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LateNiteFantasy's blog: "To my Fu-Wife"

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Love's Flame by LateNiteFantasy© Love's Flame Candles shining, a soft subtle glow. I see your silhouette reflected against the backdrop of night. Diaphanous hair against your soft skin, makes for an incredible sight. The essence of you takes control of my mind. Desires burning out of control, passions growing so intense. More than either of us ever thought we would find. Subtle glances, eyelashes blinking; intoxicating smiles captured our souls. There is no denying it, your love has me so enraptured. I gladly place my heart in your hands. For your touch ignites the flame of love all over again. In you, I found the trust that I so long ago lost. My world will never again be the same.
Love's Companion by LateNiteFantasy© Love's Companion For when does friendship turn into love? How was my heart prepared for what fate and chance has given me? I am but a man How could I have known of what chance encounter brought? Two minds touching with kindred spirit Two souls sharing in the quiet of the night How was I to know that in the light of day coolness turned to the hot embers of passion? And in doing so friendship would evolve into enduring love. How was I to know?
Love's Music by LateNiteFantasy© Soft music, candlelight, and the bonding of our minds. Seeing through the dim light the beautiful person you are. Such beauty and intellect one seldom finds. As we dine, the heavens are missing a star. Mellow harmony, with a flame, as our hearts begin to dance. Anticipation of embracing you with our first kiss. With mind, and body shall we take that chance. Thoughts and talks so intimate how can love miss? Delicate rhythm the spark of love influencing our bodies to caress. Sensations of unknown passion as I hold your body close to mine. Revealing inner most thoughts, and desires the minds undress. Tenderly kissing you, hearing the bells as they chime. Harmonizing the duet, as the compositions is about to unfold. Passionate encounter of our bodies and hearts. Enchanted by lovemaking, and time is on hold. The pleasure, and joy of romance when the saga starts. Ecstasy is the music of love, and our primeval force. Each movement, chord, sharing two hearts as they melt. The joining or our bodies, with the mind at its source. Reaching the summit of the mountain, love is felt.
Her Presence by LateNiteFantasy© Her Presence She stands silent and strong before the man she loves Under the intense gaze of his passion Piercing and probing to what lies beneath The inner spirit that longs for freedom To be released from the surrounding stone of stricture And upon her cool surface he lays his hand And he feels the rhythm of what lies within And the coolness vanishes And within her eyes he sees the ember of what lies within He calls to her Beckoning her to give unto him What is rightly his To show her inner being And he accepts the responsibility that this brings For she is the vessel of his love Taking the best from him as he offers her freedom from the cool grey walls of her exile
I've Given it Some Thought and by LateNiteFantasy© Your invite gives me I think you should just kiss me, your eyes tell me you want to kiss me, pull my full bottom lip between your teeth tug it trace the outline with the tip of your tongue aching to touch and taste kiss me, Canít think a sensible thought when we are alone and you want to kiss me, when you lean closer than you need to kiss me I want to taste you get close enough to know what you wash with, god help me if it is ivory soap slippery in your shower I imagine us clean and dirty at the same time.
Reflections Of Love by LateNiteFantasy© Will you kiss me tenderly tonight? hold me lovingly like you did last night? one look in your eyes and i knew i was through the heat from your stare layed me bare Last night was like a dream could barely see thru the steam you held me close within your arms couldn't resist your devilish charms your erotic words of love captured my heart could this be a start the beginning of something grand or perhaps it's just something written in the sand I shiver and close my eyes imagine your touch my body responds it's almost too much electrifying kiss sends me into undeniable bliss How my body hungered for your caress and you demanded, giving nothing less making me feel as if i was the only one no greater lover comparable to none
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