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Omfg!!!! Horton Hears the Who's is a must see for kids and grown up kids. It was an awesome movie. It was hilarious through out most of the movie. A very good plot too. Its starts out as a cartoon for an elephant trying to save the who's which he is trying to save them through out the whole show. If you really listen to the words too you can tell that it is a battle against good and evil, or nonreligious people and religious people. Through out the movie you had one person trying to persuade that "If you can't see, feel or hear something it doesn't exsist." Which is the way a lot of nonreligious people try to rationalize not being religious. Where as the elephant, who was played by Jim Carey, was trying to prove that even though you can't see, touch or hear it doesn't mean that others can't. He was not only trying to save the Who's, but to send the message that people have a right to believe in what they want and no one should put them down for it. Also, you can almost see a hint of the message of coming to age in the plot. The elephant was mild, meek, scaredicat, and kind of week. But, as the movie goes along he grows up and becomes strong and determined to save the who's and not let anyone come in the way. Sort of like children in away. They are small, meek, scared alot of times, and very unsure of themselves. As they grow up, most children learn and set their sights on goals and don't let anyone stop them from getting it. This serious, yet hilarious, movie is a must see by children and child like grown ups. I have to admit I enjoyed the movie greatly.
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