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Short Story
He walks into the room he body naked soft and still..the candles on the mantle the only light available for him to see. Her skin glowing as the candles light kiss each inch of her beautiful body. She is deep in slumber he walks quietly over to her side just watching her chest rise and fall as she takes in each breath. His hands tremble wanting to touch her but he only watches her. He bends down and blows gently on her breasts she moves only slightly her hand resting on her thigh her nipples beautiful starting to reach for the cool kiss of his breath. He gently takes his fingers and runs them over her plump pink lips. he wants her so badly, it takes all he can to hold back. He bends over to lick her sweet soft lips as his fingers run down her chest...sliding down her tummy to find her sweet slit wet awaiting him. His tongue licks her lips then plunges into her mouth. She is half awake not sure if she is dreaming...but she is on fire for him his hands working her into a frenzy begging fo
Short Stories
It starts when you meet eyes across the room. The constant flirtation, of little grins and smiles, eventually give in to you buying her a drink. She gladly accepts and as you sit down on the bar stool next to her, casual conversation follows. You continue through the night giving intimate details of your life, of you experiences, and the things that you enjoy. You smile and listen patiently as she follows suit and describes every detail of her life's history. As the coversation gets deeper you both decide to move to a smaller room where privacy is further enjoyed by the candle lit at your table. As you gaze into one anothers eyes a sparkle begins to emerge and an urge is pulling at the both of you drawing you closer together. The bar closes and you find yourselves at the local pancake house lost in conversation not worrying about what anyone else is saying or what either of your friends are thinking as the both of you disappeared that evening. The night passes like a b
Shorty's Blog
I'll be dreaming I'll be dreaming tonight that things will be ok when I wake up..... I'll be dreaming because I know things wont be ok I lost a friend last night who I didn't get a chance to get to know as well as I had hoped I would've been able to know I've tried to fight the tears, but it doesnt work I've tried to fight the anger towards myself because I'm always thinking that I could have helped him and prevented him from killing himself But deep down inside I know that I couldn't have because I had no way of knowing anything that was going to happen A thousand questions I have running through my mind on how to fight the pain of him being gone But no answers to any of them, nor will there ever be answers to them I would ask him himself how I'm suppose to deal with it, but nor can I do that Because he is gone and he wouldn't be able to give me the answers either anyways.... You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten So rest in peace Da
Short Love Stories
A man was sick and tired of going to work every day while his wife stayed home. He wanted her to see what he went through so he prayed: "Dear Lord: I go to work every day and put in 8 hours while my wife merely stays at home. I want her to know what I went through, so please allow her body to switch with mine for a day. Amen. God, in his infinite wisdom, granted the man's wish. The next morning, sure enough, the man awoke as a woman. He arose, cooked breakfast for his mate, awakened the kids. Set out their school clothes, feed them breakfast, packed their lunches. Drove them to school, came home and picked up the dry cleaning, took it to the cleaners and stopped at the bank to make a deposit, went grocery shopping. Then drove home to put away the groceries, Paid the bills and balanced the checkbook. He cleaned the cat's litter box and bathed the dog. Then it was already 1 P.M.and he hurried to make the beds,do the laundry, vacuum, dust, and sweep and mop the kitchen floor.
Short-term Stress Can Affect Learning And Memory
Short-term stress lasting as little as a few hours can impair brain-cell communication in areas associated with learning and memory, University of California, Irvine researchers have found. It has been known that severe stress lasting weeks or months can impair cell communication in the brain's learning and memory region, but this study provides the first evidence that short-term stress has the same effect. "Stress is a constant in our lives and cannot be avoided," said Dr. Tallie Z. Baram, the Danette Shepard Chair in Neurological Sciences in the UC Irvine School of Medicine and study leader. "Our findings can play an important role in the current development of drugs that might prevent these undesirable effects and offer insights into why some people are forgetful or have difficulty retaining information during stressful situations." For the rest of the article goto:
The Short Bus Crew Woooot
DA ŠHOW+ βU2 ©ЯEW Want ﻛ make a lo+ of gweat fЯiends? Jump on board da show+ bus!!!! How ﻛ join! ﮟ must fan, add, and Яate all Яydrs In fЯiends Яequest put “joynin the show+ βus” If alЯeady fЯiends, leave them a shor+ βus pЯofile comi+ AfteЯ ﮟ have added eveЯy 1 you must add MoTsBc to youЯ name Яepost da Showt βus ©Яew Bully ©lik βus 4 βulleten Have fun!!!! Please send Dj Alien83d a message after ﮟ have joyned If ﮟ don’t follow the Яuls ﮟ will β Яejected fЯom ﮟЯ seat. Head MasteЯ Tard: Dj ShadowDragon Co-Head MasteЯ Tard: Bran Muffin MasteЯ Tard: DjAlien83d@BM
Short Bus Crew
> > > > DA ŠHOW+ βU2 ©ЯEW > > > > Want ﻛ make a lo+ of gweat fЯiends? > Jump on board da show+ bus!!!! > > How ﻛ join! > ﮟ must fan, add, and Яate all Яydrs > In fЯiends Яequest put “joynin the show+ bus” > If alЯeady fЯiends, leave them a shor+ bus pЯofile comi+ > After ﮟ have added every 1 you must add > MoTsBc to youЯ name > Яepost da Showt Bus CЯew Bully > Clik bus bulleten > > > Have fun!!!! > Please send Dj Alien83d a message after ﮟ have joyned > If ﮟ don’t follow the Яuls ﮟ will β Яejected fЯom ﮟЯ seat. > > > Head Master Tard and Driver: > Dj ShadowDragon > > Co-Head Master Tard: > Bran Muffin > > > Master Tard: > DjAlien83d@BM >
Short Stories
A Morning Like This by LateNiteFantasy© Right now, before lunch and the hospital, she went for a walk around the pretty lake. Despite the chill in her mind, the quiet of the day grew on her. She soon stopped hugging her arms around her body and stretched out, balancing over the pebbles of a little woodland stream, trickling beneath her feet. There was no one there to tug her close and wrapped an arm around her waist. There was no one there to give her an affectionate or almost possessive squeeze as she drew close to the lakeside. Even so, she liked it here, under the fringes of the woodland canopy, where the green leaves gave way to the sunny June skies. Even alone it felt quiet and almost romantic, walking along, her mind wrapped in dreams. The sound of the water interrupted her thoughts and the feel of the distant sea breeze made her lift up her face to smile at the hidden sun. If only it could always be like this then every day of her life would be filled with sweetness
Short Stories
The Bus Ride Part 3 Opps there goes my cherries! By Caty the Ghost © 2008 Wow talk about pain this was wild I loved every minute of it! Mistress put some kind of lotion on my back and ass and it felt much better hell I couldn’t see what she was doing back there. Suddenly she shoved some kind of goo all over my ass hole oh shit she entered it with her damn dildo! I cut lose a scream that could be heard all over the freaking floor. Gasping I began to get into her slow steady strokes she was telling me “That’s it slut enjoy it you know you’re a slut let it lose.” Oh my what the? My body shuddered like never before damn was that an orgasm? She then said “Well little slut your first Orgasm form just your ass I can’t wait till I fuck that virgin cunt of yours.” “Damn bitch you just shit a load on my cock looks like it will have to be cleaned now” Fuck I was not going to eat shit off of her cock then hell if she told me to I would th
Short Bio
I had every thang until i lost it all,i know life isnt so post to be pefect.i wish i could go back and chang thangs like it used to be,but i cant.
Short/dining Room
Why is it that if you have an interest...they evade you at every corner, however~ If you quit, and give up...throwing in the towel and calling it done, they are all over you like stink on sweatsocks. If the feelings are mutual, maybe they should be expressed? It doesnt get less complicated than that. Just the sound of your breath makes me gasp and my legs warm. My heart flutters little memories of childhood fantasies of “Happily Ever After”, and I just lay in wait. My breasts ache. They longed to be touched, caressed, molded, suckled into prime condition, knowing their place in the grand scheme of things. My body heat rises, and my heart starts to pulse even stronger than ever. So hot. So sweaty. So warm and inviting. Your arms. How I wish that I could be in them now. To have them wrapped around me in a tight embrace, only to be flipped around and have my dress hiked up to my hips. My thong ripped off , and shoes kicked to the other side of the room, he presses me
A Short Story
Short Stories
With the Wind In the evening dusk, with the wind blowing through her hair she sat in amazement at the setting sun. A lonely life she had led for many years now. Closing her eyes she imagined a life long forgotten. A life of uncountable men, and endless sexual adventures. A live her lively hood was earning for with each passing day. Bracing herself on the tree stump she sat on, she leaned back as a cool wind blew across her body. As the wind passed she felt his touch. A light set of fingers running smoothly down her arm. A whisper in her ear. She dared not open her eyes for fear that this fantasy would disappear. Slowly she felt the strong, callous hand mingle it’s way through her long flowing hair. Her skin felt red hot where he softly felt his lips touch her neck. Arching her back and letting her head rest on his shoulder, she felt his tongue flicker across her ear, sending chills down her spine and making her blossoming nipples as erect as soilders marching to war. As his li
Short Story 1
i am here sitting on this PC wish that i was with u in the worst way, i want to fell your arms around me, holding me in are bed as we kiss each other slowly and so positionally that we want to take are time making love!!!!! as we start to feel each other body's the passion just takes over we slowly start to take are clothes off, kissing every inch of each other as we take them off of each other we start to play a little bit , and stop to look into each other eyes to see what the other is thinking as we so we look and see that we both want this and start to kiss as u take your hand placing it on my breast and play with my nipple making it hard and the other breast start to kiss my neck working your way to my breast kissing my nippling just a little as i start to kiss your chest and move my hand down to your cock as i start to play with him i start to kiss your neck working my way to your chest and then to your cock i kiss me and lick him i take him in my hand so u can wrap my lips a
The Short Bus Pick Up
click the "short bus" below to goto the Shortbus scoop up blog:: Welcome to the "FORBIDDEN INC. SHORT BUS SCOOP UP" You want to meet some new friends Level up at the same time?? Then this is the place for you.. There are a couple rules to get on the short bus:: 1. Must Fan, Rate, and Friend all the people at the busstop (ADD Fubar's shortbus IN THE SUBJECT OF FRIEND REQUEST IF U DONT DO THIS I DONT KNOW U WANT TO ENTER) if u are allready someones friend please leave a comment or buy a gift.. 2. You must goto Forbidden Inc and Forbiddens Inc's Exotic Dreams to subscribe (once subscribed type "I WANNA GET SCOOPED" IN THE LOUNGE) 3. you must goto and join 4. Once you have done that (contact McLovin to be added when done). You will THEN be added to the list so people can add, fan and friend you also. 5. If you like lvling and meeting new people then come on in and get freaky with us. 6. Having fun is most im
Short Bus Lounge Now Hiring
THE SHORT BUS LOUNGE IS NOW HIRING ALL STAFF If you are interested in any of the following positions please contact me.  General Manager-Overseeing all actions of lounge management/staff/members/visitors, including hiring & firing.  Assistant General Manager-Reports to the GM & has all duties as GM except for firing. Promoter Manager-Responsible for all internal & external promotions of the lounge including creating & designing bully's, comment drops, blasts etc also is in charge of hiring/firing up to 3 other promoters to carry out the lounge promotions.   Promoter ( 3 postions open ) - Responsible for the external promotions of the lounge as directed by Promoter Manager & other management. This includes link dropping, inviting new visitors/guests, bully dropping etc to make lounge more active.  Enforcer Manager- Responsible for all lounge security issues including with staff, supervising a staff of 3 + enforcers making sure that all drama stays out of the lounge & away from th
Short Story
Short Stories..
Shorty Arguing
Any of my fubar friends that feel like their booty is so sexy to enter into my booty licious folder, hit me with a shoutbox or message.
A Short Life
A once thought cherished life seemed full with hope and promise now hits a ditch and never recovers. I fall fast lose breath and all sense of thought. Tears replace smiles, years to days. my heart being crushed under just a few words. It seems all around me days way before they should and now i will join that company at 28 years 9 months and 3 days.I don't complain about the pain not complaining about death but have have learned to accept. I worry bout those around me and how i will miss them so. But i will not make my last 2 weeks a burden to them as they have only given me happiness. I thank you all for what you done you know who you are. And say goodbye so the pain can start now and end sooner. I miss you all deeply and know i care but i have to go and ask you all to take care.
Short Stories
                                                  FRIENDS........ REMEMBER WHEN YOU NEED A FUCK, I'LL BE THERE fOR YOU BECAUSE FUCK STANDS FOR,                                                       FRIENDS U CAN KEEP,,,,,,, i promise we can fuck forever
Short Story Nsfw!!!!! (pls Comment)
They banged against the doorway of the bedroom, almost falling over, but they barely noticed. They were too focused on each other. Their lips pressed together, tongues exploring each other. Hands tearing at clothing… Sarah had arrived in Milan at one that morning. She found her way to her hotel, showed and fell into bed. The excitement of her current adventure numbed by exhaustion, she fell quickly to sleep. The alarm on her phone sounded at 10:00 a.m. She awoke, unsure for a moment of her surroundings. Then it came back to her. It was her first day in Milan, the city that was to be her new home. After her six year relationship with Evan ended, she decided there was no reason to stay in the States. Her dream had always been to move to Milan. A city she visited once as a child, a city that always lingered in the back of her mind. Once the decision had been made, she quickly set about making it a reality. Selling her condo and almost all of her belongings ha
Short Story
As I write more this blog will be updated: To all the girls That gave their hearts to someone Who never knew. Annie was a dark haired hazel eyed beautiful girl. She lived in a very small town that really had nothing for her to do in terms of the things she liked. Annie was and always had been a lover of music in general. She never discriminated against a genre. As far as she was concerned all music deserved an audience. Music to her was a form of ones self expression. The more people heard the songs the more they could relate them into their own lives. Everyone has their form of expressing themselves. For Annie it was poetry. She had days where all she did was write poetry to express the hurt she had felt from her past and to move on from it. Annie had always been a shy girl that never seen herself as everyone else did. Being the shy girl that she was, Annie was a keep to herself kind of girl till one day she embarked on a whole new journey in her life. She de
Short Story First Half
Short Buss
Shortys Hangouts
mostly on line with 1. 2. 3. this is where i be lol from 2 pm to 11 pm daily
Shortys Hangouts
Short Stories
New Rule: For all you fubarians and myspacers; make a smaller profile. Stop putting all the add-ons like music videos in the About Me sections. About Me should tell who you are. For Christ's sake people, these huge ass profiles are taking up 4 gazillion megabytes of my hard drive and making my computer jump off the desk and give me the finger as it strides out the front door. I mean, come on...15 minutes on DSL to load a page just so we can see if they're gonna show the oobies! Come on people, get a real life why dontcha! Seems I sent out an email called "VIRUS ALERT", about a funny virus that is only a joke. Damn! Now I see it posted on here in the bulletins.... Be for real people of cherrytap. Get your own material. What comes from the morbid mind of those of us who are in the know should stay between so-called friends. Or at least just keep it between the emails to your friends. For Christ's sake, do I have to open the Karnal Kollege of Uncle Rob's Knowledge just to eduma
Short Thoughts 4 Buster Hyman
You have this potential to be esquisite Said he How so? said she cocking here head slightly to one side half smile left eye slightly narrowed rendering her face curious He said as yet you are clay anticipating the scupltor's vision the canvas blank with anticipation of the painter's dream You are art to be Said he Oh? said she The line of her mouth in half smile now drawing in upon itself to reveal introspection He watched Her face moved liquid with thought He watched As she came to understand the desire of the waiting clay and blank canvas She came to acceptance face now languid and smoldering and she said "I am ready" And she became willingness Like the cold marble that molds the statues of the most beautiful of gods. Your skin gleams with sweat your muscles curve into the creation that is you An ass that Michaelangelo would envy a cock that every woman wants inside her. I run my hands over your skin Feeling the mu
Short Stories Oct/08
Claudia Ryan gazed over the sound stage looking in vain for Aldo Marchetti. "Christ, Joan," Claudia questioned her chief assistant, Joan Walker, "didn't you tell Harry to make sure that Aldo would be an extra during this shoot!?!" Joan staring at the nearly empty sound stage herself replied quickly, "Of course I did, I practically made Harry sign a blood oath that he would have Aldo here for the entire shoot, I have no idea where he is!" "Goddam it," spat Claudia, "get Harry on the fucking phone and find out for me, I'm not gonna do one scene until he's here, got it!?!" Joan nodded her head and made a beeline for the phone back in Claudia Ryan's trailer, and while it was only eight in the morning Claudia had already given her a splitting headache! "Do this, do that," she thought grimly, "why can't the old bat do something on her own for a change, you'd think her leg was broken by the way she acted!" Joan dialed Harry's number, and in a few moments he was on the phone. "Well," he greete
Short Story 2
walk into the bar where we are support to meet and get to know each other i am sitting at the bar, ordering a drink when u come into the room, i knew it was u right away by the way u look at me, i see a smile in your eyes like u been waiting for me. u come sit next to me at the bar u introduce yourself to me, we smile and hug, u smell so good i don't want to let u go we sit and talk for about an hour, we have something to eat and we hear a song that they are playing at the bar and we start to sing it u ask me to dance {it a slow song} so we are very close we dance to a couple of more song, when we get back to are seats we have a other drink, then u ask if i would like to go for a walk to get some fresh air, we finish are drinks and head for are walk. u take my hand in yours as we walk, we talk about what we like what makes us crazy we have a lot in common we walk in the park now we walk toward the pond and sit on a bench watching the moon hit the water as it shines the whole pond. we l
Short Story # 3
went to a friend house to help them unpack from moving.they were sitting in a chair being tress-ed out from moving so i started to give him a back rub starting with this shoulders i feel the trenching in his body he moans like it was helping him as i reach to give him a hug from behind him i kiss his neck he move his head to say its ok i want more still kissing his neck i make my way to the front of him and sit on his lap i make way to his lip's i take my hands and rake them down his back he picks me up and move to the couch laying me on my back he gets on top of me and kisses me like he has wanted to for along time hold my head with his hands my hands work there way to his back to take off his shirt he works his hand to the back of my shirt and take off my shirt then my bra as he kissing my boobs making my nipple hard i lat out a moan we look into each other eyes, like to say should be keep going or stop, i kiss him letting him know i want to keep going > we make are way to the bed r
Short Stories
They had been chatting online for about three months when the subject came up…. He was at work during the day in a job that did not require his complete attention. So it was almost natural that he would find the internet and how it could help him pass the time during the slow parts of the day. One day he happened upon a web site where people could meet and chat online. This, he loved, as he loved to talk to people. Women especially he liked talking to. One day, he found her. The person he could chat with, who seemed to understand him, and who could relate to him. He, in a relationship that was not void of sex, but so very infrequent that it might as well have been. She was a housewife. She had a busy life, but did manage to take some time for herself at times. Exercise, a little TV, and surfing the net, being her favorite pastimes of late. But then one day, she wandered upon a web site where people could chat and share pictures. This was very exciting. With a full time job as a w
anyone wanna add me on mysapce. i posted one before but can't figure out how 2 get it so i if anyone can tell thanxs. my url fro mysapce is u can send me a friends request
A Short Story
Once upon a time a child was concieved. At the moment of conception the child opened the eyes of its soul and looked upon the father and mother. The father said unto the child, "You are my creation. As such, you will enter my world and follow my rules. You are to sing my praises and glorify none before me. If you do not show yourself to be worthy of me, I will forever remove you from my heart and you can never return to my side. If you live as I demand, you will always have a place with me." With that, the father left. The mother said nothing for a moment. Instead, she went to the child and embraced it with love. After holding the child for a few moments the she stood and beckoned the child to follow. As they walked through a garden , of such beauty the angels never dreamed, she spoke to the child. The mother said to the child, "You are our child. As such, you are free to follow where your heart leads. You will be accountable to none but yourself. Follow or lead,
Short Stories
The following is a part of the prologue to the novel that has been in my head for several years. I always lack motivation when working on this though, because I know where all the characters will start, and how I want them to end, it's just the middle that has me bogged down. Let me explain a little about the novel, first. It is titled "A Month in the Life Of..." (all the English majors forgive me for not writing the title of a book correctly, I can't italicize.) The novel details the story of a man named Jon (no relation to the Jon from the short "I Do?") The premise is that Jon is an aging man, living in a small town in Louisiana in which he was born. However, Jon has a past that only his friend, Billy, knows anything about. When they were young the left their homes and came back years later changed people. The whole novel takes place in the span of a month (hence the clever title) and tells Jon's story. I won't give too much away, in case I ever decide to finish it, but here is a
Short Story
Short Story In The Making.
