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A Sons Question...
What am I to you? Son or slave Sibling or servant The answer lies in you I give, you take Respect is all I ask Second son Second choice I am your brother Passed over again Left in the shadows How warm is the light? Do I deserve this? I am tired of trying I can't keep this up Sibling and son no more
I see the pictures in my mind I hide the pain behind my smile Anger in my eyes stabbing back at you What you have done will stay inside me Take away the pain and leave me empty A shell with nothing to cling to I feel every barb, hate every word These feelings make me suffer Never saw a reason to feel this, I just do Force myself to live through this I'm afraid to stay here, alone Darkness feeds on my fear I look for the light at the end of the tunnel It's warmer here, safer in the thorns Part of me wants to end this Half of me wants to stay where it's warm
Was this what you had planned? You have taken it all from me again, Bled me to the point of death Drained what I am, and what I could be Why do you keep trying to get more from me? You cannot take what doesn't exist I have become hollow because of you Dried up and blowing away You attach to me like a leech, sucking life Soul sucking parasites are all you are Pain sustains you, feeding on agony Why did you choose me? You use my mistakes against me Tapping into me with the thorns inside What will it take to seperate you from me? LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!
Words: Smiles Break The Cycle...
My words are my tears I shed them like skin Blood flows into the fire Sweat stings my eyes Here we are again Back at one Hope you like what I have to say I'm gonna break the cycle today No more nights of self-loathing I've often thought about my end I remember friends, Irish smiles I love you all, thank you Your faith has kept me whole I maintain through the edge I hear a voice speak in the distance She tells me not to fear, Irish smiles "You are my light, I am coming home....."
For a while now I have been confused when I heard these terms with reference to the word "service". Internal Revenue 'Service'' U.S. Postal 'Service' Telephone 'Service' Cable 'Service' Civil 'Service' Customer 'Service' State, City & County Public 'Service' This is not what I thought 'service' meant. But today, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to 'service' a few cows. BAM!!! It all came into focus. Now I understand what all those 'service' agencies are doing to us. I hope you are now as enlightened as I am
Into 2009 For Me..
Well.... those of you reading this... do care... but.... I havent been on here posting as I did daily for the last year..... 2009 IS a year of change for me...there is never enough time in the day...I would get up at 5 and read my comments...messages..etc..from 5am til 6:30.. I dont have a lot of time at night..that is for the kids....once in a while I will get on at 2009...I also is time for me to get back in shape...lose the weight I have gained since 2006 after getting hit by a car and going through 2 back surgeries.. and steriod injections in my spine.. physical therapy...chiropractic care....I am ready to stop excuses...and the picts I have in my album marked...Old days...2003-2005.... I WILL get back there.... So instead of 5-6:30 am Fubar is GYM time....better and more healthy for me.... in 2 weeks...dropped 10 lbs.... 75 more to go. this is a year long IF you are my will hang around an
Do You Like Vampires? Join This Group! Vamp Morticia's Victims
Come Join one of the newest groups on fu! Vamp Morticia's Victims If you loves Vampires or anything gothic it's for you! It's run by Vamp Morticia. Hit her up on the group page here below to join! OR find her main page in the friends list! (You will have to read the blogs and comment and r/f/a everyone in the roster before you get your group tag from Vamp) Vamp Morticia's Victims GROUP PAGE! OWNED BY FEEZE@ fubar
when one sets out to discover the world within their being, it seldom is met to the yearnings felt... the heart as a muscle gives to one the rhythmic patter that signals one's existence....but within those chambers beat a most provocative of that connects the physical to the the spiritual....and in exceptional of circumstances, the eventual and the eternal....this always knowing myself to be different...a romantic....somewhat a rarity among the males of the human animal....i have always sought to connect all these aspects that define me....with soemone like minded.... along the course of my life i have made contact with individuals with whom there were shared moments...aspects...pieces of the puzzle we call life...not many....very few in fact....since i never felt the connect that i sought....even as i was left uncertain of what my quest was.... in my formative years i was generally a loner....not always, or even necessarily by choic
Today can't promise what my dreams delivered. There we were under the naked sun telling stories, running from fiddlers chasing an endless glinting sapphire. The foam of the waves tickling over my favorite sandles. I was of course, more muscled, and twice as handsome that male modeling career was working out for me as was the crime fighting. I guess my mind decided to dream big. There you were, at just the right height for a chin rest, just right for fascination hip to hip, and smiling. Perfect time for a recline against the rocky shores worn smooth by a lifetime of coastal barrages. You make the sea breathe. It whispers for me to put my hands around you and kiss until you succumb to my clumsy advances and warm fingertips. Your gasps do little to discourage me. The way you writhe as I play you like a sitar isn't a deterrent. I nuzzle in for a quick bite to distract you from where my hand is sneaking next. And just as I was taking control of losing control as I s
Your Stupid!
Ok so my girl's hubby all told me how he had feelings for me and all that crap so I told her thinking it would help her realize he is a piece of crap. I showed her the emails and yet she stays with him? You know what? She is stupid. I brush my hands and say to hell with you don't come to me and cry when he does it again
Another Saying
A friend is someone who thinks you're a good egg even though you're slightly cracked.
You Have The Power To Live Your Dreams.
Your Daily Motivation – You Have The Power To Live Your Dreams. Saturday January 31, 2009 YOU HAVE THE POWER TO LIVE YOUR DREAMS. The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making any excuses, that's the day you start moving down the road to success. No one else can do it for you. Only you can make it happen. You're the only one that has to live your life. Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility. It's up to you to choose the thoughts and actions that will lead you to success. Your life will be what you make of it. Nothing will ever happen by itself. Success will come your way once you realize that you have to make it come your way by your own actions. The power to succeed is yours alone. Copyright 2008 Watch This Video => Discover The System Watch This Video => Meet The Team Your skin is your largest body organ and it acts as a barrier and ab
Should Have Stayed Home Last Night
went to the bar , was already most of the way to fucked up when i left. did some shots with friends and grabbed a pint and went to back room to shoot pool. next rip to bar for a refill the bartender put out some snacks like they usually do, bowls of pretzels etc. well last night it was corn nuts, them rock hard things that tastes so damn good. tossed a few in my mouth. got a toothache as soon as i bit down. kept drinking and going out for joints and forgot all about it woke up at 5 am in pain. go look at tooth and molar is split in 1/2. needless to say i wasn`t sober at that time, i grabbed my mini channel locks from my tool kit and yanked both parts out get up this morning and go to piss and i see bloody tool and 2 pieces of tooth on vanity. at least it don`t hurt today, must have hurt like hell coming out last night though, thank god for blackouts
We Greatest Mixtape Cumin Soon....
Poetic Black Presents Upcoming events Tuesday, February 10, 2009 9:00 pm Kava Lounge Kava Lounge, 2812 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, California 92101, USA (MAP) Friday, March 6, 2009 9:00 pm Live at Riley's Riley's Club, 2901 Nimitz Blvd., Pt Loma, CA, USA (MAP) Previous events Tuesday, January 27, 2009 10:00 pm Portugalia Ocean Beach, 4839 Newport Ave, San Diego, California, USA (MAP) Great food, free to enter, all ages and genres of music Monday, January 26, 2009 9:00 pm State of the Union Second Wind Bar, 8515 Navajo Road, San Diego 92119, CA, USA (MAP) Come out and support Poetic Black! $10, 21+ Saturday, January 24, 2009 12:00 pm Battle of The Artist The Stage, 5th ave, San Diego, California, USA (MAP) Battle of the Artist, hosted by Trey Peezy is a competition of local underground artists. More information at: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 9:00 pm State of the Union Second Wind Bar, 8515 Navajo Road, San Dieg
Military Booklist
For the service men/women umong us...can you please tell me where I can find a recommended military booklist online? If you can help me on some titles to read, please let me know. I have read so much already but I am greedy on reading more. Thank you
On Sale Lol
Offering "Owned by" for one month, rate all pics 11s during HH, comment 10 pics, sfw salute,gift every week,crush for the month,profile comment a week for a month, added to fam, # 1 friend for a month and if your lucky you might get a cleavage salute and one graphic per week for a month.
Gordon's Jewelers
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition
Want a copy of the Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue? You won't be able to buy it at Wal-Mart... I'm just sayin...
Purina Diet
Yesterday I was at my local Target buying a large bag of Purina dog chow for my loyal pet, Chance, the Wonder Dog and was in the checkout line when a woman behind me asked if I had a dog. What did she think I had, an elephant? So since I'm retired and have little to do, on impulse I told her that no, I didn't have a dog, I was starting the Purina Diet again. I added that I probably shouldn't, because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way that it works is to load your pants pockets with Purina nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now enthralled with my story. Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensiv
Dewey Martin
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dewey Martin, the muscular, gregarious drummer and singer who helped found the pioneering country rock band Buffalo Springfield with Neil Young and Stephen Stills, has died. He was 68. Martin was found dead Sunday by a roommate in his Van Nuys apartment, longtime friend Lisa Lenes said. She said Martin had health problems in recent years and she believed he died of natural causes. Martin, along with Young, Stills, singer-songwriter-guitarist Richie Furay and bassist Bruce Palmer, formed Buffalo Springfield in Los Angeles in 1966 and quickly became one of the hottest live acts on the West Coast, helped in part by the grinning, blond Martin. Their self-titled debut album included the hit "For What It's Worth," a solemn observation of 1960s turmoil. They would later produce such classics as "Bluebird" and "Rock & Roll Woman" and Martin's husky vocals were featured at the start of another Springfield favorite, Young's "Broken Arrow." The band broke up in 1968
Why I Forward Jokes
This explains why I forward jokes. A man and his dog were walking along a road. The man was enjoying the scenery, when it suddenly occurred to him that he was dead. He remembered dying, and that the dog walking beside him had been dead for years. He wondered where the road was leading them. After a while, they came to a high, white stone wall along one side of the road. It looked like fine marble. At the top of a long hill, it was broken by a tall arch that glowed in the sunlight. When he was standing before it he saw a magnificent gate in the arch that looked like mother-of-pearl, and the street that led to the gate looked like pure gold. He and the dog walked toward the gate, and as he got closer, he saw a man at a desk to one side. When he was close enough, he called out, 'Excuse me, where are we?' 'This is Heaven, sir,' the man answered. 'Wow! Would you happen to have some water?' the man asked. 'Of course, sir. Come right in, and I'll have some ice water brou
Navy Petty Officer Mike Monsoorï
Navy Petty Officer Mike Monsoorï PO2 (EOD2) (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Mike Monsoor, a Navy EOD Technician, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously for jumping on a grenade in Iraq, giving his life to save his fellow Seals. (Notice: Mike was not a Navy SEAL, he was EOD.. He gave his life to save a group of Navy SEALS.) During Mike Monsoor's funeral in San Diego , as his coffin was being moved from the hearse to the grave site at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery , SEAL's were lined up on both sides of the pallbearers route forming a column of two's, with the coffin moving up the center. As Mike's coffin passed, each SEAL, having removed his gold Trident from his uniform, slapped it down embedding the Trident in the wooden coffin. The slaps were audible from across the cemetery; by the time the coffin arrived grave side, it looked as though it had a gold inlay from all the Tridents pinned to it. This was a fitting send-off for a warrior he
The Pain Boss, The Pain
This morning I woke up pretty groggy and disoriented, not a big deal for a morning. However, after about five minutes I still felt that way, which usually isn't good. I thought I knew what was coming, but I just had to wait for that one symptom to...ouch, there it is. The sharp stabbing pain on the left side of my head. I have a migraine, yay. I spent about a minute this morning staring at a pair of pants because I wasn't sure if it was the right pair of pants, even though I knew these were the only pair of pants I had like this. Today is going to be a really fun day. Other randoms: I don't like the way my toothpaste/mouthwash mix. It tastes funny. I left my sunglasses somewhere. I hate that. Shampoo doesn't work so well if you have no hair to lather. Finally, I think I may have missed several spots shaving this morning due to not being able to really see out of my left eye. Is it Friday yet? P.S. I can't stand the lady in the "common area" next to my office. Sh
Oh Noes Fat Sonny Monday (read Carfully)
You wanted Fat Sonny, you got it. Monday has now been deemed National Love on Fat Sonny Day! On Monday Sonny will be running auto 11s PLUS he's got a Happy Hour at 3 PM Fu-time and that's not it. There's more! Have you ever wanted a bling from THE Fat Sonny? Well here's your chance. Starting at noon EST (9 AM Fu-Time) the first 25 to give Sonny a ticker credit will get a bling from him in return. All of the tickers are going to be used to pimp out Ms.Mona and keep her number 1. Don't forget you can trade in fu-bux for a ticker credit if you want to do it that way. Just remember to save your real for Sonny's HH since we're trying to get him as close to oracle as can be. ~FAT SONNY~@ fubar One last thing if you've got photoshop skills Sonny could use about another 200 pics for his Happy Hour (3 FU Time). Just remember he does shop back so shop at your own risk lol. Too repost the bully
Love, Emotions, And Visa Vie
7/30/03 Stylealindrome Poetry * * * * * * * * * * * * Love Begins and Ends Heaven and Hell Hateful becomes Beautiful Determined and Hot Passion, Blood Boiling New and Different, Shared pain Given and Received, Truly felt Emotions Felt truly, Received and Given Pain shared, Different and New Boiling Blood, Passion, Hot and Determined Beautiful becomes Hateful Hell and Heaven Ends and Begins Love
I am a musician. I am in love with music, music that makes you feel, intensely! That is what I define as metal, heavy, music that makes you feel. Beethoven was metal, like mozart, and Paganini. Possesed by their music. I think Johnny cash was metal, just LISTEN to Hurt... The blues and Gospel, with celtic/bluegrass is what modern Metal comes from. From the symbolism to the subject matter, Metal expresses the deepest most important emotional and spiritual yearnings of everyone. In a primal, direct and intense manner. I love music that makes you experience the song, category and style are not relevant, emotion and power are! and so I listen to a WIDE variety of music, but Love metal. Some of my faves are: Shine down, Savatage, Black sabbath, Celtic Frost, Motor head, Kamelot, The Cramps, Thin lizzy, Danzig, Dio, Ritchy blackmoore, Yngwie malmsteen, al Dimeola, Chet Atkins, Gary Moore, The Dead Kennedys, Alice Cooper. Dropkick Murphy, Etc. I play both the Guitar, ( re
The Cycles Of Love...
