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Well, that's division by zero. So, I guess this entire blog is undefined.
There is something dead in this bathroom. I'm a-scared.
Crappy Friends...
Can anyone explain to my why some people are just fucking assholes? I let 2 of my so called best friends move in with me. One of which, i didnt know was moving in untill he showed up at my house with all his stuff. Nither of them really any payed rent or bills(i got 60 bucks from them) and they barely helped out with house work. So why am i the bad one for kicking them out?? I thought friends weren't suppost to use each other?
Crappy Week
The last couple of days have been really crappy. My fibromyalgia has been acting up, but I haven't been diagnosed yet so it may be a problem getting scripts for it. I was fired yesterday and then today wasn't much better. Went with my boyfriend to the doctor this morning to find out that he had strep throat and staph infection...Where the hell did he get that from?! We just had my kids over here a couple of days ago. So now I have to worry about them developing it. They are only three years old and don't's not like they can tell anyone that they have a soar throat!!! I already have an appointment on Tuesday. I'll tell her about it and she'll take care of me. The poor boys can't get to the doctor til at least Wed. Provided that their father is responcible enough to make the call and get them an appointment!!! Which whenever i told him about this whole thing he decided to bring up the fact that he might try to get child suppost from me!! Like that is more im
i want your soul to keep inside my box to hide from all. i want to protect you. i want to be your hero.i want to be your lover. i want to be who you hate.i want to be who makes you laugh. i want to be who makes you cry. i want to make you feel desire. i want to make you feel loathing. i want to make you feel pleasure. i want to make you feel pain.i want you to know all. i want you to be confused. i want you don't expect the best of me. don't expect the worst of me
Hey, guess i'll just say HI for now.
Crappy Christmas Gift
You Are a Losing Lottery Ticket! Full of hope and promise. But in the end, a cheap letdown. What Crappy Christmas Gift Are You?
Crappy Weather
So its a crappy weather day here in MN...We've had sleet all morning and now it's turned to snow. Debating whether or not i should go grocery shopping in tis weather. I probably should just stay home but I'm so busy over the next couple days I don't know when I could it before christmas...*sigh* I guess I'll brave the icky conditions..
i should just stop writing all he words running through my head dissapear by the time i get here maybe it will bw better when i get home on another note i`ve decided that i deserve what i want for my birthday so who`s coming to montreal to fuck in a big bloody pile jan.8 people two weeks
Think of all the fun you could have if you could add a single letter to all of the shitty comments that end up on your page and pictures. Hott! could become SHott! Thanks for the add! could become Thanks for the padd! Or even Thanks for the dadd! badd! comments: please stop them. Do your part, friends! Join your local chapter of SAD. (Sluts Against Douchebaggery) Kim Jong-Il is collecting dues. If you don't pay, he'll leave a mushroom cloud on your page. Or he won't. Because dicktators disapprove of html.
Crappy Marriage Cont.
So as some of you know I'm in a rather unhealthy relationship. And its only gotten worse. He has absolutely nothing nice to say to me at all. At lunch my son asked if we could do prayer and he started saying goofy things kids say and my asshole of a husband chimed in saying "and please help my lazy wife find a job." in prayer!??! I couldn't believe he did that. I have been searching for a job. Have sent out 30 some applications/resumes in the last 2 weeks. He's just so negative towards me all the time. I can't even bring myself to sleep in the same bed as him anymore, let alone have sex with him. I'm so tired of him. I really want him gone.I cant do this anymore. He's killing any self esteem I had left. I've been trying to better myself and he just isnt helping. I've asked him for a seperation and he just won't take me seriously. *sigh* i dont know what to do anymore!!
Crap Monkey
I feel really wrong, I was mean to david on the phone tonight, and he always wants to take the blame for our fights grr, it was my fault. MINE. I don't need him feeling like it's always his fault, b/c it's not.
Crappy Week For Sure!
Okay, so some of you knew that I have been sick most of the week. I had a bad spell with the flu. I'm still not 100%, but I didn't want to miss anymore work so I went in this morning at 6:30 AM as usual. I walk in and my boss tells me that I have been replaced, that he needs "reliable" employees. I'd brought in a doctor's note and all right after I went the first time. Well, that didn't matter. So now I find myself unemployed, which is something that I've never been. I am a dedicated type of guy. I'm debating on starting my own business, I have a degree in landscape architecture as well as HVAC install and repair experience. I'm thinking of starting up a landscape company or something. Maybe this all happened for a reason. Well, for now I'll sit here in bed for another day, get well, and start fresh on Monday. I've been comment bombing in a contest, but I'm not getting anywhere with that, had a goal, but my computer is just too slow to get it done. Hope everyone ha
Crappy Wk!
*VENT* Thursday and friday both sicked ass. Work was hell. Its usually not that bad. But we are having some staffing issues. So i have to do my job, fix the fuck ups of the girl that dident show cuz "her back hurts" (shes a faker!), and do what she is supposed to do on a daily basis. So now i have to go into work on sunday....(eww!) lol *end of vent* ok so this week should be better ( i hope) Im off on tuesday! (yay time with josh. My bday is on sat. *WOOT* I get to go shoping, look at the church, go out to eat, bowling, and drink! IM so esited! manduh
Sometimes I think to myself, "What the hell are you doing? Put those back! They'll take you away if they find out you took them.?
Crappy Hour
Every happy hour, my computer throws a tantrum, cuz so many people are doin stuff. Stop doin stuff! It's inconviencing me! Thank you.
Crap Ass Day
i dont like havin to see all the crap about love and finding the right person and people makin such a big deal about valentines day. some of us arent lucky enough to have someone to spend it with and are lonely this time of year and seeing that shit just makes it worse. i know i feel a hell of a lot more lonely this time of year, it really sucks not being wanted.
damn it! i forgot to take my birth control pill at noon... and since i've been on this site...i should be pregnant in exactly 5.3 seconds.
Crap Blogs
Sorry about that last one. I know it was crap. So, in lieu of offing myself in shame, I give you a dumb joke: Three sons left home, went out on their own and prospered. One day they met up and discussed the gifts they were able to give their elderly mother. The first said, "I built a big house for our mother." The second said, "I sent her a Mercedes with a driver." The third smiled and said, "I've got you both beat. You remember how Mom enjoyed reading the Bible? And you know she can't see very well any more. I sent her a remarkable parrot that recites the entire Bible. It took elders in the church 12 years to teach him. He's one of a kind. Mama just has to name the chapter and verse, and the parrot recites it." Soon thereafter, the mother sent out her letters of thanks: "Milton," she wrote one son, "the house you built is so huge. I live in only one room, but I have to clean the whole house." "Gerald," she wrote to another, "I am too old to travel any more. I spen
Crap! being so selfish here. My dad is dating...let me start over...My mother was diagnosed with cancer and less than a year later, she was dead...last April.He's kind of dating now...which I know is really awesome for him and all....It's just really weird for me and I guess that some of it comes from the way he's acting about it all.I want him to be happy and go on and stuff...I just need a moment to freak out without anyone telling me that he deserves or whatever...I need to just be ok feeling the way that I'm feeling...he has no clue...don't want him to. Ok....enough rambling...took the long way home from the store today...almost could 'feel' spring.The sun has changed it's path a bit and it was warmer than it's been in a long time.Rode around with my window down,stereo blasting and heater going
i just found out i am moving we just put our house up for sale and now it is sold crap crap crap
C-rap Music
when was it OK for people to bite rhymes? i have to hand it to MC Serch for bringing white rappers in check...but what about the black ones...should we bring in KRS-ONE?
Crap And More Crap!
So I got my stiches removed.My Grandma informed me my brother will be out no later then the 15th.Im gona be out by the end of the month so were all scrambling a little.I dyed my friends hair blue today lol it looks cool.Im going to my buddy Mikes tomarrow with the kids for the night taking some food.Marks gona be working 5 days a week at the station starting the end of March and atleast through April,so thats good.Sam has became a real whiner and Nates being a hard head but dont know what Id do without them.Well I gota go make dinner till laterz xoxoxoxo.
I think I may have potentially hijacked my niece’s lunch… Oops! Oh well I can’t think clearly in the morning. It’s a wonder I get to work without driving off the highway.
With all this other bs in my life I totally forgot I have a fine payment to make tomorrow. It is only $66.00 but I still don't have it. What am I going to do? I can't go to jail or things will only get worse I got an extention till next week Thursday!!!
Crappy Day I Wish It Was Better
Today started off good when I went to bed at 7am an woke up at 4:05pm. Went to work an was doing great til around 9pm when I got a phone call from my older sister saying that my grandma called the cops on my brother. GRR.. I WANNA KILL THAT STUPID BITCH. Ok ya he has problems but according to her its ok for her to hit him but he cant hit back WTFE. So then I called the hospital er where he was at they wouldnt let me talk to my brother come on he is like my child HELLO ya he is my twin brother but has issues an health problems. The cops wouldnt let me talk to him so i told them off an started to cry badly when i got off the phone. Then about 2 hours later the cop called me an told me he was going to Fondy GRR.. I hate my fucken grandma cause shit may happen to him now, I finally got to talk to my brother YES THANK GOD, but we both started crying on the phone. Y couldnt my dad be here to help me. I fight just like him in always. Well time to go home from work yay... I get to go home an d
Crappy Day
This is why I haven't kept blogs in the past: because my life is boring and a lot of days sucks..something people don't want to read about as their own lives probably suck in their own Anyhow, those who actually KNOW me, know that I have some health problems that sometimes cause me to feel like crap..and I never really know when one of these bad days is going to pop up..makes life interesting I guess. Today was one of those days..didn't sleep well last night and that combined with feeling like crap all day has really made it a loonng one. Anyhow, enough whining and who cares...could be worse, I don't have anything terminal as far as I I suppose I should just hope that the good days outnumber the bad as they seem to do. Anyway, hope anyone reading this is having a good week so far..I'm still holding out hope that the second half of mine is better :)
Crap Again
the urea breath test i did last week was positive :( i still have the helicobacter pylori in my stomach... :'( i'll have to start treatment again
Crap, Reached That Daily Limit Again! :(
Why is it always during happy Hour I reach that damn limit? Grrrrrrr Well, if anyone could use some leveling up, I have over 3500 stash items to be rated.
Crap Jobs I Have Had
I like my job a lot, its probably the best job i ever had and i got to thinking about some of the awful jobs ive had in the past. I used to work for a security company once but at the time i was heavily into drugs so i guess they fired me for being a security, um, liability.. They had me watching a milk produce factory and quite literally the only thing i had to do was to check a monitor once an hour to make sure that the temperature was steady on the milk cooling tank, somehow i managed to screw that up so all the milk turned to yoghurt or something. Worst job i ever had was as a bouncer at a really crummy bar whos clientele were mainly loan sharks and drug dealers, this was soon after i quit using drugs so luckily for me i was still on friendly terms with most of the customers, still, having to persuade 130 kilo thugs on speed and steroids that they had had enough to drink and should maybe stop beating up their girlfriends and just go home and sleep it off wasnt exactly my idea of
Crappy Co-workers
This is just a rant I needed to get off my chest... I'm sure just about all of us have dealt with a crappy so worker before... so maybe you can relate... SOO... I have this co worker (obviously lol!) that I CAN NOT stand!! Well actually no one in our department can stand her. She never ever shuts up (you can walk away from her and she'll still be talking when you come back! LMAO!!), and it’s never anything good that comes out of her mouth. She has absolutely NO tact or manners on top of it. For someone who has worked there only 6 months you would think she was a disgruntled employee that's endured crap for many many years. It's so bad that when she calls in sick... We're HAPPY about it! So, this morning... Another co worker, her and myself walk over to the cafeteria to pick up breakfast. As we're walking out the door I hear this woman behind me, pop off with "I'm going to start calling you carrot top!" I reply with "excuse me?" and she repeats it. To that I say to her "My
Crap Survey Swiped From That M-place
1. Where will you be in a hour? Laying on the couch with a wrestling dvd playing. lol 2. Who will be your next kiss? Either Alianna or Justin I'm sure. 3. Is there something purple within 10 feet of you? Alianna's shoe. 4. Are you wearing socks right now? no 5. When was the last time you went out of state? I was in Oak Grove like a week ago. 6. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days? Nope, don't go to the movies anymore. Watch them for free on the puter! 7. What was the last thing you had to drink? Glass of root beer. 8. What are you wearing right now? My tiered skirt as a dress, and it still comes down to mid calf! 9. What was your last purchase? Cigarettes probably. 10. What's the last thing you wrote down? I was trying to remember how to spell a word in French and it's easier for me to write it down. 11. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Corinne. :D 12. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? Nope.
A Crappy Day..
Well it hasn't been the best of days to say the least. Not going to go in detail about certain things with this place but anyway had a voicemail from my wife this morning when I got up, letting me know her grandmother (who practically raised her) had passed away last night. Fortunately they were all able to see her beforehand. She was one of my biggest critics but had been ill for some time now. Megan was expecting it but my heart still goes out to her and the kids. It was especially hard to talk to my daughter this morning as at age 7, she knows what is going on and this was the first person to pass away that she was close to. She commented that Grandma was in a lot of pain and so they removed the tubes and she died shortly thereafter. I think that is the hardest thing to think about.. Then when I went to leave for work, unbeknownst to me, there was like an anti-theft mechanism that the manual didn't cover and I was unable to get the truck started. Finally I called assistance
Crappy Day
Today freakin sucked, I don't know whats been up with me lately. Since I got bronchitis a couple weeks ago, I haven't been right since. I got really bad dizzy spells today, no idea why. I've been gettin em before dance classes too. I've been eating well, and sleeping normally so it just doesn't make sense. I'm frustrated!
Crap It!!! :p
Ok... just so you guys know, I'm not ignoring any of you. I don't know what the hell is the deal with my internet, but I swear dial-up is 10 times faster than this! GRRRR!!! It's taking me 10 minutes to open one page and I can't even get on anyones profile pages to rate them or anything. I can't even talk to anybody in the shoutbox! I'm really starting to feel pissy so I'm gonna get off here and make a phone call before I rip this POS from the wall and trash it! Hope yall have a great Sunday. ~Melinda
Crap Crap Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why the hell does shit happen to me when I'm all alone? I just locked my keys in the vehicle!!!
so today i am going in for a job interview...its the first one ive been on in 4 last interview wasnt even a interview so i dont count it i was just hired...i know i am gonna kill at it...i am everything they are looking for...i know what im doing, ive done it before, ive got tons of proir experience, im never late, in my whole life ive never no call/no showed and only called in sick i know i shouldnt have to much trouble with it...but for some reason im nervous as much so that im shaking a little...why is this i wonder...if i get this job it will almost be a step down from my last one so why am i so nervous...i dont know but its pissing me off...on a completely unrelated note i might have meet someone but its still way to early to tell anything
Crappidy Doo Wop Shiggidy Bang Ban Bang
bah. i need to go home. time goes so slow...but the year has flown. i wonder if this is it..all that there is to offer. i shouldn't be such a twat, but that's how it goes i guess. i miss my friends. i miss having a life. i had the silliest though the other day...i honestly couldn;t remember what it was like to be held in someone's arms. or to roll over, and snuggle with someone aside from a 4 yr old :P maybe it's better this way. i have more to take care of...i can't support someone else right now. i can hardly support myself. but that's how these things go.
Crap Wait For The Spell Check Man This One Is Important 2 Me
SHADY'S UNDERGROuND POSSE ~ S*U*P*!!! FEEL THE VIBE S*U*P*@ fubar Okay you guys we have a family home page. Wahoooo. Most of you guys know about our home page but most of you that are new most likely don't. We had a really kick ass one that me and a few other Posse members had worked on. Had it leveled pretty high and all decked out looking nice. One day right before the huge family bombing contest was about to start our Posse home page was deleted. I know who did it and when. I just don't know why.. It really broke my heart. I had spent hour upon hours on that page along with the help of a few others just to for no reason given taken right from under us.. It's not about that contest. Posse home page or not if the score is that close for one profiles comments could of made the win or not bet my ass I would of found just that many more people to help us and make up for that difference if it would of came down to that.. That page is the Posse home page. Its our home. I was so upse
Apathetic beauty that thrusts from me Rages from the memory Veil on veil she was a dream The unexpected demise of reality All is void entirely Less we believe Ok this is crap... the end of my creativity
I'm beginning to think I'm friends with some weird people. Who would want to see Balls Of Fury over Halloween? *sigh* It's gonna be a long nite. The only way they can redeem themselves is by getting me drunk. I guess I should go get ready. *kisses*
so went to the movies tonight to see Dragon Wars and let me warn you b4 you go to see it, don't waste your money... Acting sucked, graphics sucked, story line sucked.. i've been to alot of movies on opening night and not once have I seen it where the movie was half way filed but this was less than half way and not to mention half of who was their walked out with in the first 45 mins or so.. Something I should of done so letting all know now don't waste your money... If you don't like what I have to say then hey go waste your money and tell me later that I was right, but if you happen to like it then more power to you, but personally i'd rather watch a lame ass Godzilla movie; than that p.o.s.
Crappy People! Read This!
I guess I'm going to start flagging everything NSFW.. wierd website.. Things that I don't think would need to be marked are marked and things that should be are not.! WFT.. Also.. I don't know what people's problems are but, (NEWS FLASH) Don't be rude to me.. 4 real.. I don't have time for the crap.. I'm very happy, positive and peaceful.. DRAMA FREE.. If you don't have someone nice to say dont say anything at all... ight.. Fair.. I think so.. Have a wonderful night
Crappy Week
OK so it has been one hell of a seven days since last Friday. So many ups and downs and I think I need a serious break LOL Last Friday my boyfriend found out his company is closing and he might be lucky enough to still have a job for the next two months. The job market here sucks as I'm sure it does every where else. My Uncle Michel in Canada has been in the hospital off and on for nearly a year now. He had to have a liver transplant which he got, but it caused so many other problems. They finally found out he has 3 pretty severe infections between his liver and gall bladder. Mortality rate with one of them is 30% and since he has Hep C, we know he'll be part of that 30%. My Uncle Donald, my mom's brother and yes he's gay. If you have a problem with that, remove me from your friends list now, is holding up the best he can. They have been together over 30 years and it just breaks his heart to see the love of his life slowly dying and not being able to do anything about it. The realit
Although the heart knows no boundaries, the eyes and the mind construct many, and they use formidable walls to confine us within their barren borders. I'm scaling the wall and running like hell.
Crappy Hour!
Shot at 2007-07-26 WTF, Must every A Hole on here load up on Tags and photos that are on Every tag site in the world! Why? Is it your mission to fuck up the file server? Clog Fubar up with repetitive crap that we have ALL FUCKING SEEN BEFORE! Lets ALL get a grip! I know I am griping but make what you upload count and make it original, PLEASE! Else I am NOT going to rate it! END OF RANT! Thank You, The Pondering Puppy!
Crappy Mood
Not in a good mood today.. but it will pass once my son gets here. If you know me you know he is everything to me, and I never miss anything he does. I go to every game, every concert, anything he asks me to go to. Not living close can make it tough at times, but I do it. I had the best dad ever, and I try to be like him. Thats why last night was cruel of my ex, and the reason for my mood today. She could have told me about the game on Tuesday, or any night that I call. But not being there left me mad at her, sad for my son that I missed it, and feeling guilty because I didn't make it. I am sure once I see him tonight my smile will be back, and he is here through monday night so that makes it even better. Nothing planned this weekend, its an off week for soccer so we will just play games and run around and have fun.
Today sucks even worse than yesterday sucked, and it's only 6 am. I'm screwed. Pretty much everything hurts. Every time I think something might start to go right, reality sneaks up and smacks me in the face like a wet towel on a butt cheek. I'm tired of being used. I'm tired of representing something to people, why can't I just be what I am without having to perform tricks like a bear in a circus? Why can't people just let me live in peace? And why, for the love of monkeys, can't I stop shaking?
Crappy Week just gets better.......i tripped over a fallen metal bollard covered in leaves in a dark carpark last night. i have spent most of the last 18 hours in hospital.....i have 2 sprained wrists, a sprained thumb and a fractured elbow! I was good...i didnt
Crappy B-day Due To Ex-wife
I got to have the kids spend the night with me last night and wake up to them singing happy b-day to me. That was totally awesome. After taking the girls to school, the EX called bitching about how I'm not a daddy to the girls. She kept threatening how she was going to do this and that, take me back to court and all of her other childish games. What it all boilded down to was that I had plans to go out for my b-day and wasn't going to keep the kids whenever it's convenient for her like she WANTS. That really got my blood pressure up so high that I was having a headache. I just had to get this off my chest. Maybe it will make me feel somewhat better.
Craptastic! :o
I decided to stay home today because I'm hurting and extremely tired didn't sleep well. But I had to run to defiance to drop off payment for a bill and I wanted to get my FMLA papers to Doc office so they can get them fill out and I can turn them in. So I did that.. .. and wouldn't you know on my way home out in the country on the highway I get a flat fookin tired. I stand there.. look at the shredded tire.. think about crying then assess the situation.. so OK I'm not changing the tire on the highway leaning down an embankment.. so I wait till nothing is comming back up several yard and back onto a side road back a little ways from the Stop sign. Proceed to get out the jack n other paraphernalia needed to change a flat. Am in the process of letting down the spare tire from under the truck with a truck turns onto the side road I look up for a second as it passes and a man probably about my age is driving it.. I start to proceed with letting down the tire again when I realize the man
Flushing Away The Crap: One Turd At A Time I can’t type and am wondering if I should be sitting here doing this. Listening to Rush. Love them…love ‘em. Subdivisions is hard for me to listen to as I don’t like to think about those days very often. They were not very happy, nor is there much I can take away from the experience except to be even colder, more distant and removed. …Not something one would ever guess. I put myself out there. Human interaction is key to growing as a human being. I would live a happy life of solitude. Don’t get me wrong…I love my friends. “Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.” I love winter. I spent my adult years making warm memories to block the winter of my younger days. Now, when it’s cold, I think of someplace warm…in my mind and heart. Being lucky enough to have a past that includes people in places I would like to get back to, keeps me warm in the winter. I like to think that there is a future that is brighte
I am becoming me again i changed alot in the last 2 years trying to be what i was needed to be and what i thought my husband wanted me to be I do love him i shall not lie But when is love not enough to but up with the hell that he has put me thru and said and done to me Love damn near destroyed me cause i made promises that are killing me cause i am having to break them i never brake promises but my husband has left me no choice he says he doesnt need a bitch in his life well id like to know what i did so wrong that makes him say that I cooked his meals i tried to give him a child i never cheated i did what he wanted 95% of the time I always bought him things and not myself when i would do things i did them to make him happy i stood by him thru his deployment and his return cause of his ptsd i dealt with alot and it was all for nothing He never thanked me for being there for him it was always take take take then it meant nothing to him once his drinking buddys came into our lifes It di
Crappy Days Are Still Going On! - Girly Comments & Graphics - Girly Comments & Graphics - Girly Comments & Graphics
Crap Everyone Can Be Without!!!
