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It’s truly amazing to see just how quickly people you think are your friends or ones you even consider family or hell your real family for that matter too can turn their backs on you. They were all friendly at the start, but they changed to be nasty and bitter, deceitful, cheating, backstabbing, talk behind your back liars. They can be so shallow at times and seem to feast, on other peoples’ pain. They are not true at heart. I must admit they always wear a damn good mask, but soon their true colors show. The things they do, you do not expect. You hate that you can't hate them, because they epitomize the words betrayal, fake, and deceit in human flesh. But those people with the plastic smiles who say "I'm your friend, I'll always have your back, or You know I love you I'm here", will soon throw you away so fast. Because you will no longer be worth their whiles, you’ll be a thing of the past. Because you are blinded, by the words they say, you never see it coming. Oh how they are what yo
She watched as transparent whirls of smoke slowly danced in a crisp winter air upwards towards the sky, changing shapes and patterns like ghostly apparitions, until finally disappearing into eternal nothingness. She took a drag from a cigarette, and heard a light crackle as the amber tip lit up and let the smoke fill her lungs. She exhaled, letting out a new batch of smoke. The moon emanated its cold mysterious glow, making the snow covered field drown in an ocean of pure white. She stood there, spellbound by this creature that was looking back at her, and her only, with its featureless round face, so many light years and miles away, so distant and yet so close, keeping her company at this lonesome hour. She could sense it sending its lunar incantations into the air, pulsating with waves and invoking the spirits of the forest that stood like an inpenetrable fortress along the shadowed edges of the field. From the safety of the lit up entrance of the hotel, she wondered what
I Am In This Auction
Hey everyone. I am in this auction that is hosted by Babylove. Please come check it out and make a bid!! Be sure to give Babylove lots of love. She put a lot of work into making the pictures and uploading them. ♥ßàЪÿLŏvë GF 2 Ðj §ÇÔTTÝ ß♥@ fubar
If Tomorrow Never Comes
If I knew it would be the last time, that I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the lord your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time, that I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and a kiss and call you back for just one more. If I knew it would be the last time, I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would tape each word and action and play them back throught my days. If I knew it would be the last time, I would spare an extra minute or two to stop and say "I Love You" instead of assuming you know I do. So just in case tomorrow never comes, and today is all I get, I'd like to say how much I love you, and hope we never will forget. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, Young or old alike, and today may be the last chance, you get to hold your loved one tight. So if your waiting for tomorrow, Why not do it today? For if tomorrow never comes, you'll surely regret the day, that you didn't take that extra time, for a smile, a hug or a k
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add me everywhere...Badbigben1979 on aol ,msn , yahoo benjamin9112002 and if you want call me anytime at 937-275-8003 Status: ...BIGBEN... online email me... Mood: flirty ,lol...
Hot Hall
Hes My Only One
for those who read this, one wonderful guy who ill never replace should know ill always be there for him like hes been there for my son. recently he was staying at my house, taking care of my son who completely adores him. days went by and the day he left, i felt nothing inside. its not about whats on the outside, but on the inside. i love him to much and truly miss him.
ok all the wife entered me in a me the love and help me the pic below and rate and comment for me as much as u can...
The End Of The World.
So they are coming out with a 2012 MOVIE! That is just fucking insane to me. It seems like one of those things that is taken way to seriously for there to be a movie about it. That is some crazy propoganda. I fucking hope the world doesnt end in 2012 -_- Thats depressing. Hopefully its quick. I bet a shit ton of people are going to be committing suicide december 20th before the big day. But i dont think the world is going to end, im pretty optimistic. ^_______^ The trailer for the movie did give me a brief panic attack..but i think it was just the scary music from the shining that got to me. Or maybe the huge waves coming over the huge mountains. Ehhh
Something Happen To My Page
i was online for a lil bit yesterday or the day before just to check my messages becuse i did not have alot of time to stay on well today around 2 am i came back on they was all gone now where did they go ?? anyways my birthday is on nov 22 iam not really looking forward to it only because i never really had anything i only had my grandmother this time my father and his gf is coming well atlest they might my dad is out of a job because the person he works for is a asshole who lie about paying him for all the time he did security so he is looking if he finds one he wont be coming iam just going to have a few people over and have a cook out if the pool is not cold iam going swimming cant really do much tho iam broke so i wont have much of a birthday plus with all the drama lately iam not really sure if i really want one but will see turns out my roommate who i had for a very long time even tho we had alot of issues mainly with him and less with me took off yesterday not sure o
I Think Too Much
I've come to realize that some people can't get over the past. When things happen they happen for a reason so why not just say what you need to say at the moment and leave it at that? Why do other people need to get involved in things that have nothing to do with them? Maybe as humans we are designed to be involved in some sort of drama, and bring other people in that don't need to be, but who knows? When you wake up in the morning how do you feel about your actions from the day before? Can you honestly say to yourself that you are proud of everything you said or did? Think about that before you quickly jump to a conclusion about people and judge them or their actions if you aren't happy with everything you have done yourself.
Anger driven emotions, hidden by my insanity. Deep thoughts and insights, blocked by the confusion. Timid, shy, careless masked by boisterous claims and paranoia. Repressed by the hate of myself. Young, innocent, naive, forced to grow up too quickly. Kept in chains, My mind locked, My mouth spews forth insults, all really meant for me. Weakness, vulnerability, and intimacy, killed by pain. Self-esteem lowered by manic-depression and trapped by my very being, my words here written, my dreams, my thoughts, my feelings, my insanity, my pain, SET ME FREE!
Faster Harder Deeper More!!!
Catchy title I think. It resembles the title to a 4NonBlondes album in the 90's. People are so driven by sex they will probably read the title and automatically think I'm writing sex stories. Sorry kids I save that for my personal time at home, and I get paid for my stories. Everyone should know that nothing in life is free, not even freedom of speech. I'm rambling.... I woke up this morning with what "Liza" would call, a little song in my heart. There was almost a half-cocked smile on my face before I took my first 4 steps into the bathroom. Maybe it was because I slept in. Maybe because my house smelled like my sweetpea candle. Maybe I had another crazy sex dream that I don't remember. I seem to be notorious for that, roll around in bed all night, moaning and shaking, wake up the next morning and don't have a clue wtf you're talking about. Maybe it's because I'm taking a small vacation from work and I'm allowing myself to decompress and finally let all the political b
I don't get it...I don't know what I'm doin wrong...I just can't seem to lose weight. *Cries and smacks buddah body* I made a doctors appointment today....I go in on Monday....Check up on my meditation....maybe get some help on how to lose weight and ask about some other things. Today was just blah....fuckin contact or my stupid eye has been bothering the hell out of me... Okay, yeah...weak.....Im off to bed to dream of dreams....
Will You Give This To My Daddy?
Will you give this to my Daddy?Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed One of the greatest acts of patriotism I have ever seen. Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their camos. As they began heading to their gate, everyone (well almost everyone) was abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering. When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being applauded and Cheered for, it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the only red-blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families. Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for these young unsung heroes who are putting their lives on the line everyday for us so we can go to school, work and home without fear or reprisal. Just when I thought I could not be more proud of my country or of our Ser
Fleet Fleet, These dreams… Fleet, Like moths in flame. They burn bright and fast. Glorious – Furious – These dreams are fleet.
The Crazy Year
The Crazy Year Refuge – The crazy year begins. Madness – Apocalyptic wailers cry. Energy – Ignites the souls of dreamers. Patiently – This world slowly spins. 1-2-99
Cool Cat
Cool Cat You’re a cat You know who you are You know what you are You know the reason why you’re here You know who you are... You’re a cat I’m a man, cat Can I be like you? Is there anything that a man can be To be like a cat? A cool cat? A quiet cat, a soft cat A strong and bold cat A cautious cat, a quick cat A swift, deadly cat I wish cat That I could be more like you Your proud coat Your razor claws I love you cat You’re a Cool Cat
What To Do
so there's this guy that i'm in love with and he says he loves me to. You know the whole I love you wanna marry you, want you to have my baby thing...but for some reason no matter how much i love him i cant get over the feeling that there is someone else. Go figure. I'm getting real tired of all these games. He needs to figure out what he wnats cuz he's about to lose a real good thing.
Listen up, turn it up and rock it out party on, I wanna hear you scream and shout this is real, as real as it gets I came to get down to get some fucking respect taking it back to hardcore level you better be ready, put your pedal to the metal taking it back to hardcore level you better be ready, put your pedal to the metal. Go! Whoa I'll never give in Whoa I'll never give up Whoa I'll never give in And I just wanna be, wanna be loved Whoa I'll never give in Whoa I'll never give up Whoa I'll never give in And I just wanna be, wanna be loved I want domination I want your submission I see you’re not resisting To this temptation I’ve got one confession A love deprivation I’ve got a jet black heart It’s all fucked up and it’s falling apart Whoa I'll never give in Whoa I'll never give up Whoa I'll never give in And I just wanna be, wanna be loved Whoa I'll never give in Whoa I'll never give up Whoa I'll never give in And I just wanna be, wanna be love
I am noticing it isnt worth buying people in Fu-Owned and then having them bought from you you dont even get close to the amount of fu-bucks you have invested in the friend or person you bought back when someone buys them from you.I bought a few ofmy friends and others have bought them from me but when they were bought from me i may have only gotten like 2 or 3 thousand FU bucks back after spending any where to 10 or 12000 FU-Bucks on investing on the newly FU-Owned... I am thinking maybe someone should check into seeing what is going on and if this is the plan that no one makes any money or anything or whats the deal on it i know i am not buying anyone until this is fixed or i am reimbursed the 25000 fu-bucks for the people that i bought and were sold and i wasnt at least reimbursed that amount that i bought them for!!
Shinden violent lightning blue crease of icy flame shattering the heavens above thunder
For Love
For love as sweet as wine our hearts together thirst so drink now from this cup we share drink deep
Strange Dreams
Strange dreams deep in me Stories waiting to be born Longing to be free
What She Wanted
She did not ask for much A smile, a tender touch Things he couldn't give Things he would dismiss She strove so hard to fight The darkness of the night But without his tender touch It all just got too much She tried to understand What had become of her man But never was he there And when he was it was a blank stare Sink into despair she did From the problems she had hid When all along if she'd seen Their life was no longer a dream So she tried to communicate Before it got too late But before he rounded the bend She was already at the end He tried to reach her again But the sun had set by then She had moved on from him All hope in their future dimmed Her spirit lost in her trek To get her husband back Out of the dark he got And took off like a shot It took her a while And though she walked for miles Alone she had got home But not to the one she'd known So now began the quest The quest to be her best Her best just for herself And her own
SUCCESS: At age 4 success is ... not piddling in your pants. At age 12 success is ... having friends. At age 17 success is ... having a drivers license. At age 35 success is ... having money. At age 50 success is ... having money. At age 70 success is ... having a drivers license. At age 75 success is .. having friends. At age 80 success is ... not piddling in your pants
Dj Marc
Hey It's ME RickaChez! And I have a friend that needs ur help! Plez Click on his Pic LOVE HIM LIKE U LOVE ME! HARD AND FAST! Ty everyone and just so you know... THIS GUY FOOKING RAWKS! LOVE YALL! *MUAH*
Best Site Evar nuff said
This Poor Dog....
I've been broken through an through, torn apart only to be stuck with the pieces of my broken mind an heart... I wish things could have been different but i kept setting myself up for pain. Like an unending cycle i kept going for more over the years months would pass i still search for what i crave what i desire... I hope one day i'll find it but till then i'm content with what i have. I have so much more i need to change about myself so much learning so much healing i need to push myself towards my thoughts my mind my emotions all jumbled into what seems to be a fucked up working mind i can't keep thoughts steady instead i go from one thing to another everythings just so rampant...Makes my recovery a lot harder then need be. It has been brought to my attention all my flaws i've noticed all that is wrong with me an i'm trying to fix them now so i can atleast learn to live with myself the things i've done in my life i'm not proud of... They say every man has his secrets.
I Just Got Started Lovin' You
You don't have to go now, honey Call and tell 'em you won't be in today Baby, there ain't nothin' at the office So important it can't wait 1st Chorus I'm thankful for the weekend But two days in Heaven just ain't gonna do Yes, it's gonna take forever, darlin' Girl, I just got started lovin' you 2nd Verse What's the point in fightin' what we're feelin' We both know we'll never win Ain't this what we're missin' Let's just stop all this resistin' and give in 2nd Chorus Let me wrap my arms around you You know you don't wanna leave this room Come back and let me hold you, darlin' Girl, I just got started lovin' you Bridge What can I say I've never felt this way And girl, you're like a dream come true After all the love we've made It sure would be a shame If we let this moment end so soon 3rd Chorus So won't you lay back down beside me Girl, just like I know you want to Trust me when I tell you, darlin' Girl, I just got started lovin' you
Dry Tears
The days go by so fast now and yet I wonder why I have left myself open once again to be filled with nothing but pain and hurt. The nights turn to my own worst enemy now when before it was my only comfort from the pain of the day time world. I try and try to let the tears flow to release the hurt that is deep inside of my heart and yet nothing comes from my eyes. I try to feel something for you like I once did before and yet I can't feel anything for you anymore because my tears no longer fall. I was always by your side for everything that you needed at yet I got shoved to the back burner when someone new came along. I was always use to being placed last till you made me feel like I was more than last and better than what I ever thought of myself. I know sit and try to cry tears that refuse to flow because you have done nothing but turned me colder than ice. I sit and wait for you like a puppy waits for his master to come and show it love and affection and yet you
Pleasure And Pain
I'm trying to figure out what love is supposed to be about In the beginning you're always so nice But in the end, you're as cold as Ice In the end, when you look in their eye's That's when you realize all their lies In the beginning you would never think That they could be so mean in a simple blink I told you once I told you twice that when you love you pay the price You feel so empty Cold and blue So stressed out And so confused The one who made you so happy and glad Is the same one who is making you sad and mad When one tries to talk about wanting them to stay The other just turns and walks away When you smile For a little while you realize it's fake You're just trying to hide your heartache After you realize that love was a mistake Once you realize they're gone you automatically ask yourself what you did wrong Your heart starts going insane From all their pain You ask yourself how you're gonna stay sane Your heart keeps tearing Because, you'
Is Destiny Calling
I can answer the questions I´m asking myself Although I´m reaching deeper I taste the words They want to scream I feel detached Flying high Am I really here Should I let go or hold tight Is destiny calling I look into your eyes I believe you You are my sunrise I trust you Its you I am alive So now I need you You kiss my hurts goodbye I like falling asleep within your web of silk My breathing brings you nearer I hear your voice The silent words love scorching love Blessed for sights Am I really here Should I let go or hold tight Is destiny calling
I Love It
Join Scooterbar
Welcome Please join our lounge Click this link and become a member of the famliy
Officer Candidate School
I'm off to Officer Candidate School for the NC Army National Guard. The Mrs. wouldn't let me go active duty so I figure join the Guard since they also help with disaster relief and such. I leave on January 19th and scheduled graduation date is March 21st. I'm a little nervous and excited at the same time. I'm in shape for it and can't wait to get it over with. It would mean that I've accomplished 2/3 dreams in my life on how I want to live it when I'm done. WOOHOO!!!
In Auction
Entered an auction, come check it out, rate or bid. Here is the link:
Zoological Rescue Society
Description: Do you have a passion for animals ? Do you want to do something in your life to help our animal friends ? Is this really to much of an undertaking ? The idea is to get as many people as we can together to work together to help protect & give a home anywhere in the world to every type of creature on this planet Help me build this up in someway or another , I'm sure we as people can achieve one way or another Until then please add everybody you can & lets see how this takes off! Website: http://Www.BigCatRescue.Org
I called out to my Lord for i had a great thirst, and He filled my soul, until I thought it would burst. In my eagerness, I cried," Lord, I must ask, give me a mountain, a difficult task." "Give me a mountain and I'll learn to climb. Give me an ocean, I'll ccross it in time. Give me a battle, I'll fight to the last. Give me a chance, Lord a difficult task." Then gentle as a breeze, I softly heard, "Child, go forth, and spread my word, for as you go from this time with me, tell these words to all that you see." Lord, how can I do this, for I'm not a preacher, I can read and writebut I'm not a teacher?I only know to be humble, kneel when I pray.So how can I spread your word day by day? Then the Lord spoke, "Help all those you see, guide them and love them and lead them to me. Live as I've asked you, and follow all that I say, and others will follow your steps day by day.
The Evil Fucker In Office
If you thought 8 years of this fucker was a bad thing, wait till you see what he does now that there is nothing to lose from his actions. Lame Duck Evil, is my phrase for it.....I will stop just short of saying an assassin would be welcome. what's next, the ANWR getting drilled? Hasn't he done enough damage??? Why do Presidents wait till the last moment to push through changes they've had the power to impose all along? Legal scholars have advanced a variety of explanations; these range from megalomania (each Administration tries to extend its influence into the next) to simple distraction (federal agencies, like ninth graders, have a hard time focussing until they're up against a deadline). Under the best of circumstances, experts point out, rule-making is a laborious process; many of the regulations published toward the end of the Clinton Administration—such as a rule limiting the amount of arsenic allowed in public drinking water—had been the subject of years' worth of hearings a
I currently write for EF. I've been with them for over a year and this year they asked for something special- they asked us to pool together what toys we wanted most for Christmas. I chose the Lucky dildo. My entry was: "I have a sweet tooth. What better way to indulge in my cravings of chocolate than on Christmas? There's just one toy on my list this year and it's the Lucky realistic dildo by Happy Valley in Brown. It looks velvety smooth and milk chocolaty rich, with a texture so creamy it could melt in my mouth. A perfect shaft of 7 solid inches and large raised testicles sculpted perfectly round like two Lindt truffles. A craving with 0 calories and absolutely no guilt, made of pure silicone that would last a lifetime on my lips and never on my hips. Wishing everyone at EdenFantasys a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year! " I am contestant #9. Please send a quick email to -- all you have to type is "I vote for Entry #9" or "Entrant #9's Lucky dildo entry." You
There's No Place Like The Place I Came From Before I Came Here!
In case anyone wondered where I’ve been the last few days, I have tried to not be online writing people back and forth as much because I was putting the finishing touches on my thirty-day magnum opus, my winning 2008 National Novel Writing Month entry “Litany”. Broke the 50,000 word mark by forty words and was satisfied with my story by thirty-six minutes after midnight Sunday. And what happens next? This year’s sponsor for NaNoWriMo (a shorthand most people use for the contest’s full name) is, and they will send each author who won by producing the 50,000 word-plus manuscript a bound copy of their work. I had thought they would also have them available on the site in a few weeks, but I’ll have to double check on that. Several names got dropped in “Litany” from my online community since the novel is set in our present day, so I’ll let you know how to check it out. Watch this space. Our state representative in Washington, Earl Pomeroy, was in McDonald’s yesterda
Stoned America
Stoned America Hooked on little purple pills Peddled on TV. A prescription paradise But for what price tomorrow?
What Real Men Do.......
What a real man would do.... • Grab her neck when you kiss her, it's a real turn on. Not her butt/boobs. • Stay on the phone with her even if shes not saying anything. • When she's mad hug her tight and don't let go then kiss her • When she says she's ok dont believe it talk with her • Never cheat on her because 10 yrs later she'll remember you • Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her • Call her before you sleep and after you wake up • Treat her like a person and not something to show off for • Tease her and let her tease you back. • Stay up all night with her when she's sick. • Watch her favorite movie with her. • TRUST HER WITH HER GUY FRIENDS • Let her wear your clothes. • When she's bored and sad, hang out with her. • Let her know she's important. • Kiss her in the pouring rain. • When she runs up at you crying, the first thing you say is; "Who's ass am I kicking babe?" If you do post this in the next four
Thanks, Douche-bag!
A big thanks to the fucking worthless douchebag that marked my profile pic NSFW. Really? Chicks half-assed naked and fuckwads with no shirt on are perfectly acceptable, but i have a fuckin' .45 in my pic and some liberal left anti-gun granola eating socialist reports that pic? FUCK you you piece of shit worthless cocksucking snake. You need to do yourself a favor, wrap your lips around that .45 and let me make the world a better place. Go back to world of warcraft and leave the adult site to the adults. Dipshit...
Subject: Older women :o) Body: Turning 30 by Andy Rooney This is for all you girls 30 years and over....and for those who are turning 30, and for those who are scared of moving into their 30's! This was written by Andy Rooney from CBS 60 Minutes Andy Rooney says: As I grow in age, I value women who are over 30 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why: A woman over 30 will never wake you in the middle of the night to ask, "What are you thinking?". She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 30 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do. And, it's usually something more interesting. A woman over 30 knows herself well enough to be assured in who she is, what she is, what she wants and from whom. Few women past the age of 30 give a damn what you might think about her or what she's doing. Women over 30 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an
New Souls
Why does sweet mystery bleed us dry? Why good memories drift away And the bad continue to bubble up? Bringing pain of love driving us on... Try, try to get the desires you seek They strut just out of grasp Always only a heartbeat away driving us onward to hope Seeking that one opportunity to bring your souls together to breathe, to taste, to blend what was old into new again Decieving your heart Tricking your mind into believing that all will be fine tomorrow Driving you onward to hope Soon your future your destiny will be here Showing you that all is over and new. Yet, deep down we know that the lessons learned will be taught again with new bodies, new souls Only to begin once more
How could you do this to me? With a simple glance you made me eternally yours. You Stacy are the dawn to my dusk. The very stars spell out your name my angel. How thankful I am that this happened finally to me. You have no idea of just how much you saved me. If I were to live a billion years? Would I find one who completes me like you do? Nae that would be impossible. For you are the very essence of my soul. The core of whom and what I am. I am yours now and forever. When we are old and grey. Still you will be the most beautiful woman to ever be I love you hardly seems to cover what I feel for you. But these words are so true. When you sleep know I am always there. I will carry you upon angelic wings. Never shall I let you fall. Your eyes are my sanctuary. You love my only solitude Never again shall we be alone.
Doing It On Monday For Sure!
So after much thought, Ive decided to delete my fubar account! Im NEVER on here anymore and NO ONE comes to my page anymore. The main reason Ive decided to delete my account is because Ive started a new chapter in life. Ive recently met the man of my dreams in July. After having the best 5 months of my life, Ive decided that he is the one for me. I dont need fubar anymore. It just usually causes problems between couples! I also found out the beginning of this week that Im 6 weeks pregnant!! Dave and I have decided that after the first of the year, we are going to get married! We already moved into a new house and my kids accept him more than they ever have anyone else! Life seems to be going in the right direction! Ive NEVER been happier! To all of my friends that dont want to lose contact with me, I have a myspace... My link is! Im also on facebook as well! Well Good luck to everyone! I'm going to leave my account up through the weekend so my friends w
So hubbs and I went to Cockbuster and got a movie- Moscow Zero. It is a movie about subterranean areas of my hometown-Moscow, where evil spirits lurked, etc etc etc. The plot seemed pretty cool, plus I like watching anything that involves Russia. Well, the movie sorta sucked dick in a way; But the worst part was that they had non Russians playing Russians. I mean, I'm sure its not THAT hard to find two little Russian kids, and an ugly old woman. I hate the way "Russian" people can barely speak Russian language in the movies, just sounds awful. Ofcourse only a Russian person would be able to tell the diff, but it bugs me since I can. Obviously the movie is a fake reality, but it makes it even FAKER :( At any blowed, or blew... pics of actual underground Moscow comin up
The Melody Within/ A M/s Song
Music boxes have with them Melodies they carry with them Once they're opened music fills the air Every person you have known Has a song of their own Once they open up you'll hear what's there It's not easy you must listen With your heart for what lies hidden There was a melody Locked deep inside of me But now it's free It found a place embraced by harmony Sweet harmony Love, more than anything Teaches our hearts to sing Only love could break the shell Now I know very well The love within myself There was a melody Locked deep inside of me But now it's free It found a place embraced by harmony Sweet harmony Love, more than anything Teaches our hearts to sing Only love could break the shell Now I know very well The love within myself
Gfr 3
One of our goals at God's Forsaken Radio is to bring metal bands to our listners. As we now feature Wretch and Brutal Mastacation and plan to feature more heavy metal bands. If you are a heavy metal band or know of any heavy metal bands and would like to be featured on our station please contact us @
New Tag For???? Maybe
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Second Life
I just joined second life and I am hoping it can be a profitable affair. The virtual things have took a step in a direction that is going make a difference like in peoples life like no other online virtual experience. If you have some time take a look and see what I mean. When you can take real money change it to virtual money then make a virtual fortune then convert it back to cash you have created a way to make money in real life from playing a game that is realisticly worth the time to check into it.
