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Tips For The Ladies
Tips for the Ladies 1. Aspire to be Barbie - the bitch has everything.  2. If the shoe fits - buy one in every colour.  3. Take life with a pinch of salt...a wedge of lime, and a shot of tequila.  4. In need of a support group? -- cocktail hour with the girls!  5. Go on the 30 day diet (I'm on it, and so far I've lost 15 days).  6. When life gets you down -- just put on your big girl panties and deal with it.  7. Let your greatest fear be that there is no PMS, and this is just your personality. 8. I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok.  They know me here.....  9. Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself.  10. Don't get your knickers in a knot, it solves nothing and makes you walk funny.  11. When life gives you lemons -- turn it into lemonade, then mix it with vodka.  12. Remember every good looking, sweet, single male is someone else's
Samsung Wird Push-6-version Galaxy S4 Maximale Kapazität Von 64gb
Peking 4. März nach dem Technologie-Website SamMobile berichtet, informierte Quellen, Samsung, die schwarz und weiß sowie 16GB, 32GB und 64GB Kapazität, insgesamt sechs Versionen des galaxy s4 Smartphone starten will. Allerdings wies die Quellen darauf hin, dass von Samsung, der Speicherplatz ist nie ein Problem, weil Samsung Produkte in der Regel mit einem MicroSD-Kartensteckplatz ausgestattet sind. Es gibt Gerüchte, dass die Galaxy S4 4,99 Zoll sein wird 1080p-Bildschirm, der Exynos 5 Acht-Kern-Prozessor, 2 GB RAM, 13-Megapixel-Rückfahrkamera und 2,0-Megapixel-Frontkamera, mit Android 4.2.2 angetrieben. Samsung wird in New York am 14. März die das Galaxy S4 Konferenz, wenn wir weitere Informationen melden gehalten werden.
Examen Apple Tablet Ipad Rapide
Pour un dispositif étonnant, vous pouvez pas faire mieux que la tablette iPad d'Apple. Cette tablette Apple iPad vous permet d'utiliser Internet partout où il ya possibilité wifi. Il ya 16 gigaoctets, soit plus assez de place pour une quantité innombrable de films, ou même une série uns de vos émissions de télévision préférées. Sans oublier bien sûr il ya aussi beaucoup de place pour l'ensemble de votre musique préférée. Je garde le mien avec moi tous les jours, toute la journée, en fait, car il est tellement facile à transporter et donc très portable. C'est d'innombrables applications d'approvisionnement de son "appstore" Permettez-moi d'organiser et améliorer ma vie. Beaucoup de gens que je connais ont pensé que cet appareil ne serait qu'une autre itouch envahi, mais j'ai effectivement trouvé que c'était beaucoup plus utile. Ces mêmes personnes sceptiques semblent dire le contraire après qu'ils ont effectivement acheté un. Le processeur plus rapide permet une expérience de navigatio
" If The Fu Shits................ "
A priest, a rabbi and a minister were walking through the jungle and all at once a giant  "Fu Bird"  started flying and hovering above the trio as they made their way. Much to their dismay the Fu Bird began to shit profusely on them with unrelenting vigor and soon the three were coverd in  Fu shit so thick they were unrecognizable. Eventually they came upon a river and the rabbi and minister jumped in without hesitation and scrubbed until they were clean again, but the priest refused to go in the river and join them. The three resumed their journey but once again the giant Fu Biird returned raining Fu shit down on them mercilessly. Eventually the rabbi and the minister became covered until they were unreconizable and once agiain when they came to a river the two jumped in but just like the first time the priest refused to join them and clean himself up. The trio resumed their journey and all at one they were set upon by a tribe of cannibals who promptly threw the rabbi and minister int
How To Add Scrolling Friends/family To Your Page
Copy the following code to your "ABOUT ME"  Paste it where you'd like for scroll to appear. I placed the examples above and below my Angel :)    For you noobs  Click on  Menu up on top--->My--->Settings---About Me & Interest---> Copy to the About me box:     All the stuff in blue between the quotes replace with your friends Name for title, URL to your friend/family for HREF and for IMG SRC replace the URL with your friends URL to thumbnail.   How do you get the URL for their page and how do you get the URL for the thumbnail?  Click on Friends Tab or Family Tab and select VIEW ALL To Copy URL to Friend/Family Member Page: Next RIGHT CLICK on FRIEND/FAMILY MEMBER NAME and select COPY LINK. Highlight the URL between the quotes on HREF in the code above and paste it. Make sure there is no spaces between the quotes and your URL (Example of Wrong: href " http ") (Example Right: href="http") To Copy URL for thumbnail: Right Click on Image and Select SAVE IMAGE LINK/URL Hi
The Perfect Guy
~The PERFECT guy would~   *Text you Everyday   *Tell you you're gorgeous in front of his homies.   *Stay on the phone with you even if you’re not saying anything..   *Teases you, but lets you tease back.   *Stays up all night with you when you’re sick.   *Watches your favorite movie with you.   *Won’t wipe his mouth after you kissed him.   *Gives you the world.   *Lets you wear his clothes.   *When you’re bored and sad, hangs out with you.   *Lets you know you’re important.   *Kisses you in the pouring rain.   *Would never say harsh words to you.   *Would ask you out
Since It Falls
Since It Falls   remember me fondly remember me well all thing must pass i don't want to say goodbye i don't want to make you cry i don't want to do it we're living in a world of fools time is running backwards the rush hour is now i don't mind i'm feeling no pain are ya gonna cruise the miracle mile how can i explain i'm learning to fly how sweet it is it ain't poetic it ain't profound all i need is what you've got we believe in things we cannot see why shouldn't we
If I Could Reach The Stars
If I Can Reach the Stars   If I can reach the stars, Pull one down for you, Shine it on my heart So you could see the truth: That this love I have inside Is everything it seems.   But for now I find It's only in my dreams. And I can change the world, I will be the sunlight in your universe. You would think my love was really something good, Baby if I could change the world.   And if I could be queen, Even for a day,
I Love You
I love you     I love you means many thing,   It’s the love of a sister   The love of a mother, a brother, a father       But to me, I love you means the world   When I say it to the person I love       When you hold me, I feel loved,   When you look at me, I know I’m loved,   When you smile at me, tell me I’m beautiful,   When we can sit in silence, I feel your love.       But do you love me?   Do you care for me?   Am I just a toy to use?   Am I a convenient distraction?   Am I a ploy to
Find Me Here
Find Me Here   Find me here And speak to me I want to feel you I need to hear you You are the light That’s leading me To the place Where I find peace again You are the strength That keeps me walking You are the hope That keeps me trusting You are the life To my soul You are my purpose You’re everything And how can me Stand here with you And not
If I Let You Go
If I Let You Go?     I wonder if I let you go   Will I still love you?   Will it change?   Will it get better?   Or will it hurt any less?   Will it hurt more?     And then I wonder if I let you go   Will you miss me?   Will you still love me?   Will you even care?   Or will you just look at me and say goodbye?       Will it hurt you?   Will it change you?   Will it be better for you?      
Lately   Lately I feel so small Or maybe its just that my bed has grown I never noticed it before but you were there So how was I to know   That this single bed Was always meant for two Not just anyone It was meant for me and you   And now your halfway round the world And im just a day behind Nothin seems to fill the hole That I have since you left my side You'll always be my little girl Though I cant hold you tonight And now your halfway round the world
As I Say Goodnight
As I Say Goodnight   As I am saying good night at the end of the day, And you are not here, but many miles away,   My heart is so empty and so lonely inside, As I wipe away a tear I am trying to hide.   I close my eyes and try to go to sleep, But with the sadness inside I begin to weep.   Suddenly I remember what you once said to me, Just meet me in the stars, waiting for you I will be.   When distance tends to keep us apart, Remember I still hold you near in my heart.
Apple Ipad Tablet Revisión Rápida
Para un dispositivo increíble, puedes hacer nada mejor que la tableta iPad de Apple. Esta tableta iPad de Apple te permite utilizar Internet desde cualquier lugar con capacidad wifi. Hay 16 gigabytes, más que suficiente para una cantidad incontable de películas, o incluso unas cuantas series de tus programas de televisión favoritos. Por no hablar de que hay, por supuesto, también un montón de espacio para toda tu música favorita. Yo tengo el mío llevo conmigo todos los días, todo el día, de hecho, ya que es muy fácil de llevar y muy portátil. Es un sinnúmero de aplicaciones de suministro de que es "appstore" me permite organizar y mejorar mi vida. (android 4.0) Una gran cantidad de gente que he conocido han pensado que este dispositivo no sería más que otro itouch cubierto de maleza, pero en realidad he encontrado que es mucho más útil. Estas mismas personas escépticas parecen decir lo contrario después de haber hecho una compra. El procesador más rápido permite una experiencia de nav
Hot Yoga Wear Abbigliamento Per Le Donne
La domanda di vestiti di yoga è in rapida crescita come questa antica disciplina indiana diventa popolare di giorno in giorno. Si tratta di trovare comfort e stile in tessuti di buona qualità. Tutte le forme di yoga popolari come Iyengar, Ashtanga e Hatha o di Bikram naturalmente ora sono nomi comuni in Occidente con i fan accaniti.Studi di yoga sono ovunque e non vi è alcuna carenza di insegnanti di yoga. Questo ha portato alla richiesta di accessori per lo yoga, vestiti di yoga e yoga usura specializzata. Più donne e cercano di trovare i pantaloni di yoga perfette e top, e vestiti di yoga sono ora di moda e quasi dichiarazione indossare quanto rappresentano un abbigliamento too.Yoga scelta di stile di vita per le donne sono costituiti da larghi pantaloni di yoga o harem pants e facili da indossare top yoga e yoga giubbotti. camicie uomo slim Abbigliamento Yoga ha sviluppato una vasta gamma di capi di abbigliamento alla moda che in realtà può essere indossato al di fuori dello studio
Hot Yoga Wear Abbigliamento Per Le Donne
La domanda di vestiti di yoga è in rapida crescita come questa antica disciplina indiana diventa popolare di giorno in giorno. Si tratta di trovare comfort e stile in tessuti di buona qualità. Tutte le forme di yoga popolari come Iyengar, Ashtanga e Hatha o di Bikram naturalmente ora sono nomi comuni in Occidente con i fan accaniti. maglione dolcevita uomoStudi di yoga sono ovunque e non vi è alcuna carenza di insegnanti di yoga. Questo ha portato alla richiesta di accessori per lo yoga, vestiti di yoga e yoga usura specializzata. Più donne e cercano di trovare i pantaloni di yoga perfette e top, e vestiti di yoga sono ora di moda e quasi dichiarazione indossare quanto rappresentano un abbigliamento too.Yoga scelta di stile di vita per le donne sono costituiti da larghi pantaloni di yoga o harem pants e facili da indossare top yoga e yoga giubbotti. Abbigliamento Yoga ha sviluppato una vasta gamma di capi di abbigliamento alla moda che in realtà può essere indossato al di fuori dello s
Samsung Galaxy S3 Es El Más Smartphone Android Vendido En Estados Unidos
Samsung también cuenta con la octava, neuvaine y décimal posición en la lista de los más smartphones Android vendidos en el país, non dándole totale de 19,2 por ciento del mercado, convirtiéndose en el maire fabricante de aparatos móviles that utilizan el sistema téléphone mobile Android. Según Animoca, la versión más populaire del Android es la version 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, seguida por la version 2.3.6 Gingerbread. Animoca obtuvo los datos de sus usuarios de jeux vidéos entrepre el 15 de enero y el 15 de febrero de 2013. La popularidad de los aparatos de Samsung se extiende también un países otros. Por ejemplo de acuerdo con datos de enero del 2013 del sitio web, en el Reino Unido Samsung Galaxy S3 el había derrocado por Noveno message consecutivo al iPhone, y se mantiene como el más vendido téléphone intelligent, basado en información de pré-Órdenes , ventas finales y en Busquedas Internet. Samsung Galaxy S3 El supera en ese país también al Sony Xperia Zentered,
Korean Style Spring Knitted Cardigans For Women
The weather becomes gradually warmer, spring is in all kinds of knitted cardigan season, but avoid wearing knit cardigan rotten street, then take a mix. Korean Japan introduces knitting cardigan with 10 wear, let your professional street. Green knitted cardigan crisp, spring recovery of all things, wear green is very appropriate, full of vigor. In a print dress, wear black tights with thick black boots, skinny fashion. It is the workplace capable feeling. The most unique characteristic of this long T-shirt is that it was used with three-dimensional splicing pattern design, great sense of line, and then collocates with a light gray legging, very casual. Rose Pink Knit Cardigan, short version of color, sweet, lovely temperament. Choose the girl pattern bottoming shirt, wearing a high-waisted jeans and black silk stockings to match, sense of hierarchy and thin. Pink blazer, with exquisite design of short, look small enough to wear on the body. Take the animal patterns in wh
Information You Should Know On Wholesale Clothing From China
In the nowadays, a lot of people realize wholesale clothing from China is a fashion and good business to do, more and more people start to do clothing business to make profit. These brands are trend setters and end up being classic pieces often. Also, these branded labels are the almost the first ones to come up with fashion trends of every season. So you know that you need not spend those long hours searching through different stores for the latest trend.   If you want to sell name brand clothing online but don't want to invest too much or cut risk, you should turn to drop-shippers. With drop-shippers, you even don't need to stock goods but just find good suppliers that offer drop-shippers and customers.   So, what is it that sets big names in the fashion industry apart? Why does everyone love branded names? Brands have clothes made of fabric that are known to be durable and of top quality. Before you can sell a product, you are required to have federal tax identification. The fed
Is it really a mistake to want to make sure something is real? Is it really a mistake to never know? I would think it would be more of a mistake to never find out. To spend the rest of your life wondering. To constantly feel the need of something and never being able to get it....because you chose to not find out.   Maybe I'm going about this wrong. Maybe I need to step back a few steps. Maybe it would be a mistake. I have no clue. I just know that seeing that fucking sucks.   Oh well.....back to photobucket and skins. Ugh.
So I wonder what lame ass would think it wise to compare his Major in Physics to my studying Psychology, when we are talking about a person's behavior?  Someone who doesn't know anything about Psychology and felt cornered to the point where they had to say "well i'm good at building Lego houses! How you like that?!" or is it someone who doesn't wanna battle on that topic? either way.. kudos, i guess   HI SO AND SO, WELCOME *says serenity prayer*  
Phantom Of The Oprea
Floating, falling, sweet intoxicationTouch me, trust me, savour each sensationLet the dream begin, let your darker side give inTo the power of the music that I writeThe power of the music of the nightYou alone can make my song take flightHelp me make the music of the night
Bounty Hunting 101
Bounty Hunting 101First thing to know is that winning the fights are not the name of the bounty hunting game. You PREFER to lose each fight! You don't have to do the MOST damage to win the bounty, you have to do the LAST damage. It is important to stay as low level as possible for as long as possible so you can fortify yourself for the next level. Each time you win a fight, that makes you 1 or 2 points closer to the next level. You will want to get your usable mobbies up to level and equip yourself with the best offensive equipment that you can buy. If you find that you are winning too often, you can either aim for only larger bounties or decrease your armor/vehicles (though this will make your attack a little bit weaker). There'€™s no good reason for a bounty hunter to spend money on defensive equipment. Winning when someone attacks you is doubly pointless—not only does it add to your experience and eventually make you level up, but there’s no way
My blog sucks and its boring the end lmao
Apart from the whole block thing lacking in efficiency...I do not get this. When I delete a 'friend' in whose family I am, why do I still show in their family? Shouldn't I be removed automatically? I mean..I do not want to know of what they do 24/7...I stopped being a friend for a reason. Meh
To my family:   I have you there for a reason. I love helping you out and would love to see it in return. I help/helped many all over Fubar and it seems that it is more one sided than anything. I rate/like/comment each day and at least 1/2 don't even return a like or a rate.  I don't have a problem in removing you from my family. I love having you there but will no longer feel like I have to keep you there because you keep me in yours. A few people have already found out this morning as well as in the past few weeks.  I hope there are no hard feelings as to me saying any of this but it is a scratch my back and I scratch yours world anymore. I am just tired of it all being one sided.    Thanks.
Ripping Hose
 Chilly has a great time putting on her suntan pantyhose and then slowly destroying them. She starts out with a tiny little whole which she picks at and turns into a major rip. Then she just completely shreds them into nothing.   Get this 8 minute video for only $5.  
Tarq S Awesome In His Musings
Whips, Chains & Duct Tape A submissive needs to feel her hope manifested in the presence of her Master. There comes times in life where she lose it all, where she feels she want ti give up on everything, it happens when she face so much pressure and hard times and she will try to shut it off so she doesn't bother her Master or because she don't want to collapses. Your submissive is not just a submissive, she is a woman, a mother, a sister, a daughter and many other things and relationships and it is natural that she will face complicated situations where she may lose all hope and fall down. That is when you have to come in no matter how much she try to stops you, it is your responsibility to listen and help her as much as you can even when she resist your tries and want to bury it deep. Don't give up and never let her down because at that times of her life, she won't be thinking correctly and will be in self destructive mode where sharing her burden is not even an option. It is alri
Amazing Write Love His Musings
Whips, Chains & Duct Tape It is amazing what a Dominant and a submissive shares, how they become one soul in strange and extraordinary way. When she is feel bad or sad, he automatically feel the same, he can't stop wanting to make her feel better, not because as some may see as sign of weakness but because he is responsible for her, he responsible for her well beings and happiness, the moment he accepted her gift of submission.. at that moment she became his, her family is his family, her troubles are his troubles, her hard times are his hard times, they became 2 sides of the same coin. As a Dominant you don't feel upset or bad when you share the burden with her, you don't feel angry or annoyed, you just have strong ache inside you that fueling you to try your best to help and fix any problem or issue she is facing. You accept her as she is, you accept her flaws and mistakes, you accept her craziness and weired moods and you just find joy in seeing her being who she is, you no longe
Drones Strikes
It’s now clear: Obama intends to use drone strikes to kill American journalists and political enemies     Mike AdamsNatural NewsMarch 7, 2013 President Obama plans to use military drones in the skies over the United States to assassinate journalists, patriots and critics of his administration. That’s the inescapable conclusion from the emerging pattern of evidence now publicly available — keep reading for details. Front and center in this pattern of evidence is the 16-page memo that w
Birthday Run Tomorrow
I'm sure this will piss a few people off, because it's always does but FYI... Tomorrow I have a bunch of happy hours and famps I'll be running. SHOULD I NEED SPACE, I will be booting some people from my family, just for tomorrow though. If you've currently been active and running, and aren't around as much, you're fine. I'm not going to screw anyone who legit plays teh game. Everyone needs a break or has real life come up. However, if you're not regularly on nor do you care or play the rating/rank game, I will remove you just for tomorrow. Please don't get butt hurt about it. You've gotten rates off of every other famp I've had and ran while you've been gone. I wanna help peopel that are active now and playing now. And if you don't play the game, it shouldn't really matter. Anyways, just a heads up. Ill throw yo back in on Saturday when shit is over. I love you guys! -El
Thl W8 Smartphone Mtk6589 Quad Core Android 4,1 1g 8g 5,0 Pollici Ad Alta Definizione Dello Schermo Ips
The person in charge of the ThL smartphone ThL W8 will be optional quad-core processor with Android 4.2 system, perhaps 2013 will be the smart handMachine the phone mainstream, this mix also undoubtedly played a shot in the arm to the many fans waiting. As for the detailed selection MediaTek or Qualcomm chips,Announced at a later date.In addition to the internal configuration of intrepid Correspondingly, this smartphone will have a 5.0-inch 1080P large high-definition screen. CameraWill be set after a 13 million-pixel camera, smartphone android which is the current market the highest pixel of the camera features certainly attributable to the first-class level.This information is currently asserted ThL W8 parameters, while not completely off, well-known but just look at quad-core flagship product certainly2013 mobile phone mall heavy head drama. Reference ThL smartphone while the previous personality inevitably will bring more surprises for us. There are loving brotherNothing wrong wit
He Has To Sell Medels
  why is it when a hero is i need people have to go to the extreams of informing the press to get help this British WW2 fighter pilot may have to sell his medels so he can pay for cair i found it on facebook please suport this so at least people become awair
I'm here to let all the girls know about a guy on here who is stalking me very bad! I want to warn you about him so you dont have to become like me, And befor I start I want you to know I have already contacted Bouncers and BabyJ. BROKEN MAN aka Zach. I was his friend for 2 years and he got to know me enough to get all the info he needed to use against me. I was too trusting. I will never do that again! But he was starting to show signs of being unstable and I started to get worried about our chats. HE woud always be in my shoutbox 24 hours a day. He would look at my pic and just sit and lerk and wait for me to get online. I wouldent have 60 seconds till he hit up my shout box! THIS MAN IS CRAZY! He got on my facebook and found my family and started sending them my fubar pictures. And calling my family at all hours of the night! He even got my house phone number and Im not sure how cause I have never gave that out. He is a crazy crazy person! HE always says nasty things about me in hi
The Many Names I Have Given To The Love Of My Life
The many names I have given to the love of my life. Some of these names I have either said to her, or have thought of that I never told her yet. She is:The Apple of My Eye The Jewel of My Heart The Center of My World My Glitterbaby The Center of My Universe The Diamond in My Eye My One In A Million Girl My One & Only Wife Future Mother of My Babies 
A Goddess For Me.
Riding on this merry go round, I see a lot of brass rings. But I have seen one gold one, That makes my heart forever sing.   Beauty beyond my eyes, Like being blind to see all. If she would ever hold me, How fast my heart would fall.   To open my eyes more to her, To see more of her grace. To talk to her heart and soul, And forever love her smiles on her face.   Be my Goddess,my beauty, Forever treat you like a queen. Or love could grow so strong, And nothing will ever come between.
The Sadness When Someones Fantasies Of Cyber Don't Go Through.
Jake69: thats fine there are women that are alot more pretty and beautiful than you 2:05am more To Jake69: Then go bother them please 2:08am reply Jake69: i dont bother them cause theyre not a bitch like you He down rated me and blocked me, before I could explain that he contacted me in hopes to see nude pictures and have me cyber with him and once I showed no interest in doing so he got butt hurt
Tech Gizmos News: Tablets Vs Netbooks
Unabhängig davon, ob Sie die Schnittstelle mit dem Computer oder sogar Organisation Schutz Techniken der Jagd, müssen Sie ein Gadget, das es allen erreichbaren hilft. Europas größter Laptop Hersteller Hewlett-Packard hat seine Computer-Einkommen reduziert 20 über Prozent sehr letzten Quartal, obwohl Dell Inc., HP wichtigsten Rivalen, beobachteten Produktverkäufe um Käufer Einbruch 7.five Prozent anerkannt, dass Umsatz fiel unter anderem aufgrund Wettbewerb mit den iPad und andere Tabletten. Mit kompletten High Definition-Wiedergabe, ein HDMI-Ausgang und mit Kameras vorne und hinten, packt die PlayBook eine Menge in einem kleinen Raum. (dual sim handy) Darüber hinaus erhalten Sie einen Remote-Griff, der auf Infrarot technologische Innovation arbeitet. Sind Bibliophilen in der Hand-held-Computing-Produkte, die meisten auch groß, um in der Tasche oder Handtasche haben fasziniert, oder sind sie zufrieden mit bescheidenen e-Besuchern, dass sie ihre Romane zu studieren, untersuchen für Kurs
Experience Evaluation: Dell Xps 10 Tablet Pc, You Can Also Better
March 7, according to foreign media reports, News Corp will fall this year to enter the education market, not only launched a Tablet PC-based courses, and will also launch its own Amplify Tablet PC. Its goal is to compete with Apple's iPad in the 12-year course technology market. Existing Tablet PC News Group goalkeeper of the newly formed Ministry of Education in November this year to launch its own curriculum and will also be introduced to students 12 years Amplify Tablet PC. According to The New York Times reported that the 10-inch tablet PC with Android operating system, priced at between 299-349 U.S. dollars. Schools can also choose to Amplify course for each tablet PCs to order an annual subscription fee of $ 99. Into the education market will allow News Corp. to compete with Apple. In the past many years, the android tablet pc News Corporation has been working with Apple. Loan from 99 cents television programs often support the plan on the Apple device to the ill-fa
Dr. Seuss' New Book
After Green Eggs and Ham, where did Dr. Seuss go from there? Well, I came up with a concept that may work. Blue Waffles and Bacon.
The Story Of A Broken Soul (fierce_raven's Story Written By Abby)
The story of a broken soul The little girl all alone tossed around from home to home. Her mother left when she was seven Never to be seen again.Raped and unprotected running from the evil.No one to listen or even care what she thinks or feels.Accused of it all.As the years went by and the rape continued by the age of 13 she had finally had enough.Didn't care about the world or who was in it looking and seeking death to find her.By the time she turned 16 she was out on her own kicked from her own bloods house.She was better off no more mental or physical abuse to leave her uneasy.Staying with a friend she had known since she was born.Working two jobs and going to school.By 18 she was living with a man who only kept her around to be his slave.Used, abused, cheated on, lied too,and more.She had just graduated high school and a few weeks later her grandmother had passed away the one who basically raised her.Tore up and not giving at fuck at this point everything
I Show You
I show you all my love in a life time and many faces, and now they are gone so for give me my love. That's all I got.      bY LoVe GIRL
HEY GUYS, I'm  new here.My name is S.  Wont put full name here justyet. I have been to fubar before, yearsago. the sites changed a bit.
Can't Do This
Can't do this night with out you. You know what you did to me. I saw you today walking with a smile on your face. What was that all about. I stand in the cold day with a sadness with out words. I don't know anymore. I have to come to you tell you how I feel deep in my heart. Or I should just walk away. I stand still in this night not knowing what to say or do. You know what is going on in my mind your no fool. You play this game. Waiting for me. To come to you. I can't, I can't after all you said and done to me. Was it real, or just to hurt me. I walk away with silence. I loved you and you didn't know it.  bY Christine     "I will never Love again"
I Found Some
                                    alcromy is a name combination ripped out from Alfred Cromwell It has not been easy finding a space here,almost 2 working week days after a friend told of fubar.just like every other lost in the world i was lost in the space been looking out for s special moment,fun with a lot full desires of all kinds accessible to all freely.Several times i had tried on this fubar but had always locked out after few hours never known how it all works on this great site,a well crafted program to suit all needs as a member,i kept out for long but i could not resist the love,cares funfull time i were shown in my several attempts after registration as a member though turned out.In everything we do,our desires,dreams,wishes you can never have them all until your true heart is strong with your spirit bold enough to take them,i had always thought to myself here should be a great place to finding real poeple,caring friends,those true to their heart,i had to find some
Beaucoup Escadrons Créez Style For Concernant T- Chemise Football Shirts
  magliacalcioshop Beaucoup escadrons créez style for concernant t- chemise et d'autres avec d'autres Déchets vêtements pouvoir séduire les fans adeptes fervents partisans que peut éventuellement ne pas avoir l'argent l'argent payer sur une véritable réplique chapeau . Certains Un peu Colombie groupes aussi fournir formelle T- chemise tops et confortables et confortables et douillettes chemises de nuit faisant usage de leur logo de l'entreprise cousait joint en it avec elle. Si football shirts de football partisan voulais vraiment pouvoir , cet individu qu'ils pouvaient trouver un moyen de moyens de combler remplissez S'inscrire son / sa Armoire complètement pleinement avec basketball connexes vêtements . Vous trouverez t- chemise disponibles qui ne sont pas spécifiquement Créé Guide certains équipe , cependant à l'aide le jeu d'ensemble par elle-même eux-mêmes. La ligne football vêtements Forums de discussion Offre vous plus de choses que foot
Ihr Nächstes Tablet Haben Ubuntu?
Wenn Sie nicht wissen, was Ubuntu ist, ist es derzeit die beliebteste Form des Linux-Betriebssystem für Desktops. Das OS wurde gewinnt eine  rasche Aktien sowohl der Linux Gemeinde Platz auf dem Schreibtisch sowie die Gewinnung Einzug in die Unternehmens-und Consumer Desktop Märkten - in der Regel durch Verdrängung Windows on Aging-Systeme oder Server-basierte Unternehmens-Terminals. (android handy)   Ubuntu hat auch auf Smartphones erscheinen und sogar einige Set-Top-Boxen mit den zollrechtlich Heimfernseher um das Internet auf dem TV zugreifen spielte. Das Unternehmen hinter Ubuntu, Canonical, ist für eine "Vier-Bildschirm-Strategie", in dem ihr Betriebssystem wird nahtlos auf Desktops, Smartphones, Fernseher zielen und .. Tabletten. Sie hat gerade enthüllt ihre neue Ubuntu Tablet OS auf dem neuen Nexus Schiefer, dass soeben erschienen. Das Nexus 7 und 10 werden beide mit einem Ubuntu-Option angeboten werden und eröffnet den Entwicklern sofort. Das Betriebssystem ist äußerst robus
Out Of The Bar,the Moonlight Is So Beautiful
he war against germs is a never-ending battle. Germs can lead to common colds, swine flu and even superbugs. Germs can be transferred in many ways, and the hands are often their vehicle of choice. As a result, hospitals, schools, gyms and even grocery stores are jumping on the antibacterial bandwagon. There are a variety of ways to rid surfaces and hands of germs, and cleaning wipes are one convenient method.
When I Get Drunk ,who Hold Me Up?
Antibacterial wipes are single-use wipes which are pre-moistened with an antibacterial solution. They typically come packed in a tub or canister which keeps the wipes moist, with a dispenser which allows users to pull out a single wipe at a time. Some are designed for use in sanitizing surfaces such as countertops, while others are meant to be used as hand or body wipes for a quick cleanup in the absence of water. Many drug stores stock antibacterial wipes, and they are also available through medical supply companies. The antibacterial solution used in antibacterial wipes is designed to kill most bacteria on contact. In the case of wipes used on the body, the solution tends to be more mild, so that it will not damage the skin, and some companies add moisturizers to their antibacterial wipes so that the skin is soothed during the wiping process. Wipes designed for cleaning are usually equipped with harsher solutions, since household surfaces are not nearly as delicate as human skin. W
I Was Going To
I was going to do a "work/acronym" blog, but I've decided against that.     YOU are amazing. I love you. I have for so many years. No matter what happens between us, that has never changed. Others have some and gone but we've always managed to find our way back together.   YOU are my best friend....
Will Del Tablet Avanti Hai Ubuntu?
Se non sai cosa è Ubuntu, che è attualmente la forma più popolare del sistema operativo Linux per i desktop. Il sistema operativo è stato guadagnando una quota rapida sia spazio sulla scrivania della comunità Linux e guadagnando incursioni nei mercati desktop aziendali e consumer - di solito da fuori bordo Windows su sistemi che invecchiano o terminali aziendali basate su server. (telefoni dual sim) Ubuntu è stato anche apparire su smartphone e anche alcuni set top box di essere accarezzato per il rilascio dei televisori a casa per accedere a Internet sul televisore. L'azienda dietro Ubuntu, Canonical, punta a "quattro-screen strategia", in cui il sistema operativo viene visualizzato senza problemi su desktop, smartphone, televisori e .. compresse. Hanno appena rivelato la loro nuova Ubuntu tablet OS sul nuovo Nexus liste che appena rilasciato. Il Nexus 7 e 10, entrambe offerte con un'opzione Ubuntu e aperto agli sviluppatori immediatamente. Il sistema operativo è estremamente robust
Web Hosting Service Providers In India
Web hosting services that offer you with great and unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, enough uptime is rare. But nothing is impossible if we see and try to figure it out. If your search is on for best website hosting Sites Company, then I must tell you that you have landed on the right place. Here in this article we are talking about the services and the facilities are been given by the web hosting service providers in India.India is becoming the information Technology hub for the entire world. In last one decade, people from the entire world have been witnessing the vigor change in the picture of web hosting industry. Web hosting and domain name registration are two most important steps which are not only necessary but also mandatory. Without undertaking these services, you cannot even launch your website, thus it is better to host your website. For hosting a website we all know that you require a reputed and reliable web hosting company. Let me help you to get the best website
The Coristine Legacy
Coristine is pronounced like it is spelled, like tine in a fork, not like stein in Frakenstein!! Anyhoo, My family took care of the critters for the Spanish king back during the 1400's. 2 of the Coristine brothers ended up in the Spanish navy and during the Spanish Armada days fell prey to mother nature and ended up on the coast in southern Ireland, County Cork, where they eventually settled and married. The gravestones are still there!!!! Fast forward to 1800's Canada. 2 brothers and daughter emigrated to Canada from Ireland. The "black sheep", my ancestors, moved west....From then 'till the '40's is kind of a blur, however, my grandpa Coristine married into the the Grant's, yes, President Grant, Grant's scotch, etc... Grandma "Cory" (Margaret Estelle Grant), taught school in Saskatwechen and was a banker for the bank of Montreal, until retired in Vancouver, Canada. Grandpa was mechanically inclined and had his own auto garage, also he had a taste for liquor and fast women, (I'm rai
Updates And Such
Well, I finally have some good news :)   Some of you know my Mom has been ill for a while now. Well today they scheduled her surgery. She gets the tumor taken out Monday :) :) My Mom will be back to normal fairly soon.
