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Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For October 2,2007 You're in a good place to take care of old feelings that may be piling up inside. See if you can find someone to talk things over with -- or just write it all down somewhere private, which ought to work just fine.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 3,2007
You're well-known for your flexibility, though it may be a bit tougher than usual to really pull it off today. If you can, though, you should find that things go much more smoothly in the near future.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 4,2007
You're stymied by a big issue, but the best answer to that is to pull back and focus on life's small pleasures. Give it some time and you should find that a solution becomes obvious pretty soon.
Daily Horoscope
Daily Horoscope: Aries For October 4,2007 You are feeling a bit more domestic than usual and that could manifest itself in many different ways. Food could be more appealing, especially if you're trying an old family recipe or just something comforting.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 6,2007
You may need to try something a wee bit out of the box today, but you know that your friends will support you no matter what. Now is a great time to reach out beyond your usual social circles, too.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 8,2007
It's a great day to just sit still and do as little as possible. You're not lazy, but you do need a break before things start to get really interesting -- and that could start as early as tomorrow afternoon!
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 9,2007
Your positive energy is stronger than ever and you're turning to thoughts of romance to make good use of it. No matter what your situation may be, it should be considerably stronger by the end of the day.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 10,2007
You can make almost anyone feel at ease and are at your best in social situations that require a bit of finesse. Your mood lifts others higher and customers or relatives should leave wanting more.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 12,2007
You've got to take care of a little shopping -- or maybe a major purchase! You may not be focused on your possessions during your regular life, but today is much more focused on things you need or want.
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For October 12,2007 You are feeling a bit more withdrawn than usual, though it may be nothing more than some old baggage that needs to be cleared out. You should find that things lighten up considerably in a few days.
Daily Oct 13
October 13, 2007 Quote of the Day "Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing until it gets there." – Josh Billings
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 14,2007
Today is perfect for trying out new ideas or running plans past friends and family -- you should get great responses from pretty much everyone. Of course, your quiet style isn't hurting your case any.
Daily Horoscope For October 14 '07...
Something small but irritating is going on in your social life and you may need to take time out from your other activities in order to deal with it. Try to keep a smile on your face while it's going on. *I have no Social Life, maybe it is irritating me about it. Soon I should make friends again. I don't know why I didn't make some friends after my Ex, maybe I still feared him somewhat of him becoming jealous of me having friends during our 18 years of Marriage...*
Daily Music Trivia Quizzes
Mixed Music Bag Daily Trivia Our Category Schedule: Sunday: Music 1 : Easier Monday: Music 2 : Intermediate Tuesday: Music 3 : Difficult Wednesday: Music 1 : Easier Thursday: Music 2 : Intermediate Friday: Music 3 : Difficult Saturday: Music 2 : Intermediate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Love 70's Music Daily Trivia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I love 80's Music Daily Trivia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beatles Blitz Daily Trivia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Led Zeppelin Daily Trivia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the ROLLING STONES gather no moss Daily Trivia Comment BuddyMySpace Comments Comment BuddyMySpace Comments Comment BuddyMySpace Comments
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 16,2007
Your way with words is helping you in every aspect of your life from career to romance. Whatever you need to say, you can find precisely the right phrasing to get your point across perfectly.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 18,2007
You need to take a little extra care today, as there are factors at work that you can't see at first glance. As long as you keep your eyes open, though, things should be fine for you and your coworkers.
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For October 18,2007 Usually, you're the most confident person in the room, but right now you need a little boost before you can take care of the situation at hand. It comes from an unexpected source, so keep your eyes open!
Daily Devotional
October 18 - Daily Feast The plain and simple doorstep has tremendous value. At any time of day or night it offers the finest view, the tranquil quiet of the autumn woods and the flickering pattern of dancing leaves. Sit here for a few moments and leaves drift down, a monarch butterfly feeds on a pot of petunias and wispy clouds show through holes in the trees' canopy. A few industrious ants are still at work around the doorstep and watching them slows the heart beat and paces the spirit. If it were not for this doorstep, much would slip by without notice. Peace would escape us, and time would be used in ways that took all and gave nothing. ~ I have learned a lot from the trees; sometimes about the weather, sometimes about animals, sometimes about the Great Spirit. ~ TATANGA MANI - STONEY 'A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II' by Joyce Sequichie Hifler ***** Elder's Meditation of the Day - October 18 "But we have to stick by the wisdom of our ancestors..." --Pa
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 19,2007
Your social energy is just about perfect right now -- and for you, that means quite a lot! It's a great time to reconcile with those who've wronged you, or maybe to forge newer and stronger connections.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 20,2007
Your social intuition is off the charts and that makes it a good time to read people and understand where they are coming from. You may find it especially helpful at work with new customers or employees.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 21,2007
Life is fun for you right now and your positive energy should influence those around you as well. Someone close is trying to get you out into some new situation, which finally sounds like a good idea.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 23,2007
See if you can find a new way to make life a little more interesting. You never know who could use your energy, so spread it around and you should find at least one taker. Help them get past their stress.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 25,2007
You are at your best in one-on-one situations, whether you're trying a little romance or interviewing for a new position. Even tense confrontations will go much more smoothly than you would have predicted.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 26,2007
No matter how crazy things may get around you, it's easy for you to keep your cool. See if you can find new ways to get your coworkers or kids to see things the same way to avoid freak outs.
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For October 28,2007 This is a better time for low-key fun than for heavy emotional processing. Try to make sure you've got time for playing with kids or just kicking back in front of the television at some point in the day.
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For October 29,2007 If you're single, today is great for making good impressions on new possibilities. If not, you may run a slight risk of making your partner jealous from innocent banter that sounds flirtatious to them.
Daily Horoscope: Virgo
Daily Horoscope: Virgo For October 29,2007 [I thought this was a good Idea since I am not good at "talking"...] You can see exactly what needs to be done, though it may be somewhat distasteful. Try to push yourself a bit until you can see that the greater good is taking precedence -- then things should feel better. Well, it seems I have a lot to think about... whether I want to think or not... *sigh* All I wanted was a couple of nice quiet brainless days off work... Oh, Well.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 29,2007
Now is the perfect time to try new experiences. Anything from a new challenge at work to a class taken on a whim can broaden your horizons and scratch that itch for novelty you've always got.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 30,2007
Life is sweet -- but someone close to you doesn't get it. Try to show them what it's all about, either through art or nature or some other aspect of the world that they should find appealing.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For October 31,2007
You may need to check in with your family, if only to confirm plans. It's a good time to build stronger bonds with those who may have drifted a bit. A gentle touch is all you need to make it happen.
Daily Horoscope: Libra For November 3,2007
Your conscience is pushing you in one direction, though you may be drawn in one or more others by different desires. Don't even try to resist your higher nature -- you'll be delighted to see where it leads you!
You may not be totally sure what's going on romantically, but you are sure of your own feelings, at least. If you think you aren't, take some time to reflect and you will get at what your heart already knows
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For November 6,2007 You cheerfully put off your own needs in order to help a friend or family member who's in trouble. It's probably not as serious as it looks, but you'll still score points just for stepping in and helping.
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For November 13,2007 You are strangely worried about what people are saying about you -- which isn't usually a big deal. Put your ear to the ground and you should find that what they're saying is all true and largely positive.
Daily Does
why does it have to be so hard? my father's words hurt more then the cuts ever could u all pull me from every direction i am breaking.. i gave my heart so freely i fear theres none left... i feel my words or now fake and meaningless... i cant cry and when i do im told to stop i am so alone... so empty... sick of being wrong sick of being shit i have to let go in order to grow so this means i leave everything or stay and fight.. and shrink away to nothing
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For November 15,2007 You may be tempted to let your mind drift off into fantasy or daydreams, but it's important that you stay grounded. Someone close is going to need your undivided attention for a little while.
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For November 16,2007 Whatever you need comes your way almost as if by magic -- but only if you really need it, so don't expect that foot massage unless circumstances get pretty weird! Your mind is almost certainly racing.
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For November 17,2007 It's time to start a new chapter in your life, preferably one you've been thinking about for some time. Your mind is active and ready for new challenges, so don't be shy about moving forward quickly
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For November 19,2007 Your dreams may not ordinarily be all that memorable, but the odds are good that tonight's should be quite a show. It may be a good idea to keep a pen near your bed so you can write them down.
Daily Motivator
Today has a reason Today is as it should be. Today is the result of reasonable, visible and even predictable influences. Though many of today's circumstances may seem unfair, unjust or cruelly random, to throw up your hands and curse them as such will only blind you to the positive possibilities. Instead, accept that there's a reason for today. Look thoughtfully at how you arrived at this point. Those same influences which combined to make this day what it is can be harnessed to bring you to wherever you wish to go. Today has a reason, and today has a purpose. Today has a cause and today has an effect. Today you can plainly see what has already happened and you can directly affect what is to be. Today is not just another day. It is clearly special, is yours for a reason and for a purpose. Put everything you have today into advancing and fulfilling those positive possibilities which are uniquely embodied in this irreplaceable moment.
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For November 20,2007 Get started on something new -- your energy is perfect for initiating activity of all kinds. You may be starting up a new million-dollar business or just trying a new place for lunch, but it's exciting in either case.
The Daily Grind
The Daily Grind And Justice for all Guilty until proven innocent. Victims put on trial, Criminals put on pedistals THE PUBLIC hidden behind the walls of their own fears, Society Crumbles with the passage of time, And life goes on as we push through the sludge of THE DAILY GRIND
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio For Nov 23rd
You need to make sure that your people are free to roam. It might tug at your heart to see them walk away, but your faith that they'll return is self-fulfilling. Take a deep breath and let them go!
Daily Horoscope
Daily Horoscope: Capricorn For November 25,2007 Today is perfect for clearing out old trash or letting go of things you know you'll never use again. You don't have to fill up the free space right away, either -- enjoy the simplicity for a while! Make sure you post yours in the comment space love to know what you all's days are like ! Send much love!
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For November 27,2007 You're starting a new home or hobby-related project and while it may take up more time than you had anticipated, you should get more out of it in return. It's a good time to work with other family members.
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For November 30,2007 You're tempted to let a friend or family member know what you're really thinking, but today is a good time to practice the art of diplomacy. Straight-up criticism won't be received very well.
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For December 4,2007 Put aside your own needs for a little while and see if you can just reach out to help friends and family instead. Your energy, while strong, is better used altruistically right now, so polish that halo!
The Daily Grind Witch We Are Takin In By... Music, Beat, And Einstien....?
"He who joyfully marches to music rank and file, has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action. It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder" -Alert Einstien (in his later years... Still died a virgin... That is a rare bread of man...)
Daily Horoscope: Aries For December 7,2007 Your emotions are all over the place right now and that is making you feel a bit stressed out on top of everything else. Just take a deep breath and carry on -- tomorrow will be much more straightforward!
Daily Horoscope: Virgo
Daily Horoscope: Virgo For December 10,2007 If you're looking for romance, now is a great time to open your eyes and check out the situation around you -- especially at work or at school! If you're with someone already, things should go well. Who wants to be my Cuddle Buddy???
Daily Horoscope
You ought to outlast anyone who tries to challenge you today, thanks to your persistence and practically limitless energy reserves. Try not to worry too much about the long-term, which should be fine. well this is comforting i sure hope so.
Daily Laugh
If you need a giggle today, these are for you. I just received this in email so thought I'd share it around ;o) These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts, and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now published by court reporters who had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges were actually taking place. Q: Are you sexually active? A: No, I just lie there. __________________________________ Q: What is your date of birth? A: July 15th. Q: What year? A: Every year. ______________________________________ Q: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact? A: Gucci sweats and Reebok's. ______________________________________ Q: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all? A: Yes. Q: And in what ways does it affect your memory? A: I forget. Q: You forget? Can you give us an example of something that you've forgotten? _____________________________________ Q: What was the
Daily Rating Limit
I'm out and not even close to my Happy Hour this afternoon. All photos and blogs have reached the rating limit today. Sorry about that all. I'll have to get back to everyone sometime this week. Happy New Year.
Daily Wisdom, Still A Quote...158
Daily Christian Wisdom If this is to be a Happy New Year, a year of usefulness, a year in which we shall live to make this earth better, it is because God will direct our pathway. How important then, to feel our dependence upon Him! -Matthew Simpson
Daily Thoughts
Here are a few daily thoughts from the depth of my randomness (some may sound familiar because other people steal my magnificence, but I thought them all up before those "other" people jacked my shit... :P) Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive. Learn to laugh, many of you have forgotten. Live, have is short and will be past far too suddenly if you take too much time thinking and not enough time doing. Don't conform. Following the paths of others may be simple because the trail is trodden, however if you don't branch from the herd you will miss many of the beautiful things this world has to offer. Stress causes wrinkles. Don't worry so much about meaningless things. You have air, water, and food...that is all you need. Everything else is just a bonus. People are worth far more than material possessions. Let it go. I don't know what it is you are holding onto...a grudge, bad memory, bad relationship...but there is something. Realize
Daily Devotional 1/9/08
Native Wisdom - Jan. 9 Cherokee Feast of Days By Joyce Sequichie Hifler Sometimes great distances exist between the high points of our lives. Time moves swiftly and we tend to let it slip away without making it count while we wait on another high experience. We discount it as nothing unless we have reached some spectacular height and have passed ten other people on the way. The Indian does not consider himself idle when he stands still watching, listening, seeing the stars, or watching the sunset. His spirit-eyes absorb these signs and wonders to feed him when he cannot see the rolling hills, the flowing streams. A narrow view is one that constantly asks, What shall I eat? What shall I wear? What can make me feel secure? And all the time, the beauty and peace which cost nothing surround us unnoticed. Envy and lack of inner joy rob us of our peace of mind. ~ O, listen! Hear! Sing with me, for I am joy. ~ CHEROKEE SONG ___________________________________________ Elder's Me
Daily Devotional 1/10/08
January 10 - Daily Feast When something in our minds rings a bell that warns us, we do well to listen. What is it that wants to lure us away from the chose path? Is it not from the good side? Then, run like a rabbit! Every one of us has a sounding board, as testing place that detects the way we are moving. Like a compass, it points the right way - and we are foolish not to understand - gohlga. To ignore the impressions that are within us is like trying to go through a door, but refusing to use the doorknob. It is one thing to be dense and another to be willfully determined to get lost in the wilderness. Listen to the alarm system. It is there for a good reason - and later on we won't have to say that something told us not to go a certain way and we didn't listen. ~ He hears voices other do not hear; sees visions that confirm his dreams. ~ EAGLE OLD MAN 'A Cherokee Feast of Days', by Joyce Sequichie Hifler ***** Elder's Meditation of the Day - January 10 "We canno
Daily Devotional 1/11/08
January 11 - Daily Feast The owls call to each other early on a midwinter evening. Just as the last rays of sunlight sink into a rosy glow, a silence settles over the countryside. For a short time, everything is hushed. In that near-dark hour the wind lays and no sound is heard - as though the whole forest listens. The moment is brief as daytime creatures find their nests and those of the night begin to awaken. It is time to rest from our own activity, to find a quiet hour to let pressures ebb away. One of the greatest wonders is the rhythm and order of nature. But even greater is the flexibility of human nature - that we can move, think, project, plan and see all of it in perspective. And as the day wanes we can put it all down and take on the peace of nature. ~ Heed little the melancholy nights that keep tune with sorrowful thought. ~ CHIEF RUNS-THE-BATTLE 'A Cherokee Feast of Days', by Joyce Sequichie Hifler ***** Elder's Meditation of the Day - January 11 "Race
Daily Romantic Horoscope
It's all about mystery and intrigue right now, Virgo, so don't reveal too much about yourself, especially when it comes to a new connection. Keep you comments vague -- let them guess. They'll love the challenge.
Daily Horoscopes For 1/22/08 Mine(aquarius) Is Pretty Damn Good! Lol
Daily Horoscopes January 22, 2008 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): You are going to be looking for new things in life. You want to be off the beaten track, out of routines, off to find a bit more excitement. The key is to do that without causing serious disruption in your life. You will be dancing off in all directions at once not sitting still for long. Sudden events at home will keep you on your toes and rather edgy. Don't let anyone crowd you or cramp your style. Let yourself be free to suit yourself. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Authority figures or people who order you around are not going to be your most popular figures, your flavour of the moment. But if you can avoid falling out with them, then you'll find that everything does feel a little bit more entertaining than usual. You will want excitement, stimulation and a bit of a challenge to hold your interest. Expect the unexpected and you will not be disappointed. If there is a whiff of jealousy or control in the air
Daily Love Tarot
The Two of Wands card suggests that you might believe that you have it all. You may think your influence, sex appeal or charisma is supreme or that you have your target or romantic interest in hand. However, while you are admiring your conquest or attempting to control your situation, you could be missing or daydreaming about something else. You might be keeping your options open, waiting for results, watching out for rivals, or waiting or wishing for someone or something else out there. Perhaps you are hoping an old flame or new spark will show up and fill your emptiness or discontent with domestic life.
Daily Meditation
I invoke the presence of the Sacred, the presence of the Divine. I invoke the power of the Chakras, the Sacraments and the Tree of Life. Awaken and be active with me. Divine Spirit, bring me into union with you. Remove the obstacles that keep me from the experience of your presence. Let me clearly perceive your guidance. Walk with me into my mysteries; replace my fears with Faith. Give me the capacity to abide in mystery full time. I give up the need to know why things happen as they do. I surrender my will to your Will. Let me feel your presence as much in change as in tranquility. Show me the purpose for which I have been born. Align my energy to Divine purpose. I accept the task that emerges. Speed up my evolution. Show me things energetically, rather than have me live them. Take away my distractions, false voices, my illusions and misconceptions. Show me my shadow side, and what I'm here to learn. In becoming a balanced and conscious being, help me to develop honor,
A Daily Reminder
"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.. so Love the people who treat you right.. and forget about the ones who don’t. And believe that everything happens for a reason."
Daily Horoscope
Don't brag about a windfall -- it will send the wrong message about who you are.
Daily Horoscope
Today is a great day to try a new food, hobby, sport, or adventure that you have always been just a little to scared to try before. Your fears are starting to vanish and your courage is growing, in part because your mind is hungry for new stimulation -- even if that stimulation is based on fear! You will be totally fiery and full of energy, so put it good use by pushing the envelope and pushing past one or two of the boundaries you've built for yourself.
Daily Teen Forecast
You're feeling so great today that you might spontaneously clean up your room and score some major points with the parents. Whatever happens, you can tell it's going to be good!
Daily Meditation March 14
Persevere in all that God's guidance moves you to do. The persistent carrying out of what seems right and good will bring you to that place where you would be. If you look back over God's guidance, you will see that His leading has been very gradual and that only as you carried out His wishes, as far as you can understand them, has God been able to give you more clear and definite leading. You are led by God's touch on a quickened, responsive mind.
Daily Deeds
How many times do we as people not do a small thing that could make your day as well as someone else's? It is so rewarding to make a person smile. It can be a huge thing or something you may not think is a big thing but is to that person. If you see a parent mother or father struggling with a toddler and you have a cart you are putting up or is near you watch when you give that person a cart so they don't have to lug that child further and all that comes with that. Watch you get a "oh thank you , and you have a nice day". That feeling in the pit of your stomach that is a feeling you don't ever want to lose. It cost you a mere moments of time and will last you all day. Hold a door open for someone behind you or an elevator door and watch the response. Give a smile and a hello to someone even if they aren't smiling. Tell anyone you meet thank you and your welcome. Watch the look of a teller at a bank when they tell you to have a nice day and you sincerely say it back.
Daily Horoscope
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Daily Whore Out (scaredy Cats =p)
Daily Motivation
Turning point Your troubles can sometimes be your greatest blessings. Because those troubles will hound you relentlessly until you make valuable improvements. Your troubles help you to see and understand your weaknesses. And that enables you to start transforming those weaknesses into strengths. The best way to respond to trouble is not to curse it, but to do it one better. See each challenge as an opportunity to raise yourself to a higher level. As with everything else, your troubles are what you make of them. You can choose to make each one a turning point to a more positive and fulfilled life. Many of history's greatest accomplishments were responses to terribly difficult problems. Many of your own greatest advances have been in response to challenging situations. Choose to find the positive possibilities in everything that comes your way. And no problems will ever be able to hold you back.
