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bored as hell....kinda wondering what some certain ppl are doing. just been so out of it today. need some help focusing on whats really important in life. hit me up ppl.
i hate this i come on and for the firrst tie i dont get any hits. bullshit lol
Bored. Stolen From Per.
What was the highlight of your day? Still waiting for it. Who has texted you today? No one. Besides your mouth, where is your favorite spot to get kissed? The nape of my neck. How did you feel when you woke up? Good. Name something great that happened Friday? My mother was approved for an assisted living apartment. When was the last time you saw your father? He died on August 29, 1999. :( Do you like your life as of now? Pretty much. Do you wish someone would call or text you right now? Maybe. Do you regret doing something in the past week? Yes. Have you ever been kissed by a person that's name starts with J? Of course. Do you drink coffee? Yes. Do you crack your knuckles? No. What were you doing 20 minutes ago? Starting Dinner. Does anyone call you babe or baby? Not really. Last thing you drank? Juice. What were you doing yesterday at midnight? Fu. What can't you wait for? Seeing Justin and Blake. Last text message
Bored.. From Sherry & Per
What was the highlight of your day? getting an appointment for my oncology consultation Who has texted you today? Sirvalor Besides your mouth, where is your favorite spot to get kissed? My neck (it's even better than my mouth usually) How did you feel when you woke up? crappy Name something great that happened Friday? I got drunk and sang on rockband. When was the last time you saw your father? Must be 4 or 5 years ago.. i don't think he's met my son. Do you like your life as of now? Not the last few months Do you wish someone would call or text you right now? Yes Do you regret doing something in the past week? Yes. Have you ever been kissed by a person that's name starts with J? Yes Do you drink coffee? No Do you crack your knuckles? No. What were you doing 20 minutes ago? Showering Does anyone call you babe or baby? Not really Last thing you drank? Coke What were you doing yesterday at midnight? sleeping What can't you
Bored As Fuck
I'm really TRYING to get into the MuMMs tonight, but so far, they really suck shit. Yeah, I know there's other shit I should be doing, but I don't wanna'... The MuMMs were pretty mellow, then in 1, this dumb bitch just went off on another mummer, UNPROVOKED...I had to laugh, poor bitch never spoke again. Although labels are lame, like it or not, they exist. Going off on a "regular" mummer, is like walkin' into a prison yard, unarmed. LMFAO! Hm. As childish as it may be to get a kick out of it, the comraderie (sp?) the MuMMs/Mummers show each killer. Don't deny it, people, the MuMMs are ADDICTIVE motherfuckers! And whether the "regs" are personal acquaintances or not, they DO tend to band together when shit goes down. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's just the internet, but sometimes it gets personal. Luckily for me, I divulve VERY LITTLE to VERY FEW, here. The way I figure, if shit goes awry, I'm not supplyin' the fuckin' ammunition, yo. Saw some heavy drama a week or so
Well really I am just bored and messing around on the site..
Bored Fill This Out...
1. Who are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. How have I affected you? 5. What do you think of me? 6. What's the fondest memory you have of me? 7. How long do you think we will be friends? 8. Do you love me? 9. Do you have a crush on me? 10. Would you kiss me? 11. Would you hug me? 12. Physically, what stands out? 13. Emotionally, what stands out? 14. Do you wish I was cooler? 15. On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I? 16. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 17. Am I loveable? 18. How long have you known me? 19. Describe me in one word. 20. What was your first impression? 21. Do you still think that way about me now? 22. What do you think my weakness is? 23. Do you think I'll get married? 24. What makes me happy? 25. What makes me sad? 26. What reminds you of me? 27. If you could give me anything what would it be? 28. How well do you know me? 29. When's the last time you sa
Bored Bored Bored Bored
Hey anyone who reads this, as it says I am bored. If anyone feels like it message me on yahoo at eayrik21 make the day interesting lol, later "Eayrik"
Boredom Has Struck
I finished my homework that is due Monday. I can't do my lesson plan because somehow I was left off the professor's email list. Therefore, I'm the only person who didn't get the email with the attachment. I've been working on my study guide for my final on Tuesday all week. I'm burnt out. I want to go do something. But I have nowhere to go and no one to go with. I'm a pretty independent person, but I cannot go to bars or movies by myself. And even though I've done it before, I really don't like going to nice sit down restaurants by myself. Ugh. Someone entertain me or give me some ideas. Right now all I can think of is going to the 24 hour Wal-Mart. :|
As the time passes so do we another place another time they see with us gone the world still turns in their eyes our memories we burn trees fall buildings crumble water turns to ash but all that waz there is just now in the past forever we all strive to hold on but again our world is gone it might seem like where all here but to them its just another tear for we are all just memories in the past and for now i must finish and leave u at last
I'm bored. I'm not sleepy or ready for bed yet. Someone wanna entertain me, please? :) By the way, I hate my new haircut. But I guess I better get over it. I'm stuck with it for a little while. So how is everyone else?
so bored.. any suggestions on how to not be?
imikimi - Customize Your World Told ya they was sexy...
Name and middle name? Regina..... the rest u don't need 2 know What holiday is your birthday closest to? Thanksgiving Favorite flavored Pie? Apple Does it bother you when someone says they will call you and they dont? Sometimes Are you allergic to anything? Bullshit Is there something special you want for Christmas? Laptop When was the last time you went swimming? This summer Do you like cheesecake? Yeah Have you traveled outside the country? Nope Do you keep a planner or calendar with daily events? Nope. I'm unorganzied. I just go with the flow Does anyone love you? Yea. Me Do you have any strange pets? My cat is a very strange pet. Lol What is your dream car? A donkey What did you do today? In bed sick Are you bipolar? No. Well, not diagnosed yet. LOL What is the main ringtone on your cell?
Name and middle name? Regina..... the rest u don't need 2 know What holiday is your birthday closest to? Thanksgiving Favorite flavored Pie? Apple Does it bother you when someone says they will call you and they dont? Sometimes Are you allergic to anything? Bullshit Is there something special you want for Christmas? Laptop When was the last time you went swimming? This summer Do you like cheesecake? Yeah Have you traveled outside the country? Nope Do you keep a planner or calendar with daily events? Nope. I'm unorganzied. I just go with the flow Does anyone love you? Yea. Me Do you have any strange pets? My cat is a very strange pet. Lol What is your dream car? A donkey What did you do today? In bed sick Are you bipolar? No. Well, not diagnosed yet. LOL What is the main ringtone on your cell?
What kind of psyschotic killer are you?SatanYou are the prince of darkness himself. You are the author of all evil. You destroy life with the wink of an eye. You perfer to kill the guilty, to build your legion of evil in hell. You kill people by making their desires turn against them. After you break their spirit you take their souls.How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
It's Saturday and I'm at work, yuck. . . I'm super bored. . . I've taken some pics to add to my profile... keep in mind I'M BORED and I'm at work....
I am crazy.. I am cool... But I am a fool... LOL
well im sitting here outside of hashville n semi truck bored as hell waiting on my load out of here 2 hopefully somewhere warm and not anywhere 2 freeze my bum off.
im bored in my room and need some of ur lovin girl
Bored (semi Copied From Cell Fone)
Call my verses cooked crack, cuz these are heat rock I make/ listening to them over & over will brainwash & intoxicate/ the hood rappin non boarder, but these blocks I skate/ handin out my cds, the true definition of "drop some weight"/ half'll keep it, half'll throw it away, no worries, I love to cop the hate/ but rest assured if you threw it away I will plot ya fate/ I'm that rapper you should be listening to, there's not too much on ya plate/ Mike Jones flow, call me up, 702-232-2438/ I said, Mike Jones flow, call me up, 702-232-2438/ Nahh I don't gotta stoop to that level, cuz this kid is fire/ Unsigned artist lookin for someone to show me the money like Jerry Maguire/ but they only grab artists these days that rarely inspire/ I'm the typea dude that'll make ya retire/ go back to your small town and rejoin the church choir/ & I won't stop til I'm the king of this whole empire//
Bored, Thought I'd Steal This From Ms.heather
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? bedroom 2. Your significant other? away 3. Your hair? long 4. Your mother? home 5. Your father? dead 6. Your favorite thing? love 7. Your dream last night? forgotten 8. Your favorite drink? coffee 9. Your dream/goal? wealth 10. The room you're in? office 11. Music? silent 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? fulfilled 16. Muffins? pass 17. One of your wish list items? land 18. Where you grew up? west 19. The last thing you did? this 20. What are you wearing? clothes 21. TV? off 22. Your pets? two 23. Your computer? friends 24. Your life? paused 25. Your mood? calm 26. Missing someone? yes 27. Favorite Store? none 30. Your summer? fun 31. Like someone? love 32. Your favorite color? purple 33. When is the last time you laughed? yesterday 34. Last tim
Bored Lol
A - Available - maybe B - Best Friend - Samantha C - Crush - cant tell you D - Dad's Name - John E - Easiest Person To Talk To - my mommy F - Favorite Band - 18visions G - Gummy Bears Or Worms - both H - Hometown - Tracy/Maui Hawaii I - Instrument - none but drums J - Job - car Auction K - Kids - NONE L - Longest Car Ride - San Deigo bc Vegas got there in 7hours when it should have been 10 to 13 haha M - Milk Flavor - chocolate but i cant have milk N - Number Of Siblings - none but 3 step.. and then my 3 best guy friends O - One Wish - cant say or it wont come true P - Phobias - fear Q - Favorite Quote - go big or go home R - Reason To Smile - this guy and the fact my mommy is still alive S - Song You Last Heard - P!NKS sober T - Time You Woke Up - 830am U - Unknown Fact About Me - i do cry but i hide it from people V - Vegetable - ooh to many to name W - Worst Habits - dying my hair to much haha X - X-Rays You've Had - arm BMX accident haha and my chest for ino
Bored..done A Questionaire
The Ultimate SEX Survey by game_gurl69 Do you like it rough or sensual?: both Do you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?: opposite How often do you like to have sex?: 3 to 4 x week Is sex a top priority for you?: no, but I like it Do you have sex face to face with your partner?: yes How often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?: I don't How do you feel about one night stands?: not my style How many one night stands have you had?: none What's your favorite position?: like them all Where's your favorite place to have sex?: public Do you prefer to make love or f*uck?: love Have you ever watched porn while having sex?: yes How long do you usually fore-play b4 doing the deed?: 30-minutes Do you get off first or do they?: equal Do you like kissing during sex?: most definately Do you moan? If so, are you loud or quite?: yes.. middle range Do you prefer your partner to be loud or quite?: verbal but not
Just sitting at home bored, figured i'd tell you all a little about me. I've been married for 7mths. I have two beautiful daughters from a different relationship, and my husband and i are expecting our first one. I'm going to have a little boy. I am so happy about that. My girls are happy about their little brother too. My husband I'm sure you all know is extremely happy about that. Esp. since its his first 1. I'm working as a prep cook and thats all there is to my life really
Boredom Explained..i Feel Much Better Lol
This is a period of sudden awakenings that can lead to greater independence and personal freedom, more authentic self-expression, and living your life more on your own terms. You may have to take a stand, in a way that is controversial or sets you apart from the crowd. It is expected to have a direct confrontation with some one closer. If single, then you can find this week somewhat slow in finding a suitable partner for you. If you are married, attunement to, and appreciation of, the physical world of the senses is the focus, and this is a time to start fresh in terms of how you arrange your life in order to feel a sense of value and worthiness. If your desires are not fulfilled according to your feelings may lead to frustration turning into confrontations. It is suggested to control over your running high energy this time. Activities surrounding children will make you busy some time. You will not feel equal to their thoughts. It is time to exercise gentle attitude with them.
Bored Out Of My Mind
I'm so bored. I just got home and I have to make up my bed. I also have to at some point go shopping for my oldest a birthday present or presents. I have no clue what to get him. He doesn't really ask for anything. Oh, and I need to get him a backpack..I kind of broke the one he has. Ugh. I'm guessing I should go do the bed thing now and worry about the other stuff a little later.
did you know that when ppl talk all the time they usually put their foot in their mouth, but you know sometime when i hear this it makes me wanna put something else in their mouth !!!!haha if you know what i mean.....time and time again i just sit around and write crazy stuff in a notebook , but now i am typing on this damn computer...... thinking about alot of things that confuse me.......AUBURN FOOTBALL WTF? here there whats the deal ? the CUBS? as a matter of fact do you know what the cubs and auburn have in common? CANT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP....but they also both have new great coach too Chiznutts and Panellhoe!!! SO WE WILL SAY WE HAVE A CHANCE!!!! UNTIL WE SAY WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!
1. How old will you be in 5 years? 34 2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? Myself... 3. How tall are you? 5'3 4. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks? Going on a weekend vacation. I need it. 5. What's the last movie you saw? I don't remember 6. Who was the last person you called? My Mom 7. Who was the last person to call you? Daniel, from work 8. What was the last text message you received? Nate telling me he was trying to get back online 9. Who was the last person to leave you a voicemail? Some stupid 1-800 number. 10. Do you prefer to call or text? Depends, more often..text 11. What were you doing at 12am last night? Trying to stay awake, lol 12. Are your parents married/separated/divorced? divorced 13. When is the last time you saw your mom? A few seconds ago...she's in the same room as me 14. What color are your eyes? They change. 15. Do you own slippers? No,
What bring​s out the worst​ in you? Whores What'​​s a fact about​ the last perso​n who texte​d you? I love him, so much! How many frien​ds do you have that don'​​t smoke​?​​ prob like 1 lol The last time you fell down the stair​s,​​where​ were they leadi​ng to? umm the ground lol damn muscle relaxers When'​​s the last time you vacuu​med your room? DAmn.. I dont remember lol Where​ were you last night​?​​ his house¢¾ then my house =( First​ perso​n to text you today​?​​ my love Do you like funny​ peopl​e or serio​us peopl​e?​​ both What were you doing​ at midni​ght last night​?​​ Sleeping Hones​tly,​​ whats​ on your mind right​ now? him What do you think​ your numbe̴
Bored Randomness Of Friends
well i have nothing better to do than write. im just bored and need something to occupy myself. Well in the last couple of weeks alot has happened. I rejoined fubar for one. I was on here like a year or two ago when this used to be cherry tap. Ive met alot of nice people although i have to say some of you guys are perverts lmao who am i kidding we all are in one way or another. Next on my list is friends, dont always trust them. Even if youve known them for 10 years or more cause they can still stab you in the back anyways and these people know who they are they just dont know i know yet. But why bother fighting them about it they will still just lie to my face weither i have proof or not so whatever like i said im done with the bullshit we arent in high school anymore so lets act like it. id say more but the people that are involved in this stuff are on fubar and i dont really want to cause problems. But i do wish they would comfront me about it so we can talk and get shit takin care
Well i havent been on here in like a million years. I am lying in bed cant sleep all the while my freakin neighbors are having sex and bang on the wall and moving my bed. I really want to hit the wall back just to see what they would to cause i am so tired of hearing there shit. i should be able to have my bed on any wall and not hear their nasty asses. I cant wait till my mp friend comes home from deployment so that i can call him to come knock on their do cause they being to loud.. but i am closing i hate bitching to much i will write more later.
Bored Looking For Friends
We are bored and looking to make new friends. hoping to meet differnt people through fubar.
I have to start getting ready for work in about 40 minutes and I'm bored out of my mind. Keep me company?
I hate being bored. What does the average joe realy do in life to get unbored? All I do is play WoW and that seams not working good enough for me. I am just 26 years old and am tired of life as we speak. I wish life was more fun. I hate to put that out there but I am. Life sucks for me.
I fuck you because you're famous. I fuck you for your money. I fuck you to control you. I fuck you so someday I can have half of everything you own. I fuck you to fuck you over. I fuck you 'til I find someone better. I fuck you in secret. I fuck you because I can't remember if I already fucked you before. I fuck you out of boredom. I fuck you because I can't feel it anyway. I fuck you to make the pain go away. Fuck you because I loved you Fuck you for loving you too I don't need a reason to hate you the way I do. Fuck you because I loved you Fuck you for loving you too I don't need a reason to hate you the way I do. HATE YOU THE WAY I DO. I fuck you so I can feel something instead of nothing at all. I fuck you because you're beautiful. I fuck you because I am your whore. I fuck you because you are a whore. I fuck you for fun. I fuck you for fun. I fuck you because I can. I fuck you so I have a place to stay. I fuck you so you will protect me. Fuck
Bored? Mid-life Crisis? Depressed?
I am 19 years old and a Psychology major. Though this rough draft idea paper… and blog is more of a Clinical Psychology paper, it is for one of my Psychology classes. I am a Forensic Psychology major, which is the same thing as a Criminal Psychologist. Upon debating one day with my professor on how to treat depression, he challenged me to a MLA Essay. I have been pondering out my ideas in my head and on paper, and the basic idea of this is how to treat an average man, woman, and/or couple going through a “mid-life crisis”. Someone or a couple who has recently or for a while been unhappy, bored, depressed, etc. I do not believe that a lot of times a “pill” is an answer. If a patient gets testing has a chemical in-balances, of course, I believe that to be logical to help. I also, believe that pills are just given to be given from what I have heard from my friends, acquaintances, family, and others who are on anti-depressants. I am nowhere near being a doctor, but I am well on my w
bored home on saturday night. ill chat on performerspot or yahoo. anyone watching a good movie?
Well, things are goin good. I truly dont think about the sperm donor any more. And the only thing that does bother me about him is that he isnt havin ne thing to do with his kids. Ummm...Im lookin for a job while still tryin 2 get my Mom outa my house. Ummm...As far as my personal life? The jury is out on that one right. Well see whats goin on with that. There is someone I like but... lets just leave it at that...
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: Sherry 2. A four letter word: Star 3. A boy's name: Steven 4. A girl's name: Sheila 5. An occupation: Scientist 6. A colour: Salmon 7. Something you wear: Shirt 8. A food: Snapper 9. Something found in the bathroom: Soap 10. A place: Savannah 11. A reason for being late: Sleep 12. Something you shout: Shoot! 13. A movie title: She's Just Not That Into You. 14. Something you drink: Sweet tea 15. A musical group: Smashing Pumpkins 16. An animal: Sloth 17. A street name: Spring 18. A type of car: Saturn
Bored,... Bored Bored Bored Bored.
So today is Saturday, ok well now it is Sunday and I am sitting here.... you guessed it bored! wtf? I guess it is raining cats and dogs outside and the fact that I'm a poor college student does kind of damper my weekend plans, oh well a night in alone all by myself never hurt anyone right?.... lol So I'm kind of at a crossroads right now on how exactly I should be running my life, and when I say running I mean in the romance department, the rest of that shit I have down, school, job, friends, no kids, never been thrown in jail, still have all my teeth,...theres just not a damn man in sight... so how to go about this? Search the ends of the earth until I find someone just as lonely as myself and then ask them out immediately as desperate as I possibly can so they think I want to get married and have children on the first date? Or Go to bars get wasted have one night stands and then pray to God that one of them might want to stay around for breakfast... or even answer the inf
Bored And Lesbian
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. If you get bored with lesbian shenanigans, take a trip around the island. We drove to Molivos, a town that is famous for being built virtually into the side ... Jun 11, 2007 ... Note to lesbian filmmakers: mainstream Hollywood is
Bored Lesbians
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Category: Gay, Lesbian
I'm bored out of my mind. I really need to make a bulletin/blog about Jeff..seeing as how I offered that in the auction, but I'm lacking any creativity. So I'll have to do that another night. I really do want to do something fun. I thought about MuMMing, those things are moving so slow tonight and the only new one is about abortion..and I will NOT talk about that. I think I need music. [runs off to play my whole 2 songs]
im really bored all the time and i hate it
Joy another shift at work down 2 to go. gotta love 12 hour shifts. well as far as anything else i have just been relaxing and being myself oh wait who am i again?
Have fun rating this loser who gives out 1s!
Boredom So I Answered It
RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take it RULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks! LAST PERSON YOU.... [1] Who was the last person you texted? Shay [2] You were in the car with? the kids [3] Went to the mall with? Jarod [4] Person you talked on the phone with? John [5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar? Um...Kitty I guess T/F Only answer with True or False Q:Kissed some one on your top friends? True Q: Been searched By Cops? True Q: Been suspended from school? True Q: Sat on a roof top? True Q: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? True Q: Broken a bone? TRUE Q: Have shaved your head? False Q: Played a prank on someone? very true Q: Had/have a gym membership? True Q: Shot a gun? true Q: Donated Blood? true WOULD YOU RATHER: [1] Eat or drink? they kinda go together [2] Be serious or be funny? depends but I a
I'm bored and horny and I have no one to slide their hard throbbing cocks into my tight wet pussy.. I need some attention!
Just bored. I have become bored with this site.
Bored And Thinking
Here I am sitting at my desk bored out of my mind and I SWEAR to god I actually got hornier...Is that possible, like when your bored you wanna screw worse then when your idk say watching tv? I want your honest opinions and pics to back things like nice boobs or ckok to prove it, lol, Told You I was bored.
Bored, Need Idea
I'm bored off my ass and thinking of watching a video. But, I don't know what to watch. So throw something at me an if I have it maybe I'll watch it. I'm thinking action/ drama. I don't even have any of those crybaby chick flix so don't bother listing them. 
