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All Of Me
My mouth does not say the things that I feel My mind does not stray wishing it was real My arms can not touch but they feel you still My eyes can not see the beauty that I need My legs will not move waiting for my time My ears will not hear until you appear My heart will not beat for no other one My love will not go even when I grow old I belong to you mind body and soul
All Of These Mumm's it just me or most of these people just write about sex all the time? i guess there isn't much going on in the world....other than sex...i mean the president of the US is probably making his dog lick off the peanutt butter off his balls instead of focusing on some better important things other than sex with ur dogs or oral pleasure from ur dog but anyhow let me get to the point....i wish people would just mumm something about other than sex :P even though sex is awesome but it can get kind of boring after talking about it for a while
All Of This 'rate Me' Stuff
ok, so people here are primarily interested in showing up on a person's page and saying oh hi.. and rate, fan, me blah me and yada yada me such crapola... what kind of site is this? is this a video game or a social enviroment? fan me rate me? yeah hello to you too
All Our Relationships Are Really Imaginary
All our relationships are really imaginary It is only when we see without any preconception, any image, that we are able to be in direct contact with anything in life. All our relationships are really imaginary that is, based on an image formed by thought. If I have an image about you and you have an image about me, naturally we don't see each other at all as we actually are. What we see is the images we have formed about each other which prevent us from being in contact, and that is why our relationships go wrong. J. Krishnamurti Freedom from the Known p. 91 1969 by Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Limited
All Our Moments (or Perfume) -
I wrote this a while back about 3 years ago. All our Moments (or Perfume) - I can hear your voice on the walls / Your Perfume still drifts on my sheets / why did you leave? / why did I not stop / they all asked you about me / I told everyone I am fine / fear, loneliness, and anxiety fill my mind / I am in my own prison / fear are the guards / that binds me to this room / the pictures on the walls are the fractured memories that haunt my waking moments / all our moments are gone / thoughts of us were one / now all I do is take these pills / They say I am Ill / They said I wasn't stable / What do they know I am capable /
All Of Me
"Forgive me father, for I have sinned." That was how I began kneeling in that little cubicle asking the local parish priest to intercede for me. "It has been two months since my last confession and these are my sins." "Go ahead my daughter," Father Ryan said to me. "Father, I have lied, I have disobeyed my parents, and I have sworn. And ..." "Yes, my dear," he urged me to continue. "And father, I have fucked 16 boys." I heard Father Ryan suck in his breath at that one. But, regaining his compsure rapidly, he said merely, "Tell me more my child." And this is the story that I related to him. I guess I should begin by saying that my name is Jenny though some of my friends call me Jen. I guess soon some of them might be calling me slut. But that's okay, 'cause I guess it's probably trye. In any case, I'm sixteen years old, kinda' plain looking I guess, smallish, with glasses. Actually, I'm not much more than 5-feet tall and usually weigh around 95
Allow Yourself
Intoxicated imagery A place deeper than common thought Where regardless how far you fall Reassured you'll be caught A place where confusions a rarity Time stays still Laughter's a part of charity Give into it by will Happiness the only sickness Pain cease to exist People lend out a hand Rather than ball it into a fist Friends will be friends When a favors done Not expecting any thing back Society's out to help you Not throw your head off track Where black is a beauty Nothing goes unjustified No waiting for what could be And no memory Of the last person who cried Yet you can't rely on imagination Only causes false hope Life has its times You just have to cope Endure the worst Allow you to cry Spend time alone To think back Reflect' Ask yourself why Now every person has a crisis Moments they feel deprived And at the end of the day You're just happy you survived So every now and then escape To a place deeper than common thought Where regardless how fa
All Or Nothing, Lmao
I just got home from the Dr. I have bronchitis, a sinus infection and laryngitis. I have to take an antiviral, an antibiotic and a cough medicine that contains Codeine. Now i know why i have not had any energy lately, lmao.
Allow Me To Ramble.
The single mom.. Is tired. Horny. Tired. On information overload from chem class today Horny. Needs a drink, maker's mark n dr pepper on ice. Needs a babysitter. Needs some for real quiet time away from the single moms beautiful pre-preteen twins and pre-schooler. Needs friends with common fucking sense. Needs a pepsi. Needs to lose just a little more weight. Needs a hug. Needs a spa day. Needs her nailz did. (lol) Needs to wash her car. Needs a hysterectomy because she doesnt need her uterus anymore. Needs to remove the weeds from the garden out front. Needs to listen to STP Needs someone outside her circle to listen Needs someone to tell her it's ok to wanna scream. Needs someone to tell her it's ok to cry. Needs someone to lend a shoulder for her to cry on. Needs someone... The single mom... Is tired.. Horny.. Tired... Post- Menestrating Tired....of being tired... Fin~
All 4 One - I Swear
All Over Cept The Cryin!
hey you guys!! im so gonna win!!! if you want to add to the winners pot, and make my winnings even philemon!! he is holding the winners pot! Philemon [I own Per! Yay!]@ fubar fupal him your donation to the pot with a message that says "for j-roxxx" or sumfin :D as little or as much as youd like!! 100 fu or 100k fu :D the pot is going to me (y) you can bet on that :) i even put 50k fu on myself at the beginning cause i had confidence i would win :) thats just how i roll. and i owe it to my wonderful friends for making me feel like i could win. thanks. im so late for work, and this catfight really turned into a catfight!! it was awesome :D lol...all in good fun of course, but yeah. i have the best group of friends on fubar. thats for real (y) godfather level means nothing to me. my friends, and my freedom to express myself here does. not trying to be famous, just trying to show people who i am :) check out this mumm. total drama i kno
Allow You To Dream
Intoxicated imagery A place deeper than common thought Where regardless how far you fall Reassured you'll be caught A place where confusions a rarity Time stays still Laughter's a part of charity Give into it by will Happiness the only sickness Pain cease to exist People lend out a hand Rather than ball it into a fist Friends will be friends When a favors done Not expecting any thing back Society's out to help you Not throw your head off track Where black is a beauty Nothing goes unjustified No waiting for what could be And no memory Of the last person who cried Yet you can't rely on imagination Only causes false hope Life has its times You just have to cope Endure the worst Allow you to cry Spend time alone To think back Reflect' Ask yourself why Now every person has a crisis Moments they feel deprived And at the end of the day You're just happy you survived So every now and then escape To a place deeper than common thought Where regardless how fa
All Over You!
yeah he's a looker but i really think it's guts that matter most i displayed them for you strung out about from coast to coast i am easily make believe just dress me up in what you want me to be i'll take back what i've been saying for quite some time now i've gotta feel you in my bones again i'm all over you i'm not over you i wanna taste you one more time again i'm all over you. i'm not over you in my daydreams, in my sleep infatuation turning into disease you could cure me, see all you have to do now is please try give it your best shot and try all i'm asking for is love but you never seem to have enough i've gotta feel you in my bones again i'm all over you i'm not over you i wanna taste you one more time again i'm all over you i'm not over you this life is way too short to get caught up in all this stuff when i just want you to love me back why can't you just love me back why can't you just love me back (why can't you, why can't you) why can't
All Of It
wow! cool! far out! radical!! peace!!
All Our Children
I've been sitting here watching so many happy children on different vids.I couldn't help but lend a thought to all the lil ones not so happy.So I have decided to do a repost. Children everywhere..are precious spirits filled with enormous potential,gifts and light.Not at all perfect and yet...this is what makes them "perfect". To be able to wander around mumbling to themselves and singing or acting out a role for play is a time we should all be able to have again so we might just appreciate the fact that as adults,we could get locked up for such things lol. I love to watch a baby see something for the first time.The look of wonder on their faces and their eyes as big as saucers..truly inspiring! Just today I was out doing the groceries and while I was deciding between products,I noticed a little person coming my way....on a mission lol.He was no more than 2 and yet he knew exactly what he was after and where he had to go to get it.Yep...the goodies aisle lol.His Dad follow
All Out (my Baggage)
All Of Em
Thursday, June 28, 2007 profile song lyrics - rise against Current mood: calm "The Good Left Undone" In fields where nothing grew but weeds, I found a flower at my feet, Bending there in my direction, I wrapped a hand around its stem, I pulled until the roots gave in, Finding now what I've been missing, But I know So I tell myself, I tell myself it's wrong. There's a point we pass from which we can't return. I felt the cold rain of the coming storm. All because of you, I haven't slept in so long. When I do I dream of drowning in the ocean, Longing for the shore where I can lay my head down, I'll follow your voice, All you have to do is shout it out. Inside my hands these petals browned, Dried up, fallen to the ground But it was already too late now. I pushed my fingers through the earth, Returned this flower to the dirt, So it can live. I walked away now. But I know Not a day goes by that I don't feel it's burn. There's a point we pass fro
Allow Abundance
Allow abundance Life's richness fills your world to the degree that you allow it. Choose to allow it fully. Your doubts and anxieties only serve to separate you from the abundance that could be yours. Can you find a way to drop those doubts and let go of the anxieties? Your efforts will yield success when you're able to allow that success to be. Live every moment as if the success already exists, and it will surely come to life. Achievement is more than just going through the motions. Achievement comes from the person you most consistently allow yourself to be. How does it feel to be living your dream? Feel that way all the time, and the dream comes bursting forth into the reality of life. Allow yourself to be a unique expression of life's limitless abundance. And fill your world with real joy and meaning. -- Ralph Marston
Allow Me To Be
Allow me to be the man that you deserve I’ve found my courage, I’ve worked up the nerve At last I have found my voice You are the one I yearn for, you are my only choice I’m still not sure why these feelings persist You are my friend, but without you I don’t exist Allow me to be the man who wipes away your tears The one who helps quiet your secret fears Allow me to be the man who makes you smile For a lifetime, not just a little while Allow me to be the man who showers you with praise That you may be content all of your days Allow me to be the man who gives you his heart I’m not asking for much, only that you allow me to be All you that you desire, allow me to be me.
Allow Me To Introduce Myself....
First of All, I don't know sh*t about this site except it sets off my stimuli with all the colors and icons and scrolling text going on...and plus, I'm looking for something new other than Facebook and Myspace. I'm a college girl, soon to graduate, and pretty damned excited/scared/whatthehellamIgonnadowithmyLIFE about it. NO FREAKIN KIDS!! you'd be suprised how many people my age who have em'....I don't know about the rest of the world but I'm working on these things called "priorities". I love food, but I kiss better than I cook (saw that saying hanging in my best friend's moms kitchen. kinda true...). I'm fond of animals, hate bugs, don't watch TV,and I like playing spoons with Alcohol. Beer pong (beer not being my preference) is my new favorite game, I have a fetish for Hello Kitty, and I really never watched Sex & the City...dont throw stones!! I heard it was pretty good though... All in all, I hope my blog seemed a little 'cool' at least enough for you to, rate, add, an
All Of Me
All my life searching for the one to share The space within my heart To stand right by my side Then you came to me Shining as the morning sun You gave your love to me And I knew you were the one The one to share my life To make all the wrong so right We will live as one for all eternity You and I I'm giving you all of me Cause you gave me all of you I'll love you forever For you my love's so strong I'm giving you all of me Cause you gave me all of you We'll stand together And our love will always carry on
All Of Those That Want A Bomber Read ...
Send Me A Message ONLY. NO SB messages because i WILL ignore them. Please MESSAGE ME ONLY THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME
All Or Nothing.
well yesturday was chris and I 4 months of being married day lol. it might be a tad bit childish but it was a big thing for me. everyday that goes by with him is just that. I dont really think he knows just how much I love him, maybe someday he might.. theory of a deadman/all or nothing. Lyrics: When I first saw you standing there You know, was a little hard not to stare So nervous when I drove you home I know, being apart's a little hard to bare Send some flowers to your work in hopes that I'd have you in my arms again We kissed that night before I left Still now, was something I can never forget You've got all that I need Looking at all or nothing Babe, it's you and I With you, I know that I'm good for something So, let's go and give it a try We've got our backs against the ocean It's just us against the world Looking at all or nothing Babe, it's you and I Looking at all or nothing Babe, it's you and I Let's take a chance Go far away
Allow Joy
JOY:the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires Joy is your true nature. That's why it feels so right. Simple yet profound, joy asks only to be. Joy fills your life to the extent that you allow it. Let go of the frustration, the anger, envy and worry. And joy comes quickly to fill the void. The smallest things can inspire joy. And the biggest moments in life benefit when they are lived in joy. Joy costs nothing and yet it gives so much. Joy is completely unreasonable and that is its most powerfully compelling reason. Joy is always here and now. Allow joy to fill your heart, and its great value will fill your world. -- Ralph Marston
All Over Again
I absolutely hate people that listen to my problems, pretend to care about me, and then blows it up on my face without defending themselves. Though I should be use to it, I don't think anybody can get use to the feeling of having their heart stomped on after you just got done picking up the pieces. But maybe that's just me. Someone's got A LOT of explaining to do. Which means I offically have no reason to trust people again.. yay :) P.S. I love punching bags :)
Allow Me.... To Water Your Garden Of Life.
Creativity is so delicate a flower that praise tends to make it bloom, while discouragement often nips it in the bud. --Alex Osborn A garden of flowers blooming is a beautiful sight to see. Through the green leaves surrounding a tulip we see hints of yellow or pink or red. Each day the flowers greet us with their radiant color. Yet, a sudden frost would wilt and fade the flowers. Each time we create something new with our talents we are like a young flower opening. Whether we draw or write or sew or play a musical instrument, all creativity has this in common. Appreciation from those around us is like sunshine for the flowers. Harsh criticism, however, is like the cold air - it wilts and deadens our desire to create. We all need warm encouragement for our endeavors, and we can give as well as receive it. In this way, creativity can bloom in our homes and our friendships, bringing a garden full of color and delight into our lives. What encouragement can I offer to someone
All Or Nothing * Live Your Dreams*
Live Your Dreams - Save The Last Dance "All Or Nothing" It's the chance of life, get ready, set, fly high. Above the fear of your mind, go for it. It's hit or miss, too late for you to quit. You gotta show 'em how bad you really want this, so... Live your dreams, it's not as hard as it may seem. You gotta work to get the green, on your hopes you must lean From your fears, you have to wean yourself. It's all or nothing, give your everything... Are what you believe, you got to bring the dreams. Set the pace, competitions take the lead. This is it, all eyes on you. So stay on point and prove, that you deserve whats long overdue. Live your dreams, it's not as hard as it may seem. You gotta work to get the green, on your hopes you must lean From your fears, you have to wean yourself. It's all or nothing, give your everything... My heart is still recovering, From the heartbreak of another kind, I'm still drying my tears. Getting over my own fears in my life.
All Of You
All Of You Author: David Norman Meece The sound of your voice is music to my ear So soft, sweet, and clear The kiss from your lips words can not explain It takes away my worries and my pain The caress of your hand sends shivers down my spine Everyday I thank God that your mine. The sight of your lovely face takes away all my fears You're the one I want to love through out the years For an eternity I want to spend in your arms Everyday graced by your beauty and your charms.
All Of Fubar Time Is Now
Allow Yourself
L-O-V-E four letters one meaning But the meaning? Noone really knows. And the feeling? Noone can express enough. And well the truth? We all feel it at one point in life. When do we know that the feeling is right? How do you know that, that person is the one? Where do you go to find "the one." Does GOD put them in your life by choice or chance? And if it's by choice, is that person your opposite? Is that person really the one that "completes you? But if it's by chance, was that person put in that place By chance or by their own choice to be? Does anyone know these answers? Are there answers to these questions? Honestly, life is full of unanswered questions Life is full of mystery and faith. L-I-F-E four letters one meaning You're put here for a reason. And you'll find it if you ask the right questions And if you follow the right path, You will find love. You'll be able to know the meaning. And you will feel what it's like to be in
All Original Rock Festival This Sat!
ALL ORIGINAL MUSIC FESTIVAL THIS SATURDAY in case you haven't been paying attention to my upcomming gigs, I am hosting the music festival in ashley il at the last call tavern....corner of hwy 51 and 15......great lineup for a whole day of fun! Gates open at 10 am WRXX Live coverage Firethrowers Mechanical Bull riding Outdoor pavillion wet t-shirt contest the show will go on rain or shine...must be 18 to get in tickets are just $5 if you get them from me....$6 at the door Featuring the bands: Shot Cold Green Lincoln Justin Torres The Ideal Weapon Sacrifice the Gods Come out and have some fun and see why Front Row Productions puts on the best shows in Southern Illinois!
All Of Now
The bright sun shines in the clear blue sky. Shimmering waves glisten on a restless sea. Beauty fills the world. Possibility fills your life. The problems are real. Yet in each one is the opportunity to move forward. This sparkling moment is one of a kind. Take it in with love and with gratitude, and remember to live it fully. This magical mystery that is your life knows only the limits you choose to give it. In the heart of your spirit you can experience anything you decide to experience. Life is in all of now. See it, feel it and know it as it fills you with wonder and joy. -- Ralph Marston
Allow Me To Explain :)
My status. Once again it's a song lyric:
All Of My Trains...
Recently I have been asked about my trains,and if they are still running. Yes,anyone is welcome to join any of my trains. Here is a list of my trains,if you would like to join hope on! Train Tag Click to join! Naughty List Train Tag Click to join! Future Train Train Tag Click to join! Elvira Mistress of the Dark... Train Train Tag Click to join! IT'S ALIVE (IT Pennywise) Train Train Tag Click to join! Child's Play... Wanna Play (with Chucky?) Train Train Tag Click to join! Pixie Dust Train Train Tag Click to join! The Jetson's Train Train Tag Click to join! Yabba Dabba Doo! (Flinstones) Train Train Tag Click to join!
2 All Of My True Friends (yall Know Who Yall Are)
Life is tough. Its rough. It throws u so many obstacles. And for the past yr, so many have been thrown at me. And I've been able to survive those obstacles. Recently I was given one that I thought (still do) that I wouldn't be able to get through. But with the help of my closest friends, (yall know who yall are) I know I will be able to over come it. I know, it is the internet. And I may not meet some of you. But I'm glad I have yall for friends. Your always there for me and have shown me how good of friends yall are. I appreciate all the love and support you guys have giving me. I won't be on fubar for awhile, because I need to work on myself and my life. As someone so close to me always say "its time to work on shaela". That's what I will be doing. Yall know where to find me. And I will keep yall updates. Muahz, Shae
" All Of Me "
Why do I write all this, just trying my best to make some sense. Then some people you just cant argue with, because they are so dense. Why do I let you do the things that you do,especially when they always seem to hurt me. Sometimes I think maybe that I am blind, as if there are things I cant see. Like why I stick around, and let you run me into the ground. Told you I love you and I will never leave. Now I got to let you go,thats what is best for me. So tired I cant even sleep, because this has gotten so deep. Why cant I get your face out of my mind, hard for me to break the ties that bind. You are with me, but I am still alone.Cant you deal with all the feelings I have shown. It is plain for me to see, that right now you have all of me. I am to lost to be saved, you have turned me into your slave. Feel like I am just digging a hole big enough for my own grave. Told you once before you have all I can give, but you just cant seem to see. My love, my life , my blessings, and my kisses ;
All Over You
yay! The Spill Canvas Yeah he's a looker, but I really think it's guts that matter most. I displayed them for you, strewn out about from coast to coast. I am easily make believe, just dress me up in what you want me to be. I'll take back what I've been saying for quite some time now. I gotta feel you in my bones again, I'm all over you. I'm not over you. I wanna taste you one more time again, I'm all over you. I'm not over you. In my daydreams, in my sleep, infatuation turning into disease. You could cure me, see all you have to do now is please try. Give it your best shot and try. All I'm asking for is love, but you never seem to have enough. I gotta feel you in my bones again, I'm all over you. I'm not over you. I wanna taste you one more time again, I'm all over you. I'm not over you. This life is way too short to get caught up in all this stuff when I just want you to love me back, why can't you just love me back? Why can't you just love
All Or Nothing
Sometimes silence speaks volumes And words are without meaning Sometimes lies seem like truths And truth slips away Sometimes its impossible to know reality And know whats truly not so real Sometimes feelings misguide you And other times they are your only lead Sometimes I say what I mean And you dont kno whether its a line or my heart Sometimes promises are broken And words are left unkept But in the can never accuse those things of me... For I speak my mind to you each time I can I wont waste time with lies I speak my heart even when I kno you might not understand I dont play games its a waste of time To me openness and honesty are the only things I know And I dont expect anything less from you I just dont want you playing my heart strings If the feelings and things you've told me isn't true I trust you til you give me that feeling That you are hiding something And then I begin to wonder what it is that you really want from me. I can't be your C
All Of The Times When
All of the times when When your lips touch my own, so soft and sweet, and your tounge would gently glide across mine. When you would caress my body, so softly indeed, and I would hold your heart and keep it in line. When I would feel your love so deep and true, and you would love me until the end of days, When my love would wrap around only you, and heal your pain in so many ways. When my heart starts beating to the rythym of yours, and you just want to fall into my loving arms. When passion breaks through loves open doors, and you finally give into my tender charms. When these tender words are all that you hear, and a new life is just about to begin. When my eyes have not shed a single tear, I will start to wonder about, all of the times when. Written by: Matthew 02/14/2009
All Of My Songs That I Self Produced.
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All Online Dating Services
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Allow Gay Parenting
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All Of Me
All Over Again
Your eyes sparkle when you look at me, And I know I found my destiny. I hear you say you love me and then, I fall in love all over again. Your gentle touch your soft caress, The tenderness within your kiss. Then all at once I begin, To fall in love all over again.
All Of My Songs That I Self Produced.
Allow Me
Allow me to be my own person accept me for who I am. Not the person others think I should be. Sometimes I have a lot to say and don't hesitate to say it, but sometimes what I have to say can only be read in my eyes. Understand me my moods and my feelings on days when I’m feeling sunny and on days when there's rain in my heart. I'll never go back on a promise and I will always be there for when you need me. Understand me trust me and the bond between us will be impossible to break.
All Of Me
----------------------Patterns change---------------- Can my heart rearrange-------- These strange emotions swirling inside?--For time has revealed a love that won't be denied-What passion conceived when two thirsting souls collide----------- All that I own, I now give to thee-------------------- All I shall ever be--------------------------All of me
All Or Nothing...
I'm treading water Sinking slow under this weight Drag me deeper but stay close Stay there with your head down You are so precious to me now Broken, bruised and shattered See me here in pain Bring me the comfort of your thorns Its not enough, I need more Show me I can bleed and smile Youknow Ican't resist Slide your claws into my flesh Hold me tight and keep digging Bring me to the surface Bury meneckdeep in the dirt Deliver pain and pleasure as one Give me all or nothing...
The need to fantasise about a more desirable partner in order to orgasm.
Allowing Our Loved Ones To Be Human
Putting People on a PedestalWhen we fall in love with someone or make a new friend, we sometimes see that person in a glowing light. Their good qualities dominate the foreground of our perception and their negative qualities. They just don’t seem to have any. This temporary state of grace is commonly known as putting someone on a pedestal. Often times we put spiritual leaders and our gurus on pedestals. We have all done this to someone at one time or another, and as long as we remember that no one is actually “perfect,” the pedestal phase of a relationship can be enjoyed for what it is—a phase. It’s when we actually believe our own projection that troubles arise.Everyone has problems, flaws, and blind spots, just as we do. When we entertain the illusion that someone is perfect, we don’t allow them room to be human, so when they make an error in judgment or act in contradiction to our idea of perfection, we become disillusioned. We may get angry or di
Allow Your Own Inner Light To Guide You
Allow Your Own Inner Light to Guide You There comes a time when you must stand alone.You must feel confident enough within yourself to follow your own dreams.You must be willing to make sacrifices.You must be capable of changing and rearranging your priorities so that your final goal can be achieved.Sometimes, familiarity and comfort need to be challenged.There are times when you must take a few extra chances and create your own realities.Be strong enough to at least try to make your life better.Be confident enough that you won't settle for a compromise just to get by.Appreciate yourself by allowing yourself the opportunities to grow, develop, and find your true sense of purpose in this life.Don't stand in someone else's shadow when it's your sunlight that should lead the way.
