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Doro At The Whiskey A Go Go 6/20/07
Practice selflessness because what you put out to others will come back to you more than ten fold. If you just took care of yourself... then only one person is effected. History spans over time and is as old as time itself. That which was done to someone once before, could be done again by the same person. That which hasn't been done to you before by that person, most likely will not. The good or the bad... Who we are today, are what we have been molded from yesterday. What happened to you yesterday? If we didn't know anything else and all we could do was help another, the world would be a beautiful place. Leave every day, every situation, every glance knowing you gave it your all and you'll always be satisfied. If you hold back, there is a bigger chance of regret and "what if" becomes a factor. "Cause something to happen". When we conciously make our decisions and dedicate ourselves to the result, the effects are staggering. Plant hope into others and give them your support s
Sgb Made**godfather **6-12-07
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My First Contest
PLEASE HELP THIS PERSON OUT IN HER FIRST CONTEST EVER ON HERE. THE CONTEST IS FOR A CASH PRIZE. SO IF U COULD SPARE A FEW MOMENTS OF UR TIME AND LEAVE A COUPLE OF COMMENTS ON THE PIC BELOW. THAT WOULD BE GREAT I'm in my Very First Contest and I could use all the help I could get. Please go comment on that Picture above. The top 2 winners get a cash prize. Thank you so much. Just Click on the picture above and it will take you to the contest. Thats the picture you can comment on. I'm in my Very First Contest and I could use all the help I could get. Please go comment on that Picture above. The top 2 winners get a cash prize. Thank you so much.
The Future
People, this is a cry to all of those who have kids, thinking about having kids or hope one day to have kids. After spending some time overseas (Irag) I came home and saw that the state of families in the US was horrible. Stories of children shooting class mates, then killing themselves. Children beating up and killing people, roving around like a pack of wild animals. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! This makes me fear for my own child. Not just what might happen to him, but the type of person he might become. What happened to the old values where if you were caught doing something wrong, your neighbors kicked your ass, took you home and then your parents kicked your ass? Raise your kids right people. Whip their asses when they ned it. We need to stand together as parents. Against the government who wants to put limitations on our parental rights. Against deadbeat dads (and mothers). We need to prepare a future for our children, of light, love and security. If we keep goin
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
Anyone in the Rochester ,NY area looking to audition for NECROMETER should contact Sick Machine at Sick Machine -- Necrometer@ MySpace If you do not have a MySpace account or refuse to make one, contact Wolferz leaving a method to reply to you. Wolferz - Elder Wolf Druid@ CherryTAP
Madame Ruby's Love Boutique
As some of you already know, I got a new haircut. This is an event for me, because in order for me to get such a dramatic change in my hair, means something big is happening in my life. My hair always gives it all away, dammit! So, here's more pics! Before.. After.. and then, while running some more errands, I bought some new body jewelry (nips and ears only, people..)and seeing as how my lobes were stretched to a 10 gauge already, I decided to take them one gauge larger, and bought these really cool, hourglass-shaped bullet thingies. They are larger on the ends, so the ends are like a 6 gauge, the middle an 8. I took my jewelry for my very good friend, since he is who I trust with this kind of job. (he also pierced my ear with the little gold stud you will see in a minute..)He changed my niprings and tried to attempt the ears, but these were not doable. He sent me to his friend who is a professional piercer. I thought it would only take like, 5 minutes. It took a bit longer, bu
... I always try to comfort people. When someone's feeling down, depressed, feeling lonely, or just having a bad day, I try to make that person laugh, forget his problems, tickle his funny bone, give him words of comfort, tell him that everything will be alright, and I tell him to 'count his blessings.' It feels nice to be able to help someone or be there for someone. Now I find myself in the same situation...feeling down...feeling lonely...a bit sad...and I'm one to comfort one to share my problems's so quiet in here.....what now? I guess I'll have to slap myself and say "wake up!" Practice what you preach. Give myself words of comfort. Tell myself to count my blessings. Tell myself to forget the problem. Make myself laugh? how? Tickling myself won't work. Besides, I will look stupid doing so. What can i say to myself to make me laugh....what can i say to make me feel good about myself.... Oh, well. Best thing to do is t
Tribute Video's
Okay I Admit It...
I am the biggest nerd you have ever seen.I am so amped up about the final installment of the "Harry Potter" series its ridiculous. Almost every morning I check my e-mail just waiting to see if something new has come up or if there have been any new developments. I know I'm 27 and I should not have this type of reaction to what, in most peoples minds, is a children's book. I just can't help it. My mother tried to get me to read the books when they had just come out, andI told her that I was not interested in reading a "childrens book". Then one night me and Melissa where at the house whileshe was pregnant and we were looking for a movie to watch. There seemed to be nothing on. Then we flipped the station to "On Demand" and I saw that the first Harry Potter movie was available. So I gave it a chance. By the end of the movieI was calling my mother to have her bring me all the books that she had, and I have been hooked ever since. So call me what you want. I will just simply tell you that
Funny Shit
Shadows (poem)
poem shadows. To much thinking and to much weeping has me feeling cold and aloneand that theres no where for me to go. Unseen Unheard I have faced death countless times. But still i live How? Why? . The hand of life that i have been delt is worse then the hand of death itself perhaps. Unwanted Unloved So in the shadows is where i sit waiting. For not even death wants me. T.V.H.06 poem shadows. To much thinking and to much weeping has me feeling cold and aloneand that theres no where for me to go. Unseen Unheard I have faced death countless times. But still i live How? Why? . The hand of life that i have been delt is worse then the hand of death itself perhaps. Unwanted Unloved So in the shadows is where i sit waiting. For not even death wants me. T.V.H.06
Thinking Of You!!!
How to Dance in the Rain It was a busy morning, about 8:30, when an elderly gentleman in his 80's arrived to have stitches removed from his thumb. He said he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at 9:00 am. I took his vital signs and had him take a seat, knowing it would be over an hour before someone would to able to see him. I saw him looking at his watch and decided, since I was not busy with another patient, I would evaluate his wound. On exam, it was well healed, so I talked to one of the doctors, got the needed supplies to remove his sutures and redressed his wound. While taking care of his wound, I asked him if he had another doctor's appointment this morning, as he was in such a hurry. The gentleman told me no, that he needed to go to the nursing home to eat breakfast with his wife. I inquired as to her health. He told me that she had been there for a while and that she was a victim of Alzheimer's Disease. As we talked
A Victim Of My Own Morals
A Hometown Hero's War Story
There was a girl who left here in Asheville at 18... She wanted to help so she joined Special Forces Civil Affairs... She Graduated from training and was shipped to Iraq... In Sadr City she was the only female in her unit... Her unit was assigned to augment SF A teams and Rangers... They gave the would be nurse healer a 50 caliber machine gun... And turned her into a killing machine like the rest of us... Everytime I see her downtown now at Joli Rouge or going to Denny's and the Waffle House on Tunnel Road with her BF-She sees me and starts to cry... And thousands other like her are coming home everyday just when congress is cutting funding for counselling for the returning veterans... I love this country-I spent the best part of 22 years fighting for it... However-We have an atrocious record of taking care of our returning wounded soldiers (Both Physical and Mental)...
Desiree Addams
You have a sexual IQ of 144 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at You scored as Bondage, Your turn on is bondage... all out. You don't have a specific part of kinky sex that turns you on more than any other... everything working together turns you on. And why shouldn't it? Sex isn't sex without all the trimmings.Bondage100% Chains/Handcuffs100% Biting83% Whips67% Blind Folds58% Blood33% What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
Wtf?, Now That's Some Crazy Shit!!
IS OPEN FOR COMMENTS FOR MY FRIENDS.....ENJOY I encourage everyone to go skinny dipping, sleep naked, sun in the nude, play sports or just relax in the nude! You weren't made to wear clothing unless you need protection from the elements. It makes no sense to wear wet, uncomfortable swimwear! Try it, you'll understand and appreciate how good you feel in your bare skin! What do you really have to be ashamed of? NOTHING! NIGHTDREAMS.COM SINCE THE LAND O' LAKES BOUTIQUE WILL NOT BE OFFICIALLY OPEN BEFORE HALLOWEEN, WE ARE OFFERING NEARLY 1000 HOT, SEXY, EROTIC ADULT HALLOWEEN COSTUMES IN A HUGE WAREHOUSE BLOWOUT. THERE ARE OVER 70 DIFFERENT STYLES AVAILABLE NOW. DONT SEE WHAT YOU WANT ONLINE......JUST ASK ME. THEY ARE IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP. CONTACT ME DIRECTLY THROUGH FUBAR, MY CELL PHONE OR VIA E-MAIL FOR DIRECTIONS AND HOURS. SIZE SM, MED, LG, XL, 1X, 2X & 3X. WE ALSO HAVE MEN'S COSTUMES AND ACCESSORIES!! LET'S GET FREAKY!!!!!!
I Dont Know What This Is Going To Do
we found out today that my gf is going to have a baby im in seveth heaven all just wanted everyone to know this and was hopeing that everyone would pray for us to have no problems yee haa im so happy i cant keep it in i love life and cant waite to injoy it with my baby and my girl thats all for know i will keep u all up to date for those who r true friends that care
Need S Ome Good Luck Please
well m y new aqpartment just bout ready for me to move into,if only that damn xhubby of my would just send me the childsupport he said he was sendin out for the last 2 weeks.i think he keeps liein to me so he can try to t ake my 16 yr old flash he wont be gettin her.looks like after bein married to me for 20 yrs he would kno that i will fight with everything i have for my kids.i been in tough spots before and look here i am still standin and goin strong so i kno ill make it just fine.ill manage somehow i always do and im the one that laughin when it all blows up in the kids dad face....but damn im tired of all this bad luck im havin i need someoen to send me some good luck for a the sayin says when the goin gets t ough the tough gets goin ...yeah thats me i guess.....i went threw years of gettin the hell beat outta me and his cheatin so i kno im tough and i kno i can make it i always i have my great n eice to take care of for a lil while due to
So last night i was walking quickly to the know....when nature calls ya gotta take it! well, on the way there, I caught my little toe on the edge of our carpet cleaner steaner!!! :( I even got to hear it pop/break (barf!) So i started bawling and watched it swell up. Then my hubby taped it to the next toe and gave me a vicodin (left over from having my wisdom teeth removed 6 weeks ago) Im getting around better today. leave me some love!
Mr. Mojo Rising - Jim Morrison Poetry
A clean paper or a pure white wall. One false line, a scratch, a mistake. Unerasable. So obscure by adding million other tracings, blend it, cover over But the original scratch remains, written in gold blood, shining. Desire for a Perfect Life I dropped by to see you late last night But you were out like a light Your head was on the floor & rats played pool w/your eyes Death is a good disguise for late at night Wrapping all games in its calm garden But what happens when the guest return & all unmask & you are asked to leave for want of a smile I'll still take you then But I'm your friend Lament for my cock Sore & crucified I seek to know you acequiring soulful wisdom you can open walls of mystery strip-show How to get death On the morning Show T.V. death which the child absorbs death-well mystery which makes me write Slow train The death of my cock gives life Guitar player Ancient wise satyr Sing your ode to my co
Ok Ok Just A Few Lines
Woman's Perfect Breakfast
WOMAN'S PERFECT BREAKFAST > She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. > Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box. > Her daughter is on the cover of Vogue. > Her boyfriend is on the cover of Business Week. > And her husband is on the back of the milk carton.
Whats Up Everyone
hey how is everyone 2nite i was just wanting to ask every one of my friends to come by and see if they fanned me. if not would u please, i would really appreciate it. ive got over 2000 friends that hasnt yet. i fan everyone so would u please return the favor thanx Mr. Nice Guy i havent been on much lately my internet service is down my service provider is havin some server problems or somethin im at mcdonalds right now eating so im payin to use internet here for now i just wanted to let everyone know ill be back on as soon as it is fixed. drop by and show sum luv and ill return it when i get back hopefully soon they just got my cable back on now just waitin for the internet. all these damn storms probably what done it lightning lol have a wonderful friday and love to all
Emology 101
{{7/12/07}} Ok, so it\'s Thursday and I havent written a word since last Sunday! How awful. My first week of work has been okay. Im still in training so Im not getting a lot of hours. After Sunday, I should be getting a full schedule. It\'s not as hard as I thought it would be. I gotta learn what comes with what but for the most part it\'s simple. Dayshift totally kicks ass. Dont get me wrong, I loved my nightshift at Arbys and Subway, but I\'m digging this dayshift. I even get offa work in time to watch my soap opera =] How effin sweet is that? I think its rockin\'....just like me ;) haha I\'m so hardcore..........not! lmao. I had the biggest blonde moment today =/ On the registers at work you have to hit \" dine in\" or \"carry out\" before you can ring anything up... its like a quarter til one pm. Ive been on the register since like 10am. Ive pretty much got it down pat, right? Well I get a customer and I cant get it to let me ring anything up. I just cant get it to work at all, so
One Year Later...
Whoa, today sucks alot it has been 1 full year since dad passed away. I still feel like shit all the time and I miss him everyday I know that it is suppose to get better with time. No, not really or at least it hasn't yet for me it might take a few more years. I have a feeling I am going to cry my eyes out later ths evening. I did all yesterday and became a downer. Maybe I should just try to think about all the cool things about my dad. Father's day was really rough also I hated it. It was the first father's day without him. I started to feel angry when I saw everyone else with there made me breakdown yet again. UGHHH today is rough but, I will try to make it the best and just dedicate it to him.
Courage my Soul, now learn to wield The weight of thine immortal Shield. Close on thy Head thy Helmet bright. Ballance thy Sword against the Fight. See where an Army, strong as fair, With silken Banners spreads the air. Now, if thou bee'st that thing Divine, In this day's Combat let it shine: And shew that Nature wants an Art To conquer one resolved Heart. The vast tract of the parched and sandy waste Now teems with countless rills and shady woods, Corn-fields and pastures and white cottages; And where the startled wilderness did hear A savage conqueror stained in kindred blood, Hymmng his victory, or the milder snake Crushing the bones of some frail antelope Within his brazen folds the dewy lawn, Offering sweet incense to the sunrise, smiles To see a babe before his mother's door, Share with the green and golden basilisk That comes to lick his feet, his morning's meal. The smile of iceboxes annihilates me. Such blue currents in the veins of my lo
Lets Get This Party Started
Come One Come All CANCER-CRAVES SEX ALOT (6/22-7/22) Trustworthy. Attractive. Great kisser. One of a kind. Loves being In long-term relationships. Extremely energetic. Unpredictable. Will exceed your expectations. Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out. 2 years of bad luck if you do not repost. imikimi - sharing creativity
I Want To Tell Him Soooo Bad!!!!
Take Some Time and actually Read this this is GUY TALKING... IT'S 7TH GRADE... I stared at the girl next to me...She was my so called "best friend"... I stared at her... Long, silky hair... And I wished she was mine... But she didn't notice me like that... I knew it... After class she walked up to me and asked me for the notes she had missed the day before... And I handed them to her... She said "thanks"... And gave me a kiss on the cheek... I wanted to tell her... I want her to know that I don't want to be "just friends"... I love her but I'm too shy to tell her... And I don't know why... IT'S JUNIOR YEAR... My phone rang... On the other end it was her... She was in tears... Mumbling on and on about how her love had broken her heart... She asked me to come over because she didn't want to be alone... So I did... As I sat next to her on the sofa... I stared at her soft eyes... Wishing she was mine... After 2 hours... A Drew Barrymore movie... And 3 bags of chi
I Love You!
Red Marbles I was at the corner grocery store buying some early potatoes. I noticed a small boy, delicate of bone and feature, ragged but clean, hungrily apprizing a basket of freshly picked green peas. I paid for my potatoes, but was also drawn to the display of fresh green peas. I am a pushover for creamed peas and new potatoes. Pondering the peas, I couldn't help overhearing the conversation between Mr. Miller (the store owner) and the ragged boy next to me. 'Hello Barry, how are you today?' 'H'lo, Mr. Miller. Fine, thank ya. Jus' admirin' them peas. They sure look good.' 'They are good, Barry. How's your Ma?' 'Fine. Gittin' stronger alla' time.' 'Good. Anything I can help you with?' 'No, Sir. Jus' admirin' them peas.' 'Would you like take some home?' asked Mr. Miller. 'No, Sir . Got nuthin' to pay for 'em with.' 'Well, what have you to trade me for some of those peas?' 'All I got's my prize marble here.' 'Is that
A Lil About Me! (borrowed This From Erik)
A lil about me 1.)Q. Can you cook? Yes not the best with homemade receipes but working on it! 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? To be honest it was so many Im not sure which one I wanted more! 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? Lol to be a genie and have everything I ever wanted (Ex: Life supply of batteries lol) 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? You have many choices lol: Shots- Jager bomb, tic tac, choc covered cherry Drinks-SoCo and coke or Capt and Coke! 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? I like many dont want to discriminate! 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? Im been on and off a couple books- Child called It, Haunted, etc! 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you ? LIBRA 8.)Q. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? LOL HELLO OF COURSE I DO I have altogether 9 tatts 2 are covered up so 7 are visible I had 17 piercings now I only have 2 working on a couple more but I have other priorities! 9.)Q. Worst Habit? If you know me well enough then you kn
My Next Performance....
Big Daddy's Place Presents its 1st Annual Luau Dance & Pool Party BREAK OUT THE BATHING SUITS, SARONGS, GRASS SKIRTS, COCONUT BRAS, HAWAIIAN SHIRTS AND FLIP FLOPS Fabulous DJ Dave and Misty the Incomparable Bartender are returning Just added Special Performance By D'Analyst He'll be performing songs like Thick, Slide and a new one BBW Lover Plus will be having a King & Queen of the Luau Contest Make sure you sign up for it WHEN: July 14th 2007 WHERE; RAMADA INN (FORMERLY THE 4 POINTS INN) 7701 EAST 42nd STREET Indianapolis, IN Hotel Room Reservations: Ask for the BBW rate $69.00 per night King or Double (Queen or Full size Beds) 317-897-4000 Saturday: Cost $15.00 per person All events at the Ramada Inn Atrium Room & Pool Dance 9 PM to 1 AM Cash Bar BYOB Pool Party 1 AM till? For more info on who and what were are www.bigdaddyspla
Bla Bla
Music Reviews
Well strike me as surprised. This band I haven't really heard anything out of here in the states, however for you Bam Magera fans, you know this band pretty well. Fram what I can gather this band was formed in Finland in 1995 H.I.M. stands for (His Infernal Majesty.) The band has reached success in Europe, however I have not heard anything from them here in the states. As formentioned, There is a ton of H.I.M. stuff out there. The thing that makes me remember them the most is the heartogram, which Bam showed in many episodes. It would appear that there is more songs out there then what I thought. As I looked them up on, and got a lot of vidz for them. Some of which are in my stash. However, out of the 10 or so songs I listened to, Killing Loneliness was the one that I liked. I don't know why, this song is...well....I assume that it talks about losing a love. I'm not really sure what it's talking about, I haven't had time to listen to it over and over and ana
My Life
so...i got entered into a contest, if you could just leave a comment on my pic, a real comment please not just random letters I'd appreciate it, and I'll return the love!!! thanks love It's been on my mind a lot lately, yet not really bothering me, just making me realize that you never know what turn your life is going to take. The people that you think are true and will be there through hell and high waters, seem to be able to leave at the drop of a hat. Over things that make me happy. I'm geting older and don't really like the same things I have liked and it seems like if I'm not the same happy go lucky person that I've been in previous years, then they want nothing to do with me. But newsflash, there is more to me and more to all of us than the bar. I don't need to get stupid drunk to have a good time. I hope that we can mend things eventually and get to know each other on other levels. I truely value each and everyone that I call friends and don't want to lose any of y
Sexy Soldier Contest
Hey I'm entered in this contest. lend me a hand if you can. I would be greatly appreciated. thanks much.
Chinese Horoscope
Mudd Slinging
The courts have finally gotten around to taking my deadbeat X to court for the child support he isn't paying. The X, of course has decided to start slinging mud after being told a 1000$ bux or jail time. He DID come up with the bux, but had the case continued because he has "questions" on where my girls live.(HUH?) The girls live with me of course and I never EVER denied him visitation even with him not paying court ordered support, ever. I'm tired of being nice and am considering slinging the mud right back as he isn't fit to be a dad. He doesn't have a pot to piss in as far as I'm concerned(or anyone else for that matter), and I think he's trying to get out of paying support completely. I've bent over backwards for this bastard but only because of the girls. I'm not going to look the other way any longer. Hell, he's even told friends that him being the "dad" is support enough. That being said, he has yet to contribute to the girls support in any way. That includes EVER
wind... blow wind blow where ya gonna go what ya gonna bring are ya gonna teach the birds to sing are ya gonna teach me anything are ya gonna bring a cool sweet breeze or bring a storm to tear the trees are ya gonna blow my fears away bring them back another day or keep them here with me to stay will ya blow across a distant land fill yourself with dust and sand or make the waves roll on the sea a soothing sight for all to see will ya lift them to wash over me will ya stay with me a little while try to teach me how to smile or will ya just go blow away leave me all alone today never tell why you can't stay blow wind blow where ya gonna go... Jeffro
My Poems
"Choices are not wrong or right, Just differ as day does to night, There may be roads and bridges to mend, But they all meet at one place, the end." I am alone, so very alone I hurt, so very bad I am ignored, just thrown aside I am security, for others to have I am lonely, there is no one close, no one sees the pain I cry, hope is gone I am alone, and no one knows Why blink, this second's over End of days is near Don't cry for fallen soldiers Freedom has no fear Why hold the hand of sorrow Tears show such disdain Thorns will bloom tomorrow In floods of salty rain Why pray on tainted alters Deaf saints hear no screams Pious lips will falter Taste bitter broken dreams Why hope as brilliant daybreaks Long night put to sleep Lost and lonely heartbreaks Eternal shadow's deep
July 3rd, Tampa Bay
If you have been to a foam party with Shady Bastards then you know that it's going to be the party of the year. If you haven't, then you don't want to miss out. This will be THE party of the year! The Shady KreweWiLD 98.7 Morning Freak Show's PacoYour favorite DJ and oursPA$$ THA MIC
What is your Sexual Obituary? Suddenly just before orgasm, John died while in the sack with their lover, The women's olympic hammer throw team.John will be terribly missed by The Olson Twins. 'What is your Sexual Obituary?' at
In The Shower
I get home late and hear the shower running. You must have had a long day and needed let the water wash away your stress. I feel my heartbeat quicken as I think of your naked body alone in the shower. I quickly head for the bedroom and start to strip down. I don't want to miss all the nice hot water. The bathroom is so steamy, and I hear you singing. I smile to myself, thinking that soon that little song, will be your moans when my lips are wrapped around your cock. I push my skirt down and step out of it. You are still not aware of my presence. I open the door, and some steam escapes. I slip in quietly and see your nice ass facing me. I cannot help but want to touch it. I move closer to you and slide my hands around you and over the muscles in your chest. I press my body against you, my pussy against your asscheeks. My mouth kisses your spine, and you are startled a bit from my touches. You reach your hand back and feel my hair as it becomes wet and silky from the shower. Hiiiiiii
Conferdate Bombers
1977 Vs 2007
1977 vs. 2007 ... SCENARIO: Jack goes duck hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack. 1977- Vice Principal comes over, takes a look at Jack's shotgun, goes to his car and gets his to show Jack. 2007- School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers. ++++++++++++ SCENARIO: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school. 1977- Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends. Nobody goes to jail, nobody arrested, nobody expelled. 2007- Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it. +++++++++++ SCENARIO: Jeffrey won't be still in class, disrupts other students. 1977- Jeffrey sent to office and given a good paddling by Principal. Sits still in class.
Photo Shoot
R @ B Star
Away 2 Weeks
I won't be here for 2 weeks, am in process of moving, so will see ya then
I love when you give someone everything you have emotionaly and when its over they won't even talk to you even when its because they're the one who has found someone else. Check em out tell me what you think! Check em out tell me what you think!
Metal Church - Gods' Of Wrath ! Performed By Marty Kays On Live Drums'!
