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Backup Plan
A man in rural Minnesota wakes up one morning to find a bear on his roof. So he looks in the yellow pages, and sure enough, there's an ad for "Up North Bear Removers." He calls the number, and the bear remover says he'll be over in 30 minutes. The bear remover arrives, and gets out of his van. He's got a ladder, a baseball bat, a 12-gauge shotgun, and a mean old pit bulldog. "What are you going to do?" the homeowner asks. "I'm going to put this ladder up against the roof, then I'm going to go up there, and knock the bear off the roof with this baseball bat. When the bear falls off the roof, the pit bull is trained to grab his testicles, and not let go. The bear will then be subdued enough for me to put him in the cage in the back of the van." He then hands the shotgun to the homeowner. "What's the shotgun for?" asks the homeowner. "If the bear knocks me off the roof, shoot the f--kin' dog."
What To Expect At A Munch
If you've never been to a munch before, the prospect can be very intimidating. What should you expect, how should you behave, how should you dress, what might happen, what might not? When you add that to a lifestyle that can seem terribly intimidating on its own, the terror mounts. I thought it might be helpful, particularly for novices, to know what to expect on a rather detailed level. A munch is a social gathering of BDSM lifestyle folks. Munches have been around for quite a while, after legendarily starting on the West coast. There are also other meetings called sloshes, which are similar, only the focus is less likely to be on a meal. Bear in mind, too, that there are a number of people in this lifestyle who are recovering alcoholics and drinking to excess doesn't usually fit well with the things we do. The word "slosh," refers to the liquid refreshments, not to the state of the attendees. If you prefer not to drink, no one will think it odd in any gathering if you st
Wannabe Infestation
wan•na•be also wan•na•bee P Pronunciation Key (wn-b, wôn-) Informal n. One who aspires to a role or position. One who imitates the behavior, customs, or dress of an admired person or group. A product designed to imitate the qualities or characteristics of something. adj. Wishing or aspiring to be; would-be. [Alteration of want to be.] The wannabee infestation that has hit the BDSM realm has risen to epidemic amounts. Wannabees have been found in every geographic location; unfortunately, no nationality is safe. The age range varies from time to time but it normally stays consistently between 18 and 99 years of age, there have been reports of pre-maturity wannabees throughout the larger metropolitan areas. There have also been reports of alter age wannabees; these wannabees acclimate themselves as an age outside their current realistic age grouping. For example… a 17-year-old wannabee may impersonate the activities and existence of a 21-year-old wannab
Some Facts About Sm
S/M is not an aberration. S/M is a sexual orientation that is found in a significant percentage of the population. Surveys have listed S/M behavior by as much as 7 to 14 % of the population, with interests at up to 50% of the population. To see the prevalence, just look at the public's interest in movies, books, and other artistic expressions with S/M as the dominant theme. After all, Hollywood would not invest money if there was not a large interest. Historically, S/M behavior was listed as a psychological problem, as was masturbation and homosexuality. Today, however, these various orientations are not considered a problem unless the person with the lovemap is unhappy about their interests. S/M is not new. S/M activities have been performed by many religions and cultures. Early Christian mystics used it (flails and hair shirts, oh my.) Native Americans continue to use it for vision quests. Fakirs from India use it. That same energy can be used for spiritual journeys, sex
The Pleasure Of The Pain: Why Some People Need S & M
"Bind my ankles with your white cotton rope so I cannot walk. Bind my wrists so I cannot push you away. Place me on the bed and wrap your rope tighter around my skin so it grips my flesh. Now I know that struggle is useless, that I must lie here and submit to your mouth and tongue and teeth, your hands and words and whims. I exist only as your object. Exposed." For James, the desire became apparent when he was a child playing war games--he always hoped to be captured. "I was frightened that I was sick," he says. But now, he adds, as a well-seasoned player on the scene, "I thank the leather gods I found this community." At first the scene found him. When he was at a party in college, a professor chose him. She brought him home and tied him up, told him how bad he was for having these desires, even as she fulfilled them. For the first time he felt what he had only imagined, what he had read about in every S & M book he could find. James, a father and manager, has a Type A per
"setting Up My Slut Wife"
All of a sudden John pushed the fat toy hard and deep in to my wife's pussy and she tightened her body as her climax hit. At that same moment, Emily's pussy gripped my shaft and she screamed with pleasure as she came. My dick responded to the tight pussy as my load filled the shaft and exploded into Emily's canal. We remained completely still for a few moments, my dick resting inside of her as we watched John pull the moist dick out of Vanessa's pussy. They laid down together on my bed as i pulled my shaft out of Emily and pulled her into my arms.   We rested, knowing that we were going to get very little sleep that night, or any other night all wek.
No, Not What You Need
I may be a little bitch, or just not fancy and that is alright, I shall be a free bitch baby, free and fabulous in my own right. Sometimes I don't give a damn, cuz its not like just anyone could be my dream man.   In an innocent way, of course I have already stopped traffic, Without causing any pain to myself and then again it got graphic. I found out there are angels all around, everywhere is a fact, I don't welcome the stopped motorists I am proud that someone has my back.   I can't play dress up I can be soft and so sensual, I can't play make believe I can only be what comes natural. Honesty is my fault I can't lie, I have tried, its just really is not me I have been beat and cried.   Those that don't wish to know me I might not like what you stand for, That is like what I felt and mentioned before. If you appreciate getting caught in the rain, there might be a chance you aren't yet going totally insane.   No I'm not what you need its right there,
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Female Escort Services
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"emily's Becoming My Slut"
Emily looked down at it and dropped to her knees. she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around my dick. It finished growing in her mouth as her tongue began to circle the shaft as she sucked eagerly. This time she needed no coaching, and her hands began to play with my balls as she willingly devoured my dick. My hands played with her hair as i watched her suck me off. She continued going at it for a few minutes un till finally i came, filling her mouth with my load. She sucked harder, swallowing every drop that i gave her until finally i was done. She slowed down, keeping my dick in her mouth, sucking gently for a short time.   Finally she stood. She was flushed. She was clearly horny. She was definetly hoping for more. "Fuck me right now, Lee!" She said, pleading.   "No. You'll get yours tonight. I want you moist and horny all day long."   "But i can't stand it! I need you inside me so badly right now. If you don't fuck me, i'll make myself cum while you watch." She reached
All Too Often
Listen close, this isn't just for my generation, oh, boulderdash look elsewhere for your needed saturation. Time has come, its gone too far, Concentration is needed before,  you sit in your car, and close the life altering door.   Yes, you are controlling,  a powerful ride you need not hit those that are just strolling. I understand that you need fun, but the walkers and joggers didn't say to 'pick me, I am the one'.   Before drinking put your keys away, doesn't matter at all if it is the middle of the day. Don't count that you can pay, the saving of life is more dear than lottery winning day.   All too often, just by chance so many souls would still be alive, if people cared all to often  people wouldn't drink and drive.
To My Dearest Family Prayer From Heaven...
To my dearest family,Some things I would like to say,But first of all, to let you knowThat I arrived ok.I’m writing this from HeavenWhere I dwell with God above,here there’s no more tears or sadnessThere is just eternal love.Please do not be unhappyJust because I’m out of sight.Remember that I’m with youEvery morning, noon, and night.That day that I had to leave youWhen my life on earth was through,God picked me up and hugged meAnd He said, I welcome you.It’s good to have you back againYou were missed while you were gone.As for your dearest; familyThey’ll be here later on.I need you here so badlyAs part of my big plan.There’s so much that we have to doTo help our mortal man.Then God gave me a list of thingsHe wished for me to do.And foremost on that list of mineIs to watch and care for you.And I will be beside youEvery day and week and year.And when you’re sad,I’m standing there to wipe away the tears.And when you lie in bed at nigh
We Already Know
My lips parted just a little and waiting, for only you while our fates are debating. Perfection may be hard to meet, then the light wins the battle, so we can eat. Could be willing to say thanx, for the subtle cuddles, peanuts and dranks. Sure would like to recipicate, ane give you a reason to remember this date.   come up here baby, there is nothing to prove, we already know I can feel you move. I don't need to tell you exactly where, we already know, so be oh so fair.   I'm lost and here is you, wondering when I will come home, I would stay beside you as long as you wish for us to be alone. each of us can feel what the other is feeling, we guided our hearts to do the stealing. We skipped just taking it mildly slow, and no harm, no foul, because we alreay know.   Sometimes we might wonder, will the day come?? when we can ignore the rest of the world and become one. If its meant to be, it will take place, we can hold hands and suck eachothers face. Lingering reason
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
I didn't have to strain to see how moist her pussy  has become throughout the activity. She was getting more turned on with every smack of the paddle. He whacked her again, and then kissed her. Finally the paddle dropped to the floor and her turned back to face her. He bent his knees slightly and pushed his dick back into her pussy. He began to thrust again, and i tried to picture his thick dick streching her pussy wide.   He moved quickly now. Each pump coming harder. Her body was tensing and i knew that she was climaxing as he fucked her. Her legs buckled a bit and he held her up with his big arms. As he started to cum i watched him pull out of her and shoot his load all over her  ass and up her back. The cum literally poured out of his dick, covering her and rolling down her body.  Vanessa fell forward onto the bed, ezhusted. the guy turned walked off the screen. 
"i'm Not Done With Her Yet"
I pumped harder as she came. Her climax rolled over her like waves. with each pump of my dick, another wave would hit her. I fucked her hard, feeling my own orgasm approaching. Soon my dick began to swell and i felt my cum explode out of my dick and flood her pussy. The waves continued as i  stopped pumping. Each wave was a little less than the last until she finally lay still under me. The bed was soaked with a mixture of our sweat and cum. I slowly reached up and took off her blindfold and released her hands. She wrapped them around me and kissed my drenched lips. She wanted to speak but couldn't. I didn't need to hear her say anything. I knew she had just experienced the greatest orgasm of her life. We kissed again, and then fell asleep in each other's arms. Our bodies still covered in our liquids:)  
You Know It
I'm not always right, and I know it I'm not with you tonight, so as you relax, when rest a bit..... I ask for you to do nothing for me, I'll get pass the finish line, I may be too soft too be real,   but I will be just fine.   You are the one I worry about, its about time for you and I to not ever doubt. If you never met me, life would go on the same you would still make others happy. Some say that I am an angel, but what they don't see is that my reality is I live in hell. Look past the mess all around, and just feel the care expressed in the sound. Same shit, different day, You know, I know sometimes there is only one way. As I dream of you, you walk away
Getting Ready To Tour Europe
Good Morning Fubar People! In September I will be going on tour in Europe with the band Rage of Angels and supporting my new band DNA. Please check out these links below and help spread the word if you like what you hear. Peace, David
Rich Names, Wow!!
I love George!! He knows of this too!! When I heard that William and Kate's son was given the first name of George, I smiled!! I had heard if it was a girl, they had thought of maybe Elizabeth....... I am proud of my name. Not only because it is my Grandmother's name and a first name of some actresses, or even that it is a biblical name. It was ordained to me and I have lived up to it. My middle name is my other grandmothers name, no complaints there either. I was a Billie Jean, only long after the song came out. Some called me that when the song was famous. Today, I went to see a specialist about my arm. The doctor's hurt me, but I am not going to report it. They didn't fully know where the pain was. Evidently the pain is from swelling I don't see. All I need to do is ice it. Yeah, guess that means my alcoholic drink concentration needs to stick around a bit longer. See that is what I use to ice my arm. I need to say something again about Fubar. I'm losing friends again, their profi
Somethings I Never Will Be
I will never be a movie star, even though I took three years of Theatre Arts in high school. I will never be a model, that is really too easy to figure out why. I will never be a president. I just may be dented and fighting for the US of A, but I don't need the attention. Last but not least, I will never be able to calm the storm. It will forever be hell bent on thrashing and hurting people. I really want to help, but I just can't do it on my own. Just perhaps I have brightened a liitle section of Fubar. Maybe I have brought out more peaceful thoughts to be reached in the stars. Before you say anything, it is painful typing this so it is gonna be short. I would like it very much if it might be possible for everyone who reads this to poke me with a hug. Let me know, please, that I just maybe typing in more than a whisper. We have but one life to live, one heart to share, and even if most don't believe it.... Heaven can be anywhere!!
"confronting My Wife"
We sat staring at each other, once aging allowing silence to fill the room. Finally, she spoke. "I, um i'm so sorry Lee. How did you find out?. Please don't hate and leave me. I loved you so much."  I smiled at her. "You love me? Kinda funny way of showing it. Let's see, you love me, but you're fucking that asshole i work for in our bed. You love me, but you're a slut to some stranger. You love me. That makes it all better Vanessa." "How did you find out?" She asked, her voice barely above a whisper.  I leaned back in my chair. "Remember the last time i went away? I came home early. That ass hole was here, supposedly checking up on you. What you don't know is that i showed up about an hour before i rang the doorbell. I came in the house, hoping to surprise you and ended up being the one getting surprised. I went upstairs and stood in the doorway watching you and that ass fuck ing on our bed. I couldn't believe what i was seeing. You were both so nervous when i went back down stairs
Master Of The House - Les Miserables
THENARDIERMy band of soaks, my den of dissolute'sMy dirty jokes, my always pissed as newtsMy sons of whores spend there lives in my inn,Homing pigeons homing inThey fly through my doors,And they crawl out on all foursWelcome, Monsieur, sit yourself downAnd meet the best innkeeper in townAs for the rest, all of 'em crooks:Rooking their guests and crooking the booksSeldom do you seeHonest men like meA gent of good intentWho's content to beMaster of the house, doling out the charmReady with a handshake and an open palmTells a saucy tale, makes a little stirCustomers appreciate a bon-viveurGlad to do a friend a favorDoesn't cost me to be niceBut nothing gets you nothingEverything has got a little price!Master of the house, keeper of the zooReady to relieve 'em of a sou or twoWatering the wine, making up the weightPickin' up their knick-knacks when they can't see straightEverybody loves a landlordEverybody's bosom friendI do whatever pleasesJesus! Won't I bleed 'em in the end!THENARDIER & D
A Friendship Wit No Strings
When u with me, U are my wife. Im yo husband. I put all my love into maken u happy, smile untill the defense wall is exausted! Kissing yo body all over. Licking yo side under yall breast, and sucking da nipples like a prison inmate. U so turned on. Uo think u pee yo panties. By the time we make love. The only thing on yo mind ideas pleasen me. Holding this thik long dik in yo hand. Stroking the head wit yo other hand. Some doubt before putting it yo mout. I grab yo throat, kissing yo lips & sucking yo tongue. Then I tell U get this dik! Uo slowing going down witta look like ok baby. Looking n my eyes , u open yo mout to taste the head. Sucking slowly,,, yo eyes close then u forget this is a dik of a stranger.
 My momma didn't raise no fool!! I only get better with age. I fuckng improved after being brain injured. Things have gotten worse too, but see I know just when it seems things are going downhill and out of control, it really just means life can and will get so much better. I wish everyone knew that. If even I can see the brighter day dawning, you can too. If I can see the beauty among the crudeness, eveyone ought to be able to see it too.  Times do get bad, but if you can get mad you can be happy too. Just release some endorphins during sex or laughter, it honestly does help!! Exercise helps too. I don't recommend you try lifting weights while listening to music on the internet, simply because that is how I sprained my arm. Never sprained anything before and I am not so sure like it, but like I said things wil get better.   Try this out, be happy and wear many smiles. I will shorten the pain and lessen the miles.  Monday's aren't so bad, be happy you have one more day to not be sad!
Velvet Veil
I didn't want to be special, in any such way, but I know I am different in a great way. I am unlike most of the rest, see I am not out to quickly pass the test. I want to enjoy the ride through and through, I want to enjoy it with you. for more than three weeks I had to be tube fed, does that make me too strange  to ever be led? I don't know, that is just how some see it, they figure one acts phsycho they all do or did. Go ahead give the devil is claim to fame, but the angels gave us our name. We may not act just like you, I, for one, am mostly proud of how well I do. One way or the other it was going to happen, maybe brain injuries should be dealt to the heartless men and women.   We were chosen to pass or fail, I came back to explain my velvet veil. I know I'm not what I use to be, look past the velvet veil and you shall see the real me.
"the Debt "
"We did Kathy. You signed it and i'm here to collect the first payment," Bob insisted. "That's all there is to it. We agreed you could refuse or participate. There's no middle ground."  Bob was referring to the contract that he and Kathy wrote between them. She had been his book keeper for a number of years. He is a  contractor and she keeps his books as well as those of a few other small businesses. She was in a bind a few months ago and Bob loned her twevle thousand dollars. So far she paid back three thousand of the loan in chash but had troble getting the rest. They came to an agreement and wrote out a contract that the remaining money can be repaid in three ways. Cash of course is one way, bookeeping services is the other and sexual favors at the rat of a $100 for each encounter.
Wet Dream
     Baby you are my wet dream,You cum see me at night...                                                   I know its a dream, But it just feels so right...The words that you say,The things you do...I can't wait to sleep,Just to go be with you...I wake up so hard,
"the Debt " Part2
Kathy pushed with her thumb at his hip and he went with little resistance into the shower. She followed him insdie and turned on the water. They both jumped when the cold water hit them and in moments it warmed to their liking. as they showered and talked she put soap where it mattered.  He grabbed his dick and lifted it to allow her better acess ti him. She took advantage of it and captured the scubby thrusting it under his scrotum and into his ass. she rubbed harshly and he stood on tiptoe. "Hey! That's precious stuff there. bob objected.  "Trust me?" Kathy said looking up into his eyes and comtinuing to rub the scubby all over him. Bob put his hands on Kathy's breasts and crassed them both at the same time.  "They're clean," she said. "Move on." Bob too the hint and grabbed the scubby from her. He added more soap and pressed it between her legs. She thrust her hips back to avoid him except her butt hit the wall of the shower and she couldn't retreat as planned. He got to her p
Making Love
You and I meet for the first time. Standing here still. Not sure who will make the first move I gaze into your eyes... You are smiling at me... You slowly put your arm up almost wanting to touch my face. As you overcome your fear, you slowly touch my lips with your fingertip... I close my eyes and let out a breath... That was a sign for you... to kiss me... you slowly move in for the attack... as I felt your lips on mine.... and your tongue searching for my soul... I surrender to you... As your hands roam over my body... trying to feel the soft skin... that you've been longing to touch... You rip open my clothes as animal instinct over take you... As your lips kissed every part of my body.. as my fingers touched your skin... feeling your heartbeat pounding like a drum through your chest... Your tongue is like a snake... sliding.....and slippery seeking... my very core of my body... making me scream with ecstasy.... Crying out your name... as your seed fee
Will U Miss Me
would u care if i was gone  never to be seen? i'm the last thing this world needs in it. i'm not the girl any one wants any more i'm the girl that is last on the list for love. no one wants me as a friend they friend me because they fell bad for me love hates me . but it plays like it loves me and wants me to be happy. my tears are my friends my broken heart is the dager in my chest. my words fall on empty dry grownd . but u  they get picked up and put on top of the land of lies u say that u say that u care about them. this is the last time my worlds will be said to any one.  my heart is closed to all  of this  words love friends and more its gone cold to all .  and good luck to get in .......
Neighbors Part 2: Alice
Alice - Continued from Neighbors: Alice was laying face down on the lounge chair enjoying the quiet afternoon tanning session when he came out. He walked over and began to apply sunscreen to her back. She was sunbathing nude for the first time and thoroughly enjoying the new sensation. He worked the sunscreen into her back and began giving her a much needed massage. Slowly working the knots out from her aching muscles as he started at her shoulders and methodically worked his way towards her feet applying lotion as needed.  "Ohhh... mmmm," She quietly moaned as he worked her over. He slowly worked back up to her ass, where he slide his hand between her thighs. Unconsciously she spread her legs slightly allowing him more movement. He gently kissed the small of her back as he stroked her nearly hairless pussy. He slowly stroked her lips, easing his middle finger between them. On the down stroke his finger touched her clit like a spark to gas.  "Mmmmhhmmm," She moaned. He dipped his
Help Me Please :-)
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Slowly Waking Up
"They are spooned together; one of his arms thrown over her and his hand cupping the round fullness of her breast and pulling her body back against his chest. Her fanny pressed in the pit of his stomach and his knees pressed into the cup behind her knees. His other arm extend under her pillow and holding one of her hands; their fingers intertwined. The fragrance of her hair and the scent of her warm skin is an intoxicating aroma in his nose. He buries his nose into her hair breaths deeply and he murmurs "Good morning, Pretty!" quietly against the nape of her neck. She wriggles back against him reveling in his embrace and the feeling of his urgency pressing against her."
"the Debt " Part 3
"Oh shit!" she mumbled soflty to herself. "What the hell time is it? She asked.  "It's time to pay an installment on your debt,"Bob slurred. "I closed the bar a few minutes ago so it must be 3:30am." "come on in you creep," Kathy said let's get this over with." Bob stumbled into the house and started down the hallway toward the bed room. Kathy quickly closed and locked the front door. She chased after him and steered him by his  hips toward the family room. "Not so fast there buddy," she said. "I plan to get a good night's sleep when you finish. You're in no condition to drive so you're going to slep this off in the rec room. "But i like your bed," bob complained.  "So do i! That's why you're sleeping out here," she insisted. They arrived in the family room. Kathy took off Bob's coat.  "The rest you're going to have to do for yourself. If you aren't sober enough to undress yourself then you're not getting any,' Kathy warned. "I can handle it luv," bob slurred. "and i can handl
Yeah, I'm A Fan!!
I am a member of the Marlboro mailing list, even though I don't smoke their cigarettes anymore. No joke, they are like over $6 up here. Anyways Marlboro sent me a birthday card and a present, iits just an ashtray with my first and last initials on it. Its just cool cuz I think so and it was my first gift. They once sent me a hand fan, when I didn't have a fan. I am thankful they are part of my life. May sound insignifficant, but still. I don't judge anyone, because i do not wish to be judged.  Still get those party spoilers that don't know any beter and I forgive them.  Someday their gonna get what they are giving, it ain't gonna be that pretty. To each their own. I help those that I can. I try my damnest to help the ones that don't always have the loudest voices. My dad called me an angel and I have been called an angel plenty of times since my dad called me that. I have been told it is deserved and maybe that is why I try an tell everyone I will have a good day, if theirs goes bette
The Influx Of Foreign Players Nike Free 3.0 V2 To The Nba
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Autumn Fashion Denim Blouse Collocation Skills
  Preface: warm and handsome cowboy blouse is definitely winter fashion classic wild style. Random match korea clothing online shopping jeans or skirt, can wear clothing different personality, the influx of people to the full range! This fall, fashion, how can you do not start with a denim blouse?      [Denim blouse with tip 1] Collocation skill: handsome cowboy blouse, sweet candy-colored tights, with firmness and flexibility, maturity in a little charming. White pointed high-heeled shoes plays the role of Emphasis.    [Denim blouse with tip 2] Collocation skill: match denim blouse leather skirt, handsome in a little charming. A dress modification waist hip line, improve the waistline, so that the legs more slender. Add a bit sexy black stockings.    [Denim blouse with tip 3] Collocation skill: blend trousers warm and strong and individuality, breaking the dull cold tones. Black boots show uninhibited personality.    [Denim blouse with tip 4] Collocation skill: hole tight
Just one touch, would mean so god damn much. You are way too hot to hold, it is one way or another, you are too young and I'm just too old to be anywhere, in anyway another lover.   That is just fine, its okay, in my dreams I can have every advantage in every god damned way. I know that you can take a second and figure out, that I can always be called for with a whisper, there is no need to shout.   I'll trace your lips, if you never cease movments of your hips.  I would never beg for more, and I won't even keep score. If you could have one dream come true, I would like to be there for you.   One touch that is just shared, its a real and true sign that I cared. I'm hoping deep down inside its not too much, to even request a light caressing, never ending touch. 
"the Debt " Part 4
They arrived at Bobby's truck. He opened  the door. She waited for him to get her into the truck gracfully. He remembered she had no panties on. He put his arns on her back and under her legs and lifted her into the truck. She helped by moving onto the seat ususing her hands but it was mostly Bobby's strength that respectfully placed her where she sat. "I'm impressed," she said. "You're meant to be," bob smiled and closed the door. He drove to  the best French resturaunt in town. Kathy's eyes widened as they walked into the large building. " Mosieur, Manemoisell," the host said in greeting them.  Bob arranged for his reservation. They were seated at a good table near but not next to string quarlet. The mood set by the live music was wonderful. Kathy enjoted it throughly. It had been a long time since she had been in such a romantic setting. The waiter was wonderful. his broken english seemed genuine. He used more friench words than Engilsh ones anyway. He gushed and complimentesd t
Of Golden Ghosts...
conjuring up spirits of old only time will tell what fortunes we hold   do you hearken unto days gone by? when waves of laughter lapped against the sky and when on the meadow your beauty bathed who were you to question the love she gave? it rarely matters once the feeling is spent grow used to mourning that which came and went so when darkness comes and you wonder why will you hearken unto days gone by? finding softness in a pillow of deceit not braving the truth nor admitting defeat and once past the motion, no matter how hard you run you can't set back the clock, nor re-rise the sun
Custom Skins
Wanting a custom skin that no one else will have? I do charge because it does take time to do these. 3 credits per skin is my going rate. I will make sure you are completely happy before payment. All I need is full detail of what you want. Backgrounds can either be picked out or hand designed by me You pick the colors Will come with a custom banner with your name. You have free range of what you want done, all I do is make it happen.   Interested? SB first and we'll talk about what your skin will be.
Holmes Will Require Su
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Things just got a lot tougher for the struggling New York Jets. Wide receiver Santonio Holmes will miss the rest of this season with an injured left foot, leaving the Jets without their top offensive playmaker. The team announced Wednesday that Holmes will require surgery and was placed on season-ending injured reserve. "Obviously, thats a big loss for us," coach Rex Ryan said. "Santonios one of the top receivers in the game, and it is a big loss." And, thats quite the understatement. The news came just over a week after star cornerback Darrelle Revis was likely lost for the season with a torn ligament in his left knee -- although the Jets havent placed him on IR yet, in case, Ryan said, he recovers in time to play in the Super Bowl. But that leaves the Jets (2-2) now without their best players on defence and offence as they try to return to the playoffs this year after missing out last season. Ryan insisted, however, that the teams expectations have n
Bulldozer Rain precipitates my mind to sleep Awakens slowly with dreams that creep Into my head, the pain runs deep And in the end, we all must weep   Rapid eye motion neither phasic nor tonic Pumping blood flows but levels are toxic Fear grips the anger, but my anger just mocks it Anger breaks through from my fist that unlocks it The answer was simple, shades of my reflection I crept through the house, no signs of detection Make my way to your room for closer inspection The anticipation mounts, feeding my erection   Is this what you want? Don't struggle;
Echoes Of Floorboards
Echoes Of Floorboards   It started in the hallwayWe were saying goodbye,Goodbye.You pulled me closer,Closer.So close, I could smell youI knew it right now,Right now.I had to taste you, Taste you.I licked your mouth.Your tongue just lingered,Lingered.You taste like heaven, Heaven.Lord, take me now,Now.My hunger is growing.It couldn’t get better, But we'll try anyhow.Anyhow.Your body’s on fireI feel it tooYou hold me closer, Closer.This feeling’s so new,New.My muscles, they tighten,You pull me inside,Inside.I knew in this moment,We’d be playing all night, All night.Something just shattered,Shattered.Crashed to the floorBut we don’t hear it,Hear it.You’re begging for more,For more.The heat of our passionIs making me shake,Shake.You push me inside you,Inside you.It’s all I can take,Take.Your breath is heavySuch a wonderful sound,Sound.Eyes burn with pleasureYou’re pulling me down,Down.Echo is deafening,You’re moaning so loud,So loud.I
The Sunlight Is Just A Glare (and Of What I Speak Of Is So Very Rare)...