Allowing Others To Be
Controlling BehaviorWe all know what it’s like to want to be in control. In some ways, exerting control is an important survival skill. For example, we have every right to be in control of our own bodies and our own lives. Taking control in these cases is empowering and necessary. Controlling behavior in the negative sense comes from a tendency to reach beyond our own boundaries and into the lives of others. Many people do this with the rationalization that they are helping. This can happen with parents who are still trying to force their grown children into behaving in ways that they find acceptable. It can also happen when people try to control their partners’ behavior. If you have control issues, you will see that in one or more areas of your life, you feel the need to interfere with what is happening rather than just allowing events to unfold.Almost everyone has at least one situation or relationship in which they try to exert control. This often happens because someone
All Over Again
ALL OVER AGAIN Last night I fell in love with youAll over again,More deeply in love,Than ever before.No one has ever expressed their love for meWith such beautiful and kind words. Last night I fell in love with youAll over again,With such stronger faithThan ever before.Knowing that you will always be there for meWhen dark shadows enter my life. Last night I fell in love with youAll over againWith a stronger friendshipThan ever beforeWhen ever I need a tender shoulder to cry onI know you will wipe away the tears Last night I feel in love with youAll over againWith more respectThan ever beforeI look up to you and admire your strengthIn turn you have strengthen me Last I feel in love with youAll over againWith such careThan ever beforeNow I truly believe how much you care for meYou have given me life. Last night I fell in love with youAll over againWith more happinessThan ever beforeYou have brought back to me smiles and laughterThrough your loving eyes. Last night I fell in love
All Of You
All Of You The sound of your voice is music to my earSo soft, sweet, and clearThe kiss from your lips words can not explainIt takes away my worries and my painThe caress of your hand sends shivers down my spineEveryday I thank God that your mine. The sight of your lovely face takes away all my fearsYou're the one I want to love through out the yearsFor an eternity I want to spend in your armsEveryday graced by your beauty and your charms.
All Over.
So, people always have a negative view on starting over. Wether it be a new relationship, or a new job. I'm starting to think that when you have to start over, maybe it was meant to be that way. When a relationship ends, it means that you haven't found the right one yet. Although, many people will argue that sometimes you let the best things in life slip away, and you don't realize what you've lost until it's gone...and I'm almost certain that it's not always the case. Sometimes, the people who have come and gone have left lasting impressions on you. Wether it be on your heart, or in some cases...your entire soul. They teach you things. How to cope with loss, and how to move on. Moving on is such a scary thing to some...but in all reality it's an adventure! Almost like throwing out old clothes, and then going to buy new ones! You never know what you're gonna' find, but after window shopping for a finally find that perfect pair of shoes, or that shirt that you've been lookin
All One Sided
Yes here we go again but again this is for my own personal vent more then anything. Yesterday another wanna be a man but cant get his head out of his ass long enough to realize it. Decided that he would show off to his friends and be little woman on their role in a mans world ..(COUGH). That we are brain-less creatures that now according to him cant even cook . (laffin my ass off here , hes such a joke ) Why is it when something goes wrong between a man and a woman,men automatically goes into the victim, wounded animal, self pitty mode? I have seen alot of men (cough boys )who decided they want to tear down a woman all woman for that matter, just to justify their inabilty, to take some of the respondiblity for there own actions. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO They have to pick on woman, nothing but a coward, whos so insecure about his own ablity and feelings , that if he actually admitted he fucked up, his friends might look down on him. Blehhhhh I wonder if woman started to post blogs
All On How U Look At It
When you look at the world in a narrow way, how narrow it seems! When you look at it in a mean way, how mean it is! When you look at it selfishly, how selfish it is! But when you look at it in a broad, generous, friendly spirit, what wonderful people you find in it. Horace Rutledge
Allow Me
Allow me to be my own person accept me for who I am. Not the person others think I should be. Sometimes I have a lot to say and don't hesitate to say it, but sometimes what I have to say can only be read in my eyes. Understand me my moods and my feelings on days when I’m feeling sunny and on days when there's rain in my heart. I'll never go back on a promise and I will always be there for when you need me. Understand me trust me and the bond between us will be impossible to break.
Orgasm from watching others have sex.
All Outta Angst By Nofx
I'm not insane, I'm not bummed outI got no one to blame, nothing to changeI got no evil to fightOne thing's for sure, I'm all outta angstsociety don't bother meand there's something wrong with thatI'm off to Pakistan, learn the laws of Islamfundamentalism, forget that rock'n'rollno cigarette, no drink, in factit's difficult to think about getting laidwhen you don't even get to see her faceI'm not insane I'm not insane, I'm not liquored upI got nothin' to do, nothin' to loseI got no place to call homeone thing's for sure, I'm all outta angstsociety don't bother me, there's something wrong with that Next stop Mongoliadon't get to golf or fuck or bowl with yathrow out that handicapno stepping out till spring in fact it'sdifficult to sing when it's 20 belowand that's during the dayI'm not insaneI'm not insaneI'm not insane
All Of My Heart
There's so much I want to say to you, but no words seem strong enough to express the depth of what I feel for you. I can only say that all of my life I've looked for someone like you. I wanted to share my life with someone who's kind, affectionate, intelligent, passionate, responsible, caring, easy-going, considerate, generous, determined, and hard-working. I've dreamed of someone who loves animals, children, romantic strolls beneath the moonlight, and long lazy nights before the fire. I wanted someone who has a good heart and cares about others, someone who's willing to go that extra mile for someone who's in need. You're all of these things and so much more, and I'm overjoyed that you're part of my life. And though I care about you more than words could ever say, I'll say it anyway... I love you with all of my heart and to the very depth of my soul.
All Over You
Yeah he's a looker But I really think it's guts that matter most I displayed them for you Strung out about from coast to coast I am easily make-believe Just dress me up in what you want me to be I'll take back what I've been saying for quite some time now I gotta feel you in my bones again I'm all over you I'm not over you I wanna taste you one more time again I'm all over you I'm not over you In my daydreams, in my sleep Infatuation turning into disease You could carve me see all you have to do now is Please try give it your best shot and try All I'm asking for is love But you never seem to have enough I gotta feel you in my bones gain I'm all over you I'm not over you I wanna taste you one more time again I'm all over you I'm not over you This life is way too short to get caught up in all this stuff Well I just want you to love me back Why can't you just love me back? (Why can't you just love me back? Why can't you? x2) Why can't you just love me back? (Why can't you just love
All Of My Previous Blasts
Bellflower, CA Expired Blasts thanks selene for the blast. and thanks yall for supporting BDR! brutal dragon Radio fo sho 0 comments Hey Rate add fan me.. and youll be aloud to get to see what you all wanna see.. *hint hint clue clue* and thanks bane!! for my second blast!!(from you) 0 comments omg OMG omfg HOLY COW!!! i love Dj shadyJ yessir... uh huh!! Anyhow.. Hi yall I hope yall come by rate fan n add me .. Ill do the same but make sure you find Dj Shadyj and do the same.. Wo0t wo0t ty baby!! 0 comments WOOHOO thanks tomiboy!!anyhow Come rate add and talk to medont forget to ask how you can see my stuff!! I ♥ you all! 0 comments omg i love you shadow of god!!!thanks hun for this blast Rate fan n add if you buy me a blast too you wont be sorryps. visit hydaway radio!! 0 comments OMFG.... ***SCREAMS**** YAY!!! TY SO MUCH BANE!! ANYHOW hey yall this is Jessa aka Dj Stitch aka sTiTcH. So come show me some loving and help level me up pl
All Of The Containers Go Back To China Empty
Editorial Comment! A recent documentary in late March, 2009on the History Channel noted that nearly all of these containers are shipped back to China, EMPTY. Yep, that's right.We send nothing back on most of these ships. What does that tell you aboutthe current financial state of this country? And is YOUR PLan to Just keep buying those imported goods (mostly gadgets)
All Out Of Love
All Of My Free To Read Short Stories Published On Yahoo
As I write more short stories, they will all show up here, where they will always be free for all to read.
All Out Of Love
All Of You
The sound of your voice is music to my ear So soft, sweet, and clear The kiss from your lips words can not explain It takes away my worries and my pain The caress of your hand sends shivers down my spine Everyday I thank God that your mine. The sight of your lovely face takes away all my fears You're the one I want to love through out the years For an eternity I want to spend in your arms Everyday graced by your beauty and your charms.
All Out Of Love
All Of Life's Mistakes
Is it possible to walk through a field of thorns, and never bleed a drop? I say it is, you just have to pick the spot. The right field, then take off your shoes. Because the right one, will carry you. Straight to them, you won't have to take one step. The right field is there to guide you, to protect. You from anything and everything, that has ever hurt you before. Leaving you astounded and amazed, opening the door. A whole new world, right before your eyes. Maybe it's been there, this entire time. You were just led, down the wrong path. But the wrong roads traveled were worth it, you do the math. Live and learn, love and break. Because the best things come, from all of life's mistakes.
All On Fubar
to all the pussy out there like to say shit and block before i can say something bk keep on running you guys are big pussy so why dont you guys be a man or a woman and say shit to my face and dont hide
Allowed Eight Hits And Four Runs
ATLANTA -- AdamJones had a one-word description of the Orioles second straight shutout win: "Chen-sational. Ryan Tannehill Jersey ." Wei-YinChen combined with four relievers on a seven-hitter and Baltimore continued its success in interleague play by beating the Atlanta Braves 2-0 on Sunday. The Braves, who have lost six of seven, were shut out in back-to-back games for the first time since June 5-6, 2009. JasonHammel threw a one-hitter in a 5-0 victory for the Orioles on Saturday night. Jones said Hammel and Chen dominated by staying ahead in the count. "Its been pretty fun to watch from centre field," Jones said. "The important part of it is they always started with strike one. Theyve been able to do what they want because theyve been ahead in counts." The Orioles, who remained 1 1/2 games behind the first-place New York Yankees in the AL East, have won seven of eight. They are 9-3 in interleague play with series wins over Washington, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Atlanta. Chen (7-
All Of Everything
Inside the outer edge of existence somewhere between creation and destruction a warmth stir against a cool.The beginning has begun the end of the empty age whispers race across the dark moving the echo of energy toward all and infinite the very essences of time the origin of all things a whisper in the darkness pushed the counter.For what belonged to the empty was filled with wonder like the eye of a child what curious pleasure the awakening breathed inward to collect all it could this made the first laughter and out with that explosive uncontrollable burst slung light against dark giving view to what was collected in that one breath now thrust matter the recipe of total equal and sum.Energy time matter in that order obey or die this is no law this is the order of existence
Allons Essayer De Voir En Profondeur
dangerously, I resort to playing Bubble Shooter and when the battery dies after a couple of hours, it ends up at the back of the drawer again.Aujourd 'hui, nous allons essayer de voir en profondeur ce que propose exactement la tablette HP Slate 7, qui je vous rappelle, reprsente la premire incursion de la marque HP dans le monde d'Android. Si seulement on avait eu la chance de bnficier du HP TouchPad sous Android 4.2 Jelly Bean ... Bref, plus t? t dans l'anne, HP a surpris tout le monde au CES en annon? ant sa premire tablette sous Android, visant ainsi la Nexus 7. Alors, est-ce que la tablette HP Slate 7 a de quoi rivaliser avec la Nexus 7 et autres tablettes Android? Restez avec nous pour le dcouvrir.www.myefox.frLa HP Slate 7 fait ainsi une entre un peu tardive sur le march. Il semble tre extrmement similaire la Google Nexus 7, mais il semble disposer d'une meilleure qualit de construction, assez pour le faire dmarquer de la concurrence. Et contrairement la premire
All Of A Sudden
I don't really expect to stay on everyone's mind when I exit Fubar, but it was knda nice that I didn't disappear totally. Still, I guess that my little nap interruped my hand jive. Dang it!! Guess that I need to leave a more memberable touch, huh?? My computer is still screwing up. Just might be awhile before I can do that again.I hope everyone is doing alright, I hope everyone stays doing aright. You know this much, I hope, the best is yet to come!!
Allowing Users To Make Money New Android Platform For Mobile Advertising Model
Previous developers when developing a new APP are thinking about how to allow consumers to download , to pay for the APP . And now developers think is a win-win , so Android phone users can use it to make money APP , points a finger into gold is money APP allows users to phone software , can be said that the first smartphone Witkey platform , users complete the application installation experience , demos, feedback recommended application tasks , you'll get Q coins , cash, or phone bill incentives Android 4.1 Cell Phones While in a foreign country that allows users to benefit from the APP software , have long been popular, the U.S. mobile advertising company Tapjoy covered in this way for 10 million users, in recent years the country also began to pop up , is well-known integral wall Brush mobile phone can free make money , in fact, in the next application in the application , but the application does not generally apply in the following benefits to the user , Barbara "save
All Of Me!!!!!!
I get the whole infatuation thing around’s easy to get caught up in someone...but there’s a difference between infatuation...lust and love....all of them are powerful...but when you break down the burier and combine them...that feeling is matter how much shit and trash talk someone lays on you....regardless of how great their body is or how gorgeous they are...when you have been opened up to someone...from the inside out and love them...REALLY love them...then that should surpass any infatuation...or at least it does with me...that is how I feel about him....I know how to play the game...I have just chosen not to because of the way I feel....I don’t allow myself to become blinded by some random stranger that I am either going to lose interest in or they are going to lose interest in me....spicy comments....trash talk and utter random bullshit just isn’t that important to me but HE is....REAL life changes beyond this virtual existence
All Pplz
All Poems
All my poems are originals that i have done if its here or on my profile
All Peoms And Shit
i hit my head at work Current mood: i gotta headache Category: i gotta headache Writing and Poetry working hard, working for a lving, i hit my head and she an't forgiving. first i saw stars then i saw more, next thing i saw was the floor. when i came too there were people all around, wondering what the hell i was doin on the ground. pupils as wide as the past harvest moon, i got up and noticed a wavyness to the room. i must say it was a pretty big buzz, still though it sucked because i had a bad ache in my mind, and the fall bruised up my behind. but i discovered somthing that was very clear, hitting your head is better then beer. i came home and open the fridgeader, decided to pass it up along with the smokey air. i grabed an old frying pan, and on top my nogging i made it land this time the light was so bright, brought a since of feeling of total delight. but as i stood floating up in the sky, many a friends i witnessed had a tear in their eye. low and behold i was l
All Prepared, Just Need Time
got a costume, got the make up, got the hairspray(yes..i'll need it for what i'm gonna do) pics to come soon, whenever i get time to dress up and take em! note to the one i stalk...I LOVE YOU SEXY LADY!!...and i plan on taking a special pic just for you!
All Photos Open
All photos open for a little while longer..Adult included..please stop by and see.and comment..thanks
All Puns Intended
1. Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent. 2. A jumper cable walks into a bar. The bartender says, "I'll serve you, but don't start anything." 3. Two peanuts walk into a bar, and one was a salted. 4. A dyslexic man walks into a bra. 5. A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm, and says, "A beer please, and one for the road." 6. Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other, "Does this taste funny to you?" 7. "Doc, I can't stop singing 'The Green, Green Grass of Home." "That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome." "Is it common?" "Well, It's Not Unusual." 8. Two cows are standing next to each other in a field. Daisy says to Dolly, "I was artificially inseminated this morning." "I don't believe you," says Dolly. "It's true; no bull!" exclaims Daisy. 9. An invisible man marries an invisible woman. The kids were nothing to look at either. 10. Deja Moo
An All-purpose Letter Of Apology
Just Change/delete as Appropriate....... Dear: A) Mum, B) Dad, C) love of my life, D) Assistant Principal, E) Your Honor, Words cannot begin to express how sorry I am that your A) car B) house C) pet D) espresso maker E) left arm was severely damaged by my A) infantile B) puerile C) inept D) comically brilliant but nonetheless sadistic E) woefully under appreciated prank. How could I have known that the A) car B) jet ski C) large helium balloon D) rodent driven sledge E) Zamboni I was riding in would go so far out of control? And while it is true that I should not have pointed it in the direction of your A) house, B) wife, C) Cub Scout troop, D) 1/16 sized replica of the Statue of Liberty, complete with lightbulb in the torch, E) priceless collection of Rolling Rock beer cans, You must understand that it was all meant in fun. The subsequent carnage that I caused is beyond my ability to A) imagine, B) fathom, C) comprehend, D) appreciate,
All Purpose Chant
All Purpose Chant "Witches power burning bright, tarot, rune and blade, Charge the spell, enfilled with might, here and now the magicks made. Wave and tree, hedge and flame Strength of the elements gather here, to bless this work and charge it well, to complete the spell now far or near. Mystic Moon, send your power here this way, Gracious Lady, bless this charge that I lay Powers that are, powers that be, gather round this spell I cast, empower my working three times three, send it forth to see it last! So is my will, so mote it be!"
All Pics
Please let me know what you think of my pics. If you have any ideas for new ones please let me know as well.
All Please Read!!!!
All Packed And Ready
I'm ready to get on the road. Everything is loaded. Just going to say some Bye's. Hopefully I will be posting pictures of my trip daily.
All Photo Albums Are Open
All Photo Albums are now available for everyone to see this weekend. After This weekend they all go back to restricted... Feel free to rate and comment!
All Praise
Thursday, June 28, 2007 praise by saints & seer glory of lord Rama reflects in its content that variety of peoples are on the board of life, not all alike, different peoples with different mode & different version for life. their motives & motto's are different on the whole, apart from the basic motto as set universally for a life as human. nice peoples are like flowers who always make others smile, wicked are bound to inflict pain even to those with whom, they are very intimate.selfishness is regular profile of life as all have to survive with small if & buts but excess of each & every thing proves to be bad. social bindings are meant to facilitate the life but when they passed through the wicked on the board of life, they change the climax & put a question on the social stream. it is really hard to get peoples with nice mode but they are still there among all, & maintaining their own profile with all resistance they have been forced to go along with all smile. the wo
All Paths Lead To You
All Paths Lead To You Life is a challenge meet it. Life is a gift accept it. Life is an adventure dare it. Life is a sorrow overcome it. Life is a tragedy face it. Life is a duty perform it. Life is a game play it. Life is a mystery unfold it. Life is a song sing it. Life is an opportunity take it. Life is a journey complete it. Life is a promise fulfill it. Life is a love embrace it. Life is a beauty praise it. Life is a spirit release it. Life is a struggle fight it. Life is a puzzle solve it. Life is a goal achieve it. Kat Mercado
"all Present Or Accounted For, Sir"
Every lieutenant is convinced that his gunnery sergeant is the best in the Marine Corps, but in my case I think it may be true. Or at least I have a major contender. After serving an initial officer tour with 3d Tanks, 3d MarDiv, on Okinawa I was transferred in the mid-1970's to Marine Barracks, Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines, as a Guard Officer. I was assigned to Separate Guard Company, Cubi Point Naval Air Station, which had its barracks next to the Seabees up on the hill above the Air Station, just across the road from the Cubi Point Officers' Club. Separate Guard Co. was a task-organized unit, primarily responsible for providing security for the U.S. Naval Magazine, which at 20+ square miles was the largest American ammunition processing and storage area in the Pacific, and which contained the "go to war" reserve ammo for the Pacific Fleet and the 3d MarDiv as well as munitions for Clark AFB. It also contained a Nuclear Exclusion Area containing special weapons. Se
All Pinups And Wannabes, Read This....
So you took *PS Pinup Girl* from your username? Well guess what? You got deleted from the pic gallery. Out of 53 girls I had, I have 31 left who remained faithful out of the bunch. Thank you ladies.... To the rest of the females on FUBAR who would like to become a PINUP, here's the deal: 1) Name must change to include *FUBAR Plus Pinup* NO EXCEPTIONS (You can't do this, you don't become a pinup.) 2) You must have a full body photo...Lingerie and sexiness is encouraged...We're pinups, not office workers. 3) CARRY the TITLE and BE PROUD OF IT. Yes, it's true, I was gone for awhile, but I'd never just "lose interest" in my girls...Thanks for believing in me those of you who did stay. 4) From now on, I WILL HANDPICK THE GIRLS. NO MORE NOMINATIONS. WITH **ONE** EXCEPTION: YOU MUST BE SERIOUS ABOUT BEING A PLUS SIZE PINUP. THIS IS N-O-T A CONTEST...THIS IS A PINUP GIRLS SITE. THERE WILL BE CONTESTS, BUT BEING A PINUP GIRL IS NOT ONE OF THEM. 5)If chosen, the PINUP GIRLS sit
All Please Check This Out , A Free Game :) go to this link, i will bite you, its a vampire game, and then u can oin for free and have fun :)
All People
IM tring to get friends for me and my sparkle to have fun wid
All People
Check out my new pics!!
All People In Michigan Pls Read A Must!!
Hi Friends, I have just read and signed the petition: "Help Save Michigan Impeach Governor Jennifer Granholm" Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a difference. Please sign here: Thanks! PLEASE SEND THIS TO EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST KEEP THIS GOING WE NEED TO REACH 1,000 ++++
All Purpose Marinade
All Purpose Marinade Recipe By : Serving Size : 6 Preparation Time :0:00 Categories : Cajun Sauces On The Grill Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method -------- ------------ -------------------------------- 3 cups Dry white wine 1/2 teaspoon Cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon Onion powder 1/2 cup Soy sauce 1/2 teaspoon Garlic powder Mix all ingredients together. Marinate the meat (beef, pork, chicken, or game) for 3 to 6 hours, then use the marinade as a basting sauce as the meat cooks on the grill. From Justin Wilson's "Outdoor Cooking With Inside Help"
All Past Relationships
Three Days Grace Gone Forever Lyrics Don't know what's going on Don't know what went wrong Feels like a hundred years I Still can't believe you're gone So I'll stay up all night With these bloodshot eyes While these walls surround me with the story of our life I feel so much better Now that you're gone forever I tell myself that I don't miss you at all I'm not lying, denying that I feel so much better now That you're gone forever Now things are coming clear And I don't need you here And in this world around me I'm glad you disappeared So I'll stay out all night Get drunk and f**k and fight Until the morning comes I'll Forget about our life I feel so much better [Gone Forever lyrics on] Now that you're gone forever I tell myself that I don't miss you at all I'm not lying, denying that I feel so much better now That you're gone forever First time you screamed at me I should have made you leave I should have known it co
All Pimpettes And Manwhores We Are Having A Best Christmas Salute Contest.
All People Who Have Rated Me And Others Ones one more added today and was invited by the same person that downrated me and a much of others. the reason why its the same person is because they are only online long enough to downrate you
All Pit Bull Lovers And Owners!
Go to And submit pictures of your Pit Bull or a family member's dog with kids. They are trying to get 100,000 Pictures of the "Nanny Dog" (yes that's what they were called when life was better) to send to congress by September. This one isn't going to blow over by itself guys. Tennessee is pushing hard to ban bully breeds from the ENTIRE state!
