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Tragedy Again Its Been A Sad Time
Just me again wow it has been a difficult 3 weeks around here. Ive had so much personal stuff to deal with. I always count myself as fortunate that I have been able to be with and know my family for as long as I have...but its still hard. My Uncle passed away around 3 weeks ago. He went in for routine knee surgery and there were complications and he passed. Im very thankful I got to spend Thanksgiving this year with him and he had 81 wonderful years with us all. He will be very sorely missed. A true gentleman. Three weeks Grandma (Gran) passed away. Its been said that going to her brothers funeral really took its toll on her. She passed peacefully on friday. She was a hard working person who always had a smile for everyone she ever met. She also lived 83 years as well. And the next I was driving home for her funeral. I also found out that friends I stay with at Thanksgiving. Her Mom passed away from cancer. She had a very long road...but I saw her a
My Fu Owner and his family have experienced something so very horriffic, it's honestly unfathomable unless you've been there. His nephew Andrew was killed by an oncoming train. He was out for his evening jog, wearing an IPod, and didn't hear the train whistle. He was hit and killed. It's easy to get into our own little worlds, whether it be an IPod, or cellphone when walking, jogging, biking, driving. It's too easy. Just be careful...think twice. It could save your family so much heartache. Please, take care.
Tragedy In Iraq - Pls Bring Our Troops Home!
Tragedy In Iraq - Pls Bring Our Troops Home!
American soldier kills 5 comrades in Iraq rampage BAGHDAD -- An American soldier opened fire on comrades yesterday afternoon inside a combat stress clinic at a large U.S. military base in Baghdad, killing five and wounding three in an attack that prompted officials to promise to try to ease the strain on troops deployed to war zones. The gunman was taken into custody shortly after the 2 p.m. shooting at Camp Liberty, part of a sprawling military installation near Baghdad international airport, U.S. military spokesman Lt. Col. Brian Tribus said. The military did not identify the gunman or shed light on what his motive may have been. Colonel Tribus said the gunman's name will be disclosed when and if charges are filed. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and President Barack Obama vowed to conduct a thorough investigation. "I would like to express my horror and deep regret for today's shooting incident," Mr. Gates said at a briefing. "Such a tragic loss of life at the hands of our o
Little girl stuck in fence -- tragic story with a happy ending. Firemenfrom the Sioux City area, all joined in a team effort to rescue a young girl stuck in steel fence. It took several hours to extract her from her predicament.Fire ChiefStiffie said, 'This was a pretty tough rescue, it took us
Tragedy Opened Doors To Change
Its been almost 2 years since my husband got robbed and shot. The memory of that day is as fresh as if it happened yesterday.I have to say that day I lost respect and faith on Albuquerque Police Department. Everything about that day was unbelievable. I mean "EVERYTHING!", from apd loosing the police report, to them not following through finding the robber. Soon after I went back to work everyone i have met working at the convenient store shared their stories on how apd had failed them as well, some share the same fate as my husband and others where worse, "they won't do anything Ceci" they said. and as hard as it was for me to swallow it was true. It took almost 3 months before they did anything at all and thats because I had call the media, internal affairs , mayor etc. Yeah, I even emailed the Senator and they emailed me back " we do not take care of things like that" wow. Its weird the kinds of thoughts that floods your mind when things like this happens to you. Now he is kinda h
Tragedy In Japan
Well, I suppose all n all it could be worse. their could be giant monsters doing battle in the city's while a moth and a flying turtle take out all of the high buildings. [ Godzilla VS megalon ] [ mothera VS gamora ]See and everyone laughed at all of their monster drill's.But in the end it paid off ;)
So I have been doing pretty well at pushing people away! for good reason's to! If your not in my life it's cuz I want it that way. I don't really care what the fuck you say about me when in all reality whatever you say about me comes back to you three fold!. Certian people just cause you bull shit! and you know you DON'T deserve it. These people DON'T know you very well enough to be fucking with you!. All I gotta say to these people is get a fucking life and leave me outta YOURS!.and we'll get a long just fine!. How do you do you Like all those girls who are hotter then me and then turn around and say you love me!my head is extreamly confused! I don't get it! how do you think I'am hot? I don't think I'am at all! I'am just your basic average werid wacky crazy woman! I guess I'll never see it or understand it. Its just bothering me so much lately!. Sorry I haven't been on much lately,I have a job now and I have started going back to school and getting my diploma! thats very im
A Tragic Wank
Lol dont panic its not some wierd disease I have contracted.Just yesterday I decided to treat myself to a wank, now usually I would retire to my room get myself on my bed and do it in comfort, but no yesterday It was a nice day and our garden is pretty secluded so thought an alfresco wank in my power chair would be nice, so wriggled my shorts down not easy in itself, and got started.Now wont bore you with all the stuff about what I was thinking and looking at, but needless to say my power chair was never designed with wanking in mind.So to cut a long story down to non boring length, as I was approaching the point of no return, you know the point where i was just about to cum, I managed to whack my elbow really hard on the armrest on the chair, Funny bone who the fuck named it that, so there i am writhing in a mixture of agony and extacy making this kind of laughing bleating noise, the tissue i was gonna use forgotten cumming al over my shorts as if i push them past my knees I cant g
The Tragedy In Connecticut
Let it out. Don't be afraid to cry, don't be afraid to get angry. Yes, I asked "Why!?", Yes, I wanted him alive so he could see the suffering and pain he caused,.... yes, I prayed and prayed and prayed until my head hurt and I came to realize that this was not an act of God but of man. WE create these people who are bullied, ignored, hated, or abused. Each time we walk by someone hurting and choose to not see them or scoff at their very existence we give them just one more reason to hate themselves enough to want any and everybody around them hurt or dead.....much like they are inside. What seeds do we sow? Even a polite "hello" and half hearted smile means so much more than a crude look of distain. WE shoot people in the heart when we choose to not acknowledge someones presence. People scream to be seen, people act out to be acknowledged. We should be reaching out to them before they reach for something dangerous. People who kill often times have nothing to lose because they have been
"train Of Thoughts"
This particular morning Eric awoke with some trepidation, for he was about to head for the office for the first time after his brand new promotion. It wasn't so much his new duties that were giving him fits of nerves. No, he pretty much had all the angles covered. In fact, this new office manager knew his job better than most of the existing office managers. It was a growing fear that he was about to be isolated. He knew what happened to employees when they reached the ranks of middle management. People who thought of you as a friend suddenly saw you as a superior, an adversary, a taskmaster. If you tried to maintain a friendly realtionship with those who you once shared comradeship, you were thought of as weak, and not worthy of thier respect. Those above you pressured you to drive staff members harder, squeeze more out of them. It wasnt the responsiblity Eric feared, it was being disliked. Making friends wasn't easy for him. He hated the idea of being shunned. The air was cold a
Trailer Park Boys
A Trail Of Broken Hearts And Faded Memories
Pain... Tension... Fatigue... Depression... Anger, Aggression, Frustration. All these unwanted sensations - Burning, hurting, tearing. My heart alone, cold and fearing. Why won't you let me sleep, let me rest, Let me forget To eradicate, eliminate, destroy all my regrets? These memories inside, swirling, twirling, unwilling to reside in the corner of my mind. Repeating, resisting, insisting - Refusing to be denied its recognition Of its position in my Frustration, Confusion, Delusion. Ah, to close my eyes and let time fly by, Because there's so much to gain By forgetting these dreams driving me insane. Unfocused, unclear, out of control, My world spinning, spinning, spinning, My sanity flying through the door. My reason, my logic, oh, it's tragic, Like fine sands running through my hands, I'm losing my mind. You say you want to be with me, You say you truly care, But when I'm face to face with you, It's like I'm not even there. I've tried my best to make
Traits Of A Real Man (this Is A Refresher Before Bringing Your Drama And Other Threats And Bullshit To Me!!)
Today's lesson is a throwback to the good old days when school teachers still had a whip and you were disgraced if you showed up at home with a "D" on your report card. Today is a lesson in basics; the basics of being a man. Let's call it Manhood 101. With all the knowledge I have at my disposal, you may be asking, "Mr. Mafioso, why waste your valuable time with trivial lessons when there are other, more powerful lessons I need to learn about business and respect?" Simple. To build a great house, you need a strong foundation on which to put all the other pretty things. To build a great man, you also need a solid foundation on which to add all the other little things that set the real men apart from the stronzos. Over the last few years of writing this little column, I've learned that too many men have no foundation, no basis on which to build the principles I teach. There are many ways to define a man, and different people have different definitions, so I'm going to skip al
A Train Ride
The Trail Of Tears Memorial
Here I have a friend that is very cool and Wonderful it is the Kinda friend that you want. PLease Do me A Favor and Rate, Comment, Bomb Her page, Rate Pics,Rate stashes anything. Here is her link. Please Do this for me. BoBo~Has~My~heart~Tazzy~MEMBER OF THE WOLF PACK FAMILY~@ CherryTAP FAMILY AND FRIENDS OUT THERE I HAVE HELP MOST OF YOU GET YOUR CONTEST DONE AND VOTED FOR YOU SO PLEASE COME AND COMMENT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN TO HELP ME GET TO 10,000 COMMENT BY THE END OF THE DAY SO I CAN GET A FREE CHERRY BLAST FROM MY ONE OF MY GOOD FRIENDS TAZZY. HERE IS THE LINK ONE, TEN OR EVEN 100 IT DONT MATTER AS LONG AS YOU HELP ME I WILL HELP YOU. HERE IS THE LINK. PLEASE HELP THANK YOU How to stop today's trails of tears By Kathryn Cameron Porter Mon Jan 8, 3:00 AM ET President Bush recently signed into law a bill that will cast a brighter light on a truly deplorable episode in our nation's history - the 1838 removal of more than 16,000 Cherokee Indians from their tribal hom
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MySpace Video Codes | Funny Videos hi guys don't think i'll be on much just got da flu !!so keep ur distance ok lol. c u all l8tr in the week."HE SAY'S HOPEFULLY
Train Of Thoughts
Step one you say we need to talk He walks you say sit down its just a talk He smiles politely back at you You stare politely right on through Some sort of window to your right As he goes left and you stay right Between the lines of fear and blame And you begin to wonder why you came Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life Let him know that you know best Cause after all you do know best Try to slip past his defense Without granting innocence Lay down a list of what is wrong The things youve told him all along And pray to God he hears you Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life As he begins to raise his voice You lower yours and grant him one last choice Drive until you lose the road Or break with the ones youve followed He will do one
Training Log
The beginning of a different philosphy. I got a new book the other day, one that has been anticipated for quite a while. Its called the Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. She is a world class fitness competitor and personal trainer. She cleaned up her eating program after she turned 40 and realized she was a mess. She lost quite a bit of bodyfat, toned down and now looks great. Its not going to be easy, even though I have been watching my eating program even more recently, I do still have my little slips. This is going to be tightened down even more. Im going to post frequent thoughts and updates as to if this program works for me. Its not a diet, despite the title. Its a complete change in theory and lifestyle. The nice part is, with my skills in the kitchen I know I can make even the blandest food taste good. If I am going to compete at the end of the year, it necessary to start making some changes now. The leaner you get as you approach crunch time, the less dramatic changes you h
> > > THE MILITARY SUPPORT TRAIN!ALL ABOARD!!Okay,ladies and gentleman, I am creating a train to help support our troops and I want this to be the largest train there is on CT. Here is how we have to do it, below are the people on the train. All u have to do is click on my pic, add me as a fan, friend, rate me and send me a yellow ribbon.Then pm me telling me u want on the train, I add you and all the others on the train will do the same for you as you do the same for them. When I get 10 people, I'll post a bulletin and u can repost it to get more people and then hopefully we can get the most people on this train. For everyone who joins I am going to donate a $1 in their name, so the more on the train the more i donate to the families of our fallen soldiers. If you can place this as a sticky just let me know so I can let you stick the right info and pics because this will work better as a sticky. Thanks for all your support! Now below is the list of the people so far and I'm working
Jeez what a bunch of gorgious women and all on one site. Think I hit a gold strike.
Training will be at Patriots Park in Greenville,IL June 23 & 24. Field Day June 23rd & 24th I will have a cooling station available for the K9's, Make sure you have enough water and food available. Meat and water will be provided to our members and your guest, we ask that you contact Alicen Ragsdale as soon as possible to let us know or ask what we need for side dish and head count of how many you have coming. If you want soda, Tea or other drinks I suggest you bring a small cooler tagged with your name. As always no alcohol beverages are allowed at this event, I may have a coffee maker for coffee available, No promised but will try. Electric will be available for phone chargers etc via 5,700 watt generator. Set up will begin at 8 Sharp Saturday Morning, I would appreciate the help even from Support members that may or may not be able to stay, It would be appreciated. Tear down will begin at 8 am sharp Sunday Morning Curriculum will i
Train Contest Check It Out.
Have you got what it takes????? This contest will be a little bit diffrent. Want fans, want rates, want friends, well check this out. This contest will run a full 7 days and the prizes are as follows..... First place, A FREE spot as conductor on Wildcat's train as well as a VIP cart for 1 weeks with 2 of your friends. So you will have 1 full weeks of great rates and fans along with your choice of friends. Second place, You will recieve a VIC cart for you and 2 friends for 2 weeks. Third place, You will recieve a VIP cart for you and 2 friends for 1 week. CONTEST WILL START AS SOON AS I GET AT LEAST 10 CONTESTANTS Rules for the contest. 1~NO DRAMA if you start you are out. 2~Most comments at the end of the week wins. 3~Rates, each rate counts. 4~No NSFW pics 5~SELF COMMENT AND COMMENT BOMBING ARE ALLOWED No downrating. PLAY Have fun with it, its a contest. Self comment bombing is allowed. Serious contestants only, this means you must have people
Trailer Party
i`ll be away saturday and sunday got invited to my friends trailer park in wasaga beach. you all take care and have a great weekend mike
Traitor Is Found
You have been Found Guilty by By myself Lord Wolf of Treason you are to Strip off your Colors Kingdom of Wolves.For being a Spy of my Fubar Wifes Staulker you will be Posted in Stash for this act of Dishonor.You have been her Friend since Lost Cherry Days.How you could choose such a Vile Hatefull Puke of a man.Over such a Great Awesome Individual is beyond me.Your Pathetic .All Kingdom of Wolves are to Remove her from Fan's,Friends,Family List. She is the one who has been Leaking Info to the Staulker of my Fubar Wife. ~~PASSION EYES~~Kingdom of wolves~~Leaving ~~Fubar ~~Hugs@ fubar
Trail Of Deceit
Trail of Deceit The Pearl Mans just a friend she said, She swore it to him from their bed, But what about the note he read, The pain he felt, the tears he shed? A secret life she kept from him, The things she did with guys like Tim, While lights shone bright, not soft nor dim, Mere fantasies for dolts like him. The Pearl Mans secret she held close, The note it spoke of one-man shows, Where girls rubbed him without their clothes, The way he said, the way he chose. Women like her, the ones he ate, Were easy to manipulate, Just call them pretty, their need so great, Do anything on their first date. The Pearl Mans just a friend she said, Of course sometimes she gave him head, Not sexual, not in their bed, When he cried - the tears he bled. Copyright Steve Britt 19 October 2004
Training Notice
ATTN: ALL EMPLOYEES SUBJECT: SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING In order to assure the highest levels of quality work and productivity from employees, it will be your policy to keep all employees well trained through our program of SPECAIL HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING (S.H.I.T) We are trying to give our employees more S.H.I.T. then anyone else. If you feel you are not recieving your fare share of S.H.I.T on the job, please see your supervisor. You ill be immediately placed on top of the S.H.I.T. list and our supervisors are especially skilled at seeing you get all the S.H.I.T. you can handle. Employees who do not take their S.H.I.T. will be palced in DEPARTMENTAL EMPLOYEE EVALUATION PROGRAMS (D.E.E.P. S.H.I.T.). Those who fail to take the D.E.E.P. S.H.I.T. seriously will have to go to EMPLOYEE ATTITIDE TRAINING (E.A.T. S.H.I.T.). Since our supervisors took S.H.I.T. before they were promoted, they do not have to take S.H.I.T. anymore as they are full of S.H.I.T. already. If y
Train Trip
You are catching the train into town to meet me and you dress sexily for the occasion in a very short, hipster mini skirt with no panties and a thin, short top that puts your hard nipples on display for all to see. The top only cums down just past your breasts and you like the large amount of your skin that is on display from your boobs down to your pubes, if you had any. At this time of morning, the station is crowded with people and you have enjoyed the lustful stares you have received from the guys you have passed as they devoured your hot body with their eyes. As you are jostled and brushed on the platform, you know that it is not accidental as arms and elbows touch your pointed breasts and you smile as you realize you are wet. The crowd gets denser and you feel the guy behind you pressing against you. His hard cock pressing into you only gives you a sense of control and you press back against him a little, feeling his hardness between the cheeks of your pert arse. However, y
< Angel Among Us Train Angels Among UsBy AlabamaBest Video Codes A Poem For Our Troops one day in september not too long ago things were calm no way to know it was no matter then seconds life as we know it would change the terrorist dirty actions is what we had to blame many dear loved ones perished when taken by surprised as heartless men of terror came thru our own blue skies destroyed so much ,so many but it didnt break our faith thi country stands united thats what makes america great in god we trust is our motto and this shall ever be america built on god that's what keep america FREE ღHeartOfLoveღ 2 Get A Tag Private Message GoofyLady.. When u pick up ur tag please rate all of them before u take ur tag..Click on the pic to get ur tag ~GoofyLady~
Train,clubz Etc In This Folder
If u wanna catcha ride on the Drama Free train u must 1.Fan/Add/Rate all passengers and myself u must put drama free train in add request. 2.Fumail me and let me know that u have added all passengers. 3.Lastly have some drama free fun and enjoy the ride!!!! Tequila Gurl Owner of the Lollypop gurlz Club,Brunette Diva's Club & a frequent flyer@ fubar ~Hazyeyz ~ Spanker Family Memeber~@ fubar manly - Saucy Saturday All!@ fubar Kwadhottie07~"Disciple of Envy of the Se7en Sins" (`v)Jamie ♥ Sugar Hips w/Sexy Lips ♥Add♥Fan♥Rate♥ BBW-Bombers Fa@ fubar DJ JAY STINKEYERADIO DJ BYTCH 'S ~CT Husband enforcer Total Chaos FOUNDER FU CHERRIE BOMBERS@ fubar @ fubar ~Mike S~( Taken by MzMic HER Mikey) HideAway Lounge 8-p
The Train
The Train Rain falling gently upon the trees The love in his eyes is all that she sees Flashes of lightening are all around Illuminating the glass upon the ground Blood flows freely from her chest She is rapidly dying despite all his best Everything happened so damn fast He will hold her tightly till she breathes her last Regret weighs heavily upon his heart The train has torn their lives apart If only he had stopped when she begged him to She would be here with him holding their baby too! Little Sage Lynn must grow up with a life full of pain Because Daddy was too hurried to stop for the Train!! With love in her eyes she faded awayIn his heart she will always stay!!! An Original Work Written By: Misty Dawn (**serenity's angel**) (c)
Train Ride
Emily boarded the train as always with her long jacket on and her earphones playing her favorite songs as loud as possible to drown out the hustle and bustle around her. The commute into the heart of the city was a long and boring trip each day for her. This particular day was a bit different. She spotted a younger man sitting across from her. He was in his early 20s with short brown hair and wore a dark business suit with a brightly colored tie. Unknowingly her mind began to wonder and think about this young man. She thought about how her dark brown skin would look against his pale body. She tried to shake the images out of her head but they just kept coming back. Before she knew it, her pussy was soaking wet thinking about this strangers lips all over her body. What are you doing? she asked herself. Her body took over and she felt her nipples hardening as they swelled within her bra. She moved her hand inside her jacket by removing it from the sleeve and using the
Hi everyone in fubar land, i decided to start my very own train, this train is filled with great fubarians and will travel all over fubar land. if you want on just rate, fan and add everyone on the train. when you send a friend request make suer you put hunter's train in the request once you rate fan, and add everyone send me a message and i'll add you to the train ASAP. thank you and enjoy the ride. ~hunter~OWNER OF WONDER WOMAN & BrownEyedBeauty-DSC- DownTown Bombers -@ fubar WONDER_WOMAN@FUBAR.COM_OWNED_BY_~HUNTER~@ fubar ~♥~BrownEyedBeauty~♥~@ fubar envy is for the weak@ fubar ♥l♥lv♥ ~N~ R/L Wife~ ♥r Wh+ Kgh+♥ @ fubar (R)Nympho wolf♥Kaydee aka Lil Princesses Husband♥~R/L Fiance~I Love Kaydee so Deeply!@ fubar *Bomchickawahwah*@ fubar ~DJPhilburg360~~Dirty South Crew~~Founder Of Wakan- Tanka Clan~~@ fubar ~~SugarSpice~~ Owned By Hunter~ ♠ Dirty south Crew ♠ ~~Co-Fo
Trais Belle
Train Of Thought (a Poem)
Wandered here to mesmerize stayed here to scrutinize layed here to buglarize our souls from our own eyes like a damn cheapshot waiting for daylight when we'll raise arms and fight until a thousand midnights go by my train of thought Fears have been stirred as our dream are brutally massacred now our lives, blurred as our speech is slurred because our eyes are bloodshot feeling like a hired gun and I'm trying to outrun the blast from a shotgun on top of my train of thought Entering this sleep, hypnotic the world around me, chaotic why is life considered exotic when everyone here is psychotic? thinking as an afterthought the only thing left is doubt are we all supposed to fade-out? because someone sold out? are our minds that distraught? As my emotions swung to my slain dreams, I clung the pain stung and screams unsung can't be heard from a blindspot realizing, shock seeing your own cellblock like a movie from Hitchcock floating through my train o
well as some of you know i'm going to be gone today tomorrow and sunday. i'm headin to fort benning for weapons qualification. woohoo get to fire my M16 down range the next couple days. hopefully this rain lets up so i'm not gettin sick layin in it. wish me luck and i shall bring pics back with me to share with you all. talk to you all sunday night when i get back.
