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Update On My Girl.
Sorry I haven't been around but alot has been going on with me. As most know I left my husband and started over. I do landscaping and now live in Maryland. About a month ago I flipped a four wheeler and injured my leg. Spent four days in the hospital over that stunt. I got carried away. Hey I am ready to hop back on it and go again though. I'm not a quitter for sure. Things been a lil tough starting over but I'm doing it and doing it on my own. Sometimes you have to suffer some bad to get to the good. Any way I hope to be back to you all soon. Love to you all! Ok so here it is. I left my husband March 22 this year. I am moving on and doing great. Just really posting this to let you all know I have been crazy busy and not able to get online much. I hope to be back here to hang soon. Hugzzz!
spokane craigslist > free stuff please flag with care: Free Husband, used but servicable. Reply to: [?] Date: 2008-09-10, 7:50PM PDT One free husband. Still frisky, has all his shots and is potty trained. He does have a tendency to mark his territory, a slight obsession with his own genitalia but I have put in years of training and he will now stop scratching on command. This Husband does not come with a warranty and is offered 'as is.' He know many jokes and 'tricks', plays well with others and can do complicated math in his head. To be upfront about his flaws I will say that he has a tendency to buy too many shoes, re-arranges the house at random and believes that women were created to pleasure him. He Is a very pleasant drunk and rarely throws up, however he will relieve himself in public if you don't keep a sharp eye on him. I am offering this Husband for free in hopes that you will abuse him and he will come back to me with a better attitud
Update On My Father
Hey all I'm sorry I haven't been on in awhile and I truly Miss all of you....They disabled me at work and its hard for me to get on at home but will make the time because as I said I truly Miss all of you! Please keep leaving the love I love it and love you all for thinking of me! To the Lolli's I started making tags for us and have to finish all of them I will be doing that over the weekend.....
Updates And Need To Know
Hey everyone, just wanted to let people know that I am going out of town for the weekend, as of tonight, and I won't be home til monday night. I will be up in the mountains, and so unless I can get online up there I won't be online at all this weekend. Also, I am officially a night greeter for The M.O.D. Lounge, so people please check it out!!! I don't know how to link to the lounge, so just go to my profile and click on the link there under my lounges!!! Have a great weekend everyone.
Update On Me Again
As everything should be I am moving along at my own pace in getting back to exactly who and what I am and what I am all about. Short a time as it was I do feel better than I did but am still moving forward. I must admit the welcomes back are very pleasing to me as I will admit it is nice to be missed once in a while, we all are that way. Still a lot of things going on within and around me but I feel better armed to deal with things. I hope to be around a lot more but time will tell about that. Amazing what you can learn about yourself when you set back and look at yourself from another view not unlike as another person. Thinking about what advice would you give this person were it not you. Thank you again all that have welcomed me back, I have missed this place.
Update On Dad
I just received a phone call from both my mom and brother that they have taken my father from the nursing facility to the hospital and he is in renal failure. They are also having a difficult time establishing a regular heartbeat. The doctors will be "working on him" until a result is reached. Not knowing what will happen in the very near future, I thought I would let you know that if I am suddenly absent from Fubar, the worst has occurred. I will not be going into the hospital at this time as there is no way that I can see him. Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers and I will be here, hoping for the best, until I hear further news. ******UPDATE****** I just received another call from my brother. He has been in the ER about an hour now and has been stabilized. He will be there until about 7pm EDT. I will do another blog when I know more....Thank you ALL again! I just returned from visiting my father at the hospital. He went through his second surgery o
Currently, I'm in the hospital again for a bunch of testing to try to figure out WHY I was in a coma for 3 days. So far, the doctors have no clue. Hopefully, I will be going home this weekend and the rest of the tests will be done as outpatient. I don't know yet but please bare with me and pray everything is okay. Love, ~LadyBug13~
Just want to let all my fubar friends and family know that I will be having surgery August 26th. Just say your prayers that it will be a success!
Update On Me
Just an update on me. I been feeling crappy lately and Thursday I had a siezure. I had one last year also. We didn't think it was anything but now that I had 2 of them. I had a CAT Scan done today and he didn't get the official report yet. He said he doesn't see anything out of the ordinary except I have more gray matter than I brain looks older than it is...I have no clue what that means. He is sending me to a neurologist. I will let everyone know whats going on. I just wanted to update everyone what was going on with me. Tuesday morning I woke up not feeling good...Walked in the bathroom and I had another siezure. 2nd one in 2 weeks so we thought. Tony rushed me to ER. My Dr admited me I had a CAT Scan, MRI and EEG. The CAT scan and MRI was ok.So the ruled out anything major like brain bleeding or tumos. The EEG showed lots of seizure activity. Come to find out was not just 3 seizures I had. I been having them often somtimes a few times a day. I get disoriented often a
First of all, Happy 4th to you all *especially our Veterans* Went to the Dr today for 10 week ck up, finally get out of the boot *WAHOO***it is soo hot, am slow getting around again, but hey its all worth the wait!!..I am going to be starting PT sometime next week but it's all up hill from here!! Hope you all have a Safe & Happy 4th
Update Re; Brooke Bennett..body Found..more.. This Amber Alert has a Very Sad :( ending May God Bless Brooke Bennett & Family
Update On Situation
Update On My Life
Things in my life arent going as good as I would hope they'd be.I'm going through some tuff times right now and it sucks hard.I have been seperated from my wife since April 9th of this year and she has said she wants a divorce,and the last time we talked on May 19th our conversation didnt end well.I really thought I had the women of my dreams and would NEVER have to worry about being alone ever again but here I am alone again and its REALLY hard on me.I dont have many TRUE friends right now which doesnt make life any easier on me .I really wish god would let me know what he has in store for me and whats my plan supose to be cause I am REALLY sick and tired of starting over in life and sick of all the bullshit.I'm not getting any younger and I really dont know what to do with my self .I am always fighting the erge to just bite the bullet and say the hell with it,the pain is NOT worth it .But I keep hoping that some day things will get better and I keep telling myself God has a plan for
Hello I don't think anyone will even remember me on here I've been gone for work for a while I finally got around to quiting smoking cold turkey, been 3 weeks now and I think I'm over the worst of it. Also thank you for all those who sent birthday thank you and for those of you who forgot a great way you say I'm sorry is to sent a your phone if your single or your cute single friend if your not....Female btw I had trouble recently with people understanding that I really don't know why and no one can seem to give me a straight answer on the subject....
Update N Thanks For The Prayers
I want to thank everyone who kept prayers for my family. They have found my sister and yes the worst outcome has been made. She may not have been the best person in the world, but there's no reason she had to go through what she did. I appreciate my friends who were there for me and continue to be. Bare with me as I deal with this. Love u all...
The true bitch has emerged and I dont give a fuk what anyone has to say. I am me and can only be me. Dont like it then oh well. I am an honest hearted person who cares for everyone and still ends up getting hurt but you know what? I'm immune to it so keep hurting me please. I'm like Superman and hurt is my Krptonite...and oh yea....tell your bitches to keep my name out their mouths and if they dont like it tell them to come to me and i'll tell em myself. It's a shame that you trust someone and yet get used and portrayed but hey it's part of life ain't it? Again, I am the flesh and on here. I'm divorced, I don't live with the ex (cuz he would probably rape me being that I owe him oh so much), I am not successful yet, I'm struggling to keep my children from being taken away from me, I don't have a permanent home, I am it or not, I'm not gonna change. I'm not gonna beg for attention. I'm not gonna "fall in love" online where 99% of the people on here are either married
Update On Dianna
I want to update you on my cousin, baby Dianna .. my uncle called and said that all of our prayers and lighting of candles worked .. ty so much for all of that ... she is out of the woods and it was as if a miracle happened overnight ... she is breathing normal and her lungs are functioning normally ... her blood counts are great and she is eating good. If anyone wants to see her pic, let me know .. I will gladly share one with you. Thank you again from all of us for your prayers .. they worked and there is power in numbers!! Hugzzzzzzz, Angel
Update On Me
Hi all, Just wanted too touch base with everyone and bring you up too date. If anyone realized i was lost well its because due too elctric I couldnt get on. It has been and insane almost 2 weeks. i have been so bored and missing everyone. I want too thank everyone for all the notes giftd and bling letting me know you missed me. Makes me smile. I want too give a big shout out to all you levelers Thank you too all for keeping things going around here. Shadow levelers will always be on Fubar we arent disappearing. Having done this so long levelers come and go but we all still continue too keep doing what we love too do. I have made the blog with members on it private I will be updating it in the next few days. We have some levelers that have decided too try a new adventure. I wish all them luck in what they are doing. But with those going there are always new ones want ing too join so in the next week you will see more added. So i want too thank each leveler and all our friends f
Heya All, I am still working on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They are supposed to have us wireless in the Apts here next week, so will be back online again, but want to give a shout and and Update. Victoria has been staying at Camp Sister Spirit which is about 2 hours north of here for the past couple of weeks. She has been helping out at the camp (translate to working her ASS off!!!) and been able to see each other on the week ends. She will back home in Florida Next week. Anyways, We both hope this finds everyone in good spirits, health, and wealth adn know we Mis Hanging here with Ya. LUV YA, Eugene & Lady Victoria P.S. If You are on Lay Vic's list, please pass this on. Thanks.
Update On Tropical Fay
Fay Threatens Florida, Pounding Cuba Mark Avery, Lead Meteorologist, The Weather Channel 9:56 a.m. ET 8/18/2008 Tropical Storm Fay is in the process of crossing Cuba, and is heading towards the Southeastern United States. As of 5 am EDT, Fay was located about 155 miles south-southeast from Key West, Florida, with maximum sustained winds near 50 miles per hour. Fay is moving to the north-northwest near12 miles per hour. A tropical storm watch is in effect for part of Florida's East Coast from Jupiter Inlet north to Sebastian Inlet, the northwestern Bahamas, and Grand Cayman Island. A tropical storm watch means that tropical storm conditions are possible within 36 hours. A tropical storm warning is in effect for much of Cuba (the provinces from Camaguey westward) and the Florida Keys, including the Dry Tortugas and Florida Bay, Florida's East Coast from Jupiter Inlet southward (including metro Miami), Florida's West Coast from Bonita Beach southward, and Lake Okeechobee. A
Update Weather Report For Florida
Strengthening tropical storm Fay soaks Florida By Tom Brown 2 hours, 18 minutes ago MIAMI (Reuters) - Tropical Storm Fay swept into southwest Florida from the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, dumping heavy rain but causing little damage after failing to strengthen into a hurricane as forecasters had predicted. ADVERTISEMENT At 1 p.m. EDT, the storm was over south-central Florida near Lake Okeechobee, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. Unusually, the storm strengthened as it moved inland across the Florida Peninsula. Tropical storms are powered by warm ocean waters and generally weaken quickly over land. But the land in Fay's path was so warm and swampy that "it might not register that it's really land at this point," said Corey Walton, a hurricane support meteorologist at the Miami-based hurricane center. Fay's top sustained winds rose to 65 miles per hour (105 km per hour), making it slightly stronger than it was when it passed over the Florida Keys and came ashore
Update......i Am Ok Made It Through Last Night Tropical Storm Fay
well, Thank god i am okay!!!!well it was very frighten to me last night because all of a sudden i heard loud noises like howling,and vibratons from the windows,the trees were moving fast and all.The power went out and cable also went out so all i had was a radio,but it was ok.I finally went to sleep thank god but when i woke up still no power or cable...just alot of debris outside finally at 5:30pm everything went back on thank god.....but i am ok yay...i made it yay!!!what a rough night though....
I am moving back to Florida. I dont know how long it will take to get internet set up so I may be gone for a few weeks.
Update 8-23-08
If you're on my friends list... I want to know 20 things about you. I don't care if we've never talked, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. I really don't. You are obviously on my list, so let me know with whom I am friends! JUST HIT REPLY. REPLY : 1.Your Full Name: 2. Age: 3. Single or Taken: 4. Favorite Movie: 5. Favorite Song: 6. Favorite Band/Artist: 7. Dirty or Clean: 8. Tattoos and/or Piercings: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Do we know each other outside of myspace? 2. Whats your philosophy on life? 3. Would you have my back in a fight? 4. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest? 5. What is your favorite memory of us? 6. Would you give me a kidney? 7. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you: 8. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 9. Can we get together and make a cake? 10. Have you heard any rumors o
I figure its time for me to do a new update on myself since I haven't done one in awhile... and like usual... It's like 1:35 am and I'm bored as hell and just wanna do something... Chances are I won't finish this until sometime tomorrow but I might as well get a start on it... Well I moved to North Dakota with Shayla... At first we had a rough time adjusting to each other but then we came to compromise alot more and now everything is so perfect that I couldn't ask for things to go better... We spend alot of time together but not too much to get on each other nerves... We found out that neither of us can sleep unless the other one is there with us... Which is gonna get hard once she goes back to night shifts... but that will be another thing we are just gonna have get used to... I met Shayla parents only a few days after being up here in North Dakota and from what I can tell... They seem to like me... My mom has taken a liking to Shayla too... She has talked to her on the phone a few t
An Update On My Life.
I've a new girl In my life now that makes me very happy.She calls me on the phone and talked to me on all the websites that me and her are on too.She acknowledge me as being her special someone In life unlike the girls of my past that wanted to keep a lid on It.I talked to her yahoo im and see her on cam too.She has made a very good Impact on my life making me feel whole once more.I've been talking to her for over 2 months If not 3 months now.But anyone that views my page would notice it.Here's her midget If It works: I'm hoping to get up to where she lives In about 1 or 2 months.So I can see her In person.We are alike In so many ways she's kinda like the female version of me.And I meant her on fubar too through her niece and her niece hubby.I think the world of her too and loved her.So all my friends show her some love.I'm planning on placing a ring on her finger too.She's a mother of 2 kids a boy age 10 and a girl age 2.We are already married on fu
Update On Prayer
Updates On Mom
they took the vent tube out of mom yesterday and she is breathing well on her own and is already asking to come home.she is still real weak from the sedatives they had her on so she will more than likely be in for at least a few more days to get strong again and be able to take care of herself and what not. will post more later ok this past Saturday my mom had trouble breathing so i called the life squad and they took her to the hospital. when i get there with my great aunt they tell us that she has had a massive heart attack and that is why she was having trouble breathing. they put her in the ICU and have a ventilator on her to help clear out the water in her lungs but they are worried about her heart since it was weak to begin with before this last heart attack and they told my great aunt and I the she may not make it but they are also hopeful because of her numbers are doing so well while she is on the ventilator. for the next few days they are going to try and wing her off it and
Update To Baby Jesus Blog On Stash And Mumms
this is the update to baby jesus blog on stash and mumms for those who don"t read his blogs 9-10-08 subject: update on mumms, stashes, salutes, and more.. post date: 2008-09-10 14:29:54 views: 214 comments: 21 ratings: 0 hey everyone, just wanted to post an update in a new entry so it didn't clutter the old one. MUMM's the only thing that has changed is that points are no longer being awarded for voting on GLOBAL mumms. this is an experiment after hearing the feedback on my last blog post yesterday and we haven't decided if it's staying this way or not. everything else has remained the same, including friends-only mumms. STASH based on feedback from a bunch of members, i'm not going to reset the old stashes when we migrate to the new hardware. the stash limit will remain the same (1000). LEVEL REQUIREMENTS since so many people wanted it, i've turned back on the salute requirement to move beyond level 10. also, i just wanted to get up o
Update On Me
Update On Doc
Tagged By:Mare You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? pocket 2. Your significant other? none 3. Your hair? Long 4. Your mother? short 5. Your father? wise 6. Your favorite thing? family 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? coffee 9. Your dream/goal? loved 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? Country 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here 14. Where were you last night? bed 15. What you're not? perfect 16. Muffins? enlish 17. One of your wish list items? happiness 18. Where you grew up? Colorado 19. The last thing you did? bills 20. What are you wearing? jeans 21. TV? yes 22. Your pets? Garfield 23. Your computer? custom 24. Your life? ok 25. Your
Update On My Dad And My Life
currently i am still in school. i should be done by next fall. hopefully by that time i will have my own place, i really thinking on leaving Charlotte. things with my dad are slowly getting worse n worse his condition is worsening every day. its now our job to make sure he is eating cause he not eating if we don't. it sucks to know that i am going to lose my dad. I cant control the fact that the day that my dad draws his last breath is coming up n fast at that. all wondering what the hell i am saying or talking about. well for the ones that do read this here it is i got woke up this morning by my sister asking me if i wanted some of my dads ashes when he dies. well she asked i heard but i couldn't answer i was as i will say dazed. really didn't want to hear what she was saying to me. then find out my uncles on my dad side are a total bastards. i pray to god they can live with the fact that their own brother is dieing and they act like they don't give a fuck. not a shocke
Updated Up For Auction
I am officially up for auction. Please click the link above and place your bid. Promise you won't regret it. Thanks. =)
Updates For Child Abuse
So,now what do I do? I'm still feeling off.Who Cares? Who? NO ONE is the answer to that! They careless wherever I am at. Should I just let them make me feel this way? No,of course not!Unfortunately I still must stay. There is no way to leave,no where to go. This sounds like just another excuse, I know. Is there anyway to make things better at all? Anything,anywhere,no matter how small... My wish obviously,is to get out,to leave. Then why do I think I can't,Don't believe? I feel so stuck,like sinking in quicksand. All I really want is a warm, caring hand.. But how is it even possible to get that? Esp. cuz I feel invisible,scared,worthless,flat..
