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LateNiteFantasy's blog: "Reflection"

created on 06/12/2008  |
Cold Pizza by LateNiteFantasy© Love, what is thy name if not a cold and soggy crust humbly adorned with plasticine cheese and the dry, curled slices of rapture past To hold you, to take you in my hands and mouth to feel the coolness of night give way to morning's warmth oh, such joy such trembling anticipation for that luscious first bite of yesterday's delight
Translucence by LateNiteFantasy© A fog on glass translucent skin presses the surface cooling the flesh as droplets cascade the subtle curves. Tumescent shapes emerge in the shiver as steam whirls away in a breathless twirl. Long shadowy forms appear and withdraw, a rhythm in the mist as clouds gather - disperse in quickening gasps, the liquid echoes, moans reaching, reaching and then finally a release the dampness suddenly calm. Fingertips slide down shower doors with a whispered, "Yes."
The Right Spot by LateNiteFantasy© Long hard wood Balls right there Many holes to choose from Ram into and declare My body bent over Pressed firmly down Ready for the line up Now go to town If you need help Iíll grab my shaft Guide it to the spot Help perfect your craft Slide the wood Hit with balls Into the hole Against these walls Through the ďVĒ-shape You will slide Your hard wood After my guide Faster, faster Harder you go But one mistake Your game will slow For Iíll take over And be in command Taking the wood Into my hand Here I control it In here, in there Now my movements Are everywhere Actions so fast Itís had to keep track So pause for a moment Take a step back Look at your options But keep your cool Because thatís a key tactic To winning a game of pool
Inner Reflections by LateNiteFantasy© When I look inside I see a man who once was a boy who had no plan; and now with time, through many years, where once was hope now only fears. Like a stagnant pool which goes nowhere so is his life just sitting there; mocking his reflection,laughing in his face, longing for interjection,a little change of pace. The next distraction.
Too Much Player Piano by LateNiteFantasy© blurred nights, casually wasted peeking out from behind my eyes like looking out rainy day car windows too-fast drunken motion; striving for grace in arms and legs that want to separate at the joints and tumble tired to the tile you could play tunes for me in your heart play silent witness, play unspoken truth play with me; lock up your player piano heart, that does the thinking for you, the piano you'll love always to play, the keys you love to tickle because they are too laced with tacks and you are too afraid bar's hot enough to wring sweat from black hearted eightballs too fast too loud too much too tired to think straight draped on a stool i am damp laundry and half drunk pitcher beer falling all out of myself too many nights, casually wasted too many clock forgotten seconds and pitchers of beer and too many noises too much music too much dancing too much player piano
The Mirror Unbroken by LateNiteFantasy© Frightening how the plane prismed into instant schisms of light, reflections deflected in jagged and bloody edges the pain wedged deep into torn skin. Thin shards sliced to bone as the fist twisted in agony, its blow to the mirrored chin mired in self-doubt and recrimination, shunned by anyone professing "true" love. Above it all somehow, she slyly sifted, lifting the sparkling, silvered slivers as if her face had shattered with the blow, slowly piecing glass into piercing lies. It was her eyes that hurt the most, the hostess enduring a pain never inflicted conflicted by the image she had created and what she saw in the mirror unbroken.
Abandon to Gratification by LateNiteFantasy© Undulations Sinuous waves of motion Rise. . . and fall. Breath and sweat Effortlessly graceful movements Supple . . . lithe and pliant. Surging Sensation Impulses of ascent and descent Sweeping . . . building and cresting Peaks of Pleasure Delightful shuddering consumption Crashing . . . saited and spent.
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