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A Poem To Myself(so You Say)
"So You Say" So you say that you can see?Take a look in the mirror..Do you know who that is? So you say that you can see?What color are you,Yellow,Red,Black. So you say that you can see?What color is your heart,What color is your soul? Is it Yellow with cowardice,Is it Red with murder,Is it Black with hatred? So you say that you are strong?When someone maligned you character,When someone slandered your name did you forgive them? So you you say that you are good?When someone took from you, did you let them have it,Without a thought of getting it back or getting even? So you say that you are tough?When was the last time you suffered indignity with a smile,Did you go without so someone could have what YOU wanted? So you say that you can see?Can you really see more than everyone else?It just may be that you are blind. So you say that you are wise?Do you really know more than everyone else?It just maybe that your a fool. So you say that you are truly alive,Are you truly all powerful,invinc
Me The (out Of Nothing)
"Out of nothing" Out of nothingCame the darkness and the lightThe Sun by day and the moon by night. Out of nothingCame the stars of the sky'by His word and Knows each one by name. Out of nothingHe called the things that were not'As though they were and so they are. "There is no such thing as nothingfor even nothing is something" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
It Was Just A Dream
" It was only a dream but it seemed so real" seems like only yesterday,We were like brothers.You were bigger than me,Always watching out for me,Protecting me from the others. Meeting you here seems so real,Im sorry that its the only way.I fold my hands and close my eyes,Oh my friend can this be true? Lets go watch the sun come up,Then ride in a shopping cart through town.Lets go to the lake and catch some fish.I'll ask mom if i can stay at your house tonight. I dont want this time to end,It just seems so real.I wish that I could stay asleepIt may be years before we're here again. If only I could have reached you.if only I could have understood.How important you were to me.Then we wouldnt have to meet this way. When they told me that they found you .Im glad I did not go.To see your life wasted on the ground,You were my Hero,my friend I can never,Ever let go.I have to go now.I have to wake up.This has got to be real....Good bye old friend .....Man I dont want to go to work today....Any
Home There's a a place that I know Outside of townTheres a place that I go Outside of town.Over the mountain Down a dusty ol' roadUnder shade of tall treesI drive real slowTo catch the cool breezeAnd begin to unloadThe cares of the dayCuz I know that soonNot far up the roadIs the pretty little placeThat I call my homeThere's a place that I knowOutside of townThere's a place that I goOutside of townOver the mountainDown a dusty ole roadMy sweetheart's a waitinAt the top of the hillAt the pretty little placeThat I call my homeWhen I see her smiling eyesMy heart goes to meltinAs I hold her and kiss herAnd tell her I love herShe asks how my day wentI say alright I guessBut when I'm at home Its always the bestCuz there's a place that I knowOutside of townThere's a place that I goOutside of townOver the mountainDown a dusty ole roadIs a pretty little place That I call my home ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The Ghost Of Me
"The Ghost of Me" A ship sails through astral baysThe Erne soars over misty wavesA silver plate after a golden bowlA seamless curtain without a fold. The wick of life flickers speedily As the waxen heart grows cold Pane of the soul thrown openBy the angel of the Northeast A ship full of worthless treasureSinks to the depths of unknown fathomsThe memory of a Captain trapped in his quartersForever in the tombs of Davy Jones locker...... While my Darling scans the horizon for Edens twilightThe scent of my twin soul in the whisper of the windTake me to the shore where my lover abidesA Golden Dawn alights from an emerald sea..... As the turtle-dove flies through the window of HeavenThere lies the silouhette of my beautiful swan.The cry of the Bean Sidhe and pay it no mindFor at last I have found you , you were there all the time. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A Dark Dream
From a Dream ------------------------------- (This is written exatly as it happened in my dream with some poetic enhancement) Six blackened wing flew above the evergreenA coarse hoax were the hoarse croaksThese harbingers of a dark dream beFrom the frosty North appeared suddenly Circling high above slumbering sightThe omens finger pointing left then rightMiddle earth's forge paused its breathe As six blackened wings lit upon the bellhouse . Dang .....Dang......Dang Feathers transform into flesh and bonesNow walking down empty streets aloneI take the backstreets turning knobsOf unlocked doors - half opened doors Windows open, curtains flapping,Blinds a swaying , music playing -"I HEAR THE TICKING OF THE CLOCK-AND I WAS GONNA TELL YOU TONIGHT" Feathers formed once more as ISeized by an unseen hand was ILed through the dreamworld sky was I -"TILL NOW ALWAYS GOT BY ON MY OWN" The unseen hand gave voice and spokeSee them gath'red round the graven oakDo not go there...go n
I Am Found
"I am found " In my heart there is a fireVerily, In my soul a lightIn my mind I keep you everFor you my strength and might. I stood at the edge of the AbyssAs deeper I lookedEver darker it wasCold is the night of your absence. I walked where angels fear to treadNary I escaped the maddening gripOf the knowledge of good and evilI called out your name but sadly no reply. I wandered through desert wildrnessI could take no pleasure for thought of youA vast ocean between usI am shipwrecked for your love. I lay on my bed of sorrowThe fire ever burning,The fever in my bonesI will search again tomorrow. But I woke this nightTo the sound of my nameI oped my eyes one was thereSadly this must be a dream. Then I heard my name once moreAnd felt a touch of warmthBrush across my face confused.....Tis" I be not afraid. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Energeia Mystikos
Energeia Mystikos I have seen purple vibes of a living soulI have heard the waves of azure blueI have tasted Erato's sweet delightI found her bouquet in the fields of nightI have swam in the ink of a timeless skyI have flown through Gaia's earthen womb Without form and wholly voidEmptiness and loneliness walk side by sideEver connected through the sands of timeIntersecting points of lightRunning parallel , the Adept findsWoven in the Spiral Architects' mind ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
4 Leaf Clover
Four Leaf Clover If love is black and white why am I red all overI dont want to fightI just want to run for coverBut if you push me againIm telling you nowThat its the end , Its the end of your four leaf clover Of this one true loveTwo hearts that beat as oneWithout a doubtThree strikes your outDont wanna hear it anymoreIts the end,Its the end of your four leaf clover Lucky in the worldEverything that you doSeems to turn to gold for youBut you cant sell a heart thats blackWhat we had aint coming backCause its the end, Its the end of your four leaf clover Love is black and white There aint no shades of grey I turn my back to the windSorry things turned out this wayNow Im facing the SunCause its over, gonna find me a four leaf clover. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Annie" When I was a young boy,maybe 8 or 10 years oldmy father would take me and my siblings to Smithpoint beachto go swimming in the ocean. Sometimes he would get us up early during the week and take us brfore school . It was a very large beach and people from all over New York and the neighboringstates would come to brave the large waves that would crash into the shore. While we drove the 45 minutes in my fathers station wagonthe radio would be playing the popular songs of that time.. I alwayssang along to those songs even if I was too young to understand whatsome of them were about , such as love and war etc. I Remember those times as if they were yesterday. Those were the happiest days of mylife, other than when my own children came into the world. Whenever I hearone of those songs , yes every once in a while you might hear one , butwhen I do , it evokes such strong feelings of wanting to go back in time , the time .....back to one particular day. One particular summers
So Sad& And Very Touching
A young man had a girlfriend. He was getting tired of her because she sent him messages every hour that said "I miss you" or "I love you". One night before bed he received a message, but rather than read it went to sleep. In the morning he was awakened by a call. She was the mother of his girlfriend, weep for him that his girlfriend was dead last night. He hung in a state of shock, went to read the message: "My sweetheart, come quickly, I think someone is following me!". Moral of the story: never rejects those who love, care, and try to reach out to you, because one day you'll realize you lost the moon while counting the stars you!If ever you are touched by this story ..
8.6mm Thin The Fuselage Samsung P7500
8.6mm thin the fuselage Tablet pc Samsung P7500Samsung GALAXY Tab P7500 (16GB) Tablet PC is very lightweight, body thickness of only 8.6mm, beyond the previous the Apple iPad2 record 8.8 mm thinnest record of the Tablet PC. Different version with matte texture before using the P7500 back smoother overall lighter weight, only 595 grams, more suitable to carry than the Apple iPad2. P7500 front camera 2 million pixels, is mainly used for 3G video calls, and then set the main camera, compared with 3 million pixels and is equipped with Xenon flash, and can record 720P HD video.  Tablet android Samsung GALAXY Tab P7500 (16GB) Tablet PC uses the latest Android3.1 intelligent operating system, equipped with a NVIDIA Tegra2 dual-core processor, clocked at up to 1GHz, with 1GB of RAM and PowerVR SGX540 graphics chip. Machine built 16G SSD, support 32G-capacity storage expansion.    In the field of digital and white Samsung products very re-injection of fashion design, this style also was taken t
Opus Aviana
"Opus Aviana" An eagle soaring above the cloudsThe scroll of knowledge in its talonsWisdom comes of age Ravens croak in the misty morningForbid your going...fear notSome things cannot be known Killdeer, Killdeer, feign your broken wingFor the sake of your loved onesYou'd give your life for theirs Beautiful Swan youve found your twin soulLovers forever,never a doubtFaithful until death Chuck-Wills-Widow heard but can't be seenThe last song before my journeyInto....etern....ity ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
New Kid In Fubar
♥wow this is something very new to me and I must try and make it bigger and I hoped it would be this I don't know but italics is cool and  it will have to be this one I haven't saw my background color yet. I picked a blue so how do I talk and make friend request and how do I see what the unread gift messages are? HELP!!!!!!!
Paying To Be Programmed
A study by Kyung Hee Kim, professor of education for the College of William and Mary in Virginia, focused on the creativity of school age children between kindergarten and 12th grade using the measurement known as the Torrance tests of creative thinking. He found a ‘massive’ decline of creativity the longer the students progressed through the school system as ‘children have become less emotionally expressive, less energetic, less talkative and verbally expressive, less humorous, less imaginative, less unconventional, less lively and passionate, less perceptive, less apt to connect seemingly irrelevant things, less synthesizing, and less likely to see things from a different angle.’ These are all traits of the expansive, maverick, dot-connecting right hemisphere of the brain which the education (programming) system suppresses to allow the left-brain to dominate perception and collectively create a left-brain society. Young people all over the
Mission Level Gains I
In this entry:1. Break into a house2. Shoplift3. Mug somebody4. Steal a car 5. Break into a business      Performing Mission: Break Into A HouseSuccess!Energy spent: 1Experience gained: 1Congratulations, you have earned a Bronze level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded: 3 skill points.   Performing Mission: Break Into A House Success!Energy spent: 1Experience gained: 1 Congratulations, you have earned a Silver level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded: $100,000 cash.   Performing Mission: Break Into A House
Max Energy Levels
  Level Max Energy 1-4 40 5-9 60 10-14  80 15-19 100 20-24 120 25-32 150  33-49  200 50-74  250 75-99 300 100-124 400 125-149 500  150-299 5.000 300-599 10.000 600-999 15.000 1.000+ 25.000    
Slapped ... You Cant Worry About What
PHILADELPHIA -- P. Chris Culliver Jersey .J. Carlesimo had little patience for questions about Andray Blatche before the Brooklyn Nets routed the Philadelphia 76ers. "Hes been playing well and I expect him to play well today," he said. Blatche did play well, scoring 20 points hours after he was questioned by Philadelphia police as part of a sexual assault investigation at an upscale hotel. He helped the Nets improve to 6-1 under Carlesimo with a 109-89 win over the 76ers on Tuesday night. Blatche didnt make himself available to the media at the Wells Fargo Center. Blatche, who wasnt charged, wrote about the incident on Twitter: "Im ok and I didnt do anything jus was n the area when it happened." Blatche later took down the tweet. "Weve had to deal with some adversity the last couple of weeks," guard Deron Williams said. "But were a resilient group. We stick together as a team and we did that tonight." Blatche didnt look at all affected by the police investigation. Philadelphia Police C
Could By Then Be Seven Points
FOUNDER, PRESIDENT, OWNER ULTIMATELY A HIGHLY PASSIONATE FAN Whichever way that improbable playoff ball rolls down Saputo Stadium way no one can deny that the Impacts inaugural season in Major League Soccer sits firmly above Toronto FCs class of 2007 and the Whitecaps class of 2011. Ravens Super Bowl Jersey . When though the Impact started the campaign after seven less than magnificent matches the MLS rookies had recorded but the solitary victory, whilst losing five. Not only were they leaking goals at an alarming rate often it was painful to watch. Carving out an identity, a football philosophy was not possible. Sometimes you wondered if it was actually football the team was playing. Foul or be fouled appeared to override all else. The mid-point of the season was met with the clubs most resounding defeat to date and a most demoralizing one at that - 0-3 at home in front of a certain 2006 World Cup winner. Adding to the Impact pain, it came against their biggest rival. The final whistl
Enix, Edmonton And Minnesota, Recording 20 Goals, 41 Points And A Plus-1 Rating. Through 34 Games With
HARRISON, N. Joe Montana Womens Jersey .J. -- The New York Red Bulls have re-signed midfielder Lloyd Sam. The MLS team announced the deal Tuesday without disclosing terms. The 28-year-old Sam joined the Red Bulls in mid-August and had an assist in five games before suffering a knee injury in October. Sam played in England with Charlton Athletic, Leyton Orient, Sheffield Wednesday, Southend United, Notts County and Leeds. The Red Bulls went 16-9-9 last year, finishing with 57 points. Justin Smith Super bowl Jersey . Turner, 30, of Suwanee, Ga., was booked into the Gwinnett County jail in metro Atlanta just after 5 a.m. Turner spent barely two hours behind bars before he was released on $2,179 bond, jail records showed. A Gwinnett County police officer pulled over Turners black Audi R8 on Interstate 85 northeast of Atlanta after clocking the car at 97 mph -- 32 mph over the speed limit, said Cpl. Dashon Goldson Pink Jersey . PETERSBURG, Fla.
Leaves Dent Out Of The Equation
THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. Colin Kaepernick Pink Jersey . -- Brace yourself -- just not your putter. In a proposal that would affect major champions as well as amateurs at their local clubs, the guardians of the 600-year-old sport want to write a new rule that would outlaw a putting stroke they fear is taking too much skill out of the game. The U.S. Golf Association and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club said Wednesday they are not banning the belly putter or the longer "broom-handle" putters -- only the way they are used. The proposed rule would prohibit golfers at all levels from anchoring a club against their bodies while making a stroke. The rule would not take effect until 2016. "We believe a player should hold the club away from his body and swing it freely," USGA executive director Mike Davis said. "Golf is a game of skill and challenge, and we think thats an important part of it." Three of the last five major champions, starting with Keegan Bradley at the 2011 PGA Championship, used a be
Through The Seventh And The
OTTAWA -- Olympic gold medal trampolinist Rosie MacLennan of Toronto has won the Female Athlete of the Year and longtime Gymnastics Canada board member Slava Corn of Toronto earned the Volunteer Achievement Award at the 2012 Canadian Sport Awards. Torrey Smith Authentic Jersey . MacLennan, Canadas only gold medal winner at the London Games, thanked all those her supported her on her Olympic journey. “Its an honour to be chosen from such an incredible list of athletes,” said MacLennan, in a video message taped before leaving last weekend for Liberia where she is currently volunteering her time with the Right to Play charity bringing sport to some of the worlds most disadvantaged areas.  The Male Athlete of the Year went to kayaker Adam van Koeverden of Oakville, Ont., who won a silver medal at the 2012 Games, the fourth of his career. Corn, who is also a Vice-President of the International Gymnastics Federation, (FIG) has devoted her career to advancing gymnastics in Canada
Jackson. Steckly Dominated The Late Stages Of The Race -- Leading 110 Laps -- Before
First off, Happy Holidays to you and yours. Anthony Allen Super Bowl Jersey . We have much to be thankful for in our lives; whether its family, friends, love, or health – this is the time of year to reflect on the good and celebrate with those around us. Wishing you all a safe and joyous holiday season. The festive season is also a hectic time in the Barclays Premier League. Three matches between now and the New Year for each club (two for Arsenal and West Ham) is an all-important stretch in an ultra-competitive Premier League. Only six points separate third and 11th. And just three points separate 14th and 18th in the table. While many clubs campaign for financial fair play, parity in the quality of players in the league is as tight as it has been in recent years. What separates most teams in the league is squad depth. And at this time of year, when injury, suspensions and fatigue catch up with thin rosters, separation in the table will become more pronounced. Here are your late
Pick Stefan Matteau To An Entry-level Contract. Marshal Yanda Jersey . Al Ahly Beat Tunisias Esperance
TORONTO, Ontario -- Ryan Miller regained his mastery of the Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday night. Elite Ray Lewis Jersey . Miller stopped 34 shots to lead the Buffalo Sabres to a 2-1 victory and spoil Torontos home opener. It was Millers 28th career win over the Leafs, the most the Sabres netminder has against any NHL team. Miller came into the contest with a 2.44 goals-against average and .922 save percentage versus Toronto (1-1-0), but the Leafs won the season series last year 3-2-1 and were a stellar 3-0-0 versus the Sabres at Air Canada Centre. "Theyve been kicking my ass the last two years a little bit so its time to get back at them," Miller said. "Were in one of the biggest cities for hockey, its great to come and play in front of these fans. "Its a big compliment to Buffalo that weve got great fans and in the area. I feel like this is the whole hockey area-- a big hotbed -- so we come and just try to enjoy yourself and have some fun and its fun to win here." Miller was solid for
Cloyd Was 15-1 In 26 Minor-
NEW YORK -- Minnesota Twins pitcher Scott Baker had elbow-ligament replacement surgery Tuesday. Black Torrey Smith Jersey . Baker originally was to have an operation to repair the flexor pronator tendon in his right elbow. The Twins said that when New York Mets medical director Dr. David Altchek operated, he determined Bakers ulnar collateral ligament needed to be replaced. The Twins had said last week that Baker was going to miss the entire season because of the elbow, which has bothered the 30-year-old for more than a year. Minnesotas 2011 opening day starter, he was went 8-6 with 3.14 ERA in 21 starts last year. Baker is eligible for free agency after the season. Ray Rice Vapor Jersey . -- Same chaotic, champagne dance-party scene in the clubhouse just two days later. Pink Torrey Smith Jersey . Lewis gave up three hits and walked one while striking out 10 in seven innings, Ian Kinsler had a three-run triple and Adrian Beltre hit a two-run homer in a seven-run sixth inning, and the R
Want To Play. Its Coming And Its Been Coming
TORONTO -- The Blue Jays shipped right-handed pitcher Kevin Comer to the Houston Astros on Thursday to complete a 10-player trade made last month. Terrence Cody Jersey . Toronto got pitchers J.A. Happ, Brandon Lyon and David Carpenter in the deal made July 20. In addition to Comer, the Astros received Francisco Cordero and outfielder Ben Francisco, along with four minor-league players. The 20-year-old Comer is in his first professional season, having posted a 3-3 record with a 3.95 earned-run average in 10 games, including seven starts, for Bluefield in the Appalachian League. The Shamong, N.J., native was selected 57th overall by the Blue Jays in the 2011 draft. Sam Koch Jersey . -- In their season opener, the Orlando Magic embraced new coach Jacque Vaughns free-flowing style and grabbed a surprise lopsided victory. Ray Lewis Super bowl Jersey . Now their 48 minutes away from booking tee times. The Thunder stole another one from the Lakers on Saturday, getting a go-ahead three-pointer
Beautiful Game Of Yore Or Rely On Some
LONDON - Manchester City has already won one major battle ahead of Mondays Premier League derby: convincing Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson that it is a force to be taken seriously. NaVorro Bowman Super Bowl Jersey . Ferguson initially dismissed City as "noisy neighbours" following a 2008 takeover by Abu Dhabi investors but now says that the rivalry is becoming as important as that with its traditional enemy Liverpool. "If were going to be contesting with them for the league titles regularly -- and I think we will be -- it will become almost as important as the Liverpool derbies," Ferguson said. "Maybe not in terms of the emotions; the Liverpool-United games are emotional. But certainly in terms of importance this supersedes Liverpool at the moment because City are our direct opponents. "Manchester City are up against us to win titles. We have to focus on the team who can affect our progress in terms of winning the league." United overtook Liverpool as Englands most successful
Relaxed On The Deep Ball A
ST. Terrell Suggs Womens Jersey . JOHNS, N.L. -- Eric ODell scored the game-winner Saturday as the St. Johns IceCaps defeated the Norfolk Admirals 3-2 in the American Hockey League. Zach Remond, Jason Jaffray also scored for the IceCaps (4-3-0). Norfolk (4-1-0) got goals from Devante Smith-Pelly and Sami Vatanen. St. Johns starter Mark Dekanich made 28 saves in the win and Frederik Anderson made 40 saves for the Admirals. The IceCaps came out of the gate firing in a penalty-filled first period. St. Johns led 16-5 in shots after one, jumping out to a 9-0 shot total in the first half of the period. It took 26 shots for the IceCaps before they managed to get on the board at 11:33 in the second period. Redmonds initial shot hit the defenders shin pads, but came back to him and he buried it. Jaffray then jumped on a rebound at 13:14 to put the IceCaps ahead by two in his second game back from a nearly-career ending neck injury sustained last season. The IceCaps had a special celebration for
Significant Say In The Outcome
ST. Dwight Clark Womens Jersey . LOUIS -- The St. Louis Rams will not renew the contract of linebackers coach Blake Williams, son of suspended defensive co-ordinator Gregg Williams. A team spokesman told the Associated Press Wednesday night that there was "nothing to report" on Gregg Williams, banished for his role in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, although the move could be interpreted as a signal of the franchises intentions to cut ties. Gregg Williams was an early addition to new coach Jeff Fishers staff last winter and Fisher did not replace him after the NFL handed down its suspension. The 28-year-old Blake Williams just completed his first season with the Rams after three years as a defensive assistant with the Saints. That was his third assistant coaching stint in the NFL on staffs where his father was defensive co-ordinator. Fisher said Monday that Gregg Williams had not been reinstated, and that Williams future would be addressed "over the next couple of weeks." "Right
0.68 Seconds Behind Silver Medallist Ryan
MIAMI -- Hanley Ramirez had been hitting the ball hard all series with not a lot to show for it. Frank Gore Jersey . The Marlins star was rewarded in the series finale against the Washington Nationals, smacking a two-run homer that proved to be the difference in a 5-3 win Monday night to split the four-game series. "I think I have been hitting balls hard just right to people," Ramirez said. "Its nothing I can control. At the end of the day, its that W. Its why we are here." Ramirezs homer off of Edwin Jackson (5-7) broke a 2-all tie in the third inning. "The home run by Hanley was big," Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen said. "It was huge to take that lead." Carlos Lee also drove in two runs and Emilio Bonifacio laid down a successful squeeze bunt to drive in the other run. Carlos Zambrano (5-7) allowed three runs and eight hits in six innings, and snapped a four-game losing streak. "Thats the way were supposed to play and know how to play," Zambrano said. "The game today was outstanding."
2012 Were In. New Season. J
DAVOS – The obvious standout story of this years Team Canada at the Spengler Cup is the presence of some of the top players from the greatest hockey league in the world. Paul Kruger Jersey . Never say never (particularly when it comes to the National Hockey League and lockouts) – but, I cant imagine that well see such a star festooned Spengler Cup tournament again any time soon.  Patrick Kane, John Tavares, Joe Thornton, Matt Duchene, Loui Eriksson – take your pick – theyve all brought people out of their seats with flashes of the skill set that is unique to those who are at the top of their field in the hockey world. Kanes spectacular game winning goal with 22 seconds remaining in Davos semi-final win or Duchenes two-goal, one-assist display in Canadas Semi-final victory – both performances worthy of any NHL pressure situation and both delivered with the flair that only the best possess. From a Canadian perspective, a story just as big or, I would argue,
Game This Campaign And His 50th
Istanbul, Turkey (Sports Network) - Fenerbahce has signed Portugal midfielder Raul Meireles from Chelsea on a four-year deal. Terrell Suggs Jersey . Meireles, 29, just joined Chelsea last summer from Liverpool, but departs for the Turkish side after completing his switch on Monday night. Capped 62 times for Portugal, Meireles played 45 matches in all competitions last season for Chelsea, which won the Champions League and FA Cup. Meireles has also played at Boavista, Aves and FC Porto in Portugal during his career. Haloti Ngata Limited Jersey . Brazil had pulled ahead on a layup by point guard Marcelinho Huertas with 6.1 seconds remaining before Fridzon hit the dagger. Both teams were undefeated in Group B with the winner likely to finish second behind the United States. Ray Lewis Black Jersey . Tevez spent the bulk of last season on strike but has settled his differences with the club and is now back to his best form, scoring for the fourth straight game this campaign and his 50th in
Sex Can Cure Headaches
If you think sex can't be had due to a headache, how wrong you are. At least, according to headache specialist Dr. Vincent Martin. Amazingly, it's just the opposite. Oh, let the good times roll!Martin stated this week that the increase in serotonin levels which happens during sex eases the pathways in the brain that can lead to and sustain a headache.Now, this isn't to say that sex is the answer to all headaches or there would be massive tardiness in the corporate world every day. But, with the act itself being quite a bit more powerful than popping a few ibuprofen or aspirin, perhaps this new headache cure will be tested soon by, well, many.
People always say:‘It’s inner beauty that matters,not outer beauty.’Well, that’s not true.If it were,why would flowers put so much energy into attracting bees?Andwhy would raindrops transform themselvesinto a rainbow when they encounter the sun?BecauseNature longs for beauty,and is only satisfied when beauty can be exalted.Outer beauty is inner beauty made visible,and it manifests itself in the light that flows from our eyes.The eyes are the mirror of the soulandreflect everything that seems to be hidden;and, like a mirror,they also reflect the person looking into them.So if the person looking into someone’s eyes has a dark soul,he will see only his own ugliness.
Achat Clé 3g Clé Usb,clé Mobile Wifi.debloque Tout Opérateur!
Clé se donne pour mission de faciliter le choix des futurs acquéreurs de clés 3G. Au sein d’un marché de la téléphonie en pleine évolution et avec l’arrivée de nouveaux terminaux, l’échange de données est devenu primordial pour communiquer et les forfaits data sont donc devenus indispensables. Si vous êtes satisfait de nos produits et de nos services, nous espérons que vous allez poster des commentaires positifs.Si vous n'êtes pas satisfait, s'il vous plaît, envoyer nous un courriel avec vos remarques pour que nous puissions améliorer nos services dans un souci de vous satisfaire au mieux.Notre marché principal est l'Europe, comme la France, Belgique, Suisse, au Luxembourg et dans d'autres pays. Nous sommes sincèrement à la recherche de partenaires à l'étranger, si vous êtes prêt, nous nous réjouissons de votre contact.Au plaisir de faire des affaires avec vous bientôt!Cordialement. Achat Clé 3G Clé usb,Clé Mobile WiFi.DEBLOQUE tout opérateur! Achat Téléphone Portable Tactile Prix
La boutique un site spécialisé dans la vente de téléphones gsm venus de Chine, est maintenant la propriété de LaPuDa Trade Co., Ltd. Son but est de vous éviter les différentes arnaques qui sont liées à l'achat de téléphones chinois en ligne.  Achat Téléphone Portable Tactile Prix Vue d'ensemble du Chipset MediaTek MTK6589 a publié son processeur quad-cœur  mobile, qui est basée sur le processus de fabrication 28nm de TSMC, en utilisant l’architecture ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, les performances sont  bonnes. Le processeur utilise le cœur graphique PowerVR Series 5XT. La consommation est faible. Le MTK6589 peut prendre en charge l'enregistrement vidéo 1080p 30fps et lecture, la fonction de d’appareil photo  13 millions pixel, Full HD 1080p résolution écran LCD et  de la télévision numérique.Date de production Dans la matinée du 12 Décembre  2012, MediaTek a officiellement lancé la première production commerciale quad-cœur (SoC) MT6589.Des solu
I Am Real!
Well this is dumb, someone made a fake of me on here, using my images. Then claiming that I'm fake and they are real. sorry but you'll never be me. I am the real person, so if you see them please ignore them. I am the real person.
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Here We Go Again Read Some One's Profile Before Opening Mouth
I Can Be Nice Or Be A Total Bitch ..... I Can Say Hi .... But  When A Person Says This I WIll Draw The Line .... I'm Old School Some Guy's Think With Their LIL Heads Instead Of The One That Is Sitting On Their Shoulders Thank You ....                                                             This Is a Conversation In My Shout Box ..... I So Knew Where It Was Going LOL.......                                                                                                                                                                                                        9:44pm reply ynnoj: u on for a while? 9:49pm more To ynnoj: no doin catch up on friends haven't been here in awhile 9:53pm reply ynnoj: ok..well im offering 1000 credits and up to 2000 dollars u.s., for webcam chat 9:55pm more To ynnoj: should of Read About Me on My Profile
Facebook... Come And Join Me ...
Love Girl 3 likes Love Girl Timeline Now Now Personal Website I'm writing a book, I do not have a name for it. I'm writing poetry!, I love for you to join me set down for awhile have a cup coffee and enjoy! bY LoVe GiRL
Linkin Park-dedicated
I have a dream of a scene between the green hillsClouds pull away and the sunlight's revealedPeople don't talk about keeping it realIt's understood that they actually willAnd intoxicated and stimulated emceesStaring in the trees, paranoid, are gone in the breezeWatch them flee, hip-hop hitsTake a walk with me and what you'll seeIs a land where the sand is made up of crushed up waxAnd the sky beyond you is krylon blueAnd everybody speaks in a dialect of rhymeAnd emcees have left materialism behind themMeanwhile I just grip my micAnd hope me and my team make it through alrightBecause say what you will, and say what you mightBut don't ignore who it's for at the end of the night[CHORUS]Because this is dedicated to the kidsDedicated to wherever music livesDedicated to those tired of the same ol' sameAnd dedicated to the people advancin' the gameWhat's real is the kids who know that something's wrongWhat's real is the kids who think they don't belongWhat's real is the kids who have nowhere t
Linkin Park-hands Held High
Turn my mic up louder I got to say somethingLight weights step to the side when we come inFeel it in your chest the syllables get pumpingPeople on the street they panic and start runningWords on loose leaf sheet complete comingI jump in my mind and summon the rhyme, I'm dumpingHealing the blind I promise to let the sun inSick of the dark ways we march to the drum andJump when they tell us that they wanna see jumpingFuck that I wanna see some fists pumpingRisk something, take back what's yoursSay something that you know they might attack you forCause I'm sick of being treated like I have beforeLike it's stupid standing for what I'm standing forLike this war's really just a different brand of warLike it doesn't cater the rich and abandon poorLike they understand you in the back of the jetWhen you can't put gas in your tankThese fuckers are laughing their way to the bank and cashing the chequeAsking you to have compassion and have some respectFor a leader so nervous in an obvious wayStutt
Well Then.
Trying to figure this all out.  I wonder what kind of Tequila they use in those shots?
