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My Deepest Thoughts
Often I like to wander, To walk with no purpose or care To run through ideas and ponder To breathe in sweet night air Ideas, revelations, dreams That all run through my mind Take the shape of many things Trees, animals, and streets lined With pebbles and flowers lit bright They shine around me on the ground Though it be only night. My footsteps alone they pound Since I am alone, I dance No one is present to assume Why, by myself, I like to prance Through the night's quiet gloom I take this journey by night But always I'm in bed I try to sleep, tucked in tight As shaped dreams float through my head. Can you see it beyond the horizon a one way departure from all a heart has ever known to be true Suddenly it has turned cold beyond these tears falling angry and cruel Feeling used once you held me in your arms now I am sitting here alone Suddenly it's too overwhelming tired of waiting on stars that never fall I wake in the pouring rain shi
You Cant Right This Sh*t
so i meet my dream girl smart funny sexi. i mean its love at first sight and you just know it.well she has an open relationship with a girl wich is ok but heres the kicker..the girl is an x who is in love with me...god hates me
Stop Trying
Her name is Kristen Biggs! She's only 19 years old, but acts like she's 5. She has made fake mysapce profiles so she can find out what some people are doing. She's a lyer! She told De lies and his family too. Than she started lying to me like I don't know whats going on. I was told by her other ex's that she would stalk him for up to 6 months after she dumps him. Which she has been. I am getting sick of her always finding me and De online everywhere we go. She even got kicked off FuBar for stalking us, and now she has a 2nd profile! Again with the bulls*it! The first thing I hear when Dewitt and I walk in the damn door: "did she dress you again?" When I snaped and said NO, I got told not to f*&^ing snap! Yes I will f*&^ing snap at you, I don't need to dress Dewitt, he's 24 years old, he can damn well dress himself without me saying or doing anything! You asumming that I make him wear things makes an @$$ out of you, not me. Tha when we walk into the smoker's room his mother had to wal
Frustration And Pain
There is a darkness that devours me Something that I cannot see I thought I had left that in the past Years ago have gone so fast I feel it bleeding inside of me Something dark I cannot see The pain the strife the hunger I can only remember from when I was younger God what has my life become I wish to die just so its numb But soon I hope my new life begins Before I burn from within The pain in life is everyday Something I hope stays away I need her back and very soon Before the night shows not a moon
A Story
An incredible love story has come out of China recently and managed totouch the world. It is a story of a man and an older woman who ran off to live and love each other in peace for over half a century. The 70-year-old Chinese man who hand-carved over 6,000 stairs up a mountain for his 80-year-old wife has passed away in the cave which has been the couple's home for the last 50 years. Over 50 years ago, Liu Guojiang a 19 year-old boy, fell in love with a 29 year-old widowed mother named Xu Chaoqin..In a twist worthy of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, friends and relatives criticized the relationship because of the age difference and the fact that Xu already had children. At that time, it was unacceptable and immoral for a young man to love an older woman.. To avoid the market gossip and the scorn of their communities,the couple decided to elope and lived in a cave in Jiangjin County in Southern ChongQing Municipality .. In the beginning, life was harsh as hey had nothing,
So many times I read about when men or women are arrested and convicted of abuse related crimes, whether it be child abuse, spousal abuse, rape, as well as serial killing. Most of the time their defense is "they were abused as a child." I for one think that is a cop out or just simply the only optional defense. The reason I tell my past is because whether you are man, woman or child YOU have control over the choices you make in life no matter what happened in your past. Talking about it helps more than you can imagine, that and martial arts and a punching bag! I was molested when I was 3, molested & raped when I was 6, both by neighbors. I married a so-called man when I was 18 and was physically, emotionally and psychologically abused for 10 years. After finally leaving him and remarrying 7 years later I was raped while my 6 year old son (at the time)was held at gun point to his head. I am not looking for pity or "I'm sorry to hear that". For me this is where my choices be
Fubars Best
My Love
My 2nd Auction
My Dream Man
Ok Misty is gonna make her official want list now :) 1. Must be compassionate 2. Must have love for life 3. Great children skills 4. Good morals 5. Knows how to have fun 6. Similar interests as Misty 7. Long term goals 7. Steady job 8. Independent 9. NOT a momma's boy 10. Takes care of body 11. Thoughtful 12. Productive 13. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN (hygiene) 14. Loves trucks 15. Loves hunting 16. Loves camping 17. Dog lover 18. Likes cool weather 19. Taller than Misty (she is 5'7) 20. AWESOME IN BED!!!!!!
My Fu Family
Heaven Or Hell
HEAVEN OR HELL One day while walking down the street a highly successful executive woman was tragically hit by a bus and she died. Her soul arrived up in heaven where she was met at the Pearly Gates by St. Peter himself. "Welcome to Heaven," said St.Peter. "Before you get settled in though, it seems we have a problem. You see, strangely enough, we've never once had an executive make it this far and we're not really sure what to do with you." "No problem, just let me in." said the woman. "Well, I'd like to, but I have higher orders. What we're going to do is let you have a day in Hell and a day in Heaven and then you can choose whichever one you want to spend an eternity in." "Actually, I think I've made up my mind...I prefer to stay in Heaven", said the woman. "Sorry, we have rules..." And with that St. Peter put the executive in an elevator and it went down-down-down to hell. The doors opened and she found herself stepping out onto the putting gr
This Weekend
*EDIT Tuesday 10-2-09* The people that I knew that had been missing since the weekend fires have been located in one of the local hospitals. They were injured in a car accident as they were getting out of the fire area, aparently they crashed into a fallen tree and couldnt see in front of them because of the thick smoke. The latest news reports are chilling tho, with almost 200 people dead or missing, 800 plus properties lost, over 300,000 hectares of land razed, 28 fires still burning, 1/2 of these still uncontained. Cam...... Hello all that are interested, Im not sure how many of you know about the bush fires that have ravaged Victoria over the past weekend but in brief the carnage the fires have caused to date is: 100 plus lives lost 750 plus properties list approximately 10,000 hectares of land scorched approximately 4,000 volunteer fire brigade members and over 500 appliances deployed to fight the 20 or so out of control fires. The townships
1.Initials: MKG 2. Name someone with the same birthday as you: Chris 3. when was your last kiss? long ago 4. For or against same sex marriage? FOR 6. are you bisexual? NOPE 7. do you believe in God? i believe in somthing.... 8. how many US states have you been to? 0 9. how many of the US states have you lived in? 0,00 10. have you ever lived outside the US? 11. name something you like physically about yourself: my eyes 12. name something non physical you like about yourself: i am funny....most of the times 13. what is the current rumor traveling around about someone? ??? 14. what is your dream car? a mini 15. if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? cuba 16. have you ever had someone of the opposite sex over at your house while your parents were gone? lol...nope...i was a good girl! 17. how many concerts have you gone to? few 18. do you download music? some
