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LateNiteFantasy's blog: "To my Fu-Wife"

created on 05/12/2008  |  http://fubar.com/to-my-fu-wife/b215071  |  1 followers
Love's Whispers by LateNiteFantasy© Love's Whispers In the quietness of the early morn before the first ray of the coming day I sit in the solitude of my own thoughts and think lingering thoughts of our time well spent A soft touch on my shoulder The gentle stroke of her hand on my hair The tension drains like so much sand in an hourglass Within the darkness I hear the whisper of her voice Simple words with heartfelt meaning Slowing a cool breeze through the raging heat of my soul And in doing so causing me to smile into the darkness Knowing that she sees and feels the softening of my face My hand touches the dim curve of her hip The rustling of covers She turns to me…..and without waking….melds into me Her dreams the ones of light As I stare into the darkness Smiling….knowing…. The murmurs of her sleep are Love’s Whispers
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