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Shim Sham (soft Shoe)
SHIM SHAM  (Soft Shoe)   And you feel it but you won’t say.   You want it but you walk away.   Tomorrow’s pain don’t hurt today.   But you’re creeping along,   Already gone,   Sure as the dawn…   You’re the bitter wind on the beach in the sun.   You say listen, baby, what’s done is done,  
Shiny Nickels
So I've been off and on for the whole year due to multiple medical issues.  Ranging from mysterious seizures to 20-40 lb. weight gain overnight.  It has pretty much been a nightmare, add to that my husband and I both got laid off and you can see where I'm going.  Avoiding the pity party I just wanted my friends to know I appreciate you sticking around for my long absences and I assure you I will never be gone forever. I actually may be around a little more for awhile since I'm unable to work.  I had my gallbladder out and had some internal bleeding.  So I spent some time in the hospital.  I got out and then two days later had to go back in because of random pain.  I enjoyed a morphine trip that time and made it home.  Then my incisions wouldn't heal, it goes on and on and that is just in the last month or so. I'm up and around for now and not scheduled for anymore poking and prodding until January, by doctors anyway ;)  So for now I'm home all day everyday bored; with just a laptop a
Shine Son
A perfect song for any man to play to his Son SHINE SON (Locorriere) DENNIS LOCORRIERE Released - 2000 Released on Album "Out of the Dark" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sometimes I expect a little too much Sometimes I push too hard Trying to see what you will be, I lose sight of who you are You're still a young man with the world in your hands To mould any way you choose Your dream and mine are one of a kind We both want the best for you. I just wanna see you shine, son As bright as you can You're an exceptional boy, you'll be a helluva man Whatever you decide to do, just give it your best And that'll be fine I just wanna see you shine, son Wanna see my son shine. I've watched you crawl, stumble and fall I've watched you live and learn To give and to take and how a heart breaks And how our lives twist and turn You don't have to be the reflection of me You don't have to fill my shoes But if you
Shinedown Lyrics
"45" Send away for a priceless gift One not subtle, one not on the list Send away for a perfect world One not simply, so absurd In these times of doing what you're told You keep these feelings, no one knows What ever happened to the young man's heart Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45, Swimming through the ashes of another life No real reason to accept the way things have changed Staring down the barrel of a 45 Send a message to the unborn child Keep your eyes open for a while In a box high up on the shelf, left for you, no one else There's a piece of a puzzle known as life Wrapped in guilt, sealed up tight What ever happened to the young man's heart Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart [CHORUS] Everyone's pointing their fingers Always condemning me And nobody knows what I believe I believe [CHORUS] "Fly From The Inside" Here's the weight of the world on my shoulders Here's the weight of
(1).45(2)Simple Man(3)Save Me(4)Burning Bright(5)Fly From The Inside
Shiny Toy Guns
Black rose & a radio fire its so contagious such something changing my mind im gonna take whats evil Your cover melting inside with wide eyes you tremble kissing over & over again your god knows his faithful I try - to digest my pride but passions grip i fear when i climb - into shallow vats of wine i think i almost hear - but its not clear Chours. You are the one you'll never be alone again your more then in my head - your more Spin faster shouting out loud you cant steal whats paid for such something hurting again murder son shes painful You so believe your own lies on my skin your fingers runaway until the last time were gonna lose forever when you try - don't try to say you wont try to crawl into my head when you cry - cause it's all built up inside your tears already said - already said You'll never be alone again
Shining Rain
Shin Chan
There are two ways to can be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it...its your choice.
Shining Where We Touch
Yes, the parting and I, enraptured, enter her - she is shining where we touch and I am wrapped in her quick friction. She rises, now falls beneath me - hard flowers brushing against my chest, her fingers drawing crimson across my back. I, inside of her, feel her inside of me, as water splashed cool and warm within - her moist breath mingles with mine and our perspirations drop as one onto the sheets. We are climbing to a yes, to an instant ordained by our singular biology - I am almost peaked, almost cresting. I cannot, must, and now she screams my name - I am liquid in her arms, in her depths, and in the steel moonlight. I am rain from a cloudless sky falling infinitely into her - as she is melting I dissolve and we become someone new. © All rights reserved Scott Adelmann
Shining Where We Touch
Yes, the parting and I, enraptured, enter her - she is shining where we touch and I am wrapped in her quick friction. She rises, now falls beneath me - hard flowers brushing against my chest, her fingers drawing crimson across my back. I, inside of her, feel her inside of me, as water splashed cool and warm within - her moist breath mingles with mine and our perspirations drop as one onto the sheets. We are climbing to a yes, to an instant ordained by our singular biology - I am almost peaked, almost cresting. I cannot, must, and now she screams my name - I am liquid in her arms, in her depths, and in the steel moonlight. I am rain from a cloudless sky falling infinitely into her - as she is melting I dissolve and we become someone new. Always, now, together as we lie in breathless ecstasy. © All rights reserved
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Shine On
This is on myspace and NO,I don't give that out either my kids and family are the reason I have it... NOTE ADDING SMALL PICTURE COMMENTS IS OK..TY
Shinning Stars
1) NO DRAMA WILL BE TOLERATED!We will not put up with any drama from anyone. There will be no exceptions to this rule! 2)No one but management will be allowed to post blogs about leveling. The only ones to post blogs about leveling are Founder, Co-Founder, and Manager. 3) There will be no bombing unless you are doing it on your own. 4) All newbies will go through bm310 No exceptions. Always send new recruits to him. If he is not around then and only then send to Founder or Co-Founder. 5) If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation find a member of Management. We are here to help you out! 6) We will level anyone with 15,000 points or fewer as long as they have plenty of stash and pics. Please do not come to us for help with more than that with few pics and stash. We will level during HH only. Any other time is for you to do what you want to do! After leveling please leave a meassage so we know who helped out. 7) Most Importantly: Keep up to date with our blog
Shine Me On
shine me on blow me off the endless chase will never stops up and down round and round I chase my tail and to my surprise it never ends these fucking lies all in one one in the same and I only have myself to blame. BY MICHAEL COBURN
Shinedown The Band
i am a huge rev theory fan and a huge fan of the band shinedown, usually on mondays i got used to rev theory bieng here and i know they are busy on tour. but i know like me that there are alot of hard rock fans out there so i wanted to share this info with all of you....tonight (june 23rd)at 5pm pacific 8pm eastern over at SHINEDOWN.COM THEY WILL BE DOING A LIVE WEBCHAT LIKE REV THEORY HAS BEEN PROMOTING THEIR NEW CD THAT COMES OUT TOMORROW CALLED THE SOUND OF MADNESS. cyall rockers there.btw check that cd out in my opinion the best cd so far of 08 with rev a close second! peace to all
you know what tics me off... when some chick posts some picture of some hottie as her main and i ...being who i am is like "oh..look...a hottie" ...then you click on the pictures to further investigate the hotness and you are bombareded by images of some fatty or other varient of woofer its false advertisement and they should be Fu-sue'd
Shinepussy Blog
Hello hello ! Nice to meet you all ! Hope we`ll have fun togheder! Live Sex Private Cams
Shiny Metal Salutes
i am doing a new kind of salute that i am calling Shiny Metal Salute. it is done by taking your pic and using my photo editor's metal effects on it and then adding your screen name .below are some examples of ones that i have already done for people .if you want one ,send me a shout or message with the link to the pic you want me to use and when i am finished with it i will leave it as a profile comment on your page :D      
45 Send away for a priceless giftOne not subtle, one not on the listSend away for a perfect worldOne not simply, so absurdIn these times of doing what you're toldKeep these feelings, no one knowsWhat ever happened to the young man's heartSwallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apartAnd I'm staring down the barrel of a 45,Swimming through the ashes of another lifeNo real reason to accept the way things have changedStaring down the barrel of a 45Send a message to the unborn childKeep your eyes open for a whileIn a box high up on the shelf, left for you, no one elseThere's a piece of a puzzle known as lifeWrapped in guilt, sealed up tightWhat ever happened to the young man's heartSwallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apartAnd I'm staring down the barrel of a 45,Swimming through the ashes of another lifeNo real reason to accept the way things have changedStaring down the barrel of a 45Everyone's pointing their fingersAlways condemning meAnd nobody knows what I believeI believeAnd I'm staring
Shipping Dock
I used to work on a shipping and receiving dock for an electronics manufacturer. My primary job was to make sure all the orders made it to their destinations on time which meant working with the different drivers a lot. Most were older gentlemen long ago married off but then Rick started working for one of our main delivery companies. Rick was a young handsome man. He was probably in his early thirties with jet black hair and a killer smile. He was several inches taller then me with broad shoulders and the cutest butt I had ever seen. I couldn't help but to flirt with him when ever I had the chance and he was flirtatious back but both of us were very cautious about it. I guess we were worried about our job security. One evening we had a super rush job that absolutely had to go out that very evening which meant I was going to be working late. It also meant that Rick would be making an extra trip out to see me today. We had already had our normal flirting session that morning, alt
Ship's Log : The Retribution: 1570- ?
January 30, 2007 Dear Mrs. King, Faculty of Marvin Moss, and Administrators of Marvin Moss School: Today, I completely lost faith in the Washoe County Public School System. It's been coming for awhile. But it came today. Because today, I received a letter stating that participation in the 6th grade fundraiser for graduation is essentially, mandatory and setting forth the "marching orders" for the children of the sixth grade class. According to your letter, either the parents "donate" $52.00 or the child is expected to sell candy bars. Frankly I object to this fundraiser on several levels and my daughter WILL NOT be participating. Neither will I "donate" $52.00. And I dare the school system to deny my daughter graduation with her class. 'Matter of fact, I triple-dog-dare ya! I found this entire project offensive for several reasons and they are as follows: 1. America, by both tradition and law, GUARANTEES a free, public school education for its citizens and legal residen
Shipboard Life Simulation
How To Simulate Shipboard Life At Home ( Notice the Background is "Haze Gray and Underway" ! ) * When commencing this simulation, remember to lock yourself inside your house and board up all windows and doors with all friends and family outside. Communicate only with letters that your neighbor will hold up for four (or six) weeks before delivering, losing one out of every five. Have a bleary-eyed, overworked, disinterested slob yell "Mail Call!" at random intervals through one week of each month, only to tell you with a smirk, "You didn't get anything" nine out of ten times. * Surround yourself with people you would not choose to be with, roughly one person per squarre yard; those you do know, you don't like. Suggested choices are those who: chain smoke, fart loudly and often, snore like a steam locomotive on an uphill grade. Also, they must: complain incessantly, seldom shower and/or brush their teeth. Lastly, they must use expletives in speech like children use sugar o
Shipwreckjanes Log
This is neato if you like this sort of thing.. I have a little place in Orlando so I can see my kids up there and then I have a little place down south which I am working on getting a place even further south, it's not that I keep moving around, I just just come back and forth so I can see my kids. We went camping the last time I was up there. It was a lot of fun, they roasted marshmellows. It was cold outside. Well I am leaving Pompano Beach for the more central Orlando area for a spell. I will be selling cruises and Shaklee there. I hope to meet new friends and have some fun too. I want to go on a cruise this year.
Shipping Out...
Ships Log
It's been A few days, I don't even remember how I stumbled across this site. I was intrigued, interesting concept. I've not ever done the "social networking" thing so this is pretty new to me. Seems like abit of a learning curve. I'm still getting 'the lay of the land'. Debating whether to put real photo up, maybe a salute?? Seems to me that this ratings/points system is skewed toward rating one another high. I'm one who doesn't really believe in 10's. I'm adjusting that for this site. Anyway, don't know if folks really read these. If so, cheers!
Shipwreck In The Sand
I just bought and Listened to SITS silversteins new concept album which is deffeinently my favorite.with kezia being my #1.But i listened to this cd with I am the Arsonist and broken stars being my favorite songs.   I am the Arsonist-Awesome guitar intro the chorus is epic   Broken Stars- Awesome vocals and The breakdown at the end justs wants to make me mosh in a nursing home.
Ship Wrecked
What is wrong with all these male poozers and taking pictures of themselves with their shirts off. They think that just by taking off their shirts, females would be automatically attracted to them. And then you got these idiot guys with a little video of them lifting up their shirts to reveal a nipple. These people need to be hit in the head.
Shirest Dearest
Hey girl, is he everything you wanted in a man You know I gave you the world You had me in the palm of your hand So why your love went away I just can't seem to understand Thought it was me and you babe Me and you until the end But I guess I was wrong Don't want to think about it Don't want to talk about it I'm just so sick about it Can't believe it's ending this way Just so confused about it Feeling the blues about it I just can't do without ya Tell me is this fair? Is this the way it's really going down? Is this how we say goodbye? Should've known better when you came around That you were gonna make me cry It's breaking my heart to watch you run around 'Cause I know that you're living a lie That's okay baby 'cause in time you will find... What goes around, goes around, goes around Comes all the way back around Now girl, I remember everything that you claimed You said that you were moving on now And maybe I should do the same Thought it was me and you, babe And now, it's all just a sh
Shirley Manson...the Hottest Lady In Music?
Wow...Shirley Manson, what can you say? She may not have the best voice, or be the prettiest of the modern day divas...but she exudes pure, unadulterated sexuality. Leave any thoughts you may have on this subject please. This is purely my opinion of course.
frist time show me love
The Shire
Bilbo's involvement with the tale begins with Gandalf's goading his acceptance into Thorin Oakenshield's party on their quest to destroy the dragon, Smaug, at his lair in Lonely Mountain. While on this quest, Bilbo stumbled into a deep, dank, underground cavern. In this cavern he found a magic, golden ring. Unknown to Bilbo, this ring belonged to Gollum, a filthy slimy creature who lived on the small underground lake, in the center of the cave. After a game of riddles, Bilbo managed to escape Gollum's lair, and find his party again. He also flushed Smaug out of his lair, which eventually led to Smaug's destruction. Bilbo returned home after his quest, and did not do anything especially important to the tale until his 111th birthday, upon which he had an enormous party. In front of 144 select guests, he disappeared; then he departed the Shire forever, leaving Bag End, the Ring, and most of his possesions to his heir, Frodo.
custom t-shirts t shirt screen printing custom screen printing local screen printing
So yes, it seems as if I am going to actually stay this time. Well at least until I use all my bling credits anyways. hahaha I even went so far as to submit a salute. :P I figured I would write some kind of blog to let all of you know why I left over a year ago, and what I have been upto in the mean time. At the time that I left, I had just started a new job with Walmart, and  really needed to focus on me at that point and rebuilding a real life for myself. I was selling wireless phones, and I actually did keep that job for an entire year. I now loathe working in retail, and left the company back in early June. The reason I left is that my yearly review came back that I was punctual, hard-working, and that I always completed my tasks, but was undeserving of a raise. That is Sam's house of ill repute for you though. I was nice and gave them a three weeks notice, and at that point packed up, and attempted to move back to Florida. This time I chose Pensacola beach because I needed a bit o
Shit Absolutely No One Will Read.
Yes, I'm talking about the cars. I've had two in my life and I currently have a brand new Lincoln Town Car for a rental for the next three weeks. I'm estatic. Sure, no one else likes them except living fossils, but I just love looking down that long hood and seeing that ornament. And yeah, a Cadillac DTS is a better car overall, especially that Northstar engine, but there's something about driving Lincolns to me. Proposal to Increase the State of Connecticut’s Speed Limits Submitted to the Honorable John Roland Governor of Connecticut December 2, 1999 By Paul Gibson, Representative State Attorney Generals Office December 2, 1999 The Honorable John Roland Governor of Connecticut 210 Capitol Ave. Hartford, CT 06106 Dear Governor Roland: This is a proposal to increase the speed limits in Connecticut. These speed limits would include both highway and rural limits. Many studies have been conducted by the Nationa
Shitty Blog
Well what can I say but whew im tired.....After being kicked out of my old unit and moved to my new unit and set up for a tour in Iraq....a ray of light is sent to me by my beloved Army....PCS. It seems that I was needed stateside so I grabbed up all my crap and in a blur was able to accomplish this impossible move back to the states. So no Iraq for me and I am out of that shitty unit...and out of germany too...gonna miss that place a little....well im off to bed...or maybe walmart...god i missed that place!!!! WELL IVE FINALY MADE IT TO SSG. MAN IT TOOK AWHILE BUT IM NOT ONE TO GO CHASING RANK...WOOT WOOT. THEN THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL HAPPENED....I HAVE BEEN APART OF THIS UNIT BUILDING IT FROM THE GROUND UP SINCE ITS REACTIVATION IN 2003, TRAINING ALL THE NEW PRIVATES FRESH FROM AIT, ALL THE SOP'S TO BE WRITTEN, AND AIRCRAFT TO BE FIXED. I HAVE BEEN BACK FROM THE "STAN" SINCE MARCH, AND FIND OUT YESTERDAY THAT THE UNIT WANTS TO REPAY ME BY KICKING ME OUT AND OVER TO OUR CRAP ASS SISTER
All I feel is emptyness an endless pit of nothingness I try so hard, but don't seem to get far. I try to get up, but I just get thrown down. An endless battle I wish it would go away. For some reason the pain just wants to stay. I feel I just can't take it anymore, but I've been down that road before. Please someone help me. I'm starting to go insane, all this pain is hurting my brain. I like to write poetry.
Shit That Pisses Me Off!
Sure, the guy was talented, even if he did like to fuck little boys. So what if his face was plastic and he was insane. I'm sure most of that was caused by the beatings and bonings his dad gave him. But why in the hell would LA spend between $2M and $4M of taxpayer dollars to have a funeral for him? That is total bullshit. LA is in the shitter. CA is in the shitter as a whole, but LA is really in the shitter. The entire LA County has massive financial troubles and some group of dickfucks think they should spend $4M on Jackson's funeral. What about fixing the streets? What about hiring more police and fire people? What about getting more school text books? God forbid the ignorant fucks in LA actually learn to read. Whatever group authorized that expenditure should be fired. Michael Jackson was not a public servant. He was not employed by the State or City. He is not "entitled" to a hero's burial. He was a mixed up, confused (albeit very talented), child molesting entertainer. That's it.
Shity Dayz
hello people it's been a while since i was last on lol but yeah to my new friends thanks fro the add hope everybody is doin good well things with me are goin ok things could be better lol but yeah well that's all for now hope to talk to some of you guys out there much luv, ~ashlyn~ =^.^= man today i feel like shit b/c im sick lol but yeah that's about it i need a cig.
Shitty Day
well everyone let me introduce myself my name is loretta from lewistown pa, looking for some friends i am 24 soon too be 25 looking too have a lil fun i just found out about this site so i must say i am new i am into rap/hip hop music and black and spanish guys so if you fit my catagory please chat with me online and i will add you and become your friend too anyone that just wants too chat hit me up ok thanks for your time
Shit Outta Luck
Okay, so that other blog was kind of a trial run. Really, I have nothing personal against either male strippers nor priests ... but then, I'm not exactly a 12 yr. old boy either. Yeah, so I'm new to this whole lost cherry thang ... kinda wonderin' if there's anything better I could be doing with my time (other than fishin of course) at this particular moment ..... SO THERE HE WAAAS ~ 12 YRS. OLD AND STUCK BETWEEN A MALE STRIPPER AND A PRIEST ..... I HATE LIFE.
Shitty Day
Shit , Shit, And More Shit...
Well its that time of year when we all are feeling a lil in the Holiday Spirit... shit I've been back and forth myself!! Hell, I just got my hours cut... Good so I can finally rest, but bad because they did it now before Christmas.. Hello, I have 3 kids, damb Corporations!! Managers are going for that Bigger Bonus so lets cut hours even though in all reality we've done tons of business and should be getting more!! Hell, just the other day I was high-fived for being #1 in Cake sales in the district!! Then they slap me in the face with this!! Oh well, time to go somewhere else!! Anywho, enough of that, like ya all want to know...LOL!!!! But to ALL of my Friends here at CT I Wish You All!! A Wonderful Holiday Season!! Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa!! Did I miss anything??? Tons of Love and Many A Kisses!!!! It's weird how friends come to be in our lives..God seems to send them when we need them the most! Since I was 7 I had a Wonderful Best Friend whom is sti
Shitbag Issues
Time to get on the soap box. I have read many messages on FUBAR this week about honoring those who serve/have served. It involves showing them love on here, putting together a magazine to send out to Soldiers, etc.. These acts, while noble serve little purpose. The FUBAR stuff is a no brainer, it is a webpage, something to pass time and meet diffeerent people. The magazine will not make it forward of a REMF (ask for clarification) sitting at a desk who has access to all things possible. Instead I ask this of you, go to Atlanta or Dallas (if possible), say thank you to the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines coming off the planes. Get involved with one of many groups who already send things to the troops in harms way. (506th Association will ensure my Soldiers get what you send to them). There are hundreds of groups who perform this. But, if unable to do anything else, go lay a wreath on the grave of a fallen troop. Any major city has a veterans cemetary, or has a veterans
I've come to love LC so much. Ok I'm addicted. There are a few things that bug me about this place so instead of throwing rant out on a bulletin I'll keep it here. First WTF is with all the fake profiles???!! Honestly I don't really give a shit who's on top or who's first or who has a family name on the LC I DON'T CARE! I don't give a shit if you rate my profile a 1 or a 10 It's nice to build up points but whatever. I just enjoy bullshitting with people on the LC. Thats what I thought the LC is about building distant friendships. Helping others out. Not bashing on one another for cam whore or blah blah blah that shit gets old. Do me a favor if I go into your profile and rate or comment do the same would ya. The guys on the LC are screwed. We will never compete in points or photos. Why cause a lot of the time it's one sided guys rate the girls and girls just take the guys for granted although were the ones giveing you those 10's to get you to were you are. Lastly BE NICE TO ONE ANO
I MADE A NEW GROUP ON MYSPACE, JOIN IF YOU LIKE my chest STILL hurts, docs STILL dont know why..? One good thing, i have muscle relaxers and FAYGO
I forgot what I was gonna say. Maybe next time!
Shit And Stuff
Poetic Angel wrote this for me. The coolest thing is that she was having writer's block and asked for comments that may inspire her to write. I simply put down some lines about what I've been going through and then she took that and made it something for me, hopefully for herself too. She cheered me up bigtime, and hopefully put a dent in her block. Here's the url to her blog Here's what she wrote..... Out of work and feeling let down people hiring 18 year old clowns smoking way to much feels like im going nuts. the pressure is way to strong dont know if i can go on trying to drink away the pain dont know when i'll work again i dont know where to go from here i may not work the rest of this year but i am searching for a job that suits me and pays well those who wont hire me can go to hell im qulified and have experience too if you dont hire me then fuck you i was looking for a job when i applied here and i'll keep looking
my kitty died tonite and im upset! R.I.P 10/25/06 boots.... u will b missed!