Anyone Know Of One?
i'm lookin for a blast contest or giveaway or auction or anything...if anyone reads this blog and knows where i can enter some contest for a blast...let me know!! better yet...if anyone would like me to rate all pics, all stash, daily sh*t faced, daily gifts, sfw salute, name in mine, midget on my profile or just your own lil fu-slave....let me know!!! i want a blast soooo bad =)
I've Been
Bacardi Girl Tagged Me So I Got You You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? bed 2. Your significant other? HA! 3. Your hair? curly 4. Your mother? upstairs 5. Your father? England 6. Your favorite thing? Natalie
Yes Im Sick Again
I was in alot of pain about 11am so I went to the er.They ran test oon me and at first thought my overy had busted but further testing reveled that once again I have a huge mass in my tummy that needs to come out soon.I go on the 12th to get the surgery scheduled.I will post here when my surgery is if they dont decied to do it that day.Luvs you all. MMFWKL to all my fam
December 10, 2008 Full Horoscope Aries: There could be an overpowering feeling that the Force is with you, and if you lay back and let circumstances happen rather than forcing them to, you just might be surprised at how easy it all seems. Simply will away obstacles and they will crumble in your path. Envision what you need and it will appear for you right on time. Power Numbers: 36, 47, 12, 2, 41, 9
Anniversary Gift……
Anniversary Gift…… Im laughing until I have tears in my eyes Stun gun....... Pocket Taser Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. This was submitted by a guy who purchased his lovely wife a "pocket Taser" for their anniversary. Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 22nd anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Toni. What I came across was a 100,000 volt,pocket/purse-sized taser. The effects of the taser were suppose to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety.... WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded two triple A batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a met al surface at the same time; I'd get the blue arch of electricity darting back and forth be
The Best Bbw's On The Planet!!
The NEW Home Of the BEST BBW Ladies On the Net is at BBW Adult Models Featuring Kelly Shibari,Lexi Vaine,Bobbi Leigh,SuzieQ and yours truly Lita Moonsinger(Miss Fetish BBW)!
Com See My New Lounge!
Hey everyone just created a lounge:)Im looking for someone to co-own my lounge,I just created it so im still working On it, Its club H.O.P.i will need djs,centefolds,bouncers, and all that.Come check it out though!
Heard That Sound...
i know. its a little bit different side of me...and of course its a corny video blog...but this video and song just seems to say a lot...
Mixed Drink ... *ponders*
You Are a Martini There's no other way to say it: you're a total lush. You hold your liquor well, and you hold a lot of it! What Mixed Drink Are You?
Sweet Addiction
she is 2,768,375 Points away from Disciple help her out,, Id like to do this before X-mas people help me out ~Sweet Addiction®: ~Beautifully Insane~Hookers-R_US~@ fubar
Love Hate Love
I tried to love you I thought I could I tried to own you I thought I would I want to peel the skin from your face Before the real you lays to waste You told me I'm the only one Sweet little angel you should have run Lying, crying, dying to leave Innocence creates my hell Cheating myself still you know more It would be so easy with a whore Try to understand me little girl My twisted passion to be your world Lost inside my sick head I live for you but I'm not alive Take my hand before I kill Still love you, I still burn Love, hate, love
Within my heart...Love abides Yearning...Needing To be filled with you Your touch, your caress, your kiss Deep in me...There is you Dwelling in the depths of my soul TDW
Daddy Rocks Hard
A broken heart Can be mended, Torn and ripped, Nearly shredded A stitch here A stitch there, Doesn't Matter No one cares Might be love Could be hate, Life's a bitch But it's our fate There are no answers Only lies, Forget the past Look to the skies Open your heart And let her in, Watch the decay Start to begin
Betcha Didn't Know...
I was invited to be in Miss Indiana and Miss America? It was obviously a few years ago, before I had Autumn, and I thought about doing it. I just didn't for some reason. I wonder how different life would have been if I did though. I was friends with the person that won both of them. And I know for sure I would have beat her out if I accepted to go in the first place. So that could have been me instead of her. I'd have a lame road named after me and shit rofl. But alas, I think I'm happier with my life now then I would have been if I were Miss America. Sure, you get the brief fame and money and shit, but I've got my daughter and my wonderful man lover bucket boyfriend and my Playstation 3. Yes, I'm very content and satisfied with life. Oh, if you're looking for a hard drive, get the 1TB Green Drive from Fantom Drives. Best external device I've used fucking ever. And it was only 109.99 bucks.
Pink Christmas...ty Honey
Double your pleasure, Double your FUN! Two Fu's to bid on, Not just one! That's right, The Amazing, Luscious, Nawty and Oooooo so talented (me to know, and you to find out!) XmasBaby73 ♥xmasbaby73♥ and the ever Erotic, Divine, and Sensual Pink0828 * Pink0828* Have deigned to put their collective arses on the market to be Auctioned off to the highest bidder! Just hit the links below: Pimped with Love: Tappinit@ fubar
“Still.” Still you stand beside me In the midst of mighty trees And I hear your soft voice whispered In the beach’s gentle breeze Along the trails and paths we walked Up the rocks and down the shore Through love and thoughts of special times You’re here with me once more Still I see your smiling face In the ripples of the creek And in the moving of the tides I hear the words you speak If standing by my side today You’d help me to be strong Still you’d lend a loving hand To help me carry on Still you look upon me From the stars above at night Your spirit washes over me Like the crest of morning light Yes, all you are, and all you mean Continues to fulfill My life and heart with hopes and dreams Before, today, and still… Copyright 2008 by Steve Santini. All rights reserved.
Feelings Of A Lover.....
like the barren earth i erode away when the tears from her eyes pour like the midsummer rain... like a dozen birds my worries flock away as she comes and sits right next to me and snores away.... like an artist i draw my way out of a portrait when the passage is walled away,never like the sunlight when night comes it crawls away ....still cannot question such a wonderful day written by tinaye... (what makes a writer is not the constant change in time ,but the adamant change in constant)that also written by me(smile)
5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Penis
(Hey I thought it was interesting) 5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Penis Medical experts reveal interesting facts that men and women will find educational -- and surprising. By Martin F. Downs WebMD Feature Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD Here are some things you might have wondered about your penis, but were afraid to ask. No. 1: Your Penis Does Have a Mind of Its Own You've probably noticed that your penis often does its own thing. You may remember times when it was completely inappropriate to have an erection; and yet you couldn't wish it away. It's true that you have less command over your penis than body parts like your arms and legs. That's because the penis answers to a part of the nervous system that's not always under your conscious control. This is called the autonomic nervous system, which also regulates heart rate and blood pressure. Sexual arousal usually isn't voluntary. The conscious mind is complicit in it, but a lot of sexual arousal
Looser#4 (but Very Pretty)
To my sweet humming bird, Princess, I have just locked myself up in my room behind a huge screen of cigarette smoke mingled with aromatic scent of Canadian wine to spend one hour talking to you. I am now enjoying my drink and my smoke as well as our conversation. I know that you do not like wine or cigarette or may be you like it. However; these few months loneliness over came to me and I felt so very much sorrowful, and I am the only one who much mis understood in my life by others. And perhaps for this reason I feel intensively lonely at heart. The moment I saw your pictures, it filled my heart with divine nectar. Simply, you are extremely beautiful and your pictures gave me utterly different understanding of beauty, I got new meaning of beauty, now you have become complete book of beauty. Whose pages I could understand and whose praise I could sing, but which I could never finish reading. Because you were once truly Princess in past life. You are the first young woman in my
Are We Drowning In Shallow?
I have pages on several different site and i have notice that alot of people (sorry but they are all younger) that place more value on how much you have or how hot you are than WHO you are. WELL I was born a poor fat chick. i'm fine with that. to me its all about the person that is on the inside than the money in your pocket or the way you look in your clothes. i am proud to be an extra thick chick. i am who i am. with no apologies to anyone. if you can't except the poor fat ass that stands before you then thats your problem not mine. but to base friendship or any relationship on that is so shallow. the things that should matter are can you trust that person. can you count on the person when you need them. is this person someone that i can call at 3 am if i need them. maybe its my age. but i would rather have someone in my life that i can be myself with. that i can buy a few beers build a fire in the backyard and sit and talk to and laugh with. and i don't want to believe it is Y
My Wife I Love You So Much With Out You I Am Nothing Im Excited Bout My Daughter Coming
Best Christmas Ever
This Christmas is turning out the best in years, I have to be the luckiest man in at least Colorado. I'm sure you are asking why, well there are especially 2 the first I have my daughter with me for the holidays, and the Second well to tell all the ladies I'm fully taken off the market, well yes I had a girlfriend but now is not just my girlfriend but my fiance and yes you saw that rite my Fiance, YES I'M ENGAGED. To the best lady ever Stephany is her name if I had not said anything in the past. I got her a beautiful heart shaped diamond rind .35 carrots to be exact on a platinum band. If you want to see a pic at least let me know. And my daughter totally aproves which is awesome.
John Vs. Wolf.... The Explanation Is Here.
If you are a friend of mine, you would do well to read this.... I usually avoid this topic like the plague, since no matter who I wanted to explain it to, I doubted that they would "get it". But since an old friend of mine asked me about it and I am tired of dodging the issue, here is my first and only explanation. The topic is "Who is Wolf and why does he exist?" Ok here it goes.... A long time ago, I was weak. I was always smaller than people my age and got bullied. I was angry with life in general. One day, as I was being picked on and pushed around, I reached my boiling point. Something in my mind fractured and someone else was controlling me. And as I sat on top of this kid’s chest pounding his face into mush with my fists, all I can remember is someone was laughing. Later, with fear in their eyes, my friends told me that I was the one laughing. No one understood, they all thought I was just "going through a phase." They were only half-right, John was the phase. Wo
From This Moment
Right now where you are sitting what are you expecting? What are you thinking? What turn did you make on that dead end road that brought you to this very spot? Do you know, or have you even thought about it? Sure there is no point in trying to fix or change your choice. No point in casting the blame onto someone or something else. It was your choice to make that turn. The deed has been done. Can't go back in time, just have to readjust the future if you happen to be uncomfortable in your curent situation. Things happen for an unknown reason. Walking by faith, not by site. Making the hardest situation a positive one. These are all good ways of thinking. How true are they, and why don't they work for everyone? Because we choose to not be in the state of mind to make it work, to accept it? When we find ourselves in what we believe is the most difficult time in our lives, how do we handel it? Some keep a journal to vent (or blog). Some will confide in a close friend/family member.
Just say my name, so I can remember for a little while. So breath the air, while you in my arms so that memory of your heart is forever I remember the time that we grew up as children for a little while your dieing fast the motionless movement of body brings tears to my eyes as I sit here crying I can remember of your love for me so breath my last my love so my heart will never leave you forever my heart call your name so sleep fast my love and someday I will love you again as you lay in my arm the wind of tears at my soul your motionless body call to my heart and it is taring me apart for ever so just Just say my name, so I can remember for a little while. your dieing fast the motionless movement of body brings tears to my eyes as I sit here crying I can remember that I love you so breath my last my love so my soul will never leave you forever my heart call your name so sleep fast my love and someday I will love you again do u remember how you use to touc
One Night
A touch, soft and tender. A whisper, full of desire A gasp of sweet surrender As passion fuels the fire No words spoken between them No promises to be kept No lies being told tonight No looking back - no regrets Longing to hold each other Such precious little time Both vowed to another Being lonely their only crime Tomorrow bringing sorrow A brief moment of shame With the memory of this one night A release from passion's flames
This Is Crazy... I'm Going Crazy.
I miss my friends. Specifically my girlfriends. My testosterone levels have risen from hanging with the roomie and his friends all week. I miss my routine so I'm feeling really anxious and on edge.. I don't like this feeling of clausterphobia. I've felt sick all day like I need to puke, just from being inside for 3 days. Fuck this snow. Yes I admit it's really pretty and I'm getting some great shots....People have actually asked to purchase my private prints. I'm humbled and really proud at the same time. I'm not used to the adoration yet. Yahoo messenger has been my savior, mind also a certain individual... He's been my light in this storm..
Great Healing
GREAT healing is found in the spirit of another human being that cares and loves!!!!! It sustains and uplifts the body and soul............ Your spirit is a light...that shines so freely my dear friend...and it helps and guides and heals so many!!!!!!! Much blessings are sent your way...and many prayers for those you love that are in need...... Love and hugsssssssssss.
Love Is Like A Butterfly
Love is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you just let it fly, it will come to you when you least expect it. Love can make you happy but often it hurts, but love's only special when you give it to someone who is really worth it. So take your time and choose the best.
Welcome to where time stands still No one leaves and no one will Moon is full, never seems to change Just labeled mentally deranged Dream the same thing every night I see our freedom in my sight No locked doors, no windows barred No things to make my brain seem scarred Sleep, my friend, and you will see That dream is my reality They keep me locked up in this cage Can't they see it's why my brain says �€œrage�€� Sanitarium, leave me be Sanitarium, just leave me alone Build my fear of what's out there Cannot breathe the open air Whisper things into my brain Assuring me that I'm insane They think our heads are in their hands But violent use brings violent plans Keep him tied, it makes him well He's getting better, can't you tell? No more can they keep us in Listen, damn it, we will win They see it right, they see it well But they think this saves us from our hell Sanitarium, leave me be Sanitarium, just
If U Want To Party Come Visit My Lounge Chill Lounge
starting today till a couple days after new years eve the staff at chill lounge wants to buy u drinks so stop on by and if u like the lounge feel free to jion our goal is to get every one that stops by shit faced
Friends That Rock
These 2 friends are the greatest!I asked my friends to show me some love,And they showed up and did just that!Go Rate, Fan and Add them,Crush them and Bling them.Then show some love by rating their pics.Naughty by Nature~DSC~ Owner of ~~~FU~DADDY™~~~&Got Ink?Lonewolf This bully brought to you by AYASHARepost for me please!
Fu Land Shenanigans
Twisted Clown® (GF is here gotta go. Be on later, Later!) Tonga December 28, 2008 @ 11:32 am December 28, 2008 @ 11:31 am You are reading way too much into this. I just gotta make sure I got a warm bod to crawl on top of at night. Why are you so angry at me? I'm not angry at you clown. I'm disappointed with you. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ And why is that? You do not know me, my gf, or anything about either of us. So why are you so concerned about our personal life? I asked you to behave clown. You refused. I will go so deep into your head that you'll be using bleach to wash out your ears if you don't take the hint and leave. Why do you assume I am interested in your personal life? I only asked you to do something. Are you read to do it, yet? reply =================================================================================================================
Me we go...My first Fu blog... So, I was recently approached by a fellow on FU who shall remain nameless. It seems he has had a (recent and short) tour of service in this "person's" (LOL) army. I respect that. You folks should know I do.... But....this young man decided to let me in on a secret.... I'm full of shit. Oh yes, indeed....this young man decided to call into question not only my mode of service, but MY SERVICE RECORD OVERALL! Bold, you say? I thought so....but chalked it up to the hubris of youth..... Until he kept on going. I tried to be polite. I communicated with him, telling him the times, and places, and with whom I served. This was not enough. I let him know some of the things I had done, and under which unit I had done so. Quote: "You're a fucking liar." So....I have taken pics of my language certs, as well as one of my awards. I was apparently lying about my linguistic skills, as well as my place of combat tour. I will amend
Ok this is what happens when a tanker truck blows up on the HWY and I am stuck in it for hours. I get bored and write off the wall things so hope you at least get a chuckle out of this. I have a 1972 Vulva that has been parked for quit sometime. The previous owner drove her for about 15 yrs but the last 2 yrs he left her parked except for a day or two each month, recent modifications to the body has lightened the load and I've noticed she has more torque to her engine and can run for long distances. This 1972 Vulva needs to be driven by someone that will take care of her and keep her in good operating condition, so that she does not get rusty. However, I am quit attached to this Vulva so I will be picky about who gets to test drive her and then be the sole driver as she deserves the best there is in an owner. ***disclaimer*** This is intended for humor please don't take it as anything other then that..
My tears have stopped falling The pieces of my heart are mending My soul is no longer dust in the wind You are not worth my tears My heart no longer feels for you You dont own my soul anymore I will reclaim my self respect You are not the air I breathe I do not need you to survive Your smooth words try to claim me Your lies fall on deaf ears I have myself, I am all that I ever needed
Hitting The Road
I am thinking of taking a trip to NYC tomorrow and/or Friday. Aside from the usual "touristy" things... anyone know of, heard of, or could recommend something fun to do that's a little off the beaten path?
This Is Why...
I'm going to hell. "We'll you we're with me before my grandpa was barbecued."
Uncle Paul
"Hello?" "Hi honey this is Daddy. Is Mommy near the phone?" "No Daddy. She's upstairs in the bedroom with Uncle Paul." After a brief pause, Daddy says, "But honey, you haven't got an Uncle Paul." "Oh yes I do, and he's upstairs in the room with Mommy, right now." Brief Pause. "Uh, okay then, this is what I want you to do. Put the phone down on the table, run upstairs and knock on the bedroom door and shout to Mommy that Daddy's car just pulled into the driveway." "Okay Daddy, just a minute." A few minutes later the little girl comes back to the phone. "I did it Daddy." "And what happened honey?" he asked. "Well, Mommy got all scared,jumped out of bed with no clothes on and ran around screaming.Then she tripped over the rug, hit her head on the dresser and now she isn't moving at all!" "Oh my God!!! What about your Uncle Paul?" "He jumped out of the bed with no clothes on, too. He was all scared and he jumped out of the back window and into the swimming pool. But I guess he
This One Is On Moral Integrity
what is important here and now... what is it that makes a person good which is more important an honest answer or a kind one... if you had to choose would you tell what actually happened if it got you in trouble and hurt those you care for or bend it change it and make it sound acceptable... obviously... done out of the kindness of your heart... but what is the difference... between that and just lying... it is different if it is done for different reasons... isn't it? and being an honest person certainly isn't gonna make people good... people everyday admit to murder most even brag.. but which would you have? what happens when the caring person loses his reason to care... or when the honest man starts to lie... is either ever really moral by itself... or is it only when we have all aspects we have integrity... how many people do you know with integrity? do you have some? any of you want to claim so speak now... i dare you too ....
Something I Found. I Wrote Awhile Ago.
This mood feels familiar ,and so does this cut,you'll tell anyone who listens,singing your troubles for a buck. You told them how you hurt, how you laughed, how you cried, how the sinners had lived, and the good ones had died. You told them at times you didnt think you could go on, but by some kind of miracle you picked up and moved on Your troubles you speak of, about your years, mean nothing to me, and fall on deaf ears I've got enough on my plate, so fuck you, finish your own, im not eating for two.
Read Me!!!!
ok all u fu friends, starting next week i'm only going to be checking in about once a week. i will be on my messenger about all the time, so if u wanna get a hold of me ask for my messenger if u dont' already have it, and i'll think about giving it to you lol...well i think i'm outty for now... hugs and kisses from me to you :)
Pictures Of You
Sometimes, there comes a band or artist who reaches into your mind and draws out your emotions and runs freely with them to show you what you want to express. Robert Smith is the epitome of a male Emo soul (female is shared among a few) I love the expression of emotional posturing he offers in his persona as lead singer/guitarist.
Two More
Delete old gfs numbers and pix... it's been over, so why torture myself with the past? And that said, stop torturing myself about the past and don't let anyone torture me with it. i live with myself enough everyday and i have a memory too.
Ensign: Eight Maids-a-milking
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 2 January 2009 The title of today's message has been used as a code for the beatitudes -- the blessings Jesus gives in Matthew 5:3-11 at the opening of what we've come to call the Sermon on the Mount. Some statements made by World War II general Omar Bradley comes to my mind: "The world has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We have grasped the principles of the atom and we have rejected the Sermon on the Mount." Without sounding too bitter, I could say that's become our world over the last few years. Perhaps especially this year. The poor in spirit, they that mourn, the meek, they which do hunger and thirst for righteousness, the merciful, the pure in heart,
Yahoo Group For Fans
, i want u to be my sun shin ur are more then a man needz. i wanna wake up everyday and see that cutie smlie on ur face
My Perfect Match, Now If I Can Just Get Him To Believe It!!!
Virgo & Cancer When Cancer and Virgo make a love match, a strong, down-to-earth relationship with staying power is the happy result. This is a relationship with great potential to get better and better over the passing years. Both Cancer and Virgo are goal-oriented and disciplined. They are sincere and devoted to one another and share a strong sense of purpose. No lightweight love here: These two were not really built for flings! Cancer and Virgo deeply admire one another: Virgo respects Cancer's quiet strength and dedication while Cancer appreciates Virgo's keen adaptability and intelligence. These lovers may get off to a slow start, but over time, bonds will only grow stronger. The Cancer-Virgo love match prides itself on common sense and strong principles over fluff and inconsequential or fleeting connections. They enjoy the material comforts of life, but they will only feel good about their bounty if it has come as a result of honest hard work. There could be tiffs if Virgo b
Do You Carry Your Umbrella?
We all have something to learn from this young girl. As a drought continued for what seemed an eternity, a small community of farmers was in a quandary as to what to do. Rain was important to keep their crops healthy and sustain the townspeople's way of life. As the problem became more acute, a local pastor called a prayer meeting to ask for rain. Many people arrived. The pastor greeted most of them as they filed in. As he walked to the front of the church to officially begin the meeting he noticed most people were chatting across the aisles and socializing with friends. When he reached the front his thoughts were on quieting the attendees and starting the meeting. His eyes scanned the crowd as he asked for quiet. He noticed an eleven year-old girl sitting quietly in the front row. Her face was beaming with excitement. Next to her, poised and ready for use, was a bright red umbrella. The little girl's beauty and innocence made the pastor smile as he realized how much faith
Pimp Out For Brother
The Older I Get
The walls between you and I Always pushing us apart Nothing left but scars fight after fight The space between our calm and rage Started growing shorter, Disappearing slowly day after day Chorus 2: I was sitting there waiting in my room for you You were waiting for me too And it makes me wonder Chorus 1: The older I get Will I get over it? It's been way too long for the times we missed I didn't know then it would hurt like this but I think The older I get Maybe I'll get over it It's been way too long for the times we missed I can't believe it still hurts like this The time between those cutting words Built up our defenses Never made no sense it just made me hurt Do you believe that time heals all wounds? It started getting better But it's easy not to fight when I'm not with you Chorus 2: Chorus 1: What was I waiting for I should've taken less and given you more I should've weathered the storm I need to say so bad What were you waiting for Thi
Countries fighting, Fires igniting. Children crying, People dying. Planes going down, Bombings of whole towns. Hostages taken, What kind of world are we makin'? Everybody wanting to be on top, Just where will it all stop? Many of these people wishing they were dead, And World War III is rearing it's ugly head.
My Sexy Horoscope. . .lol !