Getting 2500 Likes Without Running Bling
I'm going to share with you the tricks and tips I used to get 2500 likes in 24 hours without running bling.  Hopefully my ideas will help you make it as well without making yourself crazy day after day after day!!   Things that help the most!   FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS!!!  The more friends you have, the more people there are that see you in the feed, the more people that have a chance to see your like button and click it!  This is true for going for like achievements running bling as well.  If you update your status, only your friends see that in the feed!   BONUS BONUS BONUS!!!  Don't try to do this on a day with a mediocre bonus.  You want a HUGE bonus if possible because there will be more people online.  Get a Like bonus of 250% or more if you can.  If there is there will be lots of people online looking to click like buttons for points. If there's unlimited 11s, that will help as well and insure more people are online.  I know it says there are 37+K people online.  I guarante
Mwc2013: Coship Quad-core-smartphone In Einem Hochkarätigen
Jährliche Mobilfunk-Branche bei Mobile World Exhibition in Barcelona, ​​Spanien, kam zu einem Ende, die Industrie im Allgemeinen davon aus, dass diese Ausstellung nichts Aufregendes, keine hellen Flecken, aktiv zu starten Flaggschiff Wettbewerbs Leistung, Kontrast des Bildschirms früheren großen Handy-Hersteller, diverse ist Hardware-Parameter, weiterhin der Sicht des Benutzers zu gewinnen, diese Ausstellung als Ganzes Smartphone glanzlosen ausgestellt, das Follow-up der großen Hersteller für den Acht-Core-Chip nicht positiv ist, nicht starten die erwartete Acht-Kern-Flaggschiff. Die Entwicklung der Industrie als Ganzes scheint angetroffen einen Engpass haben. Meiner Meinung nach, ist das Smartphone-Industrie in eine Konsolidierungsphase getreten, allmählich die meisten den Händen der Nutzer auf der ganzen Welt nach Jahren der rasanten Entwicklung zu verbreiten, hat sich das Volk täglich am häufigsten verwendeten elektronischen Geräten, in dieser Branche eine intelligente
Heaven Or The Stars
Her beauty caught me deeply,At the edge of eve.I felt like I was in a dream,Such beauty I cannot believe.Did she float from heaven,Or burst from the sun.I doubt another can show,Her beauty must be the only one.Where she came from,Will never matter to me.From heaven or the stars.Always pure beauty to me.
A Chat With Sum Depository Cvmdumpster
  This trik gave it up way to fast and easy, but then again she is british.....have fun with this 1
I am Barbie and I am an alcoholic.  Well first I am really pissed cause i wrote this once and FU ate it . So here I go again. Forced my ass to meeting tonight and as always heard just what I needed to hear.Willingness was the topic and I got to thinking of my willingness to change and be happy and sober or am I willing to remain unhappy and sober. I have really been thinking a lot of emotional acceptance and intellectual acceptance and why they don't come hand in hand still baffles me. But that is very much me . I accept things to a certain extent. I accept I am an alcoholic and I cant drink but I don't always accept what I NEED to do to stay happily sober . I again am in this for the emotional growth at this point as I had stated before. Hell right now I can't accept the fact that I have to rewrite this whole blog. I was very happy with how the last one turned out and took me over an hour to write. But I will deal with accepting FU glitches later.  I have been , as of late,  failing
Est-ce Que Votre Prochain Comprimé Avez Ubuntu?
Si vous ne savez pas ce que Ubuntu est, c'est actuellement la forme la plus populaire du système d'exploitation Linux pour les ordinateurs de bureau. Le système d'exploitation a gagné une part rapide à la fois un espace de travail de la communauté Linux, ainsi que des percées dans les marchés gagnent de bureau des entreprises et des consommateurs - en général en devançant Windows sur des systèmes vieillissants ou basées sur le serveur de terminaux corporatifs. (mobile pas cher) Ubuntu a aussi fait leur apparition sur les smartphones et même certains décodeurs premiers étant caressé pour la mise en téléviseurs à domicile pour accéder à Internet sur le téléviseur. La société derrière Ubuntu, Canonical, a pour objectif de «quatre-écran stratégie" dans laquelle leur système d'exploitation apparaît de façon transparente sur les ordinateurs de bureau, les téléphones intelligents, les téléviseurs et .. comprimés. Ils viennent de dévoiler leur nouvelle Ubuntu Tablet OS sur le nouveau Nexus a
"i'm Alright.i'm Okay"-a Poem I Wrote A Few Yrs Ago For My 5 Yr Old Nephew Who Drowned
My 5 yr old nephew, Seth was amazing.He never used to cry. Which was unusual for a 5 yr old. Everytime he would fall or get hurt, he would just get up, brush himself off and say "I'm alright, I'm ok"-hence the title of this poem. Also, there was something he did that we all called "googly eyes" where he would smile and bat his eye lashes. Which I also mention in this poem. We love you Seth. See you soon, buddy   Tearfully we watched you As you slowly slipped away Although it hurt to see you go We could not make you stay A golden heart stopped beating A joyful smile at rest God broke our hearts to prove He only takes the best You brightened up the darkest day When you flashed those "googly eyes" It put a smile on our face When it hurt too much to cry Now when we see your picture You look back at us and say "Don't cry, I'm here with Jesus. I'm alright,I'm ok"
Getting Comments And Drinks From Noobs
Here is the trick to Noobie profile comments that I used.  Hopefully it will help you too! I watch the feed – I use the fSB homepage so you can see when other’s like someone or become friends with someone.  When you see a noob like someone or become friends with someone, you know they are online and are figuring things out. That's the hardest part with most noobs - they aren't online and may never be again!   After seeing them in the feed, I’d go to their page and Like/Rate/Fan/Add them then leave this profile comment on their page: Hey there – wanna earn an easy $10K FuBucks? Click reply under this comment and ask me how!! Thanks so much and HAGD!!  Once they click reply and say “How” you get a profile comment from a noob, then you Fupal them 10K fuBucks - easy as pie.  Just have to keep an eye on the feed but I found this works faster than anything!!  If you need drink backs still, (this applies to lvl 40 and lvl 37 when you just need 1), I
Günstige Brautkleider
Es gibt viele Menschen, die Auswahl Kauf der Brautkleider direkt aus der Online-Welt sind. Nun, diese Leute sind sich bewusst, dass es viele Händler sowie Hersteller, die verkauft haben einige online. Folglich ist es eine clevere Option, die Produkte direkt vom Hersteller, viel Zeit und Geld zu sparen. In diesem technologisch hochmodernen Ära ist ein Segment, welches eine Menge entwickelt, hat sich in den vergangenen Jahren. Manche Menschen erkennen nicht, dass es verschiedene Rekruten, die in diesem Moment sind uns auf den Menschen direkt. Nun müssen die Menschen sich bewusst sein, im Hinblick auf die verschiedenen Probleme, die sie nach und machen Anwendung für das am besten, wie sich Menschen für ein Produkt zu einem erschwinglichen Preis. So erstellen Sie die Menschen bewusst diese Webseiten haben jetzt versucht, die verschiedenen interaktiven Websites verbinden. Die Webseiten "-Entwickler haben festgestellt, diese besondere neue Anwendung sehr effektiv gemeinsam können dieses
Futareded Lol
WHY have me on ur list if ur just gonna block me lmaoooo
Las Ventajas De Tener Un Tablet Pc
El portátil Android Tablet PC o computadora portátil es esencialmente un móvil o una computadora que viene con una pantalla táctil que usted sólo tiene que utilizar para que usted información de entrada, y también se desarrolla para mejorar las ventas sólo amigos. A diferencia de la computadora portátil normal y el ordenador personal, llamado ordenador personal no vienen con un conjunto de teclado, sino una alternativa en línea en el que se presenta en pantalla. Están disponibles con funciones inalámbricas que se pueden utilizar con respecto a la red de la conectividad de red. Algunos de los programas más generalizadas para el producto incorporan paquetes de trabajo, navegadores, títulos de juegos y otro software. Hay muchas ventajas a conseguir este tipo de dispositivos pequeños para su PC estándar, así como bloc de notas. Estos beneficios son los siguientes: Un único. Estos Laptop día o equipo es muy ligero y que es redonda del tamaño de una cápsula nueva cartulina. Es fá
Samsung Ne Voit Pas De Futures Tablettes Windows Avec Rt
La réaction de Samsung, qui s'est retiré de la vente sa tablette Ativ Tab de Samsung dans des marchés comme l'Allemagne, est une autre indication que Windows RT ne se gélifie pas. Dans cette situation, on ajoute les ventes de tablettes Microsoft Surface, un autre échantillon inéluctable que le projet Redmond convaincant tablette windows . Microsoft voit menacer la survie de son dernier système d'exploitation pour les comprimés, Windows RT. Cette version de Windows 8 adapté aux ordinateurs dont les processeurs sont l'architecture ARM s'est révélée inefficace pour donner vie à un dispositif électronique, comprimés, situé à un point de croissance maximale. Par conséquent, un revers majeur pour les intérêts des Américains, qui voient et d'autres plateformes comme iOS et Android saisissant part débridée plus de marché dans ce segment. Cela aurait l'effet ressenti avec Samsung Tab tablette Samsung Ativ, car après consultation des distributeurs en Allemagne à propos de la demande de la tabl
¿su Tablet Siguiente ¿tienes Ubuntu?
Si usted no sabe lo que Ubuntu es, es en la actualidad la forma más popular del sistema operativo Linux para equipos de sobremesa. El sistema operativo ha ido ganando una participación rápida tanto espacio  en el escritorio de la comunidad Linux, así como incursiones ganando en los mercados de escritorio corporativos y de consumo - por lo general superando a Windows en sistemas antiguos o basados ​​en servidores terminales corporativos. (android 4.1) Ubuntu también ha estado apareciendo en los teléfonos inteligentes e incluso algunos decodificadores que se barajó para el lanzamiento de los  televisores en casa para acceder a Internet en el televisor. La compañía detrás de Ubuntu, Canonical, es el objetivo de una "estrategia de cuatro pantallas" en la que aparece su sistema operativo sin problemas en equipos de sobremesa, teléfonos inteligentes, televisores y .. comprimidos. Se acaba de revelar su nueva tableta Ubuntu del sistema operativo en el nuevo Nexus pizarras que ac
Consigli Per Risparmiare Denaro Su Abbigliamento Per Bambini
I bambini crescono vestiti nuovi veloci e l'acquisto per loro come cambiano le dimensioni possono aggiungere rapidamente. Fortunatamente, ci sono un sacco di risorse formidabile per risparmiare soldi in vestiti. È possibile acquistare nuove o leggermente usato-abbigliamento a forti sconti per lo shopping intelligente e pianificare i vostri acquisti. Prima di visitare uno dei luoghi elencati in questo articolo, assicurarsi di passare attraverso armadi dei vostri figli e prendere atto di ciò di cui hanno bisogno. Si può spendere un sacco di soldi molto rapidamente con acquisti d'impulso. Fate una lista di quante camicie, pantaloni, gonne o abiti completi ognuno dei vostri bisogni dei bambini. In questo modo non sarete tentati di spendere più di quanto previsto solo perché hai visto un grande affare. maglione lana uomo Una delle migliori risorse per abbigliamento bambini cost è il tuo negozio della spedizione locale. Questi negozi sono l'ideale se avete bisogno di un vestito o vestito pe
Consiglio Di Stile Guru Per L'abbigliamento Junior
Trovare il miglior abbigliamento junior che si adatta è più di un compito titanico soprattutto quando si è un adolescente. Quasi tutti in questa fase di "crisi di identità" vuole veramente sapere qualcosa di più circa un 'auto che è solitamente espressa nel tuo stile.Lo stile può essere la migliore espressione di te stesso, ma a volte, è semplicemente troppo scomodo per gli altri a vedere. Nella parte vostra, si ha anche la responsabilità di essere simpatico di fronte agli altri. Per queste ragioni, lasciate che vi porterà a qualche pezzo di consiglio dai guru della moda più rinomati su come fare con i vostri abiti più preziosi giovani, al fine di guardare alla moda e al tempo stesso ottenere il momento clou della occhi di tutti. giacca uomoSuggerimento 1. Non indossare gli stessi vestiti giovani in una settimanaUna cosa che dovrebbe essere di evitare con il vostro abbigliamento junior è quello di indossare gli stessi vestiti Junior in una settimana. Provate a fare una certa varietà di
That ugly truth that stares you down as you look into its eyes burns through you into your soul. You're alone. The quiet dark and serenity is both welcomed and threatening....
why do guys flirt with a girl when he's already got a gf , on or off line ? IT doesnt make either girl feel really good and i would love to tell the gf or wife but I wont , I'll just keep it to myself ,and of course, move the fuck on 
Google Readers
FBI ‘secretly spying’ on Google Users, Company Reveals     Fox NewsMarch 6, 2013 The FBI used National Security Letters — a form of surveillance that privacy watchdogs call “frightening and invasive” — to surreptitiously seek information on Google users, the web giant has just revealed. Google’s disclosure is “an unprecedented win for transparency,” privacy experts said Wednesday. But it’s just one small step forward. “Serious concerns and questions remain about the use of NSLs,” the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Dan Auerbach and Eva Galperin wrote. For one thing, the agency issued 16,511 N
Plantar Fasciitis.... If You Ever Had This Then You Know Its Painful
Plantar Fasciitis is a common injury that can persist for years unless treatment is properly addressed. Plantar Fasciitis is an acute form of inflammation of the band of tissue running across the bottom of your foot. Every time you flex your foot, those tendons, ligaments, and tissue move and when they are inflamed, every movement hurts. Once this tissue is injured it becomes very difficult to recover 100%. It is almost impossible to keep from re-straining the area because even when the pain is gone you still aren't fully healed. But, when the pain disappears, that's when we start acting normally again even though your foot isn't fully healed. It's just not possible to stop everything and rest the injury properly. Everyone has demands that make them keep going and when we are active we prevent the plantar from healing completely. We continually reinjure the area through our daily activities.   What You Need To Heal Plantar Fasciitis: A Deep Tissue Therapeutic Inferno Wrap&tr
Adding Windows Media Player Plugin Html5 To Your Chrome!!!
:: Chrome users - Windows Media Player HTML5 Extension for Chrome The Windows Media Player HTML5 Extension for Chrome is an extension that enables Chrome users to play H.264-encoded videos.   Microsoft is working on getting the extension submitted to the Chrome store, for now you can install the extension following these instructions: 1. download the extension from here and save it on your local machine. 2. in Chrome, select the Chrome menu/tools/extensions. 3. Drag&Drop the extension file on the extensions page. Chrome will ask you to install the extension.  
I Wonder Which Song
Qatari emir buys six Greek islands for a song Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani pays €8.5m for Ionian retreats for family with seller happy to strike deal after 18 months of red tape The suitor is one of the world's wealthiest men; the location happens to be the eurozone's poorest country. But in an unlikely coming together of economic circumstances, the emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, has opted to splash out €8.5m (£7.35m) on six idyllic isles in the Ionian sea. Closure of the deal – the latest in a global shopping spree that has seen the sheikh's property portfolio spread from London to Beijing – has been met with glee in Greece, the west's most bankrupt state, and Doha, where the royal household experienced 18 months of excruciating drama to take possession of the outcrops. "Greece is that kind of place," said Ioannis Kassianos, Ithaca's straight-talking Greek-American mayor. "Even when you buy an island, even if you are the emir of Qatar, it takes a ye
Fair Weather Friends
Part 17
Marissa, standing with her Mother in a room with a cop, getting her things. Marissa freedom is in just few Min's. Marissa is still in lock down. Feeling sad, lost alone. Not wanting to be in the care of her Mother. But that is her only why out of this crazy hospital. Be back to write the rest later.. bY LoVe GiRL
Don't Tell Me You Love Me - Night Ranger
It ain't the way you move It ain't the way that you move meOh noIt ain't the way you shake It ain't the way that you shake meOh noIt's been 25 yearsI'm a kid on the run I've got a pistol for actionDon't tell me you love me Don't tell me you love me Don't tell me I don't want to knowDon't tell me you love me Don't tell me you love me Don't tell me I don't want to knowI love the way you use I love the way that you use meOh yeahI love the way you shoot I love the way that you shoot to kill meOh yeahIt's taken miles and lines To learn the right from the wrong I'll keep you hanging onSo, don't tell me you love me Don't tell me you love me Don't tell me I don't want to knowDon't tell me you love me Don't tell me you love me Don't tell me I don't want to knowDon't tell me you love me Don't tell me you love me Don't tell me you love me Don't tell me you love me Don't tell me you love me Love me, love me, yeahDon't tell me you love me
Tell Me - Young Love
Every word you say adds to this complicated lie You've been selling me but I'm not buying What would you do, tell me, tell me, what would you doEvery time you talk you complicate this life Lost focus when I close my eyes, now they're open and I realize You don't think you're caught, think you're special, think you're smart And you're pulling me apartWhat would you do if you knew what I do, tell me What were you expecting, tell me Did you think I wouldn't get mad, fall down, break in two What would you say, never thought it would come to this, tell me But you got so reckless, tell me I'm not blind, I just wish I could not see, what would you doHow long did you fell into you, my last hope of dreams come trueIf you died in my lips last night trying to tell me lies Could not even tell me truthfully And you wanna know how it makes me feel, I can't feel anythingWhat would you do if you knew what I do, tell me What were you expecting, tell me Did you think I wouldn't get mad, fa
Three Senile Old Ladies
I'm trying to remember and translate this so...if it ain't that funny..blame my English lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mato decided to invite her friends Leni & Toula over for dinner. But because she knew she forgets things, she decided to set the alarm to go off so that she's reminded to offer them coffee, dinner and desert. Leni and Toula arrive and shortly after the alarm goes off. Mato says 'Oh my, would you like some coffee?' and goes to get it. Soon after they've had their coffee the alarm goes off again and Mato says 'dear me, I never offered you coffee!' and goes to get the coffee. A bit later, the third alarm goes off and Mato says 'well, let's have some coffee, shall we?'. Leni & Toula leave Mato's house and on their way home Leni says to Toula ' What about that Mato, huh..never even offering us coffee?' which Toula replies 'Is Mato still alive?!!'. P.S. I swear, it had me laughing ON THE FLOOR for about 5 mins. I laugh each time I try to tell it and I'm laughing
Now And Then
Okay, here we go, another l-o-n-g--a-s-s day. Kinda ready, kinda not... I believe that there is someone perhaps more that know what I mean. Course what I don't know is if there is anyone that has a brain that doesn't neccessarily feel rest after sleeping most of the night. When I am watching T.V. late at night and fall asleep on the couch, my back aches like crazy.  I have arthrites. I could of sworn my old hobby of gymnastics could of contributed, but I ain't that sure. And yes, I still try to do the splits and cartwheels from time to time. Its gonna be pretty impossible to do backbends, until I get my balance back. About my profile picture, I tried and ifin it ain't good, its a work in progress. I think its pretty good for my first attempt, ifin I do say so myself. If you don't think so, oh well.... life goes on. You can just move it along if I am not your cup of tea. Those of you that seek only satisfaction from me might be let down, but my true friends don't seek more than my stil
I have had a lot of hopes. Some are like more wishes and will never happen. Ones that wont happen is: I hoped that you would stop going to websights like this one and others. I would have hoped that you would care when some guy throughs  himself at me that u get up set do somthing about it. I also hoped that i you thought of me as your one and only and told me how sexy i looked that day. Just the little things like that make me happy. i would like to hope that you would defend me and our relationship but again im just hopping. Not so sure how long i can hang on to hope with you if all you do is say its just the internet it dont mean anything. well it means something to me and you should be lucky that i care. Makes me think you are not on the same level as i am. The biggest hope with you is that you wanting to be with me isnt a waste of your time with me. One last hope is that, i hope you stop flirtting so bad with other women like you do. Hope you know how it affects me and how i feel
Psycho Magnet
 I sit here in the ashes of yet another failed relationship and I am left wondering why does it seem that the only women that want me are ones with a grudge against men.I give me whole heart to these women,thinking that I have found the one....according to their words....only to find out that they have lied to me and cheated on me and then they bail....usually with no explanation as to why they did what they did to me.Don't get me wrong....I am FAR from perfect but,why do they always rip out my heart and feed it to the cat when all I did was give them my heart and try to show them what a GOOD man really is?Do these females seek out guys like me just to destroy us?  When I get into a relationship with a woman,I treat her like she is the only one...meaning that I don't play single online or anywhere else for that matter.I do this because I want the woman I am with to feel secure in knowing that there is ONE guy that won't cheat on them,or beat on them,or use them.Am I the one in the wro
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5,7 Pollici Grande Schermo Il Prepotente Thl W7
5,7 pollici grande schermo il prepotente THL W7cellulari android THL W7 ha un diritto-tocco di design, la fusoliera con un enorme 5,7 pollici touch screen capacitivo, risoluzione ha raggiunto un elevato livello di 1280x720 pixel, l'effetto della performance è nitida e chiara. Dietro una macchina fotografica 800 milioni di pixel, la stessa può portare buona capacità di ripresa. Inoltre, built-in cui e 'dotato del sistema operativo Android per smartphone, un processore dual-core con il restante completamente funzionale anche portare una buona esperienza.smartphone android THL W7 è un ha un 5,7 pollici telefono touch screen capacitivo, il suo grande schermo è impressionante. Dal prezzo indicato di questo prodotto è sempre stato un prezzo stabile di meno di 1.700 yuan ha presentato anche un buon rapporto qualità-prezzo. Inoltre, l'acquisto di questo prodotto sarà devoluto 228 baldoria di yuan (lamina originale + potere mobile + coperchio di protezione in silicone + custodia posteriore cope
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Baltimore male strippers can turn any bachelorette party, birthday party or ordinary girls' night into a night to remember. Next time you're the party planner, remember to hire one of our hot Baltimore Male Strippers or Baltimore male dancers. Your girls will love you for it and you will all have a night to remember for years to come. Be sure to leave plenty space for your stripper to move around. If you're hiring a male stripper or a group of male strippers as a surprise, be sure to arrange the entry. Most of Male Strippers in Baltimore will bring along their own props and music which forms part of their performance. Any bride-to-be or birthday girl will agree that Baltimore male strippers make for the best entertainment. Let a professional Baltimore Strippers shower the special lady with special attention to celebrate her big day in style.
Killing Us Citizens On Our Soil
Attorney General Holder: Prez Can Assassinate Americans On U.S. Soil     Washington’s BlogMarch 6, 2013 Attorney general Eric Holder wrote the following to Senator Rand Paul yesterday: On February 20, 2013, you wrote to John Brennan requesting additional information concerning the Administration’s views about whether “the President has the power to authorize lethal force, such as drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, and without trial.” As members of this administration have previously indicated,
Killing Citizens
Attorney General Holder: Prez Can Assassinate Americans On U.S. Soil     Washington’s BlogMarch 6, 2013 Attorney general Eric Holder wrote the following to Senator Rand Paul yesterday: On February 20, 2013, you wrote to John Brennan requesting additional information concerning the Administration’s views about whether “the President has the power to authorize lethal force, such as drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, and without trial.” As members of this administration have previously indicated,
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I just had a pic flagged as NSFW. I know it is but never bothered flagging it before. I'm wondering though...half the pic/gif comments left on most pages are of couples fooling can see the tits, the nudity..just not the nipples. You couldn't see nipples in my pic either (not OF me, but the pic that was flagged..which is a very cheerful pic actually). How come such a pic is nsfw but all them (some pretty explicit) comments aren't? can someone be warned that a pic is NSFW before he clicks on it in an album? If I mark that album as nsfw (cause of that pic) I won't be able to use the rest of the pics in it as a default and they are lacking in nudity. It's just all such hard work at times..annoying as fuck. I'm only wondering cause I obviously lack caffeine and brains this am.
A little bird flew very far to a very distant land. When it got there it found it was a cold, freezing land and the bird froze to death. A cow passed by and took a dump right on top of him. The warm shit that fell on him melted the ice, and he was resurrected. Alive again, but still buried, he started chirping. A cat passed by and heard his cries, and dug him out of the shit. And then the cat ate the bird.  Moral of the story: The person who takes a dump on you isn't always your enemy, and the person who takes you out of the shit isn't always your friend. \,,/
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In the past, only retailers used to approach wholesale clothing companies to buy their merchandise. Obviously, they get the products for better prices, and they earn profit margins by selling them at retail prices. Also, there was a misconception that people approaching wholesale dealers will have to purchase in bulk. Now with so many wholesale clothes companies having their own websites, it has become possible for even the individual buyers to reach them, from the comforts of their homes. Instead of going to the middlemen, you could purchase your fashion accessories and clothing straight from the wholesalers. Most of them, do not insist on purchasing their products in bulk. Isn't it a cool idea to buy branded items for much lesser prices than what they are sold at the retail stores? If you visit the website of any good wholesale clothing UK company, you will be amazed at the kind of collections that you will get to see. Ranging from jeans, pullovers, tops, skirts, dresse
Smile Forever
Her eyes so softly,Draw me closer so far in.Stare at her endlessly,As if time had not began.Such beauty overwhelms me,Her mercy I would be at.To touch deep in her heart,And not stop at just that.To have those eyes deeply thinking of me,And my name with her hearts beat.And constantly on her mind,And her kisses would be my favorite treat.Come to me beautiful,Smile,I long to make you.And let you beauty sparkle,To make you always smile,i would forever do.
Ein Blick Auf Die Google Nexus 7
Das Ziel dieser Einrichtung war es, ein Gerät, das versucht, das Potenzial der 7-Zoll-Tabletten zeigen und nicht viel mehr kosten würde. Es wurde entwickelt, um die Größe und das Gewicht eines Taschenbuchs sein. Mit Googles in den Google-Play-Markt und seine Medieninhalte drücken Sie den Nexus 7 ist ideal, um alles, was Google Play ist zu präsentieren. Ob Sie Filme ansehen möchten, um Musik zu hören, ein Buch lesen oder ein Spiel spielen diese Registerkarte wird es tun und tun es auch. Google wurde mit Hardware-Unternehmen wie Samsung, HTC und Motorola für seine bisherigen Geräte Partnerschaft, aber wenn sie in ihre Pläne für die Nexus 7 Asus suchen trat zu schlagen. Asus gehört, was Google geplant und zeigte ihnen, was sie in der Lage waren und Google behauptet, sie wusste sofort, dass dies die richtigen Leute für den Job waren. Google wollte überlegenen Hardware mit ihrer überlegenen Software zu mischen, um ein Ergebnis, das sowohl atemberaubend und wieder einmal lächerlich niedrige
Il Piccolo Centro Commerciale Beriberi Esperienza Per Comprare Le Scarpe In Un Paio Di Scarpe
La signorina Yuan è andato a un centro commerciale, pronto a comprare un paio di sandali, e provato su diverse paia, prese un paio tra i più in forma direttamente acquistare una casa. Piedi di notte, si sentiva la punta un po 'di prurito, la mattina seguente, un eczema-come il piede, ha avuto un piccolo nodulo. In un primo momento, ha pensato che fosse a causa di punture di zanzara, eau de toilette cancellato, dipinte dopo il solletico più insopportabile, doveva andare alle cliniche di salute della comunità, risultati diagnostici la sorprese: lei funghi infetti, cioè, avevano beriberi. In un'intervista con i giornalisti a Urumqi, negozi di scarpe e numero di scarpe di centri commerciali, molte donne sono a piedi nudi avanti e indietro per provare le stesse scarpe hogan interactive doppie. Nel frattempo, l'impiegato non ha fatto le scarpe di trattamento di sterilizzazione. Vendere scarpe in una guida a questo centro commerciale molto impotente: "In estate, molti clienti sono a piedi nu
Tabletten, Die Sich Mehr Benutzerfreundliche Geräte Haben
Wenn Laptops auf den Markt kam, wurde es sofort ein Hit bei den Anwendern als Computer überall und jederzeit zugegriffen werden kann. Es wurde ein sehr nützliches Gerät für geschäftliche Zwecke zu tragen und dann langsam populär und wurde zu einem beliebten Gerät für alle Altersgruppen tragen. Nur dann haben wir gedacht, es könnte nie ein effizienteres Gerät als Laptops, kam der Hauch von Erfindung in Platz wieder und Apple erfand die revolutionäre Tabletten. Sie waren kompakter und unterstützt viele Anwendungen neben der attraktiven Merkmale. Im Wettbewerb mit Apple, Google hat mit Google Nexus Q kommt vor kurzem.Google Nexus Q ist dünn, leicht, elegant Flüssigkeit auf Berührungen reagieren und ein extrem einfach zu handhabende Tablette. Sie können mühelos von einer Anwendung zu einer anderen wechseln. Es hat eine gute Google Chrome Browser mit guter Akkulaufzeit gesichert. Die Highlight-Funktionen mit Google Nexus Q sind:(günstiges Android Handy)Google Nexus Q unterstützt Jelly Bean
Hey Come Vote For Me In A Tattoo Contest!!!!!!
Hey all I am in a contest for some of my tattoos... COME VOTE FOR ME!!!! Check all the ladies out! and and and   MOST RATES WIN!!!!!!