I know I lost alot of friends by not being here for so long.............but I plan to be on here more now. I still dont have my son back.............gawd 2 months is way too long..........but things are finally setteling down for me. I miss you all and can't wait to talk to those I have missed over the last couple months............luv y'all........Kass
Shit Surveys And Quizies
AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19 Ruling Planet: URANUS. The God of unexpected sexual twists and turns Aquarians make much better friends than lovers, but when a typical Aquarian gets some bang-bang, it's more an intellectual experience than an emotional one. Looks aren't important to Aquarians in a relationship, it's the mind and spirit of a lover that turns Aquarius on.They are very entertaining in bed and are probably the most inventive of all the signs.Mental stimulation is more important to them than physical, which means that pornography gets them hot! Aquarians are impatient and like sex to be fast and satisfying. They are very particular about hygiene and contraception and sleeping around holds little interest for them. FAVE POSITION Mutual masturbation. BEST SEX TOY A Dildo. Whether gay, straight, male or female, Aquarians will have some fun with this. AQUARIUS MALE IN BED He has amazing staying power in the sack. He can keep at it and control himself for as long as
Shit Happens
Choices, they are what every person lives by, they may be good or bad. At the time you may think it's one of the greatest things ever but it might not have been such a great decision in the end. However you made the decision. so take it as a learning point in life, I know I've made a lot of stupid decisions, but when you learn to live with them and don't give people the chance to make you feel bad about it...It's a lot better ! I must say, people these days they really enjoy entertaining their guests...even if it involves hurting another human being. It doesn't matter if you did something or not, they make things up or just bring things up from years ago...yes I must say I am a victim of having a black friend had a party and decided to do all of these things..entertain, bring things up from the past, and make things up...Well I must say I am proud to be a source of entertainment when I didn't try to fight back :)
Shitty Feeling
Shit That Pisses Me Off!
What the hell is wrong with this picture? In the last 24 hours I have posted 15 bulletins. Would you beleive that, out of all 15, only 7 even got read. Am I that lame that nobody reads my shit? Please tell me if I am! I can take it, i'm a big boy. Maybe it's because I don't have a gazilloin friends on my lists. I thought most of the people on my friends list WERE my friends but I guess not. Special thanks to Peek, DreamFeathers, and~♥~Tash's Angel Eyes~♥~ for reading a couple of my bulletins. They can ask anyting of me and i'll be glad to help them. Everyone else PISS OFF!!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me vent Jimmy J. My stupid ass cell phone won't charge unless the phone is turned on. Now my battery is so fucking dead it won't stay on. UGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! I am so fucked up with my phone turned off! And I just got the damn thing last week! The most obvious solution would be to take it back, right? NO,I can't do that. I am stuck about an
Shit That Pisses Me Off!
I'm fucking sick and tired of having my feelings thrown around like a goddamn ragdoll by someone, and then turn around and respect theirs in return. THAT'S BULLSHIT!!!! I will not stand for this crap anymore. I'm tired of being the punchline in people's SICK practical jokes. If you wanna be my friend awesome, be my guest. If you're a girl and you say you want to start a relationship with me, double awesome, I'm looking for that certain someone to complete me. But DON'T say that then do the fucking opposite of it, you'll have nothing to gain from it but a REALLY PISSED OFF SIN! Like it says on my profile, I love each and every one of my friends, BUT if they wanna doublecross me, then i'll forget every single good thought, every last amazing memory, and they'll get nothing from me. NOTHING! And THAT'S how I fucking roll! I'm sick and fucking tired of all these girls who are only bisexual just to get attention from people. You know the ones i'm talking about: the ones iwho in every other
Shit No One Cares About...
Okay, I have a confession...I'm not very sexy....if you have seen my photots, you already know this. I'm a real guy....a regular dude with normal problems, and a regular life...., I'm not a dude who would normally put naked or questionable pix on the net, but here, I really don't care. I may just get crazy, and post something along with all you brave people... I've met some really brave people on this site. If you think my site is boring compared to the others, I agree...Just give me some time, I'm trying to talk myself into it... Okay, I've been surfing this thing for two weeks now, and I have a few observations...First, I need some nude photos of scary as that sounds, if you don't have pix of your shit, no one cares...okay, I'll work on that..It is comforting that people on CT don't need to be necessarily attractive, at least in the classic sense, to be naked...That's a good thing...Also, it is near impossible to find someone you're looking for on this thing...I've got a
Shit I Wrote
facts about sex. you know wanna know Men: 1) 94% of men lie about their penis size. According to condom manufacturers, only 6% of men use extra large condoms. 2) The average man is 5 inches long when erect (no matter what you have heard ladies, that's the truth). 3) 80% of American men are circumsized. Even though Pediatrics say it is not necessary. 4) No matter what all the ads say, nothing can make your penis grow but time (most men reach the end of their growth by the early 20's) 5) There is no correlation between penis size and shoe size, hand size, or nose size. 6) Blue balls does exist! It's technically called "prostatic congestion." 7) Only 16% of men shave their privates. +Some stuff on the ladies+ ------------------------------ 1) Only 9% of women around the globe consider themselves "attractive" (20% of British women do). 43% of women use the term "natural", 24% say they have "average" looks, 8% prefer the term "feminine", 7% say they are "good loo
Shit Happens
Sorry hate to go all Oprah on you but really want to see my hubby again his already served three months in jail and here it is nearly christmas and our kids are really hurting for their daddy,just wondering if anyone that reads this beleaves in the power of pray,and if so would they please say one for my family as we head towards his court date where we find out weather he will be released or not for christmas,must admit been living for this day for so long now,come the 18th of december we will finally know if his going to be home for christmas or not.Our baby sons first christmas i know all he would want is to see his daddy and get to know him,and not sure how i'll handle it if he doesn't come home!!! Well here we are in the christmas, new year period again and every year i say its going to be a better year the next year but it always ends up being worse then the last.Due to the events in the past seven years in my life i have come to exspect nothing of the new year maybe then i will
Shit When Im Bored!
ok so i watched her on flav's show and how she got dissed there...then i watched i love new york and once again her ass got dissed there...NOW they go and do yet another stupid show with her on it and you have all these damn stupid men on the net around the world trying to be on the damn show! now tell me it just to be on tv or do you all find her attractive? cuz i dont think she is all that pretty, and not cuz she is thin and rich..i just dont know what all the hype is about....i have friends on my list sending out all these damn bulletins about go vote for me on the i love new york 2 website...hell no i will not go and vote for you!!!! you gonna look like a stupid fool if your ass actually gets on there and then she downgrades you in front of the entire world!!!! and what do you honestly think will come out of any of it? i just think its all stupid! I am in school to get my accounting degree, and in the one class that I am taking we have to do a research paper. Well
ok im so fucking bored nothing to do today when none of my family want to even see me on christmas so again i guess ill be spending it alone hey i have new pics in the me and family album so rate them and comment them please if you havent already ok for any of you fuckers who care ill be checking into rehab tomorrow so what i want from my true friends is to pray for me and hopefully i can get this monkey off my back
Shit You Might Want To Know About Me
Shit Happens
Well, another set of tasks for another ungodly pointless day has been brought upon me. If anyone finds a way to delete the sun, let me know (and yes, I've tried doing it from DOS and the Unix Command Line, niether have worked so far). Boredom continues to harsh my mellow as always, in conjunction with this forsaken city... But that's another story. Anyway, enough with the morose crap. I have a serious question. If there's anyone out there who knows a way to get divorced quickly and cheaply, let me know. My ex and I are currently stuck while trying to get divorced. The year was up on the second of this month, and the lawyer I had bailed on the initial "pay by month" plan we had set up. This sent me on a search for a new way, preferably under $500. My ex is getting impatient, and I have no clue where to turn now. I'm talking to another lawyer today, but it's not looking too great. Lemme know something if you have an idea. Beyond that, I gotta say something. For a straig
Shit That Pisses Me Off. Lol
WTF do you people want? I know what you don't want, honesty and you don't want lies either...Am i missing sumthin is there some gray area of 1/2 truths and partial lies i'm not privy to. Here's wat went down. I'm goin thru the CT rating stuff (pix, stashes, blogs, etc.) like was intended. 1/2 the time i don't even bother looking @ pix. people don't want your honest feedback on em. so i give them a hollow 10 and move on. not 5 mins later i get a message in the shout box...(ver batem) "you know i'm a man right! i scroll over the name to see the pic, because i honestly did not know. as it turns out it was infact correct. it was a man. but b4 i could respond he said "r u gay?) now here i am trying 2 fig out y that would make a diff. (I am not btw) "ewwwww!" end of conversation. i ask all reading this, (guy/girls) does it make a diff? should it? im self aware enough and secure enough in my "precious manhood" to understand beauty and attraction in all ppl. (m/f) i get it. i understand y men
Shit I Wrote
that thin edge theres always that thin edge to ride on theres always that thin edge to bide on and when you cross that edge bad things can happen blades can fly and things can happen blood can spill befor you can take a grasp on reality but what is reality when all we have is that thin edge that we ride on © Gage Shewmaker suicide as the blade goes till there was nothing within you lie on the floor in front of frind that you hold close within till the pian grows more as your blood spills out the fears go out and the life that you new is no more © Gage Shewmaker love hurts roses are red voiltes are blue no one loves you as much as i do as we get into fights and nothing goes right all i can think about is that one specil night where every thing wass perfict and every thing was true but now your gone forever and i still love you but now the music stops and i am at the end all i need in this world is that one true friend but as the blood spills and the room goes
Shitty Day
so.... work today was okay.. i was excited all day cause i was supposed to see Sylvia and Lily today after work...we were going to go to the park... so i got jazmin also.. then shit hit the fan... jazmin started being a brat as soon as we got to my house... then sylvia flaked... so i went to the VFW and sat there bored for like 2 hours... then i went to go see ryan (last night me and ryan got into an arguement cause he wouldnt stop saying rude comments to me (even if he was joking.. it still hurt.. btw- ryan is a guy i WAS talking to) the whole time we were at his dads house yesterday)... and to see if he would apologize for yesterday.. which he didnt do.. i even told him that he should say sorry.. and all he said was "would it make a difference" and i said "yeah... it would make a huge difference" and then he walked away and never said anything. So... mom(Patty) and Ernie (her new bf) invited me Jazmin, Sandy, and Ryan to go out to dinner. So i was putting Jazmin in the car and th
so yeah this is just a random blog... filled with random shit... yup... so heres a statement for you to ponder... if from the lips of babes comes pearls of wisdom... then from the lips of angles comes clods of shit... and yeah i already know that im going to hell... ive been going there for a while now... and when i finally get there... im going to take it over... and if for some reason i dont get to hell and i go to heaven ill try and take that shit over to... hehehehe... yep
Of being made to feel like shit..I'm tired of being treated like it too. I'm tired of being so emotional and crying every fuckin night because of something someone says or does. I'm tired of people getting pissed AT me for doing the same things they did TO me. I'm tired of not being happy..not all the time..not most of the time..just wanna be happy sometimes. I'm tired of not being able to talk to a certain friend of mine that I used to talk to all night every night. I'm tired of having to convince people all the time. I'm tired of wondering who's gonna snap next. I'm tired of double standards. I'm tired of having thoughts that go through my head. I am just so fucking tired..I'm going to bed now.
wheres all these peps at that u know actually talk?
The Shit Youve Been Waiting 4
Anyone interested???Here Take a look at the work, Backgrounds for all images can be made any color. SweetZ ¢Ó Juggalo Mafia ¢Ó ¢¾ Thugday1's CT Wife ¢¾@ CherryTAP Here is some of my work. If you would like me to make something for you please feel free to let me know. I will need to know everything you would like the image to say. For Backgrounds and other images to be added in to photo I will need to know your interests and will have you IM me on yahoo. I also can make morphs if anyone is interested in one. They are kinda outta style now, but I can still make them, all I need is the 2 photos that is wanted in the morph. Feel Free to message me and let me know what you want and please leave your yahoo messenger ID so I can IM you for information for your Image. Do you find yourself sitting online with nothing to do? Do you sometimes wish there was somewhere to hang out with your wang out? (yea that was cheesey, i dont give a f
Shit By Teh Phoenix/teh Jesus
Memories get clouded by perceptions of a false reality every second seeming longer than the last your life moves on encircling my pathetic phalicy i long to walk beside you together hand in hand i dream of you next to me on beaches of black sand i look into the mirror shattered like my dreams but the person staring back just isn't me is love so blinding that we can't tell that every waking tragedy breeds hell? the divinity of your voice fuels my every nightmare and just looking at your picture puts me there i look into the mirror shattered like my dreams but the person staring back just isn't me is love so blinding that we can't tell that our every waking tragedy breeds hell? but what is real? dreams or perceptions? this lusty epitaph further signaling the ending of my questions the cross-breed from dark hearted souls attempted healing by apothecaric fools they don't even know me how can they say? why i picture your emblazoned face each day? i
Shit! Check It Out!
table border='0' cellpadding='5' cellspacing='0' width='600'> You scored as Passion. You are very passionate whether that passion is good or evil has yet to be determined. You have great power over others and they seem to flock to your service. You are very competative almost to a fault. Perhaps you should let someone else win for a change?Passion83%Mysterious58%Diamond Eyes58%Eyes full of Pain58%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with You scored as Stabbed. You will die from being stabbed. Yay. Stabbed87%Eaten73%Suicide67%Natural Causes60%Poison
Shits On My Mind
aight imma speak it real, im tired of all these games. some people still stay on that high school mentality, why sit there and put up a front?? that shit just does not make any sence. just be you, if you have something to say say it, dont bit your tongue!! cheating/playas ... yo seriously why would u tell your wifey/hubby that you love them and this and that, but yet u still trickin? why lie? why be soo fake? if your not ready for a relationship, then dont get into one. why break someones heart just because you weren't ready and couldnt handle the realness. if you just want to be crushing then do you, aint no one stoppin you, but to do it on the side cuz u want to have that special someone and also tricks on the side. yo that shit is soooo nasty. what if u catch something and u pass it ova to that one person you supposeddly "love"? why have kids with someone your not going to be with? why bring them into this world and suffer? seriously think about it. i think it's soooo sa
Life is Death BODY +kisson the stomach? I'm ready +kiss on the forehead? I hpoe we are together forever. +kiss on the ear? Your my everything. +kiss on the cheek? We're friends. +kiss on the hand? I adore you. +Kiss on the neck? We belong together. +kiss on the shoulder? I want you. +kiss on the lips? I LOVE YOU.
Shit Happens
The cardiac test went well. In fact I opted for no meds to knock me out so I could see the pictures. It's a trip to be awake while someone slides a tube from your groin to your heart LOL The doctor couldn't believe what he saw. My arteries were perfect and their were no blockages or plaques and the heart was 100% Considering my cholesterol was 486 and my triglycerides were 2740! All the nurses thought the numbers were typos LOL Anyway I passed with flying colors and after the wound heals I will be back to full speed, so if you want pics done by me, messgae and we can do them :) Thanks to all who prayed or held good thoughts for me! It worked :) I love my friends Just to fill some people in....I am sure there will be less than 10 that ever see this, but it's more for me anyway. For years I was the kind of guy that smoked too much and ate the fat off the end of the steak. Although I was never a fast food junkie, my eating habits always sucked and my stress levels were al
Shit Happens
Well this is my first blog. Trying it out. This is why i call it shit happens. First of all I have been Iraq for a year and just got back in November. Then I file for divorce from an idiot in November to have it finalized in January. That was great. My boyfriend moved in with me and my 3 kids at the end of November. So needless to say November was really busy. December rolls around and my ex decides that he is going to stay around for a week instead of the 2 days that he said. Fucker. On top of this I am dealing with 3 kids and ex-husband and my boyfriends ex. Then in January i go to deal with my ex-husband and we end up rolling our Dodger truck. We get the truck fixed and we are home and the house catches on fire. Its just an electrical fire but damn. Then two weeks later we get the call that now we got his son. Thats no problem he is just like one of my own. I love him just the same. Then the other day I get a call that i got a water leak that used 50,000 gallons of wat
Shit That Pisses Me Off!
Can someone tell me why in the hell do girls go for guys who don't give a shit? I am sick and fucking tired of being crap on by all these damn girls who want to be with guys who don't give a shit about them. I am tired of fucking stupid ass excuse that they give me and then turn around and hook up someone else. You know what I am really starting to hate women big time because of all this shit. It's going to take one hell of a woman to make me change my mind because of right now I swearing off women for good.
Shit Fuck
what the fuck my fucking name wont fuckin change and itm is really starting to piss me off if snyone would like to help then be my guest cuz i cant figure this shit out so ya............... well i figured it out one day and now itss fixed so ya........ DID U EVER WANT TO DO SOMETHIMG JUST TO DO IT?
Shit Happens
SHIT HAPPENS in various world religions TAOISM: Shit happens. CONFUCIANISM: Confucius say, "Shit happens". ZEN: (What is the sound of shit happening?) JESUITISM: If shit happens and when nobody is watching, is it really shit? ISLAM: Shit happens if it is the will of Allah. COMMUNISM. Equal shit happens to all people. CATHOLICISM: Shit happens because you are bad. PSYCHOANALYSIS: Shit happens because of your toilet training. SCIENTOLOGY: Shit happens if you're on our shit list. ZOROASTRIANISM: Bad shit happens, and good shit happens. UNITARIANISM: Maybe shit happens. Let's have coffee and donuts. RIGHT-WING PROTESTANTISM: Let this shit happen to someone else. JUDAISM: Why does shit always happen to US? REFORM JUDAISM: Got any Kaopectate? MYSTICISM: What weird shit! AGNOSTICISM: What is this shit? ATHEISM: I don't believe this shit! NIHILISM: Who needs this shit? AZTEC: Cut out this shit
Shit Happens
Yea so get this. You guys know what I am talking about, the dreaded issue of falling for some hot guy that ultimately fucks ya all which a ways up. I figured hell why not, I am laid back, easy to get along with, very simple, I'll give it a go. So I take the plunge with no intention on coming up for air, and what does the little shit do? Well what else, the cliche of cheating oh how tragically poetic. Yea, in short, moral of the story is this, better to be alone and miserable that with someone and miserable. Cheers!
This is my first Blog. Yeah. Interesting site.
Shit Aint Right!!!
It may take you two minutes to read this, but if you do not take the time to read this you are one of the people this post is talking about. ---------------------------------------------------- You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. ____________________ ______ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________
Shitheads Who Think Rateing People A 1 Is Better Then Keeping The Peace
Shit In My Head
Why is it that guys (and girls) take so much time making you like them, making you feel special, and even telling you they love then when you finally do, they tuck their tail between their legs and run like little kids... Why is it that they even waste their time? Is there some big thrill in breaking someone's heart? Why lie, why hurt someone that genuinely has feelings for you...feelings that YOU made sure they have? I'm sorry that i bought you roses to tell you that i like you I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not an asshole I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with y
Shit Happens!
Shit I Blog About
Today is so gloomy and I love it! Past couple days have been hell and it' s nice to get an ice cold shower from the heavens to cool my jets. Well.....just came to write some waste of time lines and see how much of you actually come read my crap!!! Hehe....round of applause for those who do! Wow... I am officially single! So.... single, 20 year old, woman into; s&m, metal, musicians and art. phone number 1-800 lets-cum I'm totally shitting you. GOD, I FUCKING HATE MOSQUITOS..... THERE'S SHITLOADS OUT THIS YEAR! THEY JUST KEEP GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER AND KEEP COMING BACK WITH MORE NUMBERS...OH MY GOOODD! HAHA....CHRIST MAN, BLACK FLIES.....SAND FLIES...HORSE FLIES.... I'M....I'M GETTING EATEN ALIVE! THE HORNETS AND BUMBLE BEES ARE PRETTY MONSTROUS TOO. I HATE BUG BITES! :(
Shit Government Dont Want You To Know
May 12, 2007, 12:31AM Senators to work overtime on immigration compromise By NICOLE GAOUETTE Los Angeles Times TOOLS Email Get section feed Print Subscribe NOW Comments Recommend WASHINGTON — In a last-ditch attempt to avoid a bipartisan stalemate on immigration reform, senators plan to negotiate through the weekend to try to forge a long-elusive compromise. The negotiators are working against a Wednesday deadline set by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., for a vote that will determine whether the Senate will begin debate on immigration or not. With House leaders insisting that senators must take the lead on the controversial issue, the Senate's failure to move forward next week could derail hopes of overhauling the nation's immigration laws at all this year. The weekend talks come after two months of intense negotiations involving a bipartisan group of senators and two Cabinet secretaries that still have not yielded a compromise. To push both sides tow
My whole  life ive never been  good enough .......  ....the  fat  girl  who never  fit in  at school  because  she  was into  wierd stuff  then i was the wifey  who was the  stupid bitch  that never let him do anything  ....... no more feels so good to have some one tell you  they think your beautiful and know that they  really  think  it . I said, ?You're all that I have and you're all that I need"Each and every day I pray to get to know you pleaseI want to be close to you, yes, I'm so hungryYou're like water for my soul when it gets thirstyWithout you there's no me, you're the air that I breatheSometimes the world is dark and I just can't seeWith these demons surround all around to bring me down to negativityBut I believe, yes I believe, I said, ?I believe?I'll stand on my own two feet, won't be brought down on one kneeI'll fight with all of my might and get these demons to fleeHashem's rays fire blaze burn bright and I believeHashem's rays fire blaze burn bright an
Shitty Day
Wow.... you know, somedays it just isnt worth chewing through the ropes to get out of the house some days..... Im usually ALWAYS nice to people and really dont ever give them a reason to be rude or ignorant or hateful to me.... Id bend over backwards to help most anyone, and even more for people I know and or care about.... Yet and still, I get shit on, walked all over and all of that good shit, I may as well be a fuckin floor mat..... I dont really get like this ever but every once in a great while you have one of those days.... and today is that day for me anyone else know how it goes? you can imagine how I fuckin feel right? Probably a pointless rant that nobody will read cuz most dont care but... oh well
The Shit
914304@ CherryTAP
Shit Thats On My Mind!
Shit I Really Wanted To Do This
i wanted to put my puss on here but it wont let me and thats not cool. can anyone tell me how to put mobile pictures on here? please!!! xoxox
Theres some shit that i have to express theres some stuff that i need to get off of my chest i dont know what is going on but i do understand that i have some problems of my own. i feel for someone that i cant be with that i know will never give me the love i want i wish i could feel that love that i deserve but i will never know what i want ..
Shitty Demos or You Are An INTP The Thinker You are analytical and logical - and on a quest to learn everything you can. Smart and complex, you always love a new intellectual challenge. Your biggest pet peeve is people who slow you down with trivial chit chat. A quiet maverick, you tend to ignore rules and authority whenever you feel like it. In love, you are an easy person to fall for. But not an easy person to stay in love with. Although you are quite flexible, you often come off as aloof or argumentative. At work, you are both a logical and creative thinker. You are great at solving problems. You would make an excellent mathematician, programmer, or professor. How you see yourself: Creative, fair, and tough-minded When other people don't get you, they see you as: arrogant, cold, and robotic What's Your Personality Type?
Shit That Irritates Me....
OK, I guess I'm officially "addicted" to Cherry Tap. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing...I've made some really cool friends already! But with the good comes the not-so-good, and even that isn't so bad...but it's irritating. What am I talking about? Well...there's a few trends on CT that I've noticed, and they really irritate the shit outta me. They aren't earth-shattering, and more than a few of you are probably rolling your eyes already, but it's MY blog so eff you if you don't like it! #1. Phony, bait-and-switch profile photos. What the fuck is wrong with you people!? Do you really need to achieve self-worth, gratification, and self-assertion in this world by luring people to your page to hopefully get a "fan" or a "rate" this way? I love seeing a pic of some sweet young thang, and clicking it to see "her" page and maybe some naughty pics...only to find a 55 year-old with her teeth in a jar next to her!!"Fan" you? Ha! Eff you! Here's a tip...people appreciate hon
Shitty People!