Pisces (Feb. 19- Mar. 20) -- Get out the boots - Stilletto heels - foot creams and panty come da fishies! They are the LEADERS in foot fetish. Masturbation in shoes? Okay. Toe masturbation...bring it on! They love using their feet. Suck on a Pisceans toes and SEE what happens! Fucking in the water and see them squirm. Pisces have probably done it in a sex swing. Or at least considered how strong the ceiling beams are on their house to put one in. Pisces men break furniture when they fuck...things get flung everywhere. Pisces can be turned on by the wierdest things...Trains...Water fountains...Jump rope...Whatever. They are the sirens calling you to the beach where you will end up on your back on a towel with water all over you and not wanting it to stop. I have heard it said that its the pisces that will cross the darker kinky side at least once...just to say "YEP. did that. Not that great" OR "What do you MEAN you never......" SAM from sex and the city should be a
Back To School
Man these kids have been out for almost 3 weeks. Im so Glad school started back yesterday I really needed the break. I love them more then anything but damn I really need my me time. Im sure alot of mothers on here understand what i mean
I declare war on the world War in outer space I declare war in a nutshell War all over the place I declare war on every government War against all odds I declare war on your inner sanctum On your blood thirsty gods I declare war on the axis of morons All out war on complacent consent I declare war on the war against drugs Rape and Slaughter of the innocent War on big brother Warmongers and profiteers War on your dogma dubya Armageddon's engineers War in a heartbeat I declare war on so-called civilization World trade globalization Organized desinformation War on ambassadors of pretense War on MTV and CNN Macdonald's walt disney and bethlehem On Christina, Britney, and Eminem I declare war on the world of anti-choice On violent unilaterality On the amassment of murderous high-tech toys And all crimes against humanity War on the moral majority On imperialism On mindlessly bumbling stupidity And police-state terrorism Worldwar t
Fubar Marketing
Hey fubar members, Today I have a very important message for you that will DRASTICALLY alter your course in fubar marketing. I have a message for you that can SERIOUSLY put you head and shoulders above most fubar marketing out there who are still bumbling around this industry using 'out dated' and useless tactics. Do you know what that message is? It's this...if you want to have advantages that 99.9% of the fubar members out there DON'T have...then you need to develop skills that 99.9% of the fubar members out there don't have. And point blank...there is NO area you could develop more profitable skills then within TECHNOLOGY friends Technology is changing the way network marketing is being done, and the people who REALLY understand how to use technology to market their businesses are going to profit obscenely off these new and rising trends. It's time you learn how to start using technology to grow your own fubar business to no end... A good fri
Baby Boo - 41k To Rock Star
If You Saw Me In Your Bed
If you woke up one morning and saw me in ur bed wat would u do? 1)go back to sleep 2)slap me 3)cuss me out 4)jus tell me to leave 5)climb on top of me and cuddle 6)have sex with me.....details please? 7)make me breakfast 8)ask my name (lol) 9)call the cops 10)kiss me.
The cancer was found in both lungs. A biopsy was done on one of them, the results will be available in about 2 weeks according to the Dr. The Dr. said that he will be safer at home than at the hospital (he was becoming confused and going downhill quick). He is home now and will be there for the next couple weeks until treatments begin. We are trying to take everything day by day, and the past two days have been great.. Thanks to my friends on here for asking and showing support - you all know who you are :)
Alms...., Alms...., Alms…. Spare Me A Piece Of Bread…. Spare Me Your Mercy…. I Am A Child So Young, So Thin, And So Ragged. Why Are You Staring At Me
Alms...., alms...., alms…. spare me a piece of bread…. spare me your mercy…. I am a child so young, so thin, and so ragged. Why are you staring at me? With my eyes I cannot see, but I know that you are all staring at me! Why are you whispering to one another? Why? Do you know my mother? Do you know my father? Did you know me five years ago? Yes..., five years of bitterness had passed. I can still remember the vast happiness mother and I shared with father. My mother was playing on the piano, while I danced and danced for them. We were very happy indeed. Suddenly, five loud knocks were heard on the door, and a deep silence ensued. Did the cruel Nippons discover our peaceful home? Asked Mother! Mother ran to my father’s side, pleading, “please Julian, hide there in the cellar, they cannot find you there”. I pulled my father’s arm, but he did not move. It seemed as though his feet were glued to the floor. The door went “banggggg”, and before us five ugly beasts came barging in. “
Primal Beat
Primal Beat Touch me with your love Kiss me with desire Hold me with passion We will paint the sky Soaring ever so high Our bodies entwined Clothed in sensual power Squeezing and giving As the pleasure erupts Passionate moans exploding Hearts drawn to each other Scent of lust and love wafting Filling the room like explosions Bodies pounding a primal beat Lust and love cannot be beat
Cowboys :p
The Texas State Police are cracking down on speeders heading into Dallas. For the first offense, they give you 2 Dallas Cowboy tickets. If you get stopped a second time, they make you use them. Q. What do you call 47 millionaires around a TV watching the Super Bowl? A. The Dallas Cowboys Q. How do you keep a Dallas Cowboy out of your yard? A.. Put up a goal post. Q. What do you call a Dallas Cowboy with a new Super Bowl ring? A. A thief. Q. What's the difference between the Dallas Cowboys and a dollar bill? A. You can still get four quarters out of a dollar bill! Q. How many Dallas Cowboys does it take to win a Super Bowl? A. Nobody remembers and we can't seem to find out! Q. What do the Cowboys and a possums have in common? A. Both play dead at home and get killed on the road!
Touch Kiss
Touch Kiss Touch kiss feel my lips, The feeling of them on your finger tips. The sensual feeling of pure bliss, My gentle touch upon your hips. Touch kiss as my body shifts, Sheer bliss as my mind begins to drift, Your body seems to fill my emotional rifts, Your love to me is the greatest gifts. Touch kiss I feel so glad, If you were to go I'd be eternally sad. Your touch makes me melt might I add, Which is a feeling that I've never had. Touch kiss I love you so, Promise me you'll never go. I really need you to know, You warmed my heart to melt its snow. Touch kiss feel my lips, The feeling of them on your finger tips. Feel my fingers on your hips, You've given me the greatest feeling of bliss.
What Was He Thinking (lol Just Let Go)
What was he thinking... omg! lol All I can say ~~~~> it doesn't pay for me to be the visual type – I can see this happening and I have laughed until people think that I have lost my forever-lovin-mind..... lol author unknown I am writing in response to your request for additional information. In block number three of the accident reporting form, I put "poor planning" as the cause of my accident. You said in your letter that I should explain more and I trust that the following details are sufficient: I am a bricklayer by trade. On the day of the accident, I was working alone on the roof of a new six-story building. When I completed my work, I discovered that I had about 500 pounds of bricks left over. Rather than carry the bricks down by hand I decided to lower them in a barrel by using a pulley, which fortunately was attached to the side of the building at the sixth floor. Securing the rope at the ground level, I went up to the roof, swung the barrel out and loaded the bri
an oldy but goody... Monday, February 27, 2006 huh? Current mood: creative just moved this from my page to a blog...holla if ya hear me. i sometimes wish people thought for themselves, it seems like everything has been put into peoples minds instead of letting the minds work for themselves...originality is close to extinction...i may even be a hypocrit for saying that but you know its true...does anybody still take the time to take a deep breath once in a while or take the long way home? Does anybody still look up at the sky instead of at their watch? Which might explain my interest in "time", a measurement of constant change...can't put ur finger on it can ya? "Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you." Carl Sandburg (1878 - 1967)"Nothing is as far away as one minute ago." Jim Bishop..."So, basically spend every minute, no every second wisely
Life is short and sometimes so unfair....I sit and think alot about what my life would be like if i had chosen a different path to follow, and then realize that it doesnt cant go back and change the past. I have fought for my life several times and am lucky enough to still be here, yet i wonder why am I here? Why am I here and left to be so unhappy and confused? I hold my head up high everyday, and put a half smile on my face, and go with the flow...I really think one day, my dreams will come true and ill truely be happy, but then never know what will happen.... everything happens for a reason...right???
In Loveing Memory Of Jason Lee Mclendon (my Cousin)...
Jason was shot thursday morning @ about 1:40A.M he was @ an apartment complex on 19th court north in b'ham al. to repossess a car he and his co-worker had came to repossess the car and were confronted by the owner and his brother REGINALD JACKSON. the owner and brother argued with Jason and co-worker and Jason was leaveing instead of argueing as he was driveing off REGINALD JACKSON the owners brother pulled a gun and shot him in the back of the head as he was leaving the home.@ approximately 2:05A.M Jason Lee Mclendon was pronounced dead @ the age of 28 leaving behind A daughter age 3 and a wife. 1 brother and mom and step dad and several aunts uncles and cousins as well as nieces and nephews. this is not the first time this has happened about 10 years ago his big brother was shot in woodlawn over a radio @ the age of 21. his brother Little Joe Mclendon's killer was never found.... but justice will be served for jason as his killer turned himself in friday morning. Reginald claimed i
An Angel
An Angel The hours pass slowly, sleep wont come, though my arms embrace an angel, I lay awake, confused How could I? I man with wavering faith be granted a night with one so perfect How could I? A man with the shattered remains of his heart find her amidst the rubble? Why does my heart burn with her here and grow cold when she walks away. tonight while everyone dreams, I pray, I pray for the gift to peer in her heart to Know what she wants, to be what she wants, bring her closer to me, make her mine I'll prove to her im like no other I'll give to her the earth the sky the heavens. Take time, take faith my angel, whats meant to be, will be whats not, will not. My past left me in ruins, I prayed for the future, I was shown an angel, shown a girl I could love, respect, could treasure every moment with, come back when she leaves me, everyday I'm with her ,I urge to hold this angel kiss her, call her mine. with her smile, my heart beats faster, my breaths
20belowmusic Player..get Yours!!
To Each His Own
I cannot change the way I am, I never really try, God made me different and unique, I never ask him why. If I appear peculiar, There's nothing I can do, You must accept me as I am, As I've accepted you. God made a casting of each life, Then threw the mold away, Each child is different from the rest, Unlike as night from day. So often we will criticize, The things that others do, But, do you know, they do not think, The same as me and you. So God in all his wisdom, Who knows us all by name, He didn't want us to be bored, That's why we're not the same -- Author Unknown
My Fuwife Liz
I love my "FUWIFE" LIZ..Show her some Luv..Shes Baaaaaaad A*************ZZZZZZZ!!!!!...And "MEN"..."RESPECT" PLZ!!..TU!!...SOLIDAOKNTX
Love Spell
Love Spell Every time I look at you my heart skips a beat I wonder if you know, my love, that my heart is at your feet I leave it there for you to do whatever that you wish You could take my heart, and love me, Or just leave me in this bliss.
Believe What Is There, To Believe In During Life, Nothing Lasts, Aside From Strife, Life May Perish, Life May End, Our Soul We May Give, Our Soul We May Spend, But Our Love, That Eternal Flame, Will Never Dim, Will Never Change, It Will Forever Last, When All Other Lights Leave, For You Light My Life, You Make Me Believe.
Salute Pictures
I Highly suggest to ALL my Friends to upload a Salute to their Profiles, if i keep getting these Strange Messages and ADD Requests from People that do not have one in their Profile I Might require for everyone to have one. Just a little Heads Up
A Writing
My heart is heavy,my heart is broke. It takes your breath and makes you choke. The pain will take you to a dark place and eat you alive. Loving someone will only get your hear broken. The tears will roll and you will ache. Love is a lie, love is untrue. It will eat you alive and leave you blue. I look into your eyes and see the real you and it makes me wonder why you do the things you do. People come and people go but my love will always show. You took my heart and broke it in two. Why oh why do you treat me this way? You pick up my heart and throw it away. Alone in the dark with just my thoughts, crying with bitterness and pain. What went wrong I will never knkow, I will just pick up the pieces and go. Welcome the dark. Stay in the dark, Live in the dark. Never to love again.
A thousand tears I have cried, Before I've seen the day I die. I want no more, I feel no more,And now I know for what is in store. The madness within is getting great, And the reason for life I no longer debate. My mind it spins and thoughts are glum, And now I wish it would all be done. A quiet place I need to be, So I can see the way you see me. I need to know what to feel,So I can be assured That I am real.I'm so confused and anger felt, Would you be the one to give me help? To ease my pain and put out the fire, In hopes to stop the evil desire. Lend me a hand or a gun, It doesn't matter, pick either one. Give me council and advice, Or tell me to pull the trigger twice. Don't tell me I need help, I know very well, Remember? I'm living this nightmarish Hell.But don't worry, It will go away, you'll see.Who knows, I might even go back to being me.However, for now, I'm stuck where I am,On this boat in the sea, with no sight of land.And here I will ponder how much I can endure,How
A Gripe And Scare Over Women....
I Hope this does not Offend anyone Women out there.. Well Hi FUBAR,, well I Just figured I’d add to this BLOG section.. Hmm were to start. I have learned a few things about my self since the Divorce and Before it. One thing I learned is when you go to a bar with your Wife/girl friend and she has already ben drinking and she is with her friends that are not really yours, you end up seeing a side of her that I did not care to see of mine. Like Holly shit if you will I was at the Bar getting her and her friends and I, Apple pucker shots and wouldn’t you know it this Dammn guy was at our table hitting on her and I guess she was to drunk to realize I was watching the hole thing happen. And her friends husband looked at me like I don’t know whom this is. Well to make a Long story Short I bought her 4 Hot prairie FIRE shots till she though them Up. LOL LMAO. Well that was a few years ago and now that I am single I am soo careful of whom I am with. The thing I sooo hate is Now I am scare
Polar Plunge
I am a crazy Minnesotan. I jump in the ice in March for the hell of it. Ok, maybe not just for the hell of it, it's for the special olympics. I did it last year, and it was a blast! I have a small goal of raising $75, but last year, I raised nearly $400! At the end of this blog, there is a link. If you feel so inclined, please go and donate for a worthy cause. I promise to post wet shirt pics! Thank you everyone, it is much appreciated! xoxoxoxo
That's How The Fight Started
When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I take her someplace expensive. So I took her to a gas station. And then the fight started. ********************************************************* I tried to talk my wife into buying a case of Miller Light for $14.95. Instead, she bought a jar of night cream for $7.95. I told her I thought the beer would make her look better than the night cream. And that's when the fight started. ********************************************************* After retiring, I went to the Social Security office to apply. The woman behind the counter asked me for my driver's license to verify my age. I looked in my pockets and realized I had left my wallet at home. I told the woman I would have to go home and come back later. The woman said, "Unbutton your shirt." So I opened my shirt, revealing my curly silver chest hair. She said, "That silver hair on your chest is proof enough for me," and she processed my Social Security
Body Parts
Body parts pt 1 Lips Feel my lips brush against yours in the dark. Softly at first, just a touch. Feel my breath against your cheek, warm like a gentle caress. Kissing deeper now, I suck your bottom lip, we can taste now, and the night gets hotter. Our tongues mingle now dancing together, tasting each other. Deep wet kisses, make a connection, more of a connection than even sex. A kiss of passion tells a story, an expression of the soul. A kiss lights the fire, and you can feel the warmth. You feel the heat build deep within. Lose yourself in my kiss. Body parts pt 2 Torso Feel me now breathing in your ear, sucking on the tiny flesh hanging from your earlobe. Kissing my way down the side of your face to your neck. My hands on your breasts holding them tight, as my thumbs trace there way around your nipples. Your burning inside now, you can feel it deep, your hips naturally adjust for ease of entry. My lips move down your chest to your left breast. I run my tongue
A Real Virus Alert Warning
~Toxic Angel®~Co Owner of Rogue Wolf Levelers~@ fubar Creed All Tag Links are Live,Seeking Godfather Please. Please Help me to Achieve this Fubar Title Ty
2 B 6 Again
A man was sitting on the edge of the bed, observin his wife lookin at herself in the mirror. Since her birthday was not far off, he asked what she'd like to have for her birthday. I'd like to be six again', she replied, still lookin in the mirror. On the mornin of her birthday, he arose early, and made her a nice big bowl of Lucky Charms, and then took her to Six Flags theme park. What a day! He put her on every ride in the park: the Death Slide, The Wall of Fear, the Screamin Monster Roller Coaster- every ride there was. Five hours laterthey staggered out of the theme park The wife's head was reeling and her stomach felt upside down. The husband then took her to a fast food restaurant where he ordered her a burger with extra fries and a chocolate shake. Then it was off to a movie, with popcorn, a soda pop, and her favorite candy, M&M's. What a fabulous adventure! Finally she wobbled home with her husband and collapsed into bed exhausted.\ He leaned over his wife witha a bi
Step In Back...
I see no backdoors Only cold corridor At the end of it Door leads to the garden Of pain I hear notes Flames in the lines Who can compose Such a beautiful melody? These letters Storyline of mine Who can write Such an awful story? I listen the music I bury my head Into the pillow And I cry.....
Isn't It Funny...
It's funny how hello is always accompanied with goodbye. It's funny how good memories can start to make you cry. It's funny how forever never really seems to last. It's funny how much you'd lose if you forgot about your past. It's funny how 'friends' can just leave you when you're down. It's funny how when you need someone their never around. It's funny how people change and think they're so much better. It's funny how many lies can be packed into one 'love letter'. It's funny how people forgive even though they can't forget. It's funny how one night can contain so much regret. It's funny how ironic life turns out to be. But the funnies part of all... Is that none of that's funny to me!
Girl In The Mirror...
I stand in front of the mirror disgusted at what I see. Why can't I be satisfied with the way God created me? I stare at the girl intently with eyes full of disgrace. I can't find any beauty. No, not a single trace. Her skin is very pale. Her legs are scarred and bruised. And her hair is a mess. There are scarrs across her arms from a past that wasn't kind. Her eyes are dark and hollow. A bit of mystery to the mind. It's true she's not so thin, as a matter of fact, she's kinda fat. Being in this body I see here feels a lot like being in hell. Why is it that the beautiful girls feel that they must flaunt? Isn't it enough that they get every guy they want? When will people listen to the girls who look like me? When will people search deeper than what their eyes can see? How many times must I stand before the mirror with tears of shame? When will I realize... that we all can't be the same?
Be on the look out for this fake page. The girl using the page is using pitures of one of her friends and he agreed to do a salute for her. This is a fake page and the person using it, is stealing photos for other web sites to harrass people. The page is blueyedyankee member number 2130828. The girl using the page has a page on here has well sunshine 3584 member number 1848520, and she to is stealing photos and posting them onto another web site. She has stolen a few of mine.
.suicidal Thoughts.
When I die, fuck it I wanna go to hell Cause I'm a piece of shit, it ain't hard to fuckin' tell It don't make sense, goin' to heaven wit the goodie-goodies Dressed in white, I like black Tims and black hoodies God will probably have me on some real strict shit No sleepin' all day, no gettin my dick licked Hangin' with the goodie-goodies loungin' in paradise Fuck that shit, I wanna tote guns and shoot dice All my life I been considered as the worst Lyin' to my mother, even stealin' out her purse Crime after crime, from drugs to extortion I know my mother wished she got a fuckin' abortion She don't even love me like she did when I was younger Suckin' on her chest just to stop my fuckin' hunger I wonder if I died, would tears come to her eyes? Forgive me for my disrespect, forgive me for my lies My babies' mothers 8 months, her little sister's 2 Who's to blame for both of them (naw nigga, not you) I swear to God I just want to slit my wrists and end this bullshit Throw
People Must Change Before A Thing Can Change
I'm going to be making some blog posts about my specific thoughts on certain key issues. But before I do so, I thought a general statement of why I feel a certain way should be posted, to give a better idea as to how I arrive at my conclusions. As the subject says: People must change, before a thing can change. We are capable of some great ideas, innovations, and concepts as a people. We have the ability to make great progress and change to humanity. However, we also have the ability to turn those ideas into horrible things. Perfect example: The Manhattan Project. Harnessing the power of the atom. Great idea! Go us! Taking the world into the atomic age, and making great progress that would helps us scientifically and medically. But... what do we do first? Turn it into a big honkin bomb! YAY!!! Then Hydrogen! YAY for A-Bombs and H-Bombs! Oop... we made bigger guns, time for everyone else to! Lets start a project. MAD! Mutual Assured Destruction. You launch you
My Life
As the days grow closer, And your face enters my mind, I begin to realize something. My life revolves around you. Breaths one by one, Are taken for you. My eyes are God's gift to me, So I may see the glorious wonders of your feature. I smell so as not to miss you, When the wind blows your perfume. I wake every morning, To see a smile flash in my direction. I live for you and you alone. No matter what happens, Then, now or later... I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART! by: Michael the Smokin' Gator
New Pixs
hey guys and gurls i have posted new pixs well lots of by and spread the love .....ty
Animal Crossing ♥
My boyfriend's playing Animal Crossing with my character. It's named Punkin, of course. So, I think this 17 year old dude's hitting on "him". We don't yet have WiiSpeak, so he has no idea that it's a fat, long-haired 30 year old man behind the Wiimote!
2 Weeks
due to request from a great friend im gonna stay for 2 weeks to see if we can pull this family out of the slump we have fallen in i reall hope great things to happen if we stick to fam like in real life it can work! thankz all i really think we can do this! Silver
its kinda hard for me to understand anything anymore...for me i always say what i mean and i am never gonna say shit that isnt tru. its funny how i get told things that i love to hear...hell every woman loves to hear but its not fair that it makes me feel like it was forced. i always never never understand that shit isnt fair and people actually do lie to get what they want. its not fair but its life. i didnt know i could care about someone so much and feel like this horrible feelings sometimes it scares me...i want to trust i want to have this progress and have that life that everyone wants you know. but is it reality its it gonna fucking happen. will i finally get what i have wanted in so long? i guess i will never get the answers i am looking for but i hope its not gonna be like this. Are Missed Angel....
For those of you who know me....last year on my profile was private and the only pictures posted was that of my good friend's Grandson who was 4 and died of cancer and laid to rest on my birthday. He died January 19 and struggled hard. Tomorrow marks one year...since he was laid to rest.....his grandfather has since left the site...we stay in contact..and I still feel his again I ask that no-one rate my profile or pictures this Juju will be posted for his memory and to show his family that I am still here...remembering with them. Fly High..King Juju!!!! XOXOX
Don't Let Them Own You!
Sometimes I just get so fed up with all of the whinning that happens in the world. It seems like everyone has something to complain about and they are definately not being quiet about it. Their job sucks, their life sucks, they need money, you get the idea. No one said that life was easy and if you haven't figured it out yet, nothing in life is handed to you. You have to work and work hard to make your life what you want it to be. Now we are all guilty of this to a certian extent; yes; I too have wallowed in self pity and cried about things that I should have just sucked up and dealt with. My constant wake up call is that someone is always going through something when you think you got it bad just pause for a moment and look around. I am reminded of and old saying that I heard once "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man that had no feet" Point is, that you can't walk around the world feeling sorry for yourself or expecting others to take pity on you and do i
My Dante's Inferno Test.
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very LowLevel 2 (Lustful)Very HighLevel 3 (Gluttonous)HighLevel 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)ModerateLevel 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)ExtremeLevel 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very High
True Friendship
True Friendship True friendship isn't seen with the eyes, it is felt with the heart. When there is trust, understanding, loyalty, and sharing. True friendship is a rare feeling, but when it is found It has profound impact on our well-being, strength, and character. True friendship does not need elaborate gifts Or spectacular events in order to be valuable or valued. To ensure long-lasting quality and satisfaction, True friendship only needs a few key ingredients: Undying loyalty, unmatched understanding, unsurpassed trust, Deep and soulful secrets, and endless sharing. These ingredients, mixed with personality and a sense of humor, Can make a friendship last a lifetime! This is just a thank you, my friend, for all the wonderful and colorful Special ingredients You've brought to my life! Pass this on to such a friend!
To Send Or Not?
Some want to lead, others want to hide Although it may seem simple, lifting where we stand is a principle of power. They stand close together and lift one where they stand is a divine command to succor the weak and lift up the hands which hangs down and strengthen the feeble knees. Relating to feelings and expression of words, are about the power to lift our lives. You are seeking; We find a world today looking for answers to questions, What do we seek? in so many different things. When we seek within ourselves we can find the light and the life of the world. We also need quiet time and prayerful pondering as we seek to develop information into knowledge and mature knowledge into wisdom. Our priorities determine what we seek in life. Random thought.......*sigh*
Welcome New Member
**Furious J**~ Owned by Long_Island_Girl_33 - Kingdom of Rogue's Levelers's: ~**Furious J**~ Owned by Long_Island_Girl_33 - Kingdom of Rogue's Levelers's@ fubar
Ucla Study
A study conducted by UCLA's Department of Psychiatry has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle. For example: If she is ovulating, she is attracted to men with rugged and masculine features. However, if she is menstruating, or menopausal, she tends to be more attracted to a man with duct tape over his mouth and a spear lodged in his chest while he is on fire. No further studies are expected.
