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Im New
Well Im new to Fubar .. I was wondering if you all would help me with this.. Teach me the ropes   I would greatly appreaciate it.   Thanks much     Mina.
I Haven't Written N A While
I am me ... I can be no one else.  I tend to be over bearing and a complete **well fill it in** ... but above it all, I am a good person.  What you tend or want to think about me is your choice ... a choice you have been given from the day you were that twinkle in your parents eye.  I make my choices and I make my decisions.  No one makes them for me, even though I have days i wish someone would.  I make my stand and where I do make it.  deal with it ... or GTFO of my life ... 100%.  My rock, my choice, my safety ... is all on me and on no one else.   Just note, I will stand and be walked on and over, till the spikes come out .. when they do there is a side not one of you wants to ever see.  So, yes ... I am WOMAN ... and I am going in my space where I am quiet and will remain that way till pulled or coaxed out.     I may do more posting and more writting .. we will see.  but for now, i am Maia .. JUST ME!!
I Am Just Me
I am just me... Prisilla I want you to know If everyday I won millions I'd walk away from it...   My being rich is just to be with you A simple life ...with you is the greatest treasure.   Thank you for choosing me
This Is For The People That Are Just All Wtf
I am doing a paper on random, unexplainable shit.   let me know if you see or hear something that is totally WTF
Lost Yesterdays
A million lost yesterdaysbut never a tomorrowI look for future happinessbut am left with past sorrowsthe light gets dim as I move onthe past a firey blazetoday is the future that just will passmy mind is in a hazeas I sit back and ponder thismy happiness slips from my fingertipsI try to grasp realityfeel my soul, read my lips.
Car Problem : Undetermined
On the 15 th of this month,  I took my car to the local GM dealership, and explained the problem (explained below) that the car was having. Problem: In the morning, I would go to start the car, and it was just crank, and crank , and crank, and not start.  To get the car to start, I would have to take a rubber mallet and tap on the bottom of the gas tank.  After tapping on the bottom of the tank I would get back in the car, and turn it on , it would crank a couple times , and start up.  The dealership diagnosed the problem as a fuel pump issue. Which is alright, because that part was under warranty , because it had just had the part replaced 13 months ago, and is a GM lifetime warranty part.  So all the work was done at no cost to me. This past Sunday, the car again, does the same exact thing. Except this time after I tapped on the gas tank , which again made it start,  It would stall as I drove. So I called them up on Monday, and was told I could bring the car in on Tuesday. Tuesda
Why Mr. President?
Dear Mr. President, I heard that you are threatening to stop SS Checks if the debt ceiling isn't raised. Why are all your scare tactics with SS, Medicare, and our Military's Pay? Why not stop the checks to Congress and yourselves? Why use the Soldiers, Seniors and the Needy as your targets? I just don't get it...  
Nothing Like You
I don't want to be like you.  The delusional puppet of what beauty is. The emo cry of begging for attention. The disgrace it takes to become something you aren't. Have you forgot your name?   I don't want to be like you. The cleverness to make people believe. The acts of selfishness to be #1 The pornographic photo shop whore. Have you forgot your age?   I don't want to be like you. The plastic, artificial, mindless culture. The drive to lie. The betrayal of your real loved ones. The shameless that gets offended.   I am nothing like you.
Hunting With An Antique Damascus Double Barrel 12 Guage
Since I'm a gunsmith, let's talk about guns ! I love to hunt with old antique shotguns and rifles... In the late 19th century, gun barrel manufacturing was still a tough job despite the advances in machinery of the Industrial Revolution. Gun makers had a hard time boring through a rod of steel and keeping the bit from coming out the side. So the answer to shotguns was Damascus steel. This method of producing shotguns was simple. A strip of mild steel and one of iron was twisted together, heated up and flattened into a strip called a skelp. The skelp was then reheated and hammer forged around a rod known as a mandrel in the shape of the shotgun barrel. Later, the two were silver soldered together to the breech to form the upper half of the shotgun.         Damascus barrels are a thing of beauty on a shotgun, with the intricate swirling patterns. Unfortunately, the very nature of this production method also makes them a dangerous gun to shoot. The original loadings were of
Poems I Found In My Phone
Relax, there's no reason to stress. it will make you a mess. Just clear your mind. There aint no rewind. So don't waste your time...       Its time to realize the lies within our eyes, Cut the ties, and take to the skies. Everyone dies       Don't waste your life being plain or mundane, just trying to sustain the pain. Use your Brain. Go insane!
I Need Input Please
SO I have an album recorded (the writing and recording is the easy part to me) ,  so I am accepting suggestions for insert/back panel art.   I also could use some thought on TRACKING as in what song goes where on the album.  I've made a play list  ,  if any one has time or interest in listing feel free to comment and leave a list of how you would track the songs.  Thanks. 
Heey Guys This Is My First Day Here
soo guys its my first day here and first blog so idont know how 2 use it or replay ppl Its says some thin abt mah email or some thin   soo ppplllz heelp meh cuz ican't wait 2 talke 2 yew guy
Shes My Angel Here On Earth
Hello all. It took me 32 yrs to find my special someone. But I am so glad i finally found her. I never would of guessed that she would be from Spain. But the lord workes in mysterious ways. I feel like the luckiest man alive. I've never felt a love like this b4. I want to go to the highest mountain top and yell it as loud as i can "I Love u Kelly" u r my missing puzzle piece. I will never hurt u or ever let u go. U r my Angel sent from Heaven. I can only hope everyone will find the true love that i have been blessed to find. Later ya'll
Manning On A Week 1 Comeback: ‘i’m Right In The Middle Of It’
The Indianapolis Colts' recent acquisition of formerly retired veteran quarterback Kerry Collins had a lot of Colts fans wondering if Peyton Manning's recovery from neck surgery would allow him to start the season — and continue his amazing streak of never missing a game from 1998 through 2010. During the Colts' 24-21 Week 3 preseason loss to the Green Bay Packers on Friday, Manning talked with CBS sideline reporter Sam Ryan and have a more hopeful diagnosis than many might have imagined. "I'm right in the middle of it — working very hard every single day," he said. "My trainers and weight coaches have done a tremendous job helping me, and I'm really putting them to work … I have some more left to do, and I still have some time, and I'm going to use that time. At the appropriate time, I think I'll know what the right decision is, and with the help of Coach [Jim] Caldwell, I'll make that decision, and we'll go from there." Ryan noticed Manning talking to Collins thr
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I Think Today I'll Stay In Bed
People ask me what is wrong Why I have a broken spirit But so often when I speak It seems no one can hear it or is it that they don't listen trapped in this prison trying to figure out why it always feels like somethings missin if anyone has a clue I wish that they would let me in I wasn't programmed correctly and it seems I wasn't meant to win I try keep my head high I try to live my life right but no matter what I do I feel pain and emptiness at night Maybe it all stems from bad choices I have made before My phone rings I don't want to talk I look at it and hit ignore Too reliant on escapes to fog my mind and drown my sorrow If I can make it through the night Maybe I can handle it tommorrow But the sunrise brings a clear head 
Realizing summer is almost over and I am still topping the scales at 185lbs. I have decided I need to bunk down and get my a** in gear and lose these extra 60lbs I am toting around.  Step one is as follows...just my drinking habits... 12 glasses of water a day. I can do it ! Step 2 will be exercise... aerobic and toning... as much as exercise is just a pain in the a** I can do this. Step 3 Changing eating habits...less starch and more veggies and fruit. Fruit salad with yogurt for breakfast, salad with chicken for lunch anf vegetarian dish for dinner.( no rice , potatoes or carbs)   Skinny Bibbity is on the way!
7 Days, 7 Sins - Wrath
Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.Day 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.Day 5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.Day 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.Here's my day three: Wrath.1. Slow drivers in the fast lane. I'm on the interstate every day and the far left lane is for FAST people. Learn that and get the hell over.2. As I still work in the service industry on weekend nights, I cannot stand people who don't know how to calculate gratuity properly. I'm serious when I say if you don't know how - ASK. I'm more than happy to inform and educate.3. Myself for not updating this thing nearly as much as I should. ...or writing nearly as much as I should in general. OR for not putting enough pics, as promised. Got to get on that.4. Cats- and, by default, kittens. (I guess these things don't necessarily 'piss me off' as much as I jus
7 Days - 7 Sins - Sloth
Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.Day 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.Day 5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.Day 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.Here's my day four: Sloth.1. I never work out, I do run though.. I've been trying to get on that bandwagon for a few months now, but I've found my couch is much more relaxing than trying to look like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.2. I don't floss. Scratch that - I rarely floss. Not that I'm trying to play devil's advocate, but how many of us out there are adamant about flossing on a daily basis? Any dentists reading this journal? 3. I'm horrible at sending birthday cards. This is actually something my siblings are fantastic at - and I never tell them how great I think that is and how much I'm sure they mean to people. But personally I suck at fulfilling this tiny simple gesture.
Thirty Days
Thirty days have gone and pastmy heart weighs heavy,my love still lasts you hurt me deep into the coreyou said our love ,is never more each day my thoughts do not grow lessmy love for you, has failed the test with every day there is still hopeits just the way, that I can cope I hope one day, you will seethat this is a love that's meant to be I pray to God on every nighthe'll bring you back and end this fight. I wish you can read this proseand bring you back my so this may close.Darkness has invaded my soulon my sanity it has taken it's tolleternal sleep will ease my painfor the love I seek has been in vainmy confidence is really shakenfor each day, I have been forsakenI will retreat back in my shellto escape the life of living hellmy heart is numb, my will is brokenthere are no words, they've all been spokenall thats left is empty wordsin distant cyberspace, their never heard.
Life, Pain
with what I feel right now, it's more to understand why I stay here.  I have takes some time from here, I have some really awesome friends on here.  I have a few people that don't like me but well meh ... that is just how life goes, not everyone can be your friend.   I have other things I am deciding on.  One, has to do with someone imparticular .. there are issues and I don't know how I want to deal with it.  and if you are wondering, YES, he is the reason I want to leave this site.  I just need to decide.  I have a couple of people I want to stay for.  and blocking really isn't the issue there are other issues.   I wish I could explain it and put life out there.  But I have put it up, and if you want the links I can give it to you.  I am also posting more of my poetry.  I do appreciate the ones who are standing by me in this, you are the best.   Love always; Maia
Unwarranted Condemnation Of D/s Bdsm
When anyone associated with mainstream society encounters someone involved in the D/s BDSM sub-culture, they immediately form a not so flattering opinion. With this opinion also comes preconceived notions concerning the individuals mental capacity. They often ask whether we are normal and whether a mental evaluation concerning our sanity has ever been performed. To answer the first question, yes we are quite normal. Simply because we believe in more than the minimum number of ways society deems fit to express sexual desires as well as love and relationships, in no way makes us abnormal by any stretch of the imagination. As for the second part of the question with our convictions in what it is we do, why would we need to question our sanity. There simply is no reason for us to do it due to our actions and activities being consensual among all involved.            These Ideas they have concerning those involved with this lifestyle are based on bad information and in a lo
7 Great Family Bonding Ideas (article)
The following is an article that I showed my (ex) boyfriend a while ago,  thinking that these seeminly simple things could be introduced into our "routine" with out much hassle, but apparently any time spent away from his x-box is an unpleasent experience. You cant/shouldnt push someone to do something or spend time with anyone if they truely dont want to, (I  think/pray that Ethan will understand that one day) but does anyone else think that these 7 ideas are such a challenge???     For one week, reserve a block of time each day to connect with the people who mean the most to you — your family. From Lisa Oz, author of Us: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships That Matter Most. Day 1. Have family breakfast together. If you or your spouse normally leaves before everyone else, let your boss know you will be running a little late. Sit down at the table, and before you eat, take a moment to express gratitude that you are a family. Day 2. Have family date night. Do somet
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Struck Out
Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;But there is no joy in Mudville — mighty Casey has struck out.
The Birthday Present
My 22nd birthday started out like any other day.. warm summer sun with the promise to get much hotter. My boyfriend, Mike, and I were going to spend the day at the lake on a picnic - just a nice quiet day. I showered, and dressed to tease and please him in a pair of daisy dukes and a blue bandana-print shirt tied unbuttoned, and tied tight under my firm, 36C tits. As I got into the car to meet him, I knew we were going to have a great day of sex and lunch at the lake. He was making the lunch and taking care of all the details... hmmm... I could not wait. As I drove the 45 minutes to Mike's, I left town and was on this deserted little road. Mike lived in the next town over, and we had spent many evenings on this road, pulled off to the side, necking, or fucking. I had lost my virginity to him out here, under the stars one evening.. my mind was wandering, and I did not even think twice when I saw the police car pull up behind me. As his lights came on, I started to swear under my brea
If I Died
If I died tonight would you know, would you wonder, hey where did I go would you think I found another to love or did I just go and disappear. If I died tonight would you cry I don't think you'd ever know why no one would tell you i'm gone you'll never know that anyone cried If I died tonight would you hear the last words , never got to your ear I love you, and I wish you were near. If I died would you shed a tear.
Love Is........
Love is.Love is imeasurable , its bigger than the universe, yet can fit inside your heart.Love is unstopable, it can overcome any obstacleLove is always willing to forgive, no matter the circumstanceLove is tirelessLove is the essence of 2 people.Love is one, love is all, love is not singularLove is a gift from God, God gave me the gift off your love. I cherish that gift, I cannot think of life without that gift.
Without You
Without you there is no light Without you there is no dark Without you there is no happiness Without you there no sadness Without you there is no reason Without you there is no rhyme Without you there's only stillness Without you there is no time. Without you I am so empty Without you there is no us Without you there is no future Without a future what's the fuss Without you my life is empty Without you should I continue Without you my life's a mess WITHOUT YOU....... my love will end ... forever This is from my heart, I am crying as I write this, I cant imagine a life without you in it Me... I love you dearly, I wish you could see...
Ensign: The One True Myth
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3   AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 25 November 2011   WORD COUNT: 39,311 @ First, let's make sure we agree on the definition of myth. I found the definition given on particularly interesting: "a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation, especially one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature." Look after the second comma; "with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation" -- by that definition, couldn't ANYTHING be a myth? I don't know; you look pretty real to me! @ It may be more accurate to say that a myth is a story we create to explain the world we live in. Or in the words of Dick Staub in the prologue
 to any one that reads this i'm not going spatter my certain pics  all over this website and even if i accept any friend request that dose not mean   you will get to see any of those pics  i have the right to choose who get to see them  
Begging For Fu Crap
we have all seen these statuses before. "need more likes/rates/fans/whatever please help me!" don't these idiots realize that after they level up its just another level after that, that is even more work? Like wtf is the point? By the time you reach max level you are going to be 60 and wonder what the hell you did with you life except waste it on FU begging for people to give you digital attention. a very unfulfilling life if you ask me. And even if you did reach max level, Fubar will just increase it and make you work for even more crap you don't need! just let it be! The likes/rates/etc will come naturally and you don't need to beg for them like some pathetic nerd loser. you are just buying into a system that keeps you addicted, chasing the dragon that you will never catch. it's sad if you fall for it. you should get likes without asking for them by just interacting with people and adding new friends, not begging for it like a homeless person. 
When I Grow Up, I'm Going Into Space With My Dad.
Those words one day will become true. World Space League is the result of those words. Come be part of World Space League.  “When I grow up, I’m going into Space with my Dad”    These words written by John Joe Roberts-Rodriquez in 1996, the next day his twin brother Enrique Blaze Roberts-Rodriquez drew a rocket ship, these 5 year old imagination will be the fuel that catapults man into space the next 20 years.  They inspired the creation of “World Space League” the twin boys are 20 now. Daniel their father had to wait until they were men before he could put “World Space League” on the rough road to the stars. During Y2K, the 2 Story 5 bedroom house was in foreclosure on the North West side of Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s early December 1999 and he’s telling his sons about the foreclosure of the house they both at the same time say, “Dad, we don’t care about the big house, the toys, we want your time”. At that time D
Makin' Music
OK.   Some idiot keeps removing my comments on the Battle of The Bands page.   I know people in the music industry.  Producers, and artists.   When I leave a note like the following, it is meant to encourage and help some "wannabes."    Note to all bands:   Wanna get off fubar and onto the charts ?    1) Get original.  Stop trying to redo the same old stuff that's been done for the past 15-20 years.   2) Get to work.  Talent is 98% Sweat Equity.  Get busy, then you'll get noticed.     Just like old vaudeville, the internet is a place to be bad, while you're trying to get better.   But, if you never get any better, you'll never get anywhere.   This is called "constructive criticism"  "tough love".   It's the way things are in the real world.  It's not about hitting the "like" button, when you know the stuff you're hearing is trash.  And, no, I won't help you get a foot in the door of some record company.  Ya gotta earn that, just like everyone else.   (Hmmm.  Maybe the b
Whats Up
who the hell do u think u are God this is for all the shortys  
As Reason Falls To Earth
as reason falls to earth by poet93they chiseled it out for days they walked on water they cured lepers but could not ever make a law that held that veritable truth they so desperately sacrificed themselves for still watching by the window on weary wendesday working day the rain comes down like mana from heaven but i can't part that sea waiting for the day she will fall into the meditaranean and rise like thalassa to give birth to love and hate less i never forget how i swelled up with luminous purity to behold her the silent tears of the father caught in a world of transcendance standing outside of the voices english words mean nothing to me when spoken by men i only ever listen to the whispers of gods pale illusions to a world out of joint but i will hold the torch for the newborn kneading my fingers against the moon in this moment of diana come calling sharp against the wheeze of my lungs and terrifying in its haste.
Love Is The Answer To Life
A friend has this in her profile.Time is like a river...You cannot touch the same water twicebecause the flow that has passed will never pass againI beleive LOVE can overcome all obsticales, If I didn't then what is the point of LOVELove is not a word.. its the essence of 2 people, and if an obstacle comes in the way, Love isequalizer.Love is forever, Love is the answer to life.
there are people on here that try an fake ppl out by pretending to be a person there not example done or sinfully naughty irish princess are actually naughty lill vixen an she is scamin lot of guys on this site bc she has access to one of her friends pages off site from here i think its bullshit that she is allowed to continue to be fake by this site an the fact she is tryin to pass her self off as ex military while her friend is she is not an im going to do whatever i have to to ensure she is shown to be the liar she is
POW! it hits you....a sucka punch to the heart!....I can't believe this..i was blinded..never saw it coming...infesting my a crazy mans dreams....the emotion ..the power....yes...yes it's got that drug i cant put down...its feeds allows me to live...give me me i should fiend for me...your my addiction...prove to me...your that fix I need...say the words...allow them to flow through your viens..intertwine me and you...corrupt me!!! I LOVE YOU... the words the drug the emotions i crave...POW!!!!a sucka punch to the heart.
12 Days
The street light outside my window fli fli fli fli flickers and then connects filling the room with neon maybes and accidental babies and a girl in a spacesuit waiting at the airport with a suitcase full of letters she has been writing all of her life but no one on the planet seems able to understand even though she has written every single word in finest fluent english using both of her hands fli fli fli fli the street light disconnects again like the heartbeat of a dying man who lies there forever wondering if he has done enough said enough lived all that he can 12 more days and counting until he reaches the promised land fli fli fli fli the street light reconnects once more and the girl in the spacesuit sits down in the middle of the airport and slowly begins to unpack the contents of her suitcase carefully placing each page of her life in an illogical order that would make no sense to anyone not anyone except perhaps perhaps a dying man fli fli fli fli the streetlight d
Second Cigarette And Thinking
The way I want my manis flat on his ‘come-and-get me’ back,legs spread eyes slow-blinking, nothing on his mind except me, a woman who wears   the moon's halo, who can warm and shape lips into words that say I want youI am not an apologetic or passive lover - it turns me onto ride a man into the sunsetfast or as slow as I want,looking down into the scenery of his eyes; it has nothing to dowith pride or power when I lock his hands beneath mine,but the pleasure of securing a front row seat to watch the sun explode                                                                          
Brooke Banner's First Scene!
Brooke Banner's First Scene!
Shemale With A Swinger Couple
Shemale With A Swinger Couple
My primary motivators are fucking with pretty girls' headsbeing left alonesomething violent and thought provokingand the first cup of coffee.Without these pleasantcheeryfair, goosebumpy, shivering, naked diversionsI really don't find cause to get the fuck out of bed.Porn can be a decent patch, but every now and then patches tearand holes poorly mended feather and wittle away into an unchecked gaping maw of blah.So I was thinking back to my wonder daysof fairgoosebumpyshiveringnaked diversionsas I sat scrolling through monetarily inclined genitals playing at professional provacativeness for my browsing pleasureand I found the zen of it.The boring, transactional, flat, botoxed, surgically altered, hormonally imbalanced tedium of pornographyand I haven't had an erection since.Sure there's the occasional starlet driven to hardcore the "woops I made a porno"or the promiscuous and dimwitted camgirl that thinks she can go pro without consequences... like her dean, parents, and minister findi
Somrthing About Wednesdays
There is just something about Wednesdays.   It would seem that for years now I have enjoyed planned and spontaneous play on Wednesdays.   I currently have a pretty girl visiting me every other Wednesday for playdates. I believe I will document them here to share and for retrospect. I enjoy feedback and would enjoy comments on other ideas based off of what I am exposing her to or even perhaps ideas on things i might not have considered. Our play recently has been preparing her for being my demo bunny for point play. I have tried to incorporate other things as well to mix it up. She is very suseptable to mind fucks and I enjoy telling her of things I will do that I might never do. I have informed her that she will cut me and worry the wounds by hand and this has her just beside herself.
my music      http//
My Mom
Ever since my Sister Ramona showed up my mom has nagged, nit-picked and bitched me to death and I dont understand why????? for years I have been doing things and taking care of things for both my parents and yea I admit i may not be perfect and all but never have I felt or been treated like this.... its like Im not even her son anymore.. I wonder if she is going to feel towards me like she used too when I was her only help around the house.. ???? guess i will find out this friday when my sister leaves...
What - 1021
Every single minute I don't remember, I want to recall, Time doesn't seem to be on my side just wanna never ever fall.   I can sit here and wish that you could see I need to feel, your love left way to fast just want it to last for real.   What does no really mean, What do you want when are you going to leave come on its just we Jean. I am not that hard or easy, what you need to do is help every once in awhile done right you could be my baby.   Dancing on breakable deals dangerous and thin be careful its real glass, I don't want to have to kiss your pretty, pink, soft yet flat hard working, loveable ass.
I Want More - 633
I want so much, all is sore, crash after crash into a closed door. Rugs are pulled from under me, hands are over my eyes; can't see. To want is wrong, its told in no song. Trick or sweet treat, I'm hungry so let me eat. Sucked dry then fucked wet, still ain't finding you yet. Can it ever be like that again, forgive so I might sin. If torture is my destiny, it won't look new to me. I'm all alone, who can care, nobody will chance the dare. To want is wanted by few, one is me wanting you. Thirteen minus nine equals four, one is lonely, I want more.
Get Me Now/
How Could u manage relasioship? In times of problem..
Love Of Couples
ON THE DARKSIDE......   Stands in the corner and watching everything that is going on.. Has the knife on his side and never takes it out and has a small gun in his pocket and his hand is on it bat all times just in case he needs to use it for anything. The two thing that he wont have to use because he is a vampire all he has to use is his teeth.. But he wont use any of it.. he rather talk to them and see what happened to him or her.... He came over to where I was and then if he needed help I would go and him with the couple or family that needed it..... I change back in the form as a human... He said if we need to change back into the form...... But my nails stand out just in case if need to. I told him need to find some food and he hands me some food and drink.... And the drink that he hands me was blood and it was very good..... We had to get into form because there was a man that is going to attack us if we didn't... We would be killed if we didn't do it..... until someone started
Prodigal Fu.....
Well I have finally found my way back to Fu.  it is not as though I needed a road map or something to get back here.  I knew the web address the whole time.  Sometimes you just have enough of games and superficial stuff I guess.  At least for a while.  The death of my significant other last May took quite a toll on me emotionally and physically.  I took care of her for 19 years through a very serious illness.  I was glad to do it and bring a track record to this site that is really second to none when it comes to faithfulness and understanding love and devotion.  None of that stuff matters here and no one really cares about.  Nor should they.  here it is about diversion and getting points.  And level.  For many ( my friends are noteable exceptions here thankfully, it is about making sure you get your ego stroked.  Personally, I would rather have other things stroked in real life.  That does more for your ego than anything a website can do.  Still, it is fun to be with people I like on
Forget Me
Forget My Smile Forget My Face, Forget My Touch My Warm Embrace. Forget the Words I used to Say, Forget the days We used to play. Forget the times I told you Lies Forget the times I made you Cry. Forget the nights You couldn't sleep Forget the times You did not breath Im Giving You A Time To See, Now Hear Me Say "Forget Me"
Let’s Soak In The Outstanding Beauty And Splendour Of Malaysia
Are you planning for vacations and looking for an exotic holidaying destination well it is very natural, even every one of us has desire to explore an exotic destination where we can spend some quality time with family and friends. Well if you are planning for overseas vacations and looking for an exotic holidaying destination then look no further than Malaysia a beautiful destination in Southeast Asia. World renowned for its fascinating culture, adventure, historical and several colourful fests and carnivals, it is one such destination whose significance and splendour is just beyond the words and visual delight. Home to innumerable attractions and spectacular destinations, it is one such destination where there is no dearth of attractions and enjoyment any more. Tourists in great numbers visit this country and go back with innumerable memorable holidaying memories.   Whatever is your purpose of visiting, be it to explore innumerable romantic locales, spectacular sight seeing or ei
I Would Send You An Angel
If I could see you blow out your candle fire, that would only add to the desire. If I could taste you lips and ears, that would add joy to my years. Time would like stand still, if I could touch just one thrill.   To you from me I would send an angel, just to save you from oncoming hell.   I'd find a four leaf clover, and wish for you, my lover. I try to catch a falling star, just to wish we weren't apart this far. Even with a lucky penny of shining copper, I'd wish she was me and I was her....   To prove my heat is caused by you, I want to mix our love and sweat too. Tempo increasing while we glide, I'd have you bucking while I ride. I can only wish and hope we meet, then we can both meet, greet, and eat.
On The Subject Of Love
It's not about loving your neighbor, although it wouldn't hurt(maybe at first, like thinking hurts). It's about Loving Your Self. I said SELF, not yourself; and about having a responsibility to Your Self. Do you think this is an Ideal World we are living in? It is; it is not. It's both Hell on Earth, and Heaven on Earth. Do you agree? Only You Decide. Some of you might ask yourself "What can I do about it? I am just One person." Don't stop asking your Self that question; Ever. Others may say "Why should I care? I am better than Everyone else." You Are Right. You Are. I am better than You Also. I am My Self, just as You are. We make our own decisions in Life on a second to second basis. We have Free Will; yet most of us do not exercise it. We walk around like Life owes us Something. It is the Other Way Around. Don't you think you Owe it to YourSelf to make this a better world than it is- one in which crime and murder and man's inhumanity to man has become so typical and expected that wh
working on my profile each day and today i added a playlist and will be adding more songs i like...and also i think ill be staying for a while this that i am gettin the hang of things here now...stop by and love me and ill do the same for patient with me...still kinda new at this and took me 5 to 10 mins to figure out how to put a playlist in my have a nice sunday
Maybe Time Can Be Tender
I'm not too sure but still I think it may be possible. I know you can't bring back the dead. I remember hoping that my parents would grow old together. I guess I had a small concept of death. I don't remember exactly how old I was when my parents divorced. When I was eight I was the flower girl for my mom's second wedding. When I was seven I won first place in the 25 yd. dash for elementary track. Doesn't seem like those two events were that close. I had my first sexual encounter when I was seven. Now I don't remember that being so closely occurring anywhere near the other two events. But I do guess when your young growing up in the Mojave Desert things could go fast. I recall living in Oregon and riding Nibbles, my Aunt's Shetland pony around that time too.       I remember just before a thunderstorm would happen we would climb the big rocks in the backyard and watch the lightning before the rain. Not too sure how old I was then. But that is kinda one of those memories you don't re
Me Vs Nympho - In The Bed (erotic Fiction)
Me vs Nympho - In the bed After our bathroom antics, we jumped into her bed and started fucking. We started with the doggy style. I pumped her from behind as my stomach hit her beautiful ass. My hands held her hips as she screamed into her pillow. My cock went in and out of her pussy like a piston, with each thrust her pussy became wetter and wetter. Holding in my desire to cum, I fucked her harder. When she cummed, I almost creampied her. Her pussy was practically sucking me in.After she cummed, I slowly pulled out my cock, wiping it on the towel laid on the bed. I put on a condom as she recovered. My cock was extremely hard, red and throbbing. X signaled me to lie down and I followed her order.As soon as I laid down, she straddled my cock and rode me slowly. She started kissing me and held my hands in hers, pushing my hands down to the bed. Once my hand reached the bed, she dramatically increased her speed. I tried reaching my hands out to grab her and slow her down. That's when I
Yntb Chapter Twenty-six
YNTB...I Cant! Part 26   My stepmother was really caught in the middle between me and my dad. I was very empathetic with her dilemma. I told her as I kissed her on the cheek, "Dont worry about me, It's ok...Just take care of pops for me" I'm sorry to go like this, but it is for the better." "Dad is having a hard time with me being here, but we cant seem to come to some understanding". I dont want to disrespect your home and I appreciate all that you have done for me...I love you both, but it's time for me to go. I am taking with me a few of my things, I will come back and get the rest when I can move them into a place of my own" Dad was beginning to see that I was serious in leaving and tried to backtrack some for his anger. I assured him, " Hey dad, its ok. Im not wanting any trouble, and I am sorry that my being here has done this..I'm not your little girl anymore. Look at me! I am a woman! I have been married, had kids, I have to be myself and have freedom to be me! I cant fall
Yntb Chapter Thirty-two
YNTB...I Cant Chpt 32     There is this quote that had always been accredited back to Hitler...I tried to verify this but could not. Paraphrased, it went something like this.... " We are doomed to repeat History, if we do not learn the lessons from it" Like the Holocaust, or Groundhog Day, over and over again? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A part of me wanted to just rub it in my ex's face that I had a good and simple, yet happy life.  I think Slopoke did too, but I wasnt for sure. Sure thing, my ex was making now $102,000 per year in his job..( I got his w-2 for the year). But, he didnt have a place to call home, he didnt have a family and he sure didnt have me keeping him warm at night! He also had incredible expenses associated with the upkeep and maintainence of his truck, not to mention an insatible drug habit, that I am most sure he wasnt kicking at all. Putting all things on the Libra Scales...I think I had
a man and teen girls want on the water and have sex  
I Wanna Touch - 384
I like what I see, do you want me?? I do wanna feel, see if it is real. I do see the nice big size, in fact I don't believe my eyes. I do want a good taste, don't want the sweetness to go to waste. I even swallow, a huge mouthful after mouthful. Bang me on the bed, after I give you head. Rock and roll might mean, take-n-taste, Jean. You feel-n-reel in a fish, I wanna have-n-eat a whole dish. Deeply enter yours in, then load up again. I wanna touch, just hoping you want it just as much.
Fifty Shades Of I Don't Think So
Last night I started reading Fifty Shades of Grey, the supposed BDSM novel taking the world by storm. This morning, I finished it and started Fifty Shades Darker. All in all, it wasn't a bad read, but I had some issues with it. For instance, while I (somewhat) applaud the efforts of the author to accurately portray this type of relationship, she fails on a couple of levels. The most obvious and striking example is that at no point (as of yet, anyway) does Ana actually become a submissive (which is commented on in the second novel of the trilogy). Certainly, they indulge in some "kinky fuckery," but we all (hopefully) know that that's not the same thing. Secondly, the author seems to have this stance that in a BDSM relationship emotions are unwelcome. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I seem to be under the impression that this is not the case, at least not for all Dom/sub relationships.  With that being said, I did, however, appreciate the inclusion of the Rules in this tale. This seems to
Silence And Loving It!
Silence can be a blessing. Or is it a curse?  What would it be like to live in a silent world?  Deafness has advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages I have living in a silent world is people think I’m an ignorant jerk or I’m being rude to them when they try to get my attention and I don’t respond to them.  One day while riding home on the bus, a person sat by me, and I didn’t realized he was talking to me.  A few people in front of me gave me the look. You know the one, the look that says, “What’s wrong with you?” I looked to my left and right and then saw the person next to me had an angry face and his lips were moving.  I shook my head, shrugged at him, and then pulled my notepad out to write him a note, “I’m sorry but I am deaf.  May I help you?”  Now the person was really mad because I had embarrassed him.  Oops, not making a friend here.  I also have poor skills with slang, sarcasm and vocabulary because
Almost Blind.