Trying to help out in the fight against chain letters, fake viruses, Missing people hoaxes and other crap that is a waste of my time and probaby yours too...Just some URL`s that i found on a veryinforming site.................................... I`m just posting a few..ok, more than a few..but it goes to show that some people beleve anything they read, thats why they forward this stuff on. you can tell, i dont like chain letters or any of the other stuff thats like what i have posted here, so please dont forward me anything even remotely close. P.S I know some maybe a lot have actually received 1 or more of the ones i have put because i
why are guys always being the worst peicess of crap to me. i will be nice as nice and they are always mean wtf...
Crappy Couple Of Days
Ok so yesterday I was assaulted by a so called friend who has been taking advantage of my generosity. Some of you may know about "sweet aminah" my roommate. (well ex roommate now) Well it turns out she's been lying to me, she came up here from GA b/c her dad kicked her out and left her two kids with her dad & step mom...or so I was told, turns out her dad didn't kick her out she just threw a hissy fit temper tantrum and left on her own left her kids of her own free will! UGGHH! ANYWAY, so she's been "missing her kids" so she says I no longer turst anything she said! But yeah, her dad told her he wasn't going to pay for her to go back to GA that if she wanted to go home she had to pay for it herself (again so she said he may have told her she wasn't allowed to go home period, I sure wouldn't blame him)and she went fucking psychotic on me! She got a fucking attitude and long story short ended up throwing her fucking phone at me not once not twice but three times (although the third was a
Well...the word "layoff" got dropped at the job a day or two ago, and being the last one to join the job, it's likely I'll be the first one to leave it. Well, fuck. Can't imagine why it seems to happen every 5 years....every time I get a friggin' job, it lasts 5 years, almost to the point. My last job, Bristow Optical, went on for 5 years...and now this one, seemingly in jeopardy, I will have been with 5 years come July. And I was just about to get my friggin' 5 year company gift Ah, least a layoff will involve a severance package of some kind...and this company seems good about taking care of it's own. All of this is speculation at this point...and it's not the first time this shit has come up. A co-worker tells me when she first joined the joint they were talking like this...and that was about 12 years ago. Worse come to worse, this lends some thought of my own to some plans my sis and I were talking about last Monday night...I've been living in
Crappy Recording I Know...and This Is Kinda Old
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Crappy Months
So the last month or so has been pretty shitty, mid January my grandma on my dads say passed away from cancer and then this past Sunday, Feb 17th, my grandma on my moms side passed away. So yeah, its been pretty rough and crappy. They both lived far from me, one in California and the other in Virginia, and I hadn't seen either of them for a few years, but they were my grandmas and now I'll not be able to see them again. I didn't realize how hard I would take their deaths until they died. Anyway, it just sucks and I wanted to say something about them. Rest in peace grandmas, love you!
Ev just got off the phone with the landlord. He might have to sell the house to pay for putting his mother in an intensive care situation for her alzheimer's disease. He will know for sure sometime around the beginning of this week. So I might not be moving down to El Cerrito after all.
Crappy First Entry For A Blog
I'm thoroughly bummed. I have TWO dear friends in Alaska - Jack is a commercial fisherman who has appeared on the Deadliest Catch twice and Shirl (who introduced me to this wonderful man - who lives too dang far away) whose husband is also a commercial fisherman. I've received word that two friends of theirs - Eric and Dave perished in an fishing accident when their vessel the Alaska Ranger took on water and sank. The captain also died and there is one missing I'm glad my friend and my friend's husband are okay... but crappers... this happened on Easter. Shirl is the local postmistress and she said Eric has three packages from his mom unclaimed... crap. crapcrapcrap. I have to go to bed now...
Crappy Days
Why is it that just when you think everything is going right in your life, something huge comes along to screw everything up? Why is it that people can be so mean and hateful? Has this world really gotten that bad? I'm typically a very optimistic person. I always have faith in people and encourage them. But sometimes it seems like the nicer you try to be, the more they want to crap on you. I've made mistakes in my life. Who hasn't, right? And anything I've ever done wrong, I've admitted to and paid the consequences for. Then there are people who commit major crimes, never get caught, and continue to torture others without any retribution. They seem to think they are untouchable. Will this ever stop, or is the world just going to Hell in a hand basket? ~~Jimm, this is NOT directed at you~~
i hate it when people who lie and still i hate it even more when it is fam even if there street fam here is about the only place where i can rightfully bitch without much disrespect coming back to bite me in the ass i am almost half tempted to start handing out vasilene because honestly getting tierd of being screwed by people that i know and the drama omg it is just way too much but hell what can i really do about it
Love is fragile But the heart is strong with each new love it comes in battered n dented but still whole whole with the hope of being made like new again but with each hurt each mistake there are cracks made throughout with time each crack can be healed til the heart is like new again but if the cracks come too often or are too great the heart is broken to that love forever and only time can heal it to be made whole again a bit more dented and a bit more battered but still whole for the next love that comes along
Crap Crap Crap,not Good
well i just got a phone call from a friend,,who is listening to his scanner,,he just heard that les then a quarter mile from my house is a hostage situation,what i have heard is some guy went crazy shot his wife and then had some kid hostage in the house,to find out he escaped and they dont know where he is,,not good at all.i walk outside and see helicopters everywhere and cops and dogs(shivers),,so now we are sorta kinda bnervouse sitting here wondering wht is going on,only way i know is from my friend who is still lsitening.i am now ready to go somewhere tonight,,and not be here
I'm in the worst mood, i feel like shit, I can't even eat. I only ate so i could take some pain killers.
Some cocksmack that stayed at my hotel left a book behind, and I was unfortunate enough to pick it up and try to read. Well, I really haven't read a biggest piece of garbage in a while. The book is called "The Secret", written by Rhonda Byrne, a cuntish con artist pseudo-psychiatrist that dabbles in new age garbage. It is based on a idea that there are "laws of attraction" that involve positive thoughts attracting other positive thoughts, resulting in eventual goal achievement. Same goes for negative thoughts, only with a reversed result. Example: if you want to get thin, you have to think "thin thoughts". If you want to be rich, you have to think "being rich" thoughts. And a special force in space will make all your goals come true. (she actually puts Alladin's lamp as a fuckin example). One quote from the book: "if someone is overweight, it came from thinking fat thoughts". Another one; "Food cannot cause you to put on weight, unless you think it can." Another gem: "Mak
Hey nothing special...just a bunch of shitty days filled with shitty things...i'm sure you've all had them and if you haven't fuck off why are you reading this!!! l8r
Crappy Day
OK, the day started before yesterday ended. I was on here, chatting with my newest fu-friend... until 6AM. So I fell asleep quickly, when my head finally hit the pillow. But I was not able to stay asleep all 'night'. I kept waking, because of my night sweats. For anyone who is not familiar with this... I was sweating so much, that I had to put a towel under me & change my clothes because my sheets, blankets, pillows, clothes were all wet... and I was cold. Unfortunately, this is due to my current illness. If you know me, you know what it is, if you don't know what it is, feel free to ask. I am not going to put it in here, because I'm not a whiny baby about it, and I don't want to focus on it right now. I woke at 11am, and of course, turned on the computer, before I put the kettle on (it needs time to start). After a little while checking messages on fubar & facebook (etc) I decided to go to the gym and while I was out I'd pick up some bread since I forgot it yesterday when I was
Funny how the papers so bright I often wonder if Jim felt the same I live to write I write to live Hold me sweetheart Difficult to find my groove Two weeks six days I fear my self I wanted this I wanted you The pen bleeds I bleed You and my heart in contempt Fuck this is hard tonight I want to fall Most of my writings hold meaning Tonight I feel nothing And yet I write To you Whatever your name is Who ever you are tonight And who am I Where the fuck am I going Don’t love me I can’t Not tonight This is shit Hate me tonight as I do FUCK ME Fuck this life The End Is It??? Jason M. Christilaw 20081021
ok everyone! I am a dumbass & accidentally activated my auto 11's. I thought you could choose a time & date...yeah, I'm an idiot. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase help!!!!!!!
Crappity Weather...and It's A*hole-ness
So Basically Due To The Crappy Weather I Feel Like Complete Boo Boo. But I'm takin It Easy So i Can make It To Work Tonight...Wish me Luck!! lol Silver Lining...I Feel VERY Loved. xoxo ♥Nichole
Crap I Hate About My Life
Let's start with the obvious: -When you're a contract weldor, your job can end very suddenly and leave you stranded. -When you're a wierdo, sometimes idiots will pick fights with you over anything. -Sometimes, I do that heart thing without meaning to. -On any given day, I could end up on the road to BFE. -Trusting people is my flaw. -I'm prone to being accused of things I haven't done. -The power of the penis is a terrifying thing. -I'll be homeless for Xmas......... There's so much more, but to get into it would take forever.
Once in a while something happens that makes me even more disenchanted and disgusted with humanity as I already am. Something that leaves a print on my conscience, adding fuel to my misanthropic nature. Several years ago it was a young guy getting his head chopped off on a Greyhound Bus, while onlookers where cowering in the back, not even remotely trying to do something about the whole situation. This week it was a rush of disgusting pigs stampeding into Walmart and murdering an innocent men in the name of a discounted piece of plastic and metal. These are the same obese pigs that would happily criticize my way of life and thinking, noting my lack of morals and humility. Same cretins that teach their children about tolerance, love, and peace on Earth. It just never gets old: humans acting like...humans. Its too bad the end of the world in 2012 is a pure scham.
Crapping At Work
CROP DUSTING When farting, you walk briskly around the office so the smell is not in your area and everybody else gets a whiff but doesn't know where it came from. Be careful when you do this. Do not stop until the full fart has been expelled. Walk an extra 30 feet to make sure the smell has left your pants.   FLY BY The act of scouting out a bathroom before doing a crap. Walk in and check for other crappers. If there are others in the bathroom, leave and come back again. Be careful not to become a...   FREQUENT FLYER People may become suspicious if they catch you constantly going into the bathroom.   ESCAPEE A fart that slips out while taking a leak at the urinal or forcing a crap in a cubicle. This is usually accompanied by a sudden wave of embarrassment. If you release an escapee, do not acknowledge it. Pretend it did not happen. If you are standing next to the farter in the urinal, pretend you did not hear it. No one likes an escapee. It is uncomfortable for all involved. Making
I got paid today and did the responsible thing and paid some bills. Now I'm broke. *sigh* I GOTTA get another roommate. Anyone need a room?? Rent includes all utilities!  oy vey!
Crap -- And Yes I Drink Way Too Much
Drinking large amounts of cola can cause paralysis, doctors warn Drinking large amounts of cola every day can cause muscle problems, an irregular heartbeat and even paralysis, doctors have warned.   By Kate Devlin, Medical Correspondent Last Updated: 3:44PM BST 19 May 2009 Glass of cola: Researchers said that family doctors should look out for muscle problems in people who drink large amounts of cola Photo: GETTY Chronic consumption of the drink can cause a condition called hypokalaemia, in which levels of potassium in the blood fall, in some patients. Symptoms can range from mild weakness and constipation to paralysis. Researchers said that family doctors should look out for muscle problems in people who drink large amounts of cola, after finding that patients who drank between two and 10 litres a day developed the condition.   Related Articles Broken heart 'really can be bad for your health' Natasha Richardson: Doctor fears she coul
Crap happy, Crap happy. I'm so happy to crap. Crap, crap, crappy crap, crappy, crappy, crap, crap. I crap. You crap. Everybody crapped! ~Rob Dyrdek~ Rob and Big I type because it is stuck in my fucking head.
Crap That Bugs Me
When people say while watching a movie did you see that? No loser. I paid $12 to come to the movies and stare at the floor. When people say life is short? What?? Life is the longest thing anyone ever does! What can you do that's longer? When people say it's always the last place you look? Of course it is. Why would you keep looking after you've found it? People who call on the phone at 4.30 in the morning and ask 'Did I wake you up? Oh no!!! You didn't, I am usually up at this hour cutting out my paper dolls. The phrase "You can't have your cake and eat it too". Now tell me one thing? Why in the world would I go out and buy or steal or beg for a goddamn cake and NOT be able to eat it? People who stop beside you while you are soaking wet, and say "It's raining isn't it? Rain?? What rain?? NO it's NOT raining. I am this way because I forgot to take my clothes off when I took a shower this morning. When people say, "I'm so tired it's not even funny" or "my head hurts so much it's not even
Craptions #1 Win 500k Fubucks
funniest caption for this picture gets 500k fubucks. I guess I need a lol. good luck.   And the winner is:   EmptyPiecesNow with: Witty I know you think this is sexy but I don't want to run to your bed this way anymore. Bounty Hunter, Babyfrog,and honey bare all tied for second. Thanks for playing everyone. "They call me the Flash in bed, too." Radiox i`m never showing you my old pics again - Seamus Watch out MOM here I come,,,,,weeeeeeeeeeeee -sweet contradictions By saying "Shazam", our hero is struck by lightning and granted the wisdom of Soloman, the courage of Achilles, and the ability to eat 50 chicken wings in 3 minutes. - Ketch22 Witty..I know you find this sexy but I don't want to run to your bed like this anymore..." - emptypiecesnow "join me tonight at 10PM EST for the RadioXShow"- Bounty hunter Best way to get a six-pack, workout? "No thanks, I'll just use a sharpie!" - here come trouble Benjamin Button Gone Terribly Wrong... jack daniels wendy "I wonder if
Craption Ii
who ever post the funniest caption for this pic in the next 2 hours gets 250K fubucks Majik wins with "no dickheads"
Crappy Pennsic Party
Crappy Pennsic Party:The first Week of Pennsic is called Pennsic Light? There are only 3 parties nightly.You get there and during the day you might help other put up their tents. Toward the late after noon. You go fuck it. I am on vacation. So you take a nap in your tent. You wake up it is night fall. You hear the sound of drums pounding off in the distance. So you grab you trusty mug (how else are you going to get a drink from the bar without one) and these days you ID (Didn't use to be that way. But that is another couple of stories for another time). You follow the drums out into the forest. There you see to long lines checking ID at the edge of a camp. You get past that. To the right of you are two more long lines. But these ones are worth it. One it is for an imported ale and other is some sort of tasty liquor concoction (that is as smooth as glass). And what does it cost you? Simple you hand them your mug. Wait it gets better...Over to the left of you see a roaring camp fire. Men
I have not been this confused or shed so many tears it's been since I met you i forgot all my fears. alone and crying i wonder why i let you see the very deepest parts of me. i trusted way too much and didn't want to see. I still don't want to admit how i   truly believed you loved me
crapulous\KRAP-yuh-lus\ , adjective:1.Given to or characterized by gross excess in drinking or eating.2.Suffering from or due to such excess.
Ugh, so I have a coworker who is being a complete ass to me. We go back n forth with little  insults, and he is a TOTAL ass to me even when I try to be nice. Its gettin really old; I think he hates me for no apparent reason.
Crappy Movies
Can shitty burnt out actors stop partaking in crappy movies just for the sake of portraying someone "cool"?   Example:   Zombieland.   Woody Harrelson: you are a burnt out tough guy wanna be which has cursed every movie with unprecedented crappyness and sleazy macho man presence. Maybe a retirement fund investment would be a better idea than rehashing another living-dead idea.
Crappy Cooks Unite!!!!   I can cook - HAMBURGER HELPER... What woman could not use a little help at dinner time. Tonight it is Cheddar Cheese Melt - and just a few seconds to pop in a code at the above website. I just fed my family and helped to fill the food banks across America. This makes me very happy. Beyonce is an angel, and she is taking her success and allowing the average person to help out - by partnering with the Betty Crocker (I love her apron) corporation and donating a portion of the proceeds from every box of Hamburger Helper sold to a time constrained or crappy cook.  GOOD JOB!!!!  
It was an absolutely horrible day. Did it really get any better? No.I went to this supposed "conference" this morning. UGh. More like sitting through a class at school but more boring. The presenters were completely rude and lacking in any useful information. When I said rude.. I mean to each other also. Sadly I felt completely out of place being I was there as a student and didn't have some community agency initials next to my name. Every time a question was asked and I answered, I was completely ignored. How's that for a daily boost? *rolls eyes* Worst waste of money I've ever spent.. I'm calling the supervisor in the morning.Then Hope and I get to school. HAH! I'm always expected to take notes for all my "friends" when they aren't there, but do you think they could return the same favor? Well hell no because none of them pay attention.Screw it. The rest isn't worth typing out. I've just realized what I'm good for and I don't appreciate it. I think.. I made a stupid mistake that is g
Crap And Junk
1. What time did you get up this morning? 7:30   2. How do you like your steak?-- Passed over a candle a couple times 3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Paranormal Activity....sucked donkey anus.4. What is your favorite TV show? Anything animated   5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Anywhere there aren't a lot of people   6. What did you have for breakfast? 2 ho-hos and a big cup of coffee   7. What is your favorite cuisine? BBQ   8. What foods do you dislike? Liver9. Favorite Place to Eat? any pizza joint10. Favorite dressing?--Catalina11.What kind of vehicle do you drive? Minivan FTW   12. What are your favorite clothes? black t-shirt and blue jeans   13. Where would you visit if you had the chance? The moon   14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? what cup?   15. Where do you want to retire? Don't care. 16. Favorite time of day?-night   17. Where were you born? KCMO   18. What is your favorite sport to watch? Curling19. Who do
Crappy Party At Pennsic
It is the first week of war(The Light week). There is nothing to do. So you go out and help someone set up a tent or two. After that it is late afternoon. You figure $%^& it. I am on vacation so you fall asleep in your tent. You wake up (it is night!) to the sound of African drums pounding off in the distance. You grab your trusty mug and these days your ID (It didn’t use to be that way. But that is a story for another time.)   You head out into the forest. There you see a camp with two long lines checking for IDs. You get past that noise.   Over to your right you see two more long lines. The first one for some tasty liquor concoction that they made up for the night. It is just as smooth as Kool-Aid. Becareful it will sneak up on you.   The second one is some imported ale. And do you know what you pay for them to fill your mug? Nothing!  You just hand them your empty mug. Is there a limit? If you have a staff you can stand longer. If you fall down, no more. You get water. S
Ingredients 1 cup all-purpose flour 2 eggs 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup water 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons butter, melted Directions In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the flour and the eggs. Gradually add in the milk and water, stirring to combine. Add the salt and butter; beat until smooth. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each crepe. Tilt the pan with a circular motion so that the batter coats the surface evenly. Cook the crepe for about 2 minutes, until the bottom is light brown. Loosen with a spatula, turn and cook the other side. Serve hot.
i have to start by saying im sorry to all my friends as i went on vacation the frist wk of july, and when i came back one of my cats did a tap dance on the key board ,so iv been( down and out sence)
Crash Into Me..
i really like this song, im listening to it now, thought id be nice and share :) enjoy.. You've got your ball, You've got your chain Tied to me tight, tie me up again. Who's got their claws In you my friend? Into your heart I'll beat again Sweet like candy to my soul Sweet you rock, And sweet you roll Lost for you, I'm so lost for you Oh, and you come crash into me And I come into you And I come into you In a boy's dream In a boy's dream Touch your lips just so I know In your eyes, love, it glows so I'm bare-boned and crazy... for you. Oh, and you come crash into me Baby, and I come into you In a boy's dream In a boy's dream And if I've gone overboard Then I'm begging you To forgive me In my haste When I'm holding you so girl, Close to me Oh and you come crash into me, yeah Baby, and I come into you Hike up your skirt a little more And show the world to me Hike up your skirt a little more And show your world to me In a boy's dream In a bo
Crash Here Tonight - Toby Keith
I almost said I love you Could I really be that kind of guy See one candle burning in your eye And watch my heart fill up with butterflies I almost said I need you Girl I shouldn't go there anymore Act like I never been in love before You probably think it's my first time Is this what love's all about Am I getting in too deep Wouldn't want to freak you out Make a promise I can't keep So close your eyes and hum along And I'll sing you one more love song If everything is still alright Why don't you just crash here tonight Close your eyes and hum along And I'll sing you one more love song If everything is still alright Why don't you just crash here tonight Girl if everything is still alright Why don't you just crash here tonight
Crash And Burn
Crash and Burn By Rita Doty Life was startin to get better... Actually startin to make sense... Then I got the news... What would I do without her??? Gone??? No... it cant be... Death... comes at the worst time... Those that matter always go too early... The ones that actually deserve what she got... Get to see another day... Why now??? She needs her more than ever... What did she do to deserve this??? Whats goin through their minds??? Why is it that whenever life starts to work... Everything just crashes and burns???
Crash Landing (adult)
Three ladies were on a flight when suddenly the captain announced " Please prepare for a crash landing ". The first lady put on all her jewelry . Surprised by this the other ladies questioned her actions. The first lady replied, well when they come to rescue us they will see that I am rich and will rescue me first. The second lady not wanting to be left behind, began to take off her top and bra. Why are you doing that the other ladies questioned, well when they come to rescue us they will see my great tits and will take me first. The third lady who was African not wanting to be out done took off her pants and panties. Why are you doing that the other ladies questioned, well they always search for the black box first ?
