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I Am A...
I am a woman who is assertive, gentle, independent, loving, adventurous, responsible, strong and a compassionate human being.
Will She Do It
She is never happy, Her tears stream down Her cheek like rain Her voice is hoarse From screaming   She sits alone in the dark Her skin, pale as snow Her eyes wide and blood-shot Why is she here? What is this feeling?   All by herself she thinks Rocking back and forth. Her mind racing, Her heart pounding Hard in her chest   Voices in her head Confusing her Fighting each other
Yeah... Being Happy .. Wat A Joke
as i sit here crying, yet again, i realize that im not worth tryen to be happy. i keep getting hurt over and over..maybe its time ijust gave up .. accept wat i have and deal with it... i open my heart to those i feel wont hurt me.. and i get hurt.. i close it off i get used.. wat am i to do.. be a toy to be used or a stomping pad to get hurt... im tired of it all i just want to be happy and i guess i never will be
Rating Pics
i am so tired of people saying rate my pics and ill give u this or that. and u take ur time rating their pics and u get nothing. just be honest u want the points and dont want to give up nothing.
Robert Frost Poems
  A Cliff Dwelling      There sandy seems the golden skyAnd golden seems the sandy plain.No habitation meets the eyeUnless in the horizon rim,Some halfway up the limestone wall,That spot of black is not a stainOr shadow, but a cavern hole,Where someone used to climb and crawlTo rest from his besetting fears.I see the callus on his soulThe disappearing last of himAnd of his race starvation slim,Oh years ago - ten thousand years   ACQUAINTED WITH THE NIGHTI have been one acquainted with the night.I have walked out in rain -- and back in rain.I have outwalked the furthest city light.I have looked down the saddest city lane.I have passed by the watchman on his beatAnd dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain.I have stood still and stopped the sound of feetWhen far away an interrupted cryCame over houses from another street,But not to call me back or say good-bye;And further still at an unearthly height,O luminary clock against the skyProclaimed the time was n
Obama's Agenda
Who does Obama think he is to go to another continent and speak on my behalf telling the Europeans that, "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation"? And then on top of that he breaks proper etiquette by grabbing the Queen of Englands hand with two hands. But she buckles and does not mind; all this because he is America's first black president. He has promised the world he is going to be some sort of savior for the entire planet. Then he walks around all high and mighty, with some sort of self important look on his face. The man denounces his own country. He  talks trash about all the former administrations before him; like only a blak man knows how to run a country. This asshole bows to the Muslim leaders of the Mid-East countries, but has absolutely no respect for the people that inhabit the country who elected his pompous ass. Now comes the chatter about the fact that he has not chosen a church yet. Forget it; the man is not going to go to a Christian church. He has alrea
"humanity Unchained!"
Basic information: (Media release info).World’s Most Extreme Escape Artist Plans to use Use Restraint Collection to Raise Public Awareness of Human Rights ViolationsEscape Artist and restraint collector/historian Steve Santini is using rare and diverse historical restraints from his personal collection to raise public awareness of human rights violations such as false imprisonment and torture .Santini, named “The World’s Most Extreme Escape Artist” by the legendary Ripley’s Believe it or Not! , plans to lock up over 200 volunteers with a myriad assortment of diverse and historical restraints from his personal collection to make the world’s longest continuous chain of restrained humans. While he admits that as a professional escape artist he himself has escaped from many such devices, Santini is quick to point out that this public display is focused on drawing attention to the fact that around the globe there are countless numbers of people falsely im
Bound By Love
Bound to one in Gods eyes.. Bound to the other in fires passion.. Inlove with both... Where one fails me the other completes me.. My heart is not divided between them.. Instead my heart holds them in different places.. When one makes me cry the other holds me not understanding why.. Sitting next to one listening to his words... While my ears ring with the voice of the other.. As I remember our last words to eachother.. Looking into the eyes of one seeing our love for eachother.. As my eyes see reflections of the other lost in my soul... Making love to one with my body.. While giving my heart and mind to the other.. Kissing one whispering the others name.. Forever im locked and bound to you both.. Lost to my love for you both...
Loving Flames
I've lost all faith. I've lost all heart. I've searched for love to long. In the flames I have stayed. Pretending I didn't care. But I do. I stayed in flames waiting for you to rescue me. Searching for what I've lost. Hoping you'd come and find me, Protect me and help me. But when you came I couldn't speak. I couldn't smile I couldn't look. A'll I could do is get on my knees and cry. You are everything. To me you are all things. You now are in flames, but you are in flames with me. Hold me, Touch me, Search me. I was fed up with love, But now I am love.
                  Beautiful   Woman are like the apples on trees.The best ones are at the top of the tree.The boys don't want to reach for the good ones,because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead they get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't as good,but easy.So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them when really they are amazing!  They have to wait for the right guy to come along.The one who is brave enough to climb to the top of the tree!  
When The Heart Strays
Her love was priceless, pure as gold. Driven from the depths of a heart not so old. Not sure what she wanted in life or how it would come about. Just needed time to figure things out. Her beauty was that of a rose, with the softest petals to brush the nose. Her innocence like that of a child, yet she was grown up free and wild. She had passion running through her veins . A feeling as refreshing as the evening rains. she always knew how to care, a sensitivity as soothing as the midnight air. Though the promises she made, she intended to keep. But know i believe, what the future holds we can not weep. And now i can say letting go is the way when the heart has begun to stray. commet and rate PLZ
Part 2
Wordlessly, we embraced, and I felt the joy of her molding herself to me. I kissed her, and her lips parted readily, softly accepting me. My right hand was on her breast, as I held her around the waist with my left. She purred as I began to caress her, enjoying the moment in which I would find her perfect rhythm and guide her into complete readiness for my entry.And then she drew away!"Richard, I'm not ready for this." She paused. "I have too many responsibilities at home. I have to go now! But I do find the thought very sweet... very appealing.""What are we going to do about this then?" I posed the question to her, since she so clearly wanted to go further. She reflected quietly for a minute in my arms, while I looked into her eyes."What time will you be in bed tonight?" She stayed in my arms, rising on her toes so that she could whisper this, letting her warmth surround my restrained erection. I told her when I usually went to bed, and when I did that, she drew away and was off in a
How To Compromise As A Couple
If you're grumbling over getting stuck doing the dishes again, your relationship may need a fairness checkup. "Couples often hold different beliefs about what's fair, and when we feel we're being wronged, resentment builds up," says B. Janet Hibbs, Ph.D., author of Try to See It My Way. "But fairness isn't an accounting system; rather, it's a flexible balance of give-and-take that you agree upon in the context of your relationship." Here's how to establish your fairness code: 1. Rethink your expectations. Think about your ideal balance — when it comes to chores, finances, sex, any potential area of conflict — and discuss those expectations with your partner. "Keep in mind that you may not see eye-to-eye on what you consider fair, so be open to compromise," Hibbs says. Once you let go of the notion that your definition of fairness is the only one that counts, you'll be better able to come up with a new set of values that work for both of you. 2. Tell him what you need. Inste
Submariner's Life
Only a submariner realizes to what great extent an entire ship depends on him as an individual. To a landsman this is not understandable, and sometimes it is even difficult for us to comprehend, but it is so! A submarine at sea is a different world in herself, and in consideration of the protracted and distant operations of submarines, the Navy must place responsibility and trust in the hands of those who take such ships to sea. In each submarine there are men who, in the hour of emergency or peril at sea, can turn to each other. These men are ultimately responsible to themselves and each to the other for all aspects of operation of their submarine. They are the crew. They are the ship. This is perhaps the most difficult and demanding assignment in the Navy. There is not an instant during his tour as a submariner that he can escape the grasp of responsibility. His privileges in view of his obligations are almost ludicrously small, nevertheless, it is the spur which has given the Nav
Still The Fastest Thing On The Block
so even though i am clean from my ever charming year and a month or so of constant meth abuse following the break up with the last cunt.... i am still a rampant alchoholic as proved once again yesterday and so i digress.. at eight in the morning work was called off due to rain....hang up the phone with my brother and go straight to the liquor store... by a six pack of king cobra tall cans and...start drinking angelfuk calls me from half way accross the with her about the economy share photo editing secrets...charming young lady noon all done with cobras..back to the spot..switch to some flavored malt beverage called juice or something cant hardly read the can...some ghetto shit....drink three cut to three my roomate gets home we ride to the spot pick up a bottle of vanilla vodka and some orange juice, bottle of champangne, and some king cobra...come home...drink it all nine at night...drunk as shit wondering why the upstairs neighbors are so fucking loud..walk up sta
From every dark path there hides light within. In every light there is the shadow of darkness . Ever walking, sometime pondering in which do I dwell. Always making never forsaking those that cross into my path. Mind vibrating, heart braking, emotions flowing in each spectrum cave. Darkness calling in the Light I am standing and it becomes harder everyday. Both are tempting one holds peace and something filling. The other holds exotic features and calls to my animal nature. Walking in the rain let it soke to the bone, watch people, study their behaviors. Darkness to light and light to darkness, understanding them both in their likeness. Lycan dreams Alpha wolf I am strong is my will power I have earned never is it demanded. Fanged smile scary to most tempting to others the glide on the flesh producing shivers. Angel earthbound watching what has consumed this lang, lust of greed, sands or selfish needs, I laugh and smile making others forget their troubles for a while! See I
Because Of You
I awake each day wih a smile . And greet it with a laugh . thw world is a treasure to me.  BECAUSE OF YOU         I AWAKE EACH DAY WITH A SMILE. AND GREET IT WITH A LAUGH. THE WORLD IS A TREASURE TO ME. BECAUSE OF YOU. EVERYTIME I THINK OF SOMETHING SAD, I REPLACE  THE THOUGHT WITH YOU.. MY MIND IS INSTANTLY CHANGED AND MY HEART IS FILLED WITH GLADNESS.. BECAUSE OF YOU... EVERY BREATH I TAKE IS IS MEANT FOR YOU .. I LIVE THIS LIFE SURROUNDED IN JOY .. AND I BATHE IN THE  PROMISE OF YOUR LOVE... MY SOUL BELONGS TO YOU..EACH TIME I SEE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL I WANT TO TAKE IT AND BRING IT TO YOU... MY LIFE HAS SO MUCH MEANING NOW ...                                             ALL BECAUSE OF YOU...                                                                                                                                             LOVE YOU BABY          
Life's a bitch + I'm very sad , but what can I do ? nothing ...... sooo , check-out the new "various" pix I added .    xxoo
Beast Of My Burdens (unedited) 4-13-09
How can i be so disapointed with such a great expectation? Knowing the time it would take to happen how can i be suprised? 14 years of trust, of direction gone and im in shock. where is my friend who came to me and listened with unbias ears. where is the friend that gave of his time willingly and wantingly. where is my sence of pride and joy. you left without saying goodbye you left without one last talk. you just left. you were the one i aspired to be like, the one that showed me the value of a life. let me open my mouth without fear, let me talk loud without regret, without hestitation. i miss that. a week later and i realise just how quiet my life is without you. i know how silent i am to everone but you. Grant me one last voice now, with your head in my lap, and your eyes at my mouth. I miss you. I had my time of sad, but not my time to realise the true reality of what i lost. my only friend stronger then my love. Greater creature then a person and the strongest relationship ive e
Sex And Rock N' Roll
My band, Echoes of the Harvest (Google Us!), played a local show on Saturday night and it rocked! There's nothing like getting a sweaty and loud on stage in front of a large and mostly intoxicated audience that can't stop throwing one another around. The only thing I can compare rocking out live to is sex. You can tell if you're doing either correctly if it feels good, you can go on forever, and you're sweaty when you're done. Both are wonderful and necessary things and should be done as often as possible.
Depeche Mode
Yeah, Depeche Mode is coming to the Nissan Center in July of this years.  Getting tickets to go see then.  Route 66 is one of my favorite songs by them.  You can hear Depech Mode at  
Root Of Evil
Money it can destroy all that is pure and good. It starts off as a helpful tool buy things that are useful. Then it can have mankind turn to greed, lust for it, kill for it the color of the dollar no longer green. There lays the seduction of the paper and coin making people do unspeakable things just to hold it in there grasp. Working honestly, brown nosing, shaking your ass, wishing for a sugar mama or daddy will only lead to saddness leave that mind binder alone. Being poor is the way to go because in the end poor people have the best relationships, connections, love, family, laughs, down to earth, these are the things that make us rich not that paper or coin that be lost in a blink of an eye. Remember money can be helpful but the lust, greed, love of it can always does destroy you from the inside out! SilverMoonWolf 4-14-09
First Time
our first time....we would go for a walk along the beach...bringing with us a blanket and a picnic basket....holding hands until we find a secluded spot to spot and eat as we watch the sunset.....I would hold you close to me...we would be feeding each other the goodies we brought with us....I would have you close your eyes and take some fruit and gently run it down your jaw...your neck...gently teasing your cleavage with it before bringing it to your lips...again with your eyes closed I would take another piece and place it between my lips before bringing it to yours...kissing you as you take it from my would open your eyes to see me smiling at you...drinking in your beauty....slowly and gently I would lean forward kissing you deeply...letting every possible feeling I have for you flow into that kiss....running my fingers through your hair.....I would very slowly lay you down on the blanket..never taking my lips from we made love under the setting sun...when we w
everyone help me im trying to rank faster lol!
Broken Butterfly
Wings of tattered sadnessOf suffering and in painWith nothing for poor butterflyTo be able to gainRetrieved from such betrayalA pin placed in the backNow on frontal displayOn visual attackThrough such clear glassEveryone can seeBeautiful broken butterflyPerfect you cannot be
Seven Dust - Face To Face
You can't stop fuckin' with my head Stop fuckin' with my head My silence you break The smile that you fake (you fake) [Chorus:] There's not one thing that you can say to make it right Unless you say "I'm leavin" And if you're not...then please tell me why Please tell me why you can't Save face Say it to my face Can I take all the filth in your head All the words that you said (that you said) And throw it away (throw it out) You can't stop fuckin' with my head Stop fuckin' with my head My silence you break The smile that you take away [Chorus:] There's not one thing that you can say to make it right Unless you say "I'm leavin" And if you're not...then please tell me why Please tell me why you can't That shit you're talkin' don't mean nothing to me anymore Limp fuck stick...let's settle the score Run and hide you know I'll find you anywhere Motherfucker...two faced prick with hell to pay What's real is's time to step up to the plate again Swing batter-batter, s
Artificail Happiness By Christina B..
Emotions can be so played out.A laugh can be a mask.I hide behind my emotions, to cover the pain from my past.A struggling person can smile,and no problems would be exposed.A person in pain,A person of tears,Of fears,Could laugh it off without suspicion.Behind tired eyes,Tear-stained cheeks,Broken hearts;Fake emotions save us through the suspicion,and people's artificial pity.
My Cat
May be silly...but I love one of my cats like crazy. Yeah, I love both cats...but Mittens, she really has it for me. She's my default photo on my cell phone. She always makes me smile no matter what. I love how she would follow me around, she doesn't like anyone else but me, she always wants my attention...etc It can be annoying at times when she follows me around ALL the time. Maybe a little freaky but I know that she loves me very much. She always cheers me up when I'm down. It's so cute when she runs down the stairs whenever I get home. I tell her that I love her all the time. I'm crazy about that cat....
Intelligence and courtesy not always are combined; Often in a wooden house a golden room we find   Talk not of wasted affection - affection never was wasted.   Music is the universal language of mankind   They who go Feel not the pain of parting; it is they Who stay behind that suffer.   Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.   For age is opportunity no less Than youth itself, though in another dress, And as the evening twilight fades away The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.   It takes less time to do a thing right, than it does to explain why you did it wrong.   Look not mournfully into the past, it comes not back again. Wisely improve the present, it is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy future without fear and with a manly heart.
Gratitude & Life.
Everyday I have gratitude and celebrate Life. You will create Wealth through the everyday celebration of Self. Everyday from this day forward you will celebrate who you are by living your greatest life possible. This is not mere practice of affirmations or positive thinking. This is focused purpose and strategic action. What you are doing is sending a clear and conscious message to the Universe that you are here, in this moment, in this time, ready to give and receive. Trust Your Self. Through deep consultation with the Universal Mind by prayer and meditation, you will begin to trust your instincts, perform the actions that are in the best interest of All and operate on the highest level of integrity. The Creator did not "Breathe into" but "Breathed from within" therefore the Power of Universe is within you. When you begin to think from within, listening to the God within, you will have everything your heart desires. Love Your Self. Infinite Intelligence create circumstances that broug
A Cold Rainy Day~ Part2
I stood up to look at her as she lay there panting for breath, a light sheen of perspiration covering her upper body. I watched in fascination as the vibrator slowly, very slowly slipped out of her. As it did a deep sigh came from her. I picked it up and took it into the bathroom to rinse it off. By the time I returned she was breathing more normally, so I asked, "Well, how do you like this, something special so far?" She smiled for a second and then whispered, "It's wonderful, just wonderful." I took a folded blanket off the bed and covered her with it, tucking it in around her. "Aren't you going to untie me now?" I chuckled and replied, "Oh, no. I don't intend to do that for a while. You get some rest and we'll continue after you do." "John?" She said. When I didn't answer she said, "I'm wore out, I couldn't cum again, if I wanted to." I chuckled and said, "Oh yes you can. Rest, take a nap, then we'll finish." She pulled at the cords for a moment and started to protest. I cut her of
Part One~
I'm sitting in my car, nursing a super-size diet soda and eating carrot sticks when I see her walk out of the main entrance of the mall. She's in the dappled shadows of the fancy lattice portico for the first thirty feet or so, delaying my efforts to evaluate her suitability. As last she breaks out into the late morning sunlight of this cloudless July Saturday. Decades of serious girl watching allow me to size her up quickly through the heavily tinted windows of my nondescript sedan. She's the best candidate I've seen in the last hour. I like the way she moves as she steps down off the curb and heads out into the vast expanse of the crowded parking lot. Her walk is brisk and efficient, but still sexy. She's a looker too, with a pretty face, long blonde hair and large, but shapely breasts under her Ricky Martin t-shirt. Her tight, low cut jeans reveal that she's a little fuller in the hips than I prefer, but then again, my idea of the perfect woman is kind of on the slim side. I guess h
Last Longer In Bed
There's a Hungarian proverb that says, 'Do not paint the devil on the wall, for it will appear,' " says Agnes Beregszászi, a sex columnist in Hungary. Translation: The area of the brain responsible for triggering orgasm is engaged whether you're trying to have one or halt one. The more attention you pay to your orgasm, the more likely it is to arrive. So concentrate on gauging your partner's response to each move instead��"did she "oooh" or "ehh"?��"until you find her sweet spot."Good sex is like driving to a faraway city," says Beregszászi. "You know your destination, but you need to concentrate on the road ahead of you��"turn left here, turn right there. If you focus on what's happening now��"her silky thighs on your hips, say��"you can diffuse your pleasure throughout your whole body."Oh, and she'll love it: "When my boyfriend slows down, I feel every bit of him," says Petra, a 30-year-old receptionist in Belgium.
10 Steps To The Perfect French Kiss
You've kissed, but you want to take it a step further. A French kiss is a more intimate and passionate kiss that takes things to the next level. With these 10 steps, you're French kiss will be perfect. Step 1. Look into your partners eyes. In anticipation of a kiss or to initiate a kiss, start by gazing into your partners eyes. In an intimate situation, gazing into your partner's eyes sends an intimate message, letting them know that you want to get closer. Step 2. Lean in closer. Now that you know you're about to kiss, it's time to move in. To avoid awkwardness, move slowly. Moving in too fast can make your partner uncomfortable. As you move in, make sure that you're in a comfortable position. As you're moving in, tilt your head slightly so that your lips are lined up with your partners. Step 3. Prepare your lips. Relax your lips as you want them softly pressed together. You'll also want to slightly moisten your lips, so quickly run your tongue over them if you haven't prepared
Just one look into your eyes One look and I'm crying 'Cause you're so beautiful Just one kiss and I'm alive One kiss and I'm ready to die 'Cause you're so beautiful Just one touch and I'm on fire One touch and I'm crying 'Cause you're so beautiful Just one smile and I'm wild One smile and I'm ready to die 'Cause you're so beautiful Oh and you're so beautiful My darling Oh you're so beautiful You're so beautiful Oh my baby You're so beautiful And you're so beautiful Oh my darling Oh my baby And you're so beautiful
A Man.
A man....A man can be one of the sweetest things you have ever seen but when the lights are out and the door is shut he will treat you like shit.His hand can be soft as angels wings to you when there is something he wants. But when you have nothing more for him his hands can be as hard as the devils horns.A man can make you happy and make you smile, then when he leaves you at home to do whatever he has to do. You know he can't be true.There are very, very few men that has truly made me happy or made me smile and it be true. But now I have gotten to the point that I don't care because I know one day he will fuck up some how. So I can stay to my self and make myself smile.
Let Me Be
Let me be...Let me be your Angel. The one you call when you are alone. The one you wish was with you at your home. Let me be your lover. The one you want every part of the day. The one you want in every single way.Let me be the one you want so much for. The one you want to do better. And the one you want to give your love to.Let me be the one you call on. When your nights get long and lonely. When you just want to hear my voice or to see how things are going.Let me be the one you want to run to. When things get to rough. And when you think you have had enough.Let me be the one you want around. Because baby I don't want you to feel like I have to be there. I want you to want me in every part of your heart. I want to be the one in your soul. I want to be the one you dream about at night. I want to be the one that you want in your sight.
Have you been sent here to save me from myself? Free me from this prison of mediocrity? You force me to want more... Crave more... Demand more... A touch means nothing if it does not move my soul A kiss is empty if it doesn't burn me within My acceptance of ordinary, no longer an option You have stirred all that I have allowed to settle and I am rejuvinated I can no longer allow anything less Than burning passion... Raw emotion... My desire is to be swallowed whole not merely pecked at To be engulfed by the flames not just feel the heat Thank you for the awakening for my very core sings I am reborn in your light and live again for extremes          
People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. People talk about how great love is, but that's bullshit. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous. How can they deal with love if they're afraid to feel? Pain is meant to wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they're wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio. You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It's all in how you carry it. That's what matters. Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you. Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you're letting society destroy your reality. You should stand up for your right to feel your pain Rhino
Dance For Me~
I had accompanied my Master to the Arabia's. We had taken 3 long months touring with the other Knights of the Realm, the reason of the tour was to establish a route for the forth coming Holy Battles, to draw all worlds into Christianity. Where my Master went I followed as was customary. A Sultan invited my Master James and his fellow Knight to an evening of entertainment. It was a rowdy event, with many loose women and looser men. Women of Arab persuasion openly and brazenly showing flesh and throwing themselves upon the Knights. I sat quietly at my Masters feet as was my duty, ready to serve him should that be his wish. My eyes widened in shock as a group of veiled women began an erotic dance before the Sultan. The three women performed a dance in front of him, removing an article of clothing at each move of the routine. My gasp was audible as they were totally naked and in front of their Sultan; their brown bodies undulating before him, parted legs standing just above his face. Thei
Hey ladies, wanting to have a 3some with you and my husband. Please respond if you are interested.
How The World Works Today
If a man cuts his finger off while Slicing salami at work,He blames the restaurant.If you smoke three packs a day For 40 years and die of lung cancer, Your family blames the Tobacco company.If your neighbor crashes Into a tree while driving home drunk, He blames the bartender.If your (grand)children are Brats without manners,You blame television.If your friend is shot by a Deranged madman,You blame the gun manufacturer.And if a crazed person breaks Into the cockpit and Tries to kill the pilot at 35,000 feet, And the passengers Kill him instead, The mother of the crazed deceased Blames the airline.I must have lived too long to Understand the world As it is anymore.So, if I die while my Old wrinkled ass is parked In front of this computer, I want all of you to Blame Bill Gates.