Compresse Che Sono Diventati Più Facili Da Usare Dispositivi
Quando entrò per computer portatili sul mercato, è diventato un successo  immediato tra gli utenti come computer è stato possibile accedere ovunque e in qualsiasi momento. E 'diventato un dispositivo estremamente utile per trasportare per motivi di lavoro e poi lentamente diffuso e divenne un dispositivo preferito da portare per tutte le età. Proprio in quel momento abbiamo pensato che non potrà mai essere un dispositivo più efficiente di computer portatili, il tocco di invenzione è venuto al suo posto e Apple ha inventato le compresse rivoluzionari. Essi erano più compatti e sostenere un sacco di applicazione in aggiunta alle caratteristiche interessanti. In concorrenza con Apple, Google ha messo a  punto Google Nexus Q di recente.(smartphone dual sim)Google Nexus Q è sottile, leggero, fluido ed elegante, sensibile al tatto ed estremamente facile da maneggiare-tablet. Si può facilmente passare da una applicazione all'altra. Ha un buon browser Google Chrome sostenuta con buona durata d
1.8ghz Frequenz 1080p Lizenzierte Version Des Galaxy S4 Exposition
Es sind 10 Tage, Samsung das neue Meisterwerk i9500 galaxy s4 wird offiziell in das offene Meer freigesetzt werden, werden die Sicherheitsmaßnahmen tut gut, aber jedes Jahr die Galaxy-Serie Flaggschiff Pre-Release wird eine Menge der Exposition und Klatsch Abfluss haben. Für die Fans, und das ist ihre größte Sorge, oft geheimnisvoll, desto mehr können sie auslösen die Neugier der Menschen. Gestern hat das Internet eine Galaxy S4 die run sub Screenshots angezeigt. Überraschenderweise ist dieses Modell I959 nicht vor I9500 oder Galaxy S4 gesehen. Nach diesem Code-Analyse, ist es wahrscheinlich, dass China Telecom maßgeschneiderte Galaxy S4, weil das Modell der vorherigen Generation Galaxy S3 I939. Diese Exposition ist kein Spion, sondern ein Sicherheits-Häschen lief Subdaten Screenshots. Welche enthält eine Vielzahl von Informationen, First Model, erscheint diese I959 ist nicht vor dem I9500 und Galaxy S4. Dies kann nicht uns glauben machen Telecom angepasste Version von Galaxy SIII - I
S4 Galaxy: Le Nouveau "smartphone" Samsung Pourrait être Contrôlé Avec Vos Yeux
Le nouveau Samsung Galaxy S4 et devrait être présenté à la presse internationale le 14 Mars pourrait être contrôlé par la vuegalaxy s4. Le smartphone exclusive de la société sud-coréenne pourrait inclure une fonction de défilement pour détecter les mouvements oculaires oculaires pour contrôler le mouvement de l'écran Galaxy S4 sans utiliser vos mains. Selon le blog technologique du journal américain The Times New Tork, un employé de Samsung a révélé que lorsqu'il atteint le bas d'une page lors d'une lecture, il suffit de le porteur du mouvement S4 Galaxy regard vers le bas pour la fonction de défilement. Le S4 Galaxy, qui utilise le système d'exploitation Android, comprendra de nouvelles fonctionnalités dans le logiciel de plus que l'aspect physique du téléphone. La capacité de contrôler le défilement partie Eye Technology Samsung Scroll enregistré et déjà mis en place dans le prédécesseur du mobile Galaxy S4. Le Samsung Galaxy S III possède une fonctionnalité appelée Stay Smart qu
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* 6 credit bling pack = 1 SFW salute, Custom image made by me, Page rated 11 every day for a wk, liked everyday for a wk, rate 200 (if you have that many) of your photo's everyday for a wk, polish 10 of your bling everyday for a week, send you 2 gifts/drinks everyday for a week, and send you a 1 credit bling of your choice after receiving the bling pack. * 12 Credit bling pack = 2 SFW Salutes, 2 custom images made by me, page rated an 11 for 10 days, liked everyday for 10 days, rate 200 (if you have that many) of your photo's everyday for 10 days, polish 10 of your bling everyday for 10 days, send you 3 gifts/drinks everyday for 10 days, and send you a 2 credit bling of your choice after receiving the bling pack. * 25 Credit bling pack = 3 SFW Salutes, 3 custom images made by me, page rated an 11 for 2 weeks, liked everyday for 2 weeks, rate 250 (if you have that many) of your photo's everyday for 2 weeks, polish 10 of your bling everyday for 2 weeks, send you 4 gifts/drinks a day fo
Comprimés Qui Sont Devenus Plus Conviviaux Devices
Lorsque les ordinateurs portables est venu dans le marché, il est devenu  un succès instantané chez les utilisateurs que l'ordinateur peut être consulté n'importe où et à tout moment. Il est devenu un appareil très utile pour réaliser des fins commerciales, puis lentement popularisé et est devenu à un dispositif préféré à porter pour tous les groupes d'âge. En ce moment, nous avons pensé qu'il ne pourrait jamais être un dispositif plus efficace que les ordinateurs portables, le toucher de l'invention s'est mis en place à nouveau et Apple a inventé les comprimés révolutionnaires. Ils étaient plus compact et soutenir beaucoup d'application, en plus des caractéristiques attrayantes. En concurrence avec Apple, Google a mis au Google Nexus Q récemment.(telephone pas cher)Google Nexus Q est mince, léger, fluide élégant, sensible au toucher et extrêmement facile à manipuler comprimé. Vous pouvez facilement passer  d'une application à l'autre. Il a un bon navigateur Google Chrome sauvegardés a
Cosas Que Usted Debe Saber Si Recibe Un Tablet Pc
Con el cambio de posición financiera con un nivel global, hay un montón de gente que algunos ordenadores portátiles baratos. Apenas hace unos diez años, la compra de un tablet baratas es barato, pero se ha convertido en todo un rasgo adecuado hoy. De hecho, tal vez los fabricantes de móviles más importantes han creado algunos modelos de bajo costo, que le dan las características más populares que se ofrecen en cualquier celda. Sin embargo, ¿sabía usted cómo elegir la pastilla adecuada desde Tablet PC son muy importantes para nosotros? Aquí vas a encontrar la respuesta. 1) Entender sus necesidades: Lo primero que debes considerar es sobre su requisito exacto de su PC. A modo de ejemplo, vas a estar durante el uso de Tablet PC mucho, vas a acceder a correos electrónicos o se va a utilizar de vez en cuando. Sobre la base de estas preguntas, usted puede hacer su compra final. 2) Utilice el método de línea: Actualmente, uno posiblemente puede comprar fácilmente a través de Interne
Selezione Di Un Flower Shop Indianapolis
Mentre la selezione di un negozio di fiori, fare in modo che la loro merce è all'altezza. Accertarsi sempre che i fiori che essi forniscono sono freschi e c'è una vasta scelta di fiori disponibili in negozio. Oltre a fornire prodotti di qualità, il fioraio sarà anche in grado di fornire al cliente con i rifornimenti e le istruzioni che è un bisogno di cure per l'acquisto. Fiorista Indianapolis dovrebbe anche fornire al cliente un piccola scorta di cibo vegetale e le istruzioni per massimizzare la vita delle piante. Le migliori fioristi sono coloro che appartengono a gruppi specifici di professionisti che si sono impegnati ad essere i migliori in campo. Il modo migliore per trovare un buon negozio floreale è di cercare l'affiliazione con associazioni di categoria nazionali, come la società di fioristi americani e varie altre organizzazioni. camicie da uomoRaccomandazioni sono anche un buon modo per trovare un buon negozio floreale. Il passaparola di clienti, amici e parenti sono anche u
Negozi Tradizionali Farm Yorkshire E Le Esperienze Di Shopping
Yorkshire è e sarà sempre associato con la tradizione dei contadini, grandi quantità di campi pieni di colture, gli animali al pascolo produzione di latte e di essere ri-prodotto per carni squisite. Yorkshire tradizione vive ancora oggi, ma è stato troppo ombreggiata dal nuovo sentimento contemporaneo che lo Yorkshire Dales si sono dati, con i centri urbani come Leeds e Sheffield offre un punto di vista più contemporaneo Yorkshire. Yorkshire è ancora molto orgogliosa della propria immagine campagna ed è pronto a continuare ad offrire sia la popolazione locale e ai visitatori una vera esperienza dello Yorkshire, che vanno dai negozi agricoli Yorkshire allo shopping nello Yorkshire. maglione uomo 2013Yorkshire spacci aziendali sono un ottimo modo per approfondire le tradizioni che Yorkshire ha offerto nel corso degli anni. Con i suoi mulini diroccati, mercati degli agricoltori, castelli storici e negozi agricoli Yorkshire offre una fetta reale della vita contadina tradizionale. I mercati
Los Comprimidos Que Se Han Vuelto Más Fáciles De Usar Dispositivos
Cuando llegaron los ordenadores portátiles en el mercado, se convirtió en un éxito instantáneo entre los usuarios como un ordenador se puede acceder en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento. Se convirtió en un dispositivo muy útil para llevar en una empresa y luego lentamente se popularizó y se convirtió en un dispositivo preferido para llevar a todos los grupos de edad. En ese momento pensamos que nunca podría ser un dispositivo más eficiente que los ordenadores portátiles, el toque de invención entró en lugar de nuevo y Apple inventó las tabletas revolucionarias. Eran más compacto y compatible con una gran cantidad de aplicaciones además de las características atractivas. En la competencia con Apple, Google ha creado Google Nexus Q recientemente.(android 4.0)Google Nexus Q es fino, fluido ligero, elegante, sensible al tacto y un extremadamente fácil de manejar tableta. Usted puede fácilmente cambiar de una aplicación a otra. Tiene un buen navegador Google Chrome copia de seguridad c
For A Friend
Her beauty shines brightly,Her eyes and smile tell it all.There is only one for her,To whom her heart did fall.A man so lucky as him,Should always make her beauty shine.And I am granted to have her friendship,I value deep in this heart of mine.May you always be happy beauty,Smiles always to and from you and your man.And I will send you both mine,Always and as often as I can.
Drones Can Kill You
Yes, Your Government Can Use Armed Drones Against You     Adan SalazarInfowars.comMarch 5, 2013 Despite reassurances following the Christopher Dorner manhunt that lethal drones won’t be used to target American citizens on U.S. soil, a letter from Attorney General Eric Holder to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul states otherwise. “It is possible…to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States,” the letter partially posted by 
Ukulele Song Rep 1 Month In
So its been a month so far of playing ukulele and I have a song list of 46....What should I record and post on my youtube next? Here's my first UkeTube video:  What next? Ingrid Michaelson 1 You and I 2 Be OK 3 Giving Up 4 Can't Help Falling In Love 5 (Morning Lullabies) 6 Oh What a Day   Beatles 7 Let It Be 8 I wanna hold your hand 9 All My Loving 10 When I'm 64 11 Can't Buy Me Love 12 A Little Help from my Friends    Jason Mraz 13 I'm Yours   Death Cab for Cutie 14 I Will Follow You into the Dark   Phillip Phillips 15 Home   Adele 16 Someone Like You   Israel K 17 Somewhere Over the Rainbow   Cee Lo 18 F**k You   Leonard Coen 19 Hallelujah   Paramore: 20 The Only Exception   Ed Sheeran 21 The A Team   Bruno Mars 22 Marry You 23 Lazy 24 Grenade 25 It Will Rain   Kings of Leon/Paramore 26Use Somebody   Lumineers 27 Ho Hey  
Blazed Out!
so i wake to a bake and blazed out with no cake! damn..i can't escape the fate that i create so i might as well go bake that cake...damn!
Never Fade
To make her eyes smile forever,A goal close to my heart.Whether I hold your smile close to me,Or if we're an ocean apart.Your happiness is now my world,For your heart,there for every beat.To hold you in my arms for eternity,Nothing else could ever be as sweet.So my beautiful,never again a tear,Your smile will shine beautiful forever.And deep in your heart you will know,My love will never fade beautiful,never
Thought Experiment
This is really more for Smart than it is for Hugh, but I bet Hugh will like it too. "Thought Experiment," by George Saunders, included in the collection The Braindead Megaphone. Imagine the following scenario:  Two babies are born at precisely the same moment.  Baby One is healthy, with a great IQ and all its limbs and two kind, intelligent, nondysfunctional parents.  Baby Two is sickly, not very bright, is missing a limb or two, and is the child of two self-absorbed and stupid losers, one of whom has not been seen around lately, the other of whom is a heroin addict. Now imagine this scenario enacted a million times. Now imagine those two million babies leaving the hospital and beginning to live their lives. Statistically, the Baby Ones are going to have a better time of it than the Baby Twos.  Whatever random bad luck befalls the Babies, the Baby Ones will have more resources with which to engineer a rebound.  If a particular Baby One turns out to be, say, schizophrenic, he or sh
Credits For Cash!
Now I few months ago I was ask from one of my friends " where can they sell there modelling pictures for money?" I couldn't answer the question because thats a question I always wanted to know also! so I searched on Google for that question and I found a little intersting site called  This site is about (from the About us in the page) (ELM) is a digital marketplace for buyers to directly interact with adult content creators. Although the focus of the site is amateur porn, custom fetish clips, and amateur adult content, we welcome a wide range of adult content including audio and written work from amateurs and professionals alike. What makes ELM different from other "adult" sites is we only allow people who create and star in the content to sell that content. This means no 3rd party creators. Real amateur porn and custom adult content direct from the performers themselves. There are 2 categories of content featured on ELM: Custom J
How Do I Couple A New Samsung Universe S3 To The Honda Synchronize System?
One of the most well-known mobile cellular mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile phones this Xmas interval is the New new new new new new new new samsung Galaxy S3 and for many customers, they will need a fast tip on how to "pair" a New new new new new new new new samsung to a Ford Weblink Program. First, go to your mobile cellular mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile cell cell mobile phone's App option. Tap the Options folder If it isn't already on, Tap the Wi-fi box to convert it on. Start up your Ford automobile, go to the Mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile phone Choice. On the primary Weblink Program, use the "Seek" arrows to go to the Program Options history. Then go to Wi-fi Devices, media OK, and then use the arrows to find Add a Program, then media OK. Press the OK key to start "pairing" and your Weblink system will make a 6-digit PIN. If you can, use the Look for for Arrows on the go to toggle the show until it says "Special P
Salute Law Is In Effect
Okay I dont get it Whats so hard for someone to Write on a piece of paper or! put on a fubar shirt and make it a salute? A salute is a picture that shows you that you are real whats wrong with that? so from that said Half of all my stuff is going to be salute only (shouting, comments, and even looking on my page) If you don't like it Tough shit! Now  I would somewhat talk to some people that dont have a salute because they don't have a camera but thats a extent because you can always buy a cheap one.
i walk the busy streets there are no humans just shadows for humans have lost themselfshadows of what we could be what we are ment to beshadows of the past shadows of the futurei walk amoung the shadows one man looking for a shadow that i know but dont know a shadow to bring me out of the endless shadows call humans lifeless just walking through time we are all just shadows waisting away on this earthly plantedcan you find your ways out of the shadows and become more
Valintiens Day
red rose for each day you loved meboxes of candy for every time you held me as i criedlong kisses for how you love me and would do anything for melove maken by the fire of our hearts that tell a tail of our love and happinessfinaly 2 ring that symblize that we are one now and foreveras one we celibrat this day for the love that we have
Who Are You
you walked in to my life like a ragen storm you blew the wall around my heart down they crubled under the touch of your lipsthey were nothing but sand when you talkedwho are you that just by your voice you destroy walls that have stoud for ages that stoud aganist any other strom that rages out side the wallswho are you to make the storm in my heart rage out of controlwho are you to do this i will tell you who you are and why i rage with love you are the other part of my soul and heart the two pieces that form together as one that is who you are
My Lover
night falls the sun sets and i still dream about you you are what i need what feeds my soul what keeps me breathing my heart beatting as i look i to your eyes i draw life and happiness from on your knee you smile my heart races out of controle the only time i feel hole is when i am with you i may be thedominate but you controle my heart
Samsung La Versione Nero Lucido Della Galassia Nota 8,0 Esposizione
Non è altro che dire che in questi ultimi giorni, tablet prezzi la maggior parte dei nostri prodotti piatti attenzione di non-Samsung Nota galary 8.0. Samsung visivo certamente messo come uno dei prodotti più importanti di promozione, e il mondo esterno anche convenuto che Note8.0 è una mini Apple iPad blocco per Samsung a combattere. Quindi, dal momento che è lo sforzo di Samsung per creare il prodotto, non sarà certamente trucchi meno comuni di questo stile Samsung "materiale esplosivo" - in altre guscio colorato. , Recenti media stranieri ha preso l'esposizione al piombo Note8.0 un'altra versione nera.Dalle foto spia, la versione nera prima della comparsa dei modelli bianchi, e anche viene fornito con una penna stilo S. Dotato di un 8 pollici 1280x800 schermo, dotato di 1,6 GHz quad-core Exynos, built-in 2GB di RAM, 32/64GB di spazio di memoria opzionale, e il supporto per un massimo di 64 GB di espansione per schede microSD. 500-megapixel principale e 1,3 megapixel frontale, così c
I'd Like To Say It, But I Just Can't
Out of all I do everyday this was something that wasn't at all panned. I guess it was about time for a screw up. I was feeding, water changing and cleaning up after Jasmine. Just my daughters pet rat. My daughter's room is kinda small and her boxspring to her bed is the villian. I cut my foot and lost some blood in her room. I say she gets rid of her bed. The frame broke so she has her boxspring and mattress on the floor. I'm gonna try to suggest that she gets an inflatable bed. It hurts to walk on my foot but that doesn't change anything. I will still do the dishes and maybe some laundry today. I would like to say it won't happen again, but damn it I just can't. I know its not karma, cuz I have been a good girl. Some of the things that happen now, I know from this becoming true before, I can look back and say, 'that wasn't so bad'. Things will get better, even if it ain't in the near future. Things will be so much better and this will be just a faded memory. So while I am holding ho
Fake Of The Day , 03/05/2013
Here's today's Fake of the Day. I've seen it scrolling so much I may as well blog it... Miss Winter huh?.. Of course no salute, here's one of (its') pics: But alas, too good to be true. Real Girl = Clare Kramer.. as Googled Below: So while credits may make the dude behind the screen horny, this clear, busted scrolling fake should make all of us sick. Peace.
My Rules Of Godmode/family Adds/payoffs
rules#1 when I am running gm my family gets firstt bombs,then comments,then new friends. rule #2 family adds there 2 ways for me add you 1 salute to me, 2add me family when your running hh or gm (famiily trade)rule 3 payoffs get in famiily I don't do them so read rule 2
Guide To The Planet Pandora Diamond Jewelry
This really is every single thing to recognize regarding guide book for you to The planet pandora jewelry, from Pandora necklaces and also Pandora ovoids towards Pandora chains and also The planet pandora bracelets as well as a little bit background. Pandora jewellery started out being a spouse along with husband or wife importance business inside The 80's. They would quest in order to Thailand coming from Denmark within search using the greatest gem stones. As their desire raised they changed his or her target for you to really the particular from suppliers business of jewellery. Some several years later on these people opened up their particular manufacturing facility inside Thailand and also used to many more restrictive focus within the type element in the jewellery they had gathered. Right now, 27 decades soon after, this particular almost no time diamond jewelry store has exploded into an global international brand recognize, The planet pandora, using a gang of Thirty five folk
Was Sind Die Verkaufsargumente Für Tablets
Es gibt viele Tabletten, die dem Verbraucher heute. Es kann verwirrend sein zu entscheiden, was zu kaufen, da es viele Verkaufsargumente von Tabletten auf dem Markt sind. Um die Verkaufsargumente zu verstehen, sollten Sie entscheiden, was Sie es für verwenden möchten, und suchen Sie dann nach den Funktionen, die Sie wollen. Die erste Überlegung ist der Stil der Tablette. Der Schiefer ist eine grundlegende Touchscreen ohne Tastatur. Es gibt Convertible Tablet PC, ein Schiefer mit einer angeschlossenen Tastatur. Der Schiefer schwenken kann unabhängig von der Tastatur. Es sind Hybriden, mit einer abnehmbaren Tastatur und Broschüren oder zwei Tabletten, die zusammen wie ein Buch gefaltet werden kann. Schließlich gibt es robuste Tabletten, für den harten Bedingungen und sehr portabel gemacht.(tablet pc test) Eine der grundlegenden Eigenschaften aller Tablette ist das Betriebssystem (OS). Dazu gehören Android, Android 2.2, Android 2.3, Android 3.0, Android 3.1, Android 3.2, HP webOS, Window
Tears In Heaven.
My beautiful Mum joined the angels in heaven on Valentine's Day 2013. My sister Neeky had called me to let me know Mum was having a wound cleaned and dressed and it required surgery. I tried not to panic as it was just small surgery and she would be coming home within a day or two.   My world fell apart with the next phone call, Neeky was telling me something had happened during the operation and Mum was to have emergency surgery on a tear in her bowel. This was unbelievable, how could something so minor go so terribly wrong.   The next 6 hours was a blur to me, I jumped in my car and drove to be with Mum and my sisters. For 4 days we sat beside Mum, telling her how much we loved her, talked to her, laughed with her and cried so many tears.   The doctors told us her condition was grim and she might not make, it was a roller coaster ride of emotions for all of us but we refused to give up hope. Our Mum is a fighter and she will get through this!   Mum tried to hold on to our lov
As I See It ....
Black of life is coming to us in a way we know it, in a dream, or thinking , feeling, sadness over power the feeling of lost of feeling of unknown. As I see it set still here the noise in your mind take it all in. As a black rose lay on your bed I love you for all time. I run to you and you do not know or here me in the night. My heart is black of life is coming to us in a way we know it, in a dream, or thinking , feeling the sadness over the power of lost of feeling unknown. I lost the love, kindness, my heart is soft as the moon shines over my pain of love. Tell me something, to change my mind of love of kindness of a black of life is coming to me in a way I can not change. I want to change to be with you. Dance with me .. like we did long ago... love me like you did. I want to be your toy.. love is not real in your mind. Come and dance with me like the old days.      bY LoVe GiRL... love takes you away to a dream.. and you wake up. This is a dream to me long ago and I miss you .. It
Consejos Sobre La Compra De La Mejor Tablet
Recientemente, ha habido un aumento de las tableta pc en el mercado. Muchas destacadas empresas de dispositivos informáticos han lanzado sus dispositivos Tablet que vienen con una serie de características y están disponibles en diferentes precios. Muchas de estas tabletas han caído drásticamente en el precio. Este excedente lanzamiento de tablets ha hecho que muchos consumidores desconcertados sobre cómo seleccionar la mejor pastilla para sus necesidades particulares. Sin embargo, con algunos consejos sobre la compra de la mejor tableta para sus necesidades, que hará que sea más fácil y rápido encontrar la pastilla adecuada para usted. La tableta es la alternativa preferida a la computadora portátil debido a su pequeño tamaño y peso. Además, su manejo con pantalla táctil a través de un lápiz hace que sea una opción popular. Es importante tener en cuenta la pantalla. Hay 12 Tablet PC pulgadas y también muy pequeños pero versátiles 5 comprimidos pulgadas. Es importante determ
Huawei Se Concentre Presque Exclusivement Sur ​​android
Le constructeur chinois Huawei a montré au Mobile World Congress 2013 ses derniers téléphones,tablette pc windows 7 , le smartphone Ascend P2 à la tête. C'est le plus puissant jamais sorti, avec un processeur, fabriqué par la société elle-même, quad-core et diverses caractéristiques qui le placent en tête de ce classement particulier, comme son écran de 4,7 pouces et verre Gorilla finition 2, NFC et 4G LTE ... un smartphone haut de gamme mais avec un prix qui pourrait casser le marché dès que disponibles dans notre pays: 400 euros. Toucher magasins cet été. Au cours de la conférence, nous avons eu l'occasion d'interviewer Francisco Cano, directeur des ventes de terminaux Huawei, nous a expliqué la stratégie de la société pour cette année. L'objectif est de réduire le nombre de terminaux exposés dans les vitrines, mais l'unité des ventes en augmentation. Selon Cano, le système d'exploitation principal sera Android, utilisé dans la plupart des terminaux, y compris P2 Ascend
Finden Der Besten Tablet
Wenn es eine Sache gibt, die im Einklang über die Technologie, es ist die Tatsache, dass es sich ständig verändert. Dies ist vor allem zu sehen in den Computern, die wir verwenden, wie sie haben sicherlich eine Wende in den letzten zehn Jahren oder so,(dual sim handy) und niemand könnte ich vielleicht vorstellen, wo es in der heutigen technologischen Umfeld beendet haben. Wir haben von der Nutzung des typischen PC mit einem Laptop weg und jetzt, die Tablette. Mehr als wahrscheinlich, haben Sie Ihre Lieblings-Art von Technologie, die verfügbar ist, aber wenn Sie noch nicht begonnen haben mit den Tabletten, gibt es einige zwingende Gründe für Sie, um dies zu tun. Zunächst soweit Mobile Computing betrifft, ist es schwierig, den Komfort, die verfügbar mit einem Tablet-Computer ist verloren. Dies gilt unabhängig davon, ob Sie über einen PC, Android oder Apple zu sprechen. In einigen Fällen, und der Tablet-Computer wird sich auch zum Cabrio mit dem Sie es verwenden können, sowohl als Handge
How To Make A Web Page With The Best 100 % 100 % 100 % Free Tools
While it is obvious that Look for look for look for engines features much of the online online look for engine and on the on the on the on the online promotion world, this does not mean there are no other outstanding online guest and sources available. Mozilla Chrome has a dedicated following and is useful with website building, though it may not be quite as popular as Look for look for look for engines. Better yet, Mozilla provides some extremely useful and 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 % free SEO sources for use within Chrome that can really help create, notice, and enhance sites. Firefox is a awesome online online on the web on the web on the web online browser that provides many features, is much more appropriate than Internet Visitor, and is a effective system to use along with Look for look for look for engines to offer the same SEO and online online on the web on the web on the web online browser abilities and possibly a few more nice methods and still complement most of Look for
Ya Know What?
Do not make me  show that you are not much more than meat
Trovare Il Miglior Tablet
Se c'è una cosa che è coerente sulla tecnologia, è il fatto che essa è in continua evoluzione. Ciò è particolarmente vedere nei computer che usiamo, come hanno sicuramente preso una svolta negli ultimi dieci anni o  giù di lì e nessuno avrebbe potuto potuto immaginare dove è finito in un ambiente tecnologico di oggi. Siamo passati da PC utilizzando il tipico utilizzando un computer portatile e ora, la tavoletta. Più che probabile, (Android 4.1)avete il vostro tipo preferito di tecnologia che è disponibile, ma se non hai ancora iniziato a utilizzare le compresse, ci sono alcuni motivi validi per voi a farlo. Prima di tutto, per quanto concerne mobile computing, è difficile battere la convenienza che è disponibile con un computer tavoletta. Questo è vero, indipendentemente dal fatto che si sta parlando di un PC, Android o Apple. In alcuni casi, (miglior smartphone)e il tablet computer è anche sarà convertibile che permette di usarlo, sia come dispositivo portatile e molto portatile così
All I Wanted
Through shard and jagged walls, I walk through caverns  so deep. The walls reaching out to me, Peircing my skin so deep.   All my thoughts and worries cluster, Spinning deep in my head. Words and feelings cut deep like rocks, Making me beg to be dead.   Is this What I deserve, Because I sent out my soul. To reach anyone, As far as it would go.   I am no Jesus, No i can't claim, All i ever had were my words, My heart,my dreams.   So send me down this path, Into harm I will go. All I ever wanted, Was the love from you I should know.
Halten Sie Ihre Hochzeit Kosten
Jede Frau denken, dass ihre Traumhochzeit, sie wissen, dass ihre Hochzeit sie immer, Traumhochzeit geträumt haben, kommt allerdings zu einem Preis wollen, aber nicht alle von uns kann wirklich ergoss sich, was wirklich nur einen Tag . Es ist einfach, die Hochzeit Haushalt zu organisieren. Die Familie und Freunde werden verstehen, wenn Sie ihnen sagen, warum Sie nur eine kleine intime Zeremonie, nur Sie Ihre Liebsten, aber Sie einladen können, die Sie mögen, wenn Sie sich schlecht fühlen nicht laden alle zum abendlichen Empfang. Down ist auf einige der teureren Hochzeit, einen anderen Weg suchen, können Sie halten die Kosten Ihrer Hochzeit. Diebrautkleider 2013 sind leicht zugänglich, sie sind in einem bestimmten Bereich in verschiedenen Größen, so dass Sie sollten in der Lage, leicht zu finden ein Kleid für Sie. Alle Brautkleider nach den gleichen hohen Standards vorgenommen wurden, alle anderen Kleider im Laden, so müssen Sie nicht zu kümmern, erhalten Sie das Hochzeitskleid der zwe
Butt Lick
 As many of you may know I am a little anal whore.  I just love having all kinds of naughty things done to my ass whether its fingers, tongues, or maybe a nice thick dick or strapon.  Come watch as Diane puts her tongue to work on my tight little asshole.  Letting me feel her pierced tongue against me and then feeling her work her fingers inside that tight little hole stretching me out.  But don't think the fun ended there.  I have to be nice and return the favor.  Just watch as my tongue and fingers get a workout causing her to cum all over. This is a full length movie.  
Trouver Le Meilleur Tablet
Si il ya une chose qui est conforme à la technologie, c'est le fait qu'il est en constante évolution. Ceci est surtout de voir dans les ordinateurs que nous utilisons, comme ils l'ont certainement pris un tournant dans la dernière décennie et personne ne pouvait avoir pu imaginer où il a fini dans un environnement technologique d'aujourd'hui. Nous sommes passés de l'aide du PC typique à l'aide d'un ordinateur portable et maintenant, la tablette. Plus que probablement,(mobile pas cher) vous avez votre type préféré de la technologie qui est disponible, mais si vous n'avez pas encore commencé à utiliser les comprimés, il ya de très bonnes raisons pour vous de le faire. Tout d'abord, en ce qui concerne l'informatique mobile, il est difficile de battre la commodité qui est disponible avec une tablette PC. Cela est vrai, peu importe si vous parlez d'un PC, Android ou un Apple. Dans certains cas, et l'ordinateur tablette va également être convertible qui vous permet de l'utiliser, à la fois
Fashion Week De Paris : Jean Paul Gaultier Demenage, La Chaussure Criniere De Loewe...
Jean Paul Gaultier déménagePour présenter sa collection Automne-Hiver 2013/2014, le couturier français a délaissé son habituelle rue Saint-Martin pour la Salle Wagram. Une salle qui rappelle de bons et vieux souvenirs à plus d'un puisqu'il s'agit de la salle de ses débutsgrossiste chaussure femme . Les chaussures crinière de LoeweA chaque Fashion Week son lot d'originalité. Samedi soir, lors du défilé Loewe Automne-Hiver 2013/2014 notre regard s'est arrêté sur l'arrière des chaussures. Pour certaines, elles étaient agrémentées d'une crinière type crinière de cheval. Plutôt originale comme idée pour twister une tenue, non ? Vanessa Bruno se met aux paillettesNe jamais dire jamais. Car, qui aurait pu croire un instant que la styliste Vanessa Bruno dévoilerait une collection un brin bling-bling, à l'opposé du style bohème auquel elle nous avait habitués ? Et bien pas nous. Mais on doit avouer que cette audace lui va plutôt bien, car la collection Vanessa Bruno Automne-Hiver 2013/2014 es
Saving Grace
I am Barbie and I am an alcoholic.   Okay so I went to my meeting tonight. Tonight is the meeting I help run since the original founder of Monday night has passed away and I thought it would be good to do service work, to help others  and get out of myself. The problem is as of late I am way in myself and my  emotions . I am in a place where I had to force myself as I rather not let see people see me as I am at the moment. See it has been brought to my attention by my sponsor that I don't look well.Not a surprise as I haven't eaten or slept like a normal person since my birthday 2 weeks ago. See I am on what they call and emotional drunk. I haven't drank but as miserable as I am in this very moment an old timer in AA would say I might as well get drunk. Fucking know it all . Old timers always say what you need to hear but you don't want too . Must be because this particular man has been sober since the year I was born and knows what the hell he is talking about.*shrugs* I am certain
My Pirate
My Pirate He is completely awesome in every which way possible I adore Him fully He gets Me more than anyone else ever will on Fubar He's amazingly cute and naieve at the same time. I cannot fathom why or how We work but We do. Yeah this is my second time around with Him. I was initially hesitant BUT I won't ever regret my desicion to get back with Him. He's My true north. My Pirate and my complete. We sail a vessel called The Epicloud *after our massive love for Mr Devin Townsend* We are both massive potheads. Him more than Me. He loves Cats like I do. Loves the same bands I do. He makes Me blush uncontrollably but I love it. He knows how to treat Me and talk to Me. Yeah most of what We say is  Old school Pirate tongue. But thats how We are together. He looks after Me, My Wellbeing and my sanity when things go wrong.
Encontrar El Mejor Tablet
Si hay una cosa que es consistente acerca de la tecnología, es el hecho de que está en constante cambio. Esto es especialmente ver en los ordenadores que utilizamos, ya que sin duda han dado un giro en la última década o así,(moviles baratos)y nadie podría haber posiblemente haber imaginado en el que ha terminado en el entorno tecnológico actual. Hemos pasado de utilizar el PC típico con un ordenador portátil y ahora, la tableta. Lo más probable es que tengas tu tipo favorito de la tecnología que está disponible, pero si usted todavía no ha comenzado a usar las pastillas, hay algunas razones de peso para que lo haga. En primer lugar, en cuanto a la informática móvil se refiere, es difícil superar la conveniencia de que está disponible con un equipo de tableta. Esto es cierto, independientemente de si se trata de un PC, Android o una manzana. En algunos casos, y el equipo Tablet PC también va a ser convertible que te permite usarlo tanto como un dispositivo portátil y muy portátil y us
Prendere Una Decisione Proprio Nel Scegliere I Vestiti Migliori Per Il Bambino Bambino
In modo analogo i parenti e gli amici avrebbero anche acquistare per il bambino di presentare questi vestiti come un dono al bambino doccia o il compleanno del bambino. L'abbigliamento bambino è la linea è anche molto famoso in questi giorni a causa della crescente domanda dei vestiti. Bene, noi tutti sappiamo che i vestiti sono uno dei bisogni di base e nel mondo attuale quando si parla di vestiti, questi hanno trasformato il mondo intero tendenza a testa in giù. Abbigliamento in questi giorni significa atteggiamento, sobrietà, e altre qualità. Ci sono molti vestiti del bambino a seconda delle dimensioni e di età.camicie uomoNel mercato attuale, non vi è una grande richiesta per i prodotti per bambini. Non solo il mercato sta lodando per il prodotto del bambino, ma vi è una crescente domanda in linea di abbigliamento. La linea di abbigliamento è la cosa più accadendo in questi giorni. Le persone che non sono mai stati in vestiti di marca sono in ripresa marchi per andare d'accordo con
Cant Get It Up?
Pickle: i cant get my computer to stay on wireless Pnut: um wtf Pickle: took me all fucking weekend to get it up Pnut: why not? Pnut: lmfao Pickle: idk Pnut: anvil Pickle: oh fuck Pnut: lol Pnut: cmere ill get 
Magento Development Agency | Uk Leeds London E-commerce Web Developer - Edmonds Commerce
Edmonds Commerce specialise in PHP ecommerce web design and development, primarily using open source ecommerce platforms such as Magento. Our clients range from sole traders with a few hundred SKU’s up to high turnover Ltd and PLC organisations. If you are looking for a company that specialises in PHP web development and particularly in the Magento Development e-commerce platform then you have come to the right place. We can help you achieve your business goals using the Magento platform by getting the most out of existing Magento functionality, Magento extensions and of course custom Magento modules to achieve your exact requirements.
Poke Etiquette
Just a thought:When contemplating a Fubar Poke Fest with a girl you just met, perhaps in an effort to break the ice, do NOT make your first poke effort a lick, nibble, rub or tackle. That's about the equivalent of meeting a girl in a bar and using a cheesy pick up line such as, "Hey baby, wanna be my pet? Get down on all fours and I'll throw you a bone." (Yes, that actually happened.) May I suggest starting off with a smile, wink or even a hug. (I'm Southern. We love hugs.) If she responds with any of those pokes, then feel free to introduce yourself...minus the cheesy pick up line, of course.
Feds Texting Messages
St. Louis Residents Get “Strange” Text Message From Feds     Emergency alert system confuses cell phone users Paul Joseph March 4, 2013 Thousands of St. Louis residents reported receiving a “strange” text message from the government over the weekend, unaware that their cell phones had been automatically enrolled into a FEMA alert program that they cannot opt out of completely.