The Cycles of Dove GoddessThe universe moves in circlesthat spin without an end.All things seam to have a beginninga middle and then begin again.And with this new beginningall things become renewed.And this is where I find myselfwhen my heart thinks of you.We met as strangersyet soon we became friendsFriends grew to Loverswhile the eternal circle spinsWe have shared our hard timesour gladness, love and's cycle met an explosive end,and love turned to anger and tearsYet the Pain reminded our heartsthat we had began as Friends.As life's circles continue to spinThe love of a friend never ends.Mistakes of the past are the basefrom which we now learn and grow.What the future holds for usneither one of us truly know.But what our hearts do tell usis that we were to walk hand in handAnd rejoice in each step of the wayand as loving friends we can now stand.From this renewed beginningwe shall begin once again.Knowing that no matter what,We'll walk as loving friends until the
Amoment Of Silence For These 2 Baby's
Moment of silence for the 2 babies found in texas burned n killed by the hands of their own father if u have a heart keep this goin Please help stop things like this from happening how sad.
Never Judge A Cover By Its Book
Or should that be never cover a Judge with a book? Ok, I guess started watching American Idol. Oh my Gosh I can’t stand Tatiana Del Toro. That chick needs to go! She is a spoiled brat who should have never gotten a second chance. I decided to forgo the auditions and wait until the Hollywood competition before I started watching Idol. I mean come on they could make a series that would last for 6 months on tapings of terrible singers. One could get better singing out of any nightclub in the big city on Karaoke night. I believe on her first audition someone asked her if she was Italian and I am thinking it was because of her name or her accent. But as I hear it she answered it with not a yes or a no but told them where she was from Puerto Rico. Well I would ask it again, just because you are from Puerto Rico doesn’t mean you’re Puerto Rican does it? Never assume someone can answer their own questions or understand your meanings. However my hope is that she gets the five toe boot tonight!
Dating A Material Girl
Dating A Material Girl Feb 10, 2009 This was originally posted in February 2007. She's beautiful. From the top of her golden blond head to the very tips of her professionally-manicured toes...just simply stunning. Large, sparkly blue eyes with long lashes and perfectly arched eyebrows. A perky little button nose that her plastic surgeon custom fitted to match the rest of her features. Silicone breasts that will defy gravity long into middle age and a trim narrow waist, refined through hours and hours at the gym. She's every man's dream...and she's all yours. Yes, for the first time in your life, you're dating your dream woman. Every man wants to bed that girl, the one who is perfection from head to toe. The one you'll be proud to escort around town. You want everyone to see you with this gorgeous creature. Maybe she's twenty years younger than you or just fifty pounds thinner...maybe none of the above. Perhaps you're a decent-looking enough fella yourself but still you
Sexy Pink Outfit
Tis one I got new today too. rate and coment ans tell me what you think!!! thanks!!!! *kiss*
Transferring To Detroit
This happened on a flight getting ready to depart for Detroit. Jack was sitting on the plane when a guy took the seat beside him. The guy was an emotional wreck, pale, hands shaking, moaning in fear. "What's the matter?" Jack asked. "I've been transferred to Detroit , there's crazy people there. They've got lots of shootings, gangs, race riots, drugs, poor public schools, and the highest crime rate in the nation." Jack replied, "I've lived in Detroit all my life. It's not as bad as the media says. Find a nice home, go to work, mind your own business, enroll your kids in a nice private school. It's as safe a place as anywhere in the world." The guy relaxed and stopped shaking and said, "Oh, thank you. I've been worried to death. But if you live there and say it's OK, I'll take your word for it. What do you do for a living?" "I'm a tail gunner on a Budweiser truck."
I think, and this is only my opinion, that we should be able to have a crush on ourselves if we so choose. No, I don't see anything wrong with this, as somedays, I'm really the only one I love. Well, ya know what I mean... anyway, if you agree, please post a comment. That way, I can tell babyjesus that I HAVE A DREAM!! (hysterical laughter on the other end of the phone... steph) I also don't care if he makes it say "I have a crush on myself and blah blah blah blah." Sign it please SMOOCH! Shannon
For All The Lovebirds:"the Sweetest Kiss"
subject: Background on the "The Sweetest Kiss" post date: 2007-09-05 07:02:11 views: 10 comments: 0 ratings: 0 Ok, my blog reading pals. Just want to let you know that this is a very old poem. It was written my senior year of High School, and is a bit flowery and juvenile. However, it was published by in one of their infamously over-priced coffee table volumes. What a scam! $59.95 for twenty lines or less...I was one of 30 or so people on the same page...and there were a good 300 pages in each it was (still is) basically just a money maker for THEM... That being said, it was one of the first poems I had published, and therefore I was still proud of myself, and felt that it belonged in my collection here. I would also like to add that my first kiss was not so sweet. It was with a friend of my brother, and was a bit sloppy, almost drooley...this is just a musing of what I would have hoped for, lol. *Sereana* subject: The Sweetest Kiss post
Ok Seriously
if u dress and act like a slut youll get treated like one, how fucking hard is that to realize? 6 different status messages from females today bitchin about pervs, when they dress like sluts. GROW THE FUCK UP HOS!
burnish \BUR-nish\, verb, noun: 1. to make shiny by polishing noun: 1. a polish or shine
Stroll'en By, Holding A Book, Waving My Tie, And Taking A Look...
[ photo: 1850175928 ]
Waiting On A Word Or A Sigh
Written 12/10/07 Style: Prose Title: Waiting on a Word or a Sigh Written on the spot for a friend * * * * * * * * * You hold it in The way you feel, trapped behind your lips Clamoring to get out A barb in your throat Poison on your tongue A dart that would cripple with a mere utterance But you hold it in The thought alone disrupts your balance The words are even, but would put everyone at odds Holding on to them burns you, but you do it to spare the world They think your silence means you are full of snobbery, when really you are full of heartache And you keep holding it in The only thing that escapes is not a word, but a sigh It doesn't make anything better Just relieves the pressure for one brief moment You'd love to tell them, but that would mean you'd have to kill them So you just hold it in
Come Show Me Luv
I Am Finally Happy!
I am very happy that I found someone that always puts a simle on face tells me that I beauilful everyday..I am very comfortable when I am around him and I am always smiling when I think of him..He is in my dreams and on my mind 24/7.. Well enough about me... When I talk to people I always tell them that they will find that one person that will put a smile on there face and tell them "I love you" that type of person that can make you laugh when you are sad or when you made at them they know how to make you laugh as well. I am very happy that I ment that specail someone that is in my life. I always tell them that they are out there and they will come to you or you will come to them and make you life worth living again.And you just have to have faith. And I tell them that Don't worry so much they are out there when you least expect it they will be standing right there in your face and you may not know it at first but that one person that you see or meat you may not know at frist they
Jan-5-09 Eargasm
eargasm The sensation one gets while hearing a dramatic climax in music. I nearly had an eargasm while listening to his performance of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2.
To All My Friends Out There...
A song for all.... And I never thought I'd feel this way And as far as I'm concerned I'm glad I got the chance to say That I do believe I love you And if I should ever go away Well, then close your eyes and try to feel The way we do today And then if you can remember Keep smilin', keep shinin' Knowin' you can always count on me, for sure That's what friends are for For good times and bad times I'll be on your side forever more That's what friends are for Well, you came and opened me And now there's so much more I see And so by the way I thank you Whoa, and then for the times when we're apart Well, then close your eyes and know These words are comin' from my heart And then if you can remember, oh Keep smiling, keep shining Knowing you can always count on me, for sure That's what friends are for In good times, in bad times I'll be on your side forever more Oh, that's what friends are for Whoa... oh... oh... keep smilin', keep shinin' Knowin' y
What Happens When Life Throws You Lemons??
They say the answer to that question is to make lemonade. I say the answer is..Throw the motherfuckers back!!! I am so tired of analogies..Metaphors..ect. I am tired of so much that is going on in my life that I always keep to myself. I am honestly just ready to blow! I mean where do I start? I know the begining is always good, but even the begining isnt good enough. Ever since I have moved here..all I get from anyone back home is.."Come home...we will welcome you with open arms!!" We all know it will never be "Open Arms!" We all know what would happen if I came home. Someone would open their mouth to the wrong person..and I would be someplace I dont need to be. Or even better yet...someone would start shit all over again and use me as a god damn scape goat for their pleasure. With that I am referring to that BS that went on a few years back on Yahoo 360 that I got blamed for. Either way...most know that you couldnt pay me enough to come home. But with what is going on around
A Cycle
Its a known fact that most women like decorating (aka re-decorating what they have) and home improvement. So, they take it to the relatoinships they have. Here is a cycle that alot of dumb women go through: 1) they see a guy who is either troubled, or has a bad reputation. what they think: "ha, all those other women he has treated like shit or cheated on failed, cause they were stupid and unworthy. I know I am different and special, and he will totally fall head over heels for me and become a good man. Looks like I have a project on my hands" 2) They hook up with that guy. He treats them well (for a first week or month). They think: "OMG! Success! I TOLD you I was special, and look what happened! He never has been this nice to anyone, so I guess I got this dog on a chain now" 3) They guy "changes" (aka reverses back to himself, like a spring). He tells her all sorts of shit, and treats her like the rest of dumb bitches he's been with before. She thinks: "OMG! I am
When I'm With You
When I'm with you, eternity is a step away, my love continues to grow, with each passing day. This treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how much I love you... you'll never really know. You bring a joy to my heart, I've never felt before, with each touch of your hand, I love you more and more. Whenever we say goodbye, whenever we part, know I hold you dearly, deep inside my heart. So these seven words, I pray you hold true, "Forever And Always, I Will Love You."
Why Obama Does The Things He Does!
Young, Inexprenced and Retarted! anyone else agree?
Big Brain Challenge Name That Tune
So I've been playing DJ around the house during the day. It keeps me very entertained and allows me to listen music of my preference. Will is actually learning to appreciate some of the bands I love that he previously did not particularly see the validity of... In this process my head is flooded with various favorite lines from songs...I decided to put one up to see if anyone guessed it. Dave whipped out his big brain and nailed Zappa's DynaMoHum. That was probably the first Frank Zappa song I fell in love with. Thanks Tod Waters!! So I am going to make this a running game and see how many people participate. THE ONLY CHEAT IS IF YOU LOOK THIS SHIT UP ONLINE...Otherwise, guess away and we'll see who has the next big brain...I will keep this up until I run out of The name of this playlist is: FreakyDeaky if you guess them all your prize is a good playlist!! I am going to select a line from each song on it in order...guess the title and artist!! 1. "Like s
some of you may have have made me salutes for my old profile but i dont have them no mo im gonna work on some later who wants one i also think we oughta make some for reeka
Us Stimulus Package
Explaining the US Stimulus Package Shortly after class, an economics student approaches his economics professor and says, "I don't understand this stimulus bill. Can you explain it to me?" The professor replied, "I don't have any time to explain it at my office, but if you come over to my house on Saturday and help me with my weekend project, I'll be glad to explain it to you." The student agreed. At the agreed-upon time, the student showed up at the professor's house. The professor stated that the weekend project involved his backyard pool. They both went out back to the pool, and the professor handed the student a bucket. Demonstrating with his own bucket, the professor said, "First, go over to the deep end, and fill your bucket with as much water as you can." The student did as he was instructed. The professor then continued, "Follow me over to the shallow end, and then dump all the water from your bucket into it." The student was naturally confused, but did as he was
No Dudes Allowed
pedant \PED-nt\, noun: a person who makes a show of detailed knowledge, esp. relying on books; also, a narrow-minded teacher or scholar
Your lips, your eyes, your soul Are like a work of art, The most creative thing of all Is your beautiful heart. If you were a painting, No colours could express The beauty deep inside you, A rainbow, nothing less. If you were a sculpture The clay could hardly make Your figure of an angel Without one mistake. If you were a euphony No choir could really sing All the beautiful music Your eyes could possibly bring. So here I am, an artist, With inspiration beyond belief But to capture such rare beauty, I'd have to be a thief.
ilove it i need it and nobody can pound a cat or lick 1 like me curtis 832 3295263 woman only h. town texas
Gerald Celente Predicts Panic Of 08
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The Metal Guru's Movie Review of THE WATCHMEN Set in an alternate universe circa 1985, the film's world is an unstable one where a nuclear war is imminent between America and Russia. Superheroes have been forced to go into retirement due to the government's Keene Act, but the death of The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), an ex-hero commando, perks the interest of one of the country's last remaining superheroes, Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley). ok this movie is really hard to put into a review, so theres a little summery of what it was sorta about...even though they say its in an alternate universe, really doesnt make since because as u can plainly see if u watch the movie Richerd Nixon is president. Ok so it pritty much starts off with the death of one of the former super heros (the comedian) who was murdered...soo Rorschach (one of the masked superheros) is trying to get the Watch men back toghter, disbanded group of superheros the comedian was apart of.. the Watchmen con
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March 19th will be my 3yr anniversary here on fubar/cherrytap/lost cherry. Been here long enough to see some crazy things happen and some wierd changes made. For all of my true friends on here i'd like to thank you for helping me out when i needed it and helping me through some of the difficult times in my life. Please make sure to swing by my page in the up coming days and show some fu love! Once you make friends with me and keep in contact with me, you'll have a true friend on this site! Love to you all! P.S. when ya stop by, pimp me out, bling me and bomb me! I wanted to be oracle by my 3yr anniversary but i'll take what i can get!