6-16-08 Daily Tarot Card...
The Hermit represents the need to distance yourself from the people and events in your life that are causing undue strain on your emotions. There are times in your life when seclusion and isolation are warranted. The Hermit is a card of discovery and enlightenment, which can only develop by spending time alone with your thoughts. Your energy will be depleted quickly in social situations.
A Daily Inspirational Calendar
Daily Motivator
I know with Heidi's illness and my disgust of what this site has become, I have strayed away from sharing my daily motivators. A new friend I made recently reminded me to learn to live again instead of merely existing. Ralph Marston's quote for today was so appropriate that i didn't feel the need to search archives for a more fitting one. Hope you enjoy! Monday, June 30, 2008 Run joyfully toward life Run joyfully toward life and embrace it with open arms. Each day brings its own treasure in the flavors, aromas, sights, sounds, situations, experiences and interactions that come your way. Don't get bogged down attempting to resist or deny what has already happened. Put your energy into using what you have to make life better than ever. Embrace the beauty, the joy, the wonder and the abundance of life. At the same time, embrace the challenges, the setbacks, the disappointments and the difficulties. Be genuinely thankful for every moment, whatever it may contain. For in
Daily Devotion To Friends And Family
As you know my goal each day is to send a happy/positive/upbeat comment to all my family and friends which is time consuming and has nothing to do with points but it is worth the extra effort. The bouncer check definitely slowed down the process but this new anti-spam trap that keeps popping up has made the effort three times as difficult. So I will do the best I can to get everyone a daily comment but if I fall short don't think I have forgotten you. If you are my friend or family list, you are extremely important to me. Also don't want to be a pest so if you prefer not to receive the daily comments please let me know. It won't hurt my feelings. Thank You!
Daily Humorscope 7-31-08
Aries (March 21 - April 19) You will discover you have a certain flair for copywriting, and will pick up a little extra spending money by doing window signs for stores, such as "Going Out Of Business. Waaaah!" Taurus (April 20 - May 20) At the same moment you read this, someone will be thinking about you and smiling. In a moment, they'll be laughing outright. Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Nothing unusual today. Unless you count that episode with the iguana... Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Try to avoid nibbling on things today. Despite recent developments, you don't actually know your friend that well yet. Leo (July 23 - August 22) Let the golden sun of happiness burn away your inner fog of disgruntlement. Remember: gruntled people are more fun! Virgo (August 23 - September 22) You will begin an evil project, in secret. You will be successful. Although why you want to produce a cross between a St. Bernard and a chihuahua is anybody's guess. Libra (September 23 - October 22) Whil
Daily Inspiration
August 12, 2008 Quote of the Day "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." – Theodore Seuss Giesel I need to live by this, unfortunately I dont!
Daily Painting
If you are like me, you wake up every morning and you have an image in your head of how you expect your day to unfold. For the sake of this blog we will call it the "daily painting". The thing is, the daily painting rarely turns out exactly like it looks when I open my eyes in the a.m. . Not to worry. Things happen to EVERYONE. Not just you. Not just me. As special as we are, we can rest assured that our next door neighbor is having a similar day and if not today it will be similar tomorrow. That is just life. There have been days in Birmingham that I thought I was going to have an amazing day but by lunch time I was ready to go back to bed and start over. lol But I'm still here. :) You don't lose when you fall down. You lose when you don't get back up. Let's look at some facts y'all: People are going to cut you off in traffic. So what? People are going to turn in front of you without a blinker. So what? People are going to disagree with your cool ideas. So what? Peop
Daily Hazards And Where We Live...
You know you can tell a lot about a person from what hazards they deal with on a daily basis. Like California deals with Earth Quakes, Nevada deals with drought. Michigan deals with pot-holes…(and crazy Illinois and Indianans) While Tennessee deals with Aggressive Raccoons…yes…just ask their Basketball coach who apparently was saving her dog from a crazed Raccetty-coon I love calling them Racketty-Coons because they walk goofy…anyway I digress…Who in their right mind decides to wrestle with a Raccoon anyway? NOT ME! Those goofy critters have nails and teeth as long as long can be…How about Floridians who deal with Bull Sharks and Hurricanes? I know New Orleans I know…it doesn’t quite tell the tale. But Florida still has shark problems here is one, A dog is recovering after a Florida Keys carpenter dove in to save his pet from a shark. Greg LeNoir said he took his 14-pound rat terrier Jake for a daily swim at a marina Friday. The five-foot shark suddenly surfaced and grabbed nearly the
Daily Brave.
I did a brave thing today. Brave things aren't always the wisest. But sometimes you have to jump without looking. Or you just won't jump. I'm not sure how far, but the freefall was invigorating liberating. The consequences, I'm not sure. But I need to stand strong when I land. Hold my head high without pride. Was it the right choice? It was a choice. I'm not many things, but I do prefer action. Even if its after weeks of reflection. I love this night. And all the ones like it. Attached, but fractured. Held but at arms length. Afraid, but facing down the wall of twilight hopefully not alone. With my heart I can feel her fingers in my hand. Smell her hair, feel her smile. In truth, the night is azure cold, and the wind promises unseen pitfalls. I will not turn back. Its impossible now anyway. On unknown's edge, I step forward bravely anticipating yet another fall. Will you pull me back, embracing me in the tender familiar of you
Daily Quote 2
'Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It's the courage to continue that counts.'- Sir Winston Churchill
Daily Quote
Nothing happens to any man that he is not formed by nature to bear. Marcus Aurelius
Daily Thought...
I can't write i cant do anything i don't have the heart to do so anymore...sigh....
Daily Blessings
Daily Blessing I count each day as a blessing that I wake up to the sounds of birds and sunshine. The birds singing and the children playing aer sounds that remind me of more peaceful times in my life, which are forever lost. For I've seen the world on fire, and have looked death in the eyes. The memories wake me at night and will always be there. Time has dimmed them, but it only takes a sound or smell to bring them back. Some day they will be forever stilled. But till that day comes, I make peace with them everyday. I try to live the day to the fullest, Because I no longer fear death, or what it brings. For I'm a Vietnam Vet who has finally come home to a land where I can heal the pain of so long ago. All I need is the time and space to find my place in this new world. Mike G. Apr. 92
Daily Thought
The Daily News
misterfeet and aliendogstar will ekick your ass if i tell them too shawty apparently would bang me if i get a mohawk i hate the mumms now and candi is mental aaaaaaaaaaand i love you ps cocaine is vitamins for hotel soap oh yes and John is my baby daddy
The Daily News (pt. 2)
im misterfeets pimp. why, when aliens visit, do hey only probe cows and trailer trash? my coffee, is excellent I have to take my kids in for shots today, they are going to hate me =[ and my tattoo artist backed out again, so now im pissed and i need to find a new one
The Daily News Pt. 3
if one more of my few remaining friends, snap at me for no fucking reason, im not going to bother with this site anymore i got told i look easy twice in two day, to those people, please go back to your sheep and leave me alone if you dont like what someone has on their page, leave and go to another one instead bitching about it. if one or more of my friends are in an "efight" im not getting involved unless it involves me, if it involves me, ill probably just tell you to fuck of anyway p.s. i have hot fudge cake and you dont
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The Daily Show Vs Cnbc
Recently on the Daily Show there has been a feud going on. This has been cracking me up, so if you haven't seen it, let me walk you through it. First, a Correspondant from CNBC backed out of an appearence: The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10c CNBC Gives Financial Advice Daily Show Full EpisodesImportant Things w/ Demetri Martin Political HumorJim Cramer So he gets bashed. Then Jim Cramer responds, to which Jon Stewart has to come back and comment:
Daily Rant
My question of the day is simple.. Why does bad things always happen to good people. You find somebody thats awesome.. they let you down.. You find a job and in turn get 10 more struggles in the financial department, Your nice to a person you cant stand with the most inner part of your being.. they screw you over. Why is it people always seem to kick when your down. They never put a burden on you when you feel like you can take the world.. And it has always been like this as long as man kind has been in existance  The world is so full of evil.. why are humans, the smartest of all the species. the most relentless of them all?. Why do they feel the need to create wrong doing on others? why do they feel the need to lie, cheat steal and murder their way through life.. everyone does it.. all of those They murder everyday!  They kill each other on the inside.. and create more chaos then ever imaginable. People in this world need to learn that the misfortunes we expirience in life will
Daily Words Of Encouragement
Yes I KNOW it,s a bar not a church but i see alot of hurting people in here so this is for them
Daily 11's
Daily Dumbass 1
hi please pimp slap this dumb motherfucker...hes an idiot...a good friend but an idiot...i cant say why but while u are at it go give him love...but only AFTER you call him a dumbass   $safe_uid_dname@ fubar
Daily Horoscope
You've been working very hard for a long time, dear Pisces, and now you might find yourself thinking of ways to reward yourself. A trip that you might have been dreaming of making might suddenly seem to be more within your grasp. Today you might decide to actually make the arrangements. You could well decide to stay for a long time, for there is much that you can learn through this trip. did they know?i don't know about a long trip unless it's some orders somewhere.but i am defintely due a short break.all in time  
Daily Horoscope
A powerful romantic attraction might lead to creative or artistic inspiration. You should be feeling especially passionate today, dear Pisces, and your passions are likely to spill over not only into your relationships but into your work as well. Whatever you produce creatively is likely to be so inspired it impresses even you, and work done on the job should attract favorable attention from superiors. You're feeling especially sexy. Dress up, and see what happens! I did dress up however I don't feel passionate.This one was wayyy off.All I feel is tired.I will see what happens after I have my dose of caffeine
Daily Blessings
DAILY BLESSINGS   Memories are heartbeats Sounding through the years Echoes never fading Of our smiles and our tears. Moments that are captured Sometimes unaware Pictured in an album Or a lock of hair.   Images that linger Deep within the mind Bit of verse we cherished Once upon a time Through the musty hallways Of the days we knew Ever comes the vision Beautiful and true.   Memories are the roses Blooming evermore Full of fragrant sweetness Never known before. Life must have a meaning Goals for which to strive Memories are lights that burn To keep the heart alive   As I travel on life's pathway         Know not what the years may hold As I ponder, hope grows fonder Precious memories flood my soul.   Precious memories, how they linger How they ever flood my soul In the stillness of the midnight Precious, sacred scenes unfold.
Daily Dumbass
So I hope that image posts good and clear, if not sorry. I'm drunk so I'll type it out after I post this if it's not clear. I've dubbed this kid the daily dumbass. It's idiots like him that give military men a bad name, men a bad name, and the human race in general a bad name. Seriously. But he was fun to fuck with for a while :) Granted the MUMM is now gone. Not sure if he really did delete it or if it got reported enough times it disappeared. All I know, is this dumbfuck doesnt need MUMM privs. PieDaDDY said: who the fuck told you that you have to give anyone your nickles and dimes...what a whiney bitchStatus: ok seeing as everyone on here has to say everything they are doing all day long imma say what im doing too.....Sitting here just liek the rest of youEven your status screams out whiney little bitch 1N5@N3 K1LL3R said: I bet it does yet your the dude with a pink name..... PieDaDDY said: its for Breast Cancer awareness ya dum
Daily Profile Rates.
So, my list started over 850 last week and has been reduced to less than 40 and I have a feeling that its going to get even smaller. There are very few that ever show any indications of live activity, much less personal communications. As of now, I will NOT be doing random page rates anymore and very few of you will be getting them. The ones that talk, rate back, or at least show indications they are with the living will get daily page rates :) So, if your only reason for adding me was a daily page rate, please remove me.
Daily Humorscopes 1-4-2010
Aries (March 21 - April 19) You will become unwittingly embroiled in a turf war between rival Chinese restaurants, today, as you step off the sidewalk to avoid a person wearing an extremely large hat. Before the day is over, you'll find yourself angrily hurling potstickers at people you've never met. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) In the grocery store, you will see quite a few people with infants in their shopping carts. Try though you might, however, you will not be able to find the bin with the children. Perhaps they're sold out? Important Safety Tip: do not stop one of the women with an infant and ask her to show you where her baby came from. Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Itchy nose day, again. Just be glad you don't have to wear a spacesuit! Cancer (June 21 - July 22) A new love affair will have you all misty-eyed. Either that, or it's the onset of glaucoma, in which case you should seek immediate medical attention. Leo (July 23 - August 22) In an unfort
Daily Rates For What?
Everyday I rate all of my friends and I get nothing in return. I will be cleaning out my friends and fans lists over the next couple days. It's time to cut out all the users on this site.
Daily Clip Updates, Members, And Cams ... Oh My
I've been saying to myself, I was going to try and update my clip store at least once a day and finally I've actually done just that for the last 2 months... and will continue to do daily updates!!!Also, check out some of the other ways to enjoy my clips, photos and more I'm beginning to make available through the many other different services available through Clips4sale... Such as My new members site I am developing at I will soon be offering cam sessions through this site, video streams and tons of other goodies FOR MEMBERS ONLY. I've got all sorts of devious ideas I'm plotting and planning in store for you real soon and real often, at, so you don't miss anything!!! Don't forget to drop by my new Q&A page at ... inquiring minds want to know and at formspring you can ask me a question, see what others have asked me and get to know things about me yo
Daily Rant
STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!!!!!! Why must we fight each other why cant we all get along? People have died in this world because we cant let problem's go, We have Gang's and War over silly thing's like money or land why? some people don't even know why they fight or what they fight for. Just Sayin
Daily News For The Thinking Man
Apparently, some terrorists like to take in the sites before they blow sh*t up. The all-American cocktail of glitz, commercialization, and entertainment, garnished with the busiest subway terminal in the city and thousands of tourists packing the streets daily, Times Square is for terrorists what Carnegie Hall is to musicians: the big time. Fortunately for us, the most recent jackass to attempt taking out a chunk of Times Square wasn’t a front row kind of guy in his bomb-making class. It's good to know there are slackers even in terrorist cells. [Shout out: What do you think about ... Times Square Bombing Attempt?]  
Daily Forgiveness
  "As long as you don't forgive, who and whatever it is will occupy rent-free space in your mind." -- Isabelle Holland We cannot avoid daily resentment and thoughts of guilt. They are a part of human nature. What we can do is release their grip on us. We can forgive others and ourselves daily. Forgiveness requires nothing in return. There are no conditions. It gets rid of old baggage and clears up unfinished business. It leads us to a life of authenticity, lightness and directness. Forgiveness is the highest form of letting go of resentment and ego. True forgiveness is more than an apology, understanding and acceptance. There is an element of recreating and re-imagining. There is a need to envision ourselves as more loving, interdependent, courageous and compassionate. Forgiveness requires honouring the sacred journey of learning about life - our life and others'. "Whatever we have done, we can always make amends for it without ever looking back in guilt or sorrow." -- Ekn
Daily Top Winners In High Limit Slots: Svt95 • Anna Dice What You Can't Have, You Can't Resist!!!! Queen Milf...sacramento, Ca
Daily Top Winners in High Limit Slots: svt95 • anna What you can't have, you can't resist!!!!  Queen MILF...Sacramento, CA
Daily Happyhour Giveaway!
I want to try something new. How about a simple little contest where I give away a happyhour each day, for free? Sounds like a great idea to me! :D   To be entered in the contest, all you have to do is go to the photo in your fubar album that you'd like to submit, click the 'link to photo' link under the photo and copy the html embed code with the thumbnail and paste it into a comment in this blog post. the photo should contain YOU and any of the following:   * wearing a fubar t-shirt. * wearing fubar skivvies (the "i *heart* babyjesus" ones might get you extra brownie points!). * fubar written on your body somewhere (tattoo's count!).     Bonus points will be added for members of the armed forces who're currently deployed, strippers, and people who are generally supportive of the website. I'll give away a Happyhour each day, based on any comments from the previous day. You can submit the same comment/photo on different days if you like, but please don't post the same thing mu
A Daily Thought
"A liberal is someone who reaches into your shower and adjusts the water temperature for you." - William F. Buckley
The Daily Show Post From Me  
Daily Delight
She walks slowly into the room her short ruby red satin dress caressing every tempting curve deliciously...Her long luscious legs catching the eye of every gentleman in the room as she passes them one by one...Slowly she walks up the steps, the silky fabric of her dress sliding along her velvety skin giving tantilizing glimpses of her firm round bare buttocks...She moves the heavy velvet curtains aside with one spike heeled foot and slips her leg out slowly...She reaches down and lightly runs her perfectly manicured fingertips along the smooth surface of her leg from ankle to mid thigh before stepping fully out from the curtains...She watches the audience carefully as she sashays out onto the stage, the sway of her hips being followed by every eye in the room...She has them in the palm of her hand as she approachs the steel pole in the middle of the stage and holds it tight as she expertly swings one long tanned leg around it and leans back;her long wavy red hair swaying in the breeze
The Daily Grind
The whole premis behind IPDN is that Jeff wanted to create an MLM company that “anyone” could do no matter what. So they push the fact that in order to join you must be put on someone’s waiting list. Which is basically a take-away approach. You ask someone if they’re interested in working for them self and if they are then you hand them your card and tell them to check out your website and you will put them on your waiting list. The marketing videos do all the selling. I will admit that the videos were well thought out and are quite intriguing.So after my research I can honestly say that there is no One24 scam but is in fact a legitimate opportunity and a great company for the right person looking for what they offer.However…If you’re going to be successful in IPDN then you will need a method of generating unlimited leads on a daily basis, plus you need to sort out your $ cash flow $. You need to have money coming in that will support you and your b
Daily Life At My House
My life is a very interestin one...I have two girls both are my step-daughters one is 11 and the other is 13....i have stepped into the positon of a mother and have no recpect from either one of them...i have tried to gain their recpect but i will get there one day...everyday is a work in progress but life is hard and no one but me knows how hard it is to be in my shoes. God helps me in this day even though we have a world of people that don't want to beleive in god or really want to believe that there is really a god out there
Daily Deal Shopping Websites
We are familiar with auction sites of all kinds but every day deal shopping sites are only a recent addition to the net landscape. The idea is that businesses offer Daily Deals for guys at a significant discount on their usual prices, so as to invite you through the door. The deals are available en mass so company may have hundreds of items available through deal. This might be anything from a discount on kitchen equipment to a heavily discounted beauty treatment. How does an everyday deal net site appeal to businesses? Businesses can take advantage of using every day deal sites purely because they will gain far more visibility than they would otherwise. The idea is that they agree a deal with their selected net site so the cost for the deal is set & the split in proceeds is agreed as well. Businesses can of work come up with plenty of different ways to promote their deals & special offers. But it is difficult to find an audience as sizable as that offered by a quantity of the Jewel
Dairy Of A Dog And A Cat!!