Missed Everyone Sorry Was Gone
Interestin Cell Phone Junk
 5 Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do For all the folks with cell phones. (This should be printed and kept in your car, purse, and wallet. Good information to have with you.)   There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you can do with it:   FIRST Emergency The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. If you find Yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile network and there is an Emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to
Dreams Part3
Kate had never had oral sex before because she though it was wrong. Her parent had brought her up in a strict religious home where the only act of approved sex was the missionary position. The dream had lowered her resistance and had her begging for his lips and tongue. "OH GOD BOBBY!" she cried. Her hands held his head and mouth tightly against her mound. The pleasure soon reached her max as she climaxed. "BOBBY!" Bob wiped his mouth and moved his lip up to capture one of her long hard nipples. As his mouth move up so did his body until his hard-on rubbed against her moist pussy. She opened her eyes and looked into his. Fucking was not in the dream. "No we can't," she whispered. She wasn't supposed to fuck him. She was supposed to suck him. She moved her body under his until her mouth was poised at the crown of his shaft. She didn't blink an eye as she opened her mouth and licked around the spongy tip. The dream somehow made it right for her to do this vile act. She learned as she
Funny Ol Man
An  Old Farmer's Advice: * Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight, and bull-strong. * Keep skunks and bankers and lawyers at a distance. * Life is simpler when you plow around  the stump. * A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor. * Words that soak into your ears are whispered...not yelled. * Meanness don't jes' happen overnight. * Forgive your enemies.  It messes up their heads. * Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you.  * It don't take a very big person to carry a
Autos On Come Get Some
After U Read This ... Listen In My Stash Baby .. I Love You So Much
Then lyricsI remember, trying not to stare the night that I first met you You had me mezmorized And three weeks later, in the front porch light taking forty-five minutes to kiss goodnight I hadn't told you yet but I thought I loved you then Chorus And now you're my whole life now you're my whole world I just can't believe the way I feel about you, girl Like a river meets the sea, stronger than it's ever been. We've come so far since that day And I thought I loved you then And i remember, taking you back to right where I first met you, You were so surprised There were people around, but I didn't care Got down on one knee right there once again, I thought I loved you then Chorus And now you're my whole life now you're my whole world I just can't believe the way I feel about you, girl Like a river meets the sea, stronger than it's ever been. We've come so far since that day And I thought I loved you then I could just see you, with a baby on the way And I could just see you, when your hair
Dont Beg
WTF?? Y do I keep running into lame ppl? If I went to ur page and rated u a 10 and checked you out... does not mean ur the shit... im being nice. And just showing sum luv. Dont come hitting me up asking me to fan you?! lmao thats some desperate ass shit right there.... GET A LIFE. So dont get all mad when I tell you no. And then like every other lame fucker on here... block me cuz you dont want to hear what I got to say... lmfao ( I dont care if fanning ppl is part of fubar!... I dont have too u ass wipe if I dont feel like it) this is for that lame ass dude with the screen name "THE BOSS"  you aint shit lmao
My 360 Best Friends
  i miss these ladies".. i remeber those days, where we used to chat for hours, we had conference.. and we really laughed so hard, almot always falling out of our chair, ... we do cried also, .. but most of the time we giggled and laugh out loud"....specially when we talk about the net guys".. my God, where are those days..... but i will be seeing them , although not all this summer..  we had a night out last year, i hope we can go out again this year"...  i love all my friends on here"..always.. and you too fu guys, you're the best!!!
What A True Boyfriend Should Do…
When she walks away from you mad(Follow her) When she stare’s at your mouth(Kiss her you idiot) When she pushes you or hit’s you(Grab her and don’t let go) When she start’s cussing at you(Don’t cuss back and make her feel worse,just deal with it for the time being) When she’s quiet(Ask her whats wrong,but not a billion times when she says nothing) When she ignores you(Give her your attention) When she pull’s away(Pull her back) When you see her at her worst(Tell her she’s beautiful) When you see her start crying(Just hold her and don’t say a word) When you see her walking(Sneak up and hug her waist from behind) When she’s scared(Protect her) When she lay’s her head on your shoulder(Tilt her head up and kiss her) When she steal’s your favorite shirt(Let her keep it and sleep! with it for a night) When she tease’s you(Tease her back and make her laugh) When she doesn’t answer for a long time
Power Of Worrying
Death was walking toward a city one morning and a man asked,"What are you going to do?""I'm going to take 100 people," Death replied."That's horrible!" the man said."That's the way it is," Death said. "That's what I do."The man hurried to warn everyone he could about Death's plan.As evening fell, he met Death again."You told me you weregoing to take 100 people," the man said."Why did 1,000die?""I kept my word," Death responded. "I only took 100 people.Worry took the others."This interesting tale portrays so well what the NationalMental Health Committee reported a few years ago - half ofall the people in America's hospital beds are constantworriers.Mental distress can lead to migraine headaches,arthritis, heart trouble, cystitis, colitis, backaches, ulcers,depression, digestive disorders and yes, even death.Add to that list the mental fatigue of nights without sleepand days without peace, then we get a glimpse of the havocworry plays in destroying the quality and quantity of life.Worry
Stare     Rest peaceably on my lap And let me watch you sleep I’ll never take my eyes off you As you fall in deep Light kisses on your forehead Nose, cheeks and lips Caressing your shoulders
Pet Peeves
this blog is a holla out to ppl who have had the same problems --- i have a few pet peeves -- we all do however there r some that make me a tad irritable and for some unknown reason they rnt isolated happenings but recurrent issues .... leaving the toilet seat up --now if i find it that way ill put it down however i DID NOT PUT IT UP  so a part of the issue is right there in caps .... but i must say i dont mind and will not say a word re that UNLESS the act proceeds my imminent late nite dipfest into said toilet then all hell breaks loose and me and my wet bottom will vocally object even at 3 am.... and trust in this u WILL  wake up loll wrong numbers - not just any wrong numbers .. some ppl have enuf raising to say oh im sorry i must have the wrong number to confirm that they dialed wrong and to not redial the same number ... THEN THERE R THOSE OTHER PPL  who call once sometimes more but seemingly daily here to ask for shanequa now i say to them no there is noone here by that name a
In these arms wide openthe passion runs around the yardshe says if I leave before you darlingif I lay smiling in the tall grassone of us will die inside these arms made of goldas we lay naked as we came, without the clothes to cover our naked fleshpassion flows around the yard from the tips of the grass down through the pads of  mud below as the songbirds chirp off their love songswe lay in this garden hand in handas you giggle as your mind floats near and farmy grip tightens as I remember what it was like to not have you next to meas I laid awake in the garden without your grace or your soft touchas  your words travel in and out of my ears....i swear I don't hear a thing you sayi just smile as I look upon you in this daylightmy mind is off in the gardens beyond but I look at you and you are a warm dream to my eyesand I think to myself your so beautiful and I think everything is going to be alrightif you only don’t wander off as our path has become bumpyand your eyes are not as
The D Got Their Title Back!
In March 2008, Kwame Kilpatrick was charged with eight felonies, including perjury and obstruction of justice. In August, he violated his bail agreement and was thrown in jail. His actions were deplorable for anybody, but Kilpatrick was no Average Joe--he was the mayor of Detroit. Unfortunately for the Motor City, Kilpatrick, 38, is just one ripple in the area's sea of crime. Detroit is the worst offender on our list of America's most dangerous cities, thanks to a staggering rate of 1,220 violent crimes committed per 100,000 people. "Detroit has, historically, been one of the more violent cities in the U.S.," says Megan Wolfram, an analyst at iJet Intelligent Risk Systems, a Maryland-based risk-assessment firm. "They have a number of local crime syndicates there--a number of small gangs who tend to compete over territory." Detroit was followed closely on the list by the greater Memphis, Tenn., and Miami, Fla., metropolitan areas. Those three were the only large cities in America wit
"death Is In Love With Us"
I know it hurts too much I know that you're scared I know you're running out of trust Wishing you were dead In your misery You're not alone So come share your tears with me And witness it all go wrong I know it and I feel it Just as well as you do, Honey It's not our fault if death's in love with us oh oh It's not our fault if the reaper holds our hearts 41+66.6 = our loss We're breathing only to fade away We're running just to get caught What love's lies blessed What love's light cursed Just fear for the best And hope for our worst I know it and I feel it Just as well as you do, Honey It's not our fault if death's in love with us oh oh It's not our fault if the reaper holds our hearts Death's in love with us oh oh The Reaper holds our hearts oh oh Death's in love with us oh oh And the Reaper holds our hearts oh oh I know it and I feel it Just as well as you do, Honey It's not our fault if death's in love with us oh oh It's not our fault if the reaper holds our hearts
Her Room
I am 18 years old and at university, and I first had sex two years ago in grade 11. My first time for sex was with my first real girlfriend (real as in first since I was 4), who was my first for a lot of things. To this day, she is my only girlfriend, my best friend and the best part of my life. As she is my first girlfriend, I was really shy when we first started going out. Whenever someone walked in on us together even if we were just holding hands I would jump away. At first, I was really nervous and definitely not ready for sex, so it is probably a very good thing that I didn't have any until I was ready. As it happens, it took 8 months before it happened. I first touched her vagina a few months before, and we both had given each other handjobs on numerous occassions, but I never felt ready to go all the way, and so I waited. She originally had said that she wanted to wait until she was married before having sex, but then that changed to waiting until she was eighteen, then suddenl
The Panties
When Patty and Dale told me that someone was stealing their panties, I thought, "Oh, sure! Like there's a panty thief on the loose!" Dale and Patty are my really, really best friends, but on one of their wilder nights, those girls have, like, no idea what happened to their panties when they wake up without them the next morning. Their story about someone stealing them when they were doing laundry sounded like just about the lamest excuse that I'd ever heard. Anyways, that's what I thought until a couple of pairs of my own underwear turned up missing from a load of clothes that I'd left in a dryer in the laundry room of our apartment house. I was really mad. The ones that disappeared were my very favorites and about the only two pairs I had that weren't, like, pretty raggedy. I didn't have a thing left to wear on a hot date, because there's nothing more embarrassing than having some guy pull down your jeans and see that you're wearing panties with these big holes in them. "See what we
Thoughts Of You
How many times have I thought of youAnd the many things I’d like to do.I sleep at night with you on my mind,One night with you, would be just fine.Your white robe is what I see,I wonder, wonder, how it would be.If I could touch your lips with mine,The thought of this is so divine.I want to see you without that robe,Your body to touch, caress, and probe.I’d lay you down, your body to admire,One look at you, sets my soul on fire.I want to feel you, touch, and kiss,send you into . . . . heavenly bliss,I want you, need you, feel my desire,Me inside you, I would never tire.I could make love to you all night long,It would feel so good, it couldn’t be wrong,These are my thoughts, what I fantasize,You’re all too perfect in this man’s eyes.
Drifts of snow, Blown by the wind. Changing and moving Again and again First to the fence line, Then to the gate. Consigning the garden Once more to its fate. Drifts of sand Next to the sea. Relics of wrecks Lost in the lea Drifts of clouds Away in the sky Dancing and darting And fooling the eye. Drifting leaves Afloat on a pond Sharing reflections From sky and beyond Drifts of the mind In cracks of the day Taking the cares Of the world away Drifting brings comfort To mind
If I Was Yours
If I was yours what would you do? Would you love me forever? Would you be true? Would you hold me all night? Would you dance under the moon? Would you scare away the nightmares? Would you laugh at my jokes? would you Keep me forever? Or would you leave when your through? Would you help me to live? Would you help me to love? What would you do? If I was yours?
Laugh With Me
Laugh with me For a little while Grin at me I love your smile. Hold my hand In your firm, warm grasp Meet my eyes Fall to the grass. Laughing like before Rolling around like old times Just hanging out, having fun Please can I call you mine? Hold me tight like when we last met Don't ever let me fall or go I'm in your grasp, I'm in your life I love you so damn much, don't you know? Help me to find the comfort Hidden within your arms Let me feel vulnerable But don't let me go. Rejoice for the terror has gone The resentment and anger has passed But still don't let me go Hold me tight within your arms So I can finally feel safe. Kiss me, hold me Never let me go Please just hold me tight I cant let you go. Laugh with me Fall with me Walk with me Rejoice with me. Smile with me Hang out with me Hold my hand And love me true as I have you.
Old L.a Tonight By Ozzy Osbourne
Look In The FutureLook In To My Eyes And Tell MeEverything's All RightTell Me Where We're GoingI'm So Afraid 'Cos I Don't KnowWhat's Going On With My LifeBut It'll Be All Right TonightWill It Be All Right TonightAre We Doing All Right In Old L.A. Tonight?Sitting By The OceanMapping Out My Plans Of Action,Baby They Include YouI Wish You'd Send A MessageMaybe I'm Just Better Off NotKnowing Who KnewBut It'll Be All Right TonightI'm Gonna Be All Right TonightAre We Doing All Right In Old L.A. Tonight?Those Summer NightsWhen I Look In Your EyesI'm Falling To Pieces, PiecesOut Of My MindAnd I'll Never Know WhyI'm Falling To Pieces, PiecesWho Could Imagine Such A ThingCould Happen To You?It's Gonna Be All Right In Old L.A. TonightThose Summer NightsWhen I Look In Your EyesI'm Falling To Pieces, PiecesOut Of My MindAnd I'll Never Know WhyI'm Falling To Pieces, PiecesIt's Gonna Be All Right In Old L.A. Tonight
Hey cm check out S.ilkie biker
Use Love As A Weapon
Use love, not hate, please, hate is easy to grasp, but love is the real contest, hold it in your hands, mind and soul, a weapon of love, use it on your fellow man, make him understand, your war. Get violent with it, throw your love around, cause hate, is so easy to grasp Know love brings power, a power to overcome, a success of passion, that the world lacks of, so use your weapon, spread it about, cause the way to win a war, is love no doubt.
Life As A Book…with Meaningless Words?
Hearing, Don't judge a book by its cover… Is it a true statement? Do we ever look further into the cover and continue into the passage? Looking into the book and reading, do people take the time to stop and think what's being read, or just move on and not worry about comprehending. Though we see and say the words to ourselves, taking the time to think beyond the word and meaning are just as important to focus. Taking that time to comprehend in a book is just as similar as how we perceive a person. Quickly looking on the appearance of a person we quickly judge who they are. Having trouble to stop and share, we fear that we are bothering the person. As a result, we commonly Fear to approach and share what we have beyond the cover of ourselves. Just allowing each person just read our title of our story, we tend to behave just from our title and not actually who we are inside our own book. Starting to build an automatic pattern in our mind, many just accept the title of their book a
Rate Me
people rate and luv, this i know your probably owned but add me as a friend and show some luv
Across The Other Side
There`s another worldWhere all things are motionlessIf you want to see the senseCome now as you areShut your eyes to seeClose your mouth,talk to meKeep your ears closedHear me callThere`s another placeDisconnected from real life.If you lose your way you canCome now as you areLay your body downLet your mind explore the darkKeep your fear close to what you areAcross the other sideThe sound of silenceLosing gravityThe speed of light is stillIn every grain of sandThe world`s connectedSpinning in the airCrossing everywhere
An Update?
could this be an update?  I am taking a few minutes to say hey to all my fu family and friends!!  seems like I am always on the move around here.  Spring is here and the yard needs to be 'prettied' up with flowers and stuff.....Relay is right around the corner so I am out and about raising money for the American Cancer Society.....not to mention my son's class field trip to the zoo yesterday. (of which I am hurting all over my body this morning....all that walking up and down stairs and hills with 20 kindergarden kids in tow.....whew!!)  I am also working out at the gym to lose weight (3-4 days a week) and I also visited with a plastic surgeon last week to discuss some reconstructive surgery on my breast.  I had to go have some blood work to check my hormone hubby is NOT happy!!  and we won't even talk about having a 15 year old daughter....SO you see, I am busy!!  I do pop in and out of FuLand when I have a few minutes.....Sorry I haven't said anything to you lately......
Weekend Events!!!!
MontanaBikerMagazine will be out for the month of May and it IS kickass!! Also the Horde is throwing their annual spring thaw event on sat for the 8th year!! and it is a great time..but before that the Roaddogs will be having their Show and Shine contest starting at 9:30..if anyone needs info on how to get there it is posted in the rag which is online at you can just ask me. Ridinginmt
ok so i know someone who says she missed her period and hopes she aint pregnant but is pretty sure she mite be... even though she didnt think she would get that way bc they were sure they were protected in ways... but heres the problem... she hasnt told him... and she isnt planning on it although someone told her she should... she doesnt talk to him any more... and shes kind of not wanting to... that way she can make sure she dont hurt him bc hes already been hurt enuf... but shes thinkin she dont want to keep it... not abortion just give it up... she thinks she can hide it from everyone who knows him considering she wont see most of them much longer... should she tell him or just let him think nothings different... bc they dont talk to eachother anymore and she dont want him stuck with her over a mistake.... i just wanted to know what yall think so i can tell her bc i dont know what to think... please comment on this if you can... im begging you...
Relationships are hard. It’s like a full-time job, and we should treat it like one. If your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to leave you, they should give you two weeks’ notice. There should be severance pay, and before they leave you, they should have to find you a temp
  I wake up staring at the ceiling. I stare into the white paint as I lie there…alone. I get up and get dressed wondering what new things are to come in this day. I try to speak to people around me, but their responses are blank and dull. I realize I should have not spoken at all I should have stayed away…alone. I loved a person once. I loved them so much that I didn’t care what wrongs they did as long as they came back to me, and stayed with me. I thought I had found a person to love and have with me, and in my life. The person left and didn’t look back and they left me…alone. I almost gave up all hope on finding a person, another like my self, and someone whom I could be with. I again thought I found someone. I thought it was true and real. The love, passion, and connection were beyond that of anything I had ever known. As I got closer and everything got stronger I began to get further from them. The more I learned about them the further apart things
From The Heart
I fly like a bird to be where you are, to spend just an evening in your place afar. Beautiful music and exquisite wine - never has love been quite so divine! But soon I must leave so kiss me farewell, the last dance is over as love stories tell. I'll never forget the magic of you, as I'm flying back home OH! are you coming too? Beautiful romance it's love on the wing, never has true love made my heart and soul sing.
Lol, Trying To Have A New Image"..
I look into his eyesand find myself lost. Every thought racesthrough my mind. I wonder whathe's thinking? He touches my skinso soft and gentle. He sends a chilldown my body. My body is lostin his touch. My blood racesfrom his every touch. What is this feeling? It's new and exciting But so Forbibben! MARCH 17, 2009 Crystal M. Grossinger
We have had some good times,And we had some tough,But you always have been There,Even when times got rough,Some friends come and go,And some always remain,No matter if we change,Or if we stay the same, A truetnend will alwaysbe there, No matter what case,And you have always done that,No matter what i've faced,Please always know that whatever comes your way,I will always be a true friend for you,Until my dying day xoxox                   
A Place To Call Home
Have you ever seen a place and thought.. this is where I belong? It isnt because of a person... it isnt because of whats going on in your life.. it just calls to you and says welcome home.. i found that place.. and i cannot wait to be there. it was beautiful with a promise of peace finally for me. Ive never really had a place that I would call home.. a place where i felt peace... a place where i felt i belonged... it was weird.. and i found it quite by accident.. i went there to meet a man who had become very special to me.. and not only i fall for the man.. i fell for the place. But now.. alone, with my son i will be making the journey back to that place.. maybe i can find peace there where i could never anywhere else in my life.. Ive been all over the place..different states, different countries.. Now I just want to find home.. :) The waterfalls call me.. and the rain sing a song.. I cant wait to dance in the rain and laugh when i hear its song.. :) Maybe I wont be alone.. Who kno
For Every Moment In Your Life
Make sure you keep reading this.... What would you do if for every moment you were truly happy there would be 10 moments of saddness? What would you do if your best friend dies tomrrow and you never got to tell them how you really felt about them? So I just wanted to say even if i dont get to talk to you.....your special to me....I look up to you, respect you and truly cherish you....... You would post this if you truly care.....
to the ass hole men that hit your ladys to me you all are nothing but a bunch of lil bitches nad need to have your asses kick
2 Weekend Eats
Well its riding time again A friend of mine an i decided to make it Hamburger rides The last 2 rides we have had 2 burgers The 1st one was in Ada Ohio It was part or a drivethourgh but a 1 lbs double cheese burger it was worth the ride to try this The 2nd one was in Republic Ohio at Fatheads it was a1/2 lbs cheese burger with the works An the price was very reasonable in both places At this time my friend an I would have to say Fatheads has the best burger but we plan on doing more of this So if you have any place we would like to eat in Northeast or west Ohio please drop me a line 
Have To Read This Periodically To Remind Myself!
The Climb lyricsSongwriters: Alexander, J; Mabe, J; I can almost see itThat dream I am dreamingBut there's a voice inside my head saying"You'll never reach it"Every step I'm takingEvery move I make feelsLost with no directionMy faith is shakingBut I gotta keep tryingGotta keep my head held highThere's always gonna be another mountainI'm always gonna wanna make it moveAlways gonna be a uphill battleSometimes I'm gonna have to loseAin't about how fast I get thereAin't about what's waiting on the other sideIt's the climbThe struggles I'm facingThe chances I'm takingSometimes might knock me downBut no, I'm not breakingI may not know itBut these are the moments thatI'm gonna remember most, yeahJust gotta keep goingAnd I, I got to be strongJust keep pushing on'Cause there's always gonna be another mountainI'm always gonna wanna make it moveAlways gonna be a uphill battleSometimes I'm gonna have to loseAin't about how fast I get thereAin't about what's waiting on the other sid
Another One
   ..I site here and think here are two souls conneceted in the dark always hiding in the shadows trying to run from what is realy plain to everyone else also. one day there will be light on the two soulz that are traped in the dark but instill that day comes those are just lost soulz. and the whole world will know when the light shows the lost two soulz the way out of the dark cause also comes wtih them caos and mayham. one of the lost soulz are full of firer and darkness, the other soul is full of life and happiness. the only good that will come of the two lost soulz being free from darkness is the balance they will offer to others. so I sit here thinking of the two lost soulz waiting to leave the darkness hopeing and praying that the day will come soon. for it is then that this old man can put his mind to ease about his own life and get to living again. for when that day comes this old man will have fire in his life again.
Dark Lotus- In Bloom
[Shaggy 2 Dope] We in bloom, many thoughts rearrangingpollen's everywhere, that's the reason that we're changingFlourish in the rise of the new timesTaking lives, nobody survivesYou got your hatchet, throw it in the skyFive petals appear right before your eyesSo don't get attatched to your head on your neckCause I'll disconnect, Dark Lotus in effect[Blaze Ya Dead Homie] Rise out the water for the first worst nightmareLotus petals bloom and take shapes off in the night airHere we got the wicked to share and didn't nobody careTil they see the shadow creeping, now they all scaredGone but not forgotten, in the dark they leave us rottingWith the crosses on our face that's thesymbol of the doubt rhymingDark Lotus return, the reason is the wordThe season for the sheperd is now to lead the herd[Chorus] This is the returning, everything you tried to buryIn between the patch of roses makesthe Lotus rise, Lotus riseWinds of deadly ages makes the blood drip down the pagesAnd between the dying rose
Text Forwarding
Okay so there's this site you can FW texts you recieve to and they'll post them... Here But here are a couple of my favs lol (914): Eric just called. Says he's trapped in a cul de sac because the road disappeared. Wants me to tell him what street has the bushes that whisper sweet nothings into you ear and the wobbling purple pokemon. Oh, and a "bigger and better" penis is growing out of his belly button. He took shrooms by the way.   (281) wow. When I'm done with him he's going to have to pop his collar in necessity and not just douchery   (803): We're hooking up, I have a toothbrush at her place, and yet on leaving her apartment a minute ago we said goodbye with a hi five. WTF?(843): You're upset about this?   (847): is it wrong that I prefer my women with low self esteem and a smidgen of an eating disorder?   (512): Don't come here someone got drunk and rolled the keg to buger king. no more beeer   (818): On a scale of affliction to ed hardy, how douchy is
Check Out Demonik
sup boys and girls.yep im hottstuff's roomate,going to school for photography and hottstuff is my practice dummy lol jk well sorta anyone looking for photos to be done check me out and drop me a line peace out.
Dreams of liquid life within the body of a procreation goddess. Limber arms, legs and beating close to this life..  yet never will be a part of mine. Growing hopes, growing dreams growing growing and yet never knowing. Learning to be what nature denies me. Learning and being myself a woman in only half the knowing. A mother isn't a mother because she can is what I was tought to celebrate.  Full of dried hopes, dried dreams and dried tears. I'm a mother out of choice, yet I hear the cry, I hear the voice. It's lodged deep inside, where I ignore and look away. The child inside looks for a way. There can only be this I can give. My heart my time my joy. no girl or boy. The purest love and devotion given from a child wh
"emotions Run Deep"
"Whether it b ur letter or picture or the fragrance that u wear, from a distance i can feel u there's no question that u care". "I feel the depths of ur lonliness ur passionate moans n groans, 2night i appeal 2 ur sence of patience it wont be long b4 i come home". "Do u have time 4 an honest man, from whom nothing but good can come, r u scared 2 face ur destined fate unsure of what's 2 come". "I have injected my soul in2 ur body, infecting ur inner parts, suduced ur mind until i find, the secrets of ur heart". "From this day forth until the end, eternally i claim, it's impossible 2 love a woman until you've felt her pain". "I reach down from da depths of my heart 2 show u how i feel inside, every emotion every thought i give 2 u, mind body n soul we match in everyway, i pray 4 da day that we can be 2gether, its all up 2 u baby i can make everything all better".
More Votes On Mumms
I need more comments and opinions on one of my Mumms. Plz comment and give me some votes plz and I shall return the favor
Time After Time
Can it be said that time is an unforgiving foe?  Fe, fi, foe, fum, I smell the blood of a great song! is where I smell it.
Taking Ownership ~ 1 ~
As he had instructed, she was naked and kneeling, near to the foot of the bed. She was facing the headboard so she could not see him enter the room, so she would be vulnerable to him.She heard the door knob turn and her heart raced. In her mind, she kept repeating to herself what he had told her "Keep your head high, your eyes lowered and do not speak." It took every ounce of self-control to not look at him as he walked into the room. She wanted so much to see his face, to see his reaction of her here like this.She could tell he was behind her now, as she held her breath, waiting for him to touch her. He ran his fingers playfully through her long hair, admiring the silky strands as they fell down around her shoulders. He stretched out his fingers, grabbing tightly at the nest of hair at the nape of her neck and held her hostage. She couldn't help but close her eyes and moan as her neck went limp into his hand. He grinned at her reaction."Good girl," he whispered into her ear, "Remember
A few days ago, I had another long talk with Richard We've had several of these talks before but I think this time it's offical. We're separated. It was real hard for me to talk to him about it, but it had to be done. I cried a lot and I told him I felt bad and all. He didn't cry and he said himself that he was surprised that he wasn't crying. We both agreed that things have felt we're just room mates and best friends. We'll continue to live with each other, help each other out with things....just like how things have been...only as friends. He told me, he wanted me to be happy and that he was sorry for how things went. I told him that I was sorry as well. I wonder to myself, if I had done the right thing, but I guess it will be just something to adjust to. Perhaps it will hit him more in other ways or later on, I dunno. Last night, i was getting ready for bed. We gave each other a hug, said good night and was about to kiss but stoped ourselves. Instead I kissed him on the nose and
Any Ladies This!!!