Whatever it was that happened back then, I do not wish it upon any souls. For as a result I am almost blind, My own reflection I cannot find. Though initially it became all a mess, Realizing I'd live in eternal darkness, With time I found the light, That I could have happiness, Even limited of my sight. It is a challenge I must admit, Though I am no longer bothered, Not even a little bit. Now with every journey that I take, Cautious with each step I make, Each becomes a quest of discovery, Every movement teaching me. The colors of our world escape most of sight, As I exist in my eternal night, I rely on nature to come alive,
Desolate Despair
What a terribly lonely solitude and a desolate despair, When the love you desperately seek... simply isn't there. You never see the sunrise or sunset's golden glow, Because you never feel the touch that only she'll bestow. And life seems deathly grim in the absence of a caress, When you lose the will to live; and your love you must repress. The anguish and the pain, when she walks on someone's arm, And the jealousy you feel when she displays her magic charm. And as I meet my God... I'll think of her 'til the last. How life could have been... if she'd loved me in the past. But no sorrow will I show and my sadness is a cure. If you think she was never a part of me... You're wrong... you always were. -Bill-
Lost Cries
While in the forest I kneel and pray.  Asking the creator to show my the way. Please Creator take away the pain, help me uplifted when I feel so beat down and disguarded. Great Spirit I ask for you help to not become bitter to not lash out from hurt. Great Spirit let me stay in nature and protect my heart from that which is mankind. Show me another way from the darkness that seeks to embrace me. God above help me not not be ashamed and hold my head up high. Creator in Heaven why do I feel this way, why do I always get the friend's page. Am I not worthy of love? If I am cut does not my blood bleed red? I feel like running, running to my lungs mean to burst and my leg give way. Howling the forest, wailing in pain. Forsaken, family yet not the same, like is cruel that way. I am lost and feeling rejected once more, crying tears of sorrow, not wanting to face tomorrow. Always smiling being happy for others but who smiles for me?... What joys
Lovers' Dance
Jonathan Ruppel
To anyone who is friends with both Jonathan Ruppel ( known to many of you as Master Stormcrow or under his new name DJ Stormcrow) and I.... please understand we are no longer together. At this time he has chosen to leave me and his unborn son who is less than 3 weeks from being born and return to his wife whom he was in the process of divorcing. From what i am told they have chosen to stop the divorce and try to work things out. I do wish him the best if this is the road he has chosen to go down. I will ask anyone who chooses to keep us both on their list.. please leave my name out of things when you speak to him...if Jonathan wishes to know how His Son or I am doing he may Contact me directly his self... certain lines of communication are being left open so he always has a way to reach me... If i find you are in contact with him and giving him any information on me or Dameon you will be removed from my life permanently... There will be no second chances given on this. As of right now
Sex Appeal Is.
I don't know what sex appeal is. I don't think you can have sex appeal knowingly. The people who seduce me personally are the people who seem not to know they're seductive, and not to know they have sex appeal.
Favorite Sex Position?
Favorite Sex position? Oh, mine is called the virgin; You stand there with your legs close shut, waiting for the right person to come along.
The Chronicles Of Eridu
Please Scan the qr code on my profile pic for more info Senengimopere
The Night You Were Born
Based on Psalms 139. ~"For you are fearfully and wonderfully made...."   ON THE NIGHT YOU WERE BORN ~written and illustrated by Nancy Tillman, 2010~ On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, "Life will never be the same."   Because there had never been anyone like you.... ever in the world.   So enchanted with you were the wind and the rain that they whispered the sound of your wonderful name. It sailed through the farmland high on the breeze..... Over the ocean... And through all the trees...   Until everyone heard it and everyone knew of the one and only ever you.   Not once had there been such eyes, such a nose, such silly, wiggly, wonderful toes.   When the polar bears heard, they danced until dawn.   From faraway places, the geese flew home The moon stayed up until morning next day. And none of the ladybugs flew away.   So whenever you doubt just how spec
For All Who Have Lost In Love.....
“Well, I have lost you; and I lost you fairly; In my own way, and with my full consent. Say what you will, kings in a tumbrel rarely Went to their deaths more proud than this one went. Some nights of apprehension and hot weeping I will confess; but that's permitted me; Day dried my eyes; I was not one for keeping Rubbed in a cage a wing that would be free. If I had loved you less or played you slyly I might have held you for a summer more, But at the cost of words I value highly, And no such summer as the one before. Should I outlive this anguish-and men do- I shall have only good to say of you.” ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay quote
Last Visit By Guy Friend
This visit was Sun 26th 2012. A guy friend came by and this time I didn't tell the Mr right away but instead just slipped into My new LINGERIE Outfit I just got and was wearing it so this guy could see me in it. I was in it as my mr came into room. I gave guy friends a show.
Consume & Control
Many people believe that if the current system, politlical, economic, etc, was abolished, that the people would eventually be free.   I don't see it that way. I believe that most humans want to be controlled and pacified, and no matter what situation they are in, they will instinctively find a way to buy and sell  themselves into self-imposed slavery.
A Wild Ride- Part. 2
Across, Rita still squealed with lustful delight as Martin's tongue worked on her clit, she could feel it just throbbing... pulsing harder with each moment he slowed his pace or stopped all together:Rita: "OH! Ohhh! Fuck... Oh Fuck... Oh Fuck... Yeh.. Yea.. Yeah.. Yes... yes... yes... yes... that's it... that's it... suck it.. suck it... Mmmmm!! God... FUCK!! Fuck...." *Gasping/Rapid Breathing*Rita shot up off her seat, her pelvis bucking wildly. She supported herself high up on her elbows as her back arched. Martin's strong broad arms holding her tightly around the legs as her body thrashed about, she came... and came and came... and each time she felt an explosive chill run over her every inch. Krystal could hear them, and slurped hard and fast. Her hand working on Luke's cock and sucking it harder as she listened to the couple enjoy a climax of their own. She released her hold with a wet sloppy pop as Luke's head left her lips:Luke: "Ahh... Awww fuck baby..."Krystal: "Yeaaaah?! Look
Old Friend's; New Lover's Part.1
Another EARLY piece, this was to bridge the gap of people who thought of friends to be desirable. Also this was to bridge the gap's and division created between people and social classes.Chris was quiet, the entire time he sat in the backseat and his Uncle drove. He knew where he was going, and he was glad. He just was not completely; 100% sure as to how it would go. It had been at least 8 yrs, a pretty big gap to fill in the aspect of a life lived so far apart. He knew it was going to be good to see her, despite the obvious of how he had grown from his childhood. Chris remember how well it had been between him and his friend, Jane; Jane Lambert. He smiled a little as he remembered her, he was 12 and she was 22. It was always a proper sense of good between them, Chris' mother died during child birth, and his father had been killed during a liquor store stick up. All he had then after was his Uncle Irving, and Jane. Jane; she was a close friend, but chris always eyed her like a friend,
Steamy Sauna Part. 1
The humidity was high, making an already uncomfortable Tuesday feel like a scorcher. Robin sat at her desk, she was recently hired as a staff Nutritionist and Yoga director. She instructed 3 classes and on this day she felt even 1 was uncomfortable to finish. She looked up at the clock, her next class was in 2 hours, she stood up gathering herself. Pushing the door, she walked down the hall stopping at the fountain to take a quick drink. At that instant she heard words echo down the ways around the corner. She turned to see some rather good looking young men smiling and nodding to her as they walked by, undoubtedly heading to the weight room. The day had maybe made her a bit miserable, but she couldn’t help but smile back… she came up and continued to the break room for her lunch.As she entered she thought about them young men, they were cute… it was always nice to get the eyes of an attractive young stud running over her curves when she wore sexy spandex to yoga. S
Sept 11.....
“America today is on bended knee, in prayer for the lives that were lost here, the workers who work here, for the families who mourn. This nation stands with the good people of New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut- as we mourn the loss of thousands of our citizens. I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear from all of us soon.”       Never Forget.
I Thought I'd Share This Article
Reposted from WickedGordon, a post from Fetlife:I thought I'd share this article......View from the top.....A writing from CountessD. Her view from the top.As a Top, I'm seen a little differently in the community. I'm not "giving you the gift of my submission." I'm not letting you do crazy, dangerous things to me because I put my trust in you over my mental and physical well-being. But what I have to give is just as important.When I share my kink with you, I'm sharing part of me. I'm sharing a side of me that not everyone gets to see. I'm showing you the scary part of me that society does not deem acceptable. To cause pain to another human is surely a sign of some kind of mental illness, what kind of sick fuck gets off on hurting someone else? As a Top, that judgement gets passed onto me. The sadists, the Doms, they are the ones who are so depraved to do so many horrible things with a smile on their face. What I share with you is something that I kept a secret for so very long, until I
There are times that someone will say have a good day and I cringe my teeth. There are days I want to hide under the covers and sleep through the bad things. The times I do cry I hide so no one sees. I don't run to anyone for anything. I been hurt a lot and recently its got me in a deep depressive state. Some might not understand how deep. I wrote a letter and I think i should share it now. I will explain what decision brought me to share it now. I am asking you not to be angry and not to post anything on this post unless it is positive and uplifting. Here is the letter... To my dearest friends,          If you are reading this, it means I didn't have the strength to deal with anything else that could go wrong. I am sorry if this upsets you but it was the only way for me. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have lasted this long. You all meant the world to me. I couldn't imagine not having you in my life. Thank you for holding on to me for as long as you did. Please remember this is not
Star Signs - As They Ought To Be Written!
Seen a few people doing this of late and thought it would be fun to have a go at writing my own version:* Aries: Narcissistic yet full of self-loathing, the Arian believes he's the deepest, most sensitive and insightful of all beings and that everyone in the world but him is an imbecile. Hilariously for the rest of us, their own naivety is always their undoing and we frequently get to say "I told you that would happen". A train wreck of a human being. A bit of a c*nt. Taurus: A well-meaning pushover whose laid back attitude makes them perfect doormat material. They are not particularly valued and taken seriously in relationships as they tend to have the sexual dynamism on an elderly nun. Even so, they're warm, loyal and lovable like a Dachshund puppy but equally dim and probably easier to train. A bit of a c*nt. Gemini: An infuriatingly superficial and contrary little tosspot who spends every waking hour of their shallow little life trying to pretend they're all dee
When I Miss Him, Poetry Often Ensues
When I miss my love, I often find poems are rattling around in my head; words float through my minds eye, begging to be written. Sometime the poems i write are sweet and loving, Sometimes sad and lonely, and sometimes quite graphic. Sometime when I write something that sexually graphic, its a recount of actual events and sometimes its a fantasy. This night in particular, I wrote about a fantasy I'd had. That poem follows...       in our bed i sleep and snore i tried to wait up for my lord but heavy eyelids one the fight between awake and good night   find me here beneath the sheets light still on, book still peeked glasses falling off my face looking slightly lacking grace   you see my sexy negligee guessing the games i meant to play your lips turn into that gorgeous smile thinking of me pacing idol   waiting for you to return to give to you all that you yearn you close the book and shut the light i turn to you ever slight   now my smile contorts my face sleepy
Me,myself And I
hi there im Laura if you wanna know me more add me up on FACEBOOK: Laura Mason Lewis or YAHOO: and E-MAIL me at:   talk to you  (everyone) soon keep safe :D
Fuck The Goth Scene Part 2
FUCK THE GOTH SCENE PART 2   This blog is part 2 of the original fuck the goth scene blog posted a few days ago. Not too  sure how many more parts it will have but i'm sure it wont have many more. I have posted this as NSFW due to swearing you might be able to get away with swearing on SFW but i don't really want to take the risk of that.Also with is blog i am aiming to answer a few questions that were answered by some people but the answer was incorect.   IS HALLOWEEN A GOTH HOLIDAY? No, not really able to find when halloween was first started but to what i did find it was around the 16th centuary, now i know goth is a new thing made in the last 20 years now unless the creators could tell a couple of hundred years into the future it is not a goth holiday and never will be. If you ask me i see it as goths use halloween as an excuse to wear their so called face paint because they are too afraid to wear it other wise.  Too actually stereo-type your self you must really not like who
The Confession
Desert sands and tidal waves, Open arms and closed lips, Holding hands with faked smiles, Heart of love with a soul of lust   Mind on you when head’s gone, Eyes open but their wired shut, Voice tender but we’re spewing hate, Body smooth but skin deep we’re bruised and battered   We’ve disappeared along the way, A lot to talk about but nothing to say, Echoes of lovers past names fade but the memories remain, Walking a thin line with vision strain   Trying to pour my heart out feels like I’m brain dead, Trying to tell you the trust but I lie to you instead, My conscious eats away at me with your voice playing over in my head, Raging wars with myself while you’re laying in my bed   So I’ll make you my religion my only escape, From the man who I am to who you want me to be, Free from all the lies I told you to believe, Believe me this time please don’t leave
Body Art
freedom to choose what you like
Thanksgiving Poem
Tis not one of my own but I likes it and its almost Turkey Day so Imma share! :P    He laid her on the table, So white and clean and bare. His forehead wet with beads of sweat, He rubbed her here and there. He touched her neck and then her breast, And then he felt her thigh. The slit was wet and all was set, He gave a joyous cry. The hole was wide -- he looked inside, All was dark and murky. He rubbed his hands and stretched out his arms......... And then he stuffed the turkey.  GET YA MIND OUT DA GUTTER !!!!!  HAPPY GOBBLE GOBBLE  -giggles-
Eco-city Schriftzug Park Exhibition Center Wurde Offiziell öffnen, Um Die Cosplay Contest Zu Sehen
Scene Shooting 3D-Video-Erlebnis elektronischen handgezeichnete Animation, Fahren eines Formel One F1, besuchen Sie die führenden Animations-Fertigungstechnik für die Gesichts-Capture-, Rendering super ... gestern, damit die breite Öffentlichkeit, um den neuen Animations-Technologie Eco-City National Zeichentrick Park Exhibition Center offiziell erleben öffnen. Erste Cosplay Contest Zeichentrick Park gestern frühere Öffnung "gemeinsam von der National Anime Park mit Ku6 New Cup organisiert". Animation Park Exhibition Center in der National Zeichentrick Park Building Etage befindet, in die Ausstellungshalle neben mehr über den Entwicklungsprozess der Animation Park lernen, bringt auch eine Reihe von innovativen High-Tech interaktives Erlebnis interaktiven Erlebnisraum, hier ist die Messe Highlights. Hier können Sie die Comic-Auslosung Comic Studio technisches Personal vor Ort Computer zu sehen. Mitglieder der Öffentlichkeit kann auch direkt mit einem Mobiltelefon oder Kamera Aufnahmen
Some Guys Never
Some guys never get no where with girls, because they talk about sex before they ask how you doing...
What A Shitty Ass Show That Was
In hopes of a good sales I accepted an invite from a local Museum.  Now I set up as normal and fast.  Most other vendors were still setting up even as I sat and relax before the "Friends" of the Museum had first picks for 90 minutes, before the "public" were allowed in.  The vending fee was $45.  In the Vending vernacular we call that "Bank."  Bank also includes other cost as such gas, meals, and other incendentals. Now if you go to "My Wood" album you will see what I create and sell.  I didn't sell enough to make the full bank.  I did make back the vending fee. But that was it.  Bunch of fucking asshole rich cocksucking LOSERS and they rather purchase shit load of crap like Cheap ass Glass crap or bullshit bling, than a turned wood item.  What the fucking hell.  Not but a week prior, I had awesome sales.  How in a god damn fucking week I go from awesome items to getting snubbed by a mass of backward ass "rich" country fucks that wouldn't know quality if it came and ripped their geni
Living It Up
livining it up  slamming them down having fun and clowning around live life in the moment so you can feel live life because it is special and real livining it up while touching the ground showing others what this world can be showing you have purpose and how  special you are  showing yourself how special you can be live it up while thouching the ground live this life each day  and your life will be found      
All the times they tell me Never slow to enlighten me You weren't there "He never really loved you" "If he had, he would never Have left you to sink Into the Black Mire." I do not understand it either I only know you loved me No matter how many people Since then, have done their best To reassure me it was not so. I looked into your eyes And accessed your soul You did the same to me What more do we need to know? Our actions are at times Influenced by external forces I only know I loved you This was not meant for publication Only as a heart felt tribute To the greatest happiness I ever knew
Recipe For Ribs
RIBS~~~~~~~Ingredients2 slabs baby back ribs (about 3 pounds)Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepperExtra-virgin olive oil2 bacon slices4 sprigs fresh thyme1/2 onion3 smashed garlic cloves2 cups ketchup1 cup peach preserves2 tablespoons Dijon mustard or 1 tablespoon dry mustard2 tablespoons brown sugar1/4 cup molasses2 tablespoons red or white wine vinegar1 teaspoon ground cumin1 teaspoon ground paprikaDirectionsSpecial equipment: Kitchen twinePreheat the oven to 250 degrees F. Put the ribs on a baking sheet, season with salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil. Stick them in the oven, and let the ribs bake, low and slow for 1 1/2 hours.Meanwhile, make the sauce. Wrap the bacon around the middle of the thyme sprigs and tie with kitchen twine so you have a nice bundle. Heat a 2-count of oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add the thyme bundle and cook slowly for 3 to 4 minutes to render the bacon fat and give the sauce a nice smoky taste. Add the onion and garlic and cook sl
Week 5, Wednesday Another session today though it started fairly late. Justin came into my room shortly after midnight. As usual, I lay on Isabel’s bed and was deeply in a hypnotic trance while he talked to me. I was in a dream-like state, totally unable to capture what he was talking about, but I feel my room getting warmer and the clothes I was wearing getting more uncomfortable. Justin had told me at the start of his experiment that the most important thing during the session was for me to be comfortable and relaxed, so I asked him whether if I could strip off my clothing. After all, he had seen me in my bikini before when we went to the beach in the past and being in underwear was just like being in bikini. He was such a sweet guy, immediately saying that he understood, agreeing to my request to do anything as long as I feel comfortable. Straight away, I took off my clothes, feeling so much nicer and more comfortable once I did it. I thought since Justin didn’t mind,
I Did Cuz I Do, Deal!! Original Post Date 12-26-12
I do care cuz I did care, oops I did it again. I do care cuz I did care, oops I did it again. I am all discombogulated lately. Here I am trying to apologise and you may not even know or care to know why. Well I am not gonna bore you. I will just say those involved with me get the hint. I am not sure if I mentally was here five by five yesterday. I didn't really feel the holiday magic I have felt before. Could be I am getting too old or the absence of cheer from my family members oozed all out. Not that sure what happened. There was alot I wanted to get all nice and neat for goodness sake. This darn cold snap doesn't help any. Temps in the single digits is better than negative temps but it still is cold. My mom wants to wait till Friday now for our celebration. Anytime with her now is special with a holiday or not. When you love anyone enough to be talking or chatting every chance you get, then a visit really is super nice.  Yesterday I was wearing a skirt, up until the darn thing
Where O'where
When you wake up, before anyone else, you wonder how in the hell that happened. Course perhaps that only is when you are usually the last one to wake up. Then you wonder what day it is... when your pants are too big and you slippers are way too big, you reach a certain point of comfortability when you sit down and it doesn't matter how out of style you are. At least by no one elses standards you are comfy, cozy. So whatever toots your horn is okay by me. Whatever blows up your skirt is what I mean when I say to each their own. Each and everyone is different. Ifin we weren't this would be a mighty boring place. Yet we all find some entertainment in loggin into the only online bar. Maybe people here might go to real life bars and maybe not. I know I use to go to three bars in WY and been to four in MN. Even visited two in ND. The was only one in WY where they were as friendly as some are here on Fubar. I have never been drunk or shitfaced to where I did anything naked that I do not reme
Baby Blue Bird - 202
I'll be there for you, my promises are true. No much trust, only quilt, breaking the walls we both have built. I won't lock the door, don't you want anymore?? Won't you come back again?? you said we would never end. You promised to stay, so please don't fly away. Will you think of me?? When you are alone but free. Baby blue bird, my love is true, and I would never hurt you.
I Heard This And It Made Me Think Of You So I Had 2 Remix Dj.nabb's Style
To let it ride...Tssh, .... girl come here Listen, listen, listen, I know, I know (Ooooh) (Love you) God damn (Need you) Hear me out though (Let's ride..) Yo (Let's ride..)   Hey love, I wanna hold you and talk to you Put my arm around ya shoulder and walk witchu Be that one that assures you, my words are true I know that man don't be doin what he 'sposed to do I got much more to give than homie do And you so fine, I just wanna roll witchu You a Queen bitch, you need a king close to you You need a  man like me to just flow witchu And I gotta try, cuz anything's possible And you just might see things the way I do I just wanna get next to you, friends witchu Burn hundreds, wake up in the bed witchu I love when you walk, how that body move Pardon my mouth, I'm just being honest boo I will pay for airtime just to vibe witchu Kisses and hugs until the next time i swing through [Chorus: ] So many things that I wanna do Wanna kiss, wanna touch, wanna taste, never teasin
Lightening Bugs
Ya know how sometimes someone talks about something they have seen and instead of waiting to experience the spectacle, you give it the mystical features that only the best poets know how to explain. I am not going to make any claim to fame or fortune. Until there is a nice size crowd that know my work and hopefully likes what I write, then I am just me. No model or queen, its just me the twinkling star, Jean. As to the title, there are certain people that we see everyday that are just that. They lighten our mood, the room or the life's highway. You may not always notice their presence, but they are around everyday. Hope you can know what I am talking about or at least think of my explanation the next time you feel a burden lifted from your shoulders. Today was an experience. I went and finished some needed paperwork, then I went shopping. I came home, fell asleep and I woke up refreshed. So much so I made a double size meal of Manicotti. I hope it lasts awhile, at least until I get s
I Don't Think I Should
Not one person here ought to go and think that so-n-so should do anything. Same deal for me.... I don't know where all these cotton picking dilly floppers are getting their news but ya all ain't got ideal one of what I SHOULD do. If this were a perfect world then maybe I would listen, maybe everyone would. BUT it isn't and I isn't gonna curve my appetite for what I want. HAHAHA!! Lesson one- could you please repeat after me ' will the honest, true to heart please stand up!!' Nah, didn't think so.... there ain't many of ya out there. I stand with pride on my side, that I am honest and true to heart. I hold on to my pride because I don't lie and truer than it feels like I deserve to my heart. I will share words of wisdom with whomever chooses to tell me I am wrong. I don't go and think I should change my ways for any Tom, Dick or Hairy. You all have a bumpy ride ahead of you if you are planning any such thing. Just back that buggy up and head back to them there woods. Grrrr.... I can b
Just To Some Extent
I am not really a church going gal, but everytime before I leave the house I pray I will make it back. I know there is every possibility, I could get hurt by someone or something. I have been in a car accident, I was told my chances are higher to be in another. I have been raped, I do not look forward to that ever happening again. I hope to some extent, my legs will carry me to my destination. This is not me feeling sorry for myself. This is me knowing what can seem possible and what I know is not. I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm better than I'll ever be. Never fully thought that would describe me, but it does. At some time that phrase, Damned if you do damned if you don't came into play. I want to keep good thoughts that someday I will be able to fly. It just seems easier. I shall try an return. Keep your chin up and don't forget to smile. That makes my day more bright and it warms my night. Having a pocket full of friends means more than a pocket full of gold anyday!!  Made
Maybe ...
I've been thinking, maybe I should stop ...   stop being the one who always tries to do the right thing stop being the nice guy stop treating women with respect stop caring if my actions hurt others stop being invisible stop getting shit on     Maybe it's time I start ....   start doing whatever i please, regardless if it's right or wrong start being a total douche bag start using everyone to further myself start being seen start shitting on others   Maybe if I do all that, people will go out of their way to help me. Maybe women will throw themselves at me. Maybe everyone else will pay my bills. Maybe then people will WANT me around. Maybe then I'll matter. Maybe then someone else will put me first. Maybe then I'll be loved. Maybe then I won't hate myself so much. Maybe ....
I Have You
I don't want that much at all, except for someone to be there and try to catch me when I fall. I understand that it simply is too much, to need, often is sad guess there is not often a needed touch.   When we met I had no ideal, that you were the one distant but still real. Out of every chance, I have ever had  I want you for the last dance.   No one else wants any part, so as I close my eyes I cross my heart. You keep me well heated, on my mind always your written word is never repeated.   Others want more everday, I have you no complaints is all I have to say. I don't want to hold you too tight, as long as I have you in my heart on those cold nights.
The floating boat dock was about three hundred feet from the shore, straight out in front of where the party was happening. Sun was shining brightly above, the skies were blue with a hint of pink streaks. Music was blaring in the distance and the chatter of the guests was just as loud. Feeling the ill effects of one too many shots of bourbon,I wondered off and swam to the dock. Needing to be alone with my thoughts and working over in my mind the events that lead up to our breakup. I never in a million years thought I would find a woman that made me feel so alive, so loved and so free. Then Gina walked into my life like a bat out of hell, turning my world around. We fell for each other hard and fast, the fires blazing out of control every time our bodies met. She is a tall,thick and gorgeous brunette with a chest that makes it hard for anybody to tell you her eye color. Within weeks we were living together and I found myself whirling out of control for this girl. There was nothing I wo
Ah Ha, You Could Of Guessed
If I knew how to answer every last thing I was asked, that would be great. I catch myself sometimes, then I breathe. Somethings are just too grand to put into words. That is my excuse. I don't know everything. Like big words or stock dealing, but I am still human. I would like to be treated as that, at least to say the most. All too often its like I am a forgotten ghost. Just wondering around, trying to get someones or anyones attention. I stopped seeking so much attention in real life, after the accident. I still managed to get pregnant twice, get two engagement rings. I would rather have avoided the tubal pregnancy and the time I was raped. I know now that I am never totally safe. One way or another fate is not on my side. I have chosen to not be so 'out there' today. I am still here, but not really. I am trying to find the comfort and warmth in being alone. If I can find where my inner strength lies, I shall be successful. I might not have told alot of people, I am really shy and
Choose Arya Bhatta Academy To Crack Gate And Ies Exams
Aryabhatta Academy is one of India’s best known coaching institute for GATE/IES and other PSU exams. It has been a pioneer in coaching industry by providing excellent service to thousands of aspirants who dare to dream big in their life. It is the forerunner in providing educational services to students by providing them training cum guidance program and making them ready to tackle all stages of the examinations like GATE/IES/PSU’S etc which includes written exams and interviews. The main aim behind the establishment of this academy was to provide a holistic training to the students preparing to appear in various competitive exams. It provides an all round package that thoroughly prepares the students for all aspects and stages of the exams. We don’t only stick to the syllabus but go beyond it, not restricting us by any limits as well as learning is concerned. We allow the full scale development of students that will help them not only crack the exams but will prepare
Just Lucky, Yup That Is Me
Just like real life I am not in search of diamonds and gold. I like flowers. I can garden more meaningful bulbs, that probably are raised with more love and care. I am not in search of houses or cars. By holding me when I need you and caressing me when you want to show you care, that alone can take us everywhere. Somewhere along the line, love has been thrown all outta whack. That may be alright with some people, but not me. Just like The Beatles song, Can't Buy Me Love, that still does ring true for some. Everyday I hope things will get better than the day before. I think that the saying 'yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, and today is the present. a gift given to everyone' is true and some have just forgotten. If this darn laptop don't turn on me again, I just may finish up. This will be the second time I have typed today's blog. If you could wait for me, I will wait for you. Things just get messed up, my guess is its just my luck. I will still try, I don't give up. I c
.usmc Coming In N Taking The Whole Fukin Place Over Now
USMC On MONDAY MORNING of 03/25/2013...United States Marine Corp. You are here by ordered now by WILLIAM R. COMMANDER IN THE ARMED FORCES WITH AN IRON FIST NOW TO BE AWARE in advance to Monday that every terrorist foreign and or domestic, home grown however you want to call it, shall you start in New Jersey working from east to west north to south collecting those terrorists and you shall not only collect and bag up those cowards,, you shall and will be ordered to bring them to the blackest hole or metal box I order you to bring them,,,AND FOR THE WORLD TO KNOW that WILLIAM R. now gives the MARINE CORP. orders to start with those snake cowards who had all to do with the death of JOHN M. and others as for starting with any police officers or any corruption that existed that protected just one of those coward snakes that got away with harming others in this land,,the greed shall be picked up at a place where there is a terrorist by the coward he is called Rory Rry ,,of whom had all to do
Maybe I Should Change
Seems funny, doesn't it?? That I would finally come to the realization that sometimes you need to stinking change to become more of a person that is well known. I have always been shy, even when I don't have to be. On this computer, maybe I should have figured before I don't have to be. Yet I stay careful. I know what is possible, therefore something inside is telling me to not piss off anyone. I can't control everything, like some peoples tolerance level. Some have a short fuking fuse, which is not my fault. Somewhere I became one of the few that just got left behind. I want to be unlike others, but I still want to feel like I am not different enough to be left all alone. When I feel happy, I find myself getting knocked back into reality. Kinda strange how I can't be over flowing with pure, perfectly put happiness. I still haven't totally given up with my lounge. Honestly I would like more members, if you don't want to because you are just knowing it is like all other lounges, you ar
What Are Aussie Men Like??
What are Aussie Men Like - Australian Guys and What Makes them Tick by kalyani10 | in  Despite a rising sensitivity to cultural perceptions and differences, it is difficult to let go of stereotypes completely. This is not only because stereotypes make it easier for us to understand other cultures and people but also because they help in delineating our own culture from others. And one of the most popular among male stereotypes currently is that of the Aussie guy. So even though there is a healthy dollop of exaggeration involved, here are a few thoughts on what Aussie men are like, in general.   The beer guzzler Popular media has often portrayed Australian men as the hard-drinking, beer-guzzling type and not surprisingly this recurs most often in beer ads like for Carlton and Hahn Premium products. Thus he is more likely to bring a box of beer cans than champagne to a social do. Alternatively he would much prefer to meet a date at a pub or a bar rather than at a restaura
Hilarious News In Japan
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Dumbstruck Anemic Delusion...
i feel the passing days in a pain i've never knownit's the rollercoaster of time and the thought of getting oldit's the thought that i've had it all wrongand i've been deluded all alonghow am i supposed to knowwhich path i am to gowhat if i've succumbed to falsehoodand not believed the things i shouldif the things i've thought to be as truthturn out to be nothing more than lieshow do i ever find the proof?the essence?... before i diethere's an incessant gnawingin the back of my mindlike under the earth and clawingfor a newer breath to findsomewhere out there i know there's answersi just don't know where to find themi search and search, of that i'm sureyet i drown instead of swim
Erotic Fiction
Just as Denise was about to close the deal, she noticed the young guy collecting tickets. Seated between the doors, legs apart, Denise was amazed by the size of his tool and the strong look of his body. She nodded to him, breasts throbbing, and he replied with, "last row balcony," holding a ticket stub for fifth row orchestra, Denise knew she was on.   I'll resume this if this site let's me
Found It!
Pickle: i just found something Me: lol your balls?... sorry Pickle: yeah in your mouth Me: touche dear   well played pickle well played 
How Is It Possible??
My father was a great man and I might just be one of his daughters, but still. I am me and I might just be one member of alot of different sites, but still. I am not you and I might be only one pebble on the beach of life, but ya know what?? I shine when the sun is on the other side of the world. Each and everyone is unique and if you are not thinking so, you have another thing coming. The day will come, you will be shocked and in awe. It is possible too, so don't say it ain't. When you take into consideration that no one is a waste of space or taking up too much oxygen, its easy. This is a huge world. There is room for everybody.  When you suggest something, it would be the greatest suggestion if it helps someone and doesn't hinder. I have heard and experienced people telling others including myself to die. That is far from helpful, it isn't your decision either. If you think so, I feel sorry for you.  Just because you maybe totally different, doesn't at all mean I don't feel any emo
"it Get's Hotter"
"He moved Denise's legs wider apart and thrust it in. she had ro scream. The pain shot through her pussy and too her by surprise. totally oblivious to her cry, he let loose again. Denise was determined to bit her lip to prevent a second scream, but she was greeted with a very different feeling. the pain had diminished and was mixed with a sort of fullness, an excitment which was anything but uncomfortable.   She parted her lips. The word "More" escaped them. Yes she wanted her fill of this man with his meaty dick. She wanted to devour it all. and her hips began to move, drawing him deeper into her pussy. Her ass was all the way forward on the seat and he was in sort of suqat, pushing hard and fast, heating up his cum for the moment when it would erupt out of him. Neither of them were in a comfortable position and neither one was aware of it. They were totally immersed in the grand fuck they'd created for themselves.     Suddenly Denise felt a stirring deep inside her, the begining
I Knew You Were Going To.....