Poem I Wrote Called "falling Apart" By Christina B..
I've given away my heart, So it could be torn into pieces. He left me with the feelings of betrayal and being forgotten. I'm so in love, yet so alone, with two years thrown away. Feeling his absense hurts the most. My constant urge to call is almost taking over, while on the other side, my cycle of feelings starts with rage. Slowly going into sadness, rage again, desperation, devastation, and finally denial. Every morning I open my eyes to emptiness. Seeing a long black hallway with nothing in between. This so-called love has taken over my life leaving me distracted. Days pass by and now my emotions are going crazy. Leaving me no choice but to vomit. To empty my pesimistic thoughts. To stop thinking my life is over. To stop my tears everynight from falling. To stop feeling like my heart has shattered into fifty pieces. The hardest part of moving on is the jealousy on top of all my misery. But soon enough I'll go to bed realizing I survived this struggle. I nee
Valentine Auction
Change Is Good
So I created my account on here in October but didn't get active until December. And I got active with vigor. I did what alot of people do when they first get on here. I looked and rated as many pics as I could, rated the blogs and stash, and blinged, fanned, friend'd, gifted and so on like a madman. And it was fruitful in relationship to the motivation. To enjoy what the site has to offer for someone looking to get into trouble and level. Then I did, what I expect alot of people do as well. I started to come to the realization that much of this is faux. And if you take it seriously, then you are headed for dramatic results. And I got them. As a result my reaction to the praise, the rank, and the "love" began to morph into disgust and a general feeling of distrust. Which is not me. I trust and I prefer that approach. Perhaps not the best way to be in life and certainly not here, but the alternative has never had much merit to me. So I've evolved on fubar. Removed t
The Matrix Runs On Windows
Acid Bath-venus Blue
Creeping like frost As slow as grave moss Like drowning in dry oceans of bone dust I taste the wreckage of crumbling faces I know the pale thing in the darkest of places I remember blood from the thighs of the mother As everything is eaten by another How much more must we bleed her I cut their throats while they slept I wept I peel back my skull for you Yes I do Slow desolation like a funeral procession The lovely one screams like she's caught between stations I eat the razor, a mouthful of God's flesh Sweating this blackness, I am shitting this cold death I remember blood from the thighs of the mother As everything is eaten by another How much more must we bleed her I cut their throats while they slept I wept I peel back my skull for you Yes I do DEAD VENUS BLUE Love is rotting on the vine Crumbling in God's sunshine I am dying all the time Point me at the sky... sky How much more must we bleed her I cut their throats while they slept I wept I peel back
Super Bowl
Ok FUBAR people! its super bowl time and we got one hell of a matchup between the underdog Arizona Cardinals, who have surprised everyone this postseason, taking on the almighty Pittsburgh Steelers! so just an easy question for all you football fans and blog lovers..who is going to win the big game, and what will the final score be?
Eagles Rise!
Eagle rise, On steel wings,Full of, Flight & fantasy, In silver cars, Steel aeroplanes, In folds off paper, Made off stone, Scissors, Paper or rock, Play with the deck, Roll s dice, Strike, When the time is right, Dont leave others behind, In cold & dark, Reach up, Grab clouds, Pick up the pace, Or die in the rat race!
Locked away in an insane asylum of my brain . Fighting with my heart the battle rages on struggling to escape these emotions that keep me locked away . Like a bird in a cage I desire to be free . Wanting to laugh,live,LOVE others,someone,anyone ! But locked in this Asylum I struggle to escape the LOVE I want,desire,need to be free of this Insanity ...
Can You Tell I'm Bored??
Some of ya probably have already watched these videos. Ok I'm bored *sighs*
Moment Of Clarity
Read this bit of info about Christopher Kennedy Lawford. Then you can look over my moment of clarity if you wish. I have been there.... mine was looking at my sons crying, I was crying, my body felt like a shell... I had already been dead once but it didnt hit me until that moment with a hand full of Naproxsen and a bottle of Tequila.... on the phone with my best friend on the other end pleading me to stop. Its not just that moment but what you do with your life after.... otherwise you're just standing in a long hallway with many doors opening and closing in front of your eyes... missing all the opportunities that life has to offer Life is the hardest teacher we will ever have and sometimes a down right bitch but who ever got up and took care of themselves when they were pampered? Hmm? There are two choices from that moment of clarity... go through one of those doors and take the hits -
Taking A Temp Leave From Sarge's Bad Girls & Fubar.
I Have Had A Few Girls Inform Me That For Various Reasons. They Need To Take Temporary Leave From Fubar & Sarge's Bad Girls.. If Any Of You For Some Reason May Need To Take A Leave And Would Like To Stay With Sarge's Bad Girls. Just Let Me Know.. You Do Not Have To Give Details Of Why You Are Taking The Leave.. Just Give Me An Aproximate Time You Expect To Be On Leave And I Will Add You To This Blog As Well As Putting "Temporary Leave" Next To Your Name On The Sarge's Bad Girls List. Thank You, The Sarge
Sexting And Fights And Fear, Oh My!
I watched the local news for 7 minutes. During that time I was told about 6th graders - a boy and a girl - sending inappropriate text pictures to each other. I was told about fights at a sporting event. I was told about the impeachment of a governor for abusing his - allegedly, (criminal trial to follow) - power and trying to sell a senate seat, and finally I was told about a family having all their utilities shut off in the middle of a frigid winter - and it was an error on the part of the company and government service agencies. That was enough for me. Prior to that I watched a new batch of hopeful singers trying to win a place on American Idol, and then I watched the ever passionate and borderline abusive Chef Ramsey masticating for his American audience in Hell's Kitchen. I have a few ideas that could help everything. 1. Parents - cancel the multi-media aspects of your children's phone. If they cannot send or receive pictures, they will not do what nature tells them to
Family Thunder (poem)
The rain fall hard on thoughts of dought! After a huge family fight, Let the lightning roll & the thunder raw hard, The Tiger may be leiving or beliving, SilverRain: vamp hun I'm gonna read a blog real quick As the clock slows down , upon this frightfull Night, Whether they win or lose nobody knows, They'll soon be replaced by doves off white, With the bats flittering bye , there wings as black as black, As the fight is finished one is thinking of taking flight, Or jumped the gun & ran upon skates of ice, are on earth, why would I feel so alone? Its night upon time they had some fun, As the stars lie glistening in the deep dark empty sky, Flying off on bead off gold , glinting unto the sun Whether they fly or whether they fall one can not predict Theres white angels somewhere glinting in the light Upon the deepst of Darkest Nights As the silver moon rises
Man Song
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I'm Invincible, Even When I Have A Bad Day
Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. (Forgive Everyone Who’s Trying to Ruin Your Life) For every morning this week (except for Sunday, since I read the first chapter of this book Sunday morning waiting for Martha to finish with choir while watching Sarah and Jeffrey with Mary) I’ve been reading a chapter out of Jack Hayford’s book “How to Live Through A Bad Day” (ISBN 0785266178) that takes inspiration from the pastor’s own experiences dealing with trial as well as others in his personal acquaintance and applies Jesus’ last words before He died on the cross. Not all the stories here have happy endings, but triumphing over personal suffering is not impossible by keeping in mind Jesus’ attitude toward His own impending death. Those who are Christians know that Jesus’ story does not end with His death, but up to that moment He is just as human as you or I – He has to be, otherwise Christians are just talking through their hat when they speak of Jesus as Lord and Sav
Black/white Of Me
Love Note1
Simple Together Was Singing
Trying again......last time some fat bird was singing :-o Just for the girl....
At This Point In My Life!!!
So, I dont care who reads this and who does not! I am simply using this as a venting spot! I am a 26 year old single mom that is living each day as its own! I am First and for most a mommy to my little princess! I am learning to play mommy and daddy and it is working so far! I was married for 5 years and never strayed from that path! However, I was very unhappy with the way I was treated by my ex and his grown children! Although, I have always wanted a family where my child had both parents and I tried to make that happen, but we fought everyday!! Over many things we wont get into! I mean if you were a 47 year old man with a 26 year old wife would you not want to be with her and seen with her in public? Or is it better to become hermits? I was not ready to live my life confined to a house and Fubar. I am enjoying now being able to do things with my daughter and my Leslee and her boys! I am looking for someone that can make me happy (Truly Happy) and I Have found a few who know how t
I Just Added Sexy Pics
Love to see and here what you think!!!
About My Bonnaroo Pics
My friend bet me I couldn't get 100 different people to hold this certain bag of chips before I could eat them to prove that I was the King of Bonnaroo. Hells yeah I did it, I'm the King! K
In Loving Memory.....
In loving memory of Robbie R. Robertson Jr. age 38 passed away on Feb. 1st! You will be missed by Thousands! I will miss you and your wonderful smile and the way you made some many happy at skateland when you where the DJ! It will never be the same! God Bless I will always love ya!
I'd Give You
I would give you the sun so you would have light. I'd give you the moon to guide you at night. I'd give you the stars so you could see All of the beauty that is heavenly. I'd give you a river with waters running deep. I would give you the fruits of the trees I reap. I'd give you the oceans and all of their treasures. I would give you all of this world's pleasures. I would give you my home for a place to live. Anything I have, to you I would give. I would give you my heart, my soul and mind. I'd give you these things because you're so kind. I love you.
Michael Myers-live Again By Sevendust
Feeling nothing. Lonely, empty. You try to walk away but you fall. You cannot understand what's this for. In this world I see it more- The pain you feel that I ignore. You see my face and then you see nothing. Confused, you turn and live on. I turn my face, you're staring back again. Look at yourself and live again. Can't see me. You feel me. Want me, you'll find me. I'll be your everything, Will you call? You'll need more & more When you fall. In this world I see it more- The pain you feel that I ignore. You see my face and then you see nothing. Confused, you turn and live on. I turn my face, you're staring back again. Look at yourself and live again. How many times have you looked At yourself & felt mistreated? How does it feel to know that This life of yours is real? All of your life you've been led To believe your nothing. So look at yourself and start to live again. You see my face and then you see nothing. Confused, you turn and live o
Since Bartabs Go Too Fast...
For all those that have seen...yes I am leaving Fubar. Since it seems that most of my friends don't see it because of their bar tabs...I am making this blog. I am leaving at roughly 12 noon CST today...barring internet issues or a really good excuse to stay. If you wish to stay in contact with me...either message me or sb me a messenger name or email. Please, no spam or flaming on this...MMFWCL and have a good day.
I wanna make you smile whenever youre sad Carry you around when your arthritis is bad All I wanna do is grow old with you Ill get your medicine when your tummy aches Build you a fire if the furnace breaks Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you< Ill miss you Ill kiss you Give you my coat when you are cold Ill need you Ill feed you Even let ya hold the remote control So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink Put you to bed if youve had too much to drink I could be the man who grows old with you I wanna grow old with you
.gives You Hell.
I wake up every evening With a big smile on my face And it never feels out of place. And you're still probably working At a 9 to 5 pace I wonder how bad that tastes When you see my face I hope it gives you hell, I hope it gives you hell When you walk my way I hope it gives you hell, I hope it gives you hell Now where's your picket fence love And where's that shiny car Did it ever get you far? You never seemed so tense, love Never seen you fall so hard Do you know where you are? Truth be told I miss you Truth be told I'm lying When you see my face I hope it gives you hell, I hope it gives you hell When you walk my way I hope it gives you hell, I hope it gives you hell If you find a man that's worth the damn and treats you well Then he's a fool you're just as well hope it gives you hell Hope it gives you hell Tomorrow you'll be thinking to yourself Where did it all go wrong? But the list goes on and on Truth be told I miss you Truth be told I'm lyin
The Love Of My Life!!
We are as different as day and night. He is tightly wound i am layed back and easy going. and the line from the movie says it all. He completes me. He is everything i'm not. and he has quirky ways. I'm more reserved.. he's a little shy and i am outspoken. he's a neat freak and well honestly i'm just not. he is everything that i ever aspired to be. he is my best friend, my confidant, my sweatheart, my lover and my rock. if there is ever a question of my love for him. the only answer i can give you, is for me to stop loving him i would have to tear out a peice of my soul. he is the other part of me. and no one has ever measured up to him. yeah we look funny together he is small and i am big. people laugh thinking we look so funny together. but what people don't know is that we are laughing too. were laughing because we know that God has blessed us with a love that goes beyond what the outside looks like. there is an intimacy that few people ever find in this world. no it has not been e
The Dark American Psycho Knight
Just Found Out *sighs*
I have not been feeling good the past few months.. since Oct time... cold after cold.. sinuses issues.. broncitus..etc. They took me in and run alot of tests on me.. seems my immune system is down majorly. They found out i havent had a few regular tests done while i was there and had me do them as well. Well my test results came back.. and it seems i have ovarian cancer. I am a single mom of 3 kids... not sure how this is gonna work out.. they says they caught it early.. but it is in gods hands i guess. They put me on strong meds to boost my immune system... at the end of the month i go for a hysterectomy.. and then a few rounds of chemo... they hope thats all it takes.. as do i.
Strange Currencies
I don't know why you're mean to me When I call on the telephone And I don't know what you mean to me But I want to turn you on, turn you up, figure you out, I want to take you on These words, "You will be mine" These words, "You will be mine" all the time The fool might be my middle name But I'd be foolish not to say I'm going to make whatever it takes, Ring you up, call you down, sign your name, secret love, Make it rhyme, take you in, and make you mine These words, "You will be mine" These words, "You will be mine" all the time, oh I tripped and fell. Did I fall? What I want to feel, I want to feel it now You know with love come strange currencies And here is my appeal: I need a chance, a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance, A word, a signal, a nod, a little breath Just to fool myself, to catch myself, to make it real, real These words, "You will be mine" These words, "You will be mine" all the time, oh These words, "You will be mine" T
Hai Guyz!
Hello there. For some reason you're reading this I'm not really sure why. Anyways - I'm bored and frustrated. That would be why I crawled back to Fubar. My new site is being slow about changing my model name from "Frankie Chemical" to "Tiffany Twisted" so I have another night off. Kind of nice to be back in such a crazy dramatic place though. I love me some chaos. Also just wanted to say hello to everyone (those of you who knew before and all of you who didn't). Hope everyone has a bitchin' Thursday. I, on the other hand, will be waiting for my new name to kick in so I can rock out on cam once more. -Sybil
For Her
I would do anything endure anything for that laugh when she has every reason to cry for that smile steadfast no matter what life has thrown at her for just the fact that shes the first woman I have ever met that will sincerly apologize for the fact that every time she talks to me I feel like Ive been struck by lightning feel like Ive been resurected just feel feel her feel me crave more strain against my leash and then she says hush hush and I am calmed and she laughs and calls me silly perhaps I am and I dont mind cause when she calls me that I cant help but smile and despite all she makes time for me wants me there somewhere God help me I love her so I love her crazy I love her sane I love her sunshine I love her rain I love her joyousness I love her pain all of it ever thing about her draws my orbit closer makes me wanna rope the moon
Wtf Is Going On Here ?
Beaners: Recently on the side walk in front of our local court house there was this gentleman carrying a sign that had an arrow pointing south and under it , it said Beaners : homes 2500 miles that way . Well being the calm person I am I thought to myself , self : This man has a point , if all the people that arent from here left and went back where they came from maybe it would be a better place , first all the black people should go back to Africa , then all the Spanish people should go back to Mexico, Puerto rico , or what ever latin country their from . After that how about all the asians , ya there we go were really cleaning up the place now , and what about those Germans ,Irish, Polish, Hindu, Canadian, and all the other people that "came" here , the ones not natural citizens ! Who would be left? They would be the true Americans, the purest of the pure !!! Guess that means we should all learn Native American then because those are the only true Americans , the rest of us a
Voodoo Dick
There was this man and woman, and they were married. Well, the woman was always horny and wanted sex all the time. The husband had to go away on a business trip and needed something to keep his wife satisfies until he got back. He went to a pleasure place looking for dildos. He walked in and asked to see all the dildos. the man took all of them out except for one. the man told him he wanted to see the one in the box. the man said that it wasn't for sale. He finally talked him into taking it out and looking at it. the man said,"this is a voodoo dick. let me demonstrate. Voodoo dick the keyhole." the voodoo dick went over to the door and started doing to keyhole. the man said,"voodoo dick back in your box." Well the man finally talked him into letting him buy the voodoo dick. He took it home and told his wife that whenever she got horny just say voodoo dick my pussy. he left and she got really horny and said,"voodoo dick my pussy." well she had an orgasm and wanted it to stop. she couldn
My Books
I dont know if any of my friends know, or lol mabey some dont care but I am a writer. I have had alot of friends on here ask me where I have been for a while. Well I just have had my second book published, I am rather excited about it! My Second book , True Love Returns, Can be found at The ISBN is 1-60703-601-0. My first book, Second Chance At Love, Can be found at The ISBN is 978-0-8059-8594-8 Any Questions, please feel free to email me! Thank you and God Bless! Plus I am also in a writing contest for my poems that I write,Please check out my new poem and tell me what you think! I am in a contest and I am trying to win here is the link to vote thank you! Here is a pic of my first book, A pic of my second book,
Alone --- Poem
Its so cold and quiet out Quite peaceful yet real dishearting Alot of time to think to ones self Looking over the past Thinking about the present Dreading the future I lay here all alone No one to spend my nights with To curl up next to I am glad for my boy He does keep me sane And for all my freinds who are there for me Just really wish to have more in life A girl to make me laugh and smile Hold my hand and make a jolt run thru me I just feel so alone at times Truely missing that one feeling Maybe I am meant to be alone To help others out in life But I am really happy for my family and freinds I do love you all Be safe and be happy Dont get too far down like me
So Over It
ok well I am just tired of how childish people on this site are so I am giving it a few hours for people who want to read this to get my contact info then I'm closing this account. This is supposed to be an adult site but it obviously isn't so I will go to the other adult site I'm on that is actually for adults and have my fun there. and I will also be on myspace It is just very pathetic to me that people on myspace which so many people on here call a kids site are more adult than so many of the people on this site. I plenty to fill my time without useless drama so I'm ending it now! I hope to hear from all of you one of these 2 ways if possible. I spend a lot of time working and taking care of things for Suicide girls so it is hard for me to keep in touch other than these 2 ways so send me a request if you plan to hear from me. Thanks!
Moonlight (4)
~Las Vegas, NV The nightlight in Sin City was in full swing as a tall, black and purple haired young woman walked along the Vegas Strip in search of a place for a good time. Argona Dracos wasn't the average Were-Huntress, in fact, she was only half. Born to a were-drakos and a druid high priestess, Argona's lot in life was far more difficult than anyone could imagine for she was a guardian drakos. However, that was an aspect of her life that she never cared much to discuss. Dressed in a black sheer top with a black camisole underneath, black leather hipster pants and combat boots Argona was a gothic beauty that was the envy of human goth crowds that ran around the city after dark. A dragon tattoo encircled her entire left arm, end at the back of her left hand and she had another smaller dragon tattoo that began underneath her right eyebrow and ended under the bottom lash line. If her flawless ivory skin wasn't enough to turn heads, then it was her stunning six-two height comple
*be Yourself
So you think the things that I write are gay,but you're just jealous because I've got something intelligent to say. Yea,we all know your talk alot of shit but it's all just hype. You're fighting for something,but you're not fighting for your right. And I'll wait for a response,if it takes all night. You hop on the bandwagon,a brand new trend..just patiently waiting for this one to end. Been hand fed lies since you were only three,but you won't ever change your ways,because who you are is all you'll ever be. You're searching for the truth but your eyes are closed,and when will this all end,no one knows. But you continue to tell yourself that it'll be okay,been given the chances but you throw them away. You're starving for something but you don't know what,keep believing the lies cuz you can't get enough. Something tells me that you're a little confused,the way you're looking around as if you have no clue. All the helping hands that you've turned down,now you're alone and you w
Wake Up And Live
One, two, three, four! Wake up and live, y'all, Wake up and live! Wake up and live now! Wake up and live! Life is one big road with lots of signs, So when you riding through the ruts, don't you complicate your mind: Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy! Don't bury your thoughts; put your vision to reality, yeah! All together now: Wake up and live (wake up and live, y'all), Wake up and live (wake up and live), wake up and wake up and live, yeah! (wake up and live now), Wake up and (wake up and live) - wake up and live! Rise ye mighty people, ye-ah! There's work to be done, So let's do it-a little by little: Rise from your sleepless slumber! Yes, yeah! Yes, yeah! We're more than sand on the seashore, We're more than numbers. All together now: Wake up and live now, y'all! (Wake up and live) Wake up and live! Wake up and live, y'all! (Wake up and live) Wake up and live now! You see, one - one cocoa full a basket, Whey they use you live big today: tomorrow y
I'm Sick
I've got a bad case of bronchitis. I've coughed so hard I've pulled muslces in my back and stomach. Autumn is doing great now. She's off oxygen, her IV, and just about everything in general. I however am now on an inhaler and antibotics and vicodin for the pain. I'm going to head butt the doctor today till he lets us go home. Autumn is perfectly normal again, so there is no reason why we shouldn't. Jeff is being really sweet. Hes helping me feel better. Just another couple days and I finally get to see him. I can't wait. We're going to go to hibatchi. Somehow we have more stuff then we did when we got here. I don't know how that works in the hospital, but it always seems that way.
What Makes You Scream ?
What do you like, what do you need.. what makes your body wanna scream ? tell me what you think
You Been Tagged... Or Its From Me So Slap
It was givin to me by some creepy dude names Into the Void HAHAHA! Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1: I am a huge metal head/ punk chick... But Im not afraid to admit I love Neil Diamond lol 2: My left eye twitches when Mudvayne's Death Blooms is played (Swear its happend more than once less than 5 times) 3: I want to one day have the pleasure of screwing Rob Halford or George Michael... I know BOTH Gay but I like the challenge LMFAO 4: With that said Above... I guess you can add Glenn Danzig there too 5: My first concert was when I was 11 and it was David Bowie 6: I am a bartender who specializes in making caffienated beverages LOL (yeah
I Iz The 'it' Guy
First off, I'd like to thank BA for her ever so thoughtful act *makes plans to get that bish bac* Instructions - Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. I was going to put about being circumcised as my first thing but, as I just disclosed that to the whole of the Fu, I might need to think of another 1. I am the seventh son. That might mean something to any wiccans who read this. 2. I left my maternal home at the age of 13 yrs. 3. I left school with hardly any education but, now I have a degree in Youth & Community work. I now work in a good job and am in a position of having a good career progression path. I thank my Gods on a regular basis. 4. As a younger man I used d 514
nstructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I love to ski. 2. I have danced since I was 3...even used to do competitive ballroom for a few years 3. I have 13 piercings 4. I am having a hell of a time coming up with these since I was already tagged twice..and I am just NOT that fuckin fascinating. 5. I was raised on a military base. 6 Because of #5 I cuss enough to make a Marine blush. 7. I can wiggle my ears. 8.I really am an asshole in R/L I can give references if ya want. 9. I rode on back of a motorcycle all the way from Colorado Springs to ND for Sturgis 1997 10. I was banned from my first lounge yesterday And..AGAIN 1. Rhythm &
Ive Been Tagged
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.I am very descriptive in conversation 2.I get along with women better then men sometimes men don't like me because of that. 3. I have an oral fixation(love to eat pussy)if & when it comes to a woman if she is worthy. 4.I have been celibate for 18months 2weeks 3 days 13hours and counting. 5.I wear a size 9 1/2 shoe I am 5'9 and am living proof that a man's height and shoes size doesn't determine his dick size cause i am well endowed. 6.Women feel at ease being themselves and confiding in me without fear of being judged. 7.I love jazz music. 8.I write poetry. 9.I am somewhat of an exhibitionist 10.I am in love with someone eventhoug
Anywhere But Here
Lyrics | Sick Puppies Lyrics | Anywhere But Here Lyrics
Children On Fubar
I hate kids...esp on here · RomperStomper100% rated you a '1'! 34 mins ago · RomperStomper100% just checked you out! 34 mins ago Looks like someone's little ego got crushed a lil...