Connecting to server... Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: hi You: Hi You: Me = drunk Stranger: tight Stranger: a/s/l? You: 21/f/Florida Stranger: god your giving me a boner You: You have a big dick? You: *crosses fingers* Stranger: extremely huge You: Like enough to make me cry for my mommy while you ram it into me? Stranger: whats your measurements? You: I'm fat. Stranger: yes. You: You dig fat chicks? Your conversational partner has disconnected.
I Feel You
I feel you I close my eyes i feel you Slipping a hand around my waist Your breath on the back of my neck Your lips brushing across my shoulder Barely touching me.. Yet flooding my soul I feel you And i am transported As you sway me and dance me Pulling me into you I am powerless I feel submissive alive entranced I feel you fire up my senses Knock down all my barriers I feel stripped to my core My soul laid bare and wanting Craving aching to be taken Into depths of thirst quenching love Though when i open my eyes There is no you... Yet i feel you A figment of my wild imagination A ghost i so want to see And have as a reality I want to surrender to you And never have control My ghost, my want, my all....
Wings Of Heaven
WINGS OF HEAVEN It’s a wonderful situation To be in love with you. All my thoughts have changed Because of everything you do. I lack the desire for others No yearning for their love or favor. All I wish is a life with you Till it’s time just us two. I was afraid I would never find love Leaving no stone unturned. I had to suffer through stupidity To grow from all I learned. Life is too short to remain a fool Who doesn’t see blessings handed down. From now to judgment I will love you Till the wings of heaven whisper their sound.  
I Love You
I Love You I love you. You’re the joy in my heart, The sparkle in my eye, The light in my life. I love you. You’re the wind to my wings, The steps to my dances, The voice to my songs. I love you. You’re the reason for breathing, The purpose for thriving, The cause for living. I love you. You’re the most caring human being, The very generous and gentle, The loveliest of them all.  
Heart Of A Lover
The heart of a lover You are to me what I never knew I wanted. Giving me love and acceptance like no other. To know your love is a comfort I find reassuring. To know we are together is what makes life worth enduring. But there is a truth to the love that we so selfishly take. A line we always cross, but choose to ignore or erase. I acted in passion and I lost myself there. I resisted the urge to walk away and not be there. Taking what was offered, reliving this life & acting with emotions I long ago set aside. Undoing all the walls I worked so very hard to create. Giving you my heart to take.  
Say Anything But Goodbye
SAY ANYTHING BUT GOOD BYE Forgive me, forgive me And I’ll kiss your tears away. You're the first thing and the last, I think of every day Let bygones be bygones, And be willing to forgive. And I will love you only Every moment I live. I love you and I need you, It's a fact and not a lie, So if you plan to punish me, Say anything, but good bye.
To All The Mommies Out There!
Happy Mothers Day, May Your Day Be Filled With Love & Joy!
Damn Str8
DAMN STR8     as i walk through this valley of death i will show no fear as you take your last breath... as i lay me down to sleep not one tear shall i weep... as i rise another day to seek and destroy your evil way... there is something you too must learn play with fire you will burn...   5.9.09 fester
Me Being Me
the red rose whispers passion, and the white rose whispers love, ohh the red rose a falcoln, and the white rose a dove, but i send you a cream white rosebud, with red on its petal tips, for the love purest and sweetest has a kiss of desire on the lips.....
The Art Of Tolerance
Ask yourself Is their lifestyle hurting you in any way? Most likely, it's not. It's just messing with your preconceived idea of the status quo. Therefore, you must learn to let go of your feelings that they are somehow wrong because they're different. Learn to be tolerant and realize that just because you may be in the majority, it doesn't make you right. Essentially, tolerance boils down to appreciating each other's differences. It would be great if we could embrace those differences, but if the most you can do is tolerate them, that's a step in the right direction. Racist, sexist, and homophobic comments that you hear from others are simply unacceptable. That said, you could (and should) speak up against them, but you must unfortunately also show your tolerance for ignorance. In such cases, the best you can hope for is to educate those who are less aware than you and improve their worldview - in a polite way that can be appreciated. Perhaps this will open their minds, perhaps no
Still Here
ok, so I am still here....just not HERE as much.  I have been super super busy these last few weeks.....where do I begin?!?!   Besides being Mom I was also team captain for our team for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life this past weekend.  Getting donations, keeping t shirt orders filled, making the campsite get the idea!  Then the night of relay I stayed ALL night!!  yep, I was up for over 24 hours with only a 20 minute nap.  We got to the track  where Relay was being held around 530 pm Friday and we finally left around 7 am on Sat.  Throughout the night I walked a total of 16 laps....4 miles!!!  Exhausted was not the word for what I felt!!  Every muscle in my body hurt...still does.  But while walking I felt so is hard to explain.  Unless you have been personally touched by really is hard to explain.  I went to Relay rejoicing though....May 8th was my 1 year anniversary since my last chemo!!  I think I did fairly well consid
Lust To Love~
The blonde was staring at her again, no doubt thinking she was being subtle. Britt giggled inwardly. It was so cute how Reese tried to hide her infatuation. The time had come, she thought, to take that to the logical conclusion. She had grown tired of Sindee these last few months, and of Donna, and Tracey. And eventually even of them all together. They were delicious fucksluts, all of them, and she used them mercilessly, but they didn't carry the air of innocence this one did. Her tongue moistened her lips in anticipation... and her libido took care of moistening her other lips. When she finished her lunch, Britt headed over to Reese's table, careful not to sway her hips *too* much. Didn't want to spook this one. Yet.Reese's eyes turned downward at her approach, and she flushed slightly, probably suspecting Britt had caught her. Good. "Reese, how have you been? It's been a while since the conference.""Oh, hi, Britt. Yeah, that was fun... at the restaurant with the rude waitresses." She
Riding For A Great Cause(amanda) !
On Wednesday May 20th I have set up a Motorcycle ride for anyone who would like to join. This ride is for collecting donations for a 14yr old girl named Amanda. She has some medical and financial issues and she needs all the help she can get. I personally have collected $100. already from a few friends and family that wont be able to attend the ride. The ride has a lot in store with a lot of scenic routes and a few great points of interest. We have as of right now 25-30 bikes who will attend. There will be 3 Major stops 2 being for refreshments and one for lunch. We will meet at the Lawrence Center in Anamosa at 8am sharp and will return around 5pm or sooner. The ride will be great and relaxing, all of the ride will be on secondary roads and off the beatin path with less traffic to worry about. If you need more information please feel free to contact me And I will tell you more. And I still need a Passenger if you are interested.
Breakin Point
Okay so hear me out. This is my blog so here is my thoughts. If I wanted to do it all on my own, I'd be living with my Momma. Instead I choose to try and sort through things with you. But now, I've almost hit my breaking point. Which is bad. I'm so tired of fucking everything.I'm tired of the money issue. Your money is our money, my money is our money. We have bills to pay, and a child to raise and support. There's no need to be buying beerevery chance you get. What happened to you paying half on the phone bill like we planned from the get go? What happened to you paying the cable bill since I we decided I wasn't going to pay both? It didn't happen. You can pay anything on time, some I'm done. My money is my money. Your money is yours. Cause when you get paid, I don't see any of it anyhow. The child support? well it's not gonna get stopped unless we're married, and currently i couldn't handle that. Landon is another issue. I mise well be a single parent. I pretty much am anyhow. Who gi
Looking To The Stars!!
It sucks cause I tell my boys to look at the stars and that is something that we can always share. Even being miles apart we can look at the same stars.  It really is not enough. My life has been miserable. Without my kids I have been miserable. I have not been able to fully Love anything or anybody. Some blame it on Crystal. But it has nothing to do with her personally. For a long time I could not even look at a picture of Crystal and wonder what really should have been.  But now if I seen those same pictures. All I see is a woman that had my children. Do I stop and wish that I had my kids with another woman yes.  Am I wrong for saying it. More than likely so. It is just how she acts most of the time. I have never regreted having my two boys.  But not having them in life. Is holding me back. I still do not have my GED because with people missing in my life it is just not going worth it to have it. I have to do it. Yes people want me to hear me say I want to do it for me. When It boils
Chinese Government Forces Citizens To Smoke Cigarettes
You heard it, it's all in the title. Original News post follows: "Do you like smoking cigarettes? Do you like smoking a lot of cigarettes? You f*cking better, if you live in China's Hubei province. An edict was just issued mandating that residents scorch through 230,000 packs of local-brand cigs, in order to boost the economy. Even local schools have been issued with a smoking quota for teachers, while one village was ordered to purchase 400 cartons of cigarettes a year for its officials, according to the local government's website...." Source: F-listed Un believeable, yet true enough. You have to wonder, China is definately overpopulated. And apears to be slowly killing off the population through this new ordinance. While taken out of context that seems true, but I'm sure that the ordinance is designed to keep citizens from smoking anything but locally manufactured ciggerettes. This would infact boost the local revenue. While it definitely infringes
Twelve By Twelve~
"There are twelve implements laying on the couch. You are to look them over and decide in which order you wish to receive them. Place them in order, one to twelve, starting at the left. You will be receiving a minimum of twelve whacks with each item. You will be required to count the whacks out loud. If you mess up the count or miss the count for any implement, the count for that item will be restarted. At the end of the turn for each implement, you will say "Thank you Sir." In between each implement I will fuck you. After a hard implement, I will fuck you hard. After a softer one, I will be more gentle and loving. You may orgasm whenever the urge strikes you. My orgasm will occur during the fucking after you have been spanked with the last implement. You are to make sure the last implement on the right is a hard one. Do you understand these instructions?" "Yes Sir." "Good. Then I am going to take a few minutes to go change into something more comfortable. When I come back you will h
Sphygomomanometers To All!
Well, my first two classes are almost completed...I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by!  I've learned so much, and feel really good about myself (scholastically speaking). It hasn't been easy by any stretch of the imagination, but I really have loved every minute of it.  Things are still going great with my *guy* too.  He simply amazes me each and every day.  My oldest child turns 16 on Saturday.  16 on the 16th.  Wow.  What happened?  She was just a newborn a blink ago, now she's finishing her first year of high school and reading the Florida Drivers Handbook....*sigh*. I think that about wraps things up...still busy, and wish all my FuFriends nothing but happiness and health! ~M~    
Bikers And The Police War With Them ( Fuck All Crooked Police )
DETROIT – An adviser to the mayor and two former police officers were among dozens of members and associates of a motorcycle gang charged Thursday with attempted murder, cocaine and steroid distribution and other crimes. Attorney Hatim "Tim" Attalla, a member of newly elected Mayor Dave Bing's volunteer crisis team, was named in a 35-count indictment unsealed in U.S. District Court in Detroit. Federal prosecutors said he acted "as general counsel" for the gang, the Highwaymen, and accused him of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, and distribution of, controlled substances. Authorities said 30 defendants were in custody Thursday, and others were being sought. Some suspects told law enforcement officials that they would turn themselves in. It was not immediately known whether Attalla was arrested. Bing said in a statement released Thursday night that he was "surprised and disappointed" to learn of Attalla's indictment. He said Attalla was being vetted and put throu
Justin Timberlake -- Mother LoverUploaded by WESTSIDEFORLIFE. - Click for more funny videos.
Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah! John
Incubus- Wish You Were Here
I dig my toes into the sand The ocean looks like A thousand diamonds strewn Across a blue blanket I lean against the wind Pretend I am weightless And in this moment I am happy happy I wish you were here I wish you were here I wish you were here I wish you were here I lay my head onto the sand The sky resembles A backlit canopy With holes punched in it I'm counting UFOs I signal them with my lighter And in this moment I am happy happy I wish you were here I wish you were here I wish you were here I wish you were here The world's a rollercoaster And I am not strapped in Maybe I should hold with care My hands are busy in the air Saying I wish you were here I wish you were here I wish you were here I wish you were here
Bestmoviestar In ( To Be Loved)
bestmoviestar in To be lovedHeld onto tightTo know right thenI found mr. rightTo be lovedLike never beforeTo wanna cry when he leavesAnd walks out the doorTo be loved,Cant get him off my mindTo know he'll alwaysBe super kindTo be loved,Never leaving his side,never getting annoyedWith this perfect guyHoping that some dayI'll find this manDoes he even exist?Or am i in fairy land?- Author Unknown   
Been using Fubar a lot more lately. Some very interesting people on here. I am really wanting to find some lovely young women that are wanting to put together a portfolio or just have some fun having their picture taken in the most respectful manner. What kind of pictures is strictly up for request and am willing to do this for free. I currently take pictures of our beautiful part of the world but would like to take pictures of the beautiful people in it. Some of my woek can be found at I will be discret as you wish if you do not want your pictures shared. I am also looking for someone who shares common interests, I'm sick of fake relationships where I have nothing in common and not "clicking" with my partner. I will not make any moves on any lady wishing to have their picture taken unless that is what they wish and what I wish. I am a gentleman and want to enjoy the beautiful aspects of live. Thanks for reading I have a myspace if you wish to get to kno
Part Of A Song Im Workin On...
Memorial Week-end
What can you say about this weekend except that it goes fast.  There is the 500 mile race,  Rolling Thunder in DC and the family picnics.  If that is not enough then tune into BlastFM for a rocking good time!  Get your weekend started on the right stomping foot then change to the left foot.  That's the start of a new dance phenom.
Definition Of....
STRESS The confusion created when One's own mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately needs it.
'm so tried but I keep going Like an old movie still showing. Many times have I wanted to sit down Put my feet up and lounge around. Its 7:50 pm on the time machine My pockets full of silver and green. But I could use an eight hour nap Because tomorrow is full of the same ol' crap
Not Named
Looked in her eyes today saw something great Lost what I was going to say now I'm in a shy state Simple moves now majestic strides all done with style Changes me like the tides from deep from to giant smile Sit and dream all through class wondering if she feels the same I really like that little lass but I fear my shame Maybe someday my words will peak we'll talk for sometime Then I won't feel like such a geek or act like a bad mime
Question For God
Thank you God, but I dont believe its true Gave me my own true love I dont know what to do I see her there all the time How do I make her mine? So full of peace,love and joy So close to perfect, but boy oh boy. It must be a cruel joke I really must be a dumb bloke She avoids me like the plague Her words always so vague I cant take her on a date She says I'm way too late She's in love with another man Was this part of your master plan? I bet you're laughing at me now Showing your friends just how You so easily won Damn you for make me fall for a...nun?!
Smash! Smash! Bang!  whats the dreadful sound? Crash!Slam! Crash!  did someone get in an accident? Bam! Goosh! Goosh!  quick someone get some help! Rip! Rip! Rip!  that sounds so close Crack! Splat! Drip!?  Why is my heart so heavy?   I can't believe its my heart making those sounds..
The Many Faces Of Towelie- Just To Get High
??are U The Devil??
Before you I had plans, Before you I knew what my future held. Before you I had made a promise to myself to make it But when you came in to my life…phewwww!!! But when you came into my life…Ohhhhhhh!!! But when you came into my life…Mmmhmm!!! Words cannot express what you did. I began planning my life with you as the muse. I began planning my life with you as the centerpiece. I began planning my life with you and me being synonymous. My life became our life, My dreams became our dreams, My goal became our goals. You made a vow to me You made a vow of unconditional love You made a vow to take care of my heart, But what happened, where are you? You went away just like you came into my life. Where is the year of assurance, of your love? Was this a game? Was this a challenge that you succeeded in? Are you the devil??? Now am alone, left to pick up the pieces, Now am alone, how can I get my ideas back to be one instead of two. Now am alone, should I celebrate? You made
I have to say that I have found a new freedom that I have not felt in awhile and as I slowly become me again my brain is working like it use to so there will prolly be useless blogs here but I thank you for reading them and commenting it means alot to get feed back on my writing!
Lust In Her Lips
If asked why I love her I would sayIt’s the sway in her hips,the thickness in her thighs.It’s the lust in her lips,the love in her eyes.It’s the softness of her skin,the silk in her hair.It’s the twist in her walk;it’s the sweetness in her talk.It’s the way she loves methat makes me love her each day.That is what I would say.
You Belong With Me
You're on the phone with your girlfriend, She's upsetShe's going off about something that you saidShe doesnt get your humour like I doI'm in the room, its a typical Tuesday nightI'm listening to the kind of music she doesnt likeAnd she'll never know your story like I doBut she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirtsShe's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachersDreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and findThat what you're lookin for has been here the whole timeIf you could see that I'm the one who understands youBeen here all along so why can't you see?You belong with meYou belong with meWalkin the streets with you in your worn out jeansI cant help thinking this is how it ought to beLaughing on the park bench thinkin to myselfHey isnt this easy?And you've got a smile that could light up this whole townI havent seen it in awhile, since she brought you downYou say you find I know you better than thatHey, Whatcha doing with a girl like that?She wears high heels, I wear sneakersShe's cheer c
Go Pay Your Respects.
“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.”   This weekend is a time of remberence. Make sure you take some of it to  say thank you-to Veterans, Active Military, and those who never made it home.  And if you're looking for a sight to see, go stop by a National Cemetary. I'm going to Ft.Snelling this weekend, there isn't much that compares to the sight of it. For me, it always brings tears.
"a Cinder In The Furnace Of The Damned "
When I was eight years old, my mother told me, don't even bother trying because you won't amount to anything anyway. You're just a cinder in the furnace of the damned. Yet somehow, I fought my way out of the gutter and I made myself who I am. But somehow, someway, it's always somebody else who gets my breaks.
The Best Cruise Ever~
The cruise was her idea. We'd never been on one before, and in fact, had never really considered it. We had always preferred to travel off the beaten path, away from the usual tourist areas. A cruise was so, well, touristy. Pre-packaged. "Fun-in-a-box" was the term we used, intended to be a bit derogatory. I mean, where was the fun in being herded into a town with a couple thousand typical American tourists with just enough time to hit the cheesy souvenir shops and gat couple overpriced and watered down drinks, only to get right back on the boat before sundown? We had always preferred to fly somewhere, find a local (non chain) hotel, chat with the owners, and just head out and start walking. We never really have a destination or a plan...just a great sense of adventure and a love of different cultures and people. Paradise was a local hole in the wall restaurant that the cruise ship crowd would be terrified of. It was this sense of adventure that had attracted us to each other in the fi
The Cost Of A Soldier ~
      A True Soldier is tough indeedstanding tall and strong when there is a needA Soldier also feels sadness, pain, and sorrowSometimes not looking forward to the trials of tomorrowWhen a Soldier is wounded in battlethe nerves of his buddies it does rattleWhen news reaches friends and family at homehow their worries and minds begin to roamA wounded Soldier feels inadequate at beststopping him from much needed healing restA wounded Soldiers wonders will he ever be alright, trusting in God that he'll make it through the night.When a Soldier is wounded far beyond repairthe loss and pain felt can not compareThe Cost of a Soldier is set so very highthey assure our freedom will always applyTo stand beside a Soldier and walk through his painwill humble a civilian, no longer to complainLove, patience, trust and hope is what a Soldier needsto get them through some very treacherous deedsDear Lord please watch over our Military todayas they work to keep our freedom everydayFor the wounded and
Ok, im still deciding on my INK.  I think i have it figured out, but since itll be big I need to get it right.  Sold a car to work on a project vehicle.  Hopefully itll turn out like the images in my FU has been great, now I need some buck, and more friends. Ha Ha
An Alternative To Waxing .... Lol
stupidity reigns supreme!       We all need a good laugh today!!
How Can You Tell It Is Being Sold By A Man?
And don't  cheat either!!It's not hard to tell!! This table was for sale on  eBay. How can you tell it is  being sold by a man? First look and  guess. You will find the answer  below, but don't cheat! Know the answer? If not,  scroll down now.....         OK,  Look in the mirror. Remember,  if you are posting a picture on the world-wide web, WEAR CLOTHES when taking  the picture. I  NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD...AND IT WAS POSTED ON eBay!!!  
Things U Shouldn't Be Finding In Your Garden
Things U Shouldn't be Finding in Your Garden ..........                  
Memorial Day
  As we fire up the grill to day let's please remember why we have our freedom today and take a moment of silent prayer for all the solders who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, also say a prayer for those who are in harms way now fighting for those same rights and don't forget our allies in this war for they are just as important. If you would please look at the web site , Please help these fine folks out any way you can.   If you have served in the armed forces or are serving now please let me say Thank You for your service and I would also like to say Thank You to all of our Allied forces for helping in our endevorse to make the world a safer place, and please pray for all the troops and leaders of the world that they may make the right choices and truly see the Hand of GOD in the work that they do .
Metallic Taste
Nothing more unique then the taste of metal. How a rosary feels so smooth, with all of its curves against your tongue. Chewing of a pen can be so jagged. The taste of the barrel of a gun can be so sweet. Tears rolling down sad eyes, running down old rough skin, down young smooth steel, to the hammer that I pull back. Warm breaths from my nose makes long mists of steam against the cold of the gun. Emotions from memories guide my muscles and tense around the trigger.   "I love you" and doubt enters in   "I won't hurt you" hate subsides   "I shared with him everything" and adrenaline starts, my finger shaking squeezing the trigger.   Gas fills the chamber and climbs to my mouth and death enters reprieve from the gun that jammed. Where was my luck when I met her, sarcasm in misery?  Drop the clip, pull the chamber, eject the bullet and try again.   Shaking worse than before. I hate the taste of that gas so let's try the temple. Cock back the hammer close my eyes and think of her.
Still Here
Begging and pleading with my heart to find one last courage. Going beyond what I know and standing up to my fears. Lust for you is want for my soul. To save this vision to last more than one frame and to pronounce my courage, overcoming shame. My soul lost and weak in desire for you my love, don’t let it down. In moments of last look I am humbled by the nature of your spirit. Loving and forgiving, but only tolerant till my own fault. I ask forgiveness too many times in the light of your majesty. All of my insecurities you erect in a glance that keep me cowering to no end. It is just a dream that keeps me next to you and only hope that keeps me at bay. Fighting to walk, fighting to stand still, fighting to keep my soul the same as you left it the night you said goodbye. Choosing to stay shows weakness to all eyes but mine. If I f fail I fail and I still gain a moment. A moment in your thoughts, your creativity, is still all a moment I keep unprotected and wanting another. For m
Where Else U Can Find Me!
I'm not just here! I'm mainly on myspace (  But here r some other places you guys can get a hold of me..... Myspace:  - I'm mainly there for my friends/family & fans! - follow me on whats goin on and get instant updates from your phone!Facebook - :
Kinky Rain~
Her flesh was hot from her Master's touch the cool mist from the rain wetting her naked created steam which she breathed in with every intake of breath. she was lost, she was lost in a place outside her mind and body floating in a place her Master made safe for her. Her desires were His today and that made all He would do, perfect.His hand wrapped tightly in her hair His fingers gripping strongly limiting her mobility making it easy to guide her exactly as He wished. Being taken from her chair where she was quietly reading by the hair so suddenly awakened every inch of flesh, there was no fear for she knew her Master's touch. she had settled in to her quiet place having tasted her Master's cum that morning, she felt content even though she as always, anticipated His need for her again. The tugging of her hair set her mind into motion, it was then she began to flyi could barely stay on my feet and keep with His pace. Already i could feel the wetness licking at my thighs. Master had been
While Your Lips Are Still Red
sweet little words made for silence not talk young heart for love not heartache dark hair for catching the wind not to veil the sight of a cold world kiss while your lips are still red while he's still silent rest while bosom is still untouched, unveiled hold another hand while the hand's still without a tool drown into eyes while they're still blind love while the night still hides the withering dawn first day of love never comes back a passionate hour's never a wasted one the violin, the poet's hand, every thawing heart plays your theme with care kiss while your lips are still red while he's still silent rest while bosom is still untouched, unveiled hold another hand while the hand's still without a tool drown into eyes while they're still blind love while the night still hides the withering dawn
Wallmart Train Wreck Diaster
i went outside today to take my son to the airport...and so since i was already outside i decided to stop by the evil corrupt anti-bleeding heart liberal...yes i am running low on hair dye and shot gun shells. i guess it was at that moment that it occurred to me that it is once again that time of year when every naughty little blond grew up in Roseville daddy is a ear nose and throat dr. or a senator...and her pussy tastes like money and pineapple crush, and she looks like seventeen but she is really twenty two and on her third year as a aspiring sac state whore but she goes to sierra and is taking three units and wants to be a model, and drives a lexus she got from her dad for graduating high school and so anyway i have seen these chemical peal dipped in bullshit girls for years now, and normally i see them at the mall cause i am there to buy my one pair of year of like new balance cause even guys that wear docs everyday have to have a pair of normal guy sneakers that
0002. Uninhibited
Uninhibited…  I walked in from a hard day to find you waiting on me You were there and I couldn't hold back My restraint was gone I slammed the door closed Locked it Turned off my phone Shut the windows And I looked into your eyes And you knew what was next I picked you up and you straddled my waist I kissed you deeply So deeply that your tongue fought me I was unrelenting You were beautiful to me I had to have you Immediately I set you down after a time I pushed you up against the wall I ripped your blouse off Took off your skirt to reveal your legs I heard you moan when this went on I then Immediately removed your black lace thong And I plowed into your pubes face first I wanted to taste you in the worst way You spread your legs to let me in As your clit and I was becoming reintroduced You held my head there for an eternity I licked you over and over You hiked one leg over my shoulder As I continued to administer this tongue laced treatment I set you down after a time and ma
A Simple Thing Or Is It?