I may not know everything and to be honest, I don't want to. I do believe I would just be bored as hell, if I knew everything. That in short is just me, accept it or don't let the door hit you on the way out. I try to get my point across without causing pain to myself or inconvinencing anyones day. I am careful to a fault. I'm not saying I am different than anyone else, but I do hurt when someone else is hurt. I don't like have an extre censor thingy going, I just don't feel the on top of the world when others are down in the dumps. Usually I do have to know them, but not always. Now I may not even know a handful of big words. I don't need them to get across my heartfelt feelings. No one does or ever will utterly impress me with a college graduation. I have been to college, but didn't finish. Hy head and feet couldn't take it. Ifin there was ever a time when I would wish to be understood, it is now. I am still hangin in there with Our Destiny. I believe in the lounge. There are no ca
A Puzzle Left Unglued...
i held all the powerand i threw it all awaymy kingdom stood for hoursis there more that i should say?i bathed myself in magici gave myself a stonenow i rummage through a carcassand there is nothing left save bonesand i grazebasking in sunlight and golden raysmy eyes?they are glazedbut not because i'm highi give myself a reason and i never wonder whyi am drinking something dirty that is bitter to the tasteand all the little pieces are more than i can pasteshe spoke to me in volumesthough i did not catch her hintnow she's wearing stones for armourthat i cannot seem to denther eyes?they are like flintthey spark a fire and i'll fryshe left me out to season though i'll never wonder whyi am discarding super structuresconstructed out of hastefor all the little pieces were more than i could paste
Bad Boy
You’re a bad boy so go to your roomWhile you’re in there, you’ll meet your doomGet on your knees and spread your assI will slither to you like a snake in the grassI will lick you royally and give you sweet pleasureA surplus of ecstasy you can’t begin to measureCall out my name as you cry out in joyUsing my tongue in a way you’ll enjoyI slap your ass to tell you I’m doneNow turn your ass over so we can have funI see that I’ve given you a very “hard” timeWell, you do the time when you do the crimeNow I have cuffed you to each of the bedpostsLooking all scared like you’ve seen some ghostsYou wanna be bad so I’ve gotta get you goodSo I wrap my lips around your swollen woodI make it wet like hardwoods in the rainSucking your pipe trying to drain the main veinJacking you off and playing with your sacI see your toes curling, don’t you dare hold backScream my name. I said scream my name, bitch!I know it feels good, I can s
Just A Few Words Today
I hope everyone is having a reasonably greater Sunday than me. That will let me know that a better time is possible. I won't try and bother anyone today. If you know me at all, you should of already guessed that I don't beg, tease or bargin. I sometimes just would like to help. Hope that don't rub anyone the wrong way. I don't blame anyone who is uncomfortable with me. I am not totally all cozy with myself, so you aren't alone. I am not high, or anything like that. I'm just in pain. I am not trying to bother anyone by my daily deal here, it helps me out. So go ahead and keep keeping on. You are doing as you feel you need to do. You can be as nice or mean as you need to be. Whatever blows up your skirt!! I don't try to just give up on anything. This however is a losing battle. I'm gonna be relaxing in Our Destiny for awhile, you could stop in and say hi. I don't bite, even when I am asked to. Just listening to tunes today, Moosy on in, I will by you a drink or two. I'd say take it eas
I'll Swap You Epidermis...
sometimes i don't sleep so welli carry a canvas inside my dreamsmy mind is like a raging hellno one hears a child screamsometimes i sit and stare too longthere's never a limit to what my thoughts can bringsometimes i feel i don't belongso i've always drifted my own waythere's never any consistency to the songs i singsometimes i retreat within myselfi anchor my ship in the sea of guilti retire my sails for months and months on endsometimes i get stuck on the things i dwelllike i am looking for nuggets amidst the siltand i am longing for one day outside of this skinsometimes i swallow sorrow with liquid laughtermaybe it's something deeper inside me that criesmaybe it isn't longing that i'm really afterto settle the matter, maybe it's time that this soul just dies
Sex And Tobacco And Other Things That Burn
I had half an entry written yesterday --- something about the mother who was upset with the school system for letting her kid read pornography; Anne Frank’s Diary and the small edited piece about reaching puberty. My opinion is the same as yours, maybe articulated a bit differently, my interest is that it’s happening in Michigan and god knows but there might be a committee or school board where they vote on it, and this is not the Michigan I remember. You encourage your child to learn everything they can, not censor things down to a narrow tunnel. If your opinion is different than mine on this I haven’t the time, energy or ability in written words to change your mind. There’s a big difference between banning Huck Finn as racist (an equal but different sort of idiocy) and banning the Diary of Anne Frank, one is fiction, the other fairly recent history that we still haven’t learned (otherwise Americans would never have heard of Rwanda or Bosnia). The other
Of Golden Ghosts...
conjuring up spirits of oldonly time will tell what fortunes you'll holddo you hearken unto days gone by?when waves of laughter lapped against the skyand when on the meadow your beauty bathedwho were you to question the love she gave?it rarely matters once the feeling is spentno use for mourning that which came and wentso when darkness comes and you wonder whydo you find yourself listening for days gone by?finding softness in a pillow of deceitnot braving the truth nor admitting defeatonce past the motion, no matter how hard you runyou can't set back the clock nor re-rise the sun
Untitled 5
We are those that are brushed aside Those whom you overlook We are the ones who will give the world back All the beauty your gluttony took   We are those that never give in Those upon which you walk We are the ones who put forth the effort When all you ever do is talk   We are those you frown upon Those standing alone in the rain We are the ones who will become your Saviors After your selfishness has brought only pain   We are those that write the songs Those you can no longer ignore We are the ones that will bring winds of change So that you won’t belong anymore   Copyright 2007 Ella Valentine
Louis Vuitton Handbags Are Identified
Louis Vuitton handbags are identified throughout the world like a stylish item and are a standing symbol no matter exactly where you go. They are such a vogue symbol that you'll find a large quantity of counterfeits in the industry today. It's been estimated that only one percent of Louis Vuitton handbags are real. That's a really significant problem and one that you have to be extremely properly aware of for being confident that you simply don't end up with among the fakes. Louis Vuitton handbags are already all around considering that 1892. The unique designer produced luggage for travelers in Paris commencing in the early 1800. In 1854, Louis Vuitton began developing his very own firm which centered on developing luggage. He continued to design luggage to get a fantastic deal of time and began producing handbags in 1892 which needless to say is what the company is renowned for right now.Together with the popularity of Louis Vuitton handbags, there are numerous firms prod
Wisconsinites Unite ;)
Here is a list of things you will encounter while living in the state of Wisconsin. List is in order 25-1 25. More people go to bars on Sundays than church 24. There are more bars than businesses in most towns 23. Your neighbor will help you will anything for a case of beer and a good cookout 22. Water bottles carried through school are normally Vodka not water lol. 21. If you go to AA its because you want the courts off your back so you can drink again 20. The legal drinking age is whenever you can get your parents to buy you alcohol 19. Green and Gold are a perfect match for an outfit 18. The line "Hold my beer n' watch this shit..." enough said 17. Tubing down a river getting completely annihilated 16. The straps on your life jacket are to tie your tubes together when in group 15. Deer Hunting is more than sport its a way of life 14. Goin to grandma's is more exciting then going to the club 13. Family is important 12. God is Great 11. Bitches are crazy 10. Better dru
Where You Wanna Be - Brandy
[T.I]Uh Ya Know What?On The RealUh[Verse 1]Me And YouWe've Been ThroughSo Much That We Need To Start Off NewYou Need To ChooseDon't Be ConfusedI Think It's Time, Time That YouTell Me Where You Wanna Be With Me, Or Be With HerThis Whole Ordeal Is Such A BlurSee I Was Prepared To Take A LossBut My Heart Won't Pay The CostYou Don't Know Where You Wanna Be[Chorus]You Don't Have To Take My AdviceYou Don't Have To CompromiseCuz I Know That You Don't RealizeYou Don't Even SeeWhere You Need To Be[Verse 2]Be With Them, All Ya FriendsClaim The Clippers are Playin BostonI Won't Be Sloppy Seconds AgainDo You Want To Play With Me?Or Play With Them?Tell Me Where You Wanna Be In LoveIs That Enough?When All The Problems Start Adding UpLadies Raise Your Hands If You've Had EnoughScream As Loud As You Can If You've Had EnoughCuz He Don't Know Where He Wants To Be[Chorus][T.I.]Why You Say That Baby?It's All Good ShowAre You For Real?Common NowDon't Talk Like ThatA...AHey I Promise In All HonestyI Honor Y
Right Love, Wrong Time - Anuhea
I was your lady in red that Saturday nightAnd a fire ignites under the full moonlightIn spite of the diss it was lust at first sightAsked you for the time, it was wrong but it seemed rightFeeling the buzz long after the barYou come to my show, tell me I'm a starKnowing I'm going we're knowing we shouldn't be doing this tonightWhen logic says no, mind and body says it's oh so rightSo many sides to him, so many marks on the wrong side of the lineI can't resist him, there's something about him I can't push aside'cause it's the right love at the wrong timeGuess we'll have to wait until the summertime'Cause it's the right love at the wrong timeWhy'd we have to meet each other in our prime'cause it's the right love at the wrong timeYou're sure gonna be a fun tree to climbBut it's the right love at the wrong timeSo you don't have a phoneYou got a punk undertoneThe tallest surfer I knowAnd your hair's overgrownYou have holes in your shoesYou're always down to cruiseOnly make enough money to pa
Sexdrugg Park
Sexdrugg Park....... u and I we met in the park,, .......we laughed and flirted and touched in the dark . blinded eyes could barely see you. .......but my skin be loving the things you do and I we kissed in the dark,, I layed you down in the leaves in the park .. we kissed and tongued and hands explored ,, we headed and tickled and teased some more ,, you and I we phuuct in the park ,, we sucked and licked and Slammed in the dark..we rubbed and petted ,and we didn't know... That the cops pulled up and arrested us so,,, you and I we try to make bail ,, sitting here in this concrete hell .
My Tortured Soul - Third Realm
look into my eyes, see the soul inside me there will be no lies, just silent hope to break free where were you my love, years before the pain within? I was deprived of, the healing light of your dark sinI wish something inside could help me find the trutha wasted life, no chance to fight, it all is ruined as darkness consumes everything I try to do I'll take the blame for everything cause I love youI can't block out these thoughts, they want to see me go insane
Autumn's Remedy - Third Realm
a slipping feeling, only reason to challenge the depths of our sanitydrowned in healing, now we're covered in leaves of the past, autumn's remedyintense breathing, now I'll hold you and never let go, oh nograceful meeting, like the colors of the forest reflecting our destinyautumn's remedy, autumn's remedy, autumn's remedy, autumn's, the passion is our unityamidst the moonlight, reflecting our love beautifullyif you're restless, lay your head and stay with mehand and hand we'll walk, creating future memoriesenlighten my soul, see the nightfall embrace the sad trees, just a memorythe garden is playful, growing dreams and desires of love beyond sensoryfor you I'm grateful, please enter the fortress and we'll flow and we will knowthe dreams we're dreaming, will open like the gates of divine chosen prophecyautumn's remedy, autumn's remedy, autumn's remedy, autumn's, the passion is our unityamidst the moonlight, reflecting our love beautifullyif you're restless, la
Gorgeous Asian Girl In Sexy Black A Corset. Beautiful Asian Face And Full Lips
Gorgeous Asian girl in sexy black a corset. Beautiful Asian face and full lips Gorgeous Asian girl in sexy black a corset. Beautiful Asian face and full lips
Redemption Is For The Lucky
I want to know why I'm here. I so very desperately fear that there is no reason. Endless procession of time so very meaningless. Just another day in the life of a creature staring at a bunch of nothing. The nothing that we all become. If there is something out there why does it not answer? I feel so very alone.  Lost in a dream.   I can't seem to wake up anymore.  Just one blurry thought after another I can barely stand it. I can see all the problems but I'm powerless to fix it. Greed, malice, indifference, apathy, consumption, lethargy, numbness. Small islands of happiness between them all. They grow smaller by the year.  I can no longer see when the next one is coming.  It makes me want to quit swimming. It feels like I'm writing into a faceless window. I'm not even sure there is a reality on the other side of it anymore.  I can just see my fingers drumming instinctively recording my every thought. It's mesmerizing in a way.  I don't even have to think about the movem
Hen Party Stripper
Going out on my friends hen party tonight and we have a private stripper booked to come to the room. If she sin't willing to participate I'm sure one of us would be willing fiance wouldn't be happy though if he found out a stripper was going to be present
Break My Crime Spree
Going all the soothing way, with you, on you every night and day. Having me cry out in joy, with you, under you you are gentle with your toy.   No time to fake with you, we have only true love making to do. Break me, I never lied, then you can enjoy every last deserved ride.   I'm illegal and a meanie, during the day in the night I can be your genie. I'm the best thing, you never tried I'm better off without a ring.   Break my crime spree, I'm against the law legally. Come on break my crime spree, for a couple of seconds you can live happily.
Bundle Of Sage
I keep a bundle of sage in my pocket...I have carried it with me for awhile...I always thought to save it for a special event...Often times, I would take it from its pouch...and press its soft, dried leaves to my nose...A memory would flash into my mind from its wonderful scent....taking me where I once knew..Tonight the moon was full and bright.....and having nothing else I reached into my pocket...To find that bundle of sage, just waiting for me..I unwrapped it gently...taking a few of the pieces into my hand...I raised my hand to the blessing and in thanks...Soon enough the tips of the pieces were embers as they lay on stone...and the smell of sage dreamily lifted through the air..And as my thoughts of many miles in passing, many friends along the way..I said a few words for you all..."May the light be with you always...comforting, protecting, guiding....blessings of peace, health and you and yours..."
Old Friend
its been awhile since i've seen called when i least expected it...and in my most darkest hour i tried to reach out to i had once beforei didn't expect to not be able to grasp your hand gentlymaybe i thought you were more forgiving...that you would hold true to what we said so long ago..maybe the time has just changed us completely...and we are not the same people we once were...I remember those days as if imprisioned within a memory..a memory I never want to let go..but also locked within that memory is all the pain and hurt i have known..i told you that i would call you tonight...but yet i couldn't bring myself to pick up the phone...I feel so bad for not keeping my word...yet i think you will understand..although - you're not who you once sadly i return to the shadows so that you...don't have to look at this pain in my eyes any longer...
Author Unknown
Just for this morning, I am going to smile when I see your face and laugh when I feel like crying. Just for this morning, I will let you choose what you want to wear, and smile and say how perfect it is. Just for this morning, I am going to step over the laundry, and pick you up and take you to the park to play. Just for this morning, I will leave the dishes in the sink, and let you teach me how to put that puzzle of yours together. Just for this afternoon, I will unplug the telephone and keep the computer off, and sit with you in the backyard and blow bubbles. Just for this afternoon, I will not yell once, not even a tiny grumble when you scream and whine for the ice cream truck, and I will buy you one if he comes by. Just for this afternoon, I won't worry about what you are going to be when you grow up, or second guess every decision I have made where you are concerned. Just for this afternoon, I will let you help me bake cookies, and won't stand over you trying to fix them. Just for
Pain, Pain, Go Away
my mind dreams to be from all the hurt I heart beats only to love to replace the love soul yearns to be complete......but only to feel more body cries out in pain......a pain that not even pills can take away...
I Wish ...
I wish I didn't feel like this...I wish I wasn't so sick all the time...I wish I could be a better person...I wish I could be a better Mom..I wish I could be a better friend...I wish I had a better job..I wish I wasn't so fat..I wish I wasn't so depressed..I wish I didn't have to live so far away from people that I enjoy to spend time with...I wish I didn't have to worry so much...I wish that when people hurt me I could just forget...I wish I wasn't so scared about different things...I wish I could do what I *really* want to do...I wish I didn't wish sometimes that I would die...I wish I didn't hold so much pain within me.. I wish there was someway I could let it all go...I wish I didn't see so many others in pain...I wish I could take it all away...I wish I could leave this place...I wish I could move far away..I wish I could be happy...I wish everyone could be happy..I wish the world, the universe didn't hold so much pain for so many...I wish people didn't have to die and go away..I
The Madness
There are days when I wake up and all I want to do is cry, Imprisoned in a jail and no one can break me free...The darkness surrounds my heart, my body, my soul...There is no escape, there is no help for me...There are days when I just cannot take much more of this life...When the hurt from betrayal radiates through my heart...pulsing all its pain throughout every part of my being...where did this all come from? when did it all start? I sit at the window of my tiny jail cell, in my mind...hands wrapped around the bars begging at the beast...As if laughing, death wraps a black mist around me...I wince and contort in anguish, I beg to be released...I feel so alone...I feel so hopeless...I'm falling apart....I reach out a hand between those bars...imprisoned in my own mind...I reach out to the moon and the stars above.. the love I once had...the trauma keeps me confined...And even in my solitude...I see them there in the distance...I try to call out but they do not hear....I want to be fr
Haiku #1
angry i am nothelplessly i am lovingand faithful i am
When there is a light breeze, and a chance a slight chance to shuffle through the leaves. When the heat isn't a burden, when you don't feel your age and you can always be certain. That tomorrow is already here, you are sought for please smile and don't fear.   When everything is right, you can be thankful the day is still here in the night. You were given today, as a present it won't go away. When night does crawl in, you may find  more good sin.   When there is pain, there is a reason to sing in the rain. Mother earth, always adds beauty to every birth. I may not be cared for you, and that is okay we always have different caring to do.   Perfection may be seen, every second so before you get mean. Just look and see, perfection is in you and me.  
As my years have continued to start all loving with a lover,  I can kinda recall each time I just wanted to hide under the cover. Far away from all the words and actions that caused so much pain, all that would never happen while I was caught in the rain.   I remember hearing someone had cried a river. I am just guessing no one helped him or her. I have been there where nothing can be served or beat, its cold and dark, but see you are not threatened yeah its really nice-n-neat!!   I want to help everyone that I can, it helps me to know that I have lent a hand. Not everybody is the same some can't stand and care, They think getting laid is the better to show life is fair.   I didn't willing stay put I feel every tear that swelled, I am now sorry I have a heart I felt every tear, when I just needed to be held.
I found my wrist brace, which lessens the pain. Just enough to help out, so I can make it another two weeks or more. I am not by any measure a damn doctor lover. I believe that doctor that drilled a hole in my big toe bone, aided in that fact. Nothing said to me now can undo his mistake. I also found two ankle wraps and my knee brace. I already knew where my two ankle braces were. I bet that there is something you may not have known about me. In my friends eyes already, I hope it doesn't change your mind any, because I am still human. I wouldn't change my mind if anyone at all was different than anyone else.  This is a huge world, but it really is a small world after all. There really is a circle of life, maybe that is where song and saying about a merry go round came from. I tried to type a mumm yesterday and my laptop wasn't operating up to par. Something tells me if I type it in here it may be read but I wouldn't get the comments. That means it is a good idea. The tiny hearted are
In Pieces - Linkin Park
Telling me to goBut hands beg me to stayYour lips say that you loveYour eyes say that you hateThere's truth in your liesDoubt in your faithWhat you build you lay to wasteThis truth in your liesDoubt in your faithAll I've got's what you didn't take[Chorus]So I, I won't be the oneBe the one to leave thisIn piecesAnd youYou will be aloneAlone with all your secretsAnd regretsDon't lie[End Chorus]You promise me the skyThen toss me like a stoneYou wrap me in your armsAnd chill me to the boneThere's truth in your liesDoubt in your faithAll I've got's what you didn't take[Chorus]So I, I won't be the oneBe the one to leave thisIn piecesAnd youYou will be aloneAlone with all your secretsAnd regretsDon't lieSo I, I won't be the oneBe the one to leave thisIn piecesAnd youYou will be aloneAlone with all your secretsAnd regretsDon't lie[End Chorus]
You Guys Sure Are Friendly...i Like!!!
you guys are great!  i've been on the site for over an hour now, with lots of attention...i like...chow
Creeping Exes
Why is it that, even if you haven't been with someone in years, they still think it is ok to creep on your page? Seriously, before my other account was hacked, I had to block an ex because he kept creeping on my page. Just about every other day, when I checked the 'who viewed me' column, his photo was there. When I blocked him, he started using a friend's account to creep on me. First off, we have been broken up over 6 yrs - it is none of his damned business what I'm doing or who I'm doing it with. Second, he went around telling anyone who would listen - he even blogged about it - how sweet - NOT! That I was a crazy psycho bitch who couldn't accept that I'd been dumped. Being crazy psycho had nothing to do with it - wanting answers and wanting my stuff back did. ON some level he felt that it was perfectly acceptable to not give me any answers - it's ok though, I found out my answers later - and that he hang on to my stuff - none of which would have fit him or his new girlfriend! I wa
He tells her he has to have her he needs to have her now. He sits up. She still has her skirt on and the stockings and the sexy black boots. The stockings are now ripped as he was fingering and licking her pussy. He takes off her bra and looks at her wonderful tits see her nipples nice and hard. He squeezes them and plays with her nipples between his fingers. She slips off her skirt and he throws her down on the bed. She lifts her legs up and spreads them wide inviting him to come to her. Her most certainly wants to do that. He climbs on the bed cock getting harder in anticipation of finally entering her. He climbs on top of her and she reaches ofr his hard throbbing cock. She guides it into her hot wet  juicy pussy. He slides in nice and easy as she is so wet. It feels so good going in . He fits in her almost perfectly. She feels so good as her heat wraps around his cock. She is so wet he can move in and out of her so easily and smooth. He starts out going slow. He kisses her and he
Fubar Skin Prices
Custom Fubar Skins Can Be Requested At AnyTime By Sending Me A Private Message   FUBAR SKIN PRICE - 25 CREDITS
Kelly Jay...
i don't ever want you to go awayi want you in this place and here to stayyou are the sunlight in my brightest dayhow i love you, Kelly Jaythere are so many things still left to sayi cannot keep your love at bayi feel you on the inside, it is my heart you swaythe sky is clearing and my clouds aren't grayi don't want it any other wayto you i'm indebted, my dues i'll paywith you alone i want to playi want to take your heart, if i mayto hold in trust and never strayso mold me how you want me, i am yours like clayand in your arms i would love to layi don't ever want you to go awayi want you in this place and here to stayyou are the sunlight in my brightest dayhow i love you, Kelly Jay
I'm Sorry
I would like to take this time, to thank the true friends of mine. If you aren't yet, please never try to forget. Total trueness will reveal, I am only me and I am real.   I would love to tell only you, when we became friends I trusted through and through. I needed to find someone, just like only you now my searching is done.   You may express your feeling, that you have deep within I won't do any stealing. I am better than I may appear, you help me very much conquer this damn fear.   I'm sorry I am not as good as I would like to be, I am sorry I can't see what you see.
" I Caught My Wife Cheating" Cont
I moved her to the sheet less bed and laid her down. before she could protest, i pulled her pants off. Her panties were very damp, too damp for it to be just her juices. i kissed her breasts and rubbed her legs.   i have to admit, Vanessa did her best. i mean, she really tried to act like she was horny and enjoying it, but i knew she was panicking and trying to think of some way out of this situation. But there was no fucking way i was going to let her off the hook. No WAY!   My mouth remained on her bressts, and i moved on hand to her inner thigh. she tensed slightly, then quickly relaxed again, spreading her legs a bit to allow my hand some fredom. It was obvious to me that she ws sticky, but i acted like there was nothing dofferent than normal. I slid out of her hold and moved quickly to her pussy. i didn't say a word. before she could respond, i dove in, my mouth pressing against her pussy and my tongue sliding deep inside of her.   The taste was so incredibly different than
The Pillsbury Doughgirl - The All American Rejects
People say everyday that she's taking you away,And that we should leave her,Everytime I see her,I ask you why, and did she lie about those times with all those other guys?I could see it a mile away, yeah, you're with her everyday,The nights that you just missed,The things that you promised,They never stay (stay)She's never seen the sun,She wears shorts and I run away,[Chorus]He's dating Casper and he's afraid to ask her for his manhood back,Please give me my friend back,He's dating Casper, his heart races faster, just for her,Why can't we be like we were?First you skip but now you slip,Sure is sad seeing a guy thats whipped,Just a puppet to sink below, she's using you all for show.Back in the day, we'd come and play,But now you're asking if you may,Can't you see that she's not the one?She can't even see the sun,The nights that you just missed,The things that you promised,They never stay (stay)She's never seen the sun,She wears shorts and I run away,[Chorus]I'll ask her, will she rip my
It All Been Written
It all was written long before we knew one another. It was seen that we would meet. It kind of scares me, but I know its for the best. Someone already knows when I will be gone from this world. I am ready when they are. I have tried, I have cried, even contemplated suicide. I do want to rest in my mind. I need to not fear, what is here, and what is not clear. Sometimes I ramble, sorry. I believe everyone knows someone that they have turned away. It was either how they looked or what they said. I realise now that every soul has possibilities. I feel sadness when someone I knew dies. I recall their words and even their exhaling sounds, The little things are what you can hold close when they aren't around to have fun with anymore. I miss my dad everyday. We sadly have some of our best conversations now and he is dead. I can't call him anymore, but I can feel his hugs when I hold myself. I want to see him one day again. All of this huge world has feelings. Some will let them peak, some w
"the Next Day At Work"
My thoughts shifted to her lying on the bed, naked and ready. Her legs spread apart, beckoning me to her. i imagined what her pussy would taste like as i buried my face between them. She would moan as her hips raisded up, trying to get more of my tongue in her. Her words would  shift back to her native tongue as she encouraged me to do more while speaking French.   I thought of moving up her body, enjoying her breasts before finally settling down on her, sliding my dick inside her pussy. How tight would she be? Probably very tight. My dick would slide in deep and the warmth of her juices would almost be too much for me to handle. Our fucking would be intense, hard and fast.   "You just ran a stop sign back there." I jumped at the sound of her voice and was quickly brought back to reality. "you must have been  deep in thought," she yelled over the roar of the engine.
Where R U
Where are you, I'm looking through midnight for you, It seems that I have lost you in the stars, where u sleep at , at night.... Where are you, IN The Daytime you BLEND in with the sunlight , the Sunrays, the sunshine , and everything else that is warm. Where are you, ? I'm freezing I'm in the dark and I'm lost without you. Sent from my iPad
"the Next Day At Work"
I quickly threw the helmets in the saddlebags and  lock tto the bike. I tried to keep my eyes on the lovely woman at the door as i secured the bike. I saw her wink and disappear into the house and found myself moving quickly, not really caring if the bike was stolen or not.    I walked quickly up the walkway and headed inside, closing the door behind me.    She was nowhere to be seen. Then i noticed a sock hanging off the forst stair, heading up to the second floor. I smiled as i looked up the stairs seeing the second sock about halfway up.    I kicked off my boots and started toward the staircase, pulling off my own socks and undressing as i followed the path of clithing.   At the top of the stairs i found her red T shirt that had clung so tightly to her chest just a few minutes earlier. by now my own shirt was off, and i was unzipping my jeans. Her jeans were laying just outside what must have been her bedroom. I paused and picked them up. i thought about how tight they were
"the Next Day At Work"
I walked into the bedroom and saw her, lying in the middle of her king size bed. With her arm drapped over her breasts. Her legs wer crossed and i couldn't see any part of her pussy.    "Hi," she said, barely above a whisper. She was toying with me, but i didn't mind. I was hooked. She had me. Not that it would have taken much to get me.     "Hi," I  said back, walking toward the bed. I stood at the side of the bed and looked down at her. My dick stood up at full alert, hard and ready. I watched as her eyes moved from my face down my body and locked on my manhood.    "Who's your friend?" She asked , turning onto her stomach and sliding toward me.   Before i could say anything, i felt her lips wrap around my dick and she began to suck me. I looked down at her naked body, her smooth back flowing down to her firm ass. I wanted to kis and nibble it so badly.    
"the Next Day At Work"
They kissed again, this time their mouths opened and their tongues met.    I watched as their hands began to feel their way around each other's body, their lips staying tight against each other.Bianca was the first to break the kiss. She moved down Myria's body until her lips closed around a nipple. I was frozen as i watched Bianca pull at Myria's nipple with her teeth, nipping at it while her hand closed around the other breast. Bianca's breathing was coming heavier as Bianca began to move further down her body.    I looked down and saw my dick responding to the hot sight on the bed.  Bianca moved down between myria's legs and began to eat her. I couldn't believe my eyes as i saw how excited Myria was to have another woman's mouth on her pussy. She groaned as her hands reached for Bianca's darker hair, pushing her deeper between her legs.
"the Next Day At Work"
My view was from the bottom coner of the bed, and i couldn't see Bianca's mouth on Myria's pussy, but i knew what she was doing. Bianca was on her knees, and her pussy was in full view. Like Myria. it semed to be clean shaven. It glistened  with juice and i found myself staring. Finally i decided to join the fun. I stoo up and moved over to the bed. Bianca was still enjoying Myria's pussy, and i decided that her own pussy was just too accessible for me to ignore. She jumped slightly as she felt my tongue touch her moist lips. She lifted her ass a little higher in the air to allow me to get my tongue deeper into her. The only sounds in the room were the slurping of pussy juices and the moaning of the two vixens as they enjoyed the oral delights.    Soom Bianca turned around and kissed me. The taste of her own juices mixed with those of Myria as our tongue met. Myria moved to join us and the three of us stood on our knees, kissing and feeling each other.
"the Next Day At Work"
Soon the women lowered me to the bed and Bianca lifted her leg over me. She slowly lowered herself down on my very hard dick. My dick easily entered her soaking wet pussy, and she settled down on top of me.    Meanwhile, Myria moved up to my head and lifted herself up and down onto my face. She sat backwards so that she could look at Bianca. Her pussy tasted so different than Bianca's as it settled down on my mouth.    The women began to kiss and play with each other's breasts as Bianca moved up anddown on my shaft. My tongue slid deep inside Myria, and i lapped up her pussy with abandonment. all of us were groaning with passion.    I reached down and slide a couple of fingers into Bianca's pussy as it pounded down on my dick. I knew that i was going to last a while since i had already cum once. with my fingers wet from her juices, i moved my hand under Myria's leg and up to her ass. As i continued to likc her pussy, i placed one of the wet fingers at her tight ass hole and began
Need It
screaming affection. girls who like to be themselfs are who need to read this. honesty about7 months so. message me. sex buddies is needed for me. lets fuck.
We Have Made It So Far
We may have seen wars, tragedies, and even tears, Across the world, everyone can't know what is known by every twinkling star, We have made more friends, made love and still after all these many years..... we sometimes look past this fact, We Have Made It So Far!!   The fighting will stop when there is nothing to fight for, the death will stop when there is nothing left to die for, we may be celebrating the birthday of one country but it is more than that to me the world has allowed this day to come, we aren't any where near all done.   As long as one light is left on, there is still life abroad, as long as there is a gentle kiss and nod, there will be angered people in the light of dawn. They can't ever see any where near or even past, why the fact be true that the bravest is always last.   Like the very last light in the blood riddled night, the brave can and will fight for the lifes and loves who just might bring unthought of joy and so much more, I'll stand
"my Trip For My Job"
We headed to a nice restaurant and sat down to eat. It was amazing how easy it was to talk with Emily, and i fould meself soon shairing my entire story with her. She sat quietly listening as o told her about walikng in on my wife and that ass hole in bed together. She shifted in her seat as i explained how i became turned on while watching them, and how i ate Vanessa's pussy after. I could tell she was turned on as i described what it was like. She asked for a second glass of wine as i began to tell her about Bianca and out time together. But she really started to squirm when i talked about my other encounter.    By the time i was finished, Emily was very horny and having trouble hiding it. Actually, she  wasn't even really attempting to hide it.  Her leg rubbed up and down my leg, and her hand was in mine. Our eyes stayed locked on each other as i shared my stories.
The Bdsm Circus
Absolutely everything! That's what prêt-a-porter slaves always claims to be ready to do. And of course Masters and Mistress are always ready to give orders and punishments, in a sort of general BDSM orgy. Here comes the BDSM Circus. Welcome to the circus Armies of utter slaves, entering your PM at the shout of "May I crawl at your feet, Divine Mistress?" And Stern Masters always ready to type an icy "down on your knees, you slut". But it's not a pure masculine sport: bratty or docile female slaves roam around the web always ready to bend at the words of a caring, but cruel Owner. And Mistress too, half looking for credit cards and paypal accounts, half looking for the thrill to have a male at their feet. And it's not a pure online phenomenon: just step in a BDSM club and you'll easily spot someone ready to flatten at your feet or change the shape of your ass. And they all call each other "Master, Mistress, slaves". But, what is wrong in all this circus in the end? Nothing
Common Sense
COMMON SENSE means you think and apply logic to all you hear. It means you think, and question again and again. You trust your gut feelings. All of that is what COMMON SENSE IS. A SUBMISSIVE has to remember she is a person with rights and a mind and must use it. A DOM has to remember the same thing about himself as well as the submissive. A woman'/man's submission and respect is not owed to just any man/woman claiming to be a Dom/Domme. If you have never taken complete control of another person and experienced TPE, you are NOT A Dominant. But, you have dominant desires and urges, it is your nature or life experience has made you this way. You notice I use "A" that is because I am signifying an actual role in a D/S relationship. Since you were not born with the knowledge, techniques, skill and imagination REQUIRED to take control from a submissive. As a submissive, you have not had the experience and growth REQUIRED in total surrender of ALL control and power with a Dom/Domm
Bdsm Definitions
BDSM = Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, S&M BDSM is a convenient abbreviation for most of the interesting activities discussed in It's so convenient that it packs six initials into four letters: B&D/D&S/S&M => BDSM. It's generally understood to include related activities/phenomena that don't fit strictly into any of those three catagories. An "umbrella term" like this is useful because so few actual (as opposed to theoretical) activities fit into _only_ one catagory. Bondage deals with tying people up (or being tied up). Or chaining them up, or restraining them with straps, or straightjackets, or ... well, you get the idea, no? In theory it can be enjoyed simply for its own sake -- the sensations and images of it. In fact, some people do enjoy bondage as bondage, without any interest in D&S or S&M, but far more people find it pushes their D&S buttons at the same time, or use it only for the D&S aspects, or combine it with D&S and/or S&M. Domin
Maybe It Is Better This Way
I am yours and you are mine, but see at least its true, and we know, when we just can't get up and go. I may not be shackled down but I am just here to wait, for my dream to beat fate.   Our love won't just end it will always be strong, and it will help me along. I feel the great sensation its more than enough, the heat of your touch, that no one can meet.   You are maybe just a wish but you are my hope and dream, I mess up, but you know what I mean. In my tears of joy, we have embraced all of the love, one heart can hold, and yet, our story may never be told.   The storm may have been brewing in our past, just waiting for us to meet and make this last. My love, maybe it is better this way, we already know, the heat won't drift away.  