Vamp And Jd Are Fu-married! And Rl Engaged
The TOP 1 and 2 family are fu-married and RL engaged. :) Show them love! :) Vamp Morticia and JD hunt VAMP MORTICIA~RL Engaged and Fu-married to JDHUNT~LaLa's Girl~Sultry's Mistress~NO DRAMA!@ fubar i jdhunt am married to vamp mortica an in real life engaged to be married to vamp mortica(tamara) ~@ fubar
before all the cheating and wound licking in my past... i was almost a model. i was scouted out and i got a first call at the convention. i was 1 of only 40 out of 1000 women scouted that got a first call back. 4 out of us got a second one... not me, but i did get an invite to all the conventions for the next year. that was after my first long term relationship. i was engaged to him and he cheated on me with two women and a man. before he did that i was ready to spend the rest of my life taking care of his every need... till he cheated on me. i wanted a big family with lots of kids. i wanted to cook and clean all day while he was at work and i took care of the kids... yeah i know... how domestic right? it's true though. i wanted 10 kids, the big house, the apron, the whole package deal... i wanted it. i was going to do functional art in the garage to help support the family... i had it all dreamed out... then he cheated on me, and it was over. the next guy was my son's dad... we were e
For Ma Babi Cinnamon
you know am havin hard time jst thinkin yo in pain pain of not your own makin i want take all your pain away there is still pain you dont know its much more pain than yo imagine not physical yo experiencing now your bff no longer of dis world soon i know they be tellin yo i hope to be there with yo before n' after yo told da bad news i want to take away all your pain even da mental pain yo now know n' even da pain yo about to know you wont be readin dis until after your pain is so real i want to take from yo i want to take yo to far away beaches yo would love Boracay majestic beaches quiet smooth beach of philippines so quiet yo forget your troubles yo b so far from your pain if yo start thinkin of tat pain i will b there to take it away i know your presence gives me a buzz
well since this site is more about your score and worrying who has the most points and the most "friends" im out of here. Friends are people that you actually talk to and have conversations with, not just rate their photos and profile and other things like that. I dont need an online popularity contest to make myself feel better abotu myself i know who i am and what i do i dont need complete strangers telling me this. Dont get me wrong ive met some great nice people here but those were few and far between. I have far better things to do then waste my time trying to be the cool kid on fubar. So continue on living your meaningless online lives.
Chemo Started
Yesterday was the first day of my dads chemo treatment. He finished his brain radiation, and next.......... chemo. WTF!! They cancer has spread to his back and he is in a lot of pain now. Is there such a thing as the golden years anymore?
Chris Brown
I can't help myself. I know hes an ass. I know he beat up RiRi. But his face and his voice call to me and I cannot help myself. I want to be his slave.
Judgement Day
On judgement day The sword sways softly in the breeze In the soil , layed upon the ground Watches the steel glint bright Leaves these feelings till last as the moon shines upon the grass leaves a stake deep in my soul dont bother lacing me with gold the ground is subtly cold so one is told Pick up your fucking sword let the dead awake Rising strong & proud To slaughter those we didnt forget to live to let beg buy or borrow: let the cross fall at an angle find some sanity in warmth as the wolves raise there weary heads Loud & clear they howl Looking forth to a dying day Raising there heads in salute
Keep Shining!
My head spins in twilight colours, At the crack of dawn one awakens, For what reason , To do my damn duty. Consider it a curse or a blessing. As the world wakes, In silent wonder, One ponders , Rest's in boredom & peace, For once people awake, Not much to say, Enjoy your weekend, Be safe & strong. Keep fighting for whats right, Nobody can do anything but your yourself, Let the bells ring Loud & clear, Polish your silver & gold. Keep things straight & Sober, Life can be destressing, & stressfull, Keep stable & your head up, Disaster may strike, From the start off the day. One & all together, In Harmony, For ever under the green & blue, As clouds Roll by, The sun Rises, In beautifull hues!
I Will Write The Songs
I Will Write The Songs I will take pen to parchment With each brush stroke a new color I will write I will paint As my heart beckons you to the dance floor I will write the words from my soul That will grace your passionate lips I will paint the inspiration in your heart Our words will fill completely to your wing tips Your voice will carry our melody My words will echo through our love Your breath will give life to us Our muse written in the skies above Bending the Sun and Moon and Stars It is in your embrace that I belong As your tongue is the vessel of tune I Will Write The Songs
Joshnu///"stimulating Phone Talk"
=== 'joshNU' wrote the following at '2009-02-28 09:28:57'.. > > > > > > Hello from Josh. Nice to meet you! You game for some hot, stimulating phone talk? Check me out and get back with me if you are interested. > === 'Brandi Lynne' wrote the following at '2009-02-28 12:34:53'.. > > > > haha no thanks.. i like guys who arent dicks === 'joshNU' wrote the following at '2009-02-28 12:38:00'.. > > And I like woman who are not rude and fat. sent: 02/28/2009 12:39 pm if im fat why are you asking me for phone sex? im sorry that i become rude because you so RUDELY asked me for phone sex. & thanks for thinking im fat AFTER the fact of asking me Yeah.. so i guess i dont understand that whole deal.. if any of you think im fat & rude then dont talk to me.. and dont try to get me to have phone sex with you and when i turn your dumb ass down then try to attack me. Some of you on here are just pathetic.!
It Replays In My Mind...
It replays in my mind, so many times When I try to move on, it just rewinds I'm scarred for life, a casualty of love Captivated me, like a prisoner What was I thinkin of, I gotta free my mind Now its my time, now im a butterfly So many times, I could of walked away But love is so blind, I was so afraid At times you had me speechless, you made me feel so loved At first you were an angel, but then you turned so cold
Butterflys On Doves Wings!
as the sun breaks through in gold & orange hues   delete eternity clears upon the dawn   delete upon the marble floor , skates on dreams & destiny   delete sparkles of clear water drop from the opaque ceiling   delete as the flame burns brighter illuminating the dark shadows   delete Feathers drop from the celing in white , covering the black soil   delete carrying olive sprigs with there sharpened beaks   delete as the doves are released   delete candles flicker in the cool breeze   delete in shades of green & blue   delete the world keeps spinning   delete as butterfly wings envelop the soul   delete smelts the sword & watches it burn red hot   delete dances in a ring of fire   delete
Why, When Moses Was Just Eighty, He Was A God To Pharaoh!
“And the LORD said unto Moses, See, I have made thee a god to Pharaoh: and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet.” The opening verse of the seventh chapter of Exodus isn’t just the LORD giving Moses a pep talk, for He’s already done that. It’s the drawing of battle lines. Since in ancient Egypt the ruler of that country wasn’t only viewed as descended from gods but as a god himself, in order to get across to the children of Israel and the children of Egypt WHO was more powerful – that is, who was the god who deserved the people’s confidence and loyalty. Not just the parlor tricks and plagues we’re going to see, but who – the LORD or Pharaoh – is the true deliverer. Beginning with verse two, we see the LORD’s marching orders to Moses and Aaron. He will tell Moses what to say to Aaron, who will tell Pharaoh “that he shall send the children of Israel out of this land.” But Pharaoh won’t do it; the LORD says He will “harden Pharaoh’s heart, and multiply my signs and my wonders in
???? Don't Know ????
1. What is your best friends name? Kain, Froggy 2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now? I'm not wearing any 3. What are you listening to right now? the radio from the Anti Lounge and the dogs barking 4. Whats your favorite number? 21 5. What was the last thing you ate? Maple & brown sugar oatmeal 6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? Black 7. How is the weather right now? cloudy and could with the high of 33 8. Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone? Charles 9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? eyes and lips 10. Do you have a significant other? yeppers 11. Favorite TV show? NCIS and two and a half men 12. Siblings? yes 3 13. Height? 5'2" 14. Hair color Black and brown 15. Eye Color? light brown 16. Do you wear contacts? i wear a wicked elf blue contacts when i am in really good moods and wanna freak ppl 17. Favorite Holiday? Halloween 18. Month? august 19. Hav
Nice Guys Finish Last
To every guy that said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that said, "You're beautiful. To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down. To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her.... To every guy that she cried in front of... To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes..... To every guy that would give his seat up... To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no
im new to this and im sooooo lost lol
How Women Deal With Heartache
I try so hard to understand people but I guess I come up short somewhere along the line. People will say and do anything to get what they want from you. But the sad part is we are foolish to the best smooth talkers. We try to weed them out but the good ones come off as guinuine. We just want to believe in people, it’s human nature, and a flaw most women carry. It can be a weakness if we let it be. But we can use it to as a strength as well. We learn from mistakes of our past and sometimes others as well. We try hard to ignore warning signs then become blinded by the stupidity of love and lust. And it always "happens so fast." Men are the best at this game. Highschool boys will tell you they love you just to get you alone. Then what was the best night of your life turns into the most heartbreaking sunrise of reality. Married men will make you think that you are what they always wanted but could never have. They sneak around your love in the light but in the dark th
Just A Thought
At some time or another we come to a point where we either look back to look ahead or look back to stand still. We choose whether we move forward or stand still. It's sad but we can never go back. We can't go back and be better, do things different, or love stronger. We can only stand still or move forward. Sadly, most are standing still, looking back morning their loses wishing they could have them back...but they can't. Yet most of those standing still say they can't move on, but can they just choose not to. They would rather sit and lick their wounds and count their woes as what they longed for in their past moves forward. Some left standing don't move forward in hopes that what they miss from the past will slowly but surely catch up to them and move forward with them. There are those that block the paths for others, out of non-intended selfishness in selfless acts just to feel like someone sees them that they are noticed, needed and hold some importance in some way...but mo
Bar Room Napkins And Match Books
No matter what drink you order or how you want it mixed everyt drink has something in common...a napkin or coaster. they are thrown down by busy bartenders and slid under your drink by aggrivated awaitresses who are tired of the mess left behind by the beer you nurse waiting on someone who never seems to show. They are versitile little wastes of paper. They serve as address books, potential date books, directions, coozies, lipstick blotters, mess cleaners, road maps, doodle pads,and IOU's. The list goes on and on. Their close cousin the match book is classically used for numbers with no names and a reminder of where you were when you were to drunk to notice. For a few sweethearts these handy scraps of paper serve as canvas for drunken "I love you" hearts, and poems that don't rhyme. I had a creative writing teacher that once told me that some of the best ideas come from bar room napkins Great ideas happen in an instant and are gone as quickly as they appear. So always car
Gotta Vent A Minute Or Two
Current mood: annoyed Ok so I was hoping for a calm & peaceful wkend. Needed the time to think through alot of things. Well it started off rocky and just got worse. We was in the grocery store & I was looking the right chips for taco salads for dinner. This guy who was a stocker at the store was scutting boxes toward me. I figured he would stop when he saw me. So I went on my merry way of looking for chips. I'm standing in front of this rack looking at all these different chips not paying attention. I glance down and this dude is about an inch from having his head burried all up in my boobs. For a girl I'm tall because I'm five foot 10 inches. This guy was short. I couldn't even put my arm down from what I was reaching for or it would have been on his head. Thank God for Mama seeing the whole thing & calling my name because I had done doubled up my fist. Keep in mind now I punch or hit with the same hand that has been healing from almost being broke. The idiot backs away smiling
Guy/girls Plz Read!!
Okay this blog is for guys...girls..WHOEVER! If you see this guy who goes by Paul Golding AKA screamineagle824 around fubar, yahoo, craigslist or myspace ANY site like this. Heed my warnings! He is the biggest jerk! DO NOT ADD HIM! It is a complete and utter waste of time...He is nothing but a liar and a user. Plus he mooches of people. I am what you call one of those nice people. I don't mind taking a friend out once in awhile but this was rediculous. Contrary to what his profile says his car is NOT in the state of Fla with him. It is sitting in Michigan where he is originally from. He is very secretive I hung out with him for about 5 mos...never ONCE was I allowed to see where he lived. A few days after meeting me this guy begged to stay at the place I was renting in which i did not have permission for guys to spend the night because of the landlords religeous beliefs. (He had somehow gotten kicked out of a place he was renting) Yet he kept on begging me. I prabably would h
My Starsign Thingy
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general.You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take.Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces 'What is your Sexual Zodiac?' at lmao
Auction Open To Everyone!!! Come Join!
Vamp Morticia's Victims Group is going to have another auction! This time it's open to EVERYONE to join. I'll be taking entries til the 16th (MONDAY). On the 16th at 10am central I will open the folder for bidding! The fee to join is 30K and opening bids start at 50K. Contact Vamp Morticia on this page or her own! I'm trying to get more involvement going in the group so hopefully this will help! Vamp Vamp Morticia's Victims GROUP PAGE! @ fubar VAMP MORTICIA~RL Engaged & Fu-married to JDHUNT~PuckerZ Wifey @ fubar
On Mind (part 1)
This was the beginning of what became a rather epic day for me in the chat world. For some reason I kept running into these rampant "materialists" all day. How people can cling to such irrational lines of thinking is quite something! Topic: Do we have nonphysical souls or minds? * masticator has left #philosophy no * masticator has joined #philosophy explain rhettboy1 * The_Oracle sets mode: +o Grumpy_Old_Daemon anyway mind is non physical brain is mind is not color is a product of mind - not a property of reality outside of ourselves can you imagine the color for infrared? or ultraviolet? no, because the spectrum as we know it is something we experience only in our minds, and within the limits of our biology brain, not mind * Annie- has left #philosophy * Antony has quit IRC (Quit: Stephen T. Colbert for White House Press Secretary) * bose has joined #philosophy !topic Topic: Can it still be called love if one loves someone but that person does not
Help Her Out Bid High On Her
Ides Of March Auction Brought to you by Radio X show Go To This Page's Pics To The Ides Of March Folder Radio X show@ fubar My Auction Pic :D This is my first auction and I have no idea what I am doing so help me out people. Bid on me. Here Are The Rules And While You Are There Bid On These Two As Well :D
What Do Your Initials Say About You?
You Are Lighthearted and Hilarious When You Are Comfortable: You are a carefree, adventurous person. You love excitement, and you enjoy being in a changing, dynamic environment. People find you to be funny, generous, and competent. You're well spoken, and you know how to wow people with your words. When You Are At Your Best: You are quite quirky, and you enjoy doing things your own way. You are optimistic, and you've always got a good idea brewing. People find you to be positive and uplifting. You make people feel good about themselves. When You Are in a Social Setting: You are a strong person. You're driven and assertive. Success is yours, as much as you want it. People find you to be clever and spirited. You're a bit saucy too... delightfully so! What Do Your Initials Say About You?
They Pulled It :(
she was breathing good on her own last i knew. But that was 3 hours ago. Now only god knows how long she'll on. plz keep us in your thoughts & prayers.
Been Busy
Hello friends and fans!! I am sorry i have not been around for a while. i have been too busy and wish life were a video game, but to far off fantasy. If you don't hear from me just drop me a line and I will get with you. i would like to thank those of you who have left me presents. You know who you are. Plus today my baby Ayasha (Siberian Husky) had two pippies. I will post pictures later this weekend. Thank you for the support friends and fan
I wish I could be with you I want to be with you Everyone keeps telling me that you’re not the one But I know that they are wrong I fell in love with you the first time I saw you And that is not about to change I will give my life to you I will promise anything you want me to. I am so lonely with out you And I know that you are lonely with out me I don’t know how to explain the feeling that I have All I know that is this time this is Love.
Fast Calling And Talking
Nah, this is not a blog about auctioneers or radio prize winners (though they never say that caller number one will be the winner, but you gotta be fast to get on hold to be number 10!). This is a blog about being sustained with soul food - and the menu does not have collard greens on it (which I have tried to cook and failed at), nor bbq ribs (which I can do, but not as good as my Grandpa always did) - but rather about finding the humor, admiring a show of responsibility, and a little known quirk much like drunk dialing - as far as rambling and half spoken sentences - but brought on by a fast, not a fast drink. And just for fun, I will add in a narcotics critique. Well let me start with the bottom. Darvon and I do not get along. It makes me sleep, but I am still awake - I dislike roaming on the rim of the dreamlands, either I am there, or I am not. Two eyelids DOWN to Darvon, because of my consciousness still being UP at the same time. The reason I was able to discover this narcoti
True Friends
TRUE FRIENDS OTHER FRIENDS: Never ask for food TRUE FRIENDS: Are the reason you have no food. OTHER FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs. TRUE FRIENDS: Call your parents mom and dad. OTHER FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. TRUE FRIENDS: Would be sitting next to you saying, Damn...we fucked up...but that shit was fun!" OTHER FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry. TRUE FRIENDS: Cry with you. OTHER FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. TRUE FRIENDS: Keep your stuff so long they forget it's yours. OTHER FRIENDS: know a few things about you. TRUE FRIENDS: Could write a book with direct quotes from you. OTHER FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that's what the crowd is doing. TRUE FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds ass that left you. OTHER FRIENDS: Would knock on your door. TRUE FRIENDS: Walk right in and say, "I'm home!" OTHER FRIENDS: Are for a while. TRUE FRIENDS: Are for life. OTHER FRIENDS: Will
Virgo Compatibility
Compatibility Information for Virgo This information was kindly provided by the folks of AstroMate. The only online match-making service that uses astrology to find your match made in heaven. VIRGO MALE You have a great curiosity about women. These fine creatures are something for you to experiment with, examine and cater to. As for sex you feel that it is an experience that should not be overlooked, providing you have the time and the desire. You are interested in anything that will further your career. You are always interested in how much money your partner can make and in turn what they do with it as you find waste to be sinful. You can come across as a father figure if your mate lets you become over protective. You will only propose or get into a committed partnership after a respectable length of time and only when you are one hundred percent sure that the relationship will be lasting. You need to feel that your mate will enhance and support your career and make yo
Baby Dream
Baby dream I close my eyes and try to rest, being here without you again, another endless night, I feel like I'm slowly loosing my mind, I miss you so much. Another night without you here, I close my eyes and take a breath and will myself to sleep because your with me in my dreams. I think about you all the time and spend my days with you in my heart but when I go to sleep each night, that's when all the miles disappear and I'm finally able to rest. In my dreams I can feel your arms, feel your lips on my cheek and your hand reaching for mine, as our fingers link together perfectly I finally feel complete. Another night without you here, I close my eyes and take a breath and will myself to sleep because your with me in my dreams. Which each day that passes I feel a little older and feel the wear of strain on my soul but everything else falls away when I'm dreaming of you each night. The world and everyone in it all disappear when its just yo
My Birthday Celebration!!!!
Sat April 4th at the Pheonix in South County! Before 8 pm no cover after 8 pm $5.00 Cover. Come celebrate my 33 rd bday with me!!! It's gona be a lot of fun hope you all can make it!!! Message me with any questions or to let me know you will be attending thanks
Guess What
ok i just found out that im going to be a father. we are trying to think of names for the baby. we dont know know its gender so we are trying to think of boy and girl names. can you help by giving suggestions for names? plz and ty
Wednesday March 18th 09:bad Week
just cant seem to get thing going in a right direction this week, nothing seems to fall in place for me at all. i try to make it better but to no avail, it gets tossed right back in my face. I guess am doomed to have nothing right for me, and have it all bad and wrong no matter what, life dedinitely sucks for me right now
Move To The Us, Pt I (redone)
I am writing this purely for myself. And for anyone who wants to read this. Ever since I was little, my parents have been planning to emigrate from Russia. The first option was Bogota, Colombia, in 89, and we had the docs ready and everything. But the interview sucked, so we weren't been able to leave Russia. Then, in 1994, we got everything ready for a move to Montreal, Canada. While sittin on the bags, my grandpa refused to go, so my dad said "no", and we stayed. That did NOT go well with my mom, to say the least. Finally, in '97, my aunt sent us the invite to the US. The day of the interview came, and my parents had to play it "together" in order to pass it. The consulate frowns upon divorced couples, and always denies them exit-entry. After being flooded with a barrage of weird personal questions for 4 hrs, we finally got us a nice, big refugee status. Being that I have never in my life even glanced at a map of the US, I was telling all my friends that I will
Sweefer Wetjet
If u have pets please do not use this on your floors. It has been proven to cause liver damage and even kill your pets.
Something Sweet
Wife asks husband 'tell me something sweet'. Husband says 'ur pussy tastes better than all ur friends'. Oddly enough she wasnt happy....
Within Words
Within these words find solace Love is an illusion A meandering of words A potion so great Powerful men are brought to their knees
Mysterious Past
I can feel the mysterious past On my fingertips within my grasp I love the touch of those magic days That live to surround us for always I'd like you so to know it too Just let your senses taste the clues And find these places out of sight and Hear the faces of the night Do you feel the mysterious past? Don't you know it will always last? They call us from a time so vast While music plays along their path
Important Legislation There is the link to the video. It won't embed. Fla. Congresswoman Pushes Cancer Legislation After Surviving Own Battle Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Wants Women Young Women to Pay Heed to Breast Cancer By IMAEYEN IBANGA March 23, 2009 — Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., introduces new federal legislation today that calls for a national breast-cancer education campaign that targets women between the ages of 15 and 39. The bill holds special significance for the 42-year-old because she quietly and successfully battled breast cancer in the past year. Schultz's Breast Cancer Education and Awareness Act focuses specifically on young women. "Young women do think we're invincible; and we don't think about it," Schultz said on "Good Morning America" today. "And it will focus on educating physicians. So many times physicians blow off a young woman when she comes in with symptoms or warning signs because they don'
What The Hell
Im not sure what the hell I did to piss everyone off.. But seriously, Thanks to one person being a stubborn ass man, I seemed to have lost alot of ppl in my life.. THANKS I dont care anymore, i have been lied to, rumors spread ad tis all bullshit. Those who do still care about my feelings and ME in general, know how to get ahold of me. Otherwise the rest of u can kiss my ass cause im through with the childish bullshit that goes on around here. All because one person couldnt keep their mouth shut. There was a reason that privacy was be private. MY LIFE is nobodies business but my own and i would like those who dont belong or dont care to keep their asses out of it. Not alot to ask really. I came here to make friends and have fun and it gets ruined because of something so totally stupid. I deal with enough of this shit in real life to have to deal with it on a site. So those who stopped talking to me, THANKS for showing who my real friends are. Im out, PEACE
One Casket Left..
One Casket Left One casket left I'm ready now to die away and bury myself into my own grave tonight. My Prayer's are gone my hope has gone my life has wasted away into nothing but more Whiskey drinking my Faith has never seen the Light of Day and now my breath begins to slow down. I'm empty inside again and tired of crying I'm lost and trying to hold close onto a new sympathetic tear that never will give me the time of day but that was never going to happen as tonight I saw my Angel's finally taking my Halo's back home. All in a Death Row the graves open wide for me with not even a flower to cover my Soul when it is laid to rest asleep forever by the Priest who never gave a damn about me. The tears I cry are forever and yet you laugh because you don't understand where I come from besides the endless numbness of the empty bottle that tried one too many times to forget that I was already lost.
Oral Pleasures
On my knees between your strong thighs I lift your cock to my mouth. The abundance of your hardness greets me and my mouth overflows with your warm essence. Your sweet taste is on my tongue and your fragrance delights my senses. No gentle lick this visit. No bashful cautious approach For I wish to consume you. every inch of your hard desire... Opening my mouth against your aching cock As the tip of my tongue licks up and down your hard shaft... Your cock welcomes me between rows of delicate wet touches. Thrust against my generous tongue, i take you whole, all the way down...feeling your head against my throat... Show me the power of your desire for my mouth caress and taste every inch of you... My exploring tongue lifts your hood and finds your smooth silky skin You squeal in that unique way, signaling that I have found your pleasure spot. It hardens in response to my touches.... My jaws protests what my open mouth provides but I am unrelenti
To My One True Love...