Updates For Child Abuse
Updates For Child Abuse
Updates For Child Abuse
Updates For Child Abuse
Updates For Child Abuse
Update On My Crazy Life As I Know It!
so i know i havent been around much... yet again! everytime i think things are getting better and i have some time to catch up with you all, i seem to fall off the face of the earth again lol. so i am going to give you all an update of where i am at to try to make things a bit more clear..... recently my 5 yr old son started tests for aspergers syndrome. it has and still will be a bit of a long haul until we know for sure. he is a happy kid and is always smiling so hopefully it wont be anything that will affect him throughout his life... so far so good! he is a smart kid and i am proud to say that he has been accepted into one of the best private schools for kindergarten. he doesn't seem phased by anything.. but for me it has been an emotional journey and mentally exhausting. i moved house a couple of weeks ago also so i have been busy trying to get organised around my busy work and home life. my cousin who you all know as MoMmY on here left work about 6 weeks ago so i have had t
Update On Contests And Giveaways
this person is to be blocked on all of my bombers pages. he has threatened and has been trying to start crap with multiple ppl in the family saying that we use scripts and etc and i dont allow that crap in my family at all!! UNSPOKEN~The Wizard!!!@ fubar leave a comment so i know that you were here too.. im feeling boot happy today.. just a warning WE STILL HAVE FAMILY MEMBERS IN GIVEAWAYS WE NEED TO GET WORKING ON.AS NEW ONES COME UP I WILL TRY TO GET IT ON HERE AND UPDATE THIS . THANKS ALL!!!We have a members friend that asked for our help. anyone have friends that need help you know to go to tj,Chaotic or Bratt and we all will check it out to make sure we are capable of doing it, we are here for family and their friends that need help, cause we are too small a group to help just anyone!!!!! LET'S SHOW EVERYONE WE ARE A FAMILY AND CARE ABOUT OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! **CHAOTIC PRINCESS**!! **SHADOW BOMBER** OK,We have a few giv
Update On Dad Prt2
well last night was a rocky night for me. bout 3 am this morning my dad wether knowing he was 3 am or not decided to want to go smoke a cig n i was the only one up. i went to seent who was opening the door at that time it was him n thingss didnt go to well. my dad went into a violent rage coming close to swinging at me, but i stood tall and didnt do anything just stood there wishing this would end. not sure what i can take any more this thing with my dad n his illness is getting to me. i wok up to my mom telling me that my sister took my dad to the dr early on monday and things are worsen than we all expected it to be. plz remember my family in ur thoughts i not sure if i be around pc but i will be on fubar. david
Up Date On Dark Prince
Prayers do work and good thoughts and vibes as well Was just informed that John is now and stable condition and getting better each day. Please continue with the prayers and good energies. Possibility of going home next week!!!!
Update On Special People I Own And Who Owns Me!
I only have two friends on here, sooooo, you two know whats going on with me I think lol. Its been about 6 months since I even logged on to fubar, I was surprised to see that I still had an acct. I don't work for NW Airlines anymore, but I do work for Avis / Budget Rent a car, just washing cars, only real perk about that is, it doesn't matter if its a pt cruiser or a H3 I get it for 20.00 a day. not bad. I guess thats really it. Ttys
Well a couple of weeks ago my cd-rom just disappeared off my laptop, so today thanks to a very dear friends we took it into the shop so they can try and fix it. It could be that my cd-rom is bad or that there is something wrong with my motherboard, i might have it back next friday they are suppost to call me Monday or Tuesday to let me know what's wrong with it. My very dear friends left me his comptuer to use while mine is in the shop but he doesn't have the same system that i do so this is going to be fun for the next week or so, but at least i can still get online and talk to all of those who are dear to my heart. I am starting to make changes in my life. Two years ago i was approved for disablity, but it doesn't pay the bills very well becasue I am young and haven't worked a lot since I was 16. So now I am out looking for a job so i can get off disablity and take care of my family. i have my degree in web design and i am searching for a job that will allow me to use my degree.
Just a quick update. The surgery went well yesterday. Mom says she is in alot of pain but intends on being out of bed tomorrow. She sends her love to all her friends and says she misses you and will be back with you soon. Once she is out of ICU I will take her laptop to her so she can let you all know how she is doing personally God Bless
Update On Margarita 10/22/08
Patsy called me this morning and she is home from hospital. She is hurting really bad but wanted all to know she made it thru back surgery and home.She said it will be about 2 weeks at least before she thinks of sitting to get on the comp. Updated by Mo_SweetAngel if any questions and plez keep her in your prayers that she has a speedy recovery and the pain stops soon,ty for reading.
Update On Griff
hello all im just lettin those who care..that im back.. alot of yall know we still tryin to get the house the pc had to be unplugged to so we can finish paintin and such... so if i do disspear for those who notice thats why..i try to get the word out but its not easy..b/c i dont have have some ppl other msgers so i have to rely on other for me..and i thank those who tried...before i left..i did a thank your bully to thank those who been showin me love..and help make my hh a big sucess..but as im come back i dont see many look on my i dont know how to do the fance bully or blogs...but i do take my time and write from my heart...but not many freinds or family come look..but i see others blogs and ppl view and commment not on mien on other ppl...when i came back i was happy back...i know fubar change and i see some of the ppl change too....i mean i barley had anyobdy on my page...not even the usual comements i get...ppl not worry bou
ok people seeing as i am getting alot of attention for my photoshop work to help me keep track of who wants a picture done by me, i made this blod so please leave a comment so i can contact you about making you one, other wise i might miss it thank you -lotus ok so first off id just like to say my pc stay's logged in 24/7 so more then likely if you message or sb me i might not be here. ok having said thatttttt i work for a world wide tattoo supply company just got back from rock the ink tattoo convention and hanging out with brett micheals, ami james of miami ink, rock of love girls and yes theres pics up of this got a lot more tattoo conventions coming up in the next year ill post them to let people know, and who knows if ones by you come out and say hi to me, well hang and what not, and this means outside of the u.s.a. also i do travel world wide just been very busy lately and i apologize to peeps if i said i would get back to you soon just work is busy and im putti
Most of my friends on here know I've been going through a tough time. The worse part is.. I let it all get to me and ended up becoming this depressed person. I'm now trying to get back on my feet and thanks to some help here and there from some dear people.. I am going to be able to do that. If any of you want to know anything more about my situation, just ask. Otherwise know, things are okay right now.
Update Time!!!!!!!
Life is changing so much and I am honestly loving it! Back in July/ August things went south with me and Jeremy and we just weren't able to get it back so after ten long years of marriage we are calling it quits.....don't get me wrong in some way shape or form I will always love and care for him we shared three lost angels and a lot of time we are just no longer in love with each other and are moving on to better things, I do wish him all the happiness in the world and would hope he would do the same for me but who knows! I have been spending a lot of time with new people and loving every minute of it. Crissy is teaching me to for lack of better words to grow a set and be aggressive! Matt provides comedy and kind words when needed. But the person I owe the most to lately has been Larry, he hasn't run away screaming yet....and always makes me smile and feel safe! I can be myself and let loose and not be afraid to say something wrong or do something wrong! My old friends are still here f
Update 11/11/2008
Hi Everyone, First, thank you so much for everyone who has visited my page and have kept Angel in your prayers. The thoughts, and prayers mean a lot to us. Sadly, I must report to you all that today we are making the decision to take him off the respirator. The EEG shows no sign of any brain activity and nil for a chance of survival. I want you all to know that I myself am at peace with this decision as much as I would love to keep Angel here with us, he was always such a good kid. I guess its true what they say, "Only the good die young!" It has been very disheartening to endure these last few days to say the least. I am quite tired and emotionally drained as you can well enough imagine. Having working in the ICU I have seen miracles happen, but unfortunately, I only allowed my family to maintain hope for a miracle, but it hasn't come and I am not certain it will. I will miss my Angel; but, I will always have an Angel to watch over me and my family as our days continue.
Update Nc
RECENT UPDATE: Hey everyone :) Just an update on things here in NC. I recently moved into my "own place". Ok, its not "mine" per se. But I have found a room to rent with a few friends and so that is why I have not been online the last few days. My wireless router is being a butthead sooooo I have to steal the roommates laptop when i am able. Ill be workin on getting the router set up though soon. GREAT NEWS! I got a phone call from my great aunt and uncle and cousin saying theyre in the area visiting for a Marine reunion.Theyve offered me a free ride home to see my babies for the holidays! I just had to get a way back home. Done. Ill be riding home with family to see my kids tomorrow morning and by sunday Ill be able to see family and the kids! Im so excited and can barely stand myself right now im so geeked :D:D Ive only told my ex husband about one else knows XD. Im making this a complete surprise for my family AND my kids. I cant wait! Ill be in Michig
Update/ Venting
Hi, where 2 start? I am officially married. They say that the paper changes a person and it is true, my old man used 2 give it 2 me all the time now i am lucky if i get it once s week. He is the only guy i know that would turn down getting his dick sucked. He doesn't have 2 ask i enjoy giving head half the time i get off from just giving head. Granted when we do have sex it is good i want it maore i thought with marriage i would get more nit less. eanough venting over that. My 2 1/2 year old Kasey thinks he is all grown up. He has started 2 gather tools and go outside under my 73 nova and proceed 2 say he is "fixing hot rod". We have 2 hide all the screwdrivers and battreies in the hose because if it takes batteris and is not working he will take it apart and replace the batteries. He is my little mechanic. He watches a movie once and by the second time watching he is repeating the movie word for word. He is going 2 be my trouble maker. My 14 year old Jeremy is ready 2 gradu
ok well as you no i went to talk with my father in order to change my life around i went to talk to him yesterday but i just missed him so i talk to my grandmother and told her because i might not have another chance at telling her i love her and that iam sorry for all the abuse i did to her when i was younger i cry my eyes out in tears then the next day i went over to my dads and we talk like adults iam glad it was great and no cops was called however i found something out i did not want to no as you no i said my mother deserves to get killed iam for reals if any one should die it should be her i found out my mother had twins before she had me however she had a abortion so ill never no but that's ok what really blew my mind was the fact the stupid cunt was going to have another abortion this time it would have been me iam very sure alot of you people could never no what that meant after i heard that and i may never be able to do anything with her but i have to swallow my pride and t
well. it has been since July 17th 2008, that my mom was taken away from me. every part of me was broken. I pushed everyone away, and remained distant...and it was the month before brother was supposed to get married, to one of my dear best friends, but because they seen the pain that both my daughter, as well as myself were going through...they understood. They so kindly pushed their wedding day until this month, on behalf of my being the maid of honor, as well as the wedding cordinator. I never realized how much life was to be appreciated, until I met a few people...and learned things the right way. I can't pretend. I can't stay still. I have a beautiful seven year old daughter to think about, and to cherish. to love, and adore. She will always be put before any man, despite what others' may or may not think. I could honestly care less. I live for myself, and my family, and by God...that is enough. It has been the hardest time of my life, going through Han's birthday party,
Ok it has been one hell of a year to say the least.As most of you know my father passed away not to long ago. It has hit me and the kids extremely hard. Making the kids birthdays real hard, and Thanksgiving was rough as well.Thank you all that has sent your love and support our way. I never thought I would lose my dad as silly as that sounds, but no one wants to lose a parent. It is very hard to deal with. Haveing to explain to my son almost daily why grandpa wont be calling, or wont be around anymore I think has been the roughest thing of it all. He knows Grandpa is in heaven, but dont understand why. Its really hard to see him in pain like that, and I really dont know what to say to make it better, because well nothing anyone has said to me has made me feel better. So for all of you reading this do yourselves a favor and let your parents know daily how much you love them and how glad you are that you have them. Dont take a second of time you share with them for granted. You never kn
Update !!!
I have not been on here in what fills like ages. I just can't seem to get eough time in one day. So I wanted first off to say hello to all my friends on here I hope everuthing is going well for all of you. As to the update on me and my family here you go. What have I been up to ? Well I have 1 child in school so I have been getting up early everyday to take her them pick her up. Then we have the homework to do every week, the school music programs to go to and other things she wish me to be there for which I do go to everything. Then I have my 4 year old who is doing school at home this year so I have work to do with him everyday. there is my normal everyday things to do around here. So much to do so little time I guess you would say. I also have my Baby Boy he is doing wounderfull he is now 8 months old he is almost walking,He is talking so much he is also learning to sign ( no he dosn't need to ) . but it's a nice thing to know. He ueses the ones he knows alot. As for me I am lookin
Update My Hand
ok well i was a lil late and no thanks to some really stupid person who was way to big to fit in her outfit made me even more late then i really was i was finaly able to be seen then gave me shocks in my hand and arm then they stick some needles in me and come to find out i got some nerve damage in my hand and elbow bad thing is now i cant use my left hand at all for a while my left hand is very weak again i cant pick up anything that weights alot for some time and it hurts like hell now again also i dont no when they are going to do anything abount it either no date or anything they just told me i have to wait tell my doctor see the test results ha easy for them to say they are not the ones who got this problem
Well I was having such a great nap today....which was cut short by a phone call i really didnt care to have. The doctors have called us in this thursday for an ultrasound...while finding out what the baby is is very exciting this visit is either going to change my life forever or keep it the same. Turns out the blood work i had done recently has come up positive for down syndrome. We go thursday to veryify if the baby has it or not. I dont know what to think everything is still a blurr right its not registering in my head. its odd how one phone call can change everything. Things in life seemed to be first...then dan gets layed off and thats a blow to the gut....but this...well it just tops it off. Hopefully everything is going to be ok. reguardless if the baby has it or not we are still planning on keeping him/her. I realize this is going to be hard...but dismissing the problem would be even harder and completely devestating to me. Therefore im tieing the pieces o
Update Santafu Contest Day 3
Ok I got this from "ICP Fans Against Juggalo's" blog site. so i didnt come up with this.. but this letter caught my attention an even though as he states on his blog it's old i still think it has just as a powerful effect now as it did when first written.. but these are my opinons.. but don't take my word for it, read it yourself.. and tell me what you think.Words from Violent J himself, this shit is soo true we need to love this family more. ....-JUGGALOZ-Sorry to be all deep and serious but i got lots of shit on my mind.I'm tired of everything and everybody. The only thing i give a shitabout in this hell we call a world is my Juggalo Family. The Carnivalsaved my life and my soul. My Juggalo Pride is the best thing that everhappened to me. It's starting to scare me for the fact when I sit backand actually observe the juggalo world, It seems like its going downhill. It seems to me that a lot of ninjas are out for self and trying toprove whos a bigger juggalo that who. There is no big o
Update On Ct Scan Oh Joy
Update On My Grandfather
As Most Of You Probably Know My Grandfather Was In The Hospital For 5 1/2 Weeks As His Heart And Kidneys and Liver Were Failing Well By Surprise The Doctors Told The Family He Would Not Live And HE oNLY had 2 Days To Live Well He Sure Fooled Us All And Got Better He Was Released Today As A Fact And Is Now Living With My Auntie.
If you need help trying to find people to cherry bomb here is a blog with over 25 people direct links to there folders. Okay friends and family. My lappy is going back to the shop to get fixed. I will have access to a computer but very limited on what I can do on it. I may have yahoo and I may not. I should be back on mine in about a week or so. I hope so cause I start school on Monday. For those who have my numbers you can call or text me. For those who dont I will be back soon. Miss you all
Update On My Pregnancy
I got a call from the Dr today that I failed my 1 hour glucose test and need to come in tomorrow at 8 am to take a 3 hour glucose test!!! So I might have gestational diabetes :( That might explain why the baby is so big. I hope I pass the 3 hour test tomorrow... Just turned 29 weeks yesterday so that means 11 weeks to go ! :D so excited !!!I went to the ultrasound on tuesday and found out Im having a big baby boy lol he is weighing in at 3 lbs 5 oz!! 1 lb bigger than the usual 28 weeks baby so I might be scheduled for labor before my 40 weeks :) I've thought of some names but havent decided on them yet.. Joshua, Jeremy, or Jayden?? not sure if it will even be any of those either cause Im still looking. I also went shopping for baby clothes today and bought some cute little outfits I am so excited I cant wait to see my baby! My son cant wait to meet his little brother either he is surprisingly excited also!