How You Make Me Feel ... Poem By Temptation
I wish I had the words to explain Just how you make me feel How for the first time in my life I know a love that is real You make me feel safe Like nothing can ever hurt me Held securely in your arms Is where I want to be You love gives me a strength To face what each day brings A strength I never thought possible Giving me the ability to deal with things You make me feel wonderful Both inside and out What others think doesn't matter How you treat me leaves no doubt You give me hope for a future Full of happiness and love Someone I can count on You're more than I ever dreamed of You make me feel things That I never have before Each new feeling Causing me to love you more There are no words to express How much I truly love you But I can promise to show it In all I say and do
In The Heat Of The Day Erotic Story
In The Heat of The Day  Nothing seemed to help  the heat and humidity of the day. I decided that a cold shower just might do the trick. I climbed in and as I was standing there, I got lost in the sensation of the cold water as it took my breath away briefly, then flowed over my hot body. The water ran down my breasts and over my nipples, making them turn erect, which excited me. I rubbed my fingers over them, then tracing their outlines with my eyes closed, finally pulling and twisting them until they ached. My desire inflamed, I slowly moved my hands down over my belly and continued until I reached my clit. As I stroked my fingernails lightly over it, I felt the electricity rock me to the core. Knowing that He was on His way home I played with myself until I was aroused, but did not allow myself to cum. After toweling off slowly and sensuously, I found one of my short skirts that reached just below my firm ass. I didn't bother putting on panties as I knew that was the way He lik
You've Got A Friend
You’ve Got A Friend When you’re feeling stuck,And don’t know what to do,Remember you’ve got a friend right here,That’s always there for you. Whether you need a hand to hold,Or someone to lead the way,Don’t think for a second that you’ll imposeBecause “Real Friends” are always thereTo help you through the day.
Sometimes it is slower than slow and sometimes its like WTF happened to the last week?? I am all for it going fast when it is better than good. Which it hasn't been finger licking great, for a long while. I can't say I don't ever complain, cuz I do. I can say I don't complain as much as some do and I am greatful for that.  I was recently watching an interview with Roy Dupois, and he said we don't own the land it was borrowed to us. Its kinda like that with alot of things, they were borrowed to us. I know of the land where I lived when I was born. I would like to return, but if it is gonna break off into the ocean I am safer staying in the middle of the country. I can report that is I take my meds as often as prescribed, I feel better. I am trying to be a good girl, doing as the doctor said.
Holy Water - Big And Rich
Somewhere there's a stolen halo I used to watch her wear it well Everything would shine wherever she would go But lookin' at her now you'd never tell Someone ran away with her innocence A memory she can't get out of her head I can only imagine what she's feelin' When she's prayin' Kneelin' at the edge of her bed And she says take me away And take me farther Surround me now And hold, hold, hold me like holy water Holy water She wants someone to call her angel Someone to put the light back in her eyes 
I'll Follow You - Shinedown
[Verse 1:]If I could find assurance to leave you behindI know my better half would fadeAnd all my doubt is a staircase for youOpened out of this spaceThe first step is the one you believe inThe second one might be profound.[Chorus:]I'll follow you down through the eye of the stormDon't worry I'll keep you warm.I'll follow you down while we're passing through spaceI don't care if we fall from graceI'll follow you down[Verse 2:]You can have the money and the worldThe angels and the pearlsEven trademark the color blueJust like the tower we never builtIn the shadow of all the guiltWhen the other hand was pointed at youYeah the first step is the one you believe inThe second one might be profound.[Chorus:]I'll follow you down, through the eye of the stormDon't worry I'll keep you warm.I'll follow you down, while we're passing through spaceI don't care if we fall from graceI'll follow you down to where forever liesWithout a doubt I'm on your sideThere's nowhere else that I would rather beI'm
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
I turned my focus to Emily who was still enjoying my dick. It fely so good. After what i had just seen, i needed a release more than anything. However, i didn't just want a blow job, so i reached down and raised Emily up to her feet. I sat on the bed and began to undress her, dropping her clothes to the floor around us.   I pulled her into me, my face at her breasts level and to suck her nipples, focusing on one and then the other. My fingers began to pinch and squeeze them as i sucked hard. Her hands came up to my hair and she ran her fingers through it as i enjoyed her breasts in my nouth.  I moved my hands across her skin, gently, slowly, wanting to touch every part of her. They reached her ass and i pulled at her cheeks, holding them tight, pulling them apart as i bit down on her erect nipples.   I stood up and moved behind her. My kisses ran across her neck as my hands moved back to her breasts. My dick, sticking out from the zipper of my pants, pressed hard against her soft a
"the Last Few Days Of My Trip"
At the end of the day we headed back to  the hotel and had dinner in the hotel restaurant. We eate as quickly as we could, then headed back to our room.  we walked in to the room and kissed. "Do you trust me, Emily?" I asked, holding her close.  "Yes, i do. I completely trust you." "If you allow yourself to totally trust me tonight, I promise that you'll experince the greatest orgasm ever. You'll reach levels of pleasure you never thought possible. Will you trust me that much?" "Yes, i will." With that, i began to undress her. After her clothes were removed, i led her to the side of the bed  where i told her to wait. I opened the dresser drawer and took out a long, black cloth. My eeyes locked on here as i raised the cloth to her face. I could see the trust in her eyes as the material came up and over them, blocking out her sight. I gently tied the blindfold tightly over her eyes and then lowered her to the bed
Shoutbox Action With Clueless Women
    Remember ladies, you get back what you give. Sarcasm is such a beautiful thing lmao
Avoid What-not-to-say Moments
Your sex life will never be the same. In my day. What, not breast-feeding? From diet tips to "little baby, little problems," sleep-deprived and super-stressed new parents have heard it all. And they want you to stop it. As Britain's Prince William and his wife, Kate, move along on their parenting journey, it seems even the queen has had a what-not-to-say moment. According to a special edition of Us magazine on raising royals, she exclaimed soon after William's birth: "Thank goodness he hasn't ears like his father!" Most every new parent has a greatest hits of lame advice and annoying remarks. For fitness buff Brook Benten, mom of 4-month-old Hayes, her list included her post-baby body. "My swollen uterus made me look like I was still five months pregnant," said the Round Rock, Texas, mom. "I was elated to be a mother, but I knew good and well that I looked baaaaad. Well-intending visitors would look me once over and say, 'Wow! You look great!'" And how SHOULD that have g
"confronting My Wife"
As i headed down the road, the sun setting at my back, it suddenly dawned on me. Was Vanessa no different than Emily? Was i know different than Emily's husband? Did i have this sexual woman at my side  and just not relize it? I chuckled to my self at the thought. No, vanessa wasn't a slut in disdguise, and she loved the idea that  she was one. It turned  her on to be considered a slut. Not Vanessa. But weren't Vanessa's actions typical of a slut wife? My thjoughts were interrupted as i saw the sign for my exit coming up. I slowed down and turned off the road and drove down my street. I soon turned into my driveway and parked my car. i was home.
"confronting My Wife"
"You know. Vanessa, i had the crazest dream the other night." "must of ate too much, en?" She said, smiling at me.  "Yeah, that was probably it. I dreamed about you, though."  Vanessa smiled at me. "Well, you can stop dreaming now. Your dream had come true." She waved her hands in front of herself, "Tada! I'm right here!" She had no fucking idea where i was going with my comments. She was about to be told that i knew, and she was clueless. "Well, you weren't the only one in my dream. I dreamed of that ass hole Dave also." "Dave?" she asked, a quizzical look on her face. 'you mean your manager, Dave?" Will resume this tomorrow time for bed:)
"confronting My Wife"
"Dave?" Emily asked, a quizzled look on her face. "You mean your manager Dave?" "Yeah that's the one. I dreamed you and Dave wre together. You know, in bed together." "Really?" She said looking anywhere but at me. "That's stupid. What kind of dream is that?"  "Actually, it was very graphic. You guys were really going at it. i mean very passioneate fucking. It was like you two were fucking all the time, you knew each other's body so well." Vanessa went to get up. "Well, Lee, you definitely had too much to eat, because that's just silly." "Hang on, luv, sit down. I had another dream also. this time it was a big giuy fucking you. I couldn't believe how big his dick was. I mean it must have bee 9 1/2 inches or more. In that dream, he took you from behind. You did some kind of erotic dance for him, then turned around and leaned over onto the bed. He walked up behind you and drove that huge dick deep inside your pussy and pounded you hard. He slapped your ass a few times with something,
"confronting My Wife"
Vanessa looked up, still silent.  "You remember that security system i installed?" She nodedm a puzzled look on her face. "well, it's really a securtiy. But the monitor in our bed room isn't part of that system. Instead, i installed a pc cam behind the face plate and connected it to our pc. I set it up with remote acess so that i could dial into the pc from my hotel room and get a very clear picture of our bed. Let's just sayi saw some very interesting things this past week." Vanessa sighed heavuly. she was stunned. Finally she spoke, "Are you going to leave me?" "I don't know just yet. right now, i just want to know every thing"
So Yeah, I Know
If I was not so damn old and could still be a gymnist, I wouldn't have as many dreams to dreams. Sometimes I feel so unimportant and lost. I don't like presenting older than old songs, but they are what I like. I don't pick any ole song, ever!!  If I could explain how I am flooded with thoughts and how I just want to sleep. My mind may still be going, but there is the softness of the pillow. My breasts are at rest, as are my eyes. The strength of my pillow or the load it must hold, I am just thankful it hasn't moved on without me. Like I know it might wish it could do, but it doesn't. Does anybody admit they know and can see, there is more than what they can buy and what they have thrown away, there are sounds you wished you could hear and there are words you wish you could say. I may not write here every single day, don't worry cuz I always have someting I need to say. I may be in pain or my arm may hurt, I may be just out of sorts, but I do try to stay aware of you poke alert. Stay
This Space Between...
i know we are separated by time and spaceso there are things i can't say to your faceand convey to you the things i feelso if you have a moment that i could steali never meant for my words to strayand sting you in your heart that daybut not being near and so far awayit's so easy to misinterpret the things we sayit has taken me many yearsto come to terms with all my fearsand to dry up all these salty tearsand that is what you do for meyou make me look inside and seethat through all the miles and where i've beenit is safe to hear your voice and smile againin my mind i know it's cleari have nothing if you're not nearso take my handso i can help you to understandi give to you all i have of meand i say these words, i'm sorry
Keep It In Your Pants Official Music Video (the Boner Song)
Crush - Taryn Southern Music Video (internet Stalker) Feat. Chester
Join My Mafia
I Already Know
I get to going and this shit feels good, and like a fricking bump in night, I hit the rocks on the way down again. I am more than prepared to slide down in ranking. It is just a roller coaster ride, I will rise again. I know it can't rain all the time. Life goes on, but sometimes it would just be kinda nice to remain in touch with the grand feeling of just feeling that you were once visable. You know you don't want to revisit the invisable world again. Some on this site worry alot, I can not and will not deny that I am not that bright and bubbly when I drop more than 5,000 ranking spots, but I already know that it is okay. Everyone may not choose to remember, others may not be able to remember and sometimes we can't forget certain moments. Certain times that just may be nothing to someone else and yet its like an acheivement to others. It like that in real life too. Kinda like last night. I was in my bubble bath and the phone was ringing and ringing. I got out of the bathtub, got dres
I need for everything to be swell, don't yearn for even my haters  to feel like their lives are pure hell. No good can ever be seen, when your mind goes blank and my love for you is wiped clean.   I know life isn't a fairy tale, as much as I sometimes wish it was live happy ever after is doomed to fail. We had one part stay true, the magic was a feeling felt by us when you seen me and I seen you.   Not everyday will be a roll in the hay, not everyone can still veiw the beauty in December, like it is the month of May. Not looking, never to find the the actual one, to accept a challenge of love the race as already been won.   Hey I am never seeking perfection, if I was, I'd be lost cuz I don't follow I choose to go my own direction.
An Open Job Market? That Is What Corporat America Wants Us To Think.
This post goes back to a couple of weeks ago.  Why I did not right about it then I do not know, I was probably just trying to figure it all out and in some ways I still am.  I thought, low and behold, I am finally getting back into the game.  Things may be looking up for me financially, but ~snap~ just like that and I am knocked to the ground again as if i had just been struck by Ali himself.   I have had a difficult time finding a job, as I am sure everyone has.  I have been out of the job market for five years and all the while I have been looking, and I have been able to get interviews, but beyond that I do not get anything.  I have heard excuses that, "the position has all ready been filled." or "you have too much experience," or another one I am getting tired of hearing, "you do not have enough experience.  Please I have been working my butt of since I was sixteen.  Granted my first job was only as holiday employment and I did what I could to see if I could stay, but they never
If I am invisible, it is because I chose to be. I am not gonna do anymore poking for awhile. I will only chat with the ones I trust, which isn't many. I trust people more than I should, some of you have shown me that. To you, I would like to say thank you. I will stay "in hiding" while I work on my "not being able to care" attitude. The way I am seeing it is simple; if we can't get along in an online bar, why in the hell should the rest of the world. Just erase any idea that I am "butt-hurt"!!!!!!!!!!  I am not, May have been before,  but now I just want to be more like others seem. So many seem to have inner strength beyond compare. Yeah, it may be just a mask, but it is a powerful one and you wear it so fucking well. I already know this is like the theatre of pain and the sun will shine only after the rain. Peek -a- Fucking Boo!!
One Poem-one Story
I write short stories and poems.....mostly romance/erotica,but some horror as well.So,I thought I'd start you guys off with one poem and one story.Then you let me know if you want to read more.Be warned.....some my writings are very naughty! Queen Europa   JOURNEY TO HELL by Queen Europa red streaks what a magnificent site! Violet then deep blue welcomes the night.   The colors fade the sky turns dark. A full moon rises the wolves howl and bark.   He awakes from his slumber dresses in black. Beware he's getting ready getting ready to attack.   Hiding in the shadows his hunger is great. He grows impatient for a victim to desecrate.   He spots a lone female so innocent,so pure. He knows she will be easy so easy to lure.   One look in his eyes she's under his spell. Unaware of her fate her journey to hell!   She obeys her master her blood she does give. He drinks till he's full but leaves nothing to live.  
When There's Nothing Left To Fight For
there comes a time when you realize that there is nothing left to fight for, that the one you really want to be with, doesn't and your really not sure that they ever wanted to be with you. little things that has been said in the past, makes you wonder did they ever want to be with you, or was you someone that was there only because they didn't want to be alone, and if thats the case, was your entire relationship a lie or not. you spend everyday with that person, at first you feel like you will never love them, then you realize that you do, more than anyone you have ever been with, but even though they said they love you, you start to wonder if they did, and did they ever love you. you tell yourself after you split up with them, that its over, your done, that you never want to be with them again, but you start to realize, that, that person is the one that you want to be with, and they are the one that completes you, and without them in your life, your missing a big piece, one that you
Escorts Chester Can Meet Your Crazy Passion For A Wonderful Company
If you are just crazy and passionate for a company with the escorts, the escorts Chester can be a wonderful option for you. These escorts are renowned all over the world not only for their appealing looks and personality, but also for their services. If you are with such an escort in public, it can be a pride for you and envy for others. These escorts are sexy, appealing and slim and you will also be impressed with their smartness and intelligence. No Dearth of Options: You will absolutely have no dearth of options while you are looking for escorts Chester. In fact, you can expect to find some of the best escorts here. They are capable of completely fulfilling your passion and desire. They can be intimate with you and give a different feeling altogether. You will not only enjoy their company, but you will also cherish the experience. They know about the various requirements that you can have. Consequently, they will make the best efforts to satisfy your needs. Not Just Sexual Contac
I Love You Because I Want To
Love is a choice, a decision we make day by day to never leave or go astray, its the commitment we make, to keep our word no matter what it takes and to stand beside each other even when you dont feel like it or want too. You are each others bestest friend and youre glued together through thick and thin and you watch each others backs as you weather through all of lifes Storms. Love is not a feeling, its not the lust that leave us wanting more or the passion that burns deep within our Souls, that makes us studder when we breath and knowing in each others embrace we cant get enough of each other still, and in the end, while dazed in a haze, in fear our Hearts will be razed, and leaving our Heads reeling, we should take each other for granted, knowing that we can trust each other because true love is not a feeling, its an act of your will...×{:>+
Hannibal I know your every move,You are safe as long as I approve.We have conversation on an intelectual level,Little do you know I have the heart of the devil.I overlook your slight mistakes,But don't piss me off for your own health's sake.I sit here quiet in my study,Reading books until things get bloody.Dinner you ask? I can make a fine quisine,Please don't ask, for her name was ChristineSpend the night we can have liver for lunch,It's not a problem in my freezer I have a bunch.How about some head cheese too?Little do you know I'm feeding my victims to you.I once was a surgeon and to this day it's true,Not just a surgeon now but psychiatry too.I pick your brain until I learn your ways,Then I cut short the rest of your days.Soon to my plate please understand,I am a monster in the shape of a man.Tonight I will eat as a king,I will sserve you brains on my next little fling.Goodbye now i bid you farewell,For I have come to send you to hell.By now you know that i am a cannibal,Also know
Falling Leaves are falling all around,From the tree tops to the ground.The colors so bright,They seem to glow in the twilight.The wind blows gentle and cool,Not much time left before the season of yule!I watch as the days grow short,Soon we will need logs as our next resort.Warm apple cider in hand with a coat in the other,Hand in hand arm in arm we will warm one another.Hay rides spring up from out of nowhere,It's nights like these with you I love to share.Your eyes gleam at me in the fire's dim light,Wish we could always share such perfect nights.Holding you close your head against mine,Sharing this moment is wonderfully fine.Yoiu have my heart, body, and soul,Promise me you will never let me go.Falling on a cool fall's night,Oh such an awesome delight.
I'm Horny, Or Am I Just Bored
Don't Go All Hog Wild
I haven't tried to be like one of the many that just may hope someone helps them level. I figure it will happen as it should. I wish to enjoy my time here and not speed through the levels. I have less than 50 ability points to go. Here I am just giving and accepting help without advertising the "need". Its working pretty good too.  (just mentioning it in here, simply because I happen to know not everyone reads these)  If I was too want to speed through everything, it doesn't feel like I would enjoy anything that much. Highschool was rush time, college wasn't that different. Now i have a small amount of time to relax, and I damn well deserve it!! I can't type that much today, because my laptop is acting screwy.  Thank you for your help, even if you were not fully aware of it.
Finding The 1
i spent my whole life my one true love i done six years of dating girls online  i never met any of tjhem in person  only thing they wanted was for me to come to them there were too scared and chicken to see me in person all they wanted was for me to work but i kept telling i been out of work for years but they did not care at all        
Another School Year
My son is going into 7th grade this year. I am estatic that he has gotten this far. I know how difficult it can seem. I didn't have that hard of a time, but I am glad I don't have to walk a block and  half in the snow anymore, just to sit down for 6hrs and run around a gym for 45 minutes. I will really feel like a queen if neither of my kids have to attend school in a wheelchair or using a cane or crutches. So far I understand I have been lucky. I was using a cane when I graduated. I wasn't feeling totally like a senior in the highschool I went to, when I wasn't deemed as a helpful student anymore. Before 1989 I was even helping out in the library and I was active in theatre arts.  That was then, this is now. A single mom is not so bad. I don't have someone to keep me warm, but I am thankful that I am not being abused or used as a slave. I have been there, and I don't ever wish to be there again. Besides I don't have to worry about divorce, if I don't get married. I kinda think there
Dammit, Opps Darn It
One of these doggone days I will sleep in and hopefully stay asleep. I want to never have to be apart from my dreams. I sometimes have dreams, that I don't want to lose or even interrupt. Yeah, yeah they aren't that colorful but I believe I do see color. I have no pain and that is the best part. Whatever you do, don't offer to carry me. I would wish that burden on anyone. Its not like I am a spring chicken anymore!!   If I had mostly everything I want, I got the feeling someone else would go without what they need. That is just the kind of person I am. I don't blame anyone for being luckier than me. I am happy enough to be my pebble self on the beach of life. There ain't that much to complain about, I got air and ears. Picture that..... ain't always happy I have my perky nose, but life goes on.....Stay safe and wise, life asts just so long, even though sometimes it seems like it takes forever.
Tender Feet And Broken Glass...
i take a look at all i've donei take a look at what i've becomethe voices of the past seem to cry out to me so loudlymy pedestal is shamei hold my head only not so proudlydays they come and days they goand through bitterness it showsthe weight of guilt is like a ton of goldand most assuredly takes it's tollfor some there's always questionsthey haven't resolve enough to askfor me there's only actionsand all those things i can't take backfor some it seems so easyjust to shut the doorfor me it is internalsthat engage themselves in warand so it's never endingthis consciousness of blamei find my sentence damningand my pedestal is shame
"the Debt " Part 3
Bob was lying on his side passed out on the carpet. apparently he was finally excited enough to blow his load. kathy got a towel from the bar sink and moistened it. She cleaned the cum off her furniture. She put a pillow from the sofa under bobby's head and covered him with a blacket.   she turned off the lights and went back to bed. As she disrobed and climbed between she decided she would charge Bob for his time. "Oh! you were great baby!" She said practicing for what she would tell him in the morning. She was sure he would accept the lie as the truth. After all no self respecting guy like Bob would have the guts to ad mit he couldn't get it up. she fell asleep and slept well.
A Number Of Nike Blazer High Cheat Sites Are Available But You
Here are some tips for putting a fantasy football management plan in place. The more intentional and organized you are the more likely you are to win in the end.Fantasy Football Management Tips: Kick Butt This Season!Play fair, just because it is a virtual world does not mean that you can bend the rules to win the game. A number of Nike Blazer High cheat sites are available but you should restrain from using them to ensure that you have the most fun out of the games. Games are structured to ensure that players can not easily finish them.Most of the fantasy football projections you can find on the internet are developed from years of drafting experience. The experts know the NFL very well and these projections are based on the player statistics the past the past 10 years.Are you using the fantasy football rankings when drafting your fantasy football draft?   The Player Series logo watch features the team logo on a white background which really makes it stand out. It is wat
That Valuable Nike Free 3.0 V5 Because There Are So
Nike shoes are supported by popular Basketball players just like Lebron, Kobe Dez bryant as well as Dwayne Sort, for example. Nike JordansAnd if you are having academic troubles don't be too ashamed or embarrassed to seek help. Do everything you can to achieve your dream.When Nike found that they were stuck with a unners and joggers shoes?image, they were desperate to break away from it and enter into the lucrative and thriving basket ball shoes market.The best thing about the Goalrilla Deluxe Basketball Hoop Light is that the light bulbs in it have a wire covering over them that protects them from a bad three point shot or whatever may happen. Heres a customer review of this hoop light   jd now there provides develop a historical breakthrough discovery. Nike financial meeting continue on in order to liberated air jordan footwear upon a total annual groundwork.If you sign up for 2013-14 NFL and NCAA football picks, you can keep your eye on the line and get great advice on
What Is A 'scene'?
A scene is a series of one or more BDSM activities in which two or more BDSMers engage. A scene typically has a well-defined start and end. There is often one principal activity with other minor activities thrown in along the way. For example, a bondage scene would involve a bottom being tied up (the principal activity), with nipple torture and tickling or sensation play added in for good measure. As another example, a flogging scene might involve using a wide range of different floggers on a bottom, followed by sex. Along with the sense of a clear-defined start and end to a scene it's important to note that people don't just dive in to challenging or demanding scenes with no lead-in or warm-up. Likewise, a heavy scene doesn't just suddenly end and the participants light up a brandy and drink a cigarette and say how wonderful it was. Instead, a scene will often begin with a discussion or negotiation about what is going to be done and by whom. Then, before the main acti
Breath Play
Introduction Breath play not breath control. Let us please emphasize that. We are not holding someone's breathe for such a great period that it would cause them harm. Believe it or not, breath play is not as dangerous as it sounds, if done correctly and safely. And it is still within the S.S.C. guidelines. Safety is very important and you must know what you are doing with the extreme breath play before you go out there and do this to someone. No different than learning how to single tail. You don't just line up a submissive after never even picked up a whip before and start cracking the sound barrier and attempting to hit her with those strokes. What Turned Us On To Breath Play Breath play enhances an orgasm! Most people don't realize the when they are about to come they either hold their breath, or breathe faster in order to climax. Try this yourself, by holding your breath longer than you normally would when climaxing. You will find that this will greatly enhance t
For many people, consent is a fundamental principle in BDSM and is embodied in two of the common mottoes many practitioners live by: SSC (safe, sane and consensual) and RACK (risk-aware consensual kink). Consent is ensuring that your partner has agreed to some activity before engaging in it, or before being compelled to engage in it when they are physically unable to resist, such as when they are bound or chained, or when they are unable to refuse, such as when they are gagged. There are two important parts to this: They know what's going to be done, and They know the possible good and bad outcomes. These mean that you need to be completely honest with your partner. It might seem that this is mainly for the tops, dominants, and masters out there, but being open and honest applies just as much to bottoms, submissives, and slaves because their partner needs to consent to the possible consequences of play just as much as they do. For example, if a submissiv
It Isn't Paper To Us All...
i am sitting in a cold room the candle's dim, expanding all the gloom i can't turn to you for comfort you merely pile on more dirt i write because the paper, never goes away it does not matter what i scribe, nor what i have to say it starts out plain and perfect, a canvas with no mark and let's me vent my anger, and bear witness to my scars the paper is never troubled, nor offers up advice it just humbly hears my burden, and has no words as cold as ice the paper never runs, it never needs to hide the paper's always there whenever i must confide it does not care i'm told i'm worthless, but does not multiply the thought it does not shrug away my fears, nor leave me more distraught it never offers me hostility, nor false promise, nor false hope the paper's simply there for me, whenever i must cope it was empty, clean, and bare, but a page there is no doubt
I'm Not Your Fool - Esily
Your promises are empty, don't baffle me with lies.  You know I'll see right through you, you have got that look in your eyes.  And your selishness will get th best of you and yo don't even realise that ts wrong. Don't even try to play me for a fool this time, cause I won't let you walk all over me, you're in for a surprise if you think I let you get to me.  Cause I know your games all the well dear, andI have grown up to see things much more clear.  Make someone else your marter, I am no an easy sway, I don't bend that way.  Don't promise me the world when you know you can't deliver, your eyes are getting old and they've got much bigger.  And hopefulltywith time these wounds will heal, and you can make up for all your mistakes. Until that happens, I won't let my guard down.
One Of The Brightest Stars - James Blunt
One day your story will be told.One of the lucky ones who's made his name.One day they'll make you glorious,Beneath the lights of your deserved fame.And it all comes round.Once in a lifetime like it always does.Everybody loves you 'cause you've taken a chance,Out on a dance to the moon, too soon.And they'll say told you so.We were the ones who saw you first of all.We always knew that you were one of the brightest stars. One day they'll tell you that you've changed,Though they're the ones who seem to stop and stare.One day you'll hope to make the grave,Before the papers choose to send you there.And it all comes round.Once in a lifetime like it always does.Nobody loves you 'cause you've taken a chance,Out on a dance to the moon, too soon.And they'll say told you so.We were the ones who saw you first of all.We always knew that you were one of the brightest stars.And they'll say told you so.We were the ones who saw you first of all.We always knew that you were one of the brightest stars.
Why Must Life Hurt
I am getting set, set for the best time yet.  Something is just waiting and I am ready,  for all the bad times to be a memory, things will get better,  so here I am all stealthy and steady.  Its in my poetry, my explanatory letter.  If I just could request no laughter,  is ever saught before or after.    Why must life ever start to hurt you, just so everything can get better and true.  You can start to mend even heal, and then you can finally start to feel,  Why must life ever start to hurt so bad, you'll be better cause the hurt won't always make you sad.    It may sent tears down your face, but they are just cleansing for the smile coming to your face.  One day I hope everyone can see, I invite pain to save anyone else from hurting like me.   Someday it might be discovered why, there isn't alot of people like me, people ready to die.    I won't go into the lengthy reason, but in short it doesn't matter the time or the season.  You are more important to me than my next
Fear Nada
Some seem to think only the strong can survive,  but they certainly aren't the only ones that desrve to be alive.  Those that have adorning eyes and a heart big in size deserve their time too.  They deserve more than what they are given.  Without them some others wouldn't be livin'.     Wats sup, I guess you would know, but see I fear nada.  I know there are others out there that care for more than prada.    There might be someone suffering in silence, sadness that is not shown.  can change more than the finances, a tougher heart sometimes has grown.  To say your understand you need to have fealt, what it is like to be out dealt.  I already know you can be strong, carry yourself and just move along.    Stand up and fear nothing more, love has been made. Go forth and fear nada, please don't be afraid.  I ask this of you, because I know, with you by my side into the future I wouldn't be afraid to go.  If you need to be sorry, be frightened for the souls that aren't like y
Angela's Rap
Angela's Rap   Weed and beer aint fazing this chickShe go up in the house and grab ya dickShe start stroking it all nice and longHumming on your nuts, singing a songHer kitty's in my hand while I'm spreading cheeseFinger fuck her so hard that it made her sneezeDrop to your knees and give my dick a suckI go for my zipper but that bitch is stuckOh fuck, what's an Indian to do?My cock so hard my balls turning blueI rip my pants down, with the quicknessStick it in her mouth, wait for the sicknessFeel my shit start swelling and expandingParted the runway, now my cock is landingOpen the gates and let's beginChecking my nuts at the local innI parted the sea while you tilt your headEyes rolling back in your head like you was Night of the living dead Still spreading my load on that wonder breadThat's when she screamed, no please don't stopI'm pull that ass over like a motherfucking copDrop it on her tonsils…watch her skin get hotFucking that ass at a furious pacePull the cock out, spit
Anyone Else Ngaf??
Maybe its just me, kinda figuring it is anyway. Points never have been any bit of a worry, even when the higher ups made it so you would have to get more per level. If I was doing this just for points I could go to other sites. What level I am didn't really matter either, even when I lost the cute tag name. People can go ahead and say they don't care about what I write, I am not making them read anything. Its just like alot of people need to complain and ruin other people's day. To each their own. I will sometimes feel trampled, but you know what?? I would like to thank you, with every name you call me I am growing stronger. It helps me, so bring it all on me. Over and over, like a four leaf clover!!
2013 Autumn Fashion Korean Style Clothing Collocations
  NO.1: White printing Sling korean fashion tops vest & slim suit  [Fashion Review:] Slim suit & vest is definitely the most match the combination of white landscape printing great Chinese national style, elegant intellectual also suit without weakening the able, but not the same increment feminine!   NO.2: Gray high waist skirt & sling vest [Fashion Comments:} very significant figure of a small personal vest, is to be so refreshing summer outfit, with a very significant figure high waist skirt, creating nine body beauty, perfect body proportions!   NO.3: Tib Maecel plaid Camisole Black and white mix, Plaid-like pattern, so this silk camisole immediately became fashionable, with black pants, simple but not simple, neat, full of personality.   NO.4: Twelfth Cynthia Vincent leather strap camisole This lightweight leather band gives silk chiffon camisole rustic elements, tribal pattern embroidered bloom in the phosphor, the beautiful eye-catching, unique charm. No.5: Tie
Just Maybe... Yeah That Is Good
I maybe just a little dense or even not on top of everything, but that is better than being a smart ass or getting screwed all the time. I'm down with having fun, but that was in and is in my past. I miss it sometimes, but I have accepted that is not why I am still around. If I am interrupting your fu-time, just ignore me. If I ain't your cup of tea, then keep your damn mouth closed and step away. It really is just too easy.  There are things that you can enjoy everyday, that I will never have a chance to experience and I don't hate you. I don't hate anyone. I won't lower myself to that level. I don't joyously love every soul, but I don't hate. This world is beautiful. The land and trees don't hate, some of ya all need to reconnect with nature. It only has to happen around us, not converse. If you listen, it will talk. If you love the seasons and see how they help the earth, they would never be an inconvience. Its not too hot or cold when you are prepared. If you think about it we are
If I look in the mirror or pictures and don't really like what I see, how can anyone really say they love me?? Being nice has its faults too, sometimes I hate myself because I am not like you. If you love yourself, place you on the highest shelf.   The way I see your beauty its wrong to teach, anyone can figure it out, you are out of reach. May be seen as easy, don't fucking make sense to me.  I never wanted to love me though, never really wanted a nasty ego.   You can called me dumb or confused, but I have been thrown away after being used. Can't make anything easy, thats just the sad truth be known as me. I know life is not going to be anywhere near perfect, but I also know I am a clay defect.    I am a learning manuel, when does the test start so I can stand apart from hell. Everyone I meet is cheating, burning calories while they are eating. I hear a hungry riot, while I am screaming I AM ON A DIET!!      I just may not be fat, and I don't need to be your pussy cat
I Hope You Know
When I pass you on the internet drive, could you just realise I am alive?? When the sun rises and when it goes down, can you remember I ain't no fricking clown. I might like to bring a smile or dry a tear, but being played with isn't why I am here. Its true I don't know you and you don't know me, that means we aren't friends, but we can be. I am no silver surfer at all, I am a mom that isn't that tall. A mere pebble on this beach, but not to far out of reach. We may not be that close on this rock, but we have the time to be happy, tick tock. If you can tip toe, you are lucker than you know. I will just watch as almost everyone runs, I hope you know they are the lucky ones. I can watch life unfold, but I won't get better or so I have been told. Don't take the simple things for granted, relish the luckiness you have been handed. May have not yet reached all your goals, just remember I hope you know some don't try to be trolls. I hope you know I do try not to upset a
Blood Play
IMPORTANT: This note is meant purely as an introduction to the term. Deliberate blood play is not recommended without full knowledge of the risks and correct techniques involved Blood play (also blood sport) is commonly any form of BDSM play in which the letting of blood is common or expected. Any form of physical activity can effectively become blood play if blood accidentally, incidentally or intentionally flows. The following activities frequently involve bleeding: Caning Flogging Cutting Piercing Cupping The latter two activities, cutting and piercing, are the most likely candidates for bleeding as both breach the skin and can allow blood to escape. In fact, actually causing bleeding can be the intention for both of these. In addition, scarification---deliberately creating scars---often involves cutting the skin and causing bleeding. Intimacy There is a certain intimacy in any activity involving blood. Sharing your partner's blood, and being in contact wit
The Characteristics Of A Successful Dominant
I have spent some time discussing with others in the lifestyle what makes a good dominant. What marks a true dominant from a player or wannabe? I have read every bit of material I could get my hands on. Through these discussions and research I have been able to compile the following list of traits. I list the ones that were repeatedly told to me. Many of them appeared in just about every conversation I have been involved in and most of the pieces of writing I have read.  Those are the traits, which I have repeatedly heard make a successful dominant. And most of them are applicable to every relationship not just those within D/s. These are the traits I have heard many submissives speak of as what they are looking for in a dominant. Not everyone will have all of these; some of them can be learned. But these traits do reflect what is within a true dominant. This list is meant as an informational aide only.  Acceptance Acceptance of self, what is within yourself, what you
Submission: From A Dominant’s Point Of View: What Is A Submissive?