Ce faci
Trailer Park Trash, Rated Me A Two. Lmao
This is a pretty lame subject to blog on, for those that don't know... I am on the rifle range right now (which is a part of my job). Every year Marines are required to shoot...and qualify M16. It goes back to "Every Marine is a rifleman first." Well, the fact that the range, for most, is fun and for a number of reasons: 1. Because we never get to use our weapons 2. Gets us out of work for the week 3. Meet new Marines Okay, so the list of reasons is not so great...but the list to HATE the range is even longer: 1. Outside in ANY weather, ANY climate for hours. 2. If it rains, snows, tornado, lightning, flying pigs, no one cares. You're going to qualify. 3. I don't know what it is about the range, but Marines are always unexplicably tired after they are done firing. I hate that because those of us that go back to work are useless afterwards. 4. You go downrange behind a 10 foot wide dirt/concrete birm and pull targets for those that are shooting (it's n
Trains I'm Currently Invovled In~~great Way To Level Up And Meet New Friends
We're Gonna Do Some Mattress Dancing so bust out the Handcuffs and Whipped Cream and Are you YOU up for the ride? Well then, just click the sin wagon above it will take you straight to the founder's blog where you can get started THATS RIGHT DOIN IT JUST LIKE THEY ARE IN VEGAS AND HOLLYWOOD OUR VERY OWN FOAM AND BUBBLE PARTY! WELCOME TO THE FU-BLOCK FOAM AND BUBBLES PARTY!! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE PARTY ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS... Click the picture it will take u straight to the founders blog so you can get started
Trains, Chains, Rides And Such
It's... ...for the NERD in all of US! Some good clean FUN AND FANS FOLKS! Rate, Fan and Add Request each of the FUs on this Bulletin to take part in the fun! Be sure to show everyone lots and lots of love and give everything you get back! If someone is already on your list, be sure to leave them a comment! For the Guys... Your add request or comment should say, "GIMME UR PANTIES!" or if you try to keep the nerdy perv in ya on the low say, "I'm a Panty Raider!" I suppose if you are FAR'in a DUDE YOU CAN SAY...ummm...whatever you are comfortable with. HAHA! For the Girlies... Your add request or comments should say, "HE TOOK MY PANTIES!" or if you are a little shy say..."My Panties were Raided!" So, join the silliness and show me the NERD that lives inside you! Be sure to private message me when you are done! ~PebblesinAZ~FAN ME BABY! xoxo@ fubar AND REPOST THIS BULLETIN! Now, go get them Panties and make some new FRIENDS! *Pink0828
Training Day........
So Lori hung out. Her tits pounded against the painful clamps. Several times, she felt flies buzzing around her pussy but she was powerless to swat at them. In the house and on the lawn, preparations for the evening's party were underway. The maid paid very little attention to Lori as she set up tables and chairs, arranged flowers, and filled coolers with ice, soft drinks and beer. Bruce returned to her as the sun began to set. She sneaked a glance at him as he strolled out to her. He wore black slacks, a black Oxford, black boots. His long golden hair curled over his shoulders, giving him the appearance of a dark angel. He sauntered up to her and jerked the clamp off of her left nipple, then her right one, relishing the little whimpers that escaped her trembling lips. She closed her eyes and tried not to cry, though tears streamed down her pitiful face. "You are lovely, slut. My guests will be very excited!" He purred. "I want you to know that I am well pleased thus fa
Come and join me & have some fun in PiNkLaDy's Lap Dancing Club. Lets have some fun with this guys & gals. Donna Summer Videos | Movie Clips Here are the Rules To join you must Rate, Fan & Add everyone starting with me. If you have anyone already just leave them a comment or message saying PiNkLaDy's Lap Dancing Club. All Guys Must give the women a Red Rose All Gals Must give men Massage Oil Gals give Gals Glass of Champagne Guys give Guys Yard o
**train** We Love You Long Time!!
Yea baby!! We love you time!!! Get in where ya fit in!! Rate Fan & Add each lover! Then message Unbreakable! Make sure you tell them "love you long time!" I'll be making tags daily so rate this pic and comment saying you've rated!! Unbreakable Sweetpeabayba T Iceman Drillindeep ~Phoenix~ Dragon RIder Asian Persuasion missjenene snoopy70 neca717 Vitamin De The Baddest MILF~
Training of today (sunday the 6th) I will be going to chillicothe, ohio for some additional training for work... basically they put us in a hotel for a week where i am going to be SUPER ASS BORED!! soooooo ya'll are going to have to entertain me cause i will have nothing to do in the damn hotel for a week!! that is all have a nice day :}
Military train who support the armed forces?? This is a Military Salute to the troops over seas. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS MESSAGE ME VIA THE PIC AND EMAIL ME LETTING ME KNOW YOU WANT TO BE ON HERE. YOU WILL ADD ME/FAN ME/RATE ME AND THEN IN THE VOIC
Trail Of Tears
You have never even noticed the trail of tears I leave you at the end of the night.For the simple fact you dont hold me anymore at dawns earliest light.We no longer snuggle just fight.For if you have grown tired of my love,just let me go back in flight. This trail of tears is growing cold. They're not tired just getting old.I ask of you, not to lie but let it be told. For this trail of tears I have shed they are now all dead. No more lies and no more shame. For this is the bitter end of this game. If I am not your love, who is? Dont expect to find much of a heart left at the end of the trail of these tears. Congradulations you confirmed my worst fears.
Trails Tribulations And Nonsence Of A Attention Whore
Penguins have a hard time mating do to how their body is shaped.Their bodies are shaped like bottles and you know its really hard to keep a bottle on top of another one.So, when penguins decide to mate, the female must keep still while the male gets on top. If the female moves the male will fall. Mating only lasts a few seconds because of this. Penguins are like most seabirds.They tend to be long-lived .They can take 3 to 8 yrs. to reach sexual maturity.Now,small species begin in 3 or 4yrs. Most large species breed until 5 or 8 years. The King penguin has the longest breeding cycle. It lasts from 14 to 16 months. Female King penguins can produce 2 chicks in every 3 breeding seasons. Emperor penguins breed during Antartic winter. Now, the Fairy penguin has the shortest breeding cycle. Also it breeds throughout the year. Penguins are mostly monogamous, which means they are with one mate at a time. Even though some females have up to 3 mates and males have up to 2
**train** Cause A Ruckus!!
Yea baby!!!! Let's cause a ruckus!! Rate Fan & Add each clubber Then message Unbreakable! Make sure you tell them "Causing a ruckus!!" I'll be making tags daily so rate this pic and comment saying you've rated!!
Training Camp 8-1-08
By Nick Athan Warpaint Illustrated Publisher Posted Aug 1, 2008 After a lackluster evening against the Minnesota Vikings the Chiefs hit their River Falls practice today with a crisp 90 minutes of work. What came out of it is a couple of players stepping up and acting like leaders and doing it in two completely different ways. The first player was defensive end Tamba Hali. After missing the last several days with a gash on his forehead, he joined his teammates on the field today. Hali, who has the honor of being the man that replaces Jared Allen, is under a lot of pressure to pick up the slack. After todays afternoon practice, its clear to me that hes willing to take on the sack-leader mantle for the Chiefs. What was most impressive was that when the second and third defensive teams were on the field, Hali was vocal. If you are going to be a leader, you have to do it by example, and you have to be willing to put yourself out there for your teammates. Hali was all
**train** Move Your Body Like A Cyclone!
Alright Fu's you know how we do!!! So move your body like a cyclone & Go r/f/a all the cycloners to be added!! re-rate & comment those you already have! I'll be making tags daily so rate my default folder and comment saying you've rated!! Unbreakable Sweetpeabayba 'T' ☆Wonder_Woman☆ ♥SULTRY♥ snoopy70 jezzirae77 pinx2007 Angelic Diva♥ Brittany ღ Li
I am sure I will get dinged on this but again this is how I was taught. This lesson is about 3 types of subs. The first one really isn't a sub but I will add her anyway Concubines~ They don't really serve. The will have sex with a Master in exchange for being a kept woman basically. They can ask a dom to be their Master and they can ask to be released with no punishment. Like I said not much to this but sex. No serving no real punishment Pets~ Very sensitive people. We do serve and are expected to be very well behaved with occasional times of misbehaving just to spice things up. When we are punished it is normally by spanking, witholding of pleasure or witnessing another pet/slave pleasuring the Master. Typically though we are very devoted to Master, doing all that he asks quickly, never question his orders.If you cannot be there for a call from him you had better have a good reason. We take care of him he is expected to protect us, cherish us, treat us well, not kept though. W
Well apparently I'm the new topic of Dominy Hogan's new rants. I believe it's all stemming from the fact that I wouldn't come visit her in Oakland a few weeks ago. She also has ran her cock sucker about Porn too because he mwould'nt drive to nigger town to put it too the OLD NASTY JUNKIE RACE TRAITOR WHORE! She claims to be Proud and White yet she's slept with dirty spicks like Mike Muir and her buddy down the street an Armenian douche bag well just call him Slapnuts! I often wonder how her husband would feel about her sleeping with MUDS? Hope fully she can quit the tweeking and pull the syringe out of her arm long enough to detox and come back to reality. And then the funniest part of it all... is this mud loving whore had the nerve to threaten my life.. Well my dear Dominy Hogan.... You know my address come to my door at anytime... you're always wlcome. But too bad you could'nt answer the phone when i was in LA friday and saturday... you could've come and made me disappear.. lol or a
Dragon Slayer Train 2 The Rules: 1. Stop by King Cengin's page and rate and comment last pic his DRAGONS folder... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... Something like "Becoming a Dragon Slayer 2." 3. Private message Cengin when you have completed rating all the Slayers. HE will make you a thank you tag... And add you to the list... 4. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add them back... Don't just accept the friend request... 5. NO DRAMA... You agreed to the rules... So, be sure you follow through... No cheating... Please... ****************************** Our Party Planning Team King, Cengin Queen, GoofyLady and tag maker please rate them Knight Carrie
Train Riders... Help Is Needed... Fkncrazy Is Close
FknCrazy is on her way to FuKing... She needs your help to get there... 108k points stand in her way... Show this wonderful lady some good Fubar LUV...She is always giving to others... Let's give her some now... Rate her... Fan her... Add her... Comment her... Bling her... She returns love too! Rate her Screenshots Folder for a tag Start with this pic () Rate her ME Folder for a tag... Start with this pic () Private message Carrie and let her know which folder(s) you rated and which tag(s) you would like... Be sure to tell her the name you want on the tag as well... Tag 1 - Nothing Compares to You Tag 2 - Purple Flowers
Train Is Needed.. Fkncrazy Is Close To Leveling
FknCrazy is on her way to FuKing... She needs your help to get there... 108k points stand in her way... Show this wonderful lady some good Fubar LUV...She is always giving to others... Let's give her some now... Rate her... Fan her... Add her... Comment her... Bling her... She returns love too! Rate her Screenshots Folder for a tag Start with this pic () Rate her ME Folder for a tag... Start with this pic () Private message Carrie and let her know which folder(s) you rated and which tag(s) you would like... Be sure to tell her the name you want on the tag as well... Tag 1 - Nothing Compares to You Tag 2 - Purple Flowers
69 Train
It's everyone's favorite number (even if you're too shy to admit it!) Hop on while we take a nice long ride down... As with all the other trains...simply Rate/Fan and Add all the riders below. If you already have them as a friend, leave them a comment letting them know you are "69ing it!". When you are all finished private message me (SixtyNineMunch) and let me know. The owner and your host for the ride... SixtyNineMunch ~CLUB UNITED~@ fubar The riders... ~ M k ~Club F.A.R ~ The Lollipop Gurlz ~SBG@ fubar *AngelGurl* Proud member of *Thunder & Lightning Levelers* & *Life-Savers*@ fubar ♊aGEM4life♊@ fubar ♌ Heartt65 ♌@ fubar Fun in the Sun Laid in the Shade!@ fubar Tracy_{ shadow leveler }fu owned by summer uk ...owner of summer uk and co owner of pinkladys lapdan@ fubar *Redneck Angel*:Club Far,Outlaw$&
This is the second train I am doing to help Hazeleyed Soldier level while he's in Iraq. He is an awesome young married man with three boys. First, stop by his page and rate all of these pictures that are on Hazeleyed Soldier's profile: Second, F/A/R / rerate all of the riders (all initial riders need to hit each other up): Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Team LOVE Captain ~ Fu Owned by Steve!@ fubar (wife is running my page for me)@ fubar ♑Browneyes♑ Proud member of the FHSG@ fubar Steve ~Club United~@ fubar ♡STANG♡FU BAD B!TCH♡OWNA OF CENTERFOLDS♡@ fubar *Phantom*@ fubar Belladonna Club F.A.R.member...Owned by...Cod Father "T" and Kirkland@ fubar ~♥~SweetAngel~♥~{Dirty South Crew}~*~Club FAR Greatness TEAM CPT.~*~Sarge's Bad Gi@ fubar Sarge's Bad Girls
This is the second train I am doing to help Hazeleyed Soldier level while he's in Iraq. He is an awesome young married man with three boys. First, stop by his page and rate all of these pictures that are on Hazeleyed Soldier's profile: Second, F/A/R / rerate all of the riders (all initial riders need to hit each other up): Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Team LOVE Captain ~ Fu Owned by Steve!@ fubar (wife is running my page for me)@ fubar ♑Browneyes♑ Proud member of the FHSG@ fubar Steve ~Club United~@ fubar ♡STANG♡FU BAD B!TCH♡OWNA OF CENTERFOLDS♡@ fubar *Phantom*@ fubar Belladonna Club F.A.R.member...Owned by...Cod Father "T" and Kirkland@ fubar ~♥~SweetAngel~♥~{Dirty South Crew}~*~Club FAR Greatness TEAM CPT.~*~Sarge's Bad Gi@ fubar Sarge's Bad Girls
**train** What's Your Sign?
Rate fan & add these awesome fubarians to join!! No drama, if they are on your list re-rate and comment!! I'll be making tags daily so rate this pic and comment saying you've rated!! So what's your sign?
Trains, Rides & All Around Fubar
Number ~*~ Name ~*~ Date Completed 001) ~*~ UNREAL Train ~*~ 08/30/08 002) ~*~ WHISKEY Train ~*~ 08/30/08 003) ~*~ FAIRY Train ~*~ 08/31/08 004) ~*~ HAPPY BUNNY Train ~*~ 08/31/08// 005) ~*~ LAUGHTER Train ~*~ 08/31/08 006) ~*~ CHOCOLATE Train ~*~ 09/01/08 007) ~*~ FUBAR BLIMP Rides ~*~ 09/01/08 008) ~*~ LOVER of WOLVES Train ~*~ 09/02/08 009) ~*~ REACH for the STARS Train ~*~ 09/02/08 010) ~*~ Train F*A*R & BRING a FRIEND ~*~ 09/03/08 011) ~*~ JOKER Train ~*~ 09/04/08 012) ~*~ PHAROH'S MAGIC NUMBERS Train ~*~ 09/04/08 013) ~*~ TROPICAL DOLPHIN Swim ~*~ 09/05/08 014) ~*~ SMOOCHES Train ~*~ 09/05/08 015) ~*~ DOIN" IT DOGGY STYLE Train ~*~ 09/05/08 016) ~*~ ANIMAL LOVERS Club ~*~ 09/08/08 017) ~*~ DREAM CATCHERS Train ~*~ 09/09/08 018) ~*~ MERMAID ISLAND ~*~ 09/09/08 019) ~*~ Fubar's SHORT BUS ~*~ 09/09/08 020) ~*~ WILD DREAMLAND ~*~ 09/09/08 021) ~*~ WE WILL NEVER FORGET 9-11 Train ~*~ 09/11/08 022) ~*~ FREAKY Train ~*~ 09/13/08 023) ~*~ YOU DA BOMB Train ~*~ 09
Everyone should be added, If I missed anyone or didn't make your tag please send me a private message. Thanks Welcome to my first ever train and its going to be a Finding Nemo train so please come swim with us.... There's really nothing special about this train. I just thought it would be fun and I love Nemo. 1- R/F/A my page or leave my page a comment about Nemo if your my friend all ready. 2- Rate the pics in the folder "Finding Nemo." There are only 15 pics(see below)Please comment on the last pic so I know you are done. 3- R/F/A the pages of the other people on the tour with you and leave a comment saying something along the lines of I love Nemo, Finding Nemo or swimming with Nemo if they are your friends all ready. Now let's have lots of fun Finding Nemo. Please send me a private message when done so I can add you to the train. Let me know if you want me to make a Nemo tag for you. Click here to begin your swim. Enjoy your swim and T
**train** Disco Fever!
Alright Fu's you know how we do!!! So get that disco fever & Go r/f/a all the discoers to be added!! re-rate & comment those you already have! I'll be making tags daily so rate this pic and comment saying you've rated!! Unbreakable Sweetpeabayba
Just Click on the Tag to get to the Blog for information on how to join.
We all know about the theory that MEN ARE FROM MARS AND WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS but after careful research we have come to conclusion the facts are not true. We now know the truth and want to share it with all of you. WOMEN ARE FROM MARS AND MEN ARE FROM PEENUS. We have found the leader of Planet Peenus and he has confirmed our findings. As usual please rate all the pictures in the folder and then rate/fan/add all the residents of Planet Peenus. If the resident is already on your friends list please leave a comment telling them you are moving to Planet Peenus where all the fun is. Our Leader has made the official drink of Planet Peenus Vodka & Red Bull so please make sure Our Leader has his share. A drunk leader is a happy leader. THIS IS OUR LEADER YeahmonShadow Leveler Co-Leader{Keeper of Yeahmons Angels}PLEASE READ PROFILE@ fubar RESIDENTS OF PLANET PEENUS Scarlett{Shadow Leveler}{Yeahmon's Angels}~Proud ow
Carrie is keeping an updated blog... This is the a train set up to help me level... Thanks for your help in making me a Fu-King... The Rules: 1. Stop by Master Riggs's page and rate his Hang Gliding Train folder... Start with this pic... Master Riggs is also trying to level... So, please leave him a little extra love... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Hang Gliding Over the Fu" or something like that... 3. Private message Carrie when you have completed rating each party guest. She will make you a thank you tag... And add you to the guest list... Tags, however, can be found on Master Riggs's page... 4. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request. 5. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. 6.
**train** Tick Tick
Alright Fu's you know how we do!!! If you're the bomb make it known! Go r/f/a all to be added!! re-rate & comment those you already have! Unbreakable Sweetpeabayba 'T' vitamin de jimmy swagger snoopy70 jezzirae77 pinx2007 ~Tina~ Carrie
From now on please have the courtesy to ask b4 adding me. I'm so far behind now (sigh) will never catch up and there are trains I would like to join but can't for lack of time.
WE LOVE THE FU! I'm A Die Hard Sucker Of The Old Movie Classics And Tv Shows. And I Felt That Since No One's Done Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I Took It Upon Myself To Create This Train! TOOT TOOOT! First Step Is To Add, Fan, Rate, And Re-Rate All On The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Riders. Leave A Comment Stating "Joining The Chitty Chitty Train" For Those That Are Not On Your Friends List. Or Say Something That's Related To The Movie, Like "We Love You" If Their Already Your Friends. And Lastly Please Private Message Me When Your Completely Finished. I Will Then Add You To The Train. If You Want A Tag Please Feel Free To Ask For One imikimi - Customize
Welcome to the NBA Train Were Once a week one lucky winner will win 10,000 fu buck and on April 16 one lucky winner will get 1,000,000 fu bucks Rules to win One you must rate all pics in this folder. Comment the last one. Two Fan/Add/Rate all Riders Comment and rerate riders you have all ready have as friends. Three Fu mail me when done to let me know that you done and for your tag. Four if you break any of the you rules you can't win fu bucks and no drama. All winners will be by the luck of the draw Host xball_rating revolution/zodiak bomber@ fubar Riders 1.♥TexasAngel♥~Rating Revolution Recruiter~♥Fu Angel♥@ fubar 2.ღTulsa's Angelღ Sarge's Bad Girl ღ Club FAR Team LOVE ღ@ fubar 3.~*NunyaB~*The Pegasus Project*~*Fu-Owned byand Fu-engaged to JUSTFISHING~*Fu-Angel~Team2~*@ fubar 4.~katie~ RR * SARGE'S BAD GIRL * FSC * FU-ANGEL (T#3) * PEGASUS POJECECT(T#5) * LOLLIPOP GURLZ@ fubar 5.St. Michael
**train** Haunted Mansion
Come join my freaks in the Haunted Mansion! Go r/f/a all to be added!! re-rate & comment those you already have! Then let me know you are ready for entry into your room.... I'll be making tags daily so rate this folder and leave 1 message saying you've rated!! Follow the blood on the wall to your room and remember... You can checkout anytime you like but you can NEVER leave... Unbreakable Sweetpeabayba 'T' hjnapplegate blaclie22 bookworm22 ~Tina~
**train** I Am Thankful...
we all have something in our lives that we are thankful for..... I'll be making tags daily so rate this folder and send 1 message saying you've rated!! So r/f/a everyone to be added If you allready have them leave a message telling them you are thankful Unbreakable Sweetpeabayba 'T' ~Tina~ Vitamin de ~~jimmy swagger~~ XtM
Traian Remix
If you've never been to one of their shows, you're missing out! These guys are awesome! ;0)
**train** I Am Aware
Go r/f/a all to be added!! re-rate & comment those you already have! Remind everyone that you are aware! Rate this album to be added and receive your fact tag Unbreakable Sweetpeabayba 'T' vitamin de Carrie Firerose VolareDave GnbRebel ♊aGEM4life♊
Train Out Of Hell
You know the routine. Rate/Fan and Add each of the following people listed below. Please DO NOT just accept the persons friend request...visit their page, rate and fan them back and leave them a comment. When you have rated everyone...send a message to me (Ike) to be added to the list (if you do not message me, I do not know you have completed the list). Rate the Fire & Hell folder to get your personalized tag. The Riders... 1. Ike 2. ♊aGEM4life♊ {Shadow Leveler} ღOwner Of The Life-Savers Familyღ 3. UnknownCowboy~Husband of Learning2fly (Account is set to friends only...simply send him a private message saying Train Out of Hell) 4. The BULLdaddy~Be Real or Be GONE~ 5. HersheyK 6. jc9764, Fu Owned by Katt1114 , Promoter for Hocking Radio, Member of The Life-Savers Family 7. ♥ TROUBLE ♥ PROUD ARMY MOM ♥ MY BABY'S ARE MY LIFE ♥ 8. *~*Niffy*~*Owned by Bartab*~* Moostris to RedHotSaphire*~*aGEM4life's
Train Of Thought: My Epic Poem..
