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ElseWhere's blog: "my 4:20 story...."

created on 11/07/2007  |  http://fubar.com/my-4-20-story/b151521
ok well a few people have asked me what site i got the pics from of the mango plant... and to tell this story right i should start from the beginning.... been a pot smoker for a long time but never grew before, i tried once when i lived in new symrna beach, florida... i had 5 plants started and they got about 4 inches and died on me... shortly after that i got busted getting a 1/4 pound of buds in the mail from british columbia, canada... yeah i know not smart, but there is more... i started gettin pot in the mail from a girl in garbervilles, ca... when i got out of the service in 2000... every where i moved to she would mail it to me, was nice i finally went out to meet her in 2003, come to find out it was her husband that had the green thumb and i saw there amazing grow room... and they lived diagonal from the county sheriff's department... so needless the say i was shittin bricks the whole time i was there... so 2004 rolls around and i move down to florida and she has fallen off the face of the earth.. still no idea where she is now... but i am sure she is safe... she was a smart cookie for being a certified lunatic... so here i am in flordia talkin to this girl in BC... and she mails me some buds.. round may of 2006.... they were the best buds i had ever smoked.... so i asked her to send me the 1/4 pound... and if your wonderin if she was a narc or something... naw cuz she mailed them to herself at my address the first time and she flew down to meet me for the second time... she didn't like the buds we had in florida ... so the seond time she came she had her own... i came to the conclusion then that she lived in a magazine world... when i got busted i wish i had it on video, cuz i think i could of won america's funniest home video's with it... when i got arrested, i was in a pair of basketball shorts, thats it and a ball python around my neck.... well one of the 9 officers on the scene was scared shitless of the snake and went for his ankle pistol an tripped over his own feet and lost it... so they had to stop what they were doing to find this officers gun... so they take me inside and ask if i had any weapons, i only had one gun and it was an old western 6 shooter 22 caliber pistol.... not one of the officers knew how to unload it... i talked them thru it and they unloaded it and left it on my bed... it was there when i bonded out... so after it was all said and done they got me for a 3rd degree felony of possession of marijuana, and misdeanor possesion of parapenalia, they found 11 bowls and bongs... but they did leave me my hookia, cuz they coudn't find any resin on it... i got 270 dayz in jail and fined... not sure what it was cuz i haven't paid it... but i did 195 dayz in volusia county jail and they let me go... and i got the fuck outta florida and hiding out here in pa till i can drive again next november... the customs officer that was the fed that dropped the charges so the county picked them up asked me why i wasn't just growin my own, it much safer then using the mail or a dealer... so i took his advise, i fly to ancorage, ak and took a bus to whitehorse, yukon where my friend, the one that mailed the pot that i got busted for, took me all around the yukon and northern british columbia... there are pics in my stash... such a beautiful place and would love to go back... i managed to score some seeds while in BC, 15 juicy fruit, 15 mango, and 25 variety pack... cut a hole i my underware and stuffed them in and sewn it back up... and walked thru customs and airport security at anchorage, seattle, and philly... sucks to have to go outside and smoke a cigartte and come back thru the check points.... but made it back safe and sound... thru one juicy fruit in a napkin to germinate, when it did i planted it 2 dayz later we got so much rain it washed away... this was end of july, late start for outdoor anyway... few weeks later pops asked how it was doing and i told him he was like start another one... so i did a mango ths time... middle of august when i got it in the tomato plant and about the 3rd week in september i moved it inside...i have since picked roughly 5 dozen tomatos off the and picked off the dead leaves... and i am thinkin it will flower again roughly the time i am hopin the mango is ready to be picked cured and burned... new years 2008!!!!! i will keep pics updated once a week when i go to look at it... so ther is my lil 4:20 story.... feel free to comment and share yours... i just hope its a good one not like mine, but its looking like there is gonna be a happy ending....
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