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ParadoxiMoxie's blog: "what the ass"

created on 01/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/what-the-ass/b45927
so. i liked my 'away' from the net time. it was quite...refreshing. of course...its not like my brain worked on a greater level or anything...*laughs* but still...the break was nice. today was the kidlets first day of school. hadda go to bed early *grumble* hadda get up early *grumble* make lunches make sure kids did the whole shabang ate breakfast brushed teeth brushed hair remembered lunch remembered backpacks... drove em to school... checked in at the office to see which classrooms they'd be in... got a lil tour of the campus... chatted with Meems teacher who is absolutely delightful... stayed with Peanut cuz she was kinda scared...n looked like she might cry...and me being me...i couldnt just leave her like that... so i stayed for a bit...in the back of the classroom...with some of the other moms... its her first male teacher... and she thought the kids were gonna be mean to her...cuz frankly...they were at her other school which i never really got...cuz she's the sweetheart of the bunch... came home...drank more coffee chatted with moms... El Diablo woke up... gave her clean diaper...juice...breakfast chatted with moms some more... re-arranged the furniture in my room... took a shower... picked the kidlets up from school... now...dinner is cooking... stuffed manicotti with garlic bread n a salad n then...ima die... cuz im ass-tired... tho i might email mah chickadee later... cuz like i can n stuff. *nod* be well.
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