The basics of submission is a subject that has been explored for quite some time, and no matter how much contemplation one does, there is simply no way to define the exact nature of submission or the true nature of asubmissive. The reason of this that each submissive is different and hence the definition of a submissive changes as the role they fill changes. Just as each submissive is different, each Dominant is different as well, and hence their view of what a submissive is, is different. A Submissive Is Less Than Human This is an older point of view, but oddly enough it is still present today. In the past slaves/subs were viewed as a piece of property, with less actual value than a horse or even cattle. It was not believed that one need educate a slave/sub, or attempt to train or even improve him or her simply because they did not have the capacity to learn. This line of thought lead to quite a bit of abuse and eventually individuals began to understand the basic flaw
The Song Of Hiawatha
On the shores of Gitche Gumee,Of the shining Big-Sea-Water,Stood Nokomis, the old woman,Pointing with her finger westward,O'er the water pointing westward,To the purple clouds of sunset.  Fiercely the red sun descendingBurned his way along the heavens,Set the sky on fire behind him,As war-parties, when retreating,Burn the prairies on their war-trail;And the moon, the Night-sun, eastward,Suddenly starting from his ambush,Followed fast those bloody footprints,Followed in that fiery war-trail,With its glare upon his features.  And Nokomis, the old woman,Pointing with her finger westward,Spake these words to Hiawatha:"Yonder dwells the great Pearl-Feather,Megissogwon, the Magician,Manito of Wealth and Wampum,Guarded by his fiery serpents,Guarded by the black pitch-water.You can see his fiery serpents,The Kenabeek, the great serpents,Coiling, playing in the water;You can see the black pitch-waterStretching far away beyond them,To the purple clouds of sunset!  "He it was who slew my father,B
I Have Returned!
me and my boyfriend jerry we left on our trip a day late and was only away for a day and half mainly due to budget restrains and jerry was not feeling good emotionally. i did get pictures up of the patsy cline crash site i put a few up along with 3 of the last photos ever taken of her 3 days before she was killed. be sure to check them out feel free to comment please be sure to keep it friendly. also i did some changes to my profile one last time IT WILL MOST DEFINITELY REMAIN AS IS UNTIL EARLY DECEMBER! be sure to check it out. it will be a pretty good while before i will be going on any more serious road trips again so i will be back on here twice a week again. the rest of the time i will be on my backup page countryrose everyday in case if anybody needs to reach me for anything. the page is on my friends list. if anybody has a tough time finding it please message me let me know i will get with you as soon as i can. for now the only times i will only be off either of my pages for a l
Rule #1: I reserve the right to reject friend requests from people without Salutes or if the request is empty. Under certain circumstances I may accept them, the choice is mine. Rule #2: Conversations should occur in comments or drink messages. Private messages may be accepted, but it is preferred that you be invited in my SB...I will block you in a fuck'n heart beat Rule #3: My Family is for people I associate with most, there will be no ranking amongst them as I see all my friends equally. They are typically a great group of people, but I reserve the right not to add someone or to remove anyone at any time when the association becomes null! Rule #4: If you have a problem with a friend of mine, you should keep said opinions to yourself. Until someone screws me over, I reserve the right to get along with them. Attacking a friend of mine is pretty ugly and shows more about your character than theirs. Rule #5: NO DRAMA! For the love of God. If you have a prob
Kitty Cannibal Corps
kitty cannibal corpsfind you bind youwhen the bounty's bootie or moremake you scratch and clawpant, purr, cream and frothwhile it goes back and forthfront to make your ears tickleneck to make you wiggleshoulders to make you giggletake more time for those pumpkinstaste your spicedon't rush to get to your middle wrapping wrists to a postrip to nip the timeit takes to undo your clothesnips ready to frisk and lick your hairs stand on endthe yarn unwinds sly and quickof how it makes you tingly and bendall over your chest and whenstrings of salivaenliven ya finding yain a hotter spotcan't move, loud meow and hissankles below tied in a knot turn you overisn't this fun?more shots to pleasurethan the party at 21can you get to that many?or maybe more?squirming, squirting, preening for morethrobbing, bubblinglike on a hot tin roofmaking memories begging to knock those bootsgetting more mouth tattoos than Von Darrival at the middleupon landingyou let fly out a scream!: "Kitty cannibal corps,i l
Here's Your Sign!!
I remember getting this feeling that winter is a knocking and sure as anything it is. If it is at all possible, I would very much like not feeling any cold this winter. I have lived with snowy winters longer than I lived in southern California and I will take snow over earthquakes anytime. I have the feeling that this winter may be a little warmer. I am not yet sure how, so don't quote me. Could be colder too. My daughter told me to write a list of what I want for Christmas, just so she would have an idea. I went and told her that I would like a phone card, for my cell. She said something we don't normally get. Then I went and said, a nice leafy plant for the corner or some light bulbs for the bathroom. I wouldn't mind a carton of peach flavored filter cigars. They are only $16 at the smoke shop. I never have been seeking to get what is in the window. I have settled for what I could get, not what I knew was out of reach. Maybe that is what makes me a little different. I have been wit
What's In A Name - Romeo And Juliet
Juliet: O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?Deny thy father and refuse thy name;Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,And I'll no longer be a Capulet. Romeo: [Aside] Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this? Juliet: 'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,Nor arm, nor face, nor any other partBelonging to a man. O, be some other name!What's in a name? that which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as sweet;So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,Retain that dear perfection which he owesWithout that title. Romeo, doff thy name,And for that name which is no part of theeTake all myself. Romeo: I take thee at thy word:Call me but love, and I'll be new baptized;Henceforth I never will be Romeo.
And Yet
You hold the power, every known or unknown endlessly charged hour. I know from my past, you are the only one that can trust enough to last.   Don't take the time, let it flow baby this is my last dime. I used it this way, just to call you and hear your love today.   Candy is sweet, and so am I you can't beat the heat. You save my soul, to lose myself I won't take control.   Feel my grip, and yet its just for you, no don't need to rip, and tear me clear through. It really does get better, and yet, can't get no wetter, than soaking wet.
Wth ??????????????????
I have to vent...OMG!!!!!! years...years of me helping you get on your feet...dealing with your drinking...blowing up in my face....calling me ugly...a bitch...a brought my self esteem way the fuck down.....job after would quit....I carried the load for years....I gave you a choice...put down that damn bottle....get a job and quit treating me like chose not that I have moved realized how much you love are sorry....will I take you back? HELL TO THE NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Boss And His Secretary
The meeting had been tough, very tough. Monique and Alex were relaxing in the hotel bar sipping their drinks; he slumped into the sofa, she beside him more alert, sitting upright at an angle facing him. It was early evening, but Alex was tired. He had just successfully concluded the best deal in his company’s short history, but the negotiations had seriously drained him. Monique put a hand on his thigh saying “You were fantastic Alex. I can’t believe you got such a good deal.” Monique was Alex’s PA, and she’d been with him for the two years he’d had his business. Alex had set up his business after he’d been made redundant. With 20 years of service he’d had a handsome payoff and was able to fulfil his ambition of working for himself. His wife on the other hand had not shared his feelings, and during the hard first year their marriage had broken down. She eventually left him for his one-time boss, and supposed friend. Alex had thrown
Efore Taking Advantage Of Fishers Bog
VILAMOURA, Portugal -- Shane Lowry of Ireland won the Portugal Masters on Sunday after a final-round 5-under 66 to edge out Englands Ross Fisher by one stroke with a 270 total. Lowry started the round four shots off the lead, but he made an eagle on the par-4 11th to move ahead of overnight leader Bernd Wiesberger. The 25-year-old Lowry then traded the lead with Fisher before taking advantage of Fishers bogey on the 16th with a birdie on the 17th hole. Fisher had one last chance after Lowry bogeyed the 18th, but the Englishman also had a bogey to allow Lowry to claim his second career European Tour win. "I cannot believe this," Lowry said. "I cant explain how I feel, really. Its a dream come true; Im over the moon. I thought this could be my day, and thankfully it is." Lowry shot 14 under through the four rounds on the Oceanico Victoria Golf Course. He won the Irish Open three years ago as an amateur "It was like playing in Ireland. It was crazy; it was great," he said. "Ev
Unes Nba Draft. He Played On The La
EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- The Los Angeles Lakers waived forward Reeves Nelson and centre Ronnie Aguilar, trimming their training camp roster to 18 players. The Lakers made the moves Saturday, a day after a loss to Sacramento dropped them to 0-5 in the preseason. Nelson played parts of three seasons at UCLA, making the all-conference first team in 2011 as the Bruins leading scorer and rebounder. But UCLA coach Ben Howland dismissed Nelson from the team in December 2011 following a series of suspensions and benchings. Nelson played briefly in Lithuania before going unselected in last Junes NBA draft. He played on the Lakers summer league team and earned an invitation to training camp. Authentic Griffin III Jersey .S. Anti-Doping Agency on Monday, a decision that allows the agencys drug case against the seven-time Tour de France winner to move ahead. Griffin III Elite Jersey . Yes, LeBron James dribbled behind his back. Then between his legs, five times. Then threw a behind-the-b
46th Minute Of The Gam
LA Galaxy midfielder Michael Stephens and forward Mike Magee have been suspended one game and fined for actions during a match against Houston. The MLS also issued a one-game suspension and fine Friday to Philadelphia Union forward Lionard Pajoy for his play against Toronto FC. Stephens had a challenge that endangered the safety of Dynamo midfielder Adam Moffat in the 46th minute of the game last Saturday. Magee was disciplined for aggravated dissent against the referee, including throwing a ball in the referees direction in the 92nd minute in that game. Pajoy had a reckless challenge that endangered Toronto FC forward Joao Plata in the 29th minute last Saturday. Cheap Jerseys USA . Though financial details were not released, French media reported the transfer fee could cost PSG up to C45 million ($55 million). Cheap Jerseys Wholesale .S. Open, hes returning to the hallowed Olympic Club to play in the same tournament -- and he couldnt be more surprised. http://facialhairsty
Owed Three Hits In 7 2-3 Innings To Outduel J
ST. LOUIS -- Carlos Beltran would prefer to hit in one spot every day. No matter where he lands on the lineup card, theres no arguing the results. Primarily the St. Louis Cardinals cleanup man, Beltran provided some pop batting second in a 2-0 victory over the Cleveland Indians on Saturday night. Beltran hit his National League-leading 17th home run in support of Kyle Lohse, who allowed three hits in 7 2-3 innings to outduel Justin Masterson. "I felt in control, I felt like I was getting pretty quick outs," Lohse said. "If Im doing those things, keeping the ball on the ground, thats my plan." Beltran has batted cleanup 31 times, third three times and second 18 times. Manager Mike Matheny resisted the temptation to shift Beltran back to cleanup after Matt Holliday was scratched just before the first pitch with mid-back spasms. Beltran, who has homered nine times batting second, also leads the Cardinals with 45 RBIs. "For me, honestly this year has been more difficult than an
Cannot Reach The Branches...
in the distance i see a tree with golden leaves in the distance much too far to gauge the miles from the distance i'd like to think it beckons me from my distance inside i am happy but i find i force a smile do i just stand right here and point and stare? or do i look for a tree within a closer glade? i have feelings, do i pretend they are not there? i know my only comfort rests within that one tree's shade yet every time i try i find an avalanche of questions is this something that the future brings? or was the journey over before it begun? will the sunlight start to fade away? and the tree withdraw from sight? will the sunlight cease to light the day?
Complete trust or confidence in somone or something.
Ch.3 The The Next Phase Of The Plan
Ch.3                                               The the next phase of the plan After batheing they were all huddled in the corner where the bedding was sleeping soundly the door quietly unlocks and Tia awakens and goes to the door growling protectively she is quickly roped and gagged she fights as hard as she can but is outnumbered and being tied up made it hard for her to do anything she is quickly hauled away and the door is closed and relocked. It was too late before the other women awoke Jewel(being the youngest) began to cry in fear Crystal went to comfort her in Tias place and LostWind sniffed where Tia had been grabbed she growled and looked at the other girls they have Tia I can not tell what they are gonna do or are doing to her but I pray she is ok.Tia looks around a decorated room it has a antique king size wood bed and dresser white carpet it looked very expensive and comfortable she was still tied and gagged setting in a chair across from yet another captured female
Through Fear Stained Glasses [a Piece Of My Life]
Rudely constructed, social structures have been and still are heaped on us from the minute we take our first breath. The standards are set and the scoring begins. My son is not a problem to be solved, he's a joy and a challenge to experience. He's frustrating and fun and annoying and laughable. I'm around him all the time, to me he's fine, he's normal. Our friends, his friends.. find his oddness unique and enjoy being in his company more often than not. I didn't experience any major challenges until it was time for him to go off to school. His first day on the bus, was horrible. He cried and screamed.. I was told he'd be fine and ushered out. Aparently this is normal and I'm to suck it up.. cut the strings and send him off to learn how to live without me.  Independence is healthy.. to learn how to be independent. I've got news for you mainstreamers.. we're an interdependent species, we function best as a unit. Yes there is a point where you are "babying" and "protecting" and "allowin
Return Of The Living Dead
Ok so i got done watching return of the living dead. It was a great movie like all other zombie movies,and this one directly referances George A. Romeros Night of the living dead. Great Geroge getting props for starting the whole zombie phenomenon.It starts off like your avarage zombie 1980's horro flick.Some unsuspecting characters who are your basic dimwits stumble upon a military container filled with a gas and one of the characters decides to tell the real story behind George A. Romeros movie and that the ghouls (as they were called in night of the living dead) we reanimated by the united states army with there chemical they used on marijuana.after a long dialog the character telling the story slaps the container releasing the gas and zombies are born in the movie when the body of a reanimated corpse is cut top piece and burnt in the crematriom across the street and the smoke goes into the clouds and acid rain begins to fall.. You know the rest of the movie if you have seen it..
October Moon
You glow like the light of the harvest moon soft golden rays to fill my starry heart.   Your sweet breath teases my naked skin so warm and moist like a soft southern breeze. You fill my senses with the longing and desire Your taste is salty and tangy like the warm sea air Your body trembles at my slightest touch like a willow tree, shaken by the lusty wind Your throbbing rise is dewy and inviting, softly, and seductively, it calls out me…longing for me to take it all between hot lips I want nothing more than to kneel and taste your secret delights Lost in a vortex of your endless desire and needs   As the harvest moon looms overhead and bathes our flesh in its soothing light My fingers dig themselves into the back of your thighs My body pressed firmly to yours, the floor biting my knees   There is nothing more i want then this moment Lost in ourselves we can literally stop time.   We harmonize to the whining night chorus With our moans and sighs, making music
"dark Meat For My Treat" Cont
The next time Janet saw Bobby was two weeks later as he made his rounds. It turned out that he came in eaqrlier than she did and exited through a security door that opened into the garage. That meant that unless he came to see her she would never see him. The reverse wasn't true, however. It turned out that Bobby's main job was to monitor the security  cameras, one of which was focused on her as she sat behind her desk. So at any momnet in her day, the hottest guy she had ever seen could be looking at her and she would never know it. That thought always made her face flush a bright red.  While Janet sat with her finger in the seam of her beige linen pants, she might have been looking at the hot black men walking by, but she was only thinking about  Bobby. And with nothing else to  do at work, she thought about him a lot. she thought about whether he was watching her at that moment and if he had noticed how many men found her attractive. She wondered if he saw when she pushed out her c
Crazy Ramblings
I can feel it sliding just inside my skull like a living thing, caressing the inner pieces of bone. I can feel it coursing through my veins like a scared rabbit, pounding feet trampling my heart as they fly by. It tastes like copper, tainting the edges of my cracking tongue. It's in my fingers, in my thoughts; it's in my ears echoing sounds that aren't officially there. I can see it in the glittery field of my vision. Like lightbursts behind closed lids, pressing me into an abyss. The insanity leaks in the cracks, slipping into my conscious, twisting and turning everything it touches with silent, malicious intent. Whispering, picking, biting its way into my thoughts until sanity is but a thread away and unraveling swiftly. I can feel the claws of it prickling down the back of my neck, into my spine. I can feel them through every bone of my body, taking hold and grasping until the bone begins to splinter. Everything in me is screaming with it, begging for it all to just come to a halt.
"dark Meat For My Treat" Cont
That night Janet headed to the gym. Dressed in her sexiest workout gear she waited for the excat treadmill she was on when she first met Bobbby. She hadn't seen him there since that first time, but hoped this would be the night he would return. She  got her wish, it was. Bobby, dressed in a black tank top that allowed his solid round pecs to peak through, got onto a treadmil that was in line with Janet's but four machines away. Janet smiled when she noticed him and wondered why he hadn't taken the open machine next to hers she had no intrest in being subtel so as soon as the one next to his  opened up, she left hers and moved moved next to him.  Janet didn't look at Bobby until she was running at full speed. Striding at a quick pace she looked up at the glistening dark man who looked back. Janet gave a knowing smile, looked down at his display, noted his speed and increased  her own past it. Bobby, intrigued by  what she had done, looked down at her speed and increased it past hers. N
"dark Meat For My Treat" Cont
Staring at the people as they walked by her desk, her eyes drooped. She fought the sleep which her tired body so desperately needed, and in that hazy state between asleep and waake, for the first time she noticed something. whenever one of the black men entered and made eye contact with another guy, each gave a head nod. But when black men saw a white man, there was no nod.  Pulling herself to a full atate of consciousness she watched closer, and sure enough it happened again and again. Seeing it  for the first time, she couldn't believe that she hadn't noticed it before. It happened every time with  out exception. It was almost as if there was a club that they all belonged to that no one else knew about.  She then started thinking about Bobby. Was that what it was for him? Was it that Janet didn't belong to the black person's club'? Is that whay he looked past her for another woman that was no more attactive and further anyway?  "That must be it," she thought. "It's that i'm not  b
"dark Meat For My Treat" Cont
Janet's eyes closed when she felt his dark hands slide down her body onto her breasts. The combination of their warmth was electric. Feeling her lions again throb, she rolled her head around meeting Bobby's face. she imagined what their two beautiful faces looked  like together.  Bobby rubbed his smooth ckeek on Janet's as he too a strawberry, dipped it into the chocolate and held it an inch away from her nose. He waited for the smell of it to prompt her to open her mouth.  In a second, Janet picked up on the robust smell of rich chocolate. When her lips parted, she felt something moist and cool touch them. she immediatly opened her mouth and what met her tongue was an explosion of flavor.  'Mmm," she moaned before instinctually taking a bite.  The flavors washed over her mouth as if it were the first time she had  tasted anything so delicious. She rubbed her face against Bobby's while hic large dark hand gently kneadded her breast. She was in heaven and it all continued until, aft
So Happy
Once in awhile I am glad not totally sure why, I don't want things to turn bad, I feel like I forgot how to cry. The time is too short the feeling will return, good news about to abort I knew I would start to burn.   I have nothing you want to gain all you never need, I cry tears of deep pain I limp and I bleed. You are better off without me I'll just remain here today, you are suppose to fly free I won't watch as you walk away.   I just am too ugly and fat this is me letting you know, your bags are packed, heres your hat just turn around and go. I didn't mean to waste any of your time I am sorry, broken and lame, my problems are just that mine I hope you soon forget my words and my name.   I am so happy but I haven't earned the joy, I fear being so happy I am just a broken toy.    
Khuyến Măi Iwin Ngày 13/11/2013
Khi chơi iwin các bạn chắc hẳn sẽ chú ư đến giờ vàng của iwin, 1 trong những cơ hội mà các bạn có thể tăng win lên nhanh chóng bằng cách nạp thẻ. Hăy tai iwin phiên bản mới nhất và đừng bỏ lỡ những cơ hội khuyến măi iwin ngày 13/11 nhé ! Nhanh tay nạp tiền giờ Vàng cực Sốc thôi các Bạn! Từ 10h30 -  11h30 ngày 13/11 iWin ưu đăi x2 cho các lượt nạp CARD x3 các lượt nạp SMS Chúc các bạn chơi game iwin vui vẻ !
Please Allow Me To Explain...
I am normal, mostly anyways. I just have times when tiredness comes on real quick. After about 4-5 hours of rest, I am good to go. I didn't leave abruptly without an excuse because I wanted to, Mr. Sandman was hollering at me. That is the best reasoning i could of given.   With everything else, it is like just my peachy life. The bi-polar chick that lives close to me was nice today. Unlike last week, I thought she might hit me. She is running on a thin line, she works for the apartment manager. I could turn her aztec in, I'm hoping she knows that when she gets rude with me. It would just be to easy. I'm not a mean person, but when you tempt the hands of fate, I let them have their way. Instead of saving your aztec, I will let you burn in hell.    Maybe someday I will be seen as another soul of this planet, instead of just a nobody. For those that don't see my screen name as by any chance right. I don't see myself as a queen or Godess, maybe even not a princess. I am in a tower, awa
Pornography Is Not The Only Culprit Behind The Rise Of Labiaplasty
It seems that body consciousness among young women has taken its most darkly worrying turn yet. Gynaecologists warned this week that cosmetic labial reduction requests have increased dramatically over the past five years, a trend driven partly by the images in pornography. Some 2,000 labiaplasty operations were performed by the NHS in 2010, which represents a fivefold increase in 10 years. And this could be the tip of the iceberg with thousands more seeking surgery privately. According to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists ethics committee, women – including girls under 18 – are choosing to undergo the operation because of increasing access to "unrealistic and narrow representations of vulval appearance in popular culture". In other words, pornography. Advertising by private clinics too is blamed for conveying a "distorted" image of what female genitals look like and playing down the risks of surgery. I've always found the knee-jerk reaction "porn is ev
Marital Paradign
MARITAL PARADIGMNo longer hoveringHe is covering his lover.....Safely snug there is no otherPlace she'd rather be....Than in the nook of his shoulderbreathing in the scent of his sweatwhile he holds her tenderly.Basking in the afterglow of the love they'd just made.As he exhales, every shallow breath fadesinto soft kisses on her cheek.Weak and spent,both are contentdreaming of pent up energy being released...His weight does not bother her in the least....Because he feasted on her juicy meal,Until she'd spilled all over the sheets.Unconcerned with the wet spot,she lays atop, sandwiched between the bed and her comforter.He comforts her in peace.With unceasing love she keepshim in her heart.....Spiritually connected never apart...Together in sync....Physically linked in position....Locked, Like clockwork in perfect time....A marital paradigm.He smothersHis mate in a desirable protective structureThat she equatesAs undying love.
Monty Python Revival Stars Promise Parrot Jokes - But Silly Walks Are Out
Booking will open and almost certainly close on Monday for one of the most keenly awaited reunions in showbusiness history: the return of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Tickets for the show, at London's O2 Arena, will be priced between £27 and £90, or "£300 less than the Rolling Stones" as they put it. "If you don't mind paying five or six times the cover price, give me a buzz," said Terry Gilliam, with a pantomime villain wink. There will be no silly walks, because John Cleese has said his artificial hip and knee aren't up to it, but there will be singers and dancers, parrot jokes – "what was it now … Norwegian?" Michael Palin said, gazing up for inspiration – and Gilliam animations. Lots of Gilliam animations, he said firmly. "There will be a little comedy, some pathos, music, and a tiny bit of ancient sex," Eric Idle, who will direct, promised. Apart from an insistence that the purpose of the reunion is to pay off Terry Jones's mortgage, they said they were get
Chức Năng Bàn Luận Trong Iwin
Ban Quản Trị Tai iwin ra mắt chức năng b́nh luận trong game iwin cũng giống như các mạng xă hội khác và cũng có rất nhiều chức năng. Trong game iWin cũng có chức năng b́nh lận trên tường đó các bạn và b́nh luận trên tường nhà bạn bè nhà ḿnh.Nhà phát hành game iWin đă thực hiện được việc đưa một mạng xă hội thu nhỏ vào thế giới mobile và trên chiếc điện thoại của bạn. Với những năng mạng xă hội được tích hợp trên đó th́ ngoài việc chát b́nh thường với bạn bè ḿnh mà các bạn c̣n có thể chia sẽ những thông tin thú vị hàng ngày và cuộc sống của ḿnh thông qua tính năng chia s̒
Tai Iwin Chơi Nâng Cao Tri Thức
Tải iwin về chới để tri thức được nâng tầm. Không đơn giản chỉ là một thể loại game để giải trí game iwin c̣n đem đến cho bạn nhiều bất giờ hơn nữa…..bạn đă khám phá hết chưa ? Khi tải iwin về bạn sẽ được nâng tầm tri thức lên với đủ mọi hiểu biết về game iwin Việt Nam. Những câu truyện hấp dẫn, những vần thơ nổi tiếng của các bậc đại thi hào, tất cả nằm trong mục Kho truyện. Bạn có thể bổ xung thêm cho vốn văn học của ḿnh tại đây nữa đấy . Hay bạn cũng có thể được học về nh
Avatar 230 đua Pet Nhận Ipad
Háo hức đón chờ phiên bản 2.3.0, Thế giới Tai Avatar sẽ mở ra nhiều điều kỳ thú mới, tạo cơ hội để các cư dân có thêm những trải nghiệm hoàn toàn mới lạ với Trường đua sôi động.     Một trong những điểm đặc sắc có thể dễ dàng nhận thấy từ màn h́nh đăng nhập,tai Avatar 230 cập nhật thêm “Đấu trường“, hứa hẹn cho những cuộc đua sôi động.      Phiên bản mới có thêm mini-game mới “Đua Pet” tại khu giải trí, mọi người có thể vào trường đua để xem cuộc đua hoặc chat cùng bạn bè tại đây.  Các cuộc đua s
Game Thủ Game Teen Teen Chú ư
Hiện tại, ban quản trị đă và đang tiếp nhận rất nhiều trường hợp báo lừa đảo, hack, lỗi….nhưng đa phần đều xuất phát từ nguyên nhân thiếu cần thận cũng như thiếu cảnh giác từ phía các học viên. Chính v́ thế, Teen Teen xin nêu ra một số điều sau đây để các học viên lưu ư và nắm kỹ nhằm bảo đảm quyền lợi tốt nhất cho ḿnh. + Hiện tại có khá nhiều phiên bản giả mạo Teen Teen trên Google Play và Apps Store,Teen Teen xin nhấn mạnh một lần nữa, các học viên hăy download bộ cài chính thức của VTC Online theo hai đường Link dưới đây để nhận đ+
Hướng Dẫn Người Mới Chơi Kpah
Hướng dẫn cơ bản nhất dành cho các bạn mới tham gia và chơi game khí phách anh hùng. Khi mới vào chơi game, các bạn cần tham khảo 1 số hướng dẫn căn bản để có thể chơi game hay hơn. 1. Bối cảnh tṛ chơi• Khí Phách Anh Hùng là một tṛ chơi tương tác trực tuyến cổ trang, tất cả bối cảnh, kiến trúc, trang phục đều mang nét văn hoá của người phương Đông nói chung và người Việt xưa nói riêng đem đến cho người chơi cảm giác gần gũi thân thuộc. Kịch bản và cốt truyện tṛ chơi nhẹ nhàng không đ̣i hỏi nhiều thời gian để chơi.• Hệ thống tṛ chơ
Điểm Danh Các Loại Nhà Trong Game Avatar
Trong thế giới giải trí của game Avatar th́ khu vực nhà ở là một khu vực khá đông đúc đấy nhé hôm nay chúng ta cùng nhau khám phá khu vực nhà ở trong game Avatar nhé. Khi chơi game th́ việc có được căn nhà là mong muốn của rất nhiều game thủ đấy nhé và mọi người luôn luôn phấn đấu để có được một căn nhà nhé. Trong khu vực nhà ở của Game Avatar được chia ra 3 loại nhé: loại rẻ nhất là pḥng trọ tiếp đến là nhà phố và cuối cùng là nhà biệt thự nhé các bạn. Tùy vào loại nhà mà h́nh thức ở và giá tiền khác nhau Đối với những người ít tiền th́ thường là họ chọn ở tr& Terribly Sorry................
Im terribly sorry that I chose to pay attention in grade school and high school and pursued my career to the best of my abilities. Actually no Im not. Im fucking happy I did. You wanna know why, cause I can do things that most only day dream about, and not even feel it financially. So Im not sorry, Im fucking proud of myself. I worked hard through school, and im grinding hard as I can right now to ensure a future for my child. I work long hours, basically living at work when I have contracts open and until they are closed, nothing will step in the way.  People these days say they want this and want that but you know what. Action speak louder than words. Dont lead me on and tell me how much you want me and then politely show me the door because Im working. Dont waste my time or yours if thats what your plans are. Unlike the vast majority of people out here I take pride in what I do and Im NOT going to chose a phone call over doing what I need to do. Im not perfect by any means but damn
It's Not Your Fault, You Are Still Worth It
When your father kissed your mother for the first time,his teeth clacked against hers so hard that her blood curdled like milk.When your father tried to remove your mother’s dress,she clutched it to her shoulderblades as tightly as a tourniquetuntil he gave up and ripped it off with his fingernails.Their first date was in a dry riverbed surrounded by the ghostsof fish who swept through the water thousands of years agoso cleanly it felt like flight. Your mother wasn’t able to flywhen he pinned her down and tried to breathe her entire body inlike one long exhalation shuddering from the mouth of a personwho doesn’t want to let their last draft of oxygen go.Their first time together was an apocalypse full of bloody handprintsand your mothers’ palms were the ones saying no.When your mother and father made you, the latter wanted sex.The former just wanted to survive.You were not supposed to exist; you were an insect trapped in amberwith limbs unsure whether they were
Real Men and woman don’t do “The Chase” or the “Jealousy Move” by flirting with others. Because they graduated from “Children School” and went into the world knowing how to treat a real person with respect. I know respect.. I grew up learning it.. And if someone makes you stoop lower than being yourself. They do not respect you.. They don’t even respect themselves.. Real people will stand by each other through thick and thin.. They will never leave. They will never put you down.. They will never lay a hand on you, unless it’s to embrace the amazing person they see you as. They will NEVER disrespect you.. They will forgive.. They will heal you.. And they will always LOVE you.. In the real world, good men and women exist.. As rare as we are, we do. But we know better than to play games. So we stick to ourselves.. We are the weird ones.. The ones you never would have turned an eye towards. We are the “Nerds” in a world wher
Embrace The Good
People will always find themselves asking why they always find the bad types of people to bring into their lives.. Simple.You block or remove the good people from your life. If you want good to come into your life. Don't fear the good, embrace the good. Don't question why they are so good. Just know that if they are willing to be good to you then be true to them. If you befriend a person give them good positive energy. If a person befriends you and does the same. Then you should cherish it. Good people don't grow on trees. We were planted within the dirt and had to struggle ourselves to see the light. To grow into that very tree you learn to Love.. You want to feel Love in the world. You must first embrace the good Love given to you. Only then can you breathe. 