Passing The Time
Being human has its many faults. With all these faults, we still have the ability to overcome what in powers us to fall among the most common of circumstances. To Judge is to be judged. I myself have fallen prey to this character trait. To hurt is to be hurt. To love is to be loved. It is a parallel world we surround ourselves in. Then when you look at the bigger scheme of things to never feel sadness would lead us to not ever knowing what happiness is. To never feel anger would lead us to never know remorse. Our feelings belong to us and us alone. Our beliefs are ours to build on and prove stronger. Subconsciously we are constantly making decisions about who we are and who we want to become. Take the internet it is a very powerful tool to network well beyond boundaries that are physically unreachable. The friendships that are created with time. The feeling you get when you see a familiar name. Each person in there own realm, protected behind a keyboard and a screen. For those
My Love,for Jezebel
Soul Searching
She sits alone and in her thoughts Where has being a sex symbol gotten her She still carries a heavy heart and has no one but herself to blame When will she not determine her self worth by the sexual vibe she has always given off Why does she feel she has to be sexy for people she has never met How did he see through all that, how did he see the real her She is confused and unsure how to be For so long she has been able to hide behind a facade of flattering words and meaningless fun It was second nature for her to turn heads and then to keep them turned She has always been told that she was pretty but never believed it herself Why does she not trust She turns her face towards the light and lets the peace of knowledge rush over her No longer will she be someone she is not She will stand firm in this new change that comes from her No more will she objectify herself to being a play toy, an outlet for ones sexual desire She walks through the door and closes it behind her T
This & That
VICKS VAPOR RUB During a lecture on Essential Oils, they told us how the foot soles can absorb oils. Their example: Put garlic on your feet and within 20 minutes you can 'taste' it. Some of us have used Vicks Vapo rub for years for everything from chapped lips to sore toes and many body parts in between. But I've never heard of this. And don't laugh, it works 100% of the time, although the scientists who discovered it aren't sure why. To stop night time coughing in a child (or adult as we found out personally), put Vicks Vapo rub generously on the bottom of the feet at bedtime, then cover with socks. Even persistent, heavy, deep coughing will stop in about 5 minutes and stay stopped for many, many hours of relief. Works 100% of the time and is more effective in children than even very strong prescription cough medicines. In addition it is extremely soothing and comforting and they will sleep soundly. Just happened to tune in A.M. Radio and picked up this guy talking abou
Govt New Or Like Last 3 Demo
Gay Men
Short Stories
They had been chatting online for about three months when the subject came up…. He was at work during the day in a job that did not require his complete attention. So it was almost natural that he would find the internet and how it could help him pass the time during the slow parts of the day. One day he happened upon a web site where people could meet and chat online. This, he loved, as he loved to talk to people. Women especially he liked talking to. One day, he found her. The person he could chat with, who seemed to understand him, and who could relate to him. He, in a relationship that was not void of sex, but so very infrequent that it might as well have been. She was a housewife. She had a busy life, but did manage to take some time for herself at times. Exercise, a little TV, and surfing the net, being her favorite pastimes of late. But then one day, she wandered upon a web site where people could chat and share pictures. This was very exciting. With a full time job as a w
Not That Anyone Cares
A Horrifying Dream/nightmare I Just Had
20 ways. There’s 20 ways the rain could come and the least of them was right. It could come and cleanse the soul today or it could sneak in here at night The liquid it could heal our souls or roll into the ditch It could be our ever loving God, or an ice cold heartless bitch. Yeah, 20 ways to damn ourselves, 20 ways to fall In the legacy of the motor car, the unions strong and tall They all strive for Nirvana, that comfort zone denied But it’s not for lack of caring, or that they did not try. There’s 20 ways to lose the game, 20 ways to fail 20 ways to lie to them, 20 ways to tell the tale The cloak has shrouded that simple thing, we used to call the truth It’s twisted all the words and tales, we like to tell the youth The time is surely now at hand, the time has come to pass When we lost out on the 20 ways, 20 ways to save our ass The lies and bullshit congregate, the end is now right here Yes, there’s 20 ways to give it up, 20 ways at least my dear. Copyrig
Baby Update #1 - Offical
Well yesterday's appointment was rather eventful, I should have brought a book with me. Though getting poked and prodded like some kind of science expierement wasn't exactly quiet. I'm not saying I cried, but it wasn't comfortable. I got to see the baby for the first time. The doctor says I am 13 weeks, which I think she's on crack because I was 11 weeks and one day on October 14, 2008 (the day I found out.) Honestly I really doubt I am that far behind. Someone is a bit off. All my tests came back normal except for two, my PAP Smear and my Glucose test. I guess I will find out in 10 more days what those results are, but I hope they are normal. I got over my ecoli infection, and now I have more energy than I know what to do with. So now I am trying to clean, maybe move around a little bit more and try to exercise as much as I can before the baby is born so I have more energy for the baby. My ex is still being the dick, he ignores me now and everytime I say anything he ac
No Sleep For The Wicked
I dont sleep for a reason when i sleep im not sleeping im in a state of low awarness because if i was to dream it would only become a nightmare why this happens idk some say its because im always wound up and worried about something if this is true then i dont know what to do to fix the problem i have many worries in my life such as my familys safety my job if one of my boys is sick will 1 of my soldiers or i die today these r the things i live with in my mind at all times the reason this is titled no sleep for the wicked is bcuz any situation can turn even the kindest man violent and these thoughts that brew in my head only cause wicked and violent thoughts for those that cross my path either enemy or a person who tries to break into my house honestly i really dont know y im writing this blog but to get somethings off my chest so thank you for listening
Own Me???
My Erotic Stories!
Pre Birthday Me Become A Godmadame
Pre Birthday CelebrationTreated myself to an Auto 11 as a pre birthday present, so come help me move up to GodMadame and beyond ... let's have a great time!I will be running another auto on my bday Dec 11th, and I know between the 2 it can be accomplished!Come show my page some love and spank me hard...I likes it!I have a little over 2000 pics you can rate and snag, so there is plenty there to keep you busy. And while you are there Fan, Add, Rate Me..Crush Me..Bling MeI would so love a Moon Bling for my bday!!!!!And send me fubux too!This bully brought to you byAYASHARepost for me please!