Update On Hospital Crap
Up Date For Blings Up For Grabs
Update On Plasma And Sick
I went to the Plasma center today to see if I could donate plasma again and the Dr. evaluated my file and determined that because of my vein closing during the process he has decided that I am permanently deferred from donating Plasma. The downfall I cant help make medicine or anything like that and I cant make a little cash here and there. The upside my friends and family and most important of all my kids dont have to worry about losing me. March 6th @ 0800 I will be going to Denbigh area of Newport News to see about why I am so moody. Since I dont have insurance or anything I cant just go in and be seen so I have to wait until there is an opening at a place I have already been to years ago after Chris was born. I will keep everyone up to date as to how things go. Right now all I can do is TRY and control things as much as possible and basically keep my mind constantly going. Right now it SEEMS that my brain will do (during the hours im awake) what it SHOULD do when I am about to
Sorry I have been out of touch recently, but I just had one hell of a week. I lost my power on Tuesday around 6:30pm of last week. I just got it back today (Monday) around 1am or so when I heard my heater kick back on. The past week between was lived without any power or heat of any kind. The ice storm had froze all the trees until the weight caused them all to split and fall. Houses, cars, power lines, and everything else you can imagine was crushed by them. It pretty much devastated the whole state of Ky with most of the damage in the western part, where I have been so lucky to live. My whole family lives out in this little county away from the city, which they seem to like until this. They have been told that it will be around a month before they get power and home phones back up. A MONTH!! Try to imagine having nothing for a solid month, despite owning your home and paying all your bills. The entire county will be without anything for quite some time. The week I had without powe
hey all, i uploaded a bunch of my older pics... since it's been asked more than once: my computer is broken right now, so unless a power supply magically appears on my porch, i will not be uploading the ... more risque pics... or the rest of the regular ones either - not to mention the fact that i'll need a vip if i'm going to upload any of those because quite frankly, those that don't act like assholes can find those pictures if i want them to, and everyone else can wait ... so in closing, unless you want to pay to fix my computer and get me a vip, there will be no nsfw's on my acct for quite a long time at this point i think i'm back around to stay, but this is ME we're talking about so i'm not sure of anything, as per usual. love you all, sin
Update 2/16/09
Hello ev1 first I want to say ty to all of my old friends and family for everything. I am back an hope that everyone that has been my frined and or family in the past will understand that since I have been gone I need to start over somewhat fresh. I have been working very hard and now that I am back I have many new pictures to upload but I am unable to at this time do to my status. As in the past if anyone wants to see my special family only pictures then below I will again explain how you can do that. As before I ask that your comments and messages are respectful and not vulgar. If they are I will block you and I so dont like to do that to anyone. As you will see I do have a Master and he is my protector too. You will never replace him so please dont even try. Respect us for who we are and we can all be friends. Now to be able to see my special family only pictures (that will be updated often) any of the follwing will get you into my family as described. 1) 1 month VIP will get u
I was once sad and lonely, Having nobody to comfort me, So I wore a mask that always smiled; To hide my feelings behind a lie. Before long, I had many friends; With my mask, I was one of them. But deep inside, I still felt empty, Like I was missing a part of me. Nobody could hear my cries at night For I designed my mask to hide the lies. Nobody could see the pain I was feeling For I designed my mask to be laughing. Behind all the smiles were the tears And behind all the comfort were the fears. Everything you think you see, Wasn't everything there was to me. Day by day, I was slowly dying. I couldn't go on, There was something missing.. Until now I'm still searching For the thing that'll stop my crying. For someone who'll erase my fears, For the person who'll wipe my tears. But till then I'll keep on smiling. Hiding behind this mask I'm wearing. Hoping one day I can smile, Till then, I'll be here.. waiting. Have to stay relatively local until my divorce is final. I'm only on the n
Up Da
Well for those of you that know me, know that i have a sister who was awaiting trial. My sister was sentenced to 15 years. which when u look at it is a whole lot better than 40, however her life will be mostly over when she comes out. i am very torn and unsure on how to feel on this. what she did was wrong, i'm not by any means excusing it, but i think she needs help other than to sit in a prison for 15 years. how does that help her mental state? regardless of what she did i still love her and always will.
Update If U Care
i have now went and had all my tests run which i still have endometriosis but i now also have thyroid problems which they said to take my results to the family dr and he can decide if i need to be put on meds for that . although i havent had much time to get to him just yet because now i have one hell of a cold thats kicking my ass .. i am so tired of being sick all time .. i really feel ok some days but other days it takes all i have to just get up and get my son to the bus stop daily but i still have to get it done so far i havent had no periods which i am liking , so hopefully the pills is doing what they are meant to do so when i go back for my checkup i won't have no more surgeries thank god . i have had my fair share of surgeries the past few yrs and if u know anything about me at all you will know what im talkin about there also .now all i need to do is try to kick this cold in the ass which isn't working too well at the moment i guess my immune system is down or something b
Update On Neighber With Cancer
My neighbour has been fighting cancer since sep. of 08 well i was informed that so far the bone marrow transplant has worked she was suppose to come home this sat but we were just informed today that she wont be coming home until beginning of march or the end of march
Now...ok some are like what is your deal lately and what are you doing with your pathetic Ok, well been kinda busy?? Ummm occupied Alrighty, as most know certain times in my boring life I get busy...that involves my son, paydays and some family... Yet recently, it has taken on a new form for me as I'm 38 and for the most part have always rented, but over the past few years I've been wanting to finally buy...why rent when you can have something to invest in ..right?? Unless you see some of the pathetic houses where its the same amount of bedrooms..and they're smaller and want 124k for So, recently I would say 6 months I've been working on my credit again and paying things off..who at 38 can say they have less than 10k in debt...not many in today's society...but I am getting there. So, seeing that Friday was payday....I bought all my totes...yes they are a great friend to a mover Paid all my bills...wait I think I forgot one...nah I'll get it lat
Updated Fu Owners Blog
Hey all check out my sexy fu owners . The first one is Kitten . The second one is dj foxy The the third is Kerigirl4u and the fourth and the newest is BrandiCakez . Make sure you show them lots of fu love . there are all sweethearts and the best friends anyone can have . so hit up there pages and rate , fan and add and bomb there pics . they deserve it . Thank you in advance . ♥Kitten♥ ♠Dirty Deeds Radio♠ ♣Owned by Yakuza♣@ fubar J fץ ~ WR f RLLȧ R ~ W ߥ J ZM ~@ fubar Kerigirl4you~Playmate@Forbidden/Exotic Dreams@ fubar =*BrandiCakez*=*Owned by Tiger*=*Head Greeter @ Misfits Hangout*=*RR Member*=@ fubar
Update On So-called Tumor
Changing the name . Last night got involved in a MuMM that spun out of control. Long story short Some woman have nothing clever to add to the discussion, out of nowhere starts accusing me of being gay .Now I'm confident of who I am and what I represent and to set the record straight this was a false accusation borne out of pure lack of wit. I'm definitely not gay lmao but this little stunt they pulled has garnered me some unwanted attention from the homosexual community and my former name ..Lil Bear is some twisted gay term I've heard. So in an effort to supress this attention I'm doing away with the name. I feel how this site is so aptly named. I african-americaned out last night. First time it's ever happened to me. Drinks at the club are ridiculously pricey so we (my boy's and I) drank before we went. I was drinking Jack Daniels I will venture to say over half the bottle with a 60:40 ratio Jack to coke. Once inside I bought a round of drinks and got a double shot of Jager. Not a wis
Update On Me
Very Few on here know that I've had to go to a Specialist. It has now been confirmed I have Lupus BUT wished that was all the bad news I have gotten. Seems he's also ran more test. I also tested positive for Osteoarthritis & Fibromyalgia. The plan so far is to start me on a treatment called Plaquenil in hopes to put it in remission. All I ask is that you Keep me in your Thoughts & Prayers that it goes into Remission. I do know God NEVER puts on us MORE than HE knows we can handle. Thank You for taking the time to read this. Love You All!!
Hello Fu friends. I just wanted to explain why I haven't been on your page spreading any love. Yesterday I dropped an 80 lb. bundle of shingles on my left big toe. I don't think it's broken, but it is bruised really bad. I have it propped up trying to get the swelling down. As soon as I feel better I will be back on here showing the love that I get from all my friends. Have a great week. Hugs.
Update From The Road
Got down to Woodstock, GA & stayed for 3 days. Missed seeing Michele (my owner). She was offline so I had no way of contacting her to let her know I was there. Dodged a tornado Monday night. Twisted off some tree tops a mile & a half up the road!!! So, with no reason to stay there, I rolled down to Savannah, GA and spent a week hangin with beach48gal. What an incredible woman she is. No, nothing happened, I slept on the couch!!! Remember, I'mthe consumategentleman, and she is absolutely a lady!!! So, I'm gonna go up to N.C. before the $$$ runs out & I'm on the street...think I'm just delaying the inevitable.... Wish me luck all!!! I'll hollar from N.C. soon. Much Luv To All!!! Kisses & Hugs & Nibbles!!! Jeff Well, I made it to Dahlonega, GA on Sunday. Set up camp, looked around a bit & called it a night. About 12:30 am it started raining & didn't stop till Tuesday:(. Slept in the truck the last 2 nights! Mother nature ain't gonna rain on me!!! Anyways the rain cleared tuesday afterno
Updated Heavy Metal Story
THE NEW HEAVY METAL STORY BY DEE AND SON.. one day as I was walking down the street I stepped in a PUDDLE OF MUDD. Low and behold my shoes got STAINED.. As I was walking along I met a strange manHe seemed a little DISTURBED he kept shouting at pigeons. Sayin DIE PIGEON DIE he seem to have been on some kind of DOPE. I swear he must of gottonSTONED in the TEMPLE with PILOTS. He smiled at me and his teeth were full of METALLICA> I think he was a little AC/DC he was in a PSYCHOTIC HOMICIDAL DISMEMBERMENT or something. I started chatting with the poor WEEZER and he said man my SOUL can FLY. He sure was some kind of DIVINE HERESY let me tell you. I asked him were he was from and his name. He replied my name is PINK FLOYD, and i am from a small town called OZZY. I continued the conversation with him but he kept pointing and said look at the GORGUTS. As I continued to chat with him a chick said hey my name is OUR LADY OF PEICE. I seem to notice that some kind of TOOL in her han
Update On My Son's Condition..
Update About Jen. (r.i.p)
I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH JEN'S SISTER MARY,And The Kids Are Doing Ok.. She Has The Kids And They Are Going To Stay With Her. Everyone is in a state of disbelieve And Waiting To Find Out Excatly What Happened.. Except What Is Going On In Their Heads As To What Happened.. We Talked Abt How Jen Made Everyone Laugh And Smile. And,That Jen Was Talking Abt How She Was Going To Get Her Arm Better And Was Looking Forward To The Last Surgery To Be Done On The 30th.. She Was Looking To Buy A House Out In Lake Orion,To Be Near Her Sister & Family.. Mary And Jen Went Shopping At Wal-mart One Day,And They Must Walked Around And Looking At Things And Realized That They Were There For Three Hours.. Mary Said That Was One Of Jen's Favorite Thing To Do..(Just Looking At Things). Jen,Liked Looking At The Deer When She Would See One.. Her Mom Was The Same Way.. Jen Loved The Nature And The Wildlife. As Soon As I Find Out More,I Will Have Another Update.. Please Keep Jen And Her Family In Your Tho
so it turns out i wont be moving after all thank goodness for that the landlord was stupid enuff to come by and do the math in his head with out useing a calculator turns out he wanted more then the rent agreement well so he came by later on to say iam sorry so atlest he was able to admit that he fucked up god i wish everything was that easy in life
well as im sure you cann tell its been almost 2 years maybe more since ive been here so heres a little update of my life.I'm 21 now il be 22 in october i still live ith my family i really cant afford a house on my own.i work as a production controller in larbert for a private enginerring company. it has been a ridiculously long time since ive had a sexual partner or a bf lol so poor me. i still drive my fiat punto so honk if ur horny pretty much still the same little me horny and happy nothing has changed there.anyway gimme a shout sometime and buy me a drink love ya x
Update On Me
Hello friends!! Yes, I'm still alive! So... where to start... where have I been? Let's see... it's been months since I've been here, so much has been going on. I was in the hospital a few months ago due to pneumonia...was touch and go for a while. I'm blessed to still be here! After recouperating, I was sent out of town for a while for my work. It was a nice change of pace but I was happy to come back home! A few weeks ago, I lost my step-father of 30 years... really the only father figure I ever had. That's been rough and mom is taking it hard so I've been spending most of my time with her. My gran is now knocking on heavens doorstep as well (mom's mom) so... it's adding fuel to the fire for her and all of us. So now I'm spending most of my time at the care facility where my gran is living out her days with my mom and my family. It's only a matter of days as she is beyond responsiveness. I am still working full time as well... everything else has be
Update 6/9/09
just giving a quick update to my fam and friends, or at least those who care, lol, i recently moved to Costa Rica to help my family with some mission work. I'm not sure how long i'll stay here but at least for the summer. So since i won't be online too often just didn't want you to think i forgot about you. Thanks to all who still keep in touch and show love. Hope you all have a wonderful summer
Update On Me
I am sorry I have not been around as of late but I have had alot to do and think about. I will be moving to Indiana within a few weeks and have been working on getting things ready. I will try to be on more but wanted to let you all know what was up... talk to you all later
Update!!! New Name New Profile Same Damn Devil Add Me This Page i gonna be up and running still but slowly gonna make a family up and this one as the home page not sure whats the names gonna be or what not and what its all going to be but taking ideas so what ya waiting for add my new one
I am giving you another update sorry but a lot of people prayed for me after my accident, so this is easy to just update and tell all about it. I am gunna tell the last few months have been fun. Have enjoyed being outside I am sad that Fall is here. I will tell I have met a lot of my neighbors this summer. I have put up some pictures of some of my neighbors daughter they are so cute it ain't funny!! I watch one of them all the time. She sees me and comes running. She is only 2 but she is so loving. You should here some of the things she is saying now. One is OH NO, like when she thinks she has broken something when she really has not but does not know that. She says the word HUH all the time and the word NO. Most of the time its funny. The main reason for this was to say I am doing tons better since my last hip surgery. I still go see the doctor for my hip but just for check ups. He says all is good. It really does not hurt like it used to before the surgery, it hurts like once in a wh
I started my new job a few weeks ago, and so now I work nights for a warehouse! It's going pretty good. My son started Kindergarden! My other half and I are both going back to school later this month. That's pretty much it. Hope everyone has had a good summer and a better fall!
Updates About Me
So I may be taking a break from Fubar for a while, I have way too much going on right now in my life. I'm still not sure if I'm leaving Fubar or not yet, my life is spiraling out of control right now. I love you all. Shoutbox me or hit me up on yahoo messenger, I'll reply. Thanks.
Updated...chaos That Is My
WOW! Where to even begin... a lot has happened since the last time i was on teh Foo! For those of you wo did not know , i bought a house! WOOT WOOT! I love it! Its amazing.(i really never thought i would own one lol) I finished up last years drifting season taking second in the advance class.I lost by 1 point out of 100 can you believe it!!! But i lost to a great friend who had earned it so i guess its cool haha! After the end of the drift season last year i sold my car... :( The drifting was a blast but i need to take a few years off from it to work on some otherthings. One of those other things i am working on is music. After not playing with any regularity for the last 5 or so years i decided to pick up my guitar and play... i ended up writing almost a full album which i am in the process of putting the finishing touches on. I formed a band as well ( abunch of drifta friends ,go figure lol) and we really click great.Each one of them brings something great to the table and makes o
Updates On My Life These Days
I have finally moved back to Vermont..I am single again and need a serious change in my life..I am 35 freaking years old and feel like a cross between a kid scared of life and an old person with many regrets and fears still instilled inside me..I cannot find a job and I am involved in another court battle with someone who terrorized my children..I am trying to build my life..not have to defend myself to every God damned rumor or bullshit lie that my so called friends like to spread about me..I have endured abuse and ridicule and I am tired of feeling like I can't get this right..
