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A Blind Eye (act 4)
The shower was actually relieving, even if it weren't really doing anything for his nerves too much. Things were building up on his chest, a weight he couldn't quite handle.. But then again the burden has always been there. His eyes closed, his hands resting against the wall. A small knot was still at the back of his head, but he wasn't really in any danger of having too much trouble. When he thought he was good and done, he turned the water off and walked to the locker room, wondering if things were going to ease up now. But then again, things weren't what they seemed to be anymore. Transitions and changes, ever orbiting revolutions and evolutions of problems snowballed in effect of the unfair likeness that it would always get better or worse. Nevertheless, he was optimistic, and very ready to take things to a different level if need be. "Straighten up, Jeff.." He muttered. A simple white T shirt with blue jeans, and a pair of black sneakers on his feet. He wasn't the one for style
A Blind Eye (act 5)
This pie was just excellent, a great way to sooth those little demons floating around inside of him for a moment. His Auntie had always been there for him to talk to. After Uncle Joe passed away, she seemed to have an attatchment more to Jeffery than anyone else. Not that he was mad about it. In fact he found it relieving to know that he still had someone that cared about him. Their conversation was deep, to say the least. "So what's bothering you Mon petit garcon?" She had a soft heart, the way she spoke to him brought him back to the time when he was actually a little boy, scared and very new to the reality of the world: There were some sick individuals out there. Jeffery set the plate aside, his eyes seeming to glance off into the distance. He had a deep thought value to him that some found to be either boring, or interesting enough to stick around and listen. "Well  have you ever felt as if the whole weight of the world was on your shoulders?" His words were a bit more humbled th
A Blind Eye (act 5, Pt 2)
When Auntie Cherry left, he found himself sitting out there for just a little while longer. The night had a serene feeling to it, though there was something terribly wrong; he just couldn't put a finger on it. The air was calm, a little crisp but that's what happened when the sun went down. His eyes closed as he picked up on the scent of something sweet. When he opened his eyes again, he spotted the Dog that belonged to the Wise's, a family that had been living on the straight and narrow for years. This dog amazed him though. Three legs. One had been amputated after it'd been hit by a car. It hobbled a little but that didn't matter. His name was Jack, a fighter to the bitter end. A collie that found it's peace even with the daily torment of having to keep it's balance and itself out of trouble. The dog liked him though. It perked up a little bit when he whistled, and padded over to him. "Hey what's up guy?" He reached over, petting the mongrel's head. "Nice night isn't it?" Pathetic.
A Blind Eye (act 6 )
Sleep didn't last too well for him. The vivid dreams and memories of what was passed through the subconscious process of his thinking, driving him into a dark hell where mercy no longer existed. There was no Auntie Cherrie, no way to get back to the radio to call for help. Just him and the reaper. For a while, he did sleep. It was something that had pulled him in with a twisting effect, spiraling into the confines of darkness where the dreamless venture unfolded to an unkind monstrosity. He could see his mother standing there, holding her arms out to him. She had a smile on her face- But that was the last thing he remembered before the phone began to ring somewhere. It was a battle of awareness and mechanical function as he was pulled from such a sweet slumber. His eyes snapped open and for a moment, the reaper was staring him in the face. He rolled over to his side and reached for the cell phone that lay resting on the stand. The number was blurry as he tried to focus but he still a
Bling For Bday
here are some of the blings i like..... to the moon, love teddy, happy feet, cupcake, drunk penguin heart locket, turtle, devil heart, monkey, virgo......but i wont say no if you want to send something else....
Bling Ideas And Site Feature Suggestions
Hello all my friends and hopefully soon to be friends,   I am posting this blog to get your feedback on some new bling ideas and or feaure requests for the site. If you have an idea please drop it here...I would love to hear from ya'll.   Happy Fubaring my friends!!!   Storm_______~Fubar Bouncer~    
65 Bling Pack
SELLING 65 Bling Pack To Highest Bidder...Put Bids Here So It's Fair
Blings And Such
if you have a boyfriend or are married and you come to my page wanting something or hinting for something, just move on. i am no longer giving stuff to people just to be blown off. i have done more then enough for people on here. ask your hubby or boyfriend to buy it for you.
Wtf is wrong with me? I literally just watched 20 mins of nasty zits and cysts being popped on youtube....I couldn't turn away!  
Bling!!! Get Yours Here!
I have Just been given the 65 Credit bling pack woo hoo   So figure I would give out Free bling to whom ever answers the following questions! You don't have to be exactly right but close What is My favorite Part of the female body? The part that isn't begging for rates and bling Am I generous? To those who do not care about points sure Are you a friend of Mines? Probably not or you would have known I was not giving free bling Are you a very cool person? If your a point slut you are intellectually inferior AKA a moron What Month is it? [why is it important] Really? Just one month for cancer... morons.. sorry point slut no bling for you! What bling is every one hoping for this month? The silly breast cancer awareness bling, If you want to help breast cancer research/survivors, donate 10 bucks to a cancer research group(s), not 3 dollars on a bling, of which only 1 dollar goes to cancer research/helping those with cancer. What group of people can I laugh at daily? Oh yes
Bling for helping me to decide on a new name...Winner will get some new bling...Also auto 11's or even a bomb would be nice hell even a vip or a blast anyone pweeze?
Bling 4 Sale
I am selling Bling, Pimp Outs. Auto's, Bomb's, & Tickers: 1 Credit Bling - 1 Mill FuBucks 3 Credit Bling - 2 Mill FuBucks 5 Credit Bling - 4 Mill FuBucks 1 Pimp Out - 750k FuBucks Each 1 Ticker - 750k FuBucks Auto 11 - $20 Bling Pack Cherry Bomb - $20 Bling Pack If interested Shout Box me.
Blind People
Yeah it has been awhile since i wrote a blog,but i`ve got a few things to vent on so here goes. #1 Fakes. Ok,are ppl seriously that blind on here that they can not tell if someone is real or not? I mean for real come on now. They have hundreds of pics of themselves yet no salute,if they are actually taking these so called pics they can take a damn salute pic. Or they have 3 to 8 pics and use the same pic over and over for things,hello...wake up. Or like this lady i came across the other day she had all these so called pics of herself and someone had wanted a salute so she makes one with a stuffed animal the woman is nowhere to be found and she uploaded it with a cell phone,,DUHH!!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!! If they cant put their face in it then obviuosly its not them. And ppl on here blow money on these fucks. WTF are you thinking seriously..what are you thinking im sure some of us would like to know. Are you blowing money on them for the same reason they are using others pics?
Blind Date Slap
An 85-year-old widow went on a blind date with a 90-year-old man. When she returned to her daughter's house later that night, she seemed upset. "What happened, Mother?" the daughter asked. "I had to slap his face three times!" "You mean he got fresh?" "No," she answered, "I thought he was dead." 
The Blind Side
This Thanksgiving, I went to see "The Blind Side". I wanted to see this since I am a big football fan, and like "underdog" stories especially when based on true events. I had NO idea how touching this movie would be... I'm gonna "man up" and admit, my eyes didn't stay dry through out the whole movie. But enough with that, let me tell ya about the movie: "The Blind Side" is the true life story of Michael Oher, the number one NFL 2009 draft pick. Michael was born to a crack addicted mother who he barely knew, was usually homeless as a child, and didn't even know when his birthday was. Michael, aka "Big Mike" flunked 1st and 2nd grade and finally schools were just letting him pass to get rid of him. In no way was he a trouble child, and in fact it's shown how strong his heart really is. By chance, he is accepted into a Christian school and invited to live with a wealthy family (portrayed by Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw). The movie goes on to show how "Big Mike" affects this fam
Now, I like bling just as much as the next person,but we need to stop the begging!! Its sickening to see. No, i'm not jealous.Just sick of looking at it when the new bling comes out. If your mad when you read this I really don't care. Want to call me names. bring it on, I'm a big girl I can handle it. If someone can tell me why they ask bling, feel free to comment. The following is what was in my status. It got cut off. Dear Fu Santa, may I please have a fu cherry, cuz I lost mine. A red cfm stilleto, cuz its been awhile since I got some,a midnight diamond so I can see my way through fu in my white porsche. all knowing magic 8 ball cuz someone has to make the decisions around here. That would be my 3 wishes. Thank you,  The chubby old man lol..
Blind Sighted Chapter 25
Blind Sighted   It took us roughly ten hours to get back to forks, due to the fact that we were traveling late and there was no traffic.  We got to the house and I parked my car in the garage. “Edward what are we going to do?  I just know they are waiting on the other side of that door to rip us to shreds” Emmett asked. “What can we do Emmett, if we don’t go home that will make it even worse.  Do you really want Rose to hunt us down?” I said dryly. “Good point, but it still doesn’t make it any easier” He retorted. We slowly got out of the car and headed for the front door, we hesitated just outside when the door opened. “I’ve been waiting on you guys” Alice said. “Oh hey Alice” I quickly replied. “Where on earth did you guys go?” she asked concerned. “What do you mean where did we go?” I asked confused. “Well I saw you two driving on the Fork’s highway, then you
Bling Giveaway!
  Bling Giveaway! January 29th, 2010 All Day @ Big Daddy’s Hot Spot and Bar Random blings being given away to people stopping in the lounge and also new members! Come join the fun and jam out to some music with the greatest dj’s around!!!    
Bling Beg All You Want
Bling Beg alllllll you want....... IT HELPS ME THIN THE HERD   just dropped about 6 more of you high maintenance, whiney, bitchy, spoiled, "what have you done for me lately" point whores from my friends list... my live feed and my bartab have never been happier. im sick of reading about you asking for bling. you want to ask for stuff thats free? rates and comments... go ahead. but openly begging for people to spend REAL money on you??? Buying you bling or your VIP is about to expire??? heres an idea... stop being a spoiled fucking princess and buy it YOURSELF. but the reality is... you will trick some loser into spending God knows what on buying it for you so he can get a 7 day pass to your NSFW pics. selling pics of your tits for 40 bucks??? i bet your parents are proud.   good riddance
Bling Deal Plesa
plesa give me a bling and i will rate you 30 pictures k plesa.......  
Blind And Deaf
As the flame previous showed me, I was blind and deaf. Initiator. I need something only you can give me. Written was perceived by me while ago. Norio  
Blinded.. He Needs Me
The taste of your lips on my tongue The memory of our love that was so strong   So unbearable to think about now The blood on your hands are unwashable now  My heart on the floor such a terrible crime   I cannot believe you said don't cry  Left here for dead all broken and blind I pick up the pieces and walk away unkind  On my feet again he gives me the strength that you took away he builds me back up and takes away the pain No longer do I ache No longer do I cry  No longer am I blind
6 Bling Pack Up Grbs
Bling Status Contest!!!
I am gunna B doin a treasure hunt in my status collect all the clues find my treasure & win a prize (a bling from me). So stay tuned for all the clues. Rules: I will post a clue each day for a week in my status. (there will be no set time 4 each posting so check back periodicaly) I will leave each clue up 4 az close 2 24 hours az I can so every1 haz a chance 2 get each clue. collect all 7 clues 2 win a bling from silky. (prize ammount will very depending on public intrest if 3 ppl play the bling wil B a 1 pointer if every1 plays sum1 could win a big bling, so get your friends involved) All players must work alone no teams allowed. (unless U all can agree which 1 of U will reseave the prize) There R no prizes 4 second place lets face it U win or U lose. The first person to PRIVET MESSAGE ME the treasures AFTER all the clues have been issued will B declared the winner. I will anounce the winner in my staus & leave it up 4 az close 2 24 hours az I can get it. (I'm
Bling Pack Auction
135 Bling Pack (ladies Only)
This is my first contest in this area of contests, so be easy on me.This is NOT a Salute Contest, it is a Family Add Contest.Contestants must make EITHER 2 NSFW OR 4 SFW Salutes for the entry fee. {Either uploaded/posted on fubar OR for my eyes only.} Contestants will be only Ladies only.  This F.A.C. {Fam Add Contest} will start on 10 May and end on 31 May.The Contestant who reachs 100 referred Fam Adds of the Contest Host aka PeachZ at the end of the contest will recieve a 135 Blingpack.If there is a tie for first place, then the entry salutes from those contestants will be added on. 1 SFW = 10 points, 1 NSFW = 40 points. For example, if two contestants is tied for first place at the end of the contest I will add the apprioate pts to that contestants count with their entry fee salutes. {2 contestants has 100 people referred to me to add to their family and then I will add on the approiate points of entry salutes, i.e. if contestant done 2 NSFW I'll add 80 points on that contest
Bling Pack
Ok Fu Land, I'm trying to help a friend get fu-married. I am in need of a 65 credit bling pack. Is there anyone out there that can help me? I'm obviously willing to pay fubucks for the pack. SB me with pricing if you can, ty =)
Bling Whores And Life
I suppose since I started the title out of this blog with bling whores, I'll start there first. And I start with this; LOL I make my own money, thank you. And if I get bling packs from others, they aren't free. I pay fubux. I don't get naked. I don't twirk shit on cam. Nothing. The most I've ever done for bling packs, was a topless salute. And I've got great boobs and I have no problem showing them off. That's the most you'll ever find on me. There are some days depending on my mood that I get very frusterated with fu and take things too seriously. But a lot of the time, especially anymore, I can't help but laugh. I'm sorry that when I have time to be here, I'm a rating fool. Just because you're getting bigger bling from some idiot on here, and I rate him, doesn't make ME a bling whore or chaser. Did I SB them? NO. Did I PM them? NO. Did I leave some sweet, suck up comment on their status? NO. Did I ASK them for bling? NO! Get the fuck over yourself. Seriously. You dont own him and
Bling Polishing! (preview)
We're about to launch the Bling Polishing feature on the site. This is simply a way for everyone to earn more points and have their old bling work for them. :-)   It's free and everyone can polish bling. If you have bling that needs polishing, you can polish a few yourself but you'll want to get other people to come polish it for the maximum amount of points. Both the polisher and the polishee (is that a word?) get points.   It works like this:   All bling items have a few levels of cleanliness. Every 24 hours they get a little 'dirtier'. Whenever they're polished, they go back to their perfectly clean state and the polisher and polishee gain points. The number of points gained by both people are effected by all bonuses (Happyhour, buzz, etc) and by the credit value of the item being polished. More points are earned by polishing higher value items, however, it's linear. We did this so there isn't a benefit for having really high value bling and there's no penalty for having a bun
Bling Pack Deals
if you buy me a bling pack this is what i will give you in return 25 credit bling pack ill get you either 1 auto or 1 bomb or 2 boomerangs   64 credit bling pack ill get you 6 boomerangs or 1 auto+1bomb+1boomerang or 2 autos+1boomerang or 2 boombs+1 boomerang   135 credit bling pack ill get you 12 boomerangs or 5 autos or bombs..   and for the BIG 1000 credit pack you will get the fupony + 8 autos .. or what ever deal we can agre on :) ... if i didnt mention a deal u would like to make talk to me im sure we could work something out .. cause there could be so many combo deal to list lol .. its a win win .. deals last till the sale is over n i beleav thats the may 31st... hit me up n lets deal you will get more for the buck
Bling Deal
If you buy me a bling pack this is what I will give you in return:   25 credit bling pack I will get you either 1 auto or 1 bomb or 2 boomerangs ($14.99)   65 credit bling pack I will get you 6 boomerangs or 1 auto+1bomb+1boomerang or 2 autos+1boomerang or 2 boombs+1 boomerang ($37.49)   135 credit bling pack I'll get you 12 boomerangs or 5 autos or bombs.. ($74.99) ...   if I didnt mention a deal you would like to make talk to me I'm sure we could work something out .... because there could be so many combo deals to list lol .. its a win win ..   Deals last until the sale is OVER hit me up and let's deal you will get more for the buck THE SALE IS OVER TUESDAY JUNE 1ST AT MIDNIGHT FUBAR TIME PST as Baby J did say in his status.
135 Blingpack Contests {revised}
THIS IS FOR LADIES ONLY   This is going to be my final contest of the summer, possibly  the last contest of the year. Depending on how things goes. You can win up to a 135 Blingpack.   The contest is Majority Salute Contest. Meaning whoever uploads/emails me the most salutes will win a 135 Blingpack at the end of the contest. 2.) Majority Salute Contest rules: a.) Must be NEW salute{s} to PeachZ b.) Either written PeachZ on body and/or paper salute c.) Can either be uploaded or emailed {if send via email pm/sb me for email} d.) must contain a 50/50 stance. {i.e. must be even on sfw/nsfw salutes. If you make 10 sfw must make 10 nsfw. If you make 10 nsfw must make 10 sfw. You get the idea.} e.) Must have face and PeachZ in each salute. {Just to verify for authentication of real salutes.} Contest will start up this Sunday night at 2000 pst, 6 Jun 2010. It will end on 4 Jul 2010 at 2000 pst. It might end sooner, depending on the stance of things. Will keep updated. Whoever makes
Bling Polishing
so as i am beginning to do the polishing thing, after some hints of how to get the most points, I find myself amused. People are going to the higher credit value obviously for more points, but I have been finding that most of the reds have them all polished and nobody is polishing the one credit blings. Point whoring at its finest huh?  so i am wondering how many people actually will only polish the higher point value bling and leave the measly 110 point blings, even if they havent used all 10 polishes? are YOU guilty of this? I find that mostly there is only 110s and 330s left on these pages, and its amusing...  I'm still millions and millions of points away from the next level and not to mention 4 referrals and some other crap ot make oracle, and am not really giving much effort towards it anyway, but its funny. Ive had people come and polish my lucky 7s and leave... each one is worth 2500 points or something, so why waste your time on the little shit lmao anyways, someone loan m
She stared in the mirror for the longest time. Tilting her face from side to side, hoping for some recognition, but it was slow in coming. Her hair fell, as it always did, around her shoulders. Her lips were still full and a held smile that opposed how she felt was on them. Her slender nose which had a tendency to wrinkle when she talked, her cheekbones which always looked as if she had applied the right amount of blush, even when she wore none. These were all the same… Her eyes… It was something with her eyes that were different, she realized. They were the same hazel color that seemed to change depending on what she wore. It was more than that though. More than the color, it was the depth. Her eyes betrayed her and told of a world beyond them. One that was just out of her reach. Watching her from the shadows, there was a smirk upon his lips. He could see the confusion in her expression and instead of concern, he was pleased. The work he had put into this was too much. There
Blinding Amber
Amber ring,encompassed my pupil,hopelessly blinded;hypnotized to gazeat the scorching sun.My subconscious mind,detached me from the physical world,where my insatiable quest for loveknows no boundaries;crossing borders, sea of poison.In search of a distant memory,where our dreams once stood.Reclaiming the passionthrough small gulps of air.Overturning pale yellow grass,with daisies and wild roses.Multi-colored rainbowmay once again appearover this luscious meadow.Drought will be filledwith pristine green ocean,where luminous coral reefwill bloom from underneath.Empty spaces painted with vivid life;stroking euphoria in each darken spot,where beauty is definedyet visible only to the blind.Waves of ecstasy,keep me awake in this hallucination.Altering my mind to sleep(not now, not never)But when the sun sets,my soul transcends me back to reality,where my eyes are wrapped in fire;screaming to be extinguished....Knowing that it's worth the pain,just to think of you.    Just for you!
I need you unwashed inexperienced folk to help me make up some purchasing decisions   We've got: The Hi-Nu Gundam   The Nu Gundam:   The Zeta Gundam Amuro Ray Karaba Test colors. (Yes, this is usually a bitch to find)     GP02 with the ATOMIC BAZOOKA!!!     or the 1/48 RX 78   yeah- its seriously that fucking big.   The 1/60 Gouf.     Of these, which have the most aesthetic and mechanical appeal? I've got my JR custom, my 2 gelgoogs, my ... 8 billion Goufs. Not nearly enough good guy suits.   Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.
darkrider: hru 6:55pm Kloverlynn: pretty good 6:58pm darkrider: thats good 6:59pm darkrider: do u have a cell phone??? 7:00pm Kloverlynn: no 7:02pm darkrider: cam?? 7:03pm Kloverlynn: no, I am a quaker and at a friends house, if my family knew I was online they would banish or beead me 7:03pm Kloverlynn: behead* 7:11pm darkrider: Seriouslly?? 7:13pm Kloverlynn: yes 7:13pm darkrider: they will seriously beheadu?? 7:14pm Kloverlynn: most likely just banishment and shunning..but yes a beatine would come 7:24pm darkrider: where do u live 7:25pm Kloverlynn: colorado 7:26pm darkrider: ic
The Blinders Of Society
Ok so those of you who come here to pose and fake ur way through a semi real life have nothing and nobody to blame but yourselves for how badly your life is going. Those of you who are secure in yourselves enough to show the real you out of the box and get dissed and slapped down by the narrow minded people i aplaud you and hope you keep on with your freedom and continue to express yourselves and how you truly feel.Keep on being an individual and not a clone.
