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Night falls over the mountain side, no noise to be heard except the wind through the trees. Under the cover of half moon light two men walk with purpose around the base of the mountains. Searching every gap between the rocks and holes under trees.

"Keep searching boy, we are close, we are so close I can feel it."

"Master what are we actually looking for?"  "We are looking for conformation." "Conformation? Comformation of what?"

"The other..."


As the two men passionate search base of the mountain, a commotion has broke out amoung the village on the other side of the mountain.  Hateful cheering and jeering, Cries of fears and panic rip through the village.  Men runing with swords and pictch forks, women seeking safety among the deepest corners of their homes.

"Not this time! Don't let him out of your sight men!"shouts what appears to be the village leader.  "Box it in and close! Ready the cross bows!"

"Sir I lost him among the barn!" "Its not a him its a spawn from the pits of hell!" 

"I see it he's here he's..." "No Timothy! TORCHES!! Set the barn on fire, we can't afford to have two of them running loose."

The men frantically scramble for torches and arrows and they try to contain the beast in the barn.  Fire arrows streak accross the night,  sky. Screaming and orders being shouted replace the wind as the only thing being hard that night. The noise is now being carried across the wind and to the ears of the men searching the mountain.

"Moszen, do you hear that?" "What boy?" "Its faint but I hear screams on the wind do you not hear it sir?"

Moszen previously in thought for what he might find on his quest. A simple comformation of a rumor of a halfbreed and his family murderd 6 years ago.  They burned that man's, that thing's remaing sense of humanity. But he had to sure if this is the same one he's cross paths with one year ago on the other side of the country. 

"Master. Master! should we go and investigate?" "Yes that's a good idea our search can wait for the moment besides this may lead to some clues to aid us in what we are looking for"

The two men race of into the night towards the village. The screaming grows louder and voices can be understood.

"Burn it down! cover the back side of barn and put a brace on the door! You two men up get on the tree there and cover the roof. This demon will parish tonight."

The two mysterious men gaze from the hill side and work their way down closer but using the shadows to keep out of sight.

"Demon? Master you don't think they actually cornerd him?"

"Don't be a such a fool he's not there if he were there they all would be dead. I suspect though that those brave fools have indeed cornered a vampire but not strong one."  Moszen closes his eyes and listens to the sounds with in the barn. Fear and panic are what he senses first then confusion. "That one is freshly turned I'd say no more than a few weeks old with no teacher."

"No teacher? can you sense who turned him?"

"No I cannot and that troubles me. He should not be able to turn others. See clues my young friend."

"You believe that he can turn people? Legends say that do not possess the ability to turn because of their human side>"

"Yes you have been studying, knowledge is the best tool to have in battle remember that. Come lets watch from the house acrossfrom the barn, stay in the shadows and keep ur feelings masked. We don't want that one in the barn calling out for us."

"You mean we are going to let them kill him? Who ever is in the barn may have answers and could know the location of the tomb."

"Your words speak truth but seeing that he is new and in such a frantic state he may not remeber anything. He could attack us on site. It appears he has't fed in a few days and the hunger has driven him mad. "

"But we can let him die"

"Your compassion is amusing but we must not interfere, lets just hope that they can take him alive and question him themselves. He has not fed in days so he's very weak, so he is no match right now for these villagers."

"Yes Master."

" He's trying to break down the door!" shouts one villager. "Men stand ready!"

"He's coming through!" "The second the door breaks open fire!"

Shatters of wood fill the area around the burning barn. Arrows fly through the air and shouts follow behind them. Each arrow hits with a purpose as the men close in on the weakend vampire. The men charge in with blunt weapons swinging wildly with fear and haste. The vamipre holds his ground swinging and swiping at anyone he gets too close. An arrow strikes him in the back of the leg which brings him down to one knee. Villagers pour in closer with ropes and chains to restrain the beast.  In what would have seem to be a matter of hours took only a matter of minutes to restrain the vampire. Now screaming in coherent words and cries.

"Now demon why have you returned? Answer me!"

Nothing from the vampire but growls and an deep glare.

"We will not be your cattle, put him on the pole let the sun purify this soulless creature. Albias you stand guard firs only a few hours till dawn. The rest of you put the fire out and we will do repairs in the moring. I must meet with the Lord and tell him what occured tonight."

As the villagers make their way back to their homes or the inn to celebrate their most recent victory, the mysterious men come out from the shadows and make their way to the bond vampire. One blow to the neck was all it took from Moszen to make the guard fall to the ground unconcious. They aproach the weakend bond vampire as they grow closer he senses their presence.