I should have had us build a time capsule and then buried it at my grandfathers grave. Just so I could dig it up now and throw it in your face. Should I get up from his bed and write you this song? A song I have been singing for 4 and 4 years. Now 8. It might be some type of cantankerous fate bomb going off. I deserve that, and I know. But you don’t deserve my precious melody. No you aren’t some faultless God. You are just as repulsive and fallible as the rest, you just prefer it hidden Under those cold deceiving blue eyes. I waited 7 whole months to give you that… Showing off my twirl and scissor, dancing up more and more lies. No not that time, as they weren’t faux courtesies. No not that time. Last night I sat laid there for hours wishing you were the one that cried. If I could have anything it would be to give you this pain That I have inside. Laying there making up more and more lies. Where does this man next to me lie? His sick sad body makes me wish I c
John Mayer Has Skills.
It's my new jam.
Let Me Fuck You.
Her eyes called to me all day, well night is here and its time to play, she slides her hand inside my pants, her angelic fingers begin to dance, my blood chose's a new path, its all gathering in my shaft, her shirt finds it way to the floor, her nipples stand erect and raw, my throbbing penis needs some more, I slide my hand up her dress, her chest on mind does press, my finger finds her swollen clit, I gently begin rubbing it, she moans she groans she bites my neck, I cant get enough of it, I lay her down and tell her what I shall do, she looks at me and says, let me fuck you.....
Baby Left In Car Overnight In Texas Found Dead
"A 7-month-old boy left overnight inside the family car in North Texas was found dead on Wednesday morning, Cedar Hill police said. Laheather Wilson, 35, told police she went outside before 6 a.m. Wednesday and found her son unresponsive. Wilson was charged with injury to a child and was being held at the Dallas County Jail Wednesday night...." Source: How the hell does this happen in this day and age???
The Money Masters
My Name
According to some online thingy, my name (Natasha) means: You want excitement in life. Lack of which makes you bored to death. But you pretend to be very docile, pure and guileless. This is just a façade as you are no shy fool. Mood swings are very common in you. In fact you are unpredictable in nature. In reality you are fiery tempered but you suppress your emotions. You are even quite condemnatory.
Where Am I Going?
Ya know..I'm sitting here tonight, working on like 5 computers, bored out of my mind with Seinfeld in the background, having a glass of wine, and was wondering...where the hell am I going? I was married for 10 years, had a great marriage, and my ex just decided, when she turned 40, that she didn't wanna be married anymore. I honored that, and, I pay my child support religiously, and I think I am a pretty decent Dad. I come home almost every night, alone, and if I'm not consuming myself in work, I'm sitting around wondering where the hell I'm going. I'm 44, have 3 boys, 2 of which are going through the "I don't need Dad phase", my youngest, at 11, is my only savior at this point. (My kids are doing great, honor roll, yaddy yaddy) so I think I've done a good job helping them adjust to the divorce. My ex wife and I have become great friends, and we do everything "as a family when it concerns the boys, but, I'm getting bored with my life. I need a partner. I need someone to ha
"promise" For My Lil Dark Star
Promise I will be your Dark Angel, I will hold you, when you cry, and make you soar when your happy. Protect you from the world, and be your cure When everything seems to be against you I shall be there to catch you When the people want you to fall. I shall walk with you, You will never be alone. I shall be your Shield, when the armies try to strike. Carry you further, when your legs cant make the goal you want. I will be your guide When you become lost I will hold you you close when you are afraid. I will shall Cover you, with my wings When you are cold. I will bring a smile to your face When you don't think you can. I will be your the one you will awake to each day. I will be there when you lay to rest. I WILL FOREVER BE WITH YOU! Galvin Knight (c) 2009 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
recently,heroin claimed my stepsons ex-girlfriend/ distant friend she overdosed after some 3 guys loaded a siringe full of heroin the guy was 6'4 she was 5'1 she was 18 and still wanting to fit in she passed away on the floor of the guys car and the 3 guys are held on man slaughter. also recently a so/so friend of mine from chicago was arrested on 17 counts armed robbery and being on parole for the second time for the same offense he also had a heroin problem what the hell is going on what happened to a good liquir buzz and a sweet toke of the grass is this becoming an eppademic
Snippet From "composition Of A Kiss" - Abelardo Subido
Of what does a true kiss consist? Ambrosia on which gods subsist, Tremendous heat which sun can't give, God's heaven in one moment lived...
The Lies We Could Not Hide
The Lies We Could Not Hide It was the lies we could not hide That we painted upon our sleeves The place where our hearts should have been That turned our love into disease We became a silhouette In the corner of each others eyes We became the untrue rumor Like ghosts in each others lives Our eyes no longer seeing the other Our words a whisper in the storm Our touch like grabbing mist Our passions have lost their form A love affair drowning in hate Crushing in the black sea loneliness Laying in a bed of broken dreams A book filled with pages of emptiness As our quill and ink dried The miles separated us inside No shield could protect us from The Lies We Could Not Hide
My Celebrity Look-alikes
On My 29th Birthday More To Come
Texting And Driving
Ok I was riding with a friend of mine a few days ango and it was pouring rain and her wipers didn't work and she was freakin out because of it and to make matters worse she was texting on her cell phone WHILE DRIVING!!! Now tell me people is that a time when I'd have been safer to have a good life insurance policy?
Coming Home Soon Sfc Louis G Mp
SFC LOUIS G MP . IRAQ I have known Louis G for only a short period of time. During that time, I learned a lot about life from him. He is definitely a HERO, who will be demobilized out of Iraq and back to the United States very soon. Lou has spent quite a lot of time in the military, and has been stationed in Iraq for one (1) year. Soon he will be reunited with his wife and daughter, who are waiting patiently for his return. Bless you Lou, and thanks for being my "friend," You are truly a special person. My prayers and thoughts of love are with you as God continues to keep you safe, now and always! Additionally, for those who do not honor our soldiers, should be ashamed of themselves. “War,” is no joke! It takes courage and great fortitude to tolerate what our soldiers have endured. Love you Lou, from the bottom of my heart! Magdalena M, Delaware USA
Cant Believe
i cant believe what they say is true how could you be gone away forever never to be seen again on earth but you will always be seen in my eyes its still hard to this day to know that i missed your funeral it kills me day in and day out just to know that i didn't get to say my last good-byes to you the. the only person that ever truly cared for me no i didn't even make it to your brothers funeral and that kills me also but i wasn't nearly as close to him as i was to you my grandmother you were then just a grandmother your were my best friend we had alot of laughs but it is sad to think that we will never be able to have those laughs again on earth but you always remember that i love you more then anything in this world you r my heart my soul and most of all your my grandmother the kids still ask about you every now and then but i haven't had the heart to tell them that they wont be able to see your smiling face in this world again we know you love us but still why did
Hubby and I just watched a Russian movie "Four", and I dont think he will ever be the same. I warned him about Eastern Euro movies that involve village life, but... Basically, there were some great nude shots of triplets with huge tits(like ANY Russian movie), but I think scenes of 90 year old naked women making out with each other while while drinkin gallons of moonshine and eating raw pig head were a little too much for him to bear... Perfect for anyone with a bestiality/geriatric fetish, this is available on Netflix (vomit)
She: 2009 4/2nd Thursday
i saw her photo in a dating site, the smile made me smile in my hour of sadness and depression. little did i know that my heart fell for her and yet she doesnt know who i am oh yes i could tell her in an email who im andwhere im from but she would just want to be friends, i have enough friends i think that would stand out amongst the others, but what i need is love   She couldnt give that to me, for one shes too far away, and yet she prolly has aman there for her who is ten times better than here i am thinking of her, and i hope She is thinking of me  
Under the blood-red moon; covered by the blood-red haze I don't wanna hear anything but your breath I don't wanna feel anything but your touch Your pale skin glowing in the dark; Your deep black eyes looking straight into my heart So beautiful a man can be but beauty in the inside is what I can see....   "FOR ALL BEAUTYFULL MEN..."
For Those That Have Been Shattered (blood For Blood- So Common So Cheap)
Fucking your pussy was like fucking the wound from a shotgun blast... With gangrene!Sorry ladies but this song goes out to all the guys out therethat have been fucked over by that lie known as loveBottoms up.Check this out!Looking back at all the times we had, Wish I could tell ya' that they weren't all so bad.But in the end we were just wasting our time,Yeah I knew what you were but I was out of my mind.Lost my mindKnew you were common when we started this thing,So very common with your everyday dreams.But I was desperate for a heart of gold,So I took a chance and I came in from the cold.Life's so coldLet me let you in on a secret fellasif she sucks great cock she's a proand if she'll spread on the first date she's a hoeI oughta' have my fucking head examined for screwing with a skank like you.But it wasn't like I really fell for you, I was just cold and empty through and throughFuck it.Check this out!Thought you were something but you proved me wrong.Money is your only god, what a ti
My First Auction My first auction go and rate me please.
Cor, You Wouldn't Believe The Weekend I 'ad, Guv!
So first of all, on Friday night, my internet connection packed it's bags and sailed for a location unknown for a little break. Apparently BT had issues with their fibre or some other shit like that, so I had no internet access all weekend. Just as well, as I didn't plan on getting online anyway. I went, instead, with the roommates, unto places unknown and far away... Well, Newport. There we visited a friend. All was well until his seventeen year old daughter turned up and decided to hit on me constantly the whole fucking time we were there. Wouldn't mind this, if she wasn't cute. I could ignore it if she wasn't cute. So, her dad picks up on it (as dads often do), and thinks I was encouraging her, so now he's not talking to me at -all-, the stupid twat. As if I'd have any interest in a silly girl. I've half a mind to shag her just to piss him off, but sadly I've not been that petty and immature since, I dunno, last week. TO TOP IT ALL, he's now refused to buy me any weed. The ba
Kissing Boothe
I have posted a kissing boothe on my page. I would like it if you stop by my page to leave a KISS. This way I can show love back to your page. I thank everyone in advance!!!
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter and a safe weekend.
Yankee Ignorance
Guess where the fuck I am?  Yeah, I think in order to wrap up my "Starbucks Blogging" ensemble, I need some really thin glasses even though I don't wear glasses, a sweater vest and a soul patch.  Yeah, I need to look like a total deusch.  And that is the theme of today's blog and a re-occuring one in the "Adventures of the Drunken Cowboy".  So many people judge by looks, and judge what they don't understand.  I guess people have trouble accepting things or people that are different from what they've been brought up to know; and so feel the need to put a label on everything.  That's where stereotypes come from; and once something has that label on it, they better adhere to that label and everything it entails or else they're gonna be wrong.  So what does it mean when you're so fucked up by other peoples' standards that they can't even figure out how to label you?  I means there must be something so wrong with you, you must be a bad person, and folks don't really want you around.  Now in
People How Dont Understand
Da Man
Missing You All!!
First let me say Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a great time this past weekend. I was down in CA and went to Medival times. Last time I've been there was when I was 11 years old. I wanted to say hello to all and when you get a chance you should stop by and check out my website..Tell me what you think of it... I been checking messaages and comments here on fubar at least every other day. Thank you for all sweet, kind comments. I love them. Take care because I care, XoXoXo Lori G
No Clue
No Clue Most men have no clue when it comes to women...We're not that complicated...Don't worry...this is not going to be one of those male bashing blogs that you men dread and that most women will agree with...It's actually going to give you men a little insight as to how simple we women really are.... I've only met a couple of men in my life that really understand a way to a womans's not through your are nice...and much appreciated... :) I say it all the time..."You can catch more flies with honey"...Now break that down...Be a curtious...respectful and by all means...stop with the "Oh the things I could do to you crap right off the bat....Be patient...Your penis isn't going anywhere... I was chatting with a friend last night while at work...I don't work with him...However we dated wayyyyyyyyyy back in the day...And have still remained friends....As always...and I think for the most part it's just become sort of
The Abridged Version Of Life Up To Now, The Art Of The Possible Makes Its How
I did get to read “The Cat In The Hat” to Jeffrey last night after I’d gotten home from church with the kids where Martha FINALLY brought them with her to choir (we have a single mom in choir whose daughter is almost the mascot).  They met me after an LYO session with Pastor Janet downstairs with about twenty youth regarding sex.  And it actually wasn’t that nasty, but it was helpful to see sex and love in a Biblical context, even if some of the references are awkward to talk about.  We don’t often see that even as adults.  While Martha got us dinner, I was with Sarah and Jeffrey and they’d actually both napped yesterday but were tired on their feet.  We ate and then the kids both went up – that is, I took them up to bed.  Sarah wasn’t awake long enough to hear the story I was going to read her, “Green Eggs and Ham”, and it was getting late anyway. And I DID promise Martha I would meet her for the last night with just the two
If I told you my heart was in your hand, would you crush it like the rest? Would you tear my spirit wide open and make me believe it's for the best? If I told you that you're my everything, would that mean anything to you? Or would you discard me when you're bored, because that's what they all do. If I kissed you softly on the cheek, would a smile come to your face? Or would you blow it off like they did, just another time, another place. If my fingers sweetly entwined with yours, would your heart skip a beat? Or will you pull away leaving me broken at your feet. If I stared into your eyes, would you stare back at me? Or would you turn your head away so I would let you be. If I fell asleep in your arms, would you hold me all through the night? Or would you push me away and roll forever out of sight? If I told you that I loved you, would you honestly say it back? Or run away from me, showing morals is what you lack?
+Sire+is a suucker4yer luv*Owned by Dearly Departed Sincere33 They both have hacked into my NSFW's and they didn't even pay for fubucks ladies watch out!
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Up For Auction
You can now own your very own Luv Fairy..and who doesnt need one of those hmmm? So stop by Heartistic Soul's good or evil auction and bid on me right now. Come show me lots of love and support and i will sprinkle some of my fairy dust your way. I cant post the just search for heartistic Soul....or check out the about me section of my profile...   If you dont feel like bidding, then stop by her page and rate and/or comment me... mwah!      
Never Give Up - Just Change The Miracle
...A kiss from a grandson, so brave, so tenacious, so loving - a song in my heart forever. This song was the song that his great-grandparents fell in love to, so many years before he blessed me with his sweet courage. Now they are together, and we sing together when the veil of mysterious life is especially thin. I love you, Harper. You taught me so much. Chi Chi. Harper Gibson’s “Chi Chi” Remembers   Good Friday, April 10th, 2009 – I went in to Harper’s hospital room just like I did almost every day or night for the last year and a half. For the past few days he had been asleep, under the effects of a continuous morphine drip. This day he was restless, propped up in bed, his two year old hands reaching up for something. I picked him up, making sure his oxygen tube was not stretched too far. He was warm and very heavy. All the various liquids being pumped into his body via I.V. were not going in to his vascular system, they were third spacing. He was blo
Pineapple Express
I'm going to watch it tonight - on a scale of 1-10 -how good is the movie?
Gotta Love The Whining Sissyyass Crybabys
Meet dj Icepick. he's a crybaby that loves to report mumms. Its what he does best. Probably the biggest crybaby on here. So if you do post a mumm just watch out for this slapnut
My psycho upstairs neighbor is throwing a psychotic fit, running around slamming doors, and screaming at his aging parents on top of his lungs. I really wanna yell him "Stfu"
Could It Be?
Ok, so I didn't wake up by my alarm clock this morning.  Instead I was woken up by a chirping bird.  Is this a sign that this is going to be a wonderful day and weekend?  I'd like to think so.  The only other person that I can think of who gets woken up by chirping birds is Cinderfreakinrella.  We know her situation and how it worked out for her.  So, that's what's on my mind right now...
Mourning Glories
  "NO, CHI CHI!!!!!" - was the command of an amazing little boy, whenever I would accidently cry in his presence. The finite amount of time that his life on earth, with us - his loving family - was not of the sort found on the statistical charts. No 72.5 years of life for him - not even 2.5 years would he have to leave a legacy. But he did an amazing job of changing the lives around him, bringing attention to the needs of cancer stricken children, and the funding required to continue to keep the research going to find a cure for leukemia. I saw a fishbowl in the church that was the physical space on April 22nd, 2009 in which 28 pictures - one for each month of Harper Gibson's sweet life - his favorite blankey, his teddy bear, a plastic egg with the message I LOVE YOU written by his five year old sister, and his remains were there for viewing by those left behind. Taped across that fishbowl were the words LEPROSY IS NOW CURABLE, PLEASE GIVE! And so I did. Today I bought a bracelet a
Fear And Love
Fear keeps a lot of people from achieving their professional goals but it also keeps people from taking risks personally. Everyone has battle scars when it comes to love. I always say that the world is full of damaged people inflicting pain on other damaged people. However, you cannot simply give up. There are a lot of what ifs. Hell, what if the sky falls tomorrow and you never found the true love that you seek because you were so scared. We have to get over the past. That man or woman who has moved on and it is not fair for you to be stuck in limbo because of what happened. People never really recognize the long standing ramifications for their actions.(until it's way too late) They go on about their business and do not know—or care—about those who have to try to pick up the pieces. All of that being said, live again and love again. Sure, it is a risk. It is always a risk. Just be cautious and follow your gut instincts. You can know somebody for twenty years and they mig
Story Time...
For everyone that wants to get to know me   I am a girl, thats not your average girl I'm a gamer, I'm a reader, and I'm a human being I'm the kinda girl that love to be around people and hates being alone.   From what i hear I'm loving and caring and from what one person says I'm a sweeheart. I am the kinda person that will give a person a home, the clothes out of my closet, the food in my fridge just to make sure that they have everything they need to get back on their own two feet.   I have been told at time I worry too much.......I just might begin to think they are right.   I can be a bitch at times, but those times are few and far between. You have to really upset me or really piss me off to get me in that kinda mood. Or have me be really tired....   One more thing, I'm not one to hurt. Cause I do believe in Karma, and I do believe that it will come around and bite you in the ass. And I have seen it happen...   So if you like what you see in me and want to talk them
Perspectivev Right Leg Quote Tatt's
This will be a list of quotes i like/love and would like to get tattoo's on my right leg in scroll work 1) "You do not love a woman because she is beautiful, She is beautiful because you love her - Unknown" 2) "Any time spent with a redhead is worth more than any man can afford - Me" 3) "While the rest of the human race are descended from monkeys, Redheads derive from cats - Mark Twain" 4) “Sex is like air, it's not important unless you aren't getting any - Unknown” 5) "Try not, Do or do not, there is no try - Yoda"
Beautiful By Joydrop..
with some added blood
Ex Stalking Me This link is to my ex Billy he is stalking me bad I have blocked him on myspace and now fubar, he doesn't like the fact I am seeing someone on here and it's pissing me an him off. He already pissed a chick off on here so woman you better watch it.
I swallow the concoction as I look at your silhouette Feeling the gradual decay of my limits Innocence flying away into the indigo night Looking into your deep moonlit eyes I hear the imaginary voices calling They call me to a place of darkness and wonder A place I dare not explore For if I wander in too deeply I'll be lost Lost to the world of light and men To all I've ever known Yet the voices bewitch my troubled mind Calling to me on a higher plane "Let yourself go.", you softly whisper "There is no pain in darkness.", you cajole "come, live among the shadows with me." "Let yourself go, set yourself free." The potion works itself on my soul My resistance weakens and dissolves Slowly into the shadows I drift They wrap themselves around me Such serenity found within Finally, pain and worry are left behind For once and evermore I am free In darkness forever I live
Turnabout Seems Unfair
There are very few occasions that I just HAVE to talk to someone. Normally I'm ok with whatever goes on and I can just handle it myself. Right now, however, I'm in a pretty confused and crappy state. And the one time it would be nice to just talk to someone, everybody is unavailable, doing their stuff, having their own fun. Figures. I think it's time for new friends.
Play With Me?
Anyone wanna play scrabble? make a username and find me ;)
Out Of An Ivory Mist
Out of an ivory mistI felt a stinging kissAnd saw a crimson stain on her lips...(Forsaken, Dream Theater) I look at the top blogs and I do not think that writing skills or subtle, delicate stings from crimson stained lips are key to Fubar blogging - well, unless you have the pictures to go along with it. All I have is a restless, yet oddly dismal, shroud with which to cover myself. Its barely warming, but it does float with lyrical grace when I whisper just right. I rarely get angry regarding anything done or typed online. A minor annoyance is generally the extent of my emotional rise, and I have it timed out to five seconds at most. People make the most unusual assumptions regarding me, and it would be so easy to just give me a call and ask whatever it is you believe you already know, or have a right to know. I might even satisfy your curiousity if I have the shroud pulled to the right so that my third eye can see with the warmth of my heart. No you cannot see the third eye, its a
Can You Pass This Drivers License Test?
Idaho Drivers Application     Last name: _________________ First name: (Check appropriate box) [_] Billy bob [_] Bobby-Sue [_] Billy-Joe [_] Bobby-Jo [_] Billy-Ray [_] Bobby-Ann [_] Billy-Sue [_] Bobby-Lee [_] Billy-Mae [_] Bobby-Ellen [_] Billy-Jack [_] Bobby-Beth Ann Sue Age: ______ (if unsure, guess) Sex: _____M_____F_____Not sure Shoe Size: _____Left_____Right Occupation: [_] Farmer [_] Mechanic [_] Hair Dresser [_] Waitress [_] Unemployed [_] Dirty Politician Spouse's Name_________________________ 2nd Spouse's Name: _________________ 3rd Spouse's Name: _________________ Lover's Name: ________________________ 2nd Lover's Name: ___________________ Relationship to spouse: [_] Sister [_] Aunt [_] Brother [_] Uncle [_] Mother [_] Son [_] Father [_] Daughter [_] Cousin [_] Pet Number of children living in household: _____ Number of children living in shed: _____ Number that are yours: _____ Mother's Name: ___________________ Father's Name: ___________________ (If not sure, l
ok.... people im new to this so calm down..ok
My Favorite Quote
Accept what is in front of you without wanting the situation to be otherthan it is.  Study the natural order of things and work with it ratherthan against it, for to try to change what is only sets up resistance. If we watch carefully, we will see that work proceeds more quickly andeasily if we stop "trying", if we stop putting in so much extra effort,if we stop looking for results.
Cicle Visions Poem By Mark, Lanett, Gail, Leeann, Tom, & Zoe
                                                                     Circle Visions   A vision… what is a vision? Is it dream.. or wide awake sitting in a chair seeing life in pass and future passing by your eyes…. ahhh ….or is it just a fantasy? Wishing you had a vision of love, sex, and rock and roll…lol.                                             Ah, tis true... visions may be many things... the true delight of soul... the secret yearnings of your heart... or the playful thrills of your flesh. And some may come to pass, while others are yet to be.... but all are an important part of life... and most come to me better with music playing... so bring on the rock and roll...... or Bolton... or G4... each brings a different type of vision...mmmmmm.
Interestin Statement I Heard Once
  if god didnt intend for pussy to be eatin then he wouldnt have made it look like a taco
Weird Shit To Waste Your Time...
The Way I Am's Gotten Me Nowhere
Well, I think it's time for me to make some adjustmensts to myself.  I admit that I've been a real softy and let people take advantage of me for way too long, so consider myself an underdog.  People told me to stay the way I am, but they way I am didn't get me anywhere but being ran over.  I'm not gonna be an asshole, but I gonna have to stand up for myself and hold my ground.  I'm still gonna stay true to myself.  I just gotta stop taking crap from everyone, and start standing up to myself. I'm not doing this for anybody, I'm doing this for myself.  I gotta have better respect for myself.  I mean, come on, I don't have the greatest social skills or charisma or being the smoothest person in the world, but I'm real and respectful to everybody.  Maybe I'm too inexperience or soft.  Maybe I'm too desperate or way too demanding for attention.  Maybe I just don't fit in or too nice to people.  Maybe I am an outcast or a misfit.  I don't know.  I just need to find myself and figure out who
What Is The Rummage In A Rummage Sale, Anyway?
Today is the second day in a row of Minot’s citywide rummage sale; a few weeks ago, for five bucks anyone could have placed an ad touting their wares.  It seems quite a number of people did; even though you can find two or three rummage or yard or moving sales going on every weekend, it never hurts to advertise where even the people who don’t happen to drive by your house can see!  Our tables of outgrown baby clothes, stuffed animals, used books, and other items ring inside our garage and just outside it too.  By the time I’d left for work this morning, we’d made eighteen dollars and I saw Martha and Jeffrey walking toward a ten-table rummage sale down our street and just happening to see me off!  Sarah chose this morning to go with her grandparents and cousins Breanna and Josceline “to see the water” at Steinke Bay, a campsite an hour away. Back to my closing comment Thursday, “Sarah’s learning Italian and Jeffrey’s in Narnia&rdq
I Love You Guys, Thank You!