Blingpack Auction
This weekend I will be holding another BlingPack Auction for Members Only. Only those with  *Approved* NSFW Salutes submitted to me will be allowed to bid. All Salutes must be received before the beginning of the Auction. The Aucttion will occur randomly over the weekend and last between two and four hours. The length of time will be announced at the time of Auction. The size of the BlingPack will also be announced at the time of the Auction. The size of the BlingPack will be determined by the number of pre-registered Members before the Auction begins. 3-5 pre-registered Members will equal a 6-Cred BlingPack. 6-8 pre-registered Members will equal a 12-Cred BlingPack. 8-10 pre-registered Members and I will offer a whopping 25-Cred BlingPack. Over 10 pre-registered Members and I will add in a bonus. I cannot be held responsible if you are not present on fuBar at the time of the Auction. To become a pre-registered Member, submit a NSFW Salute before Friday 11/19 Midnight EST. All NSFW S
Bling Wishlist For Christmas
secret rose samurai swordsprincess castlelove gardenlucky 13purring kitty
Blings And Shit
Ummm...and I the only one that thinks the new nipple blings look like condoms?   If you'd like to send me one, cool and thanks. Also, I'd probably shit myself if someone were nice enough to get me the castle bling.   Oh, the new icon for the God Mode bling is lame. If people are/were offended by the cross, then they should tell people not to buy it for them. I'm sure they weren't offended by all the points it got them.
Bling And Credit Break Down
Give someone bling and make their whole day! :)When you bling someone, BOTH of you get 1000 fuBucks and Points per credit! Your bling will be shown on their profile with YOUR NAME underneath!For every Donate Blood bling given in January, fubar will donate $1 to the American Red Cross The Way you get bling is with Bling Packs Which can be purchased in the bling shop can give Credits and Get Credits for yourself also others can buy you Bling Packs as well! What are credits?: Credits allow you to buy cool stuff for your friends - and yourself! Bling, Happy Hours, Special Abilities, VIP status... Get some credits and spread some love!God Mode(100 credits)Bling of all Blings. In one bling you can have the powers of all the blings! Lasts for 20 MILLION points or 1 day, which ever comes first!Auto-11s(35 credits)Give someone immunity from down-raters! When activated, EVERY photo and profile rating is forced to 11 for TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours. All actual 1
8:16pmrelentless1:So are you dominant?thats something i don't know that u do.. could be hot8:17pmKloverlynn: you asked if I am dominate in bed..well the answer isno..I like MEN..take charge strong men..and if i can dominate him..that makes him a bitch..and I dont wanna fuck a bitch8:18pmrelentless1: haha that has never happened to me so i wouldn't know, i am out to dominate myself8:19pmKloverlynn: imma have to call bullshit on that lol a dominant man? Would never asif I wpuld dominate himin bed. I know BDSM well love and trust me when I say that is fact8:20pmrelentless1: oh yes they would, so you are saying that people never want to try out different things?8:20pmrelentless1: i don't like monotany8:21pmKloverlynn: I am saying a dominant man would never wanna be dominated..considering you have already told me you dont know much about that lifestyle...I do..and a Dom is not gonna wanna be punked by a bitch..true story8:22pmrelentless1: i will call bullshit on that, who doesn't want the o
Bling Contest Ends Feb 12@ 5pm Est
A 5 Bling Pack Is Better Than I Thought I'd Do
It may only be the first day of this auction. I think I was too slutty wordy.  
"bling Ranking" On Fumafia
I have mentioned this in the fuMafia Blogs, with many who agree with it, with no response from Admin about their oppinion on it, except to reject my Blog Posts. There are many who complain about the gap between Blingers and Non-Blingers.  And many things have been introduced in the game to try to make things more "Fair" for both sides.  But, it never fully addresses the issue, and it's never fully fair.  It always favors 1 side or the other.  When it's made fair for Non-Blingers, Blingers complain because they spent "Real Money" for their Wins, only to get easily beat by someone who has paid nothing (which is understandable, I would be pissed too).  And when it's made fair for Blingers, Non-Blingers feel that they can't keep up with the pace because of the Gap that is there that the cannot catch up to easily (such as the 5,800 Skill Points difference in the Diamond Missions that now seperate Blingers and Non-Blingers who are the same level). What I propose happen is a "Bling Ranking"
The Blind Side
Courage is a hard thing to figure you can have courage based on a dumb idea or a mistake but your not suppose to questionadults or your coach or your teacher because they make the rules maybe they know best but maybe they dont it all depends on who you are where you come from didnt at least one of the 600 guys think about giving up and joining with the other side i mean valley of death thats pretty salty stuff thats why courage is tricky should you always do what others tell you to do sometimes you might not even know why your doing something i mean any fool can have courage but honor thats the real reason you either do something or you dont its who you are and maybe who you want to be if you die try for something important then you have both honor and courage and thats pretty good i think thats what the writter was saying that you should hope for courage and try for honor and maybe even pray that the people telling you what to do have some too.   This essay that Michael Oher had to
Bling - Trivia Contest For Fubucks - Possibly Win A Month V.i.p In Club Mixture
  Everyone Loves Bling! Every 50TH New Member Will Be Blinged! Frequent Members Can Win A One Month V.I.P! For More Information Talk To A Staff Member! Have Fun While Winning Cool Stuff Club Mixture Is Dedicated To Bringing Good People Together To Come Chill And Have A Pleasurable Lounge Experience Club Mixture Has Openings! If You Are Interested Consult A Lounge Staff Member Click The Pic To Come To The Newest Hotspot On Fubar!
Blings And Other Crap
With all the status's I seen lately I just wanted to touch on the bling and credits and whatever else people ask for. I do not give out blings or other shit to anybody. You wouldn't just walk up to someone and give them money would you? With that said if I get something for myself which is like never! lol. If I got some left over and I feel that someone has been a good friend lately I will give the rest since I dont really use credits. If your on my friend list its for a reason but don't think it entitles ya to crap.  Nsfw folders, I dont view them much unless someone needs photo rates. I am sure as hell aint paying to see them, why when there is free crap on the net?? Its nothing against the person with the folder. go do you and I will do me type of thing. Just get tired of sb's asking for credits to view people's NSFW folders.    GM I will be running gm's eventually just to get the damn points easier. Unlike most people I wont have fam spots open my family is for people I feel wit
Bling & Me Auction
Bling Backgrounds
Am I blind ? Why can I no longer see? The light is what I used to embrace. Is it because you left me? Is that why i cant see? The dark is where i now sit, because it comforts me. One million questions plauge my mind. How could the ones you pledged to love forever, you now leave behind?  Where are our answers? The children have questions too! No answers for us, you just push us further away from you. So many regrets things I need to say, things we want to do. No peace of mind for us. It's now all about you! Our love for you will never die!  It kills my soul to think fourteen years to you was a lie. You blinded me, thats why I no longer see. So now the darkness is where I sit and all that can comfort me.
..Blindsides.. A collage' of evils, the appropriate description for this beings soul.Pestilence of the mind, the only realm in which it exists,knowing this brings only agony.An emotional eclipse greeting its own with open arms,the temptation always too much to resistDenial of the presentiment it feels,as it wanders it's own dreaded heath,irrefutable gloom permeates so completely any lucid moments,leaving it with the nightmare of the twisted and carious.Acrimonious thoughts assess what is real,the fate of delusion blindsides all hope,All leeway forestalled from the arising stigma.Miasma cares not for the inequity of it's actions,leaving a skein of fears hewn into any bravura shown.Will this self vendetta ever end?   _______________________________Paradauxian Paragraphs__________________________
This place inside my mind, a place I like to hide You don't know the chances. What if I should die?! A place inside my brain, another kind of pain You don't know the chances. I'm so blind! Another place I find to escape the pain inside You don't know the chances. What if I should die?! A place inside my brain, another kind of pain You don't know the chances. I'm so blind! Deeper!.. Deeper!.. Deeper inside me!To live a life that seems to be a lost reality That can never find a way to reach. My inner selfI stand alone!How deep can I go in the ground that I lay? If I don't find a way to see through the gray that clouds my mind.This time I look to see what's between the lines!I can see, I can see, I'm going blind   _____________________________________________________________ My Mind is always on the go never stops never relents always torturing with the impossible one day I wish I could end it to get peace but that day will never come until the day I move on from this world and u
Bling Packs
Just a curious question to ask of you all.   Just how much would you be willing to pay in FuBucks for a 1,000 Credit Bling Pack?   All comments welcomed.   Thanks.
creeping and crawling I feel the taste of him withinI dream of being the good girl,the saint among saintsI tasted him and knew I was wrongthe one at home, happily waitingI'm intwined within a strangerI'm enthralled in his scent and kisses and this undeniable lustmy demon my devil of devilsI run from you only to find myself closera mistake? oh yesI love it andI hate it and I just cant help I am mouth open taste of hate and bitternessI'm only who I amand I feel itcreeping and crawling
I will give away 2 Valentines Bling on 2/14/12 . To be eligible to win the bling ......... You only have to like & rate my profile on 2/13/12 and leave a comment here confirming your  participation. Names will be drawn @ random  and  bling will be awarded on Valentines Day. Thanks for your time  and hopeful participation.     ******  Due to the lack of interest this is no longer running ************
Blind fold is on your hands are tied I slowly work my way down your body kissing and feeling every inch of you as the minutes go by a cube of ice i slowly move it around your lips down your knèck an very slowly around your breast and very slowly working my way down i gently roll around your clit then slowly as your body squirms and shivers and incert inside of you my finger inside of you fluttering up an down while my tounge roles around your pearl your body begins to shake your waist begins to move up and down faster and faster your moans becomes screams yes yes o god yes yes then with a final jolt of your waist and the Arch of your back and lay there shivering...
Well... as most of fu knows, alot of the people on here beg for bling packs or bling credits and don't ever do anything in return accept send fubucks... Or show ass and tits... I dont want to be one of those people who just beg for bling packs... Im always trying to make offers for bling credits... So lets see how this goes... its a win win situation... i get bling credits and we both get points... On days that there are unlimited 11s, i will rate your pictures for bling credits... Heres the break down..... 100 Pics = 1 Credit, 300 Pics = 2 bling credits, 500 Pics = 3 Bling credits, 800 Pics = 4 bling credits, 1000 Pics 5 Credits, Up To 1500 = 10 Credit, Finally, All Of Your Pics For A 25 Credit Bling Pack   Another thing that i will do is i will collect 5 bling credits to go towards a GM, and I will add you to my family so when I run the GM you will be in my fam... I will even rate pics for those 5 credits...   If you are interested in any of this drop me a PM an
I need to get the hippo..bunny..or bear LE bling to meet an achievement. I have been trying to get these achievements done as much as I can.  I am willing to pimp you out..and boost your points..and rate pics.. Just let me know! 
    older message >> reply  forward back to folder move to Saved  delete from: loveeachother Dallas, TX subject: :) you Beautiful xoooO :) received: 06/5/2012 06:04 am replied: no   block this member Hello xoxoO!  I am Aaron, wonderful that we are to cross path! grateful i am, a benefit im sure is rewarding as already. I am honest and hope that honesty dose not offend as so with most a common trend. as we All have a gift for another a devine purpose to see/grasp or not is optional to each, Whatever happens simply was/is ment to be So the same here have many endless huggs, smiles & perfect warm moist kissies "Everywhere!" Such a Lovely thought! All that is good is good! in hopes of that which is good you are not frightend by and mentioned now/firstly as a sort of weeding out. i battle not the truth i Live so have not fear in of me nor bow to and feel sorry for those that call it sleep-walking dreaming to live and angry at those that do
Blings And Such
Okay so lately I'm changing my views on a few things Fubar oriented. Trial and error and hurtful experiences have made me rethink many, what do you think about this friends: Fubarians should have the option...and take blings away from members who block them...unfriend them...or my opinion, even though bling is a gift and I LOVE is a  priveledge and honor to receive them from loving friends...we should then be allowed to bestow said blings on more deserving friends...regift them so to speak lol...what a waste of money it is to gift people who decide you aren't good enough to be his or her friend anymore...or one who decides that fubar is no longer his cup of tea...I love surprising my friends...but it's a terrible waste to me...maybe I'll just stop buying bling
Couldn't watch her be a hypocrite or see her go numb as she lay in her pit. My heart is still split and I chomp at the bit but at least I don't suffer as a voyeur to it. Constantly led from behind, she set all the rules that were often unkind. My soul in a bind and my teeth often grind My door is still open but I lowered the blind.
Bling For Friends
I'm trying to get more frinds on here so im going to start giving bling out.  For every 25 new friend requests I recieve i will be selecting one person to bling out of that 25.  It will be a random selection but it will be one of the 25 new friends that I add.  So start getting those friend requests sent to me and you could be one of them that gets blinged.   ****It won't always be a 1 or 2 credit bling either.  Last time I did this I gave out a couple 10 credit blings and a couple boomies also****
Bling Wishlist
As a coder, I am allowed to accept any kind of payment. So I will also accept blings and even credits that can go towards getting blings for myself or for others. Below is a wish list of blings I would like to receive. Any that have * by it are ones I would like to have credits to get for people, more specifically my own wife but some exceptions may be made, depending on the situation. The blings are in order by credit cost. Other blings are appreciated :) Baby Dragon ~ 5 credits Best Friends ~ 5 credits Jolly Roger ~ 5 credits Lava Love Lamp* ~ 5 credits Forever Together* ~ 6 credits Salut ~ 8 credits Gold Gemini ~ 10 credits Silver Hatchetman ~ 10 credits Golden Eagle Nugget ~ 12 credits Little Red Corvette ~ 15 credits Platinum Gemini ~ 15 credits Precious Love ~ 15 credits Charcoal Black Lotus ~ 20 credits Diamond Gemini ~ 25 credits Timeless Diamond ~ 25 credits fuCherry ~ 50 credits
Just want to say thank u to all whos showed support and sent a pinkribbon. I know it probably gets old..seeing in peoples statuses..i want this..need that...etc. I just want to let ya all know .. i truly appreciate it...and if you ever need help I am there for you. Rather its something to do with leveling...or a ear .. I dont want anyone feeling like I am one of these beggars..etc. I am willing to do stuff .. rather pay fubucks.. rate the hell out of ya..etc.. Fact is.. I put it in status.. and figure..if someone wants to get me it..they will if not..they will overlook the status. Alot of my friends have told me theres alot of women who just come outright and asks people for blings. I will not do that. I want people to bling me..cuz they want to. Anyways.. thats allI have to say on the matter.. THANK U ALL
Bling I Wanna Play And Plan!
Looking for some people who wanna work together and blast away on points and having some fun..know anybody? I don't wanna join the kgb just something I can work with another player who enjoys being in a bit of the spotlight. If you like the lime light like me...let's play.  
Blink   Upon a reflection is an illusion of getting by As I was sittin there was a flash in the eye Flashers, glances, was colliding with me passing high Sunbeam gleams is spearing into my wisdom back and forth Tim-med selections of feelings walk right next to mien remorse   River side echos wanted to escape to where I was but I was not there Ouch that feeling, is not to be fair Let's slip into the water and enjoy the wet affair   It was that "Blink", I had kept How many times in a day do you "Blink"?.... Now, do your eyes, ever, get wet?....
Blind Cashier At Cabela's
                                       Blind Cashier at Cabela's A woman goes into Cabela's to buy a rod and reel for her grandson's birthday. She doesn't know which one to get, so she just grabs one and goes over to the counter. The clerk was standing behind the counter wearing dark glasses. She saysto him, "Excuse me, sir. Can you tell me anything about this Rod and reel?" He says, "Ma'am, I'm completely blind; but if you'll drop it on thecounter, I can tell you everything from the sound it makes." She doesn't believe him but drops it on the counter anyway...... He says, "That's a six-foot Shakespeare graphite rod with a Zebco 404 reel and 10-LB.test line. It's a good all-around combination, and it's on sale this weekfor only $20.00." She says, "It's amazing that you can tell all that just by the sound of it dropping on the counter. I'll take it!" As she opens her purse, her credit card drops on the floor. "Oh, that sounds like a Master Card," he says. She bends down
  BlinkUpon a reflection is an illusion of getting byAs I was sittin there was a flash in the eyeFlashers, glances, was colliding with me passing highSunbeam gleams is spearing into my wisdom back and forthTim-med selections of feelings walk right next to mien remorseRiver side echos wanted to escape to where I was but I was not thereOuch that feeling, is not to be fairLet's slip into the water and enjoy the wet affairIt was that "Blink", I had keptHow many times in a day do you "Blink"?....Now, dour eyes ever get wet?....
Blinking my eyes 100x and still not having a clear sight. Hmmmm??? Bed time??? Maybe. Needing a shot of something strong to take the edge off my pain.  Squealing like a pig with a troft of slop in my face. What a wonderful day!     Loving my Baby, Bunny∞
Bling Pack Give Away
ok i will give away a bling pack 4 the ladys to enter u need to make a saulte that says team david must be sfw the one that gets the most votes and comments combined wins the more that enter the bigger pack i give a way
Bling And Other Fu Nonsense
Fu can be a great place to meet interesting people you would never know otherwise and I have made some amazing real life friends here. That being said; there are aspects of this place that are not good. Fu caters to the worse parts of all of us. Greed, neediness, selfishness and vanity are only a few of the less than stellar qualities in us that thrive under this environment. I am in general judgemental about these qualities in people, but have turned that harsh mirror on myself and realized that I am guilty of these same things. Clearly I didn't have over 1,000 pics because I was completely secure in myself. I was looking for some type of validation that I no longer need from other people or Fubar, so I will be deleting many of these photos. My good sense has finally overtaken my vanity. I will also not being spending another dime on Fubar, nor do I wish for any of my friends to spend anything on me. Bling is nonsense. Pictures of things are nonsense. Do not spend your hard earned do
Bling Wishlist. (for My Own Reference)
not asking anyone to buy these for me, just writing down which ones I want to remember to get.  fupony  1000 jewel heart  100 erotic grind  30 spade jewel   30 princess castle  24 precious love  15 love you   10 golden pheonix 10 lava love lamp 5 cherry bomb boomerang auto 11
... I'm up past my bed timecuz I gotta be up and out the door for work in x amount of time.But I forgot to get started on my lunch (30 minute lunch can we sayfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you?) and bake some bread.In between that time I made arrangements for my dog to be boarded for about 10 days... I don't think I'll use all that time and I told my boarder that plans were "fluid at this time" seeing as how I've gotta bounce around the state and go in and out of work.Work's finalized. I've got the 30th off and come back the 4th.I have no idea where I'm sleeping seeing as how my folks just moved... again. I dunno what I'm going to do without my puppy.But I did play through 1/3 of a sequel with a sidearm without having to. Seriously, I might be too damn good at shooter/horror games. Gimme a shotgun when I've got a pistol- and I'll just look at the shotgun and say "uuuh... is there a boss coming up? I better save ammo". I'll then proceed through 90% of the game with a very twinked out pea sho
I dont want to know its over So save your goodbye kiss I dont want to know its over Cause ignorance is bliss.
seeing you by firelight such beauty this man has seen seeing you thus brings images of love an lust softly you smile which melts me fully seeing my future in your eyes how could i ever say no softly you touch me sends shivers down my spine head is spinning from one sweet kiss am i losing control has love taken ahold all i know is this my love you mean everything to me
The Blissfully Stupid
You know what really grinds my gears? Someone asks you for advice and then they don't listen, which is their perogative. But then when they do something else and it doesn't work, and then they do things like you suggested initially and it does work, they're like "Why didn't I try that before?" The answer is simple. BECAUSE YOU'RE A DUMBASS!! I swear to god, if stupidity was gun powder these people could blow up the world.