A Simple thing…or is it? I have often wondered I have often dreamed I have often conjured What would it be like? I have been curious I have been wondering I have been thoughtful What would it be like? It drives me to ask It drives me to let it linger in my mind It drove me to satisfy my curiosity… What would it be like? I have wanted to see… I have wanted to take a moment… I had to decide what it would take to ask What would it be like? What would it be like to feel you close What would it be like to feel your breath? What would it be like to feel your embrace? What would it be like to feel your kiss? What would I be like? What would you be like afterward? What would be like between us? What would it be like? The forbidden, the taboo… The purgatory is like Pandora’s box, It’s dangerous if opened, But—What would it be like?
To The Wanna Be Homewrecker
I don't mind giving it all up,sacrificing all i know.Leaving everything behind mefor the unknown.Two souls torn apart in another life.Seperated by death, then reborn again.Many miles apart were their heartswondering the earth in search for one another.She found me by luck of the drawHappyness reined when her voicecollided with my ears.Who was to know that we'd be seperated again.Through the vastness of space came a dead star.Falling to earth, shattering our bond.My heart crushedShe was lured in my what the star had to say.I waited around for my love,to come back again one day.Years passed, but i never gave up hopeMy love still a flickering flame inside my heart.I waited and waited in dismay.Not something i normally do,but i prayed and prayed.The god like creature that i call hopeanswered my prayers and lifted the smokefrom my loves eyes, allowing her to see what kind of manthat man had to be.8 years now from the time we first metI waited patiently, that's all i could do.Now my time has
A Life Without Love. . .
I love this poem and its so true!!! A Sunset without a sun is no sunset at all. A life without love is no life at all. A rainbow without colors is no rainbow at all. And heart without feelings is no human at all. All these things need something to be, Either a sun or a person or a crayon, If only to create what nature said was meant to be. A sunset makes us feel as though the world has been born again. A life with love lets us know it's worth to let someone in. A rainbow with colors thats a moment frozen in time, to be grateful for all that is beautiful and feel all the glory inside. A heart that has feelings, well that would be me. For I love just the thought of you and hope you feel the same for me. Life without our love, is an emptiness I'm not sure I wish to face. Because I know that time will never be able to erase. I wish our love was as simple as a sunset, ready to be born again. But I know in truth love only comes from within. So I'll keep watching for my sunset, and look
. . .
Some day you'll cry for me like i cried for you,Some day you'll miss me like i missed you, Some day you'll need me like i needed you, Some day you'll love me but i won't love you.but you said you didn't want to see me get hurt, so does that mean you closed your eyes when I cried? Even when I pour my heart out to you,I'm not sure it shows,that I love you more than you'll ever know. And sometimes we tend to be in despair when the person we love leaves us, but the truth is, it's not our loss, but theirs, for they left the only person who wouldn't give up on them. when you come to say you love mei will be gone because i got tired of chasing you. you should have opened up your eyes and seen how much i really did love you. you played with my heart like a toyi have better things to do then be played be a boy. truth is, im sorry for the things that happened,i wish it could go back to normalchances are they wont.
Back Stabbing Bitch . . .
i hate the way you treat me like im some object and when your done with me you toss me to the side to bad you do that to everyone and they are just waking up   yea you never thought people would find out how two-faced you are  
The Way You Are . . .
  you say im insane and im starting to believe your right no one and i mean no one would let them selfs be put through as much crap as you put me through   i dont even know why i try when i already know im setting my self up for the let down   you say your not like other guys and as hard as i try to believe that tacky line you prove me wrong again
Unknown . . .
So many thoughts,I don't know where to begin,I'll start from my heart,and what I feel within.I still have feelings,which haven't changed,because when you left memy life was re-arranged.I used to cryso many times a day,but lately those tearshave been fading away.I am hoping thatmy brighter day soon will come,and maybe, just maybe,I'll find that special someone.I will find someonewho's right for me,who loves meand lets me be all I can be.Yet the thought of you and him,is tearing me apart,because you will always have a special placein my broken heart.Do I still love you?Yes, I do,but another part of meis getting over you.I never thought I would say this,but I simply have to confess,with each and every day that goes by,I love you less and less.I just wanted to be with you,but now you're gone,and the time has comefor me to move on.You meant so much to me,in fact, you still do,from the bottom of my heart,I loved you too. -unknown
Hurting . . .
This lie's become a part of meFor months, I've played this gameActing like it doesn't hurtEach time I hear his nameIgnoring what's inside of mePretending I've moved onAs if the feelings I once hadFor him are somehow goneSpending each and every dayWith happiness and laughsForgetting all our memoriesAvoiding photographsBut last night when I saw himFor the first time since he leftMy heart stopped for a moment...I couldn't catch my breathWhen suddenly it hit meAs the tears started to flowThat even after all this time...I just can't let him go
Bess Frann . . .
i couldnt explain to you why we are bestfriends you wouldnt understand  before we was just foes but somehow we grew into what we are now our life is filled with so many laughs so many blonde moments and inside jokes (that only we get)   your always there for me and you back me up no matter what but let me know when im wrong  
United States Of Embarrassment
Look to Bush for answers we don't getHe's to blame for what we don't haveNo way to turn it around.Now there's no looking backHis decisions have brought on a recessionAnd caused another great depression. Watch as the world crumbles around you (us)The crumbling economic situationLeading to civilization mutilationCrime rates increase as the money flow begins to cease4 more years to 2012 People's right to vote, rejectedAnd stuffed back in our throatsDoesn't matter what we sayMoney speaks louder than any voiceMoney means more than any lifeWe can't live our life our wayIn this united states of embarrassment. Watch as the world crumbles around us (you)The crumbling economic situationLeading to civilization mutilationCrime rates increase as the money flow begins to cease4 more years to 2012. The price of their lives, but for what?Lack of fear from foreign terrorThe fear is real, but the fear we should be fearing is hereWe can't live our lives this wayChildren going hungry like some third
Masturbating In Public.
Jerking off around people is fun, but it can have an overall negative influence on your personality. For example, there's twenty minutes left on the bus ride home and you're all alone in the back. You begin spanking and all of a sudden a terrifying wave of paranoia rushes over you. Frantically looking around, you pay attention to every little thing people say because you're worried they might catch on to your horrible agenda. A girl in the front of the bus says, "Look at that flower," to her friend. You hear that and think, "Flower? Plant? Tree? Log? Wood? Does she know? Holy shit!" Panicking, you quickly cover up and look around the bus for hidden cameras and mirrors.   See what I mean? You have to be confident. Even if people do catch on that you're stroking, you must maintain control and stay calm. One time I was bored so I took off my pants and furiously beat off. Everything was going great until I lost control and huffed loudly. At that point, everybody in the church turned arou
Life is living through hell shit ain't well I fail disease that is sickning is tickin. I'm as angry aggravatis per verve fetish. Life for me ain't nothin worth then a dispurse of what is worse. Lit wit acid fuse used long with abused. In a world where my mind is not where to be. fheelin lost confuzed dazed in this dark space of no place fheel likin my life is a mystery. Everytime i wake up shit round me ain't so fhuckin clearly. It's dreary everyone waitin to fhuckin threat or kill me but why cuz there jealous I'm murderous if ya try to get close slittin all of ur throats. Rich cats smack 'em in the head with bats cuz they ain't worth not a dayum shit to me. Check my last shit i'll murder you in a horroriflicus 360 I murder like esham was my last my favorite jam. I'm seemin to never take shit no more my mind thought plauged filled with hate/paranoia. Havin strange weird dreams where i'm somewhere else. Different place no like of taste misface fheelin between useless & a waste. Thoughts
Juggalo's Song
This goes out to those juggalo's, lette's, ninja's, jette's, whomeverYo this a song for the juggalo's a song for the juggalo's song for the juggalo'shere it go my name is kris n i got flow but this song here be for the juggalo's n the lettes & all that. Cuz i'm down with the hatchet n it's like that i kno family got my back. I'm real proud to be down & be a juggalo way since i listen to hell's pit & carnival of carnage. You wanna kno what it be a bout it's the gathering where all the juggalo's, lettes & all psychpathic family be. It's a real dayum shame cuz i'm not gonna be there. You ask why cuz it's far & cuz it's lot of money. Hey but there is somethin least i can make it to n that's seein twiztid & n.y.c on the 27th at b.b. king's club for my 1st time. That's fhresh what i kno is even gonna be fhresher is the gathering of the juggalos. See the gathering is a big event where all artist's gonna be performing like i.c.p twiztid, blaze ya dead homie n a whole bunch of other acts anothe
Part Three~
She could remember when she longed for the gag to be removed, the thrill she had felt when the kitten worked at the strings and she thought she might be rid of it. Now that it was gone, Elyndria was more frightened that she would unconsciously make a sound or moan and be punished for it. Her captor had left no doubt in her mind that he would not stand for disobedience and restrained as she was, she had little choice but to submit to his demands. Still, she often found herself now licking her lips, or running her tongue across her teeth, savoring the sensations she had been denied before. There fact the gag had been removed gave her hope that other of her restraints would be removed, and then her chance would come to escape.She thought she heard movement off to her left and strained to listen for any sign of someone there. She started to call out a hello, but caught herself just as her lips formed the word, remembering her command to remain silent unless spoken too. The silence surround
Wish Me Luck & Pray 4 Me (please).
I will be going before a judge today to get the no contact taken off my husband do to the fact that my kids need their father, and with me being sick as I have been for months on end, I need him here to help with the house work, ect... I know people may not understand why in the hell someone would take a person thats aggressive back into the home however he went an seen a doctor to see what might be the problem well come to find out he has serve bipolar & depression.. That there can make someone be this way so he is on meds to control his systoms... I just need him back is all because the day before yesterday I went into see my internal doctor an I've lost more weight I'd say about 3LBS, last time it was 154 1/2 now I'm down to 151.8LBS which the doctor said isn't looking good, anyways I just thought I'd bring this to you all & vent for a few sec before going before this judge cause I haven't seen one in damn near 20 years and hell I'm freaking the hell out at this point & time, cause
Seems like yesterday we were riding the bus touring the cityWhether it was to Montgomery wards where i didn't listen when you told me to tie my shoes and i ended up with stitches or to toys r us so i could get the latest ninja turtle toy. I remember all those times I'd stay over your house. You'd let us run around and play with the other kids until dinner time. You were always happy that we were having fun. I remember the Halloween that i was dressed up as smurfette and the pants kept matter how how many times it took you kept trying to stitch them together so i could go back out and collect more candy. Now all i can do is sit by your side and watch time go by. I hope that i have been the grandson that you had hoped for. I hope I'm the man that you expected me to be. You've taught me so much throughout the last 27 years. Its from you that i have learned what honor and respect are. Watching how you handled all the rough times has shown me what undying love means. I'm not sure
Kit Made Me Do It
RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take it RULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks! LAST PERSON YOU.... [1] Who was the last person you texted? Mandy [2] You were in the car with? My sons [3] Went to the mall with? What's a mall? [4] Person you talked on the phone with? a member [5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar? Mr.Prather T/F Only answer with True or False Q:Kissed some one on your top friends? true Q: Been searched By Cops? True Q: Been suspended from school? True Q: Sat on a roof top? True Q: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? True Q: Broken a bone? False Q: Have shaved your head? False Q: Played a prank on someone? True Q: Had/have a gym membership? true Q: Shot a gun? True Q: Donated Blood? False WOULD YOU RATHER: [1] Eat or drink? drink [2] Be serious or be funny? funny [3] Go to the bea
Owners Manual Part2
My body ached from its use yesterday. I moved to Master and knelt by his bed. He was beginning to wake and reached over and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head to his cock. It was semi-erect. My lips immediately sucked him in. I swirled my tongue around the head and licked feeling it grow inside my mouth. It quickly began to become too much for my mouth but Master kept my nose to his pubic hair until I began to gag. He released my hair and allowed me to work his cock with my hands and mouth. I tried to take more of him down my throat but gagged each time. Master pressed a button above his bed and the girl from yesterday entered the room. She moved beside me and rooted me out of the way and immediately buried Master's cock down her throat. She bobbed her head slightly, keeping the enormous cock all the way down her throat. Master's hips were bucking and he began to grunt as his orgasm came and his cum pumped into the girl. I was ashamed and could not look as she had pleasure
O.k. Guys!
I know I haven't been on lately do to my treatments for cervical cancer however I need some help leveling up, I will return the favore when ever possible..... Thanks So Much, Love Always Your Friend Jaime!
30 Th May 2009
Each one of your dreams are worthy of a lesson at the very least.
I would like to thank those who have helped me out, by getting my leveling down however still need more of that lovin....   Much love to you all, your friend Jaime!
2 Those I Missed!
""""""Love you dayYOU HAVE 20 MINUTES TO TELL 5 OF YOUR SWEETEST FRIENDS THAT YOU LOVE THEM (INCLUDING ME)SO .... "I LOVE YOU"!GO! AND TAG YOU'RE IT!!YOU HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED ONE OF MY SWEETEST FRIENDS ON MY LIST.... XOXOXO.L*O*V*E* Y*O*U*! Today is love u day. Send 2 everyone you love. Whether it's real love or friend love.Ur spoiled if you get 4 back"""""
Where Do I Go
He once again has forgotten me.Many unreasonably long hours pass,And I am still alone,Not one word heard.Worn out and blue I feel.Haven't done much but still exhausted.My thoughts belonging to himHave distracted me throughout the day.But like always,Great times don't seem to last.One day love, hugs, and kiss.Promises to always be there.The next abandoned.Tight burning words in my throat,Waiting, a lot more patiently,to be burst out.I HATE YOU!It is what I want to scream.I MISS YOU!Is what my heart yells.Such pain isMy punishmentFor falling into loves wings.I am such a fool.Such torture isMy prizeFor falling into his arms.I am only blind.
Near or far Where ever your travels lead you know that you will always be in my heart despite everything you put me through pain, heart break, and not feeling wanted but I'm over that now I've moved on to a better and different place knowing what I've wanted and needed has made me a better person
Untitled 2
feelings of despair fall over melike a cloud of darknessa bottle in one hand a glass of cheap champagne in the otherlowering myself into icy cold water taking pill after pilldrinking glass after glasstaking the last stepi pick up the razorwatching the blood flow so slowlysuddenly i enter a dark abyssam i in heaven hell
Find Me
hi im ehra madrigal and im looking for fun ,,.,. and i like to know you better and im looking for sex experiences for real .,,.,.,. and i need guy who have experiences so you can teach me ,.,.,.,. if your interested be my friend or to have some fun with me ,.,.,.,.hit me up,.,.,.,.,. and the same to my hot male ,.,.,.,. i hope we will meet each other ,.,.,.,. i will make you happy WARNING: IF YOU DONT HAVE A CREDIT CARD DONT ADD ME OK ,.,.,.,.,.,. YOUR WASTING MY TIME
Michael Jackson- You Can't Win
You can't win You can't break even And you can't get out of the game People keep sayin' Things are gonna change But they look just like You're stayin' the same You get in way over your head And you only got yourself to blame You can't win Chile (You can't win Chile) You can't break even And you can't get out of the game You can't win The world keeps movin' And you're standin' far behind People keep sayin' Things'll get better (Just to ease your state of mind) (So you lean back, and you smoke that smoke) (And you drink your glass of wine) So you can't win, Chile You can't break even And you can't get out of the game You can't win, you can't win no way If your story stays the same (You ain't winnin'), No, no, (But it's nice to see you) (I'm awfully glad you came) (Better cool it 'cause It ain't about losin') And the world has got no shame You can't win, Chile You can't break even You can't get out of the game You can't win You can't break even Ain't the way it's supposed to be (You'
Yard Work (erotic Fiction)
I finally release the safety bale on the lawn mower and let the engine putter to a stop. The yard is now finely manicured and the rolling green slope falls gently away from the back of our house. We worked hard on making this house our home, endlessly pestering the builder until it was exactly what we envisioned… our own little kingdom atop this hill. I turn and admire the view of the river valley below, and the peacefulness of our private estate. Turning around, the cool water of our pool beckons. I start a purposeful walk towards the oasis, shedding my clothes as I go, losing the last of them as I pass the chaise lounges. I crumble in pool in a heaped mass of exhaustion and let the refreshing shock of the water sweep over my body. Tumbling below the surface, I feel splinters of sunshine tracing my muscles. The breath in my lungs finally pulls me to the surface where the warmth of the sun sharply contrasts the chill of the pool. But the counterpoint itself is relaxing. Allowi
A TRUE FRIENDA true friend never walks awayA true friend will always stayA true friend looks out for youA true friend will guard your secretsLike a precious giftA true friend is there for youTo give you a helpful liftA true friend tries to make you smileTries to replace that frownThey may not always succeedBut they rarely let you downThese arms for you are openThis heart for you does careAnd which I think you need meI will always be thereI will listen to your fearsI promise not to laughComfort your falling tearsI will make this friendship lastI will keep you near my heartI will always hold you dearEven when we're miles apartEven when you are hereI hope I am to youEverything you are to meFor the friendship we haveIs a special one indeed that's what you call a true friendship and that came from my heart I Haven't Posted In A While...!shoot Me!!!
Anyway... I've endured some good times, bad times, and general mediocre times… Not much has happened in my life. The job is good, but could be better. Don't have much of a social life, given the hours I work… And just starting to figure out where I wanna be in my life… On the better side of things… I've met someone on the internet… Seems to be going well (knock on wood) And yes, you know who you are, My Heart… You're always on my mind. I hope we can work out the distance thing, and close the gap between us. You being there, with me !WAY! Over here doesn't work…now does it? Yes, My Heart, I know it's just a matter of you figuring things out. And you know I'll be here for ya when you're ready to come to daddy… And when you do, I'll be more than willing to treat you the way you want…!AND! the way you deserve…which may not always seem like the same ways… But you !KNOW! I'll treat you the way you want…above
I had closed the door upon my heartand wouldnt let anyone in,I had trusted and loved only to be hurt,But,that would never happend again.I had locked the door and tossed the keyas hard,and as far as I could,Love would never eneter there again,My heart was clsoed for good.Then you came into my life,And made me change my mind,Just when I thought that tiny key,was impossible to find.That's when you held out your handAnd proved to me I was wrong.Inside your palm was the key to my heart,For you held it all along.        
As I Sit Here, Looking Into The Mirror...
...I ponder the reasons before me... ...counting the ways I could adore thee... ...Searching into the abyss... ...seeing the painful bliss... ...every concept I see... misery set free... ...I look into the shadow... ...reaching for that one true fiasco... ...running into the night... ...caring not for the fight... ...I throw myself into the fire... ...embracing our desire... ...My life I give... let My Heart live... ...granting you your sweet release... ...I can die in peace... soul reclaimed... ...just as we had aimed...   05/06/09 Mr. E
People often say that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves.Whatever is in any way beautiful hath its source of beauty in itself, and is complete in itself; praise forms no part of it. So it is none the worse nor the better for being praised.
My Sex Sign
Your Sex Sign is... You're fierce, forceful, and dominant. Lovers leave your bedroom with a few scratches and bites - if they're lucky! You're a born performer and totally hot. Everyone begs to be your slave.Leo, many people are attracted to your dazzling style. You are always at the center of attention. Heads turn when you enter a room. You are flamboyant, glamourous, and spectacularly attractive.You are known and sought after for her fiecy, forceful lovemaking. You're totally abandoned (and noisy!) in bed.You kick, bite, scratch, and scream with pleasure. You like rough, heavy foreplay - and hot pounding intercourse. You like to play the dominant role in S & M games.One of your strongest sexual traits is your exhibitionism. You adored being watched during sex. (Have a cam in your bedroom yet?)First, you do a slow, sexy strip tease for your lover. You become aroused yourself as you peel off your sparkly thong. You especially like to have mirrors strategically placed so that
What Cartoon Are You
Everyone has a personality of a cartoon character. Have you ever asked yourself what cartoon character do you most resemble? A group of investigators got together and analyzed the personalities of well known and modern 20  cartoon characters. The information that was gathered was made into this test.Answer all the questions (only 10) with what describes you best, add up all your Points (which are next to the answer that you choose) at the end and look for your results. Do not cheat by looking at the end of the e-mail before you are done Then forward this to all your friends (  including the person who sent it to you ) and change the subject of this message to which character you are.1. Which one of the following describes the perfect date? a) Candlelight dinner (4 pts.)b) Fun/Theme Park (2 pts.)c) Painting in the park (5 pts) d) Rock concert  (1 pt.)e) Going to the movies (3 pts.) 2. What is your favorite type of music? a) Rock and Roll (2 pts.)b) Alternative (1 pt.)c) Soft Rock (4 pts
Cyber Love
CYBER LOVE          Cyber love is a figment of our imagination. A wonderful fantasy of our individual creation. I bought all the lines that came to own me. Never understanding the feelings that I couldn't see. Never realizing my heart he was stealing. Too caught up in the overwhelming feeling. Some people need a lesson to learn. I got mine and can still feel the burn. I never allow myself to make the same mistake twice. So don't read more into my words because I'm just being nice. I can be your friend but my secrets you"ll never know. Inside of my heart is someplace you will never go. Even when you believe you are very close to me. A superficial women is all you will ever see. So don't ask me for love or something else I don't feel. I'm not trying to be a bitch ,I'm just keeping it real. Everything that matters is what I won't share. So don't be foolish and begin to really care. Please ask nothing from me except some casual chat. Because that is all I have to give..nothing b
Don't you just love karma? When you open your heart and give all you have to someone, eventually good things will come your way! But look out!!! When you royally screw someone over, and leave them to suffer.... thank God for Karma! It will eventually come back and bite you hard, just when you least expect it!   This is for all the people who think they can go through life, taking and stealing what they want from anyone. There will be consequences... when you've forgotten all about taking and hurting, and you've moved on to your next victim, you will get just what you deserve. And I for one will be smiling and laughing my butt off!!!   Good luck with that! You know who you are....   Muahs
Cleaning Out The Lists!
Family, then friends.... I'm sick of adding peoples in which don't even wanna talk, or even buy ya a drink... Say hello every once in a while! Anyways ya'll have a wonderful day.  
Wetness trails up my thighas you devour my breastspert nipples aching sweetnessthat spreads through my bodysoft moans of joywriggling against cloththat entwines my wrists and anklesunable to reciprocateonly able to takehips lift as fingers pressand an emptiness is fillednot full but stretchedopening to arousalwetness seeps downwardsand i shudder a're above me nowhands wrapped around my shouldersfingers twined through my hairas you bury yourselfwithin me.trying to movewanting to givebut you only takeand i can only receive.faster and hardermurmuring sweet words"Good girl"into my necki cry out my relaseflooding juices on the bed.your movements changebecome all for yourselfdemanding, takingand i rise above the cloudsas you pillage mehelpless but willingenthralled in ecstacyas you gasp and thrustand pulse within me.soft afterglowas you untie my bodyand i can finally hold youstroking, lovingas you kiss my lips. ~W.H.  2009~
Zebrahead- Into You
For a minute, she's stuck spinning in it Still it's better to lose hope than dying in it Off track, impact, slam! She's lying in it Now she leads the way to the lost cost exhibit You got to break through the walls that try to hold you Fool you so that fear will always mold you Push through Find that the walls are beneath you And the end of the line is a brand new avenue You said nothing in this world could ever Make you feel better than I do (HEY HEY) You said no one in this world could ever Take away all this from you So hold on just a little longer When you don't feel that you belong All I want is a chance to fall into you What a sin it's to find fulfillment If it's better to crash land than flying in it Violins, silence, anger violence Says to herself "I'm going out of my mind" [Repeat Chorus] Break yourself from old ties that hold you down You inspire me, You inspire me I don't mind wasting time with you [Repeat Chorus]
Head Of Over Heals Or Just Keep Spinnig The Wheels?
Only One?
Recently I have been thinking alot about being in "love" and what that actually means...I feel like I could make it work with thousands of different girls. People always say "aww he/she is the ONE"..Is there really only ONE person out there that you can fall in love with and live happily ever after? And when a girl says "you won't find another girl like me" am I actually able to find a "better" girl than the one I was with?! Lots of confusing stuff which makes me think ALOT!
He Never Left
He Never Left Light breeze whispersCaressing her nape.A chill sent through her body,Tingle, numbness;She hears a flutter.Could it be? Has He returned?Eyes closed,Magnificent hope,She’s awaited this moment,Longed for Him to come again.The anticipation consumes her.Her breath laboredAs if inhaling His soul.His touch,Light as the feathers that adorn him.She melts into His gentle arms.In the strength of His hands, She is protected.For though she’s already fallen,He will never let her fall.As she awakens, Gazes upon His lovely face;The kindness in His eyes,His tender lips,The essence of love that radiates from His skinEnvelops her completely.Sigh of relief, Her angel has returned.Though she doesn’t realizeHe never left.
