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Nothing ever looks the same After it is bathed in love White Queen prayed her silent prayer To the Creator, above Her heart had learned to smile, They both felt love and joy for a while. Why did Dark Thunder long for her in the night? Each memory of White Queen sent Dark Thunder heart in fight . Dark Thunder remembered White Queen sighs and her cries of delight. It was then Dark Thunder knew that for her love .. thier love.. he must flight. The wind blew gently across the land. White Queen remebered the touch of Dark Thunder hands. As the clouds moved slowly across the sky of blue. White Queen wondered did Dark Thunder Dream of her too. ? Love and Joy have ' Magic Powers.' White Queen longed for Dark Thunder's arms, hour after lonely hour . Her prayers were answered with his gentle love . White Queen knew that their prayers had been heard by the Creator above . Done by Christine L Youlls Lovers me and my  baby   i love hime couple love
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