i want to capture into words how breathtaking you are how the sunrise begs your pardon as he rises from afar and as the sunset hastens toward a downward climb his light grows dim but your light shines and how a snow top mountain peak adorned with the first fresh fallen snow is nothing more than a landscape we seek and nothing compared to the beauty i know and the beauty that i behold from the earliest morning light to the darkest recesses of the night everytime i look into your eyes i don't see bluest skies and clouds above i only see your beauty, i only see your love i could turn my gaze into the sun, stand and stare for days and never once go blind amidst those blinding rays but i look at you, for one golden moment
"the Debt " Part 4
I dedicate this part of my story to my sweet loving wife to be:)     Bob was sitting in a chair next to the master bed room. he had a glass of wine in his hand. He had on slippers and a long robe. he stood as Kathy entered the the room. She walked toward him and stopped four feet in front of him to feel his eyes on her. she loved the attention. eugenia walked around to the table and poured a glass of wine. She handed to Kathy who took it and turned to Bob. "Will there be anything else monsieur?" She asked.  "If mademoiselle is satisfied then you may go," Bob said.  Eugenia turned to Kathy who took a sip of her wine and handed the glass to Eugenia.  "For you" Kathy kathy said.  Eugenia smiled and took the glass. She sipped the wine and smiled again at both of them. she turned to exit and closed the door as she left. " You look amazing," Bobby said.  "I feel amazing. Thank you," Kathy said. "I see you got cleaned up too. Did you have help?" "Incentive, Bob replied.  Kathy walk
Intense focus The feeling of floating or detachment can occur when a submissive or bottom is intensely engaged by the actions of their partner. This draws their concentration towards both what's being done to them by their partner and their reactions to it. At the same time this draws their attention away from everything else. This can mean that they lose awareness of what's going on around them and, in some cases, even they can lose awareness of other parts of their body. This detachment which occurs affects the submissives's psychological state and can lead to a number of positive outcomes. For example, any previously pressing or urgent problems in their lives can be pushed out of awareness, at least for the duration of the scene and for shortly thereafter. This allows the time in subspace to act as a form of literal recreation where the submissive escapes from worry or stress and can recharge their batteries. Feelings of physically floating can occur when a submissi
In dictionary terms abuse is the bad use of, misuse of, perversion, or misapplication of a person or thing.  When it occurs during BDSM activities or in BDSMrelationships it can take some obvious and not-so-obvious forms. The affect of abuse on the victims We know that abuse occurs between people. This can be a difficult thing to measure for us because there are quite a few BDSM activities which may look from the outside to be abusive or harmful, but for the people experiencing them they may be enlightening, liberating, empowering, exciting or cathartic. A useful way of looking at abuse is not at what is actually done, but at what the consequences are for the person to whom these things are done. Thus, a simple definition of abuse for the BDSM world might be: one or more actions by one person which have ongoing negative consequences for another. These consequences could include: 1. Fear, 2. Grief, 3. Anxiety and stress, 4. Shame, embarrassment andhumiliation, 5. Low se
Bdsm Myths
Myth: Once you start playing BDSM games you will want more and more and engage in increasingly risky and dangerous play  Fact: It is true that newcomers are often like kids in candy shops. After all, they are discovering new things and the feelings associated with them. But most people find who they are in the scene, and enjoy staying there. They might experiment and even find out new things about themselves, but stay centered. Myth: Everybody plays heavy, there's no room for people who consider a feather heavy.  Fact: There is room for everyone. One persons heavy is another persons light and vice-versa. In fact, being in the "scene" doesn't have to involve BDSM at all. If you encounter the people who keep "score", find other people. Myth: All I see in the magazines and on the "net" are beautiful people in million dollar outfits, I'll never fit in.  Fact: You are looking at magazines and the "net". It says more about societies concept of body image and beauty then it do
“We know much better what trust does than what trust is” Castaldo However, much is written about trust, and there are some generally accepted scientific definitions. My point here is that trust is not an on/off switch; it is much more complex than that. It is two way street and there are varying levels/depths to it too.......  1. Trust = ability + benevolence + integrity… or some variation thereof. This formula, proposed Mayer, Davis & Schoorman in 1995, has been generally accepted as a psychological definition of interpersonal trust.  2. Trust is a relationship. As in any relationship, there generally exist some reciprocity and interdependence. 3. Trust involves risk. There has to be a possibility of a loss, a vulnerability that the other will act opportunistically or in a self-serving manner – otherwise you’re talking about confidence, faith or co-operation. There exists a “freedom to disappoint” the other’s expectations
Online / Long Distance Relationships
There is an art to maintaining any relationship but a long distance one requires a bit more work because you rarely, if ever, see each other in the flesh. LDRs as they are often called can drain the parties involved and cause much stress to see flourish. They aren’t impossible to have, but quite difficult to maintain for long periods of time. This isn’t a negative reflection for I too was a LDR submissivebefore my Dominant crossed the ocean for me. In that moment I knew my long distance days were over. But I did pick up some very important tips that I hope will help you if you happen to be in a LDR like I was. 1. Communicate Effectively The most important glue to a relationship of this sort is being able to communicate effectively. This means being able to not only express your desires but also your emotions, feelings, thoughts and daily routine. What you may think as unnecessary to share this other person will probably miss. After all, they do not get to se
The Good Dominant
I don't spend a whole lot of writing time talking about what I think makes a good Dominant. Mostly because this is about me and my whining submission, and I don't believe that it's my job to tell him how to do his. However, I read a couple of Tumbler posts that really made me think about "Good" Dominance.Tumbler does not allow endless comments (damn them for that), and since it's really not my place to rant about the anonymous idiots who comment on another person's blog, here I am. How exactly do people form the concept that to be Dominant means to have no respect for those they Dominate? Given the phrasing, I am going to go out on a very short limb and conclude that in a "few years" these particular men have gone through a number of "subs". I wonder why they never stopped to think that maybe their attitude is why they seem to be going through subs so fast...? If you want a submissive to respect you, give her something to respect.If you want her to do as she's told, give
How To Interview A Dom/master Prospect
Your prince is out there, seeking you, hungering for you, wondering where you are. But crouching between you and him are dozens of frogs and trolls. A few of these are even handsome and well-spoken. And you must wade through them, trying not to get slimed or bitten, before reaching your eventual partner. Just how are you to discern a poser from a dependable, balanced dominant gentleman? A man with the qualities described in What to Look For ...? You can't see into the past, or read minds, so you have one method of discrimination before you take the risk of investing trust in a prospect: inquisition—you ask him a ton of questions. It's one of the hardest chores for many submissive women. After encountering a gent she feels intrigued by, she must—although her sub side may already desire his direction—play detective. Many single subs overlook this phase, and expose themselves to unsavory characters claiming BDSM expertise after a brief online corresponden
The Loving Dominant
There is more to being a Dominant than wearing a title, carrying a crop, giving orders or dressing the part. While all of the former might have a role to play in presenting oneself as a possible Dominant – of looking the part, so to speak – they have little to do with what actually defines a Dominant. This is something that by-and-large comes from within; like any skill, the basics can be learned, and the ability grown and nurtured through immersion in the scene and developed by spending time with those well-versed in the lifestyle. But just like any other skill or ability, how well one succeeds comes down to how willing and receptive one is to learning or being taught – and how well one’s talent and temperament are suited to taking on a Dominant role. Within Second Life, it is doubly easy to slap on a title and swagger around a bondage or role-play sim barking orders, trying to subdue submissives and impress others – but even in the most unc
Online Domination
Real Life play is wonderful. It's exhilarating, it's fun, it can be intensely erotic. And some people are lucky enough to be able to play whenever they want. Usually though, there are limitations - time, distance, other obligations - which mean we can't just whip up a scene whenever we feel like it. It's a big, wide world out there, and sometimes its hundreds - or even thousands - of miles that seperate us from our play partner. However, RL isn't the only way to explore and experience BDSM. It is often said, that our most developed sexual organ is our brain - and that's were cyber-BDSM comes in. Of course, everyone's heard of cyber sex. There are a plethora of online chatrooms where you can go to have one-night cyber-stands, and talk to people you don't know in third person all pretending you're getting down to hot and kinky sex - this article isn't about them. Rather, I want to look at how technology can work in and enhance a BDSM relationship. One of the most difficult
The Illusion Of Control
I posed a question in chat recently regarding a collared submissive's right to say "no" to Master/Mistress. As I suspected, it elicited a spirited discussion and a variety of opinions. I too have an opinion, and while it is no more valid than anyone else's, I thought it had the makings of a good posting. Control of a submissive is an illusion. There, I said it. I'll take a few minutes and let many of you regain your composure. That long enough? Ok, I'll explain. It seems that most people have a good grasp on the many specifics regarding D/s philosophy. Most are aware of safe, sane and consensual. Most are aware of a submissive's rights. Most are generally aware of the expectations attached to the role of Dominant and submissive in a relationship. In short, most see the trees. But how do these disparate notions make themselves into a forest, especially when many of the concepts may appear to be contradictory? For purpose of this article I wish to dispense with refusals
Punishment Vs Discipline
It seems to Me that this well accepted and widely utilized part of O/our D/s lifestyle is frequently misunderstood and/or misapplied. I'm not certain how many Dominants take the time to know why They punish or discipline, much less the form in which it is applied. Yet, most of Us seem quite adept at doling it out. I'd like to take a moment to reflect upon these issues, in hopes that with greater understanding of them, the punishments/disciplines may prove to be both more reasonably employed and effective. The first question, "why do Dominant's punish/discipline?" is perhaps the most important. It will set the tone for the structure and type of punishment/discipline used. In this regard, I have two suggestions. Never punish/discipline out of anger. Everyone is human, including submissives. And as humans, they are prone to making mistakes. Mistakes in actions and of judgment. So do Dominants. Punishment/discipline in anger is nothing short of abuse. If You're angry, dela
To Punish Or Not?
There is much discussion in the D/s lifestyle about punishment, and to a lesser extent discipline. Too few people actually take the time to examine what punishment in D/s is for, what purpose it serves, and what effect it can have on a relationship. What then is punishment and discipline, and how can they be applied to a D/s relationship? Looking at various definitions of punishment, a general view is that punishment is the imposition of a penalty for a fault or a violation. The penalty may well be inflicted in retribution or retaliation. The infliction of corporal punishment may also be involved in a punishment. Discipline is better defined as "training to improve strength or self control". So, there are two distinct and very different meanings to each of punishment and discipline that may be applied to a D/s relationship. In a D/s relationship the submissive, by their nature requires that certain areas of their life be controlled by the Dominant. This control can hap
Advice For A New Dominant
This is written assuming you have fundamental knowledge of BDSM and D/s practices along with safe, sane and consensual behaviour. So you have come to the point in your life where you want it bad enough you can taste it, but at the same time you don't know what is in store. Will it be as you imagined, or is there a whole lot more to it AND given that information, would you run wildly in the opposite direction? You start out as curious, happy, anxious, scared, etc. and a variety of other emotions, as you could imagine. You may also already have an individual who wanted to explore this area as well. Are you really ready? All the pieces are in place, it is kind of like a plunge, but being committed to two things; the pursuit of this lifestyle and the person with whom you are going to become deeply involved with. Now, the ball was in my court. Starting out you are never going to be sure. Everyday is a major session? What kind of schedule are you going to create? How do you
Been Doing Good
It has been better, but it has been worse. I am not gonna start complaining or anything. I mean my daughter could go and bring home some toilet tissue, she could maybe even bring home some creamer, and yet I expect you don't much care. Well, I do. I don't admire black coffee and like most, I like wiping my rear with something soft, but not too soft. Don't really want my fingers going through the tissue while I an cleaning myself. Things are moving along, not always as wanted or planned, but they are still moving. As the seasons change I am oftem reminded of what I was gonna do. Don't particularly like that haunting feeling slowly creeping just to pounce on me. My other laptop as about bit the dust unless anyone can help me. I don't try to ask for alot. It don't really suit me as a trait I would like to have. If we could all somehow be friends, instead of enemies, we could show the world. They might not know of Fubar, but who says we can't carry the peace out to the rest of our neighb
Unravelingemotions is the hardest thing to do. Once you unravel, you have to align all the pieces and put parts of the puzzle together. But the true living hell comes from getting enough put together, that there is no real need to finish this puzzle. That revealed says it all, no other pieces needed to complete what's already there. Now comes the hard part of letting go because the gut kick you just got has you extremely worried... Only reason being? The amount of impact it had. No reason that holds water, to truly explain the sudden loss of breathable air... Then feeling yourself falling through eternity and there is no noticeable end. I would rather fall hard and slam into the concrete... only to end it all... Than to see something happen that I can't, within reason, stop.
Current Thoughts
         Lately, between work and sleep which I do too much of one, and not enough of the other. My life has been completely turned upside down. I have finally accepted the most horrible thing that any parent could ever have to go through, outliving your children and having to cremate them. I accept the fact that the person responsible is rotting in jail for life x2, I've gotten over the fact that it ripped two people who loved one another immensely completely apart. So my coping stage has finally set in. I hate not doing anything, my mind starts to dwell and wonder on the what if's in their short lived lives. I smoke copious amounts of weed to keep my emotions in check, I work upwards of almost 80 hours a week, I sleep about 2 to three hours a day mainly because I hate it. Nightmares are fucking horrendous...and I find myself in a position where being alone scares the shit out of me as well. So I consume myself with my vices in order to survive, and realize that money doesn't buy hap
Smokeys Life Chapter 1
So the names Charity Marie Shomaker in the year 1986 I was born to a woman named Kathrina Lee Brown and a man named Richard Wayne Shoemaker, I had curly blondeish/red hair I was 4lbs 6oz and 16 1/2 inches long. Both my parents were big time drugies and sellers so I clung to my mom til we either moved or a death happened needless to say. At the age of 1 my mothers child hood sweetheart and neighbor Scott Thomas McCormick decided to be together and I favored him over my own father so I called him my step dad & thats when my father walked out on both my mom and me (He was on the run due to a bad drug deal & owed dues). At the age of 3 my mother Kathrina married Scott McCormick in Lakeland, Florida at the state park. Thats when my brother came into the picture and I had my buddy for life. (or so I thought) At age 3 and my brother just being a newborn we decided to move to Rochester, New York to live a better and happier life both my parents got out of the drug sceane and made mega bucks at
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Golden Dawn Leader Charged With Heading A Criminal Gang
The leader of Greece's Golden Dawn, widely viewed as Europe's most violent political force, appeared in court on Saturday night on charges of heading a criminal gang after police mounted an unprecedented crackdown on the neo-fascist party, arresting Nikos Michaloliakos and other key members of his organisation. After a high-stakes police operation in which anti-terrorism officers stormed the homes of Golden Dawn politicians across Athens, Michaloliakos and five of his MPs were seized. Fourteen other senior Golden Dawn activists were taken into custody accused of fomenting violence as members of a criminal organisation. The prime minister, Antonis Samaras, held emergency talks with his public order and justice ministers after the raids. Emerging from the discussion, the justice minister, Charalambos Athanasiou, insisted that those who had been arrested will face "just justice". "Justice has moved with decisiveness and transparency," he told reporters gathered outside the prime minist
::: Erotica ::: ~ Private Paradise ~ Part. 2
  The wood was aged and worn on the outside from what Jules could see from the misshapen dock, missing planks and worn down wood slowly eroding away. As her hand reached for the door she gave it a soft nudge and it opened easily, swinging inward. The jam was old and the latch broken with no signs of anything that kept it shut. Her pulse still rapid from things to come, her eyes quickly surveyed the small 2 room interior. The 2 rooms were divided in an open level shed from looks of it. The wood of the wall an floor was aged and dated. The paint was dried and crackling away amidst the floorboards. The surf outside was close to the shore, and it was clear the salt riddled sea air had taken it’s toll on this abode for some time. Some broken panes of glass on a series of windows ahead, overlooking the shore further out. A small breeze was felt through the door, but the warm air made it feel quite soothing at her back. Her hands rubbing her breasts, feeling the nipples growing into e
Ntrol. "just Couldnt Seem To Find
(Sports Network) - The Toronto Blue Jays will send Kyle Drabek to the hill hoping to turn his fortunes around against Nick Blackburn and the Minnesota Twins in Game 2 of their four game series. Drabek opened the season with two straight wins followed by a no-decision, but has lost three straight outings since. The first two setbacks of that career high-tying losing streak were quality starts, but the righty endured a tough outing on Saturday at the Angels. Drabek was touched for a season-high five runs on eight hits, five walks and two homers over five frames of a 6-2 setback as he struggled with control. "Just couldnt seem to find the four-seam fastball, and thats what beat me today," said Drabek on Torontos official website. "It just needs to be fixed. ... Thats pretty much the end of that." The former 2006 first-round pick has faced the Twins just once before, beating them on April 2 of last year with seven innings of one-run ball. Drabek also struck out seven in that ou
Neighbors Part 3
Alice shut the door and locked it as she had been instructed. Slowly, she mounted the stairs with butterflies in her stomach. When she got to the top she went to the second door as Jenni had told her. What she saw almost made her run right back home but at the same time she felt the beginings of arrousal. Lying on the bed stark naked was Cole. Hands folded behind his head, right leg bent with his foot beside the knee of his outstretched left leg. Looking at him he seemed to be sleeping. Deeply, if his breathing was anything to go by. Laying beside him about a foot away was Jennifer, also naked. She was on her side curled up facing Cole with her hands under her cheek. Quickly Alice took their picture with her phone."They look so cute," she thought as she set her keys and phone on the dresser.Nervously she walked over to the bed and took another look at them. She leaned over and cupped Cole's small dick in her hand and kissed the tip."Well, it's no good like this," she whispered to herse
As Devil night comes closer its harder for me to think about good thing everyone that pass me I smell there sent, I see there vains I hear heart racing . I know I must feed to live but its only one month were my evil side really comes out . Sex , blood, roses , black candles. 
7 Days
What can happen in 7 days?
I Heard That!
I call you into my office to discuss your grades. You come in and sit down with a bratty smirk on your face. I tell you you are failing but you don't seem to care. I ask you to do better or i will have no choice but to fail you. You mumble under your breath that you hate my class anyway so no biggie. I hear you dont realize i hear you so i play it cool. I ask you why no effort in class and you say the subject matter is boring and again you mumble something. But i hear you say the only reason you stay in class is that you lobe to watch my huge cock bouncing around under my slacks. Shocked as i am to hear it, i play it cool. You begin to be even more of a brat as our conversation continues. I begin to get really frustrated with you and out of know where i blurt out that the only way your passing my class is if you get down on your knees and suck my cock. As you hear this you begin to get offended but in your mind you are dying to do just that. But you say that will never happen so fuck o
Ut Shved, A Member Of The Russian Oly
MINNEAPOLIS -- Alexey Shved made two 3-pointers and scored 12 of his 15 points in the fourth quarter in the Minnesota Timberwolves 82-75 exhibition victory over the Chicago Bulls on Saturday night. Nikola Pekovic had 16 points and 17 rebounds, and Brandon Roy added 13 points in his comeback attempt. Kirk Hinrich led the Bulls with 15 points, Joakim Noah added 14 points and 13 rebounds. Nazr Mohammed finished with 10 points for Chicago. The Bulls led 60-58 after three quarters, but Shved, a member of the Russian Olympic team who signed with the Minnesota over the summer, helped the Wolves grab control. He made a free throws with 7:59 to give Minnesota the lead for good at 67-66, and added five points in an 11-0 Minnesota run midway through the fourth quarter. Chicago played without Luol Deng and Richard Hamilton, both of whom were experiencing general soreness. Minnesota did not have Kevin Love (elbow) or Andrei Kirilenko (left hamstring) available. Wholesale MLB Jerseys . C
N Thursday Night In The Secon
PITTSBURGH -- Gonzaga senior Robert Sacres pre-game message to his younger teammates before facing West Virginia made up for in directness what it lacked in eloquence. "Hit em, is all youve got to say," the Canadian centre said. "Hit em, be physical, let everything else work itself out. As long as youre physical, thats all that matters. Show that Gonzagas not soft." Done and done. Dominating the lethargic Mountaineers on both ends of the floor, the Bulldogs rolled to a 77-54 win Thursday night in the second round of the NCAA tournament. Sacre, of North Vancouver, B.C., and Gary Bell Jr. scored 14 points apiece for seventh-seeded Gonzaga (26-6), which will play Ohio State or Loyola (Md.) in the third round on Saturday. Fellow Canadian Kevin Pangos of Holland Landing, Ont., added 13 points and five assists, and the fight the Bulldogs were expecting from the 10th-seeded Mountaineers (19-14) never materialized. West Virginia shot 32 per cent (16 of 49) from the field and had no
On A Diving Stop In The Seventh Inning. He Remained In
CHICAGO -- Athletics third baseman Brandon Inge will travel back to Oakland to have an MRI on his dislocated right shoulder. As manager Bob Melvin announced the plan for Inge after Sundays 7-3 loss to the Chicago White Sox. Inge was hurt Saturday on a diving stop in the seventh inning. He remained in the game and started a double play two batters later. Inge then drove in the go-ahead run in the eighth, leading the team to believe the injury wasnt too severe. Inge was held out of the lineup Sunday. The team decided he should meet with doctors to determine the extent of the injury and whether he can play through it without causing long-term issues. The 35-year-old Inge is hitting .216 with 12 homers and 52 RBIs. Adrian Peterson Jersey .J. -- The New York Jets have signed wide receiver Raymond Webber and waived linebacker Matthias Berning. Authentic Adrian Peterson Jersey . David Booth, who has yet to take part in training camp, will be lost for a month to six weeks with a g
7. Since Ko Is Still An Amateur, She C
COQUITLAM, B.C. -- Lydia Ko is not going to the bank to cash a champions cheque, but she still gets what many pro golfers do not yet have. Recognition in the World Golf Hall of Fame. The 15-year-old amateur made her mark in golf history Sunday as she became the youngest ever winner of an LPGA event by capturing the Canadian Womens Open title with a 5-under 67. Since Ko is still an amateur, she could not collect the top prize of $300,000. But her glove will be displayed in the World Golf Hall of Fame after the Florida-based shrine requested a memento from her history-setting round. "To have something thats mine to be up there, its amazing, and it doesnt come down or anything," she said. "So it will always remain there, and itll be a good memory. Its been an awesome week." The New Zealander finished with a 13-under 275 total to beat Inbee Park of South Korea by three strokes. But the cash went to Park, who made the score closer by chipping in for birdie from an estimated 40 yards on the
Best Luxury Pool Villa Huahin
Luxury fully equipped holiday villa Thailand with private pool in the beach resort town of Hua Hin located in a quiet area with mountains in the background. The Luxury pool villas located in a quiet, quiet area of Hua Hin provides for luxury and comfort for up to 6 people. It can basically be reached by taxi or van from Bangkok or by plane to Hua Hin airport. Well suited for relaxing holiday in the event you like beach, indulging in day spas, golf or sightseeing. The villas in hua hin has a large living room with dining table, LCD TV with sofas seating 6 people, open fully equipped kitchen with washing machine, dryer, water cooker, pans etc. There are three bedrooms with closets, one has a King size bed, two have a Queen Size bed. The villa has bathrooms each with shower, toilet and wash basin. All rooms have air conditioning. The villa is set in a well maintained tropical garden with private pool. The pool area has a table where you can have lunch or dinner & deck chairs. Rental
I Am Your Master
I walk in on you while you pretend to sleep, walk up to you and grab you by the throat with a my strong hand, i whisper in your ear that if you do anything stupid i will hurt you, you nod in agreement. I take whatever i can find near your bed and tie your hand behind your back grab you by the throat and force you down on your knees. as you are on your knees in front of me you to look up at me with those scared, seductive eyes of yours and hear you whimper. you can see the bulge in my pants grow. I smack you across the face and tell you again that i am going to hurt you if you if you try and run and you nod in agreement. i take my big hard cock out of my pants and stroke it in front of your face. looking into your eyes as i can see you enjoy it, then grab ahold of your hair and forcefully slide my cock inside your wet mouth sliding it deeper and deeper until i feel it gag you over and over until you gasp for air, as i slide it out i can tell you are enjoying every inch of i
. The 22-year Old From Burlington, On
SASKATOON -- Michael Gligic shot a 7-under 65 to grab the lead Thursday after the first round of the Canadian Tours Dakota Dunes Casino Open. The 22-year old from Burlington, Ont., made five birdies, including his first hole, and had an eagle at the par-five second. "This course suits my eye. Ive liked it here since the first time I played it in 2009," said Gligic, who won the ATB Financial Classic two weeks ago in Edmonton for his first Canadian Tour victory. Gligic said the week following his victory in Edmonton was tiring, but thats hes feeling refreshed this week and looking for more. "It was tough. Monday and Tuesday I got a lot of texts, tweets and everything from friends and family and it was tough to follow it up," said Gligic. "Im feeling good this week and hopefully I can keep playing well." Matt Hoffman, the 2011 Canadian Rookie of the Year, is one shot back after firing a 6-under 66. The 25-year-old from Thornhill, Ont., got off to a blazing start, eagling the p
Uld Give Up The Pick - From 201
The New Jersey Devils will opt not to forfeit their 2012 first-round pick. The club faced a 5pm et deadline on Tuesday to inform the NHL if they were going to give up this years first-round pick as a penalty for signing Ilya Kovalchuk two summers ago, a move the league ruled as an attempt to circumvent the salary cap. The league allowed the Devils to decide which year they would give up the pick - from 2011-2014 with notification due the day after the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Final. The Devils also had to surrender a third-round pick in 2011 and were fined $3 million. The Devils sit at No. 29 in this years draft order. The 2012 NHL Draft goes from June 22-23 and TSN has you covered from the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh. Watch day one from the Draft on TSN beginning at 7pm et/4pm pt. Also, as part of TSNs countdown to the Draft, Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie will release his draft ranking on TSN, Monday at 7pm et/4pm pt. And dont miss the Countdown to Draft live on
Of The English Premier League
The latest suggested nickname for Ottawas CFL expansion franchise isnt doing it for Russ Jackson. The Ottawa Red Blacks -- or RedBlacks as was suggested on Twitter -- was being mentioned prominently Monday in social media as a moniker for the CFL club slated to begin play in 2014. Neither was receiving much support from Ottawa football fans and Jackson, who led the Ottawa Rough Riders to three Grey Cup titles over his illustrious 12-year career with the franchise, wasnt big on it either. "The Red Blacks, to me, seems to get you to a soccer situation," Jackson said. "I dont know of a professional North American football club thats named with just colours but that seems to be the one thats bouncing around." Liverpool, one of the English Premier Leagues top franchises, is called the Reds because of their red home kits. New Zealands Test rugby squad became known as the All Blacks in 1905 when switching from white to black shorts to go with its black top during a tour of the Bri
Missed All Three Attempts At 2.33 Metres. H
Canadas Derek Drouin won a bronze medal in mens high jump Tuesday at the London 2012 Olympic Games. In an unconventional finish, Drouin finished in a three-way tie for third place with Qatars Mutaz Essa Barshim and Great Britains Robert Grabarz . All three jumpers earned bronze medals. "I dont think I have ever been in a tie that was so big," Drouin said after the event. "We kind of predicted that with the increments being so steep that there might be a tie." The Corunna, Ont., native missed all three attempts at 2.33 metres. He locked up the bronze when Jamie Nieto of the United States missed twice at 2.33 metres and then once at 2.36. "I had to sit there and wait for (Nieto) of the USA to miss his jump to confirm the bronze medal,"Drouin told Athletics Canada. "That was really hard." It was Drouins first Olympic Games appearance and Canadas first high jump medal since Greg Joy earned silver at Montreal 1976. "It was awesome," he said. "My two sisters and my parents were h
Inside my mind a poison is spreading Taking over control Turning happiness to ashes Overwhelming my senses The toxins imbed deeply, painfully Destruction entails I prepare for each battle None yet I have won As the terror becomes prominent It's razor edge threatening I know it's going to kill me Playing a game of waiting ED the opposition he has no mercy No kindness, no compassion Just a manipulative consolation A cycle of excruciating betrayal. I know it will be my turn to die, One by one ED kills us The sound of our battle fades EDs imposing presence strengthens Volume increasing, life's timer ticks faster.
"a Story For My True Love Red Rose" Cont
Latasha carried the grocery bags and the things she picked up in the shopping center while she was out, into her aparmemt. After the morning with her parents, she'd maagened to lift her spirits to the amorous mood of the evening.  With one hour to spare before Bobby arrived, she had just enough time to set the mood. All week she had been thinking about this night. She wanted to make it special, for no other reason than to because it was Bobby. Even though she fought hard to convince herself and every one who would listen that she wasn't allowing her heart to become involved in the relationship, secretly she knew she'd already fallen hard for the short sexy dark skinned man.  One day he would end the relationship and she would be crushed, but until then she was going to enjoy it to the fullest.  They had agreed not to buy gifts, but she took the liberty of  picking up a few items they both could enjoy that night. Afterall, it was the day for lovers.  Bobby maneuvered his truck besid
Lead The Rockets To A 115-101 Victory Over The Milwaukee Bucks On Fri
MILWAUKEE -- Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale liked what he saw in the third quarter. So did Jeremy Lin, once he returned from getting stitches. James Harden scored 29 points to lead the Rockets to a 115-101 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday night. Harden shot 11 of 18 from the floor to go with seven assists and four steals for Houston, which has won 10 of its last 13 games. After trailing by 18 in the second quarter, Houston outscored Milwaukee 30-14 in the third and led 77-72 at the start of the fourth. "Really, that third quarter is about as good as we can play," McHale said. "We locked down on the defensive end, we pushed it up, we got shots and made shots . Then we started blowing some of their plays up just by being aggressive. I was really proud of the guys." Lin was taken to the locker room with 10:34 left in the third after the left side of his head was slightly bloodied when he collided with the right cheek of Milwaukees Larry Sanders as the two scrambl
Run Double Was The Go-ahead Blow
ST. LOUIS -- Nothing was working for Jake Westbrook, a groundball pitcher who gave up three sacrifice flies. No worries with the St. Louis Cardinals offence ringing up 17 hits against a team thats still waiting for the adrenaline charge that usually comes with changing managers. David Freeses three-run homer snapped the teams seven-game long-ball drought and Matt Hollidays three-run double was the go-ahead blow as St. Louis beat the Houston Astros 13-5 Thursday to complete a three-game sweep. "I was in trouble the whole day, really," Westbrook said. "Our offence came through and really picked me up. Picked this team up." Freese and Matt Holliday each had four RBIs and Allen Craig had three hits and three RBIs. The Cardinals shrugged aside a 4-0, fourth-inning deficit and sent Houston to its seventh straight loss. "This team, they get the blood in the water and they can pile them on," Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said. The Astros are 0-4 while getting outscored 32-8 since
Hole Week, Just Put It In Play, Gave Myself A
LAS VEGAS -- Jonas Blixt birdied six of the last seven holes Saturday for a 5-under 66 and a share of the lead with Ryan Moore and Brendon de Jonge in the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open. Moore had a bogey-free 65, and de Jonge birdied four of the last five for a 66 to match Blixt at 19-under 194 in the Fall Series opener at TPC Summerlin. "Today was just a good solid day," Moore said. "I didnt do anything amazing, but at the same time, I just did what Ive been doing this whole week, just put it in play, gave myself a bunch of wedges, 9-irons into greens, and was able to convert a bunch of my reasonable birdie chances." Moore, a former UNLV player who lives in Las Vegas, won the 2009 Wyndham Championship for his lone PGA Tour title. Blixt, from Sweden, and de Jonge, from Zimbabwe, are winless on the tour. The three leaders played in the same group. "It was great today," Blixt said. "Theyre both great guys, was very relaxed out there, and I just had a good time. T
Sometimes Society Has An Odd Idea Of Love
Funny thing about man made love. We yell out things like you’re the other half of my soul. I don’t know how I would ever make it with out you . You’re the only one for me . God made you just for me. I accept you for who you are. But then you see something they are doing makes you cringe so you say what the hell are you doing . And don’t see we have just judged. I can tell you now and this is a fact. They are being themselves weather you like it or not. Now in the true meaning of being in love its accepting a person for who they are unconditionally . It is sharing a path you walk along hand in hand not one forward not one behind .Falling in love makes you as one . So when you look at that one you see them being themselves and its all about the love . Funny thing about Mans definitions of unconditional love . 
Sex My Statistics
My sex statistics My Penis is 6.5 inches long by 2 inches diameter this equals 20 cubic inches I had been having sex for 50 years If we say every two days that’s 180 times a year this equates to I have had sex 10,016 times for 20 minutes average and we presume 100 strokes per minute Given 20 cubic inches times 2000 strokes this equates to 13,000 cubic inches on each occasion 10016×13,000 =130,208,000 cubic inches that’s a lot of solid cock In terms of length 100 x 20 x 6.5 = 13,000 inches every sex session; Given I have had sex 10,016 times This works out at 3,616,800 yards or 2,055 miles No wonder I’m knackered. Working on the accepted weight of body fat per cubic inch the weight of cock delivered is 15,898,000 pounds or 7,097 tons,--- Why don’t I rest.
Time to dust off this ancient blog, and do some armchair philosophy once again. The first posting in years will be short erotic story that I hope you enjoy.   “Ms Summers, congratulations. The selection process was rather lengthy, but certainly well served… you’re in our employ now. We will of course prepare an outgoing press release, saying as much.” “Thank you very much Mr. Linley; it’s a pleasure to be here with such a prestigious firm.” “Yes, I suppose it is a pleasure to work here, isn’t  it.” “Yes sir, it certa…” “Ms. Summers that was a rhetorical question. I merely wanted to offer you a minor platitude by way of welcome to the firm. You may return to Human Resources, I’m sure they’re waiting for you.”   Brenda Summers considered herself lucky to be part of one of the largest legal firms in Portland. A strong background in para legal procedures as well as litigati
Naughty Fantasy Stories
We are meeting for the first time, we have been waiting months for this to happen and were both as excited as high school kids to see each other. I am flying in from Ottawa to Toronto to meet you. I let you make most of the arrangements and I do not even know where I am staying as the plane touches down in Toronto. I get off the plane and collect my luggage and walk out into the main lobby where people are standing there waiting for people with signs I start to look for a sign with my name on it but instead I see a incredibly attractive woman holding a sign that just simply says m. n. l . Since this my pet name for you I guess that it is you. I walk up to you and drop my bags and wrap my arms around you I a tight embrace and give you a long hot kiss. We just stay there kissing for a longtime until were both almost passing out from lack of oxygen. You take my hand and lead me out of the airport. You speak for the first time since I got there and all you say is we need to get to the room
Story Telling
I opened her mouth slightly to let her tounge slip in, the bittersweet taste of booze and soda fill my scences. I moans as our tounges danced for what seems like a long time, I pushed her down on her back and wraped my legs around her small waist. I could feel my inner tighs heat up with passion and lust, I grabed her shirt and pulled it up over her head letting her breathe for a second before closeing my mouth with hers again.  "Should we do this?" She whispered through kisses.  "I don't care, I have wanted you for so very long." I release her mouth and start licking a nibbling her neck and ear. I pulled her up just get release her breast from the contents of her bra she moaned my name. It filled me with such a feeling, I then continued my search of those sweet pink nipples I have craved for, for so long. I licked it at first to hear the reaction I got was more than enough for me I enclosed my mouth suckling listening to her hiss and moan in sweet pleasure. I sucked hard and used
Phong Vân Truyền Kỳ – Tuyệt Đỉnh Mobile
Phong Vân Truyền Kỳ là game gMO nhập vai đánh theo lượt, dựa trên bối cảnh Đông – Tây kết hợp, tạo nên sự mới lạ, khác biệt được nhiều game thủ MMORPG đón đợi trong thời gian này.     Game cũng chia hệ thống nhân vật theo 2 hướng Đông – Tây, đa dạng phong cách chiến đấu theo tính cách của từng game thủ. Tải bằng cú pháp : TG 329535 gửi 6086   Tải game:   240×320 - Màn h́nh dọc (Ḍng máy khác Nokia, Samsung, GL, …) PVTK_240x320_N73.jar (2.2 MB) | jad    240×320 - Màn h́nh dọc (Ḍng máy cao như N82,N73,…) PVTK_240x320.jar (1.0 MB) | jad   
Hp Giới Thiệu Sản Phẩm Máy In Mới - Máy In Hp 900
    Ngày 24/3, HP sẽ tổ chức buổi ra mắt sản phẩm máy in HP 900 - ḍng máy in phun tích hợp tất cả những tính năng thuận lợi và tiết kiệm đến 126% chi phí vận hành trong in ấn. HP 900 đặc biệt có khả năng in màu cho chất lượng ảnh in sắc nét, màu sắc sống động. Với máy in HP 900, mỗi hộp mực đen cho phép in 450 trang văn bản và mỗi hộp mực 3 màu in được 400 trang văn bản màu. Buổi ra mắt sẽ được tổ chức tại Nhà thi đấu Phan Đ́nh Phùng, TPHCM kèm theo một chương tŕnh ca nhạc hấp dẫn với sự tham gia của nhiều ca sĩ đang được mền mộ.