Linkin Park-nobody's Listening
Yo, peep the style and the kids checking for itThe number one question is how could you ignore itWe drop right back in the cut over basement tracksWith raps that got you backing this up likeRewind that we're just rolling with the rhythmRise from the ashes of stylistic divisionWith these non-stop lyrics of life livingNot to be forgotten but still unforgivenBut in the meantime there are those who wanna talk this and thatSo I suppose that it gets to a point where feelings gotta get hurtAnd get dirty with the people spreading the dirt it goes[Chorus](Tried to give you warning but everyone ignores me)Told you everything loud and clear(But nobody’s listening)(Called to you so clearly but you don’t want to hear me)Told you everything loud and clear(But nobody’s listening)I got a heart full of pain, head full of stresshandfull of anger, held in my chestAnd everything left’s a waste of timeI hate my rhymes, but hate everyone else’s moreI’m riding on the back
Three Days Grace-someone Who Cares
Every street in this cityIs the same to meEveryone's got a place to beBut there's no room for meAm I to blame?When the guilt and the shameHang over meLike a dark cloud thatChases you downIn the pouring rainIt's so hardTo find someoneWho cares about youBut it's easy enough to findSomeone who looks down on youWhy is it so hardTo find someoneWho cares about youBut it's easy enough to findSomeone who looks down on you?It's not what it seemsWhen you're not on the sceneThere's a chill in the airBut there's people like meThat nobody seesSo nobody caresWhy is it so hardTo find someoneWho cares about youWhen it's easy enough to findSomeone who looks down on you?Why is it so hard to findSomeone who can keep itTogether when you've come undone?Why is it so hardTo find someoneWho cares about you?I swear this timeIt won't turn out the sameCause now I'veGot myself to blameAnd you'll know when weEnd up on the streetsThat it's easy enough to findSomeone who looks down on youWhy is it so hardTo find som
Three Days Grace-last To Know
She just walked awayWhy didn't she tell me?And where do I go tonightThis isn't happening to meTis can't be happening to meShe didn't say a wordJust walked awayYou were the first to sayThat we were not okayYou were the first to lieWhen we were not alrightThis was my first loveShe was the first to goAnd when she left me for youI was the last to knowWhy didn't she tell meWhere to go tonightShe didn't say a wordShe just walked awayYou were the first to sayThat we were not okayYou were the first to lieWhen we were not alrightThis was my first loveShe was the first to goAnd when she left me for youI was the last to knowI'll be the first to sayThat now I'm okayAnd for the first timeI've opened up my eyesThis was my worst loveYou'll be the first to goAnd when she leaves you for deadYou'll be the last to knowI'll be the first to sayThat now I'm okayAnd for the first timeI've opened up my eyesThis was my worst loveYou'll be the first to goAnd when she leaves you for deadYou'll be the last to kno
Three Days Grace-world So Cold
I never thought I'd feel thisGuilty and I'mBroken down insideLiving with myselfNothing but liesI always thoughtI'd make itBut never knew I'dLet it get so badLiving with myselfIs all I haveI feel numbI can't come to lifeI feel likeI'm frozen in timeLiving in aWorld so coldWasting awayLiving in a shellWith no soulSince you've gone awayLiving in a world so coldCounting the daysSince you've gone awayYou've gone awayDo you ever feel meDo you ever lookDeep down insideStaring at yourselfParalyzedI feel numbI can't come to lifeI feel likeI'm frozen in timeLiving in aWorld so coldWasting awayLiving in a shellWith no soulSince you've gone awayLiving in a world so coldCounting the daysSince you've gone awayYou've gone away from meI'm too youngTo lose my soulI'm too youngTo feel this oldSo longI'm left behindI feel likeI'm losing my mindDo you ever feel meDo you ever lookDeep down insideStaring at your lifeParalyzedLiving in aWorld so coldWasting awayLiving in a shellWith no soulSince you've gone
Three Days Grace-world So Cold
I never thought I'd feel thisGuilty and I'mBroken down insideLiving with myselfNothing but liesI always thoughtI'd make itBut never knew I'dLet it get so badLiving with myselfIs all I haveI feel numbI can't come to lifeI feel likeI'm frozen in timeLiving in aWorld so coldWasting awayLiving in a shellWith no soulSince you've gone awayLiving in a world so coldCounting the daysSince you've gone awayYou've gone awayDo you ever feel meDo you ever lookDeep down insideStaring at yourselfParalyzedI feel numbI can't come to lifeI feel likeI'm frozen in timeLiving in aWorld so coldWasting awayLiving in a shellWith no soulSince you've gone awayLiving in a world so coldCounting the daysSince you've gone awayYou've gone away from meI'm too youngTo lose my soulI'm too youngTo feel this oldSo longI'm left behindI feel likeI'm losing my mindDo you ever feel meDo you ever lookDeep down insideStaring at your lifeParalyzedLiving in aWorld so coldWasting awayLiving in a shellWith no soulSince you've gone
The secret side of me, I never let you seeI keep it caged but I can't control itSo stay away from me, the beast is uglyI feel the rage and I just can't hold itIt's scratching on the walls, in the closet, in the hallsIt comes awake and I can't control itHiding under the bed, in my body, in my headWhy won't somebody come and save me from this, make it end?I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skinI must confess that I feel like a monsterI hate what I've become, the nightmare's just begunI must confess that I feel like a monsterI, I feel like a monsterI, I feel like a monsterMy secret side I keep hid under lock and keyI keep it caged but I can't control it'Cause if I let him out he'll tear me up, break me downWhy won't somebody come and save me from this, make it end?I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skinI must confess that I feel like a monsterI hate what I've become, the nightmare's just begunI must confess that I feel like a monsterI feel it deep within, it's just ben
Five Finger Death Punch-ashes
[V1:]You don't understand me,and you probably never willI got a tendency to self destruct,and a soft spot for the filthA hair trigger temperament,a switchblade for a tongueI'm a walking one-man genocidewith a black belt in corrupt[Chorus:]Everything I touch turns to ashesFalls away, it falls awayEverything I touch turns to ashesIt slips right through my handsLove me, hate meIsolate me everyday that I'm aliveStraight up mentally unstableYou don't have to like my life[V2:]I'm a jinx, a curse, some say, "the worst"I'm a savage, rabid beastI've been called so many fucking things,it doesn't affect me in the leastI've stolen, lied, been crucified but I don't regret a thingI'm an egocentric masochist with a sadist's point of bleak[Chorus:]Everything I touch turns to ashesFalls away, it falls awayEverything I touch turns to ashesIt slips right through my handsLove me, hate meIsolate me everyday that I'm aliveStraight up mentally unstableYou don't have to like my lifeEverything I touch turns to
Shinedown-call Me
[Intro] Wrap me in a bolt of lightningSend me on my way still smilingMaybe that's the way I should goStraight into the mouth of the unknownI left the spare key on the tableNever really thought I'd be ableTo say that I'll visit on the weekendsI lost my whole life and a dear friendI've said it so many timesI would change my ways no never mindGod knows I tried![Chorus]Call me a sinner, call me a saintTell me its over, I'll still love you the sameCall me your favoriteCall me the worstTell me its over I don't want you to hurtIts all that I can saySo I'll be on my wayI finally put it all together, nothing really lasts foreverI had to make a choice that was not mineI had to say goodbye for the last timeI put my life in a suitcaseNever really stayed in one placeMaybe that's the way it should beYou know I've lived my life like a gypsyI've said it so many timesI would change my ways, no never mindGod knows I tried![Chorus:Repeat x2]I'll always keep you inside You healed my heart and my life And

Road Killers
Guys like me are always talking about which women they think are beautiful. And although some might take us as shallow, it is also part of being visual males. Guys look at hot looking cars and probably wonder what it would be like to be driving inside it. Same way they admire beautiful ladies. And I have assembled here some of the best looking cars that I have seen. Im not a snob who thinks that they have to be foreign either...                                                                                   2012 Chevy Camaro SS                                                                                   1970 Chevy Chevelle SS                                                                     
Part 16
Marissa makes it, finds her self in a place she has to get out of there. So she calls her best friend Tami on her cell phone.. and tells her she is going to walk out of there knowing they have her on lock down. And so she gets dressed. And looks around and runs as fast as she can and makes it down to the Exit.. The Dr. calls the cops to get her.. she is A wall. Marissa is thinking this is the only way out. Knowing she is not crazy she wants to go home. The cops tell her this is how it is you have to go back . She won't go back yelling no I won't I want to go home let me go home she is yelling open the doors. The cops won't open the doors for her. She is crying I'm not crazy, I need to go home they are not helping me here they are just drugging me up here all week, I need help. She starts running again to find a way out. The cops run after her. She comes to dead end and the cops talk her into going back. We will take you to a place, where  you can get "help". And she goes back. And befo
My Thoughts
I sit down and look at everything around me , and online and on here , and I have to say its shocking to see it happen , people jump right into one relationship and then when that goes down , jump into another one or something else ... I find starting out as friends / dating is good idea to get to know each other before taking the next step but that's never true it's all about jumping right into it and in the end get hurt ... Soul-mate / relationship and so on , that's biggest laugh in this world cause about 80% in 2013 alot of relationship is not lasting long , it's mostly people living together , I do see that happen and that will be very popular for 2013 big time living together ...
The Bleeding Rose (now Printed Supposedly)
The Bleeding RoseThis rose started out as a tiny seedThis rose sprouted into a single precious budThis rose bloomed to its fullest potential beautyThis rose knows not what happened nextThis rose has no clue what went wrongYet this rose is suffering just the sameThis rose is lost with what took placeThis rose never ever meant any harmYet this rose is slowly wilting awayThis rose worked hard to get where is wasThis rose never gave up when all seemed lostYet this rose has seen its better daysThis rose withstood torrential rainsThis rose withstood the blazing sunYet this rose is nearing its fateful endThis rose has lived a very wonderful lifeThis rose has given all it had to giveBut that is the life, of The Bleeding Rose
The Crying Heart (this Is Now Printed Somewhere Supposedly)
The Crying HeartThey say love is all about give and takeThey say that love is all about what we makeWe're taught that love is so blindAnd we learn that love is supposed to be kindWhen love is found we wonder if it's trueWhen love is lost we feel so blueLove can make us feel oh so goodBut love can also be so misunderstoodLove comes and goes in so many waysIt can last for hours months or daysReal love is what we all look forNever pass it up when it strolls thru the doorIf the love is good then it is strongBut if it is weak it wont last longLove is many things from the startBut love seems to stem, from a crying heart
Who Is She
WHO IS SHEI have searched for her before, but had no idea what I was looking for, and I have known what I wanted but never tried to search for her,I have met all kinds of people all over the place,and looked at the qualities they all have, I took bits and pieces of them all and put them together,and then I suddenly realized what it is that I desire in a woman,but still I was not so sure that I would find her,because everyman has his ultimate dream come true fantasy girl,but a dream is just a dream and a fantasy is even more,the more I searched, the more I learned, the harder it became to find the one,and then it happened when I least expected it, she found me,and I realized that a dream is worth keeping and a fantasy is worth exploring,so I returned to my search knowing what I like,but still I had no clue if I would find her, and then suddenly,I met someone, someone who seemed to fit, someone who made me realize what it is I can bring to her,someone who saved me from myself, and opened
I want to thank Wild Horse for bein my friend n also my ownerfor most of the time I have been on Fubar. He has always treated me with resecpt n like a lady for that I am thankful . Also i would like to thank him for my first WIP which he bought for me for this last Christmas as a present to me. He has done alot to help me in this game n for that I am thankful
If You're Going To Fall In Love With Me.
If you’re going to fall in love with me, it’s only fair that you know what you’re falling in love with. You are falling in love with my immaturity, my constant need to feel loved and appreciated, my overactive tear ducts, my internet obsession, my tendency to be a little too clingy. You fa
We Often Say Goodbye
We often say goodbye to the person we don’t want to say goodbye to. Saying goodbye doesn’t mean that we stopped loving them or we stopped caring. A goodbye can also be the most painful way to say I love you.
Ah, Where Do I Begin... :)
    I made the best decision of my life on June 5th 2006. It was an ordinary day that started with a phone call from a very angry guy I was seeing at the time. He pretty much blamed me for making his mother mad enough to run over his cat. The reason was I wasn't treating her son "right". See, prior to this I had been the main bread winner and had supported him and his endevors for several months. Tired and frustrated that I didn't have a dime to name, I grew weary of feeling underappreciated. Plus, he had turned abusive...both physically and verbally. This had finally reached his boiling point that morning once I received that phone call. I did the only thing a girl can do...hang up the phone. I got dressed, grabbed my keys and headed into town.    I stopped at a local coffee shop and explained to the waiter why I looked so grim. He could only shrug and shake his head in disbelief.     Once I left, I headed towards my car, only to run into an old friend of mine. She had a gang of fr
That Your Life Is Changed Forever
It’s amazing how you meet some people and your paths intertwine and even if it’s just for that few moments, they leave an impression so deep, so everlasting, that your life is changed forever.
All She Could Think
 “ All that she could think was that she needed him. She needed his arms around her, needed him to hold her and whisper that they'd find a way to be together.                     ”
Life In Those Shoes
People always say and tell others what to do. Yet no way do they ever choose to listen. How many times my mother told me well son dont do that did i not listen. Well i dont think i can count that hi . I know that if every generation is to learn from the last. Probly is not going to be very many generations to come. Someday this evalution will stop and man will just learn to be happy with what they have. I dont think that i am anything special just a man that has seen all the bad in life and still tried to make it through each day for my children. Hell this here is probly the only real true thing ive ever posted anywhere so. w ith that in mind i only try to give some of me to whoever reading this. LOVE EVERYTHING ITS HARD IN THIS WORLD BUT TRY.NO MATTER HOW GOOD OR BAD THE HUMAN RACE IS WE AS INDIVIDUALS NEED TO TEACH LOVE BEFORE IT IS FORGOTTEN LOVE YOUR FELLOW BROTHER N SISTERS GOOD OR BAD AS IF U WERE IN THIER SHOES ONCE YOU WILL SEE HOW MUCH LOVE HAS BEEN FORGOTTEN
To All Friends And Fans Of Johnny Freezze On Fubar, He's Back In The Saddle Again!
 To all music lovers, friends. and fans of Johnny Freezze on fubar. I just want to thank you all, for all your incredible love, and support for my music. Fubar rocks! You guys rock! I love you all! As most of you know, last year I injured my foot, and was out of commission for a while. Well, I'm good to go now, and I can't wait to rock! For the next few months plans for more new music videos, a new CD release, and some tour dates to go along with em are going to finally be in the works! I'll be keeping you all informed, and up to date on future plans for Johnny Freezze through the web or media, about any, and all upcoming shows, events, or releases. Thanks to your support on fubar, facebook, myspace, jukeboxalive, reverbnation, buzznet, and many other web sites around the world, Johnny Freezze is back in the saddle! This summer! Thank you all for being patient, and keepin your love alive! I love pl
 Maybe he’s wondering why I quit calling Maybe he’s actually missing me… Maybe he’s
It's Amazing
It’s amazing how you realize when you lose someone, you get mad at yourself for not saying the things you could’ve a million times. You take for granted the days spent doing nothing when you could’ve been with them. Anyone can be taken at any time in our lives, but we always wait until they’re gone to say things we never had the courage to before.
She thinks about you non-stop and you’re all she talks about. When she talks to you she always has that goofy smile and she truly looks happy. With one hug, you make her melt and you always leave her in butterflies. But at the same time, when she’s upset it’s usually because of you, but she refuses to see any bad in you. And no matter how may people try and tell her different, she believes you’re perfect for her and worth every second of the wait. But she’s too scared to tell you any of this because she doesn’t want to screw anything up and doesn’t want to end up hurt. But at some point.. She's going to have to let go..
The Flu
Deadly GM flu research that could ‘wipe out significant portion of humanity’ set to restart     Daily MailJanuary 26, 2013 Scientists last night ended a voluntary ban on creating mutant forms of bird flu, despite warnings that an accidental release could kill millions of people. Research into H5N1 transmission stopped a year ago amid fears information about how to create potentially dangerous viruses could be used for bioterrorism. The self-imposed moratorium came after two teams independently discovered how to mutate the virus so that it could be transmitted through the air between humans.
Valentine Day's "who Wants To Date Me?" Contest
I promised all of you a grand and mildly embarrassing stunt, and here it is. True believers, I introduce   Mr. Goodnight's Totally Real (and Slightly Stupidifying) First Annual "Let Me Lie About How I Like You So You Can Give Me the #@&%ing Credits" Post Contest!   This is how it works: from January 27-February 7, to enter, you will need to enter a status comment on Mr. Goodnight's profile page. The status must start, "I want to be your date for Valentine's Day because" and must have a funny, clever, or sweet reason why you should be my date. (Relax, this is not a real date; unless you live in Minnesota or Western Wisconsin, that would be impractical.)   My favorite ten comments will earn their authors a place on a MuMM that will run from February 8 to February 13, where the fuNation will pick my date.   So, what do you get? The third and second=place finishers will get a 25 credits pack. My "date" will have their name placed in my name for Valentine's Day and will get a 65
Valentine's Day Auction With A Bonus Prize To Be Announced Soon!
    CLUB PARADISE PRESENTS IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY AUCTION!!! DEADLINE Feb 1st!!! CLICK TO ENTER ADDICTIVE IS HOSTING A VALENTINE'S DAY AUCTION... ADDICTIVE WHAT DO YOU NEED TO ENTER??? ITS VERY SIMPLE... You click the enter Auction photo and it goes directly to addi's Priv Box You link her to 2 photos you want used in the auction tag You message her your LINK You message her your Offers All this needs to be done no Later than Feb. 1st. NO ENTRY FEE ~unless of course you want to give something nice to the person making the tags!!(that would be Sweets)~ Sweets OH YEAH AND P.S.... COME HANG OUT WITH US AT CLUB PARADISE!! The party is at Club Paradise come hang out with us and enjoy the music and company. COME JOIN OUR FAMILY!!!  
As he looks upon his pet tied up to the bolts on the wall meant just for this occasion, he realizes he has sworn to never lay a hand on a woman but in a loving and caring way. The fear of becoming a woman beater like his father will always haunt him, but he has faith in himself to compartmentalize his fetishes and his every day life. Not to mention he just can't resist the urge to spank and choke his new pet. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to relax himself and hopes that he does all of this right. Opening his eyes he sees her staring into his eyes and a slight smile appears around the gag in her mouth. Walking up to her he grips her ass in one hand and kisses her forehead and before stepping away he gives a small and loving smack on her ass. He swivels her around to where her ass is visible to him and positions her to receive the punishment he is ready to deal out. As he swings back her ass cheeks clinch in the anticipation of the smack. As he smacks her ass her feet leav
Such True Words
"Til My Last Day" People say I'm just a rough boy I ain't no good for you girl It's a dead end street, tryin' to love me Yeah, I'll wreck your world I can see why they're all talkin' Lookin' back at my past I've got a bad name, but a man can change I'm livin' proof of that Til my last day, til my last breath Of everyone that can, I can love you the best Til my last day, I'll be lovin' you All the way up, til they lay me down Six feet under the cold hard ground Til my last day, I'll be lovin' you Baby I might meet all my friends Shoot the bull, have a beer or two But you know I'll be the first one to leave In a hurry to get to you Somewhere deep inside your angel eyes I found a place to rest, Don't ever doubt that I'll be around, And baby don't you ever forget Til my last day, til my last breath Of everyone that can, I can love you the best Til my last day, I'll be lovin' you All the way up, til they lay me down Six feet under the cold hard ground Til my last day, I'll be lovin' you
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Best Protective Survivor Case For Samsung Galaxy Note2
If you're Sports enthusiasts, you should know the best protective case for Galaxy Note 2. This Survivor case for Note 2 is designed from the inside out to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from extreme conditions and a host of other environmental factors. First release for Galaxy S3, now is new released for SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 2. This survivor case for Note 2 is designed from the inside out to protect your Note 2 from extreme conditions ... dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration and a host of other environmental factors. It has been designed to meet or exceed the durability standards set by the US Department of Defense. It also meets the standards of the Ministry of Defense in the UK. This Note 2 survivor case is extremely sturdy and made up from a shatter- and shock-resistant polycarbonate. This is the same as iPad Mini Survivor case. This Note2 Survivor case is built on a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame clad in rugged, shock absorbing silicone. A built-in scree
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Words & Phrases To Live By
I browse random peoples profiles a lot, and I find some really awesome stuff.  No, I won't post the name of the user I take this from, but all of this can be incorporated into everyones daily lifestyle.  Words to live by and so forth. Take it for what it is, and I HOPE, for some of you, it helps. :) ENJOY ---------- "Eleven Hints for Life"1. It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return.But what is more painful is to love someone and neverfind the courage to let that person know how you feel.2. A sad thing in life is when you meet someone whomeans a lot to you, only to find out in the end that it wasnever meant to be and you just have to let go.3. The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on aporch swing with, never say a word, and then walk awayfeeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.4. It's true that we don't know what we've got until we loseit, but it's also true that we don't know what we've beenmissing until it arrives.5. It takes only a minute to
        You open your eyes and watch your seed spurting out onto the glass of the window. Your daydream felt so real you could swear you felt her lips around you. You look out the window and you see her lying on her lounge chair looking your way. As you watch her hand slips beneath her bikini bottoms. She bites her bottom lip as her hand begins to move beneath her bottoms. Your cock begins to harden as you watch her and you groan, this will never do, you want this woman too bad to settle for daydreams and your hand.         You step away from the window and slip on a pair of swim trunks. You glance out the window to make sure she's still there, then you hurry through the house and out the patio door. You make your way across your yard and into hers. Dusk is settling in but you can still make out her silhouette in the chair. As you get closer you hear her soft moans as she continues to stroke herself.          You stand above her and she must sense your presence because her eyes fly
Catfish, Te'o And A Message For My Critics...
This is a big fat -fuck you- to everyone over the years who has said that "fakes aren't important" and "no one cares." Manti Te'o and Catfish. I personally believe that Te'o got duped in the beginning of this hoax. However, his complicity with it after he knew on December 6,2012 and the cover up from Notre Dame in order to keep the controversy under wraps until after the BCS Championship Game is well, appaulling. Any team that drafts this clown needs to have their head examined. If you don't know who Mati Te'o is, you're living under a Fubar rock and best advised to use the "Google" Search application on your Obamaphone. The whole Catfish movie was blogged here some time ago. Now it has its' own TV show. The mere fact that it has its' own series should tell people something. This is a widespread problem that has finally hit the mainstream. We've been blogging and dealing with these same issues for over six years in the blog long before it became the chic thing to do might I add.
Outlaws Prayer
Dear Lord please hear my plea I'm stand on the galows with death stareing at me. Please forgive me lord for all my sins for it was this world lord that made me the way I am. No one to love No one to care No one to share my life with was she really out there. From town to town I romed looking but never did find is it all in my head or have i lost my mind. The time is drawing close lord the crowed gathers near I wounder dear lord is she hear. If she is her dear lord tell her not to cry for this Young Outlaw is not afraid to die. I'm going out in a blaze of glory one last chapter to this outlaws story. The pappers will tell of all my glory. So unto you I giveith my soul may it be heaven or may it be hell Yea they will remember me The outlaw kid named Jossie Wells.
L.m.l (daddy's Little Woman)
In my imagine. Daddy's little woman. Never to see you growing. Why am I to fail? Putting you though hell before you ever know it yourself. Missing every moment. Missing every breath. Missing that opportunity to teach you to love yourself. That you're you own maker, never anyone else. Be proud to be seed of me and mama dearest, the clearest window to look out of full of glee. Vision the world and all it has for thee. Cool breeze. Big trees. Days mostly sunny. Even when is dark please wish upon the stars you see. Always carry love, never put hate above. Expand your wisdom and knowledge like you'e an addict for that drug. Never turn down a book. Before crossing paths, always look. See all the work it took for your mother to get you away from crooks. Who want to steal your innocence. Steer you from common sense. Put your life on dollars and cents. Teach you violence is how you vent. Naw, dont ever do it. Triggers never pull it. That disease is killing the world and not improving. I owe you
Make Youmove...
Make youmove me... love you baby sexy lover love you sexy my mistakes my mistakes are mine it's along time we had time to lovers long time to be lovers. Make mistakes.. so sad.. bY LoVe GiRL 
Take Withyou....
Stay up late this night under the stars this night love is so strong not knowing how you did me wrong knowing you killed my heart under the street lights... Stay up late this night under the stars this night love is so strong not knowing how you did me wrong knowing you killed my heart under street lights.. love dies love dies never comes again not again I pack a "suitcase"....     bY LoVe GiRL                 "Take me with you" ... 
Hit Me In...
Hit me in the head as I get out of your bed lol... kick me out of your bed lol.. going to bed late night smoke cig .....walk alone night wind blowing love making all night long sex is all you got from me is all you got from me this night my dear Eddie R...gone heart is black as the night hole in my heart hole in my heart ... bY LoVe GIRL 
why do you drag me me down in this bull shit .... should I call tell you all about it.. should I ... why do you drag me down in this bull shit.. you got what you wanted.. let me go.. let me go.. you got what you wanted.. let me go... bY LoVe GiRL... YouLLLLL be sorrryyyyyy
Short Brautkleid Hochzeit Am Strand
Die Wahl eines brautkleider ist die richtige Wahl machen den Abend unvergesslich brachte in Richtung des Paares ekstatische Freude. Sie werden wie eine große Menge der bevorzugten Arten von Kleidung in diesen Tagen zu finden, und Sie sollten auch einen großen Braut Kleidung, können Sie entsprechen den Zahlen und Höhe, enthält das Thema einer Trauung und auch, ist es bereit, ein zu in Position gehalten. Das Meer, Hochzeit, Hochzeit und externen Zugriff auf ein bekanntes diesen Tagen auch gesagt, von der Braut Kleidung. Eine kurze Brautkleid zusätzliche case.The langen Kleid auf dem Boden dieser Straße Idealfall die externe Hochzeit Veranstaltung sein. Andernfalls wird Ihre Kleidung zu wachsen, die kontaminiert sein und untergraben die gesamte erscheinen. Daher kann eine einfache Saum Sammeln, die Sie wollen, sollten Sie Ihre Kleidung zu verteidigen eine bequeme Wahl sein. Kürzere verschiedenen möglichen auch Knie-oder tealength, kann dies über Ihren ankle.Brief Kleid Vielzahl Zoll sind
All Sexy Content Not Seen On Here! Only $15!!! (videos)
  That’s right! All content is still $15!!! This includes all photosets and videos! (fetish as well ) And to make this offer extra special - the first 15 people to get in on the $15 special will be first in line to receive custom content from me at a discounted price in the near future. (Either a custom photo set or short video.) (Said discounted price will be negotiated with each individual as to what they want their content to be.) I’m only $75 away from my personal goal (with which I will use it to make even more awesome content for you lot). So please take advantage of this deal!  Only $15 and it goes a long way! To take advantage go to: [www][dot]|My|Girl|Fund[dot]com[slash]Kyatto (minus the "|"s)   
My Struggles With My Own Addiction
I started drinking at around 15. I had a friend that bought some cocaine and he told me that he did, I asked him if I could try it. He told me no that I would get hooked. So that pissed me off. I went out and found coke myself and off I went. I used cocaine and drank from 15 till I was 21. In 1989 when life began to really suck, I checked myself into rehab. While I was in rehab the counselor’s told me that if I am a drug addicted that I was most likely an alcoholic as well. So I bought into this idea. After leaving rehab, I stayed sober for 2.5 years. While I was sober I never heard them say work the 12 steps. And like I said they told me I was an alcoholic. Well my head started talking to me again, telling me that you aren’t an alcoholic you are just a drug addict all the while still going to meetings everyday. Well one day I made that decision to once again just drink. This was in 1992 I told my friend I want to party tonight. So I proceeded to go to the liquor store and purchase cas
Hiding Behind You...
Hiding behind your face life goes on with out you, No one knows your name in a dark room, days run in to night.. party like a rock star... get up and kick you out of my bed not tell you my name. Hiding behind your face... call you up tell you come over and hang out play with me baby... Hiding behind your face.. make love all day what the hell I don't want a dam thing from ya.. Hiding behind your face.. smoke one with ya things changing drinking having a good time I got out hanging out with ya... changing changing with ya hiding behind your face... lit a cig with ya running hard to hard with ya, hiding behind your face hay it's fine...  bY  LoVe GiRL    What hell of a tIME...
Wishing You Where Here .....
Wishing you where here by my side this night. Ran away love now... with love gone  night with a full moon gone love... love ... trust you trust you, why, why baby why should I do this now.... Wishing you where here by my side this night. I ran away love... with love gone in the night with full moon gone love... trust you trust you, why baby why should I do this now...  love is gone on this full moon to night love so sad this night so gone run away so gone far away from you this night I will not talk of you this night gone so gone sad this night....raining hard this night drops of rain on me love...                               bY LoVe GiRL
Her face so pure,Her heart so free.She longs to hand it to someone,I would love it to be me.Beautiful beyond all I see,Her smile melts my mind.Where is the path to her heart,That is what I want to find.If God would make me so lucky,To hold your heart with care.Forever I would show you love,Forever so deep,so rare.
Tablet Pc Chez Acer Abordable D'accéder Au Concours!
Récemment, de nombreuses marques avec 7-pouces abordables utilisateurs de tablette tactile prix qui tentent de mieux apprécier. Google Nexus 7 Fire'ının commencé à sortir de la façon dont le Kindle d'Amazon, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 modèle était le dernier concurrent de la MINI. Selon les nouvelles aujourd'hui chez Acer Tablet PC avec un écran de 7 pouces nouvelle, ce secteur est d'essayer de faire un pas. Les prix des produits de cette catégorie varie entre 150 à 200 dollars et 160 dollars à B1 produit à Acer Iconia envisage de vendre le nouveau produit. 7-pouces Acer Iconia B1, un nouveau produit avec une résolution de 1024 x 600 pixels sur l'écran. MediaTek MTK8317T aura un 1,2 GHz processeur dual-core et 8 Go d'espace mémoire de 512 Mo de mémoire, ce produit sera vendu avec. Micro carte SD de l'appareil, les utilisateurs peuvent produire jusqu'à 32 Go de stockage front. B1 aura un appareil photo 3 mégapixels 2710 mAh Iconia Android 4.1.2 de En plus de la fè
By The Fire's Light
The moon is big and bright on this cold dark starless night the animals huddle together to keep warmthe wolves howl and the owls hoot as one they performAs I sit lost in thought I can hear their lonely song Longing for the presence of the man to whom my heart belongsStaring into the fire watching the flames erotic danceFeeling my heart and soul drift to him as if in a tranceIn the rich colors of the fire his face appears to emergeSmiling, deeper into my thoughts I am now submergedas he is thinking of me as well our souls reaching out to connectHis warmth and love surrounding me as we both projectMiles apart yet our hearts holding each other so near Together our souls are now one making everything become so clear heart beats quickening there is no mistaking what our souls feel as they are elatefor we complete each other in ways nothing else can, we are each others soul mate ~RavenMoon
Sexist Women
In my travels all over the web, I come across many comments and blogs by women who obviously are not deep thinkers, ranting about how men are cheaters, dogs, perverts, etc. Usually they generalize men negatively as less moral or virtuous than the female gender. And to me, this is as derogatory as racism . One of the more common posts I encounter is the inversion of the one I have edited below in defense of us men... Before you profile and bash every man that you have ever chosen, think about  how while youre doing so, another woman is showing men respect by not lumping them all into a giant turd ball. While youre creating problems, another woman is humble and patient enough to listen. While youre too busy "not needing a man, but wanting one", The real women are making time for men. While youre making him wait for affection, while you stroke your ego, other ladies are workin their sexy, getting him to smile and spend. While you cant decide who, what or how many men you want attent
New Picture Viewer
Lets see if i can get this to work
Douche Bag
So I was friends with this guy Brandon n He told me he loved me n I believed him than he got very rude n called me every name n every book n told me he lied n never loved me. Well he apologized yesterday N I believed him. I gave him another chance today N he did the same thing tonite He turned on me n called me every name in the book even a useless bitch. I am done witht he asshole. N for all I care he can rot so woman plz watch out for him on fubar n thanks:)    Baby Sassy:) 
Importance Of Company Bank Cards Cases
It is the overall look that makes awesome effect on your probability and thus, requirements strong connection. An outstanding organization is one of the main reasons of keeping a awesome expert activities. You don't want to offer a organization that is in a terrible scenario on your main aspect here. If you do so, such a move will nullify any good upgrades which you have try to create via your technique. These are the factors why organization is best when you create try to show uncurbed stability. Though the main aim of organization is to store your organization in a cleaned and asked for for way, it also allows you to create a easy yet extremely effective expert declaration. You can offer as an ideal present for your friends, co-workers or to your administrator. This move will definitely enhance your group place. You can personalize these provides and can create it more eye-catching by such as the name or insignia of the organization or the preliminary of the individual. All these w
Drie Geheimen Achter Smartphones
Klein, zakformaat en weegt minder dan 200gram de Smartphone heeft alle kracht van een desktop computer en rijdt van en naar uw bedrijf op een dagelijkse basis. Om veel gebruikers, zijn ze hun levenslijn naar de buitenwereld, maar bent u in staat om deze technologie te begrijpen of bent u zeker weet hoe u? Secret Number One Alle Smartphones kunnen aansluiten of hebben de mogelijkheid om verbinding te maken met het internet. Dit is door de Telco diensten, zoals de 2G, EDGE, 3G of over opkomende 4Gnetwork OF een draadloze hotspot-netwerk. Dit wetende betekent dat u kunt zich richten op deze klanten om uw draadloze netwerk te gebruiken door middel van specifieke reclame gericht op klanten die gebruik maken van technologie.De meeste smartphone gebruikers zijn zich bewust van de manier waarop ze verbinding kunnen maken tussen een mobiele (2G en 3G) netwerk en een draadloos netwerk hotspot. Zodra ze zich bewust zijn dat ze verbinding kunnen maken, zullen de meeste gebruikers proberen om het
Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many friends you have Or how accepted you are. Not about if you have plans this weekend or if you're alone. It isn't about who you're dating, who you used to date, how many people you've dated, or if you haven't been with anyone at all. It isn't about who your family is or how much money they have, Or what kind of car you drive. It's not about how beautiful or ugly you are. Or what clothes you wear, what shoes you have, Or what kind of music you listen to. It's not about if your hair is blonde, red, black, or brown, Or if your skin is too light or too dark. Not about what grades you get how smart you are, how smart everybody else thinks you are, or how smart standardized tests say you are. It's not about what clubs you're in or how good you are at 'your' sport. It's not about representing your whole being on a piece of paper and seeing who will 'accept the written you.' Life just isn't. The Life Is But, life is about who you love and w
Drei Secrets Behind Smartphones
Klein, Taschenformat und einem Gewicht von weniger als 200grams das Smartphone hat alle Macht von einem Desktop-Computer und fährt ab und Ihr Unternehmen auf einer täglichen Basis. Um eine Menge von Nutzern, sind sie ihre Lebensader zur Außenwelt, aber sind Sie in der Lage, diese Technologie zu verstehen oder sind Sie unsicher, wie? Geheime Number One Alle Smartphones können verbinden oder die Fähigkeit haben, sich mit dem Internet zu verbinden. Dies ist durch die Telco Services wie 2G, EDGE, 3G oder bevorstehende 4Gnetwork oder eine drahtlose Hotspot-Netzwerk. Mit diesem Wissen heißt, Sie können gezielt diese Kunden zu Ihrem drahtlosen Netzwerk durch gezielte Werbung verwenden Targeting Kunden, die Technologie zu nutzen.Die meisten Smartphone-Nutzer wissen, wie sie sich zwischen einem zellularen (2G und 3G)-Netzwerk und einem drahtlosen Netzwerk Hotspot verbinden. Sobald sie wissen, dass sie eine Verbindung herstellen, werden die meisten Benutzer versuchen, im Internet zu surfen, um
Tre Segreti Dietro Smartphone
Piccolo, tascabile e pesa meno di 200g lo smartphone dispone di tutta la potenza di un computer desktop e viaggia da e per la tua impresa su una base quotidiana. Per un sacco di utenti, sono loro ancora di salvezza al mondo esterno, ma siete in grado di cogliere questa tecnologia o siete sicuri di come? Number One Segreto Tutti gli smartphone in grado di connettersi o avere la possibilità di connettersi a Internet. Questo è attraverso i servizi di Telco, come il 2G, EDGE, 3G o in cui è decisivo 4Gnetwork O una rete hotspot wireless. Sapendo questo significa che è possibile indirizzare questi clienti di utilizzare la rete wireless attraverso la pubblicità specifica di mira i clienti che utilizzano la tecnologia.Maggior parte degli utenti di smartphone sono consapevoli di come possono collegare tra una (2G e 3G) rete cellulare e un hotspot rete wireless. Una volta che sono consapevoli di poter collegare, maggior parte degli utenti cercherà di navigare in internet per confermare la conn
Trois Secrets Behind Smartphones
Petite poche et pesant moins de 200 grammes Le smartphone dispose de toute la puissance d'un ordinateur de bureau et se déplace vers et à partir de votre entreprise sur une base quotidienne. Pour beaucoup d'utilisateurs, ils sont leur lien avec le monde extérieur, mais êtes-vous en mesure de saisir cette technologie ou êtes-vous sûr de comment le faire? Secret numéro un Tous les Smartphones peuvent se connecter ou ont la capacité de se connecter à Internet. C'est à travers les services Telco tels que la 2G, EDGE, 3G ou à venir 4Gnetwork OU un réseau sans fil via Hotspot. Sachant cela signifie que vous pouvez cibler ces clients d'utiliser votre réseau sans fil grâce à la publicité spécifique ciblant les clients qui utilisent la technologie.La plupart des utilisateurs Smartphone savent comment ils peuvent se connecter entre un cellulaire (2G et 3G) et un point d'accès réseau sans fil. Une fois qu'ils sont conscients qu'ils peuvent se connecter, la plupart des utilisateurs vont essayer
The Last One:The Mighty Wurlitzer Organ     Mighty Wurlitzer Organ and silent move soundtracks From: Jake Warga  Length: 04:45   Image by: jake warga   Jim Riggs at the Organ Wanamaker Organ Day 2009 - Walt Strony "Victory At Sea"
Tres Secretos Detrás De Smartphones
Bolsillo pequeño, de un tamaño y un peso inferior a 200 gramos el Smartphone tiene todo el poder de una computadora de escritorio y viaja desde y hacia su negocio sobre una base diaria. Para muchos usuarios, son su conexión con el mundo exterior, sino que son capaces de captar esta tecnología o estás seguro de cómo hacerlo? Un número secreto Todos los smartphones puede conectar o tener la capacidad de conectarse a Internet. Esto es a través de los servicios de Telco, como la 2G, EDGE, 3G o 4Gnetwork próxima o de una red wi-fi. Sabiendo esto significa que usted puede dirigirse a estos clientes a utilizar la red inalámbrica a través de la publicidad específica dirigida a los clientes que utilicen la tecnología.La mayoría de los usuarios de teléfonos inteligentes son conscientes de cómo pueden conectar entre un celular (2G y 3G) y un punto de acceso de red inalámbrica. Una vez que son conscientes de que pueden conectarse, la mayoría de los usuarios a tratar de navegar por Internet para
Moved On
How can you act like we never fell for love. We fell and we fell hard, it's not the fact that you moved on that upsets me, it's the fact you never cared, you don't remember, and you don't know after years I still love you. I hate that I love you, but as they say absence makes the heart grow affectionate. It hurts that you don't care.