Nsfw Pics Art Or Porn
Weeweechu To Cute!
I Thought Of You Today. (for My Best Friend You Know Who You Are.)
She knows when I am sad She knows how to make me smile She knows what Bothers me She knows how to keep me laughing No one comes close to her and NO ONE can compare to her and yet thier simply unaware. She's their when I need A hug or just a driendly smile. She purrrrs just like a kitty cat and makes the guys go wild. (smiles**). She has a caring way to get me through each day And all the things she does to show me just how much she cares just gives me more confidence to face a new day with a smile just to know that she'll be there. So in return I wrote this blog to let know that she is my closest friend and my love will forever show. Thanks to Mystical for always being there to talk to when I just needed a friend you are my closest friend. And I am very thankful that you chose to be my friend. much Love and respect to you my dark angel for you will always be my closest friend. I thought of you today and the tears started falling, I thought of you today and I wondered wh
My Other N00by Random Shiiiiz
Yes it's Christmas eve and I'm on here (sad I am) but meh, what you gonna do about it? Anyway... I've noticed that men seem to rate my profile 10 and mostly blokes talk to me in lounges & shizz... Should I be worried? I'm not gay as I'm inclined towards teh boobies and the faj... So yeah - Why do men seem to do shiz like what I've mentioned above? And if it is outa gayness, me isn't gay and likes women, k! End of! :) Uh. Is it bad when at 22 a woman who's 20 year old tells you to grow up? :| I was just wondering... Would I be allowed to put a picture up of myself naked but covering my goolies? Or would it be put in the "NSFW" thingy? :|
Little Life Lessons
Most importantly.... 'Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like you do when nobody's watching.' NOW more than ever - Peace & God Bless - Pass It On. Just when your faith is being tested…God does hear and picks us up this was a kid calling to a radio station, true story 5 - Fifth Important Lesson - Giving When it Counts... Many years ago, when I worked as a volunteer at a hospital, I got to know a little girl named Liz who was suffering from a rare & serious disease. Her only chance of recovery appeared to be a blood transfusion from her 5-year old brother, who had miraculously survived the same disease and had developed the antibodies needed to combat the illness. The doctor explained the situation to her little brother, and asked the little boy if he would be willing to give his blood to his sister. I saw him hesitate for only a moment before taking a deep breath and saying, 'Yes I'll do it if it wi

On The Road To Eldorado
Since arriving here in Andulucia, my family and I decided to go off in search, not of El Dorado but (quite literally)"Eldorado." Not so much the one road as many, many roads to the set of the now defunct soap about ex-pats living in Spain. In any case we couldn't find it and ended up in a a South African-run bar. The apartment that my mom, brother and myself are straying in is a little cramped so there have been a few arguments as we keep falling over each other. There is some respite as we have decamped to my eldest brother's house for a short while. Stupidhead forgot her meds (not manic just hyperthyroid trouble) though so not sure how long it will be before I start smashing plates! I'm on fire stoking duty while the *germans go out and gather the firewood.(bit nippy at night) Meanwhile,I'm going to continue getting pissed on cava. *The germans-my brother's gf and step-daughter Feliz Navidad
My Poems To The One I Love...
In loving you my life becomes full Of a dream held deep in my heart,since birth A treasure, of which, I only glimpsed fleeting moments And now, with you, Unleashed My heart's fulfillment In loving you The way she makes me feel I sit here, thinking of the woman I long for, The woman I see, makes everything seem right She knows how to touch me, in ways no one else does She makes me feel so warm and peaceful inside I know I want to be near her always To touch her delicate skin, And to kiss such sweet, soft lips I know beneath that gorgeous facade There is an even more gorgeous person inside With her so far away it makes every muscle in my body ache If she only knew how much I need her now with me A Dream My one dream is to be with this very special girl To me she is perfect in each and every way, and she puts my heart into a twirl I adore her virtues to the point where she completes my world My one dream is to embrace her exquisite body And have it com
Come And See Us At Club Ice
Hey everyone come and hang out with us!!!!!!!!!! We always have fun and always make friends!!!!!!!!! there are always a good person in there !!!!!!!!!!! come and hang out we always have an eye candy on cam which everyone always enjoy!!!!!!!!!! COME JOIN US AT CLUB ICE….We have the Ice Princess who will hire people that want to help make the lounge pop.. We also are looking for fun people to hang with COME ON PEOPLE TELL THEM THAT DAWN SENT YOU!!!!!!!!!!! GET YOU BUTT IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iam going to have surgery feb 29th on my left hand as some of you no from my past blog on the subject as far as i know there is a good chance 80% so there a 20% percent chance i may have permanent chance of damage to my nerve
January Auction!