This story that will be written in my blog, is a story in the making;by me. Please feel free to make any constructive comments or suggestions only please; haters will just be ignored. Please keep an eye out for the first chapter coming soon.
Shores Of Life
A blank stare gazing nowhere watching nothing. Adrift in the sea of things past. Hoping, dreaming of the shores of things to come. Not to know what will come to pass, but rather which wave to ride in. Realizing that my pockets are full of the sand from shores long left behind. Wanting to not lose the memories, but to carry them with me always. Now knowing that the culmination of an old life is upon the tips of these waves that are carrying me to a new understanding, a new chance at happiness. A last chance at life! Emptying the sand from my pockets, watching each grain as they form a new shore for me to set anchor upon. Undrestanding now that my happiness should not be sought in the things to come, but rather from the grains of memories that now form the shore underneath my feet and heart.
Short Stories
For the first nine months since returning from Iraq on his third tour, Brandon spent his life drunk or stoned.  He could hardly even remember a day when he was not like that, as that part of his life seemed so far away.In reality, it had only been a little more than a year since his discharge from the Army.  His blood stained dog tags still hanging around his neck with some extra tags on the chain.  Those extra belonged to a friend, friend, and brother in arms he will not even talk to his Vietnam Veteran father about.  When someone brings it up his eyes well up with tears and he begins drinking or getting stoned more.One morning as he was nearly passed out from an all night binge he heard a familiar voice he swore was in the dreams he was experiencing but they were not.  “Brandon what are you doing to yourself?” the man picked him up off the side of the road and put him into the old Ford pick up truck.  Brandon moaned with each bump the man hit he would look over at the dri
Short Story # 4
she went to meet him at the airport from his long trip home, she was nervous to meet her man since it been about 10 months, he was overseas helping out the troops. The plane pulls up to the docking bay, she watches for him to get off the plane. Her heart is beating so fast she been waiting for this moment they meet, she see him coming off the plane. There eyes meet and the tears come flowing down there faces, they kiss so Passionately that people stop and look!!! They make there way to go home, in the parking lot he needs to touch her, he cant wait til they get home to caressing her body and feel her skin next to his, he take off her shirt and caress her breast in his hands touching every part of her breast, he take his shirt off and presses his body to hers to feel what he been longing for 10 month. They make it home, the walk threw the door and they are striping cloths off of each other they are leaving a trail, they stop in the hallway he take her pins her up against the wall an
The Short History Of Humanity.
HUMANITY. It's now a proven fact, we are not evolved from the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon Man.  They found Neanderthal bones in a small cave in northern England that were carbine dated to be 3000 years old.  The Cro-Magnon Man is a descendent of the Neanderthal.  By finding the evolution of bone structure of what scientists thought were the decedents of Man.  But the oldest bones of Homo-Sapiens were found in a cave in Southern Africa that were carbon dated to be 5000 years old.         Homo-Sapiens were around for 2000 years younger than the last of the Neanderthal.  Scientists think that the Homo-Sapiens were racially killing off the Neanderthal and chased them all the way north until they froze in the winter in a cave in Northern England.         Now why would all of the excavation by Archeologists that cannot find bones from Homo-Sapian older than 5000 years after finding bones and the desecration of graves that Archaeologists in examining mummification?  Not being able to find
Short Erotic Stories
It took a while for us to meet, about six days to be exact but that was long enough. She invited me over for the weekend with just one thing on her mind - me. She was sweet in a sexy kind of way but she knew what she wanted but could not get it in her own area - at least they were all too quick and had no imagination. So, I drove from the airport in eager anticipation, I already knew what she looked like - she was a nice height, slim build but she was not skinny - sorry girls I just can\'t stand those stick like models with no flesh on. Lisa did work out and it showed. Lisa was very well turned out when we met, her beautifully natural honey blond her had been done, she was wearing a nice slightly off white shirt which was tight to her body and showed off her ample cleavage - I was hard already. She had a nice pair of black tight pants which seemed to hug her every curve. This was going to be some weekend. I pulled up to her driveway and she came out to the car. She said hello
Short Stories
Jennifer gazed at her husband from across the table. Still dawning the perplexed look that had been on his face since he had arrived home to find the table laid with the best silver and lit candles. "Some wine, my love?"He shifted uncomfortably in his seat and cleared his throat as she handed him a brimming glass of sweetened red wine."What is all of this Jen?", he asked, a weak smile crossing his wine dampened lips."Well, William, I really wanted to talk to you about something, and knowing how things have been... a little strained, between us lately, I thought I'd make the atmosphere a bit more comfortable for us."She uncovered the plate and passed it to him with an inscrutable smile, "It's you're favorite, honey.""Wow," he smiled as he lifted the cover and leaned in to sniff. "Stuffed heart! I haven't had this in ages. Lamb, or pig?""Cow actually," she smiled"Good! It'll be nice and beefy, then. Sage and onion stuffing too? I can't wait. Thank you baby."As usual, he began devouring t
Short And Sweet~
The sun shone through the curtains as slave sue woke. she opened her eyes to find Master watching her. He was sitting on the bed in His robe and He bent forward to kiss her. 'Good morning, my pet,' He said. 'I have a surprise for you this morning'. slave sue smiled sleepily. Master's surprises might be fun, or embarrassing, or erotic, but she loved them all.The door bell rang, and Master was clearly expecting someone. 'Wait here,' He said. slave sue lay back in bed and tried to listen as He answered the door, but Master was speaking too softly. she could hear a man talking to Him. The door was closed and Master returned to the bedroom. He picked up a blindfold from the bedside table and told slave to put it on. When her eyes were covered, He pulled back the covers and told her to step out of bed. she stood beside the bed as He tidied it, then He helped her back onto it, so she lay naked across it, on top of the covers. 'Put your feet on either side of the window pet,' He said. slave di
Short Poems/thoughts
I slid my finger a crossed it! and OMG it stood there begging me to rub it, I almost came in my jeans this was sooo exciting! I had just one chance left, so I took it and BAM! It exploded with intense brilliance.. .I polished my first FuPony! Aug 8th 2011 NauttiKitten Burns~~~   My love for you burns like a million flames, Warming my heart for an eternity. And though our lips have never met, I sense you in my dreams and in my soul. Heat rushing to my face with that possible first kiss, Makes an everlasting blush which compels my being. NauttiLunaAngel Jan 15th 2000
Short Stories
    Life had been good for Jesse, a loving family, good friends, even a dog that brought him his slippers every evening.    One Morning, waking from a "late night at work".  He noticed his house was no longer a home.  The wife and kids had left sometime earlier that year, even the dog stopped coming home.  "Where did I go wrong?" he asked himself.  It couldn't be the drink, he thought, for when he drank everyone around him was his friend, laughing at his jokes, and he knew it wasn't the drugs, because everyone would come by his house to say "high".    He pondered this for months.  Then one day n the spring, when the showers were pourng down, he came upon a solution, a solution that would stop the loneliness, stop the headaches, and the stomache cramps. The solution was easy, but a process that would totaly change his life.  For change was the one thing he needed.  Most of his "friends" didn't make the cut, for to stop the noise in his life, the sounds of parties was one of the first th
Short A Title
Why would you judge me on one bad day,When everything normal has momentairly gone astray,Master of illusion my smile is my mask,Why would you judge me on one single act,You really don't know me,You just don't know who I am,So let me lay it out for you,Like a grand master plan,I am a mother, I support my kids and I do it alone,I don't need a man to bring value to my life,That's why I raise my kids on my own,I am someones sister,I bail her out when she gets into trouble,The only family I have, And she's a diamond in the rubble,I am a friend,I never bail when your down,I'm a phone call away,Just ask around ,I work like a dog,I may only break even,But at least my kids see, Dedication is not a weakness,I am introverted,I don't let it all hang out,I will smile before I ever voice my doubt,I am very distrusting,I don't allow many people close,But like my step daddy told me,Anyone worth knowing will always want to know,Just as I have said,I am only me, Pretending to be someone else,Brings to m
Short Stories
Short Stories
Short Story
There are 3 things you should never try in life. 1)      Wasabi, the super hot sauce offered with Sushi, especially if you don’t wish to look like an idiot, fanning your open mouth with your hands; 2)      Grated cheese with marinara spaghetti and 3)      Taking your cat to be groomed when it’s very rainy, especially if the car park was miles away from the Vet of your choice.   Sometimes I wonder where my angels are!  If they are beside me, with a notebook in hand, scribbling down notes and rating my actions to every solution I come up with, or else playing poker, God only knows wher
Short Story
have any of you ever seen "alice"  its a movie that is based on alice in wounder land.   but it is very demented.   im just not watching it for the 1st time.   it seems very well very demented
Shortly After Midnight
Shortly after midnight  Into your room I goAnd stand there gazing down at you  With eyes that love you soYour head upon the pillow  Your arms down at your sideYour lips in a faint smile  Then next to you I slideI kiss your eyelids softly  Run fingers through your hairI feel your breath upon me  Do you know I'm there?I put my arms around you  And hold you, oh so nearI whisper of my love for you  Although you cannot hearI cherish every moment as  I hold you close, my dearFor time goes by so quickly  And morning's almost nearThough' you won't know I've been there  With you throughout the nightMy love for you is ever close....  As darkness is to light 
Short Stories
It was the middle of the night when it hit. Jennifer’s bed was shaking across the room. It was the wildest feeling in the world and it didn’t seem to be ending either. She tried to get off the bed, after all it wasn’t far from the doorway, but the shaking was so violent it threw her back against the pillows. “Get to a doorway during an earthquake,” She remembered her mother, Felicia, always saying. Her mother had been gone these past 10 years now and it just seems like yesterday when she said it. She was an amazing woman. Even when the doctor’s told her she had only a few months to live, because the cancer was spreading through her body, she never gave in. She had long, beautiful brown hair, that was before the Chemo took it. Even when she was sick, she would still find ways to make her daugater smile and laugh. Anything to take the worry from her heart. It amazed Jennifer, what she was thinking about during the middle of an earthquake. The light fell over, as she fell off the bed.
Short Story's
Cold seeping feelings burning into the core and rending it limb from limb, blood pouring down to the floor as their broken body’s fall to the floor in a bloodied heap, the chilled laughter echoing off the walls as he chooses another victim to play with, his games dark and evil, his idea of love filled with blood and pain beyond human understanding. Licking his lips he picks a young girl and pulls her up, her black hair pretty and the fear in her eyes making his lips water. She is beautiful if he had need for human urges she would be perfect for his needs but not any more now all he wants to do is make her scream in pain, his pain is still too great he needs to kill more make MORE PAIN to feed the darkness that eats at his heart. Hours pass he opens her up feels every inch of her and shows her it all before she passes into the cold void that he so wishes he could find yet no matter how many he takes, no matter how many he rends open... none of them hold the secret he seeks to end th
Short Stories
            My First Mistake   I thought I would never be like most dirty men, but I am. This is my story.               I came home, it was bad dealing with issues at work and my ex-wife calling me crying and worrying about our daughter, she had just turn eighteen and once again having issue at school, so I was going to go get her and bring her home with me, so she could at least finish high school, at this moment I no longer give a hoot if she went to college. It was no big deal to me any more, I just wanted peace with my ex-wife. So I came home to shower and change clothing to go fetch my step-daughter, who didn’t know I wasn’t her biological father. I could never bring into my reality or her the hidden lies about her mother that destroyed our marriage. I hated the fact, I had to drive six hours to my ex-wife house, but I was going to do what was best for my Ami. She was everything to me that her mother wasn’t. I have loved her like she was my own child, so I g
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Short selling stocks   Short strategies
Short Stories
I was watching a movie on TV when Joy came in and said she was going to take the dog for a walk. As she walked by she bent over and put the leash on the dog and I saw she didn't have on any panties on under her skirt. This didn't surprise me since she very seldom wears any panties or bra. I sat back down to continue my movie but something nagged at me. The more I thought about the more curious I became. Finally I knew that I had to check it out just so keep nagging me. I headed for the park about two blocks away. I figured she had about a fifteen minute head start on me. I walked fast. Once in the park I took the path I usually do when I had to take the dog out. I rounded a curve in the walkway that allowed me to look several hundred yards ahead. Knowing that Skip liked to sniff every bush and tree along the way I surmised that if she had taken this path I would see her ahead. That meant that she had taken the cutoff path that went to where the stone picnic tables were. I usually av
Short Story # 5
while waiting for her man to come home from work, she gets dressed in a little red nightie, while getting dressed she had this earge to play, she lays on the bed with here legs open wide an bent so she fit her toy in her hot wet pussy,her man comes home an hear her moaning in the bedroom, as he make his way to the room he stops an strips is cloths off, the door opens she sees him naked and start to fuck her pussy faster knowin that she is going to get it good from her man,he walk to the bed leaning over to start helping her with her toy but unsteads he take his tounge an starts to lick her cum out of her pussy wanting to make sure he gets all of her cum he grabs her legs an lift them up sucking hard on her clit she moans and begs for more while eating her he take a finger and start to play with her ass she want her mans cock in her mouth so she get on top of him sucking on his hard cock while he eats an finger her ass. she cums all over his face he goes to wips it off and she grabs him
Short Stories
There she was. Again. As I was looking out from my bathroomwindow. Third day in a row I see her standing under a tree, not close enough to recognize her. But still... I've lived here for 12 years now, never have I seen someone standing under the tree before. My gut tells me it's her. Can't be someone else. I finish shaving and decide to go for a walk. It's my day off and since there's nothing else I have to do, I'm going to check it out. It's on my way to the store as well, in case it was a false alarm. Once outside I hate myself for leaving my appartment. It's too damn cold to go for a walk, so I really hope she's still there. One might say I'm a nosy person. Last night I was laying awake for hours. Thinking who the woman might be. Don't know why she was standing there in the street, but she was looking at my windows. Not anyone else's. Damn. She's not there anymore. There's nobody under the tree. There's not a single person in the street. Too damn cold. Was it only a dream? Some
Short Time
Another day has past,another day of trivial nonsense,or more...another day of losing someone so very special. Our own parents are,have been,and always will be one of a us. Lost my father today,now,both are gone. Heart goes out to all that have loved and lost,most recently,my friend Kel,Peace and All That,thinkin of you girl!    Time is short,and it doesn't wait on nobody. My friends,cherish what you have...always. It could be over tomorrow.
Short Story # 6
been thinking of my man all day at work i cant wait til he get s home from work to show him now much he was missed i change into something sexy as i lay in the bed waiting for him to get home I'm so worked up that i start to play with myself playing with my Breast making them perky as i reach in my night stand an take out my bullet start rubbing outside of my lace panties get me worked up where the pantie come off an break out my toy an start working it in my wet pussy just the feeling form the Dill entering my pussy i let out a sigh as i cum enough to get the dillo all the way in as I'm playing an moan my man comes into the bedroom i was playing so much i didn't even here him come home he standing in the door frame watching me play seeing me get all worked up as work the dillo fast an fast in my pussy as i let  moan so loudly that he take over play-in for me so i can grab the bed sheet  he works if faster an faster as i cum all over his fingers he stops an looks at me i grab him throw
Shorty's Deep Thoughts, Lol
You need something on Fubar?  Like... your life hangs in the balance?!  Maybe you want something, but I seriously doubt that you need anything on Fubar.  Your life will go on if Fubar ends tomorrow.  If you really believe you need something on Fubar, maybe you should reexamine your life and priorities.  Too many people confuse needs with wants.  I need to eat.  Later. I treat everyone with respect and rarely say anything to anyone... I'm a loner.  But I've been watching some of the fighting and crying on here and find it amusing.   If you take pictures of yourself in revealing clothes and suggestive positions solely to get more rates, etc.  You're a piece of meat!  Or at least that's what you're representing yourself as.  So don't be surprised when the dogs come looking for supper.  You can gripe all you want, about the people that send inappropriate messages, but if you are begging for love, you have to take all that comes your way.  Grow some thicker skin and learn to deal ppl... it'
Short Story
He was just sitting in his own little world lost in his tunes pumping through the headphones. His back up against the cold metal beam of the waiting platform; waiting for the next train to burst through. Within moments a rush of air signals its arrival. Sliding in to the open slot next to the windows, he thought nothing of his familiar surroundings. It was the same trip and environment that he has been in so many days before. The train jerked to signal the start of the benign routine. The trains movements snapped his head and brought his eyes back up to stare out the crusty windows of the car. The eroding landscape of the city is played out before him like bits of corroded information. At points his visions and the music in his head collide and things make more sense for but a brief moment. As he is lost out the window something catches his eye. A reminder of the warmer weather; the appearance of the bare shoulder of the woman that has sat in front of him. Looking straight ahead
Short Story Section I Wrote
The first day was long and full driving with passing scenery of stone and wave. Tremendous walls rose of mountain drawing the eye towards them as they reached for the sky. Birds flew over head as road signs and green vastness flew by. Many hours rode the wind and soon we arrived in the Sin City. It was a towering monolith to mans' gluttony and over indulgence in all things. Buildings of all shapes and sizes stormed from the ground, crowded together but each unique with something special to offer to anyone willing to part with time and money. Today would be the day of rest.   After sleep we made a point to get in some gambling action while wandering vast corridors in search not only of shops and excitement but of any sight that might be seen. We experienced a show of unrivaled proportions with tremendously skilled impersonators that left my heart souring. The very show itself had my soul and my spirits wound. After surveying many shops and purchasing various wares from m
Short Stories
SOMETHING IS COMING……     In all of my years I don’t remember a time when I was ever scared. I was always a bold child even against those much bigger than me. Why would I not be?  I knew I would be King some day.     But today as I stand at the top of my castle I am feeling fear for the first time.  No, not some silly, unfounded fear. But a fear that chills me to my very marrow.  A fear which ties my insides in knots and raises the hair on the back of my neck.  I had never expected to ever feel this way.  I thought as I grew, that even in death…I would face it like a man.     For the last 6 months, I have been hearing the screams.  Screams of my subjects dying and screams of the beast that is killing them.  Such horrific screams of pain and agony.  Screams so terrible they freeze the blood in my veins…I have sent my best solders to investigate and every time, no matter how hard they search, they find nothing.     I have my men on patrol 24 hours a
A Short Poem
Watch your thoughts, they become words Watch your words, they become actions Watch your actions, they become habits Watch your habits, they become character Watch your character, it becomes your destiny Watch your destiny, and leave a legacy
today is my birthday & I am sick to day lol I hope I feel better be fo the day is over I wish I could talk today but it is a wisper
Short Story By Me =)
 We All Die                           By: Tina Louise W.    "You are such a fucking hypocrite!," screamed Pamela.   "Well if you weren't always being a cunt I wouldn't have to resort to being a dick now would I?" Ben said in a flat tone.  "Fu-"  "No fuck you Pam, I'm sick of your shit."  The Andersons... typical family in the local hell of Nashtown suburbia. Sure they have their bad points but also their good. You know?? Take their kids for a walk in the park on a leash, push the dog on the swings-set, have their holier-than-thou perception on others, laugh at the expense of one's misery. Yes, a normal life.  It wasn't that the family is odd, well not all of them. It was that the mother was nuttier than a half eaten payday melting on a summer afternoon. Pamela would be the sweetest woman in the world unless she didn't have her swiss army knife keychain. From what is known, this keychain was given to her by her mother which told her, "Always keep this by your side or you will surely die
Short Erotic Stories.
welcome to my blog..