Wandered here to mesmerize stayed here to scrutinize layed here to buglarize our souls from our own eyes like a damn cheapshot waiting for daylight when we'll raise arms and fight until a thousand midnights go by my train of thought Fears have been stirred as our dream are brutally massacred now our lives, blurred as our speech is slurred because our eyes are bloodshot feeling like a hired gun and I'm trying to outrun the blast from a shotgun on top of my train of thought Entering this sleep, hypnotic the world around me, chaotic why is life considered exotic when everyone here is psychotic? thinking as an afterthought the only thing left is doubt are we all supposed to fade-out? because someone sold out? are our minds that distraught? As my emotions swung to my slain dreams, I clung the pain stung and screams unsung can't be heard from a blindspot realizing, shock seeing your own cellblock like a movie from Hitchcock floating through my train o
Trains, Trains And More Trains!
The YummY Train! Rate/Fan and Add all the YummY Boys and Girls to be added to the train! Be sure and show your fellow YummY FUs lots and lots of love! After you have added all the Yummies and Myself, private message me... PebblesinAZ-Kisses to My Fu Valentine Shaun the Scotish Lad-"Member of Princess Leia's crew&@ fubar ...and I will add you to the train! Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ BlondePrincess*~Live,Laugh,Love bc Lifes too short@ fubar Tony411@ fubar AutosOnღMz.ǵffrღ of the Booty Fugitives!@ fubar weldingangel ( Space Hottie ) ( FuAngel ) PLS R8 MY PRF & SAL PICS@ fubar
Train Comments
"train Of Hearts."
Train of Hearts I force myself to understand, we all need to get away From time to time the soul it speaks and lures the heart astray We buy our tickets and some they plan on never coming back And once again this rusty train begins its crawl along the track With screeches and loud groans, the miles fly by and by The train gives voice to countless souls traveling there inside The ones who plan to leave the tears and memories behind And others filled with dreams of the lives they hope to find Our closet is now empty, your bags are somewhere else I guess you took that journey in the hopes youd find yourself Now helpless here I can only hope your choice was wrong not right As that iron ghost thunders on, a phantom in the night Ill never know exactly why you went and took that train Did you buy a one way ticket, or are you coming back again? So Ill wait here at the station for each day and week it takes And pray that somewhere down the line, your heart sees its
General Hospital Train ! :) I am very new to doing trains matter of fact this is my very first one :) so I hope this is successful and I want to thank AGem4life for helping me with all the questions I asked her :). I been a huge fan of General Hospital since I was in 2nd grade I remember pretending I needed to go to the washroom around 2:30 and as soon as the bell rung I use to run home to watch General Hospital and I haven't stopped watching so this is the reason I made this train :) Are u a Soap opera fan and is your favorite soap opera General Hospital if so come join the General Hospital train Just a few rules :) 1.Go to this folder and rate the pictures leave a comment on the last picture. 2. No Drama 3. add fan and add everyone on the list if you already a friend re-rate them and leave a comment just put "General Hosiptal Train". When you are done Please email me and I will make u a tag and send it to you :) So lets have fun 1.Dee75 Member of llama
These days have been extremely clouded for me... and I could've sworn the last ounce of faith that I had in God went down the drain.. then I wake up to this chapter of my favorite book in the Bible.. and it gave me the deep realization of the spiritual warfare that is going on. 2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 12Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. James 1: 2-4, 12 One of the reasons I chose the name "endure the flames" revolves around the concept of.. never let circumstance define who you are, but define circumstance through domination by humility. Waiting.. is a skill that brings so many answers to alot of mysteries.. but it's more than just
Join the Quest To Get Me To Oracle!! I'm looking for some brave Fubarians to join my quest....the mountain may seem far away and unscalable, but I know you can get me close. So cast aside your fear and join our Fellowship! 1. Stop by St Michael's Page and rate the Lord of the Rings folder of pics (He has autos on starting at 3pm Eastern Time today)... Starting with this one... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Train. Check the Fellowhip Train tag folder to see if a tag is ready for you, if not, leave a comment like "Joining the Fellowhip Train" or something like that..
Trail Of Deceit
Trail of Deceit The Pearl Mans just a friend she said, She swore it to him from their bed, But what about the note he read, The pain he felt, the tears he shed? A secret life she kept from him, The things she did with guys like Tim, While lights shone bright, not soft nor dim, Mere fantasies for dolts like him. The Pearl Mans secret she held close, The note it spoke of one-man shows, Where girls rubbed him without their clothes, The way he said, the way he chose. Women like her, the ones he ate, Were easy to manipulate, Just call them pretty, their need so great, Do anything on their first date. The Pearl Mans just a friend she said, Of course sometimes she gave him head, Not sexual, not in their bed, When he cried - the tears he bled. Copyright Steve Britt 19 October 2004
Good vs Evil Dragon train u ready to ride? Start here with the dragon folder rate 10/11's and comment on the last picture Rate, Fan and When you send a add request plz state which dragon your on Good Dragon or Evil Dragon. If you already r friends then leave a Good vs. Evil dragon comment. When you complete all the riders, PM me so I may add you to the train, then repost. ~ ? ~NINEMMRUGER~ ?Owner of Brain Perkins~ ? ~@ fubar Brian Perkins Indefinite Owner of "NINEMMRUGER" Owner of ~Dreamgirl~, , Owned@ fubar ~?RedKandy?~2nd Alarm Hottie~Fu-owned by Texas guy@ fubar }i{ LADY~TROUBLE }i{ ~CLUB F.A.R/FU-ANGEL^FLIES W/DRAGONS & RODE THE MERRY-GO-ROUND@ fubar ? Jimette ? ~Rating Revolution~Pegasus Project #7(Fantasia) TL~@ fubar tina married to one hot soldier(Derrick)`fu-married to lost@ fubar ?VipEP?..†..***~ ? BuBZ ? ~my girlie@ fubar St. Michael ~Member of Carrie's Bad Azz Boys 4 Life~FADD Member~
Trains,clubs And Bus
Fubar's Pink Girls Club In order to join do the following, men are welcome too: rate these pictures then: 1)RATE 2)ADD 3)FAN everyone on the list, the ones already on your list, let them know your joining "Fubar's Pink Girls Club" once your done send a PM to TotallyHugeObsessedMariahCareyFanatic4Life ~TotallyHugeObsessedMariahCareyFanatic4Life~@ fubar THE GIRLS ~TotallyHugeObsessedMariahCareyFanatic4Life~@ fubar ~Sweet~N~Sexxay~Proudly Owned By~Dr@gonMaster~FU Bomber~Sarges Bad Girl@ fubar S@ssi~N~B@d ~'LilOne'~DSC~Srg'sBadGrl~FuFinestLvler ~@ fubar *Pink0828*@ fubar ~?~TEXAS TWISTER~?~TEXASMAN'S FU FIANCEE~?~SHADOW LEVELER?CLUB UNITED&#@ fubar
font face="comic sans"size="6">April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month !!!Lets All Support This!!The reality is that kids too often are abused--either by parents, relatives, acquaintances, neighbours, and even child caregivers. The month of October is dedicated to raising awareness and helping to prevent such dreadful abuse of children. Remember that awareness is only the first step.Please Start Out By Rating The Pictures In Jimettes Child Abuse Folder Starting with this one and comment last picture so a tag can be madeYou Know the drill F/A/R all riders and when new ones jump on don't just accept their request F/A/R them as well... Please also PM me so I don't miss making your tag !!♥ Jimette ♥ ~Rating Revolution~Pegasus Project #7(Fantasia) TL~F.A.D.D. supporter@ fubar~katie~ *SBG* *SINNERS FAMILY* *BAD BITCH* *F.A.D.D.*@ fubarSt. Michael ~Member of Carrie's Bad Azz Boys 4 Life~FADD Member~
Train Of Life
'The Train of Life' Some folks ride the train of life Looking out the rear, Watching miles of life roll by, And marking every year. They sit in sad remembrance, Of wasted days gone by, And curse their life for what it was, And hang their head and cry. But I don't concern myself with that, I took a different vent, I look forward to what life holds, And not what has been spent. So strap me to the engine, As securely as I can be, I want to be out on the front, To see what I can see. I want to feel the winds of change, Blowing in my face, I want to see what life unfolds, As I move from place to place. I want to see what's coming up, Not looking at the past, Life's too short for yesterdays, It moves along too fast. So if the ride gets bumpy, While you are looking back, Go up front, and you may find, Your life has jumped the track. It's all right to remember, That's part of history, But up front's where it's happening, There's so much mystery. The enjoyment of living, Is not where we have be
Traitorous Hearts
I am a fool. I freely admit it. I made the mistake of falling in love with someone I shouldn't have. I saw the signs so many times, saw pictures, heard blatant lies, and many excuses. I was made to look like a stalker here because I only wanted the truth. I never asked anyone anything, never went to friends pages that were leaving gifts, buying bling or owned. I did however watch and try to put the pieces together. After my last entry into this blog I had just given up. It wasn't worth my time or efforts and it was eating me inside. I am very upset. I don't know what I did to this person that I deserved all this hurt, all the deception, all the undeserving hurtful words about me to friends and people I didnt even know in the quest to cover her lies. She led me to believe she had cancer to lure me back in even though she already had a boyfriend who loves her and she was happy with. What would drive a person to lie in such a way to someone that they claim to love? She said she had no
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The information that follows is a synopsis of my thoughts and research gathered. I am certain as you read it you will be able to identify with much of the information presented. Nothing written here is new; I have provided it in an effort to allow you to begin thinking about the importance of training. Training may be appropriate for you and then it may not. In my experience I have encountered those who say they are submissive but in actuality they have submissive longing. Those longings can be very difficult to manifest once a submissive/slave relationship begins. It would behoove the submissive to make sure this is what she truly desires and search one’s heart before embarking upon a training regime that could be fruitless for both the submissive and the dominant. Training involves education and re-education, in essence the delving deeply into what the submissive/slave knows and then reformatting and instilling new thoughts, acceptance and understanding of her role.
Trail Of Tears
Trail of Tears There's a trail of tearsFlowing from our homelandWashing out the yearsDrowning out the red man.There's a broken heartbeating like a funeral drum,A nation torn apart,So one can be born. There's a memoryThat the eagle holds highWhen we were freeAs the wind in the sky.There's a feeling insideThat stirs our madnessTo have a chosen lifeIn the fields of sadness. There are some empty teepeesFalling into dustLike an endangered speciesWe're losing way too muchWe are a world forgottenPushed aside and left aloneBut comes a time when we will rise again.Oh Great One, hear our prayers and our song. ~written by Mojomike8~
Tra La La
Why did this happen? No its beyond my control What did i do wrong? But it wasnt my fault I tried to warn you Did you miss the signs You cant blame me I told you to stay away Why didnt you listen? Dammit why do i care This is your mess You did this Your the one that got too involved I told you to stop Just BACK THE FUCK OFF! Did i not sound serious enough Could i have been anymore explainatory with the situation Listen to my words Thats what i kept saying You blocked out my voice Now look your heart is paying for it Dont change the subject I wont even hear it How could you put me through this pain? All you had to do is GO AWAY! But you wouldnt Now look what happened I told you to FUCKIN LISTEN! Suffer by yourself I dont care anymore.... GOODBYE comes easily I guess you shouldve been LISTENING!!!! its no good its a disease theres no cure just blank instinct you cant love its an incapability you cant feel your too strong you cant break your invisible y
All about me! Marital Status] singleeee [Shoe size] 10 or 11 [Parents still togethe) no..thank god! cuz one would be dead now lol [Siblings] 4 [Pets] tralala FAVORITES [Color] red, black [Number] 69 [Animal] doggggg [Drinks] rum or vodkaaaaaa [Soda] coke [Book] none [Flower] no DO YOU [Color your hair?] no [Twirl your hair?] no [Have tattoos?] no [Have Piercings?] no [Cheat on tests/homework?] DID [Drink/Smoke?] sometimes to both lol [Like roller coasters?] NOOOOOOO [Wish you could live somewhere else?] hmm maybe [Want more piercings?] NO >.> [Like cleaning?] sometimes lol if i havbe energy haha [Write in cursive or print?] mixture hah [Own a web cam?] MAYBE haha i only do pre-recorded performances lol [Own a cell phone?] nooo [Ever get off the damn computer?] lol noooo i am an addict HAVE U EVER [Been in a fist fight?] NO [Considered a life of crime?] tralalaaaaaa [Considered being a hooker?] I AM! [Lied to someone?] yes [Been in love?] no [Ma
Tramp Stamps
OK...not sure how this all works but just thought I'd try this out. I Think Tramp stamps are sexy as hell. Girls with ink are sexy as hell if it's in good taste. If any girls read this... just wondering if you find the term "tramp stamp" offensive? Incase you never heard the term "Tramp Stamp", it is the tattoo that girls have over their azz. This is my first attemp at this and still figureing this site out. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Greg Edited*** Please do not take offense to this post. I am not calling anyone a tramp. Just calling a tattoo that for lack of better terminology.
The Tramps
"The Tramps" The Rides Have Gone Away Again, At Least For Another Year, Most Stash Away Their Helmets, Chaps and Other Ridin' Gear~~~~ They Claim The Weather's Way Too Cold, or Wet, Which Makes It Slick, Yet Call Themselves a "Scooter Tramp" And THAT Just Makes Me Sick~~~~ See "The Tramps" Are Not Another Name, Ya Get When Ya Ride A Bike, It's "Earned" And "Lived" And "Chosen" And A Different Way Of Life~~~~ It's Not A Name That's "Given", It's The Way Ya Choose To Be, So If You're Called A "Biker", Stay The Fuck Away From Me~~~~ You'll Never Know The Life I Do, Or Ever Have The Heart, That Comes From Ridin' "Snow-Blind", Or So Wet Yer Shit Won't Start~~~~ The Name "Tramp" Comes From Endless Hours, Of Kickin' Till You Cain't, Or Jiggin' Up A Chopper Frame, And Mixin' Yer Own Paint~~~~ It Comes From Ridin' Next To "Bro's", You KNOW That Have Yer Back, Or Sittin' Down 'Long Side The Road, When Yer Scooter's "Blown Her Stack"~~~~ It Comes
Tramp Stamp Contest
I am in a local contest for my tramp stamp tat. If I win...Im blingin everyone who voted...ON ME!! Thank you for ur vote!!
Trampoline is a stuff or equipment for jumping applications. In fact, it can provide massive health advantages for the entire family and several hours of entertainment. A trampolinecontains a metal structure to which a solid loincloth is stretched out with lots of coiled springs. The textile which can be the tossing area is known as trampoline bed or elasticity mat. Trampolines can be purchased in almost all forms spherical, rectangular, square and octagonal. Trampolines are designed for physical activities and even leisure applications. Children may get pleasure from playing on trampolines and elderly people are able to use it as a working out device. You can be able to put into your garden or backyard area. When selecting for a trampoline, the vital concern is size. If you are in need to make use for interior workout, you can get a tiny size trampoline since this is just simple to keep, needs a smaller amount of space and offers an excellent exercise. This equipment is known as the o
Tranch666 Blogz
find i can no longer fight what has already been set in stone before i existed.all my adult life i have strove for things i was never ment to posses wich others find so commen and normal. somewhere over the long fight i forgot that you shouldnt fight the waves of existence you should ride them let them carry you to and fro.and for some reason ive been stubborn and pig headed all this time i yearn for the time when i was young care free and everything was ahead of me but those times are no more i must realise i have lost the good fight and quit fighting that wich is natrual once again i find myself pulling my hood over my head and slowly turning away from the light and life and walking into the shadows where im at peace taking but a moment to slowly turn around and see what was or could have been my salvation my joy my hopes and dreams the sunlight that i shall not feel unless its reflected off the moon i feel i must walk in the dark and not set foot in the day time realms again my co
Tranquil Calm
I didnt want to wake up cause i was dreaming of you. Looking forword to the time when your days are no longer blue. My heart has cried like a tiger who has lost his soulmate. It echoes out in the forest reverberating and stirring everybody about. I know you'll find the back I believe in you still. Dont ever give up cause I know you have the will. You will find the peace to make your soul be still and calm One day i will come for you, cause you know that i still love you. I will ask for you to runaway with me, to abandon your fears and sadness. Look ahead to horizon and that is where we will go. Lets become twin tigers once more hand in hand. Retire to a place where there is much sand. To compare How do I compare thee Maybe to a summers day Noway I hear myself say You are more a spring time girl your tears are the rain renewing the world when you cry your eyes a deep green forest I keep on getting lost trying to find the secret that's inside That hair flows from your
1) Transwomen love femininity Transgender women respect the feminine gender, and strive to do credit to our image and support our causes. It is from this love that they strive to emulate women. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we are greatly admired by these special people. 2) Transgenderism is not a sexual orientation While the effort of the gay/lesbian/bisexual community to include transgendered ("GLBT community") can be applauded in principle, in some ways this association has wrongly linked transgenderism to sexual orientation. The reality is, no conclusions can be drawn about sexual orientation based on gender identity. Transpeople can be straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual, depending on each individual person. 3) Transgenderism is neither a mental disorder nor a fetish Psychologists are working from the premise that only the above two choices are possible. The transperson who is happy and comfortable with their duality is not recognized. No one ha
Trance@ Cherrytap
" Trance "
Trans Am Trouble
Well my Trans Am just blew a head gasket....soooo much this weekend I am going to be putting a clutch in my that I have a car....and then next weekend trying to fix the I am just having really bad luck lately...well heres hopin that it will turn around
Translucent (c) Ben Kochenderfer@2007
* Transforming Your Creations Through Love *
* TRANSFORMING YOUR CREATIONS THROUGH LOVE * ********************************************************************************************* * I love you always in all ways * ********************************************************************************************* ********************************************************************************************* * Transforming your Creations through Love * ********************************************************************************************* Why is Love the most powerful vibrational pattern in your entire world? Why is Love the strongest? The purest? Why can Love transform? Because Love contains all possibilities in its purest form. That is why Love has the power to change all things. It is the All That Is. Now anger does not contain all possibilities in its purest form. The vibrational rhythm of Love has all possibilities, so it has the capability of identifying and wrapping the rhythmic pattern of anger
Transformation Through Meditation And Awareness
Ocean Meditation Like us, the sea is ever-changing. And, like us, the earth’s vast oceans appear at a distance to be stable and homogenous. But beneath the mask of solidity that both we and the sea wear, there lies unpredictability, sensitivity, and power. There is much we can learn from the ocean, representative as it is of our inner landscapes. The rough sounds of the sea’s waves are spiritually soothing, and its salt can purify our physical selves. Yet not everyone has the luxury of living by the shore or even visiting the coastlines where water and land meet. The ocean, however, exists in our conscious minds, put there by images we have seen and descriptions we have read. Wherever we are, we can access that mental image and use it as the starting point from which we can help to heal our emotions by meditating on the sea. To begin, gather together any ocean artifacts you may have on hand. Seashells, a vial of sand, beach glass, stones rubbed smooth by the pounding su
I just got home from watching one of the best movies ever. Transformers it is so fucking great. Everyone should go and see it
Yo. I have to admit that I knew that this movie would bring back great memories and to enjoy these NEW memories with my 5 year old son made it even better.Though I had NO IDEA that TRANSFORMERS would be the best SUMMER BLOCK BUSTER that was created in the last few summers!!! It was awww inspiring! throughout the movie movie attendees were clapping,gasping and rooting on the carnage that was being displayed on the giat screen. Note to BOOTLEG DVD BUYERS;JUST DONT BUY IT GO AND SEE IT IN THE THEATRES IT IS WORTH WHATEVER IT COSTS TO WATCH IT BELIEVE ME,PLEASE!! At times in this movie I had feelings of sympathy and hope.I swear I almost cried like two times...and Im no freakin sucker neither! From start to finish the movie was !!!AWESOME!!! and come to find out Steven Spellberg helped Micheal Bay out with this GREAT MOVIE. If this MADD RANT did not enthuse you enough to storm out the house to watch it...Go WATCH IT ANYWAYS YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH IT! SEETHING FOR A SEQUEL
Transformers Review My my my!!!My God I have no clue where to start! First of all do yourself a favor and go see this film ASAP.Second do NOT wait for this to come out on DVD you Will regret it.If nothing else see it in the theater for the sound.Michael Bay had me at hello with The Rock,everyone that knows me knows that is my favorite movie in the entire world well guess what ,Lisa has a new favorite movie now.Michael Bay you are a God.This man desevrves all the $$$$ he will make from this.There are NO crappy special effects ,all the jokes are hilarious,solid story and absolutly the best action packed thrill ride I have ever been on.It is very intense in some scenes,I actually found my heart racing a few times,there is one special effect in particualr that almostmade me want to jump out of my chair and scream! Those dam testosterone levels are all messed up again,me and action movies are like Peanut butter and Jelly.I also believe very strongly that any movie that
The Transformers...cb's Review
CB's Review of The Transformers July 4, 2007 Upon talking to a few people who had already seen The Transformers and growing up being an avid fan of the cartoon series in my youth, needless to say I was a bit skeptical of going to see such an overhyped movie. But hey, I was let go early from work and it was either the movie or 5 premature Miller Genuine Dratfs at the bar. So off I go. Once I bought my ticket and got in my seat, anticipation began to rise. The Transformers. Will this movie give Optimus Prime and Megatron it's just due? Hrmmmm... Initially I felt the beginning was quite the drag, laboring through yet another movie boasting military might and technology in America. The Bernie Mac scenes proved the comic relief needed through the arduous beginning. Bumblebee's appearance on the car lot was a very demure appearance, though he rendered himself justice as the movie went on, assimilating the appearance of GM's new 08 Camaro. Once again, the military's role in th
/" /> Come to our lounge and hear all ya fav jams just click on pic.....We are in need of dj's so if u want to try somthing new and fun coming on over and try it
ok prob all of u prob have seen trasnformers in your life regardless if it was the t.v. show or the movie....well it just hit me right now that there are people out there who are like transformers in real the theme said more then meets the eye.....Well i can agree with this cuz there are people out there who are just like that they say or do something in front of u then when your not looking or when u think u mite have just clicked with someone then BOOM there really not what they say there about...
