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Painful Love
Purity once had a name, And beauty once had a face. Life once had a meaning, And once I was safe. Once there was freedom, And once I could laugh. Happiness once was alive, And once I had another half. Once I shared her love, Once I was by her side, Once I felt I fitted, So quickly that died. Her grace so great, Her beauty so vast, All I ever wanted, Was for it to last. Fate maybe had another plan, Or maybe she had another love, But it all fell apart, The hand too big for the glove. Now it's all died away, Happiness, joy, love; all memories. Now I walk alone in this dark, dark world, With no light to guide my way. Watching you from across the room sends searing pain through my heart. I think back to a year ago, when I thought we'd never part. My love for you just won't die down - it just grows with each new day. I wish you'd dare to look at me and hear what I have to say; "I love you and I want you back - " but these words you just won't hear. Yo
Dark - Creepy pictures, gothic death, dark layouts
Hmmm I think this is correct But it could be wrong.
Sipping Vodka
As of the 21st of October 2007 all cell phone numbers have been released to telemaketing companies and you could start to recieve telemarketing calls from your cell phone and as you know these calls will go against your minutes and could end up costing you money. To prevent this call the following # from your cell phone and this will put you on the do not call list for 5 years. You must call from the phone that you wish to block. It takes just a minute and it could save you alot of headaches. ....888-382-1222.... or go to PASS THE WORD SIPPING VODKA This is too funny – This was meant to be a chain letter but I thought it was funny so I wanted to share it with everyone. A new priest at his first mass was so nervous he could hardly speak. After mass he asked the monsignor how he had done. The monsignor replied, “When I am worried about getting nervous On the pulpit, I put a glass of vodka next to the water glass. If I start to get n
High School Prom
Hello everyone, I am writing this to see if I can help my son's school win a $25,000 prom.I would appreciate if you all would go to the link I will post and vote for his school; Agua Fria High School. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :) here is the link: you can vote everyday by text or web. :) Thank you all for anything you can do to help.
Fubar Contests
I am sponsoring two contests, The first being a Solute David photo contest and the second being an Ass, Armpit, or Breasts contest. The winning salute will receive a 30 day VIP from me, and the winning Ass, Armpit or Breasts will win a blast. Rules: Salute David: Your salute must be a photo of yourself and include a message to me "FrogMaster David". Your salute may be rated G or rated XXX its completely your call. Winner will be decided by popular vote. Ass, Armpit, or Breasts: Yes it is exactly what it sounds like. Send a close up photo of your Ass, Armpit, or Breasts so that people are not sure which one they are looking at and have to guess, lol. As proof of it being your own photo with pen or marker write "David" somewhere on yourself in the camera frame. Winner will be decided by popular vote. How to enter: To enter post this photo in your photo gallery, then notify me of where to find it. I will then rip it to my contest gallery. Dates
Being with you is so much fun I feel like I know that you are the only one I long to feel the smooth touch of your skin I retain every moment within I would die for you And I'm not afraid to cry in front of you I know you feel the same way I can tell it each and everyday I dream about you day and night I hope that I can take away all your fright When I am with you nothing can go bad I hope that I will never make you sad I hope we never part If we did it would break my heart It would probably break your too Have I told you that I love you? If I haven't I am sorry I hope that I never make you worry I am yours and yours alone Nothing can break that, not even stone I don't know what is left to say Have I said I love you in every way? Like all good things this poem must end Unlike the poem my love for you will never end.
Fubucks-want Some
I will be giving out fubucks to help members of the 24th level and below. The fubucks are to help you win spotlight. Im not disclosein how much or a exact amount that I will be giving out. What I require/request is a small lil article/paragraph decribeing why you deserv some help, and why you want spotlight so badly. People may a donate fubucks for this if they so wish so but once donated/giving, it will be conciderd a gift and used for helping others out. I will require the following though You MUST fan rate and add who ever you wish. (includien me if u so decide too) You MUST HAVE a VALID SALUTE and salute must be you. as well as look like photos of you. You MUST be nice and kind. There will be NO BEGGING. There is to be no drama at all involed. if any drama for any reson you wont get the fubucks. Your paragraphs/articles are my sole propertie to do what I wish with them. (this is to protect me for such purposes as shareing what they said to others if I
If your going to read this, get some tissues. She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: "How is my little boy? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?" The surgeon said, "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it." Sally said, "Why do little children get cancer? Doesn't God care any more? Where were you, God, when my son needed you?" The surgeon asked, "Would you like some time alone with your son? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university." Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good-bye to son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. "Would you like a lock of his hair?" the nurse asked. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, "It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the University for Study. He said it might help somebod
Salute For Salute
hello all fu-friends and family, i think its so neat how you'all do salutes for one n other, if anyone would be so kind to make 1 for bear i will return the salute , thanks again and have a great weekend. big bearhugs.
Thought For The Day...
"Courage is fear that has said its prayers." Dorothy Bernard "Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes." Ralph Waldo Emerson "For fast acting relief, try slowing down." Lily Tomlin
We Haven't Talked Much
You never know when your guardian angel will be there for you so I have to try. I am sending this to you to see how many actually read their e-mail. Your response will be interesting. Pay attention to what you read. After you have finished reading it, you will know the reason it was sent to you. Here goes: People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person.. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes
A Cool Place!!
Joke Of The Day
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A Letter To Achraf
My dear friend, I miss you so much everything in my life is crazy like always.and Im about to snap nothing in my life is the way i want nothing i do ever seams to be right. mabey its me you know i have always been my own harshest judge. I can always point out my flaws and hate myself for everyone of them. Your the only one who loved me even though i had so many you taught me to love and except others the way god made why does no one love me that way?why do I want something i cant have? why is that the one thing i will never have?The only thing that makes life worth living? I'm sorry im letting u down im letting myself down.My problem is that i let myself be ruled by my heart not my head and in the end my heart is what pays the price for wanting what every little girl wants true love.some times i wish i stayed that thug miss that cold harted bitch. not not some times all most all the time I wish i was numb inside again.I dont want to hurt anymore.I dont want to miss u or be
Coding Your Bulletin
This tutorial is made for a lounge bulletin, this can be altered for any other bulletin needs. There is a space before every > and after every < so make sure you remove the space < table border="0" width="90%" background="Background Image URL Here" > < tr > < td width="100%" > < center> < br / >Top Text Here < br / >< a target="_blank" href="lounge link here" >< img src="picture link here" / >< /a > < br />Bottom Text Here < /center> < /td > < /tr > < /table > ******************************** INSTRUCTIONS #1 Replace Background Image URL Here with the URL for the Background Image (use the DIRECT LINK code from photobucket) #2 Replace lounge link here with the link to your lounge #3 Replace picture link here with the URL to the picture you want to link (use the DIRECT LINK code from photobucket) #4 Replace Top Text Here and Bottom Text Here with the text you want in your bulletin #5 Set your Font Size and Coloring ************************
Please Rate This Pic
IF YOU DO PLEASE JUST RATE THIS PIC FOR ME YOU CAN COMMENT IF YOU PLEASE CLICK PIC TO BRING YOU THERE :) THANK YOU SWEET~THING Please can ya just rate this pic Thank you I am up for auction again . Come see what i have to offer to my owner to be As bids go up i will be adding more so come on and place your bids PLEASE IF ANYTHING JUST RATE THIS PIC FOR ME PLEASE click here to enter the auction
Random Inspiration
Chris Rock appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this morning and they were talking about his character in the movie "Madagascar" talking about how he's black and white (he plays the zebra), or mixed and he says- "Being half black is like being half pregnant, once you're black you're black!" LMAO My identity crisis is so over!!! I owe thanks to Sean for this- Standing in the rain and praying that you know that I would stand here forever if it helped you to fully understand just how much I love infinity, to the day I die and beyond. I stand here in the rain and I love you more with every drop...
One day someone special will be gone. And on that clear, cold morning, in the warmth of your room, you might be struck with the pain of learning that sometimes in life the most important things get lost along the way. No more hugs, no more lucky moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, No more "just one minute." No more smiles, laughs or silly jokes Sometimes, what we care about the most goes away. never to return before we can say good-bye, Say "I Love You" to that special friend or partner. We all need to feel love, 'be' loved by friends or someone close. So while we have it . . it's best we love it And care for it and fix it when it's broken and take good care of it when it's sick. This is true for marriage .... and friendships ... And children being children; And dogs with bad hips; And aging parents and grandparents. We keep them because they are worth it, Because we cherish them! Some things we keep -- like a best friend wh
Spoon River Anthology
I was Willie Metcalf. They used to call me "Doctor Meyers, " Because, they said, I looked like him. And he was my father, according to Jack McGuire. I lived in the livery stable, Sleeping on the floor Side by side with Roger Baughman's bulldog, Or sometimes in a stall. I could crawl between the legs of the wildest horses Without getting kicked--we knew each other. On spring days I tramped through the country To get the feeling, which I sometimes lost, That I was not a separate thing from the earth. I used to lose myself, as if in sleep, By lying with eyes half-open in the woods. Sometimes I taIked with animals-- even toads and snakes-- Anything that had an eye to look into. Once I saw a stone in the sunshine Trying to turn into jelly. In April days in this cemetery The dead people gathered all about me, And grew still, like a congregation in silent prayer. I never knew whether I was a part of the earth With flowers growing in me, or whether I walked -- Now I kno
Natural Selection
Everyone has a story to tell about a memorable time in their lives or youths that they recall with great accuracy. And one of those times for me was when I started to develop pectoral muscles. I remember playing with my Star Wars toys on the front porch of a friends house, and this girl that I hated came over to annoy me with her wannabe witty sarcasm. I was on my knees and she was standing behind me, and so when I stood up and turned to her, she noticed that I was starting to fill out from the thin and linky boy I was, to a more defined young man. Not that I pursued her after that moments. Now there was nothing that I was doing out of the ordinary, in terms of working out, since I was only a boy, but that experience gave me the inspiration to look into muscle magazines and try my luck at increasing my size through those powders and using free weights. I never took myself too seriously about working out on a regular basis, mostly because I never had any friends that were into it so
Jeff Hardy
03/20/08 2:35AM Seeing Jeff’s Tragedy Through My Eyes I was having a pretty standard "gotta fly out early and go to work tomorrow" Friday night. I was washing and packing clothes, booking my rental car, and writing bills to put in the mail on my way to the airport in the morning. Around midnight on Saturday, March 15th, I let my beloved pet dog Lucas outside to use the bathroom. As I stepped outside, I smelled smoke. I walked around to my garage area and could see huge flames burning through the woods. The large flames appeared to be very close to Jeff’s place, about a third of a mile away from my house. My first initial thought was that Jeff was burning either trash or a brush-pile. I then questioned my thought, considering how big the size of the flames looked. For a second, I thought it might be the huge ramp on Jeff’s motocross track or his old recording studio. I quickly jumped in my car, and drove down the back road that connects our two properties. As I pulled around the
My Foot Surgery..plz Read
As some may know I'm having foot surgery in the morning. Not many on here know "Why". Maybe after the surgery i'll feel more comfortable about explaining it. Just know that as of in the morning i'll be losing a "Toe". All I ask is that "Everyone" keep me in your thoughts & Prayers if you believe in praying. I'll "Try" to log on tomorrow if I can make it to my PC. If not it'll be Thursday before I give an update. Hope all is well with "You" and "Yours". Til Then....Stay Safe......
5/5 It has been about 2 years now since my granfather was diagnosed with cancer and given only 6 months left. Just the thought of the C word at his age is terrifying, not to mention the fact that hes so stubborn that by the time he actually said something was wrong and he was in pain, it had already spread to 3 other areas than where it had started. I love my grandfather. He was the rock when I was a kid, he was stubborn, bullheaded, and also the most amazing man you will ever meet. He was in the Navy in WWII as a PT Boat Sailor, the youngest person on the boat. After that served in the Korean war. This is a local newspaper artice that was written on him a couple years ago, outlining his military service. Its a pretty interesting read.Click here for Article After leaving the military he worked for Southern Bell (now called Bellsouth) for 41 years, I was about 3 or 4 and at his retirement party. After that hes done volunteer work with the courts, as a mediator and as a guardian atlitem
She Walks In Beauty
My Heart Go's Out To His Family N Friends
To all my family and friends, i want to thank you all for helping me level. i apprecaite those of you who stood by me me.... At this time i do not want any of you sending me blings i have a request to plz send what you would send to me , to 1 of my family memebers of your choice Ty xoxo muah love bearhugs!!!!bwahahahahahahaha
When I look into your eyes I see that you've been broken When I kiss your lips I taste the pain Of despair left unspoken This wicked game we know as life To you has been unfair My soul aches for you I feel you no longer care Along your journey You lost your way You lost your spirit I close my eyes and listen, your hearts crying I can hear it Let me touch you, let me heal you And make you whole Let me love you and Mend your broken soul.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you can go back in time and take back something you did. I think we all have but also to have to think of the consequences of what could happen. There's somethings that I have done to ruin stuff in my life whether it would be with friends or relationships. I've learned that you should always tell someone how you feel and never keep feelings bottled up. This doesn't just go for that one woman or man you care about but also family. I've lost my dad in September 28, 2004 and the one thing I regret is not telling I loved him before he died and I don't know when the last time I told him I loved him in person. I've heard it all like "he knows you loved him". Never leave something unsaid cause it can come back and kick you in the butt. So you treasure your family and friends and hold no grudges no matter how hard it is. A grudge can leave you bitter inside and eat away at you. It's hard to forgive someone. I wish I could go back and re
Okay cum on all you guys out there! You know you wanna!!!! She is a wonderful girl GO BID ON HER!!! Muahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! She is a part of the naughty fetish auction! Place your bids at a chance to own her for a month! Here is what you would be bidding for: -All pics and stash rated during happy hour! -Add to top friends and family for a month (access to all NSFW pics) -Add to her name for a month -SFW salute of owners choice (NSFW for VIP or blast) -Conversation on yahoo with cam (NSFW for VIP or blast) Also open for request so take a chance and bid! You know you wanna! CLICK ON THE PIC TO BID!
Mermaid Island Train
Let's go hang out on Mermaid Island! First rate my Mermaid folder and leave a message on the last picture. You must add/rate/fan all the Islander's. If they are already a friend,see if you can re-rate their profile and leave them a comment saying "Joining you on Mermaid Island." If you are making a new friend be sure to state in the friend request that you are joining Mermaid Island. When you receive a friend request,DO NOT just accept it!You MUST rate/fan and comment them back. Like all the other trains..NO DRAMA NO CHEATING! Now pay a visit to your Island friends! Your Hostess 1.~TexasAngel~Rating Revolution Crew Member~Fu Angel~G-Spot Leveler~@ fubar 2.})i({ HER ✌ WORLD })i({ ®@ fubar 3.dllk785@ fubar 4.~Rebelicious DixieAngel~ Head Enforcer @ Lucious Desire's@ fubar 5.Mr Longarm - Member of The American Family@ fubar 6.vijayindia{{{{{[[[[MEMBER ** RATING REVOLUTION**]]]]}}}}}}}
I'm The Girl
I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because I'm sleepy, but because I want to be closer to you... I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than in an expensive resturant... I'm the girl who says, "Okay, but you owe me..." jokingly. Not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you and I care... I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will have fun because it means I am spending time with you... I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms... I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me... I'm the girl who once I let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it. And even if we spend time apart, I'm the girl who never forgets you.. I'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss.. I'm the girl who you can talk to about anything.. I'm the girl
My Writting
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. "'Tis some visitor," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door— Only this, and nothing more." Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December, And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor. Eagerly I wished the morrow;— vainly I had sought to borrow From my books surcease of sorrow— sorrow for the lost Lenore— For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore— Nameless here for evermore. And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain Thrilled me— filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before; So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating, "'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door— Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door;—
This Brain Of Mines....
All i did was correct the spelling and just blew it down.. MF's... Yea. Here we go... part 2 of this blog %#&@$!.... iight.. let me get into it...... Aint it funny how... mmmhhmmm...not we not going to touch on that and get deep..... iight here we on some real %#&@$!....why mf is always hating... iight.. i know mf's got a job to do and %#&@$! but on some real %#&@$! wtf... i want a mf to get it like me or better wtf... why not... open more doors. bring up the $$$ U Dig.... iight like a mf like me got a hooptie little 94 lex gs300 champayne joint... little bruises on her but she good... i be driving thru like my old hood and %#&@$! i and i see the bull%#&@$! on mf faces.. i mean mf i was cool wit.. we got paper and all that.... Ya mf want to know how much u paid how she ride word cuz word men. thats whats up.. wit some funny %#&@$! behind the tone.. wtf pop off %#&@$!..... lol but i am trying to get a
Do You Want An Nsfw Salute?
I haven't been getting any love shown lately. Im stuck on this level and I want to level up. If you would be nice enough to Bling me an Auto-11, I would gladly reward you by making a Personalized NSFW salute to show you my gratitude. Please help a girl out? chart_obama_3.gif What the stimulus means for youvideo What the stimulus means for you More Videos Quick Vote What is hurting you the most? * Housing meltdown and foreclosures * Job cuts and unemployment * Cutbacks in government services or View results NEW YORK ( -- You've probably noticed: The Obama administration and Congress are talking about spending an unprecedented sum of money to try to revive the economy. President Obama and House Democrats laid down the marker with an $825 billion package of spending and tax cuts. The Senate version will be taken up by two committees on Tuesday. Dozens of proposals. Hundreds of pages of legislation. Billions of dollars
Magic 8 Ball
Magic 8 Ball & MySpace Layouts
Help Him Be A King
This Is One Of The Many Good Friends I Have On Here He Is Need Of A Little Help To Become A Fu King And I Would Like EveryOne To Help Him Fu King Please Huggies To ALl !!!!! OneSexyAssBiotch
Plz Help This Baby
(THIS POST IS FRIENDS ONLY FOR A REASON, IF YOUR NOT A FRIEND KINDLY MOVE ALONG. THANK YOU) I am reaching out to you all in hopes that some of you will find it in your hearts to help me help my daughter. Below is a link where you can help contribute to her happiness and well being. People buy VIPs and BLASTS and HHs and all that silly stuff on here everyday, please don't turn your backs on a good cause. I also included a bit about her in this bulletin and what she is going through. Please take a moment to do what you can. Simply CLICK THE PIC below to contribute, please. Thank you... AJ aka Unique Dream Roxan was born on November 30th 2008 at 6:27pm. She was a month premature and weighed in at 4lbs 6oz. Roxan was born with many complications, some severe and others strictly cosmetic. The entire left side of her body, inside and out, was and is under developed and deformed. Literally head to toe. As of yet the doctors still don't have a reason. We are constantly i
Wow, I love this site. The old saying is "I'm not an alcoholic, they go to meetings. Drunks go to bars." Now this is some bar alright, lots of friends, fans and sharing pics and drinks. DRAMA FREE. Gonna miss you all but this long 4 day weekend I get to spend it with my 9 year old baby girl. Enjoy and behave yourselves. xoxox Sophie I'm keeping it old school with a little bit of everything. Sonique is my favorite. got any suggestions?
St Patty's Day Bulletin2
Hatein It
ok, since i dont have anyone to bitch to here, i guess i will do it where everyone can see.... i hate my fuckin life, all i do is sit at home every fucking day and do jack shit, and when i say that, i mean it.. i just sit on the dumbass comp and do what... NOTHING!!!... or i watch tv, which by the way has like 60+ channels and there is NOTHING ever on worth watchin, and the playstation and 360 are broke so that leaves me with nothing to do but sit there with my thumbs up my ass and pray that someone comes over.... sometimes i wish i would not have kids.. cause thats one of the main reason i have nothing to do cause i cant go ANYWHERE... if it was just me and Sin, then i would be alittle more happy cause while she sleept, i could go somewhere....friends, mall, anywhere but here...I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok, thats enough of my bitchin for one day...
I've decided that when my VIP expires 7th April I won't be renewing it. I was kinda torn on the idea because I do enjoy finding pics and making up folders but then looked at the overall of the VIP and pic quantity and came to the conclusion there is little point having as many pics up as that. Its very similar to having so many friends that you cant possibly speak to them or comment every day or you would be glued to the screen! lol! I am not going to go on about the autos cause you all know what I think about how they have changed the site and I am fully aware that these wont get removed as they are the main money spinner on fubar. Porl has already taken the decision to not renew his, and I know of other friends that are also doing the same, I would much rather have 320 pics up that mean something than have all these ezee rate pics, fubar tried to do something about them by slowing down the rating but the ezee pics still remain, some are so tiny you cant even make out what
Auction Come Bid
Today Is The Day.
I have a burger and sangria hangover today. I still had things to do so around 4 pm I disconected my self from the interent and headed off into the real world. I stopped off at the apartment office to drop off my rent check and to see If my Baxter whoring paid off. The blonde lady that seems to know everything was not in. I asked the brunette lady who had won the competition but she just said she didn't know. I don't think she knows much of anything but I also think she might play dumb alot so people won't expect much of her. That's what I would do if I were her. I glanced over the competition while I was there. A couple of other dogs, all small and for the most part not as cute as Baxter. There was also a bird. Pfft. Birds. I know the guy who owns the bird. He works at the circle K where I sometimes buy my cigs. Whenever I go in there we don't act like we know each other. I don't like chatting with people when I am trying to buy cigarettes. I just want my drugs and to be on my way.
Pudgey, The Loving Puppy
R.I.P. PUDGEY on x-mas 2008 we got our daughter a puppy.. he was such a cute little thing, just an adoreable lil pup. when we went to pick him up he was in a litter of 7 pups the guy was giving away. after a few moments this pup was just standing there with his front paws over the edge of the box. our daughter went over to him & they were nose to nose. he licked her & she kissed him back. they were ment for each other, love at first puppy kiss if you will. at first we had a hell of a time gettin him trained to potty outside & being "gentle" around the baby (our daughter). but it didn't take long realy until he was the one gettin the blunt of the punishment.... from the lil one!!! lol she jumped on him , sat on him, poked @ his eyes, pulle dhis ears & lips,  and he never snapped at her. not even once. now how many puppies or even full grown dogs will let a child do that with out snapping at them?  likwe i said they were made for each other. he was her protector. the way i was tea
For Dante'
I wrote this for Dante'.. he will understand.. and I hope he likes it...       Old Mcdonald had a farm... and all the animals slept in the barn.. the sheep were dressed in white.. and all the cocks did was fuss and fight.. the chickens sat and laid their eggs, hoping the farmer wouldn't eat their legs.. It was supposed to be fun...but when the bull looked at me.. I gave a run.. i thought this was one crazy zoo..I saw the cows fucking and the one cow said.. "GOO-GA-MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"   hehe, I know.. BAD CASSIE!
In Sickness And In Hell
It's funny... I will be completely honest and say there have been a few times over the course of my life where I considered the extinction of my existence; but what teenager hasn't, right? One way or another, I am still here regardless so all that is water under the bridge.What stopped me from giving in to that abyss of frustrated angst? Well, simply put: I kind of enjoy life, even if i don't do much with it. I take some measure of enjoyment from simply going through the daily motions of "being" and many things which encompass that. I love music, I love books and video games, I appreciate what few friends I have -- death always seemed like a really boring way out of life's troubles, more or less.Also, It just seems pretty asshole-ish of a thing to do. Even now, just being sick as shit, I hate that people worry over me, my mother especially. That was always the other thing that kept me around: not wanting to put the few people who care about me through that bullshit. I don't think I'm t
About Me!
I am a full time internet marketer and professional blogger who writes about how to make money online. I also maintain an up to date list of JV Giveaway Events which can help you build your subscriber base.
Stuff I Find On The Net Like Quotes
He Wished for the Cloths of Heaven "Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the half-light, I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet, Tread softly because you tread on my dreams..." William Butler Yeats   Morning is the time to pity the sober. The way they're feeling then is the best they're going to feel all day. Oh, he occasionally takes an alcoholiday.--Wilde Thirst is a shameless disease so here's to a shameful cure. An Irish youth proves his manhood by getting stuck in a pint, in a woman, and in a fish-in that order. Daylight comes through the drunkard's roof the fastest. A man takes a drink; the drink takes a drink; the drink takes the man. Before you call for one for the road be sure you know the road. Practice makes perfect, there's many do think, but a man's not too perfect when
Spotlight Glory
So I have been on the Fu for two years (almost three) and I have never attempted to get the spotlight. Well I'm not to far away from Godfather and feel like getting the spotlight would help me reach it or at least get very very close. So I am calling on all my friends, and their friends and their friends to donate fubucks and your whoring out skills to me.    ♥ Please and thank you :)
Freaking Bombing Etiquette
1) Read status of bomber for christ sake!!!!  Leaving status comments, gifts, and rates dont help if they want ya in the sb!!! 2) Make sure if bomber asks for links that they work!!!!!! 3) Do not link your a bomb folder!!!! 4) Do not hit my sb more than once during a single bomb!!!! 5)  If I ask for autos only in means im trying to level....ALL I WANT IS AUTOS IN THERE!!!! 6) Sometimes I will repay bombs...sometimes I wont.  If you have autos on...I will most likely bomb you!!  I dont ask for bombs when i dont have autos on...please dont ask me for a repay of bombing without autos on. odds are when you bombed me, I had autos on!!!! 7) Damn, dont try to hold a conversation with me while I'm bombing....its a pain in the ass!!!! 8) If I'm running autos and I hit your sb to get bombed and u ignore repeatedly(I understand peeps cant get everyone)...dont come into mine asking to get bombed! 9) Dont post several links in my sb for your friends as well...I under
Done Being Taken Advantage Of
how to start this, over a year ago my mother asked me to come over while she was at work,(yes she never moved out shes lived with her dad forever) spend the entire day at my grandfathers house. Make sure my grandpa had lunch/dinner. I did this for 100dollars a week and hiring a professional sitting service would cost over 1,000k a week. so i was like no prob. well i used to be there at 7am and leave around 6pm and did this for 20 dollars a day. yea go ahead say it im an idiot. well here we are over a year later, ive stopped going over there except to prepare him lunch, my mom still wants me to sit over there all day,, im just not into doing that, not for 20/day...for many who dont know (just about everyone) my mother is a hoarder.....see below Hoarding: aka a pack rat, but mental disorder where they cant get rid of shit.....(my definition) well there were several times where i would be unable to go over and make him lunch or whatever for serious reasons....i had surgery on my foot to
Needing Your Opinions!