Short Stories
Night falls over the mountain side, no noise to be heard except the wind through the trees. Under the cover of half moon light two men walk with purpose around the base of the mountains. Searching every gap between the rocks and holes under trees. "Keep searching boy, we are close, we are so close I can feel it." "Master what are we actually looking for?"  "We are looking for conformation." "Conformation? Comformation of what?" "The other..."   As the two men passionate search base of the mountain, a commotion has broke out amoung the village on the other side of the mountain.  Hateful cheering and jeering, Cries of fears and panic rip through the village.  Men runing with swords and pictch forks, women seeking safety among the deepest corners of their homes. "Not this time! Don't let him out of your sight men!"shouts what appears to be the village leader.  "Box it in and close! Ready the cross bows!" "Sir I lost him among the barn!" "Its not a him its a spawn from the pits of h
Short Stories
Every muscle in my body screamed at me when I tried to stretch upon waking up, I laid there in bed debating if I should take a shower of soak in a nice hot bath to uncoil my tight aching muscles. I had only been in the house for a month and a half but I had been busy fixing up the old manor. My mind was still having a hard time believing that my fiancé had written a letter to his family attorney and asked that this old manor be left to me in the event that something ever happened to him.  All of my friends had told me that the thought was crazy, to leave the loft warehouse apartment that I owned and move to a foreign country.  My writing was selling well, but had suffered as of late there was inspiration; maybe this move was just what the doctor had ordered. The countryside was beautiful, and the old manor even though nobody had lived in it for years was still for the most part well kept. There was running water, and the electric worked. The attorney was kind enough to have the house i
Short Stories...
Sebastian  Regardless that I'm a monster of known violence  this was hardly what I had wanted to ever happen to her, she of all people deserved many things but not this.... I walked over to her still body laying akwardly on the floor and got on my knees to check her pulse. I didn't care about the blood staining my clothes or how pitiful I looked, I was desperate to find life still in her. Her pulse was faint but still there and I could only sigh in relief. If I could cry tears as humans did I would have, she was lucky to be alive. Yet even in the chaos of the blood smeared across her face and the mess she had created she looked so pure and angelic.  Her beautiful white cotton dress was ruined with stains upon stains of her attackers blood as well as in her hair. One shoe was hanging off her left foot crookedly almost as if it was fighting to come off but couldn't and the bow in her hair was halfway undone and threatening to fall out. She  looked like an innocent child caught in the
Short Fiction
  His steps seemed silent on the asphalt. Not a clap or scuffle. He was unseen. His feet fell on the pavement that teetered on the edge of a rutty ditch slope meeting the night’s dark hand. It engulfed the street’s fringe in solitude. Street lights’ angle met the road leaving the grassy, sloping boundary untouched. Cars shot past pulling a tailwind that rocked him toward the dark blackness. The blowing northern air that followed this man into town was frigid. The man felt the police presence as the car’s light shined from behind him. The car slowed to a stop, blue lights flashed. The man stopped abruptly without turning toward the light. His long hair blowing wild on the northern wind. The man was extremely large.  The policeman emerged from the car. “Excuse me sir,” he demanded the man’s attention with a bright flashlight. “Can you step to the front of my car, please.” The policeman’s question was more of an issued order.
Short Stories
A worried woman went to her gynecologist and said: 'Doctor, I have a serious problem and desperately need your help! My baby is not even 1 year old and I'm pregnant again. I don't want kids so close together. So the doctor said: 'OK and what do you want me to do?' She said: 'I want you to end my pregnancy, and I'm counting on your help with this.' The doctor thought for a little, and after some silence he said to the lady: 'I think I have a better solution for your problem. It's less dangerous for you too.' She smiled, thinking that the doctor was going to accept her request. Then he continued: 'You see, in order for you not to have to take care 2 babies at the same time, let's kill the one in your arms. This way, you could rest some before the other one is born. If we're going to kill one of them, it doesn't matter which one it is. There would be no risk for your body if you chose the one in your arms. The lady was horrified and said: 'No doctor! How terrible! It's a crime to kill a c
Short Storys
This man don't have super powers or magic powers,but his power comes from his heart.His name is John Michaels a man who served The Army and The Navy with great honor serve his country.In the late 70's he was called service leaving a wife and daughter behind thinking about him everyday and missing him with deep hearts.While John was out at sea got see far away places and each place he got see his little girl was on his mind thinking of storys tell her when she got older.While out on the ship he earned two battle EE medal and some many others while at sea.3 years and 3 months later he comes home to his wife and little girl waiting for him with open arms and smiles on there face.2 years later the super hero's daughter gets sick and the doctor don't know why she so sick and this when Michael felt helpless cause he didn't know help his little girl.Months later the doctors tells Michael and his wife want is wrong with there little girl.She diagnosed with growth hormone deficien
Short Stories And Karaoke
 I really think it could be a blockbuster hit. But what to I know? I'm only a writer. (LOL) Tiffany Stone (The Story)
Short Stories
11:47 and the bar was packed. Once again, I was sitting at a table in the darkest corner, drinking a beer by myself. Usually, that’s the way I liked it. The longer I hang out with someone, the more they get on my nerves. Tonight was no different, the beer didn’t seem cold enough, the television was showing re-runs of old re-runs, even the crowd, usually drunk and foolish by now, seemed sedated and boring.   I was on my last gulp of beer and decided that I had about enough when the door opened. Along with a blast of mid-August air that bubbled the wallpaper came the most stunning woman I had cared to notice in a long time. Her blond hair extended well past her shoulders and seemed to wrap around to frame her naked shoulders and near angelic face. As my eyes swept downwards, her saintly features melded to a sinners dream, packaged expertly in a seam-splitting mini-skirt and matching strapless top. I figured one more beer wouldn’t hurt.   I watched her as the night w
hey im on here looking for friends but one thing i dont fuck with mens so i should not b geting anything from a man just saying i love my lfe a have a good women who im with and hope to b with for a long time i like to have fun talk chill i dont fight i love people so get at me no mens
Short Stories
There's nothing like a boatride by moonlight to get my panties nice and creamy. A friend of mine has a decent size boat, 30 feet or so, just big enough for a few of us to go out for some late night enjoyment. We anchor in a secluded harbor and enjoy the moonlight, the beer, and good company. A longtime acquaintance, we'll call him "Richard", has been eyeing me all night. His eyes follow me as I climb up and out of the galley to grab a beer. Once or twice, his hand brushes up against me, first against my hand, then on my waist, to steady me when I swayed a bit. It was only a matter of time. As we all sat up on the deck enjoying the view, I noticed Richard heading down to the galley. As he headed down, his eyes caught mine. The look was inviting; it promised much more than the casual conversation I was in at present.After waiting a few minutes to avoid drawing too much attention, I headed to the galley myself. As I turned around to back down the ladder to the galley, I felt Richards hand
A Short Poem
How dare you say you love me When you don't know what love mean How dare you call me triffling When you'r just as triffling as me Who do you think you are To tell me what ii can an can not do Cause the last time i checked  I wasn't married to you     ~Pretty Boi Stud~ `  
Short Story...   This is the link to the first three chapters of my book. Still a work in progress but the story is there to be followed. Hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think. 
Shortys Randomness
fears are jus a mindset of your imagnation that runs circles full of color which in turn gets you wonderin..... how do u change this mindset to get outta these fears to get that demon outta you wat does fear even mean?? does it mean when your scared of somethin or is it a mixture of being scared and now wantin things to change so instead you get the feelin of fears so you try to stop the changes from happening cuz even tho there changes your hoping the past doesnt repeat itself in an awkard way if havin the fears is a good thing to improve your thinking to make you stronger time and love waits for no one jus like fear waits for no one they live and feed on people like a demon feedin rom the dark side of you wat to do, wat to think, wat to believe, hmmmm nthin can explain how i feel my heart sinks jus tryin to say the words the tears wont flow the way they should nthins the same my mind races tryin to figure out the confusion i wanna believe everything that uve told me of how u feel
Short Stories
His touch is soft and gentle like that of a Spring breeze.  His scent is strong and invigorating like roses on the street.  He takes what is broken within me and makes it worth something.  He brings out the smiles and the part of me I do try so hard to hide.  He knows my pain and instead of pity he embraces it and makes me feel wanted and cared about.  The attraction is there and we both feel it.  The distance is just to far to see where it will go.  He touches parts of me I know are dying.  Yet with him those parts come to life.  He is forgiving of the flaws that I have and accepts them.  He don't want them changed but he wants them to be positives within.  He cuddles me as long as I feel safe.  With him my anything can be better. From a smile I so long to hide to a tear that is destined to fall.  He would wipe all my tears away and cradle every smile as if it was the last.  
A Short Message
Hello Fu,   I know alot of you have seen that something has been going on. It is like this. I got my first Internet scare. So for now I will only accept from those that have salutes, but then those that have them are crazy as fuck as well. My reasoning is this. The one I have had to get away from can make other accounts and it makes it harder for them, cause they will have to make a slalute first. If they are that bad that they have to get onto my page then at that point go ahead and stalk me. I am slowly getting back to where I was, but at the moment I am gunshy. You guys think it is internet and it is, but the story changes when they come to you in person. Lesson learned I guess. So I will say this one time. DONOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION ON YOURSELF EVEN IF YOU FEEL YOU KNOW THEM,.. I had been talking to this one for over a year. BEWARE OKAY  and BE SAFE !!!!!   DONOT give out number, address, where you work, or even what town you live in. DONOT GIVE OUT
Short Random Writings
I be thinking bout you  Your always on my mind Be thinking about you An how ima make you mine  Its only a matter of timeThe only thing i fear  Is the distance i have to cross  To see the smile on your face  And feel the warmth in your embrace  To taste your perfect lips  As I look into your eyes  Its these feelings i can't deny Cause I Be..Thinking bout you  Your always on my mind Be thinking about you An how ima make you mine  Its only a matter of time..
Short Story.....
It was what seemed to be a normal day for me, only I woke up next to you. Looking down, I smiled and moved the hair off your face and just looked at you for a moment. I got up and headed out of the room after giving you a soft kiss on your lips. You woke up and stretched. Looking around for me you figured I had been up for a bit and stepped'd see me later. So you figured it was time for a shower. Walking into the bathroom, you turned the water on and got undressed. You reached in and felt the temperature of the water with the tips of your fingers then slowly got in. The water felt good against your skin and you let your hands rub over your chest and sides. You leaned your head back and let the water flow over your head soaking it. Closing your eyes, you didn't seem to notice the door open. I had come in and undressed without you knowing. I slipped into the shower and quickly wrapped my arms around you. You jumped and gasped spinning quickly to see that it was just me. Relieve
Short Stories
Short Story
As the sun glistened though the window blinds it fell softly on her face. She stirred a little from the soft warmth on her cheeks. She looks so precious when she sleeps. Last night was one of the best nights we had together. We took our relationship to a new level, one that even I have never experienced. Feeling her unleash herself to me, giving me all of her, was the most erotic feeling. She presented herself to me so graciously that I almost didnt recognize the woman before me. And as she lays here next to me, all I can think about is this great gift she gave me, and a smile appears on my face. Her eyes flutter open and she sees me smiling down at her, and she smiles also. "Good morning darling, and why are you smiling?" as she leans up and kisses me. "Good morning my precious, just recalling last night", I say as I lean down and softly kiss her forehead. She lets out a small chuckle, "Oh is this so, well yes, last night was one of the best nights of my life.""As it was mine", I repl
Short Funny Stories
Little April was not the best student in Sunday school. Usually she slept through the class. One day the teacher called on her while she was napping, "Tell me, April, who created the universe?" When April didn't stir, little Johnny, a boy seated in the chair behind her, took a pin and jabbed her in the rear. "GOD ALMIGHTY!" shouted April and the teacher said, "Very good" and April fell back asleep. A while later the teacher asked April, "Who is our Lord and Saviour," But, April didn't even stir from her slumber. Once again, Johnny came to the rescue and stuck her again. 'JESUS CHRIST!" shouted April and the teacher said, "very good," and April fell back to sleep. Then the teacher asked April a third question. "What did Eve say to Adam after she had her twenty-third child?" And again, Johnny jabbed her with the pin. This time April jumped up and shouted, "IF YOU STICK THAT F*****G THING IN ME ONE MORE TIME, I'LL BREAK IT IN HALF AND STICK IT UP YOUR ARSE!" The Teacher fainted.
Short Stories And Other Writing
"The Ring" Chapter 1 A Chance Encounter It was a loud atmosphere the air filled with chatter and the clanking of beer glasses hitting tables or slamming against each other in the typical toast of hello or in a congratulatory manner recognizing an accomplishment one could only acquire at a bar. You could hear pool balls slamming against each other followed by grunts of discontent or loud sighs of relief when what was considered a tricky shot had a successful outcome. Everyone had their own reasons for showing up to the bar tonight, some were there to meet up with friends and drink away the stress of everyday life, some were there to try and find a body to fill their empty bed for one night and some were there just to be alone. Although going to a full bar on a busy Friday night was hardly justified as being alone it was Daniel's ideal place to go when he just wanted time to himself. Sure he could've gone home, he had no one at home, he lived in a quiet house on the outs
Short Fiction
The moon hangs full and high above a ramshackle Inn that hasn't seen a full house in years beyond memory. The digital read-out on the cheap motel alarm clock reads 3:48. With his eyes glued to the ceiling, a solitary soul lays motionless upon the bed. His eyes register nothing before him, as his attention has long since turned within. Someone lightly taps out shave and a haircut on the door to his room, and bewildered, he rises to peer through the window. Seeing Rachel outside, cold and wet, he hastily opens the door and rushes her inside. "What the hell?" He asks."Sorry, I didn't know where else to go.""That's not what worries me. What's with the moisture?" He asks while handing her a towel, and the robe he had bought for her when they were 'together'."It's a long story, and I'd really rather not go into it just yet. Did I wake you?" She strips without even a hint of discomfort, quickly dries her hair, and steps into the robe."Naw. I haven't slept that well t
Short Stories (may Be Nsfw)
Spring had finally seemed to arrive and I decided it was time to take advantage of the new found warm weather. I had been planning on surprising her with a new sex adventure, and had told her that I wanted to surprise her with it one day. All she knew was that she needed to be ready for anything, at anytime. She knew that I was pretty much capable of doing anything.I had racked my brain trying to think of the perfect adventure. The more I thought about it the more I became enticed with some type of role play. Since both of us had wanted to do a kidnapping for some time I decided that would be the way to go. I started plotting my kidnapping of her about a month in advance. I was simply waiting for the weather to get warm enough to carry it all out, and that day had finally come….She was faithful to go the gym every day, so I waited for her to go on the planned day and then parked far enough away for her not to see my vehicle. I gave her a little time to complete her workout and t
A Short
Demented Feelings deep inside, cannot run away and hide.  Seething so I die inside, mirrors broken, no more time.  And to think you knew me well, lie me down in the pits of hell.  Dark have been my dreams of late- pure unadultered loving hate.  Break the cycle and end the pain, begin a new cycle and scars remain.  Demented feelings deep inside, cannot run away and hide.  Eloquently being the cunt to hide, bleed the veins and tear out the eyes.  No more visuals and the pain feels good but I still turned my back like you knew I would.  Demented feelings deep inside, you cannot run away and hide.  End.
Short Poem For Missy, My New Gf
  The depths of my feelings Cannot be defined I thank the Lord daily For making you mine The love that you give me Has opened my heart I thank you, my baby For this love's new start
A Short Mental Health Story
5:26am reply Countrylov...: QUIT FUCKING IGNORING ME AND ANSWER ME 5:34am reply Countrylov...: WEL U CHECK ME OUT AND NOTHING REALLY???????? 5:39am reply Countrylov...: so what u gonna ignore me? 5:51am reply Countrylov...: SUCH AF UCKING DUMB FAT ASSS THATS SCARED TO ANSWER ME 5:56am more To Countrylov...: I'm just now getting around to looking at my sb. You're impatient and very disrespectful. I can see why nobody likes you at work now 6:02am reply Countrylov...: gee i wonder why lets call a 51 year old hag beautiful really thats old enoughto be your mom 6:03am more To Countrylov...: I'm not gonna stoop to your childish level and call you names either. 6:04am reply Countrylov...: well its pretty rude saw you checked me out but cant rate,like or comment my status but lets call my mom beautiful really 6:04am reply Countrylov...: maybe get the idea of thinking your jason aldean outta your head and
Shoshonni Walker
made you look!!!!!
Shot Outs!
I've only been on for a few weeks, and there's so much love coming my way!! Thanks to all who made me feel at home, and to all who handed out 10's. I was on myspace, but after spending a few weeks on lost cherry, myspace gets really boring. Much love to the creators and to those who support. That's it, peace I'm out. ~Rich
take a shot for me two to make it better three to open me up four to completeness five to a little closer six to you seven for me eight still not enough nine still not open ten here i am eleven WOW you've got me twelve extasy now.... i need nothing..... original by dawna wright 3/30/07 at 4 am
I am taking a double shot for burn, he is awesome.
A Shot Of Light On A Pitch Black Night
Searching, Searching through the night, Spinning slowly, Watching the bright light, Fade into an eternal darkness, Waiting, Hoping for your call, Bringing you back from your suicidal fall, Searching, Searching through the night.