I Am In Love With Flaws
I am in love with flaws. With everything that fills the gaps between what something is and perfection. I am in love with abandoned buildings, with decaying materials that were once somebody's prized possession. I love the look of faded pages, worn down in corners by the turning of many fingers in the same way life is worn down by the turning of time. I love long lost memories. I love the smudges on the paper of hand written letters, where the writers thoughts were to fast for their hand. I love crooked smiles and the happiness that comes from feeling beautiful because of your flaws, instead of being beautiful despite of them. Life is a race towards perfection & i have stopped running. 
What Is Perfect??
If I am on your shit list, please keep it to yourself. I have more shit I need to handle right now. I don't really care ifin you want to read about my woes, this here is a free nation and now thanks to the messed up few I try to mark everything nsfw. I do not wanna piss off my daughter, but sometimes I think I just might throw caution to the wind and wave bye bye. She is getting too dirty. She has used foul language too much, but that ain't what this is about. This here I haven't even entitled yet. I just get a little upset when people start taking their troubles out on me. It isn't my damn fault if you are not totally peachy!! You don't leave your dishes and burger wrappers all over the livingroom. When you have finished eating at the table, you put the dishes in the sink and that trash in the trash!!  Maybe I am hoping for too much. I mean, I know I haven't got a husband so my kids have no father. Although I don't think that is my fault. If I would have married the first guy that w
Just Got To Say It
Yes this nsfw .  I just got to say it why fuck am I get 3rd from NY government. My truck is in impounded. Do to warrant not one but 3 and on top of it Invested from social services ( I am not on welfare) so way am I getting fucked with .. I am about to snap and go postal on there asses . I just take it no more . So walking around with a big stick and 12 ga. Shot gun  on my side . They want fuck with my good nature. Well they got it . I hired 4 lawyers and going pay off judge . I am not playing with these motherfuckers. I am going take there jobs and lives . Everyone who fucked with me wrong way is going find how nasty and evil I really am . I just sugar coating toxic so as they bite I am killing them in long run . Like in f&f  Dom is like gravity . Well so am I . Once you meet me you love me but get my bad side I will beat you down until you can not see me no more . I live my life one mile at time for them 10 seconds or less I am free ..
"good Fuck"cont
To my followers i'm changing the name to the love of my life she knows who she is:)   I deicate this story to her I love you Janet   Now her hands were busily kneading his ass like a cat pawing a cushion before it curls up there. Janet's tongue encircled his nipples while her teeth took and occasional bite, just enough to excite but not enough to truly hurt. Janet was on the move now. She traveled down his body, licking all the way. Way down she went, to the dick that soon would be burning up her anxious pussy. "Promis me you won't cum as soon as i take your lovely black dick in my hungry little mouth or i'll have to skip that part. I wanted to suck you a little before the grand finale, but you have to be good. do you want me to scuk your balls a little? They seem to be pretty tight. Is that because they're filled with your hot cum? They won't explode in my mouth will they?" Throughout all this questioning Janet played with his inner thighs, whgwhispering to them as if they could
Reposting: Never Forget The Reasons You Fell In Love!!!
*Married or not you should take a moment & read this...“When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I’ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes.Suddenly I didn’t know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the topic calmly. She didn’t seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why?I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn’t talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn’t love her anymore. I just pitied her!With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company. She glanced a
Thành Phố Toronto Và Montreal
Nếu bạn đang t́m kiếm cơ hội  hoc bong du hoc canada để học tại một trong những trường đại học hàng đầu Canada, th́ một trong hai thành phố Toronto hay Montreal chắc chắn sẽ là sự lựa chọn của bạn. Công ty du học Quốc Anh xin giới thiệu vài nét về thành phố này cho các bạn.   Thành phố Toronto Toronto là thành phố lớn nhất của Canada và cũng là thủ phủ của bang Ontario. Với diện tích khoảng 630 km2 và dân số trên 2,5 triệu người, đây là một trong những trung tâm thương mại, tài chính và công nghiệp lớn nhất thế giới. Toronto là thành phố đa văn hóa, sắc tộc, nghệ thuật, đ
I am denied to what I truly want, what I truly desire, and whom it concerns. Everything is empty without her, everything is devoid of taste-smell-sight-sound. She is my dream, my night's enchantress, my succubus, my lifeblood. I would sacrifice my life for hers. My devotion would be limitless, my passion for her would be unbound from convention. Arcane thoughts and desires, sinful sensuality and erotica, enraging passion, pent up love for her would consume me every day and night. When she touches me, I burn. When she kisses me, tears fall. When she consumes me, I scream in agonizing pain and hate and love. With her I am the Centaur, the Eagle, the Sun, the Fire......I am the Chimera of nature, of the world, of the world beyond life itself. All she must do, is touch me.
Khung Chương Tŕnh Du Học Mỹ
Bạn quyết định du học và chọn Mỹ làm đất nước sinh sống và học tập trong những năm tháng du học nhưng bạn vẫn chưa biết chuong trinh du hoc my như thế nào.Công ty du học Quốc Anh xin cung cấp cho các bạn khung chương tŕnh du học Mỹ như sau I. Học tiếp PTTH: •  Học sinh đi học theo diện visa F1. •  Học sinh có thể đăng kư học tại một trong những trường cấp 3 ở mọi bang trên nước Mỹ •  Học sinh học lớp 12 được cấp bằng tốt nghiệp cấp 3 chỉ sau 1 năm. *Tổng ăn ở và học phí: khoảng 273tr đến 546tr/năm tương đương 13.000-
Vấn đề Tài Chính Khi Du Học Canada
Một trong những điều kiện quan trọng trong du học là vấn đề Tài chính đảm bảo cho quá tŕnh học tại nước ngoài. Dich vu du hoc Canada sẽ cung cấp cho các bạn một số thông tin sau. Các khoản cần phải chi trả khi du học gồm:- Học phí,- Ăn ở- Đi lại- Các chi phí khác: bảo hiểm, vé máy bay hai chiều, sách vở, tiền tiêu vặt…Và tùy vào khóa học chọn, mức độ đ̣i hỏi về tài chính cũng có khác nhau. Chính phủ Canada không cung cấp hỗ trợ tài chính cho những người nhập cư là các lao động có tŕnh độ mới. Khi đến Canada, bạn phải chứng minh có đủ tài chính trang trải cho cu
Phát Tờ Rơi Trên Quốc Lộ 1a Giảm Thiểu Tai Nạn Giao Thông
Lănh đạo Pḥng CSGT Công an tỉnh Hà Tĩnh cho biết: để hạn chế tai nạn qua địa bàn, ngoài hơn 3.000 to roi đă được phát trước đó, lực lượng CSGT tiếp tục phat to roi cảnh báo tai nạn giao thông cho lái xe đi qua tuyến quốc lộ 1A - Hà Tĩnh. Hồi 8h30' ngày 25/7, trên quốc lộ 1A đoạn qua xă Đậu Liêu, thị xă Hồng Lĩnh - tỉnh Hà Tĩnh đă xảy ra vụ TNGT đặc biệt nghiêm trọng giữa xe tải BKS 37S-0739 lưu thông hướng Bắc - Nam với 2 xe chở khách đang dừng để sang khách tại đây. Vụ tai nạn đă làm 2 người chết và 5 người bị thương, trong đó có 3 người bị t
Bảo đảm Tài Chính Khi Du Học Mỹ
Công ty du học Quốc Anh xin cung cấp dich vu du hoc my, dịch vụ này sẽ cung cấp thêm cho bạn một số thông tin về tài chính, để bạn đảm bảo tài chính khi du hoc tại Mỹ. Ngoài việc đ̣i hỏi du học sinh phải đáp ứng được yêu cầu về học vấn, một số nước c̣n đưa ra những yêu cầu về tài chính bảo trợ cho du học sinh. Khi bắt đầu làm hồ sơ, trước hết bạn phải nắm rơ và thật chính xác những cách thức, cũng như những qui định của từng nước đối với vấn đề chứng minh tài chính du học. Chứng minh tài chính là ǵ? Là việc người đi du họ
Qualcomm Ya Accesorios De Samsung Ofrece Su Reloj Inteligente
Qualcomm disfruta de tal vez no la misma fama que otras empresas, pero es el mayor fabricante de chips para teléfonos inteligentes. Aprovechando este título, la compañía en septiembre Toq presentó, un reloj, que se suma a la creciente lista de Accesorios de Samsung inteligentes. Qualcomm revelada que su precio u$ s349 y que los usuarios pueden en sus manos desde el 2 de diciembre, es decir, justo a tiempo para la temporada de compras navideñas. La batería está optimizada para ofrecer una autonomía de varios días, dijo Qualcomm y agregó que Toq está "siempre encendido, siempre conectado". El precio incluye la base para cargar el dispositivo de forma inalámbrica. De forma opcional se pueden adquirir auriculares. Toq cuenta con una pantalla de 1,55'' con tecnología llamada Mirasol para una mejor visualización al aire libre. Qualcomm Toq se vio opacado por el reloj in
Làm Lại Ch́a Khóa Vespa, Ch́a Khóa Piaggio
Công ty Phúc Nguyên cung cấp dịch vụ làm lại ch́a khóa xe vespa,liberty làm lại ch́a khóa xe piaggio nhanh nhất tại Hà Nội. Để tăng cường sự an toàn trong việc chống trộm, các loại xe Vespa (LX125/150, S125/150, LXV125, GTS super125) được trang bị hệ thống chống khởi động bằng điện tử cho xe, hệ thống sẽ có tác dụng khi rút ch́a khoá ra. “Hệ thống chống khởi động” của xe sẽ kiểm tra mă ch́a khoá và chỉ cho phép khởi động động cơ khi mă ch́a khoá được thu nhận. Khi giao xe, mỗi xe được trang bị 2 ch́a khoá. Ch́a khoá có đuôi bằng nhựa màu nâu là ch́a khoá chính. Mỗi xe chỉ được trang
Nét đặc Biệt Trong ẩm Thực Của Người Newzealand
Khi du hoc new zealand 2013 chắc hẳn các bạn cũng sẽ quan tâm đến văn hóa ẩm thực của đất nước này. Bây giờ công ty Quốc Anh sẽ giới thiệu đến các bạn một số đặc trưng ẩm thực của New Zealand. Trước kia, các món ăn của New Zealand được dựa trên các món cá và khoai tây rán, bánh bao nhân thịt và bánh pudding được trực tiếp du nhập về từ Anh. Ngày nay, đất nước New Zealand đă mở rộng phong cách và thói quen ẩm thực làm cho càng ngày cách ăn của người New Zealand càng trở nên phong phú và thực phẩm càng ngày càng tinh tế và cao cấp; đầu bếp New Zealand nổi tiếng quốc tế, Peta
Fake profiles. Fake love. Fall in love with numerous fubar people you'll never meet. Fall in love with numerous fubar people (MY TRUE LOVEEEEEE!) a few times within a span of a year. Your the apple of his/her eye until someone "distracts" that eye with a offer of a bling pack. Crush that soul but keep in mind you now can buy a 20 credit .jpg! Or buy the "friendship" of your fellow fu pals!   Back in May I pretty much deleted this page and I've wondered to myself..."Why the hell did i come back here?"  This place offers absolutely nothing. The conversations (if you can call it that) are lame at best. Imagine l33t speak mashed with hillbilly/hip hop/valley girl slang and you have 99% of the "conversation" here. The music here blows. Unless you like auto tuned teeny bopper stuff. Or Rap (ugh) or the musical equivalent of fecal matter ( SEE - creed - nickleback - seether -doughtrey,etc.) I admit I used to piss away HOURS here. Now if I'm here for more than 20 minutes that would be consi
Những điều Nên Biết Trước Khi đặt Vé Máy Bay đi Mỹ
Hiện nay, khách hàng muốn chọn mua ve may bay di My đă có nhiều sự lựa chọn hơn bởi sự phát triển không ngừng nghỉ của các hăng hàng không trên thế giới. Tuy nhiên, để có thể có cảm giác thoải mái và hài long nhất trong chuyến bay, khách hàng sẽ cần nhiều kinh nghiệm trong việc lựa chọn hăng hàng không và chuẩn bị chuyến bay cho ḿnh. Sau đây Travel Everyday xin chia sẻ những lưu ư trước khi đặt mua vé máy bay đi Mỹ.   T́m hiểu kĩ về các hăng hàng không có chuyến bay từ Việt Nam đến Mỹ Hiện nay, muốn bay sang Mỹ du khách có rất nhiều sự lựa chọn. Bay với các hăng hàng không nước ngoài th́ có United Airlines (quá c&#
Một Chút Tản Mạn Về Newzealand
Dinh cu o new Zealand chắc hẳn sẽ có lúc bạn trầm lắng suy nghĩ, có những phút giây xao xuyến về đất nước xinh đẹp này. Ít phút tản mạn cũng khắc họa được vài nét về newzealand để các bạn hiểu thêm về xứ sở Kiwi. Nói đến New Zealand chắc hẳn mọi người thường nghĩ đến một đất nước nhỏ nằm trên bán cầu Nam lạnh lẽo với những sản phẩm nông nghiệp như sữa ANCORE, áo lông cừu … và tôi cũng vậy, tôi đă chẳng có bất cứ một suy nghĩ đặc biệt nào dành cho đất nước này. Chuẩn bị đến một nơi ở mới, một &
Android Gana Cada Trimestre En 3% De Participación En El Mercado Chino
Nuevo informe de Donna Kantack grupo muestra que el sistema operativo Android de Google en China está creciendo constantemente. Android gana 3% acciones cada trimestre debido a las preferencias del consumidor para la producción de bajo costo de la marca local de dispositivos Android. Samsung ocupa el primer puesto en la comercialización de teléfonos inteligentes en China, seguido de Apple y el fabricante local Xiaomi. Estas tres marcas representan el 60% del total de ventas de smartphones en el país. El informe de Kantar, que ha examindo la tendencia móvil en China en el tercer trimestre del año, ha revelado que Android ha alcanzado en el país el 59% de cuota en este trimestre frente al 55,5% del trimestre anterior. En consecuencia, la participación de iOS de Apple ha bajado al 18% desde el 19,5% previo. Tal y como apunta el informe, Xiaomi casi ha duplicado su porcentaje de ventas en los últimos 12 meses -desde el 6,6% en el tercer trimestre de 2
Bạn Sẽ đạt được Những Ǵ Khi đi Du Học
Công ty du học Quốc Anh sẽ cùng các bạn khám phá những lợi ích khi bạn đi du học. Đi t́m một chân trời mới, một cơ hội mới cho bản thân ḿnh. Đi du học sẽ cho phép bạn t́m hiểu nền văn hóa khác đầu tay. Khác biệt văn hóa không chỉ là sự khác biệt về ngôn ngữ, thực phẩm, xuất hiện, và thói quen cá nhân. Văn hóa của một người phản ánh nhận thức rất sâu sắc, niềm tin và giá trị ảnh hưởng đến cách của ḿnh về cuộc sống và cách mà anh/cô ta xem thế giới. Các học sinh gặp khác biệt, hiểu được nền văn hóa khác nhau đang đến từ các nước khác nhau. Ở n&#
Game Avatar Tăng 300% Giá Bán Vật Phẩm
Avatar là game điện thoại được hầu hết các bạn trẻ yêu thích game online biết đến khi đă chơi game trên điện thoại.Có vài thông tin BQT cần thông báo cho các bạn biết để có được hỗ trợ và thông tin chính xác và nhanh nhất khi chơi avatar ! Tháng 11 avatar tăng 300% giá bán vật phẩm , các bạn chú ư nhé !Sau mỗi lần bảo tŕ, Thành phố Avatar sẽ lần lượt thay đổi giá bán của một số vật phẩm, món ăn, nông sản.- Giá cây trồng, vật nuôi,khế sẽ TĂNG 300% GIÁ BÁN.- Giá bán các loại món ăn sẽ tăng đáng kể.- Ra mắt loại nông sản mới được gộp
Thực Trạng Biển Quảng Cáo Tại Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh
Đến với TP. Hồ Chí Minh- thành phố đông dân và cũng phát triển nhất cả nước này, thứ mà bạn có thể bắt gặp ở bất cứ đâu sau những đường dây điện chằng chịt đó là các bien quang cao. Chúng có ở khắp nơi, trên những ṭa nhà, văn pḥng, cửa hàng, ngôi nhà hay trên những cây trụ điện. Tuy nhiên bởi chế tài xử lư chưa nghiêm khắc, nạn “biển quảng cáo” thi nhau mọc lên gây mất mỹ quan đô thị. Đây là một thực tế rất khó chịu tại một số tuyến phố trên địa bàn TP.HCM khi việc kinh doanh không ngừng nở rộ. Những nhà mặt tiền được trưng d
TRUST..LOYALTY..HONESTY..RESPECT Without these 4 things relationships, whether it be friendships or romantic, are meaningless.   TRUST Definition: a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. Trust is the basis of any relationship.  You trust that the other person will always be honest, will always love, will always be there.  People say trust is earned.  I agree but sometimes it's hard to let anyone "earn" my trust.  I've been burned so many times that sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it anymore. I've opened my heart too much with nothing to show for it but grief and heartbreak.  But even with all that said, I trust. LOYALTY Definition:  the quality of being loyal to someone or something. Loyalty to the relationship means everything.  It means being loyal to that person even when they screw up or do things you may not approve of or like.  It means you love unconditionally and personally I think people have lost sight of what it mea
How To Clean Winter Down Coats Correctly
    Down coat is a bogey alkaline substance, should not be washed with washing machine agitation or hand rub, not be wringed bogey and not be baked with bogey flames. The correct methods to take care of down coats are below: First prepare a pot of warm water, and put the right amount of detergent in the water. Put the down coat into the water for 10 minutes and then start to clean it, but not to rub it with hands. On the dirty places, must use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean it. I remember one of my friends, when she try to clean her Japanese style clothing down coat, she rub it with hands strongly, and after it was dried, its shape changed bad.     In the second times to wash down coat, is the time for tips. Put trickle of vinegar (vinegar at home can be a general amount of cooking) into the water, and soak 5-10 minutes, then put down jacket, roughly rub it.   When dry the water from the coat, should along the lines of this squeeze hands on it, not make it exposure to th
Wholesale And Retail Fashion Clothing Online Store
  7e-fashion built its reputation not only on the best quality of fabrics, but also on its outstanding service. We value our customers' experience as highly as our sales. Our Live Help are pleased to assist you with any question concerning your wholesale trading. Every customer service staff has been in clothing wholesale for many years. From pre-sale enquiry to after-sale service, our customer support staff's professionalism and expertise will make your purchase at our website a pleasant experience.   You can buy wholesale women cheap clothing online in Asian fashion online shop Korean Japan Clothing. Many resellers are starting shopping in our website offering thousands of styles of designer cheap clothing. You would be surprised when discover how huge ranges of heavily discounted cheap fashion products available online. With the time goes you can find all of our online sold Korean fashion clothing as well as among those special items that will surely make your stand out in a bran
Tải Avatar 241 – Phiên Bản Avatar Mới Nhất Hiện Nay
Hiện nay các bạn đă trải qua nhiều phiên bản avatar với các chức năng khác nhau đối với từng phiên bản. BQT đang tạo ra nhiều tính năng mới nhất để các bạn có thể có sự thay đổi trong cách chơi của các cư dân Avatar .Phiên bản Avatar 241 được cập nhật kế tiếp tính năng lễ đường t́nh yêu trong phiên bản avatar 240 hi vọng có sự đổi mới dành cho các bạn ! Những tính năng mới của phiên bản avatar 241 : - Tính Năng kết hôn.- Cập nhật Khu Vườn T́nh Yêu và Lễ Đường Cưới.- Hệ thống điểm T́nh Bạn.Bên cạnh đó sẽ có một số thay đổi về chứ
Văn Hóa Phát Tờ Rơi Và Câu Chuyện Pháp Luật
Làm thêm đối với các sinh viên (SV) là một chuyện rất quen thuộc, ngoài việc có thêm “đồng ra đồng vào”, phụ giúp gia đ́nh, trang trải chi phí cho cuộc sống hằng ngày th́ ít nhiều công việc làm thêm sẽ giúp cho các bạn SV trang bị thêm cho ḿnh “vốn sống”. Một trong những công việc làm mà đa phần các bạn SV lựa chọn đó là việc phát tờ rơi, một công việc tưởng chừng như rất đơn gian và không ảnh hưởng nhiều đến người khác nhưng hiện nay đă trở thành một thực trạng báo động trong xă hội về cái gọi là “văn hóa phát tờ rơi”. Phát tờ rơi không đúng các
Dịch Vụ Treo Băng Rôn
Đầu tiên công ty chúng tôi xin chúc quư khách sức khỏe, thành công và nhiều thuận lợi trong công việc. Quư Khách Hàng Thân Mến ! Hoạt động quảng cáo ( ads ) của bản thân mỗi doanh nghiệp là cận thiết để xây dựng thương hiệu và mang dịch vụ của doanh nghiệp tới tận tay khách hàng. Chúng tôi với vai tṛ là cầu nối giữa doanh nghiệp với thị trường sẽ cung cấp những dịch vụ tốt nhất nhằm đưa doanh nghiệp tiếp cận khách hàng một cách hiệu quả cũng như xây dựng và khẳng định thương hiệu của của bạn trên thị trường. Quư khách có nhu cầu quảng cáo, xin giấy phép treo b
Mẹo Chế đồ ít Tốn Kém Trong Game Khí Phách Ah Hùng
Game khi phach anh hung đă update thêm một tính năng mới đó là nhiệm vụ hằng ngày. Ngoài ra trong sự kiện thêm tính năng mới này c̣n có nhiều nhiệm vụ nhận quà hấp dẫn khác. Tham gia nhận quà và thưởng thức tính năng mới này ngay nào các anh hùng. 1. Nhiệm vụ hằng ngày Nhiệm vụ hàng ngày được áp dụng cho tất cả các nhân vật có Level từ 2x trở lên Cách thức thực hiện: + Đối với các nhân vật có Level 2x-4x sẽ nhận nhiệm vụ tại NPC Lâm tướng quân ở làng + Đối với các nhân vật Level 5x trở lên sẽ nhận nhiệm vụ tại Trần thống lĩnh ở thành Trấn Danh + Mỗi ngày mỗi nhân vật s
Actualización 8-core: Cubot P9
Aparte de los anteriores tres ocho núcleos inteligentes teléfonos celulares, de hecho, tan pronto como este año, la Feria de electrónica de Hong Kong tiene un mediatek realmente recogido en un chip de 8 núcleos Smartphone - P9 CUBOT por primera vez a aparecer en público. Debido a la configuración de hardware robusto y especial identidad, CUBOT P9, apareció una vez en una serie de medios de comunicación y móviles entusiastas preocupados. El teléfono está equipado con una pantalla táctil de 5 pulgadas 1080p, incorporada de 2GB y 32GB de espacio de almacenamiento. P9 CUBOT 1080p IPS con 5 pulgadas de pantalla táctil capacitiva, equipado con el sistema operativo Android 4.3 y un MT6592 ocho procesadores, basado en tecnología de proceso de 28nm y A7, Malí-450 GPU integrada, conejo puntuaciones Mostrar rendimiento y configuración de memoria Qualcomm 600 2GB de RAM + 32GB eMMC, frente integrado 200W 1300W después cámara trasera, compatible con las funciones de NFC. Precio CUBOT de P9 y tiem
Tải Avatar 242 | Tải Avatar Hd Miễn Phí Mới Nhất
Tải Avatar 242 Mới Nhất Tải Avatar game mạng xă hội của TeaMobi và đang là game hot nhất trên thị trường game online dành cho điện thoại hiện nay. Thu hút được một cộng đồng lên tới hàng triệu người chơi và tải avatar hằng ngày. Game Avatar 242 hấp dẫn mọi người bởi hoạt động như chăn nuôi, câu cá, và trồng trọt, kết bạn, bày tỏ t́nh cảm, tạo nhật kư cá nhân cũng như các hoạt động vui chơi giải trí tích góp điểm nhờ chơi các games mini tích hợp như caro, cờ tướng. Mỗi phiên bản mới của avatar luôn mang đến cho chúng ta những tṛ chơi thú vị đồng thời
Thảm Chơi Cho Bé Bright Starts - Cho Bé Yêu Thoải Mái Chơi đùa
Thông tin sản phẩm Thảm chơi cho bé Bright Starts được thiết kế theo h́nh bông hoa cực kỳ dễ thương và sinh động với nhiều h́nh ảnh ngộ nghĩnh, màu sắc rực rỡ và có chế độ nhạc vui nhộn, giúp kích thích thị giác và thính giác của bé yêu, cho bé học cách nhận biết màu sắc và các sự vật xung quanh. Kích thước thảm rộng răi để bé nằm chơi thật thoải mái. ĐẶC ĐIỂM NỔI BẬT Chất liệu mềm mịn Thảm nằm chơi với chất liệu vải mịn, mềm, không gây độc hại cho bé, giúp bé cảm thấy thoải mái khi nằm chơi Thiết kế sinh động & màu sắc bắ
Những Lợi Thế Khi Chọn Úc Là Nơi Du Học
Úc được biết đến như một quốc gia có nền Giáo dục phát triển lâu đời, nền Giáo dục và Đào tạo được thế giới đánh giá cao so với các nền giáo dục lớn như: Mỹ, Anh, Canada ... v́ thế lựa chọn du học tại Úc đang là một sự lựa chọn hang đầu cho các bạn trẻ muốn đi du học.Những lợi thế vượt trội khi chọn Úc là nơi du họcCác chương tŕnh dự bị Đại học, Cao đẳng và các chương tŕnh liên kết không bắt buộc sinh viên phải có tiếng Anh. Sinh viên nếu chưa đáp ứng được yêu cầu tiếng Anh đầu vào (IELTS) mà vẫn muốn đi
Giường Tầng Trẻ Em Bella - Tiết Kiệm Không Gian Cho Gia đ́nh Bạn
Thông tin sản phẩm Giường tầng trẻ em Bella trắng có hộc kéo 45092 với kiểu dáng sang trọng, tiết kiệm không gian sống cho gia đ́nh bạnĐẶC TÍNH SẢN PHẨMGiường 02 tầng tiết kiệm diện tích và không gian cho gia đ́nh.Mẫu mă sang trọng, màu sắc đơn giản phù hợp với mọi phong cách nội thất.Có hộc kéo để đựng đồ tiện lợi.THÔNG TIN CHI TIẾT- Chất liệu: Gỗ tự nhiên cao cấp đă được xử lư chống cong vênh và mối mọt- Màu sắc: Trắng- Kích thước: 1m2 x 2m- Kích thước /qui cách đóng gói: thùng carton.- T́nh trạng sản phẩm: hàng nguyên thùng.- Số tầng: 2 tầng.- Sản xuâ&
Cách Nạp Xu Và Lượng Trong Khí Phách Anh Hùng
Có lẽ không ít các bạn tự đặt câu hỏi là làm thế nào để sở hữu những chú ngựa phi như bay trong Game Khi Phach Anh Hung rồi phải không? Câu trả lời cho những thắc mắc trên đó chính là việc sử dụng một loại tiền tệ đặc biệt trong game đó là “Lượng”. Lượng không những dùng để mua ngựa mà c̣n dùng để mua một số item khủng, rất có lợi trong game như thẻ nhân đôi kinh nghiệm, auto nhặt đồ, auto đánh quái, máu, mana. Bảng giá Lượng và xu:Nạp Lượng 1000 LUONG giá 5000 Vcoin : 500.000 VNĐ 70 LUONG giá 500 Vcoin : 50.000 VNĐ 150 LUONG giá 1000 Vcoin : 100.000 VNĐ 500 LUONG giá 3000 Vcoin : 300.000 VNĐ 35
Hướng Dẫn Kết Hôn Trong Khí Phách Anh Hùng
Hiện nay game khi phach anh hung đă có chức năng kết hôn vô cùng hấp dẫn nhé. Qúy game thủ tham gia game đă có thể cùng một nửa của ḿnh tổ chức hôn lễ ngay trong game và nhận những phúc lợi chỉ có thể kết hôn mới có. Điều kiện để 2 nhân vật trong game khí phách anh hùng có thể kết hôn như sau : Phải là 1 nam và 1 nữ Cả 2 phải trong t́nh trạng độc thân Nhân vật phải có cấp độ từ 40 trở lên Cùng thuộc 1 vùng lănh thổ Hướng dẫn kết hôn trong khí phách anh hùng : Hai người phải cùng một tổ đội, trong tổ đội không được có người thứ 3 Cả hai sẽ cùng đến gặp NP
Cắn Răng Capol H́nh Khỉ - Chăm Sóc Sức Khỏe Bé Yêu
Chất liệu an toànĐồ dùng cho bé được làm từ nhựa cao cấp, an toàn không BPA, không chứa các nhân tố độc hại gây ảnh hưởng tới sức khỏe của bé. Màu tự nhiên không hóa chất và được chưng cất theo công nghệ Ba Lan nên hoàn toàn bảo đảm vệ sinh và an toàn cho trẻ nhỏ.Giảm đau, ngứa nướu cho béĐược thiết kế để giảm đau, giúp kích thích và chống ngứa lợi một cách an toàn trong quá tŕnh mọc răng.H́nh khỉ ngộ nghĩnhĐồ chơi cho bé có h́nh thù đẹp mắt thu hút sự chú ư của bé và tập cho trẻ nhận biết những đồ vật xung quanh.Kích thích giác quanMàu sắc đẹp m&
Hi To All Soccer Fans Who Do You Think Will Win This Season
I say Arsenal will win 
Cách Giảm Hóa đơn Tiền điện Vào Mùa đông
Cách giảm hóa đơn tiền điện vào mùa đông, cách tiết kiệm điện khi sử dụng đồ sưởi về mùa đông, lựa chọn vật dụng sưởi tiết kiệm điện cho gia đ́nh. Để đối phó với cái lạnh của mùa đông, nhiều gia đ́nh đă đầu tư rất nhiều tiền vào các thiết bị điện sưởi ấm để sưởi ấm. Thế nhưng, gia đ́nh bạn sẽ phải nhăn nhó khi phải nộp hóa đơn tiền điện vào cuối tháng. Vậy có cách nào vừa giữ ấm vừa tiết kiệm điện cho bạn vào mùa đông năm nay? Bạn sẽ rất ngạc nhiên khi biết chiếc ch
"a Little Fun With A Buddy Of Mine Some Years Back"
Unfortunately, the man above got so engrossed in her activity, that he lost the rhythm. The guy on the bottom kept going and now, the other one decided to try the alternate systm, he'd thrust all the way in as his partner was pulling out. That way the slut would always have plenty of dick to keep her occupied. "Mmmmm.. you guys are really fucking me good. pump hard. I want to feel every inch of your big black dicks." And they tried their best to  accommodate her. It wasn't hard now that the momentum was going. Everything was building so fast, Pretty soon thety'd be shooting it all over her.. She was getting fucked from all angles, dicks flying full speed inside first her pussy and then her ass. Yes, this was just what she wanted. "Stick it all the way up my ass. Yyyeeesss, that's it, just push it up. I can take it. Now rip my pussy open, stretch it as far as it'll go. you got it boys. Fuck, you're fucking me so fucking good i can practically see stars."  Trish's nerves were all stir
Pago A Través De Telefono Movil Agilizaría Compras En Tiendas Físicas
Un estudio recinte de Google acerca de la intención de compra en todo el mundo, el 76% de los usuarios planea utilizar sus dispositivos Telefono movil para comprar regalos de Navidad. A través de las nuevas tecnologías, las empresas pueden proponer nuevas fórmulas de pago agilizar las colas y evitar la carga de clientes y ni siquiera la renuncia a los productos que iban a comprar y hacerlo a través de internet o en otro oficio. Y que, según Omnico, clientes españoles permanecen un promedio de seis minutos en una cola antes de cansarse y abandonan la compra. Pero esto no es el único problema que enfrentan las tiendas físicas. MYMOID permite vincular todos los medios de pago de un usuario con su smartphone. Los comercios que ofrecen MYMOID no necesitan gestionar o almacenar los datos financieros de los usuarios, ya que son éstos los que eligen y confirman con qué tarjeta o cuenta quieren pagar una compra a través de su móvil. MYMOID se presenta como un servi
Các Cách điều Trị Mụn Bọc Từ Quả Chanh
Chanh được dùng phổ biến trong việc chăm sóc sắc đẹp, lượng axit trong quả chanh sẽ giúp bạn giảm tắc lỗ chân lông, tạo làn da săn chắc, ngăn ngừa và ức chế mụn phát triển. Hăy cùng xem một số cách trị mụn bọc từ chanh nhé Chanh cũng có tác dụng giải độc cho cơ thể rất tốt, v́ thế bạn nên thường xuyên uống nước chanh. Nước chanh cung cấp lượng vitamin C giàu có giúp chống oxy hóa và đào thải độc tố ra khỏi cơ thể. Việc sử dụng chanh hàng ngày giúp bạn có làn da sáng và khỏe mạnh. Cách uống nước chanh tốt nhất là pha một trái chanh vào cốc nước
12 Cách Vé Móng Tay Tuyệt đẹp
Bạn có thấy ngạc nhiên khi thấy một cô gái có bộ móng tay nghệ thuật rất đẹp? Bạn có tự hỏi làm sao để có thể vẽ móng tay đẹp như vậy? (Nguồn: Cùng xem 12 cách vé móng tay đẹp dưới đây, những cách vẽ đơn giản, nhưng giúp bạn có những mẫu thiết kế nổi bật mà chính bạn có thể tự làm cho ḿnh hay bạn bè ngay tại nhà. 1. Kiểu vé móng tay sọc nhỏ   2. Tia nắng mặt trời 3. Một đường chéo đơn giản 4. Sọc / kẻ karo 5. Móng tay h́nh vỏ ṣ, Sử dụng Cắt kéo 6. Tự làm móng tay dán 7. Vẽ mó
Packers Along With Movers Businesses Are Often Trusted
packers and movers delhi current industry significant commonly is most effective quickly. There are many aspects of efficient inside of proceed along with moving over economy significant. The real key components might be effective software along with way of life connected with a man or woman. Concerning gurus along with staff, moving over along with switching can become instead nerve-racking along with stress and anxiety featuring subject. Switching along with switching strategy generates several excess troubles. Numerous strategies are generally time-consuming. For that reason, women and men would like to use gurus with regards to these jobs; this could be where bay packers along with movers firms obtain the idea along with create women and men stress-free along with service these individuals inside of switching household or even workplace inside of a growing number of customized strategy. Packer’s movers firms found quite a few customized product or service in association with
Ngủ Ngon Hơn Với Chăn đệm điện Hàn Quốc
Ngủ ngon hơn với chăn đệm điện Hàn Quốc, cửa hàng bán chăn điện Hàn Quốc giá rẻ xách tay từ Korea, hàng chính hăng, Giao hàng tận nhà. Rơ ràng chúng ta cần phải ngủ để cảm thấy được nghỉ ngơi và giúp đầu óc hoạt động minh mẫn. Sau một giấc ngủ ngon, bạn sẽ cảm thấy sảng khoái và hân hoan đón chào ngày mới. C̣n ǵ tuyệt vời hơn là cảm giác buông ḿnh xuống chiếc giường êm ái, ấm áp trong những ngày đông giá rét này. Những mẫu chăn đệm điện Hàn Quốc cao cấp dưới đây lư tưởng để nâng niu giấc ngủ của bạn, đồng thời tạo ra cảm giác
Bang Chiến Tranh Tài Kiếm Hiệp Truyền Kỳ
Game mobile hiện nay được khá nhiều người yêu thích và ngày càng phổ biến thể loại lẫn nội dung game. Nếu ai đó đă tai game kiem hiep th́ chắc sẽ không bao giờ bỏ qua 1 game hay và thú vị như vậy được. Thời gian mới đây đă có sự kiện bang chiến tranh tài kiếm hiệp truyền kỳ , 1 sự kiện tốt để các bạn thể hiện khả năng của ḿnh đó ! 1.Thời gian: 09/12/20132.Đối tượng:- Tất cả các bang hội trong các server Tiểu Long Nữ, Dương Quá, Hoàng Dung, Quách Tĩnh3.Nội dung:- Sau khi thời gian diễn ra bang chiến , 2 bang hội nằm trong top 1,2 của server th́ người chơi trong bang sẽ nh
Apple A Abrir Su Bluetooth Para Poder Escuchar Sus Ofertas Moviles
En junio pasado, la comunidad de Apple iOS 7 ha lanzado su nuevo sistema operativo. Las plataformas de innovación están incluidas en un centro de control, optimización funcional de multitarea, lanzamiento y mejorada notificación de ofertas moviles, fotos, Safari y centro. Sin embargo, el Cupertino también incluye soporte para Bluetooth baja energía (de baja energía) Bluetooth, casi nadie se dio cuenta, así que pueden ir a la nueva iBeacon. Apple ha comenzado en sus tiendas Apple que Estados Unidos almacena usando su sistema de notificación automática. Esta técnica para determinar la localización geográfica del usuario, así como enviar mensajes, ofrece, o piensa que sus datos pueden ser de interés para usted. Así, si su iPad, por ejemplo, usted puede enviar una notificación del Catálogo cubiertas, accesorios o modelo, o las unidades están disponibles. 5S cerca o si tu viejo celular teléfono y iPhone te invita a ver si usted puede beneficiarse de una serie de progr
Use Packers And Movers Inside Mumbai To Create New House Purchase Simple
    Do you think you're changing to some completely new property inside Mumbai? Do you think you're going through Mumbai to a different community using overall ones house things? Each problems may bother anyone. Relocating from spot for a a different just isn't always easy. This is a challenging procedure comprising several monotonous jobs plus some undesired problems. The idea results in topsy-turvy circumstances and uses time carrying out tiresome chores. It could allow you to disjointed for many people evenings. The actual very long and brief will be it will be plenty of challenging and tough to create an individual incredibly fatigued and stress filled. However you be capable of turning the specific situation considerably in easygoing and clean occasion by means of obtaining specialized providing & going remedy at a trustworthy shifting firm with Mumbai.   You ought to be grateful in order to specialist Mumbai packers and movers firms who definitely are featuring thorough means
Good Question On What The Subject Should Be
Im pretty new to Fubar and following the guidance on my page and trying everything to see what its about. I figured I would drop some thoughts here. Not sure what the ultimate point of levelling is or why so many actively seek it, but Im sure I will find out in time. Its nice to come across new people and read about them and enter alittle part of their world. So far I am liking what Im seeing, but stil have that outsider feel. Im sure that will go away in time, but we will see. I look forward to my time here and where it goes. Im ready, well as much as I can be for all that their is to experience and do here. Hopefully if anyone takes the time to read this, I might bump into you and be able to says thanks for listening for a moment or two. Thanks, Ben
Những Mẫu Chăn Ga Gối Làm Mới Pḥng Ngủ Của Bạn
Những mẫu chăn ga gối làm mới pḥng ngủ của bạn 1. Ga gối trơnNhững bộ vỏ chăn ga gối trơn một màu đơn giản, nhẹ nhàng là lựa chọn của nhiều người cho pḥng ngủ. Với đủ các tone màu, từ màu ấm áp đến mát mẻ cùng sự đa
Kế Hoạch Cho Sự Chuẩn Bị Xin Học Bổng
Như bạn đă biết việc xin hoc bong du hoc là một vấn đề không c̣n xa lạ với học sinh, sinh viên ngày nay, nhưng nó không phải là việc dễ dàng ǵ cho những người thiếu nỗ lực cố gắng.Với những trường ĐH uy tín để có được học bổng toàn phần bạn phải nỗ lực rất nhiều không chỉ về mặt điểm số mà c̣n cả kinh nghiệm sống nữa. Sau đây hăy cùng Quốc Anh t́m hiểu về vấn đề này bạn nhé.Hăy là chính ḿnhThực tế khi làm hồ sơ rất nhiều bạn đă viết quá lên những kinh nghiệm hoạt động của ḿnh, trong lúc đó lại quên mất động lực quan t