Im beginnning to really despise this site yet i find myself drawn back to it like a crackhead. Im sick of girls taking their jealousies and insecurities out on me.. i can't help it.. i don't do anything except be me.. i just kick ass and i know it.. people on here are fickle and its hard to tell who is being honest which sucks for a person like me.. im blunt, and i won't sugar coat anything for anyone.. i think a lot of times my friendship is taken for granted because im a nice person and i do go out of my way to help my friends.. im sick of not getting the recognition and respect that i deserve though it is laughable that it would be possible on a site like this anyway.. i deserve it.. everyone deserves it, and its only my fault if i dont demand a fucking moron.. i know this.. ~~thinking of deleting account~~ Racing thoughts in my head.. hard to separate.. what is your reality? is it mine? are you even a part of my reality? walking in the snow, feeling no cold yet unable to bre
Dedicated To Mr Obama
Crrrrrrrrreepy! Dedicated to Mr.Obama if he fucks us in the next 100 days. Get off your asses if he does. We The People I thought we the people had a brain I thought we the people had a say Coulda sworn I read it somewhere Might of seen it on a bumper sticker I thought we the people had a right I guess we the people were wrong We the people always are Lets go elect another God The laws they make I dont give a damn anyway Rules are made to break to bend to beat to buy The American dream Or a bag of magic beans You can find it on the TV Whatever you need Send me your tired, your poor and broken Send me your life so I can break you We the people can have a plan We the people can make a stand Coulda sworn I read it somewhere Might've seen it in the funny papers Your money's made to take To cheat to steal to rob I can sell you a dream Fat's bustin' at the seams You can get it on the TV Whatever you need Send me your tired, your poor and broken
Dream Dancing
Sometimes I sit and think, Of that which is now behind me. Some things will catch up, A little further down the road. Others will remain there, Lost in the confusion of memories. As I attempt to sort them out, The best rise to the top. The only common factor is you. Your eyes shine, When the lights flick on in the morning. Your hair glistens, As the sun rises over the hill tops at dawn. Your voice rings in my head, Like the wonders of a church chior, With the power of charm and beauty. Your hands massage me, As I relax my thoughts, And fade out of reality. Only to find you Dancing in my Dreams. by: Michael the Smokin' Gator
Forever Happy, Forever At Ease
On this evening, time stood still Like a picture off a post card, she sat on the beach watching the sun make its assault on the ocean Next to her, sits her puppy, head resting upon her knee. She is at peace here No digital distractions No male interruptions A lifetime could pass this pair by yet they would still remain, sitting in their piece of heaven.. till the end of time Standing amongst gladiators I beat on my chest releasing war cries rooted deep within my being Wrapped in a toga of silk on top a wooden create I scratch my chin lecturing of times to come. Pacing from side to side in front of hundreds I spread words of remorse and joy causing tears and laughter On bent knee in the streets I shed the very cloak I made for the one with greater needs than I In halls filled with mumbles and age pounding my fist, fighting for the little whisper that goes unheard The dark alley unexplored where i curse the light hiding my face, I plot and plan Longing for my time
Billy Powell - Rip - Jan 28, 2009
We lost another great musician today. Billy Powell of Lynyrd Skynyrd passed away today. A huge blow to the music world. Billy became a roadie with the original Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1972. He survived the plane crash that took most of his bandmates in 1977 to go on to do his own thing for a while. Then, in 1987, he reunited with Lynyrd Skynyrd with his fallen bandmate Ronnie Van Zant's brother, Johnny as the frontman. Billy's keyboard solo on Freebird is absolutely legendary. On January 28, 2009, Billy Powell passed away at his home in Jacksonville, Florida at the age of 56. Those of you who know me well, know that I go to every single Lynyrd Skynyrd show that comes around where I live. This is a huge loss for anyone who loves the music of Skynyrd and the things that they stand for; America, the working man, love, brotherhood and friendship and their great love for the music they were laying down. Billy, you are truly a Freebird now.....Rest in Peace, man. When we are asked,
Tired of sitting in poses for your family photo's? How about trying to make the children sit still for the family photo? Why not try something new? Playing on the beach in the sand with the children, playing in the park, or even feeding ducks at a pond. Fun photo's where every smile is real! Professional quality photos at an amateur price!!! *Will go to any location you choose *Make-up Artist on hand. *Able to view photos digitally and pick out the photos you want to have printed! *Will have photos back in two business days(anything bigger then 8x10 will be 4-6 weeks)!!! *Sitting fee may very upon location($3 for each additional person and $5 for each pet)! *Appointment must be made 2-4 days in advance. *$4 a sheet as big as an 8x10(one sheet also can be 2 5/7's, 4 3x5's,and 1 4x6 with 9 wallets) *$20 for digital copies For appointments please call Jessie at (407)738-0198 If you have any questions please feel free to ask!
Lover Man..."my Beloveds"
Tis within the hot kiss you lay upon my skin, my soul is wrapped within thyn embrace once again... To watch you cast away, this will happen 'never', for you are my demons seed, my beautiful Devil! Twist'a
Saying Thx
To all of you that i truly trust and luv out there. The people who are real with me and with others no matter what that i would kill for. Hell yall know who yall are one of you for sure. If i get irated or got some shit on my mind all you have to do is look at me and you know and never fail to ask whats goin on man. Hell yall even call at 2 or 3 in morn to make sure i ok and get pissed if i dont answer lmao. Those are the reason i love yall and i would kill for yall i always have your backs. If we all lived next to each other we would all have to move cause there no way one place could handle all of us. But just saying thank you for making me smile and laugh everyday people much luvs and stay badass. I cant remember how many days or times i have cut my skin and hurt myself but for the first time i can remember something in life. I remember two things how many days i havent cut myself (1) and how it was the best feeling in the world. For the first time in 13 years i have not taking th
More Song Lyrics
I guess the time was right for us to say We'd take our time and live our lives together day by day We'll make a wish and send it on a prayer We know our dreams can all come true with love that we can share With you I never wonder - will you be there for me With you I never wonder - you're the right one for me Chorus: I finally found the love of a lifetime A love to last my whole life through I finally found the love of a lifetime Forever in my heart, I finally found the love of a lifetime With every kiss our love is like brand-new And every star up in the sky was made for me and you Still we both know that the road is long (But) we know that we will be together because our love is strong Chorus Time can never mend the careless whispers of a good friend To the heart and mind, ignorance is kind there's no comfort in the truth pain is all you'll find Should've known better I feel so unsure as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor as the music d
Boy Friend/toy Application
Epic Fail...
I've been thinking alot lately and I think i'm ready for another boy friend. I'm currently sick of being alone. I don't sleep around so it's not the physical comfort i miss..... Like i miss the hand holding the kissing the cuddling the holding the long hugs that mean something you know? Like i get hugs all the time but not those ones i have to friends that kind of give them but that's just the way they hug *sigh* I want someone to be able to call my own..... It sucks a lot to watch other people with their significant others I hate having to plaster on a fake smile i mean i'm happy for you guys and yours it just makes me reflect on whats so wrong with me that no one want's me that way..... All guys that are interested in me just want me for sex they find me hot or sexy and in all honesty that's not a compliment to me Pretty, cute, beautiful, gorgeous, those are compliments Not omg your so hot i wanna bang you wtf like anyone that knows
I think that it is going to get worse before it gets better Why do people come in to your life. I think they do to help you understand life better Well how long do u have to wait for those good things to come?
