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My Walk
Alone in silence I now walk No one stands there by my side Life's uneven path rises to meet me Unknowing my way, I take another stride Evilness surrounds me each day Into its traps I try never to fall Kindness has been my teaching Love and caring for one and all Anger I see by others as I pass by Not understanding the reason of their ire Could it be so much pressure bottled inside That they have succombed to its fire Eyes of sorrow I have looked into Pain etched deep inside their soul this day Eating at them this unknown tormenting demon Hoping they can break its grasp one day No brightness can I see now All around is dark like an evil filled night Draining the weaker ones that I pass Pulling them into a lifeless plight I feel myself waiver as I take my next step Which of these evils have set a trap for me I strive to stay true to my life's course Pulling against its grasp, I set myself free In silence I walk now, learning with each day I take nothing for gran
New Member
hi all we have a new member show him sum love ty
Shout Box
I dont know if many of you have gotten shouts from random guys or girls asking to join a lounge or even help them in a contest. Well i have and i'm getting sick of the random shouts from guys making dirty comments, or even wanting to talk to dirty. So i have now decided to make my shout box open to friends only for the time being. Thanks
My Young Brother Is An Idiot!
My brother is on the run from the law for a variety of offenses! I know where he is staying and I've tried to convince him to turn himself in peacefully but he wont. The police in my city have already had 4 policemen lose their lives while on duty this season and needless to say that they are not playing around anymore! I love my lil brother and do not want to see him hurt or killed by the police trying to approhend him! My question is should I alert police to his whereabouts and be present with him to ensure his conpliance with their orders or keep quiet and pray for the best? This isnt an easy decision because in my neighborhood people who assist the police are marked as snitches and are outcasted! You just dont help the police on any matter! But as I said before I love my brother and I dont want to see him hurt or killed!
Dan Fogelberg: These Days R.i.p.
Suffering And Pain
Suffering and pain Surviving through the past The hurt I gain Cuts with a blast Survival of the future Flowing, freely are the tears Underlying under the suture Beneath the fears Present hurt Causing wild dreams Not covered by dirt Waking to screams Today will I be able to last Thinking of the worst Feeling smothered like a cast Break through it first Yesterday is behind me Living now This I must see But how Tomorrow is never here But is always ahead Never too near Don't believe what is said
Round 2
well I was just notified that I will be getting another set of back injections tuesday. since the first set didnt work and the dumb ass stupid excuse of both sides lawyers are retarded I have to continue to suffer in my own hell from having back surgery. though I was supposed to have the surgery this past may, they decided to do other things. FUCK YOU BASTARDS THIS IS MY BODY I HAVE TO LIVE WITH!!! I WISH YOU SUFFER THE WAY I HAVE FOR THE PAST 2 YRS YOU LOW LIFE WASTE OF BALL NUT LAWYERS!!!!!!! ok Im done.
~*club Twisted*~
MyHotComments Looking for something NEW and EXCITING? Come check us out. Feel free to sit back and enjoy the music. If you like to chat you will fit right in. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ click the link to join the party
My Dark World
i block the world from my view so i don't hurt agian i prefure to be blind then see it all offend i wish it all could be sweet but that just isn't right i wave my hand then remind everything will be alright i know now i was wrong to think those stupid thoughts how the hell can the world go on knowing all i've fought if i just lie here now and give it one more try maybe i'll just get lucky and wave away and die welcome to my dark world the senseless creepy find the place where i keep myself welcome to my mind
I was so blind Why did I not recognize all the sadness drowning in her eyes? I was too busy to take some time and ask her what was on her mind I was so blind Now I see her cries for help, all the cards she had dealt She was just waiting for them to run out Is that what life is all about? Just waiting for it all to end, or asking why did it ever begin? It's not supposed to be like that You can't just lie around like a door mat Let people step all over you and wish the wind would take you to wherever it blew I didn't see that's what she did She hid Why couldn't I find I was so blind She is gone now I just cry and ask how I let her slip away It gets harder everyday Now I sit in sorrow, Wishing there was no tomorrow I was so blind
The Stalker Kid!
My stepmother just dropped by to bring Ashton one of her Christmas presents that didn't make it in time for Christmas. It is a Juicy Couture purse and is so damn cute! I think I might have to borrow that one from her. Since she loves to borrow my car, I might just have to borrow her purse! My stepmother told me that she ordered me the Irobot Scooba finally and it should come soon. Another Christmas present that didn't make it under the tree. I am looking forward to getting that one. No more mopping my floors! I am very excited about that. As I write this, my Roomba is in the kitchen vacuuming up the floors! Gotta love it. My youngest son has a big heart and has a hard time telling people no. He is the kind of person that doesn't want to hurt anyones feelings. He is a lot like my Dad. So this kid that lives in our neighborhood asked him if he can start getting a ride to school with us. Christopher said that I wouldn't mind. So last Sunday, this man shows up out fron
Warmth Within Your Love
NuttinButtSexxy Warmth within Your Love I never thought I would proclaim your love is the best than all the rest. The warmth within your love makes me fly like proud eagle. Heat I feel from your body about mine. I want to always feel the waves rushing upon me from the warmth within your love that is mine to embrace. My soul is flourishing within the warmth only you can give to me. You are, the only person that possesses the key to my heart and soul. The hotness of your most precious core makes purr like a kitten being stroke by your perfect hands. Warmth within your love makes me want no other. My soul is motionless like time has stop forever. Groundless is my heart when others wander about me, it is you that ground me within love that I will forever belong too. My passion is tender and gentle. Yet, Yours is wild and savage in ways that make my still heart beat within the warmth that inspire me, Too dare the wildness within me. Your Affection is life upon this shell
So Much For Friendship...
Well, I have met some really cool people on here and I have enjoyed their company and grow quite a sense of respect for them.. But there is one case where i have become a little jaded.. I met someone on this site. We talked for a little while and he seemed very cool. I wasnt looking for love or anything like that.. Just for friends and nothing more.. Plus, I knew he had a girlfriend and I respected that. Never flirted or talked in any preverse way what so ever. After a while things were great and we talked all the time.. Until the Girlfriend caught wind of me. I am not sure what the problem is and personally, I dont really care. It seems in her mind that we were flirting or making some sort of reference to "hook up" or some shit.. I have told her personally that this wasnt the case but I guess my words werent good enough for her. She was pretty much a bitch to me and posed as my friend to milk me for answers for something was merely in her head. We stopped talking and was
La Cueca Chilena (look At His Boots !!!)
Crazy Love - Van Morrison And Bob Dylan
I Do Want
I'll be your dream I'll be your wish I'll be your fantasy I'll be your hope I'll be your love Be everything that you need I love you even more with every breath Truly Madly Deeply, do I will be strong I will be faithful Because I'm counting on a new beginning A reason for living A deeper meaning, yeah... I want to stand with you on a mountain I want to bathe with you in the sea I want to lie like this forever Until the sky falls down over me And when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky I'll make a wish Send it to heaven And it'll make you want to cry tears of joy for all the Pleasure and the certainty That we're surrounded by the comfort and protection Of the highest power In lonely hours The tears without you
South Island New Zealand
Life Learning...
Live Life.........Taste Death. Sound a little crazy, here's the D/L. Imagine being 17 again and riding your motorcycle over to your girlfriends house on a Sat. evening. After a night of hangin out like kids do, you kiss her goodnight and head home. Four days later you wake up in intensive care, with no idea what the hell happened. What happened was a hit and run. The car was full of drunks and smoked me on my bike going 50 mph. I broke both legs, left arm, and jaw. Graduated in a wheelchair and spent a year learning to walk. Now, 9 surgeries later, I have metal rods in both legs, wrist and plate in jaw, artificial hip socket and knee cap. Due to the fact that I learned first hand that you may just die today, I live everyday as if it is the last one. Enjoy my kids, music, cars and bikes, anything that makes me feel alive. Now everyone go out and get a tattoo, kiss someone you do not know, shoot an AK, and remember: When you feel too scared to try something, remember that you c
Checking Out
i never ask anything from anyone even on here i dont however iam fucking tire of people checking me out and going thu my pics and not rateing them i hacve seen 5 people so far on here that jsut go thu my pics and not rate them if you dont want to rate me thats fine i dont give a fuck but dont look thu my fucking pics and not rate them if you do i will block you and if ur pissed off of this i could care less people say they are not the same as everyone else prove it back ur shit up and dont just talk abount it seem like alot of people seem to just run there mouths alot and i can name like abount 20 people that are very close and i can name some off the bat
Dumb Stuff Said In 2008
We say some dumb stuff around the New Year. Frankly, I'm tired of it already. There are more myths, rumors and lies spread about the New Year than there are in the presidential debates. I'm going to be the one to call them out. All of them! I'm talking about the lies, not the candidates. I'll start with my favorite myth: "New Year = New You" The calendar we use today was created centuries ago when we were an agrarian society. It was invented primarily for two purposes: farming and performing rituals. It was never meant for "naming and claiming" your new Mercedes or losing the weight from the food you just packed in your gut over the holidays. Do you want to know a surefire way to guarantee you'll be right back in this same position next year? Vow to start an extreme lifestyle makeover in January and hope the Calendar God on High anoints you with the miraculous changes you desire. Summons his power with incantations such as, "This is my year" and "It's gonna be great in 2008."
I was finally going to do it. I got online and found me a ticket for 35 dollars..round trip. I was so happy. My first time ever flying and I was going to meet my boyfriend from online for the first time. It was 11am.. and I boarded the airplane. I had butterflys in my stomach thinking of our first meeting..and of what it was going to be like flying. As it turned out.. the ride went smoothly.. was only a hour flight. As I got off the airline.. you was waiting for me with a huge smile on your face. My stomach did a flip flop. You looked so handsome standing there.. I ran the rest of the way to you. You grabbed me up in a huge bear hug..and gave me the most wonderful kiss I ever had in my life. We went to a private restauraunt.. just to get use to seeing each other in person. I was so shy.. I didn't know what to do. you reached for my hand.. and lifted it to your lips and kissed you stared into my eyes. Damn, you have the most beautiful eyes. I was like in a trance..just
Don't Take Everything On Here So Personal.
I used to take it so personal when someone on this site would give any of my pictures a low rate. I always thought it was so rude to rate anything less then a 7. I would get so mad and go in their profile and ask them why they did it. I think only a couple of times people said it was an accident which I can understand. The laptop's touch pad can be a little touchy and I have made mistakes before because you barely touch it and it clicks on something. Sometimes I find myself in someone's profile I had no idea I clicked on it! oops! Anyway, once I got rid of my old profile and started fresh, I could care less if someone downrates my pictures. It doesn't mean that I am ugly, it just means that they are acting immature and stupid. They are hoping to piss people off because those kind of people live for it. I ignore them or simply just block them right away. I don't go into their profile and rate them low. Why? Because that is what they are hoping for. To lower you to their
Race To Be A Man
They tell me life goes on, pour out a lil' liquor, this pain'll never be gone, but with the whiskey it goes by quicker, so I drink a lil bit more then I did when you were here, nowadays my only friendship is to the bottle that I hold near, and I'm destined to wither away, with the passin of each day, cause this ole' world keeps gettin' the best of me, death is certain in the end, but damn I miss my friend, Rest in peace my brother, Jeremy, We grew up like brothers, from childhood through our teens, had different mothers, but lived by the same genes, turning the page to a time when we both lost our dads, seems like those baseball games, at times, were all we had, those times withered away, as we lived another day, and soon became a distant memory, but sometimes I drfit away, remembering yesterday, when baseball was life to kids like you and me, Its been almost a year, since you were taken home, and I still shed my share of tears, every time I'm alone, in life I c
When You Became My Wife
Verse 1 You were dressed in black lace, a smile on your face, as you watched me walk through the door, A bottle of white wine on the stand, two glasses in your hand, as I made my way across the floor, No words were required, just actions desired, so we performed each one to a tee, When this all began, you were just a friend, but over time you became so much more to me, Verse 2 It's a rule of thumb, that the body goes numb, as love executes the chase, But baby how i feel, this loves as real, as our very first embrace, Eleven years have passed, love outlasts the sorrow, and I can see us remeniscin on eleven more years, in the mirrors of tomorrow CHORUS: You became my lover, the keeper of my soul / you found what was empty, filled it -n- made me whole / the constructor of my happiness, a foundation for my life / you became all these things when you became my wife. ---Robert Markle---
My Video
Never Coming BackAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Looking For Fu Husband...
Okay i'm gonna make this somewhat short and sweet.. lol I'm looking for my very first fubar husband.. So take a number and have a seat at SourApples waiting room.. If you would like to be my fu husband leave me a message telling me why i should fu marry you.. and i'll pick in the next few days.. Have Funn Thank You Sour Apple
The Temptress
she lingers in the dark waiting for you she knows just what to do and what to say before the dawn you will have become her prey she will take from you what she needs then will walk away
I Have No Idea
I have no idea what or where to get my next one. Im thinkin an entire back piece.. not quite sure of what yet.. ideas?
Lonely And Blue...
Lonely and blue, Missing you. Lonely and blue, I don't know what to do. I thought I had seen the light, Thought it might be right. I tried with all my might, But now it doesn't look so bright. Don't know what to do, Feelin' so lonely and blue. Thought there would be two, But now I just miss you. Wanna go but need to stay, Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I try to stay away, But miss you more each passing day. Wish you were here, To hold me my dear. You put the wind in my sail, But I guess, only time will tell. So lonely and blue, I just don't know what to do. So lonely and blue, I'm just missing you. ~ Sadie Grace ~
What Do I Do
Pre-booty Call Agreement
This pre-booty call agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is entered into on the _____day of __________, 2008, by_______________________, between ____________and______________. THIS AGREEMENT SHALL COVER THE FOLLOWING RULES AND PRINCIPLES: 1. No sleeping over - unless it is very good and we need to repeat it in the morning. 2. No meeting in public except for dinner or drinks before the events of the evening. 3. No calls before 9 PM - we don't have shit to talk about. 4. None of that "lovemaking" shit - only sex allowed. 5. No emotional discussions (i.e. Where are we heading with this? Do you love me?) The answer is no, so don't ask. 6. No plans made in advance - that is why you are called the "backup," unless you are from out-of-town, then it's only a one-time advanced arrangement. 7. All gifts accepted - money is always good. 8. No baby talk - however, dirty talk is encouraged. 9. No asking for comparisons with former lovers - it's really
My Love Song
In my dreams I'm a goddess And you are a shepard Our love is the pasture But I can't put you to sleep I dream I'm a siren And you are a sailor I sing you a love song And pull you in deep So who took out the movie Right before I could hit play And made me realise This is my life I saw him from a distance Cuz he stuck out from the crowd At first we were just friends But he kept tearing me down He said he's not like the others And he won't let me get hurt But the rest had all said that Which sent up the alert
I Miss...
my daddy...on the 30th it will be 2 years since the accident and it feels like it happend yesterday. I never thought it would happen to us and I am so stupid for thinking that. I know he was just my stepdad but to me he was my daddy. I had 2 daddys and I wanted them both to walk me down the isle when I get married. I miss him more and more everyday.
have ya ever been grounded in a depression just like that, but don't know why.. everything hits you at once and you don't know who to figure things out. I have noticed alot of things recently that I'm depressed and its because of me what I've done and so many things I wish I could change. Now its up to me to figure out what in the hell to do. like why me. what am I and who am I, when can I just free myself from all of this. I"m tired of myself and I'm not happy with myself either.
The Importance Of Forgiveness ..
When someone has hurt us, consciously or unconsciously, one of the most difficult things we have to face in resolving the situation is the act of forgiveness. Sometimes it feels like it's easier not to forgive and that the answer is to simply cut the person in question out of our lives. In some cases, ending the relationship may be the right thing to do, but even in that case, we will only be free if we have truly forgiven. If we harbor bitterness in our hearts against anyone, we only hurt ourselves because we are the ones harboring the bitterness. Choosing to forgive is choosing to alleviate ourselves of that burden, choosing to be free of the past, and choosing not to perceive ourselves as victims. One of the reasons that forgiveness can be so challenging is that we feel we are condoning the actions of the person who caused our suffering, but this is a misunderstanding of what is required. In order to forgive, we simply need to get to a place where we are ready to stop identifyin
Daily Devotional 1/9/08
Native Wisdom - Jan. 9 Cherokee Feast of Days By Joyce Sequichie Hifler Sometimes great distances exist between the high points of our lives. Time moves swiftly and we tend to let it slip away without making it count while we wait on another high experience. We discount it as nothing unless we have reached some spectacular height and have passed ten other people on the way. The Indian does not consider himself idle when he stands still watching, listening, seeing the stars, or watching the sunset. His spirit-eyes absorb these signs and wonders to feed him when he cannot see the rolling hills, the flowing streams. A narrow view is one that constantly asks, What shall I eat? What shall I wear? What can make me feel secure? And all the time, the beauty and peace which cost nothing surround us unnoticed. Envy and lack of inner joy rob us of our peace of mind. ~ O, listen! Hear! Sing with me, for I am joy. ~ CHEROKEE SONG ___________________________________________ Elder's Me
Comparing Yourself To Others ..
You are unique. There is no one else like you in the entire universe. In honor of your unique self, it is good to acknowledge and embrace the special qualities that make you the person that you are. One way to do this is to not compare yourself with other people. It is human nature to want to see how we measure up in comparison to others - especially if we think that they are better than us or have more of something that we want. Yet the truth is that it is not a good use of time to compare ourselves with others because there is no one like us and this makes us incomparable. It is sometimes almost easier to look outside of ourselves and feel like we are deficient in comparison to other people rather than taking responsibility for our own progress in relation to the fulfillment of our life purpose. It actually takes more courage to be self-referential and look at ourselves to see whether we are measuring up to our standards or meeting our full potential. Each of us has very special
Rain As the Rain Begins to Fall it make beautiful sounds against the Window pane. Cutting off the Silence of the Night by scaring off the creatures of flight. From the outside world looking in it's hard to tell that there is lots of sin when all you can tell is that there is necked skin. white on white all through the night till the shimmers of the morning light. Oh how the hours have passed us by while the O's have just multiplied. Was it love or was it lust this answer should just be left alone and thought of as two lovers spending time at home.
On The Hunt
Contact Witoka:Shattered Heart Witoka* Royal Eliet BomberTotal Master Morpher Seeking New Bomber's@ fubar Are Hippie:`InSaNe HiPpIe`co owner of the kingdom of wolves@ fubar Morning Star:Morning Star*Co Owner Of The Kingdom Of Wolves Till Witoka Can Return Spirit Of The Wolf Platoon*Seeking New Bomber's@ fubar Hippie:~`HiPpIe`~co owner of the kingdom of wolves'@ fubar First let me start off by saying thank you for choosing to bomb with The Kingdom Of The Wolve's . We are happy to have all new comer's and hope you All have fun bombing with the Kingdom Of Wolve's ...I might add here you might find a few of my rules a little strange or unfair but I assure you there are very good reason's behind each and every one of them and may have more added as time goes on. Please make sure you read them carefully and if you have any question's no matter how big or small you can talk to your leader. List Of Rule's 1.) NO bad mouthing any other bomber..If you have a problem with any other
For My Wife
For My Beautiful Wife Shayla~! Courtesy of ♥Wk gl hl♥@ fubar I Just Want YouBy Ozzy OsbourneBest Video Codes Just letting MY WIFE Know How much I love her AND let everyone know that i am very taking and very happy with who I got/have! ~I love you mad Shayla Pressley~ PROFILEFANTASY.COM PROFILEFANTASY.COMPROFILEFANTASY.COM Shayla Baby You Have No Worries EVER Because i will be urs Till the Day I Die Hunny, There's NOBODY on the net are in Preson Will EVER take ur man.I Love You With ALL my mind body AND sould Princess~! PROFILEFANTASY.COMPROFILEFANTASY.COM
How True Is This?
It has been determined, the most used sexual position for married couples is a doggie position. The husband sits up and begs. The wife rolls over and plays dead
Baby Eden
Thank you all for bearing with me being offline to welcome my baby eden into this world Ive been at the hospital for 3 days but tomorrow he will be coming home and i wont have to be there. Fu bombers is important to me Flamming Heart is important to me and so are all of you and i am always on every nite But if your child had surgery and was in the hospital and you had a gorgeous baby to be with every night.. im sure thats where you all would be I love fubar and i love my friends but family comes first.. of course Thanks for understanding Love you all - Erin
For My Beautiful Wife Shayla~!
For My Beautiful Wife Shayla~! Courtesy of ♥Wk gl hl♥@ fubar I Just Want YouBy Ozzy OsbourneBest Video Codes Just letting MY WIFE Know How much I love her AND let everyone know that i am very taking and very happy with who I got/have! ~I love you mad Shayla Pressley~ PROFILEFANTASY.COM PROFILEFANTASY.COMPROFILEFANTASY.COM Shayla Baby You Have No Worries EVER Because i will be urs Till the Day I Die Hunny, There's NOBODY on the net are in Preson Will EVER take ur man.I Love You With ALL my mind body AND sould Princess~! PROFILEFANTASY.COMPROFILEFANTASY.COM
Show Sum Love 4 A Friend
Hey ppls....If you haven't heard, I was reset with alot of other ppl.....I went from level 22 all the way to 0.......In order for the lounge to survive I am asking that everyone comes back in and hangs out with so the activity is built up and I am able to make some fu-bucks to keep it going..And if you have the time please come help me get back to my level by rating my pics sometime.....ty all and see yuu soon............. Click this link to visit us in COPPERHEADS (hiring dj's): -the management Please show All The love U Can and help Chris Thanx Alot Hippie
A Different Kind Of Pain
Before I let you go, give me just one more night to show you just how I feel. I lost all my control, if it takes my whole damn life I'll make this up to you. Kind of like the waves, that roll their whole life towards somewhere crashing on the shore. That's blown in by the wind that carries the clouds to hide my wish on a fallen star. A different kind of pain, is someone there to hold you, is someone there to take you away from me. I tried to let you go. I wish I could turn back time and show you just how I feel. I needed you to know, if it takes my whole damn life I'll make this up to you. Kind of like the waves, that roll their whole life towards somewhere crashing on the shore. That's blown in by the wind, that carries the clouds to hide my wish on a fallen star. A different kind of pain, is someone there to hold you is someone there to take you away from me.
Moving On Up#6 Tsisquo'ga ♥Native American Queen♥ Club F.A.R.# 1 Family on Fubar@ fubar Chief of Native American Pride@ fubar Attention all N.A.P. members this is our weeks levelers. They need our help and support to reach the next LEVE
Hey peeps...I haven't been on today...Just wanted to give yall an had surgery today so I'm still a bit loopy....hahaha.....I had my rotator cuff repaired, some bone shaved down, and an unfused bone fragment in my left shoulder removed.... So now I'm waiting for the block to wear off so I can regain feeling in my left kinda crazy actually:P I can wiggle my fingers on my left hand finally and the pins n needles feeling is oh so I'll holla at you peeps later...Peace...
You know i have been here since Sept 2006 and have over 2000 friends.. when i post things ask for things. where is everyone.. i'm so pissed right now.. this is so not fair.. i'm the sweetest person you can met and will do anything for you.. what is the deal. i'm to ugly to fat. what.. everyone else can post and everyone runs to them.. i think this is totally bullshit... i'm sorry i think i have maybe 3 or 4 friends on here that i talk to you... I can't help but to be so upset.. I spent all my time on here.. rating, fanning, everything i can do.. and then i look up. NOTHING, NOTHING......I ask those that are so so popular and you know who i'm talkin about, not being mean.. and its who you know, well shit... i know you all... so i'm back to my question, what is the DEAL.... Sorry ,but i can't take this anymore.. this place is for fun, whatever. it was when i first got here.. but now everyone is for thereselves....bull.....I really don't want to leave.. i have put to much into this and lo
Avid Golfer
There's a fellow who is an avid golfer. Actually he's a fanatic golfer. > > Every Saturday morning he has an early tee time, gets up very early and is golfing all day long. Well this one Saturday morning, he gets up early, dresses quietly, gets his clubs out of the closet, and goes out to his car to drive to the course. > > It is raining a torrential downpour. There is snow mixed with the rain and the wind is blowing 50 mph. He comes back into the house and turns the TV to the weather channel. From there he finds it's going to be bad weather all day long. So he puts his clubs back into the closet, quietly undresses and slips back into bed where he cuddles up to his wife's back, and says, "the weather out there is terrible." > > To which she replies, "Can you believe my stupid husband is out golfing?"
Bing Nice And Finishing Dead Last
You know they say Nice guys finish dead last. Well I can sya that is soo true. And honestly I am sick of it. So f***ing what I dont have looks are money or etc. I have where it counts. I have a good freind who is my fu wife(who is special to me) and a cpl other special ppl that i know truley care bout me. So other than them, and since I am veiwed as a "freind only guy" I am not interested anymore in a relationship in real life. You can thank my ex wife ad a few dozen women you can thank.