  I know that I haven't been around much lately however I've had my (HELL) on earth, I've had such bad luck do to having cervical cancer and the fact that my son has had it as well along with the rest of the family, I'm sure you all have read my blogs or at least I hope you have you will learn alot and understand what I've been going through for sometime now, I do miss talking with my friends, it's just I haven't had any energy lately chemo will kick your ass let alone the external radiation plus internal. you can say I've been through (HELL) and back, my family & I didn't know how to take it, I pretty much lost it. I can say that my husband was right there for me throughout this whole time, taking me to everyone of my (Appointments) plus being there when I had to go through surgery, my mother/sister both came up to help out around the house an the fact that my mother wanted to see what it was like  an know what I've been through seemed as if she couldn't handle it. An I know if it wa
Distance Between A Mother And Her Son
  I had moved out to Arizona from being born and raised in West Virginia.  Married and divorced by the age of 22 years old.   I didn't get full custody of my son, Kaleb.  I came to Arizona, only to visit with my mother, to relieve stress an get out of a small town only to realize later that i was hurting someone back home.  I was having so much fun not being tied down with the responsibility of a 5 year old son and stress of a husbands trust, when all along i was just making my life choices even harder for me.  I know time flys when your having fun, but i should've been thinking of my family instead of friends and freedom.  One night my son called me, he had asked me "mommy when are you coming back home"? I told him that i was moving out here and that anytime he wanted to see mommy all he had to do was give me a call and that together we could go outside and pick out a star in the sky. I then said after he found his star to place his finger over it and that when he did he could feel mo
We Love &miss Our Fallen Soldier
2005,30-June House Resolution 2305 By: Representative Hatfield of the 177th A RESOLUTION In memory of and honoring the life and service of Sergeant Chad Michael Mercer; and for other purposes. WHEREAS, on June 30, 2005, the State of Georgia lost one of its finest citizens with the death of Sergeant Chad Michael Mercer of Georgia, while serving as a Bradley Fighting Vehicle Commander of Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 121st Infantry Regiment in Baghdad, Iraq; and WHEREAS, this exceptional individual exhibited outstanding leadership, patriotism, courage, and dedication in his service to this state and nation in the 48th Brigade of the Georgia Army National Guard; and WHEREAS, this young man of 25 years leaves behind his loving wife, Pam; his beloved children, Alanna Taft, Amber Taft, and Gavin Mercer; parents Mack and Dorothy Mercer; parents-in-law Dudley and Carol Cole; brother Adam Mercer; sister Lara Mercer; sister-in-law Rebecca Cole; grandparents Mike and Shirley Junk, Jean Jone
Retard Gene
Today I discovered that I have the retard gene. I changed out of my work uniform and put some khaki shorts and I daytona bike week shirt on. I grabbed my phone my Ipod and my wallet. I hand carried my mountain bike to the curb which I mounted and went on a planned 6 mile ride. Well this is where it gets stupid. I was almost done. As I was riding back to the apartment I hit a small piece of wood and it popped up at me. At the moment I thought something fell out of my pocket. I stopped started doing a fast inventory left pocket phone yep, right arm Ipod yep keys and 10 dollar bill right front pocket check. right back pocket WTF my wallet was no longer there. I immiedatly started back tracking to the end of the trail. In the process of looking for my wallet I encountered several people some friendly looking some clearly homeless but never the less I asked everyone if they have seen a brown fossil wallet. In this quest to find my lost wallet I started to wonder if it was ok to ask everybo
Friends List
If you are on my friends list I expect to hear from you... if i do not hear from you you will be removed from my friends list. I am interested in real people. I am not here for point whoring!
Murmur, Mumble
More x-rated, this one was written the same day as "Crow Caw, Owl Hoot". As perhaps is obvious by the style. It is, however, rather short. I pondered lengthening it (that's what SHE said), but nothing quite worked.     Murmur, Mumble   Murmur, mumble, lithe tongue tumble,Tickle and tease with tip to please; Nibble and nip with lips to plunder,Sticky flow of girly pleasure,Suckled at with lazy leisure.Shatter, thighs asunder,Bodily shiver and vocal thunder:Thighs twitch,Girl sighed,Satisfied.
Needs Help
Now Hiring Cam Girls
It Seems Kinda Unfair And Messed Up
No offense or bad feelings towards SGB, And I'm in no way trying to start shit or anything like that with her But damn, both Thursday AND Friday, she has 13 or 14 HH's in a row during ALL the prime hours. And it made me sad. What about that person who's birthday is Thursday or Friday, who finally got a HH to use as a birthday gift... to have that great loved feeling and get all those points they want on a site they are addicted to and love. I think I'd be sad, 1 day a year you get a birthday, and for 1 person to take over all the prime time online hours seems really sucky and I wish they wouldn't let people do that. I know fubar loves/needs its money to run but I wish they would limit how many HH's you can have in a row like no more then 2 or 3. I can't think of too many members who are loaded enough or want to spend their money to even buy 14 HH's two days in a row, but  to limit how many you can take in a row that would have atleast given a few other people chances to have some prime
In Memory Of The Fallen,and Those Who Remain The Sacrifices They Have Made!
My Great  Great Grandfather entered this country at the beginning of the first world war. He Left Germany and Married a Cherokee woman. In arkansas ,and then moved into Texas.He raised a great family. Those Children of his did the same in thier turn. My great grandfather Joseph lived in a time of peace until The second world war. He sent three of his sons to duty when the call was sounded. My Grandfather survived so that his father had one son return home to carry on his name after that. He in 45 he went to work for the high way department. he had three daughters. One died in a car wreck the other two married ,and watched thier men answer the call once agian! Uncle Melvin ,and my Dad came back from Vietnam. They had been Changed from thier experience. Uncle Melvin had horrrible nightmares, that later gave way to violence in sleep.He spent alot of time in The V.A. Hospital He has to this day never spoken of his experiences in Vietnam. what must he have seen to have made him become wh
Destined To Be Alone.
I think I am just tired of trying.  Even when I am not looking, and someone "finds" me, it just isn't meant to be.  I think I have heard all the excuses, and heard every possible lie.  I think any game that could be played has been played and I've lost each time. Too often I hear you are too nice for me.. or too good for me.  I've lost out so many times because someone wants what they admit is bad for them. I'm not perfect.  I'm far from perfect.  I'm average looking at best.  Getting  older.  I carry a lot of baggage.  It's taken a lot to get beyond the abuse, to let me be close to someone. Not sure I believe in love anymore, at least not for me.  I don't think I ever want to hear the words again. Is it punishment for divorcing?  For walking away from a commitment?  I think I had every reason to do it... but maybe not. Maybe my failure there has left me destined to be alone.
The Real Story Of Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty: A fairy tale of rape and cannibalism. A beautiful tale in which they all live happily ever after. Or do they? In 1697, a French author named Charles Perrault published a classic book titled Tales of Times Passed. Today the book is better known as Mother Goose Tales. Seven of its eight tales have become classics for children. I'm sure that you know some of these: "The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood" (Sleeping Beauty), "Little Red Riding Hood", "Blue Beard", "The Master Cat: or Puss in Boots", "Diamonds and Toads", and "Cinderella". Perrault, however, did not write any of these stories. They were all re-workings of stories passed from one generation to the next. These stories were actually very cruel and downright nasty in their original form. Perrault simply cleaned them up and let everyone live happily ever after. The earliest known written version of Sleeping Beauty was actually published 61 years earlier by an Italian named Giambattista Basile. Here is how the
When You Loose The Best Thing
we said we would make it this time when things got rough i lost my mind for a bit and hurt you more then i relized now i have lost the love you said you had for me so now im so empty inside i just miss the love we shared with each other everyone keep telling me that we wouldnt make it but you said yes we would i belived it and i always thought you would be there as my love but your not so i walk around as a zombie heartles and souless i lost my reason for living and that was your love
Joe Medlock-do You Know This Man?
i just wanted to let everyone know that the man behind the name 'twistedobssessions' is a low life woman user. he picks women with young kids, uses their money for his benifit, and is too violent with small children. i know because i was used and my son was abused. hopefully if u r reading this you will understand that he is a danger to you and your family. he spent 11yrs of his life behind bars for molestation of a 13yr old girl. look it up on the net and youll see. and if you, joe, are reading this, i am not scared of you. my GOD is stronger than anything you throw my way, so just leave me alone before Karma catches up with YOU> dawnmarie
I Want To Explain
i want to explain but if i do peeps jst call me crazy fubar change and change its name from cherry lost to cherry tap when fubar name changed last it seem to fill with hatas i felt sensitive to leveling of hate i tried not to show any hate toward any1 yo kno tat was hard when i am met with attittude jst i sai if i explain i get met with attitude first i never did salute why should i i know who i am and a few know me i dont care any about any1 else yea i am showing attitude it jst tat yo make me show tat attitude go ahead suck cake when i go i take a few with me oh fuck i dont care yo wont have me around oh fuck its too hard to post blogs the editor change makes it so hard tired of fighting it anymore ma bff jst tell me to quit it jst stupid to stay nobody wants me here every dear friend who sets salutes onli tats jst saying goodbye
what do u think is the perfect cake lol i say peanut butter cake mmmm sorry about this one but after readin the mumm i got to wounderin lol
Amon Amarth- Twighlight Of The Thunder God
I love it
Is That So Wrong Ladies?
The Passion
I have lived so bitter and cold,  I survived on risk and being bold. Honor, duty, and glory were mine Reaching my goals passed the time The years go by and medals  tarnish No sunshine in my life , no kind of varnish admist  the darkness I see the stars they come close to me and fade real far the beauty and awe stood me still it was in that moment I found my will a will to survive and to come back home to find my love and never leave her alone I have earned the greatest reward The love a woman that I am drawn toward She does not stay in a shiny little case But poliish’s my life with the smile on her face A voice of an angel that can lay me to rest
If people say that they like you for who you are, then why don't they keep their words and accept you instead of turning their backs on you? If people say that they'll call you later, why won't they keep their words and call you back? If you you show someone love and give attention, why won't they show love back instead of blowng you off? Why do we ignore the people that care about us and care about the people that ignore us? Why do women go for the guys who treats them like crap instead of the nice guys that treat them right? Why do people always want to be fake with you instead of being a true friend? Why do people wanna judge and label you before even gettting to know the person first? Why do people wanna ignore the people who show them respect and pay attention to the people who won't show you anything at all? If they said that they care about you, why won't they always show it? If they say that they love you and never leave your side, do they really mean what they said?
Pisces Woman
GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Pisces is the most considerate and compassionate sign out of all the signs of the zodiac. In keeping with those qualities, the Pisces woman is the one who is most willing and able to listen to other people’s problems and, who will offer endless support and comfort. The Pisces woman’s emotional openness can also become her greatest challenge since the fish swims within the oceans and seas being areas of wide expanses and limitless depths. The Pisces girl can swim about in an endless sea of emotions with no shore in sight and, as result, can end up absorbing so much emotional energy from her environment that she can become drained of vitality, causing her to withdraw into herself in the manner of a self-imposed exile of solitude. This is the most mystical of the signs and the Pisces girl is aware that there is an invisible world; as result she can often feel overly burdened by the restrictions and responsibilities of the practical realities of the
Major Scammer And Jerk>>> Rhino
To any and all girls who have been in touch with or are friends with "RHINO" AKA "Lil Devil". BE CAREFULL!!!! This man  will act lonely and sad, and then begin to write you poems and letters. LOOK OUT!!!   The next step is, he hints around that he needs money or he's gonna lose his internet! DONT EVER SEND THIS MAN ANY MONEY!!! It doesnt end there... there is bill after bill he need help with. He will tell you he loves you and wants to be with you but he needs help to clear up his bills first. He will promise that you will get it back. NOT TRUE!!! I was stupid enough to send this guy over $1800 cndn over2 months so he could move here. He also said he would be able to help me out to pay my neglected bills at the end of May. LIED AGAIN! I needed $300.00 for rent or I would be evicted and he's no where to be found. I Know... call me stupid... I just dont want anyone else who was vulnerable like me to get screwed over by this creep. I am now evicted from my house and I am a single Mom of
It was the end of everything For both you and I The world that we knew Was now set to die But since that world brought me Nothing but pain I could care less that it Will never be the same But somehow that didn’t stop me From cling to fears Even as the day of ending Is drawing near So what’s a girl like me supposed To do tonight? When everything in the world Just seems to right I can hear the whispers come from The past again Everything we have I just never Want it to end I know that I must be brave For my own fate Because I know that love will never Just sit and wait While I sit here in the dark And begin to pray Wishing to the stars above That my love will stay I know that if I just Keep all my faith That our love will never Start to dissipate But it’s hard to remain So solid and true When the past begins to Sneak up on you But when the stars come out For the night My love for you will burn Just as bright Because there’s not much That I can do When there’
Painting The Stars
I am a professional painter in Upstate Ny, I have just finished painting the house of Stephen Lang. He is a Hollywood actor. He has a movie coming out w/ Johnny Depp in July. It's called Public Enemies.He is also in a new movie called Avatar. Look him up. His family just moved to Kinderhook, NY. How cool is that. I also painted the house of Dr. Shaw who operated on Christopher Reeves after his accident.
Holy Shit! It's Terror!
Woot! I'm back! :) To tell you the truth, I kinda forgot all about this site. Eh, it happens when you do nothing but work your life away. I've been up for a while so my mind isn't really working that well right now and even this NOS isn't helping that much. So yeah, no blog right now about my insane life. Just letting everyone (well the ones who care anyways) know that I'm alive. :D   Peace out.
As We Walk Along
Our toes go gently into the sandYou make me so happyAs you fill my heart with gleeI look for tomorrowFor I know you share my sorrowOne day soonYou will be back at my sideStanding there watching the tideI know we are meant to beBecause you love me!!
Afterlife-avenged Sevenfold
Like walking into a dream, so unlike what you've seen So unsure but it seems, cause weve been waiting for you Fallen into this place, just giving you a small taste Of your afterlife here so stay, you'll be back here soon anyway I see a distant light, but girl this can't be right Such a surreal place to see so how did this come to be Arrived too early And when I think of all the places I just don't belong I've come to grips with life and realize this is going too far I don't belong here, we gotta move on dear Escape from this afterlife Cause this time I'm right to move on and on Far away from here A place of hope and no pain, perfect skies with no rain Can leave this place but refrain, cause we've been waiting for you Fallen into this place, just giving you a small taste Of your afterlife here so stay, you'll be back here soon anyway This peace on earth's not right (with my back against the wall) No pain or sign of time (Im much too young to fall) So out of place don't wanna stay,
Playing With Myself On Cam
yeah fuckin right, I dont even have a cam   I'm bored, my cheekbone twiches, and my house looks like a tribe of gypsies was living here. Furghhhh
If you're tagged, you're tagged. If you're reading it, you're also tagged. Go. 1.You can ONLY answer Yes or No. 2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks. -- and believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming because nothing is exactly as it seems. Now, here's what you're supposed to do. . . Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag as many of your friends as you'd like to...make sure and tag the person who sent it to you as well ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- Kissed any one of your Facebook friends? --- no Been arrested? --- No Kissed someone you didn't like? --- no Slept in until 5 PM? --- Yes Fallen asleep at work/school? --- no Held a snake? --- Yes Ran a red light? --- Yes Been suspended from school? --- yes Experienced love at first sight? --- yes Totaled your car in an accident? --- No Been fired from a job? --- no Fired
Just To Bitch
Form The Fours And Eights In A Circle
Yesterday Martha and I both slept in since neither of us had to work.  A day off together usually doesn’t happen, so we make the most of it.  We woke up to 100% humidity outside and an average temperature of eighty-four; Martha remarked to me that she thought she was in Minot, not in Florida.  (The state of Florida’s where I grew up, and I thought I’d escaped humidity too!  I have mostly.)  And most of our day we spent outside because we had promised Sarah and Jeffrey a trip to the park; we found a great place across the river from where we live a few weeks ago that’s got great slides, swings, and is next to a fishing dock.  We also made plans to go to my nephew Brandon’s t-ball game that afternoon and had a few errands to run before – and it would turn out after – that.  We all needed the outside time to rest well, and we made sure to put on sun block! I asked while we were out after going to the park that we stop by my workplace because my b
My First Web Cam Pics..dec.2006
Dan Huff - Im A Believer
Bad News
i just lost my favorite  son carl dennis banghart he died in may 23 and i just found out on the i net   my own family ex wife didnot notiify me  im sorr angry and so very sad over my loss im at witts endtrying to figure out how  he dide i ask all my freinds and fans to make a donation to thier nearby womens  shelter thank ya all  may God bless ya all  so if ya will i need all ya love and support to help me get thru this  benjamin
Mother F"er
i'm so sick of games!! why can't i find someone that is just f'in normal?????
I have noticed that, we as a society, have become anti-social. I was walking to my college class today and saw every one of my classmates on some sort of phone/PDA device, and not speaking a word to each other. Please talk to your friends when you see them, you never know when it will be your last opertunity.
You gave me this Made me give Your silver grin still sticking it in You have some machine soul machine Soul of Machine The longest kiss Feeling furniture days Drift madly to you Pollute my heart, Drain You have stolen me broken me stolen me broken me All your mental armor drags me down nothing hurts like your mouth Your loaded smiles and pretty just deserts Wish it all for you So much it never hurts You have soul machine Stolen me all your mental armor drags me down We can't breathe when we come around All your mental armor drags me down nothing hurts like your mouth We'd been missing long before never found our way home We'd been missing long before we will found our way You gave me this made give you have soul machine broken free all your mental armor drags me down we can't breathe when we come around all your mental armor drags me down nothing hurts like your mouth all your mental armor and your mouth...
Juggalo Family
Juggalo FamilyI dont care if you tant me or tease meI dont care if you use me and abuse meI always keep my hatchet up in the airI look around and see ninjas and ninjalettes everwereYou look around and dont see shitMy family of ninja and ninjalettes hide high and farI know that each and ever singel one of them will have my back when I fallWont leave me like your pussy ass friendSo juggalos and Juggalettes keep your hatchet raisedYour Faygo botttles filledAnd your blunts rolledNEVER EVER let thoses other hoes see ya die
Ur On My Heart Like A Tatto
Oh, oh, oh No matter what you say about loveI keep coming back for moreKeep my hand in the fireSooner or later, I'll get what I'm asking for No matter what you say about lifeI learn every time I bleedThat truth is a strangerSoul is in danger, I gotta let my spirit be free To admit that I'm wrongAnd then change my mindSorry but I have to move onAnd leave you behind [Chorus]I can't waste time so give it a momentI realize, nothing's brokenNo need to worry 'bout everything I've doneLive every second like it was my last oneDon't look back at a new directionI loved you once, needed protectionYou're still a part of everything I doYou're on my heart just like a tattoo (Just like a tattoo, I'll always have youI'll always have you, I'll always have you) I'm sick of playing all of these gamesIt's not about taking sidesWhen I looked in the mirror, didn't deliverIt hurt enough to think that I could Stop, admit that I'm wrongAnd then change my mindSorry but I gotta be strongAnd leave you be
Serve At Your Own Risk
Taken from We live in a militaristic society, where those who “serve” our country are lauded as “heroes” and “defenders of freedom,” when in reality, I fear that they're not only doing harm to freedom by obeying an oppressive and morally bereft system of beliefs, but they're buying into their own hype. That's dangerous. It’s dangerous because these people who join the military in order to “protect” freedom have placed on themselves something akin to a holy decree, much like the crusaders did in the 16th century. They believe that what they are doing is morally right, regardless of the consequences. They believe that what they’re being ordered to is the right thing to do for the country and for our freedom. I'm so tired of hearing about how soldiers who fight wars in modern times are fighting for my freedoms. Bullshit. My freedoms are not in danger from afar, they're more in danger from the p
I was talking to another coworker today about how things have been going down on my end. For a while at work, I wouldn't talk to anyone. I would just keep quiet. People could tell I was upset and kept asking me what was wrong but I wouldn't talk. That was about two months ago maybe? I've been slowly talking more at work, but yet a lot of stuff are on my mind. But anyways, I was telling her about the whole deal. I  was telling her when I had this long serious talk with Rich. During that talk, I was crying and explaing how I was feeling again and how I don' tthink things are working out and that I didn't want to be with him anymore. I told him that I couldn't see us starting a family or having any kids. And he got mad at me for that. How could he even want to bring children into the world with how the relationship has been so unhealthly? Yeah I want kids...but not in a time like this. She asked me how did Rich take it. He didn't cry, shed a tear or anything. He talked calmly and one th
Beach And Stuff
I woke up a little late than I planned to but I made it out to the beach still at a good time. I haven't ever gone to the beach all by myself but I had a good time. The first thing I did there was go on the beach of course. Took off my shoes and walked around the beach for a while. Tried to find some good sand dollars or any shells. Took some photos.. Then I went down town in Seaside. Did a bit of shopping and looking around. It's been years since I been down to Seaside Oregon. I grabbed some lunch at some pub place. I had half of a chicken salad cranberry sandwich and a cup of clam chowder. It was good. Bought 17 bucks worth of salt water taffy. Mmmm! Had a sample of fudge. They had some weird treat of Twinkies but they like dipped it in some type of candy to where it had different flavors. I took a picture of that. Went back to the beach and walked around for a while. Played in the water. Found some sand dollars and put them in my bag. Yay!! Spent a bit longer on the beach, doing
D.o.a. By Karma "lucky In Love" Stash Box Available Now!
D.O.A. by Karma Lucky In Love        
An Unsigned Contract
Like an unsigned contract, we don’t expect anything from each other.  It is an unsigned contract on the bottom of your feet.  It carries with it sand from other oceans, I carry on cleaning them and pretending I don’t notice.