Shitty Service
Tonight my daughter and I were out for a ride. And I was craving Mexican food. I decided to go to a local resturant that has been around since I was kid. But I had yet to eat there. Well after being there for 5 minutes I now know I will NEVER eat there. I ran into some friends there and they asked us to join them. So we asked the waiter if he would bring over an extra table. After about 5 minutes he comes back and tells me they don't want to move another table over. But we can have the first available table. The kid n I turned around and walked out. So then we putt over to El Torito since my kid loves looking at the boats in the harbor. Well apperantly it was special ed waitress night. She didn't know if she was coming or going. She forgets my drink. Takes of to refill it and comes back 15 minutes later. Forgets to bring out my plate an tortillas for my Fajitas. And charges me for extra tortillas. After paying and leaving her about half of what I would have tipped for good service. I s
Omg cant handle work after drinking all day yesterday. hella tired. just shitty in general..
Shit Happens!!!!!!!!!!!
Shit That Leaks Out Of My Brain...
Hmm...I'm 24...24...I thought by now I'd have some stuff done but I don't. However I am in the process. I am saving money to buy a house. I am back to working on my art to start an apprenticeship. I am doing more photography which says a lot, I stopped doing it for years. I guess I was in a weird mood for a long time. I don't know what was wrong with me but I finally feel a little normal. Now all I need is a vehicle...oh wait I'll have one in a matter of days. So I just need to get that second job in place and that will keep me out of trouble. Today is my birthday and all I have planned is helping my mom make and decorate my own birthday cake, and eventually going out to dinner. Everyone is giving me money...whoopie. I wanted a something to unwrap damn it! I'm a princess...fuck that I'm the queen and I wanted a damned box with unrecycled paper on it that I can rip off and throw in the trash can, only to open with some crap in it. Is that too much to ask? Revenge on your
Shit That Pisses Me Off
well i found out i hurt my knee alot more than i thought i did, i got a damn good chance i wont be able to ride or race anymore.i dont know what im going to do if i cant ride,i guess i lost the last thing that truly makes me happy. raceing was everything to me,i live for it or better yet, i race to live, to feel alive you know.but now that spark is gone, why is everything i love taken from me, is this my choosen path, or did i bring it on myself, ill ask the lord when i can i guess. its always hard to give up what you love, but i guess this is my battle that i have to fight alone. raceing is my life, raceing is who i am, no, i am the will inside every racer just begging to come out. thats all for now i swear nobody has worse luck with cell phone like me, i bet i had more than 30. something fucks up with it or i just destroy it myself, i got this phone now i got from a friend and i know he was nice to this thing from day one , i mean its like 600 bucks for this thing, well he gets a new
so i completely forgot about this site!!!!its been about 6-7 months i think since i been on here but ima try to keep up with it now so hit me up and let me know how everyones doin. late jorge why are people such pussies!!! i wrote some mumms and because people dont agree with me they flag my shit nsfw. what bitches!!! whats up everyone, so im going to halloween horror nights with my girlfriend tonite and its gonna be awesome!!! we rarely get to go out without the baby with us so tonite is our to bve in orlando and have fun!!! I LOVE YOU BECKY!!!
Shit Happens
You know you're from New Jersey when... You don't think of fruit when people mention "The Oranges". You know that it's called Great Adventure, not Six Flags. A good, quick breakfast is a hard roll with butter. You've known the way to Seaside Heights since you were seven. You've eaten at a Diner, when you were stoned or drunk, at 3a.m. You know that the state isn't one big oil refinery. At least three people in your family still love Bruce Springsteen and you know the town Jon Bon Jovi is from. You know what a "jug handle" is. You know that WaWa is a convenience store. You know that the state isn't all farmland. You know that there are no "beaches" in New Jersey -there's the shore and you don't go to the shore, you go "down the Shore". And when you are there, you're not "at the shore", you are "down the Shore". You know how to properly negotiate a Circle. You knew that the last sentence had to do with driving. You know that this is the only "New
Shit List
The Shit
I am on, or have been on several social networking sites and I've noticed a number of different trends that overall, are across the board on all of these types of sites. Whether it's myspace, fubar or bangme, here are the things that I find so completely unoriginal, shallow and/or just plain corny. 1. The homemade pictures using just keyboard strokes. Know what I'm talking about? Like if I put a bazillion (yeah, that's an actual amount, I swear)#'s on this line, and then a half a gazillion %'s on the next line, it will make a creation that looks like a humongous penis. Ok, props to whoever had the ingenuity and creativity to create those things originally, but to those who put them on EVERYONE'S profile page, knock it off! They're getting to be stupid, and people don't like you anymore because of it! Were you a cheap-ass that just copied and pasted it, or are you that socially retarded that you spent an entire afternoon putting it on someone's page? Either way, cut the umb
Shit Faces!!!
Shit From My Mind
Shit Happens
I'm sure that upon reading this, you'll nod your head in agreement as you will all have experienced most, if not all of the scenarios listed. If you haven't you need more fiber..... The Perfect Dump Every once in a while everyone experiences the perfect dump. It's rare but a real thing of beauty. You sit down expecting the worse, but what you get is a smooth sliding, fart-less masterpiece that breaks the water with the splash-less grace of an Olympic high-diving champion. You use the toilet tissue to find that it was totally unnecessary. It makes you feel that all is right in the world and that you are in perfect harmony with it. The Beer Dump Nasty! Depends upon the dumper's tolerance and is the result of too many beers - doesn't matter if it was 2 or 22. What you get is a sinister, lengthy, noisy dump accompanied by an odious malevolent fog that could close the bathroom for days. Naked flames are ill advised..... The Chili Dump (aka The Japanese Flag) Hot wh
THE MOST FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH WORD Well, it's shit ... that's right, shit! Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language. Consider: You can get shit-faced, Be shit-out-of-luck, Or have shit for brains. With a little effort, you can get your shit together, find a place for your shit, or be asked to shit or get off the pot. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit. Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between shit and shineola. There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits. There is bull shit, horse shit, and chicken shit. You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit, or duck when the shit hits the fan. You can give a shit or serve shit on a shingle. You can find yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit. Some days are colder than shit, some days are hotter than shit, and some days are just plain sh
Shit !!!
>The Most Functional English Word>HOPE THIS MAKES YOU SMILE>>THE MOST >FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH WORD>>Well, it's shit ... that's right, shit!>Shit may >just be the most functional word in the English language.>>Consider:>You >can get shit-faced, Be shit-out-of-luck, Or have shit for brains.>>With a >little effort, you can get your shit together, find a place for your >shit, >or be asked to shit or get off the pot.>>You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell >shit, lose shit, find shit, forget>shit, and tell others to eat shit.>>Some >people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between > >shit and shineola.>>There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits. >?There is bull shit, >horse shit, and chicken shit.>>You can throw shit, >sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit, or duck when >the shit hits the >fan.>> You can give a shit or serve shit on a shingle.>>You can find >yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit.>>Some days
Shit 2 Remember
1. Faith is the ability to not panic. 2. If you worry, you didn't pray. If you prayed, don't worry. 3. As a child of God, prayer is kinda like calling home every day. 4. Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape. 5. When we get tangled up in our problems, be still. God wants us to be still so He can untangle the knot. 6. Do the math. Count your blessings. 7 God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts. 8. Dear God: I have a problem. It's me. 9. Silence is often misinterpreted, but never misquoted. 10. Laugh every day -- it's like inner jogging. 11. The most important things in your home are the people. 12. Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional. 13. There is no key to happiness. The door is always open. Come on in. 14. A grudge is a heavy thing to carry. 15. He who dies with the most toys is still dead. 16. We do not remember days, but moments. Life moves too fast, so enjoy your precious moments.
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Shit And More Shit
ok so here i sit in downtown waiting for nate to get off work ... so bored... just wish i actually had a good paying job so we can get internet .... so heres whats going on ..... my job at spirit halloween is fucking me over big time!!! The bitch of a boss finally put me on for more days...( only 4 this coming week) ..still only getting paid 7.25 an hour when everyone else is getting 7.35 me and my friend candi are the only ones... plus... found out that my boss hates me with a passion... (dont know what i did to her pregnat ass) but yet.... everything else seems to be looking up for me .. im still alive.. im eating somewat healthy... and cut back on smokes... but... for the weed thats still a consant!!!!!!!!!!! Well i must be going.. till next time stay up down and all around MCL V
Shit Is A 4 Letter Word //
THE MOST FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH WORD ... Body: Well, it's shit ... that's right , shit! Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit. Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between shit and shineola. There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits. There is bull shit, horse shit, and chicken shit. You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit, or duck when the shit hits the fan. You can give a shit or serve shit on a shingle. You can find yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit. Some days are colder than shit, some days are hotter than shit, and some days are just plain shitty. Some music sounds like shit, things can look like shit, and there are times when you feel like shit. You can have too much shit, not enough shit, the right shit, the wrong shit or a
the fact that after almost who fuckin knows how many years marijuana is not legal im mean come on everyone has either smoked it at one point or ate it or smelled it or saw it or thought about smoking it who gives a fuck huh almost every single nation oin this planet has legalized that sweet mary jane at one point or the other so why dont we have the freedom to choose to smoke that sweet mary jane if we wanted to or not now i know what your think its a "gateway drug" yeah well if you think that then fuck you you know what is a gateway drug friends yeah you know thats right who was that person who gave you that first hit of x? not your local drug dealer it was infact a friend who you dont talk to that often then after that they offer you coke and zll sorts of shit well that ends my rant i think that this could be a widely discussed topic thank you and have a nice day. oh if yoou really want to bitch at my grammer issuses i dont give a fuck
Shit Happens
# Taoism: Shit happens. # Confucianism: Confucius say, "Shit happens." # Buddhism: If shit happens, it isn't really shit. # Zen Buddhism: Shit is, and is not. # Zen Buddhism #2: What is the sound of shit happening? # Hinduism: This shit has happened before. # Islam: If shit happens, it is the will of Allah. # Islam #2: If shit happens, kill the person responsible. # Islam #3: If shit happens, blame Israel. # Catholicism: If shit happens, you deserve it. # Protestantism: Let shit happen to someone else. # Presbyterian: This shit was bound to happen. # Episcopalian: It's not so bad if shit happens, as long as you serve the right wine with it. # Methodist: It's not so bad if shit happens, as long as you serve grape juice with it. # Congregationalist: Shit that happens to one person is just as good as shit that happens to another. # Unitarian: Shit that happens to one person is just as bad as shit that happens to another. # Lutheran: If shit happens, don't talk about it. #
juat wanted to say hi to the just me if u like cool if not anything u want to no just ask.....
I could never tell you How much you truely mean to me But I don't know what's real And what's a fantasy In one hand I have all I need In another I have a splendid dream Though while with you it just feels right But once alone I get uptight Wonderin if I'll ever let myself see How much I mean to you And scared to let you in on How much you mean to me Everyday more and more My heart wants to open And absorb All thats inside feels so true But questioning thoughts keep pourin thru This jaded mind of mine Im so afraid to let you in show you How much I truely care for you Lost within myself I wonder whats real And whats fantasy (do I dare live out this splendid dream)
MyHotComments We chase misprinted lies We face the path of time And yet I fight, and yet I fight This battle all alone No one to cry to No place to call home My gift of self is raped My privacy is raked And yet I find, yet I find Repeating in my head If I can't be my own I'd feel better dead MyHotComments
Shit You Need To Read
I scream for help, but no one hears. Is it true? This world doesn't care? They hide their lives by feeding your fears. I scream for help " Where are you? Where!?" Dry, cold, lifeless shell. Internally, externally full of tears. Cruelty for cruelty, Pain for pain. Happiness and joy, this flesh tomb restrains. A question asked to unmask fraud, with this life given to me is there really a God? Drugs hide pain, tears covered by rain All hope is forgotten in this lost girl gone rotten. That's all I have. Let me know what you think please. Vote to legalize marijuana, CNN today, Obama will consider with 1 million votes. Call 973-409-3274 listen!!! then press # "Hello, my name is Michael. I am an intern with RH Brands in Atlanta, Ga. We manage a portfolio of hundreds of humorous hotlines that you may be familiar with such as The Rejection Hotline, Psychiatric Hotline, It Could Always Suck More, and Call to Santa. you can find out more at Today,
Shit Happens
So many times I feel like i am being cheated out of things and life in general. Everquest takes a whole lot of my night time up and finding someone there to share that experiance with is just impossible. But it seems as i have feared that everyone one on the Net.. Eq or otherwise is so utterly fake and unreal with anything they say. It is sad really to think that there isn't one real person left in life. GOd I wish there was. krystinah
Dear all, am now signing off for the night and thought that I might do so leaving you with the following for your consideration which just might be...THE MOST UNIVERSAL AND FUNCTIONAL WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE... WHAT IS IT... ??? (HOPEFULLY THIS WILL MAKE YOU SMILE).... Well, it's SHIT ... that's right, SHIT ! Shit may just be the most functional and universally employed word in the English language. Why ??? Because,,, You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and maybe even tell others to eat shit. On the other hand, some people "know their shit," while others "can't tell the difference between shit and shineola." There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits. There also is bullshit, horseshit, and chickenshit. You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot-the-shit, and/or duck when the shit hits-the-fan. You can also give-a-shit and/or serve shit-on-a-shingle. You can find yourself i
Shitty Shitty
~~~~~~~~~~~~~FOR ENTERNITY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sometimes late at night i lay awake and watch you sleep, peacefully gazing at you while you gently dream, have i told you lately that i ultimately love you, have i told you that i get a short of breath when i lovingly touch you, if i shall pass and cant tell you no more how i feel, will you always remember that my love was sincerely real, will you always remember the times that we beautifully shared, the jokes we made the smiles we gave the road of love we paved, if you have too face this world alone will you think of me often, will you smile and get a chill when i get a thought in, i promise to leave you a BLUE rose when i leave, desperately missing and loving you for all my eternity, if tomorrow never comes for me.. allow me to tell you your my queen, ill tell you all of this one hour when you awake from your dream, i promise to always avoid that one circumstance and never let my self get a second
Shit Written By Me
Discontent comes into play. I pray for forgiveness, but this never comes my way. Why the fuck do I pray? Deranged they say I am, I am insane just as they say. I can change, but Ill refrain and stay just as enraged as I am. Distant in memory Created integrity Faults of instability Cremated ashes of insecurity. This is whats made from me; Distant memories of integrated, insecure, instabilities interfering with the creation of creativity. With the thoughts of a blasphemer I stayed away from her No better than them, but I can pretend I am...(cuz I am) An I am deranged as they say I am insane just like they say I am I wont change I will refrain Just to stay as enraged as I am. The sun sets different around me. The rain falls on my face and I embrace the way you looked at me. Difference is the way it all should seem, but when I come to face the failures in front of me…I seem to seize the moments when I was on top of it all. The leaves fall around me and I am
So, Thursday night, I got to go to Heinz Field in Pittsburgh for the Silver Ticket Tour Party! It was fuckin awesome! Lots and lots of FREE Coors lite stuff and I got to meet Rocky Blier...and I even got to wear four out of the five Steelers Super Bowl Rings! YEP...They were on my hand! Got a bunch of shit autographed too! There were 7 people in our group and we all had a blast!
Yea...I put it up and it spit out 2 songs....well I'll get back on it....I think I wrote thate song ??? yea that was V N B days ..if you know me you know!!!But I will update the fuckin player.... We have been some good slots on the next two acts.....DVD & Thedownside @ nbt 28th dec.. their returne to the tavern!......COLUMBIA'S HOTTEST TATTOO CONTEST (1st Annual) DVD & Neverbetter @ Headliners 25th jan 08! Both showes will be somthing to rember.........And both showes have more than one killer band.....This is Columbia 'South Carolina' at its best......Thanks to every one who reads this.....If your around town....hope to see yall!!!!!!!! Just got a few songs on the player....if you got somthing I would like tell me!!!!And I got board and did a little bit about myself...not much though....I'm a hard case...just ask someone who knowes mew.....
Shit From My Brain...
..I welcome hell...bring on the fire.....let the molten rocks rain down upon me least I'll feel something more than desire..let the fire fall ... let the ash burn bright..I never wanted to see the dawn of light soul is already burning ...fist punching blades of fury... heat so raw my brain becomes numb.. I want to feel what its like not to feel at all.. give me the ash,,,....i crave a drought now..dont let me drink..let me suck up the dust from your altar ...that which you kneel to..the empty slab of stone with no has no meaning to me..its all nonsense and ridicule the tales you weave... give to me true death...and everlasting black where I float alone no one there to see me...all alone in this vast empty space up above... where I can be alone ..singularly in love...In love with the nothingness..all alone in my one to hear one to dread... I hate others around me...I hate the ones I've met...this life is nothing ...let me lie dead in my
Shit… White sand, black beach Bleach the skin white, the light gives me a fright I stand in the dark, not in memory of any Despair for all, courage of many Desolate and forbidden, given in strife Illusions of greatness, falsities of fame No one to blame My Blood flows into a flood I taste the pain of the strain Told to gain and gain No longer a puppet for them to train Fictitious and joyous Closest I can get Godliness, please permit And I will admit To be impervious to all this shit By me Bread for all… The plausibility of the beginning, grasped for turmoil and mayhem. Bombarded by profane melancholy for the dismissal of tranquility. Instinctively buoyant and mesmerized by the unknown. Attributes of being invisible, immersed in my blood. Abandoned and quenched from self-loathing. Rejoicing only to deaf ears and closed eyes. Transcendent to the cultivated culture. Invincible to anguish and dignity. Subversive to the human race. N
Toilet Paper Current mood: crappy Category: Shopping Something you never think about, till you get down to the last sheet.... Lets look at toilet paper, shell we....... Man, are there a lot of brands out there or what...and styles, wow. Ones with quilts, one with pillows...(pillows, i don't want to sleep with the damn stuff) one with stars, one ply, two ply, no ply.....200 sheets, 5000 sheets.(5000 sheets, get out)...makes my head spin.....takes me 20 minutes in the paper isle. Single roll, double roll....triple roll (can't even get that one on the damn roller)...and scent, you want smell, check out your T.P. (before u use it) want jasmine, you got it!!!....honeysuckle, right again, flower get the point.......and color, we got white, blue, green, pink, flowered, stripped....a virtual paint store. maybe it's just me but IDK what color it is as long as my hand dosn't go though it......and versatile, man, this stuff is great...You can write a letter on
Shitty Fiends
here is my problem, I have like 187 fiends, and every time i get on this shit i leave every one of them a profile comment! i spend like 2 to 2 and a half hours doing that shit! don't get me wrong i don't mind cause if your on my friends list i feel i owe it to you.. What really pisses me off is i only get like mabe 6 to 8 back! now thats fucked!! I'ts not every one, cause i do have some down mother fuckers who always return the luv!! its the other that just blow shit off!! here is the question.. Does this shit happen to you? and how do you feel about it? Tell me what you think? Am i just being a bitch? or do i have a lagit point!
i tell ya everything turns to shit this time of year people go crazy kill others break up with long time loves and pretty much shit on each other except on christmas ever ones nice and will tolerate people but after the 25 they'er just as mean and hateful as they are the rest of the 12 month in our calander the other 11 months everythings normal. did you know in the state of iowa people get in fights in the malls more often between dec. 3 and jan. 3 i mean i thought this month was for giving not taking unless your giving the punches for xmas then i must be crazy and then you have to look at life in genral there is way to much drama and way to many games going on in relationships in friendships i dont know when life turned to shit but it is shit now and will be shit forever
Shit I Done In 07
DJ resume... Shit i did in 2007 Jan-April DJ parties in my apt. hot spots in Bloom April-DJ two frat mixers at Bloom Sept 2006-Feb 2007 - Started BloRadio - very 1st Radio show. not dat good March 2007- Joined Sweet Azz Radio w/ Ravin, Neurotica & DJ Scarface from Detroit May 2007 - Changed to Sweet Azz Crunk Radio; joined Live 365 July 2007 - Station Folded; Benz a Live 365 Free Agent June 2007 - Released Kiko Kaniver : True Face July 2007 - Constructed a Mega Freestyle wit my Warriorz Crew July 2007 - Kaysarasara(track off Revolver mixtape) top 10 in Underground August 2007 - Joined Stang's Underground w/ Jeezy n Stang. one of top stations in Fubar August 2007 - Released Kiko Kaniver: Probable Cause August 2007 - Signed to Argento Records September 2007 - Became an Incasso Rep September 2007 - started workin in A&R studios; makin albums wit C.F. Don La Chez October 2007 - Released True Face online October 24th 2007- Conference Call
Ok this is a rant about the shit I am feeling. For the past few months now I have been going through hell. I am the type of person to hold my feelings inside and take it days or weeks before finally I blow. I sometimes let things slip out, but not much. Snide comments about people, a hateful word to someone, or the silent treatment for a few hrs if not longer. I have finally reached a point where none of this has worked and have reached my over load. I had a real shitty start to my New Year and see a bleak 2008 ahead of me. The future of my marriage is uncertain, even more so then it was just a month ago. My depression has made it to where I don't believe anything anyone says about me. Except the bad parts. Now with things coming to light that I had already thought it makes things even worse for me. Without saying to much, just let me explain. I went through 3yrs of sadness and anger because of something my husband and someone else I cared a lot about had done. To me there was no real
Shit Happens- Then You Die...
Stumbled into this site Googling something, I can't remember what. Said what the fuck, why not set up a profile. Never been a fan of Myspace and the "Happy Hour" idea of Fubar fits me a wee bit better. It's been an eventful few years. Bought a dumpy condo, rehabbed it and sold for a tiny profit with my then fiance in 2005; got engaged an subsequently married in 2006 and found out there was a 3 week old bun in the oven on the honeymoon. Don't get me wrong, I was happier than a pig in shit to find out I would be a father but that only started the roller coaster ride I was about to take. Had a happy healthy boy and separated from my soon to be ex wife (her choice)soon after he was born. What does 2008 have in store for me? Check back in from time to time to find out whats going on in my mind. Another craptastic week comes to an end. Thats all I can muster up right now.
~shit Happens~
href="">Myspace Layouts FOR MY SISTER LOOKING DOWN I MISS YOU FOR GIVE ME To the ends of time I will love you my friend knowing that your gone leaves me bend An angle to me you were so kind Raising my sprits with ways i can not find Over and over the days with you replayed Loving you so much wishing you would have stayed i crossed a line which i know not fit Now each day i die a little bit An empty void replaces what i feel Growing sadder and sadder,will i ever heal From the feeling of love i felt for a friend who is gone. yea just got fucked agin and this shit is getting old and sucks!!!!!!!!!.But its ok it was not ment t be god has a plan for me no more players and lieing asshols one of these days!!!!!!!!
Shitty Luck
Shit I Talk About
... i'm bored.. can i bite you? :L hah i madeyou cliiick it if i didn't then. fuck off um.. not really much to say.. i'm bored and i feel like making a blog. these things are usually pointless anyways so hah. .. i laugh for unknown reasons. fuck.. bored as hell so bored i'm stealing music from the 80's
Shitty Week But Something.......
So today My papa died, and I just don't know where to look to now for that care and love. It sucks alot. Empty right now. Just really need some love. But just want to cry alone. ARIES - The Aggressive Outgoing. Lovable. Spontaneous. Not one to mess with. Funny. Excellent kisser. EXTREMELY adorable. Loves relationships, and family is very important to an Aries. Aries are known for being generous and giving. Addictive. Loud. Always has the need to be 'right.' Aries will argue to prove their point for hours and hours. Aries are some of the most wonderful people in the world. TAURUS - The Tramp Aggressive. Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight. Fight for what they want. Independent but needs love and attention. Extremely outgoing. Loves to help people in times of need. Good kisser. Good personality. Stubborn. A caring person. They can be self-centered and if they want something they will do anything to get it. They love to sleep and can be lazy.