Korean Fur Collar Coats Are Popular In Winter
  Preface: warm fur collar coat is very fashionable, one of the essential coat in winter. The large lapel design covers the fat arm and makes it look slender. What are this year's popular style fur collar coats? How fur collar coat with it? Take a look at European and American style fashion fur collar coat with it. We can refer to Korean women clothing of coats for you. Big gray suede collar woolen coat is perfect to wear in cold days. To match with white snake wine red stitching shirt and legging will be super stylish. Walking down the street unknowingly will attract the eyes of passers-by, a kind of exotic feeling.    A lot of girls think red corduroy slacks are no longer popular, but it is still a very unique. Gray woolen coat furry collar design looks warm. Fluff sweater inside the ride very temperament.   Brown suede collar plaid coat all the time in the geometric interpretation of a hint of elegance. In particular, the design of this coat, there is the feeling of the waves
Korean Fashion Office Ladies Causal Clothing Matching Styles
  Preface: Women who need to work do not have much in the daily for match clothing, both steady and generous, but also to prevent dull, so simple fashion is the key. Winter has coming! For office lady, the one consistent with their temperament dress style, not only can get pleasure in a boring job, but also can stand out better in the workplace. After all, a temperament dressing style is a staple of talk by colleagues and become better focus. Let’s see how to dress Korean Japanese clothing for work.   Meter long section of white woolen coat is very capable. Although it may make shorter lady looks short. However, it can be worn with casual purple pullover and woolen coat with the same color slacks, will be very special. And it will make you have good looking and keep you warm.   Purple and blue shirt, highlighting the simple refined and feminine, matching with a considerable sense lines, wide leg jeans, burgundy shoulder bag,  will be very suitable for medium-tall figure ladi
Món ăn Ngon Chữa đau đầu Hiệu Quả
Căn bệnh đau đầu có thể nói là một hội chứn mà gần như ai trong chúng ta cũng đều gặp phải. Triệu chứng thường gặp đó là đau cả đầu, đau một nửa  đầu, nhiều khi  tinh thần không tỉnh táo, hoa mắt, chóng mặt, trong tai có  kêu vo ve trong tai. Sau đây rẻ nè giới thiệu đến các bạn một vài món ăn hay cách chữa đau đầu đơn giản mà hiệu quả 1. Óc lợn, thiên ma: Cách làm: Lấy1 bộ  óc lợn, 10 – 30g  thiên ma (thái lát)  hầm nhỏ lửa thành  canh rồilọc  bỏ bă, uống vài lần trong ngày. Bạn cũng có thể thay thế bởi 1 bộ óc dê , rửa sạch  rồi hầm trong 30 phút,
Tủ Nhựa Đài Loan đa Năng Cho Cuộc Sống Thêm Năng động
  Tủ nhựa Đài Loan đa năng cho cuộc sống thêm năng động. Tủ nhựa Đài Loan cao cấp bảo hành 10 năm, mẫu mă và màu sắc đa dạng, rất bền, rất nhẹ. Dân số ngày một gia tăng, không gian sống, sinh hoạt của con người, đặc biệt là ở thành thị ngày càng bị thu hẹp lại. Chính v́ thế chúng ta cần những vật dụng kiêm nhiều chức năng hơn để tiết kiệm diện tích. Tủ nhựa Đài Loan là một điển h́nh cho vật dụng đa năng trong ngôi nhà mà bạn không cần phải bỏ ra quá nhiều tiền để có được nó. Chiếc tủ nhựa đài loan cho bé yêu 2 buồng 5 ngăn
Leather Messenger Bags Have Come Back To The Urban Times With Style!
A courier bag is another term for the legendary Leather messenger bags which you often observe within the older war time motion pictures. It looks pretty much like a satchel that has now been converted into a thing a lot more fashionable and impressive. Some of the raw leather is made from the deer skin and then the rest from cow hide. A messenger bag in its most simple form is made up of a lengthy strap that easily swings on the chest as the bag actually rests in comfort at the back.michael kors outlet online A messenger bag manufactured from leather was utilized to carry mails or letters and occasionally merchandise. It was done on horse back generally known as pony express. You would be in position to see this sort of bags in classic movies with messengers transporting these bags and traveling extended ranges to deliver mails by foot. To this day you will discover mail carriers in the U.K who employ messenger bags of larger size to supply mail. cheap michael kors bags The material u
Nike Free 3.0 V3 Womens Running Shoe Anthracite Grey White
Nike footwear is in the course nike free run 5.0 of the sort on-line retail outlet that may come to be termed specified that cloud ten for a variety of given its name boots or shoes together with accessories. the perfect element of suffering from Grade A Shoes could be direct to the condition truth of the matter not wearing trainers shows the Secondly to none option of finding efficient named shoes making use of the lowest selling prices.Since the size and shape of your foot plays an important role in how well your Nike shoe works for you, you definitely need to get it examined to see what will fit you best. Nike shoe store employees will be able to help you and guide you towards choosing the right shoe for your activities.The Cole Haan Nike air is a leading technology that is being used by Nike in their air branded shoes. This air technology provides the ultimate comfort. The Nike air technology was really brought to the forefront when it was endorsed by Michael Jordan.Th
Giày Tăng Chiều Cao Nam !
Với sự sáng tạo đa dạng về màu sắc, mẫu mă và chủng loại, năm 2013 là năm mà giày tăng chiều cao nam phát triển mạnh mẽ và rộng khắp. Với nhu cầu sử dụng ở rất nhiều lứa tuổi nên rất nhiều tên tuổi lớn trong lĩnh vực giày nam đă tập trung phát triển mạnh loại giày này. Bởi vậy bạn cũng đừng quá lo lắng nếu ḿnh sở hữu một chiều cao khá khiêm tốn. Chỉ với một vài thao tác đơn giản là bạn đă có thể sở hữu cho ḿnh một đôi giày nâng chiều cao nam như ư muốn       Giày cao nam phong cách thể thao Được thiết kế dành cho giới trẻ với phong cách
The Way To Get The Right Going Organization Within Gurgaon Intended For Secure And Monetary New House Purchase
There are several transferring corporations doing work in Gurgaon deliver wide selection involving move solutions in various regions. In case you will move and seeking companies involving pro moving organizations, this packers and movers involving Gurgaon will give you high quality and inexpensive providers. Yet you will be cautious searching for skilled shifting organizations due to the fact they all are not necessarily trusted and cost-effective. Several critical ideas to discover a proper packers and movers from the area with regard to protected and worth it move tend to be subsequent.   Initial you need to help to make a summary of most respected and skilled moving firms on the town. Pick out simply these shifting businesses which might be documented pertaining to providing transferring providers. Your organization boasts a minimum of 24 months associated with encounter inside shipment things. To obtain the applicable details about packers and movers on the metropolis you may use
Gurgaon Relocating Corporations Can Make The Transfer Uncomplicated
Will you be transferring via Gurgaon to a different location? Have many house things? Have the capability for you to bunch and carry complete the stuff by yourself? Inside my standpoint, you'll not would like to bunch and transfer ones stuff all on your own simply because it will be really wearying and stress filled expertise. However, you can change the specific situation directly into easygoing and even event by means of selecting skilled supplying and transferring products and services in one regarding reliable and encountered going businesses or perhaps packers and movers with Gurgaon. Excellent going businesses specialize in produce move quick and simple using high quality and absolutely specialist going providers.   There are several specialized going businesses throughout Gurgaon that can produce your current transfer effortless and less complicated. Selecting a suitable going corporation will be the initial step straight into creating your separation uncomplicated and easy. T
Significance About Specialist Packers And Movers Throughout House Move
Right now, transferring from destination to one more turns into frequent in this way of life. Folks adjust in one spot for a yet another as a result of different factors similar to greater knowledge, excessive residing expectations, transform within task, move, and so on. Nevertheless new house purchase together with finish carrier and suitcase just isn't a straightforward work. It provides quite a few bothersome pursuits like providing merchandise, looking merchandise. transporter, running and unloading associated with things, and many others. These items help make men and women total tired and as opposed to experiencing think involving brand-new existing spot, many people turn into weary and tensed. Within this circumstances, support involving specialists could possibly be the good support. You will find more and more taking and things transport firms employed in The indian subcontinent typically referred to as this packers and movers. Persons will take the create their own new house
Need For Specialized Packers And Movers Throughout House Move
Today, moving from destination to yet another gets popular in your way of life. Men and women transfer in one destination for a yet another caused by several motives just like much better knowledge, large residing criteria, alter with task, shift, and many others. However new house purchase using total carrier and suitcases is just not an uncomplicated task. It provides quite a few frustrating pursuits like packaging products, seeking merchandise. transporter, filling and unloading associated with possessions, for example. These items create persons total fatigued and rather then experiencing really feel associated with brand new located area, these people grow to be worn out and tensed. With this scenario, assist regarding pros could be the fantastic assist. You'll find a lot of providing and items delivery firms getting work done in Of india also known as this packers and movers. Individuals might take the make his or her move safe and sound and trouble-free.   Specialized packers
Flamenco Is A Fundamental Part Of The Culture Of The South Of Spain
 fabian perez dancer in red Flamenco is a Spanish art form with roots deep in Andalusia, Spain's southern region. There are many theories as to how this folk dance evolved, the details are lost in history. Even the origin of its name is elusive. Some attribute it to the early 1500’s and the Flemish fabian perez Proud To Be A Man II courtiers during the reign of Spain's Charles V. Their bright clothing inspired the names given things garish or conspicuous, such as flamingos and flamenco.  
I Wish I Never Heard
A fool such as I, deserves all that she gets. Every last heartache, and the harder it hits. I feel as if I'm drowning, being dragged under. Mystified by the lightning strike, following the thunder. I hear the distant roars, the screams of the night. Still I push on, searching for the light. Surrounded by darkness, refusing to cave. Feeling bitter and weak, pretending to be brave. I remember the Blade, how it tore through my flesh. Unexpected eyeopener, which shot through my chest. It came looking for me, saught me out. Sent tears down my face, while drowing in doubt. My soul was instantly, taken from me. Through watered down eyes, that didn't want to see. A feeling a little too familiar, happened yesterday. As a stranger came along, ventured my way. I ignored my gut, I have given her a chance. Yet my eyes are wide open, and my memory's enhanced. I will do as I did before, and not say a word. I just pray she never speaks, all I wish I never heard.
Just some thoughts running through my head, so I thought I'd share.  My grandfather has been really sick with leukemia and other diseases/infections. It's been really rough seeing him go downhill like this. It's even harder to see the effect it has on my grandmother. She's 76 years young, and this has been draining her. Lack of sleep and lack of food- she is worn out. Through all of this though she's remained strong. My grandfather is too weak to fight at this point, sadly, it's become a waiting game at this point.  I won't forget the other day I was leaving their house and I went to say bye to my grandfather. I took his hand as he was resting in bed, told him I loved him. He said he loved me too then he began to pat my hand and said "it'll be okay." I want to believe him so badly.  What I'm getting at is, is that Christmas is around the with your family. Enjoy the time with them as much as you can. Even people that aren't your family memebers. Close friends. Tell them y
His Big Surprise
It was a rainy night. The lights shone like silver on the streets lighting his journey home. The moon lit the sky and the rain cleared the stars danced across the heavens as he glanced at them momentarily, remembering nights shared on a patio with his lover. The ride home was going to be a long one and Mike was exhausted from a long days work. It had been weeks since he had been able to see his lover, Amy. Long days spent reminiscing over the last visit they had together. Her face and smile still etched in his mind he was eager to see her once again. Work had been so busy and family life had gotten even more hectic. He missed her, but knew that it wouldn't be long until he saw her once again. As he pulled in the driveway his cell indicated a text message had been left. A smile came to his face knowing that it was surely from Amy. "I can't wait to see you and feel you once again. I have a surprise for you sweetie that I am sure you will enjoy." He read the text message and
Pomp C6 El Principal Empuje "zhi Jian, A Usar"
POMP C6 para empujar el "Chi Jian, de moda, y pasar", de hecho, estos tres puntos no son mutuamente excluyentes. Jane Chi impresionó a sí mismo como si se tratara de un cuchillo de cocina, de nuevo pero no peinado, sólido, en la manera más directa a la más simple de ideas viven cerca de amigos. Que en esta sociedad materialista, gente no le gusta simplemente se complica, manera, simplemente elegante. Pase POMP C6 no jade su mesa, falta dentro, hacer los consumidores usar un teléfono. POMP C6 5,5-pulgadas de pantalla grande, diseño ultra delgado de 7,7 mm, cuádruple dingpei, 1300W + 800W pixel cámara, parte superior de 2 GB RAM + 32GB de memoria ROM, la textura final además su rica menor gesto, aunque parece simple, lleno de encanto dentro. Pero cuando se trata de POMP C6, que juega principalmente en el sistema "DUI". POMP "DUI" sistema proviene de "Bricolaje más, más divertido", que es una mejor experiencia de usuario de sistema al mismo tiempo, hacer que todos los usuarios de amor
Sữa Chua Trị Tàn Nhang Hiệu Quả
Sữa chua từ lâu đă được biết đến là một “thần dược” làm đẹp với tác dụng chẳng kém những mỹ phẩm đắt tiền mà chi phí lại cực rẻ. Nếu những vết tàn nhang xuất hiện trên gương mặt đang khiến cho bạn cảm thấy mất tự tin th́ sữa chua là một cách trị tàn nhang hiệu quả dành cho bạn. Sữa chua chứa rất nhiều vi khuẩn có lợi, có khả năng tiết ra chất kháng sinh tự nhiên giúp cho da được tái tạo một cách nhanh chóng. Hơn nữa axit lactic trong sữa chua có tác dụng giúp làn da mềm mại, căng mịn và làm se lỗ chân lông. Ngoài ra, sữa chua c̣n có tác dụng ng&#
Cách Chăm Sóc Da Khô Mùa đông
Thời tiết sắp chuyển sang mùa thu, việc chăm sóc da khô không hề đơn giản như bạn nghĩ. Làn da khô sẽ càng trở nên tồi tệ hơn trong điều kiện thời tiết lạnh giá và độ ẩm thấp. Bạn có thể tham khảo cách chăm sóc da khô theo các nguyên tắc dưới đây: (Tham khảo cách chăm sóc da nhờn) Dưỡng da đúng cách Làn da khô thường rất nhạy cảm, nhất là trong điều kiện thời tiết lạnh và độ ẩm thấp th́ t́nh trạng càng trở nên tồi tệ hơn nhiều. Để cải thiện t́nh trạng này, bạn không nên sử dụng các loại mỹ phẩm, kem bôi da theo những lời quảng cáo  “
Once Upon A Time
I remember the way your eyes would light up when you smiled And the way you would laugh it would make me laugh, too I miss all those little things about you I remember how happiness was just an ordinary feeling It wasn’t something that we wished for It just happened everyday I miss all those little things that have somehow slipped away But as time went on and the years began to take their toll we forgot the little things that filled our hearts and our soul and somehow it all disappeared I miss all those little things about us during our best years Life can be hard and it can hurt sometimes we do or say something we never really meant and before we can take it back the pain has sunk in I miss all those little things about us; the things that made us strong, and made us promise this was forever no matter what went wrong If we can remember that love was ours once upon at time and let go of the tough years and heartache and take a mom
Người Bạn Của Tuổi Già Khi Mùa đông đến - Đệm Sưởi Hàn Quốc
Người bạn của tuổi già khi mùa đông đến - Đệm sưởi Hàn Quốc. Chăn điện Hàn Quốc giúp giữ ấm cho người già. Sự thay đổi của thời tiết, nhiệt độ, độ ẩm vào mùa đông đă tác động rất nhiều đến sức khỏe của mỗi người, nhất là người cao tuổi. Để chủ động pḥng tránh các bệnh vào mùa lạnh và nâng cao sức đề kháng của cơ thể cho người già, phận làm con, làm cháu chúng ta cần lưu ư một vài vấn đề sau:Chế độ dinh dưỡng Người cao tuổi nên ăn đồ dễ tiêu, dinh dưỡng đảm bảo, ăn nhiều
Tại Sao Nên Mua Chăn đệm Sưởi điện Hàn Quốc
Tại sao nên mua đệm sưởi điện, chăn điện Hàn Quốc có tiết kiệm điện không?  Đệm sưởi, chăn sưởi ấm bằng điện đă được sử dụng rộng răi ở các nước châu Âu, Mỹ, Nhật Bản, Hàn Quốc, Trung Quốc từ 35 năm nay. Vài năm gần đây, đệm điện sưởi Hàn Quốc là lựa chọn của nhiều gia đ́nh khi mùa đông đến ở nước ta. V́ sao sản phẩm này lại được nhiều người ưa chuộng như vậy? Đệm điện sưởi được kiểm định chất lượng theo tiêu chuẩn Mỹ, có khả năng tỏa nhiệt
Tư Vấn Lựa Chọn đồ Sưởi Cho Gia đ́nh
Mùa đông đến, mọi người quan tâm tới việc lựa chọn các thiết bị hỗ trợ sưởi ấm trong nhà như đèn sưởi, quạt sưởi, chăn điện, đệm điện.  Siêu thị trực tuyến Mẹ và Bé xin đưa ra một vài gợi ư giúp bạn lựa chọn đồ sưởi phù hợp với gia đ́nh ḿnh.Quạt sưởi Quạt sưởi là ḍng sản phẩm hiện đang thu hút được sự chú ư của rất nhiều gia đ́nh trong mùa đông giá lạnh. Có thể sử dụng quạt sưởi để làm ấm nhanh pḥng khách, pḥng ngủ, sưởi hoặc sấy quần áo cho cả gia đ́nh. Mẫu Quạt sưởi đ
Tết Nên Tặng Quà Ǵ Và Không Nên Tặng Quà Ǵ
Dịp Tết là thời điểm mọi người thể hiện t́nh cảm bằng những lời chúc tốt đẹp nhất, dành tặng nhau những món quà giàu ư nghĩa. Nhưng tặng quà là cả một nghệ thuật.  Siêu thị trực tuyến Mẹ và Bé xin mách các bạn một số bí quyết chọn quà phù hợp vào ngày Tết. Rất nhiều món quà ư nghĩa tặng người thân như đệm điện Hàn Quốc, đào, mai, thùng bia,... 1. Cành đào Vào dịp Tết, nhà nhà, nơi nơi đều không thể thiếu đi sự tươi tắn của sắc hoa. Quen thuộc nhất với chúng ta là hoa đào, hoa mai và hoa thủy tiên. Ba loài hoa này được xem như biểu trưng c
Slvr Release Primeknit World's Limited 300 Pairs Of Shoes
Adidas SLVR brand creative director Dirk Schönberger under the guidance of the functionality, ease of new technology and the perfect combination of style , designed to create a modern texture with high-end fashion sportswear line.2013 spring and summer fashion collection in fighting art as inspiration, from the movie " Fight Club" and the characteristics of the human physique through exquisite blend fabric design , printing and contour. Series combines canvas footwear , leather, suede leather and other materials, reproduced from a low of fighting breath , mid , and high-top shoe .Additionally , SLVR this launch two new footwear products , they use the Adidas breakthrough Primeknit technology, which through the use of the machine will be made into yarns interwoven vamp, making the entire production process of the material accurately . New shoes including SLVR AR-Primeknit high-top boots and uses the classic Adidas Campus styling SLVR CL-Primeknit.SLVR AR-Primeknit beam legs high to help
Hottest Korean Fashion Clothing Of 2013 Winter
  Winter of 2013 has come now, and there are many styles for this winter. Let’s see what kinds of clothing are popular in this winter.   Retro T with embroidered Korean fashion clothing skirt Tong Le style, cotton fabrics, classic round neck collar small bare collarbone vaguely sexy, as well as retro-looking embroidery dot lining, highlight the noble temperament. Rose on a red envelope with a sexy dress temperament will be in the end.   Bright color dress This is a free-breathing season, 2013 spring, with two exotic soft romantic and modern style, fashion continues to endless adventure. Pure and rich layers, nude color and bright colors, with a hint of intellect and passion blend of style. Busy patterns, like the wonderful magic show palette, simple and crisp, Tim was sailing holiday feeling relaxed and happy! This spring, or lazy, or romantic, or cool, everything completely released from the binding.   chiffon shirt wild and broken brick, perspective a hint of skin, sex
"a Hot Time With Two Lovers"
Sometimes another couplke. Jocelyn and i have a very strong but open relationship.'  "And we only play together," Jocelyn put in. "Never alone."  I looked at Barry. "So if i'm really enjoying fucking jocelyn, that's not going to bother you? You're not going to mind?"  Of course not!" Barry assured him. "The more everyone enjoyes themselves the better it is." He turned to Jocelyn. "Right, Honey?"  "Absolutely. " Jocelyn's eyes were on me, a faint smile curling the corner of her mouth. "Just relax and enjoy yourself. Play with me as if i was your own woman."  "If you feel a bit uncomfortable at first, mAN,' SAID bARRY "jUST SIT BACK THERE AND WATCH US FOR A WHILE, AND JOIN IN WHEN YOU FEEL READY."  I NODDED. "tHAT SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT IDEA."  sO DID. After emptying my pokets, removing my shirt and taking off my shoes, i settled back to watch the action unfold before me.  Barry and Jocelyn started off by kissing heatedly and caressing each other through their clothing. Jocelyn was
Uc Browser ứng Dụng Tuyệt Vời Cho Android
    Trang tải game khi phach anh hung giới thiệu đến các bạn ứng dụng cho mobile hay nhất. Tải ứng dụng uc browser người dùng có thể thoải mái lướt web mà không sợ phải chờ đợi quá lâu v́ tốc độ của tŕnh duyệt này đă giảm dung lượng xuống tối đa cho người dùng. Và bạn cũng không c̣n phải lo lắng về độ an toàn và bảo mật của bạn khi duyệt web v́ uc browser có cả 1 chương tŕnh chạy chế độ an toàn khi bạn duyệt web.         UC browser là 1 phần mềm ứng dụng duyệt web hoàn toàn miễn phí cho điện thoại android. Với hơn 400 triệu người dùng trên hơn 150 quốc gia, ̗
Cmc Mobile Security – Bảo Vệ điện Thoại
Trang tải game khi phach anh hung giới thiệu đến các bạn ứng dụng cho mobile hay nhất. CMC Mobile Security bảo vệ người dùng Android khỏi các nguy cơ từ việc đánh cắp mật khẩu, lây nhiễm mă độc: backdoor, spyware và virus. CMC Mobile Security thật sự là giải pháp bảo mật hiệu quả cho người dùng smartphone.Nhằm hỗ trợ người dùng Việt Nam trong việc sử dụng phần mềm diệt virus trên ĐTDĐ, CMC InfoSec đă chính thức cập nhật giao diện tiếng Việt cho phiên bản CMC Mobile Security và nâng cấp một loạt các chức năng bảo vệ khác. Bên cạnh đó, trước thực trạng tin nhắn rác đang hoành hành hN
Tải Game Ngũ Long Tranh Bá Miễn Phí
Trang tải game khi phach anh hung giới thiệu đến các bạn game cho mobile hay nhất. Game ngũ long tranh bá là game thuần việt lấy bối cảnh việt nam với nhiều map tuyệt đẹp đă thu hút được đông đảo game thủ khắp 3 miền tham gia. Nay ngũ long tranh bá đă có phiên bản mới nhất cho các gamer rồi đó. Hăy cùng xem những thay đổi trong phiên bản mới này nhé. Game Ngũ Long Tranh Bá là tựa game nhập vai hấp dẫn nhất năm 2013 này. Game có cốt truyện vô cùng hấp dẫn kể về sự tranh giành quyền lực giữa 5 thế lực thuộc 5 hệ ngũ hành: Kim Mộc Thủy Hỏa Thổ tương khắc lẫn nhau. Game ngũ long tr
Tải Game Music City Cho Di động
Trang tải game khi phach anh hung giới thiệu đến các bạn game cho mobile hay nhất. Game music city phiên bản 124 đă thiên về thay đổi những nhiệm vụ sự kiện th́ phiên bản 125 này sẽ có những sự thay đổi về giao diện map nhưng đồng thời cũng thay đổi đôi chút về nhiệm vụ và các chức năng khác.Ngoài ra, game music city c̣n có nhiều game mini hấp dẫn: Song đấu Pikachu – xếp h́nh Bánh kẹo. Càng nhanh tay, combo càng lớn, sát thương càng cao. Hăy hạ gục đối phương trong 90 giây để nhận toàn bộ điểm kinh nghiệm. C̣n nhiều tṛ chơi hấp dẫn sẽ được cập nhật trong các phiên bản t̕
Tam Quốc Mobi Game Hấp Dẫn Nhất
 Trang tải game khi phach anh hung giới thiệu đến các bạn game cho mobile hay nhất.     Game tam quốc có hệ thống binh chủng khá linh động, hệ thống tướng tài đồ sộ, cách dàn binh bố trận cũng lắm công phu…tất cả sẽ khiến người chơi phải liên tục tính toán đề xây dựng được một trận pháp hoàn hảo. Không chỉ có lối chơi chiến thuật đỉnh cao, game c̣n được đầu tư kĩ lưỡng vào đồ họa. Chính bởi vậy, nhằm thỏa “cơn khát” của đông đảo người dùng.         Tam Quốc Mobi (TQM) đă không làm người dùng phải thất vọng khi trải ng
Khu Vườn Thần Kỳ Cho Mobile
Trang tải game khi phach anh hung giới thiệu đến các bạn game cho mobile hay nhất.     Game Khu vườn thần kỳ, game nông trại với h́nh ảnh làng quê Việt, vơi những giàn tre, nhưng chú heo ngộ nghĩnh dễ thương, hàng dừa thoai thoải. Với game Khu vườn Thần Kỳ, bạn có thể trồng hoa giống như SkyGarden, tuy nhiên là trồng trên những giàn tre, với những loài dây leo mềm mại, từng tầng từng tầng.         Ngoài việc chăn nuôi, Game Khu Vườn Thần Kỳ c̣n có những mảng việc chăn nuôi với lũ thú nuôi nhí nhảnh, đàn cừu í ẹ, những chú ỉn trắng hồng ngộ nghĩnh biết nói.    Thú và chim được ch
Chiến Tranh Thiên Hà Game Hot 2013
 Chiến Tranh Thiên Hà là game có đồ họa tương đối rất tốt với h́nh ảnh 2D nhưng tạo h́nh nhân vật, quái vật, công tŕnh, mỏ, tài nguyên…trong game rất chi tiết, sắc nét mang đậm phong cách của ḍng game khi phach anh hung huyền thoại StarCraft đủ để bạn bất ngờ.    Bạn có thể tải về game kim cuong cho mobile miễn phí.              Với lối chơi đơn giản không mất quá nhiều thời gian để làm quen, bạn chỉ cần tập trung vào việc xây dựng và tạo quân đội để chiến đấu, nâng cấp, xây dựng. Mở đầu khi vào game chiến tranh thiên hà , bạn sẽ được đưa đến
Tải Game Trà Chanh Quán Mạng Xă Hội Hay Nhất Cho Mobile
Trang tải game khi phach anh hung giới thiệu đến các bạn game cho mobile hay nhất. Game trà chanh quán phiên bản 102 vừa ra mắt mọi người. trong game vốn là một mạng xă hội online dành riêng cho cộng đồng teen, Nay Trà chanh quán c̣n có thêm phiên bản dành cho iphone và Android để bạn có nhiều cơ hội trải nghiệm cộng đồng game mới này.Trà Chanh Quán hi vọng sẽ là một cầu nối tạo nên một sân chơi cho mọi người gắn kết với tất cả các thanh viên trong cộng đồng trà chanh. Giới thiệu mốt số tính năng mới trong game trà chanh quán: Tối ưu hóa các minigame cờ có tính đôí kháng cao. Hạn chế tối đa việc ch&#
Thủ Thuật Quay Quần Sgk 1 Hit Bằng Thẻ Free
Khi chơi Avatar các bạn sẽ thả ḿnh vào thế giới thần tiên với nhiều nét hấp dẫn nếutai avatar phiên bản 241 mới nhất của avatar về máy.Phiên bản mới ngày càng hỗ trợ nhiều cái thú vị để không làm cho người chơi nhàm chán.BQT avatar vừa share 1 thủ thuật của 1 cư dân về thủ thuật quay quần sgk 1 hít bằng 1 thẻ free cũng khá hấp dẫn. Cùng khám phá nhé mọi người ! Thời gian  6h30nhé!Thủ thuật này mình vừa phát hiện ra !Đâù tiên vào báo danh nhật thẻ rồi vào chăm farm sau đó ra khu gjảj trí lúc 6h33chọn quần sgk, tớj phần nhập góc thì ae biL
Down 23, Pack Rally To Stun Cowboys
ARLINGTON, Texas -- If this was Matt Flynn's last start in place of Aaron Rodgers, it was quite a memorable one. Flynn threw four touchdown passes in the second half, Eddie Lacy had the winning score on a 1-yard plunge after an interception by Tony Romo gave them one more chance, and the Green Bay Packers matched the biggest comeback in franchise history in a 37-36 win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Romo tossed two interceptions in the final 3 minutes, the first one giving Green Bay a chance for the go-ahead score with the Cowboys in position to run out the clock with a 36-31 lead. Lacy scored with 1: 31 to go for Green Bay's first lead since the first quarter and after the Packers trailed 26-3 at halftime. "It took me everything not to cry, " said Packers coach Mike McCarthy, whose team won its second straight without Rodgers after going w
Lower Twenty Three, Load Up Move In Order To Stun Cowboys
ARLINGTON, Tx -- In the event that it was Shiny Flynn's final begin instead of Aaron Rodgers, it had been a significant unforgettable 1. Flynn put 4 landing goes by within the 2nd fifty percent, Eddie Lacy experienced the actual successful rating on the 1-yard dive following a good interception through Tony a2z Romo offered all of them an additional opportunity, and also the Eco-friendly These types of Packers coordinated the largest return within business background inside a 37-36 conquer the actual Dallas Cowboys upon Weekend. Romo thrown 2 interceptions within the last 3 min's, the very first 1 providing Eco-friendly These types of an opportunity for that go-ahead rating using the Cowboys in place to operate away the actual time clock having a 36-31 guide. Lacy obtained along with 1: thirty-one to visit with regard to Eco-friendly Bay's very first guide because the very first one fourth as well as foll
Straight Down 12, Bunch Rally To Be Able To Stun Cowboys
ARLINGTON, Arizona -- When this is He Flynn's previous commence rather than Aaron Rodgers, it absolutely was a serious remarkable a single. Flynn used several touchdown moves inside the next 50 percent, Eddie Lacy acquired the particular profitable report over a 1-yard jump right after a great interception simply by A2z tony Romo provided these yet another possibility, as well as the Environmentally friendly Fresh Packers matched up the greatest comeback inside operation historical past in the 37-36 make an impression on the particular Dallas Cowboys about Saturday. Romo threw a couple of interceptions inside the ultimate 3 moments, the initial a single offering Environmentally friendly Fresh the opportunity for your go-ahead report with all the Cowboys constantly in place to perform out there the particular time using a 36-31 direct. Lacy have scored together with 1: 31 to look regarding Environmentall
Decrease 1, Wrap Up Rally To Help Stun Cowboys
ARLINGTON, Colorado front range -- In the event i thought this was Shiny Flynn's past start out in preference to Aaron Rodgers, ıt had been an amazing wonderful just one. Flynn threw some touchdown travels from the minute 1 / 2, Eddie Lacy received this receiving ranking using a 1-yard drop soon after a interception by means of Tony Romo afforded these individuals a different likelihood, along with the Environment friendly Clean Packers printed the most significant comeback with team heritage within a 37-36 win over this Dallas Cowboys with Wednesday. Romo cast a couple interceptions from the remaining 3 a few minutes, the primary just one presenting Environment friendly Clean the possibility with the go-ahead ranking while using the Cowboys set running available this timepiece that has a 36-31 cause. Lacy scored having 1: 31 to search intended for Environment friendly Bay's primary cause because primar
All The Way Down 5, Package Move So That You Can Stun Cowboys
ARLINGTON, Florida -- If perhaps he Nick Foles Game Jersey did this He Flynn's continue get started on Aaron Rodgers, that it was a large terrific a person. Flynn put three landing goes over while in the secondly one half, Eddie Lacy obtained a succeeding scores for a 1-yard launch just after a strong interception by way of Tony a2z Romo gifted these folks a further prospect, as well as Inexperienced Gulf Packers equalled the main return around franchise track record inside of a 37-36 conquer a Dallas Cowboys for Thursday. Romo tossed not one but two interceptions while in the very last 3 a matter of minutes, the earliest a person allowing Inexperienced Gulf the chance for any go-ahead scores together with the Cowboys set up to jog outside a wall timepiece which includes a 36-31 head. Lacy obtained by using 1: thirty-one to move to get Inexperienced Bay's initially head ever since the initially district plus following on from the Packers trailed 26-3 during halftime. "It h
Affordable Twenty-three, Wrap Rally That Will Stun Cowboys
ARLINGTON, The state of texas -- Nick Foles Game Jersey Whenever this has been Matt Flynn's survive launch close to Aaron Rodgers, it had become a seriously great an individual. Flynn used five touchdown tickets during the following fifty percent of, Eddie Lacy have any outstanding fico score at a 1-yard plunge once some sort of interception by just A2z tony Romo brought him or her one other option, and also Earth-friendly Bay Packers corresponding the best comeback during business story from a 37-36 make an impression on any Dallas Cowboys regarding Tuesday. Romo thrown several interceptions during the finalized 3 seconds, the main an individual getting Earth-friendly Bay an occasion to your go-ahead fico score when using the Cowboys available to exercise released any alarm clock by using a 36-31 contribute. Lacy have scored utilizing 1: 31 going meant for Earth-friendly Bay's earliest contribute for the reason that earliest coint together with following a Packers trailed
Downward 24, Kit Move To Help You Stun Cowboys
ARLINGTON, Nevada -- In cases where this was Shiny Flynn's carry on start up rather Aaron Rodgers, it was subsequently a real challenge splendid you. Flynn plonked 5 landing subsides with the moment 50 percent of, Eddie Lacy possessed that irresistible history for the 1-yard dive when a powerful interception as a result of Tony adamowicz Romo awarded them all an extra odds, additionally, the Efficient These types of Packers combined the prevailing return on operation past at a 37-36 enlighten that Dallas Cowboys at Friday. Romo threw a few interceptions with the previous 3 a short time, the best you issuing Efficient These types of any chances in the go-ahead history considering the Cowboys properly to do over that call along with a 36-31 result. Lacy won through 1: thirty-one to be designed for Efficient Bay's to start with result as the to start with three months and even once the Packers trailed 26-3 withi
Off Twenty Three, Carry Move To Make Sure You Stun Cowboys
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Any time this is Matt Flynn's go on get started in instead of Aaron Rodgers, it was eventually amazing noteworthy a. Flynn put nearly four landing gives on the subsequently 50 % of, Eddie Lacy previously had all the being successful get about the 1-yard tumble subsequently after any interception just by Tony a2z Romo bought individuals additional danger, and therefore the Alternative These kinds of Packers met the actual largest return for team the past within the 37-36 conquer all the Dallas Cowboys relating to Weekend. Romo cast couple of interceptions on the finished 3 short minutes, the most important a imparting Alternative These kinds of a chance for those go-ahead get along with the Cowboys ready to apart all the time clock by having a 36-31 point. Lacy obtained by means of 1: thirty-one to continue just for Alternative Bay's first of all point as being the first of all quarter an
Xử Lư Nước Bị ô Nhiễm Kim Loại Nặng Như Thế Nào ?