Live Feed Disappears - How To Fix!!!
Click See All above your feed In each of the three boxes is a trash can. Click each trash can (6 OR MORE TIMES) even if empty (you may need to do this more than once) log out of fubar using the log off button then log back in,and your feed should start working again.
One Of Mine
Her beauty amazes my eyes,Her smile so deep in my heart.Can I get her to smile for me,Will she ever start.That would be a gift from heaven,Worth more than any gold.It would remain with me forever,Shining more each day,never growing old.So beautiful,I will try in any way,To bring that smile from you.To always try to make you happy,And never feel any shade of blue.Anytime you lose that beautiful smile,Run to me at all times.And I will bring it back to you,By giving you one of mine.
I look at you and can only see, My love, my life, my Eternity.With you there is no end, Let's hold each other, our love to tend.
I'm not sure what sparked my initial search of "Per Fubar" on Google, but I did it. I didn't find the link to my profile, of course I didn't go any further than the first page. I did however find a blog about the site written by someone that made a profile just so he could write a review of this place. I read the whole thing, even the comments. I must be on a different website because I don't think we are talking/thinking/blogging about the same place at all.   It was written last year, so I don't get why he used the tooltip of Mike (babyjesus) when he was  a "VIC". How long ago was that anyway?   Here is the link to the blog. Read it if you want.
She Sins In Peace (poem I Wrote)
She Sins In Peace She sins in peace. So gradual the grace. She was on for a little flutterin polite debauchery. Her feet are delicate and they step not on firmearth. She walks on thin air above men's heads and leads them astray.Spending scarlet, like a woman in the economy of heaven. In twilightwhere virtue is vice. So pure a thing, so free from mortal taint. Soinfinite our intercourse, so intimate indeed. Over the infinitebreast in bright degrees. Life is most cruel when she is most wise.She does not call her lust fire. She is as she is. She smiled as sinonly can.The depth and passion of her gentle glance. Her eyes begin their dance.Her eloquence might soothe a tigers rage. The long and lonelycolonnades. Her name is written in heaven. She is fair, she is whitelike a dove. Her beauty made me feel like a man. Have I not seen theloveliest woman born. She is my new found angel, muse, Madonna, allin one! She lay beside me in the dawn as if we live in a movie. Breathing deep,dying in sc
Greeting in Excito Diabolus   Excito Diabolus is not a lounge like other lounges.  We do not offer nudity on cam to keep our members.  We do not play all the music that the radio plays in order to use the fan-base of the radio to keep our members.  We are a lounge that prides itself on being a good lounge because of the Good People and the Hard Work of the DJs and Greeters.   That means it is That Much Harder Work for us to keep our members, as we are advertising a place that has a smaller Fan-base than the lounges who play everything and/or have cams that will give you a show for your membership.  It is up to the Greeters to keep the people in here.  The More Viewers we have, the Happier the DJs are.  The More People hanging out, the more DJs will want to DJ here.   How to be a Good Greeter in a Place Like Excito   A Good Greeter in a Place Like Excito Diabolus Needs to be Quick to Welcome People into the Lounge.  This doesn't mean to say Hi and go back to your conversation.  
My Own Clothing Line!
so "I might" be inheriting a good some of money soon. and I really want to start my own clothing company, I have 2 people in mind that I would love to run it. I've followed these two for years and I love their fashion style. I'm 100% sure this is what I want to do.   Here are a few images of them. Do you think it would be a good clothing line? I LOVE THERE FASHION STYLES!                      
No Difference
Might be a hint of difference, but when you really get down to the nitty gritty there isn't any difference. Some may have loads of cash they can spend on here and some may not. OMG, that doesn't mean they are to be shunned. Not every soul takes this site so darned serious. It is just a game or like an escape for me. I try an keep up with my writing and recently my typing. Sometimes I am busy either trying get my songs out there or doing house cleaning. I like doing the dishes, but not all the time. It hurts to stand too long. Maybe that is a difference, maybe not. I already know that others have aches and pains. Mine may seem insucnifficant to some and they may not. Same Shit, Different Day, right?? For me the pain usually isn't staying with me. It just rushes on and stabs me. Maybe a difference, maybe not. If I could speak for others I wouldn't. Each and every soul has their own voice and everyone has the right to be heard. I would like to urge the many voices that can't shout to f
5,7 Pollici + Scheda Dual Il Frontale L 320 Dual-core Thl W7
5,7 pollici + scheda dual il frontale L 320 dual-core THL W7Se ti senti positivo come Samsung GALAXY Nota II, dalla parte posteriore sarà in grado di confrontare intuitiva risoluzione THL W7 corpo reale, perché l'ovvio il logo "THL" marchio e il fondo "Tecnologia Happy Life" concetto di identità. La forma curva del corpo e la parte posteriore dell'arco circa gradi forniscono una presa comoda.smartphone android La parte supcieriore del coperchio posteriore è un 800-megapixel, ed è dotata di un flash LED, e migliorare la capacità di scattare foto in condizioni di scarsa illuminazione.Dal momento che le immagini di cui, cerchiamo di arrivare a comprendere la funzione e l'effetto della telecamera. Impostazioni della fotocamera parametri per THL W7 con i nostri modelli Android non sono molto diversi, le funzioni di base sono disponibili per supportare la macchina fotografica panoramica, sensibilità, contrasto, saturazione e così via può essere regolata a seconda della situazione.Effetto fot
Fubucks For Credits?? Interested
It seems that there are a few people who like to trade Credits to get FuBucks so they can bid on the spotlight for themselves...   I've decided to give away my FuBucks in exchange for credits. Every time I feel as if I have a substantial amount, I will post to this blog for all to see if in fact, any of you are interested...   As of today, I have about 170 million fubucks.  The current conversion is 2 million fubucks per credit, so it would be 185 million fubucks for 92 credits...   If anyone is interested, let me know :D   Thanks
Life Is Important Every Second.
Here is a small story that I had always loved,Figured it would be nice to share with you and a few others, Hope you and your friend are fine.Always wishing you the best. washed up during a terrible storm. When she came to each starfish, she would pick it up, and throw it back into the ocean. People watched her with amusement. She had been doing this for some time when a man approached her and said, “Little girl, why are you doing this? Look at this beach! You can’t save all these starfish. You can’t begin to make a difference!” The girl seemed crushed, suddenly deflated. But after a few moments, she bent down, picked up another starfish, and hurled it as far as she could into the ocean. Then she looked up at the man and replied, “Well, I made a difference to that one!” The old man looked at the girl inquisitively and thought about what she had done and said. Inspired, he joined the little girl in throwing starfish back into the sea. Soon others join
Divorce Update 2013
Well it is now official, I am a divorced woman. The hearing was held Thursday and took about 10 minutes.   I am happy it's finally over, a little sad because we had been together for 22 years, and yet happy all at   the same time. It's a melting pot of emoations I guess you could say. All 3 of the kids decided on their own   they wanted to stay with their father but I do get to see them whenever I want.   I don't plan on jumping right back into a relationship, I'm gonna take some time to find the real "Katiemae"   that has been missing for so long. I'm just gonna have a bunch of one night stands ;)  LOL   Love to all my kinky and preveted friends.
Fakes Of The Day Archived Posts - February 2013
*Please don't forget to rate this blog* Feb 2013 Fakes of the Day Archived Posts Fake? But Definitely a Bling Whore: (see Musings, Rants and Cons for the Catfish specials)
Musings Rants & Cons - Archived Posts February 2013
*Please don't forget to rate this blog* Feb 2013 Musing, Rants & Cons Archived Posts Unsaluted Profile Rant/List: Catfish of the Day, Dude Looks Like a Lady: New Catfish Hunting Down Likes: Fake/Unsaluted Online User Bar List: Criminal the Con Artist is back. Before you fall for his shit, read this: Burger King Serves Horsemeat and Subway is ripping off all customers:
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Am I Wrong??
Every woman wants a man who can love her mind, body and soul. A man who respects her values, virtues and ethics and believes in the strength of her character and personality. A woman does not want her man to bring her expensive gifts or promise to give her an entire world of luxuries. She wants a man who can support her, spend a lot of time with her and stay connected to her soulfully. She doesn’t want commitments and promises she just wants to be loved to the core… Are am i wrong???
Choose Arya Bhatta Academy To Crack Gate And Ies Exams
Aryabhatta Academy is one of India’s best known coaching institute for GATE/IES and other PSU exams. It has been a pioneer in coaching industry by providing excellent service to thousands of aspirants who dare to dream big in their life. It is the forerunner in providing educational services to students by providing them training cum guidance program and making them ready to tackle all stages of the examinations like GATE/IES/PSU’S etc which includes written exams and interviews. The main aim behind the establishment of this academy was to provide a holistic training to the students preparing to appear in various competitive exams. It provides an all round package that thoroughly prepares the students for all aspects and stages of the exams. We don’t only stick to the syllabus but go beyond it, not restricting us by any limits as well as learning is concerned. We allow the full scale development of students that will help them not only crack the exams but will prepare
Android Tablets Bald überholen Dem Ipad, Experten Sagen Voraus,
Berlin - Apple wird immer einen gewissen Wettbewerb. Namhafte Hersteller wie Hewlett Packard,(android tablet) LG und Samsung wollen alle auf dem iPad, die derzeit das Regiment für Tablet-Computer zu nehmen, und sie sind auf dem Android-Betriebssystem angewiesen, um sie dabei zu unterstützen. Apple könnte seinen Vorsprung Status so früh wie 2012 verlieren, sagen einige Experten. Aber es ist alles eine gute Nachricht für Verbraucher, die sich zu sinkenden Preisen genießen können. "Bis zum Ende des Jahres 2012, Android Tabletten rasch überholen iPad Marktanteile", prognostiziert Experte Sascha Pallenberg während des Droidcon Entwickler-Konferenz in Berlin. Derzeit verkauft Apple neun von 10 Tablet-Computer gekauft, je nach Markt-Experten. Aber die "schiere Masse" von Android-basierten Tablet-Computern garantiert ihren Erfolg, sagt Pallenberg, die über Technologie-Blogs von seiner Basis in Taiwan. Zehn größeren Herstellern, sowie unzählige kleinere, derzeit verkaufen Geräte unterschied
Tablets Android Sarà Presto Sorpassi L'ipad, Gli Esperti Prevedono
Berlino - Apple sta diventando un po 'di concorrenza. Grandi nomi produttori come Hewlett Packard, LG e Samsung tutti vogliono prendere sul iPad, che governa attualmente il posatoio per tablet PC, e sono basandosi sul sistema operativo Android per aiutarli a farlo. Apple potrebbe perdere il suo status di piombo come già nel 2012, dicono alcuni esperti. Ma è tutto una buona notizia per i consumatori, che potrebbero arrivare a godere di prezzi affondamento. 'Entro la fine del 2012, le compresse di Android sarà rapidamente superare gli iPad della quota di mercato,' prevede esperto Sascha Pallenberg durante la conferenza degli sviluppatori droidcon 'a Berlino. Attualmente, Apple vende nove dei tablet PC ogni 10 acquistati, secondo gli esperti di mercato. Ma la 'massa pura' di Android-based tablet PC sarà garantire il loro successo dice Pallenberg, che blog sulla tecnologia dalla sua base in Taiwan. Dieci produttori più grandi, così come innumerevoli più piccoli, permette di vendere i d
Der Größte Konkurrent Des Apple Ipad
Google und Apple sind zwei der bekanntesten Unternehmen in der ganzen Welt, die die gleichen Produkte mit unterschiedlichen Charakteren und Eigenschaften.(android handys) Als Apple startete das iPad2 vor kurzem haben die Hersteller von Android-Tablet ein klares Bild, was sie sind gegen, und viele Menschen sind im Vergleich zwischen den beiden High-Tech-Produkten interessiert. Android OS ist ein Betriebssystem von Google unterstützt wird, um die ursprünglichen Entwickler der Software zu erwerben und sind spezialisiert auf Funktionen wie Benutzerfreundlichkeit, sehen und hören zu den Medien und im Internet surfen. Man kann Musik, Videos, Spiele und E-Mails von einem Android-Tablet zu genießen.Android-Tabletten sind klein, leicht wiegen und tragbar ist, können Sie sie in Ihre Taschen stecken und nehmen Sie es überall hin. In der Regel sind diese Geräte in einer Bildschirmdiagonale, die Handfläche passt,(beste android handys) im Gegensatz zu iPad mit der perfekten Größe für Filme. Aufgrund
Nike Baltimore Ravens Jerseys Accumulate
If Tyron Smith weren't at larboard tackle, it's accessible that the Cowboys could abstract up the absolute abhorrent band and alpha absolutely cheap nfl jerseys over. If the Dallas abhorrent band was a duke in poker, you'd bandy aback the added four cards and accumulate the ace. The saddest allotment is that the Cowboys accept approved for years to get abroad with bristles bodies that are aloof acceptable abundant to Nike Baltimore Ravens Jerseys accumulate Romo upright. They've drafted aloof two linemen over the accomplished four years who are still on the roster. The Cowboys may accept to amend that aesthetics by drafting a brace of linemen in this abstract and conceivably abacus addition in chargeless agency.  Chance Warmack may accept afraid a few teams at the amalgamate with a beneath boilerplate concrete performance, but don't misunderstand; this is Oakland Raiders Jerseys one of the best run-blocking autogenous linemen we've apparent in absolutely some time. That said, David
Cómo Conseguir Un Buen Barato De 10 Pulgadas Android Tablet
He estado esperando un 10 "Android tablet, pero siempre han sido demasiado caro. Por supuesto, siempre ha habido imitaciones baratas chinos online, pero siempre han sido asuntos muy cutre - hasta ahora. Mi familia y yo hace poco me compré una marca Polaroid 10.1 "tablet con Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Aunque este fabricante es cortar algunas esquinas, sorprendentemente no cortar los que cuentan. Es el deporte altavoces estéreo que suenan mejor que el fuego Kindle original y tiene más memoria también. Incluso tiene una cámara frontal frente y un conector de salida HDMI. La velocidad es decente y el WiFi funciona muy bien. Carece de los sensores de tabletas de gama alta y los teléfonos celulares, pero tiene un micrófono y acelerómetro. Es perfecto para ver películas, archivos PDF, navegación por Internet y Skype - Cosas típico tablet. También cuenta con entrada USB para que pueda conectar un teclado también. También se puede cargar a través de USB, así como con el carga
Il Più Grande Concorrente Di Apple Ipad
Google e Apple sono due aziende più famose in tutto il mondo, fornendo gli stessi prodotti con caratteri e qualità diverse. Come Apple ha lanciato l'iPad2 di recente, i produttori di tablet Android hanno un quadro chiaro quello che sono contro, e molte persone sono interessate al confronto tra i due prodotti high-tech. Android OS è un sistema operativo supportato da Google per l'acquisto lo sviluppatore iniziale del software e sono specializzati in funzioni come la facilità d'uso, guardare e ascoltare i contenuti e la navigazione in internet. Si può godere di musica, video, (cellulari dual sim)giochi e messaggi di posta elettronica da parte di un tablet Android.Compresse di Android sono di piccole dimensioni, la luce in peso e portatile, si può mettere nelle borse e portarlo a tutto il mondo. Di solito, questi dispositivi sono in una dimensione dello schermo che misura il vostro palmo della mano, a differenza di iPad con la dimensione ideale per guardare film. A causa delle differenze
Télé: «yves Saint Laurent: Le Dernier Défilé», De Loïc Prigent
Après Karl Lagerfeld se dessine hier, voici un autre moment-phare du Fashion Weekend d'Arte, le documentaire Yves Saint Laurent: Le dernier défilé, également signé Loïc Prigent, à 16h15, ce dimanche. L'homme qui filme et raconte la mode comme personne propose un retour sur le dernier défilé d'Yves Saint Laurent, le 22 janvier 2002, au Centre Pompidou. Un défilé-rétrospective de 40 ans de mode qui offrait une fois de plus le spectacle éblouissant du génie du couturier fashion homme . Dix ans plus tard, les proches se souviennent. Il y a entre autres Monsieur Jean-Pierre, le chef d'atelier tailleur, le mannequin Audrey Marnay, l'attachée de presse Dominique Deroche et Pierre Bergé, bien sûr. Il y a aussi la journaliste Laurence Benaïm, qui parle magnifiquement bien des créations d'Yves Saint Laurent et qui confie son admiration pour ce dernier: «Un jour je voudrais écrire comme il fait des smokings, je voudrais faire des phrases qui se tiennent et de façon absolue […] dire la vér
Hope You Had A Great Weekend
Can't believe the weekend is over already.  It went by too fast.  Unfortunately, tomarrow is Monday and if your like me Mondays suck.  My weekend was so so.  Saturday was one of those days where I should of just stayed in bed.  I am sure you know what I am talking about where nothing goes your way.  But today went pretty good so it made up for the crappy day yesterday.  So did you have any excitement?  I am looking forward to seeing Diane sometime this week and hopefully we will be able to do some girl girl shows on Niteflirt while she is here.  We did some a couple of weeks ago and had alot of fun.  Don't work to hard this coming week. Hugs and kisses Chilly
Spring In The Air
Spring is coming. Everything is full of life now. Fragrance of flowers flows here and there. I like spring so much. Cold winter is over. Snow and ice disappeard, sparrows come back. This is my last term in University. Thesis is my biggest headache. Job is waiting for me to hunt. Ok, stop now.
Il Posto Migliore Per Acquistare Online è Web10 Shopping Directory
Col passare del tempo, la popolarità del World Wide Web come una fonte affidabile per l'accesso alle informazioni è ancora in aumento. Persone in tutto il mondo sono più disposti a svolgere attività su Internet che mai.Al fine di evitare il disagio e l'attesa in lunghe file, ci sono alcune persone che hanno fatto ricorso a condurre le loro operazioni bancarie on-line. Inoltre, ci sono milioni di persone che fanno il loro acquisto e la vendita di prodotti on-line. vendita onlineLa verità della questione è che lo shopping online è molto più facile, comodo e piacevole. E 'più divertente, perché si arriva a vedere tutti i prodotti, il modo in cui si inserisce e con precisione il loro aspetto. Non solo è lo shopping online più divertente, ma per le persone che non hanno tempo da perdere per girare intorno al centro commerciale o piazza a fare la spesa, lo shopping online diventa ideale.Tuttavia, uno dei problemi principali con lo shopping online è la possibilità di essere truffati. Per evit
80% Der Smartphone-nutzer: Kein Wasser Kann Nicht App
Wie wichtig mobile App?  API Unternehmen Apigee kürzlich die App Verhalten Befragung von 2013 mtk6589 Smartphone-Nutzer sie Rückschlüsse mobile App tief ins jeden Aspekt des täglichen Leben der Menschen durchgemacht einer Befragung von 762 Smartphone-Nutzer für die Vereinigten Staaten, das Vereinigte Königreich, Deutschland, Frankreich, Spanien, seine Attraktivität auch Menschen nicht in der Lage, sich selbst zu befreien. 
Theory 1
My theory to the Walking Dead- Glenn was originally Dr. Sheldon Coopers roommate on the Big Bang Theory...Then Glenn pizza delivery person and delivered pizzas to Sheldon. Glenn was a pizza delivery guy before the apocalypse which you learn in season one......Glenn seriously must have pissed off Sheldon to no end and therefore Sheldon released the virus which caused the apocalypse....
Primo Bambino Abbigliamento Annabell
Primi vestiti del bambino Annabell è stato il preferito condensato per i bambini per alcuni anni appena prima ora. Oltre un patrimonio sorprendente e borghese così ammontano a un sacco di madri verso acquistarlo dopo angioletto set di vestiti come abbigliamento, indumenti da notte compresa biancheria intima sono una parte della categoria sportiva posseduto da collezione di vestiti del bambino. abbigliamentoTi prendi cura di nominare i primi vestiti Annabell bambino su amazon. perché ci sono numerose specie di abbigliamento sono inferiori rispetto con il pacchetto e vendere merci conto. Inoltre è consentito, oltre ad adottare un insieme di esso accanto a modelli che si sente come essere come come un sacco di persone anche ottenere su amazon. Pertanto, assicurarsi che quello che si ordina oggi che si può permettere un alto spirito di azione verso il suo bambino, più le persone in modo da gioia dentroPer molti bambini, che saranno presto in attesa di un primo vestiti puzzolenti Annabell b
Le Plus Grand Concurrent De L'ipad D'apple
Google et Apple sont deux entreprises les plus célèbres dans le monde entier,(smartphone android) en fournissant les mêmes produits avec des caractères et des qualités différentes. Comme Apple a lancé l'iPad2 récemment, les fabricants de tablette Android avoir une image claire ce qu'ils sont contre, et beaucoup de gens sont intéressés à la comparaison entre les deux produits de haute technologie. Android OS est un système d'exploitation pris en charge par Google pour acheter le développeur initial du logiciel et de se spécialiser dans des fonctions telles que la facilité d'utilisation, en regardant et en écoutant les médias et surfer sur internet. On peut écouter de la musique, des vidéos, des jeux et e-mails par une tablette Android.Tablettes Android sont de petite taille, lumière dans le poids et portable,(telephone portable pas cher) vous pouvez le mettre dans votre sac et le prendre à partout.(smartphone pas cher) Habituellement, ces dispositifs sont dans une taille d'écran qui s'a
Recommended Essential Items Sweater Coats For Spring
Sweater is always the most essential spring clothes for female. What type of sweater coat is the most suitable for you? Sweater coat consists of long, short, close-fitting and relaxed style of these. Today Asian fashion online store Korean Japan for everyone brings these matching pictures of 2013 new sweater coats, and Korean style sweater coat fashionable dress, the girls together to learn this spring clothing surge up. Shallow short gray knitted sweater coat, five sleeve design, simple and agile, a young MM are straightforward lovely fashion temperament. Take a deep color rendering dress, style fashion with the sweet, really make people love. Cardigan sweater coat, with the design of simple, worn on the body without the feeling of being bound, comfortable feeling, very lazy. The big red long paragraph cardigan sweater coat, color is very bright, wearing beige wool knitting dress milk, is extraordinarily beautiful, beautiful. Ice cream color short sweater coat, elegant
Valuable Advices For Building Wholesale Clothing Online Shop
This article is actually provided to the people who are planning to build new wholesale clothing business online shop and to guide them the fitting steps before they start off with dealings. Then you’ll be offered an estimate about how do deal with a middle-size garmenting wholesaler with the coming points.   Clothing and apparel have always been an essential part of our routine life. We pay attention to details when it comes to choosing the best suited and the trendiest clothes for ourselves. There are a range of clothes that belong to all sorts of prices available everywhere in the market. Anyone who sells clothing is well aware of the fact that inventory is dictated by the ways of fashion. The hottest clothes from one season may be next season's duds. Thus, it is imperative to know, and follow, the trends of fashion in order to sell merchandise. Thankfully, it is quite simple to find fashionable wholesale clothing.   When you are considering in wholesale clothing as a jobb
El Mayor Competidor Del Ipad De Apple
 Google y Apple son dos empresas más famosas en el mundo entero, ofreciendo los mismos productos con diferentes personajes y cualidades. A medida que Apple lanzó el iPad 2 hace poco, los fabricantes de tablet android tenga una idea clara de lo que están en contra, y muchas personas están interesadas en la comparación entre los dos productos de alta tecnología.(tablet baratas) Android OS es un sistema operativo soportado por Google para adquirir el desarrollador inicial del software y se especializan en funciones como la facilidad de uso, viendo y escuchando a los medios de comunicación y navegar por internet. Uno puede disfrutar de la música, videos, juegos y mensajes de correo electrónico por una tableta android.Tabletas de Android son de tamaño pequeño, ligero de peso y portátil, usted puede ponerlo en su equipaje y llevarlo a todas partes. Por lo general, estos dispositivos están en un tamaño de pantalla que se ajusta  a la palma, a diferencia del iPad con el tamaño perfecto para ve
Falling In Love
last 2 relationship i had failed  do to how much i love someone...if people stay out of are relationship i would be down in maryland with woman i love right no ww
Age And Personality
AGE DIFFERENCE    I've stayed quiet on these subjects for long enough, Now i can keep my mouth shut no longer I have to fucking say something because this has been pissing me off for way too long. We all Have different ages, that is pretty fucking obvious. We can ary from a few months, to a few years and in some cases even a few decades, but who fucking care? usually i would love to say not many, that would be a lie. People being stupid and letting it bother them has been so bad i have had to hide my own age just so someone will talk to me like an adult. I mean i wont lie to you i'll tell you my true age if you ask i've no reason to lie about it, Just don't treat me like a child or like i am your fucking kid because GUESS WHAT? i'm not your fucking kid. I might sound a little unfair but i don't talk to guys on here and to what i have actually seen the guys don't let age get in the way, yeah not exactly a good thing alot of the time but still they don't care but the women do. I'm 22 I
We Need More Power Scotty!!!
We need more power Scotty!!! Ok. I’m doing the preliminaries for the first project. Most photo voltaic collectors now days focus on putting power back on the gird. This is a very good way of generating and conserving energy. It has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s review them. Grid connected solar electric systems Pro’s and Con’s Pros 1)      Does not require large storage batteries. Power is transferred to the grid during low usages and high production and then drawn off the grid otherwise. 2)      The more units connected to the grid and producing energy the less we will need to depend on other methods of producing electricity. 3)      Ok I’m sure there are others … just not popping to mind at the moment. Cons 1)      If the grid goes down u are without power. 2)      Requires expensive equipment that must disconnect your system from the grid during power outage. 3)      See 3 above With these simple points in mind I have decided to
** Only 10 per day Rusty Butter knife Attack: 1 Cost: $175 Tennis Racket Attack: 1 Defense: 1 Cost: $225 Wrench Attack: 2 Cost: $300 357 Revolver Attack: 2 Defense: 2 Cost: $1,075 Glock 40 Attack 3 Defense: 1 Cost: $2,100 12-Gauge Shotgun Attack: 2 Defense: 4 Cost: $3,100 Lead-knuckle Gloves: used for backhands Cost: $4,000 Tommy gun Attack: 5 Defense: 2 Cost: $5,300 Tech 9 Attack: 4 Defense: 3 Cost: $6,500 M-16 Attack: 6 Defense: 3 Cost: $16,500 Fortified M-16 Attack: 17 Defense: 12 Cost: $100,000 Upkeep: $4,000 M134D Gatling gun Attack: 11 Defense: 8 Cost: $150,000 Upkeep: $2,000 Remote Controlled Sniper Rifle Attack: 16 Defense: 4 Cost: $175,000 Upkeep: $2,750 AT4 Rocket Launcher Attack: 15 Defense: 6 Cost: $200,000 Upkeep: $3,500 **AA-12 Shotgun (upgrade only!) Upgrades: 12-Gauge Shotgun Attack: 17 Defense: 10 Cost: $220,000 Upkeep: $3,000 Uzi Attack 10 Defense: 6 Cost: $250,000 Upkeep: $15,000 M2 Browning machine gun A
How Do You Get A Photo To Be Your Background?
     We have a photo placed in [My -- Photot -- Site Map] ok so next what? Please don't say go to the help on the top right. Already attempted that and no luck. So...??? What do you do next? Also I do not see a option to click on a box and say make bacground, if there is such an option please be so kind as to let us know. Thank You,
Going Crazy .. Perhaps
I sit here in captivity .. alone .. It's safer this way I suppose .. For me and for you .. The problem with that is my solitary confinement opens my eyes to what is really going on, and let me tell you I do not like what I see .. Every time I leave the house I leave with bad intentions .. and it appears that they are taking the white jacket off of me today .. Good day folks .. Good day
It's Complicated...
Ok so apparently "No strings attached" is guy code for "I'm emotionally retarded but your vagina sounds neat!" 
Everyone please help my little friend Dodger, he needs Friends, Fans and lovin.  dodger@ fubar
Maybe I'm A Little Crazy Or Is It Just A Slight Ocd Affliction?
A little advice to women everywhere...especially those with breast implants that may not feel or notice this problem. (and it is a major problem)When putting your bra on, please, PLEASE remember to adjust the girls so that your nipples are uniform. It's a little unnerving when someone with largely high placed implants comes to my desk and she is facing north east and almost forward at the same time. It's like staring at someone with a rogue eyeball. Thanks for your support with this public service announcement.
Tip #5 Of Umpteen Hundred Tips
If you're going to belittle someone on Fubar in your status for being stupid, please, for the love of all that is holy in the English language, use proper grammar!!! Otherwise, you just look like a bigger idiot. Just sayin' :p
Fumafia Spreadsheet
Once you have downloaded the fumaf_evalsheet.xls you will need to fill in your data. There is 3 mobster tabs, one purchases tab to track your purchases and one lvl 100 example spreadsheet.  You can right click on the tab at the bottom and do a rename and give it your mobsters name so that you know which is which. Fill in all the properties you own at the top first. Next go down to the Equipment section and fill in total owned for all equipment in column D.  Now you want to go section by section and column by column. In the Weapons section you want to work the ATTACK column first, so carry the #'s over into the attack column that have the HIGHEST atk #'s FIRST, then bring other wpns over until the Total Weapons for attack MATCHES the # of mobbies you have at moment for your level.  IF YOU ARE NOT MAXED IN MOBBIES STOP ADDING WITH YOUR NUMBER OF MOBBIES and make sure that the # of total wpns matches your mobbies. IF you are OVER mobbies, then stop with how many you take with you. M
Lvl 1-20
LEVEL 1-5 NOTE:  Changes to the game prevent mobsters under lvl 10 from participating in the HL now, therefore the only ways to make $$ for  mobsters under lvl 10 are by doing msns or attacking off the attack list.  That being said, here is what you need to do:   The first thing that you need to do is to get your mob up.  You are allowed 5 mob members for every level of yours, so lvl 1 = 5 mobbies, lvl 2 = 10 mobbies, etc, up to a current maximum of 750 (lvl 150).  These mobbies will need to be equipped by you and you take them into battle with you.  So eventually you will want 1 weapon, 1 armor and 1 vehicle for each mobbie (bounty hunters excluded, see the Hitman writeup)  Understand that you MAY have a set of offensive gear for attack and a 2nd set of defensive gear for when you ARE attacked.  It is kind of like a football team, you have an offensive unit and a defensive unit and based on the atk or def #s on the equipment   To gain mobbies you need to first add all your own tu
No News- Sos..
Same ole situation.... course this time my eyes are messing with my head. I have my glasses on, it doesn't matter if they are on not. I can barely read the computer screen. There is a high lighted shine gleaming. I hate it when this happens. Its in my left eye, oh damn. My head kinda hurts too. Awe well!! Everything has a reason. This has happened before. I haven't figured out why it happens yet. Before I go on, yes I am single. That is the perfered place right now. I don't feel 100% well and I am not going to burden anyone. So just know, there shall be no play for awhile, okay?? There are alot of different things I want to say, because I would like you to know. Just incase anything goes wrong. There is like this castle I am in and it doesn't matter who comes to save me, I can't and wouldn't if I could change for any tom, douche, or larry. I am me, accept me as I am or watch me hobble away. Ya all got another thing coming if you just want a play toy, that makes me want to delete ever
Wondering About This
racism has been rampid off sort Im guessing but does anyone believe in the theroy "we bleed the same color and shed the same tears"
Princess/youtube Video
I'm severly depressed right now.  My husband and I had to take Princess to the vet to have her put down.  She was fine Friday then all of a sudden she took a turn for the worse. She wouldn't eat and when I put her on my daybed she jumped down and landed on her side instead of her feet and couldn't get up till I picked her up and put her back on her 4 legs.  She was in the same spot she was last night when I came home from church this morning.  We got Princess 2 months before we got married.  We became very attached to her. She was born in 96, adopted in 97 and died today 2013.  My husband really took it hard.  He dug a hole in our backyard then we took her to the vet to have her put down.  When we got home, my husband burried her in our backyard. She lived a long time. I sure do miss her, she was my baby.  Down to three cats, all males.  R.I.P. Princess. new youtube video of me playing handbells this morning. enjoy.