Shit That Bugs Me
a convo between me and Real flirt on December 3,2007 in yahoo Dorrnia Kedds: ok you hre now? james vice: yep Dorrnia Kedds: OK what happened last nigth I tell you I will be back in an hour ask Mystic to Be a whitness an then I get back on and Im blocked I mean what what Did I do that was that Bad ? james vice: hun it was asking mystic wqarrior Dorrnia Kedds: he said yes james vice: yah then told his daughter Dorrnia Kedds: what does that have to do with any thnkg james vice: im married to her and am getting devorce Dorrnia Kedds: so because of that you bolcked me too ? Do I need to take the worrior tag offmy name Dorrnia Kedds: so he blocked me and you blocked me I just dont get it I felt lost and alone james vice: no she did i did not know what happen till i came out of bathroom james vice: i have been fighting with her sense james vice: hun i love you i did not lie and
Shit Days
Wednesday, August 08, 2007 another shit day..... Current mood: drained I rarely write anymore as you can tell but time is limited for the best reason in the world.As great as things have been it seems that other things got worse over this period of time.They are getting worked out so fuck it. One thing is that my work got so much harder after the promotion that they hired a guy to split my work with me..... well atleast weld some for me.The other shit is all mine. For the most part the boss man is cool but the other shitbags in the office have been fucking up so much that it has created extra work for me.It isnt good money work its the fix the morons fuck ups kinda work.I have done a great percentage of my screaming at work over the past few months.Im no longer alowed to use the word fatass at work and the foreman said hes getting tired of the word douchebag.Ill tone it down on that one so I can keep saying it.Its a wonderful word ..... douchebag. The other things have
Shit From Me
Maybe someone could translate this for me to elven writing? _____________________________________________ Musical Transference Tuesday, August 22, 2000 13:40 motion, spinning, flying, forever living, forever dieing, light giving, never lying music my love, coming from me look into my heart, what do you see is it what you need, does it set you free beating of drums, the beating of heart the guitar, is the sex, almost the best part the melody, personality, proof it is smart wordless communication, true, direct a transfer of emotion without defect you are feeling me, smooth and perfect If you can't tell, I'm an "eyes" man. You're in love or you're not you just can't fake it The eyes do say a lot they can make or break it So show me what ya got baby I can take it Forget 'bout what ya bought the contacts just don't make it Will You Blush? Oct 30th, 2000 23:37 When I look at you so close Brown sugar eyes, sweet smell and smooth skin I f
Shit That Bothers Me
I happened to be out and about today and my cell phone lost reception for some odd reason. I was in the middle of planning a huge event and so jumped at the chance to finish that conversation on the local phone booth. This was probably one of the most nasty phone booths I had ever seen. It looked as if someone was hammered when using it and decided to blow chunks all over the booth and didn't even clean the shit up. There was tagging from every "wanna" be gang in a tourist town known for their beautiful mountain top views and the high volume of skiers/boarders that cruise those mountains in the on season. Oh and lets not forget the crud built up on the inside of the booth that could be from the phone company who owns it not paying it a visit in the last 10,000 years or so?!? Anyhow, I grabbed the phone (for those of you who know me this was a problem) hand shaking, black gloves protecting me from the diseases (it looked as if it had caught herpes) it may carry, and dialed the num
Shit I Get Emailed To Me...
The Plan! Read on! Robin Williams, wearing a shirt that says "I love New York " in Arabic. You gotta love Robin Williams...... Even if he's nuts! Leave it to Robin Williams to come up with the perfect plan. What we need now is for our UN Ambassador to stand up and repeat this message. Robin Williams' plan... (Hard to argue with this logic!) "I see a lot of people yelling for peace but I have not heard of a plan for peace. So, here's one plan." 1) "The US will apologize to the world for our "interference" in their affairs, past & present. You know, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo, Noriega, Milosevic, Hussein, and the rest of those "good ole boys", we wi ll never "interfere" again. 2) We will withdraw our troops from all over the world, starting with Germany , South Korea , the Middle East , and the Philippines They don't want us there, anyway. We would station troops at our borders. No one allowed sneaking through holes in the fence. 3) All illega
Shits And Sniggles
Whoo Hooo SPM is soooo SWEET!
Shit Happens
The Shite In My Mind
Batman Quiz by Fun Quizzes! MySpace quizes | Love Quiz | Fun quizzes I found a video from the 200 ozfest concert I was at for the band Kittie. I was in the pit for this one. On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs - Dave Grossman By LTC (RET) Dave Grossman, author of "On Killing." Honor never grows old, and honor rejoices the heart of age. It does so because honor is, finally, about defending those noble and worthy things that deserve defending, even if it comes at a high cost. In our time, that may mean social disapproval, public scorn, hardship, persecution, or as always,even death itself. The question remains: What is worth defending? What is worth dying for? What is worth living for? - William J. Bennett - in a lecture to the United States Naval Academy November 24, 1997 One Vietnam veteran, an old retired colonel, once said this to me: "Most of the people in our society are sheep. They are kind, gentle, productive creatures who can only hurt one another by accide
Shitz And Gigglez
My Uncle Carlton just passed away this morning @ 6:30. I think I'm shell shocked. I'll give you some details about him, incase anyone actually cares. He's 100. Turned 100 in July of this year. Crazy, right? Nah, he was a whippersnapper til almost the end there. He recently has been hospitalized a few times for various problems and last week they discovered an abdominal anneuyrism. He decided that he wasn't going to have surgery, and that he merely wanted to be on pain management until he passed away. I saw him this weekend, thank god. Got to talk to him. He was still there, in the mind, you know? Just clearly in pain and morphined up. But he was funny. So fucking funny. I said "What have you been up to?" and he said sleeping and said "What a nice vacation, huh?" and he cracks up and says "About time I have one". He said it, though. Said the only thing left for him to do was die. "Oh, is that all?" I asked him and he laughed. Fuck, I'm not going to frickin cry. I'm not. It's just,
Shit Talkers
Ok so a few days of this bullshit has gone on, and frankly it is the most stupidest and absurd thing ever. THE PROBLEM-- my friend dumped some chick...cut off all ties of talking to her.. and I guess she cant handle it... I mean shes written 6 blogs about how shes over it or w/e...if she was so over it, then she wouldn't keep talking about it... RIGHT??? So he breaks up with her and the blogs start... I thought this chick was a friend.... so I go into the lounge where she works, and I'm friendly, I say hi, how are you, haven't talked to you in awhile how ya been? Blatantly ignored... so w/e, I see the other 2 girls I was friendly with and say hi...gave a hug.. talk a bit more...they were pleasant...did i mention, that the guy that dumped her(my friend) owns me... didn't think so... well he does and i didn't emote her to rub it in her face.. I was being nice but she took that as I was starting trouble. Ok so that was the first and last time I have gone to that lounge... never "cyber bu
Shit Wagons
The Shit I'm Thinking
Because no one holds back like they do in real life so you get to see how they really think... well at least the strangers do. I dont' really know whats up with life right now. I'm doing pretty good in life for once good house , good job, great music but shit still dont feel right. I feel basically lost in life with no where to turn i feel like i'm trapped at this point when i need to keep it movin. I feel i lost everyone who i feel i can confide in. Theres no one left i feel i can really talk to openly about things and feel comfortable. I dont feel like I have family and mosyt of my friendships are starting to feel like obligations it seems like everyone always wants something from me weather ( i know wrong spelling but i'm lettign it ride) it be a favor for me to do for them or they can't do shit on their own adn they instantly look towards me even though usally i feel they can do it without me. I dont know where my happiness is but i know i'll find it again i'm jsut starting to won
Shitty Week :(...
My heart is broken :(...&& YOU have all the pieces to it. PLEASE, put it back together so it won't hurt anymore.. :(I love you.
What the fuck is with every slut on here getting pissy because a picture is tagged? OMG you're in your panties and grabbing your tits! How is that safe for work? Stupid sluts need to grab a brain instead of a cock.
Shit Happnes
Why do people bring drama into the lounges? Cause they want to bring everyone else down to their level it seems. They can't leave the real world behind an have fun with others so they want to do what it takes to make life less fun for everyone else. Why can't they just grow up an act like an adult? Probably cause they don't know how. For those types i have some advice for get off fubar an leave it alone, cause I am here to have fun an enjoy myself.
Shit That Pisses Me Off
I love fubar so don't get me wrong about this. But I feel I'm invisible on this fucking site. Last I checked this was a place to have fun and interact with others. Who interacts with me? Well. 3 friends do. It was 4 but 1 passed away last week(R.I.P Robin). But I try to converse with others and I get nothing. I rate other peoples pics and stash, I still get no love in return. Is something wrong with me? Do I smell bad?(No turd jokes. Stating to hate Fubar because of this. I come here to get away from real life where I'm a nobody. It hurts enough dealing with that everyday. I want to feel like I belong somewhere but apparently Fubar isn't the place. Maybe I should just leave. Nobody cares anyway. If you have any luv for Turd. Then rate my stash and pix and shit. If not, feel free to remove me from ur friend list. I just don't care anymore.
once again, the only hatred i see being promoted is by someone claiming NOT to be prejudice. no one in any comment either last night or today that i have seen that is 14/88 has spouted any mention of hatred, disrespect, or prejudice. only pride. it seems the poster of this mumm continues with it and also wants to drag others into her hate filled view all to prove she is right. sucks when ur too ignorant too admit ur mistake and learn from those willing to teach. the only lesson of hate in this mumm is from the one who posted it THE MOST FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH WORD Well, it's shit ... that's right, shit! Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit. Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between shit and shineola. There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits. There is bull shit, horse shit, and chicken shit. You can throw s
Shit Like That .com
Why is that ninety percent of men out there think that just because a woman ,who is over a average size five, to be so desperate for any attention, that we would take whatever they have to offer? DO you asshats think that if you send a message saying something like...I WANT TO FUCK YOU..or YOU MAKE MY COCK HARD...that most of us are going to jump on it and ride you like your a favorite carnival ride? Newsflash!!! I DON'T THINK SO SKEETER!! Well for a long time I was quick to blame the male gender for having this idiot idea, till recently. I have had my eyes opened to the real reason behind it all. I have had a Tagged account, I currently have a MySpace account and of course, Fubar. In my lookin around these websites, it has come to my attention that alot of PLUS sized women on many of these websites, put themselves in skimpy bras and panties, bathing suits showing themselves in a sexually provocative pose. Number one, and I am not guilty of this myself, just bare them and git it o
Shit That Sucks!
Ok so this guy has been on my friends list for who knows how long. I guess he made me his crush and of course me being the sweet girl I am thanked him and was rating his photos. He has a folder with all his friends in it. I simply asked why wasnt I in there,.... He re rated me a 1 and blocked me? Is that a little extreme? here is the conversation just to make sure I aint tripping! ->mnw1989 (a...: Ok I never asked you to I just wanted you to see who I was talking about why are you getting so upset!! mnw1989 (a...: well lets review shall we? We JUST met five minutes ago and I didnt get a chance to ask if I could include you in the folder then you have the nerve to send me a link to your moms page when I dont have any intention of getting to know her ->mnw1989 (a...: wow... I am very sorry. I dont suck up. Have you ever seen me ask or beg for the shit ppl do in here no sir you havent why I am jus here to make friends and help ppl who really act like my
Damn life is some shit when you wanna have time go by fast it go's slow
Shitty Issues
So seriously i met this girl i likes alot right, we get along good an we just hang out plain fun. Her names Jessica, shes a year older then me and married to a dude in the army lol. fer some reason i am strongly atracked to her. shes so awesome and nice and fun, just GREAT! but like shes married and i know she likes me too but i dont wanna ruin a couple or be someone that was regretted, but i like her sooooooooooo much and think about her alot, this is just fucked up. leave some advice if yew would please
Shit Day
Shit That Bothers Me!!!
my back is fuckin up again and sitting here at puter ain`t helping, going for a massage and some drinks go give wendy some love, she`s having a terrible day
Shit I Dont Know
The Shit List
1. GHOST SHIT. You know you've shitted. There's shit on the toilet paper, but none in the toilet. 2. TEFLON-COATED SHIT. Comes out so slick, clean and easy that you don't even feel it. No trace of shit on the paper. You have to look in the toilet to make sure you did something. 3. GOOEY-SHIT. This has the consistency of hot tar. You wipe your arse 12 times and it's still not clean. You end up putting toilet paper in your jocks so that you don't stain them. This kind of shit leaves permanent skid marks in the toilet. 4. SECOND THOUGHT SHIT. You're all done wiping, and you're about to stand up when you've got more. 5. POP A VEIN IN YOUR The kind of shit that killed Elvis. It doesn't FOREHEAD
have u ever been in love and it just crumble well i have and it sucks and now im a mother of 2 and im soo young im only 24 and im tied down but i love my kids and would change nothing i dont regreat anything and for all u that thought u would be my freind cause u felt sry for me well FUCK YOU i dont need those type of pepole in my life nor do i want u in it
Shit Happens
Alrighty, this is my first blog..ever.. And well, lets see. I did not have a good shift yesterday at work haha I mean yeah it was fun. I work at a neon bar. I am a tender. A few of my friends made reservations to use it as a party place a few weeks ago and what do you know I was tending the party last night. I am serving up drinks and this drunk guy comes out of no where and decides it would be a good idea to puke on me. Oh I felt good after that...not really. I got myself cleaned up in the back and resume my work. When I walk out though the same guy..drinking some more. He starts to strip. The next thing I knew I was staring at hairy ass running up to the karaoke mic. I pic up his clothes and notify Jim he is one of the bouncers. Anyways he escorts the guy out, after he decides to punch one of my yeah it was a pretty shitty day. When you work at a bar and they drinking a lot...shit happens.
Shit Happens
1. Scientific tests find that when women make love, they produce double amounts of the hormone estrogen, which make hair shiny and skin smooth. 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. 3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner. 4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscles in the body. It’s more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps and you don’t need special sneakers! 5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being. 6. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered. The sexually active body gives off greater quantities of chemicals called pheromones. These subtle sex perfumes drive the opposite sex crazy! 7. Sex is t
The Steelers suck, they won't make it. And I dont care what you guys say... THEY SUCK! First off, fuck your bitch And the click you claim West side when we ride Come equipped with game You claim to be a playa But, I fucked your wife We bust on bad boys Niggas fuck for life Plus puffy tryin to see me weak Hearts I rip Biggie smalls and junior mafia Some mark ass bitches We keep on coming While we running for yah jewels Steady gunning Keep on busting at them fools You know the rules Little ceasar go ask you homie How Ill leave yah Cut your young ass up See yah in pieces Now be deceased Little kim, Dont fuck with real ass gs Quick to snatch your ugly ass, off the streets So fuck peace Ill let them niggas know Its on for life Dont let the west side Ride the night *Stupid Tupac laugh* Bad boys murdered on wax and kill Fuck with me And get your caps peeled You know, see Sorry had a Tupac moment there for a second. **WARNING MAJOR BITCHING GOING
i hate everything i think people need to stick with there own race cuz we dont need anymore of these halfbreed gigaboo kids running around. and one more thing to the dumbass fucking people who think love is real u folks need grow up thats like saying god is real when he isnt  none of that shit is true. and if any of u have a problem with that its not my pron maybe u dumbfucks should get smarter.
Clouds bellow in the distance Burst of wind ravages the meadow Uprooted, tossed away --Rewind On the edge, a tree stands tall Flourished in beauty; strucked Slanted, falls -- Rewind 2 Squirrels play along side a tree Jaguar in the shadows strikes; swipes Echos, avalanche -- Rewind A honey bee makes its rounds "Buzzzz", Flying; Dodges leaves Spider web, caught --Rewind You and I, camping trip Lost of Direction; Arguments We split into different paths [Press Play] Hurt Pain Jealousy A stroll down the street As magical as it seems a path opened up Confused as i walked upon your door step You welcome me with a smile You ask me to come in, i proceed You offer me a seat, i sit Conversation is born You offer me a drink, i accept We exchange jokes, we laugh Comfort, painless, relaxed Muscles are weak, taste is dull Body is numb, vision becomes blurred You stand up before me Place your hand over my face i fall back, you transform You w
Shit Happens
Shit happens. Prepair for the worst, and hope for the best,
Shit Life
Shitty News For Me
so although i dont really talk to many of my friends here on fubar i thought i might as well post this, as far as lifechanging shit i think this is pretty far up on the "fuck-o-meter". anyways, on feb. 21st i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, yah i know shitty...i went into the emergancy room with a blood suger level of about 600...normal levels run around 75-120 in case you didnt know. so after 4 days in the hospital they let me out and basically start throwing diabetes educators at me, although they are all telling me different seems like they all have different opinions on what i have to do to keep my diabetes in check...well, i guess thats it...i just thought some of the people i know might want to get the news and this was easier than telling all of those people individually.(dont be too critical on the spelling lol, im sort of tired...)
weis nich mir gehts schlecht ....... was soll ich nur tun.....ich weis es i ever will find my true love......or i not......i dont no.......everybody plays withe me.....but everybody forget that i have a heart.......well i just sopose to be like that....well dont cry girl.......someday.....sombody nows how to keep you alive.......and shows youre true love...............never forget .......that was my heart........that told stay right..................and dont play with other person.......just try to find the right one......that dont do it with you....... so please people ......dont hurt me.......i never would hurt you.......neversorry das ich leider im innern meines herzens nur englisch kann.........vielleicht versteht es jemand ..........der weis wie es einen schmerz in sich zu tragen........... im sooooo saaad.... somethimes i hate my job but i have to do it .... but its sad to make it when somebody dies in my family...
Shit Starters!!!
well i was going to white about my frikin music until i hit my damn hed on the corner of my desk!il write some other time my head hurts!!!!
Shit Fuck
whoville's who (greeter @ final destination....COME IN AND VISIT OR JOIN US ANYTIME... HAVE SOME@ fubar
Shitfaced By A Angel
i was shitfaced by the angel madroxlette thanks again sweet heart . show her lots of fu-love
Shitty Poem
there is a reson i like iced lemonade message if you want to know "iced lemonade" so i found what i really want siping iced lemonade on the porch swing little ones running around the backyad my head on your shoulders and my heart in your hands and oh the distance kills me and i know it kills you too but until that day we can be together i'll sip my iced lemonade dreaming of you waiting for that fairytale ending the unlikely girl and the unsuspecting prince they make it through wizards and dragons wicked stepmothers and posion apples too so i know we can make due just promise you'll dream of me too i know it's a little clique but i've found what i really want sipping iced lemonade on the porch swing your fingers running through my hair your head on my shoulders and your heart in my hands     yeah i know it sucks and so does the guy it's about he was a ass
Shithawk As Spotlight?
The Shit hawk wants spotlight Please help That is all! Wicked
The Shit That People Do!
Shit Happens
whats up to all of you out there. very busy lately
Shit That Makes Me Laugh
According to a 3rd grader in washington, dc. There are 90 types of bitches...   The list can be found here in its entirety     I will take it upon myself to copy and paste just for you lazy fucks...   But i must say...seeing it written out by a 3rd grader adds a bit of flair...   Types of Bitches 1) Dirty dumb ass bitches 2) Aint got no ass bitches 3) Dusty trick bitches 4) Fishy bitches 5) Don’t know how to fight bitches 6) Got all that mouth but can’t step bitches 7) Ugly looking bitch that think they all that Can’t keep a man bitch 9) Track wearing bitches 10) Bitches that be trying to steal your man 11) Hoochie looking bitches 12) Ain’t got no damn sense bitches 13) Stupid bitches that act dumb 14) Bitches who can only get a dirty boy 15) Want to be jocking bitches 16) Bitches who think their man love them but get pregnant and be left alone 17) Bitches who think they better than me 18) Instigati
Shitty 4th Of July ... Waiting Till Tomorrow
well my b/f has to work doubles at a bar tonight so no fireworks :( i ate 1/2 a bar and drank a drink and that only lasted me a couple hours of feling good for alittle bit... im stuck at my mom's b/f house and they went to bed early and i have no transportation ...   but .... on the brightside i just recieved 100$ and decided to use some of it to go get hammerd with watever life and my friends throw at me tomorrow :) woot woot .... at this very moment i am working on a very difficult braclet that has x patterns weaved into it ... black and green :) will post up pics later if interested ... im a start selling them ... hopefully earning enough money to get more of my essentials like panties ( b/c my dog ate them all ) , some shorts , a belt , food for my ferret ruffus, and anything else i decide i need that day :) Whishing i was high right now ... maybe then i could go to sleep ... but thats not happening :P but that wasn't me complaining not at all i like being up at night ... nobody
Shitty Days
why do I alway hope for things that will never happen? I set myself up to be hurt and humiliated and lately its happened enough that i don't know why I even bother with life. Why do I let people take advantage of me and make me feel like I'm not good enough for them? I know I'm not perfict or even that great of a person, but I do have a heart. Lately though I wish I didn't because I fell like someone is crushing it. At times I fell like I could cry but thank god I don't have tear ducts so I would look more like a bitch than I already sound. 
Well I don't write many of these but this year I am off to a good start I guess. Well any how I finally got to view a winter classic hockey game because of the circumstances in the last few year that I was in so I finally got to see it.  And to even make it better is the team I least liked which was the Pittsburgh Penguins got their asses kicked So I am completely happy about that. I may be a Flyers fan but I was never in favor of the Penguins ever since Crosby got in. I just didn't like how there was so much spotlight put on him on his first year in the NHL.  Well anyhow what makes this new year even better is my Ex who dated some guy while I was out to sea got engaged to this low life (the little shit works a low paying dead end job) said nothing broke up with the little shit. Knowing that I will never get back together with this bitch cuz and since I lost respect for her, I could never be any happier and in a way it has made me feel like I am worth something and that I am better tha
The Shit That Goes Down!!!!
ok so listen ronnie radke is back with his new band falling in rever  check it out they are my altime fav right now  ronnie its good to have you back man
The Shit On My Mind
OK so many of you may of noticed the new album Cleavage Signs.    I am a collector of these.  I have enjoyed doing so.  And with as many lovely ladies that i have meet and have gotten to know, it's been fun.      Again all meant in the best gentlemanly way.   But of course if anyone is intrested in adding or donating to said collection I would not be against it.   Just sending out a reminder to all the ladies that offered to do me up Cleavage signs.  I am still intrested in collecting them and those who havent.   I would be honoured if you would/could donate to the cause.    Those not sure what I am talking about, there is an album in my photos that is labeled cleavage signs. A big thank you to all of the lovely ladies I have met on here that have aloud me access to pictures to add to my ever growing Cleavage colllection and guild.   I owe you thanks a Huge Hug and many thanks.   I would still be willing to gladly accept any others that you may care to donate.   But ag
Shit I Love
Shit I Like Or Think About
50 Things That Girls Should Know About Guys Guys aren’t psychic, mind telling them what you mean? Guys don’t like to be used as pawns in trying to make your friends jealous. Guys tend to get serious with their relationship and become too possessive. Better watch out girls. The biggest turn off for guys is to see girls smoking. The biggest turn on for guys are the girls who workout. Girls who don’t want to listen to the truth shouldn’t be asking any questions. Ending a heated conversation with “Fine” or “Whatever” isn’t considered acceptable. If you want sex, just ask. Don’t expect guys to say as many sweet things as they do in the movies. It takes 10 couples to come up with one sweet thing that they put up in the movies. Only models are able to carry off most of the stuff you see in fashion magazines. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. A guy would sacrifice his money for lunch just to get y
Shite In My Life
I just found out that my step father is dead. I am happy that he is burning in hell. He used to beat me and he molested me and he may have molested his oldest daughter who is a couple of years younger than me. She tried to talk to me about it 20 plus years ago but I was a teenager and didn't want to be reminded about it at the time. I was too busy self medicating to drowned the memories of the abuse. I do regret not killing him myself. I read his obituary and his third wife had no clue who he really was. She thought he was kind and would do anything for anyone. She wrote how he served in Viet Nam which disgusted me because he joined the Air Force made it through basic training and was bounced out right after on a section 8 never going to Viet Nam. She wrote how he was a great father, the POS adopted me when I was 4 and abused me until I was 8. He was legally my father and never paid one dollar in child support. Only the 2 daughters that him and his 3rd wife had were menti
Shit That Haunts My Mind
Shit Is Just Crazy
Im terribly sorry that I chose to pay attention in grade school and high school and pursued my career to the best of my abilities. Actually no Im not. Im fucking happy I did. You wanna know why, cause I can do things that most only day dream about, and not even feel it financially. So Im not sorry, Im fucking proud of myself. I worked hard through school, and im grinding hard as I can right now to ensure a future for my child. I work long hours, basically living at work when I have contracts open and until they are closed, nothing will step in the way.  People these days say they want this and want that but you know what. Action speak louder than words. Dont lead me on and tell me how much you want me and then politely show me the door because Im working. Dont waste my time or yours if thats what your plans are. Unlike the vast majority of people out here I take pride in what I do and Im NOT going to chose a phone call over doing what I need to do. Im not perfect by any means but damn
A Shiver At Midnight
Do you love a scary story?  So do I!  Now my book, "A Shiver at Midnight: A Collection of Spine-Tingling Tales" has been released the way it was meant to be! Check it out here! Or visit my web site for more information!