EXCERPTS FROM A DOG'S DAILY DIARY 8:00 am - OH BOY! DOG FOOD! MY FAVORITE! 9:00 am - OH BOY! A CAR RIDE! MY FAVORITE! 9:00 am - OH BOY! A WALK! MY FAVORITE! 10:30 am - OH BOY! A CAR RIDE! MY FAVORITE! 11:30 am - OH BOY! DOG FOOD! MY FAVORITE! 12:00 pm - OH BOY! THE KIDS! MY FAVORITE! 1:00 pm - OH BOY! THE YARD! MY FAVORITE! 4:00 pm - OH BOY! THE KIDS! MY FAVORITE! 5:00 pm - OH BOY! DOG FOOD! MY FAVORITE! 5:00 pm - OH BOY! MOM! MY FAVORITE! 6:00 pm - OH BOY! PLAYING BALL! MY FAVORITE! 6:00 pm - OH BOY! SLEEPING IN MY PEOPLES BED! MY FAVORITE! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EXCERPTS FROM A CAT'S DAILY DIARY Day 183 My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while I am forced to eat dry cereal. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope of escape, and the mild satisfaction I get from ruining the occasional piece of furniture. Tomorrow I may eat another houseplant. Today my atte
Dairy Free Chocolate Cake
Ingredients: ***Cake:*** 6 ounces espresso coffee 3 ounces water 3 ounces caster sugar 3 ounces vegetarian margarine 7 ounces plain unbleached flour 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 1 ounce cocoa 3 tablespoons soya milk 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence ***Icing:*** 3 ounces chocolate 1 ounce vegetarian margarine 9 ounces icing sugar Directions: Pre heat oven: 350F. Grease a 8in round cake tin. Put coffee, water, margarine, sugar and syrup in a pan and heat stirring until sugar dissolves. Simmer for 5 mins. stir in dry ingredients and beat well. Stir in the soya milk and vanilla essence. Put in tin and bake for 25 mins. until set. Slice in half and allow to cool. To make icing, place chocolate and margarine (+3 Tbsp) in a bowl or pan and place over another pan of boiling water until melted. Stir well until amalgamated then beat in dry icing sugar. Allow to cool slightly then sandwich cake together with icing. Spread the remaining icing over cake. Top with raspberries or ch
Dairy Queen: Anchorage, Ak Grand Opening
It was the fucking bomb. Too bad for the lack of the steak fingers in the menu, its originally why I went, But its cool. The burger I ate was the heat. Overall? I give it a 10 out of a 9. =D Enjoy some videos. =] Theyre in order.
The Dairy Of A Part Time Father.
As you may have been able to tell, I am a part time father. All through the United States fathers are losing more rights to be with their children. I am one of the lucky ones, I am able to have joint legal and physical custody of my son. He stays with me every other week, but a lot of great dads only have visitation rights. These fathers see there children every other weekend of less. Now these are not the fathers you see on television that owe thousands of dollars in child support or the fathers you hear about that would rather go out and party then be with their kid(s). I am talking about the fathers, that would do anything for their kid(s), the fathers that sit at home and wonder why they are being punished and not being allowed to see their children, the fathers that pay their child support on time every month, the fathers that put their life on hold, do not date, and wait for the phone call from their kid(s) saying "hi daddy, I love you." What I want to know is when did
Dairy Of An Insane Mind Part 2
why is everyone so anti-everything they live there lifes disliking something or someone...a way of life in todays society poluted by the mainstream touched by a genre that has a certain appeal. like a punch drunk fighter fisting away at everything you think your against..."I'm anti this....I'm anti that" but what are you really? what form of mainstream media hit you the most? you are just another puppet in the genre game...classification is the name of the game..."I'm this I'm that" how about being everything...judgement free. Block out the masses and you shall see the matrix of what is real the fabic of what reality is really made of. yes given the media paints pretty pictures that you "relate" to but you're eyes aren't always gateways to the soul, they are glorified kalidescopes allowing bright lights to pass for brights ideas...if you want more just ask and I will share my views.. I find myself in a utter state of disbelieve that there can actually be people more permiscuious th
Pick a page, I'm like a book But don't ever read out loud Read it all, take a good look But don't ever make a sound Because for so long now, I've kept it all inside but with you I can not hide You can look into these eyes and see everything I've seen There's a map inside my mind to all the places I have been You won't loose your way You've got me as a guide Because with you I can not hide Chorus With you, I can wake up and feel, like my old self again I can wake up from dreams, which don't recall way back then When my diary, was fastened with a key for noone else but me But you can see, what nobody else can see... Like a story left untold Like a film without a happy end I was always on my own Always having to pretend and then you came along with you I could confide and you still stand by my side Chorus Bridge I couldn't find the words I couldn't find them to explain some things are hard to say but even harder to remain and I don't know what I
Daisey And Donald
Donald Duck and Daisy Duck were spending the night together in a hotel room? and Donald wanted to have sex with Daisy? The first thing Daisy asked was,? "Do you have a condom?"? Donald frowned and said, "No."? Daisy told Donald that if he didn't get a condom,? they could not have sex.? "Maybe they sell them at the front desk,"? she suggested. ? So Donald went down to the lobby? and asked the hotel clerk if they had condoms.? "Yes, we do," the clerk said and pulled one out from under the counter and gave it to Donald.? The clerk asked,? "Would you like me to put that on your bill?? "No!"? Donald quacked,? "What kind of a ?pervert do you think I am?"
Daisy And Lee
Daisy and Lee Here’s a sad story bout a couple named Daisy and Lee, Two young people in love, or they appeared to be, Until one stupid infidelity (ee-ee-ee), Caused together forever to cease to be their destiny. Lee told me that he was seein’ Daisy later that day, It was a surprise visit that he intended to pay, When he got to her house; another car in the driveway (ay-ay-ay), And things went downhill from there that night in May. He pulled ‘round the corner and parked up under a tree, Crept back to the house to see just what he could see, And as he peered thru the window violating her privacy (ee-ee-ee), He saw her doing things with him she swore she only did with Lee. Lee went back to his truck to get one of his guns, He had a Colt a Glock and an old Smith and Wesson, Back to Daisy’s house he went at a dead run (uh-uh-un), The things he did next, they could never be undone. He hid out in the bushes cause he didn’t know what to do, When the dude came out Le
Daisy And Jade Taught Me Something
you can send people a "make Charley your crush" link through the shoutbox... I'm going to do it to scrollers...
Daisyblue Can Be Yours
BISH FOR SALE This lovely lady is all about the handcuffs and hot wax, if you are smart you will make her your own. Just be forewarned, DON'T WEAR A BLINDFOLD, you will wake up naked and feeling violated! BUT HAPPY!!!
Daisy Auto 11
Daisy Train
The Rules: 1. Stop by Sweet Addiction's page, rate the Daisy Train folder of pics... Starting with this one... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Daisy Train" or something like that... 3. Private message me, Carrie, when you have completed rating each party guest. I will make you a thank you tag... And add you to the guest list... 4. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request 5. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen b
> > > > > > > > DAISY EFFING RULES > She is always helping others, pimping out her friends,and she haz the auto,s > It is time for PAYBACK!! > RAPE DIS BISSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!! > === 'DaisyBlue'&friend target="_blank">/tn_722562225.jpg" />@ fubar thankees the lush needs help and she rocks
Daisy Duke's Bar
Daisy Duke's Staff
Let me introduce you to the staff @ Daisy Dukes Bar Kristin,Owner Kristin Owner Of Daisy Duke's Bar@ fubar Stingray, Lounge Manager, Stingray@ fubar War, Head Enforcer, WAR FU-Married to DJ Java@ fubar Bear, Asst Head Enforcer, BEAR fuhubby to NAOMI@ fubar DJ Reckmaster, Assistant Coder and boss in charge of the tunes, DJ Reckmaster - PROUD Owner of ;) Sweet n Sassy ;) - Owner and DJ @ Duke's Lounge@ fubar Lickety Split, Promoter, Lîck³tY $plît~¶®ØmØt³® @ Dåî$Y Dµk³$ Bå®~ ZØdîå¢ L³v³l ³®$~@ fubar Go show them all some love for keeping the lounge running and be sure to stop by and hang out with us in the bar. Just click the pic below to get in.
Daisy Dukes Bar Bulletin
    Ladypit Lounge has been renamed. Daisy Dukes Bar is up and running. We've got great music and great people all waiting to meet ya. We have a great staff and the member number is growing every day. Come on by and add another member to the Daisy Dukes Family. Click the pic @ the bottom to come join us.
Daisy Blue Is In An Auction Bishes
I am wound up tighter than a 3 day clock! Doc put me on another round of steroids, and ZOMG...Decided to pay my bills online today? POOR KOHL'S TELEPHONE ANSWER GUY! The "at" button on my keyboard has quit working, so as well as having to talk me thru signing up on the "my account" at the Kohl's website, he learned me about the *accessory* then *accessibliity* then *onscreen keyboard*  blah, blah.. Poor guy.  I actually did the after-call survey and gave him all "excellents" AND CALLED BACK AND ASKED FOR A SUPERVISOR AND RAVED ABOUT HIM.   Damn I am geared up. Now what?   p.s. Fuck the typos. Can't see the words imma typing, and don't care if they are spelled right or now. I don't even care if anyone READS THIS. At least I have myself to talk to rgiht now.
Daisy's Grey Wolf Tavern!!!
Daisy's Grey Wolf Tavern! Where The Party Never Stops!
Da Joy Of Pussy
Dakkie My Owner For Nov. 2009
Dakka!!! (or, An Intro To This Blog).
For those that don't know, haven't googled, etc. This blog will be dedicated to the exploits of my Warhammer 40k Ork Amy. Epic battles, funny characters, etc. All will be told here. Enjoy!   "We is gonna stomp da universe flat and kill anyfink that fights back. We're da Orks, and we was made ta fight and win." -Ghazgkull Thraka (Prophet of the WAAGH!!!).
Dakota Is An Asshole
hi there to everyone.. i have just noticed that i am an asshole.. i do say alot of the same things to the ladies on here.. i know i am wrong for doing what i did.. so if i am an asshole in ur eyes.. please feel free to repost this to let lc know of my ignorance.. i am sorry for the trouble i have caused anyone.. and will be here later if anyone wants to talk to me... take care all you fine peoples.
Dakota Fannings New Movie
I have heard so much about this movie, it makes me wonder if its all just hype to get people to see the movie. I have heard couple of differant opinions about the rape scene. One opinion was that Dakota Fanning was abused by acting in this scene but she comes on tv and tells us that she was not and she has made more disturbing scenes in other movies. Another opinion is that it will make more men go out and rape little girls. I will hold my opinion until I see it. I can see both sides but its a movie. People act like that she was actually raped in the movie. And as far as making men go out and rape little girls. I think this goes along the same line and rock lyrics make teens commit suicide. I think the person has already has thought about doing it and it is only a matter of time before they act. And some can squash they's feeling because they have the power to reason and see that it is wrong. I believe we all have good and bad in us. Meaning we all could murder, rape, abuse and etc.
Dakota Storm (for My Dark One)
It is midnight... the in between time... between night and day. The wind is warm and I hear the stream just beyond the tall grass. You have walked ahead of me, but not too far. You are my protector. We stop and sit by the water’s edge. You lay your head on my thigh and are still. The night is ours and I stroke your soft fur... You are my companion. Soon you stand and walk to the edge of the water to stand on a tall rock You raise your regal head and sing to the moon I am awed at the beauty in your song. You are my soul We will walk this path together until the time the spirit world calls. If am first I will wait for you and listen for you to call to me And if the Creator allows, I will find you... For you are my... forever.
Dakota + Lakota Links
Dakota Language Lessons Dakoteyah Wogdaka! – Talk Dakota! Lakota Iyapi - Der Dialekt der Lakota - information in German about the Lakota language, including online lessons: Lakota Language - information about and texts in Lakota Lakota Language Consortium Lakota Books Lakhota Sioux Heritage, Culture and Language site ELKDREAMER: David Little Elk - information about the Lakota language, Lakota courses and music: Oceti Wakan - Sacred Fireplace (a non profit dedicated to the preservation of lakota culture and language):
This week will be my last working here at Poor Johns. I am officially retiring from the entertainment industry. I have had a great 9 and a 1/2 years. It's been fun but I'm no spring chicken and dancing for as long as I have has really taken a toll. I am looking for a replacement to keep this page going. I'll catch ya later. Love Always, Dakota.
Dakota Sugar?
After a few days of sending and receiving hundreds of emails contemplating a roommate or house-share or new apartment situation, and after not wanting to go look at dozens of (probably dark, windowless) places I'd probably hate ("Sure, you can garden in the grassless gravel pit we call the yard!"), it occurred to me that I have another option. I can move to my parents' second home and spend the summer farming, gardening, and writing. I foresee only two potential problems with this scenario: First, it's my parents' second home, which is situated precariously close to their first home. Second, it's in Dakota Territory. So I'll probably go insane. But it'll be free insanity! And I'll have fresh vegetables! I haven't told my parents that my ultimate plan is to leave this winter and move to Thailand or someplace similarly nice and non-midwesterny. They don't know it yet, but they'll really enjoy taking care of the kitty while I'm gone! Does this seem like a good idea
Dakota Rock Fest Adventure
  Dakota Rock Fest was the 24th and 25th this month.  I wanted to go so bad, but me nor any of my friends that also wanted to go could afford it.  One drunk night last week, my buddy threw out the idea that we could sneak it.  I was game.  I like adventures.  Friday I went and met up with my buddies at their house for our excellent journey.   It started off by not being in the turning lane at a red light on Cliff Ave. when we needed to turn left.  Fuck it, nobody was coming, so he gunned it.  Parked the truck at D's and walked the backway to the bike trail.  Sweet.  It was a lovely day, warm with a nice breeze.  I had my hair in low pig tail braids.  Perfect.  We are marching along the trail, listening to the music and cheering like we are right up there with the rest of the crowd.  The passerby's were giving us interesting looks, but it was fabulous.  We were living in the moment, not having a care in the world.  The three of us.  Great friends.  Already had made a few phone calls to
Da Kritter Has Arrived :p
Hello Ladies n Gents. My name is Keith...folks call me Kritter.  Its my tattooing nicknm=ame lol Yes, i am an ametuer tattooist in northern Indiana.  I am an uber Nice guy. hard worker in an rv paint shop, and a good friend :) Do you, glorious reader, have any tattoos?  Do you have pics of them youll share? lol
The Dalai Lama's Prayer
Another favorite Buddhist prayer :) The Dalai Lama's Prayer For as long as space endures, And for as long as living beings remain, Untill then may I, too, abide To dispel the misery of the world.
4 Da Ladiezzzzz Show This Honey Some Love In Contest Please
ladiezzzzzz come show this bald hotty that looks like a bad ass that is a sweetheart and show him some love pleease posted in bulletin but doubt the men wld repost for u ladiezzz to peek at : )~~ to the men lmao j/k here is his direct link click on pic *wink*
Dalai Lama.....
Your Aura is Blue Spiritual and calm, you tend to live a quiet but enriching life. You are very giving of yourself. And it's hard for you to let go of relationships. The purpose of your life: showing love to other people Famous blues include: Angelina Jolie, the Dalai Lama, Oprah Careers for you to try: Psychic, Peace Corps Volunteer, Counselor What Color Is Your Aura?
The Dalai Lama Re Religion
"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." –The Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama Asks: If Buddhist Doctrine Of 'no-self' Is Wrong, Who Are These People?
Dalai Lama Asks: If Buddhist Doctrine of 'No-Self' Is Wrong, Who Are These People? Huffington Post, Oct 18, 2007 Washington, USA -- As most sentient beings in North America know by now, The Dalai Lama was on Capitol Hill today. Congress gave him a medal, and he encountered President Bush for the second day in a row. Perhaps it was a good opportunity for His Holiness to explore the Buddhist concept of anatta, or Non-Self.
Dalai Lama's 18 Rules For Living
At the start of the new millennium the Dalai Lama apparently issued eighteen rules for living. Since word travels slowly in the digital age these have only just reached me. Here they are. 1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. 2. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson. 3. Follow the three Rs: 1. Respect for self 2. Respect for others 3. Responsibility for all your actions. 4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. 5. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly. 6. Don’t let a little dispute injure a great friendship. 7. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it. 8. Spend some time alone every day. 9. Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values. 10. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer. 11. Live a good, honourable life. Then when you get older and think back, you’
3d Album Out Now
Ghosts of blackout 3d album - The E.M.P is out at itunes/napster/emusic/rhapsody/7digital/amazon/starzik/musicaonline/ and many more places listen to some tracks at
The Dal Constitution Revisions.
PREAMBLE It is hereby declared and decreed that the purpose of this organization, the Dal nOnorach is: 1)  To promote Irish culture, language, literature, law, customs and history. The Irish Language shall be used in all functions, public and private where feasible. 2) To aid and advance by all legitimate means the aspirations and endeavors of the Irish people for complete and absolute independence, promoting peace and unity for all Ireland. 3) To foster the ideas and perpetuate the history and traditions of the Irish people. (5) To promote Irish culture. (6) To encourage civic participation.
Dale Jr
Dale Jarrett
Dale Jr
This man sucks ass, i'm so tired of hearing that he is the best when he isnt worth a hair off the crack of his dads ass, this is the damn truth and I don't give a damn if anyone likes it or not fuck it y'all can watch him whine and cry because thats all he does
Dale Sr Tribute
Dale Jr
ok people listen up its dale jr nascars biggest fan they r racing in richmond tonight so men get your women pop that popcorn ice down the beeer and watch my boy dale jr git-r-done tonight
Dale Jr. Survey...
My mom thinks i look like dale jr. is it true? I want some feedback, cause personally i don't think i do :P
Dale Jr
Report: Junior to drive for JR Motorsports in 2008 By NASCAR.COM May 9, 2007 06:42 PM EDT type size: + -What subject does Dale Earnhardt Jr. want to talk about? Members of the media have been invited to a Thursday morning news conference at the JR Motorsports race shop in Mooresville, N.C. However, details of the conference were not provided, lending speculation that it may involve his contract negotiations with Dale Earnhardt Inc. Dave Moody reported Wednesday afternoon on Sirius Speedway that speculation is Junior and Martin Truex Jr. will drive Nextel Cup cars under the JR Motorsports banner in 2008 with Hendrick Motorsports providing engines. SPEED will interrupt regularly scheduled programming to go live from the JR Motorsports race shop at 11 a.m. ET for the news conference. Junior's contract with DEI is scheduled to run out at the end of the season, and he and sister Kelley Earnhardt Elledge have been involved in talks with team officials. Both parties have
Dale Jr
im glad dale jrs leaving .maybe he will win a championship now.i never felt like his was with a winning team and it sucks watching him do badly.i hope he goes to rcr.and as driving the 3 id leave it alone.
Dale Roark For President
Letter to the Editor I am in Deadhorse, Alaska, by Prudo Bay. It is quite cold here, -32 degrees. This time we have here wasting your gas money instead of your tax money as a major oil company is paying for the project. The project is surveying the ice between here and the North Pole. The company I fly for surveyed this same area in 1991, 1992, and 1993. We are 2/3 finished with the current project and so far the ice and snow appear to be the same as the earlier surveys or may be even more. It appears that the global warning scheme is a hoax. Consider if you will: Fill a drinking glass up with water and ice cubes. Let the ice melt and check the water level. (i.e., the water level will get smaller.) At this time it appears that 93% of the Ice Caps are below sea level. Explain to me how the melting of the Ice Cap is going to flood New York. This mean temperature difference between 1907 and 2007 is .7 of one degree. 53 degrees F in 1907 and 53.7 in 2006 in the contiguous U.S.
Dale Jr
who will dale jr go with next year?
Dale Is A Mother Again
Had a phone call from the old owners of Lacy and Dale, Dale has had her foal this morning about 7:00 AM, a young stud foal, Sorrel, 2 white socks and a white blaze.... must be taking after the Father So it looks like Dale will be with us in a few weeks now, and maybe baby too, until it has finished weaning.
Dale Jr Joins Hendricks Team...huh Lol
Well Dale Jr is going to Hendrick motor sports. Lord have mercy lol. Who would have thought we would ever see Dale racing with Gordon and Johnson. WOW talk about weird. I wonder how Jrs fans feel about it. Personally it does not bother me because he needed to find a race team that could produce numbers and lets face it Hendricks group can give results. They must be doing something right if you keep up with the wins this year...geesh. I admit it will be weird seeing Dale in a different numbered car and not seeing the Bud logo on the car but I guess Dale figured it was time for him to step out on his own. Especially considering the spot that he was put into. Overall I wish Dale the best and will still be a fan of his no matter where he races. Now as for me. Been doing ok. Working my ass off as usual. Got banged up last week and had a nice lil concussion to deal with. Everything is fine now but I sure got my bell rung by a lil accident with one of our trucks and no it was not my fault
Dale Jr.
hey i know a man has to do what his has to do but joining hendricks racing is the worst. i hate his drivers and jr joined the enemy so i guess that makes him the fuckin floored by his move and i wont support him no more FUCK HENDRICKS.