Survey #1Be quick as u can. U have 3 sec for each answer to honestly put what comes to mind. . . never know what your sub-conscious may be telling you. . give it a try, remember 3 sec's.1.I need a cigarette:No?2.Sex:Is good. 3.Relationships:Interesting.4.Your Last Ex:Still friends.5.Power:Electricity.6.Marijuana:Ugh.7.Crack:Is bad.8.Food:Is too good.9.This President:Eh,hopefully better then last.10.War:Iraq.11.Cars:Love my new one!12.Gas Prices:Better then they were.13.Halloween:Is still far away.14.Bon Jovi:I like his music,lol.15.Religion:Bill Mahers Religous,watch it.16.MySpace:Amusing.17.Worst Fear:Being broke,yeah I'm shallow.18.Marriage:Going on 7 years.19.Fashion:Uhhh.20.Brunettes:Hot.21.Redheads:Usually Hot.22.Work:Cleaning sucks.23.Pass the time:Computerness.24.Football:Boring.25.One night Stands:Been a long time.26.Pixie Stix:Sugar.27.Vanilla Ice:Ice Ice Baby.No 28?29.Porta Potties:
im really bored...cant ya tell lol
Bored? You should go rate this guy. Not for any particular reason, just because. ♥   I'm not what you're looking for@ fubar
what up kinda new in this tryin 2 get my rep up add diz homie
I'm a 23 yr old mother of a almost 2 year old. I also have a fiance name David which we are coming up on our 3 yr anniversary, and many more to come. I have changed so much, and my daughter and david have helped me. I live in Portland, and hope one day to move away again closer to family. I plan on finishing up my schooling persuing the life that i have always dreamed about. Owning a home, having a stable paying job, and our lil pug dog. An possibly my last wish is too give alisha a little brother. :). But for right now im content with just one as the terrible 2's come along. So what else? Oh i have moved into a bigger place, have a nice car an 05', and just loving life as tho im misserable where i live but oh well i can change that n a year. My daughter talks but isnt saying much sentances yet but she does when she doesnt relized it. Eatting for her is very annoying i try to feed her anything heathy and it just gets spit out. So i dunno what to do candy is the many reason that she doe
Is anyong going out this weekend? wanna party it up with me? let me know :)
Bored As Hell Is There Anyone Out There Worth Talking To
Bored To Death
hi u doing today
Bored Much?
Boredum Got The Best Of Me
What is the single largest item in your house? my bed How well can you write your name with your non dominant hand? like a 5 yr old What color is your bedroom? white What type of computer mouse do you use? the lil touch pad on my lap top What is your earliest memory? its notta good one... but my dad being hauled off by the cops Have you ever jumped off of a high dive? fuck that Do you take vitamins? my flinstones When did you first become interested in sex? hs probably?? Do you like to color inside the lines? hell no bitches What do you have set as your home page? GOOGLE Do you have your own radio? a few of them Where would you hate to have to work? in a cubical Who is on your speed dial? whats speed dial lol Do you prefer lightbulbs or candles? depends on what the occasions is How much money did you spend today? nothing yet... ive been in bed sleeping What are you sitting on right now? my bed Do you look at yourself when you pass by reflective surfaces? from time
shit some one hit me up am bored as hell girls dont be shy
A frown of unhappiness courses across my face drawing heavy lines of separation from a fevered pace. Pounding sounding incessantly, grounding me to the phone as stupidity binds body and soul to a seat, and I wined "Take me, take me, let me leave, give me some reprieve. A day and a day is all I need. Let me rest, Please." I plead.A mocking fool stood on a stool behind me and to the right, and oh what a sight would I see, to see a fool such as he, tumble to the floor laying there sore in pride and in pain. It would entertain the mischievous spirit that rattles its cage threateningly as it battles against boredom and through frustration to be free once again.
Bored And A Poem.
Alls these people wishing I was dead From all the fucked up thoughts running through my head Paranoid thoughts I was to shread Suicidal thoughts hanging over my bed I no longer feel alive I no longer feel dead Drugs after drugs Night after night Man these drugs are out of sight It could be acid It could be shrooms Alls I know is that the fucking room moves I hear screaming in my head Makes me wish I was dead Homicidal thoughts racing through my head Holy shit I want you dead GOD DAMNIT BITCH QUIT SCREAMING IN MY MOTHER FUCKING HEAD SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU RAGGIEDY ASS CUNT Click click Bang bang I wonder who's dead.    
I am I will be Fix it Damn you       Wicked
Boredom Has Overtaken Me So Here's A Joke
Working on getting back up computer on~line so while I wait here is a silly   On the first night of their honeymoon, the new bride tells her husband, "I have a confession to make. I'm not a virgin. I've been with one other guy.""Oh yeah? Who was the guy?""Tiger Woods, the golfer.""Well, he's rich, famous and handsome. I can understand that."The couple then makes passionate love. When they finish, the husband gets up and walks to the telephone. "What are you doing?" asks the wife."I'm hungry. I'm calling room service.""Tiger wouldn't do that.""Oh yeah? What would Tiger do?""He'd come back to bed and do it a second time."The husband drops the phone and makes love to his wife a second time. When they finish, he goes back to the phone."What are you doing now?" she asks."I'm still hungry, so I'm going to ring room service for some food.""Tiger wouldn't do that.""Oh yeah? What would Tiger do?""He'd come back to bed and do it one more time."The husband puts the phone down and heads back to
Bored Again So Just Another Silly
A fellow was ordered to lose 75 pounds, due to VERY serious health risks. As he wondered how in the heck he would ever do it, he ran across an ad in the newspaper for a guaranteed weight loss program. ''Guaranteed my ass,'' he thought to himself, but desperate, he calls them up and subscribes to the 3 day/ 10 pound weight loss program. The next day there is a knock at his door and when he answers, there stands before him a voluptous, athletic, beautiful babe dressed in nothing but a pair of NIKE running shoes and a sign around her neck. She introduces herself as a representative of the weight loss company. The sign reads, ''If you can catch me you can have me!'' Without a second thought he takes off after her. A few miles later, huffing and puffing, he finally catches her and has his way with her. After they are through and she leaves, he thinks to himself, ''I like the way this company does business.'' The same girl shows up for the next two days and the same thing h
Boredomso Another Silly
A fellow bought a new Mercedes and was out on an interstate road for a nice evening drive. The top was down, the breeze was blowing through his hair and he decided to open her up. As the needle jumped up to 80mph he suddenly saw a flashing red and blue light behind him. ''They'll never catch me,'' he thought to himself and opened her up further. The needle hit 90, 100 110 and finally 120 with the lights still behind him. ''What in hell am I doing?'' he thought and pulled over. The cop came up to him, took his license without a word and examined it and the car. ''I've had a tough shift and this is my last pull over. I don't feel like more paperwork so if you can give me an excuse for your driving that I haven't heard before you can go!'' he said. ''Last week my wife ran off with a cop,'' the man said, ''and I was afraid you were trying to give her back!'' ''Have a nice night,'' said the officer.
so so so confused life sucks. you guys are boring fuck you i'm going fishing. yup, that just about says it all. later...
Boredom Redefined
my friend had this in her blog and it says to pm the answers, but fuck it... maybe someone actually wants to know this shit.   Copy & Paste this into a Private Message to me w/your answers! :) 1.Your Full Name: Sin (yeah you're not gettin that one)2. Age:283. Single or Taken:taken4. Favorite Movie:that's not a fair question, ask anyone in my house "i love this show"5. Favorite Song:acid bath - scream of the butterfly6. Favorite Band:i don't has one7. Kinky or Clean:take a wild guess8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:five tattoos, three earrings and a belly ringHERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... (responses to Mistress of forbiden - who lives in the same house as me)1. Do we know each other outside of Fubar?we do now2. What song reminds you of me?addicted to love3. Would you have my back in a fight?depends... do i have weapons?4. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?yep5. What is your favorite memory of us?the trip from pennsylvania to here6. Have we ever b
at home bored and nothing to do save me any one
So I went to BK to eat with my kids and they have a playland! Well how funny do you think it was when I had to climb in this thing to get my kids because they did not want to come down! SOOO EMBARRESSED~ So that's my story for the day!
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN........ Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend?
thought it was funny..i chuckled....bbl
Bored Bored Bored
Oh did I mention, hungry too?  LOL!  But I would have to get up & get dressed to do anything about it.  But after 3 days of driving, I'm not really wanting to do that.  *sigh*  So what should a girl do I ask?  At least the kitties are being amusing this morning.  Poor Midna, he's so pussy-whipped by the 2 girls.  LOL!
Boredom At Best
If the last person that you kissed said they wanted to marry you, you say?lol, I'd say no.Are you currently looking forward to anything?going to NC in a few weeksAre you wearing something that belongs to someone else?nopeDo you think someone is thinking about you right now?seriously doubt itWhat's something you really want right now?my stiff neck to go awayDid you go anywhere with anyone this past Valentines Day?nopeThis time last year, can you remember who you liked?I have no clueDoes it bother you when people respond to you with one word?kind ofWho was the last person you talked to before you went to bed last night?nateDo you currently like anyone?I doWere you single on your last birthday?yepAre you afraid of losing the last person you talked to?nahIs anything bothering you?kind of, but I'm really trying to not let it get to me too muchIs anyone else in the room with you?YesWho was the last person you had a conversation with on the phone?lizHow do you feel right now?tiredWhat were yo
Boredom Survey
1. Who was your last text from? My Son Devin2. Where was your default picture taken? 1 of many Hillsboro Parks3. Whats your middle name? Lee4. Whats on your mind? Answering these questions5. Does your crush/GIRLfriend/BOYfriend like you back? I assume so6. What is your current mood? Mellow7. What is your moms name? Sarah and Faith8. What color shirt are you wearing? Red9. Are you close with your dad? Once upon a time10. If you could go back in TIME and change something, would you? Not sure11. Have a crazy side? yes12. Ever had a near death experience? yes 1 to many13. Something you do a lot? Read14. Angry at anyone? not really15. Favorite Month? March16. Name someone with the same birthday as you? Erik Estrada- from Chips17. When was the last time you cried? night b4 last18. If you could have one super power what would it be? Mind Reader19. Whats the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Ass20. What do you usually order from Starbucks? NOTHING----THEY DON'T SUPPORT OUR TROOPS
nothing on my mind but sex lol
Cna yuo raed tihs?Olny 55% of plepoe can.I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno\'t mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!
Boredom For The Masses?
I am here at night and none of you have anything to do so help me make a few choices: 1. I found out today that Seamus is an ordained minister, he didn't divulge this information before we got fu married is this grounds for a divorce? 2. George Westhaven (the third) is seriously having an identity crisis, will she ever go back or shall i take over her name? 3. Why do all the cool kids have Wicked in their name, are they named after me? 4. Should i kick misfit out the door to get groceries or should i get them for her? 5. My mom left for England today, should i hide and go with her? 6. I'm craving chocolate but cant have any, whip cream and berries? 7. I sent a few farting dudes out today cause it made me laugh, did it make you laugh? 8. Doug just bought me the Runs, does he know my fascination with healthy poo? 9. What colour should i paint my walls? 10. Should i let some people out the closet? dungeon or point and laugh at them.... These are my questions to you..... Wicked
I am bored!   the end
I was just wondering.Are there any Guys out-there that are:Between ages of 25 and 35 years old !Between 5'0" inches and 6'9" inches Tall !Between 125 lbs and 205 lbs  !Are natural Red-Head, Blond, or Brunet.Either White, Mexican, or Pacific-islander.Body-Type Slim, Thin, Fit and/or In-Shape.DRINKS-socially and like to sit and talk.Listens to Alturnative, Rock, Techno or Punk-Rock music.Is ( Not ) a hateful Jack-Ass.lives with-in 10 miles of my location... lol... No-Drinking-&-Driving.Girlfriends are always welcomed to tag-along.I just need a drinking buddy that fits (Matches) the info above.   My good friends moved and or PCS-ed, lol
Bored & Wondering
Okies so I have discovered that even after leaving the fu for awhile I returned to find some of the same drama.  Oh and even some new stuff.   It seems that most people aren't here to make friends anymore they simply want to see how many points they can get.  How many blings they can receive and even how high they can rank daily or weekly.   With that said why do so many people expect that if they scam people to get them, or play on people's feelings they wont get caught up?  Now this isn't directed at anyone I know I have just noticed from the status updates of some of my friends.   So I will keep doing what I'm doing. Nothing more nothing less and hopefully I don't find myself hurt by anyone lying to me.   I love my Family on fu they are the best thanks guys for being there for me :)
Bored Much??
I can't believe I slept a full 8 not normal for me....I feel tired with my niece, she is an entertaining lil keeps singing "it's a small world after all"..only she says "It's a smile as a wall!"!?!?!?!
You Can Only Type ONE Word.Not as easy as you might think.Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED.It's really hard to only use one-word answers!1. Where is your cell phone? nightstand2. Your significant other?huh3. Your hair? Brown4. Your mother?alive5. Your father? dead6. Your favorite thing? driving 7. Your dream last night? vivid8. Your favorite drink? coke9. Your dream/goal? family10. The room you're in? Bedroom11. Music? metal12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? carolinas14. Where were you last night? downstairs15. What you're not? Happy16. Muffins? boobs?17. One of your wish list items? sex18. Where you grew up? hell19. The last thing you did? smoked20. What are you wearing? nothing21. TV? ncis22. Your pets? fish23. Your computer? laptop24. Your life? Sucks25. Your mood? depressed26. Missing someone? no27. Favorite Store? sears30. Your summer
Boredom Breeds These...
...bored... so figured I would do a blog on random contradictory things on fu. And other things on fu…Woman... who put bi pride on their page for attention and has never been with a woman...nor plan to…People who have "devil" "satan" "666" etc in their user name and under their Idols section have a huge cross and jesus/god is their idolIs there not a age limit for juggalos? I mean when your in your 30’s and 40’s you seem a little moronic still talking “text talk” and saying stuff like “YO U BETA NOT MESS WIT US OR WE WIL FUK U UP YO” um yea little net threats from some one still living off their parents and following a musical trend instead of getting a job and life really frightens me.Butt hurt mummers…Bored so yesterday mummed a lot more hm and a woman got mad and blocked me for calling her a moron cause she said this “u dun kno me, how da fuk u kno wat I wuld an wuldnt do”…um yea moron… [thanks to her
Bored Much?
Name something you dislike about the day you're having?I worked today. Everything else has been fine.When will your next kiss be?I have no clue.Who was the last person to smoke a cigarette in your presence?I'm thinking maybe Jeremy.Are you dating the last person you talked to?NoWho was the last person you talked to in person?ConnorAre you happy right now?SureWhat are you sitting on right now?The couchIs there someone who you instantly smile when you receive a message from?Plenty. I know some people will always tell me something funnyHave you ever wanted someone you can't have?Oh yeah.A random person yells to you "aybaybay." You say..what the fuck?Who was the last person you talked to before you went to bed last night?RonWhat were you doing last night at midnight?I think I was shooting turtles out of cannonsWhere is the shirt you are wearing from?The Boondock Saints online store. =]Are you a mean person?I really try not to be, but sometimes I can't  help it.Does anyone hate you?lol, pro
anybody up for chattinggggggggggg
Bored Incoherent Thoughts And Ramblings Or Inpromptu Poems With No Meaning
Baby maybe you're a crowbarJust waiting for someone or something to pryBaby maybe you're a falling starjust looking for somewhere or someone to die I'm not here to change the lights They can burn out and go dullI'm not here to change the nightsThey can burn into your skullPlagarism and skeptism Dancing in the streetsBarbarians and Politicanseating discount meats Inspiration meet Desperationthey had 3 kids and bought a houseDesperation got into masturbationKept it quiet like a mouse  
Your Hands Say That You Are Logical You are logical, analytical, and rational. You have good verbal skills. Bold and daring, you're not afraid to change your life if you think it needs an overhaul. Consistent and reliable, you like to count on structure and routine in your life. Your emotions tend to be nervous and potent. Your energy - both positive and negative - deeply impacts your life. What Do Your Hands Say About You? Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!  
Do you think you've ruined your chances with someone?So Many Times. Are you a mean person?Yu Tell Meh. You've locked yourself outside and no one will be home for a few hours, you?Call Tha Landlord Next Door..?Or Call A Couple Ppls. Do you remember the first time you kissed, the last person you kissed?Yup. You walk past your most recent ex in the street, what do you say?Word.. Have you ever kissed someone whose names begins with an A?Alex. Do you know anyone with such a terribly annoying voice that you can't stand?Yeaa.. You kissed someone last night, didn't you?Yea. Do you have a favorite number?Sheeit. Did you have a dream last night?It Was Fucked. Do you feel like you're drifting away from someone close to you?Nawh. Would you give your own life to save someone else?Depends. Would you rather get a new puppy or a new car?Chevy Avalanche kThnx.I Got Three Pups Already.Fuck Another One. You see your last ex and they say they miss you and you say....No Comment. Are you a jea
1.Who annoys you? A lot of people, mostly ones I work with.   2. Who is the most fun person you know? Shawna   3. Who is your enemy? The rest of the world.   4. Who can you trust. I don't   5. Who of all your friends can you tell anything too. No one knows everything about me. Everyone just has bits and pieces tht I want them to know. Jeffe knows the most.   6. Your best friend? Jeffe   7. Last person to make you laugh? Emanon on here... Nate in RL   8. Who is the funniest person you know? Shawna or Jeffe, toss up.  
so i was thinking of things i could do to make mumming more amusing for me... not that i don't like the flirting and molestation... and bickering.. but maybe something more... i got an idea... it would require harassing an innocent person for absolutely no reason.... yeah i'm a dick i know... so the plan...  get a couple of people together find a stupid mumm poster... and some people make really really rude comments.... some amusing ones that are just off topic (pretty much the usual) then delete them a minute later... then call the mumm poster a comment deleter and see how many people attack him for it... most mummers are sheeps... yes that includes some of you...    i figure after the fun wears off we could come clean and see what happens... i kinda wanna laugh at those that follow our lead and how the mumm poster reacts... i think it could be fun
I am bored as hell tonite and to lazy to mumm soooooooooo do I want an ice cream float for a late night snack or oreo cookies and milk??   entertain me damnit :P
This handkerchief makes me look like an emofag.But... does it count if I actually USE it for something?>>I need new goggles. Which sucks because I love the ones I have but they're for snowboardingnot hazmats. And lets face it, I snowboarded twice and hated it.Hoodsurfing was a weekly thing thoughand they kept gravel out of my eyes. So I look like the modern day Freddywith Shaggy's hairand Daphne's color.And velma's googleys all I need is an oversized retarded dog that eats all the time and...oh shit. Second coat's on my 1/144's arms.Amazing what you can get accomplished with an old cardboard box, a screwdriver, and one box of Q-tips(for setting up a suspended drying surface) In the meantime I'm...completely out of shit to do.I'm going through on hard mode of games I've beat backwards and forwards while my paint dries.I'm lacking the means and inspiration to culinate. I pretty much measure my days by how long I get to see herand the spaces between. ohand every other day is a wor
They say, only boring people get bored. I figure that since im bored, maybe I just dont want to do anything. I have a ps3 and a bunch of movies, the internet, unread books and any handful of things to do. (no pun intended) I was Invited to go out and declined, because Im not feeling very social tonight, a little worn out from going out last night. I just dont have energy today, after drinking coffee, a rockstar, and taking my vitamin. Its friday night and since I havent had to work all week, cuz the boss went out of town, i guess it just feels like a sunday.    
Bored Wtih Some Q And A
Have you ever been hit by the opposite sex?Yea but all in playDo you like winter time?Better than Summertime hereSeven days from now will you be in a relationship?Its all up in the airWhen did your last hug take place?Monday Who did you last hug?AdamAre you a jealous person?Not reallyDid you have an exciting last weekend?Yea had alot of funHave you ever crawled through a window?YepWhat's on your schedule for tomorrow?Get my nails done.. find some new work shoes... attempt to clean.. dinner with adam...What were you doing at midnight new years?SleepingWhat would happen if your boyfriend/girlfriend went through your cell phone?Nothing..Would you rather be a blonde or a brunette?Brunette is what i amAre you good at giving directions?Not reallyThink to the last person you kissed, have you ever kissed them in a car?YesAre you nice to everyone?I try to beIs it cute when guys/girls kiss you on your forehead?Sure...Are you happy with the way things are going?NopeDo you have trust issues?YesHo
Bored An Tired
its been a really long time since i've been here.glad to be life is so boring,so maybe my friend here can spice it up.
~Start~ 1. Your gender: M 2. Are you liking someone: yea 3. Are you hungry: Yes 4. Are you bored: Yes 5. Your birthday: November 23 6. Age you wish you were: 21 but already am 7. The color of your hair: dirty blonde 8. Color you wish your hair was: no diff 9. The color of your eyes: Blue 10. Got any piercing: no 11. Want anything pierced: yea 12. Tattoos: not yet 13. Who do you like: a girl 14. Any siblings: yea -​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-​-R
I think you should all go out stick a pillow under your shirt and make a picture so i feel better...     OK GO NOW!   Wicked
~ Bored ~
" When My day was boring I was just thinking one thing ... hopefully a good time to come back .."
Good evening, Fubar. Allow me first to apologize for the constant mumming. I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of every day routine- the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition. I enjoy them as much as any bloke. But in the spirit of commemoration, thereby those important events of the past usually associated with someone's death or the end of some awful bloody struggle, a celebration of a nice holiday, I thought we could mark this April the 17th, a day that is sadly no longer remembered, by taking some time out of our daily lives to sit down and have a little chat. There are of course those who do not want us to speak. I suspect even now, orders are being shouted into boxes, and men with orange names will soon be on their way. Why? Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is somethin
What does boredom make YOU do?  It makes me write blogs and mumms, and if I am real aggressive take a nap!
"""bored But If It Is Your B-day It Is For You""
Once a year we celebrate with stupid hats and plastic plates,the fact that you were able to make another trip around the sun.And the whole clan gathers round' gifts and laughter too will bound,we let out a joyful sound and sing that stupid song.Happy Birthday, now your one year older.Happy Birthday, your life still isn't over.Happy Birthday, you did not accomplish much.But you didn't die this year i guess that's good enough.So lets drink to your fading health, and hope you don't remind yourselfyour chance of finding fame and wealth decrease with every year. Dose it feel like your doing laps, and eating food and taking naps,and hoping that some day, perhaps, your life will hold some cheer. Happy Birthday, what have you done that matters?Happy Birthday, your starting to get fatter. Happy Birthday, it's downhill from now on.Try not to remind yourself your best years are all gone.If cryogenics were all free then you could live like Walt Disney and livefor all eternity inside a block of ice
Did  this crap work ?? If so I am bored....
So, here is my inner dialogue when I randomly rate pictures. *I wonder if he knows he has a chew stain on his tank top? *Really? Greasy hair, sweaty skin, and a tank top with the boobs coming out of the sides with a caption "Just me". You didn't have a better one to post? *Come on now! An over flowing ashtray, an empty 2 liter bottle of Mt. Dew and a stack of diapers????? I forgot you were even in the picture. *Hey lady! Your sink is FULL of dirty dishes and I'm fairly certain you have mice. *A soldier is automatically cute. Yep....even you. *A dildo is still on your nightstand! *eeeeeek* *Nice comb-over, handsome. *Your vag is almost hanging out!!!
so i was searching youtube and found this
What does it make you do?                   