Transcendental Powers
I obviously need to get a life.. However, ponder the idea of transcending on anyones psyche. Just think how cool that would be, and how potential dangerous it could be. You could be in the grocery store selecting tomatoes and suddenly you feel, smell, taste and hear your husband/wife, gf/bf or maybe a stranger touching you, talking to you, transcending feelings from them. I could go on and on with different scenarios. However no one else is aware of this being, because it is all in your head, or is it? That would be an awesome super power! How cool would it be to just pop into someones thoughts and communicate..could you imagine sex? This has been a BLOG is a direct affect of sleep depravation, and too much coffee..
Transformers Halloween Costumes
Transformers Halloween Costumes Shop for super hero costumes by clicking here - fulfill all your costume and party decoration needs! Making your own Transformers Halloween Costume is going to be tricky, especially If you want your costume to transform into a car. Of course if we could easily build this type of technology, we wouldn't be so worried about getting the perfect Transformers halloween costume. So how do you achieve that metallic look in your Transformers costume? You will need to start with some sturdy cardboard boxes, cut them up and glue them together. Make sure you can fit inside of each of the box parts. Once you are done decorating the boxes, have a friend glue the last few pieces together while you are wearing the costume. To add some realism get some shiny metallic paint and spray paint the boxes using your favorite Transformers colors.
Tranquility-radio Need Dj"s Contest Are Coming Up (report)
Tranquility-radio Hiring!
currently looking to hire some more dj's , so if your interested, please contact us in our fubar lounge! ** requirments are needed to apply for our station!
Trans-fubar Express
You know, it's funny. Very funny. I joined here back in April. And surprise, it's now November. I don't usually do this. Bad enough I've got two blogs and a Kraftwerk fan fiction to fight with!! *head bash on desk* Well, anywho, to those of you who're my friends on here, heylo and, good to see y'all. Especially to my pal Mojito. You know darn well who you are. Yup. Otherwise, for the moment, check the music--yes, I finally got around to putting a decent playlist on there. The music's all Kraftwerk, going from '73 [like "Kristallo"] to 2003 ["Aero Dynamik"] and even some remade-in-'91 classics [like 1977's "Trans-Europe Express"]. Enjoy and, until the next round, Cheers!! ~ 'Sunshine'
HOW THE FIGHT STARTED I rear-ended a car this morning. So there we are alongside the road and slowly the driver gets out of the car. . . and you know how you just-get-sooo-stressed and life-stuff seems to get funny? Yeah, well, I could NOT believe it . . . he was a DWARF! He storms over to my car, looks up at me and says, 'I AM NOT HAPPY!' So, I look down at him and say, 'Well, then which one are you?' . . . and that's when the fight started . . . Forgot to tell you, I bought a new Lexus LS 430 last Thursday, and returned to the dealer Friday because I couldn't get the damn radio to work. The salesman explained that the radio was voice activated. "Nelson," the salesman said to the radio. The Radio replied, "Ricky or Willie?" "Willie!" he said, and "On the Road Again" came from the speakers. Then he said, Ray Charles!", and in an instant "Georgia on My Mind" replaced Willie Nelson. I drove away happy, and for the next couple of days, every t
I have realized that it's time to do for me. I'm tired of trying to help others and getting nothing in return. Call it selfish or whatnot, but at least I'm honest about it. With my birthday quickly approaching, I have decided to finally do for me. I'm not going to reveal what the transformation is going to consist of but I know some will be upset and others hopefully will be happy for me and support me. I need to make a life for me and my kids, I need to make sure my children are happy. My children are what I am living one else. My happiness will come one day, I can feel it, but I'm always helping others and forgetting about myself, which is unfair to both me and my children. I will always be here for those close to my heart but I want to have what everyone else has as well. I'm not getting any younger in life and if I don't make this transformation than who will? I am always here for you all...
A. A. Milne: One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. Abraham Maslow: The key question isn't "What fosters creativity?" But it is why in God's name isn't everyone creative? Where was the human potential lost? How was it crippled? I think therefore a good question might be not why do people create? But why do people not create or innovate? We have got to abandon that sense of amazement in the face of creativity, as if it were a miracle if anybody created anything. Albert Einstein: You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created. Albert Einstein: Technological change is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal. Albert Einstein: The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. Arthur Koestler: Creativity is a type of learning process where the teache
Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee
Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee Click here to buy Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee Fully transforming 2008 camaro changes to interactive Bumblebee robot. Features animatronics, 26 different songs and phrases, even responds to your voice! * Ultimate Bumblebee figure is premium Transformers toy on the market * Transforms from sl transformers ultimate bumblebee, ultimate bumblebee, transformers, christmas toys, toys
Trans-siberian Orchestra
Wednesday, September 26, 2007 Transformation Current mood: contemplative Category: Life up in the air kinda like a helium balloon released accidentally by an innocent child floating drifting flying silently peacefully contently to the final resting spot where it will stay for eternity undisturbed untouched unharmed alone and at peace until one day it is kicked up and moved awakened as an old piece of debris to become something else something new transformed remade recycled kinda like a butterfly emerging from the cacoon it was developing in transforming from a catapillar to this spectacular colorful beautiful happy butterfly and is now in flight once again kinda like that baloon once was off floating in the air seeking that final resting place
I remember the moment I heard it, Heard the calling. It was when my tormented shrieks Subsided into weary moans. My breath stopped, With the air completely expelled from the lungs, And with sudden awareness, I realized that the moans reverberating inside my ears Was not the echoes of my pain, But the howl of the winds gentle agony. Silently, I pressed forward. Though maybe at first from the daze Of being hollowed by misery, It was not long that it was due To the bewitching of the Earths song. And entranced, I relented to the flow of the wind. Let go of my pain In quiet desperation, As it commanded me to. Thats when I felt the shift. Like the world had rotated on its axis, Only with me integrated in its core So that I was swept away with it. I was unaware of the merge. Like one is unaware of the night When it transcends on the soul. I only recognized when it was there. When I became immersed. And l
My dreams have gotten so vivid and it seems like nothin will ever happen. All I want is to be happy and make others see that theres more to me that meets the eye. I want to cry with happy times not just its the only way to calm my mind to fall asleep at night. Will I ever be happy? Will I ever have someone that love me for me? Will I ever be respected and not disrespected? I want so much and hope that somethin happens since a new yr is almost here for me... next month I'll be 25....hopefully a better yr I dont know what to do. today i try and look at myself better but its not workin. i cant even look in the mirror to check if somethin in on my face. i went to the mall to try on things but i just looked and put it back. i could deal with the full length mirror and seein how i looked. what to do? any suggestions? I was embarassed at work today. my manager got an email from my regional that someone that had some in to my job had complained about how i appeared and everythin ab
Dont know if you've noticed but I havent been online lately. I went to see Rheumatologist, I had Xrays done to find I've broken my coxic bone,(tail end of spine) I have to have an Op to remove bone, it cannot be fixed. Have also learnt my sacroilliac joints are almost worn away, there is nothing they can do about that. I have to learn to give myself weekly steroid injections, Lol am phobic with needles! I have shrunk 1 1/2" I'm now only 4'10"! Lol real Pygmy size hehehehe! Just hope I can ride in the wind again! Fuckin hope so! Just thought it would be a good idea to do a few translations, Feel free to add more! Cause sometimes our meaning of things is totally different to yours. here's just a few to start the ball rolling ;) Lol = laugh a lot or Love a lot. Tights = pantyhose. Fag = cigarette not a gay person. Pants = mens underwear. In your language its trousers. Blat = ride on motorbike. Hi folks, its been ages since have been on here, there has been a very good reason to
Translation Is Futile
Я начинаю сожалеть о моем движении к Штату Огайо. Экономика и погода сосут, я встретил слишком немного людей, которые стоят мое время, и я только вот ещё надуваю это в посл
transforming cigarette boxes
So, I have been doing alot of thinking... & I think I'm transgendered. It's a really long and complicated thing, perhaps tomorow I'll do like a real blog, but it's late & I'm tired so here's the fast-5 version. It's basically that I think like a man, look more like a dude than a female, even when I'm TRYING to look like a god-damned woman... I Adore women, find myself wanting to be with them, but wanting to do all the guy things, like be the protector, the shelter... I want to be the one you run to when you are hurting or scared... I want to be the solace from someone's storms.... I want to get lost in bed and forget there's a world outside... So yah. I think I'm a man trapped in a woman-ish body. I am broke. I am trans. I am a freak of nature! Thank you for your time.
Transition Pics And Tags By Twist'a
Picture Transitions by Twist'a If interested contact me via private message...
Transcripts Of My Life.....
Since none of you pricks fully welcomed me back.. I'll save you the trouble.."Welcome back oh great one" My how some shit never changes! I see most are still here and the neigh sayers and people who claim I was a fraud and still wasting their meaningless lives here in the high school forum that is Fubar. Anyways, I decided after much time away, I needed to come back and set some shit straight and piss off some of you fine folks... Fasten your seat belts ladies and gents, the asshole is back! Over the weekend I was out-and-about for the first time in dog's age. I took a temporary leave of absence from my self imposed hermit phase and wound up driving home on Friday evening at two in the morning. Haven't seen that part of the day outside my lonely apartment in years yet as early as just three years ago, it was the norm for me. My have times changed! Anyway, I was seconds away from home when I remembered what was lacking in my abode's refrigerator. That would be fo
Trans Girl
I am a trans woman who luvs other women and trans who luv smoking sexy long 120 cigarettes! I am a trans girl luv other woman and trans girls even better are the sexy ones that smoke long slim cigarettes!
Trans Siberian Orchestra
It's my real life sister's birthday please help me level her to fu-king..She only has 35,992 more points to go. Show her the love...Click on the link to go to her page. ~Mink~@ fubar Thank you all Hugs, Silverpixi
well i recently got out of the army after 17 years been to iraq 4 times i'm not saying this to get praise or anything like that just telling you this so you know alil about me. i do have a job so transion is going good but life in the military and civilian life two different things i get to see my family daily or as much as i like pretty kool if you ask me just catching up with them seeing i missed so much in their lifes love my family and everything comes from the heart with them and me family equals strength and glad to be one of the pillars that hold them up
Trance State Memories
This much overlooked rock-opera has been uploaded to my web server for your listening pleasure... Most people only know the title track, and are missing out on a cleverly written and entertaining story when taken as a whole. This is all random bits of my brain, culled off random scraps of paper I've collected over the past 20 years. Sometimes I have imaginary conversations with people, in situations I'll neversee. It seems that nothing means anything anymore, anyway. On Larry Flynt's b-day I wrote - Doo Dah for the Poobah of Hoo Ha. We're all deceivers, We're all believers in each other's lies. Committing crimes, No matter how small, There's no reason at all. They say that man... Man he is basically evil, I say the devil is teaching us well. A little bit of all of us belongs in Hell. Sometimes, when I wake up, or when I see something on the news, I feel likewe're living in a Philip K. Dick novel. It's like he fou
Hidden Desire Longing and trembling Under moon's full glow Seems an eternity Til touch comes this way Only moments away Need fills this soul Marked by a bite Eternal this moment becomes Shadows dwell in restless night In dreams they whisper in grim delight Cackling laughter far and near Yet as mist do they appear Eyes red as blood and shame Evil stares of doubt and blame Fixed upon this gentle soul The cost is peace for their toll Strength, however, lies deep within Once an end, now to begin Change now flows in streams of blood Though thought has slowed like thickened mud One clear notion comes and grows Knowledge forms from what it sowes Blackened mists whose roots aren't seen Combined now the shadows and me With searching gaze cross sea and shore Distant sounds hard to ignore Warm wind beneath these shadowed wings I am become this horrored thing
Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen
this movie was fucking awsome much better then the first i'am going to show how much of a nerd i'am by telling who was in the movie soundwave,devastor,megatron,starscream, sideways, ravage, scopinox thats all the bad guys i can rember. prime, mudflap,sideswipe, jetfire. story line was way better if it doesn't pull in more the the last one i will be shocked. i will definately buy this when it comes out.i'll have to pick up a few of the toys when i get the chance.
Transaction Or Payment Problems
Enter FuMafia Questions and Feedback Here Social Concepts and Credit Card & PayPal Authorization Form If you are asked to fill out a credit card authorization form, please do not be alarmed. We developed this form in cooperation with our merchant account and paypal to prevent fraud. The best way to explain is the analogy the paypal fraud department used when explaining it to me. What business can a person with a bag over their head spend over a hundred dollars without an Identification check. The process is simple and painless. You can fill out the form and email or FAX or screen grab and send back. We check the information and note in your account and you rock on with your bad self. Thanks Download Form Here or copy and paste the one below. First of all we just want to say thank you for your support! We wouldn't be here without folks like you. Because we care about your security and the security of fubar, we request that you fill out the following transac
A Translation Of Yankee Dogs To Southern Dawgs
(Yankee) German Shepherd Dog (Southern) Poh-leece Dawg (Yankee) Poodle (Southern) Circus Dawg (Yankee) St. Bernard (Southern) "Thank Gawd, Here Comes The Whiskey Dawg" (Yankee) Doberman Pinscher (Southern-2 versions) Bad Dawg, or Dobimin Pinches (Yankee) Beagle (Southern) Rabbit Dawg (Yankee) Rottweiler (Southern) Bad Dawg AND Mean As Heck Dawg. Good dawg to guard the still. (Yankee) Yellow Lab (Southern) Ol' Yeller Dawg (Yankee) Black Lab (Southern) Duck fetchin' Dawg (Yankee) Greyhound (Southern) Greased Lightnin' Dawg (Yankee) Malinois (Southern) Another kind of Poh-leece Dawg (Yankee) Blue Ticks, Red Bones, etc. (Southern) Prize Coon Dawgs (Yankee) Pekinese (Southern) Mop Dawg (Yankee) Chinese Crested (Southern) Nekkid Dawg (Yankee) Dachshund (Southern) Wienie Dawg (Yankee) Siberian Husky (Southern) Sled-Pullin' Dawg (Yankee) Bouvier, Komondor (Southern) "What The Heck Kinda Dawg Is That?" (Yankee) Great Dane, Mastiff (Southern) Danged
We hold each other closeand long to stay just soin your eyes I see my dreamseven ones I don't yet knowour hearts soar and energies surgeas together you and I, oursouls and bodies do mergelike a bowing willowwe bend and entwineto the heights of sensationour passion does climbstrumming and hummingour heart beats dancethrumming drummingwe're caught in a trance.
Tranny Doll Ramblings
Finally I got together and managed a proper jam session in Renoise. Renoise, for those that doesn't know, is an old school tracker style music composition application. Neatly updated to modern standards though so old school does not necessarily have to be applied to the sound. A Sunday well spent and god knows if there weren't actually a song forming in between all the keyboard hammering and settings fiddling. Reccomended listenings: And One - Traumfrau
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trange Una
With your feet in the air and your head on the groundTry this trick and spin it, yeahYour head will collapseBut there's nothing in itAnd you'll ask yourselfWhere is my mind?Where is my mind?Where is my mind? Sometimes,ppl can do nothing 2 stuff like time-flew,grown up and being thrown2 the shity world. Find a job then keep the food on the table. Wanna catch somebody 2 talk but dnk dial who. Lying on the couch,keep changing tv channels wiz the warming beer. Sex r not superb. Pot r not hot. Feel like good life is taking a bow. Im the walking dead, lost in ur chaos head,where is my mind? Freak!!! How??? Questions like this are thrown to me from time to time. Answer it or not, all depends on moods. Self—talker, movie geek, nerdy gamer, etc. Most important of all, I’m fucking easy pissed off. Surely, there is a big F word branded on my butt. What? Not Fuck, its Freak. Lots people curest and kicked me out of their life
Transitioning Your Wardrobe To Fall
The Transformation
This will be a blog about my transformation in improving my body. I alway's have been a skinny guy most of my life and now sense I'm going to be 24 I been thinking about joining a gym I need to build upper body mass and eventually get my spine straight. I would like to find a girl friend in the process as well but I just need to build my arms my chest my abs and get my back into full possision. I don't want to be known as that skinny shit from 2008 when I do go to my HS Reunion It's time this summer I build my body and sculpt it into some thing great.
Ngy 24/3, HP sẽ tổ chức buổi ra mắt sản phẩmmy in HP900 - dng my in phun tch hợp tất cả những tnh năng thuận lợi v tiết kiệm đến 126% chi ph vận hnh trong in ấn. HP 900 đặc biệt c khả năng in mu cho chất lượng ảnh in sắc nt, mu sắc sống động. Vớimy inHP900, mỗi hộp mực đen cho php in 450 trang văn bản v mỗi hộp mực 3 mu in được 400 trang văn bản mu. Buổi ra mắt sẽ được tổ chức tại Nh thi đấu Phan Đnh Phng, TPHCM km theo một chương trnh ca nhạc hấp dẫn với sự tham gia của nhiều ca sĩ đang được mền mộ. Nhn dị
Trapped Trapped in two plains at once a tuff spot to be, not a choice just came to be. My soul is ripped in two, dont know what to do. So I cary this inside, my feelings I cant hide. Not another choice upon me, blinded by two loves let me be. Wish I could have both at differnt times,Two senteces but in the same line. I must choose one and go, I love the other dearly, I'll let her know...............Night Shadows LLC Copywrite 2006
Trapt Lyrics
"Echo" Close my eyes Let the whole thing pass me by There is no time To waste asking why I'll run away with you by my side I'll run away with you by my side I need to let go, let go, let go, let go of this pride, (Asking why) I think about your face And how I fall into your eyes The outline that I trace Around the one that I call mine Time that called for space Unclear where you drew the line I don't need to solve this case And I don't need to look behind [Chorus] Do I expect to change, the past I hold inside, with all the words I say, repeating over in my mind, somethings you can't erase, no matter how hard you try, an exit to escape is all there is left to find. Close my eyes Let the whole thing pass me by There is no time To waste asking why I'll run away with you by my side I'll run away with you by my side I need to let go, let go, let go, let go of this pride, Until this echo, echo, echo, echo in my mind Until this echo, echo, echo, echo
Trapped In Clauset 2 | Send To Friends | Funny Flash Cartoons At Jibjab
Trapped In Clauset 2 | Send To Friends | Funny Flash Cartoons at JibJab
Trapped Into This One
First, I want you to know that you are amazing, and I love you to death. If I don't get this back, I understand. But I have a game for you. Once you read this letter, you must send it to 14 people that you really care about, including the person that sent it to you. If you receive at least 7 back, then you are loved. Nobody knows what they have until they loose it. You never leave the person whom you love for the one you like, because that person who you like will leave you for the person whom they love. Tonight, right at 12:00am, your true love it is going to realize that they LOVE you! Then something is going to happen to you between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. Tomorrow, be ready for the greatest shock of your life. If you break this chain, you are going to have bad luck in love for the next year of your life. Send this to 15 people in 15 minutes. Do it if you wanna know who your real friends are
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"Trapped" Trapped in my world of confusion, my head spinning and spinning, vision blurred, confusion is what I deserve. Trapped in my world of pain, keeping it all inside, hurt is all I feel, pain is what I deserve. Trapped in my world of anger, vessels ready to explode, blood boiling, anger is what I deserve. Trapped in my world of sadness, crying, weeping, not knowing what to do, sadness is what I deserve. Trapped in my own reality, scared, helpless and empty, not knowing what to do. Nobody will save me, death is all I deserve. alo
the day goes on the sun has set but my love has not died yet you said to call and there you'd come but here i sit just me, alone was it a lie your song to me do you wish me to just let us be? but done we're not you and i both know will you give us a chance or will you let us just go?