Dale Is Leaving
IN SOME WAYS I DONT GET IT. HE HAD THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO GOTO RICHARD CHILDRESS AND MAYBE DRIVE THE NUMBER 3 BUDWIESER CAR AND HE CHOSE THE ENEMY. I UNDERSTAND HE WANTS TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS AND THAT HMS IS A GREAT PLACE TO GO. HE NOW HAS TO WAIT 5 YEARS BEFORE HE CAN LEAVE AGAIN.. WATCHING HIM BE A TEAM MATE OF JEFF AND PUSSY JIMMY WILL MAKE ME SICK. WHAT WOOD DALE SENIOR THINK. WOULD HE HAVE LET HIM DO THAT. HELL NO.. NASCAR TO ME WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.... ---------------------------------------------------- The day that Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans never thought possible arrived Wednesday. That's right, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson haters, Junior went over to the other side: Hendrick Motorsports. After all the years Junior Nation has spent casting verbal and oftentimes profane aspersions on the drivers of the No. 24 and 48 – not to mention all the beer cans and other trash that have littered race tracks each time the duo crossed the finish line ahead of their heartthrob in
Dale Jr
dale is going to hendricks i cant believe it. iwasnt real happy when it was mentioned that he might drive a toyota but still hendricks i guess i can yell "HIT YOUR TEAM MATE"
Dale Jr
Well, it's official now with Dale Jr. yesterday at the news conference. He will be driving for Hendricks.
Dale Jr
Dale Jr
Dale Jr
Dale Earnhardt Sr
Da 4 Letter Word Aka Love
i think im in love shes the only one who makes me wanna stop bein a thug, but i cant cuz its all in my blood, day in day out her name is in my mouth, when i sleep i dream about her all nite long. i dont know what to do im lost in her eyes like da first time i held a 9, when i make her mad it reminds me of my first drive by my first gang fight the day i lost a friend who was there with me during any fights that i had, shes my my boo ill drop this blue rag for you and a 22 u might think this is true but it really aint ill be found anywhere from da grove to south east and E D so holla at yo boy maybe one day i really will feel this way
Dale Jr
NEWS: Looking like Junior will be in the 5 with Mountain Dew as primary Sponser in 2008.
Dale Earnhardt Sr
Dale Sr
MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds
~ Dale Earnhardt Sr. - Msnbc Interview ~
An interview with Dale Earnhardt in 2000 after the deaths of NASCAR drivers Adam Petty and Kenny Irwin Jr.. Dale Earnhardt would later die in 2001 after a last lap crash in the Daytona 500
~ Dale Earnhardt - Icon ~
~ The Man ~
~ Dale Earnhardt Sr., Dale Jr. - Chevy Commercial ~
~ Dale Jr. Espn Sportscenter Commerical ~
ESPN "This is Sportscenter" commercial. Jr breaks out the impact wrench to fix some pencil pushers computer.
~ Dale Earnhardt Jr. - Tribute To The Intimidator ~
This commercial aired right after Dale Earnhardt died at Daytona. Budweiser made commercial Tribute to The Intimidator.
~ Dale Jr. And Kevin Harvick On Fox ~
This is the opening from the 2003 Sonoma race on FOX which Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kevin Harvick sat in the Hollywood Hotel and made fun of Chris Myers and Jeff Hammond.
~ Dale Jr. - Nascar Capture The Flag ~
2006 Nascar Season Preview commercial feature Dale Jr.
~ Dale Earnhardt Jr - Budwieser Desert Mutants ~
Dale Earnhardt Jr Budwieser Commercial with Desert Mutants
~ Dale Earnhardt Jr. - Designated Driver ~
Budweiser commercial - Dale Earnhardt Jr. does a victory lap as designated driver
~ Dale Earnhardt Jr - Corvette Crash And Fire Infineon ~
Dale Earnhardt Jr raced in an American Lemans Series Corvette in 2004 at Infineon. In practice, he had this scary crash where he suffered only minor burns. Earnhardt later said he clearly remembers someone pulling him out of the car (he is obviously dazed after the hit), but in the video, you can see nobody is there to do that. Inside car camera is a scary shot.
~ Dale Earnhardt Sr - Ride Along Commercial ~
~ Dale Earnhardt - 1988 Gm Goodwrench Commercial ~
1988 GM Goodwrench commercial with Dale Earnhardt.
~ Dale Jr./steve Park 2002 Pocono Crash ~ Wild Ride
Slow Motions of this Crash is intense Rusty hits Steve and he turns Sideways in front of Dale Jr. then he pushes Steve into and along the old guardrail. Dale Jr. gets out of the car and runs to help Steve. I remember this race well, was redflaged for like a hour while the guardrail was replaced.
~ Dale Jr./steve Park 2002 Pocono Crash ~ Wild Ride
Slow Motions of this Crash is intense Rusty hits Steve and he turns Sideways in front of Dale Jr. then he pushes Steve into and along the old guardrail. Dale Jr. gets out of the car and runs to help Steve. I remember this race well, was redflaged for like a hour while the guardrail was replaced.
~ Dale Earnhardt Sr. - Tim Richmond 1982 Pocono Crash & Flip
Dale Earnhardt gets in the back of Tim Richmond going into turn 1. Richmond spins around as Earnhardt tries by on the outside and slams the wall hard and gets upside down. Richmond helps Earnhardt to the ambulance. Earnhardt suffered broken a knee cap.
~ Dale Earnhardt Jr - 2001 Pepsi 400 At Daytona ~
Dale Earnhardt Jr wins 2001 Pepsi 400 at Daytona. This was the first race back at Daytona after dale Earnhardt was killed in the 2001 Daytona 500.
~ Dale Sr Mad After 2000 Daytona 500 ~
Can you imagine what he would be saying today lol
~ Dale Sr. Last Win - 2000 Winston 500 At Talladega ~
These are the last 5 laps of the 2000 Winston 500 at Talladega. Dale Sr won the No Bull bonus and what would to be his last NASCAR win. The GREATEST finish i have ever seen, 18th place with 4 laps to go and wins the Race and the No Bull 1,000,000
Dale Jr Seems Tired Of The Shit
I have always been a Dale Jr fan because of his driving and his personality. I think it was in 2005 that he had won a race and during the post race interview he said the word shit… not in anger or in vengeance , but in excitement. He was fined both points and money and eventually the loss of the points took him out of the chase. It was at that time that NASCAR mandated a 5 second audio delay. I was very angered by the situation and its effects, I felt that it was NASCARS fault not Jr’s. First why didn’t NASCAR have the audio delay in effect long before that, there is commentators fallowing the drivers all over the place except the rest room, sticking a microphone in their face and asking the all sorts of dumb questions. What did they expect, they couldn’t see the potential for that to happen?? A driver has just spent three or more hours doing about 200 mph and they put a microphone in his face even before he’s out of the car…if it was me they would probably hear a lot more
~ Dale Sr Tribute To Bob Segar Still The One ~
You know i seen this in Dale;the Movie and forgot all about it, but it is unbelieveable when he calls in to Pit during a caution and Richard tells him no that they can't give up the track position. Dale comes back and says "ok i'll be off the radio for a few minutes" The car comes around the track and there is Dale unbukled and setting on the door of the car cleaning his windshield. You can see it here. This is AdamSc'3 Dale Earnhardt Tribute. This is simply about the life of Dale Earnhardt, including big moments in his racing and with his family, ending with him climbing into his car for the start of the 2001 Daytona 500 all set to Bob Segar's "Still the same"
Dale Earnhardt Jr
Dale Earnhardt Jr. has announced he will be driving the #88 car sponsored by Mountain Dew, AMP, and National Guard in 2008.
Dale Jr In 2008
Well its offical , for all your Nascar fans. Dale jr will be driving the # 88 car. Yates is retiring it after this yr and Hendricks motor sports is picking it up. It will be the Mountain Dew ,National Guard,AMP power drink. If your intrested look at my more nascar pics to see what it will look like.
Dale Is Arriving This Weekend
At last our 2nd horse has finished weaning her foal, and will be delivered this weekend, which means Dallas (Lacy's brother) will be going back to his horse farm. Will post photos of Dale when she gets here.
Dale Earnhardt Sr.
The Intimidator circling the track Not knowing that he wouldn't be back Not wanting to win, just having fun Not knowing that he would soon be done. As he circles the track with Michael and Dale Jr. ahead Not knowing that he would soon be dead The crowd was excited when they saw him pass by Now they can't watch him, now all he does is lie. A crash, a boom, and then some cries As they look into the Intimidator's eyes He has gone to heaven to face God and a long lasting race. NASCAR fans facing the mess Knowing that he was to lie down and rest In a grave with no more races Now all we see is crying faces. Dale Sr. watches with concern and aw Now knowing that they all saw The crash shows the man he was and always will be A racer and hero to so many, can't you see. He died doing what he loved and that matters to all of us Keep his legacy, that's a must Just because he died doesn't mean to give up Keep your chin high and and go to the NASCAR cup. He went to heave
Dalethedragon's Lounge Come Join
Dale "3"
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Dale & Dale Jr.
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Dale Jr Does It Again !!!!!!
NEW YORK (AP) -- Despite a year of personal upheaval and on-track failures, Dale Earnhardt Jr. remains as popular as ever. Junior was selected the most popular driver for the fifth straight year, drawing more than 1.5 million of the over 3.8 million votes cast online. The award comes after he decided to leave the NASCAR team founded by his late father to join powerhouse Hendrick Motorsports with a new sponsor and a new car number. ``After the year I had statistically and off the track, that isn't the response I expected from my fans,'' Earnhardt said Thursday in accepting the honor during a luncheon at which numerous awards and hundreds of thousands of dollars were dispensed by NASCAR and its sponsors. ``Next year, I hope to earn more hardware on the track, too.'' Earnhardt is moving from his signature No. 8 Dale Earnhardt Inc., Budweiser Chevrolet to a No. 88 Hendrick entry, sponsored by a couple of Pepsi products. He said he has not talked with stepmother Teresa Earnhar
~ Dale Earnhardt Inc Tour Mooresville Nc ~
~ Dale Earnhardt Sr. Interview On Msnbc ~
An interview with Dale Earnhardt in 2000 after the deaths of NASCAR drivers Adam Petty and Kenny Irwin Jr.. Dale Earnhardt would later die in 2001 after a last lap crash in the Daytona 500.
~ Dale Earnhardt Jr. Hosts Live Concert At Graceland ~
Dale Earnhardt Jr. unveils a new car and hosts "Elvis Music & Movies at Graceland," with The Dempseys and Andy Childs. Some of the same things are in each video but each also has each it's own in the 3rd one Dale Jr helps sing parts of "Don't be Cruel"
~ Dale The Movie ~
Part 1 part 2
Dale Jr. To Pull Double Duty At The Glen In 2008
Double Duty at The Glen in 2008 Junior Will Compete in the Centurion Boats at The Glen and Zippo 200 Fans that attend the 2008 Centurion Boats at The Glen weekend, August 7-10, will be treated to a double-dose of NASCAR’s most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. In a press release issued yesterday, it was announced that the Zippo 200 will be one of two NASCAR Nationwide Series races in which Junior will compete in 2008. The 2-time Nationwide Series champion will drive the No. 5 car for JR Motorsports in partnership with Hendrick Motorsports at The Glen on August 9. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has not competed in a NASCAR Nationwide, formerly Busch, Series race at The Glen since 1999. In that race, he was able to hold off road course specialist Ron Follows to claim his only victory at Watkins Glen International. Earnhardt, Jr. claimed two Top-10 finishes in three NASCAR Nationwide Series starts at The Glen. He will share the driving duties of the No. 5 with Mark Martin
Dales Final Ride
It was a sunny Feburary day The air was tense some would say. This is the Biggest Race of the Season To drive and win was just enough reason. Excitement seemed to fill the air Drivers gathered together in prayer. A loving wife's hand on her husband' shoulder Praying for protection from the Great Beholder. Seasoned drivers,rookies,and past champions too Were readying themselves for the race that is true. A father was driving his dead son's car In memory of a life lost,on his heart a scar. Another father looking proud as he can be Drove behind his son,in car number three. Both father and boss,three cars on the track, All wanting to win,none looking back. Had they looked back,what they would see The Intimidator turned Protector in Car Number Three, He blocked and swerve,well that was no sin, He held the pack off so his drivers could win. Just when he knew that the race was won, Dale hit the wall in a race of his own. All went black as he closed his eyes,I k
Dale Jr.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Well how about the bud shootout, hell yeah man. Its been a long time waiting to see Jr. back in the winning circle, but its still hard to see him not driving the number 8 car. All i got to say is that if he wasnt motivated before, well look out all u Jr. bashers, HE'S BACK and this time he will be winning a lot of races this year.
Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Lee Roy Mercer, Cale Yarborough & More - Daytona 500 50th
Jon Holtz, who's my Manager/Producer took some awesome photos during our trip to the DAYTONA 500 50th and I wanted to share 'em with you guys. Lots of great pics of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and many more of our NASCAR friends. As you will see, we had a major blast. I was elected to officially represent GOOD/YEAR regarding a Special Charity Tire that was hand signed by all of the NASCAR drivers and I also received the honor to include my signature along with 'em. This event took place behind the DAYTONA 500 main stage and received some great TV coverage on SPEED TV and NASCAR On FOX during the national broadcast of the DAYTONA 500 50th. In addition to all this, I had the privilege of hanging with my favorite Old School NASCAR driver of all time, Mr. Cale Yarborough, who also appearers on my NASCAR Driver Prank Call CD – GONE RACIN'. As everyone knows, Cale Yarborough is the first Ass-Whooper of NASCAR and like me, It Ain't Nothin' For Him To Whoop A Man's Ass! Check 'Em Out, Enjoy..
Dale Sr
a href="¤t=poem.jpg
Dale Earnhardt Sr Tribute Video
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Dale Earnheart Str
Dale Jr's Summer Salute Contest!
Please rate!
Dalejr999's Sfw Contest
come rate and comment me here....
Dalhousie Shimla And Manali The Iconic Destinations To Explore In Himachal Pradesh
North Indian state Himachal Pradesh has some a lot of admirable hill stations of the country. This wonderful state is blessed and adored by the aberrant accustomed beauty. The cartography of the destination is comprise by blooming meadows, breathtaking valleys, snow-capped aerial mountains, lakes, rivers, angel orchards and forests of pine and deodar trees. There are several outstanding hill towns are amid in the ambience areas of the state. These destinations provide more ambiances to the travelers to absorb their holidays with their close ones in very peaceful and truly out of the chaos of the bustling city life. Himachal is adorned with arduous topographic assortment and native natural beauty. The beautiful state is abstemious with the Tibetan plateau in East, Jammu and Kashmir to the North and Punjab to the West. Shimla is the accepted tourist’s destination aural the state, it is as well accepted as the” Queen of hills”. It is as well acclaimed for its art a
Dalight Savings Time!!
just a reminder to everyone!! SET BACK UR CLOCKS TONIGHT!
Dali Lama
Unlike an external enemy, the inner enemy cannot regroup and launch a comeback once it has been destroyed fro
Da Lion Doth Returneth
Da List
1. Through Struggle- As I Lay Dying 2. Unholy Confessions- Avenged Sevenfold 3. Indestrucible- Disturbed 4. White Knuckles- Five Finger Death Punch 5. I Will Be Heard- Hatebreed 6. Raise Hell- (Hed) PE 7. Set to Fail- Lamb of God 8. Eat You Alive- Limp Bizkit 9. Determined- Mudvayne 10. Sun Dosen't Rise- Mushroomhead 11. Miracle- Nonpoint 12. New Noise- Refused   13. Her Comes The Pain- Slayer 14. Before I Forget- Slipknot 15. Step Up- Drowning Pool 16 Indiffernt to Suffering- Chimaria
Dallas Cowboys Distracted?
So I heard a little rumor about a distraction in Dallas. Something about a player and his off the field incident distracting the Cowboys as they prepared for a game against the Titans. I think rumor is an understatement more like a bunch of made up fiction from sports writers and reporters who granted are not known for always reporting the facts. Case in point the reporters that of five major league baseball players use of steroids and illegal performance-enhancing drugs publicly after a statement made by Jason Grimsley. Now the federal prosecutor overseeing the investigation says the report has significant inaccuracies. Go figure somehow I doubt they will have a breaking report to report the information they just recieved saying they screwed up once again and slandered players names for no reason other than they wanted a juicey story to report on. The Cowboys despite the so called distractions were able to win impressively over the Titans 45 to 14. OK, granted, the Titans are n
Dallas Stars Season Starts
RELENTLESS PURSUIT NHL 2007 Season is here. That means in 26 weeks and four days the Dallas Stars will again be crowned the Western Conference Pacific Division Champs. As well as accepting their third President’s Trophy on their way to a second Lord Stanley’s Cup. Captain Morrow will lead the Stars into Colorado and battle the Avalanche. This is a rivalry that runs deep with a lot of past history. Whining Roy is long gone, Forsberg has moved to Philly and Foote to Columbus. Sakic is still there and now he has names like Hejduk, Laperriere, Sauer, and a name familiar to us here in Dallas Turgeon. Even though this is not the powerful team that won the Stanley Cup in 1996 and 2001, they are still potent enough to take serious. The Stars have to put the early out from last year’s playoffs and the up and down preseason where they went 3 – 4. Now they need to focus on the overtime win last week over Tampa Bay to end that preseason. The journey to another Championship be
Dallis Cowboys
Dallas Dance Music Update
DJ RAP in Dallas Dec. 8th.. Her new Drum and Bass Album just dropped yesterday, click pic for linkage..            
Dallas Dance Music This Weekend!
Dallas Cowboys Fans
cowboys fans only here is the link:
Dallas Atc
Dallas ATC: "Tower to Saudi Air 911--You are cleared to land eastbound on runway 9R." Saudi Air: "Thank you Dallas ATC. Acknowledge cleared to land on infidel's runway 9R --Allah be Praised !!" Dallas ATC: "Tower to Iran Air 711--You are cleared to land westbound on runway 9R." Iran Air: "Thank you Dallas ATC. We are cleared to land on infidel's runway 9R.- -Allah is Great !!" Pause: Static...... ....... Saudi Air: " DALLAS ATC ! DALLAS ATC !!! " Dallas ATC: "Go ahead Saudi Air 911?" Saudi Air: "YOU HAVE CLEARED BOTH OUR AIRCRAFT FOR THE SAME RUNWAY GOING IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS !!! WE ARE ON A COLLISION COURSE !!! INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE!!!" Dallas ATC: "Well bless your hearts. Y'all be careful now and tell Allah 'hey' for us -- ya hear?"