“CUSTODIANS,…OF,…KNOWLEDGE”!...       Of all living beings, in our Universe,…only God; could be, certainly relied upon,…never to: depart from the Way, of His Law.  No higher, more perfect being,…could be created; than the cherub, Lucifer,…who rebelled.  Character, cannot be automatically,…created.  Godly, Spiritual Character,…is; the habitual action, and conduct,…of; the person, or created entity,…to come, to a knowledge; of the True-Ways, of God,…and; to exercise the will, to follow those Ways,…even against, opposition: temptation, or self-desire, to the contrary!...       Character, must be developed,…with; the assent, will and action,…of; the separately created, entity.  It is, imparted by God,…and; must be, willingly received,…by: that entity.  He knew, that this must be,…brought about; through matter.  To prepare the Earth, for the creation of
"dark Meat For My Treat" Cont
Janet's words resonated in Bobby's mind before he whipped open his eyes. Processing what she had said, his face slowly changed. It became darker and delilish. It seemed to Janet that she had flipped a switch in him though she wasn't sure what it was that had.  "Was it that i said that i wasn't fragile?" She wondered. Her herat clenched at the prospect. In a matter of seconds, Bobby became a different person. The strength that emanted from his was making her dizzy. In the shadow of this new person her courage wavered, but knowing that a show of weakness could lose him forever, she did her best not to whither in his overwhelming masculinty.  When Bobby reached out his hand, she fought the urge to flinch. Then with his hand securely around her arm, he led her to a soft lounger whose back faced the kitchen. Being guided to sit, Janet adjusted herself while Bobby disappeared down the hall way.  Janet's heart raced thinking about what was coming next. She felt like she was being initiate
I Like This
'The clouds are broken in the sky, And thro' the mountain-walls, A rolling organ-harmony Swells up, and shakes and falls, Then move the trees, the copses nod, Wings flutter, voices hover clear: Oh just and faithful knight of God! Ride on: the prize is near. So pass I hostel, hall, and grange; By bridge and ford, by park and pale, All-arm'd I ride, whate'er betide, Until I find the holy Grail'. .... A gentle sound, an awful sight! Three angels bear the holy grail: With folded feet, in stoles of white, On sleeping wings they sail.' Vincent van Gogh
"dark Meat For My Treat" Cont
Placing her wet relaxed feet onto the carpet, she stepped toward him. When she was close enough to feel the warmth of his dick above her belly button, she stopped. Feeling his hot breath on her face she thought she heard Bobby growl before, in and instant, he gripped her hair and yanked her head back. The initation was done.  Within a moment everything came fast and furious. Still gripping her hair he lifted the back of her head lowering his lips to hers. Prying her thing lips open with his thick ones he pushed his wide tongue into her leaving her amazed. His tongue was nimble and strong. all at once his tongue twirled around hers and pulled her to him lighting her body up with delight of his kiss.  Then feeling his strong hand grip her side she felt herself almost lift into the air as her feet slid across the carpet to a wall. Her back hit the wall with a jolt and she knew she was trapped.  Janet, not knowing waht to do, stood there receving his tongue and absorbing his hard dick o
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Polishing Ponies...and The Losers Who Block
LOL so one of the top players out here...who btw thinks she is all that...yeah wears the almighty fucrown...just recently blocked me...for polishing her fupony lol. OK I am outraged about this friends...mostly because there was no DO NOT POLISH request or warning on her page. Had there been, I would have respected her wishes and moved along. GET OVER IT aren't all that really lol...oh and btw, when your bling is polished...and I polished quite a few of your shinies...YOU AND I both get the points. It's not my fucking fault that the powers that be out here have made the achievements so fucking difficult...and you better believe that if I see a fupony available to polish I'm DAMN WELL GONNA POLISH IT.  Like I said...get over your fucking selves.
Cơ Hội Nhận Học Bổng Cùng Teen Teen
Các học viên Teen Teen thân mến ! Những ngày gần đây, tại VTC Academy- Học viện về game, đă diễn ra một điều bất ngờ thú vị và “dậy sóng” cộng đồng học viên VTCA, đó là trong số hơn 300 học viên đến nhập học vào tháng 9 này th́ có tới 35 học viên là game thủ Teen Teen(T2) chiếm số lượng “áp đảo” trong học viên của VTCA.Trước nhu cầu học làm game đang ngày càng lớn và “máu” làm game đang sôi sùng sục của các game thủ Teen Teen, Học viện đào tạo công nghệ và nội dung số VTC- VTC Academy, quyết định sẽ dành tặng riêng cho các game thủ T2 cơ hội nhận học bổng v&
5 Years And Still Strong!
August 2, 2008 was a day that would change my life forever, it’s the day I met Jo.  My mom was part of this website called fubar. She would get on there and talk to her friends and just chill in one of the lounges. Well one day my mom would not stop bothering me to make a fubar, she said “there’s a guy on here I want you to talk you. I think you’d really like him.” So I finally gave in. I said fine mother and made one. She told me where to go to meet this “mystery man” and said she honestly thought he would be good for me. I met the guy his name was “spinny” he was a dj at one of the lounges and we became friends. We talked all the time! I stayed up lots of late nights talking, sometimes about anything that came off the top of our heads and sometimes super serious things that were going on. My mom was right he was perfect for me. On December 1, 2008 I finally got enough courage to tell him how I felt. I always said I love you in a f
Khuyến Măi 100% Avatar Từ 24-26/11
Đến với Avatar các bạn sẽ tha sức tham gia vào thế giới nông trại vui vẻ trên chiếc điện thoại của ḿnh , cùng giao lưu ,chia sẻ với bạn bè trên khắp cả nước với những tṛ chơi nhẹ nhàng và cuốn hút. Chắc chắn chúng ta sẽ đặc biệt chú ư thời gian khuyến măi avatar , đặc biệt trong tháng 11 này.Tham gia cơ hội khuyến măi avatar tháng 11 này nhé các bạn! Nội dung: Khuyến mại 100% giá trị thẻ nạp với thẻ cào mệnh giá 500.000 đ trở lênKhuyến mại 50% giá trị thẻ nạp với thẻ nạp dưới 500.000 đ.Thời gian: Từ ngày 24/11 – 26/11/2013. Chúc các bạn vui vẻ với avatar !
Cen Group Tổ Chức Tọa đàm “nghề Môi Giới BĐs – Cơ Hội Hay Thách Thức”
  Chiều ngày 7.11.2013 vừa qua, tại tầng 2 ṭa nhà 137 Nguyễn Ngọc Vũ Hà Nội đă diễn ra buổi tọa đàm về vấn đề “Nghề môi giới BĐS – Cơ hội hay thách thức” trong t́nh h́nh BĐS vẫn đang gặp khó như hiện nay. Buổi tọa đàm do Cen Group tổ chức với sự tham dự, chia sẻ của các diễn giả : ông Nguyễn Hữu Cường – Chủ tịch CLB BĐS Hà Nội, ông Phạm Thanh Hưng – Phó Chủ tịch HĐQT Cen Group, Ông Nguyễn Thọ Tuyển – Giám đốc Siêu thị dự án Bất động sản cùng hàng trăm khách mời khác là những anh chị em đang làm môi giới BĐS hoặc rất tâm huyế
Random Thoughts, Things Newly Learned, & Observations For 11-24-13
I've never written a blog before. EVER. So everyone please bear with me as I get going & learn. To begin, I'll say that this blog will probably be one of the most random blogs ever, & include just about any topic on any given day. However,  some topics will probably creep into this blog more than others. Those topics will include quantum physics,  aliens, ancient history, working from home, some of my creative writing, and the invention/patent process. As I get more comfortable in the blogging process, each of those topics will more than likely be 'spun off' into their own blog. But for now, this blog literally will be about anything random that strikes my mood.      Today's blog will be an introduction of who I am, where I'm 'at' right now, and what I'm thinking right now about my life & where I'm heading. So let me get to it. My name is Alan Payne. I am back in CA near my family again, after 13 years away, spent in IL. There are a variety of topics I'm not only interested in, but ha
Wrap Your Arms Around It
  When you walk upon the beach, you leave footprints behind. The same goes for your heart, body and mind. Once someone walks through, marking their place. Their intensity takes over, it is never erased. For they had the power, not to be heard. They spoke to your soul, without saying a word. They took you by surprise, sent your world spinning. Taking you back, to before the beginning. A place where the slate is wiped clean, the past doesn’t exist. Leaving you wanting more, the passion to persist. For they have given you the strength, the whisper of self-belief. Opened you up to a new world, dwelling beyond your own grief. That is true power, at its best. Wrap your arms around it, for you have been blessed. 
Smartq Ten5: 9, Tablet Impulsado Por Exynosem-tablero 7.0
En la provincia China de marca popular SmartQ ha ampliado su portafolio de productos por una nueva adición, específicamente sobre la tableta llamada Ten5. El dispositivo recién introducido no es sólo otro número, como es habitual, pero cualquier hardware página usuarios una agradable sorpresa. Un ejemplo podría ser usado pantalla Retina, procesador o suministrados por Samsung. La parte frontal ocupa 9 tablero 7.0 Retina display con una resolución de 2048 x 1536 pixeles, incluyendo el kamerky 3megapixelové por el video. Construcción creció hasta alcanzar proporciones 220,4 x 175 x 9 mm, detuvo el peso en gramos 549. La parte interior llena el procesador de doble núcleo Exynos 5250 de Samsung de 1,7 GHz, 2 GB de memoria RAM y chip gráfico Mali-T604. Memoria interna ofrece menos de 16 GB, el cual es totalmente suficiente, mientras que el fabricante regreso posterior de la cámara. En la parte posterior de la batería es sólo sobre el tamaño d
Nhận Xử Lư Khí Thải ở Quảng Ninh
Nhận xử lư khí thải tại Quảng Ninh Tag: xu ly khi thai, hoa chat xu ly nuoc thai Công ty môi trường Ngọc Lân tại Quảng Ninh đi vào sản xuất hoạt động từ năm 2003, là một công ty đi đầu thuộc lĩnh vực môi trường. Chuyên nhận thiết kế, thi công các công tŕnh xử lư khí thảiḷ hơi, xử lư khí thải mùi cao su, xử lư khói thải, xử lư bụi gỗ, bụi xi măng, bụi sản xuất hóa chất…bằng các phương pháp tiên tiến nhất như công nghệ lọc sinh học Biofilter áp dụng thành công cho nhiều nhà máy xử lư NT, nhà máy cao su, nhà máy sản xuất phân sinh học… với giá thành rẻ nhất mang lợi ích đến cho các doanh
"good Fuck"cont
"We'll go slow, an inch at a time, and we'll get it all in. Your ass looks luscious under that lacy black belt. Why don't you honey? And Janet followed his suggestion. She wanted this bad. It's gonna hurt a little, but so did her her first fuck. She trusted Bobby to go slowly, to stick it inside her little by little, not just to lessen the pain, but so she'd feel every little sensation possible. Bobby was treating her good too, He started with a bit of tongue action, just what she'd asked for a few minutes ago. That felt so good. And he was getting her nice and moist. Her hand reached behind her to stroke his dick and warm it up for the penetration while two of his fingers slid into her soaked pussy. Janet was going to have it all this time around.  Oh yes, Bobby's dick was getting even bigger now, growing in her hand, and becoming even juicicer than before with new pre cum sliding out the tip of his dick. Everything that needed to be was moist and lubricated. She felt his tongue com
Cùng Travel Everyday Khám Phá Những Ḷ Than Tổ Ong Tuyệt đẹp ở Nước Mỹ
Nếu bạn có dịp đến với công viên lịch sử quốc  gia Hoa Ḱ hẳn không thể bỏ qua địa điểm được nhiều người viếng thăm đó là bộ sưu tập sáu ḷ than tổ ong cao 9,1m. Hăy cùng Ve may bay di my Travel Everyday t́m hiểu về địa điểm này nhé. Các ḷ than Ward của tiểu bang Nevada được xây dựng để sản xuất than từ cây thông và cây bách xù, tất cả các ḷ đi vào hoạt động từ năm 1876 đến năm 1879 th́ ngưng. Trong nhiều năm sau đó, các ḷ không c̣n sử dụng với mục đích sản xuất than nữa mà thay vào đó, chúng được dùng với những mục đích khác như để ch&#
Wheres The True Women At All I Get Is Verify Sites That Goes Nowhere
looking for a single true woman that will an want to meet in person one that wants to share with a true honest faithful man im here awaiting for it to happen
Tải Game Kiếm Hiệp Truyền Kỳ Cho Android, Ios Miễn Phí
Game kiếm hiệp Truyền Kỳ một game mobile thuộc thể loại chiến thuật nhập vai,  kiếm hiệp Kim Dung do VTC mobile phát hành tại Việt Nam. Với tốc độ phát triển mạnh mẽ của công nghệ di động nên kiếm hiệp chỉ được sản xuất trên nền iOS và Android 2 hệ điều hành phổ biến nhất hiện nay. Kiếm Hiệp Truyền Kỳ hực sự bám sát theo cốt truyện kiếm hiệp của tác giả Kim Dung. Các bạn tải kiếm hiệp về bước vào game sẽ gặp lại các nhân vật quen thuộc như Tiêu Phong, Đoàn Dự, Quách Tĩnh chiêm ngưỡng các tuyệt chiêu vơ công như Độc Cô Cửu Kiếm, Hàng Long
Hóa Chất Chlorine
Hóa chất chlorine Tag: xu ly khi thai, hoa chat xu ly nuoc thai Chlorinne hay thường gọi là clo-rin là hóa chất dùng để khử vi khuẩn hay bất hoạt các vi khuẩn có trong nước thải, nước cấp. Các loại clo-rin thường được sử dụng là chlorine (Cl2), hypochlorite canxi [Ca(OCl)2] và hypochlorite natri (NaOCl Xuất xứ: Nhật, Trung Quốc Công ty môi trường Ngọc Lân được thành lập vào năm 2003 là một trong những đơn vị đi đầu, có nhiều năm kinh nghiệm trong lĩnh vực xử lư môi trường, cung cấp hóa chất, vật tư xử lư nước từ các nước Anh, Nhật, Trung Quốc.Với phương châm ”  Đáp ứng tố
Hóa Chất Trợ Keo Tụ Polime
Hóa chất trợ keo tụ polime Tag: xu ly khi thai, hoa chat xu ly nuoc thai Công ty môi trường Ngọc Lân chuyên cung cấp các loại hóa chất hóa chất trợ keo tụ polime ở tỉnh B́nh Dương cung cấp cho các nhà máy, khu công nghiệp Vi Sip được nhập khẩu từ Trung Quốc, Anh,…Công ty môi trường Hóa chất trợ keo tụ được dùng trong xử lư nước thải nhằm giúp keo tụ các chất rắn lơ lửng trong nước thải diễn ra nhanh hơn, quá tŕnh xử lư nước thải diễn ra tốt hơn. Giúp cho các công tŕnh xử lư phía sau xảy ra tốt hơn. Hóa chất trợ keo tụ gồm có các loại như sau: polime cation và polime anion. Polime anion khi cho vào n+
Cho Thuê Căn Hộ Sunrise City Loại 3 Pḥng Ngủ Tháp V3 Giá Tốt
Căn hộ cao cấp Sunrise City sở hữu vị trí chiến lược ngay trung tâm quận 7, từ dự án Sunrise City quư khách hàng dễ dàng đi đến các chốn ” ăn chơi” trong thành phố khi chỉ cách Phú Mỹ Hưng 0,8 km, cách chợ Bến Thành 3,5 km… Vị trí căn hộ Sunrise City:  ngay tháp V3 khu South Towers, diện tích : 126 m2 Loại căn hộ : 3 pḥng ngủ – 3 wc Nội thất: Cơ bản, tủ âm tường, máy lạnh, rèm cửa, bếp... Giá thuê căn hộ cao cấp Sunrise City: 1.200 usd/tháng ( chủ nhà bao phí quản lư ) Phương thức thanh toán  : Cọc 2 tháng thanh toán 2 tháng Căn hộ Sunrise City quận 7 được trang bị nhiều tiện nghi để xứng t̐
Phương Pháp Chế Biến Nhung Hươu
Chế biến nhung hươu cũng rất cầu kỳ, sự giá trị của nhung có tốt hay không 90% là do chế biến. Nhung huou cắt xong cần chế biến ngay v́ có nhiều máu và chất thịt, để lâu có thể bị thối, sinh ḍi bọ. Chế biến không cần thận như sấy nóng quá, nhung bị nứt ra, máu nhung tiết ra hết cũng mất giá trị. Chúng ta cũng biết tác dụng của nhung hươu rất tốt.Nhung thường chế biến theo 2 cách:1. Đem cặp nhung hươu ngâm rượu 1 đêm, phải để chỗ cắt lên trên cho chất nhung không tan hết vào rượu. Hôm sau rang cát cho nóng vừa, để vào một cái ống ở giữa để cặp n
Cách Nâng Cao Hiệu Quả Của Phát Tờ Rơi
Việc phat to roi ở nơi công cộng như trường học, bệnh viên, công sở, và đặc biệt là các đèn xanh đèn đỏ là rất phổ biến hiện nay Tôi đang sống ở Tp. HCM và hàng ngày đều nhận được các tờ rơi khi dừng ở các trụ đèn giao thông suốt quăng đường từ cty về nhà. Tuy nhiên theo quan sát của tôi, hoạt động quảng cáo này không hiệu quả v́: 1. Người nhận không biết được nội dung tờ rơi (hoạt động kinh doanh ǵ, ở đâu) cho đến khi đọc tờ rơi. Không hiếm trường hợp tôi nhận được các quảng cáo dạy thêm trong khi gia đ́nh tôi hoàn toàn không có nh
Ionline Khuyến Măi Nhận Quà Cùng Game điện Thoại Này
iOnline gửi đến các game thủ game điện thoại sự kiện HOT với những khuyến măi hàng ngày có giá trị. Nội dung: Với những game thủ đă đạt đủ 30 điểm kinh nghiệm, trong lần đăng nhập đầu tiên trong ngày sẽ được nhận 500 Gold tặng thưởng mỗi ngày. - Ngoài ra chương tŕnh tặng Gold cho những ngày đăng nhập liên tiếp như sau: Ngoài ra, các bạn cũng chú ư các khuyến mại khi nạp Gold của iOnline nhé + Trong 1 ngày bất kỳ, game thủ nạp 2 SMS trở lên được nhận thêm 30% giá trị nạp, 5 SMS trở lên được nhận 50% giá trị nạp; 6 SMS trở lên được nhận 90% g
Điện Thoại Iphone 5s 32gb
Giới thiệu điện thoại Iphone 5S Điện thoại Iphone 5S 32GB là chiếc Iphone thế hệ thứ 7 của Apple, đồng thời là chiếc smartphone đầu tiên và duy nhất đến thời điểm hiện tại được trang bị chip A7 hỗ trợ 64 bit với tốc độ cao hơn CPU xử lư đồ họa. Ưu điểm, nhược điểm của Iphone 5S 32GB Đặc điểm của điện thoại Iphone 5S 32GB Thiết kế nguyên khối cao cấp Siêu phẩm Iphone 5s được thiết kế nguyên khối, kiểu dáng vuông vức mạnh mẽ. Độ dày giữ nguyên so với Iphone 5: 7.6mm. Apple đă cải tiến h́nh ảnh chiếc Iphone đen, t
Cách Bảo Vệ Laptop đơn Giản Hiệu Quả
Sử dụng các thiết bị  chống trộm -  Khóa chống trộm. Làm sao để bảo vệ laptop của ḿnh?  Một lời khuyên cho bạn đó là hăy sử dụng ổ khóa chống trộm. Hiện các loại ổ khóa chống trộm cho laptop rất đá dạng vè cả kiểu dáng và giá cả cho bạn thoải mái lựa chọn Ngăn chặn những truy cập bất hợp pháp Đôi khi laptop không quan trọng bằng những thông tin có trong laptop . V́ vậy việc bảo vệ, không cho ai biết về một số thông tin trong laptop trở nên quan trọng. - Mă hóa folder cá nhân: Khi tạo một tài khoản đăng nhập mới, Windows sẽ khuyên bạn hăy  mă hóa folder cá nhân. Việc làm này sẽ làm cho
Giờ Vàng Iwin 29/11/2013
Game iwin thời gian gần đây đă cho ra khá nhiều giờ vàng để các bạn chơi có nhiều cơ hội tăng số tiền trong túi ḿnh lên nhanh bằng cách nạp thẻ hay SMS. Cùng nhanh tay nạp thẻ với giờ vàng iwin 29/11 nào ! Thời gian: Từ 11h00 – 12h00 ngày 29/11/2013. Nội dung: Vào mục nạp Win để biết được nhân 3 giá trị win khi nạp SMS hoặc Card. Hiện tại iwin đă ra phiên bản 4.2.5 cho các ḍng máy Android và iOS, sửa lỗi đăng nhập Facebook và bổ sung game Tiến Lên Miền Nam. Chúc  các bạn chơi iwin vui vẻ !
Học Bổng Du Học Dễ Hay Khó
Cách để xin hoc bong du hoc thông minh nhất là hăy nộp đơn vào càng nhiều loại học bổng càng tốt. Dù các gói học bổng đó có giá trị không cao, nhưng chúng có thể trang trải thêm phần nào chi phí học tập của bạn và làm dày thêm bộ thành tích của ḿnh khi bạn nộp đơn xin các gói học bổng khó hơn với giá trị cao hơn. Và bạn phải trang bị kiến thức chuyên môn của ḿnh thật tốt.Đây là yếu tố quyết định sự thành công của bạn khi săn học bổng, cũng như khi đă đạt được học bổng. Chuyên môn ở đây là những ǵ? Tùy theo cấp bậc mà bạn theo học, ĐH, thạc sĩ hay tiến s&#
Vai Tṛ Của Tờ Rơi Trong Chiến Dịch Quảng Cáo
Tiếp thị trực tuyến đă đạt được công khai, công ty hầu như không bao giờ suy nghĩ về tiếp thị sản phẩm và dịch vụ của họ thông qua các công cụ tiếp thị như bưu thiếp, danh thiếp, tờ rơi, vv Tuy nhiên, họ không khái quát rằng việc thúc đẩy các công ty thông qua phương tiện tiếp thị tốt nhất là tốn kém và cần có đủ thời gian để hiển thị các kết quả. Khi chúng ta nói về công ty in to roi, có rất nhiều lợi ích mà nó nắm giữ và sẽ giúp bạn xây dựng thương hiệu của bạn chỉ bằng cách gửi các thông điệp kinh doanh trên tất cả các đối tượng
Một Số điều Cần Trang Bị Trước Khi đi Du Học
Khi rời quê nhà đến một nơi đất khách quê người với nhiều điều khác lạ, mới mẻ về ngôn ngữ và văn hóa, có lẽ, bạn nên biết một số điều cần thiết để đương đầu với những thách thức trong cuộc sống mới này. Vậy, những điều cần thiết đó là ǵ? Công ty tư vấn du học chúng tôi xin chia sẽ những điều cần thiết đó với bạn. Cần chuẩn bị những ǵ trước khi đi du học? Điều quan trọng không thể quên là vấn đề về ngoại ngữ. Bạn cần cố gắng học tiếng nước sở tại, dĩ nhiên là biết càng nhi
Cho Thuê Kho Hoàng Mai, Diện Tích 2000 M2
Cho thuê kho Hoàng Mai, diện tích 2000 m2 Diện tích  cho thue kho:  2000 m2 Giá: đàm phán Kết cấu cho thue kho hoang mai: Hệ thống điện 3 pha, đèn chiếu sáng sẽ được thiết kế và lắp đặt trong và ngoài nhà kho theo yêu cầu của khách hàng Hệ thống nước sạch, cứu hỏa trang bị đầy đủ. Vệ sinh sạch sẽ, an toàn tuyệt đối, bảo mật thông tin cho khách hàng. Kho cao thoáng, không bị ngập Giao thông thuận tiện, xe công 40 tấn vào được. Thời hạn thuê mở Pháp lư đầy đủ Các dịch vụ cho thue kho được thực hiện nhanh chóng, hoàn hảo với chi phí hợp lư nhất. Hợp đồng từ 1 năm
Bàn Về Văn Hóa Phát Tờ Rơi
Chuyện sẽ là chẳng có ǵ với nhiều người, bởi cái việc “phat to roi” lâu nay vốn là công việc chẳng có ǵ để bàn tới , bàn lui. Ngay cả với chiến lược marketing của các doanh nghiệp th́ phát tờ rơi cũng chỉ là bước cuối cùng phải tính tới, mà lại không mấy hiệu quả! Nhưng chuyện hôm nay tôi muốn nói, không phải chuyện về marketing. Tôi tự thấy ḿnh chưa đủ tŕnh để chém về những thứ cao siêu như thế! Chuyện hôm nay chỉ là câu chuyện tôi muốn chia sẻ trong hành tŕnh là người đi phát tờ rơi hai năm trở lại đây! Nói thế này , nhiều người lại nghĩ công việc
Sharing Moments
  No mother (or father, for that matter) has it easy; we have been granted the everlasting task of not only keeping miniature humans alive, but also happy and mentally stable… often at the expense of our own health.      We have late nights and early mornings, meals to make and laundry needing done, chores to attend to and broken things to fix, games to play and asses and noses to wipe.      We’re tired, sleep deprived to the point that at times we manage to make through an entire day running only on the promise of bedtime, which we know won’t come easy, even on a “good” night.      But let us talk about something better; the things we share with our kids that are just ours, no one else’s. Forget for a moment that we have to fight for our right to sleep, forget to eat or are too tired sometimes to shower. Let us set aside the frustration that comes with being tested by a three year old who only wants to see how far you can be pushed before you h
December 2013
Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!! I hope this letter finds you well. It's been a long year of trials and tribulations. This time last year I was in the hospital fighting to survive. My kidney transplant had rejected and I was slowly slipping. I was sent to the transplant hospital in San Francisco to see if anything could be done to save the transplant. The doctors kept me there for four days. Finally they told me there was nothing they could do so I was sent back home. Once I was home the kindney doctors here started me back on dialysis and I was starting to feel better. The day of my third treatment back I was not doing so well. It was also the day after Christmas. The nurses could not keep me awake. So they called the ambulance and took me to the hospital here. Once I had an I.V. in place the doctors sent me to get an MRI. Come to find out I had a blood clot in my lung. So heavy doses of blood thinners and close monitoring was started. I was very weak and tired. Days went by and s
Korean Fashion Coats Matching Style For Short Girls
  Preface: Short girls are always feeling inferior. They can’t fit in loose coat and they will look like a child when wear fit clothing. In fact, height is not a problem, but the proportion went wrong. Winter compared to other seasons that you can make it easier to solve the problem with the clothing of the proportions, which help you look higher and thin. Author recommend you fashion personality padded so that you look tall and be warm in this winter.   Beige cotton matching with a chocolate-colored slacks and thick-soled shoes, will be harmonious and comfortable. And if wear with a navy blue knit cap as a highlight can be eye-catching.   Black Quilted padded baseball shirt is handsome and comfortable. Matching with a plaid harem pants and casual boots will be really cool style.   Short pink fresh padded, matching with short skirts, tights and high heels can adjust body proportions. And matching with mixed colors handbag will be very sweet.   Black sweater and black jea
Các Trường đại Học Hàng đầu Tại Canada
Nếu bạn đang t́m kiếm cơ hội đi du học Canada tại một trong những trường đại học hàng đầu Canada, th́ một trong hai thành phố Toronto hay Montreal chắc chắn sẽ là sự lựa chọn của bạn.Một thành phố nói tiếng Anh và một thành phố nói tiếng Pháp, đây là hai thành phố lớn nhất ở Canada và đều cung cấp cho bạn sự lựa chọn đầy ấn tượng với các trường đại học hàng đầu thế giới - bao gồm hai trường được xếp hạng cao nhất, Đại học Toronto và Đại học McGill.Khái quát hơn, Toronto và Montréal nằm ở hai tỉnh - Ontario và Quebec – nhữ
Những điều Cần Biết Trước Khi Du Học Mỹ
Chắc hẳn trước khi mua ve may bay di My để du học, ai cũng từng cảm thấy lo lắng về những sai sót ḿnh có thể mắc phải trong chuyến bay. Sau đây Travel Everyday xin chia sẻ một vài thông tin bổ ích giúp bạn có được những sự chuẩn bị tốt và chu đáo nhất cho một chuyến bay sang Mỹ   Những giấy tờ quan trọng luôn phải giữ bên ḿnh Hăy bỏ Hộ chiếu, Visa hay CMTND vào một túi nhỏ và nhớ luôn mang theo bên ḿnh. Để đề pḥng bị mất cắp hăy cẩn thận photo ra mỗi thứ 1 hoặc nhiều bản để có thể dung lúc cần. Và để tiết kiệm thời gian khi đi qua cửa kiểm tra, hăy s
Energie Vergelijken
Hoewel de gemiddelde marktprijs van elektriciteit is afhankelijk van de locatie van uw bedrijfspand , niettemin , zelfs op dezelfde locatie verschillende bedrijven verschillende tarieven . Bovendien , feedback ontvangen van consumenten helpen energie vergelijking websites om de kwaliteit van de diensten die worden aangeboden door verschillende leveranciers van elektriciteit te geven. Vandaar , afgezien van het vergelijken van de prijzen van elektriciteit , kan de consument ook Energie vergelijken vergelijken met de kwaliteit van de dienstverlening . Door het bezoeken van een energie- vergelijking website , kunt u gemakkelijk een betrouwbare leverancier van elektriciteit die eis van uw organisatie energie kan voldoen .