Shot In The Leg
Ok, so people have been asking what happened. Yesterday was at friends house helping him finish off his roof. I had a nail gun in my hand. I went to scoot farther up the roof and slipped, and went to put my hand down to steady myself, and as i did the gun bumped into my left thigh and went off. It shot a nail into my thigh about 3 inches above the knee and to the right side slightly. At first (because of shock and adrenaline, i thought the nail had just gotten meat. I grabbed the jeans and tried to pull it out only to have the jeans rip. At that point I knew I was in trouble and the nail was into the bone. My friend called 911 and they sent out a Medic One unit and a ladder truck. I was going into shock to a degree. They had to give me morphine and valume and start IV drip on me, all while still on roof, cause my vitals were way fluctuating and i was in so much pain. They were finally able to get me on back board and slide me off roof. They took me to hospital, wh
Hey All!!! If you are around the St Louis area and need something to do tonight come on down to the Cruisin RTE 66 Live Music Bar and check out this awesome band. I promise it will be well worth your time!!
i would like a lot of jager shots please thanx
Shotslingerss Bar Rants
i wrote this a few years ago when i was managing a large nightclub in my area. i had a terrible night and went home and just vented. this is a MUST read... especially if you have ever worked in a bar or nightclub a message to you, the club head, from me, your doorman: those things on your feet, are made by puma. that makes them sneakers. fyi fucker. and retro jordans? i know they cost alot. so do throwback jerseys, but we dont want you wearing those either. stop bein a pain in the ass and dress right. next year youre gonna look at those and be like, i cant believe i used to wear those. (reference your closet full of von dutch and ed hardy wanna be poser wear) put on some fuckin dress shoes. dont drop names. if you have to drop one, they didnt like you enough to put you on the list with everyone else. now you are gonna inconvenience me to track down your friend so they feel guilty and say "yeah, let em in" just so you can save 10 bucks. thanks for contributing to the excitement of my
Hey, hey all my sexy fellow cherries! My list is growing more & more everday...woohoo! But, there are alot of you that I never talk to, get comments from, or even a quick shoutout. So.....if you are one of those people, please let me know that you are very much alive &! The ones I dont hear from, I am gonna take off my list after a short time....I hate to do it, but truthfully, whats the use to just collect friends...who really aren't friends?!?!? I hope I hear from each & everyone of you soon, & relax all my peeps...I know everyone doesn't get on here every single day, so I am gonna wait a few days to give everyone a come on, show the love!!! XOXOXO
Should You Go First
Should I Stay Or Should I Go
for a while now i have been comptemplating reinlisting in the army, or perhaps i should go for a commmission as an officer or a warrent officer. the problem is, wwhile i still believce in what the army is doing in the middle-east, i'm not sure i still believe in what the army has become. Ifind myself surrounded by an organization where hard work and effort are only looked at as to how they can make someone else look good. i have seen several ases where a superior gets awards bassed on what those underneith them have achieved, all awhile doing thier best to discredit that other persons contribution. I went into the reinlistment office the other day at my camp in Kuait and asked for a good reason to reinlist. the best the young Staff Sergeant could offer me is a 7500$ bonus for 3 more years or 15000 for 6, if im looking for a reason to still believe in the chioces i made 5 years ago, 2500 a year, even if it is tax free as long as i am over here, jsut is not going to do it. I did not join
Shout Out To Everyone On Lc
To the friends i will miss, I8ubfr, Jay, Diva & Daddy, Jamie, Wounder if, BluesmanLover, The Muse, Brenna, Sassy Bitch, Maria, Albert, Book Warm, Lone Wolf, Woodmaster, Spiderman, and last but not least Firechief7. You have all been wounderful friends to me throuout my time on here and will never forget you. You are all the ones i consider to be true friends, and i will miss you all. but there is a time when everyone has to realize in there life that there are more important things in life to waste my time on then sitting on this computer all day, and that would be spending time with my children and husband. The computer is an addictive thing and has taken away a lot of valuable time with my family that i can not get back but can hopefuly makeup for. I SINCEARLY HOPE YOU ALL CAN UNDERSTAND MY REASONING. YOU WILL BE MISSED, AND NOW IT'S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE. MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL, XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX IVECUTE77/HEATHER ROE To, Every Racist person Out there! God
Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (relationship Stuff)
I haven't posted much in here lately, although I'm sure I could come up with some things to write about I just haven't had a lot of time. Anyway, on to the point... In the course of working and being around certain coworkers over the past 8 or so months, I've found myself attracted to one in particular and I don't know if I should pursue it or just let it go. First of all, she's probably out of my league. From what I can tell, she's from a family that has at least some money. I could be wrong, either way it's not the big issue with me except that I come from a family that has done all it can just to get by. I'm not knocking my family by any means, I'm thankful for them and grateful to have my family but I feel almost like the bus boy of a fancy restaurant that's infatuated with a's just something that wouldn't work. I think we have a couple of things in common or I wouldn't even be considering this at all. I just think I'm reaching out a bit far, but she's nothing l
Shout Out To All My Lc Friends And Fans
If i have pissed any of you off for any reason what so ever, or if i do in the future please let me know so we can rectify the situation. Please be honest with me and tell me any concerns you might have with me. Thank you Sincearly yours, jroe699/John Roe While You Sleep While you lie asleep at night I watch you with all my might Try to keep you in my sight, But the sleep, I must fight To stay awake until daylight, Then I know you'll be alright, While you lie asleep at night. John T Roe Copyright ©2006 John T Roe To all my friends and fans those of you who have rated my pic's thanks very much and have a wounderful day. For those who have not, I have rated and commented on all your pic's and would like it if you would return the favor, i don't have a lot of them which is more then what i can say for most of you but hay i still rate and comment on them, it wont hurt you a bit to show some luv. but however if you don't at least rate them im goin to start delea
Should I
had issues and now I dont really care should I return my photo`s
Should I Or Should I Not?
ive been riding the line on weather i should cut myhair or not .. i want 2 but i know if i did im gonna miss but its such a pain in the ass sometime .... check out some of my pix n tell me what u guys think
Should I Do Porn?
my site should be up soon. however it will take just a bit for all the pics and videos to be added but i do have lots of pics and videos on now but. fell free to come join when you can. Alexis Lyn
Shout Out
Should I Or Shouldent I????
ok thinking about buying a ring and proposing to my really nervous about it so should i just do it or should i wait???? let me know what u think???
Should I???
Should I open up all my pics so that anyone, not just family, can see them?
Should Go To Bed
So My co-manager has all this faith in me and I wish he didn't. He put totally unreal expectations on me tonight and I stayed almost 2 hours late and still couldn't get it done I finally gave up. I just hope he doesn't yell at me tomorrow. I have not ben able to fall asleep.I'm just not tired I go in at 4 or 5 I'm like ok I have to go in and I lay there for 30 minutes to an hour. Maybe it's sex deprivation since I got the new position at work I get less sex. That's all that's changed. Once again it's pat 4am and I'm up it's just so hard to go right to bed after work. I didn't get out till 2am I got there at 4pm. I don't mind the overtime is nice my last check had 90 hours on it. The only problem is I feel so tired in the morning but once I'm up for a couple hours I'm up till 3-4 in the morning....
Shouting Out For The First Time
I am shouting out for the first time as a cherry tapper. So far I think it is a pretty awesome site..I guess we shall see how it all pans out in the end..haha..everything is good at FIRST!!!..well just had to pop that first blog cherry..cant wait to get to meet and greet everyone
Should Ripping Pics Without Permission Be Ok?
subject: People ripping pics post date: 2006-12-26 08:54:09 views: 80 comments: 15 ratings: 0 Original writer and poster: Naughty But Nice Girl(Check her out. She's a great writer and easy on the eyes as well.) I am writing this blog through frustration.. Someone has just ripped a pic of mine without asking and no explaination. I have messaged this person asking why and they have read the message and no response.. They have a page full of ripped pics and I know for definate that one of those people weren't asked permission either.. Should people be allowed to do this? Surely it is common courtesy to ask before ripping someone's pic.. Well obviously it isn't and now there is nothing I can do about the fact someone has a pic of mine in their pics.. Do any of you feel this is wrong that people can do this? Is there anything I can do? Let me know what you think in the comments please Thanks.. Naughty and very angry but nice girl....
Hello everyone . I just wanted to say that at work during the day my shoutbox does not work. The font type it needs to work I dont have installed on my computer. This computer is old. My computer at home at night works fine . Anyway I can recieve messages love them too!! I didnt want any of you to think I was ignoring you. I appreciate you and we have alot of fun!! I hope you all have an awesome weekend!!!! CHEERS!!!
Should I Or Shouldn't I,? I Don't Know
I don't know what to do, and fear it may even be to late. So, here I am, posting a thread, requesting the advice of an unbiased audience. I met her about 3 years ago, shortly after I moved to Houston. And began working with the same company but at another location, and we formed a friendship. Needless to say, I had fallen in love with her the moment I first laid my eyes upon her. I had never felt what I felt when I first looked into her eyes, or anything remotely close, it was intense. Then I fell for her son. He was 3 at that time, soon to be 6 now. I adjusted my schedule to babysit him while she worked, resulting in me getting about 2, or 4 hours on a good night, of sleep; but didn't mind. If I was able to do it for her, I did it; help with rent, electric, food, anything. We developed a close friendship until personal issues in her life, moved to Dallas around Christmas time 2 years ago, and lost contact with her. So we had a year of the best friendship I've ever had,
Should Kids Be Spanked????????????
GOT THIS ARTICLE THOUGHT IT WAS INTERESTING... Payment for stem cell eggs debated By MALCOLM RITTER, AP Science Writer Sat Jan 20, 6:54 PM ET Say you're a woman who wants to have fertility treatment but can't afford the $5,000 to $6,000 cost. ADVERTISEMENT What if you could get it for half-price, by agreeing to donate half the eggs you produce for stem cell research? Interested? British women may get a crack at that deal in a few months, under a plan pursued by Dr. Alison Murdoch of Newcastle University. This concept, which resembles a strategy sometimes used to get eggs for fertility treatment, is just one of several new efforts to boost the supply of human eggs needed for research. The shortage has triggered an ethical debate on both sides of the Atlantic: Should women be paid for supplying eggs? Scientists need eggs for a process called therapeutic cloning, which creates stem cells genetically matched to an individual. It may be used someday to cre
Should I Talk About Life Or Tell Jokes
Shout Box
i'm just wonder ing if my shout box thing is busted or something, i type to people but havent gotten a respoce all day.... maybe it's bust or i am disliked. so send me a message please someone, so we can see if i get it or can return a message.
Should I Let It Go
Should I Feel Guilty? I like to go out and have a good time once in a while. However, my best friend of 21 years recently came out of rehab for alcohol addiction. I've been nothing but supportive of her decision and have even attended a number of AA meetings with her. Last weekend I decided to go out with a few other friends and have a good time. Although I felt a bit bad being out and having a good time without her I found no reason to not go out and enjoy myself, I'm not the one with the problem. Well it has now been 7 days since my best friend has talked to me because I went out. So now I feel guilty and have the feeling that I've somehow lost my best friend. But as I've said I'm not the one with the problem and I still have nothing but support for her. Now I'm lost and not sure whether I should feel guilty or just let the whole thing blow over. Any suggestions would help cuz now I feel I need some support.
Should I?
Ive been back and forth to a decision that could make my life hell or heaven. By rejoining with my old band, nine letter word. We had great tunes, great everything. only reason i quit is because trust issues. rather not get deep into. but maybe some of you could help me pick my decision. Go to myspace and look up nineletterword. listen to the tunes and tell me what ya think. im not going off by what you say, but advice helps sometimes. Brandon
to explain.... my shoutbox is family-only now. it is eternally screwy. firefox claims I need a plugin. I already have it, ARRRRGH!! so I manually reload the damn thing. that is, when it works. often, it's delayed HOURS. IE doesn't recognize CT at all. whatever. just don't shout. mmmmmmk? private message me. or comment. Do Not Shout @ Me. PLEASE.
Should I Stay Or Go??? Hmmm
ok -- i know that it is not monday but my shoutbox is haveing an issue this morning so send me a private message and HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!! Hugs and Kisses to all Jacque~his#1girl
Should I Really Care?
i dont need emails, i dont need crushes, i dont need comments, not even so much. for i have his heart and you could only wish, that you could have what we have, so laugh it up you silly bitch!!! u may think that i'm tlkin foolish u've heard that i'm wild and i'm free u may wonder how i can promise u love this love that i feel for u always will be ur not just time that i'm killin i'm no longer one of those guys as sure as i live... this love that i give is gonna be urs until the day that i die i'm gonna love u forever forever and ever amen as long as old men sit and tlk about the weather as long as old women sit and tlk about old men if u wonder how long i'll be faithful... i'll be happy to tell u again... i'm gonna love u forever and ever forever and ever amen. they say time takes it's toll on a body makes the young girls blond hair turn gray well hunny i don't care... i ain't in love with ur hair and if it all fell out.. i'd love u anyway they say time can play
Should Children Witness Childbirth?
Due to a power outage, only one paramedic responded to the call. The house was very dark so the paramedic asked Kathleen, a 3-yr old girl, to hold a flashlight high over her mommy so he could see while he helped deliver the baby. Very diligently, Kathleen did as she was asked. Mommy pushed and pushed and after a little while, Connor was born. The paramedic lifted him by his little feet and spanked him on his bottom. Connor began to cry. The paramedic then thanked Kathleen for her help and asked the wide-eyed 3-yr old what she thought about what she had just witnessed. Kathleen quickly responded, "He shouldn't have crawled in there in the first place......smack his ass again!" If you don't laugh at this one, there's no hope for you.
Should We Believe In This?
I was looking up some sort of quiz on someone else's profile. All I had to do was click either Disagree or Agree and thought, what the hell is this supposed to mean? Should we believe in this type of quizzes, who'd want to know how you'd die? I sure in the hell wouldn't! Don't need to sit and fret about it til the day you die. Whomever made up this quiz should get a better life than just thinking about lame is that?! Here's my result from the quiz...I'm thinking, yeah right! *rollin eyes* You scored as Disease. Your death will be by disease. Maybe a foreign bug or you don't brush your teeth. Ew. BRUSH!Disease60%Poison53%Natural Causes47%Bomb47%Suffocated40%Disappear40%Gunshot33%Suicide33%Eaten33%Stabbed
Should You Be Institutionalized. ?
It doesn't hurt to take a hard look at yourself from time to time, and this should help get you started. During a visit to the mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director what the criterion was which defined whether or not a patient should be institutionalized. "Well," said the Director, "we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub." "Oh, I understand," said the visitor. "A normal person would use the bucket because it's bigger than the spoon or the teacup." "No." said the Director, "A normal person would pull the plug. Do you want a bed near the window?"
Shoutbox Is Off
Ok people, I decided to shut the shoutbox off since it's being a royal pain in my butt so if you've got Yahoo Messenger, contact me there, my ID is and if you have MSN or Windows Live Messsenger, use that same address or and if you have AOL Instant Messenger, my ID there is belanger3868 and e-mail there is at! Reason why I put this in the blog because it's much easier to talk there than it is here! I kind of think CT needs to make the shoutbox easier to use otherwise I'm not using it anymore, it's becoming a headache at times here for me to use it.
Should I?
Should I post a picture of my package? Any of you ladies think I should put up more naughty pics? If I get good response and not just like 3 people I will do it. Ok I got 1 and a no comment out of 40 something people so I am taking that is no one wants to see that
Should You Sign The Rights To Your Child Over To Their Mom
Should I Keep My Tri Colored Hair
Should You Or Shouldn't You
I think you should listen to these two guys and go check out my pics and rate them and leave some love for me!!!!
Shout Out To The Ladies
A POEM ABOUT OUR GIRLFRIENDS Someone will always be prettier. Some will always be smarter. Some of their houses will be bigger. Some will drive a better car. Their children will do better in school. And their husband will fix more things around the house. So let it go, and love you and your circumstances. Think about it! The prettiest woman in the world can have hell in her heart. And the most highly favored woman on your job may be unable to have children. And the richest woman you know, she's got the car, the house, the clothes~~~~ might be lonely. And the word says, "If I have not Love, I am nothing." So, again, love you. Love who you are. Look in the mirror in the morning and smile and say, "I am too blessed to be stressed and too anointed, to be disappointed!" "Winners make things happen~~ Losers let things happen." Be "blessed" ladies~~~~~
Should Be Dead
3 HONEST QUESTIONS THATS ALL YOU GET ASK ME ANYTHING AND I WILL ANSWER 3 HONEST QUESTIONS PLEASE REPLY TO MY INBOX REPOST TO SEE HOW MANY RESPONSES YOU GET!! last year at this time I had just had my third medical procedure for a condition known as AVM. Basiclly what nthis is is an artery in your brain cracks and starts to leak fluid into your brain. only 2% of the population gets this every year and Drs. don't nomally find it until yopu have died and they autopsey you. at my age only 4% of people who get this live. you are treated in 1 of 3 ways, EMBYLIZATION-They put a kind of glue in to seal off the leak, they tried but were afraid to complete for fear of cutting off oxygen to brain. CRAINIOTOMEY-THEY CUT INTO YOUR SKULL TO REMOVE THE PART THATS CRACKED,THEY TRIED BUT COULDN'T REMOVE IT ALL for fear that I would bleed out on table, and lastSTEROTACTIC RADIATION-ONE TIME BOMBARDMENT of radiation of area to shrink up artery-takes up to 3 years to know if this has worked.YET THE DOCT
Shouts And Messages!!!!!!!
If you don't send me a shout or a message talking to me then don't expect one back, and if you send me a comment I will send one back it might take me a while seeing that I have over 900 friends on my list but I will get to you eventually just be patient, but also that being said if you don't leave me a comment then don't expect one back from me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Should I
Should I ??
Should Your Sex Life Be Kept In Your Bedroom?
Should I Get Ingaged In Omly 23
Shoutbox Status
I'm sorry my loves, I've turned my shoutbox OFF at the moment. Seems like today people are only wanting to send me links to contests. No words; just links. I'm sorry but that's annoying, the least you can do is say; hey would you mind stopping by & rating this.... but nope they just send a link. Then I'm getting pestered about my "4 My Eyes Only" folder... it's exactly what it says dear ones.... "4 MY EYES ONLY" stop asking please. Finally, as I'm hung over & cranky today; don't ask to be added to my Family List. Obviously if you're not already there; there's a reason. The only folder marked for "Family" are of my precious little ones & well as any parent should be overly protective of them I am 100x's worse. My Family list are of people I adore & are "real" friends. So really if you think being a Family member gets you into the Private folder; it doesn't. I have Fubar up but I'm not really paying it much attention at the moment. I've had plumbing problems today w
Shout Box Humor
this chick really doesnt have a clue Brazy031: ALWAYS! ->Lexi&heart...: ok well do wat ya wanna do do, I personally DGAF, good luck, use protection Brazy031: u think? i prolly i aint gonna do nuttin wit him jus want my ex to think that ->Lexi&heart...: nah, his brother just wants to fuck ya hun Brazy031: oh well fuck it IDC anymore I been wit that dumb ass since I was 16 an i kno his brother cares about me so fuck it ->Lexi&heart...: well I hope not, thats a lil trashy Brazy031: I aint fucmin him.....yet ->Lexi&heart...: LMAO!! Brazy031: word up yo...he been outta my house since sunday an his brother done moved in ->Lexi&heart...: yeah, ok Brazy031: trust me no it aint I only did dat mumm to prove to his dumb ass I have already got rid of him ->Lexi&heart...: well its true Brazy031: fuck yo comment fetishfrea...: I have a foot fetish and I was wondering if I may buy a pair of ur socks and a pair of ur sneakers/gym shoes pls?I will pay up to 150 som
Shout Box
i dont think my shout box is workin :(
Should I Fall Or Should I Stall?
ok ive been hurt real bad in the past and i found someone i could fall in love with so should i fall or should i stall?
Should I Lol?
Shoutbox Stuff
->jokerfly: thanks jokerfly: fuck you are a jew bastard and he deleted every comment i left on his mumm RocketDesc...: cool ->RocketDesc...: high five RocketDesc...: ? ->RocketDesc...: ^5 RocketDesc...: PATS RULE! need i say more Cooter: oh look your pc isnt working right wonder why? haahahahah see you soon little boy say your prayers Cooter: spread it to your fag friends mother fucker Cooter: ->Cooter: come to my fucking doorstep. you have no idea what you'll be walking into you pussy Cooter: come with dont talk shit you fucking little nigger go on your way little boy have daddy touch your bottom as you like OWNED FAGGALO Cooter: owned bitch now fuck off before i come to your door step and things wont go like you think they will go ->Cooter: you fucking wish buddy. i would fucking dismantle your bitch ass you cock mongering loser. why don't you go back to looking up your kiddie porn and trying to get me with shitty insults
Should It Be Legalized?