Dallis Cowboys All The Way
Dallas Driving Rules
First you must learn to pronounce the city name. It is DAL-US, not DAL-ISS. Forget the traffic rules you learned elsewhere. Dallas has its own version of traffic rules. . ..."Hold on and pray". 1. There is no such thing as a dangerous high-speed chase in Dallas. We all drive like that. All directions start with, "Get on Beltline". . . which has no beginning and no end. 2. The morning rush hour is from 6 to 10. The evening rush hour is from 3 to 7. Friday's rush hour starts Thursday morning. 3. If you actually stop at a yellow light, you will be rear ended, cussed out and possibly shot. 4. When you are the first one on the starting line, count to five when the light turns green before going to avoid crashing into all the drivers running the red light in cross-traffic. 5. Construction on Central Expressway is a way of life and a permanent form of entertainment. We had sooo much fun with that,! we have added George Bush Freeway and the High Five to the mix. 6. All
Dallas Dynamite For March Http://
dallas dynamite for march
~ Dallas Classroom Sex In Middle School ~
YOU REALLY GOTTA BE FUCKING KINDING ME!!!!!! DALLAS -- The Dallas Independent School District is investigating two students caught having oral sex in the middle of a classroom full of other students and an adult monitor. Classroom Sex In Middle School District officials say a 12-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy were performing the sex act in the back of a science laboratory at Robert T. Hill middle school. Four witnesses say the girl was performing the act on the boy. Donny Claxton with the DISD said the teacher was in a meeting, and the adult monitor on duty was apparently unaware of what was going on in the science class. Claxton said the fact that the students were having sex while under supervision of school personnel is very disturbing. The DISD will hold a Parent Academy Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., where, among other topics, the incident is likely to be discussed. The academy will be held at Greiner Middle School, 501 S. Edgefield Ave. Hill
Dallas Football Schedule For 2007
2007 Preseason Schedule DATE OPPONENT (TV BROADCAST) TIME TICKETS Thu Aug 9 INDIANAPOLIS (FOX) 7:00 pm Tickets Sat Aug 18 DENVER (Blue Star Media) 7:00 pm Tickets Sat Aug 25 @ Houston (Blue Star Media) 7:00 pm Travel Thu Aug 30 @ Minnesota (Blue Star Media) 7:00 pm Travel 2007 Regular Season Schedule DATE OPPONENT (TV BROADCAST) TIME TICKETS Sun, Sep 9 NY GIANTS (NBC) Sponsored By PEPSI 7:15 pm Tickets Sun, Sep 16 @ Miami (FOX) 3:05 pm Travel Sun, Sep 23 @ Chicago (NBC) 7:15 pm Travel Sun, Sep 30 ST. LOUIS (FOX) Sponsored By FORD Noon Tickets Mon, Oct 8 @ Buffalo (ESPN) 7:30 pm Travel Sun, Oct 14 NEW ENGLAND (CBS) 3:15 pm Tickets Sun, Oct 21 MINNESOTA (FOX) Noon Tickets Sun, Oct 28 BYE WEEK Sun, Nov 4 @ Philadelphia (NBC) 7:15 pm Travel Sun, Nov 11 @ NY Giants (FOX) 3:15 pm Travel Sun, Nov 18 WASHINGTON (FOX) Sponsored By DR PEPPER Noon Tickets Thu, Nov 22 NY JETS (CBS) Sponsored By MILLER 3:15 pm Tickets Thu, Nov 29 GREEN BAY (NFL) 7:15
Dallas Cowboys 2007
Dallas Ft Worth Area?
ladies, if you are in the DFW area or even if you aren't and don't mind flying (i can get your ticket)and wanna hang, go to dinner, have a drink, see a movie or just get naked with no strings attached...hit me up. i know this is a desperate plea but i don't really care. i work weird hours so its hard to get out and about. but anyway, im fun and obviously have no shame so holla at a brotha lol i love you all babies !!!!
Dallas Cowboys 2007 Roster
Quarterback (2) Tony Romo Brad Johnson Running Back (5) Julius Jones Marion Barber Tyson Thompson Oliver Hoyte Deon Anderson Wide Receiver (6) Terry Glenn Terrell Owens Patrick Crayton Sam Hurd Miles Austin Isaiah Stanback Tight End (3) Jason Witten Anthony Fasano Tony Curtis Offensive Line (10) Flozell Adams Kyle Kosier Andre Gurode Leonard Davis Marc Colombo Cory Procter Doug Free Pat McQuistan Joe Berger James Marten Defensive Line (6) Chris Canty Jason Ferguson Marcus Spears Jason Hatcher Jay Ratliff Stephen Bowen Linebackers (7) Greg Ellis DeMarcus Ware Bradie James Akin Ayodele Anthony Spencer Kevin Burnett Bobby Carpenter Cornerbacks (5) Terence Newman Anthony Henry Jacques Reeves Nate Jones Alan Ball Safety (6) Roy Williams Ken Hamlin Keith Davis Pat Watkins Abram Elam Courtney Brown Specialists (3) Mat McBriar Nick Folk
Dallas City Girl
Well, I did it, for those of you who actually read this..haha I am proud of myself, I packed, loaded the car and unloaded the car and moved all by myself, let me tell you it was quite a bitch. But I'm here and thats all that matters, I moved in with my best-friend just for the time being until I can get on me feet, so thats pretty cool, I start back to school next Monday and have two more months til graduation, I'm looking forward to getting a job and getting up on my feet this is the first time I've really been out my own and I love it, I feel more motivated to get things done. I am finally finding myself happy with everything, I am getting the chance to be closer to family, old friends and new ones and finally having a great relationship with the most amazing guy ive ever met. I look foward to getting my own place and having the time of my life.
Dallas Cowboys
yes the dallas won against the giants last night. 45 to 35. YES. GO DALLAS
Dallas/fortworth Metroplex Fubar Meet And Greet
Dallas/FortWorth Metroplex fubar Meet and Greet Hi Friends, Buddies, Fans, Witches and fellow swingers....Patrice here. It is time to break the misnomer once again that "people online are just people who are afraid to meet people in real life" I have done a few of these for simliar websites and thought it might be fun to organize one from here. I do not have a home that is appropriate for hosting such a thing so I will need some of ya'll to partner up with me to get this acutally happening. I can get all invetations sent out and give directions, decorations, cleaning, hosting, pot luck menu...It's fun...but it is up to yall and the amount of responses I get here...Ya'll let me know. And with my swinger hosting experience I am good at have a good ratio between Couples, Single Men, and Single Women. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Children are allowed. This if for the safty of the children because we
Dallas Vs Miami Week 2
Cowboys (1-0) vs. Dolphins (0-1) Sunday, September 16, 3:05 PM CT on FOX Week 2 Preview: Coming fresh off of a 45-35 victory over the New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys look to improve their record to 2-0 when they travel down to Miami to face the Dolphins at Dolphin Statdium. At the same time, Tony Romo looks to stay hot after completing 15 of 24 passes for 345 yards and 5 TD's, one rushing, with an INT against the Giants. HE should be giving the Dolphins' defense fits all afternoon. Of course the big issue of the game is going to focus on how our secondary performs and how well we can tackle on defense. They gave up 478 yards and 4 TD's against the Giants. This week should prove to be different though. Miami doesn't have a very good offense and struggle in their 16-13 loss to the Redskins last Sunday. If Terence Newman can come back tomorrow, then that would be a huge boost to the defense, even if he can only go in certain situations during the game. One more big questi
Dallas 37 Miami 20
MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds VS MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds Final 1 2 3 4 F DAL Cowboys (1-0) 3 7 10 17 37 MIA Dolphins (0-1) 3 3 7 7 20 Passing: T. Green, (Mia) 23-40, 287, 2TDS Rushing: M. Barber, (Dal) 14-89, 2TDS Receiving: C. Chambers, (Mia) 9-109, 0TDS MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds
Dallas Air Traffic Controle
TEXAS AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL (You gotta love this one!) Dallas ATC: 'Tower to Saudi Air 95 -- You are cleared to land eastbound on runway 9R.' Saudi Air: 'Thank you Dallas ATC. Acknowledge 95 cleared to land on infidel's runway 9R -- Allah be Praised !!' Dallas ATC: 'Tower to Iran Air 44 -- You are cleared to land westbound on runway 9R.' Iran Air: 'Thank you Dallas ATC. We are cleared to land on infidel's runway 9R -- Allah is Great !!' Pause: Static............. Saudi Air: ' DALLAS ATC ! DALLAS ATC !!! ' Dallas ATC: 'Saudi Air 95?' Saudi Air: 'YOU HAVE CLEARED BOTH OUR AIRCRAFT FOR THE SAME RUNWAY GOING IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS !!! WE ARE ON A COLLISION COURSE !!! INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE!!! Dallas ATC: 'Well bless your hearts. Y'all be careful now and tell Allah 'hey' for us -- ya hear? -----
Dallas Lost... Bad.... Lol
Ok, soooo DALLAS lost... I was hoping that would happen....
Dallas Wishes Upon A Star... Wishing They Were Packers
You wish you may, you wish you might, make a wish on that star that night 11/29... but in the end it all a dream and all you will see is Cheeseheads screaming victory LOL he he he MUAH!! gotta love me LOL
The Dallas Cowboys Are The Best Team In The Nfc
The Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the NFC I can hear the Packers fans grumbling already, but save it. The issue was decided when the Cowboys convincingly beat your team on Nov. 29. Dallas merely reinforced its stature as the class of the conference by staging an impressive rally in the final seconds Sunday for a 28-27 triumph over the Detroit Lions to capture the NFC East crown. When pushed to the brink, top teams respond that way (see New England's wins over Indianapolis, Philadelphia and Baltimore). Never mind that the Lions have lost five in a row. They managed to give a strong performance, something reminiscent of the way they were playing earlier in the year. They were stoked to play their best against an elite opponent, but it wasn't good enough, because the Cowboys were good enough to overcome the challenge. Tony Romo's ascension to the upper-tier among NFL quarterbacks is amazing. Not only does he have big-play ability, in throwing for two touchdowns (including the
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Dalla Bona In Rangers Link
Dalla Bona In Rangers Link Rangers are preparing to mae a move for Napoli midfielder Sam Dalla Bona during the winter transfer window. zoom - galleria The 25-year-old midfielder has been unable to command a place in the Partenopei first eleven, with Marek Hamsik, Mariano Bogliacino, Manuele Blasi and Walter Gargano all ahead of him in the pecking order. T hough it is not publicly known whether he would be in favour of a move from Italy, Dalla Bona certainly knows British football very well due to his three seasons with Chelsea. He made 55 appearances for the Blues, before moving on to Milan where he only managed four appearances before being sent out on loan to Bologna, Lecce and Sampdoria. It would seem that Dalla Bona’s Napoli days are numbered in any case, as his agent Claudio Pasqualin has also offered him to Lazio recently, though nothing concrete is yet to come out of that. Pasqualin was the source of the news of Rangers’ alleged interest as well, an
Dallas/ft Worth Party Tonight!
THE PARTY IS TONIGHT YA'LL! COME ON OUT!! It all started out with (Deb) Blueroses ~Blueroses~ you just never know@ fubar and (Barb) Tulsa's Angel Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Promoter / Sisters4Life ~@ fubar talking about needing a girls night out. Ha! It didn't take much to convince us that even tho we're in different states, we ARE going to do this!!!! Calling all girls needing a night out! Saturday, April 19th, 2008 in Arlington, Texas! !!! UPDATE !!! While this is going to be a girls' night out and the girls will congregate together, we are inviting all Fubarians, all guys and gals! THIS WILL BE STAG... WE ARE NOT HOOKING UP .. .NO PERVS ALLOWED, but boys, you ARE invited! Let Tulsa's Angel or Blueroses know and we will be sure you are on the blogs and bulletins! APRIL 19, 2008 ALL OF FUBAR COWBOYS IN ARLINGTON TEXAS BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!!! Cowboys plays country and hip hop. The best part is they serve li
Dallas Cowboy
Duane Thomas former Dallas Cowboy played back in 1971, is at Walmart in Mesquite. He will be signing autographs for $10 all day today.
Dallas Cowboys Train
Ok Sooooo u like the dallas cowboys hun ?? Even I dont live in Texas but Looove the cowboys. We are looking for those wonderful fans of the Dallas cowboys to join in on this train wanna join ? Well you have to simply do these rules to join and once you are done plz private message Tequila gurl saying I loooove the Cowboys or im joining the fans of the couboys! 1.must F/A/R all members current new and future 2.Must rerate those that are friends 3.Must comment those that are friends saying i Looove the cowboys or something similar 4. Leave the drama outside the train we all know everyone isnt a fan but please leave it out of the train. 5. Must go to Tempting Enchantress's profile and rate all her dallas cowboy pictures start with this picture Dallas cowboys Thanks and remember to private message Tequila when all done. 2 Cowboy Fans #1 Tequila Gurl known as Angel Momma owner of the Lollipop gurlz club & Brunnette diva's club@ fubar Stephanie Lynn@ fubar Cowboy Fan #2
Dallas Cowboy Fans Only!
Dallas Cowboys Schedule
2008 Regular Season Schedule DATE OPPONENT (TV BROADCAST) TIME Sun, Sep 7 @ Cleveland (FOX) 3:15PM W28-10 Mon, Sep 15 PHILADELPHIA (ESPN) 7:30PM W41-37 Sun, Sep 21 @ Green Bay (NBC) 7:15PM W27-16 Sun, Sep 28 WASHINGTON (FOX) 3:15PM Sun, Oct 5 CINCINNATI (CBS) 3:15PM Sun, Oct 12 @ Arizona (FOX) 3:15PM Sun, Oct 19 @ St. Louis (FOX) NOON Sun, Oct 26 TAMPA BAY (FOX) NOON Sun, Nov 2 @ New York Giants (FOX) 3:15PM Sun, Nov 9 BYE Sun, Nov 16 @ Washington (NBC) 7:15PM Sun, Nov 23 SAN FRANCISCO (FOX) NOON Thurs, Nov 27 SEATTLE (FOX) 3:15 PM Sun, Dec 7 @ Pittsburgh (FOX) 3:15PM Sun, Dec 14 NEW YORK GIANTS (NBC) 7:15PM Sat, Dec 20 BALTIMORE (NFLN & 7:15PM Sun, Dec 28 @ Philadelphia (FOX) NOON
Dallas Bargain Hunting Examiner
Hey Everyone! I've just been named Dallas Bargain Hunting Examiner for and I will be posting short articles on the latest bargains I've found in the Dallas area. You can help me in two ways: First, add my page to your bookmarks or as your home page! With tabbed browsing you can have multiple home page tabs. I get paid by page view so this is very important to the survival of the column (and mine, LOL). Even if you're not in the Dallas area, you can still help because I get paid by page views. Here's the URL: Please visit daily! Second, if you know of any bargains of any kind in the Dallas area, let me know so I can write about them! You can write me at or just leave a comment on my page. Thanks for your support! much love, Gene
Dallas Fetish Ball
Here are some pics from the Dallas Fetish Ball at The Church. The whole show was good, but Rubber Doll and Athena Fatale really put on awesome shows. I didn't get many pics, because I didn't take my camera, since my friend is always bragging about how great her camera is ;). She didn't mention that it only holds like 20 pics...
dalliance\DAL-ee-uhns, DAL-yuhns\ , noun:1.Frivolous spending of time; dawdling.2.Playful flirtation.
Dallas Roofing - Fort Worth Roofing
Dallas Roofing Dallas Roofing Pro is a site that helps people living in the Dallas area find and hire professional roofing contractors Fort Worth Roofing Fort Worth Roofing Pros is a site that helps people living in the Dallas Fort Worth area find and hire professional fort worth roofing contractors
Dallas Cowboys Won
♥i wish i could get on here more but its fun while it lasts...fu mafia!
Dallas Is Pro Booze
So check this out. Dallas wants to sell more booze while cities around the world are trying to minimize it. They are trying to get rid of "the dry areas" of the city. LMFAO What can I say, I like how they roll. LINK :
Dallas Cowboys Prayer
Our Father who art in Dallas. Football Be Thy Name. Thy 6th ring come, Thy will be done, on the road and in Cowboys Stadium. Give us this day our daily arrest, and forgive those who false start against us. Lead us not into overtime but deliver us to home field advantage. For Thine is The Kingdom, The Power, and a Cowboys Fan Forever. Amen
Dallas Angel (angela)
False DalmationAdd to My Profile | More Videos
102 Dalmations .........
lmmfao Ok, I must be realllly super a$$ bored cuz I came up with THIS, for all their names ....... This one That one The other one The lazy one The crazy one The cute one This one here That one there The first one The last one The middle one The dumb one The smart one The first male The first female The one that drools The one that craps all over The one that brings mud in the house The messy one The clean one The dopey one The mean one The nice one The one that hates his food The one has to have special water The one that bites The one that barks The one that's always bored The artistic one The musical one This one has a lot of gas The bitchy one The one that has too many fleas The one with the most spots The one with the most white The one with the most black The one with his 'special' collar The one that loves to chew The one that is color blind The one that eats everything The one that pukes all over The picky one The snotty one The ski
Da Loser White Sox!
some fuckin jagoff named Da White Sox just blocked me cause i told him i didnt have a webcam and that he should jack off to some porn and leave the internet alone, so if you come across him and you wanna do me a favor, rate the bastard virgin a 1 like he did to me and tell him you did it for me!
Da Lollipop Princess
people are dalusional by nature we see what we wish was there, we decode the world to fit our dalusion, becuz of there dalusion people may become paranoyed, smitten and some even think them selves loved, or even in love. its all a fine line in the heuman mind, in the end when a dalusion is relized and comes crashing down there is nothing, emptyness. and u see ur self for the fool every one elts sees u for. so now i sit hear alon, as i relize my dalusion,teirs streaking down my faces....... as the voice in my head softly whisper "fool"
4 Da Luv Of It
Scareface - Mary Jane Slowed & ChoppedAdd to My Profile | More Videos
a married couple woke up in bed together in the morning...... wife...i had a dream last night...they was selling dicks....small ones for 10 dollars and big ones for 100 bucks what did they sell mine for wife....they gave it away free husband...i had a dream last night too...they was selling pussies ....big ones for 10 bucks and tight ones for 100 what did they sell mine for husband...thats where they was haveing the sell
Your Famous Last Words Will Be: "We are born crying, live complaining, and die disappointed."What Will Your Famous Last Words Be?
i like me a girl that loves black and loves to play rough if you are one then message me later
Lets see, where do I begin?! Through Mike (MJBlette - see previous blog), I met his best friend Deb a.k.a. D.A.M.. As I went to Mike's page daily, I started reading the comments that Deb left on his page and on his pics and just knew she was someone I wanted to say hi to but waited until she was in a contest. Mike asked for my support in helping her in the contest (I think it was a Hot Mom but could have been Hot Bod contest...hehe) and I gladly went over and helped. As Mike & her were comment bombing back and forth, I got in on the conversation. Deb wasn't sure I knew how to take her & Mike's comments since some of them were really raunchy. lol But her personality is a lot like mine and we both have a great sense of humor so I knew they didn't mean anything bad by their comments. Needless to say, in a short period of time, Debbie & I started talking with one another and became friends. Then a few months ago, Mike decided to have a 3 way call so that Debbie & I could talk on the p
so i think i did it again. i know i upset some one that is very near to my heart, my gf jc. something that i could have said to her when we started goen out but i didn't think of it till now. and i know i upset her and i am very sorry about it. i love her so much and i am very glad i have her in my life, i didn't mean to upset her but i know i did and i am very sorry about it.
i sit at home all day and take care of kids i have the most boring life and i am only 21
shitty mothafucking day today on a fri. in monks corner. dam!
Damage Report
okay Yoga 1 - Kerry 0 yes it hurts, but the pain is quite nice, going to go for one to one sessions, did some breathing exercises and now its okay to sound like Darth Vader hahahahahahaha
Damage Inc Radio Lives
Damage Inc Radio
Come & Join Us At Damage Inc. Radio!!! We're Having A Great Party!!
They bleed red Liquefied life from hardened hearts Emotion life and pain apart It leaks then oxygen supplies Blood hits air the mix denies Ruby blood is value surged The proof of life slightly emerged Born for healing showing harm A vibrant lively red alarm Excess not of bleeding minds They bleed this blood a diffrent kind I bleed black Black blood that's trapped suffocation deemed Fermenting hopes and shot down dreams Slowly churning turning dark Flowing blackness through my heart Inside it dwells contained in skins The hue held black it slowly dims When metallic life bring freedom forth My blackened blood knows they remorse Whisking through the slits it flies this kind of blood won't ever dry
Damage From The Wreck
I'm grateful this is all that happened...