All Purpose Excuse Form
Here is an all purpose excuse form, designed to get you out of the trouble you've gotten yourself into. Where there's a multiple choice, pick the one that works best for your situation and just go with it. You'll be surprised how effective this form can be if you just let your instincts guide you! Dear a) Mom, b) Dad, c) love of my life, d) Assistant Principal, e) Local Police Chief, Words cannot begin to express how sorry I am that your a) car b) house c) pet d) espresso maker e) left arm was severely damaged by my a) infantile b) puerile c) inept d) comically brilliant but nonetheless sadistic e) woefully under appreciated prank. How could I have known that the a) car b) jet ski c) large helium balloon d) rodent driven sledge e) Zamboni I was riding in would go so far out of control? And while it is true that I should not have pointed it in the direction of your a) house, b) wife, c) Cub Scout troop, d) 1/16th sized replica of the S
All Points West
All Points West Playlist
All 10 Pebbles Featured Fu's 8-13-08
This Naughty Hottie was kickin' some major fu butt until she had her account jacked a couple months ago. She's still busting butt to get back to where she was! Let's show her there are still some good FUs left out there! HOOKRღMz.ǵ££êÐÐê§ïrê™ღ ღMåÐåm Kïrïღ & Gf 2 ÇåÐêñ@ fubar Fan her, Add her and RATE, RATE, RATE HER! Bling her, Blast her, Spoil her....or just go say Hi and leave a comment. Anything you can do to show her not everyone here is out for themselves! Be sure to tell her PebblesinAZ sent ya! XOXO PebblesinAZ@ fubar
All Please Stand In Line To Kiss My Ass!!!
The pop of a head when the axe hits it squared, the sight of it's nostrils as they become flared... The scent of its carcass as it starts to decay, turning gray and matted as time rotts it away .... See's no movement, yet movement i see, the maggots are feasting and consuming thee... Black feathers flying,while vultures peck the bone, tearing you to pieces until your eventually gone.... the wind begins to howl and the sky turns to gray, blowing her raven black hair about her face away ... lurking for shadows to slip in and about ... waiting to catch a morsel running around. peering from the dark,tongue tracing her lips from one corner to the next she quietly slips... awaiting to have you within her tight grip, to taste of your crimson shes awaits to indulge in a sip. as written: Twist'a Fate alt="Image
All People Should Read This
An important post for the LADIES [but men should read too] -- This is NOT an urban myth. This is a TRUE story written after the experience by a friend of mine in the West Coast. She felt it was embarassing but still a good life lesson for us all. As usual, with my email advice and such, my comments will be in [ ]'s and the original letter in italic.... i would very much like to vent but do not want to admit it was me. i feel so stupid and gross about the whole thing. i didnt have any sex for a long time after the breakup, and eventually i did want to have some sex but it was completely, stupidly disastrous. first of all, he didnt want to wear a condom. first red flag but i insisted and didnt want to stop, since he actually, reluctantly cooperated. [Okay. We are all adults. Our community does teach us that using condoms should always be mandatory. MEN: If you will not comply - go home and jerk off because you are too selfish to fuck anyhow. LADIES: Free condoms are avail
All Private
well lets see where do i post 5000 pics of yourself and put them all private and the ones you leave open are of a else...what gives here why put them all on here if you dont want anyone to see them? just ramblin on here
All Parents Read This Carefully
Tampa, Florida - Deputies say the man who kidnapped his ex-girlfriend's baby son and threw the boy from his car as he drove along Interstate 275 early Tuesday morning has been caught not far away. The baby did not survive. Not long after 9 a.m., police say someone spotted Richard McTear, Jr. on or around Arlington Avenue near Tampa Heights. Officers say McTear was taken into custody without incident. As officers led McTear into a sheriff's office holding area, he shot profanities at journalists. A reporter asked "How can you throw a baby out the window?" He replied: "It's a dirty game." He paused, then repeated himself: "It's dirty game." Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies have reopened all lanes of I-275 after closing two of the highway's three lanes about 1/4 mile south of Fowler Avenue as they investigated. McTear was already wanted for a past kidnapping charge before this morning's incident, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. McTear and his ex-girlfrie
All Parents Please Read!!
This blog was posted by me on my main account: PLEASE READ AND DO WHAT IS ASKED THIS MAN WITH THESE PICTURES THINKS STUFF LIKE THIS IS A GAME AND IS FUNNY WHEN IT CLEARLY IS NOT! Please Downrate And Mark NSFW created @ 2009-07-28 03:08:30 Merry Meet Y'all. I was rating pictures and I came across 4 that someone thought was obviously funny but as a parent of a little girl myself, I didn't find them the least bit funny. I originally rated them 10's but then went back and rated these pictures as 1's. I ask all my friends and especially parents of children or even teenagers to go and report these images as NSFW and hopefully send this dumbass a message for posting such stupid pictures. When you see them you will understand instantly what I am talking about. Read the captions to understand where my anger is coming from.
All Purpose Gift Centres Chipped In At Your Mouse
It’s a gift genre to sizzle up your celebrations in a colorful manner. Just the exact way you wished to beautify your treasured event and makes your wish come true. Check out the link at now.
All Quiet On The Kosovo Front
Not much has happened since I last made an entry,which is a good thing considerng the potential for civli unrest is high. The people of Srebia,a neighboring country recently hekp local elections to which nothing was resolved as far as who will have control. We went back to the school on the hill yesterday and delivered some school supplies.Our company has decided to alot some money for the school to help with the building itself. I posted some pictures so all can have an ideal of how bad it reaaly is.Look under Kosovo life for the pics. The weather here has been the best in some time 50 degress during the day and no snow in sight which is fine with me. Well until the riots start which are bound to happen so long and Happy V day to all the Lovely Cherry Ladies
All Roads Lead Back To You...
ALL ROADS LEAD BACK TO YOU... M. A. Dolly Cold black stone Left me standing here all alone A road Ive found no end So many bumps and turns Still you leave me with another bend Twisted and curved I follow Deep within my heart cold and hollow Winding and turning I continued on So many roads have come and gone One day I set out to find the right path Frustated, sad and confused Only to find myself feeling its wrath I moved along, My Soul, tormented and bruised Standing at a fork in this God forsaken place Tired, scared and all alone Tears of sorrow streaked my face I fall, hitting hard, the cold black stone A gentle touch upon my shoulder Not knowing, not willing to understand I turned to see you standing there Outstretched arm with a helping hand......... I thank God for the day you were created And smile each time you look my way The road has warmed and all my sorrows were tamed Within my heart your friendship and love will always remai
All Right All You Mathematicians
All right all you Mathematicians...FIGURE THIS ONE OUT! > >Three guys in a hotel call room service, place an order for two large >pizzas. The delivery boy >brings them up with a bill for exactly $30.00. Each guy gives him a >$10.00 bill, and he leaves. >That's fact! When he hands the $30.00 to the cashier, he is told a >mistake was made. The bill was >only $25.00, not $30.00. The cashier gives the delivery boy five $1.00 >bills and tells him to take >it back to the 3 guys who ordered the pizza. That's fact! On the way to >their room, the delivery >boy has a thought...these guys did not give him a tip. He figures that >since there is no way to >split $5.00 evenly three ways anyhow, he wil keep two dollars for a >tip, and just give them back >three dollars. So far so good! He knocks on the door and one fellow >answers. He explains there was >a mix up in the bill, and hands the guy the three dollars, then departs >with his two-dollar tip in >his poc
Allright!!!!.....who Forgot To Pay The Heat Bill?
I figured it was time for an update. LOL. Last time I wrote it was under so much happier circumstances. Joshua is growing like the boy he is. At last weigh in he was up to 9 lbs and 3 ozs. He is a happy baby and he is doing his family proud with being the only child that doesn't like cameras. He smiles a lot.....laughs.....loves his baths....and loves his hair washed, but to try and catch any of this on film is next to impossible. For the past few nights we have been down to about -18 degrees. Everything is freezing and I really want to know.....what happened to the heat. This is definitely the time that I wish I did not have to leave the house at all. Stay home, fireplace on, curled up in a blanket with arms folded securely around me, watching a movie. But, in the real world, there will always be work. LOL I am getting ready for a vacation.....but as backwards as I have always been, this vacation is not to a sunny resort in the caribbean.....LOL. I think when I arrive, the snow
All Real Men
If you are a real man then holla at me i live in raleigh nc and i am looking i am tired of the lil boys i want a man so if that is you holla at me
All Right Peps
ok ths song is more
Allright I'm Goin To The Store To Get Smokes
and if someone on this damn thing doesn't talk to me by the time i get back......well know what i'm talkin about.
Allright Folks I'm Goin To The Store
so when i get back some one should have wanted to talk to me by then.
All Right, So What Is "bdsm"?
All right, so what is "BDSM"? "BDSM" is an acronym of "B&D" (Bondage & Discipline), "D&S" (Dominance & Submission), and "S&M" (sadomasochism). "BDSM" refers to any or all of these things, and a lot of stuff besides. Tying up your lover is BDSM; so is flogging that person, or bossing that person around, or any of a thousand other things. BDSM is highly erotic, usually (though not always) involves sex or sexual tension; and is highly psychologically charged. One person (the "submissive") agrees to submit to another person (the "dominant"); or, alternately, one person agrees to receive some sort of sensation, such as spanking, from another. Some people like to be submissive all the time, some people like to be dominant all the time; some people like to switch, being submissive one day and dominant the next. Many people practice some element of BDSM in their sexual lives without even necessarily being aware of it. They may think of "S&M" as "That sick stuff that people do with
All Right.
I'm done. this time for real. i'm deleting my yahoo. [sorry to those i told i didn't have yahoo messanger. :/] so i won't get on it, and be tempted to talk to you. you won't miss me. i'll miss you. but i'm doing this for me. you really crossed the line. you make it sound like i was in love with you forever and i'm some sort of stalker. if i'm not mistaken, it's you who were in love with me first. handing me your bullshit and expecting me to feed off of it. "cait, those things will make me fall in love with you." do you even remember the things i told you that made me retarded? i bet you don't. i'm surprised you even remembered my age. now it's you're talking to jaden again? i'm not mad. i'm just done having my heart broken. i hope you're happy with jaden. much luck to you buddy, but we're done. i'm not talking to you anymore. i'm deleting my yahoo messenager.
Well, so far i found an apartment in Helena, and then on sunday i came to seattle. I have been at work here since yesterday. I also got to see my little daughter and it was awesome, she is the smartest cutest kid in the world, obviously she takes after me. cant wait to get back to helena on friday
All Right Everyone Not Much More To Go. Let's Show The Fubar Spirit
All Right Fubar Dj's Here Your Chance To Prove Your Self! Dj Contest In Farenheight Check It Out!!!!
All Request After Noon
Allright... Who The Fuck Crushed Me?
I really have no idea. dont you want to see my dirty pics at the very least? Make yourself known, least my sanity suffer further!
All Request Night This Thursday
PEOPLE, tuning in is easy! There are many ways and they are all listed here. Just click HERE and your music player will open or a WINDOW WILL POP UP ASKING YOU WHAT PROGRAM YOU WANT TO USE. CHOOSE WHATEVER IS LISTED THERE, such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer, Nero, or whatever other player you use for music files.Click above for the Darkside Radio homepage.Once on that page, TO TUNE IN SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK THE SKELETONS. 5.15.08Be Sure To Tune In !!!Rock out with Lord Genocyde:7:00 p.m. Central TimeClick above to DOWNLOAD THE DARKSIDE RADIO TOOLBAR which will make it EVEN EASIER to access the Darkside Radio stream.Brought to you also by:The Lady Misty Genocyde. Welcome to the softer side of insanity...This show is ALL REQUEST Night and celebrates our inherent right to goof off! Lord Genocyde will regale you with weirder than weird news from Reuters' Oddly Enough as well as other strange and bizarre stories, facts, and footnotes as researched by Lady Genocyde! Of
All Ready To Be God Moms Lol
MINOU Jude Ppp Ṥṭя 'PlumSexyGlossyDJ JLѤF 'reLLa' gail aka 'dove- '♥ߥG♥' ALL READY TO BE GOD MOMS LOL
All Religions, Culture & Secret Fraternities Came From Egipt
Ans: Yes, They All Got Thier Teachings In One Form Or Another From The Egiptians. Even Sacred Societies, Such As We freemasons ANDThe Rosicrucians, Astaras, Theosophical Society, Odd Fellows, Knights Of Columbus And Their Many Offshoots Take Their Roots Back To Egipt But In Time, The Racism settled In And The Caucasians, The Indians, And The Mongoloids Didn't Want To Admit To The World That They Were Educated By Egiptian-Moors, So They Dropped Names, Titles, Places And Gave Birth To What You're Calling Cultures And Religions Today.....
All Read Now!!
All Rocks Go To Heaven
Ok, so the premise is that these two churches are across the street from each other. True or photoshopped, this is the funniest damn thing I've seen in a while.
All Remix Sessions Now Available
Riverside Remix Sessions Volumes 1 - 3 And Remixing Madness Click on each volume's cover art to go to download section for that volume. enjoy
All Real
sup people. this ones about me and just me. im 20 years old and i have lived in little hick towns my whole life. i am a nanny for 2 beautiful kids which kinda satisfies my want for children... for now. i am a thick full figured women and i LOVE myself. i am tall standing at 5'7" and i have no idea what my natural hair color is. i have blue eyes that i love. and a large natural chest thats gets me alot of attention. i am bisexual and im proud. i dont perfer either men to women i love them both. i have 4 tattoos ad of now and i have my tounge and nose pierced... for now i want more of both. but im very outgoing after i get over being shy and i love to crack a joke and make everyone laugh. im a book worm sometimes and i never go any where without my camera on hand. i love kids, men, women, and food. which is why im chubby but dont judge me till u get to know me im lots of fun
4 All 2 Read.
Twinkle,twinkle,little star****if I***had only one wish,to give to you all the great fubar community---would be**TO HAND OUT TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU**A GOLD-PLATED SILVER SPOON
All Roads Lead To Four
Yesterday I posted as a status on Facebook how the number four (4) is the only number with the same amount of letters as its English name. In addition, any number you choose will eventually lead you back to four; for example, six (6) has three letters, then three (3) has five letters, and (5) has four letters, with four … About an hour later I got a reply from a friend I grew up with who’s now a kindergarten teacher; she said her class heard that the same day (yesterday)! Just one of many tidbits I’ve gleaned from Derrick Niederman’s 2009 book “Number Freak” (ISBN 9780399534591), and I expect I’ll be sharing more. There are certain facts about every number in the book from one to two hundred, such as whether it’s prime or composite (only divisible by 1 and itself or not) as well as its frequency in popular culture, history, and mathematical usefulness. More than you would think; I used a fact about the number six (6) being a per
All Rental Listings Include Pricing!
You can use our site houses for rent with REWARDS to rent or share a house or apartment, to find a home in USA. All rental listings include pricing, photos, contact information, floor plans, and virtual tours. You can contact landlords directly through our site. We offer the highest RENTER REWARDS on the internet today! You will benefit from our aggressive Renter Reward program, just for locating an apartment through our website is an easy way to search for your new home.
All Road Hazards And Weather
htm) verdadeiramente um referencial online If you are friends with Matthew Stafford Lions Jersey the salesman, then it is wonderful Playing in a 3-4 scheme, you have to be a student of the game To have complete pleasure or to know more about them it is advisable to visit the site at http://letsgoadventures He answered questions about the Classic by saying he wanted to makesure Missouri "didn't get embarrassed" and this group Authentic Matthew Stafford Jersey "enjoyedwinning as much as anything The running back's frustrations over the lack of a new deal spilled onto the playing field, where his total yards dropped 56 percent from a year ago (1,654 to 717) The golf training aid has become extremely popular amongst the amateur players and trainers Your makes use of are generally countless Seeking the outbreak Matthew Stafford Jersey about the Spanish television station local news media reported the event for the first time, a great more than every violent, a a good deal mor
All Saints Day And Jack The Trickster
One of the most exciting days of the year is upon us and for the first time I find myself not participating in any Halloween featured event. As a result of this saddening situation I find myself proned to vent a feeling that has been bugging me weeks before this holiday had even been floating around my subconscious. I have already mentioned that I had been reading the novel "The Witches" to my students. There were a total of four students who at various points over the course of the reading of the novel informed me that they were not given permission to listen to the story because it discussed an indirect connection to the devil. They were not so eloquent but this is what it boiled down to. They explained they were not allowed to celebrate Halloween because it was the celebration of the devil's birthday. I found this extremely frustrating because I was pretty certain that Halloween has nothing to do with the devil. I acquiesced to their demands, but tonight I decided to do a little res
All Show And No Go!
I wanted to say that all though I am not against the permiscuity of others, hey it's what were are here for, to perpetuate the human race. Practice makes perfect, right? The one thing I do dislike are these people that act like thier chit doesn't stink, or they are the hottest thing on the planet, or they think that because they have a dick, or pussy, that they are the most popular thang out there. Well, I love doing this, if you fit into these catagories, then yes I am pointing my finger at you, and laughing out loud! You're not cool, you're chili. And chili ain't never been cool. I like all the pictures that I take of others, as well as looking at others pics as long as they are good ones. Just because you think you look good and wonder why Playboy hasn't offered you a shoot yet? It's because you are confusing glamor with trash. You are not a modle if all you can do is pose like you ARE in Playboy, and think that men weant you because you are slightly attractive in little shorts that
Alls Hallow's Eve
"HAPPY HALLOWEEN" October 31, 2006 "Happy Halloween" - (can someone hit track 8 of "Bloody Kisses" cause it's "Type O Negitive" time of YEAR!) Just wishing all the folks here @ "CherryTAP" (yes, it's still hard to write) Happy Halloween! It's a fun little tradition for a majority of the masses. A time for some festive yard displays & perhaps "begging" for the youths -or- costume parties for the young at heart. It has a whole lot more meaning to some though. Rich and old as any Christian based holiday that many North Americans celebrate. Many of said holidays do have a mix of other religions, practices and beliefs ... Halloween, is of the Pagan & Neopagans. A rich and quite old holiday based around Samhain. In North America we have intermingled a few other cultural practices to what we observe as the Halloween/Trick or Treat season. But, there is more to it ... That's is what my BLOG is all about, brief thoughts (short summery) expressed by a neopagen writer
All Souls Day..........
The second day of Dia de la Muerte. NOV 2 is All Souls Day, yesterday was All Saints Day. Though we should daily pray for the dead in Purgatory, above all for our ancestors, today is especially set aside for hanging that "unfailing lamp before the sepulchres of our dead" There is a Mexican saying that we die three deaths: the first when our bodies die, the second when our bodies are lowered into the earth out of sight, and the third when our loved ones forget us.
The All-seeing Eye, The President, The Secretary And The Guru
as found on: The All-Seeing Eye, The President, The Secretary and The Guru - by Terry Melanson , July 2001 (Updated: March 15th, 2005) Wallace's reasons for wanting to introduce the Great Seal onto the American currency were based on his belief that America was reaching a turning point in her history and that great spiritual changes were imminent. He believed that the 1930s represented a time when a great spiritual awakening was going to take place which would precede the creation of the one-world state. - Michael Howard, The Occult Conspiracy, p.95 If you live in the United States of America, then from the time you become conscious of money, the Great Seal becomes a part of your psyche whether you realize it or not. Moreover, since U.S. dollars are, in effect, standard international currency, this Great Seal infiltrates the minds of men the world over both free and bond. The centerpiece of this mand
All Shall Fade To Black Again And Again
I've been around this world Yet I see no end All shall fade to black again and again This storm that's broken me My only friend In this river all shall fade to black In ths river ain't no coming back In this river all shall fade to black Ain't no coming back Withdrawn I step away Just to find myself The door is closed again The only one left This storm that's broken me My only friend
All She Ever Wanted Was To Feel Alive
She had become less then she was for he had made sure of it The light had gone from her eyes for she was no longer there Walked on too long he had broken her spirit No comfort could she find for she knew not love anymore He called it that yet it was nothing more than sick control Wrapped neatly in a a bow that is what had confused her so long Few had tried to saver her yet she had not understood For love to her was not something she knew it was foreign and frightening All their efforts failed they had arrived too late Her fragmented remains lay scattered hollow and blown in the wind Voices echoed in hollow chambers no longer heard by her Her eye were void and empty she felt nothing but numb She was taking her final journey as they zipped the bag closed They stood in sorrow knowing now she would finally be heard
All Soldiers Should B Adorned With This Set Of Patches
What do you think?
All Summed Up...what I Am Looking For In A Man
What are you looking for in a partner? I'm often asked what I want...well to sum it up, I don't want someone that I can live with...I want the one that I can't live without! Too often we settle for less than we really want just so we won't be alone. Been there, done that! Maturity has taught me that I deserve what I want. I don't know what he looks like and I could care less what he drives, as long as he has drive. What I do know is that he should be, SINGLE, considerate, charming, sexy, professional, respectful, loving, strong but sensitive, affectionate, attentive, seductive, he doesn't smoke,he doesn't mind watching a chick flick once in a while, he's very secure with himself and not afraid of commitment
All She Wanted
I've never posted one of my stories on here before, I hope you like it. Her breath came in short gasps as she ran up the walkway to the house. Knocking on the door, she shook the rain out of her hair. A male voice floated from within. "The door's open!!" Cautiously she turned the knob, pushing the door open a crack. "Hello, sir..I just wanted.." She was cut off by a voice to the left of the door. "I know what you need, please, come in out of the rain." Upon entering, she looked around, her eyes falling upon the man who had spoken. Her mouth dropped open slightly as her eyes registered the fact that he seemed to be tied to some kind of rack in front of the window. His amused eyes met hers and a smirk twisted his lips. "You're not Ronnie, are you new?" Shaking her head, she mumbled, "No, you must have me confused with someone else..if you don't mind I just need..." Again he cut her off as he untied himself swiftly. "Oh I already told you, I know what you need." Rough
All Shit
THE MOST FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH WORD IS: Well, it's shit ... that's right, shit! Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit. Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between shit and shineola. There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits. There is bull shit, horse shit, and chicken shit. You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit, or duck when the shit hits the fan. You can give a shit or serve shit on a shingle. You can find yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit. Some days are colder than shit, some days are hotter than shit, and some days are just plain shitty. Some music sounds like shit, things can look like shit, and there are times when you feel like shit. You can have too much shit, not enough shit, the right shit, the wrong shit or a lot of weird
All Sail, No Anchor
The English historian Thomas Macauley warned the American people decades ago that our Constitution ran the risk of being all sail and no anchor. In other words, the lofty ideals of the Constitution would only have merit as they remained anchored to moral absolutes. George Washington remarked, It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible. As opposed to being firmly anchored to the truth of God, we as a society are being blown back and forth by the winds of secular ideologies which threaten to shipwreck our hearts, homes and nation. This is why Alan Bloom, professor of Philosophy at University of Chicago, has indicted the American educational system for failing to teach moral truth to its students. In his best-selling book, The Closing of the American Mind, he points out that our educators utilize a new language of value relativism which prevents us from teaching with any conviction about good and evil. He goes on to say that our universities offer
All She Wanted
All She Wanted(August 1998) All she wanted was acceptance. All she needed was affection, from the only one who could show her, she was worth the love she wanted. As a child she adored him. Watching him for guidance, Looking to him for direction. He was the only one she'd run to for shelter. All her young heart really wanted. A little older, somewhat wiser. She tried to please him. All her effort all her toil, Wiping away that shallow soil. No longer rooted in child-like emotion Leaving her to half-hearted notions. All grown up and ready to go. He tries to hold on for one last chance. She leaves him with a backward glance. He proved to her she was inconvienent, an annoyance, an irritation. I'm sorry I wasn't what you really wanted. Your adult world too important for me. I could not win your love you see, It's too late for you and me and All my young heart really wanted.