The Evil Compels Meeh
Prelogue: I want to start by saying im a starting writer and I have a lot to learn this is a class assignment it was supposed to be 500 words i went longer but hey i can change it if it needs to be done. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads it and comment muah! big supporters rule! The Butcher   For every field of work or study there is always one person that stands out. Chef Timothy Roth was an everyday household name because of his high standards and perfection. Tougher than any judge on Iron Chef and faster with a better quality surpassing anything anyone had ever seen before. Although he had a passion for food he was not a gluttonous man. No, I daresay he would never consume a dish, which at first bite was not absolutely exquisite. This tall slender man had such high standards and expectations. Chefs and waiters would cringe at his mere sight and would be awestruck in his presence. Being known world wide and knowing that women lusted for him because of his good looks (his du
"without A Moments Thought" A Short Story By Venomous
If I could have just one wish,I would wish to wake up everydayto the sound of your breath on my neck,the warmth of your lips on my cheek,the touch of your fingers on my skin,and the feel of your heart beating with mine...Knowing that I could never find that feelingwith anyone other than you.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Never Have I FallenYour lips speak soft sweetnessYour touch a cool caressI am lost in your magicMy heart beats within your chestI think of you each morningAnd dream of you each nightI think of your arms being around meAnd cannot express my delightNever have I fallenBut I am quickly on my wayYou hold a heart in your handsThat has never before been given away~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Love Is ...Love is the greatest feeling,Love is like a play,Love is what I feel for you,Each and every day,Love is like a smile,Love is like a song,Love is a great emotion,That keeps us going strong,I love you with my heart,My body and my soul,I love the way I
More Words Of A Madman
10 Things
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1) I can't sleep with a music on. 2) I am an only child. 3) I love carrots. 4) I believe in life after death. 5) I hate winter but I love the summer. 6) I'm an avid fan of Blink182. 7) I believe in MIND rather than HEART, when falling in love. 8) I pray every night before I go to sleep. 9) I have an asthma. 10) I love exciting moments. ((5 PEOPLE I CHOOSE ARE)) *MO *Doc88 *Mandy *Cielo *Jerry
St Patty's Day Auction
Hold Me
just hold me,just be with me,just stay with me hold my hand and listen to me,just stay with me for a while,Open Up Your Heart and Let the Words Flow inspires the heart and touches the soul,I love the way,You hold me tight,Won't let me go, All through the night,Your bodys strength,Keeps me safe,I'll never forget,How you taste.I lay here at night,Thinking of you,And how you caress my body,The way you do.When I shake ans shiver, Your always there,To hold me tight,Like a teddy bear.I love the way,You look at me,It makes me happy,Just to see,The way you look,Drives me wild, I know it's love,And it will last awhile.I love the way,You cherish me,And show me respect,Like a man should be.I am no longer afraid,To tell you this.So take my heart,And give me a kiss.I only say this,Because I love you so,Please hold me close to your heart,And don't let me go. Rodney (Rhino) Hold me for swhile - Rednex - Rodney
Auto 11's & Hh's!
Well Kitty has never had an auto 11 or a HH. She would love both of them please! Here's the deal. If you only get me the Auto 11's I will; Give you my YIM, give you full access to my NSFW folder, Make you 2 NSFW salutes, If a DJ I'll make you a HOT Drop! If You only get me the HH I will; Give you my YIM, Give you full access to my NSFW folder, Make you you 3 NSFW salutes, If a DJ Make you a HOT Drop! If you get me both the AUTO 11's & the HH I will; Give you my YIM, My Cell #, Give you full access to my NSFW folder, Make you 5 NSFW Salutes, Take 2 NSFW pics of your choice, If you are a DJ make you 2 HOT Drops! RAWR! Help a Kitty out plz! MWAHZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Need Help Ohyy
Be Here To Love Me
If I offered an NSFW Salute to you...what would you offer me???
Trucking And Time
now ive been trucking for close to 20 yrs and so many things have changed when we started driving the people we met were alot friendlier the roads less busy and more time off now we run 3 or 4 weeks strait to make a living the freight has gone down with the economy and the pay is not alot higher then when we started, ive done both owner operator and company driver and owning your own truck these days is a hard job with the laws ins rates and fuel cost at leaast company drivers let the company deal with that part of it we run hard and push the laws to the limit to make a living we get a bad name from news and a few bad apples in this industry but for the most part we are good ppl that will help stranded moterist when we can and help the needy the children out there we are caring ppl that chose a life style yes this is not a job its a life style to be gone from loved ones for such a long time and live in a box 24 7 while out here what else can you call it we run all weather condictions g
Va Blasted
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The chairman of the House Veterans Committee blasted the Veterans Affairs Department on Tuesday, accusing the agency of criminal failure to respond to evidence of rising suicide rates among former soldiers. The Veterans Affairs Department was accused Tuesday of covering up veterans' suicide rates. "This is a matter of life and death," said Chairman Bob Filner, D-California, "and I think there was criminal negligence in the way this was handled." In a follow-up hearing on the veteran suicide issue, Filner insisted the VA either ignored critical suicide data or covered up the numbers. "The pattern is deny, deny, deny," Filner told Veterans Secretary Jim Peake, "then when facts seemingly come to disagree with the denial, you cover up, cover up, cover up." The committee was reacting to a December hearing in which Ira Katz, the VA's chief for mental health, insisted suicide data reported in the media had been exaggerated. Three days after his testimony,
How Do You Judge A Cover??
How many look inside to see?? How many judge by the cover?? The cover may look pretty, but inside is filled with wonders, far to few and seen. Why do so few, just glance and move on?? Do they not care what is inside?? I guess not. How sad because, what you see outside is nothing compared to the inside.
What Will It Take
"What Will It Take"I have lost friends I have lost loversWhat will it take to never hurt anotherMy life has become numbMy Life has become dimWhat will it take to never hurt againThe times have became hardThe times have become ferceWhat will it take to stop these tearsI have hurt my familyI have hurt my motherWhat will it take to mend the othersGrieve has overwhelmed me Grieve has overwhelmed friendsWhat will it take to make them endCrying wont make the hurt go Crying wont make the hurt changeWhat will it take to turn the pageI feel like my life is overI feel like my life should endWhat will it take to make this happenWill it be a razorWill it be a gunWhat will it take to make this turnI dont want this to happenI dont want this to solveWhat will it take to make this dissolveIt hurts so bad insideIt hurts so bad outsideWhat will it take to make me desideWhat ever it is I hope it comes soonI dont know if I will see another moonI dont know how long I can fakeI just want to know what will i
Salute Contest
In Pharmacology, all drugs have two names, a trade name and generic name. For example, the trade name of Tylenol also has a generic name of Acetaminophen. Aleve is also called Naproxen. Amoxil is also called Amoxicillin and Advil is also called Ibuprofen.The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. After careful consideration by a team of government experts, it recently announced that it has settled on the generic name of Mycoxafloppin. Also considered were Mycoxafailin, Mydixadrupin, Mydixarizin, Dixafix, and of course, Ibepokin. Pfizer Corp announced today that Viagra will soon be available in liquid form, and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power beverage suitable for use as a mixer. It will now be possible for a man to literally pour himself a stiff one.   Obviously we can no longer call this a soft drink, and it gives new meaning to the names of 'cocktails', 'highballs' and just a good old-fashioned 'stiff drink'. Pepsi will market the new concoction by the name o

dont be shy, just ask! @ the moment I have the settings turned off... it seems to help keep the FU-DRAMA at a minimum... If you HONESTLY do want to be my fu-owner, and you are NOT just looking for another name to add to your list, let me know :) If I have enough $$$ I might just wanna own you, too!