Updated Writing
One kiss One kiss Is all I ask One kiss to heal and erase the past One touch One touch Of your lips to mine One caress Sweet caress To know the divine Two breaths Become one As reality fades Bid farewell to the sun As the night invades The heat between bodies Contrasts the cool air Two bodies One rhythm And wildly tossed hair. Passion runs like electric current Satin sheets catch aflame Tasting your lips one last time As I whisper your name. At the waist I have you bend While into subspace I gently and firmly send Your sweet sighs of contentment are barely heard You strain to be still as you listen to my every word My voice strong and even, my touch long and light While I do my best to stay just out of your sight The rounded curves of your ass raised and bared In my ropes your hands and feet are snared With you naked and helpless, you are at my mercy When my hands begin to smack your upturned globes, my lips are held together tersely With your
I walked into my station as the 2nd tower was hit. "What movie are you guys watching?" I asked my co workers. "Umm, no this is live, in New York. They don't know the fuck is going on" I was an emt working for a private ambulance company in Chicago at the time. I had been out of school a little over 6 months. We sat in horror watchhing the events unfold before us on the tv. Eventually we had to get in our ambulances and try to work. All of our "routine" calls were cancelled for the day. So we sat in our rigs, with white knuckles. I kept waiting for a call on the radio that they had hit the Sears Tower. If that was the case, it would have been all hands on deck. We sat in silence. Listening for any updates from dispatch. Listening to news radio for any updates or news on what was going on. I was 21 at the time. Lived on my own. My mom called, and was screaming at me "come home right this instant!the world is ending and you can't be at work right now!!!" I told her "No
Update On My Wreck
10-8-10 Hey everyone! I wanted 2 let yall know what is going on! I was in a car wreck yesterday 10-7-10! This guy ran a red light & hit me so hard it tore the tire & axle from the transmission on my car! I had 2 cars in front of me..they went through our green light & I followed! I got about 50 feet from where I was going about 10 miles per hour at this point..this guy comes from my right going about 35-45 miles per hour & hits me in the front passenger side full force! He did not even try 2 slow down! After he hit the front he bounced off & hit the back passenger door! The air bags deployed when he hit the front passenger side! There where 2 cops behind me that saw everything thank God! I was driving, my mans mom was in the front passenger side, my baby girl was in the back passenger side & my mans oldest was in the back driver side! We all got taken 2 the hospital by ambulance! My lil girl is ok..she just was more scared hen anything! My mans mom is ok..she is just a lil banged up
Update On Life Right Now
Finally a bit of good news. She went in for the biopsy today and I got to talk to her for a few min before. She sounded really tired but in ok spirits. The biopsy went good. Later this afternoon they took her in for another procedure to put a port in so they could start dialysis. Everything went ok with it as well. Dad called while ago and they have let her rest and taking her down to do her first treatment with the dialysis and was expected to take 4 or more hours with as much fluid as she has retained. She still is to weak for the heart procedure and they have to get some fluid off her before they can do it anyway. Also her kidneys need to be where they can filter off the dye as well. She still has fluid in her lungs but Im hoping no more will build up since they are starting to drain her now. I just hope with all this she is not worse tomorrow with the tole it is taking on her doing it all in one day. If they can find out anything from her biopsy there is a possibility
Updates By Me
Updating Your Office
Update On My Sister's Cancer
Update Ages!
Update On Kicks
Hi all, Yes, I'm back, but only to post this. I am not going to rehash things that Lynda has already said. I'm sure you all know by now I was in an accident and have my work cut out for me to get back on my feet, both literally and figuratively. One thing Lynda didn't mention is there is some spinal damage too, which may require surgery. The doctors think that may be why I haven't had the flexibility that is normally expected, and the feeling and reflexes haven't been normal. That is in addition to my recovery from the other assorted injuries, and the physical therapy required to resume normalcy. Depending on what doctors find when checking my spine will determine a number of things. All I can say is I need to focus my efforts and attention on getting myself better. so it is with a heavy heart I must bid you all a goodbye. Lynda also hinted at my mental state, which I know needs a lot of work. It did before, and the accident has made some things worse. I want to thank those of you
Update To The Halooween Auction
Update On Work Situation...
So today I got the call I have been dreading for couple months now. Boss told me the floors are now permanently combined. We have been combined on and off the past 3 months anyways. I was hoping by some miracle we would pick up..and they would keep both floors going. Anyways, everyone keeps there job..but with all the extra people.. we will not get all our hours we usually get. I have been getting on call every least 8 to 16hrs . Luckily the other secretary from my floor is going to another unit so that will be one less person to share hours with. With the floors combined..we have alot of patients up on my floor. So more stress. Well anyways I guess i can be thankful that i still have a job. I guess now that the news isout i can stop dreading it so much..and just learn to live with it.
12-15-12 Update
Many of you have noticed I have't been around for a few months, well things in my life have turned upside down. My husband of 17 years left me and has filed for divorce, my court date is Feburary 25th. I haven't had any access to internet until just recently and wanted my friends to know I havent forgotten you guys just been going through stuff. Love you guys and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Up For Nething
i may not show a lot of skin in my pix but that doesnt mean that im a goody-two shoes!!!!! Im far from it and "up for nething"!!!!
Up For Adoption
Here's the rules of cherrytap Adoption. If you are a guy, you must pick a girl. If you are a girl, you must pick a guy. Put in the Subject: I'm Up For Adoption. And then see who wants you. The first person to send you a message saying, "I own you", owns you and can make you do anything they want. Its that simple. P.S.-Repost because it's funny and surprising to see who gets you first I have about 243 friends that i never hear from should i clean them all out or just the one that will say hello once in a great while
Up For Auction!
Up For Auction go here to bid on me
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
Up For Auction Once Again Wanna Own Me!!!!!
Up For Auction
To all my Family, Friends an Fans.. I Moonchild (Dream Weaver), have decided to step out of the norm for me.. ~ Dungeon Master MustangDos~Husband to Troubleina~'s~ is hosting an auction which I entered.. The auction begins Feb, 1 - 8.. Please show me love... Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire. If you did, what would there be to look forward to? Be thankful when you don't know something, For it gives you the opportunity to learn. Be thankful for the difficult times. During those times you grow. Be thankful for your limitations, Because they give you opportunities for improvement. Be thankful for each newchallenge, Because it will build your strength and character. Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons. Be thankful when you're tired and weary, Because it means you've made an effort. It's easy to be thankful for the good things. A life of rich fulfillment comes
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
the winner will have everything rated 11's an "owned by" tag on my name (one month) a salute (sfw) a link to your page on mine a one month vip or 7 day blast. 1 big pimping gift of my choice and one surprise... Click here to Bid on me
Up For
u get to own me for a month.. vip would b nice..or anything else u would like to offer.. jus click the link n make your bid.. GOTTA BEAT 50,000 FUBUCKS NOW!!
Up For Auction Again!
click on the pic to see what the going rate is..I decide who wins the you better make it good! LOL
Up For Auction...
I am up for auction.. for the first time. Not sure how to do this all..but here is the womans page who is holding the auction. U will find me in her pictures.. in the auction folder. just click on her pic.. and go from there. DREW@ fubar or heres a direct link to my pic am i worth anything I wonder? Doubt it Ok, I am up for auction.. for the first time. Am i worth anything? We will see! Heres the link to my page... or pic where you can place a bid. you can copy/paste it and put up in top ..if you know how!
Up For Auction...
Up For Sale !!!!
here's your chance to make a master the owned one lol you know you want too !!!! come and get me !!!!!!
Up For Auction
Win me in Abby's fu-auction!!! Who's gonna be my fu-owner? I'm up for sale!!! So, for those of you who may want to own me for a month, here is what my owner will get: 1)500 pix rated 11's during HH 2)rate all stash during HH 3)Added as #1 friend for the month 4)Gift 3 day blast 5)one morph 6)2 personalized tags 7)daily profile comments for the month 8)1 "big pimping" gift a week 9)Your name added to mine for the month 10)1 phone call (USA only) at your convenience 11)add your page link to mine 12)1 pimpout bulletin !AUCTION OPEN! Just click the pic to bid! This auction brought to you by Abby. Plz stop and show her love (**Albums are set friends only! Please rate/add to bid) Abby ~Screw the roses, Send me the thorns~@ fubar
Up For Auction All
Up For Auction Please come and bid on me id love to be yours lol. Bidding is open till Sat March 29th
Up For Auction On Pic To Take You To Auction
Up For Auction Again !!!
Up For Auction!
I really thought that some kind of notice would been that it had started, but I didnt so this is all I'm going to say about it. If ya want to fu-own me? Visit Queenbitches' page. Can ya sense my true feelings about this...? Another blah contest where the holder is a lil lackadaisical in promotions. lol =-P I do wish good luck to any who choose me =-)
Up For Auction
Up For Auction.....
Up For Auction Again
SOMETHING NEW?? BLING AUCTION!!! Hi everyone, I have decided to host a different kind of auction, this one is for bling packs only. This auction is Blings ONLY yea it is a little different. Entry fee is just 75K fubucks Please rate fan and add the host when you enter if you haven't already. Auctions are a great way to make some new friends and have some fun.
Up For Auction..
Yep.. get yaself a nurse for 2 weeks.. bid on me now....!!
Up For Auction
[ photo: 3784432308 ] Im up for auction come bid and own me for a month REPOST IN BULLY FOR ME PLZ THANKS
Up For Auction!
[ photo: 3232553311 ] Also Need Rates Plz!! DO YOU WANT TO OWN ME? HERE'S WHAT I'M OFFERING 1 month in family 1 month as my #1 friend I will add/ rate/ fan if I havent already Include owened by your name in my profile name for 1 month Rate your stash during HH Personal SFW salute Rate 300 photos a week 10's unless I have VIP then 11's for 1 month 2 drinks per day for 1 month SO IF YOU WANT TO OWN ME CLICK THE LINK BELOW THIS PIMP MADE BY MASTER U Ur HandBy PinkBest Video Codes (repost of original by '~MASTER~OWNED BY LYNNE~SHADOW LEVELERS RAWK~' on '2008-04-30 23:02:25') imikimi - Customize Your World
Up For My First Auction
More for friends and family Bid is at 200k but help me get higher then my friend whos at 220k...Click on the picture below
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
Up For Sale
Up For Auction Again (what A Wh_re) :p
Up For Auction
Promise, owning me will be fun.
Up For Auction
Up For Auction Again!!
hey everyone im up for auction again and would really appreciate all the bids i can get!! i make a good slave for a month :P and i will be adding much more if cash bids come into play!!! so please go check me out and leave a bid if ya can if not check out the other auctions too!!!
Up For Bid
Up For Auction! Come Bid On Me!!
Hey hey...want to own a leveler? Click on the link below and come bid on know you wanna! ;P
Up For Auction
I am up for Auction again...Come and place your bids to own me for one month, and show the host some love... Click the link below to place your bid...
Up For Fu-auction
Yup I'm whored-out on the auction block in a challenge for Dirty Deeds Radio if you want a chance to bid for me, here's where to go:
Up For Auction!!!
1up For Every Time :)
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Up For Auction Back!
Own me!!! Yes' I'm Back for Auction!!! I know what your thinking not again! Well here is the deal The Bad Wolfy is having he's 1st auction and I'm In Here is my link: Yes I want you to Own me!!! And put those Cuff on me! Now can you please go and bid on me? xoxo Bad Kitty
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
Up For Fubar Auction
☮Kevin☮ imikimi - Customize Your World *ATTENTION ALL FUBAR MEMBERS* Im up for FUBAR Auction Come place your bids today!! Click the link below to place bids! Happy Country Girl~~Shadow Leveler~~{{Fu-Owned by Gary}}@ fubar
Up For It!!
This is really to find out who would be interested. If I wrote a blog detailing Butterflykisses1973 exact movements on a particular day, who would be interested in murdering her? The idea is that you write a blog showing how you would kill her and how you would ensure you got away with it...alibis forensic etc. Try to make it the perfect murder. who is up for it?
Up For Auction!
Hello Everyone! My first ever auction! Who wants to take my auction virginity away? Auctions starts 07/18/08 and ends 08/18/08! The highest bidder gets the following for a month: ~~Make my crush for one month ~~Family list for one month ~~#1 on Fam and friends list for one month ~~Rate all pics and stash ~~Little gifts or drinks daily for one month ~~Your midget on my page ~~Will promote any contest u may be in C'mon now......Lemme see how much you really want me!
Up For Sale
Up For Auction
Ok Ladies im up for auction starting Sunday and ending Wednesday Aug. 6th See link to start also rate my friend who is conducting the auction! It starts tonight at 11pm EST!!!!!!! Here is my offer 1) rate all pics & stash 2) add the winner to your name &/or family for a month (fu-owned by... OR fu-slave of...) 3) one or more phone calls 4) personal salute (sfw &/or nsfw) 5) access to private folders 6) #1 friend for a month &/or crush for a month 7) daily comment &/or gift 8) link featured in all new friend comments 9) keep buzz at 100% for the month Hosted By click on picture below Ok Ladies im up for auction starting Sunday and ending Wednesday Aug. 6th See link to start also rate my friend who is conducting the auction! It starts tonight at 11pm EST!!!!!!! Go see Cause Im The Fckin Queen when it starts R/F/A her while you are bidding!!!!
Up For Auction Again
Hey everyone! Im up for auction again and Ive made you are great offer. So go by and rate my pic and place your bids. Offer will go up as the bids go up. You wont be sorry I promise!!!
Up For Auction Again
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
Wanna Own Me! Music Video: Lollipop by (Lil Wayne)
Up For Now
Im up for auction. Please go by and place your bid. Feeling extra generous with the love??? Bid a Happy Hour, VIP or BLING PACKS too! The bigger the bid, the bigger the offer so dont miss out! Go bid NOW!!! Auction starts Wed 8-20 and ends Thurs 8-28 at 11PM EST. So go get your bids in now!! Click the link below:
Up For Auction.....
=== 'Unbreakable Member: Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club, Dylon'sDivaMafia & Always owned b' wrote the following at '2008-08-20 19:24:07'.. > > > > > > > > Here's your chance think you can own SweetSpeabayba?? > > > > > > > >
Up For Auction
Hey Fubarians... I decided, seeing as Southern Stunner asked so nicely, to join an auction. Below is the link to the rules of the auction, which also gives a break down of the fubucks value for gifts and all that other stuff etc.. Anybody who feels they would like to own me for a month should click on the pic below to be taken to the auction... Well have fun and thanks in advance to anyone who makes a bid for me :D
Up For Auction Again
Hey Everyone. Im up for auction again.. If ya wana own me here is the link
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
I'm currently up for auction. Please click the link below to place your bid. Thanks =) [ photo: 3603909319 ]
Up For Auction
I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry Jass is up for auction. Dont miss out on your chance to own her. Shes in stormwomans Auction. Click the picture below and check out her awesome offer. Don't be shy.. you know you want a chance at all of the things shes offering. I can promise you wont be sorry! Thanks so much for your time! This bulletin made with love by: ♫AngelGurl♫ Proud Member of The Spankers, T&L & Club Mystic@ fubar
Up For Auction
Look Who's Up For Auction This is his first one so lets make it good for him and spoil and spank him hard with bids, who is it you say... It's my real life sexy hubby Come on by and make a bid on him.
Up For Auction At The Squeeze Box
Up For Sale
Up For Auction!!!
Hey everyone!!! I'm up for auction. Come bid to win ME!!! Just click on the pic below and you'll be directed to the auction!
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
Up For Auction!
Up For First Real Auction!
Up For Auction C My Blog
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
Ok so yes I finally joined the crazy thing of being in an come and love on me !! Please :-) Huggles
Up For Auction
if u want to own me i will do what ever u want if its a girl i will but a guy no just owe u
Up For Bid!!!
I'm up for bid guys! Bidding starts at 100k so come check it out and bid on me!
Up For Auction!!
Check it out, I got something to offer you! This is my first auction!
Up For Auction
I am up for auction if anyone is interested in owning me. Here is the link: Please come rate me and bid. Thank you..
Up For Bid
I am up for bid :) plz click the link below to own me for a month & to see what i'm offering :):) happy bidding.