Gear And Levels
LEVELLING and GEAR THIS DOCUMENT LISTS OUR RECOMMENDATIONS AND IS NOT INTENDED TO BE AN ORDER THAT THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!   THESE ARE JUST RECOMMENDATIONS!!   In this document, I will outline strategic PARK points, which are zones that your mobster may need to SIT at if you need to wait on cashflow goals that have not been met.  You should strive to have 1mill cashflow x your level or close to it until level 100ish at which time gear will become more important and you cashflow may stabilize provided you have it at a sufficient level to support gear purchases.  Everything below is understood to be with mobbies at max!  Meeting the CF goals will allow you to have enough cash to adjust your gear as necessary to help defend the turf and your turfmates when needed.   LEVEL 15 TO 17 PARK POINT, Level 20 is where you get your first gear upgrade so if you do not have your cashflow up to par by these levels, you should SIT and let your cashflow get up before advancing in leve
Your Mob: These are not a collection of your closest friends and neighbors. You don't need to know the mobster and their level doesn't matter in the game. A level 1 mobster helps you exactly the same as a level 1000 mobster as a member of your mob. You get 5 mobbies per level to help you when you attack or defend. Your mob size in on the same line on your mafia tool bar as your rating (some people call this level). So for example, at level 1: 1 x 5=5 mobbies, at level 2: 2 x 5=10. This math continues rating x5 until you reach level 150 and then your maximum usuable mob is 750. You have the capacity to hold 1000 mbbies. This is very helpful so that you don't have to scramble every time you level to find five more. Just understand, usuable mob is 5 X your current rating. Any extras you have are waiting until you are big enough to use them. This also allows plenty of room to have our turf as well as family/allies/friendly turf members in our mob. Once you have someone in your mob, if
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Zte V987 Android 4.1 5 Pollici
smartphone android ZTE V987Prestazioni di ZTE nel MWC 2013 è anche molto buono, ha rilasciato la sua ultima due prodotti, ZTE ZTE Grande Memo Open, questi due, rispettivamente, il telefono di punta di fascia alta del mercato e di fascia bassa del mercato. Quale configurazione potente Memo Zhongxing Grande, il futuro dopo la quotazione può sostituire alcuni dei già annunciati a basso costo prodotti quad-core, come questo ZTE V987.ZTE V987 smartphone dual sim è dotato di un 5 pollici touch screen, ma la risoluzione non è 1080p, ma il livello 720p, il suo spessore corpo di 9,2 millimetri, la macchina pesa circa 160 g, con clock a 1,2 GHz MT6589 processore quad-core è dotato. Inoltre, la costruzione di aerei 1 GB di RAM (4 GB di spazio di archiviazione, espandibile), fornendo al contempo la capacità della batteria 2500mAh e gli otto milioni di pixel fotocamera (frontale 1 milioni di pixel), supporto dual card dual standby funzione (WCDMA + GSM), con sistema operativo Android 4,1 sistema, l
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I do alot godmodes ,this true I get ask how much get in family,this past one ask for salutes,I know piss off afew,but really this people have no honer.but 2 did  have honer,jenlove,and venom, this 2 ladies will be add to my family for good ,I did long cleaning,and checking out on some people that were in my family ,with disrepecting me and lying to me there gone,To be in my family you must have honer,that means to stand alone at times,and do right thing, even knowing  doing wrong thing....
There Is
A rush of warmth that spreads when the madness creeps in.        Ear-splitting reticence cleaving ardor with purpose and rabid zeal.  Remains. Watching.  Learning.                                                                                                                                Ever-present and prophetic in one belabored   breath.
Speakiing My Mind
well guess my last blog hurt some motherfucker feeling well i never said I was nice,truth is don't really care hurt someone feeling,that me get over it ,that how am real life.yes I am one make you feel good but get my bad side find out how evil real am, talk shit meet my fist, I hit first, I held back on here along time , no more here there  door don't let hit you on way out .oops i forgot open it. and for the haters fuck you ,you never be at my level.
What A Wonderful World
I see trees of green........ red roses too I see em bloom..... for me and for you And I think to myself.... what a wonderful world. I see skies of blue..... clouds of white Bright blessed days....dark sacred nights And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world. The colors of a pretty the sky Are also on the faces.....of people ..going by I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do They're really sayin......i love you. I hear babies cry...... I watch them grow They'll learn much more.....than I'll never know And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world The colors of a pretty the sky Are there on the faces.....of people ..going by I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do They're really sayin...*spoken*(I I hear babies cry...... I watch them grow 
Lawyer Jokes 2
The plumber presented his customer, a lawyer, with a bill charging rates of $500 an hour. The lawyer was outraged, saying "I don't even make that kind of money - doesn't that seem a bit steep?" The plumber replied, "That's what I thought, when I was a lawyer." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Any time a lawyer is seen and not heard, it's a shame to wake him.Changing lawyers is like moving to a different deck chair on the Titanic.Having lawyers make laws is like having doctors make diseases.A lawyer's job is secure - who would build a robot to do nothing?****************************************************************************************************There's a true story about a convicted con man who was recently found to be impersonating a lawyer in New York City. To which the judge remarked, "I should have suspected he wasn't a lawyer. He was always so punctual and polite." ---------------------------------------------------------------
My Road
*My Road Empty was the cradle before I learned to walkI crawled to find out where the song playedThe music and the melody were captured by the heartAnd so my road to light and darkness had begunThe dream inside the vision fueled within my mindHas guided me to some where in betweenWandering the twilight in a circle of fireSent here to burn in this wheel of yearningAs I'm turningThe promised land is hidden beyond this life and timeBut somewhere in the distance hides the sunBrave into a new world we stumble to the fallInto after allI can feel death call   *Lyrics by Jorn
Read Again
Race your novelties to the brink of starvation. Masses conglomerate to rousing ovation. World stage.  Let them in. Let them all in. I'm fine watching through the peephole.  For the peephole, by the peephole.  We hold these truths to be self evident.  Read again.
~cabin Heat~ Part.1
  The warm air of the night sky was resound with the audible sounds of crickets and insects buzzing. The state of Tennessee was feeling the humidity now for the fourth night this week due to a storm system bringing a pocket of hot air with it, seasonable weather; but didn’t make it any less uncomfortable for people. Ali sat silently in the Cherokee with window down, she was upset still over how the night had turned. Timothy and her went out to see their friend, Max, and his Girlfriend; Lucy. But they ended up leaving in the short breath of half an hour from their house because Alcohol had made both of them moody, and Lucy and Max were getting into a bit of a frisky mood. Ali envied Lucy’s fortune, why couldn’t her nights with Tim end like that, why couldn’t he be like that. Romance was good and what she wanted, but she also wanted that essence of primal nature, the way he grabbed her wasn’t there, the way he felt her was not there. Everything felt lacking
Don't act as if I have a choice in the matter. Fact is, these demented ramblings are my lullabies.  Run roughshod over your truths. Purity doth conquer. Seek. 
Toby Keith - Whiskey Girl
Toby Keith - Whiskey Girl Lyrics Don't my baby look good in them blue jeans? Tight on the top with a belly button ringA little tattoo somewhere in betweenShe only shows to meHey we're going out dancin' she's ready tonightSo damn good lookin' boys it ain't even rightAnd when bar tender says for the ladyWhat's it gonna be?I tell him manShe ain't into wine and rosesBeer just makes her turn up her noseAnd, she can't stand the thought of sippin' champagneNo Cuervo Gold MargaritasJust ain't enough good burn in tequilaShe needs somethin' with a little more edge and a little more painShe's my little whiskey GirlMy Ragged on the edges girlAh, but I like 'em roughBaby got a '69 mustangFour on the floor, and you ought to hear the pipes ringI jump behind the wheel and it's away we goHey, I drive too fast, but she don't careBlue bandana tied all up in her hairJust sittin' there singin' every song on the radioShe ain't into wine and rosesBeer just makes her turn up her noseAnd, she can't sta
Drinking Man--george Strait
George Strait - Drinkin' Man Lyrics I woke up this mornin' and I swore to god I'd never ever take another drink againI fought it like the devilBut you know that you're in troubleWhen your fourteen and drunk by 10 a.m.Tried to hide it from my mom and dadAll my friends said, "Straighten up"I just laughed, said, "You don't understand"That's a hell of a lot to ask of a drinkin' manAt sixteen, I was on my ownAnd flyin' high and stayin' stonedI knew everythin' there was to knowI did things that I can't talk aboutI wore my mom and daddy outLate nights they spend prayin' for my soulStayed sober once for nine days in a rowI quit cold-turkeyDame near almost made it to jailBut that's a hell of a lot to ask of a drinkin' manI look into the mirror, bottle in my handI'd like to pour it out, I just don't think I can'Cause that's a hell of a lot to ask of a drinkin' manI don't know when or where it wasOr how we met and fell in loveOr why she'd even fall for a guy like meI tried to pull myself to
Speakiing My Mind
truth is mmum really is for likes only i put some good mmums out there but got shit back really waste of fucking time and other thing really some of really need shower and hair cut ,Clean up your act, quit asking for bling really get fucking job,lazy ass ,i work hard my shit, 
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Just Saying Griping Away
I am so tired of being a friend to every body i meet just to keep getting dumped on , i dont judge anyone for anything PERIOD! I am a 'big' girl and if u dont like it dont talk to me just turn ur fuckin head i dont wanna talk to u either geezzzz  I DO NOT wanna go into a lounge n see someones ass tits or dick , if I wanted to see that stuff then i'd ask u for a pic or to get on cam and show me , this place has become boring as hell , might as well just stop coming here dammit  IF I wanted to show u my tits , then i would DO NOT ask for me to show u anydamnthing YES i flirt sometimes but i dont want any fuckin retard thinking that i like him or her for that matter, cuz I DO NOT WANT these fuwads I just want to be happy and have some laughs n fun  ( sorry lol didnt mean to offend any one , just venting LOL ) .......... to be continued 
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My Demons Vr's My Dragons
The wall’s are up, the gates are closed….. The Castle look’s silent, secluded and vacant….. The Dragon’s stand ready to fight behind the walls….. But, are the Dragon’s ready for what’s in store??…. In the woods the Demon’s stand ready to engage and destroy the Dragon’s in battle. …. When the night falls the Demon’s begin their attack….. The Dragon’s fight back and strike with a lot of force,…. Little to no damage was inflicted against the mighty Demons….. The Demon’s fought with little force and inflicted massive damage….. .. .. The Demon’s are Black with eyes of fire….. Full of hatred, and take no regrets for what they do….. The Dragon’s are white as snow and very loyal….. They are full of courage, very well disciplined but, very inexperienced….. .. .. The Demon’s are very hot-headed….. They refu
For My Family
ill I Leave Your Side Never There is so much suffering and complete pain That it surrounds my heart and soul these days That my Spirit gets stronger “cause there is a fight That remains I am still needed here on this Earth I have accomplished alot of hardship and obstucticles All i have ever known is to give my love out freely to strangers But to my admaze these strangers are my family I have never known They come from and wide of distances from where I am Now I am learning thier ways of thinking and life Watching over them through their rough and good times Prayng that they find thier way back to where they belong Just hoping on a wing and prayer cause I have nothing else to offer them To gather them closely and protectively under my wings So much I wanna say and do for them right now But I know in tiem through me they will find thier ways back I know and grasped their confusion that remains inside of them For i have seen it with my own eyes and felt it with my own heart Will th
I Did This For You
I Did This For You Hard as stone Delicate as butterfly wings I’m trying to tell you how I feel It’s not easy turning you away Pulling me in pushing me away I don’t understand please explain I’m burning alive inside to out Refusing to live without you But how to be with you I don’t know what to do Walking to the drawer thinking do or not to Good or bad die or live You gave me life so let me die Slit my throat watching my reflection Blood running down my shirt I hope you realize now I did this for you Be happy without me all All I wanted was love But I guess that was too much
Till The End
I love you now and till the very end I’m praying dear lord we are more than friends Your friends tease me more than ever I wish I were born never Wishing I could taste you kiss just once Or send me one little hunch You don’t care, I’d rather be aware Than to be a pone in your games Looking at your picture you say I love you I think aww that’s so kewl Next day your saying that so someone that’s not me All I do is stare and cry Thinking of all that’s died and dry Not friends nothing at all Without you I sit My life is like an empty hall You were all I had Now I have nothing at all Friends see me as mad I know all I am is and empty body no soul You took it with you when you left And I’m paying the toll…
I Love You Till The End!
She had always liked him.  But never truly knew why. He never talked to her.  His friends had made her cry. She smiled at him in the hall.  He just turned his head. He did not care about her.  Is what he always said. But she kept her chin up.  And she loved him still. Because she knew what was inside.  A hole that she could fill . His friends soon caught word,  Of her feelings toward him. They found it hysterical.  But her love did not dim. She knew that she was better.  Than what they thought she was. But still her heart was his.  For reasons she knew not of. She slowly became more forlorn.  Slipping deep into a hole. He was still ignoring her.  Breaking her delicate soul. But her love did not falter.  She always thought of him. But all the rumors about her.  Put her closer to the brim . On the final day,  His friends played a trick. Told her that he loved her.  Just to watch her tick. Sadly she believed them .  And she was overjoyed. Little did she know,  That it was
I Release You
I called your name today, Mine was never called. I looked into your eyes, I realized you are no longer my home. I tried to dream of you, But, I can no longer see your face. I Finally realized I dont need you. I just want our promises kept. I release you from our forever, But, I hold you to the future. My eye’s fall closed, Because, I know history repeats it’s self. I try to find Happiness inside Hope. I hope for everything to be better. And maybe we will see.
If i were to die in my sleep, would anybody care? If i were to slip my wrists, would anybody care? If i were to slice my throut, would anybody care? If i were to get hit by a car, would anybody care? If i were to stop breathing, would anybody care? If i were to run far away, would anybody care? If i stopped talking to everyone, would anybody care? If i started taking pills, would anybody care? If i Overdosed on drugs, would anybody care? If i were to die right now, would anybody care? If i hung myself from a tree, would anybody care? If i were to bungy jump without a rope, would anybody care? If i blew my brains out, would anybody care?
Sittin behind closed doors can barley move so frustrated and sad depressed and lonely I feel like the devil has risen I feel like I’ve communited a crime I feel so terrible inside my heart is so empty my brain so full with stuff I don’t need I feel like im living in hell I feel like I should be shot I just don’t know what I want right now I feel so empty inside I feel I have no friends no parents no family no nothing I feel I have nobody all I feel like I is a piece of dust nobody likes me nobody loves me I just wanna craw up into a ball an stay there forever and ever so nobody will notice me I just wana die so I don’t bother anybody I just try to be myself but I cant seem to fit anywhere im just a trouble maker so why stick around I just wanna go an hide in a corner and starve myself and maybe nobody will noitce me I just wanna sit in my room and cry until I get my hate and anger out. I just wanna die Die die die die I wish I could restart my life I regret all
My Defintion Of Love
My Defintion of Love Love is a battle field. Where all you do is learn. There are no safe point’s Everyone betrays everyone And there are no friends. Everyone hates you, Happiness is only an illusion Love is just a word. Word’s have no meaning’s Leaving leaves only regret’s, Shadows are forever enternal Haunted and True Pain is the only thing truely there. And in the end, NOTHING MATTER’S
Never Never Land
In Silence I Pray, Holding tranqulity inside. Lost Love and Pride Secrets locked within Hope and Dreams begin Searching for answer’s Shall the sign’s of yesterday Role over the sorrow’s of today Sittin in the darkness of shadows But I never fear because Happiness is just a hug away Depression clouds my heart Holding my loved one close From the begining to start Just go ahead and make a wish And I hold my loved one’s hand Because forever is in our heart’s
Step By Step
Step By Step Step by Step, Little by Little. The Wall’s Return, And My Heart Closes. The Dreams Have Ended. All Fall’s Except The Wall’s, There Is Nothing Left. As The Broken Heart Fades To Dust
The Box
My feeling for the one I love, Will never change at all. They are as timeless as the light of the stars. Why would I ever hurt the one I love? She is my hope, and my destiny! If I ever lose her, I have lost everything. Why are you so hateful? Let me out of here. Let me out of this box! Please? Please, I miss her. I am so alone in this darkness and silence, Nothing, but my memories for consolation. How can you be so cruel? Have you not ever loved? Let me go!! Allow me into the light again. Allow mw to hear the world once more. The drizzling rain, and the skirting wind and the rustling trees. The music of Godsmack and Nickleback, laughter of voices. Her voice if no other at least. At least let me hear her voice. If only for a minute, let me listen to her speaking! If not long then just for a second? Then only one good sentance from her lips. Dear God. at least let me hear one Word! One word! Let me hear her say LOVE..
The Darkness
The darkness troubles me! I yearn for the light. This silence is so deep. I long for voices, the drumming of the rain. The wistle of wind, and music. Why are you so cruel to me? Let me see. Let me hear. Let me live. I beg of you. I am so lonely in this bottomless darkness. So lonely, Lost. You think I have no heart. But, if I have no heart, what is this ache? What is this anguish? If I have no heart. What is this that threatnens to break inside me? This darkness is haunting. I am afarid here. I am lost and afarid here. Have you no compassion? Please! I am your Child. You brought me into this world. There for you must love me? You must love me cause I am your child! Not merely a Child who can be physically, sexualy and emotionally abused!!!! Not merely a self-aware thingy. But I am your Child. How can you say you LOVE me? Yet bury me alive with pain and anguish? Please! Please!!
The Way I Feel
I sit here all alone. In this endless world. Trying to make sense of all this, And so far its doing no good. The more I try to please other’s The more I end up a failure!! This I guess is how it’s meant to be. Troy Walker is nothing but a failure!!! No one seem’s to notice how hard I try. Not even the one I love! And if she does, She refuse’s to show it. At times I wonder if its even love at all. Maybe she is just using me, To make other’s jealous is a though i get! I am a failure. I cant seem to make sence of anything at all. I do nothing right. I fuck up everything. It does not matter what it is. I break it and destroy it. I’m everything my dad ever said about me. I am a good for nothing BASTARD.
To Much To Live
Let me bleed, let me go let me see the otherside of Eden can i live in peace why cant I love with out pain this is too much death is the start to a new life slice my wirst open blood runs out The blood forms your name and it dissapers. I as I leave this world everyone gets happier’ the world is brighter everyone is happy I look back one person. Is thinking was this my fault? Did I do this why dose it matter in hell I still cry my self to sleep. I relive my sucide, everynight, everyday, same thoughts I love…I hate…. Why dose it matter?? Then I slit my wrist, and my last thought was? Is this too much
Wanting You
looking deeply into your seductive blue eyes visions of us together my only paradise your arms wrapped around me so tight would be the perfect moment nothing short of just right your body gentle caress upon mine that sexy little smile when you look at me no other guy can compare I want you to see wanting you to be all mine in every way your the only one in my thoughts every day it would be my fantasy my dream come true that I can say I have you
Why Do I Love You?
Why Do I Love You.?? I Love You!! Not Only For What you are, But for what i am, When I am with you! I love you!! Not only for what, You have made of yourself, But for what, You are making of me. I love you, For ignoring the possibilities, Of the fool in me, And for laying firm hold, Of the possibilities for good! Why Do I Love You??? I love you, For closing your eyes, To the discords- And for adding to the music in me. By worshipful music. I love you because, You are helping to make, Of The lumber of my life, Not a tavern, but a temple! And out of the words, Of my every day, not a reproach But a song, I love you!! Because you have done, More than any creed, To make me happy!! You have done it, Without a word, Without a touch Without a sign, You have done it, Just by being yourself. After all, Perhaps that is what LOVE MEANS…
Why Is This???
Every day I feel myself Slipping farther and farther away. No one seem’s to notice or care Why is this??? I try so fuckin hard to keep my head above water, and scream for help. But no one seems to wanna listen. Why the fuck is this? I am some one! But to other I am a no one. I am a piece of shit. That the world can do without. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be! Cause the way I’m looking at it, The world does not need Another piece of shit To add to a wasted list. WHY IS THIS??? So this is how I feel I outta make myself invisible for ever Who the fuck would care?? From what i can tell NOT A FUCKING PERSON
The Real Me
THE REAL ME ****When I was 5 years old. I was raped, molested, beaten, starved, and Tortured by my mother. YES MY OWN MOTHER... In 1992 She plead guilty to 4 accounts of gross sexual imposition, and child neglect, She was given 4 years in prison. That's All. You wanna talk about a unfair justice system.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ****From 1996 to 2000. I was beaten by mo own father. I was tortured, and beaten within inches of my own life only to have it happen all over again. DSS did nothing for me. Found no evidence of it. How fucked up really?? I was abused all the time.. I could do nothing right in my parents eyes. When I fought back I was the one arrested.. My father called me a failure, a mistake, you name it I was called it.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **** I do not trust anyone. The whole world is out to fucking get me. If you want my
New Poem
There's something about your eyes that makes me search my soul. Then makes me try to realize I'm trying to be a better friend. You got to know what's on my mind; I will give you all my time. I feel for your baby, Yes I do! All I want is you and when I search my soul I find a better place to be around. I'm trying to tell you what's on my mind but, Will I make it through on time? When I search my soul I find ... you make me want to be a better guy. I never have been so in love. The way I feel when you touch me. All though it doesn't sound like much. All I have to do is look in your eyes; I want to take you higher I want to reach for the sky I want to show you fire. I'll never tell you goodbye you're on my mind ps:" I Love You!"     I'm thinking of you, wondering if you feel it too, if you feel the love deep inside, if you feel that it can't be denied. From the moment that we met, there was that loving feeling I get. The feeling is still here, but I shed a tear, a tear of loneliness.     
The Coffee Shop Lady
I was sitting in the coffee shop alone reading a book the other day . I noticed just a few booths up a lady , probably in her 60's , doing just as I was. She looked sad, her face looked as if it had not smiled in many years. Huge cloud of smoke around her head as she took yet another long drag off her menthol 100. I wondered her story. I pictured where each line of her tired face may have began. Had she loved and loss . Does she go home each night to an empty house and a memory of the man she loved who has long since passed. Do her children not write or call. Or does she muddle through life waiting for the next holiday to feel loved. Was she as I am , just alone. Gave up trying after so many broken hearts. Figuring one more would be the one that would finally shatter her soul. Easier to be alone than to be yet again made a fool.I picture her more the type that just never found love . She didn't appear to be that feminists strong type. You know the ones who fill the room with their pres
Someday, Hopefully
I just heard that song 'Deserado', never realised the song sounds like its talking to me. I am not trying to say anything like that is my song, but still. I am not comfortable opening up alot, because I have been hurt both mentally and physically. I have the strength to admit that I am not the strongest bitch around. I could be the most shy and careful. Doesn't sound that much like a bitch, to me at least. I have been called a bitch and a slut, just because as soon as I use to get thrown away somebody else would pick me up.  Not that much anymore. Sometimes you need to be alone, to find the person you really are. Not everyone might agree, oh well!! I can't please everyone at the same time. The next nimb rod that comes on to me isn't going leave staisfied in any shape or form. I'm single now, but I am farming dragons and in Our Destiny. My lounge is still hoping to soar. Without cussing and cams, it still rocks!! I need staff that is trustworthy. You don't have to put the loung name
Prayers Needed
Hello to my fu friends and family is in great need of prayers....i have a cousin that was ran over yesterday and is in icu in chattanooga.....he is in really bad shape...his skull is broken and he has some broken ribs and a broken hip, one foot is barely hanging, and they are having to give him blood, also his lungs are swollen pretty badly. please pray for him ....thank you all                                                                                                                             love,                                                                                                                         vampy38
Pretty Amazing 39!! Thanks To You!!
Hey everyone! Thank you sooooo much for making my birthday so AMAZING!! My new camera body was shipped today, I'M THRILLED! I'll be on more this weekend cause my boy is letting me borrow his laptop this weekend!! *grinz n dances* AND I'm almost halfway to my laptop goal!!! guys are the bestest!! (yes, know it...don't argue with me) n e waaaaaaaaaaaaaayz Thanks again to all the warm birthday wishes, gifts, cards and smiles n stuffs ♥  xxoo PoSTaL ps's..if you placed an order...I'm shipping monday... WOOTZ! ty ty ty ty ty ty ty TY!
When Hurt And The Healer Collide~ Mercy Me
            Thru All Things...Be It Fire Or Pain..Let It Purify Who I am..Til Nothing But Your Reflection is seen thru Me~
I Can Only Imagine~ Mercy Me
    Your Photographs are etched deeply into my heart and mind~ Believing in the Hope that One Day we will be together again~
Gold Diggin Single Moms
So many desperate single moms on here. Rule of caution guys, stay away from these bloodsuckin leeches. All they want is your money to support them and their Xtra baggage.
Congratulations Smoke E. Digglera!
The Dance Of Submission Part 5
For the next few weeks, things between us feel 'strained'. This news she gave me, still fresh in my mind. Ive been doing some research into it. And Im just not sure I can give her this. I mean, to take this gift she wants to give me sounds Devinne. But, yet Im still torn on my own emotional responses to it. Part of me whats to give her what she desires. Yet I just dont know if I can.     For as long as I can remember, Ive struggled in every relationship Ive had. One bad woman to the next. With none seeing me for me. Being used, abused, and treated like the devil himself. Makes my emotional state unstable. I live in a confused turmoil of a mess inside myself. I hate to be alone, why theres been so many, yet I hate committing myself to just one. Every Time Ive committed, its turned into a battle. One that I can never win. Ive kept myself at a distance with them all. Yeah, Ive told a few I loved them, which in my way, I did. Just never was in love with someone. Ive never been able to gi
At The End Of The Day
"At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, all we really want is to be close to somebody. So this thing where we all keep our distance and pretend not to care about each other, it's usually a load of bull. So we pick and choose who we want to remain close to, and once we've chosen those people, we tend to stick close by. No matter how much we hurt them. The people that are still with you at the end of the day, those are the ones worth keeping. And sure, sometimes close can be too close. But sometimes, that invasion of personal space, it can be exactly what you need." Even now, I believe for the most part, love is about choices. Its about putting down the poison and the dagger and making your own happy ending, most of the time. And that sometimes, despite all your best choices and all your best intentions, fate wins anyway. "I've been thinking a lot lately about taking chances, and how it's really just about overcoming your fears. Because the truth is, every time you take a big
Another Scar
Another Scar We broke our own rules To see who we really are. We followed a dream Like wise men follow a star. And if what I felt wasn't love, It wasn't too far. Now I'm bleeding, But hey, What's another scar?
The One And Only
It doesn’t make sense to call ourselves ugly, because we don’t really see ourselves. We don’t watch ourselves sleeping in bed, curled up and silent with chests rising and falling with our own rhythm. We don’t see ourselves reading a book, eyes fluttering and glowing. You don’t see yourself looking at someone with love and care inside your heart. There’s no mirror in your way when you’re laughing and smiling and happiness is leaking out of you. You would know exactly how bright and beautiful you are if you saw yourself in the moments where you are truly yourself. Love yourself in every moment. 
How To Be My Merc! (pic Tutorial)
First off, thank you!  Secondly, keep in mind that even if you don't plan on playing this toon, you will need to level it up to rating 6.  Go to your fuMafia and delete all of your existing fuMafia characters. The pictures below are a step-by-step to deleting ALL of your existing characters.  If you don't delete them all, this will not work and you will have wasted your time.  Mercs have to be the first character created. CLICK ON THE YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED SECTIONS Use this link: to help you access fuMafia.    Click on your fuMafia character name.  Mine is shown highlighted below: Click on "Delete My Player" and follow any additional prompts. Click on "Switch My Mobster" to ensure you have DELETED ALL TOONS.  If you don't see any toon, you are done with this portion.  Use this link: to join fuMafia as my Merc.  Create a new toon, doesn't matter what picture or name you use.   Your new toon's pa
What A Woman Wants
Every woman wants a man who can love her mind, body and soul. A man who respects her values, virtues and ethics and believes in the strength of her character and personality. A woman does not want her man to bring her expensive gifts or promise to give her an entire world of luxuries. She wants a man who can support her, spend a lot of time with her and stay connected to her soulfully. She doesn’t want commitments and promises she just wants to be loved to the core…
For My Love
You came into my life from no where and became an integral part of it. I love you without knowing you. You make my life beautiful and amazing. I love you and don’t want you to ever leave me. I want you to forgive my mistakes and love me like no one has ever loved anyone before. You are my love… My Life. 
Birthday Famps/hhs
Friday March 8th, is my birthday (yay happy birthday to me! 26! Oye I'm gettin old!) I have scheduled 4 happy hours on that day. Starting at midnight fu time, I will be running 4 famps that day, one every 6 hours. I know peopel will ask, so here's the answer; I do have a number of spots available in my family/boost spots.Some already knew about it and have secured their spot. As for anyone else that wants in, I'm asking for 10 credits. Not a 10 credit bling; 10 credits. And I don't want to hear whining. I am not negotiating at all. Most people charge 3 credits per famp without a happy hour. I'm offering 4 famps with 4 happy hours for 10 credits. So please do not waste your time or mine asking to get in for less. The answer is no. However, I am also accepting the Make It Rain blings. They're 15 credits, so if you decide you want to go that route, I'll throw you AND a friend in for that. Just make sure they aren't already in my family or haven't hit me up yet. ALSO; BEFORE SENDING ME
: "The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along." - Rumi, The Illuminated Rumi
Hey, ohSheets of empty canvas Untouched sheets of clay Were laid spread out before me As her body once did All five horizons Revolved around her soul As the earth to the sun Now the air I tasted and breathed Has taken a turn Oh and all I taught her was everything Oh I know she gave me all that she wore And now my bitter hands Chafe beneath the clouds Of what was everything Oh the pictures have All been washed in black Tattooed everything I take a walk outside I'm surrounded by Some kids at play I can feel their laughter So why do I sear Oh, and twisted thoughts that spin Round my head I'm spinning Oh, I'm spinning How quick the sun can, drop awayAnd now my bitter hands Cradle broken glass Of what was everything All the pictures had All been washed in black Tattooed everything All the love gone bad Turned my world to blackTattooed all I see All that I am All I'll beYeahI know someday you'll have a beautiful life I know you'll be a starIn somebody else's sky But why Why Why can't it be W
Vorschläge Für 10 Ways To Die Besten Tablets Kaufen
Vorschläge für 10 Ways To Die besten Tablets kaufenEinige Vorschläge für 10 Wege für tragbare Computer als Tablette bekannt zu kaufen.Die ersten Dinge - wie, wie groß?Natürlich braucht jeder einen Computer Tablette mit einem dünnen, leichten und einfach an verschiedene Orte führen. Aber wie die Größe der einzelnen wird anders sein.Maschine Apple iPad ist die Bildschirmgröße von etwa 9,56 Zoll (Daumen ist kleiner als der Herrscher 1 Fuß für etwa 2 Zoll) im Vergleich mit Bildschirm Netbook oder Notebook klein ist 11 Zentimeter über, Gewicht iPad etwa 725 Gramm (7 Bewertung als der andere). Maschine Samsung Galaxy Tab Größe 7-Zoll-Bildschirm, wiegt weniger als ein halbes Kilo, wenn es geeignet ist, zu halten. Schief gehen, und den Sieg davontragen. (Steve Jobs, aber diese Frage nicht einig), einige Marken wie Asus, gibt es Nachrichten, die eine große Tablette Maschine zu verlassen ist 12 Zoll und 8,9 Zoll.Dell Streak Maschine hat auch eine 5-Zoll-Format, fragte einige Leute, ob es eine Ta
Android Calendar Sync Hält Sie Auf Zeit
Während die Tablet-PC wurde ursprünglich als ein Consumer-Gerät konzipiert, hat es zunehmend größere Akzeptanz in Wirtschaft und Unternehmen Kreisen gefunden. Und mit dieser Annahme ergibt sich die Notwendigkeit für eine stärkere Integration in Dinge wie Hosted Exchange E-Mail und den größeren Exchange ActiveSync Umwelt. Es erfordert auch eine größere und einfacher Zugriff auf die Produktivität apps, darunter ein Kalender, der immer up-to-date und frisch synchronisiert. Glücklicherweise haben die aufkommenden Markt der Android-Tabletten all diese Dinge.(china handys) Google hat sich aktiv und schnell entwickelt seine Android Handy-Betriebssystem in den vergangenen Jahren und hat sich verbessert die Integration mit Exchange ActiveSync mit jeder Version. Diese harte Arbeit mit den jüngsten Version Android 2.2 "Froyo", dass alle ActiveSync-Konto Aspekte integriert und synchronisiert nahtlos bezahlt - einschließlich der Kalender, Kontakte und E-Mail. Google hat sogar eine einfache Setup-A
Android Calendar Sync Per Essere Sempre On Time
Mentre il Tablet PC è stato originariamente concepito come un dispositivo di consumo, ha trovato sempre maggiore accettazione nei circoli economici e le imprese. (smartphone dual sim)E con che l'accettazione comporta la necessità di una maggiore integrazione in cose come Hosted Email scambio e più grande per l'ambiente Exchange ActiveSync. Si richiede anche una maggiore e più facile accesso alle applicazioni di produttività, tra cui un calendario che è sempre up-to-date e appena sincronizzati. Per fortuna, il fiorente mercato dei tablet Android ha tutte queste cose. Google è stato attivamente e in rapido sviluppo del suo sistema operativo mobile Android nel corso degli ultimi anni e ha migliorato la sua integrazione con Exchange ActiveSync con ogni versione successiva. (dual sim umts)Questo duro lavoro ha pagato con la sua versione più recente, Android 2.2 "Froyo", in cui sono integrati tutti gli aspetti ActiveSync e sincronizzati senza soluzione di continuità - tra cui il calendario,
Highlighting The Positive Approach Of Wholesale Clothes Uk Stores
Modern world has so many stylish and trendy approaches regarding the design and purchase of fancy clothes. There are many good and online stores to introduce exclusively designed clothes for the people of all age groups and various professions. From simple to fancy range of wholesale clothes is in demand among the fashionable persons who are interested to keep their wardrobe update according to the seasonal demand. To meet the increasing demand of cheap and stylish clothes online, a new range of wholesale clothes uk is going to be evolved as the shoppers point. These stores are good to offer all kinds of clothes at reasonable range, that too with the service of free shipping and cash on delivery.Easy and cheap deals There are few most important deals related with the shopping of wholesale clothing, the first of which is that online stores for wholesale shopping are the points from where one can pick out the designer range of clothes at lower price. If one hire
Lord Have Oak Arkansas
Black Oak Arkansas - Lord Have Mercy On My Soul  Now there's somethin' I'd like to talk to you About at this particular moment and that's about the one thing That we won't be able to do together unless we all become as one And if we all become as one then we can walk through it together Now I ain't walked through it all the way yet But there was a time I walked into it and I had to go into it alone That's this place called the Halls of Karma Now when you go into the Halls of Karma the way I did I don't know, it might have been hallucination But I think it was real, see I felt the presence of the two energies The positive and the negative, of God and the Devil However you want it, and they was pullin' and decidin' And wondering what to do with my soul, and I couldn't take this At this moment 'cause I had to come back to be with you people To do a thing and I proved to 'em, in bargainin' with 'em That I had a thing to do for the good of all of us Out of this bargain,
DÉfilÉ Chalayan Automne-hiver 2014 - PrÊt-À-porter Femme - Paris
Une collection Chalayan ciselée à la perfection, gris noir et blanc avec ses volumes enveloppants qui comme des pétales viennent enserrer les vêtements qu'ils protègent et tout cela, avec la plus grande légèreté veste femme pas cher . Le jean long, très évasé, avec son grand revers est de toutes les silhouettes du jour avec des vestes trois-quarts ou courtes et étroites, parfois drapées au col écharpe intégré. Les autres pantalons de la collection, plutôt étroits cassent maintes fois sur le coup de pieds ; visiblement trop longs, ils tombent aussi en accordéon tout au long de la jambe de façon plutôt gracieuse. Alors qu'une jupe corolle en lainage impose sa dynamique, on note des détails sinueux. Un simple passepoil aux manches d'un sweat gris annonce les volumes en pétales qui vont suivre. De nombreux modèles s'abritent derrière un cocon protecteur qui peine à les recouvrir comme ce manteau surprotégé sur les flancs par un trench ou ce pantalon étroit gainé d'un bulbe de cuir noir.