Reduced To Begging Lol
OK i know im not close to leveling to disciple so thats not a good reason. Ive also had spotlight before so thats not a good reason. But dammit im tired of waiting lmao!So if you can spare ANY fubucks I dont care if its 1,000 or 1 million lol- any and all donations are appreciated and all donors will be included in a pimpout after i get enough bucks for spotlight.I cant tell you how much I have or then the other bidders will know how high to start lol I will be willing to offer 11's in exchange, or a special salute folder for friends that help(sfw only peeeps my bf isnt really keen on some other guys name across my boobs or ass- go figure huh? I can also do some pic effects like are in my made for me or by me- minor stuff though like the reflecting water, rain, snow, lightning,fire,contrast pics, color changing effects and borders (glitter or plain colors)in my default is a black and white with colored eyes- i can do those as well. I could rate stash or pics within reason o
I Never Understand These Things....
Today I ran into a former female acquaintance whom I havent seen in a few years! After we played "catch-up" I made the comment on why we didnt take the relationship to the next level (sexual) and she replied that she was waiting for me to make the first move! But here's the rub, she said "No" every single time I made an advance on her and NOW she says she was waiting for me to make the move?!?!? WTF..When a woman says NO she means NO, period!!!! I understand and respect that!! But how do you know if they REALLY mean it? Do you think women enjoying confusing us men?
Why Do I Hurt?
Is it possible to think you know someone only to discover a white lie about them? They had a chance to redeem themselves and they failed to? Why is it we have feelings that often are overlooked, forgotten, toyed with, and ultimately leave us asking, "Why do I hurt?" I am not the one who portrays being someone I am not. I don't lie, I won't tolerate being lied to even if it costs a friendship no matter how valuable that friendship may seem. While I know these are my true feelings I am still asking myself, "Why do I hurt?" Maybe there is just some underlying look or vibe that people receive from me that they just automatically think I am stupid? I don't get it - because it is they who are stupid to think that I am unintelligent. Apparently, they have forgotten all of the things I have told them to be truth, fact, feeling, and any other thing you want to throw in there. I am sitting here at 5:32 am left pondering the mere thought, "Why do I hurt?" Don't thank me for being a fri
In New To Navigate Through....
how does an "open marriage" work? hubbie and i didnt really discuss the boundries or guidelines...he had sex with one of his shook me to my core, i got jealous, mad, hurt....cant even thin to let him touch me now....all i see is her with him. yes this is my issue, yes i probably need to get over myself. he got mad back, said in his mind "open marriage" means everything is, sex everything. i just didnt think hed really have sex...thought he would say "no, sorry i love my wife, and i care too much for her, i cant go this far with you" guess i was wrong ..... so i need educated here....what are rules and guidelines of an "open marriage" ? what are couples in one allowed to do? help me understand, so we dont fight and argue....that is what we agreed to an "open marriage" to in the first place so the fighting would stop......
Help Me Win!!! Help Me Win!!!
Company Mergers
Investment tips for 2008 Maybe I shouldn't give you some of these, but here goes: Investment tips for 2008: For all of you with any money left, be aware of the next expected mergers so that you can get in on the ground floor and make some BIG bucks. 1.) Hale Business Systems, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Fuller Brush, and W. R. Grace Co. Will merge and become: Hale, Mary, Fuller, Grace. 2.) Polygram Records, Warner Bros., and Zesta Crackers join forces and become: Poly, Warner Cracker. 3) 3M will merge with Goodyear and become: MMMGood. 4. Zippo Manufacturing, Audi Motors, Dofas co, and Dakota Mining will merge and become: ZipAudiDoDa 5 . FedEx is expected to join its competitor, UPS, and become: FedUP. 6. Fairchild Electronics and Honeywell Computers will become: Fairwell Honeychild. 7. Grey Poupon and Docker Pants are expected to become: Poupon Pants. And finally: 8. Knotts Berry Farm and the National Organization of Women will become: Knott NOW!
Fu-bucks 4 Comments
> > > > > > EVONNE AND TISMOM ARE GIVING AWAY FU-BUCKS 4 > > > > COMMENTS ...EVERY 100 COMMENTS YOU GIVE US > > WE WILL GIVE YOU 500 FU-BUCKS... > > PLEASE EMAIL US WHEN DONE ... pic to bomb > > > > > > EVONNE' S PAGE > > > > > > Evonne~ ~~SPIRIT LEVELERS~FUSISTA'S BOMBING AND LEVELING CREW~~CLUB FAR ~~`@ fubar > > > > > > TISMOM05 PAGE > > > > TiSmOm05~SqUaD~LeAdEr@SpIrIt~~LeVeLeRs@ fubar > > > > THANKS 4 HELPING >
I have a dilemma.Not really a dilemma just need advice. I have decided to meet someone that I have spoke to on several occasions in the last few years.Since this is my first Internet meeting do you have any advice.I feel I have covered all my bases. Meeting in a public place,well lighted etc: I am meeting him this Saturday,so give me your thoughts or are you thinking RUCrazy. Good Caption isn't it,since I use it a lot on different things,but it fit this entry. Friends only BTW.
*~*my Chocolatey Goodness*~*play Music While Reading!!
Cum taste my "Chocolatey Goodness"~ Cum on baby lets do this~ Cum lets get this started with a kiss~ Cum on let me feel your fire~ Cum give me what I desire~ YOU KNOW YOU WANT ME!! YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS!! Now,Cum and get it!~ It's all HOT and WET! Now cum hit it~ Cum feel my body all soft & thick~ Then give me some of your rock hard dick~ As you go deep,I'm starin' in your eyes wonderin' just where all this passion is from~ Then you squeeze me so tight cuz baby~~ All that "Chocolatey Goodness" just made you CUM!!~
Freaky Friday
My Type Of Women!
THAT'S RIGHT MY TYPE OF WOMEN! THIS IS MY SECTION TO DESCRIBE MY IDEAL WOMEN! 5'4- 5'6 beautifull skin is a must, Stands out from the rest of the other women Brunette preferred,but blonde also Hazel or brown eyes 115-135 lbs works out accent( preferred) comes from different backgrounds zero tolerance for racists educated likes to travel read spontaneous career driven sense of humor dress like a lady but still down to earth dance a love for undergorund dance music( not a must) loyal non smoker preferred loves children knows how to dress with style you can have your own style dress any way you like. just be creative with it your past is your past. i don't what happen before me. there is a reason why you left and were the future! very erotic!
Photo 101
I love looking at and rating photos on fubar, but there are a few things some people should know before posting pictures. So, since I love stating my opinion and declaring myself an expert on everything, here are a few tips. 1) Make sure it's in focus and not blurry. Most all digital cameras have an automatic timer on it, and you can pick up a tripod at wal-mart for next to nothing. Trust me, it's worth the investment. Blurry photos are a little annoying. 2) Take a good look at your backdrop before posting a pic. You may be a very attractive person, but sitting in a messy room with old frito bags and dirty clothes everywhere lessens the impact of your picture. 3) Post several pictures of yourself. That way you give people a true and honest profile of yourself. 4) The morph photos are kinda cool, but they get pretty annoying. It's nice you can morph from yourself to a wolf or Cameron Diaz, but it doesn't give me a chance to see what YOU really look like. Post other normal p
B-day!!!!! Soon!!!!
Hey everyone,, you know my B-Day is tomorrow so hope everyone getting me something for B-Day so gimme all what you got mmm love ya all ;-)
Kinda Annyoing
Well since this "new" thing has come and we see pretty much everything people do.... I have noticed a few people that r supposed to be part of the Fu Bombers that just mumm and dont really bomb. Kinda annoying when they go and enter contests and dont carry their own weight and expect the family to do it. If i entered a contest I would really be bombing the hell outta myself... Every day I bomb at least 2 hrs on SOMETHING we have tons of people in giveaways including the ones on Peggy Sues pg AND yet we still have people who dont bomb at all. AND on top of bombing I promote I keep up with the blogs and even rate everyone and their stash and help level people. SERIOUSLY its not hard to multitask and have 2 seperate tabs open and in one mumm in the other BOMB. NOT hard. BUt guess thats just me *shrugs* Just saying it gets annoying to see when they r the same people that enter the contests and stuff. Thats all just had to get it out there because ive been annoyed by this for a while now!
Military Man Needs Our Help In Contest..
Love As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.
3 More Days Left
Please Help On The Contest/Giveaway I'm In? PLEASE Rate,fan AND comment the host my contest giveaway im in last ONLY 3 more days So Please Cum Show ur Love. First is for a 3 month VIP if I win second place is a weeks blast The third is a BIG Pimping give(mens diamond ring) I'm going for the VIP and with MY FRIENDS help will get it because I got the greatest friends on earth!
3 More Days Left
Please Help On The Contest/Giveaway I'm In? PLEASE cOMMENT,RATE AND FAN THE HOST~! my contest giveaway im in last ONLY 3 more days So Please Cum Show ur Love. First is for a 3 month VIP if I win second place is a weeks blast The third is a BIG Pimping give(mens diamond ring) I'm going for the VIP and with MY FRIENDS help will get it because I got the greatest friends on earth!
Love Poem
i as i lye here trying to sleep all i can do is think think of the one who makes me smile. the one who keeps it going for awhile the one i love so dearly so far away but yet my heart still touches deep down inside if u can feel the warmth of my hands around u if u can feel the great feelings of my words wispering in u ear if u can know how much i care far above the rest then maybe u can see why i cry more than try to lie cause i wanna try to be here for u i will die to be her for u to make sure u enyjoy what u should enjoy feel what u should feel and love like u should love and have never loved before
Fetishes...! I did my homework on this topic, because I really didn't know too much about it. You hear about them, but never really experienced them.... The origin of fetish: The word fetish originally meant "charm", and it originates from the 15th century Portuguese word feitico, which means false power, object or charm. Fetish (dictionary meaning) Something, such as an object or a nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification. Fetish (Dr.Romello's meaning) person that has a fixation/obsession on a object or body part, that is needed for them to be/get aroused, in order for them to bust a nut... hahahaa hmmm. both meanings aren't that far off.. haha So, exactly what are fetishes? The fellas are more likely to have a fetish, then females, due to higher testosterone (sex-driving) hormone levels. HOLLA..haha Fetishes are developed between the ages of 2 - 10yrs old, This point that the "we" develop so
56 Lbs Lighter
well i am just writting this becasue i am very proud of myslef... it took alot of hard work.. and dedication but i finally did it.. i have lost a tolal of 56.5lbs... i feel so much better.. just 20 more lbs to go and i will have met my goal....
Cowboys And Patriots
One foggy night, a Dallas Cowboy fan was heading north from Dallas and a Patriots fan was driving south from Boston. While crossing a narrow bridge, they hit each other head-on... The Patriots fan manages to climb out of his car, he looks at his twisted car and says, "Man, I'm lucky to be alive!" Likewise, the Dallas fan gets out of his car uninjured, he too feeling fortunate to have survived. The Patriots fan walks over to the Cowboys fan and says, "Hey,man, I think this is a sigh that we should put away our petty differences and live as friends instead of being rivals." The Cowboy fan thinks a moment and says, "You know, you're absolutely right! We should be friends. In fact, I'm going to see if something else survived the wreck." He goes to his car, pops his trunk and removes a full, undamaged bottle of Jack Daniel's. He says to the Patriot, "I think this is another sign, we should toast to our newfound friendship." The Patriots fan agrees. After sucking down over 1/2 of the bottle,
Sipping Vodka
A new priest at his first mass was so nervous he could hardly speak. After mass he asked the monsignor how he had done. The monsignor replied, "When i am worried abo getting nervous on the pulpit, I put a glass of vodka next to the water glass. If i start to get nerveous, I take a sip." So next Sunday he took the monsignor's advice. At the beginning of the sermon, he got nervous and took a drink. He proceeded to talk up a storm. Upon his return to his office after the mass, he found the following note on the door: 1) Sip the vodka, don't gulp 2) There are 10 commandments not 12 3) There are 12 deciples not 10 4) Jesus was consecrated, not constipated 5) Jacob wagered his donkey, he did not bet his ass 6) We do not refer to Jesus Christ as the late J.C. 7) The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost are not referred to as Daddy, Junior, and Spook. 8) David slew Goliath, he did not kick the s**t out of him. 9) When David was hit by a rock and was knocked off his
++++tell Her++++
*Tell Her She is Gorgeous* *Listen to Her Secrets* *Take Her out to Dinner* *Call Her First* *Label Her as Yours* *Understand Her Feelings* *Write Her a Song* *Talk to Her like a Human Being* *Ask Her to Dance with You* *NEVER Imagine Life Without Her* *Kiss Her In the Rain* *Hold Her Hand Anytime* *Pass Her Love Letters~~~I LOVE YOU* *Never Forget Her Birthday* *Tell Her She is Always Right* *Be Her Escape* *Tell Her You Believe this is a Fairytale* *Give Her Gummy Worms* *Remember Her Favorite Color* *Give Her HUGS and KISSES* *Show Her Off to your Friends* *Hold Her Hand Just Because* *Treat Her Like a Star* *DREAM ABOUT HER* *Tell Her She is Super Cool* *Say She Has the Key to Your Heart* *Watch Her Walk Inside - So She's Safe* *Play Her Favorite Game* *Have a Song that Reminds You of Her* *Take Her Hand and Kiss Her Palm* *Kiss Her on Her Forehead* *Whisper to Her How She Makes You Feel* *Dance Together Like Retards* *Make Her Happiness First - Alw
Random Thought For Today..
Of all the things you've ever wanted to be.. Why is just being yourself always the hardest?
Drop By The Wolf Den To Have A Howl Of A Good Time
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Vanishing Lounge Backgrounds
Here's something obscure... Never leave out anything important. CSS has a parameter called !important that fits at the end of a statement, just before the semi-colon (;). Its job is to place priority to a statement that is addressed in a style sheet your page loaded first. Here's an example: Your lounge's MOTD contains the style tags that control your lounge's background. Somewhere in there, in the body{} section, is a line that reads: background-image: url(''); When you edit the MOTD, you're actually affecting the output of a file called "new_lounge.php". By itself, that statement would place an image located at the provided URL into the background of your lounge. However, what if the stylesheet "new_lounge.php" inherited from happened to contain a definition for body{} already? Actually, it happens to: a part of utils.js (JavaScript) actually sets that background (through CSS) to a solid black, 1x1 pixel black dot, tiled everywhere (th
M.i.l.f. Contest
My wife will be in a Sexy M.I.L.F contest that starts this friday @ 9:00 please stop by and show her some love. Here's the link:
Working Girls Really Annoy Me
When I say 'working girls' I mean the ones who Shoutbox you and tell you their yahoo/msn names because they think your 'sexy' and 'fun' and 'want to chat'. Yea. Because I REALLY believe life will hand me women who think I'm THAT interesting from the get-go. So for the hell of it I always add them... for that one particular moment just to hear them out. Because they are all so different it is very funny to hear what they have to say. One says I'm cute and is willing to give me this awesome Promo Code that an admin gave her for instant access to an adult site so I can watch her :O ZOMG DILDOS! But I'm not allowed to share it with other people or else she'll get in trouble...SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH But even though this code was 'free' it wanted my credit card for 'age identification'. Yea... Even if it is true or not I'm not giving some shady website my credit info. This was only yesterday mind you. TODAY THOUGH! Wow. It was quintuple the fun! *It means.
Never Have I Fallen
Never Have I Fallen Your lips speak soft sweetness Your touch a cool caress I am lost in your magic My heart beats within your chest I think of you each morning And dream of you each night I think of your arms being around me And cannot express my delight Never have I fallen But I am quickly on my way You hold a heart in your hands That has never before been given away By: Renee
Please Keep In Your Thoughts #1
Hey Everybody Please keep in your thoughts for my friend Kira aka Surreal as for she's having tests done for cancer and i hope you she doesn't have cancer and please pray for her that she doesn't have cancer at all i consider her to be my friend so please keep her in your thoughts while she's in the tests from Bruce
Help!!!!!! They Need All They Can Get
to help update jerrid passed away thismorning so his fiance and newborn son need youre help!!!! i promise you this is not spam!!!! I have sent numerous bulletins about a friend, Jerrid Hagan, who is in the hospital literally clinging to life by a thread. I asked for any donation that you could offer whether it be $5.00, a pack of diapers, some baby wipes or simply to re-post my bulletin so that it might reach as many people as possible. Of the 71 people I have on my friends list, only 5 of you re-posted my bulletin and I have had ONE donation! (Thank you to those that have helped. Your help is more appreciated than you know). I don't just add anyone to my "friends" list. I add friends. People that I know. People that I would like to think would help another person in a situation like this. I realize that you don't know Jerrid, Haley or their new born child, Tristyn, but the point is I DO! And for that reason alone you should have helped. But I guess the only way you all would rep
Fun Ways To Loose Weight... :)
CALORIES BURNED DURING SEX CALORIES BURNED DURING SEX! REMOVING HER CLOTHES: With her consent 12 Calories Without her consent 2,187 Calories OPENING HER BRA: With both hands 8 Calories With one hand 12 Calories With your teeth 485 Calories PUTTING ON A CONDOM: With an erection 6 Calories Without an erection 3,315 Calories POSITIONS: Missionary 12 Calories 69 lying down 78 Calories 69 standing up 812 Calories Wheelbarrow 216 Calories Doggy Style 326 Calories Italian chandelier 2,912 Calories ORGASMS: Real 112 Calories Fake 1,315 Calories POST ORGASM: Lying in bed huggi
In Case You Wonder
I am dealing with some things at home. I have no internet save my phone and I'm saving for an apartment. Anyone wanting to get a hold of me should add nico_Marie_209 on yahoo messenger. Bye!
Want To Own Me?
then own me here: if u cant bid then at least rate the pic...:D
Best Police Lines
These 16 Police Comments were taken off actual police car videos around the country: #16 "You know, stop lights don't come any redder than the one you just went through." #15 "Relax, the handcuffs are tight because they're new. They'll stretch after you wear them a while." #14 "If you take your hands off the car, I'll make your birth certificate a worthless document." #13 "If you run, you'll only go to jail tired." #12 "Can you run faster than 1200 feet per second? Because that's the speed of the bullet that'll be chasing you." #11 "You don't know how fast you were going? I guess that means I can write anything I want to on the ticket, huh?" #10 "Yes, sir, you can talk to the shift supervisor, but I don't think it will help. Oh, did I mention that I'm the shift supervisor?" #9 "Warning! You want a warning? O.K., I'm warning you not to do that again or I'll give you another ticket." #8 "The answer to this last question will determine wheth
This Point In My Life....
as of tomorrow i will be entering a very important part of my life and as much as i hate to do this i must break from the internet. to all my friends on here who i have met and enjoyed your company greatly exspecialy on those very boring nights. you will be missed but please dont forget about me cause i shall not forget about you. you all will be missed and i will try my hardest to get on here and keep in touch with all of you if possable. if youd make it very easy on me please send me an email that way i can respond and that would be the only sure way ill be able to keep in touch with you. for those of you that know or dont know i am going into the police academy which is a 7 days aweek program 8 to 10 hours aday so i have no idea how much free time ill actualy have to get on here. so i hope we can stay in touch and stay friends threw this process and ill be looking forward to keeping in touch with all of you. take care and best of luck to you in all of life's adventures. james
What Does It All Mean??
Truth is actions shown and not words spoken... Promises are meant to be kept and not broken... Love is meant to be shared and given back in return... Loyalty is to be faithful and with your own beliefs be stern... Hope is a wish kept in you heart... And dreams in your heart that should never part... Inspiration is part of something that you take with you forever... That changes your thought and opinions for the better... Desire is a craving for a pounding need and can be filled with some type of deed... Friendship is a bond that nothing can break... Death is a thing that makes peoples hearts ache... Disappointment is a test in life that breaks the soul... Denial is something that we think protects us when we should drain the pool... Anger is an act of ragging pain... Strength is a tool used to conquer the terrain Disease is a sickness that weakens our minds... Depression is a punch that hits us from behind... A kiss is a way to express love and affection... Addiction is a powerful thi
Waiting For A Sign....
What am I going to do? Things don't seem to be going the way that I thought that they would, and now I don't know what to do! Yeah, this may confuse some of you, with my half thoughts but if you can figure out what I mean, let me know what you think. At the moment, things with my life aren't going the way that I saw them about a month ago. I'm not saying that I'm not happy, but things from my past seem to be creeping up in my mind and I can't get rid of them. Try as I might to get these thoughts to leave me alone, they only seem to settle deeper in my mind! Thinking about the past is nothing new to me, but the things that I'm thinking about, I thought that I was over! What the hell am I going to do if I can't get the thoughts out of my head? I waited for a sign, didn't get it, and now I think that the sign may have shown up. Whatever, I guess that the only thing that I can say in all of this is... Getagrrr!!!! Doarry if this blog confused some of you!
Wow Just Puttin This Out There...
Ok so i've desided that im going to go to theropy for like a week...cause yeah...i realy frickin need the last 6 months i've grandma my aunt and best friends mom die,been robbed at my job twise and witnessed a suicide attempt along with getting in a nasty car wreck a week yeah i think i need it...lmao...good thing i still have my humor..just not sure if its insanity or puttin this out there....hopeing this year gets better.... So if i dont talk much thats a good hint as to why for now.......
Who Wants To Own Me?!?!
I'M UP FOR AUCTION!!!!!!!! DO YOU WANT TO OWN ME HEHEHE! LET'S SEE HOW MUCH I AM WORTH TO YOU...LET THE BIDDING BEGIN! THIS IS WHAT I AM WILLING TO OFFER MY OWNER... 1. Added name to mine for 1 month 2. Permanent blog pimp-out 3. Bulletin Pimp Out 4. 5 customized photos 5. 1 custom salute photo 6. Rate all stash 7. Rate all photos HH 11's 8. Any HH's or Blasts bidded will be dedicated to owner 9. 1 customized comment on profile per week while owned 10. My private IM address CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW AND LEAVE YOUR BID IN THE COMMENT SECTION :) AUCTION CLOSES ON JANUARY 18TH! SO COME ON WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! *OTHER ITEMS MAY BE OFFERED DEPENDING ON THE BID* *SOME OFFERS MAY BE NEGOTIABLE*
to all: i will be on leave/gone for a couple of days i need a break to get my mind straight i will see everyone soon much love, vikingwolf
Ugh! At Head Trauma!
So my son being the 9 year old Daredevil he is fell yesterday on the porch and hit his head on the corner of a metal desk that's out there. He freaks at the site of blood. Especially if it's coming outta his head. So I'm not thinking too much about it when he comes in flippin out about his head bleeding...until...I realize it's different cryin then his "I want sympathy cry" and I see his hand covering his head with blood all over the back of his shirt, in his hair and a pool of it (no lie) in his hand. I'm EXTREMELY lucky that my dad was here. He has Wednesdays off and had finished golfing early. I don't know how he did it but that man was calmer then I EVER would have been. When he moved the hair and I saw the deep deep cut. I started to cry but held it in so my son wouldn't know how bad it was and I looked away. It was one of those I want to cry, puke and have a panic attack at the same time kind of moments. My dad kept my son calm...which in these cases is hard to do. Most kids fl
12:07am, Working Girl Number 7 Appears!
I'll keep this one short and simple. Since I already ranted about these girls. But this blog will explain to you why working girls ARE working girls. Well... semi-prove... mildly. A chuckle in the least. I add her. *wont use names* WG: hello baby Panda: Hello. WG: how are you today baby/ WG: ? Panda: Great thank you, and yourself? WG: im feeling realllly good. do you wanna see me? Panda: Hm? WG: i got some toys under my bed that i want to use... do you wanna see Panda: Sure... but what's the catch? WG: catch? huh? Are you saying that i am a catch? Panda: ...It means that... you are offering me something... in exchange for me to give you something in return... WG: oh... ummm... well i have a one day free promo code that will let you see me play. _________________________________________________ ...I just blocked her after that. If there is anything that turns me off more than anything in life is a dummy. Oh my... I can see why she'd be t
Reject The National Id Card!!!