I have a few dilemmas that I need your help with... Please if you can give me your honest opinion and not some bullshit make me laugh statement that would be great....   These are very Serious matters...   1. Hugh and I are fighting. We have never fought before and its tearing me apart. I suggested we go to couples therapy but he says he wont go.. should i a. Knock him out and drag him like i was a cave man to the hour. b. Cry until he breaks?   2. Gallo and I are both knocked up.. no hes not but his wife is. We are due to deliver the same day and tomorrow we both find out what sex were having.. a. who's having the girl b. who's having the boy   3. Witchie is my bff without a penis... I love her dearly and wish she lived down the street from me so i can pick her up and do whatever i choose to her. a. make her move b. look for houses on her street   4. My fuhubby keeps Cheating on me with whores.. Im knocked up with another mans baby so i kind of understand but once th
Its Been A While
Just Hand Ovwer The Chocolate And Coffee And No Will Get Hurt!!
My Way
I am thinking of things that start with the letter F Fornacation forthright fucking for thr future of fatherhood. I am thinking of the girl from far away that has changed my life with her words and things she says I am wanting to finnally come face to face with her and see her in real not just pictures and words, and she just asked me if I believe in PDF. I did not know what she meant but when she expleaned the meaning I almost came in my pants. Ahe wated to know if I like Public Displays of affection. I told her ALL THE WAY I would fornacate fuck and father in her in the midle of the airport.    
Don't Go There
I have to tell you, from the start. There is no getting through, to my heart. That is a game, we can't even begin. A place I won't go, you can't win. Because there is already a winner, no one else compares. So do us both a favor, and don't go there.
Hardy Har Hars
An 86-year-old man went to his doctor for his quarterly check-up... The doctor asked him how he was feeling, and the 86-year-old said , 'Things are great and I've never felt better.'I now have a 20 year-old bridewho is pregnant with my child. "So what do you think about that Doc ?" The doctor considered his question for a minute and then began to tell a story. "I have an older friend , much like you, who is an avid hunter and never misses a season."One day he was setting off to go hunting. In a bit of a hurry , he accidentally picked up his walking cane instead of his gun." "As he neared a lake , he came across a very large male beaver sitting at the water's edge..He realized he'd left his gun at home and sohe couldn't shoot the magnificent creature. Out of habit he raised his cane , aimed it at the animal as if it were his favorite hunting rifle and went 'bang, bang'." "Miraculously , two shots rang out and thebeaver fell over dead. Now, what do you think of that ?" asked the doctor. 
If We Had Sex???? would you be in control? would you make love to me or fuck me? would you whisper freaky shit in my ear? would you talk dirty to me? would you kiss me with a lot of tounge or a little? would you go down on me? would you give me a hickie? how many rounds would we go? what would you wanna do afterwards? would you take off all your clothes for me? would you lick and bite me all over? would you like foreplay or get straight to the point? would you take your time if i told you to? would you fall asleep when we were done? would you want to go fast or slow? where would you wanna "do it" at? would you be loud or quiet? do you think you could make me have an orgasm? are you gonna re-post this so i can answer them for you? would you have sex with me NOW? **********WOULD YOU*********** Kiss me: Hug me: Date me: Get tipsy wit me: Kill me: Love me:
A Plea For Forgiveness
Your Where I Belong Video - Trisha Yearwood lyricsTrisha Yearwood Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by ¢¾ A plead for a love to another, that i do love, today i acted in a unmanagable way to brian and i was stubborn, pigheaded,foolish and unforgiving to him, i acted in ways only i can frown apon. things were said and taken out on him on LC. to set the records straight what i said was out of anger for a situation that is now resolved. so now i write this to him and for everyone to see. brian i love you unconditionally i am so sorry for how i acted and only hope you can confind it in your self to forgive me. you mean the world to me and at this point i am unsure on how to prove that to you all i know is you asked how is it when you care for someone how can you act like this, my answer is i am unsure i was dumb and stupid. you asked if you loved some one you would not do this to them, and you are right. but i know i love you, everyday i come to your page just to feel a sen
From The Crypt
I am always true to myself and everyone else in my life. My nickname really defines me. Vampires are very charming and romantic! Every now and then you get a new breed one who is not only charming and beautiful on the inside but also has the fires of pasion to go along with it . to know me is to luve me and to luve me is to accept who i am... If the eyes are the true doorway to the soul then look into mine. You'll find a good friend there till the end of time. If it blosoms into more then you will see, That a pure heart is what beats in me. As night falls on this city and finds you all alone. I want you to know that I'll always be there to guide you home As night falls on the city, I embrace it all alone. It makes me wonder will I always be on my own. If ever I am to be judged for who I am I wont allow it, But you can judge me for what I do and I will let you into my life and let you see what a pure heart would be like.. I see big city lights calling out my nam
Important Information For Anyone Who Collects Fossils In Florida
The Carcharocles megalodon shark (AKA Giant white shark) was the largest shark to ever roam the ocean. This shark ate what ever it wanted. Sevral times a year I find fossil whale bones with Megalodon bite marks on them. The serration marks on the bones line up with different size meg teeth. with a detailed bite mark I can judge the size of the shark with in teen feet of length. The given theory is for each inch on a tooth = ten feet of shark. This idea does not work on all of the teeth. the further back in the mouth the teeth become shorter compaired to it's width. The linege of this monster started 65 million years ago with Otodus obliquus. The teeth of this species is much more slender than the megalodon. the blade has no serrations and is sharp as a knife. Where the blade meets the root on each side of the tooth there are side cusps. It looks like two smaller teeth sticking out of the root. BEWARE many of these teeth come from Morrocan phosphate mines and are repaired, poorly. Te
I want to send my son to a special camp for special needs kids but am short for the fee if you can spare a little this site will show you how you can help GAWD whoever invented bedrest needs to be shot!!! I just had surgery a week and a half ago and If I had to lay in bed another day I am gonna go stark raving mad!!!!!!!!!! I need entertainment damn it
Simply Awesome!
I could not go to my best friends wedding today. It kinda made me sad not to be able to be there to see her on this day. But.....the sweetheart she is...she called me right before the ceremony and let me listen to her get married! I am so happy for her! Steven and Lisa..I love you guys!!!!! ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) Thought for the Day!...... "The American Indians found out what happens when you don't control immigration." Go watch this. I am not sure how to get it in here, but here is a link.
Faith No More
Collision My mission When the dawn breaks With a handshake Relaxed and feelin' great Screeching...head on I'm needing a head on All the day's plans All the shaking hands Beepers and suntans Screeching...head on I'm needing a head on Collision My mission Pour shame all over us Harden into a crust - - - cement - - - Forget the glamour and Mumble a jackhammer - - - under your breath - - - Hide your face in the curtains Better unsaid, so close And it rolls off the tongue ALMOST The world expects the pose Perfectly natural - - - loosen up - - - Smearing wet concrete And swearing you'll never be - - - caught - - - At your weakest, etched in stone And we're frozen here, peeking ALMOST, sweet talk, CAFFEINE Make contact Up to my neck I confess in quicksand "But it's so easy for you" "There's always one thing" "Do you have something to tell me?" "Say something" "Anything" "I'm warning you" "I'm warning you" "I'm fucking you" "I'm warning you"
Fact Or Myth
Love......Fact or Myth OK I am on a love there a such thing called love? I don't know if i have really experienced it or lust my entire life. Yes I have been married and for 7 yrs. There is a fine line between lust and love. To me it was so hard to tell the difference. If there is such a thing called love, then why does it keep illuding me? Am I not a human, man and living soul? Does my heart not beat like a heart should? Do I not get excited and have a racing pulse when I am around a beautiful woman? Doesn't my veins flow blood and not ice? I have asked myself these and many other question about this subject. I still get the same answer, I don't know. I do believe in love and yes I do see that love at first sight can happen. I am not knocking anyone in love or who has experienced it. At times I just feel like a lost soul looking to find it or find it again. Yes I have been in love so yes I am looking for it. It has just been so long that I might have forgotten h
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Hey Everyone....
Body: Girl: Hey Boy: What? Girl: I really like you. And I... I think I'm falling in love with you. Boy: Ok... Girl: What do you mean "ok"? Boy: I don't like you like that... Girl: Why not? Boy: I can't tell you... maybe another time... From then on, the girl kept asking the boy "Why not?" whenever she saw him, and he kept answering the same answer of "I'll tell you later." Finally the girl got fed up. Girl: I'm tired of this! Tell me why you don't like me! Boy: Do you really wanna know why? Girl: Yes! Boy: It's because you're uglier than ANYTHING! What's the point of going out with someone when they're not pretty?! Girl: But... I... Boy: Just shut up and leave me alone! The boy leaves and the girl is sitting there alone, crying her heart out. Then her cell phone rings. Girl: Hello? Mom: Sweetheart? I want you to go home, ok? I'll be home from work in a few hours. Girl: Alright Mom. Mom: I love you. Girl: I love you too, Mom.
Here's The Scoop
feeling good too... i'm sooooo excieted about this shoot. i just cant wait to see NY again. especially at christmas time!!! i'll be getting into the city early on Wed & be meeting a good Friend i havnt seen in over a year as We both missed FetCon this year. He & i will be spending the day together shopping & eating like tourists then i'll be staying at the marrott near His place out of the city for the night before heading into brooklyn for my shoot the next morning. the next couple days will be staying with PD between shooting with Him for & it really is too bad He isnt produceing insex anymore i really think i would have liked to experiance all that... not to sound ungreatful at all, i really cant believe how incredibly blessed i have been to have so many amazing opportunitys available to me. so after finishing the shoot Fri will be heading out to Paddles for the eveining which usually ends up out to breakfast the next morning before sleepi
You Lady Can Now Stand And Pee Weeeee
Beer Vs Pussy
Beer ~vs~ Pussy A beer is always wet. A pussy needs encouragement. Advantage: Beer. A beer tastes horrible served hot. A pussy tastes better served hot. Advantage: Pussy. Having an ice cold beer makes you satisfied. Having an ice cold pussy makes you Hillary Clinton. Advantage: Beer. Beers have commercials making fun of skunky ones. Pussy does not. Advantage: Draw. If you get a hair in your teeth consuming pussy, you are not disgusted. Advantage: Pussy 24 beers come in a box. A pussy is a box you can come in. Advantage: Pussy. Too much head makes you mad at the person giving you a beer. Advantage: Pussy. If a beer is brewed with yeast, it is still edible. Advantage: Beer. If you come home smelling like beer, The Woman may get mad. If you come home smelling like pussy, she will definitely get mad. Advantage: Beer. 6 beers in a night and you better not drive. 6 pussies in a night and you have done all the driving you need. Advantage: Pussy B
Popping My Cherrytap Blog Cherry
To all you people out there that responded negatively to my mumm: Did I strike a nerve so hard that you had to personally attack me by calling me ugly, or even a senior citizen (which by the way, I am nowhere close to being)? I think you people that posted those kinds of replies need some lessons in abusive communications and learn how to communicate appropriately! Maybe in addition, you should check the person's profile before calling them the c-word, a senior citizen, or even ugly. Your words all hang over your heads in the scope of eternity, and I pity you. Is there any truly decent men left in this shithole world? God in Heaven! It has been so long since I've been in the "dating scene" that I'm not really comfortable with it all. Especially now that I have kids it is even more important that I don't screw up. Although my most serious screw-up got me my stepdaughter and my 14 and 11 year old that I wouldn't trade for anything! Of course, the crap from that extended relations
Crazy, Ceazy, Crazy.....
OK everybody, I know i try and throw out pic comments atleast every week or two. Unfortunately work has been really crazy of late. We have switched other manager so many times my head is spinning.. Suffice to say i have been spending way to much time at work the past motnh or so. Hopefully soon things will settle down and I won't be so tired coming home that I can buckle down and find some awsome new pics for you guys. Catch ya laterz all. So things have finally started slowing down with work and life. I'm all set to go blasing away with pic comments and what happens? No cable internet! Arrrrgh! I am connect through my wireless card on my laptop, but have any of you tried to surf effectively on cherry with one of those things. Takes forever with some of the pages people have on here. Well, I should have the cable back on in a week when my brother pays the bill. Just keep being patient. I promise I will be back with comments soon.
How To Beat A Speeding Ticket: A police officer pulls a guy over for speeding and has the following exchange: Officer: May I see your driver's license? Driver: I don't have one. It was revoked when I got my 5th DWI. Officer: May I see the registration for this vehicle? Driver: It's not my car. I stole it. Officer: The car is stolen? Driver: That's right. But come to think of it, I think I saw the registration in the glove box when I was putting my gun in there. Officer: There's a gun in the glove box? Driver: Yes sir. That's where I put it after I shot and killed the woman who owns this car and stuffed her in the trunk. Officer: There's a BODY in the TRUNK?!?!? Driver: Yes, sir. Hearing this, the officer immediately called his Captain. The car was quickly surrounded by police, and the Captain approached the driver to handle the tense situation: Captain: Sir, can I see your license? Driver: Sure. Here it is. It was valid. Captain: Whose car
V7.0 Continues
i keep reading my blog and it makes me cry to see how far i've come in my life. with so many things coming, too. allie came over on tuesday and we went to see lacey in the hospital with her new baby boy. as the three of us approached the door to the hospital room, we all just stopped. i've have friends with children, but i've never been close to someone that's HAVING a baby. that's around my age. it's. amazing. to stare at this new life, so peacefully sleeping wrapped in a white blanket. this little guy has NO idea what he's in for. and i was so happy to see jeremy by her side throughout the entire hospital stay. people can change. and i want nothing for the best for the three of them. nate phoned me a while ago to tell me that they're on the way back from philly again. the van popped a tire and went off the road. that's the forth time they've tried to go to philly - it's not worth it. they're never going again. thank GOD everyone is ok. the truck is in worse shape than they are.
~~~ WHY ~~~ why do people take things for granted? shouldnt people all be the same? why do people fall in love and then get hurt later on down the road was it ment to be? why do people hide pain deep inside is it what they were brought up to do is it what they only know how to do? so many questions in so little of time.... its sad........ ~~~ TEARS OF BLOOD ~~~ IT PAINS ME TO LISTEN TO THE SWEET VOICE LISTENING TILL THE RIVER OF BLOOD RUNS DRY, KNIVES STABBING DEEP IN YOUR CHEST ACHEING AS TIME PASSES U BY.. HOW THE HEART ACHES TO FEEL ONCE AGAIN,HOW IT ACHES TO BE BACK TO HOW IT ALWAYS BEEN, WHY MUST IT ACHE SO BAD..CANT IT BE FIXED? CANT THE ACHE GO AWAY, BUT WHY DOES IT STAY? JUST TO MAKE US ACHE EVERYDAY, TO MAKE US CRY AND NOT WASH OUR SARROWS AWAY .. IF ONLY TIME COULD REWIND AND MAKE OUR HEARTS NOT ACHE! FOR TEARS OF BLOOD RUN DOWN MY FACE..... ~~~ SCREAMING INSIDE ~~~ YOU KNOW I SIT HERE AND PONDER EVERY DAY WHAT IS GOING T
Zangy Comment Graphics Zangy Comment Graphics Zangy Comment Graphics
Hi everyone who is bothering to read Hey I could really use your guys help here...i need as many comments as i can possibly know i will return the favor whenever needed...mmwahh!! Just once i would like to win one of these OK guys...with as many friends and fans as i have on here this shouldn't be that hard...there are only 2 other pics in this already know i have and will help you guys out when needed so lets see some love!! hi guys....someone gave me a suggestion for a new morph but i have no clue how to do them..can any of you help me out??
Love Me Or Hate Me
it's funny, they say guys love s hard as women(not as fast but just as hard). I think it's bull shit cuz if they do then why r we usually tha ones getting hurt? I think love is sooo overrated cuz its just way to painful go thru more than once and if you ever find ur true love don't let them know how much you love them cuz they will take total and complete advantage of that, and you ll be the one paying for it for tha rest of ur life. Check out my stash it's hot if u don't like my taste in music just show me sum love i added new music on my player check it out tha best song on there is the first one and oh yea im officially single for tha momen lol and well thats it 4 now
Tracie's Poems And Info.
Sitting here with nothing to do ! But, close my eyes ,and think of you! Your smiles was bright, And,your eyes would shine! Forever, be proud to call you mine! But, now all i see, Is a cloud of gray! I wish you were here! Like you were the other day! i finally get my truck! 4x4 off road white f-150 98 model! lift on it! kc lights on the front grill! off road! 3 rd door! dark tinted windows!dual pipes! cant wait to take in the muddy and get nasty! anybody wanna ride with me and have sum fun with me in it lol! let's go!i am single and ready! hit me up! let's ride that texas sunrise together! emmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! cowgirl up ! DARKNESS When i lay to rest I could feel your hands touching my breasts. And, when you kissed me I started to lose my breathe. And,whenever you nibbled on my neck. I rolled my eyes back,and said , this is the time I would never forget.
1st Offs..
Letter From An Abuser
New Job...
Well as many of you know I have started a new job this week. For the next two months I will basically be 'in school'. That is going to require a lot of time and effort to do the things necessary to pass the exams. My time on here is going to be very sporadic which is hard for me because I have met some great people on here and am continuing to do so all the time. As soon as I get a rhythm of the studying and such I'll be on here more so in person and not just being logged in during the day. If you haven't heard from me in a while or I haven't gotten back to your email or IM I will as time allows. Thank you all for your support and understanding. And as an addition....all the alcohol (virtual or other wise) is greatly appreciated!!! LOL Due to the fact that this new job that I am embarking on is taking more time than I thought I would....I won't be on as much as I have been in the past. I might have the site up and running on my computer but I am not going to be able so sit d
I had never heard this term until I was reading an article about Sen. Larry Craig's arrest. Here's the definition from Wiki: Cottaging is a gay slang term referring to anonymous male/male sex in a public lavatory (a cottage), or to the practice of cruising for sexual partners in public lavatories with the intention of having sex elsewhere. Have you ever heard that term? More Taboo-ly, guys, have any of you done it? While we're on the subject, what do you think about Larry Craig? While I'm all for getting rid of hypocrites in public office, the details of the arrest report really bother me. You can see the original document at Smoking Gun. Basically, according to the undercover cop, Craig stood outside the stall where the cop was on the toilet for more than 2 min., peeking through the door. Then, Craig went into the next stall and dropped his pants and sat down. He tapped his foot, which (I didn't know this either) is a signal that you're looking for a sexual encoun
New Orleans Bred
Friday, October 26 Rage Against The Machine, Kings Of Leon, Toots and the Maytals, M.I.A., Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Jason Isbell, Galactic featuring Chali 2na (of Jurassic 5) and Lyrics Born, Porcupine Trees, JJ Grey & MOFRO, Dax Riggs, Earl Greyhound, Lez Zeppelin, Soul Rebels Brass Band, Donald Harrison plus the Congo Nation, Bonerama, CC Adcock and Lil’ Band O’ Gold, Hot 8 Brass Band, Theresa Andersson, Dan Dyer, Ghost, Zydepunks, Jose Conde y Ola Fresca, Meriwether, Vavavoom, Fatter Than Albert, Amy Cook, DJ Tom Harvey, Eyelash Carpets, Noisician Coalition/Noise Parade, LUX, Hands of Nero, The Mad Mike Experience, Heavenly Trip To Hell, Palanquin Diaries, Slew Foot, Gravity A, EllisD & Ray Bong. Saturday, October 27 The Smashing Pumpkins, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, Sinead O’Connor, Ti¸sto, New Orleans Social Club, Spoon, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Ghostland Observatory, Toubab Krewe, Motion City Soundtrack, Mute Math, Kermit Ruffins and the Barbeque Swingers
Lyrics And Thoughts
Huh! I'm outa luck, outa love Gotta photograph, picture of Passion killer, you're too much You're the only one I wanna touch I see your face every time I dream On every page, every magazine So wild so free so far from me You're all I want, my fantasy Oh, look what you've done to this rock 'n' roll clown Oh Oh, look what you've done Photograph - I don't want your Photograph - I don't need your Photograph - All I've got is a photograph But it's not enough I'd be your lover, if you were there Put your hurt on me, if you dare Such a woman, you got style You make every man feel like a child You got some kinda hold on me You're all wrapped up in mystery So wild so free so far from me You're all I want, my fantasy Oh, Look what you've done to this rock'n'roll clown Oh Oh, Look what you've done You've gone straight to my head I will never bother you I will never promise to I will never follow you I will never bother you Neve
Gold Diggers
this is for all the men who say they are the dying breed the, men that say all women pass them up for the "jerks" (the bad boys that treat women like shit).... well i am here to tell you men your not the only ones who get passed,up lets talk about us women who treat a man like a man and get passed up for the "gold diggers" (women who use men for what they can get and treat them like shit) so instead of saying your a dying breed do something about it and stop passin the ones of us that dont want what your money can buy us, just what comes from inside your not the only dying breed us women are too
Very Explict, Be Advised
I know you're reading this and this is for you, lover. Take your clothes off, everything. Turn all the unnecessary lights off. Lay on your bed and get comfortable, for my fantasy begins now... Picture us in your house, sitting on the couch. The TV is on but we are too caught up with our conversation to watch it. My bangs fall in my face and you brush them away. We look at each other, silent vibes of passion flowing between us. You move to me and I to you, our lips meeting. Our lips open and our tongues explore each other's mouths. I run my hands under your shirt and over your stomach. You let out a quiet moan as I reach up to your nipples. I break the kiss and pull your shirt over your head. I lean down and take a nipple in my mouth. I run my tongue through the fine hair surrounding your nipple. You moan again, more audibly and I put my hand on the back of your head. I slowly move my lips across your cheek, over your chin. I slid over to you, straddling you on the couch. I
My Blogs
I am currently in a contest to win my first Happy Hour, Contest is first to get to 50k wins. Please stop over and help, even if just a single rate and comment...all is really appreciated, Thanks in advance CLICK PIC BELOW TO GO TO MY CONTEST PAGE
Just Loving This Site.
I love this site very much,because you can add a lot of people and new people on here too,you can sure do a lot of fun stuff on here just as well,I think some times that this site is better then myspace some times.I guess we just make the most of this site.Who ever came up with this site sure did well, but some times you really have to pay for some things on here too just as well.For everyone out there do the best that you all know how to do this and keep up the good work,thats the cool thing about this site too.
Sum Of None Tour
SUM OF NONE HEADS TO ROCKFEST JULY 19th 2008 7:00 PM CAMP JORDAN ARENA ROCKFEST EAST RIDGE , TENNESSEE Upcoming Shows Dec 8 2007 -9:00P Nick's Place- Gulfport, Mississippi Dec 22 2007- 10:00P 3 Quarter Time- Metairie, Louisiana Jan 26 2008- 8:00P NEW DAISY THEATER ( MEMPHIS ROCKS FOR LEVI ) MEMPHIS, Tennessee Jan 30 2008- 9:00P Cafe Street Pub- Hammond, Louisiana Feb 1 2008- 9:00P The Bar -Metairie, Louisiana Feb 9 2008 -7:00P The Refuge -Chattanooga, Tennessee Mar 29 2008- 9:00P The Refuge -Chattanooga, Tennessee Check their site for updates ...New dates are posted as we get them
OK when I joined this site it was cause I wanted to meet new people and being raised by my parents I was taught to respect all people I grew up in Hawaii so I got along great there geeee I wonder why umm maybe cause I was raised how I was raised I take people as they are. I have seen more and more posts recently of people making racist remarks to people and I am sick of it. I have friends of all races religions and creeds, My grand kids are of mixed race my niece and nephews are of mixed race..... i.e they are of the one true race called HUMAN!!!!!!! just like me and all my friends if your one of these ignorant asses that want to go around spouting racial slurs get the hell off my friends list dont talk to me dont say bye or anything just go crawl back into your pool of scum or under your rock an leave me alone I dont want you around. To all my friends sorry if I said anything that offends you in this but I am tired of slime balls infesting a good place to meet people Thanks all Ke
My Story Pt 2
SHE SAYS: No, but we think we do. As someone who dated a jerk, whom I now refer to as my "learning experience," I admit to falling under the jerk spell. Here's how the jerk spell works: we meet the jerk and in some twisted way are seduced by his confidence, charm, and passion. We don't see these as the disguises they are: confidence is really arrogance, charm comes from him being a player, and his passion is being the center of his own universe. “The jerk sniffs out our insecurities and uses them to reel us in with compliments that eventually turn into criticisms.” The jerk sniffs out our insecurities and uses them to reel us in with compliments that eventually turn into criticisms. And if we see a red flag, like the time my "learning experience" told me his definition of a relationship was "light, fun and physical," we play mind games with ourselves. We use our normally rational inner voice to convince ourselves that we can tame him or that with the right kind of girlfriend he will
A Little Help Please!