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
I am up for auction...if you would like to place a bid please do.....but if not PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE rate the pic most rates gets a bling Pack.....YAYZ!!!!!! Thank you Many Smiles APril ♥
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
I'm Auctioning Myself Off: Auction Ends 12-31-08 @ 12pm cst Own Me For A Month My Offer is this: 1.Rate All Your Photos 2.Buy You A Drink A Day 3.A Gift A Day 4,SFW Salute To YOU If Bling Pack Offered All Above Plus One Of Your Choice 1a.A Upper Body NSFW Salute To You A Week For A Month 2a.A 30 min SFW Phone Call A Week For A Month If VIP OFFERED All Top Offers Plus 1b.A NSFW Upper Body Salute To YOU A Week For A Month 2b.A 30 Min SFW Phone Call A Week For A Month Click Either Pic To Take You To My Blog
Up For Auction :d
Up For Bid Love Me
Hi all i'm in a Valentines Day auction come see what i'm offering woot woot just click the pic below to bid ty
Up For Auction
Hi I'm in an auction, come bid I am worth it!!!!!!! Go to his page and the auction folder I am there!
Up For Auction
Ok so I am up for auction..Come love on me please..Even if you don't bid please rate the pic..whoever has the most rates wins a small bling pack..My birthday is February 22 so be good to me !! Huggles love my friends and family :-)
Up For Auction!!
Up For Auction
I still recall the taste of my tears. Echoing your voice just like the ringing in my ears. My favorite dreams of you still wash ashore. Scraping through my head till I dont want to sleep anymore. Come on tell me. Make this all go away. You make this all go away. Im down to just one thing. And Im starting to scare myself. Make this all go away. You make this all go way. I just want something. I just want something I can never have You always were the one to show me how Back then I couldnt do the things that I can do now. This is slowly take me apart. Grey would be the color if I had a heart. I just want something I can never have. In this place it seems like such a same. Though it all looks different now, I know its still the same Everywhere I look youre all I see. Just a fading fucking reminder of who I used to be. Come on tell me. Make this all go away. You make this all go away. Im down to just one thing. And Im starting to scare myself. Make this
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
im up for auction again i am offering 1.rate pics durning hh 2.comment every day every other day 6.your link in my about me 7.pimp you out in a blog 8.sfw salute link
Up For Auction Let Me Be Your Lucky Charm (h)
=== ' ♕ Make me be good! ♕.............................PLZ FAN!!! ='s ADD, Muah!!' wrote the following at '2009-03-03 14:13:09'.. > >
Up For Auction
Up For Auction Again, Come Check It Out.
Place Ur Bids I am in another auction, come check it out and bid. I have offered plenty and will add more depending on the bid.
Up For Auction Do You Want Me???
Click her to TO GET CLOSER TO ME :-) "> LINK Click her to TO GET CLOSER TO ME :-)
Up For Auction
Up For Auction One More Time March 22-29
Up For Auction
Best offer by 6pm Sunday EST gets their choice. If Interested start bidding. I am up for auction in Mz Chaos new auction. Please rate my pic for prizes for most rates and please bid, I'd love a blast, bling or VIP. So please check out what I'm offering ;). Here is the link to my picture and offer. Thank you all. Please come out and show fu luv. Please rate and bid. The higher the bid the more will be added. Auction ends March 28, 2009 at 10pm Futime. So please come rate and bid. Here is the link:
Up For Auction
Up For Auction!!
Up For Auction
Up For Auction
Starting on Wed April 22nd at 2 pm (central) & thru May 2nd at 2 pm I am in a auction .. this ownership is for 1 month and im offering lots of goodies .. so stop place you bid and rate the picture and please dont forget to show the hostess some love ... so click the link and BID,BID, BID! Heres your hostess ~Sinfully DelicIous~Blondie~Dangerous Curves ♥IC♥DSC♥RR♥ ♥@ fubar THIS BULLY MADE BY : ? ♥? ♥BlueyedMelBug ♥? ♥?(25toLife) Fu/Angel --Chiin@ fubar
Up For Auction!!!
Up For Auction!
Hey i'm up for auction! Come bid on me! Click on the picture and bid! Love Mandi
Up For Auction
Up For Sale Once Again
Up For Auction...
Check it out please!
Up For Bid In Auction Again
Up For Auction Tonite!!!
Im in another Auction..FFS im gettin Addicted i think LMFAO! Heres the page!! Go bid ppl!!!Its over next Monday same time!! xoxo Doing my first auction tonight 9PMest @ #1 friend, salute and 20/11 rates per day for a week... If interested stop in..if not? stop in anyways!!!lol xoxo So here I am again! Up for Bids on an Bikini Auction... Bid on me if you can..if not I'd REALLY appreciate it if you could rate and re rate the pic!!It explains WHY under the pic:) Auction ends Aug 14th!Have fun and TY!! Just click the pic or the link down yonder :P [ photo: 729197918 ] or Luv yas!!
Up For Auction Tonite!!!
Up For Auctions Place Your Bids In The Comment Section
Place Your Bids In The Comment Section Below **Cash Bids outweigh fubucks** DON'T BID IF YOU CAN'T PAY UP PLEASE! DEMONS PLEASE TEMPORARILY ADD TO YOUR FAMILY!! Arthur Arvada">@ fubar In need of 27 more to level. All help greatly appreciated!! Click on the picture to vote for Pickles!Send your sister send your mama send your friends!Please click the share link when you're done rating ty!
Up For Auction!
CLICK ON PHOTO BELOW TO SEE MY SEXY ASS ON THE AUCTION BLOCK~ Click on the link and bid on me to be your Fu~ Slave for a month :D Thanks for stopping by!!!
Up For Auction
Up For Another Auction come and see what i have to offer and see if you want to own a hornychef.
Up For Auction
Lookin to own a piece of Pleasurable Trouble? Well look no further, I'm in my second auction. Lookin for an owner, I can spoil. Just click on thelink below and come get your bid in. Auction ends 1-14-2010, so what are you waitin for come get you some Pleasurable Trouble. While your there show the hostess some mad love, she Roxx!! u=1029198 & i=300466494 & album id = 820891
Up For Auction,,own Precious
Up Fpr Auction Again!
THE HIGHER THE BID THE BETTER THE OFFER....SO COME GET YOUR XMAS PRESENT EARLY!!! Show BlondePrincess and Jane N Doe both lots of love....They both Rock!!! I'm on the auction block again.....come place your bids and let me make you very happy!!!! Click on the pic below to take you the hostess sum love too please!! Also Check out this awesome can own her too.....come place your bid...she'll make it worth it!!
Upgrades Are Not Always Good.
Relationships Turned Electronic Category: Quiz/Survey Dear Tech Support, Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a Distinct slow down in overall system performance -- particularly in The flower and jewelry applications, which operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0. In addition, Husband 1.0 uninstalled many other valuable programs, Such as Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5 and then installed Undesirable programs such as NFL 5.0, NBA 3.0, and Golf Clubs 4.1. Conversation 8.0 no longer runs, and Housecleaning 2.6 simply crashes The system. I've tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but To no avail. What can I do? Signed, Desperate ---------------------------------------------------------- Dear Desperate First keep in mind, Boyfriend 5.0 is an Entertainment Package, while Husband 1.0 is an Operating System. Please enter the command "http: I Thought You Loved Me.html" and try To download Tears 6.2 and don't forget to insta
Dear Tech Support: Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0 . I soon noticed that the new program began unexpectingly a child processing that took up a lot of space and valuable resources. In addition, Wife 1.0 installed itself into all other programs and now monitors all other system activities, such as Poker Night 10.3, Football 5.0, Going To The Pub 7.5, and Softball 3.6 I can't seem to keep Wife 1.0 in the background while attempting to run my other favorite applications. I'm thinking about going back to Girlfriend 7.0 , but the uninstall doesn't work on Wife 1.0. Please help! Thanks, TroubledUser..... _____________________ REPLY: DearTroubled User: This is a very common problem that men OFTEN complain about. Many people upgrade from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0 ,thinking that it is just a Utilities and Entertainment program. Wife 1.0 IS AN OPERATING SYSTEM and is designed by its Creator to run EVERYTHING!!! It is also impossible to delete
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Hello all i was just sending out my music to share let me know what you all think of my music if you care to listen to them if you have a myspace account and you can add me as well if you like and look for other names on my friends list look for the name killadoc productions which soon will be changed to cruiz productions add all my sites if ya like one is for a friend i made for him after he passed on his wish to me before he died was to have his music heard so im out to fulfill his death wish to have his music heard his band name was dreemwich so look for killadoc for dreemwich and give it a listen also listen to the song without your love and lonely child they rock the other page is just my reg cruiz3r page has all my production info on it ect but it wont open right now for im changing the name of my company and if you know anyone thats looking for a promoter ect please leave a message and add me i usually do the promos for free but for friends i will do promos for free unless its a
Upholstery Cleaning Sydney
U Pic Pic Contest
hello ive done this contest before and it was all i ask is the pic be safe for work,no drama,no hasseling the others and have fun ty U Pick Pic Contest this is a any pic u like to must be safe for work. the contest will be 10 days long.looking for 10 to 20 people start date will be posted when i have at least 10 people singed up u can send or tell me in priavat what pic u want.i can rip or u send the prizes will be awarded with a happy hour after contest closes now to keep it fair and clean there will be a little catch witch is u need to be at least a level 3 and u need a salute pic on profile u can comment and bomb yourself no down rateing others in contest no cheating ill be watching prizes to be awarded are 1st place a month vic and 1 million fubucks 2nd place will get 7 day blast and car of choice 3rd gets 3day blast and a ring or bracelet
Up Inside U
When we look up inside ourselves only to find that the looking glasses no longer reflect what we had hoped to still see instead a stilted view... of what is no longer there What we had allowed others to borrow, taken what should not have been removed. The intangible us, that we alone know is amiss. apart from ourselves almost unnoticed Bonded in layers of tissue paper, what we once knew was familiar still. Feral from the outset, on a shelf swallowed in dust. that which has slipped into sleep Unaware it was supposed to remain intact, dismantled by the sirens steady through the nite. something them, they could not possibly feel. what we should have known to protect.
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Up Late
Ever have those nights where your finally left alone and your mind starts to wonder and recapture the last few months of your life and you realize that your lost, maybe your somewhere inside yourself, maybe sitting on top of yourself, but definatly not in control of yourself. Not sure where you hid or why, everything on the outside seems great, you got a home a wife and a future to build, so why are you hiding? Maybe your not even hiding maybe your trapped somewhere? I know it sounds messed up to everyone, come to think of it, it sounds messed up to me too......
Up 4 Laughs
Wife hit her husband with frying pan. Husband: What was that for…? Wife: I found a paper in your pocket with the name Jenny on it. Husband: I took part in a race last week and Jenny was the name of my horse. Wife: Sorry..! Next day wife hit him with the frying pan again Husband: What now..? Wife: Your horse is on the Phone. ... Around the county lake(overlooking the marine) in the back of a pickup truck(gazing at the stars) then again at a restroom of a diner(hittin' it from the back) just before the Hood of the car got hot(w/Motor Running) at Sunset by the pier (while the sun dances on the water) Next to a 5 star hotel(where the neighbors know your name) At the hospital(right after the birth of your newborn) With baby oil on a plastic covered bed(w/ a slippery when wet sign on the door) just what a man needs to say, whew!! Will you marry me?
Upload Error...
this is me... im sorry if you thought i was TILA. im a fan ,i got her pics and songs and uploaded the wrong picture while creating my profile. so please dont leave me hate comments like some assshole jerk that thought wrong about a nice person and im only human and everyone makes mistakes. so if you still want me as a friend let me know and if not i understand but i just wanted to let you all know that it was a mistake on my side.
Please stop by and rate my pics and salute please thanks and ill return the favor later all my fav fubus ty tattman Ok when you are married to someone on fubar and you have never met in real life how can a woman take controll of you if she does not know what she wants. Well that has happend to me the fubar wife i married dont get me wrong i like her and want more but i own my own buisness and she lives 8 hours and im in a rough spot in my life she has no damn trust and gets soooo pissed about comments on my fubar accout i went out last night and got in late then passed the hell out and slept due to i have to work my job..... In the proccess she flips out cause i dont answer her phone call or she will see that im still logged into fubar and asumes shit what do i do? do i stay with it or is it going to get worse?
Upload Pix
I have wanted to upload some pix for a little while now, and especially since I got a new tattoo and piercing last night. I want to show off my Maggotry, but I cannot. My whole page freezes, and it stays almost fully black. It's so annoying because it's been going on for like 2 months straight now. Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong? It only seems to happen on CT.
Uploading Photos
The Up-north Journal
I deserved to be someone's priority but I was not. Instead I was second-place to lost hope, a broken marriage and empty dreams with someone who simply didn't share them anymore.Her promises to me broken ~ mine to her ignored ~ I was strung along like a safety net in case everything else first, would collapse, and like some kind of consolation prize, there I'd be. Except I'm a real person with feelings.. And I'm not dumb. I heard the words 'I love you' but received not even the common courtesies one could expect even from a simple friendship. All to chase rainbows.. For "No valid reason." I was abandoned in lieu of a double-life based on lost hopes she knew in her heart could not possibly be.. When we'd already decided that I would help new ones come true. The real-world we would've created took a back seat to all this and online games that tomorrow.. next month.. next year will not mean a thing. Imagine the power and connection of just doing something real.. Not because you have to at
Up On The Roof Top
I couldn't have been happier when you took my hand and asked, "Are you ready?" I'd been ready to leave this party from the moment we'd arrived. All those hoity-toity stuck up people, half of whom were too good even for themselves. When we got in the elevator, you pressed the button for the top floor. "What's on the top floor?" I asked. You gave me that sultry look, which turned me to butter. "The Roof," you answered in a voice that made my buttery self completely melt. You swaggered across the elevator and looked longingly into my eyes. A radiant smile burst across my face, I knew that look. I knew what you had in mind for the roof. Moisture instantly started to build in my loins. I'd been wanting you all day and now knowing I would have you within moments was driving me wild. We got to the top floor and took the stairs out onto the roof. It was a beautiful, balmy night. As I walked out to see the view, you took my hand, spun me around and kissed me. A long passionate kiss that s
Upon The Internet
Upon A Star
wishing upon a star not knowing where you are,no matter what it takes i will go see you that far,you are the candle everytime you smile,thats why i would walk more than a mile,i want to hold you near and it doesn't matter where.
Up On The Auction Block
OK I have finally done it...Yes, I put my self up on the auction block!!!My first time too...LOLSo if you think you would like to own me...Click on my pic below and come bid on me...Offers Start at 200K Auction ends on the 16th of March @ 10:00pm pstSo if you want your very own Fu LeprechaunClick my pic.....I dare
Upon This World
Me Upon this world I lay my claim; I place my stake and my name. All that come, then shall see, my claim to be, just simple me. My word,... my bond,... one in the same, there is never a doubt, that is just my way. I try and seek out the good in all mankind; to free my soul of day's gone by. Then, still it's not enough, to trade a life sentence, for a live a life and right my wrongs, paying the price as time goes on. By example not definition, to lend the hand, to take up the slack, to stick out my neck,...and get stabbed in the back. BY MICHAEL COBURN
Up Once Again
Up On The Block
Up On The Auction Block!
Uppers & Downers
Upper Levels List
This list was created to help those who are at the levels of Godfather-Prophet level. This list is not like the Godfather List because we take the 10 closest to leveling and add them. When 1 levels, the next person gets added. When BooBoo and I see someone is next we will message you to see if you want to be added. In the case of no replies, we will then skip that person and go to the next in line. Any questions please leave a comment here. Thank You. Thanks too everyone for all the Fu-love shown too help each one level. Disciple CuteSmily1 by name...VERY SMILY by Reputation49,000 to go ☠SLDC*BASEMENT BOSS LADY☠170,000 to go SweetsCo.Owner@Ck2/Karizma'sBFF/Engaged2Harley/HeadKKG/LDC296,000 to go ADREAMFORUANDME *Club United Member*298,000 to go Mo_SweetAngel☼Fnd of lb Ft♥FU Engaged to Dr. death ۩344,000 to go Hk-Grl r rЧh rl' ,397,000 to go
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Ups And Downs
In life I have come to realize that it is full of ups and downs and when the downs hit they hit hard.But when the ups happen they are usually pretty good. That is because I thought of all the downs and the ups are awesome. I have met someone in my life and she has made all my downs Go away. She has become MY UP!! If I am having a bad day she brings me up with just a Hello.. Now how many times in your life does that happen.. I know in mine it doesnt. I thank God for bringing me an angel.. Dont know what I have done to deserve such a woman but I am not questioning it. My life is no longer full of downs and trust me there has been many. So the next time you think that you are down. think of someone in your life that brings you up ,,
Ups And Downs...
So long ago, so little you were, the last I seen of you, you may not remember but I do so, you were so cute so precious as you so are today, we have been so distant actually nonexistant, but modern times prevail with technology to hail, we can reconnect our lives and put aside our demise, the dead has come to life with technologies might... I have wrote this after connecting for the first time in almost 20yrs with two of my nieces who I have wondered about so long but had no knowledge of how to contact them but have now connected online and am starting to reconnect.