If You Seek Amy
Lol So True
Why do we put suits in a garment bag and garments in a suitcase?Why do we play in recitals and recite in plays?Why do we have hot water heaters?Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?Why do 'tug'boats push their barges?Why do they sell a pound cake that only weighs 12 ounces?Why do they report power outages on TV?Why do they put Braille dots on the keypad of the drive-up ATM?Why do they call them "apartments" when they are all stuck together?Why do they call it disposable douche? Is there a kind of douche you keep after using?How come Superman could stop bullets with his chest, but always ducked when someone threw a gun at him?How can there be "self help GROUPS"?How can the weather be hot as hell one day and cold as hell another?How can someone "draw a blank"?How can overlook and oversee be opposites, while quite a lot and quite a few are alike?Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?Does the Postmaster General need a stamp of approval?Does the little
Lets Be Truthful
My Broken Marrige
What Some People Forget
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Article 1. Section 1 All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. Section 2 The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States, and the Electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legislature. No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which
Happy B-day Puppet
Stupid People
just when i thought people could not be more stupid there is someone alwasys to prove me wrong someone yesterday called me a female   ok where the hell do you get female as my gender iam sure my pics could tell you that ur wrong also the state i live in as well   if you come to my profile just to look at my pics with out reading it you well be block iam tire of telling what already in my profile at first it did not borther me but after you get 10 people asking the same shit with out reading its enuff to piss someone off
Abbott And Costello , Who's On First. Just Some Laughs
Abbott: Well Costello, I'm going to New York with you. You know Bucky Harris, the Yankee's manager, gave me a job as coach for as long as you're on the team. Costello: Look Abbott, if you're the coach, you must know all the players. Abbott: I certainly do. Costello: Well you know I've never met the guys. So you'll have to tell me their names, and then I'll know who's playing on the team. Abbott: Oh, I'll tell you their names, but you know it seems to me they give these ball players now-a-days very peculiar names. Costello: You mean funny names? Abbott: Strange names, pet Dizzy Dean... Costello: His brother Daffy. Abbott: Daffy Dean... Costello: And their French cousin. Abbott: French? Costello: Goofè. Abbott: Goofè Dean. Well, let's see, we have on the bags, Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third... Costello: That's what I want to find out. Abbott: I say Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know's on third. Costello: Are you the mana
Vampi's Stuff
What Makes You Better..
New Management
Just Got Dumped
Check out my new pics.  I just got dumped, and I am starting over living life on life's terms!!
Attention Needing People
This will probably sound like some haterade or a bitter person, but it's actually the complete opposite. I am so damn sick of people on here who spend their whole time trying to make people pay attention to them. It's ridiculous. You can't go into some lounges at certain times because those people will be there. Or they'll be on cam and they'll just get naked so the attention is on them, completely ruining the conversations and "friendly" flirting that some people look forward to or enjoy. I'm one of those in the middle, I'm good enough looking to get attention, but I'm not so hot that I'm the center of attention. I've never cared whether people talked to me or not. That's part of how I was raised and also the fact I'm a complete arrogant SOB. However, there are people who struggle with people who do this. I've seen very beautiful women, regardless of weight or race, feeling like complete garbage because some drunk party chick decides to show some boobs on cam or send out dirty picture
A Poem About Trust
I have cried all my bad tears And faced all my fears Then I awoke and saw the light You're asking me back in your life. You're saying Please Jenny let's talk You played me for a fool. No it's time for you to walk. We were once one now we are two The whole time our marrage was all about you. It's kind of funny a big ass shame You talked all your shit And thought there was no pain. I thought I was fighting Fighting just for us. You know we will never be Because you broke my trust
High Urinals
im new fresh meat and my buzz is dry give me some ratings and add me some more friends
Leveling up is hard right now the higher you get the harded it is to level...I would like to level where I can become a angel or demon...I rather be a demon sound more fun...That is beside the point......I love when p-pl come and rate my page....
Toritos De Guerrero
The Truth Hurts
When Farrah Fawcett got to heaven God granted her one wish. She wished for all children to be safe, so god killed Michael Jackson.
Sweet Angel
I awoke one day to find an angel Crying pretty tears. I asked this creature of such beauty From whence had come her fears. Someone had said her pretty wings Weren't quite white enough. I looked, and saw wings of light, With not a wrinkle or fluff. I said, "Oh, you amazing Creature sent from heaven, Your wings are bright enough for me To think that I'm in heaven." If you don't mind my saying Just how much I feel, And how much beauty I see in you - A beauty that is real, You are that angel, bathed in light, That fills my heart with love, And only Satan in his hate could Tamper with such a dove. Do not listen to those who cause Your angelic tears to fall. They don't know beauty when they see it They don't know you at all. You're so beautiful to me As your heart shines true, No one can convince me life's Not made for such as you. People may want to destroy A temple with stained glass, But I want to treasure and preserve The pearl, that it may last. You are a treasure of more value
Omg Im So Excited Im Going To Try To Get This House!!!!!!
this is to all my friends out there in FU land. I am in the middle of moving from the north to the southwest so if I don't get back with you its because I didn't have time. once Im settled I'll be back on more frequently.
Pondering Thoughts
Why do people get on here expecting others to pay them to see them naked on cam or their naked pictures? I do not understand why one person would pay someone on here when there is free porn all over the internet. I would have to be very very desperate to want to pay some chick to see her naked pictures on here.... HAHA
Try Something Sexy
Guess What..
Keeping My Patience
                K.eeping M.y P.atience   I sat back for far too long filled with hesistancy and trepidation, a spectator on a battlefield in a world gone wrong whom held caring and consideration. silent and patiently I viewed those around me fall and still I remained focused, not getting caught up,sucked up in it all The need to intercede felt hopeless.  It could've been simple to continue to watch the fall of the unprotected, but my patience and non judgementalism, that once directed and controlled my anger and had, allowed analysim, had now become affected So now I'm fighting not only on the
Start Here Before Making Decisions
Here What Im Going To Do
So, I have decided I need a break from fubar!  I have things I need to take care of, in my real life. Priorities etc!!! I was going to delete, but decided not too, after all the work ive put into the page and those of you that have helped me! Im not on as much lately, but I just wanted to let people know that as of this weekend I wont be on here for a while! I just need a break and need to figure some things out in my life! also need a break from the wierdos on fubar, and the annoying fu's LOL I will also be making my shoutbox family only, for now, and for when I come back! For those of you who have my email~ keep in touch~ i will be checkin email!.Take care everyone! Be back soon is it just me or it freakin stupid when people are on here~ married (in real life) has their spouse as their number one , and there fu engaged to someone else? i guess its not that big of a deal i just think its stupid and i am bored and the mumms are gettin stupider by the minuter so i thought i would writ
Facts About Me
Wanna Be Net Bully's
peaking of:   He is about the biggest tool ever calling a girl fat and a pig and all kinda rude names after being rejected LMAO.   Well little Tough guy any time you wish to man up get at me till then fag keep on sucking cock, cause from what I seen your def GAY ! VOTE FOR ME PLEASE    
To The Chill And Rush Of Morning...