Sonnet 130
Sonnet 130   by William Shakespeare My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun;Coral is far more red, than her lips red:If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.I have seen roses damasked, red and white,But no such roses see I in her cheeks;And in some perfumes is there more delightThan in the breath that from my mistress reeks.I love to hear her speak, yet well I knowThat music hath a far more pleasing sound:I grant I never saw a goddess go, My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground:And yet by heaven, I think my love as rare,As any she belied with false compare.
Ok now that we've introduced ourselves this is a photo/lifestyle blog about my life as the hype man/photographer for parties and general mayhem in Washington, DC. I'll tell you about cool things going down and you can take a look at my newest photos and see and live vicariously through me or you can just hop in the car and come out sometime .Well, anyway last week proved to be massive unlike anything else..Photos to come soon but in the mean time have fun looking at some oldies but goodies, while i go have a shot. What 2pm is too early to indulge, not if you’re on buffet time or Rush Limbaugh (Snort..Snort..He loves the Cocaine he loves the Cocaine).   Garai  
Eyelids flutter, the soft rustle of the wind in the trees outside the bedroom window; she turns to Him, watching as He sleeps. Amazed at the way this man can bring chills to her spine after such a short time. Grateful to be here with Him, her Master; after all those months submitting to Him online; she is finally where she was made to be. Their relationship started as most cyber ones do, flirting in the main room, a few private sessions; neither realizing it would ever come to this until they stood in front of one another at the airport. He had sent for her, she is still in awe; for she had not even a second thought when the airline tickets arrived. She belonged to Him online, heart and soul and soon, body. She was still a bit confused as to why they had not yet had a session, chalking it up to nervousness on both their parts; or maybe it was just not time yet. She’s only been here less than 24 hours after all.Her hazel eyes roam over Him, the soft black sheets tangled within His
Property Part2
I stood in front of the full-length mirror and slipped into my new dress shirt. It didn't look too bad – maybe I wasn't the conventional ladykiller type, but for a certain type of woman I was attractive. The shirt was adorned with dancing red flames and devil's forks, over a black backdrop."What do you think, pet?" I asked M.She was kneeling on the floor next to me, watching me with big, sad eyes.She was, of course, insanely jealous that I was going out tonight. She grumbled a response, and I laughed at her."Look at me," I said to her. She looked up, and I spit in her face. "Don't be a bitch. Tell me what you think."Her lower lip trembled. Sticky clear ooze shined from her thighs. She didn't move to wipe off her face."You look very handsome, sir," she whispered."Thank you," I said with a smile. "Now go fetch my black shoes."As she crawled away I admired the new tail she had, and smacked her ass. The week before I had found a lovely buttplug at the adult superstore, a thick black
It Breaks Your Heart..
It breaks your heart when people you know,become people you knew;when you can walk rite past some one as if they were never a huge part of their life.U use to be able to talk for hours and now you can't even look each other in the damn eye.It completly breaks your heart to know that good things change;and there's nothing you can do... 
Blastfm Live!
It's here and live!  BlastFM is starting its live broadcast with DJ Rick Darling from 3PM to 6PM EST.  The broadcast originates from Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  Tune in this Monday, June 15, 2009 for the first official live broacast.  See you there!
Eight Rooms Of Sin: Room Three Part2
Sarah's body was on fire, Kieran could tell. She was shifting and purposely rubbing herself against his leg, humping it much like a bitch in heat would hump a stud. Kieran spread his legs wider and grabbed her hair. "I think you can hold off on that, can't you?" She pouted, but he chuckled. Turning her head, she took a peek and moaned, as she watched Master flick his wrist and send the whip to take a taste of slut's pussy. Kieran noticed her expression and grinned. He stored the information in his memory, felt his sex jump at the fantasy and then saw her catch the action out of the corner of her eye. With a clenched jaw he saw her make her way to his balls. When she enveloped them into her warm mouth, his hips rose up to give her better access. He groaned with pleasure when she took the offer and gathered his balls so deep into her hot haven that her lips pressed against his body. "Oh fuck, Sarah," he moaned and for a moment forgot about Master and slut. **Whoosh Kieran jerked up and w
A Smile On Her Face~
Shelby entered the hotel room and immediately let her wool coat fall to the floor. Her master Robert drew her to him, kissed her blood-red mouth, then pushed her away so he could assess her appearance: Just as he requested, her plump, curvaceous body was bound at the waist by a form-fitting black bustier. The steel boning pushed her ample breasts up and forced her tapered waist to constrict her breathing. Her thick, fleshy cunt was covered by a tight, sheer thong that pushed the lips out and up. He was pleased. Touching the exposed cunt lips, Robert noted they were free of hair and slick with her juices. Shelby felt Robert's probing fingers along with the fabric of the thong straining against her shaved cunt, and gushed even more juice onto his hand. Robert forced the thick index finger of his right hand deep into her snatch. He fucked her cunt until her juices covered his hand and wrist, then force-fed his finger into her mouth. Roughly, he pushed his finger down her throat, forcing h
A Special Glow~
One day I met a girl with "a special glow,"The kind that inflames immediate desire.She was a lovely five feet two inch small Blond,And her perfectly shaped figure lit my fire!We didn't waste a lot of time with small talk,Cause what we both needed was just one small thing.A private place that the both of us could share,And make both our sexual fantasies sing!There was a "special pleasure" as we undressed,Because I saw a "Goddess" revealed to me.Her perfect figure with small breasts was "Heaven,"And her tight plump bottom was SOMETHING to see!She was a natural Blond but without proof,Because she always kept her pussy shaved bare.To me her pussy looked like a feast waiting,And it didn't take me long to get down there!Her pussy's lips were smooth as any peaches,And when they pulled apart they showed a flower.The way it's pink Rose color glistened wetly,Showed me what my inflamed brain wanted devoured!I began with my tongue gently caressing,The inside folds of her vulva's tender lips.I lick
Pain By The Game
[Chorus: Keyshia Cole] See, ever since the day I got the chance to make a change I've been in this game, it's a new day And I'm making it known 'cause I just want the world to know I'm paying my dues, and I got the utmost, I just wanna let you know I'm payin' homage 'cause you've paved the way for me, yeah [Verse 1: The Game] I swear to God, it feel like every day is my birthday Let the top down, California's my birthplace So I'ma take you there like B.I.G took niggaz to New York "Juicy" had us feeling like we was from New York And that's real shit blazed the Philly It's summertime shout out to Will Smith 'cause who didn�t wanna be the Fresh Prince Flat top, gold chain and some fresh kicks? My nigga Nas told me money make the world go round And Uncle Luke showed me how to make my girl go down I've been around Hip Hop since '85 She had her ups and downs but she stayed alive I used to think LL stood for Love LA He from Queens, how the fuck he put that with Cool J? Red Kangol hat,
Aint It Funny By Jennifer Lopez
It seemed to be like the perfect thing for you and meIt's so ironic you're what I had pictured you to beBut there are facts in our livesWe can never changeJust tell me that you understand and you feel the sameThis perfect romance that I've created in my mindI'd live a thousand livesEach one with you right by my sideBut yet we find ourselves in a less than perfect circumstanceAnd so it seems like we'll never have the chanceAin't it funny how some feelings you just can't denyAnd you can't move on even though you tryAin't it strange when your feeling things you shouldn't feelOh, I wish this could be realAin't it funny how a moment could just change your lifeAnd you don't want to face what's wrong or rightAin't it strange how fate can play a partIn the story of your heartSometimes I think that a true love can never beI just believe that somehow it wasn't meant for meLife can be cruel in a way that I can't explainAnd I don't think that I could face it all againI barely know you but somehow
My Boo By Usher
Usher: There's always that one person that will always have your heartYou never see it coming cause you're blinded from the start Know that you're that one for me, it's clear for everyone to seeOoh baby, you will always be my booJermaine DepriI don't know about y'all but I know about us and uhh it's the only way we know how to rock (repeat)Usher VerseDo you remember girl, who was the one who gave you your first kissCause I remember girl who was the onewho said put your lips like thisEven before all the fame and people screaming your nameGirl I was there and you were my babyChorus 1:UsherIt started when we were younger and you were mine (my boo)Now another brothers' taken over but its' still in your eyes (my boo)Even though we use to argue it's alright (it's alright girl, that's okay)And if we haven't seen each other in a while, but you will always be my booChorus 2: BeyonceI loved you when we were younger you were mine And when I see from time to time I still feel like,And if I see you
Profiles That Really Fuckin Bother Me...still
1. Folks that have there profiles set as private. Whats the point? This is myspace right? A community network. What are these people hiding, and who are they hiding it from?2. The hearts before and after their name. These girls are what I like to call maneaters. Chew em up and spit em out. From my experience they are all the same. If youve seen Heathers, then you know what Im talking about.3. Profiles with no Pictures. What is wrong with your face? Everyone has a camera phone or a scanner. 4. Profiles with bad pictures. Almost as bad as having nothing at all. Lets see, im gonna wake up and take my picture first thing. What are these people thinking? Let me take the ugliest picture I can, I dont have anything to prove. And yet, Im gonna get dressed up to go to the grocery store.5. Bad layouts. I can tolerate most anything. Except when I have to scroll horizontally for 3 hours to post a comment. 6. Body shots. Theres nothing wrong with showing skin to the world. Im just a little bothered
Staph Now...
staph infection...seems to be doing better though...waiting for culture to zero in on the particular one....a day at a time...he is in great spirits just wants to get home certainly...celtic
Phone Pics
if you have a cell phone and wanna send me cool pics to mines? then go ahead my # is in my about me but if you dont wanna go there then here-(832) 660-3681 :D ps.dont worry about what kind of pics to send me..send me anything..and i do mean anything ;)
Prisoners Inside The Void
  Prisoners Inside the Void   Screams and moans fell the humid summers air. Fear and the greave gave birth to the void rot who plagued the night. They destroy all that is living, to be one is only certain doom a fate none can imagine. To be a life stealer a walking rot is to be dead to the world but not in the mind. They walk as a horde but no contact is made, inside they scream to be free but no one can hear a sound. Yes they are dead yes they do walk, but in the inside they go insane with the carnage they put upon the world.To try to block it out is a lost hope all they see is death, all they do is eat . The bodies are not as one with the brain the brain lost all control of the body that rips and eats and kills. No one is safe they remember you yes, they wish to stop of course but the grave has taken over the body and wishes to send more. The walking rot is just that rot they need to be killed the prisoners inside the void wish for it and want to be set free.
Biker Rights Organization
For anyone who does not know what ABATE is, it is a Motorcycle Rights organization formed to protect the biker community from harmful legislation like banning certain motorcycle from highways, communities, towns, federal and state parks and resorts. Many places have started banning motorcyclist from certain parts of towns or complete banning all together. Re-zoning areas that cause motorcycle related businesses to close or sell out all-together. They also help repeal helmet laws and other restrictive laws like the ones being down in several states on independent manufacturers of custom bikes and aftermarket parts for all motorcyles. If you ride a motorcycle or just want to support the motorcycle community, please join with your locale ABATE group or contact the Georgia ABATE at: E-mail: or and Help us motorcyclist keep our rights o ride what we want because it could be you they restrict your right to
Seduces Me
Seduces Me   Everything you are...Everything you'll be...Touches the current of love so deep in me.Every sigh in the night...Every tear that you cry...Seduces me.   All that I am...All that I'll be.Means nothing at all...If you can't be with me.Your most innocent kiss...Or your sweetest caress...Seduces me.   I don't care about tomorrow.I've given up on yesterday.Here and all that matters.Right here with you...Is where I'll stay.   Everything in this world...Every voice in the night...Every little thing of beauty...Comes shining thru in your eyes.And all that is you...becomes part of me too.Cause all you do...Seduces me.   And if I should die tomorrow...I'd go down with a smile on my face.I thank God I've ever known you.I fall down on my knees...For all the love we've made.   Every sigh in the night...Every tear that you cry...Seduces meSeduces me   All that you do...Seduces Me
Married seeking discrete sexual relationship with one or more ladies short or long term.
Boys Hurt Tooo
As i sit here to write this, i cant help but smile and tear up at the same time.. i have heard this before but when u love someone u cant let them keep hold of u.. u cant let them have control over u, especially when ur the one that is hurt.. I guess in life if u truly give ur heart to another, u dont think that it will be broken, but there is that chance... So knowing all this and experiencing the hurt and sadness, i must bid them farewell, cause if its meant to be it will be.. Until then i must try to live my life and remember with fondness the one who still has a key to my heart....
My Dreamland
Summers heat bearing down above, The sweat drips down my hand as i slide it in my glove, Adjusting my cap, I ich my head, Ball in hand, spinning it with my fingers, I look in my glove, there is nothing to be said, With a pain in my arm, that stings and lingers, I peak over my mit, getting my sign, The opposing players on the fence in a line, Being shut out, just looking for a hit, I start my motion with an evil grin, I unload my pitch, knowing he's chomping at the bit, Seeing it leave my hand, he misses again, Pop goes the catchers glove, the ball gets thrown around, I love my home, here on the mound, With the ball in my hand, I feel alive, The pace of the game, when the ball will arrive, I could go fast, i could go slow, Thats up for me to know, But he can't touch me, So, i stare him down begging him to try, Little does he know, this is my dreamland, And without this baseball I would die, Because the burdon is on my shoulders, with this ball in my hand.
Ok...let's get one thing out in the open. First off, I know people read my "about me" section. And it pisses them off. Some have told me I SHOULD care, but I don't. Why? Because, if I changed myself to "fit in" with all the other idiots of this world, and not show my true colors, would YOU respect me? Let me answer that for you....NO. You fucking wouldn't. Let's face it. I'm a dinosaur. I don't care. If I hurt someone's feelings about tattoos, religion, etc- so what? Those are my viewpoints. Period. Over and done with. Yes, I am former military. So, there's most of your answer there. I am honest, dependable, a hard worker, EMPLOYED, and have a deep devotion to God. BUT, you push me- and God is the only one that can help you. I was honest in my "about me" section. Get over it, you ignoramic morons.
My Two Little Warriors
the two little warriors... they are my two brave little soldiers.. mightily shouting 'ALLAH-O-AKBAR". w/c means 'GOD IS GREAT"... THEY DONT KNOW WHERE IS WEST, NOR WHAT IS TERRORIST, THEY ARE JUST INNOCENTLY PLAYINg... not pro west nor anti  
Father's Day
Just want to wish a happy Father's Day to all you special dads out there! Cheers to you!  Much love, The Princess
Dragon’s Creed
Dragon’s Creed Call to me and I am born Ocean swept, sea foam torn Rise above the astral plane To drive all men totally insane The heat of ice and cold of fire Is all I wish and do desire We reside betwixt all time Home for me and all that is mine Intelligence alone cannot defeat Nor brute force can cause retreat I am more then you will ever know Magic and science crafts this show A maid of virtue more then pure I will lie down and rend a cure This alone will stop my flight Until then man run, take fright A tear from mine eye is a tear of health A claw that is shorn is a claw of wealth Half my heart can stop all death The other half can stop all breath I am all and know all, man beware Search for me and do take care Tally not within my nest For it becomes for you a grim test I am born of stars and moon and sun The Gods themselves have been outdone They did not see what they have unfold For I am all as has been foretold Original by Cheryl Gou
Be Aware...
Dear friends,   Please be aware of my status. I am going to be deleting my account one week from today (the 22nd). If you are my friend and want to keep in contact with me. Let me know and I will give you the email address(es) you can reach me at or messengers. I have decided to do this cause of some problems that have arose. Maybe soon I will come back on but as for now...I do not see that happening.I hope that I don't lose alot of friends but something tells me I will. Take care everyone and hope to hear from every one letting me know.
Even More Im A Dork I Know
A Forlorn Hearts Cry A woman I love, my heart she did offend. Its wound by her, I do wish to mend. Without her my heart grows weary and weak. My future becomes dreary and bleak. She is wonderful, caring, fair, and true. For her love again, there's nothing I will not do. We both had carried faults unknown. In our sorrow a void had grown. Mistakes were made, and I fell from her gra
Im Just Gonna Keep Posting Them :)
 She loves butterflies and flowers. She loves the rain and showers. She loves beautiful sunsets and stary nights. She loves books and candle lights. She loves kisses and hugs. She loves coffee and mugs. She loves dates and romance. She loves music and dance. She loves laughs and smiles. She loves to get away and drive for miles.
Sweet Effin Concert That Im Going To!!!!
HURT 7/18/2009 8:00 PM at House Of Blues (Houston) 1204 Caroline Street, Houston, Texas 77002 Cost: $15.50 w/ Sick Puppies/Veer Union/Tunnels to Holland
You Will Be Missed
I recently tried to catch up with friends from highschool and when i did i found that there aint to many of us that hung together left. Several of them have passed on and it made me think of my life and how lucky i am to have known them. One of my best friends in highschool was found dead in his apartment and the cause is unknown  at this time. It is things like this that make you think of life and how short it can be and that you have to live every moment to the fullest extent possible because you will never know when your time will come. That was how i remember him in school he never hesitated to take a chance when it came his way. I just hope he passed peacfully and in no pain. JUST BE SURE TO REMEMBER YOUR FRIENDS AND TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST FOR THAT IS ALL WE HAVE
My Wish"paradise"
"just Want To Share This To All"
I ask GOD!How do i get the best of out life...GOD'answered!!!keep face your past with out regrets handle your present with confidence,prepare for the future with out the fear! and he added"keep the faith and drop the fear!Dont believe your doubts and never doubts your beliefs. Life is so wonderful if you know how to live!!! The present is invitable remember the power of GOD in you!!!
"a Few Thought's Of Mine About Life In General"
   There is only one success,to be able to spend your life in your own way. Do what make you happy,be with who makes you laugh as much as you breathe,and love as long as you live!!! Just smile and get over it. Anyone who cherishes friendship,doesn't play mind games because of un-found Jealousy,and is one who cares enough to consider other's feelings. A great pleasure in life is doing what people say,you cant do. In every effort there will be interruptions,dissappointments,even some disasters.your recovery time depends largely on what you decide to make it. The time and energy you put into anger and self pity,will serve mainly to prolong the time, it takes to get going again. Winner and Losers both stumble.the winner are the one who quickly get back and keep on going... And what the NIKE"says      Just do it!!!  
Trailer Love
I really thought that you did love meThat day you clocked me in da face.You said my fried up chili chitlinsTurned out to be a pure disgraceI thought you were, like, all romanticWhen you unloaded in my hair.You've left me feeling sad and frantic,Your crusted jizz is still in there.I really loved the way you touched meWith your size 13 army boot,The way we shared together needlesWas just so ultimately cuteI thought you were the one and only,You even had my email addyI want you livin in my trailerAnd be my 16th baby daddyBut now my life is done and overYou've turned it into livin hellThe day you told me that youve knocked upThat ugly skank from Taco Bell
It Seems.....
I've seen too many idiots on here. It amazes me the number of indecent people that flock to a site like this. It's a mingle site, sure, but c'mon people! Maintain some decorum and dignity! I saw a profile called Angel of Mercy- A soldier's princess. She's a piece of shit. Whoring herself out here in cyberspace. She's probably a whore in real life as well. She's a tiny example of a number of women on here. And men, oh hell- yes, I'm going to bust their chops too, have no morals or ethics like most of these idiots that call themselves adults. It's a pitiful state of affairs. I do not have time for the idiots of this site that want to parade their boobs or bikinis around here. Or guys that want to just find someone local to get laid with.  The lack of intelligence, and the lack of propriety, on this site, only serves as the dipstick of the moral/ethical level of this country. No wonder we're being outstripped in academicia in this world. No wonder our jobs are going overseas. Something to
Dont Be Afraid To..
Don't be afraid to encounter risks.It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave.Do not shut love out of your life by saying it's impossible to find.The quickest way to recive love is to give love,the fastest way to loose love is to hold on too tightly!
My Day..
  today i turned HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME".
He Is Claimed
Michael Jackson, known as the King of Pop, succumbed to a heart condition he apparently kept secret.  He was an entertainer extraordinary for his generation.  His music was unquestionably some of the most creative ever produced.  Though he had problems and demons to deal with, he was still able to give his best when performing.  50 years old is very young but not immune to physical failures.  His legacy is his music which will resonate through the ages.  R.I.P. Michael.
Remembering Michael Jackson 1958-2009
We will miss Michael Jackson. Ur music had messages and spoke to our hearts. We will never forget u
My Yahoo Groups
Hey Everyone , I'd personally like to invite you to join our other groups.
Blasting Live
BlastFM has had a live (real time for computer geeks) segment from 3PM to 6PM Monday through Friday and it has garnered some fans.  The music is great but having a live DJ makes it ever more fun to listen.  I have a blast being the DJ.  Come by and listen some time.
I often wish i was alone thinking of a place to go bu not realy being there,Impossible you think but i know its possible.In my mind i can make it happen but i dont know if i realy want to be alone.I often dream im alone by a river side feeling my blood run warm down my hands into the water feeling my self-destruction, feeling my body going cold.All alone by the river side i feel im not alone death is near. I start to fall, falling in to the water, i see my self fall, i stand there my body float and my blood starts to slowly turn the water red. My body starts to sink to the bottom of the river,im in my place but not realy there, im all alone in death's world. I'm dead but my soul still lives, see im right here. you can feel me but you can see me, days go by i wish i wasnt alone not in deaths world but in reality. i could be sitting in a dark corner all alone. They found my body in the river, i never been to a funeral before,but being at your own is something different. I watch from afar
when i became a driver over 20years a go. little did i know tht it would take over my life when you frist start driving a truck you will enjoy it because u get to see the country and gst paid while doing so . but after a few years goes by like weeks ,afer 5 years it truns into a real job ,lot of rules and regs we have to abide by  the regular person dont understand what a trucker goes thru on our job its more than driving tht truck. any minkey drive . but in the truckin world if one thing goes worng its on the driver nomatter whoes at fault,most of us stay out 3 to 4 weeks with out seeing home , or having a good meal to eat . truckstops suck they dont really care 4 the driver they just wont our money,, just like the doy police and lets dont 4 get the company,if one thing is wrong with our paper work it could hold it up and we mite not get paid on friday ,well thts not even half of it but thts trucking in a nut shell
I'm Outies....hehehe
As most of my friends know. I have found a very special person in my life. I niether have time nor the desire to continue with most of my profiles on the net. So I am deleting them! I am deleting this one as well. I will leave it up till the end of the week. In case any of you need my e-mail info. I will check in on friday and delete it then. Thanks for all the well wishes from everyone!!! He is amazing, I am truely lucky!!!!!! Sincerely, Tracey
"ghost Of A Chance"
Chapter 2             A snap, like a twig breaking had her looking up from the book.  It was to see a flash of a white dress drift around a corner near the door she had come in by.  Hannah gasped, clutched the book to her chest and began to hyperventilate.  That was scary.  Again she used her breathing technique and calmed herself.  Hannah sat for a few minutes to regain control then she carefully placed the book back where she had found it.  Hannah took her courage in her hands and followed out the door and around the corner.   Just a few steps ahead she saw the flash of white again and jogged to catch up.  Still the white figure was just out of sight.  Hannah sped up her pace, hoping against hope to meet with this person.  The chase went on for a few more minutes until Hannah found herself in a room, extremely large with a huge chandelier hanging from the rafters.  The walls resembled pictures that she had seen of the old Atlanta homesteads.  The walls were white with large white
Outspoken Records
Auction Linkhere For Naughty Nighty
click the link below to see what im offering...hurry come own me :)
Helpful Info
You probably got this cautionary note last spring, but it IS that time of year again...  TICK WARNING!  I hate forwarding bogus warnings but this one is real, and it's important. Please send this warning to everyone on your e- mail list. If someone comes to your front door saying they are checking for ticks due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around with your arms up, DO NOT DO IT!! THIS IS A SCAM!! They only want to see you naked. I wish I'd gotten this yesterday.  I feel so stupid.
Beer, Fishing, Golf & Sex:
A man was walking down the street when he was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless man who asked him for a couple of dollars for dinner. The man took out his wallet, extracted ten dollars and asked, "If I give you this money, will you buy some beer with it instead of dinner?" "No, I had to stop drinking years ago," the homeless man replied. "Will you use it to go fishing instead of buying food?" the man asked. "No, I don't waste time fishing," the homeless man said. "I need to spend all my time trying to stay alive." "Will you spend this on greens fees at a golf course instead of food?" the man asked. "Are you NUTS!" replied the homeless man. "I haven't played golf in 20 years!" "Will you spend the money on a woman in the red light district instead of food?" the man asked. "What disease would I get for ten lousy ! bucks ?" exclaimed the homeless man. "Well," said the man, "I'm not going to give you the money. Instead, I'm going to take you home for a terrific di
A guy gets home late one night and his wife says, "Where the hell have you been?""I was out getting a tattoo.""A tattoo? What kind of tattoo did you get?" "I got a hundred dollar bill on my penis."What the hell were you thinking? Why did you get a hundred dollar bill on your penis?""Well, number one, I like to watch my money grow...Number two, once in a while, I like to play with my money....And lastly, instead of you going out shopping, you can stay right here at home and blow a hundred bucks anytime you want.     
Vacation Is Over
Made it back from a short vacation.  Even though it was incredibly hot I had a blast.  Everything went as planned.  I took the project truck on a 300 mile trip, and it ran without a single problem.  I was able to catch some fish, and share them with the rest of the guys that came.  Nothing like a little comradere(sp?) a lot of beer, and good fishing.  The fishing however was only about an hour long, and the rest of the time we all sat around drank beer, and fixed all of the worlds problems.  We even came up with a book, and Now its back to daily grind with a new outlook on life.  The stress seemed to melt away, and hopefully it stay that way.  Three more days until the fourth, My favorite holiday. Bummer I have to work that night, but someone has to help the retards that light fireworks in their hands. God Bless the U.S.A.