You scored as Whips. Your turn on is the "good ol'" whip. You either like to feel in charge during sex, or you like to feel pain. Sex isn't sex unless it's rough.Whips92%Biting83%Bondage83%Chains/Handcuffs67%Blind Folds58%Blood33%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with Female Bodybuilder Poses
just wondering...would anybody actually be willing to come to vt to stay a little bit and visit me? Last night i dreamt I was about 4 months pregnant and I don't remember who the father was, and I was scared half to death. I went to this strange hospital where there wasn't much light and they were treating other patients in the hallway. As I got into a hospital bed, I began to go into labor and one nurse came running over and helped me push. The baby came out very easily, and he was perfect except for his legs were abnormally small and he was visibly dead. I didn't get to hold him, the nurse walked away with him and I got up and went home very traumatized. I thought this dream was morbid in a way! I've dreamed of being pregnant before, but it was never this depressing! I have no idea what it means either. in a really bad mood just focused in on one minor detail i didnt notice before. whatever.
sum1 comment my pics plzzzzzzzzzz
DJ BLAZE'S NEW SCHEDULE! SOON TO BE REPOSTED!! Here's a lil' throwback Ol'Skool for ya ass!If you can't feel this... Just shoot ya'self cuz ya' already dead!Hahaaaaaaaa!One Love!~ ~~Blaze!
My MSN doesn't work... Is anyone else feeling my pain or do all you Yanks still use Yahoo...   thanks :| This is no joke btw... I couldn't sleep last night because I knew there was custard slices in me fridge. I went to bed about 11:30PM, and i kept waking up and going downstairs getting drinks. I eventually woke up properly at 3:44 am. And I'm sure it's 'cause there's custard slices in the fridge, because even now, as Im typing this I'm thinking about them. Am I a pregnant man or something? :| You can't even use project playlist now. First they stopped Youtube vid's in certain countries and now it's music on project playlist! Why are they so horrible to us UK folks? I mean, it's not like we're doing anything different to you US folks is it... we're only putting music on our pages, same as you guys and gals. So unless I'm missing a point, could someone please explain to me why o' why are playlists unavailable to people in the UK? I'm not very cognizant with the reasons :|
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Shllie's Arena
Momma Today I saw a blue bird and thought of you Today I saw the sun shine and thought of you Today I heard a old song and thought of you Today I saw a picture and it was you You have been gone a year it is hard to believe You no longer walk with me or talk with me Today, tomorrow and forever I will remember you and love you Goodnight sweet momma Michele Lee McPherson Love from Above When life has been hard, i look up above, and when i am sad I look to your love. When things don't seem fair, I have you to turn to. Before i was bore you knew who i was and shone down on earth and sent me your love, though born we are dying, but dying we live to walk with the father at last we shall live. Michele Lee McPherson Copyright ©2007 Michele Lee McPherson
Shlt That Is Rad!
At first glance, these images look like painted landscapes covered in snow. However, if you look a little more closely you will see that the landscape is made of bacon and other cold cuts. These aren’t paintings but true photos! Also everything you can see in the photograph is made of real food! Pictures were photographed by Carl Warner, a photographer who works in London, and who made specialty of these food landscapes or how I like to call them - ‘foodscapes’. In recent years he has been commissioned by many advertising agencies throughout Europe to produce his distinctive images for clients in the food industry. Each scene is photographed in layers from foreground to background.
Shnookie's Playpen
Real Live Farm Sex! Jurassic Cock, Real Ex Girlfriends, Pimp... Hollywood VIPs Bare All! Hot 18 ears old girls Real Live Farm Sex! 100% Real Milf Submissions Real Live Farm Sex! Cheating gfs - everything 100% real! Hollywoo
Taking readers through the haunting Holocaust from 1939 - 1942, ‘Shoah’, sets in motion the tormenting love story between a German and Jew. Through the societal angst, Leon and Abigail struggle to find a way to love each other in secret only to be torn apart. Join them as they embark on a legendary love story to be with each other. "The small, the helpless, the innocent: these were the victims of Adolph Hitler's Holocaust.- The Holocaust Chronicle*Currently finished with book, but on hold due to editing issues. No release date yet...stay tuned.I'll be posting chapter snippets here from time to time-enjoy! Prologue  October 1939    The air was eerily cold, freezing my veins and icing my heart,  as I huddled closer to my parents and brother. My mood matching the arctic chill in the air as I peered anxiously out the basement window watching the sky fill with smoke as fire raged in the streets close by. It was oddly quiet, a contrast to the  massacre happening outside. My f
Shockingly Provincial
The phrase, "Oh, I didn't go anywhere. I just wasn't answering the phone." Comes to mind. One might reasonably assume that my prolonged absence had something to do with the holidays or perhaps a vacation. This isn't exactly the case. First of all the old man was on vacation. This is never good for me. When he isn't working, he and the the crazy lady (aka my mother) push back their bedtime to almost two in the morning. This pretty much eliminates my private time. I cannot write with them awake and about as they both have that god awful habit of walking in and reading the computer screen over your shoulder to see what you are doing. Then there is the Christmas thing. I don't really hate it. I just get really aggravated with all the petty things leading up to the date. The crazy lady goes extra nuts what with the need to prepare the house for the holiday. (Decorations. cleaning. Putting things away that we are going to need the day after, but should be out of sight for the Holiday
The Shocker!
I made my Five Naked Models video special for you today,I made it in my underwear.You can see my butt if you watch this: (no minors!) Here is my FiveNakedModels video for this week. Subscribe at And! I updated 4 NEW MODELS to www.Fedora' yesterday, as well as a gallery of me, fully nude, wearing nothing but a rooster head and galavanting all over a swanky vacation home and some photos of Sarah and I getting intimate with chalk. Images by Me and Matt the Photographer! Here's the descriptions and thumbnail to tempt you Mwah! Ahh! Ahhhh!!!: My cock rented a vacation home and invited the most awesome and beautiful women she could find. Several arrived to a scene conducive to naked dance parties. My cock traveled an entire home in search of entertainment, relaxation, and contentment. My cock is a good, little explorer. Images by Matt the Photographer www.Fe
Shocking Body Facts
Thursday, June 07, 2007 Shocking Human Body Facts!!! The average human brain has about 100 billion nerve cells. Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles (274 km) per hour. The thyroid cartilage is more commonly known as the adams apple. The only jointless bone in your body is the hyoid bone in your throat It's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. Your stomach needs to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks or it would digest itself. It takes the interaction of 72 different muscles to produce human speech. The average life of a taste bud is 10 days. The average cough comes out of your mouth at 60 miles (96.5 km) per hour. Relative to size, the strongest muscle in the body is the tongue. Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete. When you sneeze, all your bodily functions stop even your heart. Babies are born without knee caps. They don't appear until the child reaches 2-6 years of age.
Hi,I really wanna start this by saying that I despise the fact that I have too hit the ctrl key just in order to keep my browser from shutting down everytime I wanna click a friggin link. There I've said it... NOW; I've noticed a lot of people stating on and in their profiles that they can be a real Prick or a Bitch. Personally I do not need to know this information because I will not be pissing you off. It's just not my nature. I understand you saying it, but it's just really sad that we have too mention it at all, because that tells me, (in my personal opinion) that someone has wronged you. I've been wronged, screwed over, had my cheerios pissed in and all the other analogies you can bring too mind. I always like too move on if we can't mutually come to the decision to agree too disagree. LOL One more thing; If you're coming by someones page that they took their personal time too create just so they could have the abilities to make some really good friends, have a little enjoyman
Shocked Into A Bed - A True Confession
Jess was freaked out by what seemed to be a family affair. My new best girlfriend Kylie is one kinky lady. I found that out when she invited me over to her flat for dinner one evening. “This is my brother Brad,” she said. “He’s in town for a couple of weeks.” A good-looking dish that I’d had no idea was on the menu rose up out of a chair, and I shook his big, warm hand, my eyes feasting on him hungrily. We ate together, and after dessert I excused myself to go to the bathroom. But I didn’t use the facilities. Instead, I unzipped my jeans and plunged a hand into my damp pants. Visions of big Brad doing wicked things to me filled my head and flooded my pussy as I fingered my clit. I bit my lip and stared at myself in the mirror, body tense with approaching orgasm… And then Brad walked in. I froze. The room became a vacuum chamber from which no sounds or excuses could escape. Then he closed the door, from the inside, and I exhaled with relief and excitement. He strode over to
The Shocker Files!!
I Need All The Help I Can Get I have entered into a sexy photo contest “Bringing Sexy Back”. Please come by and Show me some love. Rate and comment bomb me please. Shocker needs a Blast! Click the Pic. to check me out Let me know if you bomb me, that way I can return the love. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP. Please repost!!
Shock And Amazement Check out this funny video!
Shock And Saddness
You know people say you can't find true friends online or have true feelings for people you have never met face to face. I call bullshit on this because of this woman. She was an amazing friend and I am still in shock over her death. Please remember her family and her son. Woman killed in Lawrence County crash Wednesday, September 24, 2008 By Daniel Malloy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette A woman was killed when the car in which she was riding pulled out into the path of a tractor-trailer in Lawrence County last night. Northwest Regional Police Chief James Morris said Whitney Jo Maguire, 21, of Ambridge, died in the crash shortly before 7 p.m. at Routes 551 and 422 near Edinburg. The driver of the car, Shawn Geisinger, 22, of Tarentum, and Ms. Maguire's 2-year-old son were taken to a hospital for treatment. The truck driver, Daniel J. Hill, 33, of Brackenridge, was not injured. The crash closed Route 422 for five hours. First published on September 24, 2008 at
Shock Audio Unearthed Obama Tells San Francisco He Will Bankrupt The Coal Industry
Audio: Obama Tells SF Chronicle He Will Bankrupt Coal Industry By P.J. Gladnick (Bio | Archive) November 2, 2008 - 07:26 ET (Please read update about the San Francisco Chronicle neglecting to mention Obama's willingness to bankrupt the coal industry at bottom of this blog.) Imagine if John McCain had whispered somewhere that he was willing to bankrupt a major industry? Would this declaration not immediately be front page news? Well, Barack Obama actually flat out told the San Francisco Chronicle (SF Gate) that he was willing to see the coal industry go bankrupt in a January 17, 2008 interview. The result? Nothing. This audio interview has been hidden from the public...until now. Here is the transcript of Obama's statement about bankrupting the coal industry (emphasis mine): Let me sort of describe my overall policy. What I've said is that we would put a cap and trade system in place that is as aggressive, if not more aggressive, than anybody else's out
BabieT is 300k from level 21! The person that gets her leveled will get a surprise! So let's all rate, fan, add and bling her and get her leveled! ßåβ¡€•†™ P£å¥Må†ε @ ƒōŕß¡đđęņ FuGirlfriendToBiBlueeyedange@ fubar Brought to you by ßrøkëŧ§M†ñ - Enforcer @ Club Fantasia@ fubar Last night i rushed my daughter in to the emergancy room because at 2:30am she stopped breathing. They were able to get her to breathe again and started treating her for asthma. After many long hours there they finally told me that she does not have asthma but something called ARDS ( Acute respitory distress syndrome). I was shocked. Doctor explained its common mainly in premature babies (which my daughter wasnt) and thats 40% of deaths in children are cause from ARDS. If you want to know more below is just a short description of ARDS. Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), also known as respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) or adult respir
This was submitted by a guy who purchased his lovely wife a "pocket > Taser" for their anniversary. Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 22nd anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Toni. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized taser. The effects of the taser were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety.... WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded two triple-a batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I'd get the blue arch of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs. Awesome!!! Unfortunately, I have yet to explain to Toni what that burn spot is on the face of her microwave.
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Shocking Truth
As 277 volts surge thru my body. My life flashes before my eyes. I saw no true happiness. That is until she entered it. I saw a smile on my face ever time we talked. Felt warmth in my heart every time we saw each other. True happiness finally. Then the tragic day came. I didn't want to see anymore. But I can't wake from the electricity. The happiness was gone. Alone again and feeling miserable. The pain in my heart was epic. As the images fade my eyes flicker. Looking up at the ceiling from the floor. Hands numb and chest tight. Even though I am awake I can still feel the pain from the memories. Wondering if it was even worth waking up. Maybe I shouldn't have let go of the wires.
~ Shocking ~
Shocking News
This story really blew my mind - so I had to share it with you all - I think the fact the "one in twelve" statistic is what shocked me the most :-s A mother of twins has had a shock after doctors revealed that her 11-month-old boys do not have the same father. Twins Justin and Jordan turned out to be half-brothers   Mia Washington decided to get some expert advice when she and her partner noticed that twins Justin and Jordan had different facial features. Paternity tests then revealed what had happened - two eggs had been fertilised by two different sperm and there was a 99.99% chance the twins had different dads. Doctors at the DNA lab in Dallas, Texas had never seen such a result. Mia later admitted she had had an affair and got pregnant by two different men at the same time. She told TV channel Fox 4: "Out of all people in America and of all people in the world, it had to happen to me. I'm very shocked."   Mum Mia shocked by discovery Clear Diagnostics preside
*shocker* Fu Only About The Money! Lol
I actually find it somewhat reassuring to know that in this age of bailouts, cover-ups, excuses and apologies, one organization can be counted on to brazenly and unashamedly be ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!   THANK YOU FUBAR!!!   It is nice to know that we can count on FU to NEVER respond to a single glitch-report we file,...never to listen when hundreds, nay, thousands comment on blogs about changes they would like to see,...never have a bouncer in the lounge give offer a single piece of useful assistance. (I always love the "it's just a glitch" response when I complain about disappearing friends requests or pictures I have moved to new folders never to actually apear in those folders).   But lest we wrongfully assume FU is just sitting around doing nothing, be sure to notice the revolving door of new bling and the BRILLIANT changes to the notificaitons we get when comments are left on our pictures now.  What a useful change!  Before, when we moused-over the "new photo comment" notification,
i cant believe the news about the undertaker bein found in a vegitative state over last week by his brother kane and that he might be dead i cried for the loss of this great man it will never be the same without he there im glad i went to wrestlemania 26 and got to see him RIP
Shoes And Screens
Shoe Love
As some of you know i will be leaving for the summer. For my BCT. Witch is basic combat training, I will be gone for 11 weeks but i will be back for one last year of high school then its off again for 3-5 years. so what i need you to do is pray for my family to be strong for me and to ensure them that things will be alright. I will be back to see all my cherry tap peeps i love all of you. show my girl BlueEyedBunie07 some love. Rate her an become a friend. Show her the same love you showed me.
Shoes, Bikes And Girl Scout Cookies
The weekend off! Woot woot! 2 days of much needed r&r! As I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee, mmm the sweet nectar of life, I decided that today my old, worn out, stinky, thin as hell shoes would be replaced. Noon time I found myself at Kmarts. Yeah yeah,, I know,, Kmart shoes suck, but with limited funds and how rough I am on shoes, cheapies work just fine. I noticed that the girl scouts had set up camp inside the foyer of Kmart. I was carefull not to cast a glance that way. I did not want to buy cookies! Very good cookies,, but a bit overpriced for me. My plan was to skirt around someone as they were leaving, so i didnt have to tell the girl scouts " No! I dont want cookies!" Plan failed, this lil brown haired, big eyed cutie attacked me as i was trying to walk out. With those big brown eyes, and the " pwease mista, will you buy some cookies?" I was powerless, bought 3 boxes. As i was walking out I heard a "YES!!" coming from that lil cutie. She got me. When I got home, I had
I'm pretty stoked on getting a new pair of shoes tomorrow. I'm not sure what I'm going to go with though. Either Adidas or Puma. Sigh, the decisions.
The Shoes Of A Magicians
I've been a mystery entertainer for most of my life. I've practiced, struggled to perfect my skills, learned to do things with my hands, my mind, my body, my bodily functions even, that are almost miraculous. I've shared these abilities with the world, professionally, since around 1998 or so. I'm going to be 28 this year. If I could travel back in time, and talk to that wee lad sitting in front of that television, watching The Magical Land of Alakazam, watching Copperfield and Kreskin read the minds of incredulous audiences, that little boy already planning to set the world on fire with his own magic, What would I tell him? Would I say to him, "Look kid -- by the time you grow up the world won't need magicians. They'll abandon magic for reason, for prepackaged answers to life's riddles and dry, bottom-line rationality. You won't inspire wonder. You won't change lives. You'll be a momentary diversion at a cocktail party. "And the problem is, you're sensitive; you CARE abou
what's going on? where is everybody? I just bought some shoes on line. They're Dr. Marten ballet flats. I didn't know Dr. Marten made ballet flats but they do and I just got them for $30 bucks through Amazon. Hooray. I've been tearing up shoes ever since I started school and hoping these will stand up to beauty school. I went over to my sister's house yesterday. It is so awesome to have a car again. Hello sweet freedom. We went to dinner and a coffee place I love in downtown St. Pete. I'm going back over to her house to watch some movies and finish up some projects I have going on. I know my sister and I go through our ups and downs but there is nothing that can replace that bond. Plus it's just nice to have some where to go when the shit hits the fan. I've had dreams about that before. Not having anywhere to go and ending up at her house. I feel like last week was a crap week for a lot of people and I hope this week is going better for everyone. Blog update: If you get a chan
The Shoebox
                                                                           THE SHOEBOX A man and woman had been married for more than 60 years. They had shared everything. They had talked about everything. They had kept no secrets from each other except that the little Old woman had a shoe box in the top of her closet that she had Cautioned her husband never to open or ask her about. For all of these years, he had never thought about the box, but one day the little old woman got very sick and the doctor said she would not recover. In trying to sort out their affairs, the little old man took Down the shoe box and took it to his wife's bedside. She agreed that it was time that he should know what was in the box. When he opened it, he found two crocheted dolls and a stack of money totaling $95,000. He asked her about the contents. 'When we were to be married,' she said, ' my grandmother told me the secret of a happy marriage was to never argue. She told me that if I e
MM who know what brand cl red-soled shoes do? In fact, the French brand cl red-soled shoes Christian Louboutin (Christian Louboutin) of red-soled shoes. Recently, the famous brand Christian Louboutin red soled shoes photographed a group of 2013 spring and summer advertising large, distributed extraordinary charm. The Christian Louboutin red soled shoes, the use of the three colors white, green and red combination of collision, Christian Louboutin Sandals create such a fashion personality red high heels, people can not help heart. Rose Red is the color of one of the female-specific, this red rose on red high heels, pointed toe, thin heel is full of sexy women exudes charm. Plaid pattern is the darling of the fashion world. 2013 spring Christian Louboutin red high heels this checkered pattern, Christian Louboutin Daffodile Black toe joined the three-dimensional flowers design, full of youthful vigor, sweet and full. In fact, Christian Louboutin red soled shoes is not only produced, b
Autumn seeing more and more concentrated, whether it is at the foot of the Roman sandals sportsman or for GEEK who served a summer sandals are the end of the mission of the year. Carefully selected for their one pair of good shoes, nice and comfortable, put it where it wanted to go. Below GQ introduce you to several 2012 autumn and winter not miss the good shoes.Stussy deluxe x Maiden Noir capsule series of autumn and winter shoesVery simple and practical shape, very simple color, no frills, just a circle on the sole, add orange. The easy way out is always very small decorative lovable, but also for the shoe to add a little lively flavor.Maiden Noir x Timberland 2013 autumn and winter shoesAs people increasingly high demand on the appearance, and now want to find a pair of warm shoes are more and more difficult. Timberland footwear produced large joint above mentioned Maiden Noir looked on the launch of this warm lace shoes. In Jason Wu (Jason Wu) 2014 early spring vacation series of f
Sholohov's Live
Any shorts are better looked on the back of a chair.
~shondibelle's Thoughts
What's Up My Friends? Turn On:Sexy lips and mouth and a man who knows how to use them. I love all men, black,white, hispanic, ect. I don't discriminate, hate players, cause you will get played back, aight? I am here for fun and friends, ain't looking for no drama! My bait is honey and I am so sweet, you get back what you put in! Holla!
WIll you please click on her pic and rate her in an auction...Thanks!!
Shooting The Breeze
A man in my stocking! I woke up last Christmas morning To a positive, festive day It was the season to be jolly, For presents were soon coming my way But waht I didn't expect Was to receive a man Standing by my bed naked With a rose in his hand I rubbed my eyes twice, To see if I was awake To my amazement I was, It was time to celebrate! I cracked open the bubbly And we drank together for a while But I soon became giggly, He was wearing nothing but a smile! We spent the day together He offered to cook the meal. A man preparing Christmas dinner, Surely this was not for real? We both unwrapped presents, But I did not need to unwrap him Because he was still wearing Nothing but a grin. My Christmas was complete, My wishes had come true I had a man in my stocking Did you get one too? A man and a woman were sound asleep.. It was about 3 in the morning,when all of a sudden a loud noise came from outside. The woman,still half asleep,jumped up from the bed and yelled at the man,"Oh
Shoot Me Now Or Later
. The person you work beside may not be your favorite person and you wouldn't invite them to your home, but still you are polite in the work place I hope. Well this is a social area not work. we don't all have to play the same way or like the same music. I myself don't drink because I can't a crazy allergy to alchol. but do I talk bad about the ones hanging onto the toilet or red eyes NO I DO NOT Do most of us talk bad about the ones baring all for all to see NO WE DO NOT (a few have found great pleasure in going around marking photos NSFW this isn't a church so get real people) A lot of the pictures getting marked don't show anymore than is seen on the public street anytime of the day or night according to the temps in your area. Did up know that in some work areas the finger sign (you know the one I mean) is considered grounds for firing,termination,let go, dismissel. Right up there with the spoken version of the word. So you don't like the way Joe and or Sue Blow is ac
See it through By: j06hillAdd to My Profile | More Videos Mark Wahlberg's newest movie is a pretty good action flick. Most of the content is believeable and the action is good. Danny Glover makes an excellent bad guy. Rhona Mitra is a serious hottie, too bad her part is small (FBI chick in case you're wondering). Well worth the expense and time. Enjoy.
ok got to vent about this what kind of a hole would chain doors shut and kill 32 people it makes me sick my prayers go out to the family of the vicitms of the vt shooting what a sad day in america
Shooting Star
Shooting Star (an Ottava-Rima) While he does fall to winters frigid knees The summer skies do tumble from reprise With spring so long forgotten in the breeze His lonesome heart will wander in demise Such failing hope still grasping out to seize A glimpse of what is felt beyond disguise To touch the thoughts of passion in its wake While basking in its presence and partake To live without a dream is but to die And so his mind does fabricate desire Yet in the cold and bitter trials of night His emptiness consumes to douse the fire Its kindling dwindling dark unto the light Awaken to the morning’s painful mire To walk among the living in a daze His soul found fading fast amid the haze As fleeting dreams turn back to cast a glance Forgotten faith lies somewhere out of reach Where grace made haste while leaving not a chance The piercing of this heart it cannot breach Nor soothing of its weak and weary stance For shattered yesterdays did only teach That what i
Shooting Over Chillie Sauce ( I Bullshit You Not)
Shooting At Me
Some little dip-shit tried shooting at me while they were trying to break into my nephews car! I heard the alarm warning sound and ran into the front yard with a sword, he he! Yelling and screaming when from behind some bushes a gunshot rang out! After about pissing my pants I ran into the house got my nephew and called the police. they were sceptacle about it after not finding a shell but took the report anyway! Damn, Little bastards!