Summary: Those who are willing to allow the government to establish a Soviet-style internal passport system because they think it will make us safer are terribly mistaken. Subjecting every citizen to surveillance and "screening points" will actually make us less safe, not in the least because it will divert resources away from tracking and apprehending terrorists and deploy them against innocent Americans! by Ron Paul, Dr. September 16, 2004 Washington politicians are once again seriously considering imposing a national identification card - and it may well become law before the end of the 108th Congress. The much-hailed 9/11 Commission report released in July recommends a federal identification card and, worse, a "larger network of screening points" inside the United States. Does this mean we are to have "screening points" inside our country where American citizens will be required to "show their papers" to government officials? It certainly sounds that way! As I have wr
Out Of Time
Out of Time Wake up in the morning and fall out of bed Try and get my head straight but I put it off instead Don't want to carry on living just wanna be dead But I put off the decision and listen to some music instead Just looking for inspiration to make life worth living So tired of a world that keeps taking and not giving Trying to make friends leads to despair It always seems to end with me pulling out my hair So I am fat and bald And I am getting old Wish I was fit and bold And not so stand-offish and cold Trying to relate But I am always consumed by hate Trying to make amends But I have no more friends Take some pills Deathwish thrills They take me to see the doc Then turn the key in the lock They have taken away my liberty I am undone by uncertainty One thing worse than dying Spending your life denying Locked up in a cage Consumed by rage My sense of hope is all spent Will the suffering ever rele
So it's like 0330 and I'm still awake. I know half of you don't even care, but o well! I'm bored and talking to a really nifty guy thats over in the desert right now. He's infantry, which gets him "props" from me! I was just a mechanic, so I can't say that I did a whole lot... even though I did deploy one time. I still don't really feel like I got to do my whole job. I was medically discharged for an injury that I incurred while enlisted, so here I sit... Ok, I think I am gonna finish talkin to this guy and maybe drink a couple beers to try and fall asleep...we'll see how that works out! G'night ya'll!
Old Photographs
Last night I was going through an album of old photographs and saw a picture of the boy who used to deliver my newspaper when I was first married. It was a picture of his high school graduation. I smiled as remember the handsome young man and how I had taught him about women. You see my husband was in the army serving his first tour in Viet Nam. I had just turned twenty-three with a new baby and living in base housing at Fort Devins in Ayer Massachusetts. Brent had just turned 18 and lived just down the street. His dad was also overseas in the same battalion as my husband. Brent was a great kid who I could always count on him to make me smile. He would come around every Saturday morning to collect for the newspaper and often ran errands to the PX for me. One particularly cold Saturday I invited him into my apartment for hot chocolate and it became sort of a ritual for us after that. We would sit and talk. He would play with the baby and tell me what was going on in his life. It was
My First Pick I Made.. For The Dungeon.
imikimi - Customize Your World
Ok so everyone has been wanting to know what has happend to me. Yeah I know I havent been here and well havent been responding to just about everyone. I dont mean to make anyone feel like I am being rude, or just not nice. I am a very nice person and well love everyone to pieces. I have just been going through alot right now. As most know I have children and I am a single mother just trying to make it in the world and support her kids. Earlier this week I got up like I normaly did, got my oldest off to school and got myself ready for work. I got to work and everything was going as normal. I left the office to go get lunch to come back to alot of shit that I was not prepared for. Now I used to work for Quik Cash and handled alot of $$ during the day, so I left but not before I ballanced my drawer. I came back with lunch for everyone we ate and then went back to work. I ballanced my drawer again and it was $100.00 short. Now anyone that truely knows me knows for a fact that I am
Second Atempt At The Dungeons Pick...
imikimi - Customize Your World
An Ode To The Sensuous Knight
(This was written soon after my screen-name was given to me, and I wrote it to describe my way of thinking towards Women, Love, and Life. Of course, like my other poems, it's written in the theme of a Knight in the middle-ages, but its the meaning behind the words that count. It was read once by a friend who is a published poet, and who hosted a Poetry talk show on Yahoo Radio. It was voted on and won 1st place, and my "reward" was to read it aloud, Live, on the radio show, to people around the world. I was deeply Honored) ... Now the Poem. ____________________________________ ~ ~ ~ An Ode to the Sensuous Knight ~ ~ ~ _________________________________________ To be read in three Voices: 1.Narrator, 2.m'Lady, 3.Sir Knight ( Intro ) There is a man, so gentle, soft and kind, A Knight who yields a mighty sword to fight. His Lady's Honor, he doth serve and protect, From all perils that may come her way. He takes his sword, his lance, his heart, And at the very feet
Silly But Cute
Cute This is funny - type out the sentence you end up with in the subject line and forward to your friends....and also, send it back to the person that sent it to you. (this could be different every day) Pick the month you were born: January--I kicked February--I loved March--I smoked April--I dry humped May--I choked on June--I murdered July--I did the Macarena with August--I had lunch with September--I danced with October--I sang to November--I yelled at December--I ran over Pick the day (number) you were born on: 1-------a birdbath 2-------a monster 3-------a phone 4-------a fork 5-------a Mexican 6-------a gangster 7-------my cell phone 8-------my dog 9-------my best friends' boyfriend 10-------my neighbor 11-------my science teacher 12-------a
My Sensuous & Erotic Story ... (not Smutty)
Before reading this, I want you to clear your mind, Relax, turn off your music, and Visualize this story unfolding in your mind. Picture yourself there and see, smell, feel every detail. ... Oh, and Ladies, I've been told by women who have read this in the past, to pass on this "warning" from them: Sit on a Towel. (Don't ask me, I didn't say it!) __________________________________________ Hmmmmmmmm, (happy sigh) ... I don't know exactly when you will read this, my Darling, but I hope it finds you as hot and wet, as I am hard for you. You see, I have been daydreaming and fantasizing about you again, my Love ... one of my favorite things to do, anymore, when I'm not with you or talking to you. This particular fantasy really makes me want you, and really hard for you. It starts out in a huge, beautifully decorated, modern bedroom. The lights in the room are off, but the room is lit with the very soft glow of a dozen, rose-scented candles. Somewhere in the room, a surround-soun
Life Here
since i have joined my husband here in germany my health has fallen apart. I was 7months pregnant when i arrived and i only got 2 prenatal checks because they dont see military dependents at the ob clinic. I started having contractions every 5 min at 34 weeks but had to be sent to a german hospital because the army one didnt have room in the nicu for us (all though later found out that there were 2 other women who had premees there at the same time as i was told no room. they were both higher ranking then my husband. i went through the next 3 weeks on bed rest and continual contractions but not enough dialation. at 38weeks the contractions got me to be 4 cm and stalled so they gave me morphine and sent me home(an hr away) to rest.well we got to the house up stairs and my husband fell asleep. i went into active labor imediatly by the time we got to the hospital i was 7cm they got me a bed and an epidural the doctor didnt put it in right so it didnt work but it was too late i was ready
The Waiting Is Over (part1)
Her hands shaking, she cant stand still.she thought this night would never come but tonight is the night. she knew He was comming,she had waited so long for this night. just the thought was so exciting to her she couldnt control she stood there in the middle of the room.the sudden knock at the door starteled her. she jumped,then headed to the door. as she stood there,she closed her eyes for a moment. she could feel him on the other side. she reached for the was like electricity ran through her body. slowly she turned the knob and opened the door. there before her was the most intransing sight she had ever before seen. his hair long and dark. his eyes flashed over her body then he brushed past her and stepped into the house. her heart seemed to skip a beat. her breath caught.and for a few moments she stood there in the doorway feeling the cool night air gently brush her face.and the heat from his passing run through her body. images of the night to come running wild t
Hell Yeah, David Allen Coe tonight at 11! The N Club pictures? maybe me havin a good time? hell yeah drinkin? hopefully good seats? I should for the price I paid are you jealous? because Im wearing a mini skirt haha poor fellows
I find myself twisting in the winds of unchange, lost in some place between yesterday and tomorrow that doesn't really feel like today. Time takes on a new unmeaning and drifts into itself, looping over and over in hopeless cycles of monotony. Even change itself remains the same. Even "new" is a repeat of the last thing that was supposed to be different, but wasn't really. Days go by in a blind haze of apathy because even upon waking, I know that this will be another endless yesterday.
Friday Is Random Thought Day
You'd think with all this random-ness built up over the last few days, this would be easy, but no such luck. As it happens... * May I impart the wisdom of my years to you? Always lower the toilet seat. The life you save may be your own. * I have never swam with dolphins, but in my defense, no dolphin has ever walked with me either. It's a two-way street. * I was watching YouTube last night, and I discovered that news bloopers never fail to crack me up. It's a nice reminder that nobody's perfect. * The sticky note is so simple an invention, it makes me want to create something too. But my ideas are never practical enough. I abandoned the self-cleaning driveway and the remote control couch without seeing them through. * I wish I had the intestinal fortitude to sit through a Lindsay Lohan movie. "I Know Who Killed Me" seems more a peek into her future than a work of fiction, considering how close she is to being a stripper. * While I'm talking about vapid mo
A Jerks Tangent In My Shoutbox
I dont know where this all came from but he certainly seems angry about it. maybe he needs to get laid. who knows!!! relieve the pressure to his brain maybe... masterfulone: then delete ur profile you moron ->JUICYluxuria: WOW, your real nice masterfulone: I was til u told me u had a bf and all that shit 30 min later and for u to not expect guys to hit on you are u for real? ->JUICYluxuria: says it on my profile that im engaged. take the time to read it next time masterfulone: ur showing ur tits basically on profile pic...uh your name is "juicy" so think about what they think about I mean I get tired of u women crying all the time about this and that ->JUICYluxuria: for one, im not showing my tits, 2, my name is juicy for reasons beyond anything you can comprehend...its not sexual at all. masterfulone: they don't have to read it ok....not a rule...some puters lock up going to a homepage ok with graphics ok and who cares if ur engaged doesn't mean
Wishful Thinking
My Wish I wish i was you blanket to cover you around I wish i was your bed so you can lay with me I wish i was your pillow underneath your head I wanna be around you I wanna hold you tight And be the lucky person Who kisses you goodnight
Codes To Help You Create Bullies
Ok so I have been asked how to create a bully, so I'm gonna put codes in this blog to help you create your own. Please note that all the codes I put in here will have spaces as they will not show if they do not. Centering something To center something like text or links use this code. < center> < /center> Putting in a line break To add a space enter this code. Please note that there is a space after the br and it should be there. < br /> Bolding something < b> < /b> Underlining < u> < /u> Italic < i> < /i> background < center>< table width="100%" cellpadding="40" cell="cell" spacing="0" border="1" background="disired pic here"> < tr>< td width="100%">< table width="100%" border="0" background="">< tr>< td width="100%"> changing font color < h1>< font color="#cc0000">< /font>< /h1> Making a pic link < a href="link for lounge or place you want the link to go to"> < img src="desired pic here" />< /a> Changes link colors < style type="t
Engraved In My Heart
By Qamar Shahzadi Every time the moon beams, It brings me closer to you as a dream Rosy cheeks, air complexion, Dazzling in fashion, love and passion for the things you did in style. Aura of your bright face. The charm and the grace, Every tear bothered you, I knew no joy Until I was in your cozy embrace. You taught me love and care, You were my precious gem so rare. You held my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever. Your lullaby made me sleep, But now those memories make me weep I want to be your little girl again Can you make this happen? O, My sweet mother You calmly went without a goodbye I promise to see you in paradise You are forever engraved in my heart
I believe that criminals should not be placed in the equivalent of "hotels/motels" with bars on them. If you do the crime, you do the time. Hard time. We shouldn't be giving them all of the luxuries of the outside world that decent, law abiding citizens cannot afford such as health insurance, dental insurance, cable tv, etc.... If I were running the prison system, the first thing I would do is tell the ACLU to french kiss the crack of my you know what. If you're a felon, you have no civil rights, unless a judge restores them. Criminals would not be able to file lawsuits against anyone. Criminals should be required to wear pink underwear and socks, and black and white prison jumpsuits, Just like Sherif Joe requires. For exercise, they should be forced to ride exercise bikes attached to generators to power the prison and surrounding areas, if there is excess power. I would have chain gangs out picking up trash on the side of the road. There would be no alcohol, tabaco p
Rate Please
9 Words Women Use.. This Is Like Soo True
9 WORDS WOMEN USE 1. Fine: ----------This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2. Five Minutes: -----------If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3. Nothing: ------------This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4. Go Ahead: -------------This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5. Loud Sigh: -------------This is not actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6. That's Okay: --------------------This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man
Food For Thought
I was recently cleaning out a box and found an old song book that I had removed from an abandoned house when I was about 14 and really never payed much attention to it. I found it in a box and opened it up to find some very interesting lyrics to older songs some of which I knew others which I never had heard of. This song book belonged to the lady who was a school teacher and had lived in this house for a long time. When the flood of 1993 came through she went off and left the house and all the contents. With the song book I took an old box camera, a deck of cards, and her diary. Yeah I know shallow to take her diary but she was never coming back there she had already passed away. So back to the song book, I opened it last night for about the 3rd or 4th time since I have had it and noticed in the front of the book and the first few pages some simple quotes and food for thoughts I guess she had put in there to make her laugh or think, who knows but I feel like these need to be shared.
Do We Take Love For Granted?
It crossed my mind today that we don't stop often enough in our life to appreciate those who love us most. We just take for granted what they do. We just "expect" them to be there for us. We just "expect" them to know we love them. I am just as guilty of it as anyone else....i try to let those i love know it...and show them in little ways how much i love them in return...sometimes the little things mean the most. It hit me when leaving profile comments today....we get more worried about "showing love" to people we have never met on a computer screen than to those real people in our life. Thats very very sad. As i said i am just as guilty of it as anyone...i "luv" my online friends...but we have to get our priorities straight about what we make most important in our life. So forgive me my friends if you don't hear from me as often...i do care...but its time for me to put "real life" ahead of the end...thats what counts most of all :) huggzzzzzzzzz.......Brandy
The Way Things R I Guess
i go out of my way to check on my friends all the time, especially when i see thier status says thier sick or having a bad day etc. but heaven forbid if i ever feel sick or have a bad day. do i get the same in return, f*ck no. thats fine, from now on i just wont go out of my way for anyone anymore. i cant be bothered to. yes i know ill get some telling me this is only the internet and to chill, but u know what u r living ppl right? u have feelings dont u? in short, what i get from u is what u get back. no more, no less.
just wanted to thank everyone 4 showing all the b-day luv
why is it that men dont show their true color's until after you say "i do" ? by then it's too late to get out
A C Reed To Live By !!!!
Don't underestimate your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different that each of us is special Don't set your goals by what other people deem important. Only you know what is best for you. Don't take for granted the things closet to your heart. Cling to them as you would your life, for without them, life is meaningless. Don't let your life slip through your fingers by living in the past or for the future. By living your life one day at a time, you live all these days of your life. Don't give up when you still have something to give. Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying. Don't be afraid to encounter risks. It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave. Don't shut love out of your life by saying its impossible to find. The quickest way to receive love is to give love; the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly; and the best way to keep love is to give it wings. Don't dismiss your dreams; to be witho
Watch This...
Us Military Paid Too Much? Wtf?
Military Pay Somebody has started to straighten some of these thoughtless and ungrateful people out. I am even more grateful that it was someone serving in one of the branches of military. Military paid too much? You be the judge! This is an Airman's response to Cindy Williams' editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all newspapers across America. On Nov. 12, Ms Cindy Williams (from Laverne and Shirley TV show) wrote a piece for the Washington Times, denouncing the pay raise coming service members' way this year -- citing that the stated 13% wage was more than they deserve. A young airman from Hill AFB responds to her article below. He ought to get a bonus for this. "Ms Williams: I just had the pleasure of reading your column, "Our GIs earn enough" and I am a bit confused. Frankly, I'm wondering where this vaunted overpayment is going, because as far as I can tell, it disappears every month between DFAS (The Defense Fina
I Dont Understand.............
For the life of me I dont understand how one day...someone can say I love you...then the next day...they could careless....its all now about tormenting and making the person feel like total shit for something that they didnt does someone fall so in and out of love so quickly? I couldnt do that...If I love someone...I love them all the way...whole heartedly....and I would never lie to them....and would never do them wrong....I just dont understand...what makes a person hurt someone that they supposedly love....or did that person ever truely love them at all? :-/ Would love to know views on this please feel free to comment! Muahz!
Just wanted to thank Everyone that has stopped by my page the last several days to wish me a Happy to love all the fu-love
Morph Contest
The Morph Contest will begin tomorrow Saturday, January 12th at 12PM Pacific Time / 1PM Mountain / 2PM Central / 3PM Eastern Time! The Contest will last for two (2) weeks and will end on Saturday, January 26th at 12PM Pacific Time / 1PM Mountain / 2PM Central / 3PM Eastern Time! RULES! Please!! No Drama of any sort will be tolerated!! Comment Bombing & Self Bombing a must!! READ CAREFULLY CONTESTANTS!! Level 8 and Up Members with Salutes may Comment Bomb your Contest Page!! Fake Accounts & Newbies are NOT ALLOWED TO COMMENT THIS CONTEST!! Monitors will be watching to see that everyone is Playing By the Rules!! Those Members NOT Saluted and are caught Comment Bombing will be Blocked from Helping you in any further!! I wish everyone the best of luck!! Please Comment this Posting, so I know you have read the rules and understand everything expected of you!! - - PRIZE - - The First Contestant to reach 50,000 Comments will End the Contest & Win 1,000,000 Fu Bucks
Want To Own Me. I Am In A Auction
here is the place to bid for me. The higher it goes the more that I will offer and possible of letting the owner come up with Ideas of offers.
Words That Need To Get Out.
Russian Progress Launch Moved Up; Atlantis Retargeted For Feb. 7; Station Spacewalk On Tap
Russian space managers have agreed to move up the launch of an unmanned Progress supply ship to the International Space Station by two days to Feb. 5, clearing the way for NASA to retarget launch of the shuttle Atlantis on a twice-delayed space station assembly mission for Feb. 7. Image Above: A Russian M1-10 rocket will launch an unmanned Progress supply ship to the ISS from Baikonur launch pad in Kazakhstan in Feb 5th. Image Above: Russian unmanned Progress supply ship on approach to dock with the ISS Image Above: Expedition 16 Commander Peggy Whitson, at left, and Flight Engineer Dan Tani work in the Inter National Space Stations Destiny laboratory. Also part of the Expedition 16 crew is Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko (not shown). Image credit: NASA TV Image Above: Space shuttle Atlantis stands on Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photo credit: NASA/George Shelton 1-12-08 NASA managers made the decision Thursday
So madly in love, However the distance rips me apart. Crying tears of blood, That drip slowly down my body. A collage of feelings running rampant, Tendered by uncontrollable waves of emotion. Scrambled thoughts linger on. Praying for peace of mind. Unable to calm the floodgate, Filled with indecision and misdirection. Feeling so lost without you. Trying to get a grip on myself. Desperately aching to be with you again. Losing control of myself. Wondering what is happening to me. Screaming out in both ecstasy, and pain. Confusion without. Lost words within. Echoing over and over. Realizing the indescribable horror, That love has brought upon me. Fighting a world alternating between, A burning sun, and freezing darkness. An emptiness that only the power Of your love can remove. With joy, and sadness you approach, Leaving before you came. My life a tempest, My heart ceased.
Just Pondering Things
I am sitting here tonight having fun commenting on some of the mumm's being posted. And people wondering what they should do. Or, what sexual fantasy, position you like the most. And even though it may or may not be known. I have been divorce for almost five years. The next best thing to happen to me besides my daughter being born, and now raising her by myself. And I know a lot goes into a relationship. And unfortunately I know I don't have a lot of time to devote. Because of the time away from my daughter so that we can survive(because I get no support from her mother, my problem). And the fact that I go to work in the middle of someone's day. And get home usually when there heading off to end the day. So even though I can be happy for the things the man upstairs has allowed me to have. I still feel a lonilness in my heart. Not long ago I took a chance and told someone how I felt. Someone I let get away and realize today how much the did and how much they mean to me. A
My Life
Michelle, My life began when we met online, And will not end until we part. Hearing your voice keeps me alive, Until we meet again. Mere thoughts of you lift my spirits, Drawing me into a world of love and laughter. Truly meant for each other, Not a fantasy nor distortion of reality, But a gift from above. Love means exposing yourself to another, Being vulnerable and helpless. Our love is a breath of fresh mountain air, Effortlessly giving, expanding slowly and patiently, A constant flow of passion. Our shadows blend slowly into one another, Forming a bond of pure friendship. Unselfish commitment for the purpose, Filling life with a sense of completeness. Tomorrow means so much, Because I have you today. I cant imagine my life without you. All of my love, Forever, Michael
Fu - Skins
Everyone! I love fubar skin !! It was custom made by Heartistic Soul Please go visit her profile and get one!! Heartistic Soul@ fubar
This Sucks!
i was here when it was cherry tap. as of 1/11 my account got lost or killed by some 1.i was allmoste a pimp.this sucks.well i'll see who my real friends r. and hope to meet more.Free Comments & Graphics
For My Willa
SOME THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW WOMAN!! 1. everytime you leave the house i wanna cry because you are gone. 2.everytime you walk through a door, or i wake up next to you, i feel like my heart is going to explode!! 3.I have never loved so much..nor have i ever felt so loved. screw the numbers.... You make me feel like a god ,like a king, the knight i wish i could be... You are the first thought on my mind when i wake..and the last before i sleep...and god knows a million times in between You seem to think that you aren't perfect... YOU ARE are perfect for me. We compliment each other with our similiarities..and even more so with our differences YOU ARE THE WOMAN I'VE BEEN BEGGING GOD FOR ALL MY LIFE...AND EVERY MOMENT I SPEND WITH YOU IS A SEPERATE BLESSING... never forget how much i love you woman
A True Friend
How can one be so gentle? So thoughtful? The beauty which defines ones heart Is only skin deep You look what is inside a person You look into the persons eyes It will show their true intentions If you study a persons body language Will that person be misunderstood For some people the wall that is up front Can't be torn down easily Sometimes we hide things inside to protect others Other times we do it in fear of having things Repeat in our lives We turn to each other for strength We turn to each other as friends We turn to each other when we need a shoulder to cry on A real friend will alway love you A real friend will always pick you up when you are feeling low When my day feels like night I know I can turn to you to make my day nice and blue If you ever need me as a friend I am here for you If you ever need me to comfort you My arms are here for you Just remember I am your friend I am here for you!
Leave Me Alone
ever have one of thoes exes i do fuck me up in the head and when i left shes still tryin to do it i wish she would leave me family and my friends alone
*my Fubar Blog *
Between now and eight months ago i referred 8 people to this site whom were co-workers and good friends, well a couple of those got on my computer to log onto their accounts, since i referred them and they logged on with my ip address fubar thought i cheated, in which i didn't, had i wanted to cheat, in which i didn't, i could have used amac to change my mac address, but its not the case, i would advise no-one to refer anyone to this site, because the same could happen to you, level 24 fu-king to level 0.
Slideshow By Lovemeforwhoiam
Family Rules
1. This family is for fun, its not a demanding family, shout at another member to see if they can help, if they cant then go to the next it is a big deal. 2. NO DRAMA we are adults lets act like it. 3. There is 3 people in the Staff, if there is a problem with another family member come and see one of us.. 1. Liberated Spice Leader 2. Kinkstar Sin Leader's Helper 3. Lil Rebel Leader's Helper 4. HAVE FUN (that is a must) 5. Harrassment is a definite no-no whether it is a family member or another family it will not be tolerated what so ever... 7. Respect Everyone. We're all humans on the outside, therefore we have feelings, but we as well, as wolves, need to realize that -everyone- deserves respect. Treat each wolf as you would liked to be treated.
I don't want to beat around the bush-there's nothing wrong with trimming your pubic hair or doing some grooming. But when it comes down to it, shaving your pubic hair has some consequences you may not have considered. Shaving your pubic hair causes damage to hair follicles. When you shave your pubic hair, you risk ingrown hairs and nasty red bumps. That's a short-term risk many women are willing to take. But shaving your pubic hair can do lasting damage to that sensitive region. Think of the skin in your pubic region as containing hundreds of pores and openings for secretions. And then take a moment to think about how much you sweat over the course of an average day. Damaging the hair follicles in your pubic area means you may experience bouts of bumps, as glands and pores get blocked from the damaged openings. Seriously, do you want bumps down there? Shaving your pubic hair regularly can lead to permanent damage, which means you'll be susceptible to blockage for years e
If you suck at video games, don't bother reading this review because this game is hard and I don't want whining retards who can't pass the first level bitching to me about it. When I say this game is hard, I mean hard like nipples-on-a-blind-lesbian-in-a-fish-market hard. Ikaruga is one of those games that comes along, kicks incomprehensible amounts of ass, but nobody notices because everyone's too busy playing dog shit football games. I don't get it: they re-package the same shitty football games every year, update a few stats, call it a new game and millions of suckers keep buying them. What's the point? Why not just go outside and play real football instead? Or even better yet, get bent. Nobody likes football. Or Tekken for that matter. Man I can't stand Tekken. It's one of the dumbest, slowest, and relentlessly boring fighters I've ever had the misfortune of playing. Wow, great design assholes. Was Lampshade man already taken? I wouldn't even mind so much if the controls
Insert Witty Comment Here Or Here.
