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Help Me Out....
Pimpin Aint Easy
Waterfight Anyone
Tagged By Tiffany
YOU CAN TYPE ANYTHING 1. Where is your cell phone? on my desk 2. Your significant other? thats the question of the year 3. Your hair? awesome of course 4. Your mother? gone 5. Your father? gone 6. Your favorite thing? plead the 5th 7. Your dream last night? musta been good, woke up with wood 8. Your favorite drink? ice tea 9. Your dream/goal? be sucessful 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? Rock 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? in my bedroom lol 14. Where were you last night? in my bedroom 15. What you're not? happy 16. Muffins? blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? house 18. Where you grew up? Cali 19. The last thing you did? ummmmmmmmm 20. What are you wearing? wouldnt you like to know 21. TV? on 22. Your pets? i have fish 23. Your computer? Gateway 24. Your life? wasted 25. Your mood? hungry as hell 26. Missing someone? always 27. Favorite Store? target 30. Your summer? HOT 31. Like someone? yes and she knows 32. Your favorite colo
Auction Pimpout
I own these 2 awesome people. They have been wonderful friends and spoil me rotten. PLEASE go by and show them lots of Fu-LOVE! You wont be sorry! 'Justfishing~Owner of~~Tat2BunnyLuv~...' And Owner Of 'stormwomen"@ fubar ♥ ~Crazy_Canadian_Angel_4ever_O.~ ♥ ~ Fu Wifey to Wild Wolfie Canadian@ fubar So what are you waiting for? Start clicking away and show these great people LOTS of love!
Happy 4 Th To All
Salutes For Comments
I'm in a give away for a three month vip. I need 25,000 comments in 4 weeks. I'll need all the help I can get. I don't have a lot of fu bucks to pay people but, I can offer this. 200 comments= SFW Salute 300 comments= Custome graphic (see stash for examples of work) 400 comments= SFW Salute & Graphic 600 comments= NSFW Salute So if you would like to help out click the picture below and bomb away. After you are done send me a private message and I'll get what is owed to you. I will check to see how many was done. Thanks!!! Thank You to the wonderful hostess of the giveaway. You are the greatest!! Stephanie Lynn@ fubar
Driving a winding mountain road in a Jeep Cherokee. the plesent drive turned chatioc due to a driver side blow out. Rumbling loadly as I pulled over to fix the problem only to be passed fiercley by a tractor trailer so close I could of touched it if I put my arms out. Asshole I said to my self and looked down at the steel bands of my front driver side blow out. Figures I felt it pulling to the left for awhile at least the sun is setting and its not as hot as Tucson (The dessert just below me). Not taking long to change the tire out I'm pretty quick 15 minutes with a fourway and a floor jack I am back on the road in no time. Funny isnt it some people have to call triple a just to get back on the road me I have to work for a living so I change tires in a quick fashion. Some people don't realize what to do when they have a flat like one time I changer a tire for a bunch of drunk guys at a tittie bar... About 5 guys on a 4x4 truck and not one of them smart enough to fix i
Poems By Me.
I accually wrote this after I seen nassy's bullitin which pissed me off someone said a racial slur to her and must me sick in the head because its do.. Why is it the first thing people use when they get mad at other is a racial slur? These are the people who are sick in the head they need a cure!!! What right do you have to judge another and call them out of there name No one has that right grow up its no ones problem but yours you are to blame.. One more person full of anger and hate. Why do they use a racial slur does it make them great? A person who uses race against another is nothing but deranged All people bleed the same I feel sorry for people who judge another like this they need to change.. Love one another no matter what the case may be If you use racial slurs then you have a problem I hope one day you see... Hate is something that eats you up inside and will not get you no were. If you shall love and respect one another you will find m
Ya know when you reach that first turning point in your life where you wonder if it really doesn't get any better? I am so there. I have just recently taken a look at my life and wondered... What else is there? With the economy going down the toilet and absolutely no freaking jobs available anywhere, what the hell am I going to do for the rest of my life? I have no idea, and then you wait a few years and you get your "groove" back and things are going good. Then you hit like 30. And life as you know it has ended. You wake up, eat, go to work, come home, eat, go to bed and then do it all over again. For another 15 years. Then your 45, then you don't know what the hell you are doing. You are old and decrepid and senile. Hahaha. Then you enter the retirement stage of your life... And if you were smart and started saving when you were young up until the day you quit working you will probably be set for the rest of your miserable life on this miserable earth. But if you were stupid and didn
The Virus Is Spreading
For the handful of peeps that know this isn't about you! For the rest,I don't expect the help and for now on , will not get my support as well!
To All The Ones That Owned Me
there one person thats getting a hh soon will have a friend of mine pic the one tomorrow but thay wont know in till thay get it its one of the ones that owned on me its a one time so good luck all Please Help Out This Woman She Is a Great Friend Of Mine ..Help Her Win A Auto 11.....
Love Life!!!
My Answers to Survey The Most Random 1 - When was the last time you cried? I dont remember 2 - Have you ever faked sick? yes, duh 3 - What was the last lie you said? I have no clue 4 - Have you ever cried during a movie? yes 5 - Who was the last person you couldn't take your eyes off of? HA HA would you guys like to know ha! 6 - Have you ever danced in the rain? When I was lil 7 - Have you ever been drunk? HECK YA 8 - Have you ever tried tried drugs? mary jane in High school 9 - Do you smoke? no 10 - What's the farthest you've ever gone on a dare?
Sorry Laker Fans But....
sorry could not resist lmao
Master ?
The Natural Submissive I feel that courtesy is a strong indication of a good submissive as well as a good dominant. As a submissive, he or she asks his or her dominant for an immense amount of time, attention, and thought. Dominating someone requires a great deal of work and effort. While the submissive obviously has needs, he or she should devote himself or herself to pleasing his or her dominant as best they can. The submissive being honest and sincere about what types of play interests him or her. If the submissive is a masochist, with little or no interest in performing personal service for a dominant, he or she may tend to annoy or frustrate a dominant that has high expectations on being served. Also, there are those subs that are only interested in performing or providing a sexual service. While others tend to provide such services on a limited basis, such as domestic or office help, and then there totally devoted submissives who serve their dominant any way they can. One of
First French Prophet ?
hi to all I will activate auto 11 bling today 11/23 at 9:00 am futime, ty to all who will come help me, i am trying to be the first french prophet on fubar. sum random blings will be given !!! i wish yu all a blessed day hugzzzz !!!!
Friendship Vs. Love
Friendship is a quiet walk in the park with the one you trust. Love is when you feel like you are the only two around. Friendship is when they gaze into your eyes and you know they care. Love is when they gaze into your eyes and it warms your heart. Friendship is being close even when you are far apart. Love is when you can still feel their hand on your heart when they are not near. Friendship is hoping that they experience the very best. Love is when you bring them the very best. Friendship occupies your mind. Love occupies your soul. Friendship is knowing that you will always try to be there when in need. Love is when you will give up everything to be at their side. Friendship is a warm smile in the winter. Love is a warming touch that sends a pulse through your heart. Love is a beautiful smile to which nothing compares: A tender laugh, which opens your heart, A single touch that melts away your fe
Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a Fubar t-shirt and a bag of coffee ;) I have been semi good this year :) Love, ClOwNz! and PS.... Lots of bling too! All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) (1999 Digital Remaster) - Alvin And The Chipmunks
Help my crazy ass friend level please she will return the love
O Why Is Everything So Hard
Cool Happenings
When I was 17, my Junior year in high school, I lived with another family because things were dicey at my parents' house (violently dicey) and I moved out. They were extraordinarily kind and generous, They were stretching money and things were always tight for them, but they found a way to let me live with them for most of my Junior year, Two of the sons (there were 3 boys and one girl) were my best friends. When I came out, one of the sons, Phill, was not receptive about me coming out at all... he didn't react well. He couldn't accept me being gay... it was a very cold reaction. I didn't talk to him for years. I did talk to the other brother often for several years, but Phill was my best friend. It definitely left an empty spot in me... one I had forgotten about. I met him yesterday and he and his sister and I went to dinner. He made amends for the way that he reacted... it was tearful... It was amazing... It was amazing to me because he got to clear his conscience. H
A Little Personal
(POST THIS IF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU: 0 = EWWWWWWWWWWW W!? 1 = DEFINITELY NOT ATTRACTIVE. 2 = DECENT 3 = CUTE 4 = FINE AS HELL! 5 = I'D DO YOU! 6 = PRETTY DAMN SEXY! 7 = LOVABLE!8 =I LOVE YOU!!! 9 = I WANNA MAKE YOU MINE!) Take at ur own risk copy and pm you're answers 1. Your Name: 2. Age : 3. Dick/Boob Size: 4. Favorite position (s) ? 5. Do you think i'm hot? 6. Would you have sex with me? 7. lights on or off? 8. Would you have to be drunk? 9. Would you take a shower with me? 10. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 11. Would you leave after or stay the night? 12. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 13. Condom or skin? 14. Do you give Oral pleasures? 15. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 16. Have sex on the first date? 17. Would you kiss me during sex? 18. Do you think I would be good in bed? 19. Would u have a 3-some with me? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 2
Own Me... Or At Least Help With Rates... Please
IM IN A AUCTION I ALSO NEED RATES ! PLEASE CLICK ON PIC TO RATE MY PIC OR BID ! THANK YOU ! I am in auction!!!! We are also having a contest on rates for the auction photo... If you wanna own me... have unlimited access to my private pics... get salutes from me... etc... bid... if you can't bid, please at least take a moment to rate it!!! Thank you!!! Love and kisses... Lera!!! Will you rate this for me... PLZZZZ!!!
href="" target=_blank>εз ☆ℓиz☆ εз@ fubar href="" target=_blank>CrazyChick6207*Dangerous Curves Member*Protected By Southern C@ fubar
The Flaw In Women
Bulletin: The One Flaw In Women By the time the Lord made woman, He was into his sixth day of working overtime. An angel appeared and said, 'Why are you spending so much time on this one?' And the Lord answered, 'Have you seen my spec sheet on her? She has to be completely washable, but not plastic, have over 200 movable parts, all replaceable and able to run on diet coke and leftovers, have a lap that can hold four children at one time, have a kiss that can cure anything from a scraped knee to a broken heart -and she will do everything with only two hands.' The angel was astounded at the requirements. 'Only two hands!? No way! And that's just on the standard model? That's too much work for one day. Wait until tomorrow to finish.' 'But I won't, ' the Lord protested. 'I am so close to finishing this creation that is so close to my own heart.. She already heals herself when she is sick AND can work 18 ho ur days.' The angel moved closer and touched the woman.
I Wish You Enough
Recently, I overheard a mother and daughter in their last moments togetherat the airport. They had announced the departure. Standing near the securitygate, they hugged, and the mother said, 'I love you, and I wish youenough.' The daughter replied, 'Mom, our life together has been more than enough.Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Mom.' They kissed, and the daughter left. The mother walked over to the windowwhere I was seated. Standing there, I could see she wanted and needed tocry. I tried not to intrude on her privacy, but she welcomed me in byasking, 'Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?' Yes, I have,' I replied. 'Forgive me for asking, but why is this a forevergood-bye?' 'Well...I'm not as young as I once was, she lives so far away & has her ownbusy life. I have some challenges ahead, and the reality is - her next tripback will be for my funeral,' she said. 'When you were saying good-bye, I heard you say, 'I wish you enough.' M
lookin for a kinky girl to party and hookup for some kinky fun. that is the dream anyway, really just want a girl thats not a piece of shit. lol. but then again my standards are prob. to high, guess thats why im still single. OH YA AND IM THIRSTY CAN U SATISFY MY WATERSPORTS FETISH.
My Life
i wouldve loved to been able to play pro sports but my body is shot, i wouldve loved to be an actor but my memory is shot, i would love to be an inventor but i lack the follow through and the motivation to continue, i use to have enough confidence in myself i couldve been a trillionaire off of ebay but it was destroyed by a woman i fell in love with i had a social life but it ended when i slowed down my drinking in 2005 i would like to get myself back in shape but i dont have the drive and i run out of energy quickly i would like to be married and have a family i know i would get my exercise that way either i would be running around after the kids or running away from the wife because i said something stupid besides im no paul walker or tom cruise im 33 with high blood pressure with a body that feels like a 50 year old doc says if i dont get myself in check and healthier i might be dead in 2 to 3 years tops i know im stubborn but im stubborn in the wrong ways i know alot about p
For The Chronically Bored
I've been trying to avoid all the mass panic, which hasn't been too hard since I'm not easily encited to follow any stampeding herd. And yes, I know it's real and that it can be deadly, but... I still can't help thinking of H1N1 some sort of fad. A nasty, potentially lethal, very contagious fad that nobody wants to follow but still is obsessed with. But... My husband tells me that our realtor whom we met with on Friday called to say she just found out she was with H1N1-infected people on Thursday, and that we shouldlook for signs just in case it was pased along. (confession: I semi-tweaked out because I still have a residual cough from a chest cold thing I fought off over a week ago, and this swine flu is a respiratory deal.) The possible contagion was four days ago, so far no one in my house has starting coughing (anew) or gotten a runny nose... should I still run out and get one of those germ-blocker masks like this?
Sweet Kream
Hello. I'm Sweet Kream, new to the sight and just wanted to say hello. Sorry no pictures as of yet, but the face is as Sweet as the name.XOXOXOXOX
wtf.... why's fubar being utterly stupid and gay all of a sudden? honestly don't care if I get deleted or not, where's the fun in this site nowadays anyway.... can't even rate someone without getting stupid ass rating too fast errors or invalid out of 11 errors (which is fuckin stupid cause I don't use 11's unless they're already activated on someone's profile AND still get that message even when they are), people gettin deleted for stupid shit, some accounts still making it passed 10 without a salute, TONS of profiles without a salute.....and to top it all off, I have a friend who had lots of her pics deleted INCLUDING her salute pic by someone in her family, gets back on fubar later that day and can't even get a single point until what? the bouncers say she posts a salute......... WTF? there's tons of people without salutes leveling up everyday so why should she be any different? very few on this site talk to me anymore anyway.... always try to start conversations with people when I
Good By My Little Friend
He came to me about 10 years or so ago. I Just won from a neighbor. with a one month of life he brought Alex to my house. A few weeks later he was the King of the house and did everything (he wanted of course)Alex loved to curl up on the couch or in the bed with me. and watching TV , eating chips , he like drinking coffe after meal eat olives, cucumber, coffee with milk in the morning with bread and butter.Last time I got in at Alex in my arms he licked my face with a warmth that I had never felt before, yet I look at early morning, he looked at me with loving eyes and went back to sleep, and I also when I woke up my little friend was gone. leaving an empty lot a miss..... Alex was a dandy terrier
100 Blunts A Week
Why do the ones that love us the most have to go to such extremes to make open our eyes? Here I have such a wonderful and loving lady in my life. I am destroying the happiest days of my life by waiting till it is/was too late to do anything about it. I have finally, after tough love persuation, have realized I am not in control as much as I thought I was. Although not physical as of yet, I have a temper and anger problem. I don't know where it is coming from and don't even realize it is happening. It took being apart from the one true love of my life for me to finally realize it. I am in the process of getting the help I need to save my loved ones as well as myself. More so myself. Let's see how do I start explaining this. I grew up with a mother that used to whip me with a garden hose, made me knee for hours at a time in a corner on raw rice, always told me I would never mount to anything, I was useless, etc. Well through the years of mental abuse from that I guess it takes a tol
Crazy Ass Bitch!!!
Mr6sixs@ Fubar
mr6sixs@ fubar
I'm normally not someone that gets too involved in online communities or social things, but it's come to my attention that even in person communication is lacking these days. A real conversation should flow with a statement or question, followed by another question and a statement so there's a direction to take a conversation. That or some sort of thought provoking or response provoking dialogue. This, unfortunately, is missing. You can tell by those awkward silences in which someone says something to abruptly force you to struggle to find anything to say to their previous vocalization. Now, with that out of the way, let's get into a few things about why I don't reply to most things I receive on here (and, it's really no offense). Do you often respond to advertisements and reply back with a letter about how someones doing when you get some junk mail? I didn't think so. So why on earth would anyone reply to someone marketing themselves. Now, I understand that there really is a popular
Behind These Hazel Eyes
Like a sinking ship, dragging you down under. I'm worse than the lightning following the thunder. Like the plague, that infected my town. The only path im headed on, is down. It's just my way, it's who I am. Like junk mail, the unwanted spam. That's me, no escaping it, time for me to realize. Nothing but pain and regret, hidden behind these hazel eyes.
She walks in shadows....Lingers in dreams...where nothing ever is as it seems... Standing in shadows...dancing in the rain...Hoping the tear drops hide all the pain..... She is Simply Poetic... My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, 'Do you want to have Sex?' 'No,' she answered. I then said, 'Is that your final answer?' ... She didn't even look at me this time, si...mply saying, 'Yes..' So I said, "Then I'd like to phone a friend." And that's when the fight started... ________________________________ I took my wife to a restaurant. The waiter, for some reason, took my order first. "I'll have the rump steak, rare, please." He said, "Aren't you worried about the mad cow?" "Nah, she can order for herself." And that's when the fight started..... _____________________________ My wife and I were sitting at a table at her high school reunion, and she kept staring at a drunken man swigging his drink as he sat alone at a nearb
Lectures On Life From An Old Soul
“The Paradox of our Times" Is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers. Wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but we have less. We have bigger houses, but smaller families. More conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees, but less sense. More knowledge, but less judgement. More experts, but more problems. More medicines, but less wellness. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.
Hvad Fanden Er Det Her ??
hvad har jeg gjort for at fortjene det her ?? hader han mig virkelig s meget ?? det eneste jeg har givet ham er krlighed, og s fr jeg det her knust hjerte... a kick in the face !! tusind tak...det vil jeg aldrig glemme dig for jeg er s pisse trt af det her... er trt af at ikke vide hvad der foregr. ikke vide hvad han vil...ik vide om der er andre...egentlig ik vide noget som helst... det srer mig dybt...og jeg er ked af det...
Worst Things About Sex....from A Mans' Perspective.
Before you read the following THIS IS NOT MY LIST! 1. Tea bag - As you are sitting on a girl's face, repeatedly dip your scrotum in and out of her mouth, similar to a tea bag in a cup of hot water. 2. Hot Lunch - While receiving head from a woman, you shit on her chest. (a.k.a. the Cleveland Steamer) 3. The Stranger - Sitting on your hand until it falls asleep and then jerking off, eliciting the feeling of a hand job from someone else. 4. Donkey Punch - Banging a girl doggy style and moments before you cum, sticking your dick in her ass, then punching her in the back of the head. This gives a tremendous sensation, but for it to work correctly, the girl must be knocked out so that her asshole tightens up. 5. Golden Shower - Any form of peeing on a girl. (aka: watersports) 6. Pearl Necklace - Well known. Whenever you cum on the neck/cleavage area of a girl, it takes on the look of beautiful jewelry. 7. Coyote - This occurs when you wake up in the room of a nasty skank and you
Santosh's Blog
New York City: It's a cold day in December. A little boy about 10-year-old was standing before a shoe store on Broadway, barefooted, peering through the window, and shivering with cold. A lady approached the boy and said, "My little fellow, why are you looking so earnestly in that window?" "I was asking God to give me a pair of shoes," was the boy's reply. The lady took him by the hand and went into the store, and asked the clerk to get a half dozen pairs of socks for the boy. She then asked if he could give her a basin of water and a towel. He quickly brought them to her. She took the little fellow to the back part of the store and, removing her gloves, knelt down, washed his little feet, and dried them with a towel. By this time the clerk had returned with the socks. Placing a pair upon the boy's feet, she then purchased him a pair of shoes, and tying up the remaining pairs of socks, gave them to him. She patted him on the head and said, "No doubt, my little fellow, you feel
Quizzes..horray! Horray!!
Ashley -- [adjective]:Extremely dominant 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at Erm..ummm dont think they got that one right lol Ashley will go to jail for ... Performing a strip tease on the street 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at Ashley -- [noun]:A person who laughs at anything (even this entry) 'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at OMG!! they found out lmao..and now this is true i do laugh at everything lol
Subject: Hope it wiggles for you! Ain't it the Truth!!! A woman goes to the doctor for her yearly physical. The nurse starts with certain basic items. "How much do you weigh?" she asks. "115," she says. The nurse puts her on the scale. It turns out her weight is 140. The nurse asks, "Your height?" "5 foot 8," she says. The nurse checks and sees that she only measures 5' 5". She then takes her blood pressure And tells the woman it is very high. "Of course it's high!" she screams, "When I came in here I was tall and slender! Now I'm short and fat!" Flour and Water How come when you mix water and flour together you get glue?.. and then you add eggs and sugar... and you get cake? Where did the glue go ? NEED AN ANSWER? You know darned well where it went! That's what makes the cake Stick to your BUTT Now that you've smiled at least once, it's your turn to spread the
The Day And Life Of A Fubar
My life is a leisure everyone wants. No job, no responsibilities, almost a perfect life. But my life is somewhat missing in this world. I look in the mirror, at my eyes, to see if i have a soul left within me. The eyes in which my body is part of seem to glare back at me without a single blink. I get closer, wondering if there is something more within me I don't know. I look forever in those eyes to find a person i don't know, even though I know it is me. Music blasts in the background to calm the storm of thorns in my heart. The pain of not knowing myself and being alone cries out in this seemingly mirrored world I look into. I find myself asking questions to whether or not if I'll ever find myself and what I shall become. But alas, life seems to fit this discription for me, making me ever more of someone who will keep looking forever for himself. --Xonus I wanted to see what all the buzz was about here and I can see why. There are some pretty kewl stuff around here.
New Tag Game
Here's the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment they'll so they will check the blog for details. Here Goes 1. I'm too over protective of my friends 2. I love to play first player shooter games on the PC. I have also started one of the best gaming communities for Call of Duty on the web and host 6 gaming servers and forums. (yeah i know i am a nerd lol) 3. I'm a home body and live to cut my grass lol. 4. I can not stand seafood but i will cook it. 5. I have been into BDSM for years. 6. I can fix anything wrong with a computer but i can not navigate the web lol... Yeah i know that is weird People i want to play Victoria, Evil, taylors_blueyes, cookie, Mousie, Laurie
Angery At The World....
God first they wake me up at 9:00 when i went to be aroundd....5 in the morring.. and then they take me shopping for shit i could go on my own time..then make me go shopping for a lazyboy chair.....and well i am a little bitchy ...then chris yells at mt...and well that just adds on to my ander...well i got to go... Love robyn
What Creature Of The Night Are You Most Like?
What dragon species are you? (Stunning pics) Shadow DragonDark, evil, you are the evil breed of dragon. You lurk within the shadows of the night and attack with surprise. You prefer to stay alone, solitude is your best friend within your deep, dark cave or den. Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by You scored as You are a Demon. There's no nice way of saying it. You're a Demon!` And you like it that way! You are often called a pyromaniac and keep matches or a lighter on you at all times. Your idea of fun is poking those poor damned souls with your pitch fork. Just be careful you don't get burned in all your fun!!You are a Demon83%Fallen Angel83%You are a Vampiric Elf!67%Vampire67%
Don't spoil it....just do it Pick a fruit and comment, then pass it on >>> >>>Which fruit will you pick if you were handed these: >>> >>>1. Orange >>> >>>2. Apple >>> >>>3. Banana >>> >>>4. Coconut >>> >>>5. Pineapple >>> >>>6. Papaya >>> >>>7. Mango >>> >>>8. Cherry >>> >>>9. Black Grapes >>> >>>10. Peach >>> >>>11. Custard Apple >>> >>>12. Pear >>> >>>What is your pick??? >>> (Pick before you scroll down ........... Do Not CHEAT!!! >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>>ORANGE - If orange is your favorite fruit, it speaks of a person who has enduring patience and willpower. You like to do things slowly, but very thoroughly and are completely unda unted by hardwork. You tend to be shy, but are reliable and trustworthy friend. You have an aesthetic bent of mind. You select your partner with care and you love with all your heart, and not in for just a fling. You avoid conflict at all costs >>> >>> >>> >>>APPLE - If apple is your favorite fr
this is reall fun bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Props Go Out
Okay first, Ben Thank you for this player. I am putting it in my blog for all to enjoy. Now everyone if you have not been to Bens page stop by it's off the hook. Big Ben, here, shows love when shown to him, so add him or drop a message saying add me. Just stop in to say Hi, rate his pics profile comment him, he'll do the same for you. Ben is a stand up guy, you know Ser William dont do this for many people, so find out for yourself how awsome Big Ben is. It's all about cherry love here Ben Dover@ CherryTAP
You Call It Ramblling I Call It It Venting!