All Seeing Eye
Thanks so much for the positive support I have gotten from many of you. As the old show used to say, "Only the Shadow knows for sure." Well here's mine...... (lol) " I can see clearly now.) not original but works I guess. luv to you all and hope to chat it up with ya David
All Sbcglobalyahoo Users
This is a Virus Alert! AT&T Internet Security is seeing a surge of fraudulent email containing the threat known as the Storm Trojan. This email may claim to be from AT&T, and it warns the user about a malicious threat. The email attaches a file that it claims is a security patch that will protect the user from this threat. However, the attachment itself is a malicious threat. AT&T does not send e-mail attachments like this. Beware of email with one of the following subject lines: Worm Detected! [UNABLE TO SCAN] Worm Detected! [WARNING - ENCRYPTED ATTACHMENT NOT VIRUS SCANNED] Virus Alert! [WARNING - ENCRYPTED ATTACHMENT NOT VIRUS SCANNED] Worm Detected! Worm Detected! Undeliverable: Virus Det [ATTENTION - NON TRAIT? PAR ANTIVIRUS -- WARNING - NOT VIRUS SCANNED]%s Virus Detected!ected! Virus Activity Detected! ATTN! Spyware Alert! Spyware Detected! Warning! Trojan Alert! Trojan Detected! Worm Activity Detected! Virus Alert! The sender name may be on
All She Wants Is To Be Loved
The All Seeing The Sky, Might Just Be A Screamer..
Good Morning and hello there and how-d-do, Holey smokes that is a lot to say in one sentence. So it is Tuesday in America today. Well actually its Tuesday in a lot of places not just here. But, with it comes news of the strange kind. I have often thought that thrill seekers normally went to amusement parks for thrills, scares, screamsnot so in Sacramento, California. Oh no! There is a family fun park that is said to have a super thrill ride. Ok the mention of this means tons of screams right? Not so. Because if one was to scream on this ride they would be subject to ejection from the parkStay with me here I am not chipping my tooth on the top of my desk. Why on earth that flung into my head, lord only knows. Here is the classic little story KOVR-TV Unclear on the Concept The Scandia Family Fun Center, which operates a super thrill ride (168 feet high, spinning at 60 miles an hour, pulling 3.5 g's) called the Screamer, (hmmm I am thinking a ride called the screamer is meant to make o
All She Wants To Do Is Dance
All Set
looks like everything good to go for june 1st move .... looking fwd 2 NO STEPS to ease my sore leg & cheaper rent that half what im paying now ....... kitty have more people 2 play with ...... and i should be able 2 get rides to store & such so it a much better situation all around ....... of course cable & internet may be down for a short time
All Star Race
we are heading to the race...anyone else going ?
All Star Race
ok people this is dale jr nascars biggest fan here tonight is the all star race at richmond now there r no point awarded tonight but someone could win a million dollars its a shootout on a sat night enjoy this is dale jr see ya next weekend
All Sex Postions
Ken and Barbie style - Neither partner is allowed to bend at the elbows or knees. Doggie style - The man attempts to do the impossible. Froggie style - Male and female partners in large spa. Male attempts to fertilise female using only the water as a transmission medium. For couples who dont like each other much any more. Fish style - same as Froggie style, but neither partner may use their arms or legs. Mummy and Daddy Love Each Other Very Much, And Hug Each Other in A Special Way style - The only position in this list you wont be embarrassed to tell the kids about when they're five. Style style - Sex with a Vogue Living editor. Crouch position - Each partner crouches down on the ground, then simultaneously leaps up, and attempts to couple whilst in mid-air. Couch position - Same as the crouch position, but starting at opposite ends of the living room couch. Ouch position - Usual outcome of the crouch position. Lazy Susan style - Susan goes to sleep. Russian style - Partne
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All Single Women Check This Out
in case you didn't notice, today is the last day to vote.
All Seren Bombers Need Help With This Contest
All Site Is Now Open To Mr Dj Azzy Dek Top Dance Loungexxxx
this is the best sight i love all people and life. anyone want to be friends come check me out am all ways here its 6.33am here but hyperactive never pics are fun lets all reunite as one big family.rate my blogs blogs on blogs and sites .reach arms across the sea and join as onergod bless you all derek north west united kingdomthanks and rate and fan all new members.thanks my family friends top member pics are rated amazingly check out all today derek christain top dance loungexxxx
All Souls Day
a hundred years ago in a darkened tomb collecting human bones kept in solitude oh all these tortured souls from places unknown one left to see protect them from me all souls day keep you away all souls day keep you away hidden underground all those bones around leave it all be or be in misery a spirit to protect a chance to reflect upon this holy ground no humans around all souls day will keep you away all souls day were all led astray
All Star Smash Mouth
All Summed Up
Our professor asked us to write something about our seatmate, luckily my best friend is my seatmate and this is what she wrote about me: "Ram (as we call her) is sugar & spice & everthin' nice...She walked with neither grace nor with a trace of poise, she would purposely stride across the room without a qualm without a second glance without a tinge of inhibition. It was one of her favorite things to make people believe that she did not give a damn, that she was calloused and indifferent and aloof and detached. She did things her way. She loved to laugh especially and embarrassingly out loud and to make goofy faces and amusing noises. This was one of her favorite things to make us realize that there are people in this world who are capable of enjoying life amid its utter unkindness and frailty. She was indeed someone, if at the right time and right company, who would make you crack a smile even the faintest and almost indistinct one. Eating, sleeping, procrastinating were her trade
All Sbg Bombers And Friends
The guy below will be in a contest starting on the 27th @ 1pm in the afternoon and it will run till the 7th of OCT at 1am. I am asking all my friends to stop by and rate his pic the day the contest starts and leave comments if you can.
All Sbg Bombers And Friends
The guy below will be in a contest starting on the 27th @ 1pm in the afternoon and it will run till the 7th of OCT at 1am. I am asking all my friends to stop by and rate his pic the day the contest starts and leave comments if you can.
All Spirit Bombers-- Please Read!!
All Saints Evening
All Summer Long- Kid Rock
It was 1989, my thoughts were short my hair was long Caught somewhere between a boy and man She was seventeen and she was far from in-between It was summertime in Northern Michigan Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Splashing through the sand bar Talking by the campfire It's the simple things in life, like when and where We didn't have no internet But man I never will forget The way the moonlight shined upon her hair Chorus: And we were trying different things We were smoking funny things Making love out by the lake to our favorite song Sipping whiskey out the bottle, not thinking 'bout tomorrow Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long Catching Walleye from the dock Watching the waves roll off the rocks She'll forever hold a spot inside my soul We'd blister in the sun We couldn't wait for night to come To hit that sand and play some rock and roll [these lyrics are found on
All Spirit Bombers
All Settled In
Friday, November 2- i woke up and looked around the empty room which once held everything i owned, i got up and got the rest of my things that were there packed into a bag. i waited for my godmother to get there with her truck to help load up the big objects left. when that was all loaded up we headed down the road, my mom's soon to be ex husband didnt even say a word to me, which was fine because i didnt like him much anyways. we got to the new place and i took my last bag to my room and looked at all the boxes, i really had no idea where to put anything. so i unpacked what i wanted to keep in my room and took the rest out to the shed. i put the boxes that were left in my closet, i still havnt put everything away. that night i went to sleep easily but woke up to sirens, i remembered that i live every bit of 5 minutes from the hospital. so i had to get use to it. Saturday, November 3- i woke up to two kittens laying beside me, i got up and went into the kitchen and made some coffee,
Alls I Ask Is Why?
By: Andrea Lynn Christine written in 2000 Alls I ask is Why? Why can't he see me the way I see him. Why can't he feel the way I feel. I wanna be his companion, lover, n best friend. I want him to be able to come to me when he needs a shoulder to lean on. I wanna share this affection I have with him and only him. Why doesn't he understand, what am I doing wrong. What is he so blinded by, that he doesn't even notice. That I have been right in front of him the whole time. and if he does, why is he avoiding it. Alls I ask is Why? Dedicated to- Nicholas Christoher Angelo Lombardo (the 3rd)
All Shook Up
The person who dedicated this song to me knows who they are. Hes my world...him and my lil girl are my everything. I love you babi
All Sarge's Bad Girls Need To Read This
I Have Seen A Drop In Participation From The Bad Girls Lately..Yes I Know We All Have Things Off Fubar That We Need To Do...But As You All Know I Just Ask That You Keep Informed With What I Have Planned For The Group..I Would Like For Those That Are Still Serious About Being One Of Sarge's Bad Girls To Comment This Blog To Let Me And Everyone Else Know That You Are A Bad Girl And Part Of This Group/Family .. I Also Feel That If We Are Proud To Be Part Of Sarge's Bad Girls All Bad Girls Should Have "Sarge's Bad Girls" In Their Name..If You Have A Reason For Not Adding It (Such As A Long Name Already) Just Let Me Know..If You Would Like .. You May Add SBG's To Your Name...We Talk About Sarge's Bad Girls Being The Best & Baddest..Now Let's Prove It By Showing Everyone That We Care...I Will Give All A Week To Comment This Blog..At Which Time I Will Start Deleting Some From The Group. Thank You, Sgt. Raider Owner Of Sarge's Bad Girls Update 7-7-09 Please Comment If You Plan On Continuin
All She Wrote
Song lyrics | All She Wrote lyrics Somethings wrong, with your mind, It won't think of me anymore, Was it all a waste of time? Tell me why was I such a chore, Broken bottles empty, Cut my mouth so I can't say Today was that day It was that time And that was all that she wrote for me You fell away I don't know why And that was all that she wrote for me Lying here in your bed The one you that you liked to do it in Pieces of, long brown hair Are all over it and still in my brain I can't explain What it's like not knowing If I'll ever cross your mind Today was that day It was that time And that was all that she wrote for me You fell away I don't know why And that was all that she wrote for me Sleep through the day Fight with the night Seven AM and the TV is white Covered in snow I never knew that hell could get so cold Today was that day It was that time And that was all that she wrote for me You fell away Well I don't know why And that was all tha
All S*u*p Members Please Read
We are trying to organize S*U*P so that we can bomb more effective.... please make sure that you are a member of our lounge and keep a check on the comments in the bottom part and one the folowing blogs as these will help you to know where we are bombing each day tyvm--feel free to shout or pm miss retta, myself,or mister b--for direction or questions you may have. SHADYS LOUNGE Please click here S*U*P EVENTS BLOG CURRENT EVENTS for S*U*P
Allspice Chutney
Ingredients: 3/4 cup White raisins; 1/4 cup Bell peppers; chopped fine 1 cup White vinegar; 4 Pears; cored,pared, chopped 2 cups sugar 1/2 teaspoon Ginger 1/4 teaspoon Allspice 1/4 teaspoon Cloves 1/4 teaspoon Salt Directions: Combine all ingredients in large pan; bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium, cook until pears are tender and mixture is slightly thick (about an hour). Spoon into three clear 1/2 pint jars and seal immediately.
"all She Wants Is Anothu Baybeh"...
I listened to that tue over and over when it first came ou. Listened and realized that the two babies born to me out of my first marriage were going to be the ONLY children I would bring into this world... second marriage was naturally aborted as a TUBAL PREGNANCY... just in time too; my husband had gone bonkers stating that he was "leaving to go home to his "family". The last marriage could have resulted in a child, except that military innoculations in prep for overseas mobilization in 1990 for action in the first stint of DESERT STORM (the KUWAIT oil issue by Bush sr.) injections for YELLOW FEVER, SMALLPOX, MEASLES, and AIDES; nuked the developing embryo conceived of the husband that was killed when the pilot shot down that ISRAELI AIRBUS. At the time, I did not know I was pregnant. I bled for weeks afterward.... heavy...cut hog style bleeding with huge clots, then tapered off to a trickle. I was living on camus trying to finish a Bachelors degree and beginning my masters degree whi
All Staff Needed
staff needed tell me what u want to do if u dont kno how i will teach u how to do it send u all the info on yahoo or here whatever is easier for u staff meetings r held just comment and tell me
All Staff Auction
THE REAL RED DRAGON LOUNGE ALL STAFF AUCTION JUST CLICK ON THE STAFF PIC AND GO SEE THEIR BLOG FOR WHAT YOUR BIDDING ON DJ'S FOR AUCTION ARE AS FOLLOWS: DJ MassDJ MASS THE REAL DJ MASS -FU -H TO MAHA OWNER OF THE REAL RED DRAGON LOUNGE@ fubar DJ MahaDJ Maha~Fu- Wife & R/L G/F to DJ Mass~GM@ The Real Red Dragon Lounge@ fubar Toke~A~HontasToke-a-hontas ~ Fu-Wifey to Ravenaris... Greeter@The Real Red Dragon Lounge@ fubar DJ CoDJ Co... greeter/azz kicker@ the real red dragon lounge@ fubar Mickimicki ~~ greeter @ The real red dragon lounge@ fubar DJ BG"DJ BG~Asst. DJ Mgr & Greeter @ The Real Red Dragon Lounge@ fubar Brittdaddyslilgirl18greeter @ the real red dragon@ fubar DJ Barbie
All Sublime Set
All Sadness Aside, A New Lease On Life
I've been through some life altering events the past few months, and despite coming out of it all a bit more scarred I feel like I've been given a second chance at my life. So what I'm saying is I wanna make the best of it, meet new people, make new friends, and live life to whatever kinda fullest I can. Anybody, I make friends with, if I ever start to back down from something in your presence, hit me, beat the living crap out of me, or if your more comfortable, just remind me "dude, you said you wanted to live remember?". Beating the crap out of me would probably be a little extreme but hey if it gets the job done lol. Here's to tomorrow people, Eayrik
All Summer Long
All Stressed Out..??????
BITS AND PIECES... *Having a bad day? Well,better you than me. *If you can't beat'em,well then you're just not trying hard enough. *Ever notice how people who tell you to calm down are the ones that got you mad in the first place? *Happiness is where you find it.Perhaps you should look someplace else.Start each day off on the right foot,unless the left one kicks better. *I make it a policy to never take work home with me...unless office supplies count. *If not for stress,I'd have no energy at all. *Women don't need the remote control....we have the actual control. *Give a man a fish,and he'll eat for a day.Teach a man to fish,and the old buzzard won't be hanging around,underfoot all the time. *I'd eat more fruits and vegetables if they tasted more like microwaved burritos. *Never test the depth of the water with both feet!! *If you think nobody cares if you're alive,try missing a couple of car payments. *There are two theories to arguing with women..
All Successful Political Conspiracies
All Successful Political Conspiracies are Eventually Called The Government of. . . And, (the bad ones like this current administration, now rated by its own citizens as the worst in its 232 year history,) after their victory then refer to most whom oppose, or those presenting evidence exposing them... (wait for it...) as conspiracy nuts, and/or un-patriotic and anti-American. The first such successful conspiracy for our nation was the Founding Fathers take-over of the colonies from the British, creating the United States of America through violent revolution. The second such successful conspiracy for our nation was/is the current destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights by the corporatists through successful cronyism, lies, sycophancy, collaboration, and a hostile take-over of all of this nations regulatory agencies, the re-writing of the regulations to protect themselves from the people, and a successful corporate take-over of almost all of the media of thi
All Sumed Up
Well the fun is about over Monica is heading out soon. I teh sads we had a blast. She ate everything in site and took shits the size of her head. We had a great time losing our money at casino and had a blast at party last night. I got fucked up (like I really needed to say that) she had me wear some come fuck me boots and this bitch has never worn heels in her life, the balls of my feet are fucking killing me today and I feel like shit. She even got my drunk ass on the dance floor. It was fun sorry no pics we suck. So think good thoughts as she will be on the icy roads soon headed back home :( P.S. She will be getting a bill for my carpet. I &hearts Monica
All She Wants Is...............
A Fu-King St@lker..... So please.....someone help her out!!! @ fubar“z G “z™
All Smiles
granted it's been a while since I've posted in my blog but there are reasons-- I've been just sorting out some thing happening with myself but I'm gaining control and its all coming out roses, so to speak.. I've found someone that means the world to me and I couldnt ask for a better love...who is she? now now now, such things arent meant to be aired in public *winks*
All She Wrote
All's Fair In Love.........and War!
How many times have you heard the old saying....All's fair in love and war. The more you become involved with someone in a relationship.....the more that saying rings true. That may not be true for many........but, it seems as if I can attest to the truth of far as marriages go. Is it that you become comfortable with your partner, then when things begin to go south......comfort turns into an all out battle royale! I guess in my case, being a nice uy always backfires and ends up bitting you on the backside! Maybe someday I will learn........Is that possible for a man?
All 6s And 7s
"Face Paint" I be so humble my regular stateAll loving its never no hate,A whole another level of yates,How there isn't when the brain of a rebel createA fellow with a peddle to breakI'm settled but this devil is awakeWhen its appliedSomething from deep insideNo longer sneaks and hidesIt awakens the beast and prizedThrough ligaments bones and through eyesNo reminets known as true shynessReal men thrown in to dieGiven it moments to riseThen a metamorphosis happens like a lit torchWhen its rapping hyped and its warpedAnd its fashions to bring forth warAnd its passionLaughin' wickedly baby whats happenin'Where smashing ass yes that humble guy is a has beenAnd no they can'tCome make me stay saintWhen I get that on I black out it feels like I may faintThen I feel invincible never come to kid or play prankI say what the fuck I want and do what I want to do behind my(Face Paint)I can be who I want to beAnd I know its still meBut I'm totally free with my(Face Paint)I put it on for you to seeW
All Symptoms Of Low Iron
Research has shown that on the list of most commonly seen reasons for hairloss in women and men is iron deficit. Serious Hair Loss or discovering those unwanted hair in your own comb is usually a terrifying picture for everybody. For this reason, scroll down to find out more concerning iron deficit.Loss Of Hair or baldness is definitely a hair disorder, which is certainly usual in males than women. Clinically called alopecia, hairloss may occur on the head as well as other region of our bodies such as eye-brows, eye lashes, and many more. Contraceptive remedies, dandruff, emotional stress, giving birth, emotional condition, the menopause, fad diets, and many others, are a few usual factors behind loss of hair in females. In addition to these, the most typical reasons for hairloss in pre-menopausal ladies is iron deficit. Alopecia in females can certainly be a reaction to several health problems for instance anemia, decreased thyroid hormonal levels, lupus, and frequently cancers.Ferrit
All Sports Site
All Sexy Content Not Seen On Here! Only $15!!! (videos)
That’s right! All content is still $15!!! This includes all photosets and videos! (fetish as well ) And to make this offer extra special - the first 15 people to get in on the $15 special will be first in line to receive custom content from me at a discounted price in the near future. (Either a custom photo set or short video.) (Said discounted price will be negotiated with each individual as to what they want their content to be.) I’m only $75 away from my personal goal (with which I will use it to make even more awesome content for you lot). So please take advantage of this deal! Only $15 and it goes a long way! To take advantage go to: [www][dot]|My|Girl|Fund[dot]com[slash]Kyatto (minus the "|"s)
All She Could Think
“ All that she could think was that she needed him. She needed his arms around her, needed him to hold her and whisper that they'd find a way to be together. ”
All Shapes & Sizes
If there's one thing I simply cannot stand in humans, it's hipocracy. Every single person on this website, at least once, has asked for something. Even something so menial as pic rates or likes. Yet, so many of you are the first to jump on the "fu-whore" bandwagon, calling others out and passing judgement. We're all here for the same reason - to be accepted. This site allows us to find like-minded freaks who just want to share in our madness. It's a place for us to be ourselves, and be someone else at the same time, someone the real world doesn't always understand. And, underneath all of that, it's a game. There was a time, way back before it was Fubar, when comments were real and more meaningful than the now-popular bling, when rates were more honest, when friends were worth more than just the points they could get you, when profiles & blogs were actually read. That's changed, and if you're here, you can either roll with it as best you can, or bail out. Nobody demands yo
All That It Meant
ALL THAT IT MEANT You watch as my chest heaves with desire, Inside it's burning with a sexual fire. My swollen nipples tight with pleasure, As your lips enjoy this wonderful treasure. Your hands are free to wander my curves, Bringing new life to all of my nerves. My legs, my waist, my moist, tender places You feel me tremble as my passion now races. You swell in response to my luscious folds, As you enter my body and all that it holds. Together we merge and for all that we share, This pleasure is heaven and love like this rare. Our sounds are now loud as a whistling train, As ecstasy rages, we try to maintain. Climaxes we share and honeydew spent, Our sacred love and all that it meant. WRITTEN BY: VICKI JOINER SUNDAY FEBRUARY 13, 2005 COPYRIGHTED: FEBRUARY 2005
All That Planet Stuff I Learned Was Useless
Well, those science nerds have done it again! They've turned off Star Trek, and left their mothers' basements long enough to demote Pluto as a planet. What's wrong with these people? These are the same people who wanted to make our moon a new planet. Ok, first of all, everything I learned in astronomy is useless now! No, not just the stuff having to deal with Pluto. I contend that EVERYTHING I learned in astronomy was all for naught. Plus, we're going to have to change that little story that school kids are taught in which they can remember the planets: My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas So now what? "Pizzas" is now no longer applicable. What do we change it to? I have an idea. Maybe My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nachos? That's just stupid. I say this to all of you scientists who supported this idiotic idea. Either make Pluto a planet again, or blow it up. Think about it. Id we're going to get rid of Pluto as a planet, let's get rid of it. Keep it from junking
All The Donation Icons
What the hell is up with all the donation icons on people's pages? Like this chick. She says her dad had a heartattack and blah blah blah. Is it just me or do you guys find something wrong seriously wrong with this? I think I'm going to claim that my dog has Testicular Cancer and put up one of those donate buttons but I'll actually use the money to pay for my ??? job. Hurrican Katrina Victims: I am tired of the "I stayed like a dumbass now give me some money" specials on TV. Am I like the only person left on the planet who remembers Major Nagin telling eveyone to get the %#% out? Does anyone else remember him saying that if you go to the SuperDome or if you stay make sure you have enough supplies for 3 days? 9/11 Commemorative Crap that's being sold. People died that day in horibble ways. Why the ^*** would anyone want to buy a tie or 3-D coin marking the occasion. Next year for 9/11 let's just it "National Airplane Day."
All The Way
All The Way by smithpeter She dressed for me Hid behind the door I knew she was there The pointed black toe Kept the door from opening All the way We kissed, open mouthed Breathing hard My one hand On the knob My other upon her silk She made all the sounds And when I looked up Saw her tongue darting Licking her own Pinching her own Calling herself names At last on fours Leaving hand prints Lasting in my memory More than her behind Three regrets- Never fat peppermint stick Never mechanical magic Never leftovers on her stomach Medium Rare Prime Rib Bleeding its own pink liquid
All The Riches Baby...