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Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Nov 6, 2008 ... The losses devastated supporters of same-sex marriage and ignited a debate ... Thirty states have now passed bans on same-sex marriage. ... Times West Virginian: About a minute into the video, the crosshairs of a rifle scope appear over the image of a family blowing bubbles. Nov 18, 2008 ... The qualitative studies, while much smaller in scope, give voice to some of the people directly affected by anti-gay marriage amendments. ...
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Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. In a nationwide measure, Argentina has granted gay couples the right to collect the pensions of their dead partners. Argentina Gay and Lesbian travel center including accommodations, transportation , cruises, tours, package travel, entertainment and travel products in South ... Oct 31, 2007 ... Argentina blazed the way with a law allowing civil unions among homosexuals which has helped make Buenos Aires Latin America
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Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Feb 20, 2006 ... This November, anti-gay-marriage bills will be back on ballots with a ... climate in ways that will force politicians to support gay rights. ... Jul 28, 2004 ... Supporting gay marriage encourages a
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Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Over 25 individuals from Baltimore’s business community gathered at The Melting Pot in Towson on Monday, January 12, for the first Pride Business Alliance ... Check out the city’s nightlife scene with passes to The Hippo Bar and Nightclub. Also receive a copy of Gay Life, a newspaper printed by Baltimore’s Gay ... Every year, when it comes time to pick a spot for the Baltimore Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Pride Festival, the complainers and naysayers pipe ... Baltimore Black Gay Pride is a member of the IFBP, which is a coalition of ... Dean chose Baltimore Black Gay Pride as the first opportunity to address the ...
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Landslide--stevie Nicks
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I Hate That Shit.
Lift me up just to watch me fall. Hurt enough to you I call. Run run go far away. Must not live another day. Hate hate the world im in. I hate the way im living. Read me in and read me out. Damn I just want to shout. Take the pill so the pain is gone. Taking the pill is so wrong. Smok smoke puff puff, I hate that fucking stuff. Waste your days and waste your nights. Fuck them up and always fight. Love lust pain hate. Sick of rape dates. Hope guilt damn fraud. Sure sit there and just nod. Agree with me don't run away. God indeed wants you to stay. Cry suffer this pain wont leave. Try to plant another seed. Slow slow slower you get. nasty nasty suffer in the pit. Stop the needing, the weed and, thats it.
Band Of Gold
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Irma Thomas Hall Of Fame
His Sadness..
The depths of his soul are dark and sad. All alone by himself no one to hold his hand. Most wonder what he is like but no one wants to ask, he lives his life alone.. Like a broken piece of glass. He has no friends and no one to show him love. He would rather be alone, dead, or up high above. Everyone judges him before they know him. They are all so shallow, it's true. So he stays alone all by himself.. what else can he do? He stays alone in his room with no parents to care. Then one day he finds her, the one he loves and his parents say don't you dare! How could you love her? You don't even know her yet. He looks at his parents and says I am your son not your goddamn pet. You cannot tell me how to live my life anymore, I'm not yours to command. I love her more then you will ever know. She has made me a man.. I don't need you anymore I have her in my life, she loves me more then you ever did and that is no lie. So he tells his parents goodbye. He doesn't need them in his life. He hates
Man I Wish
Man i wish unstead of being cold outside its starts beginning to turn into sring time soon because its is so cold outside f not.
My Last Wish - Happy Anniversary My Love 17march 2009
17 march 2009....1 YEAR Thank you all that believed in this love. I love u BABY..Forever!!!
Lame@$$ Pick Up Lines
Is your last name Gillete cause your the best a man can get. I was blinded by your beauty so I'm going to need your name and number for insurance reasons. Is your name summer because you're making me hot. I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away. Damn, if being sexy was a crime, you'd be guilty as charged! I must be in heaven because I'm standing next to you! If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together. You must be from out of space cause I can see the stars in your eyes. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again? Do you have a map? Because I just keep getting lost in your eyes! I think i'm gay, wanna prove me wrong? You're way to pretty for me to not know you. When i look into your eyes i see an ocean. Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living? Are your legs tired, because you've been running through my mind all day long. Aren't we supposed to get together for a candlelight dinner later tonight? Can I flirt
When I Close My Eyes
A gentle hand against my cheek lingers soft through out the night though you're gone, you're always near when a lonely mind takes flight. Love wakes the sleeping soul A yearning heart still cries Lying safely in your arms sensuality' sighs Darkness hides the aching heart Reaching into distant time A pillow of pure fantasy Where life at last is always kind All my wishes, all my dreams So sweetly realized In true bliss, and happiness When I close my eyes
How do you save the photo or whatever when you catch someone scrolling?
Pleasure Ocean
Little touches whisper their way over smooth, silken skin; these are touches that say hello. The conversation continues: flesh tingles at touches light; languishingly sensuous, brushing along the edges of muscles before bringing firmer pressure to bear, pressing and easing the strains and pains of the day into warm, fuzzy oblivion. The hands press flat, palms dragging down a shapely, curved back, thumbs teasing along the edges of her spine. She stirs under the touch, murmuring soft, approving noises under her breath, teeth unseen plucking at her bottom lip. The touch of his hands cease before the shapely curve of her bare bottom. She lets out a quiet sigh; it's not actually disappointed, but pleased, especially when the touch resumes at that little crease where bottom and thighs merge. Fingers dig in - just enough - and press downwards, moving over the backs of her thighs. Tension eases in little waves that run up through her body, and the little pleased squirm of hips undoubtedly g
Just An Great Saying To All.
Just wanted to tell everyone that i am so grateful to have each of you in my life.Its was difficult for me to decide who i thought would do this because many people clam to pray, but not everyone does.I hope I chose the right twelve.Please send this back to me you'll see why. May everyone who received this message be blessed.These are 12 months 12 disciples 12 tribes of Israel jesus birth celebrated in the 12th month.There is nothing attached.Just send this to twelve others.Prayer is one of the best free gifts we receive.There is no cost,just a lot of reward. Make sure you pray, and pray believing god will answer.May today be all you need it to be.May the peace of god and the freshness of the holy spirit rest in your thoughts,rule in your dreams tonight,and conquer all your fears.May god manifest himself today in ways you have never experienced.May your joys be fulfilled, your dreams be closer,and your prayers be answered. I pray that faith enters a new height for you I pray that your
20k To Those Who Cherrybomb Me This Weekend...
Hoping to be a bit close to FuKing over the weekend. Thank you for your help.
The Ocean--zeppelin
I Will Love You Forever
Author: Anonymous I love you so deeply, I love you so much, I love the sound of your voice, And the way that we touch, I love your warm smile, And your kind, thoughtful way, The joy that you bring, To my life everyday, I love you today, As I have from the start, And I'll love you forever, With all of my heart.
pussycat dolls - buttons - pussycat dolls
My Night Last Night!
So...i made it a good night for my girl browneyes aka Nicole! We both got mad drunk and had a blast. What is sad is that I can't remember shit! I remember some things haha! I remember kissing Nicole and almost getting a fight with this jerk who called me a Sicilian! that is a big no no haha! I was so freakin drunk but had a damn blast
Stupid Choices Jazz Time And Public Crappers
Isn't it a shame that Maximum Overdrive movie did't have like a killer elevator door or a murderous vibrator or some shit like that I remember seeing that movie looking at every big rig i passed going okay motherfucker stay parked stay parked it was over all a pretty cheesy movie but somehow the idea intrigued me So listening to the god awful music they play at work this fucking moronic DJ gets on and says "That was some old dead dirty fucker performing some song nobody in their right mind gives two shits about funny story about that song is he composed it while taking a shit in new york subway train liquored up on mad dog 20 20 you gotta ask yourself was that great or was that great?" what the fuck is it with people that they are going to ask you a question seeming like they are giving you a choice when in fact they are asking you the same shit twice and not even asking it like the same way differently hell no same way two times what a douche bag it makes me wonder if these are th
Katie Armiger - UNSEEN (great song and i know this all too well.) I was right in front of you Standing in clear view I had so much to show I was like an open book You never even looked So much I wanted you to know The deepest part of me You never tried to reach It would have been so easy All you had to do was pay some attention All you had to do was look past the surface But you never noticed much of anything All you had to do was just try to listen All you ever did was just catch a glimpse and The tragedy is that you left so much unseen You left so much unseen You know my favorite color’s blue When I wore something new And my favorite song You didn’t know my biggest fear Was that you didn’t care That this ain’t the life I want To be right by your side And have this great divide We were close but so far All you had to do was pay some attention All you had to do was look past the surface But you never noticed much of anything All you had to do was ju
Lost To Love
The sight of you, My heart is lost to love. A moment with you, My heart is lost to love. A hint of a smile, My heart is lost to love. A beckon of your finger, My heart is lost to love. A twinkle in your eye, My heart is lost to love. A declaration of love, My heart is lost to love. A look, a sigh, a word, My heart is lost to love. The birth of a child, My heart is lost to love. A tear, And I am lost, I am lost.
Mar-12-09 E-hole
e-hole A person who sends useless mass e-mails, usually jokes or chain letters. Look, more crap from that e-hole. He's screwing up my machine.
Hot N Sweaty
You're at your local fitness club, you just got done with a really hard work out and you decide to relax in the sauna. The sauna is empty at that hour so you lie back on the bench and close your eyes. You hear the door open and close but decide it's not worth opening your eyes to see who joined you. Your mind drifts back to the gorgeous woman you were watching while you were working out. She was beautiful, the perfect J-lo ass, big rounded breasts, perky and ready for a little action. You can feel yourself harden and decide you better turn over before it's too obvious to your companion in the room. "Looks like somebody is a bit excited," a smoky feminine voice exclaims. You groan and sit up, ready to apologize but the minute your eyes meet hers all words leave your brain. It was the woman from the gym, wearing nothing but a towel, that thought made your erection grow even harder and begin to throb. She stands up and drops her towel to the floor, coming toward you with desire shining in
You're driving around with the woman of your dreams and a storm rolls in. You've always wanted to have sex outside in a storm, so you ask her if she would. She says she's game so you pull off to a secluded spot and you both get out of the car. You walk around the car and meet her at the front. The rain is pouring down as you grab her against you and kiss her passionately. Lightning flashes overhead and thunder booms off in the distance as you start to pull her soaked t-shirt over her head. You throw it onto the hood of the car and unhook her bra, letting her plump mounds fall freely. You slowly move your mouth down her chin and neck to her luscious chest, devouring them one at a time. She starts shoving your shirt off of your body, wanting to feel your naked flesh next to hers. You shove her shorts down over her rounded buttocks and they slide down to pool at her ankles. She's standing before you, rain running down her body, her soaked thong molded to her body. She kicks her shorts awa
Every Damn Time
You told me i was the best now not even the rest the silence of this love hate passion Your the new fashion disease my queen You took me out of my box told me to this to that man why the fuck did i ever think i could ever have something back with this soul of mine dieing with time writhing away with another deathly betraying day worlds are cold blood is hot why couldnt u just let me rot so i couldnt feel like a fashion trend dieing down with in well i guess this is the reall world so ice cold love hate passion damn if that was the only reaction
I Gotta Get It Off My Chest
OK, it's time for me to get this off my chest. Don't you just hate it when everytime you tried to talk to someone on Fubar and they just plain ignore you? I don't know what it is, but it's been happening to me lately. Everytime, I tried to talk to some people on Fubar, they just plain ignore me, well all I'm trying to do is be a good friend to them, well it seems to be one sided. They may think I'm "boring" to talk to or they're just plain stuck up. Well, they don't know me well enough to think of me that way, so they have no right to judge me or call me that, and obviously they want nothing to do with me and think nothing of me. I'm a nice person, I'm outgoing sometimes and I'm fun to talk to, but they steady blowing me off. And if they don't wanna talk to me anymore and keep blowing me off, they can delete me off their list, simple as that, because I have other friends on here that are worth my time, that care about me, and understands me a whole lot better. I'm not sayi
Do I Look Nice?...i Know I'm Big But So What Still Lookin Good
"I am a Sanguinarian. I need blood. I am not here to prove it, or make you believe. I have more important things to worry about like supporting those who also share in this condition. Physical, psychological, paranormal? I don't know. No one knows. So keep your skepticism and ridicule. All the ignorance in the world will not change the fact that we exist." -MFuture
It Takes All Kinds!