Blister In The Sun
Blister in the Sun When I'm out walking I strut my stuff yeah I'm so strung out I'm high as a kite I just might stop to check you out let me go on like I blister in the sun let me go on big hands I know your the one body and beats I stain my sheets I don't even know why my girlfriend she's at the end she is starting to cry let me go on like I blister in the sun let me go on big hands I know your the one... When I'm out walking I strut my stuff yeah I'm so strung out I'm high as a kite I just might stop to check you out When I'm out walking I strut my stuff yeah I'm so strung out I'm high as a kite I just might stop to check you out body and beats I stain my sheets I don't even know why my girlfriend she's at the end she is starting to cry When I'm out walking I strut my stuff yeah I'm so strung out I'm high as a kite I just might stop to check you out let me go on like I blister in the sun let me go on big hands I know y
Ignorance 1) is a lack of knowledge. Ignorance is also a "state of being ignorant" or unaware/uninformed. Ex: "In debate class Bill lost the debate because he was ignorant in (without knowledge of) that subject." In such a case the term is not pejorative, and may even be used as a self–descriptive term, as in "I am ignorant of (some subject or topic)". Ignorance can also be more than a lack of knowledge. It can include a deliberate intent to ignore knowledge or facts that conflict with what someone believes or wants to be true. (pejorative definition) Ignorance 2) is the choice to not act or behave in accordance with regard to certain information in order to suit ones own needs/beliefs."I know better but I choose to ignore that and do/say/act in a way that behooves me." In politics, it is almost always used as a pejorative label, but some political movements have raised it to an ideal, for instance some peasant and agrarian movements. This is usually simply a rejection of academi
my feelings are deep deep and never-ending all the words in the world can't explain how I feel his laughter gives me butterflys I get lost in his eyes his happiness is my light his saddness my dark my feelings are deep deep and never-ending all the words in the world can't explain how I feel
Blissfully Cold
Blissfully Cold Winter Lays her White blanket Her nippy breath chills to the bone Lover and I make wild passionate love by fire as Winter howls through the morning sky As I feast delightfully on The Goddess's Tender Moist Sex Her body on fire Her source of inspiration gives thought Let's go outside HUh but its so cold Mama wants what Mama Wants takign me hand leading me otu into the cold There we are Covered by WInters blanket and breath Our bodies starngely warm, Yet hardened by the chill of cold Totally raw and determined Goddess sat at picnic tables edge Her big Seyx legs drapped on my shoulders My tongue at work, playing a loving tune on her tender Sex Winter's cold could not stop The rgaing sexual heat we created Snow melted aorund us As i so expertly tongue massaged her moist labias Lips wrapped warmly aorund her pleasure button Mama layed back, massaging her breasts her Sexy Wolf moans piercing the air The SUmmit of Mount Ecstacy
Blissful Recreation Of The Cosmos In E Major
......Close my eyes. awaken the spirit, shed your darkness and open your soul to it. fear not the light, Bathe infinitely in the brilliant space, where the illusion of time stands not. have what you wish. loves all and knows no ill, join in the Boundless energy within all things. at one thought your desires appear. one for you, one for me, one for all, one for them, and one for us. speak not, feel. Love and Drift off into the Still cosmos in your sleep.
another day silently comes to an end days have passed with nothing left the stars align between the sound of silence forever and a day i have wondered lifeless escape from paradise until the day a breaking thought occurs once again united we stand and we fall harder than before life is death death has become me tell me why another day passes finally bliss
BLIS to myself i sit, objective 2 see who is the easyist to hit. my line of blaim brings pain, I as a person shovel no shame, look me in the eyes when u say his name, we will never be the same. and 2 u i will let him be judged, if i feel diffrent, I'll just give u the biggest grudge. u may have gotten away this time but 2 u, i will get and conquer. put u 2 discrase make u cry, watch demented thoughts through your eyes. make u a slave to ur own grave locken yourself in a cave. u took my only sister, don't u feel bitter. what did u do with ur head oh 4got took it stright in the head. watch u blead. i wanted so much more to be done u aint won just on the run, turned yourself 2 a bitch put yourself in a ditch. lets see if 2 god u swallow your tonuge, and your little girl u will never see old or young. did u know to your funeral i brought a gun, ohh i almost did something so dum look at the drama u brung.should of got u at the house could of did u dirty cut your dick off stuck it in your m
Hauobb - Course blasting and flowing through the viens
You never realize what kind of love you have, until you almost walk away from it; then it may be too late. Falling in love is like looking at the stars. If you pick one out of the billions and stare at it long enough all the others will melt away. Confusion is the first sign of falling in love...
" Bliss "
Bliss is that state of being when we are bathed in our gratefulness for the boundless serenity of love of our Creator-and at the same time, we are accepting God's gratitude to us.
BLISS Revel in your flesh while it's supple, It's really why we're here. To honor our Source as we couple, And hold each other dear. The pleasures of the flesh are but tools, To lead us towards the Light. When we fire our crown and our jewels, Our love will rule the night.
Could it be? Am I happy? Despite all the madness surrounding me? :) It's not every day I walk around with a stupid smile on my face...
Your eyes, your smile. Your touch, your kiss. Your promise, your words. Our everlasting bliss.
Bliss I love waking in your arms Wrapped in a tangle of wilds Like dew swelling among the grasses I hold back tears of joy Such a perfect moment Beneath ancient swinging trees All shades of green and violet Vermilion Soft yet delicate strength All entwined We watch as day breaks Soft morning light Drifts through the branches Like fingers through your hair Each shining tress Exploding color On a world renewed And the music in the air The crisp and misty breeze If only we could savor all eternity In this sweet bliss... Lucy~
Ecstatic splendor... Lost in bliss. Your warming touch... Your loving kiss. Soft eyes, Smiling lips. Strong hands, Caressing my hips. Roaming to regions, Exploring my skin. A soft cry is spoken; This must be a sin. Feeling so good, Don't want to stop. Your thorough search Sends me over the top. Your mouth against mine, Muting my moans. You speak to me With nothing but groans. Glistening bodies, Arms wrapped around. Hearing your heartbeat.. My comforting sound..
ecstatic splendor... Lost in bliss. Your warming touch... Your loving kiss. Soft eyes, Smiling lips. Strong hands, Caressing my hips. Roaming to regions, Exploring my skin. A soft cry is spoken; This must be a sin. Feeling so good, Don't want to stop. Your thorough search Sends me over the top. Your mouth against mine, Muting my moans. You speak to me With nothing but groans. Glistening bodies, Arms wrapped around. Hearing your heartbeat.. My comforting sound..
Bliss (erotic Poetry I Guess)
Like sand that is gently kissed by the ocean The grains of your soul surrendered to me. You dissolved and flowed into my hands How you must have felt the pleasure course through you. You became so weak and yet so beautiful Oh how I prayed this wasn't a dream, Your kisses so soft and yet hungry Where had you been in my lifetime? I looked at you... you weakly smiled I was taken aback, awestruck That moment was simply too beautiful Too perfect to ever forget. You trembled inside and out At that moment, my eyes saw into my soul, Tears welled in your eyes The moment was beyond my control. Goosebumps ran up my back, Your legs the same. Bliss was achieved. -Hurley (copyright 2007)
Current mood: happy I just saw the greatest thing ever put on film and i couldnt be more happy right now!. i swear it lifted my soul! go see Across The Universe it will make your heart happy! I feel so much better now! WOW!
Bliss(i Dont Wanna Know)
Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know)" (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) I'll go ahead and pour myself a drink I really couldn't care less what you think Well I don't have to listen now Live this day down If I can't feel a thing You might as well save your goodbyes We can give this train wreck one last ride I'm gonna have to listen now Live this day down If I don't make things right I'll tell you one last time I don't wanna know it's over So save your goodbye kiss I don't wanna know it's over Cause ignorance is bliss I can hardly see What's in front of me Cause the vodka's running on empty I can't stay sober If it's over (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) So save your goodbye kiss (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) I woke up with a heartbeat in my head I reached for the bottle by the bed I saw your side was not slept in Cold sheets again Remind me of what you said We need
a soft gentle kiss deep inside of me ready to explode to feel you inside of me would be wonderful you have unleashed my pleasure don't stop now go for the gold take it all no please don't stop now leave me motionless in my bliss
Closer is where I want to be the flame to wick the blood to vein touch to pain pleasure change push-drive I'm still alive Feel need yell want faster needs drown in today dark desires all hell fires touch to pain lunatic laugh Succubus dance fetish lust infused this crush prove to push further down earn your crown king of pain passion insane choice to choke hazard breathe soon the Devils take their leave crawling on weary knees Angel caress the Devils kiss in studded bound misled Seraphim bliss
Your eyes, your smile. Your touch, your kiss. Your promise, your words. Our everlasting bliss.
Think of a love lost long ago Dream of a love never found Live in a love that comes and goes In a love where I seem to be bound. Too many nights spent all alone Lost inside thoughts and dreams Longing for something I'll never have For what never can be, it seems. Trying so hard to be content With life the way it is But always so dissatisfied When it takes more than it gives. Dream of a night so long ago When for once I was myself But it was just a fantasy Now put back on the shelf. Such a short time there is left And still it slips on by Such a short time we are here Before we say goodbye. Living in the deep regret Of what will never be Longing for the simple bliss That your touch gave to me.
Here we are again. In this place of sin. Youth and beatuy. Pleasure then our only duty. To this place deep inside. Where our feelings seem to hide. In your arms is where I long to be. Say my love I came to you with best intentions. But you laid me down, and tied me up, right up. Tieing me down on the cold hard ground. Tonight's a dream that only we can see. Goals and ambitions fuel this unholy obsession. While bodies get bent. From the sensations we present. Teaseing touches of our fingers. Leading each other farther down this road to ecstasy. Driving inhibitions out of my mind. As he thrusts even deeper into that place deep inside. As desire's rise. Making us want to die. Mindless passion carrying us on. To this endless distraction. These recent goals we seek. Trying to find ourselves in each others embrace. As we explode into oblivion. Our desires reside and we find we have no place to hide. In this state of perpetual bliss.
i dont wanna know i dont wanna know i'll go ahead pour myself a drink i really couldnt care less what u think well i dont have to listen now live this day down if i cant feel a thing u might as well save ur goodbyes we can give this train wreck one last ride im gonna have to listen now live this day down if i dont make things right i'll tell u one last time i dont wanna know its over so save ur goodbye kiss i dont wanna know its over cause ignorance is bliss i can hardly see what's in front of me cause the vodka's running on empty i cant stay sober if it's over i dont wanna know i dont wanna know i dont wanna know so save ur good bye kiss i dont wanna know i dont wanna know i dont wanna know i woke up with my heartbeat in my head i reached for the bottle by the bed i saw ur side was not slept in cold sheets again remind me of what u said we need to take a break for a while its beenso long since i smiled i dont wanna listen now live this day down w
LOnging for what was missing what might be searching for the cause nothing left to see empty words echo ringing in your ear does any one know whats behind the mirror shallow souls shine through smiles all so fake anger starts to stew how much till you break going on their way nothing seem a miss how their minds do stray searching for their bliss
Your touch is electric I felt it the first time you held me The way we connected So easily I’ve tried to define it Searched for the perfect phrase I’ve tried to describe it In a million different ways (Chorus) It’s joy, it’s ecstasy, it’s truth it’s destiny And even love is not enough To tell you how you make me feel There’s only one word for this I’ve got to admit it You took my heart by surprise Don’t know how you did it But baby, I’ve never felt so alive (Chorus) It’s joy, it’s ecstasy, it’s truth it’s destiny And even love is not enough To tell you how you make me feel There’s only one word for this I already know what the future holds As long as you are here with me It’s joy, it’s ecstasy, it’s truth, it’s destiny And even love is not enough To tell you how you make me feel It’s faith, it’s honesty, it’s life, it’s everything To say “I love you” is not enough To tell you how you make me feel… It’s in your smile, it’s in your kiss It’s the
It always starts out as a simple kiss Our tongues caressing, our breath coming out in a hiss Your fingers sending my heated body to the brink Thinking it's a dream, I'm afraid to blink I can feel your swollen cock press against me My craving body oh so ready to please You lift my skirt up around my hips The palm of your hands rubbing my pussy in pure bliss I can feel the engorged head of your cock against my thigh I beg and plead with you to fuck me before I die Lifting me slightly you fill me completely Your perfect cock now buried deep inside of me My hands on your shoulders, my legs around your waist My mouth begging for another taste Pulling your head down to mine Wishing for a frozen moment in time My pussy is stretch to the fullest to take all of you in How can pure pleasure be such sin Your eyes are glazed from the passion and lust No questions of love, no questions of trust Just two people enjoying the moment The swee
Bliss (i Don't Wanna Know)
(I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) I'll go ahead and pour myself a drink I really couldn't care less what you think Well I don't have to listen now Live this day down If I can't feel a thing You might as well save your goodbyes We can give this train wreck one last ride I'm gonna have to listen now Live this day down If I don't make things right I'll tell you one last time I don't wanna know it's over So save your goodbye kiss I don't wanna know it's over Cause ignorance is bliss I can hardly see What's in front of me Cause the vodka's running on empty I can't stay sober If it's over (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) So save your goodbye kiss (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) I woke up with a heartbeat in my head I reached for the bottle by the bed I saw your side was not slept in Cold sheets again Remind me of what you said We need to take a break for a while I
Blissed Out On B12...
Well not yet, but hopefully tomorrow... Got another shot of the pink stuff today (this time in my bum) and I am excited to see if there will be a difference like there was the last time. Sitting here now I realize just how crappy I do feel. According to my last bit of blood work I had done, my potassium is low, which is cause for concern for Dr.Peters, but apparently not for Dr.Johnson. Not that I think there is anything to worry about. Eat a few bananas and I should be okay.... I think. Well anyways, that means more blood work, which means that I am staying on top of things regarding my health. Whaaaaaaaaaaat else.... Missing my Pookie Craig. Can't wait till he gets back. It's weird how people become friends. I would have never thought that I would be friends with someone so different than me, but it's awesome. We're like Ying and Yang. LOL, kay that was gay. Spent the afternoon out and about, though that was a bit of a struggle for me. Jade and I walked into town and had a medio
If ignorance is bliss, then slap the smile off my face - RATM (one of my faves)
As I sit outside I see the silver mist intwine with the Autumn moon while the orchestra of stars play the song of twilight. While the wind makes the audience below clap it's branch's and let's the spirits of past dance, echo Bravo!! into the night. It's ashame for those who sleep and miss such serene serenity ........... that detail or any more would be better suckled out by the great Homer the greek or the mighty Poe. But I will say if the night or the spirit of the night wanted to be my LOVER OR THE WHOLE HALF MISSING FROM MY HEART I WOULD GLADLY ACCEPT IT OR THEM,!!! who ever the spirit of night maybe or what it maybe . Only because I believe the night would understand me the best. In the mean time I'll just listen to the song.
Bliss In The Master's Chambers
For My Master's chamber: When we awoke, Tamara handed me a note from the Master. The note read: Bliss, you are to dismiss Carin, telling her to report to my chambers, you are then to have Tamara prepare you for my pleasure tonight. She will know what to do, do not resist her. "Tamara, I want you to prepare me for our Master's pleasure." I ordered. Tamara smiled, "Yes Mistress." She got up and went to our closet. She came out with several items from the drawer and laid them on the bed. Taking my hand she led me to the shower, and thoroughly washed my body, she sat me down and lathered my pussy with shaving cream, and shaved my pussy baby smooth. She then patted me dry and led me to the toilet and had me bend over. She filled the enema bag with warm water, coating the nozzle with Vaseline she inserted it into my ass and let the fluid fill me. She had me sit on the toilet and empty my bowels, and then started the procedure again, filling me and having me empty my bowels
The Blister Exists
The Blister Exists Bones in the water and dust in my lungs Absorbing archaic like a sponge The ultimate way is the way you control But can you stay if you detach your soul? Bury the present and squeeze out the past The ones you endear to never last Chemical burns and the animalistic I'm just another hardline pseudo-statistic Can you feel this? I'm dying to feel this Can you feel this? Blood on the paper and skin on my teeth Trying to commit to what's beneath To find the time is to lose the momentum You learn the lessons and immediately forget them Automatic and out of my reach Consult all the waste to find the key Minimal life and the polysyllabic I'm just another blank page - push the button, pull the rage Can you feel this? I'm dying to feel this Can you feel this? I am all, but what am I? Another number that isn't equal to any of you I control, but I comply Pick me apart, then pick up the pieces I'm uneven I am the damaged one All my life and t
JOSEPH CAMPBELL: All the time. It is miraculous. I even have a superstition that has grown on me as a result of invisible hands coming all the time - namely, that if you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss, and they open doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be. Heard this in a song...then read about the philosophy. Its not bad as far as following a track that you hope to follow...
The Bliss Of Friendship
You are friendly, kind and caring Sensitive, loyal and understanding Humorous, fun, secure and true Always there... yes that's you. Special, accepting, exciting and wise Truthful and helpful, with honest eyes Confiding, forgiving, cheerful and bright Yes that's you... not one bit of spite. You're one of a kind, different from others Generous, charming, but not one that smothers Optimistic, thoughtful, happy and game But not just another... in the long chain. Appreciative, warm and precious like gold Our friendship won't tarnish or ever grow old You'll always be there, I know that is true I'll always be here... always for you.
Bliss And Bitterness
I love you for the way you make me feel I hate you for making me cry I love you for the warmth you yield I hate you for wasting my time I love you when you say you need me For when you say you want me around I hate you for the way you leave me Feeling desperate and lonely and like a clown I love you for the way you make me smile And the way you make me laugh I hate for you all the strong harsh things You say and when you call me an a** Sometimes it seems all blissful Like I dont have a worry or care And sometimes it just sheer bitterness That drives my gentle heart into tears.
Your eyes, your smile. Your touch, your kiss. Your promise, your words. Our everlasting bliss.
Bliss Of The Vampire
Pain through the ages neither lessened nor faded, Consumed by her search left her silent and jaded, Never finding true love... to break death’s cold wrappings To feel life flow within her and not merely trappings. How long had she waited with arms outstretched, For life to beat rhythm within her troubled breast,
The night is silent but for the beat of our hearts the air still as if all else has been frozen for this moment when your arms wrap around me pulling me close as our lips caress and tease Fingers roam and play over gentle skin etching into memory the rapture that courses through us and the passion that ignites the embers of our love Soft sighs fall into the night time rumbles on and on Our bodies wrapped together as one we watch the moon fade and the sun begin another day We kiss and lay our heads slumber finally setting in Our fingers touch and we smile again knowing our dreams will never surpass our reality
Blissful Beginning
u hear that screaching howell, You want it too stop!!!!!!!...but everything is like a ticking clock.!!!!! u hear the sounds of the night.. then u hear nothing thats in plain site.                                     The sounds need to end.                                       The tears fall..                                     When you begin to grow strong and tall!!! The feeling of dead, the feeling of lies...shreddd!!!!!!! the slightest feeling of imortality is alive...You hear the sounds of blissful beginning the fear is writhing with light everything doesnt seem so far outta site.....                         The sounds end                         The light light fills within                          Damming becomes a trend.....                            The blissful beginning begins agin..
A Blissful Romance
Why Are You Crying,Your Tears Are Not For The World  to See. I Never Met To Make you cry,And I Know your tears Are Because Of Me. Why Do I have This effect On You, I'm Just doin My Thang And Being Me. One Day You'll forget This Insecure Love The Day Is Coming You Just Wait And See You'll Laugh Again...and Smile Because the Sun Is Shining Directly On Your Skin. I Do Thank You For Opening your heart Adn Willingly Inviting Me In. One Day I May Fall On Love And The Situation May be Exactly the Same. Or Maybe It's True That Love Is Nothing But An Emotional Mind Game. I Know Theres SomeOne In The World That Honestly Loves Me. I Dont Mean To turn You Away but It's Better If We Do It This Way. I Do Love You And thats All I that I Can Say. ~The End~
The Blissful Feelings
looking into your eyesbeautiful eternityfeeling your body swayingmoving deep inside of meemotions so deepour eyes locked in a forever dazeour bodies hardlywith any gapsclosely togetheralwaysyour body holds me downthe pleasurereciprocated you and mebliss and elationin our hearts indefinitelyradiantly our love shinesbrialliance in our eyesconnected in differentbeautiful waysapart of each others soulsforever and alwayswords could never describethe beauty instinctivelyour bodies match ourheartsfollowing eternitylove overflowingthis will always be truethere is only one of meand there is only of youromance will never dieif meant from deep insideour love we will knowin other lifetimesto the young happy loverswho will always rememberthe good fond memorieswhen they get older
Blissfully Knowledgeable
Thinking about you,has become a great pleasure,I don't want to loose.   Antithesis to Blissfully KnowledgeableThinking about you,Equal parts pleasure and pain,Perhaps more pain now.