Shoop By Salt N Pepa this is another thing I really like are certain stuff that are fantasy/
Shootin The Shit!
I was talking to a friend at work this morning an outta the blue I say:I need to ask you a question....So he says what??.....An I say:So,how does it feel to be an asshole!?.....Lmao...Much love,muahs to all!
Shoot Me An Email
hey i am stationed over seas now so you should shoot me an e-mail at it would really bring a smile to my face thank you
at 1:40 this afternoon in omaha nebraska there was a shooting at a mall, my favorite mall, the mall i always go to..and i was lucky enough that i didn't go.. heres the whole story: go there..what the hell is happening in omaha?! i have a friend who works there and was there today, but hes okay, and another friend who was there but got out..i just dont understand..why..
there has been 3 separate shootings in our once peaceful town over the weekend. Now my problem isnt really with the fact that people are getting shoot but rather the fact that they were all shoot in the lower half of their bodies(2 in the leg and one in lower back. Who is teaching our youth about gun safety and the proper way to hold/ shoot a gun. (when the rap song says to bust a cap in their ass they didnt mean it literaly). join the fucking boyscouts or somethin and learn how to fire a weapon properly damn.
Shooting - Sheep Invaders
In the top drawer of ur dresser to the left you'll find a 357 Smith & Wessen,slowly take it out and lock and load one round into the magizine. Point it to the side of ur head and pull the trigger until you hear a metallic click. After this you will hear........
Shooting For The Stars
Hey,Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that it looks like my "Knight Rider" episode will be airing on Nov. 12th. If the show isn't on in your area, you can always watch it on I play a casino cocktail waitress, bikini girl, and dancer. However, I'm not sure which scenes will make it all the way through the editing process. Go easy on the criticism, I was completely bloated and the camera adds 50 pounds, not 10...*snickers* Currently, I'm trying to obtain roles in "Criminal Minds," "CSI Miami," "Without a Trace," "Heroes," "Two and a Half Men," "90210," and the new Ron Howard movie. Not sure what will become of it, so wish me luck...I need it! LOL
Shooting Star
When your inlove the world just stands still, When your inlove you can concure anything, When your inlove with someone and you see a shooting star it is just another pretty site, there is no need to wish cause you have everything you need when you inlove. Love is a funny thing, love is a nice thing, but sometimes love is cold, love is harsh. When you love someone as much as i do and they turn their back on you and walk out the door you realize what love really is. How do you move on when you finally find true love, how do you live without that one that you found true love with. Some people would say that it really wasnt true love but in my heart i know he is my one true love. I love you baby and no matter what I will never stop loving you. You made a black hole in my heart. So the next time that i look into the sky and see a shooting star i will know that its just heading for a black hole somewhere on this place we call earth. COWGYRL UP!!!!! Its the only saying tha
Shooting Star
its 2:45 in the morning here iam awake wacthing tv and the snow is building up outside. nothing really todo at this time of the day bur smoke and drnk coffe really want a coke to tell you the truth. this movie im wacthing sucks i hate juila roberts but what the hell nothing else todo. god i want a choke so tired of drinking coffee if could get a coke i would smile. brb palm's going off ok iam back it was nothing just telling me to take med's woohoo. well thats my 2:45 in te morning how about you? i was trying to sleep tonight but for some reason i couldnt to much shit on the mind so i did something that i havent done lately look to the stars for some answers for a while i didnt see anything but when i turned my head looking for the big dipper i saw something i havent saw since i was 12 or 13 a shooting star couldnt beleave it so i did something i havent done in a hell of a long time wish upon a shooting star not beleaveing i just did that i came back inside so and sea
Shooting Stars
you know i been thinking alot lately about life for some reason i want todo alot in my life really iam only 20 but for some reason i cant seem to get it started alot lately i been think thinking about wanting to leave kansas for a while and see what else this place is made out of but i dont know were to start and how to start it after i went on the longest travel i have ever been on and was also my frist vaction a couple of years ago to sturgis south dakota and while i was up there i got to see mount rushmore for some reason all i can think about is traveling and seeing what else it feelss like iam missing i like to go back to sturgis manley cuz i fucked that up and got sick so after 14 15 hours of driving we got to stay for 4 5 hours not the 3 days we wanted to stay i still kick my self in the ass for that one but lately i benn thinking at night just getting up and leaving but for some reason i can never seem to make it to the door .....................................................
End of the Stand Off 11:30pm As the tear gas was getting ready to be deployed, a phone call was made. A man, name still unknown, was barricaded inside his home. Police talked to the man for 15 minutes. Finally talking him out of the house. It all started around 7pm est. Police were about to serve a arrest warrant. When they approached the mans door they were greeted with a shotgun. Police pulled back and shots were fired. In the exchange of gunfire one officer was wounded. The suspect was not hit. Police surrounded the house and a land line was set up directly to the house. Several phone calls were made to try and talk the suspect out. Finnally at 11pm when the tear gas was ready for use. They decide to call one more time. After this time the suspect walked out without his gun. Then he lied face down in the snow while police cuffed the man. At this time it is also not know what the warrant was for. Shooting 1-14-09 Mt. Pleasant, Mi. There's a standoff
The Shooting Star That's Never Seen
Trying hard to not just be the shooting star no one can see; I'm trying hard to be someone and not just drown alone. I want to make a footprint in the sand upon the earth; Although I try it's always wiped away with the high-rising surf. I'm trying hard to turn into a star that makes wishes come true; I'm trying hard to glisten; shimmer --All I ever do is flicker... For one million years I have waited to shine but I can't foresee light in my life anytime; I'm just wasting in space, wasting space in spaceless-ness as everyone flies with shooting stars of brilliance. Do I lack the fire? Do I lack a flame? Without wick am I just set to rot my life away? Hopelessly existing in this gravity-less hell while every hour upon hour my cold heart becomes a shell; Dreams of shooting far across the pristine-lit night sky become a distant memory of times where hope was still alive. Perfect timing and position high upon the clear night sky, hoping at least one person
Shooting Star
RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take itRULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks!LAST PERSON YOU....[1] Who was the last person you texted?Emily :][2] You were in the car with?roomate[3] Went to the mall with? Winston[4] Person you talked on the phone with?Emily[5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar?Mel T/F Only answer with True or FalseQ:Kissed some one on your top friends?trueQ: Been searched By Cops?trueQ: Been suspended from school?trueQ: Sat on a roof top?trueQ: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?trueQ: Broken a bone?trueQ: Have shaved your head?falseQ: Played a prank on someone?trueQ: Had/have a gym membership?trueQ: Shot a gun?trueQ: Donated Blood?falseWOULD YOU RATHER:[1] Eat or drink?eat[2] Be serious or be funny?funny[3] Go to the beach or mountains?beach[4] Die in a fire or die getting shot?ShotANSWER TRUTHFULLY:[1] Sun or moon?moon[2] Winter or fall?fall[3] Left or right?left[4] Black and white or colored?W
Shoot Me
The Shooterator
Chris Matthews says it best: "You play hardball!" So, what's it like to elect a Presidential hopeful? Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and whoever succeeds President Obama will get their wish to make the transition from ordinary everyday man to conservative gubernatorial lawmaker. (Sorry, 9th District Congressman Weiner.)     D.M. Seale & The Chasers are about to get country-music fans busted for good. Hear Mr. Seale perform BUSTED on Fubar.   Crime pays. To this intent, infiltrating the mafia is big business for the gangsters who are tracking down their rival hoodlums who get in trouble with the law.
Shook Me All Night Long
AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night LongShe Was A Fast MachineShe Kept Her Motor CleanShe Was The Best Damn Woman I Had Ever SeenShe Had The Sightless EyesTelling Me No LiesKnockin' Me Out With Those American ThighsTaking More Than Her ShareHad Me Fighting For AirShe Told Me To Come But I Was Already There'Cause The Walls Start ShakingThe Earth Was QuakingMy Mind Was AchingAnd We Were Making It And You -Shook Me All Night LongWorking Double TimeOn The Seduction LineShe Was One Of A Kind, She's Just Mine All MineShe Wanted No ApplauseJust Another CourseMade A Meal Out Of Me And Came Back For MoreHad To Cool Me DownTo Take Another RoundNow I'm Back In The Ring To Take Another Swing'Cause The Walls Were ShakingThe Earth Was QuakingMy Mind Was AchingAnd We Were Making It And You -Shook Me All Night Long
Hi everyone, I just wanted to tell you about an awesome new promotion at one of my websites, they are called 'gift albums'. Now if you’re not too familiar with what a gift album is it’s a gift giving concept that is memorable, unique and creative. They are perfect for any occasion weather its birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, a great housewarming gift or referral gift to give to your clients and the pricing is just awesome. For the same price as a gift card you can get a gift album and give something that you will be remembered for. They say the greatest gift you can give is the gift of choice, now you can do exactly that. So check it out, thanks :0) Gift Album Website - Ransom Dean 1.866.832.5521 p.s. I just wanted to add a note, when you give someone a gift card what do they do? the go use it have their meal/dinner whatever and then they don't have something to remember you by in the long term, so check this out it is t
Due Holiday Shopping Stress Free at XXXXXO Barbie
Shopping Heaven
All day I think about it, it gives me butterflies deep in my know the ones...those flutters that come from memories of the night before OR anticipation of what is to come. I can't concentrate at work, it seems like a 9hr shift that will never end. People talk to me and i'm so stuck in longing that I miss half of what they say. I wonder why I didn't book the day off for this momentious life changing moment. Then I remember that without my job I wouldnt be able to enjoy the evening ahead...again the butterflies kick in. Wonderous, fluttering deep down. I check the clock...10am...only 8 more hrs...I look again...1pm LUNCHTIME (wondering silently if I can even wait til 6pm...I contemplate a lunchtime quickie, how crazy and exciting would that be?) Then work gets busy and I can't leave, let alone sneak away to a place that I have been longing for all day. The 3 o'clock hr hits and I realize its not much longer...I make a phone call, send a few texts just to be sure my
Shop O Torture
1. Welcome Ft Killa-mo 187 2. Why Can't It Be? Ft Killa-mo 187 and Tyler 2 and a half. W-Torture Podcast Commerical 3. What Happend? Ft Tyler 4. U's A Suburb G Feat Killa-mo 187 and Tyler 5. Never Sell Out Ft Killa-mo 187 and Tyler 6. Colorz Ft Killa-mo 187 and Tyler 7. Fuck Wit KM Day Ft Killa-mo 187, Tyler, DC Sniper 8. The World Right Now Ft Killa-mo 187 9. Skisto Ft Killa-mo 187 10. My Reply Ft Killa-mo 187, Mortality Angel Of Death, MiStA_MeNaCe, HALUSiN8 11. Bodyz In Da Bay Ft Killa-mo 187 12. Smoke Break Ft Killa-mo 187 13. Extreme Killaz Ft Killa-mo 187 and DC Sniper 14. Warfare Ft Killa-mo 187 and Tyler* 15. Lifestylez Ft Killa-mo 187 and Crap* 16. Metal Ft Killa-mo 187 17. Tha Re-Copp Ft Killa-mo 187, Tyler, DC Sniper 18. Shoutouts Ft Killa-mo 187 *-Not Completed yet Keep checking thursday for a download link The all New Album! 23 new songs! Wicket World Order (Audio CD)$8.99 *edited note: the back cover here has no barcode on it to prevent bootlegge
Shopping Carts
How hard is it to return a fooking shopping cart? Seriously I park my car all the way in another county so that no one will leave a cart that will roll into it. I come out and BAM, a damn cart leaning on my car! And I see the little sneak weaseling away like some grass snake! DAMN YOU no returner! Why do you do that? The cart return was 10 feet away from you! maybe I should just take out my keys and carve your car up like a Thanksgiving Day Turkey! Would you like that? I try to pull into a spot and there is another Weasel leaving their cart in the parking spot! Now how am I supposed to park with a cart there you DUMMY? Maybe you dont care because you drive some 10 year old piece of shit, well I dont so put down the biggie shake and Walk you fat ass another 5 feet and return the damn cart! So my back is screwed up big time and I really need to see a Neurologist! I get an emergency appointment for today because the pain is so bad I want to stick a gun in my mouth! Not seriously thoug
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I don't know if any of you actually ever heard of Deseret industries,otherwise known as DI. You do have to be a good chooser when shopping there,it's a thrift store and they have quite a bit of stuff. Looking into clothes is fairly interesting,I've been able to find 70$ 80$ dollars value woolen items for less then 10$,sometimes even 4$!!!!!!! I'm a bit of a scottish pattern skirts freak,so if you like those,there's quite a few,just don't take em all , and leave some for me to buy :D have a good day ya'll if you ever shopped there,let me know what you think! comments appreciated.
Man, when it rains, it pours! It seems that a lot of things have been breaking around me. We bought a Sony high definition television in Sept of 06 so it is only a little over a year old. It decided to break. The manufacturer's warranty is only a year and we didn't get an extended warranty from the store because we have in the past and never used them so it was a waste of money. So we called Sony because everything we tried didn't work. They charged us $100 just to even come out and had to have it paid before the appointment. Okay. They will be here Wednesday to "fix" it. The guy said it might cost like $600 to fix it on top of the $100 we already gave them! We can buy a new television for that much money! You would think a brand like Sony would last more than a year!!!! Then,my son bought a Yahoo YZ 125 at the end of October. We paid $1,000 of it and he paid the other $500. He took it out one time and it broke. It is a 2003 or 04? Not very old! We take it in to ge
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My name is Ben. I started this company with the intent to give you what you want on your car or truck at a decent price.We have a full custom shop.We also offer custom body work and painting. Suspension lifts,lowering kits,body kits, body lift, shackle reversal kits, and straight axle a full line of accessories. So if you want to get a price on something, give me a call.
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A really good friend! After being asked to come by your place to help you move some furniture, I must admit I was a little hesitant. So I arrived and knocked on the door and I see your hard toned body standing there in super tight shorts and tight tee! I quickly want to get to work trying hard not to let you see I notice your tempting body! I feel the cool air in your place as I start moving your old bedroom set out and your new in. The more I move the warmer it gets. As we move the last few pieces into your bedroom I notice your tee starting to cling to your sweaty body as is mine. Finally at last we bring the new king size pillow top to the top of the stairs and put it in your room! As it falls over you breathlessly fall on to it! Laughingly you make a queer statement about having to break it in now. I laugh nervously at the foot of your bed admiring your curves, as you lay there with idle chat! Just looking at you makes me hard and want to have my way with you but I know I should
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Shop Stewards Office, Movie Review Of Star Trek 2009
     Well I seem to have set my standards a little too high, judging by the previews I was way too excited for this movie. Im talking about Star Trek 2009. The movie was directed by JJ Abrams the creater of the Fox television series Fringe. In short you take Fringe, Plus some elements of Star Wars and add an overdose of crack, you got Star Trek 2009.      Story begins with death of Kirks father. He became captain of a starship for only few minutes buying his crew some time to escape from an attack of a romulan ship. Among that crew was his pregnant wife who went into childbirth upon his death.      Im not so sure of how the plot was supposed to happen. But theres a reason for the timeline shift making the storyline almost completly off base from the story we all know, also take into consideration that the origional cast of star trek is either old or dead and cant really fit into this movie.     Ok my next topic, The Enterprise. What the fuck is this. The designs I saw looked pretty
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Shopping For Baby Shoes
Baby shoes are cute and adorable and such factors are lead to many parents buying the wrong footwear for their kids. It goes without saying that tiny shoes are the most charming things in a kid’s department store. Have you ever asked yourself how much effort is required to find footwear that fits the kids? Those with kids know how stressing finding the right pair of footwear can be. There are two reasons why most parents buy footwear for their kids’ one is for the looks and the other is for the basic requirements. Not all infants need footwear; most kids will require shoes when they are a few months old, when the bones of the feet are still developing. The main thing about baby shoes is that they need to be very comfortable; secondly the material needs to be of quality and one that cannot cause the kids feet problems. The feet of the infant should always be cozy and warm at all times so you need the right size. For a child who is starting out wearing shoes he or she need
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This is the best gift you could give someone on their marriage. You know that the bride is going to receive many jewelry and other related products on the wedding. So what could be better than a gift such as the trinket box which is going to help her take care of all her jewelry And while you are at it, why don’t you get a really fancy box that is both practical and looks lovely. They have been using this for over hundred years and this is the reason why many people find this to be a wonderful piece of jewelry that is going to help them take care of storing their stuff. Cherishing your trinket box – These wonderful items come in a variety of materials and sizes and budgets, it is a great option for everyone. Online stores especially have a lot of variety of such boxes, that you can pick from. There are different materials such as wood, crystal, stone, metal, plastic, fabric, paper, and so many more that you can pick from. A customized trinket box is very much a cherishing
During the recession worldwide everyone tends to save money wherever they can. Especially when it comes to shopping of clothes, food, electronics, furniture or appliances everyone tries to save some money from wherever possible. Online Shopping is one such place where you can save money as well as time and stay away from all the hassles that you has to suffer while shopping offline. Online shopping provides the shoppers to shop from variety of products and brands like and look for the best deals given by the merchants. It reduces the overhead cost in variety of ways which can result in low cost. Many shoppers can save money while shopping online by using Compare Prices and Product deals . These deals are offered by different merchants online to attract shoppers to buy the products while saving. compare prices are nowadays not new to anyone. Everyone can use these coupons free of cost and avail different deals and discounts. Coupons can be availed from different websites
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Convenience at geeliph: Consumers are finding shopping online easily accessible because it's open 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.  So virtually, consumers can shop any time they need to at geeliph, and if they get interrupted during their online shopping period, they are able to continue later.  This is why people are finding online shopping such as handy because it's available at any time whereas conventional shopping centre’s today don't have that kind of flexibility. Sexy Lingerie Transparent Tulle Sexy Japanese Kimono - Jaden is it cost a thing. But the good thing is you will able to do something special for your husband. If you do not know what colors he find you more sexy wearing here at , ask him. If you cannot get a straight answer out of him, black and red are always hot and sexy. Not to mention, black is very slenderizing. So, if you have been worried about a few extra pounds you put on after tying the knot, throw on something black. You
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She sat with her back to the door, her body hunched over, arms wrapped tightly around herself. Summer had just ended and the window was open, a breeze made the curtains dance in the warm air of the hotel room. Dark hair fell down her back in a mass of tangles; her sleeveless white t-shirt seemed to glow in the streetlights that were the room's only illumination. "I am dying," she thought as silent tears streamed down her face. She rocked her body back and forth, watching the phone that she knew would never ring. "He is not coming" she said aloud, the words bitter and stinging her tongue. She was here at their usual meeting place and had been for the entire weekend; but he hadn't come, he hadn't called and his cell phone was off. She had no access to him whatsoever and the questions she needed answered burned inside her like hot coals. She stood and began pacing the floor in her bare feet, she lit a cigarette not realizing one still burned forgotten in the ashtray. She looked out
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Awakened from a deep slumber I am acutely aware of a presense around me. As a veil of opaque obsidian falls from atop my eyes I glance to the the left...and see nothing. I wipe the slumber from my dark eyes and search again to no avail. I call to my heightened sense of hearing and lay still, but alas hear nothing but the precise ticking of the clock on the opposite wall. I rise to sit on the edge of my bed throwing the comforter aside and reach for my robe to cover my nakedness from whomever may be present. Its fine silk feels cool on my pale skin immediately hardening my darkened nipples revealing themselves through soft cloth. My legs dangle over the side with my toes barely able to touch the floor. As I lean forward, my feet outstretched reaching for my slippers I feel a slight tingle on my neck as if a cool breath brushed over my skin. I turn quickly and again, nothing is visible. I walk to the balcony doors and pull apart the draperies now that the sun has set...r
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repair me not! there is only one word that causes pain, especially when you must explain being hurt an feeling sad, remeberng times that you needed then bad. give it everthing you've got, share a lil if you've got alot, am i only of all the others, that you choose to call your friends or lovers? i dont know what to do or say, it hurts much more each passng day. i cry to remeber the times taht we shared, knowing my feelings cannot be repaired... nice to know .. its nice to know they love you. when they turn their heads away. an its good to know they'll be there, when they dont have time to stay. it's nice to have somebody, who can cover all your fears when they make you nkow ther're trying they want to dry your tears. and when you ask a question, they'll always understand its nice to have some one to love, yes, isnt it grand? lost pain. alone an feeling satisfied, at the thought of being me. and i knew that i must play it straight. to be happy an be
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from the darkness and the fire burned deep with in hides a secret a secret of time that cannot be concealed by fate lost for eternity it may seem such a secret longs to be set free and burn so purely through the heart but hidden it shall remain for now. smoldered by a chilling rain a fire that refuses to die smolders blackening lungs with it's smoke of despair and failing hope. winding through like vines on a tree destiny twists an untold story with no fathomable end. wittled to the core searching through the ice for a shard of truth upon the broken glass of the mirror that holds blood with in of a thousand dead and twice as many dying. shifting through the sands beginning to sink further grasping for a branch nearby to pull out from the pit of eternal slumber. cutting the brain for thoughts, means of escape tearing the heart desperate for answers to a hidden question or perhaps searching for the question already holding the answer unsure uncertain confused and lost in a sense of no
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Witches should be aware of their roots; aware of how and why the persecutions came about, for instance, and where and when the re-emergence took place. There is a great deal to be learned from the past. It's true that much of history can seem dry and boring to many of us, but that is far from so with the history of Witchcraft. It is very much alive and filled with excitement. Twenty-five thousand years ago Palaeolithic Wo/Man depended upon hunting to survive. Only by success in the hunt could there be food to eat, skins for warmth and shelter, bones to fashion into tools and weapons. In those days Wo/Man believed in a multitude of gods. Nature was overwhelming. Out of awe and respect for the gusting wind, the violent lightning, the rushing stream, Wo/Man ascribed to each a spirit; made each a deity... a God. This is what we call Animism. A god controlled that wind. A god controlled the all-important hunt.... a God of Hunting. Most of the animals hunted were honored so Wo/Man pict
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Just a poem I wrote.. For Where the Heart cries The face frowns When the tears fall The body shakes Uplifted hands towards the sky Reaching toward a hope Hope for happiness For where the Heart cries The lord Lyes The face smiles the tears stop The body moves to Begin again again we proceed we fight,fight,fight for a new day to sing for when the heart cries the lord will rise I hunger to live I wanna feel the wind on my face Struggling to find my place in this world Just a woman guiding the little girl Grab the keys, leave the phone and start off the road alone make mistakes is a piece of cake falling down is only in vain when you fail to face the pain Heaven help Me I'm falling again Need some relief instead of pain again Eyes are dry and weary from crying I crave love instead of lying My mind wont' stop I never asked for this and I Cry all the time Die a little
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Mars and Venus Let's say a guy named Roger is attracted to a woman named Elaine. He asks her out to a movie; she accepts; they have a pretty good time. A few nights later he asks her out to dinner, and again they enjoy themselves. They continue to see each other regularly, and after a while, neither one of them is seeing anybody else. Then, one evening when they're driving home, a thought occurs to Elaine, and, without really thinking, she says it aloud: "Do you realize that, as of tonight, we've been seeing each other for exactly six months?" And then there is silence in the car . . . To Elaine, it seems like a very loud silence. She thinks to herself: Gee, I wonder if it bothers him that I said that. Maybe he's been feeling confined by our relationship; maybe he thinks I'm trying to push him into some kind of obligation that he doesn't want, or isn't sure of. And Roger is thinking: Gosh. Six months. And Elaine is thinking: But, hey, I'm not so su
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Cold The wind flows freely around me. I stand as the leaves rush along. The air is cool and makes me shiver. Sadness is trying to overcome and take my song. The days are getting shorter The seasons change too fast. Time slips away from me. I hope this doesn't last. As the coldness seeps into my being, I stand tall and don't break. I know this is only temporary, I just don't know how long it will take. The trees are slowly losing their cover, The wind is cooling the earth. Autumn spreads it's glory all around me Nature is getting ready for sleep before rebirth. The need of survival is strong. I cling to it's boldness and hope, To survive, I have to be wiser, To live with the coldness, or at least cope. ~~Darla~~ The day was just any ordinary day. The sun was shining and it was a nice autumn day. She wonders why her heart is not shining today, why she feels so sad and lonely. Not often do
Short Stories
"How you doing, West?" "I'm lovely jubbly, Sir. You? "Not too bad, just glad that this voyage is underway again." "Me, too, sir, although I can't wait to get off duty." "Why is that, West?" "Well, sir, our last stop got that new bird in Engineering." "You gonna try your Luck with Miss Lo?" "Yes sir, I got a thing for Asian women." "You don't stand a chance West. Your not her type." "Is that right, sir? You gonna give me some competition?" "Well I would but it wouldn't be competition then. Sort of like a Starship such as this going up against a transport." "Well, sir, I have had success in the past." "How many women is it on board now?" "Twenty three and counting, Sir." "Not bad." "If I may, sir, how many is it for you?" "None." "None?" "None." "And that is competition, Sir?" "Well, West, I haven't even bothered. But I could out wit you with women any day." "Well, sir, if I might be so bold as to put a f
A Short Attempt At Music
Well, I recently got some recording gears (finally) and recorded a short intro to a song (57secs). I played bass, guitar and did some vocals. Just wondering what people thought of it (and the mix, for you sound engineers). You can download it here: the song is actually called Killing Apathy...not Gump. anyways, this is my first recording with vocals and bass. So feel free to give constructive criticism/etc. All the best to you all and talk soon I hope!