"Help me" says the vampire weakly.

"What is your name?" asked Moszen. "Who is your creator?" asked more sternly. No response from the vampire.

Unsheathing his sword Raibien points the blade at the Vampire'sneck. "My master asked you a question, it does not bode well for you to remain silent."

"Raibien. Give him a moment to try to answer."

"I was huntinng. ambushed, struck on the head, came too did not know who I was. As I tried to figure my location I was attacked again, bitten on the shoulder. Searing pain through out my body woke up no longer a man.  I ran for nights. I don't know what is going on I want to go home. "

"Useless." says Raibien smuggly.

"Do you know of a cave that holds a tomb around these parts think hard boy." ask Moszen

"People know of it and no one ventures there it is believed to be cursed."

"Master we have to leave and find shelter the sun will be rising shortly"

"Where is it?"

" A nights ride east on the other side of the valley"

"Come Raibien we must go."

"PLease save me. I want to go home." pleads the vampire

"You are going to be at rest." The two run off  back over the hill.

Moszen is feeling a bit excited he is one step closer to discovering the truth.

The night covers me, the moon leads me to a town. A small quiet town with families children and tranquility but all that will be over with in 20 minutes. I have not yet how to suppress the hunger for human blood yet and everytime I feel the need I can feel my humanity be driven further out of grasp. The sweet smell of the grass is intoxicated and the smell of fresh blood is driving me to maddness. Creeping closer to the town I come across a man wandering just on the outskirts of the town. He asked me what my business I have with in the town. I tell hem I am traveler looking for bedding, trade, and food. He looks at me with a curious and suspicious eyes, then he makes his mistake. He turns his back to me and lounge at him. I wrap my arm around his neck plunging my fangs deep into the side of his neck. His warm life pours down my throat, The salt and the metallic taste makes my brain fire like a million lighting strikes, his body goes limp then with a sudden snap I break his neck. Now blood drunk I let loose a terrifying scream and run deep into the town. Lights in the homes turn on and the people run out into the street. Curious to see what was the commotion. Their curiosity has led them all to their deaths, feeding on every man woman and child that has left their idea of safety of their homes. Slashing and biting through them all no longer aware of my actions feeding till my fill. Once my limit is reached I sit on a roof top drenched in blood and tears. I close my eyes and her the sobbing of the ones who are still left alive mourning over their loved ones. The demon in me stirs telling me to make their once complete families whole again. The moon light makes the town look like a dream, dropping down to the ground feeling the cool earth under my hands, the cries in the air like a dreary symphony. Extending my claws I go from home to home exterminating all who had a beating heart. What seemed like a dream of blood cries, pleading, confusion, pain, that would not end all took thirty five minutes. The last person alive was a young boy who stood with his fathers dagger and gun. Picking him up by his neck and looking deep into his eyes I see no fear but hatred. He spoke one word that word was why. Lowering him to the ground I take my claw and scratched his cheek giving him a reminder then disappeared back into the night. Back on the journey to find my Love. Death hangs low and thick in the air, tears run down my cheek...

~Journal of Young Ossian 1635

"Father please save me!"
"Grab him, hold him down, we cant let this Demon get back on his feet! Take the girl crucify and burn her along with the wife just to be sure."
"NOOOO!!! Please she is not one of us. SHE IS NOT ONE OF US!"
"And just what are you? You're not a man so that makes you an agent of the Devil. Your kind has terrified this village for centuries. We finally eradicate those things and here you come and the attacks happen again just like before. So tell me Demon how are we to sure? We take your word that she is not nor she? We will do what have to to preserve this village and its people. "
"Please do not harm my daughter please."
"This mighty Demon is begging. [cackling laugh] Put them on the blocks now.
Fighting with chains the Demon thrashed about along the floor helpless as he watches his loved ones be drugged out of their home. Cries from the child could break the mightiest of hearts but not souless men. These men thought that they we doing justice, preserving the life and ideals of their village.

"Get him up, let his last image be image of his wife and daughter burned on the cross. Then let us pray that this Demon will find salvation. Let this be a lesson to all that we will not terrorized or fed upon like common cattle. "

"Daddy I m scared, daddy please"
"Ossian its ok, its ok. I love you with all my soul and my heart."
"No No please."
"Judgment is passed. For crimes against this community and its beliefs we will execute and cleansed their souls with fire. Bring in the torches!"