Android Calendar Sync Vous Aidons On Time
Alors que la tablette PC a été conçu à l'origine comme un appareil grand public,(téléphone portable) il a trouvé l'acceptation de plus en plus grande dans les milieux d'affaires et des entreprises. Et que l'acceptation vient la nécessité d'une plus grande intégration dans des choses comme la messagerie hébergée échange et le plus grand Exchange ActiveSync environnement. Elle exige aussi un meilleur accès et plus facile aux applications de productivité, y compris un calendrier qui est toujours up-to-date et fraîchement synchronisés. Heureusement, le marché en plein essor des tablettes Android ont toutes ces choses. Google a été activement et rapidement développer son système d'exploitation mobile Android au cours des dernières années et a amélioré son intégration avec Exchange ActiveSync avec chaque version successive. Ce travail acharné a payé avec sa version la plus récente, Android 2.2 «Froyo», (portable pas cher)en ce que tous les aspects du compte ActiveSync sont intégrés et synch
Sie werden es lieben, viel Geld auf Ihr cocktailkleider zu verbringen, aber Sie haben einfach nicht genügend Mittel, um der Lage sein, teure Hochzeit Hochzeit Haushalt leisten, hast du eine Braut Zeitschrift gesehen? Leider sind nicht alle von unserer Hochzeit Kleid, können wir verbringen ein kleines Vermögen, weil wir Gastgeber einer Hochzeit auf einem festen Etat sind. Allerdings nur, weil Sie eine kleine Menge von Geld haben, Ihr Hochzeitskleid, bedeutet nicht, dass die Qualität des Kleides zu kompromittieren. Erschwingliche Hochzeitskleid ist genau die gleiche Weise in einem anderen Kleid. Der Grund, warum gibt es so viele erschwinglichen Hochzeitskleid, weil sie ein-off-Design, final oder ihr Hochzeitskleid bestellt wurde und nicht mehr wollen. Alle diese Hochzeitskleid im UK Konfektionsgröße, so sollten Sie in der Lage sein, leicht zu finden Ihre Größe. Wenn Sie dieses Kleid haben, muss es eventuell angepasst werden, um sicherzustellen, dass es für Sie geeignet wie die Handschu
My Ass Is Begging For A Spanking
I just love being bent over having my panties pulled down and given a bare bottom spanking.  Hearing the sound of a strong hand hitting my ass and the warmth of it when I reach back to feel makes my pussy so wet.  Come spank me.
Android Calendar Sync Le Permite Ser Puntual
Mientras que el tablet PC fue concebido originalmente como un dispositivo de consumo, se ha encontrado una aceptación cada vez mayor en los círculos de negocios y la empresa.(android 4.1) Y con esa aceptación viene la necesidad de una mayor integración en cosas como el correo electrónico alojado de cambio y la mayor entorno de Exchange ActiveSync. También exige un acceso mayor y más fácil a las aplicaciones de productividad, incluyendo un calendario que está siempre actualizado y sincronizado recientemente. Por suerte, el floreciente mercado de las tabletas Android tienen todas estas cosas. Google ha estado activa y rápidamente el desarrollo de su sistema operativo móvil Android en los últimos años y ha mejorado su integración con Exchange ActiveSync con cada versión sucesiva. Este trabajo duro valió la pena con su versión más reciente, Android 2.2 "Froyo", en el que todos los aspectos de la cuenta ActiveSync están integrados y sincronizados perfectamente - incluyendo el calendario, l
Boys Who Just Cant Take The Hint..
5:49pm To BLACK OPS: put your helmet back on and stop licking the fucking windows,,, 5:49pm BLACK OPS: add me on yahoo,, 5:51pm To BLACK OPS: why would i want to add you on yahoo? 5:51pm BLACK OPS: cos u look so hot and sexy 5:54pm To BLACK OPS: i know that im a sexy bitch and all, but damn, desperate mofo 5:55pm BLACK OPS: so u desperat 5:56pm To BLACK OPS: im not desperate, im married. 5:56pm BLACK OPS: lol mmmmmmmmm so we can havesex 5:58pm To BLACK OPS: unless you want to die, i suggest that you cut that shit out 5:59pm BLACK OPS: hahahahahahahaha u funny 5:59pm BLACK OPS: i mean it u look so hot   6:06pm To BLACK OPS: yeah..uh huh, i wasn't kidding 6:06pm BLACK OPS: me to --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this guy is the meaning of retarded... :D
Mmmmmmmm My Mindi Don't Need To Have You Here To Feel You Crashing Into Me I'm Better Off This Way, Yeah Not Hearing Me Complain And I Don
I don't need to have you here To feel you crashing into me I'm better off this way, yeah Not hearing me complain And I don't need to taste your lips I've satisfied my appetite Me and my dirty mind Been working overtime I hear your voice on the phone Imagine what you're wearing To do something right gotta do it myself, yeah. You left me here all alone I take matters into my own hands I just might burn in hell, yeah.
You laid on my naked body and applied your mouth to me without guilt or humiliation. You drove me near crazy while you drained me. Today when I awoke, you were gone. I searched for you but to no avail. Only the sheets bore witness to last night's events. My body still bears marks of your ravishing, making it all the more difficult to forget you. Tonight, I will remain awake, waiting for you... FCKN mosquito!
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Bull Riding!!
So to any who read this i am going to start trying to ride bulls again. its going to be awesome.
Things Change
One day I had my first child and come this March 17th it will be St. Patricks Day 20 years ago that I gave birth to her. Times have changed, as they often do. Given the fact it was 20 years ago that I sold my Ibanez X-Series, I have been full on writing. I have changed too, but for the better. The coma I was in 24 years ago seen to that being possible. That is why I see the accident as a preplanned ordeal that was a blessing. I may have lost my balance and memory, but I gained so much more. I love the breeze, when it doesn't chill me. I love the trees and the leaves on the trees, when ticks don't fall out of the trees. I love until I get slapped into the place that some see has where I belong. I am not retarded, I just have a limp. I graduated from highschool, after the accident. I have been to two different colleges and taken correspondence classes. I may not be Miss Perfect but I am the best I'll ever be. Now if that isn't your cup of tea, then leave the damn party. I have tried t
Hopeless Romantics????
Where did all the hopeless romantic go????
Man Rules
Hottest Cam Contest (march 23rd, 8:00 To Midnight)
HOTTEST CAM CONTEST- FREE !!!   Saturday, March 23:              8:00 to 11:00 pm (Conservative Cams)             11:00 to Midnight (Naughty Cams)   Prizes:   Conservative Cams: -  1st Place (most viewers) = 135 credits or paypal cash equivalent -  2nd Place = 65 credits or cash equivalent -  3rd Place =  25 credits or cash equivalent   Naughty Cams: -  1st Place (most viewers) = 65 credits or paypal cash equivalent   Rules:   Conservative Cams: - All contestants must be registered to be eligible for prizes* - Cam up anytime from 8:00 to 11:00 - Contestants must cam for at least 30 minutes, at any time during the contest - Contestants can cam down for a break and cam back up during the contest - Cam up as NSFW (even if you will be SFW camming)  - Boob flashes are allowed, but clothes must stay on (no full nude or continuous nudity) - No crotch flashing or crotch play - 1st thru 3rd place will be determined by max # instantaneous cam viewers    Naughty Cams:
Marketing Your Web Page Via Cost-effective Seo Services
Website marketing is a important product of any company company online, and what better way to do it than by acquiring yourself to cost-effective SEO services? The term 'affordable' here indicates aggressive costs, a devoted team, and well-organized execute with suggested outcomes. The SEO team should be result-oriented with a unique focus on not only the awesome of execute, but also in keeping personalized with the currently offered seo methods and styles. Although many business owners don't accept to to to to of choosing a look for engine optimizer, in this age of company competitors, there are a variety of experts available that provide cost-effective SEO alternatives. It's important to implement these experts, unless you want to have large costs at a later level due to faulty web creating. This could price you your company as well as your look for engine outcomes placement. The existing style in the U. s. Declares nowadays, is to get SEO projects to those who have capabilities in t
Events For Cfi
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday           1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Wet Tshirt Contest 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31            
Scam / Con / Wackjob? ... You Make The Call
Here's a couple of blogs related to a "scammer" or con job or whatever he's doing. If you're into this kind of thing you might want to take a look to make sure you don't have the same problems these ladies have. And also, if you have anything to add, feel free of course.TGIF!.. I honestly haven't had the time to actually look, but based on the comments floating around there, something's going on. At what level or scale, I really have no idea. Just remember kids, proof is always > drama. Peace.
Highlighting The Positive Approach Of Wholesale Clothes Uk Stores
The modern world has so many stylish and trendy approaches regarding the design and purchase of fancy clothes. There are many good and online stores to introduce exclusively designed clothes for the people of all age groups and various professions. From simple to fancy range of wholesale clothes is in demand among the fashionable persons who are interested to keep their wardrobe update according to the seasonal demand. To meet the increasing demand of cheap and stylish clothes online, a new range of wholesale clothes uk is going to be evolved as the shoppers point. These stores are good to offer all kinds of clothes at reasonable range, that too with the service of free shipping and cash on delivery. Easy and cheap deals There are few most important deals related with the shopping of wholesale clothing, the first of which is that online stores for wholesale shopping are the points from where one can pick out the designer range of clothes at lower price. If one hires the
Microsoft Lance La Nouvelle Génération De Microsoft Office 365 Pour Les Entreprises
Microsoft a annoncé une mise à jour majeure de sa suite de productivité et de collaboration dans le nuage,grossiste chinois en ligne , Microsoft Office 365 pour les entreprises. Ce service en nuage a maintenant de nouvelles fonctionnalités et offres adaptées aux besoins et au budget de n'importe quelle organisation. En plus des services actuels de Lync Online, Exchange Online et SharePoint Online, les utilisateurs peuvent acheter des applications de bureau, avec toutes les capacités fonctionnelles pour un maximum de cinq appareils par utilisateur et toujours à jour. En outre, Office 365 comprend d'importantes améliorations fonctionnelles autant en ce qui concerne le réseautage d'entreprises sociales grace à SharePoint et Yammer. Les nouvelles sont destinés, comme la compagnie dit, pour répondre aux besoins d'un large éventail d'entreprises qui peuvent bénéficier des fonctionnalités d'Office 365 pour améliorer leur productivité et leur compétitivité. Parmi ces développemen
Finden Der Besten Tablet
Wenn es eine Sache gibt, die im Einklang über die Technologie, es ist die Tatsache, dass es sich ständig verändert. Dies ist vor allem zu sehen in den Computern, die wir verwenden, wie sie haben sicherlich eine Wende in den letzten zehn Jahren oder so, und niemand könnte ich vielleicht vorstellen, wo es in der heutigen technologischen Umfeld beendet haben. Wir haben von der Nutzung des typischen PC mit einem Laptop weg und jetzt, die Tablette. Mehr als wahrscheinlich, haben Sie Ihre Lieblings-Art von Technologie,(china handy) die verfügbar ist, aber wenn Sie noch nicht begonnen haben mit den Tabletten, gibt es einige zwingende Gründe für Sie, um dies zu tun. Zunächst soweit Mobile Computing betrifft, ist es schwierig, den Komfort, die verfügbar mit einem Tablet-Computer ist verloren. Dies gilt unabhängig davon, ob Sie über einen PC, Android oder Apple zu sprechen. In einigen Fällen,(china handys) und der Tablet-Computer wird sich auch zum Cabrio mit dem Sie es verwenden können, sowohl
Saturday Morning.
Saturday Morning.At the signal just before I turn into the neighborhood I can feel my energy change . . . it is not something I do . . . it just does on its own. I pull into the driveway always convinced I need to take a minute to mentally prepare, but then I never do . . . before I know it I am opening the door . . to the place that opens the door . . to the place I go . . where I so clearly belong. He is there . . . all ready for his part of the journey . . . the journey we take together that is never planned and never known until it is over. His name is Gideon and other than some general facts and my visual interpretation, I do not know much about him. He is short and has an accent (although most would be at a loss as to place where it is from). He loves the Beatles and Harley-Davidsons, he has 3 daughters, he speaks 6 languages, blah, blah, blah . . . . these facts that I would normally find important to know . . . are seemingly UNimportant . . . because what I KNOW
Greatest Gift
I sit here in awe of her,Her beauty outshines any star.And here on earth even a perfect rose,She passes by far.Since I first saw her,My amazement has grown.Such beauty fills my mind,More than I've ever known.To see and make her smile,And make her heart forever shine.And if she grants the greatest gift,To someday make this beauty mine.
Nachrichten Von Tablet Phone To Computer
Text Message OverflowEs Maßeinheit ein oder zwei der Probleme, sobald es beinhaltet Speichern  von Text-Nachrichten auf einem phonephone. mehrere Telefone haben alittle Menge an Bord Speicher. einmal, dass der Speicher voll ist Text nicht durchkommen. ganz ganz unterschiedlichen Telefonen können Sie vermeiden, verschwenden jedes Text, kommt in. Dies führt zu Desorganisation und Chaos.(android handy) Texte bekam gezwungen gezwungen zu jedem Speichervorgang Haus gelöscht werden, und speichern Sie Ihre Meinung werden. Dennoch gibt Maßeinheit Texten wir haben eine Tendenz, neigen dazu benötigen, um das Löschen zu schonen.Die meisten Menschen besitzen ein phonephone Über 90 pc von Erwachsenen im Alter zwischen achtzehn und 29 haben eine phonephone. Als ein Ergebnis der Menschen weiter steigt, geht die Menge der phonephone Verwendung ab. Dennoch besitzen die Masse der Erwachsenen in den USA eine phonephone, mit Kardinal pc der Erwachsenen über Kardinal Besitz eines Werkzeugs. Über 1/2 Erwac
Messaggi Da Tel. Tablet Al Computer
Testo del messaggio di overflowCi unità di uno o due dei problemi misurazione volta comporta salvare messaggi di testo su una phonephone. alcuni telefoni hanno un tantino quantità di memoria a bordo. una volta che la memoria è un testo completo non verrà attraverso.(Android 4.0) telefoni totalmente totalmente differenti consentono di evitare sprechi di ogni testo che entra in gioco Il risultato è la disorganizzazione e il caos. Testi avuto modo di essere costretto a essere costretto a cancellare a ogni casa di salvataggio e salvare la vostra mente. Eppure, c'è unità di misura dei testi che abbiamo la tendenza a tendono a richiedere l'eliminazione di risparmiare.La maggior parte delle persone possiede un phonephone Più di 90 pc degli adulti tra i diciotto ei ventinove anni hanno un phonephone. come risultato della gente va alto, la quantità di uso phonephone scende. Eppure, la maggior parte degli adulti all'interno degli Stati Uniti possiede una phonephone, con pc cardinale di adulti o
One For The Guys ;) :p
In the world of romance, ONE single rule applies to men:   Make the woman happy. Do something she likes, and you get points. Do something she dislikes and points are subtracted. You don't get any points for doing something she expects. Sorry, that's the way the game is played.   Here is a guide to the point system:   SIMPLE DUTIES You make the bed (+1) You make the bed, but forget the decorative pillow (0) You throw the bedspread over rumpled sheets (-1) You go out to buy her what she wants (+5) In the rain (+8) But return with Beer (-5) You check out a suspicious noise at night (0) You check out a suspicious noise, and it is nothing (0) You check out a suspicious noise and it is something (+5) You pummel it with iron rod (+10) It's her pet (-10)   SOCIAL ENGAGEMENTS You stay by her side the entire party (0) You stay by her side for a while, then leave to chat with a college buddybb (-2) Named Rita (-4) Rita is a dancer (-80)     HER BIRTHDAY You forget
Handys Und Tablet Neigt Dazu, Assimilation, Mobile Video-golden Master?
BI Intellegence berichtet, mtk6589 und Tablet-PCs allmählich in eine starke Quelle von einem der Online-Video-Datenverkehr Ooyala Bericht online Video-Wiedergabe von mobilen Geräten im vergangenen Jahr gewachsen, lange in insgesamt Sehdauer 's Aktie mehr als verdoppelt, von 4% bis 9% Wachstum. Mit dem höchsten Anteil von Smartphones zu erreichen 5%, während die flache, gefolgt von 4%. Allerdings unter Berücksichtigung der installierten Leistung des Smartphones ist viel größer als der Tablet PC, Tablet PC die durchschnittliche Länge der Zeit, um das Video zu sehen ist weit höher als der smart phone. Tablet PC mit einem größeren Bildschirm, bessere Video-Seherlebnis, sondern die offensichtliche großen Bildschirm Smartphone Trend zu den kleinen Bildschirm des Tablet PC vor, wird die Zukunft der Unterschiede immer kleiner. Nur 2012 Smartphone Sendungen letzten Quartal, als die gesamten Sendungen seit dem iPad wurde im Jahr 2010 veröffentlicht, zu wissen, das iPad Tablet-Computer insgesam
Messages De Téléphone à L'ordinateur Tablette
Débordement Message texteIl unité de une ou deux des problèmes de mesure une fois qu'il implique l'enregistrement des messages de texte sur un phonephone. plusieurs téléphones ont quantité alittle de bord mémoire. une fois que la mémoire  est texte intégral ne viendra à travers. téléphones entièrement totalement différentes vous permettent d'éviter de gaspiller chaque texte qui entre en jeu.(smartphone android) Il en résulte une désorganisation et le chaos. Textes arrivé à être obligé d'être obligé de supprimer à chaque maison Enregistrer et enregistrez votre esprit. Pourtant, il ya unité de mesure textes que nous avons tendance à tendance à exiger d'épargner de supprimer.La plupart des gens possèdent un phonephone Plus de quatre pc des adultes âgés de dix-huit et vingt-neuf ont une phonephone. comme un résultat de la population va plus haut, la quantité d'utilisation phonephone descend. Pourtant, la majorité des adultes dans les Etats-Unis possèdent un phonephone, avec pc cardinal ca
Sometimes I Yearn
I often see photos and watch movies from the 50's and 60's, an see the beautiful curves of what was considered sexy back then. As a black man with an infatuation with the farer skin woman. I sometimes think, damn I wish today white woman would look that way?    then I think, ack then, my infatuation with jennifer Connelly alne would have got me legally shoot ack then.
«les Cinq Légendes» à La Salle Des Fêtes Ce Mardi Soir
C’est un conte pour enfants que les animateurs de Cinéligue ont choisi de projeter ce mardi soir à la salle des fêtes de Rosult: le film d’animation Les cinq légendes lapin de paques . Le film met en scène les aventures fantastiques de cinq personnages légendaires omniprésents dans l’imaginaire enfantin : le père Noël, le lapin de Pâques, le marchand de sable, la petite souris et l’hiver. Ils décident de s’allier lorsqu’un esprit maléfique, le croque-mitaine, tente de régner sur le monde. Ce conte fantastique revisite les légendes chères aux enfants en apportant quelques retouches humoristiques. Ainsi le père Noël a l’accent russe, manie l’épée et se déplace en traîneau à grande vitesse. Quant au lapin de Pâques, il a toutes les caractéristiques d’un aventurier bourru. Tous les personnages, même secondaires, apportent une touche particulière et attachante à l’histoire. Salle des fêtes de Rosult ce mardi 26 février à 19 h 30
Los Mensajes De Teléfono A La Computadora Tablet
Mensaje de texto de desbordamientoHay unidad de uno o dos de los problemas de medición una vez que implica guardar mensajes de texto en un phonephone. varios teléfonos tienen alittle cantidad de memoria a bordo. una vez que la memoria es un texto completo no vendrá a través. teléfonos totalmente totalmente diferentes le permiten evitar el desperdicio de cada texto que entra en juego El resultado es la desorganización y el caos. Textos tiene que ser obligado a ser obligado a borrar a cada casa en Guardar y guarde su mente. Sin embargo, no hay unidad de textos de medición que tienen una tendencia a tienden a requerir de sobra de eliminar.La mayoría de las personas poseen un phonephone Más del noventa por PC de los adultos entre las edades de dieciocho y veintinueve tienen un phonephone. como resultados de las personas va más alto, la cantidad de uso phonephone va hacia abajo. Sin embargo, la  mayor parte de los adultos dentro de los EE.UU. posee un phonephone, con pc cardinal de adultos
Remarkable Necklaces Created From Pandora Beans
The Pandora Charms creating jewelry start in Denmark with the person named Enevoldsen. Enevoldsen was a goldsmith anf the husband as well as the spouse regarded planning plus advertising and marketing diamond jewelry created from beads in addition to expensive jewelry. This can be a track record concerning The planet pandora creating jewelry.After some time, those who used the process regarding The planet pandora jewelry creation thought we would investigation far more while using merchandise they could get their hands on. Inside the active periods, The planet pandora charms are generally made out of quite a few products through gold in order to platinum, to treasured gemstones and a few as specific since Murano cup.The buzz in the The planet pandora beads along with anklet bracelets is the fact it is possible to fashion these however you want. Create 15 men and women generate their very own Pandora bracelets and you will have got 10 exclusive designs. Have the same individuals target
Season 4 Will Begin Filming In May 2013
You’ve got to hand it to AMC’s The Walking Dead, despite all the creative shake-ups and behind-the-scenes reorganizations the show continues to roll along, shattering cable television ratings records in the process. While the series is currently pushing through the final five episodes of season 3 – with the finale, ‘Welcome to the Tombs,’ airing on March 31 – the network recently announced that the cast and crew would once again gather in Atlanta, Georgia, as filming on season 4 is scheduled to commence on May 6. In addition to the production announcement, AMC also officially stated that The Walking Dead writer Scott M. Gimple would be taking the reins as showrunner from the departing Glen Mazzara. But according to the network, Gimple isn’t the only one on the Walking Dead staff getting a promotion; co-executive producer and special effects makeup guru Greg Nicotero and producer Tom Luse have also been officially bumped up to exec
Never Bullsh*t Your Mama
Anthony's Mama came over for dinner. He lives with a female roommate... Maria. During the course of the meal, his Mama couldn't help but notice how pretty Maria was. As the evening progressed, while watching the two interact, she started to wonder if there was more between Anthony and Maria than met the eye. Reading his Mamas thoughts, Anthony volunteered, "I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you, Maria and I are just roommates." About a week later, Maria came to Anthony saying, "Ever since your Mama came to dinner, I've been unable to find the silver sugar bowl. You don't suppose she took it, do you?" "Well I doubt it, but I'll email her, just to be sure." So he sat down and wrote an email: Dear Mama, I'm not saying that you "did" take the sugar bowl from my house; I'm not saying that you "did not" take it. But the fact remains that it has been missing ever since you were here for dinner. Your loving son Anthony. Several days later, Anthony received a respo
Abbigliamento Outdoor Could Be Anche Elegante
Abbigliamento esterno è prodotto principalmente da materiali come il cotone e il kaki ed è fatto per dare una barriera protettiva dalle forze dure di carattere, che si tratti di pioggia o neve. Questi vestiti dovrebbe essere molto resistente, elastico e lunga durata .. La dipendenza principale su qualsiasi campeggio esterna o un viaggio di escursioni a piedi, zaino in spalla o spedizione potrebbe essere quella di viaggiare leggeri. Viaggiare con i cambiamenti multipli di abbigliamento sarebbe in realtà sconfiggere l'obiettivo del viaggio o spedizione, così come nella realtà, rallenterebbe lo spirito del caso. Per questo motivo deve indumenti esterni è sfaccettata ed è stato perfettamente creato per una serie di ragioni diverse. negozi vendita onlineAbbigliamento outdoor continua ad essere cambiato, ai nostri giorni, grazie agli sforzi persistenti di etichette di progettazione famosi che sono artisticamente modificati cortile abiti dal requisito necessario per qualche ornamento. Numeros
Economici Di Alta Qualità Motorcycle Parts Per La Vendita Online
Siete alla ricerca di pezzi di moto per entrare in forma la tua vecchia moto, Sì! Il modo migliore per trovare pezzi di motorcbike è online in quanto è davvero semplice, in modo semplice e conveniente. Ci sono un sacco di aziende online e rivenditori di fiducia che si occupano di persone parts.Some di seconda mano sono diventati utilizzati per acquistare pezzi di moto Spar online. Con il breve lasso di tempo ed eccesso di carico di lavoro delle persone couldnâ € ™ t trovare il tempo per la ricerca di Ricambi moto Honda in modo che preferiscono acquistare on-line. Ma, mentre l'acquisto on-line è necessario essere attenti è meglio chiamare il venditore e parlare con lui personally.You possono trovare moto parti usate di tutte le marche come Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki e Harley. Shopping online La linea società utilizzate parti sono davvero una buona fonte di acquistare parti usate. Hanno vasta collezione di pezzi di moto usate ed è davvero facile trovare quello che vi serv
Google Android Tablet - Perfecto Para El Uso Común
Buscando un poco de equipo extraordinario que me puede proporcionar todos los servicios que son requeridos por mi uso personal. Encontrado Google android tablet perfecto para mi uso, ya que tiene muchas características sobresalientes que son suficientes para cumplir todas las exigencias de los modernos dispositivos Android. No hay necesidad de preocuparse acerca de su durabilidad, porque se ha hecho con la alta tecnología y también el material que se utiliza en la fabricación de Google androide de la tableta es perfecto. Este Google android tablet cambiará la forma de tu vida y serás capaz de utilizar el ordenador con gran comodidad. La gente de la edad moderna no puede encontrar tiempo para sentarse delante de su ordenador que es colocado en casa, pero ahora Google android tablet ha hecho más fácil el uso de Internet y los sitios web sociales distintas con gran facilidad. Este particular Google Android tableta tiene una función de pantalla táctil que permite al usuario se
This Is How It All Begins
This is how it all begins. Just a few simple words typed out into the infinite nature of cyberspace. My name is Aaron. I am an insomniac with mental health issues and you know what? I DONT GIVE A FLYING FUCK. I drink. I smoke. I cuss, fuck, and fight. I am going to do what i want. When i want. However the hell i want. I have one life to live and i am going to live it. You say i should change my ways because they are unsafe or unhealthy...FUCK YOU. I would rather die at 25 going balls to the wall and living than play it safe and live to be a hundred. When I die I don't want people to be sad and crying and shit. I want people to be able to get together and compare war stories about all the shit i got them into or stuff they found out that i got into. To hell with playing it safe. LIVE THE LIFE YOU HAVE. You only get one shot.
Chaos Mayhem And Anarchy
Is it right or wrong to live in a world of chaos, mayhem and anarchy, whereby we outstretch the strict boundaries of society or would we be deemed as a misfit, unfit to belong in society, is the question.   Personally I believe if there weren't any chaos, mayhem or anarchy we would be dwelling in a society of "The Stepford Wives" domain and that would be Hell, least to me LOL, considering all were fake and pretenscious, and as we see it, society already has had a gutful of those who are fake, pretenscious, self engrossed and arrogant, why add to it? If there weren't any chaos, mayhem or anarchy, we wouldn't learn right from wrong, that and the fact everyone goes on and on about freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts etc, yet when we try to do just that we get a backlash of b.s.   That is hypocritical to do that, therefore I believe we need Chaos, Mayhem and Anarchy to a degree, without it we are doomed.
Remembering Dad: 1997
I think of my own father whenever I hear these lyrics, sung by Mike & The Mechanics... Every generation blames the one before. And all of their frustrations come beating on your door. I know that I'm a prisoner to all my father held so dear. I know that I'm a hostage to all his hopes and fears. I just wish I could have told him in the living years.Crumpled bits of paper filled with imperfect thought. Stilted conversations, I'm afraid that's all we've got. You say you just don't see it, he says it's perfect sense. You just can't get agreement in this present tense. We just talk a different language, talkin' in defense...Say it loud, say it clear. You can listen as well as you hear. It's too late when we die, to admit we don't
Tis Merely A 'comment'.
By Nick Dearden Greece and Spain helped postwar Germany recover. Spot the difference. Sixty years ago, half of German war debts were cancelled to build its economy. Yet today, debt is destroying those creditorsSixty years ago today, an agreement was reached in London to cancel half of postwar Germany's debt. That cancellation, and the way it was done, was vital to the reconstruction of Europe from war. It stands in marked contrast to the suffering being inflicted on European people today in the name of debt.   Germany emerged from the second world war still owing debt that originated with the first world war: the reparations imposed on the country following the Versailles peace conference in 1919. Many, including John Maynard Keynes, argued that these unpayable debts and the economic policies they entailed led to the rise of the Nazis and the second world war.   By 1953, Germany also had debts based on reconstruction loans made immediately after the end of the second world war. G
Oh, It's Panic Me.
Greece is facing a serious shortage of medicines amid claims that pharmaceutical multinationals have halted shipments to the country because of the economic crisis and concerns that the drugs will be exported by middlemen because prices are higher in other European countries. Hundreds of drugs are in short supply and the situation is getting worse, according to the Greek drug regulator. The government has drawn up a list of more than 50 pharmaceutical companies it accuses of halting or planning to halt supplies because of low prices in the country. More than 200 medicinal products are affected, including treatments for arthritis, hepatitis C and hypertension, cholesterol-lowering agents, antipsychotics, antibiotics, anaesthetics and immunomodulators used to treat bowel disease. Separately, it was announced on Tuesday that the Swiss Red Cross was slashing its supply of donor blood to Greece because it had not paid its bills on time. Chemists in Athens describe chaotic scenes with d
Every Chance
No one told you to look then remember to breathe, Someone else just may be why you had to leave. I had patience an over abundance of trust, you may have not tried to be a prick that made the balloon bust.   Baby, I miss you it hasn't been that long, since I imagined the feeling we shared was strong. That is okay though I have been here before, thats why it may be only me that watches where my feet hit the floor.   I don't break up I am closed for service, okay?? I don't sever ties that bind I try to think of another way. You had me from hello all the luck in the books, this is me saying 'wait' remember how this looks :(   You had every chance to just up and run,
Great Academic Savings – Now Available For Everyone!
Hello there! If you are new to Having Fun Saving, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on coupons, deals, and more! I look forward to having you come back! The holidays are over and the hustle and bustle is starting to wind down. How did you do your holiday shopping? Did you try braving the crowds or did you shop online? I did most of my shopping online. I found a lot of free shipping deals and fun coupon codes that made it definitely worth my time to shop from home! Did you know that there were academic discount programs? Visit our online shop store! This was once only available to academic buyers, now OPEN to ALL! CostCaptain Contact Information
Promo Graphics
The Internet Is Toast
Tech Guru Warns Of Internet “Disaster”     Scientist Danny Hillis calls for ‘Internet Plan B’ in times of emergency Paul Joseph February 28, 2013 Inventor and scientist Danny Hillis warns that the Internet has “expanded it way beyond its limits,” and is set for a “disaster,” calling for an ‘Internet Plan B’ that would operate in times of emergency. Technology guru Danny Hillis. Image: YouTube Hillis is the founder of Thinking Machines Corporation, which developed the Connection Machine, a series of supercomputers designed by Hillis while he was working at MIT.