Damaged Goods
My soul is screaming For the one in my heart Why am I dreaming For what we can never start? We had our chance We were both too scared To try this dance With our souls bared. I need you more Than I can admit I'm not so sure I can take this shit. The moment we kissed I knew in was in too deep It will be on that list I replay while I sleep. I've loved you twice And now you know. But with your wife You cannot let it show. Maybe you love me I cannot be certain. Call it serendipity As to why I never win. I'm a horrible girl But I never let you see I've hidden my world Hoping you could love me. But I'm broken and battered And you deserve so much more Than a girl who is tattered No better than a whore. You will never know How bad it hurts Walking away so slow And crying in spurts. You will find a better love Much stronger than me Someone to shove Me from your memory. I wish I was enough To be all that you need. Though it's been rou
Damaged Roses
And she comes, breathing heavy she flowns, waiting in rivers i choke, waiting for the moment of birth, my heart breaks it's cage, i bring her damaged roses And she falls, screaming my name, she crawls, breaking the water, she touches the bank and waits, cold and blue she waits dying, i never knew why she frozen, i bring her damaged roses And i broke, my mind in fragments, i awoke, my eyes wide with fear, as i climb to my feet, the trees begin to speak, i lost her today, lost in the waters of waiting, i brought her damaged roses...
Damaged Lyrics
This song made me the most money when I danced. I always danced to the slow version... Plumb - Damaged Lyrics Dreaming comes so easily 'Cause it's all that I've known True love is a fairy tale I'm damaged, so how would I know I'm scared and I'm alone I'm ashamed And I need for you to know I didn't say all the things that I wanted to say And you can't take back what you've taken away 'Cause I feel you, I feel you near me I didn't say all the things that I wanted to say And you can't take back what you've taken away 'Cause I feel you, I feel you near me Healing comes so painfully And it chills to the bone Will anyone get close to me? I'm damaged, as I'm sure you know There's mending for my soul An ending to this fear Forgiveness for a man who was stronger I was just a little girl, but I can't go back
Da Maine Man Made Me Do It Lol
My shaking, clammy hand around it. A cold, shiny, brass doorknob. I can't let go. Yet know I must. I hold that door closed with my hand. But the door must stay shut on it's own I understand. Beyond the door you sit. Smiling, laughing, behind blue eyes. Thinking I will return on my knees, As I have so many times before. Oh no, not this time, Clutching my broken, patched heart in my hand. I slowly open my hand. Through watery eyes I look. That gift I gave to you, Handed back to me in peices. It can be repaired, But never beautiful as before. A chuckle escapes as I realize, I am but damaged goods. © Andi 2007
Damage Done
As the day is long as the Damage done Rise get in line getem pumped up high Get the hammers up high get in like to Get fucked up Get the hammers high Calm and cool corrupt As the day is long as the Damage done We wont give away anything weve won Is this punishment where did we go wrong Like a new conviction of a broken law This is life in the balance this is hate for a challange This is killing us in the desert dust They love the way we let the water wash away Gonna wake shit up gonna break shit up gonna tear this Gone dead world apart Dont doubt the hate thats inside of my heart gonna Break humanity just inspire of me Gaze into my eyes and youll find Were losing so much more
Damageplan Shooting: What Happened The Night Dimebag Was Murdered? - Dec. 8th, 2004
The following story by John Futty was published in the January 16, 2005 edition of The Columbus Dispatch: His high-pitched scream spoke to all of the things William Wever couldn't say. "It was like he suddenly realized, 'I've got another man's blood on me,' " said his friend Crystal Levings, 25, of Mount Vernon. Wever was cleaning the blood from his hands, face and clothing in the Alrosa Villa bathroom when he was struck by the horror he had witnessed. Like other fans at the heavy-metal concert by DAMAGEPLAN, he had watched a gunman shoot guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott in the back of the head, then turn the gun on those who tried to intervene. For reasons he can't explain, Wever climbed onstage to try to save a bleeding victim, even as the gunman, Nathan Gale of Marysville, continued shooting. "I have no clue why I jumped up there," said Wever, a 33-year old Mount Vernon man who is trained in CPR for his job in store security. "I wasn't thinking anything. I just did it.
Damaged Dreaming comes so easily 'Cause it's all that I've known True love is a fairy tale I'm damaged, so how would I know I'm scared and I'm alone I'm ashamed And I need for you to know I didn't say all the things that I wanted to say And you can't take back what you've taken away 'Cause I feel you, I feel you near me I didn't say all the things that I wanted to say And you can't take back what you've taken away 'Cause I feel you, I feel you near me Healing comes so painfully And it chills to the bone Will anyone get close to me? I'm damaged, as I'm sure you know Im scared and i'm alone im ashamed and i need for you to know I didn't say all the things that I wanted to say And you can't take back what you've taken away 'Cause I feel you, I feel you near me I didn't say all the things that I wanted to say And you can't take back what you've taken away 'Cause I feel you, I feel you near me There's mending for my soul An ending to this fea
Damaged Calm…
Damaged calm… Hope is a dream; this I have seen. The fool is the one who truly believes. It may start as something you merely possess, only to end up as a thing you obsess. Living for this is dying, for nothing. Believe this as true, and it will happen to you. Simple words can't describe the pain you feel inside; insanity of mind, you won't be able to hide. Along with your dream comes the reality of lies; a fool can also be convicted of this crime. The hope is now gone and madness comes to mind, surely you've been left, very far behind. Playing the fool holds nothing but heartache, good-bye to all, hello to nothing. And hurting like this, what would you do to stop it? Would you open your wrists, would you cast yourself into the pit? Alone you will stay, yes it's safe to say, until the hope, that is a dream, comes along another day.
Damaged Calm…
Damaged calm… Hope is a dream; this I have seen. The fool is the one who truly believes. It may start as something you merely possess, only to end up as a thing you obsess. Living for this is dying, for nothing. Believe this as true, and it will happen to you. Simple words can't describe the pain you feel inside; insanity of mind, you won't be able to hide. Along with your dream comes the reality of lies; a fool can also be convicted of this crime. The hope is now gone and madness comes to mind, surely you've been left, very far behind. Playing the fool holds nothing but heartache, good-bye to all, hello to nothing. And hurting like this, what would you do to stop it? Would you open your wrists, would you cast yourself into the pit? Alone you will stay, yes it's safe to say, until the hope, that is a dream, comes along another day.
Damaged Lyrics
I am merely the product Of the life that I've lived An amalgam of sorrows And the wisdom they give But the weight has grown heavy And its dragging me down It's so hard not to sink now But I don't want to drown I'm damaged But somehow I've managed This far But I don't know if I can find my way back home I'm damaged But somehow I've managed For now But I don't think I can face this on my own There is beauty in hardship There are poems in grief There are trials we must go through Though they may shake our beliefs But I don't know how I got here Lost in the cynical dusk Set adrift in the worry That I've no one to trust If to suffer is holy I'll take my share of the pain I can swim through this sadness If there's something to gain I can reach for the surface And try to pull myself free But the last thing I want is To drag you down here with me
Damage Family
Yes I'm talking to you!! Back when this site was still lost cherry a family was born, and all of you who are part of a family know how important these people are to your lives. Fat Tony who is no longer with us (R.I.P Friend) created the one and only Damage inc radio lounge, but to those of us who are part of the Damage family, it was so much more then a lounge. It was a place where close friends came together & all formed a special bond. Like all familys we all had our little disagreements but what family doesnt it just brings you closer in the end. With the passing of Tony Damage inc is no more, but even though the lounge is no more every single person in the family is still a big part of who i am, wether we talk once a day or once a month, we all know where we came from and remember all the things we've gone through together. With or without this site, these people will always remain in my heart, we aren't the kind of family who thrived on points or at being the best, we are there f
Damaging His Sub
He started out The perfect Dom Trust was growing Sealing our bond Loving my Master Hearing His call I was His girl His living doll The only emotion He's ever shown Disappointment and anger Is all I've known Still I stayed Because of loyalty He promised progression For Him and me Time's passed Nothing's changed Perfect for him While I go insane Enough is enough Finally numb The end is near The time has come Wouldn't release me So I walked away The hardest thing I've done to date Give Him loyalty Trust and love Does He get off On damaging His sub?
Where is your damage? Her fingertips haunt the lines in my face, reverberate like tiny bells after ringing or wind chimes. Only now I notice I am crying, the wetness cold as her warm skin finds it. Everyone here is broken. I tear at my chest with wide gestures, beat it with clenched fists, beg to show her the beating organ underneath. In sobs I never owned before, breathless, dying, maybe finally come to life, I see the truth: it is not in the etchings on the surface of each anguished expression but beneath, within the soughing of each frail heartbeat. She kisses the lids of both closed eyes and I begin to heal. © All rights reserved
Damageplan - "reborn"
Identity murdered, malicious intent I'm recreating myself at last Rise up from destruction, start over again Reborn, I'm now erasing the past Did you think for a second I Wouldn't bother to question why You always put me last Can you look straight into my eyes As you're excreting all your lies Your time is coming fast I'm reborn I've seen the light Everything now that would stand in my way Is doomed to take the impact to come You think you can stop me, you'd best think again You want a piece of me? Come get some! Did you think for a second I Wouldn't bother to question why You always put me last Can you look straight into my eyes As you're excreting all your lies Your time is coming fast I'm reborn I've seen the light So everything that you've throwing at me Has only helped me make up my mind And all you do will amount to nothing You can't effect me, don't even try Did you think for a second I Wouldn't bother to question why You always put me
Damageplan - "soul Bleed"
Now that I'm all alone Painfully aware I'm starting to feel the cold Knowing you're not there Caught somewhere between my fears and dreams And all I have are demons here for company Come and look inside, hope you like what you see And if you run and hide, you're scared of what is me Bind my idle hands, they only claw at me Drown in emptiness, my soul is left to bleed Throwing a shadow on Every thought I have Knowing that something's gone Echoes in my head Caught somewhere between my fears and dreams And all I have are demons here for company Come and look inside, hope you like what you see And if you run and hide, you're scared of what is me Bind my idle hands, they only claw at me Drown in emptiness, my soul is left to bleed
The Damage
This world is dying, And we know why. Plastin cans and petrol cars, We can hardly get by. The animals we're killing, By removing their homes. The areas we're killing, The animals unknown. The fish are choking, On beer-rings and bubble wrap. Oil rigs and nuclear plants, We go on with so much crap. I can't stand living here, I'm not proud anymore. No planet will exist, I know, By the year 3004. We're gonna kill this place, We will cease to be. Open your eyes and look around, And the damage you will see.
Damage Control
all right damage control i just had a fu friend over to my house from north carolina un supervised at my computer and she left a few mums and blogs in my name so anything that came about 20 minutes before this was not me sh was over here fucken with me yeah she is so funny ha ha ha yeah i wish u could pick up sarcasim on the net....thanks
Dama She Just Keeps On Going! Pt#3
->Painter{Di...: this is the bullshit i blocked and im blocking it again C YA ->Painter{Di...: ok i did too but who has she pipped out ~~SugarSpi...: infarred not good at bullies she rarly makes one of her own ~~SugarSpi...: like u did ~~SugarSpi...: she bought blasts ->Painter{Di...: no i didnt i said she had never pimped anyone that i had done the pimpouts ~~SugarSpi...: u and infarred both pimped out the homepages and families ~~SugarSpi...: and u have pimped me ~~SugarSpi...: i have pimped us all out ~~SugarSpi...: u left a comment on her bully saying we never pimped u out ->Painter{Di...: that's what you just said ~~SugarSpi...: i never said phil was right but it was not to cause any of these problems ->Painter{Di...: ~~SugarSpi...: then the comment u left on infarred s pimpout r u turning into a point whore ~~SugarSpi...: i am not saying u called anyone a point whore ~~SugarSpi...: i understood how u was mad at phil and he apologized for it what the fuck was the pro
The Damage Done
So, I got into a big argument with my girlfriend over the past weekend due to us not seeing each other as much as she'd like. I'm not trying to sound like I don't want to see her more--if possible, I would like to see her more but it isn't really possible at this point. Anyway, she is always complaining because she only gets to see me once or twice on the weekends. Usually we only get to spend Saturday or Sunday together because I fly home on Friday nights and I usually have a lot to catch up on during the weekends. So, this Saturday we were going to spend the majority of the day together alone without having to worry about her son or her mom. We were just going to spend time together doing whatever. I get headed towards her house and call her to let her know that I'm on my way but she doesn't answer so I leave her a voicemail letting her know I was on my way. I get a text message back from her within a few minutes saying she didn't feel like doing anything and she didn't feel like se
The Damage Done (part Ii)
So here I was, mad and upset with her for the things she said and how she was acting altogether. At this time, all the things about her that nag me also came to the front of my mind. Yes, she has mannerisms that I don't like. For example, she'll just randomly say 'blahhh' if she can't think of anything else to say and she'll even text it to me every so often. I also started discovering more about her. I turned my phone off, I didn't feel like talking to her. I had nothing to say to her and I didn't want to hear anything more that she wanted to say. That Sunday, I logged into MySpace because it told me I had a crapload of messages from her, so I figured I would see what she had to say at this point. Nothing new really. I just find it funny at how she doesn't want to hurt me, then she starts doing this crap. I started looking around myspace a bit and I noticed she had posted bulletins--you know, surveys and crap--but cleverly gave them titles such as "This weekend sucks", etc. Needless
Damage At White House Offices Being Handed Over To The Bush Administration From The Clinton Staff-truth!
Summary of eRumor: When George W. Bush took over the presidency in 2001, his new staff arrived in the offices of the White House to find that there had been widespread pranks and vandalism by the departing Clinton staff. Published reports said computers were left unusable, pornography was found on both computers and walls, and telephone systems were trashed by the cutting of cables and wires. bullet The Truth: The final, official report from the Government Accounting Office was released on June 11, 2002. The 220 page document says there was damage, although not as much as some of the early reports had suggested. The GAO says the damage included 62 missing computer keyboards, 26 cell phones, two cameras, ten antique doorknobs and several presidential medallions and office signs. The damage estimate was about $20,000. Clinton critics say the report proves that the departing Clinton staff members acted recklessly and disrespectfully. Clinton supporters say the report show
So much damage has been done You tore my heart to shreds Never thought I could hate you Had to believe I want to But you have used me enough Tore my heart apart Leaving nothing behind for the next guy Everythign is ruined now Including our friend ship Too much damage has been done!
Dreaming comes so easily ’cause it’s all that i’ve known True love is a fairy tale I’m damaged, so how would i know I’m scared and i’m alone I’m ashamed And i need for you to know I didn’t say all the things that i wanted to say And you can’t take back what you’ve taken away ’cause i feel you, i feel you near me I didn’t say all the things that i wanted to say And you can’t take back what you’ve taken away ’cause i feel you, i feel you near me Healing comes so painfully And it chills to the bone Will anyone get close to me? I’m damaged, as i’m sure you know There’s mending for my soul An ending to this fear Forgiveness for a man who was stronger I was just a little girl, but i can’t go back
Damage Report
I keep finding myself asking myself the question, "When is it ever gonna end?" almost every day when it pertains to my health, and I don't see an answer coming anytime soon. But I really don't need an answer for down the road at this point - I'll settle for what is happening right now! Let me bring everybody up to speed as best I can. A lot of this I don't remember - a lot I am hearing from other people such as doctors and my family, but some of my thought processes and memories are pretty bad right now. Just please remember (or know - for the benefit of those who don't know already), I am typing this from a hospital bed! Saturday afternoon I was brought to the hospital by ambulance because I had a massive seizure. (My mother and sister found me convulsing and called 911.) I was brought into the ER and then into the ICU in critical condition. Many tests were run to find out what caused the seizure and how bad this one really was (if they have answers, I don't know them).
The Damage.
Where have you been my whole life? My beautiful myth. My precious toy. My beloved damage. Like a cold shower in spring. In broad daylight. On a busy sidewalk. Light, and blue filtering unpretentiously through the clouds. Bold and omnipotent. Like the call of sunshine to all despair- You are not welcome here. There is room for one. If she promises to obey. If she swears to endure. To trust. To feel to share ecstasy like a thousand pin pricks at the tip of my poised, firm, well worn Fingers. May the hurt wash over me in one determined deluge. So that I may resume my revelry. Unfettered. Unaffected. Rinsed anew in the filth of my bleak, staring into the light of a new star. Piercing the dissapated, thin rain clouds. Wish me luck Wish me love. I wish...
Damage To My Car
I hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was going alright up until my bf calls me from the local park and told me that there is a whole in my back window. he calls me back a few minutes later and tells me that the entire window shattered. Had to call a few places to get a quote on how much it will cost to fix it. Why are some ppl so mean and thoughtless. I mean it happpens to everyone right? but your thoughts about matters like this change when it happens to you. Now i have to call around and see how much this is going to cost me. ill keep everyone updated
Meet DamagedHeart aka Linda, she is one of the original set of people that befriended me and helped me get a hang of the FU!Link to profile below.. Damaged Heart@ fubar She has entered a HH contest that needs 50,000 comments in 8 weeks. Link Below.. Unfortunately, I have no patience for comment bombing but I know there are a few of you out there that do. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated..Let me know if you have helped her out and I'll see what I can do for you! Brought to you by:MsCharlotte2U!~No Rate No Add@ fubar
Damarcus Beasley Interview 27th June 2007
DaMarcus Beasley interview 27th June 2007 DaMarcus Beasley - American Ranger
Do, Do you got a first aid kit handy? Do, Do you know how to patch up a wound? Tell me, Are Are Are Are you, Are you patient, Understanding? Cuz I might need some time to clear the hole in my heart and I I've tried every remedy And nothing seems to work for me Baby, (baby) This situation's driving me crazy And I really wanna be your lady But the one before you left me so [Chorus] Damaged, Damaged Damaged, Damaged I thought that I should let you know That my heart is Damaged, Damaged So Damaged, (So Damaged) And you can blame the one before So how you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it (Baby I gotta know) How you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it (What you are gonna do?) How you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it (Baby I gotta know) How you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it (What you are gonna do?) Do Do you got a first aid kit handy? Do Do you know how to patch up a wound? Tell me, Are Are Are Are you, Are you patient, Understanding? Cuz I might need some time to
Damaged---danity Kane
Damaged - Danity Kane
Damaged Goods
Since that day I have spent a lot of time and effort chasing people away and keeping my heart well guarded I don't feel like I deserve to be loved. I am damaged, broken, unworthy I want to feel normal, like I can do what normal people do. As it happened, I refused to feel Blocked it out and now the numbness is in my head I run like hell because I know it’s only a matter of time before the flashbacks set in. I haven't let a man hold me since it happened. I can't. I don't trust anyone. I hate that; it is a terrible lonely feeling. Most people think I am a cold and distant, but I'm not. I'm just a little girl who is afraid of the dark and of being alone. I don't think I'll ever be fixed, I don't think I will ever heal, I don't know if I will ever love or be loved or if I even have the capacity. What I do know is that I want my freedom back, I want my heart back and I want my life back. He might not reme
Damaged Goods
Since I ran into that fence last week my chest has been increasingly painful at the point of impact. Coming to the point now where it hurts when I cough, sneeze, yawn, laugh, stretch my left arm and I can no longer lie on my front or left side to sleep. Thinking I may have cracked a rib or something. Oh well
Da Man
Damaged Beyond Repair
The Damage In Your Absence
The Damage in Your Absence   All we could do was hug For his eyes watched us close I couldn’t speak my heart to you The agony rained down in a heavy dose The darkest day of my life Was watching you leave with him Everything broke inside when you left Another one of love’s victims Now my days are spent alone Dragging razors across brittle skin Swallowing the poison of my misery As the demons claws dig in
Damaged - Danity Kane
My best friend says this is my song, not just as an aftermath of my marriage, but from all the other shit I've been through in my life.  I had to laugh.  Funny, sad & true at the same time. "Damaged"Do, Do you got a first aid kit handy?Do, Do you know how to patch up a wound?Tell me,are you patient,understanding?Cause I might need some time to clear the hold in my heart and II've tried every remedyAnd nothing seems to work for meBaby, (baby)this situation is driving me crazyAnd I really wanna be your ladyBut the one before you left me so[Chorus:]Damaged, damagedDamaged, damagedI thought that I should let you knowThat my heart isDamaged, damagedSo DamagedAnd you can blame the one beforeSo how you gonna fix it, fix it, fix itHow you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it(Baby I gotta know what you are gonna do?)How you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it(Baby I gotta know what you are gonna do?)How you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it(Baby I gotta know what you are gonna do?)Do Do you got a first aid kit
As I sit here crying without you by my side I think about all that I am sorry for  I am sorry for the tears I am sorry for the damage I have causedYou saw beauty and I saw hateYou saw love and I saw diseaseI am sorry for the blood that has been spilled on my account for nothing I do will make up for thatYou searched for something unknown to you and begged for help but I turned you away afraid that if you found what you were looking for you'dbe gone forever.I am sorry for destroying the heart that brought ustogether because now that we are apart I cant find you You stand in frontof me but your still not there You gave your life for me you gave meeverything that you could You saw the disease eating at me and saw thatwithout ur help id be gone for good but i pushed you too far,I pushedyou to the point of no return I am sorry that I ended your life I am sorry that i destroyed the only good in my life You tried saving mebut it was too late it was too late to save the one you loved  
Damaged Goods..a Work In Progress....
she was born premature, by 4 months,the doctors didnt think she would make itshe was damanged goods.she survived birth and lived a decent life until the age of 4. at this time she began to be afraid to be around him. He always looked at her strange. making her uncomfortable. and would touch her where no one else had. or never should have. but she was damanged goods. this went on for many yearsshe couldnt fight him off. she was too small. and if she told anyone about it.. she was told that something would happen to her mother.. so she kept quiet. enduring his sickness. til one day at the age of 8 her mother come home early and rescued her from the monster. But her mother sent her away to live with her dad, her real dad..but she was still damaged goods. abused by a step mother.. always the blame for things that other kids did.. or didnt do..she was slapped... spanked.. beaten with whatever came to hand..she was thrown across the room over a beer mug getting broken.. but what did it matt
Desperately wanting the nightmare to end.Unable to heal,Unable to mend.Repressed pain of the past,Comes to haunt me at last.My sanity sinking,And I'm tied to the mast.Never asking for this.I was given no choice.Abused and disposed of,And left with no voice.Stripped of trust.Deprived of self worth.Locked away in my own,Private hell on earth.I need to get out.I have to break free.But it all seems so hopeless,Because I can't find the key.