You don't have a face, you are nary an idea, I know what you will be like, magic, gorgeous to me, you will have a wonderful smile, the kind that lights up a room, you will be light and graceful, we will enjoy one another, want to talk to each other, we'll hold hands and embrace warmly, you will fit perfectly in my arms, when we cuddle you will make me tingle, I will stroke your hair as I pull you close, yer kiss will make my heart scream, and each goodbye will be agony, I know you exist, I may or may not know you, I dream of you, you are in store windows, reflected in creeks and lakes, I saw you yesterday in the rain, you were dancing and so alive, moving, turning, all I could do is smile at a phantom image, I have a longing deep inside to find you, but I never look, I will know, the day I meet you, the day you reveal who you are, I will know it is you, and I will secretly, and softly, in my soul, introduce myself to you, and I will know where foreve
My Mom
Doctor called today moms tempature spiked again this time 104.8* now they are giving her a cocktail of different antibiotics if this don't help knock out the fever and  kill the bacteria that is in her blood  she will have to have a blood transfusion and  hope that this works.   so i still ask that you keep her in your prayers      if I seem not myself lately its because my mother has been the hospital with an some kind of bacterial infection in her blood that has traveled to her face and making it way to her brain the doctors have been giving her antibiotics left and right but it doesn't seem to be working and morphine for the pain  the Doctor told us if this makes it to her brain it will one leave her brian dead or two kill her either one she is dead and i am having a very hard time handling this i lost my grandmother to ganggreen poising that went through out her body and brain which was my moms mother  i can't handle losing my mom the same way at the same age her mothe
A New Day
My List of Things To Do Today: 1.  Mind my manners. 2.  Keep my sarcastic comments to a minimum. 3.  Try really, really hard not to say "Fu*k off" to anyone. 4.  Try to be the best friend I can be. 5.  Do not let men walk on me or take advantage of me. 6.  If they do, disregard #3 and follow up with a roundhouse right. 7.  Walk away, brush it off, and refer back to #1.
This Is Me!
Ok people this is me don't tell me I don't scare you when I know I do since I am real I can prove it and I will go the mile to prove you I am real, and not fake I move fast, or slow but I go by what you tell me as I feel you are real to but don't mess with me I bite and I am kinky, but I can be the boogie man in ur worst nightmare I am the most evil person you have ever met you piss me off I can devour your soul and spit your astral dust out after. Be real with me and I will be real with you, but you tell me one thing then do another and I will snap instantly! I have an attitude that will put somone in the hospital, but I am nice guy as long as you respect me with the same respect. A tradjec tale of two that were not allowed to be together, but there love was stronger then there families rules to keep them apart so Juliet staged her death, but sent a letter to romeo but he never got it and when he saw her her dead he killed himself.  After that Juliet woke up and saw he had killed
On The Web
Letter To All Who Know Me
This is a letter to let you all know that i wont be in fubar as much as i use to be or if at all. The reason why is my husband got terribly sick and so did I, weve both been in bed for a few days now off n on because were too weak to sit at a computer. Im stepping down as a DJ for awhile until I can get us both feeling better and my son as well it really is quite scarey when you sit and watch the man you love so much cough to the point where he cant breathe for a couple of seconds that feel like an eternity this is my priority i made this for to him when we got married and were in the in sickness and in health part of the wedding vows Good luck all ill see ya when were both feeling better Mr and Mrs Dj Dreamz Dreamz out
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You Know Who You Are.....
TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's...!!     First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us.   They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing and didn't get tested for diabetes.   Then after that trauma, our baby cribs were covered with bright colored lead-based paints.   We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking.   As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags.   Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat   We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle.   We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this.   We ate cupcakes, bread and butter and drank soda pop with sugar in it, but we weren't overweight because WE WERE ALWAYS OUTSIDE PLAYING!   We would leave home in the morning
Not Good Enough
Troubles At Home
As most of you have noticed i haven't been on much or in the past 2 weeks. well i was accused of doing something with my fathers debit card in which i know i didn't do and he now knows i didn't but it still remains the same i was treated like a child and punished he destoryed my computer i have very depressed since then larry my boyfriend aka brassEye67 has been helping through this and been looking for a place for us to live, my parents has gone as far a to try and take my son away from me i'm at the end of my rope so please my friends bare with me my loving larry is building me a new computer i know this looks like a mishmash of words and i sorry i been on heavey antidepressates whoopie lol i love you guys and miss you all so much   massive hugs and kisses mary aka pynkcherrypie
You never lied to me,Your words were always honest and true.You never let me downor let me walk away with tears in my eyes.You held my hand when it hurt,and fixed my broken wings.Taught this baby bird to fly,and listened to her song.Turned this duck into a swan,And let her find her way.Away I flew,But back to you my heart will always stay. go give him a peace of your mind I understand that you and me,We will never be.But you will always be the one,With the biggest part of me.A tear rolls down my face,As you walk away.I reach out to youBut it's too late,You are already gone.
There's a point in ur life when you get tired of trying to fix everything and make everyone happy. When you finally decide to quit... its NOT giving up. It's realizing that you don't need certain people and there BS in ur life!! RevRunWisdom ...  many Immature men fake their love for sex.. and many love starved women give sex that they dont enjoy 4 love     just some food for thought She never could see the forest for the trees. She never could admit it wasn't reality. She never could get her feet moving. She could not see things clear. She could never focus. She could never believe that this was her life. She could never leave. She could never dream. She could not aspire to something higher. She never could move on. She could never be comfortable in her own skin. She never felt warm. She could not give love anymore. She never thought empty could feel so empty.