A Sense Of Love
A SENSE OF LOVE Birdsong on the morning of The first warm day of spring, Skillful fingers playing Along a guitar string, The tinkle of a babbling brook As sunlight makes it glisten, All these things were there for me But I forgot to listen. The mirror of a mountain lake Reflecting snowy peaks, A playful child's impish grin Between two rosy cheeks, The orange glow of the setting sun Sad to see it leaving, There I was with open eyes Seeing, not believing. Aroma from a bakery After a fresh batch, Butter fried with onions To cook the morning's catch, A woman wearing fine perfume And all that can entail Persuing my olfactories But I did not inhale. The feather touch of a caress Drawn across the skin, Filling up a steaming bath And slowly sinking in, The warmth of a new friendship as It forms a special bond, These were reaching out to me But I did not respond. The boldness of a red Merlot Dancing on the tongue, An appertif of coffee When the meal i
APART I wish I could wipe your falling tears away, as you bravely smile through your pain... You see me suffer, then you break down and cry miles apart... In your dreams I softly kiss you, no one can see the pain, that we both feel inside miles apart... You whisper I love you and I whisper to the skies, I love you too When will this pain ever go away even though we are miles apart... To be by your side is a dream I can't deny But I will wish for it to come true. I miss you so badly my heart is breaking as we cry miles apart... copyright jas 2007
Cant Get Her Out Of My Mind
After all these years she is still hard to forget. Late at night before I fall asleep I close my eyes, and I see her standing there in her white cotton gown, her hair brushed out and long, a smile on her lips. I cannot get her out of my mind. I remember our last hours together, holding her in my arms. Wrapping her up, close to me. Not wanting to let her go, even though I knew I had to. “There must be a plan to all of this” I spoke aloud not caring if I was heard or not. “No one as good as her is taken without a plan.” I held her as she closed her eyes for the last time, entering a long perfect slumber. I cried for her that night, and all the next day. Feeling empty inside I wandered about the house, looking at the things that were hers. I cannot get her out of my mind. The seconds, minutes, and hours move slowly. I cannot get her out of my mind. I thought of her from waking to sleep and dreamed of her then. I cannot get her out of my mind. Slowly the days start
DESIRE My body has a fever Burning hot to touch, Erotic thoughts fill my head I want you oh so much A shivering sensation Travels down my spine, An overwhelming desire I have to make you mine Churnng in my stomach Dizziness in my head, I am drifting into fantasy Alone here in this bed Heavily my eyes do close In to ecstasy I go.... Now you are mine my love And no one has to know As this passion rises Mt throat feels hot and dry, My hungry gasping breath Becomes a long satisfied sigh One day I will have you Not a fantasy in my head, Be sure that I will get you I desire copyright jas 2007
Dragon Skies
DRAGON SKIES Ride now the Dragon Skies In all of wonder, upon a Magic dragon's back with Fair maiden in your arms. Let doves of love surround And hummingbird with Nectared flower invite a Gentle kiss upon her lips. Valiant dragon soaring high, Wing beats lifting to the skies Above the clouds and cares Of mortal man below. Hear rumbling roar so great The stars do cower with Dragon's passage high, through Time and Space, itself. Scaly scales smooth to Touch and warming heat from Dragon fire within the Cavern of his mighty light. Call an angel faerie forth That she may ride upon This magic wonder, too And give her faerie's love To the embracing lovers As they ride the Dragon Skies And see the wonders, Magic orbs of light And those of sound of Music sent by Pixie Down below, as gift of Pleasure nothing more. Higher, still, into the night The mighty wings beat Ever strong as roar of fire Bursts overhead like Molten crystals do they form
Her Eyes
her eyes Its all in her eyes, everything she is, was, would, will, could... be - her wants, dreams, wishes; her pain, hurts, sadness; her heart, soul. I see her smile, though she isn't - even when she is. I feel her warmth yet she's so terribly cold... at least to herself but not for me. I know the 'love' within her - I know its there, I 'see' it with every look, everyday and everywhere. She can't hide from me - anything from me, just from herself. She wants to give - thinks that she doesn't, can't, and won't ever... give. Doesn't know how to, nor just what to - give or, for all that matter, be. But she 'gives' so much that she doesn't know... she gives herself to me... ever and always - with every look. I know her 'fear'... and the reasons - all the why's. The lil lies she tells herslf and tries so hard to believe. The tears held within, all her 'moments' afraid. Wishes - of stopping, of wanting more, and not knowing what t
We Are Going Way Too Fast
     Have you ever noticed just how fast we live our lives? fast food. fast cleaners. fast cars every thing has to be fast now day's. you know it wasn't that long ago when some one had to walk down the road to talk to the neibors. If you wanted to see a friend you had to go to their house and keep going back until you cought them at home.      Now we don't even use English to text. LOL and all that. because we are in too big of a hury to say exactly what is on our mind's. Heck I bet some of you are skim reading this cause you just want to get to the point and don't want to take the time to enjoy it word for word.      I just think that every thing is becoming too fast and think that we should all slow down just a little. Leave for work 10 minutes earlier than normal and just look around and enjoy the drive. You may be suprised at what you see that you have been missing all the time that you have been driving that same route.
Make 300k Easy!!!
OK .... So this joint is brand spanking new!!! Got some great members and some great music!! We do play ur requests so its not just all dance and rave... But when were just on air time its ur 24 hour Techno, Trance, Dance, house, music Galore !!!  Were trying hard to promote and get more lounge members so were offering 300k Fubucks to the 100th member!!!! Thats right 300K !!!!! I myself will give 100k just to the person who reffered the 100th person but i have to see a screen shot or comment of some sort showing you did!!! So come on in to Techno Enferno and join the party      
Live It Or Dream It
Are you living the dream or dreaming the dream ???   If you dream the dream but live the life, aren't you standing with a foot in each world.   And unless you can float, what if something comes up and strikes you, between the legs, because the two worlds merge.   Are you bringing your legs closer together or wider apart ???   Hhmmmm .. an interesting thought.  
Never Have I Met Her
NEVER HAVE I MET HERNever have I met her but she is in my every fantasy,As strange as it sounds her purity put a spell on me,Her divine body and sweetness of her lipsWhen she just appears in my dreamsWhen I feel her silky skin under my fingertips.Never have I met her but we are starcrossed loversIn my fantasy, under warm silk covers.I see her love shine through her eyes,I feel her soul with mine, combinedLike two sides of a coin, forever in time.She may not be real, nothing but pure fantasy,Or I just don´t know her yet, but I will eventually,And when I see her and all her complexityI will know its her, that she is right for me,copyright jas 2007
Tears Of 9-11
Tears of 911As the day comesOur minds starts to rememberWhen we woke up to go to workNot ever knowing some wasn’t coming home.A day when everyone was happyTurn out a day of sadnessWomen, men and childrenKisses family goodbyePeople stopping for coffeeEntering two very tall buildingsLaughing and talkingMaking dates for lunchSitting at their deskPhones ringingWhen the time cameAnd the day turn blackTwo plans hit the Trade CentersOne hit The PentagonOne went down in Pa.The screams are heardEyes with tearsPeople runningSome trying to be saveWe keep on asking ourselves whyNot an answer comesBut tears of 911 comes every yearTo those of us that always rememberAnd to those that never forgets.copyright jas 2008
You Are Beautiful To Me
you are beautiful to me You, to me, are Beautiful,Beautiful like the sunrise touching the morning dew,Beautiful as the sound of waves crashing on a beach,Beautiful like the pure and unconditional love of a child,Beautiful as the reflection of the moon glowing in a quiet pond,Beautiful like the way the Orca whale mates for life,Beautiful as music that caresses your soul and mind,You, to me, are Beautiful,The most beautiful soul I’ve ever known.copyright jas 2009
Poetry Book
I am finally getting my writtings to the public. I am self publishing my poetry and my childrens story till I can come up with enough money to get them actually published and in the book stores.  My poetry books are $20 each. For every 5 copies you purchase you will receive one free copy of my poetry and if you would like a free copy of my childrens story. Unfortunatly my childrens story still needs pictures.  A receit will be issued with each purchase and each copy will autographed in case I do become good enough to get scheduled book sighnings. If you would like I will even personalize it for you or a loved one.  You can email me at but that order will take aproximatly 24-48 hours to recieve. You can email me at and i will get it immideatly or you can even txt me at 575.519.2327. I do ask that the money is either mailed or wired before your copy is sent to you. this will confirm that I am getting paid and that I can afford postage if neces
Wanna Own Me
Demon Hunter - My Heartstrings Come Undone
It's buried deep with in the past, I hope it doesn't last It's something I already chase, I already chase I try to give it all away, but it's never gonna fade It's something I don't wanna face, I don't wanna face I know you feel it's all the same, But I promise that'll change It's something I already chase, I already chase You know I'm trying to believe that you're never gonna leave It's something I don't wanna face, I don't wanna face There's nothing left! The fear is gone! When my heartstrings come undone I will wait for you, I will pray for you Before I make my final run I will stay with you, decay with you I know I'm not the perfect one, This pain has just begun It's something I already chase, I already chase You bring me to a better path, It's everything I asked It's something I don't wanna face, I don't wanna face There's nothing left! The fear is gone! There's nothing left! The fear is gone! And when my heartstrings come undone I will wait for you, I will pray for you Befor
Nameless For Now.
I stare at you every day finding it hard to look away. Still can't belive we got this way seems like it's stronger every day. I see the panic under your skin no one knows the shit we are in. We look and can't help but grin every day feels like a sin. I'm just a shadow against the wall but I don't mind at all. One day I'll be out in the light maybe then we won't fight. For now we have to bleed eventually we'll succeed. Our wounds both heal I know they do maybe soon our dreams come true. For now I'm cool just sitting here ain't got no reason for any fear.   (Editing.)
Battle Of The Djs Goin Down In Devils Heaven Two!
ATTENTION ALL METAL DJ'S IN FU-LAND!!!!!! DEVILS HEAVEN TWO will be hosting a BATTLE OF THE DJ'S ON APRIL 29th, STARTING AT 6 PM EST time.     If any DJ's are interested:     Please get ahold of our head enforcer @ CONTACT ME shoutbox message/comment/ PM   This way we can set up times in which each of you can represent yourselves/lounges and your FAVORITE METALLLLLLLL!!!   PRIZES!!! (cause who doesn't love them?!) First Prize - Auto 11's or A Cherry Bomb Second Prize - 5 credit bling Third prize - 1 credit bling   Contest is free to enter!!!    HOWEVER Donations to judges would greatly be appreciated!!!   SO! LETS TEAR IT UP! SHOW US ALL WHAT YOU'VE GOT! AND LETS HAVE A GREAT BATTLE!   Thanks Everyone!! Hope to hear from some of you soon! -DJ Lizzie McLiz-      
Are You?
Are you a tittie or a ass person??? Male or females can answer this.. Would love to hear from you!!!
lost my good friend my billy on 4-17-09  god I miss that little dog
What Would U Rather Have
what would u rather have for rating my pics fubucks or me buying u drinks for rateing my pics for me.
Relieving My Horniness
Milk Protein Clue To Big Babies
Breast milk has less protein than formula, which could be why bottle-fed babies grow faster, a study suggests.
Within the last 4 years my reproductive health has gone downhill.  I've been told that I will need a hysterectomy soon (crap, I'm only 26), and a current option is to have my tubes tied until I'm older and more in a position to have a hysterectomy. That surgery is scheduled for May, as well as an oblation to hopefully eliminate bleeding for good. I thought great, I have a wonderful child already, my problems will most likely end, and I won't bleed anymore. What more could I ask for? Fast forward to today. I had pre-op testing yesterday which included an EKG to test my heart due to a past heart problem. We're talking 13 years ago, and I haven't had any problems with it since. Well, I apparently failed my EKG testing. I need to be cleared either by my primary doctor, or a cardiologist. My primary doctor is a bit of a hypercondriac when it comes to my health. The last surgery I had was nearly canceled because of an issue she thought I had. It turns out that the surgery took care of the
Dj Scooby
Well I Am Here
Well I am here thanks to a friend lets see where it goes shall we
4/30/09 Dilbert
Supposed To Be 74 Bands/artists Hidden Here
So Dougie and I, being both foreign movie junkies, got this Italian movie from Netflix- Salo.   I dont think I will ever be the same... It is based in Nazi Italy, and is revolved around a buncha old sick men and women capturing a buncha boys and girls, raping and torturing them in process.   This movie is perfect for you, if you are into:   naked 17 yo boys and girls a 17 year old boy fucking an old man up the ass an old man making a naked girl eat his shit an old man spreading his ass and showing it off to everyone bizarre graphic orgies a teen boy jerking an old dude off an old woman graphically describing having anal at 7 yo with a 50 yo guy describing him jerking off and cumming on her face after she peed in his mouth when she was 9yo   teens fucking each other as punishment   nipples being burnt off   a tongue being cut out   an eyeball being cut out catch the drift  
The More You Have
I shall finally be getting of my arse and making new salutes tonight, probably zombie ones, let me know if you want one.