Bliss Of The Vampire
Pain through the ages neither lessened nor faded, Consumed by her search left her silent and jaded, Never finding true love, to break death’s cold wrappings To feel life flow within her and not merely trappings. How long had she waited with arms outstretched, For life to beat rhythm within her troubled breast, For someone to see past the blood on her hands,
They say Ignorance is Bliss So, I sealed yours with a Kiss I kissed it with my Lips, So, your Fine But, I can Define the fine Lines In between, your's and Mine Yeah, with time I hope you succeed with me I hope your Bliss comes like mine and the kiss I sealed Inside Defines the rest of time.
Blissful Moments
She gazed upwards into her lovers eyes the blood within her veins coursed through her body. The caress of his touch brought her higher loosing herself in the passionate moement time seemed to stop their bodies consumed in heat coming together in loves spellbinding curse. The passion tore through them  like lightning pure, white and hot Their hearts roaring skin pink with pleasure the world seemed to stop at the moment as all things fell into place
Bliss Of The Vampire... By: Tigression Fupoet At Large Thank You Dear For Sharing ♥
Pain through the ages neither lessened nor faded,Consumed by her search left her silent and jaded,Never finding true love, to break death’s cold wrappingsTo feel life flow within her and not merely trappings.How long had she waited with arms outstretched,For life to beat rhythm within her troubled breast,For someone to see past the blood on her hands,To know and to grant her most secret demands?How long had she yearned for the sun on her face,Lifeblood coursing within her, no need for a taste?But a mate for her soul never ventured nor daredTo see past her shell to the spirit she bared.Each age that passed, more slowly she countedEach silent scream as her blackness it mounted,Until the day came when true-love did burn,And opening her coffin, whispered softly in turn,“I offer my own heart for yours that is rivenMay it beat for us both, its blood freely given”.Truest of fortune, the blessing, the boon,She rose from the darkness, said farewell to the moon,And
There are alot of DJ possitions available! Come apply within! Already a member of Club Blitz? Click here! COME JOIN US AND ROCK OUT WITH THE DJ'S IN THE BLITZ!!!! Already a member of Club Blitz? Click here! (repost of original by 'DJ Redd **Owner/DJ of CLub Blitz* Affiliate of Echoside*' on '2007-07-23 15:12:20')
Blitzkid- Carve Out A Heart
I've cut too deep this time, now there is no chance left For all this blood to dry, enshrined, your picture, in my red Such a sick elegance, I've found there in your eyes It takes too long for regret, to be soothed by my knife (chorus) And I'll wait for you and I'll be fine, and slash at my pain with pride I'll let you tell me lies, alone-and carve out a heart to cry Quiet seems so loud today, and I'd beg for one last kiss Now mis'ry's so misplaced, it has to be like this? You were my one true end, as I sit here in disgrace My wounds shall bleed again, and this flesh will bare your name. And I'll wait for you and I'll be fine, and slash at my pain with pride I'll let you tell me lies, alone-and carve out a heart to cry And I'll wait for you and I'll be fine, and slash at my pain with pride I'll let you tell me lies, alone-and carve out a heart to cry (repeat chorus) And carve out a heart to cry....(x5) kind of what i feel like right now
We are in for a blizzard here, in Colorado, tonight and through tomorrow. I doubt if I will be able to get into work in the morning. It's going to be a long and white winter this year. Long overdue.
Already have over a foot and not halfway through this storm! Roads are impassable. Power lines down from the heavy snow. NO WORK!!!!!!!!!!! Look at my photo album for BLIZZARD.
The Blizzard Of Life
My sun, has been taken by dark clouds, Sending the rain my way, The rainbow’s colors have faded, And all I can see is grey. The moon is gone, and the stars have all fallen, And with them went all of the sparks, The ocean life is dead now, Except for the hungriest sharks. So here I stand, in the desert, Cause all of the beaches just dried, This life is such a blizzard, I feel, like I have to hide. Those clouds, will they ever re-lighten, So the sun once again can shine, To make the rainbows colors, And light up this view of mine. Can sharks ever loose their hunger, And bring back the ocean to life, Will the blizzard, be calm in the morning, And make all this darkness seem bright. Will the fallen stars get back up there, And place the moon in a starlit sky, Will I find the oasis in the desert, Or is my heart, just doomed to dry.
Blizzard Conditions
So, I'm a Colorado girl, I'm used to snow, but we're expecting 16-24 inches in the Metro area. That's sick and wrong. So I'm at work right now, and I'm betting I get snowed into work. Just about everything is closing (except King Supers because they wouldn't close if we were getting 12 feet much less 12 inches). There's one across the street and I'll probably walk over there to see David if we get snowed in. So yeah. SUCK ASS!
Snow day!!! Major blizzard in progress, affecting both Alberta and Saskatchewan. Highways are shut down, with tow trucks and plows unable to get out. Dozens of cars are in the ditches already. The lady who drives me to work has her car snowed in, thus I'm not going anywhere - and I'm certainly not walking. I called her while standing in the house's foyer watching the swirling snow and we agreed it's not worth it to even attempt going to work. Wally can do without us for a day - save the poor, poor little company some money. Areas above a line running from Lloydminster to Saskatoon to south of Hudson Bay will be hit with as much as 20 centimetres of snow and blizzard conditions, according to CBC Saskatchewan.
Well I had to change my pic back to blizzard. We are getting another blast from mother nature. There is another pic of same view but on a clear day, in the backround the dark blue line is Lake Erie. So when you look at pics you see the weather isn't all bad, wonder when I will be able to venture outside again. At least I had the fireplace taken care of. Maybe that could explain my headache, seems for one the steel insert pipe for chimney was moved somehow, and top was gummed up with creasote, and even my chimney guy was surprised, he just cleaned it in the last year, no way should it have been that bad, but smoke and all was filling the house when you opened the woodstove to add wood. I was nervous so I called in the inspector. He installed it, he inspects them and has to have license to do so, I was not crazy for worrying about chimney fire. So for now I will go back to my fireplace and watch a movie, and cuddle with my cats.
Blizzard In Marshall, Mn
Now we're talkin' -We got hit with another major snowstorm in less then a week; this is a good old fashioned blizzard, it hasn't snowed like this in over 10 years.
Blizzard In Marshall, Mn
major snow-storm to a great Iron Maiden song.
Blizzard Beasts!
Just checked out Immortal on itunes,their LP Blizzard Beasts,song called Nebular Ravens Winter...Gotta honestly say that this band really sucks whale puds,big time!....Glad I only wasted one tune on them,cause that was some seriously bad crap!.......Rock on dudes and dudettes!
Blizzard by Masters_Phoenix © The wheels spun uselessly in the snow, making a sorry attempt at a "woo-woo" sound. Fuck. Jess's eyes traveled to the blocked road sign that had caused her to swerve and she cursed again. Fuck. She was trapped in a snow bank and the heat was quickly dying in her car, the battery running low. It was far too cold to stay in her car any longer, and she knew that the main highway was only a mile or so back. The snow fall was light so she wouldn't get too cold and when she reached the highway she could hitch-hike to some kind of payphone. Jessica bundled up in all of her warm clothes and got out into the slow falling snow. Walking with purpose she headed for the main road. ..But fate would have it that the minute she had gone too far to turn back, the slow falling snow turned into a terrible blizzard. --- His headlights hit what he assumed was a deer. Slowing down to make sure not to hit it. His intention was to tap it gently so it ran out of the
suppose to be getting up to 14inches of snow here. Its already getting nasty out..and I have to be at work at 3. The boys are getting out a hour early from school..and my mom n law is suppose to come down to get them. I am wondering if I should call off.. or what. I know they will probably need me in there..but my posistion is not that extreme as them needing nurses there. Ughhh
Blizzard Wow
So the new patch for WOW is active now and the one thing I think is funny is this line from it: If a player dies 50 times or more in a battleground, they will no longer be worth honor for the remainder of that battle. lol ok if you are getting killed more then err 25 times during BG I think you need to pack it in and find a new game to play say like marbles. Who in the wold is getting ganked this much???? Or maybe you should play your character instead of having someone power level it for you. Oh and hunter said goodbye to the snake trap glitch. no more killing flagged players with it lol
The Blizzard Of 06
This has probably been left out of coverage on CNN, CNBC, and Fox News, as they are busy with stories that get good ratings like the latest developments concerning a teenager in Aruba that has not been seen in 6 months, but there is a very importatnt news item here in Mississippi... a blizzard in progress! At least 11 flakes were seen landing in my yard alone, where they no doubt tormented the horde of fiendish fire ants lurking between every single blade of grass in the yard. These flakes quickly melted as they always do, but it remains to be seen if melted snow will put out a fire ant. This intrepid reporter braved the elements until the first flake landed upon him, when he quickly retired to the safety of the kitchen window. The blizzard raged for a good seven minutes or so, and as luck would have it, I did not witness a 47-car pile-up on the street in front of the doubt due to the fact that there was no pile-up to witness as all the womenfolk were busily cann
Blizzard Ice Cream Cake
1 gallon vanilla ice cream one 20 oz. pkg. chocolate sandwich cookies with creme filling one 12 oz. container frozen whipped topping, thawed Soften ice cream. Crush cookies by placing them in a large zip lock bag, rolling over them with a rolling pin. Mix softened ice cream, crushed cookies together. Fold in whipped topping, pour into one 9x13 inch glass pan. Freeze for 2 hours then serve.
Blizzard Of Ozz Or Back In Black
Allright metalheads time to voice your opinions!! Starting Monday night December 23rd I will be playing a featured album every Monday evening on my show. Ozzy's Blizzard Of Ozz And ACDC'S Back In Black are going head to head this week. As you know, both albums were in the top ten in 1980. The album with the most votes will be played. Voting begins now and ends Sunday December 28th at 8 p.m. eastern time. Place your votes now!! Oh yeah get your asses over to
Blizzard Discusses The State Of Pvp
One thread over at the forums sparked quite a discussion when it asked what the problem was with World of Warcraft PvP. It's a pretty good question and definitely not something with a simple answer, but Ghostcrawler took up the task and addressed several issues in his usual forthcoming fashion. In a nutshell, Blizzard views the following issues as the primary problems of PvP: Too much emphasis on Arenas and not enough on Battlegrounds. Too much emphasis on 2s and not enough on 3s and 5s. Not enough class / spec representation in Arena. Warlock, hunter and shaman numbers in particular are too low, but they're not the only ones, where comes the different wow power leveling surroundings. Too fast-paced. Ghostcrawler proceeded to explain the last point in detail, talking once again about burst damage and reiterating their intent that PvP should be a balance between damage, healing, and crowd control, otherwise it is unfair while the world of warcraft power leveling, He says that B
Blizzard In Florida
Just heard on the news that the state of Florida could be sunned-in for the next several days. Residents have been urged to hunker down at your nearest beach and/or tiki bar and wait for further instructions. Use extreme caution when braving this blizzard of sunshine, preferably SPF30. We are asking our friends and relatives to the north to please keep us in their thoughts as we deal with 2 feet buried in the sand
imikimi - Customize Your World
imikimi - Customize Your World
imikimi - Customize Your World
Blk And Bunny
imikimi - Customize Your World
Blk And Awesomelilbunny
imikimi - Customize Your World
Blk And Bun
imikimi - Customize Your World
Blk And Bunny
imikimi - Customize Your World
Blk And Bunny
imikimi - Customize Your World
Blk & Bunny
imikimi - Customize Your World
Blk &bunny
imikimi - Customize Your World
Blkeh Hahasadasdac
What the hell? Really... I can't figure out why I let myself get so upset over a certain uhm... situation when I know... I KNOW... it wont change its ways to make ME happy... Really helps with the not feeling good enough stuff..
Blk Gay
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Feb 6, 2009 ... Listen to Flexs February 6 internet radio show about blk gay chat and Sexuality Are you a Christian whos trying to cope with todays failing ... Kaboodle - Find Blk Gay using Kaboodle lists. ... Sadly, it has become obvious that black gay bashings and gay bias murders don ... Pix Of Blk Gay Folks. topic posted Tue, November 16, 2004 - 1:39 PM by Unsubscribed ... top of page | view all topics | back to Gay Black People » ... is the top source for gay black porn on the net with hundreds of black gay porn links and nude black men sex sites listed daily.
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Blk & Milds
- Get Your Own
Blk & Skulls
imikimi - Customize Your World
Blk 4 White Female
Hello everybody, looking for the open minded single or divorced females to get to know.
I can't get to work in the fucking picture upload thing. When I upload it, it has no thumbnail. I fucking hate that shit. Its only a couple of KB and it doesn't have advanced colors or anything. DICKBUTT.
Bll Shit
There was nothing about that mumm that was NSFW //I didnt say anything that wasnt the truth . How socialist of you ..How UnAmerican of you !Delete my fucking account  you fucking pussy .. You just remember You let a bunch of other knuckle heads control your decision .. Really  you are unamerican... hang your head in shame . Sense i know you are going to delete my account i wanna say FUCK YOU ! FUCK FUBAR , I WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANY MORE MONEY EVER AGAIN! AND FUCK ALL THE LOSERS WHO ARE IN THIS FUCKING SITE ! bUNCH OF PILLOW BITEIN MUTHA FUCKERS .=== 'fubar shop' wrote the following at '2009-06-04 13:21:45'..>> A mum you have posted has been removed by the 'fubar' admins. This mum was removed because it was either offensive or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in nature.  Please read the Terms Of Service. NSFW CONTENT IS NOT ALLOWED in the public areas of 'fubar'.> > This mum removal has been recorded and your account will be deleted if it happens again.>
Bloater Me...
The time has come when, after I've consumed most of a bottle of Pinot, I feel compelled to make a confession. I'm really enjoying my time online here at Fubar because gorgeous guys keep telling me how beautiful and sexy I am. I adore these positive vibes. Why? Because I never used to get any nice comments from anyone six years ago. The picture below will shock you. When I stumbled upon it tonight, my heart missed a beat and I started to cry and decided there and then to show people that even if someone doesn't look so fab on the outside, they're still the same person on the inside. The photo was taken in March 2002. I was 24 and had really let it go because of some personal problems, general laziness and poor diet. Six months later (September), I was single, clinically depressed and just woke up one morning with a voice in my head going 'today is the start of your new life!!' over and over!! That very day, I signed up to a gym membership, started playing squash and ba
Blobs Inside Earth Like Peanut Butter
By Robert Roy Britt, LiveScience Managing Editor posted: 02 May 2008 ET Red and blue regions depict zones where seismic waves propagate slower or faster than average, respectively. Distant earthquakes (e.g., the red star) send seismic energy throughout the planet, which traverses anomalous structure and brings information about Earth’s internal structure to the planet’s surface. The large red region beneath the Pacific Ocean sits atop the hot molten iron core (orange ball), is best explained as chemically distinct from the rest of the mantle. Credit: AAAS/Science Full Size Previous Image Next Image 1 of 1 Red and blue regions depict zones where seismic waves propagate slower or faster than average, respectively. Distant earthquakes (e.g., the red star) send seismic energy throughout the planet, which traverses anomalous structure and brings information about Earth’s internal structure to the planet’s surface. The large red region beneath the Pacific Ocean sits atop the
The Block
Five boys they played a nasty game They saw a sparrow then sort aim With stone to her they brought great pain Then five by five Numbers equal time They crucified
Block Me... Delete Me.... The Truth Will Still Be Told.....
As a follow up to my earlier blog "just fyi".... The sender of the famous email that outed Jellybean as faker and as a liar and as not really having cancer oh and yes as being crazy is none other than the lovely "Miss S" - you know the one - that whines and begs for rates and to be kept #1 on this damn blog thing - as if anyone really cares!!! Oh did I also mention that she outed me as actually having cancer? LMFAO - yes this supposed wonderful friend of mine that has had many conversations with me about my illness couldnt get it right during her evil doings. and no I dont have cancer - hell most days I would rather have has a chance of being cured!!! but at anyrate.. a 2bit attention seeking pornstarpicpostingsoshecangetmoreratings child does not deserve the chance to even discuss me! Not two weeks before she sent this lovely email to Amelia outing her "BESTFRIEND" whom she dearly loves - Miss S, sent me an email warning me never ever to trust JT nor anyone aff
Attempting to get down n dirty in my writting, I suck. I worked out 5 paragraphs, and now I am at a hault. Generally it flows. Normally, I have an abundance of words available. Today, I am on LOCK! I need motivation. I need inspiration. Honestly, I need, hmmmmm sex. Said, out there, what to do with that?
Block Feature...........maybe Someone Should Look Into This??????????????
WITH ALL THE UPROAR OVER THE BLOCK FEATURE ON THIS SITE. I DECIDE TO POST THIS BLOG TO GIVE SOME USERS INFORMATION THAT SOME MIGHT WANT TO LOOK INTO. BELOW I HAVE LISTED TO PORTIONS OF THE CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE. PLEASE READ THROUGH THEM AND TAKE A LONG GANDER AT THE HIGHLIGHTED PORTIONS. California Penal Code § 646.9 (a) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or harasses another person and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family, is guilty of the crime of stalking, punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($ 1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment, or by imprisonment in the state prison. (b) Any person who violates subdivision (a) when there is a temporary restraining order, injunction, or any other court order in effect prohibiting the behavior describe
Block.... Come On People! (repost) - My Reply....
I saw this bulletin, and wanted to comment on it.... is there anyone out there in cherryland that thinks that when you block somebody on here that it means totally blocked like where they cant see your page at all or do you like it..the way it is now where when you block the persons you blocked can still see everything your doing..friends and all that....i think when you block someone it should be alltogether....i know when you block now they cant comment and rate..and all that but i would like to have it when you block there blocked alltogether like on myspace wich im sure many people in cherryland also have so if you have a myspace and have blocked people on it then you understand what im talking bout cherytap doing...just like myspace when u block they see nothing...not like now when you block they can still see your page and all that..if there is anybody out there...and i mean anybody who agrees or disagrees please sign your name to this so i cant take it t
The Blocking
I have noticed a few things on Cherry Tap one thing this is supposed to be a site fr Adults, But I have a question Where are the Adults ? Well, instead of saying I would rather not talk to you or have you as a friend you do the Childish thing OH MY and thats called the blocking of a person real mature. Thats a good way to show the Adult in you. Pretty pathic if you ask me. I think as Adults you would have grown out of the lies you had as a child.As a child I would expect you act like a child but as an ADULT DON'T YOU THINK IT IS TIME TO GROW UP ? If you have to block someone and mak them feel bad you are a scum sucker. Becasue as a result you make the other person feel bad as though they did something wrong which in fact it is not the person you blocked it is YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO GROW UP!!!! It does not take much to let someone know you have no interest in them. I am sure as an ADULT they would understand. Pathic LIES ,USING OTHERS ,ECT . PLEASE JUST GROWN UP. NOT A HARD TASK PEOP
My job has blocked Cherry I will see ya when I see ya. : ( Duces
Blocked People
isn't it funny how when you block someone from your profile, they don't get the picture that you don't want them in it. i mean if i wanted them to have anything to do with my profile, i would not have blocked them in the first place. i left myspace because of certain people and guess what not even 2 days later, at least one of them shows up on here... i don't want to have to leave CT because of those certain people. stay out of my profile/life... worry about your own pathetic life/profile..... enough said......... Make your Comments HEARD using
i have not blocked anybody in particluar, i had to block all my comments for a bit to erase them cause it got all screwed up sorry.
Block Me Pls
if any of you ever questioned......yes I do know where the block function on this site is there are certan rules that I apply to everyone and I think I have been more than equally fair to all here - if you treat me with disrespect - downrate me just to be a jerk - harass me - treat my fiends poorly these kinds of things will get you put here I will continue to update my list by either adding or deleting as i see fit if you don't like can kiss my lily white A$$
lmao i just had my very first person block me haha i wonder what i did wrong..... well i guess not a virgin to that now...woohoo
Block, Stay The Fuck Away, Simple?