Should Be Said
From Bane: This is about someone we all know and or love. you might remeber her by this picJ£§§Å@ fubaror this picJ£§§Å@ fubarbut i rember her the most from this oneJ£§§Å@ fubarSome of us love Her some of us Hate her..but she wont be around for awhile I have told some of her close friends why but for those that dont know Jessa wont be around for the next month but im sure she will tell those who need to know when she returns but i just thought i would spread the word that she wont be around for awhile, and this is the only way i can show her my love. while she is gone spread it on so all of her friends know. thanks~Bane Life doesn't ever turn out how you want it to or how you think it will. Why is it that people expect things to turn out how they want? Why do we do this even after the countless times things don't turn out as planned?
Shout To All My Friends, Fans, And Family, And To My Most Viewed Lady
Today I feel a bit shity... P.o. For No apperent reason expect asking my self, "Why." Why is life... life? why is it so important? I feel as if I'm Binded In the middle of Heaven and Hell... some sort of tug-a-war between Faith. I feel trapped in one place right now. Everthing is just empty. I Don't know if I should Laugh or cry... My first year on my own and I'm having to deal with so much pressure. All I can do is Make Money. I hate money, but It is needed and must be made. I'm so stressed right now I do not even know What to say next. 2 hours of sleep all week can make a somebody crazy. Let me sleep. Goodnight to all of you.
Should I ?
Shoutbox Convos
->- V -: =D- V -: Fine. I was wrong.   It doesn't matter why or about what....he admitted it. I win!     (shirtless pic please)     Trying to help StainOfMind get one more stupid n00b drink and I have to run into this guy. :/   Suga Lips: Could you send him a drink please? :) 1:00pm OceanBlue9...: just checking if that's an auto-reply.... I can see you are super busy 1:00pm Suga Lips: Auto reply from what? 1:00pm Suga Lips: I'm not a bot lol. 1:00pm OceanBlue9...: I was just clicking 'like' like crazy to get some points to see where things go. And obviously things are not going far 1:01pm OceanBlue9...: hey, you're actually real. good for you 1:01pm Suga Lips: I would hope so lol. My friend needs a newbie to give him a drink to level. Why I asked. 1:01pm OceanBlue9...: at first I actually thought that was an auto-reply you could set when someone 'like you 1:02pm Suga Lips: Noo lol. Th
Should I??????
Should We Worry
What is wrong with America???? We are busy thinking only about the war (don't get me wrong, it is horrible). The President to-be debates are focused on the war mostly. What are these people running for this job going to do for us if the war ended tomorrow? Start another war because that is all they know? Someone needs to focus on China. They killed or made lots of our dogs sick, possible kill or make sick our children with lead based paint, produced recalled food products that we use everyday and they are big time lenders in all this sub-mortgage foreclosures. We need a NASA photo highlighted to show all the land that they own in our country along with a list of all the huge businesses they own or have a lot invested in them. Wake up America or we will someday be flying the Chinese flag on Sept 11th.................Thier armies are probably one of the largest in the world. Every cent we spend on Chinese products goes to enlarge their armies, not help the poor in those countries. We ar
Honestly, I am not stuck up! I just realized that I had comments in the shoutbox from several of you. Thank you for those, by the way. Appreciate everyone who has stopped by to say hi. I'll get the hand of this thing soon right? Suz
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Should Childbirth Be Witnesed By A Child
Due to a power outage, only one paramedic responded to the call. The house was very dark so the paramedic asked Kathleen, a 3-yr old girl to hold a flashlight high over her mommy so he could see while he helped deliver the baby. Very diligently, Kathleen did as she was asked. Heidi pushed and pushed and after a little while, little Connor was born. The paramedic lifted him by his little feet and spanked him on his bottom. Connor began to cry. The paramedic then thanked Kathleen for her help and asked the wide-eyed 3-yr old what she thought about what she had just witnessed. Kathleen quickly responded, "He shouldn't have crawled in there in the first place......smack his ass again!" If you don't laugh at this one, there's no hope for you.
Should She Know?
Shout Box With The Jerk
->Thumper TH...: your a fucking fraud dave ->Thumper TH...: so why dont you go call up your booty buddy tell him to get his strap on and fuck you in the ass like you deserve ->Thumper TH...: what the fuck ever dude your the one who is never going to win never going to get the girl and never going to amount to anything Thumper TH...: lol your never gonna win and your pussy crying ass will always finish last Thumper TH...: lol yea u di shes the same girl who left the comment on your last blog ->Thumper TH...: i dont talk to anyone named funky munky you need to get your damn shit straight dude Thumper TH...: your an ignorant moron your the guy with the bleading heart that feels sorry for all the girls and will say anything for a peaice of ass like your doing now Thumper TH...: Funky munky cut and pasted what u said to her and u said she was a good friend of yours amber i mean imaginary person ->Thumper TH...: i dont beat on woman but your the one thats not in his right
Should I Post More?
This will be sort of a "repeat" blog for me but addressing new issues with it. If you read my last blog then you'll know that I have a couple of SB pet peeves. Well, now I have a few SB pet peeves. For those of you that keep coming in my SB bitching at me because my boyfriend has checked out your page, stop it. I, for one, am open to everyone that I have a boyfriend and our relationship is great. I DO NOT try to hide it. It says in my about me, if you read it, that I am in a relationship. Also, there are pictures on here of him and me. Second, if this bothers you so much, say something to him about it. I'm positive that he will tell you why he was at your page. If it's such a problem that he is at your page, block him. I know how "Bouncerific" that sounds, but don't bitch at me about it. He's a big boy and can view whomever he wants. I don't and am not going to tell him or ask him why he does it. I don't really care that he does it for that matter. So, if any of this bothers any of you
Shoutbox Issues
The reason you can't use this feature with me anymore is because I'm sick of.. -Pervy comments. -People calling me rude when I don't reply because I'm offline. So, it's limited to family, and the only people in that category so far are two girls I've known before I even knew what the internet was!
Should I Cut My Hair Off?
On the way home last night, I was listening to the radio when a newscaster called his little 91 year old granny to talk to her about the 'Holidays'. He mentioned that he had noticed that Christmas has become so 'politically correct' that no mention of Christmas is made by most retailers, we now wish People 'Happy Holidays.' His granny said she missed the Old Fashioned Christmas when everyone wished each other 'Merry Christmas'. I thought about it and this year I will be making a conscious effort to wish everyone Merry way of saying that I am celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. So I'm asking my email buddies, if you agree with me, to please do the same. And if you'll pass this on to your email buddies, and so on...maybe we can prevent one more treasured tradition from being lost in the sea of "Political Correctness." God Bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Should i cut it off or not? Let me know.
Should I
Should I????
Dog abandoned, hit by carKalamazoo, MI (US) Incident Date: Wednesday, Mar 18, 2009County: KalamazooCharges: MisdemeanorDisposition: OpenSuspect(s) Unknown - We need your help! Copper would shake your hand, speak and even toss you a high-five. A note taped to the mixed-breed's collar attests to his talents, but these deeds are not verifiable by eyewitness account. Copper, you see, is dead. The 30-pound male dog, estimated to be about 1 year old by Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement officials, was found March 18 lying on the shoulder of an asphalt road in Oshtemo Township. There was a hole in his skull, inflicted when a car hit him. It was too late to heed the message someone had written on the tape wrapped around his collar: "Help me." Beneath the tape, in a plastic baggie, was a handwritten note describing Copper's charming talents -- he could sit, roll over, crawl, play dead and shake hands. But someone let Copper go, abandoning him instead of dropping him off at
Iam disabling my shoutbox as of now for a little while. If you need or want to reach me you'll have to click this pic and chat with me through comments. I have almost 2000 friends and noone with time to help but everyone wants to chat so I figured this is a good way to kill 2 birds with one stone.Hate doin' it this way but hey, Whatever works. Lucy
Should Guys Wear Makeup??
I have heard it looks hot!....Personally I don't believe that it does!.....Gotta have a few things to seperate men from
Should I Or Should I Pass It Up
Something to start out is I a just started to fight in the AMMA(Ameture Mixed Martial Arts). I have been a boxer for 10 years and I am 25-1. I just transfered to the Amma leagure for a harder competitor. I am a black belt in karate and I am studying Krav Maga. The houston area champion wants to fight me and it is my first fight in this league. He is a black belt in Brazilian Jitjizu. I am 5'10" weighing 170. He is 6'3" weighing in at 250. I am sure I can beat him. But I kno it will be a hard fight. should I or should I not fight him
Should I Run Or Go........
Me and sugar are going to get married i hope all my friends and family will be there it is going to be at little after 9pm est hope to see you there click the link and thats where it will be ThE ViPeR PiT New Look, Same Attitude The Viper Pit @ fubar Viper Pit Radio Thank you for coming DJPhilburg&Sugarspice
i'm watchin SUPERBAD, minding my own, smokin a fattie, and i check my fu-see some asshat is in my shoutbox raggin the shit outta me - and without any provocation whatso ever from me..... *I LOVE MY WIFEY*@ fubar ****read bottom to top, as per fu-gheyness**** ->HoeHunter ...: they in yer mouth ->HoeHunter ...: you got balls dude ->HoeHunter ...: lol ->HoeHunter ...: me? ->HoeHunter ...: wait...who is bugging you? *I LOVE MY...: Ok, obvious you are loving this. I have to get to bed anyways. Don't trip, go bug someone else. ->HoeHunter ...: lol ->HoeHunter ...: pardon the pun ->HoeHunter ...: cat got ya tongue ->HoeHunter ...: whats wrong? ->HoeHunter ...: lol *I LOVE MY...: Ok, stupid misunderstanding apparently. Once again, let it go!!! ->HoeHunter ...: in RIALTO anyways ->HoeHunter ...: well ->HoeHunter ...: you are the coolest mawfucker on the planet ->HoeHunter ...: two large outbursts...trying to slag a stranger - yer the
There should be a pill for this. Like it's a headache, Or the flu. There should be a cure. A ritual cleansing An antidote For the poison I've been drugged with There should be an organization A mission A hospital A twelve step program There should be a book A seminar An infomercial Doctor Phil should have a fucking hotline for this shit! There should be a band-aid A sterile dressing A tourniquet There should be an operation A "procedure" A prosthetic There should be an answer As to "why?" "How could you?" "Didn't I mean anything?" There should be a solution Like in Math Or chemistry There are no shoulds. But there should be. August
Should I?
Time heals all wounds,and time also builds desire… I sit her staring into your eyes so full of life and fire… Wondering, wanting, needing…thinking of you… My oh my, whatever should I do… My head says no, my heart says yes… Which is right, is anyone’s guess… Heartache is possible, that I know for sure… But is her love and passion worth that to endure? Is it worth the risk, to take the chance… For something that will be a wonderful romance? Should I sit idly by and let this amazing woman go… If I do that, I am afraid, the truth I will never know… As you can see I am torn…not knowing what on earth to do… The best decisions are the hardest ones, that I know is true… So I sit here wracking my brain, trying not to guess… And my brain says no but my heart says yes...yes...yes…
Should I Or Should Not
Should I
should i just die and melt away like ice in the sun. Should i Kill myself and lay there and waste away like durt
Should I Drop Dead?
"I wish you and your kind would drop dead you Christian nazi ...blah, blah, blah, yada,yada, yada." It was downhill from there so I hope you do not mind that I chose to delete the rest. There are those messages you just have to comment upon when you get done laughing/crying. To begin, I feel I must decline your advice that I drop dead. We just don't know each other good enough for me to take your advice to heart. Please appreciate that I took it under advizement for about 1/2 second, but I have to say, I do not take candy from strangers, why should I take their advice? It is interesting that you would choose to send me such a message again, but I am glad you did. Let me assure you that I neither view you as a Nazi ...nor do I wish you would drop dead. In fact I want you to live forever, even if we must have these occasional conversations. I find it very sad that you would take the time to drop me such an obviously heart-felt message and then block me from visiting you, only to r
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I made my shout box family only because otherwise I get overwhelmed. Anyone can send me a private message.
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->Leigh: and thats a loss? do it michigangu...: im about to block you sweetie ->Leigh: I will blow you for 10 k ->Leigh: i don't think so im talking about dick suckage here ->Leigh: k michigangu...: ok then let me in and i will send you another 10k ->Leigh: ill give you a taste and you give me half ->Leigh: do i? michigangu...: you lie lol ->Leigh: for 10k fu bucks i will michigangu...: blow me ->Leigh: and the dimond earrings omg thank you ->Leigh: thanks for the fu bucks you are so nice ->Leigh: what mean about it? ->Leigh: Leigh: as in you just got jipped see ya michigangu...: thats just mean ->Leigh: no .. michigangu...: ok well i sent you 10k fubucks and diamonds , going to let me in ??? ->Leigh: as in you just got jipped see ya michigangu...: lol as only ur fubar b/f ??? ->Leigh: welp nice talking to you see y aaround michigangu...: lol ->Leigh: and I want 15 babies ->Leigh: because he we were engaged and now he told me to fuck off so you have to be my new
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Hey, if anyone tried to shoutbox me in the last 30-45 minutes,I didn't get any of the shoutbox messages because ShaneHumphreys was playing f*ck around with my Shoutbox while I stepped away...Please SB me back if you did...
Shoutcast Servers contact info......
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Hello all I would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy holidays. I am thankful to have really awesome friends like all of you. An ringing the new year with more really great friends. Party ON!!!!!!
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Should I Fall Away
Should I Fall Away (Written Sept 1997) The day was beautiful, but in a subtle way. It was one of those days when you wake up feeling good for no particular reason at all. You decide not to look at it too closely, you don’t want to know why you feel good. You just know that you feel that way now, and you want it to last forever. That particular Saturday was just such a day. It was late September. I had always loved the month of September since childhood, though I haven’t the slightest idea why. The wind was from the north and very light, so much so as to be barely noticeable. The sky was blue. Not a particularly brilliant blue, more watery than anything, but striking in it’s own way nonetheless. It was speckled with a few, silver-light, almost transparent clouds that drifted lazily across its countenance. We had just left the last of a few antique shops that she had wanted to see. We were in my truck headed west, with no specific destination in mind. It was still earl
This might make me sound like a Bitch, but so be it. Please if you want to chat in my SB, give me the courtesy of checking me out first so I can see who you are. I may or may not get back to you, but you have a better chance if I can see you. My momma always said not to talk to strangers, so introduce yourself please. My name is Candy and you are ????
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Please help me out vote for me!!! click the link below comments win not rates ty > > > > > > > > > > > > > if this comes up private u mght have to add the chick hosting the contest then u will b able to view thanks again ok people i do not chat in the shout box. if u want i ahve instant messenger u can add me if u like. yahoo: arizona_cowgirl18 msn: aim: milfd7 thanks!
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Shoutbox Status
Yeah I've been kinda down this week & I think I'm gonna turn off my shoutbox for awhile. Just not in the mood to have guys tell me they wanna cum on my tits right now. (yep they do that, how classy huh?) Anyway if you need to get in touch with me please fumail me. ~*~XOXO~*~Lizzy So my friend Lou is hosting the happy hour that's up next. I would so greatly appreciate it if you could stop by & at least rate his profile for me. You know if you tell me you showed some love his way I will return the love with ratings of my own or I'll toss a drink your way or perhaps both. Lou@ fubar Hugs & kisses to those that read & respond. To those that don't you know I love ya regardless!! ~*~XOXO~*~ Lizzy We're laying my brother, Bradley Shea, to rest today. He committed suicide Thursday night by over dosing himself. I've been very angry with him for being so selfish & very depressed as well. His two precious kids are struggling to come to terms with this; which only makes me an
Should I?
Well.. I have Finally Had to make the Biggest Decision Of my Life! I don't want to be the Big Loser, With Nothing going for me.. I'm Finding myself Fall into that Category.. And I'm not liking It.. A week ago, I was out in Lakewood, And Decided to Go To the Army Recruiters.. Well, There's Still a lot I have to do before I actually Can Join the Military.. I want to Make something of myself, and Show My Family I'm not a Pathetic Loser... I want to show Myself I can get Myself in a Better Life and Situation.. I know There is a War going on, But I need to do Something, and This way Will be the Only way for me to get over my Fear Of Guns.. And get me More Active.. Sorry if this Makes No Sense... But, That's How Confused I am right now! lol.. I don't know what to do! Please Help Me!
Shouts Turned Into Thoughts
Sometimes just shouting or im'ing with someone. Can create a awsome thought to blog about. In this case it was talking about are you single with someone. Slowly just bits and pieces came out, and the talk of why your single ect was brought up. And during our little talk i had a thought. What is the key to Love or Loving someone. Well its actually two pieces. 1. Complete Trust of your partner in everything, that they will always try to treat you right, that they will always worry about your feelings, and finally that they believe you above all others. 2. Communication this is probably the hardest thing in any realtionship. Tring to find a way to talk, and talk effectivly even when emotions are high. Most couples break down because of a failure in this, when they forget communication was what brought them together. I am no expert on Love, and am no expert on communication. My only advice to everyone is remember the two above things must be present for Love to grow and be s
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Should This Video Be Banned? You Decide!
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Shoutcast Hosting
Check me out at for quality affordable shoutcast hosting for your individual needs you can also reach me on yahoo dj_thumperz or leave me a fubar mail or email me at
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Should I Get My Tooth Knock By Ugly Bikers Instead Of Go To Expensive Dentist
Shoutbox Ignorance... Lol
texascount...: hi are you single? do you like to talk on the phone? do you have yahoo messenger? what's your id? can you please answer all 4 of my questions please? Ummmm, is it not in my name if I am single or not??? I am thinking if it says "Girlfriend of *Big E*" I would say that is my boyfriend and I am NOT single and if he could read the profile would tell him the rest lmao -------------------------------------------------- strokerace35: Are you for real? Have you read your profile? Come on... do u think it typed itself lmao Apparently he didn't since he requested an add. -------------------------------------------------- I am sure there will be more to come from the clueless ppl, or maybe this will make them think twice... ok, nevermind, it won't lol Hoping to get some good ones from the sweet hearts =-)
Should I Be Alarmed
Ok here's the situation. My sister has Mesothelioma and it is in her lung going into her spine. She came across this while haveing arm trouble. She couldnt use it. Well here is the weird part I had trouble with my right arm yrs ago. And where she has the cancer is where I had a epidoral to kill the nerves in my spine cause i couldnt take the pain. Do you think that its just dumb luck that we both had simmular problems and even in the same area of the spine ???? I am kind of afraid to be checked. But cancer does run in my family !
Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Shoulda Coulda Woulda
What John Means You are fair, honest, and logical. You are a natural leader, and people respect you. You never give up, and you will succeed... even if it takes you a hundred tries. You are rational enough to see every part of a problem. You are great at giving other people advice. You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life. You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you. At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself. You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out. Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia. Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person. You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people. You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts. You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. Yo
1. Wifey 2. Boo 3. Bitches 4. Ho's 1)Wifey is irreplaceable.. but she is the only one that is irreplaceable.. She is the girl that the guy loves and will always loves, and he never wants to see her with another man.. But.. He will cheat on her with Boo, Bitches, and Ho's until he is mature enough to realize that if he loses Wifey he would be screwed, and NEVER be happy again.. 2) Boo is replaceable, she thinks she"s Wifey, but will NEVER be Wifey because Wifey was made Wifey is irreplaceable.. she can NEVER replace her.. Boo tries to take Wifeys spot, but once she attempts, the guy allows her to get a TASTE of Wifey"s spot... but will NEVER achieve her spot for any longer than a few months, then the man goes back to Wifey.. And Boo either gets replaced with another Boo, or, the man matures and decides that Wifey is the one for him.. (Ladies.. you don"t want to be BOO) 3) Bitches.. A female that a male uses only for sex or other sexually related events..Dat call when Wifey a
Shoutbox Romeos
I've got a few things to say and thanks to Hellyion I now know how to better say them. 1) Just because you have seen my picture scrolling by it does not mean that I am your baby or your sweetheart or that I am your anything. 2) Just because I was nice and I returned or replied to your fu gift does not mean I want you. 3) Rating and commenting on all my pics is NOT a turn on... it's just downright creepy. 4) Stopping by my page everyday and sending me messages everyday makes me think you are creepy. Creepy in a stalker kind of way. 5) I don't care about your sex life and my sex life is none of your damn business. 6) Giving me your yahoo name does not mean you are going to get lucky. I have no desire to see your goods on cam. 7) By ignoring your shouts and e-mails it means I am not interested. So stop already. 8) No means no. If you can't understand that the block button works really well. Wow, I do really feel better now! the different modes we women use when dealing
hey everyone my shoutbox is back to playin up again, i really dont have a clue why its doin this, so if anyone has an idea how to sort it then id be grateful for the help. thanks sassy sam :D p.s. if anyone wants to leave me a msg you can either leave me a comment or send me a msg. :D
Should've, Would've, Could've
I know things could have turned out differently If we hadn't turned our backs on each other But should'ves, could'ves and would'ves won't change the now And we can't rest on our laurels inside life's tomorrows Though unlike humpty dumpty, we don't have to fear If we take a great fall off the brick wall 'Cause we can put each other back together again With interchangeable hands even after all this And I should've And you could've And we would've When we were thick like thieves in the heart of it all But all the should'ves could'ves and would'ves Meant nothing on the back of love's ill fated truth Yeah some days had more questions than minutes As I turned out my pockets answers coming up empty And I didn't even have enough fight in me left to lose 'Cause every used thought created a ripple in time And another bridge was built to narrow this great divide As we searched for answers inside the meaning of us Inside this city that never sleeps except upon pews of l
Should I Auction Myself Off
Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
Shoutcast Provider
IF your reading this then your interested in getting shoutcast...or chances are you already have it and think you might be paying to much..chances are im right on both of these counts..Most of your Shoutcast providers throw you on a shared server and jack your price...3months later you buffering and having all kinds of problems...well here at Dragon Media we have a 99% up time and are always a call away if ya need us..prices are low and quality is high you think about it for a sec..and you will realize that what you got now is price high quality LOW...if this is true drop me a message Dragon Media
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Should I Post More Pics?
Should I
Shout Out To The Troops
Shoutbox Hatred!
Okay this lil exchange went WAY 2 far! I just got outta surgery & this guy trips out to the point of racism bc I dont wanna R8 all of his pics 2day! (btw, I had took time in the past to R8 all of his pics on more than 1 occasion) PukinDog14...: but you're blocked lazy ass and will be blogged soon!! PukinDog14...: if it was some nigger at your door you would hop up im sure going by your pics...but to rate someone that defended your lazy ass that's differnet ->PukinDog14...: well u blog away if u feel its needed! like I said Im sick! Just had surgery dont feel like R8ing a bunch of pics right now not personal. If u take it that way, Im sorry. PukinDog14...: well guess what you will feel it later!! PukinDog14...: you rated many??? ->PukinDog14...: just not all of em ->PukinDog14...: i r8ed ur pics ->PukinDog14...: wtf 4? PukinDog14...: well figure you will be posted in a blog later as a non-rater
Shoutbox Douchebags.
frankie: im no stranger im ->frankie: no. i don't show pics to complete perverted strangers. frankie: do you think ur all that? ->frankie: no thanks. sorry frankie: show me ->frankie: some. frankie: you got naked pics? ->frankie: doesn't take too long. make friends frankie: i have been dang takes to long ->frankie: rate people. it does take a while. rate rate rate. frankie: how do i get up ->frankie: actually we do. just not for less than lvl 10. get your level up and then come back. you can see. kthxbai bottom up. Bottom up. [erica]..t...: i dont care who you are. ur nothing to me. ->[erica]..t...: amazing how you'd talk smack to the second in command of the lounge. [erica]..t...: stupid im talking to him right now on yahoo. ->[erica]..t...: congratulations. screencapped. and sent to john. [erica]..t...: actually i was in there last nite.and i was the first worker there befre u u stupid bitch. so stfu
Should I ?
Well I jus started datin' this new guy. This is the first guy I've really dated since my ex left us 2 years ago. Hes cute, nice, a perfect gentlman, & he gets along wit my boyz & sister. But he's only 21 I know he's legal & all but I'm gonna b 33 in like a week. I don't look that old & he don't look that young but should I keep seein' him I would like ur opinion on wut u think bout it. Would u continue to see him ? ? ? Appreciate any advice that is givin'. MuCh LoVe 2 AlL RiTa
Should Sheriff Be Supported I Say Yes
The Sheriff of The County Was Quoited as Saying that the illegal population of our county has increased and as it increases so has drunk driving accidents , that the county has become trashy and that something should be done. How do U feel about this i say he is right the job market here is in the toilet if u have a social security number and are a citizen of this country good luck getting a job and just as Rome fell due to uncontrolled immigration so will America unless we make are so called Representatives do there job and work for the Citizen of this country not people who are by them being here have committed a crime. And yes i know that this not political correct and i just could not care u see if these people want to be citizen they would follow the legal process.The majority of them send 90% of there money home or build it up and then return home after a few years so u see in my way of looking at it if they truly wanted to be citizens they would have took time to come here legal
Should Be Considered Murder
ITS A BABY NOT A CHOICE If you’re gonna act like an adult by having sex, then be prepared to handle the consequences. Think before you act. Just reading this makes me sick to my stomach that a woman would do this to their child! In September 1993, Brenda Pratt Shafer, a registered nurse with thirteen years of experience, was assigned by her nursing agency to an abortion clinic. Since Nurse Shafer considered herself "very pro-choice," she didn’t think this assignment would be a problem. She was wrong. This is what Nurse Shafer saw: "I stood at the doctor’s side and watched him perform a partial-birth abortion on a woman who was six months pregnant. The baby’s heartbeat was clearly visible on the ultrasound screen. The doctor delivered the baby’s body and arms, everything but his little head. The baby’s body was moving. His little fingers were clasping together. He was kicking his feet. The doctor took a pair of scissors and inserted t
Should I
Shoutbox Fun
Should Have Been June
okay i should have been june clever cause i have some twisted pipedreams of the perfect life,you know i want that man who will let me wait on him hand & foot but won't ever assume i am going to each time.that man who won't let me carry anything heavy just keep him company while he does,the one who opens my doors everytime,won't make a decission without talking to me,the one from the song"i don't want to miss a thing".the kind that no matter how much we struggle or how tired he is he still looks deep into my eyes at the end of the & offers to help even though i won't let him,the one who will jump like a knight agianst the dragon any time anyone comes at me negative.i so wish i could find my ward with attitude! oh well i guess we all need a dream huh? ty 4 the vent.
Should I
I pushed away a lovely that still hadn't determined me A Green Eyed Lovely Bailey's, Frangelico, Drambiue and Coffee Pint Size Glasses Taste very good But after four your mind is racing
Shoutout To All Fubarians And Fubaholics
First and foremost, I 'd like to thank "Devils' Goddess" For making this all possible: *DevilsGoddess* SnAkE eYeS rAdIo MaNaGeR* Next, I'd like to thank the following people for putting forth an extra effort to rate all my pics and more so for being such good friends on Fubar: Bounty Hunter™ Schadenfreudist™ MONICA THE GREAT *insert new owner's name here, see blog* ~~~FU-DADDY™~~~R/L BF OF FU-M@M@~OWNER/OWNED BY LYNNE~ Miss Vanima owned by ICED EARTH RULE ★Godprincess.★ (t3h r3aL d3al) "InFArREd"~~~Owned By SouthernOutLawBiker~~DIRTY SOUTH CREW 4 LIFE~~OWNER OF DOWNTOWN BOMBER Luca - The Lady Treazon - Club-i Owner and Co-Host Magic Owner of IrishToadProud V.I.P.E.R. GIRL GS-Chelan If I missed anyone that put forth an extra effort, I'm sorry. But thank you all for the rates. CareBear My 1st Auto 11 went pretty well. I'd like to throw out a general Thank You to these people who came and helped me out.
Got my shoutbox shut off..only people on my friends list can shout. If your not there..then you will not be able to type to me in it. LOL.
Should I Wait On Him
Please help me guys .. i wanna get to fubarlord before Christmas . Please come show me some love ..and please tell all your fans and friends to come show me love ...Hope you all Have a Wonderful Christmas ...... Thanks Ms. Kitty!!! Ok this is Dec. 03.. and i still haven't heard from my jj ... my fubar bf ... i think i need to give up what about ya'll i need to move on and find one that will actually be around ... please comment and let me know what you guys think please ... Why do guys ask for your number? If they are not gonna call you .... A. To make you think that they like . B. Or they just asking ..just to be asking. C. Or they will someday eventually ....
Shout Box Idiocy
Okay so I closed the shout box and forgot to copy and paste what all dude had really wasn't that interesting but I'll try and summarize. Basically what happened was I am sitting here and I'm bored so I clicked on the BORED tab wondering what happens when you do that. Well apparantly peoples pics pop up for you to rate them. Well you can't get to the next pic without rating the picture of the one that is in front of you right, right. Keep that in mind. Anyway, dude gets all up in my s/b quoting the caption from my picture "this is me 3hrs before I was completely fucked up and cum coverd and passed out on the floor. Unfortunatly Wolfie couldn't find my camera LOL" he says "Interesting, you should try porn" I say well we got the porn covered but I was too fucked up to film it and I laugh about it but then I realize something and say "Oh I ge it you are being a smartass about me being open about my sexuality" and then I proceed to tell him the only reason I rated his dum
Should I Leave Or Should I Stay
I have heard that people on this site are so friendly, I don't believe it. I add you as a friend, I send you comments, buy you drinks, help you level up. I still have a hand full of comments, I am still sober. In fact I never hear from the people I have added as friends. I find it hard to be friendly to people who are in it for the ratings. If you are on my friends list and really don't want to get to know me better, please remove your self... I would rather have no friends than people that have accepted my friendship and want nothing to do with me. Can anyone give me a good reason to stay on this site that is full of fakes and phoneys......
Should I?
Shout Box
So here is what sparked my status::   9:21pm Kuss: HI...Married? Are U into Anal? 9:23pm Per: Get an approved salute then we'll talk. 9:23pm Kuss: i dont want to do it..i am not a criminal 9:24pm Kuss: love ur eyes 9:24pm Per: I don't give a shit if you're a criminal or not. You have no respect for women if that's how you come into their shoutbox 9:26pm Kuss: i m talking about the salute...its a humiliation....they suppose u r a lier till u prove the opposite 9:26pm Per: And I suppose you can't spell 9:27pm Kuss: whatever 9:27pm Per: awe, getting upset because the pick up lines you used in prison not working out in the real world? 9:28pm Kuss: hahaha 9:28pm Kuss: dont try to be smart ass 9:29pm Per: I don't have to try to be anything. You deserve everything that's said to you when you have no respect for me. 9:30pm
Should I F*ck You Or Make Love??
Men, I would like to pose a question to you and I hope that you will be candid enough with me to answer my question honestly. You will help the female gender out tremendously! Do you want me to say...'Baby, you make me wet and I want you so so much! Please...please MAKE LOVE to me! I'm begging you! I need you to fill me up until I explode from YOUR passion and mine! OR Do you want me to say...'Oh MY God! You are driving me insane!!! I'm so hot and needy for you! I am so so wet and my pussy aches for your attention! Please FUCK ME! PLEASE! I want you to take your beautiful cock and FUCK ME HARD until EVERY orifice on my body is filled with your cum! I want to be yours and only yours! Now...ladies...which would you prefer? Do you want a man who can make you tremble from his slightest touch...make you wet just imagining what he will do to you? OR Do you want a man who can make you ache the next day and night with his attention? P.S. I'm gonna give you a hint...I
Should Have Known
Julian Lennon I Should Have Know Lyrics: If I could say to you and you could say to me, love is not enough, to keep our devotion, 'cos time and time again, you've disappeared and then, you've come home to me and played my emotions. And I, I should have know before, that you would break my heart and I'm trapped in this lonely room, because you broke my heart, I should have known right from the start. You showed me how to laugh, [ Find more Lyrics at ] you showed me how to cry, I gave you everything, my love and devotion. You tore my life apart, you killed my inner heart, you raped every part of me, you raped my emotions. And I, I should have know before, that you would break my heart and I'm trapped in this lonely room, because you broke my heart, I should have known right from the start. And I, I should have know before, that you would break my heart and I'm trapped in this lonely room, because you broke my heart, I should
Should I Feel Bad
.. Watching the news. Just see another motorcyclist is dead. Driving stupid and running from cops, he went over the overpass and crashed and fell off the bridge. Dead. My reaction,.. i don't give a fuck at all. Most of the people on street bikes, not talking Harleys,.. these guys drive like total assholes. You can be doing 80 on the highway, and they zoom by you as if you are doing 25 mph. Last week I am coming home from work. Emergency crew and police all over the highway. To no surprise, another bike accident. I slowly drive by to see someone pressing their fists against the guys chest who is laying in the road, his bike totaled a few hundred feet ahead. My reaction: Tough shit asshole. I care more about the dead raccoon on the side of the road before I do these motorcyclists assholes that drive as such. Should I feel bad?
Should I
Should I Leave Fubar?
I don't think any guy on fubar is interested in my services. I will have to remove my profile if I don't get any action here. Sorry I have just one interest being on this damd computer and thats getting guys in my bedroom. XOXOXOXO Maryann
Should I?
So friends of mine have offered to put up a dating profile for me on an internet dating site. I'm not so sure that I'm comfortable with this, while I wouldn't mind finally dating a bit I am not so hot with the people skills. I've never had a blind date in my life and I really think I'd just act like a complete drooling retard on one. I'll probably wind up finding a million excuses not to go even if I do let them do it. Should I tell them not to waste their time? And no, I don't feel like mumming it dammit. Ok, I'm sellin myself off again to the highest bidder... ya ya ya but you know you wish you had me for a pet... Go buy me n stuffs.
Should I Be With My Boyfriend
Should I Have To Rate 10 To Everyone On Fubar?
Why i rate ppls always 10? Am i lost my freedoom of choice?
Should You Keep Someone How Cheats
Shoutbox Msg
Should I Or Shouldn't I
This is not gonna be no fancy blog or anything at all.Some of you know i do have a lounge on here but its not going as planned so now im thinking should i keep the lounge open or should i close it well im gonna think about it for a week and  then i will decide so to the staff is aware it has been crossing my mind so in a week we shall see. Been thinking this for awhile now since i came back to fubar i am thinking of starting a new leveling crew sowhat im asking from you my friends is ideas including a name also before i even start to work on this i need to have a co-owner to help out with it all please messege me with the ideas open to all
Shout Out!!!
Hey Gang, Ok looks like I now have something else to become addicted to!! I love meeting new people and these are some cool digs to do it in. So school me peeps... Give me the 411 and let me know the dos and donts of this fubar thang. Catch ya later! Jerzgal Ok gang only a few days left to place your bid on me for The King's Auction!!!  get all my atention, love and some special perks!!!  G check it out before its too late..... CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW TO BID ON ME IN THE KING'S AUCTION!!!!! Hey my peeps.... Coem celebrate my new position with me as Manager of Centerfolds 2000!!!  Drinks on me tonight so get your booty on down and join us...   Centerfolds 2000
Shout Box
Lately, whenever someone leaves me a shout, any messages I was or had planned typing was stopped until I clicked on the shoutbox. I'm uncertain of the reasoning behind this and honestly it has become quite annoying. Usually I do not let things bother me that are not such a big deal. Imagine being in the middle of writing something, especially being deep in thought, and not be able to type mid-sentence. Sometimes I write so much that I have copy/pasted alot so I don't have to rewrite everything. Now There are also times where the shout takes a few seconds to show up, so I have to stay on the page until it shows up. At first, when this started...well there goes my thought process due to a shout lolz. Now, I am able to click on another tab I have open and go back to what I was doing. Don't get me wrong and assume that I don't want shouts or have a habit of ignoring people. My shout box is where I do most of my *hugs* and status replies lolz. If you aren't in on what I mean sb me a *hug* s
Should I Stay Or Should I Go
I am married with a divorce on the horizon.I need to know if i should fight for it or not. I drive a truck for a living and up until 3 months ago my wife was with me. She got out of the truck and found a job. During this 3 month time frame i have been flip flopping back and forth about leaving her or staying with her. iI was chatting with some women during this time, i only met one of them for dinner and we sat in her car and kissed. My wife had joined a dating site and cancelled it the next day. the last time i told her that i wanted out she posted an ad on craigslist and was chatting with 23 guys, she had made plans to meet one off them last friday night. I called her friday while she was still at work to tell her that i was coming off the road for good and wanted my wife back, no games this time. She then turn off her phone and went on the date which was dinner and then back to my house so they could f$%k. The guy had told her she would come back to me so he was not expecting a seco
Should I Rebirth This Storyline?
Made different is a series I've thought about, and that has held a few different names. It is based loosely on my own past, and the shared experiences of me and my friends as I've grown and learned.I also embellished and created some completely fictional storyline to work alongside the facts. So while it is based in fact, it is still a work of fantasy and fiction.This is the basic beginning (Prologue) that I have for this story right now, written when I was 20, before I learned much in how to write and properly portray emotions and flow in storylines:....... …Pain surged through his shoulder, ripping memories of failure from the deepest recesses of Ley’s mind, forcing them to seek refuge in anyplace they might find, yet serving no other purpose than to enrage him all-the-more. With an animalistic rage, his blood pumped through his shaking body, as heat radiated from him, burning hotter and stronger, until he was engulfed in a black aura, like the birth of a hidden nova
Shoutbox Humor
Read from bottom to top! I would have ignored what this pathetic excuse of a man said to me had he simply apologized or at least made a lame excuse. Not so much as even a "hello". *sigh* Oh well, I'm a "CUNT". At least I admit it. Enjoy! I did! LOL!     ->backupjack: Now shut the fuck up, you pathetic shitbag! ->backupjack: If you read my profile, it clearly states how I feel and some simple rules! Can't handle it, move along! It's simple! Really! ->backupjack: What fucking part of you calling me a cunt do you think offends me??? I KNOW I'm a cunt! What's your fucking point??? ->backupjack: hahhahahah Is CUNT the MOST CREATIVE word you can come up with?? backupjack: ok, whatever you say now I will ignore, type all you want, because you are a big fucking CUNT ->backupjack: I don't appreciate rude pricks talking to me like that. And you know what? They deserve NO respect from me when that's the FIRST thing they say to me. So FUCK OFF! ->backupjack: what's your point? MAKE me s
Should Quit Job
I am genuine and down to earth person. I love going out and meeting people. I have a very outgoing personality. I am fun to be around. My hobbies are going to the gym, swimming and cycling and my favourite is socializing with my friends. I love to travel with my family Should Quit Job
..:: Shout Box Chat ::..