Why I Left
I used to dj & Be DJ Manager for the lounge on here called $$The Dogghouse$$. On April 28th of thisyear, I found out that the lounge owner, DJLuckyDogg, was a registered sex offender.  I have major issues with any form of child abuse/molestation, regardless of how recent it is or not.   Here is part of the conversation between me and him, which happened on the same night (which happened after he had all head staff in a conference where he told everyone about it):   Oscar (4/28/2009 10:39:10 PM): I have a question, it's about something you said in the conference. Lucky (4/28/2009 10:39:15 PM): yes? Oscar (4/28/2009 10:39:48 PM): you said that it happened in 1999, but yet you said you were 21 when it happened. Lucky (4/28/2009 10:40:14 PM): i was 22 Lucky (4/28/2009 10:40:25 PM): an i went to court in ** Lucky (4/28/2009 10:40:33 PM): it happened in ** Oscar (4/28/2009 10:41:24 PM): you were born in **** right? Lucky (4/28/2009 10:41:28 PM):** Lucky (4/28/2009 10:41:42 PM): **
Songs Through The Years (1965 Top-100
listing for a fu-project later this year   The Top 100 Songs of 19651.    (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction     Rolling Stones2.    Yesterday     Beatles3.    Turn! Turn! Turn!     Byrds4.    I Got You Babe     Sonny & Cher5.    Help!     Beatles6.    Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter     Herman's Hermits7.    You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'     Righteous Brothers8.    Downtown     Petula Clark9.    I Can't Help Myself     Four Tops10.    Help Me Rhonda     Beach Boys11.    Stop! In The Name Of Love     Supremes12.    This Diamond Ring     Gary Lewis & Playboys13.    Get Off Of My Cloud     Rolling Stones14.    I'm Telling You Now     Freddie & Dreamers15    I Hear A Symphony     Supremes16.    Eight Days A Week     Beatles17.    Hang On Sloopy     McCoys18.    Mr. Tambourine Man     Byrds19.    My Girl     Temptations20.    Over And Over     Dave Clark Five21.    Eve Of Destruction     Barry McGuire22.    Ticket To Ride     Beatles23.    Game Of Love     Wayne Fontana & Mindbender
Florida Gators On Twitter http;//www/ is my account .
If I Can!
If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.
I'll be back on here at some point tonight. Shouldn't be too late. I just have to reinstall Vista and have Dell on the phone while I do it. Apparently the "S.M.A.R.T" event that I am getting is because my Vista is bad. They scanned my laptop and everything is fine with it. So I'll be on tonight...some time.    
blah blah blah goin for spotlight. blah blah blah need help with fu funds. blah blah blah any amount will be great! blah blah blah my nose wont stop running. blah blah blah big thanks in advance!   love your friendly neightbourhood PK err KP..w/e!.   later days!
Her Bf Is An Asshat
Allow me to preface this by saying the following. Nothing irritates me more then disrespecting someone's privacy. That being said the following is a YIM conversation I had with a friend of mine's BF while he was snooping through her account while she was at work. Her Name has been removed to protect the innocent...and by association his dumbass too.   Her Account: well you wont answer me on fubar mayb you will here Boon: what's up? Her Account: did **** tell you she had a man or told you she was single Boon: she has a man Her Account: then whats up with the kiss's back and fourth? Boon: simply friendly shit Her Account: that ain't friend stuff Boon: u've never kissed a female friend on the cheek? Her Account: nope why would I? Her Account: when you say kiss and o happy I know **** and I know how us guys think Boon: so do I...usually the guys paranoid about what their girl is doin are the one's doin somethin wrong themselves Her Account: mayb some but not all Her Account:
Happy Mother's Day
To all of the super mom's out there the ones that are mom and dad, the ones that after a 8 hour jobs come home to cook, clean help with homework, take the kids to the soccer games, ballet clases, or karate, the ones that never make time for themselves, but are 100 percent about their children this Bud is for you, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.
I Want
EXPLOSION I just got my brains fucked...I want a Wookie heheheheh   20 minutes later...i got my brains fucked again..yay wookie
Just Starting
Just figured Id say a little about myself for any of you who may be wondering a bit about me well here goes I am 34 years old and i live in the state of Ky  Im single andlooking  been that way for a while now as u can c from some of my pics i use my webcam lol ever so often but only if someone else is using theirs as well I have nothin against it in anyway I think it can be fun and used in more ways than one I usually work 6 out of 7 days and ever so often i may get 2 days off thats when im available on here most times  id like to thank all of u who have added me and i look forward to talking with many of you and getting to know you as well Ill be posting more on here this is just the beginning and Id like to think its gonna be one hell of a ride :) muahh to all u beautiful women who have added me and I look very forward to hearing from you feel free to send me a message if im available Ill reply and if im not when i sign in i will get back at ya feel free to rate me and rate my blog i
Great Day Ends With Sexual Asthma And A Pens Loss...
So, of course... spent the day with my husband.  Got bad news.  His mom [Shelley] calls.... She officially asked Steve [his dad] for a divorce.  Steve couldn't care less.  This news crushes Ian, especially since we're newlyweds... he's so scared that we'll suffer the same fate.  I tell him repeatedly that his parents had problems that we would never have.  He finally understands and calms down. We then go on to have a decent afternoon, watching Pitch Black and 8 Mile with his father.  We then retire to our room [we have a DVD player, the living room where his dad basically lives only has VHS]  and watched Murderball.  We had some intoxicants [intoxiCANS! haha]  which made the afternoon a little more bearable.  One of his damn cats killed a chipmunk and brought it in the house.  Hubby thinks it's a good idea to chase me with the dead animal... ewwwww.  He got smacked for that. His dad made all of us a wonderful meal of BBQ chicken and baked potatoes.  While we waited for the food to
High School
Well, I just finished High School. Today being my last day and I must say I'm disappointed. Sure it was fun Yeah, I made some of the best friends who I will hopefully know for the rest of my life. But it wasn't all that. I mean four years of my life just went by and I feel like I've wasted them cause they were spent inside the prison they call a catholic school. Course the fact that senioritis struck in the middle of freshman year didn't help either. I'm hoping college is better, but I'm hearing that people miss high school when they go to college. So I'm supposed to look back on the amazing uniforms, my parents having me on a damn leash, and the ridiculous religion crap as the best time of my life. No thank you. Can someone please, please tell me that they had more fun in college then in high school. Also, is there anyone here who lives near lincoln? I feel like the only person here from nebraska. Hit me up if your close by
For those who I am making a calendar...I will start working on them next week.All of you have different taste as to which pic you would like to have in the calendar. So I need to collect them all yet. Please be patient with me on is on my main project I am working on. I have a life too outside Fu. Thank you for understanding. Muah
My Photos
Okay, I'm new to Fubar and I'm lame cause I have no photos of myself yet.  I'm working on it.  I really do appreciate everyone who has rated my photos even if they are of crazy things.  Now a little about myself.  I work in a law office and I deal with a lot of crazy people all day long.  It's cool though cause I'd rather deal with the crazies on the phone than in person.  I'm 27 years old and I really like to make crafty stuff.  I'll post some pics of my finished projects as I finish them.  (It might even be this weekend, gasp!  I might even post a photo of myself if I'm feeling up to it.)  p.s.  Go get drunk it's Friday!! 
Use This To Get Me Points Aye!?
Jim Gaffigan On Holidays
Rude And Crude People
Why is it that women and men on here have to put up with people that think it's just fine to come across your shoutbox with rude,cude,nasty,comments and statements?  I realize that this site is for adults,but damn....!  My 14 year old acts more like an adult than some of the people on here!  My blocked list is getting longer than my friends list.  I don't feel that I should have to lock the shoutbox down and limit it to just family and friends,but it looks like it's coming to that point.
You Think...
You think I don't see the way you look at me, But I do, and it warms my heart. You think I'm not excited by your touch, But I am, and it thrills me like no other. You think I don't love you like you love me, But I do, and it kinda scares me. You think I hide my feelings, Which I do, because I've been hurt before after showing my feelings. You think I don't care for you like you do for me, But I would willingly die for you to live. You think I'm not attracted to you, But I love your mind, body and spirit. You think I don't appreciate the things you do for me, But you have drawn me out again and for that I can never thank you enough. Not only do I appreciate everything, I am forever in your debt for rescuing me from myself. I am truly scared by the feelings I have for you. I've only ever loved another as much as I love you, I lost her, and I never want the same to happen with you. You are my everything, Diana, I would crawl through Hell and back if you asked it of m
Sensual Suicide
look at yourself, see your wrist with that twisted scar? get a blade, go down a trail thats been traveled before feel the warm rush, see the world spin, life fades blood trickles, go on taste it think it needs some salt? everything is your fault colors blur together, your useless life is over
Ima Newbiy Here Need Help
sup peeps i need help to score points anyone intrested??
Recession Hurts Worlds Oldest Profession
In Patpong, one of Bangkok's most notorious red-light districts, go-go girls count their livelihood by the number of sex tourists they entertain. "Three inches, three minutes, 3,000 baht ($87)," laughs Goy, a 25-year-old bargirl. Last summer, she and her fellow pole dancers at the Camelot Castle entertained scores of men every night - first in the bar, where they earn a monthly salary, then at the customer's hotel, where they negotiate their own rates. But as cash-strapped tourists have turned their backs on Thailand - tourism officials say revenues will plunge 35% this year - the ranks of men cruising Patpong have thinned dramatically. On a recent Wednesday evening, just three tourists watched a visibly disgruntled Goy wiggle around her pole. "My base salary was 8,000 baht ($232) a month, but now they are giving me 6,000 baht ($174)," she says. "I haven't had a customer in five nights, and I'm lucky if someone buys me a drink." As the recession continues to bite, sex workers from Ban
Through His Eyes
through his eyes i am beautiful inside and out he sees me in a way  i dont when i look in a mirror i see damaged, ugly watching him now as he gazes at me i see the beauty that he has spoken of so many times in the past some have said it before but not with their eyes his eyes have never lied to me they have always held truth through his eyes i am beautiful in his eyes i hope to remain
Just Married!
Ok so regardless of the fact that I was suposed to have done this in april. I lost my job and it didn't happen. Well it is Offical now I am Mrs. Denny Zeleniak. YAAAAAY  MEEEE!!!!!!!!
Trust Me
Be sure who was upon the time my loveBe sure that I am the spring of all your roadsI am the school of your lessonsI am the sun of your beautiful morningI am the moon of your romantic nightsI am the spring of your rosesI am the summer which gave the colure of your caramel skinI am the autumn which your hair tresses felled forI am the winter which took its warmth of your breathsTrust me that I am the only one who know youThat I craved your thoughtsAnd I shaped your personalityI am… I am…. I am…I said it too muchBut if I was all that for youTrust me and be sureThat you are my eve which I left heaven for - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -W.B: FM
My Musical Interests From A To Z...
"A" is for...Ace, Action Figure Party, Bryan Adams, Ryan Adams, Cannonball Adderly, Afro Celt Sound System, Agents Of Good Roots, A(labama) 3, The Alarm, Brian Ales, Azam Ali, Alice In Chains, The Allman Brothers Band, Dave Alvin, Ambitious Lovers, The Amboy Dukes, Tori Amos, Animal Logic, Peter Apfelbaum, Fiona Apple, The Apples In Stereo, Argent, Armadillo String Quartet, Joan Armatrading, Louis Armstrong, Ben Arnold, Asia, Asleep At The Wheel, Chet Atkins, The Avett Brothers, Aztec Camera... "B" is for...The B-52's, Johann Sebastian Bach, Bad Company, The Bad Plus, David Baerwald, Philip Bailey, Victor Bailey, Baka Beyond, Anita Baker, LaVern Baker, The Band, Band Of Horses, The Bangles, Barenaked Ladies, Sally Barker, Richard Barone, Bass Desires, Shirley Bassey, Bat For Lashes, The Be Good Tanyas, The Beatles, The Beau Brummels, BeauSoleil, The Beautiful South, Beck, Jeff Beck, Walter Becker, Belle And Sebastian, Jessie Belvin, Pat Benatar, Tony Bennett, Benzos, Chuck Berry, Be
Awesome Song
Would You Join A Contest?bling Pack /vip
I am thinking about hosting a contest, It will be a rate and comment contest drama free elimination conetest plz let me know if you are interested. thinking about prizes of a 35 credit bling pack and or a vip
Rip Mama
"Gone Too Soon"I close my eyes to go to sleepIn my mindI see your faceand it makes me weepThe pain in my heartis so great.Like any minuteI'll just breakHow long will it last?Will it go away?I don't want you gonePleaseCome back and stayYou gave me life.Always stood by my sidemade me gowhen i wanted to hide.So in the darkness I will cry.But mother,I can notsay good-bye
Do You Ever
look in the mirror and wish there was someone else looking at you? Or think of what it would be like not to be trapped inside your head? Or wallow in your own misery so much, you forget how to be happy? Or wonder what it would feel like if everything ended on a spot?