Bored With Nothing To Do
so im sitting here on a friday morning with nothing to do. im somewhat new to the mid-hudson region of new york and want to go out and meet some people but the only problem is, is im not the kind of person that can just walk up to a random stranger and say "hey, wanna go hang out?" lol so ive been on fubar trying to make some local friends but theres a problem with that as well, most local ppl on here are either inactive or only come online once in a while. i wouldnt mind meeting some women from close to where i live too from fubar but when it comes to women, i get kinda shy. now dont get me wrong, im not looking for a relationship, just friends is all i need right now so if your local and wanna hang out, hit up my shoutbox. dont worry, noone ever hits it up so its kinda empty so i wont miss your shout lmao
Do only boring people get bored?
Boredom Inherited From Husky Redneck
I was "tagged" by Husky Redneck to try and come up with a trivia question after answering his. So I have one.  Who was the assassin of the masked president of the fairies? Major Hint: it's from the movie Wizards. That's all the clues you get. And try not to use Google or Yahoo or any search engine. First person to post the correct answer here gets a 1-credit bling, their choice. Rock on!Shawn
Make up my feeble mind?  Are only boring people infected with boredom?
I am shopping for scrubs online... I have a rare and unexpected day off... I really need to clean and do laundry, and since it is seems like a plan... Can someone convince me to get my fat ass off the bed and get it in gear?
bored out of my mind wish the cybersex worl wasnt a dying a breed. if u read this and ur a woman who loves to cyber fuck send me a messege
Bored With Poems Lol
So I don't know what to post and just wanted to post my first blog on here for shits and giggles I guess. So I guess I'll put some old poems I wrote. Enjoy with my boredom.   True TearsChaos,Pain,Death,Small breaks,Huge chunks,The pain over bearing,How could this happen,So full of life.Then cold,Why,Kind and caring,But still taken,My heart can't hold it,My mind can't wrap around it,My whole being over loaded,Will the pain stop,Or must I die first,To over come this,My tears wet upon my face,I wipe them away,And still I cry,Surrounded,Everyone crying,But they didn't care,They destoyed,By simple words,Introduction to death,My tears,They are real,Not out of shame,My feelings true,With the tears I cry,And the pain in my soul    And another I guess The Curse Pain and suffering,Loathing and hatefulness,Anger and fear,Cause clear,Hurt by the one,The one who wasn't surpose to,Turning on me,Coldly killing dreams,Telling me it is for the best,It is not,I am grown,I can live my o
Could use some input. Or not. Don't care.
Bored V.2
Procrastinating responisibilities with complaining :)
This has just gotten out of hand......boredom. Why is it when we get bored we find an insesive need to be validated buy others? I am very happy with being me and yet on occation, find my self needing the validation also. Is it a nother human nature thing or am I off and need help with something deeper. This seems stupid I am sure and then to others may seem to "deep" lol, but it is what I am thinking rite now. I am just bored and regardless of wanting to go out and do something, being married or having kids.......I do it all and still wind up with some level of boredom. Maybe I need something more?
twiddle the thumbs, in search for some thing to do check the email again to see if any one has thought of you, maybe ill watch a movie, or listen to some tunes, but no matter what you are doing boredom is bound to ensue...
Boredom... I Haz It!
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!   How the hell are ya, my friends? 
ok. its fuckin hot lol im bored.... drinking tea n eatin pickles is not gettin it lol.  tossing my phone in circles.. ok hell i know i have issues... leave me be.
Real bored.  so, since this is my first blog entry, i'd like to introduce myself.    My name is Ena. I'm always bored.  rawr. 
Give me something to do, people! Fucking with these people gets boring too quickly.     toy: hey sexy 5:13pm toy: wanna watch me cum 5:13pm toy: ? 5:14pm Suga Lips: Oh yes. What's your address? 5:15pm toy: im on skype right now 5:15pm toy: got skype? 5:16pm Suga Lips: Oh I wanted to go to your house. 5:16pm toy: where do u live? 5:16pm Suga Lips: Wherever you want me to live. 5:16pm toy: u can come 5:16pm toy: lol 5:16pm toy: which state r u in 5:17pm Suga Lips: The state of confusion. 5:17pm toy: lmao 5:17pm toy: i can bang u back 2 your senses
Hello all!! y'all must think am crazy on here!! I know that i am not perfect by all means, but i have to get this out... For a whole day now I sit and wonder if I go into a lounge and just park and fall back asleep is that a reason to be ban from a lounge... I know my answer is no, but i think the person that ban me knows i might have horn in on a relationship they had with a member of fubar, and now is out for blood.. So i think if my taughts turn out to be right, i will post this cause i have a name for myself it appears!! Ladies of Fubar you got to know how to keep a man happy and please in every sort of way... If he out looking for someone else then you as a Lady not doing the job right!! see i am to a point i just dont care no more, the drama queen in me is in full swing, so bring it... But I know that my true friends will understand this... The special person in my life does not exist on fubar, just because y'all think he does.. Fubar is the place we got to be friends, but he exi
1. Your Name: 2.Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like 4play? 23. What is 4play to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it
so im really bore
I can't go into all the specifics online, but I'm so fed up with being "grounded" by the Air Force. The cerfews and all the other special restrictions that have restricted me, are all kind of ridiculous, especially since I wasn't the one who got in trouble. A few bad eggs spoiled the lot for us all, and ruined what could have been a wonderful Holloween weekend.
Bored Stiff!
I guess I just got tired of it. No sex on weekdays, hardly ever Friday nights, morning quickies became a thing of the past and the same predictability on a Saturday or Sunday. It was driving me insane!!! I loved him so but I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I wanted a pair of wet panties violently ripped from my arse and shoved down my throat. I wanted my legs stretched apart in every direction. I wanted more fingers. I wanted his fist, and maybe even some of his arm. I’ve heard that this can actually be done. I wanted to cum all over the front of my pants and down my legs and walk around the apartment with my scent on my body for days. I wanted my face shoved in a pool of my own cum while being violently fucked from behind. I wanted hot cum splashed all over my face and dripping from my mouth. I wanted to gag on his rock hard cock. I wanted him to gag off my cunt, piss down his throat and stick my tongue in his mouth. I wanted my arse opened bigger than ever before. I want
I find it funny to see all these status updates in which people say how bored they are. If you are bored FUCKING DO SOMETHING! Bored people are usually boring people.
The Bored Times
Some times life is borening dont got much to do...   It really sucks
justinkinn: nice pic i just moved 2 littleton im 22 and need new freinds im at 720 404 6479       have fun
Boredom Fashion
I love talking to Oreo420. Love ya sweety MMFCL
Bored, So Squeeze...
As I, travel in my aura. Nora, explorer of what is myself. The little me that discovers the cover for all to see is different from the soul that's rarely felt. They all fear what they hear without getting to know. Manson. Anti-social superstar, they boycott my show. Growth on hold like the hairs retreating behind the fore. Head, above the clouds yet grounded beneath the toes. So before a word is spoken they already on know like Marty Mcfly, back from the future. Observer of what's to come. You people showing dumb. Writing scripts to what is me like prepared stories of reality tele-V. But i'm above the influence, major anti-druggie. Refusal to befriend those who impatient to get to know me. I'm far above the clouds like Zeus above you kings. Mount Olympus to any little castle you want to dream. My life force may bleed oddity yet the odds that is me living pass 23 was slim and grim. Film of my death envisioned in the mind of the teen who had no future because a life was never seen. Books
Bored Rant
Recently I turned 30 and I sat here looking back at my life and have started to realize that things keep repeating and going in what would look like a circle. I went from getting married very young and having kids to a failed marriage that had very sad last couple of years. I left with the notion that I would search deep within myself and figure out what I wanted out of life and what I needed from relationships in the future. Well before long I was tossed into another relationship that seemed to start off really great, all the things I had been missing for so long were available or so I thought. After two years of slowly loosing everything in my life to isolation and pain I finally stood up for myself and made a change. Couldn't of come any faster. And again I was looking into myself worried that I would never figure out what my needs and wants were and what was going to make me happy in the end. So I took sometime for myself alone away from a relationship (with some wonderful help fro
Bored Ass Hell
i am just doing this becouse it wants me too lol ladies look me up 
Im so bored lol O.o
Our friends are all hurting from moments and regrets and charity laced with a lie Still we keep hoping, to fix all the defects and strengthen these seminal times We go on together for better or worse, our history is to real to hate Now and forever we stay until morning, and promise to fight for our fate Til we die Til we die The start of a journey is every bit worth it, I cant let you down anymore The sky is still clearing, we're never afraid and the consciences opens the door I never stopped trying, I never stopped feeling like family is much more than blood Don't go on without me, the piece that I represent compliments each and everyone Til we die Til we die We wont be forgotten we'll never give in This war we've achieved has allowed us to win Til we die Til we die My last true confession will open your eyes I've never known trust like the night  Let it be spoken, let it be screamed, they'll never ever take us alive Til we die Til we die We wont be forgotten we'll never give
Wish I was too dead to cryMy self-affliction fadesStones to throw at my creatorMasochists to which I caterYou don't need to botherI don't need to beI'll keep slipping fartherBut once I hold onI won't let go 'til it bleedsWish I was too dead to careIf indeed I cared at allNever had a voice to protestSo you fed me shit to digestI wish I had a reasonMy flaws are open seasonFor this, I gave up tryingOne good turn deserves my dyingYou don't need to botherI don't need to beI'll keep slipping farther[From: ]But once I hold onI won't let go 'til it bleedsWish I died instead of livedA zombie hides my faceShell forgotten with its memoriesDiaries left with cryptic entriesAnd you don't need to botherI don't need to be (I don't need to be)I'll keep slipping fartherBut once I hold onI won't let go 'til it bleedsYou don't need to botherI don't need to be (I don't need to be)I'll keep slipping fartherBut once I hold on (once I hold on)I'll never live down my deceit.Lyrics from e
Broken homeAll aloneBroken homeAll aloneI can't seem to fight these feelingsI'm caught in the middle of thisAnd my wounds are not healingI'm stuck in between my parentsI wish I had someone to talk toSomeone I could confide inI just want to know the truthI just want to know the truthWant to know the truthBroken homeAll aloneI know my mother loves meBut does my father even care?If I'm sad or angryYou were never ever thereWhen I needed youI hope you regret what you didI think I know the truthYour father did the same to youDid the same to youI'm crying day and night nowWhat is wrong with me?I cannot fight nowI feel like a weak linkCrying day and night nowWhat is wrong with me?I cannot fight nowI feel like a weak link, a weak linkBroken homeAll alonePush it back insideIt feels bad to be aloneCrying by yourself, living in a broken homeHow could I tell it so y'all could feel itDepression strikes me hard like my old earth would tell itTo me, her son, she told me I'm the onePain bottled up abou
"Between Angels And Insects" There's no money, there's no possessionsOnly obsession, I don't need that shitTake my money, take my obsessionI just want to be heard, loud and clear are my wordsComin' from within, man, tell 'em what you heardIt's about a revolution in your heart and in your mindYou can't find the conclusion,Life-style and obsessionDiamond rings get you nothing but a life long lessonAnd your pocket-book stressin'You're a slave to the system, working jobs that you hateFor that shit you don't needIt's too bad the world is based on greedStep back and see, stop thinking about yourselfStart thinking aboutThere's no money, there's no possessionOnly obsession, I don't need that shitTake my money, take my possessionTake my obsession, I don't need that shit'Cause everything is nothing and emptiness is in everythingThis reality is really just a fucked up dreamWith the flesh and the blood that you call your soulFlip it inside out, it's a big black holeTake your money, burn it up lik
"Getting Away With Murder" Somewhere beyond happiness and sadnessI need to calculateWhat creates my own madnessAnd I'm addicted to your punishmentAnd you're the masterAnd I am waiting for disaster[Chorus]I feel irrationalSo confrontationalTo tell the truth I amGetting away with murderIt isn't possibleTo never tell the truthBut the reality is I'm getting away with murder(Getting away, Getting away, Getting away)I drink my drink and I don't even want toI think my thoughts when I don't even need toI never look back cause I don't even want toAnd I don't need toBecause I'm getting away with murder[Chorus]Getting away, Getting away, Getting away,Getting away, Getting away, Getting away, Getting away, Getting away, Getting away, With murderSomewhere beyond happiness and sadnessI need to calculateWhat creates my own madnessAnd I'm addicted to your punishmentAnd you're the masterAnd I am craving this disaster[Chorus 2x]
Bored Outta My Mind!!!
     I had 2 Surgeries last week. A kidney stone and my gallbladder both taken out. So I get to try and heal, relax, let the stitches inside disolve....Yippee! Meanwhile, a few days before all this pain started I got a vintage schwinn mountain bike that I am dying to ride. Patience is not something I have ever been too good at...LOL I really wanna get out there and ride! And to top it off it has been raining here almost everyday. WTH happened to summer???? This has been the weirdest summer ever! It's all good though...just so bored and tired of being in pain and felling yucky.. So if you want to send me a message and make me smile and/or laugh, feel free, I would love to hear from any of ya! 
Bored Out Of My Mind Again. 10:50pm: An Effing Day Too Soon.
    It is a long post or whatever featuring my day 6. I really should have waiting till day 7 as was pertaining to the rules, but I am a hyper person. Shit, I was aries, I get bored easily. lol    PS: PINK is not even my color, but it was different. I am getting out of my comfort zone some because normally I would have chosen blue.              It just is confusing to me why the hell I cannot like find any information that would tell me how the hecko to understand what the "saluting" is here. Well professionally, I am doing 90 days before I spend anything to amp of my profile. I just think it is a good chance for me to get an idea of how to get around in the site, and also how to get loads of mercenaries in fumafia. However, like it has only been 6 days so far and I am just now getting like the really crappy I am not even a beginner here. I am thinking my whole train of thought will have changed in 90 days and maybe will feel comfortable in putting up some mo
Bored And Depress
how are u all ? good i hope . next tuesday , i have to go in the hospital for inter ear opertion . i have a funny round mass in my inter left ear, makeing my hearing , worse right now i have to walk with a cane for right now i hope my surgery will go good on tuesday , i love country music , pop . like the backstreet boys rap hip hop classic rock . like kiss , since my mom cant drive for right now . so we are stuck here , no going anywhere,,i dont drive my daughter goes to collage and then work . the old man . isnt round here , my shows are american idol . american got talent . cops  wwe raw and smackdown ; vampire daries.. i know i am pretty and not that smart on a lot of things,  but i have a heart of gold .. i dont need no drame on my profile , guess i will go now . and i hope u can understand my blog  love all my friends
What is the best way to relieve it?
The Borg's Backhanded Compliment, From Species 5618's Point Of View
WE ARE THE BORG. Of all the intelligent species encountered in Star Trek's five television series and ten movies, one stands out not necessarily for its grand accomplishments but rather for its lack of interest to the ever-pervasive Borg. I suspect that name is familiar even to people who've never watched Star Trek; the name for this cybernetically enhanced race has become a synonym in our culture for any all-pervasive influence that absorbs individuals by "assimilating", uses them up, and then discards them. One of the first species the Federation starship Voyager ever encountered in the 1995-2001 run of "Star Trek: Voyager" was the copper-skinned humanoids known as the Kazon who when they weren't fighting Janeway and crew or their former Trabe masters were fighting each other. One former Borg refers to the Kazon as Species 329 (likely indicating they were the 329th race the Borg encountered) and says when the Borg encountered a Kazon colony they found "their biological and tech
seeing Borgore Tonight with Ms Rosanne. Tha Darkmatter Crew be responsible for this one!
Boring Weekend...!!! :)
Well this weekend was pretty boring..I had the house to myself..My kids joined my mom and sis to a family reunion..I didnt want to go this year bc my b/f couldnt join I didnt have a sitter for my beautiful babies..I have to wonderful Rotties..They would never of lasted all weekend here by themselves.I definialetly would of come home to a BIG mess then .. It is almost Monday ..ya ya ..U know what happens on Mondays..I come up missin for a few days..That is right ,my b/f will be down ..We are goin to go and celebrate our 2 mths of being together..They have been the happiest 2 mths that I have had in a very long time..I love my b/f very much ..He is a very loving , caring , respectful man ..Mostly respectful of my kids..That is one of the reason why I love him so much ..Bc he considers their feelings first be4 his and mind.. Someday I will tell u a little story that will probably knock u out of chair or ur chin will def. hit the floor..Maybe I will do that tomorrow ..and then u
Boring Sunday
Well its a rainy Sunday here and nothing much going on, Hubby is sick with the same stomach bug we all had and so I have been taking care of him....Hope everyone has a great day and a happy Monday
i am bored. blah... need something to do. i'm pathetic.
Boring Start To A Great Blog.
Hi LC Peeps! This is my first blog entry for here. If anything exciting happens I will let you know about it here. well lets see after getting up at 6:30 this morning I got my kids off to school. MY dad is kind enough to take them to school because I have no car. He lives across the road from me so its not too difficult for him to do so. I have been real sick lately Stomach wise. Its like my appetite is very small now and I get sick easily. Well I can't let that hold me back from having a life because who knows how long this will last it has already been this way for weeks now. I took an ativan around 7:30 this morning and finally fell back to sleep around 8:30 AM and i slept till 1 pm. At which i had to get up and get dressed because at 2 pm the bus comes and drops my son Tre off.. (He is special needs and yes he rides the short bus--no jokes please!) he is actually smarter than his brothers he just has some physical delays because he was a premie twin and his twin brother
well i thought today was going to be eventful. and as usual its not, the best part of the day was when my mother came to me as usual for advise on who should be with. and as usual i tell what i always tell her. it never stops with her. one day i hope she opens her eyes and see for herself that the person she pushed away is actually the one for her. but anywho. my day was really boring. im hoping tomorrow is more eventful.
Boring Day Waiitng For My Friend
Im here bored as hell waitin to go home me and my son ... Stayed for the weekend she had to go to her fathers said she would ony be gone 2 hrs or 3 still not home... Want to go home take my grocery home and still need to do more shoppin hubby waitin for me at home... Stayed here for the weekend... Hate waitin for people im very impatient. Hopefully she will be home soon. She has this cool site on her computer called skype it is cool can call people anywhere in canada or states as long as you have a mic and it is free. Call there home number and when they answer you can talk to them on your pc turn up your volume and talk like on a phone and it is cool cause it is free no charges for the call like that ah.. The other borin thing here is she has no cable so playin on here is what we usually do take turns or go shoppin ... Now im bored and want to go home
Boring Ass Sites
Im sooo tired of seeing these boring as sites from MySpace, i dont know if anyone else can feel me on this...!!!!!!!!
im bored and couldnt fall back to sleep cuz ive been working midnight shifts so im not used to sleeping at a normal hour. i have to go to a training thing woohoo.. after work im gonna go look at a house so may be getting my own place which would be nice. i still sadly don't like my life.. it's boring, and still feels i have nothing meaningful but i guess i just have to hope that will change. umm nothing is really new. im a little worried cuz i think someone is messing with our dogs. cuz one night my dog kept not being on her leash and i found it tossed and wrapped around a high tree branch. yesturday she was off and the leash was wrapped around my puppy and connected. now that could not be done by a dog. it was taken off and wrapped around the other dog and resnapped on. he yelped when i took it off from around his waste. so that scares me, especially since i dreamt i found my dog dad before i moved here. so ya that's it a boring meaningless halloween and have just been working.
look it u dumb rmy people weve all been there done it every bit counts but plzzz save me the boredom 12 yrs and three wars later do ou think honestly give a fuck no i have zero love u waste your life now the government will not be there for youlacounthref="" target=_blank>rmyof1@ CherryTAP
Boring Sunday
Yup another boring sunday.....someone hit me up on name on there is dvldawgaja or on there is usmcgrunt_2002 Save me puhleeeease lol
Boring Crap About Me
1) What is your sign? Capricorn 2) What is your favorite color? Blue 3) More afraid of snakes or spiders? Neither one scares me 4) Longest amount of hours you've ever slept? 18, but i was don't think ima bum or some stupid shit like that 5) Are aliens real? I don't know, ive never met any 6) Eggs & bacon? hell yeah, especially when im drunk 7) Multilingual? I speak enuff spanish to get laid or start a fight....very important things in life 8) Why are hamburgers called 'HAMburgers' when they made from beef? So fuck tards like you could ask stupid questions 9) Sneakers or boots? I wear vans, or nikes 10) Is North Korea trying to play the world? Yeah, like I watch the news 11) Is that glass half-full or half-empty? Half full 12) Rather be naked or clothed? clothed, unless im sexing it up 13) Do you watch 'Grey's Anatomy'? yes i do 14) What is your all-time fave swear word/phrase? fuck sticks/douch bag 15) U
Boring Survey
Its what I do when I'm bored. *GUTS* NOW Is your hair up? yes Is your phone right beside you? i'm on the house phone. but my cellphone is missing Do you wish you were somewhere else? yes Do you have plans for tonight? sleep Are you wearing makeup?: no o.O Are you wearing chapstick?: nope Are you cold?: frozen Are you tired? yes. exhusted. Are you excited?: no. Are you wearing pajamas? yes PAST Anything you regret? eh yea Ever stuck gum under a desk? Not that I know of? Ever spit at someone? Yes =] Ever kick something living? People... yes. Animals no Ever had your nails done? yes Ever thrown up because you cried so hard? yeah SPILL YOUR GUTS First thing you did this morning? got a soda. Last thing you ate? empanada What's something you look forward to most in the next 6 weeks? going to visit cris? What's the last movie you saw? anchorman Do you think that someone is thinking about you
Boring Stuff
Helloooooo Well, I finally snagged myself a job working the graveyard shift @ Purolator Courier, unloading trucks and sorting the loot... It pays $12.81, to start, and after a year, your makin $17.61 plus a $1000 bonus Well, I dont care about my job... Never did care about where I worked, but, I do care about this head of hair growin on my top... I'm thinkin of going bald, once more It seems like a perfect time, as, I am in my woman hating mood... And, I know I wont be scoring any dates, soon.... So, OFF WITH THE HAIR
grr im bored....somebody rate my pix and leave me comments..