My Boys Vidio
Ask Krystal
Hey Guys and Girls!!! Thank you so much for all the support you have given me. Just so you know - my pics are all fixed and all of my videos are back. The videos are each posted as individual blogs. That way I can mark them NSFW and they won't get deleted. I have also started putting them on my own "Krystal Player" served from my own server - so no one can delete them. ( Like happens with YouTube, MetaCafe, etc... ) AND... My web site is just about done!!! All of the initial content has been shot and the design is complete. We're just running it through testing and putting a few finishing touches on it. YAY!!! Thanks again, I luv all of you! :-) ~Krystal~
I Have A New Guestbook
Hello peeps, please sign my guestbook, its new!
Metal Church - Beyond The Black ! Performed By Marty Kays On The Drums'live!
My Cherry Tap Husband
Vidio Of The Year And Song
The Dance
Zee Blog
76% GeekCreated by OnePlusYou Own me! You know you want to... This is your first chance, since i'm the one usually doing the owning... you may never have this chance again!
What Is A Man?
What makes a man a man. An obvious requirement could be that the person is a male. An age requirement could be used, but maturity matters more than age and it is possible to have one without the other. I'm not going to go into what I think a man is now, I may do that a little later. Now I want to talk about what is in my opinion a horrible excuse for a man. I currently work nights on a road construction project on a major road in Detroit. I was walking down the street at around 2:30am when I noticed a well dressed woman walking across the parking lot of a McDonalds alone. She looked like she may have recently left a club, but there isn't one in the area. Something seemed odd. I approached her, said hello, and asked how she was doing. She proceeded to tell me how her oyfriend was tripping, she went to the club with her cousin and a friend, had a few drinks, didn't dance or anything. Her cousin dropped her off at his place and he went off accusing her of sleeping with some guy.
Kaleb's Mommy As told to me by Kristy. Forgive me if any details are incorrect. Like any responsible parents, Kristy and Josh Schwade wanted what was best for their only child, Kaleb. They did a background check on their day care worker, and even interviewed her in her home for two hours. Kristy was even willing to drive 20 miles out of her way to provide, what they thought to have been, "optimum" care in a good neighborhood. On May 9th, 2007 their worst nighmare was brought to fruition. After being in the care of this home day care worker only five times, Kaleb was picked up by his Grandmother and Aunt. They noticed that he was lethargic and experiencing obvious breathing abnormalities. The caregiver told them he was ill, but Kaleb had just visited the doctors the day before and was given a "clean bill of health". When Kristy arrived at her mother's home to pick Kaleb up, she described him as "having no life in his body". She tried repeat
Some Ct Women
So in the few months I have been on CT I have met lots of wonderful, intelligent women and men on CT, but there has also been a lot of Women who think that every one is here to screw them. They have poor attitudes and Behavior. I want to know if this is because men on here are Asshole and treat them like objects as opposed to Women? Please help me understand why these women, to put it bluntly, Think their shit doesn't stink. Truly most of them are not hot enough to (one) have this opinion and (2nd) I personally have never disrespected them or any other woman. Do you think it is because they are so insecure it is their only power trip to put other down and feel empowered by a false sense of superiority? or, and I hope this isn't it, but are they just Bitches? RAP2
A Simple Prayer..
Jesus had no servants, yet they called Him Master. Had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. Had no army, yet kings feared Him.. He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today. Feel honored to serve such a Leader who loves us. If you believe in God and in Jesus Christ His Son..send this to all on your Buddy list..if not just ignore..In the Bible, Jesus says..."If you deny me Before man, I will deny you before my Father in Heaven." GOD BLESS YOU ALL Subject: A simple prayer Relax your mind and humble your heart to focus on Christ. Allow God to be the only person on your mind while you read this prayer. If we can take the time to read long jokes, stories, etc., we should give the same respect to this prayer. Friends, who pray together, stay together. If you pray this prayer, change the number.
Oh My God!!!!
listen to this... i just got done talking with this guy, i told him that i wasnt intrested in flirting with him or anyhting like that. that i am really on here for JUST friends, and that i have a fiance and i loved him, then the guy has the nerve to ask me if i am alone. like what the heck is that, i just told your dumb ass i am not intrested. what more do i have to say, i could be mean and tell the fucker to go away!! i hate men like this~~
Q. What do a Rubix cube and a penis have in common? A. The longer you play with them, the harder they get. Q. What does an old woman have between her breasts that a young woman doesn't? A. A navel. Q. What is the difference between a woman and a washing machine? A. You can bung your load in a washing machine and it won't call you a week later. Q. Why did god create Adam before he created eve? A. Because he didn't want anyone telling him how to make Adam. Q. What is a lesbian's favorite thing to eat A. A Klondike Bar Q. What did the elephant say to the naked man? A. "How do you breath through something so small? Q. Why don't women wear watches? A. There's a clock on the stove! Q. What doesn't belong in this list : Meat, Eggs, Wife, Blowjob? A. Blowjob: You can beat your meat, eggs or wife, but you can't beat a blowjob. Q. Have you heard about the new super-sensitive condoms? A. They hang around after the man leaves and talks to the woman. Q. What's worse than getting r
This Is My Job!!!
Dad Or Lack There Of?
i debated on making this a mum or not and actualy im not in the mood for the negative mummers soooo ill jus make this blog. if you decide to post a comment id love to see it alright this is about my dad starting from day one he denied me from the get go wanted a blood test blazay blah yeah sorry ur a lucky winner of me im yours. from there was empty promises had me up and waiting for special trips to the park,pool etc and he never showed up. i got older id see him on the streets id stop say hi hed buy me a pop or chips never nothing more mind u my dad is in hmmmm manufacturing and distributing so he had money..i was always the one to call him,hunt him down litteraly. when my older sis was fed up n said F*** him i beged her to forgive him hes our dad so nooooow. im an adult i gave up didnt speak to my dad or even know where he lived for over 10 years... i have 5 possibly 6 sisters all by him 2 brothers i never met my brothers let alone even see a picture but i knew my sisters their
As I laid myself down to sleep, praying your love to keep, the visions of hurt and pain danced around again and again. Your laughter fading from my mind, franticly searching in the dark hoping it was you I would find. My memories of you no longer being able to recall, from the place you left me ready to fall. My tears holding all your beauty and pain, in my heart it leaving a stain. Missing the sound of your voice and the touch of your hand, in you mother always being able to find a friend. Wishing for just one more day, to tell you all the things I forgot to say. Growing older without you here, crying and hurting night after night and year after year.
I,ll Repay The Favour
HI FAMILY (p18), friends and anyone i have helped out recently care to assist my sis in her quest in a contest I need her pic rated and or commented upon , i will return the favour for you or your friends when neeeded , heres the link any and all help would be greatfully recieved THANK YOU for even just 1 rate ,, Claymore aka GYPSY
Awsome Technology
I promise you it's not a virus or popups! I don't want to try and explain it because you have to see it for yourself. Click the link below or copy and paste it to your browser. I promise you it's not a virus or popups! I don't want to try and explain it because you have to see it for yourself. Click the link below or copy and paste it to your browser. Just thought I'd share some awsome technology. Zune Downloads, The Hottest New Niche Since IPod, Psp, Or Sat. Tv! Get Conversion Tracking Now. Copy and paste the link to your browser.
The Story Of Jack Schitt
* Zero Point *
********************************************************************************************* Zero Point ********************************************************************************************* ********************************************************************************************* Zero Point Energy - Science ********************************************************************************************* In a quantum mechanical system such as the particle in a box or the quantum harmonic oscillator, the lowest possible energy is called the zero-point energy. According to classical physics, the kinetic energy of a particle in a box or the kinetic energy of the harmonic oscillator may be zero if the velocity is zero. Quantum mechanics with its uncertainty principle implies that if the velocity is measured with certainty to be exactly zero, the uncertainty of the position must be infinite. This either violates the condition that the particle remain in the box, or it bring
Can You All Help Me Out?please?
i really need some fubar love! can any one help me? rate all photos and ill show some love back? i need to get 700 profile views in order to move on....i have to get 304 more views (that i know of)to be able to put more pics up...can you all help me out?
My Poetry!!
shame some people have taken my poems that i wrote and claimed them as there own damn atleast give me credit for my life in writing!! **GANGSTAS LIFE** People laugh and criticize. But they realy dont know about Gangsta's lives. Out on the streets struggling to surrvive. Its all fun and games through outsiders eyez. Hustling and fighting to stay alive. A pretty young girl who finnaly found pride. We all have our reasons for joining this life. Some join by choice but most have no say. Raised in the ghetto growing up as prey. So wipe your tears and dry your eyes. Your in a gang now no one hears your cries. You have a new family a new life to live. When just like they say love is blind. You tend to forget the biological family you left behind. While you were out hurting yourself and others. She sat at home crying your loving Mother. Blinded by violence what can I say. I to was nothing but prey. Stuck in a life I now regret. My heads filled with memories I'll ne
Paris Hilton
Money will buy a bed but not sleep books but not brains food but not appetite finery but not beauty a house but not a home medicine but not health luxuries but not culture amusement but not happiness
Random Thoughts
July 5, 2007 Quote of the Day "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." – Albert Einstein u know so many days i have wondered if this is all a dream, the love i feel for you and the strength you give me. will i wake up one day and it be gone? or will i have you forever? I used to think that love was a game and people were the pawns. now i feel that love is so real and so valuable that if you really love someone you must give all your love away to that person and have the chance of getting your heartbroken. Well with you I have given all my love, my beliefs and my faith. You are the first man that has ever been able to capture me like this and for that I will be forever faithful to you. You came into the darkest time in my life and you as one man Rudi have filled my days with sunshine and hope. I swear to God that you are all I want out of this life. the opportunity to be able to grow with you, laugh with you, nurse you when yo
I'm Not Ignoring You :)
Sorry I know that people are writing to me in my shoutbox and sometimes I am able to write back and other times I am not. I moved and now am living out of the area to recieve high speed so am stuck with dial up which really really sucks. It takes forever for things to load up on here which makes it difficult to rate and comment bomb but I am trying my hardest to help my family with the leveling and the contests. I am slowly getting this done, just don't give up on me. I am still here and still trying to get things done :)
Who I Am
There are many lessons in life that only time can teach you, like how much you love someone. It's nearly impossible to know that, until you spend your days without them. And then there are those lessons that you can learn only through the beating of your heart, and through feeling such strong emotions that you can barely breathe. Then finally, the essence of time and the power of your heart crossing paths, and the only knowledge you're left with is the realization that time is the one thing that keeps you from letting go. No, it's never the embracing, or the kisses. Not the laughter or the tears, only time." For those who know me already , you know I LOVE to write stories , fantasies and poetry .. I post daily in Yahoo and many numerous sites . I hope you enjoy and well , if not . that's your business.. I rose off the bed, holding my baby's hand. I had the chocolate syrup...and cream...all over me and he was a bit messy himself. Somehow holding his hand and walking over to the
Life Through The Eyes Of A Mirror
as we enter this world, form babies to adolecants and to our adulthood, learning skills to bring us to the next phase of our lives that is never known to us but is shaped by what we have do and what we keep on doing each and every day we breath. and at such a young age we think not of much elsem but that of witch we hold dearest to us. everyone has thier own, but its what drives us to anothers arms in feelings of what we think is love. Im not here to tell you, that you may not know what love is, or even to give you a speech that you are to young to realize what love is. but "You can not know great love without great pain." basicly in the short terms that no one knows what real love is. with all the things that we have in our lives, we love our parants, we love our pets, we love our possessions, and we may even love our jobs (i know not everyone does). "love" or the essence of love has us all torn up within ourselves to the point were its now just an empty word that comes form the mouth
Stripper Pole
In the middle of nowhere is the little town of Brentwood. One of those blink & you’ve missed it places. Brentwood does have one very bright spot the Wild Idol. The Wild Idol is a new bar that manages to be comfortable & familiar. . The club has one outstanding feature ( aside from the very busty & friendly bartenders), a stripper pole. Someone said it was a regulation stripper pole. I wondered what those regulations could be. Isn’t a pole a pole? Would there be a required diameter, rigidity , slickness of surface? Ahhh life’s little mysteries. Front & center stage it’s smooth surface conjures images of sex & sin. For 2 sets the pole beckoned but no one answered the call. Finally 1 brave soul reached for it & the floodgates burst. A couple of women really knew what they were doing. Strength, skill, easy grace & an aura of intense sexuality. Those that didn’t hav
Fuck work. Fuck bills. Fuck Bush. Fuck taxes. Fuck liars. Fuck thieves. Fuck country music. Fuck the tooth fairy. Fuck Shrek 3. Fuck Wal*Mart. Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck this blog. Stay tuned to The Fuck List for more random vulgarity...
Wrestling (raw,smackdown,tna,all Ppv
WWE WrestleMania - DivaUploaded by Juliajulia WCW Triple Cage Match!Add to My Profile | More Videos part 1" SD 29/06/07 (1)Uploaded by BaTaSh part 2: SD 29/06/07 (2)Uploaded by BaTaSh part 3: SD 29/06/07 (3)Uploaded by BaTaSh part 4:
Today's Memory
You were my world, my occassional pain left me behind alone in the rain drunk with your residue i lie here waiting, stretched out and bruised as my existence is fading moondancing silhouettes were my friends and my foes they calm yet they taunt they amplify my woes "close your eyes sweetheart, let dream take you down, the wall is our dancefloor it was ours since sundown" the silhouttes and you are so much the same you love me, you suck me in then you make me insane. you'd love me at night then you'd be gone tomorrow they'd dance for me all night then hide under my pillow there's a difference, after all between the silhouettes and you they don't break my heart they just do what they do so just write the word "love" on a piece of scratch paper i'll bury it with your smile. and mark it "R.I.P Heartbreaker"
When Woman Drink Too Much!
Family News
Okay I don't get it...why do people upload pictures and do not click on the (DO NOT ALLOW THIS UPLOAD TO BE RIPPED) box and then when a graphic (NOT PICTURE MIND YOU)gets ripped they get offended! WTH???? Grow up people. If you don't want something ripped take the extra one second to click the dam button and then we wouldn't have to call the WAAAAAMBULANCE when your whining!!!! that a silly graphic got ripped in the first place. K I'm done Venting...yall have a great day!!!! (HAPPY THOUGHTS HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!) =)
Remember Me
To Remember Me The day will come when my body will lie upon a white sheet neatly tucked under four four corners of a mattress located in a hospital busily occupied with the living and the dying. At a certain moment a doctor will determine that my brain has ceased to function and that, for all intents and purposes, my life has stopped. When that happens, do not attempt to install artificial life into my body by the use of a machine. Don't call this my deathbed, Let it be called the Bed of Life, and and let my body be taken from it to help others lead fuller lives. Give my sight to the man who has never seen a sunrise, a babies face or love in the eyes of a woman. Give my heart to a person whose own heart has caused nothing but endless days of pain. Give my blood to the teenager who was pulled from the wreckage of his car, so that he may live to see his grandchildren play. Give my kidneys to the one who depends on a machine to exist from week to week. Take my bones, every
Getting To Know My Friends :)
I Have All These Gorgeous Female Friends And Awesome Guy Friends And None Of Them Ever Ask Me If I Need A Ride Or Wanna Come To Their Parties!!!! Now I Ask This Question Below: What Is The Point Of SomeOne Saying They Are My Friend And Care About Me & Why Do They NEVER Come Visit Me Or Come Pick Me Up To Go Hang With Them Or At Their Parties But They Always Say You Missed A Kick Ass Party You Should Have Been There And They Know I DON`T Have A Car To Get There Is It Too Hard Or Too Much To Ask Me If I Need A Ride There And Back To Go To Their Parties ???????????????????????????????????? Please Answer Honestly & Truthfully :) 1. Do you have a tattoo or piercing? 2. How old are you? 3. Are you single or taken? 4. Eat with your hands or utensils? 5. Do you dream at night? 6. Were did u go on your last vacation? 7. Terri Clark or Rascal Flatts? 8. Do You Like Bush, the president? HERE COMES THE EQUALLY INTERESTING PART... 9. Whats your philosophy on life a
Other Shit
Sex records. Body: 1) The most ejaculatory orgasms ever recorded in 1 hour for a man is 16. 2) The farthest a woman has been recorded to ejaculate is about 9'29" (3 m). 3) The greatest distance attained for a jet of semen that has ever been recorded is 18'9" (5.71 m) which was achieved with a "substantial" amount of seminal fluid by Horst Schultz. 4) The average speed of a man's ejaculation is 28 miles (45.05 km) per hour. The average speed of a city bus is 25 miles (40.22 km) per hour. 5) Having swallowed the most amount of semen ever officially recorded Michelle Monaghan had 1.7 pints (0.96 liter) of semen pumped out of her stomach in Los Angeles in July 1991. 6) The female gangbang world record is owned by a woman named Houston who had intercourse with 620 men in one day! A video was made of this historic event. As it took about 10 hours (with a few very brief breaks) to do it, the average time of intercourse was less than 58 seconds. 7) Women hold the record for h
come show me some love i really need your help i am like3,000behind come show me some love i really need your help i am like3,000behind come on guys come show me some love it only takes a min i love u all and thank you so much .come vcte or comment bomb
My Kitten Basti
Ok, so I’m out in the back yard, with my dogs and I hear this noise that sounds like a kitten crying. So I go toward the noise, pass my outside dog. I look down over the hill into the woods, and I see this cute little kitten. She starts to come toward me; I have to get her because my dog might eat her. So I get her, and its so heart breaking that someone had discarded this cute little kitten. It touch me so much cause like her I had been discarded by the ones that I loved and who was supposed to love me in return. I take her to the house, my son comes out to see her, along with one of the dogs an let me tell you that’s when I found out she doesn’t like dogs. My other cat has taken and interest in her, so I let him out she didn’t like him either. She is starting to get use to the fact of the dogs and the cat. She has to sleep with me, she can’t be anywhere else. I know that she was dropped of cause if she was born outside most likely she would not have come near me. But she is just so
~current Members~
H♥llieH♥ttie™ {President of I.A.R. Bombsquad & Founder of I.A.R Fan Train} .:Lµ¢¥:. {Vice President of I.A.R. Bombsquad & Co-Founder of I.A.R Fan Train} "Fez" Real Life Husband to H♥llieH♥ttie™{I.A.R. Bombsquad & FanTrain #1} SheeRa ~Monkey's CT Wifey~{I.A.R. Bombsquad & Fan Train #2} .Çrå§h. Real Life Hubby 2 †Lµ¢¥† .:I.A.R. #3:. BRAD - ©REAL MEN WEAR PINK ™®{I.A.R.#4} tastyflutterby{I.A.R.#5} Luscious♥Mami - Fan before friend, plz{I.A.R.#6} Texan Vixen*IAR Bombsquad#7* §~Trista~§{IAR Bombsquad#8} (: Taki :){IAR Bombsquad#9}
Dark Goddess
The Charge of the Dark Goddess The Dark Goddess speaks to us, through the mouths of Lilith, Kali, Tiamet, Hekate, Nix, the Black Madonna, Nemesis and Morgaine.. I am the Darkness behind and beneath the shadows.. I am the absence of air that awaits at the bottom of every breath.. I am the Ending before Life begins again, the Decay that fertilizes the Living.. I am the Bottomless Pit, the never-ending struggle to reclaim that which is denied.. I am the Key that unlocks every Door.. I am the Glory of Discovery, for I am that which is hidden, secluded and forbidden Come to me at the Dark Moon and see that which can not be seen, face the terror that is yours alone.. Swim to me through the blackest oceans to the center of your greatest fears-- the Dark God and I will keep you safe.. Scream to us in terror, and yours will be the Power to Forbear.. Think of me when you feel pleasure, and I will intensify it, until the time when I may have the greatest pleasure of meeting
Humor And Pagan Humor
A religious man wonders if having sex on the Sabbath is a sin because he is not sure if sex is work or play. He asks a priest for his opinion on this question. The priest says after consulting the Bible, "My son, after an exhaustive search I am positive sex is work and is not permitted the Sabbath." The man thinks: " What does a priest know about sex?" He goes to a minister... a married man, experienced, for the answer. He queries the minister and receives the same reply. Sex is work and not for the Sabbath! Not pleased with the reply, he seeks out the ultimate authority, a man of thousands of years tradition and knowledge: a rabbi. The rabbi ponders the question and states, "My son, sex is definitely play." The man replies, "Rabbi, how can you be so sure when so many others tell me sex is work?!" The rabbi softly speaks, "If sex were work . . . my wife would have the maid do it." 1. Your quarter calls involve the "F" word 2. Your spiral da
Funny...but Not...;)
Have you ever really thought...what is love...? Could one find that special someone, their true love... It is so hard to believe people and have trust in them. I am a great example because i have been hurt so many times. I fell for people I thought cared about me, but what ended up happening was they were only playing with my heart to get me where it hurts the most. So yes my heart cant take no more heartbreak cuz it feels like i can die. I am teaching myself to guard my heart, and trying to show a friend to as well, because she has gotten hurt to. She has watched me fall head over heels for these guys and then get stabbed in the heart.. I dedicate this to tracys memories of me. We used to have great times working together... taking breaks, drinking coffee, laughing,playing a card game. Tracy you were always there for me. I just want this one memory of me to stay with you... well i want them all, but this one you can laugh at....ok wait all of them you can, cuz i always got you to la
From Me To You!!!
I just wanted to tell every one how much I enjoy being part of KSC. They are the best group of people that you could find. They know the true meaning of "Family" and mean the world to me. I have made some very dear friends. Just wanted to pass this along. Much love to my friends, fans and family. Michelle (micki69 Lady Warrior K.S.C.) I just wanted to let everyone know that I won't be on until Tuesday. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend. Much love to my KSC family. /"> I just wanted to say thanks to anyone and everyone that helped me level this weekend. You are all awesome.
Old Poems
My body stands as still as unwashed sand through the eyes of time No movement, no sound, no breath The unforgiving truth is ominous Through all of your violent shakes and unheard cries still nothing Through all your tears and all your cries Even throw the silent prayers and unheard hopes and desires Still I remain dead and motionless You decide to join me in death and take your life And you look into my eyes but you see nothing With your final breath you kiss me one last time As we join each other in the mists of the unknown alone in the vally of darkness i stand ive been walking for eternity my shoes are worn my heart has been torn as slient tears fall i walk on trugging through the pain going on when i should have quit along time agaio my life goes on my heart stops i see something i want yet i cant have another one of lifes jokes i shead no more tears i walk on As I fall from the sky. Will u be there to catch me? Or
Wanna Play
He didn't show up!!! I waited up in the tree, with a special gift for him. I was gonna jump out and surprise him, but he never showed. Luckily there was another couple up there sitting in the car. I watched them screw for a little, then I broke the window in with a bat. Turns out I knew them and they knew me, I guess that's why they took of like a bat out of hell. Why doesn't anybody wanna be my friend? I have no idea who the hell would want to read this. This is boring shit. My life sucks. I need a lawyer, one that will call me back, and not after the hearing is scheduled. Damn I wish I wouldn't have killed those people. Oh well, can't take it back now, but I am currently looking for new friends now, don't listen to my profile. To be my friend you should be submissive, after all you don't want to piss me off, you can ask my old friends about that one. All you have to do is go to the cemetery, and hold a seance. My therapist and psychiatrist said it would be good to meet new people
Please Stop By Sign My Guest Book
hi ,to all my ct family,friends and fans,could you all stop by and show some love by signing my guest,thank you!!and i will do the same for you if you would like me too! thanks again!
Everything & Nothing
If you could change one thing about the world we live in and there were no limitations,no punishments,& money was no issue. What would you do..with the opportunity?
Lessons Learned
Now Hiring!
Stalker On The Prowl..