Happiness what exactly is it and does one ever truly find this word spoke of so much. Im not exactly sure is it in someones touch. Does it exist at all or just an invisible feeling we try to create. All I usually feel is hate. Hate for myself for my life and from people I meet. Do we let this hate cause us defeat. Do we go on tryin to attain this happiness when we really don't know what it is at all. Pushing ourselves harder and harder trying to break through this wall. The wall of hate that so many of us have created in our mind. Who knows maybe one day this happiness I might find. Untill then I'll try to control the hate not letting it take over could determine ones fate. So to everyone out there don't quit searching it's not to late. I come in a bottle I can be an upper, a deppressant even speed. I am here to feel your every need. You can get me from a doctor or even a friend. I am widely distributed from one side of the world to the
Inprisoned in the depths of my own mind. Stuck here, no escape. I work, come home, sleep. I havent even been playin guitar hero, which i was addicted to. I rarely go out now, but how else can i save money if i keep going out.. pretty soon, my bestfriend will be leaving. she got a new job opportunity in hawaii and who wouldnt jump for that? She asked me to go with, but, i'm not ready to leave home. I have my 5 parakeets, which r like my children. I have my mom, who worries so much, i wouldnt want to leave just 2 keep her from getting sick. There are plans to remodel my house, which i've been excited about for the past 2 years or more.. I also have my highschool best friend who lives in the neighboring city.. she's the sister i never had.. adopted family.. she is only an hour drive away.. Then there's my ex-boyfriend who visits my mom often. i feel bad, cuz he wants to get back together.. on his last visit.. he hugged me so much.. he wouldnt let go before he left... he kissed me.. i feel
Trapped In The Darkness Of My Own Soul
DISCLAIMER : THIS WAS WRITTEN LONG AGO! I HAVE BEEN REQUESTED BY MY BABY GIRL TO REPOST SO OF THE WRITINGS FROM MY OLD PROFILE SO HERE THEY ARE. COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. I AM GRATEFUL FOR ALL FEED BACK! PEACE ! Darkness surrounds every soul at all times. We strive to drive it away with love and friendship but this isnt always successful. Darkness and Despair is our companion thru out life either we fight it or we embrace it. Some believe that True Love can dispel it, others believe it is a part of life that is forever there. What do I believe, I no longer know and at the moment not sure I care. Oh yes Apathy the close cousin to Darkness and Despair is my companion now. Heart empty and forsaken , Life worthless and broken, Dreams shattered and discarded. I am but a shell of what I was. Fragile and Brittle to scatter to the four winds at the slight touch. Hope has fled with the Broken Promises of yesterday. Wasted and Tormented I sit within my walls waiting for the end. As I
Trapped In The Past
Trapped In The Past Shadows of darkness follow me Secrets hide behind my eyes Honesty no longer means anything Living off of the lies Feeling but not expressing Lost for words and still I talk Thoughts lost in tides of emotion Life is a lonely road to walk Hopeful if death is the prize Fearing I'll actually see today Easy to give up and close my eyes Wishing all things would pass away Dreading the prospect of tomorrow Left with a heart that's dead Praying death will ease the sorrow Sadly living and breathing instead Remembering yesterday with remorse Cursing the life that continues to last Wanting it to finish its course Instead of being trapped in the past
Trapped Inside
Trapped Inside Depression what is it ? Is it a feeling you fear ? Or is it something your brain does to punish you? When, at first thought that you had it all figured out . Why can't life just be easy for once ? Life' S little vacation from our sorrows and grief's. I am the one who will conquer it .I am stronger then the spirits think s. If they think I am going to give in , then they don't know me. I breathe air for my kids, as long as I have them nothing can bring me down for the final countdown. . I devour the pain through the sweet seduction of courage and the ability of knowing the difference . Can you say the same? Sapphire Jewel aka Valarie A Laboy 2006
Trapped (1991)
No space around me Stifling walls Closing off my view Numbing thoughts Aching soul Suffocating dreams Memory stirs Pain wells up Trapping me again Nowhere to go But inside myself Devoid of any aim Too scared to move Barriers raised Hearts freedom restrained Tentative Withdrawing hand Fear of hurt again Thick breath and clouds Within my head Oppressive atmosphere Numbing thoughts Aching soul Suffocating dream Jerry 6/30/91
Trapped With In The Walls
Trapt Inside An Endless Mind
Life Is unpredictable, but inevitable And at times, it comes with such force that For a moment, we forget it is fleeting Time Is precious, but irrelevant in that It passes without any concern of the future and is remembered, only by its results Faith Is subjective, but can be imposing When others dictate supremacy rather than understanding and acceptance Hope Is sustaining, but can easily be lostin a world governed by money, greed, and selfishness hope of a better tomorrow will sustain us today Forgiveness Is a gift, but can be costly in that It may mean giving up a part of ones self ~in order to be able to empathize with someone else Love Is accessible, but can be illusive in that Forgetting to love ourselves, first~ stifles our ability to love others. Happiness Is ours for the taking, but can be difficult to maintain when we gage it by quantity of acquisitions and levels of worldly achievement rather than self-actualizatio
Trapped in my world of confusion, my head spinning and spinning, vision blurred, confusion is what I deserve. Trapped in my world of pain, keeping it all inside, hurt is all I feel, pain is what I deserve. Trapped in my world of anger, vessels ready to explode, blood boiling, anger is what I deserve. Trapped in my world of sadness, crying, weeping, not knowing what to do, sadness is what I deserve. Trapped in my own reality, scared, helpless and empty, not knowing what to do. Nobody will save me, death is all I deserve. alo
Trapped Emotions
December 15, 2008 at 1:30am I'm sitting here and my mind is a stir, it won't shut down. I just lost my mother and now the family is falling apart. That wasn't that big a shocker. I remember telling mom that she was the only person keeping this family together, once she was gone. I was right. I'm at peace with mom passing, matter of fact I didn't shed a tear at the funeral. Yes I cried at her home when she passed. I had to go outside and I remember leaning on Roses shoulder and it was a very wet and stormy night. Thank God for Rose and her being there, I really needed her. I do love my wife and my kids but some how I've managed to be a poor husband and an even worse father. Anger and rage seems to feel my heart and it has so for some time at the world and even at times with God himself. I've gotten over being angry with him concerning my health. Being born with a bad heart but through his wisdom he has given me many opportunities to bounce back through guided hands of skilled surgeons.
Trapped Inside
Sometimes in this life you find someone who just fits you and you can't figure out how it's possible because there are too many challenges in your way. That person becomes trapped in your soul and no matter what happens to you they stay there. They become a part of all of your thoughts and feelings and become a part of YOU. You ask yourself over and over how did it happen and what can you do to make it right. It gets really frustrating when you can't figure out what right is exactly. So instead of being with that person they become trapped inside. If only I knew what the reason for this was and how to make it right................sometimes I even feel trapped inside of myself and that person isn't here to let me out.
Trapped Within Your Violent Dreams
Trapped within your violent dreams Unheard voices from my silent scream Nightmare tickets couldn't be redeemed Insanity being pushed to the extreme Melancholy twist of euphoric surprise No souls listening to my hidden cries Sweet promises tangled in your lies Debt mounting, unable to pay the price Waking up to bitter taste of reality Life hanging on uncertain destiny Expired drugs provides no remedy Angels unable to lift me from gravity Tormented to the edge of the seat Enslaved producing unwanted seed Useless repetitions of endless plead If only you'd let me go, then I'd be complete
My is travis in I'am looking 4 some one that I can make feel like some one to blog to me about wat make her feel like awoman so hit me up and keep it hood My name is Trap in the thing's I like is someone that's good looking at all ttime not to bad but just hot in sexy
Trapped In A Room
once trapped in a room a room with walls walls of rules walls of laws no walls of freedom what is freedom? freedom is like the wind it blows any way it wants too no walls to stop it the wind goes over anything in its way unlike i who is stuck in that room of no freedom who needs to get out someway, somehow to get that freedom.
There's not really much ta tell except that this is all new to me. I'm no springclucker, but i still get out there and stir up the dust round the chicken house. My wife and i are both 58 and have been together for almost 37 years. So, we're not on here ta find playmates, etc. etc. etc. Dc....good ta see yer still kicking round man!!!!
Dried up from the inside out, I kinda wanna die What's worse than living empty? No tears left to cry.. Each day is getting longer and harder to get through Waiting for fatigue to close my eyes so I no longer think of you. You came to me like a ray of hope, sunshine in my darkness I saw light through the sadness, I saw the storm clouds clear But you were too far away for me to reach and I was trapped by all my fears. The rain fell too hard, the wind was too strong I couldn't make it to you...and you couldn't wait that long I wish things were different, I wish that ray of light did stay I wish that you could have fought through the storm to meet me half the way. Now all madness has subsided because I've given up the fight But your ray of light isn't present, I'm still lost in the night. Darkness surrounds me, I don't pretend anymore I don't smile to make it seem better like I always did before. I'm done pretending, I'm sick of lying and saying that I'm fine
Trapped Under Ice - See God
Never brought mommy smiles this feeling that I'm feeling I've been feeling for a while it's hard to admit but I got to get it off my chest I would sleep forever if there's peace in death and if you see god tell him that I'm still alive gave up on all those prayers because they couldn't provide the answer to the questions I've been asking since birth been searching for the truth for years I can't find peace on this earth you won't find peace on this earth
Trashed On The Southside
Trashed Lust
ive been online all morning n no one is online or messaging me :/ is there even a gud way to search for friends on here because im tryin to find a way. oh well i might jus go fe a shower or summet n see if pple r bout when i return. katie xx
Trash Talking Radio Show
Many of you may or may not know this but by day I sell technology. Yes I am a Computer Geek and not afraid of using the technologies I sell. Of course if you think about it, loo0k at some of my toys. I own a Hybrid Car. I have a fairly advanced Wireless network in my house. I was doing Computerized Rock back the 80's (Before it was common). Fast Forward to the TTRS on 2/12/08. We had a fairly bad storm and I was late getting to the studio. The Show started about 15 minutes late. Trish wasn't able to get there due to the snow. Oh boy, flying solo. Everything seemed to be going fairly smoothly. First interview with Jaden went off without a hitch. Massive Mike is on and the connection wasn't the greatest, but it was usable. The Show usually goes till around 10PM 10:30 depending on the guest. Its now about 9:45 and I start hearing this beep, beep noise. As annoying as it seemed, I kept going. About 10 minutes later, Pam comes into the studio with a flashlight and s
Trashy's Blog
When yer up to yer butt in aligators, it's hard to remember it is yer prime function to drain the CREEK !!! welcome to the world of trashy, where it's something ALL the time.... but remember folks: EVEN A BLIND SQUIRREL FINDS A NUT SOMETIMEZ........... FBLAHBOOOT-PA-THPPPTTT......and that's all I got to say bout that...........
Trash Talk From Her
Title: Trash By: Detox Thrown awayLost in timeThrown awayAnd left behindThrown awayThis dream I might findThrown awayI'm flying blindThrown awayA life once livedThrown awayWith nothing left to giveThrown awayThis path we once walkedThrown awayYour decietful talkThrown awayAnd outlined in chalkThrown away It's all your fault
Trash It
Imma sitting here going through stuff to either sell on Ebay/Craigs List, give away, or trash.... & Imma having a hard time letting go of stuff.... Since imma alittle buzzed.. it's all going in to the keep pile! What is one item you own that you really should throw away.... but probably never will!?!?!?!?! hope ya'll had a good weekend and peace baby
Trashroom And Its Followers Of The Deep
VERSE1: lee yells let all trash be sorted! and be placed in the right vestibule and jeffers yells true dat foo! VERSE2: Trash that yees to be sorted will be made "holy" and placed on thine galley floor. VERSE3: lee shouts to thine people above if you do not obey these rules thine coppers will be filled with rubish and jeffers states "yup". VERSE4: if thy refuselet it be known that we will strickey you from the depths of below with moldy cabbadge, rotten celery, and other unholy products found on the refer decks. VERSE5: if thine personal misconstrive with the trashroom dwellers of the deep thine sheets and blankets will become one with due thanks of the cpo. VERSE6: if all who readeth these adendums of a know stated nature, and rightously becomes disobedient to them, ye shall be smitten with trash refused guilt. and that sayeth man and men promulgated before thee"lee and "holy" of holies" jeffers" shall then smote ye. with foulness and its sfore mentioned bindings (warner 1-23:55
Trashy Thursday On Craigslist
Every Thursday I will find a random article of trashy clothing and post it on Craigslist with funny captions and see what we can get and during the week I will post responses: Here is the first one it is a Thong and no I am not 400 lbs it was for affect..
Trash Talking With Odbsguy
Traumaless Drama
Even the middle Of nowhere Is somewhere You just wish You were Someplace else Feeling abandoned Left stranded Lacking direction And missing Much hope No inner light To guide Your path Insecurities posing As actual Fears The sensation Of being lost Never wanting To be found No matter where You try to hide Youll always Find you Right here
So, I'm having fun in Folsom. No, I haven't been to the prison. But still fun. Didn't realized how much I missed Justin. He's my best bud. Right now he is playing Hitman:Blood Money and listen to Pepper. Very strange combo...but that's J for ya. Anywho, I'm going to get back to my vacation. For all who were concerned for me...I'M FRICKIN HAPPY. Nuf said. *mwah!* love you all I miss him sooooo much. I wish I was there already. I'm very impatient, did I mention that? *tear* So, I've never been more relax. And I so don't wanna go back to work. Blah! But as of the 13th I have to go back to being a responsable adult. It's times like this that I miss being a child. But truthfully, despite everything, I'm feeling really happy still, although a little cold, so I'm going to go and turn the heat up. And maybe have my first cigarette in like 5 days, cuz I'm really wanting a cigarette (stupid adictive substances!) I love you all!
travis my boyfriend is having so touble with his confidence he needs some help what should i do say goodbye to the person you love isnt the most easy thing in the world but you get passed it and when you do you ask youreself why you took so long to get over it but i guess they say love is the most passionate thing to experince i wouldnt know because someone will not try love and i feel bad because they dont know what they are missing - Ashley AKA ( sadest gurl to ever walk the face of the earth). why is everything so fucking stupid i hate the world and everyone in it because ther not like you nones like be duh even i know that
I'M HOSTING A BEST ASS CONTEST THE WINNER WILL GET A ONE MONTH VIP. SECOND AND THIRD PLACE WILL WIN A 3 DAY BLAST AND 10,000 FUBUCKS. The rules are simple. Send me a request to submit your photo (must be a photo of YOUR ass). I will not accept a request for my girlfriends ass or anything of the likeness. Comment bombing (including self bombing) is permitted and encouraged. The most rates and comments wins (total of both added together). Clothes must be worn in the picture (bikinis and thongs are fine). NO DOWNRATINGS ALLOWED. The contest will run for 2 weeks. I wil accept up to 30 entrants. CONTACT ME TO ENTER YOUR PIC IN THE CONTEST DUKK77~Owner Of Horny Fu Lounge~and DIBALO'S DEN PERV@ fubar
You may not realize it, but it's 100% true. 1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. You are special and unique. 8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 10. When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look. 11. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks. >So-If you are a loving friend, send this to everyone, including the one who sent it to you. If you get it back, then they really do love you. And always remember....when life hands you Lemons, ask for tequila and salt and ca
Travelling For Business, Great Fun !
This is surreal .... Brazil has everything to please: great climate, lovely and in many aspects unique scenery, friendly population (yeah, you know me, I'm talking about those sexy women scattered around everywhere, I think it's the climate, I've seen the same in South-East Asia, women dress very sexy - well, at least to me, a silly European). BUT ... today I experienced again the total failure of their air traffic organisation. It started good though, only half an hour to queue up at the TAM desk (where supposedly my tickets were waiting for me). I ended up with a kind young man who said nothing more than "they are checking for your ticket, sir" and left me to myself. After 15 minutes, a girl appeared and she managed to print me my e-ticket in less than 10 minutes ... after which I had to go to another counter (of course) to get my boarding pass. I tried (and succeeded) e-boarding, so off I went, full of high experiences. Alas, boarding gate was a 'general' gate, meaning eve
Hooray! I have two albums up in my webshots! Each titled Last Dance... Go take a look, and tell me what you think!! so i'm headed to new jersey and new york in november. i'm waaaay excited! i have to get new luggage for sure! gahhhh.. i'm excited and stressed all at once! I have two tickets to see James Blunt at the Rave/Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee. The show is this Tuesday, October 24th, at 7:30 (doors open at 6:30). Tickets are only available for pick up Monday evening, or Tuesday afternoon, at *the latest.* Top bidder for these tickets by 5:00 pm takes the pair. Ticket prices via Ticketmaster are $30 each, PLUS surcharges, convenience fees, tax, etc. Tickets are only available together (aka I'm not breaking them up). Starting bid is $25 each. Bid now, bid fast. Help me get rid of them, and repost this if you can! Thanks! Cherry
For As Long As I Can Remember, I've Been Stuck In Corpus Christi Texas For 22 Miserable Years Without Knowing What Snow Is Or Was. I've Always Wanted To See Snow But It's Way Too Humid Down Here For Anything Like That To Happen. I Saw Some Snowflakes When I Was Little But That Was It. Since Then, I've Been Wishing Really Hard For Snow To Show Up. In December Of 2004, There Were A Lot Of Talk On The News About Possible Snow Flurries In Texas As Well As Really Cold Temperatures. And Of Course People Were Not Really Believing That It Could Happen. When It Got Close To Christmas Eve, The Weathermen Mentioned That It Was Going To Snow On Christmas Eve And Maybe Even Christmas Day. Now People Were Praying For Snow To Happen. When Christmas Eve Came, My Relatives & I Were Having Dinner @ My Grandparents House. There Were Lots Of White Stuff Falling From The Sky That Looked Like Hail & Sleet. I Went Out In The Front Yard & There Was More White Stuff On The Ground. So I Went Outside And Told Ev
Travis Tritt
What a great trip! Finally in my hotel and they have high speed wireless. Unfortuntely it sucks and I can't play my xbox360 live :( Oblibivion is about it. I guess I will call their tech support. LOL Anyone of my friend in the area HIT ME UP! I will be here for 17 more days would love to hang out, catch a patriots game, have a beer or whatever else gets you buzzing! send me a PM here! PEACE OUT YO!
4th Jun 2006 1:44 AM What up dawgs? been up to a suprising amount of stuff sitting on this little island. a suprising amount to do, so thought i would leave a little taster of what i have been upto as im sure you are all dying to know. As you can see from new profile pic, did indeed go scuba diving, whihc was amazing. saw a completely new world, had geat visibilty, loads of fish and just such crazy stuff i had no idea even exsisted. slighty soured by the fact i had some trouble equaliing pressure in right ear so couldnt go down that deep, was still great though. loads of bumming around on the beach, some snorkling and loads of readng, glad i picked up a fat 1000 page book while in bangkok. Another day went down to the shooting range on the island, let of a few rounds form a .45 and then an AK which was alot of fun, but very expensive, paul got hit in the face with ejected casing which was funny, and even went bowling and saw Xmen 3 (nice to indulge in some normal activitesd
Before us lies a road that neither of us is sure of Yet together we are more than ready to walk it It looks straight from where were standing now But both of us know there are curves and bumps ahead There will be days when neither of us feels like talking Days when we would probably like to just walk away from each other But in our hearts we know that we will make it through With God at the center of our lives we can do anything We can make it over the roughest most difficult spots in the road Everyday I fall deeper and deeper in love with you And I know in my heart that we will walk hand in hand for years to come Come rain or shine, sleet or snow we will be together With each breath we take, each step we step we will grow closer and closer So now I not only give you my heart but I give you my hand Walk with me, not matter what for that is what love is about Each of us will have our turns leading down certain parts of the road
Travis's Laws 1-?
1. Depend on yourself, others will most likely let you down. 2. Be careful of false hopes, those who deceive you will make you feel used. 3. Keep your promises, they are to remain true as you are true to yourself. 4. If you feel a draft, if you are not wearing a kilt, look for holes. 5. Life's a stage, enjoy the hell out of it before the curtain drops. 6. If you love, remain true to that love. 7. Pleasing your partner, pleases you. -everyone needs a little give & take- 8. When drinking Loki, watch on how many shots you take. 9. Always protect your heart, you may be strong but, the heart is fragile. 10. When auto fails, manual will never let you down. 11. If it bites, bite back. 12. Squirrels are greedy bastards. 13. If your face is getting to hot, move the torch. 14. Liquid latex is fun! 15. Drunk traps must always be placed. 16. Dreams & hopes can easily be shattered, be careful how you treat others. 17. Don't lie to yourself. (ex. don'
Travel Abroad
Hey Cherrys Im going to Kathmandu, Nepal very soon!! I am wondering if anyone of you have ever been there.....If you have can you send me a message and tell me about your experiance there, I am really looking forward to this vacation of my life time, I am gonna see alot and I am very excited so If you have any info on Nepal from being there or if you know someone from Nepal, Have them send me a message and let me know what to expect, Anyways have a gr8 night!! TaTa JoJo
in exactly nine hours i will be "leaving on a jet plane" to my beloved home town, OLYMPIA! "yeaaaaaaaahhhh booyyyeeeeeeee!" who's stoked!? oh yeah. ME!!!!!! anywho yizzall, i will most likely be engrossed in massive amounts of alcohol, beside nothing but the best of friends, so don't miss me tooooo much! heh. in the words of Nay, "pee ou!"
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With a job like mine, I travel all over the province of Manitoba. I've been to Lac Brochet, Brochet, Split Lake, York Landing, Nelson House, Opaskweyak, Garden Hill, Red Sucker Lake, St Theresa Point, Wasagamack, Roseau River, Rolling River, Dakota Plains, Dakota Tipi, Long Plains, Chemawawin, Ebb and Flow, Grand Rapids, Little Grand Rapids, Thompson, Poplar River, Jackhead, Brokenhead, Birdtail Sioux, Barrens River, Sagkeeng, Sandy Bay, Lake Manitoba, Crane River, Little Saskatchewan, Pauingassi, Pukatawagan, Bloodvein, Swan Lake, Black River, Oxford House, God's River, God's Lake Narrows, Lake St Martin, Tootinawazabeeng, Birch River, Dauphin River, Pinaymootang, Cross Lake, Sapotaweyak, Waywayseecappo and Fisher River. I've to almost every first nations reservation in the province. I was once in this reserve (which will remain nameless) to realign a satellite dish. I stayed at the lodge that was the only one available. Ay about 11pm I hear people talking outdoors from my room.
if my spirit burns in effigy, at the hands of my enemys stop drop and roll in the ashes that are left of me ill rebuild my inner self then let it out to hunt down destiny be of service without a doubt your team looks nervous, i tend to affect the central nero, but its been 5 long years and im unsure, my cerebral stem is far from clear though, clouded at times just like my mind when i was born the order came from the king to cut out my tongue marvel in modern medicine, when my voice turned to a gun, with speach, bullets would come there was nowhere to run, the age has begun, witness what a sickness unchecked can become. so now i talk with a shotgun and walk with a cocked one morn for those that caught one. thankful that im not one. thankful that i got some opinions to express, thankful that im able to say what i meant thankful that my feet are planted like bricks in cement. situations pretty ill still my skills circumvent. assimilation camps are filled, heres a towel f
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I Just moved to Tx in Jan. and i am enjoing it alot.. I got to go to oyster fest!!! and met some really cool people. See ya all later!!