Up's And Down's
well now isnt it all funny how things work out. Just when you lose hope and regret some of the things you had said. until you have your moments of "wow I just had an epiphany" and things start to work them selfs back in to place. Well not to long ago I had mine and my wife and I had a talk and work on some thing with our selfs. We will be working on what we have. It is great because of all that I am going through in my life. I could use her strength to keep moving and to get better. I need to get better. I am 27 and damn near fighting to regain my health. Also working on what I have with the one I love. But in dew time all will fall back in to place and be right on what was once wronged.
Ups And Downs
Life can be simple and sometimes torn, looking back to what was once instored. Turning back the hourglass to a year ago, finding that someone to gather all the pain. In your heart you feel empty and sometimes alone, the best of it all is that life has its ups and downs, til one day you look the other way and you are back on the ground. Fallen tears looking into what lies ahead, following your memories and the one's that are about to come. Laying in bed thinking about the one who turns you on. Remembering how life would be if he was there just holding me. Life has its ups and downs, damn dont I know that. Life is always full of hope just waiting to be set free.
Ups And Downs...replacing Only Bad Days i've had a few good days since he's moved out. Getting some of my freedom back is awesome, but it comes with a price. I'm not in the mood to go into it fully right now but let me say that it can't be over fast enough to suit me and any amount i need to pay to end it is worth it however, doesn't $909 seem a bit steep for a no fault divorce? In other news...i'm still not back at work the previous figure is causing an issue. I need a deep cleansing...of home, of life, of body, of spirit. I wonder if hypnotism works? What i really need is to disappear. Go my own way. Do my own thing. Be my own me and not give in to what everybody else wants me to be for them. I need to communicate with more ppl who (regardless of age) are mature in their thinking. I'm tired of confrontations, arguments, and debates with ppl who think like toddlers...stomping their feet and being irrational, insensitive and unappreciative. *deep breath...not going there, not going there* ok
Up 4 Sale!
Ups And Downs
Life has it's ups and downs and so does my interests. To be quite frank about it, I am losing my interest in this site. I found it quite amusing months ago when activity was high, but to be honest, I have not been visiting this site very much lately. Upon the occasion that I do decide to stop by the most I ever find are messages from the lounge owners requesting that i come and join the "fun", woo-haa. Not entirely interested, sorry. I will still give it some time to make up my final decision, but I am heavily considering deleting my account. The fun is gone and the interest is lost. Maybe someone out here in fu-land can help me change my mind, but to be honest, I doubt that there is anyone who could really care less if I leave. NO, I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A PITY PARTY, IT IS JUST A FACT OF LIFE AND I CAN LIVE WITH IT. Till next time, when ever that may be. Ciao, Gone insane
The Ups And Downs Of 69
The 69er got its name because the numbers are head-to-toe as you are when you're doing it! Put simply, it's a sexual position that allows each of you to give and receive oral sex simultaneously. The usual position is you on top of him, with your bottom pointed toward his face, genitals lowered so he can lick them. Meanwhile, your mouth is positioned above his penis. Because you're giving and receiving pleasure at the same time, some claim a 69er is the ultimate erotic sensation. Others find them to be ultimately frustrating: It's all too easy to get lazy on your end! If your partner's working his magic and you're about to climax, it's common to forget about his pleasure and try to get away with a few lackluster licks. That's why many people try 69ers in their youth and then decide they're too much work. Big mistake, ladies: They're a great way to add naughtiness and variety to a stale sex life, and with a few simple adjustments, they're easy to master. Here, the ups and downs of h
Ups And Downs
7ups Auction
hey im a lil upset at the moment cause me, my girlfriend her friend and my friend all went out to dinner and then a movie and my girlfriend was on the phone the hole time we were at dinner and she was talking to some guy that is 26 and shes only 15 and he thinks that shes 17 and she hasnt told him the truth and he wont stop callin her baby and hunny and shit like that and its starting to piss me off so if anyone knows how i feel please send me a message so we can talk i dont think im going to bed tonight
So on friday my husband leaves to go back to iraq, i waited six long months to see him and now i have to wait nine months till i get to see him again... he has just got to know his son and just thinking how much it bothers him knowing that when he comes home again he has to redue the relationship he has with him again... his daughter, i know will be very sad to see him go her being six she knows kinda what is going on. Me well ill just really miss him to be honest but to see the look in my daughters eyes when she comes home from school and asks where daddy is and i have to tell her is going to break me down. I think the other thing that is getting to me is that i have surgery on tuesday and i really wanted to wake up from that with him beside me, knowing this is not going to happen bumbs me out and im not going to lie scared. well just thought i would put my thoughts down maybe it will help me.
Upset And Confused
okay, so i have been dating this guy for a while and some time ago i found out that he had been sleeping with his supposed to be ex still. well, stupid me took him back and look what happens again. she calls me up and says they are still together. what the hell am i supposed to do. i love him and want him in my life for our baby when it gets here but i'm tired of the lies and cheating. can someone help?
I am so sick of stupid ass people, they all the time trying to out smart me. Well guess what bitches get a fucking life because it isnt happening.I am sick of having to watch my step in every move i make. I admit there is alot i do that no one knows about but what is so funny nothing is bad. My net door neighbor not going to say her name has been taking pictures of my friends vehicle and sending them to my soon to be ex husband, on top of that she has been fucking people , but i am different then her i havent cheated on my husband. If it is cheating when you have a friend over and you drink some and watch movies then i am guilty but when it comes down to fucking him and shit like that NOT GUILTY. Ok so i need some advice i have always had a fear of being alone and now it is coming into effect. Me and my husband are going to get a divorce after he gets back and after i join the military but the problem is i dont know if i should even try that. I wanna just get in the military and run th
i have so much on my plate right now, and sometimes i just dont know how to deal with it all. i take everything to heart, and i hate drama, ive dealt with it all my life. all i wanted was to make some great friends who maybe could help me out and be here for me while my husband is going to be fighting for our country for 15 months.i really think i will fall apart if anything happens to him, but i cant even see right now bcuz im crying so hard
Upset And Depressed
A 60 year old woman came home one day and heard strange noises in her bedroom. She opened the door and discovered her 40 year old daughter playing with her vibrator. "What are you doing?", asked the Mom. "Mom I am 40 years old and look at me. I am ugly. I will never get married so this is pretty much my husband." The mother walked out of the room, shaking her head. The next day the father came home and heard noises in the bedroom and upon entering the room found his daughter using the vibrator. "What the hell are you doing?", he asked. His daughter replied, "I already told Mom. I am 40 years old now and ugly. I will never get married so this is as close as I'll ever get to a husband." The father walked out of the room shaking his head too. The next day the Mother came home to find her husband with a beer in one hand, and the vibrator in the other hand, watching the football game. "For Christ's sake, what are you doing?" she cried. The husband replied, "What does it look like I'm doing?
An Upset Me
that i am not pretty? can anyone tell me is it my face? or is it just my weight? why is it that man that are old enough to be my father think i am pretty but the guys my age thinks i am ugly. i have a feeling i know why this is it is because the older men look at the inside the younger only look on what is on the outside. is that fair to me? i am a sweet person, a loving person, i would give the world to someone if i could. why are men so shollow? i just wish that i could find a nice guy that did not care what i look like on the outside. but no i cant oh well my life sucks so i might as well get over it and move on. i think that i am going to crawl back into my shell and never come out again and not talk to anyone any more that way i will never get hurt again. i will be in my own little world and no one can hurt me there. not that to many people would care anyway if i did that. oh well i love 3 guys i like 2 others. it is hard for me because i know i will never meet any o
Up Set
Ok I am sorry. I am in a bad mood tonight because my car was broken into and my GPS was stolen. I am writing here because it helps me get it out and maybe not be so upset. How could someone do that? Why me? Why didn't the touch my purse which was there too with my CC's, checkbook, driver's license ect.? ARGH!!! I have/had addresses in there that I do not have any where else. I used it daily because I am horrible with directions. WHY????? I feel so violated. With all that I do for everyone else, how could this happen to me? Thank you for letting me vent here. I am off to be upset and cry for a few minutes. $500 lost.. gone.. sucks when you can't afford to replace it so you will never have one again. this is what makes me not trust people! ;akljdsfk;lajsdfk;lajdsfklasghai;hgaseialega;sklhgoiarg
7up's Fizz!
"Why am I in the hospital?" I started to get really sick in August of 2007. After many tests, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. The tests also showed indicated a brain tumor. Over the next several months, I underwent many more tests and my health continued to decline. After Krissy found me blacked out, I was admitted into the hospital in mid-August of 2008. Since my admission to the hospital, I have been undergoing radiation therapy. These treatments have caused a number of side effects. The radiation treatments crashed my immune system resulting in meningitis and pneumonia. Additionally, I have lost my hair, my good eye sight, some of my hearing, and my voice. One of the worse parts is the never ending pain I have inside my torso! It seems that the pain is so bad that I can barely breath or think. I also feel like I have the flu but 1000% times worse than I have ever had. I have to have dialysis due to kidney issues from the meningitis. I started to have major respirat
Upsidedown Cybercoaster
When you least Expect it Is when you Have to beware Someone stabs You in the back Or lets you know That they care If you get caught By surprise You stand there In shock But when you are Ready For anything You hold firm Youre a rock The ones who chose To hurt you They get an evil Glare But the ones Who share their heart Receive a tender Stare It happens In a moment Then changes Everything You either Write them off Or start Thinking about Rings
The Upside Of Things
As you all know, Im a soldier in the US Army and have little time before Im deployed to Iraq. I was talking to Pat M'Groin (and actually am right now) and I just wanted to send a thank you to everyone who supports the troops, Air, Army, Marines and Navy alike and all other components. If it wasnt for the support we get from you people of These United States of America, we wouldnt of volunteered to do what we do. We wouldnt want to risk our lives in order to be proud of ourselves and know we're appreciated by millions of other people around us. Even people that we will never meet. Again, this is a Soldiers thank you to the veterans and citizens for all care packages sent, all the cards, letters and personal pieces we ask for so we are less homesick while fighting a ghost enemy. Take care everyone. Love, SPC Haynes No one will be added to the family list and Alice In Wonderland will be taking over my account using up my 11s whenever she is able to. Rule still sta
The Upside
Okay so its 730 am right now and i have been awake since 530 this morn...the neighbors decided that they was gonna crank some tunes this morning, they must be deaf cuz they vibrated me right off the fuckin couch with the bass. Plus as an added bonus im a broke ass mother fucker till wed. when i get paid. also i owe out 100 dollars on pay day...shitty deal eh. but on the brightside i got myself a date on thurs., this chick i been talkin to but havent yet met wants to go out to the argyle which is a clb round here, she wants to go dancing which will be fun, but i dont think ill be able to walk very well for a couple days after, and then on friday and saturday night we are partying here in my new apartment. so for having my week start of with a rough start this morning, it looks like its gonna shape up real well, minus the fact that i work friday and saturday morning, but i can stikk go to work all twisted and do okay.
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GM FRIENDS, IM IN A CONTEST AND I NEED ALL YOUR SUPPORT, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME BY ADDING COMMENT S...THANKS YOU My BF and I are a cutest couple contest starting 11/26 - 12/24 we can u se the votes y'all good prizes.. Help us out Please Here is the link can not be uesed until 9 am mon 11/26 Thanks Denny and Chazz Click the link and or pic to BOMB i am very disgruntled at the fact that i am in a contest and only a couple friends have even bothered to stop by annd leave one measley comment or even a rate. sure you wanna and or comment my nsfw pics, but then jerk odd or something and have no time to do something constructive for me, well guess what people? no more nsfw for anybody but my best friends! i will be cleaning my list tomorrow........ you know ........ as a matter of fact , i think all my nsfw will be just family, you all dont feel anything but your juices flowing to my pics. nuff said, its going to be that way in a little while, i dont care anymore...
this guy posted a MuMM about whether the yankees would make the playoffs so being a die-hard red sox fan i left this as a comment: not too bad right, then he deleted it and i asked why in another comment then this happened... upstatesco...: much upstatesco...: yea i figured that muck ->upstatesco...: i'm a red sox fan upstatesco...: lol your crazy ->upstatesco...: dude you're such a homophobe, how can you even be a yankees fan then? that whole team is gay upstatesco...: that was sick ->upstatesco...: thats irrefutible proof of what goes on in the yankees locker room upstatesco...: come on that was just wrong
Up The Hill
When we travail up the hill it is aginst our natural tendency and inclination,which perpetually is to desend;and therfore we can not go on ascending without labor and difficulty.But there arisesa pleasent prospect to pay us our labor as we ascend,and as we cotinue our labor, still the pleasntness of the prospect grows.Just so is a man paid for his pain and self denial,wisdom is the payment we get for pain.
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Uptown Tavern
Manchester Five years have done nothing to ease the pain, sorrow and guilt felt by David Gallien and Doreen Smithurst-Snow over the death of their daughter who fell out a third-story window. Rachel Frances Gallien was 19 when she tumbled from a narrow window of a West Side apartment building on July 13, 2001, slamming her head on the cement below and dying instantly. It was her mother's birthday, and the night before, Rachel, her mother, brother, Jamie Gallien, and others went out drinking to celebrate at the Uptown Tavern, 1301 Elm St. "I got to give her a hug and a kiss and she said, 'Happy Birthday,'" Smithurst-Snow recalled yesterday. "I don't think anything could ever wipe away that day, especially when it happened on my birthday." Gallien, described by friends as tall, slender and beautiful, was drunk when she fell out the window of her brother's apartment at 441 Rimmon St. Her body was found at 5:30 a.m. by a neighbor. The 2000 graduate of Londonderry High Schoo
Up To You What Will You Do With Your Live Will You Live It Wild And Free And Do What You Want To Do Are You Going To Do What Other Want You To Do What
Uptown Or Downtown Girl??
You Are Midtown You love so many things, you don't fit into any one label. Your city girl persona goes to a fancy restaurant one night and a dive bar the next. Are You An Uptown Girl or Downtown Girl?
Uptodate Dcf Roll Call!!!
Here is the latest roll call list for the Demon Crew as of Nov 3rd, 2008. MASTER Cain ~Demon Crew Co-Founder-Master to Blood Vixen~@ fubar Fallen Angel ~ Demon Crew Co-Founder~ Member of the Stiletto Girls~FU OWNED by MASTER CAIN@ fubar $()TR--(Lori's Hubby){Owner of Rating Revolution}[Demon Crew Recruiter]@ fubar ~*ǣMخ*~DEMON CREW*SHADOW LEVELERS*W.I.S.E.U.K.F*Owner of^Heather^*NygRL*Rebelstorm*@ fubar ♥ ♥ Lori ♥ ♥CrAzY BeAuTiFuL {Wife to ScOoTeR} {Recruiter/Member of Rating Revolution}Demon Crew Member@ fubar vl glм Ǯш Μ ht L뮆♠Club FAR♠@ fubar Wolfman ~Demon Crew~@ fubar HELLSINGER ~Member of the Demon Crew@ fubar ~*K_GTH_أ*~ DEMON CREW@ fubar A.J. . Member of the Demon Crew Family@ fubar
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Up Yours Mike!
Just scroll down to check my "Other Blogs" listing, or paste this URL Blame the big Baby for having to go to all this trouble ;)
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Real Live Farm Sex! Jurassic Cock, Real Ex Girlfriends, Pimp... Hollywood VIPs Bare All! Hot 18 ears old girls Real Live Farm Sex! 100% Real Milf Submissions Real Live Farm Sex! Cheating gfs - everything 100% real! Hollywoo
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* Uraeus *
The Uraeus (plural Uraei or Uraeuses) is a stylised upright cobra (or snake / serpent), used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity and divine authority in ancient Egypt. Uraeus is a Greek word that may have its origins in ancient Egyptian, meaning "she who rears up". The Uraeus originated from the goddess Wadjet, who was seen as a cobra. She became the patron of the Delta, Lower Egypt, and so was worn by the Pharaohs as a head ornament, in effect part of the crown, as a claim over the land. There is evidence for this even in the Old Kingdom (3rd millennium BCE). The pharaoh was seen as a manifestation of the sun-god Re, and so it was also believed that the Uraeus protected the Pharaohs by spitting fire on their enemies. In some mythological works, the 'eyes' of Re are said to be uraei. As the Uraeus was seen as a royal symbol, Horus and Set were also depicted wearing one. Another name for this is the term "Totaf" found also in the Bible. Golden Uraeus of Senusret II
Ur All My Top Friends
well things all going well i decided the hole top friends thing had to go im mean its rude when ur all my top friend .and if ur on my famil just means U talk to me the most .REally though im not that interesting but u seem too keep in contact so yeah anyway too all my friends keep in touch dont wait for me to say hi it doesnt mean i dont want to talk and damn i can rate ur pics while im there .and forgive me if i havent said hi lately .thats all folks ttyl i hope and u dont have to buy me anything just say hi .chow!!