Kinh Nghiệm Sống Và Học Tập Tại Canada
Canada là một nước rộng lớn người dân rất thân thiện , và có nếp sống văn hóa vào hạng bật nhất trên thế giới. Nhiều người cho đây là môi trường học tập sinh sống và làm việc lư tưởng của ḿnh, khi sống và học tập tại đây bạn sẽ có dịp học tập được phương pháp học và làm việc có hệ thống tại đây. Tất cả những yếu tố này vô cùng quư bấu cho cuộc sống sau này của bạn . Nhưng trước khi du học Canada bạn nên t́m chuẩn bị kĩ điều kiện du học và t́m hiểu về văn hóa và học tập tại Canada.Sau đây là một vài lưu ư cho bạn tha
Toshiba Revela Su Excitar 7 Tablet Android Shop
La división de productos digitales Toshiba (DPD), una división de Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., informó sobre la disponibilidad de excitar ® 7, un 7 pulgadas Tablet Android ™ 4.2.2 que proporciona un rendimiento increíble y fluido para juegos, aplicaciones, películas, libros, y más basado en el desempeño. Esta nueva adición a la extensa línea de tabletas Excite ofrece a los consumidores una experiencia comprimido limpio y conveniente ya que se espera de Toshiba, a un precio sugerido de US $190. "Mientras que el Toshiba continúa presentando nuevos dispositivos de diferentes tamaños en el mercado de las Tablet android Shop, vemos una evolución en la manera como nuestros productos están siendo utilizados por los consumidores con diferentes costumbres y escenarios". "Sin embargo, existen beneficios a los más pequeños comprimidos continúan proporcionando: portabilidad, un agarre cómodo con una sola mano, eficiencia multitarea, juegos y navegación por la Web", dijo Carl P
Game Avatar Nhân đôi Nạp Xu Vĩnh Viễn
Khi chơi Avatar chúng ta chắc hẳn tai avatar phiên bản mới nhất để được hỗ trợ nhiều tính năng mới nhất của game . Đặc biệt sắp tới chào đón sự kiện giáng sinh Avatar BQT  đưa ra chương tŕnh nhân đôi nạp xu vĩnh viễn Avatar cho những bạn quan tâm ! Thời gian: Từ 16h ngày 03/12/2013Nhân 2 giá trị nhận được qua tất cả các h́nh thức nạp xu.Nạp ngay mua thêm nhiều vật phẩm. Chúc các bạn chơi Avatar vui vẻ !
Cho Thuê Kho Huyện Đan Phượng, Hà Nội
Cho thuê kho huyện Đan Phượng, Hà Nội Công ty Cổ phần Tư vấn BĐS Kmass Việt Nam cung cấp dịch vụ t́m kiếm BĐS công nghiệp và thương mại tại Hà Nội và một số tỉnh miền bắc Việt Nam. Các loại BĐS như văn pḥng cho thuê, kho cho thuê, xưởng cho thuê, đất công nghiệp cho thuê, biệt thự cho thuê, căn hộ cho thuê và các loại BĐS khác cho thuê/ bán. Cho thuê kho huyện Đan Phượng, Hà NộiH́nh ảnh minh họa Diện tích: 600 m2 - 3000 m2Giá thuê
Thách Thức T́m Ra Khác Biệt
Với quy mô tài sản trên 100.000 tỷ đồng, vốn điều lệ 9.000 tỷ đồng và 102 điểm giao dịch tại các tỉnh, thành phố trên cả nước, Vietnam Public Bank có một vị thế nhất định trong nhóm các ngân hàng thương mại cổ phần.Nhưng là một sản phẩm hợp nhất, bài toán đặt ra là ngân hàng này sẽ định vị bản thân thế nào với một tên gọi mới, quy mô mới và định hướng phát triển mới? Với ban lănh đạo PVcomBank, việc xây dựng chiến lược thương hiệu nói chung, bộ nhận diện thương hiệu nói riêng đă trở thành một trong những phần việc quan trọng nh&
Pay It Foward, before I start my little story...just know that I'm not trying to boast or get any attention...I am just proud of myself for being able to do this....So, I got paid this morning and just got done paying a few bills along with a partial hefty college payment. Along with all this I still had to go grocery shopping. I didn't know exactly how much I would be able to spend on groceries, so I remember a store that a friend had told me about, Ruler Foods. Their prices are literally half, if not a third the price of regular grocery stores. I finished shopping and as I was bagging my own groceries (they are set up like Aldi), I could hear behind me at another register , a cashier telling a customer that he/she did not have enough for their groceries. I turned around, because well, who doesn't? But when I did, I was heartbroken. There I saw a couple with a cart full of groceries, but what got me was the 2yr old son sitting in the front of the cart and the not even 6 month old (from what
Bộ Xếp H́nh Xây Dựng Bằng Xốp, Kích Thích Khả Năng Sáng Tạo Của Trẻ
Bộ xếp h́nh xây dựng bằng xốp, kích thích khả năng sáng tạo của trẻ Sản phẩm gồm 68 chi tiết nhiều khối xốp nhiều màu, nhiều họa tiết, h́nh khối. Chất liệu xốp EVA không độc hại. Giúp bé nhận biết và phân biệt h́nh khối, màu sắc Kích thích khả năng sáng tạo, tư duy logic và tính tự chủ của bé Sản phẩm phù hợp với bé từ 2 đến 6 tuổi.  Một số sản phẩm thiết bị mầm non tiêu biểu:   - Bút sáp vẽ Plastic màu   - Sáp nặn thủ công   - Xếp h́nh thông minh bằng xốp màu   - Bảng từ và các bộ học toán, học chữ trên bảng từ   - Đồ chơi trong nhà Quư khách có nhu cầu v
Giới Thiệu Về Truyền H́nh Vệ Tinh K+
K+ là dịch vụ truyền h́nh vệ tinh được cung cấp bởi công ty TNHH truyền h́nh số vệ tinh Việt Nam (VSTV), liên doanh đầu tiên giữa hai cơ quan truyền thông hàng đầu của Việt Nam và Tập đoàn Truyền thông Pháp là VTV/VCTV và Canal+/Canal Overseas. Ứng dụng nền tảng DTH (direct-to-home) và những công nghệ truyền h́nh tiên tiến nhất trên thế giới hiện nay, dịch vụ truyền h́nh vệ tinh K+ phủ sóng toàn quốc, mang lại sự khác biệt về chất lượng h́nh ảnh và âm thanh công nghệ số.        K+ hiện cung cấp hơn 70 kênh truyền h́nh SD và 8 kênh truyền h́nh độ nét cao HD có bản quyền bao gồm các thể loại kênh tin tức,
Giới Thiệu Truyền H́nh An Viên Là Ǵ
Truyền h́nh An Viên - AVG Và Tư Vấn Lắp Đặt An Viên Chính Hăng là Truyền H́nh kỹ thuật Số mang tên   An Viên Dịch Vụ Truyền H́nh Trả Tiền Đang Được ưa Chuộng Nhất Hiện Nay      Sau nhiều năm nghiên cứu đă quyết định tham gia vào lĩnh vực cung cấp dịch vụ truyền h́nh kỹ thuật số. Hệ thống truyền dẫn truyền h́nh kỹ thuật số của AVG phủ sóng trên toàn quốc, phát trên hai hệ là truyền h́nh số mặt đất và truyền h́nh số vệ tinh. Đây là quyết định táo bạo bởi đầu tư vào hệ thống truyền h́nh kỹ thuật số, có độ phủ sóng trên toàn quốc đ̣i hN
Giờ Vàng Iwin 2/12 Mới Nhất
Chơi game iwin để tham gia cùng bạn bè bốn phương thử thách khả năng của ḿnh với các tṛ chơi dân gian đầy quen thuộc và thú vị như : tiến lên, mậu binh, caro……Khi chơi các bạn nhớ tai iwin phiên bản mới nhất để được hỗ trợ tốt nhé ! Giờ vàng iwin 2/12 cũng được nhiều bạn yêu thích iwin chú ư và đợi cơ hội nạp thẻ hoặc nap win cho riêng ḿnh. Cùng tham gia đừng bỏ lỡ những giờ phút thú vị này nhé ! Thời gian: 11h00 – 12h00 ngày 02/12/2013. Nội dung: Vào mục nạp Win để biết được nhân 4 giá trị win khi nạp in-app, nhân 3 SMS hay nhân 3 Card. Hiện tại taigamemobile24h  đă
Nhân Vật Trong Game Khí Phách Anh Hùng Cho Mobile
Game Khi Phach Anh hung là một trong những game thuần việt được nhiều game thủ yêu thích nhất. Khi tham gia vào game bạn sẽ lựa chọn cho ḿnh một nhân vật đại diện và bắt đầu khám phá thế giới game. Mỗi nhân vật trong game sẽ mang một sức mạnh và sở trường riêng. Bạn hăy chọn cho ḿnh một nhân vật phù hợp và khám phá tṛ chơi Khí Phách Anh Hùng này ngay nhé. Sau đây ad xin được giới thiệu Nhân vật trong game khí phách anh hùng như sau:Giới thiệu nhân vật trong game khí phách anh hùng Kiếm khách: Thuộc hệ Kim, với nguồn sinh lực dồi dào và khả năng cận chiến tốt, Kiếm Khách luôn là sự chọn lựa cho n
Hướng Dẫn Treo Nick Khí Phách Anh Hùng
Hôm nay, BQT game khi phach anh hung xin giới thiệu tới bạn thủ thuật để treo nick với những bạn nào đam mê game nhưng cấu h́nh máy không cao, Ram yếu, khi treo nick đánh quái, các bạn thường hay bị uds. Để khắc phục t́nh trạng trên, các bạn tải Game Khí Phách Anh Hùng Phiên bản mới nhất về máy nhé. Sau đó các bạn đăng nhập vào (nhớ là chỉ 1 nick thôi nhé), vào khu đánh quái th́ các bạn nên vào map Giọt nước lớn v́ ở đó không tốn máu. Tiếp theo các bạn bật auto lên và cài đặt mă phím: 49:1,49:1,49:1,49:1,49:1,49:1…49:1,49:1,57:5,-7:5 Cuối cùng, bạn có thể yên tâm đi ngủ, nếu không có ai PK bạn th́ nick có online liên tục đư
"christianity Or Cult? How To Tell The Difference"
(disclaimer:This blog only covers cults that claim to be "Christian". However, the definition of a cult of ANY religion is defined as: "followers of an unorthodox, extremist, or false religion or sect who often live outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader." So, if you're not a Christian, but, still want to know what qualifies as a cult-there you have it:-) however, if you ARE a Christian, and want to know what qualifies as a cult compared to Christianity,please, read on. I just want to say that I write these blogs to help people. So,please take them seriously.God bless you) This is an excerpt from another blog I wrote that I cut out and pasted here for people who have questions and are trying to distinguish between a real Christian Ministry and a Cult hiding under the banner of Christianity. I don't think legitimate churches are addressing these questions enough to keep people from becoming cult victims. Literally millions of people are being sucked
Giảm Mỡ đùi An Toàn, Hiệu Quả
Ở một số người, phần mỡ tích tục ở vùng đùi cao gấp 2 đến 3 lần so với các vùng khác và tốc độ mỡ tiêu hao ở vùng đùi luôn chậm hơn. Việc áp dụng phương pháp luyện tập thể dục thể thao để giảm béo vùng đùi đem lại hiệu quả gần như bằng không hoặc rất thấp. Bạn có thể duy tŕ việc tập luyện cùng 1 số cách giảm béo đùi dưới đây để lấy lại vóc dáng thon thả: Chế độ ăn uống hợp lư  Để có cách giảm béo đùi hiệu quả, trước tiên bạn phải thay đổi chế độ ăn uống hàng ngày, nên tránh xa các loại thực ph&
Máy Lọc Nước Công Nghệ Mỹ
Có bao giờ bạn muốn t́m hiểu hay sử dụng máy lọc nước công nghệ Mỹ, đang sử dụng rộng răi ở Mỹ không, nếu có th́ bài viết sau đây sẽ cung cấp một số thông tin về công nghệ trong máy lọc nước Mỹ. Lựa chọn loại máy lọc nước chất lượng với công nghệ Mỹ Hiện nay, các sản phẩm máy lọc nước được bán trên thị trường Việt Nam rất đa dạng và phong phú về mẫu mă, kiểu dáng, giá cả, chức năng... nhưng đa phần là sản phẩm nhập khẩu tại Malaysia, Đài Loan hoặc được lắp ráp linh kiện tại Việt Nam. Loại máy lọc nư̕
Help This Family For Christmas
"It came without ribbons!  It came without tags!  It came without packages, boxes or bags!"... Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before!  "Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store.  Maybe Christmas... perhaps... means a little bit more!"  ~Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
88 Lines About 44 Women (the Nails)
One of my friends remarked on how I only date insane women and it made me think of this song:    Lyrics to 88 Lines About 44 Women : Deborah was a Catholic girl, she held out till the bitter end.Carla was a differnet type, she's the was one who put it in.Mary was a black girl and I was afraid of a girl like that.Susan painted pictures sitting down like the Buddah sat.[humming]Reno was an aimless girl, a geographic memory.Cathy was a Jesus freak, she liked that kind of misery.Vicky had a special way of turning sex into a song.Camala who couldn't sing, kept the beat and kept it strong.[humming]Zilla was an archetype, the voodoo queen, the queen of rap.Joan thought men were second best to masturbating in the bath.Sheri was a feminist, she really had that gift of gab.Kathleen's point of view was this, "Take whatever you can grab."[humming]Seattle was another girl who left her mark upon the map.Karen liked to tie me up and left me hanging by a strap.Jeanie had this night club walk that m
Tired (poem)
I'm tired of sleeping alone I'm tired of being Of being so faceless, so unnoticed, and so unknown I'm tired of stupid, sarcastic sentiments So much sacrifice that only Gets the return of bad intent, So fake and plastic If it lasts, it Is only to teach me What all this misery has meant, Nothing but shit I'm tired of stupid fucking questions Of lectures lent Just to mold me from everything told to me To make me something I never Wanted in the end   I'm tired of hypocrites, Phony fuckers, faking emotion, Hoping a hand held out Gets them much more than they spent I'm tired of everyone knowing While I'm clueless because I'm not being What they had in mind for me, They think I should have my shit together But there hasn't been enough time to be Anything but alone, tragically, magically Melting away, dying to die, trying to hide That I hate everything about my whole fucking life   I'm tired of guessing what's next While I'm second guessed every chance that they
Recommended Korean Fashion Down Coats Collection
  Preface: Of course, winter is the season to wear down coat, and down coat is also the essential clothing for every girl in winter. But there are a lot of girls who are upset with bloated coat, thinking down coats can not highlight contours. Author recommended several down coats for girls, and teach you how to match clothing to make perfect body piercing. Stop to think that bloated clothing is the synonymous of down coats, in fact, if we choose the right style down coats, we can also win winter fashion modeling.   Pale pink Korean fashion coats, with pink fringed hem design, are sweet and cute, highlighting the ladies temperament. Fringed hem design, a kind of feeling of jumping, is very delicate. To match with white leggings and plush snow boots will be very good looking and thin.   Blue long down coat, with black fur of extravagance pressing collar and cuffs design, piercing socialite daughter of taste, is very charming and seductive. With a belt which can sketch out the perfec
Hướng Dẫn Chơi Nhân Vật Pháp Sư Trong Game Khí Phách Anh Hùng
Game khi phach anh hung là game thể hiện bản lĩnh của một thời Nam quốc sơn hà 1 thời. Đến với game các bạn sẽ được bước vào những cuộc đấu đầy cam go và quyết liệt để giành lấy chính nghĩa. Cốt truyện hấp dẫn kết hợp với đồ họa cực đỉnh hứa hẹn mang lại cho các bạn 1 sự trải nghiệm thật khác biệt. Hệ thống nhẫn vật đa dạng bao gồm kị sĩ, chiến binh, pháp sư….Hăy cũng t́m hiểu hệ thống Pháp sư nhé !Khu vuon dia dang Pháp sư thuộc hệ Thuỷ, là nhân vật có thể chất yếu nhưng bù lại sức mạnh tinh thần củ
Cách Nạp Xu Và Lượng Trong Khí Phách Anh Hùng
Có lẽ không ít các bạn tự đặt câu hỏi là làm thế nào để sở hữu những chú ngựa phi như bay trong Game Khi Phach Anh Hung rồi phải không? Câu trả lời cho những thắc mắc trên đó chính là việc sử dụng một loại tiền tệ đặc biệt trong game đó là “Lượng”. Lượng không những dùng để mua ngựa mà c̣n dùng để mua một số item khủng, rất có lợi trong game như thẻ nhân đôi kinh nghiệm, auto nhặt đồ, auto đánh quái, máu, mana. Cách nạp xu và lượng trong khí phách anh hùngBảng giá Lượng và xu:Nạp Lượng 1000 LUONG giá 5000 Vcoin : 500.000 VNĐ 70 LUONG giá 500 Vcoin : 50.000 VNĐ 150 LUONG giá 1000 Vcoin : 100
Khí Phách Anh Hùng Update Nhiệm Vụ Hàng Ngày
    Game khi phach anh hung đă update thêm một tính năng mới đó là nhiệm vụ hằng ngày. Ngoài ra trong sự kiện thêm tính năng mới này c̣n có nhiều nhiệm vụ nhận quà hấp dẫn khác. Tham gia nhận quà và thưởng thức tính năng mới này ngay nào các anh hùng.      1. Nhiệm vụ hằng ngày           Nhiệm vụ hàng ngày được áp dụng cho tất cả các nhân vật có Level từ 2x trở lên Cách thức thực hiện:     + Đối với các nhân vật có Level 2x-4x sẽ nhận nhiệm vụ tại NPC Lâm tướng quân ở làng    + Đối với các nhân vật Level 5x trở lên sẽ nhận nhiệm vụ tại Trần thống lĩnh ở thành Trấn Danh    + Mỗi ng
Sự Kiện Noel Avatar 2013 Cực Hot
Chắc hẳn cư dân Avatar đang háo hức chờ đợi su kien noel avatar 2013 đến ṃn mỏi trong suốt thời gian vừa qua . BQT đă bật mí thời gian và nội dung để không làm các bạn phải đợi lâu nữa ! Tai avatar phiên bản mới nhất và tham gia sự kiện vô cùng hot của năm nào các bạn ! Thời gian diễn ra sự kiện noel Avatar 2013 : Từ 15/12 đến hết ngày 30/12/2012. Cây thông chắc chắn không thể thiếu trong mùa Lễ Giáng Sinh Avatar rồi. Khi sự kiện bắt đầu diễn ra, ở khu Công Viên sẽ xuất hiện Cây thông Noel đơn sơ mộc mạc. Các bạn sẽ phải tham gia các hoạt động t́m kiếm các nguyên liệu đ̓
Chơi Game Khí Phách Anh Hùng Trên Android
Trong lần ra mắt phiên bản mới Khi Phach Anh Hung 1.5.9 vừa qua, do cập nhật thêm nhiều tính năng mới lạ nên phần nào gây khó khăn cho các game thủ. BQT KPAH quyết định hướng dẫn các bạn chơi trên phiên bản dành riêng cho Android. Chơi game khí phách anh hùng trên Android Hướng dẫn Chơi game khí phách anh hùng trên Android - Menu chính chuyển thành dạng tab với các chức năng chính.  Cửa hàng: Các gian hàng chuyển dạng tab đặt góc dưới cửa sổ. Touch chọn để chuyển đổi qua lại. Thông tin hiển thị bên phải màn h́nh.  Hành trang: dùng 2 phím mũi tên đê xem thêm hành trang.  Ngoài ra các tab khác: Trang bị, Trang bị thú, Kỹ năng, Tiềm năng, Nhi
Hút Sữa Xi Lanh Medela - Tiện Lợi Hơn Trong Việc Chăm Sóc Bé
Cuộc sống hiện đại không cho phép các bà mẹ trẻ ở bên con suốt cả ngày. Nhiều khi bé không có sữa mẹ để bú khi mẹ đi làm về trễ hay đi công tác. Để giải quyết điều này, máy hút sữa là một công cụ hữu ích.  ĐẶC ĐIỂM SẢN PHẨM Điều chỉnh lực hút theo ư muốn    Công nghệ mới nhất này hỗ trợ các mẹ trong việc điều chỉnh lực hút của máy theo ư muốn của mẹ, tạo cho mẹ cảm giác thoải mái trong mọi t́nh huống. Thiết kế thông minh Thiết kế đơn giản giúp mẹ làm quen với các thao tác và nguyên lư hoạt động của máy. Ngoài ra,có thể vệ sinh lau chùi
Maglia Bayern Monaco 2013-14 Stagione Lontano
Maglia Bayern Monaco 2013-14 stagione lontanoClub tedesco squadra Bayern Monaco ha annunciato ufficialmente la nuova Maglia 2013-14 stagione, è stato scelto dopo l'annuncio della nuova maglia prima dell'inizio della stagione, tenendo pienamente conto della Oktoberfest, ora il resto dell'anno solo tre settimane dalla il tempo di Oktoberfest.La nuova stagione Maglia Bayern Monaco contiene elementi di abiti tradizionali, una camicia bianca con pantaloncini marroni, la creazione di un bavarese Lederhosen effetti visivi, dettagli del progetto per le maglie aggiunge un senso della storia ed eleganza, il collare gergo bavarese "Mia san Mia (io sono io) "è uno degli elementi più familiari Bayern jersey.14 settembre Bayern e Hannover 96 partita sarà la prima di questo nuovo jersey, dopo una settimana di combattimento fuori partita FC Schalke 04 giocatori potranno continuare a indossare questa maglia debutto.
Thành Lập Pvcombank Và Kế Hoạch Cho Năm 2013-2014
Theo tài liệu PVF công bố, ngân hàng hợp nhất PVF - WesternBank sẽ có tên Ngân hàng Thương mại CP Đại chúng Việt Nam, tên viết tắt Pvcombank và tên giao dịch là Vietnam Public Bank.Vốn điều lệ của Pvcombank là 9.000 tỉ đồng với mạng lưới hoạt động gồm 102 điểm giao dịch, trong đó có 1 hội sở, 30 chi nhánh, 67 pḥng giao dịch và 4 quỹ. Mức vốn điều lệ 9.000 tỉ đồng của Pvcombank sẽ duy tŕ trong hai năm 2013 - 2014 và nâng lên 12.000 tỉ đồng vào năm 2015.Ngân hàng mới thành lập có các nghiệp vụ kinh doanh gồm: Huy động vốn cấp tín dụng; kinh doanh và cung ứng các dịch vụ ngân hàng, các sản phẩm phái s
Giá Vespa Lx 125 3v I.e
Công ty chúng tôi tự hào là nhà phân phối , bán buôn , bán lẻ phụ tùng xe Piaggio , Vespa cho các đại lư , người tiêu dùng trên toàn quốc với giá cả cạnh tranh , hàng chính hăng. Thương hiệu Phúc Nguyên Piaggio đă được khẳng định trên thị trường cả nước. Hăy đến với Phúc Nguyên Piaggio để được chăm sóc , phục vụ tốt nhất. THÔNG SỐ CHI TIẾT KÍCH THƯỚC CƠ BẢN Trọng lượng khô 110 Kg Chiều rộng 750 mm Chiều dài tổng  1.770 mm Chiều dài cơ sở 1.280 mm Chiều cao yên 785 mm KHUNG SƯỜN Khung Bằng thép tấm dập liền khối Giảm sóc trước Giảm xóc tác động kép kiểu đơ
My Bag Bags Fall / Winter 2013-2014
  My Bag is back to impress with its new collection of bags for autumn / winter 2013-2014 , a line dedicated to fashion victim apparently bold and cheeky . Also this year the brand invests in a style very moody, proposing day bags , clutch bags(green handbags) , clutch bags and cases for technology accessories complete the form from metal applications, small skulls rock, but also the most romantic butterflies and obviously pointed studs for those who love accessories of character!   The bags with studs models have become very popular in recent years by the fashionistas , once considered accessories for most young people today live in luxury collections such as Christian Louboutin and especially for Valentine's Day, that the line of handbags(patent leather handbags) studded Rockstud must much of its success in recent seasons . My Bag with studs go back to being a distinctive style of young , bold and extravagant , applied
Make A Smart Choice When Hiring An Estate Agent
Are you currently planning to sell property? Well, hiring a lovely estate representative is a lovely option to diminish your stress & make the general technique simpler for you. Primarily, they present your properties saleable to feasible buyers in a very honest & fair way. As well as, simplify the contact among you & the potential buyers. However, it doesn't mean when you plan to hire agents; it is not necessary to be educated & be aware of the most recent housing trends anymore. You ought to find out general knowledge based on the local market & what is the current rate offered for property similar of yours. This technique can help you to select whose agent capable for you. Now, spend some time researching which agents selling property locally. This can be done by reading your local newspapers, speaking together with your mates, relatives or neighbors, driving around your location & most effectively browsing on the net. Researching online is basically the most people do at this tim
Trick Of The Year: Samsung Smart Watch Phones Isn't Bad, But Using Is
You use the Galaxy of Samsung as a watch phones. Connects to the Galaxy note 3, latest Samsung "phablet" via bluetooth. You use it to make calls, read text messages and, well, tells time. You don't have to put the team next to your ear to speak. A quiet space in your speaker works fine - it is clear and you can speak even with arm hanging at his side. You look mostly like Captain Kirk de Star Trek, talking while holding your arm out as if removing the time. But don't expect to hear one thing in a shopping centre, a café or while driving. And if the note 3 too far, i.e. more than five metres, you will lose reception quickly. Note 3 if same is impressive. It feels slimmer and lighter than its predecessor and seems to waterproof. Pants it is not likely that you will have enough space for the device. Carry it in your pocket or purse or in hand. Impressive graphics and a screen that almost the size of a Mini iPad is the ideal device so that you can be in series while you're on the train
5 Mẹo Mau Lên Level Trong Khí Phách Anh Hùng
Khi phach anh hung – game mới nhưng thực sự đă gây sự chú ư lớn trên thị trường game hiện nay. Theo khảo sát gần đây cho thấy, sỗ lượng người chơi ngày càng tăng, như vậy đă chứng tỏ sự hấp dẫn của khí phách anh hùng hiện nay. Sau đây chúng tôi sẽ hướng dẫn cho các bạn 5 mẹo mau lên level trong khí phách anh hùng nhé. 5 mẹo mau lên level trong khí phách anh hùng Mẹo số 1: Nhân đôi kinh nghiệm Cái này th́ khỏi phải giải thích nha, nhân kinh nghiệm => tiết kiệm thời gian lên level, lợi quá c̣n ǵ. Có 2 loại thẻ nhân kinh nghiệm, 1 cái nhân đôi th́ giá 15 lượng, cái nhân rưỡi kinh nghiệm th́ giá 10 lượng. Muốn có l
Game Kết Giới Cực Chất Cho Dế
Đến với Game Kết giới người chơi hoàn toàn có thể xây dựng nhân vật theo phong cách riêng, với tiêu chí độc đáo và lạ mắt, sự pha trộn hoàn hảo sẽ đem đến cho người chơi một phong cách chơi hoàn toàn mới trên mobile. Tai Game Ket Gioi về điện thoại, nhiệm vụ của bạn sẽ là xây dựng thành tŕ vững mạnh,  quản lí hệ thống 42 tướng tá vô cùng mới mẻ như Tôn ngộ không, Quan vũ, Lư tiểu long .. Game kết giới cực chất cho dế Game kết giới tương  thích với các loại điện thoại, máy tính bảng sử dụng hệ điều hành Android và IOS. Tham gia game bạn sẽ đưO
Robe De Cocktail Vert - Vous Avez Des Problèmes De Vous Décider Quoi Porter Pour Le Cocktail ?
Cocktails sont connus pour être des femmes à la mode et élégant qui savent comment s'habiller de la manière la plus digne et élégant. Pour être belle et sophistiquée , vous avez besoin d'apprendre l'art de s'habiller pour les soirées cocktails ou des après-midis . Il est dit que les cocktails sont idéales pour ceux qui croient que moins est toujours plus . Ainsi , il n'y a pas de place pour ceux qui préfèrent porter des robe de cocktail longue pas cher vert aux parties. Tous les appels d'occasion spéciale pour juste la robe droite . Il est entendu par tous que pour regarder grand dans les cocktails que vous avez à porter certains types de robes , mais très peu de gens savent la différence entre les deux principaux types de robes de soirée qui sont appropriés pour être portés lors de rencontres formelles et informelles. Il ya deux sortes de robes , une robe de cocktail et une robe de thé. Ces deux types de robes sont toujours confus pour l'autre. Pour habiller de la mani
Theo Đông Y Dựa Vào Quan Hệ Ngũ Hành Người Ta Có Thể Cắt Nghiă được Những Nguyên Nh
Theo Đông y dựa vào quan hệ ngũ hành người ta có thể cắt nghiă được những nguyên nhân sinh rabệnh trĩ từ những suy yếu bệnh tật ở 5 tạng trong cơ thể. I/ NGUYÊN NHÂN SINH BỆNH       - Do ăn uống: Trong Nội kinh có viết: Nhân nhi bảo thực, cân mạch hoành giải, trường tích vi trĩ: có nghĩa là ăn uống nhiều đồ khó tiêu, tích tụ ở vị trường sinh bệnh trĩ.      - Do nghề nghiệp và sinh hoạt: Ngồi lâu, đứng nhiều, trèo cao, mang nặng đi xa làm cho huyết mạch dồn xuống dưới, khí huyết không lưu thông, kinh mạch bị tổn thương sinh ra bệnh trĩ.Nhịn đại tiện lâu ngày,
Máy Xay Gị Chả Và Dụng Cụ Cần Thiết để Làm Món Chả Gị
 Để chuẩn bị làm chả gị, ngoài việc lụa chọn thịt sao cho ngon th́ máy xay gị chả là vật không thể thiếu giúp bạn thực hiện thành công món này. Hăy t́m hiểu xem các loại máy, dụng cụ cần thiết để làm chả gị nhé.   1.    Máy xay gị chả và biến tần motow: Là thiết bị chính yếu để sản xuất gị chả. Với ḍng máy xay gị chả hiện nay chúng tôi có cung cấp các ḍng máy 5Kg, 10Kg, 15Kg, 20 Kg, 30 Kg và các ḍng máy trên 80kg trên một mẻ sản xuất.   2. Máy thái thịt tươi sống, thái mỡ: là ḍng máy được nhập khẩu từ trung quốc với tính năng chính dùng để thái lát mỡ phục vụ trong quá tŕnh làm gị. Máy có các loại kí
CÔng Ty PhÚc NguyÊn SƠn Xe ChuyÊn NghiỆp
CÔNG TY PHÚC NGUYÊN SƠN XE CHUYÊN NGHIỆP     Sơn xe Vespa.     Sơn xe Piaggio.     Sơn xe Vespa piaggio.     Chuyên sơn xe Vespa- piaggio.     Chuyên sơn xe Vespa.     Chuyên sơn xe Piaggio. Hiện tại Phúc Nguyên đang có dịch vụ sơn xe vespa và piaggio cực kỳ chuyên nghiệp. Sau khi sơn xe khách hàng sẽ được bảo hành 2 năm hoặc 20.000 km tùy theo điều kiện nào đến trước. Khách hàng hoàn toàn có thể yên tâm với dịch vụ sơn xe tại Phúc Nguyên. Giá cả để sơn một chiếc xe vespa, piaggio tại Phúc Nguyên là 1 triệu 800 ngh́n. Sơn vành, bô là 150 ngh́n một cái. Chúng tôi luôn đưa ra giá cả cạnh tranh nhưng chất lượng dịch vụ th́ hoàn toàn tuyệt vời
Lente Diferente: Xiaocai X800
Xiaocai smartphones tienden a integrarse en un número de amor hermoso, como Xiaocai antes de teléfono de música real, anuncios de endoso de Jin Minzhi dieron a la gente una impresión profunda. Xiaocai lanzó los anuncios de telefonos 800 X, Jiang Yi yan y Chen Kun-lien sigue siendo la integración del amor hermoso, mostrando los vientos de la moda estética de este teléfono. Xiaocai X800 es sus lugares más característicos a 206 grados rotación lentes, lentes de 6P 13 millones de píxeles, deben ser capaces de llevar una película única experiencia. Xiaocai X800 con el diseño del fuselaje blanco puro, muy hermoso. La parte delantera del fuselaje es una gran pantalla de 5,9 pulgadas, resolución de hasta tamaño de 1920 x 1080 píxeles, mayor pantalla FHD, pantalla funciona bien. Integrado, esta máquina tiene un procesador de 1,7 GHz frecuencia Gao Tongxiao 6.004 Dragon, complementado mediante la ejecución de 2GB de RAM, accionado por sistema de desarrollo de Color basados en Android OS 4.2.