Chapter 2 A Gathering:chicago 19
toms men classic Haw smiled. He knew Hem was wondering, "Who moved my Cheese?" but Haw was wondering,"Why didn't I get up and move with the Cheese sooner?" As he started out into the maze, Haw looked back to where he had come from and felt its comfort. cheap clarisonic canada He could feel himself being drawn back into familiar territory - even though he hadn't found Cheesethere for some time. Haw became more anxious and wondered if he really wanted to go out into the maze. ash footwear He wrote asaying on the wall ahead of him and stared at it for some time: WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN'T AFRAID? He thought about it. He knew sometimes some fear can be good. toms canada When you are afraid things are going to get worse, ifyou don't do something, it can prompt you into an action. But it is not good when you are afraidthat it keeps you from doing anything. He looked to his right, to the part of the maze where he had never been, and felt the fear.
Why don't people wanna be my friend why is everybody scared to sb me I am looking to make new friends just show me that I'm worthy enough for ya
Dustin Clare Appreciation Page
3 Different Marriage Jokes
Jacob, age 92, and Rebecca, age 89, are all excited about their decision to get married. They go for a stroll to discuss the wedding and on the way they pass a drugstore. Jacob suggests they go in. Jacob addresses the man behind the counter:'Are you the owner?' The pharmacist answers yes.Says Jacob: 'We're about to get married. Do you sell heart medication?' Pharmacist: 'Of course we do.'Jacob: 'How about medicine for circulation?' Pharmacist: 'All kinds.'Jacob: 'Medicine for rheumatism, scoliosis? ' Pharmacist: 'Definitely.'Jacob: 'How about Viagra?' Pharmacist: 'Of course.'Jacob: 'Medicine for memory problems, arthritis, jaundice?'Pharmacist: 'Yes, a large variety. The works.'Jacob: 'What about vitamins, sleeping pills, Geritol, antidotes for Parkinson's disease?' Pharmacist: 'Absolutely.'Jacob: 'You sell wheelchairs and walkers?' Pharmacist: 'All speeds and sizes.'Jacob says to the pharmacist: 'We'd like to register here for our wedding gifts, please.' *****************************
This Is A Hold Up: Rahm Emanuel Takes Gun Battle To Banks
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is taking his gun control push to private banks and asking major lenders in Chicago to stop doing business with firearms manufacturers. In a letter to TD Bank and Bank of America on Thursday, Mr. Emanuel asked the CEOs to force gun manufacturers they do business with to “find common ground with the vast majority of Americans who support a military weapons and ammunition ban.” TD Bank provides $60 million in credit to Smith & Wesson; Bank of America provides a $25 million line to Sturm, Ruger & Co. Mr. Emanuel can’t force the banks to comply, and so far, CEOs haven’t responded, the Boston Globe reports. But the Chicago pol did just convince city officials to divest $5 billion in pension fund investments from companies that manufacture guns. And that effort is reverberating among states. New York and California have both halted pension investments in companies that do business with the gun industry, according to various media reports. Read
Communists Cheer On Obama’s Gun Grab
William F. JasperNew AmericanJan 25, 2013 It should come as no surprise that the Communist Party USA is on board with President Obama’s plan to attack Americans’ right to keep and bear arms as a means to “end gun violence.” A cardinal feature of communist regimes, like all dictatorships, is the prohibition of private ownership of arms, creating a monopoly of force in the hands of the State. In a January 18 article, People’s World, an official publication of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), declared that “the ability to live free from the fear or threat of gun violence is a fundamental democratic right — one that far supercedes any so-called personal gun rights allegedly contained in the Second Amendment.” The article, entitled, “Fight to end gun violence is key to defending democracy,” written by People’s World labor and politics reporter Rick Nagin, claims that “the right-wing extremists opposing all efforts to
Red Moon
Red Moon cover her heart in the night she loves him why why he loves her not Red Moon Red Moon covers her heart in the night she loves him why why he loves her not                                                              bY LoVe GiRL... this is for you lover ..... *()         Darren Dobyns
Goldman Sachs Made $400 Million Betting On Food Prices In 2012 While Hundreds Of Millions Starved
Michael SnyderEconomic CollapseJan 24, 2013 Why does it seem like wherever there is human suffering, some giant bank is making money off of it?  According to a new report from the World Development Movement, Goldman Sachs made about 400 million dollarsbetting on food prices last year.  Overall, 2012 was quite a banner year for Goldman Sachs.  As I reported in a previous article, revenues for Goldman increased by about 30 percent in 2012 and the price of Goldman stock has risen by more than 40 percent over the past 12 months.  It is estimated that the average banker at Goldman brought in a pay and bonus package of approximately $396,500 for 2012.  So without a doubt, Goldman Sachs is swimming in money right now.  But what is the price for all of this “success”?  Many claim that the rampant speculation on food prices by the big banks has dramatically increased the global price of food and has caused the suffering of hundreds of millions of poor families around the planet to
Population Control Advocacy Group: Humans Equal Locusts
Jurriaan MaessenInfowars.comJanuary 25, 2013 Photo: William Warby The UK based population control advocacy group Population Matters felt compelled to respond to the latest controversy surrounding their patron David Attenborough, who recently stated humans are a “plague on the earth”. In a press release posted on its website, the organization expresses support for their beloved patron’s statements, concurring that mankind may be viewed as a plague upon the planet- not to be understood as a disease as such, but rather as the way this disease spreads. “What did he (Attenborough) mean? Surely he does not mean that we are a disease? More probably, he was thinking of a plague of locusts, which consumes all that it sees, and then dies off.” “That analogy is apt.”, the statement continues. “Human numbers have doubled in the last fifty years to seven billion. Natural habitats, wildlife and fish stocks are falling around the world, due to deve
Tsa Conducts Random Checks At Austin Train Station
Passengers asked to “volunteer” to have bags searchedSteve WatsonInfowars.comJan 25, 2013 Not content with treating people like prisoners in the nation’s airports, the TSA is rapidly expanding its operations with random spot checks on Amtrak trains. This was in full evidence yesterday in Austin, Texas, as passengers at Lamar Boulevard station were treated to random bag checks at the hands of agents and drug sniffing dogs. The TSA agents, as well as Austin police officers, and officials from the Department of Homeland Security all descended on the station yesterday morning at 9.30am. “The security at airports has increased so the bad guys are now traveling on the trains and buses,” TSA official George Robinson told kxan news. Of course, no “bad guys” were actually discovered. In fact, nothing was discovered, other than a few disgruntled passengers who did not appreciate the government rifling through their bags. “These facilities are n
Airport Terror Announcements Now Being Played In Hotels
Employees and guests urged to report “suspicious behavior” under DHS program Paul Joseph Watson & Alex JonesInfowars.comJanuary 25, 2013 Airport-style announcements encouraging Americans to “report suspicious activity” in the name of spotting terrorists are now being played in thousands of hotels across America as the Department of Homeland Security’s domestic snitch program expands. As a result of the DHS’ partnership with media provider LodgeNet Interactive, “TV systems in more than 5,500 hotels began showing public service announcements that encourage anyone observing suspicious activity to immediately report it to the proper authorities. The videos are being shown on a free promotional and information channel that is part of LodgeNet TV systems and appears when the guest room TV is turned on.” A DHS Hotel & Lodging Advisory flyer filmed inside a hotel in Orlando Florida lists, “visitor attitudes overtly concerned wit
Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Unconstitutional Executive Orders In Arizona County
Kurt NimmoInfowars.comJanuary 25, 2013 Arizona’s Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu has sent a letter to Obama stating that he will not obey unconstitutional executive orders banning firearms. WATCH VIDEO Babeu criticizes Obama and the political class in Washington for exploiting the Sandy Hook massacre and other tragic events to push an unprecedented gun control agenda. “Do you honestly feel that any criminal or someone who is mentally ill will obey an executive order made by you related to ‘gun control?’” he writes in the letter dated January 16. “I have sworn a solemn oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America when I was first sworn in as an Army Private, later as an Army Officer, then as a Police Officer and now twice as the constitutionally elected Sheriff,” he writes. “You too Mr. President have taken t
52,381 OMG I'm so happy I've came long ways I love to Thank You all for being here for me.. this is going to be a great yr..... I've been working so hard for my readers so you have something sexy, fun sad loving to read... just hang in there with me on my book it's really hard for me to get pass part 16... love you all and Thank you so much I will give you so much more of me this year... take care my lovers come and join me on this ride of love sexy darkness of true rare of LoVe GiRL...  set down stay awhile lol.. have some coffee and cig with me and read.. I may write something about you.. bye hugs ()
Kissinger Predicts Nuclear War With Iran
Kurt NimmoInfowars.comJanuary 25, 2013 Globalist kingpin, renowned war criminal and Rockefeller co-conspirator Henry Kissinger is talking up a nuclear conflagration. Speaking at the one-worlder confab held in Davos, Switzerland, Kissinger said a crisis involving a nuclear Iran in the “foreseeable future” will lead to a nuclear war and “a turning point in human history,” the BBC reports. “There has emerged in the region, the current and most urgent issue of nuclear proliferation. For 15 years, the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council have declared that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable, but it has been approaching,” Kissinger said. He then said governments will “come to a determination of how to react, or the consequences of non-reaction… [in] a few years.” Under the terms of the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has the right to produce nuclear power for peaceful purposes. The United Nations Internat
Infowars Launches Operation Paul Revere
$115,000 Video Contest January 25, 2013 -YOU ARE PAUL REVERE To harness the power of liberty lovers in the face of the unprecedented attacks on human freedom, we are launching our biggest, most important contest ever. Obama & Biden are rallying the public to get behind restricting our guns because they don’t have the support of the people — neither does the controlled Republican party. Internet news shows are already dominating the state run media like CNN but the internet is in danger as statists are moving ahead with the internet kill switch and other more subtle censorship mechanisms. We need an all out offensive in the InfoWar. Although we’re going all out with the nightly news show, syndicated radio and special reports that reach tens of millions a week, we’re so busy that we don’t have time to create the big films as we’ve done in the past. InfoWars has produced more than 20 films that have conservatively reached hundr
Amazon Page For Toy Drone Becomes Protest Sounding Board
Some Americans don’t want their kids playing ‘rain down death on the brown children’Steve WatsonInfowars.comJan 25, 2013   An Amazon page featuring a toy model of a Predator Drone aimed at children has been targeted by Americans who simply do not agree that airborne assassination is the best foreign policy approach. The product in question is Maisto’s miniature RQ-1 Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The model is a scale version of the very same drone that has been used extensively by the military and the CIA in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Serbia, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen. The page has become a sounding board for hundreds of comments, serious, and sarcastic, that highlight how insane it is to glorify a military weapon that has, according to conservative estimates, been responsible for the deaths of over 3000 innocent civilians in the last decade. Here are some of the “reviews” from the Amazon page: - “Whether your violating constit
China “sinks” Us Aircraft Carrier During War Game
‘Carrier Killer’ missile destroys mock battleship in Gobi Desert Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comJanuary 25, 2013 China reportedly “sunk” a mock US aircraft carrier with a state of the art missile during a war game in the Gobi Desert recently, fueling concerns that the newly emerging superpower is increasingly eyeing the United States as a military rival. “The People’s Liberation Army has successfully sunk a US aircraft carrier, according to a satellite photo provided by Google Earth,” reports the Want China Times,” adding that, “A satellite image reveals two large craters on a 200-meter-long white platform in the Gobi desert used to simulate the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. The photo was first posted on SAORBATS, an internet forum based in Argentina. Military analysts believed the craters would have been created by China’s DF-21D anti-ship missile, dubbed the “carrier killer.” The article cites a report
Game Over For Anonymous Hackers Who Thought They Would Never Be Caught
Game over for Anonymous hackers who thought they would never be caught Christopher Weatherhead, alias Nerdo, described himself as 'the best (or worst) hacker in the world'. Photograph: PA The sentencing of three self-styled "hacktivists" on Thursday brought down the curtain on the notorious hacking clan Anonymous, after a campaign of cyber-attacks waged from the bedrooms of young men in London, Northampton and Hartlepool. Christopher Weatherhead, a 22-year-old university student, saw himself as a fierce defender of internet freedom as he orchestrated attacks on PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. He used the online pseudonym Nerdo and described himself as "the best (or worst) hacker in the world". After one attack against the perceived enemies of WikiLeaks, he boasted: "We have probably done some million pound of dmg [damage] to mc [Mastercard]". He encouraged a campaign against PayPal that cost the firm £3.5m to repair. Like his co-accused, Weatherhead believed he would never be
I Knew You Would Do ....
I knew you would do this to me in long run... you ran away in the night the rent was not paid you ran like a dog in the night.. I'm so happy I let you good so long ago like I did.. I knew you would do this to me in long run.. someone said I was hiding you out, like  your a Jesse's James with your drugs and all that with a kid.. what are you thinking your not.. I knew you would do this to me in long run... that's why I walked away from you along time ago in the night not saying a word to no one.. let them think or talk about me I know what I had with you I knew you would do this to me in long run... goo on with your bad ass self I knew you would do this to me in long run... you think you Jesse's James..                                    bY LoVe GiRL    A man with many Names ..... on the run for life.. did me wrong ...
Poppin My Blogs Cherry
every daY Im shufflin.....LMFAO
Smart Meters Women Arrested
Illinois Citizens Still Being Arrested For Filming Cops     Despite Court Ruling Which Blocked Unconstitutional Law Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comJanuary 25, 2013 Illinois citizens are still being arrested for recording police officers despite a 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling last year that blocked the enforcement of the law on the grounds that it was unconstitutional.
The Internet Is Cut
U.S. Homeland Chief: Cyber 9/11 Could Happen “imminently”     ReutersJanuary 25, 2013 Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned on Thursday that a major cyber attack is a looming threat and could have the same sort of impact as last year’s Superstorm Sandy, which knocked out electricity in a large swathe of the Northeast. Napolitano said a “cyber 9/11″ could happen “imminently” and that critical infrastructure – including water, electricity and gas – was very vulnerable to such a strike. “We shouldn’t wait until there is a 9/11 in the cyber world. There are things we can and should be doing right no
Flame Of Love
We fell in love  went up like a brush fire Burned hot and high with large logs in the coals   Two hearts born for each other fate sepperated us Spread the ambers far and few we still blazed   Like Lava Winter snow and spring rain through the hurt We smoldered on high   The winds of destiny pryed again but this time too far Deep within still glew red but couldn't radiate   The ground gave We came back together again A thick layer of ash She can't break through   As much as we burn for each other The old ash holds her heat but insulates it from mine So together we melt apart 
How To Mute Your Mic While On Tokbox Cams In Lounges! ***for Dummies***
How To Mute Your Mic While On TokBox Cams In Lounges First Off Cams Work on all browsers EXCEPT Firefox! The Cams Require the FLASH Plug-In       THEN HIT ALLOW ON FLASH POP UP! After that.... a small box will pop up in the top left corner... CLICK ON IT and you will See A Small Mic Icon Click it and make sure there is a slash through  it! This Mutes The Mic!     AND YOUR DONE... IT IS JUST THAT EASY!
One Day At A Time....
It a great Day 2 be @Live. People can seen ungreateful~ and not alwaysKind...Love can pull at your Heartstrings~and Play with your mind...Love can be blissful~~~ and happy and Free...God can put beauty~ in the things that you see... The world can place challenges~~~ right at your feet...God can make good~~~ of the hardship we meet...Love can overwhelm you ~~~ and make your head spin... God can reward those~~~ Determinded to win...People we love can be hurtful~~~and not always Fair...Life cleary does offer~~~its Up and Downs...God's days can bring you~~~ both smiles and frowns...God teaches us to take~~~ the Good with the Bad...Life is a mixture~~of happy and Sad...So there is no life with out Love...and there is no love with out God and no love with out Life...Take the Life that you have~~~and give it your best...
Cheap Business Cards Made Of Plastic
A card is very useful to us especially if we want to advertise our companies and the factors it has to provide while presenting who we are as well. These factors I have described can be done by simply offering them cheap cards developed of upsetting which contain essential information about ourselves like our name and information. Plastic cards are more useful than the regular ones developed of information. The the objective why it is better than the old style information cards are because it is more cost-effective to make and more world useful. Distressing is a non-biodegradable product but we all know that the objective of these cards is for protecting. It does not go straight within a trash can but within a handling cabinet or a pouches. They are better for the environment from the production's perspective. Paper-made cards are developed from plants, plants or unwanted wooden created developed designed segments. Because they use wooden created developed designed, it results in mor
How Spy Pen Camera Is Best Product Of Spy Camera In Delhi India
Recently there are many new spy cameras products are introduced in the market and all products have a special feature. This product is manufactures with the help of advance technology and good quality accessories. Now maximum spy cameras is wireless and it is a special feature of this device. Business of this device is growing fastly because demand of this surveillance is increase day by day. Increase demand of this surveillance because crime rate is increasing all over the world nobody can say that she/ he is safe and there are no threat of her/ his life. This device is used for security and detective purpose. Family protection is our first priority in our life, we are not able to protect for our family. These products help us to protect our family member from any thread. There are many products which helps us in different way these products are: Spy pinhole, pen, cap, CCTV, Snake, keychain camera. All over the world this surveillance is used by security agency and law enforcement, b
To Reach Out To The Mariners
New York, NY (Sports Network) - San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, New York Giants safety Stevie Brown and Green Bay Packers cornerback Davon House were recognized as the NFCs top Week 8 performers. David Akers Womens Jersey . Smith set an NFL record for most passes in a game without more than one incompletion or interception by completing 18-of-19 passes for 232 yards and three touchdowns in a 24-3 victory over the Arizona Cardinals to take home the offensive award. His 94.7 completion percentage is also the highest single-game mark in NFL history with a minimum of 15 attempts. Brown earned defensive honors with two interceptions, a fumble recovery and six tackles during a 29-24 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. He now has five interceptions on the season and picks in four of his last six games. House blocked a punt that resulted in a touchdown as the Packers downed the Jacksonville Jaguars, 24-15, to take home the special teams award. He is the first Packer to block a punt si
Down In Jest As Both Smiled
SAN ANTONIO -- Tony Parker had 25 points and Tim Duncan had 15 points and 10 rebounds and the San Antonio Spurs beat the New Orleans Hornets 99-94 on Friday night. Michael Crabtree White Jersey . Back home after playing six of its previous seven games on the road, San Antonio (19-9) got 13 points from Manu Ginobili and 12 from Boris Diaw. Rookie Anthony Davis had 18 points and 11 rebounds to lead New Orleans (5-21), which suffered its 10th straight loss. Greivis Vasquez added 14 points, Ryan Anderson 12 and Brian Roberts 11. New Orleans outscored San Antonio 33-27 in the final quarter, including a jumper by Roger Mason that pulled the Hornets within 84-80 midway through the quarter. The Spurs responded with a layup by Parker and a jumper by Nando De Colo to regain control of the game. The late rally was in contrast to a sloppy start. The teams were tied 4-4 after the opening 4 minutes, going a combined 4 for 15 from the field with three turnovers. Davis and Duncan both seemed to enjoy
New York -- The Toronto Maple Leafs Are The First Nhl Team Worth Us$1 Billion, According To Forbes Magazine. Albert Mcclellan Jersey . The Leafs, Who
NEW YORK -- The Toronto Maple Leafs are the first NHL team worth US$1 billion, according to Forbes magazine. Albert McClellan Jersey . The Leafs, who have not won a Stanley Cup since 1967, are worth $250 million more than the next most valuable franchise, the New York Rangers. "Im intrigued by the evaluation and the recent MLSE acquisition clearly demonstrates the growing importance of all of our franchises to our fans," MLSE COO and President Tom Anselmi told TSN. "But I have no idea of how they came up with that number." The Montreal Canadiens are worth $575 million. The Chicago Blackhawks ($350 million), Boston Bruins ($348 million) and Detroit Red Wings ($346 million) round up the top six, meaning the leagues six original franchises are also its most valuable. The Vancouver Canucks are the next Canadian team on the list, in seventh at $342 million. The Calgary Flames are in 12th at $245 million, the Edmonton Oilers are ranked 14th at $225 million, the Ottawa Senators 16th at $220 m
Behind — And It Even Worked Sometimes. Harrison Barnes Blocked Afflalos Layup From Behind Against The Backboard.
EL SEGUNDO, Calif. Aldon Smith Youth Jersey . -- Although Martin Brodeur seems likely to return next season with the New Jersey Devils, the 40-year-old goalie also isnt convinced their current season is over just yet. While Brodeur acknowledges the enormity of New Jerseys plight in the Stanley Cup finals, the three-time NHL champion has been in plenty of tight spots with teams playing a whole lot worse than the Devils, who must beat the Los Angeles Kings in Game 4 on Wednesday night to avoid elimination. "When you know youre playing well and the results arent there, its hard," Brodeur said after the Devils brief practice Tuesday at the Kings training complex. "Weve got these breaks along the way to get where we are, but even though were working hard, were not getting the breaks now." New Jersey faces the prospect of becoming the first team swept out of the Cup finals since 1998, but the Eastern Conference champions realize how close this series has been. Coach Peter DeBoer echoes Brode
Instructing Players To
KANSAS CITY, Mo. Justin Tucker Elite Jersey . -- Luke Hochevar was taken aback when he walked into the managers office one day and manager Ned Yost and the Royals coaches started trying to convince him to make a change. Simplify your approach, they said. Use your three core pitches. It took a while for Hochevar to buy in. Now the change is paying off. The mercurial right-hander struck out eight in his second career shutout, and the Kansas City offence made sure to come through in an 8-0 rout of the Tampa Bay Rays on Monday night. "I guess I have to come up with a better word than fantastic, tremendous and great. He was phenomenal," Yost said. "The results have been dramatically improved since he got back to his three core pitches. Hes starting to show exactly what he can do." His arsenal pared down to primarily a four-seam fastball, curveball and change-up, Hochevar (5-7) mowed through a weak-hitting Tampa Bay lineup for his first shutout since Sept. 18, 2009. Now, the pitcher who was
Netherlands 6-0, 6-1 On
The Winnipeg Jets have announced their 2012 NHL preseason schedule, which will include four games at MTS Centre and an off-site exhibition game versus the Boston Bruins at Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon, SK. Michael Crabtree Elite Jersey . All exhibition games for the Winnipeg Jets played at the MTS Centre will begin at 7pm ct. The Jets will open the seven-game exhibition schedule with a first-ever visit to Rexall Place in Edmonton to face the Edmonton Oilers on Monday, Sept. 24 at 8pm ct before returning home to host the Oilers the next night on Tuesday, Sept. 25. The Jets will then face the Boston Bruins in Saskatoon on Saturday, Sept. 29 at the Credit Union Centre at 8pm CT. Last season, the Jets and Bruins split their four-game season series with the Jets winning both games at MTS Centre. The two will play a pre-season game in Winnipeg the next night on Sunday, Sept. 30. The Jets will then visit the Minnesota Wild at Xcel Energy Center on Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 7pm ct before the two
Milos Raonic Made
TORONTO -- Ricky Romero was hoping his final start of the year would help erase some of the memories from a disappointing regular season. Kaepernick Super Bowl Jersey. Instead, the Toronto left-hander had to deal with even more frustration as a left leg injury ended his day after just three innings. The Blue Jays bullpen picked up Romero with six innings of shutout relief and Rajai Davis homered as Toronto (70-88) came back to defeat New York 3-2 at Rogers Centre. The Baltimore Orioles later beat Boston 4-3 to tie the Yankees atop the American League East. Toronto manager John Farrell said Romero was pulled as a precaution after he experienced discomfort in the area just above his left kneecap. After talking to Farrell and a team trainer during the third inning, Romero threw a few warmup pitches and stayed in the game. He got the final two outs but didnt return for the fourth. "He didnt want to come out of the ball game," Farrell said. "Even after the inning was over, he still wanted t
Speech. You Can Say What You
Tyler Holmes, the Toronto Argonauts first round selection (7th overall) in the 2011 CFL Draft, has signed a contract with the Minnesota Vikings. Justin Smith Limited Jersey . The 65", 308 lb Ottawa native played college football at Tulsa and was named a Conference USA honourable mention performer for the Golden Hurricane last season. In 2010, he was named conference offensive player of the year. The Vikings roster currently has 90 players, including players with connections to Canada. Awaiting Holmes on the roster are Solomon Elimimian and Emmanuel Arceneaux of the Lions, and Eskimos first-round selection from this years draft in Austin Pasztor. Colin Kaepernick Womens Jersey . When an ankle injury kept him out of Portugals first two European Championship qualifying games, the team drew at home against Cyprus and lost to Norway. Steve Young Jersey . -- Calgarys Kevin Koe led his rink past Kelownas Jim Cotter 7-5 on Sunday to win the mens final at the Grand Slam of Curlings Masters even
Said. Boston Players
WASHINGTON -- New York Mets catcher Kelly Shoppach denied that he had any part in text messages that reportedly undermined Boston manager Bobby Valentine to Red Sox owners. Tyrod Taylor Jersey . Boston traded Shoppach to the Mets on Tuesday. The New York Daily News reported that Shoppach sent text messages using the phone of Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. "I wasnt behind any texts," Shoppach said. Boston players reportedly met in New York on July 26 with Red Sox owners, a meeting Shoppach says he didnt attend because he was home in Texas. "Ive already gotten some text messages from some of my former teammates apologizing that my name was even brought up in it. Everybody thats involved in that whole situation knows that I have nothing to do with it," Shoppach said. Lewis Jersey . Italy took advantage of a 35-30 half-time lead, going on a 16-3 run to start the third that Canada failed to answer. Hamiltons Kia Nurse led Canada with a game-high 20 points, while Saicha Grant-Allen,
Previously Acquired From Minnesota And Philadelphia, Respectively. Along With The Third-round Pick, There Is A Good
PHILADELPHIA -- Paul Maholm pitched 6 1-3 solid innings, Starlin Castro had two hits and an RBI, and the Chicago Cubs beat the Philadelphia Phillies 5-1 Friday night. Jameel McClain Jersey . Maholm (2-2) allowed a run on five hits with a strikeout and no walks, dropping his ERA from 8.36 to 6.20, and Tony Campana had two hits and scored twice for the Cubs. Ty Wigginton homered for Philadelphia, which has scored two runs or less in 11 of 20 games this season. Roy Halladay (3-2) was unhittable at the start, retiring 10 straight batters with four strikeouts, but surrendered three runs on six hits in a three-inning stretch to fall to 1-5 lifetime against Chicago. He allowed three runs on six hits with five strikeouts and two walks. Rafael Dolis pitched two scoreless innings for his first major-league save. Chicago took a 1-0 lead in the fourth. Campana led off and got the Cubs first hit on a bunt, sliding safely into first and just beating the tag of Wigginton. After stealing second, Campa
The Final Two Games
NEWARK, N. Cary Williams Jersey .Y. - No strangers to losing the first game of a playoff series, the New Jersey Devils know losing the first two at home would dig a deep hole. New Jersey lost their openers against both Philadelphia and the Rangers before coming back to win the series. They may be used to it but veteran goalie Martin Brodeur says being down a game is never a comfortable situation -- especially against a stingy team like the Los Angeles Kings with a 9-0 record on the playoffs road. "Getting off to a 0-2 start would be a tough one to overcome," the 40-year-old goalie acknowledged Friday as the Devils returned to practice after a day off. "Like they did to every single team they started in the playoffs on the road against. Its in the back of our heads a little bit." Game 2 is Saturday at the Prudential Center. Devils coach Peter DeBoer says the team knows what to do. "We know weve been here before. I think also after looking at the tape, we know what we have to fix. So I t
Hes Not Far Away. He Made A Couple Of Careless Errors And Made Some Big Numbers On A Couple Holes That Was The Difference
The NFL Players Association told players involved in the New Orleans Saints bounty case that there is a chance they could face criminal charges and it hired outside counsel to represent them if needed. Paul Kruger Womens Jersey . While Commissioner Roger Goodell weighs how to punish the two dozen or so players the league says might be connected to the bounties, the NFLPA also suggested that players have a lawyer and union representative present when they are interviewed by NFL investigators. The union plans to head to New York this week to meet with league security staff and review additional evidence, taking up the NFL on an offer it made more than once. The latest steps were described to The Associated Press on Sunday by two people familiar with the case. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing. The NFL has said that 22 to 27 defensive players were part of the Saints pay-for-pain bounty pool, which awarded thousands of dollars of cash bonuses from 20
Draft Pick In 2008, Active In Free Agency. We Place
CHARLOTTE, N. Arthur Jones Super Bowl Jersey .C. -- The Panthers reached a five-year contract extension with running back Jonathan Stewart on Saturday. Panthers general manager Marty Hurney says the team is "thrilled" to keep Stewart around to work with fellow running back DeAngelo Williams, who received a five-year contract last year, and new fullback Mike Tolbert. The new deal keeps Stewart a Panther through 2017. Financial terms of the deal werent immediately available. ESPN, citing sources, reported the deal includes $22.5 million in guaranteed money and is worth $36.5 million overall. Hurney calls Stewart a "playmaker who came make a difference in games" and that "we have seen the impact he and DeAngelo Williams have had on our team." The move came before the Panthers opened the preseason Saturday night at home against the Houston Texans. The decision also closes speculation the Panthers (No. 20 in AP Pro32) might attempt to trade Stewart because of their depth at running back. St
Tsonga Is A Great Competitor And He
NIAGARA FALLS ONTARIO -- Hamiltons Alena Sharp carded an 8-under 65 on Thursday to capture her second straight Canadian womens golf title and third overall. Anquan Boldin Super Bowl Jersey . Sharp finished the 36-hole event with a 12-under, 134 total, a whopping 10 shots ahead of the field. "I was a little nervous to start and it was tight the first five or six holes and the collar got a little tight," Sharp says. "But I started to strike the ball really well and putted really well, so it was really nice to see." The third career victory moved Sharp into a tie with Nancy Harvey of Swift Current, Sask. Sharp and Harvey are two titles behind overall leader Lorie Kane of Charlottetown. "Its a great group to be in thats for sure," Sharp says. "Im only 31 years old and Ill come and play in this championship whenever I can because its a nice two days for me to come and play, stay competitive and be at home with my family." Americans Emma Jandel and Laura Bavaird finished tied for second with
On The Money List. The Final Top 30 Will Receive Spots In The Masters. Moore Tied The Tpc Summerlin Record
LAS VEGAS -- Ryan Moore matched the course record and his career best with a 10-under 61 on Thursday in the first round of the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open. Haloti Ngata Black Jersey . The former UNLV player had nine birdies, an eagle -- on the 341-yard, par-4 15th -- and a bogey in perfect conditions at TPC Summerlin to take a one-stroke lead in the Fall Series opener. Brendon de Jonge had a 62, and Tim Herron and John Huh shot 63. Justin Leonard, Chris Kirk and Jonas Blixt were three strokes back at 64. Kirk eagled the 15th and par-5 16th. Moore also shot a 61 this season in the Humana Challenge on PGA Wests Nicklaus Course. The Las Vegas resident has seven top-10 finishes and is 36th on the money list. The final top 30 will receive spots in the Masters. Moore tied the TPC Summerlin record set by Davis Love III in 2001 and matched by Tag Ridings in 2004 and Hunter Haas in 2011. Chip Beck holds the overall tournament record, shooting a 59 in 1991 at Sunrise G
I Hate The Way You're
I hate the way you're constantly smiling when I'm around. I hate the way your eyes light up when they meet mine and I hate the way you walk, talk and act. Wanna know why? They're the reasons I can't let you go.
