but a gust of windbut it blew this house down (((it blew this house away)))and the reflection of myself that i once knew is dissolvingalong with anything and everything that i ever thought i felt or could feel   time becomes so abstract and irrelevant inside my headthat hours could be days (((minutes could be years)))it all flows through me (((it flew past me--i watched it go)))i swear i could be see-through   this hour, this minute tells nothingit only reminds me of all the things i've tried so hard to forget(((i've packed it away in a box)))and the walls are wearing thin   and i'm right here......losing strength and its pushing in......pushing downbut i'm still here...
Rid Myself Of Me
my hands are in my pockets((where do i put my hands when you're not around))my fingers play with the salt that lingersfrom these tears i've cried   i shed my clothesand perhaps its an attemptto rid you from my thoughts((which is incredibly impossible))   i scrub my skini wash the stains((this pain))this residue of you   my skin turns rawas my heart plugs the drainmaybe the aching will fill up this tub and i'll drown((i'm ankle deep))   you run so deep within mei dont think i could scrub away my insides((there'd be nothing left))
The Misery
this sky goes on forever tonightand this misery has taken on a lifeand it loves the companyits become the misery of me the hole in black cloudsshines light on a place unknownand your fingers digging in these woundsare scraping away my sanity it takes ahold of methe winds sadness pushes me awayand its become all i seeits all i breathe i float above the skythe stars fall to the groundand everything i know just crashes downi try to scream but there is no sound cuz this misery in meloves the comfort in youand i'd never thought i'd seea sky so void of everything
Rodney Carrington - Dancing With A Man
Rodney Carrington Best You'll Do Tonight.
You can't ;ove me if you don't love yourself... Just go ahead and keep tryin...
Mourinho: Milan Tactics Excellent Torres This Amazing Beat Real Madrid Could Not Be Better
Mourinho: Real Madrid beat no betterChelsea 2-0 win over AC Milan, scored the Guinness Book of International Champions League final, cheap jerseys and Real Madrid will fight for the championship. The field after the game, the Blues coach Jose Mourinho praised the team's performance, and Real Madrid's game was expected. "The competition is very tough, AC Milan are an experienced team," Mourinho said, "You can look at their midfield, Montolivo, Muntari, Baltimore Ravens Jersey Boateng, I'm talking about some very experienced players and they know how to play with their hands in the Allegri played for a long time, tactically very mature, they know how to defend. " "Balotelli is fast, there Chaaraoui, so for us, this game is a very good experience from the tactical point of view, Milan gave us some things need to be studied, one kind of the past different problems. Madrid will be different, we need these experiences,Chicago Bears Jersey to find the best condition to face Hull
Right Wing
Tsarnaev Narrative Change: Instead of a Radical Muslim, Tamerlan a Rightwing Extremist     Kurt NimmoInfowars.comAugust 6, 2013 In now familiar echo chamber fashion, the establishment media today is hyping a story about Tamerlan Tsarnaev posted by the Wall Street Journal. Hidden behind a pay wall, the story claims Tamerlan read “ring-wing literature” and delved into antigovernment conspiracy theories prior to the attack in Boston on April 15, 2013. Al Gore’s Democrat television network, Current TV, ran with the politically correct recasting of Tamerlan Tsarnaev as a rightwing extremist. Note Cenk Uygur’s declaration at the outset that the Tsarnaevs are guilty despite the fact Dzhkokhar has yet to be convicted in a court of law. The story follows a BBC production
However restless Whatever the cost There is acceptance That it comes   It doesn’t come easy But it comes It doesn’t come cheap But yet, it comes   With struggle With longing With pain With hardship With difficulty It still comes   A train carrying a lonely passenger Staring out the window As the time passes Achingly slow Yet, it comes   Each track laid For but one singular purpose One tedious journey On its own schedule Surely it comes   Even as it appears That these tracks Will see no end There is a station where one soul waits Built for one arrival And sure as the sun Blankets the world in warmth It comes…   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
Club Hypnotiq Energy's Club Rules
                                                     Hypnotiq Energy's Rules:                                                                               Let me explain a few things here... Most of our rules are about showing respect for the other individuals you interact with while you are in the club. In most instances, if you aren't deliberately trying to make someone else upset or unhappy, you won't be breaking any rules. However, to make things perfectly clear for everyone, we've put together the following list of rules which are enforced by a specially trained group of volunteers known as the Enforcers.                                                                                                 -Staff are not required to give you a warning for breaking the rules.- They do it because they want too. Too often things happen so fast we don't have time to warn people and most staff are dealing with  other things more often than not. So please don't use the "I haven't read the
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Loss Of A Deeply Loved Soul
Afterglow (Tony Banks)   Like the dust that settles all around me, I must find a new home. The ways and holes that used to give me shelter,Are all as one to me now. But I, I would search everywhereJust to hear your call, And walk upon stranger roads than this oneIn a world I used to know before. I miss you more. Than the sun reflecting off my pillow,Bringing the warmth of new life. And the sounds that echoed all around me,I caught a glimpse of in the night. But now, now I've lost everything,I give to you my soul. The meaning of all that I believed beforeEscapes me in this world of none, no thing, no one. And I would search everywhereJust to hear your call, And walk upon stranger roads than this oneIn a world I used to know before. For now I've lost everything,I give to you my soul. The meaning of all that I believed beforeEscapes me in this world of none,I miss you more.  