Sep 29, 2006 Hello All... Just a quick note from yet another internet cafe. Ken and I are in downtown London waiting to meet Charles for dinner. We spent a few hours tooling around. Seeing the sites...being tourist basically. So anyway, got a few secs to kill before we feed our faces at some fancy smancy eatery. Of course I didn't come to the U.K. or NYC for that matter with "dress clothes" I brought clothes for recording an album, and looking like a poor musician. Pretty sure I'm gonna stand out hardcore tonight. Ken said no worries...he said I'm just wearing the uniform that goes with my new job, and people will just have to deal. I kinda like that way of thinking. Big F-U to the world...thats rock n' roll isn't it? (Those who know me can start laughing now) Whatever...all I know is that the album is sounding amazing, and I am working my butt off on these vocals. Not only do I sing these songs several times each session, but I have several sessions just to see if I can beat
"all The World's A Stage"- Sir William Shakespeare
All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms. Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel And shining morning face, creeping like snail Unwillingly to school. And then the lover, Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad Made to his mistress' eyebrow. Then a soldier, Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard, Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel, Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the cannon's mouth. And then the justice, In fair round belly with good capon lined, With eyes severe and beard of formal cut, Full of wise saws and modern instances; And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts Into the lean and slippered pantaloon, With spectacles on nose and pouch on side; His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide For his shrunk shank, and his big m
All That I Am- Rob Thomas
I am the one winged bird for flying Sinking quickly to the ground See your faith in me subsiding See you prime for giving in I give you all that I am I am the sound of love's arriving Echoed softly on the sand Lay your head upon my shoulder Lay your hand within my hand I give you all that I am And I breathe where you breathe Let me stand where you stand With all that I am I am the white dove for a soldier Ever marching as to war I would give my life to save you I stand guarding at your door I give you all that I am I am the one winged bird for flying Sinking quickly to the ground I am the blind man for a watchdog I am prime for giving in I'll show you all that I am And I breathe so you breathe Let me stand so you'll stand With all that I am
All That I'm Living For
All that I'm living for all that I'm dying for all that I can't ignore alone at night I can feel the night beginning separate me from the living understanding me after all I've seen piecing every thought together find the words to make me better if I only knew how to pull myself apart All that I'm living for all that I'm dying for all that I can't ignore alone at night all that I'm wanted for although I wanted more lock the last open door- my ghosts are gaining on me I believe that dreams are sacred take my darkest fears and play them like a lullaby like a reason why like a play of my obsessions make me understand the lesson so I'll find myself so I wont be lost again All that I'm living for all that I'm dying for all that I can't ignore alone at night all that I'm wanted for although I wanted more lock the last open door- my ghosts are gaining on me Guess I thought I'd have to change the world to make you see me to be the one I could have run
All There Is !
i know you dont know me.. im not asking you to. im asking you to conside the pain others go through everyday. ive had my heart broken and crushed all within the same day. i was with this guy 2 years just to find him having sex with another girl is this fair? is it right that i should sit back fall in love just to watch everything i had fall around me. and never know what it felt like if things would have been different and how to change them. i want to know is it something i done. did i make him do it.. say something to drive him into it?
All Through The Night
I'm looking at your pic And I see your face Your face is so gorgeous And my heart begins to race I wish you were here Close to me Huggin' me tight With all your might Although I know I could never be next to you I never give up And try the best I could do To Love you Kiss you Be next to you Holdin' you tight Hear your voice Say to me You love me All through the night. I'm holdin' your picture In my hand You're layin' on the beach Near the sand I feel so blue 'Cause I'm not with you If only you knew, I LOVE YOU! Although I know I could never be next to you I never give up And try the best that I could do. To Love you Kiss you Be next to you Holdin' you tight Hear your voice Say to me You love me All through the night. By, Felicia A. Laffin
All Tied Up This Weekend;
/glitterbla href="" target="_blank">
All Time Favorite Halloween Song!!!!
iron butterfly-inna gadda da vida classic rockAdd to My Profile | More Videos SINCE THEY CUT OUT THE DRUM SOLO PART......BEST PART OF THE SONG....HERE IS A DRUM SOLO BY MIKE PINERA OF IRON BUTTERFLY Drum SoloAdd to My Profile | More Videos
All Time Favorite Queen Video
Bohemian RhapsodyAdd to My Profile | More Videos
"all The White Horses Are Still In Bed"
why can't I break free? I can't take this slavery can i lift these chains cut the ropes that bind me restrained by this pain held down by the grief consuming my every thought eating at my every fiber help me escape run from the bitter cold leave behind this harsh winter
All The Things,
All the things we would have, could have done All the memories my sore heart spun All the wonderful nights spent in glee Keep coming back and haunting me Every walk around the block brings pain Every person holding hands deems shame Every romance trying to take my soul Is breaking me, I hate it all. All the wonderful smiles, stupendous glares All the dreams I keep having, thinking you're there All the people reminding me of our mistake Keeps killing me softly, it's making me break Every tear that keeps falling is staining my cheeks Every thought of you shakes me, Every moment I'm weak Every night is true horror, a dreadful disaster And each time I keep running, But pain comes much faster And so I keep trying to let this point fade But I'm tripping on sorrow, on all I forbade; And all the love I ignored; All I couldn't see, Is binding me slowly, not breaking me free.
All The Small Things..
Is it because I'm pregnant, stressed, or what? I don't know. It just seems all the small things are irritating me lately. From the guy at the Mexican restaurant serving all the other customers first when my glass of iced tea is empty to my cat obsessively licking and cleaning himself- I feel like I'm about to jump out of myself. It's the small things that are getting under my skin lately. Like feeling ignored my John while he plays his games and doesn't answer half the time when I ask him a question or talk to him. My cat scratching and/or licking himself constantly. The baby kicking me and/or hurting me by uncomfortable positions she gets in. Maybe I should talk to my doctor about changing my medication. That way she can assure me that what I'm feeling is normal or not. Oh I just bought "The L word-Season 3" for $59 from Columbia House DVD. I waited for an entire year for it to come out and couldn't wait to see it. It picks the best episode out of the entire season and don't play the
All The Sounds
ok. i try not to bug out. but im on the computer looking thru the cooliest website ever and i hear all these weird fucking sounds. and never see anything happen. im i just hearing shit. am i crazy. who knows. im really thinking i hear shit. no one around me hears these crazy sounds
All That You Are (warning: Not My Normal Poetry But Enjoy!)
All that you are is all that I need You are the one who makes me see I am the woman meant for you The one who loves you strong and true A man you are so completely You adore me very sweetly You touch me so very deep My heart is yours to forever keep You know how to touch me just so That I totally lose control Make love to me with fits of desire That set body and soul on fire You dance on me and deep within You kiss me and caress my skin You hold me close and so dear I always know how much you care The man you are drives me mad and it shows As I cannot wait to remove your clothes And lie you down And without regret Dance with you till our pleasure is met
All Things Are Calculations
All Things are Calculations 1 In the beginning of creation The creator made designs A simplistic life equation To run its course in time 2 It was set then into motion The nuances of all the men And, with a great commotion We set off toward our end 3 The Nefilim also had beginnings They too were born of stars Their own mysteries are akin To the unknown things like ours 4 Like us they know not how Or whom the first seed sowed Yet gods to us are now Those whose mysteries hold 5 The plan to all life is simple For plants and men the same Like secrets in the fleshy temple That courses the blood-filled vein 6 That thought an ultimate reason That all things live to die Its truth a whisper of treason From the deities of the sky 7 Its a new Biotechnometry In nature its not just knowledge But a glorious sacred geometry That fractal ferns acknowledge 8 The Masters touch is there Its in the dividing line Where forms and voids do tear The ma
All The Sexy Women Need To Read This!!!
All The While He Was Alone, But The Past Was Close Behind
All That's Pure Is Now Insane
Crawl through the flames that eat your flesh Drowned in the waters that know you best Step inside I've been waiting here for you On your knees, where you shall crawl Flying so high you'll never fall Step inside we've been waiting here for you Bow down, you've chose your maker He never gives he's always a taker The electric burns that fuel the fire It's just your suicide messiah Walk through the streets that know your name All that's pure is now insane Step inside I've been waiting here for you Another trip, another lie Life's hand of doom has you feeling fine Step inside we've been waiting here for you
All That Good Stuff
bored and yeah! working on some art stuff. it's crap but whatever.
All The Times
Sincerely I can say That we should have met before today But I am (hmmmm) happy to have this chance (this chance yeah) To beeee with you and Im going to make the best of it This is more than joy for me To feel like a family And when we go our seperate ways This feeling will always stay Chorus: Look how long weve been around each other And weve finally found a chance to get together Look at all the times weve seen each other It feels so good to be together (look at all the times weve had babe) Look how long weve been around each other And weve finally found the chance to get together (ohhh sing it coko) If you take a listen deeply, deeply You can hear the pride in my voice yeah, ohhhhhhh Its nothing hard to see that Im happy about the way we came to beeee, beeee If I ever get the chance (ohhhhh) Again Ill know that We make sweet music Togerther ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Look how long weve been around each other And weve finally found a chance to get t
All That Is Cool
4th Jun 2006 1:44 AM What up dawgs? been up to a suprising amount of stuff sitting on this little island. a suprising amount to do, so thought i would leave a little taster of what i have been upto as im sure you are all dying to know. As you can see from new profile pic, did indeed go scuba diving, whihc was amazing. saw a completely new world, had geat visibilty, loads of fish and just such crazy stuff i had no idea even exsisted. slighty soured by the fact i had some trouble equaliing pressure in right ear so couldnt go down that deep, was still great though. loads of bumming around on the beach, some snorkling and loads of readng, glad i picked up a fat 1000 page book while in bangkok. Another day went down to the shooting range on the island, let of a few rounds form a .45 and then an AK which was alot of fun, but very expensive, paul got hit in the face with ejected casing which was funny, and even went bowling and saw Xmen 3 (nice to indulge in some normal activitesd
All The Devils Down In Heaven
why do i keep coming back? if not for you, than for me I've tried to be the guy that earns his pride within defeat and worthy of a warm pat on the back, though i was beat burning for another chance, one more crack at victory another shot, another loss, cannot die, if i should lose far too high-priced is the cost, no value can equal you as i drive myself insane, make mistakes already made all of me has been explained, i'm dying to investigate what it is that makes you you, black magic and new voodoo repeat the question all day til it sounds like deja vu i knew the you before you turned your back and walked away used to only speak the truth, now you have nothing to say What happened to the girl who invaded my ribcage to Jumpstart this old rusty heart and start it up again anew That girl's who I need to find to achieve some peace of mind As I ride, I'd like a guide, all I'm asking for's a sign I am not expecting much Just show me where to place the First step and the d
All That And More
My goal for you baby is for you to open the door, And truly understand that you are all that and even more. You have gone through life being taken for granted, Getting lost in life's shuffle and being left empty handed. When I first saw you in that crowded room, You stood out to me like a dessert bloom. Behind the mask you laughed and played around, But underneath it I saw your frown. I'd Hear your voice and feel your fears, Snd through your laughter I saw your tears. I wanted you to see what I saw in you, That you were not dead, but a spring flower in bloom. We started out slow and took a walk, Minutes turned to hours in our endless talks. I saw in you my own life's reflection, that you were going through life without direction. I understood your pain and your life's concerns, Life took you for granted and you lost all that you had learned. But I saw in you so full of care and compassion, I wanted you to stop and see peoples reaction. I see peop
All Those Years Ago
Some of you know I was in the army. During my time I was stationed at a small base in Germany and we had pershing missles. We were told that we had 15 minutes to get as far away as possible if we ever launched or the russians launched. Needless to say this was cause for concern since every german civilian would be doing the same. I informed the officer in charge that i'd spend those 15 minutes making my peace with God and kissing my ass goodbye. The day John Hinkley shot president Reagan my worst fears almost came true. I had pulled day shift and was watching T.V. when the announcement came over. Our alert horn sounded and folks ran out to the missle pads and I ran downstairs to the signal room and immediately relieved the person on duty (ok I kicked them out) and started copying messages. As the only operator on my team with high enough clearence to decode the messages I found that in the current message the operator I had relieved had miscopied several characters and rather than an a
All The Subtlety And Grace Of A Shovel To The Face
Bent over Left hand on hip Right hand gripping hip My stiff dick Into your hot pussy Place your hand between your legs and massage your clit Stroke at my slapping balls Let go of hip lift head Steal a brutal kiss Wrap fingers around your neck Fuck you like a train wreck Switch positions Get on top of me Bounce those beautiful tits for me Lower yourself, and place a nipple in my mouth Dig my fingers into your round ass Gag me until I drool out of the corners of my mouth Bite my chest, pierce me Do I taste like copper baby? Climax on me Throw you off and attach my mouth to your cunt Taste your cum Cum again On top of you Grabbing shoulders bruising you Grab at me Violate me Cum so deeply you can taste me Now put my cock back in your mouth And make me hard again Weve only just begun
All True Things :)
Holiday Eating Tips-Part 1 1. Avoid carrot sticks. Anyone who puts carrots on a holiday buffet table knows nothing of the Christmas spirit. In fact, if you see carrots, leave immediately. Go next door, where they're serving rum balls. 2. Drink as much eggnog as you can. And quickly. Like fine single-malt scotch, it's rare. In fact, it's even rarer than single-malt scotch. You can't find it any other time of year but now. So drink up! Who cares that it has 10,000 calories in every sip? It's not as if you're going to turn into an eggnog-alcoholic or something. It's a treat. Enjoy it. Have one for me. Have two. It's later than you think. It's Christmas! 3. If something comes with gravy, use it. That's the whole point of gravy. Gravy does not stand alone. Pour it on. Make a volcano out of your mashed potatoes. Fill it with gravy. Eat the volcano. Repeat. 4. As for mashed potatoes, always ask if they're made with skim milk or whole milk. If it's skim, pass. Why bother? It's like
All That I Did Not Remember
I have to make a correction to my last blog while I know that the bulletin I was making a reference to was about the military mainly those who are serving over seas. I did forget too say anything about those who protect and serve right hear at home, and this became clear to me as I was out riding my bike today when I told one of these self sacrificing people to have a safe shift and a Marry Christmas. So remember those unsung heroes that are all around us and that we dont think about tell we see the flashing lights. So I would also like to say remember all those in Law Enforcement (Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol, State Police and Corrections) Firefighters, Emergence Medical Personal (EMTs) and all the others behind the scenes who we dont see (dispatchers and personnel 911 operators). For they too need to be remembered and thanked for the job they do. Also some of them are also in the Military Reserves and National Guard which means, they server all in more than one way. If yo
All The Kings Horses And All The Kings Men
Well everyone it's been another interesting year and I am sure like many of you I have made a few resolutions. 1st one is I will be a better Person, no more being ugly, no more being hard on myself for no reason. 2nd I will start placing my needs, wants, desires, feelings, dreams and just me ahead of what everyone else wants. I dont know that it will work but I am going to try...what choice do I have? As far as just talking I have afew things I want to say so that I can feel I had a fresh start... here goes: I feel that some of you have used me and yes I am sure that I have used some of you... I have and still do love some of you... some I thought I could spend the rest of my life with...some I wanted to, some I hoped wanted to do that with me. But that didnt happen however, I did learn that I love to much to quickly and it bites me in the butt sometimes, I do not regret how things happened because it is going to make me a stronger better person. I will carry both the joy and
All The Time
All the time I think of you And all the fun things We used to do All the time I am reminded of you And because you are gone It makes me blue All the time I am depressed Im sorry that sometimes I was a pest All the time While you do what you are doing All of the memories of you and me Keep on blooming
All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter
All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be king. JRR Tolkien
All These Friends And Fans..and Still Behind ?? Interesting
All The News
FERNLEY FLYER all the news a person needs to know January 10, 2007 CROP DAMAGE An entire acre of Pappy Yokums four-acre corn crop was destroyed last Tuesday when Scooter Jeeters hog got loose from its pen. Yokum is holding the hog for damages. Jeeter told Flyer Field Reporter, Christopher Planet, that he intends to offer a bag of turnips as restitution if the pig is returned. SHINE PRODUCTION DOWN Moonshine production in Fernley is expected to drop by 25% as a result of an unanticipated corn crop failure. ROBERY REPORTED An unnamed traveler from nearby Fallon was hit over the head with what appeared to be a fence post from a pigsty, and robbed while walking through Fernley with a bag of turnips. Chief Investigating Officer Fife of the Fernley Police Department issued a statement on Monday. This ones a real puzzle, he said. MOTHER MAXON TAKES A FALL Mother Maxon broke her hip at the Fernley First Revival Church social last Saturday after slipping on a pi
All That I'm Living For
All that I'm living for, All that I'm dying for, All that I can't ignore alone at night. I can feel the night beginning. Separate me from the living. Understanding me, After all I've seen. Piecing every thought together, Find the words to make me better. If I only knew how to pull myself apart. All that I'm living for, All that I'm dying for, All that I can't ignore alone at night. All that I'm wanted for, Although I wanted more. Lock the last open door, my ghosts are gaining on me. I believe that dreams are sacred. Take my darkest fears and play them Like a lullaby, Like a reason why, Like a play of my obsessions, Make me understand the lesson, So I'll find myself, So I won't be lost again. All that I'm living for, All that I'm dying for, All that I can't ignore alone at night. All that I'm wanted for, Although I wanted more. Lock the last open door, my ghosts are gaining on me. Guess I thought I'd have to change the world to make you see me, T
All The Little Things
As we go through life we seem to forget the little things that used to make us all so happy. Like chasing fireflies, walking with our best friends, playing in mud, laying in the front yard making animals and stuff out of clouds. remember thoes days? Now as adults we get excited over a day off work, finding an extra 5 in out wallets, the check book balancing, finding a credit on our utility bill. I miss the days when things were so simple. As i sit here writing this i miss more then teh simple days of could shapes and fireflies, More then the checkbook balancing and a credit on my waterbill, I miss true friends. the people who always seemed to be there when you needed them the most. the one friend who always knew u needed them and showed up. I also miss the friends i had on cherry, ya know the ones who used to talk to you almost everyday, the ones that made sure to get a phone number to keep in touch incase the internet went down. what happened to them?? If your still her
All True
I'm not your parent, nor are you my slave. I wouldn't try to say what you must do. You alone will judge how you behave, And do what you consider best for you. But if you love someone, it means you care How what you do affects the one you love. It means sometimes that two in love must share A hard decision one is certain of. So if your friend still wants you for his* own, It hurts me that you want him* for a friend. Our mutual commitment should be known, And both of us should such encroachments end. Love is fragile, delicate, and fine; To keep it whole, one has to draw a line.
2 All The Ladies Out There!!!
Hey Pretty Lady... THIS IS A TOAST.... 2 US... FOR THE MEN WHO HAVE US, THE LOSERS WHO HAD US, AND THE LUCKY PEOPLE WHO WILL MEET US!! SEND THIS ONLY TO PRETTY LADIES, INCLUDING THE ONE WHO SENT IT TO YOU!!! You have been hit. You have been considered One of the 10 prettiest ladies on my friends list. Once you have been hit, you have to hit 10 pretty ladies. If you get hit again you know you're really pretty. If you break the chain you'll have ugliness for 10 years. So hit 10 pretty ladies on your friends list and let them know they are pretty .
All-ternative Solutions Web Page
Sometimes life seems a very lonely place..I made this page at a time when I felt that. However, its also a page of hope..please take a visit there ..Bright Blessings
All The Kids Who Survived
TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's !! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this. We ate cupcakes, white bread and real butter and drank koolade made with sugar, but we weren
All The Way
You have been, A friend so true, And I'm glad you know, I'm here for you. I look forward to your e-mails, Comments galore, And with your kind words, I couldn't ask for more. So happy we met, Got in touch, I can feel your grief, Your pain so much. And most times, You remind me of me, All of those feelings, How you long to set them free. I can feel what you're feeling, Deep down inside, I know of the agony, The tears you have cried. That when you close your eyes, You see his face, And it happening again, How he left this place. You remember the kisses, When he held your hand, The way he looked at you, To you let you know he could understand. How all of the little pieces, Fit perfectly together, Before he was taken, And you lost your forever. And now you need him, Want him to come back, Because you feel lost, And it's love that you lack. I know how hard it is, To want dreams to come true, And reality is selfish, Because it's somethi
All That I Need
The sun beckons me to stretch, soak up the rays. The blades of grass are soft under my feet........ You lay me down there it makes me so weak...... I can't find my self telling you no, I can't resist the temptation of your body against mine. My love, do you know that your lips melt all my insecurities away? Do you know that your hands can cure all of the hurt from the day? My mind becomes clear and into a realm of reality that makes me so relaxed, that I fall asleep...... Awakening only to realize that this was all a wonderful dream. Baby, let's make this thought a can do that for me. You and only you, can set my body free. touch me ...touch me kiss me....kiss me so softly....... And don't ever forget, you are all I need.
All The Love
All the love that history knows, is said to be in every rose. Yet all that could be found in two, is less than what I feel for you.
All Those Nights
All of those nights when I stayed up wondering about what would happen the following day. All the time wasted on things that would just fly by anyway. Things swirl in the sunlight like a soft glow from heaven, and all the lover's have changed names. I can still hear each and everyone breathing. There's a difference in the littlest of things. Time is as real as a picture. Still, quiet, misleading. What if I forget now? My heart, my fears, and my sanity? All I have is what I know, and someday... I might only have those pictures left. When that day comes, may God remind me, that I did have a purpose.
All Those Love Poems I Wrote And You Left
I'm sitting here remembering All the good times we've had The times when I loved you Good, happy, bad, and sad. I remember when I used to hold you Safely and close to my heart Even if it was broken and slightly torn apart I thought about you twice. During the day and at night. Everything was going wrong those days You were the only thing that seemed right But then I broke down. I went through another heart break again This time it was really tough I didn't think my heart would mend But then you and me Bent down and picked up my broken heart's pieces together You reassembled my heart Only this time you made it better. You collected all my missing pieces Filled in every hole and crack. And when my heart was good as new I thought you'd give it back. It's true that love is blind Because I really couldn't see You were fixing up my heart But you weren't going to give it to me I thought this was our chance Maybe we'd finally be together Until you ga
All These Rules
Well I'm sitting here rating pictures and this thing comes up that says I have reached my limit for the day. What's up with that? How can you go to the next level without points? And I post comments but would anyone really like a comment without getting a 10 with it? Hmmmm
All Things/all People Must Pass
they all died the same year.claude , fred ,and bill.two years of life without them.tomorrow is claudes anniversery. rember finding out about him in the mourning when i woke up i went dowstairs to get something t drink and my mom was crying and she looked at me and i knew . i knew someon was gone i just didnt know who ..she told me claude died i turned away and i crawled up the stairs as the tears trcikled down my face. wheni got to my room i must have cried for 2 hours . hes my older sisters dad ..was anyways ..i spent time with his family sometimes we all got along really well it was like having a second family another mom and ddad and two more awsome younger sisters. i remeber this time my mom and i went to visit him in the hospital i must have been 7 or 8 we brought him a balloon and a card ... i brought a mylar balloon with garfeild on it he was dressed in a nurses uniform and had a sho0t in his hand and it said something like bend over its time for your shot or something just fu
All This Time
Laying in bed, Thinking of you, I begin to cry Like I've only Cried for you. Your gone from me, Only to return for A short while... I think back on The time we shared. All those long nights Holding each other, Comforting each other, They seem so long ago. Your gone form me, Only to return for A short while... All those dirty looks As we would cuddle Up close just to talk, And the whispers As we would pass. Your gone from me, Only to return for A short while... All the hardships We overcame together, That just seemed like Jokes when all was done. Your gone from me, Only to return for A short while... All the smiles, laughs, Tears, hugs, and all The happens we Shared seem like They're now dreams. Your gone from me, Only to return for A short while... All the time we Spent together seem Like part of a Different life. Your so far away, It's hard to feel you Anymore, I feel As though I'm Loosing you! And I can't stand T
All True All Real
It\'s hard to wait around for something that you know might never happen but it\'s even harder to give up, especially when it\'s everything you ever wanted. ;)\" KEEP THIS IN MIND AND SOUL LOVE ALWAYS DEEBEAR66 AND THE GIRL I TOOK IT FROM,. THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME WHATS IMPORTANT AND THE FAITH I NEED TO GO ON WITH THE BULLSHIT OF PEOPLE IN LIFE AND THE OBSTACLES I NEED TO GET AROUND
All The Same?