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what does it take to make friends on this site? i have been on here so long but no action, and i was just wondering how long does it take and what should i do to make my profile better, i am a young woman and i am looking for older men that like is into younger women.... well let me know what to do to improve my me Music Video:UNPREDICTABLE (by Jamie Foxx)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
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Come January it will have been a year since the biggest collapse of my young life. it was a major turning point as well as a major fall. i met my wife after leaving my own personal hell. i have learned not to hate although it was EXTREMELY hard. moving on wasn't as hard because she made it easy. I don't know why i'm still thinking about her, she broke the bond we had at least 4 times that i know of, who knows. i loved her. not the way she wanted me to though. so to that i say oh well. i miss her to this day, and sometimes i find my self dreaming about her. although i don't want to admit it... :) i'm re-reading my personal rant, and it's in many ways a ramble. I hope that she reads this and feels deep down that what we had could have been great, could have... BUT we both have moved on (ranting again) and are now getting married. me in jan and she in feb. i find that funny. people have asked me what happened and really there is nothing that i can say. so with this lin
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there is a light at the end of the tunnel with hard traveling here in between you can breathe only though this funnel hold tight to your hopes and your dreams medication will take away your person planted thoughts will bring you down your aniety and depression will worsen the water level invites you to drown but look up the sun is still shining the moon and stars linger behind don't get caught up in self pity and whinning listen to the whells as they grind strike out at the powers that hinder guard against thier suttle attack don't worry about the time or the numbers just be concious of what you lack there's not much more i can offer lend a hand when your feeling blue there's happiness stored in the coffers and part of this belongs to you Stephen G Tudor copywrite 2005 this was inspired by a lady persion gulf vet who was having a lot of emotional problems A very special teacher in high school many years ago had a husband who unexpectedly died suddenly
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Short Stories And Character Profiles
Plastered and drooling, unable to see straight because the alcohol had gone straight to his head, he seemed to grip onto the brick wall for dear life, trying like a desparate, dying animal to drag himself along, down the street. It looked so pitiful, this shameless act of alcoholism, that I couldn't help but turn my head away from it, feeling myself ashamed as I began to look back on past events, things I'd done that I wasn't at all happy with. Of course, those things were in the past, but when I looked at this man I couldn't help but think back on them. I felt a shudder course through the whole of my body, so I pulled my coat tighter around my body. It had suddenly gotten awfully cold out here. I suppose that when I looked at that pitiful man, when I saw what I had been through, my fate was suddenly sealed. I had no idea what was about to befall me, and I certainly would not take any of it back, because I have learned many a thing since then. I've learned more than I ever could ha
Short Stories
Maybe in another life…. Do you believe that some people we meet in this life we have had a connection to before? I think I do, but my sister told me the other day that obviously Dennis was someone my soul was drawn to and maybe in another life we either did love or would love forever. The tears are threatening. I hate them. I hate being a dumb woman that loves so passionately and innocently. I hate being a woman that has hormones that drive you to cry instead of get really pissed off and hitting something. Last Sunday, when I was outside crying hoping my kids would just go to sleep and let me cry, my daughter came out to hug me. I don't get many of those from her anymore. She told me although she was really glad he was out of my life, she was sad my smile would never be the same one again. This last time we got together, she kept telling me she didn't like him and didn't know why. I knew why. She watched her mother fall apart in front of her eyes. I dumped thousa
Chasing the past and lost is the present Years of hurts that left all to resent Things that we will never change That left some of us lost and strange Thinking we can change the past over due Fearing the wreckage of the future too And never where we really are Lost in days gone away so far Wishing and hoping with eyes closed What if I had this question posed What if I do it all different this time What if I make the past free and sublime Will the destruction to come never be I will close my eyes and then I will see Foolish minds the refuse to know Time marches on and must move and go That all the thoughts of what might have been Waste the present and make our lives a sin Wandering the past we miss what we should not Living becomes torture and we begin to rot For all that have ever been is gone and done And all that worry and effort changes none This is all we will ever have , this moment If we live it our lives are gifts as was meant By R. Thomas Dinsmore I
Short Stories
Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words (For Sale; baby shoes, never worn.) some call it his best work. Dozens of authors from TV, Movies, and what-not have all tried to top it. Here are some: Failed SAT. Lost scholarship. Invented rocket.-William Shatner Computer did we bring batteries? Computer?-Eileen Gunn Vacuum collion. Orbits diverge. Farwell, love.-David Brin Gown removed carelessly. Head, less so.-Joss Whedon Automobile warranty expires. So does engine.-Stan Lee Longed for him. Got him. Shit.-Margaret Atwood With bloody hands, I say good-bye.-Frank Miller We kissed. She melted. Mop Please!-James Patrick Kelly Kirby had never eaten toes before.-Kevin Smith Delicious meal. Thanksgiving Feast. Dalmer cooked.-Sensei Husband Cheated. Bought Poison. Problem solved! –Cian The End is Near...Watch Stopped! - Cian Okay so now it's your turn I would like to see what short story you come up with. Take your best shot, but remember only six words
Short Stories
Another afternoon at home, I sat with my feet up on the table. Slowly turning a fully loaded ammo clip in my hand, the pistol sat next to me on the plush leather couch. Other than the slight whispering friction of my fingertips against the plastic clip, there were no other sounds in the house. In the days before my final operation in Venezuela, I would be watching television all night, laughing at all of my favorite comedy shows. These days though, I had decided that it made too much noise, and I might not hear someone sneaking in. I always said that you can never be too careful. My former teammates take random occasions to call me and see how things are going. They like to make sure that I made it to the store recently, or really anything as simple as getting up to go to the bathroom. On several occasions, I have soiled my couch, rather than be out of view of the main points of entry to this house. My friends continue to care about me, even after my dismissal from Delta For
Short Stories
Lying there, naked, vulnerable on the bear floor. I stare. There in front of my eyes is a blank white sheet. I close my eyes, whiteness still surrounding me. Nothing. I feel the cold winter breeze drifting in through the open window, floating around the room. Around me. Touching me, as if they were millions of bear cold hands, freezing my skin. The coldness already surrounding me continues to overwhelm me. I breathe in, it follows. The bear hands reach inside me, freezing internally. My soul. I can smell rotting wood, dust mingled in one through my nostrils as I inhale. I can hear scratching and movement underneath the floorboards. I don’t care. Darkness surrounding me as my eyes open. Whiteness is no longer there. Blackness. The darkness making the wind angry. Howling through the open window, racing round the cold, dark and untouched room. Me. Pacing round me, running galloping through my long uncared for hair. Gnawing, scratching, biting my freezing skin. Ripping my
Short Work Week
I don't normally post many blogs because I ry to be careful what I put out there. It'd be dangerous if I was more outspoken. I'm fairly reserved but I do open up. You only live once and there is freedom of speach. I am looking forward already to 7 am Wednesday morning because thats when Thankgiving weekend starts for me. I definitely plan to party some, do a little X-mas shopping the day after Thanksgiving at The Mall of Georgia. I plan to see a 2nd round playoff football game that my Nephew's High School is in with my Sis. Have a good week to all my friends on Cherry Tap!
Short Stories
His Eyes Dart open like that of a child waking from a nightmare. The stench is putrid unable to identify it, he chalks it up as mould and rotting food. His wrists burn from what must be hemp rope Binding them behind him. All he can see is black, save the window above which seems so far away or, is the window small and he in a close room. Unaware of where he is, what Time it is, how he got here or anything else, He stares out the window in silence. The moon is bright, almost full, maybe it is full? No, he decides it is not quite full. Which Allows him to Figure out roughly what the date is. It is nearing the end of November. A sound catches his ears, which seem to be more useful than his eyes, In this blacker than black room. It is to his left, water dripping into a shallow puddle, Drip Drip Drip. He begins to count them, to help him pass time. 1, 2, 3.... To his right he hears a stirring. He swings his head, a shooting pain runs from above his ear to just below his shoulder blade, wi
Short Stories
He sat in a darkened corner, lost deep in thoughts. He was aware of the lack of fact in his thoughts, he knew that they were the product of his imagination, but he could not make them stop. Paranoia had crept into his mind over the passing days. It had started to work it's way into his every thought. "Why" was the question that fed them, and they expanded wider and wilder in his mind. He tried desperately to hold on to facts that he knew to be true, to have patience to find the answers to his questions instead of his assumptions, but the weight of the assumptions was crushing his spirit. He was lost in the thoughts spawned from paranoia, fed by experience, he was being consumed, almost eaten, by them. "Why" resonated louder and louder in his mind, demanding an answer, not resting for anything. He had had similar situations in the past where his paranoia had been true, but was ignored. This time he was sure it was only paranoia, but it wouldn't be ignored. The whiny "i told yo
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i have blue eyes .. auburn hair.. im 4'11 .. im married to a wonderful man named steven and i love him so much and that will never change. i have 2 sisters no brothers. i love to sing and dance. my bestfriend is cheryl.. we do everything together. we stick together like peanutbutter and jelly. we do anything together. i love her so much. we have been friends for like ever. and i hope i wont ever loose this friendship we have togehter.. i love the internet and the phone. i love wal-mart.. my favorite food is chicken and stuff green peppers. my husband and i got married april 29th 2006 and we are so happy we got married.. we been together for almost 5 yrs. but only been married for not even a year yet. i have 2 nieces and 1 nephew. they meen the world to me. anyways that pretty much sums about me.. if u want to know more .. just ask.. thanks stephanie smith
Short Ray
In reference to my recent blog, "Perfect Sky", the answer is no, Larry :D I’ve decided my next book will be based on the part of the world I call home, which is called the Shortline - a group of small villages along about a 30 mile stretch of road in north central West Virginia. It’s a small community with only a “A” high school, a few gas stations and grocery stores, and a couple thousand people. The tightness of the community can be seen every time we do our cheer. Wherever there are a group of us gathered, whether it be a bar, a football game, party, or several times each year at the Alumni Dance, a lone person will yell, “Shortliners!” and the rest will respond back in unison, “Eat your honey!” It’s unjustifiably shocking to some and amusing to non-Shortliners the first time they hear it. The tradition was born shortly after a beer joint (hardly a bar) called The Shortline Inn opened back in the 70’s. The owner also kept bees and sold the honey. When the bumper sticker craze st
Short Poems By My Brother!
Time and time again I seem to rebuild, and the things that I see will never reach my fill, I amount to a song, maybe tones, maybe not, but the ones who understand me know I love a lot. The stress in the can at times infiltrate, leaving me in a stance feeling quite irate, but the world wont stop for the stresses of me, so the sunshines again when I'm ready to see. The world isn't simple in anyway that I thought, and at times it can seem all good when it's not, but the clock hand turns into memories to be, so Smile Big, Laugh hard, Love much, and Fly Free. another poem by my brother...Jamiel Allen! And so the time has come again, when love is passed between the friends, and nothing really matters here, as much as handshakes, hugs, and tears. So call a friend, and let them know, you love them and aren't scared to show, a deeper side, because you trust, that friends will overcome the lust, no money is worth the "Thanks" you get, from the love you give, I'll e
Short Story
My first love will be my last love I will never forget the smiles you brought to my face on that October day when we lay there in the rain. Why did god have to give you this pain in your brain making you hate me and go insane. I wish that you could hear me and tell me your okay but all I see is that you’re in pain. Its making me go insane but if that what it takes to be with you I will because you’re my first and my last love I will ever know. Waking up in the same bed as you was a dream come true knowing you’re next to me makes everything seem true. Knowing your gone has made me so blue not laying next to you, making me think about the pain you saved me from all them years ago. Grabbing this blade brings back all the pain I had before I met you, now you've gone the pain has come I cant hold it back no more, I must release this pain to the outside word the only way I know how. No tears can cure me only the blade that I hold in my hand can. Today is the day they took yo
Short Stories
PROVIDENCE Derek sighed as he passed over his last-five pound note. He eyed his two drinks somberly, the edges of his mouth turning slightly downwards. “There you go, love” said the barmaid as she passed the change over to his side of the bar. He looked at the coin, sitting solitary in a puddle of warm beer. He felt sorry that this coin should to be the last one standing, as it were. It peered back at him like a cold, lonely, lost soldier on the coast at Dunkirk. “Thanks, Bess,” he said, as he picked up the wet pound coin and dropped it in his pocket. “Just enough for a bag of chips.” “What’s that, Del?” “Nothing, love. Just looking forward to my bag of chips on the walk home.” “You’re not walking home in this weather?” “Of course I am.” It was long walk. Four miles to the other side of town. And yes, the weather had turned in the last couple of days. The long mild autumn had turned bitter and the golden red canopy that sheltered suburbia was now a brittle carpet that crunch
Short Story
here is the deal i am going to make a short story but this is how it will work. i will put one sentence then write a comment with the next sentence what you think on and so forth...... tell all your friends on cherry to come am make this story great... Once there was a prince who was walking down a road on a dark and stormy night when he saw a monster.
Shorty's World
The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes. 1) Anyone can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person at the right time, and for the right purpose and in the right way - that is
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Short Stories
As our day starts I go into the kitchen and make pancakes and sausage. I take a tray place your breakfast on it accompanied with a cup of coffee, orange juice and a rose. As your eyes open to awaken I present you with breakfast in bed. Instead of you grabbing the fork I keep it so that i may spoil you be feeding you myself. As i feed you breakfast I have a sweet melody playing in the background. After you have finished your breakfast I have an awaiting bath for you sweetened with lilac bubbles. You sit in the bathtub. I lovingly take a washclothe and procede to start to bathe you. I take the washclothe and slowly start to wash your back. So lovingly I caress your skin while bathing you. I gently wash your neck and give sweet kisses on your neck. I caress the washclothe down your chest. Sweetly I wash your breasts. Picking up a breast I make sure to wash every part. As I have it lifted I tenderly kiss your nipple and run my tounge around it. I lovingly do the same to your other
Shortie's Thoughts
So today I found out what it is like to have real friends...Story: Its Saturday night, and im hanging out with some lovely drunk people, and with the kindness of my heart, i became the DD. I drive them to the club, dance with them, and have another amazing night. Well then i go to drop of people and we were going to go to Micky D's after i dropped them off. So i had already gotten my money outa my pocket and set it in my lap. I totally forgot that it was there and i get outa the car to let Russel out of the back. Ten dollars...lost! Well i didnt notice until we got to M.D's, and Grant paid for my dinner (at 4 am). So we start heading back to Bens house, and my car is parked on the side of the road...along with Josh's. I love my car so i was making sure that it was ok, well it wasnt. It turns out that Josh and myself have a flat tire. So being that it was around 4am, Ben said that he would help me change it in the morning. So morning rolls around and we begin to change the tire. Ever
Short Stories.
I watch, mesmerized, as the oil lamp above my bunk sways with the pitch of the ship. It must be morning, because I feel the swells beneath me grow stronger, as the tide comes in. Walking out onto the deck, I pitch my morning cigarette into a half empty can of beer, leftover from the night before. I don't even like beer. But it was something to do while waiting for the weather to break. Looking off toward the Drake Channel, I see the fog lifting off the rise on the van Dyke, and I wonder if Bobby will bring in his catch, like he promised his wife. I know that if the weather holds, I can make for Saba and be there in two days. Maybe less, if I can manage to get a deck hand or two to go along for the ride. I know that if I hang around the bars at Red Hook long enough, I can. I set the sails and start wondering which derelict college student would be a likely candidate, and I finally settle on offering for that boy from Texas. He seems like he's got a handle on his drin
Shorty's Life
WooooHoooo! Yup, you read it right... My divorce was approved and finalized today... January 24th!!!! I didn't think this day would ever come! I'm so happy!!! Life is good... Full of Happiness... Well, Tomorrow (May 25) would mark my 8 year wedding anniversary. 9 years of being with the same man. Never once did I cheat, never once did I feel the need to even look. I was ok with what I had in life. Granted, times were not always happy. Times weren't always peaceful... "rough spots" were everywhere. But, I can look back and honestly say, I cannot regret any of it. Had I not met Marcus when I did, I wouldn't have my children. I can't regret that, because that would be regreting them... I can't regret staying with him for so long... because without that battle... I wouldn't be as strong as I am now, I wouldn't be able to stand up to a lot of things. Without knowing him, I wouldn't have gotten to know some awesome people. My best friend, Ambra... her husband, Tr
come and talk to me.
Short Stories.
so... apparently it's "BETA BREAKERS TODAY!" as i walked along sutter street, all these fucking people dressed in group costumes were parading around my neighborhood on Nob Hill. i felt as though i was back in high school again..and all i wanted was to buy cigarettes and lasagna.... yeah... the pretty boy guido ass douchebags in the store decided to pretend as if i did not exist and just bustle their way past me all nasty like. little did they know i could EASILY break thier skinny punk fuckin' asses in half over my knee... have i mentioned that these people woke up at, AT LEAST 6-7am to do this gay ass race, and MY ass has STILL not gone to bed yet? YEAH. i'm CHILLAXIN... singin' karaoke with ma'self. SO WHAT?!?!?! I'M A FUCKING ARTIST! GET OFF ME! heh. pee ess: the "lasagna" isn't even LASAGNA! .... bastids.. red sauce is disgusting when it's sweet. *honks* a short story by cake. Norma was a quiet, reserved type of woman. She felt a deep ache and
Short Stories/poems
Remotely Pleasant By Jacob Hugart Patrick Johnson sipped his wine. It would stretch the limit of his meal allowance for his trip, but the kitchen of this hotel produced excellent – and inexpensive – dinners. If his just completed meal was a typical example. With a sigh, he reclined in his chair. The hostess had seated him by the glass doors which, during the day, opened onto a courtyard dining patio. Patrick was becoming very familiar with the arrangement of tables and chairs on the patio. Usually, he enjoyed talking to his wife during dinner, but she was half a continent away. His company discouraged the practice of having one’s spouse along on business trips by the simple method of making the paperwork unfathomable. He had endured the silence surrounding his meal with the grim determination that his manners would be impeccable – and not one crumb had fallen on the tablecloth – but he had to look somewhere, and instead of staring at one of the handful of patrons in the large di
Short Stories
"I'm gonna rob a bank." Owen had barely touched his fettuccini, preferring his fingernails instead. Thor didn't look up from his plate of pasta primavera. A good man doesn't take his eyes off a good plate of food. Especially Bertolli's pasta primavera. He said to himself, "Almost as good as in Italy." His mouth half chewing. Owen took his fingernail out of his mouth long enough to say again: "I'm gonna rob a bank." He never took his eyes off his finger. Thor coughed on the last swallow of Bertolli's best plate. "What?" He grabbed the fabric napkin from his lap and wiped the corners of his mouth, giving his attention to his friend. "Come again?" Finally taking the cannibalized fingernail out of his mouth, Owen leaned closer into the table. "I can't say it any louder, Thor. I'm serious." Nodding, he wanted to be sure of what he was saying. "I think I'm gonna rob a bank." "Jesus Christ, Owen..." Thor
Short Stories
There is a legend of five angels who fell from heaven because they wanted to live on earth. There were five of them. Wind, Water, Fire, Earth and Spirit. All of them beautiful, all different in their own ways. The angels wanted to be part of the great plan for heaven was not as fascinating as the plan. So the divine one set them on earth to find and keep peace with the plan. Soon they split up after they all decided to explore on their own. But instead of make peace, they shot the plan out of its original course. But the divine one enjoyed it, for they made the plan a new path. One that could never be seen. The divine one enjoyed this and left the sisters. They made the greatest changes in the plan. Earth created the ground for each to walk on. So that they would be able to sleep when the Goddess came out to shine soft light on them. Spirit made the plants grow, so they would have fruits to eat and trees to keep them cool from the God's strong light. Fire made light and gav
> >> > >> It is time to change from REDNECK humor to TRUE > AMERICAN Humor! > >> > >> Only it isn't seen as HUMOR, but the correct way > to LIVE YOUR LIFE! If you > >> feel the same, pass this on to your True American > friends. Y'all know who > >> they are... > >> > >> You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: > >> > >> It never occurred to you to be offended by the > phrase, "One nation, under > >> God." > >> > >> You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: > >> > >> You've never protested about seeing the 10 > Commandments posted in public > >> places. > >> > >> You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: > >> > >> You still say "Christmas" instead of "Winter > Festival." > >> > >> You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: > >> > >> You bow your head when someone prays. > >> > >> You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if: > >> > >> You stand and place your hand over your heart > when they play the National > >> Anthem. > >> > >> You might be a TRUE AMERI
Short Story By Me
The lawn man…. I had been watching you for awhile, Had been thinking about you Your body your lips your touch. And today was no different as I set and watched you work out in the yard. My Body would tremble at the thought of your touch… but I knew it was not meant to be…you belonged to another…. But then I could always dream. As I’m standing in the widow daydreaming of you my eyes come back into focus and I realize that your are looking right at me. I could feel my face blush as I dropped the curtain and backed away from the window. OH god that look…in your eyes…it just took my breath away. I was standing in the kitchen and still shaking when you come in though the back door. I turned and faced the sink trying to look busy. “All done” you said from somewhere behind me. I could not bare to look at your eyes. It would be just too much. You would see it in my face how I long to feel your body next to mine. “The check is on the table, Thanks again for coming over a
50 Short!
Short But Oh So Sweet
we've been together for a little while now i was waiting for you in the waiting room at the eye doctors wondering what was taking you so long we had plans in 15 minutes and i started getting ansy i walked back to the exam rooms and saw 3 doors 2 were open so i peeked inside no one the 3rd i knocked and hesitated. no answer. i opened the door and saw you in the exam chair. she was on her knees in front of you sucking you as you pushed her head onto your cock forcefully the look on your face told me you were close i just stood there, in awe and watched you noticed me you pull her head out of your lap and come at me you take my hand with a sly smile and lead me to her i knew it wouldn't do any good to get angry you told me to lick her nipples i did you told me to move down on her and continue licking her i did you position me to lie on the floor and tell her to feast on me she hesitates and you shove her down my legs spread she does her ass in the air and her face b
Short Snips Of Erotica... Opinions.