I am offering up a free gift of an animation or morph of your chosing. To get it you must leave 400 comments here: and then send me a fu-mail letting me know you've done that! ***you don't have to leave all 400 comments in 1 day!*** ***IF YOU DON'T FU-MAIL ME, YOU WON'T GET YOUR ANIMATION!*** Leggs*Sarge's Bad Girl*Stiletto Girl*FuSista Co-Mngr*Sisterhood@ fubar
Go A rush of blood To my head leaves me winded and wanting To feel the weakness in my body Beaten and crushed like my soul I walked the streets flirting death But I never kissed back I'm so lucky so cursed so fucked up But that's the way that it goes Its the ebb and the flow I wish that I could give you my time Give you my time Seems that doomsday has come early this year The last angel has gone I can't remember the last time I cried The last angel has gone home The memories stacking up And they pull at my guts What do I have to do to end it The better days hacked away Leaving me only pain This regret is never ending But in the blink of an eye This life passes you by I wish that I could give you my time Give you my time Seems that doomsday has come early this year The last angel has gone I can't remember the last time I cried The last angel has gone home I can't remember I can't remember I can't remember the last time I cried Seems that doom
One Small Rate
Hello guys... Any chance i could get you to do me a very small favor?My boy friend is trying to get a happy hour,by getting people to fan rate and add this wonderful lady...She always returns all the love as well,shes very sweet...If he gets enough people to do this,He'll get a happy hour ,so id appreciate it very very much...Be sure to say in the friend request that MetalRon sent you so we get credit...Thank you so much!!!Have a great day! Heres a link to forget to say MetalRon sent you...xxxooo Very Sexy Comments & GraphicsThank you Very Much!!!Angel Hugs.....
Dirty Minded
She sits on a barstool Glass sweating in the humid air Ice clinking in the Capt Morgan's n coke Forcefully blowing smoke from plump red lips It swirls about as she says aloud to no one in particular So what? I like to fuck! She exclaims As if thas a crime around here eh? Nothing like a good drink a great fuck and a smoke Soothes the nerves I always say Is that so wrong? Smoke wisps from the lit cigarette resting in the ashtray Trailing into nothing The glass sweats in her palm Dripping on her thigh The ice clinks against her teeth.. Wetness trailing down her breasts She sucks On the ice Slowly Then drops it in the sweating glass Impatiently she lifts the cigarette Inhales the acrid smoke Hoping to erase something or nothing You just never know With Her Legs rasp nakedly Her fingers play with the annoying strap One slipping the other digging Fuck... Thoughts flowing through her mind Bordering on philosophical Damn, why do we wear clothes any way? She
My Owner
Let Love Begin
Antagonizing pleasure Placed upon my lips Where dreams come true In just one kiss! Sharing an afternoon of ecstasy Closing the door on realityNot even the thickest iceberg Could melt the love I feel inside! I shed my fears faster than my clothes The anticipation begins to unfold My heart begins to pound faster As you come closer Just one look from your eyes And I become hypnotized A river of sins, to which I concede Just one kiss, caused the undoing of me! Your lips gently pressed against mine A silent submission of tongues intertwined My mouth tenderly pressed against yours My voice trembles as you start to explore Electric shocks as your tongue touches mine An erotic dance of passing time My heart's racing as fast as yours My body's craving for something more! Starving and Craving For an evening Of erotic bliss Where dreams come true In Just One Kiss. Take my hand and lead the way; tell me all you want to say. Whisper softly in my ear, all those things I want to hear. Kiss my li
Jack Rocks
Jack makes for a monster night of bed time play.
Im in an auction. Follow the link if you want to win me. One morning you will never wake up. Do all your friends know you love them? I was thinking...I could die today, tomorrow or next week, and I wondered If I had any wounds needing to be healed, friendships That needed rekindling or three words needing to be said. Let every one of Your friends and family know you love them. Even if you think they don't love you back, You would be amazed at what those three little words and a smile can do. And just in case GOD calls me home before I see you again.... I LOVE YA!!!
This is the kind of love you dream of...
Lilys Salute To Me
imikimi - Customize Your World
Kids Car
i went down to corpus christi saturday and bought my daughter a 1965 a code mustang it needs new interior and a paintjob but the body is perfect and the motor runs great.i will be posting pictures soon of the car and during the rebuilding so you all can see how its going
Goddamn I Am Getting Old
This is very fucking funny!
My Evil Bad Habbit
I was a meth addict for over 15 years. You could say it ruled my life. It changed me in alot of ways, some good, some bad. I have taken my life over once again and self rehabiltated for 3 years now. I'm not sure if I have forgiven myself yet but I am trying hard. This Battle is not yet over for me but I WILL WIN.
Alone At Last?
So the last little birdie flew the coop on the 18th of July. She graduated from high school and is off to be an MP in the Army. Dave and I haven't been alone with no kids since never. We had a 1 year old when we got married and have had kids in the house for the last 23 years. It is kinda strange being just the 2 of us. It's very cool but we have never had to not deal with kids. It's just us....will we get bored with each other, will we be able to fill the hours with just the two of us? My mother has always told me..."It's not what you think it will's lonely without kids, you will miss them and be bored". She called me first thing this morning to see how I was holding up! It's only been 2 days! lol I think we will be just fine. We have waited for this days since the kids were little...I can't wait to see what life brings us now!
Old Mother Hubbard
Old McDonald was sitting on a fence beating his meat with a monkey wrench.Missed his meat and hit his balls ,pissed all over his coveralls!!!!! old mother hubbard went to the cupboard to fetch her dog a bone.When she bent over rover took over and gave her a bone of his own!!!!!!
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You are coridally invited to the nuptials of SULTRY™ and ^sin^ tonight at 9:00 p.m. CST in Forbidden Inc. Together they will share their eternal love for one another in front of friends and would appreciate your attendance. Dont forget to Rate, Fan, Add and Bling these two beautiful brides. The deserve that and then some. Bulletin coded by... The Baddest MILF®~ Wifey to Fornicates™@ fubar
Food For Thought
It's time to allow emotional wounds to heal, to let go of excuses and stop feeling sorry for yourself. It's time to get rid the victim mentality. No body ever promised us that life would be fair. Frankly it can suck at times and incredibly difficult just to make it through the day. Quit comparing your life to someone else's, and quit dwelling on what could of been, should of been, or might have been. How do you really know what is going on in that other person's life or in there thoughts. Life is difficult for everyone, and that my friends is a fact! Quit asking questions such as, "Why this?" or Why that?" or "Why me?" Don't even ask. With so many questions we have there simply are no answers to! We all live in a society that loves to make excuses, one that is heard over and over again is "It's not my fault." The truth is, if we are bitter and angry, it's because we are allowing ourselves to remain that way. We've all had bad things happen to us throughout our lives. If you look ha
~ I Confess ~
I confess: I’ve been thinking about fucking all day. Thinking about fucking You. But you'd have guessed that already, hadn’t you? You’d felt it instinctively? There’s no need to be coy, no need for pretence. I know that you had. With every salacious word you covetously read, you knew precisely what was on my mind. That’s OK. I want you to know what I’m thinking. I like it. Because I enjoy picturing you at work, or shopping in a store, or relaxing in some trite coffee shop or wine bar, or enjoying an urbane dinner with friends, when you recall with sudden, certain clarity all the decadent, lustful things I’m thinking about doing with you, doing to you, and abruptly, your cunt is plump with need, wet with desire, and no matter the setting or the circumstances or the company, all you can think about is my hard, thick cock filling you, fucking you, taking you. Does knowing that moisten you? Does it tempt you to touch yourself? To let your fingertips wander over the coverings of
Welcome to the NBA Train Were Once a week one lucky winner will win 10,000 fu buck and on April 16 one lucky winner will get 1,000,000 fu bucks Rules to win One you must rate all pics in this folder. Comment the last one. Two Fan/Add/Rate all Riders Comment and rerate riders you have all ready have as friends. Three Fu mail me when done to let me know that you done and for your tag. Four if you break any of the you rules you can't win fu bucks and no drama. All winners will be by the luck of the draw Host xball_rating revolution/zodiak bomber@ fubar Riders 1.♥TexasAngel♥~Rating Revolution Recruiter~♥Fu Angel♥@ fubar 2.ღTulsa's Angelღ Sarge's Bad Girl ღ Club FAR Team LOVE ღ@ fubar 3.~*NunyaB~*The Pegasus Project*~*Fu-Owned byand Fu-engaged to JUSTFISHING~*Fu-Angel~Team2~*@ fubar 4.~katie~ RR * SARGE'S BAD GIRL * FSC * FU-ANGEL (T#3) * PEGASUS POJECECT(T#5) * LOLLIPOP GURLZ@ fubar 5.St. Michael
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Battle of the Sexes ~ Round IV This will be a Fu-Bucks & Cash Auction (Cash Conversation Rate at Bottom) Remember: The entry with the most rates for their picture will receive a Bling Pack & the top 5 Males (along with the Top 5 Females) auctioned off AGAIN in a LIVE FU-BUCKS ONLY AUCTION in Dirty Deeds Radio Lounge. Check out these luscious men up for auction ~ Go get yourself one... or more!!!
2 Years In The Making.
its nice to wake up today and be able to say that all my driving suspensions are over today!!!! would be nicer to be able to go the DMV and get it back but thats not gonna happen.. i'll give it a week or two for the computers to get updated.. then try and get it back. we shall see.
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Death On A Dark Day
Cold in my head It's cold in my head I just wish I was Dead The burning flesh, no more cold My eyes pale and my skin blue the after life is perfect because fearing death is just stupid Those who die are the lucky ones No pain, no shit, not even crappy ones The rest we will live here with pain, tears, nightmares and love ones lost The day will come my time will pass no one will care free at last Death on a Dark Day Death comes to us all Be it cold, hot, light or dark We wish we could all go in a good way But some pray not on a cold day. It may be hot warm summers day It may be in the fall when the leaf play It could be in spring when the rain fall's But not when the snow is six feet tall. When it's cold the ground is hard The grave diggers have to work extra hard The grass is gone the flowers too all your friends are cold and blue . I want to die when it's night t
I truly and honestly appreciate thos few that have always tried cheering me up in my sad times. Life has taken its toll on me where I just need to be sad, angry, depressed, and let it all out. I have been hiding behind pain and heartache for a year now I need to let it go.. I love each and everyone of you that has been there for me. I am sorry if I have offended or hurt anyone by not letting you try to cheer me up. I need to do this for me so please let me do it. I LOVE YOU AND YOU ALL MEAN SO MUCH TO ME. I hope I dont lose any of you as friends.
Adult Questions
I'm not kidding! It's called Chat To Text and it allows you to get text messages from your friends on Facebook, Bebo, and MySpace. You just put this little widget on your profile page and your friends can send you a text message, and you can reply from your cell phone. You don't need any fancy cell phone, any cell phone that can text will work. It's kind of like Instant Messaging through text messaging through your Facebook/Bebo/MySpace page. Anyway, check it out for yourself: As you'll see in the video, the best part is that you can make some serious cash just by spreading the I am right now! Let me know what you think - I'm excited! Talk soon, Matthew The ULTIMATE NAUGHTY QUIZ! Fill it out and send it to me in a message, and repost to see what people put for you! 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Dick/Boob Size: 4. Favorite position ? 5. Do you think i'm hot? 6. Would you have sex with me
Poeta: Couplets
A Rose One would at first be inclined to compare A simple, perfect rose to this lovely lady fair But such a comparison would never hold true In describing a woman as lovely as you For a rose holds thorns, no matter it’s beauty But you bear no thorns that I can see Instead, like the petal, desired so much Beautiful to see yet forbidden to touch A perfect flower, undreamt in a perfect dream Like a rose set adrift in the purest of cream Fanciful Visions Fanciful visions and whimsical dreams Taken flight on fantasy borne wings Soaring comfortably through the clouds of my mind Eyes wide open, wondering what I’ll find I learn the lessons of the dreaming heart That life is a passion, a living art That you must breathe life into your dreams And make your life much more than it seems For you only live once and that once is forever So chase down your dreams and live for the pleasure time after time Time after time I dream your hand held
Art And Me
Got to the point again for a second time , sick of the people on this dam site and how they act . If you are a friend of mine and want to stay in touch then stay in touch on my yahoo or like to stay in touch dont know how let me know , This is not for sure ill give it untill tonight and see what happens let me knwo if you like me to stay or you like to see more of my artwork , i get enough comments on this blog about staying then i will , if not the stuff above will apply. Rick
You Can Only Type ONE Word.It's really hard to only use one-word answers!1. Where is your cell phone? purse2. Your significant other? Bed3. Your hair? Blonde4. Your mother? Virginia5. Your father? Deceased6. Your favorite thing? laughter7. Your dream last night? Romance8. Your favorite drink? Coke9. Your dream/goal? Love10. The room you're in? Bedroom11. Music? on12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Love14. Where were you last night? Bedroom15. What you're not? painfree16. Muffins? Blueberry17. One of your wish list items? Money!!18. Where you grew up? Virginia19. The last thing you did? fubar20. What are you wearing? Nothing21. TV? off22. Your pets? Dog23. Your computer? Toshiba24. Your life? Boring25. Your mood? Great26. Missing someone? Yes27. Favorite Store? Walmart30. Your summer? HOT31. Like someone? naturally32. Your favorite color? Green33. When is the last time you laughed? 5-26-0934. Last time you cried? You Can Only Type ONE Word.Not as easy as you might think.Now copy an
For The Kingdom Of Wolves
TRUTH IS THE GAME OF THE FEW BUTTHE CRY OF ALL... What does this mean..well for myself personally there are many instances in this life that the truth has been claimed but it turns out to bea falsehood.. All that a person can do is to remember that the truth is subjective to those that are claiming it. Just remember to be able to accept the fact that there are many in this life that do not know how to speak truthfully to themselves never mind to ayone else and learn to move on. through the lies there ends up being a warped version of relaity, but the person that is beig lied to must not let a hate come into thier hearts or else it could become all consuming.   so my friends lets all live a life in truth and in love         listen  and you will hear the sounds of our four legged brothers, their soulful voices echoing into the night anting the familgy in the kingdom to band together..   we as a family shpuld spend more time getting to know one another... getting to the heart
Gone Fishing
Going FishingSaturday morning I got up early, dressed quietly, made mylunch, grabbed the dog and fishing equipment, slippedquietly into the garage to hook the boat up to the truck,and proceeded to back out into a torrential downpour.The wind was blowing 50 mph. I pulled back into the garage,turned on the radio, and discovered that the weather wouldbe bad throughout the day.I went back into the house and slipped back into bed, wheremy wife was turned away from me. I whispered to her, "Theweather out there is terrible."My loving wife of 20 years replied, "Can you believe mystupid husband is out fishing in that mess?"I still don't know to this day if she was joking, but I'vestopped fishing.
Shell@ Fubar
shell">@ fubar
Medical Marijuana Almost Legal In Illinois
May 28, 2009: SB 1381 just passed out of the House Human Services Committee!!It seems that the bill is on the fast track to get a vote sometime between now and Sunday on the floor of the House. People are mobilizing to go to Springfield between now and then to give it one last push.SB 1381 just passed the Senate floor vote 30-28 on May 27th, and then on the 28th it was again voted through the House Human Services Committee. It now awaits a full House chamber vote.Hopefully we can get a favorable vote in the House now that the Senate has approved this measure and then send it over to Gov. Quinn's desk. Keep making phone calls and sending emails to State Representatives and the Governor Bill 1381 is the farthest that a medical cannabis bill has made it in the legislative process in Illinois and we need to use this momentum to get the bill through the House chamber.Please contact your State Representative and the Governor at21
About Me
I am a 30 year old systems engineer from Hayes in NewYork, united States, and recent graduate from the Department of Computing.интернет mагазин женскoй oдеждыpазработка сайтasolar panels
People Behind Their Monitors
Okay this is one of the things that just get under my skin and piss me off. I have been on line since 1999.  And I have dealt with alot of A HOLES, in my life. I have been called down treated like shit, bullied you name it , BUT!!!! as the years when on,  I as they say grew a thicker skin to most BS said on here.  Not just Fu bar but other chat forms. Some come on line to chat and kill some time before going back to work,  or house work, whatever.  Some come on here just to be dum ignorant jerks and piss off others,  that is how they spend their days.  And they enjoy it .  (shakes head ) Some come on here cause they are disabled and this is perhaps one of their only means to socialize and make a few friends. Now for what annoyes the feck out of me. I see in mumm's,  blogs,  chat rooms,  were  you will see all different ages say..its only the inter net, its not real! UMMM HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, who the feck do you think is talking to you on the other side of your feck screen.  A gho
My Baby
♥ SinDerBella  ♥">@ fubar
Let us be grateful, what we are blessed with. Let us be thankful for the love ones in our lives. Let us be grateful for the lessons we learn in life, no matter how hard, or painful the lesson is. Only by understanding that no matter, what happens in life that all things should be the way they are at all times, do we fully understand why we are and who we are, and what we are to become. ©Robert Piazza Jr.
Y The Good Ones Get Fuced
y is it the all the good people the ones they will give u the clousth off there back . the food off your table y y y do we get played an hurt im sick an fustrayed wit the way shit is going these dats who is wit me on this    .  can u DIGIT
Thc Extraction From Marijuana
THC Extraction from Marijuana"If you ever had to think twice about lighting up a joint for fear of someone smelling it. If you were ever forced to blow the smoke out a window and pray you don't reek of weed. If you ever had to sneak around and couldn't enjoy a good buzz..."Easy THC ExtractionThis article will describe, in detail, a technique of extracting the essential oils from hemp. The final product will be a dark, oily liquid that contains 70+% pure THC. The following steps require nothing more than simple, easy to find materials and a little time.Advantages of THC oil:    * No hot, harsh smoke to irritate your lungs    * No tar to stain your teeth and fingers    * Very little smell    * 5 times as much THC in bloodstream    * Get 5 times as many trips per $$$ as compared to joint/bong smoking    * No carcinogens to give you cancer    * The list goes on and on but let's get down to business...Materials you'll need for extraction:    * A glass jar with a watertight lid (widemouth Ma
Find Draft Beer
FindMyTap offers affordable Iphone bar app, Android pub app, Beer iphone, Beer Android, Iphone pub app, Iphone beer app , Android beer app , Iphone bar finder, Android pub finder, Android bar finder, Iphone pub finder and Android bar app. Read More:
A Mind That Never Sleeps
The thoughts and images, inside my head. Will live on, long after I'm dead. For, they speak louder, than I ever can. It's my way of expression, to help you understand. What it's like having a mind, that never sleeps. The memories keep haunting, the past that weeps. Infecting my thought process, enabling it's power to stop. I need to find the switch, that turns this thing off.
There once was a girl and a boy.   NAW there was a thug and a Beautiful woman and they fell in love on accident. wen her mother found out that her only daughter fell inlove with a thug and she had renounced her name to be with  this man her mother was furious. She forbade the girl from seeing the thug.  but as we all know she dis obeyed her mother and went and got married to the man in secret.  they then eloped and she decided to be a mother and a wife to this man TO BE CONTINUED (gotta go to work) wow i think i lost a good guy in my life please come back to me i am soo sorry
My Plea
They say the eyes are the gateway, to the soul. Stories lie within them, yet to be told. But not everyone, cares to look. They only want, what can be took. To add to the pain, not to take it away. To gain from it, it pains me to say. That I have closed my eyes, due to the pain. I don't wanna play anymore, tired of the game. I hope and I reach only adding, to the tears. Bringing to life, my worst fears. That there is no good, left in this world. That this plague I'm corrupted with, can never be cured. How can I be strong, when I feel so damn weak. So here I am on bended knee, please hear me. For this is my plea. I'm begging you to prove me wrong, somebody.
For The Love Of Blog
just blogging about my life thus far.. Well... In the last yr I've managed to go from doing nothing with nothing to doing nothing with a CNA. I went into Job Corps. in Clearfield, Utah. I went there because I had nothing to do and needed something to get me going. I was in the "I don't want to do anything" mode of my life. So I went and signed up for Job Corps though" Well this will give me something to do...and hey I can stay out of trouble at the same time" so I went. I got there Dec. 5, 3:42 pm(yeah i know... why remember the time?) it was pretty sunny out..and chilly. I got into the dorm i was going to stay in few the next 6-7 wks. I go through the 6-7 wks of intro to classes. Then move dorms to a slightly better one. I go into Culinary until I can get the required things for getting into Health Occ. I go through another 5-6 wks of classes in a high school lvl setting and get my GED(SCORE! GED! What I needed) Now I'm in Health Occ. and loving it. Well I'll save the rest fo
Bitches And Complaints
Are you fucking serious right now. When are people going to realize that the problem in this country isn't the shit being taught, it's the people teaching it, and the students who aren't being given enough motivation or encouragment or beatings or what the fuck ever? Our country seems to get dumber every day. I've heard that there are even schools who have done away with "holding" a student back a grade, because it outcasts the student and lowers their self esteem. You have got to be kidding me. You pansy ass bleeding heart goddamn fucking liberals are killing me! Stop worrying so much about peoples self esteem and maybe worry about the fact that if you keep dumbing down our children to save their pitiful grade school reputations that won't mean a damn thing in college or heaven forbid they actually make it that far, the real world and focus on the fact that this country's education system has gone down the fucking tube and there's no happy pill at the end to make it all better. You w
Thanks All !! Hello Out There !! I AM Having Trouble With Photobucket, So I Will Be Online Later And Leave All You Wonderful Visitors A THANK YOU !! Was Sooooooooo Kind Of You All To Stop By !! I Will have To Learn The New Systems Too Here.... If You Want To See A Really Nice Page ( So I Have Been Told) You Can Get More Of And Idea Of What I Am Like Go To>>> I Wil Try To Build My Page Like That One Much Love And Light To You All That Have Welcomed Me !! I Feel Blessed With Your Interest !!