Im 48, slightly chubby, Male. OMG I must be a pervert. Why must I be? Why can i not just be a nice friendly bloke. Why do I have to suffer due to the desperation of some men. I see my ex as a friend and when possible we still have great sex. So here I look for friends for a chat. I am not gay nor am i wiered. So Please put the brush away. Thanks for reading. Mike
All The Small Foods (remix To All The Small Things - By Blink 182) By Dj C51 Girl Aka Jo Jo
All the small foods, that tast so good! I'll take one bite, it tastes so right. Chew it, Swallow it in my tummy... its a good thing. Eat it, then shit, better than, eating clit. Say it ain't so, I will not starve. Turn the oven on, make muffins in my thong *CHORUS* (repeat x2) Nu, nu, nu, nu, nu, nu, nu, nu, nuffins! Mu, mu, mu, mu, mu, mu, mu, mu, muffins! Late night, so stoned. Work succed, you know. She left me muffins. by the stairs. Surprises let me know she cares! Say it ain't so, I will not starve! Turn the oven on, make muffins in my car. (*CHORUS*) *BRIDGE* Say it ain't so, I will not starve. Make some good muffins, standing in my lawn. Keep your mouth chewin' At the dining room table. And eat muffins, all day long!!! (*CHORUS* & *BRIDGE*)- (Repeats & Overlaps)
All These Reasons To Smile
1. At least 5 people in this world love you so much they would die for you. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. If not for you, someone may not be living. 8. You are special and unique. 9. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 11. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look: you most likely turned your back on the world. 12. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you believe in yourself, probably, sooner or later, you will get it. 13. Always remember the compliments you rec
All The Same
I don't mind where you come from As long as you come to me I don't like illusions I can't see Them clearly I don't care no I wouldn't dare To fix the twist in you You've shown me eventually What you'll do I don't mind I don't care As long are you're here Go ahead tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything Do it all over again It's all the same Hours slide and days go by Till you decide to come And in between it always seems too long All of a sudden And I have the skill, yeah I have the will To breathe you in while I can However long you stay Is all that I am I don't mind I don't care As long are you're here Go ahead tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything Do it all over ag
All The Weary Mothers Of The Earth
ALL THE WEARY MOTHERS OF THE EARTH (PEOPLE'S UNION # 1) (Words and Music by Joan Baez) Album: Come From The Shadows (1972) RARE,OUT OF PRINT Folk singer Joan Baez was born in New York in 1941 and began performing in Boston as a teenager, first coming to national attention after a striking performance at the 1959 Newport Folk Festival. Baez founded the Institute for the Study of Nonviolence in Carmel Valley, California, participated in the Free Speech Movement at the University of California at Berkeley and in the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965 (Lutzow 2000). She confirms, "My foundations in nonviolence were both moral and pragmatic" Baez's dedication to nonviolence and human rights grew as she organized an anti-war demonstration for women and children in 1972 entitled "Ring Around the Congress." Later that year, she traveled to North Vietnam to distribute mail and Christmas presents to American prisoners of war, finding herself in the mid
All Tied Up...
All The Hate I Get
the new train of thought [im not 100% sure yet] is i am goin to close my NSFW folder down since that is what stems majority of the hate on here eg whore. && i am not a fucking whore and am sick of the hate so um yea if u come by and cant see them this is why [oh and dont think U r missing out NO ONE will be able to see them]
All To Prove (poem)
crawling across the earth walking on fire laying willingly on nails all just to prove looking at myself making needed improvments turning so many cheeks all just to prove changing my ways, my needs going without my comforts giving it my all all just to prove.... how much i love you
All This Hate On Cherry Tap
I remember when cherry tap was hate free and no drama. What happen to those days. I lost 4 good friends due to this hating going on. We need some good vibes on this site. Enough ranting from me. Now back to working on my singing.
i watched Poe play a game of pounce the invisible whatever all up n down the hallway. she must be feeling better. she has no tail cuz she's a watchin her lil nub wiggle back n forth is amusing. anyway. i heart qwest. i hate the electric company. but im not going to get into that cuz im not in a horrible mood. i had this thought process last nite and i dont know if i can revisit it...but some of it is still ruminating in there...the whole single parenting thing. single parents...whether divorced or just or women...have a tough ass time. maybe not if they only have one...i dont know...i havent had that other party? they get off ass easy in comparision. the most they have to do is a send a check...which lets face it...if you get're quite lucky and should prolly know it. sure they dun get the joy either...first smiles...first steps...first words...but they get to completely avoid all the messiness that comes w
2 All The Ladies Out There!!!
""""If ur pretty and you know it clap your hands! ""THIS IS A TOAST.... 2 US... FOR THE MEN WHO HAVE US, THE LOSERS WHO HAD US, AND THE LUCKY BASTARDS WHO WILL MEET US!! SEND THIS ONLY TO PRETTY LADIES INCLUDING THE ONE WHO SENT IT TO YOU You have been hit. You have been considered One of the 15 prettiest girls on my friends list. Once you have been hit, you have to hit 15 pretty girls. If you get hit again you know your really pretty. If you break the chain you'll have UglyNess for 10 years. So hit 15
All The Love
Hi everyone I just want to say thanks so much for all the love and the comments lately. I had been feeling pretty bummed out these past few days, so it really put a smile on my face to see all the love. Special hugs and kisses to Beamer, Craig and Andrew who always go that extra mile, love you guys... :) ricki /" target="_blank"> Free Comment" target="_blank"> Free Comment Codes
All There.
Everything was then. This is now. She thinks in my heart. There is nothing but my universe. And its quite miserable here. I won't let it come together. I refuse to reign it in, despite the consequences. And I love every self-destructing minute of it. I can't make any sense of it. I can't bring it togehter. BECAUSE IT DOESN'T BELONG THERE IS NOTHING TO PROVE. THERE IS NOTHING TO LOSE. ITS JUST SOMETHING I HAVE TO DO. EVERYTHING VERYTHINGE ERYTHINGEV RYTHINGEVE YTHINGEVER THINGEVERY HINGEVERYT INGEVERYTH NGEVERYTHI GEVERYTHIN IS NOTHING. Nothing is something...but only when I mean it to. There is nothing, there is no one. I take it all apart. I keep it all from myself. Locked secured hidden And all that's left is the rhetoric of destruction. Tongue fuck my apathy. Let me drown in boiling oil. So long as we all know the score by the end of the day. So long as its all been taken away. Disassembled. Broken. Trashed.
All The Marines,soldiers,firefighters,sargents,....war Helpers...
hey im trying to get my page together and i would like to add some people to it... as u should kno my page is dedicated to the soldiers and ppl helping to kepp this world going around.. if u feel u fit that category write me some how and tell me its ok to get ur link and i will add u to my page... thank u
All The New Peeps....
I would like to say thanx to everyone who has stopped by and visited my page. I'm very greatful.
All That I'm Living For (poem)
All that i'm living for All that i'm dying for Everything has faded away there is no hope for me after everything i've seen All that i'm living for All that i'm dying for all that i can't ignore lonely nights have grown so weary I can't pull myself together All that i'm living for All that i'm dying for there is no chance of moving on thought i could change the world although i wanted more All that i'm living for All that i'm dying for it hurts to love hard to believe in anything as my ghost gain upon me written by Raven 04/10/07
All The Drama...really Is It Necessary?
So much drama and I guess that I could get mad about it but after all this is the Internet and people do pretty much what they want to do but I look at it this way if you are going to rate something and then go back and down rate it seems pretty childish to me but some people believe that they will hurt someones feelings by doing such things and I guess that some people have to feel good about trying to hurt others.
All Things Are Possible
How should a man show his love, For this is one of the hardest things men must learn. To just say the words, no, for they are just wind, But to support the woman he loves with all his heart and soul. To see the love blossom in her eyes, When she knows her man will stand beside her all through her days. To feel the touch of her skin, As you walk hand in hand down all the roads of life. To smell the sweet perfume of her skin, When you hold her tight when she is in need of a hug. To feel her warm body pressed against yours, On a cold winters night. All this and more, are what men need to learn, That showing the woman you love will bring you more happiness. A womans love is the rock on which all men can face the world, And know that with her by his side, all things are possible. by INXS421 04/07/07
All Tied Up In Lust
It had already been a fairly long and aggravating day when the intercom dinged and the pilot on my flight informed us in his best Im sorry, but not really voice that our flight to El Paso was being diverted to Odessa / Midland Airport because of a problem on the runway in El Paso. The chorus of groans that reverberated through the cabin said it all. Nobody who didnt absolutely have to go Odessa or Midland wanted to be there. My mood darkened considerably. I had already been up since one in the morning so that I could get to the airport in Providence for 3:45 AM so that I could be on the 5:45 flight to Chicago to get my connecting flight to El Paso. So the thought of waiting around for another flight did not appeal to me at all. What a silly man I was. If I desired to wait for another flight to El Paso it would mean spending the night in Odessa, there were no seats to be had on any of the puddle jumpers that fly between the two cities today. I weighed my options and decided th
All The Joy, All The Fun,
All the joy, all the fun, all the excitement, took place here. This is what every kid looked forward to: recess. Every kid could not wait to get here. Couldn't wait to get out here and get beaten up by the bullies. Couldn't wait to get out here and get teased and humiliated. Couldn't wait to get out here so they could be chosen last, for all the teams. This is where all the fun of childhood took place. The only thing I remember rivaling that, was one time, during my parents attempted reconciliation, they took me skiing. And as I stood atop the mountain, and looked across at another snow covered hill, I saw my reflection. And then a land slide brought it down. You see, scars are souvenirs you never loose, the past is never far. But what do you do? What do you do, when all your memories are razor blades? When everything you can possibly remember, hurts? What do you do?
All The Psychopathis Records' "beefs" And How They Started
Esham vs. D-12 Eminem is a very controversial rapper. It seems as if half of the rap industry loves Eminem, half of the rap industry would love to get five minutes alone with the young white rapper. Psychopathic Records makes up a large portion of the half that cannot stand the rapper. However, of all the feud's between Psychopathic and Eminem, Esham seems to have the most intense die-hard hatred for him. Esham was the biggest name to come out of Detroit. Any rap artists you know who came out of Detroit was in some way influenced by Esham. That includes ICP, Twiztid, Eminem, and even Kid Rock. Esham had some sort of influence on them, Eminem himself admits that. It is said that in 1997 Proof from D12 was opening a show for rap star Lil' Kim in Detroit. Esham had decided to attend the show and watched on from the crowd. It didn't seem odd at all when the Godfather of the wicked shit was asked to come on stage. The hometown crowd went insane for the UNHOLY one. As Esham picked up a
All The Women
go to frankster69 page
All The Women
All That Remains
I sit atop my roof watching the stars the cold wind blowing spreading whatever may come fates disaterous touch effects us all a cruel bitch she is ruining the lives of many for her own self satisfying pleasure so many times has she toyed with my life only for me to look a fool. I live and sleep amoung the world of demons the cold bitter silence that weeps through me i see all but sadness and the suffering of others why cant i help them all?.... i am but one soul nothing more nothing less a wicked one at that but warm hearted to say the least i may still own my soul but it has already been sold for what i fear is my own mortality my human frailties i wish to extinguish destroying every trace of humanity within me. the only way i will become stronger then i am is if i allow the darkness within my soul to spread without being contained... Oh how i enjoy its bitter taste the anger the hatred i feed and feel from others such an intoxicating feeling all their fears an sin
All Things Happen For A Reason....
This is truth, for all things happen for a reason and as does those whom cross our path. Life is good. It is about learning and always being in the process of becoming...what do I mean by that? Simply put is this: If we do not learn as we go through life and grow with the experiences that we have come across, then until we learn the lessons at hand, they will continue to come back until we do learn them. Life is simple, yet we as humans and by nature complicate even the simpliest of tasks. I know first hand! So I speak not without experience. Take time to see the simple things we take for granted every day. Stop and look outside as if through the innocent eyes of a child. For a child has not yet been taught how to hate, how to judge another, they have not been taught that we much justify our existance by the amount of work we do. They are the happiest people in the world!!!When is the last time you went a park either with someone or by your self and sat on a swing or went down a sli
All That Has Been Written Before
My mind can not take much more.. how long before insanity claims me.. how long before I close another door... to the same lies and ruins that I have lived before? You say so much time is thriving for the truth And yet it is truth that is what sets us free.. but time will not stand still and let me be me.. I dont want to stand up or sit down.. I just want to live and to breathe I dont wanna fight this.. I dont need this its not who I am.. its not me So much to learn yet so little knowledge History repeats itself again and agian You claim what is perfect and righteous to you leaving me with a shadow of a man.. I can only stand up or sit down.. I can only wait, live and breathe I dont want this.. I dont need this its not who I am.. its not me
All That...................not.................
Ya, know I realize that Cherry tap is a kool place to be and I realize that Im not the most beautiful thing on here, but I also by all means dont think im a complete ugly ass either, but it really gets to me when you are rating pics, or viewing profiles and you come along someone male and female that think they are all that, with the, ("who wants some") comments and the (" rate, me cause I know im the shit") comments and the (" ya know Im hot") comments and so forth.................. Give me a break, personally I think that if you have to come off like you are Gods Gift to the human race then I dont need to rate you for anything, because you obviously all ready have your head stuck up your ass anyway so why should I feed the fire for you. The only thing I can think of to say to you is Grow up already!
All This Time.....feelings Of Forever.....
Lately I've been starting to feel more distant from everything and everyone. Even to the point of not caring so much so. I think to a time when I was rather happy. But at that point in time. Probably was the worse time in life but not as bad as it might of seem then. For some reason that point in time I feel as if I was more alive. Then again I'm just looking back to this time as a point of no return. Time through the hour glass as it seems for things that used to be or once was. I mean sure it was a great time in my life when I was younger. But that is more distant than ever before now. Plus nothing stays the same.... I feel more and more as if I'm changing... not sure if for the good or the bad. But as time seems to keep going and the world does not stand still. I can't help but feel as if I'm drifting through time now..... What once was, will not be for long. Far removed from all things bad and good just makes things numb. Or all things good and bad just make the nu
All Thats Left
i awake in the night cold sweats images of you why cant i forget i want so bad to forget you plague my mind like a bad dream i drown myself im fawkin pissed after what u put me through what do u expect me to do sit here and cry beg you to come back im done with you and all your games all that's left of us are the pictures in these frames Ive tried so hard to make things work but your so set in your ways so set in making me hurt now the time has come to say goodbye your control of me and my life is about too die I can see in your eyes all the pain that's inside the look on you face just cant hide the hatred within im pushing you back but still your here haunting my dreams and making me wonder what am i to do so i turn up this bottle all i see is myself just sitting there on the shelf all i see is me sitting here alone all i see is me me without you
All The Wonderful Things That Nature Offers...screw That!!!
I try to get along with nature. I was raised in rural Florida and Georgia, and I never really had a problem with all of God's creatures. But now I have had to go into battle against nature's meanest, cruelest, most bitter of creations...the WASP! There I was, minding my own business, mowing the lawn and singing a song in my head, when out of nowhere I get the dive bombers tapping me on my head! I'm one of God's creatures, so I naturally defend myself against such and unwarranted attack. That's not enough for the little bastards...they have to deploy their stingers! Before I know it, I'm dropping everything in my hands and running for my life as I get tapped on my hand and wrist! I was only mowing the grass! That's alright, though; I'll give them round one. But they dropped the chemical attack's time for PAYBACK! I've come in from what can only be described as a mission of justifiable genocide. Young, old, big, small...none were safe in the wake of my wrath. Arm
All The Things You Are To Me
Your my pillow at night, my shoulder to cry on, my strength to go on, my will to live, the love of my life, the shine in my eye, the whisper in my ear, and the beat of my heart....
All Those In The Houston Area!!!!!!
i have posted a list of movies that i'm trying to sell, if ur interested, please let me are the links....
All Tied Up....
You come over to my place and we deceide to have some fun, but in a different way. I go upstairs and change into my red sexy lingerie outfit,sheer stockings, and some red high heels. I am laying on the bed in a come and take me pose and you make your way upstairs to my room. You tell me how hot and sexy I look but that because I am a tease, you want to have your way with me. Laying on the bed you see severel different sex toys. You grab the love cuffs, tell me to lay on my back and place my hands and feet in postion. You have me under your total control. You grab one of the feathers and start to run it down my neck, brest, belly, thighs and all the way down my legs. Shivers begin to run up and down my back and just from the gentle touch around my nipples, I start to get wet. You then grab the can of whiped cream and place some on my nipples. You suck and lick it off. You know how sensitive my nipples are and I begin to squirm. As you suck it off my nipples, you hand begins down my stom
All The Angels On The Internet
All the angels on the internet, The toughest times you've seen me through, The best of friends, yet we've never met. The tears we've shared I will not regret, My greatest sorrows you helped subdue, All the angels on the internet. You've stood by my side, I will not forget, No other friends have been as true, The best of friends, yet we've never met. The healing's begun, but not done yet, As through our pain, our hope we renew, All the angels on the internet. We've grown in strength, we'll not be upset, Glorious new dreams we now pursue, The best of friends, yet we've never met. Your reward in heaven a coronet, The glory of love is surely your due, All the angels on the internet, The best of friends, yet we've never met. MIKA
All The Tears
All These Points
Ok I have got to take a chance on looking stupid here, but being new to this I justta ask. What in the green grass of nature are we supposed to do, with all these points we aquire? I have them and don't know what to do with them. Someone wanna answer this for me? You can bet I would appreciate it. Thank You
All That I Am, I Think! By Peter Britt
Hi everyone.....Reposting about the book but, to ALSO let you know that my book is now available in the publishers bookstore at a reduced prices directly through them. If you get your book through them however, it will not be autographed as they send it direct. So go get yours today they are ALMOST DONE BEING PRINTED! Can you tell I'm excited? lol Peter Click here for Peter's publisher book store Click this link to order the Hard Cover book. $24.99 shipping included Click here to order All That I Am, I Think! in Hard Cover Click this link to order the paperback book. $19.99 shipping included Click here to order All That I Am, I Think! in paperback Just click the cdbaby logo to buy That's What Living's For by Peter Britt
All Torn Up Inside
OK well if you been readin my blogs, you know that I havent been speakin to my dad or brother lately. well my dad isnt really my real dad, hes raised me since I was 9 months old, so I consider him my real dad....anyways, he came by here earlier and dropped my little girls bike off, and thats it, I dont know but it hurts me bad that he wont apologize for the things he said, but I miss him so much, and I dont know if I should be the bigger person, and write if off because of the alcohol or whatever, I wasnt bothered too much about it until today, I guess the surrealistness(sp) of it kicked in, and I really do miss my pops...well I just needed to vent I guess. Thanx for readin my crap ~Lexi
2 All The Downraters
if your a downrater and if your going 2 rate my page a 1 or not over 9 then do't bother 2 stop bye go down rate someone else cause i don't and don't wanna deal with that alright if you can't understand what I"M saying then **** off better yet go back 2 1st grade there they can teach you ******* oh i ain't joing if you read this and still rate me a 1 i will black your/ her ********** cause i had a few and I"M getting tired of it so yea i don't what other people or they jusr accpet it but hell not me rate me a 10 or up if not then don't bother at all it will save me and who ever the downraters is
All That There Is
All that there is Siting here thinking Is this all it is All that it's made up of All that I am made for Looking Seeing Knowing Touching OH god once again Here and thinking Nothing is like it was Yet nothing has changed All that is All that was Yet nothing more Siting here Knowing Feeling Seeing They not even caring Just the same All that it is All that it's made up of All that I am made for
All The Bitching!
Perhaps I've changed due to the fact my husband is somewhere around 6 or 7000 miles away. Other than to talk to a few people on here and piss on all the stupid MuMMers during Happy Hours. I just don't find this all that exciting. Yet, I can't bare to part with my profile. Weird, yeah I think so. I couldn't give two shits about rates, comments or leveling up anymore. Its not real. Rate me all 1's or whatever, I honestly don't really care. I could also care less if anyone read this. LOL I'm just exhausted. I'm being 2 parents to one child. I have no more energy to give. Lastly, stop bitching about downraters. You're all retarded if you think everyone should think you're a 10. My god its the internet for fucks sake. This isn't real! I'm certainly not a 10 and don't act as if I am. Blah-- time to get the lil guy up and get him ready for dinner. Then its Big Brother. Maybe I'll come back online, I dunno. Until I do-- TTFN.
All The Same;)
All The Moves
All The Jokers Cards
Carnival of Carnage Inside cover Extra special thanks: The almighty creator for giving us the gift to entertain. The Ringmaster Thanks mostly goes to The God above!!! #1 Wax Museum This song basically says to take responsiblity for your actions. #2 Murder Go Round What goes around comes around. #3 Chicken Huntin' Don't hate people because they are different. #4 Mr Johnson's Head Again this gives the idea that racism only leads to death. #5 Southwest Song You don't have to be perfect "Good people sometimes do bad things" Don't be prideful. #8 The Dead One Life goes on...about 1:55 sec for some behind for some it says "Christ help you" This song is about being sprirtually dead about 3:01 it says "Have some faith" #9 My Funhouse We think this speaks of Punishment for one's evil deeds. #10 For The Maggots Be real, be yourself. being fake, gets you into bad situations. #11 Wagon Wagon Everybody is going to die "Are you down with the Clown?" Are you spri
All That I Have
i have nothing else to give to you... this is all that i have. oh i do wish i can please you... but this is all that i have. i wish there was more to say... but this is all that i have. i want to share the world with you... but this is all that i have. nothing else will matter... as long you are all that i have.
All Together Now
"Then spake Elisha unto the woman, whose son he had restored to life, saying, Arise, and go thou and thine household, and sojourn wheresoever thou canst sojourn: for the LORD hath called for a famine; and it shall also come upon the land seven years." 2 Kings 8 doesn't exactly open cheerfully, something you might expect after the siege of Samaria, then the capital of the kingdom of Israel, had been lifted. But we're not told how long after the events of the previous chapter, in which the Syrians broke camp and the Samarians (not the Samaritans, they're post-Assyrian conquest and don't appear for another century or so) trampled King Jehoram's appointee at the city gate in their eagerness to get something to eat, took place. It's an important story because it's a follow-up to one person whom Elisha in his ministry had gotten close to. You may remember the Shunammite woman referred to in verse one from the story in 2 Kings 4; she's the one who recognized Elisha as "a holy man of God"
All The Females
Take a lickin from this and u keep on tickin
All Tied Up!
well guys looks like at this moment im tied in the competition :D i have 21,812 comments with 141 rates :D:D and she (lil devil) has 21,535 comments with 468 rates! :O it has been the two of us back and forth for the past couple days please, if you havent rated and commented yet, go do it!! i need help from all my friends!!!! every rate and comment counts, so anything you can do is appreciated :) CLICK PHOTO TO VOTE (rate and comment) i love you guys! thanks for all the help :D:D **muah** ((((hugs))))
All That I Have
All The Things She Said--t.a.t.u This Is Hot
All These Things I Hate (revolve Around Me)- Bullet For My Valentine
I can relate to this one too. Once more I say goodbye, to you Things happen but we don't really know why If it's supposed to be like this, why do most of us ignore the chance to miss? Oh yeah... Torn apart at the seams and my dreams turn to tears, I'm not feeling this situation Run away try to find a safe place you can hide It's the best place to be when you're feeling like.. Me...(me!) Yeah...(yeah!) All these things I hate revolve around Me...(me!) Yeah...(yeah!) Just back off before I snap Once more you tell those lies, to me Why can't you just be straight up with honesty? When you say those things in my ear, why do you always tell me what you wanna hear? Oh yeah... Wear your heart on your sleeve, make things hard to believe, I'm not feeling this situation Run away try to find a safe place you can hide It's the best place to be when you're feeling like.. Me...(me!) Yeah...(yeah!) All these things I hate revolve around Me...(me!) Yeah...(yeah!