Awhile back I decided to place a somewhat humorous ad on Craig's List. I figured that maybe,just maybe I can meet someone. Well, I did...and it was a fiasco of major proportions (we didn't reach biblical proportions so that's a good thing). :) So I present to you, for your perusal, my ever so witty,catchy,hip and semi amusing add : ------------------------------------ Firstly, I'm a geek,nerd,dweeb or whatever the latest term is. Now that we've gotten that out of the way.... I'm a nice guy *wow...very original don't you think?* I have a very good sense of humor,a tendency to be a bit sarcastic and love to talk. Hmmm, a comedian and a rambler too?!? What a combo! Like I said, I venture onto the Nerdy side. I like Sci-fi, Electronic (goth,industrial,house,etc)Music,Movies (Horror to dopey comedies), and so much more. I love to eat (a novel concept and also deemed important)...My kingdom for some Chinese or Italian food. I love bookstores,the occasional foray into NY, or
Ever have one of those days that you don't want to do anything? I have Christmas to put away, stuff to do outside (it's a beautiful day), and errands to run, but have no motivation to do any of it. So what do you think? What should I do? A: Get off my ass and a do something OR B: Fuck it... do it tomorrow
Ciao Ciao!!
THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND! Hello everyone!! I just want to say thank you for being my friend. I'm flying out tomorrow morning, staying overnight in Mobile and joining the ship on Monday. The first day will be extremely hectic ... touring the ship, safety classes, customs, immigration, and crew sign on. After that I will be in rehearsals until Feb. 10 and I have no idea how much free time we will get over the next month. I will miss you all and I will pop in every now and then to say hello. The six months after rehearsal will be a lot easier and I should be able to get on more often. Until then Stay safe and keep on making life fun!! MEXICO HERE I COME!!! YAY!!! HTML Generator Be sure to check out the video or just enjoy the song as you as you check out the rest of the page!! :)
Come Back Y'all......
i just read this in "scrapper"'s blog... Last night, Babyj did some tweaks to picture rates. Members are now able to re-rate a photo about once per week... the re-rate will count as a full rating (ie: it will look like they've never rated it before, but the number of ratings and the average rating will keep increasing for the photo). This was done to encourage users to revisit their friends galleries, as well as speed up the ratings pages. SO COME BACK YALL AND RATE MY PHOTOS.. lol.. :)
For Zachoriah
One of my really good friends died on 12/02/2007. He was driving down I-84 in Connecticut, the roads were icy and he saw an accident and stopped to help. While he was helping... 2 cars skid out of control and hit him. I don't know anything else about the story... I don't know if he died instantly or not, but, I pray everyday that he did. He was an amazing man... had so many friends... was so determined and so strong. I remember when he got his car... he was so excited. And when he joined the Army National Guard... he called me to tell me how proud he was. We got into a discussion about fire one night...I can't really explain it how he did... but, it made so much sense. I would give anything to be able to ask him about it again. Zach was an awesome man and I will miss him immensely. I will see you in heaven Zach... and when I do, I will throw my arms around you and tell you how much I love you... R.I.P. sweetheart... *********Zachoriah Gentry Williams********* ****
Welcome My Friend; She's New To Fubar...
Hello friends, When you have a chance, would you mind dropping by my friend Cassie's profile and adding her? She's new to Fubar & would enjoy the company. Thanks, ~Violette Her profile link: thatcassiechick@ fubar
First Class
Bored & Alone In Erie Pa
I am so darn bored & alone here in ERIE PA this place really sucks why is it no one in ERIE will ask me out ? I would like an evening out whether it is an evening out dancing with the girls ...or an evening out dancing & chilling with the guys COME ON people !! before I get bored & go to bed !!
Ash.weee & Neabear
This is not a pimpout,a contest,asking for fubucks.. nothing like that.This is simply two people who have formed an incredible lifelong bond of friendship.Things have been rough lately because people have been trying to come between us, but we had a long talk and worked everything out.We just wanna make it known to all of our friends and haters alike.. that we love eachother and our friendship cannot be broken! Renea, you know. These last few days have been pretty rough. All the he said/she said stuff really got to both of us and starting tearing us apart. And ya kno...I acted like it didnt bother me but it really did. We both have said things out of anger and that was defiently wrong on both parts. I remeber the day you told me i was your best friend. That was such an amazing feeling. We were sooo soo close. We told each other everything and trusted each other with our whole hearts. Some of your friends dont like me and some of my friends dont like you but what can you
Things To Live By
1. There are only two ways to live your life; one is as though nothing is a miracle the other is as though everything is a miracle 2. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone 3. Don't take yourself so seriously. no one else does 4. Pay off your credit cards every month 5. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree 6. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone. 7. It's okay to get angry with God. He can take it. 8. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck. 9. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile. 10. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present. 11. It's okay to let your children see you cry. 12. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about. 13. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it. 14. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks. 15. Life is too short for long pity parties.
Mouse & Mouse Balls Inspector
Subject: IBM - Mouse balls & Mouse ball inspector I don't know how they wrote this with a straight face. This was a real memo sent out by IBM to its employees in all seriousness. It went to all field engineers about a computer peripheral problem. The author of this memo was quite genuine. The engineers rolled on the floor! Especially note the last couple of sentences. 'If a mouse fails to operate or should it perform erratically, it may need a ball replacement. Mouse balls are now available as FRU (Field Replacement Units) Because of the delicate nature of this procedure, a replacement of mouse balls should only be attempted by properly trained personnel. Before proceeding, determine the type of mouse balls by examining the underside of the mouse. Domestic balls will be larger and harder than foreign balls. Ball removal procedures differ depending upon the manufacturer of the mouse. Foreign balls can be replaced using th
A Person Can Loose Themselves...but Can They Be Found?
If a person has been hiding from themselves and everyone around them for so long they lost who they really are, can they ever find themselves? If a person wants everyone around them to be happy to the point that they act the part of who the people they are around want them to be and each person expects something different that they just create charaters to act out for each and every person around them, will they loose themselves to the point that they will never be found again? Is a person who hides behind the characters they have created for everyone, truely being honest ever or is everything they say a lie? Or might there actually be a chance that a part of their trueselves may actually seep out into their charaters making them some even if a minut amount real to that person? Can a person that hides that way ever realize they want to get into the light and finally be seen for themselves? And if they can, will anyone ever be able to actually see the real them or will they
Sin Stays A Bit Longer To Let Everyone Know How To Be Red If They Want To Be A Top Member
It is very easy to get rates, which on this site make you RED! Now you see all the top members writing they rated your page could you please come back and rate mine...blah, blah, blah. Well that is fine and dandy. However, those nasty little bouncer checks get in your way. Here is what you need to do, go to who's online and then hit new members. That will take you to all the new members that are online. Click next, next, etc. To you get to the very last page of all the green members. Then you work your way back, you can rate over 1000 profiles a day. Most leave a comment, but damn that takes way to damn long with the bouncer checks, so make up a cute little saying (Welcome to fubar and that you rated their profile etc..something cute and something that will make them want to rate your profile back)then send that to them in a drink! Fubar kegs is the cheapest because during happy hours it cost only 50 fubucks. You pretty much will make that back too when you get rated back and some w
Just Need To Vent
Okay so i work in an adult foster home with people who have mental illnesses i love my job it is very rewarding but it wears me out mentally its at its worst when i am here every other weekend from 2 pm on friday till 6pm on sunday...when i get home i dont know what to with myself my brain is all over the place...sometimes i feel stuck.i love it here, at this point in my life this is where i want to be but it gets hard wondering if i can handle it because sometimes my patients gets not mean or take out anger on them i just get short and find it hard to take the time anyway for whoever is reading this thanks for takin the time and letting me vent
Decisions Made...
As many of you may or may not know i have been embroiled in this internal struggle with the values of my employer. The fire at his property across the parking lot from where i work and live which was also his property has been the deciding factor in my decision finally to leave his employment. I am his property manager, and as i watched out my office window in tears at the flames and smoke my main concern was the safety of the tenants...not money...or loss of property. Unlike to my boss, these people are my neighbors, friends and adopted family not just tenants that fill his properties and his bank accounts to fund his vacations, projects and the latest gift to his young wife or kids. Wayne - a fisherman who loves his boat and the water more than anything in the world. Barry- Longtime electric boat worker who likes to dance, loves art and cooking and gardening. Matt and his new wife - Navy sub guy who saw the fire from the submarine, newly married, just recently los
How To Properly Use A
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The Gals On Fubar
All the gals on fubar are beautiful and appealing. They all have talents and skills. Many of them are very intellegent or street smart. The gals all do well to attract attention. A gal will guide us men to be a better version of ourselves and we would do well to listen to them. This is important because the next gal we encounter may be attracted to a new quality we gained by listening to another gal.
Help Me Plz
Im lonely as hell,somebody help me in some way!!!!!!
Meanest Mom? We Need More Parents Like Her!
updated 7:52 p.m. ET Jan. 9, 2008 DES MOINES, Iowa - Jane Hambleton has dubbed herself the "meanest mom on the planet." After finding alcohol in her son's car, she decided to sell the car and share her 19-year-old's misdeed with everyone by placing an ad in the local newspaper. The ad reads: "OLDS 1999 Intrigue. Totally uncool parents who obviously don't love teenage son, selling his car. Only driven for three weeks before snoopy mom who needs to get a life found booze under front seat. $3,700/offer. Call meanest mom on the planet." Hambleton has heard from people besides interested buyers since recently placing the ad in The Des Moines Register. The 48-year-old from Fort Dodge says she has fielded more than 70 telephone calls from emergency room technicians, nurses, school counselors and even a Georgia man who wanted to congratulate her. "The ad cost a fortune, but you know what? I'm telling people what happened here," Hambleton says. "I'm not just gonna put the car fo
My Holy Ass
Today we will take a stroll down memory lane. I almost said mammary lane - which is a street leading to Knockerville (just north of Cuntucky). And while I am a boobologist, today's blog is not about jum-jums. Alot of people can't tell due to that"(sexy southern accent)"but I was born in Wisconsin One cold ass Wisconsin winter day I was pimpin in my grandmother's Buick Regal with my friends Jason and Alex. The Pimpmobile: Her car was nicknamed "Cyclops" by my grandfather because it only had one headlight. It used to have two, but moonshine and old age don't mix and he decided to play a game of tag with a tree... Tree - 1 Cyclops - 0 We were three high school kids looking for something to do. If we had money we could have gotten cocaine or prostitutes...maybe both. Alas, we were poor as hell. I would often spend my lunches at Kroger or Food Town looking for deals and eating all their free food samples. Once I bought a 3 day old pink cake for $1
Hold On Me
Hold on me ~Tony Martinez Lay awake at night You know I can't sleep Damn these 12 hour days suck Look over at the clock 3am Man 7am will be here soon But still I can't sleep All I can do is cry I stay strong during the day No one knows No one sees What happens in the dark All alone I close my eyes once I see you and your smile that made me fall in love with you I close my eyes twice I see him Laughing at me Kissing you Touching you Loving you Like I should be God why can't I let go Why can't I say I hate you Your hold on me....... All I can say..... I love you
Hot Summer Days
It was a hot summer day and the airconditioning was broken. I was having my boyfriend over for a home cooked meal and a quiet night alone. The dinner was ready and I went in to take a cool shower before he was suppose to arrive. I just got into a cool summer dress when he arrived at the door with a bottle of wine and some roses. He smiled at me and said hello sunshine, I am so happy to be with you. I took him in to the dining room and told him to have a seat. I went in to bring the supper in when all of a sudden I felt his hands sliding around me. He whispered in my ear.. I am not hungry for that as he started nibbling on my neck. I started getting all hot again..and started feeling the sweat run down my back. I mentioned how it was to hot..and very uncomfortable in the house. He grabbed my hand and lead me outside to the swimming pool. He told me to relax and just let things happen. We started kissing..and stripping each other. He was so gorgeous.. naked in the moonlight.
How Did That Happen?
Ok, hello friends! I somehow ended up in a contest, lol. It's a sexiest hair contest. So please go rate and comment,comment and comment for me. Those of you who have told me you would return the favor, here's your chance, LOL. Thanks bunches!!! Hugs and Kisses!!!! Luvin Life
High Maintainance
Okay. So I always thought I was pretty easy going and fairly easy to please. I've always associated the term "High Maintainance" to money or material items. It just dawned on me, though that I AM high maintainance. Not because of material things. I am perfectly content as long as my needs are being met. For example, if I have food on the table, a roof over my head, clothing to wear, a working vehicle, internet service, a telephone. I don't care about jewelery, cars, gifts. However EMOTIONALLY I am high maintainance. I guess it takes a lot to keep me happy emotionally. I require a lot of attention. If I don't feel like I'm getting enough attention, I become dissatisified(sp.). I require a lot of reassuring. I think it's sad that I am like that. I guess it's one of those things I'll be working on. I really don't want to be high maintainance or feel like I am being high maintainance. So I guess for now, I'll have to request extra touching and reassuring words. I'll be working on the rest
Been Offline
Some of you may or may have not noticed but I have not been on alot lately. Well my financial problems took a turn for the worse and well let's just say I have no stable place to get online right now. All I'm asking is that everyone continue showing me luv, I will try and do the same when I can. Miss you all bunches and hopefully I will be back on with regularity. Thanks for all support, I'm out for now. See you guys later.
Newest Family Out To Help...
Come one come all ,,,We are putting together a new leveling family and we are looking for you. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > If you would like to join a leveling family please message me . Will be waiting for you. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Chocolate Bunny Owned By Just Derek FU-Wifey to Sleepless & Pooh Bear@ fubar > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Lets make this one of the best leveling families on fubar . > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Please repost for me . > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thank you > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >
I Might Be Dumb...
...but I'm not stupid...
5 - All roads lead to Rome There are many ways to reach orgasm. Some women can climax when their breasts are touched or when their necks are rubbed. Other lucky gals come by fantasizing without any touch at all. The point? Be adventurous when exploring sexual terrain. You never know what will send you over the edge. Weve gotten into this mindset that theres only one type of orgasm, and its from stimulating the clitoris, Whipple says. There are many other ways women can have orgasmic experiences.
Come Home Soon Baby
Male Or Female?
Male or Female? You might not have known this, but a lot of non-living objects are actually either male or female. Here are some examples: FREEZER BAGS: They are male, because they hold everything in, but you can see right through them. PHOTOCOPIERS: These are female, because once turned off; it takes a while to warm them up again. They are an effective reproductive device if the right buttons are pushed, but can also wreak havoc if you push the wrong Buttons. TIRES: Tires are male, because they go bald easily and are often over inflated HOT AIR BALLOONS: Also a male object, because to get them to go anywhere, you have to light a fire under their butt. SPONGES: These are female, because they are soft, squeezable and retain water. WEB PAGES: Female, because they're constantly being looked at and frequently getting hit on. TRAINS: Definitely male, because they always use the same old lines for picking up p
There is a darker side to me that I must Tether. I must keep him locked in the darkness to howl. He has a hunger to run wild but he must not. Suddenly SHE appears, like a siren with so much feminine power. A true vision of womanly beauty wrapped in soft leather. He is awake that dark beast full of rage he crashes against the cage with a growl. He asks why do you keep me, your LOVE and LUST locked in this cell to rot? With a husky voice he continues if we may be so bold..... And she accepts would the moon not turn to gold? Would not her soft touch, longing kiss, and love be worth every ounce? NOW LET ME OUT OF THIS CAGE SO I MAY RUN AND POUNCE. With a sad shake of my head, my LOVE and LUST again you forget denial. For one so new to us, our heart SHE is already so near. A friend, a companion, a voice guiding us from the dark. Do you not fear the loss of yet another so very dear. No my LOVE, my LUST, and I stay in the cell with our hunger so
Plez My Friends Vote, Rate And Comment On Me :d
Can Someone Plz Help
I need lots of help on this one i always help out anyone that is in a contest and i am always off helping someone level and rating someones pictures this is the time when i need your help if nobody is willing to help me there is gonna be alot of people off my friends list any help is appreciated thanks courtney
I Hope To God They're Not Cheating Them Of Benefits
It seems we have a new generation of shell shock. We have veterans returning from Iraq having seen things nobody should have to witness, and they're losing their minds. Some of them can't sleep unless they get drunk enough. Some of them take a gun with them to the 7-11. Some of them kill their own loved ones, some of them flip out and kill threatening strangers. It's like Vietnam all over again. My dad was part of that generation. Sometimes he still has night terrors. My husband has even noticed an undercurrent of rage in my dad, who is an incredible person, but he was damaged somehow by his experience over there. Are we going to do the same thing to Iraq and Afghanistan vets that we did to Vietnam vets? Will we deny that they are veterans because war was never officially declared? Will we avoid paying them for what they've been asked to do? Will our government try to slither out of the responsibility for their physical and mental health problems? We talk about how proud
Waiting and watching Someday, somehow You will be mine. I will bide my time, Hold my heart in check. Your eyes will open, And you will see me. All my love in my smile. Patiently waiting for you, To take my hand And carry my heart away. JMW 1-6-08
Darkness, shadows, and fog, Slam down on my bright day. Feel left defenseless. Vulnerability descends around me. Left out in this storm alone No hope of finding shelter From the rain falling down Looking up into a starless sky I give up on the world Losing myself in the flood And letting all emotion drown Never to surface again. JMW 1-10-08
The Crow
Thinking Of Deleteing My Fuckin Account
too many people here act like they are the shit and they are nothing. I try not to take this shit seriously but sometimes you want to hope things will go right. So Whatever! To those who really care about me thank you for being here for me.
The Semi-infamous "that Time I Shit My Pants" Story
I must warn you - this story is about shitting in my pants, so it's gross. I've confided my embarassing tale of woe to some of my closest friends in person throughout the years and most everyone I've told nearly pissed themselves laughing by the end. I figured it's a funny enough story based on that - haven't posted it here before because I wasn't sure if it was just the sound effects I would make or the way I told it or what. We'll see if my writing ability is up to the task. This is also a bit of a confession since I think I fucked up somebody's life pretty bad that day and they have never known who I was although I'm sure they curse me to this day. So it goes like this - I used to go winter skiing when I was in my early teens... often enough that I was somewhat adept at it. I wasn't the most popular kid at that time... well, let's face it - I was socially retarded. Much like today, but with acne. I was not good at sports and my interests were far outside of popular or ev
Life Can Be Funny
you know life can be funny sometimes. like after being married for nine years and all of a sudden your divorced how does that work i mean does the preson just wake up one morning and say i dont love you anymore and leave. Or is it something else i wish i knew, but for everydoor closed another opens i met someone and she is great so i guess we will see where it goes and ill let ya know
Devil's Gate
Devil's Gate For it was without a doubt that we would leave, For time was of all imprtance and home a relief. Now that we're here, we can't wait to go home, With to much time, and not enough alone. We think about our loved ones night and day. Knowing we won't see them in too many ways. The telephone a relief, and the computer a best friend. We rely on these to keep up cheer till the day ends. When we leave our gates and head into the unknown, Nervous apprehension is what fills the soul. Danger awaits around every corner, We watch ourselves and eachother. Things change to often and the danger stays the same, For tonight we go out into the world of the insane. With each passing moment we wait for the new, Of when we get to go home, to live with our family anew. Starting over again, we can't wait. But first we must get through the Devil's Gate.
My Pit
I blinklooking around. Where am I? Darkness surrounds me. I begin to feel around. Fear grips my heart. My hands clench freshly loosed earth. I stumble, bumping into earthen walls. Sharp roots poke and jab me. I look up. I see the starry sky high above me. My fear turns to anger. I scream aloud. I try to climb out. But only fall back into this pit. Rage builds in me. Who put me here? Who could have done this? My rage melts away to self pity. Why me? What did I do wrong? Do I deserve this? Slowly, my self pity becomes indifference. Oh well So be it. Theres no way out so why try. I start to pace. I stumble again. Looking down, I see a shovel. It belongs to me. Realization. I put myself here.
Show Me Them
ok guys i wanna see what u got...send me pics of ur cocks,i know plenty of u guys got them so i wanna see them...just send me a message with the pic and if i like it u will hear back from me
Lend Me Your Hand
im sick now tryin to chat here hope you can rate my photo and give me your cherry ok
True Love
The gentle breeze Of butterfly wings Stirs memories of my youth And sweet perfume From fragrant blooms Drifts over the morning dew Alone at last On our bed of grass In a deserted meadowland I know in my heart We'll never part All I want in life is this man The aching bliss Of my lovers kiss Brings shudders of pure delight With his tender caress My love I confess And our passion is quick to ignite Like flower leis And daisy chains Our bodies lay intertwined From this day on Our hearts become one Our souls forever combined
My First Contest Entry
Hey guys! I entered my first contest on here. Please vote for me in J-Roxx's Hottest Mummer Contest :) And thanks to the people who have already voted for me. Rates only, but comments appreciated.
Wanna Own Me??
Just A Click Away....
The Animal Rescue Site focuses the power of the Internet on a specific need providing food for some of the 27 million unwanted animals given to shelters in the U.S. every year. Over 10 million animals are put to death every year in the U.S. alone because they are abandoned and unwanted. Each click on the purple "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button at The Animal Rescue Site provides food and care for a rescued animal living in a shelter or sanctuary The Child Health Site provides a feel-good way to help promote awareness as well as prevent and treat devastating childhood illness every day through easy and quick online activities. With a simple, daily click of the blue "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button at The Child Health Site, visitors help children. Visitors pay nothing. The Breast Cancer Site provides a feel-good way to help promote awareness of breast cancer and provide free mammograms for women in need every day through easy and quick online activi
The "what Ifs"
one of my many "moms" and i were sitting down talking today of everything good and bad that had happened to us in the past..mostly the bad. wondering how we could have changed it...and although no tears were shed we were both pretty damn irritated..then she said no more "what ifs"..lifes too short to live in the past and be sad and wonder what could have been... easy to say..hard but yet easy to do.. she sat there saying how she used to have the perfect life..the family that got along, the perfect marriage, all the kids, good jobs, lots of money..and how one day it was just all of a sudden.."different"..she left her husband, lost the job, moved from place to place between shit boyfriends, started doing drugs, got her kids taken away and then unfortunately lost a son... then i look at my life..i may be young but my life hasnt exactly been the best ride ive ever rode...when i was younger i was involved, in shape, parents together, siblings that got along, had the perfect family that w
Finished At Last
Well after days of fruitless labor, and endless repetitions of the same tasks, we finally got our friend's computer fixed, and running better than new. Part of the problem was needing to wait for the parts we ordered, and my g/f insisting on trying to do some of the work before we replaced the Motherboard, CPU, RAM, and power supply. I didn't mind trying once, but after the third attempt or so, I was certain that most things would not be doable until we at least had the hardware side taken care of. So started replacing it yesterday afternoon, and I had it replaced, bios configged right, and gave it back to my g/f to do yet one more rfestore from an image to get it to boot into windows. She then finally gave me free reign to finish, and now able to delete all the extended partitions, and then create new ones to replace them as primary partitions fixed the other big problem. After that it was just a matter of moving files around, a defrag, some antispyware scans, and it was done. S
Wal Mart Experience
I have 2 large dogs, and was buying a large bag of Purina at WalMart and was in line to check out. The woman behind me asked if I had a dog? Duh? On impulse, I told her no, I was starting The Purina Diet again. Although I probably shouldn't, because I'd ended up in the hospital the last time. But I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way it works is to load your pants pockets with Purina nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now enthralled with my story, particularly a tall guy who was standing behind her. Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care because the dog food poisoned me? I t old her no, I'd been sitting in the street licking my behind and a car hit
To Lay A Kiss On Your Lips.
To lay a kiss on your lips, so gentle and delicate is like picking the drops of dew off the petals of a rose. I hold you close and feel safe, sheltered in from the rain, from the storms that grew and surrounded me. I take your hand and look into your eyes and see a heart made of gold and soul so pure. You see you are an angel, an angel to me. I could not help but fall madly in love with you, the one who stole my heart. Im glad you did because I could never find one such as you... Some one who makes each day the best, each laugh the longest, each tear the saddest, and a life, my life, worthwhile
I still don't know anything . I go back to see a specialist Thursday and then I see the orthepedic specialist again on the 28th.
Right Now......
Right now, I could just scream, till I have no voice left... At this very moment I hate life and most of the things it has to offer... There are a few things that are keeping me sane though... I just hope this winter stuff hurries up and goes away.... I feel my skin crawling and I am trying so damn hard to beat this battle today, but it's slowly but surely taking it's tole... I can't stop the tears that have no purpose and I can't stop the thoughts that make no sense... I pray the winter goes by fast, and summer comes quick... I will win the major war but am losing todays battle....