I not all that lucide right now so if I don't make sense try and keep in mind I'm still in the hospital and I'm on some damn strong meds. But--I'm in alot of pain even with the meds so I'm blogging till I pass out from one or both! Ok I'm gonna do a bit of raging here. I have a pet peeve. It's people not taking the time to read my profile. Then becomming upset over a fact that is clearly stated in my profile. Be that the fact I'm Bi or into the BDSM lifestyle or what have you. I'm honest n I've been told i'm a bit to nice at times. Maybe so.I don't like upseting people unless I absolootly must. Sooooooooo... PEOPLE PLEASE DO ME A HUGE FAVER! READ MY PROFILE BEFORE YOU GO OFF ON ME FOR NOT TELLING YOU SOMETHING. You see if it's on my profile I expect that it's known. So I don't repeat alot of what's covered on my profile that would be a bit reduntit. I'll be happy to tell you anything you'd like to know IF it's not covered. There's a reason a profile is made. It's so you know a
Just My Thoughts
When you were 8 years old, your mom handed you an ice cream. You thanked her by yelling at her and telling her its the wrong kind When you were 9 years old, she paid for piano lessons. You thanked her by never even bothering to practice. When you were 10 years old she drove you all day, from soccer to football to one birthday party after another. You thanked her by jumping out of the car and never looking back. When you were 11 years old, she took you and your friends to the movies. You thanked her by asking to sit in a different row. When you were 12 years old, she warned you not to watch certain TV shows. You thanked her by waiting until she left the house. When you were 13, she suggested a haircut that was becoming. You thanked her by telling her she had no taste. When you were 14, she paid for a month away at summer camp. You thanked her by not writing a single letter. When you were 15, she came home from work, looking for a hug. You thanked h
Bitch And Moan
Is it that greedy of a concept to want the situation from my side be heard and understood? All the main people in my life whenever there's ever been an arguement i don't have a side... there's just wrong on my side no matter my motivations my logic my thoughts... there isn't a side just a falsiety.... all i want is my side given the same consideration.... is that so greedy in the greater human scope of things? How can some one who loves you... hurt so much? Without trying? It just seems the more and more i try to keep things going on the worse they mess up... i just want things calm and happy and i just can't seem to get it... Oh in other bad news... my friends baby died... just a few weeks old so i'm out of town helping out for a little bit trying to make things easier on people It hurts but sometime i have to sit there and consider the possibility that leaving my baby might be the best thing for him. I just start thinking i'm holding him back from being happy that i'm not what
The Pool {erotic}
The Pool, After Hours PennWritre 2006 ---Fort Walton Beach, Florida -Business trip meetings Wow, one more day of these meetings to go. Geez, I need to find Lori and tell her to get out of here for the afternoon, there is no sense in both of us sitting though the admin meetings after lunch. Ah, there you are, Lori. I dont think you are needed here this afternoon, shy dont you get out of here, and go do some shopping, I know how much you enjoy that. Hmmm, in fact, why dont you stop by the Holiday Inn and see if Dee wants to go with you. Tell her Ill be back after 5 and we can work out dinner then. Great idea, Jakob, Im outta here! As Lori give me a hug and walks off to her car. I manage to stay awake through the afternoon, and finally head back to the hotel. When I get back to the room, I find the note from Dee, that she is out with Lori and might be a bit late getting back. It suggests giving her a call and she can pick up dinner on the way back. Wow that sou
All That Jazz
IMVU - The World's Greatest 3D Chat actually cant stop .. almost as good as here !! ok so im new on here .. thought id join cos of my mummmmyyyy!!! and our very good friend "insanecatlady" .. well being new its guna take me awhile to get used to this new place .. but il get there !!! chow x
St. Paddy's Day!!!!!!!!!!!
st patricks day text So it's March in Binghamton and well that alone is a celebration to party!!! BUT today is Parade Day in Binghamton and it is crazy You don't even know!!! Let's just say if you have true Irish Pride, you are drunk before the parade even starts (FUCK me and 36 of my best friends are already prepping). Our goal for the rest of the day is not to make a fucking ass out of ourselves but IF your Irish or Irish by association you know that will never happen!!!!!!!! lol so while I go prepare myself on the full oray of green beers in this house and deck myself out in green from head to toe I shall leave you with some Irish quotes.... And dont worry PIX beyond PIX are to follow hehehehehe!!!!!! I have known many, and like but a few, have loved only one, and this is a toast to you! My friends are the best friends. loyal, willing and able. Now lets get to drinking, all glasses off the table! There are good ships. and there are wood ships, the ships that
Military Stuff
Turn up your volume too theres a song!You stay up for 16 hours.He stays up for days on end.You take a warm shower to help you wake up.He goes days or weeks without running water.You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you.He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists...You complain about how hot it is.He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow.You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaurant got your order wrong.He doesn't get to eat today.Your maid makes your bed and washes your clothes. He wears the same things for weeks, but makes sure his weapons are clean.You go
A Few Good And See
That in the world in which you seek shall come and find you when you're weak - Me Happiness depends upon ourselves - ME They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself - Andy Warhol God can heal a broken heart if given all the pieces... don't always go for what you want, look at what you already have or you might miss something special...Sometimes the sound of goodbye is louder than any drum beat - Me Speak when your angry and you will make the best speech you'll ever regret - Me You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you - Eric Hoffer Holding on to anger, resentment, & hurt only gives you tense muscles, a headache, and a sore jaw from clenching your teeth. Forgiveness gives you back the laughterand lightness in your life - Joan Lunden Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were - Cherie Carter-Scott The reasonable man adapts himself to t
My Gothic Dream
you left me alone in your dungeon,hungry,horny,and bored. I called out to you not to leave,but you ignored my cry.I had to find a way out of this cage you had me locked in,and find my way away from this dungeon. I managed to free my hands from the rope you had tied around them.I was able to free my ankles you had tied together.there was a latch on the cage that I needed to release,in order to free took me forever but I finally was able to release the latch and escape.I got dressed and left. I saw mortal life around me and I needed to feed,my body was becoming weak.I selected my mortal soul and began drinking my body began to awaken and feel alive once more. along came this immortal being calling to me,my body slowly approaching his command.he grabs me and takes me to his home.a place of elegance,fine art and sophistication.rennaisance to be exact.candles surrounding me,sexual art hanging from walls,red silk sheets lacing the bed,violins playing softly in t

Search Video Codes The mature love is not lesser in intensity. It is only quiet. He is not lesser in extension. More he is defined, colored is poem. He does not lack of demonstrations: he offers the truth of the feeling. He does not need demanded presences: he extends yourself with the significant absences. The mature love has and wants problems, yes, as everything. But it lives of the problems of the happiness. Problems of the happiness are laborious forms to construct to the good and the pleasure. Problems of the misfortune do not interest the mature love. In the happiness it is the meeting of skins, being with the taste of the mouth and of I smell it, is the anticipated understanding, knowing before, the gift, the emotion lived in set, the quiet speeches of the perception, the pleasure to coexist, the spirit and meat balance. The mature love is the relation and valuation best of the other with the safe part of each person. It lives of whom he did not die exactly having been stops la
"god Wanted Me To Tell You"
GOD WANTED ME TO TELL YOU Everything that is going wrong in your life today shall be well with you this year. No matter how much your enemies try this year, "they will not" succeed. You have been destined to make it and you shall surely achieve all your goals this year. For the remaining months of this year (2006), all your agonies will be diverted and victory and prosperity will be incoming in abundance. Today God has confirmed the end of your sufferings sorrows and pains because HE that sits on the throne has remembered you. He has taken away the hardships and given you JOY. He will never let you down. I knocked at heaven's door this morning, God asked me... My child! What can I do for you? And I said, "Father, please protect and bless the person reading this message"... God smiled and answered... Request granted. If you believe this message, send it to seven persons and the one who sent it to you. By doing this you have succeeded in praying for eight people today
Quess Who Forgot How To Use This?
Hey everyone, I thought I would drop a note to say hi to everyone and wish everyone a good week! I added some pics of my work today! You can see them there or on our website Just Google Us! The Sisters Grymm Leave us a message if you stop by! Later Taters And I thought myspace was complicated pffffffffffffft!
A Must Open
> > > > I M P O R T A N T W A R N I NG ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! > > > > > > > > Anyone-using Internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and so > > > > on. > > > > > > > > This information arrived this morning, Direct from both > > > > Microsoft and > > > > Norton. > > > > > > > > Please send it to everybody you know who has access to the > > > > Internet. > > > > > > > > You may receive an apparently harmless e-mail with a Power Point > > > > presentation "Life is Beautiful" If you receive it DO NOT OPEN > > > > THE FILE > > > > UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, and delete it > > > > immediately. > > > > > > > > If you open this file, a message will appear on your screen > > > > saying: "It is too late now; your life is no longer > > > > beautiful." > > > > > > > > Subsequently you will LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC, and the person > > > > who > > > > sent it to you will gain access to your name, e-mail, and > > > > passw
Random Rambling
When we are kids, we have friends. We have sleepovers, summer camp, summer vacation, Christmas vacation, Spring Break, and loads of other happy things to celebrate. Sure, not everyone had a rosy childhood, but even the most awful memories are dulled by time. When we reach adulthood, we lose these little celebrations, bit by bit. We lose most of our vacations and find out our parents weren't kidding when they said we had it easy. We stop having sleepovers, and trade those instead for one permanent sleepover with a husband or wife. I don't think some people ever really get the hang of that one. We have kids of our own, and fully understand why our parents were so freaked out by us all of the time...why they hated our music and didn't understand our language or the fashion choices we'd made. We finally "get it," it comes to us in a moment of clarity, "Oh my God, you were right. You were right about everything." I asked my mother once, while going through some troubles with my ow
New Bombers Please Welcome....
Please show her sum love. WELCOME This is our newest memeber Rebecca. Lets show her sum love.
Im So Crushed
well im so crushed and sad the crush that i have had since the whole crush thing on here has a crush for someone else i so thought he liked me enough to crush me back... *CRIES* oh well i guess... many more crushes out there i guess but this one really makes my heart skip beats lol and yes u know who u r if you read this... your the biggest pain in my ass but i really really do lust you ... lol ok got that out i feel better muahhhh and yes i know i am a retard lol
I was talking to one of my girlfriends this weekend while driving to St. Louis, cause you know it isn't that long of a drive but it can get a little boring, catching up on each other's lives and she called me a serial dater. She laughed when she said this and so did I at the time..after we got off the phone I was pondering what exactly this meant to be a serial dater..and was this something that I wanted to really be. True I do go out when I don't have my kids and it isn't uncommon for me to have more than one date on a single friday or saturday, sunday is reserved for rest hee hee, I don't have much free time and I do have to make the best of it. How else am I going to met people and see what all is out there, I don't go around having sex with these people so it's ok. I kinda strugged the thought off and went about my weekend. Driving home from work tonight I was hit with such an incredible feeling of..for a lack of a better word loneliness. As I thought about it I realized that
Lyrics I Like
back door in the club i'm not lookin for love i'm lookin for a big butt to squeeze on these nuts i'm not tryin to think too much i'm just tryin to get fucked and drink too much lil bitch - don't be so serious don't get mad cuz your girls wanna be with us in the club - show love have a drink on us "hey yo dog i think this girl wants to get fucked" hey daddy can i talk to you daddy i'm only seventeen but i know just what to do at the club fools pay big money for me but daddy you can get this lapdance here for free i need love daddy daddy give it to me it's my birthday ahhight - then let me see your i.d. cuz the last time i was fooled the bitch was just sixteen big ass - big tits - she looked at least twenty-three i'm going straight to hell if fuckin you's wrong i don't wanna be right hey baby girl i know just what to do i'ma slap your little ass til it turns black and blue now ya put on these heels and ya arch your back and i'ma crack ya
Are Fucking Kidding Me! first and probably only happy hour and it appears that I have a jealous bitch among my so called friends. Be it male of female..LOL You know who you are loser, so please remove yourself from my list. I just want to have fun and not only is this loser going through my pics and flagging them, but also my stash as well. Too bad you have no life. LMAO Giggling still for you cause its so pathetic! To everyone else...LOVE ALWAYS!! HUGS AND KISSES!!
Random Thoughts
hello ,, im learning this as i go along with the contest, i clicked on the link photo button under the pics and it comes up with a code this is what it says Cut & Paste the links below into your blog or webpage to create a link back to this photo page! If you want people to see and click on a thumbnail of this photo, use the HTML code on the left. If you want people to see and click on a text link, use the HTML code on the right. it is under all of the pictures, so you can send messages, post bulletins , ect with your pic in it and if they click on the pic, it will take em to your link top rate and comment thanks everyone once more for participating randy well the contest has begun, i beleive i sent out everyones pic url, and ill be promoting everyone in your addiction lounge and thru blogs , bulletins and comments, i suggest saving the url to notepad ,, and posting your own blogs, comments, bulletins as well good luck to every one, and id like to thank all the mother
More Stories From My Naughty Mind!
Against the Wall First I would kiss you like you kiss me... I like it hard and heavy, that usually gets me all turned on. I would have to pin you up against the wall you know. And I would start with taking off your clothes partly, I hope you didn't have a bra on so the shirt could stay. But the rest of your clothing has to go. I would start at the top......kissing my way down...taking some time to suck on your nipples....and kiss your tummy before I went down on you. Yea I would have to get you off before I could bend you over and take you for myself. Forgiven Kneeling in the corner, left to myself with my thoughts and actions. Knowing that in some way I had displeased you. This time I didn't even get to cuddle afterwards. You left me with my ass burning hot, a few small welts starting to show. You pushed me to the edge again, you are so good at doing that. Well really I couldn't resist you, my hands were tied and my mouth was gagged. I knew I had better lay there and take your p
Having Fun
In the Darkness I am the voice that lets you know everything is alright In the Darkness I am the hand that shows you the way out In the Darkness I am the one who fights off the monsters In the Darkness I am the one who holds you close keeping you safe In the Darkness I am at peace when you are by my side In the Darkness I am king and nothing can hurt me In the Darkness I am alone and noone is with me In the Darkness I have no feelings and I am empty I am the Shadow Of man I am the shadow of hate I am the shadow of fear I am the shadow of anger I am the shadow of life I am the shadow of love I am the shadow of good I am the shadow of evil I am the shadow of me I am the shadow of corruption I am the eternal shadow It isnt about getting laid it isnt about Me its about having fun I dont start a relationship for the sex i dont do it to prove I can I start a relationship because I like the person and if they dont like me they shouldnt lie to me an
Dietrich Thrall
My Brother Has Cancer "We are saddened to announce today that our brother Kristov will be forced to undergo immediate chemotherapy to battle newfound cancerous growths. Test results received this past week confirm new growths in two critical areas. As per physician recommendation, Kris will begin chemotherapy this coming Monday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Kemp family during this unexpected and disappointing turn for the worse and we appreciate everyones understanding and patience as we deal with this situation privately. We will have an announcement shortly on how this will affect our Fall tour plans." ~DNKMARAZENE For those of you not 100% on what's going on, Kristov is my drummer and business partner in MARAZENE, and even more importantly, he's my friend. I've known him since I moved to Chicago in May 2001 and we have been working together for years. Thanks for your continued love and support. XoXoX ~D MARAZENE Press ReleaseStreet date 09.20.07As report
Apples For Megg
He cannot tell his mother he's dying somehow he's embarrassed, ashamed of 26 years of imperfections, of doing everything she told him (even as an adult) not to do he's ashamed for her too, another son to die this way that out of milk white and perfect bones came a perfect cell that would divide and divide her heart into a million pieces , if only she knew his world was every yellow tulip she breathed in april every strawberry whose redness she swallowed in july every song on her lips whose notes slid in tenor waves through her thin skin and lulled him off to sleep again hush little baby, don't say a word she once felt his fingers and toes fluttering beneatht the tight skin of her belly, his straining to open his mouth and tell her everything in the world he knew was beautiful Now he feels an invisible weight pushing out on his belly and his love has no words for nothing in the world he knows is beautiful there's a sta
Fan Me
ok i want to try to get every fubar member as my fan there are over 1 million people on here so im gonna need some help please tell all ur friends,fans,family to fan me i wanna see if i can get it done
but I don't really care about the points system on here. I will gladly give points to any page I visit, but I'm not that into it. I justed wanted another way to express myself and meet other people. I appologize if I have upset anyone with this information, but that's just my own personal opinion. Stay cool.
Well, the Lord answers stepdad is home now after being in Trauma for 23 days...keep him in your prayers still...thanks all! Would everyone pray that my stepdad recovers from his wreck from Friday night (Jan. 04, 2008)? He is in critical condition at Erlanger in Chattanooga. He flipped his car into a revine and it crushed his chest and ribs. The jaws of life had to cut him out due to him being so big. He is 6'4 and weights about 300. So yeah, I see why they had to cut him out, but he was pinned under the roof from it flipping on it's top. We do not know how he had the wreck or what caused it. When I get more information I will let you all know. Thanks a LOT! Hope all had a safe New Year's night! ~BuTtErFlYqUeEn~ Well, there's been so much going on in my mind. Wondering if I'm doing the right thing or not. Do i second guess myself or stick with my gut feeling? Each time i 2nd guess myself, i end up losing out. What do I do? *paces the floor* Do I do it? Or Not?
Need All To Join
Something cool that Xerox is doing If you go to this web site, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq . You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services. How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!! This is a great site. Please send a card. It is FREE and it only takes a second. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against the war, our guys and gals over there need to know we are behind them... So copy and paste it and go do this. if you have raised kids (or been one), and gone through the pet syndrome, including toilet flush burials for dead goldfish, the story below will have you laughing out LOUD! Overview: I had to take my son's lizard to the vet. Here's what happened: Just after dinner one night, my son came up to tell
hum how do i do this still lost no end in site haveing the worst time doing enything good dont know how to get back on trak well im 30 liv in tulsa ok have a 4 year old full time how do i find some one im lost help?
please comment me and rate me all comments and rates put together make the total score thats the pic link thanks love you all
OK I'm gonna try and not be a bitch here but obviously no one reads profiles anymore so... I'm so tired of getting FRIENDS request from people who are bored, rate your pic then request to be your friend without even so much as a shout of hey or hello, I'm not here to win any "who can get the most friends contest" so I'll say it again if you dont talk to me or at least try to talk to me you have no chance of becoming my friend! I have few Friends on here and only 2 very close friends and you know who you are lol So bottom line talk to me first and we'll see about addingyou as a friend later, i've deleted some of the "friends" I had when I first got on this site because once you add them you never hear from them again, not anymore! THX
Please Make This Beautiful Sweet Caring Girl Smile Go Show Her Page Some Love Rate It Fan Her Add Her Luv Her. You Never Know You Play Enough And You May JUst Make This Nice Girl Naughty. All You Have To Do Is Click My Picture And Make Me Moan Cali Rain If You Click Me I May Turn NaughtyAm I Naughty Or Nice SHOW HER SOME LOVE SHE IS GREAT ♥NooKie♥@ fubar
Its amazing when strangers become friends, but its sad when friends become strangers. I never want to lose u as a friend! Send this to all ur friends. Including me! ( IF YOU DON'T WANT TO LOSE ME! ) I met u as a stranger. Now i have u as a friend. i hope we meet in heaven where friendship never ends. Send this to all ur friends.. Just wanted to say hello to all my friends.
Nascar Winners
ToDays Winner Of The Daytona Race - There Was No Winner In The Daytona Pool - Next Weeks Pool Will Start At 60,000 Fubux Plus Next Race Entries - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DJ JAY STINKEYERADIO DJ BYTCH 'S ~CT Husband enforcer Total Chaos FOUNDER FU CHERRIE BOMBERS@ fubar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sweet Judy@ fubar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DJ Dave ~DJ stinkeye radio~@ fubar
My Life
This has been one hell of a week. For a week that started off so horribly, it sure ended on a bizarrely high note. For those of you that didn't know, I was in a really bad car accident last Friday, courtesy of a drunken driver. Yay. I was bruised, sprained, battered, and smashed.... but amazingly, did not break a single bone. Which is even more amazing considering I got a really bad concussion from putting my face through my side window. The bruising is only now starting to go away from my face. The only thing that tells me is my doc is going to have one HELL of a time cutting into my head, but that's another story for a later blog. So I was supposed to chill, rest, and relax this week. After Monday, I was ready to kill people, so I begged my way into getting a rental, and drove myself to work. Yeah, most of you will think I'm a fucking moron, but hey...that's just the way I am. So, yesterday (Friday) rolls around, and I get a surprise that makes everything worth while. N
A Nice Thought
If I just lay here would you lay with me beneath the stars Could you hold me in your arms Wrap them all around me and kiss me on the cheek Will you sway me with beautiful words that make my knees go weak Would you chase the butterflies with me under the starry skies Would you tell me you love me and mean every word Will no secrets go untold Chasing butterflies and kissing my lips Dancing in the moonlight on top of a cliff Wishing upon these shooting stars is all I ever wanted to do Falling asleep to the music as I listen to you play those beautiful songs For this Ive been wanting so long Chase the butterflies with me for the sake of time I could love you forever keep that in mind Please chase the butterflies with me Lay with me beneath the trees
I'm Going To Be Deleting Friends!!!
Hey everyone i am going to be deleting some of my friends to see who wants to stay friend... If i don't hear from you, soon you will be deleted.. Talk to u later Brandy...
Listen I have been acsussed of partying to much I'm lucky if I drink 4 times a month.. thats number one. number two, you get all mad when I said that I loved someone else well sorry what did you rather me do play with your head when I didn't have the same feelings. number three, you went beyond the means of being a friend you became a stalker who I didn't know how to get off my back. four, Your just immature u are 26 graduated from college and living off friends that's not cool at all.. you have a dregree go do something with it.. number five said I never did anything for ya god that must have been someone else who gave you their debit card to get gas and shit.. number six you dragged my family into it.. and you told me to grow up at least I am old enough to realize when it's time to grow up live life and take responsability and realize that I can't mooch off of people.. and number seven.. was Just BEING SUCH AN ASS AND BLAMING ME FOR YOUR WRONG DOINGS IN LIFE SORRY I DIDN'T DO THAT YO
I Felt The Earthquake!!!
I was awakened out of a sound sleep around 4:30 a.m.(CDT)by the bed shaking and the windows rattling. At first I thought I was doing the "wolfie hump" with one of my Fubar ladies, but I wasnt groaning and there was no wet spot. In actuality, it was an earthquake that measured 5.4 on the Richter scale and was centered in West Salem, Illinois, about 150 miles northwest of my home town of Dunmor, Ky. You can see the ABC Morning News report here for the whole story: P.S.:at 10:20 am we had our first aftershock, which measured about 5.2 and lasted of 22 seconds
A Few Of My Writings
China hated her name, hated having the same name as a country. A country who's heritage she didn't even share. She hated the way she looked even more. Plain, plain brown hair, plain nonstriking features, plain figure. If she disappeared she doubted anyone would even notice for months. She could hear it now, "Hey what happened to that plain girl? You know the one named after Korea or something." China lay on her bed feeling sorry for herself as usual. It was summer and she was 17, she should be out having fun. This was her last year as a carefree teenager. There should be parties, swimming at the lake, cookouts, camp outs. Instead she was here in this horrid old house with a grandmother she didn't really know. Her friends, what few she had, a million miles away. It wasn't fair! Why did her parents have to die in that stupid car accident! Tears threatening to spill, China turned on her side and stared at the wall. I miss them so much. I wish I had died with them, she though
Help Me Please
Hello Everyone, I love new friends. I am also trying to get to Godfather. Please share my profile with all your friends and family. I would greatly appreciate that. I love you all. Siren of Love
Pregnancy, Estrogen and Women Pregnancy Q & A & more! Q: Should I have a baby after 35? A: No, 35 children is enough. Q: I'm two months pregnant now. When will my baby move? A: With any luck, right after he finishes college. Q: What is the most reliable method to determine a baby's sex? A: Childbirth. Q: My wife is five months pregnant and so moody that sometimes she's borderline irrational. A: So what's your question? Q: My childbirth instructor says it's not pain I'll feel during labor, but pressure. Is she right? A: Yes, in the same way that a tornado might be called an air current. Q: When is the best time to get an epidural? A: Right after you find out you're pregnant. Q: Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while my wife is in labor? A: Not unless the word 'alimony' means anything to you. Q: Is there anything I should avoid while recovering from childbirth? A: Yes, pregnancy. Q: Do I have to have a ba
Tagged Again!
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? hand 2. Your significant other? non-existent 3. Your hair? ponytail 4. Your mother? home 5. Your father? home? 6. Your favorite thing? camera 7. Your dream last night? none? 8. Your favorite drink? coke 9. Your dream/goal? success 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? Rock 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? dunno 14. Where were you last night? out 15. What you're not? amused 16. Muffins? blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? house 18. Where you grew up? Ohio 19. The last thing you did? typed 20. What are you wearing? clothes 21. TV? off 22. Your pets? rascal 23. Your computer? Compaq 24. Your life? good 25. Your mood? bored 26. M
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? ottoman 2. Your significant other? none 3. Your hair? varies 4. Your mother? awesome 5. Your father? far 6. Your favorite thing? life 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? likker 9. Your dream/goal? successful 10. The room you're in? living 11. Music? Lots 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? unsure 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? greedy 16. Muffins? chocolate 17. One of your wish list items? trip 18. Where you grew up? Missouri 19. The last thing you did? type 20. What are you wearing? panties 21. TV? won 22. Your pets? cats 23. Your computer? pink 24. Your life? insane 25. Your mood? fabulous 26. M
My Insane Life
Just So You Know
I am over the high school-ish groups on here, so I am just going to do a mass delete...sorry if your name gets washed in the laundry. Just to let you know, Robin and Stealin makes my Heart wet :) Tuna anyone?