Crash And Burn! I will try to give the bad news in chronological order: Monday (11/12/06) Go to upload the photos from faire...sadly, hardly any good ones. The computer continuously runs at a ridiculously slow pace, so I go to restart.... yeah, so much for that...the stupid thing refuses to load windows and says it needs a repair disc. I called my 2 computer guys and they both tell me the HD may be gone...*panic* Tuesday (11/14/06) Don't get to do much on the PC because of parent conferences etc... Wednesday (today 11/15/06)Take the HD to Sis' house because her Hubby is a computer geek. Still don't know if the HD is trash...but (good news) he was able to retrive all my pics, music, documents, etc. Semi-bad alot of cd burning to do (like maybe 20 discs worth?) and I still don't have a PC (using Sis' right now). So that's the deal roughly. Hopefully I'll be back up by the coming weekend. I thought about posting this as bulletin, but I figured if anyone really cared
Crashes And Burns
what happened to me why am i even here there are thoughts in my mind but they seem so unclear where do i go where do i turn the only thing i feel are the crashes and burns and in this day its o so wrong to have flashes of rage and dispair all day long in my eyes there is a void and through this hatred is an angry gurl looking for a place to hide wanting to cry wanting to scream tired of people telling her things will get better ... its not that easy no one understands no one can see all the pain deep down inside of me no more goals the lack of hope and all my dreams up in smoke just let me go and be alone © Sorrow
Crash Landing
You can be miles high in the clouds and a moments notice fall...falling and watching the earth get closer and closer..a tail spin...head over feet... falling as the ground comes closer and closer... swallowing you whole.. You ask yourself.. "why did it happen so fast?. Why couldn't the feeling last longer?"..."Why did the fall hurt so badly?" I have no answers.. I only have questions. I would love to fly.. I would love to soar high in the clouds... but for me.. I only see the tree's coming closer. I only see the awaiting earth..waiting for me to hit. Why does this happen?.. What is wrong with flying high?... Why does it feel like the fall at the end is more difficult to swallow then the climb into the sky? The climb was just as difficult.. but.. I guess I was too high up to realise how possible a fall it is. I only want to be happy... I only want to be with someone and make them happy too... If I can't make them happy... why do I cry?.. why do I feel like crying?... may
Crashin Party!
SO we're having a crashing party!!!! Get your asses in the CellBlock and help us CRASH THE SERVER! Listen to DJ Parole while it's up and running lol She's got some awesome fuckin tunes!!!
Ok so I have this report due on the movie "Crash" monday morning. Ive watched it 3 times now and of course get that it basically is about racism and an ignorant society. For the most part. I was just wondering if anyone has ever seen the movie and could offer their views and what it meant to them. Thanks! Jeremy
Crash And Burn !
Crash And Burn Video - Savage Garden lyricsSavage Garden Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureFree Layouts
The Crash
A young girl had decided to sneak out of the house to go to a party her protective parents wouldn't allow her to go to. While she was there she hooked up with a guy she liked and they went to a local make-out spot. The guy was drinking heavily and when he got too demanding she insisted on him taking her back to the party. On the way back they crashed into another vehicle. When the girl awoke in the hospital she knew she was dying, she was told that they guy she'd been with had died in the accident and so had the couple in the other car. She begged a nurse to tell her parents that she was very sorry she'd disobeyed them, the nurse just looked at her. After the girl died another nurse asked why she hadn't said anything with the teen had asked her to give the message to her parents. The nurse said, "I didn't know what to say, the people in the other car were her parents."
The weeks go by with drowning existence. And I’m still thirsting for something I couldn’t be the one to taste. Walking down a street just to forget that my legs are moving. Just to hear the leaves still crinkle as I walk. A noise to make sure I can still feel something between my bones. I crashed into the sun and broke up the solar system. And I can’t see mornings anymore without you. I hate the stars sometimes and wish for clouded nights. Just because I can’t erase them from your eyes. Just because symmetry isn’t the same when you’ve erased all the lines. I still forget to breathe and maybe I don’t want to. I rather listen to distance heartbreak just to remember that shatter. Faulting only me while tripping over the bridge. Feeling the adrenaline shock every nerve. Feeling what it felt like. What it feels like… To actually want to live. I noticed you on the highway crossing every destination. But never stopping for a
Well, i can truly say that this christmas was truely a memorable one. That is of what i can remember of it. I was in a car accident on the way home on christmas eve, and know it wassent santa. it was a 16 year old kid. well anyway, it totaled my truck, sent me and my wife to the hospital where i was admited for multipul cuts and abraisons to my head and also for observation due to my head injuryies. i was released early christmas day, but we just went home and sleept all day. more to come later peace out
Crashed Again!
Crashed Again Pastel by =kengriffin on deviantART Pastel on paper.
Crash.....gwen Stefani
Crash Video - Gwen Stefani lyricsGwen Stefani Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
We've come too late, the time has come, I drown my faith in vodka and rum, I turn my back on all I can, I cannot see this master plan, Nobody seems to care anymore, While I'm walking through that door, I'm taking all my things away, I don't look back on yesterday. Sweaty mouse, sticky keyboard, Stained by a virtual whore, Clench my fist and close my eyes, I'm lost in an evanescent paradise. I'm drowned in sorrow, Who can live to see tomorrow, I'm alone, and I don't know why, I'm stemmed by consciousness, rigged to die. Psychadelia rainbow swirl, lock and key and light unfurled, Scene with iron and candle mirth, Giving way to my savior's birth. Deep within, stitched with lace, My eyes, my mouth, my whole face, Cannot see this master plan, End it all, this life of man.
Crashing Walls!
Have you ever felt like the walls were just crashing in on you? Lately life has made me feel like all is crumbling in around me. Have you ever felt that way? Ever just wanted to runaway because you feel what is going on is unable to be solved? Hugs, ~Nadya~
Crash Into Me
Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into MeAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Crash And Burn
For Jerry/next Sat./needs by Fri/he can tab it. They call it the burnout factor, and only the good die young Somebody's gonna take their life, just tryin' to have some fun The paper's gonna say we're crazy, no matter what they say, yeah You know I'm gonna rock all night, gonna rock all night and day Whenever they quote you man, you'll be misunderstood They're never gonna get it right, or tell it the way they should Maybe we move too fast to put it all in a song And if we keep pushin' ourselves we won't be around too long If you wanna try it Crash and burn, crash and burn Crash and burn, crash and burn all night long Some people like to take it easy and flow without a sound Others like to play for keeps and spread themselves around I don't wanna say it's right, but if that's where you wanna be Life's too short to miss out on what you wanna see If you wanna try it Crash and burn, crash and burn Crash and burn, crash and burn all night long Come on now, hone
Crash Into Me
Dave Matthews Band Crash Into Me Lyrics You've got your ball you've got your chain tied to me tight tie me up again who's got their claws in you my friend Into your heart I'll beat again Sweet like candy to my soul Sweet you rock and sweet you roll Lost for you I'm so lost for you You come crash into me And I come into you I come into you In a boys dream In a boys dream Touch your lips just so I know In your eyes, love, it glows so I'm bare boned and crazy for you When you come crash into me, baby And I come into you In a boys dream In a boys dream If I've gone overboard Then I'm begging you to forgive me in my haste When I'm holding you so girl close to me Oh and you come crash into me, baby And I come into you Hike up your skirt a little more and show the world to me Hike up your skirt a little more and show your world to me In a boys dream.. In a boys dream Oh I watch you there through the window And I stare at you You wear no
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get off the tracks teddy your gonna get yourself killed but i don't wanna get off the tracks
"Crashed" Well I was moving at the speed of sound. Head-spinning, couldn't find my way around, and Didn't know that I was going down. Yeah, yeah. Where I've been, well it's all a blur. What I was looking for, I'm not sure. Too late and didn't see it coming. Yeah, yeah. And then I crashed into you, And I went up in flames. Could've been the death of me, But then you breathed your breath in me. And I crashed into you, Like a runaway train. You will consume me, But I can't walk away. Somehow, I couldn't stop myself. I just wanted to know how it felt. Too strong, I couldn't hold on. Yeah, yeah. Now I'm just tryin' to make some sense Out of how and why this happened. Where we're heading, there's just no knowing. Yeah, yeah. And then I crashed into you, And I went up in flames. Could've been the death of me, But then you breathed your breath in me. And I crashed into you, Like a runaway train. You will consume me, But I can't walk away. From your fa
Crashing Down
Confusion I hear, it's the only sound Like the crest of a wave, Love comes crashing down This feeling in my heart always sustains But now the cold searing in my soul remains I thought I could give you all you needed My heart grew with yours forever seeded I never wanted your past only a future with you Our souls bound together with permanent glue I can now only see our past in your beautiful smile When I touched your lips my heart raced a mile What once was, what we built together All the sweet words, the promise of forever What once seemed so clear has now become clouded The motives of others keep my mind shrouded Why you say "freedom" with your new seperation I cannot tell, it seems like incarceration A person seeks to hold you away from my heart I saw it from the beginning, I knew from the start Your world and mine seem so far away now I want to be a part of you world I just don't know how I cannot live in pain and suppression I feel like I'm slipping into regre
So many words of love spoken, only to find out they were lies... For you to say those words to my ears when you know they were going straight to my heart, was just so wrong.... Knowing all along you could never really be mine, and not telling me until i fell completely... My will to move forward is weak.... *But you wont see me crying now, i feel like im dying now.... You wont see my fall again when your around, to watch as my world crashes down..... You will leave long before you have the chance to see, just what you meant to me.....* ~Patrice~ *A.D.D.~Jeremy Kirby*
And burn. i don't like my printer this evening.
Crashing A Motorcycle
recently I wrecked my '85 Honda Rebel and tore the front end up. besides mangling my bike the multiple large abrasions on my arms and legs make it hard to move around. So take my advice and wear a helmet and pants and do ride drunk. thats what got me in trouble.
*crash Tha Club*
Yo yo I'm the mothe fucka with the slick rick in my motha fucking grip an that grip i got is a nine miller meter going on the side of your god damn head , now what dude shut the fuck up and back your word up so all u motha fucker's that jumped me take my motha fucking advice your not going to live in one second cause me and my homies is going to put you guys out of your misery. Tommy don't think i for got about you GO LOSE SOME WEIGHT YOU FAT FUCK CALL 1-800-JENNY-CRIAG SO U CAN GET THAT SIX HUNDERD POUNDS OFF OF YOUR GROSE ASS FAT BODY INSTEAD OF EATING ALL THAT JUNK FOOD MOTHER FUCKER AND DON'T EVER DISS MY MOTHA FUCKING NATION AGAIN BITCH. We gonna crash tha club an throw so chair's We gonna crash tha club an throw some chair's We gonna crash tha club an throw some chair's We gonna crash tha club an throw some chair's We gonna crash tha club an throw some chair's We gonna crash tha club an throw some chair's I'm gonna crash the club throw some chair's and kicking motha
once again, headlong into bliss ignoring all the stop signs all the warnings i miss stupid girl to think that i would be an object of affection seems that i missed the exit had myself turned in the wrong direction so along this bitter highway i ramble and i roam looking for some southern comfort and a place my heart can call home
The Crashing Wave
Crashing Up
The elusive dream of a touch, the memory of a hope of a kiss, the dance of a heart, spiraling. Up into the night sky, upon the notes of a song, the whisper of a wish. So close, to touch, to caress, then the embrace into nothing. Ghostly tears slipping to the ground to cushion my fall into reality, Don't mind the mess, renovation in progress. A little glue and the smile will be pieced together, crooked, but there, to curl up behind to shine upon the masses who need to feel the warmth.
I've not really been on here lately. There have been many,many things on my mind, and among them-My Ex, Gwen. To be honest with everyone, I really wish I had a quarter for every time someone uttered the following: You'll be okay, just give it some time, get over it, let go, move on,forget about her, look for another girl, etc..But it really isn't as simple as it seems. I LOVED her.She spoke of us having babies. In my mind, I still hear those words "I wanna give you babies".. Last night was very brutal for me. very hard. Very difficult. Last night (..Saturday/night)was an anniversary of sorts..It was the first time we met face to face. Up till that Saturday night of last year, we only spoke on the phone, but we did it every night till 5/6 in the am when we both would hysterically realize we had to be at work in a couple of hours,or in her case,class in college. So, when we met, it was a very very long passionate embrace with the most sincere kissing I've ever experienced..Our embrace
My heart frowns My heart sways My heart cries My heart plummets down, down. My heart doesn't know the meaning of happiness. My heart only knows the meaning of pure misery. You may wonder what ails my heart The only answer to that can never be reveled. If anyone knew the pain that surrounds my heart That person may just want to cry, for they would know that the pain is one that can never be healed. The pain is so beyond comprehension The pain is so strong that it will never yield. My heart has become like a plane that has lost all of it's engines The only fate for it to undergo, is to plummet and end in a huge crash Everyone on the flight screams for fear, but their destiny is one that will just end in explosion, no matter the panic they put up. Just like that flight, that's how my heart feels. It screams to be saved, but no savior will save it. Its only destiny is to crash and burn.
pc back asap!! love y'all!! well, ok, some of ya!! hahaha c ya soon!!
This one is pretty cool too! LOL
Crashing Stars
Oh this night of nights I weep Void of love and lack of sleep Inside my heart a yearning fair Lent to the mask of Soul's despair. A hunger burns inside my breath Of tainted ruins and cold caress Upon this night a lonely sound Stars fade and crash upon the ground. No light comes now to calm my pain Visions of heartache still remain Forever lost among my dreams Filled with pangs of misery. The tattered moon cries tonight Tears fall on stars lost from sight Within the sky no star is found They've all crashed upon the ground With troubled eyes that seek relief Stars cross against the moon that weeps Within the soul no light is seen Just remnants of sad memories. If I could hold the moon so fast Inside my soul it's glow would last Then too those lonely stars be found No longer crashing to the ground.
Crashing Around
I've got a dog's eye on this woman not breaking the stare - I'm a pig-headed bull in a china shop crashing around trying to outfox this fox - I can't pussyfoot. I am pertinacious persistent and probably ready to arise (verging on victory). I'm an animal for her, I sense her coming close and I can only wait to pounce and then the game will begin. © All rights reserved
Crash And Burn
This just about says it all....
Look at the pictures Look at the photo above and you can see where this guy broke through the guard rail (right side where the people are s tanding on the road). His truck left the road, traveling from right to left. He flipped end-over-end, across the culvert outlet and landed on the left side of it. Now look at the photo below IF YOU WEREN'T A BELIEVER IN GOD BEFORE, WOULD YOU BE AFTER THIS?
Crash Site
A police officer came upon a terrible car crash where two people had been killed. As he looked at the wreckage a little monkey came out of the brush and hopped around the crashed car. The officer looked down at the monkey and said, "I wish you could talk." The monkey looked up at the officer and nodded his head. "You can understand what I'm saying?"asked the officer. Again, the monkey nodded. "Well, did you see what happened?" The monkey nodded. He pretended to have a can in his hand and turned it up to his mouth. "They were drinking?" asked the officer. The monkey nodded. The monkey then pinched his fingers together and held them to his mouth, sucking deeply. "They were smoking marijuana too?" asked the officer. The monkey nodded. He made a sexual sign with his fingers "So they were playing around as well!?" asked the astounded officer. Again, the monkey nodded. "Now wait, you're saying your owner
Crashdown(aka Collapse)
/" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">Crash DownFlash Games & Online Games
Crash Your Car? Blame The Stars....
Looks like I'm in the clear... A recent study suggests that you think twice before getting into a vehicle driven by an Aries. By Reuters Never mind how careful you are behind the wheel or how long you've been driving, the signs of the zodiac may be bigger factors behind your ability to avoid car crashes -- or why you have too many. According to a study by, a Web site that quotes drivers on insurance rates, astrological signs are a significant factor in predicting car accidents. The study, which looked at 100,000 North American drivers' records from the past six years, puts Libras (born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 22) followed by Aquarians (born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18) as the worst offenders for tickets and accidents. Leos (July 23-Aug. 22) and then Geminis (May 21-June 20) were found to be the best overall. "I was absolutely shocked by the results," said Lee Romanov, president of Toronto-based Romanov also wrote the book
12 STONES LYRICS "Crash" As I lie here tossing in my bed Lost in my fears remembering what you said And I try to hide the truth within The mask of myself shows its face again Still I lie time and time again Will you deny me when we meet again? And I feel like I'm falling Farther every day But I know that you're there Watching over me And I feel like I'm drowning The waves crashing over me But I know that your love It will set me free As I find truth where I found it times before As I search for your hope I'm finding so much more And I try to be more like you And I deny myself to prove my heart is true I hear your voice calling The time has come for me Inside this life I’m living There’s nothing left for me My mind is slowly fading So far away from me Each time I start crawling You’re there watching me
Crash by SweetJosie1 © This is a work of lesbian fiction, and is only intended for like-minded individuals. I hope you enjoy, please mail me your comments and love at the link below. Crash 'I want you to pose naked for me.' 'I'm sorry. Did you just say...' 'That I want you to pose naked for me, yes.' I looked again at the rather elegant woman in the business suit standing before me, and tried to make some sense of the situation. 'But I just crashed into your car, and...' '...and you have no insurance, yes, you just told me.' She smiled at my obvious confusion and discomfort. 'You've told me how sorry you are ...' '....and that I'll pay for the damages.' '... and that you'll pay for any damages. I was just trying to explain to you how I would like you to pay. You were driving your car,' she glanced questioningly at my fifteen year old Volkswagen, 'without insurance, which is a crime, one that I should bring to the attention of the police.' 'No, not the po
Crash And Burn
was about 11 and my neighbor had just bought an old Honda odyssey, If you dont know what that is it’s just a little one man dune buggy. Anyway we had found this jump where you could clear the dirt road almost. It was so much fun we had just taken turns jumping it and I decided to go and get my mom and show off for her. So as my mother stands on the front porch I come down the ditch to hit this 5 foot step up that was to propel me over the road. the step up was surrounded by trees and me being the knuckle head kid that I am decided to take it a little faster this time and I started up the jump the tires broke loose on the back sending it sideways off of the jump. My mom watched in horror and the front of the odyssey caught a tree sending it into a roll. It flipped a couple of times in the air before landing upside down and tumbling. My poor mother comes running out there just screaming and when she reached me I was just sitting there all buckled in laughing. Mom missed the hilar
Blahhh Crash ahhhhhhhhhhhh crash weeeeeeeeeee crash
Crashing, I Guess
Everything crashes around me. I can't get up...the weight of everything just keeps me down, some things grab hold and pull me further down. I just can't break free. I don't know what he wants from me. I don't know what anyone wants from me. Especially any of THEM. I dunno. I give in too easy. I give it up too easy. Not to everyone. But I don't learn my lesson.I just keep going, doing the same things, screwing up for the same reasons...I can never get it right. I love that life's not fair. There's some sort of sick twisted irony it it all. Sure I sometimes bitch about how nothing ever goes right for me, but how brutally boring would it be if everything did? How weak and sissy-ish would I be then? Pretty damn pathetic. I mean yeah I cry sometimes. I get sensitive every once in a while. I let people use me like a door mat. But there are certain things that I'm pretty cut throat about. You don't get anywhere by lying down. I mean that literally also. I love that my children are
Crash And Burn
When you feel all alone And the world has turned it's back on you Give me a moment please To tame your wild, wild heart I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you It's hard to find relief and people can be so cold When darkness is upon your door and you feel like you can't Take anymore Let me be the one you call If you jump I'll break your fall Lift you up and fly away with you into the night If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart If you need to crash then crash and burn You're not alone When you feel all alone And a loyal friend is hard to find You're caught in a one-way street With the monsters in your head When hopes and dreams are far away and You feel like you can't face the day Let me be the one you call If you jump I'll break your fall Lift you up and fly away with you into the night If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart If you need to crash then crash and burn You're not alone Because the
Crashing Down
Im falling apart my worlds crashing down im dying slowly without a sound you stole my heart, you stole my soul all thats left is a gaping hole you sold me out you shattered my world this is the damage from a 15 yr old girl i call to say sorry the truth comes out you now have apology letters in route you have nothing to do with letters being faxed or the fact that our asses are gonna get waxed its been two weeks and still no trouble are we off the hook or are we gettin double we gotta talk face to face when i get back but i really dont know if im ready for that at least give me time to think and rest a couple of days so i can perform best so i can handle whatever is said even if its something i know ill dread we'll probably argue, we'll probably shout but its gravy baby, we need to let it all out no matter what happens at the end im thankful for all the time we've spent your the girl for which i fell together we're heaven but you put me through hell as my poem st
Crash And Burn
Lost in this haze of despair and frustration that was caused by you, You hid so far behind your disception and lies but only to bring them all to the surface... Until the real you finally began to come through. Evil and wicked, your soul made of hatetred and resentment that you blame others for, I guess you found that my vunerabilty was so weak that it was I that you picked to settle your score. Drawn into your magnet spell I was, like a moth to a vibrant flame, Not knowing for a second that the road up ahead would lead me through horrible pain. For years you used me as a door mat that you stepped on and beat out, You would always tell me that you loved me, but when I disappointed you you yelled that you hated me with an angry shout. Your depression took my soul to a pitiful level of emptiness and my love love grew to hate, And my dream of leaving you was becoming a reality, but until that moment I would wait. Then the door of freedom swung wide open
Crass Men
I had to block my first fubarian today. It would really be nice to come across a man who isn't coming at me d*ck first. Maybe just maybe if there were more genuine men, there would be less woman that felt the only thing they had to offer a man was tits and ass. Make them work for it, they aren't gonna take you home for more than anything than a bootilicous good time. Now don't get me wrong, I am far from being a prude, but I don't dig simple minded men, the ones that can't think passed the 1st level in Maslow's heirarchy. I love men, just not the crass kind. Soooooooooo if you are reading this and were thinking about shouting at me to talk sexy to you on the computer, move forward. Thank you.
Crashing Down
life comes crashing down around you you struggle to stand tall but know deep down nothing you do matters nothing you say changes things you sit back and look at life wishing things were different the choices you made were they right were the good enough then she comes along walks into your life not knowing you not knowing she is the one to change evrything is it fate is it destiny treating her like a queen the way she deserves loving her with everything you have your entire heart and soul spending every waking moment with her in your subconcious thoughts why is life so unfair why is it so hard i know everything in life happens for a reason every little descision and detail its all a master plan from the friends that you gain to the ones you lose the unborn child u wish could have lived god do i wish my son had been born had he not been ripped away and tossed out like yesterdays stinky trash its been 2 years i no longer s
Crash N' Burn...