All Thats Left Of Me
shallow night you look at me as i wait in shadows deep for stars to cast their sparkle kiss upon my heart.i yearn for this lost thoughts.upon my soul release comfort from dark dreams i see inside me twist the memories upon my mind in revelry vacant moon,i see you glow upon the windswept icy snow that blankets all hopes and dreams and falls upon my heart it seems now night will hold me to its breast tend broken pieces of my breath no hope to fill my life,you see torn heart and souls last tragedy a shell vacant,lost in despair a heart torn loose need repaired my mind is gone,no eyes to see transparent...but for the my memory
All The Bullets In The Guns
August 2007 As reported earlier this week, some dirt bag who got pulled over in a routine traffic stop in Florida ended up "executing" the deputy who stopped him. The deputy was shot eight times, including once behind his right ear at close range Another deputy was wounded and a police dog killed. A statewide manhunt ensued. The low-life was found hiding in a wooded area with his gun. SWAT team officers fired and hit the guy 68 times. Naturally, the media asked why they shot him 68 times. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, told the Orlando Sentinel, "That's all the bullets we had."
All Thay Do Is Push Me Around
Thay push me around. Thay hit me. I just stand there with my head down. There not going to stop. So why fight back. I just stand there. Thay push me to the ground. Thay get a bat and hit me 35 times. I just lay there. There is nothing I can do. I just lay there I dont scream for help im in to much pain. And I dont think even if I did scream I dont think anyone would come to help me. So I just lay there. Finly thay stop and walk away. The cops show up. I go to the hopital for 2 weeks. The cops ask me what thay looked like. I am to afrade to tell them. I am afrade thay will come after me. So I keep my mouth closed. I just want out of this. The fighting is to much I cant take it. I want to come clean. So im going to finly tell the truth. My name is cassie and I use to fight and do drugs. I went to the hospital 6 times. I sold drugs. But im clean. I dont fight and I am clean of eny drugs. This the first step to a better life. But a part of me wants to go back. Wants to find the guys that d
All Tied Up...2
You told me the last time we were together that you would love someone to tie you up and tease you till you could not stand it any more. You get the and I take you in my arms, slowing undressing you. I whisper in your ear that I've got a suprise for you. I kiss your breasts and caress you for a bit and lead you to the bed. I reach in to my bag and pull out some silk ties. I tell you to lay back and trust me, that you will enjoy this. I tie your arms to the head of the bed and kiss down your body. I take two more ties and tie your legs spread wide. I take the last tie on of the bag and tie it over your eyes. I tell you that if it gets to be to much or you get scared just say "teddy bear" and I will untie you. I kiss you deeply and my hands caress your breasts, harden your nipples. You feel something cold slip over one nipple and tighten. I ask you if you want it tigher, you tell me yes. I tighten it a bit more and slip the other on over your other nipple. You feel a cold met
All These Things I Hate
Song of the moment for me..ALL THESE THINGS I HATEOnce more I'll say goodbye to youThings happen, but we don't really know whyIf it's supposed to be like thisWhy do most of us ignore the chance to miss?Oh yeahTorn apart at the seams and my dreams turn to tearsI'm not feeling this situationRun away try to find that safe place you can hideThe best place to be when you're feeling likeMe! (Me)Yeah! (Yeah)All these things I hate revolve around Me (Me)Yeah! (Yeah)Just back off before I snapOnce more you tell those lies to meWhy can't you just be straight up with honesty?When you say those things in my earWhy do you always tell me what you wanna hear? Oh yeah (yeah!)Wear your heart on your sleeve, make things hard to believeI'm not feeling this situationRun away try to find that safe place you can hideIt's the best place to be when you're feeling likeMe! (Me!)Yeah! (Yeah!)All these things I hate revolve around Me! (Me!)Yeah! (Yeah!)Just back off before I snap and you'll See! (Me!)Me! (Me!)All
All The Truth But Only The Truth
All the truth but only the truth I am saying to you You think I am telling you lies Are you prepared to listened to me? Dont ignore me Anymore I know that you feel that I am pushing your buttons I dont do it all the time Once again I am telling you that I am saying all the truth but only the truth Is coming out of my mouth now I am not trying to play with your feelings All the truth but only the truth I am saying for the last time Give me you ear Try to understand me
All The Same
SICK PUPPIES LYRICS "ALL THE SAME" I don't mind where you come from As long as you come to me I don't like illusions I can't see Them clearly I don't care no I wouldn't dare To fix the twist in you You've shown me eventually What you'll do I don't mind... I don't care... As long as you're here Go ahead tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything Do it all over again It's all the same Hours slide and days go by Till you decide to come And in between it always seems too long All of a sudden And I have the skill, yeah I have the will To breathe you in while I can However long you stay Is all that I am I don't mind... I don't care... As long as you're here Go ahead tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If
All The Videos Seth Could Find On 09/11/2007 Nyc
All the videos Seth could find on 09/11/2007 NYC
All The Hope Has Gone!!!!
This I must say even if it may hurt!!! I must go on in my life with or without you in it. I do not want to go on liveing a life of lies and the hope of things working out. When I know that you are not willing to make it want to work. I surrender to you the free life you wish.I wish you the best of what ever you want out of life.It will be hard to forget you for a while!! But as time goes by it will soon all fage away.I just want to say that I am sorry for makeing your life a liveing hell!!! I was happy with the life I chose to be with you. There might have been times that I might not have showed it. But as true as i write this. I swear that I dearly loved you with all my heart. Fairwell my Love Yours Truely Cathleen
All The Love
Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends,fans,MY EXTREME X family,friends,members,And others on fubar for all the lovin` shown to me this last few days
All The Beauty
Honesty is beautiful Kindness is beautiful Intelligence is beautiful Talent is beautiful Beautiful is a romance with such abundance Beautiful are the flowers that roam the earth Beautiful is awaking to the sound of singing birds Beautiful is a disguise Playing hide and seek inside and outside Beautiful is as naked as the rising sun Beautiful is delightful and truthful Beautiful is the golden daylight that shines And the taste of sweet colored red wine Beautiful was never ever created by mistake Beautiful is the ingredient we bake lifes cake When all or nothing is at stake I am beautiful You are beautiful We are beautiful Beautiful is great Beautiful is sweet Beautiful is love Beautiful is power
All Tied Up
All Tied Up by Peppered Her wrists protest to her struggling, as do her ankles. Her neck begins to tingle as she desperately tries to keep her head off the sheets as he had requested. Her body is beginning to sweat with the sexual torment bound within her. She feels so alive, as her skin become sensitive to even the lightest touch. Her nipples rub against the sheets making them go hard. Her knees are spread and tied wide open. This is so her pussy and behind are clearly visible and easily accessible. With her body face down on the bed she cannot see behind her without a painful struggle. Suddenly he slaps her bottom, this is such a shock that her head falls to the sheets. He grabs her hair and pulls her head back up. He repeats his previous order and slaps her pussy three times for punishment, her pussy becoming sopping wet. The heat begins to ache and throb inside of her. He begins to tie something round her waist. Turning her over he brings the rope round so he can tie it up at
All The Things You Do >.to Show Me Your Love And Suprises For Me Too
For all the things you do for me , the sweet beatiful suprises . Im amazed and thrilled and over whelmed too. For it,s from your heart ;It shows me your love and charm. It, is so wonderful to know you,ll do any and all, to give me your love , in ways ive never have thought. I like your smile and small things you do ,along with all the perkiness ; I see in you. I want to share all; My fun and sweetness and love with you ,as these days are growing us closer to be ; Cause I do know your for me and me for you ,and this is always gona be. I give you my heart and you give me yours , Our love is a growning on and on . Between the both of us ; Love is blooming into a ray of colors; It show thru from me , passing on to you. Your smile lihgts up and your voice is soft ; As I hear you whisper nothings at all, (to me) ,and me back to you in a sexy way and as I say I love you too. I do , I do love you .. forever and a day: hugs all, poem i wrote ... to you my love...L...
All The Love
All the love that history knows, is said to be in every rose. Yet all that could be found in two, is less than what I feel for you.
All Tied Up & No Where To Go
All Tied Up & No Where To Go by Christie052780 Mr. & Mrs. Edwards were the first couple I met after the agency sent me out on interviews and I had no problem accepting their generous job offer. Being from America I called myself a babysitter, but in my new Kensington neighborhood it was fashionable to have an 'au pair' so this became my new title. The deal was pretty good since I got the use of a cute car and a cottage to myself instead of my little flat. The girls were nice kids and were never a problem and their love settled me in quite easily as their caretaker. Mr. Edwards is a partner at a very prominent British accounting firm and Mrs. Edwards busies herself with her position with the Royal Trust. Emily and Rachel were adorable little girls and my work with them soon became more of a parental duty to me since they saw more of me than they did their mother. We still have our daily walks and we go to the museums and...well, this isn't what my story is about. I have
The All Time Best Work From Home Jobs
EARN GIFT CARDS Quiz Points PAID TO READ EMAILS Best PTR Program SELL PHOTOS ONLINE Giant List of Photo Buyers Free $10,000 Photo Contest! HOME VIDEOS/WEB VIDEOS $ MAKERS Home Videos for AFV Get Paid to Place Web Vids! $ for Cell Phone Videos Sell CDs,Vids & Games 4 Cash REFERRAL/AFFILIATE PROGRAMS eWealth Great Pay for Nothing! OWN AN ONLINE MOVIE/GAME STORE FOR FREE iLetYou SELL COLLEGE BOOKS - TOP DOLLAR Top Dollar For Books POST JOB LISTINGS FOR CASH JobIndeed GO SHOPPING & GET MONEY PAID AD WRITING Bloggerwave LoudLaunch Smorty Blog 2 Profit Reviewers Needed Write Ads - 100% Profit! PA
All The Same... I Love This Song
All The Same Lyrics
All The Little Things
It's all the little things you say and all the little things you do, it is everything you are that makes me love you. It's the way we make each other laugh, it's the love making we share, it's the bond of two so true, how deep we understand and care. It's the way we lift each other up as if soaring on angel wings as we revel in the rhapsody of all the little things. It's all the little things that we have found in one another that takes us some place beyond being best friends and lovers. And though sometimes we despair and suffer, those down times verging on defeat, but ultimately this love sees us through for in each other we are complete. We take each other to heaven the music of our love song sings, contentment in all we have, in all the little things. All we believe, all we know all our hopes and dreams that grew, things once lost but finally found inside me, inside you. Our hearts soar beyond our souls filled with ecstasy with a love so
All The Bombing Blarizers Listen Up
I am so sorry I have not been on three days i had so much dreama going on in my house, and i was trying to ingore it but I couldn't.. I had things to do on my yahoo groups I did not for get about no one.. I will comment bomb and do some rating later on today if I get on early enough ok.. I got home late late so I had a shit load of emails to go through and everytime I try to do something it keeps coming in so while I was doing that I was updating my yahoo groups.. I will check on the MSN group later on today ok.. Forgive me from not being on in three days I was not avoiding no one ok.. Talk to you all later ok.. Virgo24
All That I've Got Is You
All The Time In The World
All the Time in the World by B5Ranger After almost four years of my blood, my sweat and many of my tears, I finally had the desired results I wanted. I've been heading up a project at the university I teach at, and since my grant on this project is rather small, most of my assistants are students from my classes. I had called in the Dean of the Science department, the Dean of the University, and the board of the company that has been funding my project. The demonstration had gone as well as could have been expected for not working at all. I couldn't understand what went wrong, but at least the Dean's and board members were understanding of what is being tried. "I don't understand what went wrong." I told him, totally frustrated. "Dr. Wine." The CEO of the board called me. "We know that you are on the verge of a break through, and you have our assurance that your funding will continue." The Dean of the Science department, Dr. Jennor spoke up. "Dr. Wine. I already expla
All Thanks To A Bear
All Thanks to a Bear by lonely_texas_breeze She loves the crisp mountain air in West Virginia, the beautiful streams and the cool evening air that even in the summer time, gives her goose bumps. This time she has two weeks vacation to spend taking photographs and hiking. She didn't decided not to waste any of her precious vacation time, so she rented a cheap motel room just outside of town, so she didn't have to drive so far to go on her little adventures. The first sunset hits since she made it to town, she watches it while sitting on the rear bumper of her jeep. Sunrises and sunsets have always captivated her, she never understood why exactly, but if she sees one, she will stop and let it take her in, have its way with her, and then release her when it is done. After she comes too again, snapping back into reality, she heads for the shower and off to bed. The next morning, she is awaken by small sunbeams shining in through the window. She smiles at the thought of what s
All The Things She Said (russian Techno Remix) By T.a.t.u.
All Time Stupid Excuses
I think I must have hit my head harder than I thought. -_-; Ended up calling in to work today to let my boss know that I couldn't make it in to my shift... My reason? I fell out of bed. What possessed me to tell the truth? I can only claim stupidy...and that I must've hit my head harder than I thought. was the truth. Embarrassing, but true. And I'm thinking maybe I should've just said I was sick upon further reflection. Oops. I'll have to explain better on Monday when I go in. But at the moment, I'm glad I didn't try to go in 'cause I'm feeling rather out of sorts. Kinda dizzy and sick to my probably hit my head harder than I first thought, though at the time it didn't hurt nearly as much as the rest of me that got wedged between the bed and the wall. But considering I hit my head on the night stand as I went down (smacked it on all three shelves in the process), I think I might be forgiven for sounding odder than usual. -_
All These Close Contests
These Special People Want Help In Their Contests So Please Help Them With Comments Comments and More Comments!! They all helped me win my contest!!!!
All The Same
Just found this song surfing the web some how...thought it was good... ___________________________________
"all That Glitters"
~All That Glitters~ The sweet cotton candy kiss of transcendental bliss. Ambiance of rainbow lasers, psychedelic tour de force. Forests in a sunken city- mirrors capturing dimensions, vegetation non-existent only plastic hollow souls. Tears of wax and candle lit emotions, ocean waves without a sign of rhythm Vacant minds of broken rhymes Convoluted gray pollution, intricate distortion chiseled deeply in the fundamental heart of all. A somatic torn sensation, reincarnation of temptation masturbation of the truth. Artificial adulation, limpid laughter reigned by shadows in a silent darkened tone. Savage beasts, a feast of flesh and rugged bones. A sunken prism in a prison of absurd cannibalism and chaotic endless echoes in the form of scented porn. And the musics thunderous Notes of lightning roar and soar, desensitizing this corrupted paradise of corroded parasites. And the X is running strong and the sweat consumes the thongs and the drinks are
2 All The Cool Peeps
Get More at
All These Feelings
All these feelings I can not hide You turn your head Misdriected anger,your sorrow, my pain You look away I'm scared, can't you see? I'm scared for us; for me You say nothing On my knees, I'm weak and i feel torn You push me down I can't talk to you; your pain, saddness; taken in stride I turn my head We yearn for words, to believe they true, meant for one another And I say nothing On your knees, pleading to god, to regain a love you lost i push you down and let the tears fall We once were love, you are sorrow and I feel your pain So turn your head... As we slowly, unkowingly walk away By: Me
All Pal Reggie
Zingerbug on imikimi - Customize Your World
All The Decorating Is So Much Fun
I love holidays that let me decorate. I've got nearly thirty hours into the yard so far, and the boss just let me take home some of the really cool lights we have! It's all about the kids... I don't have any, but I sure enjoy making the little ones smile... oops, time to go out and buy too much candy! Happy Halloween, all.
All That I Am.
All that I am is in my eyes, All the pain, All the fear, All the hate, All the loneliness. All that I am comes from my soul, All the compassion, All the warmth, All the beauty, All the love. My tears my fall, My heart may break, But I, The person, The animal, The box of emotion, Shaped like a man. Will never fall. Will never break.
All Time Favorite Song
All The ???
Why is it building "buildings", shouldn't they be called a "built" when completed? Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist, but a person who drives a race car not called a racist? Why is it called "after dark", when it is really after light? Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio? Why is lemon juice mostly artificial ingredients but dishwashing liquid contains real lemons? Why is Mickey Mouse bigger than his dog Pluto? Why is there only one commission that determines monopolies? Why do banks charge you a "non-sufficient funds fee" on money they know you don't have? What's another word for thesaurus? What's another word for synonym? What is the speed of dark? What do you do when you discover and an endangered animal that only eats endangered plants? Why are there Braille signs on drive-up ATM's? Why do they sterilize
All The Tears
All The People
if u look real good u,ll see alot of sexy ladys in here just looking around at other lady,s and guy,s very nice of them dont u think thank u all donny
All The Same By Sick Puppies
As long as you come to me But I dont like illusions I cant see Them clearly I dont care, no I wouldn't dare To fix the twist in you You've shown me eventually what you'll do I dont mind I dont care As long as you're here [Chorus] Go ahead and tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything And do it all over again It's all the same Hours slide and days go by Till you decide to come But in-between it always seems too long Suddenly But I have the skill, yeah I have the will, to breath you in while I can However long you stay is all that I am I dont mind, I dont care As long as you're here Go ahead and tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything And do it all over again It's always the same
All The Different Ways To Do X-m
which way you like
All The Right Answers
A girl asked a boy if she was pretty. He said no. She asked him if he wanted to be with her forever. He said no. She then asked him if he would cry if she walked away. He again said no. She had heard too much. She needed to leave. As she walked away, he grabbed her arm and told her to stay, he said, "You're not pretty, you're beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. I wouldn't cry if you walked away, I would die."
All That's Left?
A young couple was married, and celebrated their first night together, doing what newlyweds do, time and time again, all night long. Morning comes and the groom goes into the bathroom but finds no towel when he emerges from the shower. He asks the bride to please bring one from the bedroom. When she gets to the bathroom door, she sees his naked body in full light for the first time. Her eyes went up and down and at about midway, they stopped and stared, and she asked shyly, "What's that?" pointing to a small part of his anatomy. He, also being shy, thought for a minute and then said, Well, that's what we had so much fun with last night." And she, in amazement, asked, "Is that all we have left!?"
All The Tiny Pieces....
Ya know. When Lindon broke up with me, I thought my life was over. I thought I would never be able to love anyone as much as I loved him. Since he broke up with me, in Sept of 2001.... I had not gotten over that pain. I had never gotten past that. I have loved him everyday and every minute of all of that time. Until Andrew. I really and truly thought he was "the one". I thought that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. He was everything I ever wanted in a guy. Every guy I've ever been with, (since lindon) all I could do is compare them to lindon, and point out why lindon was so much better than them. And, when I was starting to get to know Andrew, I was doing the same thing. But, I quickly started realizing, Lindon, just, wasn't better than him. And, I really started falling in love with Andrew. It happened way too fast. Looking back on it now, i let myself just, fall in love with someone that I didn't know well enough. I gave him my heart, I never wanted to be with anyon
All That I Got Is You By Ghostface Killah
All That Remains
The Weak Willed I will not give in to fascist beliefs and I am not a fool I will not let pride in my core be rooted out I will stand firm on my beliefs Live life the master of my destiny See no other way to live I am not the weak willed Nor am I a fool who can not see I am not the weak willed I will not let pride destroy me Wise men can see the difference in compromise And laying down ones beliefs There shall be wisdom in my beliefs They shall be rooted in strength not failure With lies on your tongue seek to deceive You've fallen victim to the human condition And it's lead to your defeat I am not the weak willed Nor am I a fool who can not see I am not the weak willed I will not let pride destroy me I will not let pride destroy me
All These Stupid Games We Play
What makes it so damn hard to find a little understanding? Think about it. All of us have been through similar situations. We've all been through love and heartbreak. Through being the one who dumps to being the one who's dumped. We all can point at one another when we hear their tale told, saying "I know exactly what you mean!" And yet, when it comes to our own personal romantic endeavors, we can't admit that the other person has been in the same position that we have. We become completely centrally focused. Why don't they want me? Why don't they obsess over me? Why did they break up with me? Don't they know that I do the breaking up around here? Well, damn. Think about it. Why did you not want that nice guy/girl that chased you around? Why didn't you obsess over the girl/guy who remembered to tell you every day how much you meant to them? Why did you find their behavior stifling, smothering, invasive? Why did that lead you to break up with them? Why did you find it so odd
All The Lonely People.....
All The Things I Want And Love
My heart pounds My heart races My stomach gets butterflies My stomach gets knots So I look inside to find the strength and courage to let you know whats been held inside for so long. Only if I could just let it out It tears me up inside cause I want you to know my feelings for you But its just to hard but out of all things I want and love You are the one who makes my life complete You have been there to cheer me up when noone else could You are the one who understood so I think its time that you know What you mean to me Out of all the things I want and love one thing is becomeing clear and thats the one thing in my life that feels right is my feelings for you So out of everything I want and love the one I know for sure is Your the one I want and the one I love and thats what I wanted you to know.
All The Little Things...
i don't always understand life's twists and turns... why did someone else get the attention that should have been mine? why do i suffer still from the jealousy of it? why can't you make it better, take the pain away? why couldn't my love be enough? why does this hurt so much? why do all the little things make the difference now, when the bigger things have been resolved? why do i resent the fact that someone else got the shiny things, when i ASKED for the practical ones? why was i never surprised with random little presents, even though frugality was my soap box? why could i never tell you that my heart wanted those things sometimes... a poem or a card just randomly left for me somewhere? none of this should have mattered, but it does. why all the little things? why do they hurt the most?
All The People Who Know Or Are
I want to tell all the people that are Married in a relationship or Just plain know someone overseas fighting for us this Chistmas My payers are with U all and too all the Troops fighting for Us I want to thank you and Have a great and safe day and Holidays we are all thinking of you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.
All The Things I Love About You
I love you for the warm, sweet affection in your eyes whenever you look at me, and the special smile you save only for me. I love that you always seek to have your body close to mine, reaching out to touch, to hold my hand, to wrap your arms around me. I love how you show me you care by looking for ways to make my life easier and more comfortable. I love that when I ask you to do things, you try to do them instead of thinking me demanding. I love that your favorite place is near me, that youd rather be with me than anywhere else. I love you for more reasons than this page has space to write, so Ill try to tell you and show you in person all the things I love about you.
Alltel Adds Touch Screen Windows Based Phone
The Touch has Alltel-specific apps such as a service that converts incoming voicemails to text and sends them to the phone's text inbox. By Elena Malykhina InformationWeek January 9, 2008 11:20 AM Alltel (NYSE: AT) Wireless, a U.S. cellular carrier with more than 12 million customers, on Wednesday began offering a Windows Mobile-based smartphone called the HTC Touch, with some features specific to the carrier. The Touch, which was first introduced by HTC last June in the United Kingdom, uses TouchFLO technology for navigating through the phone's menus with a finger swipe. Apple's iPhone operates in a similar fashion through a fully touch-screen interface. The HTC Touch from Alltel uses an Alltel-specific application called Voice2TXT that converts incoming voicemails to text and sends them to the phone's text inbox. (click for image gallery) The Touch is both suited for mobile professionals and consumers, since it combines multimedia features and Mi
"all That Lies Within"
You can't hide Whats in your heart. You can't hide Whats under your skin. For the day will come when Everyone will see what lies within. And when that day arrives, We will then see the Light and Darkness In the midst of our very lives, And in the souls of those around us. Whether its a corpse, Or the flesh of burnt ash, In the end, Our bodies all end up trashed. So start your prayers Or moments of solitude and inner reflection Before the Time of Judgment comes Followed by the Waves of Transmigration. We are all such fragile creatures, But we don't see the errors of our ways, Until the time when the Hands of Fate and Nature Seek us out on our very last days. ___________________________________________________ (Copyright 2008, written by Jamie Shawn Tan (2000). All Rights Reserved.) Photo location url ~
All The Same
imikimi - Customize Your World i dont need words for this one love..