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Tablet Pc Notebook Pc Shipments To Those More Than Twice Times Next Year
Section displays the authority of the quarterly tablet mobile shipment and forecast report forecasts also call for Tablet PC shipments will hit 589 million by 2017, while the notebook PC and a slim PC, prediction of 176 million. In January this year, NPD DisplaySearch forecast for Tablet PC shipments in 2013, over notebook PC shipments. Tablet Pc shipments is expected to reach more than doubled the past 364,002,014 years is expected to 177 million standard notebook PC shipments and ultra-thin PCs, new from NPD DisplaySearch forecasts on a global scale. Tablet PC growth is driving the emerging areas, where increased use of notebook PC is stifling growth. Personal computer penetration rate is very low, in the emerging areas, and first-time PC usually prefer to buy a notebook PC. However, with lower prices and longer battery life, tablet computers and easier to replace notebook Pc with a model, this leads to a direct cannibalization, according to NPD DisplaySearch. The Tab
England Coach Ordered Wonderful And Wayne Rooney Chelsea Players Are Not Allowed To Speak!
England [microblogging] team is about to begin a new phase of training, preparing for the friendly with Scotland,cheap jerseys the Three Lions head coach Roy Hodgson issued a command to the England team, Chelsea [microblogging] [microblogging] players , not allowed and Wayne Rooney [microblogging] speak! Rooney is living in the transfer affair, Chelsea against him twice a quote, Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging] have been rejected, but Blues boss Jose Mourinho made it clear that Rooney will always chase until the turn the last day. Rooney I also want to move to Chelsea, he and Manchester United great bitterness, Baltimore Ravens Jersey transfer storm into the sensitive period. In this case, Hodgson ordered, to the England team, not allowed to talk on the transfer of distractions. According to "The Sun" revealed that Hodgson ordered several of England's Chelsea players, including Ashley - Cole, Frank Lampard and Gary - Cahill, and Wayne Rooney are not allow
Once Upon A Nightmare
Once upon a Nightmare Lost inside my nightmares,slipping through the scenes.I'm an actor in this play,and there's nothing I care to say.They're swallowing my sanity,injecting these thoughts,like drugging a lab rat,to see how I react.And I know,you find joy in this experiment.And I know,you like to watch me break down.And I know, you stand there with your clip board,writing down everything that makes you laugh.I walk around, slamming into glass walls,I hit the ground, everything turns grey.I hear the sound, of these walls collapsing,shattering all that is this world.Reflected in the shards are fragments of my memory.I touch one, it crumbles, a spear thrust in my mind.Every time I try to remember what it feels like to have solace,I'm impaled by some wicked dream.All that I know,seems to be leaving me behind.All that I care about,seems like one complex illusion.I need to open up my eyesand truly see,see what is becoming of this reality.Cut!