My single rose in a garden of weeds. Like nutrition to a baby you fulfill my needs. Put me on death row before Id let you get hurt. Beautiful after practice scared to see you in a skirt. Call me Alicia Keys cause I see you and its like Ohh. Tryin to get in the mix like vegetables in beef stew. We need to be bonded like DNA. All that and a bag of chips like Frito-lay. Baby gorgeous is your middle and sexy is your last. Blessed with everything face, body, and ass. Look at your feet and damn theyre cute too. Think of me as your heart cause Im a major part of you. Things need to get deep like a black hole. So be the better part of me a.k.a. my soul. Even what I cant see baby I love. Im glad youre mine even though you belong high above. Why God made lips so luscious on a face like yours? So amazing like the moon glistenin off the sea shore. You just dont know and I doubt you ever will. Ever understand for you how I feel.
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Oh snap, fellas. Two the hottest girls on fubar are in an auction. Auction is only up for three days, so you better get to bidding before you lose the chance to win these girls. Ready, set, GO !! Stay - Lisa Loeb
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Hi my name is shana. I love to party with my friends and sometimes my family espically my sisters. I am married and my husband likes to have fun too. I have 4 girls ages range between 12 and 3, so i have my hands pretty full. I hope to make friends on here and have some fun.
Dirrty Girl Bling Auction!!!!!
My Daughter
Well My Daughter is safely back in Honduras. I took her to Houston this morning for her flight back. That was a long stressful trip. The hardest part was saying goodbye. Stephanie leaving still has me pretty much bummed out. But still it was an amazing trip. Even though this is the first time I have seen my daughter in almost 21 years. Even though we have been talking by e-mail, messenger and by phone, everyone knows that isn't the same. but we just clicked. it was like we had been together everyday of her life. I am very blessed to have a bond like this with my daughter. I know many aren't that lucky, and I wish I could have a bond like this with my son. For my daughter it was quite an adventure, comming in ahead of huricane Gustav. So that kept us indoors for a few days watching tv and talking. Got her hooked on a couple of my shows. Sharing music and stuff like that. We did the tourist thing, took her to jefferson, did shopping there, saw a lot of kool museums.
Sexy Comments & Profile GraphicsWaiting, Wanting Sexy Comments & Profile GraphicsMWAH! and Hugs!Don't just Flutterby buddy as you sit there woundering is there a thing suach as true love , it is bound to come to you in due time , you are not weak but you are strong ,all good things come to thoes who wait , and when that true love comes it will be great , for you my friend i wish you the best in all you do , and for this great family we already do love you
Amazing Men & Woman
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Random Shit
Slowness Slowness is the lack of speed Slowness is the lack of movement Slowness is the lack of activity Almost forever to move to your choosin Slowness is the lack of energy and you do need some type of energy to go thru life. Now if you ask me , slowness is the lack of life. Slowness is as annoyin as this seeems as I write this on dis slow ass route 14. Slowness is how this fuckin driver is pressin da gas. 2 mph as u bite your lip till u finally say "Nigga hurry up!" Slowness is T-Mobile How da fuck u call it mobile? Slowness is this sidekick resets and freezes, gettin me pissed. Ugh! Slowness is the lack of life It hurts. Try cuttin skin slow wit a knife Slowness is the lack of choosin Allows others the ability to choose to your doing Slowness is bad Slowness is dumb Lacks who you are or where u come from, or actually were u go to If that's you You're slow to pick a direction Now you becomin a fool or fooled. or out thought. See? Slowness is the lack
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█ℜ@nвωBℜזεK||@█TnThεTnTεrrr█ ღ qt ღ Dangerous Curves ღ ★HiiS GuMMY QueeN★PRoPeRTY oF CuRTiiS.:.oFFiiCaLLY FuSTaLKeD BY BiiG DoN ♥londie ♥lave & Real Life Wife 2 r White Knight ♥IC♥DSC♥outhern Soulbound45 desiel08 ~DJ LM~ TOP DJ@ $$EMPIRE$$~Fu~Angel~ Moshes♏Greeter@♫ HipHopZ♫ Dangerous Curves Member The Gate to Cemetery aka Lucifugus aka Misophotoi aka Gary aka The Gate ... *FU-Bombers* *~Alice in Wonderland~*
December 26, 1970 - November 16, 2008 Sean Seabass Copley, 37, of Indianapolis, passed away on November 16, 2008. Sean was born on December 26, 1970. Sean was dedicated to several local bands over the years. He was a drummer with a passion for music. Sean will be lovingly remembered by his mother, Beverly Sorrell; grandparents, Paul and Jean Griner; and aunts, Karen, Kathy, and Lisa. A Celebration of Life will be held from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at G.H. Herrmann Madison Avenue Funeral Home, 5141 Madison Avenue.
Do I Dare?
~Some search, never finding a way Before long, they waste away I found you, something told me to stay I gave in, to selfish ways And how I miss someone to hold when hope begins to fade~ The love I recive from those who care Is stronger than I am and I couldn't dare To think that I deserve this from them at all To tell the truth I would rather take a deadly fall My love isn't worth to behold For all reasons I should be in the cold Do I deserve to have a warm glove? Do I deserve your love? I love you----- Ya Te-bya Lube-lya You are so gentle---- Tee Ta-ka-ya Nezh-na-ya My sweetheart-----Lya-b-ma-ya Mo-ya You are so beautiful !-----Tee Ta-ka-ya Kra-sea-vwa-ya My little sun-----Soyl-nee-sko Mo-yo My little bird-----Las-toch-ka Mo-ya You are so affectionate (caressing, tender)-----Las-ko-va-ya Mo-ya I love you----- Ya Te-bya Lube-lya You are so gentle---- Tee Ta-ka-ya Nezh-na-ya My sweetheart-----Lya-b-ma-ya Mo-ya
Fubucks Being Stolen From My Account.
Okay So I Had Like 500,000 Fu-bucks Last Night When I Went To Bed And I Woke Up This Morning And Now I Only Have 171,653 Fu-bucks. Fu-bar Bouncer In The Fu-bar Support Lounge Said There Isn't Any Settings That Keeps People From Doing This Kind Of Stuff. I Think They Should Put More Protection On Here To Keep People From Going In To Other Peoples Accounts.
Should I Feel Bad
.. Watching the news. Just see another motorcyclist is dead. Driving stupid and running from cops, he went over the overpass and crashed and fell off the bridge. Dead. My reaction,.. i don't give a fuck at all. Most of the people on street bikes, not talking Harleys,.. these guys drive like total assholes. You can be doing 80 on the highway, and they zoom by you as if you are doing 25 mph. Last week I am coming home from work. Emergency crew and police all over the highway. To no surprise, another bike accident. I slowly drive by to see someone pressing their fists against the guys chest who is laying in the road, his bike totaled a few hundred feet ahead. My reaction: Tough shit asshole. I care more about the dead raccoon on the side of the road before I do these motorcyclists assholes that drive as such. Should I feel bad?
Stalker Application
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My Week As A Dj
WOW!!! What an exciting ride this has turned out to be!! Ya'll have been so great!!! I am having a blast meeting new peeps and hearing what tunes ya'll want to listen to.. I can't wait till my next week begins!! so ya'll come and join me in The Cowboys and Cowgirls from Hell lounge weds thru sat. 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm est...Or just pop on in anytime as we have the best DJs' around and we play music 24/7....Take care!! DJ Monkey!!! OMG!!! I cannot believe what a whirl wind of fun and excitement this past week has been!! I have truly enjoyed everything I have discovered about Fubar already.. The awesome peeps, The awesome lounge that I am a DJ for, the wonderful peeps that own and run the lounge..I truly feel at home and very warmly welcomed...I can't wait till I get everything explored and learned on here!! I am very much looking forward to each and everyday I get to spend on here with great new friends and family!!! I look forward to blogging to ya'll more and more!!! I hope ya'll are ha
well i just got here and looked around and the women and ive never seen so many girls with big beautiful tits in one place and so many hot
Who I Am
Here is a brief introduction of myself. If I were a shape, it would not be a cube. Not enough sides. Some of the "sides" conflict with my other "sides." I am a spontanious wack-job who desires organization. I am a Christian who likes some of the world's pleasures. I can be very considerate to some, while almost violent to others. I am my own worst critic, but confident in my abilities. Other "sides" of me stand alone. I love the country I was born in. I believe my word is my most valuable asset. I am very passionate [look it up, I mean the book definition]. I hold my personal morals with vise-grips. I am humble. What I have heard others say about me is this: I keep them guessing. I am trustworthy. I am a smartass. I am dependable. And I can be the biggest asshole they ever met. The reason I put this intro here is because few actually read an introduction on a webpage. If you are one of the few who actually clicked on the blog, you are one of the few who actually ca
Help Me Pleaseeeeee......
ok my fone got cut off and i dont get paid till tuesday next week and my daughters really really sick ill do anything if someone will pay it online for me just click this link below and enter 813-384-0957 as number my bill is 57.00 please someone help me
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I am in an auction. If you want to own me. come place your bid Come Show me some Love. Please
This guy is 72 years old and loves to fish. He was sitting in his boat the other day when he heard a voice say, "Pick me up." He looked around and couldn't see any one.. He thought he was dreaming when he heard the voice say again, "Pick me up." He looked in the water and there, floating on the top, was a frog. The man said, "Are you talking to me?" The frog said, "Yes, I'm talking to you. Pick me up then, kiss me and I' ll turn into the most beauti ful woman you have ever seen. I'll make sure that all your friends are envious and jealous because I will be your bride!" The man looked at the frog for a short time, reached over, picked it up carefully, and placed it in his front breast pocket. Then the frog said, "What, are you nuts? Didn't you hear what I said? I said kiss me and I will be your beautiful bride." He opened his pocket, looked at the frog and said, "Nah, at my age I'd rather have a talking frog."
if ur bored and have a few read and fill out for me........ 1. Who are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. How have I affected you? 5. What do you think of me? 6. What's the fondest memory you have of me? 7. How long do you think we will be friends? 8. Do you love me? 9. Do you have a crush on me? 10. Would you kiss me? 11. Would you hug me? 12. Physically, what stands out? 13. Emotionally, what stands out? 14. Do you wish I was cooler? 16. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 17. Am I loveable? 18. How long have you known me? 19. Describe me in one word. 20. What was your first impression? 21. Do you still think that way about me now that you know me? 22. What do you think my weakness is? 23. Do you think I'll get married? 24. What makes me happy? 25. What makes me sad? 26. What reminds you of me? 27. If you could give me anything what would it
The End
To You, Im not going to apologize for anything I have done, Even though i know i said harsh things. Maybe it will make you a better, stroger Person. Sonce you are wear minded and have a lazy soul. Hopefully it wont make you want to corrupt yourself with more pills and alcohol. You should try seeking deep within yourself for you have the control of the switch that you need to turn your own modivations , determinations and drive on. Wild is what you are especially while drinking, for you turn into somone your not, somone that I didnt care for. It is time for me to start a new chapter in my life, Let go of the past in order to move towards the future. They say Love makes you do stupid things... For I cant explain nor express the feelings from the happiness I can remember to the boiling in my blood from you doin what u will to continue hurting me. Im sure it doesnt matter to you. for all i get is "w/e" for everything anymore. This is my last note or contact in a
Global Warming Hysteria Strikes Again
Writing in today's Morning Bell, Conn Carroll explores theLeft's latest hysterical claims about global warming: Today, NBC (which is owned by General Electric) will begin broadcasting the 2010 WinterOlympics from Vancouver, Canada. Only two events are scheduled for theopening day (alpine skiing and ski jumping), but even those events willbe difficult to pull off. Why? There is no snow in Vancouver. AndInternational Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge knows exactlywhat is to blame: global warming. Rogge tells AFP: Globalwarming of course is a worry, it is a worry for the entireworld. Considering that NBC/GE has already received billions in TARPbailout cash from the Obama administration and is actively lobbyingfor a global warming energy tax bill so that it can receive billionsmore in government green-energy subsidies on top of the millions italready receives, we are sure to hear lots from NBC announcers about how the lack ofsnow in Vancouver is just another reason Washington ne
This Is Me Clapping My Hands
Laura Schlesinger is a US radio personality, who dispenses advice to people who call in to her radio show. She recently said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination, according to Leviticus 18:22, and cannot be condoned under any circumstances. The following response is an open letter to Dr. Laura which was posted on the Internet. Dear Dr. Laura: Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination... End of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some other elements of God's Laws and how to follow them. 1. Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claim
Concious Thought Fo Ya Badoinkinz !!!
Dig into the minds of those in power/and what you will find is the hunger to devour/Predators who prey on those with less will power/command and conqure/but those with strength will die with honor/as we grow in knowledge they become less evil/strength in numbers/ power to the American peoples/stay strong the government is lethal/ with allintentions to eat you/With no intentions to rejuvinate the youth/all that happens is what happens in Asia to there youth/ We're told we'll get what we need/But all I see is the American Heritage Bleed/I can feel her when she breaths/Short winded and coughin with a wheez/Why I ask does this have to happen to me/can't you see we're all in need/we gotta come together,join forces,become one/Handle our bussiness as strong AmeriCONZ!..
I Wish I Knew Why People Always Say That Everything Happens For A Reason... I'm So Confused... Heres The Story In March Of 2009 I Found Out I Was About A Month And A Half To Two Months Pregnet Three To Four Months Later I Found Out I Was Having A Amazing Baby Boy.... I Was So Excited Well I Tried To Talk To The Father And Well He Didn't Believe That It Was His Kid... Well To Find Out He Was On Heavy Drugs And Heavy Drinking And On September 18th 2009 At Midnight I Started To Cramp Really Bad?!?!?!? I had A Friend There With Me And The Pain Got So Bad By 2am That I Started Screaming Out For My Mom To Help Me That I Was Bleeding Well My Mom Called 911 And When The Ambulance Got There I Had Lost So Much Blood I Almost Pasted Out When They Got Me To The Hospital They Told Me I Was Lucky I Didn't Lose To Much Blood Well The Had Pumped Me Full Me Of Pain Meds And Told Me The News That I Was Losing The Baby All I Could Do Was Cry And Not More They Then Came Back In The Room And Told Me That
Not Sure...
I've read an heard news from several sources about the DREAM act & AZ law. It firghtens me para mis amigos/as, who aren't documented. Even more so for the undocumented youth..who are only trying to achieve a dream. I always read stuff on-line or in the newspaper, watch youtube vids. i receive emails from friends and family about the activism that is taking place in their city, school, etc. Sometimes i feel I could do more where I am but i don't know anyone. My neighbor, Leantra, call her LeeLee, took me to this place Teatro Luna. from behind the scenes to writing to acting, all latinas...but attempting to make it all a mix of both brown ad black theatre. My Regionite mami, Rosi, told me about this place...that is probably next person i know out here. Charlin is always busy with work or graduate school, I never talk to her anymore. oh, I'm missing my point. In these hard times for the People of the Sun, i wish I had my friends closer to me than I had before. On another no
Did You Know...
Did you know... ...that the words "race car" spelled backward still spells "race car"? ...that "eat" is the only word that, if you take the 1st letter and move it to the last, it spells its past tense, "ate"? And have you noticed that if you rearrange the letters in "illegal immigrants," and add just a few more letters, it spells: "Go home you free-loading, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, baby-making, diaper dumping, violent, non-English-speaking assholes and take those other hairy-faced, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-loving, raggedy-ass bastards with you." How weird is that??? if your not an illegal immigrant get off my back its how i feel
Why Do Guys Keep On Hurtin Me
I meet this guy he was really nice and cool. I liked him alot. We would talk on the phone for hours and I liked that. He was so sweet to me and made me feel loved. Then he got a girlfriend and broke my heart. I don't even think I have one any more. It hurts so much to know that I will never have him now. If I knew it was goin to hurt this bad I would have never have told him I love him.
If I Tell You
If I tell you to sleep with open eyesWill you still dream of me dyingHold my hands and kiss my headWill you still hear me cryingLook at the dividing line in airSeparating my skin from your skinDrowning my soul in your aromaRepeatedly imagining our sweet sinIf I ask you to be on your knees foreverWill you pray till we meet on the other sideKeep your hands and knees foldedWrap in my memories within your mindI have chased horizon, kissed sunYet craving for a touch from youWith angels all around, I walk aloneWondering if your sky is still blue
Usmc - Today In History 11-10
During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress passes a resolution stating that "two Battalions of Marines be raised" for service as landing forces for the recently formed Continental Navy. The resolution, drafted by future U.S. president John Adams and adopted in Philadelphia, created the Continental Marines and is now observed as the birth date of the United States Marine Corps. Serving on land and at sea, the original U.S. Marines distinguished themselves in a number of important operations during the Revolutionary War. The first Marine landing on a hostile shore occurred when a force of Marines under Captain Samuel Nicholas captured New Province Island in the Bahamas from the British in March 1776. Nicholas was the first commissioned officer in the Continental Marines and is celebrated as the first Marine commandant. After American independence was achieved in 1783, the Continental Navy was demobilized and its Marines disbanded. In the next decade, however, increasing c

The Soldier
How does a soldier feel fighting a war?Does he always know what he is fighting for?Maybe he knows but doesn't understand,why he is alone in a faraway land.Like so many others he is there for a cause,And like the rest he doesn't pause.He has a job that he does well,even as his best friend beside him fell.How does he feel when he hears the news,of violent protests from the ignorant few?His shame is great, the pain goes deephe feels compassion for the dead at his feet.Rioters can boast and carry signs,about the war that has shook our time.But when the call comes for them to go,they burn their draft cards and make a show.How can a soldier be proud of his land,when this type of people make a stand?How can we show him we are glad he is there,fighting for freedom and the ones who care?War is unfair in any way of life,and all involved must pay the price.But the soldier is proud to keep us free,
Karma Will Haunt You.
If only if only I could light you aflame, standing there laughing while going insane. Stomping you out with my favorite cleat, loving every moment you burn under my feet. Grabbing the shovel and digging thy grave, I laugh at your soul for no one will save. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,kiss that pharase goodbye because your soul is screwed. As your soul barrels down through the 9 circles of hell, you have no one to blame but onlyyourself. As you reach the bottom of this hellish ground, it is where you'll remain experiencing pain so profound. Forever enslaved to anguish and pain, your soul will be tormented by all those insane. So next time you're foul or you get that itch, just remember that Karma's a bitch...
I am sure as time goes on these entries will get better but my spelling might only imorove slightly as i am to lazy to use spell check and just do not care enough to take the time and correct all typo's that i will make. My punctituation is all but none existant, and i can ramble on about nothing......... Wait i haven't told you what ima talk about yet... I will be talking about all the fucked up things in oour world if its in my opinion thats it messed up ass backwards or lacks all common sence I will probobly bring it up here at some point. If you would like me to express my views on a certain topic or run a game review for you just ask. This was just an introduction to the Blog please see the next post it will be ALOT fucking better!
exposing me to the world, no substances to hide me. stripping away the inteirior rubbish that is the driving force to my addictions. the years spent getting into troubling situiations in the real world and in my mind. exposing the nerves. baring my true nature, my true soul. i stand, sit, float,hover-whatever,before you-brand spankin new-so to speak- beacause i feel new. i feel lighter too!i am sober-all around. exposing the nerves.i find that i a m sap for touching moments-and i will cry freely. someones subtle jeers-stings, because i feel it. exposing the nerves. absorbing new useful and healing information. becaoming.exposing the nerves bring me peace of mind and heart a piece to find and start the smallest at least to be kind and smart the beast we bind apart like the gentle butterfly in a warm breeze her life fluttered by-silently peacfully with ease she slipped away in the early morning of spring she wasnt alone she wasnt sad no worries the look upon he
For My Love
"You've Got A Way" You've got a way with meSomehow you got me to believeIn everything that I could beI've gotta say-you really got a wayYou've got a way it seemsYou gave me faith to find my dreamsYou'll never know just what that meansCan't you see... you got a way with meIt's in the way you want meIt's in the way you hold meThe way you show me just what love's made ofIt's in the way we make loveYou've got a way with wordsYou get me smiling even when it hurtsThere's no way to measure what your love is worthI can't believe the way you get through to meIt's in the way you want meIt's in the way you hold meThe way you show me just what love's made ofIt's in the way we make loveOh, how I adore youLike no one before youI love you just the way you areIt's in the way you want meIt's in the way you hold meThe way you show me just what love's made ofIt's in the way we make loveIt's just the way you are
As most of you know I took a long fubreak. Real life has been kicking my ass and I'm finally ready to come back and talk about it. It started over a year ago, I saw a doctor for a physical and to see if I could discover the reason for the symptoms I was having. I had been getting sick on and off for a while (I'll spare you the details). She called me in for tests results and had 5 pages- starting with the less severe (vitamin deficiency) and working towards more severe with each page. My sarcastic sense of humor cut her off and asked "So what's page 5? Cancer?" Page 4 was possible cancer. Growing up, cancer was the worst possible illness I ever heard about. Everyone knows what cancer is and everyone knows its bad. So if page 4 is the worst thing I can think of- what's page 5? Page 5 was scleroderma. I had never heard of it before. She told me not to worry, that more tests needed to be done to confirm it and she would refer me to a specialist. Over the next year (this past
Your Last Breath!
I am having to hold, my dark side back. That voice inside, just wants to attack. All the bad guys, those with tainted souls. The ones who disguise themselves, descend from their holes. Infecting the innocent with their poison, casting a spell. This dark side of mine, wants to send you back to Hell. Where you belong, with the rest of the beasts. Time for your vacation, the perfect retreat. But I can't allow that darkness, to take control. Then I'd be just like you, an empty soul. So my weapon of choice, is the kindness in my heart. Shining light on you, from inside the dark. May it shine brighter than, it ever has before. Destroying your power, emptying your core. May you feel all the pain, you have inflicted upon the weak. May you hear their suffering while they, were unable to speak. May their tears and blood you caused, drown you in a painful river of death. May you be in agony until, you take your last breath.
Preventive Health Care
For years now there has been a craze in the Anti-Oxidant industry, Its a five and a half billion dollar industry in the United States alone. We find these Anti-Oxidants in ,many sources such as food; blueberries, oranges and broccoli or in supplements vitamins C & E for example. Anti-Oxidants are very important to our health they combat Free Radicals, you may have heard of these, Free Radicals are very damaging to our bodies. Whenever we eat food or breath our bodies are creating a vast number of these Free Radicals which then proceed to literally bombard our cells, it simple put is damage at a cellular and genetic level our very DNA is effected to some degree. To give a visual comparison to what Free Radicals do to our bodies, if you were to cut an apple in half and place it on the counter over a period of time the apple turns a nasty brown, this process is called Oxidation. When it occurs in metals it is called rust and when it happens in our body it is called Oxidative Stress, it is
"Grace is a wonderful and peculiar thing, changing always until the precise Moment it decides to manifest itself upon us. It lingers timidly in the background of our lives, blending in so well with our daily scenery that we never recognize it as such. It ever closely watches for the Time, sometimes cruelly looking upon us as we endure the many cruelties this world has to offer. When least we expect to see it, when we truly feel that hope is lost, only then is itEmboldened, taking a firm grip on our hearts and perspectives, giving us the clarity we need to traverse the Path which is right for us... Grace is Temperant, Strong, Deliberate and Merciful."
SUBMISSIVE A Master knows when He has found a treasure. He knows by the way she reacts to His look, His touch His voice. She longs for Him. She waits till He honors her with His presence. The time that she may see Him again may seem endless, but it doesnt prevent her body from tingling with desire, anticipation, and even fear. When she sees Him, she feels the blood coursing through her veins, causing her heart to beat so wildly that it feels like it could explode. Every fiber in her being is awakened, and when He speaks, her world stops spinning...for just a moment, and she closes her eyes to gain her composure. When He takes her wrists to bind them in ropes, she doesn't hesitate to make it easier for Him to do so. As He stands behind her, taking whatever tool He decides in hand, she lets Him know that she has complete trust in Him, and without words, her breaths, her sighs, her purrs, moans and even her silence are enough. When He tells her to feel the twitching between her legs,
Tải Avatar - Game Avatar - Tải Avatar V Chơi Avatar Mới
Cc bạn thn mến, Như cc bạn đ biết, bắt đầu từ ngy 09/12/2013,Tải Dị Tinhsẽ chnh thức tung ra phin bản Alpha Test với mục đch mang tới cho cộng đồng hm mộ những trải nghiệm đầu tin vềDị TinhViệt Nam.Với mong muốn mang lại cho người chơi những trải nghiệm đầy đủ nhất về cc tnh năng của phin bản Alpha Test, Dị Tinh xin được trn trọng gửi tới cc bạn sự kiện: GIFTCODE ALPHAThời gian: 09/12/2013 – 12/12/2013 Ti Qu Tn Thủ cấp 5 với5,000 Kim Cươngv cc phần qu khc sẽ được gửi tới những người chơi bất kỳ tham gia phin
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Characters Of Mine
sorina-a sixteen year old girl with long black hair and blue eyes that are full of sadness. her parents died when she was four years old and she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle who treated her like she was nothing. when she was fourteen she ran away from them and found a place to stay but it wasnt all to polite of a place and she had to learn how to fight in order to protect herself. while in the dumps she met a guy named lucian who she thought was everything with his kindness and his lovely eyes. he told her he loved her and to her surprise she fell in love with him. he promised to protect her but broke that promise and watched as a gan beat the shit out of her.luckily a cop who she later found out was Cadeym stopped the gang and took her in. after a while of staying locked up in the room she was given she gets to know Cadeym and falls for him but she never tells him. after almost a year of living with Caydem, Lucian appears and beggs for her to come back to him.