With all this stupid high school drama with tractor boy out in Abernathy several of his "crew" have blocked me. Cool...pretty much don't want to talk to anyone that would consider him a friend. So you Jessica 'Redneckgirl' keep coming by my page to check out the scene? may I ask why? Am I so cool to you that you can't resist? If so, then unblock me and we can have a talk. The same thing with you tractor boy, how many times have I checked out your page in the last couple of days: **none** but you just can't stay away. You know that I am posting a screen shot every time you show on my page but you continue. Really can you grow up simply stay away? What purpose can you actually have at this point? People seem to be afraid of you, and I am not. I deal with bigger, badder and more stupid people daily.
Block List Work!!!!
YES!!!! All the BLOCK list work now!!!! I am so happy that BABYJ did this! So no more STALKERS!!!!! YIPPEEEEE
Blocked Users Can No Longer View Ur Profile
Blocking Harrassing People
Blockbuster closing 282 US stores By MATT CURRY BW Exclusives Welcome to Planet Apple The Fed's Fiercest Foe Building Woes for Beazer One Case Against Wal-Mart J.D. Power: Cars with APEAL Story Tools order a reprint digg this save to DALLAS Blockbuster Inc. plans to close 282 stores in the U.S. this year to improve operating margins and expand domestic share, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing Thursday. Blockbuster's effort to accelerate closures of underperforming and marginal U.S. stores comes as the company is spending heavily to beef up its online-rental business to compete with rival online DVD rental service Netflix Inc. The company did not identify which stores would be closing. "Traffic is just not what it used to be when Blockbuster was the big rooster in the hen house," said Andy Cross, senior analyst with The Motley Fool. In 2006, Blockbuster closed 290 U.S. stores and transferred a quarter of the revenue f
Discussion Thread Response (BLOCKBUSTER Online) 06/29/2007 06:26 AM Hello Mike, Thanks for contacting BLOCKBUSTER Online Customer Care. I apologize for the error, Mike. Thanks for reporting the problem to us online. After you submitted the report, "Star Trek: Enterprise: The Complete Fourth Season - Disc 2" was immediately removed from your "Shipped Movies" list which opened a slot for us to send another DVD. You can expect your next DVD to be on the way within one business day after your report. Please add the title back in your queue if you still want to rent it. We never want you to be without a movie, so if you still have this incorrect disc or any other DVD you're ready to return to us, just stop by your local and we'll exchange it for a free movie rental as part of Total Access. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with. Thanks for making us your #1 choice for online DVD rentals! Marianne Customer Care Associate BLOCKBUSTER Online Cus
Blocked Again
so why is it so hard to rate people now every time i turn around i get blocked for everything its so unfair!!!
Blocked Again
so why is it so hard to rate people now every time i turn around i get blocked for everything its so unfair!!!
Blocking Empathic Pain
Does anyone know how to block empathic pain? Since visiting my sis whose empathic powers are stronger than mine I have noticed a distinct increase in the empathic pain I'm recieving. I know how to throw the pain away but its getting to be an almost constant thing. I'm learning also, how to help remove the pain from the person who is actually IN pain but I can't find anything on the web to help.
The Block (all 3 Pts.)
The Block Pt.1 I open up my window and look down on the block Hoping God would take time to smile on the block The news and the media just frown on the block Politicians don't wanna help us and I'm like "thanks a lot" Innocent black brothers getting beat by the cops Gangs preparing for war and loading up their glocks TV's are getting stolen and taking to pawnshops Cars are getting stolen and taken to chop-shops Drug deals gone bad and are ended with gun-shots Snitches are getting beat and now hanging from roof tops Teens with one dream are playing ball on the blacktops But the dope fiends have no dreams; too busy smoking the crack rocks An aspiring young artist writes rhymes at the bus stop Trifling baby daddies at the carwash getting cursed out Hustlers trying to hustle; selling something that's hot Hooker on the corner; she's a high-school dropout Black man, blue uniform earns the name "Sell-Out" Mamas scraping up money for their son so they can
Block This Person
Canadian Stoner@ fubar He/She/It is completely rude and you will do yourself a favor to block them and keep them from coming to your page. We dealt with them before and they stole some pics from hubby and made some inappropriate morphs of his pic with pics that weren't him. They got deleted. Now they are back and started rated my pics 3's and I was able to block him. If you notice, they just recreated their account in May. People like this just completely ruin the fun of being on here.
Block This Idiot! Uggghhh
So this person was on my friends list, fan and we had exchanged a few comments but they flipped, ripped a pic that Boricua God Daddy made me and proceeded to rate then adjust my damn Confused fuck...I just got tired of the games and blocked them which is what you should do. · just72 re-rated your photo a '10' from a '9'! 55 sec ago · just72 re-rated your photo a '9' from a '8'! 58 sec ago · just72 re-rated your photo a '8' from a '7'! 1 min ago · just72 re-rated your photo a '7' from a '5'! 1 min ago · just72 re-rated your photo a '5' from a '4'! 1 min ago just72@ fubar
heres whats funny!! three of seven i have blocked are now deleted accounts! hehe
Block List
my block list is fix an pretty much everyone that was on it is off lets see why they cry about now
what do u do if u hit the wrong button on ur messages i was trying to just delete messages and accidently hit block sender please help i need to get it unblocked as soon as possible
Blocked From Comments
well for some reason ive been blocked from commenting on pics.I dont know why . theyve allso took away my mumms. i guess it was because i put one up about who does the overlooking of them. but its a free country freedom of speech is it not? its my mumm . I should be able to have an opinion on my own. shouldnt i? Im sorrey if the person who verifys them was offended . but i had tryed to post 3-4 before that and kept getting turned down. its my opinion and my mumm so i think they should be aloud up. so what if they similar to ones id done b4. so this is y I am not commenting on photoes now. it would be nice to place up mumms again too. yes im winen.
Blocker Mumm Nut Crack WOW..what a MUMM..I love the night shift MUMMERS..
Blockbuster Survey
More People Haunted by Ghosts, According to Blockbuster Survey Blockbuster Exclusive '1408' Among List of 'Most Haunted Movies' for Halloween October 10, 2007: 01:44 PM EST DALLAS, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Do you believe in ghosts? According to a recent Blockbuster Inc. survey, more of us (67%) believe ghosts might be real than other Halloween ghoulies like demons (52%), aliens (56%) or vampires (15%). In response, Blockbuster dares movie lovers to spend the night with one of the season's Most Haunted Movies. Among the spirited films list from the entertainment experts at Blockbuster is "1408," the exclusive Blockbuster rental featuring John Cusack trapped in a haunted room that's out to get him. "When you believe something could happen in real life, it makes it that much scarier," said Keith Leopard, Director of Content Development at Blockbuster Inc. "More people believe in ghosts, and so that makes haunted movies among the scariest this Halloween. Blockbuster h
Blocking People
why is it people think they have to block every one for? i find it unsettling why dont they just come out and tell a person why ios wrong and work the problem out
Block Her
Blocked Lol
I am amazed at how easy it is for some people to use the block button instead of talking out problems. I was surprised today to see that I had been blocked when I was the person who had been done wrong. I never blocked in return cuz there is no need. I am just surprised at how the ones to hit that the fastest are usually the ones in the wrong. LOL I guess you can never figure out human nature. Live Laugh Love and just get over it...I am
Blocking Ppl Or Non-family From Sb Comments --especially Annoying Ppl
How do I block someone or Non-family from my Shoutbox? Click on MY at top of your page left, then click on PROFILE as pulldown. Under PROFILE, setting to BLOCK/ LIMIT SHOUTBOX use is -- 3rd line down in right column , titled: Who can send me shouts: It is one of the drop boxes on the right hand side column after PROFILE is opened up. You can set it to FAMILY ONLY, FRIENDS ONLY, ANYBODY, NOBODY as settings. NOTE: after changing the setting – go to bottom area of page – type in CODE you see above the box area. This SAVEs your settings. How do I block someone? Go to the persons page that you want to block and look on the left hand navigation links for BLOCK THIS USER. Click on the BLOCK THIS USER link and approve the block. Blocking a member prohibits them from messaging you, commenting on your page, bulletins, blogs, stashes, mumms and blocks them from being able to rate your pictures or profile. Blocking a member does NOT stop them from coming on to your page to look aro
Blocked Scott 'sinlessfury' #1075104
After receiving the following message: "i bet u can suck some good dick" I blocked: Scott 'sinlessfury'
lost angel hun it is u i am talking about then u post a comment sayin talk to them,HOW I can't get near u r ur page sweetie~ Did'nt wanna do this BUT can't contact u! ADD me please r unblock me so WE CAN talk~! hope 2 hear from u soon,Hippie
Block Him Bfore He Gets You!!!
Rated me a "3" Block him bfore he rates u!!! ffbigd@ fubar
ok, so i rate shitty tattoos as shitty, ugly people as ugly, what is the best part of all this? when you come across some stupid twat who decides to come in and rate you and your pics in a retalitory fashion (of course lower than the ratings you handed out) and then block you from looking at their page, and rating anymore of their shit. sorry ~taryn~ i didnt brand you with the ugly tattoos, i just rated them as to how pitiful they are. the big tattoo on your back looks good, i guess 1 out of three aint bad, it just takes the slower people a few tries to catch on. dont worry cupcake, even though you blocked me, youre special to me, short bus special.
16 Blocks (2006)
Thought I reviewed this already - maybe I did. I saw it in the theaters, last year, then again today on television (taped). Bruce Willis plays a police detective asked to transport a witness, well, 16 blocks from holding to the jury- to give evidence in a major corruption case... It's a very eventful trip. Enjoyed it a whole lot the first time, and even more this time. (Suspense, not a comedy, but very good writing and acting- together with "Nobody's Fool" - and yes, I have read the book, in that case - very much one of the better acting jobs I recall from Bruce Willis... which is not at all meant to damn with faint praise. This was -good- - though admittedly there have been only a few movies I've wanted to pan, one of them an independent production I've kept silent about since it hasn't come out yet and may still not- and I only saw less than half of that film.)
Block Your Driver's License Asap
BLOCK YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE This is upsetting, thought I should pass it along. Check your drivers license Now you can see anyone's Driver's License on the Internet, including = your own! just searched for mine and there it was...picture and all! Thanks Homeland Security! Privacy, where Is our right to it? I definitely removed mine; I suggest you all do the same..... Go to the website and check it out. Just enter your name, City and state to see if yours is on file. After your license comes on the screen, click the box marked "Please Remove". This will remove it from public viewing, but not from law enforcement. CLICK here to BLOCK YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE
Blocked Nose Kiss
if your going block me then don't come to my page alright I"M not a blocker alright yea i don't get the blocking thing so yea (:
Blocked The river flows rapidly down the mountain, and then all of a sudden it gets blocked with big boulders and a lot of trees. The water can't go any farther, even though it has tremendous force and forward energy. It just gets blocked there. That's what happens with us, too; we get blocked like that. Letting go at the end of the out-breath, letting the thoughts go, is like moving one of those boulders away so that the water can keep flowing, so that our energy and our life force can keep evolving and going forward. We don't, out of fear of the unknown, have to put up these blocks, these dams, that basically say no to life and to feeling life. - Pema Chodron, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Vol. I, #1 from Everyday Mind, a Tricycle book edited by Jean Smith
Block Him Bfore He Gets You!!!
Rated me a "6" jwalker_2008@ fubar
Block Him Bfore He Gets You!!!
Rated me a "2" mnmfireball@ fubar
So I've noticed on here that many people, most of which I've NEVER once spoken to, have blocked me on here. Can anyone tell me why someone is so ignorant as to block someone who hasn't done one thing to them? I can understand if I was harassing them and what not, but I've done nothing. Jealousy maybe?
I've decided to unblock everyone that I have blocked. Why? Because I guess I just don't give a fuck anymore. If they want to come to my page and rate me a 1, that's fine. If they want to come and leave a nasty comment on my page, that's fine. Who am I to block an opinion? So for all you out there who hate me...I have 3 words for you... Bring it on.
Block This Creep
radbumman3: dont worry I woudnt your a UDE BITCH THATY DONT EVER ANSWR ANYONE THATS WHY U GOT TREATED LIKE THE SLUT U R ->radbumman3: never contact me again radbumman3: u wanna suck on my balls ^^^^^^ Entire conversation Make ANY kinda sense to you??? Block him
Block This Account Now!!!
what_say@ fubar
Block Leave+vodka=me Tazing My Husband
Check out this video: Shawn getting tazered
Blocking Everyone That Has Private Profiles.
Oh, noes, I was just blocked by someone who got pissed that I wasn't answering his Yahoo messages. And apparently assumed I was going to fuck him...or his head...not sure which one.
Blockbuster Offers $1billion Plus For Circuit City
Posted on ZDNet News: Apr 14, 2008 12:14:00 PM Blockbuster, the No. 1 U.S. movie rental chain, on Monday said it has offered to buy electronics retailer Circuit City Stores for about $1 billion to $1.3 billion in cash. Blockbuster said it made the unsolicited approach in February, offering $6 to $8 per share. That represents a premium of 54 percent to 105 percent over Circuit City's closing share price of $3.90 last week, though the troubled retailer's stock traded above $21 last year. Blockbuster Chief Executive and Chairman Jim Keyes, a former 7-Eleven CEO hired last year with a mandate to turn around Blockbuster, made the offer in a February 17 letter to Circuit City Chief Executive Philip Schoonover, but Blockbuster said Circuit City had so far failed to provide due diligence. Keyes in the letter said the "new" Blockbuster would be "the most convenient source for media entertainment." Keyes has shifted Blockbuster from a heavy emphasis on online DVD rental to enticing cus
why would someone whos blocked ya..come to your page 4 months later..and rate your pics? Things that make ya go ..hmmmm. LOL . I went to return the favor..or say thank you but see I am still blocked. Guess hes still hurt from way back then.
The Blockers Last Words
of course I must be pissing women off majorly..must be my picture..I don't know. But all of teh sudden women are pissed off at me. I left a mumm comment and it wasn't even mean and she shouts me this, tehn blocks me so I can't respond..coward. ☆»•Đ...: get a life.....sheeeeeeeeeeeesh apparently I have no life.
short and simple cause I suck at this whole blog thing... I was blocked from making any comments.. no pic, mumms or profile so hence the new "angry iDaHo~ Love all the sexy mummers and thanks for all the love...
Blocked From Lounges
Do you think it is correct to block someone from a lounge without telling them why they are being blocked???
Blocked Users
They've either been truly disrespectful or just didn't read what I do and don't tolerate Also possibly blocked me for no reason Thirdly , don't try to bring a significant other into this. If you can't handle it, block them or leave all alone and learn about REAL friendships. List: ~Cat~ dj italianman speak of the devil weldingangel reaper krazy k roryd cowgirl kirsten SamMalone I would suggest you remove yourself from the other's list so you don't get between them. Or cause insignificant drama/trouble. a noob reposts a stupid mumm as he had it up before, thankfully I didn't answer that one. I like another askes why Cause truthfully it's fuckin' stupid unless it was to friends only. And get rude lounge invite told them not to cause I do have where I don't accept lounge invites from people. the idiot did again and shows his ass in his mumm. Do all a favor, block his ass so he goes back to his myspace and plays with his 'girly' toys. Idiots like tha
Blocked From Fubar
Hello, DJ METAL QUEEN is unable to get on her page, I am Mina her best friend, I do log in and help her when I can, I really do not even work my own page, lol So if you see her lit up it's me, lol Bloody kisses Mina MINA "BLOODY KISSES" BELLA DOING MY PAGE WHILE I BREAK!!!@ fubar
Blocking People
u kno, i had to block this guy the other day. for whatever reason, i just felt i needed to. well, after tht, i guess he couldnt take the hint. he first sent me an email to yahoo. than tried to have me add him back to yahoo under another name. he than proceeded to have a "friend" on fubar send me , not one, but 2 emails here askin what was up. ok, no i didnt tell him i was going to block him. i dnt have to!! it is my choice! but, if i have blocked u, shouldnt tht be a sign to leave me the hell alone? so now, i am weary when i get friend's request on here. what if its him? oh well, guess if i turns out to be him, i would juat have to block again n again n again!
I think its kind of shocking to be sitting here watching the folks scroll by and then suddenly a total hotty like BadVooDoo something or other passes by and then I click to read his profile and rate him an 11... and he has blocked me. Hmmm I dont remember talking to him all that much if at all honestly so I guess it makes me ponder the many irrational and immature reasons people block other people here: 1) fear of low rating 2) being pissed off cause you wont show them your nsfw pics 3) being pissed off you wont put them in your family even though you dont know who the f*ck they are 4) Last Word Syndrome- block you first after they have said something really truly nasty and horrid so you cant respond back to them. Oh well.... the shock wears off and ya move on, but its definitely something that intrigues me. The inner workings of some of the internet's most psychotic and chemically imbalanced minds. *kttn*
Dȉ...: well this will let you know ->Dȉ...: how do i know you're not one? Dȉ...: not really no.....go find an internet slut ->Dȉ...: it's worth a shot isn't it? Dȉ...: dude....'re pathetic..... ->Dȉ...: no, why? Dȉ...: are you fucking kidding me? ->Dȉ...: wanna fuck?
Block This Guy Plz
this guy had the audacity to call my friend a bitch for no reason and then up and blocked her so i decided to tell him off. for all you out there that have had guys say something mean and disrespectful then this one of those guys you don't want as your friend so plz do me a huge favor not for me but for my friend and tell him off and block him. ty all who read this much love and respect to you all. hers his link. TroyR@ fubar
Block Her Before She Ruins Your Day!
My good friend Margie, who you can find in my Fu-Family received a very rude, ignorant email today on the site, that really upset her and after she shared it with me, I told her I was going to make a blog out of it to warn others. I'm not here to tell you what to do my friends, just throwing this out there so that you have a chance to block her if you choose! Because she was not one of Margie's fu-friends, she bypassed not being able to send a Private Message; instead, she sent her a gift of which you can send anyone so that she could send Margie the following message: "You know I would love to make it to oracle one day. But if I have to have every pic I have locked & basically have guys sell their friendship to me I will pass. This is a picture site. Yet all yours are locked as you whore yourself just to level. You even have "instructions" in your your name on how to request your friendship. Get off your high horse you spic whore or go back to your 3rd world country. You are a
Ok herez the deal. We're going 2 play a new game. Everyday for the next couple of weeks, i will be going through my list and deleting and blocking a variety of different ppl. This iz my FU and I am choozing only 2 associate with certain types of ppl. U will be blocked if U meet theze criteria: 1. If u have the following wordz in your screen name: a. Owned by b. Fu married to c. slave to d. Slut e. juggalo f. MILF 2. If your status sayz: a. Anything about asking for gifts, blingz blasts VIP's, leveling or fubucks b. "stepped away, Gnite, sleeping" etc while your rating me or messaging me. 3. Married (status) people with NSFW pics 4. People who are over level 10 and have no salute. 5. People who are obviously overweight with the status of "stuffing my face" ....more criteria may be added later. If i end up with 3 friendz, so be it. For thoze of U already on my messenger list...I will block U from FU....but not from my messengerz.
Blocking Rehearsal
Last Friday was our first blocking rehearsal. Basically that means that the director tells us where to move about onstage. The best part about blocking rehearsals is that it gives an actor a sense of what he or she is going to be doing while speaking. So, my blocking is awesome. As the Wicked Witch, I get pulled on stage on a majestic throne by my winkies! HaHa! Yea its quite an entrance...the grandest I've ever had. And I get to dance around doing a voodoo chant (Its the Soul Train version of it The third and most awesome part of my blocking is my death scene....I literally melt into the floor. Now every actor will tell you...a fantastic death scene is a gift to play. With the exception of getting spit in the face accidentally by a fellow exuberant actor getting his lines out, it was a great night!
Blocked - A Dummy Is A Dummy
Da Sox: fuck u and your stupid rules & games u silly cunt u ->Da Sox: you still haven't read my faq list .... have you? Da Sox: do u have yahoo messenger?