It's Amazing How
It's amazing how two people can be so perfect for each other but they're both too scared to get hurt that they don't do anything about it
Ken Meer Over Nieuwe Generatie Mobiele Telefoons
Mobiele telefoons zijn draadloze elektronische apparaat dat wordt gebruikt voor communicatie doeleinden via een netwerk van gespecialiseerde stations bekend als cel sites. Deze sites zijn magnetron antennes vastgesteld in plaats van bevolkte gebieden. Het is verbonden met een bekabeld mobiel netwerk relatief laag vermogen radiozenders die de aanwezigheid en de relais communicatie tussen mobiele telefoons en de schakelaar uit te zenden. Mobiele telefoons heeft een zender en ontvanger gecombineerd in een enkele behuizing die spraak en gegevens naar cellocaties, ongeveer niet meer dan 800 tot 1300 meter afstand. Diverse mobiele telefoons kunnen ondersteunen vele functionele diensten, zoals het versturen van SMS (Short Message Service) voor tekstberichten, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) voor het verzenden en ontvangen van foto's en video's, de toegang tot internetdiensten zoals WAP en i-Mode, e-mails, het downloaden van video's en games, Bluetooth-connectiviteit, infrarood, camera met
Smartphones Et De La Publicité Mobile Va Dominer En 2013: Deloitte
Un milliard de smartphones (téléphones intelligents) seront achetés dans le monde en 2013, notebook pas cher , qui à son tour encourager les recettes publicitaires mobiles, affirme l'étude «Les prédictions sur la technologie, des médias et des télécommunications 2013 par Deloitte. L'utilisation de ces appareils sera plus variée, avec une croissance du nombre d'utilisateurs -400 000 000 personnes d'une base fixe de mille 900 millions d'ici fin de l'année, qui ont rarement ou jamais utilisé un téléphone intelligent. Suivant la tendance dans l'acquisition et l'utilisation des appareils mobiles sera une segmentation de la publicité mobile: les smartphones et les tablettes ciblant. «Les annonceurs devraient envisager de nouvelles formes de publicité ciblée pour les smartphones tels que des vidéos ou des éléments de jeux interactifs, pour le cas de comprimés est possible d'utiliser le contenu créé pour PC", a déclaré Francisco Silva, un partenaire à la technologie et les médias
Erfahren Sie Mehr über New Generation Mobile Phones
Mobiltelefone sind drahtlose elektronische Gerät zur Kommunikation über ein Netzwerk von spezialisierten Stationen als Zell-Sites bekannt sind. Diese Seiten sind Mikrowellen-Antennen anstelle von besiedelten Gebieten festgelegt. Es ist mit einem verkabelten Mobilfunknetz relativ Low-Power-Radio-Sender, die die Präsenz und Relais Kommunikation zwischen mobilen Endgeräten und dem Switch gesendet verbunden. Mobiltelefone hat einen Sender und Empfänger im einzigen Gehäuse kombiniert, das Sprache und Daten an Zellenstandorten, etwa nicht mehr als 800 bis 1300 Meter entfernt. Mehrere Handys unterstützen kann viele funktionale Dienste wie das Versenden von SMS (Short Message Service) für Text-Messaging, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) für das Senden und Empfangen von Fotos und Videos, Zugriff auf Internet-Dienste wie WAP und i-Mode, E-Mails, das Herunterladen von Videos und Spiele, Bluetooth, Infrarot, Kamera mit Video-Recorder, Radio, Musik-(MP3) bietet anderen Handys Vorleistungen genan
Saperne Di Più Su Nuova Generazione Di Telefoni Cellulari
I telefoni cellulari sono senza fili dispositivo elettronico utilizzato per la comunicazione su una rete di stazioni specializzate denominate siti cellulari. Questi siti sono antenne a microonde fissi al posto di aree popolate. E 'collegato a una rete cablata cellulare relativamente bassa potenza trasmettitori radio che trasmettono le comunicazioni e il relè di presenza tra telefoni cellulari e l'interruttore. I telefoni cellulari ha un trasmettitore e ricevitore combinati in unico cabinet, trasmette voce e dati per siti cellulari, non più di circa 800-1300 metri di distanza. Alcuni telefoni cellulari possono supportare molti servizi funzionali, come l'invio di SMS (Short Message Service) per messaggi di testo, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) per l'invio e la ricezione di foto e video, l'accesso ai servizi Internet, come WAP e i-Mode, e-mail, download di video e giochi, connettività Bluetooth, infrarossi, fotocamera con video registratore, collegamento radio, musica (MP3), altri te
Too Bad - Ugly Kid Joe
Too many times I've seen your kindWashed upon the shoreToo many times you locked me outJohnny knockin', knocking at your doorYou're looking past the mirrorYes, you've reached the other sideYou're striving for the pinnacleBut you're holding on too tightAnd when you hold the ticketFor your one way rideYou wonder where you're goingAnd you can't hideToo bad, too bad, JohnnyWhat you gonna do?Too bad, too bad, JohnnyNow your time is throughSo many highs and lows right nowWhat are we to doYou know we're trying so damn hardJohnny just to try and talk to youYou're swimming in an oceanIt's so black and coldI feel you got the notionAnd it's eating at your soulAnd when you hold the ticketFor your one way rideYou wonder where you're goingAnd you can't hideToo bad, too bad, JohnnyWhat you gonna do?Too bad, too bad, JohnnyNow your time is throughShe said, she knew the answerHe was falling, falling fasterRound and round and round, no where to goSomeone had to help the boyHe said no, no, noSo many mixe
Would You Like To Be There - Ugly Kid Joe
Somewhere the evening sunIs falling down, the day is doneHow I'd like to be there, how I'd like to shareSomewhere the darkness frownsAnd hides behind the ones in doubtWould you like to be there, would you like to shareWith me, 'cause my arms are stretched a mile wideUnder the ocean floor,The sand is crawling up the shoreHow I'd like to be there, 'n how I'd like to shareUnder the western sky,The days are slowly passing byWould you like to be there, would you like to shareWith me, 'cause my arms are stretched a mile wide, yeahThe more you see, the more you knowThe more you see, the more you knowThe more you see, the moreSomewhere the songbird sings, But hears there's no-one listeningHow I'd like to be there, 'n how I'd like to shareOut in the blackened sea, There's unison and harmonyWould you like to be there, would you like to shareWith me, 'cause my arms are stretched a mile wideThe more you see, the more you knowThe more you see, the more you knowThe more you see
Helter Skelter - U2 (lennon, Mccartney Cover)
When you get to the bottomYou go back to the top of the slideAnd you stop and you turnAnd you go for a rideThen you get to the bottomThen you see me againDo you, don't you want me to love youComing down fast I'm right here above youTell me tell me tell me the answerAin't no lover but you ain't no dancerHelter skelterHelter skelterHelter skelterDo you, don't you want me to make youI'm coming down fast now don't let me break youTell me tell me tell me the answerYou ain't no lover but you ain't no dancerHelter skelterHelter skelterHelter skelterWhen you get to the bottomYou go back to the top of the slideAnd you turn and you stop And you go for a rideThen you get to the bottomThen you see me againDo you, don't you want me to love you Coming down fast I'm right here above youTell me tell me tell me the answerAin't no lover but you ain't no dancerHelter skelterHelter skelterHelter skelter...(and again)Helter skelterHelter skelterHelter skelter
Electrical Storm - U2
The sea it swells like a sore head and the night it is achingTwo lovers lie with no sheets on their bedAnd the day it is breakingOn rainy days we'd go swimming outOn rainy days swimming in the soundOn rainy days we'd go swimming outYou're in my mind all of the timeI know that's not enoughIf the sky can crack there must be someway back For love and only loveElectrical StormElectrical StormBaby don't cryCar alarm won't let you back to sleepYou're kept awake dreaming someone elses dreamCoffee is cold but it'll get you throughCompromise that's nothing new to you.Let's see colours that have never been seenLet's go places no one else has beenYou're in my mind all of the timeI know that's not enoughWell if the sky can crack there must be someway backTo love and only loveElectrical storm x 3Baby don't cryIt's hot as hell, honey in this roomSure hope the weather will break soonThe air is heavy, heavy as a truckWe need the rain to wash away our bad luckWell if the sky can crack there must be som
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - U2
You don't know how you took itYou just know what you gotOh lawdy, you been stealing from the thievesAnd you got caughtIn the headlights of a stretch car,You're a star.Dressing like your sisterLiving like a tartIf they don't know what you're doin' Babe it must be art,You're a headache, in a suitcaseYou're a star.Oh, no, don't be shyYou don't have to go blind,Hold meThrill meKiss meKill me.You don't know how you got hereYou just know you want outBelieving in yourself almost as much as you doubt,You're a big smashYou wear it like a rashStar.Oh no, don't be shyYou need a crowd to cry,Hold meThrill meKiss meKill me.They want you to be JesusThey'll got down on one kneeBut they'll want their money backIf you're alive at thirty-three,And you're turning tricksWith your crucifix.You're a star, oh childOf course you're not shyYou don't have to deny love,Hold meThrill meKiss meKill me.
Günstige Designer Brautkleider
Wenn Sie Ihre Hochzeit planen, müssen Sie sich oft zunehmend bewusst, dass andere mögliche Gebühren ist definitiv der Wert von Ihr Ziel Hochzeit Outfit. Zum Glück für uns, während Sie die hervorragende Auswahl der besten Qualität Brautkleid, die Sie kaufen, werden Sie in der Lage sein, um Ihre Prinzessin oder Königin, ohne dafür das große Geld zu imitieren. Intelligent Bräute-to-be, dass Online zu erkennen, um Verkaufspreise und auch mit Brautkleidern kann ein Schnäppchen führen. Damit auf das Internet lernen, wie viel Sie sparen müssen!Online ist ein weiterer ausgezeichneter Ort zu erhalten up-to-date mit populären Trends der Gestaltung Eintrag. Sehr einfache Brautkleidern um Frauen Art, darüber nachzudenken, wie eine Gunst des Ausbleibens der 1940er Zeiten sind nun ernsthaft beliebt. Ihre meisten gewählten atemberaubende Hochzeitskleid Stoff generell ein Auge heraus zu bekommen ist in der Regel Genua Kleidung, ist dies eine Welt der Kleidung unter Verwendung eines Ange
Ex Boyfriend
I Have Learned not to date a ex b/f once last year after he cheated on me with a so called friend. Well this year he dumped me while I was in the hospital but not after he called me a bitch n yelled at me. He was sick with the flu or something n was more worried about himself than asked how I was doing in the hospital when I left him a message n told him where I was. I gave the guy two chances. I will never do that again. He does have fubar. So watch out ladies. He doesn't buy u anything. I spent all my money on him. He is one of those type of men. But I did love him with all my heart but sumtimes I ask myself why.    Baby Sassy
Seb: Hausse De 2,4% Des Revenus Annuels Dans Un MarchÉ "plutÔt RÉsilient"
Le fabricant d'ustensiles de cuisine et de petit électroménager Seb (SK.FR) a annoncé mardi que son chiffre d'affaires s'est inscrit à 4,06 milliards d'euros en 2012, en hausse de 2,4% à parités courantes mais en recul de 0,9% à périmètre et parités constants. "La crise économique s'est diffusée au fil des mois à de nombreux pays, matures et émergents", a souligné le groupe dans un communiqué, ajoutant que "dans ce contexte, la demande en produits de petit équipement de la maison s'est infléchie, tout en restant plutôt résiliente electroménager cuisine ". Au quatrième trimestre, le chiffre d'affaires s'est établi à 1,32 milliard d'euros, en hausse de 1,6% à parités courantes mais en repli de 0,5% à périmètre et parités constants. Au trimestre précédent, l'activité du groupe s'était inscrite à 952 millions d'euros. Lors de la publication de ses résultats à neuf mois, à la fin octobre, Seb avait prévenu que la croissance du chiffre d'affaires serait nulle à périmètre et changes constan
To Joy Life
i want to joy life with some one to catch my heart to be my souul mate for every to getther have fun with each other
Schöne Muslimischen Brautkleid
Ebenso wählen Sie ein modernes abendkleider lang, wählen Sie Muslim Kleid für die Braut hat auch seine eigene Komplexität. In der Tat, wohl komplizierter, denn es gibt mehrere Dinge, die aufmerksam zu sein brauchen, um nicht zu islamischen Regeln verstoßen. Da für die Bildung von muslimischen Kleid für die Braut gibt es derzeit einige grundlegende Optionen, nämlich eine kebaya, Abaya, Kaftan und Formationen. Passen Sie die grundlegenden Formationen mit dem Alter, Form und Höhe. Zum Beispiel für diejenigen, die jung sind, die kebaya wählen nicht mehr als hip mit Stickerei Akzenten so einfach. Der Begriff, luxuriös, aber trotzdem elegant. Die Wahl des Materials kann brokat Spitze oder Chiffon beschichtet werden. Doch für diejenigen, die glamourös aussehen wollen, können auch die kebaya während Knie oder Knöchel zu erreichen angemessene Kleidung für diejenigen, die hohe Körperproportionen haben. Für den Kragen, können Arm-geschnittenem Kragen cheongsam und Glocken um es so aussehen femi
No Subject
I believe I have more questions when it comes to typing these blogs than anything else. I dont understand love and relationships. I wonder if Im relationship material or if Im not meant to be in a relationship. I mean how long should a person wait for someone? How long should someone be patient to be with that person that they love oh so much? How understanding should a person be for the one that they want to be with? Yes they say you should be patient and wait for them but how long should that wait be? How long should you go without hearing from them before thinking otherwise? This is all why I dont think relationships are for me. Im so sorry for saying this but I feel like im hurting right now because Im not hearing from you and Im not sure what to think. Im the type of person who tries not think otherwise. Im a very patient person and im very understanding. Sometimes I think maybe Im too understanding and too patient at times if not all the time, lol. But, seriously what
Savoir Plus Sur Les Téléphones Portables De Nouvelle Génération
Les téléphones portables sont sans fil dispositif électronique utilisé à des fins de communication sur un réseau de stations spécialisées appelées sites cellulaires. Ces sites sont fixés antennes micro-ondes en place des zones habitées. Il est relié à un réseau câblé cellulaire relativement émetteurs radio de faible puissance qui diffusent les communications et la présence de relais entre un téléphone mobile et le commutateur. Les téléphones portables dispose d'un émetteur et d'un récepteur associé au boîtier unique qui transmet la voix et de données aux sites cellulaires, environ pas plus de 800 à 1300 mètres. Plusieurs téléphones portables peuvent supporter de nombreux services fonctionnels tels que l'envoi de SMS (Short Message Service) pour la messagerie texte, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) pour envoyer et recevoir des photos et des vidéos, l'accès à des services Internet tels que le WAP et i-mode, e-mails, téléchargement de vidéos et les jeux, la connectivité Bluetooth, infr
Louboutin Shop Might Possibly Be Receive Good Results With This French Language Avenue
Woman across the nation know dyes sdkjsdkhdqa this particular soles of this monster lustrous dark colored heels Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Pumps inside a galore aim to repetitive a group of a lot of these superb sandals resorts in jamaica. The Eu plus U . s . sophisticated louboutin hold could well be get positive results in france st. Those of you that may just be hunting or possibly browsing virtually all basic " booties ", here' will certainly go over that models offered realigned the fall in addition to winter months last year just vanished and additionally 2012 as a result of Christian Louboutin Dutch. When it comes to The french language, when these were formulated, classic Luciano Louboutins outlet appears to be like on the glossary with just a Christian Louboutin Pumps. Suddenly, time honored christian louboutin retail store over the internet turned trend. Along with the famous people usually lead the fashion. The timeless Christian Louboutins outlet good results moreover var
Conozca Más Acerca De Los Nuevos Teléfonos Móviles De Generación
Los teléfonos móviles son dispositivos inalámbricos electrónicos que se utilizan para fines de comunicación en una red de estaciones especializadas conocidas como sitios de la célula. Estos sitios son antenas de microondas fijos en lugar de áreas pobladas. Está conectado a una red cableada celular relativamente transmisores de baja potencia de radio que transmiten las comunicaciones presencia y el relé entre teléfonos móviles y el switch. Los teléfonos móviles tiene un transmisor y receptor combinados en una sola carcasa que transmite voz y datos a los sitios celulares, no más de aproximadamente 800 a 1300 metros. Algunos teléfonos móviles pueden soportar muchos servicios funcionales como el envío de SMS (Servicio de mensajes cortos) para mensajes de texto, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) para enviar y recibir fotos y videos, acceso a los servicios de Internet tales como WAP e i-mode, correos electrónicos, descarga de videos y los juegos, conectividad Bluetooth, infrarrojos, cámara
Get Wood Made Created Made Designed Cards That Have Posting On Wood
"The first impact is the best impression", as the lengthy saying goes. This saying maintains excellent even in this aggressive era. So, what can you do that would set your apart from your competitors? To start with there are several possibilities that you can take up. One among them would be to get cards that have publishing on wood made. Yes, providing out cards is the best way to propagate the phrase about your company. So, when you are able to make it exciting enough, a individual having this cards would at least look at the cards, which they might not have done if it were a document centered one. This is why you need to individual yourself from the herd. Do you want to know more about this opportunity? Then read on to know more about this amazing option that you can take up. For beginners, when you actually think about changing to cards that have publishing on wood made it would be a strong declaration. This is because it is a difference from the traditionally approved document c
Just to let you all know.. that at the end of July my daughter and I are going to be homeless.. we just got our eviction notice from the house.. and I havent a clue what's going to happen... if I have to go away, I will miss you all greatly.. and it's been fun.
The Dead Children Of Obama
Here Are All The Children Murdered By Drone Strikes At The Hands Of Obama     Visualizing the illegal drone bombardmentSteve WatsonInfowars.comJan 24, 2013 The president likes children right? He surrounds himself with them constantly to help bolster his political agenda. When it comes to children who get in the way of his political agenda, however, it’s a different story. Here is a visual of the hundreds of children that have been murdered in US drone strikes on Pakistan and Yemen, ordered by the president during his first term. Their ages range from just 1 year old to 19 years of age: The information was complied by 
Momentous Day
It has been one of those days, not in a bad sense though. When you have positive proof that your child now knows something that you have known of for next to forever. I went and put leg warmers on today and my daughter said thanks, because she didn't know what they were. Anytime something like that happens, it feels kinda like I have made my contribution to the future of our great planet. It may be an itty bitty contribution, but still. Please don't be hating my shine time, I am working on my WOW facter. Boy, was it freezing outside. Its damn days like this I want to stay indoors for the rest of the winter. If I could, I would rather move to a warmer climate. Don't see it happening anytime soon though. It sucks, if I had a heated male personality to intertwine with it would be even better. I am in a relationship with my ideal man. He is all I have ever wanted. Even though we probably won't ever meet or mingle. It feels as though it is perfect. We have agreed that we want eachother to
People get on my fucking nerves.  I mean, seriously.  I know I'm pregnant, and hormonal, and probably a huge bitch right now, but I would be ALOT nicer if people weren't so fucking stupid.     Example:  I have a stitch in my cervix.  I have a child in my stomach.  Put together, that HURTS.  My doctor has me on pain pills.  But if I hear that I got called A JUNKIE, A PILL POPPER, OR A PILL SEEKER one more damn time, I will lose my shit on that person's face.  Nigga, you have a dick...what THE FUCK do you know about the pains of a normal pregnancy LET ALONE this one?  Besides the obvious NOTHING?  And then to find out that this is being said BY A ROOMMATE, who is living here RENT FREE, to another roommate.  Do you think you're slick?  Or cool?   You're in the army, you're supposedly a badass, you're for sure a GROWN ASS MAN and all you can do is talk shit about a pregnant girl behind her back...I hope one day to achieve the level of coolness in your life.   I hate the fact that stu
I made the wrong choice again. What a suprise there huh?? I jumped into something too fast and wound up hurt AGAIN. So I ask myself what have I learned? Well I have learned to step back and evaluate a situation before jumping into it. To stop abd remember how I have been hurt in the past. So to those that who wonder why I didnt agree to involve myself in that kind of relationship with you the same day my last one ended what did you really expect no disrespect but come on now. I understand that we get along but all I want and need right now are friends that I can count on. Please dont pressure me any further till I am ready I cant do it right now the pain is still to fresh. So give me time so I can move on and then MAYBE just maybe there may be a chance.
Hotd 1/24/13 The Slow Simmer.
93-year-old man allegedly stabs wife, 95, to death   because eventually enough is enough.
I don’t know why it felt so good When waking from this slumber Or why I ever thought that I could Break this spell you’ve put me under I’m dizzy as I start to stir The air surrounding me is stale The beads of sweat and clamminess Confirm the fact, my face is pale What have you done? To poison me With symptoms of a restless night Some hidden fact that I can’t see A sign of pleasure I can’t fight? I’ve never had to work so hard And in the end to sleep so little The aching mixed with ecstasy Becomes a puzzling riddle I guess it’s just like all the years Of pride so hard to swallow Your body is the “Pied Pip. You’re just a memory now I think of you When I hear your name I think, that’s you, but that’s all. I learned a lot from you You treated me awful You would yell at me You would make me apologize When you needed to apologize I am scarred to this day because of you                      
My Heart' S A Keeper
Amorous pools sable and deep Set lightly upon lustrous smile Thy moonlit skin my heart doth keep Stow’d away upon distant isle Evermore to serve thy desire Thy will my own ‘till I retire A word, a phrase, to part thy lips If only a whisper received Force unmatched by one thousand ships Seraphic design ‘ways believed Speak unto my eternal soul And place it under thy control
The Weight Of Love
The Weight of Love I once was asked concerning love versus hate Why does it seem that hate is so great? While hate is a very strong emotion too Nothing can equal love that is true The weight of hate is very heavy to bear While it seems like love is lighter than air Accounts of hate make a big news headline While actions of love you must look hard to find But when you consider that love is patient, kind, Envieth not, not pompous, not puffed up, not rude, Seeketh not her own, slow to anger, thinks no evil, You soon learn that the density of love is so much, Although the scales be heaped with a great volume of hate It's catapulted by a mere measure of love's touch, Love strengthens the bearer so one feels not its weight
If we can not respect another How can we expect them to respect us If we can not respect someone’s beliefs How can we expect them to respect ours If we can not respect another’s race How can we expect that race to respect us If we can not respect others How can we expect respect in return Everyone expects respect No matter who they are The only way to gain it Is to start treating everyone As a friend, a brother, a sister As part of our extended family No matter what colour or creed they are Only then you will start to get The respect you so dearly crave
Piers Morgan Has The Flu
Piers Morgan Falls Ill Days After Receiving Flu Vaccine     Adan SalazarInfowars.comJanuary 24, 2013 CNN host Piers Morgan is likely wanting another chat with daytime talk-show host Dr. Oz. for an explanation on why he got sick just days after having a flu vaccination administered on live television. According to his recent interview with country music star and actor Dwight Yoakam, the host is admittedly feeling under-the-weather and has a sore throat. Morgan asks, “You&rsqu
Piers Morgan Has The Flu
Piers Morgan Falls Ill Days After Receiving Flu Vaccine     Adan SalazarInfowars.comJanuary 24, 2013 CNN host Piers Morgan is likely wanting another chat with daytime talk-show host Dr. Oz. for an explanation on why he got sick just days after having a flu vaccination administered on live television. According to his recent interview with country music star and actor Dwight Yoakam, the host is admittedly feeling under-the-weather and has a sore throat. Morgan asks, “You&rsqu
New Year Specials Samsung Xe500t1c
New Year Specials tablet pc Samsung XE500T1CWealth to aesthetic intuitive and smooth interface, portable office at any time, touch, keyboard, mouse operation between freedom of choice, so Win 8 tablet hot stunner. Samsung ATIV Smart PC Tablet PC, Windows 8 ordinary version of the operating system pre-installed, and is the best choice for consumers.   Intel Atom processor, Win 8 Basic Edition operating system pre-2000000, 8000000 Rear two-way integrated camera 1366x768 high resolution time of about 13.5 hours of battery life, this industry king hard-edged, mouth-watering . A 11.6-inch capacitive touch screen, is enough to show Samsung ATIV Smart PC Tablet PC domineering. Either visual or tactile, Samsung ATIV Smart PC Tablet PC enough hailed as king. Samsung this release tablet is a 11.6-inch screen, XE500T1 comes with a keyboard dock, the equivalent of a mobile PC, Microsoft open Win8 era, the notebook has become history. Samsung still the global synchronization of the first two Super
In Lust With A Stranger Part 11
opening the blinds , letting the sun in her office , she felt so much better , it didn't seem dark or gloomy in there anymore .. she tidied her desk .. went through her agenda , checked her appointments for the day , read thier files and refreshed her memory as to what they were working on. Ahh skimming the file .. the skinners , a couple been together a long time , wanting to know to know how to spice things up a little bit .. in thier early thirties no kids ... no pets .. basically no obiligations , havent gone on vaccation in a few years .. hmm .. Aurora thought of herself it was nice to help couples .. it was a joy to see when she made things a little better for them .  checking her messages on the answering , and also checking her email . the skinners came in they walked close together their hands not quite touching but wanting to . she was a tall blonde ,with blue sparkling eyes . he was blonde also , they looked like they of come straight out of a macys catolog .. both in shape
Love Is What Makes
Love is what makes two people sit in the middle of a bench when there’s plenty of room at both ends…
Lust With A Stranger Part 10
Sara woke up in a dark room , over her eyes was a blindfold , her heart was racing the thing she knew was she was at home , chilling in her bedroom , and now here she was in dark cool room she a blindfold on .. nothing over mouth though she screamed . she heard someone breathing ... and then very sexy voice "its ok , i'm not going to hurt you .. . Even the fact she was his prisoner . wasn't enough to find this man unattractive , "hello who are you , why am i here , my father has money , money is you all you want right ? ... She stated rather matter of factly .. She was not feeling usual confident self right now , and embarassed to know was still wearing her sweats .. she raised to only dressed like a lady .. But there wee important matters to attend to .  the boy as nicked name him spoke again , "beautiful aren't you , he said as he reached out and softly stroked her face ... She screamed again please .. please don't hurt me . But his touch felt like silk on her skin , and it have her
It's Been A Month
So it's been a month...actually tomorrow it'll be 5 weeks.  Might not seem like much to some, but for me it's amazing.  I was someone who always thought marriage was a ridiculous outdated ritual that had run it's course and the high divorce rate and people struggling to keep a hold on the definition of marriage were signs that it was crumbling and unnecessary.I always asked why you needed to legally bind yourself to someone, if you love someone you should be free to love them.  There shouldn't be an obligation to love them and that's what I felt marriage would be...a series of obligations.   I had been engaged 4 times, and I ran away 4 times.   Now I've been married for 5 weeks to my best friend and I can honestly say I am happy to be married to him.  It's the right thing for us and I am honestly lucky to be with my soulmate.   I sometimes look at myself and wonder what happened...then I realize, I did what I should have done long long ago, allowed myself to feel love and happiness
Ies. Ed Reed Womens Jersey . Seth Smith Homered, Doubled And Drove In Four Runs, And The Athletics Beat The Detroit Tigers 12-
GLENDALE, Ariz. Deonte Thompson Jersey . -- Of course the defence made the plays that mattered most for Chicago. These are, after all, the Bears. Charles Tillman returned an interception 10 yards for a score and Zack Bowman returned a fumble 1 yard for another TD in the Bears 28-13 victory over the punchless Cardinals on Sunday to keep Chicagos playoff hopes alive. It was the third pick Tillman has brought back for a touchdown this season and the eighth overall by Chicago, one shy of the NFL record. Julius Peppers had three of the Bears four sacks. "Defensively we asked them to take over and play the way they have been capable of doing," Chicago coach Lovie Smith said. "Of course, how we played early, taking the ball away specifically, is what I am talking about. It was an added bonus getting a couple of scores. " Brandon Marshall caught six passes for 68 yards and a TD, breaking the Bears franchise record for yards receiving in a season in the process. Chicago (9-6) snapped a three-ga
The Top Of The Key Put Phoenix Aheadd 100-96 With 3:14 To Play. Dashon Goldson Elite Jersey. Ty Lawsons Two Free Throws
Mathematics tells us the Impact are still in the playoff hunt - the law of probability says otherwise. Alex Boone Jersey . Even though his attention has begun drifting towards sophomore season improvements and all those inherent responsibilities as the Impacts Sporting Director - Nick De Santis remains the rational optimist that the clubs season can somehow extend itself through November. "Weve got 12 wins, were still in a playoff hunt where the chances are very slim but we put ourselves in position to keep fighting and keep everyone still interested," De Santis explained to TSN Radio. A defining moment occurs Saturday afternoon when MLSs newest kid on the block has the opportunity to become the very first team in the league this season to record an 11th victory at home. Standing in the way for the Impact to reach that plateau is the Eastern Conference leading Sporting KC. A team that just this past Wednesday evening knocked the New York Red Bulls off their unbeaten at home perch. Apar
Tournament. He Was Remarkably Consistent
TORONTO -- Niagara IceDogs forward Brett Ritchie was named Canadian Hockey League player of the week Wednesday after recording 13 points over a three-game stretch. NaVorro Bowman Pink Jersey . Ritchie became the first player in franchise history to record back-to-back hat tricks last week. He had 10 goals, three assists and a plus-7 rating. The 19-year-old from Orangeville, Ont., was selected in the second round of last years NHL Entry Draft by the Dallas Stars. Josh Currie of the P.E.I. Rocket and Justin Feser of the Tri-City Americans were also considered for the weekly honour. Also Wednesday, Philippe Cadorette of the Baie-Comeau Drakkar was named CHL goaltender of the week. He posted a 2-0-0-0 record with a goals-against average of 1.50 and save percentage of .954. Daniel Altshuller of the Oshawa Generals and Eric Williams of the Spokane Chiefs were the other nominees. LaMichael James Black Jersey . 7, 2012. The selection was made by a committee comprised of members of Football Rep
Defenceman In The Last 10 Seasons At 798. Hannan Also Won A Gold Medal With Canada At The 2004 World Cup Of
NASHVILLE -- The Nashville Predators have signed defenceman Scott Hannan to a US$1-million, one-year deal. Ray Rice Camo Jersey . The 33-year-old had two goals and 10 assists with the Calgary Flames last season. Hannan has 33 goals, 164 assists and 522 penalty minutes in 908 career regular season games with San Jose, Colorado, Washington and Calgary. The six-foot-one, 225-pound blue-liner was drafted 23rd overall by the Sharks in 1997 and has played more games than any NHL defenceman in the last 10 seasons at 798. Hannan also won a gold medal with Canada at the 2004 World Cup of Hockey. Ray Lewis Limited Jersey . -- Jeremy Guthrie delivered a quality start for the Kansas City Royals on Friday night against the potent Texas Rangers offence. Ray Lewis Jersey . Victor was ruled unfit to compete after the International Equestrian Federation determined he had an area of inflammation and sensitivity on his left forelimb just above his hoof.