Urban Wrestling Alliance - Halloween Heat
Well on the 21st October I will be going one on one against Damien Rose on UWA's Halloween Heat show. I'll be hoping to make my UWA record 2 wins 0 losses after a big victory against CM Fusion back in June. I'll let you all know how it goes (if you are interested or at least good at pretending you are)
Urban Legends
ths isnt real just an urban legend crazy1 86:hey baby!!! h0tNsPiCy91: whos dis??? crazy1 86:ur secret admirer!!!!! h0tNsPiCy91: o really.... quite lyin! whos dis??? crazy1 86:i loved u the first time a stared in your eyes... crazy1 86:i think about u everyday... you are my dream come true. crazy1 86: we met once! i dont think u remember tho. crazy1 86: i cut myself because the pain takes away my feelings of u. crazy1 86: tonight u will see me some time tonight.... h0tNsPiCy91: ..WHO IS THIS!?!?!? crazy1 86:dont worry.... ill take very good care of you... crazy1 86 had signed off. the girl was so scared she locked alll her doors and windows. she made sure her room was secured. she was so scared if it was a joke or for real. she didnt know when he was going to come. the girl was frighten so she decided to sleep with her little sister. the girl dozed off quikly. then she heards a knock on the window. the girl slowly walked to the window. it started knocking louder. the girl loo
Urban Legends1
A newly married couple, let's just call them Billy and Mable, had bought a house in Maine. They disregarded the stories told to them about the house by the realtor about the house being haunted by an insane serial killer and moved in. Mable frequently complained about the feeling that someone was touching her in the night, and Billy resolved to stay up the whole night and see who was doing it. True to his word, Billy stayed up the whole night. He just didn't stay in the room. Around midnight, he was gripped by the feeling of an overwhelming thirst. He went downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Before he could get a glass, he heard the most horrible screaming from Mable's room. Billy rushed upstairs and screamed himself. Mable's mutilated corpse was strewn in various places around the bed. Billy rushed downstairs and called the police. Several nights later, Billy was sleeping peacefully. Until around midnight. Again feeling very thirsty, he went downstairs and got a gla
Urban Legend & Net Hoax's On Tap!
Help Stop the madness! 1) Check out bulletins BEFORE reposting them. 2) Post a comment in a Bulletin with a link showing it is a hoax so others won't repost it. What kind of posts to look for? 1) Amber alerts are HUGE! Quite often if they were true they tend to be outdated. Enough of these outdated or hoax ones cross a persons path and they may ignore a REAL one. That alone is reason enough to stop it. If you post an AMBER ALERT I suggest putting a full date down of when Child went missing (including year). Most I have seen just have "last Saturday" or "2 days ago" or "hours", some have month and day but seldome have year. The last I have found tend to be several years old. 2) Virus hoax's are quite easy to check, Snopes or one of the other Virus protection software big guys have pretty up to date info. 3) Online petitions: Sadly even when these are true the petition is usually worthless. The following link shows why.
Urban Legend?
On october 10,1995, the U.U. Cheif of Naval operations released the following transcript. Navy: Please divert your course15 degrees to the north to avoid a collision. Civilian: Recommend you divert YOUR course 15 degrees to the south to avoid a collision. Navy This is the captain of a U.S. Navy ship. I say again divert YOUR course. Civilian: NO i say again divert YOUR course> Navy:THIS IS THE AIRCRAFT CARRIER ENTERPRISE. WE ARE A LARGE WARSHIP OF THE U.S. NAVY. DIVERT YOUR COURSE NOW! Civilian:Tis is a lighthouse. Your call.
Urban Legends & Ghost Stories
A girl went back to her dorm room late one night to retrieve her books before heading over to her boyfriend's dorm to spend the night. She entered the room but knowing her roommate would be sleeping, she didn't turn on the light. She stumbled around the room in the dark for several minutes gathering what she would need before finally leaving. The next afternoon, she came back to her room to find it surrounded by police. When asked if she lived there, she replied that she did. The police took her into the room where she discovered the mutilated body of her roommate and, written on the wall in blood, the words "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" Berlin, 1945. The destruction from WWII has been terrible and famine is rampant in the city. A pretty, young female is approached by a blind man holding a cane, whoasks if she would mind delivering a letter for him. Happy to do the poor fellow a good turn, she takes the letter and starts off but happens to turn around, only to see th
Urban Redneck?
Urban Dictionary
Hella: 1. very, totally 2. lots of. short for "hell of a lot of." "that party was hella sketch." "there was hella weed tho" eargasm: the sensation one gets while hearing a dramatic climax in music (does this count if you're masturbating in the car?) celebutard: a famous stupid person i.e. paris hilton air bags: fake, silicone, saline or otherwise augmented breasts "are those original equipment or did she have airbags installed after market?" scrilla: money primary digits: the phone number a person expects friends and family to use there's this guy always coming onto yahoo begging me for a 'private' salute. he seemed nice enough when i gave him my yahoo id. now, he's just annoying. he'll trade, he says. somehow i dont think it will be a fair trade at all. he really gets on my nerves. i decline everytime. he never gets the hint. today, he asked what i am interviewing for. i said a pillowfluffer. he says, i'll take the job but i'm a hand
Urban Dictionary! Lol
Under each question, answer it, then go to urbandictionary. com and put the VERY FIRST definition that comes up. 1) Whats your name? ME: Nikki UD: Nikki Probably, and by probably I mean it's highly likely that Nikki is the most badass supah fly baller you'll ever meet. She's also a sex fiend who loves Newports and coffee. Nikki needs no example, she is the example 2) Whats your age? ME: 32 UD: 32 A wanksta flip guy that gets 32% in school 3) Name one of your friends? ME: Daniel UD: Daniel word used for guys who confuse chicks beyond confuzzlement. when a guy is reffered to as a daniel, he has probably confuzzled a chick by saying that he likes her, while he also likes another girl at the same time, and does nohing about the situation. then he might go and post a cute,sweet comment somewhere, such as bebo, for the confuzzled girl. this leaves her even more confuzzled. he never talks to her again and leavs her as a mess for her bestfriend to c
Urban Dictionary Fun
Under each question, answer it, then go to urbandictionary. com and put the VERY FIRST definition that comes up. 1) Whats your name? Katie A happy person who is a good listener and reliable friend. Likes to party and is always there when you need her. (actually all the definitions are excellent) 2) Whats your age? 32 A wanksta flip guy that gets 32% in school 3) Name one of your friends? Nikki Probably, and by probably I mean it's highly likely that Nikki is the most badass supah fly baller you'll ever meet. She's also a sex fiend who loves Newports and coffee 4. Favorite pet name for your lover? Squisy Someone of a huggable nature. 5) Whats you favorite color? Black 1.Darkness, a dark colour, the colour of this text is black. 2.A race - The black race can range from African american to polynesian. 1. I own a black car. 2. A black person stole my car. 6) What is the name of the city you were born in? G
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Urban Clothing
Urban Clothing Start Cleaning Business Hip Hop Ringtones Make Cash Online Outdoor Kitchens
Urban Legend # 1
When I was about 9 years old, I went to a friend's for a birthday/slumber party. There were about 10 other girls there. About midnight, we decided to play Mary Worth. Some of us had never heard of this so one of the girls told the story. Mary Worth lived a long time ago. She was a very beautiful young girl. One day she had a terrible accident that left her face so disfigured that nobody would look at her. She had not been allowed to see her own reflection after this accident for fear that she would lose her mind. Before this, she had spent long hours admiring her beauty in her bedroom mirror. One night, after everyone had gone to bed, unable to fight the curiousity any longer, she crept into a room that had a mirror. As soon as she saw her face, she broke down into terrible screams and sobs. It was at this moment that she was so heartbroken and wanted her old reflection back, that she walked into the mirror to find it, vowing to disfigure anybody that came looking for her in the mirr
Urban Legend # 2
Two dormmates in college were in the same science class. The teacher had just reminded them about the midterm the next day when one dormmate — let's call her Juli — got asked to this big bash by the hottest guy in school. The other dormmate, Meg, had pretty much no interest in going and, being a diligent student, she took notes on what the midterm was about. After the entire period of flirting with her date, Juli was totally unprepared for her test, while Meg was completely prepared for a major study date with her books. At the end of the day, Juli spent hours getting ready for the party while Meg started studying. Juli tried to get Meg to go, but she was insistent that she would study and pass the test. The girls were rather close and Juli didn't like leaving Meg alone to be bored while she was out having a blast. Juli finally gave up, using the excuse that she would cram in homeroom the next day. Juli went to the party and had the time of her life with her date.
Urban Legend # 3
A girl and her boyfriend are making out in his car. They had parked in the woods so no one would see them. When they were done, the boy got out to pee and the girl waited for him in the safety of the car. After waiting five minutes, the girl got out of the car to look for her boyfriend. Suddenly, she sees a man in the shadows. Scared, she gets back in the car to drive away, when she hears a very faint squeak... squeak... squeak... This continued a few seconds until the girl decided she had no choice but to drive off. She hit the gas as hard as possible but couldn't go anywhere, because someone had tied a rope from the bumper of the car to a nearby tree. Well, the girl slams on the gas again and then hears a loud scream. She gets out of the car and realizes that her boyfriend is hanging from the tree. The squeaky noises were his shoes slightly scraping across the top of the car!!!
Urban Legend # 4
My great-great grandmother, ill for quite some time, finally passed away after lying in a coma for several days. My great-great grandfather was devastated beyond belief, as she was his one true love and they had been married over 50 years. They were married so long it seemed as if they knew each other's innermost thoughts. After the doctor pronounced her dead, my great-great grandfather insisted that she was not. They had to literally pry him away from his wife's body so they could ready her for burial. Now, back in those days they had backyard burial plots and did not drain the body of its fluids. They simply prepared a proper coffin and committed the body (in its coffin) to its permanent resting place. Throughout this process, my great-great grandfather protested so fiercely that he had to be sedated and put to bed. His wife was buried and that was that. That night he woke to a horrific vision of his wife hysterically trying to scratch her way out of the coffin. He phoned the d
Urban Legend # 5
So-and-so's friend, a girl in her teens, is babysitting for a family in Newport Beach, Ca. The family is wealthy and has a very large house — you know the sort, with a ridiculous amount of rooms; I mean, come on, if a house is big enough to have "wings," then you know the house is larger than it probably needs to be. Anyways, the parents are going out for a late dinner/movie. The father tells the babysitter that once the children are in bed she should go into this specific room (he doesn't really want her wandering around the house) and watch TV there. The parents take off and soon she gets the kids into bed and goes to the room to watch TV. She tries watching TV, but she is disturbed by a clown statue in the corner of the room. She tries to ignore it for as long as possible, but it starts freaking her out so much that she can't handle it. She resorts to calling the father and asks, "Hey, the kids are in bed, but is it okay if I switch rooms? This clown statue is really creepi
Urban Legend # 6
There's this guy who you might have seen walking around town with two huge dreadlocks, one on each side of his head. One day he decides to get them cut off. So he's off to the hair dresser, and of course they can't get the clippers through his hair, so out come the biggest pair of scissors you've ever seen. They start to hack into one of the dreads and get about halfway through when he starts screaming and runs out of the shop. His girlfriend finds him dead in their flat the next day. The coroner found that a nest of red-backed spiders had moved into his hair and started biting him when the scissors cut the nest to bits.
Urban Legend # 7
A teenage boy drove his date to a dark and deserted Lovers' Lane for a make-out session. After turning on the radio for mood music, he leaned over and began kissing the girl. A short while later, the music suddenly stopped and an announcer's voice came on, warning in an urgent tone that a convicted murderer had just escaped from the state insane asylum — which happened to be located not far from Lovers' Lane — and that anyone who noticed a strange man lurking about with a hook in place of his right hand should immediately report his whereabouts to the police. The girl became frightened and asked to be taken home. The boy, feeling bold, locked all the doors instead and, assuring his date they would be safe, attempted to kiss her again. She became frantic and pushed him away, insisting that they leave. Relenting, the boy peevishly jerked the car into gear and spun its wheels as he pulled out of the parking space. When they arrived at the girl's house she got out of the
Urban Legend # 8
Once there was a a beautiful young girl who lived in a small town just south of Farmersburg. Her parents had to go to town for a while, so they left their daughter home alone, but protected by her dog, which was a very large collie. The parents told the girl to lock all the windows and doors after they had left. And at about 8:00pm the parents went to town. So doing what she was told the girl shut and locked evey window and every door. But there was one window in the basement that would not close completely.Trying as best as she could she finally got the window shut, but it would not lock. So she left the window, and went back upstairs. But just to make sure that no one could get in, she put the dead-bolt lock on the basment door.Then she sat down had some dinner and decided to go to sleep for the night. Settling down to sleep at about 12:00 she snuggled up with the dog and fell asleep.But at one point, she suddenly woke up. She turned and looked at the was 2:30. She snuggle
Urban Legend # 9
A business traveler goes to a lounge for a drink at the end of the work day. A person in the bar walks up as they sit alone and offers to buy them a drink. The last thing the traveler remembers until they wake up in a hotel room bath tub, their body submerged to their neck in ice, is sipping that drink. There is a note taped to the wall instructing them not to move and to call 911. A phone is on a small table next to the bathtub for them to call. The business traveler calls 911 who have become quite familiar with this crime. The business traveler is instructed by the 911 operator to very slowly and carefully reach behind them and feel if there is a tube protruding from their lower back. The business traveler finds the tube and answers, "Yes." The 911 operator tells them to remain still, having already sent paramedics to help. The operator knows that both of the business traveler's kidneys have been harvested.
Urban Legend # 10
One night a woman went out for drinks with her girlfriends. She left the bar fairly late at night, got in her car and onto the deserted highway. She noticed a lone pair of headlights in her rear-view mirror, approaching at a pace just slightly quicker than hers. As the car pulled up behind her she glanced and saw the turn signal on — the car was going to pass — when suddenly it swerved back behind her, pulled up dangerously close to her tailgate and the brights flashed. Now she was getting nervous. The lights dimmed for a moment and then the brights came back on and the car behind her surged forward. The frightened woman struggled to keep her eyes on the road and fought the urge to look at the car behind her. Finally, her exit approached but the car continued to follow, flashing the brights periodically. Through every stoplight and turn, it followed her until she pulled into her driveway. She figured her only hope was to make a mad dash into the house and call the polic
Ur Blog Is Fair Game
Ur Chance To Get An Auto Or Bomb, 2 Ways To Win One
Two ways to win an auto or cherry bomb. One way is highest bidder on one which wiill be in my pics to bid on, and the second way is bling me a 5 credit or higher bling from now til tuesday at 9pm fu time, everyone who blings me will be put in a drawing to win, will get bombed, and will get a one credit bling also. Good luck. The bidding on the auto or bomb will also end tuesday at 9 pm fu time. Winners will be posted in my stats at that time. :)
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Ur Death Clock Starts Ticking
Some gurls live a life of laughsOthers have to sit back and think. He Lied He cheated Then he left Guys are always gonne leave the one he loves for the one he likes.But what happens when the one that he likes leaves him for the one they love! ? ! ? I have no strength other than to go running right back into his arms. The heart is not a play thing The heart is not a toyBut give it to a boy and it will be broken I should have just said to him here is my heart now break it. Is it really better to have loved and lost then to not love at all? ? ? Would I honestly rather the happy times gone and memories ripped away just to save my tears? ? ? When the tears run dry and that they will! ! I'll still remember being happy! ! ! I wish my child days were back! I would cry over sharing my toys! The only jealousy I ever felt was that she had more ice-cream then me! Sex, Drugs, and responsibility were only words for ol
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U Really Find Out Who Ur Friends R?
U Read These Cuz U Love Me Im up for auction! Come bid on me and get the priviledge of owning me for 1 month!!!
Ure All Invited!