Damaged Goods
I'm like a car that can't run right - too much hasbeen broken, from the promises that he made me, to the awful words that were spoken You can give me time, all that you have, in this lifetime that we live - but it willnever be enough for I have no more loveto give. As much as I'd like to let you holdme tight within your arms, I'm damaged goods, a smashed photograph, a heart that's frozen to all your charms. I hope someday, you'll accept me as a friend, and maybe then you'll see, that healing cannot come my way, for broken hearts never heal completely. I reach to you Hoping you see I will always love you.. But only Time and Patience  Will help me heal.. Can you be there? Or are you going to run away? And say Screw it, its threw? 
Hi my blank space of white.Its been a few days.Right now you are my closest friend.Here I can get it out.I don't have to listen to anyone but myself.Yesterday was my first counselling session with my soon to be x.I really didn't like it too much .Not that I'm to good to be counseled.Its just that the pain that filled the room was very intense.I heard a radio talk show host say once that the way a relationship starts is the way it ends and while I was sitting there in the church building we got married in the thought rang true.Why do people hurt each other out of love?That is my thought of the day.As I am here sitting at this pc writing some of my thoughts out I am wondering if I will heal to the point to want to try again with someone new at a later time.One thing I do know is that when you are damaged,emotionally physically and mentally you feel cornered.At least that's the way I feel right now.I am really kind of withdrawn now.I throw in a fake laugh here and there just to keep peopl
Damage? How Much?
  Our government gave BP the go ahead to use any means necessary to clean up the spiill in the Gulf. BP used chemicals with unknown effects to the system. They simply made the oil disappear......  Here are 10 of the most horrifying facts about the Gulf oil spill. Read them and let their gravity weigh heavy on your hearts and minds. Let them motivate you to take action so our planet never experiences this kind of manmade disaster ever again. 1. New estimates show the undersea well has spilled between 17 and 39 million gallons. These estimates dwarf those of BP, who claimed the spill had only released 11 million gallons to date, and mean that the Gulf leak is far bigger than Exxon Valdez, making it the worst spill in American history.2. The National Wildlife Federation reports that already more than 150 threatened or endangered sea turtles are dead. And 316 sea birds, mostly brown pelicans and northern gannets, have been found dead along the Gulf Coast as a result of the spreading oil. 
Damaged Goods
Damaged GoodsBy Joanna SlanThe dust mites danced in the ray of sunshine that provided the only light in the rabbi’s office.  He rocked back in his office chair and sighed as he stroked his beard.  Then he took his wire-rimmed glasses and polished them absent-mindedly on his flannel shirt.“So,” he said, “you were divorced.  Now you want to marry this good Jewish boy.  What’s the problem?”He nestled his grizzled chin in his hand and smiled softly at me.I wanted to shriek.  What’s the problem?  First of all, I’m Christian.  Second, I’m older than he is.  Third - and not least, by any means - I’m divorced!  Instead, I looked back into his soft brown eyes and tried to form the words.“Don’t you think,” I stuttered, “that being divorced is like being used?  Like being damaged goods?”He settled back in the office chair and stretched so that he was looking at the ceiling.  He stroked the scraggly
Damas De Ropa De Talla Grande
Moda en tamaños más grandes es una gran demanda. Los hombres y mujeres de gran tamaño que quiero, moda femenina de moda en grandes tamaños adecuados para llevar a sus declaraciones de estilo.Las mujeres de talla grande'' s comienza más allá de 14W. La industria del vestido ha producido un poco de ropa realmente exótico para mujeres de talla grande. Las categorías sólo sigue en expansión. Moda para mujer en los tamaños más grandes no es en absoluto para ocultar su cuerpo. Se trata de su cuerpo en la pantalla de una manera más sofisticada.Moda para mujer en los tamaños más grandes no implica, use ropa holgada para ocultar su figura de gran tamaño. Bien equipada, más tamaño de la ropa te sientes más sensual, que le da un encanto tentador. Sin duda, la ropa moderna de talla grande que puso a la par con la moda dominante. Puede mostrar las piernas con el uso de un moderno hasta la rodilla vestido o falda.Franklin Marshall short Dentro de un escotado top que usted puede usar una camisola. Y
Damages Show Goes Bad The Custom, How Many Have?
Uses the atmosphere blower frequently: The moisture content that hair contains if reduces to below 10%, will be sending the silk becomes rough, furcation, but will makes use of the consequence that the air blower will blow to give in order to frequently so. Should better make hair naturally air dry, regarding frequently individual who goes to the sweetness shop, can ask the hair stylist to consider air blower, don't paste the scalp to blow .instyler Moreover any time just isn't suitable wrong in size long. Everyday combs to deliver 50 times repeatedly: Combing hair may help cleanup being linked to the dunghill on hair, and can stimulate the scalp , to develop the circulation of blood of scalp. But combs many, instead will injure luxuriant. The suggestion really need comb about 30 time and energy to be all you need on a daily basis. Only combs hair end: Correct combing sends tips on how to comb on the roots on the hair slowly to sending the tree top, specially the person of long hair.
Damage In A Practice Crash Is Slated To Start
MIRABEL, Que. Brandon Marshall Camo Jersey . (June 2, 2012) – The weather would not cooperate with the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series on Saturday at Circuit ICAR. A persistent rain all morning and afternoon forced the cancellation of qualifying for the ICAR Lucas Oil Grand Prix presented by Budweiser. The race lineup, therefore, is determined by the series rule book which gives the pole position to defending series champion Scott Steckly with D.J. Kennington alongside. A pair of practice sessions was held earlier in the day on a wet track, but NASCAR officials cancelled qualifying due to the possibility of unequal track conditions throughout the session. Defending race champion Robin Buck, whose car suffered some damage in a practice crash is slated to start the race from the 15th position with two-time series champion Andrew Ranger, who has 11 series road-course victories to his credit, on the outside in the 16th starting spot. Rookie Elie Arseneau, who posted the fastest lap in pr
Dam Beavers
LONG, but very good. . This is an actual letter sent to a man named Ryan DeVries by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Qu ality, State of Pennsylvania. This guy's response is hilarious, but read the State's letter before you get to the response letter. *********************************** SUBJECT: DEQ File No.97-59-0023; T11N; R10W, Sec. 20; Lycoming County Dear Mr. DeVries: It has come to the attention of the Department of Environmental Quality that there has been recent unauthorized activity on the above referenced parcel of property. You have been certified as the legal landowner and/or contractor who did the following unauthorized activity: Construction and maintenance of two wood debris dams across the outlet stream of Spring Pond. A permit must be issued prior to the start of this type of activity. A review of the Department's files shows that no permits have been issued. Therefore, the Department has determined that this activity is i
Dam Bevers
this is something that a friend emailed me years ago, i have had it sitting in my email for over four years, so i figure ill share it with all of you. A Dam Building Permit is Required This is an actual letter sent to a man named Ryan DeVries by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, State of Michigan. His response is hilarious, but read the State's letter before you get to the response letter. -------------------------------------------------- SUBJECT: DEQ File No.97-59-0023; T11N; R10W, Sec. 20; Montcalm County Dear Mr. DeVries: It has come to the attention of the Department of Environmental Quality that there has been recent unauthorized activity on the above referenced parcel of property. You have been certified as the legal landowner and/or contractor who did the following unauthorized activity: Construction and maintenance of two wood debris dams across the outlet stream of Spring Pond. A permit must be issued prior to the start of this t
Dam Bitch Gets To Me Everytime.
Well folks.. I did it again. A really stupid thing but I learned a great lesson as well. The lesson was really learned thanks to my good friend Stang. Her blog taught me that lesson. I would like to blame this shit on PMS, which had struck the middle of this week, and it is a valid defense. I just feel the need to admit I was childish. My guy, has been getting comments from an old girl he used to "hang" with. Now, I didnt say sleep with, I said hang with. But, well, it hit a nerve. I would wake up in the morning, ready to send him a nice lovey dovey comment and there was this bitches face on his page every time. Now, a comment is a comment, but EVERYDAY. That was too much for me and my PMS to handle. I asked him what the deal was about this. I expressed to him that I know women and feel that she is wanting something she cant effin have. Apparently he didnt understand this because he started sending her comments back which in turn not only blew my damn PMS out of the wa
Dam Breaks, Abc News Covers Willie Nelson 9/11 Story
Dam Breaks, ABC News Covers Willie Nelson 9/11 Story ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 05 Feb 2008, 20:49 Dam Breaks, ABC News Covers Willie Nelson 9/11 Story The dam has broken on mainstream media coverage of Willie Nelson's comments yesterday about the implosion of the WTC twin towers with ABC News picking up the story on their front page this afternoon.
Dam Dreams
I cant stop the dreams the nightmares the guilt is eating me up inside,its been years and I cant seem to shake these dreams I am always at the pool side and I am giving him CPR and his face, is cold and I can feel his little body cold and wet even the smell of chlorine, so strong I cant feel his heart beat his eyes are open and lifeless there is water coming from his nose and mouth, I hear the ambulance coming and distance screams for help like in slow motion things around me seem to go very very slow almost to a stop, and I know help is on its way but I want to at least get him to breath choke up this water,I feel myself heaving my heart racing I stop and run to the front of the house and see the EMTs running to me all I can do is tell them he is in the back and then I feel helpless so heavy with helplessness so much hate I feel because I couldn't help him he slipped by me I never sleep in and I did that morning goddamn if I had only been up that morning if I had only been 5 minutes a
Dam Downraters
dam down raters stay off my pages
Dam ***********downraters
dam ***********down raters
Dame Baby
Sitting Here Thinking Of You Hoping One Day We Will Meet, There Will Be No Modern Technology It Will Be So Unique. You Will Be Holding MY Hand And I'll Be Thinking Ain't Love Grand Look Here World It's Just Me And My Man What A Wonderful Plan Yeah Just Me And My Man Listen Up World We're Off To WonderLand Yo I Don't Care Who See's Us They'll Be Just Wishing They Could Be Us You'll Reach out and Touch My Heart It Will Melt In your Hand and We'll Take a Stand There's No If's And's Or Maybe's Just Me And My Baby I Love you And You Love Me What a Call OF Destiny Written By :Blossom_Rose This Poem Is Being Published Right Along With The Other One And All The Rest Are Already Published
Baby,Me Atrapas Me Enloqueces con tu cuerpo me tienes Justo En El punto que quieres Donde El Alma se Pierde *Baby Dime Lo Que Piensas Me Estoy Dando Cuenta Eso Que Estas Pensando Ahora Sabes Lo Que Yo Estoy Sintiendo Me Vuelves Loco Con Tu Cruel Movimiento Como Quisiera Con Mis Labios Tocarte Acariciarte Seducirte Y Amarte (Coro:Oh Baby Please *Dame Dame Dame* Quiero Sentie *Dame Dame Dame* Todo De Ti *Quiero Quiero Quiero* Perderme En Tu Pasion Y Tu Deseo *Dame Dame Dame* -Me Llames Me Dices Que Me Quieres Y Que Me Das La Vida Solo Por Tenerme Te Pido Un Poco Mas De Tu Tiempo No Me Ves Que Estoy Muriendo Tan Solo Por Un Beso Es Urgente Tenerte En Mis Brazos Sin Ti Me Voy Hundiendo Despacio -Que Mas De Sino Es Para Siempre Lo Que Sientes Solo Se Que Solo Al Mirarte Quiero Tenerte Pideme Aquello Que Quieras Cuando Quieras si no es Amor Basta Con Tu Pasion....... ;-* *Dame Dame Dame* Quiero Sentie *Dame Dame Dame* Todo De Ti *Quiero Quiero Quiero* Perderme En Tu Pasion Y Tu Dese
Dame Im A Bitch?????
You scored as Popular Bitch. Popular Bitch100%Nerdy Girl75%Athletic Tomboy56%Slut50%Hippy38%Preppy Girl25%Goth19%Loser0%What type of girl are you?!!created with
Da Me Mas Gasolina
Aw, that's so sweet. He has another teenager to add to his leash. I don't feel sorry for her. He's just going to add her to a collection of rusting and cob webbed covered girls. It's how he does to us all. Hahahaha. Yeah, I'm not over it. But, I can laugh can't I? anyway, I was sick thursday and friday. but i'm better today. and bored. my mom rented a beach cabin for friday-sunday so i won't be on at all. :]]]]]]]]] omg. school is almost out! prom is almost here! wow! uhhh. i don't know what else to say. amanda and jana are going to the beach cabin with me.
Dame Catherine Cookson
Dame Catherine Ann Cookson DBE (27 June 1906 – 11 June 1998) was an English author. Cookson became Britain's most widely read novelist, while remaining a relatively low-profile figure in the world of celebrity writers. Her books were inspired by her deprived youth in North East England, the setting for her novels Early Life Born Kate McMullen (Catherine Ann Davies) at 5 Leam Lane in Tyne Dock, South Shields, (then part of County Durham), she later moved to East Jarrow, County Durham (now in Tyne and Wear), which would become the setting for one of her best known novels, The Fifteen Streets. Cookson was the illegitimate child of an alcoholic mother, Kate Fawcett. As a child, Cookson thought that her unmarried mother was her sister, and was raised by her grandmother Rose McMullen and her step-grandfather John McMullen. She left school at 13 and, after a period of domestic service, took a laundry job in the workhouse in South Shields. In 1929 she moved south to run the laundry at
09/03/08 - D12 - American Psycho (sam I Am Edition)
SONG VERSION BELOW American Psycho - D12 LYRICS BELOW [Eminem] I'm the Devil If ever there was such a thing The results of much too many drugs What you're seeing I'm a mind fuck completely disgusting (im white) a human mutt Fuck a being I'm a dog Fuck lambs I'm silencing them all I'm involved in murders Forensic science couldn't solve Giants set of balls Too big to buy a set of drawers Might as well unzip my fly and let 'em fall To the floor Each thought's completely warped I'm like a walking...talking...Ouija Board Speaking in tongues I've never spoke this speech before Khem dellelleh Enemech noomph meekh neesh meekh nohrf Have you ever experienced spirits and lyrics When you hear 'em ?til you scared To stare into any mirrors when you near 'em Well if so Get ready for some shit yo This some kinda sick joke? Shit no Mother fucking schizo So disturbed you just go so berserk You tip toes fist first with scissors To slit throats of just hoe
Damen Armbanduhren In Einer Vielzahl Von Stilen Kommen
Armbanduhren in verschiedenen Farben, Designs und Stile. Ladies Armbanduhren sind immer schöner als die der Männer Armbanduhren. Viele Top-Marken-Unternehmen sind in der Herstellung verschiedene Arten von Armbanduhren beschäftigt. Sie können jede Art von Armbanduhr Ihrer Wahl. Rolex, Rado, Gucci, Timex, Casio, Amazon, Hublot sind einige der Top-Marken, die Designer-herren armbanduhren marken zu fertigen. Diese Unternehmen kommen mit neuesten Designs jedes Jahr. Es wird empfohlen, eine Armbanduhr, die mit Ihrer Persönlichkeit passt zu kaufen. Armbanduhren können den Stil zu Ihrer Persönlichkeit hinzuzufügen. Es wird gebeten, die Augen offen halten beim Kauf Armbanduhren. Es gibt vier verschiedene Kategorien von Damen Armbanduhren. Ein Sport-Uhr kann in vielen Farben wie Pastell gelb, rosa, lila, grün, weiß oder bunten Mustern gefunden werden. Sportuhren mit besonderen Funktionen wie Alarme, Stoppuhr, Timer, Erinnerungen, Tempo Meter, Dualzeit und Herzfrequenzmessung kommen. Viele sind
Dam Fish
A boy was standing on a corner selling fish, "Dam fish for sale, dam fish for sale." A preacher walked up and asked why he was calling them dam fish. The kid said, "I caught them at the dam, so they're dam fish." The preacher bought some, took them home and asked his wife to cook the dam fish. His wife looked at him in bewilderment and said, "Preachers aren't supposed to talk like that." The preacher explained why they were dam fish, and she agreed to cook them. When dinner was ready and everyone was sitting down, the preacher asked his son to pass him the dam fish. His son replied, "That's the spirit dad. Pass the f*cking potatoes!"
Dam Friends
Why I havent heard from anyone on my page nor do they ever show love when I rate them all and everything n they dont do it in return. Im nice to all the ladies on here yet they wont shot me love or anything or pay attention or show support in mumms n such!! This is total Fuckin bullshit the only people who check my dam profile r stupid fags or fuckin downrate haters. Why cant I have a good time on Fubar this is fuckin bullshit Im better off deleting my account I sorta met soemone anyways n where gonna go out so its all ure fuckin loss!! for not showing love or keepin in touch or talkin
~ Damged F @#$! ~
Damaged Fucking People…or the ones that Need to wake the fuck up! The following applies to you ..NOW BEFORE you freak out ..this is entirely My opinion! Please feel free to say whatever pops in your head god knows I always say what's on my mind!..I have seriously just had enough of the daily bullshit from the following jackass's…….. STUPID FUCKING PEOPLE- Now you would think truly stupid people are few and far between ..but lemme just give you a window into my daily inbox on myspace!…give me a fucking break! If your IQ is less then 21 your are a fucking dumb ass…if you honestly think in the 21st century that hey baby nice tits do you have any more pix is gonna work your FUCKING STUPID! Have we seriously deteriorated as women so much that we allow shallow assholes like that to make any impact on us at all! I cant believe how many 35 year old men sound 16! I am also shocked on a daily basis by the lack of common sense most of us exhibit! Just because you say its fucking so doesn't
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The Dam Ham! Hehe
This was told to me one summer, haha, too funny, and goes like this.... The preacher's wife walks into the deli, starts looking around and sees a ham,  then asks the cashier about it. "Sir how much for this ham"? The cashier says "oh thats the dam ham" and she says "oh sir, you should not talk like that, i am the preacher's wife", he says "I know, but thats what it is called" so she says "okay" then buys it, then takes it home. Later she is in the kitchen, the preacher walks in and says, "honey, that ham smells great!" she says "oh thats the dam ham" he says " oh honey, you should not talk that way, your the preacher's wife" then she says, " i know, but thats what it is called" then he says, "well, okay". That evening, the family is sitting around the table, the preacher says " honey, can you please pass the dam ham"? the son yells " thats the spirit pop, pass the f**kin' tators!!!!"