Salvador Dali Reveal Partnership With Connors Details
United states of america, Cincinnati-following the Wimbledon out, Sharapova high won't fight due to hip injuries up to a seven-week-old, also in this wholesale cheap nfl jerseys year, withdrew through the originally planned leg from the Stanford game while using the Toronto station. Immediately, Russia will return, and searching forward to the Cincinnati station has excellent performance. Sharapova held a news conference on Monday in civil time, may be the launch from the following excerpts:Hip-injuries-"It's all good. I don't want to come back in when there isn't any percent recovery challenging to take part in the primary wholesale nike jerseys game. I believe that spend a little extra the perfect time to recover and get ready for the next races is essential, before I start, I'm going to be sure that it is fully prepared. Apparently unfortunately missed races before, but sometimes situations are, sometimes you simply won't have the capacity to keep to the planned schedule to accompli
Real or Hoax? 1960′s Subliminal National Anthem Video Says ‘Obey Government’     “Rebellion will not be tolerated” Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comAugust 13, 2013 A creepy 1960′s national anthem video features subliminal messages encouraging the viewer to “obey,” “consume” and “trust the US government.” It sounds like something straight out of They Live, but is the clip genuine or a hoax?   The video contains all of the following messages. While it’s difficult to read them all at normal speed, slowed down analysis reveals the following; - TRUST THE US GOVERNMENT- GOD IS REAL GOD IS WATCHING- BELIEVE IN GOVERNMENT GOD- REBELLION WILL NOT BE TOLERATED- OBEY CONSUME OBEY CO
Hacienda Ofrece 12 Millones Acciones De Lona En Oferta Secundaria; Thl Y Oaktree Únete Por Cada Oferta
rimera BanCorp. (la "Corporación") (NYS: FBP), el Banco holding compañía por FirstBank Puerto Rico, anunció hoy que varios accionistas han comenzado una propuesta pública suscrito, sujeta a mercado y otras condiciones, de un total de 28 millones de acciones ordinarias de la Corporación, ofreciendo valor nominal de $0,10 por acción (la "acción común"), que poseen actualmente. El Departamento de los Estados Unidos de la Tesorería ("tesoro") está ofreciendo vender 12 millones de acciones ordinarias de; fondos afiliados con Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P. ("THL") están ofreciendo vender 8 millones de acciones ordinarias de; y los fondos gestionados por Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. ("Oaktree") están ofreciendo vender 8 millones de acciones ordinarias de. Finalización de la oferta propuesta disminuirá usufructos de tesorería de nuestra acción común de 16,43% a 10,67% (9,81% si los aseguradores ejercen su opción de compra de acciones adicionales de acciones comunes en su totalidad). La propi
A Ball Fame! Demon King God Intended For Chopping Argentina 4000 Mr. Wan Terror Partner
Messi, Balotelli's absence does make the game missing the biggest surprise. But the game is still a bright spot in the Italian teenager Yin Xinie this side of the outbreak can be said that the biggest surprise! The 22-year-old teenager with a wave of the world into the national team at the sub-goals, Christian Louboutin which gave rise to the Italian Retaliation. As "the market" says: "Despite losing the game, but the harvest of Yin Xinie." Yin Xinie off the bench in the second half, which is the second representative of the Italian national team. His first show was in 2012 September 13, when the Yin Xinie off the bench, the Azzurri 2-0 final victory over Malta. Yin Xinie most shining moment in this field appear in the first 76 minutes, Osvaldo Qianchangduanqiu later, ready to break it blocked, then he ball to the side of the Yin Xinie, Naples teenager directly select long-range, Ball drew a beautiful arc, flying into the upper right corner, the Argentine goalkeeper Anduja
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Love My Kid
Do You Like To Brag About Your Kids? ... I Want Fathers to Know That a Daughter Is a Gift From God. I Love Being a Mom.
Hopeless Monday
Hopeless Monday   There is a longing you feel To know the whole universeAll of its secretsAll of its flawsEverythingYou think about it and wonder if it feels light or heavyOr maybe even a paradoxical combination of bothBut you will never knowBecause you do not realize that you are the entire universeYou are all of its flawsAll of its beautiesAll of its secrets, all of its wisdomYou are everything and everything is youYou are foreverAnd you need to be lovedJust as everything and everyone else needs love to surviveLook at the clouds above your homeNotice the way water forms differently on every single surfaceMuster every single detailIncrease your awarenessAnd you will soon discover the secrets of the universeAnd if you are feeling sad and quiet turn to your soul and acknowledge your humannessLove your human natureRealize it is precious and valuableYou do this and you will feel the soft and kind hand of the universe on your shoulderYou will feel its presence within youAnd you'll look d
Abercrombie Outlet Hosts Amazing Stuff For You
All those people, who are always looking in for such products, which will enhance their image and good looks and at the same time, save some good portion of their money, they prefer to visit Abercrombie and Fitch outlet. It would make them feel out of the world. All the products, which they will be putting in the cart, will be100% authentic and original. Abercrombie & Fitch outlet online Your each visit to Abercrombie outlet will save you from scam and fake products. Your patience and sensible approach will take you to the best place and you will not be wasting your money, by getting trapped by fraudulent companies. If you will wear authentic brands, your aura will be enhanced in a distinctive way. Here a problem bubbles just above the surface of water and that is that you will not find many Abercrombie and Fitch outlets out there. There are a good number of these outlets in some states of America. And if you are living away from that, then you will certainly have to plan a trip. An

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