->alaskan_girl: so next time you tell people you accept them for who they are , dont lie cause in the end it make you look bad ->alaskan_girl: You tell people you dont judge people , and you have people to believe you but you sure do lie ->alaskan_girl: lease my main pic is draw by me and i am not shame to draw pics not like YOU alaskan_girl: you rate me what anyone would rate your shitty piece of art that you so proudly display alaskan_girl: why is this your business ->alaskan_girl: You block friend of mind MasterDaddySIR where he was goin to rate you 10 on your profile and 11 on your pics alaskan_girl: i dont know you or even what your talking bout
Should Childern Witness Childbirth???
Should children witness childbirth    Due to a power failure, only one paramedic responded to the  call.   The house was very dark so the paramedic asked  Kathleen, a 3-yr old girl,to hold a flashlight high  over her mummy so he could see while he helped deliver  the baby.Very diligently, Kathleen did as she  was asked.  Mummy pushed and pushed and after a  little while, Connor was born. The paramedic lifted  him by his little feet and spanked him on his bottom.  Connor began to cry. The paramedic then thanked  Kathleen for her help and asked the wide-eyed 3-yr old  what she thought about what she had just  witnessed.    Kathleen quickly responded, "He shouldn't  have crawled in there in the first place......smack his  ass again!"*     (If  you don't laugh at this one, there's no hope for  you!)**
Should I Make A Nsfw Album?
Should I put up a NSFW folder? Wasn't sure if it's fair I don't have one when many other women do. But if the women don't care to see, there's no point. :) What are your thoughts?
Should Zen Stay Or Go?
Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda
READ THIS VERY SLOWLY... IT'S PRETTY PROFOUND.Too many people put off something that brings  them joy just because  they haven't thought  about it, don't have it  on their schedule, didn't  know it was coming or  are too rigid to depart  from their routine. I got to thinking one day  about all those people on  the Titanic who passed up  dessert at dinner that  fateful night in an effort  to cut back. From then on,  I've tried to be a little more flexible. How many women out there  will eat at home because their husband didn't suggest  going out to dinner until after something had been  thawed? Does the word 'refrigeration' mean nothing  to you?  How often have your kids  dropped in to talk and sat  in silence while you watched 'Jeopardy' on television? I cannot count the times I called my sister and said , 'How about going to lunch  in a half hour?' She would gas up and stammer, 'I can't.  I have clothes on the line.  My hair is dirty.
Should Have Done My Hair
Should have done my hair   Battered and bruised Heart totally used   Should have done my hair   Hit the ground Without a sound   Should have done my hair   Glass and broom Another hospital room   Should have done my hair   Another police report Swollen mouthed retort   Should have done my hair   Mom's on phone You're all alone   Should have done my hair   Final law suit You friggin brute   Should have done my hair   Now you see Can't have me   Should have done my hair   See him stare Now I care   Should have done my hair   Know that man Yes I can   Should have done my hair
Should Women Have The Right To Castrate Men?
So tell me ladies. Should a woman have the right to castrate a man, say if she found out he was cheating around on her? or if he was caught doin some type of infidelity?
Should Be A Law!
Help me!  OMFG!
Should I Give In!
Should I
Should I keep my NSFW pics up or should i delete them?  Hmmm... just a question?
Shoutout To The Ladies
Sending a shoutout to all of the ladies here on Fubar. I salute you, and keep your head up and don't let anything or anyone bring you down! Continue to stay strong and remember you're beautiful inside and out.  Always keep God first in your heart and accept people for who they are.
Should I Take A Long Fubar Break?
This game is no longer fun...I show daily devotion to family and friends on here. I enjoy sending my daily comments and pictures. I enjoy rating and commenting on pictures. I enjoy the interaction but that is getting harder to come by...Some, out of the blue, rip me a  new for my daily comments and I even had one trying to direct me on which ones they want to receive (I like this one but not that one) Then there are those that come around for one reason and one reason only- like me, bling me, rate me,, help me or my friend level, etc.....I accept this as part of the game but that is the only time I ever hear from them...That brings me to the stupid leveling requirements. Let's face it, this site is all about the money and how they try and squeeze out of us. They want us to spend our hard earned and limited resources without providing any tangiable product or service in return. I have been on this site for over 4 years now and have made friends, played the game and done things the old
Shout Box
I know some of you guys have been sending me SB messages, but now is not a good time.  My sister was in a car accident, and I'm spending a lot of time at the hospital.  I have read all your messages though.  If you don't get a reply, it's not because I'm ignoring you, I'm just busy with real life.  If you get pissed off because I didn't answer your SB, well then maybe you need to get a real life.  I know that probably sounded a little harsh, but I am going to be at the hospital some, and I hate hospitals.
Shout Trolls!!!
  mrright: hey to one of the most gorgeous woman online ... no bs ... honestly i mean it and more! still, again : aug 9, 2012 - he needs a new line. mrright: hey to one of the most gorgeous woman online ... no bs ... honest Jetboy: can i be your puppy?   Jetboy: puppy here.
Shoutbox Fun
Clear HistoryClose armlexcar Buzz:   buzzed Level: Ninja (19) Gender: Male, 43 Location: United States   10:06pm armlexcar: HI BEAUTYFUL HOW ARE U 10:08pm Cannibal: I am just ducky, how are yo 10:09pm armlexcar: I AM JUST OUT CONTROL I HOPE U CAN UNDERSTAND ME 10:10pm Cannibal: sure..what is up?
420 Should It Be Legal
Hi everyone my name is Joe I am trying to get some additional information about the leagalization of marijuana in Washington State.  I am a leagal card holder and I want to know how this changes things for the people that are not card holders and maybe some feed back from people that are against it.  So give me some feed back.  Thanks
Should I
Thinking about geting the tattoo on my profile picture. Should I go that far and get all or should I just do a sleeve. And what color should I add to it
Should I Make More Vids For Youtube
I Would like to know what you guys think about a few of my vids i have uploaded to youtube I will provide the links so that people can have a look and tell me what they think.   These are a few of my newest ones, I would like to know if i should continue using (The Govenator) voice for things and thank you for your time
Shout Box
what happened to my shout box it was working just fine and then all of a sudden it stopped i am not getting any shouts and i cant send any
Ok, shoulder news update lol, surgery was successful, they stitched the tear in my rotator cuff muscle, put a titanium pin into repair a tendon hole , shaved off the arthritis and generally removed all excess calcification, and i was awake thruought :) and it was awesome to watch, now after 4 weeks i can remove my sling, bit scary cos when its on folks can see its damaged n so avoid banging into me, but now ill have to be more careful and im known for being a clumsy fekka lol, also i have a half tanned right arm which looks totally weird but hopefully the tan will even out now sling is off, going to physical therapy every week , nice lady with cold hands n who can also cope with the cuss words i use when it hurts , still having to pull up me panties one handed lol but slowly im gaining more use in the arm and wont be long before im doing everything 2 handed, its just gonna take time n then its knee surgery time whoohooooooo:)...n then carpel tunnel....gee im a clumsy fekka lololol All
Should Omeone Block Somebody Because Of Their Nsfw Pictures
Should Nidist Beaches Be Allowed In Britain?
Shovel Buddy
Okay, I was listening to WMMR this morning (Preston & Steve) and they brought up the topic of a, "Shovel Buddy". ( You can listen to them live in the AM. Do any of you have a, "Shovel Buddy"? Someone to enter your home and remove your unmentionables if you were to pass, items you don't want family, police the public to see or know about. Items such as porn mags, sex toys, adoption papers, this type of material. If you do have a, "Shovel Buddy" who are they to you and what do you want them to remove? If you don't have a, "Shovel Buddy" would you consider having one now?
Shovelj's Blog--
Sometimes in life, we walk down paths that lead us in the wrong direction somehow. And when we find out that, that's happened, we try to turn around in the middle of that path, and get caught up SIDEWAYS--- unable to go forward to where we were going, or back, to where we had been before. In MOST cases, we're able,(As Humans) to figure out how to get "Un-Stuck" and continue on our journey, to wherever it was we were going in the first place. But--- there are some, who can NEVER quite get turned back around the right way, and end up going thru life with no direction or destinations. Sadly enough, our society renders those people "Un-fit" or a "Burden", and either puts them in a Prison somewhere, or a Mental Institution for "Safe -Keeping",until they are "FIXED". Isn't that what our society does to lost dogs,stray cats, or wild animals who've wondered in from their natural habitat?-- Makes me wonder, if "Whoever's In Charge" & "Makes the Rules" isn't turned a little "Sideways" themselve
Show Luv
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1.WOMEN ARE MY WEAKNESS 2. AT ONE TIME I BOWLED AT THE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL 3. I'M AN AVID HUNTER 4. I hate liars and thieves 5. I'VE GOT THIS THING ABOUT EVEN NUMBERS 6. I LIKE SOME COUNTRY MUSIC The 6 people Im going to tag is 1. CHRISTINE 2. SHYMOONGIRL 3. REEN 4. JADEZ 5. SUZY-Q 6. BUTTERFLY PRINCESS
Showin Love
To all my fans, friends, and family!!
Shower Time - Erotic Story
Train Reaction I was running late for the subway. The party I went to ran a bit later than I had expected. As I rounded the turn style I saw the doors starting to close. I bit my lower lip and darted through the doors. Tired and out of breath I flopped down onto the nearest seat. After a few moments I had caught my breath and began to look around the car. It was just another woman and myself. As I looked at her again I could see that she was visibly upset. I got up from where I sat to sit closer to her. As I made idle chitchat I found out she was supposed to meet her boyfriend for dinner and she’d sat there for an hour or so before he called her and cancelled. I moved my arm around her shoulders, watching her face as she told me about her horrible night, she was crying. I brought my fingers up to her face and wiped away the tears as I looked into her eyes. She was beautiful. I took a chance. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers. I felt my heart leap as she returned my k
Show Me Where Ya From!!!
Ok this is simple...just click on the map and place your hometown on the map and leave me a message to show me where ya from! Create one and place on your page so i can leave you some love too!
Showin Lc Luv
Well I've read a couple of blogs about how LC is slippin and people whinnin about bulletins not being reposted. Well all I have to say about that is "GROW UP" AND SHOW SOME LUV! Don't fixate on the negative look at the positive. It isn't easy keeping up with all your friends but I do my best when new pics come out or get comments I comment back. I always browse for new friends and use my shout box like its yahoo. But to no event I don't get many responses except from those that have become close to me by taking the time to respond to me. I'm not a real computer genius so doing the cool pics in the comments isn't something I'm good at I need a teacher. lol I love making friends and reading the bulletins from time to time and reading blogs and looking at pics new or old. I posted some new pics and I didn't get very many responses on them it kind of upset me cuz I try to get to everybodys pics. Don't forget to show LC LUV!!!!
Shower Without A Trash Bag
I was just told that "By the end of next week you should be able to take a shower without a trashbag covering everything (the hole in the wall)" Ahh, the words every girl so longs to hear.
Show Some Respect Toward The Ladies
Little johnny came home from school with a note from his teacher saying that johnny was having trouble telling the difference between boys and girl,and would his mother please sit him down and have a talk with johnny about this. So johnnys mother takes him quietly by the hand upstairs to her bedroom and closes the door."First johnny,I want you to take off my blouse,She said,So johnny unbuttons her blouse and takes it off. "Ok now take off my skirt" now take off my bra,which he does. "And now johnny please take off my panties"johnny finishes removing these too.! His mother then says, ((JOHNNY ,PLEASE DON'T WEAR ANY OF MY CLOTHES TO SCHOOL ANYMORE)) !! What would you do? make the choice. Don't look for a punch line, there isn't one. Read it anyway. My question is: Would you have made the same choice? At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves learning-disabled children, the father of one of the students
Show Sum Love
hey guys im new to this so please show sum love and leave comments obn my page and pn my pics....thx
Show Some Love:)
Shows, Shows, And More Shows
October's not the only show-ful month, I'm hitting up some Mushroomhead a week after Hallowicked and Hoping to to get some In Flames/Lacuna Coil tix for December. SAWEET!
Show Me Your Tits!!! me your tits!!!! im a tit fanatic and i want to see the all!!!! if not...then fuc u!!!
Show Some Love!
If any of you have myspace, or ever check up on it. Give my page a peek, more music coming very soon, so keep an ear out. THANKS!
Show Me Some Luv
Bridge has fallen down A blond and her blond boyfriend went for a walk along the river. The blond walked across alone on a wooden bridge. After crossing the river, the bridge fell down. She called across to her blond boyfriend telling him that she couldn't get back. He yelled in response, "Wait until dark, and I will shine my flash light across the river. Get on the light beam and walk back." She replied, "No, I'll get half way across the river, and you will turn the light off on me!" i fell out of a chair and almost broke my ankle. show me love that yall even give a shit. thanks people Blondes try unlocking a door Two blondes were recently observed in a parking lot trying to unlock the door of their Mercedes with a coat hanger. Here is their dialogue: Blonde One: I can't seem to get this door unlocked! Blonde Two: Well, you'd better hurry up and try harder! it's starting to rain, and the top is down!
Show Your Support
I would love it if everybody showed there suppost for Ray & Cindy this weekend bu using the CF ribbon as their display picture. Get your ribbon here crazydave@ LostCherry HOT SEXY BBW@ LostCherry froggiefucker@ LostCherry
Show Some Luv
just click on the pic and vote.. thanks...
Show Me Some Voice Luv!
Hey everyone i created a place for everyone to leave me some voice comment so stop by and give me a shout!!
Show Me You Care..
My friends list is getting to be a list of random people whom i never speak to.. I'm going to delete a few from it, not to offend but so I can concentrate on the people I get on with.. If you want to be my friend, please message me or contact me somehow.. Thanks and Happy halloween P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Showing Some Love
Anyone who comes in here will recieve love from me. I will send you out to all of my friends and request that they do the same. I ask that you do the same thing for others on here and feel free to make friends with whom you like. I am in search of as many friends as I can get so here I am. This is an open forum as well where anything can be discussed. Thank you in advance. Chef
Showering Habits
This is the " Valentine Application." Everyone knows there's at least one person on cherry tap that you want to be your Valentine. Heres the application for that special someone. Let's see who replys back with the following filled out. Have Fun. Area 1: Please provide positive answers. Name: Age: Phone: Height: Do you Drive: State You Live In: May I Call You: Single or Taken: Would You Date Me: Kiss On First Date: Will You Send This Back To Me?: Area 2: What would you do if I... I made a move on u: I kissed you: I lived next door to you: I started smoking: I asked you on a date: I asked u to have sex? I asked u out? Area 3: What do you think about my... Personality: Eyes: Hair: Body: Area 4: Have you ever.... Lied to make me feel better? Wanted to kiss me? Wanted to kill me? Broke my heart? Kept something important from me? Area 5: "X" marks the sp
The Shower
Well first I washed your back, then you washed mine, as you were washing mine you dropped a hand, reached around and took my cock in your hand, began stroking me slowly, and I reached behind me and started gently rubbing your clit with my fingers. Then You pulled my hair aside and kissed my neck in that sensative spot, and I moaned, I turned and kissed you deeply. Still stroking my cock and me fingering your clit, sliding my fingers in and out of I turned to face you. I stuck my fingers as deep inside you as they would go, and curled them to hit your g-spot. My cock, now rock hard, still enveloped in your soft hands, and the kissing deepens. I pull your hand off my cock and raise your leg with the crook of my elbow, I drop my hips and and enter, just the tip of my cock at first. I Smile through the kiss, an evil yet exciting grin. I slide deep into you and withdraw slowly, leaving barely the head of my thick cock between your wet lips. I hold it there for a second, then with
The Shower
After a long hot shower... I walked out of a steamy hot shower. I dried off and as I went to reach for my bottle of lotion, he was there waiting. He took me by my hand and I followed him to another room. I was led to a table that had white silky sheets, and a pillow that was silky soft. He took my towel off of me. Looking into my eyes, as he smiled, he kissed me softly. I could feel him up against me caressing my hair. I can feel his warm breath against my throat, his hands around my waste, exploring me. He picks me up by the hips and sits me on the white soft table. He nudges me to lay down and begins. He takes the lotion and drips it all over me, in a very teaseing way. I like that. I wonder what he will do next. I close my eyes, as he rubs the lotion into my skin massaging me all over. I can feel his manhood beginning to swell as he massages my breasts. He works his way down to my stomache. I am tickilish so I twitch a little with excitement. He moves to my inner thigh
Show Me Some Love
I ENTERED ANOTHER CONTEST ITS THE BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO CONTEST AND YOU CAN COMMENT ME AS MUCH AS YOU WISH AND OF COURSE VOTE FOR ME i am in the gift give away contest come and show me lots of love and ill trturn the favor bomb comment and vote
Show Me ..
YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED! Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I'M O.C.D. WHEN IT COMES TO THE WAY MY HOUSE IS CLEANED AND THE WAY LAUNDRY DONE 2. I CAN'T STAND WHEN PEOPLE PUT GUM IN ASHTRAY 3. I LOVE PINK & PLAYBOY BUNNY 4. 2 OF MY FAV. FLOWERS ARE ROSES AND DAISIES 5. I DON'T LIKE SEAFOOD 6. I LOVE COOKING 7. I TAKE LONG SHOWERS 8. I LOVE CANDLES/ FEBREEZE 9. I DO ABOUT 8,000 TEXT A MONTH(I DON'T LIKE TALKING ON PHONE) 10. I HAVE 2 ARRIVE EARLY ANYWHERE I HAVE TO BE(ANOTHER ONE OF THEM O.C.D. THINGS) LOL IF YOU SEE MY BLAST ON OR BEFORE APRIL 27TH PLEASE SS IT FOR $5,000 FU BUX. SB ME AND LET ME KNOW U CAUGHT IT !!!!! ONLY TAKIN
Showin Some Love
A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are stuck on an island. For years, they live there, and one day they find a magic lamp. They rub it, and sure enough, out comes a genie. The genie says "since I can only give out 3 wishes, you may each have one" So the brunette goes first, "I have been stuck here for years, I miss my family and my husband and my life - I just want to go home." POOF, she is gone. The redhead makes her wish, "This place sucks, I want to go home too." POOF, she is gone. The blonde starts crying uncontrollably. The genie asks, "What is the matter?" The blonde said, "I wish my friends were here." One evening an older, wiser, Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, The battle is between two 'wolves' inside us all. One is *Evil*. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other is *Good*. It is joy, peace, love
Show Me Love!!
Hey Hey all my Friends and Fans =) Come Vote for me in Jimbo's CHERRY SEXZZZ LEGS CONTEST. Much Love, Rebelicious Get your asses over here and BOMB me with your votes in Marq's Sexiest Cherry Contest! =) Come show me some love in Fat Sonny's NSFW Booty Contest.. Due to this being a NSFW contest I can not post the link to my photo..Therefore you will have to go to Fat Sonny's Page and Go to NSFW Booty Contest.. VOTE for Rebelicious! Much Love =) Heres the link for Fat Sonny's Page
Show Me Some Love
Hey everyone, I got me a new voice comment thing, so you all should send me a voice comment. It's FREE! Sp why not take the extra 3 minutes to show your fellow CherryTap friend some love... Just call 1-641-985-7800 and enter *2726256. Thank you... Hello my fellow CT people I would like it if you all took the time out to vote for me in this contest.... every rating and comment counts... Thank you bunches, all my love, Noelia =] [Here is the link]
Show Some Luv!!