What The Fukk
Wassup people here we have my girl porn star extrodinare the one and only Heather Hunter. Now most guys know of this bombshell Diva from years of drooling over her naked nastiness in hundreds of porn movies and shorts and the occasional advertisements. Well now she is done with poppin that coochie and is out to conquer the rap game. To be real about it, she's not all that good, but she is still FINE AS FUCK!!!!! So check my girl out.....oh yeah stop drooling. so seriousAdd to My Profile | More Videos DJ Domination Vs. Pornstar Heather HunterAdd to My Profile | More Videos WELCOME TO CHEABASVILLE Free Flash Games The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScore
PS I finally gave in and admitted that I am bi! I am really scared right now. My Aunt Cathy which is who I live with has Chondrosarcoma Cancer. She has been on radiation and chemotherapy and it isn't working. Instead the tumors have been growing. Now not only are the tumors growing but she is falling all the time. She has fallen 10 times or more in 3 weeks. Last night she fell and hit her head on the floor extremely hard. I am really scared for her and scared that she might die or be comatose. She would hate that more than almost anything. She is scared too which means that she takes it out on me. I don't mind helping her at all but sometimes it is just so overwhelming. What if one of these days she falls and I am not here to help her? Or what if she falls and gets seriously hurt. She needs to have surgery because if she doesn't she might be paralized but if she does have the surgery she might not walk again and if she does walk she will probably have to have a walker. I don'
My Life As A Dominatrix :) Feel free to check my little sissy slut out....make her feel at home..but BE NICE. She loves being called a little whore and her pix are in the Marissa folder in my pix. But no gay bashing or hate please...I like this place because it seems to be open minded..Im starting to seriously wonder about that. I've noticed that most guys on here don't take me seriously when I talk about my occupation. But when I say the only ones who see me nude are my paying clients I'm seriously not joking. My work website is is anyone is ever nosy enough to need to check it out. I'm also going to start displaying galleries of a few of my sissy bitches (per their request) so you can see exactly what goes on in a days work around here. The first is one of my favorites, Marissa. She is a sissy faggot from PA and anyone in the PA area looking for a girl like her can let me know. Be warned in advance, I DO NOT put my slaves at risk to if you are some
Eddie Ftw
If anyone needs help with anything computer related, I am your man, currently I have over 20 years of experience in the field, and can do anything from web work to ground up networks, including database and warehousing. Anyway, always looking for another way to network, let me know if you need any witnesses to my abilities :P I am so close to psycho, I think I want to stay a psycho, guess it doesn't matter either way, I still am a psycho :P
The Cowboy Boots" Body: (Anyone who has ever dressed a child will love this) Did you hear about the Texas teacher who was helping one of her kindergarten students put on his cowboy boots? He asked for help and she could see why. Even with her pulling and him pushing, the little boots still didn't want to go on. By the time they got the second boot on, she had worked up a sweat. She almost cried when the little boy said, "Teacher, they're on the wrong feet." She looked, and sure enough, they were. It wasn't any easier pulling the boots off than it was putting them on. She managed to keep her cool as, together, they worked to get the boots back on, this time on the right feet. He then announced, "These aren't my boots." She bit her tongue, rather than get right in his face and scream, "Why didn't you say so?", like she wanted to. Once again she struggled to help him pull the ill-fitting boots off his little feet. No sooner had they gotten the boots off when he s
Az Look Outs
hey whats up / new on here any az people on here. shout at me i dont know2 how to start , or i may never end ? my world revavels around my daughter . she allmost one years old and ive cared about her for allmost 2 years , she stayed in the the bellY fOr 10 months , ive woken up in the morning with her all most all that time give or take 10 days , im a good man and ive allways wanted kids , shit im still one sometimes , but i thought for the longest time i couldnlt but know i can , see i take car of my daughtER but me and her mother just split up for good and she tryig to hurt me in every whitch way she can , see just want suffer, & beleive she still in love with her ex & hes out of jail now. ive had him over to my house to see his son THAT IVE RAISED FOR 2 YEARS NOW. because he just got out of prison , so now im the asshole & its all about money ,she stole my titel to my trailer & now want money to get it back , & she says shes going to take my daughter to missori to
his mind twisted and distorted throat still numb from the cocaine he just snorted. his mind can focus on nothing but her. she was his life his everything and now shes gone. all thats left of her are fadeing memories. all he can think of anymore is ending it all. he feels so weak and helpless. she was his backbone his reason for being. he now sees no reason for his existance. he feels its a fucking waste of time. he could not possibly go on living. he puts the revolver in his mouth says his prayers and collapsed bleeding onto the couch. M.A.Z.J Once in every lifetime, someone comes along, The one special heart You've been waiting for your whole life long. Once in every lifetime, God sends an angel from above, To make your life complete Who you can give your endless love. When a love like this comes, make any sacrifice, For the best things in life Seldom come along twice. There is no love that compares to yours and mine, A love from heaven that only comes "Once
Missy's Blurbs!!!!
how do I do that and mark them private and only my closest friends can see...HELP ME!!!! I will not be on myspace or cherrytap for a while. I have to make a few changes and not being on here is going to be one of them. I hope those of you who have my cell, will stay in touch with me that way. Please keep sending me the comments and messages...I may not have to computer here at the house BUT I can check my mail....some how some way....Much love to you all...Missy Just thought I'd let evryone know that I have left my job at MJ Soffe (that I worked at for 7 years and treated everybody like shit) and got a new one. It's a great feeling when you already have the job and you go to the old one and tell them to FU*^ OFF!!!!...Boy that felt GREAT!!! and the look on their face was priceless...I just wanted to put that out there today.. So if you're leaving one and going to another any time soon....Good Luck. One Love, Missy
fucking guys.. i hate them all i am done with them i dont even give a shit i could go fuckin drink myself to fuckign death and i wouldnt think twice, it always happens to me, i pick all the fucking "winners" let me tell ya... the one guy that i truely loved and was suppose to spend the rest of my life with gets [murdered] by the cops bec the cops in the town didnt like him or his family and he is one to tell ya how it is.. so there went my first love,,, then i go out with this other guy and everything is peachy, stands me up for jr prom and is cheating on me with my friend and more depth but we wont go there. then i meet this guy that whatever you want to call it now, he moves in with me a week after we hooked up and all didnt have to pay for shit and baught him everything and anything he could ever want, then supposebly well ig ot proof tonight i went to walmart and put in gift registry and seen his and her name together for marrage and a baby one!! so i hit the fan and then call
I'm a busy little girl lately. I just got a new job with . I am the regional Manager for Campus operations. I get to run around Drexel, Temple, Upenn, Villanova and SJU all day and help promote with the student interns I hired. The site is really cool. I like it alot. You can only be a student to join it though. You can get some good shit cheap for their hatch of the day. Like a wii for like $100 some dollars. This weekend shall be fun. I am going to a Pepper's Ghost show tomorrow night b/c as you should know about me, I LOVE MUSIC! I love entertaining and modeling too. I had this dream last night that I was scouted out in Hollywood (which I lived there this past summer) and asked to come hang out with Hef. He started to invite me out more and he made me his girlfriend. I dreamed that I lived in the house with him and some crazy things went down- but it was all soo much fun. I probably dreamt that because I was reading Bunny Tales: Behind Closed D
well where to start.... I lost the girl i loved so much and i might of even fuck it up even more i dont know if she will ever come back or wanna talk to me. i just wished i could change everything just went to the days we were in love and stop, but i know it wont and which makes this world and life in it fucked, i know i shoudl dweal but there so much that ppl and i have to go through. How can i deal with this or what should i do be friends and hope we get back together and wait, or just leave it and move on? it just so hard to choose that im makeing wrong mistakes as the days go by. im doing very good in school well for now lol, but i know its gonna get harder and doing what im doing im scared its gonna diract me and im gonna hurt myself or end up dieing in the process i just cant get her off my mind, i have other girls that are wanting me but its cause im so commited and love one girl i can seem to make that move. oh and what im doing is driveing trucks and construction and
Birthday Love
Would love it if all my wonderful friends and fans could show some wonderful birthday cherry love to my wonderful man -- he as to work on his birthday and it would be a great gift if he could level up today -- and hey you get lucky to check out more pictures of me -- THANK YOU ALL VERY CHERRY MUCH!!!! YOU ARE ALL THE GREATEST!!!!!! cruzin69@ CherryTAP would love it all if you could help out a wonderful man -- it is his BIRTHDAY today and he is at work -- a wonderful present would be for him to be able to level up -- lest all show him some wonderful BIRTHDAY CHERRY LOVE!!! cruzin69@ CherryTAP
Late Night Thoughts
Would You Like to Dance? Kristina R. Manuel April 15, 2007 The music is soft and slow- Through the smoky air Appears a heavenly glow As I wonder, "What could be there?" Gravity pulls me Towards the most beautiful vision I have ever seen- My heart races into another division- "Could this be a dream?"- You spot me from across the room- Thunder and lightening Fill my veins and chest with a sudden boom- Our eyes connect- Every time you smile I'm smiling right back- I take your hand As I ask you to dance- Without a second glance You follow me in a lovestruck trance- You have touched me with your gentle hand And broke my nerves of steel- Sparks fly as we collide Our bodies burn as we smoothly glide Dancing on the edge Through a passion of burning desire- With every touch the flames grow higher- The world around us disappears As I pull your body close to mine- Tender kisses, so sincere... As you whisper gently in my ear, "Would you like to dance?" I cannot
Hey Everyone
I'm sorry I'm not around like I used to be.I miss you all very much.but my cable company was bought out by a big named company and they felt the lines needed upgrading and replacing so for awhile im stuck on most of you know dial-up makes cherrytapping nearly immpossible.If anybody wants to chat im on yahoo ladysback99 and its a whole lot easier not to mention quicker:) I will be back returning the loves they say possibly next week until then lots of cherry love and licks and kisses to you:)
Witchs Chant
Taking in the wind The breeze blows Upon her face As she sits there Eyes closed Yet seeing the beauty of the world Not the starlit sky Or the flowing hills She sees more Than can be seen with just the eyes The happiness of a flower Who has just bloomed The last wish of a fish Just caught by a bear All of nature’s hopes, dreams, and despairs She stands up Smelling the breeze Picks up her wand And falls to her knees She sits for a minute Lost in herself Calmly she stands Without further ado She begins an enchanting dance An energy flows out of her Pulsing in the air Lighting up the world As the wind blows through her hair Suddenly she stops And opens her eyes With one tear and one eye One drop of water for the world Falls to the ground She walks away Knowing someday She will change our world. Darksome night and shining Moon, Hearken to the Witches' rune, East then South, West then North, Here come I to call Thee forth. By all the powers of land
i'm a little forgive any typos now( tho i'll try not to make any)...i went to the bar with some friends as an early 4th celebration hehehe get home and i see that i'm loved by people i'm not even sure that i know...its awesome...and then of course i'm loved by those i do know who u are!...ur fucking awesome!... lets just say i dont get drunk often enough lmao...i wish i could...i should..i might... so i just thought i'd throw a little something something in here... ♥♥♥♥ Daily Horoscope: Pisces For June 30,2007 Why are you trying so hard to make this work when all of the signs are saying there's another part of your fate that's falling into place? Learn to read the signs and put your energy where it can be most effective. well...with all the shit that hit the fan tonight i'm about to become a true believer in horoscopes.... if u were there for it, then u know what i'm talking about
Military Rules For Non Military Personel
Military Rules for the Non-Military Personnel Dear Civilians, We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation have many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas we would like your assistance with: 1. The next time you see an adult talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem ... kick their butt. 2. When you witness firsthand someone burning the American Flag in protest... kick their butt. 3. Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these Veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these Veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a Disabled Veteran kicks their butt. 4. (GUYS) If you were never in the milita
here is the link to a contest that im in please help me out
Cherries Spot!!!!!!!!!
"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOOHOO, what a ride!" "Love is ironic. Only when you hurt someone do they realise that they truly love you. We shall always fall in love with the people who break our hearts. Love gushes out of the ruptures of a broken heart and then sends shivers to the whole of our existence. Love has to come out somehow and that is usually through pain and hurting. A heart which is unwilling to be broken, is unable to love. Similarly, if you cannot break someone's heart, it is a sign that they shall never truly love you." "Happiness needs sadness. Success needs failure. Benevolence needs evil. Love needs hatred. Victory needs defeat. Pleasure needs pain. You must experience and accept the extremes. Because
The Dollar Bill Life
you sprung into my life and left an imprint that could never be erased no matter how much effort was put forth with just the thought of your smile in my thoughts was all i ever needed and wanted but to have you on my thoughts was all I ever endured just to see you and feel you with every warm touching embrace was enough to last a lifetime but even after the second it stops I wanted and craved for more to search for you took a lifetime to keep you in that reach it only took a stretch to keep you was a journey but well worth the steps to walk forward it was all bout making you feel you were need n wanted and all I ever thought was that you were just enough but when it came down to it you all I ever wanted n needed you completed every vision that I ever thought was possible and every wanted and dream of coming true you like that tatto with that everlasting imprint on my heart so ceptable to be broken but easy to mend just with a smile and a love you you made my eve
BIKERS For all who Know Motorcycle Riders I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But, you didn't see me, put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you, pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But, you didn't see me, playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you, change your mind about going into the restaurant. But, you didn't see me, attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you, roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by. But, you didn't see me, driving behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you, frown at me when I smiled at your children. But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you, stare at my long hair. But, you didn't see me, and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you, roll your eyes at our leather coats and
For those of you who know me, my sister died one week ago tonight. We buried her on Friday and I’m very sad and lost. I went up to her house today to clean out her belongings along with my other sister and her two kids when I heard this song on the way to her house, Pete Yorn For Us. I like this song and I turned up the radio much to my children’s dismay. It was very strange going through her clothes and things. We shared a lot of laughs and a lot of tears. I felt like she was in the hospital and I was cleaning up her house so she wouldn’t have to deal with it when she got home. I lost it when I realized she was gone and wouldn’t be coming back. My son had an eye doctor’s appointment so we had to leave early. On my home way home I heard Pete Yorn For Us again. I thought it was a little strange but blew it off. Tonight I had to go out for milk and decided to stop in the bar I always hang out in to see my girlfriend who was bartending. I told her about my day and how sad it was
Excito Diabolus - 666% Metal In Your Face 24/7
Click The Pic To Enter Excito Diabolus (100% Metal 24 Hours a Day) im way behind help me out and bomb my pic just click this pic.. stop by and drop me some comments and rates. i need all the help i can the prize is a VIP and i want it..haha
Love is Always patient & kind, It is Never jealous Love is Never boastful or conceited It is Never rude or selfish It does not take offense And is not resentful Love takes no pleasure in other peoples sins But delights in the truth Love is Always ready To Excuse To trust To hope and To Endure whatever comes... Ok, here I go and will probably be banned or deleted or whatever but honestly I do not care...First and foremost the tickers piss me off, they are a stupid waste of space and they make your pc do screwy things for alot of people and they are also OUTRAGEOUSLY priced. I checked them out when they first added them like everyone else did and they were 50k fubucks for those of us not forunate enough to spend real money on Fubar, but I digress...I thought 50k for 24 hours of a scrolling way to fast message that no one is going to pay attention to anyway? WOW Anyway, I have a young friend that I play an online game with, his name is TJ and he has luekemia. He has a web
Rip Colin Mcrae :(
Rally champion Colin McRae dies with son in helicopter crash Tom Gordon THE former rally driving champion Colin McRae was killed and his five year-old son feared dead in a helicopter crash yesterday afternoon. The aircraft came down in Jerviswood, Lanarkshire, half a mile from the family's home and burst into flames just after 4pm. Jean-Eric Freudiger, McRae's agent, said the 39-year-old driver had been piloting the helicopter himself. Also on board were believed to be his son Johnny, another adult - said by locals to be a school friend of McRae - and another child. McRae's wife Alison and their daughter Hollie, 9, were not on board, friends said. Strathclyde police said in a statement: "Four people were onboard the helicopter," adding "The bodies were found within the helicopter which is owned by Mr Colin McRae of Jerviswood House, Lanark. It is believed he was onboard the helicopter." McRae became Britain's first World Rally champion in 1995. He was one of the country's
If the last few months have taught me anything it's this....Tell everyone in your life who you love and care about how you feel because you never know whenn the time is coming when you won't have the opportunity to. So to all my family and freiends I love each and everyone one of you and I'm greatful to have you in my life!!!!! Just like to to give everyone a big fubar shout and wish everyone lots of fubar love. Wishing everyone lots of fubar love and hoping you stop by and rate my pics and I'll do the same for you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pervs Pweez Why is everyone on this site a pervert? Just cause youre an "adult" doesnt mean you have to run around being horny all the time. Im 21 and there are like 30-50 year olds hitting on me and telling me Im sexy. that sounds like some fucking dateline bullshit. Im calling Chris Hansen Ive been sober for months.. and working graveyard is eating my soul away...
SCORPIO: Can be mean. EXTREMELY sexy. Intelligent. Energetic. Predict future. Most erotic. Freak in bed. GREAT kisser. Always get what they want. Sexy. Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Romantic. Caring. Blue Eyes- People with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. They are pretty or handsome & very good kissers. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why. They are very funny and outgoing and don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and love to please. They will always exceed your pleasure standards.
My Poems
BELIEVE A PRELUDE TO RAINBOWS AND DREAMS To believe in your Dreams is to believe in yourself And also In Christmas and silly little elves So it would seem If you believe in your dreams You believe in God and Jesus too And everyone knows that a rainbow is a miracle that only they can do And if the truth be known they make the rainbows just for you Reality Rainbows and dreams are never what they seem Rainbows give you false hope in the stormy skies Dreams fill your nights and make you cry You can never touch a rainbow or ever hold your dreams They always hover just beyond reach and neither are what they seem When I’m all alone and dream at night I dream of her and hold her tight I dream of her and starry nights Each holding the other in a rainbow swirl And just for a moment I can pretend she is my girl But when dawn comes I open my eyes Feeling empty inside, feeling like my heart has died And lonely little tears
Reportedly Mental
12,676 Points to go! till level 16 Help me blast away.. Now I'm appearing in your blast window for a week!!! BLAST ME AWAY WITH LOVE AND RATES GUYS LOVE YOU ALL!! Just fot 2 days..I know you will all miss me but it's okay.. Ill be back ready to drink and party! Later guys!! see you in 48! I found a site on almost any game you can think of, Totally informative and had walkthroughs for all my games.
Back To Work!!!
I have finally been released to go back to work and started today....I will not be on as much but will try my best to keep up as much as I can. Of course, my HH giveaway started the day before I went back lol. But I have had a couple of dedicated friends that have been helping me out.....I am coming home from work and maxing my comments, however, if you get bored and want to help a girl out click on the link below and it will take you straight to the page I need comments on.....Anyone that knows me knows each and every comment will be appreciated!! I will not be posting as many comments as I usually did but will try to show extra love on my days off!! Luvs ya all!!!
"A Friend" (A)ccepts you as you are elieves in "you" (C)alls you just to say "HI" oesn't give up on you (E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts) (F)orgives your mistakes (G)ives unconditionally (H)elps you (I)nvites you over (J)ust listens to you (K)eeps you close at heart (L)oves you for who you are (M)akes a difference in your life ever Judges (O)ffer support (P)icks you up (Q)uiets your fears (R)aises your spirits (S)ays nice things about you (T)ells you the truth when you need it (U)nderstands you (V)alues you (W)alks beside you (X)-plains thing you don't understand ells when you won't listen and (Z)aps you back to reality whats minnie w/out mickey? whats tigger w/out pooh? whats patrick w/out sponge bob? whats me w/out YOU???"
Easy Pumpkin Pie
I am currently taking "submissions" for a FWB as I do not want a relationship. So if interested in submitting yourself (FEMALES ONLY) let me know... ;) So there isn't any confusion: You must be young, in GREAT shape, insatiable and a bit masochistic. I am tired of going to bars with the guys all the time. I am tired of dating all the wrong people. What does it take to find one that captures my interest with every sense? Sight, Sound, Touch and Taste.... Call me weird but I like my woman a bit clingy. I like when she wants to call all the time, when she wants to come over to my place or have me over at hers constantly. I keep on finding human felines, they want affection on their terms and their timetable. If I was looking for a series of carnal rendezvous with strange women I would be a happy man but I want more. I want a reason to stay home. I have been very busy for a while plus my girlfriend and I split up so I have been putting in as many extra hours at work as poss
The Day I Was Born
137,892 People Natural disasters in 1979 * Windsor Locks, Connecticut Tornado People who died on May 14 (various years) * 2007 - Ülo Jõgi, Estonian freedom fighter * 2006 - Eva Norvind, Mexican actress * 2006 - Stanley Kunitz, American poet * 2006 - Lew Anderson, American actor and bandleader * 2004 - Anna Lee, British actress * 2003 - Robert Stack, American actor * 2003 - Wendy Hiller, British actress * 2003 - Dave DeBusschere, American basketball player * 2000 - Obuchi Keizo, Prime Minister of Japan * 1998 - Marjory Stoneman Douglas, American conservationist * 1998 - Frank Sinatra, American singer and actor * 1997 - Harry Blackstone Jr., American magician * 1995 - Christian B. Anfinsen, American Nobel laureate * 1993 - William Randolph Hearst Jr., American newspaper magnate * 1993 - Patrick Haemers, Belgian criminal * 1992 - Nie Rongzhen, Chinese Communist military leader * 1992 -
Poems Someone Wrote Me
Taste honey form her rosy-red lips, Win formulates in the valley below. Drips of wine settle on her purplish-red lips, As morning dew freshly hit by the sun. Kiss each of the lips with the gentleness, Of a mother and her babe. In the distance see twin mountain peaks, As Mount Everest in double vision. Cherry colored peaks set on each mountain, Crimson and hard as granite. Emotions rage through my head, my heart, As I touch her silken skin. Names to call her roams through my mind, Ecstasy...delight… lust… One name fits what I feel in my heart, And which she causes…Euphoria….Euphoria. By: Robert Stockten Eyes clash across the room, Enticement crosses their minds, Words spoken softly to each other, Flowers bloom within their hearts, Feelings develop toward one another. Days pass as passion swells, Expectations are beyond mortal minds, The night comes soon enough, Sweet desire passes through their parted lips, She becomes everything to him, he
i had a baby girl names Lakota Elizabeth Roberts on November29,2007 at 4.45pm and she weighed 7lbs 4.5 ounces and was 20inches long and she made such a diffrence in my life in the little time that she was here she went home to be with jesus on dec 8th 2007 i love her so very much and miss her do much but she will forever be in my heart i love you Lakota Elizabeth Roberts forever and always love mommy Get More at i love you and miss you
Somewhere To Come With My Thoughts
Monday, February 18 This is a transition day when it is hard to get much done as communicator Mercury ends its retrograde phase. It may take a few days to untangle misunderstandings and to tie up loose ends, but we are ready to move forward again, having fought against a cosmic undertow since last November. Additionally, the Moon enters lively Leo at 1:51 pm EST, enabling us to express our needs, which we may have been keeping quietly to ourselves for the last few days.Aries You might feel more optimistic, but nothing necessarily happens now to support your belief that things are getting better. Nevertheless, your positive attitude can be exactly the catalyst that you need to shift your life into the next gear. Don't be afraid to plan for the future; you'll be there sooner than you think. Taurus You could spend much of this week solving problems that developed over the last couple of weeks. Your frustration begins to dissipate as your efforts quickly reap the desired results, y
Fubar Pirate Ship
Welcome ye scurvy dogs to the Fubar Pirate ship! If ye wish to be crew, then send the Cap'n a message! If this be yer wish, then abide by these rules ye must! 1: Fan, add and rate yer Captain and crew as a show of loyalty! 2: Repost the ship's bulletins! 3: Spend a bit of yer booty and buy all of those who ye add a shot of rum! When ye've done this, contact the cap'n and he'll add ya to the crew to plunder the Fubar seas as one of our own. If ye wish not to be a member of the ship, then ye are condemned to walk the plank! Nursin a fine hangover, the Cap'n and crew set out once again. Somewhere around the vicinity of a mysterious island shrouded in mist, we came across the Pirate ship Revenge, where our Fist Mate and Rum Wench, Pixi, had been visitin and swappin tales with the Dread Pirate Roberts. We brough 'er back aboard and set off sou' souwest in a rising gale that portended an incredible storm on the horizon. Your Captain, Master Feather: Master
Something I Wrote For The Ladies
Just think to yourself that you have been out to dinner with me and as we talked the conversation got a little steamy so we finished our meal and wine and we left we then take a slow walk back to your place. as we walk I lean into you and I give you a slow gentle kiss on the cheek you then turn as I go to kiss you once more I then slowly start to kiss your lips slowly taking each lip between mine in turn now before we get carried away in the middle of the street we slowly stop kissing and carry on walking this time I have one hand rubbing your spine through your open back dress as we walk we talk all the way back to your place once there we walk through the door I then get hold of your hand and turn you towards me with this you then see for the first time the large lump in my trousers I then pull you once again in close to me as you come close I start to kiss your cheek then your neck and behind your ear I then slowly make my way back heading towards your mouth once there as we start t
Crazy Things I Do!!!!
Ok I am in a comment bomb contest! I know I hate bombing too but I really want a VIP so I do what I must. Now ya’ll know I am like crazy busy so I cannot bomb all day, so here is the thing… I will give you FUbucks for comments. For every 100 comments I will give you 2,000 FUbucks! Just let me know when you have finished and the bucks will be on the way. If you cannot do that many then please leave a rate and whatever comments you can. Thank tons all. Again thx all… luvs ya!!!! Ok yall I did it!!! I put myself in an auction... what am I doing?!?!? lol Ok so here is the link and what I am offering, intersted then check it out if not pls at least leave me a comment here to know I'm crazy, lol. XOXOXOXOXO Minimum Bid 200,000 Fubucks ~~Sexie Mami~~ Offers 1. Rate, fan & add you if haven't already 2. Added to my family list if you're not already 3. Added to my top friends list if you're not already 4. Rate all your pics 11's During HH's 5. Rate all Bogs Duri
A Slient Angel Called "he"
A SILENT ANGEL CALLED "HE" There has been an accident And someone is hurt bad There's a mom and daughter in one car The other the son and dad He responds to the call And arrives at the scene What he sees he handles But would make us turn green He jumps from the truck he's in And runs to the nearest car The mom and daughter are ok Not a bump, a bruise, or mar He moves to the second car And the sight that greets him there It makes his caring heart break But he cannot shed his tears The dad is sitting on the seat He was not buckled in His head against the windshield The wheel beneath his chin He knows by the look of things That the dad is dead and gone He checks his pulse hoping he's wrong Then to the son moves on The son had on his seatbelt When the accident occured And is trying to get out But will not speek a word He opens up the car door And takes the boy's wee hand And sooths and calms the ch
A Poem
eyes glued shut from a man made material mouth weild close, hiding in fear of you wanting to shout, but nuthing comes out looking at my reflection, the sight i can't bare searching for a twinge of hope, but nothing seems to be there mkaing up excuses for the way you lay your hand blaming myself for your actions, because it's i you can't stand day in and day out i live in pure shame suffering from a lack of love lay abandon, num now i can feel no pain only if i had gone about it better would the results still be the same........ looking at my reflection, the sight i can't bare unable to look away i continue to stare i wish i would have died before i got to this point where everything is upside down i wish the tears would have stopped before i got this far where im dehydrated mentally mornings i wake with a wet pillow soaked from the tears which put me to sleep that night a smile on my face so false even a stranger can te
Hello Loved Onez
Falling Star
I made a wish upon a falling star. My wish was to find a love so true. One day passed and then another til the day we said hello. Time passed and friendship grew til the moment came that I knew. You are the wish I made, now come true. From then on words have meaning. Life is bright and love is now ours. I gave to you the one thing I swore to protect knowing that you would protect it too. We share our life, we share a home, looking forward to all the things we dream and share. So when I see a star I remember the wish I made that has come true because I see it everyday in you! I love you each and every moment we spend together and look forward to watching us grow.