The Vanishing Thought
Hidden thoughts tossed into a mazeA maze where the creator doesn't know to navigateA place where shadow's are real and we follow themWhere we are the paper, and they the penWhistling our emotion's through song and praiseLiving life as if it was a hazeNever knowing what to expectNever knowing, that death is someone you have met.It all comes back down to is those Hidden thoughts.Hidden by another thoughtSpoken over by wordsAnd whispered by that voice we never wanted to listen to in the first placeYou may try to find itTo listen finally after all that timeFinally you realized, you passed the "Do not pass" signBut yet you jay walk, never looking to goGetting hit by your own swarming thoughts of Should I ditch? Or should I wish?But you finally stop and whisper "No"It all vanishesA stream of empty settles your mindFinally, in the distance, that thought you had forgotten.That thought you swear you had lostDusty and wrinkled.Torn and written on.You brush it off.A question it was. That thought
Something I Hate
Ok, one thing I must bitch about.I was on my way to letter a vehicle and got behind a car that had horns on the hood and yes a set of balls hanging on the back. I keep seeing these hideous things but usually on a truck.Actually I am sick of seeing them period. Are there really that many men in the world that have no real balls that they have to purchase a set and dangle them off the back of their vehicle??? Is this to prove that they have a set? WTF is the point? I mean personally I'd rather see a dildo hanging from the back of a vehicle instead of a pair of low drooping balls.  A set of drooping balls DOES NOT turn me on, Actually I get the urge to play soccer with them or even kick a field goal.If a man feels the need to purchase a set of balls to display on the ass end of his vehicle then that is his right but to me it screams that he has issues with himself as a man and needs to prove something... Its just my opinion!
Along The Twisted Road
Trees enclosed the twisted road, the only light came from the broken branches above were the faint stars tried to shine through. As he walked down the path voices whispered from the trees. “Turn back.” they cried, The voices were childlike, scratchy so full of pain. Deeper along the path the voices got louder This path will surely be your dooms please turn back. Bodies knocking on trees the children who gave him this warning hung from every tree along side of the road. There lips were blue and cracked and eyes were colorless. They swing there little bodies back and forth making the forest around the road blaring with a clock like THUM THUM THUM. Head held high looking in all directions he comes upon a village at the end of the forest. The buildings glow red from the light of fires on the corners of the village blocks. The wind blows the fire gets brighter. A sure sign of dread is in sight. Along a walkway that leads to an office building clowns with blood as face paint th
I Look In The Dark And All I SeeIs The Reflection Of My Dead LifeLooking Back At MeNow That My Angel Has Gone AwayThe Black Has Come AndConsumed My Soul TodayNever For Her To Hold Or For Her To Try I Fall To Bended KneesAnd Alone I CryI Close My Eyes And Brace For ThisMy Peaceful Calling Deep In The Abyss
Candy Canes And Razor Blades. (first Draft)
Candy canes and razor bladesI dont care they're all the samesweet sweet addictionI don't give a damnBleed my sugary innocence awaylost all sense of right or wrongjust a sociopath lost amongst the massesfeelings so false and illusionaryCandy canes and razor bladesI dont care they're all the samesweet sweet addictionI don't give a damnCandyland massacre, global genocidesweet temptations with murderous intentjust a candyman holding a grudgegive in and lose all controlCandy canes and razor bladesI dont care they're all the samesweet sweet addictionI don't give a damn
Light fades and darkness creepsthe warmth gives way to frightning embraceso cold yet illusionaryheld by fear's treacherous graspfloating away on nothing and everythingprecursor to the grand finallethe suspense builds up and the tension risesyet unprepared for the obvious let down.fading......we fade......The light has dissapeardthe fields are barren and blankvoid of neverending darknessSilence which lasts for eternity.faded.......We are no more.
Thank You
hey guys i am new on here and i dont know much about this site so i wanted to say thank all of  you for looking at my page and rating my picture and feel free to leave messages or add me to you page..     brian 
Test Results
The Hot Friend 36% Sexy-Cute, 49% Dark-Light, 52% Artsy-Stylish Sexy, neither Dark nor Light, and neither Artsy nor Stylish, she's just the Hot Friend. You know you've got one of these. Great face, great uh... assets. This is the type of girl who is fawned on by guys constantly, never realizes it, and finally marries some jackass who's just like you... but damn it, it's not you! 8| Damn I'm screwed!!!
His Castle, Her Prison
His Castle, Her Prison   Memorized by his charms, He captured her heart and soul. With a promise of lasting love, He placed upon her head a crown.   Adoration gleaming in his eyes, He introduced her to his friends. Proclaiming her his Princess Vowing always to be her Prince.   The crown placed upon her head Became one forged of fear and pain With the promise of more to come, His Castle became her Prison.   Light turned to darkness, Gloom would come to visit. His charms turned to rage. Her heart and soul prisoner.   Release sought from despair, She turned within herself. Seeking relief from her Hell. By ending her suffering on earth.  
Recently, my girlfriend walked in on me having cyber-sex with a woman who lives half way across the country. I had known this chick for a couple of months but only online when we decided to cyber. My g/f came in early from work and caught us. To make a long story short, she went ballistic, packed her stuff and left me because she said I was cheating on her. Let it be known, I never met this cyber partner and never intended to. To me, it's nothing more than reading a Hustler or Playboy magazine but my g/f said it was cheating. When she asked me why I did it, I told her the felt nice to know that other chicks found me attractive. I didn't do it because I wasn't getting any attention from my g/f, in fact, we have, or should I say HAD a great sex life. It was just nice knowing that other women find me sexy and attractive, and hey, it beats solitaire all to hell. What do you folks think? Am I right or is my girl right? Is cyber-sex innocent fun or is it cheating?
Dbt Song
DEAD, DRUNK, AND NAKED (Hood / DBT)When I was a young boy I sniffed a lot of glueMom sent me to rehab, they told me what to doWe didn't have much money; the lord picked up the tabThey made me write him love songs, sitting in my roomNow I just drink whiskey and drive around my friendsGet a haircut, get a job, maybe born againAnd if you're living badly, we'll tell you how to liveDead, drunk, and naked…If you're out there listening, I just want you to knowI been doing just fine, psychiatrists tell me soMy scars are patched up; my arms have almost healedMy demons almost tranquilized, my pains almost killedMe and old Jack Daniel's, become the best of friendsWe got all them Baptist's to die for our sinsI know the lord is comingThe South will rise again! (Dead, drunk, and naked)Daddy used to tell me, everything comes down to what they say about you when you're not aroundAnd I wish that he was here now, I'm sure he would be proudNo one talks about me; the voices are too loud.So if you
How To!
How To! HOW TO GET STUFF OFF YOUR CHEST in Seven easy steps!By The BulldogFollow these steps and be assured of mental stability and happiness!1:Drink a bottle of Patron, Call them and hang up to make sure they are home!2:Drive over to the place they are at!3:Find a BIG ROCK (One that you are able to throw btw, This is CRITICAL!)4:Tie or tape your note with your thoughts to said and sought out ROCK!5:Throw the ROCK with note taped to it THROUGH the BIGGEST window. (This way you are assured their undivided attention.)6:Stand on the sidewalk and scream the name of the person you wish to comminucate with!7:Wait for Police to show up and arrest you!Many people have successfully used these methods!You can see them in use EVERYDAY on TV!Just Watch Cops!
Next To You...
  A place so joyful and bright. A place to be thankful for, cause I’m holding you tight. I’ll make a special dinner for you with candlelight. All I want is things to go right. Has I dim the lights, and feel you next to me oh what a delight. Let me feel your warmth and maybe I just might. Let’s make love and not fight. It’s what I dreamed of every night. So come next to me and let me kiss you good night, and whisper sweet words in your ear until the morning light. Next to you, I know things will be alright.
Before You Came Into My Life...
My nights were cold with no one to hold...Dreamt of you numerous times...But my story was never told...All my doubts, pain and cries seem to be fading...Taking things slow because I'm still debating...Whether what you say its honesty and meaningful...Or is it just flirtatious and lustful gestures... We will have our time together and being hopeful thats all I can ask for...We will test our Love for each other... We will go beyond extreme measures...Have beautiful meaningful pleasures...Know one thing that I will cherish and never forget You or Our moments together... I will keep them profoundly within my heart to treasure.
This Feeling That I Hold Deep Inside...
Makes me want to go away and hide.All I want to do is lay aside Feel the tears come running down my cheeks as I cry,It's so hard to stop but I continue on to try,No one sees as they dry.This feeling that I hold deep inside All I want is for someone to be by my side,And it seems like I just get tossed aside.
Look Around
i look around and all i see is saddness. i look around and all i see is heartach. i look around and all i see is tears. what is wrong? what does this worthless life have to offer? there is nothing. everything is gone. there is no joy, no warmth, there is no love. this life is dark and cold. sorrow is the only thing. i look around and i see nothing but darkness.
I want it to the end. The thoughts the feelings, i thought it was over I thought there was nothing left....and then i saw the resemblence in her childs eyes to ex....the only way for it to be his if he cheated shouldnt bother me, it eneded almost two years ago but we tried again...last was born June....that means we were together.....i had myself convince it wasnt his...till i saw the eyes....he has his its all back, the pain, the knowing she could give him what i was never willing at the time... the wondering what is so wrong with me agian, the lost of self esteem, of confiendnce....oh god when can it end......when will this finally leave me....all this pain and emotion when will it fo, so i cna move on fully....when will i find someone to love me for me...................
So I Have Quit Smokin
I quit smoking four days ago.  I have the first step kid of Nicoderm CQ and it seems to help a lot.  I have my very special newfound friend to thank for it.  I have support as well.  I have been working a lot these days and I know I haven't been on in awhile.  But life is life right?  I have had a lot of ups and downs and have pretty much lost two ppl that I thought were friends but turns out, they have talked shit behind my back.  But that is okay.  I am me and that is all that matters.  I already have one person to replace both of them and they are much better than the two of them put together and then some.  The kids are growing super fast.  My youngest starts school this year and I am freaking out a little.  But now is my time to go to school too.  I always said that when the youngest one goes, I go too.  I am excited and a bit scared but I have my new friend to support me.  I want to thank them for being here for me and supporting me.  I am gonna need every bit I can get.  Thank y
Im Just So Fabulous
I'm Ambitious. I Live Life to its Fullest!. I'm an Angel in Disguise. I'm a Simple Woman Who Is Very Easy To Please. I Never Stop Talking. I Love The Colors Red And Pink. I Love To Laugh and have a good time. I Always Keep it Real. I'm Fake For No One! I Do What I Want. I Either Talk Too Much or Don't Talk At All. I Love Being The Center of Attention. Sometimes I Kiss And Tell. Life would suck Without Music. I Love My Family, And my Friends. I Believe In God. I Love Being a MoM. Pink Carnations Are My Favorite. I love to Dream. Sometimes I wish Life could be a little easier. I'm Addicted To Panties, and Shoes, They are the greatest. I'm spoiled. Men Fascinate Me and I Love Being Around Them. I Like Rain. Summer is my favorite season. I have kids they are my life. I'm Outgoing. I'm Outspoken. I'm physco when pissed off. I hug others When They Are Sad. I am a good listener. I'm a True Friend. I Want You. I Stand Up For What I Believe In. I'm Unpredictable. I'm Wild and Crazy When I wanna
Poetic Urge #67
o fubar your mountainous fires of night like sand under a summer dress give up your high virgin and delve into the foe symmetry of your hallowed halls stand and sleep in the misty fog of earl that poet which is enamoured with underground decadence shall prevail in clamours of polyphonic sprees and empathically take fall again in thy enamoured prowess leading the world to an apocalyptic end hapless and insane in the wind and fire... and she, innocent and chaste will return in a glowing and fiery trance in habit of what has come to be and poor sinners will rejoice waving their nations flag then I shall be redeemed   --unknown, scribbled on ancient pavement  
Colors Of Love
 .. ...i can't conceive what i've gone threw.. the mere of life and what it bestows us and you.. so intricate, the immediate soon finding it's ends..   terry awhile longer, it proceeds to grasp hands.. that's your friend.. friend without judgements, friend with motives in your well being, this is more then attraction of physical sight.. this site brings forth more worth then materials of currencies might..   do you see, go beyond thee eyes, as i's tied destruction and hatred let it not destroy the colors of love's light..   nate fuego.. fuego poeticas...
Can these words tell you? Tell you how i feel? Can these gestures show you? Show you how i feel? I doubt they ever will. Every thing is never enough To give what you gave me. A heart once lost Is found again. Memories once burried Surfacing once again a smile once forgotten Is rememberd once again. That flicker in my eye Flickers once again. I guess were going back Going back to basics.
Everything Happens For A Reason
  Everything Happens Sometimes people come into our life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some purpose, teach you a lesson, or try to help you figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be (possibly your roomate, neighbor,professor, long lost friend, or even a complete stranger), but when you lock eyes with them, you know at that very moment they will affect your life in some profound way. And sometimes things happen to you that may seem horrible, painful and unfair at first, but in reflection you will find that without overcoming those obsticles, you would never realize your potential, strength, willpower, or heart. Everything happends for a reason. nothing happens by chance, or by means of good luck, illness, injury, love, lost of true greatness, and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these small tests, whatever they may be, life would be safe and comfortable, but dull
How To Dump A Guy Letter..
Dear _______________, I regret to inform you that you have been eliminated from further contention as Mr. Right. As you are probably aware, the competition was exceedingly tough and dozens of well-qualified candidates such as yourself also failed to make the final cut. I will, however, keep your name on file should an opening come available. So that you may find better success in your future romantic endeavors, please allow me to offer the following reason(s) you were disqualified from the competition: (Check those that apply) 1. ___Your last name is objectionable. I can't imagine taking it, hyphenating it, or subjecting my children to it. 2. ___Your first name is objectionable. It's just not something I can picture myself yelling out in a fit of passion. 3. ___The fact that our first dining experience to date has left MY wallet a little lighter, and YOUR pants a little tighter! 4. ___Your inadvertent admission that you "buy condoms by the truckload" indicates that you may be intereste
What Do You Really Look At When You View Someone
when you look at someone what do you do . do you judge them by looks, do you judge them by personality , me personally if a person can except me and learn t love me for me then im more then willing to excet them in my life . I think we are all human beings and deserve respect no matter what . send a comment and tell me your opinion on the matter!!!
Lake Tahoe~
I stood in front of the living room window of the cabin we had rented for the weekend, wrapped in a fluffy white towel. I had just finished combing my hair, clean and damp from a refreshing shower. I looked out beyond our bicycles, still propped against the porch where we left them after our ride, to the copper glow of the sun fallen below a bank of clouds that cradled the mountains and cast shadows on the lake below. You stood directly behind me, watching with me, wearing nothing but faded blue jeans. Your left arm, wrapped around my neck, encircled my naked shoulders. Your right hand gently stroked up and down the side of my right arm. The contours of your torso against my shoulders felt extraordinary. My left arm hung at my side. My chin rested against your forearm. My right hand, beside it, held your wrist. My motion stilled, you knew I felt the fall to you coming. You were aware of the wish that your proximity made burn in me-namely, to have you inside of me, all around and in con
Not In Her Storm
I see the clouds rolling in and oh how it looks like rainAnd it is always I fight for the welcome changeWhen it rains it pours on this heart of mineSo, I take the storms I feel to her each time.But I know she has lived under her own pouring rainYet under her water her heart still doesn't changeShe can walk away from what hangs overheadAnd, not in her storm, are words left unsaid.Not in her storm have I ever felt aloneHer storm ends, so I, may find my way homeIt's for me that she pushes away her own rainSo, that I may find comfort in calling her name.She lives in this world for the sake of another's heartGod, how she eases the miles when worlds apartAnd she never wanders when your world falls throughNot ever in her storm would she do this to you.She has wings that I know not only I can seeCause only an angel could find strength to carry meIt's the way that the eyes can surely viewHow her heart's written so clearly in what an angel can do.Not in her storm is her work ever doneAnd even in
The Freedom Of Loneliness
i dont want this type of freedom if i'm going to be this lonesomei'd rather be poor in privacy than rich in a solitary kingdomholding court and christening entitlements upon only myselfbowing to the mirror, knighting my ego as if i were someone elsethis freedom people fight for, this indivdualitythis give me a law, give me the pedastal for the world to celebrate mei have no use for it, never, this freedom never filled my cupbeing sole authority over majority, never brought my spirits upanyone i'll swap anyone my freedom for days of holding another's handlearning, loving, listening, risking my solitude if they too tried to understandthen i can read about the person who took my placeabout how they drank from my cup of freedom and vomit its individual pissy taste.
A Great Man Died Today
A great man died today I often wonder if there is a God how he decides who lives and dies. Today my uncle died. He was a reformed alcoholic who strived for over 20 years to fight his addiction. Some 20+ years ago he met a woman with 4 young daughters and married her. He raised those girls like his own. He them out of Cleveland away from the problems that this city can have. He bought a house and built it up for his new family. Eventually they added a son who just a few short weeks ago graduated from high school. What I don't understand is how murders and drug addicts can live for many, many years, while the good people seem to die way too early. If there really is a God, he is a very sadistic son of a bitch. He has robbed our family of 2 great men in just over 2 years, while people who don't deserve to live are still walking. I will miss you Uncle Jim. You are gone but definitely not forgotten.
Happy Friends Day!
Friendship isn't always easily described. The Eskimos, they say, have a hundred different words for snow. Unfortunately, the English language isn't quite as innovative, though it has vast opportunities to differentiate meaning. Certainly, Love is one of those opportunities. And so, too, is Friendship.Instead of different words, however, we're stuck with simple adjectives. Close friend. Best friend. Childhood friend. Intimate friend. Trusted friend. Beloved friend. But whether you use adjectives or different words, few could deny the nearly infinite meaning in such a simple word.Friends are special people. We can't pick our family, and we're sorely limited in the number of them at any rate. Society and mores (and often our own conscience) dictate we select a single mate. But our friends can be as diverse and infinite as the adjectives we choose. Our friends, in a very real sense, reflect the choices we make in life.With lovebestmoviestar
I'm so bored and lonley, I'm totally going insane, I can't stand being me only and my head's playing games.  Darkness is all around me as the rain falls from the sky.  This emptiness feels so mean my heart just wants to cry.  I wish the sun was shining bright but what difference would it make.  My heart's to weak to fight the power of this cold heartache.  So as my tears slowly fall the silence takes me in. I know I can't take the pain of it all as the lonliness takes me once again.
More I thought about this stranger having my personal and private medical history it came down to being criminals. The stranger openly talked about my medical history in front of Joe a long time friend and barber but two other customers breaking State and Federal Laws. I wondered who's interest did they have in mind? Mine or someone else? Like the Doctor who gave me the two Insulin's, Lantus and Novalog which by creating the low blood sugar damaged my Heart, Brain, and other Organs for three years plus. Now I want this stranger's personal information and all those involved. Dare I say it even my friend from the 7th grade on February 19 late, wishes me good luck on your surgery that never took place because on the 20th of February at 6 AM is my Cardiac Cath. How did he even know? He's better off as a Fortune Teller than the racket he's in. No one addressed where the Heart damge came from, dopes. The Insulin's causing the low blood sugar for three plus years? Norio  
Sorry A$$ Men
I am so sick of sorry ass men. All I want is to be treated with a little respect.. a little sincerity... a little kindness. I am not a booty call, I am not your personal plaything, I am not a cyber-whore. If I'm not good enough to take to dinner and or out on a date, then I'm not good enough to spend the night with you. Plain and simple, end of story. If you are looking for a booty call or a one night stand... keep looking, I'm not the one. I am sure there are some dumb bitches out there, probably running rampant on this site as a matter of fact, that would not mind being treated like a whore but I am not one of them. You talk a good game about wanting to spend time with me and wanting to get to know me when all you're hoping for is a shot at getting in my pants. Well let me let you in on a little secret... I was born in the morning but it wasn't this morning. I am not stupid and I know what you're up to... but what you don't get is that I'm a hell of a lot smarter than you and apparen
"lovers Dance"
Glistening bodies entwined in an ageless erotic dance,seeking pleasures from each other,seeking wonder and romance.She touches his face with tenderness.He draws her body near.Aching, needing hunger will make their destiny clear. Their lips meet in soft kisses,their tongues begin passion's war.Forgotten now, the outside world. All is here, behind this door. He strokes her body tenderly,she arches up for his caress.He finds her silken portal and her womanly wetness.She moans in fiery desire and pulls his hand away,wishing to end this exquisite torture and get on with passion's play. She straddles his waiting body,eases him into her feminine hollow.She leads him on a rhythmic dance,his thrusting hips must follow. She rides him faster, even then,to hear his wondrous sighs.She shows him all the delights she has between her womanly thighs. They stare into each other's eyes and gasp as ecstasy unreels,and tangles them in a lover's knot that every answer reveals. Sated, they lie side by side,s
 gettin worse everyday it seems . have I said M S really kinda sux ?   It's slowly (but not slow enough) taking away my freedom . I've decided that I'm not getting any gimpier than I am .  My youngest daughter asked me how did I know .  I simply told her cuz I said . (wish it was that easy)
The Fear Of Tears.
One day its here, One day its there.The world is spinning.Another day has past,Yet nothing forward,Nothing back.Churning, ChurningTime keeps turningMy heart its burning,When will it end?Looking forward, Looking backI'm lost on this path,Life it changes to fast.Love is out there,But where?Walking, WalkingWalk away it's the same,Say's the Mind.Stay say's the heart.Lost in this world, Lost in this girlNothing left but tears.Nothing left but fears,Nothing inside but pain.What is this change of love,To pain?Nothing but the end,I fear.
Well tomorrow night there is suppose to be this cool eclipse in India. I would like your input on this subject. The Hindus believe this eclipse is a mark of bad things to come. What do you think of this if you know anything about it. If not google it or got o and find out then tell me what you think...
Too Fat
okay, so the simple truth is: i weigh way too much. ive gone to being a 190 lb lean muscle fighting machine to a 245lb tub of lard. so in the last month, ive cut out sugary drinks and fast food. here i am a month later at 235. only 45 more lbs to go...wish me luck. im gonna need it.
Just A Wish
if i close my eyes i can see it. I can almost taste it.. open my eyes and im left breathless. for what i thought was my reality was all just a dream.. Youll be the dream and ill be the dreamer:) Staring at eachother our eyes are locked. unbreakable force you and i have. chemistry .. mix it together we are toxic. but u are my poison the very thing that might kill me but id die with a smile. so come on baby kill me with those wrds.. make me feel alive. dance around me. never stop makin me dizzy. when u walk i dare not step to ur pace. for u are far ahead of me. and i would just be out of place. so come on. show me the way. show me how to bleed and breath at the same time.. an obsession we are.. 2 of a kind but one plays the game better  then i do.. i step back to to take my bow and with my white flag ill wave it so proud. baby u just left me on the ground. thats ok i like it there on my knees;). so watch me because ill come up soon and ill make ur mind explode but for now its a you-1 me-
Dream Girl
I met this girl one night onlineOne day i wish i can say she's mineBut i know in my mind i'm not her typeAnd i know in my heart that i am rightHer beauty and her charm sends chills down my spine.I wish we woke up next to each other all the timeShe's smart, sexy, gorgeous, and coolMe thinking i'll ever have her makes me feel like a fool.So i guess for now she'll be my  Dream GirlCause why would she pick me when she can have any guy in the world............ A poem done by (Joe Blake)
My Thought On A Website!!
Cyber love is a figment of our imagination. A wonderful fantasy of our individual creation. I bought all the lines that came to own me. Never understanding the feelings that I couldn't see. Never realizing my heart he was stealing. Too caught up in the overwhelming feeling. Some people need a lesson to learn. I got mine and can still feel the burn. I never allow myself to make the same mistake twice. So don't read more into my words because I'm just being nice. I can be your friend but my secrets you"ll never know. Inside of my heart is someplace you will never go. Even when you believe you are very close to me. A superficial women is all you will ever see. So don't ask me for love or something else I don't feel. I'm not trying to be a bitch ,I'm just keeping it real. Everything that matters is what I won't share. So don't be foolish and begin to really care. Please ask nothing from me except some casual chat. Because that is all I have to give..nothing but that. I'm so much wiser and
It's That Time Again..
Vacation.. finally.  And it is something I need.  A break from work, life, and just about everything else lol.  As always it is a trip to the Outer Banks (OBX).  If anyone has never been there, it is a trip you should take.  The drive for me takes anywhere from 8-10 hours depending on traffic.   I'll be back home Aug 1.  I might be able to get a wireless signal down there.. not sure. But I am not going to spend all day on the computer :)   I'm sure I'll hear from some of you by cell... I BETTER HEAR from some of you lol.   Leave me some love.
Me Doin More Jovi
bed of roses - rich.mp3
I Just Wanna
.......i jus wanna hold you, tell you what you mean to me.. with these arms around your waste, i kiss away this worlds pain from your face.. i'm telling you how your love amazes me, and i just wanna be with you, journey threw all our blues, me and you.. yeah, just us two becoming one with you.. i jus wanna free your heart-ache, making love in moaning wakes.. infinite ways, leaving your smiles gracing our days.. FUEGO POETICAS
I fucking can't believe all tha stupid ass holes that come out of tha wood works..!!All i did wuz post a mumm to try and find friends... then all tha Fucking Jerks start in with grammer and tha 'way I talk in words... well Fuck u!!!!!!! If u have issues of people you dont even know... keep it too your Fucking self!!...And of course this is too all tha jerks that commented.. negative...