Ah Ha, You Could Of Guessed
If I knew how to answer every last thing I was asked, that would be great. I catch myself sometimes, then I breathe. Somethings are just too grand to put into words. That is my excuse. I don't know everything. Like big words or stock dealing, but I am still human. I would like to be treated as that, at least to say the most. All too often its like I am a forgotten ghost. Just wondering around, trying to get someones or anyones attention. I stopped seeking so much attention in real life, after the accident. I still managed to get pregnant twice, get two engagement rings. I would rather have avoided the tubal pregnancy and the time I was raped. I know now that I am never totally safe. One way or another fate is not on my side. I have chosen to not be so 'out there' today. I am still here, but not really. I am trying to find the comfort and warmth in being alone. If I can find where my inner strength lies, I shall be successful. I might not have told alot of people, I am really shy and
The Creeper An Open Letter To My X
Dear Bryan,(emt4u,redneck emt ,and whatever cute name you want to go by) you try to make me look crazy. like a stalker ect. far from it when i have you blocked .but you are getting quite the name for yourself on here. are you going for the creeper of the decade award? the women are catching on. you are sick and need help. you really need intensive counseling. everything you always said you arnt is what you are. you are a user ,abuser,liar and creep. you have learned how to tell women what they want to hear. and make all of your exs sound crazy. i am one so is etura and even danielle. you cheated so many times and lie so much you dont have any grasp of reality. you just leave broken hearts and shattered dreams in your wake. you will never be happy or satisfied. when life gets hard you run up the bills and leave. you havent had a steady job in years, for some reason you get fired from all of them. real men dont cheat they fix what is broken . you run. your reputation is crap. you had fr
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 137
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 137 of Janey Godley's podcast the mother and daughter comedy duo let rip about religion, the bedroom tax and police who deny women the right to press rape charges.   Ashley explains her hatred for the woman on Edwardian Farm TV show and how Oprah isn't as generous as first believed. Janey talks about the charity night coming up for Talk Now the charity she is a patron of. They also discuss their current podcast advert on RealXS radio in Scotland.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.     Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 137   If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto Our Donate Page
Good New Bad News It's All News
8JUN2013, About week 6 of the Academy I double tapped on a test. On the college level I had a B grade for that test but to the POST requirements I didn't score high enough to pass. 2 fails on same test or 5 test total and you have to recycle etc...Well it was a good thing actual. About week 3 I thought I had a nasty pulled muscle in my shoulder and fought through it. A week after I left the academy and saw a doctor I was told I had "Scapular Dyskinessis" basically my left scapula is seperated from the shoulder. Had I torn it it would be instant surgery. Now I say is because the 5 weeks I have been out of the academy trying to heal and NOT being allowed to do jack shit it has not healed fully...However I start up 191st on Monday 10JUN. I have to suck it up this 1st week which I believe is hardest of them all. Then I can continue physical therapy every other Monday I have off and drive my doctor and therapist crazy. I wont quit or give up. It's not even an option at this agai
Stella N9589 Quad-core Versione Dei Parametri Hardware
Star N9589 quad-core versione dei parametri hardware cellulari android MTK quinta generazione di intelligente ad alta velocità chip di elaborazione, MT6589-1.2GHz 28 nanometri velocità quad-core, memoria, memoria RAM: 1G/2G (opzionale) + ROM: 8G, touch screen bombato, 5.7 pollici HD 1280x720 schermo IPS, alimentato da Android 4.1.2 sistema, 3G (WCDMA / GSM) supporto quad-band, Wi-Fi, doppio GPS, mobile AP-Mobile AP, sensore di luce, sensore di prossimità, sensore di gravità, 800/5000000 (opzionale) + AF prima del 320/30 milioni di euro (opzionale) fotocamera con flash, supporto registrazione video 1080p, 9.7 mm-sottile corpo, grande 2250 mA agli ioni di litioAspetto Stile: PDA tocco globoidaleDimensioni: 160x82.5x9.7mmPeso del prodotto: 218 gPiattaforma hardware: MediaTek MT6589-1.5 GHz Quad-CoreInterna (Memoria): RAM: 1G + ROM: 8GSistema: Android 4.1.2 OS (Jelly Bean) smartphone android Telefono standard: WCDMA / GSMSupport band: WCDMA 2100/850 (HSDPA) e GSM 850/900/1800/1900SIM: Dua
Back Up And Step Up
The streets are cold let alone when I come home the house feeling dark and cold Left alone this heart is war torn hurting from the battle sores It comes not from far long loved ones but the one I adore Heated passions  Heated my heart in constant traction misplaced hate needs to be reassembled and replaced so we can relate Don't get me wrong I love you boo but the question is if I am me or am I who? Relate chase this heart and relate tear past my sores and bandage the tears...    And before I spit this final line understand that this is from a REAL MAN not some boy I ain't here to be a toy I ain't Pinocchio wanting to be a real boy... PEACE  
The Last Goodbye...
Rememberance Of Hurricane Katrina
Twisted sheets piled upon these twisted heaps People wondering around lost in hope these people who weep For the lost and the ones floating on the street As the dead scream out in the puddles they muddled out "We are the claimed devastated by the storm   We stayed and thought we would remain but no more.   We are the lost who the sun scorches our flesh   We are the ones who failed our test." Twisted trees and lost bumble bees scurrying about on the street Looking for food looking for meat don't care what it was just want to eat No gas, No electric meaning no a/c equals the unbearable heat The Fema  the unable to help the most They stuck people in tin cans to slowly roast Brought them in buses under the cover of night It was sad hearing people screaming "Where do we go? Where is our home?" These are the facts of this tragedy but in the end we became stronger and now as we are our love will last longer.  
The Roaming Heretic
Face To Face
"Face To Face" Written By James Alvaharyis Halford     Blood drenched doors And martys who adore Sin cased walls dripping with greed And hearts that fail, they wont heed     But you who do there is life forevermore To be with the one you adore To praise in His love face to face Where the angels fly                             and you will never die Where you will see Jesus face to face   Broken hearts at weakened steps Because of the one who tempts Tongues fly  free                        and pastors preach but they won't heed     Chorus x2       Now there is a day soon When rocks will split And heavens roll Apart like a giant scroll Now to those who believe Stopped their ways and did heed     Chorus x3  
Unchained Soul
"UNCHAINED SOUL"  WRITTEN BY: JAMES LEE HALFORD   I was born to these sin laden streets Born with another's debt upon my head Now as I lay rocking in my bed Tossing turning screaming want to fight I can see the light But it's stressing When I got to be this perfect witness Born of man how can I be clean? When I got this sin in me since birth This everlasting curse It pains It hurts I want to shoot my mouth off like Jay-Z But I don't want that to be of me I got to hold It down for the right life Praise Him to the world for the real Light I know I may never be right But I'm laying It down for my Christ Looking up to the sky tonight Screaming to God my free will right "I didn't ask for this I want to be whole Before I dig a hole in the ground And throw the dirt all around What I'm saying is I'm done So I'm asking to take this from me Cuz I don't wanta be a Jonah lost at sea Doing It my way not hearing what u say I give It up this day I don't wanta be searching
Are You F*cking Kidding Me?
Let's play a game. It's called "Name everything you see wrong with this image." I can name quite a few: This screams step right up and be Catfished. Leave your thoughts below. Peace.
How Smart Sind Sie Mit Ihren Kindern "smartphones?
Denken Sie zurück 10 Jahre, wo du warst, was du tust. Hätten Sie ein Gadget, das erschwinglich war, fit in der Handfläche vorstellen können, und die ein Telefon, Pager, Kamera, Organizer, GPS, Walkman, Computer und Camcorder war alles in einem? Ich weiß, ich konnte es nicht - es wäre wie etwas aus einem Science-Fiction-Film geklungen haben! Smartphones sind erstaunlich. Sie haben die Welt verändert, und wie wir miteinander kommunizieren und wie wir unser Leben zu verwalten. Es ist sicher zu sagen, dass sie ein Wunder der Neuzeit sind. All diese Funktionen bedeuten, dass das Smartphone gibt uns fantastische Möglichkeiten, produktiver zu sein und bleibe in Kontakt besser. Auf der Kehrseite,(dual sim handy) können sie Probleme verursachen und, im Fall von den Kindern, sie können einfach gefährlich sein. Ich versuche nicht zu Panikmache, und ich bin nicht gegen die Technik, oder befürworten Verriegelung Kinder weg von der Außenwelt - es ist einfach ein paar Vorschläge, wie man das Beste
Deep inside her eyes,Her world yearns to breathe.To take flight instead of standing,To be free,to leave.An Angel grounded,Longing for the sky's.This beauty needs wings re-birthed,Without questions,she only knows why.With your wings open ready,In your heart where will you soar.I hope in flight you'll bring me your beauty,And I'll smile for you evermore.
Die Vorteile Und Nachteile Von Smartphones
Die Entwicklung von Smartphones hat mehrere Vorteile für die menschliche Leben gebracht, und die anderen mobilen Geräten. Wenn Sie an der helleren Idee Smartphones betrachten, werden Sie feststellen, dass diese Telefone weit viel weiter fortgeschritten, dass die gewöhnlichen Mobiltelefonen sind. Zum einen können Sie ein Smartphone, ein breiteres Spektrum von Materialien als würden Sie mit Handys, die nicht Smartphones zugreifen. Diese Handys haben erweiterte Funktionen, die macht das Leben viel einfacher, da die meisten dieser Telefone unterstützen mehrere Anträge an das Leben leichter machen zu tun.(tablet pc android) Der Einsatz von mobilen Anwendungen ist ein herrliches Werkzeug für Menschen, wie Sie zwischen den weiten Bereichen der mobilen Anwendungen zur Suite Ihren Lebensstil wählen können. Der andere Vorteil der Verwendung von Smartphones ist die Tatsache, dass sie als eine Form der Sicherheit für Sie da. Viele Menschen nutzen ihre Smartphones, um ihre Lieben zu verfolgen, als
Since you're  a magician...   prove it.
Cocktail Dresses
It is not rare for just about any lady to receive an invitation to a formal gathering demanding cocktail dress. For a really simple manner item to completely appreciate exactly what cocktail dresses are you need to comprehend where they will came from.Cocktail dresses first began to come up in the overdue 1920's. This was a time where women were being increasing the visibility around social arenas. Suddenly these were being welcome to swanky lounges and elegant functions that aimed at the idea of drinks. During this time period clothes were commonly short sheath gowns that had matching accessories. These kinds of parties generally happened regarding the hours of 6 plus 8pm which demanded a bit of ritual, but not 100 % black fasten attire.As World War I came to a near the Us population was ready to commemorate life and women had absolutely embraced the simple elegance associated with cocktail dresses. In fact, the particular demand am great in which French developers who obtained only s
I Vantaggi E Svantaggi Di Smartphone
Lo sviluppo degli smartphone ha portato diversi vantaggi per la vita umana, e gli altri dispositivi mobili. Se guardate l'idea brillante di smart phone, si noterà che questi telefoni sono molto molto più avanzato che l'ordinario fatto i telefoni cellulari. Per uno, è possibile utilizzare uno smartphone di accedere a una gamma più ampia di materiali di quanto si farebbe con i telefoni cellulari che non sono telefoni intelligenti. Questi telefoni hanno caratteristiche avanzate,(dual sim umts) che rende la vita molto più facile, in quanto la maggior parte di questi telefoni non supportano più applicazioni fatte per rendere la vita più facile. L'uso di applicazioni mobili è uno strumento magnifico per gli esseri umani, come si può scegliere tra le vaste gamme di applicazioni mobili l'hotel ideale per il tuo stile di vita. L'altro vantaggio di usare smartphone è il fatto che essi possono servire come forma di sicurezza per voi. Molte persone usano i loro telefoni intelligenti per monitorar
I was told a joke at work yesterday. The subject is pushing the limits of what some would deem socially wrong. I think it's funny though.   A  young boy's parents are going through a divorce. The judge asks him if he wants to live with him mom. He says, "No. She beats me." The judge then says, "Then you'll have to live with your father.". The boy then says, "No. He beats me too.". The judge then asks him, "Well, who do you want to live with?". The boys says, "The Browns, they don't beat anyone!"     I'm not a huge football fan, but I thought it was great :)
Rubbing Those Silky Hose
All dressed up in soft silky pantyhose and sheer lingerie. Teasing you with those long legs and nice round ass. You just cant keep your fingers off those hose of mine.  Come listen to my sexy voice as I tell you exactly how I like it.
Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't
Better not start all over again, another faded love another wrongful sin. Keep saying never, never it is over, hot damned there is another another damn four leaf clover.   I am tired a hell, and everyone might know but they can't even tell. Certainly isn't known by all, I don't want to crawl I don't really need to fall.   I have been hurt before, I was safe with me hiding just hiding behind the door. You swept me off my feet, whenever you snap its like you are laughing at the person you beat.   I am damned if I do, damned if I don't, no more playing around for me no more cast calls. The angel in me won't put up with anymore. I AM DONE, being damned if I do, damned if I don't  its safer just being a concrete one.
Tongue Massage
Les Avantages Et Inconvénients De Smartphones
Le développement des smartphones a apporté plusieurs avantages à la vie humaine, et les autres appareils mobiles. Si vous regardez le plus brillant idée de téléphones intelligents, vous remarquerez que ces téléphones sont loin beaucoup plus avancé que le fait ordinaire téléphones mobiles. D'une part, vous pouvez utiliser un téléphone intelligent pour accéder à une large gamme de matériaux que vous le feriez avec les téléphones mobiles qui ne sont pas les téléphones intelligents. Ces téléphones ont des caractéristiques améliorées, ce qui rend la vie beaucoup plus facile,(mobile pas cher) car la plupart de ces téléphones prennent en charge plusieurs applications ne fait pour rendre la vie plus facile. L'utilisation des applications mobiles est un magnifique outil pour les humains, comme vous pouvez choisir entre les larges gammes d'applications mobiles à la suite de votre style de vie. L'autre avantage de l'utilisation de smartphones, c'est le fait qu'ils peuvent servir comme une forme
Amd A Lancé Ses Nouvelles Puces Pour Les Comprimés à Haute Performance
Créateur AMD catégorie tablette pc haute performance a annoncé une autre innovation pour les véhicules hybrides, qui offre une excellente expérience de PC portable, que ce soit en mode tablette ou lorsqu'il est connecté à la base du clavier. Les ordinateurs hybrides sont un nouveau segment de marché entre les ordinateurs portables et les tablettes. AMD envisage de montrer, en même temps que les comprimés indépendants de haute performance lors du Mobile World Congress 2013 à Barcelone. Dock AMD Turbo technologie ajuste automatiquement l'unité de traitement accéléré des performances (APU) hybride, il augmente lorsque le PC est connecté à la base et est utilisé pour des tâches complexes telles que la création de contenu. De même, AMD Turbo Dock est conçu pour atteindre une faible consommation électrique lorsqu'il est utilisé en mode tablette. Cela permet d'économiser la batterie et prolonger le temps de regarder les vidéos ou les films, et surfer sur Internet. Il est prévu q
Extremely High Fashionable Korean Ladies Overcoats
  Black large lapel Korean fashion coat is the most common fashion item in winter. Then on this popular clothes, how to match it is the most avant-garde? Korean Japan for you recommended several designs of woolen overcoat with different building methods. For upcoming New Year, we learn about the fresh fashion clothes matching methods! Cobalt blue cashmere overcoat is a color that many cool ladies like in winter. Deep blue is mysterious and unique. For this overcoat just only light color is very suction eyes! In a black turtleneck sweater worn under the wave pattern skirt, emits elegant, charming atmosphere, such character dressed up the street, and pedestrians will be sold. Gray color long coat gives a person low-key simple feeling, quiet type girl loves a winter coat. This coat is coarse woolen clothes material, the sleeves are fine plush fabric, stitching design makes the coat is more special, take in fresh, all-match white sweater, wear tight leggings, significantly
Cheap China Wholesale Clothing Distributor Online
  There are basically three categories of customers in the clothing industry. They are upper, middle and budget sectors with the budget sectors accounting for the largest chunk. Generally wholesale clothing distributors do not specialize in a particular product or products for a specific category of customers since specialization has not been a major trend in this industry. However, some wholesale distributors focus on sub segments such as women's clothing, children's clothing or accessories.   Most people believe that you need plenty of money to run a clothing retail store. This is no longer true because there are so many cheap wholesale clothing available. Besides, wholesale drop shippers have made it possible for small business owners to have an online retail business without having to invest a lot of money. Korean Japan is readily reliable, legitimate drop shipping company that can provide affordable wholesale clothes.   Some of the places where you could purchase
Samsung Startet Nicht Firefox Os Telefon Derzeit Nur Vier Teilnehmenden
Am Tag vor dem offiziellen Start der diesjährigen MWC Firefox konnte nicht warten zu lösen ein neues Handy-Betriebssystem FirefoxOS förmliche Erklärung hinzugefügt, um die Reihen der Wettbewerb auf dem efox-shop-M-Betriebssystem. Kann nur sein, ab, Android-Handy-Hersteller, kündigte Samsung, dass es ein Handy mit einem Firefox-OS-System ausgestattet starten. Der erste zweitägige Konferenz von Firefox OS haben die die Mozilla Beamten namens Kooperationspartner 18 Betreiber auf der ganzen Welt, sowie als Ausgangspunkt Firefox OS neue Maschine, ZTE, Alcatel, Huawei und LG. ZTE und Alcatel haben in der Show eigenen Firefox OS-Maschine ausgestellt. Interessierte Anwender können bei unseren Berichten zu suchen. Samsung als weltweit größten Smartphone-Hersteller lanciert ein Handy mit Firefox OS ausgestattet ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass diese sein sollte. Immerhin hat Samsung Android-Markt stark genug Leistung, jetzt wird nicht starten, nachdem dieser Punkt ist schwer zu sagen, ob der S
The woman wanted to meet him, she gave him a great bit of attention.  She touched him in a way implying great attraction and excitment.  He was filled with anticipation she drew him in and they ran away. Too many people had tried to help out.  The day got filled with accidents and greatly injurious moments the bleeding were left unattended. The crew had finished putting together the best of circumstances, but the weather turned into a veritable maelstrom of destruction. She had a lot of money coming in, her bills and expenses overwhelmed her. So much effort and sacrifice had been put into the project nd no one was getting paid to put the show together, resources seemed to be fading..
Las Ventajas Y Desventajas De Los Smartphones
El desarrollo de los teléfonos inteligentes ha traído varios beneficios para la vida humana, y los dispositivos móviles. Si nos fijamos en la idea más brillante de los teléfonos inteligentes, te darás cuenta de que estos teléfonos son mucho más avanzada que la corriente se los teléfonos móviles. Por un lado, se puede utilizar un teléfono inteligente para acceder a una gama más amplia de materiales que lo haría con los teléfonos móviles que no son teléfonos inteligentes. Estos teléfonos tienen características mejoradas, lo que hace la vida mucho más fácil, ya que la mayoría de estos teléfonos hacen aplicaciones de soporte de múltiples hechos para hacer la vida más fácil. El uso de las aplicaciones móviles es una herramienta magnífica para los seres humanos, (moviles android)ya que se puede elegir entre la amplia gama de aplicaciones móviles para satisfacer su estilo de vida. La otra ventaja de la utilización de los teléfonos inteligentes es el hecho de que pueden servir como una forma
Inde : Bientôt Des Montres Antiviol Pour Protéger Les Femmes ?
Le gouvernement indien vient (enfin) au secours des femmes. Le ministère de l’Information et des Technologies planche actuellement sur un projet de montres antiviol, afin de lutter contre les agressions sexuelles, trop nombreuses dans le paysmontres homme mode. Une montre pour une vie, c’est le principe. Depuis toujours en Inde, les violences faites aux femmes existent, une plainte déposée sur 10 l'est pour viol. Le 16 décembre dernier, une étudiante de New Delhi était sauvagement agressée dans un bus et violée à plusieurs reprise, elle mourrait quelques jours plus tard des suites de ses blessures. Le 13 janvier, même scénario, une femme de 29 ans est violée par sept hommes. Dernière atrocité en date, le viol et le meurtre, il y a deux semaines, de trois sœurs de 6, 9 et 11 ans dans un village de l'ouest du pays. Aujourd’hui, l’opinion publique est profondément choquée, et le gouvernement qui semble avoir pris conscience de la gravité de la situation a dé
This Is Very True
Dead Or Alive 5
Dead Or Alive 5 is the newest game in the Dead or Alive series, I love it, picked up the collectors edition of it Spetember 25th of 2012, the game is so awesome, it's pretty realistic in terms of graphice, the fighters sweat as they fight, get dirty as they get thrown to the ground and around the various stages, and they get wet when they get thrown in water and get damp and some of their clothes become partially see through, they get damp from sweat as well, all in all, awesome game.
Things I Enjoy.
I enjoy music, art, and reading as indoor activities.  Camping, Hiking, and Gardening as outdoor activities.  Music I have loved all my life and started playing saxaphone at 8, bass guitar when I was 10, then started guitar justa few years ago.  Would like to learn to sing, play the cello, piano, and banjo.  Biggest music influence right now would have to be Mumford and Sons.  Wow, what a band!  Hope you listen to them as soon as you can.  Art I have been doing the majority of my life too.  Started with the Hobbit as a kid and then started drawing out characters from Dungeons and dragons.  Loved fantasy and history.  I start a Garden every spring with my family.  Love watching things grow.  Favorite plants would be any flowers and herbs.  Sweet Majoram and Basil smell the best... use Rosemary all year long though.  Still do veggies like cucumbers and tomatoes.  Kids love them.  Love modern Photoshops and Autodesk programs... ended up decent at it too.  ok enough for now... Laters, baby
Qué Se Debe Considerar Al Elegir Tablet Pc
En primer lugar, es necesario mencionar que Tablet PC es una gran combinación de PDA y un ordenador portátil y proporciona así una gran fiabilidad y comodidad. Hoy tablet PC está considerado como uno de los mejores gadgets para los hombres de negocios, estudiantes y personas comunes que quieren estar en línea, leer correos electrónicos y ver películas incluso cuando el ordenador portátil o de escritorio no está disponible. Sin embargo, usted tiene que saber que estos aparatos tradicionalmente cuestan mucho dinero y hay que hacer una investigación para elegir Tablet PC que cumpla con todas sus expectativas de la mejor manera. A continuación se encuentran algunos de los factores más importantes que usted debe considerar al buscar la mejor PC tablet. Tenga en cuenta que la memoria de acceso aleatorio es un componente de un equipo que le da la oportunidad de hacer las cosas en un cierto nivel de comodidad. De hecho, la mayoría de la memoria de la Tablet PC, más fácil será para
What's poppin everybody. My name is Ray Sabourin. Im 24 yrs old with a hell of a personality. If you wanna know more just hit me up on an inbox :)
The floating boat dock was about three hundred feet from the shore, straight out in front of where the party was happening. Sun was shining brightly above, the skies were blue with a hint of pink streaks. Music was blaring in the distance and the chatter of the guests was just as loud. Feeling the ill effects of one too many shots of bourbon,I wondered off and swam to the dock. Needing to be alone with my thoughts and working over in my mind the events that lead up to our breakup. I never in a million years thought I would find a woman that made me feel so alive, so loved and so free. Then Gina walked into my life like a bat out of hell, turning my world around. We fell for each other hard and fast, the fires blazing out of control every time our bodies met. She is a tall,thick and gorgeous brunette with a chest that makes it hard for anybody to tell you her eye color. Within weeks we were living together and I found myself whirling out of control for this girl. There was nothing I wo
Never Enough
Lovers are mortal but love is immortal,Eternal sadness lingers on.We have no escape; we cannot leave,Monotonous misery is what we breathe.You might feel it today but its different tomorrow,Love might be immortal but so is sorrow.It’s a sea of faith but we have no boat,The depths of our souls; the pits of our hearts.We only hear melancholic shouts of pain,I have nothing to lose or to gain.And your world comes tumbling down, crashing to the floor,You’re no longer who you were beforeThe look in your eyes only says too much,It’s never okay, it’s never enough.
This Is Crazy
     I think some people on here get to butthurt to easy. A friend of mine is trying to level and one of the requirements is to rate 50 a "1". So, she is going along and doing this requirement, and goes the this person's page ( So what does he do, he blocks her, really, i mean really. She tells some of us this. Out of disbelief i rate the user a "1", and i too, was blocked. We discuss this behavior some more. So, the rest of our friends have done the same. This is a game they had to do the same thing to level, so why get so butthurt and block someone for the same thing you had to do. This is crazy.
15 Things That Annoy Your Local Sound Guy
15. When a drunk person I don't know wants to stand next to me and talk to me the whole time I'm working. I have a job to do which requires concentration and me paying attention to what's going on and it's a lot harder for me to hear what's going on in the room when someone is constantly jabbering into one of my ears. 14. When people ask me for a table or try to place a drink order with me. You're talking to the wrong guy. 13. When people expect me to be as excited to be there as they are. Where this might be their every once-in-a-while night on the town, I do this 3 to 7 nights a week every week. Forgive me if I look bored. 12. When people expect me to want to go to a club on my night off. Can we just go someplace quiet and peaceful instead? 11. When random people want to tell me how they think it should sound. They don't know the sound of the room, what the band wants, what the club management or owners want, or about potential noise complaints from neighbors. And really, I do
Contest Entry Rules
Alright, gonna hold a double triple threat contest. SFW and NSFW, can enter either one or the other. No double entries. Best Booty, Boobies, and Legs.  The length of the contest depends on the number of entries as well as the prizes to won. Contest will begin when at least  15 entries are made. Pics can be emailed, or placed on fubar for me to collect. Ask for email if you'd want to take that route. At the end of the contest, Top 3 from both will be taken and placed into a final contest. Final contest will only be most rates. Winner take all. Both Catagories: Must have my name wrote upon your body or paper in some manner. MUST HAVE A SALUTE TO ENTER! NSFW Rules: Nsfw triple threat is almost a free for all with what you'd want to do. No pictures penetration pictures of any sorts will be accepted. Teaser pics/Lingerie/Swimsuits/full/partial nude are accepted.  SFW: Way less revealing than the NSFW side of this. Clothing is a must in this, and by clothing, Im meaning, pants (of any sor
Released Illegals
Rep. Goodlatte Blasts Obama for Releasing Illegal Alien Inmates to Promote His Political Agenda     Penny StarrCNS NewsFeb 27, 2013 House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) said Tuesday that the Obama administration’s decision to release from detention centers hundreds of illegal aliens is “abhorrent” and charged that the move is not only political but dangerous. “It’s abhorrent that President Obama is releasing criminals into our communities to promote his political agenda on sequestration,” Goodlatte said in a stat
Paper & Pen
This paper and pen Speak about what a mess I’m in Crumpled edges And blurred outlines Tell of better days When I felt fine But lately I feel so beat up Write my feelings on this pad My emotions left uncut Like a wound without a band aid An infectious scar is all you’ve made The itch and the burn The failed lesson learned You carry on just the same Slander and hate when you say my name Useless feelings Sleepless nights staring at the ceiling Silence is universal Words left unsaid are hurtful Yet the thought of you burns my mind Like a wildfire deep inside Flames singe the remainder of you Every burn Every mark Every lie Every start Every beginning Every end I can’t do this again
Hypocrisy At It's Finest
I have been on this site now going on well over 5 years on/off and have seen and heard it all.  I still get a chuckle out of the stupidity of others, the whoring, the begging, the whining...but most of all the hypocrisy.    hyp·o·crite  noun \ˈhi-pə-ˌkrit\   Definition of HYPOCRITE 1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of morals or opinion 2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings Yes..hypocrites.  Many of you.   Kinda like telling everyone on here your a vegetarian to make someone like you more but are secretly shoving fist fulls of bacon in your mouth.  Or pretending that your a bi-female when in actuality you're a bored married housewife looking for attention. You have the chicks on here with names like HORNY, MILF, SEX
Why I Hate Barack Hussein Obama
Week 2 Day 3
As of today i have ran 6 miles since monday. The weight lifting still isnt happening....need to work on that. I am down to 201LBS. not a bad start need to work harder. Hopefully the NCOPD with BDE CSM wont interfere with my 4 mile ruck tomorrow.
Magento Development Agency | Uk Leeds London E-commerce Web Developer - Edmonds Commerce
Edmonds Commerce has a well-established Ecommerce skill set. You will gain a business platform that will enable you to increase sales and profits through maximizing the customer experience and staff efficiency. Your website will be designed with SEO in mind giving you good position in the search engines for your keywords and phrases. Edmonds Commerce specializes in PHP ecommerce web design and development, primarily using open source ecommerce platforms such as Magento. Our clients range from sole traders with a few hundred SKU’s up to high turnover Ltd and PLC organizations. Edmonds Commerce can help you to achieve better rankings in the search engines. If you already have a Website, we can evaluate this and give you some ideas for improving your SEO. If you are looking for a new Website then rest assured that SEO will come as part of the package as standard. Magento Designer
Spy Gadgets – Companies Of Spy Gadgets In Chennai And Hyderabad
There are so many dealer of Spy Camera in Chennai. Chennai is placed at south side in India and that place crime rate is on the top And their law and order is not good. People are very dangerous and they kill anybody for small money. My experience in Chennai is not good because peoples are very dangerous, one when I go to night walk I saw that huge people are drink on the road side and they spoke with people very roudly. My aunty tell me the situation of their city she said that they are not safe in our city because those area she live are very dirty and their police are not very helpful. She said that she use some of the security surveillance like CCTV, spy camera and different types of surveillance to protect us and our family. My aunty shows their spy cameras which is placed outdoor from the house. It is CCTV it record all activity outside the house and one more feature of this gadgets is it record in day and night both. When I see the picture quality of this cameras I am shock bec
A Loving Relationship Is
“A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be himself — to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love himself, to love being loved. Such a relationship is based upon freedom and can never grow in a jealous heart.”
"the Persistence Of One Child" ...a Shared Story
I pray FATHER blesses all who read this.  Enjoy. Trust HIM, HE will never leave you nor forsake you.   JESUS bless us, every one. Peace.
Do All Roads Lead Or Draw Us To Our Father In Heaven?