If you should feel sorrow or pain, Let me share it with you, And hold you close, If you should feel happiness or joy I will rejoice, and we will dance and sway, laughter our song of praise Every tear that you weep, I shall catch, and turn them into rainbow gems, Place them in Mother Earth Where they shall grow and bloom, Every smile that you smile, Ten thousand of like kind, Will lighten many a load, And travelling at the speed of light, Will return to you threefold, We are joined through sisterhood. And generations of women gone before, We are as individual as the sun and moon, But tempered of the same fire, Therefore we are as one, For as surely as the Wheel does turn, We cannot shed this 'knowing', Our power is in our strengths combined, We are Woman... And in that word, Are the ties with which we're bound.
Some Quotes I Like
Bare with me im bored if I mess any of these up let me know. I am learning to understand rather than immediately judge or to be judged. I cannot blindly follow the crowd and accept their approach. I will not allow myself to indulge in the usual manipulating game of role creation. Fortunately for me, my self-knowledge has transcended that and I have come to understand that life is best to be lived and not to be conceptualized. I am happy because I am growing daily and I am honestly not knowing where the limit lies. To be certain, every day there can be a revelation or a new discovery. I treasure the memory of the past misfortunes. It has added more to my bank of fortitude. Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable. Let the spirit out - Discard all thoughts of reward, all hopes of pra
Riders Edge Course
I am so excited. I just passed the 4 day Riders Edge Couerse at American Eagle Harley Davidson. I have not ridden for nearly 25 years. Have been passenger on back all that time. Now I am ready to go out and get me a New Harley. I am so excited.!!!!
Is Love Real
I just wanna know if love is real? cause I have a friend that need to know what to do...
What Love Is To Me
here is just a few things i think what love actuall is when you find true love. when people talk about love they talk about feelings and thast about it,when i think about love,i think its alot more than feelings.theres heart and soul put into it, fear and tears,and laughter and sillieness. wanting that person around all the time, cant live without that person, cant be without that person cant imagine life without that person, want that person to put there arms around you and kiss you, have a warm feeling inside when you think about that person, smiling when you hear there name, seeing there face everywhere you look, feeling them everywhere you go,
Lets Level Punk!
Baldpunk needs a little help in leveling, lets go blow his page up! **BaldPunk**Manager of Spirits Den Lounge-Co-Founder of Spirit Levelers**@ fubar And come check out the hottest new lounge on fubar! Come on by our lounge, Playing Jokers Snake Bite radio network! check us out for some good company and music!! Click the banner!
Will Make For An Interesting Year
My husband is singing in a band called PsychoMagnet(check them out DAMMIT)and it is going VERY well. T.J.,his guitarist Guy and our friend Bill just started a new project today on the side.Yes,it will make for an interesting year.If anyone out there has contacts within the college scene in and around Pittsburgh,please contact me,we NEED u! The side project is an acoustic thing and we will be looking to book some shows in the next 2 months.I'll keep everyone updated as shows arise.As of right now,PsychoMagnet is playing at RPM's in Bridgeville on Feb 16th with Ashes To Ashes and ZILCH,will be a VERY good time.Hope to see you there!
Getting Lucky
A guy had an interesting experience recently Involving an "older" woman he met at a bar. She looked pretty darn HOT for 62. She was Drinking quite a bit and, while they were Chatting, she came right out and asked him If he'd ever had a "sportsman's double" - a Mother and daughter threesome. He said no, but she might be able to talk him Into it. So she slams back one last drink, Wipes her mouth and, looking directly into His eyes, says, "Tonight's your lucky night." So they go back to her place, she clicks on the Hall light right as they enter her place, and she Shouts upstairs: "Mom! You still awake?"
imagine theres no heaven its easy if you try no hell below us above us only sky imagine all the people living for today imagine theres no country it isnt hard to do nothing to kill or die for no religion to imagine all the people living life in peace *you may say im a dreamer but im not the only one i hope someday you'll join us and the world as one* imagine all the people sharing all the world *you may say im a dreamer but im not the only one i hope someday you'll join us and the world as one* imagine no posestions i wonder if you can no meant for greed or hunger a brother hood of man imagine all the people sharing all the world *you may say im a dreamer but im not the only one i hope someday you'll join us and the world as one*
The End Has Come...
My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne So much for my happy ending oh oh, oh oh, oh oh... Let's talk this over It's not like we're dead Was it something I did? Was it something you said? Dont leave me hanging In a city so dead Held up so high On such a breakable thread You were all the things I thought I knew And I thought we could be You were everything, everything I ever wanted We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it And all the memories, so close to me, just fade away All this time you were pretending So much for my happy ending Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh... You've got your dumb friends I know what they say They tell you I'm difficult But so are they But they don't know me Do they even know you? All the things that you hide from me All the shit that you do You were all the things I thought I knew And I thought we could be You were everything, everything I ever wanted We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it And all the memor
What is it to stare your own mortality in the face? To look down the long corridor of life and be able to make out the thick black door at the end. I sit here alone tonight, contemplating mm own demise. I look the picture of health don't i? Pretty pink cheeks and glistening eyes. You don't see it do you? The festering black hate that is burning within me. The silent killer. Cancer. Betrayed by my own body. I was 24 when i was first diagnosed. It was a long, hard three year battle out, but i made it out alive. Now...four and a half years later it has reared its ugly head again. Its worse this time. Its slimy tentacles spreading deeper and faster. I stand on my duel with death. I walk ten paces ahead, turn, draw, and shoot.......slow motion.....who will fall first.....
Why Do I Even Try
Man why do I even try to join anything on this site...????????? Man I join a bomber family and I let the owner know on the 7th it was this weekend and low and behold not one person in my famly did the contest for me and hell it wasnt even posted to the family I was in a contest this weekend..Happy Fucking Birthday to me huh?>?????? Just wanted to say ty so much for helping me out everyone....YEAH I had a lousy 5 freaking comments.
Im on auction. come vote on me!!
Where To Begin....
Well, it's a new year, a new chance to screw things up... hahahhha I've been bumming and finally got my head out of the neither regions and back on my shoulders. I got here in September and had to get settled in, get in my routine and all. I'm not big on the holidays so it wasn't rough for me to be here instead of with family. I just need time to adjust and find my place in this group. 4 months later I'm still the new guy but then most of the guys have been here a couple of years together so I'll have to put in some more time. Work is great. I don't have a micromanaging asshole busting my back nor do I have co-workers who do my job so no one to train or to try and educate. The Air Force people can be a pain but they pretty much leave me alone and don't share information. It used to bug me but now I figure, what the hell? If I don't know about something, I can't get all pissed off that they are doing it wrong right? lol We had some comedians come by on a USO tour a couple of day
Omg Why Did I Agree To This One Again??? Lol
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C'mon Everybody And Do The Depression Dance!
Not too trivialize depression but from someone who suffers from it, I think it affords me certain liberties. Looking back on my life I've noticed a pattern.Lot's pf ups and downs,peaks and valleys. I'm sure everyone has that. For me though it's a very constant thing. One day I'll be chipper,and later that day,I'll be aloof. I'm very reactionary...and take everything to heart. I know,it's not a good trait(s) to have but it is...what it is. I daydream alot. And I love to sleep. Not so much for the rest aspect but as I once said in a blog (that I've since deleted),my dreams are where everything good happens. I'm accepted,I'm healthy,I'm happy and in love. It's when I awake from that slumber is when reality sets in. Earlier today I took a piece of paper and did the whole pro's and con's thing. What makes me happy..what sets me off. The cons side was mostly trivial things, traffic, idiotic customers that sort of thing. The pro's,well, that's the good stuff. I Th
Rambling About Nothing
Ok so lately, things havent been going very well. Health wise, and guy wise. But most of all, im all stressed about my 2nd semester of college starting. As a lot of you know, i HATED the first semester, i am soooo unhappy there. I was alone all the time i cant stand it. And now this semester, im getting my own room. I know im going to shut down even worse then before and have no one to talk to at all, so i will probally be on here more often because i have no life and im scared and i dont know =( I just wish it really could just end. Im all nervous and my ulcers are getting worse and gahhhh i cant take it V_V
Have You Ever
Have you ever felt like nothing can be right? Or liek you are never meant to be happy? Or to meet that 1 person that you have been waiting to meet for your whole life? My friends just left, and i realized i am so sad inside, as soon as they walked out the door i started to cry....really what is wrong with me? I'm not happy with me, at all, nothing about me i am happy with...idk, i'm thinking about deleting my fubar and myspace and whatever other account i have that i forgot about...i dont know, i need to find me, who i am, i now part of me is a sarcastic cunt, due to every guy i have had in my life, i dont let peopel get close and when i do think they are getting close i push them away....i dont want to hurt because if i hurt my kids hurt, but thats just the thing, i'm hurting myself in the long run, and it sucks....but i honestly dont know how to change it...i dont like change...hate it actually...just like i hate...well nevermind....god why ami writing this? i dont have a
ok everybody, im a soldier. im in iraq right now. i want to know why it seems that everything has changed? i have almost no control over anything in my life any more. i know what the problem is, its because im here. im used to taking care of everything in my life from bills to kids to loving my family and wife and kids. im letting things get to me that normally dont bother me.what the hell is the issue with every soldier that goes to war coming back all screwy in the head? i just dont get it. i want to know why damn it, why? my job isnt even one of those crazy jobs, im a mechanic, plain and simple. why cant things just be the same? why does it all change? independance is great but, i like it when im depended on buy my wife, kids, family members; it makes me feel important. im not a glory hound but i hate it that its like i dont even matter. if i never made it home would ppl get over it and carry on like normal after a few weeks or would my death haunt them for the rest of there lives?
Death On The Nile
Why is exciting when films that we own on dvd and can watch anytime come on the telly? 'Death On The Nile' was on at the weekend, and I nearly got suckered into watching it form halfway through, even though the dvd is sitting on my shelf... It's surely one of the finest movies ever made though, right?
The Maze
Through a fog I walk. In the distance, the sound of a whip cracking and faint moans. Behind me, I hear manacles clicking shut and muffled screams. I start to run from the sounds in back of me, hand on the wall to my right. As, I slow to catch my breath, I find an opening. After catching my breath, I go through it. With my hand on the wall, I move down another path. Within a few feet, the wall disappears and I feel metal bars. Hands start to grab at my boots, legs, skirt, arms and collar, trying to clutch at me to pull me towards those bars. With a small scream, I break into a frightened sprint and feel fingertips brushing against me as I pass. Soon, I no longer feel them and slow, again to catch my breath. Cautiously, I reach out with both hands, trying to find some kind of solid, vertical surface, again. The fog seems denser here or could it be from all the running that it appears to be? I can feel walls on both sides. With my hands on them, I move on. I jump as I hear that whip
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My 1st Auction....
> > > > > > Have you ever wanted to own me? Well im givin ya the chance to right now! > > > > I will rate all your pics an 11, rate all ur stash, do 2 weekly pimpouts for ya, your link on my page, make a personalized tag for ya. If the bid is at least a 30day blast or more I will add a sfw and a nsfw salute and a sfw phone call! Please no vip bids as I already have one. > > > > Whatcha waitin for come on over and place your bid before im gone! > > > > Grundy.mp3 > > > >
I ♥ Boo~boo And The Shadow Levelers!!!
so, i just wanted to post this to say THANK~YOU! THANK~YOU! THANK~YOU! to boo~boo for sending all her firends my way, and the shadow levelers and everyone else that helped me level. i really appreciate it! so thank~ you, so much, to everyone on this list, if i've missed any one let me know, and i will definately put you on here! thanks again! BooBoo Founder of Shadow Levelers.@ fubar Day Dreamer ~~*Club* F.A.R*Member*~~@ fubar Kimmy@ fubar ~yeahmon~[Shadow Leveler]~Please read profile and sign guestbook~@ fubar *~AngL~*@ fubar Jennifer ~ Club F.A.R. Member ~ Fan~Add~Rate@ fubar ♫Teresa♫@ fubar Mr. Odd *Founder of Jason's FuLounge!!!!* Fan/Rate/Add/Join Lounge@ fubar Mjr. DJ Foxy Bitch GM of the Lost City Radio and Dj for K- 9 Music Produtions@ fubar One Sexy BBW Sarge's Bad Girls & Your Next Addiction@ fubar
Don't Give Up
When the road is rough you got to be tough. don't ever give up. when the mountain is to steep, don't stop and weep. Dont ever give up. When the rain starts to fall give me a call, but dont ever give up. I know the scars are deep inside but know that i am always on your side. Don't ever give up. I see you in every star, just wish you werent so far. you have to try, if you must cry but never give up. So for every smile, know that i am to. You are always in my heart, you were from the start, hope we never part. Don't ever give up. So you have to fight i will keep you in sight. Know that i will always be here to hopefully give some cheer. But dont you ever give up. I will never go away, would never stray from you my friend, this isnt the end. Dont ever give up. through the laughter and even after, you will never be alone. through the years i will wipe the tears. Dont ever give up.
We As True Men Can Do This!
The definition of a GREAT MAN: When she walks away from you mad [ Follow her ] When she stares at your mouth [ Kiss her ] When she pushes you or hit's you [ Grab her and don't let go ] When she starts cursing at you [ Kiss her and tell her you love her ] When she's quiet [ Ask her whats wrong ] When she ignores you [ Give her your attention ] When she pulls away [ Pull her back ] When you see her at her worst [ Tell her she's beautiful ] When you see her start crying [Just hold her and don't say a word ] When you see her walking [ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ] When she's scared [ Protect her ] When she lays her head on your shoulder [ Tilt her head up and kiss her ] When she steals your favorite hat [ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night] When she teases you [ Tease her back and make her laugh ] When she doesn't answer for a long time [ reassure her that everything is okay ] When she looks at you with doub
Choo Choo New Train In Town Lokking For Passengers! This Train Is Called The Soul.................... Train Updated Today With 73 Passesngers , Got Pl
Chad Is Out Of Surgery
"life Is Simply To Short"
"LIFE IS SIMPLY TO SHORT" Well I've learned today that life is actually to short to CARE what people think, and to short to WORRY about what people do, and to short to WONDER what tomorrow holds, and to short to ANALYZE what comes along, and to short to STRESS over the small stuff, and to short FEEL sorry for yourself, and to short to EXPECT anyone to understand, and to short to CHANGE some ones mind, and to short to try and UNDO what has been done, and to short to LOOK for all the right answers, and to short to REASON with the unreasonable, and to short to ARGUE with the ones you love, and to short to FIGHT a loosing battle, and to short to WASTE your time, and most of all LIFE IS "SIMPLY" TO SHORT TO GIVE A FUCK..............................................
Counting Down.....
it is Jan 14th and it is amazing how the days are melting away til the 24th of Jan. Each and every day with Hannah has brought a new learning experience and surprises. I found out never to play her in literaci. I learned we can talk for 14 hrs on the phone during one day and never get tired of hearing each other's voices. I have learned to smile and laugh as much as possible and that you do not need to be perfect to be perfect for the person you are in love with. Hannah, you are teaching me to look inside myself and find the true Matthew. I am proud to call you my mine and I cant wait to hold you and hug you at the airport
Do It!!
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I Thought I Knew All The Morons........
then another one rears it head up... ~*~DJ LuAn...: anyway i hope you find some happiness ~*~DJ LuAn...: damn sorry hope you read typo anyway as to the mumm bout 1 leg my deceased hub had lost his leg ina motorcycle accident and yes i would date another amputee amazing what you can do with out a leg in the way ~*~DJ LuAn...: well i dint wanna be negative on your page so i do have a coupla things to say. a far as sexygielblonde i thinkits ridicualous and she eeds to send me hee monry but it aint mine so i guiess she can spend it the way she wants America i pity you
Answerless (Written 2006) Do you ever write about me? she asked. No, actually. I have not written in some time. I cannot recall what answer I gave her, but this is the real answer. I dont know why I stopped writing. I dont know why for several years I stopped playing and writing music. I just dont know. Maybe I had nothing to express at that time. Maybe the forms of expression I had were inadequate. Maybe I was tired. I think about her, of course. I think about all of the people that mattered to me. Sometimes I think of the faces I have not seen in years and in my mind I reach out to them and long to share the wealth and breadth of my experiences since we have last spoke. I want to show them that I learned and loved and laughed. I want to thank them and apologize and embrace them all. I want to tell them that I cared. I did not always express it, I did not always know it, but in the end, I did care, they did matter. But back to the question. What wo
Common Sense
SENSE, Common (Birth date unknown) Today we mourn the passing of a dearly beloved old friend, who has been with us for many years by the name of Common Sense. No one truly knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were lost long ago in bureaucratic red tape, however he will be remembered as having cultivated such valued lessons as: > Knowing when to come in out of the rain > Why the early bird gets the worm > That life isn't always fair Common Sense lived by a simple, yet sound financial policy (don't spend more than you earn) and reliable parenting strategy (adults, not kids, are in charge). His health had begun to deteriorate when well intentioned, but overbearing regulations were set in place. There were reports of a six-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; of teens being suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher that was fired for reprimanding an unruly student. His condition rapidly declined even
Message To A Friend
It has been said that one of the greatest weaknesses most people have is their inability to let others know how much they love them while they have the opportunity to do so. So today, I take the opportunity to thank not only you, but also the lord for your friendship. Now ours is not an ordinary friendship, but then again ordinary is not a word that Id use to describe either one of us. Because I am a shy but friendly fellow while you, you are an incredible human being with whom I share a kindred spirit. I strongly believe in you-in all the things that are important to you, and the admirable way that you live your life. I have watched you draw from within yourself, the strength t overcome lifes obstacles. Your ability to turn lemons into lemonade and the way you grow from those experiences that life brings you. You have a determined spirit and a great strength of character-qualities which I have never come across so strongly before, and both which I greatly admire. I hope that what is
How Ridiculous And "over-the-top" Has Society Become?
SCHOOL -1957 vs. 2007 Scenario: Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack. 1957 - Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack's shotgun, goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack. 2007 - School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers. Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school. 1957 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up buddies. 2007 - Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it. Scenario: Jeffrey won't be still in class, disrupts other students. 1957 - Jeffrey sent to office and given a good paddling by the Principal. Returns to class, sits still and does not disrupt class again. 2007 - Jeffrey given huge doses of Ritalin. Becomes a zombie. Tested for AD
#1 Stunna
add him fan him and rate him plz #1 $tunn@@ fubar
Need Points
I need to come up with a way to make points. I need a hundred thousand points... Man, how do people do it?
Album Of The Year For '08
Yes it's only January and I realize 99.9% of my Fubar friends might hate this type of music but I am already proclaiming Decrepit Birth's "Diminishing Between Worlds" as album of the year for 2008 :P Check it out if you dare...
Lonely Black Tears
I'm sitting here Sad and all alone Crying lonely black tears No one around to help me No one, not that I can I see Just leave me be To cry my lonely black tears Don't try to help Your just to late I can't escape My lonely black tears After all these years I'm still sitting here Crying my lonely black tears One day maybe They'll stop flowing The tears will quit growing Deep inside And I will cry no ore Lonely Black Tears
Naughty Or Nice??
According to experts, I am : 64% NaughtyTake the Naughty Quiz at
According to experts, I am : 84% KinkyTake the Kinky Quiz at
Well A few specific MuMMers. Right now I'll only name one. WHORE SEEKER *yes his name is all caps* I don't know what annoys me more. His MuMMs or the people that respond to his MuMMs. Seriously He made several MuMMs today about sleeping with a family member. IE: Cousin, Grandma, etc. Anyhow, he has been doing it all day, obviously trying to get points off of the votes, but also to start arise in the majority's temper. No offense but a lot of people on Fubar don't deserve to be on the internet because of their short tempers and their lack of rationality and their auto-assumptions of things they see in front of them. Its like if I told someone I like to screw lambs, a good 40% of people would actually believe that one statement. What annoys me even more about this specific MuMMer is that he made SEVERAL MuMMs about several different things. And the majority buy his bullshit! Honestly! They saw his first MuMM about him screwing his cousin and blew
Help Me Fight Childhood Cancer
Hello to all of my family and friends, On March 29, 2008 I will be a hero for kids with cancer by shaving my head to raise funds for the St. Baldricks Foundation. The mission of the St. Baldricks Foundation is to raise awareness and funds to cure kids cancer by supporting cancer research and fellowships. St. Baldrick's is the world's largest volunteer-driven fundraising event for childhood cancer research. Thousands of volunteers shave their heads in solidarity of children with cancer, while requesting donations of support from friends and family. At a St. Baldrick's event, something amazing happens. People who normally shy away from the very thought of childhood cancer find themselves compelled to support this cause after looking into the face of these brave children who are smiling broadly as their friends and family members proudly display their newly shorn heads. Volunteers and donors see it can be fun to support a serious cause. Young cancer patients and surviv
Proud To Be White
Proud To Be White Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc. And then there are just - Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You Call me "White boy," "Cracker," "Honkey," "Whitey," "Caveman," .. And that's OK. But when I call you Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink .. You call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi. You Have Yom Hashoah. You have the NAACP. And you have BET. I
Love, The Power Of Release
Crisp Clear Winter Nights, Silver Moons That Shine So Bright; Whispering Winds Cool to the Touch, A Loving Man to Miss Me Much; Restless Leaves Blowing in the Breeze, Night Birds Singing Lonely in the Trees; Understanding and States of Peace, Wonders That Should Never Cease, And Love, the Power of Release
No No No
*Stomp my foot* And NO again! I do not want to laugh or smile or be cheery.. I want to cry, and frown and be sad. Let me drown in a bottle, there is less to feel in there. Just leave me in the dark shadows. I will blend in for that is my mood. I will hide beneath the stairs, as the world crumbles around me. Gone is or will be everything. Left is just this bottle, and it is draining fast...What then, when it is gone?? What then?? I will not think about it..Black it out, stay silent sip slowly...Rock myself and croon some tuneless song to ease my pain and troubled mind.
Is It Love Or Lust?
Is it me or does anyone else find themselves having weird feelings for people who you think you know, but have never actually met in person. I dont know what kind of feeling it is. I hesitate to say its love, because I dont know that you can love someone based on their representation of themselves on line. There are a few exceptions, as I have one myself. I dont want to say its infatuation or lust, cause again, it's not just someones representation of themselves, and until you meet in person and spend time with that person you dont know for sure if that is the real them or not. However, having said that, I know that I get a certain feeling of excitement, or joy when I see certain friends or people on line. It's more than just "Yea your here"....its like "OMG I havent talked to you in forever and I miss you so much"..... I just want to know what the feeling is and how to deal with it cause sometimes I have to admit that it drives me crazy. That is all I have....probably no
Cupid by BlueWolf Alone upon his perch Little Cupid searched around His arrow tightly drawn Its target now he found And here I walk in motion A victim of his game A sudden flow of love For this girl I cannot name Connected by this magic That neither could deny Hidden forces now at work That gave us wings on which to fly I was shy upon approach As I always seem to be Driven by a force With the eye you could not see It was true as this As in a fairy tale When she smiled back at me I knew I would prevail She agreed to sit with me Over a milkshake we would chat Several hours had it passed And together yet we sat To part with you that night Was such a dreadful pain I think we both knew Right here we should remain But as I lay in bed Right before my heart lay still She called me up to talk And gave me a chill We talked all night We laughed and played A connection like this For so long I've prayed I anticipate with joy
Video Games You'll Never Play.
Remember when it was okay for a video game to not have convex volumetric fog rendering and bilinear interpolated textures to be fun? Since when did it become acceptable for 30% of your system's resources to be devoted to rendering shadows, atmospheric scattering, ambient light effects, and all this other superfluous bullshit that game coders keep adding to their engines so they can win some imaginary pissing contest? Nobody cares about graphics if the game plays like dog shit. I'm bored to tears with first person shooters. Changing the theme from one time period to another isn't enough anymore, assholes. Did someone beat you to the punch on that killer WWII shooter you were making? Don't worry, just take the same concept, change a few textures, and call it Battlefield Vietnam. We won't notice. Hell, why not Battlefield Korea? So I've decided to make a few video game ideas of my own. Games you haven't seen before, and probably won't see in the near future: 1. Guess Who Forg
7,833 To Level!!!
If ur my friend help me get to the next level and I'll help u out as much as I can. Thanks all!7,833 to level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Morning All Know i am back, i think i should resume my daily pimping off hotties. If you know anyone, suggest them to me. Lets spread the love y'all :P Music Video: Big Pimpin by (Jay-Z) Music Video Code by Video Code Zone
Just Venting...