Knobbs' Blogs
Hi everybody! Sorry I haven't been around lately. I got roped into a play at the last minute. Someone backed out.. Its going to be done in a few weeks. Its called "The Chalk Garden" I play Maitland the butler. I may post pics when I get them. Hopefully I'mm be back late Michael These great questions and answers are from the days when "Hollywood Squares" game show responses were spontaneous and clever, not scripted and (often) dull, as they are now. Peter Marshall was the host asking the questions. Q. Do female frogs croak? A. Paul Lynde: If you hold their little heads under water long enough. Q. If you're going to make a parachute jump, at least how high should you be? A. Charley Weaver: Three days of steady drinking should do it. Q. True or False, a pea can last as long as 5,000 years. A. George Gobel: Boy, it sure seems that way sometimes. Q. You've been having trouble going to sleep. Are you probably a man or a woman?
Poems That Were Written By Friends For Me
Last night in my dreams i saw you, you came to me. I looked into your eyes and held you in my arms. We shared a passionate kiss, I whispered in your ear, how much I loved you, Wish it wasn't only a dream. Touch a woman's mind, you get her interest. Touch her heart, you get her love. But touch her soul, you get passion beyond your wildest dreams. Once you have touched all three, you have found your soulmate for eternity. The most beautiful things in life, can not be seen or touched. They must be felt with the HEART I'D LIKE TO BE THE SORT OF FRIEND THAT YOU HAVE BEEN TO ME; I'D LIKE TO BE THE HELP THAT YOU'VE BEEN ALWAYS GLAD TO BE; I'D LIKE TO MEAN AS MUCH TO YOU EACH MINUTE OF THE DAY AS YOU HAVE MEANT, OLD FRIEND OF MINE TO ME ALONG THE WAY. I'D LIKE TO DO THE BIG THINGS AND THE SPLENDID THINGS FOR YOU, TO BRUSH THE GRAY FROM OUT YOUR SKIES AND LEAVE THEM ONLY BLUE; I'D LIKE TO SAY THE KINDLY THINGS THAT I SO OFTEN HAVE HEARD, AND FEEL THA
What The Heck
what the heck im i the only one not haveing trouble get to see photos
Anyone Need To Vent?
What should I do? I meet this kid and he really is wonderful... BUT, he has a lot of shit on his plate that he was just faced with... Like a wife who left him for someone else but they have only been married for 4 months... Now I'm in the picture and because the situation he's in, I know he's not ready for another relationship YET! but do you think it's worth sticking it out and see what the future holds or squash it before we even get to the future? I need some advice "friends" please comment either way, bad or good... I need to know if other people have been here before... Poohbear! Hey everyone has a right to be lazy, but damn! I work with a few people and it pisses me off that I'm working my ass off and these people just fucking sit there and stare into space... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... Anyway, i needed to let out a scream and get it off my chest... thanks for viewing! Poohbear!
Hey You Guys If Your Into Playing Games Here Are Some Games For You To Play Have Fun What Three Animals Does A Woman Need In Her Life
Thad@ Lostcherry
xmas this year and everyone after will not be so mary for me for the only day ill have with my boys is xmas eve i wont have them for a week only one day then its back to my boaring fucked up life if u have u"r kids and wife try not to lose them im still not sure wat i did to lose mine but i did get something out of it but not my kids i only have them every other weeekend and it sux i dont get to speend as much time as id like with them and it hurts me so bad so dont do anything stupid to lose u"rs cause in the end u will end up like me wondering wat u did so wrong so for all who have your families marychristmas and a happy new year and for me i hope i survive the mother fucking holidays what do u do to get over a divorce iv been divorceda little over a year and still havent goten over mine im still in love with her and dont understand why and for the most part im not sure why im still heari have two beautiful kids and i think that may be the reason i am hear if it werent for them i wo
First One
Yeah, okay. I think I have entirely too much time on my hands now. For whatever reason the idea of kung fu kamikazee squirrels just came to mind. Maybe this could be turned into a lame ass cartoon series or something on cartoon network. Maybe it could be pitched as an adult cartoon for late night so there could be gratuitous acts of violence and excessive over animated blood spurts...... Is this funny or should I seek help? LOL
Mistress Rage
Fucking assholes. Username- check. Member number- check. The word Fubar- check. Unobstructed face- check. Clear non photoshopped pic- check. What the fuck is the problem with My salute? Sometimes I really, really hate people.
Holiday Receipe
Tequila Christmas Cake > > 1-cup water > 1-tsp. baking soda > 1-cup sugar > 1-tsp. salt > 1-cup of brown sugar > Lemon juice > 4 large eggs > Nuts > 1 bottle tequila > 2-cups dried fruit > > Sample the tequila to check quality. (I already sampled it...several >times to check the quality and it is gooood) > > Take a large bowl, check the tequila again. To be sure it is of the >highest quality, pour one level cup and drink. (I'm pretty sure it's high quality) > > Repeat. (Yes, it IS high quality!) > > Turn on the electric mixer. > > Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. > > Add one teaspoon of sugar. Beat again. > > At this point its best to make sure the tequila is still OK. Try >another cup...just in case. (Yes it's, uh, what was I checking for?) > jade: Turn off the mixerer thingy. > > Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit. > > Pick the frigging fruit up off the floor. > > Mix on the turner. > > If the
Random Stuff
Ok some friends of mine started a Dear Santa list as to what they would want this year, and knowing me.. well I made it a little twisted. So here is my "Perverted" Dear Santa letter: Dear Santa, As is tradition every year... we'll still see you at Hedonism right? Great, I've booked the flights and tell Mrs. Clause that bikini season is not an invite to wear the smallest particles of clothing that could pass as floss. Honestly, us big girls need to stick together AND know when to cover up! So I've got the photos from last year bundled up and ready to Fed Ex to the tabloids.. because well I have to make a few extra $$$ because last year you didn't hold up your end of the bargain. That's right Santa I'm calling you on it. I dressed up as an elf and took pictures with those damn flea bitten sorry excuses for reindeer you've been using (topless might I add!) AND you couldn't even have the decency to get me the paint job for my car that I asked for. So this year I'm upping the
Beauty Of Life And Love
All In Who You Are...
A frog goes into a bank and approaches the teller. He can see from her nameplate that her name is Patricia Whack. "Miss Whack, I'd like to get a $30,000 loan to take a holiday." Patty looks at the frog in disbelief and asks his name. The frog says his name is Kermit Jagger, his dad is Mick Jagger, and that it's okay, he knows the bank manager. Patty explains that he will need to secure the loan with some collateral. The frog says, "Sure. I have this," and produces a tiny porcelain elephant, about an inch tall, bright pink and perfectly formed. Very confused, Patty explains that she'll have to consult with the bank manager and disappears into a back office. She finds the manager and says, "There's a frog called Kermit Jagger out there who claims to know you and wants to borrow $30,000, and he wants to use this as collateral." She holds up the tiny pink elephant. "I mean, what in the world is this?" (you're gonna love this) (its a real treat)
Well a busy week and next week comming up..Friday Night I am hanging with the hottest Porn Kings out there from Hole and A Heartbeat at a VIP party this is going to fucking rock..I think the moment I see Ricky Sinz I am going to explode hahahaha..he is aware of this ..nothing like buff hot hung guys with ink all over hanging out *wink* lol Then Feb 2nd a wedding for someone famous then the after party on the 3rd with him and the crew and Veins Of Jenna ..good times with great will be posted of Friday Nights events!
Mohawk Chief
The Mohawk Indian chief Joseph Brant served as a spokesman for his people, a Christian missionary of the Anglican church, and a British military officer during the U.S. War of Independence. He is remembered for his efforts in unifying upper New York Indian tribes and leading them in terrorizing raids against patriot communities in support of Great Britian's efforts to repress the rebellion. He is also credited for the establishment of the Indian reservation on the Grand River in Canada where the neighboring town of Brantford, Ontario, bears his name. Brant was born in 1742 on the banks of the Ohio River and given the Indian name of Thayendanegea, meaning "he places two bets." He inherited the status of Mohawk chief from his father. He attended Moor's Charity School for Indians in Lebanon, Connecticut, where he learned to speak English and studied Western history and literature. He became an interpreter for an Anglican Missionary, the Reverend John Stuart, and together they translat
Random Shit
my cousin ray on the other had thinks killing a deer with a rifle is magic in the forest. heres ray after the big kill: Hell, it was 4 in the mornin, twenty-two degrees outside. Course, you weren't there... pussy. i'm in a camouflaged deer blind with grease paint on my face. i've got deer urine on my boots-i'm not sure why. i got a thirtysix-ought-six with a twelve-power scope and a bullet that'll travel twenty-two hundred feet per second. when that deer looked up and licked sucker i'd hung from the danged oak tree, i caught him right above the eye... Yea, well i hit one with a van going 55 miles an hour with the headlights on and the horn blowing. whoo, thats an elusive little creature. if you ever miss one, it's 'cause the bullets moving too fast. slow the bullet down to 55 miles an hour and put som headlights an a little horn on it. the deer will actually jump infront of the bullet!
A Day In The Life Of Me
I GET TO GO HOME TOMOROW... its just for a week but itll be nice... and im going to get DRUNK on St. Pattys day... itll be kick ass yeah nothing haponed.. I prity much just sat around... OH but I did find out that I dident have to come in to work for another 3 hrs this morning that made me happy
Who Am I?
As many of my CT friends and family know I work as a fulltime youth counselor. I don't look at my work as a job but a lifestyle. I am extremely busy and am on call 24-7. Many of the youth I work with are from broken homes and have had very troubled pasts. I have a lot of compassion for the youth of today. I am a mother. I have an 18 year old step-son who I've raised since he was a young boy. I also have a 7 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. I am a fulltime student. I am working towards completing my degree in Oriental Medicine. When I am finished I will have my Master's in acupuncture and herbology. I am Wiccan. I was raised Catholic and when I was confirmed from the Catholic church and permitted to choose my own spiritual path I found that Wicca was the spiritual path most condusive to my personal beliefs. I have a deep respect for all religions as long as the individual does not use them as a personal targeting weapon to harm and critique others. While
I Want To Know...
Crush this person!Get your own CrushTag! Which would you like see more photos of? With clothing? Nude? Face? Full Body? Ass? Pussy? Feet? Sex scenes? Anything I didn't think of? Thank you for letting me know Orgasmic Aimee
The Horror
My girlfriend and I watched the original "Dawn of the Dead" tonight. It was her first time seeing it so of course it made it more fun for me to watch it my 75th time, enjoying it more, because she loves zombies as much as me. The original "Dawn of the Dead" is my favorite zombie movie. It has better acting and the best plot. It's magical in a way. It makes me just want to watch people try to survive with the world in that state. Imagine them, crashing through your windows, in hoards, killing, and eating... never dying. One of the main differences between the original "D of the D" and other zombie films is that it was written with social messages for the viewer, and is filled with raw graphic depictions of savagery. In the original "D of the D" you witness one of the protagonists killing two zombie children. The only weakness is that it was shot in 1978, so it has that "Dirty Harry" look to it. It's too bad every strength of the original was overlooked
The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex. This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a short time and you are so horny you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen. The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a long time. Your sex has gotten routine and you usually have sex only in your bedroom. The 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for too long. When you pass each other in the hallway you both say "screw you". The 5th kind of sex is called: Courtroom Sex. This is when you cannot stand your wife/Hubby any more. She/He takes you to court and screws you in front of everyone. The 6th kind is called Religious Sex, which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in the afternoon and Nun at night. OOPS. Don't forget the 7t
I Dream Of A Life
I dream of a life filled with cameras flashing, And fame acquired based on my skills alone. This will be nothing more than a pipe dream In a society stuck in standards of vanity. I've had times where I wanted to torch TVs To destroy images of manufactured nonsense Before they're burned into my conscience. Mainstream success isn't earned with quality; Respect doesn't pay rent for anyone. Why do we proceed to do the dance For empty suits who've never had a clue? They're where they are because they failed When they tried to light skies with words. I love watching those lacking real thought Chasing after a dollar like drops of alcohol In bottles of booze emphasizing addiction. My credibility is a resource I can't risk. Few people still have theirs to maintain. How can we respect them in this strife? Each day I'm dreaming of this life. I dream of a life filled with cameras flashing, And fame acquired based on my skills alone.
Babble Of Illusions In Rambling Format.
we have to keep talking like we always walking, no one can keep up like its flat between the lines when you fade to the chalk lines, after the spray, but it was a set up, when you thought you everyone looked up to you, no one respect a bitch with an attudie, so keep on me where you think i am from when i beat you up, we keep in the lines and mark up, see the blood when the solider of the street marchs threw, it a painted hazed to bring you back, just like that, 10 feet down, where the dogs can't smell, hows that for a fact when i smack your other homies for their upper lips. when it sounds like hte foot step coming down the curb is red all around but we keep steping like its nothing new with a cloud of yesterdays still on stain on our boots as we carrie on, its just a my warrior way. i can't make it out alive, i see all the walls falling, for the end is all i know to be true, when this day comes and everything is still there, and in the end, do i find the sound to always find the reaso
A Love Story
A Love Story I will seek and find you . . .. I shall take you to bed and have my way with you . I will make you ache, shake & sweat until you moan & groan. I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop. I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I'm finished with you. And, when I am finished, you will be weak for days. All my love, The Flu Now, get your mind out of the gutter and go get your flu shot (BETTER LATE THAN NEVER) "YOU CAN CLOSE YOUR EYES TO THINGS YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE, BUT YOU CAN'T CLOSE YOUR HEART, TO THE THINGS YOU DON'T WANT TO FEEL"
SCHOOL ANSWERING MACHINE >> >> (This is hilarious - no wonder some people were offended!) but I think it >> should be on all Schools' recorders !!! >> >> This is the message that the Pacific Palisades High School ( California ) >> staff voted unanimously to record on their school telephone answering >> machine. This is the actual answering machine message for the school. >> This came about because they implemented a policy >> requiring students and parents be responsible for their children's >> absences and missing homework. The school and teachers are being sued by >> parents who want their children's failing grades changed to passing >> grades - even though those children were absent 15-30 times during the >> semester and did not complete enough schoolwork to pass their classes. >> >> The outgoing message: >> >> "Hello! You have reached the automated answering service of your school. >> In order to assist you in connecting to the right stafff member, please >> li
EIGHTY STUPID FUCKIN QUESTIONS Whats your middle name? ALLEN LYNN How big is your bed? I CRASH WHEREVER What are you listening to right now? JOHN HARTFORD What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number? 7640 What was the last thing you ate? PIZZA *FROZEN HAHA Last person you hugged? MY MOMMY last nite when i drunk as i ever got in entire night blacked out flipped out and broke my aunts window said i was kill myself and got really fuckin crazy How is the weather right now? i haven't been out for a minute.... its nice its spring Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? moma What is the first thing u notice in the opposite sex? ta ta's Favorite type of Food. food sucks it cost money Do you want children? whenever i get drunk fucked up and i fuck some chick is probably when i'll have kids Do you drink? haha Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night? yes and thats when the bad shit happens.... dirty nick Hair color? dark
My Poetry
Sometimes i don't want to live, I just want to die. I take a blade to my wrist, Slice and then i cry. I want to see myself bleed, And prove that i am real. If it means i have to die, then my life i will steal. People call me crazy, and say that i'm a nut. But if they saw through my eyes, they'd keep their damn mouths shut. I don't want to feel like this, I don't want the pain. I wanna be like everybody, i wish that i were sane. and now my wrists are bleeding, i made the cuts way too deep. i reflect on all the things i've done, and then i start to weep. i know that i am dying, the bleeding i can't stop. darkness starts closing in, and my ears begin to pop. i wish i hadn't done this, i wish i went for help. but now there is no turning back, look what i've done to myself. i wanted to commit suicide, so i guess i just gave in. but i know if i had really tried, my thoughts could never win. i try to call out for help, from my family and my friends. but i kno
***HOT OR NOT***POST THiS iF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU 0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww! 1 = Definetly not attractive. 2 = Decent 3 = Cute 4 = Fine as heck! 5 = I'd do you. 6 = PRETTY HOT AND TEMPTiNG! 7 = Lovable, I LOVE YOU!!! 8 = I wanna make you my man/girl. 9 = Just a friend. 10 = Sexiest person I know! 11 = 'effin hottie! 12 = Ya, I've checked you out a few times. 13 = lets Make Out!! 14.= I'd hit it!! LEAVE ME A MESSAGE TELL THE TRUTH!!!!! My bf posted 2 mumms earlier this morning.. One was asking if he should be allowed to look at porn.. and the other was asking if he was being disrespectful or 'just being a guy' because I said he was disrespecting my feelings. The only reason why I said he is not respecting my feelings is because I have told him plenty of times that I don't like him looking at porn and he still does it. I know some girls don't care if their bf does, but I do. Before we met in person, I was on a site called wouldyouhi
Rate Me Fan Me
o yeah Eagles play Baltamore monday night hit me up with some philly love if ur an eagles fan rate me fan me and ill do the same im new and i need friends
Thought For The Day
Presumption of innocence is a legal right that the accused in criminal trials has in many modern nations. It states that no person shall be considered guilty until finally convicted by a court. The burden of proof is thus on the prosecution, which has to convince the court that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In principle, the defense does not have to 'prove' anything. However, the defense may present evidence tending to show that there is a doubt as to the guilt of the accused. Take into concideration,now,the reality of the way the human brain realy thinks...GUILTY BEFOR PROVEN INNOCENT...Thanks to the media/press, most cases are brought out into the public eye with out all the evedence on the table . The press often times will act as the judge and jurry in any given case.Therefore,the innocent may very well be tried and hung by the press..leaving the jurry with a bad taste in their mouth for the accused,and therefore convicting an innocent person of a crime they d
My Views
You Don't Know Me, and I Have a Gun! You don't know me, or maybe you just don't know that you do. I am your neighbor, doctor, clergyman, nurse or just another nameless, faceless stranger in the crowd. I have a state authorized, court issued permit to carry a concealed handgun. I do so whenever possible. Though you don't know me, there are a few things, however, you should know about me. The local police fingerprinted me. The fingerprint cards were submitted to the FBI and a criminal background check was performed. Before that, I had to pass state and local background checks. I had to present evidence to the state of approved training in firearms laws, safety and marksmanship before my application would even be accepted. I am not a felon, junkie, drug dealer, stalker or even a shoplifter since any number of indiscretions including alcohol or other drug abuse or even simple assault or a restraining order would disqualify me from holding a permit. My classroom training cover
.x.bye.x. Im gone im out the door cant deal with ths pain anymore Tired of the bruises that wont go away i cant take this anymore i just cant say Im leaving you forever never coming back maybe youll be happy when theres no one here to smack memories She stands in front of the mirror and looks into the glass the makeup that she wears conceals secrets of her past the way shes been abused and how she always hides will she end it now? or keep it all inside? pictures running through her head the worst is saved till last she looks down at her fisted hand and thrusts it through the glass she stares down at where it lays and wishes to be back in those beautiful days how did it end up like this? she wonders why shes the one that wants to die how could she get out? what can she do? she wants to tell somebody, but who? She dreams of a future of happiness and love, wishes she ha
Sexy Stories Of Pleasure
please please come back my fare prince My heart longs just to hear the sweet melody that is your voice To see those angel eyes caress my every movement To be without you is a terrible fate that i can no longer bare Oh come sweet prince answer my plee to have but one kiss would be such extacy So hear me now I long to drink the essence that is you while nestled in your engulfing arms To hear the steady beat resonance as our hearts meet Til then sweet prince i shall not look on the morn for fear tis just a fleeting dream, If I do not meet with loving arms i shall be forever scorned So come to me sweet prince of mine do not look for heavens divine for in my arms you will see that your heart was meant for me For you sweet prince kisses melissa Ok this is what I want to happen some day One of my fav fantasies for you naughty bloggers She climbs on back noticing how wet she has already gotten just from the though of that power between her legs..... She sli
The Trueth
How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You Call me "White boy," "Cracker," "Honkey," "Whitey," "Caveman" .. And that's OK. But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink ... You call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You Have Yom Hashoah You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi You have the NAACP. You have BET. If we had WET (White Entertainment Television) . We'd be racists. If we had a White Pride Day .
Im Out
In Memory Of Those Lost
I wrote this all those years ago, that fateful day after September 11, 2001. I want to post it in memory of those that we lost, to those that still suffer today, and for those that WILL NEVER FORGET! The terror of this day, Will live on in infamy they say. A modern day Pearl Harbor. We watched each event unfold, Shed tears untold, And faced our own mortality. Our President has promised Retribution! Punishment! To all cowards who would perpetuate This type of horror. To the Firemen, Policemen, And to those who have given their all. We will place a special epitaph On the graves of all of those who fall. We mourn our dead. We keep them close in our hearts. We search for the dead and dying,
We held hands on the last night on Earth. Our mouths filled with dust. We kissed in the fields and under trees. Screaming like dogs, bleeding dark into leaves. It was empty on the edge of town, but we knew everyone floated along the bottom of the river. So we walk through the waste where the road curved into the sea, and the shattered seasons lay, and the bitter smell of burning was on you like a disease. In our cancer of passion you said, "Death is a midnight runner." The sky had come crashing down like the news of an intimate suicide. We picked up the shards and formed them into shapes of stars that wore like an antique wedding dress. The echoes of the past broke the hearts of the unborn as the Ferris wheel silently slowed to a stop. The few insects skittered away in hopes of a better pastime. I kissed you at the apex of the maelstrom and asked if you would accompany me in a quick fall. But you made me realize that my ticket wasn't good for two... I rode alone... You said,
Will Make You Laugh
Lulu was a prostitute. One day there was a raid. All the prostitutes were lined up outside the police station as they took them in one by one. As Lulu stood in line, she saw her Grandma coming down the street and was so ashamed, Grandma didn't know her occupation. Grandma stopped to say hi and asked what the line was for. Lulu, saving face, said that the police were giving away fresh oranges to those waiting. Grandma said wonderful, she loved oranges and got at the end of the line. When the policeman got to the end and saw her, he was amazed. He said, "How the heck do you do this at your age?" &nb sp; She said, "I just take out my teeth, rip the skin back and suck 'em dry!" The policeman fainted She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box. Her daughter is on the cover of Business W

Hazeleyed Soldier is in Iraq for his birthday which is Friday, February 20th! ΗΖD أDπ Hazeleyed Soldier Will Be Having A Happy Hour On HiS Birthday at 7:00 PM FU TIME! Hazeleyed Soldier Will All Have Auto 11s Running On His Birthday And During His Happy Hour! Level Up And Love On This Awesome Soldier As He Spends His Birthday In Iraq! You Won't Find A Better Young Man Than Hazeleyed Soldier! This Birthday, Happy Hour Pimpout, and Auto 11 Pimpout Brought to you by his Fu Adopted Mom: ღTulsa's Angelღ
I'm Not someone who runs from women but the last few years i have not been able to find a women who is ok with me being over weight at this time in my live. is there any women older or younger then I am interested in what a man is inside then just the hot outside of him. and any women would date me. for real.
Stuff I Write.
Instructions... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.I eat 4 or 5 glasses of ice a day. 2.I Love to look at rocks, spec fossils. 3. I I love artwork, couuld stare at them for hours on end. 4. I love being outside staring at clouds or stars. 5. When I was 5 I was ran over while sleding by a car hood:) lol 1.Connie. 2.Krieg, 3. steven. 4. soulbro 5. Cj I need you more than the sun needs the sky I need you more then the moon needs the stars I need you more then a body needs a soul than an angel I need you more then a wolve needs to howl I need you more than a fish needs water I need you more then the earth needs rain I need you more than anything you are
I have met this amazing man, that is like no other I have ever met in my life. We have so much fun together and it is really developing into something so special, and we both feel so blessed to have found each other. It's fate..we are so much alike, love the same things...and are starting to love each other....all I can say is WOW..that is what we are both saying, is really can hit like a storm when two people are least expecting it. This is so awesome!
Check This Out.
Two nuns are ordered to paint a room in the convent, and the last instruction of the Mother Superior is that they must not get even a drop of paint on their habits. After conferring about this for a while, the two nuns decide to lock the door of the room, strip off their habits, and paint in the nude. In the middle of the project, there comes a knock at the door. "Who is it?" calls one of the nuns. "Blind man," replies a voice from the other side of the door. The two nuns look at each other and shrug, and, deciding that no harm can come from letting a blind man into the room, they open the door. "Nice boobs," says the man, "Where do you want these blinds?" "Elizabeth Edwards is speaking out again. She says the problem with her husbands fund raising campaign is she cant make him black, and she cant make him a woman. Thats the same problem with Michael Jacksons people."