SALEM MA TRIP TO SALEM.. Last summer I had to oppurnity to travel to NH and in my travels I traveled to Salem MA. Being involved in Wicca and seeing first hand history come back to me I was heavily impacted and affected of what took place in Old Salem throughout Mass at that time. Many do not realize wiccan or not that was a horrific time in history. If you were different you were accused of witchcraft and excuted what broke my heart the most was to Learn a four yr old girl who was acting out and hard to handle was perscuted and sentanced to prison for being a witch at four yrs old. This brings me back to date of reality that a child with autism back in the day of the burning times and salem witch trials would be perscuted for being a witch. THIS made me stop and think the next time someone is different or unique or being themselves that we should not Judge or perscute them for being a witch or who they want no matter what they may have such as an illness or not. This song is from one
For those who didn't know I've been in Amsterdam for three days. Back home now to my more mundane surroundings for a bit of recovery so I thought I'd write a bit on the subject. Ok, so now I'm not sure what I was going to write... hmm... wait a sec.... Well, the trip was for my friend's stag do (bachelor party to those across the pond). We left Oxford at about 7am on Saturday. Getting there was a bit of a mission. It involved driving, then a bus ride, then a plane journey, then some walking, then a tram ride, then some more walking. Finally got to the appartment at about 3pm. The appartment was a pretty cool place to stay. There was only really supposed to be four of us and the appartment supposedly slept a maximum of six, but there was plenty of space for all eight. There were two bedrooms, but we brought a few blow up mattresses so it worked pretty well. The rest of the first day we just spent wandering the streets of Amsterdam really... Trying desperately to get our bearing
Well just want to give an update on things going on in the next month. I sold my house WOOHOO. I close on the 16th of November on this house. The movers are coming the 13th 14th and 15th to take my stuff which means I'm moving into temporary housing. The movers are packing my stuff up for 2 days and then moving it on the 15th. SO not sure yet if I will stay here until 15th or go ahead and move in a furnished apartment. The on the 21st of November I will be leaving New Mexico and will be heading to Enterprise Alabama where I will be closing on my house there. The movers said they could have my stuff there by the 26th which is nice cuz it can be moved right to the new house. The kids are pretty upset that we will be traveling on Turkey day but this is my first year since they have been born that I haven't cooked a big Thanksgiving dinner. I'm pretty excited though and can't wait to get there and start meeting new people. I love doing things like this, going places where I don't k
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It would seem that work needs me to travel once more so off to the US I am to travel. Was in Atlanta last time but this time it would seem they want me on the West Coast. So south of LA to Orange County. Not sure when yet but I think this will be more of a set of photo opportunities Here I am again, this time on the West Coast. Am here in LA until August and working away. Was taken to my first baseball game tonight and saw the Dodgers beat the Braves. Kind of ironic seeing as the two places I have been to most in the US has been LA and Atlanta. As many of you may have seen, my online presence is becoming limited these days. Rest assured I have not forgotten Fubar but am just very busy and travelling. I will be back again soon Storm
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I got a great road trip game that everyone (young and old can enjoy) .......We call it the Alphabet sign game.... ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Heres how it is played: You start with the first letter of the alphabet ( for those of you who have forgotten the alphabet it starts with the Letter A) and look for a sign on the road that begins with that letter ( it has to be on the side of the road not on a truck or a car) ...the first person that spots it and says the word, gets the credit for it and then you continue to the next letter of the alphabet and so on and so forth til you reach the last letter of the alphabet.......The person that has the most words they have spotted at the end of the game wins..... the only letters that has an exception is the letters Q and X, When your on the Letter Q you can look for any word and get credit for it just as long as it has an Q within the word and the same goes for the letter X. We took a
You scored as Dracula, You are the smooth sexy cool Dracula. Patient and lustful. If you were any cooler youd be ice. Great style with a way of seducing those around you. And three brides who wouldn't want to be him. Dracula100% Lestat100% Marius100% Akasha100% Louis67% Spike67% Armand67% Blade33% Deacon Frost33% Angel33% Whose your Vampire personality? (images)created with This is how your site gets hacked....
Sorry to all my friends that I haven't been in touch lately, I've been out Trucking with my Husband, see last month I was diagnosed with bone cancer, and it hit both of us pretty hard, so my husband came home and took me out with him to cheer me up, since I will be starting treatments towards the end of August. I had such a good time, it's been 5 years since I've been out there. I will be posting some pictures I took of the West and mid West, I will be leaving again the end of this week, to go out for a few more weeks, the company is gonna get us a load up north so I can go see my Dad. Hope all is well with everyone....
Travels for the week of 07/29/07 Hannibal MO to Montgomery IL Montgomery IL to Galesburg IL Galesburg IL to Monmouth IL Monmouth IL to Covington GA Covington GA to Yoder IN Yoder IN to Elkhart IN Elkhart IN to Hannibal MO. Hannibal MO to Quincy IL.
Hey what's up? So the big deal about this blog is learning about what I can do on this site. I just added a music play, which is filled with some pretty BA (bad ass) songs if I do say so myself. So more about me. I'm 25 and am a student pilot. Ultimately my goal is to teach people how to fly. I have about two years until I get to that point, but it'll kick ass I think. I just moved to Michigan to go to school, it's pretty BA here, quiet, which is how I like it. Holla if you want to know more. So I'm an avid fan of this show called The Universe on the History Channel. Basically it is a documentary series on different stellar and planetary bodies in the solar system. Last nights was, The Most Dangerous Places in the Galaxy! It was talking about Black Holes, Quazars, Blazars and Galactical Mergers and how they would effect earth should one come close enough to us. It's flipping freaking great series. Ultimately it shows me that we are allowed to exist just because the Galaxy allows us to.
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I finally got back the love of my life. He's going to be one HOTT Doctor. Welcome back my true and only love baby.
Hey to everyone on fubar checking me out. I just wanted to share with everyone and anyone who loves to travel and take vacations that I have a website that offers great deals and specials on airfare, hotel accomodations, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, golf n spa resorts, and much more. Feel free to visit: Feel free to share with any family and friends also. Thanks.
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Im traveling to Michigan today, so I hope everyone stops and show me some luv while im gone. I expect to be on during the evenings, but without seeing how the net is at the Hotel, i can't promise i'll be on at all during the next 20 days. If i can't get on, i want to wish everyone a wonderful time and talk to you all when i get home.
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Time has it's limits when it comes to driving Truck...we are all set with hours... still at this time...the 11/14 hour rule...then we have to take a minimal...of a ten hour break...unless we use a split...then it becomes an 8/2 hour with no more than 2 hours driving between the 8 and 2...Are we confused yet...well most my friends understand this...because we are all truckers...or know a few...and have had those rules taught to the course of time if you follow this blog...which is posted elsewhere very much like this one here...You might just learn a few things...* God Forbid * . I'm sort of new to this in some ways...but have been blogging elsewhere for quite some time now...and have a great group of friends all over the U.S. that I do visit...and talk to alot while I'm bouncing around...From place to place... If you wish to comment on this blog...Please feel free to...I will be asking questions from those who do read it...just to get to know some of my new friends here.
please browse my website use it, share it with friends and family.. thanks
Hmmmmmm...Should I put this in Catagories or just Blast Dumb Assed 4-wheelers in General..... As for the Catagory of just total Pinheads it is a toss up between (1). Any Utah Driver, especially those fucking idiots that live between Salt Lake City and Provo. (2). Also ranking right at the top are those ignorant pathetic dumasses that commute between Ft. Collins, Colo. through Denver and out to Aurora. Most inconsiderate: Again, Utah ranks right at the top, but lets not forget Southern California as well.... Why DO you 4-wheelers zoom up alongside 80,000 lbs of steel and then just sit there riding next to us for miles at a time? Do you not have ANY clue just what kind of danger you are putting yourselves into?? And they wonder why they get run over or put in the ditch. PATHETIC!!! And can anyone tell me why....when your a quarter of a mile behind a Semi and you see his (or Her) turn signal come on you Smash the Gas and try to pass?? Are you REALLY that FUCKING MORONIC??? Gawd 4-w
Travis Bradley!
Travis Bradley Bingham, I never knew what love felt like till the day that I met you. Travis youve given me so much and made me feel like the greatest thing in the world. I dont understand how you put up with me. Yes I can be a bitch or grumpy but youve never given up on me, or us for that fact. I never thought that we would make it this far. Sometimes I feel like I havent given you nearly as much as youve given me, and I completely thank you for that. Youre the greatest fianc a girl could ask for. I could not have asked for a better person than you. You make my life so complete and I hope you know that. Ive never been happier in my life. Youre my rock, my shield, and my better half. Thank you for everything you do for me, I cant wait until we start OUR lives together. We will have the most amazing marriage. I want our marriage to be like my grandma hussing and grandpa hussings. Even though hes dead, she is still completely faithful and committed to him. They loved each o
I should be one of two places this weekend partying my ass off for St. Patrick's Day. The plan is to head down to New Orleans, but things aren't looking so bright for it. Either way I'm getting out of this damn town for the weekend. So plan #2 a good friend I haven't seen in nearly a year has invited me to come party in DFW, so I might just end up there. Either way, It's going to be awesome, even though I've had my heart set on New Orleans. But my friends have made a plan to road trip to New Orleans in July for the 4th. So I might not be too heartbroken. This weekend I was suppose to have gone to Dallas to party at Meltdown, but I just had this feeling that I wanted to go but at the same time I had so many obstacles in front of me that maybe I wasn't suppose to have gone. Sort of an Intuition thing. So I grabbed my little sister and we drove down to Corpus Christi, North Padre Island, and Port Aransas. It was so beautiful. I got a wonderful golden brown tan while I was hunting
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...just to say farewell. I'll be gone for a month and then I'll be back. My access will be intermittent at best, and I'll use whatever signal I can find to drop a line from time to time to see how things are going. To allay some concerns: No, I'm not moving. I'm going on vacation. Yes, I'll be back. You can't get rid of me that easily! I'm headed to Missouri for a bit of rest from the chaos of this past year, so that with any luck this coming year will prove smoother. X-Posted to other places... (Some of you know where)
Travellers Beware.
So I have been out of town since the 22nd, I have been to ..... Atlanta, Kansas, St Louis, Nebraska, Kentucky, and now I am back in Atlanta until the 11th. I am currently staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Atlanta and its pretty nice. I am very ready to be home however, traveling really takes alot out of you. Well anyway, thats all I have for now, ttyl!!!
Hey all just wanted to let everyone know that I will nt be around this weekend or early next week, as me & my hubbie R off on a romantic sailing trip 4 a few days plzzz don't ask where to cause I have no idea. All I know is we R flying 2 Victoria B.C 2day then setting sail 4 no where lol. Yup thats right just gunna sail off into the sunset :). If all goes as expected we will be returning late Monday or Tuesday, if all goes realy well maybe not till Wednesday lol. I hope U all have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget 2 enjoy every momment & smile @ those who share it with U let them know how glad U R that they R there. Luvs ya all & ttys DJ SILK a.k.a. S~E~X~Y!!! P.s. don't do anything I wouldn't do this weekend lmao. OH YA & I NEED A FUCKING ROOT BEER!!!
Travis Has;
ok yall Travis has erythema muliforme it is an alarm looking condition. EM is an alergic reaction that shows up either in the form of a rash or rather frightning looking lesions. it ca affect people of all ages but is often most sever in children and young adults. it is not contagious an d usually looks scarier then it is.em is believed to involve damage to the blood vessels of the skin which can lead to further damage to skin tissue. the following can be side effects of it. 1 vision abnormalities 2 decreased tearing 3 mouth sores 4 bloodshot eyes 5 eye pain 6 eye burning itching and discharge there are many causes of em. 1 allergic reaction to viral, acterial and fungal infections 2 sensitivity to food 3 immunizations 4 reaction to sulfa drugs, penicillin, barbiturtates and phenytoin. Travis got his from being sick and his body is trying to fight the cold and the cold isnt there anymore so its an alergic reaction to his own body so to speak. it will last 4-6 weeks and all the bumps wi
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Well i guess you cana say im here to make new friends, fuck buddies and buisness contacts. Im an Artist first then a bedroom freak, into all kinds of music and art but when it comes to sex. Watch out i may not be covered in huge muscles, but i've never had any complaints or girls faking the O-face lol. The female body is one of lifes greatest works of art, we are all imperfect in some way or another, but when im given a womans body to pleasure you better have the day off. I spend X2 my time exploring and pleasing your senses, before you ever touch me back. What can i say im a giver all day and all night, sex should be extremly sensual and erogenous but not always on an emotional level. Im young and exploring the world and all of its options before attachment. Im always thinking of sex(who isn't) and (warning fetish) female squirting, if you never have then we can pop you 2nd cherry =) After sex we'll talk about the rest of what we want in life, i want to make movies, comics, cartoon
Got any advice for me? Going to stay at the Queens Hotel.. Taking with me my brand new Nikon camera, so that I can take some "hot" photos. Give me a message if you wanna meet up :) (June 24th to July 12th) Oslo to Newark These are places I'm going to be at next summer June 24th - July 28th St. Paul, Minnesota June 28th - July 1st Los Angeles, California July 1st - July 6th Las Vegas, Nevada July 6th - 12th July New York, New York Looking forward to hear from you girls...
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I would love to go to Japan.
hay new to this some help would be nice from some hot and sexy lady any ideas
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Jamaica & Hedonism Blog April 25 to May 3, 2009Day 1 Saturday, April 25, 2009Well, after working late into the night on some last minute travel arrangements for some long-time clients, my plan to spend the night at the La Quinta (park and fly) hotel near the Tampa Airport finally came to fruition. Unfortunately, my wakeup call at 4:30 a.m. came too soon and it was off on a shuttle to Tampa International Airport and a short flight to Miami on American Airlines at 6:30 a.m.An uneventful 41 minutes later I arrived in Miami but had a nearly a 4.5 hour lay-over until my connector to Montego Bay, Jamaica. That Florida-Jamaica 71 minute flight too was uneventful and landing in Sangster Int’l Airport then meant about 30 minutes in the immigration line (3 flights landed nearly at the same time) and then after baggage claim and a short wait in the customs line, I was whisked through once the customs official saw I was a veteran Jamaica traveler, a professional and had nothing but costumes
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My Top 10 memories from the 2008 American Royal BBQ Championship in Kansas City, MO. These are in no particular order: 1. Watching a guy clean his grill with a flamethrower. 2. A dessert contest entry fashioned into a log cabin. 3. A guy cooking sausage with 4 inches of ash on the end of his cigar. 4. Zorro on one of the biggest horses I've ever seen. 5. A wedding taking place in a competitors space during Friday night's party 6. Clothes so dirty that they were abandoned in the men's shower area. 7. Dr. BBQ (Ray Lampe) just wandering around "the dark side" Friday night 8. The smell emanating from the mechanical bull platform in the expo area. 9. An set of flaming Hay Bales being doused by the KC Fire Department. 10. The pot of coffee it took me to get going again this morning.
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The growing IT sector of Bangalore is no longer news. So much so that the number of business hotels in Bangalore have tremendously increased after the entry and subsequent flourish of the IT sector. The rising number corporate visits from all over the globe have instigated the hotel owners to open such hotels in Bangalore that are facilitated with all the top-notch business amenities apart from catering to the luxury aspect of course. Till a few years back, Hyderabad was mostly considered to be a tourist attraction. However, today the hotels in Hyderabad are not only flocked by the tourists from all over the world due to its rich cultural and architectural heritage, but also by the business travelers. With the rise of industries and the It sector in the city the corporate travelers also frequent the city. Therefore, it is only natural that the number of business hotels in Hyderabad is also increasing by the day. Chennai apart from being one of the metros of India and hence a very impor
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After 36 hours in the car we made to MD, then on to New York with Aimeelynn and Tbone for a fun filled weekend and a night out with all the dreamnet girls. Back to MD for the week now then on the road to Texas again for Thanksgiving.
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Travel Horoscope for Scorpio When you travel, you want to be inspired and awed. You want a vacation that's challenging, exotic, and a once in a lifetime experience. You should travel to: Nepal South Africa China Antarctica Galapagos Islands What's Your Travel Horoscope?
visited 30 states (60%)Create your own visited map of The United States or try another Douwe Osinga project
My job requires me to travel and I don't like eating alone. Always looking for someone to have dinner with and / acouple of drinks. I will be traveling to Nashville next week. 2-18. Look at my profile and give me a yell if you would like to get to know me better...
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Although my home is in Tampa, Fl, I spent June 08 in Tulsa, Ok, mid Sept. 08 thru dec. 08 in Springfield Ma, January 09 in Flint, Mi and most of February 09 in Indianapolis, In. i worked in very low to moderate income neighborhoods in each city except for Flint. I was to do the same there but a major idiotic snafu by the organization I worked for left me in limbo there for a month until I was sent to Indianapolis. I lived in a motel in Tulsa, apartments everywhere else. It was a basement apartment in Flint which was actually about the neatest apartment I have ever lived. Got in the bathtub during the night in Tulsa once during a tornado warning. And saw my first snowfall in about seven years in Springfield. What's kinda funny is that although the people may sound different in each place by accents, all are much the same. Welcomed into homes everywhere although moreso in Tulsa. The townspeople were very friendly in each place. People are people if you just give them a chance.
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Josea crusty old biker out on a long summer ride in the country pulls up to a tavern in the middle of no where, parks his bike and walks inside.As he passes through the swinging doors, he sees a sign hanging over the bar:COLD BEER: $2.00HAMBURGER: $2.25CHEESEBURGER: $2..50CHICKEN SANDWICH : $3.50HAND JOB: $50.00Checking his wallet to be sure he has the necessary payment, the ole' biker walks up to the bar and beckons to the exceptionally attractive female bartender who is serving drinks to a couple of sun-wrinkled farmers.She glides down behind the bar to the ole biker."Yes?" she inquires with a wide, knowing smile, "may I help you?"The ole biker leans over the bar, "I was wondering young lady," he whispers, "are you the one who gives the hand-jobs?"She looks into his eyes with that wide smile and purrs "Why yes, yes, I sure am".The ole' biker leans closer and into her left ear whispers softly, "Well, wash your hands real good, cause I want a cheeseburger".
The Traveling Biker
In the general sense of the word, returning home should be nostalgic; and there are a great many people thatI wish to see or do. But the problem always remains to be, do I have the time.
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I am done. I am sitting in the shade of that perverbial tree and giving up. Love is just a smokey dream created by mankind to have something to hope for and keep them blind to the real world. Love is an illusion of the mind created to keep us always striving for soemthign we can never reach. I have lost all hope and therefore an empty... My heart cannot take being shattered again as I know it will kill me... I used to sit and listen to the sounds of the ocean. Listening to the waves as they brushed the sandy skin of the earth. The gentle rasping sending soothing vibrations to the soul. The feel of the water brushing my legs feels like the carress of a lover. I lay back and close my eyes and dream as the water slowly washes away the stress and worries of the hectic life around me. The cycle of the ocean's gentle carress lulls me to a timeless sleep where my soul floats in an endless sea of emptiness. Opening my eyes I see the world with a new sight. The darkness is washed away as the
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One question, one chance, one honest answer. You can ask me one question (to my inbox only) Any question, no matter how crazy, dirty or wrong it is. No catch. But I dare you to post this on your status, and see who asks you a question
I want to travel by myself. I feel like I just NEED some time away. Dont get me wrong..I love my friends, family, cell phone and laptop. But I feel a need to just go! even if just for a day. Back when I was 21, I went to study in France. I did a lot of travelling with friends, but a great experience I had was traveling to Nice(that is pronounced like niece). I just decided I wanted to go. So I got on a bus, and walked around, found a cute hotel, walked on the beach, made out with a stranger. now, I feel lost without the gd cell phone/internet. So I think I am just going to trust in the universe and go to where I am supposed to go, just for me
Traveling Man...
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Kerala the state in South India is a wonder in itself. Known to the world as God’s Own Country, this beautiful and gorgeous state of South India is world renowned for its pleasant atmosphere, emerald green beauty, sightseeing places, Ayurveda, culture, heritage, beaches, backwaters, wildlife and so on and so forth. The state is quite popular among national as well as international tourists and honeymoon couples. There are several reasons that couples choose Kerala for a romantic honeymoon and from the many reasons few of them are highlighted as below. To Know More Just Click Away…. • Kerala is home to natural wonders. It has one of the unique treasures of nature known to the world as backwater. Backwaters are the backbone of Kerala and most of the couples choose backwater as their honeymoon destination as they get to enjoy romantic time in privacy slowing sailing on a traditional luxury houseboat.
Nepal the land of Himalayas is one of the most sought after and admirable countries in the world. It is the absolute abode for holidays as the country is adorned with alluring tourism and attractions and magnets tourists from the absolute globe. This culturally rich Nepal offers you accept admirable befalling to see and analyze the affluent ability and attitude of Nepal, alluring historical attractions, aristocratic kingdoms and durbars, breathtakingly admirable snow capped mountains, charming beauty of the nature, astonishing art and crafts, UNESCO World Heritage Site and abounding added bustling places of day-tripper interest. Due to the unparallel beauty of Nepal Tourism, visitors visits from the entire globe to this country to adore holidays and contentment in the chance tours. Nepal is home to the eight out of the ten accomplished peaks in the apple including Mount Everest the accomplished acme in the absolute globe. Due to the amazing admirable of these Himalayas and the attr
Travel And Tourism
The world is a beautiful creature of God and there are so many attraction places worldwide where you can go for holidays. Well if you are really looking for stunning holidaying destination where you can take your family and friends and spend some quality time together then look no further than Malaysia, a Southeast Asian destination promises a great holidaying experience. Filled by tourists all the year round, Malaysia is considered one of the most beautiful cities immersed in rich cultural and traditional heritage encourage tourists to visit there from across the world throughout the year. Whatever are you looking for on your vacations, it perfectly knows how to make it possible in this country always engaged with tourist’s activities or in other words tourism is the major contributor in this country. With its pristine beaches, turquoise blue sea water, exotic islands swamped with luxury hotels and marvelous resorts, great shopping, exotic restaurants and dining halls combined
Travel And Tourism
Travelslut's 2012 Adventures Around The World
2012 Daily Diversions FANTASY CYBER SOUVENIRS Visit the Fantasy Fest Store anytime at for memorabilia that makes the fantasy a reality! Official posters, t-shirts, and limited edition medallions. To purchase the Official 2012 t-shirt please call Keyboard Advertising at 305-292-9315. INDECENT EXPOSURE Party like Adam and Eve day and night at the Garden of Eden, clothing optional rooftop bar, above the Bull & Whistle on the corner of Caroline and Duval in the 200 block. Body painting; Open 10 AM to 4 AM everyday; $ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friday, October 19, 2012 BAHAMA VILLAGE GOOMBAY FESTIVAL Tastes, sights and sounds of the Caribbean in Bahama Village, located at Duval and Petronia streets. This family friendly street party continues Saturday! Noon to midnight; FREE ROYAL CORONATION BALL Meet Key West's Royal Family and vote for the King and Queen of Fantasy Fest 2012 at the "Mayan Empire"; a benefit fo
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Delhi is a city that does not need any kind of introduction. It is the most favoured destination of students, job-seekers, businessperson as well as visitors. Undoubtedly it is one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world fascinate visitors from different parts of the world, all the year round. There is absolutely no denial of the fact that Delhi is a unique melange of old and the new as it is categorized into two parts Old Delhi and New Delhi. Every day many people visit this city with their different purpose such as business and many other reasons. Among many people some people have desire to shift their permanently and that is very obvious as it is the capital city of India as well as the major arrival centre of overseas visitors. The amazing part of Delhi takes a deep sense of Pride as some of the monuments have been regarded as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. As the name indicates, it is apparently an urban area where you would find a number of swanky hotels, pu
Travel And Transportation
Famous for several brilliant attractions and destinations, one of the buzzing and capital cities of India, Delhi is a very popular destination in itself. People come here from every nook and corner of the world, to explore its rich historical past. Apart from it is equally famous for its world-best malls, excellent transport facilities, world-best colleges, multinational companies and many more. Everyday people in great numbers visit this city for different purposes such as business, job change, academics and research and many others and that is very obvious. The weekend gateway situated near New Delhi serves as the perfect way for the people to move away from the city and relax a bit. With more and more and people migrating to the Delhi, the demand for car rental services in these areas has been increasing. The invention of internet and speedy improvement in technology has brought about a drastic change in the way people are hiring eco cabs in Delhi these days. When you think travel
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We want to share an amazing experience in Yountville California that my friends and I had last weekend with On time service, professional and courteous driver, first class service, everything that you can wish when you rent a limo. We had used several limousine companies before, but Elite Limo definitely should be rated one of the best! We'd like to thank Elite Limo for a great service they provided, and it will be the limousine company of our choice now. I’ve used for the last month and a half exclusively for transportation to/from Woodside CA /SJC or SFO. You can't go wrong with Elite Limo. Office staff and all of their drivers are first-rate they discuss every single details. I generally book my travel by email within a matter of minutes, I have confirmation in my inbox. Great communication and service and easy reservation process.
