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LateNiteFantasy's blog: "To my Fu-Wife"

created on 05/12/2008  |  |  1 followers
My Most Erotic Fantasy by LateNiteFantasy© My most erotic fantasy is being with you in a little cabin, in mountains in winter, cold and snowy with no wind, but nice gray clouds, covering us like a fuzzy blanket, and a crackling fire made from last summer's wood: which still has moisture in it, and snaps and pops, throwing sparks. Sometimes the sounds startle you, and I look over at you, while you are crocheting, or perhaps working a crossword puzzle and you meet my gaze, and smile. I may not smile back, but I'm grateful, in the silence of a fiercely frigid, muted day, for two things: one, you don't ask me why I am not doing something productive; and two, you don't say anything at all.
The Taste Of Your Kiss by LateNiteFantasy© The sweet taste of your kiss I have come to adore For its candy-like flavor Keeps me begging for more It's a morsel of love A pure delight and a treat It gives succulent moments When our tongues seem to meet It fills me with passion That is moist with desire It's a loving sensation And fuel to my fire I'm spellbound by its magic And those nibbles of love I'm intrigued by its pleasure For It's all I dream of So enriched with excitement I lust for its touch It's a soft tender gift That overwhelms me so much With its lingering joy My heart seems to skip But I relish this treasure As it touches my lip It has a blend of seduction I could never resist I'm enslaved to the power And the taste of your kiss
Images Of Desire by LateNiteFantasy© IMAGES OF DESIRE He's lustfully conjuring images of desire Setting the lady's libido on fire She's hot! She sizzles! What shall she do? Throwing coals under the pot of her witches brew Heating it Hot, the flames burn blue She chants and dances and calls out the name of the man she knows who can put out the flame He's silver hair-ed and mysterious too A Harley he doth ride His kisses are searing, his touches hot! Will she see him again? Or will she not? She stirs the brew and peers inside To see the face that rises to the top "Is it his face?" She says aloud The face she sees is of one very proud It's floating there behind a cloud In the pot on top of the fire In the meantime her libido burns As he continues conjuring images of desire
Jewel of My Heart by LateNiteFantasy© Jewel of My Heart How is it that in the reflection in the heart of a cool gem I see the sparkle of your eyes? These reflections dazzle me with what the future will bring. With every angle I feel a new upwelling of love. The gold encompasses the stone and in doing so defines all that is within. A home, a treasure of our promises and future. The jewel of my heart, You.
Love On The Fly by LateNiteFantasy© Love On The Fly Amid the piercing intent of eyes catching eyes, And volleys of kisses being assailed My soul wounded thus yet tries You beat that heart my love, so now impaled. And after the heat of such a battle worn When quietly the field lies in retrospect, The newfound battles in thought are born The new campaign fought by love`s sweet circumspect. And when that fighting has grown so fierce That I surrender to you or you to me. Then each in turn will each heart pierce With all love`s arrows and their mastery. If to such our love will spend, Then to such fate is all our end. Passion is played upon the field of our heart. Who is to say who conquers and who submits? With all grace I commit.
Fire in Her Heart bt LateNiteFantasy© Fire in Her Heart Fire in her heart She kneels before him Silent and still Dressed only in sunlight Bent to his will Her fiery curls Fall like rain On her face She never imagined Herself in this place Her blue eyes lowered Shy and sincere She relaxes completely Feeling no fear Her mind is exploding With so many dreams Of magic and pleasure And passionate screams She can’t comprehend Herself in his eyes Each moment together Is such a surprise Through him she awakens To a stunning new view Herself, full of beauty That she never knew And the future is cloudy Confused and unclear But only this moment matters Right now and right here She falls into his arms With all of her will And dares to believe In passion fulfilled
Love's Whispers by LateNiteFantasy© Love's Whispers In the quietness of the early morn before the first ray of the coming day I sit in the solitude of my own thoughts and think lingering thoughts of our time well spent A soft touch on my shoulder The gentle stroke of her hand on my hair The tension drains like so much sand in an hourglass Within the darkness I hear the whisper of her voice Simple words with heartfelt meaning Slowing a cool breeze through the raging heat of my soul And in doing so causing me to smile into the darkness Knowing that she sees and feels the softening of my face My hand touches the dim curve of her hip The rustling of covers She turns to me…..and without waking….melds into me Her dreams the ones of light As I stare into the darkness Smiling….knowing…. The murmurs of her sleep are Love’s Whispers
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