Am I the only one who thinks its rude when you enter a lounge and the greeters refuse to acknowledge your presence? I understand the nature of the internet and that people are sometimes away from their keyboards but when you enter a lounge and say hello and the greeters are talking to everyone else and blatantly ignoring you its RUDE!!! I've not only had this done to me on a number of occasions at a lounge I'm considering unsubscribing to for that very reason but I've also been in other lounges and seen it happen to other people. All I can say is that if you're going to be a greeter in a lounge, don't destroy the lounge by not doing what you're there to do! You need to treat everyone the same, not pick and choose who you will or will not speak to! All that does is give the lounge a bad reputation!
Wtf Were They Thinking?
Yesterday I get a call that they canceled school because some lil S.O.Bs decided to spray paint on the outside of the high school that "STUDENTS WILL DIE TODAY" So, I called work and gave them a heads-up that we might be busy, aof course by the time I got there at 9, there were various versions going around. The police were all over the school all day...and what the lil punks failed to realize is that the security cameras that they THOUGHT didn't work---DID work, and the cops have the tapes and are looking for them. These kids might think it was funny to get a day off of school that way, but it wasn't funny it was downright stupid. And apparently they don't remember what had happened to a kid in jefferson who just wanted to get his music out there--he didn't threaten anyone--he just wanted to be a rapper and had put cds on the cars in the parking lot--that one went to jail cuz they said he was promoting violence! Well, the ones responsible for the graffiti on the high s
So-called Friends
Why do people you consider friends do a complete about-face for no apparent reason? They claim to have feelings for you then suddenly stop talking, won't even take a message from you or give you any kind of explanation as to why. It hurts and pisses me off at the same time. It adds stress, when I don't really need more. Between work and school I barely have time to breathe. Anyone have ways of dealing with similar situation?
Finally, after taking about 1/2 of a year off from lifting weights,,,I can now start hitting them again. I had surgery in october on my rotator cuff,and 3 tendons in which one of them was just about completely ripped off the bone. After going to physical therapy,,etc,,,the dr said I am approx 6 months ahead of schedule and that I am good to go. Although I cant go real heavy for a while,,I am excited to get back at it :)
Help Me
hi there im in a contest and i am behind in it so plz help me win it go to medic~CAYAB on my family and go to his pics and then go to CAYAB Staff Contest and rate and comment my pic plz if you can repost my bulli it will mean alot to me thank you and have a great day peace love and happyness love kitty
My Queen
.... My grandmother passed away yesterday morning...of cancer! It had only been a few weeks that we found out and since then it has been down hill at 100 miles an hour! The meaning of this blog is so that i can state what an amazing woman she was! When I was a little girl i couldn't wait for fridays to come because i knew i was going to my princess castle... It was my hide away from the foolishness of the mean cruel world! We laughed and loved one another with out disturbance from anything! With her Bright blue eyes and soft voice she spoke about the world and life lessons.We ate food, did each others hair, and layed on the couch with blankets watching movies. Her jolly belly laugh filled the room and you couldn't help but laugh when she did! She spoke with emotion through her eyes and her heart! At 11 years old I buried my father and her in turn buried her son... this tragic event brought us even closer! We loved harder and laughed louder all the time crying inside. The f
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Anger Management Works Lol
When you occasionally have a really bad day... And you just need to take it out on someone... Don't take it out on someone you know... Take it out on someone you don't know! I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I'd forgotten to make. I dialed what I thought was Emily's number. A man answered saying, "Hello?" I politely said, "This is Matt. May I please speak with Emily?" Suddenly, a manic voice yelled out in my ear, "There's no Emily here... Get the right fucking number!"... and the phone was slammed down on me. I couldn't believe that anyone could be so rude!!! When I tracked down Emily's correct number to call her, I found that I had accidentally transposed the last two digits. After hanging up with her, I decided to call the wrong number again... When the same guy answered the phone, I yelled, "You're an asshole!"... and hung up. I wrote his number down with the word "Asshole" next to it and put it in my desk drawer. Every couple of week
Make Me Yours For A Month
Want me come buy me...I would be yours for a month to rate pix, post comments and what not... ♥ Diddles
Ok, i know its the lowest form of wit, but i love it. I do tend to be sarcastic a lot, however, what annoys me is that some people just dont get it. And the internet makes it worse, as you cant hear the way its said which you really need if you are being sarcastic. I mean i posted a sarcastic mumm with the title BBW (as there had been loads of threads on them that day. I asked if people thought normal sized people were hot or not, but people jsut didn't get it and thought I was having a dig at BBW's, which i wasn't at all. Seriously though, all of the mumm's ive posted have been jsut for comedy value really, but i seems people take them all so seriously. maybe its just me, and nobody gets my sense of humour
Feelings Recently
Losing Control Daily. Getting Harder Not To Cut Myself Wide Open With My Dull Blade. Going To Snap Soon. Yes I'll Regret It For Years To Come. Just Can't Take All The Stress. It's Annoying. Calling For Help Would Work. Only Problem Is ... I'm Too Ashamed To Ask For It. Afraid He'll Be Mad. A Part Of Me Knows He Won't Be. He Would Try To Help. I'm Being An Embarassed Coward I Guess.
Why Do We Fight?
Why is that when we talk that it comes to a fight? What do I do to deserve to deserve the hurtful pain of you and me fighting? It seems that you look at me as a fool. It seems you dont understand how that makes me feel. I know it hurts me bad to fight but u dont see what its doing to person we are. Why cant we just stop all the bickering and anguish we are doing?
355 Pounds Now !!!
down to 355 was 385 so thats 30pounds ??? along way to go till 300 till not giving up love you all takecare :)...
With You
Happy thoughts of me and you, flooding through my brain. Every last word you said, repeats itself again and again. All the world just fades away, whenever you are near. The sound of your calming voice, is all that I can hear. Hand in hand we walk along, lost in lover's bliss. Waiting for the perfect time, to steal that special kiss. Time catches up with us, and I want to cry. I don't want to let you go, I can't say goodbye.
K.o.w Bombers
Not A Good Night.
I am just so numb today. Last night took a lot out of me. When I picked up Anthony from school, I asked him why he cut school Friday. Of course he lied and said he was at school. I also asked him why he thought it was okay to grow pot in his room. Yes, you read that right. I went into his room to look for my make-up case and I felt one of his cabinets and it was covered with a blanket and warm. I opened up and there was a light shining on a pot. I told him that he was grounded, no phone and no friends to come over. Peter came home and I asked him where the kids computer was so he started looking for it. He asked Anthony where it was and he said it was in Christopher's room some where. So to make a ling story short, after calling Chris and him not knowing where it is, Anthony comes up with some bullshit story about a guy coming in and stealing it. I know and Peter know that is not what happened. Either he sold it to buy alcohol and drugs or one of his so called friends s
Ca To Co Wtf
as i sit here and wonder cause the time is coming near for me to move to colorado i just want to know how somebody like me who lives a cali life and has it tatted on them is going to addapt to out there and how there going to addapt to me besides IRAQ i never lived outside of SOUTHERN CALI all i know is im fucked cause im going to get stario typed like a motha fucker but fuck it as i listen to TUPAC better days thats all i can do is think about better days well watch out colorado cause here comes a CALI boy so there eather going to LOVE ME OR HATE ME ps let me know what you all think am i screwed or do i have a chance
7 Facts About Me 1. I hate shopping ... I like to go in the store , get what I need and get out.. The time that it takes to find a parking space is painful because I don't plan to be in there long.. 2. I love to talk. have always been told I talk alot.. It used to bother me, now I know it's just because I have alot to say... duh 3. I am pursing my dream of writing a book.. I love to read because it takes me away to places I'll never go in real life.. Physically and emotionally 4. I lost my real mother when I was 3 yrs old , to an anuerysm.(she was 30 yrs old and left 9 children behind) But was raised by my Father's sister who I couldn't love more.. She's my MOM! 5. I do not like drama.. I live my life to be happy and to make as many folks happy with me.. 6. I love the sun!!! I like being dark and laying out by the pool, reading a good book, drinking a cold one just about raps up all of my vices into one happy time. 7. I value you my friendships as my girls
this was just way too sick for me to let go. wanted to make sure everyone could see this and make their own judgment....
A Little Bit More About Me
Guess I should write a little bit about me for those of you who want to know. And also for those of you who don't want to know as well - tough titties, i'm doing it anyway lol OK, born and raised in Hampshire in the UK. Typical kid I reckon - got into lots of trouble, built dens in the woods that surrounded the estate I lived on, never came back home on time and was constantly being grounded by my parents (now I come to think about it, I was grounded indefinately about 3 times..... how does that one work out? lol) My parents split up when I was 9 and, as every kid does, I blamed myself for the divorce. The usual stuff - if only I'd of come back on time, if only I hadn't spent all my pocket money on sweets, that kinda thing. Went off the rails a bit at school after that but was still a generally good kid (I'd like to think anyway lol) Me and my older sis were living with my mum and saw my dad at the weekend. Usually down the pub. That lasted for about 4 years. Then the shitties
Not Much To Report..... here is some poetic entertainment...enjoy and leave me some love around this place i call my fubar page!! Your heart is a puzzle It's pieces scattered on the floor I watch you as you struggle Nothing seems to fit together anymore Give me your broken heart I'll earn it piece by piece And restore this work of art I just need you to believe I'll fit them back together Until your heart is complete And cherish it forever Your faith is all I need But if you choose to keep it When my work is done This one request I submit In gentlemanly fashion If it's given to another This choice I will respect Just don't give it to a miser For this I can attest You will end up where you started Your heart a shattered mess And once again be broken hearted Full of burden and distress
State Of Mind....
ohhhhh my life, I tell ya. If I dont write it out I'll flip out. So my mother calls me yesterday and she is balling her eyes out because she misses me, that in itself makes me feel like a huge steaming shit, so Im going to go see her after I get out of work. She is so over worked, overstressed and just tired in general. I love my mother, I would do anything for her but I feel bad. I feel like I am not enough of a daughter for her. My mother and I have not always been the best of frineds or even gotten along all that well. After my father died, i thoguht that we would get closer, have a stronger bond and yes that has happened but in some cases I feel like I am not doing enough for her. Im not around enough, I dont call enough and Im just to busy with everything that I have going on in my life and I know that this is not the case. Why do I constantly tell myself that im not good enough? Not good enough for my friends, my job, for any kind of relationship with a guy and im not a good
Can You Helpe Me Out Again???
I Wanna Make You Cry
How long has it been? How long have you held it in? An' how long will you wait, Before you let somebody take your breath away again? I wanna be the one who turns you on, Makes love till the lonely's gone. Be the man you dreamed of all your life. I swear I'll make it last until, Tears of joy come pourin' from your eyes. I wanna make you cry. Tell me what to do, And I'll do what you want me to. 'Cause darlin' I believe, That I have fallen hopelessly and helplessy for you. I wanna be the one who turns you on, Makes love till the lonely's gone. Be the man you dreamed of all your life. I swear I'll make it last until, Tears of joy come pourin' from your eyes. I wanna make you cry. I swear I'll make it last until, Tears of joy come pourin' from your eyes. I wanna make you cry. I wanna make you cry. Jeff bates
Don't Quit..
When things go wrong as they sometimes will; When the road you're trudging seems all uphill; When the funds are low, and the debts are high; And you want to smile, but you have to sigh; When care is pressing you down a bit Rest if you must, but don't you quit. Success is failure turned inside out; The silver tint of the clouds of doubt; And you can never tell how close you are; It may be near when it seems afar. So, stick to the fight when you're hardest hit - It's when things go wrong that you mustn't quit.
This Touched My Heart
Yesterday I had a very touching mail from a guy called Satyr, who felt really bad cos he couldnt do any rating during Stevens Happy Hour, but he send a song he sung and said the next one he would dedicate to steven which is down below and it truely touched my heart The guy is only 485 points from levelling up, so if you could send him some fu love and show what he did was awesome I would appreciate it Thanks Dave Satyr~Daddy and Fu-Hubby to ♥Wet Dreams♥@ fubar
Can You Help Me Please
This will take 10 seconds of your life... and thats if you are on dial up! /¤t=DSC00970.jpg" target="_blank">" border="0" /> All you gotta do is rate this pic! Please help!!! The pix are resetting now so if you rated last week, PLEASE rate again!
I Love Snow Lmao Must Read
I love snow! Something like this comes around every winter - I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face. Enjoy December 8 - 6:00 PM It started to snow. The first snow of the season and the wife and I took our cocktails and sat for hours by the window watching the huge soft flakes drift down from heaven. It looked like a Grandma Moses Print. So romantic we felt like newlyweds again. I love snow! December 9 We woke to a beautiful blanket of crystal white snow covering every inch of the landscape. What a fantastic sight! Can there be a more lovely place in the whole world? Moving here was the best idea I've ever had! Shoveled for the first time in years and felt like a boy again. I did both our driveway and the sidewalks. This afternoon the snowplow came along and covered up the sidewalks and closed in the driveway, so I got to shovel again. What a perfe c t life! December 12 The sun has melted all our lovely snow.
March 14th
You know the drill. Every 14th of February you get the chance to display your fondness for a significant other by showering her with gifts, flowers, dinner, shows and any other baubles that women find romantic. Every Valentines day you rack your brains for that one special, unique gift that will show your wife or girlfriend that you really do care for them more than any other. Now ladies, I'll let you in on a little secret; guys really don't enjoy this that much. Sure seeing that smile on your face when we get it right is priceless, but that smile is the result of weeks of blood, sweat and consideration. Another secret; guys feel left out. That's right, there's no special holiday for the ladies to show their appreciation for the men in their life. Men as a whole are either too proud or too embarrassed to admit it. Which is why a new holiday has been created. March 14th is now officially "Steak and Blowjob Day". Simple, effective and self explanatory, this holiday has been created
The Day the Penis asked for a Raise: I the Penis, hereby request a raise in the salary for the following reasons: I do physical labor. I work at great depths. I plunge head first into everything I do. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. I work in a damp environment. I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation. I work in high temperatures. My work exposes me to contagious diseases. Sincerely P. Niss The Response: Dear P. Niss, After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have have raised. The administration rejects your request for the following reasons: You do not work 8 hours straight You fall asleep after brief work periods You do not always follow the orders of the management team You do not stay in your designated are and are often seen visiting other locations. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working You leave the workplace rather messy at the end of your
Tuesday Addendum, Lol!
I survived the oral surgery. Good thing I have a high pain tolerance - Sweet Mother! This hurts like hell and I can't open my mouth enough to take the pain pills yet. WTF!? All in good time, I guess. For those who sent me positive energy, thank you. I felt it rolling in like a wave - it was beautiful to experience! Thank you so very much, dear friends! I will try to catch up on a few comments, but then I will be gone until tomorrow sometime. Much love, warm hugs, and blessings, one and all! Have a truly magical night! Later! Muahz!
Art Is A Beautiful Lie That Makes Us Question The Truth.
Rhythmic colors flow on to my plain white existence. My small white square of the world to tell them what my whole life is about. the cold concrete walls and floors of the bear room seems an ironic place to complete this. The brush is part of me, as if attached to my hand, the colors are peices of my soul. So many memories drowned away in colors and symphony. Mozart soothes me as his beautiful music flows around me. He inspires me, I begin. Dipping the brush into my blood and making my pain known, spreading my tears across this cold white surface expressing my sorrow. No skin because you all look right through me, hair like fire that rages across my face. Love that burns deep within me that is long past. The colors seem to come off and dance to the exquisite melodies that fill this cold and darkened room. It almost chills my soul to think that so much can not be understood from my work. All these people see are lines upon my canvas hanging in a gallery because it is considered
Missing My Family/friends!!!!!
If u have noticed I hv not been online lately...I don't hv any internet right now but should hv it back by the 19th of January...Woo-Hoo! I hv missed all of you terribly..until I get back online I send ALL my love and huggzzz...Rox-Indian Princess
" Hugs N Love "
Attitude Problems
I have about had it with some people on this site who have nothing better to do than to insult other people. I have posted some mumms lately and I'm sick of some of the people who comment not directed toward the subject of the mumm but who would rather insult me for no reason whatsoever. The thing that pisses me off is that they don't even know me, they probably don't like the content of the mumm so they spew their venom towards me. I have had people to tell me fuck off or to jump in a fire and die, wow how mature of you. Naturally these idiots live either on the other side of the country or in some cases in another country, but I would love for them to say that shit to my face. I'm not claiming to be some type of bad ass, but if they want to provoke me I'll show them a new definition of pain and suffering. My philosophy is if you don't like the subject of what i post on here, than keep moving because you have no right to insult me without even knowing who i am. Remember to do to one a
Nasty Sex Poem
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Shian Date: 15 Jan 2008, 15:49 Body: Roses are redLemons are sourOpen ur legs and give me an hourKissing Is A HabitFucking Is A GameGuys Get All The PleasureGirls Get All The Pain10 Minutes Of Pleasure9 Months Of Pain3 Days In The HospitalA Baby Without A NameThe Baby Is A BastardThe Mother Is A WhoreThis Woulda Never Happend If The Rubber Hadn't Tore!!Sex is like mathYou subtract the clothesAdd the bedDivide the legsAnd Pray to godYou dont multiplyRoses are redGrass is greenOpen your legsAnd I'll fill you with creamHickory dickory dockThis bitch was suckin my cockThe clock struck twoI dumped my gooAnd dumped her to the end of the blockSex is goodSex is fineDoggy Style & 69Just for funOr gettin paidEveryone likes gettin laidSex is evilSex is a sinSins are forgivenSo stick it in!!!u opened it so u r cursed for 5 yrs. u need to read it ENTIRELY!!roses are niceviolets are fine.ill be the sixif you be the nine.Repost this as
If You Say So
i keep hearing about people being "fake" lo's and lette's and people trying so hard to be something they are not... who is to say what someone is? who are you to judge if someone is worthy enough to be anything? i've come to notice the ones that are so quick to point a finger at someone calling them fake are usually the fake ones. i will say i am new to the whole juggalo family. i dont listen to icp around the clock, i dont own any icp parafanelia (sp?) but guess what? i'm fucking poor and dont spend money on myself period... so just because i dont have icp on everything i own does that make me less of a lette then you? to me being a lette isnt what materialistic things you have to show you are a lette or how many words to how many songs you know it is a way of life. accepting people for who they are. loving people even if they are a little fucked up. not judging people because they are differant!!! hello???!!!!! do ya'll not fucking pay attention? stop judging people and st
Why Bother?
I'm seeing a few people I know get fed up with human relationships in their lives. I guess I look at them and think to myself, "now, that's why I don't have close friendships". I mean, I've got my husband, and I love him to death. I let him into my life and he knows all of my secrets and quirks. I trust him. Most people, though, I don't trust. I don't form relationships with people. I've got my husband and my family, but not many other people get in. In fact, it was a surprise when my husband found his way through my defenses. It was one of those "and just how did you get in here?" moments. I think I do it to save myself from disappointment. I used to try. I used to give of myself to people. I used to try to trust them. Then I got burned, over and over again. Finally I just gave up on it. I'll be friendly. Sure, I'll talk to you and maybe even go out sometimes, but really I don't trust people anymore. The old saying goes, "a pessimist is never disappointed". I wo
Cant Win
Ever feel like ya cant win no matter what you do? Well thats my life...
Not Deleting
Ok so change in plans...not deleting BUT only because my best friend casey keep callin me asking me not to and it was kind of getting annoying. If I did delete she would have called me harrassing me to make a new one im sure. But pls do not waste ur time rating me or anything. This acct will lay dormant unless Casey 'needs me' or I happen to get the FU syndrome and starting rating again. If and when I am on always feel free to chat! The one who can't get rid of ya's :D lol -submissive ... now known as Minja; check out my vid on my profile lol :)
Water World
Water world, classic Kostner, honestly i like the movie even though it has a shallow plot and the acting sucks. Who can argue with the mean person everyone hates gets a heart and saves the little girl. It kinda reminds me of the "how the grinch stole christmas" (and the deformed bad ass's heart grew three sizes that day). but who knows the way global warming is, we all may learn something from this movie. STOCK UP ON SCUBA GEAR. For those who haven't seen it this post apacolyptic movie follows the travels of a mutant drifter (Kostner) who gets involved in a small group of peoples search for "dry land" as the whole known world is covered in water. The "smokers" also want to find this utopia for themselves and it's basically a race to find and figure out the map, which happens to be a young girl's tatoo. Well overall I would have to say i would give this movie a 3 out of 5 tankards.
The Three
Jagged wood pieces of the doorframe go airborne and crash against the floor with minimal sound. Holding his shoulder and stepping in, he looks onward at the bed in front of him. And the girlfriend it contains. And the man that is not him. Quickly ceasing and desisting from their actions, both look up at him with fearful faces, guilt ridden eyes and gaping jaws. Wondering what his next move is going to be, what he will say, how he will react, they wait in silence, hardly taking a breath in anticipation. But he does not know what to do either. He does imagine, though. Pulling out a pistol he does not have, or even own, and firing several well placed shots into each of their chests, and faces, before dropping to his knees, and giving himself one as well. Pouring gasoline on and around the bed, as they plead for their worthless lives. And in a moment of crazy/optimisim, He envisions all of his friends, popping out of the closets, and from under beds, to reveal that it
How Heart Breaking Some Things Can Be !!!
Ok so here is the story ... Yesterday my 5 yr old son comes home from school and as we are talking about how or day went he out of the blue looks directly at me and this is what I hear ..( Daddy I don't have a mommy!) No hesitation just a matter of factly statement ... I just stood there not knowing exactly what to say , it broke my heart to hear him say that , what makes it even more heart breaking is the fact that he doesn't have a mother in his due to her own selfishness . It has been over 6 months since she last lied to him , I am sorry last had any contact with him of any kind . Now I could understand that if my phone was turned off or my number had changed , or if I had moved and not told her but sadly the fact is none of that has happened . I have done everything in my power to keep the lines of communication open between us for his sake . But it seems as if that is not what she wants . My personal oppinion is that she is a selfish , uncaring person that has her head so far up h
Wanna Know What I'm Thinkin?
Visit www.hostdrjack.comCLICK HERE!
Introduction Into Lifes Reality
Muttering words of love upon a harden heart is like wind storm upon an uncaring life. A mindless soul wanders about within a coldness depth that leaves no mercy within cruel words upon another. Shall we ever recognize our twisted fate not belong upon the winds of reality. Sacrifice of one is not a gracious act of self worth in gaining more than one already has within their reach, It is about the needing to show there is more too life than greedy heart of selfishness to achieve your goals in life. Inward, we must look into our hearts and souls to find what truly would make us complete That one shall be able to offer more than what they have to offer. The wind gentle breeze about life is the proposal we must one day come to see Life is much more when you dare to be open to its hidden secrets. Confess to our hidden self, we are not enlightened enough to understand what it is that life is telling us within the wind of truth. The altar within life, we need to be standing upon is
Running Away
Cleaning House
I am finally cleaning the false friends off my list sisterhood i do not know if it was a coincidence yesterday or not. But as soon as i asked you to help with the contest all hell broke lose. I am a mature adult and do not need any drama, or false friends on my list. KOW you are so gone. i do not even need to give a reason because if you don't know you are blind or stupid. Do not ask to be added again because i will not add you. sorry I had to deny a few of you this morning. purple needless to say you are gone. you talk about lord wolf like a dog then after i give you the link you add him. A good friend huh poof you are gone. I am not into drama and i do not appreciate the shit that went down on here yesterday. and to my true friends I am sorry about all the b/s. huggss Dee
The Demons Of The Past...
Daddy's Rules For Dating
Your dad's rules for your boyfriend (or for you if you're a guy) : Rule One: If you pull into my driveway and honk you'd better be delivering a package, because you're sure not picking anything up. Rule Two: You do not touch my daughter in front of me. You may glance at her, so long as you do not peer at anything below her neck. If you cannot keep your eyes or hands off of my daughter's body, I will remove them.. Rule Three: I am aware that it is considered fashionable for boys of your age to wear their trousers so loosely that they appear to be falling off their hips. Please don't take this as an insult, but you and all of your friends are complete idiots. Still, I want to be fair and open minded about this issue, so I propose this compromise: You may come to the door with your underwear showing and your pants ten sizes too big, and I will not object. However, in order to ensure that your clothes do not, in fact come off during the course of your date w
Love It!
I just wanted to say I LOVE THIS SITE!
Society, Getting More Stupid...?