The Purpose Of Cheap Domain Name
Here we will discuss the purpose and benefits of a domain name. Domain name registration is important for any particular website to get the own unique identity and always will be as long has you continue to use that particular name for the website. For an example you hosted the site with geocities. Suddenly you found that you needed a more advanced host to get the reach for the targeted customers. To sustain the success you should take more care of the website. How a website become really successful. I must say that visitors and links to your site would know you by the long geocities URL. Then again you should start promoting the new URL.Did you register .in domain name for the website? If you had your own domain name you could change hosts as often as you like. Most importantly people would still be able to find you simply by typing in your register .in domain name. Thus the importance of the cheap domain name is there and to sustain the great visits of our website, we should keen on
Took Treatment After The Third
PARIS -- Canadian Milos Raonic has already improved on last years performance at the French Open. Patrick Willis Jersey . Raonic powered past Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo of Spain 6-4, 6-2, 6-2, on Monday to reach the second round of the tournament. The 19th-seed from Thornhill, Ont., opened with a win on another sunny day at Roland Garros after losing in the first round a year ago to German Michael Berrer. "It was good to finally win my first match here," said Raonic. "It was good to play a guy like him, who doesnt give you much. I had to go and win the match." Raonic will next face American qualifier Jesse Levine, who beat Benjamin Becker of Germany 7-5, 6-2, 6-4. "I need to keep doing the right things and I need to work on my serving a bit," said Raonic. "Ill have to go out and play aggressive against him." The Canadian dominated from the start, breaking his Spanish opponent five times with 12 aces. Raonic ended with 58 winners against just 10 for Ramirez Hidalgo. "I put pressure on him an
The New Jersey Bench In Game 4
The (25-24-6) Winnipeg Jets embark on a two-game road trip starting tonight in Washington against the (28-21-4) Capitals. Justin Smith Jersey . TSN 1290s coverage begins with Hustler & Lawless at 4:00. Rick Ralph hosts the official Jets pregame show at 6:00. Colour Analyst Shane Hnidy joins me in the broadcast booth from Verizon Center at 7:00. Needless to say, this is a huge game, as Winnipeg is four points behind Washington for first place in the Southeast Division.  The Jets are five points behind Ottawa for eighth place in the Eastern Conference. Kyle Wellwood and Tim Stapleton are the notable forwards who will not play tonight.  Stapleton, who has missed the last eight games and was injured for seven, is now recovered from injury. However, he has now come down with the flu.  Wellwood is battling the flu as well and did not make the trip. Bryan Little has two goals in his last three games. The Jets are 2-0 when Chris Thorburn scores a goal. The Jets are 0/17 in their last seven gam
A Bruised Left Knee, Was
DAVIE, Fla. Gore Jersey . -- Receiver Davone Bess has been ruled out of the Miami Dolphins season finale Sunday at New England because of a back injury. It will be the third consecutive game Bess has missed. He finishes the season with 61 catches for 778 yards and one score. Cornerback Nolan Carroll (knee) and defensive tackle Randy Starks (family reasons) were listed Friday as questionable. Cornerback Sean Smith, who left last weeks game against Buffalo with a bruised left knee, was limited in practice for the second day in a row and is listed as probable. Aldon Smith Womens Jersey . Clayton scored two goals to lead his Calgary Hitmen over the visiting Red Deer Rebels 4-2 on Sunday in Western Hockey League action. Randy Moss Black Jersey . -- Riley Sheahan scored twice, including a power-play goal, to lead the Grand Rapids Griffins past the Abbotsford Heat 5-1 on Friday in American Hockey League play. . He k
Pacers Responded With Six Straight
MIAMI -- Former All-Star third baseman Placido Polanco agreed to a $2. Randy Moss Elite Jersey .75 million, one-year contract Thursday with the Miami Marlins, plugging the final hole in the teams projected lineup following a payroll purge. The 37-year-old, who can earn an additional $250,000 in performance bonuses, battled injuries this year and hit .257 with two home runs and 19 RBIs in 90 games with the Philadelphia Phillies. The 15-year veteran is a career .299 hitter with 103 homers. Other projected starters include Logan Morrison at first base, Donovan Solano at second, Adeiny Hechavarria at shortstop, Jeff Brantly at catcher, Giancarlo Stanton in right field, Justin Ruggiano in centre field and Juan Pierre in left field. Hanley Ramirez played 90 games at third this year for Miami before being traded in July. That was part of the salary purge by the Marlins, who pared $146.5 million in future payroll when they swung a trade last month that sent former NL batting champion Jose Reye
Golf Club. Woods Shot
ATLANTA -- Jeff Samardzijas splitter baffled the Atlanta Braves. NaVorro Bowman Jersey . Again. Samardzija had a career-high 11 strikeouts, Luis Valbuena hit a tiebreaking three-run double in the seventh and the Chicago Cubs won 4-1 on Monday night. Samardzija (6-7) yielded one run and four hits in seven innings, rebounding from a rough June. The right-hander was 0-4 with a 12.27 ERA in his previous four starts, allowing a season-high nine runs during a 17-1 loss to the Mets on Wednesday. "Its about time, you know?" Samardzija said. "I just thought I took my time from pitch to pitch. I thought I made the right pitch selection based on the previous pitch." Samardzija began the night with a 5.05 ERA. But he also was sharp in his first start against Atlanta this season, tossing seven solid innings in a 5-1 victory at Wrigley Field on May 7. "Both times Ive faced him, hes had unbelievable stuff," Atlanta pitcher Tommy Hanson. "He throws hard and has that good split and starts throwing thos
Is The Dean Of Major
NEW YORK -- Toronto shortstop Yunel Escobar was suspended for three games Tuesday by the Blue Jays for wearing eye-black displaying a homophobic slur written in Spanish during a game last weekend against Boston. NaVorro Bowman Jersey . Escobar apologized to his team and "to all those who have been offended" for what he said was meant to be "just a joke." Escobar had written under his eyes "TU ERE MARICON," which can be translated as "You are a ------." "It was not something I intended to be offensive," he said through a translator. "It was not anything intended to be directed at anyone in particular." Escobar said he wrote the message 10 minutes before Saturdays home game on his eye-black, a sticker players wear under their eyes to reduce sun glare. The 29-year-old Cuban said he frequently puts messages there -- usually inspirational, manager John Farrell offered -- and had never previously written that specific slur. Escobar insisted the word is often used within teams and by Latinos
299 With 25 Homers And
CLEVELAND -- Chicago White Sox slugger Paul Konerko says he will have surgery on his left wrist Thursday. Vonta Leach Womens Jersey . Konerko said the procedure will remove a bone fragment from the wrist. The surgery will be performed at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Konerko, who is batting .299 with 25 homers and 73 RBIs in 143 games, wasnt in the lineup for Tuesdays game against the Indians. He was sidelined for three games in June to have debris flushed from a joint that was causing pain in the wrist, but said it hasnt bothered him since. Manager Robin Ventura said Konerko might be in the lineup for the final game of the season Wednesday. Anthony Allen Super Bowl Jersey . -- Bruce Chen weaved his way into and out of trouble over the first four innings against Arizona. Ray Rice Elite Jersey . Nachbaurs assistants for the Nov. 14 game in Vancouver will be Edmonton Oil Kings head coach Derek Laxdal, and longtime Vancouver Giants head coach Don Hay. http://www.baltimorerave
Him That We Werent
CASARES, Spain - Brandt Snedeker worked wonders with a loaned set of clubs at the World Match Play Championship on Thursday, crushing Thomas Bjorn of Denmark 5 and 4 to begin his quest for a first victory outside the United States. Michael Crabtree Super bowl Jersey . The lone American in the 24-man field teed off with only 10 clubs in his replacement bag -- including a putter bought from the pro shop and a driver borrowed from Australian rival John Senden -- while his normal set was being couriered from the airport following a delay in the arrival of his luggage in Spain. By the time his clubs arrived at the Finca Cortesin course -- allowing him to fill his bag to the maximum 14 -- Snedeker was 3 up after three holes. Such was his form with his newly purchased putter, he continued with it rather than use his own and holed from off the green on No. 14 to clinch victory. "I didnt like my chances on the first tee," Snedeker said. "I just thought, Go out there and see if I could try to be
Him Being An Important
LONDON -- Some of the northern hemispheres top players may miss out on next years British & Irish Lions tour of Australia if they cannot secure early release from their French clubs. Chris Culliver Jersey . The Lions squad departs to Australia on May 27 and coach Warren Gatland says he is preparing to overlook players who arent available to fly out then. With Frances Top 14 final scheduled for June 1, Toulon pair Gethin Jenkins and Andrew Sheridan, Bayonne scrumhalf Mike Phillips and Perpignan players James Hook and Luke Charteris could miss out. Gatland is currently in France talking to club coaches about the issue. Toulon coach Bernard Laporte told LEquipe on Thursday "we dont pay a player so that he goes and plays for the Lions at the most important part of the season." Michael Crabtree Pink Jersey . Though Bender has never played at right back for his club Bayer Leverkusen, he took over the role during Germanys Euro 2012 training for Saturdays game against the Portuguese. "Ive like
I Was Getting A Bit Gassed
ARLINGTON, Texas -- It took 10 starts for David Price to earn a win against Texas -- and nearly a month for the Rangers to lose a series this season. Patrick Willis Pink Jersey . Price beat Texas for the first time in his career and the Tampa Bay Rays won 5-2 on Sunday night, becoming the first team to take a series from the Rangers this year. Price (4-1) gave up two runs and six hits in 6 1-3 innings, striking out six and walking one. The two-time All-Star entered 0-6 with a 5.30 ERA against the Rangers -- including a pair of playoff starts. "Personally, for myself, Ive never beat those guys, so first and foremost, that feels great," Price said. "But Im pumped that we won. I can turn that page now. It feels great." Ben Zobrist had three hits and an RBI, and Price earned his fourth victory in five starts. Tampa Bay touched up Texas lefty Derek Holland (2-2) for five extra-base hits. Fernando Rodney loaded the bases with two outs in the ninth, then jammed Ian Kinsler on a soft liner bac
Fell To 4-14-3 On The Road, Which
CLEVELAND -- Poor pitching and hitting have been constants in the Cleveland Indians losing streak. Justin Smith Youth Jersey . Tuesday night they added shoddy defence to the mix. The Indians 7-5 defeat to Minnesota was their 11th straight loss, tying a franchise record. Unlike Monday night when Cleveland allowed 10 runs in the second inning in a 14-3 blowout, the latest loss was the kind that will keep a manager up at night. Minnesota scored three times off All-Star closer Chris Perez (0-4), who blew his second save opportunity in three days. The Indians led 5-1 after six innings, but two errors in the seventh and another in the ninth helped Minnesota rally for its fifth win in six games and seven straight victories over Cleveland. Indians manager Manny Acta hasnt seen his team win July 26. "When its going bad, thats what happens," Acta said. "Thats the way the ball bounces and its not bouncing right in any way, shape or form." Cleveland previously dropped 11 straight on four occasions
Backup Defensive
IRVING, Texas -- Police charged Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent with intoxication manslaughter Saturday after he flipped his car in a pre-dawn accident that killed teammate Jerry Brown. Justin Smith Limited Jersey . Irving police spokesman John Argumaniz said the accident happened about 2:20 a.m. Saturday in the Dallas suburb, hours before Brent was to be on a team flight to Cincinnati for the Cowboys game Sunday against the Bengals. Argumaniz said the 25-year-old Brown -- a practice-squad linebacker who also was Brents teammate for three seasons at the University of Illinois -- was found unresponsive at the scene and pronounced dead at a hospital. Brown died a week after Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher fatally shot his girlfriend before killing himself in front of his coach and general manager. "We are deeply saddened by the news of this accident and the passing of Jerry Brown," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in a statement. "At this time, our hearts and prayer
Various Kinds Of Wood Made Created Made Traditional Financial Institution Bank Cards For Business Promotion
Are you are entrepreneur in search of awesome methods in which you can spread the phrase about your business? In that situation, there are several choices that you can go in for. One way, in which you can get the interest on potential customers, would be to aspect out various types of wooden made designed cards that could be used for promotion the company. They could be most preferred, cards, run cards and even holiday cards for that problem. Documents based cards are more or less the approved conventional, but when you select to go in for these cards they would be certain to set you apart from your competitors and you would stay in the brain of the customers. Do you want to know more about the various choices that are current before you? Then research on this content. The first choice that you can take up would be to get company wooden made designed cards. The he complete and the professional looking cards would certainly create a good impact in the brain of current or potential cust
Het Verhaal Van Google Android Phone
Android Tablet PC is op het snelle spoor naar succes, en op de fast track voor nieuwe en verbeterde functionaliteit.Een gebied waar gevochten, maar Android is nu in de mobiele telefoon en het gebruik pil is de ondersteuning voor Exchange ActiveSync accounts.Google Android gebruik maken van dezelfde basisuitrusting Froyo ofwel gecomprimeerd of mobiele telefoons. Om deze reden, de gebruiksvoorwaarden die u toelaten om push e-mail via Exchange ActiveSync configureren kan eenvoudig worden gemonteerd op een mobiele telefoon is precies op dezelfde manier als u zou doen in een spalk. En het is een goede zaak, want de Google-telefoon zijn geweest om het proces eenvoudig en probleemloos te maken voor bepaalde tijd. Niemand zou verwachten iets anders wordt uitgebracht in de nieuwe lijn van de tablet.Er moet echter worden opgemerkt dat de apparaten Google niet uniform in de interface en design. Om deze reden, hoewel de feature set is identiek, ongeacht welk apparaat draait op Android, kan de eige
D'abord Sur Le Sous-vêtement De Marché Lié Mère
Les filles de moins vêtements est une branche de la nature des marchés de sous-vêtements de la Chine, sur les sociétés de plus en plus ou de rang de marque de l'entreprise cible à la fois de l'outil pour les jeunes femmes, désespérément fermé combattre cette région de la mer guidée, il ya des entreprises telles attractions lointaines, l'espoir d'accéder à une nouvelle aide pour la stimulation des entreprises afin de promouvoir les segments, le classement précis. Alors, les filles de moins de vêtements se tournent naturellement vers coucher t? vente bijoux fantaisie t du travail chez les adolescentes en voix. Tels que Cat Bonjour, Snoopy ( lingerie en gros ), le pyrène Qianni, le ratio Lu (Rubii), Disney et d'autres sociétés sur le marché, avec soumettent leur classement pour les filles sous la marque vêtements des autres sociétés est à la fois les groupes de clients clés bringed idéal pour augmenter un buste variété filles pour que ladieses jeunes et aussi d'age moyen, et d'être en mes
Ob Es Die Gesellschaft Ist, Ist Billig Hochzeitskleid Eine Notwendigkeit Zum Glück Ausdrücken
Die Menschen wollen helfen, speichern ihre Fonds, kann ein gutes Geschäft auch wählen das brautmode wiengünstig. Der Erwerb einer einzelnen, vollständig kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt durch die Übernahme von einem örtlichen Einkaufszentrum in der Nähe ein paar Geld von Ihrer Buchung wird der Abschluss der Hochzeit des Jahres, Low-Cost-Design, die Zeit für einige der Einzelhändler oder einem aus einer frischen erforderlich ist das Auto, können Sie sparen etwas Gewicht vor kurzem auf. Allerdings, wenn Sie auf die Ehe zu planen, wird es mit der Arbeit von Ihrem Mann oder Frau mit strengen Preisspanne möglich. Weniger ausgeben, und erhalten spezielle Rabatte und Schnäppchen kann eine der hauptsächlichen Interessen, weil Sie möglicherweise nicht in der Lage sein Low-Cost-Designer-Hochzeitskleid zu bekommen, mühelos. Mehrere Länder auf der ganzen Welt verwenden eine Hochzeitsgesellschaft in den letzten 3-4 Nächte jede kritische Rabatt Hochzeitskleid Feier erfordert in der Regel eine gründ
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 132
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 132 of Janey Godley's podcast the mother and daughter comedy duo discuss Prince Harry's killing time in Afghanistan, the plight of gamblers amongst the poorest in the UK and their experience shopping in 'hip shops'.   Ashley and Janey have a ukulele music competition which is a challenge to everyone who hears it and Janey does her 'one word ' guess the comic game. Ashley has weird and wonderful stories from around the globe.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.     Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 132   If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto Our Donate Page and donate via PayPal.
Sick Freak
Friend: havent had my dose of cage today so the sick freaks still in me lmfao wait that sounded wrong Me: lmfao Friend: oh no
The Story Of Google Android Phone
Android Tablet PC hat auf der Überholspur zum Erfolg gewesen, und auf der Überholspur für neue Features und verbesserte Funktionalität.Ein Bereich, in dem gekämpft, aber Android ist jetzt in der Handy und Nutzung Pille ist die Unterstützung für Exchange ActiveSync-Konten.Google Android verwenden die gleiche Grundausstattung Froyo entweder komprimiert oder Handys. Aus diesem Grund, Nutzungsbedingungen, mit denen Sie Push-Mail via Exchange ActiveSync konfigurieren können leicht mit einem Mobiltelefon ausgestattet ist genau die gleiche Weise, wie Sie es in einer Schiene. Und es ist eine gute Sache, weil die Google-Handy gewesen, um den Prozess einfach und problemlos für einige Zeit. Niemand  würde etwas anderes erwartet in der neuen Reihe von Tablet freigesetzt wird.Jedoch sollte beachtet werden, dass die Vorrichtungen aus Google nicht einheitlich in der Schnittstelle und Gestaltung sein. Aus diesem Grund, obwohl die Feature-Set ist identisch, unabhängig davon, welches Gerät läuft auf And
[refractory Hate]
I was instructed to wake at the ass crack of dawn and... work Saturday.WOOOOO! Get the champagne and crack out.So I'm trying...ish to sleep, but I thought I'd do a thought-dump/update since I can't sleep.Papaya is gross- just get mango.... end thought dump.Update:I've 90% built one of my xmas robots, birthday was uneventful, which is typically how I like it. Perhaps a bit more nudity and ceremony would have been welcomed. And better food.I had ... no damn plan for said robot I built. I still don't. Me and my brother talked color theory and we're both thinking dark reds and black. I... kinda want to veer away from black because it's just too on the nose, and every dweeb with a spraycan does red/black.Some mods are in the thoughtworks, but I'm going to park the kit until an idea just busts out of my brain. I do know I want to take off these awful double-arc/rainbows on the shoulders. I think I can just file em off.The main reason I'm parking this kit is that I invited myself to a build-o
Barix Supportachat La Rava ™ Sip Pour Téléphone Technologie Et Interphone Crestron ®
Une solution de première Qui proposer la permettre à la communication d'interface entre le pôle à pôle Appareils compatibles entre eux tactiles Ecrans Rava et Les platines de rue Analogiques interphone . ZURICH, 21 janvier 2013 / PRNewswire / - Barix, vous spécialiste de l'audio et du Contrôle IP plateforme sud, pour qu'il annonce la technologie partisan Rava ™ SIP pour téléphone et interphone Crestron. Barix SIP firmware Le intégration des Écrans l'simplifiera compatible tactile aux Appareils Analogiques Rava, tells les panneaux permettra d'interphone et de communication des AINSI la pôle à l'autre entre Appareils Qui n'ont Pas de centre Serveur. This FONCTIONNALITE l'intégration simplifié Voix sur IP (VoIP) déploiements résidentiels À during des et Commerciaux. Les Rava Crestron Écrans tactiles Tirent plateforme notamment le protocole SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), versez permettre la commande vocale par interphone, téléphone et télé-other Avertissement entre les applicat
Surface De Frapper L'amérique Du Nord En Février
San Francisco - Microsoft a annoncé mardi que son entreprise orientée vers Windows 8 Surface achat tablette tactile Pro fera ses débuts aux États-Unis et au Canada en Février avec un prix de départ élevé de 899 $. Microsoft a également déclaré que le consommateur axé version de Surface publié à la fin l'année dernière ici sera bientôt disponible dans 13 nouveaux marchés à travers le monde. Le Pro Surface sera disponible le 9 Février dans les magasins Microsoft aux États-Unis et au Canada, à la boutique en ligne de Microsoft et au Staples et Best Buy et d'autres détaillants. La réponse à la surface a été passionnant de voir, a déclaré le directeur général de Microsoft Surface Panos Panay. Nous sommes ravis de poursuivre notre croissance la famille surface." Redmond, Washington basé sur Microsoft décrit Pro surface présente comme "la puissance et les performances d'un ordinateur portable dans un paquet de comprimés." Comprimés Pro, qui dit l'origine, Microsoft serait publié
La Storia Di Google Phone Android
Android Tablet PC è sulla pista veloce per il successo, e sulla pista veloce di nuove caratteristiche e funzionalità migliorate.Un ambito in cui ha combattuto, ma Android è ora nel telefono cellulare e l'uso pillola è il supporto per account Exchange ActiveSync.Google Android utilizzare la stessa attrezzatura di base Froyo sia compresso o telefoni cellulari. Per questo motivo, i termini di utilizzo che consentono di configurare e-mail push tramite Exchange ActiveSync può essere facilmente montato su un telefono cellulare è esattamente nello stesso modo come si farebbe in una stecca. Ed è una buona cosa perché il telefono di Google è stato quello di rendere il processo semplice e senza problemi per qualche tempo. Nessuno si aspetta niente altro viene rilasciato nella nuova linea di tablet.Tuttavia, va notato che i dispositivi di Google non sono uniformi nell'interfaccia e design. Per questo motivo, anche se il set di funzionalità è identico, indipendentemente dal dispositivo gira su And
The Loveliest Way To Die
You all can break me. Let your beauty and your looks And your sex take me To the last place I'd ever Want to go. God Is Love, Love is Art, Art is Beauty, Beauty is Woman Is all I know. I chose long ago. I ain't gonna lie. So let all the women in the world Come kill me, Cuz it's the Loveliest Way to die.
Did you know the people that are the strongest are usually the most sensitive? Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated? Did you know the one who takes care of others all the time are usually the ones who need it the most? Did you know the 3 hardest things to say are I love you, I'm sorry, and Help me. Sometimes just because a person looks happy, you have to look past their smile and see how much pain they may be in. I copied this from a friends wall because I thought it was powerfully true. We all need to pay more attention to those around us."We all need positive intentions right now. May I ask my friends wherever you might be, to kindly copy, paste, and share this status for one hour to give a moment of support to all those who have family problems; health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know that someone cares.
L'histoire De Google Android Phone
Android Tablet PC a été mis sur la voie rapide vers le succès, et sur la voie rapide de nouvelles fonctionnalités et des fonctionnalités améliorées.Un domaine dans lequel se sont battus, mais Android est maintenant dans le téléphone mobile et l'utilisation pilule est un soutien pour les comptes Exchange ActiveSync.Google Android utilisent le même équipement de base Froyo soit compressé ou les téléphones mobiles. Pour cette raison, les conditions d'utilisation qui vous permettent de configurer le push email via Exchange ActiveSync peut être facilement adapté à un téléphone mobile est exactement de la même manière que vous le feriez dans une attelle. Et c'est une bonne chose parce que le téléphone de Google ont été de rendre le processus facile et sans tracas pendant un certain temps. Personne ne s'attend à rien d'autre est libéré dans la nouvelle gamme de tablette.Toutefois, il convient de noter que les dispositifs de Google ne sont pas uniformes dans l'interface et le design. Pour cett
La Historia De Google Android Phone
Android Tablet PC ha estado en la vía rápida al éxito, y en la vía rápida para las nuevas características y funcionalidad mejorada.Una de las áreas en las que luchó, pero Android está ahora en el teléfono móvil y el uso de la píldora es el soporte para cuentas de Exchange ActiveSync.Google Android utilizan el mismo equipo básico Froyo ya sea comprimido o teléfonos móviles. Por esta razón, los términos de uso que permiten configurar push e-mail a través de Exchange ActiveSync puede ser fácilmente instalado en un teléfono móvil es exactamente la misma forma que lo haría en una tablilla. Y es una buena cosa porque el teléfono de Google ha sido hacer el proceso fácil y sin problemas durante algún tiempo. Nadie esperaba otra cosa es liberado en la nueva línea de tabletas.Sin embargo, debe tenerse en cuenta que los dispositivos de Google no son uniformes en la interfaz y el diseño. Por esta razón, aunque el conjunto de características es idéntico, independientemente de que el dispositivo fun
Come One And All And See The Broken Man, Talking To Himself
How was the Stone Sour show? Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, let me give you seven. Click for the full sized   Besides the fact that I had to stand outside in the cold for an hour in the Will Call line, and I missed the opening band Otherwise, whom I actually really like, the show when quite awesomely. I have a video if you are interested in seeing it, live performance of "Say you'll haunt me" I wish they had played more of the old stuff, but I understand Corey is super jazzed about the new double CD and wants to sell that a bit, but still, Bother & Inhale are the songs that made me a fan, and thats what I wanna hear.       
Chapter 2 A Gathering:chicago 17
toms canada outlet He asked Hem, "Where did we put our jogging suits and running shoes?" It took a long time to findthem because they had put everything away when they found their Cheese at Cheese Station C,thinking they wouldn't be needing them anymore. clarisonic canada As Hem saw his friend getting into his running gear, he said, "You're not really going out into themaze again, are you? Why don't you just wait here with me until they put the Cheese back?""Because, you just don't get it," Haw said. "I didn't want to see it either, but how I realize they'renever going to put the Old Cheese back. That was yesterday's Cheese. It's time to find NewCheese."Hem argued, "But what if there is no Cheese out there? ash store Or even if there is, what if you don't find it?""I don't know," Haw said. He had asked himself those same questions too many times and startedto feel the fears again that kept him where he was. Then he though about finding New Cheese and all the good things that cam
Mind you im no stalker im more less a pervert trapped in the body of an Irish 27 year old that enjoys a bit of rum every once in a while.  But it doesnt mean i wont voice my opinion about them.  Its not what you might think either, I am a non judgemental person who always tries to look to the brighter side of life and make a happy ending come from complete missouri.......< yeh i know i spelt like that.. But stalkers embody the exact thing that alot of people want in a releation ship EA Comittment there is knowone more comited to you then a stalker even to the point of breaking the law and being labeld a peeping to or a perv or a Leo.....< ;0 sick self burn.  Also reliablility they are allways there at the times that u  just seem to need a ride jumpstart with your exact jumper cables that went lost a week ago.  Or two take a picture of that you found liying on the seat of your car that you cant remimeber being taking.  Alls im saying is yanno theyre out there generally you know who they
Divinity A Question Iii
The next logical question seems to be what is divinity? And does it even exist? In this conversation so far, it has been proposed that perhaps there is no no meaning. That the symbiosis of man and animal and environment themselves are the true marvels of creation. That although the world and certainly the universe is wonderful and fantastic place. It indeed does beg that there must be a diivine architect. A wonderous patronly presence, generating these wonders and miracles that lie there for us to find like sign posts. The Bible says that the universe was a formless void. a singular voice could be heard saying let there be light., and it was light. If you take genesis from a scientific perspective, it appears to be an ancient accounting of the big bang theory. Something clearly no sheperd in the sinal would know. However in Babylon, where cosmology and astronomy flourished and stars and planets were documented.  Not only documented on movements but studied for hundreds of years, or as
This Is Beautiful
‎16 year old boys asks his Mom: "Mom, what are you going to get me for my 18th birthday ?? . The Mother answers, "son that's still a long way"... . . The boy turns 17 & one day he faints. His Mom takes him to the hospital & the doctor said "Madam your child has a bad heart". Being the child On the stretcher the child Says, "did he tell you I'm going to die? . Mom Starts crying" The boy finally recovers on his 18th Birthday, he comes home& on his bed was a letter his mom had left him. The letter said "Son if you are reading this its because everything went well. Remember the day you asked me what was i giving you on your 18th birthday & didn't know what to Answer you?? "I gave you my heart" take care of it and happy Birth day Son" ♥ The mother was dead coz she had to give up her heart to her son Nothing is bigger than MOM's Heart...♥
Something That You Never Knew
Something that you never knew the pain that you put me through i was ready to sacrify but your aim was to mortify i know this all was my fault that's why i don't want any revolt whole day whole night the way i cry it seems that my tears will never dry the hate that you have gifted me to embrace will always be consider as a disgrace 
My Nsfw
Well I was asked to open my,nsfw for friends so I did lol
Popppy's Red Sugar Beets
"My Poppy's Red Sugar Beets" When I was child I would stay with my grandparents a lot, sometimes for the summerMy grandmother was Lithuanian and my grandfather was Sicilian.My Grandpa always had a vegetable garden and in that garden he grewbig red sugar beets. I hated those beets. Whenever they served those beets with dinnerI refused to eat them. I was not allowed to leave the table until I ate those beets. I would cry and make a big fuss and would not eat those beets which to me tasted like pickled dirt . Sometimes I would sit at the table for hours but I refused to the beets.My granpa would say to me in his Sicilian accent "You eatsa da beetsa or you getta no Pizza.I would laugh but I still would not "eatsa da beetsa".Years later after my granmother passed away I went to live with my Grandpa. I lived with my "poppy" for ten years. We looked out for one another.He was a sweet and gentle man who would give you the shirt off his back.He had a hot dog stand out in front of his
"Annie" When I was a young boy,maybe 8 or 10 years oldmy father would take me and my siblings to Smithpoint beachto go swimming in the ocean. Sometimes he would get us up early during the week and take us brfore school . It was a very large beach and people from all over New York and the neighboringstates would come to brave the large waves that would crash into the shore. While we drove the 45 minutes in my fathers station wagonthe radio would be playing the popular songs of that time.. I alwayssang along to those songs even if I was too young to understand whatsome of them were about , such as love and war etc. I Remember those times as if they were yesterday. Those were the happiest days of mylife, other than when my own children came into the world. Whenever I hearone of those songs , yes every once in a while you might hear one , butwhen I do , it evokes such strong feelings of wanting to go back in time , the time .....back to one particular day. One particular summers
Citizen Spies Are Back
The Return of COINTELPRO?     Tom McNamaracounterpunch.orgJanuary 23, 2013 “Democracies die behind closed doors” – Judge Damon J. Keith For 15 years (1956-1971) the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) ran a broad and highly coordinated domestic intelligence / counterintelligence program known as COINTELPRO (COunter INTELligence PROgrams). What was originally deemed as a justifiable effort to protect the US during the Cold War from Soviet and Communist threats and infiltration, soon devolved into a program for suppressing domestic dissent and spying on American citizens. Approximately 20,000 people were investigated by the FBI based only on their polit
Just Because
I was gonna post earlier like I usually do, but I am glad I didn't. I didn't feel like doing much of anything. I am feeling like I need to be moved out of my body. Just shuck the whole damn thing. I'm not heartbroken, I am not feeling useless or  worthless. I don't look forward to another year of seeing people very happy and knowing my happiness will never happen. I am getting older and I may have not experienced all the happiness out there, but I have lost my will to try to please. I am not talking suicide or anything like that. I just don't fear death. I welcome it. I will probably be rejected by both destinations. I am not going to haunt a single person, I don't want to be responsible for wasting anyone's time. Now or later on. This blog isn't all for everyone else, its for me. It might help others, it might be ignored, but its not ordered reading. I know I am not everyone's cup of tea and I don't want to be. Maybe tomorrow will seem brighter, I am not sure. Stranger things have
Divinity A Question Ii
The mind of greeks were the most educated on the subject of philosophy. The view from the objective study of greek thought is that God is no more interested in the outcome of mens lives than a child of its toys. They regularly punish cities, make war and kill thousands of their own populace. Unlike the Romans where the Gods were stately though not dissimiliar. Gods were made of Kings from Egypt to sumer to greece. And worshipped in life. In the roman world this was considered blasphemous and even emperors were shunned for proclaiming their own divinity. All the God Kings still died Mortal deaths as did all the divinely born children. jesus is not the first living son of god. Even Plato was thought to be born of a divine Lineage.  In life the kings and later pharoahs of Egypt were worshipped as gods. Only to be replaced upon death with a new god. It is only the great Pharoah Ramses II that attains the role of the dead God King in life. That being by his advanced age. he ruled Egypt for
Divinity A Question
It is in the nature of medicine that people are going to screw up ....  As it is in all things once you add the human equation . Our ability to rationalize our actions as right or wrong, follows suit as well. Nothing being more important than to ask the same question man has asked for millennia. Why am I here? What is my purpose. Scientists claim to see the face of God. Religious leaders claim to know his(or her) divine will. It is the mind of man that tries to ponder these inequities that creates art, literature and religion as we see it come down through history.  Jesus on the cross asks "god why have you forsaken me?" bringing to bear the purpose of this wrting today. I am by no means religious, nor am I atheist either. My mind is open to the ever changing spiritual and alchemical world around us. Our havesting of invisble signals would be seen as magic by the ancients. Our vast communication network would be worshipped just as "cargo cults worshipped airplanes in the 1940, and 50s
Miki Ë Freedom
Each day in my life,New crossroads appear. Some choices easy, Others not so clear.Sometimes my vision clouded,My roads covered in mist.All those bad choices, Far to many to list. I hope through our friendship, My choices have all been true. I could never want a day,When I don't have a friend like you ( Thank you MIKI )
Somebody We
MCKINNEY, Texas -- James Hahn shot a 7-under 64 on Saturday in the Web. Ray Lewis Purple Jersey .com Tour Championship for a share of the third-round lead with Justin Hicks. Hicks, the second-round leader, had a 67 to match Hahn at 12-under 201. The top 60 on the money list qualified for the season-ending event at TPC Craig Ranch, and the final top 25 will earn 2013 PGA Tour cards. Hahn and Hicks have already wrapped up tour cards, with Hahn 13th on the money list, and Hicks 11th. "It was a good day but Im not going to say it was a great day," said Hahn, the Rex Hospital Open winner in June in Raleigh, N.C. "I was even on the par 5s. ... Its all about taking home a trophy. I believe it would be contagious and it would be nice to take home some hardware and just build on it." The winner will receive $180,000 from the $1 million purse. "Tomorrow is my birthday," said Hicks, who will be 38. "Ive got my family out, so its a good week regardless. ... You know in the back of your head that i
Corbin Went To Watson
GLENDALE, Ariz. Frank Gore Pink Jersey . -- Wayne Gretzky gave hockey in Los Angeles a significant boost in his eight seasons with the Kings, providing them with some cache in an overloaded market while boosting attendance and interest all the way down to the youth level. He had a similar impact as owner and later coach of the Phoenix Coyotes, though to a different extent and without nearly as much success. Thriving long after Gretzky was gone, the Kings and Coyotes are still reaping the benefits of the Great Ones influence as they get ready to start the Western Conference finals Sunday night in the desert. "His imprint is certainly on both teams," Coyotes coach Dave Tippett said. "Both teams should be grateful for the imprint that hes left on them." Just dont expect any carry-over affection between these teams. Bottom line is, they just dont like each other. As Pacific Division rivals, the Kings and Coyotes play each other six times a season, enough build up animosity, from an entire
Wednesday After Bruising His Ribs During A Win At New England On Monday, And Eagles Coach Andy Reid Said He