How To Afford Seo Services In Epping
When choosing an SEO service, the first thing small businesses think about is the costs factor. Whether you pick to take care of things yourself, engage a consultant, or hire a multifaceted SEO service to assault the issue from all feasible angles, you will always must deal with the time/ money issue. Depending on your goals & the size of your budget, you can approach SEO in different ways: full-service, partial-service, assisted-service, & self-service.Full-Service SEO Although this is by far the most expensive option, on the and side it practically eliminates the necessity for you to get involved in the hard work. In other words, you can sit back, relax, & let the specialists take care of your site's optimization for you. Other advantages of this approach include higher quality of seo Epping, access to a more comprehensive SEO package, & better overall results. In the event you think about a specific offer to be expensive, you will require to conduct a thorough assessment of your s
Diamonds At Auction By Sotheby's Comes The Largest Pure White Oval Diamond
  A story that will please the collectors of precious stones are always looking for diamonds at auction. Sotheby's will put the enchantment on October 7th in Hong Kong Magnificent Oval Diamond of Supreme Importance , the largest diamond ever pure oval classified by the GIA, the Gemological Institute of American, from 118.28 carats. The stone, pure and perfect , it is one of the biggest : it had a rough weight of 299 carats. The estimate ranges from 28 million to 35 million dollars(cheap rings) : in view of the exceptional nature of the diamond is more than likely that you will reach a new record. The Magnificent Jewels & Jadeite auction will be held in the eastern city celebrating 40 years of Sotheby's Asia. On that occasion, it will be possible to admire many jewels and precious stones of the highest bill , including two necklaces jade beads from Shanghai, a Cartier ring with pink diamond belonged to Soong May -ling , wife of former Taiwan President Chiang Kai- shek . Other jewelery
Words To Live By
                I feel I am the realest person I know. I speak my mind, I don't like making up stories to cover the truth, I don't like drama and I don't like talking behind other persons backs. but being that I look the way I do meaning :beauty wise, people think I am a liar till they get to know me and realize I am not like anyone they have ever met or ever will again. I am confident and as the American culture has it set that being confident means you only care about yourself in which I wish people would stop trying to follow trends that they did not create, or just agree on something because a certain someone agrees to something and just be there self with your own creations or thoughts and just pure originality. also I have always done things how I think they should be done, do I ask for help? yes at times I do because not everything can be done alone. so what I am getting at is just be you, be yourself and be honest with yourself in order to be honest with others.   -KRISSY
Seek The Services Of Bangalore Moving Services By Means Of Pro Movers
    Departing a location and negotiating right down to the brand new area is usually a horrible activity. Transferring is very horrible mainly because hauling almost all smaller and massive pieces of equipment and resources to help brand new vacation spot can be tough. Within the whole undertaking individuals must be cautious because it is about the particular sleek go and safe practices involving products. Individuals can easily lower the total tension associated with separation simply by using the services of your skilled going corporations. You will find variety of esteemed relocating businesses obtainable in industry that include best go on to his or her consumers. They then have got specialist staff with him or her that will consider the full obligation from the go. They offer foolproof guarantee on their clients that will via their own aid the actual transfer is going to be sleek and unwind.   Most of these agencies function many separation providers on their buyers a variety
Có Nên Mua đệm điện, Chăn Sưởi Hàn Quốc Không
Mùa đông với không khí lạnh ảnh hưởng rất nhiều tới sức khỏe, đặc biệt là người già và trẻ nhỏ. Nhiệt độ ban đêm xuống thấp, khiến giấc ngủ không được đảm bảo là tác nhân xấu đến thể chất và tinh thần của gia đ́nh bạn. Đệm điện Hàn Quốc là sản phẩm khá thân thiện với người dùng trong nước hiện nay.  Với chất lượng ổn định, thiết kế bắt mắt, màu sắc phong phú, tiết kiệm điện năng và mức giá hợp lư, chăn sưởi Hàn Quốc không chỉ được tin dùng ở Việt Nam mà c̣n trên toàn thế giới. Chăn
Những đồ Sưởi Cần Mua Khi Mùa đông đến
Vào những ngày mùa đông, thời tiết trở lạnh, kéo theo những đợt rét kéo dài kèm mưa phùn. Trước cái lạnh đến cắt da cắt thịt, nhiều gia đ́nh đă rục rịch đi sắm đồ chống rét, với các mặt hàng như chăn sưởi, đệm điện, quạt sưởi, đèn sưởi là lựa chọn tối ưu. Đèn sưởiXu thế của mùa đông năm nay là sử dụng đèn sưởi nhà tắm trong các hộ gia đ́nh, nhất là những gia đ́nh có người già và trẻ nhỏ. Ngoài việc ít tốn điện năng, những công dụng của loại đèn này cũng đang thu hút nhiều chú ư của người sử dụn
Hành Tŕnh Ngân Hàng Không Khoảng Cách
Ngân hàng không khoảng cách là một trong những ngân hàng vừa chính thức đi vào hoạt động, liệu có thực sự rút ngắn được mọi khoảng cách trong hành tŕnh tái cơ cấu và đặc biệt, xóa nḥa mọi khoảng cách đến với thị trường?Với những thông tin như đă nêu trên, mặc dù được xác định là một ngân hàng đại chúng – như cái tên của ḿnh – nhưng rơ ràng trước mắt, đây vẫn có thể như một ngân hàng được chi phối bởi Tập đoàn Dầu khí, nếu không muốn nói là “của” Tập đoàn Dầu khí. Bản thân PVN chắc chắn cũng không chỉ trông đợi tức thườn
12/2 - 12/8/13
MONDAY'S JOKE                                      The Cop & The Baseball FansThree baseball fans were on their way to a game when one noticed a foot sticking out of the bushes by the side of the road. They stopped and discovered a nude female dead drunk. Out of respect and propriety, the Yankee fan took off his cap and placed it over her right breast. The Red Sox fan took off his cap and placed it over her left breast. Following their lead, the A's fan took off his cap and placed itover her crotch. The police were called and when the officer arrived, he conducted his inspection. First, he lifted up the Yankees cap, replaced it, and wrote down some notes. Next, he lifted the Sox cap, replaced it, and wrote down some more notes. The officer then lifted the A's cap, replaced it, then lifted it again, replaced it, lifted it a third time, and replaced it one last time. The A's fan was getting upset and finally asked, "What are you, a pervert or something? Why do you keep lifting and lookin
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 178
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 178 of Janey Godley's podcast with Ashley Storrie the comedy mother and daughter get to discuss this week's events. Nelson Mandela's memorial, internet bullying, the President's selfie and bankers fines all become subjects of discussion. Ashley talks about this week's news stories and Janey gives her version of the nativity. They both answer many and varied questions that come via social networking.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter. Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 178 You can get your amazing Janey Godley's Podcast T-Shirts, Hoodies and Phone covers from RedBubble. If you would like to support our podcast th
Beats By Dre Solo High-definition Hd Headphones Green On Sale
5.Back to the program, you can start adjusting the keys. Some applications are really cheap beats by dre user friendly and only need trial and error to suit your needs. Then go to file and click Add sampler and the sampler you have saved will be loaded to the program, ready to be edited.If you believe that you can begin promoting beats without possessing to learn anything at all, you are not heading to find good results. For instance, if you haven't currently uncovered the fact that subject material is the most vital factor of marketing and advertising and if you don't know how to get a conversion rate then you're behind.Relaxation is essential to our well being. If you can find a spare twenty minutes a day to tune into your binaural beats recording, you can create a much healthier body, mind and spirit and allow yourself the uxury?of relaxation.Properly once you commence searching into it and all the components that go into correct music production it can work out to be ve
Beats By Dre Solo High-definition Hd Headphones Smartie Blue Free Shipping
This is not new technology, and solo beats it has been studies for over 170 years, but it is only in more recent times that we have been able to precisely calibrate individual recordings for maximum effect. Of course people are skeptical at first, rightly so, I was skeptical also. However when we feel the gentle power, effectiveness and the pleasure that the recordings give us, and we see the positive life enhancing adjustment that we are able to make, we are so encouraged to use the recordings frequently. Most people feel tangible results on first use, and continued use just enhances the experience.The main competitor brands of the Beats By Dre headphones are industry leaders such as Bose Beats by Dre Pro High Definition Red Christmas Online and Sennheiser, so you know these bad boys have really been put through a lot of testing and development to match the criteria. I honestly couldn't see Dr. Dre putting his name on a studio product that wouldn't live up to his own high
Significant Packaging Products And Valuable Strategies For Property Stuff
Taking would be the trickiest job inside just about any moving. It is just a difficult and also intricate. Nevertheless right taking furthermore will save you things via doable destruction inside moving. Consequently, this have to be accomplished meticulously and perseverance. Number of household possessions need to be jam-packed in several techniques having suitable things. At this point look at a number of widespread things and critical load up strategies for family things.   An average household has various goods and appropriately load up these individuals you'll need to have kinds of supplying things. Very first you must help make an index of goods that you would like for you to adjust for your brand new property and buy providing items in line with the record. Cardboard packing containers, providing document, bubble wrappers, relocating bedsheets and silicone shields, repairing video tape, brands indicators and extra padding components are typical products in which you have got
Family Switching Assistance Inside Gurgaon – Produce Go Simple
For the profitable new house purchase involving house in one spot to one more a dependable home switching assistance can be greatest needed. For the reason that house move contains quite a few monotonous and tricky chores which could help make persons particularly worn out and tense. For this reason specialized home switching assistance within Gurgaon may be very well liked right now. Men and women switching to a different position usually would rather retain the services of reputable and skilled residence changing support (also named supplying & shifting service) from the shifting corporation. However it can be yet again significant any particular one should retain the services of the particular support from your organization that's not solely very affordable but additionally documented, seasoned and furthermore reputable.   There are various skilled transferring businesses or perhaps movers and packers within Gurgaon who is going to become encouraging practical your house new house
Residence Transferring Solutions Throughout Gurgaon – Shifting Produced Uncomplicated
Residence moving products and services help make individuals shift collected from one of destination to one more together with total house items throughout less difficult and softer approach. There are numerous specialized relocating businesses or even movers and packers within Gurgaon which might be featuring extensive way to unique separation desires. You will discover offering very useful family transferring solutions to create household separation quick and easy. They might aid those who wish to transfer their particular houses from spot for a a different inside of Gurgaon or even wish to transfer to an alternative community having complete home items. Aside from featuring useful companies the actual support his or her clientele inside entire show. These people concentrate on produce greatest separation answer and at ease practical knowledge on their buyers.   House transferring support typically a couple of distinct very helpful products and services for instance taking support,
How Should Specialist Movers And Packers Create Shipping And Delivery Products Safe And Sound And Risk-free
Transport for you to merchandise to your long-distance location is really a strenuous job. It offers numerous bothersome problems similar to supplying merchandise, running and unloading these, shipping and delivery, unpacking and ordering, and so forth. These points be tough and intricate to the those who find themselves about to move very first time that inside their lifestyle. They have to will need companies regarding specialist going organizations to make transport of the useful things secure.   Expert movers are classified as the fantastic help out with move. They've properly skilled personnel, products transporters and most recent methods and gadgets regarding safe and sound and trouble-free separation products and services. Right now there individuals get excellent encounter within switching work opportunities plus they can potentially cope with the separation without the difficulties. Skilled transferring organizations make use of quality taking provides pertaining to benefic
Gurgaon Shifting Organizations Can Make Your Current Transfer Simple
Do you think you're going via Gurgaon to a different location? Have you got a lot of residence items? Have the capability to help bunch and transfer complete the things on your own? Inside my standpoint, you'll not need to wrap up and move your own items alone since it could be incredibly very tiring and demanding expertise. Nevertheless, you can change the specific situation straight into easygoing and clean matter by simply getting specialized providing and shifting providers collected from one of involving respected and knowledgeable shifting firms as well as packers and movers inside Gurgaon. Excellent relocating corporations are known for create moving simple and easy using their good quality and genuinely specialist shifting products and services.   There are various expert relocating corporations inside Gurgaon who are able to produce your current proceed quick and easier. Deciding on a suitable transferring organization is actually step one in doing the actual moving effortle
Cartier Launches New Jewelery Collection Juste Un Clou
  From the past finds new life that celebrates the famous Cartier bracelet Juste un Clou with a new jewelry collections. The creation of Aldo Cipullo, designed for the first time back in the seventies to the present day with a more modern line, where the forms are dwindling and precious materials of great charm jewelry styling. The new collection is in divive rings and bracelets(cuff bracelet) that refer to the original creation "simply a nail," rolled up and spiral through the head by a mere object of that work becomes a blaze of beauty with the addition of delicate diamond in the more luxurious models.   Cartier is a symbol of high jewelery who can make the old forms with new and modern. The jewelry's most iconic brand remain even today the design and lines born of tradition. The ability of the brand, however, is to renew itself in every new collection by creating new jewelry with styles and themes are always different, but with a focus on simplicity of beauty that make them clas
Losing Someone
Late last night I found out a good friend of mine passed away and I still don't want to believe it but I know that he is at peace right now but that doesn't take any of my pain away. I'm still sitting here I haven't slept much and my thoughts are still racing. I think the worst part is that I never got to say goodbye but I will you again someday my friend
Tai Zalo Chat
>> Tai Zalo Chat FREE Tai đây
Dream Come True Pt 1
Once, when I was 18, I was home alone poking around the house with nothing really to do. I started snooping around my parent's room and found a box under the bed. I pulled it out and opened it. Inside was a pretty good sized stash of porn movies, assorted oils, lubes and a big12" pink vibrator. My eyes grew wide at this little discovery. Who knew my parents were so kinky? I knelt on the floor for a while looking through the titles of the movies they had. As I did I started to get really horny! I knew no one would be home for hours so I took a couple of movies, some lube and the vibrator. Quickly I walked to my room and closed the door. Once inside I stripped to my already wet panties turned on my TV and put the first movie in the player, then sat down on the edge of my bed. Once the movie got going I was treated to the sight of two gorgeous girls kissing. They looked to be around my age and that really turned me on. They could have been someone I went to school with! Soon
The Players Club Cam Rules Pls Read And Comment That You Fully Understand Tyou!
PLAYERS CLUB LOUNGE CAM RULES No Children under the age of 18 - This does include infants & newborns.   No Pornographic Material - (i.e. Special Adult Film on T.V.) - This does not include T.V. shows within appropriate Televison Content Rating System (TV [Y] - TV [14]). No Sexual InnuendoNo Sexual Intercourse (of any form) No Sexual Play (ie. foreplay, etc...) As long as the lounge is {(NSFW)} a Lounges Cam can show any part of the body provided it does not violate the above rules. Men & Women Can Sit Nakkied On Cams Thats IT! Nothen More Nothen Less! Lounge Has To Be LOCKED DOWN!
Fuselaje Cortex-a15 Marco 5 Pulgadas Super Amoled Táctil Capacitiva Xiaocai X800
Cortex-A15 esquema puede definitivamente el sector Smartphone este año como uno de los ocho técnicos, A15 estructura por supuesto está equipado con un Exynos por representantes de 5.410 Xiaocai X800 duales procesadores de núcleo cuádruple, por ahora, tienen puede jugar el Xiaocai X800 todas las propiedades de un juego o software y ninguno, A15 rendimiento potente procesador. Xiaocai X800 la parte delantera del fuselaje es un 5 pulgadas Super AMOLED táctil capacitiva, Mostrar resoluciones de hasta 1920 x 1080 píxeles. Hardware utiliza un dual quad core Exynos 1.6 GHz + procesador de 1,2 GHz frecuencia 5 Octa, memoria o guardar del fuselaje y juegos de 2 GB de almacenamiento de 16 GB, el funcionamiento es muy fuerte, liso funcionamiento sistema de operativo Android 4.2. A sus espaldas es una cámara de 13 millones de píxeles, la lente frontal ha llegado a 2 millones de píxeles, disparando muy bien. Xiaocai X800 después del lanzamiento en buque insignia de la marca, popularidad aún alta,
Trinity Broadcasting Network Co-founder Paul Crouch Dies At 79
    Paul Franklin Crouch who, along with his wife Jan, co-founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) died at his home in Orange, California, on November 30, 2013, after a decade-long fight with degenerative heart disease, his grandson Brandon Crouch told The Associated Press. Trinity Broadcast Network had reported that Crouch became ill and was taken to a Dallas area hospital in October while visiting the network's facility in Colleyville, Texas. Later he returned to California for continued treatment of "heart and related health issues."
The bell rings. You, dressed in a slinky, sheer red gown, come to the door and say "Who is it?" I tell you to open it, and punch the door. You sigh, a little, and open the door. Im still in my suit from last night, and pull you to me by your hair. you whimper a little, as I grap a handful  of the luscious brown. You open your mouth and try to protest, but I hold your hands over your head, and kiss you...hard. I take your lips between my teeth and slide my tung between those wonderful lips. You suck my tung hard, and I pinch one nipple hard, and your breath is taken in quickly. holding your hands up, I place one areound my neck. Carressing a nipple, then the breast, you try to move away. but your against the wall. The kiss continues, down to your neck, cleavage, and then, a hard nipple into my mouth. Again you try to get away, but my fingers pry back the gown and brush your mound. Your passion takes over, and you go t your knees. Not wanting just to be mouthfucked, you go all the way to
Tư Vấn Chọn Quà Ǵ Khi Ra Mắt
Bên cạnh nỗi lo về h́nh thức, cách ứng xử sao cho hợp ư với bố mẹ người yêu, th́ chọn quà ǵ trong ngày đầu tiên ra mắt khiến rất nhiều bạn trẻ đau đầu.  Bởi món quà không chỉ thể hiện sự khéo léo mà c̣n mang cả t́nh cảm gửi gắm vào đó nữa. Siêu thị trực tuyến Mẹ và Bé xin gợi ư các bạn một số cách chọn quà sau:Chọn quà theo sở thích Bạn nên t́m hiểu xem, bố mẹ người yêu ḿnh có sở thích như thế nào. Mỗi người có một sở thích khác nhau, nếu được nhận món quà đúng sở thích th́ kể cả người khó tính nhất cũng hài ḷng.Chọn quà theo mùa Gợi ư này luôn &#
Chỉ Nên Dùng đệm điện Sưởi Hàn Quốc Chính Hăng để đảm Bảo Sức Khỏ
Mặt hàng chăn điện, đệm điện Hàn Quốc rất được ưa chuộng ở nước ta một vài năm trở lại đây. Bởi chất liệu cao cấp, dày dặn, được kiểm định chất lượng theo tiêu chuẩn Mỹ, an toàn sức khỏe của người tiêu dùng.  Đệm điện sưởi ấm, chăn sưởi Hàn Quốc tỏa nhiệt đều c̣n có tác dụng hỗ trợ điều trị chứng đau lưng, mỏi cơ, thấp khớp. Tuy nhiên, trên thị trường có rất nhiều chăn điện, đệm điện có nguồn gốc, xuất xứ không rơ ràng, trà trộn vào hàng chính hăng. V́ vậy, việc đ̐
Today I wish I could take away the pain from the past the anger the hatred the ocean of tears and fear and sorrow before tomorrow comes to pass return the spark of life to you ignite the flame burning within help you to live once again
Quy Tŕnh Dịch Vụ Phát Tờ Rơi
- Nghiên cứu trước đối tượng sẽ phát cho khách - Nghiên cứu trước địa điểm sẽ làm. - Lập kế hoạch gửi cho khách hàng , tư vấn khách hàng. - Có t
I Am Exhausted.
I have noticed that possessive men are on the uprise. Grosses me out, this does. (Yoda style)   I am indifferent to my shoutbox, except when it is a friend of mine. I am here for Mafia, as my profile clearly states. I know it seems like a tough concept to grasp, but it's true. I pay little to no attention to my shout box. I have seen grown men throw temper tantrums over my slow response, no response. I log on to check on my mafia toons, and WHAMMO! The second I log on, my sb lights up like 4th of July, from all kinds wanting to engage in conversation. GOD forbid, I don't answer. I'm sorry. I'm not here for you. I am here for me and the raddest mafia game ever.   I am not here for romance. I am not here for love. I can easily go down to my friendly Sheriff's Department and flirt back with that hunk of "Daddy Yowza", that has been shameless, if I was looking for romance. He would probably be a keeper too. He has a good driving record, no criminal history, owns his own home and a sexy
Sitting Here Today Thinking Of Tomorrow
You know sometimes we just sit and think about tomorrow. Thats what I'm doing today. I wonder will it be cold, wat will i be doing, what will i fix for dinner, etc. Ever wonder why we do this? Why do we try and rsh through today just to rush through tomorrow? Well I am ready to get out of here and not have to worry or think about tomorrow and just live for today. So i packed my stuff up ( all of my stuff) got in my car and went 6 hours to another state. Now I don't have to worry about tomorrow bc today is just that today....
Thl W8 Beyond Es Un Teléfono Móvil De Gran Memoria
La última vez, hablamos de la THL W8S que es un smartphone android con la memoria de 32G. Hoy vamos a ver una nueva edición, la THL W8 allá. Esta unidad es también un buen smartphone. Si piensa que el W8S es demasiado caro para usted, tal vez esto W8 allá es una buena opción para reemplazarlo. El recuerdo de W8 Más allá sólo 16G, más pequeño que W8S, pero el resto de características es casi el mismo, la CPU es el de cuatro núcleos y la memoria RAM es MTK6589T 1G. A partir de este punto, la velocidad de funcionamiento de ambas unidades son las mismas. La adición de este W8 allá puede soportar una tarjeta de memoria de 32G externo, por lo 16G quizá lo suficiente para ti. El precio también es € 30 más barato si usted ordena de las El ThL W8 Beyond, con procesador Quado Core, 5.0 pulgadas, pantalla FHD, como su nombre lo dice esta mas alla de los Moviles Android Convencionales, debido a sus especificaciones. La altisima resolucion de su pantalla FHD te ofrece una s
Ứng Dụng Oreka Tra Cứu điểm Thi
  Trang tải game khi phach anh hung giới thiệu đến các bạn ứng dụng cho mobile hay nhất.     Ứng dụng oreka là ứng dụng tra cứu điểm thi hàng đầu được các bạn sỹ tử lựa chọn. Điều các thí sinh mong chờ nhất sau mỗi ḱ thi ĐH, CĐ chính là đáp áp và kết quả. Các website điện tử, các trang báo mạng, các tổng đài tra cứu kết quả thi đại học đă mọc lên như nấm đáp ứng nhu cầu “cấp thiết” ấy của các sĩ tử cùng các bậc phụ huynh. Nhưng liệu cách tra cứu nào là thông minh nhất dành cho các sỹ tử?         Năm nay xuất hiện một ứng dụng mới giúp các s
Phái Phi Vũ Trong Game T́nh Kiếm
Trang tải game khi phach anh hung giới thiệu đến các bạn game cho mobile hay nhất. Game t́nh kiếm với côt truyện hấp dẫn đă thu hút được đông đảo game thủ tham gia vào đó.Cốt truyện của t́nh kiếm : Từ thuở khai sinh lập địa trên bầu trời có 10 mặt trời làm cho mặt đất trở nên khô cằn, nóng bỏng loài ngoải đừng trước nguy cơ bị diệt vong. Lúc bấy giờ Hậu Nghệ với tài bắn cung của ḿnh đă bắn hạ 9 mặt trời chỉ để lại một chiếu sáng cho nhân gian. Chính điều này làm Ngọc Hoàng nổi giận đă đày Hậu Nghệ xuống trần gian. Chốn trần gian ch̗
Game Bắn Trâu Hấp Dẫn Cho Mobi
Trang tải game khi phach anh hung giới thiệu đến các bạn game cho mobile hay nhất. Game bắn trâu có lối chơi đơn giản nhưng lại rất cuốn hút bởi phong cách thiết kế hài hước cùng cốt truyện rất Việt Nam. Tham gia vào tṛ chơi, bạn sẽ lựa chọn hóa thân thành các nhân vật Mạnh Linh, Xuân Lâm và Anh Dũng để chiến đấu chống lại đội quân trâu quỷ. Mỗi nhân vật đều có khả năng chiến đấu cùng kỹ năng riêng biệt, mang lại tác dụng nhất định tùy theo t́nh h́nh trận đánh. Game Bắn Trâu có lối chơi rất đơn giản, theo kiểu các game bắn ong, bắn ruồi, bắn máy bay trên hệ
Phí Dịch Vụ Thám Tử
Do nhu cầu cuộc sống ngày càng phát triển nên nhu cầu t́m hiểu thông tin cằng tăng lên  nên các văn pḥng thám tử mọc lên ở các thành phố lớn ngày càng nhiều với mức chi phí dịch vụ thám tử cũng như chất lượng dịch vụ chưa làm hài ḷng quá khách hàng.   Thám tử Thành Đạt là 1 trong 3 văn pḥng thám tử lâu đời uy tín nhất tại Việt Nam cũng như tại Hà Nội . Chúng tôi với tiêu chí chung là giá dịch vụ thám tử phù hợp , mức chi phí hợp lư vừa hoành thành tốt công việc cũng vừa với khả năng chi trả của khách hàng. Thám tử là loại h́nh dịch vụ đặc thù nên chi phí cho dịch vụ thám tử  c̣n phụ thu&
Giày Nam Tăng Chiều Cao Giúp Quư ông Tự Tin Hơn
Với sự sáng tạo đa dạng về màu sắc, mẫu mă và chủng loại, năm 2013 là năm mà giay tang chieu cao nam phát triển mạnh mẽ và rộng khắp. Với nhu cầu sử dụng ở rất nhiều lứa tuổi nên rất nhiều tên tuổi lớn trong lĩnh vực giày nam đă tập trung phát triển mạnh loại giày này. Bởi vậy bạn cũng đừng quá lo lắng nếu ḿnh sở hữu một chiều cao khá khiêm tốn. Chỉ với một vài thao tác đơn giản là bạn đă có thể sở hữu cho ḿnh một đôi giày nâng chiều cao nam như ư muốn       Giày cao nam phong cách thể thao Được thiết kế dành cho giới trẻ với phong cách tự ti
Dịch Vụ Phát Tờ Rơi Even
Phat to roi là một công việc tưởng chừng như đơn giản, nhưng để nó thực sự phát huy hiệu quả, đem khách đến cho Event của bạn, nhất thiết phải biết cách sắp xếp cho hợp lư, khoa học. Trước tiên bạn cần phải định ra các thông tin sau: ·         Đối tượng cần phát là ai, họ thường tụ tập ở đâu: Điều này sẽ xác định cho bạn những địa điểm phát phù hợp nơi xác suất gặp người tham dự tiềm năng cao nhất. Như vậy tùy theo sản phẩm và đối tượng khách hàng mà bạn lên danh sách địa điểm phat to roi .  ·         Thời gian nào tron
Winter With My Lil One
Precious moments with you in the snow , playing snowfall , walking hand in hand   The snow whirling around ...  Your smile beeming so bright , the world seems like a warmer place with your lil hand in mine ..  we run together fast to get home safe ...  Sometimes i think loving you .. is what kept me from giving up hope..  when i looked into your eyes , and saw how much you needed me   i couldn't give up .. as much it hurt ..  No matter how much pain ... i felt  Lil one , i'll always be there for you ...  I'll love you till the day i die ..  and then i 'll still love you on you from heaven         
A Lil Bit Of Me
Emotion after emotion  coming out on the page ..  colour after colour streaming from my brush  as i get lost in the process of creating something  creating something that comes from deep within my heart    Lost stroke after stroke ...  the paint fills the page  layer after layer ..  becoming more complex then before ..  words holding so much sentiment ...    the pictures allowing me to be vunlerable to the outside world..  As i feel stripped .. of my layers  as others look , judge , and percieve my art    But such is the life of an artist ..  of a poet , of a writer of a photographer..  it's all part of the process ... and it won't stop me from creating that which i find beautiful ...
Cherry Inferno
A lot of people it seems have difficulty completing the Cherry Inferno achievement. Most fail for one simple reason: They waste too much time refreshing the browser window between bombs while waiting for 30 seconds to elapse. Even 2-3 seconds lost can be compounded over the course of an hour and result in several minutes/bombs lost as a result of repeated refreshing of the browser window. Below are a couple tips I found useful to avoid this. Prepare yourself  Turn off the shoutbox and eliminate any distractions for the next hour Close all unnecessary browser windows or applications to improve performance of your computer. I have no more than 2 browser windows (windows not tabs in the same window) open at any time. 1 window for the list of people I will be bombing 2nd for the person i'm currently bombing  Place the windows side-by-side and drag links from the first window (with your list of people to bomb) over to the second window to open them in that window. Note: yo
Du Học Thụy Sỹ Với Ngành Quản Trị Du Lịch
Lựa chọn tư vấn du học Thụy Sỹ là một điều đúng đắn với những bạn muốn học ngành quả trị du lịch – khách sạn, đây là một lĩnh vực thành công bất ngờ của nước này. Khi các ngành công nghiệp khác đang chịu sức ép giảm sút, ngành khách sạn cho thấy sự phát triển mạnh mẽ và vững vàng. Mặc dù có nhiều khóa học về khách sạn ở nhiều quốc gia, nhưng sinh viên và các nhà tư vấn tuyển dụng vẫn hướng về Thụy Sỹ, một quốc gia biểu tượng về chất lượng ở mọi lĩnh vực, trong đó có đào tạo du lịch khách sạn. Với cơ sở v&
I Won't Forget You
When I wake up late at night trembling of nightmares, I think about you I think how things would be, If I could turn back the time.   Still, to be loved for sometime and lost is better than never been loved.   You told me to forget you but let me tell you one thing. I won't forget you, I won't forget you at all. Though I should, I won't   Sometime I still remember, what we used to do. And again. laugh at myself, for all those things we did. The fun we had, weren't that bad The joy we used to have, made us fly
Quiet And Protected Proceed Simply By Pune Experts
Divorce would make women and men sensory faculties pissed clear of concerning crazy responsibilities. You'll find respectable heading companies within current market where pledges to produce risk-free proceed. Just one just requirements desire about them they usually surely produce your own proceed possess entirely concluded effectively. Pune primarily based companies consistently need that helps make your own proceed calm and less difficult. Most of these specialists never trouble their own clientele through the entire precede so that they feel comfortable concerning goes. A lot of people cope with your entire starting according to your own desire using buyers so that they really feel articles. They then contemplate your entire obstacle associated with proceed these individuals in order that women and men might have to have with various destinations also. These people element plenty of proceed assistance to their own buyers similar to supplying and heading, answering and unloading, u
Have Ya Ever
You ever had one of those times where everything you do or say or even touch turns to crap .Its make ya feel like a self meaningless void and no matter what you do or say theres nothing that will ever fill it ,Makes ya feel numb
Remember By Nicole Arias
I hope, one day, you will think back to these moments... when we held each other and laughed till we ached with joy and tears tickled our cheeks. You won't remember- why, but you will remember- how we were so happy. I want you to remember the way I smiled at you, like it was the first time, every chance I got. And the way I kissed you, like it was the last time, every chance you gave. I want you to remember all the sweet words I said to you but even more... the way I said them. I hope, one day, you will think back to these moments.... as we sit together in silent comfort watching each others lips wrap around ...our addiction. admiring one another as we inhale ...our bad habit. You won't remember how terrible it was, but you will remember how good it felt... because it was time spent together. I want you to remember the way I touched your face and the way you held mine.... when we made love. I want you to remember how I whispered softly
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"my Confession"
"My Confession" ... my confession because i'm diluted & perfectly flawed i shall live by passion & not by law and i'm insecure ... i need aggression to feed the spiders of perception and i'm supposed to be strong & have all the answers a cannibal in the new church of cancer but i'm nothing special i'm not unique i have many secrets & i eat the weak and i'm at an end i'm at an end ..... and there's ... NO WAY OUT!! [chorus] i need to find my sanctuary ..... someplace safe gotta get this outta me ..... this is my escape II. and i think about it all the time i'm volatile & afraid to cry but i'm still not comfortable in my skin and the anesthetics slowly wearing thin & i need to talk to someone new i need a different latitude & i'm in this void all alone! feeling needy ... hungry to grow but i'm suffocating -- can't come down and .... no .... THERE'S NO WAY OUT!!! [choru
" *click* "
*click* by steve porter © shes his fantasy girl and wants to be his star so she strips down to panties jumps up on the bed then turns her head slips the lollipop between her lips and puts on a pouty face... *click* she seduces the lolly from her wet mouth and traces a sticky trail that trickles down her belly then she slips it in between the elastic band and her smooth white skin and rubs herself down there... *click* she pulls them off and tosses herself across the bed spreads her legs wide and shoves the candy inside twisting and turning sliding and sighing moaning and groaning and then she licks her lips... *click* finally she turns around and bending down she hikes her ass up in the air she puts the sucker there and swallows the candy whole and all that is left is the little white stick and a cherry-flavored asshole... *click*
12 Naughty Days (of Christmas)
12 Naughty Days (of Christmas) by ALSCOTSMAN © On the first day of Christmas, My true love gave to me, A blow job before my cup of tea, On the second day of Christmas My true love gave to me, Two nipple rings, And a blow job before my cup of tea, On the third day of Christmas My true love gave to me, Three Viagra pills, Two nipple rings, And a blow job before my cup of tea, On the fourth day of Christmas My true love gave to me, A face full of pussy, Three Viagra pills, Two nipple rings, And a blow job before my cup of tea, On the fifth day of Christmas My true love gave to me, Herself wearing just a purple bow, A face full of pussy, Three Viagra pills, Two nipple rings, And a blow job before my cup of tea, On the sixth day of Christmas My true love gave to me, A night of fucking with her and a tasty blonde, Herself wearing just a purple bow, A face full of plenty pussy, Three Viagra pills, Two nipple rings, And a blow job
3 - Hour Phone Pleasures
3-Hour Phone Pleasures! by tigerjen © 2 a.m. phone call lusty vocabulary whispered as one plays with her jewel deep voice on other end makes her crazy with excitement lusciousness wanting 5 a.m. pleasure river flows down thighs wishing lover would lap up but only in dreams sweet dreams...