"I wish we were 69 right now, your sweet lips wrapped around my hard shaft sucking the cum out of me while I vigorously finger fuck that tight...wet pussy and lick and suck your tiny clit making you moan with your back still to me you slide your spread thighs down my body making your way onto my lap, wet and anxious you grab him with your hand... you lower yourself onto my throbbing hard cock, you feel his entire gurth opening you up as you slide on top of him, your wetness allowing you to impale yourself on my thick shaft with ease as I watch him dissappear inside you. I see you start to lean forward as you spread your... legs slight farther apart. I place my hands on your back as I watch raise your ass until barely the head of my anxious cock is inside you... only to watch your hips lower and you moan as she slides down the entire length of him... with a quicking pace your impale your self even faster on my throbbing member feeling every thick inch bringing you closer..
A Short Rant About Jobs And Piercings......
I want do be able to do what I want and not worry about how its going to hold me back in life. People who have piercings have to be clean, you have to know how to take care of them, and it isnt easy. This is discrimination, its not fair for the work place to not allow a simple piece of jewelry to be worn. I mean what is the difference between a lip and an ear???? It still involves something sharp going through skin to put something beautiful in to acessorize. I just happen to like them in other places than my ears! Its against our rights. Piercings do not harm anyone. It royally pisses me off. I mean a toothless crackwhore with hickeys on her neck from last night's crack fuck can serve me my double cheeseburger or waffle.... but me, the chick with piercings in her face and red in her hair, cant. When I live a clean lifestyle, take care of myself, and work as hard as the next person at a job. Its rediculous.
Shorty Is Mine
Short And Sweet
Well I just wanted to make this short and that ever is the case. I have been enjoying the single life, being able to flirt, go have fun dancing with my girls, not being told what to do, and all that jazz...its been great...until you meet someone you think is just wonderful and you find yourself saying maybe he could be different from the rest of them. Ok it scares me to death but excites me at the same time with the idea of letting someone get close since it has been a long time. The last boy I kissed with my eyes closed showed me that love can be cruel. Part of me is afraid of letting that happen again!! For the past year I have been very well guarded and if things get too close if they even get that far I leave or find a way to end it, avoid it or just say fuck off. I know I can't run forever but I don't know what to do...........
Short Stories
The Choctaw Indian Nation, a Muskogean tribe also known as Chakchiuma, or Chatot, traces its roots to the Mississippi Valley and some parts of Alabama. The Choctaw Indians' origin Myth is a fascinating one: The tribe had been travelling through rough terrain and dense forest for months, carrying the numerous bones of their dead; this task had taken its toll on the living, who grew more fatigued with each passing day of their seemingly unending journey. It is then that they came upon a creek, which the Chief decided they would use as their encampment for the winter. When the warmer climes came, the tribe was healthy from rest and an abundance of food from the surrounding area, so they decided to make the creek their permanent home. Overlooking the creek was a steep hill with an indent in one side, which the Choctaw named "Nunih Waya", meaning: "Productive Mound". Nunih Waya is also often referred to as "The Mother Mound"; from this, the Choctaw encampment got the name "Na
Short Stories
humm what to say what to say, i post blogs almost all the time on my other sight, any whoot..... hummm jsut board, and sad, i dont know why, well i do i jsut hate feeling like this im sick, and tired, of being sick, and tired lol...... life is such a bitch i swear one moment ur happy, and in love, and the nexts ur depressed, and alone argh, ill get over it, jsut gotta move on some way or another, ogh well who cares any ways, its jsut one lill crush, and girlfriend, wich i can get another...... sometimes i hate falling cuase i kinda fall fast, and hard, not all the time jsut depends on what the person is, and personality, and eyes, anf yadda yadda but she really cough my eye, and i do care for her...... hum at least we still friends, i miss her argh....... humm jsut rambling on getting it all out...... ppl can suck sometimes thinkign they are ur freinds,a nd then ripp u off GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR go through alot of friends now a days humm thats life i guess
Short Erotica
It's been a late night at the office, and I'm thankful to finally be home to relax. Closing the door behind me, I shrug out of my jacket as I notice the absolute silence and darkness of the house. Must not be home yet, I think with some disappointment to find you nowhere around. Sighing heavily, I make my way to the bedroom to get out of my clothes. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I massage my upper thighs, thankful to be out of those beastly thigh high stockings. Wiggling my toes, I groan at the discomfort they had suffered all day. I reach around and unclasp my bra, a breath of gratitude escaping once I was free of that constraining device. The people who make those must have been students in the art of torture, I mused to myself. One last piece of clothing to remove, I think, as I smooth my hand down my belly to the waistband of my black lace panties. They are the only thing comfortable I had worn all day. Around noon, they stopped being so comfortable when my lunchtime
Short Poems To Tide You Over For The Weekend
There's a lot has been said 'bout the breast--- Like how nicely they feel when they're pressed. But when push comes to shove, In this business of love, Its "twats" 'tween the legs that is best.It's only human nature after all If a fellow puts a girl against the wall And puts his inclination Into her accomodation To increase the population Of the rising generation--- Why, it's only human nature after all.My back aches, my pussy is sore, I simply can't fuck any more, I'm covered with sweat, And you haven't come yet, And my God, it's a quarter to four!A lovely young virgin named Lynne Once said about fucking, "It's sin." But a fellow named Tang, With a twenty-inch wang, Made her cry to the heavens, "It's in!"roses are red violets are corney when i think of you oh baby i ged hor
Short Stories
After taking an afternoon nap because of a royal headache, she was awakened by a knock at her door. Getting to her feet and throwing her robe on she went to answer it. Upon opening the door she finds one of the housemaids standing there. "The Master requests your presense at dinner, it is not a formal occasion so dress quickly to not keep him waiting." With that being said she turned on her heels and walked away. Thinking to herself, "well he always requests my presence at dinner, but usually it's always formal". Going to her closest doors she pulls them open, looking inside and wondering what to where. After a few moments she selects her black jeans with a forrest green button up and matching belt and her black sneakers. Getting dressed quickly, she runs a brush through her hair and sets off for the dining room. Upon entering the dining room she sees her Master at the head of the table with his laptop in front of him no doubt reading the evening news. He motions her over to the ch
Short Temper
short temper man some people on here have short temper
A Short Goodbye
I hate you, I love you, I want you, please go, come back... © All rights reserved
Short Stories
It's early morning and your sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper when I come in from the bedroom. I come walking over to you, and with out saying a word I take your hands slowly in mine entwining our fingers I kiss the palms of your hands sucking slowly each finger teasing and tasting, I gently pull you to you feet and kiss your collar bone as you rise pressing myself against you as you bend your head to kiss my lips I pull you along with me down the hallway towards the shower as we enter the bathroom I reach for your belt buckle and undo it so I can slide my hands in your waist line, your stomach curves inward with the chill of my cold hands on your warm flesh I slide my hands from your waist slowly up and across your chest feeling your nipples grow taut at the tease of my touch I slide your shirt up over your head taking one of your nipples into my mouth and flickering it with my tongue then pinching it with my teeth suckling it gently with my mouth, I slide my
C h o o s e Your Birthday ♥ Comment What You Got ♥ Jan - I ate Feb - I fucked Mar - I ran naked with April - I smoked with ... ... ... May - I ran shirtless with June - I beat July - I cuddled with Aug - I needed Sept - I shot Oct - I shanked Nov - I stabbed Dec - I slept with Pick the day (number) you were born on 01 - my lover 02 - a dog 03 - homer 04 - A homo 05 - a condom 06 - A toothbrush 07 - a hippie 08 - a glass of milk 09 - a porn star 10 - Paris Hilton 11 - the trojan man 12 - a teletubby 13 - the kool-aid man 14 - some crack heads 15 - an Easter egg 16 - a pot head 17 - a bum 18 - a stripper 19 - a horse 20 - a homeless guy 21 - a drink 22 - my best friend 23 - the cookie monster 24 - my boy friend 25 - a bowl of cereal 26 - a golf ball 27 - a bag of weed 28 - a french fry 29 - your mom 30 - your grandma 31 - a mop Pick the color of shirt you are wearing White - because hoes keep stealing my tacos Black - because I'm sexy like that Pink - Because I'm good in
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Short Videos
asked for and delivered, it's not perfect but hey it's here :p love ya sin Let me know what you think... i'll post this and one more for tonight here
Short Notes
Certain men on fubar have assert that with their e penis, they tend to be more appealing to the female,hopefully she will be soaked in her panties, knowing that how huge his penis is. These men should be noted for the attempts for trying to impress chriswayne87: im on cam on yahoo 11 inches Here I am, sitting here and pondering over the topic ," Mr Nice Guy." Its just seems that it is a topic that many people is interested about. But, they just dont like to talk about it. So does Mr Nice guy exists or there is no such things as Mr Nice guy. My thoughts are there are always Mr Nice Guy around.It just depends where you look for it.Should we go to the bars or clubs to look for Mr Nice Guy. My answer is Yes. Well, I agree that you find assholes and dickheads in such places but Mr Nice Guy do go out to drinks and parties at times and if u do look properly, there are some. Just take a walk, look into their eyes and you might just find one. Dont look for the ones that are standin
Short Story
Her name was Leelah, she lived out where the lighthouse stood. She liked living there, where she could watch the ships go by and the waves crash against the rocks below. Overall she was a very simple woman, she hardly went into town, only for supplies. Leelah liked her solitude. She came intotown one afternoon to pick up some supplies and that was when the 4 men had just arrived to work on the lighthouse. What the 4 men didn't know was what a beauty Leelah would be. She was the woman who turned heads in townbut never noticed she did. It looked like her legs went on forever; voluptious was she in the breast, and she reminded people of silver screen goddesses of years past. She never seemed to like a lot of attention, towns people figured it was where she lived in her own isolated world. Upon returning from town she noticed an SUV parked out by the lighthouse, she took her bags in and went to see who was there. After all it was evening time. When entering and seeing the 4 men ready to
Short Time
In a quiet country cemetery Where the gentle breeze blows, Lies the son I loved so dearly Whom I lost 11 years ago. Your resting place I visit Place flowers there with care, But no one knows the heartache When I turn to leave you there.Of all that life has given me And all that's left to do, I will never know a greater gift Than the days I shared with you You can shed tears that he is gone, Or you can smile because he lived. You can close your eyes and pray that he will come back, Or you can open your eyes and see all that he has left. Your heart can be empty because you can't see him, Or you can be full of the loe that you shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live for yesterday, Or you can remember him and only that he has gone, Or you can cherish his memory and let it live on. You can cry, close your mind, be empty, and turn your back, Or you can do what he wanted, smile, open your eyes, love and move on
Short Quotes
A teardrop is insignificant in a pool of water, but it can touch the soul as it runs down someone’s face Love can tear you apart... it can kill you. But if you’re lucky, it can put you back together The ones that you love the most are usually the ones that hurt you the most We don't love qualities, we love persons; sometimes by reason of their defects as well as of their qualities A part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it's you and me Together forever and never apart, Maybe in distance, but never in heart In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged. What's meant to be will always find a way. Love robs those who have it of their wit, and gives it to those who have none. Nothing compares with the finding of true love; because once you do your heart is complete.
Short Cuts
The final curtain goes tonight I've loved this wild, bumpy flight Yvette is always in a rush The Lighting Opp? He's on the bus. Mrs. Sorken steals the plant She's everybody's favorite aunt Naomi surely is a wit Deep in the conversation pit Johnna comes off very meek Till John comes out so very chic Amanda's quite the southern belle Ginny sure can make her yell Tom's head is surely in a spin Forgot his paper, yet again. I know how Lawrence gets his kicks But I hate those stupid swizzle sticks Intermission's always fun Did August remember to load the gun? The Announcer wants to cancel the show But Tommy and Grandma, where would they go? Lettie's fine she's got the gun The adulteress and homo? I guess they're done The music now is all the rage A hoe-down's going on backstage The Operator is an ace No desperate look upon his face And Gretchen, lonely in her house With extra food stashed in the couch Sally says she has small hips And Zelda with those hairy pits
Shorter Poems That Are Actually Poems
Yellow skies, black clouds And transparent arrows Pointing to a black hole The sun was dead. The moon long lost, it fell behind that sheet that some call god STOP It pains to see the world you’ve created, It’s shaming to know I’ve helped. Can’t we open our eyes? But then we’d have to see THEIR AFRAID, The monsters in the window Are seen with blind eyes. THEIR AFRAID, The clock is running out And the turning hands are growing, Louder YOU CAN’T PRETEND NOT TO HEAR YOUR ALARM Wake up from your shackles, It’s time for your nightmare He had a lot to say, He knew the ropes well. But he knew the
Short Names
A Short Story....
This story has been circulating around for awhile. A great note for all to read. It will take just 37 seconds to read this and change your thinking. Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was next to the room ' s only window. The other man had to spend all his time flat on his back. The men talked for hours on end. They spoke of their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their involvement in the military service, where they had been on vacation. ? Every afternoon, when the man in the bed by the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he could see outside the window. The man in the other bed began to live for those one hour periods where his world would be broadened and enlivened by all the activity and color of the world outside. The window
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Short Stories
Shortest Fairy Tale
Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl "Will you marry me?" The girl said ,"NO!" And the guy lived happily ever after and went fishing and hunting and played golf a lot and drank beer and left the toilet seat up and farted whenever he wanted.
Short Stories
Freedom Have you ever thought how lucky you are to have freedom I have and when I do I think of all those men and women that fought so we can have it They put their lives on the line so I can enjoy the freedom I have These men and women don’t know me personally they fight for their countrymen and women to keep them free These men and women leave their family and friends to provide people they don’t even know a place that they can do what they like and say what they like I also think of those women in the world that have no freedom They are nothing more than possessions of the man These poor souls suffer humiliation on a daily basis Imagine how you would feel if you had to do anything someone told you or suffer pain humiliation or even death These poor women do this every day Some women if they show even their wrist in public can be stoned to death even if this happens by accident Imagine being used to make your husband richer by being given to different men maybe several at a tim
Short And Sweet
Dr. Dave and I were discussing the word 'smurf' and what the plural form of it would be. He came up with smurves. LOL good times. A recent blog inspired me to do a little research. I found this website, and I think this paragraph could be reduced to a one lined sentence had they not been so redundant. At any rate, reading it made me chuckle a little. Brown Recluse Spider general information, Brown Recluse Spider bite prevention information, and Brown Recluse Spider bite treatment information is available here for your review. If you have been searching for Brown Recluse Spider bite prevention or Brown Recluse Spider bite treatment information; you have come to the website of a leading provider of Brown Recluse Spider bite prevention and Brown Recluse Spider bite treatment provider. For anyone who doesn't know, I'm taking two college classes this summer. Last night my English class got our second essay scores, and before going over them individually the professor says, "I've d
Short List, Great Ideas, Volume 2
Shortcuts: Unblock/ Delete From Family/ Delete Crush...
These are some questions that are always asked...hope these quick links help you find your way. How Do I Unblock Someone? and select UNBLOCK How Do I Delete a Family Member? and select REMOVE How Do I Delete My Crush? How Do I Delete Gifts Received? (Ba-humbug!) and “toss” How Do I Upload a Mobile Photo? For those of you reading this...please post to your friends! This will help them more than you know... Party On Fubarbarians!
Short Erotic Thriller Authored By Me
THE ADDICTION As I lay there in a sweat, I could see the fan on the ceiling spinning, yet I couldnt get any air. As the thoughts swirled through my mind and my heart pounded, I felt like I had no choice. I had to go, I could hold out any longer. I arose, quickly dressed myself in what I had to to keep from getting the attention of the cops or any nosey bystander. The latex halter I had slipped on only made things worse as my nipples bounced against it while I went down the steps and on to the street. It was cold. Somehow that made it sexier. I began walking and looking. But trying to seem as casual as I could. Yet my heart was about to beat out of my chest, my pussy was pouring and my adreniline was soaring. I wanted to grab some bitch right then and there. But control... must have control. I walked into a crowded club that felt right. Lots of drinking and lots of easy women. I walked through the place slowly from front to back, looking for eye contact and Ignoring the drunk m
Short Story....
Short Sexual Stories
Names of the characters are made up. On a cold night, Tish walks into the bathroom, turns on the water for a hot bath, she pours lavender bubblebath, making the bathroom smell like spring flowers. Lots of candles set a senual mood. Thinking she'd be alone she turns on some soft music loud enough for her to hear through the door. Pours herself a glass of wine and goes into the bathroom, takes her robe off and climbs into the tub. Laying there under all the bubbles she closes her eyes and starts to drift off. Jake comes home early from a night out and was feeling pretty good. He hears the music and see's that the bathroom door is shut. He wonders what is going on so he opens the door quietly to sneak a peek. Jake see's Tish in the tub with her eyes closed, loud music and a glass of wine sitting there. While laying there in the tub he decides to kneel next to her and start to caress her back. Startling her, at this time, he asked, "Can I join"? Tish replies, "yes". Jake stops
Short Dick Men
I made this music player at Ok help me understand some thing? I understand the point for most on here is to get some , be naughty. What ever... Its all good. If and when I'm in the mood I can be just as naughty as the next bad girl.I had some lame ass loser who I want't attracted to ask me for my yahoo. My mistake. He was nice so I thought, so I gave it to him. Too be "friendly" So then he said do you like to suck on your fingers and I said only if they taste good. This was the only thing I said at all that was naughty. I'm sick right now. I told him this and he continued to try to get me to talk to him. He asked me didn't I have anything to say. I repeated the I'm sick comment and he proceeded to verbally spit on me. Told me that I lead him on. Hmm Some thing a rapist might say. Now understand this.. I don't care what some short dicked ugly mother fucker thinks about me. I am told I am beautiful frequently enough to not give one rats ass
A Short Story I Made - The Boy Who Killed Death
I saw a group of people passing by, they seemed to be talking about something morbid. I want up to the group and asked them why they are talking about something so horrifying. They told me that it was about this nosey kid that one day he saw death and killed death. I thought to myself everyday after they told me that "Who could of killed death, I thought that was impossible". Then one day I passed an old abbandoned house and saw something in the window. So I went into the house to see what is was. When I got in the house, I saw a shadow in the livingroom. The shadow was in a black robe holding a scythe, so I figured it was death. I went to death and he spoke to me and said "Boy why can you see me, the only way you can see me if you are meant to be killed or you are to take my place as death. So I asked myself shall I die or become death? The choice I made was to become death and I told death my decision. After I told death my decision, death dissapeared and all of a sudden I was wearin
Short Stories
Short Musings
Want the teddy bear to give you a salute? Salute will be a pic of the teddy bear holding a page with your username and number and a little message if there is a special message you want it to say include that with the request. send a private message to me with the info you want on the salute, pic will be posted on my page and a message sent to you informing you that the salute is ready and can be ripped if you want a copy sent to you directly include your email addy fan, rate, add, and rate/comment on some of the pics of the teddy bear have to be on my friends list in order to get one and then it depends on how much time I have available I WOULD I would give you my heart I would share with you my fears I would show you respect always I would worship the ground you walk on I would love your family as I love my own I would give you honesty to keep your trust I would bring you flowers just to show my love I would put a rose on your pillow in the morning I would make you my firs
Short Stories
I wake knowing she is in bed next to me. I know not because I see her but because I feel her. It is such a wonderful sensation knowing she is there, feeling her, smelling her, tasting her in the air, hearing her breath but thats not why I woke. I sense something else, no its someone else. I know that they are there. I feel them. Thats when I hear the click. It is a familiar sound. I know I have heard it before. Then I smell him. I know its a male in the room with us. The maleness of his smell, the musk of his cologne and the tenseness that fills the room as he is moving about the room gives away his sex. He is moving around the room. I cannot see him and I am sure he doesn't know I am awake yet. He moves closer to the bed and I can make out that he is wearing a full face mask by the light coming in from the window. Its not a ski mask its a dark distorted mask like you would see on someone during Mardi Gras. It is a twisted depiction of a devil and angel mi
When you read this it will all make sence to you...I drink because thats how I deal with what you have left behind....I have questions that I know I will never get answers for, and I have emotions that I can not control....I drink when I have no kids, no house work, or anything else for that smoke and kick it to deal with your reality...why is it any diffrent? You are always actin like I am out here and you belive rumores and tell me they are lies....when all is said and done your the one. My heart is cold, yet your touch makes life flow throuch the ice, and all I know is when I am alone, your words I long to feel... So I have this friend who wants me to be his girl, we been on and off for three years now and we both done some shaddy shyt, one worse then the other each time....I love him dearly and I love him fully, but trusting him hurts and he hurts....I dont know what to do, and I do know I want things to work so there can be a me and you...dam boo I am in love woth you
Hey im new here and just wanted yall to feel free to ask any questions yall wanted and plz dont be shy
Short Story
A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner I WHEN Miss Emily Grierson died, our whole town went to her funeral: the men through a sort of respectful affection for a fallen monument, the women mostly out of curiosity to see the inside of her house, which no one save an old man-servant--a combined gardener and cook--had seen in at least ten years. It was a big, squarish frame house that had once been white, decorated with cupolas and spires and scrolled balconies in the heavily lightsome style of the seventies, set on what had once been our most select street. But garages and cotton gins had encroached and obliterated even the august names of that neighborhood; only Miss Emily's house was left, lifting its stubborn and coquettish decay above the cotton wagons and the gasoline pumps-an eyesore among eyesores. And now Miss Emily had gone to join the representatives of those august names where they lay in the cedar-bemused cemetery among the ranked and anonymous graves of Union and Confed

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