Our Song
"On Bended Knee"Darlin' I can't explainWhere did we lose our wayGirl it's drivin' me insaneAnd I know I just need one more chanceTo prove my love to youIf you come back to meI'll guaranteeThat I'll never let you goCan we go back to the days our love was strongCan you tell me how a perfect love goes wrongCan somebody tell me how to get things backThe way they use to beOh God give me a reasonI'm down on bended kneeI'll never walk again until you come back to meI'm down on bended kneeSo many nights I dream of youHolding my pillow tightI know I don't need to be aloneWhen I open up my eyesTo face realityEvery moment without youIt seems like eternityI'm begging you, begging you come back to meCan we go back to the days our love was strongCan you tell me how a perfect love goes wrongCan somebody tell me how to get things backThe way they use to beOh God give me a reasonI'm down on bended kneeI'll never walk again until you come back to meI'm down on bended kneeGonna swallow my prideSay I'm so
Magpie Ranger
I wanna be a magpie ranger, I wanna be a magpie ranger, Only live for sex and danger, Only live for sex and danger, Go left, go left, Go left, go left, Go left, right, left, Go left right left, Go left, go right, go pick up the stride, go left, go right, go left, Go left, go right, go pick up the stride, go left, go right, go left, We hate Man U, We hate Man U, Because they beat us 7-2, Because they beat us 7-2, Go left, go left, Go left, go left, Go left, right, left, Go left right left, Go left, go right, go pick up the stride, go left, go right, go left, Go left, go right, go pick up the stride, go left, go right, go left, We Hate Bellamy, We Hate Bellamy, Because he faked and injury, Because he faked an injury, Go left, go left, Go left, go left, Go left, right, left, Go left right left, Go left, go right, go pick up the stride, go left, go right, go left, Go left, go right, go pick up the stride, go left, go right, go left, We hate Jenas, We hate Jenas, Because he takes it up the
Birthday Sex
It's yo birthday, so I know you want to ride outEven if we only go to my houseSip mo-eezy as we sit upon my couchFeels good, but I know you want to cry outYou say u want passion, I think you found itGet ready for action, don't be astoundedWe switching positions, you feel surroundedTell me where you want your gift, girl[Chorus:]Girl you know I-I-I, Girl you know I-I-II been feeninWake up in the late nightBeen dreamin about your loving, girlGirl you know I-I-I, Girl you know I-I-IDon't need candles and cakeJust need your body to make...Birthday sex... Birthday sex oohoohoohooh(It's the best day of the year girl)Birthday sex... Birthday sex oohoohoohooh(G-spot g-spot let me hit that g-spot g-spot girl)[Verse 2:]See you sexy in them jeans got me on 101-2-3... Think I got you pinnedDon't tap out, fight until the endRing that bell, and we gon start over againWe grindin with passion, 'cause it's your birthdayBeen at it for hours, I know you thirstyYou kiss me so sweetly, taste just like Hersh
    Perhaps it's just me, but I find Protest events amusing.  It's so interesting to see people gather around, and try in utter futility to complain in a loud voice.  I even went to Campaign for Liberty movement on the lawn of Congress.  That was an event that despite the thousands of people that gathered on the lawn of the governing body received no press coverage.  I forget what did get coverage that day, but using an educated guess I'm willing to state that it was probably a story about some useless celebrity scandal.  Though the event itself was amusing.  There were plenty of very attractive college going women standing around in the excessive heat and wearing little more than the essentials which were quickly wetted down with the nearest bottle of water.      While I note that part first, it was not the reason I went in the first place.  It was more of a pleasant bonus.  No, the reason I went was because a friend of mine was an avid supporter of Ron Paul, and after hearing his pit
A Friend
A friend You have always been There when I needed a Friend. You always gaveMe encouragement. You lent me your strongArms when I needed em. You lent me a shoulderWhen I needed it. You’re my true friend. The one I share withThe one that cares.The one I hold in my heart. My friend. The one who supportsThe one who makes me smile The one I can alwaysCount on  You’re my best friendAlways.
A Man I See
A Man I SeeI look in your eyes I seea man of compassiona man of gentlenessa man of kindnessI look at this man and I seelove for his childrencompassion for his childrengentleness for his childrendiscipline for his childrenwhom he lovesI look at this man I see aman with guiding handshusband with loving handsfriend with caring handsfather with strong handsI see a man that wants to teachright from wrong to his childrenI see a man thatis not afraid to admit when he is wrongin love with hisfamily
Ain't A Fool
Ain't a foolChanges were madeI ain't that fool any moreold ways no more cause that fools dead and goneThings are gonna change for better or for worse Waitand see cause I ain't that fool anymorea fool I once was I can not denybut things changeI grew upand I ain't that same guy I ain'tno foolAt least not the one you knewyou can kiss my asscause I ain't that fool no more.
What Color Are His Eyes
What color are his eyes?I looked at you thousands of timesand never once sawI watched you face millions of timesstill I did not knowI watch you comb your hair to go out with your friendswhy sis I never lookI helped you pick shirts and ties and tuxesand still never sawI changed your diapers and powered you bottomI never noticedI bathed you when you were smallbut I never looked at themthe man behind the desk asked mewhat color are his eyes?
Eternal Hell
Eternal hellThis is my living darknessin my eternal hell morebuilding up every dayLeaving darkness wherethere should have been lightThe head poundsthe eyes ache theheart turns coldand hard Blockingout the feelingsas it turns to stoneTo hide from this eternal hell thathas become my lifeMy eternal hell
This Force
This forceThere is a force running thru mesomething I can't  explain All I knowis there is an energycoursing  thru my veinswhen your around I feelwarm, loved, and specialThis force I can't explainonly when I see your facedoes it come aliveIts like  your the plugthe electricity this force I can'texplain the feelings that coursethru me I hope it never ends
Hes That Man
He's that manby Mirinda WilbertMy superheroMy saftey netmy guiding lightmy saftey harnessHe's that manMy rock my soild groundHe's that manMy heart my soulmy lifeYes He's that manHes the man that makes me wholethe man that completes me the man that believes in me that man that pushes me.Yes HE'S THAT MAN!!!
Knight In Shining Armor
My knight in shining armorI am imprisonedin a cold cruel prison waitingon my rescuermy savior my knight inshining armor I knowhe’s out there he justhas to find meRescue me from this darknessthis eternity of dread My knight will light my pathHe will rescue me from my darkness andtake me away.
Love Or Fake
Is this love or fake Caring, understanding. TrustworthyThis describes youOr so I thoughtYou showed me Another sideA side I don’t care toKnow a side I can’t trust and won’t trust This new side hurts like no other now I wonder can I trust you at all Are you really that?Caring trustworthy understanding man I thought you were I may never know
PainHiding things broken hearts secretsA pain like no other liesAll told to meWhy? Did you enjoy causing this pain What have I done  To make you hate me  this way And cause  this painI wonder now if I can trust you at all You told me liesYou hide things you cause me painYou make me wish I was 6 foot under This pain you caused you just don’t understandThis is not the type of pain you can just forget It takes time to go away
Reason    My life now has reason. My life has explanation. I thought I had no alibi too want to live no defence to care. Then I looked at you and I found new justification to want to go on . You've given me explanation to go on. Reason I can't explain pleas I don't careto know I have a rationalization to why I need to belong
The Day
The day The day starts still and silent.The birds chatter as the sun comes up.Chasing away the fog. I sit at your side. Watching waiting for you to open your eyes.The man stands in the doorway calling our name.His face unreadable.Will the words be ones I want to hear?Will his words tear me apart?Will his words be joyful or painful?I take hold of your hand.Holding as tight as I can as a tear rolls down my face.I feel the lights around me going outI feel so closed off.In the days end
Time:Sitting here looking at the clockWatching the hands rotate roundTime seems to be never end                                      Time never stands stillThe hands of time continueto rotate around the faceHour by hourminute by minutesecond by secondTime is a never-ending storyTime stand still for no oneThere is no way to stop this storySitting here in this moment ofsilence writing the words to anew story in this momentAs it all makes up the newhour in the time webeen given in this never-ending existence called time
Tug Of War
Tug of war for a soulA cold damp musty eerie darknessdraws me near It holds metight not letting go it tugsand pulls determined to winmy soul the light it pulls meback I am in a tug of warfor my soul friends I fearmy life is dead I fearthere is no other way thereis only this damp musty eeriedarkness and the sound ofSatan’s song.
Valentines Day
Why Valentine's Day? Why do we need one day?To show someone loves. Hugs, Kisses, and Caresses... Little gestures of love.Flowers, candy, and jewelry... Little tokens of love. Does it really matter? Why only one time a year? Romantic evenings, Heart felt words...Why do I need only one day a year? Valentine's DayWhy this day to show you? What you mean to me. When there are 364 other days... I can do the same. So why valentine's Day?
What I Need
What I Need I wish I could find something to fill this void.Something no one else has. Is this unreasonable?I need to know I have his heart. I want to know he listens to me I need to know I am not a bother to him. I need two strong  arms to hold me when I am down.I need to know he cares. I need to jump in his arms at the end of the day.I need to kiss him and be held in the evening.I need to snuggle. I need to hear those words that mean so much.Is that so much to ask? I need to know he thinks of me.I need to know I am in his heart. Am I crazy? I need to much,I need love. Its to much to ask I know. I want the affection.I have to be crazy to have a need like this.
Youyou:have a way like no one else.Can hurt like no otherYou:can make me laugh.Can make me cry.You:can make me so mad.Can make me so happy.You:can be so niceone minutecan be so cold and evil the next.You'vesaid you love mesaid you hate meYour:so goodso badYour:so evilso coldYou:I want youI want all of youYou:I love you
"Sometimes" Many years down this blistered road, alwyas the ground less tread New faces, new emotions all this love hate and stress humanity bred At one time, you thought nothing could hurt, but you were so wrong with new paths come new emotions, and way to much to hold on You now find these walls your prizon, just settle in and shut up! Sometimes you need to take the time (Settle with your soul) Sometimes you need to know how it feels (Deep within) Sometimes you wish you knew the truth (Or just what feel right) Sometimes you wish it would all just end (End it all, fade away) The path you've led has been of darkness, Could and always alone Broken hearted, everyone you feel hate, their words now a drone From onle fake smile to another, you find your screams unleashed the constand whoring of the body, only for some emotional release You need to find the one true light, where is it? I'm so sick of this! Sometimes you need to take the time (Settle with your soul) Sometimes you need to
105 Degrees
Another hot day..blah!!! It took me forever to fall asleep. Damn Tigger kept wanting to snuggle up next to me...dunno why cause it's not like my body was cool or anything. I got a couple hours of sleep though Went swimming for a bit then went out with Kari and Michael...They wanted to get a new AC but eveywhere we looked, they were sold out..even fans lol I'm hoping I can get some sleep tonight since I gotta work tomorrow...wished that I didn't have to but I need the extra money.
Woman Only
Dear Kotex... down2basics: Dear Kotex:I recently noticed that the peel-off strip of my pantyliner had a bunch of Kotex Tips for Life" on it. Annoying advice such as:    a.. Staying active during your period can relieve cramps.    b.. Avoiding caffeine may help reduce cramps and headaches.    c.. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to keep you hydrated and feeling fresh.    d.. Try Kotex blah blah blah other products...Obviously the individual behind this was someone who has never possessed a functioning set of ovaries. Go ahead and tell a menstruating woman that drinking 6-8 glasses of water will help keep her feeling fresh.Like we need more fluid inside our bloated bodies from hell...but go ahead. See what happens and report back. I'll wait.While you're at it, dump out the coffee at work and remove the chocolate from the vending machine. I guaran-freakin-tee that the first responders will be females who just ovulated. This advice was some brain functionof a male.... right???Staying activ
I am in an evil mood today. it makes me feel horny and want to ravage and please a woman the only thing is that I haven't found a woman who'll give me the chance to get to know her in that way.  therefore i shal do what i alway do and obstain as usual. i shall wait til the time is right and i get to know a woman well enlugh for that to be an option.
went to the doctor yesterday , guess I'll be starting chemo again (4 M S) gotta get a 3 day home IV today + I guess I do have a tumor on my 76th vertibra (?) but (YAY) it's not cancerous . so I did get some good news .
Girlfriend Application
Name    Age: Height: Hair Color: Eye Color:Piercings/tattoos: Zodiac sign++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Do you drink or smoke? Do you have a cell phone? If so, do you have texting? Do you like hugs? Could we just cuddle?Would you kiss me?Would you point me out to your friends? Would you call me every night? Would you stay up till 3 in the morning texting me?  Would you take care of me when I'm sick? Do you think I'm cute? If you could change anything about me, would you? Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? Would you kiss my neck? Do you like biting? What turns you on? Do you play any sports? If so...what? What would you say is the best thing about yourself? Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, prick)? What type of music do you like? If you were to label yourself, what would it be? What size shoe do you wear? Would you just stand there and hug me? What's your favorite color? Would you ever lie to me?   Favorite band?
For My Wife
My whole world was a mess,Until you came in and straightened it out for me.When I asked u to marry me my life was hanging on to what your tears meant.When I said I do to you I meant every word.My wife,my best friend,my soul mate.
 Reality by suthern Death, departure, walk away, walk out Should I or should I not pout Family and friends Lovers and one-night stands I have loved, lost and lived How do I trust, how do I love again I should move on, it's all in my past But my pain remains, continues and lasts This pain lingers in my heart, mind and soul Damn it - why is this world so cold How can I have faith in God and family When people I love are taken from me Where can I find true and loyal friends I'm sick of the lies, fights and revenge Hurt continuously, hurt at a young age How do I love again with all of my rage How do I get past all of this, show me a sign So I can leave my sadness, pain and crying behind
My Love, My Life, My Everything
Our love springs eternal,Warm as an open flame.When we're in eachothers arms,My heart only he can claim. The time we spent together,Is forever on my mind.I've never been in love like this,A man like him I'll never find. We love eachother completely,He'll always have my heart.Whenever he comes near to me,I never want to part. Now heed these words I tell you,If you find true love hold on.Don't let go for anything,Don't treat him like a pawn.
Yearning, longing, hoping,Close together yet miles apart.Wanting to be together,But it's not meant to be.Needing to touch,Feel and taste one another.It's like a hypnotic drug,Once is not enough.I need more,But the price is too high.It's just not meant to be.So I will just keep dreaming,And wishing,And hoping.
Hide With Me
Come and hide with me,Let's run away.To another place and time,To a nice and sunny day.Chase away the clouds,Let us change our fate.Stop the rain from falling,No longer having to wait.Our lips come together,The sun starts to shine.My heart feels warm and light,I know you are finally mine.The lights begin to dim,The sun drifts eyes slowly open,It's the start of a brand new day.I nestle under the covers,And my eyes begin to close.A smile lights my face,Once again I start to doze.
Stick Together
Stormy clouds are brewing,There's bad weather on the way.Just like our emotions,Making things harder to say.For every two steps forward,We have to take one back.No road is ever paved with gold,Peace of mind is what we lack.Of course there's always bad times,But also there is good.But if we stick together,Accomplish anything yes we would.Since the beggining of time,People have always fought.Still they toughed it out,Eachothers love is what they sought.So everything is alright,I know that we'll be fine.As long as we remain true,your love will always be mine.
Dish Network
I find myself confused about things in my life. why am i not happy? why are things in such disaray? Sometimes its like a big ass cloud hanging over head saying how can i fuck up his life today?  I mean honestly do nice guys actually finish last? I bet this sounds like im complaining and im a wimp or a pussy right but oh well its not ur life its mine. All i want is three things in life a woman thats down for me always as i would be for her through everything. Good job would be nice not that i dont have one already and somewhere to live i can figure the rest out later. Aww fuck it im going to get a beer
The Losers
Have you ever wantedTo be someone you're notBut you look into the worldAnd you see what you've gotThere's nothing thereBut brains and gutsFinally open the doorAnd then it shutsLook to the centerAnd I think you'll findThe people that are gettin'They are blindYou changed the channelAnd there's nothing thereYou weren't born prettyAnd it isn't fair...Here's to the losersThe substance abusersTo the rejectsAll the imperfects'Cause I think we're beautiful'Cause I think we're beautiful'Cause I think we're beautifulNo matter what anyone saysI think we're beautifulThem most beautifulIn the worldYou try for jobsBut they say you're strangeYou're sportin' a styleThat they call painSo you get in troubleAnd your brain is goneYou're cryin' out manBut the words are wrongHere's to the losersThe substance abusersTo the rejectsAll the imperfects'Cause I think we're beautiful'Cause I think we're beautiful'Cause I think we're beautifulNo matter what anyone saysI think we're beautifulThem most beautifulIn th
A Review Of True Blood
     Review: True Blood        Michael Walker        I had been interested, ever since I read about it, in seeing this HBO series about vampires mingling with human beings, but since I can’t even afford basic cable I had to wait and add the DVDs for the first season to my Netflix queue. The first two discs arrived yesterday and I must confess, I’m a bit under whelmed. And really, I love love love almost everything HBO has put it’s name on: The Sopranos, Deadwood, Rome (especially), Six Feet Under, Big Love. I am an addict, like a housewife burning her husband’s shirts in front of her favorite daytime dramas. So what is it about this series that fails to engage me? I mean, it should have been another home run right? Vampires and humans commingling deep in the heart of bayou Louisiana. What could be more sexy and exciting?      Well, it just isn’t. I’ve watched four episodes of it now (with more on the way) and I have to confess, it just doesn&rsqu
Bitch Niggas
you bitch niggas aint got the heart to come get me/ how dare you fuck with me/ abandon all hope quickly/ I bust until the clip empty/ y'all aint even summer thugs/ i know u thought u was/ whoever set u up aint got love/ you'll understand when the hollows buzz/ and bang thru your afro/ im a asshole/ and natural/ for me to come get at you/ and leave you stiff as a staute/u feminine like estrogen/ let me show and begin/ when my violent moods move in/ like the wind we dont pretend/ empty a mack in ur back and that of your next of kin/ .45 cal will make u spin...u cant die with that stupid grin...but then again...all u gotta do is walk away
Gods Forsaken Radio Needs Your Help!
OK everbody, we all need to make sure we are members of (yes, the website), we also need to make sure we've put in our friend requests on GFR's myspace page, and don't forget to make sure to join the GFR lounge here on fubar. And please, please don't forget to donate when you are on the home page, even a mere $5 helps us out SO much. Thanks to all for support and continued friendship!!!
The Nanny Scam!!!!
I received an email one day from a man named Ollie Brian. He stated he was looking for a nanny. He requested more info...resume, references...I questioned him he said he was in Wales. Anyhow, so I sent him my resume, back ground check, references...something we all do while applying for a job. He sent me back a letter almost instantly telling me that I'd gotten the job. I thought what? sounded kinda fishy. He said he couldn't interview because he was coming from Wales, in London England and didn't have time for an interview but might meet with me the Friday he lands..Aug 7th. So he said...but he canceled that. I showed this to my husband and he said ..well it seems alright. So I kept in touch with him and then he tells me he is sending me a check for $2850. and when it gets there to please follow the instructions he gives me. I called my husband over to my computer and I said you gotta read this. I doubted this all along because who would hire someone without first meeting them?? Not m
just out of it wrong to still be in love with someone who has died?
James Mcstemy
Great guy that gave me a Auto for my birthday   M®. ┘ªmε§ M©§τεm¥@ fubar
The Grudge
The Grudge Wear your grudge like a crown of negativity. Calculate what we will or will not tolerate. Desperate to control all and everything. Unable to forgive your scarlet lettermen. Clutch it like a cornerstone. Otherwise it all comes down. Justify denials and grip it to the lonesome end. Clutch it like a cornerstone. Otherwise it all comes down. Terrified of being wrong. Ultimatum prison cell. Saturn ascends, choose one or ten. Hang on or be humbled again. Clutch it like a cornerstone. Otherwise it all comes down. Justify denials and grip it to the lonesome end. Saturn ascends, comes round again. Saturn ascends, the one, the ten. Ignorant to the damage done. Wear your grudge like a crown of negativity. Calculate what you will or will not tolerate. Desperate to control all and everything. Unable to forgive your scarlet lettermen. Wear the grudge like a crown. Desperate to control. Unable to forgive. And we're sinking deeper. Defining, confining, sinking deeper. Contr
Outlook Pst Repair
Outlook PST Repair
Wondering Why I Dont Have An Easy Button
Wet Dream
(repost of a dream I had in December of '06) Two nights ago I had a dream of the very best sort. Very vivid, remembered, probably deeply symbolic.I was in a normal world, except it was all under water. I was walking through the kitchen, into a livingroom, outside into the yard - and I wasn't wet, but I was passing through a water world. A train stopped. I got on. I don't know if I had a choice, it obviously wanted passengers, and so I became one. It went up and up and the water turned to slush. It was so cold. It arrived in a waterless place and kept going. I looked out the window and saw I was on a mountain top.Water erupted from below me and a little in front of me. I spread my legs apart so that the water could fill me. I wanted to absorb it all. It was so cold on that mountain top train ride and the water was so warm and elemental. I heard people complaining, muttering in annoyance and looked to see that they were all covered in raincoats and cowering under plastic tarps. Th
More Of The Health Care Reform Bill..all Should Read.
Page 22: Mandates audits of all employers that self-insure!   Page 29: Admission: your health care will be rationed   Page 30: A Government committee will decide what treatments & benefits you get. This would be the “Death Panel” and, unlike an insurer, there will be no appeals process.   Page 42: The “Health Choices Commissioner” will decide health benefits for you. You will have no choice. None.   Page 50: All non-US citizens, illegal or not, will be provided with free health care services.
Who Am I?
I am Jodi Hancock single mom,raising 2 lovely daughters who inspires me in everything I do. I am working as a freelance editor in chief of several health and wellness magazines and trip advisory online. I live in North Georgia, I choose to settle down in this area where I can live close to nature, I always tell my friends to try North Georgia Cabin Rentals and North Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals where they can enjoy the real essence of home relaxation.
This Morning
At 7.10am I got on the road as I normally do. I drove up the street, along the road, along the other road then onto the highway where I proceeded to accelerate to a mere 74mph. This was in a 65mph zone, splendid! Remember the 9 and your fine rule an life will be great. However whilst driving west on my 9 miles stretch on the highway this Friday morning, on a not very busy highway AWAY from the NYC direction at 7.10am, about 2 miles in as if from no where a vehicle (one I can only describe as the Chevrolet Washing Machine model or at least their smallest compact with what must be a washing machine motor as an engine) decides to pull right in behind me to the point of where they nearly hit me. I looked in the rearview window and saw that the driver was no more than 19yrs old and gave them the old WTF was that look. This went unnoticed. They then, when I didnt move over within 2 seconds to allow them to pass while being 1ft behind me travelling 74mph (I was on cruise it hadnt changed), d
Best Registry Cleaner
  Best Registry Fix Top Registry Cleaners Registry Cleaners Review    
Jager Time
Tonight is the first night in over a month that I'm going to a decent party.  I can't wait to see how this goes :)  Nothin but bombs and beer.  I haven't "busted a move" in quite some time, so here comes the jager!
I've Returned.....
So, sometime last year, I deleted my account.... might have been earlier this year, I don't remember..... but I realized... I missed this place.  So.. I came back! :D
Angels And Demons
In the dark of night I pull back in fright; for Angels and Demon's battle within my mind. The dance of death does cause me to take flight; and yet their beauty does make me stand trasfixed in time. In the dark of night I run to my mothers breast; I scream insanity and chaos are dwelling in my soul. Am I mad my mother dear or would I die perplexed? She looks down with souless orbs and looks the fool. In the dark of night I die this morn with Angels and Demons; they cloak my madness in their wings and carry me. What awaits me I ask with my Deamon? Your soul my child will set you free.
Welp Heres My Thinking When Writing...
I love thinking of fantasies, not to mention living them out. My ex-wife had gotten pregnant and I did the right thing and was married to a girl who was mostly boring in bed and things didn't heat up until right around the end. I am enjoying being on here and looking around to find ladies or couples and sending some fantasy ideas out. I guess you could say I have an overactive imagination but, ENJOY! PS- I tend to write things off the top of my head to get a good picture. I will edit them eventually but please excuse the grammer. Also I would put pictures of the members who inspired these but I would have to ask them first to be polite.
Seduction Of Marie 2
~~>From me: hope if you ever tied me up and I submitted to you that you would feed me some ~>From Marie: tie you up and slice them while you watch begging with your eyes...I suck on pieces licking my fingers asking if you want some...teasing a slice across your lips ~>From Marie: I tell you yes I would love one, especially the one that just touched your sweet red lips ~~>From me: id lean up and lick around the peach, begging you to stick it in my mouth, you do and I wrap my lips around your finger and slowly draw back and suck the peach down ~>From Marie: I slip the slice between my other lips fingers toying with my clit straddle your shoulders thrusting towards your face "Kiss Me" ~~>From me: I quickly suck the peach into my mouth and hold it in my cheek, taking advantage of the position we are in and loving every lick from bottom to hood, as I circle your sweet peachy pussy, sucking the juices into my mouth, loving the taste, the touch, the sweet smell, wishing I had a free hand
unfortunately i am hardly ever on fubar anymore. with that being said i will be deleting people from my friends list . nothing personal but i dont get to talk to alot of people on here. i appreciate every 1 who has helped me level and all. i will still rate people when i can and send random gifts.