Lets Make Love
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A Whole Lotta Gasms
Sex in a boat = Oargasms Sex with a nerd = Dorkgasms Sex at the entrance to your house = Doorgasms Sex on the carpet or linoleum = Floorgasms Sex at the supermarket = Storegasms Sex with wild pigs = Boargasms Sex at a Stephen King movie = Horrorgasms Sex with a prostitue = Whoregasms Sex with a storyteller = Loregasms Sex with an accountant = Boregasms Sex while sleeping = Snoregasms Sex with Arthur = Dudley Mooregasms Sex with cartoon donkeys = Eeyoregasms Sex while broke = Poorgasms Sex with a LEO = Roargasms Sex for hours and hours on end = Soregasms Sex on a golf course = Foregasms Sex with a nymphomaniac = Ready for Moregasms Sex in a gold mine = Oregasms Sex with a dermatologist = Poregasms Sex with the vice president = Al Goregasms Sex with chocolate marshmallows = S'moregasms Sex with a bullfighter = Toreadorgasms Sex with a masked man carrying a sword = Zorogasms Sex on the beach = Shoregasms Sex when you get an award = Honogas
Hey everyone make sure you stop by and show Imagine~ some luv she is the greastest Fu owner and will return the luv when she gets a chance. Imagine ~ Owned by Kindofapisser~Owner of MrDiamond~Owner of Kindofapisser~Storm of the JLM@ fubar
Magic of Love Love is like magic and it will always be, for love still remains lifes sweet mystery! Love works in ways that are wonderful and strange and there is nothing in life that love cannot change! Love can transfer from the most common place into beauty and splendor and sweetness and grace! Love is the answer that everyone seeks... love is the language that everyone speaks! Love can't be bought it's priceless and free love is like pure magic it's lifes sweet mystery! When You Thought I Wasn't Looking When you thought I wasn't looking, I felt you kiss me good night, And I felt loved. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw tears come from your eyes, And I learned that sometimes things hurt, But it's all right to cry. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw that you cared And I wanted to be everything that I could be. When you thought I wasn't looking, I looked ... And wanted to say thanks for all the things I saw When you thought I wasn
Some Thing Missing?
I know its been along time. Well I wake up the last few days and I feel like some thing or I am missing? Not sure what it is ether. I have single now for almost 5 years now. And for the most party very happy. But I do have some one that I thing I am close to. She is amazing. But as things seen to go with me she is so far away! So I'm not sure that its just cuz the distance between us, or its some thing else. once again the lonelyness creeps in to my soul. Or was it ever really gone? Once again my humanity is taken from me. Once again the darkness consumes me. Darkness my old friend you have returned. Once again you stick to your steal blade in to my heart. But my soul you may never have. Once again you test my fath in others. Once again you have given me one that can not endure the test of time and hardship. Is there no one the can endure this test? Once again the word love has no meaning.  
Fab Fu Females :)
Sorry Boys ~ But this is Ladies Only! This is the Fabulous Fubar Females! In order to join this train - You must first rate/fan/add all of the people on the list. Once you do that, send me ~ BrattyBytch a Private Message, and I will add you to the list. Its that simple. Your Hostess : BrattyBytch{{Thunder & Lightning Levelers ~ Team Captain}}@ fubar The Fabulous Females:::::: Lucie in the Sky @ fubar MishNumber1 ¢¾ Rate & Fan Me Or No Add ¢¾@ fubar Carrie@ fubar CinDragon~CoFounder of Thunder&Lightning Levelers~CoPilot of Fantasy Flight@ fubar ~GoofyLady~ *FuAngel * Bad Girls*Proud Member Of Love Shack*@ fubar "ChelleBelle" tattoo'd & pierced Bulliever & Charm Girl-read my about me b4 adding@ fubar ¢¾JEN¢¾@ fubar P77sam..LOVE HURTS,MEMBER OF RATING REVOLUTION....@ fubar In my dreams...or yours? ~*~Shadow Leveler~*~CONVOY leader~*~Fantasy Flight Pilot~*~Fu Bad Girl~*~
today i was looking around and i noticed a tree and i thought how dose this tree stay so strong ill tell you y. its roots run deep1 it give a little2 and it also changes with the days 3/So i belive if we learn from this god created wonder well all be better]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Interested In 50,000.00
I have been lucky enough to get the Arches Ave. Looking to see if someone has the Golden Ave piece. If so we can split the 100,000.00 prize. If you have it and are interested in winning 50,000.00 please let me know.
Been Gone
Wow it feels like forever since I have been able to spend time here. I started back to school in September and I have been swamped since. I hope all my friends here understand that I haven't been able to share the luv of the fu on account of that.. Hope you are all doing well. See you sometime soon! Miss the Fu and you!
Dont Vote Obama!!!
How could anyone actually live with themselves knowing that they aided in the downfall of society? revelations speaks of the mark of the beast and this liars idea of global health care is only the begining of the end. we must all come together, all faiths and come against this imposter. he is no american, he refuses to say the pledge or salute the flag and as a person in government patriotism should go with out saying, which makes you wonder what his real ideals are.. i ask you all to do the right thing and prevent this liar from becoming president forget making history and actually elect someone who WONT destroy our country even more than it allready is. limit the control and conformity and give power back to the people.
My Daughter Brianna
Need Help.. Please Read
Can you spare 10 minutes? Poker Princess needs 12,500 comments on this pic for an Auto 11 Giveaway! If everyone that reads this bulletin dropped her 100 comments, she could reach that goal in NO time at all!
Auto 11 Auction
Oh, the coveted Auto 11.... If you would like one, I am holding an auction for an auto 11 bling. Opening bid is 3 million fubucs.... Click on the pic to come place your bid... Auction ends Saturday, 2/21 at 9:00 PM PST.
Time To Settle This!!!
if love is just a four letter word, then way does people wait there whole life to feel it if love is just a four letter word, why does it hurt so much if love is just a four letter word, how come we all have cried over it if love is just a four letter word, then why we ever say it when i said that four letter word i felt ever letter of it whe i said that four letter word it never hurt that much when i said that four letter word i cried tears of joy but they best part of that four letter was when i heard you say it to hear something you never heard to feel something you never felt to see something you never saw and to to touch someone whom you thought was untouchable is the most vauble thing you can ever do. So next time your with the one who you thought was these things take it in because the next time might not be so perfect
Fucking bastards!!!! I have today had to cancel all my card details because of thieving fucking bastards who won't get off of their own arses to earn a decent living of their own. They boil my piss and I hope they rot in hell. End of rant, not that anyone's listening..... pfftt. Jen xxx
These Contestants Are Up For Auction
Well, I got 20 days til I'm supsed to be fighting in Kearney, Nebraska.  This fight as been moved twice, and I am over anxious.  I don't really know how else to calm down but to write about it, so I am just bullshitting my way thru a blog just to feel better.  I have halted training for a few days just so I can relax, and tr and escape from the fight, but I just can't get it off my mind.  What makes it worse is BOREDOM.. Sitting here doing nothing isn't helping much, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. I feel tired, sore, and drained both physically and mentally, from having to wait longer and longer.  Having personal and financial issues (not that everyone else isn't), but that just makes the lead up to the fight more stressful.  20 days... I've dealt with worse before, but sometimes you feel overwhelmd and just have to vent sometimes.  Anyway, Just felt like writing I guess.  So thanks for reading, and I'll see yall next time!! CJ 'GameBoy'
What Is A Redneck?
Can some please tell me what a redneck is ? I see rebel flags hanging and when i ask what it means to them they dont know . Can i get the true please.
Twaunes Auction#7
Well here we go again....up for fu auction.. plz only serious bids welcome! Thx in advance, Muahz! Elaina
Do You .......
                      Get This! So many people ask me what PMSL means  so instead of explaining it please read this and rate it 10 or 11   Pisses   My   Self   Laughing       There - now maybe you wont ask again :) xxxxxx ROFLMAO    
Fu-marry Me!
So, you wanna be my fu-hubby??   Here's how! Requirements: MUST HAVE A SALUTE   Copy and paste these questions with your answers in a private mail to me. 1. Age: 2. Location: 3. Fubar Level: 4. How active on fubar/how often: 5. Who's gonna buy the fu-marriage: 6. What's in it for me: 7. Are you my fan: 8. Ever fu-married before:  
like a nosedive in cold water, burning holes in your face.Created by laurenpwns and taken 54 times on Bzoink Hello, what is the name you were given at birth?: Kalista Rae Cooper How old are you and when is your birthday? Do you like your age?: 21, May 28 1988, and umm sure? lol Where do you live? Are there fun things to do in your town?: Moline IL, no not really Im usually in Davenport IA lol just sleep in IL What school do you go to, if you actually still go to school anymore?: Ill be going to Black Hawk College in Jan Would people consider you more immature or mature?:
Kat's Place
hi everyone come join me at naughty babes lounge everyone is welcome

Father's Day
The Disease
Ok so those of you who come here to pose and fake ur way through a semi real life have nothing and nobody to blame but yourselves for how badly your life is going. Those of you who are secure in yourselves enough to show the real you out of the box and get dissed and slapped down by the narrow minded people i aplaud you and hope you keep on with your freedom and continue to express yourselves and how you truly feel.Keep on being an individual and not a clone.
My Eyes
Hi everyone, I wanted to tell you that I am having an extreme problem with my eyes these days.This is why I have not been on fu for a few days and why I won't be here alot for awhile.The eye specialist that I have doesn't know what else to do so they are sending me to Wilmer Eye Institute to see if they can help me. Wilmer is a great place(the greatest anywhere) and hopefully they can help me!For those of you who don't know this I spent a year being blind about 10 years ago. Wilmer helped get my eyesight back for me and I sure hope they can do it agian.I am telling you all this now while I can still see some. My eyesight is diminishing quickly and I don't know how much longer I will be able to see to type.I want you all to know how much you mean to me and how much I am missing you already. Some days I can see enough to type and some days not.My specialist here says I am not eligble for cornea transplants but I am hoping Wilmer will see it differently.I will be here when I can.Hopefully
Asking For Your Respect!
Hello everyone, we would like to know your thoughts on whether Joe Kinetic and Celestino Lee should make a song together. Please feel free to leave me your comments so that these AWESOME ARTISTS can see your thoughts :-) I am asking all men and women to please respect that I have met someone that I am very interested in getting to know a lot more, and seeing where it goes. I will be friends with you, however, I will not flirt nor will I talk sex with you. If you come to me with any kind of sex chat. I will simply delete you without a second thought. I will not say who it is for he know who he is but I will say this. Even though I may not be considered his girlfriend, his baby or anything of that nature yet, to me, I am taken, and not interested in anyone else. I found who I am looking for so please respect my wishes, and respect whatever our relationship may be. Thank you. LeAnn
What Ever Happen
answer this question you meet some one u be gan to like them and u become real shy and all things turn real shitty.alls you do is think about the person and they fall for another pereson.. what ever happen to real people
~*prose Of Purg*~
Bridges are both spontaneous and simultaneous. They are simultaneously the most Noble the most Needed the most Used and the most Beautiful architectural undertakings/achievements known to ALL Humanity! They are designed to stand up to the Woes and the Wear & Tear of ALL of Nature's Wanton-Wares. Spread 'em! Bridge-makers are the most Noble Profession known to ALL Humanity, for like Bridges themselves, Bridge-makers are Present in every locale in every Profession and in every Place. Spread 'em! No Bridge is un-breakable, but ONLY the Strong can Stand the test of Time. No Bridge is un-makeable, yet ONLY the weak can fold on a dime. Spread 'em! They either Stand or fall... they're either Has-beens or Never-Weres. Spread 'em! Cicadas trumpet de`guello chants in an all-too-familiar, random drumline. The night blooms black in a star-spotted bruise, no clouds in her sky, save for the thin jet-stream just below... The brightest of August moons
Random Thoughts
Intimacy I am having another moment of random thoughts (or as a good friend says "brain diarrhea" LOL). I recently started reading this book "The seven levels of Intimacy". It is quite a good book and my reason for reading it is to gain more knowledge in True Intimacy. Already I am surprised at how well I can relate and how true the Authors words are. Here is a paragraph from the book: "The problem is, we are afraid. We are afraid to reveal ourselves, afraid to share ourselves, afraid to allowed others into our hearts, minds, and souls. We are afraid to be ourselves. We are afraid that is people really knew us they wouldn't love us. That is the deepest of all human fears, lurking in the heart of every person. Consciously and subconsciously, we are always asking ourselves, "If they really knew me, would they still love me? Employ me? Want to hand out with me?" We desperately want to love and be loved. But we want to be loved for who we are, warts and all. And although we are afr
*bad Xample*
During the early Spanish colonial rule in the late 1600's on the island of Guam, there lived two newlyweds in the quiet hillside village of Maina. The couple, a Spanish officer and his Chamorro bride. Before marrying, the bride's husband was romantic, dashing and polite. But soon after their honeymoon, he became cruel and abusive. Every night the husband demanded fresh mountain stream water with his food and sent his wife to the small creek in the valley below to fetch his water. After a while, the woman actually began to enjoy her lonely walks and eventually it became a ritual that she looked forward to. Her favorite time was during the full moon when the moon's reflection shimmered across the surface of the moving creek like dancing stars, with the gentle wind whistling through the jungle foliage. Her husband soon began to notice that it took longer and longer for her return and became enraged. Then one stormy and rainy night on their first wedding anniversary and during a new
Rants, Tangents And Other Miscellaneous Crap From My Brain
Ok so time to rant I wont use names here! Lets just say that it seems like shit keeps snowballin and I find out more stuff all the time. I go to my moms yesterday only to find out that she "knew" what was going on between my sister and the person i used to love. Apparently my niece came over quite awhile ago and told my mom what was goin on. Then my mom starts cryin and tellin me she wished she was dead, that she cant handle whats goin on between us girls and that she wish we could just have decent lives. Of course I assured my mom that I am fine, obviously Im not happy about the situation, but Im ok and I can deal with it. I also assured her that I would never start shit with my sister over it at my moms house or durning any family functions. But now Im even more fuckin pissed, now I feel even more hate for these two because, its now affecting my mother, and shes not in the best health and doesnt need to be worrying about all this. I swear to mother fuckin god, the n
>>>VIRGOsomeone loves them right now. >Great at keeping secrets. >Freak in bed. >Always wants the last word. >Caring. >Smart. >Addictive. >Attractive. >Loud. >Loyal. >Easy to talk to. >Hard to forget >Love at first sight wit u babe >Everything u ever wanted >Easy to please >The one and only >ultimate sexiness >>>SCORPIOEXTREMELY sexy. >Intelligent. >Energetic. >Predict future. >Most erotic. >(Freak in bed.) >(GREAT kisser.) >Always get what they want. >Sexy. >Attractive. >Easy going. >Loves being in long relationships. >Talkative. >The sexiest ever.... >Romantic. >Caring. >>>LIBRAVery romantic. >Nice to everyone They meet. >Their Love is one of a kind. >Silly, fun and sweet. >Have own unique sexiness. >Most caring person you will ever meet! >Amazing n Bed..!!! >Did I say Amazing in Bed? >not the kind of person you wanna skrew with... u might end up crying... >the most irresistible >>>ARIESlovable >Spontanious. >Not one to FUCK with. >Erotic. >Funny. >Take you on trips to th
Black Days
Black Days Darkness approaches Once more I turn to melancholy Turning in on myself A period of introspection Full of doubts How will I find the light to guide me? So long in the darkness Isolated and alone Time passes by One empty day after another Should I end it all? Is that the only answer? What happens if I do nothing? A slow decline Into middle age and still further on Into old age Still nothing has been achieved A few small successes along the way But is that enough to save me? Will God reject my soul as empty and shallow? Will I be handed to the Devil to hang from the gallows?
Male Dom
Hentai Images
Amys' Blog!
Aletheia Kikugawa, forever missed! RIP 1-10-07 Pregnant woman's boyfriend is arrested in her slaying By NICOLE MARSHALL World Staff Writer 1/11/2007 A man had blood on his clothing and was driving his pregnant girlfriend's car when he was arrested in connection with her stabbing death Wednesday morning, police records show. Detectives arrested Jesus Francisco Hernandez, 33, on a first-degree murder complaint in the death of Aletheia Kikugawa, 32. Kikugawa was four to five months' pregnant, an arrest report states. After an autopsy and review by prosecutors, Hernandez could be charged with the death of the fetus as well as with Kikugawa's killing, according to state law. The slaying was discovered by Kikugawa's ex-husband about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, when he went to her residence at the Colonial Park Apartments, 7633 E. 21st St., to pick her up for an appointment, Officer Jason Willingham said. "When he walked inside, he saw her on the kitchen floor, dead
Act Accordingly
put together some quotes by one of my favorite authors...don't know what he was on when he wrote this stuff but its worth sharing A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. Douglas Adams Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. Douglas Adams Arthur hoped and prayed that there wasn't an afterlife. Then he realised there was a contradiction there and merely hoped that there wasn't an afterlife. Douglas Adams Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. Douglas Adams For a moment, nothing happened.Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen. Douglas Adams He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it. Douglas Adams He inched his way up the corridor as if he would rather be yarding his way
The Dance
Your eyes open, where am I you ask yourself? This isn't my room. I went to sleep in my room, that's my bed but where am I. You wipe your eyes and they focus. You're right you are no longer in your room. You now lie in a meadow filled with fragrant flowers, a coolness in the air and the moon shining brightly down upon you. You know this place, it's a place where you spent many a childhood days. You hear a voice call to you. You turn in the darkness and see a hand reach out for yours. "Care to dance?" The voice asks as you take the hand. You try to see who is there but the persons face you can not see. Only hearing the softness of their voice. Caring and tender you both dance. No Music is heard only the music of your breathing and heart beats. Your dance partner softly whispers to you " I see you still enjoy dancing in the moonlight like you did when you were young." Softly you whisper back "Yes, I do how did you know that I danced in the moonlight when I was a child?" The reply is clea
Is My Happiness Disapearring
so its almost here, and w.the way my luck is going lately its gonna be another crappy one, i've never had a real good bday, theres always family fighting, or just fighting w.ppl, its like im not meant to be happy for my bday, im sure i'll be doing notta on it, or just be depressed cause of watever is going on, i dont even know y i bother trying to make it special somedays, oh well wateve i guess im srry for being a drag, just had a bad couple days hope everyones is better then mine take care and thanks for listening jenny so i guess things really do end for the good ppl, idk if i'll ever get it back, i cared about him so much, i dont even know if he realized that and i dont even know if he even really cared about me, im so confused and hurting right now that im lost and think i'll always will be, i guess i was never meant to be happy im gonna miss him so much and dont know wat im gonna do w.out him Thursday, May 03, 2007 Is my happiness going to fall apart Current mood
Am I Wrong??
Am I wrong for not wanting to expose myself on cam or in luscious pics?? I mean don't get me wrong they are erotic, and hell I like looking at them myself. But I feel I shouldn't have to take it all off and bear it for you to find me sexy or irristable. I am by far not condoning anyone that does do it, to each their own. NO I don't have the best body! For those that will say "She's just saying this because she don't have a body like this to be showing." NO I don't think i'm all that, but I am a women and that alone makes me beautiful! To those that will say "She thinks her shit don't stink and she too good to put dirty pics on here." YES I maybe! But God and my genes gave me what I have and I intend to make the best of it. To the pretty and petite females that will say "She's just jealous she don't look like this." And men plz don't bash me thinking that I am trying to convince women not to take their clothes off in pics or on cam because that is not the case. Li
Happy 4th Of July To All My Ct Friends
An Update
Well its been a while since I wrote a blog other then my drunk blog. Things around here have been kinda crazy. Lots of stuff going on with so little time to get it all done. I live in Sudbury housing its geared to income I had to get my mom to fill out paper work to be able to live with me. They called us July 10 and said she was not approved to live here. I can and have appealed the decision. I dropped off all the paper work today for that so with the next few weeks I should know whats going on with that. Tristen goes to Churchill for a summer program 4 days a week Monday to Thursday and we are going to put him in Fridays also. From 8am-4pm. He really likes it. We walk there from home as we only like about a 10 min walk from the school and all he can say is I am going to summer preschool. What a kid. He loves when I drop it off not so happy when I show up to pick him up. Kieyah is potty training working on it. She has this thing where shes not to happy to pee on the potty when
Support Our Troops
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: k.c. Date: Jul 31, 2007 12:33 PM ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: marchelleDate: Jul 31, 2007 1:52 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------*Turn up your volume*You stay up for 16 hours.He stays up for days on end.You take a warm shower to help you wake up.He goes days or weeks without running water.You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket.He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags.You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you.He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists.You co
Beware Of The Perfume Scam!!!!!!
Subject: please pass this around!!! Body: Scary everyone should read this!!! be safe! Body: MAKE SURE YOUR DAUGHTERS KNOW & EVERYONE ELSE This was written by a guyfrom KVLY-TV in Fargo. This is true. Scary! This is something that happened to us on the way back from vacation lastweek. At first I didn't think much of it until now. The reason we were alittle suspicious is we had been riding in a jeep all day with 100degree temps and we stopped at a truck stop for something to drink. WhenI was leaving, a young girl followed me out and asked what kind ofcologne I was wearing. Well, after 7 hours in the car sweating, I don't think you could tell ifI was or was not wearing any cologne. We just got in the jeep and saidno thanks. Then it was about 3 weeks ago, I was at a service station in Birminghamgetting gas. It was about 9:30 PM. I was approached by 2 men and 2 womenin a car. The man that was driving asked me 'What kind of perfume do youwear?' I was a bit confused and I asked him 'Why?' He
I'm going to try and be nice in this one so I don't have to mark it "nsfw". Today my son calls me from his friend's house to ask me if he could go to the park and play basketball with his friend. It was 1800 and I knew how far this park was, so I said okay because the friend's mother was going to give them a ride and then pick them up. 1900 rolls begins to get dark close to about I asked if the mother was on her way and my son said "yes". 2000 rolls around and he text'd me "she's on her way"..Now I begin to worry cause my son takes his meds at night and something told me she wasn't going to be there so a few minutes later, I called my son on his cellphone and he ended up at another friend's house along with the friend he went to the park with. So I figure, okay, at least they are inside somewhere and she'll pick them up there...wroonnng answer. Long story short, they ended up being brought back to my son's friend's house and the mother still wasn't home. Then the b
9-11 In Honor Of Gregg
Lt. Gregg Arthur Atlas World Trade Center Hero to the End "Everybody ran to the stairs," recalled Gregory Warnock, a 20-year-old broker trainee who worked on the 39th floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center. "We started making our way down, landing by landing." At the 18th floor, "there was an older fireman one floor below me. He gave me a smile. He was huffing and puffing, laughing to himself, making a joke about his age." The 44-year-old lieutenant accepted Mr. Warnock's offer to help carry gear up about 25 flights of stairs, and he jokingly asked if the broker trainee was a firefighter. Told that Mr. Warnock was a broker, "he said, 'you stay doing that, it's better money.' " "People were coming down, saying people were trapped on the 72nd floor. He said to me, 'Go down, you did a great job.' " Before Mr. Warnock left, he asked the firefighter's name. "He was like, 'Gregg Atlas,' and he bent down and flexed like Atlas the bodybuilder." Profile pub
Level Up
~LEVELERS OF WICKED STORM AND FRIENDS~ NEEDS 3,138 Monique@ fubar Needs 1,223 rednecknot19@ fubar Needs 10,024 Rebelgirl is the bitch who fell off!@ fubar 4,237 Points to go! psychorainstorm man 4 life@ fubar 1,312 Points To Go ! ~~Lonewolf Leader Of The Wolf Pac~~ Member Wicked Storm Crew~~Bartender Horror Zone~~ Fu Hubby To Qu@ fubar 2,918 Points to go! Rebelgirl~Member of WSC@ fubar Marlbro Man Psychorainstorm's R/L Man & Fuhubby & Owner of WSC@ fubar Will {RL HUSBAND TO DRKREFLECTIONS}~GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY~@ fubar ~~Ozzfanatic2~~
Kiss Per Yard
Walking up to a department store's fabric counter, a pretty girl asked, > "I want to buy this material for a new dress. How much does it cost?" > "Only one kiss per yard," replied the smirking male clerk. > "That's fine," replied the girl. "I'll take ten yards." > With expectation and anticipation written all over his face, the clerk > quickly measured out and wrapped the cloth, then teasingly held it out. > The girl snapped up the package and pointed to a little old man standing > beside her. "Grandpa will pay the bill," she smiled.
The Beginning
Ok,well recently I have a lot of night time on my hands.I've recently broke away from a brief but heavy on my heart relationship.We was together for about 9 months,, we acted great together when we had the time,,she was always quick to get a temper, I was anti confrontational .So I had enough,,I had to go,,I'm on my own now ,,she tries to make amends,,I just can't not ,especially how my moving came about. I was forced to live in a tent fer about a week,,one night of pourin rain a few nights were ok,, but I had all the amenities ,,bbq grill,,power and internet,,lol yea I know ,,in a tent,,it was mainly to secure my accounts before it could be jeopardized.I ended up waiting till friday,,payday. I secured a place on the water right smack dab in between lake Ontario and Irodiquoit bay. whatta score I thought,I don't kare if the walls fall out,,I'm here fer the duration,,( I've always dreamed of livin on water) loving it!Alone!
Panther@ Fubar
~&hearts~Sexy Native Chick * Proud Recruiter for Confederate~&hearts~@ fubarhref="" target=_blank>panther@ fubar panther@ fubar i'm they only one that can be the one who can hold life together forever
i have to go to work... it so sux!!! i need a drink! someone buy me one!