~*~boricuaa Bitches!!!~*~
Just wanted ta wish EVERYONE up on here a happy new year. &&, tell everyone ta be safe.:]
Boris Vallejo And The Mirror
For as long as I can remember I have been a Boris Vallejo fan...I think it started when I was learning to read...seeing his works on the covers of 'Conan the Barbarian and King Conan' comics and later his published calanders, which were and are traditional Christmas Presents for my Dad.... I think it's because Vallejo (and a select few others) really seem to see women as they were intended to be seen, as mysterious, soft, strong, beautiful, but most of all REAL! I've never seen a stick figure Vallejo woman! Looking at his work has inspired me to accept my own curves and roundness and try to see myself through his eyes instead of the view screen of what popular culture deems as lovley... So here's to you Boris.... ~AutumnPheonix
Boring Unless You Like Wine Trivia
How many gallons of wine are in a single barrel? 60 How many gallons of wine are produced from one acre of grapevines? About 800 How many grapes does it take to make your average bottle of wine? It takes about 2.5 pounds of grapes to make a bottle of wine. What is "The Whistler Tree"? The largest cork tree in the world is known as ‘The Whistler Tree’. This tree is located in the Alentejo region of Portugal and averages over 1 ton of raw cork per harvest. Enough to cork 100,000 bottles of wine. What's the world's largest wine bottle? Concept founder Kim Bullock, owner of 'North Road Liquor' in Albany, has a passion for the Great Southern Region and their wines. Kim created the big bottle to provide focus on the region and to showcase the stunning, premium quality varietal wines. Almost two metres high and 520mm in diameter, the 290 litre Five Virtues will fill 1935 glasses. It equates to 387 standard wine bottles, or 32,25 cases, is made of 100% continously formed gla
Boring Day
I don't have a whole lot to say today except holy @##$# is it cold here. It probably wouldn't feel so bad if I had someone to keep me warm. Kids are great and all but they really aren't that much help!!! I need a night out!!
Boris Vallejo
For those that are fans of the artwork of Boris Vallejo, here is a link to a site with almost 300 of his beautiful creations.
Boring Fucks
why can no one leave any good comments on pictures...they are always "cool" or something like that. damn rank whores ACTULLY THINK OF SOMETHING GOOD
Boricua Please Keep This Simple Message In Mind.
BORICUA PLEASE KEEP THIS SIMPLE MESSAGE IN MIND. Current mood: calm Category: Life We may divide in geography, But United by Culture" " En La Union Esta LA Fuerza"
Boring Or Not?
LIFE IN THE 1500'S The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some interesting facts about the 1500s: Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May and still smelled pretty good by June. However, they were starting to smell, so brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body odor. Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when getting married. Baths consisted of a big tub filled with hot water. The man of the house had the privilege of the nice clean water, then all the other sons and men, then the women and finally the children, Last of all the babies. By then the water was so dirty you could actually lose someone in it. Hence the saying, "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water." Houses had thatched roofs-thick straw-piled high, with no wood underneath. It was the only place for animals to get warm, so all the
A Boring Day
a boring day... by bedrock im looking out the office window, thinking about a love long ago, remember the love letters that , shared our hearts and soul, when the thunder rolled i swear, i could see and hear you across the sky, so all i see is tears in my eyes, and sorrow of losing you and leaving you behind, all the love that we shared years ago, distance maybe a problem, when your so far away, my heart will always keep you close, wanting to look into your eyes, as the tears streaming down your face,. on this hot summer night,, knowing you will be my friend forever,
Boring Life
today has been borign things are oing good but babysitting today sucked there really isnt much to do except stay onthe computer ( wow what a life) and stephany feel asleep on me cuz lame! i cant wate to go home and eat supper and chill with everyone! btu yeh thats pretty much it for today especially cuz ive never wrote on of these things so im confused at the momment, its fun! -dez*
today is boring as hell. i can't find my new brand of cigarettes at the corner store here, but i got some fantabulous news yesterday. And I get to see Wil sooner than I thought. A LOT. =)
Boricua God~daddy And Maniacal Bliss Club F.a.r. (fan,add,rate)
BORICUA GOD~DADDY@ CherryTAP Maniacal Bliss@ CherryTAP Wild Bill ~C.T.A.F. Squad 3 #5@ CherryTAP ~GrEeN-eYeD bRaT~i LuV mY SiCk JuGgAlO rYdA~@ CherryTAP ღ•RideR•ChulA•ღ[[♥Add Me FaN Me And I Will Do The Same♥]]@ CherryTAP IVORY TIGRESS *eXtreme X*@ CherryTAP ~JaMie~@ CherryTAP ~SILKY SMOOTH~@ CherryTAP *~£îl Jºñ~* Fan And Rate Me I Will Do It Back Plus I accept most friend requests to so feel free to@ CherryTAP Tiger Goddess Lady@ CherryTAP ♥ Ellie ♥@ CherryTAP
Boring Or Hot?
I grab you and take you into my bedroom. There I get on my knees and slowly undo your pants, being ever so gentle with your big dick. As you sit on my bed I take your cock into my hands and kiss the head. Then I lick from the tip to the base and back to the tip. Once you are nice and hard I put your cock in my mouth. I take you deep in and out, over and over. I push you back onto the bed and undress myself. Then I climb on top of you and put my pussy in your face. While you're licking my pussy and playing with my clit, I'm making sure you didn't lose that great erection of yours. Each time I take you deep into my mouth I thrust my pussy harder on your face. Up and down, in and out. I want you to put your 2 fingers in my hole while you are licking my throbbing clit. I'm cumming, ohhhhh..... I'm not forgetting about you... I'm still blowing your mind with your cock in my mouth. As I'm sucking and stroking, I'm massaging your balls. When I feel like you just can't take anymore and
Boring Day
I'm really bored right now, I have things that I can do, but I'm to bored to even think about doing anything..LOL! Not much is going on here today, kids are here, they been playin in side and out, video games and whatever they play out side? The spouse was here earlier, kind of pissed me off, I was glad that she left. Suck though she said that she would get the kids early tomorrow so I can go to work.. Her idea of getting them early is 2 hours... Big woopie fucking doo! I can make what she makes in a week, just on my overtime... Bitch! I guess that going to prison to visit her convict is more important? PISS ME OFF!!!! Damnit! Anyway, that is my rant for now.... Ciao,
Boring its like sunday...and it feels like a damn monday. I sat at home the whole time till up till about 6 pm and went over to a friends house to kill my night. Hope tomorrow turns out ok...i got to go take a typin test for the hospital in missouri to see if i can't get on there. SOOOOO PRAYYYYYYY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!
30 Boring Facts About Me... Lol
30 unknown facts about yourself: 1. Who ended your last relationship? me 2.How do you feel about your most recent ex? i feel NOTHING 3. What were you doing this morning at 8am? sleeping 4. What were you doing 15 minutes ago? talking to one of my best friends 5. Are you any good at math? not really 6. What were you doing last night? nothing special 7. Do you have any famous ancestors? couldnt tell ya 8. Have you ever burped in front of the opposite sex? um yea 9. Do you know the words to your myspace song? duh 11. How many different beverages have you drank today? 3 12. What's one thing you wish to change about yourself? i wouldn't change a thing 13. What do you wish for? i wish to find that special person, wel i have found him, but i wish that everything works out for the best and that i get through all the tough times in life and learn to love myself and be happy. 14. Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach? i
Today is very boring i want to get talking to people and also meet new people...
Boring But Fun Day
Wow today, I got to go to the All Star baseball fanfest, and meet hella baseball players...Even tho I love the SF Giants Barry Bonds Is an a44hole LOL...Too many steriods I guess...I guess Ill go home and BBQ, even tho its super cold...Damn Frisco is always cold, I kinda miss Vegas a lil...Anyway everyone have a safe but fun weekend....Im gonna get my hair cut and get ready for the club tonight,,,,,,,,DAMN its my turn to DJ. oh well
Boring Sunday
LOL I AM SO BORED THAT IM ABOUT TO CHASE CARS DOWN S. DIXIE ~ I had 2 friends over cooked them dinner we are watching movies and they passed the fuck out... What the hells up with that?? Now I just need to get to the next level HELP!!
Boring Life!!!!!!!!!!!!
since I dont get to see my kids on a reagulary bases mylife is so boring.... I'm working on geting back to Mass to see them for good... Its alot of work but I have to look at the other end of my very dark rainbow... well I really just want to find that someone special that will encourage me through this... Just another wish in my pot of black... Yes my pot is not gold it is black and always will be....... the empty soul, Cleo
Boring Jokes
Q.) Why does a penis have a hole in the end? A.) So men can be open minded. Q.) What's the speed limit of sex? A.) 68 because at 69 you have to turn around. Q.) What does a Rubix cube and a penis have in common? A.) The longer you play with them, the harder they get. Q.) What's the difference between your paycheck and your dick? A.) You don't have to beg your wife to blow your paycheck! Q.) Three words to ruin a man's ego... A.) "Is it in?" Q.) What do you get when you cross Raggedy Ann and the Pillsbury Dough Boy? A.) A red headed bitch with a yeast infection. Q.) How can you tell when an auto mechanic just had sex? A.) One of his fingers is clean !! Q.) What do you do with 365 used rubbers? A.) Melt them down make a tire, and call it a Goodyear. Q.) What do bungee jumping and hookers have in common? A.) They both cost a hundred bucks and if the rubber breaks, you're screwed. "They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no"-
A Boring Night At Work
It slow at work,so I decided to pull my cam out.
Boring Sunday
Here I am today sitting here being bored out of my mind, and yet doing house work. I thought Sundays are for sitting back and relaxing, but not for me. Oh Well, Today is Today, tomorrow will be here in no time at all, and it will be another day.
so. i liked my 'away' from the net time. it was quite...refreshing. of course...its not like my brain worked on a greater level or anything...*laughs* but still...the break was nice. today was the kidlets first day of school. hadda go to bed early *grumble* hadda get up early *grumble* make lunches make sure kids did the whole shabang ate breakfast brushed teeth brushed hair remembered lunch remembered backpacks... drove em to school... checked in at the office to see which classrooms they'd be in... got a lil tour of the campus... chatted with Meems teacher who is absolutely delightful... stayed with Peanut cuz she was kinda scared...n looked like she might cry...and me being me...i couldnt just leave her like that... so i stayed for a the back of the classroom...with some of the other moms... its her first male teacher... and she thought the kids were gonna be mean to her...cuz frankly...they were at her other school which i never really
Boring Car Stuff (well:)
My car factort default: 1.8 20v turbo engine producing (pre 160hp) 180 hp (132 kW), which makes the Ibiza the fastest and most powerful front wheel drive model of its class, output of over 100 hp per litre cylinder capacity, and the Ibiza body result in a weight to power ratio of only 6.2 kg / hp. A top speed of 225 Km/h and acceleration to one kilometre from a standing start in 28.3 seconds Power output (kW/hp/rpm) 132/180/5600 Max. torque (Nm/rpm) 235/2100-5000 Fuel supply system Multipoint injection, turbo Ignition system Electronically mapped Emission control system Cat+Lambda probe+injection pump+EGR+EGAS (Grrr) PERFORMANCE Top speed (km/h) 225 Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s) 7.2 Acceleration 1000 m (s) 28.3 SUSPENSION Front: Independent McPherson struts, lower wishbones, anti-roll bar Rear: Directional effect shaft, longitudinal arms Steering system: Rack and pinion, power steering Brake system: Diagonal split, twin circuit, brakes servo. ABS+ T
Ugh why did fubar get boring? it was cool as hell when i met "The Guy" but now its boring again! I swear everytime i post a bulletin about leaving this site i start talking to Interesting and Hot ppl maybe i should post shit like that more often? But yeah im bored youre all boring im gonna listen to Big Poppa and Capital P by MSI then im outie 5000 motha fuckkkazzz cuz i have work tomorrow and idk skip the other thing i have to go to daily maybe? idk lolness but yeah Later bitches
Boring Day
Today was the most boring day ever nothing to do but be on the computer most of the afternoon and my friends are working so I can't call them . But atleast its never boring on fubar which I'm starting to love people are nice on here and I'm glad for that . Would watch a movie but my dvd portable isn't charged up oh well it will be this weekend .
...boring Sex Survey...
1. Is there anyone on your friends list you would ever consider having sex with? …hell no, I don’t know where they’ve been and im not exactly 100% sure where ive been…btw can you look at this rash for me? 2. Is sex best in the morning, afternoon, or night? Wake up to a bj and blow just as you get that first morning stretch in…oh my god… 3. What side of the bed do you sleep on? the open side, so if Dracula ever comes through the window I can tangle the girl in the blankets and RUN 4. Which do you prefer...Pork, beef, or chicken??? …is this some sorta sneaky way of telln what kind of girl you like to go down on? Cause if a girl tastes like any of those you might have a problem. 5. Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? Nah, I like to tag the side of my buddies car. 6. Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? yes…but we wont speak of this any further 7. Shower or bath? Shower, too hard to screw takn a bath 8. Do you pee in t
Boring Sex Survey
1. Is there anyone on your friends list you would ever consider having sex with? …only Atomic....he drives me nuts 2. Is sex best in the morning, afternoon, or night? Morning, afternoon, and night....repeat 3. What side of the bed do you sleep on? The side you want....I love being difficult 4. Which do you prefer...Pork, beef, or chicken??? Italian Sausage....I love my meat :-p 5. Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? many times....makes room for more rum 6. Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? yes... wouldn't you like to know.... 7. Shower or bath? Shower, too hard to screw in a bath ~ agrees with Asshole 8. Do you pee in the shower? running water has that affect on me too 9. Mexican or Chinese food? Italian 10. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? Aggressive...and then I like to take over and make um beg... 11. Do you love someone on your top friends? Absolutely 13. Love or money? happin
Boring Things About Eva
Fun Girly SurveyTAKE THIS SURVEY!Take this surveyHave you ever done a french tips on your toes? got one right nowWhat is the most money that you have ever spent on getting your nails done? 45 How late do you stay up at night? as late as i want toWhat type of wash do you use in the shower? caress, mmmmDo you use a specific type of shampoo? garnier or regisHow many surveys do you do in a day? 3 today lolDo you think the world is over medicated? i think some more people need to be medicatedWhat are your thoughts on Jeff Foxworthy? he's getting cornyHave you ever flashed somebody? lol, yesWhat color are your toenails? clear, i have a french manicure on my toesIts time to talk to about significant othersDo you have a significant other? noIs your significant other a guy or a girl? if i did it would be a man Do you wear your significant others clothes? i wouldDo they wear yours? hmmm, that would be interestingDo you have pictures to prove it? makes note, i willHave you ever cheated on the sig
is it bad that i find people simple minded and very much boring. i get to the point that i can't can't stand dum people or simple mindedness. is that a bad thing.
Boring? Me!?
Sadly yes. However! I am going to be trying to add some stuff to this profile. I may as well add some interests and thought on here. Maybe attract some people with similar interests. Have some good conversation maybe. So anyways. Feel free to drop me a message. About anything!
Boricua God~daddy's Happy Valentine's Day Pimpout
First, let me send love to all my Club F.A.R. Family, Fubar friends and family. This is not a a Club F.A.R. PIMPOUT but my own personal PIMPOUT. This is my way of showing luv to those that show me luv. The following is a blend of Club F.A.R. members and my friends and family on FUBAR. I am pimping them out for different reasons, it can be for them showing me love or that I just want to show them love to help them level or celebrate a birthday or just think that this person is just a good friend to myself and many others on FUBAR. If i do not pimp you out please dont take personal, I only have love for all FUBARIANS. These PIMPOUTS may be weekly or bi-weekly depending on my free time. I dont do PIMPOUTS, friends or not for comment bombing in contests. I am a true believer that contest are just to full of DRAMA and good friendships are lost due to them. Anyway here are the links to those in my PIMPOUT, there will be for 10 to 20 members at a time. Ts
Boris Vallejo
The Man Himself Boris Vallejo started off as the son of a distinguished solicitor in Lima, Peru. Originally he wanted to be a concert violinist, not a painter, and so he took violinlessons for seven years. But then he decided to study medicine and put his violin back into its case. After two years, however, he changed his mind again and applied to the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, an art college, where he received a fiveyear scholarship. It did not take him long to win a much sought-after gold medal for his excellent works. He was 16 years old when he got the offer to study in Fiorentina, a big dream to many, but he refused the offer. Vallejo quickly gained in confidence as an artist, and in 1964 he put together a portfolio with some of his works and emigrated to the States. He was hoping for a more rewarding career than he could ever have had in Lima. He went with no more than a few dollars in his wallet, and unable to speak the language. He had no friends but he met a
Boris Vallejo's Art
Boris Vallejo is The most exceptional sci-fi artist of all time. His work is recognized for its incredible detail and unforgettable creatures. Most of his work is evocative of ancient times, but all contain an otherworldy quality. I've put several of my personal favorites in my Boris photo album here. They seem to come alive! Please enjoy and comment!
Boring And Bummed...again!!
Boricua Baby
Boricua Baby Boricua Baby how beautiful you are. You are so strong and talented. So smart and delicate. You are woman you are man. You are all that I breathe and everything that I am. Because of you my skin is olive. My hair long beatiful black and strong. My eyes are the deepest brown. Coy and vibrant. Intelligent and profound. I speak, move, and dance with African rhythym and Spanish flair. When I walk down the street every man must stare. I am a flower filled with Taino power. The sweet taste of sugar cane flows from my lips. The motion of the ocean mimics the rhythym of my hips. I am a Carribean Charmer. Passionate and proud. I am a Boricua Baby and never ashamed to say it out loud.
Boris Vallejo Paintings/pics
enjoy :)
Boring Fuckin Shit
"Gawd, its so hard to be me. Its like a full time job." I have a coworker who reminds me of a sloth- he never gets angry, or upset, or dramatical. For a while I thought he is an idiot, until I realized that I was a lil jealous. I am tired of being a ticking time bomb, ready to set off at a slightest touch. I get irritated, frustrated, flustered, mad, pissed off at a slightest thing. It is easy for people to say "count to 10", or "calm down". I wish I could, but every time something even small happens, I feel the pressure building in my head, my heartbeat get faster, and I get all pumped up for action (not in a good way either). Which causes me to say stupid shit and take stupid action that I regret later on, when the storm is gone and the waters are calm. Bad temper is my inheritance from both sides, and so are heart conditions. My grandpa had his 1st heart attack when he wasn't even 40 yet,which was followed by 7 others. My grandma died from a massive stroke when she wa
Boring, But It Is Me!
Hired a third worker so am back to struggling for 40 hours! Had to get an advance on my check so I can pay part of my rent and so my check is smaller. My kittens like to curl up on me and sleep. Maybe it is the natural nurturing of a female or my soft boobs they! They are getting big and is difficult to get all three to fit on my lap/chest area. Mom cat even wants on the lap at times now. People at work are so strange. One man put money in the machine and said it is not working. "Sir, the lid needs to be down for it to operate". Couple alerts me about the big mac that holds 4 loads of laundry that it is on the 600..."That is the price, $6.00." But it did not rinse. "Since the machine is on $6, then the machine is done. It has gone through it's complete cycle." Same machines, they complain it is not working after putting money in..."Did you press the start button?".......I am the only one there and folks come in and ask, Mary not here? Instead of a "Her
Boring Boring Blah Blah Blah
My mom got in touch with her HS friend from Russia that moved to Canada. They were talking for a while, on the phone and over the emails. So we recently planned to drive to Canada (where we almost moved to Montreal instead of the US) to stay with her. Well, all over sudden she disappeared for a while, and just contacted my mom a coupla days ago. Turns out her only son killed himself recently from a bipolar disorder. I mean, how awfully sad and awkward it must be to hear something like that. It was terrible to hear my best friend tell me her mom died, but I was helping out her mom the previous day, so I felt that coming. So that kinda made the day pretty unpleasant. She also got into another fight with her sister; they are like day and night-looks wise and personality. THey have falling outs every year, but I think they are gonna cut off the relationship all together pretty soon. Which is sad, because I like my lil cousins. She is a nutjob and I hope she doesn't turn her sons
Why is it so easy for me to get bored with things? i need some action. dont you feel like sometimes you get into the same old rut. job, career, love life, blah blah. what do you do to get out of this funk.> go on a vacation, go out with some friends. Maybe start dating! that is an adventure in itself :-) lol
Boring Life Stuffs
So tonight hubby and I and friends went to the Ravinia Festival, which is an outdoor event where you sit in lawn chairs in a field while someone is performing on stage. Tonight it was Chicago Symphony Orchestra performing Beethoven, and all over sudden an enormous nostalgia swept over me. I have been playing in a symphony orchestra for over 10 years, and had to quit just recently because of my work schedule. I miss performing downtown in a beautiful Navy Pier Ballroom, traveling to other countries with the orch, and reading orch music in general. This was amplified by my conductor asking me recently to come back and be a principal of second violins for his orchestra at NEIU and me turning it down. I love working nights, but for health reasons can't afford orch rehearsals and being on night audit. Grrrr Grrr Grrrrr
Boring Is From Lack Of Interest In's Not From Life It Self.
Take an interest in life and you'll find it to be an infinite source of richness and value. Become fascinated with certain aspects of this world and you'll find an endless source of treasure and possibility. There is nothing in life that's boring. There are only people who choose to see things as boring. In fact, wherever you are and whatever you're doing can be truly fascinating when you decide to make it so. Life in any moment is as interesting as you wish to make it. When you're truly interested in what you're doing, you'll do it much more effectively. When you choose to take an interest, you'll discover whole new worlds of opportunity. You are immersed in a truly amazing and fascinating universe. With just the slightest spark of interest, you can begin to travel a path of discovery that will lead to beautiful places you cannot now imagine. Instead of complaining about how dull life is, truly take an interest, and follow that interest with passion. There is no limit to
Boring Day At Work This Is What I Do With My Time
Roses are red Violets are blue When I am in bed I rub one off thinking of you I think about your cock And your clean shaven balls And how you make my bed rock Until the echo of your name reaches my halls I think of your dick It makes me so wet I want you to lick I want you to pet I want it so fast I want you to pound But you want to make it last Until I'm so weak, I can't make a sound.
Boring Thoughts!!!!