The lyrics of this song is my idea of the perfect man for me...if only that man could find me! where are you my love???? Savage Garden - Crash n' Burn
The Crashing Wave
My Report on crash between Carlsbad and Hobbs on 12-27-07 5:30 PM I was on my way to work when i drove onto the scene of a very bad wreck, 2 semi trucks were involved a Swift truck heading toward Hobbs had been struck when a Water truck was turning into midway station, as i drove closer to the scene i could see people in the road running in diffrent directions and some people on the side of the road waving ther hands, checking my rear view mirror to see if i was clear to slow down i applied my brakes and pulled over, set my hazzard lights and called 911 i informed them that there had been a wreck at mile marker 62-65 and to send EMS, after i hung up, got my hazzard bag that i got when i started this job out of my truck and ran toward a group of bi-standers, the driver of the watter truck was on the ground with a head full of blood, all i could think about was the training video and CPR class, there was a lot of trafic on the road heading toward our direction very fast
Crash And Burn-savage Garden
When you feel all alone And the world has turned its back on you Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you Its hard to find relief and people can be so cold When darkness is upon your door and you feel like you cant take anymore Let me be the one you call If you jump Ill break your fall Lift you up and fly away with you into the night If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart If you need to crash then crash and burn Youre not alone When you feel all alone And a loyal friend is hard to find Youre caught in a one way street With the monsters in your head When hopes and dreams are far away and You feel like you cant face the day Let me be the one you call If you jump Ill break your fall Lift you up and fly away with you into the night If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart If you need to crash then crash and burn Youre not alone And there has always been heartache and p
Crash Site Of Buddy-richie & Big Bopper
Crash And Burn Lyrics
When you feel all alone And the world has turned its back on you Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you It's hard to find relief and people can be so cold When darkness is upon your door And you feel that you can't take anymore Let me be the one you call If you jump I'll break your fall Lift you up and fly away with you into the night If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart If you need to crash then crash and burn You're not alone When you feel all alone And a loyal friend is hard to find You're caught in a one way street With the monsters in your head When hopes and dreams are far away and You feel like you can't face the day Let me be the one you call If you jump I'll break your fall Lift you up and fly away with you into the night If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart If you need to crash then crash and burn You're not alone Because there has always been h
Crash Landing..
one more week and i'm one my way home to the cold miserable place i was born . soon to me stuck between a rock and a hard place . but some long needed r&r yep. the company i work for is going down . just got word. ain't got a clue what ta do . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crass Comments
To you morons who think you're going to win me over by making comments like "I wanna taste you", or mmm "I wanna taste that"...or any of the millions of other idiodic comments that I've heard in my shoutbox & in my pic comments...I have the following to say: 1. Grow the fuck up... 2. Don't waste my time... 3. Don't think that I'm flattered by it... 4. Annoy me & be deleted Buh Bye...
Crashed Probe Yields Sun Secrets
Crashed probe yields Sun secrets By Paul Rincon Science reporter, BBC News, Houston It is a remarkable outcome Scientists have measured the composition of oxygen at the birth of the Solar System. The discovery is a vital piece of data for reconstructing the evolution of our cosmic neighbourhood. Nasa's Genesis spacecraft spent more than two years collecting oxygen from the outermost layers of the Sun. These layers reflect the composition of the gas and dust cloud, known as the solar nebula, from which the Solar System formed 4.6 billion years ago. The results were presented here at the 39th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Researchers had feared their data would be lost when Genesis' sample-return capsule crashed in the Utah desert in 2004. But scientists have been working hard to recover the precious information held in the capsule's collector arrays. Key task The researchers found that the Sun was enriched in the most common form, or is
Crashnburnjoker81...thank You
Ur Welcome ,I served in the army for 6yrs and i was one of the lucky ones to come back home.God Bless The USA Thats a bad day for us and plus i lost alot of friends over there fighting for our country.
Crash 10-12-05
Rainy day, sucky weather The commute is slower Roadways are wet One wrong move and it's... crash! It all happened so fast Next thing I know I am pulling over And exchanging information No one is hurt... good news Bad news... car damage Hand shakes while I copy Her information on my notepad So shook up, so scared Never wanting to drive again
Crash And Burn
When you feel all alone And the world has turned its back on you Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you Its hard to find relief and people can be so cold When darkness is upon your door and you feel like you cant take anymore Let me be the one you call If you jump Ill break your fall Lift you up and fly away with you into the night If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart If you need to crash then crash and burn Youre not alone When you feel all alone And a loyal friend is hard to find Youre caught in a one way street With the monsters in your head When hopes and dreams are far away and You feel like you cant face the day Let me be the one you call If you jump Ill break your fall Lift you up and fly away with you into the night If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart If you need to crash then crash and burn Youre not alone And there has always been heartache and p
Crash And Burn
by Twisted Illusion I'm just not enough, I've fallen in too deep, I fall apart every night, Fall apart and weep. And I've crashed and burned, Like so many times before, And I have nobody, Nobody to hold me anymore. I can't find the rainbow, That's supposed to come after the rain, I guess it's not over yet, I'm still carrying the pain. I wish I could explain this, It just go away, Feel like I'm wasting my time, Waiting for a better day. And I wonder how, My heart got so simply broken, Just like the last time, This wound has been torn open. And I'm trying really hard, But I can't find my way, It's not enough to weep, Or to tell myself that it's ok. I have so much to say, So many words deep inside, But I can't express myself, Or the feelings I don't mean to hide. I can't get to the bottom of this, It goes so much deeper than before, I'm fragile and broken, Oh, I can't take anymore.
Crash And Burn
crash and burn - simple plan One more day before you go We’ll stay up late for one more show Grab the keys we’re going out We’re leaving home and we won’t come back again We’re friends till the end We’ll take on the world We just don’t care at all I never wanted to believe that you could lie That friends deceive And here I stand I’m still the same I watched you change You wont come back [Chorus] I wonder what it’s like to be like you (I wonder what it’s like to be like you) To never really care how bad it hurts (To never really care how bad it hurts) So go ahead and lie and keep moving on It’s all about yourself and you’re never wrong I’ll watch you crash and burn The day is gone It’s cold out I walk alone as you fade out I don’t know why I’m reaching out And now I know you wont come back [Chorus] Do you remember the days? Way back when we used to say Nothing can c
Crashed Passion!
blinded by her treasure seeking comfort in her touch giving myself freely for her pleasure only to find the hurt inside She accepts my advances moving in arches of ecstacy feeling my kisses deeply in being with her i have no chance the sound is maddening this noise of passion this can't be happening feeling unwanted after her reaction where did she go the one i wanted where did she go when i confronted her touch to me has grown cold and hard her needs were met my heart left scarred i feel the sting of being used for her there is nothing but pleasure abused the sound is maddening this noise of passion this can't be happening feeling unwanted after her reaction where did she go the one i wanted where did she go when i confronted
Crash Free Browsing On Fubar
If you don't want to have to keep restarting your browser on Fubar & you don't want to use Firefox, try Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 I've been using it for two days without crashes. It also has to other great features that I don't believe Fubar has: 1)It doesn't keep track of the sites you visit. 2)It automatically blocks sites from sharing details of your recent visits with other websites.
Crash Into Me
You've got your ball You've got your chain Tied to me tight tie me up again Who's got their claws in you my friend Into your heart I'll beat again Sweet like candy to my soul Sweet you rock and sweet you roll Lost for you I'm so lost for you You come crash into me And I come into you, I come into you In a boys dream In a boys dream Touch your lips just so I know In your eyes, love, it glows so I'm bare-boned and crazy for you When you come crash into me, baby And I come into you In a boys dream In a boys dream If I've gone overboard Then I'm begging you to forgive me In my haste When I'm holding you so girl... close to me Oh and you come crash into me, baby And I come into you Hike up your skirt a little more and show the world to me Hike up your skirt a little more and show your world to me In a boys dream... In a boys dream Oh I watch you there through the window And I stare at you You wear nothin
11.12.08 - Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet (and Glanced Around At Them)
SONG VERSION BELOW God Shuffled His Feet - Crash Test Dummies VIDEO VERSION BELOW Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet - Crash Test Dummies LYRICS BELOW after seven days he was quite tired, so god said: "let there be a day just for picnics, with wine and bread" he gathered up some people he had made created blankets and laid back in the shade the people sipped their wine and what with god there, they asked him questions like: do you have to eat or get your hair cut in heaven? and if your eye got poked out in this life would it be waiting up in heaven with your wife? god shuffled his feet, and glanced around at them the people cleared their throats, and stared right back at him so he said: "once there was a boy who woke up with blue hair. to him it was a joy until he ran out into the warm air... he thought of how his friends would come to see and would they laugh, or had he got some strange disease?" god shuffled his feet, and glance
"It's the sense of touch." "What?" "Any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people. People bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much that we crash into each other just so we can feel something."
Crash During Festive Event Queensday 2009 In Apeldoorn
Queensdag 2009 in Apeldoorn (celebration of b-day Dutch Queen). In footage you see open top bus which has Royal family in them...witnessing the accident. Causing now 4 deaths and 5 severly injured others less severe injured. 1 policeofficer injured 1 mp officer injured. A black page in history *update* indicated that this incident was done on purpose by attacker !!!    
This is what happens when you have writer's block.... Zip! Bang! Crash!    What was that? Could my mind     be gone at last? It seems that I    have gone and crashed         down into a wordless pit. All my tangled thoughts    have smashed upon          a mental blockades fist,     and scattered like confetti          on the ground... © LML
Crashing Down (beth Hart)
  Album: 37 dayshell is on to me this desert wants a She black fire becomes the road diving down the dark gold inside my hear black fire begins to blow chorus: I'm crashing down there's no one for miles around crashing down on the road, on the road on the quiet side of the road I begin to run begging for someone bring mercy for my soul Too damn tired to breath I'm too damn scared to scream My will begins to slow (chorus) repeat guess that I just don't know better or I'd change my ways I'd change everything But we all can't live forever So I'll take my fate And swallow whole I can hear his heels the scratching of his tail he's coming for my goldon his chest it reads liars, tramps and thieves and my name is Big and Bold (chorus)
Crashing Waves...
Silent crashing waves Flood my dark consciousness Drowning all lies in a silent whisper Revealing unknowing certainty Flirting moon of daring desire Eyes sparkling of deadly determination Slipping into the shadowy abyss Reflected feeling of floodless truths Dreamy visions of something deeper Replacing tears of existence Crashing around like falling debris Shouting though crashing waves
- Crash -
CRASH!You falling into mewith such powerful gentilityRending me in the stormsof your sweetest sensualityEchoing all that is my heartmy desires - so passionatelyWith my mind's eye wide open...I see the reality of now...and what will be...Crashing into You...Crashing into Me                                     ~CHP, March 9, 2009
the world i have built up is crashing down around me. where are those i need most? open your hearts to me like have opened mine to you. dont shut me out dont turn me away i helped you anyway i could why wont you help me? i'm losing hope and my faith is fading. where did i go wrong.. what do i do now the world i have built up is crashing down around me.. i'm reaching for you calling your name listen close. for my voice is but a whisper. my world is crashing down please save me.. for i cant save myself.
Crash And Burn
When you feel all alone And the world has turned its back on you Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you It's hard to find relief and people can be so cold When darkness is upon your door and you feel like you can't take anymore Let me be the one you call If you jump I'll break your fall Lift you up and fly away with you into the night If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart If you need to crash then crash and burn You're not alone When you feel all alone And a loyal friend is hard to find You're caught in a one way street With the monsters in your head When hopes and dreams are far away and You feel like you can't face the day Let me be the one you call If you jump I'll break your fall Lift you up and fly away with you into the night If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart If you need to crash then crash and burn You're not alone Cause there has always been heartache and pain And when it's ov
If I stepped into the lightAnd left my reflectionStanding in doorwaysAnd not look behindIf I coloured by the signsIn shadows and tonesKissing in cornersAnd not look behindIf I slipped into the quietA melody strongGlowing in darknessAnd not look behindIf I stepped into the lightAnd left my reflectionStanding in doorwaysAnd not look behindIf I fell between the linesDistant and drawnWaiting by streetlightsAnd not look behindIf I let the moments riseDiscover and fallHanging in hallwaysAnd not look behindI'd go crashing to the endCrashing to the endCrashing to the endCrashing to the endI'd go crashing to the endCrashing to the endCrashing to the endCrashing to the endCrashing to the end...Crashing to the endKissing in cornersCrashing to the end
Crashing Down
Crashes Have Marred The First Week Of The Tour, With
NEW YORK -- The idea is certainly appealing to the New York Mets: R. Robert Mathis Jersey .A. Dickey on the mound every four days instead of five. Dickey puts less stress on his arm than a conventional pitcher because he features a knuckleball. So he probably needs fewer days of rest between starts. And with Dickey the most dominant force in baseball right now, Mets manager Terry Collins acknowledged the thought of starting his unlikely ace more often than usual is definitely tempting. "Absolutely," Collins said Tuesday. "Theoretically, he probably needs three days." Still, the Mets have no plans to try it at this point, though Collins conceded that if they make the playoffs theyll have a potential weapon most other teams wouldnt. "Everything looks great now -- its June. Ask him how he felt last September. He was tired," Collins said. "And the one thing we arent going to do is look up in August and have this guy worn out because were bringing him back on three days rest." Collins said
Crater Swallows Vehicles
SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) - A hole being excavated for a new subway station collapsed, opening a huge crater that swallowed cars and dump trucks, and firefighters aided by dogs searched the site Saturday looking for a missing minibus that was feared under the dirt A bus co-operative reported a minibus was missing and may have tumbled into the crater Friday when part of a street adjacent to the site slid in, said Etrusco Juarez of the Security Department in Sao Paulo, South America's largest city. He said authorities had not confirmed that the van fell into the hole, which was about 60 metres across, but were searching. Local media said the minibus was carrying a driver, a fare collector and four to six passengers. There were news reports that three construction workers were injured when the walls of the excavation site gave way, but the state-owned subway company and fire department could not confirm that. Two cars were removed from the rubble overnight and a towering crane
Cration Of A Soldiers Wife
The good Lord was creating a model for military wives and was into his sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared. She said, "Lord, you seem to be having a lot of trouble with this one. What's the matter with the standard model?" The Lord replied, "Have you seen the specs on this order? She has to be completely independent, posses the qualities of both father and mother, be a perfect hostess to four or forty with an hour's notice, run on black coffee, handle every emergency imaginable without a manual, be able to carry on cheerfully, ever if she's pregnant and has the flu, and she must be willing to move 10 times in 17 years. And oh, yes, she must have six pairs of hands." The angel shook her head. "Six pairs of hands? No way!" The Lord continued, "Don't worry, we shall make other military wives to help her. And we will give her an unusually strong heart so it can swell with pride in her husband's achievements, sustain the pain of separations, beat soundly when it's over-wor
Crater On Molokai
Création De Site Web
Comment créer un site web, y a t'il des français sur ce site génial  
Cravings Of Desire
I crave the desire that matches mine. The scream of lust, ripped from the throat of one who's not sure if she's asked for more than she can take, but the tear-filled desire of one who will try. For your desires there will be a price too pay.........I would GIVE all that you could wish, but my turn will come......when it does,,,,I will not hold back. Thru the tears of pain, and a mask of painfilled mascara, you will ask for more. I feel you shudder, I feel the pain filled rack of vibrations that pulsate thru asked, i will not hold back! Slow, catch your breath, it over? With one strong, throbbing stroke, no ...not yet. You asked if you could ride me, you asked if you could find the "NEED" inside yourself...i said "YES" but at a cost,.... in your need, you never asked what that would be. Now laying, panting in passion, MY TURN! You wanted too feel the lust of a be wanted too feel the desire of a be wanted to be satisfied by a
A Craving!!!
A Craving by Bigg-G A Craving… When I think of cravings I think of women caving In to their hormonal taste buds While they await the birth of their newborns However the craving that I have is not of food. Although I do hunger for the taste of something good. Sometimes when you are too hungry You settle for anything, even when in your Heart of hearts that it’s not the best thing For you to have. But your desire is to feed the need. And to tame the hunger beast from within. Even though it’s not what you Really want to eat. So I accept the meal graciously I savor each bite because my situation is precarious. Who knows when my next meal When come again. Be blessed with what you have is What grandma always used to say It’s been a time when the meals I had before Weren’t the most appetizing. In fact my lips have met with poison on several Occasions. Causing havoc within my body…my mind, my heart, And my soul -- food poisoning of the worst kind. I came acros
Cravings Of You
Cravings of You by sweet GA peaches © One drop of you, past the pouty fullness of ruby lips, and to the tip of my tongue- Your cum, I swallow to the pit of every fantasy creating you - me ecstasy. prophetic exaltation mystic intoxication, Breathing through these thoughts to be so intense of imagination with the immensness of pleasures licking.sucking.probing the treasures of mind.body.soul, I take you whole, without hesitation, deep into my throat, the ultimate, sin-sation.
All my dreams locked up My body aches My heart desires My mind wants I need it now Like I've ever needed anything before I crave it now My body arches with anticipation But I don't get it Makes me want it all the more Teases me, Tempts me Toutures me until I give in I crave it now I want to feel I want to touch I want it now I need it so much I crave it now His hair shines His eyes sudictive His body so bold So inticing,So desireable I crave it now I need it now He'll give it to me He wants me to ask He teases me with a touch With a kiss that's so delisious I don't think he knows what he's doing The way he holds me I think he does... I crave it now I push him down I want to make him need me I want to make him want me more than he already does I crave it now Keeping him down And playing with him I want to make him moan and scream I want to make him want it more than me I crave it now I want to have him I want to play with him
Craving by TheMadWriter © Even though her back was turned, she knew He was there. Instantly she dropped to her knees and said, "You have need of me Master?" her back was straight her legs parted slightly with her hands on her thighs, palm up. she looked forward with her chin held high in pride for she belonged to Him. "Yes My pet. I have a great need for you." then He spoke the words that she always longs to hear Him say. "By My side pet." she quickly stood up and very quietly turned around, dropped her gaze just below his and moved with a gently grace across the room. Dropping down to her knees she resumed her given position next to her Master. He was a regal looking Man that stood just about six feet. His broad shoulders and strong posture conveyed his confidence and demeanor. A very powerful presence was always the first impression He gave whenever He was introduced to other Dominants or submissives. In the time that she knew Him He showed her the height of His powe
It's you I crave, I need your touch You fill me with desire You've stirred something that's deep in me It's like a raging fire It's you I crave, it's you I need Caressed by your sweet lips I hunger for your warm embrace Your tender finger tips It's you I crave, desire so In midnight darkened shade I've dreamed about you many times And oh! The love we made! It's you I need, so tenderly Your warm and liquid eyes Please hold me tight, and don't let go Feel love in me arise
Crave Magazine Issue Release Party!
Hey SEXXY friends!!Last Thursday was Crave Magazine's Issue Release Party held at the Bliss Lounge!! There were a lot of people there when I arrived!! The party was in full swing! I ran into Robin, editor of Crave , and she was busy shaking hands with everyone!! SUCH the hostess!! I made my way upstairs and found Noah, art director of Crave! He was having a GREAT time! I tried to get him to dance on the pole, but he was too chicken!!The first band up was Quandry, who I just did a Rock Report on when they played Rock n Roll Pizza!! They were awesome then and they were equally awesome this night!Thank you Quandry!! You guys Rocked!!The next band up was Atypical Theme. I really liked this band! Hard driving metal and awesome vocals!! I even got some kick ass pics for a change! lol
Craving For Attention!
Why teens seem to looking non-stop for attention? Don't you see that every teenage girl or guy is trying to get attention from everyone around them? Teenagers nowadays are like attention sponges, they absorb every piece of attention they can get Maybe you're asking yourself, why? Why? well, from my relative life experience i can tell you one thing. This is their period in life when their personality and future conduct shapes up. Don't judge! Don't let anyone to judge you! That's it for today! See ya!
Your mouth, your eyes, your hair I can't help but stare. I want to taste your soft, sweet lips and take from your mouth numerous sips. For nourishment I receive from your kiss When your in my arms I am in complete bliss. Thoughts of you encompass my being It is only you that I am seeing. Never a day goes by that I want you dear I wish for you to always be near. Your angelic smile with lucious lips The face of a goddess is what I miss When we are together, just like this Untill then pretty lady I'll have to wait But on that day we'll have a date.
Fuck me like the whore we both know I am Rape me the way you say you can Penetrate me, make me feel something I can’t feel the tools I wield with my own hands I can’t even stand I twitch and writhe as my body bends Take me without compassion, not even a shred Make the switch Tickle my itch You made me your slave Now make me your bitch Do something that will make me talk shit
The Craving
I glimpse your way when no one else is looking. Traceing you with cold and fierce eyes, projecting dirty little scenarios in my mind. I crave the heat from you , The taste of your skin. Provocative, Erotic, and Hungry. Burning alive beneath denim jeans . A woman with powers in slaved by the dominance of man... Author Mary Lee All rights reserved;
Craving For Your Kiss
I'm craving for your kiss, For your tender touch, For your passionate love...
Craving Your Taste
I pressed you against the side of my face I rubbed my face against your smooth body. I wanted to taste you. It was curiosity, intrigue, it drove me forward It seemed like you felt the same but maybe it was just hope It felt so wrong, because I was still so young But everyone has instincts Everyone has desires And this one could not be denied anymore. I had to have you, and have you I did. I ran my hands along your sides, taking my time to fully open you up and taste you completely My tongue seemed to twitch in my mouth It anticipated you as much of the rest of me. My whole body drove forward And I put you to my eager lips. I lapped everything that flowed from within you I drank hungrily of your essence. I feel like I had waited so long, but only this morning had I first held you in my hands. It all felt so right, though everyone would say it was so wrong. I didn't care, because for this moment, it was just you and me. I'll never forget that moment And I'll never fo
I want. The craving So strong It drowns My heartbeat In layers Of lust. I need. The desire So powerful It overflows My banks And leaves thirst In its wake. I yearn For love so real It cannot be Contained In a vessel So fragile. I gasp For air With lungs Cracked Parched Wanting for love So I cannot Breathe from it. I reach With grasping tendrils And wonder why No one Reaches back. Am I so far ahead Or so far behind I cannot see The light. My skin tingles From the moisture Of your lips As you breathe life Into me. Let me drink you down To your soul. I wrap your life Around me Like skin. Breathing in the scent Of your love Quenches my thirst. I cannot see you With my eyes But my soul knows yours. Who are you? ~Selene © 2007
damn just sitting here and fucking craving something from the past that i have never gotten out of my system...i wanna go back!!!looks can be deceiving, so dont let me fool you...i always get what i want when i want it and it wont change now...fuck all the mother fuckers that dont understand.... ITS RUNNING THROUGH YOUR VEINS!!!
Man! I think this cold is making me crave food like you wouldn't believe. I want a hotdog, noodles, cheese, chicken, and chicken noodle soup. All at the same time! What to do..what to do!