Help Me Win A Vip
hey everyone if you want to help me win a vip come join m&m nation they are holding a contest for the person that gets the most peopl to join they will get a vip or a blast so plz come help me here is the site just follow the rules and help me out
Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that my week ended just perfectly today. On my way on from school, a guy pulled out of a shopping center parking lot, hit me in the front left quarter panel of my Dakota, sending me into a Town & Country van. With all the rain we have had in PA, there was nothing I could do to avoid anything! Sooooooooooooo, if I am a little stranger than usual, please understand. Fortunately everyone, with the exception of being a little stiff, is ok....except for the woman in the van who seems to have a possible broken collarbone. Thanks for your understanding!
whats up everyone go leave me a voice comment on my page now dayummit quit playing leave me some love that means no more fubar for a while i m really gonna miss yall so leave me love and keep in touch on my myspace/slug30054 well leave love peeps
My new screen name goes with my new attitude.. along with that listen to track 4 it also part of my new attitude... with my new attitude..
Christmas Tree
Get Your Own! | More Flash Toys
In Your Arms
Hold me, my love, Just one more, Just to feel again your warm touch Kiss me, again, my love I want to taste your soft lips, again Bite me, I want to taste your sweet blood Just one more, Embrace me, again cause in your arms I feel so safe my angel, stay with me tonight dont leave me alone share with me with this beautiful night, oh my dear love, even words cant describe how beautiful you are when I am looking into your eyes, I see peace and joy from that moment I know that you are my true love oh, my love, how beautiful you are after all this years I have lived I have never seen someone who had good heart in your arms I feel safety and warm when you embrace me I feel like I am in the heaven with you
Are You Native American
It is not blood that makes an Native American It is the soul. Too many... with fire of Native blood... walk ignored. Do not say I am Apache or Kickapoo, Do not say I am Sioux or Cherokee, Say.... I am of the Mother Tribe. This is the pain of our children, To return from the stars without a home or community, A tribe lost returns... scattered in the wind. Those who hear must unite and reap the seed of this return. ONE tribe...ONE Earth...ONE Heart...ONE People. Those with ears must build a fire and give thanks this night. Be united with ONE soul. Oh, my Children come home Teachers step forward without fear You are real.
New Yrs And Poems
This poem Is about and for Shazzy and Courtney 2 very best friends.They are there through thick and thin. Best friends Best friends through the end,your loved and kindness never ends.For support you are second to none,for you two never stopped till the end Is done. Truly devoted to each other well being and happiness.Never giving up even when life Is at It's darkest your light shines through bringing your feel of warmth to cleared away the mist.For true friends are worth their weight In gold,for they will never let you down.And they will never lose their value to you as the yrs passes by.So hold your friends close to your heart and never let them down,for without friends you are truly lost to the world.
My friend Iceman is in a contest and needs a lot of help to win his Happy Hour. If you could go check it out and tell him I sent you. Here is the link to his contest:
Need Some Cyber Loving!
Looking for a very sexy, and beautiful sharing lady to explore te beauty of a cyber sexual experience. Any takers? Carlos
9 Thiongs I Hate About Everyone!!!
> 9 Things I Hate About Everyone > > > > 1. People who point at their wrist while asking for > the time.... I know > where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I > point at my crotch > when I ask where the toilet is? > > 2. People who are willing to get off their ass to > search the entire room > for the T.V... remote because they refuse to walk to > the T.V. and change > the channel manually. > > 3. When people say "Oh you just want to have your > cake and eat it too". > Damn right! What good is cake if you can't eat it? > > 4. When people say, "it's always the last place you > look". Of course it > is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you've > found it? Do people > do this? Who and where are they? Gonna Kick their > asses! > > 5. When people say while watching a film, "did you > see that?". No Loser, I > paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn > floor. > > 6. People who ask "Can I ask you a question?"... > Didn't
Past The State Emt Test!! Woo Hoo
past the state emt test. i am a emt woo hoo
For My Mother-in-law
I lit a candle for you today, in hopes that you might see it. I lit a candle for you today, in hopes that you know how much you mean to me. I lit a candle to show my love, in hopes that you would see. I lit a candle for you today to let you know that you are my hero. I lit a candle today in hopes that it would light your way. I lit a candle today, for the promise that i made to you. The time is coming that you will be taken away to another place in time, a place where love can always be found, a place where tears will no longer fall. When the angels call, to take you from us, i want you to know that no matter where you are i will never forget. I lit a candle for you today in hopes that you would see it. I lit the candle for you, because no matter how hard life was you never stopped loving me. I lit a candle for you today in hopes that it would shine down on you. I lit a candle for you. My hero My friend, it has been a long hard road, sometimes it was s
Please Repost Delete This Person Hater!!!
This person has hit my pics with all nasty comments and such delete him!!!!!
Green Love
it's easy to stop smiling when backs are turned. that's when it's ok to bear the fangs. the ones you sink into trusting necks. They'll never know who wounded them! the fangs sink deeper into backs than they ever could face to face. but you already know that. and you know how much more pain jumps through the body when the cut is deep; the harsh criticisms spread and the damage is done. and all the while you're distracted by your own self pitying, self promoting evil. it may be unseeing, but it keeps you busy and concealed. your biting inconsistencies will be your downfall. please forgive me. please listen to what i have to say. please hold my hand. please call me out every time i wrong you. please accept me despite my faults. please let me be yours. please kiss me. please listen to my truths and forget my lies. please let me start over. please love me for what i am. please leave a message after the beep. please look into my eyes. please put your arms around me. pl
Wondering What I Am Doing?
I am revamping the blogs because some people do not know how to get to all blogs within a blog. Now all you have to do is click where it says "blog" on the homepage and you will see a complete list of the blogs. Remember this is where you will get information on upcoming events, what is happening now, and other news. Thanks, Rebel'sAngel I get this account up there a little bit on the scale of levels... I am going to be voting the heck out of mumms.... lol... at least today, while it is Happy Hour. :) Right now I am working on some graphics for the team. Hopefully I will have a few to put in the photos sooooooooonnnnnnnnnn. lol ~Angel
Hello Everyone: Well, I had my surgery and everything went well. I did have to stay overnight though. But that was ok by me the bed was very comfortable. Ya know one of those with air ride lol. Thank you for all the well wishes. God Bless you all.. Amy Hello Friends, Fans, and Family.. I might not be on as much for a few days or not at all. I'm having surgery on Wednesday, March 26, to have my gallbladder removed (it's full of rocks)lol. and a umbilical hernia repair. Yeah, lucky me, I get a couple weeks off work. I would have rather had a nice tropical vacation with one of the hot fu's of my choice but you know how it is, we don't always get what we want. I'm going to be fine, I'll miss chatting with my friends though. Don't let the place fall apart while I'm napping, I know how fast things change if anything good happens while I'm sleeping don't forget to message me about it and don't forget to keep me up on all the good stuff that is going on in fuland.
A Quick Thank You
I gotta get to bed lol im about to pass out on my keyboard but I wanna send a quick thank you to everyone that helped me get the spotlight. I would type everyones name but its late and I really need to get some sleep. I will do a special bulletin tomorrow for everyone. Thanks again I really appreciate it! Lots of luv xo -cotton I wanna say Thank You Everyone so so very much for all the love you have shown me for my birthday and for gettin the spotlight. I woke up to bulletins, tickers, and tons and tons of messages and sooooooo many new friends request. Its gonna take me awhile to get back to everyone so please bare with me I promise ya I will answer ever single message as soon as I can. Johnny you and them tickers... lol spank you so very much for the ♥! Im just still in awe over all the love I have been gettin. Mario Thanks again so so much for the b-day blast ur a dear friend and im honored to have met ya! I just dont even know where to begin to start thankin everyone. It's
Slow Dance
Shitz And Gigglez
My Uncle Carlton just passed away this morning @ 6:30. I think I'm shell shocked. I'll give you some details about him, incase anyone actually cares. He's 100. Turned 100 in July of this year. Crazy, right? Nah, he was a whippersnapper til almost the end there. He recently has been hospitalized a few times for various problems and last week they discovered an abdominal anneuyrism. He decided that he wasn't going to have surgery, and that he merely wanted to be on pain management until he passed away. I saw him this weekend, thank god. Got to talk to him. He was still there, in the mind, you know? Just clearly in pain and morphined up. But he was funny. So fucking funny. I said "What have you been up to?" and he said sleeping and said "What a nice vacation, huh?" and he cracks up and says "About time I have one". He said it, though. Said the only thing left for him to do was die. "Oh, is that all?" I asked him and he laughed. Fuck, I'm not going to frickin cry. I'm not. It's just,

I remember the night we met. I knew you would be mine. Now, all these years later I still thank God for you. I love the pillow talks late at night when neither of us can sleep. I love how we can joke around, and laugh at each other when we do something stupid. You are my best friend for always, and I will be here for you whenever you need me, like you have been for me. I will be there by your side, no matter which way the journey of our lives take us. We have been through too much to quit now. I love you forever... The Honeymoons Over When you first get married there are all the new things that are happening and the really getting to know each other, surprises and first times of everything are so great. There is so much excitement getting to know one another, the secret seductive looks you would give each other. The holding hands, quick kisses here and there and all of the I love you. Just sitting together talking about everything and anything. All of these little things are
Vote For Heather!!!
Please Go Vote for Heather...She is in a contest on MAXIM!!! She Is My Sisters Friend and From My Hometown! Just Click The Link Below To Vote!
Tired Of All The Lies!
Okay! Yes! I am writing this and don't care who the heck sees it, and if they try to use this against me in court. I have a right to freedom of speech and you can't take that away from me. Your no one special to take it away from me. The president is not even special enough to take it away from me. Its in the Bill of Rights and to do could end up in a lawsuit for infringing on my right to freedom of speech. So, now that I got that off my chest. I am sick and tired of the lies being told about me. I am tired of the lies to manipulate everyone and everyone to make things go your way. You think thats christ like. Heck no! God sees what your doing and you know what I am leaving it in his hands. And people wonder why I am backslidden and not going to religion. No matter where I go everyone seems to be a big self righteous hypocrits that are trying to take me to Hell with them. I am sorry. Why would I want to go to church when most churches are out for their own interest an
Candy Coated Lips
When she stares at your lips[ Kiss her ]When she pushes you or hits you like a dumb ass cuz she thinks shes stronger than you[ Grab her and dont let go ]When she starts cursing at you tryin to act all tuff[ Kiss her and tell her you love her ]When she's quiet[ Ask her whats wrong ]When she ignores you[ Give her your attention ]When she pulls away[ Pull her back ]When you see her at her worst[ Tell her she's beautiful ]When you see her start crying[Just hold her and dont say a word ]When you see her walking[ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ]When she's scared[ Protect her ]When she steals your favorite hat[ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night]When she teases you[ Tease her back and make her laugh ]When she doesn't answer for a long time[ reassure her that everything is okay ]When she looks at you with doubt[ Back yourself up ]When she says that she likes you[ she really does more than you could understand ]When she grabs at your hands[ Hold her's and play with her finger
My Owner Goofylady
Meet my owner... GoofyLady Stop by her page.... ~GoofyLady~ *FuAngel * Bad Girls*Proud Member Of Love Shack*@ fubar Show her some Love!!! Meet my owner... GoofyLady Stop by her page.... ~GoofyLady~ *FuAngel * Bad Girls*Proud Member Of Love Shack*@ fubar Show her some Love!!!
Baptised In Beer
American-Style Cream Ale or Lager Gold: Lone Star, Pabst Brewing Co., Woodridge, IL Silver: Hamms, MillerCoors, Milwaukee, WI Bronze: Henry Weinhards Blue Boar Pale Ale, MillerCoors, Milwaukee, WI American-Style Wheat Beer Gold: Pyramid Crystal Wheat Ale, Pyramid Breweries Inc., Seattle, WA Silver: Spanish Peak Crystal Weiss, Spanish Peaks Brewing Co., Stamford, CT Bronze: American Wheat, Gellas Diner and Lb. Brewing Co., Hays, KS American-Style Hefeweizen Gold: Henry Weinhards Hefeweizen, MillerCoors, Milwaukee, WI Silver: Hefeweizen, Widmer Brothers Brewing Co., Portland, OR Bronze: Whitetail Wheat, Montana Brewing Co., Billings, MT Fruit or Vegetable Beer Gold: Pyramid Apricot Ale, Pyramid Breweries Inc., Seattle, WA Silver: Alaskan Raspberry Wheat Beer, Alaskan Brewing Co., Juneau, AK Bronze: Sangre de Frambuesa, Santa Fe Brewing Co., Santa Fe, NM Herb and Spice or Chocolate Beer Gold: Russian Roulette, Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery
A New Perspective
First I want to say after this blog is posted I will not be on till later tonight. I feel the need to be around people in a real setting. After 15 years working in law enforcement something happened today I had hoped would never happen. I work in a small town government center where nothing ever goes on and I received a call no one wants to get. A fellow officer and a great friend was attacked by an inmate with the intent of taking a life. As I was responded we got the call the inmate had the officer's weapon. As I entered the area the call went out that a shot was fired. I opened the door to find my friend fighting for his life with a gun pointed at him. With our weapons drawn. we attacked the defendant with all that we had. We were able to subdue him without loss of life or any further injuries. Now you may wonder why I write this not for accolades nor way to go's. Not for critics nor harsh comments. I realized someone from above was looking and protecting all that were in
The Three R's
AHH, The three R's Retribution, Restitution and Revenge. How sweet and painful the thought; heroin for the heart. The anger feeds upon itself I relish the pain. And what is the price we pay, the annihilation being so complete? What is left when thoughts and dreams and loves are gone? And still another day Rises and sets devoured by Rage. I Raise my head and scream. It is my Right! I have been wronged! Time does not heal; I have refused it's comfort, Robbed of innocence and hope I clamor for restitution; I want revenge! My new dreams have murderous undertones, The screams of the wicked drowned by the laughter of the righteous. Eventually unrecognizable each of their faces bleeds into the next. I am weary, My grasp on this fantasy weakens. I have not the stomach nor the heart left; I am destroyed. But can I become the oruobus? Only by his own destruction does he continue to grow. Nursed on fear and injustice he was fattened with my hate. Those other faces long gone
ive had a mass deletion t day and hav deleted over 100 friends as these peeps don know me or evan talk to me so ive raped my friends list lol . If ive made a mistake and deleted sum 1 i shouldnt hav ,emme no . Im a reral person lookin for real peeps as friends :) cheers yall
New Oracle
He has been very patient and waited. Now its his turn to reach his goal. Gary has helped many on here and deserves to be our next Oracle. He is hosting a Happy Hour tomorrow at 6 P.M Fu-time (9 P.m est). He will have Auto 11"s running and over 3000 eazy rates. So lets go return the love he has shown many. Lets make Gary an Oracle!! ~GARY~SHADOWLEVELER~SPANKERS~OWNED BY INFARRED & SCARLETT~BOOBOO'S FOREVER~@ fubar And lets not forget he likes bling!!! This brought to you by the friends and family of ~GARY~SHADOWLEVELER~SPANKERS~OWNED BY INFARRED & SCARLETT~BOOBOO'S FOREVER~@ fubar
Im Diggin It
Completely Enthralled!!!!!! Just WOW :o
So Lets See
So, let's see, We have a President Elect who has never run anything, not even a corner store. Don't tell me he ran his campaign, because he didn't, he showed up and gave speeches. The candidate doesn't have time to run the campaign. We have a Vice President Elect who thinks FDR was President and America had TV when the stock market crashed in 1929, (Herbert Hoover was in office and Television didn't become widely used until the '50's), he is also well known for his plagiarism in the late '80s. We have a Secretary of State nominee, who has never run anything, not even a corner store. Her claim to fame is that she is the wife of a former President, who had sex in the Oval Office, disgraced the Presidency and was impeached. We have a CIA Director nominee who has never worked in the intelligence field and is expected to take over during the most dangerous times we have ever faced. We have a Democrat Governor of Illinois who is the process of being impeached for trying to sel
Pls Watch Out For This Guy
I sent two emails detailing to the other woman everything he has said and done. She isn't trusting of me right now. I can understand that. I gave her my phone number again and let her know that this has nothing to do with him, it was about continuing our friendship. Guys are a dime a dozen out there and honestly friends are hard to come by. I thought I wanted to be friends with him, but truthfully if he will do that in a relationship then do I really want him as a friend, HELL NO. I am so tired of games and liars. Building trust on false pretenses is living within lies. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. Once again I am brokenhearted. Once again I let myself believe in that oh so magical fairytale. So here is my story for the week. Wednesday was the first I had seen my now ex in a couple of weeks and of course you know how that goes. He leaves goes to class comes over the next day and boom he drops the ball. Presents me with a Dear Jane letter on professional paper, al
LOL. So Texas Blondie was apparently rated somewhere below a 9 and she got pissed! Ugly people make me laugh! She did think my status was funny so i need to thank her for that. But i can't because she blocked me with the crafty words"blocked". Now i am all sad. LOL. Guess that is one less friend. Awwwww -G- Ah I was able to get one of them back today.So I rate this Sweet Kitty person a 9. Now 9 is not bad at all. In fact I thought the woman was pretty cute, but the picture just didn't say 10 to me. What didI say? Oh the picture. Not the person.Anyway, she says something about thanks down rater or something like that which is no big deal but she left a message all cussing me out like "you think you're an 11 fucker?" Come on.No where on here do i say i am an 11. Can't give myself one. Nor do I ask for one anywhere. I really could give two shits and a fuck if i get one or not. I have got a few of them from the real women here that are smokin like say anyone from my friends lis
Love To Have Fun
HARDCORECOMMENTS.COM come check us out BPLEASURED.COM at the big tiddee biker bar
Help This Guy Out Plz!!!!!!
My good friend Tiger is in a contest and he needs your guys help!!!! He needs your rates and comments!!! There is no limit on how many comments or what it says so comments as much as you can please!!!! He has helped me out a lot in the past so I need your help to help him!!!! Just copy and paste link below to get to picture to rate and comment on his picture letting him know I sent ya!!!!! Thank you guys, I lubs ya all!!!!!
Blocking !
Can someone PLEASE tell me why some people get on here and say they are your friend and then when you are not on line an for no reason the block you ? If you wasn't messing with someone elses man you wouldn't have a problem ! It was real childish to talk shit about me then block me ! But you know what ? Computer's can find alot of things ! Some people are so dumb and don't realize who they are messing with . Why don't you go find your own man and leave the takin one's alone . Stop trying to make friends an then blocking them .
Looking To Buy
im looking to buy bling packs auto11 or a cherry bomb or a vip for me and my fiance anyone interested in selling let me know in a private message or in sb
Thinking It's Today
If you are thinking it is today do you want it to be today? If you think it is today, would you change what you do today? If it was to be today would it make a difference? If you knew you had today ~ what would it mean to you?
My Love
I miss the sound of your voice And I miss the rush of your skin And I miss the still of the silence As you breathe out and I breathe in If I could walk on water, If I could tell you what’s next Make you believe, make you forget So come on, get higher, loosen my lips Faith and desire in the swing of your hips Just pull me down hard And drown me in love So come on, get higher, loosen my lips Faith and desire in the swing of your hips Just pull me down hard And drown me in love I miss the sound of your voice The loudest thing in my head And I ache to remember All the violent, sweet, perfect words that you said If I could walk on water, if i could tell you what’s next, make you believe, make you forget So come on, get higher, loosen my lips Faith and desire in the swing of your hips Just to pull me down hard And drown me in love So come on, get higher, loosen my lips Faith and desire in the swing of your hips Just to pull me down hard And drown me in love I miss the pul
if u aint with me ur aganst me,so who u withhhh...
Why Does God Deal With Cancer Cards?
Why does God have to play the cancer card on my family? For those of you who know of me online I have 3 relatives with various forms of cancer. And its hurting me to know that I cant do anything for them. One aunt is in the Quad Cities area of Illinois and she has AML Luekemia, she was in remission but shes now out of remission and has started chemo to help. At first she refused to do a bone marrow transplant but for some unknown reason she has changed her mind and my father is a perfect match. So needless to say my fathr is going to give his oldest sister some of his marrow in hope that she will be cured. One Uncle somewhere in South Carolina has stomache cancer, he was originally diagnosed with . Now that he's found out about the stomache cancer hes refusing treatment and is "Leaving it all up to God as to what happens to me". To me that sounds like hes giving up the fight to live. He has children and grandkids to live for not to mention his nieces who love him dealy!!
A Presidential Laugh!
Ok, this is a story about a group of leaders from four different countries that somehow end up going to hell together as a group. The leaders included the President of Russia, Prime Minister of Great Britain, The President of China, and The president of the USA, Barack Hussein Obama. When they arrive in hell, they are brought before one of satan's senior advisors who informs the leaders that they are entitled to one phone call each to anywhere and for as long as needed. So the Russian President makes the first call and wraps it up in about 30min. Next, the Prime Minister of GB makes their call and it lasts for over an hour. The president of china gets one the phone and talks for 45min. Finally, the US president makes his call which lasts for three and a half hours. A few moments later, the satanic advisor presents each leader with their bill for the call each one made. The Bristish PM looks at the bill and reads aloud, "My My, $350 is quite expensive", the Russian president loo
Fubar is fun! I have stayed mostly in the mumms of late, but perhaps I rub people the wrong way, too damn bad. I flirt, I am a man, I rate and collect photos, and comment on other people's, beyond that I have made some friends. I am sorry I may have pissed off some people on my take of Christianity and Atheism. I am sorry for the words, but not for the sentiment! Is Ohio, California, or Florida the state with the most idiots on fubar? Or are there other regions and nations that carry that distinction? A. Ohio B. California C. Florida D. Other E. Who really cares, we can make fun of idiots from everywhere.
Tavlor, Mlningar Och Vggdekoration Till Otroliga Priser
TavlorMlningarVggdekorationer Tavlor, oljemlningar, vggdekorationer, mlningar, tavlor som tryck p duk.Onlinegalleri som erbjuder de lgsta priserna och bsta kvaliteten p tavlor
Motorcycle Insurance Quotes
Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Cheap Motorcycle Insurance
A Society Of Underdogs
Im going to make this very simple! 1) I decide who I am a fan of, I do not have tofan you! 2)I decide who is my family, not your level requirements! 3) Bling will not corrupt me, i will not beg strangers to spend their hard earned money! 4) I dont care what color your name is OR what level you are, there is more to life than FUBAR! 5) I really dont care who your FUmarried to, its not real! 6) selling your NSFW is PORNOGRAPHY, be proud of what you have accomplished here! 7) Fubar does not determine my self worth. you shouldnt let it either! 8) If you in anyway abuse my friendship, it will be your loss not mine! 9) I will not beg for you to return my love, i will just stop loving you! 10) YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ME! if this upsets you, grab a tissue and suck it up your supposed to be an ADULT! If your interested in being a SUD need to answer a few questions first: Q1) how did you get to the level your at? Q2) what do youdo when someone rates you or polishes y
I Only Have Two Words For You
You may get me down, for a little while. But I will always get back up, with a smile. Because through the bruises, and the pain. I will never hang my head, in shame. With every punch I only get stronger. I smile through the blood stained wall. Feeling you weaken, while giving me your all. People like you, who speak with their fist. Are responsible for me, turning out like this. Because I can now smell the fear, see the hurt in the eyes. Of those suffering, it can't be disguised. You have given me a gift, through years of abuse. And for that, I only have two words for you. For all the suffering, you put me through. All I have to say is, thank you.
What's The Point
what's the point of having 40 people on your Yahoo friend list when only 1 or 2 of them will ever speak to you first?! it's almost pointless... the other half lives. I want to know what it's like to be thin and nice looking. I want to know what it's like to meet someone and not have to worry about whether or not they're going to make fun of you. I want to know what it's like to talk to someone who actually gives a damn about you as a friend. For that matter, I want to know what it's like to actually have friends again. I want to know how it feels to not have to worry about what you're going to wear out because everything looks sexy on you. I want to know how it feels for people to not look at you funny, talk about you, play you, use you for their own personal enjoyment. And I wish you could know how it feels to be a nice person with a great personality who can't find friends because you're too fat. I wish you could know how it feels to miss out on things because you're sc
Good Reads
Okay, so I've gotten caught up in a drama series, which is rare for me. I do not watch soap operas, I don't do the Desperate Housewives thing... but here's a series I can get caught up in... Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series. As far as my reads go, I usually lean towards the more academic choices, expanding my mind and pushing the limits of my own knowledge... But this is a great guilty pleasure and a nice side track. Written by Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita Blake is a vampire executioner, a necromancer, friend to every troubled monster, and a nasty foe to all who oppose her. Her small stautre is offset by her vorvacious appetite for revenge and justice. I love her nasty little attitude. I think my favorite quote is when Anita says "The quickest way to a man's heart is 6 inches of steel right between the ribs". Start with Guilty Pleasures, followed by The Laughing Corpse, Circus of the Damned, and Luantic Cafe... careful, these novels are as infectious as a vampire's glance. A week
Dreams And Horrors
I sit in a chair in the dark. I sit with a dark shadow that has secrets. I ask the shadow why do you say you love this woman? He tells me her beauty is amazing when she walks in the room he melts. At that moment a tear falls from my face. To this I say, If you loved her so much then why did you beat her to near death then blow life back to her just to kill her again. If not with words then with your fists? He could not answer, all he could do is bow his head in shame and cry. I tell him, does it take her limp body below your feet to feel remorse? The other shadow emerged from the corner. This shadow I knew was the woman he loved kissed his cheek. Forgiving him even in death. You see He did go too far and killed her then killed himself. I ask this why do you hurt the one you love? If you really truly loved this person you never hurt them no matter what. This to all people from all over the world, please stop the violence and the hurting just know i love you and i don't even know you. Y
Have had alot of stuff going on in life so haven't been around for awhile.. I hope everyone is well and sure miss my friends will be popping in a bit later Hugs to all. D So this is my first winter in Ok. and boy am I a lucky girl or what!!! We had an ice storm that left us without electric for 4 days!! Trees were crumbling like crazy and I hear that it hasn't been this bad in at least 10 years!! I sure picked a fine time to leave Cali. Then we get things up and working again and IT SNOWS!!! I am glad I bought a coat!! any way Merry X MAS and all that jazz!