Blocking Friends
I blocked my first friend today. Nope, he neither made offensive remarks nor did act boorish. At least in a way. The conversation in the shout box started when I mentioned I used to model for a while followed after a few lines, that my husband does well and now earns more than I do. He launched into a tirade of how (all) women tend to be gold diggers and go after a guy's money. I countered by saying that I never was earning only thru my modeling and was a successful business woman myself. In fact, my husband's career graph shot up dramatically and he started making the big bucks only 2 years into our marriage. So the accusation of marrying for his money was moot. If that was it, I would have let go. But he started ranting on how women should accept their role in society and be house wives and not go out in the world trying to earn a living. Said, thatz how society expects them to be. Mind you, he wasn't some Taliban but a resident in the U.S. I cannot tolerate such male chauvinis
Blocked Again...
Started in a MuMM. Here it is.... Fubar Leveling created @ 01/26/2009 07:05 pm expires in: 23 hrs [EVERYONE] I'd like to get my fubar level up some more. Would someone like to help me out?He didn't approve my comment which was: No, but I will report your MuMM You can thank me later.Here is our shout box convo before he blocked me. Call Me An...: reporting my mumm like a little bitch Call Me An...: and i dont know why u have to be such a bitch about it ->Call Me An...: It started in the MuMMs, keep it there. I don't know why you have to be such a wimp about it. Call Me An...: No ->Call Me An...: keep it in the MuMMs. Call Me An...: gee thanks alotI was trying to tell him I wasn't being a bitch. He's the one that didn't read the rules for MuMMs, not my fault he's an idiot.
Blocking People On Fubar
There's this guy on here who I used to date before I got a bf. Once upon a time which was a couple months ago I left him a comment which I'll admit wasn't very nice saying , "you look weird with a beard." and ever since then when I try to click on his profile it basicallysays I can't look at his profile... I can't quote it or anything cause I know there are different reasons for being denied access but I figured he blocked me. He told me this story when we first met that he was a little weary of meeting people off fubar because he met a girl off it who totally freaked the fuck out on him. She like contacted all his family members and told them she was dating him and contacted all the girls that commented him and told them to stay the fuck away from him. Now, what really gets me is he must think I'm like that girl to block me. All I did was leave one fucking comment. Whats the deal?
A Block In A Circular Hole
all ive done is try to fit in amongst many who are very much different from i. i have also tried my best to keep my mouth shut in order to prevent drama and bullshit. with that said i need to put something out there. you once said that i will always have your attention when around. but i guess thats easier said than done. ive noticed that nothing has ever changed and that im treated the same as everyone else. i mean, opening up to someone ive never met before is a very huge task for me and to really want to share my biggest passion with you, it kills me to see the distance growing. was there ever a closeness? honestly i couldnt say now that i look back on things. then again its my fault to expect so much in so little time from a new friend when it comes down to it, i am square block trying to fit into a circular hole. no matter how much i try to nuzzle in, i just wont fit in with this group......
Blocking Pansys
You gotta love the blocking pansys on here. If you block people please, step away from the keyboard for a bit. PS: greek goddess is the biggest blocking coward
Little button on a screen Push the button and the person is gone You blocked me once a long time ago I should have realize the first block is the last I would never block you I could not Over and over you hit that button I gave you everything I had Now I can't reach you because of the block How is it that you can love someone more Than anyone else and then block them?
Block Party
Make your own banner at!
Blocked Again :(
So I sent this perfectly normal, completely friendly message to someone a little while ago: "You're cute. Let's have freaky sex involving coathangers." ...and she blocked me. I mean, wtf? :/ Some people.
Blocked Again For Not Understanding Psycho Babble
read from bottom to the top   -> DAMIAN: I don't know what you are talking are talking in riddlesDAMIAN: you know exactly!!!!!!!!!!! what im talking about im not an imbcile-> DAMIAN: um ok, no clue what you are talking about stillDAMIAN: go pl;ay the fubae game on somone else you are a psycho-> DAMIAN: WTF are you talking aboutDAMIAN: SHARE NOTHING I WILL NEVER PIMP YOU Aour bomb you again-> DAMIAN: share whatDAMIAN: PLEASE SHAREDAMIAN: NO .... YOU MISDUND ME IM MSORRY-> DAMIAN: stop what? you are talking in riddlesDAMIAN: STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-> DAMIAN: huh?DAMIAN: GOOG NIGHT AND BE SURE TOO TELL ALL THAT HAS ANY POWER T ALLLLL-> DAMIAN: ohDAMIAN: sorry my sb is effing up-> DAMIAN: you lost meDAMIAN: ypu lknow exactly what bi mean-> DAMIAN: huh?DAMIAN: im just not worthy of tour beauty am i?
Blocked Up
It's so hard to swallow, all the lumps in mythroat, on the tip of my tongue, and I stillchoke. If you squeeze me I might bleed just whatI'm feeling. I feel so empty. Staring through awindow, but a curtain covers it. I must be sofoolish. All this junk in my pockets is startingto hurt my leg. It's starting to weigh me down.I'm down but I'm not out. There is a Band-Aid on my finger, but thescar is in my head. I feel so exhausted. I stareinto a mirror, and I'm staring back at me. I'mlooking down at the ground, all around. I'm downbut I'm not out. I try to see clearly, but my eyesare half shut. There's a cloud around my head'cause I'm all blocked up. 
Block This Maniac Now!!!!!!
The person with the screen name theverybest needs to be kicked off the site! he rated pictures of my 6 year old a 4! I know why the site has the name it does please pass this on so can be stopped!
I'm in a bad mood. I woke up in a great one, but my ex showed up and started bitching to me about a dog. Ugh. Anyway, I'm bitching in the MuMMs and will probably be blocked by someone....   Yay?
Blocked!? Lmfao
This is good... someone writes a blog about their ex that left him over a year ago, AFTER she moves out of her house and can't get online anymore, and advertises how she's a skank in his status, and that he blogged it... puts it in his status for about 2 weeks straight! Fishing for sympathy?? Maybe... read on...   THEN, he goes and makes another one today, slandering her even more, insisting he had to "everyone" blog it, because he couldn't email her because he forgot her email address.   IT'S HER FIRST INITAL AND LAST NAME @ yahoo dot com.   After dating her ONLINE for a year and a half, he forgets her name is her email addy? Also, if he forgot that, how does he remember every little detail about what she did wrong to him? Pfft, damned if I know.   I pointed these obvious faults to his logic out in his blog, and guess what? Soon as I out that her email addy is her name, HE DELETES ALL MY COMMENTS AND BLOCKS ME!! /dies This is someone who BRAGS that he never blocks anyone beca
I went to a random mumm and tried to comment, but I got the error that I'm blocked. I don't even recognize the kid who posted the mumm. So weird. I piss off people and don't even realize it. Is that a good or bad talent?
Block And Ignore And Listen To This Song!
Many of you complain about getting harassed, stalked, etc. Trust me when I say this! I get it a lot worse than all of you combined. Words of wisdom! 1. Ignoring and going completely silent to the person who is comeing at you works everytime. They will bait you and bait you! Most of you fall for their nonsense. Take the logs out of their fire and just IGNORE.  2. Block works very well too. I do not even give the idiots the satisfaction unless they just annoy me.  3. Read our TOS term 7.  We do not get involved in users disputes! 4. Listen to this song when you are under fire and sing "I am blind to you" as loud as you can! COLLIE BUDDZ - Blind To You lyrics you knowa ah..yeah you know oohwha me say... fuckin haterz you know [Chorus:] I'm blind to you haterz, Cant touch me war instigators, Me said where is the love lately, Ask you how the world ah run so. Said I'm blind to you haterz, Cant touch me rumor creators, Me said where is the love lately, Ask you how the world ah run s
Block Me Baby!!
    THIS GUY JUST BLOCKED ME CAUSE I DONT HAVE ANY NSFW PIC Mr Sinful: jesus whats with the attitude? -> Mr Sinful: if ur only looking for nsfw pics then yeah i will Mr Sinful: i think you'd better get rid of me as a friend.. i wouldnt want to offend you HE ALSO RATED ME A 10 THEN RE-RATED TO A 1
Block Is Block
I sure wish that when we block someone that that blocks you from even seeing their Blast & them scrolling across the top , Ect...To me black meaans block. but only to the ones that blocks you.
Blocking. Please Read.
If you add me, and leave me either: rude or obnoxious comments, I will block & delete you. You should read in my profile that I am in love with David. I will NEVER cheat on him. Nor, will I put up with it. There's other things in life besides sex. Go out and get laid instead of looking at girls' pictures. Thank you. And, if you think I'm fat, ugly, nasty, etc. Do not talk to me. It wastes my time.
Block Sites Yourself Fuck Pop Up Blockers Cock Blockers Blue Blockers Cunt Etc
How To Block Websties Without Software, block websites Steps:1] Browse C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc2] Find the file named "HOSTS"3] Open it in notepad4] Under " localhost" Add , and that site will no longer be accessable.5] Done!-So- localhost127.0.0.2> is now unaccessable
Block Her
Blocking Someone From My Cell Phone....and How People Are Stupid.
Ok, so, I stupidly gave someone my phone number a month back, thinking he would be a cool friend to text... and he sends messages like this: "Hola hola hola!!!!! How u d0ing? hEy y0 itS j0e!" The last part of it is his signature, which shows up with every text. His texts...they are like he is mass messaging people to see how many will respond. Anyway, he text me at 3 am one night, to see if "I" and probably countless many others, was/were awake. This i don't mind when it is, for example, my best friend or someone close to me. But he drove me nuts. So, I finally told him never to text me again, in which he replies...but I thought you liked texting, and you never text me back! BYE!.  He still keeps texting me, even after I deleted his number from my contact list. And, me, I just ignore his messages. But today I am trying to figure out how to completely block his ass from my phone, and found this clever trick on Yahoo! Answers.  The person said to reply to the texts with : "Your text has
2 Block Or Not 2 Block?
I am normally not one to block people on FUBAR; I've never had to,until now. Some douchebag by the name of "Mac" decides to pay my profile a visit, and leaves a smartass comment on 2 of my pics. No big deal, i'm a big boy. As I said in my about me section," if you don't like what you see, keep steppin', but I can take a negative comment or two. Your opinion is like your asshole, it's yours and you're entitled to it. What pissed me off is that when I decided to pay HIS profile a visit, HE BLOCKED ME. This asshat gets a chuckle at my expense, then blocks me so I can't retaliate. So I left a message for him in my status and blocked him in return, just in case he decided he wasn't done. I have never been one to downrate or leave nasty comments, but I would at least be man enough to let you have your say if i did. I have no respect for cowards, and this waste of sperm is definitely a coward. I handled it the best way I knew... what would you have done?
( Block Of ) - Van Halen ( Old Time Partying Songs ) Mmmmm Like How He Can Move His Hips In Circles And Back And Forth At Same Time,
just had to slip this Led Zepplin in,
( Block Of ) - Bon Jovi
I hit Blockbuster tonite to pick up T2 and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and find out at checkout, now all movies are $5 for 5 nights.     I'm completely baffled.     #1)  I dont need either of these movies for 5 night.     #2)  That's only a few bucks less than the full cinema experience for first release movies.     #3)  Both these movies made their monies last century.   #4)  I forget what 4 was for. (or was that 8?)   #5)  They still don't have pr0n.   #6)  Have they never heard of Netflix and OnDemand?#6 addendum: or stealing on the internet.    
Why are blocks so important?  Wouldn't legos and lincoln logs do the same job?
Should I endeavor to try to be the most blocked annoyance on fubar?
yes I know...i was just as shocked as you are to hear that I was blocked...see below...         xTiiNA: get a life 2:53pm odie aka a...: i have one...tormenting people on FU... 2:53pm xTiiNA: sad 2:53pm xTiiNA: especially if u think thats tormenting someone 2:53pm odie aka a...: no, it is quite fun...dont get so butt hurt. 2:54pm xTiiNA: im not..not even a little 2:54pm xTiiNA: u made a stupid comment so i returned the favor...thee end 2:55pm odie aka a...: u would not be in my box if u were not 2:56pm odie aka a...: this is not a comment...this is butthurting...if u want to comment, u can respond in your blast or in my status or whereever the else it says to leave a comment 2:57pm xTiiNA: amazingly fu is not my life unlike you so no i do whatever i want wherever i want 2:57pm xTiiNA: now stop talking.   All I said on her blast was that I did not like her...what is bad about that...
Should I have blocked someone that blocked me and yet still jumped in my mumms? 
I have a question.....does it mean you are blocked by a person if when you hover over their pic it says N/A ect ect under their profiel pic? Also...I am going shopping today....what color of shirt should I buy for myself? (I don't want to make a mumm about this unless you all think I should) :P Last but not least....The State Fair sucks...why oh why did I pay 40 bucks for me and my kids to walk around in 100  plus degree weather? Oh yeah to visit my old high school bff....grrr now my tan is all jacked up. I am totally batnuts today....  
Blocking When Blicked
Block: Go to the person's page that you want to block, and look on the left hand navigation links for BLOCK. Click on the BLOCK THIS USER link and approve the block.UnBlock: Go to MY then to PROFILE , Change homestyle to POWER , Go back to your Homepage and on the right you will see "Who Viewed me " " who i viewed" And " Blocked" Click on the block tab, then " See all " and Unblock user
So I get blocked by this guy that I was commenting Spin After he comments me....What is my " kind " he speaks of.. ?        
Block Your God!
So, I stumbled on this. It's a very one-sided view of religious propaganda. I'll just post what is written directly from the site and go from there. However, some of you may be interested in the program itself. Link will follow.   Directly from the homepage of Godblock: GodBlock is a web filter that blocks religious content. It is targeted at parents and schools who wish to protect their kids from the often violent, sexual, and psychologically harmful material in many holy texts, and from being indoctrinated into any religion before they are of the age to make such decisions. When installed properly, GodBlock will test each page that your child visits before it is loaded, looking for passages from holy texts, names of religious figures, and other signs of religious propaganda. If none are found, then your child is allowed to browse freely.   Okay, see. This first sentence starts out perfectly acceptable. But then we go to " the often violent, sexual, and psychologically harmful ma
Blocking, Comment Deletions And Nonsequitors
I block, (fu) if it bothers you, I also delete comments, especially my own, and I may answer not to the point, (fu)
Blocked....again Ha Ha
About a week ago Kyle asked me to give him the block link to a certain user. I did that. I asked him about it and he said that the guy would come to his page every day and rate him a 1, but he couldn't do anything because he was blocked. More on this whole tool tip thing in a few. Needless to say I give the guy a piece of my mind in a profile comment. He has his profile set on comment approval so I know it didn't get posted. I just wanted to vent and I did. He FINALLY came back and rated me a 1. I'd thank him for the points, but I can' He's such a douche.   Now on to the tooltip thing. Why is it that if someone has you blocked, you can't see their tool tip? Now anyone can block you and stalk you and you are left to do NOTHING. If you want to block them, you have to have a friend go and get the block link for you. The thing sucks. I don't really want people to know when I block someone. It's not their business. Now it has to be. More people tend to ask WHY than to mind thei
Blocking People Without A Salute
I just don't get why people block people who don't have a salute. I mean your on a "social network site" to "meet" people! I mean I hate it when I see someone saying they check me out or likes me and then for me to go see there profile to check them out to come accros that it say's they have it block to people without a salute. Some of us have lives and just dont have time to post a saltue or wont be on here as much as some of you anymore. Being I know I am not going to be on much no more and find it pointless to post a salute. I mean seriously if your here to meet people you should leave your profile open for everyone to see and leave comments. And for the ones you dont want to talk to there is an ignore feature you just click on that button and poof they are gone. I mean you could be missing out on someone that does not have a salute that you say you like but you wont let them view your profile because they dont have a salute. I just think its plain stupid in my opinion.  They way I
I shall block and add whomever I want, you don't like it, too bad!
Recently I have been chatting with a guy that I have known for years, personally.  Chatting, casual flirting but nothing serious.  This week however, out of the blue he blocked me without a reason why.  He won't email me or text me or anything to tell me.  Yes it hurt my feelings some.  I just don't understand why he would do this.  It just doesn't make any sense to me.    Any comments or thoughts?  Please let me know if something similar has happened to you.   I just hope one day he can tell why he broke off the friendship and blocked.  I am going to miss my friend.
  When you're someone who gets down easily you become afraid of feeling good about yourself.  All because each time you actually do, something with meaning to your life ends up turning on you.  Everytime it feels things are getting better in my life, something always pulls me back and rapes me until I allow it to bring that fear again. So can I live?  Can I smile?  I always believed no one could ever actually like the person I am.  Everyone continues to prove to me I was right.  Where was the wrong that I done?  I know of the few examples of actions in my past.  Though, have I repeated mistakes?  I do make new ones here and there but the reality of me learning from them is what shows my growth as a person.  I went from no confidence to a little swag at times but that no confidence seems best because I guess its who i am.  What makes me pretty ugly isnt my looks. Its everyone proving to me that who I am isnt beautiful enough for them to love, like, or truly enjoy more than a text, a he
=( Blocking Just Isn't What It Used To Be
  cherry21: surprisingly, you don't look like a troll. thought you'd at least have some funky purple hait 9:47pm reply cherry21: hair** 9:51pm more To cherry21: ok.... 9:52pm reply cherry21: just sayin... i go to respond... and... i was blocked... lmao
Blocked! Omg?!!!
Mumm poster has me blocked... soo..... here is my response to her wanting to know what "Love" is.... It's a biological response to external signals processed by your central nervous system and imprinted in your brain over time. There may very well be spiritual aspects to this, but they aren't exactly clear or currently definable in scientific terms. Now, this is very general and non-specific for good reason! There is no defining what it is for any one person or group, or you fall into the trap of religion and people controlling how other people think and feel about a given subject, which, in my opinion, is very wrong.
Block Lists Cleared?
noticed that my block list had been cleared. thought I'd done so myself and not remembered, went and checked up on some people who had me blocked, and noticed that one didn't have me blocked anymore; assumed she'd unblocked me, and thanked her. then noticed two more no longer did- 3 is a pattern. Friends may want to rebuild their lists (and no, I have no intention of abusing this, now that I realize what it is- etc.  Stash ratings has always been another matter ;) )
Do you block the perverts, or the total assholes who name call also?
Blocked Me And Still He Cries
from: UFC GREEN SMURF... Can A Smurf Get A Buzz Here I Was Just Buzz Killed Grrrr... Troy, NY subject: HAHAHA received: 10/17/2011 07:38 am replied: no   block this member U funny bet it wont every happen again by you and just to make you happy i am going to post a mum about food just for you
Have you ever gotten blocked for making a comment like "Bored?", and still thought you could friend request?
Block Or Not?
So I have this person that has sent me quite a few friend requests. This last one says they've been following me and are interested in me.   Should I block them so I don't get another request or just keep ignoring it?     Kinda seems borderline stalkerish to me. I know I joke about it...but the people I say it to KNOW I'm joking. Ugh.    Help a girl out, please?
Blocked Members
I was just looking at my list of blocked members. I have 57. With a few who have thankfully left the site. I wish I knew how many have me blocked. I know of 3. How many people do you have blocked?
ok ive been here for a good while now & been blocked by people ive done nothing to so heres my list of people who have blocked me for no aparent reason if anyone would like to find out please comment here the reason why im blocked:
[sigh] I was just giving  him a taste of his own medicine.........[at the end I have what I was telling him with my letters in my first 2 responses to him.]     11:12pm reply bilfred84: hi hru 11:13pm more To bilfred84: imbycsow 11:14pm reply bilfred84: huh 11:14pm more To bilfred84: yul, wci? 11:15pm reply bilfred84: huh 11:16pm more To bilfred84: Ugh. Why in the world do you think it's attractive to come to someone and use letters? It makes you look like you aren't intelligent. 11:18pm reply bilfred84: u were just doing that urself so u got the same in return.why not try replyin the right way not some mixed bag of lets 11:18pm reply bilfred84: letters* 11:20pm more To bilfred84: Uhhh, pretty sure you did it first. What the fuck does "hru" mean?