You hypnotized me once. but never again.. poison my kisses with yummy lies on ur lips. come sweet, fill my ears with ur empty promises. so clueless,thinking you've got it all figured out. ironic tho, still i find you desperate hollow, & cold. oh yes, lying to me always made u feel so bold, but remember luv,only i know ur secret, that inside ur lifeless,scared,and alone. & oh how ur blood,only runs lukewarm to cold. ur claim to fame, to be master of playing games. funny how its me who can see right through you! oh,i see u...crystal clear, in fact! see u right to the the ugliness deep inside of u.i'm dissecting u now. (can u feel me baby?) i wanna rip u open,mmm gonna tear u apart! I remember how we started, watch from anothers eyes. but this time i'm on to ur tricks.i gaze closely as slowly u gather up all my trust,and i see how u managed to sneak away more of my l
You are so amazing When I look into your eyes I feel nothing but cravings You make me feel so ecstatic Chills rush down my spine My heart beats fast I feel warmth throughout my body All I hope for is just one kiss Your sweet lips against mine My arms around you Holding you until the end of time by Gary R. Hess
I thought about you,craving your silken touch.I was shaking,fever raging from my desire for you.I imagined your lips,delicious and warm, and my body trembled,unsated,needing your touch.From my window,there was a speck of a blood red moon,which only served to remind me of you. I closed my eyes,needing rest,yet I thought of you still.My desire won out.I could taste you on my lips.I was dreaming while awake,hungering for your kiss,recalling images of fingers exploring hidden places.The passionate nights fled without a visible trace,but left a trail of fire And still I thought about you,pressing gently into me,wanting my satin touch,the brush of your hair against my neck,a mere featherlike caress across my flesh,yet a tempest unleashed.........................
Craving Piercings And Tats
I crave for word from you … let me know you care I crave to hear your voice …..telling me it will be okay I crave to see your face ….smiling upon me lovingly I crave the smell of you …..intoxicating me with your scent I crave your tender touch …..that touches so deeply I crave your kisses ……to taste you again I crave your lips ……upon my neck I crave your strong arms ……holding me from harm I crave your chest curls … run my nails through I crave your desire ….to sweep me away I crave your tongue … tease me as you do I crave your mouth … please me as you do I crave your shaft of steel … fill me I crave your strokes …..again and again I crave you everywhere I go Night or day, my craving never ceases I crave you so much It has turned to HUNGER.
The Craving!!!!!!!
i will penetrate you desecrate you mediate you tie you down bind your arms together then tie them to the bed spread your legs now, i look at you sprawled out on the bed both of us enjoying every second of it now, i penetrate you watching your face your jaw drop your eyes go half closed listening to your moans feeling your nails digging into my back peeling my skin away feeling your teeth piercing my skin like dull needles one at a time slowly breaking the skin you taste my blood taste quite good the final thrust brightens your face with a lovely smile that lets me know i've done good
Your inside my heart sometimes it tears me apart your wrapped inside me so tight you don't know what its like you love me but how much? enough to cry without me? enough to hurt everyday?if not? Then you don't love me enough You've dug in so deep burrowed into me I breath, I sleep And your all i see your inside my mind inside my soul your all that my body knows do you still believe how much you love me To be as much as I do you? You don't know that your all i think about each night what I dream about when i close my eyes You still don't know your all my body craves that without you I'd go to my grave
The Craving
I bite my lip in lustful longing for your gaze. In my dreams, I wantonly offer you passions beyond your wildest fantasies. When I see you, I lower my eyes as I feel a deep heat rising through my veins. You write beautifully, and I secretly haunt your pages of poetry of love gone wrong. Your words resonate in my being, and I empathize with your pain. But I am selfish, and long for your words of admiration to be for me. When you write to me, I feel my heart quicken as I read the script you have wittily printed. It skips a beat every time you compliment anything I do, and i desperately crave more from you. I feel like a schoolgirl in love- but I’m not. I just want you. Lust, passion, romance and desire...that's what I long for. I kiss the bruises you leave on my wrists; I feel your caress as I press my fingers upon the tender flesh. I savor the blood that is drawn from a scratch, for that scratch was drawn by you. God-like proportions and stoic reticence, I crave yo
i strain against these bonds arms chained as your fingers rake across my flesh lips whispering wet and lucid upon my chest sending silent fury to my limbs i struggle against these bonds desire feeding upon your taunts and hungrily you lick your lips pausing for a moment inch by inch you pull at the cloth revealing your skin the fabric leaves your body exposing stomach and perfection your shapely arms that flow across my being uncovering well formed thighs beautiful and exposed only a translucent piece of material between us and with each second the hunger grows to taste your skin to feel your body against mine then your fingers dance across my thighs rising to my chest to my face caressing my anxious existence and the craving rages hotter struggling against these chains you wrap your legs around my head my hunger tearing at the cloth that separates us tasting you feeling you needing you as your fingers grip my neck pulling me in basking in your warm
He is my desire for whom I crave everyday of my life. He is the one I dream naked in my bed everynight. His smile tingles my body, the kisses from his lips makes me drunk. The touch of his body makes me scream with pleasure of wanting him feeling his skin on mine driving me insane. I love him for the man he is. He is my lover, He is my pleasure and He is my heart.
Craving You
Touch me softly, but hold me hotly. One match, one spark with you in the dark. Kiss me sweetly, but make it deeply. Ignite in me what you want and need. Spark becomes flame when you whisper my name... On fire with desire, I’m craving you.
Cravin Family Members!!!!!
PLEASE RATE BLOG BEFORE YOU READ  If you would like to become family to view all of my naughty pictures all you have to do is buy me a blast. The pictures ARE worth it... There is a lil of everything in there *wink* Please understand why i do this... i cant let just anyone into my private pictures... if i did that id have over 2,000 people in family, and i cant even have over 50 :P 1 day blast = 1 week in my NSFW pictures 3 day blast = 1 month in my NSFW pictures 7 day blast = 2 months in my NSFW pictures 30 day blast = 6 months in my NSFW Pictures 1 BlingPack = 2 months in my NSFW pictures If you want a NSFW salute??? Get Me A Blingpack and You will get one... Just Private Message Me so I will know what you want it to say!!! Please message me before you send the blast *If you cant afford a blast or you dont have a CC you can send Me 1 milllion Fubucks (using the fu-pal link on my page) to get a 1 day peek into my private folders* I update my private pictures every
Craving The Rose?
"But he that dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the Rose!" Ponder that thought for a moment..... OK, now, absorb the meaning of that quote! Whatever life is, the Rose is quite symbolic of our journey, don't you think? It is beautiful to view, nice to smell the fragrance, the silky petals feel great against the skin, enchanting to realize all the different layers, and still yet, you get the occasional prick from the thorns! Does that make us love the Rose any less?? For me, that answer is NO, actually it makes me respect it even more! Mind the thorns, otherwise they can cause you to bleed! Because of the thorns, we treat the Rose with a fragile touch! The Rose can symbolize life in that very same manner! We should be careful how we embrace life, else we get a taste of our own blood, perhaps become bruised even, by the very essence of it's touch! It is my will, my goal, if you will, to treat life in the same manner as I treat the Rose! I want to admire it
how i crave to hear His voice to feel His touch i crave to know His love to know that i am truly His i crave nothing else in this world except my Master He is the only person that i love oh so deeply His love keeps me going when there is no reason to keep fighting to feel Master place His collar upon my throat would be a dream come true my heart tells me whom i belong to my soul tells me that Master owns all of me i would do anything to show Master what He means to me Master is my everything He is my friend, my lover, my mentor, and above all He is my Master for all time i long to kneel before Him and offer all that i am and all that i shall become to Him and Him alone. Master is my whole world and no other will ever posses me like He does. when i close my eyes i can see His face and it brings a smile to lips His eyes can see into my very soul and know what i crave the most.
garlic bread. havent had it in forever. also i'm excited about friday. good times will roll at my first show of the year. how r u guys btw?
The Craving
My fast heart is beating my soul cut and bleeding My hells are too meeting with the man inside my brain I tell him the all as I stand and I fall And just to top it all I pay him for the task My guts I am spilling I tell of the killings With me at top billing I take off the mask His jaw starts a dropping I say there's no stopping The blood I'll be mopping right there on his couch Another time he'll ask me what it is I'm thinking And I will have to show him I long to see him dead The walls dripping red from the axe in his head And I'm sure now he's dead by the look in his eyes Put me to sleep and hypnotize see the dead stare in my eyes Let your guard down when you try to get inside my head Dive in deep into my mind wonder all the things you'll find A war is up your death is signed session over-dead I think I'm starting to go crazy over wanting to kill I think I'll never stop the craving to see blood start to spill I see the outcome when your heart stop
His eyes so big and gorgeous When staring into them I melt like Ice Cream on top Of warm apple pie. His voice so remarkable it Sounds like the wind in my Hair as it passes through Each strand His lips as soft as a peddle On a rose that unfolds on the First sight of a beautiful spring day His touch as gentle as a Butterfly that lands on a Leaf for a brief moment Resting its wings
Craving You..
your hands touch me your words caress me that look in your eyes sets me aflame your lips touch mine desires burning deepest primordial passions exposed bodies meet each yearning ancient dance of passion your tongue upon my soft sweet mound sounds escape my lips beckoning you hardened phallus probing the depths eyes meeting souls entwining storms brewing within your loins thunderous screams escaping bodies shuddering eyes knowing souls forever shared
A Craving
A Craving By: BattleKat aka Jodi With carnal knowledge she stalks her prey, Her claws feel the earth ever so lightly. She knows love and thirst will win this day, He feels her touch and teeth ever so slightly. The craving within cannot be contained, Sweetened blood and pulses heightened. She circles him eluding senses yet obtained, She knows his thirst is as hers, strengthened! He sees her swift movement like quicksilver, Yet the sweet pain comes seconds later. He watches the love only her mouth delivers, Entranced by blood and taken to slaughter. She wants more and more as she bleeds him, A craving in her mouth for this, his little death. He knows she wants this so, seeing the light dim, She tastes his spill, hears sharp intake of breath. So satisfied and satiated she lets down her guard, But he is not so easily taken down to count. With renewed vigor he takes her down hard
Have you ever craved something so bad, that you just had to have it? Something within you saying I need it and I want it now? But yet you couldn't find the one thing that would end the craving. I had a day like that today, and nothing seem to satisfy me so I thought what do I want? Do I want a munchie? was it lack of sleep? Lack of sex? hmmmmmm maybe hahaha, but no that wasn't it. I sit back and think, close my eyes and see what images come to my mind of what I crave, I see images flashing before my eyes, a hand a thigh, a smile but its not my own they do not match me......I feel a calmness settle over me, and my cravings cease for a minute, but only until i open my eyes and they are gone. Now to have what I crave, to satisfy me..........only then all would be good...........
Craven Needs To Level
Craven MooreHead ☠Craven Moorehead~Owned by Naughty By Nature~R/L boyfriend of KCPilar69☠™@ fubar He has been a member of the FU For over a year now. I want to see him finally level to Henchman. He had an Auto 11 once b4. He didnt get many rates. He needs a new Auto 11. PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! Whom ever gives this awesome MUMMER an AUTO 11. Will get MOLESTED by me. I will make you a few pics, I will PIMP you out. And ravish you with my 11's. So please help him out.And you will get helped out in return AddictedBy Saving AbelBest Video Codes
~cravings~ (7/27/08)
for all my dreams to come true i need to feel you deep within my heart and soul...touch me, hold me and make me believe you only have eyes for me...and, for that moment ill believe you truly love me and that we were ment to be...for a chance to pretend your only mine for that moment i would give the rest of my for that moment let me pretend so i can dream the dream i hope will never end...i dont need you forever just for now so please just give me that and somehow when its done i will find a way to walk away and give you the space from me you so crave...
Craven & Me
Make an on-line slideshow at
Craving The Fruit He Bares....
A finger's trace upon it's skin, the lustful feel of it's touch.. the yern for a passionate deeply seeded kiss, the feel of the tip of its tongue does.... Lightly and slowly it circles, slightly feeling the arch of his back... kneeling in front for her feeding, while feeling comfort within her throats back.... Dancing and swirling the tongue goes, a kiss, a suckle , only moans said.... soft yet aggressive strokes felt, while a hand rests the back of her head... as the pace becomes faster, as his head slowly lay back... she feels the seed that the feed fills, while her lips do not part from that... while inbedded deeply he feels, the narrow way close it's hollow... for the one feeding has been given his essense, the fruit he bare's she swallows.... passionately composed By, Sandra Hickman aka Dark Jules
The Crave
I have a feeling deep within,it will not go away,unlike you, it stays,feeding off my rotting portions of heart,grasping me,living on my pain.To close my eyes, a deathwish.A summons of fearwithin…a thousand spiders crawling under my skin.I shiver at your touchthough I need it oh so much,to deny you of myself seems so insane.I can’t keep letting you take over my brain,but every time I’m craving it’s the same
Craving You
One drop of you,past the pouty fullnessof ruby lips,and to the tipof my tongue-Your cum,I swallowto the pit of every fantasycreatingyou - me ecstasy.prophetic exaltationmystic intoxication,Breathing throughthese thoughtsto be so intenseof imaginationwith the immensness of pleasureslicking.sucking.probingthe treasuresof mind.body.soul,I take you whole,without hesitation,deep into my throat,the ultimate,sin-sation.
The Craving Of Him
While fingertips trace upon the skin, the lustful feel of a lovers touch... the yearn for a passionate deeply seeded kiss, the feel the tip of the tongue does.... Lightly and slowly it slides, it circles, slightly feeling the the arch of his back... kneeling in front of him for her feed, while feeling comfort within her throats back.... Dancing and swirling of the hot of her tongue goes, a kiss, a suckle , only moans said.... soft yet aggressive strokes from her felt, while his hand rests the back of her head... as the pace becomes slightly faster, as his head slowly lay back... she feels the seed that the feed fills, while her lips do not part away from that... while inbedding deeply within he feels, the velvet narrow way while she closes it's hollow... for in this one feeding she has been given his essense, the fruit he bare's she has taken, she swallows... written by:~Bella Dharq~
Your what i crave Your what i need On you i want to feed Devouring you piece by piece Until this burnning is ceased Hammering in my head Without you Mostly dead Drounding in my lust for you Anything you ask i'll do Imprisioned by your eyes In you i feel alive Lost in you Don't want found Rushing blood The only sound Crave Your what i crave You're the theif of my soul Locked in your arms Out of control Stop this aching inside Cure in you for me to find Heart pounding in my ears With you i have no fears
Crawford Tx
September 20, 2006)—Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad crews were hard at work Wednesday, cleaning up after 23 cars of a BNSF train derailed just after 6 p.m. Tuesday in downtown Crawford, leaving many homes without power and leading to the evacuation of about 300 of the town’s 700 residents. A BNSF spokesman said the tracks should be cleared by early Wednesday afternoon, although the derailed cars will remain along the siding until a decision is made about where to send them for repairs. BNSF also sent an environmental team to monitor air quality and to check for soil contamination. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the US Environmental Protection Agency also sent representatives to the derailment site. The evacuations were ordered Tuesday evening after authorities discovered that one of the derailed cars had ruptured and was leaking a chemical later determined to be ethanolamine, a flammable liquid that can irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory system
on my knees i crawl to thee holding a gift for you to see moving slow an careful closing the distance how can i go on moving so slow finally reaching you taking you hand placing a small box its a wedding band seeing your delight smiles an tears showing my love to one so dear
Crawl Away..
You crawled away from me. Slipped away from me. I tried to keep ahold, but there was nothing I could say. You slid and crept away and there was nothing I could say. So what you're trying to say is you don't wanna play. But what you want and what you need doesn't mean fuck to me. Because I can see your back is turning. If I could I'd stick the knife in. This is love. This is my love for you. Get up. Now. Say you won't go.
As I lay this all to rest Shadows appear reminding me Of all things left unsaid by me Maybe one day you'll believe That I will crawl I will crawl on broken knees It's beyond what you really need Forcing it all out of you Will I make your life complete Come Clean Am I the sorrow That you won't reap Am I the secret That you can't keep Well I won't stop Until I'm complete And I won't stop Until you believe I won't stop until you need me
i feel like i am crawling through life on my hands and knees crawling into the darkness hiding from everyone who sees crawling to get away from the decisions i have to make crawling around getting mad at how much time it will take crawling slowly, inching farther from all the men around crawling quietly trying not to make a sound wishing i didnt have to crawl anymore because i am exausted crawled so long i thought i had lost it still crawling around but starting to get back onto my feet tired of this aching feeling of defeat.
Crawling On My Knee's..
Crawling underneath the table, hands grasping your thighs, kneading the tight muscles before slowly spreading them apart.......mmmmm......wiggling my way in between and kneeling.....rubbing my face over your crotch, around and around until I feel your cock stiffening beneath the fabric of your trousers....unfastening your belt and tugging downnnnnn the body squirming with anticipation....lowering the waistband of your underwear and reaching inside with both of my soft hands.....breathing in deeply and cupping your balls in one palm, my other hand coiling around your growing dick......such a pretty cock......the tip of my tongue easing out to lightly touch your cockhead......quietly moaning as I begin to circle the flared head with sweeps of my tongue, wetting it.......fondling your balls, rolling them in the warmth of my hand......they are so heavy with cum......may I take it from you?......will you give me your cream?......enclosing the head inside my heated, wet mouth..
Crawfish Pie
4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) butter 1 cup chopped onions 1/2 cup chopped bell peppers 1/2 cup chopped celery 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 1/2 teaspoon cayenne 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1/2 cup chopped, seeded, and peeled tomatoes, or 1/2 cup chopped canned tomatoes 1 pound crawfish tails 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 2 tablespoons flour 1 cup water 1/2 recipe Basic Savory Pie Crust Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Melt the butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the onions, bell peppers, celery, salt, cayenne, and black pepper. Saute for about 8 minutes, or until golden and wilted. Add the tomatoes and cook for about 6 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the crawfish tails and parsley. Cook, stirring occasionally, for about 4 minutes. Dissolve the flour in the water and add to the pan. Stir for about 2 minutes, or until the mixture thickens. Remove from the heat. Let cool for at least 30 minutes. Place the crust in the bottom of a 9-inch pie pan and cr
Crawfish Etouffee (mulate's Restaurant)
1 1/4 stick butter or margarine 1 medium onion - diced 2 stalks celery - diced 1 small bell pepper - diced 1 lb peeled crawfish tails 1/2 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper Melt butter or margarine. Add diced onions, celery, and bell pepper. Saute' on medium heat until vegetables are translucent – approximately 15 minutes. Add crawfish and Mulate's Cajun Seasoning - stir well. Cook covered on low heat for approximately 15 minutes. You may add chopped parsley or green onions just before serving - do whatever you like! Serve over white rice. Variation: Add 1 can Cream of Mushroom soup just before adding the crawfish.
[Chorus:] Crawling in my skin These wounds they will not heal Fear is how I fall Confusing what is real There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface Consuming/confusing This lack of self-control I fear is never ending Controlling/I can't seem [Bridge:] To find myself again My walls are closing in (without a sense of confidence and I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take) I've felt this way before So insecure [Chorus] Discomfort,endlessly has pulled itself upon me Distracting/reacting Against my will I stand beside my own reflection It's haunting how I can't seem... [Bridge] [Chorus] [Chorus]
Crawfish Etouffee
1 1/4 stick butter or margarine 1 medium onion - diced 2 stalks celery - diced 1 small bell pepper - diced 1 lb peeled crawfish tails 1/2 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper Melt butter or margarine. Add diced onions, celery, and bell pepper. Saute' on medium heat until vegetables are translucent – approximately 15 minutes. Add crawfish and Mulate's Cajun Seasoning - stir well. Cook covered on low heat for approximately 15 minutes. You may add chopped parsley or green onions just before serving - do whatever you like! Serve over white rice. Variation: Add 1 can Cream of Mushroom soup just before adding the crawfish.
The Crawl...
THE CRAWL Cruising through the fog to a date with the wicked leather and lace with a pinch of lingerie feeling the wine my head sets to spin spinning the fog that’s still setting in a glow comes over the mountains and I cannot place the moon pretty little things crawl up my spine a devious glow fills my eyes pretty little things crawl up my spine the wine flows red to match the sky and I have to wonder why Jesus sitting shotgun and my heart is full of sin monsters and angels around every bend music and madness surround the head of the table is a drunken clown frolic and dance fill the floor and I can’t feel my heart anymore pretty little things crawl up my spine a devious glow fills my eyes pretty little things crawl up my spine the wine flows red to match the sky and I have to wonder why... Lucy~
Crawfish Ettoufee
Mau Mau's Crayfish Etouffee 5 # crayfish tails Vegetables: 9-10 bunches of green onions (chopped) 2 onions (chopped) 1 bunch celery - about 9 pieces (chopped) 7 toes garlic (chopped) and garlic powder (to taste) 1 bunch parsley (chopped) 1 1/2 sticks of butter (to sauté the vegetables) OR canola oil 5 cans of chicken broth (if too thick add a sixth can) 1/2 can tomato paste (to color and thicken) Approx.3 lg. cooking spoons flour (not tablespoons) A little water from rinsing crayfish bags Salt (to taste) Pepper (to taste) Tony Chacherie's Creole Seasoning (to taste) Sauté vegetables in butter. Add chicken broth, tomato paste, flour, crayfish, and water. Add salt, pepper, and Tony Chacherie's to taste. May add a dash of Tabasco. Cook approximately 1 hour on low heat. Serve over rice. Approximately 15 servings.
Crawl (for My X)
Crawl to me, hands and knees Gravel in your mouth, apologize ceaselessly Your tears are blood, my dear, so sweet Your heart bleeds for me You once held my heart in your fist, squeezing my blood under your feet, stepping in it and on me, my cries made music and you did dance so well... You crawl to me now, voice coarse and gurgling, begging, crying your eyes bleed tears of air as I step on your head.
