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ParadoxiMoxie's blog: "what the ass"

created on 01/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/what-the-ass/b45927
k so. either my bed ate my chapstik again. or a lil monkey stoled it. i'll take option b for 200 alex. bombed the ever-lovin shit outta the garage n the upstairs yesterday... was unaware they made 'fresh scent' bug bombs. in any case it was nice not to walk into leftover 'vile' after spendin the day in flagstaff. so. im exhausted. why you may ask? or not if you dont care. but whateva i do what i want. dear crazy girlie: stalking is not endearing. going psycho chick is not endearing. God knows i love ya...but crikey woman. *le sigh* so lets not do that again... of course if you really want to... well im not going to say i understand it... and im not going to say ima answer your 4 am texts but i will say...to each their own? or most definitely something. - me in other news cigarettes are tasting like ass which is a nice first step into the quit zone without having to go 'cold turkey' cuz that'll turn me into a stark raving bitch so ya no. downloaded 'planet terror' havent checked it out yet... but i dug 'death proof' to a certain extent and i heard 'planet terror' was better... so we'll see. monkeys new phrase is 'i do it' which is pretty cool cept for when its in reference to taking off her diaper cuz she wants to sit on the potty n she's got a nifty disgusting load in it. fabulous. not so much. oh. *mental note* 6 days. i think its time for laundry and yoga-lates. *nod* peace'd
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