B-lo Dis
dis nigga name b-lo tryed to holla at ya boy said he wanted to talk business backed out like a lil bitch when he saw i was blood come to find out nigga bang blue n try bang red but he ain't true dat nigga on some new shit while i been sold a few bricks while he was still suckin on his moms left tit on was on some wildin shootin up da club shit dis nigga was out tryin to get a chick to suck his small dick get a grip hit da nigga wit a brick started cryin like a bitch start laughing then got to gun clappin cuz all dis nigga does is gun rappin pistol whipped him wit da back of da buck turned around told to shut da fuck up ya luck is up ya dumb fuck unleashing a lyrical heavywieght movin at a fast pace while u a retarded nigga in a turtle race time for u to gt a taste watch me blow ya brains all ova da place one last thing bitch bite da curb
Bloddy Little Cuts
Old habits die hard for me Why do you have to make Me fell this way What makes you think Ill let you have it your way You put me though so much fucking pain That the only things that feels Good to me Right now Are the bloody little cuts On my wrist Deeper and deeper I take the knife Till all the pain Is no more Till there nothing left And when I’m gone Will you see What the fuck You did to me I went out of my way To make you feel loved by me And yet you couldn’t Do the same for me I can’t pass this up I won’t let you stand In my way to finding happiness Did you like knowing That you’re the blame For all my fucking pain I won’t let it happen again You promised that you wouldn’t And you fucking lied to me How could you I won’t let you stand in my way I’m moving on And you can’t stop me I found someone new Someone who I believe When he tell my That he cares about me
Blode Guy Joke
The first blond guy joke ! The very first ever Blonde GUY joke..... And well worth the wait! An Irishman , a Mexican and a Blonde Guy were doing construction work on scaffolding on the 20th floor of a building. They were eating lunch and the Irishman said, "Corned beef and cabbage! If I get corned beef and cabbage one more time for lunch, I'm going to jump off this building." The Mexican opened his lunch box and exclaimed, "Burritos again! If I get burritos one more time I'm going to jump off, too." The blonde opened his lunch and said, "Bologna again! If I get a bologna sandwich one more time, I'm jumping too." The next day, the Irishman opened his lunch box, saw corned beef and cabbage, and jumped to his death. The Mexican opened his lunch, saw a burrito, and jumped, too. The blonde guy opened his lunch, saw the bologna and jumped to his death as well. At the funeral, the Irishman's wife was weeping. She said, "If I'd known how really tired he was of
Blod Iron
BLOOD AND IRON The tangled web is slowly woven by feeble leaders mankind's chosen To satisfy their evil dreams the churning gears of war machines With iron will they tread across this burning speck of worthless dust Their metal standards now unfurled they purge the humans from their world Children of misery centuries long who walked with kings now walk alone They lie in fear a million deep like cringing herds of human sheep
Blof & Counting Crows
my to languages !!!
We have blogs YAY!!! So like im blogging.... blog blog blog!!!
Blogs are awesome even tho I don't ever really know what to put in them...LOL...
blog blog blog blog blog....
So, apparently the blog feature just got turned on. It's funny because all of a sudden I see all these notifications that people have posted new blog entries. Most of them are something like this. "Oh yeah! Blogs! I love blogs. Show me some love!" That's cool. I'm just waiting to see who here on the LC has something interesting to talk about. If you have a blog and aren't on my friends list yet, let me know so I can come check it out and see what you have to say. In the meantime I'm going to avoid saying anything original in my blog, but I'm going to do it in a clever way so you feel like I actually said something. Did it work?
Blogs! Finally! Yay
God damn took em long enough I was so tired of myspace blogs no one reads my shit maybe here more people will they seem a lot more open then myspace viewers.. ass holes hahahah i will be posting blogs daily just to let ya know probably some sexy stories for all your pleasure and other stuff so please stay tune
Blogging Again
Ok, all I wanna know is..........who the FUCK came up with the word BLOG ???
Blogs... And Stuff... About Stuff...
Well, firstly I feel I must write the obgligatory sort of first blog statement, but be sure not to blink because it will be very brief. *ahem*(hear ye, hear ye, and whatnot) So this is my first blog... And it left just as fast as it came... Anyway... Wow... now I dont even feel like saying anything else. But dont you feel now that that obligatory statement was quite a to do? I do. Chandler.
alright so this is weird? why would all the blogs be added to my alerts "for me" it's a blog? shouldn't it be on informational or see all?
Blog Alert
Don't you just love the new blog alert sound?
hello again im going to give this a whirl so im not really going to censor myself much, and i am hopefull that the people on this site can handle some touchy subjects. on that note, always remember that opinions are like eyes or legs or a nose, we all have one and it may be different from each others.
I didn't know there was a blog on here! Cool! Ok I don't know what to write right now! But I am happy to see that I can blog here. Neat - O! Chow!
I guess this means that LC is offically MySpace on crack!
all the kool kids are doin just thought i would too
i really dont like blogs but ill read them even though they have no nudity lmao love you all
Just to let all know I encode my entries in songs lyrics those who know me or can figure me out can tell what i am feeling or what is going on through the songs I post rarely I write freely and plainly so lets see who will be able to decode my entries on LC..... and the first is.... Hello my friend we meet again It’s been a while where should we begin…feels like forever Within my heart are memories Of perfect love that you gave to me I remember When you are with me I’m free…I’m careless…I believe Above all the others we’ll fly This brings tears to my eyes My sacrifice We’ve seen our share of ups and downs Oh how quickly life can turn around in an instant It feels so good to reunite Within yourself and within your mind Let’s find peace there When you are with me I’m free…I’m careless…I believe Above all the others we’ll fly This brings tears to my eyes My sacrifice I just want to say hello again
Blogging Blogging
Ok so umm I am a blogg junkie.. and i love to blog.. and those of u who ACTUALLY know me.. know that I can blog all day long about every lil thing.. I can bitch.. laugh... piss ppl off.. and let nosey ppl read about my everyday life.. OMG how great is this .. LC has made this my most fave site now.. OMG ... I love to blog.. but any who.. I will blog on my life later :).. Kisses and Huggs.. ♥South Carolina Baby♥
I have posted 5 other blogs and even posted the links on the bullitens..I dont know how else to get you all to read some things I have wrote , that mean so much to me. I look forward to hearing from you all about my other blogs. Thanks Dede
Blogeth Away Lol >:)
See now here you will actualy see who posts/comments for the for what you have posted, said , etc.. OR if they are all about getting points. There no points awarded for the blogs eh . ! >;)
Blogs On Lost Cherry
ha that's great when did this happen? man now I'm one step closer to deleting my myspace
~blog Things~
Justice and Morality: You believe in doing what is right for others and maybe even for yourself. People would consider you one with good morals, and someone who would not let them down. Your Kissing Technique Is: Perfect Your kissing technique is amazing - and you know it. You have the confidence to make the first move. And you always seem to know what kissing style is going to work best. Sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're a tease. And you're always amazing! Are You a Good Kisser? Take the quiz: What Kinda Kiss R U?Romantic KissLying in bed after making love and just doing whatever.Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook! Take the quiz: How romantic are you?Sentimental sweet heart!You are the type who just makes there heart melt.. GOOD JOB! You are as romantic as it gets!! Every moment with you makes ur g/f or b/f feel specialQuizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook! Your Kissing Purity Score: 40% Pure You're not one to k
Blog Reader History..
readers of blog postings now show up to the left of the comments area for each blog posting. poke around and let me know what you think... :-) -mike
~blog Things 2~
Your Taste in Music: 90's Alternative: Highest Influence 90's Hip Hop: Highest Influence 90's Rock: Highest Influence Classic Rock: Highest Influence Heavy Metal: Highest Influence How's Your Taste in Music? What Your Underwear Says About You You buy the sexiest underwear you kind find, and always have something hot on underneath your clothes. You're sexy, in that pinup girl, tease sort of way. The Underwear Oracle Your Five Variable Love Profile Propensity for Monogamy: Your propensity for monogamy is high. You find it easy to be devoted and loyal to one person. And in return, you expect the same from who you love. Any sign of straying, and you'll end things. Experience Level: Your experience level is high. You've loved, lost, and loved again. You have had a wide range of love experiences. And when the real thing comes along, you know it! Dominance: Your dominance is low. This doesn't mean you're a doormat, just balanced. You know a relationship is
~blog Things 3~
You Are 40% Sociopath From time to time, you may be a bit troubled and a bit too charming for your own good. It's likely that you're not a sociopath... just quite smart and a bit out of the mainstream! Are You A Sociopath? Your Theme Song is Back in Black by AC/DC "Back in black, I hit the sack, I've been too long, I'm glad to be back" Things sometimes get really crazy for you, and sometimes you have to get away from all the chaos. But each time you stage your comeback, it's even better than the last! What's Your Theme Song? You Are a Chick Rocker! You're living proof that chicks can rock You're inspired by Joan Jett and the Donnas And when you rock, you rock hard (Plus, you get all the cute guy groupies you want!) What Kind of Rocker Are You? Your Love Style is Agape You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner. Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare. You are willing to sacrfice your world for your sweetie. Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifi
~blog Things 4~
You Are Rouge Red Of all the reds, you are the most energetic and vibrant. You never need to recharge, and in fact, you often recharge others. Gutsy and brave, you've never let your fears stop you from doing anything. You figure that life is all about experiences, and you'll always take that leap of faith. What Color Red Are You? You Are Smokin' Hot You're a terrible flirt, a sharp dresser, and a party animal. Of course, you're totally sizzling too. And for you, being hot just comes naturally. Are You Hot? Your Ideal Relationship is Casual Dating Maybe you're looking for love... But mostly you're looking for fun. You could get serious with the right person. For now, though, you're enjoying playing the field. What's Your Ideal Relationship? Your Dating Purity Score: 53% You are an average dater. You're experienced enough to be a great girlfriend or boyfriend... Though you still may be figuring out exactly what you want in love! Dating Purity Test
~blog Things 5~
You Are Iris You are an interesting blend of fun and wisdom. You definitely make people think about themselves and their place in the world. But they'll have fun doing it. You definitely epitomize laughter therapy. You are a very enriching and entertaining friend! What Color Purple Are You? You Are Bart Simpson Very misunderstood, most people just dismiss you as "trouble." Little do they know that you're wise and well accomplished beyond your years. You will be remembered for: starring in your own TV show and saving the town from a comet Your life philosophy: "I don't know why I did it, I don't know why I enjoyed it, and I don't know why I'll do it again!" The Simpsons Personality Test You Are 60% Extrovert, 40% Introvert You are quite outgoing You are a social connector - you know a ton of people While you aren't a wild extrovert, you are a great talker A fantastic storyteller, you keep everyone laughing Are You An Extrovert or An Introvert? Your Personalit
I'm not sure how much I'll actually use this thing, but I'll give it a shot. First of all, I'd like to thank all of you who have rated and commented my pictures. I try to return the favor whenever I have a chance, but I'm sorry if I've missed you. I get a lot of requests to add people to my messenger and I just wanted to let you all know that I don't chat that much and I don't cyber or cam either. If you want to add me to talk books or photography, that's cool, just don't ask expecting me to cyber or cam with you. Thanks again and I hope everyone has a great week! XOXOXO Illuminaughty
As if the damn bulletin board isn't enough to keep up with. Now we have blogs too. How bout everybody blog this...
Blog Written For 2006 Fifa World Cup Finals
GERMANY 2006 - WORLD FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS THE KNOCKOUT STAGES BEGIN - NOW ITS PERSONAL 'the greatest global extravaganza since the second coming of The Messiah at the 2004 Athens olympic games' (or was it The Messiah coming second, not sure)'  For the 32 countries fortunate to have qualified for these finals, it means everything - the world, but what this represents all depends on which team you support. There are the fancied sides like Italy, Holland, Brazil, Argentina, England and host nation Germany where expectation and hopes of eventual glory are paramount and defeat unthinkable. Like a nation at war the whole country gets fanatically behind their team and patriotism spreads nationwide like an epidemic. Then there are teams like Uganda, Ivory Coast and Trinidad & Tobago, all making their finals debut, and simply qualifying and actually being here may just be the greatest thing ever to happen to their countries. Instead of the jingoism expressed by
Blog Ratings Enabled..
you'll now find a blog rating box on each blog page so you can rate your favorite (or least favorite) blogs..... have fun! -mike
Blogs Rule!
I kinda like this blog thingy! I can say the random crap that falls out of my brain and people respond! I have spent the last couple hours running virus software and messing with my hair. I found an assload of bobby pins and decided to put them to good use. Well, when I looked in the mirror I wouldn't have called it "good" but it passed the time. There is a cricket with a death wish chirping his little heart out in my dining room. I went on the cricket hunt and saw his ugly mug sitting on top of a box. He jumped away when I got too close. I'm going to try to catch it on video cuz I have nothing better to do. HA!
Blog Italian For All
...quando... 1. Per sbaglio inserisci la password nel microonde. 2. Sono anni che non giochi a solitario con carte vere. 3. Hai una lista di 15 numeri di telefono per contattare i tuoi 5 familiari. 4. Mandi e-mail alla persona che lavora al tavolo accanto al tuo. 5. Il motivo per cui non ti tieni in contatto con i tuoi amici e familiari č che non hanno indirizzi e-mail. 6. Rimani in macchina e col cellulare chiami a casa per vedere se c'č qualcuno che ti aiuta a portare dentro la spesa.. 7. Ogni spot in tv ha un sito web scritto in un angolo dello schermo. 8. Uscire di casa senza cellulare, cosa che hai tranquillamente fatto per i primi 20, 30 (o 60) anni della tua vita, ora ti crea il panico e ti fa tornare indietro per prenderlo. 10. Ti alzi al mattino a ti metti al computer ancora prima di prendere il caffč. 11. Cominci ad arrovellarti il c
Blog Marathon.....
Well, here it is!! My first blog on Lost Cherry.
I have a lot of blogs on myspace. you should check it out you may be surprised... - J
Bloggity Blog Blog. Pop Chickens Til They Pop Me Son.
Blogs Are Ok
Hope you dont mind but I wanted to start my blog section anew! here in about an hour I have to take Andy our male dog to the doctor to be put to sleep cause he has a tumor or something and he is bleeding out his nose!! Sorry to be graphic but I am gonna miss him! And I have to take him in!!! I can say no biggie but It sucks!
Blogs if u want to read about me or get to know me plz read all my blogs!!!!:)
This Is My first blog And It will be lame I have no clue at all What A blog is? LOL My Name Is Richiele'Marie I came here From Yafro I love Yafro but it is always on crack. My friends Call me Ele Prounounced Simply "L" I hope to learn all I can here. I am real Friendly so Please talk to me. I do not like the rate thing. I think it is lame. I see beauty as a soul thing most pictures do not capture. hopefully my friends see the beauty within me. xxx Ele
roses are red voilets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you.
Blog Two
if you think you can hang think again come real if you can bring what you got and may be you can so if you think you can hang just say hell yes
'blog It'
Ok here's some quiz's i did last night...and for the most part they're super accurate.. ciao' comment if you want i dont give a shit either way You Are 35% Bitchy You're a pretty sweet person, and you're definitely not prone to bitchy outbursts. Sometimes, though, you can't help thinking mean thoughts about people. But at least you don't act on them! How Bitchy Are You? You Are 56% Intuitive Your intuition is often right, and you use it more than you may realize. Your gut feelings are usually a good guide, but you need more to go on when making a decision. You'll often check to see if the facts back up your feelings. And when your intuition is wrong, you work to improve it for the future. How Intuitive Are You? You Are 54% Open You are a fairly open person, but you also like to maintain your privacy. You definitely will tell all (okay, almost all) to your closest friends... But strangers and acquaintances only get a peek i
Blogs Awayyyyyyyyy
Welcome to my blog. I don't really have much to say I just wanted to make one...ut you never know I might use this thing, cause I have been known to ramble about my problems or pleasures and what not..BUt whoever reads I hope you enjoy....
Blog Number One
sup folks! im just chilling trying to get my feet wet in lost cherry, this is new to me. but lost cherrys looking really good to me.
Blogs..Do u think this thing is gettin outta hand?? I mean think about..all u do is comment on what somebody said or what they think is interesting in the news or something?? Why just not old school chatrooms??....u tell me?
I'm new and loving this site! hope to see more on my friends list...Holla!
To all of you who are not in my family.. I only post my ventings (in the form of poetry, just comes out that way) in "Just my life..." .. so, if I don't post a regular blog.. then you can pretty much assume... that I'm not doing so, well.. Sooo..umm..yah.. Anywho.. I had a really good night with my hubby two nights ago.. I slept like a baby and that's saying a lot.. because I haven't been sleeping well at all for quite sometime.. but, now I'm back to not sleeping again.. missing my hubby.. he is gone on his reserve weekend..*pout*.. well, that's about it.. talk to you all laters..
It's nearly the end of 2006 and I'm just starting my first blog! How behind the times am I? Never really seen the point in having a blog as I've nothing in particular to say, but I'm a bit bored today so here it is. Ummm...that is all. Move along now, nothing to see here! :P
or maybe I should start another grouping under THINGS THAT DON'T SURPRISE ME ANYMORE ABOUT THE LC I just learned you can't vote on your own MUMM (and yes it is MUMM despite the spelling on the 'TOPS' line) what kind of crap is that it's not a scientific poll or official election-it's a opinion expressed by a group of people so what does it matter what the results are it's not going to change the world and if someone bases their decision on the results of the MUMM its their own damn business yea maybe I should take a "chill pill" but I'M REALLY GETTING PISSED OFF TONIGHT first the rating limit on pictures and blogs and now this on top of either the browser or server problems over the last couple days this has just put me over the top
I love blogs. They are great. Its like a diary that everyone can view. You can get whatever your feeling out and you know somebody who has no life is sitting out there just reading what people say. I don't know why but more people need to use blogs. I don't like to read them but I am sure someone out there would like to read it. If you did read this blog you just figured out that this is one of the most boring and useless blogs you will ever read.
Blog...the First
Hey everyone, This is going to get some getting use to, not use to having a blog or any type of website thing...except yafro, and I don't do anything on that site anymore. So I guess first thing is first, I'm Scott, from Newfoundland, Canada. 18 years old and in my first yar of university doing pharmacy. Sorry if this is going to be short, but it's about 3 in the morning here and I'm horribly tired...currently recovering from a three day long party I had on the weekend. What else to say about me...well, I'm going to sound like a huge geek now but I don't care. I like video games and anime. There we go, geekyness out of the way. I play the piano, flute and guitar a little bit. Opeth has to be one of my favourite bands, they just rock so much its not fit, lol. Currently single, cuz you know thats always fun. Broke up with my girlfriend about a month ago now, rather, she broke up with me and what not. Anyways, I'll talk about some random crap tomorrow sometime cuz Scott really needs s
Blogs Omg
So yeah, I didn't know there were blogs. I'm going to leave in a few minutes to class, early, because I know Anthony waits outside, and I'm going to talk to him. Yes, I'm going to talk to him. We will engage in conversation, and he will like it. Also, Lean pockets ham, egg, and cheese taste like shit. Really, a piece of the egg fell on my plate and it made a large thunk noise. It's all very terrible. Aunt Jemima pancakes on the other hand are very cakey tasting. They leave a thick taste in the mouth. Tenacious D, in November, be there or be a lameface. And that is the end of my first blog.