::Just So We Are Clear:: Stalker:: 1. to pursue or approach prey, quarry, etc., stealthily. Prowl:: 1. to rove or go about stealthily, as in search of prey, something to steal, etc. Due To My Most Recent Stalker And Her Friends I Have Made All My Pics Private. And The Picture You See Now Will Be My Default Until I Decide Its Not Necessary. I Am Not Into Playing Games.. ANYONE Reading This Who Thinks I AM Dont Go Away Mad Just Go Away. This Is All The Time I Am Wasting On This BiOtch. Now Back To Your Regular Programming.. Thanks {{Hugs}} & {{Kisses}} .•*´¨`*• .♥♥Stephanie♥♥.•*´¨`*•.¸ Words Of A Stranger when the words of a stranger makes you if they have stolen your thoughts and made them their own @ that moment in time you realize you were never alone somewhere in this cold world someone feels as you do someone is in need of love as you are two trains of thought unknowingly traversing parallel tracks t
This world was your play ground, one challenge after another one victory after the next one more damsel rescued and the next demon slayed Choosing left when right was safer playing against all odds event he ones that meant your life you were invincible nothing could stop you not even the beast that haunted you for such along time and what did you learn form all this... YOUR STILL HERE! but nothing could have prepared you for this day the sun arose like normal the mist fades as it always did the birds sung the flowers bloomed all was normal... to you at least a soft voice caught your ear upon the wind leading you deep into an uneasy place then something happened a sharp pain hits you in the chest and suddenly you feel a cold breeze all around your body you can not hear not even the voice your vision blurs then all you see is darkness and finally THUMP! as your body collapses to the ground your heart beat stops with an agonizing burst and
come by and check out the dragons den lounge created by sinful eyes. it has real good music. it open to all. so drop and check it out if u like join.
Out Come The Wolfs!
Calling All Local Hotties
Well me and my girl have a purposal... We are looking for some guys to come hang out with us tonight...we are going to pints and quarts in olympia.. well lacey.. btw my girl is spoiled79 you can view her on my family list
To All My Haters!!!
Ok, I had to stop what I was doing to write this-I am telling all you haters and jealous peeps only once-GET A LIFE!It's pretty sad when you get butt hurt about an INTERNET relationship-and have to resort to childish and ILLEGAL tactics to screw with someone-Ya'll need to ask yourselves "Is it worth my time and energy to start drama over an internet relationship?" If your answer is YES-then you need to step away from your computer-I'm sure ya'll have families that need your attention-I do-I myself have been on here alot since I became a member-BUT-I always find time to spend with my family because I love them-but they understand that sometimes I have to be on here because I am committed to being a DJ-I don't come on here to hook up with men-I have one that I'm happy with (most of you who will read this know who he is-and if ya dont-read my CT name!) and I certainly don't come on here for Drama-I don't like it-and have no use for it-I've had enough drama in my personal life-and I refuse
This Is It
I am leaving the Patriotic Bombers since they are no longer a bombing family and work only on giveaways. I have no hard feelings with anyone there and hope we can all remain friends. Good luck to all of you guys!
SNIGLET (snig' lit) Any word that doesn't appear in the dictionary, but should. CHECKUARY (chek' yew air ee)n. The thirteenth month of the year. Begins New Year's Day and ends when a person stops absentmindedly writing the old year on his checks. EXPRESSHOLES (eks pres' holz)n. People who try to sneak more than the "eight items or less" into the express checkout line. BUCKLINT (buck' lint)n. The fine red and blue threads running through new dollar bills. BUBBLIC (buh' blik)adj. Addicted to the systematic popping of the bubbles in packing material. UNFARE (un fayr')n. The dollar you owe the cab driver before you've even moved a foot. ELBONICS (el bon' iks)n. The actions of two people maneuvering for one armrest in a movie theater. CHUBBLE (chuh' bul)n. The aerobic movement combining deep-knee bends and sideward hops used when trying to fit into panty hose. ZEBRALANE (zee' bruh layn)n. The striped area between the interstate and the turnoff lane where cars go when
The Art Of Multiple Orgasms
I used to blog on myspace alot! This is a copy of one of my own blogs I hope you like it! Okay today I chose to talk about Orgasms. Probably because I have many things that rev my engine. I mean I have lots of friends who say they have never had an orgasm. WHAT!! HOW?? I mean it is so easy. Just let yourself go and enjoy someone ravishing your body taking time to explore your every curve. I firmly believe the art to a good orgasm is to know your own body. So as I am talking with my friends I just blurt out. "Do you masturbate?" And my friend gives me a disgusted look and says NO WAY! Orgasm: The peak of sexual excitement characterized by strong feelings of pleasure and by a series of involuntary contractions of the muscles of the genitals, usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen by the male. Also, called climax, a similar point of intensity of emotional excitement. Climax: The point of greatest intensity or force in an ascending series or p
Serving Mistress M
i was finally allowed to cum last night and it was wonderful. It had been 7 days since i was last allowed to cum. There may be Mistress or slaves out there who read this and think 7 days if not very long, but i am new, and i used to cum almost everyday. On top of this, i have to wear stockings to bed every night, and i have a huge stocking fetish. i have to play with myself in the bed every night and not cum. At work, i have to go to bathroom twice a day and play with myself and not cum. i am also very turned on by the humiliation of playing with myself at work. i have to come to my Mistress on webcam, naked and bowing, another huge turn on. i am surrounded by stimuli, placed there by Mistress M, and i am only allowed to cum on her command. Last night was one of those nights. i put my stockings on as usual, but i also put 5 clotespins on each nipple. i tried to make it last, but i only held out less than 10 minutes. When i was done, i had a huge puddle. As per orders, i
My Sex Sign
Leo Since you are such an attention craver, you are into wearing the sexiest clothes and going straight for the sexiest person in the room. You like secure people who are genuine and have a good fashion sense. In bed, you like to get all of the attention, so you need a partner who can worship you for the hottie that you are. You like to dance and strip for your partner and you enjoy buying the sexiest lingere for yourself. Sex matches: Aries, Sagittarius, Libra Take this quiz at
I used to work in piece of crap jobs, where the boss would tell you this is where they wanted that and this is how you needed to do this while they sat on their butts and made the bigger bucks yet you knew their job better than them and you could never get ahead because you just didn't have that paper that said you were qualified enough to do that job. Or there were those other jobs were you find yourself happy at your job but find that you were getting screwed by another department because they just didn't know their head from their a---!!! Well call it anger, call it revenge, call it striving to better myself whatever. I said the hell with it went back to get my education. Here I am well over 25 yet still under 30 (just a wee bit under 30) working on my degree to do something good for myself, my family, and show those basturds a thing or two! Well guess what (so much for the wee bit under 30 Im into my 30's) I got that damn education did quite well, but yet those basturds still have
Wolf And Silvers Den
I love Rosemary. It grows profusely in my herb garden and just brushing by the wonderful smelling foliage will lift my spirits and make me want to cook something with it! Rosemary is also a wonderful ally for a variety of common ailments. An infusion of the dried herb will calm a migraine headache, help reduce blood pressure, or help you digest your food. It will also calm your nerves and make you feel more alert. To make an infusion, purchase dried herb and put a handful into a quart jar (canning jars work wonderfully for this). Pour boiling water over the herb and cap the jar tightly. Let sit for 4-8 hours. The longer it sits, the stronger the infusion will be. A dose is 1-2 cups per day, usually sipped slowly. You can add honey for sweetener. To sweeten your breathe, chew on a piece of fresh Rosemary. To make a natural tooth paste, grind a small amount of fresh rosemary in a coffee grinder (cleaned free of coffee!), then mix with a small amount of baking soda.
Alone Again...
Ok.. I have been a mother over half of my life. My kids are moving away. After this weekend I will be alone...really alone..for the first time in 20 years!! I do have a younger son, he's 14 and lives with his father. So, he visits weekends and summer. I"m having a heck of a time finding out who I am..and what I like to do.
who out there wants a salute if you do send me a private message or leave me a comment here for it i have new pics go check them out
Who Am I?
Ok, this is my first blog. Depending on the results, well we’ll see. I’ve read and voted on so many others and finally thought I would give it a try. Reading other peoples about other peoples thoughts and problems has sort of helped me deal with some of mine. I thank you all for sharing those things with the rest of us. The reasons for this little foray into my self expression will become clearer as you read on. I hope you all enjoy reading this, and will share your thoughts on this extremely confusing and demented look into my so called life. Now lets get to our story: About 2yrs ago I received a phone call from one of my sisters. At first it was a “How are you doing type?” conversation, but after a few minutes it turned to something very sinister. When I asked about my mother she proceeded to inform me that my mother had passed away. Not just that day but 2yrs before this phone call was taking place. I say again 2yrs before this phone call took place. After the initial shock of
Thank You For All The Love
Thank you for all the love.Thank you to everyone for Rating,Fanning and adding me as a friend.Im having a hard time keeping up with my alert box So if you will do me a favor and comment in here if you rated my stash or pictures so I can come bck and rate yours.Im trying to write everyones name down but at this point I dont want to miss nyone.Thnk you agin.You all have made me thnkful for my friendships not just tonight but every day.Much Love Thank you for all the love.Thank you to everyone for Rating,Fanning and adding me as a friend.Im having a hard time keeping up with my alert box So if you will do me a favor and comment in here if you rated my stash or pictures so I can come bck and rate yours.Im trying to write everyones name down but at this point I dont want to miss nyone.Thnk you agin.You all have made me thnkful for my friendships not just tonight but every day.Much Love Thank you for all the love.Thank you to everyone for Rating,Fanning and adding me as a friend.Im havin
Hello all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting so smashed because I don't have to work tomorrow. this is my firat blog, and I want to say thank you to all the people out there who have added me and fanned me and rated me 10. AND EVERYONE WHO RATED LESS IS JUST MEAN >:-P have a great weekend. Love you all shadowyuna
STROKE: Remember The 1st Three Letters.. S.T.R. My friend sent this to me and encouraged me to post it and spread the word. I agree. If everyone can remember something this simple, we could save some folks. STROKE IDENTIFICATION: During a BBQ, a friend stumbled and took a little fall - she assured everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics) and just tripped over a brick because of her new shoes. They got her cleaned up and got her a new plate of food - while she appeared a bit shaken up, Ingrid went about enjoying herself the rest of the evening. Ingrid's husband called later telling everyone that his wife had been taken to the hospital - (at 6:00pm , Ingrid passed away.) She had suffered a stroke at the BBQ. Had they known how to identify the signs of a stroke, perhaps Ingrid would be with us today. Some don't die. They end up in a helpless, hopeless condition instead. It only takes a minute to read this...A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victi
Not talkin' 'bout a year No not three or four I don't want that kind of forever In my life anymore Forever always seems To be around when it begins But forever never seems To be around when it ends So give me your forever Please your forever Not a day less will do From you People spend so much time Every single day Runnin' 'round all over town Givin' their forever away But no not me I won't let my forever roam And now i hope i can find My forever a home So give me your forever Please your forever Not a day less will do From you Like a handless clock with numbers An infinite of time No not the forever found Only in the mind Forever always seems To be around when things begin But forever never seems To be around when things end So give me your forever Please your forever Not a day less will do From you
Why Do People Try And Get You To Do Something You Do Not Want To Do
Why do people think that they have to keep asking you to do something that you do not want to do. What I mean is by turning on your cam or showing naked pics. When this people ask you to do it and you do not do what they ask. Why is it that if they do not get what they want they say bye. I feel that them acting this way just shows what kind of person they truly are if they do not get there way. Come one we are not children here and if you do not get are way say bye. Grow up this is an adult site. Ang's comp is fubar'd, her motherboard was fried so not sure when she'll be back online.
Are You The One?
Stuck In My Head Again
I 'm anxious and distraught for the last few days Now there's nothing of the sort that makes it all right This moment I am compelled to go off the deep end I clutch at every straw, my heart is sinking I give it one more try, I give it all I can I never wanted more, I give it one more shot I give it all I have to make things right What scope is there left? Where is the hope then? I've heard it all before when life is measured A slow and tame despair is inside all of us Your passionate old dreams sometimes you cry for I give it one more try, I give it all I can I never wanted more, I give it all I have I give it one more shot to make things right Little else we can cherish, little else is not enough A glimpse, a glimpse of heaven How can I see the stars? As all others do, as all others do As all others do , as all others do I give it one more try, I give it all I can I won't fail once more Take the bull by the horns Try my luck once more To make things ri
I Don't Need This Shit.
I was gone for a while tonight and then I came back to the PC to find this lovely message in my shout box.. Read from the bottom up.. E.The Frea...: BITCH STFU AND GET LOST I JUST DONT GO AROUND CURSING PEOPLE OUT THIS WAS ALONG TIME COMIGN I GOT SICK OF UR STUPID ASS IGGING ME ->E.The Frea...: well yay for you and Momma Murray. I work 12hr shifts.. I leave this on.. and I certainly don\'t need to come home to your foul mouth when I do sit down at the computer. You wanna talk about disrespect? E.The Frea...: The is the first time u have ever responded to a shout from mewhen I curse u out and I am erik damn murray thats who the fuck I am ->E.The Frea...: When I am here, I respond. Who are you to know when I\'m sitting here and when I\'m not? E.The Frea...: u never respond when i send u shouts and when u have been away and come back u never respond to my text anyway so it doesnt matter ->E.The Frea...: what is your problem.. my away message clearly states that I was AWA
Internet Love
It happens all to rare in life, you meet someone called friend That special bond that holds us close, and hangs on till the end Even rarer those bonds form `tween those who've never met Who've rolled the dice, or drew a card, played on the internet We dawn our quotes and avatars, emoticons and all We roll on floors and laugh out loud, while hugs and kisses fill the hall But in you love, i've found much more than any friend could give A warmth, a love, a passion, a reason for to live. You never come without a smile, or kind and loving thought You rouse such feelings deep within me, i had long forgot Just dots and letters, a picture of flowers, it somehow isn't fair That these are all i have my love, to show how much i care And so my dear, don't wonder why, or how we got our start Just know one thing, my sweet sweet love, you'll always have my heart. Feel free to comment
I smell the struggle of yesterdays problems like an old worn out newspaper I can almost taste the bitterness of my own self rebuttal I remember the days of unkind words and they were only spoken from my own mind I hear this angry voice and I know that It only wants to fail but I myself have found the fury I have found the blessings of finding my strength and Not just the moment of strength that I see every day in you I finally have found the Orb of light inside me Inside my head, inside my heart I have found my fury unleashing it from the bitterness and Calming it to the peacefulness this peacefulness I call It Love... Self Love Love In Me And Love In Thee... [ Blinded by the Bitterness ] As the shadows overwhelm me My Days and nights go old Your love is digging me deeper Im sinking into your whirlpool My heart is bleeding, my soul is weeping Your Love Just Tears me up inside Your Heart is cold but your soul is colder My Heart is bleed
Videos & Lyrics
There's some kinda love And there's some kinda hate The maggots in the eye of love Won't copulate And it's a whoah oh oh oh oh And it's a whoah oh oh oh oh And it's a whoah oh oh oh oh I said whoah whaoh oh, oh oh oh Hear the cats cry Liitle tortured babies in pain Cracked necks by settled limbs They don't hesitate And it's a whoah oh oh oh oh Baby whoah oh oh oh oh And it's a whoah oh oh oh oh I said whoah, whoah, oh There's some kinda love And there is some kinda hate I'm gonna tell you all about it now The maggots in the eye of love won't copulate And it's a whoah oh oh oh oh Baby whoah oh oh oh oh Baby whoah oh oh oh oh I said whoah whoah oh, whoah oh Children in heat They have no conscience No resistance You gotta see this big reaction No resistance Cellophane sex, a new way of life With your heart in your throat And the other alive You've been pissin', pissin' blood Pissin' blood for seven days No resistance No resistance No re
I am back on furbar. Sorry it been so long. I have a boyfriend been together for almost year and still so much in love with him. I still love talking about anime/manga and ICP So peace forever Brittany
This is the meaning of love. ...Some one who makes you feel good about living , who brings out the you who is oyful and giving ~ this is the meaning of love Something that gives you a chance to be strong or trust in another to help you along ~ This is the meaning of love Some where that feels like you ve been forever ~ A place where your learning and growing together~ This is the meaning of Love. All that i am, All that i dream and do, is better and brighter and filled with more meaning because of my feelings for you. This was giving to me by someone very very special to me thought i would share.... ME I know this is not original its From a card i found but it says so much about how i feel! TO MY SOULMATE!!!! Some how out of all the twists and turns our lives could have taken,and out of all the chances we might have missed, it almost seems like we where given a meant ~ to ~ be moment ~ to meet, to get to know one another, and to set the stage for a
I Need Some Help In A Contest Please
I am a contest for the sexiest soldier... please stop by and vote for me please, i would really appreciate it... also, to vote, you have to add, fan, and rate the contest host... thanks a ton
Love Hurts
I'll let another tear drop fall to wash away the pain I'll let another tear drop fall to wash away my shame Another little tear drop will wash away your touch One more little tear drop for memories that hurt so much I'll let another tear drop fall to wash away the years And one more little tear drop to wash away my fears If I sit down and cry hard enough and let the tear drops fall, Maybe I will forget and won't remember you at all. Words, words brought our first encounter, the look into her glowing eyes, the caress of our bodies together, the kiss of her sweet lips to mine, the first I love you, the memories that will last to infinity, misspoken words took her away in a heated moment, and the only feelings left are from the memories of our love, and always remembering the words, the words not spoken He's walking away from me. His back is tense, and I know he's angry with me. I suppose he's got a right to be angry. He's looking back at me now with that look in h
you know ladies we all at one point in time have gone thru this the way read the book...all his work is eye opening href="" target="_blank"> /" target="_blank"> My Best Bud Loves Mermaids so These are for Her!!! Ok sometimes Im not very good at expressing myself...especially when people ask..."what describes...who are you" I hate those ??? so here are some lil bittys to help "describe me"
Come On By
Hey All it's me again I want you to stop by and sign my guest book don't be shy just show a lil love people!!! I just hate when people tell u up here my auto 11's are on and then I go rate like 100 pictures and I get's no love in return!!! What type of shit is that? I mean I don't need the rates but if i rate that many pics I expect some type of love back!!!
Consumer Reports Guide To Selecting A Girlfriend
Well it's been almost 20 years since Consumer Reports reviewed girlfriends. Since then, styles have changed, new features have been introduced, and the market for girlfriends has changed substantially. So we here have decided another report was needed. As in a car or a computer, you should ask yourself what you need a girlfriend for before obtaining one. This will, in large part, dictate the final product which you should consider. Do you want an intellectual companion? A baby factory? A hiking partner? Or just lots of good, old-fashioned sex? Identifying your needs is the first, and most important, step in selecting a girlfriend. The second question which needs to be addressed is, of course, how much you are able to spend. This is largely determined by your physical and personal characteristics--if you are good looking, have a commanding personality and a good sense of humor, you will have the resources to obtain a fancy, high-end model. On the other hand, if you are ugly, smell
Soap Operas
Y&R The election results are in.... An injured Nick returns to Genoa City.... Victor comes home.... Colleen agrees to help Kevin find Jana, causing a rift between her and Adrian. AMC Tad figures out what JR has really been up to on Monday, July 2.... On Tuesday, July 3, Adam is devastated over JR's betrayal. "His children are his life," points out Executive Producer Julie Hanan Carruthers of the senior Chandler's reaction to JR's machinations. "Adam is tortured by what he did DAYS On Thursday, June 28, Stefano corners Hope after catching her snooping in the DiMera mansion. "They're good scenes," praises Kristian Alfonso (Hope). "We had a lot of fun doing them." ... On Friday, June 29, Belle and Philip receive their divorce papers.
I will be leaving Fubar effective May 1st.It seems to be too much work on here.Your all Great but the Fun ran out. Ciao all,Jim(BONER)
Such An Airhead
I have to rant somewhere that my family isn't going to see this because if they see this, they're going to flip out on me. They're on myspace. I'm here. The myspace on speed! I've been stressing out lately. I was going to ride in my friends' semi and I fucked it up for his sister, as well as myself. I lost my purse which had my IDs in it. I'm in the process of getting a new DL and new social security card. I'm basically in a situation where it's best for me to keep my overly opinionated mouth shut, don't say a word because if I let one wrong thing out, I get kicked out. I watch my brother in law with my nephew. Pisses me off more than anything because we were at the pool on Sunday. Jeff was just being himself. Throwing Steven into the water, harmless stuff. Then he did something and Steven started crying. He's 8 freakin' years old. Not in middle school or high school yet. So, he can't do shit back to Jeff without getting reprimanded. Jeff was acting innocent like "o
Man's Obsession
This is for all the women out there who like me are completely boggled by mans obsession about photographing his manhood and putting it on his profile. Now i am no prude or anything like that far from it but why is it men have this obsession? Is it to prove they can get it up or to show the size or what?? I mean we all like to see a nice cock when we are in the throws of passion but when it is thrust upon your laptop/pc screen it's not a pretty sight. And to be honest guys it isn't your best side. I think us ladies all know what the last chicken in the shop looks Guys if you think us ladies are obsessed by size most of us aren't. It's not the size of the rocket it's the power behind it.
Silly Really
A Litte Bit Of Me
You tell a man one thing and he assumes, that it means you want nothing to do with him. What's that about. Then he barely talks to you cause he knows that it won't go any further. What's that about? Whatever...I don't have time for this, and it's annoying and it just destroys my good spirits. I need a stiff one. And I don't mean a dick. I don't know why I allow him to make me feel this angry. It wasn't going anywhere in the first place, and it certainly won't go anywhere now. That part has been established. I don't get it, and I guess I just needed to bitch about. Stupid ass people take this shit too seriously. Why do I have random people telling me that I downrated there friends. Dear god. Suck it up and give me a f*cking 1 or whatever you want. If you feel I single you out then give it back to me. People feel like I walk all over them, and crap. well do it back if it'll help you sleep better at night. It's not my fault your friend isn't attractive. haha. I'm not attractive, but I gue
Temptation Party!!!
No you do not have to come to a party to order, we not only offer an online view of the book, or I can send you a catalog. Message me for more information! I do accept, checks, money orders, and credit cards, via Pay Pal. All orders are sent privately to your address. Nothing shows that is is a "sex toy". This is to keep what you ordered private! We will be having a GIRLS ONLY Party on July 22 @ 3pm!!! There will be a cut-off limit on how many people can come...... so if you want to be one of those people, message me with your full name, address (this is so I can send you an invitation & directions), and if it will be just you or if you will be bringing people with you!!! If you would like to host your own Temptations Party I am taking requests for the month of Sept. It is filling quick, so get your requests in soon! I do any party..... so nothing is out of the question!!! The more people you invite the better!!!! Message me for more information!! So you want FREE gifts??? All you
____________________## __________________###* ______________.*##### _____________*######__________________## ___________*#######_________________### __________*########._____________*##### _________*#########.___________*###### _________*######*###*________*####### ________*#########*###____-_*######## _______*##########*__*##___*######### _____*###########___*_____*######### ____############_________*######*###* ___*##*#########________*########*_*### ___*_____########_______*#########*__*## __________#######______########### ___________*######___*##*######### ____________*#####*__*____######## ______________*####* ______####### _________________*###______*###### __________________*##*______*#####* ____________________*##______*####* _____________________*##._______*### ____________________.#####.______*##* _________________.#########______*## ________________.####*_*####. ______*## ____________________________________.##### _________________________________.
So, I'm surfing through google, and I find a yahoo 360 page with my pix on it, which would be fine had the page been MINE.....which it isn't. I dunno what to do!!!! They have semi recent pix of me. This is a screen shot I took.........I have no idea who it could be. I have no idea why they would impersonate me. I mean there's nothing on the profile, but I didn't put these pix up. And I have no idea who the friends are, except that amazon lady is very familiar, I found her on Cherry Tap as well as a couple other people I know on Cherry Tap through her friends list. I dunno what to do, I already reported it. I'm waiting for a response. Because of this my profile is now private. This person updated the yahoo 360 profile on April 14, 2007. So I dunno.....what I do know is it's not me that posted that page.