Daily Rant- Tour De Farce
Oh great another cheater on our hands. It was bad enough when it all mostly assholes like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and practically every other fucking moron that could swing a bat. Then the entire Carolina Panthers were accused of the Whizzinator usage. Don't ask me to explain what the Whizzinator is because trust me, you don't want to know. And now this guy, who's name isn't even worth mentioning because he's already garnered so much hype that isn't deserved. Gets attention for winning the Tour de France, after Lance Armstrong's reign, to make possibly one of the most spectacular victories of all time. However, it's shorlived as it is later discovered that he's no more than a fraud and perhaps an idiot. I mean what moron comes up with eight different explanations for something. I mean pick a fucking excuse and live with the shit. I mean sure Barry Bond's line, "I unknowingly put steroids into my body", is lame, but at least he's consistant with it. This new Tou
The Daily Rant- The Five Stooges Of Sports
For those that are unfamiliar with my blogs, let me explain, the daily rant is basically a journal where I mouth off about the things that piss me off. I'm not posting these to piss anyone off, so I'm sorry if I do in advance. Your more than welcome to comment about my opinion, but it won't affect mine though. Today's topic is the five biggest dumbasses in sports today. First, I got to say something about Terrel Owens, Wide Receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, who seems like the biggest bitch among athletes. He had a perfect thing going in Philadelphia until he fucked it up with his damn money demands. Why do these athletes whine and bitch about money especially when most of us would love to make even the minimum in their collective sport? If you want more money, then do it behind the scenes. Or you can just shut the fuck up and play the damn game. I know many Cowboy fans will not like this blog because of what I said, but they'll soon agree with me once TO decides, during the sec
The Da Vinci Code
One of the most controversial stories ever told comes to the big screen. Based off the popular novel by Dan Brown, "The Da Vinci Code" tells the story of a famous symbologist, Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), whom is called over by French police to help investigate a crime scene, at the Paris Louvre Museum. Tragically, though, one of the museum's leading curators is found dead with strange symbols carved on his body and around the area where he died. It's then, Robert meets a young cryptographer, Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou), whom might hold the key to this mystery. However, as luck would have it, Robert soon finds out that this crime scene was used to set him up, as part of a huge conspiracy of humanity's biggest cover up. From here, Robert and Sophie discover various clues inside Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings that could hold the key to unlocking the mystery and about our messiah, Jesus Christ, himself. To be honest, I never read the book nor heard of it before the film came out. However,
Team America: World Police
"America...*$&eah!!!" From the creators of "South Park", comes another offensive cartoon that'll mock just about everything that is good and decent in America while capitalizing on the "War on Terror." I wouldn't want it any other way. For those who are familiar with Trey Parker and Matt Stone's work, would know that this isn't even close to being as controversial as their hit TV animated series, "South Park." Therefore, it shouldn't come off as much of a shock at how much offensive humor these guys try to cram into this film. However, it was surprising that, two years earlier, "Collateral Damage" was criticized for capitalizing on the 9/11 tragedy because it was about terrorism even though it was made before that incident; yet "Team America: World Police" never received that kind of criticism for doing the same thing, but in a more comical way. I guess we're either a nation of morons that allows people to get away with anything as long as it's a cartoon, or it's because we're so used
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
This is definitely one of the deepest films ever made. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" poses a unique question on whether it's good or bad that we forget our pasts. I mean it's often said that our pasts define who we are, yet I'm sure many of us have memories that are too painful to remember. Whether it's a loss of a loved one or a failed relationship, we've all been through that at some point in our lives. As usual Kaufman is able to create a truly spectacular film about the human mind and how our relationships tend to shape our lives whether we want to remember them or not. Featuring an all star cast of Jim Carrey (Joel Barish), Kate Winslet (Clementine Kruczynski), Kirsten Dunst (Mary) and Elijah Wood (Patrick). The film is about a young man, Joel Barish, whom falls in love with a girl named Clementine after he has been going through relationship problems with his fiance. From here, it seems like the old philosophy of "opposites attract" seems to ring true for this couple un
A Caress In The Twilight
A Caress in the Twilight by turtledove © Touch me, hold me, Emotions flying high. Kiss me, squeeze me, Whispers in the night. My body reacts to yours, Symphony of flesh and bone. Caresses in the twilight’ With you, I am at home. I trust you, I need you, to your heart, I will be true. When we are together, Our love is always new.
A Dream Of You
A Dream of You by nugget © A starlit sky On a moonlit night Droplets of water Hug your skin tight. As steam rises From the tub we're in The hot water Caresses your skin. The curves of your body So sexy and sleek Can not be hidden I must peek. I look at you now Naked and bare Your only cover Your beautiful hair. You stand and turn To strut your stuff My desires are rising I want you ruff. I towel you down And dry you off From head to toe Your body so soft. I lay you down On the bed Lustful visions Dance in my head. I caress your skin And kiss your lips I now notice Your moving your hips. Precious kisses Soft and slow I move down your body Way down low. The taste of your juices So nice and sweet It makes me rock hard It's time for a treat. I roll you over Now on your knees I touch your pussy My fingers will please. With my tongue and fingers You start to grind A quick plea... Take me from behind. I kneel to moun
A Dream Or A Fantasy?
A Dream or a Fantasy? by _Lady1SensuaL1Fire_ © I dream of you every night Feeling your touch Ever before I could see you, Rendering me helpless to move. My emotions mixing with desire and fright. You slowly lower my blanket, Exposing my nightgown-clad body. My eyes widen suddenly, As your lips trail over my skin so softly, Yet I feel as though I am on fire. Your lips are a wondrous magical weapon, Causing my skin to heat up so sweetly. Your strong but gentle fingers slide my nightgown aside, So that your warm tongue may suckle upon my collarbone, Causing me to whimper and moan. Oh please, 'tis such sweet torture, But you ignore my plea as your hands begin to wander, Causing my body to arch gracefully off the bed. As you move my nightgown off my shoulders, My full round breasts come into view. I hear your deep grown of arousal, A moment later, your hungry lips capture a tip of a quivering breast, As your other hand cups the other, squeezing possessively. My
Something About You...
Something About You... by Cate Haggland I don't know how to explain it, If only you could truly see, How much I really care for you, How much you mean to me. I look forward to seeing you every day, The grin that belongs only to you, When I see you I can't help but smile, There is just something about you. When you put your hand in mine, My heart suddenly beats faster, I wish I could tell you right then and there, That my life could never be better. When you wrap your arms around me, For a simple, gentle hug, I want to stay in that moment forever, And tell you how much you really are loved. When we gradually come close enough together, Our lips touch, a kiss, Nothing around us seems to matter, Because there is nothing sweeter than this. No words could ever express how much you mean to me, I hope you have these feelings for me, too; I can't figure out just what it is, But there is definitely something very special about you.
Switchblade Kiss: Pleasure And Pain Ii
Switchblade Kiss: Pleasure and Pain II by CrimsonBrian I stand, it hurts, raining daggers and triple 8?s, short of breath, am I dying? they say you never get over the first one, I want to, I?m sick of you, demonic hurdle, I wanted your kiss and got it, but now my mouth and mind bleed with lies, you think you can get him? I thought my heart was gone, I guess you don?t have one, or it?s made of black ice, you?re willing to cause so much Crimson Sorrow to achieve Indigo Happiness for yourself, Angelic, maybe in grief-stricken love, Demonic, return to your flaming mind, and stay away from my Black Ice Heart!
I'll Be Yours And You'll Always Be Mine
I'll Be Yours And You'll Always Be Mine by Cheryl Ann Forever and always, I've loved you that long What was once just a dream has come true. For, you've lived in my dreams and are now in my heart. I've waited a lifetime for you. Each one of us has a true love, so I'm told One special person who makes us complete. From the moment I met you, I knew it was true You are the man of my dreams, my soulmate. Enduring and endless, our love will remain Our hearts and our souls intertwined. Always together, we'll walk hand in hand I'll be yours and you'll always be mine.
Longing by Michael David Coffey Longing to see you On a stormy strand of windswept sand, In a moist rainforest in an everlasting shade, On a bleached coral outcrop surrounded by an azure blue sea mirror, In a city cafe with your aroma in my yearning nostrils, In a spice market in Bombay, Even in my dreams and remembering afterwards... That's longing
Can You Hear My Heart
Can You Hear My Heart by Freddy Juarez Marmolejo Can you hear the beating inside my chest? Beating in hope of feeling your gentle caress Beating helplessly to feel your warm, gentle embrace Forever dying to touch your beautiful face Can you hear the whisper in the wind? Calling like an echo trapped hopelessly within Softly calling your name again and again Whispering your name, hopelessly, in vain Can you hear the prayers said in the night? In the darkness flies hope to hold you tight The still of the night carries believing words Floating in the darkness, hoping to be heard Can you hear the wish made on a falling star? Searching to find you wherever you are A star gave it's life blazing across the sky Begging to come true so the wish will not die Can you hear my heart calling out to you? Crying out in anguish to love you so true Prayers and wishes should not die in vain Can you hear my heart calling your name?
I Am Everything You Gave
I am Everything You Gave by Ka Yang I am who I am because of you, My Sweet Tangerine and My Dreams All the love you gave me All the support you gave me All the time you're there for me All the time you let me... be me I am forever grateful You are my eyes when I can?t see You are my ears when I can?t hear You are my strength when I?m weak You are my courage when I?m in despair I am forever thankful You are my motivation and my inspiration You are my temptation and my salvation You are my direction and my navigation You are my venture and my future I am forever in your debt You are my moral and my ethical You are my prize and my pride You are my Vega and my Venus You are my Alpha and my Omega I am everything I am because of you, My Sweet Tangerine and My Dreams
Your Love
Your Love by Cheryl Ann Your love is like a bright full moon lighting up the sky in all directions. You're always here for me, loving me, guiding me. We will always be together. Your love is like the most wondrous fireworks bursting with color as they spread magically across the sky. I look at you and see your love shining down on me. You make my heart melt. Your love is like a newborn baby experiencing all of life's wonders for the first time. I trust you completely and feel such joy and happiness. Now I know what true love is. Your love is like the warm, glowing sun reaching out and touching all in its path. Your love is with me wherever I go giving me warmth and life. We are now one and always will be.
Life's Love Again
Life's Love Again by Peter Walsh Yesterday?s mongering now gone And earned idleness at hand, I sit to scan the mountain?s morn As Ra begins his flaming brand Upon all flowers, plants- and man. Another day presents its plea To use its time constructively And ne?re to waste the moment?s plush Or wonder how to join the rush That tramples thought and flavor, And prevents goodly, wistful savor If I could hold my breath (Not so long as Death) but long enough to see... Would Time then stop for me? A mere second, a minute please... To be all mine and not to ease Away among the flow That moves to go, to go.... Ah, what treasure then I?d have To use it like a salve When the sweep of passing on Becomes the briefest song? I?d use that moment then To live life?s love again.
The Battle Between The Sun And The Moon
The Battle Between the Sun and the Moon by Christina Courtney Policastro Reasons for love Are not physical. It is not something you touch. It is not spiritual But emotional IT touches your soul. Love is the feeling of happiness When together, and contentedness When apart. It is not your hand through my hair, But the urge behind it That makes you move. It is not your smile, But the happiness behind it That you choose to show. It is not physical, but the Emotion that we feel Together, that links our hearts. If this, I have said, is true, Why do I cry? Is it because of the physical beings Of others, or an insecurity I feel Within myself? Why, then, is it so hard for lovers To be friends? Or, why do friends Try to make lovers jealous? Time and time again the moon asks the Sun to stay away, to let it be alone with the stars, But still, the sun shines bright. A kiss is a kiss, Be it between fr
A Hot Bath
A Hot Bath by mzvampyre © Turn off the lights while I spark the candles For tonight will be more than you can handle. Turn on the water and make it very hot I patiently wait for you to give me all you've got. Come to me , baby...Look deep into my eyes Brace yourself, lover, as I begin to mesmerize. I kiss your neck then gently bite Don't try to resist me for you will lose the fight. I run my fingernails down your chest Now take your hands and feel my breasts. Are you getting hot? Do you want more? Well, turn off the water and lock the door. Unbutton my shirt, slide it slowly down my arms Hold me closer to you, keep me safe from harm. Start kissing my shoulder, run your fingers through my hair For I believe it is in your touch that shows me how much you care. I slowly open your shirt, one button at a time I am ready to give to you my heart, body, soul and mind. I unzip your pants and slide them down your hips When I come back up, I take a taste of your lips. Sof
A Hot Sex Scene
A Hot Sex Scene by WickedEve © We have forgotten last rain-- wetness shunned beneath graves, roadsides, while we walk breezeless dry. I ask the strangers to turn out our sun, but they smell of gasoline and sex, fueling us with their want as we lead them to the place: cracked floors, bare and spread from wall to window, with straight backs, no cushion or plush for pushing, only wood--soon sweat, skin and cling. We watch the heat waving between chairs, cocks, and six penetrables. Count them: three, four, five, sex. Brown with wide smile, shaved from toes to beneath arms, trembles to Deep Sleek. Someone whispers, Deep Sleek from outside the window where noon builds bonfires on our backs. Wild Cry burns shadows out of the corner till the place is solar. Wild Cry is a palm presser, bent and touching boards, her one, two, three, the only shade for him and him and him, stroking far into the heat, groaning ultraviolet, Fuck! ~ We are
Hello My Friends
Hello My Friends, Welcome To Eden,Hopefully You'll Enjoy Staying Here,Make Yourself @ Home. I would imagine there are many of you who have heard the term "good finder". Good finders are able to find the good things in life under most circumstances. If you can not find the good, you can always manufacture some up :)
A Lovers Cry
A Lovers Cry Alone I stay in the dark It's the safest place for my heart Words I write thoughts I fight when I see you sleeping alone at night. You look so tender, warm and soft Oh how I want you in my loft I watch you sleep thats when I think how love would be if you'd notice me. Silent I stay alone and pray in hopes one night you'll hear my thoughts and see my cries Then you'll know a lovers cry. Til then this is where I'll stay alone in the dark. Its the safest place for my heart Alone…a lover cries.
My Thoughts On Death
Death Yeah, death is a part of life Everyone knows that Every piece of little shit is even a part of life Something gotten worse in this society and life Homicide, suicide, and genocide "Killing is just thrilling" Shooting innocent people Destroying another life People taking there own lives Depressing, grieving, loathing, and mourning Killing me, killing you, we're all going to die Why not just end it all now? Bomb the World Bring back peace in death Religion tries to give a reason in life But I can't believe it at all Religion also causes these wars Through out history we had killing Just for God... Philosophical Theories Am I just typing bullshit down now? Surrender! Revenge! Kill!
A Second Chance
So here I am, putting together my new shelves for my room, and not doing homework. I've been so dedicated to school this year (yes, it's only about a month into it), that I'm amazing myself. I think it's because I finally got rid of my biggest distraction - loser boyfriends that just use me and make me worry about the relationship. Yesterday I worked on homework for thirteen hours. Yes, I ate twice, once while doing homework still, and the other time I think I took a twenty minute break. I thought I was going to do really bad on my first linear vibes test, but I passed with a 60/75, which is an 80%, and makes me incredibly happy. So I originally wanted to wake up at 9 Sunday morning. I was in bed by 11:30 and everything. Then about 1:30, I was having this bizarre mom was telling me that she had to go to the hospital because my sister was having heart trouble again. I just mumbled...yeah...okay....then I hear my mom say, "Did you hear me?" Shit...."What, Chris
A Night Of 1001 Kisses
A Night Of 1001 Kisses by Laylah77 © It started out with lust. The passion grew With the heat of our flesh. I devoured your entirety, As you indulged in mine. A primal embrace Turned to a soft kiss- And another. You held me like You've never done before. Your kisses so foreign To my memory. Is this really you? Grunts of raw pleasure- And then another kiss. You hold me in warmth... Connected Closer than close. You're the piece to my puzzle, And fit so perfectly. As my body takes control; Takes advantage of physical urges- Another kiss. A kiss to my inner self. You touch me like A brand new lover. Your caresses so gently Placed upon my body, As if planned. I melt with your breath. Words eminate from Parted lips- Words never heard by my ears; Words never directed toward me Your words as warm As your comforting touch. My senses heightened To new levels of trust. I could have died In those arms and never felt Anything, Except for your body. Ea
A Passionate Moment
A PASSIONATE MOMENT by candy-prairie girl © One mere embrace One touch of the skin, The moment taken The memories begin. His breath entangled His body mine, His hands upon me Everything is fine. We take a chance Like others have done, The secrets between us The rest is fun. We smile, we laugh And talk for a bit A candle on the dresser remains lit. Our friendship has broadened but everything remains the same, Our no strings attached relationship is not just a game. We are not out to hurt anyone We mean no harm Just two souls Who found a friendship, with no alarm. No need to worry No need for regret The memory made I will never forget.
A Pleasant End To A Long Day
A Pleasant End to A Long Day by MrsA © A Pleasant End to a Long Day By Mrs. A I plan the evening making everything right Sex is on the agenda - knockin’ boots all night Entering the room he sees a curvy silhouette Candle light flickers - my pussy gets wet Behind my back I hold the stereo remote I hit play then touch the little man in the boat Licking my fingers, I saunter his way This, A pleasant end to a very long day. Without a word I reach out for his hand Escort him to a chair - just like I planned Moving to the music as his senses arouse I crawl towards him, like a panther- not a mouse As my face comes up between his knees I tug on his zipper- Then I say "Please" He removes his pants- I unbutton his shirt With him back in his chair, I whisper "This won't hurt" Covering his face with my warm breasts I slide down slowly till I see his chest Placing his cock between my tits Stroking and licking - I hear "Aaah That’s It!" As I play, I l
A Revised Big Bang Theory
A Revised Big Bang Theory by ComelyWench © A Revised Big Bang Theory (The science of cock worship in 7.5 lines) My universe collapses into a black hole of lust, until only one object outside of myself remains. It stands in a universe all alone, proudly flaunting the ability of the galaxy to suck it in. The tip of my tongue traces up and down the shaft, pausing to gently pulse against the sweet spot before continuing its exploration. The ring of my lips brushes lightly over its entirety, caressing every inch of my universe until it pulses with energy of its own. A single point appears in my view; the whirlpool of my lips and tongue swirls around the dot, threatening to encompass it. My mouth sucks it in: a black hole with a gravitational pull too strong to fight swirling around the tip, pulsing against the shaft, pulling partially off, and returning to pull it in again and again. My tongue spirals within the whirlpool of my mouth, circling around the tip in
Stolen Moments
Moments stolen no one can get back as if you can rewind to that one second to redo where you might have lacked to fix the damages that aren’t easy to forget to hear the first words spoken to witness the first steps taken to fulfill all the promises that were broken and to keep a heart from breakin’ to watch your child walk across that stage, diploma in hand the special moments to see your child’s achievements to watch your child truly shine, and... To witness your child’s next movements the yearning to have those moments that were missed the regret for something done or not done the pain of thinking of all the “what if’s” knowing those significant instances are gone one makes such mistakes every single day the pain of the unknown of what could have been causes one to wish it went the other way some are given chances to ask to be forgiven others aren’t so blessed to ask such a thing they messed up too many times in the past no matter what words may brin
Love And Truth
Love and Truth by Sylvia Leigh If Love abides within the heart, And Truth beneath her wing, Winter's snow is but to veil The loveliness of spring. And in the darkest lonely night, When Peace cannot be found, Love will shine her beams of light And Truth will be her crown. Love, shine bright! And Truth, adorn! For all mankind to know United longer two Bring Peace, the world to show.
Come To Me
Come To Me by Joy Kagendo Wells Come to me in the dark of the night And whisper my name In your rhythmical, pacific, voice Gently hold me close to you And let me fall asleep On your magnetic chest Let my first vision of daylight Be accompanied by your quiescent, Genteel, body next to mine Your beautiful eyes shut, as you dream, I delicately wake you With a gentle warm kiss Walk with me to the ocean And smell the sweet sea As the rising sun warms the sand Sit with me on the beach And let's listen to the sound Of the dancing waves
My Shadow
My Shadow by Deidre Love Graham Sometimes when I look around I can see shadows of a different me I can see where I used to be Sometimes when I look around. Sometimes I try too hard, And the emptiness doesn't go away Even when I sleep all day, Then waste sometime watching the sunset fade You might as well color me jade 'Cause sometimes I try too hard. Sometimes when I close my eyes I can feel you standing so damn near I can feel you whisper in my ear Even in a crowded room I'm staying Because the music isn't really playing Sometimes when I close my eyes. Sometimes when I drink enough I can imagine that I've given you up I can imagine that it doesn?t really matter who you are. Sometimes when I shower- I can wash clean All the things to me that you mean, But I know it disappears as soon as I, Step outside the curtain to get dry But sometimes in the shower... I can wash clean. Sometimes when I look around I can see shadows of a different
Your Love
Your Love by Kristin Green I put all my strength into building walls and creating barriers- My own little sanctuary just out of the public eye. Then, like a mystical creature from a storybook, you appeared- And taught me that I did not have to hide. Constantly pushing away my fears and insecurities- You took my blind heart and taught me to see. Installing hopes and dreams I thought I had left far behind- Lost somewhere in my past. You taught me that some things are meant to last. Reassuring my uneasy mind- Allowing me to fall into the abyss of your love. A daily reminder of all good things yet to come. Slowly, one by one, my fears disappeared- Vanished into thin air. Like a magnificant light- your love came out of nowhere. Coaxing me out from behind my shadow- Telling me to notice all of my good qualities. And, amazingly enough, Somehow you have forced that shadow To hide behind me. So take these words, keep them deep i
If I Was Only..
If I was only.. by Morten Kalland If I was only a rose, you could pick me, smell me, enjoy the sight of me. If I was only a dog, you could pet me, cuddle me, play with me. If I was only chocolates on your table, you could eat me, enjoy the taste of me, still your hunger with me. If I was only water in the brook, you could hear me, let me pour through your fingers, or still your thirst with me. If I was only the sun, I could warm your skin, brighten your day, and warm your soul. If I was only the wind, I could play with your hair, dry your wet skin, and blow gently over you a warm summerday. If I was only the moon, I could light up the night for you, guard you while you slept, or smile down at you from a starlit sky. If I was no more than a straw in the meadow, you could pick me, put me in your hair, and become beautiful with me. Still, I am none of these, I am only the man that loves you, wants to caress you, kiss
2212 West Flower Street
2212 West Flower Street by Michael Collier When I think of the man who lived in the house behind ours and how he killed his wife and then went into his own back yard, a few short feet from my bedroom window, and put the blue-black barrel of his 30.06 inside his mouth and pulled the trigger, I do not think about how much of the barrel he had to swallow before his fingers reached the trigger, nor the bullet that passed out the back of his neck, nor the wild orbit of blood that followed his crazy dance before he collapsed in a clatter over the trash cans, which woke me. Instead I think of how quickly his neighbors restored his humanity, remembering his passion for stars which brought him into his yard on clear nights, with a telescope and tripod, or the way he stood in the alley in his rubber boots and emptied the red slurry from his rock tumblers before he washed the glassy chunks of agate and petrified wood. And we remembered, too, the
After The Wilderness
After the Wilderness by Andrew Hudgins MAY 3, 1863 When Clifford wasn’t back to camp by nine, I went to look among the fields of dead before we lost him to a common grave. But I kept tripping over living men and had to stop and carry them to help or carry them until they died, which happened more than once upon my back. And I got angry with those men because they kept me from my search and I was out still stumbling through the churned-up earth at dawn, stopping to stare into each corpse’s face, and all the while I was writing in my head the letter I would have to send our father, saying Clifford was lost and I had lost him. I found him bent above a dying squirrel while trying to revive the little thing. A battlefield is full of trash like that — dead birds and squirrels, bits of uniform. Its belly racked for air. It couldn’t live. Cliff knew it couldn’t live without a jaw. When in relief I called his name, he stared, jumped back,
There Is That Friend
THERE IS THAT FRIEND © Anon There is that friend that is so much a part of you, that you feel alone just thinking about the thought of her not being there. There is that friendship that has so much that it is based on that nothing could ever dissolve or even threaten it. There is that friend with whom you share so much history that one fight or misunderstanding rolls off nearly instantaneously, because one issue is so insignificant, and could never come close to shattering the bond. There is that friendship that cannot always be explained, but only understood and cherished by the two people that share it. There is that friend that mean so much to you, that you honestly believe you would stop studying for a final exam, break a date with your crush of five years, or risk being grounded just so you could be there to lend a shoulder to cry on, offer a hug, or spend three hours just sitting with her if that would make it at all better. There is that friendshi
You Are Mine
You Are Mine © Erika Dick You are mine, my best friend, The one I can confide in, until the end. The one who has seen every tear, Whose hands boldly hold all of my fears. You are mine, my other half that makes me complete, Who never lets me feel like I am going through defeat. You're the one who has always been there, To show me how much that you truely care. You are mine, my happiness in me, Who's opened my eyes and really made me see. Your compassion and love has shone through the clouds, Leaving me with no more fears or doubts. You are mine, an angel for me, Whose smile is sent to make me happy. The one who always has faith in your heart, To make sure that I don't fall apart. You are mine, without any question, Giving me lots of hugs and affection. You are mine, my best friend, Whom I will always love until the very end! I love you Lauren! Thanks for everything!
You Are My Best Friend
You Are My Best Friend © Francia Diego You are my best friend through thick and thin. When You reach for my hand you touch my heart. You are The bestest friend that i can have. You are there for me when i need you the most. You Cheer me up when i am down. If i am about to cry u Make me smile. You are my bestest friend and i can Not lie. You listen to me and give me advice, advice that comes Straight from the bottom of your precious heart. You are My best friend in the whole wide world and i couldn't ask God for a little bit more. We are going to grow older, and things will change but our Friendship will forever still remain. I'll make new friends but That won't change because you will always be my best friend. I'd like to mean as much to you as you mean to me. I'd like to Be some help to you as you have been to me. I'd like to know That as we grow old our lives will change but that our Friendship will still remain. Me and you wil
How Pure Are You?
You Are 40% Pure You're usually the typical girl or guy next door... But you also have a secret naughty side!How Pure Are You?
True Love
Love is but a sweet caress A gentle touch upon thy breast As flowers fresh in early Spring Or baby birds as they take wing Love will paint the roses hue In vibrant colors graced with dew As sunshine greets the morning sky To kiss the fields of wheat and rye Love is like the ocean's lure Warm, embracing and secure As Winter's clear or warmlit days As misty mountains in the haze Finally, love will test the soul As minutes, days, then years unfold A word of caution brings advice True love requires sacrifice
Once Again!
Once again, I get none! I got a friend that looks like a dog with a flat face you know the one! And he hooks up with a woman! Me I dont even get any play!!! This is so sad... I may have to become a monk! HAHAHAHAH NOT HAHAHAHAH Or maybe I will I bet if I can go 7 days without getting any I can do it for the rest of my life! Maybe not! I dont know! Just blowing off some steam! Post again later!
Its Time To
Vote for the cutest pet!!!
New Cherry
jus wanted to say thanx to everyone who have left comments or welcomed me to the site.i look forward to meeting lots of new people.
Haha Once Again!
I got toyed with once again... Tell me there is one gal in this world that is not all about my car, My money, My house, And getting it all for nothing!!! So chick waanted to move in with me yesterday!! I was like WHAT! And she was for real she wanted it all.. I sead to here "Ill give you all that if you give me that ass" She looked at me and say's I just want to be friends ill pay you $150 a month to live in your house.. So needless to say I kicked her out and then I did her friend! YES I GOT LAID! I feel better now my teath arnt floating! Im so bad!
I Think We Are Addicted!!
I just love this site.. It was kinda of crazy at first but I think Danny and I are addicted to it!! It is... I unno neat!!!!!
I'm So Bored!