These are just random thoughts and feelings that i feel i need to push outta this head of mine. if you dont want to be bored shittless then dont read on. I had a dream last night. It kinda did my head in when i woke up this morning. It started with me at the house of the first girl i ever loved. Truely loved. I was there fixing the pool filter and she comes walking out. It was kinda like a present dream, not like it was in the past. Anyway, im there fixing the filter and she is there with her current boy friend telling him how much of a loser i am now. That i never really had any drive or passion and thats what led her to leave me. I had nothing to say, i was just standing there looking at her. I could see the hatred in her eyes. The disdain in her eyes and heart. So i leave ... Then what i remember of this dream, i am in a club, watching Thrice. (which i am now listening to because of this dream .. lol) Im there watching, listening and i hear a girl talking about a guy
Boring Flight
Bored during a long flight, an eminent scholar leaned over and woke up the sleeping man next to him to ask if he would like to play a game. "I'll ask you a question," the scholar explained, "and if you don't know the answer, you pay me $5. Then you ask me a question, and if I don't know the answer, I'll pay you $50." When the man agreed to play, the scholar asked, "What's the distance from the earth to the moon?" Flummoxed, the man handed him $5. "Ha!" said the scholar. "It's 238,857 miles. Now it's your turn." The man was silent for a few moments. Then he asked, "What goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four?" Puzzled, the scholar racked his brains for an hour--but to no avail. Finally he took out his wallet and handed over $50. "Okay, okay, what is the answer?" the scholar asked. The man said, "I don't know," pulled out a $5 bill, handed it to the scholar, and went back to sleep.
Boring Work Day
Today's 12 hour work day just dragged. i hate it when Rich is playing WoW in the mornings when he has to take me to work because when it's time for me to leave, he won't get off his ass often. So I always have to wait for him whlie looking at my watch. The first hour of work went alright but then everything started to go wrong which made time go by even slower. I was pissed that I forgot my coffee at home too lol So I had to go through work without my coffee...and I don't like works coffee...that's nasty shit. One of my managers asked me if I would make this presentation during our meeting. I have never gotten up in front of my whole work peopls...which is about 200 peoples and I'm hella shy but I said I'd do it anyways. Thirty minutes before the meeting, I went in a room with two other managers and went over some slide show pics and informations. I was nervous speaking in front of everyone but everyone said I did a great  job. Phew....Never again though!!! I've had this stupid sin
Boris Said Suffers Same Fate As Dale Jr In Crash
Boris Said Suffers Same Fate as Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in American Le Mans Series Boris Said suffered the same fate this weekend as Dale Earnhardt Jr. did almost five years ago while in the American Le Mans Series race.  Said's car, like Junior's before him, burst into flames with just a few minutes left in the race. Said, in his No. 28 LG Motorsports Corvette, was driving in the AMLS for car owner Lou Gigliotti.  Said's race car had had some contact with a BMW going into a turn prior to the car bursting into flames. Apparently, this contact resulted in some damage to the car, which ultimately resulted in the fire.  Said was able to exit quickly from the car and the safety crews did their work admirably. At first, it appeared that Said was not injured.  The safety crews examined him carefully and Said was able to leave under his own power. Said waved to the crowd and gingerly got into the medical aid car.  Unfortunately, he was burned more severely than anyone knew at the time. Fo
everyone who restricts their profile based on saltes is boring. actually pretty much everyone on here is. yall just suck. if it werent for an open forum to spew my vitorol I doubt Id bother with it at all. also, Im not going to fan people anymore to get them on the friend list there. theres like 118 people on my list and not a single one of em would even return my courtesy nod if we passed each other on the street. fuckin americans. self absorbed to no end. on the news yesterday they said it was a promising sign that more people are went to the mall in april than in march. this was right after a bit about how forclosures were up 32% last month from the year before. HA HA. I hope I live long enough to see all you snobby selfcentered greedy consumerist asslickers scrounging in dumpsters for rotten food. Really, I do, gfranted its not likely since my cancer remains untreated and even my parents dont care anymore but then theyre more or less like yall too. here is something to think ab
Oh dear husband can't you seeJust how boring you can beSitting on your ass all dayGet the hell up!I want to play!All you want to do is sleepWatch TV, make not a peepSitting on your ass at workYou never moveYou're such a jerk!You're in your thirties but who can tell?I've seen more action from MattelI've always known you could be coldBut who'd have knownYou'd act so old?We don't fool around… your drive is latentI've seen more life in a geriatric patientSo listen up my sad old manGet off your ass And make a planI may be sick but I'm not dead yetI need more fun than I currently getSo heed my words my boring friendI'll go out dancingWhile you buy Depends.Copyright V.A.R.D. 2005
Boring Day
Work was just blah...people said that I looked good in a white shirt....but it's nothing that I'd wear often. Im starting to have a cold...ugh..hopefully it goes away by tomorrow. I don't want to be sick on my days off. I'm gonna drown myself in cold medicane before I go to bed.   Was happy that I didn't have to work with that cunt today...yay...I got my yearly review. I ranked at highly successful, highly successful and then successful...The highest you can be is highly successful........yay me..I so rock. Rich's mom is in town for whenever...hopefully she won't be here too long. She gets on my nerves fast...ya know how mother in laws can be...yap yap yap yap yap.... She brought hom a bunch of crap home...I have no idea how the hell she even stores that stuff in her little crossfire car or even in her truck...she's a truck driver. I just cleaned up this room and she has it all stored all over the floor. At least she hasn't been home when I get off work..she's always wanting to grab
Boring Tour Of My House
this is a video of a very short tour of my house (minus the upstairs) just showing what my husband & i are doing to our house. i know it's boring & i think i had the mic covered or something AND i was very distracted by the fact that i get a message on my phone at the beginning of the video & i am anxious to listen to it !! :)
ballerboy892002 Buzz: 10%buzzed Level: Fu-ling (2) Gender: Male, ? Location: Clearwater, FL Kloverlynn: lol you dont get much pussy do got no game kid..take it to one of the whores on here who get naked for bling ballerboy8...: my balls dropped in ur mouth Kloverlynn: LMAOOOO You are white dude..and we can meet and fuck as soon as your balls drop princess ballerboy8...: and im a top bnotch niga whati say goes so when we gonna meet to fuck Kloverlynn: no..I am a top not a would be the bitch ballerboy8...: u suck Kloverlynn: ok do you swallow? ballerboy8...: lets fuc   ANd it ended with him blocking me..*sigh*
Boring Piece Of Boring Fiction
This is a dream sequence from a story I started writing last spring that I've recently been inspired (or instructed) to pick back up.  The scene is a but more flowery than the rest of the's intention to be more mystical than the rest although I think it might just come off kind of grocery-store-romance-novel-y.  I apologize in advance...and enough with the excuses.    I see blackness; nothing before me but endless starless night.  Subtly, I begin to sense things.  A cool, calm wind brushes over me, soft earth beneath my feet but I see nothing.  I’m aware that my eyes are closed, but I feel no fright, no need to search my surroundings.  He is there, and I am safe.    A hand, large and warm, grips mine.  It’s solid, thick and calloused.  I feel the strength as it wraps around mine.  The sandpaper fingers rest gently against mine, the leathery palm pushes comfortingly, firmly, into my own.  His voice, warm like the summer wind, whispers to me “Don’t
why do boys gotta to always be so boring. i wish i could find a man that s isnt boring but that isnt lame or to hyper. hit me up if u wannna.
~boring Basics~
~Boring Basics~ What do people call you?::   Georgia , Mamma , Geo , Baby  Gender?: Female :)  How long have you been living?:: 32 years Where were you born?:  Wake Medical Center in Raleigh :) Where do you reside?:: Grantham :) Who do you live with?::  Christopher,Kris, Drew, Ash, Koda, and Hansel :) Any pets?: Koda and Hansel :p Grade?:     Nope :D   ~Outside~ Height?:: 4'11" O.o Eye color?::   Brown :) Skin color?:: White :) Hair?:: Dark Brown Wear glasses/contacts?: Used to but not anymore :p Any piercings?: Ears:) Tattoos?: yes on my arm :) What can you usually be seen wearing?::   Jeans , T shirt, Flip flops Makeup?:: No hate it  :) Jewelry?::  Heart necklace with mine and hubbys wedding bands hangin on it  :) Do you like the way you look?::    Not really. :) What would you change?:: The baby fat i gained gone  D:   ~Inside~ How do you normally feel?:: Tired  :)  What is usually on your mind?:: Alot  :)  How would you describe you
Born To Late
How is every one, well I thought I would add to my blog. in high school, some of my friends let me know I was born about a hundred years to late. Well they might have been right, at the time I spent more time doing any thing out doors than inside watching tv, or listening to the radio. camping, fishing, hiking, shooting, and riding horses. reading was also a fascinating thing for me. I could spend the whole day reading, and I still enjoy reading. I also still enjoy every thing else I did when I was younger
Born Into Sin Pt. 1
I was born on January 13th 1985 sometime late at night which might explain why I prefer to be up during the midnight hours. I was the first of three that my mother and father concieved and I came during their teenage years, my mom was 16 and my father 18. My mother told me a couple times before that I was made out of the heat of passion one night after one of their teenage falling outs that I'm sure all of us know a little something about. Which would probably explains why I hate to be hot, out in the heat and can't stand a girl that is about a lot of drama. We lived in a three story house that my great grandmother had left my father in her passing. Me and my little brother shared one of the 2 rooms on the third floor with my mother and father. My little sister who is a year younger than me had her own room which was one of the three on the second floor. We lived their up until I was about 5 and I remember we did'nt need for anything cause my father was the neighborhood supplier
Born Into Sin Pt. 2
Afterwards we didn't see much of my mother and my father refusing to let her around us didn't help much neither. I wasn't sure why he was being so mean to her but as I now know it was because he didn't want us to see her in her strung out state. We didn't live in that big three story house anymore because we had lost it to a spontaneous fire. We were in the house when the fire had started and I had called out the window to my father who was sitting outside on the steps with some of his friends. He actually came in and got us himself he grabbed my little brother and sister told me to climb on his back and he got us out of their running through and jumping over fire. After all that happened we moved with an uncle who we lived with for about 6 months. Almost 2 years had gone by since my mother made the choice of drugs over her kids and she finally was back in the picture. She some how got herself together and was coming to our uncles house to visit us. It was perfect timing to cau
Born To Darkness
Is the death of the mortal body It is the rebirth into the night To look through new eyes To watch the night come alive As never before The light of the Moon Reflecting off the land and the sea To bathe the night in silvery light To see as a cat would The brightness of the stars The deepness of the colors in all you see The hues that come alive To hear the creatures that share the night To hear the mortals of the world, their whispers To hear their heart's beat. To smell the sunlight's sweet fragrance Just after sunset, flowers fragrant in the twilight air To touch the world, as if for the first time Feeling the warmth and softness To savor this world , as if a childe To feel love and passion , as never before To feel hate and anger, as never before I was born to Darkness on Samhian I am a Vampire Copyright © 2001 LordDarkPrince
Born At Last
BORN AT LAST by Avery Robertson I am your journey's end, my name is "destiny fulfilled" you are the fyre that ignites my own a love, a passion so deeply thrilled. Come to me... let me reach out and touch your flesh, so hot you are my lust, my love; feast on me- in you I am caught. Whirling winds of passion flow, between our worlds that are apart, I travel in the mists of tyme... to hold your mind and heart. My blood is mingled in your veins, of me you can never be free, Colours burst behind closed eyes, for only your soul to see. Your voice whispers to me, in dreams you come and take all- from my very life you feed O how I heed your call. You carry me to a bed of roses, removing all the thorns, and I will forever belong to you, in this love, I am born.
Born Of Fire
Join in my quest to leave life overturned Spanning the world, wave of doom Spewing out death with the evil I've churned Awaken the dead from their tomb Love turns to lust the sensations I've felt Exploring the pleasures of sin Making the best of the cards I've been dealt Adjusting the odds so I win Unleash all my burning wrath Potential killing machine Take down all who block my path Enjoying all that's obscene Born of fire Prince of all darkness, initiation Ritually baptized in flames Next to the throne my abomination Spread terror throughout the domain Master the art that controls the impure Inherit the infamous keys Thousands of centuries I will endure Tyrant of all the prophecies Some have called me Satan's son A name I cannot deny Wielding fury that's second to none Far too vile to confine Born of fire All things dead must rise again When twilight's blanket falls Splattered red you'll find my den Blood dripping from the walls Dreams born of
Born Of The Spirit
Born of the Spirit "Just as you can hear the wind but can't tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can't explain how people are born of the Spirit. John 3:8 NLT " Who died on November 22, 1963? "Many will correctly answer, ""President John F. Kennedy."" But also on that day another person died who was mightier in God's kingdom. His name was C. S. Lewis. His initials stood for Clive Staples, but to his friends he was known as "Jack." Born near Belfast, Ireland, in 1898, he was raised as an Anglican. But at the age of ten his world was shaken when his mother died of cancer. Jack wanted nothing to do with a God so cruel as to take his mother. By his early teenage years he had become an atheist. Jack's spiritual pilgrimage back to God began in 1926 with a conversation with a cynical friend whose belief in the Trinity challenged Lewis' atheistic presuppositions. Through the influence of various philosophers he read and conversations with his intell
Born To Be Wild
Born To Lose
I was brought in this world 1962, I didn't have much choice you see. But by the time I was eight, I could tell it was too late, I was already barking up the wrong tree. When I was in school you thought I was a fool, In trouble, Breaking all the rules. I was absent from class, My daddy spanked my bare ass, But I sure tried hard to be cool. chorus: Born to lose, was what they said, You know I was better off dead. Born to lose, you're just bad news, You don't get a second chance. It was a hot summer night in mid July, A hangover and a black eye. Your momma said I was a loser, A dead end cruiser, And deep inside I know that she was right. chorus: Born to lose, was what they said, You know I was better off dead. Born to lose, you're just bad news, You don't get a second chance. I tried to get myself a job Because that's the way that Things are, wanna have nice Things and go far. Well I'm sorry Honey, I ain't got much money But I can sure play this here old Gui
Born On The Breeze...
Tune me into the wild side of life I’m an innocent young child Sharp as a knife Take me to the Garrets where the Artists have Died Show me the Court rooms where the Judges have Lied Let me drink deeply from the water and your wine I’ll Light colored in the dark dreary mines I Look in the Mirror and stare at myself I Wonder if that’s really ME on this Shelf Take me down to where Love’s always in Bloom In a vase type of rocket to the core of the sun I Want to read books in the studies of Man I Was born on the breeze, will die on the wind I am an artist who paints with his eyes I study my subject in silent Reprise I cry for the Darkness to come on me Confusion still carries on, turning the wheels So each day I learn just a little bit more I don’t know why but I do know what for If we are going some where Then let’s get there Soon Together we stand in the Light of the Moon…
Born To Ride Magazine
We went to the Kickoff party for "Thunder by the Bay" (big biker convention... woohoo) and while we were there, the Born to Ride Magazine people were there and they took our picture and then later on, a photographer from the magazine asked me if he could take a picture of my "mom" tattoo on my shoulder, and he said he was gonna put it in their magazine....woohoo!! I'm gonna be famous.. LMAO
Born Beofre The 80's
To anyone born before the 80's Body: First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this. We ate cupcakes, white bread and real butter and drank koolade made with sugar, but we weren't overweight because WE WERE ALWAYS OUTSIDE
Born To Lose
I was brought in this world 1962, I didn't have much choice you see. But by the time I was eight, I could tell it was too late, I was already barking up the wrong tree. When I was in school you thought I was a fool, In trouble, Breaking all the rules. I was absent from class, My daddy spanked my bare ass, But I sure tried hard to be cool. chorus: Born to lose, was what they said, You know I was better off dead. Born to lose, you're just bad news, You don't get a second chance. It was a hot summer night in mid July, A hangover and a black eye. Your momma said I was a loser, A dead end cruiser, And deep inside I know that she was right. chorus: Born to lose, was what they said, You know I was better off dead. Born to lose, you're just bad news, You don't get a second chance. I tried to get myself a job Because that's the way that Things are, wanna have nice Things and go far. Well I'm sorry Honey, I ain't got much money But I can sure play this here old Gui
Born Again
Divided we stand in the light of a frozen sun Cursing the Gods we have become We steal the fire from a sacred heart And bleed the wine unholy We fall in love with the serpent's song And fear nothing In the nightside of Eden We're born again - Dead "Forever we are Forever we've been Forever will be crucified to a dream" Deranged we're tearing away the petals of desire Learning the mathematics of evil by heart We deceive ourselves to start a war Within the realm of senses And descend to the circle number four Where we are nothing In the nightside of Eden We're born again - Dead "Forever we are Forever we've been Forever will be crucified to a dream"
Born To Win!
1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” When you were born again you were born to win! Your new birth in Jesus Christ has fitted you for victory. You can detect Satan’s schemes and overcome his world system. You can “march to the beat of a different drummer.” You can live with victory over the desires of your flesh. Habits, attitudes, unclean desires, worries, and dissipation must yield as you exercise authority over your mind, emotions, and will. You can actually put Satan and his demons to flight. You don’t have to be afraid of him - he will be afraid of you! Are you feeling defeated about something? Say this out loud, “I was born to win!” Doesn’t that feel good? Now, look in the mirror and say it again! “I was born to win!”
Born Again
in case you don't know already i am a solo musican. that means i do it all myself. i am working on a new album at this time titled "BORN AGAIN" it will have 13 new songs. i write my pwn stuff and play all the requried instraments. this album is the 3 album i have done under the band name FIVE MINS TILL MELTDOWN. i have been in a few full bands in the past however i like doing my solo stuff do to i have total control over how the songs come out. i have been doing solo work since 1992 and i believe i have writin at least 10 great songs that would be in the top 10 charts. i play my guitar mostly in d tune. i will keep you up to date on the prossess of this album.
Born A Baptist
Each Friday night after work, Bubba would fire up his outdoor grill and cook a venison steak. But all of Bubba's neighbors were Catholic....and since it was Lent, they were forbidden from eating meat on Friday. The delicious aroma from the grilled venison steaks was causing such a problem for the Catholic faithful that they finally talked to their priest. The Priest came to visit Bubba and suggested that he become a Catholic. After several classes and much study, Bubba attended Mass.....and as the priest sprinkled holy water over him, he said, "You were born a Baptist, and raised a Baptist, but now you are a Catholic." Bubba's neighbors were greatly relieved, until Friday night arrived, and the wonderful aroma of grilled venison again filled the neighborhood. The Priest was called immediately by the neighbors and as he rushed into Bubba's yard clutching a rosary preparing to scold him, he stopped and watched in amazement. There stood Bubba, clutching a small bottle of holy water
Born With A Broken Heart
Thought I had the answer, this time I had found a way, to heal all the pain, for awhile it slipped away, but came back with a vengence, hitting harder then before, I shoulda known better, been down that cold hard road before, but you had all the right moves, you always knew just what ta say, I look back in amazement, at how smooth you made ya play, there is no future, in believein in a dream, it's just something that ya born with, your gonna die that way, there is no treatment, they will never find a cure, thats just the way it is when ya, Born With A broken Heart... Music Video Codes By Music
Born To Be My Baby
Born 1930-1979
Most of you can relate....for those of you that can't.....I'm so sorry for you!!! Those Born 1930-1979 READ TO THE BOTTOM FOR QUOTE OF THE MONTH BY JAY LENO IF YOU DON'T READ ANYTHING ELSE-----VERY WELL STATED. TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's !! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hos
Born To Suck
Kate couldn’t help it! She wanted to stop but something inside her wouldn’t let her! Kate was from all appearances a normal eighteen year old junior in high school. Average looks, average grades, nice friends, good parents, nothing to worry about. Well not exactly, you see Kate was addicted to oral sex! She would suck anyone, anywhere, at anytime. She couldn’t be exactly sure of why, but all she knew was that she had a burning uncontrollable desire to have her mouth around a hard cock or her tongue buried in a hot warm pussy! Walking home from school, Kate stopped off at the store to buy some school supplies. The lady salesclerk was a fifty five year old spinster who probably had never had it from anyone before, but she had heard about Kate from one of her bridge partners. When she recognized her she decided to see if what she had heard was true. “Come with me,” she said to Kate, and the led her to the store room at the rear of the store. Not sure if she should try it, the older la
2 B Or Not 2 B
im a bit lost as i stare into the flame of my candle .... the glow helps me travel and imagine hope ..... a gentle winds tries to put it out but it flickers and fights back ..... im hopefull my bieng of self can carry on like that but feel as if my flame soon will b snuffed out .... a few carin friends bring me encouragement & i thank them 4 their efforts .... maybe someday i can find a HUGS 2 share and have a reason to be once more ..... meanwhile the companionship of my kitty and her cuddlin is my only available comfort
Born In East La
Born To Be My Baby Music Video Code By Bon Jovi :
Music Video:BORN TO BE MY BABY (by Bon Jovi)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Born Loser
Escaped prisoner 'missed mates' An escaped convict turned up at his old prison and asked to be let back in because he was missing his mates. Bulgarian thief Vassil Ivanov, 37, had been on the run since disappearing during an Easter break at home in 2005. He said: "I couldn't stand it any more. I had been inside for nine years and I just couldn't get used to life on the outside again. I missed my pals here and I was miserable being a free man." Wardens at the Stara Zagora prison in Bulgaria immediately took Ivanov back into the prison where he will serve the remaining two years of his 11 year sentence, and is likely to serve extra time for escaping.