The Canadian world junior hockey team will be spending a couple of days bonding in Finland next week, but they may not need it. Dennis Pitta Womens Jersey . This is, in many ways, already a very close group. Many players on the team did not just celebrate their own success on Thursday, they also celebrated the success of a good friend. Here is a look at a few of those stories:  I CANT BELIEVE IM ACTUALLY ON THE TEAM Niagara IceDogs linemates Brett Ritchie and Ryan Strome, who live with the same billet family, have been a dominant duo during the first part of the season. Strome leads the OHL in points (62 in 32 games) while Ritchie is tied for the lead in goals (27 in 32 games). "I thought, coming to this tryout, that if we could make this team together it would be special," said Ritchie. "Weve known each other for a long time so its pretty cool." And Strome, a returning player and thus considered a lock to make the squad from the start, always believed Ritchie would be joining him in R
The Nationals
SEATTLE -- Ichiro Suzuki is headed to a new team and, after all these years, maybe a shot at playing in the World Series. Ed Reed Elite Jersey . The New York Yankees acquired the star outfielder from the Seattle Mariners in a trade Monday for two young pitchers. "I am going from a team with the most losses to a team with the most wins," he said. "Its hard to contain my excitement for that reason." The Yankees also got cash in the deal that sent 25-year-old righties D.J. Mitchell and Danny Farquhar to the last-place Mariners. The trade was announced a few hours before the Yankees played at Seattle. Moving from one clubhouse to another, Suzuki started in right field in place of the injured Nick Swisher and batted eighth for New York on Monday night. It was the first time Suzuki started a game batting anywhere other than the top three spots in the lineup. Fans at Safeco Field gave Suzuki a 45 second standing ovation when he came to bat with one out in the third inning. He doffed his helme
Went Right Back To Rzepczynski
Toronto Blue Jays right-hander Drew Hutchison will have Tommy John surgery this week after suffering a setback during his rehab from a ligament sprain in his elbow. Michael Crabtree Pink Jersey . Hutchison was placed on the disabled list in June with the injury and was 5-3 with a 4.60 earned-run average in 11 outings. "This is the first of any arm problems that Ive had," he said at the time. "Its not ideal." Hutchison is the third Toronto pitcher this season to have the surgery, joining starter Kyle Drabek and reliever Luis Perez. The procedure, which replaces an elbow ligament with a tendon taken from another part of the body, will sidleine him for a year to 18 months. The team also announced that Dustin McGowan will have arthroscopic shoulder surgery this week - the third of his career. The Savannah, Georgia native has had shoulder surgeries performed in 2008 and 2010. Patrick Willis Nike Jersey .J. Edds with season-ending knee injuries. Coach Chuck Pagano says both players have "sig
It Was A While-knuckle
Reasons to Believe 1. Y.A. Tittle 49ers Jersey . On The Defensive – Despite their 0-7 start, Miamis defence was still in the top half of the league last year. The unit was playing very strong at the end of the season and if they can successfully transition from 3-4 to 4-3, should be one of the best units in 2012. Wake, a two-time Most Outstanding Defensive Player in the CFL, has 28 sacks in three years in Miami; someone for Canadian fans to cheer for. 2. Fresh Start – With HBOs Hard Knocks we get a close look at this years Dolphins and were seeing something players say wasnt there last year. New head coach Joe Philbin has brought in a freshness and crispness to operations and Dolphin players all seem to be enjoying the change. Its still to be seen how successful Philbin will be as a coach, but hes aced his first test: getting players to buy in. 3. Run Away With It – After years of not quite fulfilling his potential in New Orleans, Reggie Bush had the best season of hi
Under Control A Week Ago. The
MINNEAPOLIS -- Chris Sale produced his usual strong pitching performance to help the Chicago White Sox win their fifth straight series against the Minnesota Twins. Frank Gore Nike Jersey . There were bonuses for the White Sox on this steamy afternoon, too. Sale didnt have to work very hard, never facing more than four batters in any inning, and the lagging lineup snapped to life with a season-high 21 hits. Sales seven smooth innings were supported by Adam Dunns three-run homer, and the White Sox beat the Twins 12-5 Wednesday. "Any time you go out there and get that kind of run support it kind of calms you down a little bit," said Sale, the American Leagues earned run average leader. The White Sox matched their season high with a 2 1/2 game lead in the AL Central, ahead of Cleveland. Sale (9-2) struck out five and walked one with six hits and two runs allowed. The Twins talked before the game about trying to disrupt his rhythm and make him sweat on a day when the temperature moved towar
Howalter At The Winter Meetings This Month In Nashville, Tenn. "i Just Walked Up To Him, Introduced Myself," Greenberg Said
ASHBURN, Va. Mike Iupati Womens Jersey . -- In an era when hype is overdone to be the point of being almost meaningless, a couple of rookies in the nations capital have done the remarkable. They debuted with longsuffering teams amid lofty expectations, yet they managed to exceed them. Stephen Strasburg induced goose bumps when he struck out 14 batters in his first game with the Washington Nationals in 2010. The feeling was eerily similar Sunday when Robert Griffin III set new standards for a first NFL start: 320 yards passing, two touchdowns, no interceptions and a rating of 139.9 in the Washington Redskins 40-32 upset of the New Orleans Saints. "He definitely went beyond the hype," Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander said. "You had people thinking he was going to do maybe 10 for 15 with 150 yards. I think he outdueled Drew Brees, arguably one of the best quarterbacks of his era, in his own house, with all that noise, that Who Dat nation. He went beyond what people was expecting." Th
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Today is Wednesday morning and I'm feeling good. Just got finished with my online assignment in Psychology. Time to get married now. Get wife and kids. Thru playing games. I'm ready
Keeping Your Wedding Dress Well
Brautkleider sind Investitionen Stücke, sentimental Stammbaum Erbstücke pro Generationen auftreten werden können. Einbrautkleider gebraucht düsseldorf ist Einzelkämpfer der Regel wertvolle Anschaffungen, die eine Frau bekommen können, um, und ist oft Einzelkämpfer der wichtigsten Kosten einer Hochzeit. Angesichts dessen, was ein hohen Investitionen Ihrer Wunderwerk Kleid kann sein, lohnt es sich ein wenig berechnen und Mühe, um Ihre entwickelten suchen lediglich als zusätzliche und atemberaubend, wie es die Zeit, die Sie nahm es Familie war. In dem Artikel unten sind weitere Tipps für Sie. Zuerst, in der Regel kann Hochzeitskleider nicht Einlage auf einem Hänger wie normale Kleider sein, wie die Folge des Kleides das Kleid Material zerreißen oder reißen praktisch die Hänger verursachen können. Stattdessen kleinen Schlaufen aus Stoff in das Innere des Kleides genäht muss verwendet werden, um das Kleid sicher hängen. Diese Aufhängeösen sind Hinterlegungsscheine an Ort und Stelle von der
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Vergelijken Van Smartphones: Android Vs Iphone
In de ruzie tussen Android-telefoons en iPhones, het gesprek heeft de neiging om meer neigen naar het feit van open source vs closed source besturingssystemen en een telefoon. Dit gaat niet over keuze ontwikkelaar zo veel als degenen die de eindgebruikers, hoewel velen van hen beseffen het niet. Open source houdt in dat de code is beschikbaar voor alle. Dit komt de gebruikers door middel van programmeurs de kans om software voor de slimme schrijven zonder dat u een nieuwe taal te leren of in strak gereglementeerd regels passen. Een goed voorbeeld hiervan is het feit dat Google Android app store is volledig klant georganiseerd, met gebruikers waardering apps als ze proberen hen, die vervolgens voedt lijsten van de meest populaire apps, wat wordt beschouwd hete, nieuwe toevoegingen en andere manieren om te zoeken. Apple, aan de andere kant, krijgt meer dan 10.000 inzendingen een week en sterk dierenartsen hun app store om ervoor te zorgen dat alleen de meest geschikte, behulpzaam en ond
Flu Epidemic Strikes Millions Of Americans Already Vaccinated Against The Flu (repost)
(NaturalNews) The USA is in an official flu pandemic panic right now, with Boston declaring a public health emergency and hospitals setting up flu treatment tents as if cities were war zones. The CDC says it's the worst flu pandemic in a decade, and it's of course urging everybody to get injected with flu vaccines.But here's the dirty little secret the vaccine industry doesn't want you to know: Most people getting the flu right now are the same people who were vaccinated with the flu shot.The CDC refuses to release any statistics on this, of course, because then the total hoax of the flu shot would be exposed. But I've been making phone calls to a large network of friends and professional contacts, and they're all telling me the same thing: Of the people they know who are getting sick, about two-thirds routinely get flu shots!Check with your own friends, family members or co-workers on this point. Ask the ones who got sick: Did you get a flu shot? See if the answers you get are about t
The Radiation Warnings You Won’t Get From The Mainstream Propaganda Machine (repost)
The Radiation Warnings You Won’t Get from the Mainstream Propaganda Machine Posted by: The Liberty Beacon™ StaffPublished January 22, 2013, filed under ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH The mainstream media and the federal government will soon have the blood of the world on it’s hands. Radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster in Japan is now actively in the ecosystem all along the North American west coast… even the sea weed is now radiated.  The Vancouver Sun reported one year ago that the seaweed tested from waters off the coast of British Columbia were 4 times the amount considered safe.  No further test results were released after the initial report. The governments of the United States and Canada are not conducting tests for radioactivity – at least not to the knowledge of the public.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has agreed to continue purchasing seafood from Japan, despite the fact that the food is not being tested for radioactive contam
Vizio Packs Windows 8 En Tablet Pc De 11,6 Pouces
Au fil des ans, VIZIO a gagné beaucoup de popularité avec sa gamme de téléviseurs haute définition à faible coût-windows 8 . La société a été l'espoir de voir la foudre à deux reprises, en faisant lentement s'infiltrer dans le marché des PC. Maintenant, ils perdent pas de temps d'ajouter quelque chose avec Windows 8 dans la gamme, en annonçant le nouveau Tablet PC de 11,6 pouces. Nous ne pouvons pas imaginer que VIZIO publiera le produit sous le nom de "Tablet PC de 11,6 pouces." Pour l'instant, toutefois, il n'a pas de nom officiel, les prix ou une date de sortie réelle. Toutefois, la société a dit plein de choses sur les caractéristiques techniques, on peut s'attendre à voir lorsque les étagères Résultats de poche. Le plus important est qu'il s'agit d'un appareil Windows 8, conçu pour offrir cette expérience de bureau dans un boîtier portable. Une autre caractéristique importante sur le Tablet PC est pleine HD 1080p, ce qui signifie qu'il ya un copieux 1920-par-1080 résol
Vergleicht Smartphones: Android Vs Iphone
In dem Streit zwischen Android-Handys und iPhones, neigt das Gespräch, um mehr auf die Tatsache von Open Source vs Closed Source-Betriebssystemen und Telefone lehnen. Es geht nicht darum Entwickler die Wahl so viel wie diejenigen, die die Endbenutzer sind,  obwohl viele von ihnen nicht bewusst. Open Source bedeutet im Grunde, der Code ist für alle verfügbar. Davon profitieren die Nutzer durch die Bereitstellung Programmierern die Möglichkeit, Software für die intelligente, ohne eine neue Sprache zu lernen oder passen in dicht reglementiert Regeln zu schreiben. Ein gutes Beispiel hierfür ist die Tatsache, dass Google Android App Store komplett Kunden organisiert ist, mit den Nutzern Rating Apps, wie sie sie, die dann speist Listen der beliebtesten Apps, was als heiße, neue Zugänge und andere Wege zu suchen versuchen. Apple, auf der anderen Seite, erhält über 10.000 Einreichungen pro Woche und stark Tierärzte ihre App Store, um sicherzustellen, dass nur die am besten geeigneten, hilfsbe
The bottle is half empty.I used to call it a drinking problem.Solution.A+B= have a drink.A popped the balloon. Have a drink.B knows A is fucking C. Have a drink.When glass breaks, no one thinks to slide all the slivers, splinters, and bigjaggedpointsback into an orderly whole.It takes less special equipment and effort to sweep the shattered pile into the garbage and forget it ever happeneduntil you step on a stray, weeks later, like an invisible stalker poised with every nail and tooth bared to ruin your fucking day.Better yet the dust and specks that wiggle into the soft wet white parts of your eye, or the fleshiest, itchiest parts of your fingertips.The safe kind wanders into throats, foreheads, and shoulders in the best of times.You'll never know in the moment if it's a broken tooth, or a shard minutely less sinister.And sadlythe least of your problems.The most beingthe bottle is half full.
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Usually to common people, an escort girl is compared to a call girl. For them, there is no difference between a call girl, sex worker and an escort girl. That is how escort girls are highly misinterpreted. It is true that some escort agencies provide escort girls for sex services, but not all escort girls are sex workers. Escort girls are usually hired by rich people to accompany them in parties, holidays, movies, business trips or any kind of recreational acts. These escort girls are usually provided by escort agencies who charge fees, which is completely negotiable. The escort agencies usually charge for services other than sex since laws do not permit to take any kind of fees for prostitution, but people hiring escort girls usually pay to her separately for her sexual services. But in some countries, sex services provided by escort agencies or even in a brothel are permitted through licensing only. Sexual services are usually not the reasons why people hire escort girls. Sometimes,
Smartphone A Confronto: Android Vs Iphone
Nella discussione tra telefoni Android e iPhone, la conversazione tende a propendere per il fatto di open source vs chiusi sistemi operativi di fonte e telefono. Non si tratta di scelta dello sviluppatore così tanto come quelli che sono gli utenti finali, anche se molti di loro non se ne rendono conto. Open source significa essenzialmente il codice è a disposizione di tutti. Questo benefici agli utenti, fornendo ai programmatori la possibilità di scrivere software per l'intelligente senza dover imparare una nuova lingua o rientrano in norme strettamente irreggimentata. Un buon esempio di questo è il fatto che App Store Google Android è completamente cliente organizzata, con applicazioni a valutare gli utenti, mentre cercano loro, che alimenta l'elenco delle applicazioni più popolari, quello che è considerato caldo, nuove aggiunte e altri modi alla ricerca. Apple, invece, ottiene oltre 10.000 osservazioni alla settimana e fortemente veterinari loro App Store per assicurarsi che solo i
Where Did The Old Fashion Values N Love Go?
I know there was a such thing as old fashion values and love but it has faded away, now days its either relationships which is based on lies n cheating or just based on sex. Back in the day, people met ,dated,got engaged then married and spent the rest of their lifes together. Marriage vows where taken seriousely and meant from the heart but now its just a piece of paper that has no meaning between two people. The honesty that exsisted in relationships rather its a friendship or start of something has disappeared and became non exsisted. People now dont know the meaning of being honest and truthful. I believe in the old fashion values and old fashion love and hope to find someone actually lives the old fashion values. I thought I had met that person but it turned out I was wrong  so Im remaining single if I never find what Im looking for in a partner  then it was meant in my life to be single.
Thoughts About The People I Have Met.
I learned the hard way That i cannot always Count on others to Respect my feelings. Even if I respect theirs. Being a good person Doesn't guarantee that Others will be good people too. You only have control over yourself and how you choose to be as a person as for others...You can only choose to accept them or walk away.
Just got out of the hot-tub here in .....DEEPWATER MISSOURI.  The wind is a brisk 35 mph. ....... TEMP - 10 BELOW ( FELT LIKE IT ANYWAY ).....FREEZ'N !!!!! THATS COLD......LMAO  ( NO-SHRINKAGE ; - } )
Comparaison Des Smartphones: Android Vs Iphone
Dans la dispute entre téléphones Android et iPhone, la conversation a tendance à pencher plus vers le fait de l'open source vs clos systèmes d'exploitation libres et des téléphones. Ce n'est pas une question de choix des développeurs tellement que ceux qui sont les utilisateurs finaux, même si beaucoup d'entre eux ne le savent pas. Open source signifie fondamentalement le code est accessible à tous. Cela profite aux utilisateurs en leur offrant la possibilité aux programmeurs d'écrire des logiciels pour la smart sans avoir à apprendre une nouvelle langue ou s'insérer dans des règles bien enrégimentés. Un bon exemple de ceci est le fait que Google Store Android app est complètement à la clientèle a organisé, avec les utilisateurs des applications de notation comme ils essaient eux, qui alimente ensuite la liste des applications les plus populaires, ce qui est considéré comme chaud, les ajouts et les autres moyens de recherche. Apple, d'autre part, obtient plus de 10.000 demandes par se
Asus Mx299q: Un Autre Regard Savoir Moniteur Large 21:09
Après les annonces et fils 2913WM Dell, LG Philips et l'DES IFA, LG à l'entreprise Déclinaison actualisé Avec Le CES EA93 au présentéisme, C'EST Au tour d'écran Asus êtes super dévoiler larges, MX299Q Vous. Ce format inhabituel 21:09 serait-il en train de la tendance de demain des Écrans façonner? Sud connait Longtemps pouces Vous depuis le 27, je 30 pouces versez Voire, plus les leur fortune. Eh bien Qui Semble Notre nouvelle à la mode gabarit devenu, dit pouces C'EST le 29 "Super Wide" Le Dernier Comme d'Asus Moniteur Baptise MX299Q. L'Affichage atteint la définition de 2560 x 1080 pixels, un ratio de 21:09 Soit Propice au visionnage de films en cinémascope (2.35:1). Aussi MAIS L'Ecrans équivalent de deux de 1280 x 1080 pixels Côte à Côte Qu'on aurait fusionnés. Ce rapport de prête Fait Tout est à l'Utilisation fel à several Fenêtres, ous bureautique Autre moniteur bébé vidéo . Dotée Je Le MX299Q d'Est Une dalle IPS, caractéristique commune Sud d'écran vitale Coulée cette largeur b
Get Modernistic Scarf From
Extended destroyed are the life when an wheel scarf has just a single use. Time, fill are exploit more and author notional in using different items as accessories. Yes, items specified as scarves soothe person their serviceable uses but they can also instantly alter a human into the smart surface. The Conventional Uses of Scarves Scarves are traditionally utilized to provide proper purposes. For lesson, scarves can be old during colder seasons or in places with unpleasant climates so as to supply other shelter from the vasoconstrictor, twist and symmetric soil. Grouping wear scarves around their necks, on their heads and plane around their shoulders to offer personal shelter from elemental elements. Scarves can wage added indorsement from the arctic during season or rainy flavor. One can be enwrapped around the cervix so as not to believe blunt and cool in the glacial. Scarves can also be ragged over the membrane to cater aegis against the unpleasant temperature of the sun and from
Taking A Leave Of Absence
Dear Fu friends N Family,     Sassy after 6 years of fubar is taking a leave of absence. Yes this is my second profile as my first one got hacked so i deleted it. But I am feeling like I am not wanted or loved. As I leave on ur guys page everyday , comment n rated. Do whatever I can and the love is not returned. I feel like I am being taking advantage of. Thanks again for trying being a friend.    Sincererely,   Baby Sassy:) 
You know, the smallest thing can change a life. In the blink of an eye, something happens by chance - and when you least expect it - since we’re on a course that you could have never planned, into a future you never imagined. Where will it take you? That’s the journey of our lives: our search for the light. But sometimes, finding the light means you must past through the deepest darkness
Smartphones Comparando: Android Vs Iphone
En la discusión entre teléfonos Android e iPhone, la conversación tiende a inclinarse más hacia el hecho de código abierto frente a sistemas operativos de código cerrado y teléfonos. Esto no es acerca de la elección del desarrollador tanto como aquellos que son los usuarios finales, a pesar de que muchos de ellos no se dan cuenta. El código abierto significa, básicamente, el código está disponible para todos. Esto beneficia a los usuarios, proporcionando a los programadores la oportunidad de escribir software para la elegante sin tener que aprender un nuevo idioma o encajar en las normas estrictamente reglamentado. Un buen ejemplo de esto es el hecho de que la tienda de Google Android app es completamente al cliente y organizadas, con aplicaciones Calificación de usuarios que intentan ellos, que a su vez alimenta las listas de las aplicaciones más populares, lo que se considera adiciones calientes, nuevas y otras maneras de buscar. Apple, por su parte, recibe más de 10.000 presentacio
Burberry Manufacturing Facility Store Online Several Attention Seeking
 Burberry Manufacturing facility Store Online Several Attention seeking Many of you might be modest enterprise masters and most of you will likely not use a organization plan for a individual trigger or a distinct. Burberry Manufacturer My partner and i thought possible any put Burberry Classic Scarf together would have been a protracted comprehensive report which i would full occur the burberry outlet online then store using a corner within my place of work to collect off-road.Gucci Bags Wall socket I discovered that I could create a valuable "burberry outlet online" file that may be a brilliant guide to steer me when coming up with enterprise choices ijnbgrqw. Burberry sale store Of these vital financial events a good productive along with effectively centered business is far more apt to be profitable than a single which usually just burberry outlet onlineby way of using little forethought or even Burberry Cashmere Scarf . Take into consideration these kind of a few worries since the
Marcher Roam Rapide Stand Louboutin
Immediatement instantanee adherant a avant quatorze Noir Mocassins, accable l'ensemble des Francais de chicago way tendance christian louboutin pas cher fabricant prevoit new york presente Surges Rollerboy nouveaux plats Velours Veau success . R 'One delaware los angeles commune chaussures p crampons chretiens Louboutin Rollerboy que the method directeur dans le but de l'aide employant haut blended avec refined veau concu Christian Louboutin Sale are generally personal bank extent , et l'affirmation delaware new york noir rivet couverture christian louboutin paris, france , presente introduite. Au pied signifiant ce phone signifiant sdkjsdkhdqp call delaware couleur rouge Christian Louboutin. Allonger are generally ligne nufactured los angeles jambe "Hentian dissimulee attrayant Historique, femmes Permis les hommes jettent un peu de mineur ame sur l'ensemble des habitues du tapis rouge Christian Louboutin, a fabulous deteste, adorer profiter delaware young man consideration compte dete
What Did I Say Wrong
I don't know maybe it's just me but some time's people's reaction's are crazy. I just had an exchange with another fu member and maybe someone can tell me where I went wrong. To Beautiful ...: i have a quesyion 5:10pm reply Beautiful ...: ook 5:11pm more To Beautiful ...: question this is in regards to your status how do you know the guy(8484379) is a predator that is a serious charge to level against someone Beautiful ...: THE FUCKING ASS HOLE IS AFTWER MINORS THATS HOW! 5:13pm more To Beautiful ...: i dont know the man but on his profile it says hes looking for 18 to 25 yr old woman Beautiful ...: where the fuck do you get off judging me cause I am entitled to my fucking opinions! Now call me crazy but there is not a country that say's an 18 year old male of female is a child, and as I said to the other fu I don't know this guy(8484379) but to just put it as your status that someone is a predator without and proof asi
20 Ways To Become More Self-sufficient Before 'the Crunch' Arrives (repost)
(NaturalNews) One thing you don't want to be during the coming "crunch" -- a polite word for "collapse" -- is dependent on the system. The more you can take care of yourself, the better off you'll be physically, financially, emotionally and even spiritually. Here are 20 ways to become more self-sufficient while you still can:1) Get a small solar system that can be used to run a laptop or recharge batteries2) Drill a water well and install a hand pump or solar-powered DC pump3) Set up a rainwater collection system or barrel4) Stash some cash: stock away some green dollar bills and lots of U.S. nickels5) Own and learn how to use a handgun, rifle and shotgun6) Store some ammunition7) Own and know how to use a water filter8) Start a garden this spring and acquire more food production skills9) Save garden seeds so you can plant the next generation of food10) Acquire a wood-burning stove for heat and cooking11) Possess a large quantity of stored food; enough for at least 90 days12) Get to kn
Obama Closing Air Defense System On U.s./mexico Border: Texas & America Vulnerable To Attack From Low Altitude Missiles And Aircraft Sunday, January 2
Obama Closing Air Defense System on U.S./Mexico Border: Texas & America Vulnerable to Attack from Low Altitude Missiles and Aircraft Sunday, January 20, 2013 1:31 Share in Share  0 (Before It's News) Call your Congressmen and Senators immediately and demand that the recent budget cuts do not affect the security of America’s borders. The Federal Government wastes billions of dollars on things they should not even be involved in, but securing our country’s borders is one of the jobs that the federal government is actually supposed to do! Obama has always pushed massive cuts in the military as part of any budget cuts he will accept in fiscal deals. Obama seems to be getting what he wants, and it will leave America’s borders vulnerable to attacks and other infiltrations. Air Force’s Air Defense Radar Systems along U.S./Mexico Border will SHUTDOWN on March 15th, 2013   On January 17th, 2013, Exelis Systems Corporation sent out an email (see emai
     "Life"   In life, there may not be much time left. Life can be long or short,it depends how you want to put it.   Life can be bitter or sweet. Life can be good or bad. In life there is good moments and there are disasters.   God put us all on this Earth forr a reason and a purpose to live. Nobody knows what that might be, but all we can do is live day to day and night by night.   Life is precious, so take what God gives you. Don't be discouraged and be glad for what you can have in this life.   We all hope to have our dreams come true, what ever they might be and all of our goals that we set, completed and accomplished before the world ends.    Written by: Jimmia Nov. 12,1996
Is This Just A Dream...
Is this just a dream.. I talk about you write about you I wake thinking of you ... Is this just a dream... I think about you I can't get you out of my mind day and night my mind won't stop I have my coffee my friends and family think this is just a dream..they yell at me you won't make it your book or writing.. Is just a dream.. get a job a car make some thing out of your self.. don't you want too.. Is this just a dream.. I'm up all night writing tell 3. Sleep tell noon, my friends and family said I need to get a life.. I jog not eat.. drink at night smoke to much have lovers with no name.. lots of friends I have a life like a rock star.. Is this just a dream... Friends family pulling me this way and that way to do it there way.. I need to sleep to eat run away to a place no one knows my name... Is this just a dream..            bY LoVe GiRL                                        "life just a dream"
Genetically modified plants generally contain only a limited number of new components (specific DNA, RNA, and proteins) not present in conventional varieties of the same crop. These components are defined specifically by the modification being made. DNA (and the resulting RNA) are common to all biological systems and are known not to cause cancer. Proteins are also present in all biological systems, and proteins are not considered to be causes of cancer. Certain protein hormones or toxins may have the potential to influence cancer rates as a result of their specific biological activity. However, such biological activity is predictable from protein structure and will be easily recognized in acute toxicology studies. Proteins that could cause cancer are not used in GM plants. Thus, there is no need to undertake lifetime animal cancer studies for GM foods that contain new DNA, RNA, and proteins with well-characterized functions. Conventional foods are not subjected to lifetime cancer te
Paddy is on his final question for a million with Chris Tarrant, he has only one life line a friend. 'Which bird does not make a nest, A sparrow, A swallow, A blackbird or A Cuckoo' Paddy calls Murphy. Murphy answers 'be jesus its a cuckoo 100%.' Paddy wins the Million. After Paddy rings Murphy 'how the fk di you know that Murph?'.. Murphy says ' well Paddy yer thick twat it lives in a fkn clock'
How Is It Kept - How Is It Lost -
Young people trade away their freedom for the safe shackles of the nanny state...while old people bound and discontented long for a taste of freedom...
VIDEO: Photographer Attacked By Metro Security For Taking Pictures, Filming     Miami man pushed down escalator, violently choked for standing up for his rightsSteve WatsonInfowars.comJan 22, 2013 Photographer Carlos Miller and his companion were viciously attacked by security guards while taking pictures at Miami-Dade Metrorail on Sunday night, and they captured most of the incident on film. The pair were idly passing time waiting for a train home by taking shots of the Dade County Courthouse, a looming piece of architecture visible from the train platform. Suddenly, as if out of some some dystopian movie, a voice boomed over the loudspeaker ordering them to stop taking photographs. When the pair ignored the order, a 50 State security guard emerged on to the platform to confront them.
Get Faddish Scarf From
Tenacious departed are the days when an unremarkable scarf has honourable a bingle use. Today, fill are feat author and more creative in using various items as accessories. Yes, items such as scarves noneffervescent human their useful uses but they can also now alter a being into the cool pull. The Tralatitious Uses of Scarves Scarves are traditionally misused to service particularized purposes. For example, scarves can be misused during colder seasons or in places with unpleasant climates so as to wage supernumerary covering from the frigorific, wind and change smooth. Grouping have scarves around their necks, on their heads and plane around their shoulders to supply somatogenic endorsement from raw elements. Scarves can wage histrion security from the inhuman during winter or pluvial flavour. One can be wrapped around the pet so as not to feel blunt and chilly in the emotionless. Scarves can also be mangy over the straits to engage imposition against the disagreeable emotionalism
It has been written, some don't want to admit It has been written. The need to live will outride, the torment and hate deep down inside. It is so damn good, to anyone who believes the gracious maybe would. Come down to earth, in the raindrops that follow the birth. Of true undieing love, that would be unyeilding the angels have bestowed from above. I won't attempt to have you believe, just please understand it will happen before you leave, arm in arm or hand in hand. Someday, like it was never known, love will exist. The seed was planted and it has grown. The aroma isn't easy ever easy to righteously resist.
2013 Walk For M.s.
  Strength & Power We've formed a team for Walk MS because we want to experience a great event and help the National MS Society fund research, advocate for change, and help people with MS. We believe in this cause. Can we count on your support?Walk MS is a day that brings friends, families, and coworkers together to embrace an important cause. Join us and participate together to make a powerful statement and to keep moving toward a cure. Each step we take brings us closer to a world free of MS. About MS Millions of people are affected by MS and the challenges of living with its unpredictable symptoms. Multiple sclerosis interrupts the flow of information between the brain and the body and it stops people from moving. Every hour in the United States, someone is newly diagnosed with MS, a disease of the central nervous system. Symptoms range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. The progress, severity and specific symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predic
Texas Schools Teaching Kids That Blacks, Jews Are Inferior (repost
Texas Schools Teaching Kids That Blacks, Jews Are Inferior 2013/01/21 By Justin "Filthy Liberal Scum" Rosario In Texas, EVERY school day is Sunday School! The religious right is constantly trying to sneak the Bible into secular schools under the guise of “diversity” or “academic freedom.” They are opposed by civil rights organizations at every step because it is a small step from “teaching” to “preaching.” Yet, in 2007, Texas passed a law that “encouraged” (read as: give license to go nuts) public schools to educate students about the role the Bible has played in society and literature. Shockingly, the guidelines set down by the law to prevent proselytization were completely ignored. The result? This kind of child abuse (yeah, I went there) : Instructional material in two school districts teach that racial diversity today can be traced back to Noah’s sons, a long-discredited claim that has been a foundat
My One And Only
    My One and Onlyby eddie feemster   You'll always be my one and only, the one I'll never forget. The times we share are always special, memories, I won't ever regret. I care for you deeply and give to you my heart. I always knew you could be the one for me, I fell in love with you, right from the start. All I want to do is hold you close and never let you go. Tell me you'll stay here with me, please, don't tell me, 'No'. Your love comforts me at night, it never leaves me lonely. You're all I'll ever need in life, you are truly my one and only.         
Frozen Heart
Her heart lays frozen,Tucked in deep inside.I wonder if it can heal,Or if anyone has tried. Her beauty amazing,A smile that soars through the air.Can her heart be opened again,For another can she care.Even though it may not be me,I wish for someone to free her soul.And again begin to love again,A true love she'll forever know.
So im still getting use to fubar what all i can do to earn points?
Sitting here thinking about the dream I had last night! I was in a store...or was it a bar...the scenery changed too often to know for sure cause I was walking around through isles talking to other people and got to a spot that had pool tables where I found my empty cue case and the pool cue was broke! I found the owner and complained that this is the second time! (it happened in another dream a few days ago) As I left I got into a vehicle...sorta lol I couldn't see it but knew I was traveling and there was a cop in front of me. As we reached the corner there were a bunch of cones and I was the first for the check point! I don't recall drinking any so it didn't really bother me. This is where it gets funny. There was the "bad cop" that constantly had his gun pulled on me for every little thing I did and the hot female cop that was checking over everything. This is when I notice I was riding a kids 3-wheel hotwheels! As the female cop was looking for substances she couldn't keep her han
In Lust With A Stranger Part 9
the white dress she decided to wear on the Plane , she hung on the closet door , and her matching white wedges were placed on the fllor next to the dress . She opened her eyes , threw off her covers .. she survied the room for her other clothes .. some of her favourite things still hung in her closet , her tighest darkest jeans for a example , her black well fitted jeather jacket , a white a button up that would go with everything .. She saw the list of clothes visually in her mind before actually made a move to pack them .. everything needed to be outfit of sorts .. less clothes more options .. she surveyed the room again and found her black stilletos , her black boots .. and her comfy sneakers . she moved over to her draws , and pull out a couple of grapic ts , and couple of plain ones , then went and searched her clean laundry for bras and unides to match , and threw in a special night down , just in case .. She always packed ahead of time . that part was exciting , like evidence wa
We enter a second term with a myriad of challenges for the US Economy. Debt is skyrocketing since President Obama took office and at his inauguration the President hinted at dramatically increasing spending for things like climate change.After 4 years without a budget we are told that no spending restraints will be considered by the President even though we are borrowing - 60 percent of everything we are spending and adding to our kids and grand kids future "tab".At the same time the President's spokespeople are talking about further increasing taxes on everyone earning what they define as high incomes. That move is sure to decrease employment as people redirect their spending from paying marginal employees to paying taxes to Washington.Here's what we need to focus on now in America...Business is under attack by an Administration that seems clueless about economic realityWe need to...Legally - aggressively - avoid every dollar of tax we can...Export EVERY job we can to low cost - quali
My Career Choice & What I Added With That Choice.
I see Religion as a Great thing for our soul's. We don't want to end up in hell! That is what drives me to be the BEST Person that I can be. I have worked in Suecurity Industry fo 28 years, And 10 years of that I was a Florida E.M.T. as well. That shocked when I would stop at an accident scene. And start treating the injured After I called E.M.S. for more help. 911 is Great. A cell phone is a great tool to have. And soon I will be improving mine by upgrading it to something that workd with Fubar. etro PCS! on Feb 1st. Jim Wood
Improved Husband
"Ever since we got married, my wife has tried to change me. She got me to stop drinking, smoking and running around until all hours of the night. She taught me how to dress well, enjoy the fine arts, gourmet cooking, classical music, even how to invest in the stock market," said the man. "Sounds like you may be bitter because she changed you so drastically," remarked his friend. "I'm not bitter. Now that I'm so improved, she just isn't good enough for me."
My Ex.......
I got a call from the Toronto police last night because my ex was "afraid I'd send someone to hurt her". Seriously? She's my ex, why the f*** would I even bother spending that much time, or money, to send someone to a different country to hurt someone that means nothing to me? I mean, I haven't thought about the bitch in somemonths  now, and all of a sudden I'm willing to spend time thinking about her? Riiiiigghhhttttt.... That's as believable as a fiend saying they're not addicted to something, ya know? As I told the officer on the phone, the woman isn't worth the time or money it would take to do so. It was pretty funny when my mother and little sister both got on the phone with the cop and told him that she's known for trying to start drama when she gets mad at  someone, and it was even funnier when the cop agreed with them when they both said she needs to go see a shrink and get her head checked.... Man, I gotta avoid psychotic chicks.