All These H/h Help Plz
ANY HELP WOULD BE HELPFUL!!!!!BOMBERS PLEASE BOMB 140,000 comments to win a 1-Year VIP, a Happy Hour, a 30-Day Blast AND a Ticker Pac PLEASE REPOST THANK YOU
All Those Annoying E-mails
Does anyone else get those FU e-mails that sneek up on you while your trying to look at your new e-mails from people you know? Now I know better than to go for those dang irritating all around pain in the ass store promos that ask for your e-mail address! I had over 60 promo e-mails from one company in one week! I have decided to send out some of my own FU e-mails to the same companies via their web sites. I would share some of my Fu-tard E-mails with you, but they would deffinately be under the NSFW catagory. The next time I'm offered a store promo if they really bug me I'll give them an alias that they'll never be able to e-mail and I'll find their web sites and e-mail them 666 Fu-tard e-mails! Anyone else Know How I can get rid of them? It's starting to drive me crazy, oh wait, I'M ALREADY CRAZY!
All Tied Up With Bishop
Your BishopBondage PositionYou're so very spread, exposed, vulnerable. Just right for my nasty rubber flogger.How would you be tied up?Take the Bishop Bondage Test(only 4 questions)
All This I Should Have Known
STUPID me had to go and be silly and fall for Jassent's lies all over again. Fuckin Sue emails him and now he's finished with me and wanting her. How many more times in my miserable life am I going to be tossed aside for the ex wife before I figure out that I'm just second best and my ex boyfriends come back to me when theres trouble in paradise. I deserve love and I'll find it some day. Although right now, I'm broken hearted.
All The Same...
Queens Of The Stone Age - All The Same I saw you in a way But thats another life Maybe theyre the same I wonder where you are Yesterday is gone But it aint far away I guess its far enough Im older in my head My innocence is gone I have the book you read To help me carry on What a price to pay To feel like youre alive I was blind when he said Ooh ooh its all the same No matter where you are Ooh ooh its all the same No matter where you are Ooh ooh its all the same No matter where you are Ooh ooh its all the same No matter where you are He said, but he was wrong Im your Jezebel (she said) On my way to hell (she said) What a price to pay To feel like youre alive She was blind when she said Ooh ooh its all the same No matter where you are Ooh ooh its all the same No matter where you are Ooh ooh its all the same No matter where you are Ooh ooh its all the same No matter where you are She said, but she was wrong Ooh ooh its al
((all)) The Friendship Circle Members
Meet the Friendship Circle Hk-Grl r rЧh rl' ,@ fubar ♥ J'M♥ Kh ♥ ~ -r h rЧh rl' ~@ fubar Mk-l-ȥ ~{r h rw}-r h rЧh rl'@ fubar ~Red Wing Hunny~ ♥ Fu Stalker Of Scarlett & hearts ~ Member Of The Friendship Circle~@ fubar 'D'@ fubar Silverpixi~Club United~LollipopGurlz~BCC~ FSC~Owner of Miss Crys {Please read my profile}@ fubar ~*Liz*~*Friendship Circle*~*Club Frat*~@ fubar Daisy**Proud Member Of The Friendship Circle**@ fubar Outlaw Loader/CLUB F.A.R./ Club United/Friendship Circle/ Please Sign My Guest Book@ fubar Bill,~~lu
All That I Am
All The Sisters In This World..
A young wife sat on a sofa on a hot humid day, drinking iced tea and visiting with her Mother. As they talked about life, about marriage, about the responsibilities of life and the obligations of adulthood, the mother clinked the ice cubes in her glass thoughtfully and turned a clear, sober glance upon her daughter. 'Don't forget your Sisters,' she advised, swirling the tea leaves to the bottom of her glass. 'They'll be more important as you get older. No matter how much you love your husband, no matter how much you love the children you may have, you are still going to need Sisters. Remember to go places with them now and then; do thi ngs with them. ' 'Remember that 'Sisters' means ALL the women... your girlfriends, your daughters, and all your other women relatives too. 'You'll need other women. Women always do. ' What a funny piece of advice!' the young woman thought. Haven't I just gotten married? Haven't I ju
All These Words
I spoke all those words only for you to be free, Keeping you away from all the things I hated you to see. So long it has been since I ripped these words forth. But I have to ask my self what it all was worth. He is the man that you seen in me all I did was plant a seed, Yet the pain from it all makes me yearn to bleed! Free again is what I've learned. Better off than to get burned. RwsII
All That I Am
love you with all I am And all I'll ever be. You are my moon, my sun and stars, My earth, my sky, my sea. My love for you goes down and down Beneath both life and death, So deep it must remain when I Have drawn my last faint breath. Holding you for months and years Will make Time disappear, Will make your lips my lips, your face My face, your tear my tear; Will make us one strange personage All intertwined in bliss, Not man or woman, live or dead-- Just nothing--but a kiss!
All This Love, Debarge
I had some problems And no-one could seem to solve them But you found the answer You told me to take this chance And learn the ways of love, my baby And all that it has to offer In time you will see that love won't let you down You say that you loved me Said hurt only came to pass me It sounded so convincing That I gave it half a chance And learned the ways of love, my baby There is so much love inside me And all that I have I give all my all to you All, all my love baby And all this love is waiting for you, my baby, my darling And all this love is waiting for you Oh, I, had some problems And no-one could seem to solve them But you, you, you, found the answer So I gave it half a chance And learned the ways of love, my baby And all that it has to offer And all that I have I give my all to you All my love, baby All this love is waiting for you, my baby, my sugar And all this love (all my love) is waiting for you Ooooh All this love is waiting for
All This Suffering
I'm at a loss for words, there's nothing to say I sit in silence wondering what led me to this place How did my heart become so lifeless and cold Where did the passion go? When all my efforts seem like chasing wind I've used up all my strength and there's nothing left to give I've lost the feeling and I'm numb to the core I can't fake it anymore. Here I am at the end I'm in need of resurrection Only You can take this empty shell and raise it from the dead What I've lost to the world what seems far beyond redemption You can take the pieces in Your hand and make me whole again You speak and all creation falls to its knees You raise Your hand and calm the waves of the raging sea You have a way of turning winter to spring Make something beautiful out of all this suffering Here I am once again I'm in need of resurrection Only You can take this empty shell and raise it from the dead What I've lost to the world what seems far beyond redemption You have a way o
All The Beautiful Peeps...
i have mad sexy friends up here in the fubar. i'd love to know a little about all of you so dont be a stranger stop on by and show me some love let me know a thing or two about your beautiful faces O_- cant wait to hear from you!! MUAH*
All The Kids
I have just had two more added to my family and i am having the time of my life... I have had all kinds of people tell me how hard it is to have twins... well i think mine are so far great... i love having two of them so 4 all great family.
All These Friends And No Love!
I know many of you were with Club Fantasia and for personal reason it closed. Well I want you to all know it is reopened and its the same awesome ppl that were in the last Fantasia so i'd like to invite all my great friends and fans back to the awesome Fantasia!!! We have some wonder new staff aswell as alot of the old staff so come back and be part of our family again!!!
All This About A Kiss
In this life, there are such strong, temptations and longings are as demanding as hunger and thirst. The thought of kissing someone you love, the planned passion and the unplanned lust combine to form an addictive desire. Like the cravings a smoker feels for that next cigarette as they march through miles of non smoking areas, like the desire for just a taste of chocolate a dieter feels when they are using all their willpower to not grab a snack, like the longing some people get to hear their milk tongue spoken when they travel in foreign places. The desire to begin the road to intimacy with a single soft brush of lips upon lips, possibly just a peck at first but then evolving into a full body contact kiss. The thought of someone's lips goes through your mind and you fantasize about how they feel, are they a horny hard kisser or a honey soft kisser, will the kissing spread from lips to other body parts. There's nothing more sensual than kissing a woman all over her body, from her head
All The Little Things...
i don't always understand life's twists and turns... why did someone else get the attention that should have been mine? why do i suffer still from the jealousy of it? why can't you make it better, take the pain away? why couldn't my love be enough? why does this hurt so much? why do all the little things make the difference now, when the bigger things have been resolved? why do i resent the fact that someone else got the shiny things, when i ASKED for the practical ones? why was i never surprised with random little presents, even though frugality was my soap box? why could i never tell you that my heart wanted those things sometimes... a poem or a card just randomly left for me somewhere? none of this should have mattered, but it does. why all the little things? why do they hurt the most?
All These Friends And Hardly Any Sercert Admirers
Come on now I have all these friends and only 26 of you have become a secret admirer. Stop by my page admirer me and while you are there sign my quest book to let me know that you were there. Lots of Love Babydoll0215
All The Tear's
I've cried so many tears, Ive cried so many nights, Ive cried thinking, and it would make everything turn out right. But all that Ive cried hasn't changed anything, and sometimes, it even had more sorrow to bring. The tears are red, for our love, or they're black, from the hate that builds up. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I bleed, I watch the blood hit the ground, knowing youre all I need. I sit in the dark, wait out the pain; I dont want to lose you, ever again. If Id have to beg, to bring you back, then thats what Id do, time and time again. I think about you, everyday, thoughts of you, are all my mind plays. I can't hate you, I can't leave you, but what I can do, is grieve you. Thats why I ask, for you to stay, for everything to stop, the tears and the rain. I hate our fights, I hate the lies, I hate that when somethings true, and its always denied. You say your a fuck up, just a worthless freak, I dont know why
2 All Thegirls That This Happend 2
Oh sweet angel why does your halo fall? Why such tears stream down your rosy cheek? Blood is dripping and stained on your skin which was pure Why so mute? Is there something to be hidden? You were so full of life, and no care in the world What happened dear angel? Why does your halo fall? You said you could always talk to me, why is this any different? I fear for you, your changing so rapidly Keeping to yourself, so skinny and pale What's happening sweet angel? Why does your halo fall? Your clothes are changing along with your personality I've been to your room which is so dark and full of sorrow Everyone is so worried, for you stay into trouble Please dear angel why does your halo fall? One night while everyone was gone you called and told me what you've done Next thing I remember was staring at you on the operating table Looking at me with such pain in your eyes What has happened my angel why does your halo fall? Laying unconscious on the hospital bed I too
All Talk No Action!
These last couple of weeks I've realized guys are ALL talk and NO action. I'm getting sick of it! *Don't tell me you like me then do nothing about it after you find out I like you too *Don't take me out and not make a move. Yeah I want a gentleman(someone who will treat me n my daughter right) but I want a bad boy too *Don't tell me you want a relationship with me then fuck me over *Don't tell me you like kids when really you're just telling me that because I have a daughter *Don't tell me you are going to meet up with me and stand me up. There's more to this, but my minds going in a million different directions that I can't think of them all right now! Hope everyone is having a good night! xoxoxo
All These Things I Hate
once more I'll say goodbye to you things happen but we don't really know why if it's supposed to be like this why do most of us ignore the chance to miss? torn apart at the seams and my dreams turn to tears I'm not feeling this situation run away, try to find that same place you can't hide, it's the best place to be when you're feeling like me, me, all these things I hate revolve around me, me, just back off before I snap. once more you tell those lies to me why can't you just be straight up with honesty? when you say those things in my ear why do you always tell me what you wanna hear? wear your heart on your sleeve, make things hard to believe I'm not feeling this situation run away try to find that safe place you can't hide it's the best place to be when you're feeling like me, me, all these things I hate revolve around me, me, just back off before I snap and you'll see me, me, me all these things I hate revolve around me, me, yeah, yeah, just
2 All The Fools And Whoremongers
All The Cool Kids Are Doin It
Hey ya'll! Soooo... All the cool kids are doing it. So....I thought I would too! I am hosting my very first auction! Auction will run from Sunday May 18th thru Sunday May 25th. Times that I open and close will be announced closer to the start date! THE RULES! 1)No Drama! The first sign of drama - and you're out of the auction ~ bux will NOT be refunded if you are booted from the auction for drama. 2)Entrants & Bidders MUST fan/rate/add the hostess with the mostest {BrattyBytch} . All entries will be in a "friends only folder". 3) Entry fee is 50,000 fu bucks. I know it seems like a lot ~ However ~ The starting bid for the auction is 100,000 fubucks! When you send your entry fee please also include a link to your picture and what you're willing to offer. See #4. 4) Send me what you are willing to offer your winning bidder. You are more than welcome to refuse a bid for any reason ~ Just please let me know. 5)If there is something you don't want bid o
All This Hotness
MISSION WAS ACCOMPLISHED WITH THE STICKY.. So here I am changing it up to get the full worth of it. **PLEASE REPOST** **PLEASE REPOST** **PLEASE REPOST** These are some of the BEST people I know They have all in their own way made an impact in my life On or Off fubar.. doesn't matter either way. Show them the kind of love you all have shown me . . Please Add, Rate, Fan them. ?DJKakTease♣Snake♥Eyes♦Radio♠HeadPromoterNgC?@ fubar ]Я1r[ ᶾᴻᵒᴿ₠ᵣ @ playpen@ fubar Ryot ~Fu Bad B!TCH~ Head DJ @ Centerfolds'@ fubar Sexy Texy@ fubar ANGELIC VAMPIRE~under the guidance of my new Lord and Master~@ fubar
All That I Need
once thought that happiness Came in bottles labelled "Vodka" I once thought that courage Was just a symptom for diarrhoea But now I know better... I once thought that love Was a for all those cool people I once thought that hope Was "misfortune" in another language But that's not true... I once shouted to the whole world "I will never love again, For I don't want my love wasted Or my heart torn to pieces By thoughtless, dumb men!" I once thought that poetry Was what I always needed But now, I see so clear, Now I see that all that I need Is right here with me... You are all that I need Right now and forever
All The Bad Shit Happens At Once.
I havent been online pretty much at all this whole entire weekend. Which is so not normal for me, i love the internet, its pretty much how i keep in touch wiht my friends and families, ,minus the occasional cell phone call. Anyways my grandma called me on friday and told me they found cancer in her hip bones, hence why her bones in her hip keep deteriating, this last hip replacement made number 3 in the area they found her cancer. Which is really sad i lost my grandpa her husband to cancer back in 2002. Then Saturday i get a call from my cousin saying her mom had commited suicide, way to go. Which this happens to be really sad because her grandma passed away from diabetis not even a month ago. So its been really rough. Im just confused, scared and lost all at the same time.
All This Sexy In One Bully!
I say you're only as SEXY as the people you're around and everyone knows I roll with a ALOT of SEXY! These lovely ladies are all so good to me so I think its time they get a lil bit of the LUV back! SPANK them all HARD with everything you guys have! They DESERVE some luv me long time! Let them know that bringing SEYXBACK isn't an option for them since it NEVER left ;-) ♡STANG♡Fu Bad B!TCH♡OWNA OF CENTERFOLDS♡@ fubar AMANTHŮ♡'Fornicates's WIFEY♡(ஐFU BD B*TCHஐ)@ fubar Fornicates AMANTHŮs WIFEY ★FU BAD BiTCH★@ fubar MyPersonalChaos** FU Bad B*tch ** Co-Owner Of Centerfolds@ fubar Ryot ~Fu Bad B!TCH~ Head DJ @ Centerfolds@ fubar Love
All The Guys In My Life
guys suck to all the assholes in my past you have made me feel worthless i feel so emotionally drained i feel so empty i have been used abused and lied to i have always been true to what i say no reason to lie what did i do to deserve such pain i have an eating disorder i cut myself at times i cant deal with stess i hate the things i think about and the things i do its all becus of yall that this has happened i believe that i have done nothing to deserve this so plz someone tell me y i just wanna know y i hate that i feel this way and the things that go thru my head i hate all the guys in my past you all suck so here it is FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!! shelby u stupid fat fucker yet again another asshole u tried to rape me in october u forced urself on me acting as if i wanted to sleep with you i kept telling you to get off me and you wouldnt we were good friends until this happened y did you do this to me u knew the past i had all the probl
All The Hard Work I Been Doing For Transplant List
Well I am so disapointed by all the hard work that I have been working on now for a year getting ready to be placed on the National Kidney Transplant List. I have been rung thru the the ringer and back, proded and poked and picked on anyway one could think of. Passing all the medical test and pshyc evaluation, getting my dental done, which hurt like hell, but Im thankfull for the dentist, Dr. Russell Coad, that I now dont fear smiling and it also had to be completed before the acceptance on the list. I knew they would run a drug screen, I wasnt worried about them finding cannibus in me, seeing that I have been open and honest about why I smoke and thats for medical reasons, not to just get high!!! FROM DAY ONE they knew I smoked, they were worried about the cocaine which I have not touched in years. Well now they will not put me on the National Kidney Transplant List, they say I have to go thru drug rehab, and stay clean a year before I get put on. I told them I will
2 All The Daddies Out There!
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All Those Years Ago George Harrison
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All That I Desire - July 5th 2008/in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch,& Russian :)
ENGLISH: "I enjoy conversation...if youre looking for something to distract you from the disatisfaction of your real life and hope it involves some form of spanking, a few commands, the ripping of various items of clothing, naughty voicemails or chats, and the occasional dream fullfillment, then I am yours..." I love to H.O.T.T and then go take an ice cold shower and feel it run across my entire body and I know that the sight of me fucking myself will get you instantly hard, and aroused. I dress up always, start slowly, but nothing in between. For me, It is so totally arousing to know that you want me and are watching me,peering at my expressions, watching my body move, arch, orgaz, and release. Normally, I think about it constantly and am already wet from the anticipation that maybe perhaps one day soon you will be mine. What I want is sex that confirms how much he needs, wants and desires me. Someone MY equal and loves to kiss as much as I do and won't cheat. I do enj
All That Remains
The darkness surrounds me All light has been extinguished I lie on my bed and think of the past Of all the people I have known When I was young I was so happy I would play all day I knew lots of people As time has past I lost touch with them one by one Now I lie on my bed surrounded by darkness Alone with my thoughts They are all I have for company I am lost in the darkness Can you hear me calling? The nights pass The months pass Time drifts by I have been calling out in the darkness For centuries now My ghost is all that remains Unable to rest Calling out in the darkness Waiting for an answer But there is no reply There is nobody around to hear my calls My ghost is all that remains Calling out in the darkness Doomed to exist alone forever PLEASE RATE THIS BLOG AND PLEASE DO IT HONESTLY ONLY GIVE A 10 IF YOU THINK IT DESERVES IT
All The Things I Can Not Promise You...
I can not promise you that we will not fight, because I know how stubborn and foolish I can be... But, I can promise you that whatever we fight about doesn't matter because we will always work it out, and I will always stay and make the effort. I can not promise that I will never cry or that I will never make you cry... But I can promise that I only cry because of the depth of my love, and that when you cry I will kiss each tear because my heart breaks with each tear you cry. I can not promise that you will never fall... But I can promise that I will always be beside you to pick you up, dust you off, nurse your wounds, and support you until you are well and strong. I can not promise you that the road will be smooth and easy to travel... But, I can promise you that together we can find a away through, make a path around, or remove and obstacles in our way. I can not promise you that neither of us will change... But, I can promise that we will change and grow together
All These Fubar Tramps
OK what with all private shit U set there and beg YES I SAID BEG for ppl to go to ur BLAND ASS page to f*a*r and shit when we get there all ur pics are private AND there porn shit WE ALL KNOW they are WHAT are u too damn GOOD to let people see what have you took them didnt you why lock them Up unless ur trampen urslef out for all u can get and U decide what pics are good enough for the likes oF the fuland perverts ME personly WHY take them if u just gonna be like NOPE only few slectd few can see. 1 i yet to see a totaly hot babe or GUY that was worth that status quo and 2 why u take NUDES and have ppl be like OOH i wish i can see when most ur pics are of ur fucking tits! COME ON we all know weer thinking this! NSFW but yet it says if uload them u can be dleted as it haened yet/ FOR ALL U porn stars wanna BE> IF it private print that shit and put in ur PRIVAE DRAWER BY ur bed LOL u know what that means dont act like u dont! ANYWAYS IF i see PLEASE RATE FAN ME AND SHI
All That I Got Is You By Ghostface Killah (listen Closley True Shit Here Real Talk I Love U Moms)
All The Places I Can Be Found
All The Help
Thank you soooo much to all the friends and friends of friends who have tried to help me level. I really appreciate all the lovin, and have been trying to return it right away as it was recieved, but I am affraid I may have missed some of you. If I missed you, please leave me a message, so I can hit your page!! Kisses, Anita
All The Games You Play
All the games you play I won't take the blame I gave you trust You spit it out and call my name I'm taking back what's left from all these Selfish things you say And I won't waste another day With all the games you play All the games you play And I'm so scared of all the ways You take my confidence away With all the games you play All the selfish games you play I'm alone again Sure feels good to be home As I walk away I know you'll feel the pain I'm taking back what's left from all these Selfish things you say And I won't waste another day With all the games you play All the games you play And I'm so scared of all the ways You take my confidence away With all the games you play All the selfish games you play I don't know why And I don't know how I let you control my inner self As cold as you are I'm counting the scars They're proving to me just who you are Now I know why now I know how I'm better off without the Selfish things you say An
All Too Often ...
... I find myself with friends I don't feel I deserve. I'm not the best person to reply to an email, send an email, or especially start conversations. There seems to be something about me that keeps me from fully connecting with anyone. Just tonight, I was reminded about the unconditional friendship. I hurt a friend bad (in my heart) and after months of not talking, she still accepted me. Not that feelings are like they were, but she didn't turn me away. Okay, I'm drunk-typing again, so I better end this one before I spill my drink and short my keyboard ... just got my system running again and don't need to fuck it up again ... LOL
All The Rest
More! I see myself holding you close to me, Squeezing your body tight. But for all I see as I daydream- I know I'll get tenfold tonight. Running my palms across your breast, As you tremble and bite your lip. Feeling your hands upon my chest, The softness of each fingertip. Tasting your neck so sweet, so soft, And slowly lowering my kiss. Over pert nipples, across your navel, And finally into pure bliss. Looking upon your face from below- As you tilt back your head. Feeling your fountains begin to flow- As you ease back on the bed. Your "innocent little devil" look- Crying insatiably with the sensation. Lip to lip lapping up every drip- From the well of your creation. The way you pull me up by the hair- To the heat of your mouth, on fire. No other thoughts, no other cares, Just the quenching of mad desire. Riding the tide of passion, Pushing my love into you. On the waves of your emotion- In slow motion, so sweet and true. Pulse pounding in r
All Things Being Equal
Strange, a friend of mine and me are engaged in a love affair. Our sites are set up equal and proportionate to each other. Amazing that the male animal reacts completely different than the female. I have had almost zero activity on my site or page, and her's has at least maintained its activity, if not increased. So it appears that guys are not turned off by words like 'taken, married' or another mans name, and pictures gracing the site. Whereas women completely abandone anyone sporting such ideas. Very odd. I suppose I like that I am left without attention, but I don't like that the guys don't heed the same warning as the gals.
All The Troops Need Our Support, Regardless If Your For Or Against This War!
Hey everyone, For those who are friends with or knows about one of my family members, Krazy, I am asking for continued prayers, blessings, or any sort of positive support. He was injured while serving our country in Afghanistan this last Friday. This is the 2nd time he has been severely injured in the past 18 months or so. He has "earned" more purple hearts than I own guns, seriously. He is back in the US in stable condition, but the injuries he sustained have us all very concerned. He has a beautiful family who need him dearly. Although he will not be able to have many visitors, let alone even see his profile for quite some time, I would like everyone who can to leave some words of encouragement on his profile. If all goes well, he will still have a long road to recovery. Any words of encouragement for his wife would also be appreciated. krazy @ fubar Krazy's Wife: roxysurfer @ fubar Much love and thanks for taking time to read and act on this. F1rstascen
All Truth
All The Worlds A Stage
All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms. Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel And shining morning face, creeping like snail Unwillingly to school. And then the lover, Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad Made to his mistress' eyebrow. Then a soldier, Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard, Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel, Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the cannon's mouth. And then the justice, In fair round belly with good capon lined, With eyes severe and beard of formal cut, Full of wise saws and modern instances; And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts Into the lean and slippered pantaloon, With spectacles on nose and pouch on side; His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide For his shrunk shank, and his big m

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