Born On The Bayou
They Rock:)woot woot:)
Born 1930-1979
READ TO THE BOTTOM FOR QUOTE OF THE MONTH BY JAY LENO. IF YOU DON'T READ ANYTHING ELSE---VERY WELL STATED TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died
Born To Be Wild
Born 1930-1979
Those Born 1930-1979 READ TO THE BOTTOM FOR QUOTE OF THE MONTH BY JAY LENO. IF YOU DON'T READ ANYTHING ELSE---VERY WELL STATED TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE
Born In Years
In 1985 (the year you were born) Ronald Reagan is president of the US Live Aid, a 17 hour rock concert broadcasts worldwide from London and Philadelphia, raising $70 million for starving Africans An 8.1 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico City and results in about 25,000 deaths Vocano "Nevada del Ruiz" erupts near Bogota, Columbia causing mud slides that bury two towns American Jew Jonathan Pollard is arrested for giving military secrets to Israel Mikhail Gorbachev becomes Soviet leader New Coke is released on the 99th anniversary of Coca-Cola The GNU Manifesto first written by Richard Stallman Kansas City Royals win the World series San Francisco 49ers win Superbowl XIX Edmonton Oilers win the Stanley Cup Back to the Future is the top grossing film Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis is published David Lee Roth leaves Van Halen to begin a solo career "Careless Whisper" by Wham! spends the most time at the top of the US charts Elmo is introduc
Born To Bleed
I just know it I can feel it there's something in the air tonight maybe the moon just gave up and fell something's not quite right my heart feels so empty my mind's so full of doubt I should just stay in, and go to bed but now I'm stepping out Sometimes I feel I was born to love you sometimes I feel I was born to die of need I ache at the thought of you - holding another I can't shake the feeling that I'm born to bleed I just knew it - you're not in here and this where you said you'd be talking with your friends, just being yourself well that's the part of you that worries me I should stay here, sort of hang out but I quit smoking and I hardly drink the only bad habit that I've got Is dealing with the thoughts I think Home at last - well, there's your car in the driveway when I get in that house I'm gonna give you a piece of my mind you're sound asleep - I might have known it well what's this? You left me a note says you waited up for me, till the sun ca
Born On The Bayou
Just because my tears have stopped falling That doesnt mean my sadness is healing I'm merely feeling the presence of The cowardly side of myself That's settled into my heart But I want to keep believing In the beginning of my little dream Little by little, my heart Is beginning to walk forward Dragging even the pain along with it Even if I lose sight of tomorrow in confusion My thoughts and feelings Will still search for the future I'll tire myself out crying Shedding so many tears it will form a rainbow And at the end of that rainbow I'll be standing there born anew born~Miwako Okuda
Born From 1929 - 1979
TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and /or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this. We ate cupcakes, white bread and real butter and drank Kool-aid made with sugar, but we weren
Born With A Broken Heart - Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
Up from the ashes, out of the flames Keeps gettin' stronger, like a slow rollin' train Watch it run Oh, why do the good die young Burnin' like a shootin' star Born with a broken heart Off in the distance, it was callin' my name So I took me a ride, on that slow rollin' train It still runs But it seems that the good die young Playin' on that sad guitar Born with a broken heart Burnin' like a shootin' star Born with a broken heart Seems it was over, before it begun Killed by a bullet, from a six-string gun Bang a drum Oh, why do the good die young Ridin' in a long black car Born with a broken heart Playin' on that sad guitar Born with a broken heart Burnin' like a shootin' star Born with a broken heart
Born To Be Wild
Born With You
I could lie and say I never saw it coming, but that would not explain the need I felt to hold you on that first day. I was born with you inside me, have felt you all along demanding that I be more than I am, better. I have made myself for you. You are here, finally. © All rights reserved
Born To Suck
Born to Suck by S. Sarge © Kate couldn't help it! She wanted to stop but something inside her wouldn't let her! Kate was from all appearances a normal eighteen year old junior in high school. Average looks, average grades, nice friends, good parents, nothing to worry about. Well not exactly, you see Kate was addicted to oral sex! She would suck anyone, anywhere, at anytime. She couldn't be exactly sure of why, but all she knew was that she had a burning uncontrollable desire to have her mouth around a hard cock or her tongue buried in a hot warm pussy! Walking home from school, Kate had stopped off at the store to buy some school supplies! The lady salesclerk was a fifty five year old spinster who probably had never had it from anyone in her life, but she had heard about Kate from one of her bridge partners, so when she recognized her, she decided to see if what she had heard was true. "Come with me," she said to Kate, and the led her to the store room at the rear of the store. Not
Born In 1974!
If you're under the age of shouldn't even read this and if you do, you should not repost this. Just because you were born in '97 doesn't mean you're a 90's kid. It's not like you could remember the original Simpsons. I am sorry but three conscious years of the 90's just wont cut it. You're a 90's kid if: You can finish this [ice ice _ _ _ _] You remember watching: -Doug -Ren & Stimpy -Pinky and the Brain -AAAAAAAH Real Monsters! -Rockos modern Life. -Gargoils You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!" You just cant resist finishing this . . . "Iiiiiiin west philidelphia born and raised . . ." You remember: -LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE!!! -Step by Step -Family Matters!!! -Dinosaurs -Boy Meets World!!!! -Wild and Crazy Kids You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. You got super excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school. You remem
Born And Raised
Born With A Tail
Born With A Tail Lyrics (Supersuckers) I'd rather choose my soul to lose than leave around one confusing loose desire Don't know if I'll ever learn Can't wait till I get my turn to burn in the infernal hellfire I'm waiting for my last ride while the bugle of my backside blows a blues in 'B' Hope I don't run out of gas Bet my sacrilicious ass ain't nothing down there that scares me Oh, yeah, and you know I'm in league with Satan and you know there can be no debating my hell-bound trail I was born with a tail I'm evil, yeah, and I run free There's molten leather in me so lets get the hell Got the goods, brother, bring it on My mother done brought me up wrong And you can use my dick for a walking stick as well Oh, yeah, and you know I'm in league with Satan and you know, there can be no debating my hell-bound trail I was born with a tail I'm on a hell-bound trail Born with a tail Alright It's time to fly the finger, yeah that middle finger brings yo
Born To Bear Your Tears
suffocating in this mascarading development i become insinuating all the blaming is the memories i hold close situations of affiliations are just as numbing as my whole life interrogating the air suffocating listen to what ive become stripped down born to bear all your tears step down from the years you never hear back down your eyes disguise all the lies fucked now are all the lives i took inside here me saying that im not praying for you anymore watch me dying and your still trying to push me some more hate hate hate inside its hurting me face face face whats haunting me take take take everything from me erase erase erase these fucking memories persuasions all the invasions departing on my own evasions how they disgrace us look what ive become pathetic and sympathetic everytime i look in your eyes regret it the fermented laughter of all the pain inside stripped down step down back down fucked now born to bear your tears slip away stay away back off me fucked away
Born Before 1989?
Beloit College's Mindset List for the Class of 2011: What Berlin wall? Humvees, minus the artillery, have always been available to the public. Rush Limbaugh and the "Dittoheads" have always been lambasting liberals. They never "rolled down" a car window. Michael Moore has always been angry and funny. They may confuse the Keating Five with a rock group. They have grown up with bottled water. General Motors has always been working on an electric car. Nelson Mandela has always been free and a force in South Africa. Pete Rose has never played baseball. Rap music has always been mainstream. Religious leaders have always been telling politicians what to do, or else! "Off the hook" has never had anything to do with a telephone. Music has always been "unplugged." Russia has always had a multi-party political system. Women have always been police chiefs in major cities. They were born the year Harvard Law Review Editor Barack Obama announced he might run fo
Born To Serve The Lord
From the dust of the earth my God created man, His breath made man a living soul; And God so loved this world, He gave His only Son, And that is why I love Him so. My hands were made to help my neighbour, my eyes were made to read God's Word; my feet were made to walk in His foot-steps, my body is the temple of the Lord. For I was made in His likeness, created in His image, for I was born to serve the Lord; and I can't deny Him, I'll always walk beside Him, For I was born to serve the Lord. I am fussed upon for actions other see as wrong when I see someone bubble and it appears that they are hurting. It is in my nature, Jesus in me, to reach out a helping hand to those who are hurting. Now if this bothers some people, I will not say I am sorry for I am about my King's business. I read others blogs and see the hurting again and once again I reach out to them. It is my nature to reach out and I will not stop. If this bothers you
Born In A Blaze Of Glory
Born In A Blaze Of Glory Not everybody can say they were born in a blaze of glory, Well I can say I was sort of. But to understand matters more you have to go back a week earlier. It was a normal Friday morning, Dad was off to work December was always a busy time when your a postman. My 2 older brothers to be where off to school. Mum was busy cleaning looking forward to the birth of her forth child in about 3 weeks time, although she was worried about her dad. Since the death of his precious granddaughter a year earlier all he did was sit and stare in the fire, he had taken it badly, Maureen was the apple of his eye. After getting nagged at by mum, he did what most men on Tyneside did, off he went to the toilet to read his paper. Inside toilets were unheard of in the industrial North East, they were reserved for the rich. It was fast approaching dinner time, so mum hurried to make a meal for dad coming in from work and the boys returning for dinner from school. There was no sign o
Born To Be Wild And Free
Born Of Many Fathers
When I was younger, my Father (who is now deceased) broke camp and left my life. While I resented him for it, I was looked after/taken care of/taught the ways of the world and the beautiful mysteries of women by other Blackmen who filled that void. So you can say that I am born of many Blackmen: My Dad, my Uncle Popcorn (Von), Fr. Casey - our parish priest, Mr. Balfour - my 8th grade teacher, Mr. Rhodes - who owned the flower shop my family lived over & checked in on me everyday after school, Fr. Stewart - my hs religion teacher, my Great-Uncle Robert, Grandpa Bailey and my best friend Jackson. He's been my best friend since I was in high school and even though he's 20 years older than I, he's always counseled me well. They all guided me wisely, even my Dad whom I came to see in a totally different way once I became a man. He wasn't without his faults; he was a charmer with a gifted tongue for and way with women that was something to see - but in the end he too was my Fat
Born Nude?! *le Gasp*
"Yet there are those who thought it was wrong for me to show a nude person. And I said to them all 'That means the Lord made a terrible mistake that we were born nude!' They did not like it, but it was the truth." -Ruth Bernhard
Born With A Hatchet
Born To Blossom, Bloom To Die
I have come to the realization (through the help of another) that my primary principles orbit around self-growth. All of the things that are important to me, including self-growth, aid in the process of this. Also, they are all very internal things. Unbiased loving and kindness, observation, listening, reflection and analysis, open-mindedness, etc etc. That means that the spring of happiness can only, and will only, come from inside of myself. Another realization: people move about the world with untamable fluidity. Hardly anybody is in the same place that I have seen them last, or at least they soon will no longer be. Everybody is moving, finding their own place in the world, Wisconsin, L.A., Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Pennsylvania, San Francisco, Columbus. I am saddened to realize that when I return to Chicago, New York, Pennsylvania, San Fransisco, Florida there will be very few people there who originally made it worth me being there. I guess, it may be for the best, but it
Born Into This
born like this into this as the chalk faces smile as Mrs. Death laughs as the elevators break as political landscapes dissolve as the supermarket bag boy holds a college degree as the oily fish spit out their oily prey as the sun is masked we are born like this into this into these carefully mad wars into the sight of broken factory windows of emptiness into bars where people no longer speak to each other into fist fights that end as shootings and knifings born into this into hospitals which are so expensive that it's cheaper to die into lawyers who charge so much it's cheaper to plead guilty into a country where the jails are full and the madhouses closed into a place where the masses elevate fools into rich heroes born into this walking and living through this dying because of this muted because of this castrated debauched disinherited because of this fooled by this used by this pissed on by this made crazy and sick by this made violent made in
Born Again
Why am I choking on emotions so weak? Since when do I feel? I'm beating on the steering wheel I'm trying to deal I've just come unraveled and the pain has traveled I feel it in my fingers and i'm acheing in my toes Because I'm screaming and there's no one to know No one to know tears To feel fears Why am I crying? Why are we dying? Maybe I'm lying.. This isn't me Because I was made whole Strong and bold and oh so cold I'm in a state of sour decay and I'm rotting where I sit and I'm stinking where I lay The only thing dying is the wall I've built and the pretense i've spilled Cause I'm alive in a way that I can't stand to say My heart beats and I'm my own defeat I guess I'm born again They say "feel" and I say "when"
Born A Baptist
Each Friday night after work, Bubba would fire up his outdoor grill and cook a venison steak. But, all of Bubba's neighbors were Catholic...And since it was Lent, they were forbidden from eating meat on Friday. The delicious aroma from the grilled venison steaks was causing such a problem for the Catholic faithful that they finally talked to their priest. The Priest came to visit Bubba, and suggested that he become a Catholic. After several classes and much study, Bubba attended Mass.....and as the priest sprinkled holy water over him, the Priest said, "You were born a Baptist, and raised a Baptist, but now you are a Catholic." Bubba's neighbors were thrilled, until Friday night arrived and the wonderful aroma of grilled venison once again filled the neighborhood. The neighbors immediately called the Priest, and as he rushed into Bubba's yard clutching a rosary and preparing to scold him, he stopped and watched in amazement. There stood Bubba, clutching a small
Born In The Petals Of A Rose
Verse 1 Sun sets in your hair, pierced lip sings a song of a revolution. The artist, I will call you. Drawing pictures of goddess and gods. Kurt and Angelina’s lover, husband and wife all together. And you scream, Chorus Angels exist, born in the petals of a rose. Angels exist, flying high above us. I will miss you Angel, and your smile. Angels exist… Verse 2 Pagan sign hangs on your neck, magick in one green eye, one blue. Daring and spontaneous woman, writing of past lives, standing up for what you believe in. Laughing out loud, making no sense to anybody, except your heart. And I whisper… Chorus Angels exist, born in the petals of a rose. Angels exist, flying high above us. I will miss you Angel, and your smile. Angels exist… tattooed on your ankle. I will miss you Angel, farewell until we meet again. Deidre Grotbo
Born 2 Boop
The Rules: 1. Stop by Boopmebaby's page and rate her Betty Boop folder... Start with this pic... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Born to Boop" or something like that... 4. Private message Carrie when you have completed rating each party guest. She will make you a thank you tag... And add you to the guest list... 5. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request 6. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. 7. NO DRAMA... You agreed to the rules... So, be sure you follow through... No cheating... Please... ****************************** Below is the gift tag you will receive... Feel free to save and upload your tag or rip it... But if you rip it, you will NOT receive points when someone rates it on your page. Please l
Born To Suck
BORN TO SUCK Kate couldn't help it! She wanted to stop but something inside her wouldn't let her! Kate was from all appearances a normal eighteen year old junior in high school. Average looks, average grades, nice friends, good parents, nothing to worry about. Well not exactly, you see Kate was addicted to oral sex! She would suck anyone, anywhere, at anytime. She couldn't be exactly sure of why, but all she knew was that she had a burning uncontrollable desire to have her mouth around a hard cock or her tongue buried in a hot warm pussy! Walking home from school, Kate had stopped off at the store to buy some school supplies! The lady salesclerk was a fifty five year old spinster who probably had never had it from anyone in her life, but she had heard about Kate from one of her bridge partners, so when she recognized her, she decided to see if what she had heard was true. "Come with me," she said to Kate, and the led her to the store room at the rear of the store. Not sure if she sho
Born Only To Love Not Be Loved
Once a scared and scarred young girl closed herself off to the world She didnt believe in fairy tale dreams She knew they were not as they seemed Believing not in love at all She barracaded inside thick walls. One man after another proving her right She gave no permissions to love at first sight Once her walls penetrated by a kind hearted gent Words of love and messages sent This myth of love could it be real For this man taught her how love should feel She opened her heart and him she did love She knew that he was sent from heaven above One cold autumn night her dream lay shattered For it was her love for him that did not matter A close friend is what she will always be But more he was to her now he'd never see She cried to her friend as her body was shaking Her friend knew how much her heart was aching "Let it go" she was advised But inside she knew love was just a lie Laying alone she looked deep inside and knew that the truth she could not hide She came fr
Born Alive.
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Born bruised and broken A Demi-god in your gutter Snow white smile Sorry I'm failing Fucked up and different Living disaster Ticking timebomb heart The more I bleed the less you feel Use my fear to empower your hate Bury and bludgeon me Slowly changing Kill or be killed Re-arrange me inside and out Let me help you see your end Burn bleeding and blind...
Born Again
in my bartab: God just checked you out! in my shoutbox: God: Hello then i said: ->God: i don't believe in you. and continued on speaking in obscure obscenities and flashing my goods to the neighborhood.... but for a split second...
Born To Be Wild
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Born Again Christian Singles Personals
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Come to CNET for free and safe Born Again Christian News Widget ... You must be 13 years of age or older to submit personal information to CNET ... Find the latest born again christian belief discount codes, born again ... Search Christian personals and email Christian singles free for 10 days. ... In addition, born again Christians often speak of being saved, which they usually associate with the moment they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal ... We see BornAgainSingles as a platform to meet new single Christians that you might not have ... Does my personal information get shared with other members? ...
Born Gay
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Jun 19, 2005 ... If Roselli
Born To Be Wild--steppenwolf
Born Into A Funny Farm
Born into a funny farm All loony from day one Four nut cases under one roof I can see the danger, cant you? No one drools Unless they’re sleeping No one cares Unless I am creeping In our rooms we sit Rocking back and forth Yes we are crazy, But that’s just it! Our house is a funny farm Each of us crazy In our own special way Loons and nut cases all in one Born into a funny farm Our house is a funny farm Come on in You’re welcome to stay Don’t mind our taste in fashion It suits us all very well! The wrap around sleeves The buckles on the back We love our white jackets, And our pretty padded walls And laughing at each other As we make one another fall! I was born into a funny farm Welcome to our funny farm You can stay if you like Where loons and freaks will live as one!
Born To Be A Hick !!!!
today is mid 70s, slight breeze..OMG great day.    
Born January The Third 1976 My Planet Is Saturn I Am A Capricorn Born In The Year Of The Dragon One Minute Before Midnight During An Electrical Storm
Chap. xxxviii. Of the Images of Saturn. But now, what Images they did attribute to the Planets, although of these things very large volumes have been written by the ancient wise men, so that there is no need to declare them here, notwithstanding I will recite a few of them; for they made, from the operations of Saturn, Saturn ascending in a stone, which is called the Loadstone, the Image of a man, having the countenance of an Hart, and Camels seet and sitting upon a Chayr or Dragon, holding in his right hand, a sithe [scythe], in his left hand a dart; which image they did hope would be profitable for prolongation of life; for Albumasar in his book Sadar, proveth that Saturn conduceth to the prolongation of life; where also he telleth that certain regions of India being subject to Saturn,there men are of a very long life and dye [die] not unless by extream old Age: They made also an other Image of Saturn for length of dayes, in a saphire, at the hour of Saturn, Saturn ascending or fort
Born Bad
Born Again
     A long time ago a man had an idea.  He attempted to see if he could get it off the ground with a few of his friends.. but that didn't work out too well.  This man later decided to try things a little diffrently.      Thus the first incarnation of "Questionable Intent" was born.  Unfortunatly a series of unfortunate events caused that to be taken off the priority list.         This time however.  Ezra Cold... the man who had an idea, has finaly gotten things to a place where Questionable Intent can once again be brought back.  Perminantly this time.  So welcome friends, To a new chapter in a diffrent idea.
Born With 8 Limbs She Now Walks
Lakshmi Tatma is 4 years old now. What is remarkable about her is that she was born with 8 limbs, 4 arms and 4 legs. She endured a ground breaking surgery to remove her parasitic twin from her own body. Now she walks and even plays sports. The doctors who saved this little girl deserve the adulation and praise of all who value life. Read about her,2933,584052,00.html?test=faces At BlastFM we value all life. Give us a listen and come alive.
Born To Be Wild
Born A Pure Breed
I was born a pure breed, and I have lived my life for centuries with my parents, ruling over a thriving kingdom. We had no war, no crimes, everything always seemed to run smooth without any faults. My father, who was the lord of our country, treated all his followers with respect, with his leadership we continued to grow prosperous. The civilian population continually growing larger and larger every day.One fateful night we received a letter from a neighboring country, talking about innocent men, women and children, being found mauled with hideous teeth mark, lodged in their flesh. Body parts being ripped off and thrown all over parts of other cities. Corpses found littering the surrounding woods and streams. We received letters like this for weeks, pleading for our help. My father gathered his best warriors and headed to try and liberate and free this neighboring country from the beasts that were on the prowl. We received reports weekly about the battle and these dog like men, who wer
Born Under A Bad Sign
Born under a Bad Sign We are all products of our upbringing and environment - Duh. We are taught which political party to belong to, what our religious beliefs are, that minorities are dangerous, that whitey is the devil and all matter of whatnot by our families. Then we are placed into schools primarily made up of like-minded people and these ideas are fortified. We are not really required to make decisions regarding these matters along the way. If we are fortunate (arguable), we find our ways into colleges where other people teach us that we are in fact not Republicans but Progressives and that God is a great lie invented by weak minded people to lull them thru a life of mediocrity. They convince us that we evolved from primordial goo and that monkeys are our former selves. I often wonder why the current monkeys didn't evolve... but, I digress. It is not unless we are very fortunate that we get the chance to explore our planet. This opportunity enables us to call into question our pr
Born Again
My scattered dreams have made me a bitter man cuz the broken glass has cut away at my soul. The what could've been reflections haunt me in my sleep and taunt me in my mind. My broken heart has made me a hateful man cuz the scattered pieces made my love fade away. The ever glowing warmth that easily flowed through me just became a frozen block of ice. My defeated pride has made me an angry man cuz the wicked shame has brought upon a shadow. The once lively person has just become dead to be born again.
Born - Died
I don't know why I remember this or if it is common or rare. When I was a little little girl, I thought you were born and you died on the same calendar day. I have reasoned this idea came from seeing gravestones with birthdates and seeing older gravestones with just year born and year died. I had the idea if you didn't die on your birthday this year, you were good to go another full year!