Blessings of our beloved FATHER in all remembrance of MESSIAH YESHUAH/JESUS and that of HIS blessed HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH.  Hallelujah.  Amen. Greetings to one and all! I hope this may bring all honor & glory to FATHER by blessing who may read this. I recently came across an interesting topic, one in which I would like to address with you all who may be reading this.  It's in  regards to the various "roads" which FATHER leads or draws us to know HIM which has to do with HIS 'seed of faith' which is planted in every single being created. No one is exempt from having HIS 'seed of faith' planted with in these vessels of earthen soil. HE waters & feeds us regularly, then sends forth others along HIS path to continue to plant HIS seeds of wisdom while sharing the 'good news message of HIS Kingdom' all the while continuously watering & feeding us spiritually, & when needed, physically as well.  Some folks "get" the message, others have to nurture it & need some time to discern, decipher,
Godrej Prakriti Flats Kolkata @09999684166
  Godrej Prakriti BT Road Kolkata Godrej Properties Has launched New Project "Godrej Prakriti" located on BT road In Kolkata . The proposed fourth phase of Godrej Prakriti offers 19 storey towers that house spacious 2 and 3bhk Apartments and area ranging 800sq.ft to 1359sq.ft with world class amenities like Natural Waterbodies,Proposed hospital,Retail block,Community hall,Clubhouse,Temple and more. The layout embraces its natural environment of lakes and greens, with buildings placed around them, resulting in 2.75 acres of natural waterbodies for you to come back to after a long day's work. Godrej Prakriti is conveniently located on BT Road, with walking distance of a bus stop, railway station,auto rickshaw and taxi stand, making travel stress free.Godrej Properties brings the Godrej Group philosophy of innovation and excellence to the real estate industry. The company is currently developing landmark projects in 12 cities across India. Established in 19
Tipps Zum Erstellen Von Business Applications
Entwicklung von mobilen Business-Anwendungen ist ein fantastischer Weg, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihr Unternehmen bleibt an der Spitze. Wenn Sie diese mobile Apps zu bauen, wird es auch Dinge, die Sie tun müssen, (tablet pc test)um sicherzustellen, dass sie helfen, Ihr Geschäft, um noch produktiver zu sein. Dabei sicher, dass Ihre Mitarbeiter geschult werden, um die Anwendungen zu verwenden ist der Schlüssel. Ihre Organisation ist sicher, mit der Zeit entwickeln, und zusammen mit diesem Wachstum wird es neue Ideen, die helfen, Ihr Geschäft sein wird. Implementieren Sie diese Konzepte um sicherzustellen, dass Sie am Anfang der Technologien, die sich ständig verändern bleiben. Wenn Sie mit mobilen App-Entwickler arbeiten unten sind ein paar Ideen, die Ihnen helfen, auf dem Weg werden. Starten Sie einfachDas Beste, was Sie tun können, ist fangen klein, wenn es um Ihr Unternehmen Anwendungsentwicklung kommt. Sie wollen für eine kleine Anzahl von Anwendungen, die routinemäßig im Business-Be
Three Awesome Tips For Plus Size Dress Selection
Selection of pus size clothes become a cliché for one many times, especially when the design of choice is not available in the desired size. Well, one needs not to be worried about these kinds of issues because there are many good ways for oversized women to get assessment with the designer and trendy series of clothes. Keeping only few important points on mind during the shopping of the plus size women’s clothing leads one towards the excellent dress selection. Moreover, there are some well established wholesale stores in internet who are famous especially for introducing good variety of fuller figure clothes. Here are three easy tips to select the best oversize dress to get friends’ appreciation.Stick with the design The main problem that occurs during the selection of plus size women’s clothes is that the size of the dress is often not available with the design of interest. There are two ways to get rid of this problem, the first is that one should get a design
Hinzufügen Ein Wenig Interesse An Einem Schlichten Brautkleid
Auch wenn es viele verschiedene hochzeitskleider Stile von heute wählen, werden einfache Kleider noch genießen große Popularität, wie in diesem Fall, weniger ist definitiv mehr. Plain Brautkleider sind der Inbegriff der schlichten Stil und dezente Eleganz, und dies ist eine Optik, die jede Braut möchte an ihrem großen Tag zur Schau stellen, ist es kein Wunder, dass diese Kleider so beliebt sind. Allerdings, wenn Sie für einen sehr minimalistischen Look gehst, ist es immer eine gute Idee, ein wenig Interesse und Individualität accessorising mit einigen sorgfältig ausgewählten Schmuck hinzufügen. Während viele Bräute entscheiden sich für einige einfache Schmuckstücke-wie ein Armband, Ohrstecker und eine Halskette-andere die alternative Route, und wählen Sie nur eine große, mutige Aussage piece-was mehr als oft nicht eine Halskette. Sie müssen nicht Ihr Budget zu brechen, wenn die Investition in Zubehör entweder, wie Sie abholen können wirklich beeindruckende Stücke heutzutage, und es
Ausgezeichnete News Apps Für Das Iphone 4s
Das iPhone 4S ist ein sehr beliebtes Handy, dass die Vorteile aus dem massiven Auswahl von zusätzlichen Anwendungen, die im iTunes App Store sind. Während viele Menschen um diesen Service nutzen, um die neuesten Spiele und Rätsel herunterladen möchten einige Benutzer lieber ihr Telefon auf dem Laufenden halten mit den neuesten Nachrichten aus der ganzen Welt auf dem Laufenden.(tablet pc test) Es gibt mehrere gute Nachricht Anwendungen verfügbar, aber werfen wir einen Blick auf zwei unserer Lieblings-Apps für dieses hervorragende Gerät. AP Mobile ist einer unserer Lieblings-News-Anwendung für das iPhone 4S. Viele Zeitungen und Nachrichtensender nicht leisten können, vor Journalisten in jeder größeren Stadt der Welt wartet auf eine wichtige Nachrichten Geschichte zu brechen. Statt diese Dienste setzen auf freie Journalisten und viele von ihnen arbeiten für die Associated Press. Diese Journalisten und Reporter liefern ihre Geschichten zu den wichtigsten Kanäle und Verkaufsstellen, die wi
Apps Un'ottima Notizia Per L'iphone 4s
L'iPhone 4S è un telefono cellulare molto popolare che beneficia della massiccia selezione di applicazioni aggiuntive che sono disponibili su App Store di iTunes. Mentre molte persone piace usare questo servizio per scaricare i più recenti giochi e puzzle alcuni utenti preferiscono utilizzare il loro telefono per tenersi aggiornati con le ultime notizie da tutto il mondo. (miglior smartphone)Ci sono diverse applicazioni disponibili notizie eccellenti, ma diamo uno sguardo a due delle nostre applicazioni preferite per questo dispositivo eccellente. AP Mobile è uno della nostra applicazione notizie preferite per l'iPhone 4S. Molti giornali e le stazioni di notizie non possono permettersi di avere giornalisti in tutte le principali città del mondo in attesa di una notizia importante per rompere. Invece questi servizi si basano su giornalisti free-lance e molti di questi lavori per l'Associated Press. Questi giornalisti e reporter consegnare le loro storie ai principali canali e outlet ch
Hey Fubar freaks!!  How's life treating you all these days??  Well life for me definitely has it's ups and downs.  But, today well tonight i would like to talk about men and relationships.  I don't understand when your with someone all these men come out of the woodworks wanting to date you and screw you and whatever else is going on in there heads.  Has that ever happened to anyone before??  Not that I'm saying I'm with anyone now because I don't think I am anymore.  It's hard.  Not to think about him and wanting to move on.  I guess I'm just done with him and I guess this would be my final thought of him.  I mean he stopped texting and calling me but he hasn't really done that much before anyway so nothing new on that.  But, I mean It's different for me to get over someone.  I think the first week was real bad and the second week probaly not any better.  By the third week my feelings for him were bottled and sealed up inside so now it's just a mere thought of not wanting to even have
Untold Power
 Inside all of us, in every living breathing soul is UNTOLD power. Power to change the world, right wrongs, balance justice, turn the tide, walk the sun backwards or just make the world a more beautiful place to live. The human condition is stronger than societal bounds, If we so choose to USE this power. There in lies the rub. Most want to go along to get along, they think that one person is not enough to change a mind let alone the world, but this is folly.   There is nothing more powerful than the human soul on fire. And there is enough tender, flint and steel in each of us to start a bonfire in every soul! The thing is, to realize this fire, you must step out side of yourself. A true fire can only be for the betterment of all.. not just your situation, but that of many. To reach out and help others out of their trouble and ignite their souls with your spark! The Buddah said”Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be short
The Beat Vs. Lyrics
Generally, black people respond to the beat. Not all of them. But most I have ever known. Is it an African thang? Could be. But I think it has more to do with the love of dancing. Soul Train was not just a coincidence. The show became a hit because not only did the young people on there love dancing and became experts at it, but the country fell in love with watching themn as well. And it was the bass beat of the music played that made it all possible. Not the philosphically intellectual story the songs told. Nothing wrong with that. But this is more like cpmparing apples to oranges than if the two factions were competing for revelancy, even if there might be those who appease their egos by presuming that psycho-surrealistic music out-classes bass and drum rhythyms pounded by the likes of Parliament Funkadelic. Can we all just get along? If not, and youre one of those conforming politically correct whiners who got offended, thinking this post was stereotypical, well there are plenty o
Making Those Toes Pretty
Chilly is painting her toenails to make them nice and pretty. She is going to make you suck and worship those pretty little toes of hers. This is all about the feet, toes and wrinkly soles.   This is a 8 minute movie for only $5.
A Few Ramblings I Wanted To Get Off My Mind
I have been on this site for some time now.  Mostly I just pop in and still trying to figure out what to do here. I have just never gotten it all, but I still like this site. The people are real, not trying to scam ya or get ya to cum watch them on camera for $$. For that alone makes this site special. I sure wish I had a guide to show me the way to use this site and how they get enjoyment out of it. Being a computer guru from the 70's only shows that I have pretty much seen it all when it comes to online stuff Be careful what you say online as trust me, the government is watching and if they don't like what  you are saying. gawd only knows what all can happen and none of it good. so keep yer mouth shut when it comes to saying things online that become public property   I am still single and alone.  I am getting very tired of being alone all the time.  I suppose it is supposed to be that way. I do not understand, I am a good man, a great cook, easy going, always paid my way an
Save The Day - Thalia
Here's my promiseA love to find the wayIt's the answerTo the times we faceHere's my predictionI'm gonna make a changePick ourselves up andSee the darkness fadeIt's gonna be all rightThings are gonna get betterIt's gonna be all rightGotta keep on being strongWhen you're down on my luck my babyAnd you said that the world has changedAs long as we have each otherLove's gonna save the dayFrom the ray of light in the distant shinningA little bit of hope in all this rainAs long as we stay togetherLove's gonna save the dayLove's gonna save the dayI'm on a missionAnd you had proved my faithNothing's greaterThan the life we madeGot a resolutionTo never be afraidUntil have you complete meAnd leave my heart awayIt's gonna be all rightThings are gonna get betterIt's gonna be all rightGotta keep on being strongWhen you're down on my luck my babyAnd you said that the world has changedAs long as we have each otherLove's gonna save the dayFrom the ray of light in the distant shinningA little bit of hop
The Day I Was Born - Emf
Wish me luckI'll take anything this world can throw meI'll love it and leave it andKiss the world goodbye you seeI'll travel my journeyWith a suicide packI'll be freeHello, goodbye, the best of luckI'm gone From the day I was bornI lived my live to the fullTried everything onceNow I'm ready for moreNow I'm ready for more I'll think of my liveThe days turn from months, to yearsTo nothingI didn't think, I'd have the gutsTo go with itI'll think of my friendsThe people I hate and the peopleI never got to meetHello, goodbye, the best of luck I'm goneFrom the day I was born... [Etc]So good to see youBut now I'm movin' onBeen good to be hereBut it's gone on too longIt's good to see you... So goodTo see the back of youWhere you ever misunderstood?Did anyone say you have to stay?Think of the happiness you bringThink of the day you were born Remember my family yeahKeep my habits clean you seeI'll bless the beggar's dogIf god blesses the treesStay out of trouble you knowKeep the cream on the cake
Dj Famous Xemotionally Dgafx   ^ do you know this guy? Hahaha Ya know he came to MY LOUNGE and hand the BALLS to try and talk shit about me, when I was not around to my WOMAN?! LOL Shows the coward that he is.    to: DJ Famous xEmot... United States subject: Hey received: 02/26/2013 08:28 pm replied: no   block this member So what the f*ck is your problem? Coming in talking shit, you don't even know me,; nor do you have the balls to address me to my face. I will tell ya something really fast. You ever Step foot around me and my crew, i will be sure to boot/bann from lounge, I catch you harrassing my family or friends, I will personally see to it that you are blasted everywhere as a hormonal douchebag, that obviously needs to get his act together in life. Unlike you, i was a real man and had the balls to stand up for my country, the most you have probably stood up for was burgerking or in line at the nearest foodshelter.Don't come at me and m
The Sun And The Moon
Have you heard how the Moon fell in love with the Sun? Eons ago, when the Moon and the Sun were still young, they never saw one another. The Moon would look upon the world and see creation change and grow, till one-day man was brought forth. The Moon would hear man talking about the Great Sun and all he did for them. He brought warmth to them, helped the crops grow and was their protector by day as in the night; evil things would prey upon them. This hurt the Moon terribly and for the first time, she turned her back to the world and man. When the Great Sun heard what man had done, he was angry. He said to the world, "You fools. Don’t you know how fortunate you are to have her in the night? She is your light, your guide and the protector of the night. She gives you, every night, all her light and protection she can. She is a heavenly body, the most beautiful of us all and you shun her. Now you wonder why she has turned her back on you? I should do the same!" Man, fearing the turni
I Know..
 Romance of yesterdays with dirty minds. bY LoVe GiRL
Elizabeth - Ziggy Marley
Uncle sam is a naughty old man he says he wants you but he only wants to use youHe has a woman named Elizabeth she walk the streets selling her body for gloryImmoralityThey get drunk from the blood of saints not the kind that are made into statuesHer brother john drinks wine all day he and his friendsTrying to take our souls awayOh it's sad to say but uncle sam is going to have his dayAnd they will weep for ElizabethUncle sam is a naughty old man he says he wants you but he only wants to use youHe has a woman named Elizabeth she walk the streets selling her body for gloryImmoralityThey get drunk from the blood of saints not the kind that are made into statuesHer brother john drinks wine all day he and his friends his friendsThey can't take our souls awayOh it's sad to say but my uncle sam is going to have his dayAnd they will weep for Elizabeth
The Romance Of The Sun And The Moon
The moon was alone one evening, shining in the midnight sky. Although she was surrounded by myriads of tiny, sparkly stars, she felt as if there was no one to understand her. She eagerly searched the skies for a friend, perhaps a meteor, with whom to discuss the joys and sorrows of her life. But there was nobody. On the other side of the world, the sun yawned and awoke to shine his light upon the blue-green temples of God. He heard the call to worship, and saw the waves of people bowing and praying. He felt full of good will and charity towards the masses of God's servitors. Perhaps they were not holy, but at least they were faithful. The moon stayed alone, suspended in the sky with none to touch her. A tiny star whispered to her of a great being, the sun, who brought joy and light to the world. She listened with interest, for it seemed that once, a long time ago, she had seen a being such as this. Beautiful as he was, the sun seemed always just beyond her reach. She would visit the
Elizabeth - Trading Yesterday
There's a mystery to what her love can doAnd she has a way of taking over youShe can hold your heart with every move she makesBut a single smile is really all it takesShe'll make you forget the way life used to beBecause once you let her in, she will take your everythingCause her name is always ElizabethAnd she'll take your heart away and apologize for breaking itJust the same, love of any other kindWould simply be a waste of time to meShe will tell me that her loves a day awayAnd there's something in her eyes that makes me stayBut her expectations are too great for meSo she'll leave me for the man I'll never beShe took all I had from beginning to endBut if I had another chance, I'd probably do it all againCause her name is always ElizabethAnd she'll take your heart away and apologize for breaking itJust the same, love of any other kindWould simply be a waste of timeThe New York sky's finding me lonely in love tonightThis way I deal can't take away what is realOr change how I feelCause
And Blocked ... Pity I Was Cited He Was From Canada :s
reply Useless: your broadcasting album is kinda pointless for you to make fun of peoples looks .. when you look 68 years old yourself and nearly identical twin to my grandmother b4 she died in the 90s 7:35pm reply Useless: i also wonder if your REAL life friends and family would think youre as cool as you THINK you are on here hehe .. like highschool child trapped in a 68 year old granny body 7:52pm more To Useless: oh fffs make up your mind do I look like a 68 year old or a dead 90 year old .....sorry is one of your fat chicks in there 7:54pm reply Useless: she was 68 when she killed herself ... and no i dont knwo any of those people .. i just think you seem like out of your way to be a childish bully as lame as that sounds .. like you must have a really pathetic life i guess .. you make fun of fuwhores but you and your fuwhore friend showing your tits and and and ... just think youre a hypocritical joke is all 7:56pm reply Useless: add to
Applications Excellente Nouvelle Pour L'iphone 4s
L'iPhone 4S est un téléphone portable très populaire qui bénéficie de la grande sélection d'applications supplémentaires qui sont disponibles sur l'App Store d'iTunes.(telephone portable pas cher) Alors que beaucoup de gens aiment utiliser ce service pour télécharger les derniers jeux et puzzles certains utilisateurs préfèrent utiliser leur téléphone pour se tenir au courant des dernières nouvelles de partout dans le monde. Il existe plusieurs applications nouvelles excellents disponibles mais nous jeter un oeil à deux de nos applications préférées pour cet appareil superbe. AP Mobile est l'une des nouvelles préférées notre application pour l'iPhone 4S. Beaucoup de journaux et de stations d'information peuvent pas se permettre d'avoir des journalistes dans chaque grande ville dans le monde qui attendent pour une histoire des nouvelles importantes à briser. Au contraire, ces services s'appuient sur des journalistes indépendants et de nombreux d'entre eux travaillent pour l'agence Assoc
Programas Buenos Noticias Para El Iphone 4s
El iPhone 4S es un teléfono móvil muy popular que se beneficia de la gran selección de aplicaciones adicionales que están disponibles en la App Store de iTunes.(android 4.1) Mientras que muchas personas les gusta usar este servicio para descargar los últimos juegos y rompecabezas que algunos usuarios prefieren utilizar su teléfono para estar al día con las últimas noticias de todo el mundo. Hay varias aplicaciones de noticias disponibles excelentes pero echamos un vistazo a dos de nuestras aplicaciones favoritas para este dispositivo extraordinario. AP Mobile es una aplicación de noticias de nuestro favorito para el iPhone 4S. Muchos periódicos y estaciones de noticias no puede darse el lujo de tener los periodistas en todas las ciudades importantes en el mundo en espera de una noticia importante para romper. En cambio, estos servicios dependen de los periodistas independientes y muchos de estos trabajos para la agencia Associated Press. Estos periodistas y reporteros entregar sus his
  So afta clearing one particular house right near Phase Line Fran(don't ask me where the hell they come up with these names)....the fire team and squad leaders were iking inventory of the weopons and IED components when  I came across what appeared to be a small plain wrapper encased block of HE.....high explosives. But I noticed it had give to it where symtec or C4 would feel like a hard clay.    What I did next perplexes me to this very fucking day.....I nonchalantly slipped the roughly 3"X6" package into my ammo pouch....its like I KNEW on some clairvoyant level what lay inside that......either way it was DY-NO-MITE!!!!.....LOL!!!!!!!    It was nearing dusk and we'd been at it since 0 dark thirty so the Platoon comander, a REAL shit bird of an officer as green as the dewy morning grass back in Macon,Georgia gave our squad and hence, my fire team the stand down and kept 2nd squad up for securty and 3rd as the QRF (Quick Reaction Force) for the company. We loaded up on a convoy
Cómo Elegir Una Computadora Portátil O Notebook
Computadoras portátiles de hoy en día son mucho más potente en comparación con incluso los más grandes sistemas de computadora de escritorio del otro día. Son, además, más ligero y mucho más elegante. Muchas personas están optando por sistemas de computadoras de escritorio por completo y hacer uso de un ordenador laptop para sus necesidades de esas PC. Si estás pensando en ir asociada a esta ruta en particular, eche un vistazo a estos consejos de compra. Instrucciones 1. o 1 Lea elección de un Pc. La "Antes de que una persona shop" y muchos puntos de "lo básico", además, se aplican en la compra de un ordenador portátil. o 2 Cómo las computadoras portátiles en la tienda. (Pregunte a poseerlos jailbroke si es necesario.) Elige uno que se siente durable, sólido y no demasiado grande. o 3 Intente el teclado del ordenador. Puesto que usted no puede reemplazar esto (excepto con el mismo tema), asegúrese de que esté seguro con su contacto y capacidad de respuesta. Pruebe en el escr
Aseguran Que Britney Spears Ne Canta En Su Album "femme Fatale"
Ya lo Decia "Piece of Me": Un autre jour, un autre drame. Britney Spears vuelve un service de acusada pas cantar en sus discothèques, concretamente, "Femme Fatale" en sac à main femme . Cuando Aun nos recuperamos de descubrir that Eve necesitaba salir en la prensa (aseguró that the voz de 'Scream & Shout "aucune époque la suya), un hombre Llamado Murray Langston ha vuelto un acusar un de Britney Femme Fatale" pas en cantar: "Mi Hija es la Myah Que Canta. puede sonar COME ella. Tiene non" knack ". El NOMBRE al Qué es soi refiere Myah Marie, una cantante un aspirante au Québec consiguió formar parte de los del último Choeurs discothèque de la Princesa del Pop y file d'attente, según su padre, solo cobro 1000 dOLARES por tema, de los 7 temas en los that puso su voz. Esta no es la primera vez that acusan une Britney Spears de usar pas su voz propia en Albumes sus. Una de las choristes de «toxiques» arremetió contra la ex de Justin Timberlake asegurando that habian subido tanto el volumen
Easypix Smartpad Ultra Ep800 Tablet Pc Available For € 229 In Germany
The next new release from the house EasyPix we can now present to you the new ultra EasyPix SmartPad EP800 Tablet PC, which is available to buy now at a price of € 229.90 in Germany. coolicool wholesale tablets The SmartPad EasyPix Ultra EP800 tablet PC is equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen display with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution provided for the input and offers a Samsung Exynos 4412 Cortex-A9 quad-core processor with a clock speed of 4x 1.4GHz to. Furthermore, 1GB of RAM and 8GB are on NAND flash memory. The storage space can be almost as common to increase the MicroSD card slot up to 32GB and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and optional 3G (via dongle) are to exchange information on networks and the Internet. As more Connectivity USB 2.0, 3.5mm mini-jack and HDMI are included. The power supply is via the 5100mAh battery, with a duration of 5-6 hours and a standby of up to four days. In the package there is also a charger and a UK adapter for socket in the UK is included, as well as a USB
Sony Xperia Tablet Z: In The 2nd Quarter Of 2013 At Prices From 499 € In Trade
We have received a new impetus to information about upcoming Sony Xperia Z Tablet Tablet PC, the 2nd Quarter in 2013 (April to June) published in Germany. wholesale tablets The new Sony Xperia Z Tablet Tablet PC will go in several variants at the start. At launch in Germany models with black and white case will have to be cost accordingly depending on the data storage modules and a lot. The top version with LTE will be bought for € 639 (RRP) in Germany. Anyone, however, can make do with Wi-Fi and 16GB of storage space, the need to withdraw only 499 € from savings. The 32GB + WiFi version costs € 549, however. The operating system continues to Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" will be pre-installed. An update to Android 4.2 "Jelly Bean" could to market but are available. First information on the price and availability The new Sony Xperia Z Tablet Tablet PC lets a little slow in coming, and we can extend to you a little update in price after. In a shop in Finland, the new tabl
Essai Trouve Surface Pro Tablet (sorte De) Capable De Lire Des Jeux Pc Il S'avère Que Microsoft Surface Comprimé Coteux Pro Peut Gérer Des Jeux Pc
Récemment, PC World Alex Cocilova testé sur une gamme de jeux PC populaires sur PC de Microsoft Surface nouveau Pro protection écran ipad , qui dispose d'un processeur Intel Core i5 et un disque de 64 Go ou 128 Go état solide. C'est le muscle du matériel beaucoup plus que ce qui peut être trouvé à l'intérieur la plupart des tablettes électroniques, y RT Microsoft Surface propre. Cocilova constaté que la surface effectivement traitée Pro plusieurs jeux populaires - y compris XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Portal 2, Minecraft, et Civilization V - plutt bien. En fait, sur les paramètres de résolution moyenne (soit à peu près le genre de résolution que vous verriez sur une console comme la PS3 ou Xbox 360), Portal 2 a couru à un 50 images par seconde constantes. Minecraft aussi bien couru, coupant ainsi à 40 images par seconde. Cependant, XCOM et Civilization V ingurgité le long juste au-dessous de 30 images par seconde. Cela se traduit par un peu agitée, mais en aucun cas catastrophiqu
I Mostly Do As I Wish
I mostly do as I wish.... fun, fun, fun?? In the past when I could get away with it, it was more than fun. Sneaking a boy into my room was fun. Five fingering some smokes was fun too. I have matured, blah.... I am still young at heart. Anyone that really knows me can confirm that too. I just can't run, that is no huge let down. There is not one thing I am scared of, even death. I know I'll go to heaven and I am looking forward to the rest. The plus of no pain, excites me!! If I were to stop writing these on here, you people would maybe only miss my rates I do or my comments. IDK in fact to be true. In someway, finding out how I am doing helps me improve myself. Going through therapy, after the accident, taught me that. I am truthful, are you frightened yet?? I'm truthful to a fault, that is one way I got the nickname Angel. In too many ways, I have been told, I am like an angel. I can be hurt, but its different than alot of people. I see my losses as experiences and my survival as pro
Cold In The Night..
Cold in the night she has been gone far to long not saying a word or a tear fall from her face. Cold in the night the fog cover the ground not seeing her foot steps that lead her to a new place in her life. She fallows the stars that takes her home where she belongs. The cool grass, sweet smell of flowers on a summer day she can eat them like candy. Spell of love comes over her. She eats red one, pink, blue the taste over whelms her. She lays on the cool grass and keeps eating the flowers and hoping this spell last for ever. She embrace this feeling. Cold in the night she is home now with flowers in her hair with a pink dress on dance free with love in the air no one can stop her now she had a taste spell of love she embrace still another will not know of her this summer day.   bY LoVe GiRL 
Beware Of Recent User/scammer
There is a new scammer/user on here There are other blogs on this guy.  Yes i am the ex fu-fiance that was used and lied to and backstabbed.  He was new on here so i thought i would help him and show him how to enjoy fubar.  I gave him my points off many god modes and famps and even bought him a Boomy.  Yes i know im a dumbass but i wanted to help. I leveled him 5 times and inroduced him to other family that he used as well.  He promised to get me bling and pay for fu=marriage and pay my friend for the skin and pics and tags she made him.  when it came time he had excuse he did not get pd.  We let it slide. Then he promised to pay this past monday. Never happened.  I went to another friend he was talking to and found out he was slandering me and saying same things to her as he was to me and he made same promises and never pd.  He claims his mom died the day he was supposed to pay us and start running all these famps he promised other ppl. Well i looked
Darknymph's Army Volunteers
This page is Currently Under Construction!!!   DO THIS FIRST!!! Fan and friend me (if we aren't already) and message me so I know you're ready to get your fam adds!!!I will send you the trick to using the blog to level quickly!! This is a list of people that have volunteered to help with Fam adds. Be sure to Like/Rate/Fan/Friend request them - they are an awesome group of people to have as friends!! (BTW - if you msg them and ask for an add and you aren't even friends - they can't help you!!! Besides - it's courteous to make sure you Like/Rate/Fan/Friend before asking for help!!) If you have everything to level completed, other than the fam adds - it's time to chat with me. (Yes - Shout box me - I get those messages the quickest so I can get back to you quickly!!) Please do not start working through the list and ask for fam adds until you are all ready to level. That means you have your points and all other requirements completed first because the people on this list are someti
A New Con To Watch
Well here is our newest Fu Scammer/User/Player/Liar/Fake...and the list goes on.... His FU name is King Hatchet ****NOW CHANGED TO  -You can't daze me-****and link is:  He is promising to run a bunch of famps soon to get into people's families, even asked for my help getting people in my family to add him, um no. Show me the famps, then I will help you out. He couldn't, so I didn't. He promised me 2 HH's for all my guidance and help on fu, showing him the ropes, helping him level with point boosts and altruizations, along with a God Mode. I took it with a grain of salt. Today was the day he was supposed to pay up. Not just me, his fu fiancee (now ex), and the one who made him pic tags and a skin. Suddenly his mother dies according to his status, yet he was online rating after writing that status. SMH.  More info on William, check out his myspace profile for his Juggalo Street Crew (, with his full
The Artist
On dreamers lane there you stand, I smileI want to capture that dream and make it real a'while!Heavy metal trench coat and your rough-toed boots;quickly back a few steps in attempt to replant your roots.Like a warrior pulling out his sword in defense,you throw daggars at me with your eyes, intense.I turn with my back facing you and raise my arms a'high;river of red locks brace against my buttocks as I sigh.One step forward at a time - you see I surrender,    knowing this isn't just a dream, I'm no pretender.Wickedly grinning you open the bag across your shoulder romanticly kissing me as you place me on the near boulder.Directing me which way to glare, which way to pose;with my hair over to the side, you hand me a rose!"As beautiful as a rose..." you whispered. Nearly fainted!Excitement rushed through his veins as he eagerly painted.
Angel In My Dreams
She keeps me amazed,In so many ways she shines,Beyond her beauty,smile and eyes,Also in her heart and in her mind.She is no ordinary beauty,All her gifts raise her high.And when I see them all,She puts awe into my eyes.Beyond amazing,beyond rare,Dreamfull she almost seems.And if you come to me in my sleep,Please always remain in my dreams.
50 Signs That The U.s. Health Care System Is A Gigantic Money Making Scam That Is About To Collapse February 25, 2013
Source: Michael Snyder, BLN Contributing Writer The U.S. health care system is a giant money making scam that is designed to drain as much money as possible out of all of us before we die.  In the United States today, the health care industry is completely dominated by government bureaucrats, health insurance companies and pharmaceutical corporations.  The pharmaceutical corporations spend billions of dollars to convince all of us to become dependent on their legal drugs, the health insurance companies make billions of dollars by providing as little health care as possible, and they both spend millions of dollars to make sure that our politicians in Washington D.C. keep the gravy train rolling.  Meanwhile, large numbers of doctors are going broke and patients are not getting the care that they need.  At this point, our health care system is a complete and total disaster.  Health care costs continue to go up rapidly, the level of care that we are receiving continues to go
First Things First.
In the beginning: Let’s start by making some things clear about DIY home energy conservation projects. The state and federal governments hand out millions of dollars per year to families and business that buy, and have installed, energy conservation equipment and appliances. I will research these as best I can but if you are building one of my DIY projects don’t expect to receive any help from the government. They don’t trust that a home built system can save energy or the environment. Not that you can’t get help but it is a very laborious process with zero assurance of success. That being said… You can still reduce your energy usage, quite possibly below that of commercially available systems at a fraction of the cost of construction and installation. We will be dealing with Solar, wind, hydroelectric and possibly geothermal energy sources. Therefore there is some preliminary info that you will need about your location before you even consider a DIY
Legal Stuff ... That Most Wont Read.
Your Rights and Obligations - DISCLAIMER - You Must Read This Section  (the fine print) By using any circuit or description or other material presented, then you (meaning the reader of this material being yourself, or any other person that you may subsequently pass any material to) explicitly accept the following. Should you choose not to read this information, this shall be deemed implicit acceptance of these terms and conditions in their entirety. It is believed by me that the designs and articles presented are either original, in the public domain or may be considered common knowledge or based thereon, and do not violate the Copyright of any other party. This cannot be guaranteed however, and I accept no liability for loss or damages that may be imposed upon you by any Court of Law, statutory or other body, should it transpire that a similar circuit or design has been simultaneously or previously published or patented by another party. Nor shall I be held responsible for the failu
A More Positive Perspective...overview
Overview: Until now my blogs have been somewhat negative against government and big busniess energy conservation and “environmentally” friendly alternative energy. In this series of blogs I in tented to expound on a more positive track. This series will include simple ways to cut your energy usage and costs, DIY projects that can save the cost of installation and energy as well as other positive steps we all can take to reduce our carbon foot print without the enormous expense that commercial systems impose. My goal here is to provide real information and projects to help us all live more energy efficient without breaking our bank accounts. I also encourage anyone with info, suggestions, opinions or personal experience to contribute with comments. Please check back often as we explore the world of DIY energy conservation and generation. Note: Before reading further you must read the Disclaimer.
Turkle, Continued
I should note that I perhaps misrepresented Sherry Turkle's thesis in my earlier post by posting just a tidbit about online games and not giving any larger context.  (I wasn't intending to discuss her entire book; I just wanted to share the part about gaming which, I think, relates directly to myself and fellow fubarians who are still procrasturbating about doing our taxes.  But since this spawned a larger conversation, and since I find the conversation to be interesting and fun and engaging, I will try here to explain a bit more about the context and larger argument Turkle seems to be presenting.) What Turkle argues in Alone Together isn't that network relationships are bad, or that they are somehow less than "real" relationships, it is that modern technologies (online networks, artificial intelligence, robots, cell phones, smart phones, etc.) are causing us to expect and want less from people and demand that technology fulfill some of what people used to do.  The first half of the b
Freakin Bling And Dumb People
User Fake Real????you Decide.....
User, Fake, Real? You decide...This guy on fu promises women all over all the things he is going to do for them. Fu-Marriage, Credits, the works. He got fu-engaged to a friend of mine (top level) and then started talking to another woman (also top level). Family spots were exchanged, Women bought him things with the "promise" it was to be repaid.I personally did not buy him anything but I did however make him pictures, comments for profiles and a skin. His promise to me was to pay me on a Friday(didn't happen) and then again on Monday (also didn't happen). Now it is Tuesday and all of a sudden his mom passes away. To show you I am not a cold hearted bitch he states on another website his parents both passed when he was 22. He is 24. How can your parents pass away twice? Answer is they can't.He avoids all contact with any of the women that he now owes credits to. So ladies beware!! you have been approached by him proceed with caution. DO NOT GIFT HIM BLI
Still Another Gun Blog By Betty Mcnabb
Yes, Hitler & Stalin Did Take The Guns     Debunking the meme that historical gun grabs by dictatorships is a myth Paul Joseph February 26, 2013 Following Alex Jones’ explosive appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight last month, gun control advocates reacted to Jones’ fiery historical defense of the right to bear arms by attempting to dismiss the fact that tyrannical regimes always disarmed their target populations as a myth or a hoax.
Common Period Presenter - Keynote Presenter - Plenary Speaker
Meetings are as different in their objective and framework as the sound system who are on the foundation at these events. They can be worldwide, nationwide, local. They can be inner events, exterior events, sales events, customer conventions, customer conventions, yearly conventions or authority trips. Once you have identified the objective, concept and framework of your meeting you will have a better concept of your presenter needs. The following explanations will help you determine exactly how you implement a speaker's services: Keynote Speaker (keynote - the primary concept or theme). In presentation the word keynote represents the major actual concept of a bigger concept hence the topic that a keynote presenter details usually is appropriate to the reason or objective behind a meeting. The keynote deal with or keynote speech: An starting keynote presenter is purchased in to set the actual overall tone and review the primary concept or most essential exposure of the occasion. A endi

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