I Suck At Every Think
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, Why would he treat you any differently? Always have your own
A Story..... Nsfw Possibly
Waiting...her heart craving, finally alone no more as he touches her. Loving her with every touch, with every slap.... How can this feeling ever have been denied, she opens herself completely, submission in all it's glory as she holds herslf on the ground worshipping him and what he holds for them both. Her body trembles under every harsh touch...knowing that in the end he will bring her every pleasure, she had ever needed or desired. for too long he has only been in her dreams, and now they are all in front of her. Her body feels as it is going up in flames with the completion she knows her soul feels. He kneels behind her and brings her up to his chest lovely, as only her Master can be. She knows she is owned and with his arms around her, all she needs to do is but listen for his breath, his heart beat, his words for guidance. He feels her trembling with every emotion as she shakes under his touch. For the first time in her life, she is taken to a bed where she is nee
Blogitty Bla Bla Bla
My all time favorite scarry movie is "The Pit and the Pendulum" Starring Vincent Price. Man that dude was scarry. I was like 8 years old when I saw this movie. I went to the Deanza Drive-in with my Aunt and cousins. She had an old pice of shit car. We had to stop at every other gas station to let the damn thing cool down from over heating. Which added to the adventure on the way home. While at the movie you couldn't have come across a quieter group of little kids. We were scared shitless. The music and the acting were just the thing to set nightmares of that swinging blade into my sleep for months. I love being scared. I have to admit that the horror movies of today don't thrill me the same way. I look back and think how did those cheesy movies make me so picky. I think one of the best movies I've seen lately in the horror catagory is "The messengers". Just cause movies where little kids are victomized are so taboo. Well I guess this brings me to a question... What's your favo
Prayer For My Mother
Dear God, Now that I am no longer young, I have friends whose mothers have passed away. I have heard there sons and daughters say they never fully appreciated their mothers until it was too late to tell them. I am blessed with the dear mother who is still alive. I appreciate her more each day. My mother does not change, but i do. As I grow older and wiser, I realize what an extraordinary person she is. How sad that i am unable to speak these words in her presence, but they flow easily from my pen. How does a daughter begin to thank her mother for life itself? For the love, patience and just plain hard work that go into raising achild? For running after a toddler, for understanding a moody teenager, for tolerating a college student who knows everything? For waiting for the day when a daughter realizes her mother really is? How does a grown woman thank for a mother for continuing to be a mother? For being ready with advice ( when asked ) or remaining silent when it is most ap
no longer does my heart feel hollow no longer do I cry no longer do my days seem endless no longer do I sigh no longer am I lost in time no longer does my voice seem trembled no longer does it hurt to follow since you my life has become much brighter since you I have reason to smile since you the pain of loss has all but ended since you the past seems less complicated since you the future looks a whole lot closer now that you love me I can breathe again now that you hold me I can sleep again Now that you are with me I can dream again now that I have you I can be me again. I have not been this confused or shed so many tears it's been since I met you i forgot all my fears. alone and crying i wonder why i let you see the very deepest parts of me. i trusted way too much and didn't want to see. I still don't want to admit how i   truly believed you loved me Hey all i FINALLY have a salute up and new pics...RATE ME MAN!!!!!!!!!!!
The Aussie Test Now With Working Link!!!!!!
Just A Thought!!!
You can be like thats real, thats fake all you want! But i know! I know! If its that 100. I mean you act like its a... test or sumthin. Even when you a child you know a hug or a kiss is genuine you know what im sayin so. Cut that shit out! N i can't trip cuz i know ppl think the same bout me BUT! Those that know...know that im 100. 100% 100 full 100 me! No matter what that shit might be... thats him! I mean that me! Whats good fubar!!! This yaboy Loe Hoosier, I just wanted to get at my friends, fam, n fans and let yall know that i appreciate all the love a nigga got when i was down. Shot out to my Jersey devil BJ, momma rode out wit the boy his whole bid n that right there is love fasho! You already know what it is babygurl...Much love fareal. My BM n my homegurl Fe for lookin out when nobody else would or could, we day oners so yall already know what it is!!!! Im home now its on n poppin yadig! To my Holland hottie Ivory Delight for checkin on the boy from halfway across the world lma
About Love.
i dun konw about love .. i was so loney since i was young.. i got no brother no sister. and i never thing about love. until i met with my love missy.. when i met with her i feel something can't explaing the feeling. my heart beat is so fast and i dun dare to talk to her. i m not a idiot actually.. but .. the feeling is trange.. is that call love? fuck it's so complecated.
My Friend Needs Help To Win This Contest Lets Show Her Some Love
-xoxo- Airam
When evening shadows fallAnd another day is through. This is the special time I love to share with you. You take me in your arms As the stars begin to shine. Your kisses are long and deep . Forever I know you'll be mine. How I love the evenings The moonlight, the stars and you. Sharing our hopes and dreams,Together we'll make them come true. Sending you my love with words spoken true. From the depths of my heart I send them to you. Like petals of a rose is the touch of your face I can feel it every time we're wrapped in embrace. The taste of your lips is like sweet dripping honey. Feels like butterflies swirlin' inside of my tummy. The warmth of your touch is like a torch of fire. The tingling inside makes me burn with desire. So I just wanna say my love for you is true. Along with these words I wanna say "I Love You" Our professor asked us to write something about our seatmate, luckily my best friend is my seatmate and
breath deep into my hands and ill take you away to a better place whisper nothings into my ears i'll take away the nightmares put into your dreams a soft melody if you'll only sing for me I tried to take away the nightmares I watched you falling to another like before... and again scream into my eyes your pain i can do nothing again whimper softly into my ears i close my eyes to you put into my dreams a wicked place for all my games I tried to make you smile instead i watch you scream for eternity like before... and again (this song is not for the band infurnum, it is to be sung clean. it is dedicated to three men who fought so hard and against all odds. who had their differences but stood by one another. One was a leader. He is remembered and the one who would unify. The other is one who is the guardian of the people. The last is known for his power and his pride. the three brothers stood against another and another. Their stories along with oth
Short Stories
There is a legend of five angels who fell from heaven because they wanted to live on earth. There were five of them. Wind, Water, Fire, Earth and Spirit. All of them beautiful, all different in their own ways. The angels wanted to be part of the great plan for heaven was not as fascinating as the plan. So the divine one set them on earth to find and keep peace with the plan. Soon they split up after they all decided to explore on their own. But instead of make peace, they shot the plan out of its original course. But the divine one enjoyed it, for they made the plan a new path. One that could never be seen. The divine one enjoyed this and left the sisters. They made the greatest changes in the plan. Earth created the ground for each to walk on. So that they would be able to sleep when the Goddess came out to shine soft light on them. Spirit made the plants grow, so they would have fruits to eat and trees to keep them cool from the God's strong light. Fire made light and gav
Darwin Awards 2007
>Yes, it's again that magical time of the year when the Darwin Awards are >bestowed, honoring the least evolved among us. > >Here is the glorious Winner: > >1. When his 38-calibre revolver failed to fire at his intended victim >during a hold-up in Long Beach, California , would-be robber James Elliot >did something that can only inspire wonder. He peered down the barrel and >tried the trigger again. This time it worked. > >And now, the Honorable Mentions: > >2. The chef at a hotel in Switzerland lost a finger in a meat-cutting >machine and submitted a claim to his insurance company. The company >expecting negligence sent out one of its men to have a look for himself. He >tried the machine and he also lost a finger. The chef's claim was approved. > >3. A man who shovelled snow for an hour to clear a space for his car during >a blizzard in Chicago returned with his vehicle to find a woman had taken >the space. ; Understandably, he shot her. > >
Those On My Yahoo Im Please Read
I'm sorry to post such a serious & sad one, but I really need your help. I thought this might have more chance of a response as a blog as I'm not sure how many saw my bulletin asking for prayers for my friend Lillie. Could you please pray / send healing for Gypsy (design name AussieGypsy). You possibly won't know or have heard of her unless you're a member of Yahoo & Google groups which share stationery for the email program Incredimail (she designs letters), but any & every prayer & dedication is welcome. Thank you. The mail at the end of this blog was posted earlier in the week from two good friends of mine, Renate & Sabrina Heckmann asking for prayers for Gypsy, who is a good friend. I never had the pleasure of getting to know her myself, but have collected the stationery she made for years. I really don't know if she can recover, although I've been told that something called spontaneous remission sometimes occurs where serious illness such as cancers have been diagnosed & we
My Mini Mes Birthday
Today Is My Mini Me's 9th Birthday , :), Show Love , Thank You ;) Tommarrow Is My Oldest Son Williams 8th Birthday :) , Please Wish Us A Happy One, Ill Be Gone On His B-Day The 24th, Please Leave Lots Of Love, Will Miss Yall While Im Gone, might be a great day to get away from the tap dramma, maybe i come back, and everyone will be getting along for a change,
Life Is A Risk
I travel an endless road of life. It starts it ends there is no rest. In spots I see glimmers of hope and peace. They are welcome oasis's in a desert of space. I seek feelings that have been lost. They have left with another gone to a scared place. I reach out badly, foolishly and with no grace. Refused I panic, run scared embarrassed and in disgrace. Only part rest is personal and will remain that way, ha ha hard to be old also Sometimes all moves turn out wrong , but still it is was worth the try. Better to try and loose than never experience true life. Sorry unsure what a blog is ha ha
i was just wondering if any one would be nice enough to buy me a vic membership please i was just wondering about the blasts as i see other people buy them for thier mates or who ever but how come they wont buy one for me or how about buying me a vic memebership please is any one from australia
Here I Am Again.
Hope Everyone Had Great Fourth. Spent It All Alone Didn't Hear From My Kids Or My Ex. Here It Is Seven Months Since She Left Me And Her And The Kids Are All That's On My Mind. You Would Think That I'd Be Over Her. But Fifteen Years Was A Long Time And Whether She Know It Or Not I Loved Her With All My Heart. I Don't Know How People Move On, I'm Tryin But It's Hard. Wish I Hadn't Been Such An Idiot And Realized I Forgot To Show Her How Much I Cared. Not Sure If I'll Ever Believe In Forever Again. I've Tried To Act Like A Single Man. And Aint Happy Doing That. I've Had A Few Dates Met A Few Ladies. But I Can't Seem To Move On. I Hear She Has And That Depresses Me More Cause That Just Means My Chances Of Puttin My Family Back Together Is Slim. Sad That Everyone Starts Out Believing In Their Vows And One Or The Other Stop Believing. I Undertand That Their Are Circumstances That Deem Divorce But I Never Thought I Was In One. I Don't Know How I Could Have Been So Blind.well Anyway Time To Wi
The Rose
Lots of Love to you ~~Spanky~~
Can Halen- I'll Wait!live Drums' Performed By Mart(party) Kays ! Friends',family,friends',fans',ct, You All Rock!!this Viedo Is Fi

Daily Horoscope: Libra For September 12,2007 Your good energy makes people much more likely to take notice of you -- and it's all positive attention! You may get singled out for praise at work or have an easier time meeting new singles. Daily Horoscope: Libra For June 23,2007 Know your limits. The problem is you're so endlessly gracious and welcoming that sometimes people think you're always available, like a 24-hour supermarket. Disabuse them (nicely) of that notion. Daily Horoscope: Libra For July 6,2007 Has it ever occurred to you that while you're out looking for sugar, you've got plenty of honey at home? That whole everything-I-need-I-have-right-in-my-own-backyard concept hits pretty close to the mark for you now.
Hi Everyone
AS you all know, I was going through a broken heart, I am all mended, and thanks to all my CT friends, that helped me out. My questions is, can you forgive someone after you feel such a pain in your heart? I am not very good at foregiveness! I am not sure, if you have noticed I haven't been on FUBU much lately. My mother is in a COMA in a ICU Unit right now, and I really need everyones prayers. So my life is very choatic right now and I am making alot of life changing decisions and crying my eyes out on a daily basis. Fot those, who have my cell number, I would love a phone call.... Miss ya much! Sheriliciousss Chance You'll Live to 100: 39% Okay, so living until you're 100 is a long shot... But who knows how good medicine will get in the future. Take a little better care of your body, and you'll might actually see the triple digits. Will You Live to 100?
I went out to the hazelwood, Because a fire was in my head, Cut and peeled a hazel wand, And hooked a berry to a thread; And when white moths were on the wing, And moth-like stars were flickering out, I dropped the berry in a stream And caught a little silver trout. When I had laid it on the floor And gone to blow the fire aflame. Something rustled on the floor. And someone called me by my name: It had become a glimmering girl With apple blossoms in her hair Who called me by my name and ran And vanished in the brightening air. The beginning of anything is great, you learn how to incorporate something new into your way of life. We have all kings of beginnings in our lives, home, family, career, even death is a beginning. The most intrigueing of beginnings is a budding romance, this can be the most wonderful high a person can have. Think about it, your blood rushes, your heart pounds, your mind absolutely goes blank and all you can do is just look at th
My New Piercing & Tristens Last Day Of Nursery School
On June 21, 2007 my mom & me went to get our eyebrows pierced. Nope it didn't hurt when we got it done, but it does hurt when you pull on it or sleep on it its been very fun the last few days. I have posted new pics & my moms got some up as well. I think its awesome that my moms now into tattoos and piercings and that we got one together. I am waiting till July to get my lip done but I will be getting it done. Tristen's last two days where the 21 & 22. I got some pics of him on each day just so I have them. Thursday when I picked him up it was okay but Friday it was tears after tears. You never really know how close you get to someone till you know there either not coming back in September or that you have to wait all summer to see them. Trisha will be back in September & that's a great thing Tristen just loves her. Melissa & Mel will not be back in September. Melissa is pregnant and due in October & Mel's going to be going to another school to help out. Tristen was going great all
Acacia Dave
There is a Christmas tree on my profile. Stop by and leave a gift if you can! Thanks and Happy Holidays!
How was everyone's holiday? Ours was interesting. Started off going out to Grapevine lake to see the big fireworks show out there with my Beazil's parents. My best friend, Becky and her son came along to watch. Beazil's parents decided to stay home last minute, but we still wanted to see the fireworks so we went on without them. On the way there, I started smelling something and said out loud, "Man, I hope that's the car in front of us. It smells like something is burning." Beazil replied in a tense voice, "It's anti-freeze. There's smoke coming out from under the hood." Of course, that had my alarm bells ringing and I jumped. "What?! Smoke?!" I hadn't been able to see it cuz it was only a little and it was blowing away on the drivers side as we went. I immediately looked at the temperature gauge and it was on H-O-T!!!! I freaked. I tried to tell Beazil that he had to stop the car now! EVERYONE knows that if the thermostat says it's hot and it's smoking..
My Poems
my 1st ever poem back in 2002...
Airplanes And Women
Subject: Airplanes & Women Why Pilots Prefer Airplanes Over Women > > >* Airplanes usually kill you quickly; a woman takes her time. > >* Airplanes can be turned on by a flick of a switch. > >* Airplanes don't get mad if you do a "touch and go." > >* Airplanes don't object to a pre-flight inspection. > >* Airplanes come with a manual to explain their operation. > >* Airplanes have strict weight and balance limitations. > >* Airplanes can be flown at any time of the month. > >* Airplanes don't come with in-laws. > >* Airplanes don't care about how many other airplanes you've flown before. > >* Airplanes and pilots both arrive at the same time. > >* Airplanes don't mind if you look at other airplanes. > >* Airplanes don't mind if you buy airplane magazines. > >* Airplanes expect to be tied down. > >* Airplanes don't comment on your piloting skills. > >* Airplanes don't whine unless something is really, really wrong. > >* However, when airplanes go quiet,
The Sword
Songbird Songbird songbird in the tree; I long to hear you sing for me; Your voice is what I wish to hear; For in my soul I hold you dear; I know the reasons you wont sing; But only sadness does that bring; I ache to keep and hold you tight; For in my hands all will be right; I know that this will never be; Your heart and spirit must stay free; Night is coming so you must go; Your wings the silken air do row; For each flap a tear does fall; I know I'll never hear your call; Little songbird on your way; Try to think of me someday; Songbird songbird. THE SWORD I am the instrument of death; Designed to make you end your breath; Like a razor bright and sharp; My only goal to pierce your heart; I do not know right from wrong; I only know that I am strong; I am a tool designed to fight; A tool that must be held with might; I fight in light I fight in dark; My point will always find its mark; I was forged to keep you well; And send your enemies to hell; To ho
Poem 6-19-07
::About Me:: Name: Bitch Nicknames:too many Birthplace: MI. Current Location: MI. Hair Color: brown Eye Color: brown Height: 5' 3" Tatoos: 16 Piercings: yup My Car: 2000 dodge intrepid Overused Phrase: I don't know ::Your:: Bedtime:3 am Best Physical Feature: smile, eyes, laugh Most Embarassing Moment: ummmm i dunno Most Missed Memory: high school Weakness: my daughter Best Friends: 1 Goal For The Year: too pass all my college classes with a b Greatest Fears: Something happening to my daughter ::This OR That:: Pepsi or Coke: mt dew McDonalds or Burger King:mc donalds Hot Tea or Ice Tea: iced tea Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla Water or Milk: water Coffee or Hot Chocolate: neither Hugs or Kisses: i love both Cats or Dogs: dogs Summer or Winter: Summer Scary Movies or Romantic Comedies:scary Love or Money: LOVE, money is only money Green Grapes or Purple Grapes: purple ::Lover:: Perferred Eye Color: any Perferred Hair Color: any Short Hair or Long Hair
Stupid Fuckers
Well to the fucking idiot who thinks they outsmarted me by being on my computer while i was in Kentucky. It could only have been 2 ppl. So someone is too chicken shit to admit it. and that is fine. You were caught and you know that even with the lies you tell me I KNOW IT WAS YOU!!! you covered about half of your tracks and left the rest wide open MORON. For the person who did this......You think your world is falling apart....just wait. now that you have fucked with one of the things that any person in their right mind knows better than to do....I will make you hate me, i will make you regret every waking moment you spent with me, i will be sure to tell you all the things that i know will tear you to pieces. I Dont regret a thing, nor will i feel bad when i see you cry. best of luck to your fucking stupid lying ass.
Mil Related
More than 800 of them have lost an arm, a leg, fingers or toes. More than 100 are blind. Dozens need tubes and machines to keep them alive. Hundreds are disfigured by burns, and thousands have brain injuries and mangled minds. These are America's war wounded, a toll that has received less attention than the 3,500 troops killed in Iraq. Depending on how you count them, they number between 35,000 and 53,000. More of them are coming home, with injuries of a scope and magnitude the government did not predict and is now struggling to treat. "If we left Iraq tomorrow, we would have the legacy of all these people for many years to come," said Dr. Jeffrey Drazen, editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and an adviser to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. "The military simply wasn't prepared for its own success" at keeping severely wounded soldiers alive, he said. Survival rates today are even higher than the record levels set early in the war, thanks
beware of racingfan23....... email is they seem to stalking a certain crowd of ppl. be sure to block this idiot
About Me !!
Around the corner I have a friend, In this great city that has no end, Yet the days go by and weeks rush on, And before I know it, a year is gone. And I never see my old friends face, For life is a swift and terrible race, He knows I like him just as well, As in the days when I rang his bell. And he rang mine but we were younger then, And now we are busy, tired men. Tired of playing a foolish game, Tired of trying to make a name. "Tomorrow" I say! "I will call on Jim just to show I'm thinking of him." But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes, And distance between us grows and grows. And the corner, yet miles away, "Here's a telegram sir, "Jim died today." And that's what we get and deserve in the end. Around the corner a vanished friend. Remember to always say what you mean. If you love someone, tell them. Don't be afraid to express yourself. Reach out and tell someone what they mean to you. Because when you decide that it is the right time it might be too late. Seize the day. N
i'm tired, almost 1:30am here visited my cousin fabienne and my uncle and aunt they are great as always well i arrived successfully to Switzerland yesterday at 2:10pm local time buenos aires - paris was kinda crappy, because we had too much turbulence (i felt like in a coctail bottle, the one that the barman shakes lol) paris-zürich was great, a tiny airplane and really nice trip :) short one i came to uncle's home DEAD lol, but before comming here we visited another cousin i didn't see in a long time slept from 10pm to 8:30am and i still feel the jetlag lol and i'm hating it! i already started with the job search and appartment search :) this is going to be GREAT! cross your fingers so everything goes good :P i'll take new pics soon :) and you'll love the mountains i see everyday! hugs ok i'll try and go to sleep now... next time i login i'll be in switzerland :) wish me luck and success! :D *hugs everyone*
"1753 Gazette" My Newsletter
"Spanky" The Editor hahahahahaha ... I have way too much fun in life !! :)
Lets Not Forget
Two charged in brutal murder By MICHAEL C. LEWIS / Journal Staff Writer Editor’s note: Because of the nature of the crime, the following story contains graphic details which may disturb some people. The story may be inappropriate for younger children. MARTINSBURG — A 41-year-old Martinsburg woman was raped, beaten unconscious and had her throat slit before her body was dumped along a rural area off Dam No. 4 Road in the Scrabble area on May 27, police said. The victim’s body, discovered by state police Wednesday, was identified by the West Virginia Office of the Medical Examiner as Tina Marie Starcher. The identification of the body was made on Friday by way of fingerprints. West Virginia State Police charged two men, Anthony Juntilla, 37, of Hedgesville and Fred Dwayne Douty II, 28, of Martinsburg, in the first—degree felony murder of Starcher, and issued warrants for their arrests on Saturday. Juntilla was charged last week with threatening retaliation against a
Dreams And Reality Lost And Found
ok so im pissed its not offten that get this way im to the breaking point and i have a feeling im about to get pushed over it sure i have my problems and sure i try for somethings too hard but how the hell am i that bad off i try i realy do and sure i fail alot but thats life its not my choice i have so many hidden problems i dont share with anyone and i exadurate the ones i do share im a fucking hipocrit im emotional but not as bad as i say i am i let myself feel like that because it makes me know im alive i take the hurt and turn it to drive for another day my life is full of it who's isnt there is only so much one man can take in this world and im not one whos gonna be reborn and start again im gonna continue lifes a bitch but so what is always been that way few steps are taken on the right path those who dont make there own will come to an old rickity bridge at some point and have to cross you may fall but hell all u can do onece u reach the bottom is go up so why am i complaining
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Answer honestly and see what you get! According to experts, I am : 71% KinkyTake the Kinky Quiz at 1 question1 chance.1 honest answer.Thats all you get.You get to ask me 1 question.        (TO MY INBOX)Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is.No catch.But I dare you to repost this.And see what people ask you
Thank You :)
Hey, Just wanted to tell everyone that had my back and helped me out the other day when I got down rated thanks bunches. I over reacted a lil bit had a crap day and well it REALLY ticked me off lol. Thanks for listening to my hissy fit and letting me vent.
there we were, about to start the first gig. First live show. Will, The band's front man was having anxiety, as were the rest of the guys .. Stew, Cale, Andres and Dewayne. But when they fired off with the first song, Puddle of mud's She F#ckin' hates me, Well, The whole place just came to life then. The bar staff said they'd never seen Southport's food and spirits with that many people in there on a fridaynight. By the end of that first set, Everyone had loosened up a bit and let the music flow forth. I was on the sound board for the band. Trying to balance everything out tro give them the best sound I could. Everyone was satisfied with my mixing. I think I'm the ONLY member of the group who didn't drink lastnight. Kim, Will's wife, got f*ckin' SMASHED! it was a great time there for everyone. To all those who showed up to see Ashes of Eden, YOU make the band what they are. YOU will make them who they will become. Thank you. Ded Mike, sound and tech support for Ashes of
The Musings Of Tee
1. If you owe someone money, always pay them back in a bar. Preferably during happy hour. 2. Always toast before doing a shot. 3. Whoever buys the shot gets the first chance to offer a toast. 4. Change your toast at least once a month. 5. Buying someone a drink is five times better than a handshake. 6. Buying a strange woman a drink is still cool. Buying all her drinks is dumb. 7. Never borrow more than one cigarette from the same person in one night. 8. When the bartender is slammed, resist the powerful urge to order a slightly-dirty, very-dry, in-and-out, super-chilled half-and-half martini with a lemon twist. Limit orders to beer, straight shots and two-part cocktails. 9. Get the bartender's attention with eye contact and a smile. 10. Do not make eye contact with the bartender if you do not want a drink. 11. Unacceptable things to say after doing a shot: Great, now I'm going to get drunk. I hate shots. It's coming back up. 12. Never, ever tell a bartender he made your
The Etiquette Of Outdoor Cooking
After four long months of cold and winter, we are finally coming up to spring and BBQ season. Therefore, it is important to refresh your memory on the etiquette of this outdoor cooking ritual, as it's the only type of cooking a real man will do, probably because there is an element of danger involved. When a man volunteers to do the BBQ, the following chain of events are put into motion: Routine: 1. The woman buys the food 2. The woman makes the salad, prepares the vegetables, and makes dessert 3. The Woman prepares the meat for cooking, places it on a tray along with the necessary cooking utensils and sauces, and takes it to the Man who is lounging beside the grill - beer in hand Here comes the important part: 4. THE MAN PLACES THE MEAT ON THE GRILL More routine: 5. The woman goes inside to organize the plates and cutl
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I Probably Hate You Unless I Tell U Otherwise
please big on me :) click here go to that link, thanks guys :) i entered a tattoo contest today, its my first contest ever, i dont really expect to win, but it would be cool to get real close so please help me by bombing the hell out of my tat! EVANESCENCE LYRICS "My Last Breath" hold on to me love you know i can't stay long all i wanted to say was i love you and i'm not afraid can you hear me? can you feel me in your arms? holding my last breath safe inside myself are all my thoughts of you sweet raptured light it ends here tonight i'll miss the winter a world of fragile things look for me in the white forest hiding in a hollow tree (come find me) i know you hear me i can taste it in your tears holding my last breath safe inside myself are all my thoughts of you sweet raptured light it ends here tonight closing your eyes to disappear you pray your dreams will leave
Friends & Family
friends and family dont mean they have to be blood related when ya care about anothers heart and soul and feelings and understands there ways in love and life and those whom are willing to be there 4 each other no matter what the odds are then to me thats what true friends and family means !!!!!! TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY i want to say ty 4 being here 4 me and know that if ya need me im around .... loves huggs to you all .....