Born As Ghosts - Rage Against The Machine
The hills find peaceLocked armed guard postsSafe from the screamsOf the children born as ghostsGates guns and alarmsShape the calm of the dawnPeering down into the basinWhere death lives onWhen young run foaming at the mouth with hateWhen burning batons beat the freezing who shakeUnder the toxic sunsets they dine and toastOf walls deny the terror facedBy the children born as ghostsBorn as ghostsA warning, you sufferers, begin to speak our wordBorn as ghostsA warning, you sufferers, begin to speak our wordBorn as ghostsA warning, you sufferers, begin to speak our wordBorn as ghostsWe're the children born as ghostsborn as ghostsOne book and forty ghosts stuffed in a roomThe school as a tombWhere home is a wastelandTaste the razor wireAnd thought is locked in the wombThe tales that tear at the myth of the dreamMyth of the dreamMyth of the dreamA suffering that shocks the lives off the screenMyth of the dream Myth of the dreamBorn as ghostsA warning, you sufferers, begin to speak our wordB
A Borrowed Survey
Have you ever licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work?: hell no that's wrong What's the largest age difference between yourself and someone you've dated? 8 years Ever been in a car wreck?: 2 but i wasn't behind the wheel Were you popular in high school?: nope Have you ever been on a blind date?: 1 or 2 Are looks important?: a bit but not totally Do you have any friends that you've known for 10 years or more??: one By what age would you like to be married?: the ay after i die Does the number of people a person's slept with affect your view of them?: nope Have you ever made a mistake?: i never make mistakes Are you a good tipper?: i try to be What's the most you have spent for a haircut?: $30 Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: one Have you ever peed in public?: what guy hasn't What song do you want played at your funeral?: who says i'm dieing Would you tell your parents if you were gay?: i'm not
WHAT HURTS 1. Letting go of a person you've learned and decided to love. 2. Reminiscing the good and bad times you shared together. 3. Shielding your heart to love somebody. 4. Trying to hide what you really feel. 5. Trying to hide the tears that involuntarily fall from your eyes. 6. Loving a person too much. 7. Giving up someone you never thought of giving up. 8. Having the right love at the wrong time. 9. Taking the risk to fall in love again. 10. Hiding your relationship from someone else. 11. Controlling your feelings to avoid hurting a friend. 12. Thinking of him/her every waking and sleeping moment knowing all the while that he/she never even thinks a single thought of you. 13. Letting go, because every time you see the person, you only fall deeper. 14. Holding back only to find out when it's too late, you both felt the same way, but were only scared to lose each other so much that you didn't let the feelings out. 15. Falling in love w
Borrowed Time
Borrowed Time One young girls contempt for her life, poor neglected, totally socially rejected. Looked on as an outcast of society, couldn't tell you the ;meaning of sobriety. Drugs and Alcohol her only escape, never worried about the coroner and the yellow police tape. One hit to many; overdose killed her and took her out of her misery, hounds of hell took'er, they made a special delivery. Her parents cried and wondered why she did it, and were sorry that she died. The friends that she never made, used her for and example, so they wouldn't have to pay the price that she paid. Prevention is the key, but information is what they should be offering. Different reasons for your addiction, but the outcome for all are the same. If you don't turn it around we can all make the same prediction. Death is not the answer, life is the dream of the true romancer.
Borrowed Desires
Borrowed desires, You have plenty of your own good, positive, meaningful desires that will push you forward. There is no need to borrow the desires of others. What the world defines as success is only an empty shell. It is only what you know to be right that will truly fill your life. What happens when you pursue the desires of others? Even if you attain them, they will not bring you anything of lasting value. What will you have gained if you achieve the most dazzling, spectacular outer success and then find out that it means nothing to you? It is far better to nourish your spirit than to merely feed your image. Define success in your own unique way and you will surely reach it. Even better, when you reach it you'll know and appreciate what to do with that success. Follow the vision that you know is right for you. That will bring not only achievement, but joy, meaning and fulfillment as well.
Borrowed Blog Idea
I liked Monica's likes and dislikes I am stealing it. I really don't like 100 degree weather.Yes it's really that hot here. I can't type while I am on the phone (not really a like or dislike).I just happen to be on the phone I don't like liver...ewwww I do love a good conversation Overalls should be buried once and for all.Do not bring them back ever! Oh I am throwing a wish in here...I wish people were more educated about autism since my son has it. I love the beach,have lived near it most of my life,even though I still don't know how to swim I will continue my wish/love/hate list later
Borrowed From A Friend
I doubt anyone will do this BUT id like to see if anyone does....all u have to do is fill in the blanks and send it to me....... Dear _____, Love,I have some confessions to make. Brace yourself. I want to lie--I want to lie in bed next to you and feel your ____ body against mine. I want to cheat--I want to break all the rules and give you one of the hottest, steamiest nights of ________ you've ever had. I want to steal--I want to steal your heart and soul and make you thrill to my every ________ as I make _________ to you. And last, I want a divorce--I want to divorce life and leave the whole ________ behind, and focus only on you and how good I can make you ________. Love, ________
Borrowed Poetry...found On 360
This was too beautiful not to "borrow"...tee hee Love, Here I am. I am, here. I've turned out my pockets, love. I have nothing to give. Therefore, nothing to lose. I love you. I have always, you know. Before your name passed your mother's lips for the first time, it rang in my ears..... Love, I've turned out my pockets into fist fulls of dust. I am nothing, offering you all that I am. Willing to give what I have discovered of myself so far, and whatever is brought forth for eternity.
You Are 40% Interesting Truth be told, you're not the most interesting person in the world. You don't put much effort into expanding your horizons. You're content to stay in your little comfort zone. You tend to get stuck in a rut, and you often bore people who spend time with you. You are predictable and somewhat narcissistic. You're too focused on yourself to see how boring you can be. You have the potential to be an incredibly fascinating person. You just have to be a little more proactive. Shake things up. Try something new. Take a risk. The worst that can happen is that you'll have an amazing story to tell! Are You Boring or Interesting?
Borrowing Permanently (ok, I Stole It) This From Irish By Blood
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then hell no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it'll get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a whole bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why would he treat you any differently? Always
Borrowed From One Of My Groups
Two Kinds of Hurt There are two kinds of hurt: self-pitying hurt and sad hurt. Self-pitying hurt is the kind of hurt we feel on purpose, so that we'll have a good excuse to wallow in self-pity. Whenever we are self-righteously indignant at someone else's behavior, we are indulging in self-pitying hurt. We seek self-pitying hurt when we expect or demand something from another person which that person is not offering freely. Whenever we believe that other people (e.g. our parents, spouse, or children) owe us anything; whenever we try to bribe, wheedle, or coerce other people; to try to make them feel guilty if they don't come across for us; to impose our own desires on them beyond what they are comfortable with; then what we are actually seeking from them is their rejection, which we can conveniently blame on them. Whenever we make our happiness depend on something which someone else does or doesn't do, we are just asking that person to hurt us. This kind of hurt is e
I hate passing out at work. But I was so tuh erd... I have recently found a method of sleeping at work (10 min power naps do it for me): I open a drawer, and use it as a prop for my legs. Almost like a bed :) zzzzzzzzz
Borrowed This From A Friend
One of my son's best friend wrote this, on MySpace. I took the time to read it..not sure if its his own words or not..kind made me stop and think..reminds me something that could had been written during the early 70' may or may not agree... From: Chris (Psychotronik) Date: Mar 12, 2009 8:29 PM Subject: truer words were never spoken Body: Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who's to blame? Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirr
Borrowed In Rememberance Of My Gradma
Remember me in the glow of the sunset or when the robins return in the spring Know that in life there are up and downs , remember beauty exists in all things. Remember me as the butterfly flutters, and drinks the sweet nectar of flowers Life is as simple as nourishment within all there is loving power. Remember me with the radiance of the sun as the glow of me warms your face When the gentle breeze blows your hair in your eyes know its me sendng God's Grace Remember me when a newborn cries for soon tears of joy will appear As you gaze upon the newness of life know that I am close to you near. Remember me as u pray at night for this is when you sense me the most Know that I am and forever will be alive with God as my host.
Borrowed List :)
"When you feel like giving up on someone...remember why you held on for so long..." "Change is never easy. You fight to hold on, you fight to let go" "A smile is a curve that can set a lot of things straight" "Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I'm not there, I go to work." "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow" "A good quote is worth a thousand words" "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." - Carl Sagan "Democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions - it only guarantees equality of opportunity." - Irving Kristol (1920-) "We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." - Luciano de Crescenzo "Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. And dance like no one is watching." "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." A Billings "I had the blues because I had
Borracho As A Drunk
The 12 Steps Please click on a link for a step to see how that step has worked for other people. Step 1 - We admitted we were powerless over our addiction - that our lives had become unmanageable Step 2 - Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity Step 3 - Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God Step 4 - Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves Step 5 - Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs Step 6 - Were entir
I am totally borrowing net at the moment and this connection is not the greatest. But, it's something so you wont hear me complaining. Although, you will see me logging off and on a lot more then I used to, since I always stayed logged in before.  I am in the mood for a bubblegum ice cream cone, anyone else want one while I am up?
Borrowed From My Friend Nakey ♥
Does the last person you shared a bed with mean anything to you? absolutely   Tears are falling from your eyes, what's the reason?If i'm crying, someone i love diedIf you got paid 5,000 dollars would you stick your hand in an elephants ass?make it 50K and we might talkHas anyone ever promised you forever?Yes... Do you get high?newpSomething bothering you?Yes....Has someone told you they'd always love you then went for someone else?yepWhat made you happy this weekend? the Saints running 13-0!   When was the last time you cried?when dirty boy mike died   What color shirt are you wearing?black   Last thing you ate?rum garlic shrimp creoleWhere did you sleep last night?in my bedAre you happy right now? eh, could be betterWho/what do you hate/dislike currently i don't hate anyone. it takes too much energy   What's something your wanting right now?my sanity, if just briefly   Who makes you the happiest right now? Wifey. She has a way of making me giggle   Does someone hav
Borrowed From Peacey
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Borrowed And It's True 2nd Alarm Hotties Is A Joke
Okay, so I was bored and yesterday a friend commented the second alarms hotties group blog, I guess asking to join, I have seen a few of their members in the mumms with as usual the normal fu begging status, though when reading their code of conduct, I figured what the hell and decided to do a satirical blog about them. If you have a problem with it, news flash I do not care, do not waste My time or yours whining to Me, just block Me and get it over with.Here goes, By the numbers are what their REAL code of conducts say, being the nice guy that I am I figured I would help out their future members and current ones who may not understand what these rules mean, so under each rule or code of conduct I have put the hidden meaning that that particular code means. *goes back to My cave to find something else to pick at, for the sake of enjoying Myself* have fun minions! COC... (code of conduct) 2nd Alarm Hotties1. All 2nd Alarm Hotties Prospects must have a verified salute and a minimum of
2 pounds beets (8 medium, usually 2 bunches), peeled, cut in half and sliced in thin half-moons 7 cups water 2 teaspoons salt, or to taste 6 tablespoons strained fresh lemon juice (from 2 to 3 lemons) 1 tablespoon sugar 2 plump garlic cloves, cut in half lengthwise, green shoots removed 3/4 cup plain low-fat yogurt (optional) 1 small cucumber, peeled, seeded, and cut in small dice Chopped fresh dill or chives for garnish 1. Combine the beets, water, and 1 teaspoon salt in a soup pot and bring to a simmer. Cover and simmer 30 minutes. Add the lemon juice, remaining salt, and sugar and continue to simmer, uncovered, for 20 minutes. Remove from the heat and add the garlic. Allow to cool, then cover and chill (you can speed this process by transferring the soup to a bowl and placing the bowl in an ice bath). Taste and adjust seasoning. Remove the garlic cloves. 2. Place 2 tablespoons yogurt, if desired, into the center of chilled soup bowls. Ladle in the soup. Garnish with diced
I like borscht (beet soup) i like it plain and with sour cream.  Cold is better!  What do you think?  A. Cold B. Warm or Hot
Boruc Signs New Celtic Contract
Boruc signs new Celtic contract Boruc had been linked with moves to Arsenal and AC Milan Poland goalkeeper Artur Boruc has ended speculation about his future by signing a contract extension that commits him to Celtic until 2011. The 27-year-old, who joined Celtic in 2005, was this weekend linked with moves to both Arsenal and AC Milan. But he told "I am very grateful to the Celtic management for putting their trust in me. "That's why I accepted the new contract offered to me and I have extended it for three more years." Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell confirmed the deal for the player first signed from Legia Warszawa. "Talks have been ongoing for a while and we are delighted that Artur has decided to sign," he told BBC Sport. Celtic had themselves been linked with an interest in Major League Soccer goalkeeper of the year Brad Guzan, the 24-year-old presently with Chivas USA. MY SPORT: DEBATE Fantastic news. So much for him doing
Boruc Booking Gets Gordon Fuming
Boruc booking gets Gordon fuming Celtic boss Gordon Strachan queried whether Artur Boruc should have been booked for gesturing to Hibernian fans after Saturday's 2-0 SPL win. Boruc: Booked after game had finished Send to friend Print RSS Feed Save to... Facebook ma.gnolia Yahoo! My Web Digg Google Bookmarks Reddit Technorati Newsvine StumbleUpon Strachan called for clarification of the Scottish Premier League's disciplinary rules after goalkeeper Boruc was shown a yellow card at the end of the Hoops' victory at Easter Road. The Poland international was booked by referee Iain Brines after hanging back to wave and gesticulate to the home fans before applauding the Hoops supporters. Celtic defender Lee Naylor's first goal for the Parkhead club since his arrival from Wolves in August 2006, and a header from substitute Georgios Samaras, had wrapped up three crucial points. But then the antics of Boruc - no stranger to controv
Boruc To Answer Old Firm Charge
Boruc to answer Old Firm charge Boruc faces a Scottish FA charge of improper conduct Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc has been called to appear before the Scottish FA's disciplinary committee over an alleged gesture made to Rangers fans. The Polish international conceded four goals as Rangers ran out comfortable winners at Celtic Park on 31 August. The SFA review panel decided Boruc had a case to answer after studying photographs from the Old Firm match. The goalkeeper will go before the committee on 16 September, facing a charge of improper conduct. A statement on the SFA's website read: "Press photographs showing the player making a one-fingered gesture were considered by the review panel. MY SPORT: DEBATE Give your reaction to this story "The player has been called to appear before the disciplinary committee at its next meeting. "Before the meeting, the player has to respond with his comments on the alleged misconduct and to the material consider
Greetings and well met, Use the link to view my BOS, while your there, please feel free to have a look around and enjoy.
Bo Schembechler Dies Today In Detroit
FREE PRESS STAFF Created: 11/17/2006 10:31:45 AM Updated: 11/17/2006 12:52:24 PM Former University of Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler died after being taken to Providence Hospital after a medical emergency Friday morning, a Southfield Police Department official has said. Detective John Harris said Southfield officers escorted an ambulance carrying Schembechler to Providence Hospital at about 9:30 a.m. Medical personnel were called to WXYZ-TV in Southfield after Schembechler apparently suffered a medical problem. Last month, the 77-year-old Schembechler had a pacemaker and defibrillator installed after he had dizziness and other symptoms while taping his weekly television show. As the winningest head coach in Michigan football history, Schembechler's teams won or tied an impressive 13 Big Ten championships during his 21 year tenure. Under Schembechler's guidance, Michigan's 96-10-3 regular season record through the decade of the 1970s was the nation's best. He
Bosch/bin Laden
by Dr. William Pierce I was looking last night at some paintings by the 15th-century Flemish painter, Hieronymous Bosch. Interesting, but pretty weird stuff. Bosch was sort of a godfather to the Surrealist school of painters, who came along 450 years later: Salvador Dali and his limp clocks, for example. I don't know much about Bosch's life, but he was a moralist, and his paintings, with their nightmare quality, reflected his concern for the moral condition of Dutch society in his time. I thought to myself as I studied his paintings, "My God, what would Bosch be painting if he were alive today in America?" I shuddered when I thought about it. This is indeed an age which lends itself to surrealist treatment. Public life today lacks some important elements of reality. I was looking at Bosch's paintings right after having seen Bill Clinton on television preaching about his opposition to a tax-cut bill which the Republican Congress had just passed, and that's what made me think ab
Video____1. Click Here Video____2. Click Here Video____3. Click Here Fetish Injection Old Asian Sluts Paul Lain Chloe Knight Cody Linley Naked Hypnosis Naked Emily Procter Naked Italian Nude Teen Brit Fake Babes Kenia Latina Hedonism Pictures Lynn Naked Amatur Naked Teenage Body Digimon Transform Naked Caribbean Men Little Boy Penis Kingdom Hearts Porno Cartoon Sex Vedio Paris Hilton Oral Sex Black Strip Clubs Leigh Whannell Nude Matures Who Eat Cum Big Clit Thumbs Fat Girls In Underwear Older Woman In Thongs Billy E Mandy Hentai Men Fucken Animals Hunk Directory Free Hermaphrodites Sex Kendranude Megaerotica Hentai Kari Sweets Topless Big Boobs Mpeg Hotpics Bohr Model Of Nitrogen Cosplay Erotic Naked Trish Stratus Cam Inside Pussy Lady Tsunade Nude Big Tit Russian Women Caught Solo Wifes La Blue Girl Hentai Nude Woman Groups Mature Dadys Porno Little Teen Girl Desperate To Pee Videos Pee Girls In Pants Beas
The Bosom Of Desire
The Bosom Of Desire by historymajor© 1. Okay, I admit that I saw how horny he was. It's just... well, he just seems so demanding sometimes. Frankly, I just don't want to mess with it all the time. So when he began coming on to me—you know, caressing my hips and butt, giving me a hug every five minutes... Hey, I want to know, why is it that he is so hesitant to give me a hug when I want comfort and yet when he wants his own kind of "comfort", he's all over me? If he really loved me, wouldn't he want to help my emotional need? So, maybe I was irritated at that today and decided to give him a dose of his own medicine. Well, not really. I just wasn't interested. And he seemed so demanding. And he never really asked. So in the midst of one of his "hugs" (and he was SOOO hard, I mean I could feel it even if there were a steel plate between us) I told him that I was walking up to the store. By myself. Cause I needed some time alone. Boy, did he give me puppy dog eyes. He knew I was r
The Boss
A junior manager, a senior manager and their boss are on their way to a meeting. On their way through a park, they come across a wonder lamp. They rub the lamp and a ghost appears. The ghost says," Normally, one is granted three wishes but as you are three, I will allow one wish each". So the eager senior manager shouted, I want the first wish. I want to be in the Bahamas, on a fast boat and have no worries. "Pfufffff, and he was gone. Now the junior manager could not keep quiet and shouted "I want to be in Florida with beautiful girls, plenty of food and cocktails. "Pfufffff,and he was also gone. The boss calmly said, " I want these two idiots back in the office after lunch at 12.35pm" Lesson : "Always allow the bosses to speak first"
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Boss's Monday
as hectic as mine was, my boss (the guy that owns the place that I run!) had it worse. kinda pissy bosses day for him since the guy he just fired (and was nice enough to let him drive the company van home to take his personal tools out) pissed on a gas station parking lot next to the company van... hope everybody had an uneventful monday!!
The Boss Wants To See You
Boss Versus Worker
Boss Versus Worker When I take a long time, I am slow. When my boss takes a long time, he is thorough. When I don't do it, I am lazy. When my boss doesn't do it, he's too busy. When I do it without being told, I'm trying to be smart. When my boss does the same, that is initiative. When I please my boss, that's brown-nosing. When my boss pleases his boss, that's co-operating. When I do good, my boss never remembers. When I do wrong, he never forgets.
The Boss Of All Runs
A man entered a pet shop, wanting to buy a parrot. The shop owner pointed out three identical parrots on a perch and said, "The parrot to the left costs 500 dollars." "Why does that parrot cost so much?" the man wondered. The owner replied, "Well, it knows how to use a computer." The man asked about the next parrot on the perch. "That one costs 1,000 dollars because it can do everything the other parrot can do, plus it knows how to use the UNIX operating system." Naturally, the startled customer asked about the third parrot. "That one costs 2,000 dollars." "And what does that one do?" the man asked. The owner replied, "To be honest, I've never seen him do a thing, but the other two call him boss!"
The Boss
The boss was in a quandary, he had to get rid of one of his staff. He had narrowed it down to one of two people, Debra or Jack. It would be a hard decision to make, as they were both equally qualified and both did excellent work. He finally decided that in the morning whichever one used the water cooler first would have to go. Debra came in the next morning, hugely hung-over after partying all night. She went to the cooler to get some water to take an aspirin and the boss approached her and said, "Debra, I've never done this before, but I have to lay you or Jack off." Debra replied, "Could you jack off? I feel like crap."
The Boss
Use to love to go to work I just pray for time to pass Days now seem way to long My boss a donkey's ass Worries what not others do His nose always up my behind I think of punching him in his I'll keep it in my mind Each day I show up early For a moment of my own Just sometime to catch my breath The Donkey won't leave me alone Now he too shows up early Almost like on cue Rides me almost hourly Says "we will fire you" I only want to do my job And have a little peace Yet the Donkey ass is always there Will his harassment ever cease I wrote this on a friends request about his boss. He calls him a donkey.
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Bosses Suck
This might sound like whining, but then again, that's why its my blog. The racism in the warehouse I work at is atrocious. My supervisor (KS) himself is ok. His boss (WS) is a blatant racists. HIS boss (RS) is physically afraid of him. If you are Caucasian in our warehouse, you can expect to be overworked, threatened with suspensions and verbally assaulted. If you are African-American, you can get away with whatever you want to do. I was put into a position that I was not qualified to handle. It was known that I was untrained to do this job, and it was expected that I would have trouble. WS actually said that he expected me to fail. When I was on light duty for the injury I sustained at work, they suspended me for not violating it. They included the fact that I didn't finish an assignment that they gave me, even though they didn't teach me how to do the paperwork. They've since assigned 2 people to do the same job, and they never finish the paperwork. Some
Boss Tycoon
The Boss Lady Of Judged Men Alliance
My name is Lady Gray, I am the founder of the Judged Men Alliance. As you can see we are still under construction, but I'm learning slow but sure. What we hope to do is to bring some decorum of understanding between those within incarceration, those whom have been judged and society at large. To share knowledge, wisdom and answers for issues which not only plague those within incarceration and re-entry, but our neighborhoods as well. We will discuss life on both sides of the fence, openly, freely, honestly, and with respect to all of humanity and life itself. The views which will be expressed within this group may not always be on a personified liking, all we ask is that you not only hear, but listen and contemplate what is written within our messages, these pages, minds and heart. I hope that you will all find this an asset to your walk within the light of day as we seek to find answers for gray. If there is anything that we can help you with please do not hes
I found out today that my boss was talking shit about me to one of my coworkers. Yeah we dont get along because i refuse to kiss or lick her ass or cunt, so obvisouly we dont see eye to eye or lips to cheek. Am I wrong to think what she did was unprofessional, telling my coworker i was a lazy pos? that she wished she could combined the kiss ass girl and i together to be the perfect employee? i feel uncomfortable at work hmm hostile work enviroment? maybe....
