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Falling Angel's blog: "Love"

created on 09/24/2008  |


Have you ever been in love with someone but they was not in love with you? Have you ever wanted just to be happy with that one guy or woman but it's not going to happen. Your friends and family keep telling you one day it will happen but here you are still alone and unhappy. Or you fall for the wrong guy or woman that is just a loser and get hurt over and over again. Everyone around you is finding that speical someone and you wonder why not me. You tell that person you are happy for them but inside you are saying why them and not me. You go to bed at night and wake up alone you leave and the house is empty and you come home just to relize there is noone there to say hi to you. You eat alone and hang out with friends but you go home alone. The bottom line is I'm never going to fine that guy I can be in his arms at night or treat him like a king so who am I fooling and what is so wrong that I can fine someone. Tell me your story would love to hear from you............
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