My Thoughts
I first joined this site back when it was Cherry Tap, it was a place to come and just talk to people. Not has turned into free for all for jackasses that harass women. It seems just because I'm male that i automatically want to hook up or see you naked, that is not the case with all men (and don't roll your eyes) ....I know the concept is hard to fathom but it's true. Why can't I simply say "good morning" and get one in return. On to what I refer to "Fubar Ho's".....everyone knows who they are...."can I get a bling?"..."can I get a blast", auto's, happy hour, ticker....geeesh buy it yourself....all for what? show some desperate individuals naked pictures of yourself, that says so much for your morals and self respect. Who's to say the pics are even of you.....most likely not. I could careless if I get any comments on this......atleast you have my opinion.  To my true y'all :)                                                             Roger
Check This Out
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Sharing Lips
Oh my love.  If I am under the swaying of your legs, if I’m buried under swaying of hips, it is heaven, my heaven.  Oh my fled love.  You take me, you leave me, you squeeze me, and then you throw me aside. You leave me so that you could search for other heavens, and then you come back like the hummingbirds do. You have me like a dog under your feet. Once again my foolish lips fall back to your skin and your lips come back to me to provoke me, as I descend from your breasts to your feet.  Sharing lips, divided lips, Baby I can no longer share your kiss. I can no longer share the deceit. I can no longer share my life and the pain.   My mutant love, we are friends with privileges and without the privilege to have you always; I am forever patient, waiting for my piece.   Alcohol Thunder, The voices cry alone in the sun, it is my burning lips you torture when you angelically undress, and then you leave.I prefer to be hit by Lightning or
My Sammie Girl
My baby Sammie is in trouble and this time there is nothing I can to to help her. The story is longer and more painful for me than I can retell at the moment. As sad as I am I can't help being angry as well. No one. Not one of my friends bothered to tell me what happened. All I knew was that my girl wasn't answering her phone and wasn't home even though her car was there. No one, not Josh, Seth, James, Kaylin, Kaylene, anyone bothered to let me know that my best girl friend was sitting in jail on an accessory to agraivated battery charge. It's the first time in my life i've gotten drunk enough to puke.
President Pantywaist
Ooops >>>
Devilish Bitches
Your Vatican's a whorehouse, nuns stripping for sexHeld at gunpoint Jesus bought poles, masturbateDance around the poles shoving crosses in their holesCovered in shit and piss burning hot like coalIn Hell fire caught strippin' with JewsPour some shots of Jager and watch him get looseLap dances in the back leaves blood on your sackHemophiliac periods twenty four sevenEarly red wings do some dirty thingsFeeling bloody pierced clits, gauged ears, nipple rings, spiked chainsGet a fake cock in your assMake you eat pussy with clots all in your blood bathHairy bush nuns gone wild while God's goneSixty year old women gettin low in their g-strings are goneGorgeous and rottin' corpses of young femalesNo wives do whores black wings and ponytailDevilish bitchesDevilish bitchesAll going to die from the Devilish sick shitDevilish bitchesDevilish bitchesKap and Stitch done fucked them bitchesDevilish bitchesDevilish bitchesAll going to die from the Devilish sick shitDevilish bitchesDevilish bitchesKa
Up in this place, we all have painWe all have a reason and we all have chainsUp in this place,  we all have namesWe're all a bit different and we're all a bit strangeUp in this place, we all have painWe all have a reason and we all have chainsUp in this place,  we all have namesWe're all a bit different and we're all a bit strangeEveryday is just another fuckin' thing in my wayTill the wings of the Angel of Death take me awayEvery breath is a waste and every step is erasedTo get me to that restin' place where I'll eventually layI was pulled into this world and I was forced to breatheEveryday I get the feeling I was born to bleedI exist on this planet full of panic and greedPraying on the fuckin' day escape is granted to me - HELP MEAnd everyday that I've been stuck up in this fuck of a messI keep on dreamin' that these deamons jump up out of my chestThey're controlling my brainwaves and stealing my soulAt night they're syphoning the life out of me leaving me coldI need a break from the
Virgo Horoscope For 7/6/09
You have the ability to find clarity amidst the chaos now, yet you won't reach any conclusions through your natural skills of analytical thinking. Your innate ability to discern what's useful from the piles of facts around you won't bring you any answers, so let go of your logic and jump into the irrational realm of your imagination. Today, the most creative solutions will arise from your dreams and not from a textbook
simply loved as life it self its taken her lips aginst mine im lost yet angered know shes gone.some how inraged with hate of leaving yet again lost with no light at the end of this tunenl.ingulfted with this mark of death as my soul body lies to its self with actions of life still breathing yet im just a shell of a man that once was yet now undieing over her love stab thy heart true and deep take my pain for thee for i cant bear it a singel day longer.QJB so simple words for so sweet of actions leaping to ones death of a lost love crying out in the night as my dreams are invaded of are lastnight togeather.o how are souls intangeld with every touch as if are flesh was riping at each other the look in your eyes as you bit your lower lip the feal of your hand running throw my hair your soft voice in my ear that touch is long gone from me know and i weep  from the heart ake it brings like a lonly vampire in the night looking for the one to make me feal human again.
Hermann-grima House
Hermann-Grima House   The Hermann-Grima Historical House - Location: 820 St. Louis Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116.     Manifestations: * Pleasant, cordial ghosts, with southern manners live here and do their best to help the living, who they graciously share this house with. Obviously, they are pleased with the renovation job done on their precious home. Caretakers find that these unseen presences like to scatter fragrant rose and lavender around the rooms to freshen and air. * On cold winter mornings, the living often find that the ghosts have lit the fireplaces to warm the rooms, and keep them cozy. Still Haunted? Yes. These manifestations are still happening.
O Valencia!
You belong to the gang And you say you can't break away But I'm here with my hands on my heart Our families can't agree I'm your brother's sworn enemy But I'll shout out my love to the stars So wait for the stone on your window, your window Wait by the car and we'll go, we'll go When first we laid eyes I swore to no compromise 'Til I felt my caress on your skin Well, how soon we were betrayed Your sister gave us away And your father came all unhinged So wait for the stone on your window, your window Wait by the car and we'll go, we'll go But Oh Valencia With your blood still warm on the ground Valencia And I swear to the stars I'll burn this whole city down All I heard was a shout Of your brother calling me out And you ran like a fool to my side Well the shot, it hit hard And your frame went limp in my arms And an oath of love was your dying cry So wait for the stone on your window, your window Wait by the car and we'll, go we'll go But Oh Valencia With your blood still warm
The Hercules Cluster
Are You That Insecure Or Just A Retard?
It never ceses to amaze me at the lame asses who feel the need to forever make rude, lame, stupid comments at BBW. They spend so much time, making fun of BBW'S it makes me wonder, are they that inscure, jealous maybe? Or just plain ignorant retards, who have nothing better to do then to mock others. I think it shows a lack of maturity on their part.  Reminds me of kids picking on one child cause they dont know any better and haven't been taught to mind their mannors. They think their friends are laffing with them, when I am betting in actual fact they are laffing at them.  Like little children, they go out of their way to get attention no matter if its positive or negitive.  Its the look at me ,  Im  a world class dork.  Pay attention to me dammit or Im so gonna say shit about you till you do. Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn sorry,  I dont feed into dramma queens who have hissy fits cause no one wants to play with them. Dont you think its about time you grow up and act your age not your da
F*ck You Very Much
Look inside, Look inside your tiny mind and look a bit harder 'cause we're so uninspired, and so sick and tired of all the hatred you harbor.   so you say it's not okay to be gay well I think you're just evil you're just some racist, who can't tie my laces your point of view is medieval   Fuck you. Fuck you very, very much. 'cause we hate what you do and we hate your whole crew so please don't stay in touch.   Fuck you. Fuck you very, very much. 'cause your words don't translate and it's getting quite late. So please don't stay in touch.   Do you? Do you get a little kick of being small minded? You want to be like your father it's approval your after well that's not how you'll find it.   Do you? Do you really enjoy living a life that's so hateful? 'cause there's a hole where your soul should be and your losing control of it and it's really distasteful.   Fuck you. Fuck you very, very much. 'cause we hate what you do and we hate your whole crew so
Warrior Rests After The Kill
Video Salutes
thinking of doing some in the next few days.. heres an example i did for jenitalia a while back..who wants one?  
Immm Back! Come Get Nekkid With Me!!!!
i'mmmmmm backkk from vacatin and all set to do a Saturday morning show at 8am eastern!!!  So get connected & happy listening! Of course Stay Nekkid!
Music Tour
SAFE CITY STREET TOUR 2010 The Safe City Street Tour is an "absolutely no questions asked" guns for concert tickets event. The tour will host 35 States and 50 cities in 12 months and will feature the biggest names in the music industry. If you are interested in knowing more about this event and how you can become part of this event in your city, contact us at:    
Relationship Perfection Through Dating
Relationship Perfection Through DatingBy Francis K Githinji If there is anything that has changed in the world today, it is the power of dating and love. You can now seek and find ways of making your relationship better, how to start dating and even where to get a person for the sake of dating. A dating service makes sure you have attained all this, depending on your level of need. You might be skeptic about this service but you can think about it and understand how crucial it is. If there is a place where people fail in the art of dating, it is in failing to make their relationships hold together for sometime. You need to be very careful with the relationships you have and it is the reason you need to make sure that dating is part of your life. If you don't have a flourishing dating life, you need to think about a dating service, which can easily transform your dating atmosphere. You might think that the relationship you have is headed towards the rocks and since you want the rela
What Do I Want
I want the vibration that overtakes my bodyLike what I feel any time you touch or even just look at meThat is what I want.I want to feel this all day of every day.I want to help you to explore this overpowering sensationWith every stoke and every motion.I want to give you a feeling so undeniableA feeling almost indescribableI want to give you a feeling that moves from the soles of your feetThen gradually ascends to the top of your head…This, a feeling that just can’t be beat.This intense journey begins with the slightest touch to the small of your backGliding along the curves of your bodyStroking every muscle with every part of meI will kiss you in the crook of your neckThen give your ear a little peckIn turning you over, I will shower your body with a mountain of kissesI will work my way down the center of your chestAll the while, you’ll be pondering the restI’ll unbutton your pants with only my teethThen tease and caress you with all that is beneathWith the c
Senior Death Warrant
The actress Natasha Richardson died after falling skiing in Canada. It took eight hours to drive her to a hospital. If Canada had our healthcare she might be alive today. We now have helicopters that would have gotten her to the hospital in 30 minutes. President Obama wants to have our healthcare like Canada's and England's.  In England no-one over 59 can receive heart repairs or stents or bypass surgery because it is not covered (too expensive and unnecessary). I got this today and am sending it on. If President Obama's plans in other areas don't scare you, this should. Please do not let President Obama sign senior death warrants.  Everyone seeing this is either a senior citizen, getting close or knows someone who is.  Most of you know by now that the Senate version (at least) of the stimulus" bill includes provisions for extensive rationing of health care for senior citizens. The author of this part of the bill, former senator and tax evader, Tom Daschle was credited today by Bloombe
Just A Story.......may Need A Drink Or Two Or Something Else
> As we parked at our destination, I got out of the car to guide you. I couldn't’t believe you wore the blindfold for the past hour. I made arrangements ahead of time and the door was unlocked as I had asked. The room was lit with candles.> > You moved your hands up to take the blindfold off and I stopped you. I told you to wait a minute and had you sit in a chair. I set the bag I brought with me on the table and took out a cd player and cd and set it up, but not yet starting the music. I took the bottle of Asti out and got two glasses off the bar. When I popped the cork, you jumped and I told you it was ok. I poured us each a glass and started the cd. Then, as I kissed you, I removed the blindfold and handed you a glass. I made a toast to a relaxing evening. > > As you sat there and looked around and seen the bed, the nightstand, bar, small table and chairs and few plants. Then you got up and looked and seen the Jacuzzi tub and gave me a hug. I asked you if wearing the blindfold
Life Is A Nightmare 4 Me
I love writing my dark poetry about my birth,life and somewhat death that i call a bad nightmare tha i awake to everyday of every of every min.
not really sure what i want to say yet, just had a long dayyy. and need to get some stuff off my chest i miss you more than you will ever know. im sick of being second guessed by you, i bust my ass and i get your shit for it. i need a new fucking job cant wait to move back to college you are my best friend at this moment in time, im glad i finally have someone around that is there for me, and i can be there for in return.. you get where im coming from. the last few days have been amazing, i just wish you could say the same.. when i see you bumming around it rips my heart out because i cant fix it.. youre going to perform this week, i saw that.. really wish you had done that with me and not him.. you are making a huge mistake and i wish i could tell you not to move. but that is your decision to make. its so hard for me these days it feels as though you never were, and i hate that with every inch of my person. i love you both. its hotttt. i so wish i had a
Super Bikes
Who wnats a ride, and who around here rides!