Crawfish Bisque
CRAWFISH BISQUE Ingredients needed: · CRAWFISH AND STOCK: · 5 pounds boiled crawfish · 4 quarts water · STUFFED CRAWFISH HEADS: · 1 stick (1/4 pound) butter · 2 cups chopped onions · 1 cup chopped bell peppers · 1 cup chopped celery · 1 tablespoon salt; · 1 teaspoon cayenne · 10 to 12 ounces crawfish tails plus about 1 1/4 pounds peeled uncooked crawfish tails, chopped · 2 tablespoons chopped garlic · 1/2 cup water · 1 1/2 cups dried fine bread crumbs · 2 tablespoons chopped parsley · 75 to 100 crawfish heads · Flour, for dredging · BISQUE: · 1 cup vegetable oil · 1 cup flour · 3 cups chopped onions · 1 1/2 cups chopped bell peppers · 1 1/2 cups chopped celery · 1 teaspoon salt · 1/2 teaspoon cayenne · 2 pounds peeled crawfish tails (uncooked) · 3 quarts crawfish stock · 100 stuffed crawfish heads · 1/4 cup chopped green onions · 1/4 cup parsley Remove the tails and peel, preserving the meat and peelings. Clean t
Crawling-linkin Park
crawling in my skin these wounds they will not heal fear is how I fall confusing what is real there's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface consuming/confusing this lack of self-control I fear is never ending controlling/I can't seem to find myself again my walls are closing in (without a sense of confidence and I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take) I've felt this way before so insecure crawling in my skin these wounds they will not heal fear is how I fall confusing what is real discomfort, endlessly has pulled itself upon me distracting/reacting against my will I stand beside my own reflection it's haunting how I can't seem... to find myself again my walls are closing in (without a sense of confidence and I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take) I've felt this way before so insecure crawling in my skin these wounds they will not heal fear is how I fall confusing what is real crawling in
Crawling-linkin Park
Crawl Into Bed With Me - One Man's Opinion
Chorus ".... Crawl into bed with me and I’ll make you hate yourself." Verse 1 I’ve had it up to here with trust and you And party situations. Adam and Eve -- You are Fine specimen of fruitless indescretion. Stop swearing ... Stop fucking swearing ... You lied to me and it’s public information. So, stop swearing ... Stop fucking swearing... You lied to me. "And why don’t you just ... Verse 2 I’m sure the banter was so eloquent Wrought with gentle warmth and manners His eyes drawn in by your intelligence And his hands by your kind nature Stop swearing ... Stop fucking swearing... You lied to me and it’s public information. Stop swearing ... Stop fucking swearing... You lied to me. "And why don’t you just... Bridge Pants down and the writing’s on the wall: Chemistry at work. And this heart you’ve seized will never truly find itself. Legs spread and the silence turns to moans: Chemistry at work. And this heart that bleeds will never truly find it
"Crawling" [Chorus:] Crawling in my skin These wounds they will not heal Fear is how I fall Confusing what is real There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface Consuming/confusing This lack of self-control I fear is never ending Controlling/I can't seem [Bridge:] To find myself again My walls are closing in (without a sense of confidence and I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take) I've felt this way before So insecure [Chorus] Discomfort,endlessly has pulled itself upon me Distracting/reacting Against my will I stand beside my own reflection It's haunting how I can't seem... [Bridge] [Chorus] [Chorus]
Crawling Outt Comment
Crawling-linkin Park
Crawling - Linkin Park
Crawfish Etouffee
CRAWFISH ETOUFFEE 1 pound fresh or frozen peeled crawfish tails ordeveined shrimp 2 cups chopped onion 1 cup finely chopped celery 1/2 cup finely chopped green pepper 2 cloves garlic, minced 3 tablespoons cooking oil, butter, or margarine 2 tablespoons crawfish fat, margarine or butter 4 teaspoons cornstarch 1/2 cup tomato sauce 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon ground red pepper 2 cups hot cooked rice Thaw crawfish tails or shrimp, if frozen. In a large saucepan cook onion, celery, green pepper, and garlic, covered, in in cooking oil for 10 minutes or until tender. Add crawfish fat; stir till melted. Srit in cornstarch. Add tomato sauce, red pepper, 1 cup water, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon black pepper. Cook and stir till bubbly. Add crawfish tails or shrimp. Return to boiling; reduce heat. Simmer, uncovered, for 4 to 5 minutes or until crawfish or shrimp is tender (shrimp turn pink). Season to taste. Serve over rice. Serves 4.
Crawling in my skin These wounds they will not heal. Fear is how I fall, confusing what is real. There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface, consuming/confusing This lack of self-control I fear is never ending controlling/I can't seem To find myself again My walls are closing in (without a sense of confidence and I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take) I've felt this way before... so insecure. Crawling in my skin These wounds they will not heal. Fear is how I fall, confusing what is real. Discomfort endlessly has pulled itself upon me distracting/reacting Against my will I stand beside my own reflection It's haunting, how I can't seem... To find myself again, my walls are closing in (without a sense of confidence and I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take) I've felt this way before, so insecure. Crawling in my skin, These wounds they will not heal. Fear is how I fall. confusing what
Crawling In My Skin
Crawling in my skin These wounds, they will not heal Fear is how I fall Confusing what is real There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface Consuming/confusing This lack of self-control I fear is never ending Controlling/I can't seem To find myself again My walls are closing in (Without a sense of confidence, I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take) I've felt this way before So insecure Crawling in my skin These wounds, they will not heal Fear is how I fall Confusing what is real Discomfort, endlessly has pulled itself upon me Distracting/reacting Against my will I stand beside my own reflection It`s haunting how I can't seem... To find myself again My walls are closing in (Without a sense of confidence, I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take) I've felt this way before So insecure Crawling in my skin These wounds, they will not heal Fear is how I fall Confusing what is real Crawling in
twistand thrashand tear the fuck awaymade of scrapsof the flesh that's savedrippingand thrashingin a mound of hatethere's no forgivenessthere's no forgiveness for shame crawlon broken glassfallit's your last chance devour your temple now worship my shityour deity rots in the bowels of the pitthere is no salvation and nobody caresthere is no redemption there's only the echoing despairare you there? crawlon broken glassdestroy your skinit's your last chancefalland shed your blood and wage your war againstthesun save me?fuck you dive into disastergrind off the rust                devine confrontationyou crumble, like so much dust i've travelled through the blister streamthrough broken spells and haunted dreamspassing through withered seamsreality's not what you think  crawlon broken glassdestroy your skinit's your last chancefalland shed your blood and wage your war againstthesun
Crawl By Chris Brown
Crawl by Chris Brown Everybody sees it's you When I'm the one who lost the view Everybody says we're through I hope you haven't said it too So where Do we go from here With all this fear in our eyes And where Can love take us now We've been so far down We can still touch the sky If we crawl Till we can walk again Then we'll run Until we're strong enough to jump Then we'll fly Until there is no wind So lets crawl, crawl, crawl Back to love, Yeah Back to love, Yeah Why did I change the pace Hearts were never meant to race Always felt the need for space But now I can't reach your face So where Are you standing now Are you in the crowd of my vault Love, can't you see my hand I need one more chance We can still have it all If we crawl(if we crawl) Till we can walk again Then we'll run (then we'll run) Until we're strong enough to jump Then we'll fly Until there is no wind So lets crawl, crawl, crawl Back to love, Yeah Back to love, yeaaah Everybody see's it's you Well I never wanna
Crawfish Etouffee
Everyone has their own recipe for this, this is mine. Enjoy! Shopping list2 packs of frozen crawfish tailschopped seasoning (onions, bellpepper, celery, green onions)2 cans diced tomatoes (i like to use the italian seasoned ones)flourcreole seasoning (mixture of salt, black pepper, white pepper, cayene and ground crushed red peppers)liquid crab boil (if available)cayenne peppermargarineseafood stock (i make my own. you can usually find this at the store)Directions:Melt Margarine (1/2 stick) in pan, add chopped seasoning, 1 Tbsp cayenne, capfull of liquid crab boil (if you can find it) and 3 tbsps of flour. Soften the seasoning and add the crawfish tails half a cup at a time to the mixture also as you add the tails, add seafood stock half a cup at a time as well. Once you have added them all, add your diced tomatoes and reduce heat to medium low. simmer for about 30 minutes to cook down the cayenne pepper. Serve over rice. Really quick, easy and delicious! Freezes and reheats
Crawling Back Into The Womb
crawling back into the womb...... when she was little and shaken...gramps used to tell her stories.... they always made so much sense of everything.... He would gather girl up into His big strong arms and rock her so tenderly His heart would surround her and she always felt so much better.... she just doesnt understand life sometimes.... there is so much hurting in the world..... she sends out her heart and her love to people who are hurting far worse then her.... and hopes in some small way she is helping.... she needs is what keeps her alive.... even in the darkest of moments, there is no better ray of hope, then a smile from the heart and a hug from the soul......
Craxy 4 U.,. Peep
There are times I feel I'm gonna go crazy. What is it that you do to me? It actually scares me sometimes. The connection so strong, causing the flutters in my tummy. The way your words stroke me, bringing me near tears... That overwelming sensation of emotions that can't be contained. The way you stroke my body, bringing intense desires to the surface. You are all I think about. Everywhere I look , all the voices around me...all remind me of something you would say or what you would enjoy with me. Then there are the private nights. When I lay in my bed and I see your eyes on me, the smell of you, the textures of your skin and hair. How your touch sets fire to my skin. Nerves all sensitized and ready for you. I feel your hands with their roughness, I love that feeling, makes me aware of my own softness. Carressing every inch of me. Up my arms, over my shoulders, across my chest, finding my breasts. Massaging, avoiding the center, making me want. Your mouth on
Crayon Box Survey
CRAYON BOX SURVEY BLUE IS LOVE 1. Do you love someone?: yes 2. Do you believe in love at first sight?:yes 3. Do you believe in Love?:i'm tryin, but some people make it hard to. RED IS ANGER 1. Are you currently mad at someone?:yep 2. Which of your family members has the worst temper?: me anastasia tie 3. Have you ever thrown something at anyone?: oh yes 4. Is anyone mad at you?:yep 5. Are you usually mad?: nope 6. When you're mad do you prefer to stare angrily or yell?: yell YELLOW IS SELF DISCOVERY 1. Name: tabitha 2. Birthday: oct 25 83 3. What's your main goal in life?: be a great mother, daughter, sister and wife 4. Do you want to have children?: yes 5. When do you want to die?: when chas is old ORANGE IS EXCITEMENT 1. Has anyone ever thrown a surprise party for you?: yep 2. If u won a million dollars, what would be your first thought?: pay off school 4. If you could have anything right now what would it be?: someone,
Crayon Coalition
I am writing this in response to a question in a survey my niece Angela wrote. The question was "If you were a crayon, what color would you be?" Now I find this question odd on so many levels. 1.What makes you people think that if you were a crayon you would get to pick your own color? I mean you didn't really get to pick your color as a person. Nor does Crayola list a 'Crayon Whisperer' on their payroll. Not to mention the fact that you couldn't ask an individual crayon what color it wanted to be until it was finished being produced, when the color is already chosen. 2. How are you supposed to answer said question? Do you pick a color you happen to like? Or are you supposed to choose based on the personality of said color? If you are tempermental would you choose red, laid back maybe a tranquil blue or green. Perhaps the suicidal would choose black, and the Hindu who has reached enlightenment could choose white. Maybe those annoying people who are always too nice and too h
My Crayon Box is tattered and full of broken pieces.. Colors are missing and I'm not sure where they've gone... Or how I may have lost them.... But they are not here any more. Some were my favorites, Special ones that I loved so much If you look inside my box now there are spaces Empty places where they once stood. Those that remain are all the colors of the rainbow but they're worn, small and broken. They do still work however. When you put them to paper the colors still appear. Although they're somehow dull, lifeless and not as vibrant as they once were. I remember the pictures that I created when my box was full and new. They were beautiful, soaring, epic and all full of love. Love... God how I miss those days.
Crayola Mornings, And Snowy Afternoons
So, I'm still fighting this flu, and its really annoying, but fuck it.  Woke up to a decent snow fall again, and they are calling for more later on today. My son was in full force of making getting ready for school a pain in the ass this morning.  I think he was sent here to Earth to test my willpower.  But I love him for it, as crazy as that sounds. I just heard a strange noise from over by my daughter, and lo and behold, she is coloring the carpet with a crayon!  Resolve was nothing but fail, at trying to remove crayon, so I need to figure out how to get it out....ugh. I think this will be a fun week, especially considering the way things have started.  I live the High you?
Crazy Eye Johnny Is The Shiznit!!! And U All Need To Recognize!
Get this video and more at MySpace.comGet this video and more at MySpace.comCrazy Eye Johnny I love you! Special thanks to all who sent me their wishes, you all are the most wonderful friends anyone could ask for much ♥ Crazy Eye Johnny @ LostCherry add her! she is the most amazing woman and friend ever so show her some love DAMN IT!
Crazy Feelings
Do you ever feel a crazy feeling... When you can't keep someone off of your mind.. You're not sad, but sometimes it makes you crazy. Early in the morning, in the middle of the day... or even sometimes late at night... But you haven't hit the ground yet. Asking yourself why do you feel this way? It's an empty kind of happiness that fills your heart.. But all you can do is feel the way you do.. With an emotion so uncontrollable. Whenever you feel this happy blue... Just tell yourself.. as I do.. Its a crazy feeling..
Crazy Dog
I'm Perro Loco Thats Spelled P to the E to the double R O And L to the O to the C to the O This is my way of telling the world, HOLA! They call me the Crazy Dog If you don't like me Y'all can suck on my log! I'm telling the Masses I love my women thick with big asses I don't need a bean pole woman to satisfy me Women with meat on their bones is what Hot is to me! They call me the Crazy Dog If you don't like me Y'all can suck on my log! My woman likes to take hits from her bong To me that's not wrong My woman is a red-headed Gothic Chick You can find us at Hot Topic They call me the Crazy Dog If you don't like me Y'all can suck on my log! I've never lost a fight So if you try me, you might make me right! I collect knives & Swords But the best weapon of all time are words! They call me the Crazy Dog If you don't like me Y'all can suck on my log! My bitch gives the best head! You fuck with me and you'll wind up dead! My bitch gets my nuts Not
Crazy Ping Pong Match
Crazy Heart
I told to my heart bring me happiness But it brought me your sorrow your pain I told to my heart bring me my darling But it brought me the distance the absence I told my heart to bring a touch of my love But it brought me tears for the touch of my love I told my heart to give me a chance to smile But it gives me the pain for lifetime I told my heart to bring me a hope that he is mine But it gives me the jealousy for lifetime I told to my heart to be quite for sometime But its yelling wants my darling every time I told my heart bring what ever you want But it said now it wants to sleep for lifetime
The Crazy Ass Redddneck Feller ,,, Came In 2nd Place By 3 Votes.....
The last 42 hours or so have been real crazy for me. But it's all been in a good way. And this is all thanks to a certain someone, and u know who u are! Hugs and Kisses to you. Have u ever started talking to someone and had a shit load of things in common with them? And the more u talk to this person the more it feels like u have known them forever? This is what has happened to me, it's the strangest thing but it is also so awsome. It is so great being with this person, I'm completely calm and relaxed. And let me tell u that is not something that happens all that easily either. Makes me wonder where this person has been all my life. But now that they are here, I don't think they are going any where. Well I hope u the read is having a great day just like I am. And that you all find happiness if u haven't yet. Much love to all. Hugs and Kisses.
Crazy Russian Shit...
This is pretty cool. Click on the link below to try it out. Ignore all the crazy Russian on the site, just type your name in the text box and click to see what your name looks like in Russian...very impressive!
Crazy Bitches
why do bitchest think they have to show their asses or their boobs to get friends. get a new hobby. I am tired of seeing boobs and asses. u r more important than that. holla if u relate.
Crazy Video
Crazy Video - Gnarls Barkley lyricsGnarls Barkley Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by    Looking at the Crazy Ink Blots.... smiles.. awesome song
Crazy Bitch
yeah, uh huh see everything started off right thought that i couldn't even go a single night without you by my side but real fuckin quick i realized you weren't the girl i thought you were fabricated every aspect of your life told me what i wanted to hear and all that shit was lies now i'm in tears drivin down the street with all these fears is it always like this? is every single girl a crazy bitch? shit, probably is came to me, tellin me, that you'd do anything for me so hear i am doin everything to keep you with me but i gotta get up stand up, stay straight my feet i'm not gonna let this crazy bitch beat me poppin out babies, like a pez dispenser gettin on welfare like acid reflux gets alka selser gettin me caught up, settin me up now i'm steppin up, callin you out tellin you what i really feel about all the drama the bullshit every lil thing you perpetrated i know you, i can read you i would have let my
Music Video:CRAZY (by Gnarls Barkley)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Crazed Whispers
V1 you tell me life has been harsh to you question what you once knew can't let go of the past forever won't last your soul is damaged yet you push on Chorus I want to know what life is through your eyes feeling your body as you do hearing my whispers let me inside holding your soul I will comfort you V2 speaking in tongues in the sweat of the night you sit up in panic screaming, you fight the Future shows what would never be known I touch your heart you begin to weap dreams become real when I invade your sleep (chorus) Dead Whisper copyright 2001
Crazy Day
Some days work never ceases to amaze me, the things that people deal with thier lives and still survive and move on. Often they credit me as thier counsellor, but really it is all them. I may help and support them, but they are the ones really doing the work. That being said I am home and ready to relax, in fact I need to relax, busy and long day today...
Crazy Bitch
This is copied and pasted from my blog on Myspace... I just felt like sharing it here as well... Anyway my exboyfriend from the USS KITTY HAWK, Matthew aka Matty, or Laddie recently got in contact with me again. Hes always asking me to get on cam or talk dirty to him which I am NOT comfortable doing. I just don't do that shit. Mind you he is married, and has a baby daughter now (have to mention here, that I am hotter than his fake bad-blonde dye job hispanic wife.. .wait do I have to say she is from the Dominican Republic? whatever)... So when I questioned him about his antics, like uh what if your wife wants to walk in (and I did see her on his cam one day, in the back of the room, always thought I had a large ass, she's got me beat haha)... He would get all pissy. So whatever... Is he feeling guilty? Honestly, I dont think most guys have feelings... So tonight he made another move at me to get on my cam and talk dirty to him again its so annoying... So I told him joki
Everybody please go rate him, comment, anything u have to do to get him up to level 20. he's wanting to start teaching classes on doing morph's and stuff. please please help him out, cauz i for one want to learn.this is his link crazysane@ LostCherry
Crazyness At The Emergency Room
THIS IS A CRAZYNESS NIGHT MY FRIENDS WELL IT STARTED OF BY,,I GOT HOME FROM WORK AND MY ROOM MATE BIG MIKE,,HAD A REAL SWOLLEN LEG AND COULD BARLEY GET UP,,AND HE IS A BIG GUY..and we got to the hospital and registered him and he had such a bad infection,,,and now i know why he was home from work for 3 weeks,and so sick,,,even though i told him how many times to go see what is wrong,,,but at least i got him there last night.......................So we got to the hospital,,,and we signed mike in and told the nurse he problems,and then we sat down ,,and waited and waited and waited,,,,and then the crazyness started,,,,seen all these older people coming in by ambulance,,,and a girl came in with a poped out knee i sat there with mike for 3 hours...then finally they call him and he go s to a room,,i help him get there cause he can barely im sitting there,and the girl in the wheelchair is sitting in her chair close to where i am,,she starts making normal talk,,she was
Crazy... I was once crazy! They locked me inside a round rubber rom! I died inside that round rubber room,and they buried me in the cold wet ground! There were worms inside that cold wet ground! WORMS! they drive me crazy..... Crazy... I was once crazy! They locked me inside a round rubber rom! I died inside that round rubber room,and they buried me in the cold wet ground! There were worms inside that cold wet ground! WORMS! they drive me crazy..... Crazy... I was once crazy! They locked me inside a round rubber rom! I died inside that round rubber room,and they buried me in the cold wet ground! There were worms inside that cold wet ground! WORMS! they drive me crazy..... Crazy... I was once crazy! They locked me inside a round rubber rom! I died inside that round rubber room,and they buried me in the cold wet ground! There were worms inside that cold wet ground! WORMS! they drive me crazy..... Crazy... I was once crazy! They locked me inside a round rubber
Everyone that sees this pleas read it. North karea has just tested their first nuclear weapon and it worked perfectly. The president is goin to give a state of the union address. So please guys check the news this is some life changin shit.
Crazy Kids
My kids are crazy. They are always running around screaming like they are on a sugar high and they never slow down. Its hard to keep up all the time. Now they are running around again eating cereal. Oh well, I remember those days and now i see how it looked to my grandparents. The only difference is I have two kids and they only had to watch me. BOO GIGGY!!!!!
Crazy Thoughts...
Am I crazy? wanting to kill running through my head ways to hurt him hurt my mom even why did she find a nasty guy and ruin our family is it me thats crazy life all tore to hell mom cheating a happy family toen apart damn these thoughts there crazy or is it just me
Crazy Fun
haha I had a great weekend I went to the foot ball game friday then saturday i hung out with katie and we ended up hanging out at ryans that went to rob's then ended up leaving there to go to garfields with seth and jut haha on saturday and then we hung out inthe mall parkin lot, wally world parking lot, then dunkin donuts parkin lot until wee in the morning them katie and I went to brian's to stay over of course i slept on the couch and she slept in the bed with him..haha then sunday we saw jut and seth again and went to denny's where I ran into Marques.. haha he's so freakin sweet..seth was sweet to cause he bought us some food..any ways after that we drove around the mall with me, katie, and jut in the back of his truck haha we do some crazy things to entertain ourselves..haha any ways if only you could see the person inside of me.. Aphid..
Crazy Bitch
Alright Break me down You got a lovely face We're going to your place and now you got to freak me out Scream so loud getting fucking laid You want me to stay but I got to make my way Chorus Hey you're crazy bitch but you fuck so good I'm on top of it When I dream I'm doing you all night Scratches all down my back to keep me right on (Repeat) Take it all the paper is your game You jump in bed with fame Another one night payed for you're so fine it won't be a loss Cashing in the rocks just to get you face to face Chorus Hey you're crazy bitch but you fuck so good I'm on top of it When I dream I'm doing you all night Scratches all down my back to keep me right on (Repeat) Get the video Fuck you so good Get the video Fuck you so good Crazy bitch Crazy bitch Crazy Bitch Chorus Hey you're crazy bitch but you fuck so good I'm on top of it When I dream I'm doing you all night Scratches all down my back to keep me right on Hey you're crazy
Crazy People
you know i havent been here for a month yet and i ahve came across some dram queens trying to tell me whoo oi should talk to and then want tho stalk me wtf i`m a single man who have friends and i will talk to anyone and comment on anyone pics i so chose to why cause no one pays my bills but me sorry for raving but i`m sick of drama and hate it
some say im crazy some say im good some say i need help of others but to me im me an thats what i like about myslef i dont be who im not. i dont play games with hearts im no fool of love . some say im greatful some say im strong im just me an only me another i play two roles in life a mother an father some say im good in many ways some say i have came a long way due to my hell of a past but they always say im me an thats what makes me diffent an loved ...
Crazy Ass Weekend
reunions with former rock musicians,who have kids living next door to me,and around the corner..small world... the mojo room opens on the 28th! The 21rst is our big show at badabing,which i am helping promote ,passing out awesome color flyers!! GO DOLPHINS BEAT THE J E T S! THAT Hurricane,FIU Brawl,was insane!! rawk on! DJK
Craze Sexkittens From Venus
Once upon a time in a litter box not to far away.... The sexkitten ninja's from venus came to ambush us in the litterbox... They raped pilliged and plundered, feasting on rotten carcases of mice and birds... One of them contracted the ibola virus and took it back to venus, now we have no more sexkittens... All of a sudden the writer died and here lies the last will and testament of a sick and depraved madman next week... Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away there was a plasma erection, eistein was baffled by this occurance in space. He tried to disrupt the erectile disfunction by contemplating a black hole. This ofcourse led to the creation of medichloreants, traveling through time and space eventually YODA was born. Now that i meditate on the subject, well yes its true they practised the sex act. While finding nuclear blast properties within the erectile disfunction many are still unclear as to what exactly happens when pencils are made.