The Bagpiper
As a bagpiper, I play many gigs. Recently I was asked by a funeral director to play at a graveside service for a homeless man. He had no family or friends, so the service was to be at a pauper's cemetery in the back country. As I was not familiar with the backwoods, I got lost and, being a typical man, I didn't stop for directions. I finally arrived an hour late and saw the funeral guy had evidently gone and the hearse was nowhere in sight. There were only the diggers and crew left and they were eating lunch. I felt badly and apologized to the men for being late. I went to the side of the grave and looked down and the vault lid was already in place. I didn't know what else to do, so I started to play. The workers put down their lunches and began to gather around. I played out my heart and soul for this man with no family and friends. I played like I've never played before for this homeless man. And as I played 'Amazing Grace,' the workers began to weep. They wept, I wept, we all wept t
If I Was To Love Let It Be Well
I f I was to think it would be of inner peace If I was to Dream it would be that all was well If I was to talk let my words have weight If I was to love let it be well If I was to hold you let you feel comfort If I was to scold you let it be Wise If I have to leave you let time be short If I have to raise you let it be high Scott lee baker
A Fathers Prayer:
  a fathers prayer:     I am a pore man that is true my legacy Is immaterial to you my greatest deeds I leave behind with love out lasting even time with few words let them know   feel my love grow and glow for my children are here to stay please! God watch over them each and every day! My words are simple hear me pray let love ,family and you show their way. Give them the knowledge to prosper each day let your wisdom show the way .. a fathers prayer I hope you see as true from my hart to your ears let my words ring true..   Scott baker for josh,Sophia,and Phoenix
I Need Life Partner
i need a life partner from any part of the world
Importance Of Spy Camera In Chennai
In Today’s Atmosphere Spy camera is a part of human life. Everywhere we see different types of cameras for example in the offices, railway stations, markets etc. This device is also use by normal people. This gadget is very easy to use and setup of these gadgets is very simple. Advance technology make easier to use them properly. There are different types of spy camera are available in the market of all over the world. Some of the products are spy pen camera, cap camera, CCTV, Pinhole etc. Each gadget has a special feature inbuilt. One more advantage of this device it is available in both wired and wireless facilities. With the help of wireless setting the gadgets is placed at any place you want. This is very helpful for that person who record stories at different location. Security agencies use these products for investigation normal citizen use them for own and family security. Maximum use of Spy Camera in India .Let us discuss some of the Gadgets. Now Spy Pen Camera demand is
Covers Over My...
 I put the covers over my head not think of you one bet no love dancing in my head have a beer in one hand lit a cig kick back think back all kisses I had.. with my boots on this night alone With Jimmy Fallon. Laughing at his jokes to for get about you. cold beer so good makes me think of the summer nights we had how you made me think I was the one. I put the covers over my head not think of you one bet no love dancing in my head have a beer in one hand lit a cig kick back think back all the kisses I had.. with my boots on this night alone with With Jimmy Fallon. Laughing at his Jokes to for get about you. I get out of bed dance about a beer one hand lit cig love in my heart .... LoVe GiRL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
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Sony A Dévoilé Tablette Pc Avec Une épaisseur De 6,9 ​​mm
La société a présenté un mobile Sony Tablet PC avec Android Xperia Z, tablet windows , dont le corps a une épaisseur de 6,9 ​​mm, ce qui en fait le plus mince parmi tous les modèles de cette catégorie. L'épaisseur de la nouvelle tablette est encore inférieure à la pomme compacte mini-iPad qui a 7,2 mm. Le Xperia Z tablette pèse 495 g. A titre de comparaison, l'iPad quatrième génération pèse plus de 650 g. Par rapport aux anciens modèles de tablettes que Sony a été l'essai facteurs de forme, le Xperia Tablet Z a un corps rectangulaire simple. L'écran de la tablette a une résolution de 1920/1200, soit moins que les dernières générations de l'iPad et Google Nexus 10. La tablette dispose d'un processeur quad-core avec une fréquence de 1,5 GHz et de 2 Go de mémoire de travail-tablette android 4.0 pas cher . Le nouveau produit est destiné au marché japonais où le Xperia Tablet Z seront mis en vente dès le printemps prochain à un prix encore à définir.
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Tablet PC, is een soort van mobiele computers, meestal met een touch screen of pen-enabled interface. Het is ook een tablet personal computer, een klasse tablet die een aangepaste versie loopt. Meer en meer mensen kopen tablet-pc in plaats van notebook. Tegenwoordig computers lijken kleiner. Van desktop personal computer naar een laptop en nu hebben we de tablet-pc. Eigenlijk elke persoon wil er een. Maar weet u echt wat ze zijn, en hoe ze werken voor u? Ik hoop dat je in staat zijn om iets te leren net voordat je je tablet PC! Tablet PC is nu meer en meer populair in de wereld. De opkomende tablet markt is dwingend voor de would-be notebook kopers op zoek naar inhoud consumeren op een lichtgewicht, echt mobiele platform. Dit heeft meer te maken met de digitale levensstijl dan iets anders. Mensen willen informatie overal en op elk moment toegang, en ze willen het in een gemakkelijk te lezen formaat. Dit is de reden waarom de tablet-pc heeft geslagen zo'n solide snaar bij de consument
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Now you ask me if i will go with you, well I'd like to but I dont know if its right. Are you looking for someone to care for you or just love you tonight, well I dont  want to be a one night stand. So if thats what you have planned before we go you better let me know. Its been so long since I had some loving and your kiss'smake me wish you was mine. Now it would be easy for me to fall for youand let myself have a good time. Well, I dont want to be a one night stand so if thats what you have planned before we go you better let me know.
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The God and Goddess of Fuck   You don't need a body To know where to suck When you're the God And Goddess of Fuck! Miles mean nothing. You don't need a truck When you're the God And Goddess of Fuck! All you need is your mind And a li'l' poet's luck When you're the God And Goddess of Fuck!
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e releasing carrier, passing over and driving the governor sheave, and providing continuous information on the speed and direction of the car or counterweight. rope, safety drum (also known as "Tail rope" and "Minne Line"): a corrosion-resistant wire rope used to connect the governor rope to the safety. Primarily used with wedge clamp safeties. rope, suspension (hoisting): wire rope used to raise and lower an elevator, dumbwaiter, or material lift car or its counterweight, or both. rope equalizer, suspension: a device installed on an elevator, dumbwaiter, or material lift car or counter- weight to equalize automatically the tensions in the sus- pension wire ropes. rope-fastening device, auxiliary: a device attached to the car or counterweight or to the overhead dead-end rope-hitch support that will function automatically to support the car or counterweight in case the regular 15 wire rope fastening fails at the point of connection to the car or counterweight or at the overhead dead-e
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Tablet PC, ist eine Art von mobilen Computern, üblicherweise mit einem Touchscreen oder Stift-fähige Schnittstelle. Es ist auch ein Personal Computer Tablette, einer Klasse von Tablette, die eine angepasste Version ausgeführt wird. Mehr und mehr Menschen kaufen Tablet-PC statt Notebook. Heutzutage Computern zu sein scheinen immer kleiner. Von Desktop-PC mit einem Laptop und jetzt haben wir den Tablet PC. Eigentlich jeder Mensch will ein. Aber wissen Sie wirklich wissen, was sie sind und wie sie für Sie arbeiten? Ich hoffe, du wirst in der Lage sein, etwas zu lernen, kurz bevor Sie Ihren Tablet PC zu bekommen! Tablet PC ist jetzt mehr und mehr populär in der Welt. Die sich abzeichnende Tablet-Markt ist zwingend für diejenigen Möchtegern-Notebook-Käufer suchen, um Inhalte auf einem leichten, wirklich mobilen Plattform konsumieren. Das hat mehr mit dem digitalen Lebensstil als etwas anderes zu tun. Die Menschen wollen, um Informationen jederzeit und überall zugreifen zu können, und sie
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  Asian fashion clothes are never out of time while finding good online store which offers wholesale clothing can be very important. Here are a few tips for you to follow when selecting Apparel supplier’s online websites. Do you have enough domain knowledge about the niche? Do you want to sell clothing that is always in demand or limit yourself to clothes that are in style for a limited time but sell well when in season? What kind of customer base do you want to build? To purchase supplies, the buyer should know exactly what they require. Decide on the products you will sell online before you start the search for wholesale clothing suppliers. The quality of clothing is also important. The fabrics, cuts and embellishments should be top quality. There is nothing wrong in selling clothing that is not the best, but perhaps second best - as long as customers know what they are buying and the prices of the products reflect it. Shipping is a tricky issue. Wholesale clothing sellers o
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"Mum those shoes are on sale, let's have a look" My daughter Ashley, dragged me into USC shop on Buchanan street Glasgow.  Ashley is 26 and is still excited at high top trainers...could be worse, she could be taking bath salts, running naked and attacking rough sleepers with a toffee hammer.    Am not a big shopper, to be honest USC confused me, it was just heaps of clothes on racks so tightly packed I felt like I was lost in a denim jumble sale.  The music blared and I felt like I was lost in a bright unfriendly disco.    I even saw jeans that were destined to fit a man with bow legs as if he just leapt off a horse and of course my non fashion brain made me giggle at them.  'Who would buy them' I shouted over the music just as a young man bought them and glared at me.   Ashley went to the sports shoe bit, tried on a few trainers and liked the Adidas high tops, she handed me the one she tried and I went off to find out how to get the other shoe.  I did not know how to pay for stu
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“Wholesale” is not a new word especially for those who belong to business class families they might come across this word almost every day. Wholesaling is basically a channel of distribution through which the producers sell their goods to the wholesalers who in turn redistributes to other organizations and even sometimes to the final consumers. It basically serves as a connection between the organizational buyers and the sellers.     This channel of distribution is very famous for the trading of apparels. Wholesale clothing allows the producers of apparels to sell their goods to the clothing wholesalers who further redistributes in small lots to many other organizations who are willing to buy clothes. Since the clothing wholesaler is able to buy goods in bulk from the manufacturer, he pays the lowest price possible per unit. And then he further redistributes the wholesale clothes to other business organizations at a mark-up price. But it is very important to consider v
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Tablet PC, è una sorta di computer portatili, di solito con un touch screen o una penna interfaccia abilitata. È anche un personal computer tablet, una classe di compressa, che esegue una versione adattata. Sempre più persone acquistare tablet PC al posto di notebook. Al giorno d'oggi i computer sembrano essere sempre più piccolo. Dal desktop del personal computer a un computer portatile e ora abbiamo il Tablet PC. In realtà ogni persona vuole uno. Ma sapete veramente cosa sono, e come funzionano per voi? Spero che sarete in grado di imparare qualcosa poco prima di ottenere il vostro Tablet PC! Tablet PC è sempre più popolare in tutto il mondo. Il mercato dei tablet emergente è interessante per coloro i potenziali acquirenti di notebook, cercando di utilizzare il contenuto di un peso leggero, piattaforma veramente mobile. Questo ha a che fare con lo stile di vita digitale di ogni altra cosa. La gente vuole accedere alle informazioni ovunque e in qualsiasi momento, e lo vogliono in un
Murales, Galerías Al Aire Libre
Si se trata de colores, entretenimiento y educación, la ciudad de los Ángeles se pinta sola, con una gran Galería de Arte y gratuita abierta al público todos los días horloge murale pas cher . Se trata de más de 2.000 murales that Plasman la cultura, Costumbre e Historia de los latinos y otras ethnies et une salle de Estados Unidos. Solo en el este de Los Ángeles y Boyle Heights se encuentran unos 200 Murales that describen la historia chicana, la lucha por los derechos de los inmigrantes en este país, su historia de inmigración y hasta la revolución e independencia de los Mexicanos. "Pas de tenemos that salir tan lejos, sino caminar los vecindarios de Los Ángeles y ver that tenemos la riqueza del arte a la vuelta de la esquina", dés Isabel Rojas-Williams, Directora ejecutiva de Los Angeles Conservancy murale, una organización that lucha por la restauración de estas obras. La calle Cesar Chavez, Soto, Indiana y el boulevard Olympique tienen muchas de estas obras. Para personas Muc
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Time .. moved so fast . before they had even gotten to the apartment , a few minutes had passed by .. they werent the quickly oiled team they normally were jean just couldn't focus he was so entranced by her he couldn't stop thinking about her .. Jean growled low .. and forced him self to concentrate .. they both walked quickly away from the parked vechicle , they tried to act as nautrally as they both could not wanting to attract any attension .. but both being very attractive men .. But luckily for them most of the lovely ladies of the area were already at work , at the gym or out grocery shopping or running errands , so they were able to pass by mostly unoticed . Jeans stride was stronge and extremly manly , the boy tried to copy him but somehow he couldn't do it exactly he didnt have the years of confidence that jean had ..    the boy tried to walk taller , they got to the  the outide of the apartment the boy stood outside by by road , while Jean followed the footpath , to the th
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This can be achieved anytime. Low-priced Athletic shoes might also give you a astonish package. You can like this hunting expertise whenever. Fin many thanks. Through additional specifics of christian louboutin heels, go Christian Louboutin Shoes our own website where you could obtain the application with high achievement. A lot of these body firm footwear could appear outstanding considering the mini skirts because they gets very small when ever worn with the help of small two of pants. Needless to say, fabulous is a good sdkjsdkhdqo idea though the relaxed is furthermore necessary, By putting on these ankle joint footwear temporarly, applying reasonably limited days to always be strolling throughout these high heel, you can result in the little feet some utilized to wander because of this. And once, Christian Louboutin Ankle Boots believes wonderful with one of these, there's a simple overall variety footwear nowadays decide right from simply to walk elegantly with all the high heel.
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Modern treatment has been responsible for some amazing upgrades in many different locations of real actual physical wellness and health and fitness and real wellness and health and fitness and actual physical wellness and health and fitness and actual physical wellness and health and fitness and real wellness and health and fitness and actual physical wellness and health and fitness and real wellness and health and fitness and actual physical wellness and health and fitness. Thanks to the amazing projects of individuals who have cause the cost in the last millennium or so we have been able to enhance the regular life-time, stay more definitely in old age, and fight against a variety of risky diseases and diseases. Even so, there is one particular position that hasn't been attacked with the same kind of attention and vigour that others have been, mostly because it wasn't seen as a essential position until just lately - natural development problems. You see, there has always been one po
Important Things Über Brautkleid Preservation
Ein cocktailkleider ist etwas, was den Einsatz eines einzigen Tages gemacht hat und bleibt auf einem Kleiderbügel der Rest des täglichen Lebens. Gals halten Voraus gekauft Brautkleider Jahre im Voraus von der Hochzeit und Jahrzehnten bald nach. Häufig Brautkleidern in Schränken zu bleiben und oft hängen an der Schranktür. Der Marktplatz vereint perfektes Informationen und Lösungen von Naturschutz Wissenschaft und Erfahrung mit Museumssammlungen. Archivspeicher Taktiken betrachten nun Sorgfalt auf die Braut Anforderungen während der genaue Art und Weise, wie textile Konservierungen in Museen. Die Erhaltung Verfahren beinhaltet Reinigung auf dem Kleid, chemische Heilmittel (zu stoppen Vergilbung), Fleck Inspektion und Reinigung, Pressen, Falten und gründlich packt es in eine einzigartige verschlossenen Behältnisses. Luft in dem Behälter entfernt und durch ein inertes Kraftstoffgemisch ersetzt. Providers zurück, das Kleid gegenüber dem Kunden in versiegelten Boxen. Das Brautkleid ist nu
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Using the progression of practically pretty much every make a difference, pandora wristbands in addition have made in several approaches. From the easy diamond jewelry and also ostensibly raw Pandora Charms Canada of traditional cases, it can be purchased increase getting completely elegant and particular at the moment. Prior to, the jewellery wristbands regarding Egypt females have accents that has to be thought to be while huge and simply unsophisticated inside present-day period. Lately, necklaces go with the whole looks of the lady which usually completely offers definitely practically nothing but elegance. Throughout cognizance around the situation played by anklet bracelets throughout capitalizing on the actual beauty of women, numerous jewelry wholesalers made a range of wristbands, along with speedily the categories happen to be no longer distinctive, it grew to be tough to straightforward out a certain bracelets that one particular genuinely wants. In order to deviate through
Tablet Pc De Gros
Tablet PC, est un genre d'ordinateurs mobiles, ayant généralement un écran tactile ou le stylet compatible interface. Il ya aussi un ordinateur tablette personnelle, une classe de comprimé qui exécute une version adaptée. De plus en plus d'acheter tablet PC au lieu de portable. De nos jours, les ordinateurs semblent être plus petits et plus petits. De l'ordinateur personnel de bureau à un ordinateur portable et maintenant nous avons la tablette PC. En fait, chaque personne veut un. Mais savez-vous vraiment ce qu'ils sont et comment ils travaillent pour vous? J'espère que vous serez en mesure d'apprendre quelque chose juste avant que vous obtenez votre tablette PC! Tablet PC est maintenant de plus en plus populaire dans le monde. Le marché de la tablette émergents est convaincante pour ceux des acheteurs potentiels d'ordinateurs portables qui cherchent à consommer du contenu sur une plate-forme légère véritablement mobile. Cela a plus à voir avec le style de vie numérique que toute au
Tablet Pc Wholesale
Tablet PC es un tipo de computadores móviles, por lo general con una interfaz de pantalla táctil o de lápiz habilitado. También es un tablet PC personal, una clase de tableta que se ejecuta una versión adaptada. Cada vez más personas comprar Tablet PC en lugar de notebook. Hoy en día los ordenadores parecen ser más y más pequeña. Del ordenador personal de sobremesa a un portátil, y ahora tenemos la tablet PC. En realidad, cada persona quiere uno. Pero, ¿realmente saben lo que son y cómo funcionan para usted? Espero que usted será capaz de aprender algo justo antes de llegar a su tablet PC! Tablet PC es ahora más y más popular en el mundo. El emergente mercado de las tabletas es convincente para los que uno de los posibles compradores de portátiles que buscan consumir contenido en una plataforma ligera, verdaderamente móvil. Esto tiene más que ver con el estilo de vida digital que otra cosa. La gente quiere tener acceso a información en cualquier lugar, en cualquier momento, y lo quie
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Wild fantasies The likeness blows my mind, From it I cannot hide I want a pint of this weakness Because looking at her makes me so meek Dreaming of her last night, Looking at her eyes this morning, Same flavor but not boring, Thought I would never taste the forbidden apple.. Sweeter than a cucumber, tastier than cream, To shift I may, no longer sitting on the fence. Her sweet lips..Sweeter than wine, Her curvy body so perfect it makes me blind. Touch so soft ..Aloft  iam Scent of a princess makes my finger firm. In her I want to linger… Even if it’s just a fantasy.
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{DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED Axial and collected a bounty of$5,441,746,576, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED ☠ тнє ѕноскєя ☠ and collected a bounty of$19,611,146,852, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax!  {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED {MSK} FUS RO DA... and collected a bounty of $119,242,675,698, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax!  {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED ClassyShadow and collected a bounty of$163,120,207,340, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax!  {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED Skadi and collected a bounty of$2,078,336,770, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax!  {DVA} Hattori H... just KILLED $TEVO and collected a bounty of$207,591,271,811, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax!  {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED 
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Stripper joke : Johnny wanted to have sex with a stripper ,but she belonged to someone else...One day, Johnny got so frustrated that he went up toher and said, "I'll give you a $100 if you let mescrew you. But the girl said NO.Johnny said, "I'll be fast. I'll throw the money onthe floor, you bend down, and I'll be finished by thetime you pick it up. "She thought for a moment and said that she would haveto consult her boyfriend... So she called herboyfriend and told him the story.Her boyfriend says, "Ask him for $200, pick up themoney very fast, he won't even be able to get hispants down."So she agrees and accepts the proposal. Half an hourgoes by, and the boyfriend is waiting for hisgirlfriend to call.Finally, after 45 minutes, the boyfriend calls andasks what happened.She responded, "The idiot used coins!"
Fake Ass Friends
FAKE FRIENDS You call me a friend, as you pull out a knife You stab me in the back, not once but twice Friends for life, but that’s a straight up lie You aint gotta clue, about Ride or Die I’m surrounded by wolves that are dressed like sheep Telling straight lies, dry snitching on me Claiming it wasn’t you, behind the line up glass You straight pointed out me, to save your own ass I’d rather sweat buckets, to search out peace Than spilling gallons of blood, fighting demons in me The battle continues, frighten the anger within It’s a full time job, dealing with FAKE ASS FRIENDS Ever time I think I know, what you’ll do next You end up selling me out, for a yard or less You made you a dollar, so I’m screaming again You’re a straight up punk, a FAKE ASS FRIEND I can sit and formulate a plan in my head Take a sniper shot; make your FAKE ASS DEAD Now I’m on the run, a fugitive at large Aint a FAKE ASS FRIEND around, worth taking a charg
Achats Tablet? Essayez-le Sur La Taille
Kindle. iPad. Nexus. Mini iPad. Si vous avez décidé que vous êtes prêt à entrer dans le jeu achat tablette tactile , vous pouvez être confus par tous les choix là-bas. Voici la première chose à garder à l'esprit. Il sorte de ne pas d'importance. Tous les comprimés peuvent naviguer sur Internet, consulter ses emails et exécuter des applications. Certains sont mieux à certaines choses que d'autres, mais la différence de taille de l'écran ne change pas fondamentalement la nature de la machine. Environ la moitié des comprimés principaux sont l'épaisseur d'un magazine à défaut avec des écrans d'environ sept pouces, mesurée le long de la diagonale, et l'autre moitié sont environ deux fois plus épaisse avec des écrans de 10 pouces de long environ. Matériel de marketing de Google dire sa plus grande tablette de 10 pouces est approprié comme un compagnon de canapé ou table basse" et ses sept pouces Nexus 7 "est conçu pour aller partout où vous allez." Peter Larsen, vice-président d
My Thoughts Tonight
Okay so heres the story so far. First off I am with Mr Viking in RL and He's totally amazing. I love Him beyond all logical comprehesion. He's the father of my Daughter and the Father of My 2 Step kids. I am epic happy with Him and I can't see Me being with anyone else in real life apart from Pirate. I was with an awesome dude called Pirate a while ago and then a whole shitstorm happened. We got Fudivorced. Messy situation all around with that one after having My name dragged through the mud and my rep kinda tainted. I'm working on repairing that all by myself. Then I met a Guy called Mr NY. Mr NY got with Miss RI in RL and yeah I wasn't bothered by it at all. Miss RI is a TRUE Friend and I class Her as a Sister. Yeah there was EPIC Jealousy involved. She could be with what I wanted and I FuMarried Mr NY. But We became close after all of this. Dude WTF was I thinking getting with someone that angry and sexually frustrated all the time. He hurt Me and broke Me beyond most human repair.
Chapter 2 A Gathering:chicago 15
toms canada outlet They tried to deny what was happening, but found it harder to get to sleep, had less energy the nextday, and were becoming irritable. clarisonic canada online Their homes were not the nurturing places they once were. The littlepeople had difficulty sleepingand were having nightmares about not finding any Cheese. But Hem and Haw still returned to Cheese Station C and waited there every day. ash footwear Hem said, "You know, if we just work harder we'll find that nothing has really changed that much. The Cheese is probably nearby. Maybe they just hid it behind the wall."The next day, Hem and Haw returned with tools. Hem held the chisel while toms men classic Haw banged on thehammer until they made a hole in the wall of Cheese Station C. They peered inside but found noCheese.
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Then comes Napoleo Perdis' classic Long Black mascara. From the famed Australian makeup artist's line of products, this mascara offers to provide MAC Blush that are curled and controllable. The lashes are conditioned by active contents such as allantoin, candellia wax along with beeswax. In addition, the applicator comes with a curved wand, which usually is the mac makeup why curling lashes and adding contour to them is simpler as compared to before. The Laura Mercier Thickening and Building Mascara guarantees to accentuate your eyeshadow along with lashes that are thick, long and without any clumps. Built to curl in MAC Brush to part the lashes, the mascara's brush can make thick, lengthy and clump free lashes achievable. Fibers and fillers are regarded as unhealthy ingredient whereby this specific mascara doesn't have. Because this mascara consists of citamins A, E, C and glycerine, you can be sure that your wholesale mac makeup would not have negative effects caused by long-term us
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I got a notification yesterday that said they deleted my avatar because it did not follow the rules - it most like had bare chest, bra/bathing suit showing, bar skin, etc. So I click on the link to see what they were talking about. It was a poster that said, "I like to snatch kisses and vise versa" - Someone turned that in for not being safe for work. Now - it was not my profile picture. It was on my second page of pictures in my default folder. It was a neat way of informing others I am bisexual. I have seen MANY default folders as well as PROFILE pictures that have bare c*cks in them. I never turn them in even though they rightfully should be. Why? Because this is an ADULT site! I can be ADULT about it. I can either choose to ignore the pics, ohhh and ahhh over them, block the user, or simply get off of the page making a note not to return. But again, I am ADULT about it. Why people on Fu have to turn something they may not agree with in or why the people on Fu would find that offe
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As a result, you'll want to have the nose termed for revenue. You will find several on-line stores offering vouchers big sale objects, and bags and bags juicy. two. Find article Longchamp Outlet s by hand - might not know, nevertheless it is feasible that numerous online stores also the firm exactly where you will discover one thing juicy second hand bags that happen to be clearly presented a lesser value. Women have used a significant amount of money in improvements. They want quality products with tweed and performance. This is the main result is where women walk long longchamp outlet for expensive handbags and purses Longchamp. Often the bags to satisfy every wish of a Longchamp bag lady essential. Longchamp Bags through fr can be purchased new variants, sizes and colors. that may end up enough that you can choose Longchamp identified theyl surely steam application for membership, with bag shine so that you may be able to complete all regularly familiarize longchamp handbag are usu
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Trust the quality and design of juicy couture bags here is the first thing, and please come to juicy couture reviews left by regulars. Juicy Couture Bags can help you to be a admirable person. Welcome to Juicy Couture Handbags! Juicy Couture Bags On sale online in our juicy couture outlet pinup and grateful. Face preference juicy couture sale handbags, customers first ask us something about the quality and price. And we are confident to tell you that the quality is reliable and the price is reasonable. Juicy Couture Outlet sells juicy couture bags cheap so that saves your money. Welcome to Juicy Couture Handbags On sale. The particular juicy couture sales amazon online marketplace rolex have cultivated any stylish and also well-known section of this kind of companys components. These kinds of amazon online marketplace rolex are already specifically made regarding ladies which enjoy glamour, children's, adaptability and also style. The particular amazon online marketplace rolex are oft
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This thunderstorm crammed quite a few locations with Colorado front range in addition to you can households in addition to auto which might be within mineral water. That occured a result of the age 14 foot or so thunderstorm tremendous increase which the thunderstorm designed which often soared above the beach retaining wall that had been constantly in place to counteract this deluge by transpiring. When knowing the sales of this valuable browsing option, H& L knowledgeable prospective customers how the jimmy choo outlet boots and shoes could be bought to begin with in minimal quantities. Silicone wristbands were to be handed to the primary 160 individuals collection. The advertising on the H& L Choo Shoes or boots is amazing next two of the most successful rules in advertising: exclusivity and deficiency. Because of this, the H& L outlets had women camping out in their doorsteps. Many of Jimmy Choo Flats them even banded on water for more than 14 several hours. It sounds the same as
Star Trek Pilot
Captain Kirk’s Predecessor: Star Trek Was RAND Corporation Predictive Programming     Jurriaan MaessenInfowars.comJanuary 21, 2013 In a rare and recently unearthed interview from 1965, the actor who preceded William Shatner as first captain of the Enterprise, stated that the series was based on the RAND Corporation’s “projection of things to come”. Actor Jeffrey Hunter, who played captain Christopher Pike in the Star Trek pilot “The Cage” told a Hollywood columnist in January of ’65 that he hoped the pilot-episode would be picked up as a series because he was intrigued by the fact that the series was based on the RAND corporation’s &
Miss U Daddy
Marketing Made Easy
  Hello all, Life as a network marketer is extremely rewarding, with your every effort rightfully compensated. Your individual sales as a network marketer are rewarded with commissions, and you can also build a downline organization that can help you earn more.A downline is simply a network of individuals that you have invited into the business and work as a team under your leadership. Indeed, becoming a team leader is ideal for network marketers looking forward to better earnings. However, not everyone is blessed with the skills and qualities that will enable them to make effective and competent leaders. Fret not, for there are many ways to develop your leadership skills without hurting your budget.For starters, there are webinars available online that will surely help bring out the leader in you. These webinars will give you an idea of the basic concepts and principles of leadership. Some webinars may charge a small fee, but if you patiently scour the Internet, you’ll be able
I luv all my family on here.  Just want to let them know that.  I been debating though over taking a break from fu or not. Or maybe I need to expand my horizons on here and go out and make newer friends.  Usually though when I make good  friends I prefer to just pay attn to them and not play the game on here as much.   So much has been happening on here that its just making me lose interest.  Got one good friend who doesnt come on as much..due to fact hes tired of the drama. Another friend i care alot about who has had problems with drama..and not talking much anymore.  I know I got some friends who would love more of my attn.  I am sorry.. I dont know why I cant give you the attn you want.  Maybe its because you  want to much from me and I just cant give you that attn.  Anyways.. hasnt been much fun for me lately.  Just stating how I been feeling lately.  I do not need know it all comments by a certain person.. I do not need drama. I just want things to be way use to be..where
Just A Few For Those That Want More
I'M CURIOUS.... IF YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 40 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I want to know you better! BE HONEST!! COPY FROM HERE THEN SEND DIRECTLY TO ME IN A MESSAGE THEN, REPOST THE EMPTY QUESTIONS AS A BLOG OR BULLETIN. 1.)Q. Are you currently in a serious relationship? 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you? 8.)Q. Any Tattoos or Piercings? Explain where. 9.)Q. Worst Habit? 10.)Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride? 11.)Q. What is your favorite sport? 12.)Q. Do you have a Negative or Optimistic attitude? 13.)Q. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me? 14.)Q. Worst thing to ever happen to you? 15.)Q. Tell me one weird fact
Why Are Women Clueless..
why are women  clueless.. on first date.. man wants sex she gives it up and falls in love... she calls over and over again just to say hi.. why are women clueless.. on first date.. why are man clueless on the first date.. one night stand  "Really"....                                                                   bY LoVe GiRL...                                            "I guess it works both ways"
I'm More Then That...
I'm more then that.. yellow love in the moon, I won't run to you love no more blue blue no more true true love will come fly summer sky's love stay love stay don't go away won't run to you love no more blue blue no more true true love will come fly summer sky's....                 bY LoVe GiRL                            "Yellow Moon" ..
I Was A One Night Stand...
I was a one night stand.. I ran to you... I was a one night stand.. I made that call you didn't .. I was a one night stand.. I made all the moves I was a one night stand.. you did all the talking... I was a one night stand.. you didn't know me at all.. I was a on night stand... don't talk at all.. what the hell.. I was a one night stand.. to you.. that is all.              bY LoVe GiRL "not no more I won't lower myself to a man"                                                                                       I'm more then that>>> 
Walter Mitty's Second Amendment
Once upon a time, there was a people who inhabited a majestic land under an all-powerful government. Now this government had the resources to control practically every aspect of human existence; hundreds of thousands of "public servants" could access the most personal details of every citizen's life because everyone was issued a number at birth with which the government would track him throughout his life. No one could even work in gainful employment without this number. True, the government left certain domains of individual action largely free, particularly matters concerning speech and sex. These activities posed no real threat to the state. When not used to entertain and divert, the power of speech was used principally to clamor for more or better goods from the state, or for "reforms" to make the state work "better," thereby entrenching the people's dependency. And insofar as sex was concerned, well, the people's behavior in this area also really had no effect on the scope of st
How do you forgive someone who has chosen drugs over thier family? How do you forgive someome one who said they would love only you for the rest of their life? Cheat???? How?
No, No, No Not Now
I kept on telling myself, everyone else is getting sick, maybe this "flu" will just pass me by. I don't get sick that often. Damn!! Have had the scratchy throat, the body aches and there has been no fever or upset tummy. Yeah so anyways, I'm gonna say I have only a slight case.  I am still holding hope that I can make it through this requirement thing on Fubar. I'm now at level 34 with enough points to make it to level 39. I'm not going to start to think it will be easy. Actually it is more fun. I am pretty sure my requirements are visable to others if they want to look, so I won't go and tell anyone straight out what I need. I am still trying to return the love I get, however its just not possible for me to return it all. I have a laptop that has a mighty sensative curser. Sometimes it matters to me, then sometimes I am not really into caring for something that is so wild. I'm the type to like not so difficult things. I more than adore hard things just not difficult things. I'm hop
The Iron By Henry Rollins
An article I read many years ago and has been reprinted in just about every strength training and strongman magazine and gym in existance.  One big life lesson by a man worth listening to.     I believe that the definition of definition is reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. Completely.When I was young I had no sense of myself. All I was, was a product of all the fear and humiliation I suffered. Fear of my parents. The humiliation of teachers calling me "garbage can" and telling me I'd be mowing lawns for a living. And the very real terror of my fellow students. I was threatened and beaten up for the color of my skin and my size. I was skinny and clumsy, and when others would tease me I didn't run home crying, wondering why. I knew all too well. I was there to be antagonized. In sports I was laughed at. A spaz. I was pretty good at boxing but only because the rage that filled my every waking moment made me wild and unpredictable. I
I Have A Dream
I have a dream  That my daughter will be treated equally ..  The she will loved not for the colour of her skin  But for her kind heart and soul    I have a dream that she will do something to give back to humanity ..  She touch lives with her kindness..  And that she will successful enough to give back to the community in which she lives ..  I have a dream , that she won't let the racism around her poison her heart , but will she everything as challenge to overcome ,  to make things better ..    I will always have this dream , and this love for eqaulity among us all ..  I pray that others will keep this kind of dream  and  create own dreams for thier  children  as well ..    Let us use love , instead of hate !!! Let us use kind words to encourage rather then sad ones to hurt . avenge etc ...  Lets us have courage to do the right things ..    And let her Know that once i'm gone i'll live on in her heart , in her soul forever ..  And may she continue to pass on the dre
4k Hd Pioneer F898 Quan Zhi A31 Quad-core
4K HD Pioneer F898 quan zhi A31 quad-core Tablet android Quattro guerra nucleare sarà formalmente aperto, i maggiori produttori anche tendenza avidi, portato a voi oggi da Pioneer Gun F898, quan zhi A31 chip quad-core, giochi, video, pagine web, macchina fotografica, la conservazione, e il consumo di potere basso, schermo, strumenti sono migliorate così tanto. Il Pioneer A31 F898 quan zhi chip quad-core di elaborazione, Power VR SGX544 MP2 GPU, dotato di Android 4.1 Sistema operativo, in generazione 2G DDR terza memoria, 16G di memoria fusoliera, da 9,7 pollici IPS display HD, 1024 x 768 pixel di risoluzione. Pre-30W 500W pixel fotocamera posteriore. Supporto Wi-Fi, sensore di gravità, jack da 3,5 mm per cuffie, slot per schede TF, interfaccia HDMI uscita HD, mini USB, presa di alimentazione. Tablet pc Il Pioneer F898 con il VR SGX544 MP2 POWER GPU ha otto motore di visualizzazione, per sostenere 4Kx2K decodifica video e uscita allo stesso tempo. Inoltre, A31 è dotato di dual-channe
Rebuilding A List Of Friends, I Can Use Some Help. Can Some People Give Me A Hand, Please?