Damien Out Out Out Of My Blogs
rofl dont you hate it when you get get caught saying something nice about someone *blush
Dam I Dont Mean To Brag But.....
i used to weigh 250+ pounds and wasnt that who finds me attractive let me know anyone? lol
Dam I Found A Lost Cherry To Claim It Cum Discribe It.and While Ur There Give Me Ur Vote...thanks
Damian Marley-pimpas Paridise
"Pimpa's Paradise" (feat. Stephen Marley, Black Thought) [Black Thought Speaking] And yes y'all, you now rocking with the best Black Thought from the legendary Roots crew in the flesh I split up in here with the brothers from the Marley family Creston--we gon' say it for y'all [Stephen Marley] She loves to party, have a good time She looks so hearty, feeling fine She loves to smoke, sometimes shifting coke Hey...she'd be laughing when there ain't no joke [Chorus: Stephen Marley] Pimpa's paradise! that's all she was now Pimpa's paradise! that's all she was Pimpa's paradise! that's all she was now Pimpa's paradise! that's all she was [Verse 1] Cause coke was a thing that once she first try Was once a blue moon to once a blue sky Now she's wondering who else wants to go buy She don't got no money and wants to get high Story sounds familiar, Like born to be wild but she sillier Not quite the same, but she similar A waste of my sarsaparilla Used to look goo
Damáistithe (damaged)
I see people behaving badly everywhere I look. When a person can stand in an exit and when asked to move it is they who are outraged. When you are able to trample someone over a sale on a sweater, some shoes or some mundane item and feel justified. When the word “friend” give someone the right to abuse the very sanctity of trust and respect. It is not how one dies that is how they are remembered but how they lived. The children of Eden stride the earth as giants. Never understanding that it will be them that life one day dwarfs. All of this behavior stems from the belief that they are entitled. They are broken and some damaged beyond repair. In the end the damaged children of Eden will have much to answer for and being damaged will not be an excuse
Dam I Want Some Of That Beer
Bored Dude Funny Video
Dam It Please Know Me
Damien Rice - Coconut Skins
You can hold her hand And show her how you cry Explain to her your weakness So she understands: And then roll over and die! You can brave decisions Before you crumble up inside Spend your time asking Everyone else's permission: And then run away and hide! You can sit on chimneys And put some fire up your ass! No need to know What you're doing or waiting for: But if anyone should ask? Tell them I've been licking coconut skins And we've been hanging out! Tell them God just dropped by to forgive our sins And relieve us our doubt You can hold her eggs But your basket has a hole You can lie between her legs And go lookin' for: Tell her you're searching for her soul! You can wait for ages And watch your compost turn to coal But time is contagious: Everybody's getting old. You can sit on chimneys And put some fire up your ass! No need to know What you're doing or looking for: But if anyone should ask? Tell them I've been cooking coconut skins And we
Damian And I (made By A Friend)
I had Damien on the 16th. I was in labor for 40 some hours and he's the most sweetest thing ever!
Damien Rice - Delicate
We might kiss when we are alone When nobody's watching We might take it home We might make out when nobody's there It's not that we're scared It's just that it's delicate So why'd you fill my sorrows With the words you've borrowed From the only place you've known And why'd ya sing Hallelujah If it means nothing to you Why'd you sing with me at all? We might live like never before When there's nothing to give Well how can we ask for more We might make love in some sacred place The look on your face is delicate So why'd you fill my sorrow With the words you've borrowed From the only place that you've known And why'd you sing Hallelujah If it means nothing to you Why'd you sing with me at all? And why'd you fill my sorrows With the words you've borrowed From the only place that you've known Why'd you sing Hallelujah If it means nothing to you Why'd you sing with me at all?
/> WE'RE ABOUT TO MAKE YOU AN OFFER YOU CAN'T REFUSE... she's here, she's gorgeous, she's a Pu$$ycat Goddess so now we want to make her a GODMOTHER by her birthday! so step with the FU and rise her status cuz YOU KNOW SHE GOT IT! The Pride of the Pu$$yCat Playmates she is Ła$Ŧ ♠oƒ Å♠ D¥in ßŖΞΞd She's seduced powerful men with a bat of her eyes and brought powerful Families to their knees.. now its your turn to be drawn in as she hosts her 2nd Happy Hour on Wednesday July 14 at 1am est(thats 10pm FU time) We're about to make this a Birthday Blowout... JULY 19TH HER 1 YEAR ANNIVERSAY and we want to make her GODMOTHER! not just any godmother.. a Pu$$Ycat Godmother So have yourself a slice of this cake then walk, run or drive by and give our Goddess a big Birtday hug and then rate everything on her page so we can give her that Big Push into Godmother-hood WANT TO KNOW MORE
Dam I Am Bored
What the hell there seems to be nothing to do in my town. Everyone here sucks. I cant wait to leave for WI. Wow 5 more days and I am the hell out of here. I bet everyone feels like this at times where they live. But hey at least I get to get out of here and soon enough I will be moving. I cant wait its going to take time but who cares. I have two kids to worry about besides myself. Thats why its taking so long. Soon enough tho. Then I can say goodbye to this sleepy place. And get away from all the idiots that live here. Lol its not everyone just half of the people I know. Well I am out I have crap to do yet.
Dam I'm Going To Heaven!
The Heaven or Hell Quiz at! MySpace Quizzes & MySpace Surveys! » Take the Quiz of the Week! «
Da Mi Basia Mille
Part of this poem I found in my favorite series of books, The Outlander Series, by Diana Gabaldon. I loved part of this poem so much that I incorporated it into my vows when I got married. Before we placed the rings on each others fingers, we said: "Then let amorous kisses dwell On our lips, begin and tell A Thousand, and a Hundred, score an Hundred, and a Thousand more" Da Mi Basia Mille, the poem by Catullus CATULLUS (84?-54? BC). Although Catullus is today considered the greatest lyric poet of ancient Rome, very little is known about his life. He was born to a well-to-do family in Verona and lived during the same time as did the statesmen Caesar, Pompey, and Cicero--all of whom he knew. They and others are addressed by him in his poems, works that show an intense capacity for love, hate, and insult. Only 113 poems have survived. Of these, 57 are short poems, ranging in length between five and 25 lines, except for one of 34 lines. There are eight lo
Damiens Poker Run
/> Greetings! Welcome to the FIRST Damien's ROYAL FLUSH Poker Run I'm coming full circle here on Fu so I'm trying to give back to those who have given Me so much.. so here's the deal - the plan is to race all across Fu picking up new players along the way to keep this card game on going .. and to start it I'm asking all to visit these lovely friends of Mine .. fan/rate/add them and then get back to Me to be added to this No Limit - Aces High - ALL IN Inter-Fu-national World Championship tournament of Fun. So let's get this High Stakes, Chips count for nothing, but Rates & Comments can add up Poker game on the Table! PLAYERS ANTE UP! DEALER PASS THE BUTTON! And the only Joker's wild is the Darkeman as we start up this ... So let Me introduce the first table: ~*~EyezOfJade ~*~Always Known As Tyghtwhyt ....Owned by King Haze@ fubar ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨
Damien On
If you were unaware, I am a poet and I'm living the poets life! With that said... After much anticipation and months of wating, Demonminds e-zine is up and running with brand new stories, art and poetry. While I made the coveted October issue of the e-zine, I was not entered into this years "Big Halloween" issue. Still, a grand achievment, nonetheless and I haven't given up on gracing the cover of that anthology. Not by a long shot! If you're interested in reading my latest poem, "Perfect Hate", go to : and click on the Horror Poetry banner!! I would like to thank all of you have have supported me and continue to support me in chasing down my dream ! Infernally yours, Damien Dread
Damien Dark Made This For Me
THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE Salute to My boy We are here to Showcase this new rising new graphic design artist and to show off a bit of his work to give you and idea of what he enjoys doing .. He's a humble cuss, and knows that he is just starting out but his plans are to be a Household name in world of CGI movies such as Pixar and yes guys... VIDEO GAMES... So we are going to give you a Preview of some of the things My boy has done.. and then yall can run over and see what he can make for you .. you wont be disappointed... These are just samplers... as you can see he can do a little of it all and yes he has a growing fan base...but there's always room for more friends
I am tired of trying to give and give and give and get nothing but Distrust from someone I have trusted and continue to trust. I understand that we all have been hurt and have lost trust in others throughout our lives, but I for one have never held another man accountable for all other man's actions and I feel hurt and just in pain emotionally and mentally when I have done nothing wrong and yet I am not trusted with anything I do or say. I'm tired of crying....tired of the hurt....tired of the fukin pain...and yet I continue to allow it to happen...Am I fukin stupid?
Dam It
Dam I'm Confused!
In my heart I think I have finally found the one! I am not sure how to feel or how to act on it. I don't want to run , but I don't want to push! I don't know how to tell him or how to show him, because he doesn't even know it yet! How do I tell him? Or do I tell him? Or do I just keep it to myself and let it play out? Maybe it is just pre-mature. Maybe it's just lust, I don't even know. God I feel as though this is just a role of emotions I can't control. I feel as though my heart is on the tracks headed for a train wreck! I am so comfortable in his arms and his smile makes my heart just melt. When i look in his eyes I can see the reflection of my own soul, that almost seems impossible but it's true! Wonder if he will ever realize it? Who knows maybe it will pass with out notice only wonder. I want to give him my life, My love and my soul. Not sure how to do it. He doesn't even see the good he has in him and doesn't know how much he is worth. His worth as a person and as a lover. t
Damien Darke - Owner
  About Me - simple - I am Me ... I believe in the word friend and I believe we all should have one.. I believe in the word family - family keeps us grounded, or it should, we put our all into it with no thoughts of getting anything in return because thats our family... I am the Father of a host of kids... some biological others by marriage and I love them all.I am a writer, I love the use of words and I seek different ways to make them come together in a way that is I hope different from how others may use them. I have actually completed a book and I look to have it published one of these days. I have a bevy of short stories I have written about different things most of them are for the adult eyes only. Maybe I'll share them with you one day.Im am deep into Graphic designs... nothing against imikimi but I dont use it so the tags I make for My Angelz are all done with My time and patience but Hell I love how they turn out. Want something done.. look Me upI wanted to put this group tog
Damiani Jewelry : Christmas Comes To Paradise
  With Christmas Damiani presented his new collection , Paradise . Inspired by the starry sky and the constellations Paradise is a line that sees its highest expression in the ring . Gold(cuff bracelet) , with diamonds and gemstones, Paradise is a line designed for a refined woman who loves the look and striking the entire collection. The ring is white gold and topped with lots of small diamonds reminiscent of many small stars . Damiani has introduced a collection perfect for Christmas : it's called Paradise and is inspired by the wonder of a starry sky . Highlight of the line are the rings , the domed shape design of high-impact , determined to get noticed : volume, light and color are indeed the characteristics of the entire collection . The rings can be topped in white gold with white diamonds(rhinestone earrings) , claw -set and to give the idea of a piece of the sky, or even in yellow gold with diamonds or fancy always in white gold with diamonds and sapphires. But the beautifu
Dam Look Outtttt
I guarantee these asses are going to form an army and take over the world. God help us all.
The Dam....lmao
This is an actual letter sent to a man named Ryan DeVries regarding a pond on his property. It was sent by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Quality, State of Pennsylvania. This guy's response is hilarious, but read The State's letter before you get to the response letter. State of Pennsylvania's letter to Mr. DeVries: SUBJECT: DEQ File No.97-59-0023; T11N; R10W, Sec 20; Lycoming County Dear Mr. DeVries: It has come to the attention of the Department of Environmental Quality that there has been recent unauthorized activity on the above referenced parcel of property. You have been certified as the legal landowner and/or contractor who did the following unauthorized activity: Construction and maintenance of two wood debris dams across the outlet stream of Spring Pond. A permit must be issued prior to the start of this type of activity. A review of the Department's files shows that no permits have been issued Therefore, the Depar
It's almost Friday..Time to party soon! I wish today were Thursday.. I'd be happier! KISSES! Lady T
these "glitches" are so irritating!!!!!!!!! I wish they would fix them!!!!
have u ever had a toddler asleep on your lap and your leg starts to itch???????? IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. i can't move or i'll wake her up. and dammit... typing with one hand is NOT as easy as some people say!!!
Damm Snow
im up at 6 and it is starting to snow and i have to walk to work and it is snowin man im gonna freeze my ass off but dont fear ill be back later on today damm snow and my new poem for winter is DAMM ITS COLD!!!!!
Dammit I Fucked Up This Time!
okay so my best friend and sister desi started dating my ex brandon 6 weeks ago.. brandon (the guy) broke up wit her and we found out that he was cheating on her.. and i went off on him saying that he was fucking her over tha same way he fucked me over.. (over the summer when we were dating we were together a month and a half and one day while we were at a friends house he broke up wit me saying he sees me as just a friend and then i found out he was fucking around on me for the last couple of days we were together) okay with that thought in mind it is the exact same shit he did to her.. but desi's ex boyfriend came over saturday night and they got into a fight and he started hitting her and i couldnt do anything about it i tryed to pull him off but i couldnt so i texted brandon and told him what was going on and he said that its her fault that hes doing it and shit.. (he said he would help desi even if they did break up in any situation).. and i got pissed off that he said that and i
Dammit,,, ok who or whatever stole or take my picture away,, I just wanted to know why is some of my picture gone missing as no one informs me about this happening and I Wannaaaaaaa know who dunnit??? And thanks!!!
I have written the same fucking blog 3 times and every time it gets erased cuz cherry ass decides that my session has expired and it doesnt take me back to my fucking blog. I am so mad right now and on the vurge of a total emotional meltdown. ( Not cuz of the blogs, duh) I am tired of this indiscribable pain that I have been feeling in my heart for the past month. It gets worse and worse as time goes on. I am doubting him and doubting his love and his words. I want this pain to go away. I am being played, I just know it. Why? I have been so strong and so good to him and this is what I get in return? I just don't understand. No one does. No one ever will.
i'm really wondering if anything else can go wrong in the begining of this year.....first i watch my friends place go up in smoke and flames now my pipe lines freeze and the main line blows........WTF ELSE IS GONNA HAPPEN....BACK IN A FEW ALL
thats all i got 2 say about this whole weekend - dammit
Dammit !!
No f'n water all day! Lines frozen! I need an f'n shower dammit!
i yelled at the puppy just now...and i'm very ashamed of myself. i had just brought in the mail, and our screen door is kinda old and doesn't always latch. she has a tendency to rush the door anyway. and she bolted...almost into the street where some od suburban was barreling towards her. i got so scared that i yelled at her...she was so scared of me that she peed a little (Cocker Spaniels have a tendency to lose bladder control a little when either excited or scared, also some times to show submission as well). i feel like such an asshole. i also have a bandaid on my forehead. it's so stupid. i have this pimple dead center about an inch higher than my eyebrows. pimples are such a rare occurence that i can't stop myself from messing with it. it looks like a freakin' headlamp now. i now look like a total idiot. but i think that i'm going to write something on it...something clever. ah hell...gonna nap now. grrr...i am still cranky...
Dammmmmnnnnnnnnn U Peeps On My So Called Friends List
i have almost 1000 friends and 29 have left a rate and a comment......why is it like pulling teeth to get a lil love......ya ever realize the way you treat others is how u will get me some respect,love, rates and comments in this and i will return it, i always do cause how i treat peeps is how i exspect to b treated.....if u want to b treated like pooh ooh ooh then thas u'r choice but friends are supose to help friends now wheres my loooooove click pic for direct link
Dammmmm Lol Gumming This One For U Guys
Iv been held in the inside for 2 long not letting go of all I hold writhing, its like poison flowing through my veins, a slow and yet fully unchangable pain of influence heats at my heart and swallows my soul into a deep and vast gap of hate. The light that once guided me through this dark tunnel beaneath the ground is slowly fading it is leaving me and trapping me within this dark prison, I have done all I can do 2 watch my soul be eaten away piece by piece and my heart was ript outta my chest like a monster in the night when it hunts its prey, for there is no escape from this long a dark path that I must take all those it feels like I have lost this war it has only begun because from within I have started 2 change, My heart has turned from its loving was a died within my chest and my soul has crept into the night and left me with this utter feeling of darkness, I pray 2 the darkness and let it give me strength 2 take back what is mine and hold those who ripped away my heart and soul
Dammit To Hell..
I think of you all the time wishing I was in your loving but so evil embrace, kissing me, touching me making me feel like your fucking my insides... I want to look into your mysterious stare and tell you I love you that I never stopped and every waking moment with out you kills my empty soul.... My lips burn like the fires of hell so that I may tell you that I so desire your love that Im dying with out you as I slowly go into my 6 ft hole....
Damm Duke
Tom was just out on a date with Jenny.... As Tom is taking Jenny home he feels this massive urge to blow ass... Tom is trying deperately to hold in this huge fart until Jenny is out of the car... They finally pull up to Jenny`s house and Tom is desparatly waiting for her to get out, but she just sits and talks to him for a while..Then she asks, "Why don`t you come in and meet my father" Tom is thinking, "Fuck, I have to float this air biscuit or I am going to blow up" but he really likes Jenny because she just gave him a blow job at the drive-in. So he accepts the invitation to meet her dad. They enter the house and the father invites them both to come and sit on the couch and chat.. Tom is desperatly trying to have a conversation but is struggling to concentrate because of the gigantic amount of butt-air building in his ass. Finally, the dog, Duke, comes and cuddles up next to Tom.. Tom starts to think, " Hey, this is my shot, I can let a little of this fart out and
Dammit It All
I was laying on the couch and the phone rings. It's my darling hubby at 10 at night to tell me that while his roommate was out this evening, his truck was broken into and I need to call and suspend service on his cell phone. f**king great. so I called Tmobile and tell them and sure enough, someone had been using the phone, but they turned it into a paperweight for me and luckily I have my old phone and just need to go get a new SIM card and Chris can have that phone until I replace it with something better. so it's not like it was that big of a deal, just not something I really wanted to deal with at 10 pm. and now I am pissed off because some idiot stole the phone. anyway... I had to rant to about it quickly.. now I go back to my couch.
Totally am falling off the charts for this contest! help a laydee out!
Dammn Phone
so my phone battery died! good thing my phone is still under the warrant! so now i have to wait 10 days befor i can use my phone!
why am I so fucked up inside? why can I not let someone in? I want to love someone....I don't know why I have to push so fucking hard. Like I am clearing a path to run for my life. I swear it feels like a panic all the walls close in on me and i cant breathe. will this ever go away????
Life sucks I am so miserable. I wanna go mope now.
Dammit Nikki Wins
please if your going to give the gift to someone else have the link ready..if u send it thru mmmail you got to goto the persons page and copy the url and send it to me...dont send me just the friend id,,...i dont know what to do with contets math 3 minutes after i give nikki her will be math addition..but alot so people with calculators can make mistakes or typoslol.............nikki tell me who gets the baloons
I hate being broke! I hate losing my phone! I hate losing my internet! BLAH!!!! I may be losing my internet soon. They have already disconnected our ability to call out. We can still get calls in though..... If I end up being offline for more than 1 day, it means I lost my net :( If you have my #, CALL ME!
Dammit! My Phone!!!
so, im cleaning up w/ a bucket of pinesol and water when i hear my phone go off. zach was right next to it, so i say 'hey, toss me my phone' so he tosses it....right into the bucket and now my phone is soaked. I'll probably get a replacement soon, but if u call/text me and i dont answer, thats why, cuz it barely turns on. anyways, just thought i'd let ppl know why im not calling back...

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