My cousin just signed up and I wonder if you all can show her some Cherry Luv. her handle is "Means". Thanks! Kisses Alicious
Show Some Respect For Our Fallen Heros
Let us pray... Prayer chain for our Military... Don't break it! Please send this on after a short prayer. Prayer for our soldiers. Don't break it! Prayer: "Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen." Prayer Request: When you receive this, please stop for a moment and say a prayer for our troops around the world. There is nothing attached. Just send this to people in your address book. Do not let it stop with you. Of all the gifts you could give a Marine, Soldier, Sailor, Airman, & others deployed in harm's way, prayer is the very best one. GOD BLESS YOU FOR PASSING IT ON!
Show Some Love ♥
Show Me Ur Two Buddies....
if ur proud of them well show me..
Showers For The Sexes!!!
(Part 1: HOW TO SHOWER LIKE A WOMAN) Take off clothing and place it in sectioned laundry hamper according to lights and darks. Walk to bathroom wearing long dressing gown. If you see husband along the way, cover up any exposed areas. Look at your womanly physique in the mirror make mental note to do more sit-ups/leg-lifts, etc. Get in the shower. Use face cloth, arm cloth, leg cloth, long loofah, wide loofah and pumice stone. Wash your hair once with cucumber and sage shampoo with 43 added vitamins. Wash your hair again to make sure it's clean. Condition your hair with grapefruit mint conditioner. Wash your face with crushed apricot facial scrub for 10 minutes until red. Wash entire rest of body with ginger nut and jaffa cake body wash. Rinse conditioner off hair. Shave armpits and legs. Turn off shower. Squeegee off all wet surfaces in shower. Spray mold spots with Tilex. Get out of shower. Dry with towel the size of a small country. Wrap hair in su
Shows!!!!!!!!! You Gotta See These!!!!
ESE tour pics M.O.D shows thanxs ROB metal works San Antonio Billy Milano told the Mariachi guy that it was Knotch's birthday and he was caught off guard and you can tell by the goofy ass look on his face ..can't remember the name of the restaurant but it was on broadway the gave us our own section which was cool and we got to eat some very good food i guessJohnny Lachingas & Andy from rob..s metal works in San AntonioCarlitos Whay Some dude (sorry bro i can..t remember your name) Uncle Knotch, Rob from metal works in San Antonio and Carlitos Whay...kicking itthis was a fun trip for us (ESE) because how many of us get to go out and perform with one of our biggest influences (Billy Milano) ????????????? My band ESE is playing 2 out of town shows next week and here are the fliers!!! I love meeting new people and here's 2 great opportunities to do just that... If you wanna see what my band sound like you can check us out at Thanks Johnny
Show Me Your Love !!!!!!
Show Some Love
Sometimes in life, you find a special friend; Someone who changes your life just by being part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop; Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it...Come to me with open arms..... SHOW SOME LOVE.. Do you know what the word FAMILY means? FAMILY = (F)ATHER (A)ND (M)OTHER (I) (L)OVE (Y)OU..Love and Respect ALL Families..We all have LOVE to give.... 'HAPPY VALENTINES DAY' To all Moms' and Dads'..God Bless the FAMILY.. ' The Gift Of Listening... Really listening no planning a response Just listening. The Gift Of Affection... Generous with appropriate hugs, Kisses, pats on the back. The Gift Of Laughter... Share fun stories. funny things done or seen The Gift Of A Written Note... A brief handwritten note may be remembered for a lifetime. and may even change a life. The Gift Of A C
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all these women ask to rate and fan so they get points. why not do the same back.thanks
Show Me Some Love And Give My Songs A Listen.much Love And Thank You
Show Me Some Love So I Can Level Up
Show Some Luv
aight FRIENDS and FANS whats up im in this contest and would really love it if you all could come give me some help i need 25000 comments to win heres the link THANK YOU I'LL BE GLAD TO RETURN FAVOR JUST ASK
Shows In Ct And Ma To Check Out!
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Show Some Love
Shower Sex
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I'm looking for all you Experienced Cherries out there to show me some love and give me some suggestions on my page and profile
Show Him Some Love
Show Him Some Love
Show....2.23.07(fisting Jesus)
In the end you will be laid to rest where you belong. Bathed in the flames for your hatred and your ignorance. You're the symbol of masculinity, but I can beat king kong. I will stand up for those who suffer. I will stand up for those who have suffered, been crucified by your insecurities. You can't say what love is when you're castrated, fuckers. Hatchets castrating the fuckers. The voice that I've been given I will use to crush bigotry and defeat intolerance. With bodies ablaze sadly no one's there to push you in the flames. So throw another stick in and I swear with every once of strength I have, I will burn you all alive. In the sticks lays your worthless bodies, screaming, keep fucking screaming. And with your eyeballs boiling...WHO'S THE FUCKING FAGGOT NOW Forever your eyes will hold the memory I saw your heart as it overtook me We tried so hard to understand and reason But in that one moment In that moment I gave my heart away In that moment I gave my heart a
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Show Me Some Love An Re-post That's me... I want to make new friends and such. So please re-post me.
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Show Some Love!!!
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Fire My Words Fire My Words ↑Fire My Words Fire My Words Fire My Words uarr;Fire My Words Fire My Words Fire My Words ↑Fire My Words Fire My Words Fire My Words ↑
Show My Friend Boricua Daddy Some Love Please!!!!
Please help me show this dear friend of mine some love. He makes me and many of my friends awesome morphs. He throws HUGE giveaways, and he is A GREAT SUPPORTER of all his friends. He needs 25,000 comments for a 30 day blast. He's halfway there...lets finish it up for him!!!!!!! CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW TO COMMENT BOMB MY WONDERFUL FRIEND BORICUA DADDY
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lets see who loves you here ... theres at least one person on your friends or fam list who loves you .... so lets find out ... repost this and see who responds .... :) would you ? ( ) kiss me ( ) hug me ( ) hold me if i cried ( ) chill with me ( ) fight me playfully ( ) take me places ( ) kiss my forehead ( ) watch movies with me do you think ? ( ) i'm pretty ( ) cute ( ) sexy ( ) gorgeous ( ) girlfriend/boyfriend material ( ) lickable now repost :) and see who loves you baby
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HEY ALL PLEASE STOP BY AND SHOW THIS GUY SOME CHERRY TAP LOVIN, THANKS bigmantj69@ CherryTAP Hi all, My hubby just joined Cherry Tap! So swing by his page and show him some good 'ole Cherry Tap loving! I will return the favor! Thanks all! NightBreed@ CherryTAP
Show Me Love Pls
why must other people always think the worst of a person? Even their friends? Why cannot others take a peraon at thier word? Can't a person give themselves and their friendship with out getting something back? Cant one be loyal and loving and repsectfully and just be there for others? Why must some friends bring others to thier knees and make them cry and hurt inside just because they are having issues. Can one person not just hold their hand and listen and be there to care? Can pain be too much to the point where one friend walks away because the other hurts them one too many times? Can in one week, lose the foundation on which some thing stands to the point where one has to turn away to keep from anymore pain?? See the words below.... lyrics - Bo Bice Lyrics
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Go and show my friends some love this contest ends at 10 help them out
Show Her Some Luv!!
Show Sum Luv
If you could I need all the luv you could show in my first Tap contest....It ends April 26th. Much luv to all my friends and supporters & to all if you ever need me I will always do my best to help.... Also vote for my babies in the cutest kid contest if you would.....MUWAH Cup of Joes contest: Vodka Gurls contest:(ends April 15th)
Show My Bro Some Love
My Brother Russ Is New Here To The Tap, His Name Is Russ, He Is 36 YRS Old , Single , No Kids , A Marine , And Works In Cocoa , Florida Now At Motion Potion
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Send me a VoiceComment. It's FREE! Just call 1(641)985-7878 and enter *3939618. If you get one too, I'll reply.
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Can everyone help me by just leaving a few comment i 4700 comment away from a free blast so please show some love and help me
Showing Respect To My Boys
Virginia Tech Shooting Massacre DedicationAdd to My Profile | More Videos Virgina Tech TributeAdd to My Profile | More Videos A Moment of Silence update was up to 33 As many of you may or may have not heard there was a shooting at virgina tech campus today, confirmed as of 230 p.m today there was 33 fatalitys.. making this the in the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history, This is a sad day and no words can even begin to express how deeply shocked America is. There familys and all of the students/staff at virgina tech are in my prayers and this deadly day comes to pass. So i ask all of you to stop what your doing for a brief moment and say a prayer for all of these people.. its a tragedy noone can explain and is truly unfortunate. 4~16~2007 ~Never To Be Forgotten~
Show Support To Virginia Tech
To support those who were affected by the shooting at Virginia Tech, the college is opening its "arms" and letting anyone join the Hokie Family, all you have to do is wear maroon and orange to show support for the fallen Hokies. WEAR YOUR MAROON & ORANGE! This picture is in my pictures. Feel free to rip it.
Shower Sessions
Show Sum Luv
I got my sister to join up after telling her how fun this place is and the wonderful people she could meet...please stop by and show her some Cherry Luv. Sun Bear@ CherryTAP
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125,000+ Birthday Cards Received! 33 Days until Shane's Birthday Make Your Own Glitter Graphics Shane Bernier is a courageous seven-year-old boy from Lancaster, Ontario who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was only five. On June 6th, 2006 Shane and his family received some unfortunate news: Shane experienced a relapse after completing 108 of 130 weeks of treatment. However, despite the bad news, Shane has managed to keep a positive outlook on his situation and has made a heart-warming wish... He hasn¡¯t asked for money or toys or anything of the sort. Instead, his birthday is on May 30th and he would like to break the world record for the most birthday cards ever received. His goal is 350 million cards. With every card, Shane¡¯s courage grows. Something as simple as sending a birthday card could be enough to help Shane find peace and joy in his current circumstances. Please take the time to send a card to Shane and make his dream become a re
The Show
the show last night on april 27th, 2007 was the shit, ive been to alot of there shows and there all the shit the only problem i had with this one was twiztid only plaayed a half hour and the clowns only played an hour usually twiztids on for lik a good hour at least and the clowns are on stage for at least 2 so on that note i was kind of dissapointed but hey all is well but anyways mcl ninja and mutha fukin ninjettes
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Show My Friend Some Cherrytap Love
Show Me Some Love!
I am feeling a little lonely now days me some loving plz! I will love you forever!
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Show Me Some Luv!
PLZ stop by and show some luv to my cuz! ty all ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have time and can help me out in ANY way in this comment bombing contest for a 7 day blast, i would appreciate it! Thank you! Click on the photo below this to go directly there. No rates, just comments, LOTS of comments. LOL ? Joy ? FAN Me & i'll fan you back TY ? Gumdropz Lollys Candyland Candies@ CherryTAP The contest will run from May 31st until June 9th.... the one with the most comments wins.
Show Me Some Voice Love.
Come on now, please leave me a message!!!
Join us with Bleed the Sky and Carbide! Download your own copy of our songs! Email for merch prices for Tshirts, hats, wristbands, beanies, or scarf/dewrags, or autographed cds! Please join us for the CD Release Party tonight! Ice City Rock House! Please join us in Dallas!
The Shower.....
As soon as I can, I drive to your house..and knock hard on the door, so excited to see my baby.. but no answer. I knock harder..and nothing..hmm did she forget we had a date today? surely not.. so I try the knob, and it's unlocked, so I go inside..a little worried about being caught there, but oh well..I need my girl. I hear the shower, and instantly know where my sexy baby is..and I hear noises as I get closer... I walk silently into the bathroom, and find my gorgeous girl in the shower..I can't see you through the curtain, so easing the curtain open a tiny bit, I peek inside at you in the dim light. your eyes are closed.. so I take a good long look... and your body makes me tingle...I decide to close it, and sit and listen quietly to you in there..your moans and groans make me so desire builds so god you are so sexy. I know your hands are moving all around, and your fingers are deep inside your hot dripping pussy...and I want to taste you so bad... but I ca
Show Me The Love!
hey everyone im in a picture contest...i need everyone to comment as much as you can and have your friends/fans/family help too!! thanks so is below. Show me the love cherry tap has to offer!!!
Showing I Care About My Friends
Of all the friends I've ever met, You're the one I won't forget. And if I die Before you do I'll go to heaven And wait for you I'll give the angels Back their wings And risk the loss Of everything Just to prove My friendship is true I'm thankful to have Family and Friends like you! LEAVE ME A COMMENT SAYING YOU ARE MY FRIEND AND IF I GET A COMMENT, I KNOW THAT YOU'RE TRUE FRIEND!!
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i am so close to leaveling up come show me some love
Show Me Some Love, Sign My Guestbook :)
I just got my first profile me some love and come sign it!! Thanks all my friends :) I love you all!!
Showing Love
SMOOCHSexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m COOL comment text SMOOCHSexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m COOL comment text SMOOCHSexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m COOL comment text
Showing You Some Ct Lov
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Showing Love
Show Some Cherry Love
Come give a warm Cherrytap welcome to me new friend.. She is a real nice person and still learning how to get around here.. So Please stop by and show her some love. Thanks Fireman 7 NannaBamaGurl@ CherryTAP
Show Some Luvin
She just started her some Luvin!
Show Some Luvin
Showing You All Some Love! Muahhhz
Just wanted to show some Fu-King love to all my peeps! ((((hugs)))) I'm in Corky's 30-Day blast give-a-way and could use a little love. Please come by and drop me a few comments. Press the pic link below to get routed to the contest! Thanks for your love and support and have a great day!
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can you stop by and show my girl some love she is new to fubar thanks.... Convinced@ fubar
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I just want all my friends and fans to know how much I Love ya'll for helping me level up when I need it. Ya'll are the best thanks... Go show some love and sign my guest book and I will do the same love a'll
Show Love And I Rate You All 11
Show Some Luv To A Really Good Fubar Friend
FTW NEEDS OUR HELP. HE'S CURRENTLY IN 3RD PLACE RIGHT NOW BUT ONLY BY A FEW COMMENTS. EVERYONE YOU KNOW I'M ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU, NOW I'M CALLIN ON YOUR TO HELP ME BOMB THE HELL OUT OF FTW!! Wikid is in a contest and it's a really close one. If you could stop by and drop some comments it would be greatly appreciated. Rates count too. She is up against a great bombing team and all she has is her friends. We are doing our best to keep her in the lead. Go show her some love. Fan her (she's hot), Rate her and Add her! Rate her pics and stash while you are there also. Here's her Profile Link.... ♥Shell♥ -promoter/greeter- for .·´¯`·.·•xXx•Ê®ØTÌÇÄ•xXx•·.·´¯`·. (fsfm)@ fubar
Show Love To This Fu Fighter!!!
۩۞۩ÇЯДŻΫ§ĄŇΞ۩۞۩@ fubar
Show On Friday!!!
Hey everybody I've got a band called Lesson Learned and we're playing a show this friday, its at MR BIGS in appleton and we should be going on at around 9 we will play 2 sets. So if your in the area come check us out we promise a good time to be had by all. Help us fill this place, no really we would love to see it at capacity! and check out the website LESSON-LEARNED.COM thanks! If you have any qustions about the show or location feel free to give me a call 920-809-2776 Jesse LESSON LEARNED at Mr. Big’s Pub 1216 S. Oneida St., Appleton 920-991-2724
I take your hands slowly in mine entwining our fingers i kiss the palms of your hands then start to lick slowly each finger teasing ,tasting i pull you along with me as we enter the bathroom as you notice the shower is already running i reach for your belt buckle to undo this so i can slide my hands in your waste line then i slide your shirt up over your head then my mouth trails your stomach and i bend lower to remove your pants and i reach my knees my mouth brushes the top of your member lips lightly grazing the head tongue gracefully sliding down the shaft then i grasp your member with my lips as i take you all in feel the water splash on my back as you grab my hair between your hands i let the whole of your member fill my wanting mouth slowly moving it in and out loving the taste of your reaction is heaven to me i slide up as the steam starts to fill the room you grab me close an kiss my lips then you turn me around so that i am now facing the wall my arms are br
Show Me Some Mad Love!!!!
We are needing some good bombers to join NSFW MAFIA BOMBERS. Come have some fun with us we bomb the hell outta friends and familys that are in contests.. The more the merrier! If your interested plz e-mail me!! Thanks have a GREAT DAY !!!!!! imikimi - Customize Your World BOMB BOMB BOMB SHOW ME LOVE WOOHOO BRING IT ON NSFW Mafia Bombers HEY ALL JUST ASKING FOR YA TO HELP ME OUT HERE I'M IN A CONTEST WHICH ENDS TOMORROW COME SHOW ME SOME MAD LOVE NEED AS MANY COMMENTS AS YOU CAN STAND!!!!HERE THE LINK BELOW ! SHOW ME WHAT YA GOT TO GIVE
Show Me Some Mad Love!!!!
Show Some Love
Im going to ask everyone to do something a lil different this Happy Hour..This is one of our levelers and shes wanting to leave Fubar.Those of us that have gotten the chance to know Christie know shes a great person.Please go show her some love..Let her know that we do love her and care about her and dont want her to go. Christie ~Owner of Mark~@ fubar
Show Happy Hour Host Some Love
Show Me Sum Luv Ya'll
Well Ya'll I've Gone & Done It Went & Put Myself Up On The Auction Block!!! Can Ya Believe It!??! Hehe!! I'm Such A Lil Devil I Knw!!! The Auction Starts 2Day @ 10 a.m. EST!!! & Runs For 2 Weeks!! Ends May 5th @ 10 am EST A Bonus 4 Rates. Whoever has the most gets 3 blingys and 250k fubucks. RATE IT over & over lol Sooooooo Swing On By Join In The Fun Place A Bid On Me!! U Knw U Wanna : ) Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Its Gunna Get Hott!! HEY U GET ME AS UR PERSONAL Fu-SLAVE FOR A MONTH & check ou wat i'm offering on top of tht!!! So Leeeeeeeeeeeeets Get This Party Starrrrrrrted !!! Plz Be Kind R/F/A The
Show This Person Some Fubar, Sweet, And S3xy Love
After the Seether/3DG/Breaking Benjamin show tonight my Band FROM THIS DAY is playing at the Somewhere Else Tavern along with out friends Porno Red. We play at midnight to close the place out!!! You should come and rock out with us! The Somewhere Else Tavern is located at 5713 W Friendly Ave in Greensboro... Even if you don't go to the concert come to the Tavern and party with FROM THIS DAY!!! Hey all my fubar friends, I just wanted to let you all know that my band (From This Day) is playing Ziggy’s in Winston Salem, NC this Saturday August 25th. If you have seen us before, then you know the kind of show we put on, if you haven’t then here’s the time to see us. Check out our music and on that site if you go to the tour page there is a link to get directions to the show... Also playing with us that night will be our friends Black Book Romance, The Last Hour and Playing’ JoJo. This is a must see show, trust me. Hit me up if you have any questions…. Shawn T I
Show This New Gal What Fubar Peeps Are Made Of!
Shows Shows And More Shows!!!
Show Some Love
Show Some Love
just entered into a 25000 comment competition for a 3 month vip all help appreciated please just click on the pic help wont go unnoticed shes normally there rating & commenting for others now shes the one who needs some help in a contest shes entered . could u please spare a few comments kyle goes in this morn to have his tonsils/adnoids out & grommits in(had 3 sets b4). been told that with the tonsils & adnoids out his speech could improve ,that would be great if it does fingers crossed there . 2 weeks of keeping him home & juggling shifts are ahead of us . i wont be on much today should be back tomorrow
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