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Mersch's blog: "Girls"

created on 04/01/2009  |
so there i am sitting on the bed thinking of what the night will have in store for me. the bathroom door in the hall opens up and out steps this complete goddess. Now at this time in my life i wasn't particualarly the outgoing type and in my mind this was a woman that i believed i never stood a chance with becoming friends, let alone bringing her home with me. She has got to know that she completely captures me at this moment. My eyes are scanning her perfect ( in my eyes ) body. She had excused herself just before to slip into this beautiful peach babydoll set which was a perfect contrast to her skin. She had the body that every man would love. Just right and soft as velvet. I know i have some goofy grin or something as she walks toward me cause she gives this nervous smile while biting her lower lip ( you know ladies, that sexy ass smile that buckles me ). Her hair is perfect as always. You see latin women have the perfect hair. Thick and black with subtle waves that you can run your hands through or grab and control her with. Always smelling sweet with the latest lotions and perfumes. She intoxicates me and has control of me. i move closer to the edge of the bed so i can take her in my arms and feel that this is real and not a dream. i reach out for her and she takes my hands, guiding them around the small of her lower back. She was perfect. I had only envisioned being allowed to touch this woman in such a way and here i was nervous and not sure. That night was one of my best nights. She was the perfect woman for me and took me straight to heaven and left me on a cloud. I so regret how we parted later that year. I kick myself everytime i relive how i let her go. She should have been the one. She took my heart when we ended through no fault of her own. You are beautiful Sonya and always will have my love........
What is there not to love really..... Soft skin that warms to the touch and makes you forget all your troubles if even for a minute. All their sweet smells from all of their lotions and perfumes. The way a sexy set of eyes can make you melt when you think you're a tough guy. The look they give when you take them and hold them just before you make love. The trust in their eyes when they open that robe and walk up to you with nothing on but a nervous smile. Complete satisfaction when my warm hands are going over her body. Exploring every place as it was the first time everytime. Naughty giggles when I go places that are "forbidden". Atleast for the moment. Nothing is better to me in the world then a sexy woman. All you ladies deserve the best. -G-
Beautiful to me is: That little area in the small of a womans back. Ya know where they love to be massaged. Eyes that make me forget what I was thinking. Smiling eyes Olive skin and black hair with green or blue eyes Country girls in Sunday dresses. Boy shorts pulled halfway down. A woman nervously biting her lower lip. That place on a womans neck where a diamond sits just right. Goosebumps on an inner thigh when you kiss it. Blondes with southern accents
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