Hell it B Friday!!!!!! Cum join me Friday 8/6 at Midnight Fu time, 3 am EST 4 My HH! Gonna sett off my boommer, autos, Famp N bomb! Pleease B there! Cum n join me on Friday @ the witching hour. (12AM Fu time) Doing this one in honor of it being Princes Birthday on Monday 6/7!;)
Urethra Penatration!!!!!
ha ha now that i got your attention tag your it Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 13 Steps to Recovery/Integration for Soldiers becoming civi Body: 13 Steps to Recovery/Integration for Soldiers becoming civilians. 1. Admit: "I was in the Army; I have a problem." This is the first step to recovery... 2. Speech: Time should never begin with a zero or end in a hundred, it is not 0430 or 1400; it is 4:30 in the morning (AKA God-awful early). Words like latrine, overhead, fourth point of contact, bunk, and "PT" will get you weird looks; bathroom, ceiling, and workout... get used to it. "Fuck" cannot be used to -replace whatever word you can't think of
Ur Eye Color
Blue Eyes- People with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. They are kind, pretty or handsome & very good kissers. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why, they are very funny and outgoing and don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and love to please. They can EXCEED your pleasure standards. The best of all. If you repost this and you have blue eyes you will have the best kiss sometime in the next 4 days. -Green Eyes- Sex Addicts!!!People with green eyes have the most passion put into relationships, they have long lasting relationships. People with green eyes are also the horniest. They long for the touch of another.People with green eyes are very sexy and very attracted towards the opposite sex. You will meet the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with if you repost this- -Hazel eyes- People with hazel eyes are GORGEOUS SEXY and go all out all the time.They have the most unusual relati
Ur Eyes
I want to breathe you in Crawl inside your head Walk around for hours Exploring thoughts unsaid I want to taste your fear And swim inside your eyes Wrap up in your soul And feel your anger rise I want to lick your pain Bathe in all your tears Suffocate with memories You've gathered through the years I want to kiss your depth And wallow in your sin Feeling every single thing You've ever felt within I want to touch your anger Linger in your pride Soaking up the hatred You buried deep inside I want to smell your secrets Inhaling all the lies Relish in contentment That floats apon your sighs I want to hear your love Trail fingers down your dreams Soak my feet in happiness Of endless laughter streams I want to see your turmoil Get lost inside the lust Piled up in corners Collecting passions dust I want to grasp your innocence Submerge inside your guilt Tremble with perceptions That I have never felt I want to caress your consciousness A
you're my world The shelter from the rain You're the pills That take away my pain You’re the light That helps me find my way home You’re the words When I have nothing to say And in this world Where nothing else seems so lost You're the hand I want to hold As I grow old You're the shore When I am lost in my self You're the only thing That I like about myself How long has it been Since this storyline has ben told And I hope it never ends And goes like this forever you were always ben there for me and always cared i don't know how but you did you showed me something more that no one could ever show You showed me your love and that you would never leave I fell in love when you first frist time we talY Like magic in a fairytale are love was unbreakable Nothing could take it away Somehow i just felt pure and myself when I'm around you I get goose bumps when i see your smile Laughing is all i do when I'm with you cause you make me feel so happy i cant really express the feeling i
Ur First Thought?
Why is dat some poeple give out so much love to certain people and yet they dont get any in return? I thought we all should support each other but we have poepl who dont even care about given some love back. Some people have their head up their butt and stuck on theirself. Just a simple thax for rating me or even a couple of point towards their profile but no what do u get nothing. I know myself i gave so much love and raraly get any in return. Now dat i have vented on the issue ill be kool for the rest of the day! Cuz plently of poeple are sick of given and not getting nothing in return like we are too busy.
Ur First Time
It's your first time. As you lie back your muscles tighten. You put him off for a while searching for an excuse, but he refuses to be swayed as he approaches you. He asks if you're afraid and you shake your head bravely. He has had more experience, but it's the first time his finger has found the right place. He probes deeply and you shiver your body tenses but he's gentle like he promised he'd be. He looks deeply within your eyes and tells you to trust him - he's done this many times before. His cool smile relaxes you and you open wider to give him more room for an easy entrance.You begin to plead and beg him to hurry, but he slowly takes his time, wanting to cause you as little pain as possible. As he presses closer, going deeper, you feel the tissue give way, pain surges throughout your body and you feel the slight trickle of blood as he continues. He looks at you concerned and asks you if it's too painful.Your eyes are filled with tears but you shake your head and nod for him to go
Ur Fucked!
Hello friends! Well ive come to invite u to look at my new pics i posted....YES I AM REAL LMAO! I have come to the conclusion that i need to concentrate my energy on the CT friends i have that...well are actually my friends so, if so much as havent talked....well ur fucked...ur gone....bye bye.
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Why do my wrists burn with the urge to cut? I have cut many times in the past but I have never had the urge to cut my wrists. My thighs are usually what burn and then receive the brutal torture of being carved upon. It is a comfort to me to cut. It is like it takes all of my problems away. I feel like I have been cleansed. As weird to some as it may sound it is the way that I feel. The feeling of being cleansed is usually only temporary but it is effective. Should I face the fate that most say is inevitable? Medicate or end it? Over the years I have had many people tell me do the smart thing and medicate yourself like your father did before you make the same mistakes that he did. I have even been told before that I can either get on meds or make the needed funeral arrangements because with out treatment that fate is inevitable. I dont want my kids to see thier mom all medicate and almost unable to function normal everyday activities because most of the anti depressants make me either s
Urgent Please Read!!!!
Today I had a docs appointment and had a SPINAL TAP done... No sillies Im not talking about the MUSIC group.. lmao... :O I will be laggin in my contest for a few.... So Im still in alot of pain along with my Illness I already have..... Some of you I know dont care whats going on with me and my life.... But for the few that do... Thats why I am posting this...I sure could use everyones good thoughts and prayers right now...And I am not a complainer at all... But and good thoughts and prayers sent would help me heaps!!! :) Thank you too all my great friends and family onhee... I loves ya... Tomorrow morning I will be put into the hospital for about 4 hours.. While they redrain and spinal tap my neck as well and reduce the fluid..... For those that dont know what a Spinal Tap us.. here is a little info for you on what it is ........... ------------------------------------------------------- A spinal tap is a procedure performed when a doctor needs to look at th
Urgent Read Thiz
Trying to see how many friends read my blog and if blogs are actually ever read. Please follow the link below and rate a few pics let me know these blogs actually are read . Thank You!! Click The Pic Above I need 150 people to join this lounge by the end of tonight
Urgent Messages :)
Urgent Please Read!!!!!
~ATTENTION~ It has come to my attention that a friend of mine that held a giveaway has reneged on some of the people that were in it after they had fulfilled the agreement. I asked one of the contestants to enter the contest so the hostess would have the amount of entries she wanted to start the giveaway. The contestant finished the giveaway getting 10,000 comments as promised on May 4th , 2008. That is when the hostess moved the contestant’s picture to an album with the rest of the contestants that had finished. I was in the same giveaway & received my VIP. After the contestant finished she waited for her VIP. The host even moved her pic to the finished folder And asked if she could wait two weeks for her prize but still has yet to hand over the prize. I am not naming names, YET. However, I think that this problem should be taken care of. I spoke with the host about the “mix-up” three weeks after the finish & she guaranteed me & t
**urgent** From Ticker
YOU MUST SEND A FRIEND REQUEST TO HOST BEFORE COMMENTING AS OF 06/21 The host of the contest added several ppl but ignored many requests in order for this girl to be bombed! She was ahead until this tactic by over 4000 comments I am sure he has his reasons so we are just asking EVERYONE to send a friend request and please leave as many comments as possible she has tried very hard on her first contest and stood a chance at first place as it stands she can get very few comments now but the second place holder is gaining fast as his bombers were all accepted so PLEASE help this girl out. Just send a friend request to the host yes that's the pic he chose as his default after he changed the rules (squishing the competition I guess) We don't want drama just a fair contest. 'rWh+Kngh+ This is my first contest! Please come by and leave me a comment or a few. I have to get the most comments to win! Thanks so much for your help. Contest is go
DONT NOT ENTER !!!!!!!! CONTEST THAT THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE GIVE......... WHITEKNIGHT BLONDIE DUE TO WE WAS TREATED UNFAIR IN HELPIN IN A PERVIOUS CONTEST.... WE WANT TO ENTER CONTEST WE KNOW WE CAN WIN AN WITH OUT ANY PROBLEMS.... any contest hosted by bule whore... babygirl was winnin he let the other ppl in the contest cry to him like babies because she was he asked her to leave the contest....this is bull HOT MARINA---DID NOT PAY S@RGON AND LADY CHARITY.. YOU MUST SEND A FRIEND REQUEST TO HOST BEFORE COMMENTING AS OF 06/21 The host of the contest added several ppl but ignored many requests in order for this girl to be bombed! She was ahead until this tactic by over 4000 comments I am sure he has his reasons so we are just asking EVERYONE to send a friend request and please leave as many comments as possible she has tried very hard on her first contest and stood a chance at first place as it stands she can get very few comments n
Urgent Pls Read
Me & my gf are splitting up. she pulled a fast 1 over me & got the house with a lease acouple of days ago. since i'm not on the lease, she can kick me out 2day even though i have a phone & net bill saying that i have been here 4 awhile. so i might have 2 get a cheap motel or something until i can afford 2 get my own place. i think she's doing me pretty dirty after i took care of her 4 @least 6 months when she can't even work. if this is the last time 4 awhile that i get 2 talki 2 any of u, i'll miss ya'll & i will ttyl. ASAP so pls keep showing me luv until then. i'll return it when i get back xoxox i'm VERY SAD NOW
Urgent Pls Read
Me & my gf are splitting up. she pulled a fast 1 over me & got the house with a lease acouple of days ago. since i'm not on the lease, she can kick me out 2day even though i have a phone & net bill saying that i have been here 4 awhile. so i might have 2 get a cheap motel or something until i can afford 2 get my own place. i think she's doing me pretty dirty after i took care of her 4 @least 6 months when she can't even work. if this is the last time 4 awhile that i get 2 talki 2 any of u, i'll miss ya'll & i will ttyl. ASAP so pls keep showing me luv until then. i'll return it when i get back xoxox i'm VERY SAD NOW
Urgent Please Participate..
We are raising a fund for our school project.. I would like to request that you would register to this link the fee is only $1 per registration... any help will be very much appreciated.. and add me at my YM and maybe someday I could return the favor.. thanks you
i made this website to actually raise money i figured if everyone got the word out and send a $1 each and passed my site out this is an actual site i made for the cause of everything u can think of on here thats why i did it i did some research now i have this kool site to raise money now i need some help whos with me its going to everyonethat needs help with money for a place to live,food,bills,anything they need this assistance for
My fellow Americans, our country is in the hands of progressives, Republican and Democrat, their mission is to transform America into a social democracy - THAT MEANS our individual rights will be nothing but a memory, so while this Republic still exists do your civic duty and vote out every incumbent and vote in those which value the constitution of the United States Of America
ATTENTION EVERYONE ASIAN CAT THATS RIGHT TO BOMB MY PIC IN THE GIVE AWAY just click one of the asian cat pics below and drop some comments :D #1 #2 yup by tomorrow night 7pm eastern i am seriously done with this site, i have done enough referals and that to get reset, well i have had it. no more support for the fake site. also with other things going on in my life. i have decided to leave here for good, as well as the people i have signed up. some know they can contact me from other sites suck as myyearbook, thanks everyone for your support
How is it that one person can make you feel so happy and so sad at the same time???
Do I look like a fucking counselor? Like I give two shits about someone else’s feelings apart from my own? The feelings of a person I don’t know? If I do, then the state of mental health professionals has taken a nosedive right into a pile of loose shit. But even if we got past how I look and if I’m not actually vomiting up my eightieth beer of the night into your face, why do I keep being contacted by people online asking me how to fix their problems? Are they my problems? No, they’re yours. And who in their right mind would actually listen to any answer I would give them? I’m the same person that said, “To snort,” when my doctors asked why I wanted sleeping pills. Look, its fine if I’ve actually spoken to you. I’ll happily feign interest in your life while I actually sit by my computer counting the moments until I can watch porn again. But come on, if I don’t know you, how about saying hello before you ask for my opi
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Ur Gonna Luv It!!
Hey i'm new and need friends so sho me sum luv!!!
Ur Head Or Ur Heart
some say listen to ur heaqd, its always right, others say listen to ur heart, its never wrong. if ur heads always right, and ur heart is never wrong, which is right and which is wrong.
Urinating During Sex Is Only Gross When..?
Urinating during sex is only gross when the woman does it. Roughly 17 out of 100 sexual encouters involve urination. That's at least 15%. I made a bar graph putting it into perspective. Right now you're probably thinking how gross it is to piss on somebody. I agree. It's disgusting. But after being married for twenty years, you've had every possible kind of sex that the human body is capable of. You even start taking yoga classes to gain enough flexibility to try something new. Trust me, I've been there. No I haven't. But I think about it all the time. Most guys come to the conclusion, "Screw it, I'll just piss on her." And from that point on, his world will never be the same. Before a man gets married, this is his rating scale for women: 10:Doesn't Exist 9:Absolutely Gorgeous 8:Very Beautiful 7:Yeah Definately 6:Gimme A Drink 5:Gimme A Bag 4:Gimme 2 Bags and a drink 3:Probably Never 2:No fucking Way 1:Okay once for the experience Then he gets married and real
Urine Test.
This was sent to me by a friend, so I can't take credit, but definately thought it was worth passing on. Maybe some politicians will see it and it will get them thinking about how we'd really like to start having our money spent instead of thinking about their own pay raises. Like a lot of folks in this country, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as they see fit. In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine test, which I have no problem with. What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check, because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sit on their ass. Could you imagine how much money this country would save if people had to pass a
Urine Tests
SENDER'S NAME WITHELD: hi sexxy, where you from? age? how tall? shoe size? married? bf? fav color? kids? ect...what does your name mean? nice smile indeed. ~*~*~*~*~ ~LOL~ You're fun, aren't you?! hee hee~ Let's see... I'm FROM Chicago, Grew Up In St. Paul, MN... I LIVE IN Des Moines/Seattle WA...for a long time~ I'll be 45yo next Thursday August 16th..~ (and don't tell me i look 45 or i'll hurt you! lol~) Umm.. let's see... I'm 5'6" tall... I wear size 7 shoes mostly but have gotten into 6-1/2 and sometimes go for a 7-1/2... but usually just a My favorite color...colors?... PURPLE but nothing lavender or wimpy... The really royal deep vivid purples... ya know the ones that SCREAM PASSION! ~hee hee~ ;)~ I love kids but don't have any although i have my 15yo nephew till fri and my 9yo niece from fri to sun this week...and often take my ex's 4yo son for a night here and there... he needs the break... the kid not my ex and his 'wife' ;)
Urine Test
Urinally Speaking
I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice from the other stall saying: "Hi, how are you?" I'm not the type to start a conversation in the men's restrooms at a rest stop but, I don't know what got into me, so I answered, somewhat embarrassed, "Doin Just Fine!" And the other guy says: "So what are you up to?" What kind of question is that? At that point, I'm thinking this is too bizarre so I say: "Uhhh I'm like you, just traveling east!" At this point I am just trying to get out as fast as I can when I hear another question. Can I come over to your place after while? Ok, this question is just wacky but I figured I could just be polite and end the conversation. I tell him, "Well, I have company over so today is a bad day for me!" Then I hear the guy say nervously... "LISTEN, I'll have to call you back. There's an idiot in the other stall who keeps answering all my questions!" Urinally Speaking EXC
Urine Test
URINE TEST (I sure would like to know who wrote this one! They deserve a HUGE pat on the back!) Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine test with which I have no problem. What I Do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who Don't have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their ASS, doing drugs, while I work. Can you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check? Pass this along if you agree or simply delete if you don't. Hope you all will pass it along
Urine Testing
Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that pay check, I am required to pass a random urine test with which I have no problem. What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to GET a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their ASS.... doing drugs, while I work. . . . Can you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check? Pass this along if you agree or simply delete if you don't. I hope you all will pass it along. . . Something has to change in this country -- and soon!
The Urinal Is Too High!!
The Urinal Is Too High! A group of 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders, accompanied by two female teachers, went on a field trip to the local racetrack (Churchill Downs) to learn about thoroughbred horses. When it was time to take the childr en to the bathroom, it was decided that the girls would go with one teacher and the boys would go with the other. The teacher assigned to the boys was waiting outside the men's room when one of the boys came out and told her that none of them could reach the urinal. Having no choice, she went inside, helped the boys with their pants,and began hoisting the little boys up one by one holding onto their wee wees to direct the flow. As she lifted one, she couldn't help but notice that he was unusually well endowed. Trying not to show that she was staring, the teacher said, 'You must be in the 4th.' 'No, ma'am, ' he replied. 'I'm the jockey riding Silver Arrow in the seventh.'
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