Picture Question
What's a good way of taking a photo and making it look like it was drawed, sort of a bit like what they did in 'A Scanner Darkly' and 'Waking Life'?  I seen some folks done it.
The Dissertation
I sell funny tees come and check 'em out! I also have a funny blog
My Natal Chart Analysis
Rising Sign is in 14 Degrees Aquarius You like new ideas and concepts, but you prefer to discover them by yourself -- it is not easy for others to convert you to anything. You form your own opinions, but once you do form them, you then want to convince everyone else that they are correct. Try to be more tolerant of the opinions of others. You have a deep and abiding interest in science, mathematics, and the great social problems of the day. Very sympathetic toward the downtrodden, equality is your battle cry! You demand that those in authority be fair to all. You are an intellectual -- emotions and emotional people are difficult for you to understand. You are known for being calm, cool, detached and objective. Sun is in 06 Degrees Sagittarius. Very fun-loving, spirited and energetic, you have a huge reservoir of physical energy within you that needs to be released. As such, exercise or sports are very important to you. Quite gregarious, you enjoy being with other people, but yo
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Nothing Else To Do On A Thursday Night.
I feel like blogging even though I don't really have anything to say but really, no one will read this anyway. Apparently if you take a long hiatus from the intarwebs, your return is not welcomed with open arms. Eh. What are you gonna do?   I feel so drained right now. I only worked a four hour shift but I spent the four hours prior housekeeping for my lame ex. I figure, my kid is there and he's paying me so it's worth it. But anyone who says housekeeping is easy is a liar. Its way more lame than my actual job but also more lucritive. Mayhaps I should start doing that for a living. I'm a damn spiffy cleaner. And I get to do my laundry for free. Mama likes a bargain. I started smokng again pretty much the day I moved in here. It's just so enjoyable. I really want to have more drunken slutty times this weekend but I work til midnight three days in a row. Super ultra lame. That's pretty much all the random thoughts I have swimming around in my gray matter.
Thomas Jefferson To Archibald Stuart, 1791.
"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." – Thomas Jefferson to Archibald Stuart, 1791
Josiah Warren
"Liberty is the sovereignty of the individual." -- Josiah Warren
Thomas Jefferson: Note In Tracy's "political Economy," 1816.
"To take from one because it is thought that his own industry and that of his father's has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association--the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it." -- Thomas Jefferson: Note in Tracy's "Political Economy," 1816.
James Madison, December 18, 1825
"All power in human hands is liable to be abused." -- James Madison, December 18, 1825
Ummm, Ow
There's a Guinness world record for everything: In Mexico City, tattoo artist Jorge Castro attempts to hang from hooks embedded in the skin of his back for three hours without going insane.
"" The Seeds Of Thier Own Solution ""
Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don't have any problems, you don't get any seeds.
Galaxy Clusters
The Night It All Went Wrong
  Just told my pal Monica "I need to write a blog, so you must ignore me" "Easy done" she sniggered. She will suffer for that remark, when I start vomiting again and she has to hold a pot for me to puke in. that's what friends are for.   My illness started on Friday night, I did my show, it was great fun, Monica clapped loudly, Dean Friedman (my lovely friend and musical hero) laughed loudly and we headed out of the venue. Monica and I walked up to the Gilded Balloon loft, I had some tea, Monica had a gin and immediately I got horrendous cramps in my lower abdomen. "Ok, maybe I need a poo" I said to Monica and headed for the toilet, the cramps continued, I broke out in a hot sweat and I decided it was time to go home. Poor Monica was on holiday and I just cut the night short by organising diarrhoea and stomach cramps.    When we got back to the flat at around 9pm as we are total rock and roll, I stripped half naked and headed for the loo. I sat there for ages expulsing everything
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Well for the past two days,  I have been putting down my thoughts of a problem I am having with hubby. And whats so gawd dam frustrating is showing him the difference between...venting about peeps that upset you and obsessing over someone. I was up at 3am again, due to relfux pain and he got up to go potty. He sat down and I tried once more to explain the difference. He said I just want to vent cause they piss me off.  So my question was they are the only two that bother you?  Common do you honestly want me to believe that..wasnt born yesterday. I said I cant take it any more and if you continue ,  I am so gone.  I cant stand being in a house were my hubby has a nother woman on his mind 24/7. And the lame excuse you hand me doesnt fly.  If I couldnt stand someone, I sure as hell wouldnt be talking about them 24/7. Yes I am sure I would vent but that would be the end of it.  And if I knew it upset you,  I would stop. To bad you cant repect me in the same way.  He claims he
Disturbed - Stricken
you walk on like a woman in suffering won't ever bother now, to tell me why you come alone,letting all of us savor the moment leaving me broken, another time you come on like a blood stained hurricane leave me alone, let me be this time you carry on like a holy man pushing redemption i don't want to mention, the reason i know   that i am stricken, and can't let you go when the heart is cold, there's no hope, and we know that i am crippled by all that you've done into the abyss, will i run   You don't know what your power has done to me i want to know if i'll heal inside i can't go on, with a holocatist about to happen seeing you laughing another time you'll never know, how your face has haunted me my very soul has to bleed this time  another hole in the wall of my inner defenses leaving me breathless, the reason i know   that i am stricken, and can't let you go when the heart is cold, there's no hope, and we know that i am crippled by all that you've done into
Salut Je Chercher La Famme De Ma Vie
salut tout le monde
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The Meaning Of Love
Beneath what you think of me by my exterior, the interior is very empty and dying to be loved. My heart has been broken and longing to be healed by that right person, that prince charming, that angel from above, that 1 in a million. That person that laughs when I laugh, cries when I cry, aches when I ache, and loves when I love. That person that can finish my sentence and know what I am going to say even before I say it. I want that be swept off my feet and to have that feeling of 100% happiness. That person to make me realize that broken heartI had never even existed. To me the meaning of the word LOVE is Love Overcomes Virtually Everything
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Let the laughter begin. Let me be a catalyst of light. Let me purr. Let me need bread - soul food. Let me be such in return. *stretches*
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They'll Get Better Ever Day
Last night after dinner Martha and Mary were reclining on the couch watching the must-see (to them) season finale of “Big Brother”.  The kids were starting to get into it too – our daughter Sarah asked when she saw Jordan and Natalie as the last two in the house, “Why did they stay home?” – while I was washing the dishes, emptying the dryer, folding the clothes, and hanging them in our closet because I’m the only one who uses and wears these respective things, the other adults are “too busy”.  That is probably why, even though I wanted to get to a party Saturday night with Martha and Mary and without the kids, a luau where food was served, karaoke was played (and Martha sang – she’s usually so self-conscious about singing before others, which makes her singing in church choir and playing bells ironic), it’s hard for me to feel like an adult when all it seems some adults do when they party is smoke and drink and ag
Starry Sky In Boundary Waters Canoe Area
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The Day To Day
I feel as if I stop trying and let go, I'm a coward and a bad person.   At what point do I stop caring...  At what point do I feel good again?
Burr Oak Update
A gaggle of attorneys filed into U.S. Bankruptcy Court here Thursday to battle over whether the company that owns Burr Oak Cemetery should get control back. Nothing was resolved after U.S. Judge Pamela Hollis granted attorneys from the company, Perpetua Holdings of Illinois, and the Illinois attorney general's office an hour to try to reach agreement on future management of the graveyard. The case was continued to Tuesday. "Burr Oak families have suffered enough. We're here today to protect their interest and their rights," said Paul Gaynor, chief of the attorney general's Public Interest Division. "We're in active discussions with the owner entities and will not compromise until we reach that goal." The attorney general's office -- supported by attorneys representing Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, Burr Oak's temporary receiver Roman Szabelski, and thousands of plaintiffs in resulting lawsuits -- had filed a motion Wednesday seeking to have a trustee appointed. The move came after
The Weave Of My Heart
can i trust the things you say the weave you spin looming beneath my skin leaves me in utter dismay I want to question to quiz to inquire all that you conspire and have irrefutable proof your intentions are true I haven't the clue or the missing pieces your words seem facetious flighty and phony only at moments they break and then own me My mind starts to whirl to wind and to twirl to ponder perpetual petals of peril i yearn to push and to peak and to lurk in the shadows to spy and to seek the calm for my worry to answer and see with my own eyes no fury to regain and replenish the trust I once knew and believe in my heart in all that is you I want to be fierce, unforgiving and cold but that's no way to nurture the love that I hold could it be better to play blind to the folly fleeting and floating on all melancholy drifting and dragging the rivers of our hearts placing together all the hope with a knot it's not as simple as it may seem to mend the thread broken inside of this weave I
      illusive indecisive devising vices i stand in the shadow of your desiresandunderstanding nothing/something/everything this/that/then blind in the shadows skin licked flicked slicked by the sharpest remark of how deliciously pricked piercings appear apparent [manifest to the senses or mind as real or true on the basis of evidence that may or may not be factually valid] apparently pert and poised and perched painlessly in the cold and dark and darkness darkens the darkest dark as decaying light casts scant shadows shading debating wanting willing wallowing [to roll oneself about in an indolent or ungainly manner] smothering me in want mother me with cant swallow swallowing swallowed hole tongue deep in dusk nose down deep in musk understanding nothing/something/everything this/that/thenanddesiresi stand in the shadow of your illusive indecisive devising vices  
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Pot is illegal. PLUS IT MAKES YOU STINK! So do not be a towel.. So anyway... I decided that I needed to be a more interactive Fubarian - so I took a note from the movie Hancock, and instead of saying NICE JOB - I am adding a NICE (something I notice about your picture). I think it is really working out well. I feel more involved, more fu-ish. *clucks away happily* One thing that is truly noteworthy is how many people have towels in their pictures on Fubar. I will find some correlation and causation upon further observance. *winks*
Easily penetrated.
Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty? A lot of people that I know and do not know call me a lot of "High Encouragement" names. The ones I hear most often is that I have "natural beauty", sexy, and the thing I have been hearing a lot from men individually is that I am a "Goddess". Me? That seems to be abit over exaggerated. I look at myself in the mirror and I see no goddess, but a woman with... neutral self-esteem. I see myself a woman straving to meet those levels that which people place me up to be. Yet, I am no good at making myself as beautiful as pornstar Pam Anderson or Jenni.. what's her name. No. I see many psyical flaws to my appearance. Long nose, over-bite, small blemishs, thin hair, and SMALL BREASTS. A Goddess has no flaws inside and out. I do. Although, it makes me smile and shine when people place me that high on the toga pole, but some times I do not understand why.Natural beauty. How do you know what natural beauty is? Pam Anderson was picked out at a baseball game on screen and was offered
This Is My Sexy Friend Lisa Marie Scott On Myspace
This Is My Sexy Friend Lisa Marie ScottPLEASE ADD HER!!!JUST CLICK ON THE PIC TO VIEW HER PROFILE!!!">"/>"/>
Being aroused only when in darkness.
I was sitting in my chair minding my own business tonight and I get someone in my SB trying to cause drama.  I'm a pretty nice person.  No reason for someone that has literally NEVER spoken to me to get in my SB trying to cause shit.   >me: No, she won't fuck me over because I don't give anything to anyone online. i don't give anything to anyone in person. And as far as sucking on anything, she's a nice girl but she's not my type.him: lol, whatever, just suck on her petticoats then, she'll fuck you over soon enough.->me: Matter of fact, until today I didn't know the two of you were married. It's none of my bloody business. Now, you can take your drama elsewhere or I can just quit wasting time replying.->me: I personally don't give a flying fuck what you think. She has NOT mentioned you to me. I have nothing to gain by telling a stupid lie about someone talking about youhim: i find it so hard to believe that she is bitching about her account being hacked when basically she fucked two
Not Always Right | If It's So Easy, Do It Yourself.
(We get a phone call on a Thursday night in December, the busiest season in catering.) Customer: “May I speak to the owner?” Me: “This is the owner. How may I help you?” Customer: “NO, I mean the guy who is the owner.” Me: “That’s my husband. I’m sorry, he is busy at the moment. Is there something I can help you with?” Customer: “I need a catering menu emailed.” Me: “I can certainly do that for you. When is your event?” Customer: ”Saturday.” Me: “This Saturday? Like two days from now?” Customer:  ”Yes.” Me: “Well, I apologize but we are completely booked for this Saturday.” Customer: “That’s why I wanted to talk to the other owner. I spoke to him two weeks ago and he said you were not booked.” Me: “We weren’t booked two weeks ago, but we are now.” Customer: “Well, I’ve already sent out the invita
can anyone explain to me what "rhinoceri" (as in "no rhinoceri" in an ad offering a room to rent) means, I had answered an ad saying that and they all turned out to be gay so Im thinking its a gay thing, but Id like to have at least an idea whats going on cause they were really snobby to me and I need to know if I should just plain be avoiding rhinoceri stuff or what. its proving hard enough to find a place to rent here without facing gay dudes being prejudiced against me as there do seem to be a lot of them renting out rooms and such...