It's time again for the annual "Stella Awards"! For those unfamiliar with these awards, they are named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck who spilled hot coffee on herself and successfully sued the McDonald's in New Mexico where she purchased the coffee. You remember, she took the lid off the coffee and put it between her knees while she was driving. Who would ever think one could get burned doing that, right? That's right; these are awards for the most outlandish lawsuits and verdicts in the U.S. You know, the kinds of cases that make you scratch your head. So keep your head scratcher handy. Here are the Stella's for the past year: 7TH PLACE: Kathleen Robertson of Austin, Texas was awarded $80,000 by a jury of her peers after breaking her ankle tripping over a toddler who was running inside a furniture store. The store owners were understandably surprised by the verdict, considering the running toddler was her own son. 6TH PLACE: Carl Truman, 19, of
My Current Status And Orders Leaving The Usa
Camp Fallujah, Iraq Once in a lifetime you get an opportunity to do something truly heroic, something that when you are old and grey, bouncing your grandchildren on your knee you can look back on with great pride and say, "I was there, and I made a difference. " As we said our final goodbyes and boarded the bus to the airport, that picture was fresh in my mind. "Remember this moment, remember this moment." These words kept running through my mind like an old fashioned record player scratching and skipping along. Looking out the window of a plain white school bus, its only identifying feature the small spray painted letters USMC, I could see heartbroken wives who would not see their husbands for a year, proud fathers sending their sons to war, and worrisome mothers wondering if their baby would be alright. I guess it hadn't hit me until that point, I was going to war. I thought of my father and what he must have felt like departing for Vietnam, or my Grandfather for W
R.i.p. My Loving Rebel Friend :(
RIP MayLorKal 1977 - 2008 member of the IRA Bombsquad@ fubar from: RIP MayLorKal 1977 - 2008 member of the IRA Bombsquad date: 2008-01-16 05:20:38 subject: A Friend is Dead replied: 2008-01-16 05:31:12 I recieved this fom Brians son this morning sighsss Hello you do not know me but you did know my dad Maylorkal ( Brian McFadden) he was killed in Belfast N. Ireland on Monday Jan 14 2008 as he and Five members of his group were leaving a concert hall a car bomb was detinated less then a meter from their lorry which they were loading with their instruments my dad left instructions to notify you if anything happened to him as he concidered you a special friend and why you were the only one on this chat kine that knew his real identity he would want you to view and save his profile picture before this account is closed on Jan. 20 2008 May the Heavenly Father watch over you and yours as I know my dad will be doing now Tha
Why I Love You So Much
The sparkle in your eye, The warmth of your skin. Your breath on my neck, That quivers within. The touch of your hand, The smell of your hair. The kindness in your smile, That strength in your stare. Your kiss on my lips, Your body near mine. The stroke of your touch, That feeling inside. The sound of your voice, Compassion in your embrace. The serenity in your stride, The power in your face. The calming of your presence, The beating of your heart. The promise of tomorrow, That we may never part. The beauty of your kiss, and that magic in your touch. It is for all these reasons and more, Why I love you so much. Please leave comment
A Few Of My Favorite Quotes
IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER 1. rock out with my cock out hang out with my wang out.'s to on'er when you get honor stay on'er if you can't cum in 'er cum on'er! 3.what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger! like a rockstar kick a little ass! 5.I AM A MASTERDIBATOR!!! 6.We are all just figments of our own imaginations. 7. if God had a voice it would be the voice of johnny cash. 8. IT'S ALL FUN & GAMES TILL SOMEONE GETS AN EYE POKED OUT THEN IT'S JUST FUN WITH ONLY ONE EYE!(THANKS ALOT DIMEBAG FOR THAT ONE R.I.P.)) 9. SEX DRUGS & ROCK N ROLL.... TAKE OUT THE DRUGS AND THATS JUST MORE TIME TOO BUST A NUT(THANKS STEVEN TYLER FOR THAT ONE!) 10.YOU WANT SYMPATHY LOOK IN THE DICTIONARY BETWEEN SHIT AND SYPHALLIS (Thanks alot for that one MAJOR PAYNE). 11.Procrastination is alot like masturbation it may seem like a good idea at the time but in the end you're really just fucking yourself!
This person rated me a 1. :( wtf is going on with people? jennjennlove@ fubar
I Am A Rock By Simon And Garfunkel
so true..... and i've slipped away from remembering it... A winter's day In a deep and dark December; I am alone, Gazing from my window to the streets below On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow. I am a rock, I am an island. I've built walls, A fortress deep and mighty, That none may penetrate. I have no need of friendship; friendship causes pain. It's laughter and it's loving I disdain. I am a rock, I am an island. Don't talk of love, But I've heard the words before; It's sleeping in my memory. I won't disturb the slumber of feelings that have died. If I never loved I never would have cried. I am a rock, I am an island. I have my books And my poetry to protect me; I am shielded in my armor, Hiding in my room, safe within my womb. I touch no one and no one touches me. I am a rock, I am an island. And a rock feels no pain; And an island never cries.
Fetish List
Here are my answers, would love to see yours! Yes! No! maybe Fetish Activities: _____ __x___ _____ 24/7 (Total Power Exchange) __x___ _____ _____ Age Play ___x__ _____ _____ Anal Sex (Giving) __x___ _____ _____ Anal Sex (Receiving) __x___ _____ _____ Arse (Ass) Play _____ __x___ _____ Asphyxiaphilia (Breath Play) __x___ _____ _____ Biting _____ _____ __x___ Blindfolds __x___ _____ _____ Blood _____ __x___ _____ Body Hair _____ _____ __x___ Bondage _____ __x___ _____ Branding _____ _____ __x___ Breast/Nipple Torture, Clamps, etc. _____ _____ __x___ Candle Wax _____ __x___ _____ Chains _____ ___x__ _____ Chastity Devices ___x__ _____ _____ Chinese Balls/Ben Wa Balls/Anal Beads _____ ___x__ _____ Cling Film _____ __x___ _____ Cock and Ball Torture, Clamps, etc. _____ _____ __x___ Collar and Lead/Leash _____ _____ ___x__ Confinement/Caging _____ __x___ _____ Coprophilia (Shit Play)/Scat _____ __x___ _____ Cross Dressing __x___ _____ _____ Cupping (
Pondering Thoughts.....
Ever wonder how you can fall in love or lust with someone for all the right reasons yet that person turns out to be all wrong for you. Life may not always go your way.....but it shouldn't always be this hard. Sometimes I can be silent and hear the whispers....and my response is....unless you are in my have no idea of who I am having sex with. Although your eyes are bright.....what they see may be deceitful to your heart. Hate all you want....but you can't break the spirit of the woman who thinks nothing of you. Don't ever regret anything that made you smile...for it was what you wanted at one time. A closed mind is often expressed with a BIG mouth Keywords for the week: Loyalty Lust Scrutinize Friendship What do they mean to you?
Dont Worry Be Happy....
bob marley - dont worii, be hapii x]
No Other Way By Jack Johnson
When your mind is a mess So is mine I cant sleep Cause it hurts when I think My thoughts aren't at peace With the plans that we make Chances we take They're, not yours and not mine There's waves that can break All the words that we say And the words that we mean Words can fall short Can't see the unseen Cause the world is awake For somebody's sake now, please close your eyes woman Please get some sleep And know that if I knew All of the answers I would Not hold them from you'd Know all the things that i'd know We told each other, there is no other way Well too much silence can be misleading You're drifting I can hear it in the way that your breathing We don't really need to find reason Cause out the same door that it came well its leaving its leaving Leaving like a day that's done and part of a season Resolve is just a concept that's as dead as the leaves But at least we can sleep, its all that we need When we wake we will find Our minds will be free to
No Woman No Cry.... Well No Man No Cry (hehehe)
bob marley - no woman no cry
For You
When silence rings inside your ear And emptiness is all you hear, When laughter turns to bitter tears, I'll hold you close and calm your fears. When darkness falls without the stars And pain invades your tender heart, When ache is close, and joy is far, I'll come to you wherever you are. I'll pull you close and hold you tight, I'll stand beside you and help you fight, I'll comfort you through the dark of night, Take all that's wrong and make it right. And when the darkness finally ends I'll still be there like a loyal friend, I'll teach you how to laugh again, And stand beside you til the end.
Nick Pitera's Amazing Voice
For Sale.....
For Sale....YES SERIOUSLY! Medival Dress....NEVER WORN. Size 12-16 Will fit height 5'4 to 5'10.... $100.00 plus shipping {like 7.00 ish} Purple and black...perfect for weddings, prom, V-day dances. Call me for more info...after 7pm est time pls... 850-779-6054. I also have several Jeff Gordon colectables...worth alot... a Deep freeze that has to be picked up in Illinois and a antique hutch that is 6ft by 7ft. And...a 48 inch snow plow/push blade for an ATV. To be picked up in Northern Florida. 15-5590 & mounting braket and push tubes. {hugs} Jessica
While you have your first cup of coffee, set back and listen to some music and read about HELLO. Have you ever thought what this word stands for? Read on.... Do you know that a simple "hello" can be a sweet one? The word H E L L O means: H = How are you? E = Everything all right? L = Like to hear from you . L = Love to see you soon! O = Obviously, You are my, HELLO! It has made me smile every time I say hello since then so send this message to the people you care about. Just thinking of you! "I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly." hope you are drinking from your saucer too.... I've never made a fortune, and it's probably too late now. But I don't worry about that much, I'm happy anyhow And as I go along life's way, I'm reaping better than I sowed I'm drinking from my saucer, 'Cause my cup has overflowed. Haven't
A View On Life.
I went to jail back in May of this year and came out a new man. I've realized I have been selfish in my ways of thinking and it has cost me the best thing that ever happened to me. She left me right at Christmas and it was my fault. I now realize that sometimes in life we shouldn't take all the little things for granted and be grateful for all that we have in life. I am now planning on attending TRCC Community College to obtain a degree. Sometimes in life we fail to realize that God puts tests before us to find out if we are capable of learning from our mistakes and I'm believing that more and more every day. I truly believe that God is always watching us even though I'm not a holy roller by any means, I do have a wild side, it's just human nature. If you don't believe me then just ask me! I want more than ever now to find that one true love that is meant for me and me for her. Sometimes it's easier to let love find you than to go looking for it.
Happy Birthday lady~linaka
Now every one will know how Ancient you really Are :) Lov eya
Mumm Update 2008
*****FROM SCRAPPER'S BLOG***** Many of you email me day in and day out about your MuMMs. I could spend all day turning back on MuMMs only for you to abuse them and loose them in an hour. Everyone MuMMs are a privilege. If you get them turned off, you are still able to make Friends MuMMs. Please read: MUMM Guidelines MUMM stands for Make Up My Mind. It is designed to be a platform to allow you to pose a question that has an A and B option. MUMMs are NOT designed to promote yourself or anyone else, gain points, advertise an event or commercialized product, or promote racism, bigotry, hatred, or physical harm against any group or individual. MUMMs must also NOT contain inappropriate conduct, phone numbers and contact information, nudity, violence, or offensive subject matter, nor can it provide links to adult websites. Any use of PHOTOS or VIDEOS posted in the MUMMs must be appropriate and relevant to that MUMM, or the MUMM will be deleted. MuMM comments must not cont
Untrue Love's Pain
A shattered dream A harsh word spoken Love given freely Now a heart broken A slap of your hand Against my smooth skin A bruise all can see Many more I carry within A tear falls freely A pain is released today Yearning for inner peace Please take all this away A smile now grows Inner wounds slowly heal Love fills my heart Emotions I once again feel I guard it tightly No more pain will I allow A true love I seek I know I can now A peace falls over me The past I soon shed Memories of terror gone That I once dread The harm you caused me Has made me strong Because I understand now I did nothing wrong So walk away from me Leave my world this day No memories of you I carry All those I have thrown away I am stronger now Having learned from pain The being I once strived for Is here now and shall remain Tall Mountain Dreamer January 16, 2008
Not Making A Difference
I heard a cry of pain The shrill filled the air My body tensed in fear In the dark I now did stare What creature had done this Inflicted pain on another being Taking glee in their discomfort Their discomfort relish seeing Again I heard that scream Shattering the silence of the night I wondered who was in agony As to be free of it they fight I closed my eyes tightly Not wanting to think of this no more Knowing that another living soul Was battered bruised and sore I am suddenly awakened By sounds too familiar to me AN emergency is close by I know I look out and now I see A stretcher is being carried A child lay motionless inside No signs of life fill their body This was the night they died I heard a noise behind me A man so large and mean walked by Taken into custody for the killing I hang my head and tears I cry Could I have saved that precious soul The one that had cried out in pain If I had gone to them while they screamed Instead of my own world remain
Fuck Yourself
Fuck yourself with a rubber hose Stick it in your mouth and down your throat Up your nose and in your heinie hole I don't care where it goes And it don't matter if you're straight or gay You should fuck yourself anyway Now, you don't have to listen to a word I say But I know you, you'll be humpin' away Fuck yourself with your neighbor's nose If you can't use that, use a 10-foot pole Stick it up your ass and go for a stroll Everyone will know you've been to this show If you can't take it, eat my stool Masturbate with some crazy glue I don't care what you do Fuck yourself with a garden tool Fuck yourself with politics Ahh they're full of fuckin' fuckin' shit I mean you know we've been lied to ever since we were born It's amazing that we've been getting fucked that long Fuck yourself with the world wide web Man you could ride that sucker right from your bed You may even meet a Tom, Dick, Jane or Billy Then grab onto your modem and fuck yourself silly Fuck yourself
My Part Of My Book
EVIL RISEING BY LONEWOLF 1/16/2008 I sat with my back to the wall rying to ignore the Techno dribble blaring all around me. Allthough the music was not my taste the club had its uses.One of the best parts about this place had to be the security or lack there of,These guys where so inept that they could find a bazooka on a midget with the huble telescope.Which made life just that much easyer for me.I didnt need to look around to know that my team was in place and watching my back!Met was some where on the dance floor is a sea of humanity i couldnt see her but i know she had a clear view of me at all times.Roxxy was in her usual sposomewhere a the bar blending in better thana chamleon.The res of the team was scattered i and around the club making sure no unexpected company showed up. I looked towards the door just in time to see the client walk in not that i could have missed him,His thousand dollar suit made him stand out like a black spot on a whie shirt.He sto
Trillium & Empyreal Roleplay
((Yupe loosely based Vtm freestyle RP again only one side just to give Idea, It's all just pretending *feels like a kid again MAW AH haha)) . The chamber is cold the utter darkness surrounds her like oblivion a welcoming feeling since she never sleeps, she never falls into the comatose state most Cainites are blessed with, no her fate is to roam the earth for all eternity during the light and the night, she is dressed in tattered burnt up remains of her once spotless tunic and riding breeches which are scorched brown and black where once the fabrics where a snow white her muscled flesh of blank white parchment blemished along spots exposed down the front of her thighs her forearms across her chest some of her throat and half of her face specially her lips which are crimson along their petals so healthy looking but for her chin and the sides of it. Long mantel of Hematite hair flows about the floor at her feet a coiled rope for a prince dipped in a batter of darkness (lmao thanks
Women Always Get The Better Of Men...
A married couple is driving along a highway doing a steady 60 miles per hour. The wife is behind the wheel. Her husband suddenly looks across at her and speaks in a clear voice. "I know we've been married for twenty years, but I want a divorce." The wife says nothing, Keeps looking at the road ahead but slowly increases her speed to 65 mph. The husband speaks again. "I don't want you to try and talk me out of it," He says, "because I've been having an affair with your best friend, And she's a far better lover than you are." Again the wife stays quiet, But grips the steering wheel more tightly and slowly increases the speed to 75 He pushes his luck. "I want the house," he says insistently.. Up to 80. "I want the car, too," he continues. 85 mph. "And," he says, "I'll have the bank accounts, all the credit cards and the boat!" The car slowly starts veering towards a massive concrete bridge. This makes him nervous, so he asks
I Need Guys 8" Or More In Colorado Springs!!!
Hey Guys! It is would have to perform hehehehehe..................if interested, please hit up my casting call page on my site I will need pics of you. A face shot, full frontal nude and a shot of your member hard (no ass shots please, I don't shoot gay porn LOL!!!). You must be 18-25, fit and attractive. If considered you will be involved in scenes with me and some of my other girls. Talk with you soon ;-) Misty Haze
JeEzY ♠ AKA DJ AckRite ♠ Neabears Husband ♠ Co- Owner of Club EuphoriaThere ya go
Cant Believe It.
I stopped at a store after work for some soda and got more than I bargained for. I see a guy beating a small lady senseless , this poor woman had a bloody face. I grabbed the guy and told him to stop , he mummbled something and swung at me. I beat his ass the way he beat hers , then told him to enjoy his time in jail. Then the cops finally show up and I get put in hand cuffs lol. Witness`s tell them what happened and I get released , but not before the officer asks me a funny question. Would I have beat the guy up if he wasnt an african american beating on a white girl? I couldnt believe it , my answer to him was any guy hitting a woman deserves his ass beat no matter what color!!!!
The Plot Thickens...
Today's kick in the ass goes to Michigan's Head(case) Football coach Rich Rodriguez, who, with a federal court date looming on the horizon, went into his office former office at WVU and shredded current WVU players' training records, photographs, nearly all the files there. This after abandoning his team before their bowl game and forcing the school to hire lawyers to recover the $4 million buyout he owes them. Goooo Michigan!!!
Bulletins Please
Hey guys you know we are a family and a really good family.....Its been coming to my attention that not all bulletins have been reposted from other family members and now we all love our bulletins being reposted right? So dont want to make a big deal of this but lets do this if we see another family or friends bulletin lets repost as you know we are 1 not 50 different people and we all have different friends outside of the family....yes everyones bulletins are important, actually equally important....WE ARE A TIGHT FAMILY AND I DONT WANT A BULLETIN TO SEPARATE THAT....We have to live up to the name of the pack and a pack runs as one where as they dont think about just themselves....We are a leveling family and here to level anyone and everyone that needs our help this family was founded on the rules of the pack even the leaders will always look out for the other members before themselves....With this I just want you to know you guys are awesome and thank you so much for being part of
"twin Souls"
I get a pleasant, warm surprise when I look into your eyes. When your lips touch mine, Softly and smoothly, like rich wine, Its a heavenly sign That youre simply mine- A true beauty thats so rare, You open my souls eyes to stare At how loving you are - A Heavenly Body sent from afar; My dearest friend - my love, my soul-mate, My Hearts Desire from Loving Fate. ======================================== [Copyright 2008, written by Jamie Shawn Tan. All Rights Reserved.] Photo located at:
Anyother Subimssives?
I was just wondering if there is any other uncollared subs out there. My Master gave me the task of finding an female sub for another Master. If you are an uncollared sub, please hit me up and let me know if you would like a Master.
Just A Thought...
Isn't it amazing how precious and fragile a life is? That in one swoop the last waking breath can be stolen from a once vibrant soul. Left with nothing but a cold outside casing....
Sex / Love Making
Sex is a reaction, a desire or an agreement two people have knowing that there is no commit or attachment a physical connection without ties a booty call here and there......Making love is a connection that two people have with one another other than the goes deeper than a lust, a desire or need...its two bodies connecting as one... loosing track of time...its an emotion...its beauty...its two spirit entwined...its an experience leading to a blossoming relationship..... its not just the rolling over and thanking each other....and saying I`ll call you in a week or two... its the beauty that two individuals share that no one else can come close too!
Im Tired Of Tha B/s
ok its ma fukin lyfe i will date whoeva tha fuk i want yes ma babidaddy is black n yes i love him to death but u have no rite to judge me n talk shyt so do me a favor stop talkin shyt about me callin me shyt lyke diz whitetrash_with_tat2s: ur a RACE RADE AND MAKE WHITEWS LOOK BAD whitetrash_with_tat2s: its ok i saved all ur nude pics lol they on a racist site as a nigger lover lol
Geez I Need Advice And I Miss My Friends :(
it is crazy how life has its twist and turns and it seems so unfair sometimeshe loves me so much and with all his heart and i once loved him the same, but now i dont want anyone. i need time to heal ya know become a better person and work on the things that i have wanted to work on for a couple of years.(after 5 pregnancies i need to get my ass back in shape, if anyone wants to be my trainer i am game lol) but i miss how he use to pull me close and just kiss me for no reason.. he brought my girls over today and i love seeing them i posted pics of mariah and me togetheri love the girls so much and i miss them. i wanted to go to GA cause i feel like i am falling apart and i need somewhere to escape tobut i cant bring myself to leave the girls..i finally cried for a brief moment something i fuckin NEVER do (well i did yesterday, but it was only for like 5 minutes lol) and he held me for the first time in a long time, and i was glad to have a friend but i cant go back all we do is arg
New Private Things
It's been a long time since I've communicated with most of you. I am sorry for that. I'm even more sorry that I had to come back and set albums to myself view only. Circumstances have made me set certain albums to allow my view only. Other than that, I'm well and happy. I'm not on here as often as I used to be and I miss you guys. I hope you are all well and fine. Bob(NINfan) knows how to contact me if you need to get in touch. I'm really sucking as a friend right now. Take care, Love to you. Rebecca
✡qυσтєѕ✡ "иσ gυу ιѕ ωσятн уσυя тєαяѕ & ωнєи уσυ fιи∂ σиє тнαт ιѕ, нє ωσи'т мαкє уσυ яу" ???؟؟؟ "ℓσνє ιѕ gινιиg α вσу єνєяу нαиє тσ вяєαк уσυя нєαят.вυт тяυѕтιиg нιм иσт тσ" ~ кαяяα "ιf уσυ ℓσνє ѕσм
My niece Kylie is still doing pretty good so I'm THRILLED about that but now my friend Sarah who just had a liver transplant recently and had just gone home a couple days ago is back in the hospital tonight she sent me a text a little while ago saying she was on her way to the ER b/c she was realy weak and having trouble breathing, so please add her to your prayer list. And thank you for your continued prayers for my niece, we still don't know why she's having seizures and they haven't stopped 100% yet.
Anger Inside
The years I spent with you in my life,was a waste of time, I now have to deal with the anger inside.. The bruises are gone but the pain still remains. My fear is automatic every time I hear your voice.I still have this anger inside You think I will come back and make a happy family,but you think wrong.How can I with this anger inside... I will always have this anger inside,no matter what I do,no- one to blame it on, no one to thank but you. This anger inside,I want to let it go. This anger inside,feels like a permanent part of me. This anger inside,is a fire that is fueled by the things you do and say. I need to find a way to let this anger out. or I will live all my life with this anger inside...
Tie Me....tease Me...
I was naked and waiting for you when you walked in the door from work. A big smile crossed your face when you saw what was laying on the bed....I had placed several of "my" favorite toys there....the purple flogger, so soft and sensual in your hands....the blindfold, I know how we both enjoy that....the anal vibrator, the thought of that toy always makes me wet....and some wrist restraints. Yes, tonight was going to be a night a pleasure. A sensory night....*shivers* went down my spine as I thought of what pleasure this night will bring. I eagerly waited for you to shower....when you came back to the bedroom, I assumed my favorite position of being down on my knees between your legs. Just as my mouth touched your dick, you pulled away. I looked up at you with a pleading look and your response was simply....NOT now. I rose to my feet and waited....what was it you wanted? I should have applied the wrist restraints and tied them loosely to the brackets on the wall. My exc
To My Dad On January 19
I LOVE U AND MISS U imikimi - Customize Your World
Ladies Help Me
i havent been on a date in a long time just couple meet n greats no luck but if i feel really interested in a particular girl what do i do or say to her if she wants to take it slow and i like her alot?