Sexiest Southern Woman Contest link to photo if you want to vote for me you know what to I need votes the link is in my blog please help me out i am losing and i dont like to lose.... Hey CT people I appreciate your votes so much but in this round i am told only rates count as votes and in round 2 its comments sorry for the inconvenience kisses babyj
I have people coming to me saying how awesome the licenses are that I make & how bad they want one of mine real bad, YET they use one that somebody else made as their profile pic! Don't kiss my ass & brag up my work just because you want one. I'll make it for you anyway, but when you make it sound like mine are the best & use someone else's, it upsets me I wasted my time to try to get yours done so quick & tried to make it look as good as possible! For the few of you that have been using ones I made since the day you ripped it & have sent people to me, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love nothing more then seeing one of my creations pass by on the top of the screen! Rob LongdonG DragoN I had all my *NSFW* pic locked cause of some shit I had heard that was being said about me..but FUCK IT! I am goin to open my pics back up. I know there are a few people who like to look at them once in a while & no sense in them not getting to see them cause of other peoples je
My Thoughts
Ok so i'm gettin this site figured out. I've been uploading pics, sending comments, adding, rating and fanning people and i even have a blast. Now i jusy need to know how to make a private photo know maybe upload some adult content pics that i dont want just anyone to see....are we even allowed to do that on this site?....If anyone knows please fill me in. Thanks....;)) So heres the thing, I am finding it really hard to navigate this site. I thought it would be kinda like myspace which is pretty much self explanatory, but it's not. So if ya'll send me comments or messages and I dont reply in a timely manner it's just because i dont know how to yet..LOL... Thanks for all the pic comments and messages i have received so far. Ya'll certainly are a friendly bunch. Kisses and Hugs Angie Well with it being Christmas Eve and all, I probably wont be on to much in the next few days. Just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas
Am I Good Enough?
I have been doing some thinking about people that I have met in my life. I wonder why I'm never good enough. You meet someone and you have hopes, dreams, and wishes about them. You act yourself and they say that is enough. They tell you that you are pretty, sexy, and all those things that we all long to hear. Then one day you find out that it is was never true. However, they don't tell you. They let you go on believing that everything is fine. That you are what they are looking for. However, you know that it isn't true. You ask why? If it was something that you might have done, when did things change, and why won't you talk to about it. We all have been hurt in one way or another. We really hope the next time our hearts won't get hurt, bruised or even broken. But, there are some people out there that I believe enjoy hurting others. Why can't people be honest? Why can't people say what they mean and mean what they say. There are some people out there that have very big hearts.
The Ramble
Hi! Not many will remember me but for anyone that does just thought I would post that I am back and will be posting some brand new photos soon. Roger Waters and Pink Floyd fans might like the photos of his tour that should go up later this month :) Say hi - I did! You scored as Eyes full of Pain. People tend to overlook you, which makes you feel less worthy of their attentions. You sometimes wish you could just disapear from the world around you. You have been hurt very badly in the past and you just wish that someone would understand you, and what their cruelty is doing to you.Eyes full of Pain100%Mysterious83%Passion50%Diamond Eyes17%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with If you happened to come across Gerry Rafferty's greatest hits album 'Baker Street' by mistake, you could be forgiven for thinking it was. Or then again, it could be because this was the only hit this played out hippy ever had. His greatest hit CD for example includes a barra
Contest.... Please Bomb Me
ok guys its been a tough day for me. its my dads birthday. today marks 4 years since my grandfather, my dads dad passed away... today i found out my grandma died. so i thought id come on here and bust my ass comment bombing my contest. i got the 15,000 in bi babes contest but havent received the vic i was gettin for my b/f yet. so i am hoping to win this contest to give him the vic if for some reason bibabe doesnt pull threw. always think ahead cuz things come up. anyway... tonight my patriotic family is busting ass on our contest and the elite start bitchin we cheatin since we just left the elite for the patriotics they think they out to get me when both bob and i didnt do anything to them and they dont even know why they pissed except we left so here is the deal. its been a shitty day and now i get accused of cheating and most of my friends know i hate the macro and i hate the blaster so u know i would NOT join a family that would use one. so what im asking is maybe some of you come
Though happy to see both my teams get to the Superbowl, I'm a bit torn. I've been a Bears fan since high school (mid 80s). The 1985 Bears was my team... Walter Payton, Jim McMahon, Fridge Perry... ahh yes, what a great team it was. The Colts had just arrived, and really weren't too impressive at the time, so I had to turn to the next state to the west to be able to root for a winner. Alas, the Colts improved. There was the Jim Harbaugh days and the last AFC championship game we were in against Pittsburgh (I still say we were robbed of that win), I started routing more for the home team. They didn't suck anymore. And then when Peyton Manning was drafted in 1998 for the Indianapolis Colts, it really seemed we might be going places. I must note here... to all the naysayers who thought the Colts should have taken Ryan Leif over Peyton Manning that year... HAH. I believe Ryan was watching this years season from his COUCH! Last years playoff's, we didn't make it, but this year we a
Wh4t Do3s 1t Tak3
Life,Death Steal my last breath Hurt,Pain Open Me And Drain Discarded,Bereft I have no Feelings Left Forgotten,Forlorned My Heart You Have Shorn Broken,Bleeding No Hope of Reprieving Lust,Love Ill Have none of Despise,Hate I sit here and wait Here is a Lame attempt..comment as u see fit I sit here seething Hurting next to u wishing.Bleeding U dont care My heart breaks aches,as u sit there next to me laughing U dont care I feel death nye begins my ache to cry My heart bleeds U dont care If i tryed to say I want u to stay to make the day great U dont care So i will sit and die each time inside as i have to see u loveing u hating u U dont care i wish i could stop My heart Breathing Loving But even if i die bleeding Broken to pieces U dont care Another Shitty werk from a heartbroken f00l what does it take TO save my soul what does it take to feel whole what does it take to make a gurl see what does
Cell Phones In Restaurants
Is it just me, or does any one else out there get really ticked when you are eating out and the person in the booth behind you either makes or receives a cell call? You are stuck there listening to them gab on. And why do they HAVE TO TALK SO LOUD ON THE PHONE!!!! uuuGGGHHH. Cell phones should be illegal in certain public places (ie)diners, movie theaters.
Cute Things =]
1. Hugs from behind. 2. Grab her hand when you walk next to each other(don't make her grab yours). 3. When standing, wrap your arms around her. 4. Cuddle with her. 5. DON'T FORCE HER TO DO ANYTHING. 6. Write little notes. 7. Compliment her Honestly. 8. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible. 9. Be super sweet to her. 10. Call her at night to wish her sweet dreams. 11. Comfort her when she cries. 12.Wipe away her tears 13. Love her with all your heart. 14. Pick her up and flirt with her (she'll scream and say put me down but really she loves it). 15. Be a gentleman (hold the door for her). 16. Don't let your friends talk trash about her, it'll get back 2 her! & DONT ever act diff in front of ur friends than u r when its just u and her!!!! 17. Take her for a long walk at night! 18. Always bring a blanket where ever you go outside when its cold to comfort her and hold her close 19. NEVER LIE TO HER!!!!!! because then she will thin
In case someone forgot to teach you how or what you should expect: *respect- her and her opinions as she should do yours *listen -even if you don't like what she has to say she needs to say it, and who knows you may learn something *open the door for her-yes she can do it her self that is not the point the point is the little damn things *little things- mean as much or more then the big ones because they show you really do care enough to do them and are thinking of her *never- lie to her what hurts is not just the crime but the lie, that you could not even be stand up enough to except responseablty for it *never- cheat if you love her, she is all you need and if you need more and she doesn't, then get out, small pain here is better than major hurt later. *never- judge with out hearing her side *never- belive she is perfect she is human that means flaws *never- diss her flaws they are what make her unique in all the world *never- try to change her, support and encourage her
Just Wondering
Need Some Cherry Love!!!!
For those of you that know me....I never write in here very much. But this morning I sit here with a heavy heart. I am hoping that writing will help me so far nothing has, I have only slept about 2 hours, so I decided to sit down and remember all the good times . Well first off I should probably start with what happened. Yesterday (May 6th) started off good...Ash filled me in on some of the things that happened at her prom, Tom was cussing the lawn mower for not working you know Tom that is a common occurance when he is mad about a mechanical problem...then Ash left to go shopping and Tom went to his friend Brians. So I was sitting here watching a show on the History channel on TV and my cousin Brucie shows up to tell me that my dad died in a motorcycle accident...He went to Richmond, Va to see the Nascar race...(God knows how he loved that bike and he loved to see the races!) Seems that he was on the interstate and the person in front of him braked and they ha
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1) I am actually a good cook...ask JustLaurie if you dont believe me lol. 2) I like to write Poetry and one day I would love to write a novel or a book of short stories. 3)I play the Bass Guitar. 4)I never had a 1 night stand. 5)I love watching Lightning Crack across the sky. 6) I am a perv....Lololol 7) I prefer woman to not wear make-up. The natural look is best. 8) I think that Pregnant woman look sexy. 9) I collect sports memorabilia. 10) I am a big Teddy Bear '♥ Ms. Naughty N Nice ♥* 'tariessemor' ~ ♥ Carrie ♥ ~ Jodylynne8 ShawnaMarie It ha
Adam's Words Of Whining....or Something.
All right. So last night my friend Kellee, my roommate Brian and I are watching a lil' "Hells Kitchen". Now.. I don't care what you say...but watching the fat asain cowboy have his mental breakdowns and start crying is just very amuseing to me. we are sitting there minding our own, the neighbors, one from across the street and one next door, are doing some yard work. Not just any yard work but like major tree trimming yard work stuff. So grizzly adams is up in this tree with a chain saw doing his thing. When we hear a loud...WOOSH!! Followed by a SMASH...followed by the tv and internet going bye bye. Well...I rushed frantically to my boxes of random stuff to find my rabbit ear anttenas just in time to catch the rest of my show. Anyways.....I really don't think random people should be able to just climb trees near power and cable lines and just start cutting away without some kind of permit or something. Then again I do live in White Center...where people do
Stupid People
If you have not seen this story yet, here goes. A former Secret Service Agent, Monica Emmerson (see her version here at ) while traveling at Reagan National Airport DCA, undergoing screening, has banned liquids, not allowed to go through the security checkpoint. A prohibited item. (see TSA Site for these items and ) She was given her options of what to do with the prohibited item, and after she tries to use her secret service credentials to be allowed to continue with the prohibited item, (since when do former secret service agents keep their law enforcemnt credentials? Or use their federal law enforcement postion to circumvent federal regulations while not on official duties?) she is escorted out by the TSA to deal with her liquids. After she leaves th
Great Music
I know everyone has been through this with sumone.. Have u ever had a friend u have done everything in the whole to help them out from like lending money to just being there in a time of need no matter what the cause was? Well I have this so called friend that I have went out of my way to help out and as usall get screwed in the end. He/She didnt get their way and now there is this big ordeal going on. I hate drama yeah I can say maybe back in the day drama was intresting but damn enough is enough this is why I have become a hermit so da speak. I enjoy gettin out and doing things just like the next person but damn is it possible to say anything or do anything without sumone putting pressure on ya?
Hi all. Just wanted to say I have been on here for a week now and I absolutely love it!! I love rating pics and rating people! This is an awesome website! Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I hope everyone has a great and safe holiday. Its my daughters birthday too, so I am excited!! She will be 12 this year and wow do they grow up fast! Thanks all for making this experience a great one for me!
Married Couples!
~~Rottmare~~@ fubar Leave me a message and tell me what keeps your marraige going strong!:)
Just A Notice For My Friends And That Here
I can safely admit, yes I was and am guility as charged of sending forwards and stuff but lately it's gotten a bit redundant and ridiculous, the way I look at it for one, sending forwards and that via Yahoo or FUBAR or what have you is a little bit of non-sense, usually all it does is give somebody a computer virus and I don't need that since I'm on a fixed income and I don't think anyone else needs it either so as of now, don't send me anymore please besides I think if you care about me and love me and want to be friends with me, it should be talking to me on here or Yahoo or whatever the instant messenger is and if it isn't going to happen than I know who my true friends are because being a friend doesn't mean send 50 million people the same forward and expect it back or you'll have 7 yrs bad luck or have bad luck with relationships for 7 yrs, it's ridiculous! The way I look at it, is if your friends of mine, where ever it is, whether it be on here or Yahoo Messenger or AIM, you tal
Hoe Knows
the "tongue" primary i have created for myself is from a TV program called "Little Britain" - it's a great show, in my opinion, and i'd reccomend it to anyone. The laugh track is the only flaw, as it is in many programs, but that's a bit of a tradeoff for the brilliant, unafraid and unreal comedy, all done by 2 gifted, twisted chaps - Matt Lucas and David Walliams... They portray a deviant collection of "britains" in each episode, and one reoccuring favourite of mine, is "Anne" a nutshell, a mental patient, her peculiar schreeching and devilishly odd behaviour is a riot, hurts to laugh at times, in my experiences. so, yeah, the TONGUE... from season 3, a spot on live telly, anne does a knock up job of her/his version of Celiene Dion...and out comes the licking looney ... i've stuck a clip on my youtube, to broaden the minds of you inquisitive lot, and following that, is a 9 min compilation of "anne's" antics, from several episodes...take a sec, and give it a go. i'v
Do U Kno Where U Were ?
im going to put toget a decent blog and maybe front page links when i get enough names and statements... if you would like to be a part of showing america we still love her....plz send ur pge link. subject,,,where were you on 911...? what was you doing . .... and ur thoughts then and now.. this is under construction will build as i go. /" target="_blank">MishNumber1 ~ Co-Owner Of The G-Spot Crew ~ of S*U*P & Club FAR@ fubar n 9/10/2007, wrote: Where was I on Sept 11th....I was sitting on my couch pregnant with my son, watching television when it all started coming on, I couldnt believe my eyes...I was just dumbfounded...I think I cried that whole day not only for the people that this has all affected but the fact that I was bringing a child into this world...and wondering what his future would be like.... Here's a story for ya. Me and my ex hubby got married june 19th 2001, he
Hi This Is My Blog Enjoy I Hope
VIRGO * -- Dominant in relationships. -- Sexy. -- someone loves them right now. -- FreakY in bed. -- Best in bed. -- Always wants the last word. -- Caring. -- Smart. -- Addictive. -- Attractive. -- Loud. -- Loyal. -- Easy to talk to. -- Hard to forget The Alter To the darkness im calling give me life or death take away the pain so tired of this lingering sway i'm not willing to stay my light is nay bring it back or leave me in black cause im empty inside and going mad insane without you my dearest i don't wanna be you are my heart my soul my shelter form all this night and if you never return to the alter i will gladly go there is nothing without you my babe and when there is nothing left i will take hold of the alter and le tit take me away without you im not willing to stay and without you the darkness grows the longing ceases forever i will rest in eternal flame always dreaming my love never to wake and i will sleep away the pain fo
Building Fubar Blocks :)
Daddy4Light@ fubar Please show this guy some FU Love. When I began this site (fka, Lost Cherry), he was one of my first FU Friends. Married - yes.... but, Great listener... Great friend... Great writer... Great humor... He got booted from FU back in August and needs help levelling back up. Please go fan, rate, and say "Hello" to my friend...and hopefully yours, too!! Thanks to Year of the Dragon.... Ұẽặŕ Ǿ Ťĥě Đŗĝŏŋ@ fubar for sharing her bulletin earmarking updates for various aspects of Fubar, including but not limited to..... Blocking and Unblocking...Your Options ******************************************************* Harassment-How to Cope ******************************************************* NSFW Guidelines ***********************
Apparently in light of the Fubar mess up my private phtos were available to all, and this guy decided to copy and paste them nd is now using them as comments...If he is on your list make sure you remove him. Hes even downrating everyone too. What a piece of work. Make sure you guys get rid of the jerk off, and if anyone knows what I can do to report him or get him deleted please let me know..Thanks Hugs and Kisses He is a loser King of Spade@ fubar
Inner Light
Is the all technology in my sad little world trying to thwart me today?!? Yahoo is my new enemy .. daily it turns craptastic and wont play well with others.. and now on here for some odd reason my blogs dont show on my page. Grrr~! "Your Bore" You make me feel like Im a whore Like Im the one whos there to bore you now Its always gonna be this way Get the fuck away Cause I cant seem to show you what you wanna see I can never give you anything you need Im sick of wasting time on what can never be I cannot control you into wanting me You always wanna steal the light By stepping on the ones who fight for you Its always gonna be the same Get the fuck away Cause I cant seem to show you what you wanna see I can never give you anything you need Im sick of wasting time on what can never be I cannot control you into wanting me I hate what you are Ill break you and leave you scarred I hate what you are Ill break you and leave you scarred I hate what
Heroin Diaries Thru Video (6 Parts)
Heroin Diaries Podcast Part 1 Heroin Diaries Podcast Part 3 Heroin Diaries Podcast Part 6
What Do You Think It Is?
I start of by lightly kissin' your neck with a little trace of my tounge,as i am kissin' your neck my hands are softly rubbin' and massagin' your breasts and nipples. I slowly start kissin' my way down your neck, until i reach your upper chest in the middle right above your breasts, i light push both breasts together and kiss my way up both of your breasts until I am in the middle of your breasts, I start to kiss, lick, suck and nibble on your right breast and nipple as my right hand is still massagin' and lightly pinchin' your left breast and nipple. I bring my left hand close to your breast as i start to play with your righ breast and nipple and i start to kiss and lick my way over to your left breast as i am still massaging it and lightly pinchin' your nipple. As I take your left nipple in to my mouth, my right hand works it was down your stomach to your mid section and starts to lightly rub and massage your mid section right above your mound. As my left hand is still ma
Train Ride
Emily boarded the train as always with her long jacket on and her earphones playing her favorite songs as loud as possible to drown out the hustle and bustle around her. The commute into the heart of the city was a long and boring trip each day for her. This particular day was a bit different. She spotted a younger man sitting across from her. He was in his early 20s with short brown hair and wore a dark business suit with a brightly colored tie. Unknowingly her mind began to wonder and think about this young man. She thought about how her dark brown skin would look against his pale body. She tried to shake the images out of her head but they just kept coming back. Before she knew it, her pussy was soaking wet thinking about this strangers lips all over her body. What are you doing? she asked herself. Her body took over and she felt her nipples hardening as they swelled within her bra. She moved her hand inside her jacket by removing it from the sleeve and using the
Abusive Relationships
To start this off i have been in an abusive relationship. If you are in one of these relationship,get out now. Physical abuse is not the only abuse there is. There are emotional, physcological and others as well. If you are going thru any of these seek help and get yourself and your kids out, if there are any involved. All states have abuse shelters you and your kids can go to, to get out of it. It is not healthy for you or your kids to stay in it. Think of it this way would you want your kids to grow-up like the abusive spouse, if the answer is no, definitely get out. If anyone that happens to be reading this needs someone to talk to holler at me. If not on my page i will always be in rednecks bar, come hollar at me in there and i will come talk to you. I will try to help all i can to avoid anyone else from goin thru this.
Why? Show Her mad love while your there...Auction is next week....See what you can win.....
The End
The end has come. I am done with Play Pen. Regardless of what Iroc may say, I felt that I was not wanted nor was I needed there. Everything I would suggest would get blown off. Every time I would try to help, I was told it was being handled. I had a LOT of people I considered friends in there and totally understand if you all don't want to talk to me b/c I am no longer part of the lounge. Those of you that do....I just want to say, thank you. You all made coming to FUBAR every day worth while and fun. ny staff that reads this, you all kick ass!!! Everyone did a great job while I was there and I hope you can continue to do o. You work hard for your spot at the top and you deserve it. I will miss those of you that no longer want to talk to me, but please don't think I will hold it against you. I totally understand. I wish you all the best and hope you all keep on ROCKIN'. Take care all. MUAHZ ~Chris~ aka DJ Dreamcatcher
My Bucket List
1)Kids-1 boy (Colton Andrew Kenji Unrath or Roary Elijah Unrath) 1 girl (Aurora Alison Michelle Unrath) 2)Find true love (i might be able to cross this one off) 3)Find employment in something I truly enjoy 4)Help out someone truly in need 5)Quit chewing 6)Make at least one person truly happy-check 7)Set up a savings account 8)Travel to australia, Brazil, Germany, Cananda, Mexico, Spain, Japan, Ireland 9)Go hunting 10)Go to at least 3 more concerts-Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Blink 182, Something Corporate, 30 seconds to Mars, Eminem, Colbie Caillat, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley 11)Go to college AND graduate with at least a associates degree (law or criminology) 12)Visit the playboy mansion 13)Meet Celebs-Megan Fox, Bam Margera, Orlando Bloom, Jonny Depp, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat (at least 5) 14)Get all the tats i want-Shamrock ribs, bear claw left shoulder, snakes forearms, ohana neck, words, heartagram under the belly button 15
Whats Going On
Well to all my friends i lost my granny on June 30 2008 which kinda strange yea ya her birthday was June 30 1929 she was sick for a while but she is happy now she is with her mom, dad and husband so in that sence were all happy she is with them and not hurting anymore she has started now eating well , she would choke on food and drink, and she only weighed 80 lbs . so we are all very sad but glad at same time if that makes since well i jus wanted to let you know what was going on in my life . Well i finally got a job start feb 25 woohoo after looking for sooooooo long im so hapy maybe things lookin up now . now i can work on getting place of my own and get car which will help alot so im excited things starting get right Well as some may know im still in Ga and been here since july 2007 and still not find job not for lack of trying i have been looking so much and no one is hiring much .I still have no clue where i want to live for now im with my parents but that needs change soon but
Hey all just wanted to let everyone know that I will nt be around this weekend or early next week, as me & my hubbie R off on a romantic sailing trip 4 a few days plzzz don't ask where to cause I have no idea. All I know is we R flying 2 Victoria B.C 2day then setting sail 4 no where lol. Yup thats right just gunna sail off into the sunset :). If all goes as expected we will be returning late Monday or Tuesday, if all goes realy well maybe not till Wednesday lol. I hope U all have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget 2 enjoy every momment & smile @ those who share it with U let them know how glad U R that they R there. Luvs ya all & ttys DJ SILK a.k.a. S~E~X~Y!!! P.s. don't do anything I wouldn't do this weekend lmao. OH YA & I NEED A FUCKING ROOT BEER!!!
40 secrets about yourself. be honest no matter what. [one] are you gay? NOPE [two] where is your default picture taken? MY HOUSE [three] what's your middle name? JANE [four] what color do you hate most? ANYTHING FLUORESCENT! [five] does your crush like you back? HUH? [six] what is your current mood? TIRED. [seven] what color underwear are you wearing? BLUE [eight] what makes you happy? THAT I WENT TO THE GYM TODAY ;) [nine] if you could go back in time and change something, what would it be? NOTHING, I DONT REGRET ANYTHING THAT I HAVE EVER DONE. [ten] look at a picture/poster in your room, who's on it? FAERIES. [eleven] if you must be an animal for one day, what would you be? A TIGER [twelve] what makes you angry? DEPENDS. [thirteen] something you do a lot? GO ONLINE. [fourteen] what food will you never eat? ANY KIND OF SEAFOOD! YUCK! [fifteen] last time you were drunk? I DONT REMEMBER, IT HAS BEEN A VERY LONG TIME. [sixte
What I Want.......
I want to have butterflies in my stomach when you come into a room. I want my knees to buckle with one look into your eyes. I want to lay my head in your lap and you play with my hair for hours. I want flowers, just because, no holiday needed. I want to hear you say "I love you" and you mean it with all your heart and soul.
Nasty Quiz-something For Fun.