Go Elf Yourself!
am i the only one who find this fucking funny as hell?? so much fun! Go take it and tell me what you got :)!%5D/
An Angel does not always have soft fluffy white wings, As it can be your best friend, where pure happiness to you they bring, Someone who you keep close in your heart, Being a part of each other and never falling apart, An angel can be big or it can be small, Just look around and you will see them all, For they don't always need to fly, And when you see one you will get a sparkle in your eye, An angel will be there when you need a helping hand, They will always stay beside you where ever you may stand, Then when you feel like no one about you don't care, Just turn around for there will be an angel standing there, An angel will be with you even if the sun don't shine, As you will feel their tender sweet loving touch and you will be fine, So what is an angel you may ask, They are all the earth's people just hiding behind a mask, For many angels walk all around, Walking real quiet without making a sound, They will be with you even when your life ends, As you have so man
Pen, Broken
Pen, Broken (Written 1998) Beside the shirt, lying on the beige carpet of the bedroom, lay her pen, broken. I sat quietly and stared at it in something of a daze, reading the inscription, vaguely, repeatedly, hoping to find some small consolation in it. I had thought of the details of her journey, details she had described in the darkest witching hour of night, lying in my arms, talking as the warm night air had embraced us as much as we did each other. I imagined where she was at that moment, what she might be feeling, if anything. Would she cry? Small consolation if she did, and a smaller likelihood still. I could not imagine a woman with the least shred of compassion so coolly stripping me of the chance to say good-bye. Now I was sitting here as the minutes fell away to hours, staring at her pen. Such a meager offering on the altar of Passions Denied. A shirt, mine, but she had worn it that last night when her clothes accidentally became soaked because of a neglected sh
the last few days i have had pictures and stash rated NSFW I so cant believe this. Arent we adults? Its like this if anyone on my friends list cant handle my pictures get off my friends list I dont bother anyone or rate anyone NSFW maybe I should start. That is so not me.
It’s time to be happy, time to start anew time to grow time to love myself. It’s time to get over the past no more feelings of regret, no more tears of sadness no more pains of sorrow It’s time to stop being afraid and it’s time to be secure. Walls need to come down walls need to be broken. I must be strong I must be free it’s time to be happy. by Dark Raevyn Walls so thick heart of tin closed off to love no one is real Scared to love scared of the hurt scared of the pain love might bring. Break down those walls Open my heart Give me love Show me you are real. By: Dark Raevyn She holds her head up high another heartache another tear shed another love lost. She holds her head up high She still looks for the one The one to call her Angel, the one to give her love the one to give her joy She still looks for the one She has lost a lot she knows she will never win she is not sure she cares She holds her head up high
Centerfolds Tonight!
Owen Me
to bid on me open my photo ..
Everything I used to love about you Is now everything I've come to hate Being happy isn't having everything in my life perfect Maybe its about stringing together all the little things Making things count for more then the bad stuff Maybe if I can just get through it Thats all I can ask for... People are going to Want you, Need you, Exceed you, Take you, Beat you, Love you, Hate you, Play you, Rate you, && Break you but never ~ let anyone Make you Distance isn't for the fearful, it's for the bold. It's for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It's for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don't see it nearly enough. Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad cuz I miss you I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss.
Dallas Angel And Punisher Tells All
a little of what is going and punisher been talking on here for 2 years and were great friends then after a while we started having feelings, i knew of his feelings but untill 2 weeks ago he never knew of mine, i gave him my number and we talked for 9 days straight now i am living here i am truely inlove with him and he loves me i left a bad marrige of 17 years and never knew what love was till me and punisher started talking now that i am here it is so awesome to find my true love i know it sounds weird and the way things played out but we are both very happy if i had to it over again tomorrow i would i truly love him so wish us the best of luck any questioins just ask we will try and answer btw just because we are inlove you can still be friends with him or me thanks dallas angel and punisher 4 life
Pimp For A Day!
'~Kindbudgoddess~' Is Being A Pimpette For A Day She Would Like For You To Go Add Fan And Rate This Page And Help Level Him Up Is He Worthy? You May Never Know If You Don't Go And Add Him As A Friend Lost~and~never2Bfound@ fubar Please Stop By His Page And Show Him Lots Of Love It Would Really Mean Alot '~Kindbudgoddess~' This Bully Is Brought To You By Yours Truly ¿¿*~~®~~Mz. Poetic Angel Girl Next Door~~®~~*¿¿@ fubar (repost of original by '¿¿*~~®~~Mz. Poetic Angel Girl Next Door~~®~~*¿¿' on '2008-05-23 08:29:36')
Dream Place
1. Europa Royal 2. ban mexican steaks!!! 3. mezym forte 4. It's lost where??? 5. Gimme your pimples :)))) 6. expensive manicure 7. vėdarai 8. non-smoking room 9. Alita champagne 10. sun and wind 11. making love to the soul rather than to the body 12. it's alway fine when a nice lady calls you a taxi... I'm away to dream there... No comment. :)))
New Fubucks Giveaway..7-9-08
As you know once you are over level 25 you can no longer bid on a spotlight. I have alot of extra fubucks laying around that someone can put to a good use! So I have decided to host yet another Fubuck Giveaway! The prizes will be fubucks and everyone can win (PERFECT IF YOU WANT TO BID ON A SPOTLIGHT OR FOR BIDDING IN AUCTIONS). The amount of fubucks won depends on how many comments you get. How it works - however many comments you have at the close of the giveaway, I will stick a 0 on the end of the number (SO I MULTIPLY YOUR FINAL TOTAL BY 10) and thats how many fubucks you will get. (Example, if you get 5,000 comments, you will get 50,000 fubucks for your prize) ANYONE REACHING 10,000 COMMENTS AND ABOVE WILL RECEIVE A LEVEL 1 BLING PACK (12 PACK)!!! A FEW SIMPLE RULES ... No NSFW Pics Of Course,Must be SFW! Must Have At Least 2,500 Comments To Win Any Fubucks. Rates = 5 Comments Each, To Be Added To The Final Total. Self Comment Bombing Is Allowed And Encour
Can U Tame Tappinit?
Think you can tame me? I was flying thru the Jungle, minding my own business until WildlyPerfect and Frozen came along and trapped my Arse! They've placed me in this Auction in the hopes that someone can -possibly- tame me. Could it be you? DO show the Auction Hostess and her minion MUCH Jungle Love: Wildly Purrrfect ~WildCat~@ fubar Frozen Mystical Dreamzzzz IS The Promoter & VIP Member OF CWP!@ fubar Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N Roses
I'm A Stalker Roflmao Ok
If any one has used ( Bored?) its under fun & games link. So if you have used bored you will notice you rate a picture it moves to the next one in Fubar using a random order or something. And if you have rated a picture before they still come up with that said. I've been get a lot of paranoid people thinking I'm stalking them because I cross their page and not rate or any thing, lol, I guess I could down rate there picture let them know I'm not just staling then rate it up the next time ROFLMAO. And for the ones that have me blocked for this lol your loss all I was doing is what most beg for on here rating. So are they A. Paranoid or B. I'm a Stalker
You Can Let Go
YOU CAN LET GO by Crystal Shawanda Wind blowin' on my face Sidewalk flyin' beneath my bike A five year-old's first taste Of what freedom's really like He was runnin' right beside me His hand holdin' on the seat I took a deep breath and hollered As I headed for the street You can let go now, Daddy You can let go Oh, I think I'm ready To do this on my own (It's still) (It still feels) a little bit scary But I want you to know I'll be okay now, Daddy You can let go I was standin' at the altar Between the two loves of my life To one I've been a daughter To one I soon would be a wife When the preacher asked, 'Who gives this woman?' Daddy's eyes filled up with tears He kept holdin' tightly to my arm 'Til I whispered in his ear You can let go now, Daddy You can let go Oh, I think I'm ready To do this on my own (It's still) (It still feels) a little bit scary But I want you to know I'll be okay now, Daddy You can let go It was killin' me to see
Giving Up On Love
Now-a-days, it seems as though people use the word "love" too frivolously. Love should not be taken lightly and you should never tell someone you love them if you don't. Love is not always convenient, but if it is true love, it will overcome any obstacle. Here's a few quotes that I feel represent true love: True love is not how you forgive, but how you forget, not what you see but what you feel, not how you listen but how you understand, and not how you let go but how you hold on The best thing about loving and being hurt is that you get to know what true love really is. For as gold is tested in fire, and so will love be perfected in pain When you really love someone you accept all, You never give up and never let go, You love that person unconditionally.You love them completely It is impossible to fall out of love. Love is such a powerful emotion, that once it envelops you it does not depart. True love is eternal. If you think that you were once in love, but fell ou
End Of Summer
Just wanna say a quick hello to everyone! Hope everyones had a great summer!! School has finally started so I have a lil more free time but not much! My daughter is in gymnastics, my son is in cub scouts, and ive been baby-sittin and also gettin involved with scouts and different things that will be goin on at school. I am sorry to everyone for not bein around and not bein here to chit-chat but I hope yall understand why I cant be on like I use to. Anyway hope everyone is doin great and hope to catch up with yall sometime soon!! XOXO
I have to laugh when Pats fans still think that with Cassel they are still going to win 10 games.
Fu Bad Boys Roster
imikimi - Customize Your World ATTENTION ALL YOU GUYS IN FUBAR. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN THE OFFICIAL FU BAD BOYS CLUB. SO COME AND JOIN THE FU BAD BOYS CLUB. ALL YOU GUYS HAVE TO DO IS JUST RATE/FAN/ADD ALL THE MEMBERS ON THE LIST. IF YOU ALL READY KNOW THEM THEN JUST LEAVE A COMMENT TELLING THEM THAT YOU ARE JOININ. COMMENT THIS PAGE AND LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU ARE DONE. TY FOR WANTING TO JOIN THE FU BAD BOYS CLUB. Volare Dave "Offical Talent Tester" at the Whorehouse@ fubar Jepson@ fubar Dj Naelyon, - (SDMF) - (PO BOYZ) - EXCALIBUR RAWK RADIO Dj, also , MARRIED to REDRIDING HOOD@ fubar Ðûš†ïñ ~Master to Aphrodite~The Devil's Bartender @ Devilishly Delicious~@ fubar Kid SyN Owner @ Seductive Synners (Hiring all Staff)@ fubar crazytrucker@ fubar DJ Smokin` Guns@ fubar
Buying A House
Ok this has been a very exciting past 2 weeks. Me and my hubby have been house shopping and we finally found a house that we liked so we made a offer on it and just today we got word that we got the house and a good loan rate @6.25% which is excellent in my book that makes our payments really low yay for us. The house is a 3 bedroom with a possible 4th in the basement, complete fenced yard which will be good for the pup, so I am ecited we should take ownership of it before the holiday which I cant wait. more to come later. ok as some of you may have read me and my hubby are buying a house. We close and take possesion of on November 14th @ 10 am. We are exciited about it and cant wait.
Ville-a-fied Ent. Write Up In Louisville Music News
STRENGTH & CONDITIONING COACH FRANK LEWIS Frank Lewis has been the strength and conditioning coach for the VU Men's Basketball program since 2004. He has also trained the VU Lady Trailblazers since 2005. He joined the programs at the invitation of former Trailblazers Coach Everick Sullivan, who first met Lewis as a teammate in summer pro-am basketball leagues, and then trained with him during Sullivan's professional basketball career. Originally from Louisville, KY., Lewis has been a licensed massage therapist since 1996. Prior to his arrival at VU, he was the strength and conditioning coach and team massage thereapist at (Louisville) Pleasure Ridge Park High School from 2000-08, and he was the massage therapist for the Louisville Fire of the Arena2 Football League from 2001-07. Lewis' work with VU athletes has contributed to nine players going on to play at Division I programs while the Trailblazers racked up 79 victories and made two consecutive NJCAA tournament appearances.
So I am at a friends house and she is yelling at her kids to go in there room and clean them. But her words were " Clean this shit up".. I told her to calm down and stop yelling..a few minutes later her daughter walks in crying.. I asked her what was wrong and she said to me.." Mommy is going to be mad..I can't find any poop on my floor"..
Cold And Wet
Me And Zander
When Darkness Falls
Where ever you go, what ever you do I want you to know I will be right here waiting on you. What ever it takes I want you to know I am here. So when you feel the sun beating on face just know that it is me letting you know I am here. When you feel the rain on your skin that is my tears letting you know that I miss you and wishing you was here. When you hear the wind blowing through the trees that is me telling you I love you. So remember my love that no matter what the seasons bring I am sending my love to you. I will be waiting for you always my love. For I will always love you no matter what life brings to us. When darkness falls upon you look up and I will have a light shinning on you. This light is to let you know that you will always have someone standing by your side. You don’t have to go through life alone no more. I will be here for you. The vision of you so close makes me want to reach out and touch you but then I awake and know it was a dream. I want to be able to tou
Can not stand my head, nor my heart to be played with, like it is some board game that can be pulled out whenever it seems necessary. I am a human being that has feelings and emotions just like everyone else in this world. If you prick me, don't I bleed. If you hit me, I may get pissed off but, don't I cry. Then why, oh why must this be deemed okay. People wonder why others have trust issues, just look around there are plenty of eye openers. Wake up this is not High School anymore, this is the REAL world and in the REAL world it involves a lot of growing up, which some have not. Is it sooo hard to find a decent person? What is it that I am doing sooo wrong that god must torture me so. Haven't I been through enough!
Lover's Embrace
Lured by eyes beckoning The teasing touch Salt of skin Sweetness of kiss The tang of body's steel Captured by the warmth of arms and the mind's intrigue Passion unfurls Bodys become one Souls join Heart content Rapture!
A Woman Who Needs No Introduction...
One of the most beautiful, generous and caring women I have the pleasure of knowing....Julie aka.... She is my hero, my inspiration and someone I am truly honored to call friend. Please take a moment and show this incredible woman some love. If you don't already have her as a friend make sure you add her! ♥ T.R.O.U.B.L.E ♥PROUD ARMY MOM~ OWNER OF RING OF FIRE ♥ This bulletin brought to with love by... ♊aGEM4life♊ ☆SinnersFamily☆SBG♥Wife of Ike™♥ FUOwnedBy allenwhet
The Poetry...
Tonight.... I'm a give it to you.. You know that for sure. I give you everything that I am... Now and forever I am yours Try not to be over come.... This isn't the time for you to refrain ... Give me your all.. Work me like never before... Make my jaw hit the floor With pleasure. I will make you quake... This I vow with my name at stake. I give you all of me .... My hands wander over your body... It may seem shotty because the territory is new to me.. But with every minute I will make you see... With every touch your body will shutter.... Melt like butter with the kiss of my lips. Ecstasy felt between you and I fire from the sun. Burns deep into the soul... And when we reach our peek neither of us are able to speak. There's so much stress.. My life is a mess. All the shit I have been through. I thought I would be getting better.. But all I'm left with is anger. I still can't fetter my brain to get around you. But I'm still through with you. My angry
HATFIELD, England – In the search for Earth-like planets, astronomers zeroed in Tuesday on two places that look awfully familiar to home. One is close to the right size. The other is in the right place. European researchers said they not only found the smallest exoplanet ever, called Gliese 581 e, but realized that a neighboring planet discovered earlier, Gliese 581 d, was in the prime habitable zone for potential life. "The Holy Grail of current exoplanet research is the detection of a rocky, Earth-like planet in the 'habitable zone,'" said Michel Mayor, an astrophysicist at Geneva University in Switzerland. An American expert called the discovery of the tiny planet "extraordinary." Gliese 581 e is only 1.9 times the size of Earth — while previous planets found outside our solar system are closer to the size of massive Jupiter, which NASA says could swallow more than 1,000 Earths. Gliese 581 e sits close to the nearest star, making it too hot to support life. Still, M
Walmart Job
So after landing my new job as a Wal-Mart greeter, A good find for many retirees, I lasted less than a day...... About two hours into my first day on the job a very loud, Unattractive, mean-acting woman walked into the store with her two kids, Yelling obscenities at them all the way through the entrance. As I had been instructed, I said pleasantly, 'Good morning and welcome to Wal-Mart. Nice children you have there. Are they twins?' The ugly woman stopped yelling long enough to say, 'Hell no, they ain't twins. The oldest one's 9, and the other one's 7. Why the hell would you think they're twins? Are you blind, or just stupid?' So I replied, 'I'm neither blind nor stupid, Ma'am, I just couldn't believe someone slept with you twice. Have a good day and thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart.' My supervisor said I probably wasn't cut out for this line of work.
happens 99% of girls dont realize it 'til it is too late and that guy who did it is so frustrated that he has moved on to someone who will take notice.From a guys point of view:We don't care if you talk to other guys.We don't care if you're friends with other guys.But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off.It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there.We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned.Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't waittill the morning.Also, when we tell you you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it.Don't tell us we're wrong.We'll stop trying to convince you.The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence.Yeah, you can quote me.Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take Advantage o
first :my friends already know my english is bad so i hope u can understand what i type   then people i'm here and i'm asking myself: why a lot of people on internet like do bad things to other people? why so many drama? why so many fake? May be becouse they are bad person,may be becouse they haven't a real life,may be becouse they are jelous....i don't know.. People tell me why i dont post a salute,well why i have to post it???the real friends i had meet here had saw my face on cam so they know i'm really me...if someone needs i post a salute for talk with me...well they can stay away... I'm tired,really tired of people who speak ill of someone...I'm here talk directly to me if u have a problem...    
Change your rhymes and change your cont. and change your flow and change your voiceFuck the shit that you be saying telling me you have no choiceWhat you say is too offensive peoples feelings might get hurtYou'll get cut, then forgotten, rottin' face down in the dirtWhen I catch you, Imma stretch you on the ground, I start my rideRun you over, blood all over, mixed with what you had insideThat's exactly what I'm saying, too much blood up in your rhymesGlorifying, terrorfying, ways of dying, praising crimesDisrespecting peoples mothers, others know to dump your deadCause I nutted in your mother and she gave my home boys headFuck you fool just pay attention, comprehension is a mustThere's a reason why they ban you, you disgust them when you bustIf you trust me I can help you, ain't no trust go help yourselfCause I'm about to fuckin' gut you with the knife that's on the shelfGrab you, stab you, stick you, gank you when you hit the fuckin' floorShoot your balls off if they falls off they a
Ok after a short break from the Fu I have returned and am curios to know what this site is all about now - so much seems to have changed or is it me - am I that different now Im nearer 41 (hint hint) - I am still getting into the swing of rating pictures etc and comments will come soon - but surely if some one is asking for help to level and you rate a few of there pictures to help out - is it now unheard of to rate back - or even say ty - if its unheard of I shall not do it again and neither will I moan when no one rates my pictures. Ok rant over - back to business luv my fu owner and fu fiance - and yeah a lot of fu others too OK, so your opinion isnt really wanted here - feel free to say what you like cos frankly I dont give a damn.....     I have noticed over the last few days that I have helped a good deal of people out on here rating their pics - yet hardly any of them have returned the love - that dont matter............... what does matter is this   If you
I Need Your Prayers
  We love our family... and one of our family needs you.A great friend and fellow fu member needs all of our thoughts and prayers.His mom is very ill after heart surgery with a poor prognosis, so please send his mom and him all your love and prayers, they both need them very much!Loveable Teddy Bear  R/L BF and Madly in LOVE w/ HolliSugaTits@ fubar       IF LINK  DONT  WORK RIGHT HE IS MY  NUMBER 1 FAMILY  
Reaper...part 1
Location: N.O.R.A.D. Rocky Mountains “neutral” 06:00 M.T. Tuesday   As the sun starts to peek over the top of the mountains a young woman gazes out over the horizon, her long black hair gently swaying in the morning breeze. “May I join you?” says a voice from behind her. Startled she quickly turns around only to see the Senior General, but with a grim look on his face. “Why, of coarse you may, Senior General Sir, I’d be honored.” “You can just say sir, ma’am.” “But of course, sir.” As they stand there the General turns toward the lady, “So has it been found yet?” “No, it hasn’t been yet, and it concerns me.” The General asks with a puzzled look, “Why’s that?” The women looked back at the man with a look of death, “Y
I Just Want One More Day With You
I'm so sad and depressed Is all I want to do is rest I go to sleep at night But my dreams I just can't fight I think of you lying in that bed And wonder if there is anything I could have said I wish I was still there with you But I know that you are still near I love you more than you know I just wish I didn't have to go I just want one more day with you And I know thats what you would have wanted too I miss you more and more each day There is so much more we had to say I know I will see you again But my life is just started to begin Wriiten By M David
The Year You Were Born!
The links below are cool!  Everything that was going on in the year you were born, from 1900-2006, Enjoy!  :)     _1900_ ( )                   _1901_ ( )                   _1902_ ( )                   _1903_ ( )                   _1904_ ( )                   _1905_ ( )                   _1906_ ( )                   _1907_ (                   _1908_ (
Myyyyy Boyfriend!
is the most amazing. even if he denies boy really knows how it is. and it's allll him. sorry, geeky me. but i love it [:
Seven Kinds Of Sex ......
Seven Kinds Of Sex ...... The 1st kind of sex is called ... Smurf Sex.This kind of sex happens when you first meetsomeone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called ..... Kitchen Sex.This is when you have been with your partner fora short time and you are so needy you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen.The 3rd kind of sex is called ... Bedroom Sex.This is when you have been with your partner for along time. Your sex has gotten routine and youusually have sex only in your bedroom.The 4th kind of sex is called ... Hallway Sex.This is when you have been with your partner for too long. When you pass each other in the hallway you both say .... 'Fuck You.'The 5th kind of sex is called ... Religious Sex.Which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in theafternoon and Nun at night. (Very Popular)The 6th kind is called ... Courtroom Sex.This is when you cannot stand your wife/husband any more. She/hetakes you to court and screws you in front of e
Here is a girl i knew for 6 Years. It Going on 7 years now. Lena  was 15 when i knew her cuz   of her mom.  She  is so beauitful, She is one of the nicest person you ever know.  I treated her like a princess. She is 19 now. will be 20 this year.  I knew i fell inlove with her since she was 16 i been waiting all this time for her but she wont listen to me right now.  She is  lock up in a rehab but when she get out i try one  more time. But lena can be a selfish girl at time.   she dont even want my help no more cuz of  her on very bad drug.  ( NOT WEED) weed not that bad guys and girls.  I still said weed is still one of the better drug to clam people down.  But i hate what what she doing. is  not getting  better, she being selfish. and is making me insane  cuz i let life pass me up for her. I dont wanna give up but  Do I really  just move on after 7 year   know she dont want my help anymore? Or do i be selfish  and still  try to get her to be with me?
life is hard but if life was not hard how we injoy it so i say live and have fun
About Me
Another Blog Enters The Fray
I'm just a simple guy who loves to watch misfits of science online as my favorite past time.
For Shannon
Fubar Reflections
Hmm where do i start? I have been a member of this site for a while, I had a good run there for a while. Had my own lounge used to have a lot of friends on here, used to be somebody. I had to take a break for a while because the shit got thick I guess you could say. I liked how it used to be, key work USED to be. People were real, more or less. This site wasnt about bling, boomerrangs, 11's, and any other superficial or popularity VAMPIRES!!!! ALL women on this site have become whores that I have noticed, won't pay any attention to you unless you spend $$$$.. A woman can post her ass, her panties, you name it and the men crawl on them like worms. If you do this then you can see this. Or i'll just let you see it so you will make me popular and give me attention.. Maybe I'm jealous, so what. Maybe if I sucked up and gave meaninless shit then i'd get some attention to.. Who the fuck cares? I get likes from women that I would not even look twice at mostly.. Nobody ever looks or rates my
Plastic Surgeons And Plastic Surgery
Nowadays, plastic surgery is shifting to less invasive techniques that result to shorter recovery, more natural appearance, and less risk of complications such as bleeding, scarring, and infection. Because of this trend, fat transfer is becoming a popular option for people who want to augment a certain body part, usually buttocks and breasts, without the use of synthetic materials such as the saline and silicone implants. The Brazilian butt lift is one of the newest procedures in plastic surgery which involves the use of a patient’s own fats to augment her buttocks. With this, the risk of adverse immune reaction and rejection is almost eliminated unlike when using synthetic implants.   How the Brazilian Butt Lift is Usually Performed   Plastic Surgeons start the procedure by collecting fatty tissues (through liposuction surgery) from areas where they tend to accumulate such as in the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, back, and around the buttocks. To reduce the surgical tr
Boyfriend App - For Fun!
Dirty Brain
Your dirty brain makes my dirty brain want to do absolutely filthy things to you
I am filled with so many emotions and thoughts and questions right now, that I don't even know where to have people that you hold higher than the rest..that have earned your respect your trust...then you're hit in the face with the truth...on how they can easily dismiss you...categorize become just another face..another name..someone without meaning....just a smile...a body...the emotions inside are meaningless and that is sad to me....I embrace every tear every smile every word that is formed because of someone that I have held high..have opened myself up to...shared so many things about myself with...people judge me everyday..and the way they see me...couldn't be more wrong....who are we to judge anyone....jealousy is a nasty little causes you to react in ways you wouldn't normally...I have it...have had it....that's what happens when you have reached that higher level of emotion for is a natural emotion..but allowing it to shut some
Naughty Things You Can Only Say On Thanksgiving....