Men Suck!
Why do men have to suck? I know not all of em suck, just the ones i meet. They want to mind fuck you every chance they get, they suck.
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Kinky Test
According to experts, I am : 89% KinkyTake the Kinky Quiz at HEY EVERYONE I NEED HELP IN A SEXY MORPH CONTEST JUST CLICK ON THE picture below IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE PIC TO VOTE ON. just read the info underneith my pic in my photos...
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God Life Is Great
so much fun in life wave pool this weekend
One Of The Hardest Things In Life To Learn
"Those who hammer their guns into plows, will plow for those who do not." - Thomas Jefferson FIREARMS REFRESHER COURSE 1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject. 2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone. 3. Colt: The original point and click interface. 4. Gun control is not about guns; it's about control. 5. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords? 6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words. 7. "Free" men do not ask permission to bear arms. 8. If you don't know your rights you don't have any. 9. Those who trade liberty for security have neither. 10. The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights reserved. 11. What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand? 12. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others. 13. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday. 14. Guns only have two enemies; rust and politicia
The Panther's Feelings And Thoughts...
“Just cause you don't understand what's going on don't mean it don't make no sense And just cause you don't like it, don't mean it ain't no good And let me tell you something; Before you go taking a walk in my world You better take a look at the real world Cause this ain't no Mister Roger's Neighborhood Can you say "feel like shit"? Yea maybe sometimes I do feel like shit I ain't happy 'bout it, but I'd rather feel like shit than be full of shit! And if I offended you, oh I'm sorry... But maybe you need to be offended But here's my apology and one more thing...fuck you!” -- Suicidal Tendencies, “You Can’t Bring Me Down” One of the best metal songs in history, and it perfectly describes how I feel toward idiots how want to sit back and take potshots at my lifestyle from the safety of the sheepherd. Things will turn out okay… I hear and say that a lot when conditions for myself or someone else become adverse. I believe in it, but sometime I wonder if they eve
Figuring This Out
Hey I just wanted to say thanks for all the love you guys have been sending, and the ratings! I'm still trying to get used to all of this so bare with me, and I'll be updating my page and give you guys more pics and stuff about me!
Prarie Day
prarie day bright flashing eyes, rich flowing mane slashing black hooves crossing the plain shining tail streaming out from behind wild spirit borne on an unfettered mind green prarie grasses painting the ground trying to hide the deep hues of brown gray granite mountains making their stand cold silent guards high over this land the soft cool kiss of morning's first breeze stirs all the senses and rustles trees seeing her run free through this wild land stirs every sense inside of this man hard pulsing heart jumps in his chest watching her galloping off to the west sinews taunt in her thundering stride filled with excitement that he can't hide what beauty here on this earth could compare to what he sees now, watching her there poetrty in motion perfection that moves dancing to cadence tattooed by her hooves each stride taking them farther apart each stride beating a hole in his heart a cloud of dust rises behind her as her figure grows distant and far that
Broken && Confused
[Not for anyone in particular. I just felt like writing a little something.. ] Just like always, you come in to ruin the day. Never again will I trust what you say. I hate that little note you left. And the way it was folded just so right. Makeup all over the place. Lookin' like a fuckin' disgrace. I hate the pieces you left. And the way I just can't breathe right. Listening to that overplayed love song. Realizing you're really gone. I hate that you left. And the way I don't feel right. It's a damn good thing I don't need you anymore. Because if I did, the blood would be all over the floor. ---By Britny R. 2007 Damnit. Have you ever wanted to be with someone who was in love with another person? Well, if you haven't, then don't. It sucks ass. especially when you know that they deserve so much better and you just want to be there for them. Never let anybody tell you that you can't do something. Prove the motherfuckers wr
Why does white trash think the rules dont apply to them.Why do they think there problems are worse then anyone else.WHy do they have gaggle of kids and bitch about how many kids they have.How come they dotn pay there bills then bitch repo man came.My co worker needs to be tossed in the river. my coworkers are too stupid to breathe..... I HATE STUPID LAZY SKANKY PEOPLE
It Might Be!!
Daily Horoscope: Gemini For June 23,2007 The bond between you and this special someone will grow even stronger, especially if you learn to deal with outsized expectations. Neither of you is perfect, but you might be perfect together, given some time and effort The more alcohol I consume the more I'm starting to believe that this is about me and Angelina Jolie!! I wonder if she's thinking the same thing?? Oh well, time will tell!!! :D
Just Quotes
Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel, stop deciding with our mind what we want our heart to feel, sometimes we just have to go with it, whatever happens, happens. Tell her how you admire her when she's upset, hold her tight. Pick her over all the other girls you hang out with. Play with her hair. Pick her up, tickle her and wrestle with her. Just talk to her. Tell her jokes. Bring her flowers just because. Hold her hand and run. Just hold her hand ... let her fall asleep in your arms. Tell her she looks beautiful. Look into her eyes and smile, kiss her on the forehead. Kiss her in the rain. If you wwant to be with her ... tell her. I am a daughter, A sister, A grand-daughter, A neice, A cousin, A friend. I am a partner, A student, A young girl and A grown woman. I am confident and scared terrified and excited. I am loving and caring and thoughtful and hopeful. I am sick and tired. I am shy and friendly a
i have myspace 2
I have potspace!$$ Ju99@13tt3
Pic At Work Contest
To all my Family, Friends and Fans: As many of you may or may not know my wife is holding a pic at work contest . I will help any and all of my friends that participate in this contest for my wife. PLease contact me for details or go to her page and submit your photo. Please come and support and help my wife with her first contest ever. thanks Kewlrunning!!1 To all my Family, Friends and Fans! My Wife is holding her first contest and it is going to be a pic at work Contest!( pic must be you at work or what you do while at work) PLease come help her out and enter the contest P.S to all you domesitc goddess and Mr. Mom's please don't feel as you don't work yall hold very important jobs of taking care of the house and family and that is how we surive . So dont let that stop ya from entering the contest!!!!! RULES !!!!!!!! 1. Comment bombing photos 2. Self bombing allowed 3. Bombers welcomed 4. Have Fun DATES OF CONTEST Contest will start on June the 25th
what about today? well I got up at like 8am to leave my parents house to come over here and babysit for my brother, that was nice, we talked on the drive here..very lovely indeed holy crap I never seen it rain so hard was kraaazy well other than that..hmm what else? watched some tv watched the movie "Prime" and "Hitch" now im sittin here...being bored on CT and writing in my blog about my day did a few mumms..that was fun.. :) work tomorrow write another day!!!!! What happens today? haha I dont really care, it's pretty boring right now but keeping busy with everyone on here lol commenting and viewing my profile...jeez tryna keep up you guys :S hehe what else..ohh tryna figure out what I wanna do with today haha other than try to attemp to clean up, holy what a sentence... sposta be doing a lot today but I decided midas well just be lazy before work on monday :P hehe...what else...? I dunno...haha what else to say for toda
When I Am Mobile...
Fubar changed their settings again and it's harder to access fubar from my phone. :( While mobile, I CAN: view profile comments comment on profiles view photos comment on photos read my shoutbox view blogs While mobile, I CANNOT: rate anything view profiles reply to my shoutbox view photo comments write in my blog read mail reply to mail Thank you to everyone for all the love. I enjoy hearing what people think. Hope you all have a great week! Please rate all my blogs if you read them. Thanks, Orgasmic Aimee I mostly use my phone to access CherryTAP. I wish that all the features of CherryTAP were available to mobile users. When I am mobile, I CAN NOT: rate anything read mail reply to mail read photo comments When I am mobile, I CAN: read profile comments comment on profiles look at photos comment on photos accept friend requests In one of my earlier blogs, I said that fubar changed their settings and I couldn't get on fuba
I am almost 30, and I am single.. Which to some would be horrible, but to me, its not.. Call me crazy but I love my friends(the VERY few I have), and I love my son, he rocks, and really right now that is all I need. So, FOR THE LAST TIME, I am not strange cause I dont want to meet a man and live happily ever after. My happily ever after will come, when its damn good and ready. Quit trying to rush me!! THE END !! LOL !!
To Every One On My Friends List
I just want to make it very clear that im not into any kinda drama. If you creat any on my page or anywere around me you will no longer be my friend. I am here to have fun and to have lots of friends. I am very ill and dont have time to scrue around with loosers! So if you fit the definition below you can stay if not take yourself off my page couse I dont want to be your friend or have anything to do with you. I am very seriouse!!!! Julia Definition: Friend Friend Noun 1. A person you know well and regard with affection and trust; "he was my best friend at the university". 2. An associate who provides assistance; "he's a good ally in fight"; "they were friends of the workers". 3. A person with whom you are acquainted; "I have trouble remembering the names of all my acquaintances"; "we are friends of the family". 4. A person who backs a politician or a team etc.; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library". 5. A member of t
Da Lou
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Shannon's Blog
This is my real honest opinion about relationships and how they effect people emotionally and mentally.I have been in 3 relationships in past years, 1st one in 2001, 2nd one in 2006, and I just recently got out of my 3rd one this year.Its been an emotional rollercoaster for me but some how I manage to get through all these relationships without having a mental and emotional breakdown.I should have had one after all the shit I have been through with guys.Now I am single and still unhappy cause I really wanted to be in a good relationship but ended up in relationships that went bad without warning.I just want to be in a stable and happy relationship and not get my heartbroken again.Oh if only finding true love wasn't so hard.But,alas I will continue my quest in seeking true love in hopes that I will find my prince charming and actually know what it is to be in love and actually finding someone who can mend my broken heart.Now I will address why I can't find a guy and why falling for hot
Kisses Telecom (work)
SEX Anything goes with becca- Oral Sex - Fina Domm- Anal Sex- Other- Stockroom:
=(^_^)= Engla Pimpin True Friends
&hearts TumsFun &hearts Brits On Tour@ fubar =(^_^)= ENGLA@ fubar I ONLY HAVE FRIENDS WITH SALUTE PIC OR FRIENDS WHO ARE VIC MEMBERS AT CT CHECK OUT THOSE AWESOME BIRTHDAY GUYS & GIRLS PLZ ADD, RATE & FAN :) 8th july Goldschlager!!!!!!!!!@ CherryTAP ~**Princessbiatch**~ rate, fan & add me, and i love comments will return the favor@ CherryTAP stevemarlowe
Song Lyrics
Doesn't everyone have a favorite Usher song? What's your's? This one's my favorite... "U Got It Bad" Oh, no, no, no, no, no... When you feel it in your body You found somebody who makes you change your ways Like hanging with your crew Said you act like you're ready But you don't really know And everything in your past - you wanna let it go I've been there, done it, fucked around After all that - this is what I found Nobody wants to be alone If you're touched by the words in this song Then baby... U got, u got it bad When you're on the phone Hang up and you call right back U got, u got it bad If you miss a day without your friend Your whole life's off track You know you got it bad when you're stuck in the house You don't wanna have fun It's all you think about U got it bad when you're out with someone But you keep on thinkin' bout somebody else U got it bad When you say that you love 'em And you really know Everything t
I Got Jokes! = )~
Due to increasing products liability litigation, American liquor manufacturers have accepted the FDA's suggestion that the following warning labels be placed immediately on all varieties of alcohol containers: WARNING: - The consumption of alcohol may leave you wondering what the hell happened to your bra and panties. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: - The consumption of alcohol may make you think you are whisperingwhen you are not. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: - The consumption of alcohol is a major factor in dancing like an asshole ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: - The consumption of alcohol may cause you to tell your friends over and over again that you love them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: - The consumption of alcohol may cause you to think you can sing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: - The consumption of alcohol may lead you to be
My Pimpout
Just keeping this..She is definetely right when she says that noone will complain..Thank you to all my new friends and fans.I Love Sporks thank you so much for helping me. It's insane that all I ever see this lady doing is help other people. I never see her asking for anything for herself, so it's time someone did it for her She actually does return all of the love that she gets so, you guys know what to do I very rarely pimp people out, but when I do, I have yet to have ONE person complain that they didn't get anything in return! RATE her FAN her ADD her thanks :D BooBoo.......@ CherryTAP (repost of original by 'I Love Sporks -add me as a fan before you add me as a friend-' on '2007-06-22 15:50:00') Just keeping this..She is definetely right when she says that noone will complain..Thank you to all my new friends and fans.I Love Sporks thank you so much for helping me. It's insane that all I ever see this lady doing is help other people. I ne
Who Are You
so whats up? i been on ct for a while now and i meet alot of friends but i dont know alot of you. wtf. you guys cant write or say hi. why did you add me? deleate me cause i dont want to be a fucken number. and to my friends that stay in touch. thanks. all you other mother fuckers write or deleate me...peace. p.s. im not tring to be a prick. i just want real friends
Fyi Lol
I Believe... I believe that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I believe that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I believe that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. I believe that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I believe that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I believe that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I believe that you can keep going long after you can't. I believe that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I believe that either you control your attitude or it controls you. I believe that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take it's place.
ok everyone if you dare take this sexual questionnaire of 100 questions! Copy and paste this email into a new email , add your answers and repost it! Enjoy! = )~ 1. what's your first name? Missy 2. male or female? female 3. how old are you? 35 4. what country or state do you live in? Illinois 5. would you say your straight, gay or bi? Bi 6. describe what you look like physically: I'm 5'2 Blonde Hair , Blue eyes , BBW 7. ok now how many fingers? Wow, stretched or un stretched? I can accommodate 3 fingers before it gets painful. 8. if you haven't told us already girls, what's your breast size? 38DD 9. how big are your nipples, and are they pink or brown? my nipples are big, and they are pink. 10. what's your favorite part of your body? My lips , My tongue and My eyes..of course! 11. what's your favorite body part on the other sex? Ass and Nice Chest 12. what's your favorite place on your body to be kissed? Lips, Neck and Ears
Sweet, Sweet, Rock And Roll !!! Written By Marty Kays!
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I'm Back..........
Aloha Everyone!! As many of you know I took off to Maui on a mini vacation.... but believe me! I made the MOST of it!! I went parasailing (4 times!), went on a sunset cruise, went to Lanai in a boat. Saw a big school of about 200 dolphins some of which were close enough to touch! I did so many things I still cannot believe I was only there 5 days!! I did NOT want to come home...! But now it's back to work and the same ol' routine! I've uploaded some pics of my trip. Please stop in and rate them. Also, if you haven't signed my guest book, please stop in and do so! Mahalo and have a beautiful weekend!! Aloha, Makahalei
Her King! As she said "I Love You" and held him tight, He smiled then said it too His plane was late he couldn't be late, He said I'll be back i promise you One last kiss before he leaves a tear fell from his eye She knew he'd miss her and tried to be strong, then began to cry Another tour and more lonely nights she couldn't say a thing For in his eyes she was his queen and he knew he was her king Six months went by they stayed in touch then one day it was gone The last time she got to hear his voicehe sang her favorite song "If 2maro Never Comes" he sang then I love You and goodnight She kept a secret from her soldier for reasons this was right He never knew before he passed he would have a son She named her boy after him and knew that must be done Some said it was wrong not telling him, Some said it was so right She sings that song to little King she sings it everynight. JW It may take you two minutes to read this, but if you do not take the time
The Land
The Land torrid land of death and pain you know why i've come back again no one here can fathom why i'd leave them for the chance to die you know that i'm not here for death or seeking glory for myself but trying to find a part that's lost knowing too well at what the cost ones left behind will never know how much it hurts me that i go i can't find words to tell them why for if i could, you know i'd try if i could make them understand why i walk your hardened land perhaps they'd not feel so betrayed, know that i'll be back some day your dusts will choke me once again your cruelty will become my pain the things i'll never understand become my home in your hot land and wrongs that i'll see everyday i'll try to change but, there's no way and knowing that before i try won't stop my efforts, you know why i'll hold my memories close to me remembering love i feel not see i'll wake eachday and do my best right some wrongs and try the rest and i'll
Knight Force - On With The Changes' ! Written And Performed By Marty Kays !
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I'm A Survivor
I'm A Survivor ...through and through I'm A Survivor... you can walk all over me you can spit in my face you can do whatever u want to me but this is the day i make my stand and i show that I'm A Survivor. I have done nothing but fight all my life for things and have people either take them or rip them away from me and im here to say no fucking more because I'm A Survivor....I love i hurt i ache im human just as the next person sitting next to you, the next person your talking to, No matter what it is really im human jut as the next person... I love my kids and no matter what it takes i will work whatever when ever to make sure they have all that they want and then some....I love one person that has made my life totaly differnt since the first time i met him and i seen that there is trueth there is happyness there is love out there for me....through and through I'm A Survivor.....I will make my name stand i will let it be known that im here i can take it and you...him.... her.... wh
Knight Force - Only Time Will Tell ! Written And Performed By Marty Kays !
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Fan Sign Requests
I have been getting a ton of fan sign requests and they are so hard to keep track of on here, so if you want one please send me an e-mail to - that way I won't lose 'em! :-) It may be a little while, but I will get to it with the next group and post them in my Fan Sign folder... Thanks! Love ya!!! ~Krystal~
Update On Me
Roads of Love Traveling this road of memories past, Thinking of love that always should last. Giving your love and feelings with care, Then finding out their love was not there. Two sharing in love that you feel was the same, One shares in love and the other a game. Playing this game with love that will be, Surely will bring sadness to them you will see. The Love that is gone, they have no one to blame, Their feelings have changed and now it's a game. So traveling this road of Memories past, For some brings sadness that will always last. But the ones with love in their hearts that you know Will surely have happiness in their life as they go. Good-Bye Have you wondered why you shared in those past days, Given all your love and feelings in so many ways. Was your heart just longing for someone to care, Or just lonely cause no one was there. Feelings were shared from your heart you know, So much Love from feelings that did
A Video Made In Honor Of Baby Kaleb And His Family ( Pray For Baby Kaleb)
Pray for baby Kaleb.Add to My Profile | More Videos ********** Kaleb's story PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS BABY AND HIS FAMILY. Like any responsible parents, Kristy and Josh Schwade wanted what was best for their only child, Kaleb. They did a background check on their day care worker, and even interviewed her in her home for two hours. Kristy was even willing to drive 20 miles out of her way to provide, what they thought to have been, "optimum" care in a good neighborhood. On May 9th, 2007 their worst nightmare was brought to fruition. After being in the care of this home day care worker only five times, Kaleb was picked up by his Grandmother and Aunt. They noticed that he was lethargic and experiencing obvious breathing abnormalities. The caregiver told them he was ill, but Kaleb had just visited the doctors the day before and was given a "clean bill of health". When Kristy arrived at her mother's home to pick Kaleb up, she described him as "having no life in his b
Waiting For Love
Waiting For Love As I sit here looking into the sky, I think of past memories, I begin to cry. I wonder if Love is always this way, Or will it take sadness first, before Love will stay. Out of my Heart my love does flow, With so many feelings and all that know. If it takes sadness before Love will stay, I guess I'll have to wait for another day.
Drifting Apart
The Darkness If only it were so simple, to cruise through life smelling roses; but the obstacles blacken the countryside, and we unwittingly crush them beneath our boots. Dreams sustain us through the madness; goals give a finish line to our race. Yet they change with every turn, around every wall, and remain elusive throughout the quest. Mistakes are made, and regrets are our luggage; we will drag them with us to slow us down. The victories are flashes of light, sudden and unlasting, which allow us to glimpse the road ahead before darkness descends. Love is bitter, yet it is the bread that keeps us. Over and over it fills us up, only to starve us. The people whom we love shape our destinies and our strengths, yet leave us cold and alone in the darkness. There are others trying to race to the end; occasionally, we bump into one or two. The bonds we form help us down the path less lonely but eventually, we lose each other in the darkness. Alone is not a
Knight Force - Follow A Rainbow - Written By Marty Kays And Best Friend Lead Gutairist Brian Kendrick !
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No Name :
This is for my own reading pleasure for the most part. The people that know me know that at times I am very private with my own personal problems and "dilemma." At this very moment my life is "perfect" yet it is all mest up in my head. I can no longer hide the fact that I'm on medication and have been for most of my life. My sister already knows and pretty much is old enough to understand. I am no longer as afraid of being misjudged or labeled because I have come to an understanding that I never had no one there to validate me so now that I'm older it shouldn't be any different. Right at this minute it can be such a wonderful moment in my life with my son in my life and everything going so "great" for me and me getting a job doing what I wanted to do. I'm happy yet I do not "appreciate" what I have in life. People always tell me that they would love to be in my shoes, how I am spoiled and always get what I want yet if they only knew they wouldn't talk. To those of you who pray for me (
Share with me the blankets that your wrapped in because its cold outside cold outside its cold out side share with me the secrets that you kept in because its cold inside cold inside its cold inside and your slowly shaking finger tips show that your scared like me so lets pretend were alone and I no you may be scared and I no were unprepared but I don’t care tell me tell me what makes you think that you are invincible I can see it in your eyes that your so sure please don’t tell me that I am the only one that’s vulnerable impossible I was born to tell you I love you isnt that a song already I get a B in originality and its true I cant go on without you your smile makes me see clearer if you could only see in the mirror what I see and your slowly shaking finger tips show that your scared like me so lets pretend were alone and I no you may be scared and I no were unprepared but I don’t care tell me tell me what makes you think that you are invincible
Reality Death, departure, walk away, walk out Should I or should I not pout Family and friends Lovers and one-night stands I have loved, lost and lived How do I trust, how do I love again I should move on, it's all in my past But my pain remains, continues and lasts This pain lingers in my heart, mind and soul Damn it - why is this world so cold How can I have faith in God and family When people I love are taken from me Where can I find true and loyal friends I'm sick of the lies, fights and revenge Hurt continuously, hurt at a young age How do I love again with all of my rage How do I get past all of this, show me a sign So I can leave my sadness, pain and crying behind
Michael's Bloggin!
Not to forget the single dads that take care of their children full time! This is a tribute to the nice guys. The nice guys that finish last, that never become more than friends, that endure hours of whining and bitching about what assholes guys are, while disproving the very point. This is dedicated to those guys who always provide a shoulder to lean on but restrain themselves to tentative hugs, those guys who hold open doors and give reassuring pats on the back and sit patiently outside the changing room at department stores. This is in honor of the guys that obligingly reiterate how cute/beautiful/smart/funny/sexy their female friends are at the appropriate moment, because they know most girls need that litany of support. This is in honor of the guys with open minds, with laid-back attitudes, with honest concern. This is in honor of the guys who respect a girl’s every facet, from her privacy to her theology to her clothing style. This is for the guys who escort their drunk,
Stoned Azz Bitches
Stoned Azz Bitches Weed Smoking Commandments and Dictionary The 10 Commandments of STONED AZZ BITCHES 1) Stoned Azz Bitches must either carry a blunt, a blunt wrap, or papers in thy purse at ALL times. 2) Stoned Azz Bitches Must NEVER speak of being BLOWED when fellow SAB's are without weed. 3) Three Hits and PASS... DO NOT BOGIE THE BLUNT! 4) Ash Before You Pass! Thou shalt NOT be an ASHLEY! 5) NEVER Jenny the blunt! Wait til the next Bitch's hit to tell a story! 6) Fuck Folger's, Weed is the best part of wakin up! (Wake N Bake) 7) Thou shalt never hide a good weed deal from thy fellow Stoned Azz Bitches. 8) Always be ready to smoke... Never say you don't feel good enough to smoke. WEED MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER! 9) Keep comments about Mexicans to a minimum during HIGH TIMES... 10) WEED COMES FIRST! Fuck the electricity bill, fuck the phone bill... THOU MUST ALWAYS HAVE WEED! DEFINITIONS A-bomb- marijuana an
Dance Of Terror
Dance Of Terror Window panes come crashing down Amidst the tears and pain Vanishing hopes are gone and flew away Up above through twilight Shadows cast across the floor Reflections of the past Trembling thoughts of one Dwelling deep within the soul A mystical sense of reality Captured by the craze All in bewilderment Of the shock in the wave Creatures of the dimness Chattering amongst the green Everything slows in stillness What is this we see?