Crazy Laces
6 Crazy Things
Six wierd things about me: 1. I'd rather wear boots than sneakers. 2. I don't like having my pictures taken. 3. I like to sing karaoke. 4. I type with a southern accent y'all. LOL 5. I'm a total dork! 6. I've had 3 boyfriends in my entire life. LOL 6 people I am tagging to list 6 wierd things about themselves: 1. Big Country 2. MLady Tina, Sir Forrest Love 3. White Knight 4. Darkest Master 5. Dawg 6. Courageous Bastard
I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind There was something so pleasant about that phase. Even your emotions had an echo In so much space And when you're out there Without care, Yeah, I was out of touch But it wasn't because I didn't know enough I just knew too much Does that make me crazy Does that make me crazy Does that make me crazy Probably And I hope that you are having the time of your life But think twice, that's my only advice Come on now, who do you, who do you, who do you, who do you think you are, Ha ha ha bless your soul You really think you're in control Well, I think you're crazy I think you're crazy I think you're crazy Just like me My heroes had the heart to lose their lives out on a limb And all I remember is thinking, I want to be like them Ever since I was little, ever since I was little it looked like fun And it's no coincidence I've come And I can die when I'm done Maybe I'm craz
Crazy-ass Bi-polar People!
I'm allowed to say that all i want, cuz I am one of them. I just got over a major depression, which means i am little Miss Happy 0ver-achiever right now! okay, so i take advantage of these days... they seem so friggin few and far between! bursts of creative energy, feel free to burst forth now. I should get some decent art out here soon. I have a sister site where i will display the real stuff. the only thing i like of mine that i have on here is Sky Dreams... so anyway... babbling discontinued!
Crazy Cool!
are there girls on this thing???
A Crazy Deal
A Crazy Deal by Clayton © My buddy Bob comes up with crazy ideas several times every year. I usually go to lunch with him a couple times each month and he pitches his newest deal. Sometimes he actually comes up with something that sounds interesting. Last Spring he hit it big. A friend of his was going into a divorce and needed cash so he sold Bob a sex saddle. This sex saddle was a favorite item of the soon-to-be divorcee and she was going crazy looking for it. Bob gave his friend $500 for the toy. Of course, Bob wanted to sell the toy to me or split the cost with me. Bob gave me a video tape that the manufacturer distributed with the sex saddle and told me to watch it after work. After work I took a secretary from another office out for a few drinks. Maryanne is a cute little redhead with firm tits and a great ass. I have a very comfortable relationship with her and we satisfy each other sexually without the complications of a long-term relationship. Maryanne is the "friendly
soo how was everyone's day? eh mine was so-so. It's HUMP DAY! ah yes to bad i don't have anyone to hump, haha. So i went to the tanners yesterday and i got burnt as a damn crisp. My boobs are so damn red everyone was checking em out today. jesus i felt dumb, buut ohh well. annnd i was supposed to hang out with a guy today... did he call me? umm no wtf, who does that. ay yi yi i need to clean, so i should probably go and do that...
Crazy Train Returns To A Secret Show!!
Hey there my SEXXY friends!!I was sitting at home last night, bored out of my mind, when I decided to check my e-mail. Lo and behold, there was an email from a friend tipping me off to a Jam Night where there was to be some VERY special guests attending!!  I grabbed my coat and drove to the undisclosed location to find a small but very happenin party goin on!! I was VERY pleasantly surprised to see Tim, Dan, and Rick of Crazy Train with their NEW drummer Mike Yokum!! Actually, Mike is their original drummer!! So, look out Portland, Ozzy is back!!ALL ABOOOARD HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!RE-introducing: Mike Yokum, drummer for Crazy Train!!
Crazy Woman Talk
WOMAN'S PERFECT BREAKFAST She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box.Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week.Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl.And her husband is on the back of the milk carton. WOMEN'S REVENGE "Cash, check or charge?" I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase.
Crazy Cats
Cut & paste...short but funny:
The Crazy Conversations I've Had Over The Last 3 Weeks....
For anybody who's kept up on me, you already know that I just completed my training for my CDL license to get started on my career in trucking. Over this past month, I have basically been around veteran truckers, and individuals who are about to embark on a similar journey as I am. Now that I'm officially a trucker, I guess I will find myself having these conversations often. But I found a lot of them ironically amusing. Especially my responses. I won't get into every detail of the conversations, but I'll just jot down a few of my responses to give you an idea of what the hell we were talking about 1. Sorry, I don't think that everything tastes better with gravy poured on it. 2. Anybody who can get some pussy for shower tickets, should know that's some pussy you don't want. 3. Of course so many people get in trouble doing strange shit in Iowa. What the fuck is there to do in Iowa? 4. I don't think I'd feel that comfortable taking a shit in a 5 gallon bucket. 5. We got
it has only been two nights since we "made up" and the two nights apart is killing me I know I know we have to take it slow But it is so damn hard to not rip his fucking clothes off in the middle of Walmart or at the resturant or bar or truck parking lot driveway his work ::deep sigh:: but patience all good things come with patience I really just want to sleep in his arms then I could finally get a good nights rest since I havent been in the last 2 1/2 months Thats is the real trophy. reward, whatever the sex is just a perk love, love, love, love ,love, love
Crazy Crazy Week
So it all started thrisday when we got a call from my step dad saying he was stuck in St. Louis because his truck broke down and he probably wouldn't be home till saterday, normaly this wouldn't be a big deal, but the next day we get a phone call from my sister saying that my grandmother had a hart attack and is in the hospital, She is doing okay now, but still not great. The reasion she is in the hospital is because my uncle is missing (he's in a home because he has thinks like a 10 year old, I can't spell so thats how I'm saying it :P) So anyway now my mom is trying to find him and she also has to get temporary custody of him so that someone can do something while my grandma is sick. So anyway through all of this my step-dad is stuck out of state and still has not been home. I think he may have just gotten to Texas today. So that has been my crazy week so far. So anyway I have a field trip tomorrow, we are going to a showroom so I will tell you all about it wendsday. I'm really e
The Crazy One!
You have been Donkey Punched in the Back of the Head by Temptation~X~Radio now come join the party, just click the pic! NOW you ALL have to bring EVERYONE to the party NOW!!!!!! The Crazy one is now spinning tunes !!
My physcology professor keeps pushing our freaking test back. Which is putting us all behind on our reading an other stuff that we need to be doing.
Craziest Man Alive(in My Opinion)
I just kept saying, "HOOOLLLLY! HOOOLLLY!! Nooo Way!"
Crazy Night
Friday night had arrived as Nicole and I (Holly) got ready for a house party. Some guys had invited us to a friend of their's reading week party (for the US it's kinda known as march break or so.) The party was in Muskoka (that's in Canada) and took us about 2 hours to find the place. Horrible directions! When we finally arrived it was about 10pm friday. Troy drove and Terrance came along, he's a friend of Troy. The party had definitely started as we approached the door, loud music and people yelling, dancing, drinking amoung other stuff (in Muskoka kinda farm land the house's were far spaced from each other.) The music was loud but the people were definitely louder. Troy begun to introduce us to his friends. Minutes later we split apart, Nicole and I went for a little socializing. What we did notice was that all the other females were black along with the guys, there must of been 2 white guys there. We went for a drink then to the main room and started dancing. A few minutes later
Your Deadly Sins Envy: 60% Greed: 60% Lust: 60% Wrath: 60% Pride: 40% Sloth: 40% Gluttony: 0% Chance You'll Go to Hell: 46% You will die at the hands of a jealous lover. How ironic. How Sinful Are You?
Your Seduction Style: The Charismatic You're beyond seductive, you're downright magnetic! You life live and approach seduction on a grand scale. You have an inner self confidence and energy that most people lack It's these talents that make you seem extraordinary - and you truly are! What Is Your Seduction Style?
Your Seduction Style: The Charismatic You're beyond seductive, you're downright magnetic! You life live and approach seduction on a grand scale. You have an inner self confidence and energy that most people lack It's these talents that make you seem extraordinary - and you truly are! What Is Your Seduction Style?
stewart's Amazing Mental Ability ... You can seal envelopes without having to lick or wet the glue (Remember ... with great power comes great responsibility!) 'What is your Amazing Mental Ability?' at
Crazy Brandi
Awww life.. man when its up its up when its down its down. I realized it'd been a while since I posted or even did a survey. I have a LOT going on at the moment most of it being mental stress. So let me bust it down: 1. Living situation-my lease is up 12-31 but because my credit is so bad i need to start looking NOW so i can save 2. Found a place but I basically have to come up with $2500 in the month of december not to mention its x-mas 3. My parents both have lots of medical issues. My mom has heart disease, my dad has more issues then I can talk about. but my mom can have a stroke at anytime and that scares me. Shes been under a lot of stress 4. My sister is having a baby and getting married. Her wedding is only 9 weeks away and its nuts. 5. My job sux 6. I found out that the health insurance that my boss was suppose to put into force on 9/1 won't take effect until 11/15. AND my asthma will not be covered. SO if I need to go to the Dr for anything asthm
Crazy Bitch
Crazy Luv
Crazy Love 60-60, 90-90, Come on baby, Get up inside me, Hop behind me, Call me mami, Taste my wipe cream, It will make you scream, Get it up, So I can beat it up, Switch it up, Cause I want on top, 60-60, 90-90, Come on baby 69 me, We will heat it up, So I can , Freak you up, Full-filling your fantasy, All caught up in xtasy, Envisioning you and me, All hot and sticky, 60-60, 90-90, Did you love my sexy body!?
Crazy Facts
If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. (Hardly seems worth it.) If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb. (Now that's more like it!) The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet. (O.M.G.!) A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. (In my next life, I want to be a pig.) A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to death! (Creepy) (I'm still not over the pig.) Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories a hour. (Don't try this at home, maybe at work) The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male's head off. ("Honey, I'm home. What the....?!") The flea can jump 350 times its body length. It's like a human jumping the length of a football f
Crazy Hero
After hearing that one of the patients in a mental hospital had saved another from a suicide attempt by pulling him out of a bathtub, the director reviewed the rescuer's file and called him into his office. "Mr. James, your records and your heroic behavior indicate that you're ready to go home. I'm only sorry that the man you saved later killed himself with a rope around the neck." "Oh, he didn't kill himself," Mr. James replied. "I hung him up to dry."
Crazy Things Said In Court
People Really Said These Things In Court Q: What is your date of birth? A: July fifteenth. Q: What year? A: Every year. Q: This myasthenia gravis - does it affect your memory at all? A: Yes. Q: And in what ways does it affect your memory? A: I forget. Q: You forget. Can you give us an example of something that you've forgotten? Q: All your responses must be oral, okay? What school did you go to? A: Oral. Q: How old is your son - the one living with you. A: Thirty-eight or thirty-five, I can't remember which. Q: How long has he lived with you? A: Forty-five years. Q: What was the first thing your husband said to you when he woke that morning? A: He said, "Where am I, Cathy?" Q: And why did that upset you? A: My name is Susan. Q: Sir, what is your IQ? A: Well, I can see pretty well, I think. Q: Do you know if your daughter has ever been involved in the voodoo occult? A: We both do. Q: Voodoo? A: We do. Q: You do? A: Yes,
Crazy Stuff
So yea i started my page here on LostCherry or CherryTap now and then like 2 days later i lost my internet my roommate didnt pay the bill so it got shut off. So know i have it back.. and sorry to anyone on here that is on my friends or tried to talk to me... i havent been able to get on and not being able to i kinda forgot about it (lol sorry bout that *blushes shyly*) So i am back on here thought i would let everyone know talk to ya soon!!! Love Always!
Crazy Ass Dudes
yanno, another thing that chaps my azz ( i'm on a roll tonight) crazy ass dudes...and here is what i'm talkin about... dont get me wrong, i got my own lil quirks an shyt, i aint perfect, i do my fair share of pissin women of and people off, and i'm cool with that. but for the most part i'm a pretty straight forward type of dude. if i just want to hit, then i say i want to hit and thats about it. but i cant stand crazy azz dudes that fuck up the puzzy for everybody else out there because they dont know how to act right....wdf and i'm sure plenty of dudes can attest to havin run into a jilted woman after this....sheesh.. DUDES CUT THAT SHYT OUT...YOU FUCKIN UP THE GAME... if you just wanna hit, then say that, if you lookin for the luv of your life then say that...but stop fuckin up the puzzy for everyone else....sheesh
The Crazy World Of Ct
I’m tired... I came here just out of boredom, I’m lonely, and I just like to chat. I must say that I’m extremely flattered of all the compliments that I receive here on the site, but they are not really why I’m here. It’s mostly just to have some fun and meet people as a person. I’m not trying to hook up with anyone. I’m not exactly sure of what I want for my life right now. I’m tired of looking at women and judging if they would be right for me or not, and it seems that you have to do an awful lot of talking to get to that point. Which leads them on and then I become the asshole that hurt their feelings. I know women are not trading cards, and yes it does bother me a lot that i have hurt some of thier feelings. Just sending some alone time... The past few days I have been bottling up and keeping to myself for some me time. I have been feeling like I need some me time. Just so all women know... When you come to me and request to be on my friends list I acknowledge you as a pe
Crazii Sexii Kool Bbw
a sweet lady always there when you need beauty supreme wonderful friend always a lady with just a drop of naughty she holds you close sort of near such a friend i will always hold dear
Crazy by YeahBabyyy © Every time I think of you I see her Every time we talk I think of her Even if you don’t say her name She is still there, to me You tell me when you are there with her You think of me Somewhere deep inside me I ask myself does he do the same when he is with me In my mind I see you being with her The same way you are with me Telling her you love her Making love to her Sharing parts of yourself with her that we have shared And even parts that we never will As we lay in each others arms Saying “I love you “ I realize yesterday and tomorrow You will be doing the same with her I wonder If someday while we are making love Will I look in your eyes and see her there Will that be it for me, the end for me You act like your loving me Is the answer to everything But you don’t understand It doesn’t ease the pain It doesn’t make me happy Or make me feel special It doesn’t make me feel good To know you are ok with sharing me
Crazy Week!
Ok, so you guys dont know me too well, but as it says in my profile, I am a stay at home mom who runs a dayhome. the one girl i have been babysitting is a little demon, so i was trying to do my housework while the kids were plaing and she is peeing and poohing on my floors, so i duct taped her diaper on. I have been having issues with this child for the past week and was at my wits end, so i sent a letter home with her resigning. The mother calls me up and even though she knows her child is a demon, she freaks out and hangs up on me, so i dont know if i am going to get paid the $145 she still owes me. GRRRRRRRRR! I have my husbands two younger brothers coming here from ontario they got on the bus this morning, and will be here one saturday just in time for their welcome to alberta Bonfire. Yeah i know i just set myself up for more work to prepare for both having their room ready and getting everything ready for the bonfire. Mind you i dont do anything on a small scale so there is going
Crazy Dreams
Last night I had an insane dream! I dreamt that my bf showed up at my house to tell me that he didn't want to be with me anymore. Then, for some reason, I was all of a sudden in the running for homecoming queen at my college and I won, but as I walked up to accept my crown everyone could tell that something was horribly wrong and my bf was sitting in the audience and he was overwhelmed with guilt. I have no idea what the hell that was all about.
~crazy Is Me~
~Crazy is Me~ The silent screams I hear each night Make me cry, want to fight. It effects my heart and my soul I feel that I might lose control. How can I remain totally sane when these voices are screaming out my name? How can I stop it, How do I say "Make all these voices just go AWAY!" I am losing my sanity straight losing my mind. Not willing to except what people could find. Maybe it sounds crazy But you will soon see I am not crazy...For crazy is ME! XX Ariel
My adolescent years weren't shit to wait I do know I never grew up- I was born grown and grew down The older I get- the dumber the shit I get in The more ignorant the incident is- I fit in Ignorin' the shit? How boring it gets when there's no one to hit I don't know when to quit throwin' a fit I know I'm a bit flaky- but they make me It's they who hate me and say they can takee It's they whose legs I break and make achey It's they who mistake me make me so angry (urgh)
Yo It's only right I jack the car keys and run Spent all of my advancements on weed and guns For fun when I'm drunk I run a truck through the weed house Jump out and beat your peeps down worse than Steve Stought Put you in choke holds I learned last week from the police man who caught me stealing weed from his jeep (hey, hey, hey!) I see hoes fightin' y'all don't wanna brawl That's like Deebo fightin' Peabo Bryson Fuck what your hollerin' and yellin' about I'll reach in your mouth and pull your fuckin' skeleton out Niggaz get hit with a 2-Peace BLING BLING With a poisonous sting- I'm such a violent thing
Once I get on two hits of ex my disc slips and disconnects 'Till I walk around this BITCH with a twisted neck but still shit on the first bitch that disrespects Over reaction is my only reaction which only sets off a chain reaction that puts five more zany actin' maniacs in action A rat pack in black jackets who pack 10 9 millimeters 5 criminals pullin' heaters and spillin' liters of blood like swimmin' pools Shiesty individuals shoot at bitches too A lot of people say misogynistic which is true I don't deny it- matter of fact I stand by it So please stand by at the start of a damn riot If you don't wanna get stampeded then stand quiet (that's) Boy girl dog woman man child
Crazy Doesnt Even Begin To Cover It
Crazy ~~~ Alanis Morissette
Crazy Right-winger...
Taken from: WASHINGTON, D.C. Friday, December 1, 2006 · Last updated 5:52 p.m. PT Congressman faulted for Quran at oath By FREDERIC J. FROMMER ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER WASHINGTON -- Keith Ellison, who will become the first Muslim member of Congress next month, has offended some conservatives with his plan to use the Quran during his ceremonial swearing-in. The decision by Ellison, D-Minn., to use the Muslim holy book for the ceremony instead of the Bible triggered an angry column by Dennis Prager on the Web site this week. Headlined, "America, Not Keith Ellison, decides what book a congressman takes his oath on," Prager argued that using the Quran for the ceremony "undermines American civilization." "Insofar as a member of Congress taking an oath to serve America and uphold its values is concerned, America is interested in only one book, the Bible," he wrote. "If you are incapable of tak
Crazee's Revised Version Of The Miranda Rights
You have the right to swing first. However, if you choose to swing first , any move you make can and will be used as an excuse to beat the shit out of you. You have the right to have a doctor and a priest present. If you cannot afford a doctor or are not presently attending a church of your choice, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand what I just told you, Asshole?
Crazy Broad
I knew she was nuts by the look in her eyes. Also, the way she was screaming at flying monkeys that only she could see was a good clue as well.
my head aches from thinking of you your eyes appear so vividly in my brain my heart pounds from the passion you inject every touch melts away the years of trauma my back arches from the fingers that glide my contour a surge of ecstasy with every word whispered in my ear you have me a hold so strong i don't want you to ever let go infatuation yes i can't get you out of my mind i am emotional its true but i have never felt so strongly about something as i do now with you tell me you care for me tell me you never want to see me cry tell me I'm not going crazy when in fact I'm going crazy for you cbass 10.5.06 920am
Crazy Days
Last night a friend of mine called me and asked if she could come over. She was having a rough night and just needed to hang out with a friend. No problem, I said! Come on over. She has a very happy and upbeat disposition so it wasn't long before we were joking around and cracking each other up. Then she asked if I had anything to drink. I'm single, I like alcohol, so the question was more, "what do you want" than "do I have anything". She chose the Jack, my favorite, and we started taking shots. It didn't take long before we were on the internet, watching Turrets Guy and laughing our asses off. She wanted to see my site here on CT, since I spend so much time here. (Sorry guys, this is not heading towards a lesbian love fest... we weren't THAT drunk.) We stayed up for hours talking and laughing and having a great time. When she left I realized that I was absolutely blitzed out of my friggin mind. My plan for the evening had been to come home, eat, and respond to my
today has been a long day so far i finally got chase to take a nap gezzz it took me forever i thought i was about to go crazy my eyes burn i'm running around my house cleaning washing clothes and was chasing a baby around everywhere i can't wait to leave this afternoon
Trapped inside my own head With nothing but my own fevered dreams to comfort me. I know the pain of the madwoman; She lives inside of me. I've felt the strength of demons And the weakness of self- preservation. And hope. Hope. Hey, parents, do you know where your kids are tonight? Are they locked away inside of themselves? Are their minds slipping away? Mama hen, mama hen . . . The fox has taken your baby again. Precious minds are a shame to waste Memories are forgotten in haste. I am losing all that is me . . . Yet gaining something entirely different. Something that acts like an animal And speaks like God. Comforts me like a best friend And loves me like its child. I am its child. An innocent brat, ready for its teachings. Ready to do what is told to me. Believing all that is said to me. Taking in all. And living off of my fevered dreams.
wow i just found something out lol. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crazy Things I Am Aroused By......
As it turns out, Leslie is aroused by ... Hard hats 'What crazy thing are you aroused by?' at
I could not get to sleep last night no matter what i tried. I hate when that happens. But anyway...through all the girls gone wild commercials at like 1 am there was this show on and it was about this guy who had THREE wives. Only one of the marriages was legal since youre not allowed to be married to more than one person at a time but yeah. Thats just crazy! He married the first one and had some kids and then went and met this other woman and got her knocked up and he basically came home to his first wife and was like I met someone and I want to be with both of you. He basically said Im not a monogamy(sp) kinda guy so you can either go with it or leave. Well she stayed with him and his new lady came and lived with them and they have kids together and they were both fine with the fact that he's sleeping with them both and is married to them and says he loves them. What the hell is going on with this world. Then he finds another woman and brings her home and the first two dont like her
This is WAY different than MySpace. One of my friends there posted a bulletin about here. I figured I'd check it out. I'm still learning things, and working on getting all my shit situated. Bear with me and I'm sure I'll catch on in no time!