Just For Fun
Tired of all of those surveys made up by high school kids? Have you ever kissed someone? Missed someone? Told someone you loved them? Drank alcohol? Here you have 39 questions for the people who are a little older... 1. What bill do you hate paying the most? my car payment.... its huge!!! UH!! 2. Where was the last place you had a romantic dinner? um... um... well, lets put it this way, its been awhile...... 3. What do you really want to be doing right now? soakin up the sun with my BFF laughing at stupid shit with no drama in sight anytime soon.... to much to ask? lol 4. How many colleges did you attend? i wish.... 5. Why did you choose the shirt that you have on right now? cuz its bedtime and i comfy in it lol 6. What are your thoughts on gas prices? Why complain, can't live without it right? 7. First thought when the alarm went off this morning? is it 630 already?? 8. Last thought before going to sleep last night? i dont remember lol 9. Do you miss being a child ? sometim
Every Body To Read This Please
1. Ovarian cancer What it is: Ovarian cancer is one of the most serious gynecologic cancers. It usually starts on the surface of the ovary. It is often not diagnosed until it's in the advanced stages. Symptoms: Ovarian cancer may not cause obvious symptoms in its early stages. As it progresses, symptoms may include pressure or fullness in the pelvis, abdominal bloating or changes in bowel habits (such as gas, constipation or diarrhea), and feeling very tired. Risk factors: Risk increases with age, especially around menopause. Other risks include having a family or personal history of ovarian cancer, never being pregnant and perhaps taking estrogen-only hormone therapy for many years to treat menopause symptoms. 2. Uterine or endometrial cancer What it is: Most uterine cancers start in the lining of the uterus (endometrium) after menopause. Those cells in the lining that grow out of control and invade the uterine tissue typically cause uterine cancer. Symptoms: Warning s
Requirements To Be A Faba Member
#1 Rate, Fan, Add ALL family members #2 read/repost FABA bulletins #3 show minimum MOD love as often as you can #4 nominate members who show you FABA love #5 get 10 nominations each month to remaine a FABA member #6 NO DRAMA #7 HAVE FUN   (FABA will only have 50 members at a time were a family not a social club LOL) i will add you to a list once we hit 50 members and once a member leaves or is removed i will check to see in order if u still wish to become a FABA member at that time)
Steal Across The Sky With Diamonds
This is probably the last book I will see published with the imprint “A Sci Fi Essential Book” and the specialty channel’s logo above it.  Two days ago the Sci Fi Channel changed its name to SyFy; they’re pronounced the same, but I wonder what possessed the marketing geniuses there and at NBC (SyFy’s owners) to change it that way.  I can’t say it’s bad, necessarily, but it’s got the effect of a seal playing a trombone – great that it can, but why should it?  The book I’m referring to, Nancy Kress’ “Steal Across The Sky” (ISBN 9780765319869), is one I can heartily recommend, and I didn’t need Sci Fi’s “essential” designation to check it out.  I liked the plot and once I finished the book last week got floored by its implications, for my faith (that’s a shock) as well as the fact it’s a good story, best because the main character aren’t and don’t act like “t
Have you ever dated someone more than twice your age? um no, I dont have daddy issues Have you ever "dined and dashed"? I prefer to eat and run Have you ever been cut off by a bartender because you were too drunk? no but i've been cut off by a dealer for being to cracked out Have you ever dated someone just because they had money? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA, um no Have you ever flirted with a cop to get out of a ticket? never gotten a ticket, so you tell me Have you ever gone on a first date with no underwear? My pimp said that's the way it's done. what? no? *shrugs* Do you treat attractive people better than others who aren't as attractive? no i treat all people equally bad Are you more comfortable with friends that are less attractive than you? no, that brings down my game Have you ever hated a job to the point that you tried to get fired? not consciously, but im pretty sure locking myself in my office and eating and talking on the phone all day was a cry for
Ensign: The Lord Hath Not Spoken By Me, Part 3
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3   AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                                            10 July 2009 “Now therefore, behold, the LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets, and the LORD hath spoken evil concerning thee.”  You could have heard a pin drop as Micaiah the prophet of the LORD was saying this, considering his audience.  Ahab the king of Israel and Jehoshaphat the king of Judah were on their thrones situated in the threshing floor of the gate to enter Samaria, Israel’s capital city, and four hundred prophets (“thy prophets” of 1 Kings 22:23, the opening verse today) have already told their king to go attack Ramoth-Gilead because his success is guaranteed. Guaranteed by the prophets?  No.  Guaranteed by the LORD?  Yes, to fail.  The LORD isn’t breakin
Electric God Is With Us On Our Sixth Wedding Anniversary
I hope I’m not too sacrilegious with today’s title, but I wanted to encompass all that’s going on.  First, to my readers on 360, this is the last blog entry you’ll see here.  I expect you know already that Yahoo is closing its popular site on Monday and a lot of people who’ve contacted me are avoiding the rush and moving their profiles to other sites.  Including Yahoo, ironically; they’ve opened Yahoo! Profiles there and so far I’m not impressed with it, so after today you may not see me there anymore.  But that’s OK; I’ve got places on Tagged, Fubar, and Multiply going strong (though only the latter two have my blogs ongoing).  I went to 360 and got all my blogs before November 19, 2006 – the day my Multiply blog begins – because to me they’re part diary and part record of life.  Our daughter Sarah was four months old when I started to write there … wow. Martha and I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary
Bound by silenceLost in the abyssInternal tortureThis pain I must endureTrapped behind your maskYou keep hidden your vile pastYour fake facadeYou didnt fool me for longI seen you in your worstIt was me that you hurtHow dare you sit there so proudWith you head in the cloudsYour fate is tied to meAnd your eternal blasphemyMy torture has come to an endAnd finally yours begins~~
My life is depressing. what should i do? there is no answer. there is no change. My state of being is sad. my world is long gone. where do i turn? where can i go? no one can answer. no one knows. my heart achs for that one special person. all i get is heatbreak. i try moving on. i try to forget. all i feel is sadness. My life is a world of sadness. a world of depressing memories.
Chretienne Point
HAUNTED LOUISIANA CHRETIENNE POINT ST. LANDRY PARISH, LOUISIANA   The house called Chretienne Point in Louisiana was once one of the finest plantation homes in the state and played host to colorful characters like the pirate Jean Lafitte. Restored today, this photo was taken in harder times. The haunting of Chretienne Point is perhaps one of the most tragic in Louisiana. It has all of the makings of the classic southern tale with money and murder, a beautiful mansion and a spirited lady.... who still haunts the house today. Felicite Chretienne was a fiery and capable woman and her ghost remains behind... watching over the house which owes its very existence to her memory. The tract of land upon which Chretienne Point stands was purchased from the Spaniards in 1800 by Hypolyte Chretienne, a French colonist, who built the house and started a cotton plantation. In the building of his wealth, he became friends with the notorious smuggler and pirate, J
I Smell Like Piss...
I really need to write more like I used to. It kept me thinking clearly and gave me a chance to look at the things that were bothering me as well as the projects I have done well on. So I need to write more for reflection on not only my personal life but my business life as well!   I just put in the movie Moulin Rouge. I have only seen this once about 6 years ago and I have owned the movie for two or three years as my ex girlfriend Leslie bought it for me as a gift. I assume she thought I would love it because of my appreciation for the cabaret and burlesque.   The movie has some pretty neat imagery but I remember hating the way they incorporated modern music into the score. I realize this isn't a traditional musical but that really fucked it up for me.   I'll see what I think of it now as an adult...   I'm an adult now and that cracks me up. I have no idea how people (and I guess by “people” I mean my Grandmother) allow me to live on my own. I am like a 5 ye
My Mental List Haha Im Labled...
so yea im labled with these mental problems i think its kinda funny but im on meds to control it and it works so here it goes names and deffs.       ADD/ADHD is a common behavioral disorder that affects an estimated 8% to 10% of school-age children. Boys are about three times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with it, though it's not yet understood why. Children with ADHD act without thinking, are hyperactive, and have trouble focusing. They may understand what's expected of them but have trouble following through because they can't sit still, pay attention, or attend to details. Extreme Mood Shifts Are the Hallmark of Bipolar Disorder People with bipolar disorder have 2 different mood extremes: "depression" and "mania." An episode of depression or mania can last for days, weeks, months, or, rarely, years. A person with untreated bipolar disorder may have more than 10 total episodes of depression and mania during his or her lifetime. Between episodes, you may have mild sy
The Tabernacle Is God's Offering
“And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, that they bring me an offering: of every man that giveth it willingly with his heart ye shall take my offering.”  Thirteen chapters in the book of Exodus are devoted to the design of the tabernacle where the LORD dwells among His people – not because He doesn’t have a place to live already (He’s not homeless) but for the children of Israel to know this is where He dwells among them.  The word “tabernacle” is a translation of the Hebrew word for dwelling place, and it’s also called a “sanctuary”, a word that in Hebrew shares a root with the word for being holy, designating that this is a place only the LORD can dwell in.  Anyone else has to come to Him there, and they’re meant to come as well as give willingly (per verse two) to build this place. Verse three begins a list (don’t be put off by its length) of precious metals, dyes, unbroken fa
Beef Short Ribs W/dry Rub And Homemade Salsa
Short ribs -are one of the most flavorful cuts of beef.  Not much needs to be done -just a dry rub made of salt, pepper, oregano, red pepper flakes, and a biy of crushed garlic, cooked over charcoal  Salsa from diced tomatoes, green onions, bell peppers, and oregano, pepper, salt, parsley, and red wine vinegar.  Its almost done -yay!! 
I'm Falling In Love With John Irving
One of my favorite movies when I was growing up was "The World According to Garp" with Robin Williams, Glenn Close, and John Lithgow.  It's a great movie, but I'm not sure what drew me to it as I really was too young to understand it.  In case you're not familiar with it, Robin Williams plays T.S. Garp, the son of a prominent feminist named Jenny Fields.  Garp wants to be a writer, but before he can ever write anything, his mother writes her autobiography which turns out to be a feminist hit.  He's forever living in her shadow. Anyway, I finally decided to read the book by John Irving.  Although the movie is one of my favorites, it doesn't do the book justice.  The evolution of Garp's character is one of the most complex and moving I've ever read.  You really can't stand him throughout most of the book.  He pisses people off to no end, he cheats on his wife, he has little sympathy for anyone.  But as the book goes on you see (or can imagine) him growing and becoming a more complete pe
Michael Jackson-they Don't Care About Us
This is the song that I can relate to right now.  I'm in a pissed off mood. Michael Jackson-They Don't Care About Us Skin head, dead headEverybody gone badSituation, aggravationEverybody allegationIn the suite, on the newsEverybody dog foodBang bang, shot deadEverybody's gone madAll I wanna say is thatThey don't really care about usAll I wanna say is thatThey don't really care about usBeat me, hate meYou can never break meWill me, thrill meYou can never kill meJew me, sue meEverybody do meKick me, kike meDon't you black or white meAll I wanna say is thatThey don't really care about usAll I wanna say is thatThey don't really care about usTell me what has become of my lifeI have a wife and two children who love meI am the victim of police brutality, nowI'm tired of bein' the victim of hateYou're rapin' me of my prideOh, for God's sakeI look to heaven to fulfill its prophecy...Set me freeSkin head, dead headEverybody gone badtrepidation, speculationEverybody allegationIn the suite, on t
The Replacements
I am reminded of a by line Bob "cat" Golthwieght "I lost my job the other day, well I didnt really lose it, but everytime I go there, theres this other guy there, and I dont even know his name." It amazes me how quickly we all can be replaced from our jobs, from friends, from relationships, and from daily routines. What once was tradition is know a picture with the words "insert face here". And it is all done without any reguard in the slightest for the one being replaced and is accepted by everyone from friends and loved ones. (those we thought were loved ones.) It starts slowly, a little moment here and a little moment there, replacing the memories with the newest of characters until your in a sitcom like bewitched....which darren was darren? In the end, no one knows and no one cares. It is the nature of things, but it still sucks.
Oohhh Baby
So should I go workout like I'm supposed to, or sit around talkin to my lil fave delinquents on here? furckkkkk
Fuck That !!
what'z up nigga? im jus toleratein a bunch of niggaz motherfuckerz plotin on a nigga their a fuckin bitch nigga! make sure you bring it Pac Hey yo Pac ! do that shit westside style! an make sure you bring that real shit ! HEY YO PAC!! You heard it wrong nigga, there ain't nothing sweetabout my techniQueI have you checkin for my breathless quotes! I wrote deadlyMy history so thoroughly involves destructiOnniggaz left with their ass bleeding lyrical fuckingopen upFirst to bust! let me see your heartTurn the lights down because I might clown in the darkWhen I Check in the heartz of Men what do we find??Niggaz watching for my pockets planning plots on mineAm I Blind? Let My Rhymes speak!For Me In History a Legend You cant find meDon Makaveli bitch*! bow down to deathrowFuck What You Say! We Are UntouchableNow that we done shook Dr. dreHe aint made a beat in 6 yearsswear he's the shitwon't get no record sales sucking on Nas's dickLet Me get my preach on niggadrop the beat I get my freak ont
What My Name Says About Me
You Are Dreamy and Distracted You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic "Type A" personality.You are a seeker. You often find yourself restless - and you have a lot of questions about life.You tend to travel often, to fairly random locations. You're most comfortable when you're far away from home.You are quite passionate and easily tempted. Your impulses sometimes get you into trouble.You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily.Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.You tend to be pretty tigh
Are You Cereal??
Sooo...   I was too lazy to wash cereal bowls after each meal, so now I havea nice collection of 6 in my sink. The question is:   the cereal dried, and now its like a fuckin cynder block. WTF??! I let it sock, but its still like a rock. OMG
Broken Dreams
All I gave you were nothing but good dreams and all you gave me were nightmares!  
Eliza Is Merely A Program
Intensive googling - the only kind I do - dredged up the information regarding a simulation conversation program named ELIZA... (MOVE YER BLOOMIN ARSE!!). You will find her charming. You will find her caring. You will find her empathetic. You will find her on your wavelength, no matter what length it is. MY DICK IS HUGE (you say) How huge is your dick (Eliza inquires) OMG YER LIKE THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS, OH AND IT IS 10 INCHES (you moan in lust and lies) A girl would have to be a dream to believe your dick was 10 inches (I remove the programming and answer from my own mind). Your fantasy is crushed, but oh well. Now lets move on to the Cuckoo Bird. But first I have some things to do.  More later... (hours latah... - said in the voice of the Spongebob Squarepants narrator)
Fucked Over!
This shit is pissin me off, if you wanna be with us then so be it don't SB me/email unless your for REAL... I'm sick of all the LIES, I'm about ready to say the hell with it all an forget about trying to find someone!
Live Auction & Prize Drawing In Purple Magik Tonight
Come & Hang Out With Us At!! We have friendly people, good music, and live auction! So come on in and start to have some fun and make some new friends! We Are Having A Live Auction: In Purple Magik July 31st, 2009 @ 8:00 PM Fu-Time If You Want To Join The Auction Just Click On The Pic Below: We will also be holding a drawing, Prizes will be: (3) 1 credit blings (2) Ticker (1) 1 Mil (2) 500k (2) 250k (2) 200k YOU MUST BE PRESENT FOR DRAWING & A MEMBER OF THE LOUNGE YOU MUST AGREE TO THE RULES ABOVE & CLICK THE PIC ABOVE TO POST YOUR OFFERS & YOU WILL BE SOLD AS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED STARTING AT BOTTOM GOING UP Any questions pm/sb any Purple Magik staff member. Thank you. So come on in and start to have some fun and make some new friends!
The Invitation
Pardon me but I must voice myself.  I’m enjoying our friendship, but today I demand a little more.  I have always been sincere with you and I speak what I feel.  I will be bold at the risk of a slap. Pay attention if you like sex.  I am inviting you to an adventure that you won’t regret.  I will bring protection; you just bring your body. I want to use you from Friday through Sunday.  No, no, no, I don’t want to talk about love, let’s talk about what turns you on and your favorite position.  I will be your teacher and my house your school.  Be good and learn new things. Mmm, you have such a beautiful body, come here and lay it on my bed!  Your wish is my command as I begin to caress.  You don’t worry about the time forget about the clock.  Turn off your cell phone, please don’t ruin the occasion.   We are mature and this is not a crime.  If they accuse us of anything, just laugh quietly and I will do the same.   Last night I had a dream,
-p • I • S • C • E • S: The Piece Of Good Ass
Once you have opened this bulletin, there's no turning back! Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictions;Read your sign, then repost this in a newbulletin with your zodiac sign and label;If u don't repost this, u will have bad luck for as long as it says in your description :)-S • C • O • R • P • I • O: The badassCan be mean sometimes, and will Probably knock your ass out, if crossed the wrong way!! EXTREMELY Sexy,passionate, Intelligent,knows how to have a great time, Energetic,one of a kind, Predict future, Most erotic, the BEST and BIGGEST Freak in bed, GREAT kisser, knows how get what they want, Creative, Very Down to Earth, Sexy, Attractive, Easy going,knows how to have fun,knows how to make people laugh,FEISTY, Loves being in long relationships,frisky, unique,complicated,simple,not very hard to please,appreciates the little things in life, The sexiest ever; Romantic, Caring &
My New Owner
I HAVE A NEW OWNER   Come meet him and show him some love he deserves it.You know how it goes rate,fan,add,bling him. Not only has he been a great owner but he always kept my spirits up over the last week when ive been sick.
A girl asked a boy "Do you think i'm pretty?" He said "No" "Do you wnat to be with me forever?" He said "No" "Would you cry if I left?" He said "No" She had heard enough, as she walked away with tears running down her face, the boy grabbed her arm and said   "You're not pretty, you're beautiful, I don't want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever, and I wouldn't cry ifyou walked away........I would die"
Lucky Charms
So I was sitting around, just now, observing my environment. Doing a sort of Jane Goodall - but I am the chimp AND the good Doctor. I shall begin taking notes: +++++++++ Subject Amma appears to be a humanish woman who would be very good at being the teapot and singing I AM A LITTLE TEAPOT, SHORT AND STOUT, HERE IS MY HANDLE, HERE IS MY SPOUT, WHEN I GET ALL STEAMED UP HEAR ME SHOUT, THEN TIP ME OVER AND POUR ME OUT! Markings of note are a jagged scar that runs across the palm of her right hand, obviously the remenents of her inability to believe that a barking dog is not always saying COME PET ME! - Yes, it appears that there was a time when her optimisim and love of animals was stronger than her knowledge of defensive and aggressive postures. She also appears to have prominently displayed tribal markings. The tribe could be the rarely seen peoples and creatures of the land of ICANCOMEBACKWITHLOVE. Ancient lore holds that the tribe ascribes to the power of lyrical language, imager
Controvercial Survey, Stolen From Someone On Myspace
Would you kill a child if it meant saving your own life?Depends if it was some annoying cunt runt or notWould you steal from an elderly person?A drug dealer? Yes Otherwise, nahIf the only way to save yourself was to kill your family, would you?NopesDo you believe in evolution?Stupid people STILL haven't evolved, so yesDo you believe in god?Yeah, he is one selfish bastardDo you know what the war in Iraq is about?My assIs a female president a bad idea?As long as she doesnt drive an SUVYou caught your child smoking pot/doing drugs.How would you punishhim?I dont have kids, so...Your thoughts on gay marriage?Make em suffer tooIs abortion morally permissable?The world is overpopulated as it is. Kill the lil suckersShould you have to dress for church?Church? Whats church?Do you?NoWhy?I'm a JewIs it a sin to have premarital sex?I'll burn in hell if so   Is god a man or woman?a dogDo you think god truly cares for his children, that is, if he exists?He laughs at themWhat if the government has
Usama..may Hide But Not Escape.....
   Imagine if we had assassinated Usama bin Laden in 1995. No September 11. No Afghanistan War. No Iraq War.  Without Usama bin Laden, the world  be an infinitely better and safer place today. That's the equivalent of what happened in Pakistan this week. An American drone aircraft wasted Pakistan's Usama-in-Waiting, Baitullah Mehsud in South Waziristan. Mehsud was one of the nastiest characters on the planet. He is thought to be behind Benazir Bhutto's assassination in 2007. He was the mastermind of  the wave of suicide bombings in Pakistani cities. He was the godfather of a new type of suicide bomber -- young children under the age of ten who he had strapped with explosives and sent out on suicide missions. He was the leader of the Pakistani Taliban, and closely associated with Al Qaeda and their host and collaborator.  He was bent on bringing down the Islamabad government. To give you some idea of what Mr. Mehsud's fondest thoughts were, how's this sound:  "We want to era
Just Thoughts...
a smart man once said, as he was preaching to a group of people, aka believers with hope,aka lovers who've been hurt..... that life is like chapters in a book, some characters from a chapter disappear, and others last through out the whole book.......... some bridges were meant to be burned, nothing last forever, and by saying forever, its a promise, and you know you can't keep it. for you can't say never, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. the world is magical and it bound to create some crazy things. you can try to hold onto what’s broken for fear of losing something, or you can be brave and learn that it isn't everything. People aren't possessions or material things. They are born with a heart and feelings. And for you to treat a person worse than you would treat your sneakers is inhumane and how low will you stoop to have what you want? some people will do anything to have control.. and you have to look at people and the situations like you would gas in a car..
I was just wondering.Are there any Guys out-there that are:Between ages of 25 and 35 years old !Between 5'0" inches and 6'9" inches Tall !Between 125 lbs and 205 lbs  !Are natural Red-Head, Blond, or Brunet.Either White, Mexican, or Pacific-islander.Body-Type Slim, Thin, Fit and/or In-Shape.DRINKS-socially and like to sit and talk.Listens to Alturnative, Rock, Techno or Punk-Rock music.Is ( Not ) a hateful Jack-Ass.lives with-in 10 miles of my location... lol... No-Drinking-&-Driving.Girlfriends are always welcomed to tag-along.I just need a drinking buddy that fits (Matches) the info above.   My good friends moved and or PCS-ed, lol
Ensign: Back To School
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 14 August 2009   A month from yesterday, my church’s Sunday school program is starting again.  At first when I moved to North Dakota, I was a little thrown that Sunday school didn’t stretch through the summer and area churches as a rule reduce their number of services (in more ways than one); it gave me the first impression that God and people’s want to meet Him takes a summer vacation too.  He does rest – in fact, at creation the LORD set aside the seventh day for that – but He doesn’t slumber or sleep (Genesis 2:2 and Psalm 121:4); I would say that’s becoming un-alert to what’s going on.  Alas, you and I are designed to require rest, slumber, and sleep.  A month from yesterday will also be the day our daughter Sarah starts Sunday school, and we&
Food For Thought!!
1 I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.2 Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.3 I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather.. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.4 The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list.5 Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. "Yes" is the answer.6 Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake a whole relationship.7 We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police.8 Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand.9 We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.10 Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.11 Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.12 War does not determine who i
for just a smile,i would go that extra mile,for the one that would luv me,i wouldnt want any1 to see,what i am inside and out,for that special luv i would want to shout,i dont want no other,like the one i want to smother,with all my luv and time,the one that i would spen all my time,with so,they knw they r the only one,that i want to talk to until the sun,comes up in the sky,the one i would never lie,to when push comes to shove,i will fight to show my love,i will show him i will always be around,i am easily found,i will always try to make him feel like the only man that means the world to me!~meow~
A Slight Detour With Willie Pete
A slight Detour with Willie PeteOrMy Travels with Willie Pete   "I Know a Cat Named Way Out Willie" -Eric Clapton Now, a lot of people have been writing me, and all three have been brave enough to comment, on my last few posts. Still, even I get bored of the state of politics on occasion, so lets take a slight detour. It seems, that people here at Fubar seem to like my flights into the past, and my stories about my travels. They are all true, and if you like this little story, then please give the rest of my "slight detour" stories a try. Again, everything that happened is true, and for those of you who write me wondering where I "get my hate", or where I developed my "racist hate filled slant" (sic), then please read my "slight detour" stories, it will answer your questions better than anything I could tell you. Now, for those of you smart enough to read thru my "Archie Bunker rants", and can read the real meaning behind them...well, then, I thank you for reading my "sl
When In Sheep Town With The Herd !!!!!
So,since people have been putting those fancy "acronyms" in their screen names ,i have thought thought up a couple that "WE"the mummers can use in ours . RMA which = "regular mumming asshole" or RMM which = "regular motherfucking mummer " (feel free to put it in your screen name if you want lol i know i am going to :O:O)
Amp/dew Girls
I am trying to find 10 hot girls to become amp/dew girls! anyone interested just let me know! all I need is a sexy sfw pic of u with either a dew or amp or both if u want!
A Nonlinear Model Of Viral Propagation
This morning, Martha got out of bed before I did.  That’s unusual for my wife unless she has a compelling reason that the kids, barring some life-threatening event, don’t seem to provide.  But that’s unfair to her, I have to watch that; this morning she woke up around two because Jeffrey was crying out and woke me around five fifteen for the same reason.  When I went upstairs half-hazy and half-ready, Jeffrey was crying out for no discernible reason I could half-see, so I held him close for a few minutes and then set him back in his bed.  Before I was going to leave, Jeffrey asked me to “get me [a] toy” and since I didn’t see any stuffed animals in bed with him and didn’t insist on manners THAT early, I got him one off the dresser he and Sarah currently share in his room.  I got back in bed and Martha woke up at seven and got in an hour working out at Anytime Fitness downtown. She’d won a free one-month membership to Anytime Fitness at o
Been Fun....gotta Go
well being here on the's been fun but it is time for me to move on. I have made some amazing friends on here and I will miss several but the ones that I love the most...well we have yahoo and the phone. thanks to all who helped me through your kind words and messages while I went through my battle with breast cancer. I am on the final 'leg' of the battle.  I had some reconstrutctive surgery in June and will have the final surgery in a few months.  Your thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.  I will miss you all dearly and pray only the best for everyone I know on here.  I am waiting a couple of days so everyone will see this blog (in case anyone really cares)....I don't want to just 'drop off the face of the Earth' and delete my page without anyone knowing how I feel.   much love and many ~smooches~ to all....... ~~smooches~~

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