Sexy Love
HEAR WHAT OPRAH HAD TO SAY ABOUT MEN.. If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends". A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, why would he treat you a
About Me! = )~
green eyes - people with green eyes have the most passion put into having sex, they don't have sex with strangers and rarely will have a one night stand, therefore they have lasting relationships with great sex. you will meet the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with if you repost this. blue eyes - people with blue eyes have the most sex positions and techniques. they're awesome at diversity and trying new things and very rarely will say no to ANY experience. if you have blue eyes and repost this you will learn your favorite technique while having sex in the next 3 days. brown eyes - people with brown eyes last the longest in bed. . they are very satisfying and love to please and can EXCEED your pleasure standards. if you repost this if you have brown eyes you will have the best sex sometime in the next 5 days. hazel eyes - very mysterious and unpredictable, they're usually into the leather bondage scene and getting into costumes such as maids, nurses, sch
Bad Things
My doggie, which I call him my baby puppy is 15 years old and dying. He has been a memeber of my family since before my mom died and he was her little buddy, like he is now mine and he isnt going to be a part of my family much longer. My pictures have him in them because he is so special to me.
Another Downrater
My Blog
its 2:13 am, and I'm really tired now lol. I'd just like to say thanks to all the people who have added me to their friends lists and rated and commented my profile and pics. I'm off to bed now, so night all x
Random Thoughts
Based on a survey I just took about sex, it raised an interesting question about how long you last in bed. Of course I've heard lots of complaints from girls about how brief men operate in the bedroom, but I've also heard that you can last too long in bed, too. Like if your spouse or partner starts making comments about redecorating the room or changing the wallpaper, you might be taking too long. My question is if an hour too much or is it just about right? Here were the questions. The important question is #8, in yellow. 1. Do you like to kiss and cuddle in bed? 2. Do you like a lot of foreplay? 3. Do you like to receive oral? 4. Do you like to perform oral? 5. Do you like to try more than one position? 6. Do you like to try more than 3 positions? 7. Does sex normally last for more than 10 minutes with you? 8. Does sex normally last for more than 1 hour with you? 9. Do you like to wear something sexy to bed? 10. Do you like to
God Just Let Me Not Have Too Emo A Blog
Sometimes I just feel messed up. Like I'm cracking, gonna fall apart. I can actually envision my skin cracking and nothing but shadow within. But I get that way sometimes. It's one of the reasons I hate looking back at the past. There are so many things that haunt me, even as I try to live with no regrets. But it's awfully hard. So far I've had sex with 8 women now. That's a damn lot when you get right down to it. It's so little, but so much. The first two were merely experimental, too. I just wanted to see how long I could go at a time. I was quite happy with almost meeting the two hour mark, by the way. I was just 13 minutes away. But I still regret 3 out of the 8 women I've had sex with, and that sucks. Sometimes I feel like I'm a whore. I feel so dirty and I can't get clean. I do that whole shower of shame thing, but without my clothes on. Usually I come to my senses and finish cleaning off. Today, not so much. I just washed up and got out, still feeling miserable. I
Can You Help Me???
This is my way of asking for help..if you or anyone that you know loves art..drawing..I need you!Below is the wings of an angel that belonged to my mother..sad to say my children broke it..I want a tattoo honoring my mother..and for years I have looked for just the perfect set of wings..while in bed..I thought of this pair of I am asking everyone that i know if they can draw them for me..NOW I am asking my CT family..I know you will not let me down~hugs~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ this is a MUMM..that i posted months ago..wanted to share it with you again... OK my friends..I am having a little issue!You see I want a tattoo.BUT..not just any one will do!I have been on a hunt for a PERFECT pair of angel wings.YET nothing is what I REALLY want.You see this will be done in honor of my MOTHER..I want wings on my foot in memory of her..she spent the last year of her life in pain..not able to really walk..So my QUESTION to you..should I settle for any old
My Trials And Tribulations Lol
You scored as threesome, your fantasy is a threesome. you would like to feel the best of both worlds during sex and you wouldn't mind your man having two women(as long as it's just for sex) threesome90% lesbian75% anal70% whips and chains60% romantic55% no fantasy10% what is your ultimate sexual fantasy? (for my ladies only)created with What Slavery Is What Slavery Is Not slavery is not about suffering . . . . . . slavery is about service. slavery is not about humiliation . . . . . . slavery is about humility. slavery is not about pain . . . . . . slavery is about being present. slavery is not about being used . . . . . . slavery is about being of use. slavery is not about control . . . . . . slavery is about letting go. slavery is not about what is done to you . . . . . . slavery is about what you do for others. slavery is not about abuse . . . . . . slavery is about acceptance. slavery is not about proving anything . . . . . . slavery
Leaving For 2 Weeks
ok my friends family and fans i'm leaving for 2 weeks....who birthday is in thoughs 2 weeks will get them when i get back home on the 14th of july..i will have pics up and i'm will try to get everyone comments when i get back and i will have fun and let everyone know that i'm back and talk to everyone that leave me messages and a shout.....i will miss talking to everyone when i leave
Druid's First
1. God is neither man or woman, but is both, and yet neither. One of the perks of being omnipotent. He/she can portray themselves as whatever they like, whether it be male, female, or even a burning bush. This is seen in many other religions also, such as Zeus appearing as a bird to many of his female playmates. 2. God is the almighty, but is not the all lawful. God is the true neutral. Satan is true evil, but only because that is the card he drew. He did not try to overthrow God, God just assigned him to the nether realms because he trusted he’d be able to handle that job. The question is, who is true good? The Bible shows two different versions of God, maybe the true good person was replaced, got too high and mighty (no pun intended), or maybe God just wasn’t impressed with the job that was being done. The Bible starts off depicting God as being just, but cruel, with flooding the world and laying waste to Sodom and Gomorrah, I think the change came about the time of Christ,
Whats Poppin!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COPY AND PASTE IT IT HAS MORE INFO AND PICS ABOUT ME THEN FUBAR DOES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND IT HAS MY NEW PHOTOSHOOT PICS RATE THEM PLEASE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
My Thank You To Everyone
I'm greatful for all the love that each and everyone has given to me. You all have went above and beyond what I ever even dreamed of. I hope to be able to return all the love in the near future to you. Thank you to all my new friends for Fanning, Adding, and rating me. I'm returning the love as quickly as I can. To my Family and Friends thank you for continuing to always show love.You all are awesome!!!! Thank you to everyone for reposting bulletins to help me. I love Cherry Tap and there are a lot of wonderful people on here. Have a great weekend..Much Love and Respect to all...BooBoo:) Special Thanks to I Love Sporks for my pimpout. Please stop by and show her some love. href="" target=_blank>I Love Sporks -add me as a fan before you add me as a friend- @ CherryTAP I'm greatful for all the love that each and everyone has given to me. You all have went above and beyond what I ever even dr
People need to STOP this bullshit!!! Children don't need to learn this crap Try a little love and conpashion not racest crap!!! And to the one who sent this to me ....Thank know who you are ~~kiss~~ People THINK befor you strike...Think befor you speak.... Make Love Not War You think you have freedom of spech?..LOL yea as long as you agree with the goverment...Freedom of religon? Hell no Bush has already tried several times to band Wicca... A few friends of mine thought i was kidding cause I said with all my political writtings and a Muslim husband I'm being watched He was deported because he is Muslim ( freedom of religon ) and I had told them on the net Ali ( my husband ) and I try to talk but cant...Well today he tryed again buttttttttt Hell master Helll (8/3/2007 1:11:30 PM): u there?? Hell master Helll (8/3/2007 1:11:33 PM): where us are you ? sexy1goth (8/3/2007 1:11:35 PM): sexy1goth (8/3/2007 1:11:45 PM): Master Ali !!!!!! Hell master H
OK PEOPLE WE RATE YOUR PHOTOS NOT YOU PERSONAL SO IF WE HAVE A CRAPY PIC AND SOMEONE RATES IT A 1 OR MAYBE 6 GET OVER OF IT. IT IS JUST A PICTURE. i upload a new nsfw pic check it everyone tell me what you think and be honest i can handle it
Leveling Up
Id love to level up one day I feel like its never goin to happen So Im making small goals Id like to be at 200,000 by months end Please come help me xoxoxoxoxxo
Redneck Pick Up Lines
Poems Ive Wrote
-:-Life Without You-:- She couldn't stand the silence, She couldn't stand the tears , She couldn't stand her life , After only fourteen years. He was her entire world, She gave him all she possessed, He did the same in return, They were thought to be obsessed. Their love couldn't be reached, Couldn't be touched by any other, From two they become one, They made each other whole. They filled each others voids, They fill each others souls. Everything was perfect, Everything was great, Til one damning day , They were told they'd have to wait. Her parents were moving her to a distant place, They'd be torn apart, Couldn't see each others face. They swore they'd make it work, Vowed to stay together, Didn't care about the distance, They'd be together forever. She gave it all she had , She did her very best, But he still slipped away, He didn't pass the test. While she was thinking of him, He had found
Sweet Release
I took a walk with the lord today Just to talk things over i ambe through his fields of green with springtime clumps of clover. I told him all my troubles plain and all i thought was wrong, but he replied, "fear not, my child, i'm with you all along." I look around at all he'd made, and marveled mountain's height, and burdens seems to vanish there- was quite a welcome sight. The flowers budding fresh with blooms all gloriously covered, with splendid colored butterflies and birds in graceful hover. He showed his face in nature's beauty, his love in spring's returning. And i was blessed by this display, my heart with deeper yearing. So tke a walk and tarry just to feel god's loving arms, holding you, embracing you, releasing healing calm. I took a walk with the lord today Just to talk things over i ambe through his fields of green with springtime clumps of clover. I told him all my troubles plain and all i thought was wrong, but he replied, "fear not, my chi
New Pics
I've got new pics posted. Some of West Texas, some of myself... hope ya enjoy
Northfield, And Local Towns.
NORTHFIELD, N.H. -- Town selectmen in Northfield unanimously passed on ordinance on Tuesday night that restricts where certain registered sex offenders can live. It says that offenders who are required to register for life cannot live within 2,500 feet of a school, day care center or park. The ordinance also says that landlords cannot knowingly rent to known offenders in the restricted areas. Offenders who already live within the boundaries will be grandfathered in and not required to move. While many community members came out in support of the ordinance, some argued that it could make the area less safe by discouraging offenders from registering. "If this type of thing drives them underground, you don't know where they are or what they're doing. That in itself makes it more dangerous," said Pat Clark of Tilton. Northfield is now the fourth New Hampshire community to pass sex offender ordinances of this kind. Dover, Tilton and Franklin have already approved them.
Eternal Sunshine
All that was empty is now full again. Its strange how I feel lighter now, and that emptiness can be so heavy. The stones that drug me down to the bottoms of inferiority are all but wings now, as I glide to a triumphant return to felicity. It was Her eyes gaze in to mine, those eyes the color of the golden morning sun, that brought redemption to my heart. It was Her warmth that melted away the cavernous cold that plaugued and froze my soul. It was Her smile, subtle and unique, bright and natural, that so effortless floats from her lips. It was Her words, short and concise, that I will forever remember through the good and the bad. As she looked in to my eyes and I in to Hers (about 6 seconds worth, yeah I counted), I gritted my teeth so I would not smile. I wanted to spend an eternity in Her eyes, to wrap my self around the soul I could see inside, to find myself lost in the paradise that was within. I may tell her one day how She is able to affect me so easily, but then was
6 crows samhain, what if I could tell you about today? The first real snow; The crows huddled in the grey fingers of that tree, Watching as if waiting for something I didn't have to give. What if you were here? Then you could say, "I don't really understand it" And I would write a few more lines, so you would know - What if I could tell you, That poem you wrote... I've hung it up, Copies along the bedroom wall, On the back door, The horse's stalls, And along the straight wire fluttering like little white flags, Between the paddocks and the pasture. Oh! what if you were here. I know what you'd say, That you never liked it anyway And only kept it out of loyalty, That poem you wrote for me, I read now like some accidental prophecy, That one you called: Samhain Someday I will return to you There on the meadow hill Where the crisp winds turn your hair to fairy knots And once more take you in my arms Having you nestle against my shoulder Whisperin
Santini In Chill Magazine!
To any who may be interested, On Steve Santini's official website at there is a new link off the main page to a brand new feature article about Santini and his extreme escapology career that ran in this month's CHILL magazine. CHILL is a magazine published and distributed by the Canadian retail chain known as "The Beer Store". Specializing in features and interviews with high profile Canadian sports and entertainment figures, previous issues of CHILL have profiled the likes of Will Farrell, Jim Carey, Mike Myers, and numerous other famous Canadian personalities. Enjoy the read!
My Thoughts
This is a favorite picture of mine. I love the peacefulness and the art and the everything. I'm a huge dolphin fanatic. They are creatures that are so gentle and tame but will strike out and kill one of the oceans most feared creatures, the shark, to protect themselves and their family. They are majestic and beautiful. They are also unbelievably smart and loyal. This is how women should be. There are so many females in this world that give women a bad name. They are manipulative and conniving. Men are too afraid to be hurt to trust women. I would be too if I were a man. I have seen first hand what females can do to people. Females have this power and they take advantage of it. They use people to get what they want and then they drop them like a bad habit. They are sneaky and vicious. I believe that many men act like dogs because they have been treated like dogs by these females. Why take that risk again. Why not get them before they get you right? We women need to step
The Metal Guru's Movie Reviews
The Metal Guru's Movie Review of THE WATCHMEN Set in an alternate universe circa 1985, the film's world is an unstable one where a nuclear war is imminent between America and Russia. Superheroes have been forced to go into retirement due to the government's Keene Act, but the death of The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), an ex-hero commando, perks the interest of one of the country's last remaining superheroes, Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley). ok this movie is really hard to put into a review, so theres a little summery of what it was sorta about...even though they say its in an alternate universe, really doesnt make since because as u can plainly see if u watch the movie Richerd Nixon is president. Ok so it pritty much starts off with the death of one of the former super heros (the comedian) who was murdered...soo Rorschach (one of the masked superheros) is trying to get the Watch men back toghter, disbanded group of superheros the comedian was apart of.. the Watchmen con
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Fuzzy Bear's Den
Thank you all for being my friends. Could you do me a favor and check out my friends page. She is a wonderful and beautiful person. Please show her some Love. Fluffy@ fubar Thank you from the bottom of my Fuzzy Bear heart.
My Horoscope How Scary It's True!
Daily Horoscope: Libra For June 23,2007 Know your limits. The problem is you're so endlessly gracious and welcoming that sometimes people think you're always available, like a 24-hour supermarket. Disabuse them (nicely) of that notion.
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Big People Words
Big People Words... A group of kindergartners was trying very hard to become accustomed to the first grade. The biggest hurdle they faced was that the teacher insisted on NO baby talk! "You need to use 'Big People' words," she was always reminding them. She asked Chris what he had done over the weekend. "I went to visit my Nana." "No, you went to visit your GRANDMOTHER. Use Big People' words!" She then asked Mitchell what he had done. "I took a ride on a choo choo." She said "No, you took a ride on a TRAIN. You must remember to use "Big People' words." She then asked little Zach what he had done. "I read a book," he replied. "That's WONDERFUL!" the teacher said. "What book did you read?" [I love this] Zach thought real hard about it, then puffed out his chest with great pride, and said, "Winnie the SHIT" lol...Tc n peace..Boo xo
What's Happenin!?
so, my amateur status on cherrytap is evident. no crazy backgrounds. not boomin with friends galore. i will get there...don't you worry! just keep checkin in and lettin me know whats happenin. ;) thanks, in advance, for showin some luv.
Happy one minute, sad the next. Cant tell why it hurts but I hate the feeling Life has struck again. Only a few know why I feel like I do, but they cant help. Life has struck them too. Looking for a friend wanting so much more. Getting neither cause of the same ol thing. Life has struck again. I'm told life is what you make of it. Someone Lied!! Life is what you take from it!! Dont expect alot from life just hope for the best, but even when you think you have it. LIFE STRIKES AGAIN!!!
Remember this story the next time someone who knows nothing and cares less tries to make your life miserable with negativity. A woman was at her hairdresser's getting her hair styled for a trip to Rome with her husband. She mentioned the trip to the hairdresser, who responded: "Rome? Why would anyone want to go there? It's crowded and dirty. You're crazy to go to Rome. So, how are you getting there?" We're taking Continental" was the reply. "We got a great rate!" "Continental?" exclaimed the hairdresser. "That's a terrible airline. Their planes are old, their flight attendants are ugly and they're always late. So, where are you staying in Rome?" "We'll be at this exclusive little place over on Rome's Tiber River called Teste." "Don't go any further. I know that place. Everybody thinks its gonna be something special and exclusive, but it's really a dump, the worst hotel in the city! The rooms are small, the service is surly, and they're overpriced. So, whatcha' doing
Prayer Requests!
Hi my cherry people, This is my cry for hope, faith, strength in my times of weakness...For those who know me and know the battle that satan and i are in right now my new profile name and this blog will make sense too you guys, however for the rest of you out there let me tell you my story. I have someone very dear to me. Battleing with cancer, and though i know the odds of survive cancer continues to greatly in crease with treatments and support. This is my first experience. Though she is the strongest person i have ever known, i don't know that she is strong enough or has even strength or faith to pull her through this too. She has battled soberity and won for 11 years now, she has had too bury 3 out of 5 children and one soulmate that died from cancer, however in surviving as much as she has i fear that her faith is grwing very dim. She is down to 101lbs now and doesn't have the strength she once had. And i too am at my wits end. So i am turning it over to the lord...and all th
Depth Of Soul
Entry for December 26, 2005 So we are sitting here the day after xmas, and watching the history channel about the anti-christ. This statement in itself is funny. Ok I have determined that several anti-christs are alive and well in the world, this is not hard. Today I have come to believe GW and his kind are, let's look at this shall we? He has mistakenly said the word mabus on the mic a couple of times, Mabus is the third named anti-christ in the quatraines of Michelle de Nostradame. STOP CALLING HIM NOSTRADAMUS!!!! He goes by Mike to his friends. The Christians are the first sheep to go into the fold of this new Anti-Christ, note all followings of the religious right. How many republican Witches (practising) Do You Really Know? Why is it important to believe in God if you are a president? Three years after the antichrist comes into power he turns against the peacefull and decieves the world. Gee, this sounds familiar. Have you noticed that there are 600 members
A Hug Certificate for You! *´¨`*•.¸♥♥¸.•*´¨`*•. ¸♥?¨`*•.¸♥♥¸ .•*´¨`*• .¸♥?.•*´¨`*•.¸ This poem is very sweet. It will be interesting to see who sends it back. Forward this on and back. Thanks! *´¨`*•.¸♥♥¸.•*´¨`*•. ¸♥?¨`*•.¸♥♥¸ .•*´¨`*• .¸♥?.•*´¨`*•.¸ If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you *´¨`*•.¸♥♥¸.•*´¨`*•. ¸♥?¨`*•.¸♥♥¸ .•*´¨`*• .¸♥?.•*´¨`*•.¸ And share with you its beauty On the days you're feeling blue. *´¨`*•.¸♥♥¸.•*´¨`*•. ¸♥?¨`*•.¸♥♥¸ .•*´¨`*• .¸♥?.•*´¨`*•.¸ If I could build a mountain You could call your very own; *´¨`*•.¸♥♥¸.•*´¨`*•. ¸♥?¨`*•.¸♥♥¸ .•*´¨`*• .¸♥?.•*´¨`*•.¸ A place to find serenity, A place to be alone. *´¨`*•.¸♥♥¸.•*´¨`*•. ¸♥?¨`*•.¸♥♥¸ .•*´¨`*• .¸♥?.•*´¨`*•.¸ If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the
Do You Know?
Sometimes All You Need
Repression repressed for all these years so much anger but lost all fears does anything matter in this life? remember those days where smiles fixed all? wouldnt it be good if people stayed true late night thoughts drift around nothing to feel but the icy cold one day tomorrow will hold the solution - KW Shadows As I wonder and think about all the times missed What happened to the child so curious and fun Times so solemn like a broken soul Drowned within sadness, wishing good times came true From the oceans to the mountains so much unknown What can be done to relieve the pain? With no family or friends not even a smile So empty is life, forgive, forget, goodbye. - KW Regress ? suffocating under my own breath my life turning to stone that one bright star has disapeared a life full of false pretenses, hate and sadness this story so long and drawn out yet oddly no regrets clouds begin to gather round so much confusion to express - KW
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
Confused ....
If someone you thought was great and they started what you thought was something and they posted a blog that was advertising for a "special someone" how exactly should you take that ..... is it me or is that confusing.?
Not For The Easily Offended
Touched by her desires, the day begins for her. Jennifer is her name her beauty so wonderous and fair , I Have watched her often wishing to touch and taste her love and fire within. She is far from me and Awaiting my touch as you can see. Her look apon the plain outstertched from her cabin, Green and full with life and sunlight. I wish that she truely knew of my abilities. Look upon her there in her white flowing gauze like gown reminicent of a time when beauty was stiched with love. The goddess shape inviting me to her , the flowing tresses dark and billowed by the breeze. I am mystified at her white pale flesh, her rolling gait that calls pure desire, that loveing voice that cries lightly in the air. "Come to me!" a scream as loud as a whisper. "Touch me!" the words calling in my mind. "Love me!" and now my willingness is strengthend. "Feast of me!" I am bound to her now. "Let me taste you!" and she is to me. Of myself, I am a gentleman, lithe, dark, and som
Am I Pretty????
Cueshe - Back To Me Sometimes I feel like I like I�m all alone Wondering how, what have I done wrong Maybe I�m just missing you all along When will you be coming home Back to me... There were times I felt like giving up Haunted by memories I can't give up Wish that I never let you go and slip away Had enough reasons for you to stay... Can you feel me? See me falling away (See me falling away) Did you hear me? I'm calling out your name (I�m calling out your name) Cause I�m barely hanging on Baby you need to come home Back to me... Sleepless nights Cause you're not here by my side Cold as ice I feel deep down inside Maybe I�m just missing you all along When will you be coming home Can you feel me? See me falling away (See me falling away) Did you hear me? I'm calling out your name (I�m calling out your name) Cause I�m barely hanging on Baby you need to come home When will you be coming home Back
Just Wondering
i've been into the WORD(BIBLE) for a few months now and i'm really starting to get a real good understanding of how life should really be, and thats what i really want for me and my children. i just want to be happy, thats it. Is that too much to ask? i dont ask for much but what i do ask of my mate i inspect for him to provide when i cant do it at that time. And it should be the same for him. Is that hard to do? just wondering
Blast Givaway
Cherry Blast Giveaway I'm hosting giveaway for Blast.This is not a contest. Anyone can join in and earn a blast. The blast will be givin out as they are earned. Self Commenting is encouraged. If you re interested please send me a private message. Please only enter if you are going to work for the blast I have set limits on how may i'm adding 10 more so please don't take up space please if you are not going to comment on them daily. 3 Day blast = 6,000 comments 7 Day Blast= 15,000 comments BooBoo.......Club F.A.R...@ CherryTAP
My Poems
Your heart is like a rose; As black as midnight, but oh so pure. Your love is a disease, And mine is the cure. You are the shodow Looming behind my heart. Even when you make it stop beating, You make my heart restart. She caused you grief And turned your heart black. Was it the love she gave you, Or was it the love that she lacked? She filled your heart, But with misery and pain. She brought you all the loss, But never brought you any gain. Her heart has turned black; Not out of hurt, but out of spite. She drained your heart of love and hope, But more importantly she took your life. Now you must move on So that your rose may bloom, But out of happiness and joy, Instead of misery and gloom. I will always cherish your rose, As black as it may be. I will know as it blooms, That it is out of your love for me. I've spent my whole life Dreaming of a love that's pure and true. Then you came into my life And I spent months dreaming of you. I tol
Knight Force - I Got What You Need (lkove Guarnteed ! ) ! Performed And Written By Marty Kays !