Crazy U.s. Sex Laws
-- In Bakersfield, California, anyone having intercourse with Satan must use a condom. (An asbestos one we presume.) -- In Oblong, Illinois, it's punishable by law to make love while hunting or fishing on your wedding day. -- In Minnesota, it is illegal for any man to have sexual intercourse with a live fish. (Apparently it's OK for woman.) -- No man is allowed to make love to his wife with the smell of garlic, onions, or sardines on his breath in Alexandria, Minnesota. If his wife so requests, law mandates that he must brush his teeth. -- Warn your hubby that after lovemaking in Ames, Iowa, he isn't allowed to take more than three gulps of beer while lying in bed with you -- or holding you in his arms. -- Bozeman, Montana, has a law that bans all sexual activity between members of the opposite sex in the front yard of a home after sundown -- if they're nude. -- In hotels in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, every room is required to have twin beds.
Crazy Sex Laws
Reading Lolita in Tehran I came across one of the laws that said “if a man has sex with a chicken it is unclean to eat for his family and for families next to him, but if a family lives a given number of houses away they can eat the chicken This got me thinking, Iran isn’t the only place where silly sex laws abound. We have enough of them to keep you laughing and cool right here. In Minnesota they love fish…well, some do. However, there are some limits: it is illegal for any man to have sexual intercourse with a live fish. And in Alexandria, MN no man is allowed to make love to his wife with the smell of garlic, onions or sardines on his breath. If his wife requests, he must brush his teeth. I don’t think a simple brush will take care of this. This might take some industrial strength mouthwash. Minnesota is not the only place in the Midwest with some strange sex laws. I know we can get excited (am I understating it?) when we have an orgasm. But in Connorsville, Wisconsin,
Crazy In Me
im gong crazy here all she ever does is yell at me ..why the fuck did you have me if all you wanna do is yell at me and use me to make you feel better about yourself your the one that invited me back to your house and then acted like i was a problem ..why the fuck did you have me ...your aa fucking asshole rather fucking sleep inmy car or not sleep for days and stay out then be around you thats why i come late or in the morning or late affternoon i stay out and then sleep when your awake just so i dont have to deal with your fucking confrontation
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Crazy Thoughts
Some thoughts and questions I had. Why is it called a soap opera when nobody sings? Why does jello have a smell when you add the powder in the water, but when it "gels" the scent virtually disappears? Can a unborn baby fart or burp? If a baseball player hits a home run over the fence, but then dies before he can run around the bases, does the home run count? If a General is a higher ranking officer than a Major, then why is a major illness worse than a general illness? Why don't they make Root Beer flavored ice cream? Wouldn't it be better than root beer floats? Why is there never a full English dinner or tea but there is always a full English breakfast? What is the point in saying "may I ask" and then follow it up with a question? Is it possible to be allergic to water? When an atheist swears on a Bible before they testify in court do they have to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth since they don't believe in God? Why do cats like to dig th
nw things in this would and diffrent things to think about my mind races and its hard to controll it. What should i do? Where should i go????? my god its confusing my life lol
Crazy Bitch!
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Crazy Baby....
I’m a Crazy Baby, Sxy Lady Total Cutie, Wit a Booty Booty Shakin, Heart Breakin, Perfect Hips, Glossed Lips, Bangin style, Sxy Smile, Madd Hott, Never stop, Lil Hunni, Playboi Buni, Angel Baby, Spoiled M@ybe Short Skirt, Luv 2 Flirt High Class, Shake That Ass LuScious Thing, Candy eyes, Temptin Lips, Killa kiss, I’m The Girl U don’t Wanna Miss!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx *Tell me boy......Can u handle dis???? X X X X X X X X
A Crazy Little Thing Called Life.
It’s funny how life in a spur of a moment can become a sadistic bitch. A year ago at this time, I was looking forward to getting married. I woke up at 7am to a text message from someone I once loved with every fiber of my soul telling me that he is going to be a father. I am by no means jealous, I can even understand why I am the first person he told. Most people would look at him telling me as some sort of cruel way to rub in my face that he does not need me in his life anymore. Yet, I know the reason is because he himself once told me, after we had broken up, that I am the one person in the world that he feels comfortable and safe with. (Shortly after our break up, he was having problems with his new girlfriend, so he would talk to me for awhile then return to her. I somewhat laugh about this now, because if you look at it logically, on his part, that is a real asshole move.) He didn’t like my response to his news. I cannot pretend to be happy for him when I believe that he is not re
Crazy Dude Thing In My Gifts (i'm Seeing It All Over Ct)
Ok... here is the picture of the dude I'm seeing in mine (and other's) gift areas. Does anyone have any ideas?
well life is getting more and more complicated and crazy right now. We looked at a house .. .liked it ... put a offer.. and we were the ones that they accepted.. now all our money is tied up in this deal.. which sucks.. and we still need more .. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr........ don't know what to do.. but hopefully all will go well and maybe we will hit the lottery.. yeah right fat chance of that happening. .. we love the house and the property.. and we know that it is way below market value just cause of the land its on.. everyone please keep your fingers crossed that everything works out for us.. the kids need this and so do we.. the house we are in is slowly and surely sliding off the hill we live on cause of all the water.. and the natural springs in the area... we have been in this house now for 5 and a half years.. its time to stop paying other peoples mortgages and pay our own.. On the flip side.. my raise has gone through and it will be on my next check.. yayyyyyyy me.. i am anxiou
so all my buddys have given me a new name... always single jer... or cant keep a chic jer... yeah they arnt very funny at all.. my buddys have no lives...
Crazy Frog In The Microwave
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Crazy Road Hog Shoppers..
Good Morning. Welcome me back to the land of the living. I lasted about 2 hours yesterday morning at work and then threw in the towel. I was shot, (sickly boy) beyond repair. You know when you are sickly you have to give in to the sis factor no matter how strong you thing you are. Hell if not you will be for garbage anyway and infect everyone from the office secretary to the corner mouse. That is if you have a corner mouse… So where do I begin? Oh let’s first start with the Woman from hell at the grocery store. Oh my god! You know, grocery stores are somewhat like freeways in their layouts. I mean the racks are normally laid out so two, mind you two carts may proceed in each direction. So that allows carts to come in from either direction and peruse the shelves on both sides.. Depending if you’re driving your cart the American way of the French way. I will get to that later. So is true most grocery stores. And some have pillars in the god awful places just to hinder your progress too.
Crazy Days I Swear...............make Me Crazy
so yea today was most def a shitty just made me so damn down.....i swear and then i got home from work and just smoked and smoked........and now i'm so burnt out........i'm about ready for bed at least........and that's the best thing some much needed sleep....hopefully soon(one thing did cheer me up tonight the one sweet chick i made out with once me on my myspace account that i'm an amazing person prolly the most amazing person around our way..she's adoreable. ihad tattooed her awhile back and the way she looked at me.and i swear like when we saw each other at last cui show...we made out for awhile in the bathroom and part of my kitty nose rubbed off on to her face we were both kinda drunk but it was great...and she still looks at me like that and her bf tod me she's obbsssed with me sexualy lol........=) yea. ).it's a good think to think about before bed....
I made you crazy I drove a man crazy and yet I dont know how I made him crazy it wasnt fair for him to be crazy Im sorry for making you crazy I wish I could take your place and I be crazy tell me a way show me a way and make me crazy my heart hurts cause I made my friend crazy Please change I dont want you to be crazy Someone help him, help him, he's crazy take away his pain that made him crazy I dont like how I made him crazy I didnt do it on purpose, I didnt even know I was making him crazy I wish I could take it all back and he leave me crazy
Crazy Train ! (the Randy Rhodes' Tribute Viedo!)
Crazy Train VideoCrazy Train lyrics - Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
Crazy Dream
i'm gonna start a dream blog!! my first entry is a doozie...but at least it's a funny one. ok i can't really remember most of the dream other than the midgets on teenee motorcycles doing figure 8's to cottoneye joe! if anyone wants to dare try an interpretation on that one you definitely have my blessing!!! ps they were wearing cowboy gear
Crazy Bitches
let me tell you about this crazy bitch i know. it happens to be my ex-girlfriend. this bitch knows i still have feelings for her and she lives with me.this bitch brings some guy she just meet to my house without aksing and thought it was ok. once again is this bitch crazy or what???? i hate stupid people this bitch is the apidamy of stupid. if you look up stupid in the dictionary you'll find a pic of just don't do shit like that if you know the other person still has feelings for you. i know i should get over it but its harder then you think. i truely love this girl with all my heart,i would marry this this girl tomorrow if if i could.
Crazy Week
Wow been a crazy week. I had all week off work to move. i didnt realize I had so much stuff saved. definately need to throw some stuff out. I dont plan on doing this for another good 15 yrs or so lol. On top of that my youngest amanda got in some trouble for fighting. Must be from her mom lol. So I had to be the one to disciplin her. Im a softie so just cut out he playstation for a week. I was going o cut out the computer but sheknows how to do more things on it then I do so might need he to help with it. She got the cam working earlier and played a bit on it. My ex is being a pain butnthing new there. Well about it for now.
I am crazy Deep Inside of me there is something That makes me far from sine I slit my Wrist When i am in pain Deep inside My heart Slows It beat With just the sound Of your voice You peirce my soul and bleeds with just one glance of your face they say i should get over you but the truth is i love you as much as i hate it you came into my life like an angel then you left like the devil forever to kill me in my dreems oh but even now your still my angle this makes me crazy i guess to be inlove with a girl that hates me no matter what i am lost with out your hand to gide me throw life with the ups and downs your sweet sweet forever hounts my dreem So yeah I am bc sometimes you make me wanna die and sometime you make me fly hell its crazy that your not even my type of girl your a prep country girl and i am a band geek part goth and a lil bit county But I love you so much even still Plz Plz i am begging now its been 2 mouths and i am not over yo
Crazy Much?!
Crazy Bride
CHeck out the video in my stash about the crazy bride that freaks out! I just heard she's gonna be on one of the morning shows!
Crazy World
Crazy *patsy Cline*
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Crazy Train *ozzy*
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Crazy Morning!
Interesting way to start the day! I fainted, for the second time in my life and landed face first, apparently. Lovely! Nice goose egg on my forehead. My nose hurts, but I have one of those turned up noses that is soft and squishy - didn't break anything, thank the Goddess! My neck is killing me however. So, I'll call Stacey and see if she has time to work on my neck today! I'll live, much humbled, lol!! Oh, my glasses also need major straightening - at least they didn't break! My work day will start a tad later, after I get the glasses fixed! Can't drive far without my glasses, lol! Daily weather update: -6 degrees at the moment, with a projected high of 13 above. Gosh, a heat wave!!! Please be advised, all picture taking is on hold until my bruises clear up, lmao! Yes, I'm a little vain!! Have a fantastic day, everyone! Much love and hugs to the whole bunch of you, lol! Blessings all over the map! I treasure you friendship, everyone! Be safe.
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse De Paris
Crazy People And The Cops
OOOKKK, well, there's this chick, who i wrote about a long time ago, some of you may rememeber... anyways, some drama got started... she seems to think I slept with her hubby... EWWWWW.... and all this other stupid crap, and she is threatening to kick my ass and blah blah blah blah blah... well, fuck her... whatever... but i told her to stop or i'd call the police, and i did... I'm not going to put up with that stuff. There is no sense in it. But, yet again, this is why i'm not friends with women. They act like psychopaths. Well, this one is worse... her husband went to prison for raping and molesting not only her son, but other people's kids, can't remember who... well, she is still married to him, still talks to him (which is why she got this lying bullshit story about me sleeping with him). It's crazy. I am, like, wow, how childish. So, fuck it. She can do as she pleases, she gets NEAR me, i'm going to go one step further, and file a restraining order. There is no sense in this..
Crazy Frog- Popcorn
Crazy Frog Popcorn
Crazy For You
Swaying room as the music starts Strangers making the most of the dark Two by two their bodies become one I see you through the smokey air Can't you feel the weight of my stare You're so close but still a world away What I'm dying to say, is that I'm crazy for you Touch me once and you'll know it's true I never wanted anyone like this It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss I'm crazy for you, crazy for you Trying hard to control my heart I walk over to where you are Eye to eye we need no words at all Slowly now we begin to move Every breath I'm deeper into you Soon we two are standing still in time If you read my mind, you'll see It's all brand new, I'm crazy for you And you know it's true I'm crazy, crazy for you
Crazy Facts
If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. (Hardly seems worth it.) If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb. (Now that's more like it!) The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet. (O.M.G.!) A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. (In my next life, I want to be a pig.) A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to death. (Creepy.) (I'm still not over the pig.) Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories a hour (Don't try this at home, maybe at work) The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male's head off. ("Honey, I'm home. What the....?!") The flea can jump 350 times its body length. It's like a human jumping the length of a football field
DisorderRatingParanoid Disorder:HighSchizoid Disorder:ModerateSchizotypal Disorder:Very HighAntisocial Disorder:HighBorderline Disorder:Very HighHistrionic Disorder:HighNarcissistic Disorder:HighAvoidant Disorder:ModerateDependent Disorder:Very HighObsessive-Compulsive Disorder:Low-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! ---- Personality Disorders --
DisorderRatingParanoid Disorder:ModerateSchizoid Disorder:LowSchizotypal Disorder:ModerateAntisocial Disorder:LowBorderline Disorder:ModerateHistrionic Disorder:LowNarcissistic Disorder:LowAvoidant Disorder:ModerateDependent Disorder:Very HighObsessive-Compulsive Disorder:Moderate-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! ---- Personality Disorders --
Crazy Week For Me!!!
Damn this is toooo crazy week for me as too many mention to say that I was going to get my computer upgrade but haven't done it but need more memories in it, other hand got DVD/CD-R in it though and on Valentine's Day I didn't come online when I don't have my computer with me till when it come to shock,,, 5 inches snow came here damn what am I going to do now???? And again there's more I missed you all of you!!! Muahhhh Ladies Happy be-lated Valentine's Day and stay safe while you driving out in the snow and stay warm too!! ;-)
Crazy People
Sometimes, you run across people and you go, "Hey, they're crazy." But you never quite realize the EXTENT of how crazy they really are until you do one thing (probably something simple like not starting an email out with their name or some junk) that throws them into the "Spiral Of Insanity" You get crazy comments and emails giving you in-detail, the amount of abortions they've had. Or describing their toenails. That's just one crazy I ran into today...
Just letting everyone know i've been pretty busy and things have been hectic here. Kids sick other drama blah blah blah i will try and get back to my visiting duties soon I miss you all a great deal hope your all doing well and happy take care everyone hope to talk to you soon
Crazy Lady!
this is a funny story that happened a few years ago (i SWEAR it happened!). i was in mcdonald's a few years ago with my friends gabo, magoo and rosemary. we were hanging out and this woman who was dressed like she was homeless came up to us and started talkin to us. we decided to mess wit her head. the conversation went like this: woman: where do you go to school? us: we're college students woman: oh nice! where do you go to college? us: in North Carolina. gabo: but they're building a branch of it on the moon woman: did you know men are going to have a war over the moon? and that's all i remember. we laughed our asses off afterwards. it was sooooooo funny!!
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well today. i woke up and i think i done something wrong. ive had my aunt and uncle here for almost a week. theyve bought no food or help clean. and today i was going thru my parents room where all there shit is looking for some of my music shit. and i found a bunch of pills. well i decided thats some colopgnes and some adivians would be great for a little extra cash. i hope i dont geel guilty. but i know i will cause i dont do shit like that. but you know when you feed someone taht cost extra. they could offer to spend a little money on food and shit right...
Crazy Frog
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Crazy Warnings
Liquid Plummer Warning: Do not reuse the bottle to store beverages. Windex Do not spray in eyes. Toilet Plunger Caution: Do not use near power lines. Dremel Electric Rotary Tool This product not intended for use as a dental drill. Arm & Hammer Scoopable Cat Litter Safe to use around pets. Bowl Fresh Safe to use around pets and children, although it is not recommended that either be permitted to drink from toilet. Endust Duster This product is not defined as flammable by the Consumer Products Safety Commision Regulations. However, this product can be ignited under certain circumstances. Baby Oil Keep out of reach of children Little Ones Baby Lotion Keep away from children Hair Coloring Do not use as an ice cream topping. Wet-Nap Directions: Tear open packet and use. Dial Soap Directions: Use like regular soap. Stridex Foaming Face Wash May contain foam. Hairdryer: Do not use while taking a shower. Old Spice Red
Crazy Day.
I spent my afternoon at the library, barely did anything significant that had to do with my research paper. I came home and I did nothing again. Just like Sunday and Monday. So I decided I would go to bed at about 9:30, take a nap and wake up at 12:30am. So I woke up and I started my reading again and started to write. I have two pages and a sentence on the third. Its 4:30 right now. I wrote like two pages in those like 4 hours. I spent one of those hours just reading and doing others things. I really wish I could just like come up with something great and type away. If only this were that easy. I have to "wake up" at 6am but I don't see the point in going back to sleep because I'm not going to want to wake up at all and I'm not even done with typing my paper either way. I feel like not going to school today and just staying up all morning/afternoon then crashing all night. It sounds like a great idea but I'm not going to do it. I need to go to school. and even if I say on until 4am to
Crazy Luv
its crazy all this luv...thanks 2 all my friends & fans!!! JUICE BABY 333
Crazy Train
Come 'ere baby You know you drive me up the wall The way you make good for all the nasty tricks you pull Seems like we're makin' up more than we're makin' love And it always seems you've got something on your mind Other than me Girl, you gotta change your crazy ways - you hear me Say you're leavin' on the seven thirty train And that you're heading out to hollywood Girl, you've been givin' me that line so many times It kinda gets that feelin' bad looks good That kinda lovin' turns a man to a slave That kinda lovin' sends a man right to his grave N (chorus) I go crazy, crazy, baby, i go crazy You turn it on - then you're gone Yeah you drive me crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby What can i do, honey I feel like the color blue You're packin' up your stuff And and talkin' like it's tough And tryin' to tell me That it's time to go But i know you ain't wearin' nothin' underneath that Overcoat and that it's all a show Th
Crazy Event In The Fitting Room.
I got my lip piercing cought on my bracelets in a dressing room while taking off clothes and it tore some skin and it was bleeding, but I didn't have any clothes on so I just cupped my lip and started to shake because I was in such shock from the pain and then seeing the blood in my hands. It was horrible. So then I had to put on a jacket on some random skirty I was trying on to go ask the guy working in the fitting room (who also happened to be my good friend since 1st grades older brothers friend! Which it made it more embarassing!) Then my mom came over bc I had called a few mins earlier to come and see my outfits and she was like all frantic. It was like chaos. But I was a good sport. I tried on the outfits and got one. I'm happy I did because I rocked today at this little kids 3rd bday party. I also fianlly rocked the shoes that I bought a while ago, tie up wedges. Mad cute
Crazy Frog Ii
Crazy Dream!
So I had this crazy dream, and since it's still fresh in my memory, I'm gonna tell you all about it! First, I was in class (back in high school) and the teacher was gone so the sub was playing a movie and then someone suddenly stood up and started singing Fergalicious (I bet that song was playing on the radio at the same time I was sleeping). Then my friend came in the room and she brought her son, who was suddenly like 13 years old and he needed to shave so I gave him my razor (hahaha). In another dream I was driving, only I didn't really know I was, and suddenly someone elses passenger window was sitting in my car and I was holding it up to my own window (that was down) because it was snowing and getting in my car (yeah at the same time I'm driving) but it stops when I look at the road and stop right before I slam into a pole. I keep going and get lost until I find my friend and she takes me back to her college. We sneak in and then I realize I can't leave because I don't have
Crazy Letter Survey
THE LETTER A are you available?: Yes what is your age?: 23 what annoys you?: vagueness THE LETTER B do you live in a big house?: yes when is your birthday?: November 18 1983 who is your best friend?: Ronna, the only one who has ever been consistent THE LETTER C what's your favorite candy?: don't really eat candy anymore who's your crush?: don't much have one when was the last time you cried?: earlier today THE LETTER D do you daydream?: all the time what's your favorite kind of dog?: ones that look wolf-like what day of the week is it?: Friday THE LETTER E how do you like your eggs?: As omelettes or scrambled have you ever been in the emergency room?: yes, and it sucked what's the easiest thing ever to do?: fail THE LETTER F have you ever flown in a plane?: yes do you use fly swatters?: Yes have you ever used a foghorn?: Yes THE LETTER G do you chew gum?: sometimes are you a giver or a taker?: Giver...too much do you like gummy candies?: they are
A Crazy Frog
Crazy People
Ok so last night my fiancee dragged us into helping this random crazy bitch on the street. She was babbling some shit about not wanting to live anymore. Somehow she managed to talk my fiancee into going back to her place and I got dragged along for the ride too. There were a few times there that she was holding a knife, and I thought she might stab my fiancee who was silly enough to sit RIGHT NEXT TO THE CRAZY CHICK!! In the end my fiancee got really scared so I made an excuse and we legged it. My point here is at what point does compassion turn into stupidity? This chick was a complete random and thus her actions where completely unjudgable. She was heavily intoxicated and had obvious mental imparement. It's obvious to most people that we certainly shouldn't have gone to this chicks house, and I could have told my fiancee that from the begining but I was put into an awkard social situation. But this does bring up the delema at what point should you stop and help your f
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
There is the kind of love that you have for most anyone in your life... and, then there is that special sort of love that goes beyond measure. Just kind of drives you crazy doesn't it???? Crazy Little Thing Called Love Lyrics ~~ Queen ~~ This thing called love I just can't handle it This thing called love I must get round to it I ain't ready Crazy little thing called love This thing (this thing) called love (called love) It cries (like a baby) In a cradle all night It swings (woo woo) It jives (woo woo) It shakes all over like a jelly fish I kinda like it Crazy little thing called love There goes my baby She knows how to Rock'n'Roll She drives me crazy She gives me hot and cold fever Then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat I gotta be cool relax get hip! Get on my tracks Take a back seat Hitch hike And take a long ride on my motor bike Until I'm ready Crazy little thing called love I gotta be cool relax get hip! Get on my track's Take a bac
Crazy In Love
I just want to let you all know that I have found the man of my dreams. He is my SUPERMAN. I couldn't ask for a better man. I came home the other day and he was making dinner. I didn't have to do a damn thing. That was nice. We had the perfect day. I read his blog and and it makes me happy that he is happy here with me. He can up and leave anytime that he wants but he chooses to stay here. That is awesome. I can't describe how I feel for him. I love being with him in every sense of the word and I hate being away from him...i feel as if half my heart as been ripped out. Today he went to work and I got to make him lunch...i have never done that felt as if we were the family that I have wanted forever. Then he kissed me goodbye and told me he would see me later. I love that. I love him. It is truely great when you find that someone who completes you inside and out. I pray that this never ends. He loves me and my kids and that is a blessing. Just wanted to let

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