I hate weekdays...and there is nothing to do today, which makes it worse....sigh. Well I suppose i could mess around with the html on here a little, i still haven't got it the way I want it yet;)
Love Is A Divine Thing
Love is a Divine thing The Bottom Line My first romantic poem completely re-worked and over hauled Tasting of thy lips like fine wine and the red flash of hair a flame to be kindled for romance. One smile to savor the memories and enjoy the kisses. A hug to remember the love once held and something to be needed later. Love such a divine thing one in all have it and cherish it. If ever a time to admit and have feelings for one life is that time and that place. Where you can value your love to the fullest and the finest. Ah, but what of the losses you must first under take. Looking at your own character taking an inventory of yourself. Thy losses mount up and your once great courage dwindles what a loss to behold. Of all things love such a divine thing to have in hold is something I have not. What makes men and women so great is those words which have yet to effect me. I love you said to a kind and caring ear. Thirty one years old and never in love oh for shame and
6 Months Iraq
ok here is the scoup for thoes of you who dont know im in the united states marine corps stationed in okinawa japan. on the 15 of october 0200 im getting on a plane to iraq i will be there for 6 months or maybe longer i will check in on this when ever i get a chance which will probly be once a month if that. im just asking for u to help me with leveling while im gone it would make me happy and make the stay over there alot easaer. comments, ratings, picture comments, and all that stuff. i thank you very much and talk to ya when i get back
Masturbation Information----techniques For Men And Women Both.[adult Content]
Masturbation Information Techniques for men and women both. Female Masturbation Techniques Introduction Ok ladies, let’s have a look at some different techniques that will work to get you off. A great many of women can only attain orgasm through manual stimulation. There are a few who can achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. Anyway, here are some techniques that might add a little variety to your masturbation play Direct clitoral stimulation Rolling, Rolling, Rolling – ok, for this technique you need to place your thumb and forefinger around the clitoris and gently roll it in between your fingers. You can start off with a slow gentle roll and then gradually pick up the pace and the pressure according to what feels good to you. Circular Rub – I generally find that if you're in a hurry this technique works wonders. Just take your first two fingers from either hand and place them over top of you clitoris. Then begin moving them in a circular motion over top of
First Kiss
FIRST KISS You leaned over and you kissed me I felt my knees go weak You leaned over and you kissed me I couldn't even speak You leaned over and you kissed me With a passion flowing free You leaned over and you kissed me Sparks flew that we could see You leaned over and you kissed me A touch so soft and tender You leaned over and you kissed me A kiss I would remember You leaned over and you kissed me I'm sure I kissed you back You leaned over and you kissed me With the fire no kiss should lack You leaned over and you kissed me You left me wanting more You leaned over and you kissed me My soul you did explore You leaned over and you kissed me My heart no longer full of pain You leaned over and you kissed me Darling, kiss me once again
You Need To Know
You need to know something about me. You need to know I'm not the person I pretend to be. I'm not nice, I'm not sweet, I always run away from the heat. The warmth, the love, I put up walls ten feet tall. Shields that take me away from it all, It took me the longest time to see the truth, The walls don't work, they cut me off, From humanity, from the friends we all need, I couldn't realize that until you came, And knocked them down with your sword of love, You were the first person unrelated to me who I could say I love you to, Sincerely and completely, Not just the flirty "It's okay, I still love you!", Or even the more serious, "That's just one of the things I love about you," Both of which I have said to others, But you were the first who I could say just the three words and them alone: "I love you." So you need to know something about me. You need to know that I am not the person I pretend to be. You need to know that you are my best friend, my closest comrad
Meet Me
Meet me in the shadows of your heart, The place only you and I know exists. Take me with you and hold me in your arms. Meet me in the stars above, The place the highest goals live. See the light of love shining in my eyes. Meet me at the ocean's edge, The place where the water cleanses. Take me to a place of absolute purity. Meet me at the forest's clearing, The place where the trees part. Where we are sheltered and safe. Meet me in the billowy clouds, The place where heaven and earth touch. Dance with me in the sky and share our joy. Meet me on the mountain's peak. The place where you can breathe deeply. Inhale my essence and make it yours. Meet me, my love.... Anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Share my soul and be one with me.
Collide (2)By Howie
You Came
First there was nothing not even a faint echo of a song loneliness was daily 4 me until u came along there was a gleam of stares in ur eyes i thought id never feel this way again but u were the one 2 reach into my heart and find in me a friend i could not ignore the magnetism that i felt when u were near and any problems plaguing my mind would suddenly disappear it was the rebirth of my heart the day u became my friend because i knew from the moment you held me that i would find love again
Im Never Dating A Scorpio
Never Date a Scorpio Jealous, paranoid, and possessive - deep down, your Scorpio will never trust you. And even if you are very trust worthy person, Scorpio's paranoia may drive you to act out. Instead try dating: Aries, Gemini, Libra, or Sagittarius What Sign Shouldn't You Date?
Love Is Like A Bullet
why does some thing soo small hurt soo much like a bullet percing my heart like im dying.existance is slipping through my fingers some one save me some one take the bullet out some one whom i fall in love with must.they must reach deep with in my chest and rip it me oh my beloved free me from my tourture free me from my pain allow me to love again with out being shot yet again
It Aint Fair
its just not fair how every one gets to see her every minute of every day and i cant see her for even a second for a year and even then she wont be fully mine i want her to be mine soo badly it hurts.its just not fair that i have to wait two more years for her to be mine so i can keep her to myself, so i can spend every second of my life with her. its just not fair how he gets to have her and i dont, she is mine but i cant do any thing to stop him from taking advantage of my baby.its just not fair
What Is The Best Type Of Sex For You?
You prefer Romantic sex! You like romantic sex. For you, it's not all too much about being horny - it's more an expression of how you feel about your partner(s). It's an experience that you can share -- that you can experience and enjoy together. 'What is the best type of sex for you?' at
My Ideal Proposal
Your Ideal Marriage Proposal Is After dinner at your favorite restaurant, at the spot where you first kissed. What's Your Ideal Marriage Proposal?
Im A Total Catch =)
You are a Great Girlfriend When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself You're the perfect blend of independent and caring You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too! Are You a Good Girlfriend?
Mustarvation Fantasies
Intimacy is one of the many factors that maintain a happy relationship; but, sometimes couples can get into a sexual rut and the sizzle has all run out. To add a little oomph to a sexual tryst, try using all five senses – it will be an experience to remember, and have you crawling back to the bedroom time and time again. While having great sex isn’t the only thing that keeps a relationship blooming, it does fall into the top ten list. We are all sexual beings, and crave the touch of the person we love from time to time – some more often than others. But after a few years of being in a relationship, intimacy can fall by the wayside because of other responsibilities that go along with companionship – children, careers, family activities, etc. Or, maybe you have a very healthy sex life, but it involves the same thing over and over again. That doesn’t mean that the sexual relationship is boring; rather, it means that every monogamous connection can use a dose of the new and excit
I lay here wathcing the stars Tears flowing onto my facing Gently falling to the ground I gulp down sadness I whisper your name in the dark It felt as if you were still here next to me Laughing at my jokes or the funny faces I made You whisper back when I open my eyes I realize now You'll always be with me
Secret Love
I see the way you look at her And wish that it were me Wish I could make you smile For all the world to see I love the way you listen And the way you understand But I can't help but look away When you grab ahold her hand I cherish all the laughs we have And the secrets that we share But you have eyes just for her Can't see how much I care You make everything make sense And life just seems alright But my world falls apart When I see you hold her tight I never heard a sound so sweet Until you spoke my name You tell me you're in love with her- With you I feel the same.
I smile alot more when I'm with you That's what he said And he meant it I saw it in his eyes I heard it in his voice Felt it in his skin In his embrace An embrace I never want to break I want to stay in his arms for an eternity and more What happens when this is over What will I do? I couldn't bear it I wouldn't survive. I don't want to think of it.
* Rain Sensations * Exotic X Rated *
Rain sensations is soothing medicine to the human skin As the rain drops continues to pour down upon the both of us , as our body colided so close together in pure bliss great loving that we could not resist not to miss your delious rasberry lips i love to :*) kiss u make me want to scream for more :*) as your extotic hands unbutton my short skirt u spread my soft thighes for the best ride of our lives As the rain drops completely soaks the both of us my breast & soft thighes are your pie delious and satifisfying to feed your hungrey alibi ooooo babe the tempertures just rose up to 105 burning hot to come inside as you soothe and work over my speacil spot mmmmmmmm babe i beg and plead with you not to stop
My Personal Demon (demon Part Iii)
It looks beautiful From so up and close That's how it works A wolf in sheep's clothes I fell for it again Same way as before The illusion controlled me And destroyed me once more It's singing again "Let me free" It's pleading again "Set me free" It's demanding again "RELEASE ME!" On it's knees again "Will you free me?" I see it's true face now It can no longer hide Here for so long now No more to abide No more illusions No more sheep skin No more diguising The fire within It's singing again "Let me free" It's pleading again "Set me free" It's demanding again "RELEASE ME!" On it's knees again "Will you free me?" You've ashamed me so much Why should I let you free? You've destroyed all I've loved I will not set you free! You're not master of me And you will never be I've had enough You will never be free! It's face twisted with rage As my face it sees Showing no fear For I hold the keys It's singing again "Let me free
This Is How The Real World Rolls.
I'm a very passionate person when it comes to being yourself. There is actually no better person too be.So I recently dyed my hair red and yes it came out brighter then it was supposed to be. Apparently thats not okay. I have to re-dye my hair tonight since they called me in the office to tell me that I reflect on the parents and children. I know that, I'm not retarded. I know most of the parents that bring in their kids and I know a lot of them would not have a problem with it at all. I know this because I have gotten to know most of them and half look stranger then me. Now before anyone goes off saying "I told you so" Or "You should've known" let me assure you that I already know that. I cover up my tattoo isn't that enough for you people? I guess in some ways i fell defeated. Give me one good reason why I should cover my tattoo of a cartoon character who memorilizes One of the most importnat souls that ever walked the earth. Reasons that are not reasons are as listed; Society doe
My Story, Pt. 8
jerum: *comes running up to you tugging on you pants* amanda: *picks up jerum* hey baby your ready for your breakfast? jerum: yes mommy, but auntie twistine and uncle wyan are doin the nasty, doin the nasty, doggy style, doggy style, froggy style, froggy style. *does little dance in your arms. [nobody's pov] amanda: jerum, where did your hear that at? jerum: uncle wyan. amanda: ok *yells* uncle wyan!! [from in the living room] ryan: oh shit. christina: uh-oh, uncle wyan you're in trouble. ryan: *does pouty face* christina: aww *kisses ryan* *amanda walks into the living room with jerum on her hip* amanda :cover your eyes *covers her eyes* jerum: *covers eyes* ewww auntie twistina and uncle wyan are doing the nasty nasty, doggy style, doggy sty--- amanda: *covers jerums mouth* don't ever sing that again. jerum: yes mommy. amanda: *slaps ryan* ryan: *rubs cheek* ow what was that for. christina: *laughs* see, i told you you were in trouble. amanda: for teaching my so
My Story, Pt. 10
[10 mins earlier] [amandas pov] i'm watching degrassi, jerum is taking a nap, i can't see how with ryan and christina down thee hall "doing it" *twitches* ring, ring, ring *picks up phone* amanda: hello? ???: is this ms. mintz. amanda: yes this is her who is this? amanda: *opens mouth wide* what?!?!?! what happened to him?!?!?!?! dr. pang: well, they say it was a gang fight, he was shot twice and is in critical condition. amanda: *eyes fill with tears* thank you doctor. [back to christinas pov] O!M!G! christina: *gets up with a start* well what are we waiting for? amanda: well what about ryan and jerum? christina: ummm, ryan could look after him? c & a: NO! (let's just pretend me and mark were close)
Im Scared Of The Worm!!
You Are Tequilla When you drink, you're serious about getting drunk! You'll take any shot that's offered up to you... Even if it tastes like sock sweat! And you're never afraid of eating the worm. What Alcoholic Drink Are You?
Neptune Baby!!
You Are From Neptune You are dreamy and mystical, with a natural psychic ability. You love music, poetry, dance, and (most of all) the open sea. Your soul is filled with possibilities, and your heart overflows with compassion. You can be in a room full of friendly people and feel all alone. If you don't get carried away with one idea, your spiritual nature will see you through anything. What Planet Are You From?
Married Mans Scoreboard
The Married Man's Score Board (NOTE: a score of "0" means it was expected of him) Simple Duties ------------ * You go out to buy her spring-fresh extra-light panty-liners with wings: +5 * But return with beer: -5 * You check out a suspicious noise at night: 0 * You check out a suspicious noise and it's nothing: 0 * You check out a suspicious noise and it's something: +5 * You pummel it with a six iron: +10 * It's her father: -10 Social Engagements ------------------ * You stay by her side the entire party: 0 * You stay by her side for awhile, then leave to chat with a college drinking buddy: -2 * Named Tiffany: -4 * Tiffany is a dancer: -6 * Tiffany has implants: -8 Saturday Afternoons ------------------- * You visit her parents: +1 * You visit her parents and actually make conversation: +3 * You visit her parents and stare vacantly at the television: -3 * And the television is off: -6 * You spend the day watching college football in your underwear: -6
Shared laughter and tears Throughout the years Memories so dear This is a "Friend" With love forever near..
My Story, Pt. 16
[christina's pov] i wake up and look around. where am i? i feel someone beside me breathing, i turn around and see mark reminding me that i'm still in the hospital. i take my cell phone out of my pocket "5 missed calls" "house, house, house, house, and house." it's 2 AM!!! *it's really good to hear your voice, say my name it sounds so sweet (that's christina's ring tone)* christina: hello? ryan: finally you pick up! where were you, where are you? christina: sorry, i guess i fell asleep. ryan: it's ok baby, i was getting kinda worried though, so how's mark? christina: still in his colma, but still doing good. ryan: where's amanda? christina: ummm *looks around and sees amanda cuddled in matt's arms asleep in the bed beside you* awwwwwwwww. ryan: what? christina: amanda's asleep in matt's arms in the other bed. ryan:... matt's there? christina: yesh. ryan: i swear if he hurts her again he's dead. christina: i don't think he's going to. i think this with her being back with
My Story, Pt. 17
christina: well you two love birds can go back to sleep, i however am going home to sleep in my own bed, with my sex toy. amanda: umm, you do that. and make sure jerum is alright. matt: *gives you a quizical look* amanda: *outh's i'll tell you later* matt: *nods* christina: alright, i'll catch yall on the flip side. amanda: later. matt: see ya twitch. *christina leaves room* [amanda's pov] ah crap, i don't wanna tell him about jerum. i love my baby but i don't wanna get hurt again like i did. at the thought of what happened last time tears form in the corners of my eyes and slowly slide down my cheek. matt: *looks at you cornerned* baby, you okay? amanda: *you burry your head in the pillow and start sobbing* matt: *rubs your back comfortingly getting more concerned* hey, hey, hey, baby, wuts wrong? did i do something wrong? baby please tell me what i did this time. amanda: *sobs* please don't leave me again. matt: *wraps arms tightly around you* no baby, i'm never gonna
I've Waited Forever
When you're feeling lonely and need an orgasm All you need to do is close your eyes, and I'll be there To rock you gently in my arms, breast to chest I will share my softest kiss I will soothe you darling Let me stroke each breast as shivers are enjoyed Let my warm lips tug on each firm nipple as you moan Let me plant 1,000 kisses up and down your spine Massaging your body with lotion as you whisper it's heavenly Enjoy my tongue as I pass your naval caressing delicate lips Tenderly licking at your hood as I feel your pearl awaken Let me feel both your hands hold my head close to heaven As the murmered sounds of my sucking make your body tremble Orgasm my love, drench my lips soar above the clouds I am yours to love, to enjoy for I have waited forever for you
Mandi - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?21-23 2. What is your sexual orientation?Bisexual 3. Have you ever given somone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?10-15 6. What is your pubic hair style?Shaved bald, nice and clean 7. What is your choice of underwear style?Boy Shorts 8. Have you ever had anal sex?Yes I have 9. What is your favorite position?Doggie style 10. How often do you masturbate?Once a day 11. Have you ever kissed a girl?Yes, for sure 12. Have you ever had sex with a girl?Yes, I sure have 13. Have you ever taken, or been in naked photos?Both taken and been in them 14. Have you ever had multiple partners at once?Yes, a foursome 15. Have you watched porn?Yes, and I own some of my own 16. Have you ever been to a nude beach or nudist area?Of course, I go to nudist events all the time 17. Have you ever watched others, or been watched having sex?Both
New Pics
Just an update to let you know that I've updated my pics with a few that the ladies may enjoy. If you want access to them, drop a comment or send me a message!
Walls Protected behind walls I build years of pain my trust is killed By those I've trusted with my life stabbed in the heart with a rusty knife Betrayed by the ones who's love I desired pain leaving me cold, alone and so tired Of being open with any I know too well walls of safety to be free from the hell I can not tear them down for knowing the threat is real and the signs are showing All the reasons they are still there and still valid though I'm unaware As to why I would still want these walls none can know without taking the falls That I have been though with issues of trust my unwanted pain has turned love to dust Blowing away in the gentle breeze Cooled down till the point of freeze When nothing of what was can remain the lesson is learned through walls of pain By R. Thomas Dinsmore
My Eternal Soul How can I define the perfect love ? more than a wonder sent from above she laughs and understands my humor she has loving that soul that I long for she cares about me without attached strings she is to me the world in all of the things she is the one I cherish and want to make smile she likes the way I dress and likes my sense of style she lights up the room by walking in the door she has a wild sexual passion that leaves me wanting more she does not need to be with me every hour of the day she knows that I want her around and she is never in my way she just likes spending time with me and sharing the moment to me she is everything wonderful truly heaven sent She is the one that I would never want to break her heart She loves with everything in her soul so I never want to part She is my missing other half without her I'm not whole she is my hopes, my dreams, my life, My eternal Soul By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Any ?'s 4 me just ask I will answer any & all ?'s. I like to talk about whatever so hit me up & I will respond. I'm a little older than some but younger than other.I love to look @ pics but have none to show anyone yet.I'm not ugly but not the cutest either.I have been told I was very handsome but that would be up 2 u if u want to c me. That's all 4 now....
How To Drive Your Wife Crazy!!!
How to Drive Your Wife Crazy Start asking her questions (don't mistakenly do anything) about cooking, cleaning and laundry. Say, I think its time I learn to take care of myself. You know, just in case. Volunteer to cook for her. Make sure its real greasy. Use every pot and pan in the house and be sure you spill and/or drop some of everything everywhere. While brushing your teeth, flick the toothbrush first at the sink and then at the mirror. Never ask her to get you something from the kitchen when she's in the kitchen. Let her spend a good 30 minutes in there and when she reaches the sofa with a sigh of relief say, "Will you PLEASE do me a big favor and get me a beer, my back is just killing me today." Be sure to load up all your pockets with tissues before you drop them in the clothes hamper. Leave yourself a trail of clothing, towels, dishes, and everything else you put your hands on. This will ensure you never lose your way. Wait until she's overwhelmed with wor
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Would You
Would you fall in love if you knew it would never last? Would you give your heart to someone not knowing that it would be thrown back? Would you think someday that someone would come back,when in reality that day would never come? Would you give up eveything for someone not knowing that they wouldn't give up anything for you? Would you give them anything they wanted not knowing that all you would receive is tears? Would you spend everyday trying to forget about them and how they broke your heart? Would you try to hide all the pain they caused or would you let it show? Would you fall in love if you knew it was gonna come to this?
Daddy's Little Girl
Daddy's Little Girl by Punkin If I had my life to do over, I'd have chosen you to be my dad once more. Even if it meant losing you again, It's worth all the tears in the world. You were my sunshine when skies were gray. I loved you and honored you; You took all my tears away. I was happy to be with you, Proud to be your little girl. Sometimes we would argue, But to me you meant the world. Your love was always pure; You treated me as your own. Your time seemed all too short and I feel so alone. What can I take from this? My heart is completely crushed. But nothing loved is ever lost - And you are loved so much. This poem is not mine but I can relate to it.
Time Passing...
The words just won't come easy When I think of her this way A picture of her etched in my eyes I see her night and day The times we had were fast and few So meaningful none the less I can't stop thinking of her even now When everything's a mess Sour apple smelling hair The deepest azure eyes That see right through my little games They fill me with suprise Even after all this time I love her even still Although the feelings aren't returned I guess I always will She left a hole within my heart That passing time won't fill Though we have been far apart My feelings haven't changed I've never felt like this before Some things can't be explained IMspidey/M.M. 6/06 Copyright © 2006
Won't you come see me now, my love Are you thinking of me And how easy it could be Won't you come over to me now We could be together Will you stay away Will you stay away forever I haven't seen you for so long If there's something wrong Come to me I am thinking of you now Close my eyes and you are here Drifting through me Like a gentle breeze weaving all around me Like a fog caressing the ocean Thoughts of you roll over me I haven't seen you for so long Come to me... I know it's not over, this is just a passing phase I know you're thinking of me too You know what you've been missing And I've been waiting just for you I'm on fire but you're not here with me Everything about it Makes no sense to me You're afraid of coming over You're afraid that you love me Did you stay away because you do Even if I loved you too Everything will be all right I haven't seen you for so long Come to me... come to me Come to me when you're feeling alone And you're un
A Ball Game Balling
A Ball Game Balling by English Bob © "Oh, c'mon honey. We can't see the screen with you standing there!" Janice gave myself and my two friends a petulant, sulky look and stomped off to the kitchen. "Oh well," I said to Frank, sitting next to me, "I guess we better not ask her to bring us a beer!" Frank and my other friend, Joey laughed as I got up from my seat to get the beers myself. "Tell me if I miss anything." The ball game had been an exciting one so far; the lead switching from team to team as the game progressed. I was reluctant to tear myself away from the TV, but we all needed that liquid refreshment essential to watching any sporting event! "How long is this stupid game going on?" asked my wife as I opened the fridge, "I'm bored!" She smiled that impish little grin at me. The one she knows I find hard to resist. "I'm also feeling a little horny, baby. C'mon, get rid of these guys and forget the game, I got something hot just for you!" I thought about
Yellow Ribbon
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Alone With Banana
Alone with Banana by passionmaster © My name is Brenda. I'm 27 separated with a two year old son. My husband the prick moved out when I found out he had an affair with one of his old girlfriends. I don't want him back for with me it was rare and with her it was nightly. My biggest problem is after my son has gone to bed. The angel is a great sleeper and sleeps from 8 in the evening until 8 in the morning. That leaves me with too much time after all the cleaning is done and preparations are made for the next day. I have found the long hot baths usually tire me out and help me sleep but it seems more and more lately that I am lying in my bed with my hand in my pussy. I am 5'6" tall with good legs round bum nice sway back which accents my now (because of feeding) rounded breasts and dark brown hair. My sons last feeding was at 8 just before he went to sleep but even after the bath my nipples are still extended and tingly. I find myself lying in bed rolling my nipples and
Marriage Quotes By Men
Marriage Quotes by Men I married Miss Right. I just didn't know her first name was Always. It's not true that married men live longer than single men. It only seems longer. Losing a wife can be hard. In my case, it was almost impossible. A man was complaining to a friend: 'I had it all - money, a beautiful house,a big car, the love of a beautiful woman; then, Pow! it was all gone!' 'What happened?' asked the friend. 'My wife found out...' Wife: Let's go out and have some fun tonight. Husband: Okay, but if you get home before I do, leave the hallway light on. How many men does it take to open a beer? None. It should be opened by the time she brings it to the couch. A man rushes into his house and yells to his wife, 'Martha, pack up your things! I just won the California lottery!' Martha replies, 'Shall I pack for warm weather or cold?' The man responds, 'I don't care. Just so long as you're out of the house by noon!' Women will never be equal to m
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One Senusal Erotic
Dreams ? The Honey eyed beauty captivates his mind Thoughts and desires about the rare find He can’t help but wonder at what he does see The most perfect face of an angel there ever will be Thoughts of a shimmering dress as it falls to the floor Thoughts of wild impassioned kisses wanting more Of my tongue and hers in sweet kisses deep Does she know my passion is hers to keep Of thoughts of naked lovers touching before the fire Does she know by my hardness she is my desire Of nibbling her ears and kisses on a downward stream Does she long to feel my tongue kiss more extreme Of licking and sucking her nipples and breast I long for her pleasure and can not rest I need to bring forth ecstasy sublime and true I trail to your thighs nothing else will do I part you so gentle and kiss and do lick I love your wetness you feel so slick The smell of you scent makes me want you more I suck and lick hard and deep your juices pour I drink in your beautiful love with joy I
In Sweet Surrender
soothe the ache that gnaws at me wrap me warm in that tender place tame the beast that howls inside bond close to you by healing grace whole and smiling I'm alive again sweet surrender to my lover's call she stops my endless litany of doubt her nimble tongue pushed deep warmly filling up my hungry mouth while fingers soft, stroke my loins rising ready to meet our needs sweet surrender to hunger's call silken flesh slides lithely over me quiet strength that in love's service she pins me gasping to our bed legs round my head, she rocks till we tumble locked together sweet surrender to passion's call
Confessions & Desires
She smiles and looks deep into my eyes, I see her need come pouring out to me She nuzzles close, and whispers in my ear, softly whispering words that I want to hear sweet lover there is something I must say something I need to take my breath away For I have a confession that I must make, of a million ways to make my body quake of smoldering hungers down deep inside A desire for something that we can share made flesh to fulfill all of our secret needs make us burn with empassionened deeds
Just A Not So Good Poem
Sucked deep into the void No time to be annoyed What I was has been destroyed Yet I remain the same Life happens hard and fast The dice roll once their cast Things I love aren’t meant to last Yet I can not be tame Wonder why I feel lost Was it ever worth the cost Run from love emotions tossed Yet I still wear the blame Do the fears consume the soul Is this why I can’t be whole Ask not for whom this bell does toll Yet I always feel the shame Try hard to give up the fight Try to live what is right The line blurs within my sight Yet unaware of what I became Unsure of what to do I just can’t let go of you All this is something new Yet I burn within the flame How you scare me so deep When you call me yours to keep And yet for you my heart does leap Yet I remain the same
Not A Good Poem
Sucked deep into the void No time to be annoyed What I was has been destroyed Yet I remain the same Life happens hard and fast The dice roll once their cast Things I love aren’t meant to last Yet I can not be tame Wonder why I feel lost Was it ever worth the cost Run from love emotions tossed Yet I still wear the blame Do the fears consume the soul Is this why I can’t be whole Ask not for whom this bell does toll Yet I always feel the shame Try hard to give up the fight Try to live what is right The line blurs within my sight Yet unaware of what I became Unsure of what to do I just can’t let go of you All this is something new Yet I burn within the flame How you scare me so deep When you call me yours to keep And yet for you my heart does leap Yet I remain the same By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Just A Quote
you life to die but die to live
A womans taste is what I love Something I can't get enough of What a tragic, selfish thing To leave a lover still wanting To feel a woman tense and moan Brings on a pleasure all my own The softness of her inner thigh Is something I won't be denied A teasing lick, a gentle kiss Will stir my blood, I can't resist I grasp her hips, flesh pressed to lips Too soon I know, I'll taste her bliss IMspidey/M.M. 1/06 Copyright © 2006
What Tarot Card Are You?
You scored as The Lovers. The Lovers card is about harmony and most in important love and forgiveness. The Lovers is also about not giving into tempteation and waiting for true love to come your way. It can mean that you had been hurt but have healed yourself and can finally realize love is out there somewhere. You value a good relationship and base it on love not sex. Don't give up on love.The Magician100%The World100%The Lovers100%The Fool95%The Empress and The Emperor90%Justice75%The Hanged Man60%The Devil60%Judgement50%The High Priestess50%The Hi
Eighteen is a windswept borderline: In a moment, gates forever closed. Gulf of dreams behind the vanished child, Halfway round the corner of her smile. The change flaps in the breeze, but in a while Each motion turns to dance, each gesture wild Eventually is placed, positioned, posed: No leaping for sheer joy but by design. Eighteen is a time of liberation. Intentions now begin to swell to song. Given the glory of one's aspiration, How can one's life story turn out wrong? There is a passion in one's preparation, Eager for the hills that make one strong, Eager for the sense of each sensation, Not knowing what fair fate might come along Eighteen has no answers but her own, Intent on yielding nothing to despair. Glad tidings, if they come, must come alone, Having crossed the desert, bleak and bare. There is no heaven suitable for hope, Even in the ecstasy of dreams. Each moment is more limited in scope, Not one ounce more transcendent than it seems
The Las Vegas Sign
Turn Me And Do It Right
Turn me on turn me on Just do it right you can't go wrong I'm the radio that plays your favourite song You turn me on turn me on You sure know how so turn me on Baby don't you wait until the night has gone Just turn me on Turn me on oh babe turn me on please Ooh turn me on aaah aaah turn me on You are so cool - don't know what to do Oh babe I can't come close to you I want you to just feel good Hey can't you see I'm in the mood Want you touchin' mine I'm just waiting for a sign I wanna makes you feel so hot I wanna find your tender spot Turn me on turn me on Just do it right you can't go wrong I'm the radio that plays your favourite song You turn me on turn me on You sure know how so turn me on Baby don't you wait until the night has gone Just turn me on Turn me on oh babe turn me on please Ooh turn me on Turn me on oh babe turn me on please Ooh turn me on aaah aaah turn me on aaah aaah turn me on
Believing In You
I kept my head up high, and then you came my way. I have been hurt so many times. My heart filled with so much pain. but now that pain has gone away. For I have found a place I want to be. This place I see is with thee. For in your arms I have felt and seen, a wonderful feeling that I cannot believe. A safe haven in your arms just for me. Now I give my heart to thee. For my heart believes in you.
A Friend Is Like
Centipedes Are Not For Oral Injestion
Centipedes are for vaginas. They are not to be consumed orally. For those who are not in the know about centipedes, we have a few varations of centipedes. The first, is the vaginal centipede, aka scolopendra intra-labius. This centipede resides in older automobiles, and tends to favor dirty conditions. It will however, abandon the backseat of a car, and infest itself into a vagina, if a vaginal exposure is present. Vaginal infestations could involve one to dozens of centipedes. Centipede removal is difficult, and the grotesque procedure involves sweet and sour sauce and a tampon. The US government has taken a stand against vaginal centipedes. Many awareness campaigns have been put together. These campaigns are geared toward women in their early to mid 20s. A series of advertisements, which can be seen below, is designed to aid in centipede awareness, and removal. Albert Einstein was an early scholar of the subject. He spent a lot of time working on the formula for vaginal centipede rem
Memories Of The Virgin Fuck
Hello sweetheart. with all my love and on all ur places without leaving an inch of space. It was late evening and the thunder of lighting with slow shower of rain has started and the wind was blowing rather fast.. My room is situated on the roof of my home. All alone single big bedroom with attached bathroom and a small changing room.. The balcony of your home and Your room is also very close to my room. Many a times i keep looking at you without your knowledge. Many a times i have seen you naked while you change your dress. I have even seen you massaging and patting your PUSSY with one hand and squeezing your tits with another. You are totally unaware that i am looking at you with my throbbing DICK. It was difficult to control myself but I know that you were getting married after 20 days. Whenever you see me while going to college,and whenever you come in my home to see my sister, you just smiles at me. I dont know if you have seen me looking at you naked and while you play with
Prisoners Of Wild Desires
for we are both prisoners of wild desire and we will never be free to be alone again there are chains of love that bind us tight a lover's pact made between me and you she smiles so sweetly and softly calls to me her eyes say that she will be always be mine her lush lips open to invite my fevered kiss locked in love's embrace till the end of time for we are both prisoners of wild desire and we will never be free to be alone again there are chains of love that bind us tight love's bonds forged in passion's fire for we are both prisoners of wild desire burning all day and through darkest night these chains that bind our hearts so tight a lover's pact made between me and you
Tasting Your Secret Delights
you glow like the light of the harvest moon soft golden rays to fill my starry heart your sweet breath teases my naked skin so warm and moist like a southern breeze your scent the perfume of night blooming flowers your taste salty and tangy like the warm sea air your body trembles at my slightest touch a willow tree, shook by the lusty wind your mossy rise is so dewy and inviting, softly, and seductively, it calls out me... to kneel and taste your secret delights lost in a vortex of your endless desire as the harvest moon looms overhead and bathes our flesh in it's soothing light
Life Goes On
"Life Goes On"
Hail Mary
"Hail Mary"
Californa Love
"Californa Love" Ft Dr.Dre
Thug Mansion
"Thug Mansion"
Still Ballin
"Still Ballin"
Alligator Challenge
Alligator Challenge Once there was a millionaire, who collected live alligators. He kept them in the pool in back of his mansion. The millionaire also had a beautiful daughter who was single. One day he decides to throw a huge party, and during the party he announces, "My dear guests . . . I have a proposition to every man here. I will give one million dollars or my daughter to the man who can swim across this pool full of alligators and emerge alive!" As soon as he finished his last word, there was the sound of a large splash!! There was one guy in the pool swimming with all he could and screaming out of fear. The crowd cheered him on as he kept stroking as though he was running for his life. Finally, he made it to the other side with only a torn shirt and some minor injuries. The millionaire was impressed. He said, "My boy that was incredible! Fantastic! I didn't think it could be done! Well I must keep my end of the bargain. Do you want my daughter or the one million doll
Reasons To Own A Dat Over A Dog
Reasons to Own a Cat Over a Dog Cats rule. Dogs drool. Cats rub your leg when they want affection, not when they're horny. Cats use a litter box. Dogs use your leg. In 1996, over 10,000 US deaths were attributed to a dog owner's choking on saliva during morning wake-up licks. Cats always land on their feet. Dogs won't even let you throw them. Cats let you kick them when you're stressed out. Cats will wait until you've read your morning paper before tearing it to shreds. Cats look cute sleeping on the TV. Dogs crash right in front of the screen. No one has ever had to "Beware of the Cat." Cats bury their crap. Dogs dig up others'. Cats have better things to do than stick their nose in your crotch. Cats lay on the car in the heat. Dogs in heat lay the car. Why do you think they call it "Dog Breath?" Garfield. Odie. Enough said.