As the fires began to cover their bodies the Demon released a ferocious yet pain full cry. Tears runs down his face as he watches the flames take last of what was his life, he could hear the sound of his heart breaking. Looking around he can see the faces of the men who carried out this sentence. They had a sense of satisfaction on their faces and in their eyes. Looking into the face of the Demon I knew that this would be the last of his humanity. Thrashing still against his bonds which are not hammered into the ground. How easy it was it to tame this wild beast. As the sunset and fires exhausted the Demon sat there on his knees broken head down almost harmless.

"With justice being served there is one more final act and our people can rest easy."

He gestures to a man who for a sword. He takes the sword in his steely hands pressing the blade on his forehead as he walks over to the Demon. Standing over him as an instrument of righteousness he lowers the blade under the demons chin raising it to meet his now black soulless eyes.

"This final act will serve as a reminder that we would not be victims any longer. Our resolve will be made stronger and will never be broken by your kind or any other."

As those word echoed through the air he thrust the blade deep inside the chest of the Demon. He made no sound but had a slight smile on his face. One can only think that the smile was for the thought of peace and reuniting with his family. The men walked off dragging the body of the Demon and his wife and child. They buried them in a tomb with many other Demons who made the mistake of venturing into the village. Treating their bodies for the other side they left the Demon as he was. Tattered clothes, blood and tears stains over his body. The sword still in his chest, see they believed that with steel still lodged in the body the Demons would not wake up and over time would starve to death or to a point they were weak enough to be beheaded and that is the fate that awaits this Demon.

Its cold, dark, the air stale. Nothing stirs with in the tomb not even the spiders. The walls have cube cut outs for the headless bodies of other demons. The Demon lies on the floor motionless till a stir in his hand. His eyes flutter open taking in his environment. He uses his sense of smell to help determine where he is...under ground the smell of earth the wrenched smell of death. And then...the smell of burnt flesh then like a hammer he remembers the torture of his wife and child. His only child in 100 hundred years he is said to walk these lands. He crawls to their burnt now cleaned bodies with their heads removed. Barely able to stand he pulls himself up and weeps over their bodies. He's never cried as he cried like this before, cursing for he had a moment that was without torment and was reunited with them. He could see their faces smiling at him welcoming him to their embrace. But before he could reach them his wife and daughter both said it was ok. That he did all he could and that they loved him. Reaching out to them tears still in his eyes he was snatched back to the land of torment, memories, fear, hunger, thirst, pain, to the place that he no longer called home. Weaken still from his ordeal he slides back to floor. He takes his hand to were the blade sits and slowly pulls it out of his chest. A slow painful process and when its over he passes out again. He has vision of a dark figure appear in his dream....

"Ossian you are different you have the blood of ancients running through you. Your mother gave you a gift that cannot be extinguished by sword. Here you sit among your brethren, amongst your past they have powers to give you. To make you more powerful than any other."

"Who are you?"

"The one who made you who you are. Say the words "I want to be more" and your ancestors will bestow you the talents to avenge these deaths and those of your wife and daughter."

"I have been searching for you"

The cloaked figure leaves....

"I want to be more..."

After hours the Demon awakens he looks around the room the bones of his ancestor have turned to dust, his wife and child now dust. She was a rare gem born from a human mother and a Demon father but showed no signs of demonic traits. But she was gifted and beautiful. Focusing on how to escape from the tomb he clears his mind and he could feel his body begin to float and he passed through a crack in the door that sealed the tomb. Reforming he runs to the heart of the village. Hearing only the rhythm of his feet on the ground he arrives at the town hall. Pushing open the door he walks in stealing the breath of those who are in the room. Frozen at the sight of the Demon whom they thought was dead now stood among them, stronger, more sinister than before, eyes red like the heart of the devil's heart. The only word spoken was said by the Demon.

With that he launches him self into battle, ripping out the throats of the man closest to him. The men scatter to grab their weapons and join into the fray. The villagers here the commotion and come running to the hall. They see the Demon drunk with rage standing over the slain bodies of their country men. They charge him in a massive group swords in the air, screams in their throats. The first one to meet him has his face ripped off in single strike. The next feels the Demons hand crush through his chest. How they all wonder how can he be so strong and fast? He was easy to subdue earlier that morning. The last to face the Demon was the man who carried out judgment against him, his kin, his wife, his daughter. With what seemed to be a flash the Demon was quickly across the hall standing in front of him. The man was like a statue frozen in his fear. The Demon grabs him by his neck raising him off the ground, then he throws him onto spike on the wall. As the breath leaves the man's body he asked how?

"I am more..."

With that said the Demon leaves the hall and sets the town in a fire blaze that kills everyone and everything in it. Walking back on a path of uncertainty he walks into the night leaving all he had worked for and love. Becoming once again the Demon who wanders the night...

-Scribe of the Order

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