Tis Better To Have Loved And Lost ...
She's gone. The woman of my dreams.  Gone.  Cancelled by some greedy, money grubbing exec within the Disney Corporation.  The Doodlebops are no more and my dream girl, DeeDee Doodle, has gone with them. Admittedly, I MAY be spending a little too much time watching childrens television.  But just LOOK at her!!! Without further ado, I present to you my fond farewell ... my Ode to DeeDee Doodle (WARNING - TOTALLY NSFW AND SLIGHTLY DISTURBED) - The evening goes like this – You arrive at the Doodlebop Lounge, our agreed upon meeting place. As you enter through the clown mouth shaped door, you can’t help but notice all the men looking at you. You are a target for their glances because you are a hot single girl … and you are purple. It builds your confidence but at the same time the giggly butterflies inside will not stop. Scanning the crowd to find me, you decide it might be best to get a drink to calm the nerves.The bartender hands you a drink – a cranberry juic
Ok, so my house is a FUCKIN MESS, and after perusing my daily share of Craigslist, I have stumbled upon an individual that would like to be a domestic slave, AKA someone that gets off by cleaning your house.   Sooo...I am so contacting that person, since I could sure use someone to clean my shit for free. I hope he wont get lost in my mess.
Omg... I Have Aids!
not really...   I am lookin for a Halloween costume, and would like to be something gross...soo   an AIDS victim? (nah, too fat for that)   an African orphan?   wtf should I be?
Anti-condom Campaign
Condoms are useless aren't they?  They are ineffective, often slip, and they burst....  And your stomach can't cope with the sudden impact of  2 kilos of cocaine, its a very delicate organ.
Omg, This Is Sweet
Voca people
My Momma
My  x  momma  x  always  x  said,life is like a box of chocolates;You never know what you're gonna get
Not Always Right | With Great Retail Power...
Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but it seems like your credit card isn’t working. Would you like to pay in cash?” Customer: “What? That’s not possible. Try it again.” Me: *after trying a few more times* “Do you have a different card? This one might just be having problems. Or you could just pay in cash?” Customer: “No! I don’t have cash. Just give me the items.” Me: “I can’t do that, ma’am.” Customer: “Why not? I need them to stop the world from ending!” Me: “Sorry, I still can’t.” Customer: “What sort of a monster are you? If the world ends, you’re to blame!” *storms out*
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Subscapularis   Origin: Subscapular fossa of Scapula   Insertion:
Rituals Of Clarity
RITUALS OF CLARITYWe error on the side of caution with careful cuts designed for rituals of clarity...  and bleed to help us find our pains inside... those that without the razors edge rarely surface unless we test... until the gravity of or sins and the grim, and grimiest of reality collide... but through these raised ridges, scars, and open wounds we wear our emotions, and manifest our inner child beaten black and blue... by lifes experiences, rituals and trials, while others wait patiently in denial. END Poem by Scott D. Reinhart (SDReinhart1975 on Twitter/AIM)
Thank You
The sun setsUpon the golden sandWe sit togetherHand in handWe gently embraceAnd look into each other's eyesI wonder if you areAn angel in disguiseYou hold meLike there's no tomorrowI suddenly forgetThe past sorrowI kiss your soft lipsAnd you kiss mineI never knewLoving someone could be this fineYou pick me upAnd carry me to our roomOh how a love can blossomAnd a heart can bloom.Your touch is so gentleBut your hands so strongHow could a love like thisEver go wrong?My heart is beating200 times a minuteBecause my loveYou are in itThe sound of your heartbeatAll through the nightWe fall asleep in each other's armsAnd wake to the morning light.I look into your eyesAnd this is whenI say "Thank You"For teaching me to love again.
The Rat
It is a dark and stormy night (shuddering at the cliché, I use this as the opening line regardless).  I leave the cold stinging rain, finding safe harbor in a shadowy cave of a bar heretofore and everlastingly known as ‘the Rat’.  Of course, this has always been its name, short for ‘Rathskeller’.Charmed by the abounding number of leather-and-metal clad clients, I am equally entranced with the dog-like odor of wet hair and soggy animal skins.  Inhaling, my hair stands on end, sure that at least a dozen people are tripping the night iconoclastic; the contact high sends me reeling to the bar.I spit the words ‘something warm and wet’ from between dripping lips, misting the bartender.  She looks down at the drops sprayed on her cleavage (oh, the things I never mention, the details I leave out.  ‘Mona Lisa’ without her smile would never be the same.  Yet I omit the necessary detail that this veritable Venus of Vodka is shamelessly exposing the
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Pleiades And Stardust
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Not really being what some call acting emo, but damn I am beginning to think I did something wrong lol. Those I use to talk to don't talk to me anymore and I'm wondering is it because I wouldn't go back to the other lounge or what? I mean hell when on fubar you ain't fucking getting paid real money to dj or shit like that. It's for fun but ppl take it way too fucking seriously. You can't work two lounges? Why not? You gonna fork over real money and make it a real fucking job? It's for fun it's to meet new ppl and hell maybe even make new fucking friends because your life is too fucking busy at times this is a way to communicate with the outside world. Sometimes ppl don't have a job yet and do this in their spare time for entertainment. But damnit all if ppl are ppl on here and have feelings? No you are just someone on the internet to some ppl so there for you are not real. I say fuck that bullshit. If you'a liar on the net what makes you any different then IRL? Oh I am honest to those
So, I'm Getting Another Tattoo
So, I am sitting here with Thomas, he just got through drawing up a new tat for me. It will be the second one I got in 2 weeks. Both have been pretty big. This one is basically going to be for my grandfather that died in 97. It is going to be a raven with a tombstone, and then his birth and death date...also nevermore on it.  I will post it when it is done!
  come here, look into my eyes i know u can see, im all u dispise hate me for all that i am i won't play you, I do all i can letting it go, not letting it feed evil has come, planting its seed my mind is lost, my body weary i cant see you, my eyes are teary pain in my chest, bones are weak love is the only thing i seek what is love, why cant it be found finding my heart broken, on the ground what is real, what is fake seems this life is all i can take nothing but a downward spiral into the unknown its hell i feel inside, i feel it has grown so forget me now, im nothing to you i am the fool and i know what to do in this fucked up, intoxicated mind somewhere there is me, i have to find
Im Curious.....
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Oh Sh&t
We'll I dont have mumms , status or a online icon and im kinda slowly disapearing from fubar. So if you want you can add me to your myspace  just   look for  Meowzette
milieu\meel-YUH; meel-YOO\ , noun:1.Environment; setting.
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Making Me Feel Like Dirt
I have a middle son named Christian, who moved out when he was 16. He was impressionable, and was talked into moving in with his friend Josh. We lived in a low income family complex and it wasnt the nices place to live but thats all we could afford at the time. We didnt have the best of things but we did our best.  But that was the main reason he moved away plus the school he went to was full of drug abusers etc and he didnt want to fall into that. Any how  since then we have managed to pull our selfs out of the rut ,  get a home and some nice things and yet ...sighhhhhhhh. It doesnt seem to be good enough.  On occassion I have ask my son to drive me to the hospital to get medical things done. One day I had to get a x ray and he drove me,  he started talking about having to see a shrink about the lose of a few fingers he lost during a accident at work. His soon to be mother in law made the comment about him having to talk about his child hood etc.  And the things that were commi
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Last Call....
Have you ever been in a bar or a nightclub and heard that all but dreaded voice over the loud-speaker saying..."Last call for alcohol ", or been in a department store picking up those "must-have" items that you put off going after ALL DAY and heard that little juvenile twitt say..."we will be closing in 5 minutes...please bring your purchases to the front at this time."  Does that not just chap your bum?? What if I wasn't through ??? What if I said..." NO, I think I'm gonna hang out here just a little while longer. At least until I'm done with what I need to do." What would happen?? Would they call the police and force you to leave. Leave you there in the dark all alone, or by some strange act of God would you find yourself doing shots with that little juvenile twitt and wandering why you ever came there in the first place.....?? Life can be soooo confusing.....sometimes you don't know whether to stay or go. Hang out with twitts or just be alone. No-one has the right to tell you it'
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Not Always Right | The Beauty Of A One Track Mind
Retail | Roanoke, VA, USA Me: Thank you for calling [Retail Store], what can I help you with? Lady: “Yes, I was wondering if you had any TV’s that were in your ad.” *I remember selling the last one a few moments ago* Me: “I’m sorry, we have no more left in stock.” Lady: “Why?” Me: “Because I sold the last one a few moments ago.” Lady: “Why would you do something like that? I wanted one.” Me: “Well thats what we do here, we sell things. We may get some more in tomorrow. Your could call tomorrow morning and ask to put one on hold.” Lady: “Okay, I’d like to do that now.” Me: “I can’t do that, we don’t have any now. I meant to try again tomorrow.” Lady: “Okay. The name is Johnson.” Me: “Ma’am, I don’t have any more of the TV’s that were on sale to put on hold. I don’t understand why you are not grasping that. W
Not Always Right | Mmmmm, Cherry Flavored Maxi-pads
Retail | South Australia (Around Easter, stacking poorly transported eggs and bunnies onto a shelf. A young girl, around 16, approaches me.) Customer: “Can you tell me where the confectionery is?” (I am slightly bemused, as we are standing next to the confectionery aisle.) Me: “Yes, it is just there.” (She looks, and furrows he brow.) Customer: “No. Confectionery.” Me: *pointing again* “Yes, there.” (She looks even more angry now.) Customer: “No. The c o n f e c t i o n e r y!” Me: “Yes…there.” Customer: “Nooo. The confectionery, like tampons and stuff!”
Not Always Right | It Comes With Free Broadsword
Donut Shop | Connecticut, USA (I’m working drive through when the headset beeps.) Me:: “Hi, welcome to *** Donuts, what can I get you?” Customer:: “Hi, I’ll have a barbarian cream!” Me:: “…a what?” Customer: “A barbarian cream!” Me: “…you mean a Bavarian cream?” Customer: “Yeah, that!”
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Oh Moon
oh moon i worship theeyou make me feel like im freeoh moon your so brightyou light up my night skyoh moon but when you hidei feel torn apart insideoh moon come out to playso i can feel your praiseoh moon where did you go without you i am no moreoh moon please dont disapeari need you so we can be a pairoh moon your back againtogether again we can sinoh moon i worship theeyou make me feel like im freebyBrandon   LancasterAKA Moon
A Long Night Ahead (part 1 Of The Kitty Simpson)
*The beautiful Mistress enters her quiet home with grace. Her long flowingblack dress tracing the floor. Raven black hair falling slightly into her face. Green eyes pierce through all in the way. Her soft pink lips form into a slightsmirk as she hears the faint screams of her new captive**In the dark the tall young man screams through his gag. Sweat falls from hisbrow. The air smells musty almost like a forgotten cave. The metal that Keeps Him in place is as cold as death. His breathing becomes heavy. Fear sweeps Over him.**From the far end of the house the clicking sound of her high heels fill the room. As she gets closer to her new pet she can smell his fear. Her blood beginsto boil. The excitement is intoxicating. She stops to enter her room. Slipping into her proper attire. A woman like herself wouldn't dare be caught out of Character for her favorite activities. She slides her body out of her dress while grabbing her long leather whip and laying it neatly on her bed. As the scream
Joe Jackson - Ass Of The Century
Michael Jackson's father Joe has filed suit against the administrators of his late son's estate, alleging the superstar's will is a forgery. The family patriarch recently launched a bid for a share of the King of Pop's fortune after he was excluded from the list of beneficiaries. Jackson has now filed legal papers calling for estate executors John Branca and John McClain to be disqualified, alleging they hid a mistake in the singer's 2002 will from the courts. The estate was recently hit by claims of a possible forgery in the document, which was signed and dated "July 7th, 2002 at 5:00 pm, Los Angeles," after pictures emerged of Jackson in New York on the day he reportedly put pen to paper in California. Attorneys for Branca and McClain subsequently insisted the will witnesses have confirmed Jackson himself signed the paperwork. But Joe Jackson isn't convinced. his lawyer, Brian Oxman, tells CNN, "The executors have an obligation to tell the court the truth, the whole truth and no
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Will Be Gond For A While
Being A Diabetic Sucks
It's been just over a year since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes now, and honestly, I've really done nothing about it. Last year was completely traumatic. There are still times in the middle of the night I wake up in a cold sweat, or wake up sobbing from a nightmare. The sleeping medication helped with that for a long time. The therapy I underwent last year helped. Mike always was a wonderful psychologist. I would know since I have been seeing him on and off since I was 15 when things were really bad, especially in my family. I've come such a long way since this time last year. I really have. But things have been very up and down, mostly down and further down, in the last year that I haven't paid attention to my disease. I was watching one of my reality shows I like to watch, and one of them had diabetes. Granted it was type 1, but they really got into it. Part of the reason I haven't paid much attention or cared, is because my doctors have been fucking shitty about it. All they

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