Bloggin A Blog
Yep it's me...I'm bloggin a blog! I know, I know, it's a shocker. hehe But this is to let all my friends, fans, family and general admirers (HA! lmao) know what's been going on in my life these days. (I love that phrase..."bloggin a blog"... cute, huh?) Aaanyway. So what's been going on with me is SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL AND SCHOOL. (Plus, dealing with my kids and THEIR school assignments and whatnots, plus housework/animals, plus dart night (I'm da captain you know), plus whatever else comes along) so I'm pretty busy lately but I'm having such a good time. School is challenging, yes, but it's fun learning new things and meeting new people. I've been doing pretty good too. ::knocks on wood:: Been getting mostly 90's in my Medical Terminology class and been getting mostly B's in my English comp class on the papers I've written, so I'm happy about that. :-) Hope I can keep it going! lol But anyway, just wanted to drop a blog on you all. Thank you for being such great friends a
Blogging "stoned"
I must admit, despite one previous posting (a futile attempt to get my friends to vote for me in a contest.... which I assure you all will NOT be happening again) I never really considered "blogging". I guess I just was not sure of the purpose or maybe it was that I didn't have the ego required to assume that anyone would care about what I have to say.... or "spew forth" as it were. Recently, well I must admit TODAY, I had the pleasure to read a friend's blog and decided that there really doesn't have to be a purpose.... and even if no one cares to read it, it might be fun to write. So every now and then you might hear that fun "bow and arrow" sound (love that, Jim) and look up to see that I have posted a blog. Read em if you want, if not.... well you probably aren't reading this one either so what the hell does it matter?! For those of you who have actually communicated with me you will know that while I certainly respond to flattery, LAUGHTER and the ability to have a con
Blog 1
Hi welcome to my first blog Im wading neck deep through material for my guitar exam on Friday. I'm really keen to meet or chat to local girls but Ive got time for you all. really new to this site I hope your all loving it and having too much fun Johnny
blogs The thinking, the worry, the time: all spent in a desperate effort that will bare little fruit if any.The minutes ticking by as I pour my heart and soul out onto the screen,typing, reading, deleting,pondering, and typing again, all in an effort to get the wording just right to let the world know exactly how you feel. Trying to put into words the feelings, thoughts really; how do you take something as intangible as a thought and make it into a word, a sentence, a paragraph? What a daunting task, what an impossibility,yet millions of people do it everyday.All this effort, this work, for what? Few will ever know of its existence, fewer still will care. Yet so much work goes into it. Why would we waste so much time and energy to inform those that do not care, of things they do not care about? Of course reasons vary from subject to subject, for this one it is just so that people will know that when I read their blog, I know and appreciate all that they put into it, just to let me k
A Blog
I don't know how to work this thing, I have another blog on myspace which is where I write my ramblings... you can read my madness there
Blogging Philosophical
It’s not what you do with your happiest moments that define you; it’s how you turn the sad moments into happy ones. Isn’t that a load of crap…. Kinda. There’s some truth to everything that is said, even if it is said in jest. And every real truth that you find in life can be a lie in the eyes of another. Be your own personal philosopher, for something that rings true to one, is a pile of shit to someone else. Even the densest person has at least one deep thought in their life. I hope, or else that would make what I’m saying a complete and utter lie. There isn’t a reason for the season unless you want there to be. And sometimes watching paint dry is the most exciting event in the world, as long as you’re getting paid. Whether it is money, life experience, the chance to learn, or to just be a complete fool for a few hours. It’s all worth it in the end. In someone’s eyes. I know I’ve basically repeated stuff that other people have said before, but at this moment in tim
When I first started seeing this word "Blog" I was like what the hell is a blog? So I read a couple real quickly and decided that for the most part that they are pretty much a bunch of useless drivel and ramblings of people thinking that anyone really cared what they think or whatever. But the thing that I found was consistent about them is that they were mostly "bla, bla, bla" and that they were logs of bla, so putting bla and log together is how I believe that they come up with that word "blog". As for me, I have never really thought that anything that I would have to say about my daily life and thoughts would ever matter to anyone because I state them to people fairly regularly and they kinda have this look on their face like they are thinking about anything other than what I just said to them... So, I guess someone out there in cyberland felt the same way and come up with this ingenius plan to express themselves in a similar manner in hopes to find someone that actually cares
fret not Current mood: grateful Category: Religion and Philosophy Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed. Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday. Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass. Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil. For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the LORD, they shall inherit the earth. For yet a little while, and the wicked shall no
Blog Number One
Okay, first attempt and I already fucked it up. Well anyway, I wanted to thank the friends who always leave me comments and stop by the page. You peeps are great, and Im sorry Im not on LC more. But I appreciate you and it always makes my day to see your comments, msgs, and everything. Thank you so much!
11.7.06 Blogging For Vacationers.
So i finally got all settled in around..1130ish last night after a week down in Dallas, Tx. There's so many reasons i could get into as to WHY i want to move back..I've wanted to move back ever since the day i moved up here to PA in the first place..but oh well. my time was well spent i think.. Fly down monday, went and watched Saw III in the theatre.. Tuesday took dad out for his bday, bought 'im dinner, dvd & CD...went to a haunted house. Wed. watched devil's rejects w/dad, went down a few backroads (ask if you really need to know) and played some music on the geetar w/everybody else. Thursday spent the day w/my best friend in tx...watched Tx Chainsaw Massacre: the Beginning. Friday night ended up going to first saturday- an electronics flea market of sorts. bought a new co mputer (Mac g4 733mhz Quicksilver!) Saturday cruised some more backroads, Played more music on the geetar in a jam session Sunday went out w/some more friends, & ended up not going to bed prior to..4
Blog Cherry Popping
well i might as well do my first blog, since everyone else has done one so here it goes. there is no real topic to my first ever one so i am just going to say hello to all that has added me, I hope you all have a cool weekend and anyone who who hasn't added me yet, why? why have you not added me yet? LOL see, its not a interesting one, but i had to lose my blog virginity and here it is!
I put the majority of my blogs on Myspace. Check them out!
Blog For Wrestling Fans (about Tna)
TNA Impact is moving to 9pm every Thursday on Spike TV. TNA features stars such as Kurt Angle, Sting, Christian Cage, Rhino, The James Gang (New Age Outlaws), Raven and Jeff Jarrett... It's on for 2 hours on Thursday, but it will be on for 1 hour after this week. This Impact features Chris Sabin vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels in a X-Division Title match. The Naturals w/ "The Franchise" Shane Douglas vs. Team 3D (The Dudley Boyz) in a Tables Match. Latin American XChange burns an American Flag?! Rhino vs. Christian Cage (Formerly WWE's Christian) in a Barbed Wire 6 Sides of Steel Match. Kurt Angle faces "The Monster" Abyss in his TNA In-Ring Debut.
Blogging On Cherry Tap
Whith few execptions blogging on Cherry Tap is pathetic. It can be boiled down to the following: 1. Reposting shit that was not funny 17 repostings ago. Cut 'n paste is not blogging. No more than Xeroxing a book is writing one. 2. Whining about how dysfunctional your life is, which would be okay if you weren't a dysfunctional person to begin with. This sort of thing is like complaining it is hot in July. 3. Attention whoring of the worst kind. The gosh golly gee whiz I get no love because nobody is commenting on my pics... nobody is rating me... or nobody is talking to me. Shocking news, there is probably a reason as to why this is happening. Either they are dull or haven't been updated since dinosaurs walked the earth. 4. Blogging to beg for more comments and ratigns so you get to gain another level. Here is a quick fact... the levels here mean jack and shit in that order. It is not like you will get a gold plated 2007 Corvette. Shut the fuck up and let you
Blogs this is where my "blogs" are... feel free to read and comment...good or bad comments.
.php?u=425057&friend=425057" target=_blank>ratman
Blog Mania
I'm going to take pictures with Sister for a Christmas present to my mom. Whewwww. - insert sarcasm here. - Ah well, it's a good thing. So, I have things settled from last night. Apparently, I didn't do anything horrible, although I seriously thought I did.. >_>; but it's all good. Thank god. But I still need to thank Amanda for staying the bathroom with me all night while I cried.
Ok I can't keep up with all the blogs, so I will put a link here to direct you to the blog I do keep up with. At least try and keep up with. Visit My Blog. Email me at Visit my Forums "It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce."
blog blog
Blog Spam Or Such
Just got done re-posting some of my fav. old blogs from myspace. I may have some more laterz.
So I don't feel very well today. I'm tired... And all I want is to move up in rank right now. I've been working hard and trying to make new friends...but it's hard when you're ugly like me! Oh well life goes on. I hope everyone had a wonderful day today and I didn't get around to cleaning the house so know I'm kicking myself in the ass for that! More work for tomorrow! Have a great night ya'all... *Hugs! Swing by and show me some get well lovinS!!!
Blog Series Of "completely Normal @ Mature Conversations"--take 1 Pt2 .. Convo Went In Different Direction--
SimplyGC94x: Back SimplyGC94x: For a few anyway SimplyGC94x: And now you're not there -_- FetusXwXbbq: yes i am SimplyGC94x: Oh SimplyGC94x: Hello again SimplyGC94x: lol FetusXwXbbq: I'm having problems with my nails typing.. patience will get u through life so chill SimplyGC94x: lol SimplyGC94x: I used to be patient SimplyGC94x: Though over the past 2 years I've lost of a lot of it SimplyGC94x: I'm no longer patiently waiting for a female to be a part of my life and it all stems down from there SimplyGC94x: lol FetusXwXbbq: I'm looking for free printable certificates that I can put something along the lines of The Greatest Mother award but at the bottom it will be written that she will be mine and my sisters maid till it comes to the time we have to wipe her ass when she gets old SimplyGC94x: So where is the problem? The maid part or the ass wiping part? SimplyGC94x: =P FetusXwXbbq: finding a free damn printable certificate.. it's all li
Blogging Today For The 1st Time
I am at my job bored out of my mind wondering what to do.. I get out at 6;30pm n the time is tsking forever lol,,...anyone know any good jokes or care to chat? i dunno sighs ok im done by
Blog blog, blog. Bloggy blog blog; blog blogblog blog blog. Blog? Blog! Bloggity blog blog blogblog blog. Blog, blog. Blog blog blog blog, blog blog blog blog blog blog. Blog, blog blogblog blog! Blog? Blog. Blog, Blog.
Blog From Jenn Off Of Myspace Dec.1st 2006
< Back home | Subscribe | rss | add to blog group | sign out Jenn Last Updated: Nov 21, 2006 Send Message Instant Message Email to a Friend Subscribe Invite to My Blog Gender: Female Status: In a Relationship Age: 25 Sign: Pisces City: Middleburg State: FLORIDA Country: US Signup Date: 03/21/06 Friday, December 01, 2006 Life stays interesting!!! Current mood: depressed As life would have it Steven is going back to driving a truck sort of over the road. He found a really good job where he will at least be home every week. The closer he gets to it getting time to leave the more troubled I get for some reason. I know it will be fine and the company tells us he will be home every couple of days and have the weekends off but I still have that strange funny feeling. It's like since he came in back in July off the road we haven't spent a day apart. Steven has been awesome through all of my complaining and worries though. He
Blog From Jenn Off Of Myspace Nov 29th 2006
< Back home | Subscribe | rss | add to blog group | sign out Jenn Last Updated: Nov 21, 2006 Send Message Instant Message Email to a Friend Subscribe Invite to My Blog Gender: Female Status: In a Relationship Age: 25 Sign: Pisces City: Middleburg State: FLORIDA Country: US Signup Date: 03/21/06 Tuesday, November 28, 2006 This is hard. Current mood: sad It is very sad. Everyday I have to watch Steven hurt more and more because his bitch of an ex won't let him see his kids at all. She won't even let him talk to them. He has tried to call her for the past week trying to get in touch with his kids. She didn't even have the gall to let them talk to him on Thanksgiving. So while she and everyone else was sitting down with they families eating dinner Steven was wishing he could just speak with his kids. He even called her mother to try to get them to talk her into letting him talk to them. Because of her hate for me she wi
Blog From Jenn Off Of Myspace Oct 27th 2006
Friday, October 27, 2006 - 7:22 AM Children Learn What They Live By Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D. If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn. If children live with hostility, they learn to fight. If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive. If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves. If children live with ridicule, they learn to feel shy. If children live with jealousy, they learn to feel envy. If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty. If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence. If children live with tolerance, they learn patience. If children live with praise, they learn appreciation. If children live with acceptance, they learn to love. If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves. If children live with recognition, they learn it is good to have a goal. If children live with sharing, they learn generosity. If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness. If
Blog From Jenn Off Of Myspace Oct 25th 2006
< Back home | Subscribe | rss | add to blog group | sign out Jenn Last Updated: Oct 25, 2006 Send Message Instant Message Email to a Friend Subscribe Invite to My Blog Gender: Female Status: In a Relationship Age: 25 Sign: Pisces City: Middleburg State: FLORIDA Country: US Signup Date: 03/21/06 Wednesday, October 25, 2006 Yay, Its Over Current mood: ecstatic Finally Its Over!!! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have now blocked Steven's Psycho ex wife from my profile so I can Blog whatever I would like. She can no longer read the blogs and I blocked her girl Toni as well. For you that don't know about Toni she is the one that was always flirting with my boyfriend. I just wanted to let everyone know that I don't have to worry anymore about what is going into a blog….Jenn 8:24 AM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment
Well, I've never been much of a blogger, but I figure I have so many non-important things to say every day that I should start sharing them... In any case, I'm excited to be able to be at the bar even when I'm not at the bar now.... Fun like Viccodin....
Blogs ... Why ...???
Ok .... now that I am starting down this cyber road of messeges and blogs ... and IM's and stuff .. I am wondering if I am up for all this ... this is all to much pressure ... I have to say something profound and funny then try and spell it all right ... what I don't understand is why anyone else would care .... all I do is sit in a cubical all day .. and wonder where it all went wrong .... I use to be fun .. and us to have a life .... then now .. I have no money ..... I have found blogging where a bunch of people get together and care about other people they have never meet.... and since I am a guy the odds of me finding a life online ... is about slim and nill .... and I think that was slim just signed off .... becouse lord knows I have 80 unread messeges but the are all for male inhancement treatments ... and morgages ... and sex sites.... altough some of thoose are good .... O wait that might have something to do with my not having a life ... mental note ... no more porn .... bes
I am now posting a blog!
ladyshalimar@ CherryTAP
Bloggity Blog....
Blah, so Im at the ocean to help out with my some things for him so he can break away to go spend time with my grandma up at the really sucks I mean I dont mind helping but this whole situation really does blow, I think I am really the one whos tryin to be the strongest for everyone and its hard I mean I have my teary moments...but blah when we got here yesterday we cooked my grandpa some dinner over here in the club house so I went to his camper "they run a camp ground down at the ocean" so anywho and Im sittin there he seems kinda ok, more tired like then anything but then he broke down started cryin tellin me how sick my grandma really is...he hadnt said much to my mama or aunt I guess not to worry them and so I figure he thought he could talk to me cuz theres no one to talk to...and what do you say to someone? Whos wife may be dying? Ive never seen him cry before its just gut renching it hurts to see him like this Im good with my grandma but its I dunno c
Blog By Me On Someone Else's Page yep! and another!
So I don't do these very often but thought I'd like to save some funny things I see - feel free to reuse anything I post and if it made you smile all the better. Most of the funniest stuff I find are from one of my dearest male friends Bru who has me roaring daily and I thank him for it ;) xoxo As always Live, Love and especially Laugh and Laugh often ;) xoxoxo
Blog 001.
yess first blog. cherry tap seems sweet, i likes it so far. but yes im new to this shit, so give me sometime to get mah shit on here together then ill get back to everyone Leave me some gifts =)
Click here to go to: Loves Labours Lost, its very good
Bloggity Blog Blog Blog.....
If anyone really wants to see some blogs of mine... I have another site you can go to... There isn't much to it just yet... but I am working on it.. Writer's block is a Bitch!!! lol.. Peace and much love... and thanks for taking the time to read this.. :O)
Blog 2 (artists)
I would like some more angel demon drawings of me! So if u dont mind doing it for free out of bordem for me! I would love that I belive I have 8 pics or something that could give u some ideas! Thank u if u do it! Have a good one ladies! Peace to all!
Blog Errors
We are aware of this issue. We will be addressing shortly. TEST....if you can read this and leave a test comment. Let me know if you get a white screen after posting a comment.
Blogedy Blog
just wanted to throw my name out there. lurch rules and don't you forget it.
Blogger Letter
Blog Title....
This blog is designed as a place for Me to vent... to work through sort out My own if what is spewed forth here does not make any with it.... I don't care if you comment or not....but I do accept small pieces of wisom from all onlookers...
Good info........'specially for tonight :) It has been scientifically proven that if we drink 1 liter of water each day, at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli bacteria, which is found in feces. In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop! However, we do not run that risk when drinking wine (or rum, whiskey , Vodka, beer or other liquors) because alcohol has to go through a distillation process of boiling, filtering and fermenting. It is because the process had killed the bacteria. Therefore, it is better to drink wine and talk shit, than it is to drink water and be full of shit. There is no need to thank me for providing you this valuable information; I am doing it as a public service.
Blog Nsfw Flags
hey folks, we've recently added nsfw flags for entire blogs, and for individual blog postings. please use those when posting adult/nsfw content! also, please help us by going back through your existing blogs and flagging any necessary postings. thanks! -mike
The Blog Says It All......almost
I am so sick and completely creeped out by all of the old ass mother fuckers in their 30s and 40s and that random 50 something year old trying to fucking hit on me. They`re all like hey baby hmmmmmm you`re so cute. Then there`s the oh I`ll catch you. Mother fucker you don`t even know what the fuck my name is about obviously and I have no reason to fucking explain it to your ass as it is because the one person I made it about knows what it`s about. Old ass bastards, don`t call me your baby or your honey because I`m not a baby for one and I`m not as sweet as you think. I don`t have nudes for you to see, nor would I want you to see them so in return I get what? Old saggy balls, oh wow woo fucking hoo. Let me tell you how turned on that makes me! Fuck you, maybe if you weren`t such pigs you wouldn`t be resorting to looking for younger women on here. Why am I here? Friends! Go back to the circle jerk in which you strayed from! I love matties!
Blog #1 + 2 ,from Another Site
Home | Blogs The Fussy Lonely Aries 1-2-07 Once upon a Time,I was on these Socializeing sites to meet a new soulmate.An if I wasn't so damn perticular,I would have.Actually I did,but I wasn't ready yet.I wasn't ready to let go of the past.As my ex couldn't find anybody,who new what he was doing.After 5 months of being kicked to the curb,she re-enterd my Life as my Lover only.An it was damn good.But now close to 7 months of Abstinence,I feel I am ready.But unfortunately I'm still Fussy.An all past relationships were based on great sex.As I've Matured these last 7 months,sex is nolonger that important,as it once was.I still preffer petite an thin,for mind boggling orgasmic delight.But I will settle for other than I preffer.For great Sexual Compatability,u should be a Sagittarius,Aquarius,Gemini or another Aries.For companionship maybe the same. _________________________________________________ The Past Few Months First of Sept.06.Labor Day weekend.Went Camping with my e
I seriously suck at blog writing...I suppose I should work on that...but ehat exactly do you say? I always feel stupid for writing these things...Hmm...I should work on that...
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2007 Blog~~not Feeling Good
I wish I could say that so far 2007 has been happy, but alas it hasnt. The past few days has been very sad and down for me(personally), that I almost feel like just crawling under a rock and just staying there...It just seems that love was not meant to be for me and I need to accept that; as painful as it may sound, I just attract some bad apples and cannot do it anymore.. I feel that I have some inner strength deep inside my soul, but where is it? Even when I do some PSP stuff, it has affected me in a way that I wanna feel cold, distant and just dark towards others, and that is NOT how I wanna feel.. I need a guardian angel to help me not enter the darkside and get me out of this unhappiness..Where is she(or he)? What am I to do? Perhaps when I retutn I may be a little better, but for now, I feel that I have no one to turn to or talk to and that is not good..
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So, here's my first blog. Not very interesting, I know. But hey, there it is. Send flowers. Ciao my pretties!!!!!!!!
Blog #1
hey those of you that have been nice to me thank you lots. this does not apply to you.....but for you that think you have to get your way all the time....GROW UP WILL YA...this is life not burger king you cant have it your way and u especially cant have it your way where im concerned.....if i wanna show my boob nipples i will but i other words its my body and i show as much of it as i want so get the hell over it and do not demand me to do anything i dont wanna do.....that can get ya in trouble with me quick. i have my superglue and i know how to use it...this is your only warning....mess with me too much i will be your worst nightmare.....(imagine what it will feel like having your pecker superglued to your leg)
Blogs Gone Wild
alright...a girls gone wild commercial just played on my television screen...and, i must tell you, i feel like attacking someone with some crude farming implements. now, these commercials tend to anger me to begin with...but this one in particular angered me right off the bat. you see, they started this one off with a single sentance that made me want to grab some tapioca pudding, squeeze some jalepeno juice into the mixture, then proceed to smear the little recipe in the eyes of the idiots who made the girls gone wild product. what sentance could have possibly angered me to that point, you ask? this one..."most guys would go to the end of the earth to see real naked girls."....what? first off, there is no end of the earth...we live on a round planet...'tis not a flat land like folks believed back in 500 a.d. so, it's my humble opinion that these girls gone wild folks need to pull their craniums out of their anuses and take a look at some books...the kinds that you don't have to turn n

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