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Comedy You Want To Read
a little something like Go Down Moses EXPLICIT LYRICS go down, belt line, way down my rear end man' tell 'er better let my trousers go. we looked at her webcam and what did we seee? let my trousers go. A hot sexy dancer showing her puh see. let my trousers go. go down, belt line, way down under my can, tell her better let my trousers go. she grabed several dildos, and showed em all ta mee. let my trousers go. then sucked what i chose, man i really need ta pee. go down, belt line, she seen my little man, tell her better let my trousers go. it stood to attention oh damn i need ta pee. let my trousers go. she slipped in a dildo and said that it was mee. let my trousers go. go down belt line down round my ankles man. tell her better let my trousers go. the pulse in my manhood wasn't helping mee. let my trousers go. she screamed in the mic and it almost deafend mee. let my trousers go. go down cam girl she came to my own cam. tell her better ... MAN I NEED TO GO!
Stolen From An Email
Bring out every tension in your being - feel it, clench it, embrace it, release it, any ounce will distract where you can be. Silence. Breathe. Feel the air around you enter your lungs and lift you up so very slowly. Silence. Breathe. Visualize waves on the ocean crisply yet peacefully flowing towards shore, being above.. not on the ocean but far above, among whispy clouds a fresh chill invades your senses but you feel a peaceful warmth. You are no longer tethered by the world but are free to be anywhere .. everywhere... So the point of this game is to post a blog about ten weird habits/random facts about yourself, and then "tag" ten people who, then, have to post a blog about their ten weird habits/random facts. You have to tag them in your blog and then post a comment on their page saying that you tagged them. No tag-backs are allowed! 1. I like logic puzzles. 2. I pick things up with my toes when I am too lazy to bend over. 3. I'm allergic to cantel
Diary Of A Teenage Drama Queen
The thing that I hate most, is little girls, that cannot think for themselves. They go around, copying what everyone else is doing. That shit gets annoying after awhile. But anyways, the main girl that I am talking about, is named Heidi. She is 15 years old. Back in like February, I found out that her and my fiance Scott had secretly been talking and that they had kissed one night when they were drunk. That day, is when I stopped liking the little slut. I would like nothing more than to kick her ass, but since she is still a minor, my ass would be in jail and she is totally not worth it. But just wait. Lol. Cause one of these days I am just going to snap and punch her in her ugly ass grill. I am going to be 19 in 39 days. I am kind of scared actually. Don't ask me why, but I think that it is because I am scared of getting old.I have always been a spoiled little daddy's girl, and this whole responsibility and doing shit for myself is alot tougher than I thought that
I Am Gone Now..
I am gone now,.. And may not return. Take care all of you friends!! And do not forget that I am always watching. Some of you think that I speak of games. And MANY others know Who I am, and know of the truths that I speak of. I will always be here and there. But I may never be "here" again. I bid you all Fair Well. Adeu Adeu, To you and you. I am now leaving behind, all that I knew. So please take care, and listen to the air. For I speak to thee, from upon my knee. In an eternal resting place, Serving an Ace. Together, Forever. I the Ghost of Grace. Signed: Father Death
What The Hell
why is it when you take the time to invite people over for a party, they say they are coming and then never show up? that is so freakin rude. but at least my best friend showed up and got messed up with me thanks honeybee
I Am So Honored To Get These Poetry Award Achiements' !
Dear Martin, It's just a few short weeks until your poetic accomplishments will be honored at's and the International Society of Poets' Summer 2005 Convention and Symposium, to be held at the Washington Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, from August 19-21, 2005. I'm writing to tell you exactly what to expect and how to prepare for this special moment in your life. First, we have scheduled for you to receive your Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Silver Award Bowl immediately after you present your poetry in front of your fellow poets. You can count on a true international audience for your poetry as we already have poets registered from 50 countries around the world! Second, the award you will be receiving is so large and heavy that it may be a good idea for you to bring an extra suitcase to carry it home. The Award is a magnificent work of art (a $200.00 value) that measures over 10 inches across and over 11 inches high, handcrafted in silver, with your name custom-e
Blogs From A Chef Aprentice
precious declaration by collective soul hitched a ride to the peaceful side of town then proceeded where theives were no longer found cant crash now ive been waiting for this wont crash now i found some encouragement preacious declaration reads, yours is yours and mine you leave alone now precious declaration says, i believe all hope is dead no longer new meanings to the words i feed upon wake within my viens,elements of freedom cant break now ive been living for this wont break now im cleansed with hopefulness precious declaration says yours is yours and mine you leave alone now precious declaration says i believe all hope is dead no longer once i jumped through hoops of fire as high and far as you required i was blind but now i see salvation has discovered me its been a very strange few days for me.have adopted my dog out to friends as i cannot take sare of her in my pressent many of my friends know,due to a very bad break up back in the sprin
~which Breakfast Club Character Am I?~
You Would Be a Pet Dog You're friendly, loyal, and an all around good sport. People love to be near you. You are very open with your feelings, and you're quite vocal in expressing them. You are sincere and kind. You love many people - without any sort of agenda. Why you would make a great pet: You're content to chill out with your friends Why you would make a bad pet: You always find yourself getting into trouble What you would love about being a dog: Running around and playing What you would hate about being a dog: Being left home alone while everyone else is out having fun What Kind of Pet Would You Be? Which Breakfast club character are you? Allison-Backetcaseyou are allison...the basketcase. you're wierd and you like attention...but you ROCK!Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by Allison-Backetcase you are allison...the basketcase. you're wierd and you like attention...but you ROCK! You Would Be a Pet Cat
Sometimes I feel so lost like I'm in some weird maze everytime I think I found a way out I find myself even more lost than before..... I feel totally invisible like I'm there but I'm not!!!! I'm finding myself bringing in all this information I wish nobody would have told me and now I can never seem to sort it back out... All my fears and emotions keep piling up on me and I cant seem to fix it... Have you found yourself wanting to be everything to the person you love but everytime you find yourself falling short.. I feel like I can never do anything right.. I keep trying to figure out why he even stays I dont understand why him or anyone else would want a nothing like myself...
Need Some Advice
A Survey About Me
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF: The Modified, Longer Survey~~~~~BASICS~~~~~Name::Nathan Birthday::05-24-78 Birthplace::kansas city Current Location::harrisonville, mo Marital Status::taken with the option to play Parents still together::no Siblings::five sister two brothers Pets::one dog six cats ~~~Physical Stuff~~~Eye Color::green Hair Color::light red brown Height::five eleven Right handed or left handed::right Your Heritage::white mutt with a hint of indian Your Best Physical Feature::my ass and eyes Number of Piercings::eight in the ears Number of Tattoos::two Shoe Size::eleven ~~~The Light Side~~~The Shoes You Wore Today::shoes for crew Your Perfect Pizza::cheese,olives,mushrooms,canadian bacon Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger::kewl Your Bedtime::whenever i can Are you a Health Freak::no Number of CDs I own::a lot ~~~The Deep Stuff~~~Your Weakness::i am an attention hound Your Fears::not to be good enough Goal You Would Like To Achie
Being Hated
no matter how hard i try im still always in the wronge.i try i be happy and put on another mask.the last mask fell off and so did my life down with feels as if all my saftypinz have just riped bigger holes in my heart and now my heart it bleeding.i wonder when im going to start througing up the blood.
Vote For Ya Fav D.j. @ Wicked Intentions
(~'♫*D.J. HOUSE*♫'~) --->BLS SDMF & Wicked Intentions Lifer*'~)@ CherryTAP
Ashes Of Eden
I Cross My Heart
For The Ladies Redone
Band Of Brothers Members
This guy rated my pic a 5 and I visited him and thanked him for it and gave him a 10, was my usual nice guy too...LOL This is the comment he left on my page: "Nothing personal man, I give guys a five and wome a seven or a ten. Have a great day!" Then he blocked me (I think) because all I get now is N/A when I try to look at his thumbnail pic there. the number for him I think is 1048852 and his name yesterday (proly still the same today) was J I'm not trying to start any DRAMA just want you all to watch out for him. HUGZZZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! There are too many hotties in this contest, and I don't think I have a chance. So I need all the love I can get from ALL my friends and fans. I want this BAD so show me what your made of. PLZ PLZ PLZ Thanks much luv and hugzzz David pick a pic THE FOUNDERS ♂МдяQ v.2.0 @ CherryTAP Achilles @ CherryTAP (PLEASE NOTE if your NOT on this LIST your NOT in BAND of BROTHERS) 68 MEMBERS
Too Many Cigarettes
Saturday, December 16, 2006 Too many cigarettes... Well what can I say, Iraq is hell.Fourth ID has left and we are in full stride.We are finally settled in our rooms.Its nice to spread out and breath a little.However we are still 4 to a room and that is the way its going to stay.So privacy is still kind of an issue.I have my little 10 ft x 10ft living area and Im happy with it.I wasted no time wallpapering my walls with pinup girls and stuff.When 4th ID left, they sold us thier DVD players,TVs and playstations to us for a small price.Local merchants sell movies and games for about $2.00 a pop on the FOB.Movies and games are like trading cards.I have recently discovered something new that I can honestly say is the greatest thing in the universe.Thats right,the entire universe! Its called the,Spiced Chi Frappe.Its like they put heaven and ice in a blender,put that baby on frappe and poured it into a little plastic cup with a straw.....Its like heaven in a plastic cup..but cold.
Banned Of Brothers And Sisters
Donkey Carts Are Still Funny To Me!!
Donkey carts are still funny to me...... The temperature is rising and donkey cart caravans are still funny too me. It is the strangest thing. I've been in Iraq for six months now and I see donkey-drawn carriages on the street daily. However everytime I see one, I laugh. I dont know why,I guess its for the same reason that people will giggle when someone passes gas or something. All I can think of is that song "Let me ride that donkey!".I guess the heat is starting to get to me....... This has been a tough year so far. The holidays came and went, they were just another day over here. No family to get together for Thanksgiving dinner,no Santa.The new year came in with a bang as rockets came at the stroke of midnight. No Rockin New Years Eve with Dick Clark though and no Easter Bunny. Instead, we were on mission hard charging and vigilant, finding comfort and family amonst eachother. For us veterans, we know the bond that is shared between combat soldiers. We are like father
Band Of Brothers
THE FOUNDERS♂МдяQ v.2.0@ CherryTAPAchilles@ CherryTAP(PLEASE NOTE if your NOT on this LIST your NOT in BAND of BROTHERS) 68 MEMBERS please ADD and/or FAN all other MEMBERS in group!This is NOT a BOMB SQUAD or FAN ME bullshit....This group of people inform and protect each other from down raters,Stalkers,Drama People.What we do is after someone in our group was been down rated we go and up rate or FIX the photo's that have been down rated and BLOCK the USER that did it ...also posting his link.We need VIC'S to drop 11's on the PHOTO.For now I'm going to use my C.T.A.F members to ACT.All the people who join I will add to my ALBUM (BAND OF BROTHERS) from there you can see other members and click the name to go to their profile.Please NOTE we DO NOT ACCEPT cherries on the TOP 50 or DRAMA people.MUST have a SALUTE ...last of all WE DON'T UP-RATE NSFW photo's .Also please note I must RIP your main photo for ID,It will be placed in my B of B album with NO RIP option
The Official Band Of Brothers Member List
THE FOUNDERS♂МдяQ v.2.0@ CherryTAPAchilles@ CherryTAP(PLEASE NOTE if your NOT on this LIST your NOT in BAND of BROTHERS) 68 MEMBERS please ADD and/or FAN all other MEMBERS in group!This is NOT a BOMB SQUAD or FAN ME bullshit....This group of people inform and protect each other from down raters,Stalkers,Drama People.What we do is after someone in our group was been down rated we go and up rate or FIX the photo's that have been down rated and BLOCK the USER that did it ...also posting his link.We need VIC'S to drop 11's on the PHOTO.For now I'm going to use my C.T.A.F members to ACT.All the people who join I will add to my ALBUM (BAND OF BROTHERS) from there you can see other members and click the name to go to their profile.Please NOTE we DO NOT ACCEPT cherries on the TOP 50 or DRAMA people.MUST have a SALUTE ...last of all WE DON'T UP-RATE NSFW photo's .Also please note I must RIP your main photo for ID,It will be placed in my B of B album with NO RIP option
A Quiet Night Of Passion
We have had a quiet evening alone and now it draws to a close, champagne gone, candles flickering ever so gently as they cast their light on the bed as we walk through the door. You kiss down my face and around to the nape of my neck only to kiss down my back as you caress my breast with one hand and my hip with the other as you guide me onto the bed. Another passionate kiss making my skin tingle all over my entire body. The energy radiating from your body as you press against me fills me with a desire so unexplainable words would do it an injustice. You begin to caress my thighs and enter my as I gasp for air only to find none. You continue to trust within me driving forth my heart and the love I feel for you clouding my thoughts with ideas of forever. I catch myself saying out loud “God never let this end, never let him leave”
Holliday Inn
What Is?
*Kiss on the Stomach --- We are having sex. I am anyway *Kiss on the Forehead --- Be good *Kiss on the Ear --- If my tongue is in your ear, we're getting ready *Kiss on the Cheek --- Friends *Kiss on the Hand --- Must be a European thing. *Kiss on the Neck --- sensuous, we're getting ready again *Kiss on the Shoulder --- I'm playing. Want to see what you'll do. *Kiss on the Lips --- Oh, we are getting into it. What the gesture means... *Holding Hands --- That's a girl thing *Slap on the Butt --- "That's a guy thing *Playing with the Ear --- I want you now. *Holding on tight --- Want to feel your body next to mine. *Looking into each other's Eyes --- Nov verbal sex talk *Playing with Hair on Head --- Caressing you. *Arms around the Waist --- Here we go. Into it again *Laughing while Kissing --- I don't do that. I'm serious --Advice-- * Don't ask for a kiss, take one. I do every time *If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love.
Pitbull Cruelty
Glossary of Dog-Fighting Terms Understanding the codes and lingo used by dog-fighters is one of the most important ways you can begin to learn to spot dog-fight related correspondence in newspapers or online. If you need to do any kind of undercover work in a dog-fighting case whatsoever, it is imperative that you become comfortable with these terms - you will stick out like a sore thumb if you don't know what they mean, or if you use them incorrectly. And in dog-fighting situations, a blown cover can cost you your life. 'A' SECTION - the section of the Sporting Dog Journal that reports fights that were judged by officially recognized judges. Fights that are judged by unknown or unrecognized judges are reported in the 'B' Section of the Sporting Dog Journal, and are considered "suspect" as to their authenticity; however, fights are also relegated to the 'B' section because there is insufficient information reported, or the match occurred outside of North America ABILITY - a
Help Me¤t=missing3.jpg The guy below will be in a contest starting on the 27th @ 1pm in the afternoon and it will run till the 7th of OCT at 1am. I am asking all my friends to stop by and rate his pic the day the contest starts and leave comments if you can. Are you tired of seeing nice guys finish last? Well I know I am. I have a friend who's gonna be in his first contest tonight. He helps everyone out. I have never known him to say no. Now he is in his own (and first) contest that starts tonight the 23rd at 10 PM (est) and ends at 12 (est). Just a 2 hour contest. I am asking all my friends (and please bring YOUR friends) to come and help us out. For 2 hours only I need as many people as possible to bomb the hell outta this guy. If there ever was a person who deserved this, its Coach. Please come and help out. I will post the link as soon as contest starts. Thank you all so much
Yesterday morning, as I was headin to see my grandpa, my mother and I got a call that said he had passed away.. He went peacefully ... ate breakfast closed his eyes and never opened them again... no pain... I will miss ya grandpa WILD Bill!
Stuck In Iraq
Always looking for a pen pal stuck in Iraq not much to do but mess around on the internet so hit me up at
New Pics
Hey guys...Babes.....just uploaded a whole new group of pics...Take a look and if you wanna see the good ones...well, you better fan me, friend me and rate the page...or no dice. Hey Ladies, how would you like to feel leather between your legs...Still need some hot new honeys for pics
My Poetry
Pick the thorns from my heart and let the cruelty bleed from my soul. My soul now weeps with agony and pools of sorrow. The warmth draws cold as I lay in the deepest, darkest of shadows covering the light that dwells. Darkness pulls me in and creeps my soul into empty voids. Love binds me in darkness. Not the love I bare, but the love that bares me. Does love stay cruel to the pure of heart, or does it betray the loyalty of soul? She wished she could be beautiful, like a fresh rose in bloom. She wished she could be adored, like the sun adores all it shines on. She wished she could be loved, like the angels love heaven, She wished she could be kissed. like dew that kisses every blade of grass. She wished that she was alive inside, like the hearbeat of a child. She wished she could feel arms around her, like the warmth of a soft blanket. She wished she had that sparkle to her, like the stars that twinkle in the midnight sky. She wished she was somwhere far far away, only t
Mind Dump
This dating thing *sigh* we go again. I'm trying it and well things aren't looking good. (I'm impatient) I don't know if it's my selection, my selection methods, or I'm just getting picky in my old age. A friend of mine once told me that I have high expectations and it will be difficult to please me. I really hope that it's not true...who would know if it's true but me, right? So I pondered that and I came up with the answer: I don't have high expectations, I have high standards. I feel like I'm at an age where a relationship, in it's early stages, shouldn't ever be work. I want the ease and simplicity that occurs when great chemistry between two people takes over. I don't ever want to feel like I need to compromise too much of me to accept some of the other person. I miss the feeling of infatuation. Right now, I don't want someone who will sweep me off my feet. I want someone who will knock me off of them. I'm selfish. It's only been recently that I've been able to s
High Heel Shoes And Boots
INVENTORY SALE!!! Sizes 5, 6 and 7
This Is Beautiful It I Was On Love(i Have This On Myspace)
This is beautiful if I was in LOVE ..> This is beautiful if I was in Love Breathless Thought our time together has been brief your charm and passion have set my captive soul free, and I am... Breathless With every smile, every laugh you erase dark days of a bitter past and I am... Breathless With every word you speak, this tattered heart skips yet another beat and i am... Breathless By day my thoughts are filled with you, my dreams at night are in full bloom, and I am.. Breathless You say "I love you" and we were meant to be, my once guarded heart you now hold the key and i am.... Breathless Fate has brought us close together, and destiny now is ours forever You took away my pain and sorrow, turned it to joy for a better tomorrow, and I am.... breathless

ARE YOU HAPPY? If you're in a relationship; are you happy with your man (or woman). If you're single; are you happy with yourself and your life. Can a man/woman who considers themself to be celibant (no penetration) but enjoys receiving oral sex, still be considered celibant? Have you ever like someone so much then you thought it was the wrong thing to do?
ok, just to help everyone out, yes, i play world of warcraft. no, druid is not the class of one of my characters, druid is my religion, i am a pagan, lol. i have characters in warcraft on balnazzar, undermine, and draka. draka and balnazzar are horde characters, but i don't play them much. undermine is my main server, with six characters that i play of different levels. they are all alliance. if you want to play with me, drop a line, here or yahoo. my yahoo name is yankeempcop. if you are military or emergency service related, such as parent, spouse, or child of a soldier or police officer, or an actual member, feel free to drop me a line for an invite into my guild. it was set up just for people that understand the rigors of shiftwork, and knowing that they can't always be online.
Band Of Brothers
THE FOUNDERS♂МдяQ v.2.0@ CherryTAPAchilles@ CherryTAP(PLEASE NOTE if your NOT on this LIST your NOT in BAND of BROTHERS) 68 MEMBERS please ADD and/or FAN all other MEMBERS in group!This is NOT a BOMB SQUAD or FAN ME bullshit....This group of people inform and protect each other from down raters,Stalkers,Drama People.What we do is after someone in our group was been down rated we go and up rate or FIX the photo's that have been down rated and BLOCK the USER that did it ...also posting his link.We need VIC'S to drop 11's on the PHOTO.For now I'm going to use my C.T.A.F members to ACT.All the people who join I will add to my ALBUM (BAND OF BROTHERS) from there you can see other members and click the name to go to their profile.Please NOTE we DO NOT ACCEPT cherries on the TOP 50 or DRAMA people.MUST have a SALUTE ...last of all WE DON'T UP-RATE NSFW photo's .Also please note I must RIP your main photo for ID,It will be placed in my B of B album with NO RIP option
Wiccan For Life!
One person should not hold information over ones head just to gain for their own personal growth. Especially when its your spouse. I have never been more humiliated in my life then to have him give me flack on something i told him in strict confidence. Now that I feel this way I am not letting it down. One day at a time, I will know how to find. The one who will love me. The One that it could be. The love that we share., Will be the one I cannot bare. For he cannot love me. My soul I give so freely. There will always be, Someone better then me. One day at a time, I will know how to find. True love that wont let me go. Will it stop hurting me so? My heart is breaking everyday. I want to see me in every way. For he cannot love me. My soul I would give so freely. There will always be, Someone better then me. By Dawn M Clark. CR 2007
Horoscope June 24, 2007
You're feeling some qualms, and it's no wonder. You're on the threshold of a major change. Be gentle with yourself and don't try to push past this, but don't let apprehension stop you from moving forward either.
Camping 6=22-24
Just got home from camping this weekend. It was a good time, but also a bad time if that makes sense? I felt sick ALL weekend. So sore, weak, and tired I'd have to go lay down. I felt bad because I couldn't always be out socializing(there was a whole group of us camping). Tiger & Colton did some fishing which they both love. But Tiger was/is in some sort of cranky mood which makes me be in a mood :( I was able to pick up someones wireless internet while we were there, but felt too crappy to get on CT and really do anything! Anyways I'm glad we're now home & I'm definitely ready for a nap. Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend :) Laterz
Banned Of Brothers And Sisters
THE FOUNDERS ♂МдяQ v.2.0 @ CherryTAP Achilles @ CherryTAP (PLEASE NOTE if your NOT on this LIST your NOT in BAND of BROTHERS) 68 MEMBERS please ADD and/or FAN all other MEMBERS in group!This is NOT a BOMB SQUAD or FAN ME bullshit....This group of people inform and protect each other from down raters,Stalkers,Drama People.What we do is after someone in our group was been down rated we go and up rate or FIX the photo's that have been down rated and BLOCK the USER that did it ...also posting his link.We need VIC'S to drop 11's on the PHOTO.For now I'm going to use my C.T.A.F members to ACT.All the people who join I will add to my ALBUM (BAND OF BROTHERS) from there you can see other members and click the name to go to their profile.Please NOTE we DO NOT ACCEPT cherries on the TOP 50 or DRAMA people.MUST have a SALUTE ...last of all WE DON'T UP-RATE NSFW photo's .Also please note I must RIP your main photo for ID,It will be placed in my B of B album with NO
Special Love
Dear Bob, I Never Really Knew You At All.
10:28 PM - Dear Bob, I never really knew you at all. I just found out what happened. What you did. This amazes me. I am literally in shock, having a panic attack and not even being able to cry. I saw you almost every single day for over a year. No matter how I was feeling, your smile always made my day. We would sit and talk for hours about things going on and you always had the best advice anyone has ever given me. I thought of you not as a customer, but my friend. After I left BP I thought about you a lot because you were one of the most genuine people that I had ever met. I even called you to come help me, because I trusted you. I would not have, for one second, think that you could have done yourself. Reading up and researching I found out about your dark past and just suddenly realized that we had a lot more in common than I thought. This is why you understood me so well. I would never do what you did, but it all stems from that same place. I obviously got
Who Do I Resemble..
Shot with Photosmart M425. Shot with Photosmart M425.