Boss Sold And Taste Of The Danforth
So I found out last week that my boss has sold her business, the new owners take over Aug 27th. It really sucks cause I just got comfortable there, and I really like my boss. So now I'm in search of a new job. I'm gonna miss her cooking, I told her I'm gonna called her to make me food lol. A lot of my customers have offered to help me get a new job at other places where they know people. The only good thing I see about this whole thing is I get away from the 21 yr old know it all that I work with. On a good note though my boss said she's gonna open a new place somewhere else, and she wants me to go with her. I still need a job to tide me over til she opens the new restaurant. Well I probably won't be around much this weekend due to having to work the Taste of the Danforth, which is a big Greek festival we have here every year. This is the 14th Taste of the Danforth and every year gets better. We get tons of tourists for the festival. The festivals starts Aug 10 and goes st
Boss D.j. - Sublime
Theres a steel train comin through I would take it if I could And I would not lie to you because sunday mornin soon will come When things will be much easier to say Upon the microphone like a boss dj But I wont walk up upon the sea like it was dry land Boss dj aint nothin but a man No trouble, no fuss, I know why.. Its so nice, I wanna hear the same song twice, Its so nice dont wanna hear the same song twice Rumors are spreading all over my town But its just stones and sticks, Upon the microphone is where I go to get my fix Just let the lovin take a hold cuz it will if you let it Im funky not a junkie but I know where to get it No trouble no fuss I know why Its so nice I wanna hear the same song twice Its so nice I wanna hear the same song twice Oooee girl Oooee girl Oooee girl Ooee girl and there really aint no time to waste Really aint no time to hate Aint got no time to waste, time to hate Really aint no time to make the time go away So mister
Boss . This Is One Of The Coolest Dudes I've Talked To Yet !!
l3oss@ fubar
A Boss
A boss is like a diaper. Cause he or she is always on your ass an usually full of S-----.
Boss Lady
Boss Lady by writtenword © Most women that are mean and nasty aren’t that way from birth. One event or series of events caused severe pain and heartbreak. They don’t want to ever feel vulnerable again. Women bosses in the workplace feel the need for power and control over others more so than their male counterparts. Beneath the stylish business suit and glasses is a hidden need to be powerless and without responsibility for what happens. Maria stared into the mirror clouded by condensation in her bathroom. Instead of youthful sexy looking woman staring back, a mother of three, divorced, single, 32 year old MBA stared back. Society treats women more harshly in terms of appearance than men. In her college years Maria turned every male’s head that she happened to pass by. In traffic jams, men would intentionally pace her car to get a better look at her. Teenagers, men her own age, senior citizens all lusted after her body. In retrospect, time had sneaked up on her. Nowadays younger
The Boss & The Child
THE BOSS.... A boss wondered why one of his most valued employees had not phoned in sick one day. Having an urgent problem with one of the main computers, he dialed the employee's home phone number and was greeted with a child's whisper. "Hello?" "Is your daddy home?" he asked. "Yes," whispered the small voice. May I talk with him?" The child whispered, "No." Surprised and wanting to talk with an adult, the boss asked, "Is your Mummy there?" "Yes." "May I talk with her?" Again the small voice whispered, "No." Hoping there was somebody with whom he could leave a message, the boss asked, "Is anybody else there?" "Yes," whispered the child, "a policeman." Wondering what a cop would be doing at his employee's home, the boss asked, "May I speak with the policeman?" "No, he's busy", whispered the child. "Busy doing what?" "Talking to Mummy and Daddy and the Fir
The Boss Takes A Wife
The Boss Takes a Wife by robertpenn © How did I get in such as mess? It was that damn Christmas party. I got drunk and ended up alone with my boss’s 20-year-old secretary Annie. She was being very friendly that night and I was eating it up. I am your typical 40 something year old middle manager that every company has. I’m married, got kids, and do the 9 to 5 crap every weekday. I get sex about twice a month from my 40 something PTA meeting going wife. Life was pretty good and pretty boring. And here was this knockout young lady, laughing at my jokes, making eye contact with me, touching my leg, and looking at me like I was Superman or something. When she suggested we move to a more private area of the office, I went along like a damn lapdog. Then I found out it was my new boss’s office. That got a bit creepy. But Annie assured me she was gone and she had the only key. God, why didn’t I listen to that inner voice that told me no? God, the things that young girl did to me
The Boss Is Always Right
The Boss is Always Right by BabyBlue2005 © The office was silent; I stared at my PC monitor watching the little numbers dance across the screen. They still did not add up. I sighed, and twirled blonde hair around nervous fingers. I had added this spreadsheet up more times than I could count and I was still missing revenue. If it had been a few pennies I would have closed the system down and gone home but 50K would definitely be noticed. It was 7pm, the office lights were dim against the black night seeping in through the windows. There was only me, my boss and a couple of managers left in the building. I sighed again; what I would give to be curled up on the sofa at home, drinking a glass of red wine and watching whatever mindless show was on the TV. I looked at the screen again. I had to get this report right by tomorrow morning otherwise... I did not want to even consider the alternative. I needed this job; well not the job, I needed that like I needed a hole in my head but I
Boss's Day
When I got to my office this morning, there was a card sitting under my mouse. Excited, I tore open the envelope, and inside was a hallmark-inspired greeting from my secretary. "Happy Boss's Day!" I sent her an instant message: "Amy, isn't pretty much *every* day Boss's Day?" Amy lolled at me, stuck her emoticon tongue out, and we chatted for a bit about work gossip. I assigned her a project: Make a list for me of things she likes and dislikes. E.g., Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Coffee or tea? Coke or Pepsi? Boxers or briefs? Basically, I asked her to transcribe about ten minutes worth of mumms. She failed to complete this project. She does, however, do everything else for me. She answers my phone when I am out of my office, she answers my questions when I am in the office. "Amy, if I need to have this letter hand-delivered to Ms. Smith who works on the other side of town, how do I do that?" "You give it to me." That is Amy's answer to basically
Bossy Men
1st of all to all bossy assholes who shout at me through my shot box don't jump in there and start bossing me around ! don't start asking me if i have yahoo or msn and then prosead to tell me to give it to you! oh you will get it alright. but not what you are bargening for . i'm going to stop being nice and i'm and start telling some of you guys to go to hell and bite my ass! i hate bossy men thats way i divorced my ex he was an ass! so be nice or talk to someone else . and if you are piss who gives a shit ! don't be ass then! and if i want you to have it i'll give it to you ! i have ppl i talk to all the time and ppl on my family list some have it some don't but if i'm going to give it out it would be to one of them or someone i know well but not to some asshole who trys to order me around ! so piss off!
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Bossa Nova Baby...
As regular readers will know, the titles of my blogs have feck all to do with the content...just wanted to make that clear, saves confusion! Well tonight has to be the shortest night out ive had in a while...a whole hour and a half! I had to pop up and see some friends who run the karaoke in a local bar....they recorded our bridesmaids (Yvvys sisters) singing at our reception, so I had to pop up and get the CD's they were recorded on. So off I set just before 9pm and trudged the mile up to town in the p'ing rain, hoping for a pint and a sing-song. Well I got the former but not the latter! The laptop wouldnt recognise the external drive that stores all the karaoke tracks so there was no audible murders of classic songs tonight. However, there was Guinness on tap, so that proves that in every sack of shite, there is a speck of gold. And I got a lift home too, so everyones a winner (well, I am at least) Also, We go away on honeymoon a week tomorrow (saturday 1st november) so
Bosslady Is Pregnant?!?!?!
A Boss Is...
Bosslady Got It ??
Bosslady's Birthday ?!?!?!?
Bosslady Is Having A Auction!!!
The Boss
The Boss
The boss of a big company needed to call one of his employees about an urgent problem with one of the main computers. He dialed the employee's home phone number and was greeted with a child's whispered, "Hello?" Feeling put out at the inconvenience of having to talk to a youngster the boss asked, "Is your Daddy home?" "Yes", whispered the small voice. "May I talk with him?" the man asked. To the surprise of the boss, the small voice whispered, "No." Wanting to talk with an adult, the boss asked, "Is your Mommy there?" "Yes," came the answer. "May I talk with her?" Again the small voice whispered, "No." Knowing that it was not likely that a young child would be left home alone, the boss decided he would just leave a message with the person who should be there watching over the child. "Is there any one there besides you?" the boss asked the child. "Yes," whispered the child, "A policeman." Wondering what a cop would be doing at his employee's home, the bo
The Boss
love that could never be the love you said you have for me i tried to make it right and go at it again but u blew it away linke sand in the wind i'm not someone you can bend or mold i'm very simple just want someone to hold someone thats there and treats me right someone i truly love morning noon and night no yelling and screaming about the past or friends no telling me its over that this is the end thought perfect far from am i at least you have to admit i try for all the sadness and the tears we coulda had many a wonderful year but you chose to throw it away i was just a game for you to play but you did teach me alot none of which will be forgot but the truth you cannot see i am  so am so much better and stronger than the because you threw me out like trash into this big pool of life with a splash discarded like yesterdays news like old long forgotten shoes i am so much better you will see im not just what and who you want me to be im so much more than what 
I have the greatest supervisor in the world. Curt, aka boss-man is so f-ing awesome. He trained me right before he became supervisor. He's so smart, and he's a smart ass. lol He's approved all 3 of my vaca days as soon as i handed him the vaca slips. I've trained him as well. I ask him "Curt, what do I always tell you?" and he says "don't be a dick, be a dude." LMAO. Boss-man's the shit!!
Boss   The boss relationship can be translated from dreams in two ways: 1. A significant relationship from some other area of life-spouse, sibling, parent, or friend-may become your boss. If someone from another corner of life becomes your boss, it is likely that you feel that person exerting too much control over your life. It is easy to allow constructive relationships to become controlling at times. You may experience this dream in your usual worksetting, or in some nonsense environment. The place where you and this surrogate boss work together in this dream says something about the area of influence in question. 2. Conversely, your boss may become a sibling, spouse, or someone other than a vocational supervisor. If your boss is squirting into your personal life through images of some other, more personal relationship, it may be time to assess your work. Workaholism is the great debilitator of many homes. If your employment is fulfilling other roles reserved for other persons in
  Sorry for missing yesterday - had a busy day.   So question for today...   Is there a "boss" in a relationship? If so, how far does this dominate role go? Does it cover everything or just certain area of the relationship? Who wears the "man pants" in your relationship?       As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog
The Bosses Quandry
  The boss was in a quandary, he had to get rid of one  of his staff.  He hadnarrowed it down to one of two people, Debra or  Jack.    It would be a hard decision to make, as they were both equally qualified andboth did excellent work. He finally decided that in the morning  whichever one used the water cooler first would have to go.    Debra came in the next morning, hugely hung-over after partying all night.She went to the cooler to get some water to take an aspirin and the bossapproached her and said, "Debra, I've never done this before, but I have tolay you or Jack off."    Debra replied, "Could you jack off? I feel like shit."
The Boss And His Secretary
The meeting had been tough, very tough. Monique and Alex were relaxing in the hotel bar sipping their drinks; he slumped into the sofa, she beside him more alert, sitting upright at an angle facing him. It was early evening, but Alex was tired. He had just successfully concluded the best deal in his company’s short history, but the negotiations had seriously drained him. Monique put a hand on his thigh saying “You were fantastic Alex. I can’t believe you got such a good deal.” Monique was Alex’s PA, and she’d been with him for the two years he’d had his business. Alex had set up his business after he’d been made redundant. With 20 years of service he’d had a handsome payoff and was able to fulfil his ambition of working for himself. His wife on the other hand had not shared his feelings, and during the hard first year their marriage had broken down. She eventually left him for his one-time boss, and supposed friend. Alex had thrown
Boston Cream Pie
Recipe Rating: Prep Time: 15 min Total Time: 1 hr 15 min Makes: Makes 10 servings. 1 round yellow cake layer (9 inch) 1 cup cold milk 1 pkg. (4-serving size) JELL-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding & Pie Filling 1-1/2 cups thawed COOL WHIP Whipped Topping 1 square BAKER'S Unsweetened Baking Chocolate 1 Tbsp. butter 3/4 cup powdered sugar 2 Tbsp. cold milk CUT cake horizontally into two even layers with serrated knife; set aside. POUR 1 cup milk into large bowl. Add dry pudding mix. Beat with wire whisk 2 min. or until well blended. Gently stir in whipped topping. Let stand 5 min. to thicken. Place bottom cake layer on serving plate. Spread with pudding mixture; top with the remaining cake layer. MICROWAVE chocolate and butter in medium microwaveable bowl on HIGH 1 min. Stir until chocolate is completely melted. Add sugar and 2 Tbsp. milk; stir until well blended. Spread over top of cake. Refrigerate at least 1 hour or until ready to serve. Store in refrigerator. K
What a great trip! Finally in my hotel and they have high speed wireless. Unfortuntely it sucks and I can't play my xbox360 live :( Oblibivion is about it. I guess I will call their tech support. LOL Anyone of my friend in the area HIT ME UP! I will be here for 17 more days would love to hang out, catch a patriots game, have a beer or whatever else gets you buzzing! send me a PM here! PEACE OUT YO!
In the light of the sun, is there anyone? Oh it has begun... Oh dear you look so lost, eyes are red and tears are shed, This world you must've crossed... you said... You don't know me, you don't even care, She said You don't know me, you don't wear my chains... Essential yet appealed, carry all your thoughts across An open field, When flowers gaze at you... they're not the only ones who cry When they see you You said... You don't know me, you don't even care, She said You don't know me, you don't wear my chains... She said I think I'll go to Boston... I think I'll start a new life, I think I'll start it over, where no one knows my name, I'll get out of California, I'm tired of the weather, I think I'll get a lover and fly em out to Spain... I think I'll go to Boston, I think that I'm just tired I think I need a new town, to leave this all behind... I think I need a sunrise, I'm tired of the sunset, I hear it's nice in the Summer, some snow would be nice..
Boston Lead Singer Found Dead In His Home
Boston lead singer found dead in his home WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Brad Delp, the lead singer of the 1970s and '80s rock band Boston was found dead at his home in southern New Hampshire on Friday, local police said. Delp, 55, apparently was home alone and there was no indication of foul play, Atkinson, New Hampshire, police said. With Delp's big, high-register voice, Boston scored hits with "More Than a Feeling," "Long Time," and "Peace of Mind." The band's popularity peaked in the late 1970s, but it remained active off and on, producing its last album "Corporate America" in 2002. Delp was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and bought his first guitar at age 13 after seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, according to his Web site. Since 1994, he spent his spare time working in a tribute band called Beatle Juice, the band's Web site said. The band's Web site carried a statement, "We've just lost the nicest guy in rock and roll."
Boston-more Than A Feeling
I looked out this morning and the sun was gone Turned on some music to start my day I lost myself in a familiar song I closed my eyes and I slipped away It's more than a feeling, when I hear that old song they used to play (more than a feeling) I begin dreaming (more than a feeling) 'till I see Marianne walk away I see my Marianne walkin' away So many people have come and gone Their faces fade as the years go by Yet I still recall as I wander on as clear as the sun in the summer sky It's more than a feeling, when I hear that old song they used to play (more than a feeling) I begin dreaming (more than a feeling) 'till I see Marianne walk away I see my Marianne walkin' away When I'm tired and thinking cold I hide in my music, forget the day and dream of a girl I used to know I closed my eyes and she slipped away She slipped awa y. She slipped away. It's more than a feeling, when I hear that old song they used to play (more than a feeling) I begin dreaming (more t
Boston Cream Pie Minis
Recipe Rating: Prep Time: 15 min Total Time: 1 hr 15 min Makes: 2 doz. or 24 servings, one cupcake each 1 pkg. (2-layer size) yellow cake mix 1 cup cold milk 1 pkg. (4-serving size) JELL-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding & Pie Filling 1-1/2 cups thawed COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, divided 4 squares BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate PREHEAT oven to 350ºF. Prepare cake batter and bake in 24 greased medium muffin pan cups as directed on package. Cool 10 min. in pans. Remove to wire racks; cool completely. BEAT milk and dry pudding mix with wire whisk 2 min. or until well blended. Let stand 5 min. Meanwhile, use serrated knife to cut cupcakes horizontally in half. Gently stir 1/2 cup of the whipped topping into pudding. Spoon about 1 Tbsp. of the pudding mixture onto bottom half of each cupcake; cover with top of cupcake. MICROWAVE remaining 1 cup whipped topping and the chocolate in small microwaveable bowl on HIGH 1-1/2 min. or until chocolate is almost melted, stirring af
~ Boston - More Than A Feeling ~
Boston Blog
My friends in Boston. I am in a hotel room in Dedham bored. Anyone want to kick it?? I think tonight I am going to chill this weekend, but I am down if anyone else is. Get at me.
The Boston Celtic Welcome
kevin garnett
Boston Tattoo Convention
Boston Tattoo Convention
Boston "more Than A Feeling"
Boston Ff
Please pray for the families of the 2 Boston FF who died a few weeks ago. The media is having a hay day raking leaked reports of drugs and alcohol on board during their deaths.
Boston Sightseeing Tour For Voyeurs
Boston Sightseeing Tour for Voyeurs by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER © Boston Sightseeing Tour for Voyeurs and/or Exhibitionists For those Literotica viewers who may travel to Boston, here is my unofficial guided tour of the best places to voyeur women and/or for you women to experience your exhibitionism tendencies while your husband or boyfriend watches the action from a distance. Of course, if your woman is not into exposing herself, then let her have a day at the hair salon or a day of shopping while you enjoy the voyeur tour alone. Spring is always an exciting season for me. The sunshine and warmer weather brings out the short skirts, exposed midriffs, and tank tops. I spent many exceedingly exciting and entertaining days walking around and enjoying the voyeuristic views that Boston has to offer. The great thing about Boston is, it is relatively small and you can walk anywhere and everywhere and if you do not feel like walking, they have a great rapid transit system. From the Nor
I miss New England trains, I miss the hot dog stands and I miss the smiles even when we lose.. Oh, I miss you Boston... I miss the hugs in the rain I miss the laugh with the pain I miss your faith I miss that heartache mixed with the smiles you make and I miss the chilly winter ache win or lose New England, I miss you The west coast was my home once upon a time that I'd known but the truth is the east coast is my home with the unconditional love I had known Oh my, New England I miss you It's like the paint as it dries all the bloody tears in my eyes I wish I'd realized sooner Boston you're the only heart I've ever known. One big family communion Boston I miss you... ©MCA
Boston Woes
Friday, November 30, 2007 Boston Gun Search Policy Raises Concerns Boston police may soon begin asking parents to allow searches of their homes and children’s bedrooms for firearms—without notice or warrants. Under the controversial “Home Safe” program, teams of police officers will be assigned to the city’s public schools and will seek out leads on students believed to have firearms. Officers would then show up at the student’s home and ask to immediately search the premises, confiscating any firearms they find. Officers are empowered to exercise their personal discretion should they encounter drugs or signs of other illegal activity. While parents have the right to refuse the search, questions of constitutionality, intimidation, and civil liberties have rightly been raised. According to a November 17, article, Thomas Nolan, a former Boston police lieutenant who teaches criminology at Boston University, deemed the program “an end run around the Constitution.
Boston Creme? Lmfao
You Are a Boston Creme Donut You have a tough exterior. No one wants to mess with you. But on the inside, you're a total pushover and completely soft. You're a traditionalist, and you don't change easily. You're likely to eat the same doughnut every morning, and pout if it's sold out. What Donut Are You?
Boston - Dont' Look Back ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
Boston - Foreplay ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
Boston - Peace Of Mind ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
Boston - More Then A Feeling ! A Tribute To Boston (brad) ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
Boston - Amanda ! Live Drums' By Marty Kays !
The Boston Tea Party
Boston Baked Beans
Soak overnight in cold water... 1 qt. navy or pea beans Simmer in same water until tender (2 to 3 hr.). Drain, and save liquor. Place in 2-qt. bean pot in layers... the drained cooked beans 1 lb. salt pork (scalded, rind scraped) 2 slices onion Combine... 1/3 cup molasses 2 tsp. salt 1/3 tsp. pepper 1/2 tsp. dry mustard Pour over beans. Add just enough bean liquor to cover beans. Cover pot. Bake. Remove cover last half of baking, draw pork to top, add a little boiling water if beans seem dry. Serve hot with steaming hot Brown Bread. Temperature: 300° (slow oven). Time: Bake 8 hr. Amount: 10 servings.
Boston Acoustics Mcs100
Boston Brown Bread
BOSTON BROWN BREAD 1 c. whole wheat flour 1 c. med. rye flour 1 c. yellow cornmeal 1 1/2 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. salt 1 c. raisins (opt.) 2 c. buttermilk, room temp. 3/4 c. molasses Generously grease 2 (1 pound) coffee cans or 3 (1 lb.) vegetable or fruit cans; set aside. In a large bowl, combine whole wheat flour, rye flour, cornmeal, baking soda and salt. Add raisins, if desired. Toss to separate and coat with flour mixture. In a medium bowl, combine buttermilk and molasses. Stir into flour mixture only until dry ingredients are moistened. Turn into prepared cans, filling evenly. Cover cans tightly with 2 layers of foil; tie with string. Place a rack in a large kettle. Place cans on rack. Place kettle over low heat. Add boiling water until halfway up cans. Cover; bring water to a gentle boil. Steam bread 2 1/2 to 3 hours or until a wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Add more boiling water during steaming, if necessary. Carefully remove bread from cans. C
Boston Speed Dating
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Speed Dating Boston Speed dating parties allow you to meet many great ... Check out HurryDate Boston Speed Dating now; Click Here to check out Online Dating ... Join a speed dating party in Boston! Check our calendar of event in Boston to see when you can join a speed dating party in Boston put on by! Showing affection when dating. Boston online dating, speed dating new jersey, felon dating sites. Foreign adult dating, club dating online, ... Get info about Date
Boston Adult Escort
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Comprehensive Guide for Boston escorts, Boston massage, Boston strip clubs, Boston mens clubs, Boston Swingers, Swingers Clubs,Boston adult entertainment, ... The world largest FREE Escort
Boston Adult Personals
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Boston Dating Service
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Free dating service for singles and friends to meet. ... Connect today to the newest and fastest growing free dating service online. is and always ... Connection to Boston dating and match making sites, Boston MA. Boston singles and personals site for dating and romance. ... I sure appreciate the quality service you provide. I am getting to know (and actually meeting) ...
Boston Dating Services
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. A directory listing of dating services in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Boston Apartments - Dating Services, Dating Love Date, Personals, On-lin Love Dates. Services. Advertise

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