Nasty Quiz Rules: Answer this 4 the person who posted this and then repost it 4 your self! 1.Would u have sex with me? answer: 2.What position would u fuck me in? answer: 3.Would u suck me up/eat me out? answer: 4.Would u fuck me hard/want me to fuck you hard? answer: 5.Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u do me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u handcuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me? answer: 9.Would u use desert? answer: 10.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 11.What makes u want 2 have sex with me? answer: 12.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we sexed? answer: 13.Where would u do me @? answer: 14.Would u do me in front of people? answer: 15.Would u do me again and again? answer: 16.Would u do me in the rain? answer: 17.Would u mind if we did it like .porno stars? answer: 18.Would u have phone sex with me? answer: 19.If i gave u my
Lounge Stuff
For those of you who know me on a personal level know that I am also a photographer. I recently sort of updated my site. So take a look let me know what you think. It plain just like me but hey it get the word out. :) Let me know guys! I can do you all up :P
I Think They Are Trying To Kill Me
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? here 2. Your significant other? gone 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? dead 5. Your father? Florida 6. Your favorite thing? laughter 7. Your dream last night? disturbing 8. Your favorite drink? coffee 9. Your dream/goal? survival 10. The room you're in? livingroom 11. Music? yes 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? interested 16. Muffins? sometimes 17. One of your wish list items? freedom 18. Where you grew up? florida 19. The last thing you did? cleaned 20. What are you wearing? clothing 21. TV? on 22. Your pets? boxer 23. Your computer? operational 24. Your life? survival 25.
Survey - One Word
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? floor 2. Your significant other? sweet 3. Your hair? messy 4. Your mother? *ugh* 5. Your father? *sigh* 6. Your favorite thing? kids 7. Your dream last night? didn't 8. Your favorite drink? pepsi 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? living 11. Music? variety 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? fulfilled 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? dependant 16. Muffins? nah 17. One of your wish list items? maid 18. Where you grew up? kansas 19. The last thing you did? supper 20. What are you wearing? pjs 21. TV? noisy 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer? on 24. Your life? interesting 25. Your mood? mmmmmk 26.
The Tag Game
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. LOVE THE SMELL OF GASOLINE 2. DON'T MIND THE SMELL OF SKUNK 3. I SOMETIMES WHERE MY PANTIES INSIDE OUT 4. I WEAR GUYS BOXERS ALL THE TIME 5. I CAN 10 KEY REALLY FAST 6. I HATE CLEANING UGH! 7. IM NOT LIKE MOST WOMEN 8. I LOVE TO PLAY IN THE RAIN 9. I HAVE TO COUNT THINGS OVER AGAIN 10. I HATE THE SUNLIGHT LOL IM WORKING ON IT THOUGH NEED A TAN! 11. I LOVE ALL MUSIC 12. I LOVE TO MEDITATE 13. I HAVE A HABIT OF PICKING AT MY SKIN LOL EWW 14. I HATE DRIVING SINCE I HAD MY WRECK 15. I HATE SHAVING I TAG... TAINTED KISS BABYBOY J RAY OF FUCKING SUNSHINE LUCY PVT MEYER JAK TWANE CHELLE ~Phoenix~
My Midget
Dj Legend
Lets show him what we can offer him. All you have to do is click the picture below and start bidding.
Spank Me Please
plz spank as much as possible every one..
I Am A Bad American
YES, I'M A BAD AMERICAN I Am the Liberal-Progressives Worst Nightmare. I am an American. I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some Liberal governmental functionary be it Democratic or Republican! I'm in touch with my feelings and I like it that way! I think owning a gun doesn't make you a killer, it makes you a smart American. I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized, and does not entitle you to anything. I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, do it in English. I believe everyone has a right to pray to his or her God when and where they want to. My heroes are John Wayne, Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers, and whoever canceled Jerry Springer. I know wrestling is fake and I don't waste my time watching or arguing about it. I've never owned a slave, or was a slave, I haven't burned any witches or been persecuted by the Turks and neither have you! So, shut up already. I believe if you don't like the way things are here, go back
News On The Country
The House snubs President Bush and congressional leaders by defeating a $700 billion financial bailout.
Total Suckage
well today sucked, how bad here it goes: woke up at 3 am to go to a detail to take some ppl to green ramp, sat in the truck for 6 hours to find out that they actually never needed the truck, thanks for telling your support you bunch of colostomy bags. had a small cold that flared up this morning when i woke up. including headache, severe coughing (which would very closely make me vomit), could not breathe, the list goes on. was tired as hell so i went to the shoppette on post grabbed 2 NOS energy drinks and slammed them and went to work...2 of those energy drinks is a little much, felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest...but i was awake :-S. got home at 6 pm and went to sleep until just recently (8pm). felt like i slept 12 hours. decided my friends from fubar would help make me feel better, so i sit down at my computer type in my password and my keyboard slide breaks off of my desk...think i may just call it a night and try to sleep off the rough day.
I have seen many videos discussing many theory's including 911 and the Illuminate. This video discusses Religion, 911, and the Current Banking System. If you have ever had any skepticism regarding any of the preformentioned items or you are going through any financial difficulties. Then you must watch this. For parts on religion watch the first 45 mins. Watch part two for 911, and watch part three starting around 1:15 for information on the banking systems and involvement in current wars. If you are not open minded, or feel very strongly about any of the above do not watch this video!This movie starts out black for the first 3 mins, hang tight is well worth watching! - CLICK ABOVE TO WATCH "ZEITGEIST, THE MOVIE" - I have seen many videos discussing many theory's including 911 and the Illuminate. This video discusses Religion, 911, and the Current Banking System. If you have ever had any skepticism regarding any of the preformentioned items or you are going through any fi
Auto 11's...please Help
Hi Everyone, Im making this blog entry to notify all of my friends, family members and casual acquaintances that on Friday 11/14/2008 at 6:00PM MST I will be activating my first auto 11 bling and I really need all of your help to make the most of it. During the 24 hour period that my auto 11s are on I am going to be trying to make it to my next level of godfather and I have a very long way to go and a short time to get there and I will need all of your help to be able to do it. I am in the process of down loading several hundred easy rate pictures to make it as easy as I possibly can for you to get the most for your efforts so please come by and rate me and at the same time help yourself with some fast and easy points to get yourself to your next level. Thank you in advance Randy ( AKA Riskybusinessut )
Looking For New People!!
Alright I suppose its already time to make this post. I am here to make friends, not hook up or get dirty with people. I am a single mom of two and enjoy making new friends. I dont have time for bs or hooking up or whatever you wantto call it.I'm not here often I enjoy relaxing and love my life for what it is. If you don't like that it's YOUR problem not mine.:D that being said have agreat day
Auto 11's 4 Dj Badboy
Please go show my friend some love! thank you!!! PATR0NSH0TZ@ fubar PATR0NSH0TZ@ fubar
Redheaded Scarlet">">">YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO JOIN ANUBIS'S OFFICIAL FUBARSTARGATE 1 CREW***************************************First, you'll board the ship in the finest stargate galaxy ever.***************************************Next, you have to watch out for Captian Anubisand Co-Pilot Princess LeiaThey might visit you and give out an exhilerating drink at any given moment.. (Don't worry, it won't harm you.) The other passengers might send you drinks, gift you, bling, or rate your things, you never know what's going to happen on this ship... Surprises await, including tagsB
Maybe Sad Possibly Angry
Im fucked off. Ill admit it i am. The guy who i had a fling with who is married got in touch with me a few days ago. I should imagine he was probably BORED and felt like torturing some some so he picked ME. I am fucking angry because it was like he just wanted to FUCK with my head. Its not fair. Im TIRED of being messed about. IF YOUR MARRIED IM NOT TOUCHING YOU!! I want loving and caring for. I dont want anyone to think i am here for games. I wanted this certain man to leave his wife. HE is too fucking WEAK and GUTLESS to leave. He loves his kids. Not sure if he loves his wife. But his wife threatened him that she would not let him see his kids. So... thats the end of me. Hes living in miserableness because his wife is stooping low and making childish nasty below the belt threats. BUT its not my problem any more. Im free of him
Bombings And Auto 11s!!!
OMG So I will be running my first auto 11 and cherry bomb this Saturday!!! So what I want you guys to do is let me know if you will be running auto 11s on Saturday so I can bomb you!!!! (must have a folder with atleast 250 pictures plz). Also I would love for all of your support and rate my pictures for my auto 11!!! I am going to see what I can pull together for some rewards for the high raters!!! So get ready for the bombings and the autos Saturday!!!! I should be running my autos around 10 am futime and I am hoping to start bombing around 11 or 12 futime!!! So if you are interested in getting bombed just leave me a comment here :)! Luv ya guys!!!!!!! P.S. I am also trying to get a blast for Saturday, so if you can help me out either pm me or sb me!!! I am willing to pay fubux!!! Please help me out guys!!!!! :D
Tired Of Being Used
4 Wheeler Rally
Any questions contact me or the website at the bottom of the flyer for more information
SEXY SIGNS For all you skeptics who don’t believe in astrology, here’s a short lesson on how you can get more that your share of orgasms just by knowing what the sun signs are of people who swing from the rafters, try innovative techniques and like to please their partners. CAPRICORN, THE GOAT December 22 to January 19 Capricorns are self-abosrbed and are more interested in the sexual act itself than in the sexual partner. They want to dominate in bed because control is important to them. Outwardly, they seem quite old, but that’s only a defense mechanism; once aroused, they are tough and sadistic – eager to use paddles, whips, or vibrators for their sexual pleasure. A Capricorn woman doesn’t like to be surprised in bed, she wants to know what to expect. And don’t worry about a lot of preliminaries, because getting her aroused requires just a few nibbles of the ears and navel. A traditionalist who prefers the missionary positio
personal trainer certification
Just Sayin...
I am here to have FUN!! Keep your Drama OUT of My Bubble!! That means My Page, My Lounge and My Yahoo!! I dont thrive on the he said she said dont bring it to me. My Friends and Family are EXACTLY that {you all know who you are and know I Love You} Dont come to me tellin tales about them I dont wanna hear it! And yes I am a flirt ...I have also been HAPPILY married for 10 yrs. My Husband knows everything I do and say. So dont come to me all Butthurt over your jealousy and insecurity issues ...They are NOT my problem they ARE YOURS!! That said remember Them more you Love yourself the more you are ABLE to Love others!! SDMF MUTHA FUCKAZZZ!!! PEACE!!
Thoughts (works In Progress)
1. Do not ask for what you can not take. Anything worth having will not just be giving freely. Ever. Everything has a price. 2.Being virtuous is overrated. It’s a sinner’s world. Having virtue while a lofty idea is a fools game. 3.People lie. Even by omission. 4.Do not want. Wanting can lead down the road to despair. If it is something you want try to do without. If you can not than it’s a need and that is a whole other case of worms. 5. Be careful of who or what you need. To need something or someone is to give control to some out side force. Don’t. 6. Remain in control. You control your fate and your destiny. Do not get side tracked by petty wants and diminishing needs. 7. Accept the truth about yourself. Do not live in self denial or have false hope. Try not to hope. Nothing hoped for is guaranteed. 8. Patience is a virtue worth subscribing to. Some things are worth waiting for 9. Look for the truth within The answers can be found in t
a sweet poem for me..... I'll dream a little dream of you and I. Catching fireflies amongst the summer sky. While the little creatures light your pretty face. I'll hold you close in my warm embrace. The moon is bright up in the sky it sits. I'll gentaly lean in and kiss your lips. But I will be sad when I awake. Cause this dream wont last at daylights break. So I await for darkness fall. To drift in dream and hear your call. My heart is heavy for your return. for it's only you my heart does yeurn. So give me dreams of you for now. Or please be here, some way, some how. by M.L.
Southern Nights
Want Me As Ur Slave 4 A Month?
Credits For Sale
Fast Local Search Network is a local search engine to help you find local business through a simple and quick search. promotes the sharing of ideas and opinions by allowing you to post reviews of the businesses you have hired or are familiar with. Clean, honest reviews are encouraged to help your fellow searchers. Fast Local Search Network
My Song Im Bout To Cut It Comes From The Heart
Come Claim Your Prize
Have you ever loved someone, beyond your own control. Out of your own mind, body, and soul. I can't remember, ever feeling this way. It is a part of me, everyday. It is impossible to deny, believe me, I've tried. But the pain just got worse, with every tear that I cried. It is just there, so real and true. There is no disguising my love, for YOU. So it is here with me, come claim your prize. Your reward will be written, behind the green in these eyes.
My Words...
I don't do the pity me thing..I don't want nor do I need anyone's pity...I have walked the streets of life alone...on my own...been in a marriage where I was still alone...but grateful...grateful to this day...if it was not for that marriage...I probably wouldn't be here at all...anything that makes a positive impact in my life I am grateful I'm not..I have never been so weak in my life....or felt so low...after something is pointed out to you you're entire starts to sink in...and by the people you love the most..and the ones that are supposed to love you in return..that's when it hurts..when it cuts to the bone...I can't take anymore..I have reached my limit...I talk a big game..but that's all it am fragile..I am weak...and it does hurt..regardless of how much I lie to you or myself..saying it doesn't..the fact does...very much so...I am grateful to all of you who truly get wat I am about..I cannot apologize for my body...something I can
Nsfw Albums
It is 25 credits for sexy time folder or 35 credits for both. I prefer credits over anything. Rockstar Bling will get you access to both God Mode Bling will get you access to both, a perma fam spot, and a very dirty NSFW Salute 65 credit bling pack will get you access to both and I will give you my points for 12 hours. I do run auctions from time to time to get in with FU bucks. **Please dont ask me if there is any other way, this is just the name of the game ;)** If you wanna give this just dont even ask to send, just send them and I will take care of the rest. If I have any questions I will ask ya.
covered Perhaps you heard the storm warningsIf not the 90 mile per hour gusts are your wakeup callWind howling like a banchee This primal call of natureDoes it stir your blood,can you feel your pulse quicken? Water surging and slamming unto the shoreCreatures burrowing deeper to find safetyThis is the time i reach for you Under the blanket with a lanternThe power failedThis is when i crave your touch Rough hands graze your turgid nipplesFor you are equally attractedYour breathing faster I pull on your nipples in synch with the howlingI put my weight on top of you forcing you to breath harderMy hands about your throat I sit up on top of your chestTo get a better grip about your throatYour eyes look frightened But when i look more closely i see your excitementBending down i bite your lipYou begin thrashing a bit You become dizzyAll you can feel is my oppressive weight upon youYou fade off Later the storm has passedYour eyes open and gaze aboutYou are alone but covered in cum
Fubar Girl Friends
I am looking and waiting for you!!! I need some fans and some love can you help me??? Can some one help me get more ratting's please!!! I asked a few women to Fubar marry me, can't wait to see who it is!!! :)
Getting In Shape
This mornings run was Horrid. 2 miles in 20 minutes 21 seconds aver mile time was 9:40 total calories burned was 312, with a 76 foot climb......ugh....alright it was just day one work out one still shitty..... hitting the gym during lunch. As of today i have ran 6 miles since monday. The weight lifting still isnt happening....need to work on that. I am down to 201LBS. not a bad start need to work harder. Hopefully the NCOPD with BDE CSM wont interfere with my 4 mile ruck tomorrow. Ok so here it goes. It is Wedenesday the 20th of February at 0545. I am 35 yrd old, 5ft 11 in and weigh 208 lbs. I geel that i am out of shape. The Army states that i should weigh 194lbs. My 2 mile run time is garbage, as well as my pushups and situps. So here is the game plan to loose wieght and get back in to good shape. First things first starting today i am cutting all Soda out of my system. I do not drink alcohol so I am good there. Tomorrow i will cut smoking out. I have the patches, i hav
Quite often, we feel frustrated at the sudden failure of a hp pavilion dv9000 battery. Thought the battery technologies have continued to improve over the years, some common problems still occur to us. Laptop repairs has no more been a great secret. Want to learn more to repaie your battery, take a look here and we have do a research on hp pavilion dv7 battery repairing for the convenient of our laptop users. 1. Pre-RepairBefore the repair. At first, we need to understand the current status of your battery and the time it takes from full charge to dead, in order to better understand the cell's internal use, we need to know about the battery discharge curve. It is advisable to use BatteryMon software on Baidu to check your battery, this is a software for laptop battery monitoring, we can monitor the use of a laptop battery. 2. The next way is to update the battery bios which also called Compaq c700 Battery calibration. Battery calibration is an effective way to deal with aging batterie
Waxing Religion Is The Quickest Way To Lose A Hard-on
Your favorite thing to say in the bedroom is:What do you mean its against your religion? Take this quiz at
A guy was in a cave, looking for treasure. He found an old lamp, rubbed it, and a genie came out. The genie said "I will grant you three wishes, but your ex-wife will get double." The man agreed, and said "I wish I had a mansion." The genie granted it, and his ex-wife got two mansions. The man said "I would like a million dollars." The genie again granted it and his ex-wife got two million dollars. Then the man said, "Scare me half to death."
Leaving Shivers.......
Do you have time to lick my kitty? Such simple words that lead to a momentarily uncontrollable pleasure....... "How long to you think the boys will sleep?" I ponder. "At least another hour." he replies. "So do you have time to lick my kitty?" As goosebumps raise unnoticeable to me, he answers with the smile of a school boy........."Of course!" I stand demurely and unbuckle my belt.......let my blue jeans slip helplessly to my ankles stepping out of them leaving them a pool of denim. My freshly shaved pussy takes center round ass beckons for attention. Guided by his hands on my hips........He pulls my softness to his mouth. His soft kiss pulls my fleshy mound into him........ I lean deeply into him........closing the tiny gap between breasts dangling overhead. As he releases, a tiny heart is left from his lips........pulsating the blood, leaving me breathless. I sit on the plush of the couch.......ass to the edge and
Leave Me Alone!!!
Leave Me Alone Life is a bunch of shit. Live your own, NOT MINE. Death becomes me. Death is my friend, storing up all I care about. Ill get it back when Im gone, RIGHT??? Maybe not. Whats so fucking good about life? Loves a pain in the ass. Time robs us of all we hold dear. Everyone wants to control Everyone. Whos the fuckin boss??? I wanna kick his ass!!! Leave me the fuck alone, so I can leave you the fuck alone. Dont fucking condemn me For what you do behind closed Doors! Maybe, just maybe, Im not doing it! You judge yourself and say its me! FUCK YOU!!! JUST FUCK YOU!!! Lifes a bowl of cherries! LOL Too bad theyre rotten! Full of maggots and fruitflies, The stench fills my nostrils! Keep your secrets to yourself! Look to the future??? Thanx a fuckin lot dumb ass!!
We have all had feelings on helplessness at least once in our lives. Mine decided to come today. I got a call from my best friend and there was so much emotion in her voice as she was telling me about a trip to her doctors office. I don't need to go into details. She's only 18, same age as i am. I wish i knew what to do to help her or i knew what to say. I just feel so helpless. Shes sitting here crying on my bed right now and i just wish that there was something i could do. Well, guys any advice is greatly appreciated so please feel free to comment. Talk to you guys later. much love and kisses Yea, this is pretty much a vent/rant. My tooth hurts like fuck, my wisdom tooth is coming in, so i have to get the other one pulled to make room. Unfortunately, i cant get ot the dentist for about 3 more weeks, i have been taking everything from ibprofein to excedrine migraine to even percocet and nothing will kill this fucking pain. God help me, please. or if someone knows another way, please g
Recipes - Desserts
Litter Box Cake 1 spice or German chocolate cake mix 1 white cake mix 2 large pkg vanilla instant pudding mix, prepared (I like Bird's dessert mix) 1 large pkg vanilla sandwich cookies green food coloring 12 small Tootsie Rolls 1 new kitty litter pan 1 new plastic kitty litter pan liner 1 new pooper scooper Prepare cake mixes and bake according to directions (any size pans). Prepare pudding mix and chill until ready to assemble. Crumble white sandwich cookies in small batches in food processor, scraping often. Set aside all but about 1/4 cup. To the 1/4 cup cookie crumbs, add a few drops green food coloring and mix until completely colored. When cakes are cooled to room temperature, crumble into a large bowl. Toss with half the remaining white cookie crumbs and the chilled pudding. Important: mix in just enough of the pudding to moisten it. You don't want it too soggy. Combine gently. Line a new, clean kitty litter box. Put the cake/pudding/cookie mixtu
Nothing But The Truth,,,
To all Of my Friend Havea wonderful Imbolc and a very Blessed Weekend.... I truly enjoy you all and i love talking to each and everyone of you .... So i am sending this out to you all to read and so that i can show all of you love and light and friendship... Blessing you you all and again Have a wonderful weekend . Hug and Kisses .... Tattooed_ Wiccan .... 1. ou can't remember the last time you wrote an entire paragraph using a pen and paper. 2. You consider Internet a basic utility. 3. Between your Internet and your TV, you would rather lose your TV. 4. Between your Internet and your phoneline, you would rather lose your phoneline. 5. The Internet IS your phoneline. 6. You carry a flash drive in your purse or pocket. 7. You carry a laptop with you wherever you go-or you wish you could. 8. You have a callous on your right wrist, where you rest your hand when you use your mouse. 9. Your diary is not protected with a lock and
They Call Him Steve
Well not even a week has gone by and the year is already on a downward spiral.. It started off with me not doing anything for new years.. What's there to do? Hang out and drink? A, I don't drink and B, none of my so called friends called me back.. Next up is work.. Since work is always so much fun, I'll keep it short.. A co-worker/ supposed friend calls me up new years day and says hey happy new years.. ( nothing wrong there.. YeT!) he then was like say where is the football game at ( people from work always have a new years day game) I tell'm and then ask... so what'd you do last night? he then went on and told me about his wonderful time with a bunch of his and his wifes friends, that they had over. . So like WTF? I'm not a friend? Not even to have asked? It's not like we havent hung out before.. Next goes for today.. My wonderful day at work.. I show up and people start questioning me.. Everything ok? Did the clock round you? Did someone call you earlier? then finally a supervi
Stoner/sludge Metal
I can't find a video of theirs on YouTube. Some one, tell me : Has the 'Zilla even MADE a music video at all? Damn, I don't even know how long they've been a band. I would sell my soul for ANY bleeping music vid of Bongzilla's. Satan! Where are you? ::knocking on floor::
Train Of Thoughts
Step one you say we need to talk He walks you say sit down its just a talk He smiles politely back at you You stare politely right on through Some sort of window to your right As he goes left and you stay right Between the lines of fear and blame And you begin to wonder why you came Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life Let him know that you know best Cause after all you do know best Try to slip past his defense Without granting innocence Lay down a list of what is wrong The things youve told him all along And pray to God he hears you Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life As he begins to raise his voice You lower yours and grant him one last choice Drive until you lose the road Or break with the ones youve followed He will do one
Keystone's Life
Well Mark just called me and told me how the surgary went she's going to be fine!!!!! She's comming HOME WENSDAY!!!!!! So that is like the bes news i've heard all day long. Thanks for everyones preys. Love Keystone :) Well I talked to Mark yesterday and he told me that mema has to go in for a nother surgary today and this time there really worid that she's not going to make it. I told mark to call me asap but something tells me im going to have to call him and that's tottly ok. I will fill yall in some more later Love Keystone :) OK well latly my life has had a shit loud of ups and downs and im starting to get real sick of it. I mean im sick and tired of worring about all my friends and about what thee doing rong and not even noticing it. Like wiht mark we had a talk today and he finlly gets what he needs to and that's GREAT!!!!! I mean i love him and i don't wnat him to leave that's why i said alot of the things i said last night. Well i hope everyone is having a great day. Lat
If I Can Stop IF I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain. - Emily Dickinson Your Porn Star Name Is... Spanky BottomsWhat's Your Porn Star Name?
Important! When you visit this site you can enter your address and a map will pop up with your house as the small icon of a house. Red, blue, green, dots will surround your entire neighborhood. When you click on these dots, a picture of a person will appear with an address and the description of the crime he or she had committed. The best thing is that you can show your children pictures and see how close these people live to your home or school. This site was developed by John Walsh from Americas Most Wanted. It is another tool to help us keep our kids safe.
Go To See The Doc
Giving Up Nick...