1. Talk about a huge breast! 2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist. 3. It's Cool Whip time! 4. If I don't undo my pants, I'll burst! 5. That's one terrific spread! 6. I'm in the mood for a little dark meat. 7. Are you ready for seconds yet? 8. Its a little dry, do you still want to eat it? 9. Just wait your turn, you'll get some! 10. .........Don't play with your meat. 11. Just spread the legs open & stuff it in. 12. Do you think you'll be able to handle all these people at once? 13. I didn't expect everyone to come at once! 14. You still have a little bit on your chin. 15. How long will it take after you stick it in? 16. You'll know it's ready when it pops up!
Horny Dad
Daddy loves pussy
Florist In High Wycomb
With Valentine's Day just around the corner everyone is looking for a florist to send flowers to their loved ones. If you are looking for a florist in Berkshire, you can find one quite easily by just looking online or in the local telephone directory. Get your order in by 3pm and your florist in Berkshire will deliver the same day, whether it is a local, UK or international delivery. For those of you who do not know where Berkshire is and why you should want to find a florist in Berkshire, it borders the counties of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Wiltshire and Hampshire. Berkshire is often referred to as the Royal County of Berkshire due to the fact that the royal residence of Windsor Castle is situated there. It is believed that the name comes from a large forest of box trees called a Bearroc which is a Celtic word that means "hilly." Berkshire is steeped in history and was the scene of many famous battles such as the Battle of Ashdown, the Battle of Reading and the Battle of
Erotic Stories
"Hey Ave!" It was Paige, her best friend. Avery was working on her tan while relaxing on a pool lounge. "I had a few errands to run today, and I was nearby, so I thought I'd stop in." "Come on in." Avery replied. "Kevin is at work, and I decided to take a long break. I didn't feel like going into town today, so I'm working from home." It was a warm, late June afternoon. Paige kicked off her sandals and put her feet into the pool. "C'mon Paige. Jump in." "I don't have my suit" answered Paige. "You can wear one of mine" protested Avery. Paige declined the offer. They sat for a while talking about everything, from work, to Kevin, to Paige's boyfriend Jasper. They decided they would have a couples night sometime after Jasper came back.He was out of town for work. He was an architect. They decided daquiri's sounded like a good idea, so Paige went inside to make them. Avery sat in the lounge chair and waited.     After a few minutes, Paige came back out of the house, drinks in hand, now wear
Gangbangers: Doing The Kkk's Work?
The following is a letter placed on the bed of a young African-American incarcerated in the Chicago city jail. The KU KLUX KLAN would like to take this time to salute and congratulate all gang bangers for the slaughter of over 4,000 Black people since 1975. You are doing a marvelous job. Keep killing each other for nothing. The streets are still not yours is ours. You are killing each other for our property. You are killing what could be future black doctors, lawyers, and businessmen that we won't have to compete with. And the good thing about it is that you are killing the youth. So we won't have to worry about niggers in generations to come. We would further like to thank all the judges who have over sentenced those niggers to prison. We are winning. Pretty soon, we will be able to go back to raping you women because all the men will be gone So you gang bangers...Keep up the good work. We love to read about drive-by shootings. We love to hear how many niggers get ki
i jusso bored so i thought i post a blog!!! lol here some my all time favorit movies Back To the Furture(all 3 of course lol) Grease Sound Of Music She All That Drive Me Crazy Ferris Bueller's Day Off The Mask Space Balls Harry Potter I know ther is more movie that i would like to put on here i just cant think of them now ~*GaiL*~ one thing i hate is when my friend talk about sex when i have had sex in awhile...and even wrost is when my is making out and doing stuff with her bf while i wouldnt be as bad if been getting some but yeah havent got any lately lol and it driving me crazy!!! lol sorry i just need to let this out
Patiently Waiting
OK so I've FINALLY entered the last trimester and I must say .... it's been one long road getting here and it seems an eternity away until March. To update everyone .... The blood pressure has been going all over the place and I'm more bloated than a beached whale .... sexy huh??? Hopefully no pre eclampsia will set in and it'll be smooth sailing til she's here. For my CT family members, if you wanna see how bloated I actually am ... check out my family only album and you'll see some pics of the belly :) Thanks for all the support you guys have given me! 3 more months and counting! ~Hannah OK for those of you that I haven't updated, let me start off by apologizing. A few weeks ago I had appendicitis and ended up having the appendix out. I would NEVER recommend having surgery while pregnant. Especially not abdominal surgery with morning sickness. Take it from me, it's NOT fun. The baby is OK though, that's the good news. On Oct. 26 I go in to have my first ultrasou
Yes it's true... I love my boyfriend very much! I really hope he knows that. I miss him when he is not here. I love to be held by him when he is here. I look forward to seeing him every chance I get. restless I sometimes feel lost...lost within myself. Not sure what way it is up. Limbo....Why does it always feel like Limbo? A childhood game that I loved so much and now Fear like the Dark of Night but Crave for the excitement. That deep feeling in the pit of your belly. Love, Hate, Hurt, Pain, Confusion, Excitement. That hot burning feeling like you are about to lose Everything. But you still know deep in your heart that life Will go on. You hurt, you cry, you get anger....All for what? I think it's cause we like that excitement. That feeling of the unknown. Like walking the halls of a dark haunted house in the middle of the night. Wanting to see that ghostly figure but scared beyond our wits. Heart pounding. Body shaking. Almost Ecstasy...Almost. R
Lost Cherry Facts
Level Short Description Long Description 0 Freshmeat Joined off the street.. could be an axe murderer. 1 New Cherry Active Freshmeat 2 Cherry Normal Member 3 Tight Cherry Active User 4 Chill Cherry Active User 5 Psycho Cherry Active User 6 Twisted Cherry Active User 7 Wasted Cherry Active User 8 Magic Cherry Active User 9 Magic Cherry Active User 10 Friend of lostCherry Friend of lostCherry. Might be a regular at lostCherry partays, or events. Could also be a hot girl who bought mike a pint. 11 Nutty Cherry Psycho User 12 Inspired Cherry Psycho User 13 Ripe Cherry Psycho User 14 Epic Cherry Psycho User 15 Cherry Idol Lives, Breathes, and Eats LostCherry 16 Cherry Lover Lives, Breathes, and Eats LostCherry 17 Cherry Pimp Lives, Breathes, and Eats LostCherry 18 Cherry Assassin Taking over the world, one Cherry at a time! 19 Cherry Ninja Taking over the world, one Cherry at a time! 20 Cherry Rock Star Taking over the world, one Cherry at a time!
This Is Funny!!!
In the name of desperation I call your name A lamentation I sigh Again and again Spiritual eclipse The gateways are closed for me to seek The night... A veil of stars, watching My shadow is born from light The light of the eye, in darkness Over troubled waters memories soar Endlessly, searching night and day The moonlight caresses a lonely hill With the calmness of a whisper I wear a naked soul A blank face in the streaming water It is cold in here Frost scar my coat with dust Eyes attach to your mute portrait We spoke only through thoughts Together we gazed, awaited Hours brought thirst and the rising sun Sunbirds leave their dark recesses Shadows glid the archways Do not turn your face towards me Confronting me with my lonliness You are in a forest unknown The secret orchard And your voice is vast and achromatic But still so precious Lullaby of the crescent moon took you Mesmerized, its kaleidoscopic face Granted you a hollow stare Ano
I am distracted by things, like white fluffy clouds in a blue sky, Or by the way a bird sings, I am amazed by the simplicity of things, Like chimes fastened by strings, By the smell of a rose and how it’s beauty stings, I believe in many things, Each man as an equal and not one to be a king, A child smiling on a swing, And watching the joy and happiness it brings I am opened minded but very private about things, like my relationships, fleeting wedding rings the puppet strings, or how the balance of love swings I am conscious of many things Accepted Reasoning Released by the birth of the consummate marriage i became the manipulator of the English language where the smallest atoms become gigantic where tropical raindrops hold atlantis where the winds caress grassland glades letters refined to the likeness of a samurai blade beauty defined in the mist of chaos manifesting myself in this spiritual seance words are a reason for life taking in a
Prose And Other Matters In Life
+Ten Things Losers Do On Cherrytap....... ***ONE To the people who have like 25,000 friends, are you serious? You're stupid. Go play in traffic. ***TWO Don't ever post pictures and say "OMG, I'm so ugly" "OMG, I'm so fat" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. And if u do ur a freaking mongoloid. ***THREE Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded. ***FOUR Quit crying b/c you didn't win a contest. who cares? ITS CHERRYTAP!!! ***FIVE People who have whoring contests such as creamy coochie,biggest breasts or whatever other nasty and degrading contests your little brain can conjure up. *to the guys that do these* go find a girlfriend and fuck her b/c apparently you need something to occupy ur time! *the girls that have them and are entered in them* ur just m
Adult Stories
It a normal Wednesday night, I had bowled in a leage for several years now. My good friend and I joined together, it was our night out to blow off the steam. We always drank and had a great time while bowling. Every night after bowling if one of us was sober enough to drive we would drive 30 miles to a strip club and party it up for a couple hours before going home and this night would be no least we thought. All night long the bowling alley was kickin especially the pool tables. Now we just so happen to have the lanes closest to the tables that night. In and out came people to play. I was having one of the best nights of my life bowling and the guys just kept buying me beer after beer. These 2 chics came in about the start of our third game, now half drunk and having fun it was odvious we was checking them out when they walked by in there tight jeans and low cut tops. As the third game progressed we would ocasionlly peek around the wall to have another look and we
Too Horny
Hey Baby, I really shouldn't be asking you this. I feel shy about it , but I want it so bad. Don't get me wrong, it's just that I haven't had it for a long, long time. I could already feel it going in so hard and coming out so soft and wet. No one has to know about this. I need it. I'm desperate, but with your help I will be very grateful you must think I have a lot of nerve asking you for this, but I can feel my tongue around it sucking all the juice out until theres no more left. This has been on my mind all day long. I hope I'm not being forward, I'm usualy not like this, but........... can I have a piece of gum?
You Must Read
everyone is hear to touch somone, if only for a moment it may last a lifetime. remembering K.H. _________, .-'Y _^-, ______, .-'^H E , -^_^-, .. _, .-'^ R S , .-^_______..| _.. H E , .-^____________k __.., .-^_________________i ________________________ss ________________________kis _______________________skiss _______________________kissk ______________________isskiss ____________________kisskisskis __________________skisskisskisski ________________sskisskisskisskissk ______________isskisskisskisskisskiss ____________kisskisskisskisskisskisskis _________skisskisskisskisskisskisskisskiss _______kisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskissk ______isskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskiss ______kisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskis _______skisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskis ~*~*~YOUVE JUST BEEN KISSED~*~*~ PASS THIS KISS AROUND TO SHOW YOUR FRIENDS YOU CARE ABOUT THEM!!!!! IF YOU GET A KISS BACK YOUR FRIEND CARES FOR YOU
Damn Telemarketers Lol
One thing that has always bugged me, and I'm sure it does most of you, is to sit down at the dinner table only to be interrupted by a phone call from a telemarketer. I decided, on one such occasion, to try to be as irritating to them as they were to me. This particular call happened to be from AT&T and it went something like this: Me: Hello AT&T: Hello, this is AT&T... Me: Is this AT&T? AT&T: Yes, this is AT&T... Me: This is AT&T? AT&T: Yes This is AT&T... Me: Is this AT&T? AT&T: YES! This is AT&T, may I speak to Mr. Byron please? Me: May I ask who is calling? AT&T: This is AT&T. Me: OK, hold on. At this point I put the phone down for a solid 5> minutes thinking that, surely, this person would have hung up the phone. I ate my salad. Much to my surprise, when I picked up the receiver, they were still waiting.! Me: Hello? AT&T: Is this Mr. Byron? Me: May I ask who is calling please? AT&T: Yes this is AT&T... Me: Is this AT&T? AT&T: Ye
Wordxdawgs Blogs!
Sorry yall im just new to this freakin site soo it might take me awhile too fix my site all up soo More later yall MMFWCL..
The Dragon's Horde
The Dragon's Horde (and harem) A dragon must always have its horde, and me being who I am, I want my horde to be submissive creatures of extrodinary inner beauty. Now, if any of you know what a harem really is, the sultan's female family, wives, children, mother, sisters, anything of the sort.. they were all protected in the Sultan's harem.. for this instance however, were using the term Horde to take the place of harem.. and the term 'harem girl' to mean submissive toy of the dragon's pleasure. If you want to be part of my Harem/horde on CT, drop me a line ^.~ but if your afraid of dragon sex, run screaming. So to start, we have Jen A sweet little girl who lusts for the Dragon so much she would happily give her life to lay with one. ^.~ We also have the WONDERFUL Devious The Dungeon Mistress She is such a hot and smart cookie, not a harem girl, but a Harem girl Trainer, and does the job oh so well. DJ Purrr has fled the coup, for reaspons beyond my knowledge she ran screamin
Morals On Fubar
Many years have come and gone since I laid upon the table with a knife cutting on my body.And many roads have I travelled.I have been apart large cities,and in the middle of small towns.I have come across the world,and seen many empires.Friends have always been apart of me that,never changed.Once a day,once a night,a month,or a year we get together and talk about how life has been treating the other over a cup of coffee,a glass of tea,or a cold beer.And lovers that come a dime a dozen.A kindred spirit.A soul mate. But until here recently . I found My heart and soul.I have came across few I didnt like and some that will always be my rock.I have lived and died over and over again.Some choices was good,and some bad.But,the good did outweigh the bad.Times has been dark and grim,and full of sunshine all wrapped up in one.I have set at the tables with the rich and powerful,And fed my children bologna sandwiches for Christmas.I have walked the street in the cold winter and open the door to a
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Abuse The Cheerleader
I am currently in Brazil till Saturday. A little bored. So I decided to go on Cherrytap and do a little updates. Miss Brittany is back to being her evil self. Hmmm well at least for the time being. I added a story (with pictures) of the time my friend Kayla and I abuse this college cheerleader who kept annoying us. We taught her a thing or two and the biggest lesson she leaned was DO NOT INTERUPT BRITTANY WHEN SHE’S TALKING!!!!!! Or she will be forced to to plus all your holes. Good luck ditzy blonde cheerleader…I don’t think you'll be able to be dancing around much less sitting down for a few days. HEHE HE Miss Brittany
this person had to rate my pic a 1 what an insult .... . . . . . . . if you haven;t rated it you look at it and tell me ...leave me a comment on it too. ...thanks to Friends ,Family and Fans
In A Field Away From Reality... the other night I was laying in bed and I had a "daydream". I say daydream cause I know that I was not sleeping, and yet it was so vivid that it felt like I was not in bed anymore. I've thought about weather I should make this blog private or not and have decided to make it public because I'm curious to see what people will put for comments and what not. Well, here it is: I was standing in a field that could only be described as something very similar to the great plains......a vast field of rolling hills covered in lush green grass. There was a light, warm breeze blowing, sending ripples across the plain. I stood upon the top of one of the endless hills throughout that field. I looked around to see if there was anything about this place that would clue me in as to where I was at. The more I looked around the more I realized that I was standing in a vast nothingness. But to my surprise, Fear, Doubt, Anxiety nor Trepidation accosted me. While I was looking, I saw what lo
CAPRiCORN * -- Nice -- Sassy. -- Intelligent. -- Sexy. -- Predict future. -- Irrestible, awes0me kisser -- Loves being in long relationships -- Great talker. -- Always gets what he or she wants. -- BY FAR the BEST in BED. -- Very sexy -- Coolest -- Loves to own Gemini's in sports -- very funny -- loves to joke -- Loves to be your first, so you'll never forget -- not a fighter but will kick your ass if you punch first TAURUS* -- Aggressive. -- Freak in bed. -- Rare to find! -- Loves being in long relationships.=) -- Likes to give a good fight for what they want. -- Extremely outgoing. -- Sexy as ........ -- Loves to help people in times of need. -- Very popular -- Outstanding kisser. -- Very funny -- Awesome personality -- Sexual as "F**k! -- Most caring person you will ever meet! -- One of a kind. -- Not one to fuck with. -- Are the most sexiest people on earth! Romantic Compatibility Provided by: Taurus & Capricorn When T
Public Service Announcement
*UPDATED* My Public Service Announcement...previously Activist and Liberal Corner Current mood: devious Category: Life Public service announcement... keep in mind I am one man with an idea not the answers... but it is all of us that can find and figure out the truth... --jLove I have been sent here to share with all of you, your reality is not as what it seems. Have you ever heard the statement, "movies do not predict the future." Well that is being proven wrong, whether you know it or not. You may think all these Sci-Fi, the Michael Moores, Mystery/Thriller movies are for you entertainment, its not. You may think after seeing something so outrages and far fetched, it would be impossible to be truth. T.V., Video games, MTV, all media for that matter are placed in front of us as distractions while the rest of the real world continues on, as it has been.These are hidden indirect, subliminal, misleading messages put together to confuse you much like a "magic" tri
Hunting And Fishing
Some of you know me some of you don't but all I am am asking is that you take a look at this new site on hunting and fishing and give me your feedback and let me know what you think of it. Just give me your feedback on it if you can. There is no cost or anything it is new and we are trying to find out if people are going to like it or not???? Please send me back what you think of it.
People seem to have forgotten the concept of chivalry.  Gone are the days of roses, hastily scrawled love poems, and sweet serenades crooned lovingly before a fair maiden.  This ideals have been replaced by a society and a world wherein the women may pretend they want to be courted by a chivalrous gentleman, but in reality the chivalrous man is always the one found wanting in the end.Chivalry, in all it's romantic forms focuses on the man professing his endless love for a woman, while doing quasi-romantic deed -- deeds that today, immediately drive women away.  When the end of the day comes, we find that the chivalrous man is left alone, to see his love poems, and promises around him, while the woman goes off with the cocky jerk who lifts weights and plays guitar...Yet chivalry doesn't stop there, even though it is already in such a sad state in today's world.  There are even more curses that have befallen the once ideal way of life.I would like to meet anyone that has ever stood up fo
Because its easier to spell then ohmygodyesohshitohmygodbabyyesgodpleaseohfuckyes. pass this to all the freaks you know
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Please click on the link below and rate my friends pic and if you would like leave a comment or two! each rate is wroth 10 comments so at least rating the picture would be alot of help! thank you, Jennifer please click pic below:
A Poem
My prayer Would be a Husband That would stay And Not go away! To be able to walk And Not wheel in this chair thru the park! To believe in me today And Cry no more this way! To learn to live And Be myself and give! To make the monster That haunts me Set me free! By Wilma Walker
The Apron
The principal use of Grandma's apron was to protect the dress underneath, but along with that, it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven. It was wonderful for drying children's tears, and on occasion was even used for cleaning out dirty ears. From the chicken coop, the apron was used for carrying eggs, fussy chicks, and sometimes half-hatched eggs to be finished in the warming oven. When company came, those aprons were ideal hiding places for shy kids. And when the weather was cold, grandma wrapped it around her arms. Those big old aprons wiped many a perspiring brow, bent over the hot wood stove. Chips and kindling wood were brought into the kitchen in that apron. From the garden, it carried all sorts of vegetables. After the peas had been shelled, it carried out the hulls. In the fall, the apron was used to bring in apples that had fallen from the trees. When unexpected company drove up the road, it was surprising how much furniture tha
My Stuff
imikimi - Customize Your World imikimi - Customize Your World imikimi - Customize Your World
Peoples Court
okay peeps for the first time ever im takin pics request what do yall what more of A.Default Pics B.Teaser Pics C.Private Pics type the letter of what u wanna see whatever the most popular thats the pics ill take. if u wanna see my nsfw there are two ways one u pay me fubucks or u let me see u nsfw pics simple isnt it hi friends my yahoo get hacked but dont worry i made a new account if u would like the addy send me a message and not a shout
WORDS WOMEN USE (1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. (3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. (4) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! (5) Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3 for the meaning of nothing.) (6) That's Okay: This is one
Se7en Sins Members
ENVY Like greed, envy is characterized by an insatiable desire; they differ, however, for two main reasons. First, greed is largely associated with material goods, whereas envy may apply more generally. Second, those who commit the sin of envy desire something that someone else has which they perceive themselves as lacking. Dante defined this as "love of one's own good perverted to a desire to deprive other men of theirs." Dante's concept of envy is roughly equivalent to the meaning of the German word "schadenfreude," or to delight in the misfortune of others. In Dante's Purgatory, the punishment for the envious is to have their eyes sewn shut with wire, because they have gained sinful pleasure from seeing others brought low. Thomas Aquinas described Envy as "sorrow for another's good". Lisa (Leader of the SouthernSexSymbols-Envy of Se7enSins & Maxima to the JLM)@ fubar PRIDE In almost every list pride (or vanity) is considered the original and most serious of the
Hurt And Betrayal
I have to say I am my own worst enemy.I betrayed myself by opening up my heart and allowing myself to love again.I wish I could blame him for my pain,However I allowed myself to be hurt.His confusion has torn me to pieces but I allowed it .So I can not hate him but only myself.If you have ever loved and lost you will understand this but if not enjoy trying to figure it out!!!!
Queensryche- A Double Shot Viedo Of Marty Kays Live On The Drums' To I Dont' Beleive In Love & Eyes' Of A Stranger ! On Old Set !
Bling Sale
I need 3,500 comments in one week!!! Please F/A/R Host She is a very wonderful and generous host!!
I am not easily impressed. Not much impresses me. Authority doesn't impress me. Good looks don't impress me. Money. Fame. Power. Strength. Scariness. Weapons. These things don't impress me. Partying like a rockstar every night, doing drugs every chance you get, for whatever reason, doesn't impress me. Being fake and shallow and happy-go-lucky on the surface all the time doesn't impress me. Being serious and negative and utterly disapproving all the time doesn't impress me. Coolness doesn't impress me. Games don't impress me. Being down on yourself and calling it 'honesty' doesn't impress me. Popularity doesn't impress me. These things...I just don't give a fuck. What DOES impress me? Honesty and forthrightness. Maturity and tolerance. Intelligence and wisdom. THAT impresses me. Unconditional love. THAT impresses me. Accepting who I am and NOT LEAVING because I'm imperfect, THAT would impress me. NOT finding a reason to leave, because I'm not perfect, or because love takes effort an
When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I "should" be. I am outspoken, opinionated and determined. I want what I want and there is nothing wrong with that! So try to stomp on me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every ounce of beauty I hold within me. You won't succeed. An
Why is it everytime i look at you You turn your head the other way Why is it when I speak to you you have nothing else to say Why is it when I kiss you You have no feelings to show why is it when I touch you all you say is I know Now, that i realize this I have but one thing to say I know now, that you don't care So it is time to turn and walk away. So why don't you tell me how does it feel to be the one left holding the hurt that is truely real So kiss me as i turn to leave and leave you with the hurt that I once concieved Go ahead and yell just as loud as you can as I slam my car door Leaving you there to stand. So tell my why is it that you hurt so bad you knowing now that i am the best you ever had Your's From The Very Start If tomorrow all the things were gone including the breath in my lungs I would want to live my life in a day Like life had just begun There isn't any garentee That I will se the light of day As I hit my knee
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List of Prizes.... First to 25K comments gets choice of 1 month blast or 3 month VIP First to 15K comments gets choice of 1 week blast, 1 month VIP or Ticker Package First 3 to reach 5K comments gets choice of 3 day blast or bling pack Most rates gets 50K fubucks in addition to monetray prize (if won) All particaipants to reach at least 2500 comments gets 15K fubucks in addition to monetary prizes (if won) Rules and Reminders for Giveaway.... 1. Self Bombing is encouraged. Bombing families are also allowed. Contest will start on Monday, June 9, 7 a.m. FU-TIME (10 a.m. EST) and will end when number of comments is reached for prize level. Contest not to exceed 30 days past start date. 2. No cheating or drama will be allowed. If this rule is broken you will be disqualified from this contest and any future contest that may be held by myself 3. In the event of a tie the participant with the most rates for that prize level will determine the winner 4. All prizes will be distr
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Gone For A Few Days
Hey people. When WED gets here, I will be heading to OK for a few days. Thurs is family day and FRI is the day my lil bro graduates from basic training. then i will be heading home sat. wished i could take a few of you with me :P!!! im sure you know who you are. i might be on here sat night if not ill talk ya'll sun. dont have to much fun when im gone!!!
George Carlin... Gone
"Hey, wait a second... he was just here a minute ago." That's the best way I can think of to pay tribute to one of the most influential entertainers (to me at least) who passed away. And the reason it is so fitting is because George Carlin himself said in an AP interview that is exactly how he wanted to be memorialized. At least someone should do what he wished for, right? I listened to so many comedy tapes and albums growing up (yes, I'm old - I listened to tapes and albums, not CDs!). The first one I remember was Bill Cosby in the 70s, before he became really big. That lead to Robin Williams (before he became really hyper), Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Rodney Dangerfield... gosh, if I could find my old cassette holder there's probably another half dozen or more that were part of my regular listening routine that I'm forgetting. But George Carlin was the one that made me think. The thing that kept me coming back was his point-blank observations at so many things - phrases, be
Is There Life Out There!!!