BUTTERFLIES My heart flutters like A bunch on butterflies Flying in the wind My heart flutters like butterflies Each and every time I See you, talk to you And even More when I sit and think of you My heart flutters like butterflies Even while I am sleeping An as I am rolling Over to touch you Lying beside me In our bed My heart flutters like a flock Of butterflies As my wild Imagination runs out of Control thinking that We will soon be meeting One another for the First time and making Passionate love until We fall asleep holding Each other tight My heart flutters like butterflies That never stops to rest Like the stars that never loose there sparkle Like a river that never stops running Like the trees in the forests that never stop growing My heart flutters like butterflies baby All because your heart is my heart Your soul is my soul And together we can become one with each other
No Jesus Christ
SEETHER LYRICS "No Jesus Christ" Before you hedge those bets you placed against me Be reticent of fortunes they foretell Your verbal defecation i can't wash away despite myself Your vanity, it seems, has served you well You're so quick to choose the path walked by the righteous So you can go and nest among the weak The innocent observers will refuse to find the lie within Renew the disappointment of the meek You're no Jesus Christ! You're no Jesus Christ! Put the gun in my mouth and pull the trigger I feel so alive here Put the gun in my mouth that tastes so bitter I feel so alive here You're no Jesus Christ! You're no Jesus Christ! You keep takin' over I keep rollin' over I can't take it anymore [x2] Before you hedge those bets you placed against me Be reticent of fortunes they foretell Your verbal defecation i can't wash away despite myself Your vanity, it seems, has served you well You keep takin' over I keep rollin' over I can't take it anym
1st Post
First of all I would like to say hi.. this site is the 1st refreshing thing that I have seen in a while. Kuddos for that. I am looking forward to meeting all types of people in FUBAR. Chow
My First Time
My First Time Her arms, lovingly wrapped Around my waist. Her rock hard nipples, Pressing against my back. Her soft lips, Against my neck. My body aches For more. I turn Put my arms around her, Lean in, My lips against hers. Teasing, kissing lightly. Her eyes gazing into mine. I start to speak, Shhh, she says. Her hand finds my breast. Her fingers rub, massage. Her mouth follows. We stand, together, Intense heat, Fills my body. I hold her head, Pulling her closer. Im in awe Of how sensual this is. She lays me down, Continuing What she started. I start to speak, Shhh, she says. Her fingers find, My wetness. My throbbing clit. Im panting, hard. Not sure if we Should go on. She senses my Hesitation. She asks, Are you sure? I shake my head. She continues. Im hot, wet, Dizzy, almost. I feel her tongue. Searing my flesh. The feeling is Amazing. I feel like I am going out Of my mind. I wriggle. This intense feeling Is driving me
One, Two, Three
One, Two, Three He comes in my room. I feel him, even though He hasnt touched me Yet. The warmth of his loving eyes, Heats my body. Then I feel His hands, Going up my legs. Squeezing, kneading, massaging. My ass raising off the bed. He chuckles, Oh, that is so sexy, he says. Instantly Im wet, He knows, He slides his hands up each thigh. On my knees now, ready. I feel hands Glide across my ass, Squeezing, kneading, massaging. I feel fingers, Leading hands to the warmth. Fingers parting lips, Entering me, slowly. One, two, three Fingers in me. I feel his hot tongue, Searing a trail across my Ass, Down to my warmth Then back up Teasing my other hole. Licking, inhaling, One, two, three Fingers out of me. Trailing up my Backside. Wetting me where He wants. Im rocking, head turned Sideways, no sounds are Muffled. He hears my moans Loudly. He knows just where to Touch. Knows just where to Lick. One, two, fingers Enter me. Are you re
Adding Friends
when or if you join a fan add rate club.. or a new family do you add everyone in that family? and if so... do you add fan and rate everyone? or just the vips? and if you do add you take them off your friends list AFTER they fan you?? I have quite a few new old friends requests of ppl I know last week I got their bulletins. I know 3 weeks before I added them on a fan train and was on their friends list. And I know even way before that I was on their friends list. Did I piss them off?? not do enough for them?!? or just a pms day where they deleted everyone. How can you be in 2 of my 3 familys and NOT have me on your friends list?? cmon now !!! What is the point of Fubar if you delete all your friends?? does it really matter how many fans you have if you have no friends? lol
Cut Them Out?
so what do ya do when a so called friend never wants to see you, never bothers texting you and doesnt even bother replying to you online? ask them what the fuck their problem is or just cut them out? hmmmm....
2 Cups
Two cups of coffee and finally I'm getting the cobwebs out. By the way, I like my women like I like my coffee - in large cups :D I finally got about 3 hours sleep last night, the most in a week. I fell asleep thinking about how ironic things can be. My ex-mother in law made me a wonderful quilt for Christmas and I love wrapping up with it. She's a caring lady who the entire community loves. One thing that's been keeping me from getting sleep though, is nightmares from experiences with her daughter, who is disliked by just about every who has ever known her, including her family. She's wealthy and seems to thrive on confrontations with people then brag about demeaning them. Her mother, on the other hand doesn't have much, but always manages to give and give, thriving on the smiles she gets in return. I think I've learned a lot from both women. If your goal is to enjoy life, then it's just as important to know how to treat people as it is knowing how not to treat them.
Let's Say Thanks
"Something cool that Xerox is doing, If you go to this web site, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member o f the armed services. How AMAZ ING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!! This is a great site. Please send a card. It is FREE and it only takes a second."
I Totally Agree With This One
comments welcome
ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other. THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want. FOUR. When you say, 'I love you,' mean it. FIVE. When you say, 'I'm sorry,' look the person in the eye. SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married. SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight. EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams don't have much. NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely. TEN.. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling. ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives. TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly. THIRTEEN! .. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, 'Why do you want to know?' FOURTEEN. Remember that great love and g
Jan. 15th Doctor Visit...=)
Michael, my brother, had the day off, so he drove mom and I, and treated us to lunch after my doctor appointment...(my celebratory meal.)...we hadn't done that in a while...just the three of us, so that was really a treat for me. GOOD NEWS! wooohoooo!!! *take a big deep breath!* The doctor visit was great! Went over all my meds and he wants me to start weaning myself off of the hard diuretic (Lasix) and use it only as needed! That means I HAVE to be good with the sodium restricted diet! *ugh...* I think that's been the toughest part for me ~ I have no problem with the sugar restriction, but the sodium is so much harder to monitor...lots of fruits and veggies...less processed, ready to eat stuff since that's what is high in sodium. (grrr) He did, however, up my heart medication (Coreg), because my pulse is still high (92 when he checked it...he wants it A LOT lower). I'm sure that ADD-thang might have somethin' to do with it! *ha!* Exercise will help that as well...
Inked Women R So Sexy
I love tattoos on women. Very very sexy. Give me your thoughts or show me your work.
Recently I had a shock, my Dad had a heart attack and we were very close to losing him. A very emotional time for myself and family. I just want to share with everyone how lucky I am to have Ric in my life....he was so thoughtful and supportive. He has a such a huge heart, so filled with love and caring for his friends and family! There for me when I needed him and sending me such love....I could feel it and it kept me so warm when I felt so scared and alone. I am so fortunate to have him, to have him love me the way he does. He is my soul mate! I want to say thank you to him for being there for me when I needed him most....LOVE YOU BABE!!!
Cowboy's' Are A Dying Breed
To them Cowboys! To every Cowboy that's said, "Sex can't wait, wait min. that came out wrong" To every Cowboy that's said, "You're beautiful Ma'am." To every Cowboy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her. To every Cowboy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every Cowboy who has given her flowers just because. To every Cowboy that said he would die for her. To every Cowboy that really would. To every Cowboy that did what she wanted to do. To every Cowboy that she cried in front of. To every Cowboy that holds hands with her. To every Cowboy that kisses her with meaning. To every Cowboy that hugs her when she's sad. To every Cowboy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every Cowboy who would give their jacket up for her. To every Cowboy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every Cowboy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes To every Cowboy th
Online Dating
Now this topic everyone that is reading this, knows about... ******* Online Dating...! ******** The internet is EVERYWHERE.. at your job, at your home, at Starbucks..etc.etc (if you have a computer or not, you know your ass just goes over your friend's house that has one..! Let me check my myspace email..haha ) Get errr doneee.. haha there's masss amounts of online dating sites and services.. and I'm sure you've tried some..,, www.brazilcupid (haha) even Myspace...!!!! HOLLA.. In an article I saw "online".. haha Where people are getting dates now-a-days..??? 1 - thru friends --> 43% 2 - Pub/cubs --> 33% 2a - Online dating --> 33% Online dating was tied for 2... so, when your about to go to the club/bar, and you call your friend up, and tell them to get ready, your goin out tonite, and they say "nah, i'm stayin in tonite".. Now you know what they are doing.. they are on Myspace lookin for some ASS.. hahahaha al
A Plea For Prayer
Ok for all the inquiring minds, it's easier to post here then to answer the emails of how im doing , or what the DR said today ! First off I'll start from the beginning, I went to the ER last Sunday night was there 7 hours. I went home , and straight to my DR. office the next day. He immediately called the hospital and had me admitted ! Thru a CT they determined that there is 7 VISIBLE gal stones, and my gal bladder needs removed . But they were confident there was more. So in them 5 days I went thru many tests, many xrays, ultra sounds, EKG'S , I seen a surgeon and 2 other specialists. Plus my family DR. None of which was really able to determine where exactly the pain was coming from other than they knew there was more .... A year and a half ago, I had a surgery called " NovaSure ( endometiral ablation ) " What that was is to basically freeze my female parts and stop menstrual cycles rather than go thru a hystorectomy. Well Monday night during the night I started hemmorging
Pimp Out!!
So I'm going to pimp out a friend of mine on here. He's super cute and super nice. I suggest the ladies to definitely go check him out. Um, guys you can too...I guess. Don't worry, he has a salute photo so he is definitely real! Click here!!
My Favorite Quotes!
God gave: Two eyes, two hands, two legs, two ears, but he gave just one heart. Because he wants us to search for the other The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart
A True Army Wife/soon 2 Be Ex.....
Thursday, July 19, 2007 ARMY WIFE HOOAH..... Current mood: creative Category: MY BIRTHDAY... Life ..> Army Wives HOOAH!!! I am an Army wife I've noticed in my present job, there is a tiny quirk. There's no respect at all and its not considered work! Well, I am here to show you another point of view, and give you an idea of what I really do! Here's my job description and to better understand, it's written in the language of the Army Man. I'm the IG, complaints come to me. I am the Medic, I bandage skinned knees. I'm the Legal Office and the courts-martial, too. I decide the punishment, how much and on who. I'm Health: Welfare, inspecting for junk, and the 1SG checking the bunk. I'm also Supply, in charge of food, clothes, housewares, diapers, toys, heaven only knows. I'm the MP who secures the door, I'm also the PVT who GI's the floor. I'm the Mess SGT who cooks all the meals. I'm TMP in charge of the wheels. I'm MWR plan
A Walk In The Rain
It was the smell of rain in the air that took me out. I wanted to walk and feel nature's pressure build. I wanted to just feel all that nature had to share. I dressed appropriately I though. Red lipstick, black eyeliner, black peasants blouse and a knee length black skirt with sandals. I started walking with no destination in mind. I walked for an hour without any rain. But the scent was getting stronger. I came upon a children's park. One set back by some trees and only partially hidden from the road. Not completely private but enough that I would be able to enjoy the solitude between nature and myself once the sun set completely and the rain started. I decided to sit on one of the swings and just think. And then I saw you. We hadn't talked in awhile, but the last time we had, some words had been said that left a lot of questions and un-resolved feelings. I knew that you liked to walk as the sun was setting. It wasn't intentional this walk of mine. But I think on a subconscious
Auction Ends January 18th. Still Time To Bid
Theres still time to bid on me to fu own me... just click on the link below...
Halibut With Grill-roasted Lemon And Caper Dressing
Halibut with Grill-Roasted Lemon and Caper Dressing Prep time: 15 minutes Grilling time: 10 to 14 minutes Dressing 2 medium lemons 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, divided 1 tablespoon capers, drained 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh chives 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper Rub 1 teaspoon granulated onion 1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh dill 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 4 halibut fillets, 6 to 8 ounces each and about 1 inch thick Extra virgin olive oil 1. Cut a 1/2-inch slice off both ends of each lemon. Cut each lemon in half lengthwise. Lightly brush or spray the cut sides of the lemons with 1 tablespoon of the oil. Grill the lemons over direct high heat (450F to 550F) until nicely browned, 4 to 6 minutes, turning once. Remove the lemons from the grill and allow to cool. Squeeze the lemons through a sieve into a small bowl. Discard the rinds and seeds
The Incredibles
The incredibles, yes an animated masterpiece for the whole family (or us kids who never want to grow up). This movie proves that there are original ideas still out there. Good story line and full of little quips for the adults too. this story follows a family of superheroes after lawsuits have forced super heroes to go into hiding, only using their alter egos. But can they just put aside their super hero days, of course not. And when trouble rises it's ugly head they are back into action. The heroes are well mixed even if they have powers seen before, they could have come up with something new however. Edna (the heroes costume designer) is GREAT though and makes a nice new addition to the idea of super heroes. The arch villain too is kinda cool too in he has no real super powers, yet is quite fomidible in his own rights. My niece and nephew told me i had to rate this one 5 out of 5 tankards and since this movie is geared towards them i let them rate it.
Enough Is Enough
How many times do you have to tell someone that your through and have them believe it. Tired of the harassment and bothering the all the time on my case wishing that something would get through and nothing has at one time we were as close as two peas in a pod but grew apart and nothing is going to change that. Hope this may make feelings known and the intended person gets the idea.
Tom Green-bubble Boy
Darling Owner (Parody of Prince's Darling Nikki for my fu-owner ***Jay*** I knew a girl named Julie And I'd say she's a sexy bish Bought me in an auction Held by her sister Drew Said she wanted to own me Then she put in the winning bid. She added me to her friends list I could not believe my eyes She had so many pictures No way to rate em all She said change ya name, ya fubar hua Your ass is now owned by me Julie She posted a new default Said she really owns my azz Didn't bother telling her I wanna molesticate her azz She's got this sexy look Like a teacher in the class. Time's up in march What am I gonna do? My owners hawt I think we should do more Than just the fu.
Naughty Application
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN...... Oh and when you go to repost just be sure to take all this stuff out in case someone whats to fill this out for you.....have fun!!! Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Fingers Only or Tongue 2 Clit? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Will you post
A Poem Written By Bubba For Me
Love is but a heartbeat My heartbeats a thousand times a minute with my love for you i long for the day when i can feel your touch i yearn for the day when i can have you in my arms It will be a day that i will never forget for the rest of my life Your my every thought My every dream my everywish come true When i have a bad day all i have to do is think of you and my bad thoughts dissapear my love for you grows more and more with each day my heart beats more and more every second as i think of you! I love you baby!!
Giving Away A Hh Anyone Wanna Know What To Do?
Kindness Is A Curse
Seems like kindness gets you no where in this world...I feel like, being nice and kind to people, is not a good thing its a curse. Seems like most my days are filled with hurt and tears than smiles. Someone always putting me down...telling me what I should be...or how im suppose to be. This is a cruel CRUEL world. Sometimes I wish I wasnt even classfied as a part of the human race. My world...hmmm my world feels like im in hell and theres no way to heaven.......
Demon Crew~ Profile Of The Week 1/17/08
PROFILE OF THE WEEK: Lr (w r) ***Lr Grl*** r m rw Mmr@ fubar She needs 145K to level. . . Drop by her page and show her some Love! Interested in joining the Demon Crew? Contact Liberty and she will be able to answer any of your questions ~ ʮT~* k & TW$t's R/ G/F & F F' Demon Crew Recruiter۞Dylons Diva@ fubar
Sit And Be Silent...
There was a time of goodness. I recall clearly the laughter and merriment that was made. Seems like a story from an ancient time now - as if it had never happened to me. I knew happiness. For reasons that even I don't understand, a need erupts within me to understand why - why did that time end? Where did it go? What force drew the curtains and left me in such a perpetual twilight? These moments don't seem real. Now it seems my conscious awakens once and again, and panic, grief, and despair lay siege to my mind now so ill-prepared for battle. Attempts to break free seem half-hearted and weak - as if there were no strength at all left. As if the well were dry amidst a downpour. So here we are in the shadows. Joyless and mirthless. The dulcet tones of my withered heart disintegrating like leaves long dead upon the branch of an oak in late December. They sing to me. My ambitions and hopes seem to crumble in my hands as each day offers less solace than before. Where
My Jobs - Part One
I would like to take this time to give you some insight into some of the jobs I've had. Why? I don't know. Maybe because I believe a good laugh would do you good. Or a good groan. Or a combination of the above. Not only am I going to explain certain things that happened at these jobs I've had, I'm also going to let you in on snippets of conversations I've had with co-workers, and with customers. Please, sit back, and enjoy the wonderful Futility of Hell that has become my job experience. I'll start off with when I worked for an amusement park, back in the states. I was part of the crew known as Early Morning Grounds. Or, by the more 'politically correct' term: Sanitation Engineers. To put this in layman's terms, I was a glorified janitor. Our jobs, as the Early Morning Grounds Crew were as follows: To attach long, miniature firehoses to small water mains, and, with the aid of what was known as a Puller, hose the select area of the amusement park we were assigned to
Water Cat!!
Crazy Cat loves water.Add to My Profile | More Videos
Thinking Of You
I sit here quietly and watch the sun set Thinking of someone that I've never met I wonder does she think of me too Needless to say I am thinking of you Wanting to hold you, to see your face To take you away to a better place You feel so right, too good to be true I just can't stop thinking of you My friends say that I might regret Losing my heart to a girl I've not met I say there is nothing I can do I cannot help thinking of you I believe you were made special for me But wonder if that could possibly be I'm tired of being so alone and blue But I always smile when thinking of you
Its Time To Say Good Bye
its time to say good bye my health is getting worse and its hard for me to sit and talk on the computer so im saying good bye to my fan ,freinds and family on fubar for those who are truly friends or family who care im leaving my page open til saturday so if if anyone wants to say their byes or leave comments you can . thanks for the good times love ya all and for those who dont like me they can kiss my redneck ass . i will never forget you guys
Hate Me.....
I know the song "Hate Me" is performed by the band Blue October, but there is quite a bit of irony in the band's name and the song. The past October was blue for me. Add a touch of black, as well. The woman I have known to be there for me throughout my entire 31 (nearly 32) years of my life was taken from this mother. Mom was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in the early part of September. Doctor's tried radiation treatments, but to no avail. It was way too late for any medical precedure. One thing about my mother is that she was a trooper through it all. When they gave her the prognosis of 1 year with treatment and 2-4 months without, she said "Y'all don't know. You're just a man. Only God knows when I'm leaving this place." Just a couple of short weeks after she made that statement, she lost her battle. The war, however, was won. She isn't suffering anymore. That is the thing that eases my mind the most. She is my angel on my shoulder in good times a
The End
Another night spent crying, I swear I really am trying. To come to terms with my loss, but the bridge is to hard to cross. A night filled with bad dreams, nothing is what it seems. I let myself start crying, but these tears are never drying. I don't care if I never heal, it's easier not to be able to feel. I am alone in my grief, nothing can bring me relief. My losses were too great, the only feeling inside is hate. I will never be the same, and I only have myself to blame. I keep trying to be strong, but my whole life is just so wrong. I see no future ahead, all my dreams are dead. No looking forward to tomorrow, I am filled with so much sorrow. As I sit and think, I take a breath, I realize my only choice is death.
Open Your Eyes...
Sometimes life has a way of putting us on your backs in order to force us to look up. ~ Unknown
POSITION: Mom, Mommy, Mama, Ma Dad, Daddy, Dada, Pa, Pop JOB DESCRIPTION: Long term, team players needed, for challenging permanent work in an often chaotic environment. Candidates must possess excellent communication and organizational skills and be willing to work variable hours, which will include evenings and weekends and frequent 24 hour shifts on call. Some overnight travel required, including trips to primitive camping sites on rainy weekends and endless sports tournaments in far away cities! Travel expenses not reimbursed. Extensive courier duties also required. RESPONSIBILITIES: The rest of your life. Must be willing to be hated, at least temporarily, until someone needs $5. Must be willing to bite tongue repeatedly. Also, must possess the physical stamina of a pack mule and be able to go from zero to 60 mph in three seconds flat in case, this time, the screams from the backyard are not someone just crying wolf. Must be wil
Fu Famous ~*~ Auction!
WYKD Storm presents a Unique opportunity to get Fu Famous. Fu Auction for 24 hours of WYKD Radio Promotion! We are offering 24 - 30 second spots, 1 every hour. These will be produced by WYKD staff and air in all four of our associated Lounges. Use your air time to promote: ~*~ contests, auctions, or giveaways - that you are hosting or one in which you are the contestant. Draw people to help you! ~*~Promote your Fu Biz - if you make and fu sell anything use the air time to draw Fubarains to you. ~*~Pimpouts - show fubar LUV to people you care about ~*~Promote your favorite causes or charities ~*~Birthdays * Weddings * Birth Annoucments ~*~Promote your group or club ~*~Have a Happy Hour coming up let people know so you can get the most out of it! The possibilities are unlimited! Exacty what you will get: 24 - 30 second pre-recorded mesasges thats one every hour. Messages will be recorded by WYKD Staff. Coverage in four (4)Hot Fubar Lounges - Wick
My Youngest...
I have been having some struggles with my youngest son. He will be two in June and his father and I have not been together since before he was born. He is often a very loving and well adjusted child in most aspects of life. Several months ago, I obtained temporary custody of my aunt's twin daughters, due to her lack of rehibilitation from a drug additction. It is quite possible that I bit off more than I can chew and brought my sons problems on myself due to new time constraints. Anyways, the problems is that he is causing harm to himself......., primarily banging his head into things; specifically when he is angry and or tired. He bangs his head to the point that he has often caused bruising on his head. My fears are that people will think that I am abusing him, he will knock himself out, or even cause permanant damage to himself. I am at a loss and haven't a clue how to resolve the situation. I do not want my children to be drugged and I am afraid to wait it out. When it happens
Here I Go Again By Whitesnake
Special request for my bestest.......JWH muah I don't know where I'm going But, I sure know where Ive been Hanging on the promises In songs of yesterday An I've made up my mind, I ain't wasting no more time But, here I go again Here I go again Though I keep searching for an answer, I never seem to find what I'm looking for Oh lord, I pray You give me strength to carry on, 'cause I know what it means To walk along the lonely street of dreams An' here I go again on my own Goin' down the only road Ive ever known, Like a drifter I was born to walk alone An' I've made up my mind I ain't wasting no more time I'm just another heart in need of rescue, Waiting on love's sweet charity An' I'm gonna hold on For the rest of my days, 'cause I know what it means To walk along the lonely street of dreams An' here I go again on my own Goin' down the only road I've ever known, Like a drifter I was born to walk alone An' I've made up my mind I ain't wasting no mo
I Need Some Advice
on i dont get it. its like thats all women want is to judge you and not understand or like you for you. they akll say shit thats outta this world and its bothering me. iv been single for a long time now and i dont understand why women play head games with me. its like i did something wrong or something. if anyones got advice on this hit me back to this blog or my email. thanks
You Say That You Love Me
I wrote this this morning after the fight or whatever you want to call it. I had to stop because I was getting too upset thinking of all the things that has happened. You say that you love me But it really doesnt show You treat me very badly This I really know What you call love is very confusing I wouldnt want to see hate Because the way you love Isnt the way you should treat your mate You talk to me like Im a dog You always treat me like shit You say you are better then the one before I dont see how, you also hit How can you hit the one you love? Just because you get mad Thats not the way its supposed to be This isnt what I thought we had You didnt do this in the beginning And you knew the trouble I had in the past You told me you would never do that But now I see your words dont last This isnt what I wanted to happen You arent the person that you were once before You do the things you say you would never do I know the time is comin
Strong Women
A strong woman feels deeply, loves fiercely,her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter.A strong woman is soft and powerful, she is both practical and spiritual.A strong woman in her essence is a gift to all the world.A strong woman knows another strong woman and what it takes to be one.
What Should I Call Her?
Once upon a time there was a child ready to be born. The child asked God. "They tell me you are sending me to Earth tomorrow, but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?" God replied,"Among the many angels. I chose one for you. Your angel will be waiting for you and will take care of you." The child further inquired, "But tell me, here in heaven I don't have to do anything but sing and smile to be happy." God said. "Your angel will sing for you and will also smile for you everyday. And you will fell your angel's love and be very happy." Again the child asked, " And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me if I don't know the language?" God said, "Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweetest words you will ever hear, and with much patience and care. your angel will teach you how to speak." "And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?" God said, "Your angel will place your hands together and will teach
Starting Out A Conversation. . .
Let's just get to the point of this blog and get it over with. . . Alrighty then. If the first words that you say to me in my shoutbox are, "Want to see my cock," or "Do you cum easily?" Do not expect me to get right back at you. I will not respond to that. That's disgusting. First off, I don't know you so let's not start out a conversation sexually. Good grief. There are other things to talk about than that. Secondly, there is more to life than the internet and cybering. Yes, people. There is. Sorry to break it to you. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!
A Few Things
I have had so many people ask me for personal information so I decided to post this blog so I don't have to keep repeating myself. So here it is.... I do not give my msn/yahoo/aim out to anyone that I don't know or hasn't taken the time to get to know one another. If you haven't even added me as a friend, don't even bother asking for this information. No, you may not have my phone number. No, you may not have my address. No, I will not call you. No, I will not cyber you. I love to flirt and I don't even mind a little sexually suggestive flirting, but I do NOT cyber. So if that is your goal, please go look elsewhere. I will rate you, I will only rate a 10 but if I really like what I'm rating, I will give you an 11.
I'm An Idiot.
I'm an idiot. I admit it.
As of January 18, 2008, Tulsa's Angel and I are the proud new owners of our wonderful SgtRaider. Please go show this awesome man some Fubar love. SgtRaider*Fu-Husband Of Ecuadorian Goddess* (Promoter Of Sarge's Bad Girls)@ fubar

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