Online Bachelor Degree
Online Bachelor Degree HealthCare Bachelors Degree  
Online Bachelor Degree
Online Bachelor Degree HealthCare Bachelors Degree
Think About This For A Minute
Think about this for a minute. If I happened to show up on your door step crying, would you care? If i called you and asked you to pick me up because something happened would you come? If i had one day left to live my life would you be part of my last day? If i needed a shoulder to cry on would you give me yours? Do you know what the relationship is between your two eyes? They blink together, they move together, they cry together. They see things together and they sleep together, BUT THEY NEVER SEE EACH OTHER... That's what friendship is. Life is lonely without friends. Its world best friend week. Send this to all your really good friends. Even me if i am one of them. See how many you get back. If you get more than 3 you really are a lovable person... Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so.... Love the people who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don't.
This Girl Is Fake
Her salute and pics dont match. The pics are from a chick named Ashley on spicepad.
Freedom And A New Life
Freedom started today... no more pain and neglect you wanted her and me too cant have it both ways i loved u as i have loved no other the pain will ease in time the loneliness i can handle the cheating i cant i hope you will be happy with her i hope she is good to you cause it ruined our marriage a marriage i thought was for life now i know different but you made your choice and im making mine freedom from the pain, freedom from the neglect just freedom So today is the start, i wont feel the pain today
Loft Conversion Essex
                             Loft conversion essex
Too Broken Too Fix?
it appears that pain has become my new best friend being laughed at by women, doors always being slammed, no matter how well i treat them this is a diary of a broken man. 15 long years of abuse and lonelyness has begun to take its toll on me, removing myself from the general populace is the only solution that i can see. i know that im not the best looking man that doesnt mean i dont have a heart, but the laughter by women lingers in my mind and that has ripped me apart. living my life alone is a fate that i have to endure, appearently im not good enough to have a woman in my life anymore. i dont know what keeps me going or what keeps me strong, but i will have this wall up until someone can prove me wrong.  
What A Question
Would it be better to have love for  a while and have it go, than to never love at all?  I've had that question in my head lately.  One of the last relationsihps I had nearly killed me in the end.  But to just wander as a single guy feels good.  However, it'll never feel as good as knowing there's someone to talk to when it's quiet, and you're the only one in a big house.  It hurts, just a little.  But people digress.  How do you let someone know how you feel without words?  Maybe it's not a question easily answered.  Maybe it's more experienced than anything...
This guy was walking down the street and this hooker says, "Say, wanna have a good time?" as he looked him up and down seductively. "Sure," he says and they are off to the nearest motel. She takes off her clothes and he keeps staring at her. She says, "Is this the first pussy you seen since you crawled out of one?" The guy says, "Nope, just the first one I've seen big enough to crawl back into." A woman goes to her doctor, complaining that her husband is 300% impotent. The doctor says, "I'm not sure I understand what you mean." She says, "Well, the first 100% you can imagine. In addition, he burned his tongue and broke his finger!" A mother and her son were flying Southwest Airlines from Oakland to Kansas City. The son, who had been looking out the window, turned to his mother and said, "If big dogs have baby dogs and big cats have baby cats, why don't big planes have baby planes? The mother, who couldn't think of an answer, told her son to ask the flight attendant. So, the little
"break These Chains..around My Heart"
Today..ive lost my all around me..slowly the winds blow..making my insides so cold..its hard to see tomorrow..when im so caught the sarrows of today..a want to say..a wish for a her to sunlight..etchs in my direction..only the silent darkness..surrounds my soul..she will..never feels to me..that love was such a cruel many come to hold me close..but im always on my own..alone..hanging in the shadows of the past..such is a gloomy faith..too save me down on my last leg..and the darkness is closing in..not a friend..not a whisper..of i care..just a somber all i can share..lifes not fair..but what is fair now a days..when all is grey..and the sun hangs just beyound my reach..a wish i say..just before i sleep..break these chains..around my heart..and set me free..from all the lonelyness..and the grim sights..of the lost..and never found..sound my words..and heartfelt they are..but jus
: Clouded Mind.
The last remaining light..dies out..all thats known..becomes blurred..what am i here for..i wonder..from behind cold careless it heart longs you..who i be with..questions..with no deep..into the shadows of only that which is dead..atleast they cant say back..your a lier..your a con..your a rather be the shadows..then out in the daylight with the painful truth..if i were to say..i love you..i care for you..what then?..would you let me into your heart..without a second thought..would you take me into your home..would you truely love me..or would you think about i have done a many of times..back and and me..a dance that seems to never really end..a tired glance in your direction..i cant seem to get through to you..what you mean to me..i have my that of any man..but with the good..comes the bad..and so..i remain in the shadows..the shadows of doubt..with that of a clouded mind..i si
Now This Is Something You Don't Hear About Every Day   Key points Frequently Asked Questions about Broken Heart Syndrome1. What is “stress cardiomyopathy?”   Stress cardiomyopathy, also referred to as the “broken heart syndrome,” is a condition in which intense emotional or physical stress can cause rapid and severe heart muscle weakness (cardiomyopathy). This condition can occur following a variety of emotional stressors such as grief (e.g. death of a loved one), fear, extreme anger, and surprise. It can also occur following numerous physical stressors to the body such as stroke, seizure, difficulty breathing (such as a flare of asthma or emphysema), or significant bleeding   apparently sudden shock to the system or any kind of stress like i had when my ex broke it off after 2 years or me crying for 2 hours straight yesterday can stress the heart mimic heart attacks  its weird emotions controling the body like that  ever felt like that before? when someone hur
Give Me Your Opinion...
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Anywhere You Go..i Will Be There
When ever the day comes..anywhere you turn..ill be there..far..but always me..and will find upon me..and i shall be there..without care for my own well angels flying watchful always upon a dream..i am sand floating by you in the wind..the darkness of night..manifested whole..from nothing..i am something..whenever you need me..ill be there..never said things would be fair..but i will stand by your side..good or bad..if it is bad we do..then i have no second thoughts on it..for i sway with the winds..and chaos is neither good..nor bad..if the world bears down on you..and did not love you..if they called out your name..and brought shame upon you..i would be there..and stare them in the eyes..and without mercy..i would beat them down..without a feeling going through my cold heart..for i am here..when the world turns its back..anywhere you turn..ill be there..anywhere you go..i will be there..just like a shadow to the body..i am to
August 22nd - Bridge
The night is dark and I feel so at home. The soft breeze whispers across my skin and I smile. My Master is beside me and I snuggle closer. We cross the open courtyard and then onto the wide expanse of the old tressle bridge. Strong hands catch my hipps and push me agianst the wooden raillings. "Touch me" is the command this time and I obey, sliding my hand against his warm thick shaft. I love it, so smooth and silken. It stiffens further and I feel a whimper in my throat. "Do you want it? Here? Now?" He asks as he slides a hand up under my skirt, fingering my sensitive pussy. Surprise rockets through me. Shaking me further as he dropps my panties to my knees and frees his cock. Spreading my theighs, he places the head of his shaft against my cunt and thrust inside. I tried not to scream as pleasure rocked me from head to heals. Headlights from cars passing on the nearby bridge remind me how close we are being discovered. Another couple walks below us in the park. I want to stop this bu
Hey Every One
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Memories Of The Night
The night.It’s beautiful.There’s nothing that could only be half as beautiful as the night.The stars are shining.The full moon above me.Why does the night pass by?Why couldn’t it last forever?The night is the time of the memories.It’s the time of the loversand the time of the lonesome.It could be the time of rest,the time of sleep.But isn’t it too beautiful to stay at home and sleep?The night is magic.I can’t stay at homewhen it’s dark outside.The night is the time of mysteries,the time of demons,of vampires.But the darkness of the night isn’t dangerous.It’s peace in it, safety.It covers the guilty and the haunted.It’s merciful.The time when I forget about day.About all its problems,its sorrows.The time when I’m happy.The time when I’m sad.The night is everything for me.It’s all that counts.Nothing is as beautiful as the night.I wish it would never end.Just everlasting,lasting for eternity...
Memories Of The Day
The sun rises.It’s beautiful.But it brings the light.The merciless light.Showing everything.Fighting back the nightuntil there are only some shadowstelling about the beauty of the night.Of the merciful darkness.Too glaring.So cruel.It’s warm but...It could never be as warmas the night is beautiful.It’s hot and it’s light.I’m thinking of the night.Its coolness and its darkness.And again it’s killing my soul.The hectic of the daymakes me crazy.I’m longing for the peace,the peace the night will bring.Hectic and noisy,that’s the day.Too many peoplerunning around,busy with nothing,unimportant stuff.Memories of the night...It’ll come again...It’ll bring peace and rest.It’ll make you forgetting...about sorrows and fear and problems.But it’s far away...The day...Too glaring...Pains...
My Little Charade
A letter to a Friend.I know I have not been entirely honest about myself to you. But I did what I did because I do not want you to think of me as ordinary. I tried so hard to do everything you liked so that you would notice me, notice even the littlest thing I do. However, I know that one day the lying has got to stop because you would find out about this sooner or later. Sooner or later you will know that I am not the girl you made me out to be.But the lying was like a disease. I could not stop because I wanted to impress you more and more. And then one day, I realize I couldn't keep up with all the lies. You have gotten to know about my little charade and became an entirely different person. What hurts me even more is that you fell in love with another girl. You fell in love with my best friend. I know I maybe living a lie my whole life but I guess I deserve this. As clichéd as it sounds I really hope you're happy. I am so sorry.
Favorite Movie Quotes Pt 1
Isolde: Why? Tristan: There are other things to live for: duty, honor. Isolde: But they are not life Tristan. They are the shells of life, and empty ones if in the end all they hold are days and days without love. Love is made by God. Ignore it and you suffer as you cannot imagine. Tristan: Then I will no longer live without it.   Vicki Vale: A lot of people think you're as dangerous as the Joker. Batman: He's psychotic. Vicki Vale: Some people say the same thing about you. Batman: What people? Vicki Vale: Well, I mean, let's face it. You're not exactly normal, are you? Batman: It's not exactly a normal world, is it?   Jeff Spicoli: This is U.S. History, I see the globe right there.   Jefferson's Brother: My brother's gonna kill us! He's gonna kill us! He's gonna kill you and he's gonna kill me, he's gonna kill us! Jeff Spicoli: Hey man, just be glad I had fast reflexes! Jefferson's Brother: My brother's gonna shit! Jeff Spicoli: Make up your mind, dude, is he gonna shit or is he
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Wounded Soul
Wounded Soul   Listening to the sound of the wind As it carries the sound of what life has to bring I sit here and wonder What’s in it for me? For my life has come to a bitter end No one to love me the pain never ends It just keeps on getting deeper within This pain is unbarring unable to breathe Wishing my life could be better then this.   No one to talk to no soul that listens For whom I loved have all been taken Taken away leaving me here all alone This somber life that I call home.     I wait in this place all alone I wish and I pray for that day to come soon Just waiting for the day that he takes me home But I fret he is not there to hear me cry out. So I sit here and listen to the sound of the wind Just listening trying to understand.
Soulful Love
Soulful Love   My emotions go wild to the feel of your touch. My senses grow deeper My pulse starts to jump My temperature starts rising with wanting so much.   The want of your skin so close to mine Sends shivers of excitement all down my spine With each touch of your hand On my skin so soft Gives me desires I crave only from you   Your lips touching mine in a passionate kiss Oh this is what I truly wish Our bodies together feeling as one Our hearts pounding loudly we finally won   To be together forever is what I want In each others arms filled with desires so strong This love that we share couldn’t be wrong.
Restroom Poetry
Here I lie in stinky vapor, Because some bastard stole the toilet paper, Shall I lie, or shall I linger, Or shall I be forced to use my finger. Here I sit Broken hearted Tried to **** But only farted Here I sit What a caper I have to **** But I'm out of paper You're lucky You had your chance I tried to fart, And **** my pants! Some people come here to take a ****, I came here to leave one. Some come here to sit and think, Some come here to **** and stink, But I come here to scratch my balls, And read the bull**** on the walls... Here I sit, I'm at a loss trying to **** out taco sauce. When it comes, I hope and pray, I don't blow my ass away
About My Life N My Feelings
 Even though I have moved on with my life and I am dating or rather talking to a wonderful man who I can see myself falling in love with, I still miss my ex fiance'. He was my everything, we did everything together and he was my best friend. I do not believe that I will ever fully get over him. Though I have learned that everything in life happens for a reason and better things come out of certain actions. I will always love my ex but its time for us to keep our relationship where it is right now and that is just friends. I am lucky to have such an amazing man in my life that will do anything for you and treats me like a queen. I continue to pray for things to work out as they should and in the meantime I hold my head up high.
A Couple Wordz
I sit here today, Thinking about my past. On all the things I hate, And how long my life will last. Why do you people hate me? Why must you be so mean? Is this how you should treat me? If not, that's what it seems. I will not justify my feelings, But I know I can. You people keep provoking me, This is why I ran. You people disrespect me, But you still don't realize. What you say about me, Stays in my inside. I don't forget your face, Or even your evil voice. I could be mean when I see you, But I don't choose that choice. I still try to be nice to you, But look at what you've done. No longer will I be nice, No longer will you have fun. I hold this pills in my hand, Thinking of all the things you've said. Through all those moments you laughed at me, My emotions bled. I've suffered way to long, Today it is the end. you have no more chances to say sorroy, I will never be your friend. I've taken all the pills, I've taken away m
Reached My Breaking Point
I continue to walk down this lonely road.One that only few people know.All my emotions locked inside.No where to go, and tears in my eyes.One step forward, and ten steps back.I'm running in someone else's race.Once upon a time I followed my dreams.My dreams are gone, and I'm left with these...These empty rooms, with dirty walls.I scream at the top of my lungs.Trying to find a way out is useless. Because every door I find does nothing.They just lead me to another empty room.Where no matter how loud I scream,No one can hear me.
Come Check Her Out Pls
DJ Beverly~ Staff @ Americas Brave and Proud~Fu engaged to DJ Matt">@ fubar
Watching The Goonies...survey
Who is the first person on your top?- mikeDo you think your ex has moved on and is now happier with another person?- Yes but he still insist he misses me Was your last kiss, standing up, sitting down, or laying down?- I think in my carAre you happy with the choices you've made?- Some, but I dont really regret anythingWhen's the last time someone of the opposite sex told you they miss you?- TodayAre you excited for anything?- YesDo you hate the last person you kissed?- In a way hate is a strong word but I dont like him very much at the moment.You're stuck in an elevator with one of your worst enemies, what do you do?- Try to make amends.Will this weekend be a good one?- No, they never areDo you have a friend that is a complete and total flirt around everyone?- Usually Im the flirt but I dont ever take it far. Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now?- Not sureLast person you talked to on the phone?- Evan What'd you talk about?- ninjas having buttsex, and movies, and
I have a friend that thinks all the women that he fucks with will never find out... See women are smart they wait and wait. Then bam you get fuck over. I think he doesn't know what he wants or needs in life. It's a shame really. He's a good kid and needs someone to show him what road to take.. He keeps on the road that he is on he will end up hurting him self and everyone around him... A lot of these women he messing around with have feelings and need to be told the truth... That's not my place to track them down an tell them the truth. In time they will find the truth... I hope they don't get hurt... It's no fun being hurt by someone you trust and love.. But everyone one will Heal in time and they will love again... Deuces
I Will Wait For You
lets see where to start..I met a great guy 2 months ago..fellings are growing as i hoped they would.. I knew he drank and had no issues with it. Well now he is going to rehab. I told him i would stay and wait for him. Yes its only been two months and i know that it may not work but I am the type of person who thinks maybe it will. I feel like if he cares enough to change his life then I should admire him for it. anyway thats whats on my mind today..   Dee
  How long would you wait? just for me to call. I know you make mistakes. yeah but. I hope some day you have it all. Cause I feel like a prisoner trapped inside your broken world. While I'm playing the victim again. Running in circles to me it's all the same and though nothings gonna change. I hope some day you'll have it all.
Astronomy: Book One... Rough Draft Sample Chap.
ASTRONOMY: Book OneThe First Ezra Cold NovelCHAPTER ONE  (Forward?)     The cemetery was warm this time of year.  Spring had set in and the trees and grass looked vibrant and hopefull.  It was strange to think of such things when six feet below was an army of the dead and decaying.  Still though, Miranda found herself looking at the burial ground with a sense of peace.  She walked slowly through the semi-chaotic layout of tombstones looking for the freshest grave there.  The one that was filled with her mothers remains.       She hadn't been able to get back in time for the funeral, but Miranda was still going to make sure she said goodbye to her mother before she set about getting the house ready for whatever came next.  She hadn't really been through anything like this before and as the only surviving heir, it was her job to get things done.  Whatever they may be.  The thought bothered her a bit, but that was something to worry about later.  Right now, she just had to find the right
Icy Trails
drip drip drip it flows down and down it goes not knowing its goal just ripe and full glistening in the sunlight down through the dusky midnight till finally with a mighty kerplop its found its new home the right spot now more and more they fall building up now having a ball till finally only one remains to create the most beautiful of stains
Hateful Bitch
Dont come on my page in the bar if you cant handle the heat cause shes about to set a flame under your ass and chef always fucking wins. Confident much! Victoria Jackson!
LIES by Victoria Jackson I’m lying in my Tiffany blue bedroom, in the dark, listening to the President tell lies. He’s so good at it, that he is smiling and lots of people are clapping.  He says, “Public Option.  No one will have to change, if they like their present situation.”  LIE. He says, “My plan will not add one dime to the deficit.”  LIE.     (Congressional Budget Committee speak up!) He says that if we don’t act now, the country will fall apart.  LIE. He says that quality of health care won’t suffer.  LIE He says that there won’t be rationing and those that say there will be are liars.  LIE. He says that the Republicans have no solutions to offer up.  LIE    (Several of them lift papers into the air.) He says that this is not socialism.  LIE He says this is the “moral” thing to do!  LIE     (Take money from the middle class and give it to the non-taxpayers and illegals?!) He says this w
Too Funny!!
Pocket Tazer Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Tazer for theiranniversary submitted this:Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Julie.What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse- sized tazer. The effects of the tazer were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety....??WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded two AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button and pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I'd get the blue arc of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs.AWESOME!!!Unfortunately, I have yet to explain to Julie what that burn spot is on the face of
Oh Bugger
My worst fears have come true, in regards to my course. I have to do my first assignment this weekend, but i am bouncing off the walls with the first steps of an episode of mania. i can't focus and keep my mind on the task. i have taken enough ativan to knock out an elephant and i am still going ninety million miles an hour. I gonna fail at the first hurdle, but who the hell was i kidding that i could do it in the first place ?
Why ?
so many woman have come into my life just to leave me alone and lonely ...well i have realize that i am me .. sweet sexy funny caring compassionate,passionate, and most woman that i find are a bunch of crazy ones who make me pay for the mistakes that assholes have done to them. im not an asshole i dont fight or try to control .. woman  think they want someone sweet and funny and  all that i am.. but they  are attracted to assholes, who miss treat them and abuse them time and time agian .. many beautiful woman on here .. and shallow as hell .. that look for  the looks in a guy know i know im not the lil pretty boy type .. nor am i a redneck slob.. just  as one song put it  a Good Ole' Boy .. sadly mistaken for redneck.. i cant stand country  music and pop blows.. i love  living my life and would love to have someone in it to spend time with and shar my heart.. sometimes makes me wonder am i not good enough..?  but i know i am..  thanks for all who read this.. thank you very much
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come check out dirty fantasy
Football Pool #2!
Hey all! It's that time again.. WOOHOO! Another football pool by yours truly, and hopefully one of the best ( or the only) pigskin pool here on Fubar. :) This blog will explain all of the rules, and after that I will post another blog with the schedule for the week. 1. 50K to enter, a little more than last year but this is looking to be a much more exciting season! Plus you only pay once, so I won't bug you all the time, just for your picks :p 2. Pick one winner of each team of each game that is playing for the week, including Thursday and Monday games.  Send the pics to me in a PRIVATE message (you don't want others to see your picks.) If you don't get your picks to me by Wednesday (for Thursday games) or no later than Friday at 5pm for Sunday and Monday games. Those who played last year know how I can get :p At the end of the week, I will tally all of the teams and who won and whoever got the most picks out of the 16 games is the leader for the week. But be careful, the wron
Fantasy Of My Death
Her fantasy is my death. My Goddess wants another man to enter her soul. He has already penitrated her mind and heart. Now she is more than willing to let this parasite feed from her devotion to me. She attacks me, my manhood and everything about us that once was are life. I no longer feel like the man I once was. My sword of life is no longer what she desires. The blade of my sword is on question, as if it is a measurment of my ability to be a worrior. Or is it she is fond of another worrior and I am of no longer a need. I have been chained to a wall and beaten with a whip. The blood of my love drains to the floor and feeds a beast like no other. The beast has once again been stirred to awakening. The beast has become even more brutal than the last time. His tears are nothing more than drops of fire. They do not ease his pain. He ponders over his lover and what she has laid into his wretched mind. His heart, the flow of her love, has been restricted and it beats slow and hard, like
Shattered Heart
Shattered heart   My heart it shatters with pain of much To think I gave him all I got Just to have him break it up   The loss I feel deep within my soul The loss of what was ours to come And to loss him to another’s arms It tears and burns and creeps inside To where I wish I could just die   That piece of him I did once feel Deep within my garden wells Is gone forever as so is he So now I lay my heart to bleed   Bleed from the pain and suffering This one lost soul is gone and dead Will never feel for another There is no life left to bare more pain The pain of losing loves best friend.
I always think i'm somethin. But i was never nothin. I always think i'm somethin. But i was never nothin. Always thought i was somethin. But i was never nothin. Nothin no one nobody can help save me through all to be. I never was was was nothin never never somethin. I was never never nothin. Fuck fuck fuck. I could never never i could never be never be never be i could never fuckin be. Never never i fuckin never was never. I can't think i don't know i can't think i don't know i can't think i don't know. Know i never fuckin never never i was never fuckin anything. Never fuckin anything. Everything is always a sorry everything i hear is a sorry. Everything i hear is a sorry fuck you fuck you fuck you. You fuckin made me made me you fuckin make me made me feel like i couldn't couldn't i fuckin couldn't fuck you fuck you fuck you colusterphobic fuck fuck you. Never was to be somethin i wasn't never was to be somethin i wanted. I never was to be somethin. I never was to be somethin. I never
911 Lest We Forget
'MEET ME IN THE STAIRWELL' You say you will never forget where you were when you heard the news On September 11, 2001. Neither will I. I was on the 110th floor in a smoke filled room with a man who called his wife to say 'Good-Bye.' I held his fingers steady as he dialed. I gave him the peace to say, 'Honey, I am not going to make it, but it is OK..I am ready to go.' I was with his wife when he called as she fed breakfast to their children. I held her up as she tried to understand his words and as she realized he wasn't coming home that night.. I was in the stairwell of the 23rd floor when a woman cried out to Me for help. 'I have been knocking on the door of your heart for 50 years!' I said. 'Of course I will show you the way home - only believe in Me now.' I was at the base of the building with the Priest ministering to the injured and devastated souls. I took him home to tend to his Flock in Heaven. He heard my voice and answered. I was on all four of those planes, in every seat, w
Naked Quiz
See any old friends today?sorta Do you have any voicemails on your cellphone? dont have voice mailHow many times a day do you shower?2 times usuallyWhen you wake up what’s the first thing you do? get something to drinkDo you play video games?SometimesWhat’s the last thing you bought?Arbys What states have you been too?Georgia, Florida, North/south Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas,Arizona, New Mexico, California, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Ohio, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Conn, Mass, Nevada,Are you a high school drop out?GRADUATED 2006 ! Left handed or right handed?RightLook out the window, what do you see?Volley Ball CourtWhat is to your left?a cup What was the last thing that made you laugh?Evans faceDo you read the newspaper?yesCan you cook? Kinda I can bake better How many pets do you have?2 catsAre you close with your parents? noHow many best friends do you have?threeWhat are you doing tonight?nothing  
Patrick Swayze Hasd Died
  Just click the link to see the News Video about it.
Current mood:  bummed Category: Writing and Poetry   .. I was confused of the matter of thee only leaving it harder to breathe. Standing dying in one hand crying for help in the other. They thought they knew how to cure it all those doctors on call. Locked up crying in time with others pleas for freedome. Alone falling for the love of the devil to believing in gods lies. Feeding bullshit my time only to lose life instead. Never recovering from a night like that. Blacken teeth to not breathing body all cold tighting up when close to dying rest. Confused in the drugs they said would cure all deading dreams. Making you fall harder nest time, No not messed up nor depressed. Forgetting I meant what I said making it easier to lie like the  rest. I wont be dragged down again in the pits of hell wishing for death to kiss me.. Everything is my fault you cant deny anything. So why am I to be hiding..
What Love Is!!
Love is more than just a word. It's those simple actions that you do. It's the tone in your voice, when you talk. Love is expressed in more ways than just saying it. Love is that tingeling sinsation when you simply look at a person. So many people say "I LOVE YOU" just to say it. If you truely mean it, why say it all the time? Show that person how you love by your actions, not just by words.

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