Lullabys From A Friend
Hush little baby don't you squall Momma's gonna buy you a crystal ball. And if you still can't see beyond Momma's gonna buy you a magic wand. And if that wand don't change your fate Momma's gonna teach you to levitate. And if the astral makes you sick, Momma's gonna buy you an incense stick. And if that patchouli smells too rank She'll buy you a sensory deprivation tank. And if that tank don't float your bones Momma's gonna buy you some precious stones. And if those gems don't ease your heart Momma's gonna buy you a natal chart. And if your planets go berserk Momma's gonna buy you some bodywork. And if your aura still needs kneading Momma's gonna buy you a past life reading. And if your destiny stays hid Momma's gonna buy you a pyramid. And if your chakras still feel stressed Momma's gonna take you on a vision quest. And if power animals don't come to charm ya Sorry, kid, it's just your karma."
The sad song playing in my head repeats it kills me inside knowing i have no one to remind me of Songs of the heart tear up my mind put me through the world slowly killing me entirely gone temptation evades me nothing to lose Pain to gain hearts to trample downsizing my dreams reality is lost with no way out Anger is my absolution
Self Tapping Screw
Self tapping screws and pain Simplifying life in ways I cannot hide Drifting in and out of pain like a shirt Only knowing false happiness Lying to those who care Dieing inside to let lose the feelings the tear me apart Drowning in my own tears Drinking until I cannot see clear Dropping down on my scarred knees to pray to a god that does not exhist Begging for a life of normalcy and freedom in thought The voices are coming back and its harder to ignore the pleas of pain Darting back and forth in my mind chasing thoughts I slip down and settle into a ball on the cold concrete shivering Im lost in a world I created and I cant find my way out
Drifting beyond the force. Passing time alone. Lost without the feelings that guide me to my home. Banging my head against tears that hide. Drowning in invisible sorrows and lies. Tapping my toe to the sad beat my heart makes. Alone in an empty room, I shudder. An absent touch, a long lost kiss. A feeling of immortal bliss. Down to the last drop of doubt filled blood I lose. Tainted feelings enwrap my soul. Bound by a hollow heart thats mine alone.
Slipping tripping droping down. falling into a bed of roses doused in bloody thorns. Tearing slicing scaring deep. Calmly resting almost asleep. Damage done. My eyes wide, tapping back a fifth and joking, choking on the air. Smoking, toking, here and there. Smile and they think your faking. Turning, puking walking fare. Thinking, screaming, crying, laughing, fucking all is fair. Dreaming, loving, all is gone. God has done his deed, he is done
Stabbed Torn Apart And Buried Alive
Ive slipped into that darkened place where demons call and slice my flesh where evil dwells in my black heart and indifference is my only fault You turned your back on my when you told me youd be there you broke my heart twice and i act like i dont care ill just be here with the razor blades carving out my flesh is now my empty ness to place all my simply just cant take it you turned your back on my and now ill stab you in the back if you let me You said youd love me no matter what....I guess you lied again...gee what a concept..i hope your happy now in the arms of the illfated child...i hope you satisfied now in the in the slice of the evil cunt...back around to pain and dipped in shit ive been thrown o the wolves and they cant wait to kill me...again
Precious Friends
The Pain
A small tear in my eyes, A little pain in my heart........... Its nothing............. But, It's too much.
Shrek 2
Johnny Cash
Just Checking In...
It's been an odd day to say the least, I just haven't been able to get out of the house today. Anyways I'm finally off, going to get out and enjoy this gorgeous sunshine while it lasts. But it seems ive been getting lazy on here already...SO when i get back in Im going to come and spend some time with you all! See you then, ciao!
Chamber Of Love
My chamber of love Waiting just for you tonight You won't need a key Just your skill and expertise Then love will let you enter 'Love is the master key that opens the gate of happiness.'
My Fried Raf's Sayings Well Some Of Them
choose not who you can live with, but who you can not live without. it's better to be broken than to break. i wear my every emotion like a mask, it hides how i really feel inside. i am better than you. my spouse is better than yours cause i say so. K? religion is hate, religion is fear, religion is WAR!
Cum Party
Cum Party by 15inches © My name is Chris and I had to share an experience I had with 3 of the sexiest and sluttiest girls that I met through my College roomate. Before I get into the details though I should tell the readers a bit about myself. I am 18 years of age, I have light brown hair and blue eyes, 6-2 205 pounds with a well toned body that is almost completely hairless. Although my most impressive trait is my cock and balls, 15 and 1/4 inches long and 9 and 1/2 inches in circumference, my ball sack is softball sized and my balls are the size of lemons. All the girls I fooled around with in high school were inexperienced when it came to big dicks, as a result, they were too afraid to let me fuck them. Thankfully, most of them liked to play with my balls and lick and suck my cock, especailly it's peach sized head. Usually the muscles in their arms or their jaw would give out before they could bring me to orgasm. Only a few girls expereinced the enoromity of my orgasms. I can s
Dana's Threesome With Tom & Ron
Dana's Threesome With Tom & Ron by d3catwoman © [Author's Note: These people are real. Dana represents the author. Tom is her lover who is 17 years younger. Ron is a man she has known for many years and recently became intimate with. The names have been changed to protect the very naughty.] Tom is returning to the area in December and Dana will finally be able to have the threesome she has wanted for sometime. As soon as Tom tells her when he will be back in town, she contacts Ron and they set up how the three of them will get together. It is decided that since Tom and Ron don't know each except what Dana has told them about each other, that it would be a good idea to meet for drinks. They pick a place that is close to Dana's apartment. This is her idea, as she knows this will be important because she is very sure that they won't be there long. They arrange to meet in the parking lot and walk in together. Ron has been given a description of the car and the license plate numb
Hot Hot Night
The night is stiflingly hot. The window is wide open and the light, ocean breeze is barely less than warm and not enough to relieve the heat. We lay next to each other on top of the covers, too hot to touch. Eyes closed you try to relax in the heat and you wait for the next faint breeze to offer some relief. You feel him shift his position next to you. After a moment you open your eyes to see him propped up on an elbow looking at your body beside him. You smile as you watch his gaze glide over you; over the curves of you body all softened by the mockingly cool blue light of the moon streaming through the window. You close you eyes again intent on sleep when you feel him move closer. You think "Not tonight... it is just too hot." Waiting for the inevitable touch you are surprised when you feel his cool breath blowing on your neck. You relax and enjoy the cool sensation as the air dances across your hot, sticky skin. He draws a new breath and the cool air washes down your b
For All The Wifes And Girlfriends
Goddess Of The Storms
Goddess of the Storms by DarkDreams © She kneels at my feet, hands behind her back and her head bowed. Tears stain her cheeks at having been caught. She bites her red tinged lower lip as I lean back in my chair contemplating her punishment. I keep the smile off my face with little effort, she shifts nervously under my gaze. Her dress in tatters and her lipstick smeared. A perfect picture to me, too bad she was with caught someone else tonight, or I would have her screaming in pleasure by now. I sigh softly to emphasize my displeasure with her before I speak. “What were you thinking?” I don't even let her answer. “That I would not know? I would not find out that you were with him?” Silent tears stream down her face. “For gods sake you were in MY house. Under My roof. What do you have to say for your self?” She sniffles and I can see her hands ball up into fists. She set her jaw with the angry defiance I so love. I allowed my self to smirk. “Well my pet?” She tilts her head
Going Home Ch. 2
Going Home Ch. 2 by Lili © When Lili awoke the next morning, she found that she was alone in her new bed. She pulled on a robe and slippers and scuffed out to the kitchen where she could smell the enticing aroma of coffee. She was still sleepy and her face had that addled expression left by too late a night. She smiled blissfully thinking that the main difference between this early morning confusion and her usual state was the cause. Normally she woke up feeling like this after a long night online. It was heavenly to wake up like this after a long night of making love with her Master. As she entered the kitchen, she saw him sitting at the table surrounded by piles of familiar objects. He had the contents of her purse spread out and was methodically going through it a piece at a time. Her early morning stupor was gone, replaced by the rage that flared in her heart. She took an angry step toward him, ready to lash out in a lecture on privacy, but his placid smile caught her off g
Boxing Match....
Two boxers are in a boxing match (regular boxing, not kick boxing). The fight is scheduled for 12 rounds but ends after 6 rounds, after one boxer knocks out the other boxer. Yet no man throws a punch. How is this possible?
My Woman
Ilook at you, my love, and see a most unique kind of woman, Who brings out the very best in me in any way that she can. You rise with me each dawning day, fall asleep beside me each night. You fill my life with laughter and play, with joy and with delight. A most loving, caring father to all of our family continually, Taking the quality time to bother, encouraging them their best to be. You listen when I need to talk, hold me tightly while I weep, Find time together for a quiet walk, and all my secrets sacredly keep. Each of these qualities separate and alone, may seem not to play a big part But mesh them together from many to one, they become the secret to my heart.
Moonlight pours through the window bathes your skin in it's milky glow delights my eye and sharpens my hunger hear me whisper to you soft and low be mine, and let me be your lover to worship your body, so divine to pledge my heart to you forever be my goddess, please be mine your smiling lips are so inviting your breath sweet gentle breeze stirs my hair and warms my heart your graceful curves seducing me the flickering candle burns low, and out we are entwined together, two as one the sweet sound of our desire fills the air loves dance greets the warm morning sun
Sex Survey
Try this survey and lemme here your score! - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?Over 30 2. What is your sexual orientation?Straight 3. Have you ever given someone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?More than 15 6. What is your pubic hair style?Trimmed neatly 7. What kind of underwear do you wear?Boxers 8. Have you ever taken, or been in, naked photos?Both taken and been in them 9. Have you ever been to a nude beach, or nudist area?Nope, I am modest 10. Do you watch porn?Yes, of course. Who hasn't? 11. Have you ever watched others, or been watched having sex?No, neither 12. How large are you...ya know, in the pants?Over 8 inches 13. Have you ever expirimented with another man?No, I'm straight as can be 14. What is your favorite sexual position?Doggie style 15. Are you circumcised?No I am not 16. What gets you off fastest?Blow job 17. How often do
My Declaration Of Faith For Today
My Declaration of Faith for Today God's plan includes me, and I am a valued part of His will and purpose Daily Prayer Oh God I come to you as humble as I possibly can be. I want you to know that I am asking for your forgiveness. I know I am wrong for what I have done. Everything that happens to me is to teach me a life lesson. You have to learn from all things as best as possible. Oh God take me from this sin that I have committed, help me to overcome the wrongdoing. Help me to help myself in this situation. Nothing in life is easy, every body goes through things in life, and God you only give me what I can handle. Help me to pray the right prayer, and give my life to you. Save me dear lord from all the evils in the world. Help me to stay on the right path. Keep people in my life that can continue to be positive in my life. The lord is my savior I shall not want. I love you dear Lord with all my heart, help me to not be ashamed of you, and always lift up your holy n
Ode To The Clit
You try so hard to lick me well, There's something I should really tell, You're licking all around my mound, But there's one place where pleasure's found. It's not that high or down that low, It's not that fast and not too slow, Don't waste my time and all that spit, Just stay your punk ass on my clit! With your finger or with your tongue, Stay on that clit till the job is done. Suck it like a little dick, The only place that you should lick, Do not move until I cum, The other stuff is really dumb. I'm telling you to help you know, The clit's the ONLY place to go. This is a tip for giving head, You'll be an expert in the bed. Women want all men to know, Do it hard and do it slow. Don't be lazy, this takes a while, But it will always make her smile! After she cums then you can fuck, And with a little bit of luck, Your woman will be thrilled in bed, You've finally learned to give good head!
What Is Love?
Monday, January 30, 2006 What Is Love? Love, emotion explored in philosophy, religion, and literature, often as either romantic love, the fraternal lov Love has several different meanings in every language, from something that gives a little pleasure ("I loved that meal") to something one would die for (patriotism, pairbonding). It can describe an intense feeling of affection, an emotion or an emotional state. In ordinary use, it usually refers to interpersonal love. Probably due to its emotional primacy, love is one of the most common themes in art. Love is inherent in all human cultures and thus may be seen as a defining trait of humanity, that is, love is a quality that makes one human. It is precisely these cultural differences that make any universal definition of love difficult, but not impossible, to establish. See the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. Expressions of love may include the love for a soul or mind, the love of laws and organizations, love for a body, love for
Hi I Am New
Hi guys and girls i am new here and would like to find some girls that like to chat etc. SO write me if ur interested!!! Kiss Benni
To All My Friends
Tupac 2
How A Blonde Eats A Banana
The Bottom Line .......................
A ridiculous movie of the pornographic nature Appeared on the TV screen one night, way too late for sensible eyes to remain awake ..... except for my own The thought that came to mind was you -- -- why were you not here instead So you could replace those X-rated images Simmering in my room with your own warm, beautiful self........ I wish I could approach you, run towards you And clasp your two hands inside mine leading you to where I want to go I need to look at your face and not feel that I have to avert my gaze out of insecurity and feel that I can absorb every inch of your visage and etch what I see upon my memory forever I yearn to kiss your slanted lips and run my fingers within your darkened hair quietly remove your glasses and see your face as it was meant to be I ache To understand what lies beneath your public appearance to share in the private reality of your body I want my vision to study everything
Yes,You..... Who's reading this and shaking your head...You i mean..... ....The bonds that grow between us, Grow stronger every day. and the words I've already told you, are all I have to say. No words to describe the emotion, No words to describe it all. But without your wind beneath my wings, forever I would fall.
Today's Promise From The Bible Psalms 138:7
Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me. Reflection Fear not the troubled paths of your life. Give no concern to the sundry evils that press in upon you. Give your entire focus to the pursuit of the interests of the heavenly kingdom. Ever will the Shepherd protect His sheep. Ever will the King of all watch over the ways of His subjects. O believer, be not dismayed for neither shall you faint in weariness nor fall to the missiles of the enemy. Trust in Almighty God and proclaim the peace of His hand!
Which Celebrity R U Most Likely To Sleep With?
Which celebrity are you most likely to have sex with? Your Result: Gwen Stefani You like your girl hot and sexy and a little bit on the wild side. You want your woman to be talented and a little bit of a tom boy. Either that or you just want a hot, married chick with rock-hard abs.The Rock Keira Knightley Jennifer Anniston Nick Lachey Matthew McConaughey Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee
Gonzo Statement Of Intent To Educate
And Now For Some Substance... My dear readers, I'm under the firm belief that the majority of my fellow Americans would do far better to think more, love more and dance more. It's not a great secret that I loath the masses of my country to the point where I believe they should have their voting rights revoked and awarded to the people of a nice Scandinavian country. We'd all probably benefit from that. The philosopher Friedman made an argument that no one can have a true friendship with a closed-minded person, especially among these are the Christian evangelicals whose absolute nutjobery has brought my dear and beloved America to the level of its current unfriendablity internationally. My solution for this, beyond the vurtually impossible to impliment sedition of all northern states to the Dominion of Canada, is the slow and methodical changing of social mores throughout the republic. I will be the first to admit that I am probably not the best candidate to lead this social
Your Birthday Party
Your Birthday Party by eroticguy © I come over to see you, arriving a week before your birthday. We get out a bit and I meet your friends before the big day arrives. That night you are very quiet and I finally get you to admit that you are dirty that your 'friends' did not at least have a few drinks with you. I tell you that you still have me and I have something special in mind for you. You perk up considerably and you are totally intrigued when I select your wardrobe for the night. After you have showered, you look at your shortest mini skirt and the thin, loose top I have chosen. You go to get underwear but I tell you that you wont be wearing any and you smirk at me as you dress. You look in your mirror and laugh as you tell me that you wont be bending over in this skirt and you love the way your firm breasts jiggle and the darkness of your nipples shows through clearly. I can see that your nipples are already hard and I hear the excitement in your voice as you happily tell
Log #3
Ẃng§ ̉f Åñ ÅÑgÊl
Each day, her thought move to him. How does he kiss, what does he smell like, taste like in a kiss. Does he dream as she, does he visit on wings so light, unseen. Hes the love that never ends, the one that wraps himself around her in all. How would he make love to her...would his touch melt the coldness of her heart. Would his kiss give her life, would his angel arms, hold her tight. She dreams, a smile crosses her lips in sleep, hes there. He leans over her, his fingers brush the hair from her face, he leans over, a kiss as sweet as life. He whispers, "I am with your my sweetness." In sleep, her heart is free, her arms feel him, warm, skin soft, the scent of a man close. His hands softly touch
Ẃng§ ̉f Åñ ÅÑgÊl
Each day, her thought move to him. How does he kiss, what does he smell like, taste like in a kiss. Does he dream as she, does he visit on wings so light, unseen. Hes the love that never ends, the one that wraps himself around her in all. How would he make love to her...would his touch melt the coldness of her heart. Would his kiss give her life, would his angel arms, hold her tight. She dreams, a smile crosses her lips in sleep, hes there. He leans over her, his fingers brush the hair from her face, he leans over, a kiss as sweet as life. He whispers, "I am with your my sweetness." In sleep, her heart is free, her arms feel him, warm, skin soft, the scent of a man close. His hands softly touch her, her body floats in her angels arms. His lips excite as they move , she guides him, giving, needing him. His body warms the coldness inside, she feels the love. Does he feel, as he dreams, her wings bring her to him. Does he feel the love, he has
Glow From The Fire
Her mind tries to calm her body. Each mile the plane moves taking her closer to her love. She never expected to find this kind of love, the friendship that grew from a few simple words, had grown into a love, and now it was becoming real. She is so excited, so filled with the passion that grew between them, but so afraid. What ifs keep coming into her mind. What if their meeting fails, could she smile again knowing that she would never see the love he typed to her, or the way his spirit seems to wrap his arms around her when she is lost. What if. The gentle glide of the plane as it lands brings her back from her deep thoughts, only a few hours to keep breathing, until she sees the man she has grown to love. They plan to meet for dinner. Hes told her where, and time, her body grows more excited with each passing minute, does he feel the same, is he as nervous of this, there first meeting. Will he smile the sweetest smilt as she moves towards him, will she know without
Treasure Of Love
When I'm with you, eternity is a step away, my love continues to grow, with each passing day. This treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how much I love you... you'll never really know. You bring a joy to my heart, I've never felt before, with each touch of your hand, I love you more and more. Whenever we say goodbye, whenever we part, know I hold you dearly, deep inside my heart. So these seven words, I pray you hold true, "Forever And Always, I Will Love You."
On The Wont Of A Lady
ON THE WONT OF A LADY What about your body makes me melt at the thought of you? What about your body makes me weak in the knees? What about you makes my eyes wander like a child in a candy shoppe? Hereafter is what makes me say, "Do do that voodoo that you do so well!" "What to my wandering eyes should appear...?" First, I see your high heels that you don for the evening (please, oh please). They are a symbol of feminine sexual superiority over my quivering male body. Second, I see your legs, encased in those shiny pantyhose -- shimmering like a sunny lake on a dewish Summer morning. I then stare relentlessly at the exotic, erotic curves of your legs and calves -- reaching to your behind. And here, my eyes stay, until I notice your chest. Oh, my god! Those shapely mellons, stretching at the tight fabric encasing them. Very like the heels on your high heeled shoes -- your cleavage is beckoning my inner wont for your body. It renders me "emotionally erect." I must break my st
The Most Romantic Ways To Melt His Or Her Heart
Everyone has the ability to be romantic, just not everybody knows how. Below are some ideas ,demonstrate just how easy it can be! For when they are going away: Get together pictures, song lyrics, that gum wrapper that you saved from the first piece of gum he gave you etc. Using magazine letters for words, in your journal make a collage of words that you have memories of, such as the title of your favorite song, or a word that describes something only you and he would understand. Also include reasons why you love him and why he will be missed, why he's so special... Put in pictures of his favorite actress even though you may hate her (he he); draw a picture of him with your eyes closed just for giggles; spray some pages with your perfume; tape rose petals on the pages or a four leaf clover for good luck. This would be a great going away present for any guy or girl. ~ For when they are coming home: Buy rose petals and candles to make a trail from the entrance to the table
The Power Of Love
The whispers in the morning Of lovers sleeping tight Are rolling like thunder now As I look in your eyes I hold on to your body And feel each move you make Your voice is warm and tender A love that I could not forsake (first chorus) cause I am your lady And you are my man Whenever you reach for me Ill do all that I can Lost is how Im feeling lying in your arms When the world outsides too Much to take That all ends when Im with you Even though there may be times It seems Im far away Never wonder where I am cause I am always by your side (repeat first chorus) (second chorus) Were heading for something Somewhere Ive never been Sometimes I am frightened But Im ready to learn Of the power of love The sound of your heart beating Made it clear Suddenly the feeling that I cant go on Is light years away
What Heaven Holds
What Heaven Holds There is joy in the presence of the angels of God when one sinner changes his heart and life. Luke 15: 10 Why do Jesus and his angels rejoice over one repenting sinner? Can they see something we can't? Do they know something we don't? Abso- lutely. They know what heaven holds... Heaven is populated by those who let God change them. Arguments will cease, for jealousy won't exist. Suspicions won't surface, for there will be no secrets. Every sin is gone. Every in-security is forgotten. Every fear is past. Pure wheat. No weeds. Pure gold. No alloy. Pure love. No lust. Pure hope. No fear. No wonder the an- gels rejoice when one sinner repents; they know another work of art will soon grace the gallery of God. They know what heaven holds. JUST LIKE JESUS
Quarters by blondefungirl2 © Billy was skipping across campus, well not really skipping, guys don’t usually skip but he was walking so fast he gave the impression of skipping. As far as Billy was concerned he wouldn’t have called it skipping, he would considered it walking on air. It would have to be very warm air as his school is in the deep south and the cold just doesn’t seem to have the energy to go that far south. Billy is a sophmore, the name of the school is not important to our story. Billy continued on his walk to his dorm room on the day before the Thanksgiving break. Billy crossed the last street in front of his dorm and made his way into the lobby. He rode the ever-so-slow elevator up to the 5th floor. Why did this thing seem to go slower when you were in a hurry? Billy was in a hurry because he was going to spend time with his girlfriend. He hoped it would turn out to be lots of time. Billy's girlfriend was Stacy Fisher, a freshman who Billy had been dating for
Railway Slut Adventures Ch. 02
Railway Slut Adventures Ch. 02 by geronimo_appleby © I got off the train at Kings Cross and with my upper thighs still covered in dried spunk from my toilet encounter earlier on the trip and strode briskly down the platform and onto the busy main concourse. I travelled down the escalator, deep into the tunnels below London to catch the tube train to my hotel. I was staying at a place close to Waterloo so I could be up bright and early and catch my Eurostar departure for Paris. I booked into my hotel and was soon under the shower, rinsing the dirt of the rail journey from my skin and from my hair as well as using the shower head to sluice the spunk from my pussy and thighs. I was just buttoning up the front of my light cotton summer dress when my mobile rang, it was my business partner James, he was calling to give me the times and details for the little 'party' he had booked for the evening. The time was already 5pm and with the party due to start at 6 I only had an ho
Railway Slut Adventures Ch. 03
Railway Slut Adventures Ch. 03 by geronimo_appleby © I settled into my seat in the first class section of the Eurostar and unpacked my MP3 player along with my book. I find that I get a lot of male attention, not all of it unwanted by any means, but sometimes I just like to be left alone and I find that by wearing the MP3 headphones men tend to leave me alone. I decided that I had no immediate need for that particular ruse however, when I noticed the seat next to me was about to be occupied by a big, burly man dressed in smart trousers and blazer. He checked his seat allocation against his ticket, and satisfied that he'd made the right connection; he lowered his large frame down alongside me. 'Hi,' he grinned at me. I saw that he reddened slightly and found his slight embarrassment quite cute. 'I hope you've got room there,' he said, no doubt referring to his size and the amount of space he took up. 'I'm absolutely perfect,' I purred back at him in reply, treating him to
Attractive Booty!
'The buttocks are the most aesthetically pleasing part of the body because they are non-functional. Although they conceal an essential orifice, these pointless globes are as near as the human form can ever come to abstract art." This memorable quote by Kenneth Tynan is nothing but the insightful truth on the beauty of the human body. Nothing seems more attractive to men than women's booty in super tight sexy jeans. As for women, most of them pay attention to men's buttocks first and foremost - they find them much more gorgeous than anything else that a man can boast of. Super hot celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Cindy Crawford, Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, Charlize Theron , Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta Jones ,Sophie Loren and someone I know here are known to have the best backsides in the world. Arse, backside, booty, caboose, apple cheeks, bum, cushions, rump and tush are most commonly used terms for buttocks. Since time immemorial , buttocks are consider
Spice Up Your Sex Life With Salsa
The different forms of art have always touched the sensibility of not just art lovers but also the common laymen like you and me. The portrayal of art can also be manifested in different aspects of life . The greatest portrayal of art can be revealed in the art of lovemaking. Of course, all of us have our own personal secrets of making love, which we guard so preciously from other couples. However, there is a novel way to manifest passionate and sweaty intimacy namely Salsa. Salsa is a partner dance form that corresponds to salsa music, however it is sometimes done solo too. The word is the same as the Spanish word salsa meaning sauce, or in this case flavour or style. Having passionate sex the Salsa way, is the best way to set the temperatures soaring high for groovy moves which can make love-making extremely beautiful. This sensual form of dancing gets hotter by the minute when the graceful gyrations of the woman takes the form of passion . The dance form of Salsa is a seduc
Strip Club Slut
Strip Club Slut by The Archer © Nicole had been going on at me for quite a while now about taking her to one of the sleazy amateur strip clubs that I had told her about since talking to some of the guys at the motorcycle club. You see Nicole was a bit of a slut, and was really keen to strip in front of a load of horny guys, especially as I had said they were allowed to touch the strippers as well. Finally I had given in and said I would have another word with the guys to see which was the best strip joint to go to. That Wednesday at the club after speaking to them I had been told of a couple and one which they had advised me to give a miss as it was really a dump and the clients that went there were usually real rough types and there was always trouble there. I thought if I took Nicole to that one perhaps she would be satisfied. We went a couple of days later. Nicole had been even more highly sexed since I had told her and had worn me out, wanting to be fucked all the time.
Winter Welcome
Winter Welcome by Roebear © Imagine this...the wind is blowing hard against the cabin walls, rattling the windows in their frames and howling across the eaves. You peer into the inky blackness outside for some sign of me. Though the interior of the cabin is quite comfortable, the sight of the deep snow and dark night sends a chill across your shoulders and you draw the thick comforter tighter across your nude body. You return to the fire to check on the simmering pot and then settle into the overstuffed easy chair to wait. Dan Fogelburg emanates from the stereo softly and the harsh sounds of winter outside seem to fade. Your mind drifts off to the days events, the chores accomplished, the ones waiting for tomorrow. Everything is well in hand and you are quite content. Suddenly your reverie is interrupted by the clatter of stomping feet and rustle of heavy clothing. Your head turns to see a familiar hooded parka entering into the storm porch amidst a swirl of blowing snow. You p
Unfolding The Rose
UNFOLDING THE It is only a tiny rosebud, A flower of God's design; But I cannot unfold the petals With these clumsy hands of mine. The secret of unfolding flowers Is not known to such as I. GOD opens this flower so sweetly, When in my hands they fade and die. If I cannot unfold a rosebud, This flower of God's design, Then how can I think I have wisdom To unfold this life of mine? So I'll trust in Him for His leading Each moment of every day. I will look to him for His guidance Each step of the pilgrim way. The pathway that lies before me, Only my Heavenly Father knows. I'll trust Him to unfold the moments, Just as He unfolds the rose.
"i Am A Christian"
When I say..."I am a Christian" I'm not shouting "I am saved" I'm whispering "I was lost" That is why I chose this way. When I say..."I am a Christian" I don't speak of this with pride. I'm confessing that I stumble And need someone to be my guide. When I say..."I am a Christian" I'm not trying to be strong. I'm professing that I'm weak And pray for strength to carry on. When I say..."I am a Christian" I'm not bragging of success. I'm admitting I have failed And cannot ever pay the debt. When I say..."I am a Christian" I'm not claiming to be perfect, My flaws are all too visible, But God believes I'm worth it. When I say..."I am a Christian" I still feel the sting of pain I have my share of heartaches Which is why I speak His name. When I say..."I am a Christian" I do not wish to judge. I have no authority. I only know I'm loved.
Woods by AZmulie © We had been looking forward to this trip for a long time. A chance for us to get away and get into the mountains with fresh air and cooler temperatures. We got the tent set up and the rest of the camp. Afterwards, we started out on a hike to explore the woods around us. The birds are singing their love song and serenading us as we walk along a trail hand in hand. It is so relaxing and we feel the stress of our lives falling away with each step we take. In the distance, we hear a bull elk bugling and we listen to his strong, masculine voice echo up the canyon to us. Another bull answers his call. The rut is in full swing and the bulls jockey for position in the heard this time of year. We walk along talking about nothing and everything just to hear the others voice. It has been a long time since we have held hands and walked like this. Our busy lives seem to have taken us over. Small swirls of dust rise from the ground with each step of our boots. We are in aw
Who Loves Arthur.....
Four men and four women are shipwrecked on a desert island. Eventually each one falls in love with one another, and is himself loved by one person. John falls in love with a girl who is in love with Jim. Arthur loves a girl who loves the man who loves Ellen. Mary is loved by the man who is loved by the girl who is loved by Bruce. Gloria hates Bruce and is hated by the man whom Hazel loves. Enigma: Who loves Arthur?
What Food Will Complement Your Sex Life
Strawberries! You are incredibly seductive and can tempt any hottie. Try using strawberries, and other sweet fruits as part of your seduction. Throw in a blindfold for extra pleasure. Take this quiz at
45 Year-old Slut
45 Year-Old Slut by English Bob © Some people think that, when you get past the age of 40, your sex life slows down. Well, that was certainly not the case with Bernice and me. My wife has always been an outrageous flirt, but until just after her 45th birthday, I didn't really know how far she'd go - boy, did I ever find out! "You really want me to do that?" asked my wife, Bernie. "Oh, god, honey, you'll never know how much. I've wanted it for such a long time, I think since the first day we met, but I've never had the courage to ask either you or George before now! What do you say? Will you do it?" The question I'd just asked my wife, shortly after her 45th birthday party, seemed so strange even as it came out. George was one of my best friends and I'd wanted him to make love to Bernice for as long as I could remember. I had finally been able to bring the subject up after a game of squash a few nights ago. George and I had just hit the showers after a particularly gruelin

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