I love the music and the pictures and the conversation. I want to hang out here and meet everyone. I love the spirit of it all. I want to make level 25, hee hee. To Pray With You!
Sharing My heart finds voice In poetry. To put pen to paper Is a gentle thing Where dreams can whisper. Poetry... Can also be A tool of war, Where words can burn And blister! My "feelings" Are not such, As I would share, With strangers, poetry, I share with, These very people! I cannot doubt, They can and will, Be misunderstood, By those with cause, Against me! Ginny 1985 Caution....Caution....Caution....Caution....Caution....Caution....Caution....Caution CAUTION As the old year dies A gentle death The new year cries With lusty breath We make our peace With things we've done Make our plans For those to come The past has taken wing Flown We reap the spoils Of seeds we've sown Yet, as the future brings Us hope anew We must be careful What we do! Ginny 1-84 1984 Boogie Man Stand there in the darkness, Look back at where you've
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Treasure Trooper
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A guy was in a cave, looking for treasure. He found an old lamp, rubbed it, and a genie came out. The genie said "I will grant you three wishes, but your ex-wife will get double." The man agreed, and said "I wish I had a mansion." The genie granted it, and his ex-wife got two mansions. The man said "I would like a million dollars." The genie again granted it and his ex-wife got two million dollars. Then the man said, "Scare me half to death."
im a treasure why dont u see that u treasure your posessions but what do they really mean happiness isnt everything but love can be u never see the treasure the treasure they call u and me i floated when i saw you but i quickly hit the ground when i saw that the treasure the one that i had found had left me for loneliness it had left me to drown
Treasury Of The Inept...why's It So Empty In Here?
might've seriously bruised both rotator cuffs in the shoulders. not torn, since i can still USE them, but definitely hurt them badly. this sucks.
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The Treasure Box
THIS ASS FUCK IS SWEET AT FIRST THEN GOES PSYCHO ON YOU WHEN YOU DON'T MESSAGE HIM RIGHT AWAY HE HAS MY YAHOO AND STARTED SPAMMING THE HELL OUT OF ME SO WATCH HIM erkan@ CherryTAP (repost of original by ' Andrea ' on '2007-05-02 13:20:00') important one... a serial killer on the loose! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ POLICE WARNING TO MY SPACE USERS PLEASE READ IMPORTANT Please read this.....I hope that all of my Friends Post this and help keep our myspace friends safe. State police warning for online: Please read this "very carefully"..then send it out to all the people online that you know. Something like this is nothing to be taken casually; this is something you DO want to pay attention to. If a person with the screen-name of jokerkid613/Ja$on MoNeY contacts you, do not reply. DO NOT talk to this person; do not answer any of his/her instant messages or e-mail. Whoever this person may be, he/she is a suspect for murder in the death of 56 wome
Because no two children on the autism spectrum have the exact same symptoms and behavioral patterns, a treatment approach that works for one child may not be successful with another. This makes evaluating different approaches difficult and that much more essential. There is little comparative research between treatment approaches. Primarily this is because there are too many variables that have to be controlled. So, it's no wonder that parents might be confused about what to do. The Autism Society of America has long promoted the empowerment of individual consumers (including people on the spectrum, parents and professionals) to critically examine a variety of available options and be forearmed with a set of parameters under which they can better determine associated threats and opportunities and, therefore, make informed decisions. Further, better educated consumers, would help control the embracing of unproven notions that may distract from effective courses of treatment for indiv
A Treasure Chest
I have a wooden cedar box Filled with precious things Most of no value to you But joy to me it brings A copper penny, 1961 The year I was given life A withered old white rose From the day I became a wife Two certified legal documents That tell me that I am free A US birth certificate And a final divorce decree Golden locks, adorned with ribbon Clipped from the head of my son A bag filled with tiny teeth Exchanged for a dollar one by one A report card, five As and one B My sons first year at school A tattered silken blanket Still covered with infant drool A book of poems that I had written While in my rebellious teens Fifty plus love letters From then, now and in-between Old yellowed photographs Of family long since gone A dozen crayon pictures That both my kids have drawn Hospital anklets, pink and blue That Danny and Sara wore A stupid keep out sign That I used to hang on my door Each item within this box Is a memory that I hold dear
If I do not want what you want, please try not to tell me that my want is wrong. Or if I believe other than you, at least pause before you correct my view. Or if my emotion is less than yours, or more, given the same circumstances, try not to ask me to feel more strongly or weakly. Or yet if I act, or fail to act, in the manner of your design for action, let me be. I do not, for the moment at least, ask you to understand me. That will come only when you are willing to give up changing me into a copy of you. I may be your spouse, your parent, your offspring, your friend, or your colleague. If you will allow me any of my own wants, or emotions, or beliefs, or actions, then you open yourself, so that some day these ways of mine might not seem so wrong, and might finally appear to you as right -- for me. To put up with me is the first step to understanding me. Not that you embrace my ways as right for you, but that you are no longer irritated or disappointed with me
So most things are the same, my iron was low though! So the Doc gave me an injection to give me a boost. I don't feel really good today! unfortunatley, but it is the night of Chemo, since chemo was today, I will feel better tomorrow I am sure as is the ususal. I meant to say last time that I have chemo the day AFTER Halloween. but I meesed up. I will also be able to put a treatment at the end of my treatment schedule because the Doc is taking pity on me and letting me skip the one before Thanksgiving! WOOHOO...this way I can taste my food. But it is ok, he wouldn't let me if it wasn't safe. I will have another treatment before then. Then one the week after Thanksgiving and another one two weeks later.....He said it's all about me! LOL This will also give my body a chance to fee good for a little while, but I will be able to taste the turkey and cranberries ans sweet potatoes..I am so excited! I did make Matzah Ball soup for dinner tonight and Perry made the Latkas, b
Treanna Dawn's Blog those of you who asked about my birthday (my real friends know who they are) i finally have a wishlist for you! i already sent it out to a few of my friends. Wishlist I love you all ::muah:: Happy Halloween & Have A Gruesome Day! Treanna Dawn Hey there! glad you decided to come this way. I hate myspace IM, and here you get to use the shoutbox (much easier!) anyways, say hi, let's talk! I wanna know who's out there, damnit! Treanna Dawn Well, it's been 3 months since I started at my job, and I'm still going every day, still having a good time (i have minor frustrations, however they aren't enough to keep me from truly enjoying my job). My place is almost set up so I can take pictures. It is a great little apartment, and I have already found solice in the small contours of the red and black painted walls. My belongings were moved in last weekend, and I havent been feeling too great all week, so they have been sort of sitting there, on my floor, looking at me. So here
It's so hard to find the perfect breeze, One blowing none too hard nor soft, Carrying a scent of wild flowers, And moving clouds about aloft. It's so hard to find the perfect sky, One blue and deep and bright, Carrying a sense of openness With geese and wrens in flight. It's so hard to find the perfect night, One warm, quiet and unflawed, Carrying a mood of solitude, And a closeness to our God. Yet no perfection's so hard to find As that which you extend And none I'll ever treasure more, Than to simply be your friend.
Treat Me Gently
not always things are the way theyre supposed to be not always you can have the reason in all you make me feel like a baseball game you pitch me or make me bat a homerun you are just like a dream and all i am is a poor dreamer you are just like a dream and from that dream i never wanna wake up thats why i never wanna open my eyes dreaming thats the way i wanna live traveling in the night in the darkness you are my escape from realness i never ever wanna stop dreaming who cares if the world stops moving cant do anything about that with you i plan to escape from realness and i never wanna comeback never we share the same sky we share the same dream the same time and the same place we were part of the same story we went to the same highschool i was the punk and u were the honor roll rolling stones get to meet and u and i should meet again but for now just take care and may god bless you dont do anything i wrong wouldnt do we lit the same fire we competed in
treasure everything special to u. make as many memories as u can. coz remember... 'life is not measured by the breaths we take... but by what takes our breath away...
Treasure You.. I Love You Grammy
Treasure You. When I Think About You A Million Warm Memories Come To Me. A Gentle Hand Reaching Out To Warm Mine, Kind Words To Move And Lift Me. So Much Wisdom And Happiness to share. Youre All Of This And So Much More. Always Strong, Ever Caring And Giving Of Yourself. Youre One Of The Greatest Gifts That Ive Ever Received. A Constant Source of Joy For All Of My Tomorrows. And Ill Love And Treasure You Forever. I Love You Grandma.... I Miss You, I Love You.. And I Will See You Soon..
Treats Of Lithuania
Im sick, Im tired -- Earth awaits Embracing me no fear, no hate. Like clouds above the crowds of heads So soft as pillows on the beds The darkness landing all around My feet are touching solid ground I go or stay? I say or go? Thats all I want to finally know No matter fears, no matter dreams Life goes along it really seems That I alone and only care For things in life that are so dear Dont search for clues there are no such Dont mention bues, I care for touch Let hope begin, let sun come free My major sin, YOU always be PS Dont search for explanations, really. Thanks for reading. Yes, that was purely my creation. Posted by Girlish-Any, 11-23-2007 IN her Blog, "I wrote it" Sent by Girlish K 4/20/2008 THE URGE TO LIVE The urge to live is an ocean. The lunar force which hauls flooding and ebbing. Speed of sunlight which goes right through the brain. Love and sex alike are each only a small part of that overall urge. The urge to create. Th
Treatre Of Tragedy
Treat Others How Youd Want To Be Treated...that Way Everyone Gets Along
The Treasure
a treasure waits bound in devotion chained in heart eyes cast downward yet her spirit rises the lock turns Master greets with just a touch of hand against cheek a kiss, tender on insatiable lips HIS hands delight to curve of bare flesh, heat of her need and damp desire she yields willingly to HIS command it pleases her to give completely heart, soul, and body knowing she is cherished honored, and respected
Treated Equal
treat those as they treat you
The Treatment Of Our Troops
hey this is just a little bite about how i feel about the way some ppl treat our troops when they come home like the of day a man got on the bus and his transfer was five mins over due and he told the driver he just got home from over seas and this was his first time seeing his baby son and the driver said"thats not my problem its your own stupidity for joining the army " like come on a simple sorry sir would have done like these men and women not only give teir services but they give their lives to to fight for us like i hope its different in the states but i just want to say to all the troops canadian or american thank you and remember the next time you meet a man or woman in the service just a thank you goes a long way.
Treasure Chest
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Treat Your Woman Right
While you yell at your woman, there is a man who is wishing to whisper in her ear. While you humiliate, offend, curse and degrade your woman, there is a man courting her, and making her remember she is a great woman. While you are violent to your woman,there is a man eager to make love to her. While you make your woman..cry, there is a man who steals smiles from her.
I am done..and i'm movin on from my past for those of u that doubt u can kiss my ass, i've fought and i have fallen but now i can hear my destiny callin...For those that have lied, and cheated and stole i will take ur abuse no more......i am beatin but far from broken, and it is about time my words are spoken.....i will leave this place never to return and when that happens i hope u will learn....that i was the good one who deserve much love and respect....but if you dont see it now than u will always time is coming and for those that are with me good on u for those that are against me well FUK U too.....but the time is coming and soon you will see.....that u will find no greater treasure than me........
“A real man doesn’t need Valentine’s day to treat his woman like a queen. The other 364 days are MUCH more important.”
Treat And Dinner Recipes For Your Furry Butts :) xxoo ~Summer
I don't know what my real voice sounds like, in fact I never even spoken. Sad but true. I have never said what I mean, and that equates to sitting alone and in the dark, because if no one really knows you- not your external bullshit that everyone wears in the subway, but the real you that listens to the Backstreet Boys and pees in the pool and is afraid of clowns, then what's the point? Tired and disjointed I submit the previous for your snide and clever comments.....Treycephus
i look at the tree the one we sat at intials faded the days when innocence ruled all a knife a symbol of love the tree stands tall it grows with delight the carving higher and higher pulling away our love like the tree is ripping apart cutting the tree down will that bring you back to me i sit by the tree silence everywhere emptiness the tree will grow for a hundred years the love we shared eternity
Tree Of Despair
Tree of Despair The Tree of Despair hangs over me Its enveloping branches choke the life out of me It feeds on death to renew itself Its only hope is to lead the innocent into damnation The death of innocent souls keeps it alive So many souls have passed this way And met their doom Led astray by the grim surroundings They found many ways to kill themselves Hundreds of bodies hang from the branches And the leaves are blood red They fall to the ground And turn black Adding to the sense of despondency All those filled with shame Head this way Your end awaits you Welcome to the Wood of Death And the Tree of Despair In this land of dead souls The Dark Lord surveys all His blood red eyes dismiss all hope And twinkle wickedly at the dreadful scene Only evil can thrive in his Dark Kingdom Each night he counts the victims Who hang from the Tree of Despair I give you fair warning Do not trespass there
I hired a plumber to help me restore an old farmhouse, and after he had just finished a rough first day on the job: a flat tire made him lose an hour of work, his electric drill quit and his ancient one ton truck refused to start. While I drove him home, he sat in stony silence. On arriving, he invited me in to meet his family. As we walked toward the front door, he paused briefly at a small tree, touching the tips of the branches with both hands. When opening the door he underwent an amazing transformation.. His face was wreathed in smiles and he hugged his two small children and gave his wife a kiss. Afterward he walked me to the car. We passed the tree and my curiosity got the better of me. I asked him about what I had seen him do earlier. "Oh, that's my trouble tree," he replied "I know I can't help having troubles on the job, but one thing's for sure, those troubles don't belong in the house with my wife and the children. So I just hang th
Tree Hugging 101
Hello Friend,Tell Congress to pass the Safe Climate Act!The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released its newest assessment of the coming impacts of global warming. The news is serious.Here are some key findings of the report:It is likely that climate change will induce mass extinction of species within 60-70 years.Over the next decades the number of people at risk of water scarcity is likely to rise from tens of millions to billions.Reductions in food production capacity are projected, bringing even more hunger and misery to the poorest parts of the world."This is a glimpse into an apocalyptic future. The earth will be transformed by human induced climate change, unless action is taken soon and fast," said Stephanie Tunmore, Greenpeace International Climate and Energy Campaigner. "What this report shows is that we are simply running out of time."But we can make a difference: "There is still time for an energy revolution that will dramatically transform our energy s
Trees And Fireflies
Missing the Fireflies for the Trees By MaryBeth Whalen Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Matthew 5:8 (NIV) Devotion: We have decided to sell our house. The sign sits in the yard like a beacon proclaiming the out of control state of my life. I cant control who comes to see my house and when. I cant control whether they will make an offer, or when. I cant control whether there will be a house we love available when we do get a contract. Most of all, with six children and two adults living in our house, I cant control the fact that it just will never be in picture perfect condition. So I pray. A lot. I pray that God would send a buyer who sees the house for exactly what it is???a real home. And I pray that He would help me not to get so worked up about it all. Last night, my husband and I stood outside in the falling light of evening, discussing our house situation???our most popular topic of conversation lately. While we talked, our
Treehugger Survives
Well, it has been 2 days since my surgery and I am feeling ok. I had my left side of my nose broken and reset to scrape down the septum to unblock the left side of my sinuses. I had a cyst removed from the right side. It is just all swollen inside and real sore, but I don't have black eyes from it or any change in my facial appearance so it's all good. I just have to rest for a few days and make sure nothing bumps into my nose, sleep propped up for a few days. Thanks for all the well wishes, get well cards, soup and candy yawl have sent me. U R 2 sweet. My surgery went well today. It didn't start until after 1 and was through before 3. I had my sinuses fixed and a deviated septum repaired. I am not in major pain due to very good pain killers. My throat is much more sore than anything from where they intubate you while you are asleep. Thank you all for the get well cards, bowls of Chicken soup and well wishes. I have been in and out of sleepiness with the pain killers and just now took
Tree Of Life
Trees Lmao!!
Two tall trees, a birch and a beech, are growing in the woods. A small tree begins to grow between them, The beech says to the birch, "Is that a son of a beech or a son of a birch?" The birch says he cannot tell. Just then a woodpecker lands on the sapling. The birch says, Woodpecker, youre a tree expert. Can you tell us if that is a son of a beech or a son of a birch?" The woodpecker takes a taste of the small tree and replies, "Its neither, however, ....... .............. its the best piece of ash I ever put my pecker in.
Looking for any NSFW pics,,,, gimme wot you got hehe ;) Other than me being a complete *rse and not doing the link to my last blogg, I am on the tap again asking all of my fu-bro's and fu-sis's to help level a fu-babe to become an IDOL!!! As always, if you do this for her and help me you will have a friend for when you call on me!!!! Thanx guys,,, I love yas!!!! Angel.Baby... ~W.I.S.E U.K Friends~ member... I am an angel... the horns are just there to keep the@ fubar You all now have the chance of joining the best HEAVY lounge on fubar,, click on the link and try us,,, IF YOU THINK YOUR HARD ENOUGH!!!!!
How silently they tumble down And come to rest upon the ground To lay a carpet, rich and rare, Beneath the trees without a care, Content to sleep, their work well done, Colors gleaming in the sun. At other times, they wildly fly Until they nearly reach the sky. Twisting, turning through the air Till all the trees stand stark and bare. Exhausted, drop to earth below To wait, like children, for the snow. Found this on a friends site and liked it so I thought I would share it with everyone. Say thank you to Lady Victoria a friend of my friend Wiz.
The Tree Of Liberty
The tree of liberty has been watered with the blood of patriots. I ask you what did you contribute to the watering of this tree? I ask why some say they dont owe, but what we all dont realize is nothing in life is free. I ask you dont you feel bad others die in your stead? You sit in your comfy house or driving your nice car, or sit with your kids playing the games Soldiers just dream of doing those things. But ask yourself who or how many have died so I can enjoy this? How many more have to before you contribute?
Treetop Flyer
Treehouse Lounge
My good buddy WildHorse helped me put together a new lounge today, named, accordingly the TREEHOUSE :-) (cause I hug trees), stop by. It is the smiley face icon on my main profile page here under LOUNGES...go check it out and subscribe to it, it is open to the public, anybody is welcome :-) Link:
The Tree And I
The Trees Of Nevermore
The Trees of NevermoreThey fly against the wind, in flight, going through the lines of truth, in the dreams of forevermore, the trees of evermore. Their hands in the wind, embracing, feeling the grace of hopeful wishes, their beliefs are forevermore, the trees of evermore. Their emotions move with the wind, melancholy, a passion for the virtue that no longer is. Their hopes are forevermore, the trees of evermore. Their bodies struggle against the wind indignation for the iniquity. Their skin is blackened by sweltering in the inequitable fires of the unjust. Their faiths are forevermore, even though, the trees are nevermore.By: Kathleen
Some tree can be very tall some can be small then some can be different colors.Then some may have leaves on them and some long stomp that go into the ground they u can grow some too But if u do that u would have to water them two. and if it say to give it food u would have to it or it will die. The End
Tree Of Life And Knowledge
There were two special trees planted by God in the Garden of Eden, Tree of Knowledge and Tree of Life, Gen.2:9 Since "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" symbolized all moral knowledge, knowledge that only God could have, its fruits was forbidden to Adam and Eve, Gen. 2:17. But the tempter suggested to them that, by adding to their knowledge, the trees fruit would make them like God, Gen. 3:5. So they chose to disobey God. This act of rebellion marked the entrance of sin into the world. The result was quite different than Adam and Eve expected. Instead of gaining superior knowledge that made them equal with God, they gained awareness or knowledge of their guilt, shame, and condemnation.
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Trek The First!
My job has me going nuts! Last month I drove over 6000 KM's between a few places going to work and back. I managed to have a near record month for sales, and although that makes me happy. I do have to pay for all my travel, food, hotels.... when I go to work. I can claim it all as write off's but still it doesn't help me today. So, today I'm at the office submitting business and I find out one piece got held and I'l not be paid on it until next week. so today I got paid under 300 dollers, but my rent is 460. My last trip was more expensive than I thought and I spend more on it that I ultimately made from going out there. My old job has me on staff again which is nice so yesterday I went and gave an old guy a bath. Saturday I'll do a 12 hr over nighter to take care of another elderly man. next week i'll have a truck load of cash coming, in, but its feast or famine. I collect food for the food bank with my job but over the past several months I end up eating the food because i
Trell's Thoughts
How can you be trusted , I know how you are I tried to trust you , but it didn't get me far I though you grew up, I though you were a man Yeah I was wrong, you tried to ruin everyone's life and you still will if you can Just to make yourself feel good, to feel that you're on top Only a sick person, would do family wrong , but you'll never stop You're a bad dad and bad brother You know you're a bad son look how at you treat our mother She tries to help you , but you don't care You're alway screaming and yelling "No one treats me fair" Coward, I"m going to call you that till the end You talk about everyone behind their back, in their face you're their friend Get mad if you want that's just what I see If you got a problem with what I just said, then get at me. We are brothers and I love you , but I hate what you've became If you got something to say, then say it to me and I'll do the same Copyright 2006 Damon Taylor My dad you had all t
A Trembling Sigh
As I sit here, the walls close in I wonder what is yet to come. The shadows grow darker toward me My light starting to fade some. The tears streak down my face My will lost to all. I shudder with resignation I am about to fall. I sigh readying myself for the kill I tremble waiting for the slice. I wonder when it will happen I worry will death be nice. My pain is plainly seen on my face My darkness has grown high. I laugh at Death, he angers I grow quiet with a trembling sigh.