Today is gonna be the hardest day I've had in a very long time. Because today I have to say goodbye to my best friend. The one who has been there as my constant and most devoted companion for the past 3 years, who licks away my tears, talks to me incessantly (about what im not sure), who makes me laugh, greets me when i leave even for 15 mins like I have been gone for 10 years, cuddles with me in bed, doesnt care if im fat, or have makeup on, or generally look like shit. The one who somehow knows when i dont feel well or when im sad and stays close to my side like a shadow of myself. The one and only being in the world that I know truly loves me for who I am and doesnt ask for anything more than to be fed, and play fetch with a stick and have his ass scratched on a regular basis. As I sit here in tears, pondering my life over the past year and how difficult some of the things were, the surgeries, the problem solving, the one constant that has been with me through all my troubles
Bad Ass
It seems that if your in a relationship there is a lot of love and hate in it. There is ups and downs also in a relationship. I guess if you love that person enough the relationship well work. Love will conquer all if you believe in it. life life it`s your last day
Show Some Love
Women Over 40...or Close To
60 Minutes Correspondent Andy Rooney (CBS) As I grow in age, I value women over 40 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why: A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night and ask, "What are you thinking?" She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 40 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do, and it's usually more interesting. Women over 40 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you if they think they can get away with it. Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know what it's like to be unappreciated. Women get psychic as they age. You never have to confess your sins to a woman over 40. Once you get past a wrinkle or two, a woman over 40 is far sexier than her younger counterpart. Older women are forthright and honest. They'll tell
Musings Of Becka Boo
I don't get men sometimes. Let's pretend for a moment that I am single and that I am on the prowl for a man... For any reason. Relationship, hookup, lifetime friend, hair stylist, real estate agent, whatever. Nothing would annoy me more than being greeted with a "Hey sexy" or "What's up baby?" from guys that I have never spoken to in my life. Actually, it does annoy me, because it seems to happen to me a great deal. The Internet, real life, whatever. The Internet can actually be worse, because people are less restrained online than they are in real life. The weirder ones try to court me with pictures of their many genital piercings. Most of the time though, it'll proceed with me talking to some guy that seems normal until he wants me to get on cam and "show me your sexy lil' body. You're so beautiful. OMG YOU'RE HOT." Thankfully, I haven't actually been propositioned for cyber sex for a few years. And these aren't guys that are just looking for a little online fun. They are actua
I created a new lounge for people who like to MUMM without worrying about the MUMM Nazi's pulling MUMM's for innapropriate content or NSFW content. Feel free to stop in, join, post a discussion or just chat. It is called MUMM Club.
The Begining . . . . . . .
Q: What do you call a pantry full of lesbians? A: A licker cabinet. Q: What do you call an Eskimo lesbian? A: A Klondyke. Q: What do you call 100 lesbians with guns? A: Militia Etheridge. Q: Why can't lesbians diet and wear make-up at the same time? A: Because they can't eat Jenny Craig with Mary Kay on their face. Q: What do you call two lesbians in a canoe? A: Fur Traders. Q: What is a lesbian dinosaur called? A: A Lickalotapuss. Q: What do you call a lesbian with long fingers? A: Well Hung. Q: Did you hear that Ellen DeGeneres drowned? A: She was found face down in Ricki Lake. Q: How can you tell a tough lesbian bar? A: Even the pool table doesn't have balls. Q: What do you call lesbian twins? A: Lick-a-likes. Q: What's the definition of confusion? A: Twenty blind lesbians in a fish market. Q: What's the difference between a Ritz cracker and a lesbian? A: One's a snack cracker, the other's a crack snacker. Q: What do you have when you'
You Tell Me...
Ok, here's your chance to request. I feel like writing something, but not sure of the subject. So I figured I would open it up. Let me know if you have a request for a topic...and some input too! Just leave me a comment here...or message me.
This Is Exactly What I Want
LoVe..... ...we think about it, sing about it, dream about it, and we lose sleep worrying about it. When we don't have it, we search for it; and when we discover it, we don't know what to do with it. When we have it, we fear losing it. It is the constant source of pleasure and pain, but we can't predict which it will be from one moment to the next. It is a short word - easy to spell, difficult to define, and impossible to live without. Everyone has a soul mate...Someone who you consider your best friend, and the one you can talk to about anything. The one you can sit around and do absolutely nothing with, but be just as happy. The one who you go to when you are upset and they will do anything in their power to make you happy again. The one who can read your mind when you haven't said a word...The one who does the little things, but means the world to you.
i used to think i was all alone in this world never thought there was other people out there like me. i have had some pretty shitty things happen to me in life that a shrink says caused all this depression on me. when i was just 8 i was molested for three yrs by someone i looked up to i had to live in the same house with her and try to keep my mouth sealed shut never letting anyone know after all it was my burden to carry right? im 30 yrs old now and i still cant stand to be in the same room with her i have tried forgiving her and i know now that she was/is sick and could not help it. a part of me forgives but i will never forget. when i was 14 i met my soul mate. he raped me on oct 11 1991 and i conceived larissa out of this again i hated him but i loved him. i forgave him and let him back into our lives i thought he changed and when i had my son (not by him) he called him daddy. i then got pregnant with lacey (yes his) he stayed around for 5 more yrs and left saying he needed a
Katerine -- Girl Power
This is only for the Real Friends , join the Hottest Ct Lounge around and Have Fun Katerine Just wanted to Let you all Now That K@T is back , and i am a Changed Person , all Past from here is Past so don't Bring past Up to me , i came back Cause Somebody took me back here , somebody i whas once her enemy and since recent , we had some meetings and really Got well toghether and became Good Friend , ppl who doesn't Know who this is you will soon know Katerine aka K@T
Sad And Broke!
I own five beagles, they are the love of my life. They get the best of everything that my meager paycheck can afford.Two of my boys Jesse and Ziggy aka The Dynamic Duo like to run off everynow and then they'll sneak out of the kennel. This usually happens at night while I'm at work, they take advantage of my daughters neglect to shut the gate properly. They usually come back i n15 min or so or the neighbor through the woods calls to say he has them. Last night I was watching The Outsiders One of my all time faves) with my daughter and I heard a noise and jumped off the couch. Daisey , Cooter and Emma howling away because the boys had opened the gate and gone exploring once more. This time it was my fault. I made a couple calls to have people watch out for them and I decided this time, being as they're a year old now I would give them the opportunity to find the'r way home. So I took off my shirt and put it outside along with a couple other things and I waited. 45 Minuits had gone by an
What Gives With The Surveys?
Would you makeout with me? [ ]Heck Yea [ ]Yes [ ]No [ ]Maybe [ ]already have ;) Would you sleep with me? [ ]In an instant! [ ]Yes [ ]No [ ]Maybe Am I attractive? [ ]F*** no [ ]Hot as hell [ ]Fine [ ]Cute [ ]Okay [ ]Ugly! Do you think I'm a virgin? [ ]Yes [ ]No [ ] i dk Are you a virgin? [ ]yes [ ]no [ ] wont tell I look like.. [ ] A player [ ] a wife/husband [ ] One time thing [ ] Next bf/gf [ ] A friend [ ] A friend with benefits [ ] A possibility [ ] A loser [ ] A stud If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [ ]Yes [ ]No [ ]maybe [ ] no cause im shy Would you rather.. ?? [ ] Hook up with me [ ] Cuddle with me [ ] Date me [ ] Friends [ ] Friends with benefits [ ] Marry me [ ] Have sex [ ] OTHER (give details)____________________ [ ] give me your number if so _________________ On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [ ]1 [ ]2 [ ]3 [ ]4 [ ]5 [ ]6 [ ]7 [ ]8 [ ]9 [ ]10 What would you want me to be
y doesn't anyone read my bulletins..can they not see them..y doesn't anyone come and check out my profile, is it cuz i am married. or i hae stuff about sex in my pics..Y? i am now making an fubar id for ppl that want me to make one..i have nothing better to do, so i thought i would be nice and do sumthign creative..well just let me know, if anyone is interested..u all have a great nite..
A man was fishing. He began his outing with a 12 lb walleye on the first trolling pass and a 25 lb northern on the second. On the third drop he had just scored his first ever musky when his cell phone rang. It was a doctor notifying him that his wife had just been in a terrible accident and was in critical condition in ICU. The man told the doctor to inform his wife where he was and that he'd be there as soon as possible. As he hung up he realized he was leaving what was shaping up to be his best ever fishing trip. He decided to get in a couple of more passes before heading to the hospital. He ended up catching several personal bests, limited out on three species and all in all, had his best day's fishing by far. He was jubilant. Then he remembered his wife. Feeling guilty he dashed to the hospital. He saw the doctor in the corridor and asked about his wife's condition. The doctor glared at him and shouted, "You went ahead and kept fishing didn't you! I hope you're proud of yo
What Defines A Friend
does one good deed towards another person validate that person as a friend? if u think about it how many friends can u say u actually many friends have been there for you no matter what how many people have u called a friend that have done nothing but stab u in the many best friends have done the same....what does it take for a person to be a friend....i dont think that theres anyone who hasnt ignored a friend at one time or another iv even done it once i ignored my cousins call one night but that was it i think almost any person that i call a friend has ignore me at one time has ignored my calls or my texts or my messages....and im sure there are reasons, but who really knows... i always try with everything i have to help whenever a friend needs me i have done it over and over and over again hey i need a ride hey i need help hey can u pick me up can u take me somewhere hey i need outa my house i need u to come get me right away.... never have i denied som
Subvert The Dominant Paradigm
soo... .. . just a thought; a girl, ugly or pretty, posts a few pics of herself in skin revealing clothing, even if , those too are just as ugly as her body, she will somehow, obliviously attract this creepy crowd of ppl who sift through photos and profiles just to find a peek of someone elses skin, they undoubtedly think is so "sexy". eh.. makes me think too much from disgust and confusion ... .. . and i was just thinking about a few months ago, when i was approched to live with this couple in cinci, i think they wanted me as a sex slave, but they were wiccan, and had just gotten married, and wanted to add one more mommy to the mix or something, and then i remebered that guy who asked me if i was interested in having a kuckhold. erm. however you spell it. i didnt even know what it was. lol. but. i do now. and uhh.. for facts sake, i dont want one!. altho, living at my moms again sure does make me rethink that couples proposal a tid. lol. ;| sooo
10 Things You Might Not...
10 Things You Might NOT Have Known About Martin Luther King 1. He expressed as a young man some "embarrassment" about all the "stomping and shouting" that went on in some churches and said upon entry into Morehouse that his "primary interest is politics." 2. When James Earl Ray went to purchase the rifle that would be the murder weapon he had mentioned that he was going deer hunting. Upon hearing this, the sales clerk talks him out of the 6MM .243 caliber model and hands him the 30-06 caliber Remington Gamemaster that was used. Ballistics experts have argued whether or not the difference in power would have saved King's life. 3. A gifted student he graduated high school at 15 years of age and delivered his first prepared sermon in his father's church, Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, at age 18 in the Summer of 1947. 4. His birth name Michael Luther King, Jr. was changed to Martin prior to his starting school. 5. There is still an ongoing inv
How Can I Make My Picture Look Cool
see men in the past used me hurt me mentally and physically and cheated on me trying to trust my new man 100% hes sweet honest and very problem is i worry alot b/c of my past experiences w/ guys.......he tells me not to worry he isnt like the other guys i dated and that he'll never cheat on me its not that i dont trust him i do... i just wanta trust him if u gotta suggestion hit me up w/ the advice.....oh and before u ask we've been daten a month and 3days.......... i know this isnt a blog but its the easiest way to get the word out that i added a guest book to my page send me some love sign my guest book on my page if anybody knows what site i go to that i can make my picture go from my origanla pic to something else like alot of peeps do on here holla at me and let me know thank you
The Hug Brigade!
Heartsound-President of The Hug Brigade@ fubar President simple gal, MEMBER OF THE HUG BRIGADE@ fubar FU Wife of Nellie~JERSEY BRAT ~ U.S. Military Supporter@ fubar cutestlittleangel@ fubarDerfla9969@ fubar Master Shadow Raven~~Lord Darkblood Dragonslayer~~Pls rip my candles to show suport for Dream Catch@ fubarManda Luvs #20@ fubar **SweetNSassy** Top Promoter of *The Anything Goes Lounge*@ fubar We all noticed a need.We were seeing updates on statuses that said things like "I need a hug" we have all come together to form The Hug Brigade!If you know anyone that needs a hug...please send a link to that person's profile to one of these people. The Hug Brigade will be sure to make sure they are properly hugged! Ok...I am being a pain in the butt. lol I think it is going to be best if I put all the member tags in a seperate folder from everything else so that they will be easier for all of you to find. I am going to be moving all tags to a new folder on Friday...
Wacky World Of Jay
Did I like retard another to it send retard a like this reading time sweet your took you since. (Now, read it backwards) LOL
Help Someone Level
Hello all you sexy Fubar fanatics...and good morning if it is morning to you. Someone needs help think you could help him out? He is actually my mentor as far as what kind of pics I should post..LOL Don't know what I would have done without him...:) So click his pic and rate and fan and add him...I try and help everyone so if you need help let me know...Hugs and kisses! And no its not gay for rating and adding the same sex..LMAO I mean hell guys if you don't want to add him, at least rate some of his pics..LOL PieDaDDY@ fubar
Join Us
The Howling Wolves Platoon (KOW) is searching for new members. We give 100% backing to any Kingdom of Wolves member who are entered in a contest. Come join us, have fun and met new friends! Interested? For more information contact …… GeeGee~ Howling Wolves Platoon Leader~ KOW Beth 'Beth "AngelGurl" Howling Wolves of KOW'
Hot Cherry
She is getting ready to be GodMother! Can I get some help to get her there tonight???? PLEASE With CHERRIES on TOP!!!!!!!!! ~H♥t~Cherry~Lici♥us~*♥*~Club~F.A.R.~♥~@ fubar
Great Friends
I never dreamed that love could be What our love has become I'm not sure where it began But I do know that it will never end It is more than a feeling or just words It is a heart change that changed who I am and who I will become Your love completes me Thanks again Rabbit! I love this one as well! :) Believe What Is There, To Believe In During Life, Nothing Lasts, Aside From Strife, Life May Perish, Life May End, Our Soul We May Give, Our Soul We May Spend, But Our Love, That Eternal Flame, Will Never Dim, Will Never Change, It Will Forever Last, When All Other Lights Leave, For You Light My Life, You Make Me Believe. Rabbit Read my poetry they r in blogs Rate fan and add me@ fubar With Love To All... ~ AngL once upon a time... there was a beautiful queen named AngL she went walking in the enchated forest and found a magical lumberjack named skip he then took his magical axe and whisked you away to maine where you met up with a guy
This Should Be Good For A Few Laughs
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often or if you are a random reader) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me. It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your diary and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON'T ACTUALLY remember about you..
I know this is most likely a waste of time, but to those of you who do read it, thanx. I wanted to say thank you to all the "real" people out there. My faith in mankind has been lost, but you are pulling it back. Just wanted to say thanks. You know if you are or not.
Stuff About Me
Yeah I know this is supposed to be on my profile but I didn't have enough room lol. Anywho, I love to spend time with my man and my kids. I would kill for my family. I love them more than anything in the world....ALL of my family. I also love Nascar. Dale Jr kicks ass (let the legend live on). I also love Indie....God Danika Patrick is fuggin HAWT! LOL!! I love music....LIVE for it! I love Rock, Metal, Country, Rap, R&B, Techno, Gothic Industrial, and Oldies. I also play bass guitar and I sing lol. I love to make new friends, but I will let you know right now that I DO NOT take ANY bullshit from ANYONE. You piss me're gonna be sorry. But other than that, I'm a very easy person to get along with. I'm somewhat shy at first but I warm up QUICKLY lol. Anything else you wanna know, just ask.
Ok here is my question.... In photoshop... is there a way to organize your styles and actions so they are easier to find instead of scrolling through the long list of them? Can you set them up in sections? or is that even possible??? Tired or searching aimlessly for certain ones when I have soooo many of them.... anyone else have this problem??????
Life Sucks
i just dont understand boys they confuse me so bad theres this one guy that i realy like but hes a complet dick and i know nothing will every be more than friends and then theres dallas who is a realy sweet guy and wants more than jsut friends but i dont have the goosebumps and butterflys with him this sucks so bad why cant all men just be good guys than i wouldnt have this problem i am so sick of coming last in the game of love this is relay sad i passed on by a 19 year old because he likes my roommates 15year old kid that cant even stand him i am so sick of this shit i just started my 2nd semester of college and i am already lost in my bio class i hate science so bad
Oh My!!!
A Christmas Chaos !
Hot Like Phyre!
I hope you are too... so with that i give ytou this! i make fubar id's for fubux and they are all custom and no two are alike unless you order on like someone elses! they will only cost you 15k 7,500 thats is and you get this small peice of me and if you want a glitter 1 they cost 30k 15k those are really exclusive!!! here are some examples if you want one send the money and i will get right your order to you as soon as i can!!! i also make blinkys And i make these for 40k 20k !!! Oh and last but not least! Just for this time i will put you in my hot like phyre folder if you buy one... if you havent seen it go check it out i usally on put friends in there and its getting really popular so if you want your pic in there buy an id and thats your spot!!! when you order tell me what you want and give me a general description
My Thoughts
So I am liking this guy, he is an absolute sweetheart. But I am scared. I haven't felt this way about anyone since my ex (who I fell truly and MADLY in love with) so I know if I continue liking him I could feel the same way about him. He likes me too, but I fear he won't when he meets me. I fear that someone else will snatch him up before I have the chance to. I fear that I will fall more for him and that I won't be able to keep him or he won't feel the same way about me. I feel like a school girl with a major crush, the butterflies and heart skipping beats and it feels great. Yet I am scared if I get too close I will end up getting hurt. So I take things slow, but it is SOOO hard to with him! I have been single for a year and a half, its about time I find someone special, could it be him? Is it a chance I am willing to take? Is he worth it? Should I get my hopes up? Yes. I think I will take the chance. I know the risks, and he is DEFINITELY worth it! Wish me luck! S
This blog may sound like I am bitching and moaning, but I work as a sous chef at an assisted living home. I work and work till I am worn out by the time I go home. I have a co worker that works there, but also works another job and I am not really sure why. Anyway, my boss sent him home yesterday before I got to work because he says he was tired. I come to work tired some times because of the other things I have to do around the house. Welllllll I get a phone call this morning and called back. It was my boss thinking he was going to have to ask me to come in. If this had been me I would have have gotten my ass canned. He has done this mess before and even got his ass put in the hospital because of one of his "problems". Doesn't seem too fair does it???? Wish I could go into work and then decide I didn't want to work and be able to go home.
Quarantined to all the scars that i've painted black i can try but ill never remember i see you standing, pool of glass, focal points determined, im here at last, see you swimming in that pool of glass, by your mind this light did, leave us seers blinded. PRAY SUCK OUT ALL THE LIFE FROM ME PRAY AND SUCK ALL THE LIFE FROM ME then i might as well, thank my lucky stars........ i am perceiving the severance of reason....cause thoughts are misleading....pick me up and tie me off. i am careening through lives i've been stealing.....the hope is deceiving, unbind my hands n let me go. despite how you see me the lies you are weaving are hopelessly leading us down a path i don't want to know.................. and that i'd of never thought to walk, but i'd crawl..................or limp toward fate. scream out loud and breathe unto me. Then i might as well , thank my lucky stars. I am misleading, i am deceiving, and im unbelieving. reasons for a bitter life. i am c
Contest Between Maddy And I
Sign by Dealighted - Coupons and Deals Compliment three people every day * Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them * Leave everything a little better than you found it * Keep it simple * Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures * Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know * Commit yourself to constant improvement * Compliment even small improvements * Be forgiving of yourself and others * Make new friends but cherish old ones * Count your blessings * Take responsibility for every area of your life * Live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation
Old Age And Game Shows
Ive been stuck and unable to write for a bit but i had a thought process the other day that fired one of the many synapses i am unable to reach and here is what i found in the cobwebs of my dome. Running yes running .... there are lots of categories for running but i want to talk about two of them in this. One is the physical break and run people do from bad situations and just plain fear;be it fear of harm to yourself or fear someone else will be hurt. Two is the mental running or maybe best described as avoidance.This would be a problem for a lot of people. Some examples of physical running would be: my brother and I broke into this house to tie tape and glue this mans belongings together successful we broke and ran as the man walked in to view his stuff in a net on his ceiling and we didnt get to see anything else ... ha ha.Another would be when I broke and ran after thinking I had killed a man in a fight.... I ran back and took him to the hospital .... no charges filed bu
About Me
I'm 46 years old,and work in a warehouse loading semi trucks with a forklift. I have a son who will be 22 in May. I am single. I am here to make friends,and to have a good time. I do talk to a lot of the friends on my page through email and the shoutbox. They are all pretty cool,so feel free to add them. I like country,and classic rock.,and 70s music. Hmm if I can think of anything else I'll add later! Feel free to shout at me,I'll respond!
My Dj Bully....
Made with Morpheus Photo Morpher.View comments & animations at Morpheus Galleries. COME SEE DJ KOSHA@ THE BOOM BOOM ROOM !!!!!!CLICK PIC TO ENTER!!!
All About The Train!
Help Me Spread The Word About All These Awesome Sexy People.... If You Wanna Ride Pvt Msg Me With Your Link And I'll Link You Up....R/F/A All Exsisting Rider's Please!!!.... Rules are as follows: 1) Please R/F/A all exsisting riders 2) No Drama.... Don't bug people because they dont R/F/A You Fast enough..... We are all busy people.... 3) Name Changes Are Optional But Liked! 4) Please repost the bulletins.... Im Only One Person and can reach only so many new people. Well Thats About It.... If Drama Starts And Your The Center... You Will Be Kicked From The Train! Enjoy Your Ride!! Let's Get This Train Going!!! ♥Mel Captain ♥Mel♥GoRateX-Dealer♥@ fubar Riders PHILSANGEL6969@ fubar ?Dj-Phoebe? *Cupids True Love* ~*WitchBound 4 Life*~@ fubar x_TheChaoticAddiction_x [ Chief Cam Girl @ Fetish ]@ fubar X DEALER ...@ fubar DJ BARTAB DJ @UNHOLY CONFESSIONS OWNED BY GOD ANGEL -RLBF & FUHUBBY TO DJ
Cum Own Me !!!
GUESS WHAT IM UP FOR AUCTION !!! YOU KNOW YA WANT TO OWN ME !! TRY ME !! YOU MIGHT LIKE ME !! JUST CLICK THE PIC !! BIDDING ENDS !! SUNDAY !! ~**.. ImPerFeCTiOn..**~..~**Co-Owner of Club Sweet Thing**~@ fubar (repost of original by 'DJ KIDD ROCK~LOVED & OWNED BY DJ DEVILISH DESIRE' on '2008-06-19 16:25:56')
Tag Im It Again!
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? charger 2. Your significant other? none 3. Your hair? long 4. Your mother? sleeping 5. Your father? passed 6. Your favorite thing? sunshine 7. Your dream last night? dunno 8. Your favorite drink? coke 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? den 11. Music? country 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? working 15. What you're not? fake 16. Muffins? blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? car 18. Where you grew up? Ohio 19. The last thing you did? yawned 20. What are you wearing? pj's 21. TV? off 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer? IBM 24. Your life? good 25. Your mood? relaxed 26. Missing
Me And More Me
How can u fix my trust? You claim tyo love me. To want to be with me. but everytime i turn around there's a new girl in your family and looking at my page cuz of you. If you truly wanted me I'd be yours for the taking. but how can i believe in us? When there was me and you, I knew where i stood i never feared rejection, i had all the love i could want When there was me and you, I beleieved in myself words couldn't hurt me you stood by my side. When there was me and you, i felt beautiful i didn't need a mirror, it shone in your eyes. When there was me and you, I truly felt alive but now you've gone away and left me, just a shell
The 411 On Me
Things You Actually Really Want to Know About Me by onmyown2723Height:: 5'4'Weight:: 190Right or left-handed:: bothHeritage:: heinz 57Are you in love?:: maybeHow do you alleviate stress?:: theres a way 2 get rid of itDo you swear?:: opps did i say that out loudIf you could have any job, what would it be?:: workin w animals{or kids}What are your favorite sports to watch?:: football What was your first car?:: datsun pickupWhat kind of car do you have now?:: ummm noneWere you popular in high school?:: umm depends who u askedDo you like thunderstorms?:: yeahIs the glass half empty or half full?:: half ull so quite drinkin outta itBest places you have ever been?:: alaskaFavorite food?:: tacosLeast favorite food?:: certain veggysWhat type of music do you dislike most?:: hard core rap cant understand what there sayinDo you take illegal drugs?:: nopeDo you believe in love at first sight?:: umm dependsIf you're not in love now, have you ever been?:: yupAre you a risk taker?
Economics 101
Recently as I was listening to the radio I heard a quote from Joe Biden that, well, made me feel as though I needed to remove the stereo, and throw it at the closest person I could find that intends on voting for these assholes. For over a week now Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been parading around talking about the economy and how they intend to fix it. That sounds great, however you can't catch someone from falling off a cliff if you're the one who threw them over in the first place. Point A - Barack Obama and other democrats in Congress have benefited from the lack of oversight in the home lending market. This is indeed FACT so don't argue with me Point B - Democrats, namely Bill Clinton among others are the people who started this home lending problem with they, like all democrats, feel that people deserve to be given things they haven't earn, worked for, or in this case PAID for. These programs and ideas that have been instilled in our nation's mortgage syst
She danced across the page So beautifully unique She sent me a message And I got weak We shared our plans, our goals Our histories And we slowly solved Each others mysteries I drove for hours Just to touch her face I kissed her lips My heart, it raced Shes so amazing She brought me to life When for so long I felt dead inside To wake up beside her Its like drifting on a cloud Walking beside her I have never been so proud Fate is a wonder And shes mine for sure Ill wait an eternity If eternity means her The Long Drive Home The sun, it rises and sets with her She lights the darkness And straightens the kinks She awakens illusions Of what heaven should be like Her breath warms and chills me As she exhales softly on my skin Her heartbeat keeps time As I march on through my life Her smile is her halo Her laugh is her song Her voice triggers the butterflies That keep me wanting more She says so much through her eyes She draws the

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