Cong ty moi truong Ngọc Lân tự hào là công ty đi đầu trong ngành môi trường, với hơn mười năm kinh nghiệm, công ty chúng tôi xử lư thành công nhiều công tŕnh xu ly khi thai, xu ly nuoc thai cho các công ty, doanh nghiệp. Kim loại nặng là các kim loại có tỷ khối lớn hơn 4g/cm3, các kim loại nặng thường gặp là Hg, Cd, Pb, As, Sb, Cr, Cu, Zn,Mn… Hầu hết chúng không phải là nguyên tố sinh học nên tham gia vào ṿng tuần hoàn sinh học. Kim laoij nặng thường tích lũy trong cơ thể sinh vật gây tai biến cho cơ thể. Hầu hết các kim loại nặng làm tác động đến hoạt tính protein, enzym, các chất hoạt tính sinh học khác, làm thay đổi quá tŕnh trao đ
Ưu điểm Và Cấu Trúc Của Biến Tần
Ngày nay với sự phát triển vượt bậc của kỹ thuật điện tử, tự động hóa việc ứng dụng thành công bien tan vào bài toán điều khiển các thiết bị nâng hạ nói chung và cấu trúc nói riêng đă mang lại hiệu quả về tính an toàn cao trong quá tŕnh di chuyển, bốc dở hàng hóa… Trong bài viết này, hăy cùng PowTran t́m hiểu về biến tần. Ưu điểm của biến tần - Cho phép mở rộng dải điều chỉnh và nâng cao tính chất động học của hệ thống điều chỉnh tốc độ động cơ xoay chiều. - Hệ thống điều chỉnh tốc độ động cơ bằng biến tần có k
Thảm Chơi Sunny 2001 - Cho Bé Yêu Chơi An Toàn Trong Mùa đông
Được thiết kế độc đáo, thảm chơi Sunny 2001 dành cho các bé ở nhiều lứa tuổi, từ 3 tháng cho đến khi cắp sách tới trường.   THÔNG TIN SẢN PHẨM - Phù hợp cho trẻ ở mọi lứa tuổi- Màu sắc phong phú mẫu mă đa dạng- Mang tính giáo dục cao v́ kết hợp được nhiều bài học qua tranh ảnh- Phù hợp với tất cả các loại mặt sàn khác nhau- Tấm thảm chơi xốp với những gam màu cá tính hay êm dịu không chỉ là một vật trang trí đẹp cho gian pḥng của bé mà nó c̣n là một loại đồ chơi mà trẻ em ham thích.- Mỗi tấm thảm giống như một cuốn sách thú vị để bé có thN
Cracked Feet?
  *** Amazing!!! *** Grind a handful of rice until u get a fine but coarse flour. Add a few spoons of raw honey to the mixture along with enough apple cider vinegar to obtain a thick paste. If the cracks are very deep, add a spoon of olive oil. Soak feet for 20 minutes & gently massage with this paste.  rice- grind to a flour form apple cider vingar- add few fulls spoons  raw honey- few spoons fulls  If deep cracks  spoon full olive oil
“will God Forgive My Repeated Sin?”
“Will God Forgive My Repeated Sin?” To some, my view about sin and God's forgiveness sounds contrary to what SOME EXTREME evangelists these days-Such as those evangelsists I mentioned who preach what is called "The Hell fire and Brimstone" approach.  Many Christians find they make the same mistake repeatedly(MYSELF included) This is especially so if you have years of bad habits to overcome. So if you find yourself constantly failing with the same sin, rest assured, you are not alone in this struggle. The apostle Paul writes about the struggle between a mind which wants to serve God and a sinful nature which just keeps on sinning.  And he writes that Jesus Christ delivers him from this body of death (Romans 7, espescially verses 24-25). So Jesus’ blood is definitely powerful enough to wash away all your sin, even repeated sins. You are never beyond forgiveness. But you must repent sincerely. The idea that God cannot be mocked (Galatians 6:7) basically means that Go
Glass Houses
GLASS HOUSES  Some of us seem to live in galss houses ..  some of us live on facebook ..  some of us live on our smart phones ...  We see people , but we don't really notice thier there ...  All this technology is a blessing and a curse ...    I've lived both ways .. with technology and mostly without it ..  without it i still breathe without it i talk to people eye to eye .. not checking my phone , for my next text message  i look around and i see the trees ,  the flowers , i see the clouds  .. i see everything ..    Yet i need it to stay in contact with my family , with my friends ..  i need it to do a job application  i need it  for lots of things      
Actresses’ Fashion Motorcycle Cool Jacket In 2013
  Motorcycle style jacket ushered in a new round of boom. Vibrant color of passion, the color of heavy metal rivets are designed to cut or irregular. Allows you to easily incarnation charming IT Girl, in the trendy street keep returning soar. No matter Korean style clothing, European style clothing or Asian style clothing, are include fashion cool jacket in 2013. Let’s check them out below.   Alessandra Ambrosio wears a motorcycle jacket, handsome locomotive look, which can let you stay in feminine and full of whims. To match with a pair of very pointed high heels, coupled with some well with metal accessories, such as sunglasses, can make you immediately upgrade taste, personality unlimited.   Relaxation fashion clothing can create a convex shape, like Daisy Luo Yi (Daisy Lowe) of extra baggage stature. Loose dark sweater which can expose legs is a wise choice. To match with a very large lapel leather aviator posture, rivet sleeves giving tough feeling, soft sweater happen
Something To Know
I lay here at night thinking boput u baby never know whats going to happen to us i know there is a time that ur going to leave and not want me any more i cant stand being away from u baby ur my heart and soul u took my breath away when we frist talk to each other i cant seem to keep my mind on a straight path cause ur on my mind so much and i am going crazyyyyyy for u baby please come bk to my heart and soullllllllllllllllll
Waterslide & Linen Rental Miami Slides For Your Party
What do you look for when looking for something fun for your kids to do at their party or other infant party? Lots of people look for party rentals of bounce houses, bouncers, or moonwalks. There's other great options as well. Waterslide Rental Miami are an example of of these great options. Inflatable waterslides are great for kids to make use of a party, in the work of the hot summer months. They are fundamentally dry inflatable slides that are blown up and have a hose put on them. The hose is ran continuously so that the slide stays wet at all times. Adding water to an inflatable slide adds a great additional dimension of fun for kids. They will keep in mind their slide for years to come and probably request it for their next party! Most slides for backyards are about twelve feet tall. You can also get slides that are much taller, all the way up to forty feet. That won't slot in most backyards, unless you have a footy field in your yard. These tall slides are truly amazing. Kids l
Comfortable Changing Providers Simply By Pune Experts
Relocating for a brand new location maybe with steel location mileage is quite unpleasant. To end such an unpleasant starting one simply need to contemplate the help of these respectable heading companies. You'll find selection of heading companies within current market where cope with your entire starting proficiently. Your staff of the people companies receive good specifics of your own proceed in order that they fit their own extreme makes an attempt for getting in which comprehensive rapidly. Many people proficiently cope with your entire undertaking associated with going and produce their shoppers free from many concerns. Most of these experts utilize their own many methods and information to create your move quick and comfy. The employees of the people firms recognize effectively in which how to overcome materials because of their protection. Many people carry out much treatment and keep materials risk-free everywhere in the best way. For that protection associated with customer
Prompt Separation Within Pune Simply By Prime 5
Moving to your new location looks incredibly fascinating nevertheless while women and men comprehend the particular impediment on the move then the overall enjoyment on the move passes away. As this kind of overall chore is normally too horrible no one likes to require them all by itself. To windup this men and women will need to have someone else's aid the method it lessens your force associated with move. Having aid coming from unskilled and individuals is a high-risk way to finish the work the way it needs plenty of information. To make this easy one must seek advice from to be able to numerous respected going firms. Most of these going businesses consider your entire force from proceed they. Pune centered carrier's networks are generally constantly stands by simply their shoppers because of the risk-free shift. Many people ensure that you the comfy move as they accept many not comfortable scenarios incredibly with ease. Most of these experts tune in to your demand with their shopp
So My Brother Posted This...thought It Was Hilarious, So Yeah I'm Sharing.
HOW TO MAKE A MAN HAPPY1. Feed him2. Sleep with him3. Leave him with peace4. Don't check his phone (Msgs)5. Don't bother him with hismovementsSo whats so hard about that?HOW TO MAKE A WOMAN HAPPYIt's really not too difficult but.... To make awoman happy, a man only needsto be:1. a friend2. a companion3. a lover4. a brother5. a father6. a master7. a chef8. an electrician9. a plumber10. a mechanic11. a carpenter12. a decorator13. a stylist14. a sexologist15. a gynecologist16. a psychologist17. a pest exterminator18. a psychiatrist19. a healer20. a good listener21. an organizer22. a good father23. very clean24. sympathetic25. athletic26. warm27. attentive28. gallant29. intelligent30. funny31. creative32. tender33. strong34. understanding35. tolerant36. prudent
Apple Pretende Captar A Más Clientes En Telefonos Chinos 4g
A pesar de toda la publicidad, el esperado acuerdo entre Apple Inc y China Mobile Ltd puede ofrecer algo más que un fugaz impacto sobre los ingresos de la tecnología de los E.E.U.U. gigante. Y China Mobile probablemente tendrá que esperar al menos un año por su pago, en momentos en que gasta miles de millones de dólares en construir una red telefonos chinos 4g para que los clientes pueden hacer un uso completo de sus iPhones. Un acuerdo con el mayor operador de telefonía móvil del mundo, que se espera se concrete esta semana, le permitirá a Apple ganar 759 millones de potenciales nuevos clientes, que podrían generarle 3 mil millones de dólares en ingresos el próximo año, casi una cuarta parte del crecimiento de sus ventas proyectadas en su actual año fiscal. Según la firma Forrester Research, China Mobile, el cual ha dicho que ya tiene 45 millones de usuarios del iPhone, podría obtener 17 millones de nuevas activaciones, mientr
Lựa Chọn Tủ Bếp Với Những Phong Cách Khác Biệt
Hiện nay cuộc sống của mỗi gia đ́nh đang khá giả dần, việc lựa chọn tu bep theo phong cách châu Âu cũng là một xu hướng vừa hiện đại và rất năng động. Hăy cùng Tủ Bếp Xinh t́m hiểu về vấn đề này bạn nhé. Bạn biết đấy những không gian bếp đẹp sử dụng tủ bếp châu Âu thường mang lại một không khí rất khác, gợi cảm giác sang trọng và cao cấp, với những mẫu và phong cách tủ bếp khác nhau như. Phong cách nghệ thuật Không bóng bẩy, cầu kỳ, chỉ là thiết kế hết sức đơn giản nhưng mang lại sự thuận tiện cho người sử dụng, t̗
Don't Deny Your Christianity
     I will open with.........Merry Christmas to all........I have yet to yield on my right and my choice to  say Merry Christmas.  I read and hear allot of folks shying away from saying 'Merry Christmas', and then complain about's is the heart of the matter. If you said 'Merry Christmas' in the past, why are you afraid to say it now?  Have you been told to by some pundit who feels it isn't correct politically?  Have you been asked by a religious fanatic from another faith? Have you been told that its just easier for everyone to cruise through the season by saying 'Happy Holidays'?  Lets put it in perspective.......The Jewish faith celebrates Hannakuh also known as the Festival of Lights or Festival of Redication , Islamic followers celebrate Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting, Fitr means 'to break the fast' symbolizing the breaking of the fasting period......can kind of see where our 'breakfast' comes from also. Kwanzaa is a week long celebrati
Một Số điều Về Khởi động Mềm
Động cơ không đồng bộ 3 pha dùng rộng răi trong công nghiệp, v́ chúng có cấu trúc đơn giản, làm việc tin cậy, nhưng có nhược điểm ḍng điện khởi động lớn là vấnĐộng cơ không đồng bộ 3 pha dùng rộng răi trong công nghiệp, v́ chúng có cấu trúc đơn giản, làm việc tin cậy, nhưng có nhược điểm ḍng điện khởi động lớn là vấn đề khoi dong mem và dừng mềm động cơ.Bạn biết đấy phương pháp tối ưu hiện nay là dùng bộ điều khiển điện tử để hạn chế ḍng điện khởi động, đồng thời điều chỉnh tăng mô
Tư Vấn Chọn Mua Chăn đệm điện Nhung Woori Hàn Quốc
Woori là một trong những thương hiệu hàng đầu của Hàn Quốc trong lĩnh vực chăn điện, đệm điện. Chăn đệm điện Woori Hàn Quốc phong phú về màu sắc, đa dạng về chất liệu. Bố mẹ có thể thoải mái lựa chọn chăn điện sưởi ấm Hàn Quốc chất liệu vải cotton, chất liệu nhung hoặc chất liệu giả da. Chăn đệm điện nhung Hàn Quốc Woori được cấp giấy chứng nhận, kiểm định về chất lượng an toàn theo tiêu chuẩn Mỹ của các tổ chức có uy tín tại Hàn Quốc. Đệm điện hàn quốc có cấu tạo từ nhiều lN
Damiani Jewelry : Christmas Comes To Paradise
  With Christmas Damiani presented his new collection , Paradise . Inspired by the starry sky and the constellations Paradise is a line that sees its highest expression in the ring . Gold(cuff bracelet) , with diamonds and gemstones, Paradise is a line designed for a refined woman who loves the look and striking the entire collection. The ring is white gold and topped with lots of small diamonds reminiscent of many small stars . Damiani has introduced a collection perfect for Christmas : it's called Paradise and is inspired by the wonder of a starry sky . Highlight of the line are the rings , the domed shape design of high-impact , determined to get noticed : volume, light and color are indeed the characteristics of the entire collection . The rings can be topped in white gold with white diamonds(rhinestone earrings) , claw -set and to give the idea of a piece of the sky, or even in yellow gold with diamonds or fancy always in white gold with diamonds and sapphires. But the beautifu
Độn Cằm Bằng Sụn Nhân Tạo
Ngày nay, với sự phát triển của công nghệ thẩm mỹ th́ việc sở hữu chiếc cằm cân đối hài ḥa với gương mặt hoàn toàn không hề khó khăn. Độn cằm là một tiểu phẫu khá đơn giản nhưng đem lại hiệu quả lớn cho khuôn mặt, độn cằm giúp gương mặt trở nên thon thả, tạo nét duyên dáng dễ thương.     Ảnh minh họa. Phương pháp phẫu thuật độn cằm bằng sụn nhân tạo Độn cằm bằng sụn nhân tạo là phương pháp sử dụng chất liệu nhân tạo nhằm tạo nét hài ḥa, cân đối cho gương mặt. Đây là một loại kỹ thuật đơn gi
Tầm Quan Trọng Của Nha Sĩ Trong Quá Tŕnh Làm đẹp
Ho Chi Minh dentist – nha sĩ Hồ Chí Minh hay nha sĩ ở những nơi khác đều phục vụ tốt cho khách hàng, đặc biệt họ rất nhiệt t́nh và yêu công việc. Hiện nay có rất nhiều người muốn làm đẹp, như niềng răng hoặc bọc răng sứ… họ đều được các nha sĩ tư vấn kĩ lưỡng. Như niềng răng có lợi ích ǵ? Họ sẽ chỉ ra lợi ích của việc niềng răng này để bạn biết thêm nhiều thông tin không chỉ là vấn đề làm đẹp. Như tạo cảm giác thoải mái và tự tin với hàm răng đều, đẹp, nắn chỉnh răng không những tạo thẩm m̘
Nâng Mũi Thẩm Mỹ Hàn Quốc
Công nghệ nâng mũi tiên tiến xuất phát từ đất nước Hàn Quốc giúp bạn nhanh chóng sở hữu 1 chiếc mũi cao, thanh tú, hài ḥa chính là sự chọn lựa của nhiều bạn trẻ hiện nay. Công nghệ này nhằm khắc phục t́nh trạng mũi tẹt của người Châu Á, tạo dáng mũi cao nhưng vẫn đẹp tự nhiên. Phẫu thuật nâng mũi thẩm mỹ Hàn Quốc, Nhật Bản ra đời với các phương pháp nâng mũi hiện đại như nâng mũi bọc sụn, nâng mũi S – line thực sự là giải pháp tối ưu nhất.   Ảnh minh họa. Nâng mũi công nghệ Hàn Quốc nhanh chóng lan mạnh và trở nên phổ biến ở nhiều
Christmas Humor
REMEMBER THIS AT CHRISTMAS TIME According to the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game, while both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer, each year male reindeer drop their antlers in early winter, usually in late November to mid-December. Female reindeer however, retain their antlers until after they give birth in the Spring. Therefore, according to EVERY historical tuneful rendition which depicts Santa's reindeer, EVERY single one of them, from Dasher to Blitzen, even Rudolph, had to have been a female !!!! We should've known girls ... only women would be able to drag a fat old man, in a red velvet suit, with a sleigh full of toys and goodies, all around the world in one night and not get lost.
Ac Milan Will Leave The Great Purge Exposure 6 God Free To Sign Five-year Operational Front Half Of The Main
With the winter transfer window approaching , AC Milan [ microblogging ] ready to greet Keisuke Honda and Lamy soon , wholesale jerseys as early on identified the two signings , AC Milan for their performance in the second half of the season it is placed high expectations , but the signings of cleaning an undertow while also rolling . As the official representative of AC Milan can Lamy played , the same linebacker Ray Sylvester is likely to lose his position a . According to Italian media reports, the international Milan [ microblogging ] on loan from Argentine players in the winter might end his career in red and black , back once played for Boca Juniors . cheap soccer jerseys As the season came to AC Milan firefighters , Sylvester Ray few appearances in the performance is good, but the case of prolonged absence due to injury , will lead his arrival Lamy space is further compressed . Due to the number of first team players who have more than 30 , AC Milan ready to comple
Furniture Ghd Purple Indulgence
Even some intelligent women used to carry their place of work id card in these kinds Cheap ghd iv salon styler of strings. These crystals are created in several shapes cheap ghd. Coronary heart formed and teddy formed crystal strings are common among the the young people. At present, semi precious stones are also useful for creating lanyards. Abundant persons applied these kinds of lanyards to indicate their substantial social rapport among the people. Steel chains will Flat iron with ghd also be used in lanyards . As a result, lanyards can be used for several purposes. This really is pretty utility extras. Aside from using it for holding factors, it can be worn as vogue extras. A guy claimed: No. In any other case, I might have got a bunch of naked wives running throughout the dwelling....two. That is a very good problem, though: I distinctly keep in mind looking through someplace Ghd nz online sale which you could alter the outfits, hair and voice of your villager (within
You Should Never Judge Someone You Dont Truly Know
So its been brought to my attention recently that rumors have been flying about me. First of all thisis a gae people and i am here to play it . I dont really care what you say about me but i do have some friends on here that i truly care what they think of me. I am NOT nor have i EVER been on or worked for a sex site . What my ex did with pictures i trusted him with ..i have no idea nor do i care because whatever site he may have posted them on is a fake and no one will ever get a true reply from me! Do i have nsfw folder ..hell yeh i do ..every woman on this site at one time or another has had a photo marked nfsw ..that doesnt mean we're whores or sluts it just means your a damn PRUDE and ridiculous! I have a nsfw general folder which my family can view but the stuff in the named nsfw folders are no worse i just chose to make them private for that person or they ask me to make them private. Theres nothing on my nsfw that 85% of women dont have on here. Do i respect those women that po
All My Life By Dwayne Justin Price
I have waited all my life: To see your delicate smile To feel your warm, embracive touch To hear your beautiful, soothing voice To smell your soft, flowing hair To taste the bitter-sweet wine on your lips To witness your affectionate love To declare your radiant beauty To bask in your ever-awing presence To talk about your friendly compassion And most of all... To be the one you love and cherish for all my life on earth For I have more love for you than all stars in the great beyond.
Foolish Heart By Mary Elizabeth Blessing
it was a foolish move on my part reaching for you seeing you again brought the emotions pouring... ever alive the smile.... yes, i saw the light in your eyes yes, i saw the way you looked up- surprised but it was a foolish move on my part exposing again the love that brought such pain. oh, but the smile in your eyes it was worth the wait, the risk of the desire to stay with you but it was a foolish move on my part ... what a foolish heart
Want Of...(you) By Eric Thomas Weaver
Like a storm, With want of thunder; I wait quietly for you... A raging passion in the vacuum of tomorrows... silenced, contained swirling to and fro. Your gift, for which I yearn ...eludes; suspending my breath in a purgatory of ceaseless desire...
Love Is Like A Circle By Linda Santiago
Love is like a circle round and round it goes the ones that win at love are the ones who take it slow patience is the key that make them have control who will win our tender heart and capture our soul they love us from a distance they never give to much they become irresistable with their kind and gentle touch they never ask to many questions but we volunteer the information anyway they are experts in the game of love and know the rules to play they're humble and courteous modest and kind of shy you wonder if what they say is true and never catch them in a lie you'll never know how they feel no matter how you try the more that you assume the more they deny they're not the type of person you would consider for a date but somehow you become interested when your the one that they made wait...
If I Told Crystal R. Hinson
If I told you I loved you, would you push me away? Or would you let me fall into your arms, where, forever, I would stay? If I told you I needed you, would you feel the same? Could you let me need you everyday, forever and eternally? If I told you I hated you, would you believe the words I say? Would you turn your back on me and leave me alone to pray? If I told you I was crying, would you be right by my side, to put your arms around my shoulders until the feelings pass me by? If I told you everything, could you still feel the same? Now that you know exactly who I am, would you still be mine to claim? If I told you...
Best Friend? By Ileana Moreno
Best Friend? What is that? I no longer know. I thought I had a best friend- once, not too long ago. But some things happened, And now I do not know. Sometimes I miss him, yet again, I don't. I think and think and end up with this: How can he reject me because of something so childish- knowing he did something worse to me? He said he loved me, and that was His mistake. I said I wanted him and that, my friend, was My mistake. "Best friends," we called ourselves, God! it seems so fake. Because of the fact that best friends are suppose to never fade.
If I Only Had One Friend Left By Krista Marie Mitchell
Everyone needs somebody to tell their secrets to. Someone who understands them, someone who's just like you. When no one seems to care, you always stick right by my side; When my world gets dark and confusing, I can count on you for my guide. We've experienced so much together, but we always make it through, Out of everybody in the world, I'm glad God gave me you. I know sometimes we argue over a stupid joke or lie, But no matter what, I can always be sure our friendship will never die. You've been there for me through thick and thin and have helped me through it all. When I have a problem or need your help, all I have to do is call. With you, my world is a better place and with you, my world is true; If I only had one friend left, I'd want it... to be you.
Intoxication By Marlene Million
Be hushed, my heart. . . For it is enraptured with you. Your love ignites Embers deep within It's chamber, And enflames. You have aroused And entranced my spirit, Seeping into every pore, Enchanting, Energy more massive Than the golden sun. My hot eyes melt; My vision is blurred. . . Still, I climb the summit, My soul vibrates, Is boundless, fearless, Drunk with love. . . Spinning in blue heaven with Ecstasy!
Love Is By Michael David Coffey
Love is... it needs no words It is in the stars, the flowers In the smile of a small face In gentle laughter The sound of a small stream caressing timeless rocks The whistle of a kiss of wind Whispering in the trees Glittering reflections of sunkissed leaves on a secluded pool The movement of damsel flies daintily dancing Love is..........
Well, being divorced for two years now, and to the point where I'm not a party animal anymore, I still like to go out and have a good time. Clubs with live rock bands, riding on motorcycles, being with people. Can't seem to find Mr. Right. A man that pampers and appreciates his woman, as I do him. I guess only time will tell.
Start All Over By Tonese Rene Reed
Start All Over by Tonese Rene Reed Be still my beating heart, He knows not how I feel. How I love him, I can't reach him. I thought it was heaven sent But thinking comes from not knowing I had it all planned But surprise... crash and burn One more relationship down the drain One less to love One more step to healing One less to worry about We know not when, destiny will walk into our lives We're not supposed to know Look what fate created Hearts are meant to be broken Love, no such thing It's all in your mind When you get hurt Get back up and start all over Get back up... and start all over!

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