Hit me with a comment today It's my 39 and I really need it I was just wondering if there really are any good guys left out there! Who have old fashion values but not to overpowering. Does anyone believe in love any more. Or has the whole world gone to hell. When it comes to good men
Hell In Texas
Me and maw found this on a postcard while we were cleanin a travel trunk that belonged to my nanny brown out hope yall like it The Devil in Hell, we're told, was chained, A a thousand years he there remained. He neither complained nor did he groan, But determined to start a hell of his own. Where he could torment the souls of me, Whithout being chained in an under-ground pen. So he asked the Lord if he had on hand anything left when He made this land. The Lord said, "Yes, I have plenty of land, But i left it down on the Rio Grande. The fact is, old, boy, the stuff is real poor, But your welcome to it and plenty more." So the Devil went down to look at the truck and said if he took it as a gift he was stuck, For after examining it carefully and well he concludedthe place was too dry for a hell. So in order to get it off His hand, The Lord proimsed to water the land, For He had some water or rather some dregs Rather cathartic and smelled like bad eggs. Hence the trade was close
9/11 We Will Never Forget
Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American) - Toby Keith ALL ABOARD the 9/11 We Will Never Forget Train. Show your support for America and our troops by hopping on board this train. Joining is simple! Just FAN/RATE/ADD and rate 25-50 pix (preferably patriotic pix) of all the members before you. When you are done send a private message to SBM08 or HisSweetObsession. Once you have f/r/a everyone you will be added and your tag will be made and available on HisSweetObsession’s page to be copied. Also be sure to show your patriotism by displaying a 9/11 tribute pic in your primary photo on Sept. 11th. Have fun and show your love for the USA! Your host for this train ride is: SBM08~{Shadow Levelers}*~Fu-Owned By Sexy Annie & ♥~BRATT~♥Fu-owner of killa klown & De
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19,985 Points to go! to become Fubarlord sassy4me2008@ fubar This is my very dear and sweet friend, she is trying to get fu-bucks for a spotlight, but not for her, for breast cancer awareness, she is a survivor and still fighting it, so please send her what you can to help this awesome cause, I sent her what I had left I can at least ask my friends to do something. ~sinfullydelicious~@ fubar Ok people Here's My Birthday request there is this Guy ★Big Papi Smurf★ he is 703,748 Points away from Fu-King, He use to be a bouncer and everyone would go rate his page and talk to him , So What cuz he is Normal now like all of us we can't Stop by and show him some Love. He is a very special friend to myself and my wife EmilyIMAX Please take a little time from rating the Fake people on Fubar that could careless about you and go rate a true friend.. ★Big Papi Smurf★@ fubar
There are two statues in a park; one of a nude man and one of a nude woman. They had been facing each other across a pathway for a hundred years, when one day an angel comes down from the sky and, with a single gesture, brings the two to life. The angel tells them, 'As a reward for being so patient through a hundred blazing summers and dismal winters, you have been given life for thirty minutes to do what you've wished to do the most.' He looks at her, she looks at him, and they go running behind the shrubbery. The angel waits patiently as the bushes rustle and giggling ensues. After fifteen minutes, the two return, out of breath and laughing. The angel tells them, 'Um, you have fifteen minutes left, would you care to do it again?' He asks her 'Shall we?' She eagerly replies, 'Oh, yes, let's! But let's change positions. This time, I'll hold the Pigeon down and you shit on its head.'
Kat Von Do
Future Train
Welcome to my "Are you looking forward" Train! To join please rate my Future Folder,and leave a comment on the last picture. Click on this picture to get to folder. Now Rate/Fan/Add everyone thats already on the train. If you are already friends with someone check to see if you can re-rate them and send them a comment asking "What's in your future?" or "Are you looking forward?" When new people join the train,please DO NOT just accept the friend request-Rate/fan/comment back. No cheating,or you will be removed from the train! Private message me when you have finished and I will make you this Thank You Tag! Your Hostess 1.♥TexasAngel♥~Rating Revolution Recruiter~♥Fu Angel♥ The Future Riders... 2.~Rebelicious DixieAngel~ Member of Rating Revolution~ 3.◊SNUGGLEBUNNY ~ ASSISTANT RECRUITER FOR THE GRD BOMBSQUAD◊ 4.☆Ǥįиá_Łʎȵ☆Mémbër õf Łhè RR 5.The BULLdaddy~Supporti
Fantasies And Erotic Stories
the night has been rough and the road has been come to your door and i open the door to see me there dressed in a long black cape with blood red silk i stand there looking at smile at me.and before you have a chance to move i pull you into my arms tilting your head slightly as i sink my vampire fangs deep into your neck drawing and tasteing your blood. you want to move and push me away but you body can't you moan softly begging me not to stop.i then pull back takeing you into my arms and carrying you to the bedroom.i ste you down on the bed looking at you dressed in black silk nightgown your bearts are practicaly exposed and your body trembleing as you look at can see the deep seeded passion in my eyes.i once more take you into my arms sinking my fangs back into your neck drawing more of your moan with pleasure and start digging your nails deep into my back as your body arches from the reach down to feel me very hard alre
Quptes From Books By My Favorite Author Sherrilynnn Kenyon
~Quotes From Acheron~ “Love, trust… such simple words to say. Such powerful words to feel.” ~Ash~ Arti- “Tell me, Acheron. Is there anyone you will trust enough to release your soul?” Acheron- “you know better. You’ve tutored me to well on how vicious women are. On how much love ruins and destroys. Thank you for that lesson, Artemis. It was just what I needed, and I assure you, its one I’ll never forget.” “You’ll never see the moments coming that will forever mutilate your life – at least not until after they’ve mowed you down.” Savitar “It’s easy to look at people and make quick judgments about them, their present and their past, but you’d be amazed at the pain and tears a single smile hides. What a person shows to the world is only one tiny facet of the iceberg hidden from sight. And more often then not it’s lined with cracks and scars that go all the way to the foundation of their soul.” ~Acheron to Soteria~ “Fate will not be denied. We can sculpt it. But in the e
i fukf up it should be cynci2002@myspace .com! plz join me!!!! Find me on myspace. Go i need some friends so i can own u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Got Flowers Today
I got flowers today! It wasn't my birthday or any other special day. We had our first argument last night; And he said a lot of cruel things that really hurt; I know that he is sorry and didn’t mean to say the things he said; Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today. It wasn't our anniversary or any other special day. Last night, he threw me into a wall and started to choke me. It seemed like a nightmare. I couldn't believe that it was real. I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over. I know he must be sorry. Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today! It wasn’t our anniversary or any other special day; Last night he threw me into a wall and then started choking me; It seemed unreal, a nightmare, but you wake up from nightmares; And I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over—but I know he is sorry; Because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today! And it wasn’t Valentines Day or any other special day; Last night he bea
Finally Complete
i am finally complete i found the love of my life and love her deeply you know how you are my love and master *kisses deeply and bites* *With the Sexy look in your eyes you hold me captivied in their never ending glare your eyes shine like saphires and your smile brightens my even saddesst exsistence and put together my shattered heart* Mark
Help Me Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wanna Kiss Me?
Fubar 4th Of July Party!
Plans are in the works for a Fubar members only 4th of July party... I will be posting more and more information as it comes... The party will start here in Kankakee, Illinois... I have a cookout planned at the State Park for the daytime & then we are going to take a train to Chicago's Navy Pier for fireworks that night. If you are interested in coming out, please please send me your full name and address so I could send you a formal invitation in 2 weeks... Thanks in advance! Renee aka SexyGoddessRkkennedy84
Auto 11 Up For Grabs
Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own Is having an ... AUTO 11 BLING Auction! Click the link below and start BIDDING auction opens January 31 and runs to February 2 (bling must be paid for before delivery). Bidding starts at 500K fubucks This auction is and all bid auction. Accepting cash bids as well as fubucks. This bulletin brought to you by, carolvision63 Carolvision63 ~ ‍ owned by Ponyb
Have you ever been a interacial relationship,or would you consider dating outside fo your race.If no why not.
Auction For Highheels
melanie is having a special auction please ckout her auction folder she is in my family [highheels]
You know i came onto this site in the belief that this was an adult site. I have come to the conclusion that some on here are adults but some still believe this is high school. Let me define that. See to me high school is where you have your clicks. You all remember those. Only thing is on here you cant tell who is real and who isnt. So i have come to the conclusion that those on here that want to relive their high school days this isnt the place for you. Now before everyone jumps to conclusions i am not pointing fingers cause i am not that immature. So my thoughts are if you want to be friends please remember im an adult. I have kids in high school, i dont need anymore around me.
Tonight I feel so all alone, As I lay here trying to sleep, The one I love wont even phone, It hurts so very deep. This year has started as the worst, Why do I always seem to get hurt, Should I change and not put others first, Or should love, I just desert. I am told I have a heart of gold, I love with all I have to give, I just want someone to love and hold, One who make life something I want to live.
Final Judgment
             THE GREAT TRIBULATION            In discussing what will really happen during the Great Tribulation, this ministry takes the view that our thinking about this must be based primarily on the Book of Revelation. As will be shown, doing so leads to conclusions that are significantly different from what has been generally taught.            It is the view of this ministry that the Book of Revelation has preeminent authority over all the other Books of the Bible where Second Coming Prophecy is concerned. This idea is derived mainly from the fact that it is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, in His glorified, post-Ascension state, who appears at the beginning as the Giver of the Book. It is "The Revelation of Jesus Christ", as the book itself says, not "The Revelation of St. John the Divine", as it is often called.            From what John says in the first verse, we conclude that this Book contains prophetic information that Jesus Himself did not know in His earthly, pre-Ascension
Growing Darkness
She was ushered silently by her mother and father, walking along and examining the populated training ground. She had been trained for her thirteen years, and now it was time for her to choose the one that would be her companion. All around her teenage boys and girls were practicing magic and swordplay. The violent use of so much arcane energy left a tingling sensation in the air, one that had the young girl on her guard. All around her the sound was deafening as spells erupted into massive and violent explosions, and crackled with electricity. Steel on steel erupted into a faint melody as sword met sword in open duel. Despite the chaos of the training taking place around her, she was more intrugued by the group of boys and girls that stood at attention. Her mother and fathers stopped at the front of the group. She knew that she was now suppose to choose from the group arrayed in front of her who would serve as her companion, her guardian. With so many arrayed before her, she didn't
Fu Owns You?
Can someone explain what the blah blah owns you means? ive been away for some time and just got all these messages saying all these different ppl own me
Here I Wait
I was told that you will come one dayAnd save my heart from needless painRescue me from desolationAnd here I wait for you.I was told to stay right here and anticipate youI canonize you with nonsensical expectationsMy life a decrepit chasmAnd here I wait for you.Constantly I think of youLonging for your loving caressWondering when I will truly know your essenceAnd here I wait for you.My heart yearns to hear yours beatPatiently I sit and waitI ache for knowledge of youAnd here I wait for you
Single 46, 5.9" x 171 lbs,Funny,careful,clean, optimistic, Brn. Hair, Brn. EyeS.I have been around over 27+ countries. successful, caring person. I love music, swimming, gerontology, Movies, Self Improvement, Karaoke, 3d CG, Cooking, Outdoors. I like slow motion, simple life, I care for the world and everything in it, i invent green technologies.I don't drive or smoke, drink (rarely some wine) I don’t like a cell phone but i have a few, email and face book is my way.I want Funny, optimistic, talkative woman who is fun to be with.I've been a member for eight years, isn't anyone finds this fish remotely attractive? am I missing something here, message me, do it, do it now!!!lolcheersAl I have a blog about technology ,life and energy diys etc come and check it out ...also if you are single petite hot blond also check me out . ;>p cheers  
Dark Prince
Dark Prince written by Amanda N Chafin Your darkness is my blanket. My shelter from the cold. Your touch like a sweet poison; A poison so deadly and cold. Your eyes like sapphires staring; So deep into my soul. The bond we share is sacred; A fiery inferno raging in my soul. Your spirit lives inside me; The drug for which I desire. The spell which was cast is deadly; Immortal Eternity is now my Fate! My eyes are wide upon you. Your velvety voice; to me speaks! “My Dark Princess I shall make thee” The words which were spoke “The Poison” My body’s reaching erotic peaks; Our energy flowing so wildly; I graciously bow now at your feet; For now Im wrapped in your deadly web. This moments mystic yet bitter sweet, Eagerly I whisper “Take Me” It is Eternity I await!
Father's Day
As I approach the four year anniversary of the loss of my father to colon cancer the day after Fathers Day 2005 I think of what the word father and the day named for it means to me.  It seems to me that the day tends to give too much credit to those who don't deserve it, as well as those who do.  To be a father is easy. The only requirement is that you be able to produce sperm.  To be a dad requires so much more.  A dad must also produce shelter, food, wisdom, discipline, and love.  That of course is the short list.  My dad did all of that and more.   He did all of this of his own will for my sister, my brother, and myself.  Then he went on after he and my mother divorced, re-married and became a step-dad to my beautiful younger sisters and younger brother.  After being there all that time drying the tears, coaching the teams of his first family, stepped into a second family and did it again.  I was not jealous of my new family. I welcomed them as he did.  I watched in amazement as he
1. Do you think you can get through it without answering "I don't know"? Yes 2. Are you involved with anyone? yes we are in a casual relationship but we are very much involved 3. Where do you wish you were right now? back in bed with Her and not waiting on breakfast 4. What should you be doing right now? whatever She asks me to, which is make breakfast right now 5. Does sex mean love? no sex means attempting to achieve orgasm with another persons vaginal or anal assistance   6. What do you believe is a true saying about life? good things come to those who destroy everything they consider negative    7 Are you a bad influence? on some people who are easily influenced. 8. Who has had the most influence on you (good)? good Katherin...bad Raven   9 night out or night in? night out endin in being in someone 10. Single forever with a great family or no family and your soul mate? i have everything i require right now 11. What is your favorite game? its not something id discuss he
Looking 4 Fu Hubby
Lucky Charms
Don't cheat! Before you read on, choose your favorite marshmallow bit from Lucky Charms from the list below:Pink heartsYellow moonsOrange starsGreen cloversBlue diamondsPurple horseshoesThose icky oat bitsOkay. Have you got one in mind? Now you can read on. And don't change it!An amazing new study shows that your favorite Lucky Charms marshmallow bit shape determines what you're like in bed!Yes, it's true--just take this simple test to determine your true bedroom personality:GREEN CLOVERS: If your favorite Lucky Charms marshmallow shape is the green clover, you're a happy-go-lucky type in bed. You don't take anything too seriously in the bedroom or elsewhere and always manage to have a good time, even if you have someone else with you. You don't have any patience with depressed people and tend to sit on them until they cheer up.BLUE DIAMONDS: If your favorite marshmallow shape is the blue diamond, your thoughts in bed are mostly about what you'll get later. "If he really enjoys this, w
Hottest New Adult Site On The Net,, Message Me For A Free Trial
hot new site, looking for people to join, you can upload your own pics and videos, so please feel free. new videos are added daily, so tell a friend to tell a friend
Grinds My Gears
Some of you may have been part of a mass delete yesterday, by a certain someone....naturally it was made out to be a joke, but that's not the case. This person has some issues with a select few people around here, including me.  They think they can still have control over anyone that knows them.  Personally, I'm fed up with the high and mighty shit, and being shunned constantly.  If you had any sense in you, you'd make sure this person apologizes to you for their selfish ways.      I'm sure many of you have something to say about this, so I implore you to share your mind with me. So, I just got back from running some errands, and my neighbor was getting ready to pull out of her driveway.  Her and I have had very few conversations, but the topic usually involves our HOA.  She was gone the past few weeks, helping her daughter move in to a new place in Indianapolis, and left her van parked in her driveway.  Well, the van ended up having a tire go flat, while she was away.  Low and beho
Ignore Or Not
Anniversary Of My Sister's Murder
The anniversary of my sister's murder is creeping up on me. The asshole who said time heals a broken heart is a damn liar. She will be gone for 6 years on the 25th and it still feels like i was just robbed of my sister/ my best friend. I hope the money hungry bastards that murdered her are enjoying their blood money and got everything they ever wanted. Lets see if what that does for them when they stand before God and he ask why did they take such a precious life? Why did you kill one who love fullheartedly, one who would help anyone anyway she could. I would love to hear their answers for that. Just for money thats all just money is why my sister lost her life, why she was robbed of the chance to meet her nieces and nephew and her brother in law. This pain is so overwhleming i never knew i could ever feel a pain such as this. I love and miss my sister more with each passing day. There isn't a day that goes by that i dont think of her. Hilda i love you and i know one day i will see you
Ponies, Ferries And Flying Monkies
Motorcycle Checkpoints May End Up In Supreme Court
Perfect Person
I have been asked this more then once and to be honest there is one thing I say about it: THEY DO NOT EXIST! Anyone I don't care who they are, where they are from is not going to be perfect for you. There will always be something you love, and dislike (or hate if you have really strong feelings and emotions) about a person. People ditch, or bitch about whatever relationship they are having at the time. They don't seem to want to try to fix things. Heads up here: It's how you deal with the other persons issues you dislike or hate that makes the relationship happen! Its the differences in all of us that make us and our relationships unique, I don't care what kind of relationship you have, or what kind of person is in it. So the next time you feel like ditching or bitching about your relationship or person your with remember you could be part of that problem, and try to remember why you got together with that person in the first place, If your really that unhappy, then talk
Roll W/ Da Big Dawg
if you enter into a contest don't tell anybody they have to vote for only the score you got boo. to all my special friends its been a min. i've been away for awhile "I'M BACK GOT DANM IT". I'M BACK ON THE PORCH, BEEN SOME STRAYS RUNNING AROUND, HERE'S THE BIG DOG. " I'M REMARKING MY SCENT ON ALL MY SPECIAL BOO'S" SO STAY THE #### OFF MY PORCH AND YET OFF MY BLOCK" BIG DAWG stay of the porch
Popping The Cherry Blog
Wow, what a welcome from everyone today. Been a great 1st day. Great place here...lotta new and old faces. Thanks for the comments....holy shit you're fuckin awesome!!! I left MSN Spaces under this alias... But after some much needed rest and relaxation... I decided to join back in the fun. Looking forward to staying in touch with some old spacers and looking forward to new ones. But this girl is off to bed...
Doggie Prayers Plz
Hey everyone, I'm posting this blog because of a friend. You see I really dont have any confidence in myself so there for after the last blog in October I quit putting up blogs but my new friend bigdaddy on here let me know that I was special in my own way, I have known him less than a week and he is already very special to me. After I read his blog it let me know how special someones life is so here I am posting a new blog. I am not some ordinary woman, unlike most women who can take in someones love, I cant all I ever do is push people away. If I take in someones love and cherish it they leave and never come back, wheather it is GOD's doing or not. I push people away so I wont feel the pain of losing them, I cant stand to lose someone special to me so I block all feelings I have for them out. Now your probably saying that I should not be blocking peoples feelings or pushing them away like that. Sometimes I lay away at night waiting for death to come and take me away because I used
The other night I was in the hopsital I had an asma attach..So I was in the hopspital..Then when i got out like 20 min later my Grandma died My all thats wat she was..And not shes not here anymore I am so said..BUt when I found out she passed away that night...I was crying so hard I couldnt breath so went back to the hospital becuz my anut was freaken out...It sucks ass...Im so sad I miss her so much....I wish I would have got to say god bye to her but I didnt get to so i feel really bad..She is watching over me but its not the same becuz I cant say good bye to her..Im like really depressed..I miss her soooooooo much... Well this is my good bye to her... I love you grandma you where and still are my all..Im glad I had you around while I did you meant alot to me..And Our family..I love you thanks for watching over the family..With love always and forever your in my thought dreams and hope... I love you grandma... LOve always... Sabrina...
12-21-06... Its Fuckin Boring
The World By Me
I have always been the careful type when it comes to my heart. I'm not the one that would give his love easily or fall easily but it has happened. I do wish to thank this site for helping me find my love, my best friend, and my soul mate. She and I are so happy I didn't know I could be this happy ever but I am. We started by chatting in the shout box to yahoo chatiing and then I desided it was time to meet face to face. I drove down to her house last weekend. We went out to a chinse food, played pool, I sang keriokie for her we had a beautiful weekend. On Sunday she drove me to Estes Park and we walked and I sang songs to her while we walked ate icecream I did want the weekend to end. When I started home all I could think about was her. I stopped at a McDonalds to eat and texted her several times. That next night on Monday we both desided we were in love. I connect to her in such a deep way I thought was never posible I have never felt this and it is so wonderful I wanted to shar
Nameless Faces ...
How old were you when you first.... 1. Fell in love - Real love 18 2. Lost someone close to you - 4 3. Got drunk - 15 4. Smoked weed - Never. 5. Got kissed - 17 6. Went to the hospital for surgery - Had a C-section at 22, but not scheduled ... 7. Got your heart broken badly - 18 8. Lost a pet - 2 9. Got arrested - Never. 10. Smoked a Cigarette - 13 11. Broken a bone - Never 12. Went to a concert - 18 13. Had 1st boy/girl friend - 17 15. Got a cherryTAP account - 24 16. Sneaked out of the house - Never. 17. Pierced other than your ears - No piercing here, allergic to everything... but I love me my ink. 18. Sneaked someone in your house - Never. 19. How old are you now? 24 20. Learned to drive - 15 21. Totaled a car - I totalled my boyfriends car at 20. 22. Went to a nightclub or bar - 20 My Personality Neuroticism85Extraversion71Openness To Experience60
Hey if you take the time to visit someones profile...why not take the extra 2 seconds to rate them? Does anyone else find the practice of visiting someones profile and not rating them or am I alone on this?
The Up And The Downs
You thank you know people, but you know nothing. Their are so many ways to say somthing I say and say hello I say tamayto you say tomotto ( if I am spelling it corect.) I say I like I like youyou, and you say you ?. ?. ?. You say Ok I see what you say has no meaning just words comeing from your mouth. I fall for the trap all the time. It set up and I see it and yet I still walk into it. One day just one day I will catch those two Those who go by the name of Fath and Desten other wise knows as Fate and Desteny. They come into our live and make them the way it should be we chose how to live our lives and they set in moshion. I feail for those who are damed when they stand agenst you. Feair has no meaining until they turn on you then you face their full grount. Ironey has little to no say she stand their and waite she judge only when it left up to her. An you say you wonte to know me yet you do so little to show intres. I like you and you say and do nothing in return.
Why Life
Fuck those who cant keep there noses out of others peoples lives. Fuck you all back stabbin asses. Thats not what friends are for you might want to realize that. i don't give a fuck if I offend you. Stay out of my life. Can some of the angel family atleast help. And the rest of the people who call themselves my friends. Please Vote fo me
American Courtrooms
These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts, and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now published by court reporters who had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges were actually taking place. It's worth reading to the end! Those of you who have worked with attorneys will find this very easy to understand.... ATTORNEY: Are you sexually active? WITNESS: No, I just lie there. _______________________________ ATTORNEY: What is your date of birth? WITNESS: July 18th. ATTORNEY: What year? WITNESS: Every year. _____________________________________ ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact? WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks. ______________________________________ ATTORNEY: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all? WITNESS: Yes. ATTORNEY: And i
Updates To My Page
he he he he he go i tells ya wtf ureading this for go look at it today my best frined richie died in a fire and i just seen him last night first my mom leaves me now my best friend is gone and now i cant stop crying this is to every 1 that lost a dear friend death is a part of life death is what brings life life is what brings death whne it is your time its your time to make life you must take life so i say this prayer to my friend i hope you will join me lord please take care of my friend richies soul and i hope he knows ill miss him amen. i made stash and page up dates peep em if uwant idc
Hey guys, I need all of you right now to help me in this contest. Please, anytime your free click on the pic link at the bottom of this blog, and post as many comments as possible on it. I would do it for you guys, seriously. If at any time you need me to return the favor, just let me know and I'm there. Thanks in advance for any help you can give! :) Well, I figure for my first blog, I'll just put up alittle about me. I'm 22 years old, I live in honesdale Pennsylvania, I just got out of a serious relationship, and I have three wonderful children. I play guitar, as much as I possibly can, but lately that hasnt been as much as I would like. My current favorite drink is Sex In The Graveyard(Its delicious, next time your at a bar order one, you shouldnt be disapointed), and I smoke entierly too much. I listen to just about any kind of music imaginable. I love movies, and I hope to direct one of my own one of these days. I really dont know what else to put down here, so any questions
Lds Family
I wanted to take a moment and thank each and everyone of you for the warm and sweet welcome and comments you have given me. I am very honored to be a part of such a wonderful family. If there is ever anything I can do for any one please feel free to ask. I well TRY and get comments sent back out but just in case I miss one or two please know that I thank you for your welcome! Much Love to all, Goddess of Afrika of Lestat's Dark Covenant Family
Thoughts And Opinions
As it applies to real life of course.It seems to me that today dating isn't even worth trying anymore. It is a wasted effort. If you are not the hottest thing around you really don't have a chance with the opposite sex in your area. Men and women are both guilty of it, so don't say it is only the other sex that does it.I see it everyday, people ruining good relationships over the next " Hottie" that comes along. They also ignore potential lifetime mates to chase these impossible dreams of happy ever after with these fake or uninterested people. WAKE UP PEOPLE! You are setting yourself up for failure for which when you do settle down with someone, that someone will not be able to A)live up to those standards or B)have to put up with the emotional and sometimes physical baggage that you bring into the relationship. Now I know they say it is healthy to dream, but I think it is highly unhealthy to chase a dream that you honestly know is never going to be happy. If you are looking for someb
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