Sometime between last night 7/3 and this morning, Myspace completely deleted my account. I can only imagine it is because I was promoting cherry tap. I have been on myspace for months and had over 1000 friends on my list. Apparently the people at myspace are threatened by their competition here at cherry tap and they should be. I have had a myspace profile for quite some time. About 40% of the users there are commercial spammers. Some are easy to detect, others are more sneaky. Some will actually try and phish your password and then spam all your friends with your account. People post huge files to you profile which makes it take forever to load even with broadband. Some member profiles actually crash my computer and/or my router. Here is the rant part. Yesterday I tried to send a bulletin to all my friends to tell them about cherrytap and the message got blocked by myspace and I got sent a warning message about my account. Myspace is running so slow today and I keep get
My 19th Bday I Want
About My Secret (nsfw) Pix...only 2 Of Them.
PLZ Rate,FAN & Comment some other of my pic's, art or other...Ok. There is no Pussy shots...Only tit's.
First Link Hopefully I Figured This Out Lol
(¯`·. ♥ (¯`· a href="" target=_blank>ღ_§PANK§_ღ RATE MY PROFILE PLZ! ***MUAHZ***@ CherryTAP
Please Check Out My Fam....add And Rate Please!
The One and Only@ CherryTAP
Sumthin' I Wrote
When? I used to think you loved me; your gentle hands and softened eyes, But now I see differently from the bruises on my thighs. Now everyday I feel your anger I see the hate behind your eyes, When I wake up I feel sick, and when I go to bed I cry. I used to think you loved me in your smile and all your charm, But now I see through you, because of the bite marks on my arm. Now I see clearly that what I thought was not quite real. Now I know you never cared about the way you made me feel. What happened to the loving man that I once thought I had? When did you become this awful man, when did you become so mad?
Some Day
A friend of mine opened his wife's underwear drawer and picked up a silk paper wrapped package: "This, - he said - isn't any ordinary package." He unwrapped the box and stared at both the silk paper and the box. "She got this the first time we went to New York , 8 or 9 years ago. She has never put it on, was saving it for a special occasion. Well, I guess this is it. He got near the bed and placed the gift box next to the other clothings he was taking to the funeral house, his wife had just died. He turned to me and said: "Never save something for a special occasion. Every day in your life is a special occasion". I still think those words changed my life. Now I read more and clean less.I sit on the porch without worrying about anything. I spend more time with my family, and less at work. I understood that life should be a source of experience to be lived up to, not survived through. I no longer keep anything. I use crystal glasses every day.. I'll wear new clot
well my life has been f*cked up these last few months I had met someone and she had fell in love with me and I'm married but seperated ,my wife had told me she wanted to work things out with me so I ended up hurting this girl, about a month ago my wife didn't act like she wanted to be with me and we had got into it cause it seemed like I was being used by her. well I went online to talk to the girl I had hurt cause we was still friends right before my wife had left my house, well my friend came over with her daughter to talk to me, about 30 mins to an hour the cops had showed up, my wife had said I had hit her and my son. well I would never do that but I had ran and started staying with my friend, I don't know why she loves me and is trying to help me but 2 weeks went by and I had went back to work and that first day back my wife seen me there so the first thing she ask for was money for my kids, I gave her the money the next day the 3rd day I was there about 15 mins after I had starte
The Race Is On And She,s Comin Down The Backstretch Finally!!!!
I Need Help
§eÐu©tïve£¥ Twï§teÐ
Come join me in §eÐu©TïVe£¥ Twï§TeÐ chat with some cool people and listen to some good tunes Cclick the link below to join the lounge enjoy guys n girls I'm off work all weekend so I'm getting drunk tonight n I'm partying in the lounge come join me and have a a fucking awesome time Come join me and sadistic light in §eÐu©TïVe£¥ Twï§TeÐ have a blast and chat with some cool people and listen to some good tunes Click the picture below to join the lounge enjoy guys n girls
Just Living The Day....
Am 34 and that pic is really me.. I the type of guy that loves to be very down to earth. I have lots of respect toward to any human being... I hard of hearing just so you'll know.. I'm sweet have great personilties. I love to do anything fun likes to laugh have a great time.. am very open minded. Am Single in case you were wondering. I'm very picky when it come to lookin for love sorry to say that but it the truth.. I have been thru alot.. and non were very pleasant. I'm very good at keeping promises i dont break it. I do enjoy working all the time.I love dogs. I have one right now and she my sweetie... I love movies clubs and bars however i dont drink or smoke. I just like to live my life the way it should be. I'm lookin for a gurl to live my life with. I always seek happyiness dont waste ur time if u gonna be sitting on the couch hitting them blunt or pile of junks move on please thank you.. I seeks gurl that can take care of herself someone that have open mind of anything no mat
“Sex is one of the most wholesome, beautiful and natural experiences money can buy." Steve Martin ---------------- "You don't appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older. Little things like: being spanked every day by an attractive middle-aged woman. Stuff you pay good money for, later in life." Elmo Phillips ---------------- " It isn't premarital sex if you have no intention of getting married." George Burns ---------------- "Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand." Woody Allen ---------------- "Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night." Rodney Dangerfield ---------------- "There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women. Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz 380SL." Lynn Lavner ---------------- "Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with
Soul2soul 2007 Faith Hill Tim Mcgraw
this was an awesome show a clip from the very last song of the evening
Exodus Triggered by a clock reading 10:17 Remembering a song from a Celtic Dream I saw first hand the Exodus..the free movement of people A flat, smooth stroke created a perfect mood The elusive, temporal benefit of Scandinavian solitude I automatically start doing the math..and fight against a lonely insolence And now we rest on a garden patio that has no calculation, rage or hate In a place that is a Frankish bridge between the wine and the plate We float and dance freely toward the marketplace...without fear of faces or restriction of time John Hancock..June 24, 2007
Band Of Brothers
THE FOUNDERS Achilles & The General ♂МдяQ v.2.0 (Please note if you are not on this list your NOT in BAND of BROTHERS) Add and/or Fan all other Members in the group! This is NOT a Bomb squad or Fan me bullshit... This is group of people to inform & protect each other from Down raters, Stalkers & Drama Queens/Kings. What we do, is after someone in our group was been down rated we go & up rate to fix the photo's that have been down rated. We also block the user that did it ...then post their link to inform the other members. We need VIC members to drop 11's on the Photos. All the people who join will be added to Achilles album (Band Of Brothers Members) from there you can see the other members & click the name to go to their profile. Please **Note** we will not accept cherries on the TOP 50 because most only would join for rates, nor Drama Queens/Kings You must have a Salute to join B of B! We will not UpRate Nsfw photo's! Also please no
Dj Bear Live In The No Limit Lounge
ADRENALINE MUSIC RADIO COME ROCK WITH MEDJ BEARIN THE HOTTEST CT LOUNGENO LIMIT LOUNGE(CLICK PIC FOR LOUNGE) (repost of original by '†DJ STORMY†~nWo~No Limit Lounge~Adrenaline Radio~' on '2007-06-24 11:21:17') ADRENALINE MUSIC RADIO COME ROCK WITH MEDJ BEARIN THE HOTTEST CT LOUNGENO LIMIT LOUNGE(CLICK PIC FOR LOUNGE) (repost of original by '†DJ STORMY†~nWo~No Limit Lounge~Adrenaline Radio~' on '2007-06-24 11:21:17') (repost of original by 'Dj bear~Tonya's CT Husband~Adrenaline Radio No Limit Lounge' on '2007-06-24 11:25:00') (repost of original by 'Amber ~ nWo No Limit Lounge Security ~' on '2007-06-24 11:28:07')
ALIENS ARE COMING TO ABDUCT ALL THE GOOD LOOKING AND SEXY PEOPLE. YOU WILL BE SAFE, I'M JUST EMAILING TO SAY GOODBYE Get more at Well heres another if you want it still tryin to get people to see Im not lookin for rates feel free to rip just tryin to give back
Toxic Love - the dysfunctional, addictive, cultural norm "True Love is not a painful obsession. It is not taking a hostage or being a hostage. It is not all-consuming, isolating, or constricting. Unfortunately the type of love most of us learned about as children is in fact an addiction, a form of toxic love." *** "If we can start seeing relationships not as the goal but as opportunities for growth then we can start having more functional relationships. A relationship that ends is not a failure or a punishment - it is a lesson." *** "As long as we believe that we have to have the other in our life to be happy, we are really just an addict trying to protect our supply - using another person as our drug of choice. That is not True Love - nor is it Loving." Get more at Read Each One Carefully and Think About It a Second or Two 1. I like you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. 2. No man or woman is worth your tear
Boyfriend App.
why do you think you would be a good candidate for this posisition? are you legally married? how many children do you have? do you drink, smoke, chew, dip, or use drugs? what is your religion? who all lives in your home? what shift do you work? favorite hobby? worst habit? do you work out? can you fix/build things? country or city boy? are you the jelous type? where do you want to be in 5 years? what kind of music do you like? weekend night-stay in or go out? weekday night-stay in or go out? do you like sci-fi? how many bar fights have you been in? how tall are you? how old are you? what sign are you? do you drive a truck or car? is it altered? engine or exterior? are you close to your mother? how well do you know me? what is your favorite thing about me? what is your occupation? did you go to college? do you have pets? why did you leave your previous relationship? if you are accepted, when would you be free to start? list 3 references.
Downraters you have no life Pleeze call Dr. Phil Very soon!!! This guy just gave my pic a 1 beware i blocked him hope you do!!! rickvalintine@ CherryTAP
Friendship Friendship is love, Without friendship love means nothing! Without friendship love is empty… Without friendship love is boring...! Friendship means sharing… People learn to share from friendship, Share everything they have in life, Friendship is like stars, Even though we always see them together Always mean to each other… But, Sometimes they argue! Friendship is like flower, Soft but strong! Friendship is like sun, Bright and beautiful! Friendship is everything in life, Life without friendship is like life without air… Life without friendship is like eats without food And Life without friendship is like body without soul… Friendship is wide! Anybody can be our friend, Our parents, our grandparents, our sister, our brother and even our boss Friendship…. Is everything! A true friend is always there for you A true friend will help you no matter ther problem A true friend is like a sister, she knows your better, than y
Good Bad Ugly
Good : Your wife is pregnant. Bad : It's triplets. Ugly : You had a vasectomy five years ago. Good : Your wife's not talking to you Bad : She wants a divorce. Ugly : She's a lawyer. Good : Your son is finally maturing. Bad : He's involved with the women next door. Ugly : So are you. Good : Your son studies a lot in his room. Bad : You find several porn movies hidden there. Ugly : You're in them. Good : Your hubby and you agree, no more kids. Bad : You can't find your birth control pills. Ugly : Your daughter borrowed them. Good : Your husband understands fashion. Bad : He's a cross-dresser. Ugly : He looks better than you. Good : You just gave "the birds and the bees" talk to your daughter. Bad : She keeps interrupting. Ugly : With corrections Good : Your son is dating someone new. Bad : It's another man. Ugly : He's your best friend. Good : Your daughter got a new job. Bad : As a hooker. Ugly : Your co-workers are her best clie
Crazed Society
Wow. As funny as it gets, I actually have a second Idiot Making News in like the time frame of a week.. I suppose if I looked hard enough I'd find several more Idiots... Okay, here's the story. There was a man fishing down on the coast of mexico, and he was fishing with dynamite (highly illegal, folks...) and someone turned him into the police. So the police came out to investigate this fishermans tactics and asks the fisherman if he can go fishing with him one afternoon. The man consents and they both go fishing. As soon as they are a good distance away from the land, the man lights up a stick of dynamite and throws it into the water. The police says that he is under arrest, and with even more nerve, the fisherman hands the police a lit up stick of dynamite and asks if he's fishing or not. Any Comments About This One? This is a ture news story. Apparently in Austraillia, there was a man jerking off in his girlfriends bedroom, left the bedroom to take a hot shower. After this
When You're Gone
"Far Away" This time, This place Misused, Mistakes Too long, Too late Who was I to make you wait Just one chance Just one breath Just in case there's just one left 'Cause you know, you know, you know [CHORUS] That I love you I have loved you all along And I miss you Been far away for far too long I keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'll never go Stop breathing if I don't see you anymore On my knees, I'll ask Last chance for one last dance 'Cause with you, I'd withstand All of hell to hold your hand I'd give it all I'd give for us Give anything but I won't give up 'Cause you know, you know, you know [CHORUS] So far away Been far away for far too long So far away Been far away for far too long But you know, you know, you know I wanted I wanted you to stay 'Cause I needed I need to hear you say That I love you I have loved you all along And I forgive you For being away for far too long So keep breathing 'Cause I'm not leaving you
Love Is Pain
I pray that this pain will leave soon Its like salt in an open wound He put a knife right through my heart And tore my soul apart, When a heart has no love left to give Does it really continue to live Its beating sings a song of pain, Just as loud as the thunder and rain I feel it in my every breath Pain is something worse than death When will it end, Will I make it through I'm not sure but I owe this all to you. I pray that this pain will leave soon Its like salt in an open wound He put a knife right through my heart And tore my soul apart, When a heart has no love left to give Does it really continue to live Its beating sings a song of pain, Just as loud as the thunder and rain I feel it in my every breath Pain is something worse than death When will it end, Will I make it through I'm not sure but I owe this all to you. I am so lonely without you here I think of you and my eyes start to tear I would rather have you for a best friend Then to be all alone in
Warnings About Sick People
Interesting Things
I don't usually beg for help or enter contest, but you have to admit, my dog is Da Bomb. Please take a couple minutes and go bomb his pic. I could use the help. Some of these people have bomb squads behind them. Here's the link: For those who don't know, you click this picture and go leave comments. That's all! If all of my friends go leave me a few I'll win! Thanks! I haven't blogged in ages.  I have been through the wringer and back.  I won't go into the particulars, but let's say I have learned a lot.   First of all, one does not need so many "things".  I was almost homeless (I kid you not) and got rid of all my stuff because I had to (I had no place to put it and couldn't afford to store it).  And you know what?  I didn't really miss it. I learned to live on next to NO money.  Man, you have no idea how much Hamburger Helper and cheap assed stuff I ate.  And guess what?  I didn't lose any weight LOL.  That cheap food is loaded with calories and sodium. No one wil
Come And Have Some Fun
Ill Be Online When I Can
ill be online when i can my dad is very sick he's back in the hospital was borderline of a heart attck his kidneys are down . im sorry but spending alotta time with him right now ill be back on when i can
Darkside Family Members
Starting today I am now accepting applications for the FIRST official contest sponsored by the Darkside Guys and Dollies. This contest will be fun, it will be to see who holds the title of Mr and Miss Darkside, there will be a new winner every month. So we will begin for October. Get your entries in now, your sexiest SFW pics you can send me and once I have 8 entries for both men and women we will open the voting. This will be a rates and comments contest. The one with the most at the end will be decreed Mr and Miss Darkside. So come on, enter.!!! send your entries to This is the new email for the whole Family. Thanks, you can reach any of us this way.
Emily Dickinson~
Because I could not stop for Death He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves And Immortality We slowly drove, he knew no haste, And I had put away My labor, and my leisure too, For his civility We passed the school where children played, Their lessons scarcely done; We passed the fields of gazing grain, We passed the setting sun We paused before a house that seemed A swelling of the ground; The roof was scarcely visible, The cornice but a mound Since then 'tis centuries; but each Feels shorter than the day I first surmised the horses' heads Were toward eternity Emily Dickinson
How To Link A Lounge To Your Bulletin
4-15-09JEFFERSON — His voice strong and his gaze unwavering, Adam Cook described Scott Doverspike’s final moments, as they were reportedly described to him by childhood friend and fellow prisoner, Jason Moore.Cook, a former Belmont Correctional Institution prisoner and state’s witness, said Moore confessed to killing their mutual friend by “throwing him off a bridge,” Cook told a jury Wednesday afternoon.Cook gave his account against Moore in Common Pleas Court in front of Judge Alfred Mackey.“We struck up a conversation, and, you know, the conversation turned to Scott,” Cook said. “I knew Scott since we were kids. I knew Jason since we were kids.”Cook said the prison yard conversation turned to the subject of murder.“(Moore) went into details of that night on the bridge and why he had done it,” Cook said. “He said Scott was defenseless, high and drunk.”Moore is charged in the death ofDoverspike, who was foun
so I'm not here much. i'm actually taking a long summer vacation. I've been partying, reading, gaming (duh), and workin on finding a new place to live. long story there. I'm not much into this blog thing really. just wanted to post a "what's up" with me post in case anyone wondered. does anyone really read this shit? I saved up loads of vacation time to go travel around seeing friends this summer. i've been gone a while. i had an awesome time seeing old school and work friends in NJ, PA, and OH. I may just have to do this again next year. or maybe for Christmas. for now, it's back to the grind.
Any One Want To Join
Hey there friends my wife is going to try tha contest thing i did it and we had a lot of fun so if any one want in let me or her know tha contest will start tomorrow and there is only 5 people in it that want be too fun
Help Me, Help A Friend Out!
I'm hoping all my friends will rate this guy and help him win his DJ contest. I have faith in you all. Only a rate is needed. Thanks and much love to all of you! MUAHZ!' Jackie COME SHOW YA SUPPORT! R OWN DJ BUBBA FROM TERROR BROTHERS RADIO IS IN THE DJ CONTEST!!! COME SHOW HIM YA LOVE!!!!!! JUS CLICK THE PIC, YA KNOW YA WANNA! DJ BUBBA PUT AN AWESOME SHOW LAS NITE N DESERVES TO WIN!!!! COME SHOW HIM YA LOVE!!! HE MAY GIVE YA SUMTHING IN RETURN ;) COME ON YA KNOW YA'LL LOVE HIM!!!!! HE NEEDS ALL THE RATES HE CAN GET!! HELP HIM OUT 4 ME, I LOVE YA'LL!!! Hey ya'll I'm trying to pimp out a great guy ---BaracuddA--- aka "Fish" some of you might know him by that name or being an ex Fubar bouncer, well I guess it was Cherry Tap at the time. Anyways he's been on the road and will be getting internet access back here really soon. I wanted to surprise him and try to get him closer to leveling. So please ya'll go by and show him that awesome Fuba
William Shakespeare On April 26, 1564, John Shakespeare’s son, William, was baptized at the Stratford Parish Church. No one knows for certain when his birthday was. (Brown 22) It was thought that young Shakespeare began attending school at the age 7, in Stratford. (Wadsworth 344) Before Shakespeare reached the age of 13, his family endured hardships. Shakespeare’s formal schooling ceased. The Gift Summer comes and pears ripen, plump, juicy yellow-reds hanging on low branches. Behind rusty old chicken wire, jumbles of forest-green cucumber logs play hide-n-seek beneath their tangled vines. Sweet, clear notes from a familiar violin float from an open upstairs window into the street below. I daydream of exhilarating heights attained only by a swing, dirty, beat-up knees, mischievous grins. Reaching out, I carefully pluck a single pear; its juices dribble down my chin as I sink my teeth into the tender smooth skin.
I don’t know how I get through the nights without you I don’t know what kind of life I’d live without you. I need to be in your arms I need you to hold me You’re my everything, My heart, My world, My soul. If you left me along with you, All my life will drain away dedicated to: my papichulo! We'll go on, after you, Without you we'll go on, Though something beautiful inside Us all has turned to stone. We'll go on, after you, Without you through the years Of pain and raw bewilderment And brutal, angry tears. We'll go on, after you, Without you we will heal, Though love may labor in the heart And joy the loss conceal. We'll go on, after you, Without you we will grow Together as a family That you will never know. We'll go on, after you, Without you life goes on, But neither hope nor happiness Undoes what you have done. Pretend this poem is me, and I am with you; I hold you in the circle of my fire. Come into me, and time and space will va
My Ramblings And S&%#
to all the people who ask about my pics...theyre private because i dont want anyone to see them right now...there are pervs here who right click and save them to their computer, and I dont want that and I dont trust people on here not if you want to see them ill have to add you to my family after talking to you for a long time TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The SurveyName:KatieBirthday:September 5thBirthplace:OwatonnaCurrent Location:OwatonnaEye Color:HazelHair Color:ATM it is brown with blonde highlightsHeight:5'6"Right Handed or Left Handed:RightYour Heritage:Bohemian,Norwegian,GermanThe Shoes You Wore Today:None yetYour Weakness:Too many to listYour Fears:IllnessYour Perfect Pizza:Cheese
Just A Blog
To be honest I have not been online lately ..Lets see recap....made a couple new friends offline. Went to BDSM munch a couple of days ago and had a great time. you can be a perv and eat like a normal person at the same time. I had to setback my college plans to Summer because I am waiting for my transcripts. Been working overtime getting my artwork done this month. I had a few orders I had to complete. Going to church more.I go there 4 times a week. 1 day to clean. its volunteer work. and the mumms are starting to bore me out here and there right now. Hey if noone finds you funny its hard to make people smile. I hate to say this but other people having misery is starting to bore me out. I refuse to join any lounges .....because its hard to keep up on a conversation. I had to let the Stonier go. Just the marijuana was making me sick. I dont use this place as a dating site for whatever reaso November 1st update Fate Images Adu
Need Help Leveling Up
turtlesymbiote talkin about the tripAdd to My Profile | More Videos d and doc talking and the tripAdd to My Profile | More Videos doc trying to get me to hurt my selfAdd to My Profile | More Videos longboarding with turtlesymbioteAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Original Poetry
The feelings I have for a special woman in my life Is a little hard to explain and I don't know why. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen reminding me of a young princess or queen. Her eyes shimmer and dazzle brighter than the sun in the sky, with a mezmerizing smile making the night moon cry, With hair so soft, nothing compares to the way it feels. She is also honest, loyal, and down to earth and real. It was love at first sight as she walked through the door,Along with weak and quivering knees that made me fall to the floor. When I looked up, I had a feeling she was the one. No woman has ever mede me feel so nervous and stunned, All I can say now is that my love and heart is your's to keep. Without you in my life, I would be incomplete. By:Jason Hughes Written Oct 12,2003 I have a new life that I am bringing to this world. It is the happiest thing that I could have ever experienced. Sharing it with the woman of my dreams who loves me as I love her. The pride and joy
It's been a week since it all went down. My wife threw me out of our house. I'd found out a couple months ago that my wife wanted a divorce, but because I have a deployment coming up, we'd agreed to let me stay so that I can spend time with the kids. We also agreed to hold out on the divorce until I got back from Iraq. Then I left for annual training, and after I left she got to thinking, and decided that she didn't want to do all of that. Two days into training, I get a text from her telling me to call home later that evening. When I finally called, she informed me that her parents were paying for the divorce, and that their stipulation was that I move out. Less than 24 hours after I got back from training, most of my stuff was packed, and I was moving in with a friend of mine in Springfield. I've been here for a week, and I've been doing a lot of thinking. I'm kinda glad the she fucked me over the way she did. I've been a lot happier since I moved down here. I've bee
Thoughts Of An Overworked Cashier
110 hours in 14 days, 40 my first week and 70 this past week, all for 9$ an hour, 13.5$ overtime. its about fuckin time i got a day off. boss says this upcoming week ill have more hours, more fuckin hours? 70 wasn't enough? fuck me gently with a chainsaw lol. overworked and underpaid, been my life story lol, probaly applies to most of us, reminds me of an old saying " my boss is like a blister, he only shows up when the work is done " lol its so true.
For Those Who Haven't....
Hit up my mum and vote, plz #1 !!! Hit up my mum and vote, plz #2 !!! Hit up my mum and vote, plz #3 !!! Hit up my mum and vote, plz #1 !!! Hit up my mum and vote, plz #2 !!! Hit up my mum and vote, plz #3 !!!
This Is So Funny
OMG This is a long post but VERY funny!!! This is long but so funny. Hope you take the time to read to the end. Never Touchin' the Taser Again! My wife is fond of saying that my last words on this earth will be something akin to "Well, I have out done myself once again." No doubt you will see this true story chronicled in a Lifetime movie in the near future. Here goes... Last weekend when shopping for my wifes Christmas present, I spied something at the pawn shop that tickled my fancy. (Note: Keep in mind that my "fancy" is easily tickled). I bought something really cool for my wife. It being Christmas and all, I was looking for a little something extra nice for my sweet wife. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized Taser gun with a clip. For those of you who are not familiar with this product, it is a less-than-lethal stun gun with two metal prongs designed to incapacitate an assailant with a shock of high-voltage, low amperage electricity while you

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