I am having a hard time with doing this. Forsome ood reason. It could be due too the fact that i need Laser treatment on my eyes. THEY ARE GIVING ME hEAD ACHES. Yuk. MY eye treatment is on the 31st of Feb. Jim Wood
Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You By John F Kennedy
Vice President Johnson, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chief Justice, President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon, President Truman, reverend clergy, fellow citizens, we observe today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom - symbolizing an end, as well as a beginning - signifying renewal, as well as change. For I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our forebears prescribed nearly a century and three quarters ago. The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life. And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe - the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God. We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Ame
I Have A Dream Speech By Martin Luther King Jr
I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity. But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. One hundred years later, the Negro is still languishing in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land. So we have come here today to dramatize a shameful condition. In a sense
Guns In Movies
Time Warner Bans Gun Ads, Continues to Produce Movies Full of Gun Violence     Establishment attempts to make firearms ownership taboo Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comJanuary 21, 2013 Despite the fact that its subsidiary Warner Bros. routinely distributes blockbuster movies that are replete with gratuitous gun violence, Time Warner Cable has issued a company-wide ban on television ads that show “guns pointed at people,” another illustration of how firearms ownership is being made taboo to coincide with the Obama administration’s gun control agenda. “We no longer accept ads showing semiautomatic weapons and guns pointed at people,” Time Warner Ca
Goodson. With Mcfadden And Goodson Healthy Again And The Raiders Having Signed Fullback Jamize Olawale
ALAMEDA, Calif. Ahmad Brooks Jersey . -- The Oakland Raiders reinstated linebacker Rolando McClain from the suspended list on Monday and cut starting cornerback Ron Bartell in the teams latest roster shake-up. The Raiders (3-10) also cut backup fullback Owen Schmitt and promoted cornerback Chimdi Chekwa from the practice squad as they plan to get a better look at young players down the stretch of another disappointing season. McClain had been suspended for two games on Nov. 30 for conduct detrimental to the team after a practice run-in with coach Dennis Allen. McClain did not practice Monday and is not required to return to the team until he meets with Allen, who was in Texas on Monday for his fathers funeral. The team says Allen will discuss McClains role with him after he returns. General manager Reggie McKenzie declined to comment on the moves and Allen will not be available to discuss them until he returns to practice on Wednesday. But players said the news that Bartell was gone to
Tuesday Over The Toronto
LOS ANGELES -- A minor fender bender in a Dodger Stadium parking lot over the weekend led to the beating of a driver and the arrest of four people more than a year after a San Francisco Giants fan was left with brain damage after an attack on opening day, police said Monday. Torrey Smith Womens Jersey . The latest attack occurred Sunday, when the victim, a man in his 20s, had a collision with another driver and three other men pinned him down, police said. The other driver kicked and hit the victim in the head and face while he was on the ground, police Sgt. David Armas said. "It was just a minor fender bender that just got totally out of hand," he said. The victim, whose name was not released, had scrapes and cuts to his face, but his injuries were not life-threatening, Armas said. A woman in the victims car who is eight months pregnant was not hurt, but she was examined at a hospital as a precaution, he said. The four men were arrested for investigation of assault with a deadly weapo
Have Some Weapons Outside Now That Kenny Britt Is Back From The Ankle Injury To Team With Nate Washington
CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Browns signed rookie wide receiver Josh Gordon to a four-year, $5. Frank Gore Game Jersey .3 million contract on Monday. The deal includes $3.8 million in guaranteed money. The Browns selected Gordon last week in the second round of the NFLs supplemental draft. The team forfeited a second-round pick in 2013 to get Gordon, a talented and troubled player who was dismissed at Baylor after testing positive for marijuana after his sophomore season. Browns general manager Tom Heckert said the team did exhaustive background checks on Gordon and are confident theyre getting a player who can help them immediately. Gordon had 42 catches for 714 yards and seven touchdowns in 2010 for Baylor. He transferred to Utah, but did not play in any games for the school. Heckert said last week that the 6-foot-4, 224-pound Gordon has the potential to be a No. 1 wide receiver. With Gordon signed, the only draft picks not under contract are running back Trent Richardson and quarterba
Out Three Of The Six Batters He
TORONTO -- The image of a sobbing Paula Findlay crossing the finish line in last place will be one of the most enduring of the London Olympics. Justin Tucker Black Jersey . The distraught 23-year-old triathlete from Edmonton said she just "had nothing in my legs," which she now believes was largely the result of iron deficiency anemia. Canadian sports medicine and nutrition experts say Findlays health diagnosis isnt particularly surprising. "Probably our highest risk group is the female elite endurance athlete," said Dr. Julia Alleyne, whos worked with Canadian athletes at five Olympic Games and is the medical director for Sport Care --the sports medicine clinic at Womens College Hospital in Toronto. Findlay announced earlier this week she was cutting her season short due to iron deficiency anemia. She had hoped to make up for her heartbreak in London with a strong showing at next months world championships in New Zealand before recent blood work showed low levels of iron. "Unfortunate
Devils After Finishing As The Eighth Seed In The Western Conference. Los Angeles Sports A 15-2 Record In These Playoffs
NEW YORK -- The U. Ray Lewis Jersey .S. Open will finish on a Monday for the fifth consecutive year. With a potentially dangerous storm expected Saturday night in Flushing Meadows, the tournament suspended play for the day while David Ferrer was leading Novak Djokovic 5-2 in the first set of their semifinal. Spectators were told to leave Arthur Ashe Stadium. That match was scheduled to resume Sunday, with the mens final shifted from its originally scheduled Sunday slot to Monday. Andy Murray reached the final by beating Tomas Berdych. Earlier, the womens final between Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka that was supposed to be played Saturday night was shifted to Sunday. Haloti Ngata Jersey . Brandon Moss homered for Oakland and left-hander Travis Blackley (2-2) picked off two runners while holding a Texas lineup filled with All-Stars to one run over seven innings. The fifth 10-strikeout game for Darvish (10-5) matched NL All-Star pitcher R. Ravens Ray Rice Jersey . Liverpool hosts W
Presence Of His Caddie And Uncle Matt St. Louis, A Frequent Player At The Donald Ross Layout. "he Knows The Course Better Than Me, And Of People L
WINDSOR, Ont. Ray Rice Jersey . -- David Byrne made seven birdies to share top spot after the opening round at the WFCU Windsor Roseland Charity Classic on Thursday. Byrne, a native of nearby Essex who has logged hundreds of rounds at the Roseland Golf and Curling club, fired a 5-under 65 to tie James Allenby of Langley, B.C., and Americans Joe Panzeri and Garrett Frank for the lead. Byrnes local knowledge was enhanced by the presence of his caddie and uncle Matt St. Louis, a frequent player at the Donald Ross layout. "He knows the course better than me, and of people living, no one knows it better than him," said Byrne. Allenby made five birdies and an eagle, and is looking to get back on track after being disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard at the Players Cup in Winnipeg last month. Patrick Scheil and Matt Grush are one shot back at 66. Steven Lecuyer of Grimshaw, Alta., and Wilson Bateman of Spruce Grove, Alta., are two shots back with Eugene Choe and Dodge Kemmer. Halot
Earlier Injury-time Mistake. Http:// .5 Forward Somersault Dive May Have Fallen
MINNEAPOLIS -- Tie game, clock winding down, ball in his hands. NFL Customized Jerseys . Its been a while since Kemba Walker has been in that situation. When he finally found himself there with the Charlotte Bobcats, the super-slick guard dipped into his UConn bag of tricks. Just like Villanova, Texas, Pitt and most other college teams he vanquished, the Minnesota Timberwolves had no chance. Walkers jumper with 0.7 seconds left lifted the Bobcats to an 89-87 victory over the Timberwolves on Wednesday night, giving Charlotte its first three-game winning streak in nearly 20 months. Walker finished with 22 points, five assists and four rebounds, and his 19-footer over the out-stretched arm of Alexey Shved before the young Bobcats mobbed him in the backcourt to celebrate a victory that was so difficult to come by last season. "Tonight, you can say that," Walker said when asked if it felt like he was back in Storrs, Conn. "It felt like one of those days. I had a lot of game winners in my co
Generated When Roethlisberger
DETROIT -- Shannon Eastin has made NFL history. Bernard Pollard Jersey . Eastin was the line judge in Sundays St. Louis Rams-Detroit Lions game, making her the first woman to be an official in a regular-season game. She is among the replacement officials hired by the league while the regular officials are locked out. Replacement officials are working games for the first time in 11 years. The only time her pony tail could be seen was during the national anthem, after which she tucked it under her cap and got ready to work. Eastin became the first female official to work an NFL preseason game last month as the line judge when Green Bay played at San Diego. The Pro Football Hall of Fame has the hat and whistle she used during that preseason game, and theyll be displayed in Canton, Ohio. The 42-year-old resident of Tempe, Ariz. has worked as a referee in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference -- college footballs second-highest level -- and has 16 years of officiating experience. MEAC officia
Four Aces, 10 Winners And 23 Unforced Errors
MELBOURNE, Australia -- Canadas Milos Raonic overcame a shaky start to win his opening match at the Australian Open. Baltimore Ravens Lewis Jersey . Raonic dropped the first set but reversed his momentum to score a 3-6, 6-1, 6-2, 7-6 (0) victory over Jan Hajek of the Czech Republic to advance to the second round Tuesday. The 13th-ranked Thornhill, Ont., native used his power serve to bomb Hajek with 30 aces and broke serve four times from 15 chances, ending with 57 winners and 50 unforced errors. But he wasnt particularly pleased with his effort. "It was not my finest two and a half hours," said Raonic. "I wasnt putting anything on the ball the whole match, I was playing a little bit tight. I wasnt hitting freely. I was just letting him get in the points and get in the match." Raonic also dominated the fourth-set tiebreaker, winning on the first of six match points in windy conditions he said werent a factor. "The wind wasnt that bad, as bad as it seemed, it was actually pretty OK to p
Know The Plays, Your Teammates
TORONTO -- His long legs stretched out in front of him, knees encased in ice bags, Mickael Pietrus relished being back in the NBA. David Akers Womens Jersey . Especially the welcome from the Air Canada Centre crowd when he entered the game for the first time as a Raptor with just under five minutes remaining in the first quarter. "It feels good. It feels good," the French forward said in melodic English. "That was a great moment for me when they cheered for me. "And theyre going to see more from Pietrus. Yes." Pietrus, with just the morning shootaround under his belt, played a surprising 31 minutes 30 seconds in the Raptors 101-97 win over the Phoenix Suns. He finished with six points on two-of-seven shooting. But they came on two three-pointers -- he entered into the game a career .345 three-point shooter -- and his threat from the arc helped stretch the Suns. He also got a few body parts in the way of some Phoenix passes. The win snapped a six-game losing streak for the Raptors (3-14
On Sunday Night, "its
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. Patrick Willis Elite Jersey . -- Wes Welker was jogging back to the line after running a route during the New England Patriots first training camp session Thursday when owner Bob Kraft arrived on the sideline and pointed in his direction. Wasting no time, the Pro Bowl receiver immediately approached Kraft, the two sharing a quick embrace and a handshake before parting ways. At least on the surface, everything appears to be just fine between Welker and the Patriots despite the two failing to agree on a long-term contract this off-season. "Everyone tried. I tried, they tried, and it just didnt work out," said Welker, who signed a $9.5 million franchise tender on May 15. "Its in the past and were moved onto this season, which we expect to be a good one." Welker is now resigned to playing out his one-year deal after both sides couldnt come to terms on a longer contract before July 15, the deadline to sign franchised players to a multiyear pact. Coming off one of the great
Such As Bringing Back Linebacker
(Sports Network) - The Atlanta Hawks take their latest shot at trying to solve the Boston Celtics in the postseason when the two teams kick off their Eastern Conference quarterfinals set at Philips Arena. Michael Crabtree Jersey . In the playoffs, this rivalry dates all the way back to the 1956-57 season when the Hawks called St. Louis home. Since moving to the Peach State in 1968, however, the Hawks have never beaten the Celtics in the postseason, losing six straight series (1972, 73, 83, 86, 88 and 2008.) This time around in the Easts 4-5 matchup, Atlanta has earned home- court advantage over Boston even though it is seeded fifth, since the Hawks finished with one more win than the Atlantic Division champions. "Well, wed rather not (start on the road)," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. "Honestly. It wouldve been easier to open up at home, but were just not." The home floor was more than instrumental the last time these teams tangled in the postseason. The host prevailed each time durin
Opportunities. We Just Didnt Cash It In." It Was The
CHICAGO -- The Cubs havent had much success against the Brewers this season. Tom Rathman Womens Jersey . With a wild comeback win on Thursday, Chicago at least got the last laugh against their NL Central rival. Jonathan Lucroy hit a grand slam and drove in seven runs for Milwaukee, but Alfonso Sorianos RBI single capped a three-run comeback in the ninth inning that lifted the Chicago Cubs over the Brewers 12-11. The Cubs win capped a lopsided season series between the teams that saw Milwaukee take 13 of 17 games. Cubs manager Dale Sveum was a coach for the Brewers before taking the reins in Chicago. "Anybody else need a nap?" Sveum asked after the 4-hour, 9-minute marathon. In a seesaw game featuring a combined 15 extra-base hits, the Cubs led 3-0, trailed 9-3 and were still down 11-9 going into the ninth. Starlin Castro hit an RBI single against Francisco Rodriguez (2-7), Anthony Rizzo tied it with his second double of the afternoon and Soriano won the game with his one-out drive off
Felt Bad That Another Player
SEATTLE -- Russell Wilson got the hook. Colin Kaepernick Red Jersey . He wasnt complaining. On his way to some NFL history, Wilson was told to be an observer for the final 25 minutes of Seattles 58-0 rout of the inept Arizona Cardinals. "It was great to be able to come out of the game because we blew them out so bad," Wilson said. "The game was a crazy game throughout." Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner each had two interceptions, Marshawn Lynch ran for three touchdowns and the Seahawks set a franchise record for points. They forced eight turnovers and kept firm grasp on the final NFC wild-card spot. Seattle (8-5) also holds a slim chance of catching San Francisco in the NFC West. Wilson became the first rookie quarterback to start and win his first six games at home since the 1970 merger. "This was really a different game. This is so much different than everything weve played," Seattle coach Pete Carroll said. "Its a nice reward. Sometimes you get a chance to win big like that and we h
Kobayashi Was Sixth
ST. Anthony Allen Jersey . PAUL, Minn. -- The Minnesota Wild have signed defenceman Clayton Stoner to a two-year, $2.1 million contract extension. The Wild announced the move on Thursday. The 27-year-old Stoner is one member of a rebuilding defence corps that the Wild hopes to improve in front of goaltender Niklas Backstrom next season. Stoner had one goal and four assists in 51 games for the Wild last season. He led the team in plus-minus rating during an injury-plagued season and impressed coaches with his physical play on the blue line. He was a third-round pick of the Wild in 2004 and first started to show promise in the 2010-11 when he played in 57 games and led the team in plus-minus rating with a plus-5. Dennis Pitta Super Bowl Jersey . Correia gave up two runs and four hits in six innings, helping Pittsburgh beat the Chicago Cubs 3-2 and avoid getting swept at home from the first time since Sept. Dennis Pitta Pink Jersey . -- Washington Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon says he h
Best Dealer Of Spy Cameras In Mumbai
Spy products demand is increasing in recent years. This is the best security surveillance to protect you and your family. There are wide varieties in the spy products with different feature. Modern technology easy to use them. Different spy products are available like CCTV, pen, cap, Spy software, GPS tracker and mobile phone watcher any many more spy cameras are available in different range. In India spy camera demand is increase day by day. Because of the crime is increase gradually. Everyone wants to protection for his/her family. In India some of the cities are use spy product mostly. Maximum demand if spy camera in Delhi. Demand of spy camera in Hyderabad is raise in recent years. Spy software product demand is more than other spy product. What is spy software? Let us discuss. In Hyderabad Spy phone software maximum use. Spy software is a cellular device. With the help of this surveillance You can monitor cell phone through website. There is maximum use of this product for moni
Plus Size Women's Clothing - You Don't Have To Be Skinny To Look Fashionable
There is a general misconception in the world of fashion that women have to be lean and skinny in order to look graceful and pretty. Well, with properly designed clothing, even the bulkier ladies can look as elegant and beautiful. You don't really need to have a tiny body to feel good about yourself. Many companies have downsized their plus size women's clothing productions, while some have even eliminated the range completely. It really does not make any sense because the numbers of overweight or obese women have not really gone down. On the contrary, it has gone much higher than what it was in the past. It has become very difficult to find plus size women's clothes in the market these days. Even the retail outlets fear stocking such clothing, because they are afraid that their merchandise will remain in their hangers for a long time. The good news is that there are many reliable companies that sell fuller figure clothing for women from their websites. The designers put in a lo
Groeiprognose Van Mobiele Telefoon Industrie
Het basisconcept van mobiele telefoons begon in 1947, toen onderzoekers keken naar mobiele autotelefoons en realiseerde zich dat door het gebruik van kleine cellen met frequentie hergebruik, ze konden de verkeerscapaciteit van mobiele telefoons aanzienlijk te verhogen. Op dat moment de technologie daartoe niet beschikbaar. Dan Martin Cooper, een voormalig general manager voor de systemen divisie van Motorola, beschouwd als de uitvinder van de eerste moderne draagbare handset, introduceert een draagbare mobiele telefoon. Bell Laboratories introduceerde het idee van de mobiele telefoon de communicatie in 1947 met de politie auto-technologie. Echter Motorola als eerste de technologie in een draagbaar apparaat dat is ontworpen voor gebruik buiten een automobiel en in 1979 de eerste commerciële mobiele telefoon systeem begon de werking in Tokyo.De telecom-industrie speelt een belangrijke rol in de wereldeconomie en de wereldwijde inkomsten. Volgens de International Data Corporation Worldwid
Projektionen Zum Wachstum Der Handy-industrie
Das Grundkonzept des android handys begann im Jahr 1947, als Forscher an mobilen Autotelefone sah und erkannte, dass durch die Verwendung von kleinen Zellen mit Frequenzwiederverwendung, sie könnten die Verkehrsleistung von Mobiltelefonen deutlich erhöhen. Jedoch zu diesem Zeitpunkt war die Technik dazu nicht verfügbar. Dann Martin Cooper, ein ehemaliger General Manager für den Geschäftsbereich Systems bei Motorola, als die Erfinder des ersten modernen tragbaren Hörer, führte eine portable beste android handys. Bell Laboratories führte die Idee von Handy-Kommunikation im Jahr 1947 mit dem Polizeiauto Technologie. Allerdings war Motorola die ersten, die Technologie in ein tragbares Gerät, das für den Einsatz außerhalb eines Automobils entworfen wurde und im Jahr 1979 das erste kommerzielle Handy-System seinen Betrieb in Tokyo zu integrieren.Die Telekom-Branche spielt eine wichtige Rolle in der Weltwirtschaft und der globalen Einnahmen. Laut der International Data Corporation Worldwide Q
I hear the echoes and I gladly listen for the beat and rhythm as the skies glisten.   A deep thunderous thirst is what I hear, in the pit of your soul I sense a hint of fear.   Fear that I know, can be respected and tried, I will reach in and grab you if you try to hide.   I see differently than the ways of this world and like a dragons tail will always stay curled;   I forevermore will remain true ...      ... to you ...
Proiezioni Di Crescita Del Settore Della Telefonia Mobile
Il concetto di base di telefoni cellulari ha avuto inizio nel 1947, quando i ricercatori hanno esaminato i telefoni cellulari per auto e si rese conto che utilizzando piccole cellule con riutilizzo della frequenza, si potrebbe aumentare la capacità di traffico dei telefoni cellulari in modo sostanziale. Tuttavia, a quel tempo, la tecnologia per farlo non era disponibile. Poi Martin Cooper, un ex direttore generale della divisione sistemi di Motorola, considerato l'inventore del primo telefono portatile moderno, ha introdotto un telefono cellulare portatile. Bell Laboratories ha introdotto l'idea di comunicazioni telefoniche cellulari nel 1947 con la tecnologia auto della polizia. Tuttavia, Motorola è stata la prima ad integrare la tecnologia in un dispositivo portatile che è stato progettato per l'uso al di fuori di un automobile e nel 1979 il primo sistema commerciale di cellulare ha iniziato il suo funzionamento a Tokyo.L'industria delle telecomunicazioni ha un ruolo importante per l
Going For Affordable Brautkleid
Low cost Brautkleider und Prinzessin fantaghiro wiki deuten nicht auf einen Kompromiss über High-Qualität! Die Trauung Kleid und Kleider ist sehr bedeutsam, da es jede und jeder, AOS Traum wie eine Prinzessin aussehen soll. Die Trauung Kleid hat Gefühlen daran angeschlossenen, so wird es einzigartig. Auf der Hochzeitszeremonie, jeder will wirklich Einblick von der Braut und des Bräutigams haben, so Bräute-to-be wirklich das Gefühl, es ist entscheidend, um ihre besten aussehen. Häufig löst das nicht geringen Kosten Verkaufspreises der Trauung Kleider und Kleider Bräute andere kritische Braut Dinge ins Abseits, wie Frisur, Schuhe, Handtaschen etc., die Sie sollten auf die Auswahl der billige Hochzeit Kleid und Kleider zu suchen. Welchen vogue Sie verbraucht das Brautkleid einen großen Teil der Hochzeitszeremonie Ausgaben Budget. Normalerweise sind die vielen Designern applaudieren die Einzigartigkeit und Exklusivität ihrer Seide und Satin Kleider. Having said that, Sie, Aore Gefühl jed
Projections De Croissance De L'industrie Téléphone Mobile
Le concept de base des téléphones portables a commencé en 1947, lorsque les chercheurs ont examiné les tablette pc pas cher de voiture et s'est rendu compte que l'utilisation de petites cellules de réutilisation des fréquences, ils pourraient augmenter la capacité de trafic de la téléphonie mobile de façon substantielle. Cependant, à cette époque, la technologie pour le faire n'était pas disponible. Puis, Martin Cooper, un ancien directeur général de la division des systèmes chez Motorola, considéré comme l'inventeur du premier combiné portable moderne, a présenté un téléphone portable mobile. Bell Laboratories introduit l'idée de communications téléphoniques cellulaires en 1947 avec la technologie voiture de police. Toutefois, Motorola a été le premier à intégrer la technologie dans un appareil portatif qui a été conçu pour être utilisé à l'extérieur d'une automobile et en 1979 le premier système commercial de téléphone cellulaire a commencé son opération à Tokyo.Le secteur des téléco
Proyecciones De Crecimiento De La Industria De Teléfono Móvil
El concepto básico de los teléfonos celulares se inició en 1947, cuando los investigadores evaluaron los teléfonos móviles coche y se dio cuenta que al usar células pequeñas con reutilización de frecuencias, podrían aumentar la capacidad de tráfico de los teléfonos móviles de forma sustancial. Sin embargo, en ese momento, la tecnología para hacerlo no estaba disponible. A continuación, Martin Cooper, un ex gerente general de la división de sistemas de Motorola, considerado el inventor del primer teléfono portátil moderno, presentó un teléfono móvil portátil. Laboratorios Bell introdujo la idea de las comunicaciones de telefonía celular en 1947 con la tecnología del coche de policía. Sin embargo, Motorola fue la primera en incorporar la tecnología en un dispositivo portátil que ha sido diseñado para su uso fuera de un automóvil, y en 1979 el primer sistema comercial teléfono celular comenzó a operar en Tokio.La industria de las telecomunicaciones juega un papel importante en la economía
Les Applications De Productivity Meilleures Versez Your Nouvel Ipad
Alors Qué Les Fêtes de Fin d'Année SONT DEJA BIEN entamées, including the period de Noël Qui se réservent Toujours Nombreuses surprises de, versez certains Il Est Peut-Etre températures de Reprendre le boulot, et écoulement d'Autres droit d'extraction de Le Temps de Découvrir les cadeaux du Père Noël Reçus. Si coulée reconstituer non casse-tête Vous devriez certainement Pouvoir Vous passant de mes conseils, en Revanche, If you real property non VENEZ d'iPad, Mini ous non, Vous voudriez Peut-Etre savoir quelles applications installateur sur CE DERNIER? En Effet, qu'il s'agisse de l'iPad de 9,7 pouces ous du Mini iPad Nouvel 7,9 pouces de, Vous êtes en possession d'Maintenant non dispositf Qui SEULEMENT non disposer d'Un grand écran et non processeur rapide, MAIS QUI VOUS Permet de bénéficier Et D'ACCEDER A L'ONU des Meilleurs magasins d'applications nouvel ipad .L'App Store d'Apple iOS d'un non NOMBRE D'incroyable d'applications et de jeux, MAIS Vous pourriez Avoir du mal à trouver you
How To Match Dressing In Winter To Become Charming
Fur coat and cotton jacket are the hot winter fashion items, so do you know the methods for these two kinds of outwears trendy collocation? How to match them will be able to release your charming appearance? Following on girls from South Korea, who will show you the two jacket winter fashion collocation, together with the Korean Japan to have a look of their coat fresh collocations! Cotton jacket + splicing Leggings + Short Boots 2012 is very popular candy colored cotton jacket, the Korean style lemon yellow cotton jacket, must be adorable sister who loves a oh! Wear a black turtleneck sweater, wearing a bottoming trousers and boots, is very modern fashion. Fur coat + Knit Skirt Brown jacket, light Cougar winter love of a dress, are low-key gentle and very mature atmosphere. Coffee color coat, which with a white knit dress, not only is very thin, and very fashionable avant-courier, if feel the overall mix thin effect is not obvious, but quota of leather belt! Lamb woo
Well Known Wholesale Apparel Supplier From China Korean Japan Clothing
  7e-fashion Korea-Japan Garment Co. Ltd is a famous international fashion company. The company was founded in 2007, headquartered in China's garment shrine -- Dongguan South City. It is a combined women's clothing enterprise which is professional engaged in R & D, production, marketing and the official website of company online B2C wholesale platform is The company brings together the nine management center, marketing center, R & D center, brand promotion, information network, logistics and distribution, production management, quality service, and Center for human resources, modern organization management system has a people-oriented, with a clear development, design concept and exquisite production process. The online apparel wholesaler Company has been hailed as the "clothing collection". Most of its clothing design is with brief succinct free combination of multiple series, while showing South Korea fashion it also pursuits of the international trend, fi
Fake Oakley Hues: Probably The Most Elegant Accent To Help You Outwit Other Individuals
 Fake oakley Hues: Probably The Most Elegant Accent to help you Outwit Other individuals They are saying, "What someone don is which team you are". Today your current smartness and sophistication is in fact described by the equipment and also outfits you choose to put on. Might be this is actually the crucial reason why we presume consequently intrigued with the interesting life-style in your preferred celebrity. You want to purchase every thing they will put on all of us stick to their unique type quotient from clothes to be able to add-ons like Fendi Sunglasses For Women , purses and oakley colors. Although it difficult for all to reside along with gown comparable to their favored celebrity there is however a very important factor many of us are able to afford and search stunning inside being a spectacular pair of oakley sunglasses ijnbgrdn. The specific brands such as Jimmy Prohibit, Gucci, Jeff ford are incredibly loved by celebs and are available inside significant selection and c
~ Aim Steady ~
last Don...thats to say last take first keep spawn...thats to say not cake,smurk and see whats fun...aim steady,steady aim walk it out or run...and write it down in testiment of what was thus begun. aim steady look the devil in the eye and laugh!...and thats tha shit i think about before i take a bath...grew up in a city wear its known to claim a staff...and universal love may save your life if you cant dapp. sayith the dark halos that showed me books...and start off with knife stares,and dareing deadly looks...and end up with your two,and be the took and the south you burn the food we wont be quick to let you cook. aint no song and dance no-more,its strickly dance and rain...mixed it with my pyrics or 2013 fangs...gothic south was flagin at my yettys and they maynes..and end up being the one that say 'forget the whole thang. {unfinished but cr}
Christian Louboutin Can Be Described As Sign To Get Extravagance And Chic
When you wear Louboutin Boots, you will definitely feel and even Christian Louboutin Sale Online. There are plenty of completely new styles may buy 2010 and beyond fresh versions and you may additionally find the other kind. Each of the Christian Louboutin designer high heel sandals may gratify any hopes eventually. Christian Louboutin sends signify a great deal to most women in some degree. Louboutin Heels permit the women look and feel outstanding. Those are the propel ability to pay for. Louboutin can be a token meant for expensive and stylish. As with the high prices, some of the massive enthusiasts are actually frightened out there, whilst many of them will probably perseverance to make really difficult verdict to purchase moobs that is certain to remove them on their plan for time. Now that this Christian Louboutin Evening as a result overpriced, no one wish to location the item injured speedily. Policies the Christian Louboutin families is undoubtedly the majority of w
He Drinks This Beer...
he drinks this beer.. shock top it's funny I try to get away from you, you turn up every where... in my dreams in the beer.. I try to for get.... away  from you... you are every where... bY LoVe GiRL... 
Chapter 2 A Gathering:chicago 14
2012 new style toms The more clearly Haw saw the image of himself finding and enjoying the New Cheese, the more hesaw himself leaving Cheese Station C. "Let's go!" he exclaimed, all of a sudden. clarisonic canada "No," Hem quickly responded. "I like it here. It's comfortable. It's what I know. Besides it'sdangerous out there.""No it isn't," Haw argued. "We've run through many parts of the maze before, and we can do itagain.""I'm getting too old for that," Hem said. ash shoes "And I'm afraid I'm not interested in getting lost and makinga fool of myself. Are you?"With that, Haw's fear of failing returned and his hope of finding New Cheese faded. So every day, the littlepeople continued to do what they had done before. toms canada They went to CheeseStation C, found no Cheese, and returned home, carrying their worried and frustrations with them.
Now I Speak
NOW I SPEAK MY MIND For so long i've kept my mouth closed trying to keep the piece. but no more it's time I speak my dam mind for a change and tell people what I really think. I will not be mentioning names mainly because I don't want to give these people their 15 seconds of fame. They really don't deserve 5 seconds never mind 15. For so long I kept my mouth closed to spare these people's feelings and now when I think about it did they ever spare mine? the answer is NO they told the truth and made fucking sure they hurt now it's my turn. If you are reading this and wondering if there is anything that will be said to do with you all I can say is you shall see, if you haven’t wronged me or hurt me then you wont be if you have and I remember then you will be. For what I’m about to write I have no apologies to give to anyone because you don't deserve it why should I apologise for what I think. Now I’ve introduced this enough I think it's time to begin. FAIT In Fa
For Girl Like Me
For girl like me I saw dancing like girl like me... so down the river for girl like me.. 
Be Careful What You Say There...
be careful what you say... ounces said you wrote it down on a pieces a paper.. this song makes me think of you be careful what you say...smoke blows in the deep dark moon sky can I make it to candy land to fly. So high, kiss you good bye. kiss fly away, kiss fly away nothing changed be careful what you say.... moment still kiss is long never forget this moment... be careful what you say...                      bY LoVe GiRL      momont stand still..
Part 15
Marissa didn't want to die. She was wanting to sleep away. She was dreaming, about the summer days .. drinking beers hanging out with her friends..  Something that doesn't come to easy for her. Then her mother Nanci wakes her and gives her the phone it's, it's Alex on the other end.. no it can't be her.. it's been days, weeks. She got to talk. Alex soft voice on the other end sound so sweet said mom are you OK..Mom I knew you would do something like this. Marissa said I love you Alex. Nothings Else was said. Alex hangs up the phone. Marissa was so sad over this phone call. She wanted to talk more tears run off her face wishing, she can go back to that place again with no pain.... She lays her head deep in her hands. She will think about it later as Marissa  mother Nanci  looks at her not knowing her baby helpless crying. As day trying into night Marissa lost in the night in and out not knowing what is next for her. Family hanging on, Marissa hoping she will  make it this night. "hangin
Getting Fresh Air Might Get You Killed !
True story.I walked down the street just to get some fresh air. Some asshole almost hit me with their car. I was like wtf!?!? I went to get something to eat at a subway. The sandwich artist was a major bitch. Next time, I'd rather breathe this funk in the air.
Sometimes the echoes of me screaming For love in my own empty heart Rupture my drums Madden my soul And threaten to tear me apart.   Sometimes the doubts and yearnings Of my own ogreish soul Ground me into nothing And pound me into a hole And never let go.   Other times there was you.
This Is One Of Those Days
This is one of those days, just one of those days, I want to remember for as long as I can. The angels in heaven must have been looking down on me smiling. I have proof, have you seen my ranking?? I didn't ever think it was possible!! 887 is a number that I feel blessed to have achieved. I would like to thank everyone that helped. I would like to continue to be here, when I can, for those that need anything. I like to help people and animals out. To make them feel better. However it may be possible. Yup, I do!! But I will not bend over fowards or backwards to do so. I was already a gymnast, so I could at one tim e do backbends. I don't like pain, its not my dang pleasure thang. So erase any idea you have of me bending foward.  If you have any complaints with me ever, I can now say I don't give a good gawd damn. Its taken me awhile, some things do. I am not scared to admit now or ever again that I am brain injured. I am not a model or the most stinking educated, but I am a TwinklingSt

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