Trembling Confessions.....write Dirty To Me!!
My erotic machine seems my head is filled with such warm delightful thoughts of you. I can not wait until the days come that I see you sitting in my tattoo parlor chair. ~Loud music pumping stripping away the cares of the day~ ~Comotion and chaos in the background~~ Hypnotic sounds of the machines in the air all attention on me Seems thru all the excitment my voice is the only one heard Shirt off & relaxed ~~Anticipations filling your thoughts and easing all reality away~~ I would to feel your eyes on me watching everything that I do Watching my hair the way it falls around my face so long and dark The way it brushes up against and almost covers my warm full chest I can feel you eyes taking all of me into your sight The one single small breathe and focused attention unfilinching heart strong arm reaching out to me. Pulling me out of the darkness into your range with one touch soft stroke of my redden cheek Hands running through my hair soothing my
A Trembling Sigh
As I sit here, the walls close in I wonder what is yet to come.The shadows grow darker toward meMy light starting to fade some.The tears streak down my faceMy will lost to all.I shudder with resignationI am about to fall.I sigh readying myself for the killI tremble waiting for the slice.I wonder when it will happenI worry will death be nice.My pain is plainly seen on my faceMy darkness has grown high.I laugh at Death, he angersI grow quiet with a trembling sigh.
Tremors From Afar
Should you ever feel aloneIf finding times hard to bareYou can still count on meKnow I shall always be there You shall be in my thoughtsIf you are hurting, I feel it tooIt is my friendship sincerityI shall forever share with youThere each step of the wayMy support you can dependI will listen if you need me With love your forever friend For Elizabeth, a dear friend and beautiful soul. A dozen roses I give to you my friend,A gift that seems so smallBut they represent so much,Our friendship most of all.A rose for the friendship.A rose for the touch.A rose for the trust we shareOur sharing means so much.A rose for the kindnessAnd the deep caring you show.A rose for the comfort givenWhen I've been feeling low.A rose for the laughter,How it makes your eyes shine.A rose for the dreams we shareIt's amazing how they intertwine.A rose for the deep respectYou give to me with ease.A rose for the love we feelAnd how you wish to please.A rose for your compassionThat has helped me in so m
Trends for the longest time I keep hearing all this talk about the Soulja boy dance.. and finally my curiousity got to me and I had to look it up.. well I came across a bunch of videos and found it quite amusing how many people are out there trying to get this dance down. here's the instructional video HOW TO CRANK THAT SOULJA BOYAdd to My Profile | More Videos and this video was actually really good.. The one kid can really dance! Soulja Boy 101Add to My Profile | More Videos Do you have a favorite video that you have come across? if so please share!
I really want to do a "blast", and I tried yesterday but it didn't work!!!! Im getting frustrated here, what do I do? How do I make it work for me? Someone MUST know how!!! Come on give a girl a break! PLEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I am so new to this!!! It's like no other bar Ive ever been into! Normally I walk in and it's fairly self explanatory.NOT HERE!!! If anyone..I MEAN ANYONE can help me out...please do!!!!!!!!!!! I added a "blast" but I dont even know what the hell that is!!!! Is it a good thing??????? Come on, you pro's know WTF is going a lady out!!!!!!!!!!!
The Trend In Fashion Jewelry This Season
Jane Marsh is a business owner and fashion enthusiast who has serious passion for fashion jewelry, women's accessories, costume jewelry, and wholesale clothing .
Trent Shelton #rehabtime
You'll never win my trust with promises. I've heard enough of those to realize they paint pictures that aren't accurate. They set a standard that most actions never meet. I guess that's why my heart is slow to be moved by words because most of the time they prove to hold no value. They're never lived up to. Honestly I could care less if you say the right things because I'm deaf to your words until you do the right things. My trust is through surrendering to promises, it needs commitments. - Trent Shelton #RehabTime
Trent Shelton #rehabtime
Treo For Sale
I don't want to do it but I need to sale my phone. My treo had gotten thrown into a lake because of this rogue gust of wind. My chair and wallet and everything flew across the camp and hit the water before any of us could catch it. Anyway, i'm in college, and shortly after that incident I had a heated conversation with one of the bosses at work because he's a weasle that needs to be punched in the throat. Bah, i'm getting sidetracked. What I intend to do is pay the insurance deductible and sale the brand new phone that gets shipped in. I need the money so I can pay my phone bill. I'll sale it cheaper than what they sell it for in the store and it will be brand new. 300-400 or so is the price in the stores. This is a Sprint phone also
Tre-o Loc Cuz
Tressy's World
First off I just want to say that this is not ment to bash thin people because I have alot of thin friends. This blog is meant to bash the media and their craze with ultra thin people. But gosh darn it what ever happen to women looking like women? What ever happen to the Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page types. Now those women actually looked like women. They had hips, titties and ass. Marilyn was actually a size 16 and Bettie was a 14. They were what would these days consider "full figured" or "plus" sized women instead of being considered normal. They were beauitiful women. It just aggravates me what they are now doing to Jessica Simpson calling her fat and out of shape because she has some meat on her bones. This sicking trend of starving stars has got to stop! I mean, look at me for example. I am not a stick nor do I wish to be. I eat right and excersize. But I still look like a woman for goodness sake. I see alot of young women my age starving themselves because Allure and Vogue t
It was a smoldering summer morning, normal for Miami, when I chose to climb the wooden, six-foot-tall fence separating our backyard from our neighbor's, to retrieve the basketball that had inadvertently bounced into their yard the previous day. I absolutely hated going over to a neighbor's house, knocking on the door, and requesting something I'd lost in their yard. Looking back, I have no idea why I felt that way. When I was eighteen it just seemed infinitely easier to climb the fence, toss the ball back over, and return the same way. Even though we'd lived next to these particular neighbors for over five years, all I knew about them was that they were a family of four. Two absolutely stunning young daughters lived next door to us with their mother and father. I had never seen either of the girls at my school, but that was no surprise, since I went to a high school about 20 miles away, and most of the teenagers in the area went to the high school two miles south of the neighborhoo
Tresspass Part 1
It was a smoldering summer morning, normal for Miami, when I chose to climb the wooden, six-foot-tall fence separating our backyard from our neighbor's, to retrieve the basketball that had inadvertently bounced into their yard the previous day. I absolutely hated going over to a neighbor's house, knocking on the door, and requesting something I'd lost in their yard. Looking back, I have no idea why I felt that way. When I was eighteen it just seemed infinitely easier to climb the fence, toss the ball back over, and return the same way. Even though we'd lived next to these particular neighbors for over five years, all I knew about them was that they were a family of four. Two absolutely stunning young daughters lived next door to us with their mother and father. I had never seen either of the girls at my school, but that was no surprise, since I went to a high school about 20 miles away, and most of the teenagers in the area went to the high school two miles south of the neighborhoo
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Lets see who is brave enough.....IF We Had Sex Game... Now don't be scared.... you never know who really wants to do you! Here are the rules to the game.. REPLY SO ONLY I SEE IT AND REPOST SO OTHERS CAN FILL OUT! 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you pull my hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15. How freaky are you, 1 - 10? 16. Would you want fast or slow? 17. Where would you wanna "do it"? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you want me to be loud or quiet?
Tres-4 Shouldnt Exist
By Ker Than, The largest planet ever discovered is also one of the strangest and theoretically should not even exist, scientists say. Dubbed TrES-4, the planet is about 1.7 times the size of Jupiter and belongs to a small subclass of "puffy" planets that have extremely low densities. The finding will be detailed in an upcoming issue of Astrophysical Journal. "Its mean density is only about 0.2 grams per cubic centimeter, or about the density of balsa wood," said study leader Georgi Mandushev of the Lowell Observatory in Arizona. "And because of the planet's relatively weak pull on its upper atmosphere, some of the atmosphere probably escapes in a comet-like tail." The planet's large mass-to-density ratio makes it an anomaly among known exoplanets, and its existence cannot be explained by current models. A planet anomoly "TrES-4 is way bigger than it's supposed to be," Mandushev told "For its mass, it should be much smaller. It basically should be ab
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Law of Attraction Best meditation method
577 T-rex Rifle
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Trey Love
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The Trials, Tribulations And Triumphs Of Polyamory
I have been talking to a guy for a couple months now off and on when we have been able and he knows about me being with mike and he is open minded to learning about this lifestyle and it would appear that we love each other already. It seems like its been something that we have both wanted to say but just never knew when the right time was to say it. We finally both laid all our cards out on the table last night and we both feel the same and for ONCE I have found a sweet nice guy that is actually close to where I am...him in IA and me in WI. We have vowed to make time to talk more often and stay in touch more often than we have. I hope that this works the way I hope because I care so much about him and want this to work so badly I feel like I am a part of Dave's life from a distance. We have agreed to back off some and talk a little less out of respect for me and Mike. We still talk on the phone occasionally and online some. I have asked him if this is just useless spinning our
Trials And Tribulations Of A Sex Toy Lady
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~~Christian~~@ CherryTAP
Trials And Tribulations
Been thinking about you wondering if you think of me too The say all things come with a price but why is that so? Why cant things just flow out and be? They say whats good you pay for more dearly but why is that so? Why cant we hold dear whatever we wish? They say if you want something bad enough you will pay any price but why is that so? Why cant it be as easy whining
Trial And Error!
There's things in life that aren't always fun to learn. One of those things is how to navigate this DAMNED SITE!!! OMG.....I looked at it and was like...hmmm this should be easy but SHIT! i can't even figure out how to get a picture backdrop on my layout!!! Someone help a girl out!
Trials And Tribulations Of My Life Lol
oh my god the guy has done it again he has a new kick ass song. some of his recent stuff hasn't had the impact as hi earlier stuff but Guitar is him back at the peak. Can't wait for the new album and of course the concert in August in london. well since the start of april i have been seeing a girl who i really liked, if she treated me better etc i'd still really like her. she is one of those who doesn't show emotion or affection, well the only time she shows any is when in bed etc. when ever i have been with her and say a friend calls etc and she's been asked what up or been doing she never mentions me, says what she been doing, say if we walked into town she'll say she went into town not i went into town with jase well her actions have lead me to finish seeing her, in my mind she doesn't deserve my attention any more ..........well............ life is ok for me at the mo, well until someone decides to interupt and ruin everything (well thats the usual thing to happen lol).
The shadow came to me again. Touching my feet my legs. Waking me slowly. As I woke and stretched, she touched me with her velvet hand. Moving back the covers she stroked me. As I gasp in pleasure she took me into her mouth. Moving slowly and steadily. Stopping only to look up into my eyes. A smile on her lips. I grew hard under her continued movements. Quickly she moved up and straddled me facing away. Giving me the most wonderful view, she lowered herself on me. She rocked slowly as I moved my hands to her back. As I reached around, she lay back on me. My hands roamed over her body. Touching her breasts, her thighs, her arms. Kissing her neck and her lips as she turned her head to meet mine. The passion building higher with each passing moment. Grasping her waist I began to thrust up into her. She responded with movements of her own. A moan escaping my mouth. The heat was almost unbearable. Faster still we moved. She sat up and moved in rhythm with me. Our movements appear
The Trial
The Trials And Tribulations......
I figured with today being Halloween, this may be a good blog subject: DEATH. What is it about DEATH that scares us so much? Is it mainly just a fear of the Unknown? A fear that one minute you could be talking to your best friend on the phone, then two minutes later, you're walking out to get your mail, only to be ran down by a passing motorist. Or is there more to it? Could it be just the fact that you're being forced to leave every single one of your loved ones immediately, without being able to say goodbye. Maybe it's even just the fear of going to sleep, and never waking up. Maybe it's just because DEATH is such a permanent result. Once you are dead, you're not coming back. Maybe also because DEATH is inevitable. No matter how many times you try to defy it, eventually, it gets you. DEATH does not care who you are, what your occupation is, how much money you make, or anything like that.DEATH is uncaring, cold, and inhumane. Yet, in a strange twist, DEATH is crucial to Life. DEATH
Trials Of The Heart
Even now as I enjoy clarity (see previous entry) and a newfound measure of peace, I find myself having a period of remembrance. I close my eyes and think back to the time of how it felt to know love. Not love of oneself, but the love of another. I remember the slightest touch, a gentle caress, even just a gaze that spoke so many words without any words ever being spoken. The warm feeling interlaced with all of those, that told me I was wanted, needed, craved...loved. I embraced that feeling during the periods of time that I had it, reveling in it, and enjoying each perfect moment as it washed over me and comforted me. I long to meet the stranger again one day that is the indescribable love of another. I stand before the great divide, a seemingly endless canyon that runs for miles. I jump, freefalling for what seems an eternity, not caring if the safety chute I have opens or not. It's that freefall I've experienced so many times in life, the one that leads to nowhere except into sorro
Trial And Error
Trial And Error
Trials And Troubled Waters
Hello Fubarians....let me pose a question to all of you...thsi goes to you as well mr baby jesus...what constitutes a Bling Chaser??? let me present some facts... Fact 1: When Fubar (Formerly known as Cherry Tap), there was no blings anyone who was part of thsi site had towork hard in setting up a page, getting known out there by word of mouth and networking..also in the simple case that there were only 25 levels at that time from freshmeat to godfather..the one thing everyone wanted to that known as FUBAR has evolved and become a new site almost entirely new levels came about and with having a limit of 2500 pictures including teh nsfw ones, thats a lot to rate. which is probably the reasons for the new toys called to rate faster, make pages more artistic to oncoming lookers and vets of both sites...fubar and cherrytap Fact 2: Blings...every knows them..Everyone wants them.....but how do you go about getting them without having to one
Trials And Tribulations Of A New Mom And Wife To A British Citizen
My father gave me a screen name on aol 8 years ago. At that time the had UK chat rooms and I went on looking for a boyfriend I had who was from London, well being an idiot I didn't realise just how big London really is and needless to say I didn't find him or anyone that knew of him but I stayed in the chatroom because the people in there were funnier than hell. One was Listeri69 or Simon from Manchester England , he didn't care what he said or who he said it too and that boldness made me laugh. It wouldn't be till six years later that we would get personal but with me if you can make me laugh and I mean really laugh then you become very sexy to me as I'm not the an Irishman, Scottishman , Welshman and an American man go into a bar humour that bores the hell out of me. I like improv type humour you have to be quick witted. God help you if words offend you because just like my husband if I find that out more than likely I'm going to keep up with it. Most women are offended by the C w
Trials For Relationship*
Trials And Tribulations Of A Battered Soul
in such a quick moment i felt here. it was like looking in her eyes just by reading what she wrote. it scared me, i want someone to love and care for so bad. but part of me thinks history will repeat itself. she seemed so much different though, a stranger moved my heart, and lifted my hopes? ...that's never happened before, even close friends try and dont get through to me that easy. now no response's. i was so alive for a moment, now seems like im back where i started. i wanted to see where it would go, will i still get a chance? where has she gone? ....i will wait, each second a minute, each minute forever. .....thoughts of her fillme in a place i thought was gone, hopes of meeting her keep me strong, so excited to meet her i imagine it all day long. will she seek me the same way? time is to long.
Trials Of Life
I am feeling so very bad right about now. Idk why.I just been feeling like an ugly duckling lately. Feeling unimportant. I take full responsibility for these feelings, they are my own. There is nothing anyone can say or to do to change this but me. Just super sad right now....We all cannot be at our top game all the time. One of these days I will feel like I matter again. That day just has not gotten here yet.....Maybe I just need a good girly kinda cry....Or maybe it is as simple as just getting some... Who knows? Time to go grab some kleenex.... Ok, so I have been jumping over hurdles to land in holes. I did find my groove behind a bar again, so I am happy for that ! It was way too long since I made a mean ass margerita ( my signature) !!! So why is it that I feel like I want my cake and eat it too? I love to sling liquor, be around people, and have fun at work... I am just having an issue... Why is it when I get hit on I wanna reach across the bar and knock some fool's head off???
Trial Of Lunacy.
Soft earth gives easily under my treading claws. Hurried and frantic. Desperate to lose the shadows that seek to end my existence. Breath ragged and hot from fleeing, billows into the cold black night. Softly the sounds of hurried anger and fear, mixed with taunts of death and worse are menacingly close. I see the blinding light above that is both my curse. and my pursuers grace for it allows them the pale silver light with which to search for me. My coat, a tattered bloody mess, sheen with the effort of escape, bristles with fear, rage, and pain. Pain so great so deep it rips into the very fabric cloaking my soul. Pain begets the madness to destroy. To kill! To devour! To claim the night with terror only my cries of agony can instill., The smells of marsh, earth, and sweat are tinged with the sting of soot from torches twinkling across the dark valley. Tiny embers that beg to set flame to the tender on which the mortals wish me to burn.
Triad Demonic Devil 73
I know that I have done some real stupid things. Now I must, pay the price for everything, I have done wrong! There is so many things, that I do not know, where to begin. So to everybody, that is going to read this, I have only, one thing to say and that is, I am at fault for the people that I have hurt and done major wrongs to. I accept you punishment and I will not hold anything againis you. For now, all I can offer, is my deepest and heart felt regreetes. The last thing I am going to say, I am not perfect, I will make more mistakes and take those, mistakes and try to correct them, befor they get it out of hand. Poetic Death As a shameful poet, there are some poeties, that can outshine anyone in the world. Even the greatest of all time and they can not hold a candle to the new creative poeties of our times. I am glad to have had a poetic death, because now, I have found a new outlook on life and that taps, into
Tribute To Nice Guys
This is a tribute to the nice guys. The nice guys that finish last, that never become more than friends, that endure hours of whining and bitching about what assholes guys are, while disproving the very point. This is dedicated to those guys who always provide a shoulder to lean on but restrain themselves to tentative hugs, those guys who hold open doors and give reassuring pats on the back and sit patiently outside the changing room at department stores. This is in honor of the guys that obligingly reiterate how cute/beautiful/smart/funny/sexy their female friends are at the appropriate moment, because they know most girls need that litany of support. This is in honor of the guys with open minds, with laid-back attitudes, with honest concern. This is in honor of the guys who respect a girl's every facet, from her privacy to her theology to her clothing style. This is for the guys who escort their drunk, bewildered female friends back from parties and never take advantage once they'
A Tribute To Mark Lehman
If Tears Could Build A Stairway.. If If Tears Could Build A Stairway, and memories a lane, I would walk right up to Heaven, and bring u back again. No farewell words were spoken, No time to say "Goodbye" You were gone before I knew it, And only God knows why. My heart still aches with sadness, and secret tears still flow. What it meant to Love You- No one can ever know. But now I know you want me to mourn for you no more To remember all the happy times, life still has much in store Since you'll never be forgotten I pledge to you today- A hallowed place in my heart is where you'll always stay..
Tribute To Eddie Guerrero
3 Doors Down Here Without You Tribute To Eddie Guerrero
Tribute To The Forces
your god damned right we are! but we can back it up, can you? CockyAdd to My Profile | More Videos Tribute to All the ForcesAdd to My Profile | More Videos > Here is a quote from a government employee who witnessed a recent > > interaction between an elderly woman and an antiwar protester in a Metro > > station in DC: > > > > There were protesters on the train platform handing out pamphlets on the > > evils of America . I politely declined to take one. An elderly woman was > > behind me getting off the escalator and a young (20ish) female protester > > offered her a pamphlet, which she politely declined." > > > > The young protester put her hand on the old woman's shoulder as a gesture > > of friendship and in a very soft voice asked, "Lady, don't you care about > > the children of Iraq?" > > > > The old woman looked up at her and said, "Honey, my father died in France > > during World War II. I lost my husband in Korea , and a son in Vietnam . > > Al
Tribute To The Best Birds In The World
Blossom was my baby. I got her as a birthday present before I started middle school, and she made it into college with me. I've never cried as much as the day that she died. I finally had her saying "I love you." Can you imagine how cute that was? Well, it was twice as cute as you're picturing it, trust me. I also had a little yellow bird named Blondie, who was only a few months old. I loved her as well, but I barely knew her. Please vote for Blossom in the best pet contest. She truly was the best pet ever. I would love to win this, just to know that everyone else sees how wonderful she was. How can I figure out who it was. That makes me so mad! No one's that ugly, I mean come on...
Tribute To Soldiers
American SoldierAdd to My Profile | More Videos
A Tribute
This is a tribute to the most wonderful woman on Gods green earth. Her name is Hannah and she is the most precious angel God has ever created. Hannah is not only wonderful in every sense of the word but she is the most beautiful woman that my eyes have ever seen. God definately spent a little more time oh Hannah because she turned out perfect. This angel from Ohio is loyal to her friends and shes also a loyal buckeye football supporter too. Me being from NC finds a bit of fault there but I can live with it lol. Hannah is the very best there is out there. She is like no other and no other even comes close to her. I just wanted to pay tribute to the most wonderful human bein on the face of the earth. I love you Hannah! Youre The BEST!
Tribute To Those Lost....
Vince Gill // Go Rest HighAdd to My Profile | More Videos
A Tribute To Sexy Asses And Sexy Cleavages! Very Very Hot!
Tribute Contest
ok I was lucky to get away from this thing. it attacked me. I was a POW in my own house. good thing I was able to destroy it!!!!! WHEW!!!! ok everybody Im in the tribute contest I'll need those votes starting now. HELP ME WIN THIS!!! === '~~Going To Be A Grandma On 08/22/07..Angel Family Founder~~' spewed forth the following at '2007-01-18 07:26:17'.. > > ~~ Okay Everyone I'm Doing A Tribute Ink Contest On CT ~~ > > > Anyone with Tribute Ink can join just send me a link to your pic or tell > > me with pic and i'll get it to my inbox and i'll enter you. > > > And people you can comment bomb yourselfs and rate yourselfs. > > > 1st Person is...... > > > > > > > > 2nd person is...... > > > > > > > > 3rd person is...... > > > > > > > > > > 4th person is...... > > > > > > > > Scores are going to be...... comments + rates = final score > > > Contest will open 1/18 thur 1/25 > >
A Tribute To Those Who Died At Vt

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