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Harleen Quinzel's blog: "short storys"

created on 11/22/2011  |  http://fubar.com/short-storys/b344842

This man don't have super powers or magic powers,but his power comes from his heart.His name is John Michaels a man who served The Army and The Navy with great honor serve his country.In the late 70's he was called service leaving a wife and daughter behind thinking about him everyday and missing him with deep hearts.While John was out at sea got see far away places and each place he got see his little girl was on his mind thinking of storys tell her when she got older.While out on the ship he earned two battle EE medal and some many others while at sea.3 years and 3 months later he comes home to his wife and little girl waiting for him with open arms and smiles on there face.2 years later the super hero's daughter gets sick and the doctor don't know why she so sick and this when Michael felt helpless cause he didn't know help his little girl.Months later the doctors tells Michael and his wife want is wrong with there little girl.She diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency there world came falling down around them cause it wasn't really know back in 80's only hand full case where showing up.John looks at doctors with a heavy heart asking if there anything that can be been for this and the doctors told there was one way hormone shots would help his little daughter live a normal life.When testing started his little girl was in and out hospital most of her first school year seen the pain she was going through of all the test they having to do to her.He prayed every night for her and comfort her with story's when she wasn't feeling good.John watched his little girl struggle with school work and comforted her when the other students would make fun of her of small size body.The years past and John watches his little girl growing up to woman.The is year 2011 when John has a massive heart at his daughter Tk home her long time boyfriend wakes Tk up and looks at her say's "Your dad having a heart" Tk jumps out of bed and heads to the kicthen where John and tires keep a calm face for her hero.Tk calls 911 telling them that her father John is having a heart attack and as she tells 911 how get her home all so can think are they make it in time.When the ambulance pulls up Tk get's her father's stuff up and starts calling family members let them know that her father is going to hospital.Hour later at the hospital they send nurse out talk to Tk and her mother about her father's condition the nurse tell them both that surgery was succseful and they have put him icu.Tk went up to ICU waiting room to wait on the nurse let her in the ICU area.The nurse come and got Tk from the ICU waiting where Tk was sit on the cell phone talking to her brother telling him what had happen.She walked in father room with smile on her face and hugged her father,they talk for few mins and the nurse told them Tk and mother he need his rest.Tk and her mother walk back out ICU and head back home to pack few things to stay at hospital while home Tk tells her boyfriend what they did and how long she was be at hospital.Tk stayed the whole time at the hospital with her father and when he was resting Tk would go walk around the hospital or around the block thinking how life was going be for her hero.Week after the John heart attack Tk took her father to a local Wal-mart and got there pictures done cause Tk looked at the women and say's "My father had heart attack last week and I want pictures done so I have something remember him by."My father is veteran and father figure to so many people that has come into his life that why my father is a hero.


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