What Am Feeling
`ve Been bc this past few months. been trying to balance business and life as usual. am beat. am dog tired... so Just this morning, I consciously found mahslef lying n the dusty floor of my room... with at least five roaches nibbling my feet, and dozens of mites, plotting to eat me alive. Good heavens! I couldn't even find mah bed! My room's a total mess. I can even smell the stinkin' shoes i wore a month ago & the pizza i bought a wk ago, maggots occuppyin' half of it & now forming its own dreadlocks... *groan* i can't even find time for myself. the net thing is close to extinction, i hate my love life as well. i missed havin' a massage...mah skin's real dry & and in need of tlc *sigh* so long for the good `ol movies and tv marathons. i feel like a dead mortal hanging in an invisible cliff. And now, I Hafta run. and yeah, i need ta clean my room... xoxo, claire
Why is 666 a scary number, because of what is written in the New Testicle?       Made you look! Why are names important?  In Hebrew the word for name and reputation are the same word, Shem.
The Eyes Dont Lie
THE EYES DON'T LIECan you really truly know someone when you can't look into their eyes?If you're like me, you think you can..but then left to wonder why...Can you believe what people say when they tell you about their life?Or when the sweet man that you think you know says he doesnt have a wife?Even when you're being cautious, when you think you're holding backYou're wide open for strangers to suck you in cause they know what things you lack.They know what you want to hear and they will tell you more and moreUntil finally your guard comes down and their foot is through the door.And no matter how many times you tell yourself that its crazyThings have moved so fast, he fell so hardJust when youve almost convinced yourself...he plays that final card.The thing you need the most, the words you want to hearAre spoken through the phone line, now nothing seems so clear"I love you"...what a joke! It seems that's all it takesTo let him into your heart...the heart he'll later break.No 3 words ho
Can't Sleep Thinking
Can't sleep thinking thinking of my only love, Want to taunt tease rap him round my finger. Wish I could tell tell him how I feel when I look into his eyes, Kiss his soft sweet lips and breath on his sweaty back, Fire burning in the pit of my soul desire to feel flesh against flesh, Lusting for one another  craving connected rapped in each others arms, Night Sky's brings the mysterious darkness that fades when the sunlight shines in your eyes, Feeling safe warm and embraced by your ever lasting love, I can't sleep your in my every thought, you fill my heart even though we are apart, you are with me and even though you are not, you can't stop this thing we got.:) One day I will close my eyes and kiss you, One day I will open my eyes and you will be there in front of me, One day I will fall asleep in your stong loving arms , One day I will wake up to you next to me, One day you will ask me to be your wife , One day I will say I do, One day I will have your baby, One day h
YOU ASKED ME You asked me if I loved youcame yes was my replybut with my tender heart I worryabout the tears in your eyesYou asked me if I still wanted youstill desired your loving touchmy reply was yes dearyou'll never know how muchYou asked me if I missed youwhen you're not at homeand without hesitation I repliedmy loneliness won't leave me aloneYou asked me if I could go onif we should ever partmy reply was to youit would surely break my heartYou asked me what I would doif my love you betrayedI told you in a whisperI'd just turn and walk awayYou asked me if I would believeif other's told me liesI told you I'd find the truthhiding in your eyesYou asked me if I'd tell youthat I'd fallen out of lovewith you with a nervous smile I repliedthat's something I'd never do. I LONG FOR THE DAY TO FEEL YOUR TOUCH EVERY DAY I MISS YOU VERY MUCH YOU ARE HERE IN MY HEART AND IN MY SOUL MY HEART FROM THE VERY START YOU STOLE
Dont Cry For Me ..
  1932-2004 R.I.P.   MOM I MISS YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW IS NOT THE SAME  HERE WITH OUT YOU MOM , YOUR ALWAYS  MY  BEST FRIEND AND MY MOTHER,NO MATTER YOU HERE OR HEAVEN I LOVE YOU                              DONT CRY  FOR ME WHEN IM GONE Don't Cry For Me When I'm gone; don't cry for me ...I am not dead; I'm in sweet eternity I'll live forever; I'll wait for all of you When it’s your time; it’s what God would have us do. He called my name; He said come home I did not die; please do not cry; I will no more roam I'll be by our Savior forever; soon, you too We’ll walk in the light; praising God in all that we do. Do not mourn for me; I have sweet victory I'll walk in Gods’ garden; and glories see I am not dead; He set me free; an Angel called to me Its beautiful here; Heavens’ full of cheer; you'll see. I did not die my love; I only went ahead I knew you’d understand; though I know this, you'll dread That will pass too; do all God would have yo
Live, Love, N Laugh
Me For One Hour
if you had me for 1 hour what would you want to do to me  
True Love Does It Really Exist???
i really would like to know if there is really true love out there . it never seems to be happening for me
Hey! Pervs!!leave Them Girls Alone
What Is Money?
Money is the DNA of this society which holds this society in servitude. Money is created from nothing which is called debt or credit which we spend the rest of our lives paying back. They use this thing called money to enslave us. "Money is a flawed system that is holding humanity back" "Money bewitches people. They fret for it, and they sweat for it. They devise most ingenious ways to get it, and most ingenuous ways to get rid of it. Money is the only commodity that is good for nothing but to be gotten rid of. It will not feed you, clothe you, shelter you, or amuse you unless you spend it or invest it. It imparts value only in parting. People will do almost anything for money, and money will do almost anything for people. Money is a captivating, circulating, masquerading puzzle."
You're Losing.
Stop being in love with pain. Love is pain, but pain is not love. Stop changing your mind. You wanna fix things, next day you wanna break up, next day you wanna fix things, next day you wanna break up. It really is alot to deal with. I'm willing to smash my pride to pieces and forget all of the hurtful things we've said, all of the fucked up things we've done and be done with it, clean slate. But your pride forces you to hold on to these things. You can't push someone away and then be mad that they are trying to connect to other people, and then when they do connect with someone, change your mind and try to make amends. That's mental chess with the objective to control. Which only pushes that person away farther. It really doesn't have to be like this. But you can't feel what you want to feel from me, so pain will just have to do. You can't control me, but you can do things to hurt me, which will have an effect on me, cause effect is as close as you can get to control. If you can't fee
My Views On Love
Possessiveness is not love Jealousy is not love Lust is not love Fear is not love Keeping people all to yourself is not love Expecting something from someone is not love Real, true love is unconditional. All other “kinds” of love are not really love. Most parents and kids don’t love each other, most people in relationships don’t love each other, most people on the planet never experience unconditional love in their entire lives… or at least it sure looks that way. To love someone unconditionally means that you love the person exactly as they are, exactly as they were before, and exactly as they will be in the future – because people change all the time, so if you love the person, you will love them even if they become something you disagree with. How many parents can say that about their kids? How many people can say that about their “lover”? Love is not about you or your pleasure or your amusement. It&rsquo
Random Blabber!?
Seriously, I mis drumming as often as I did years ago... Living in an apartment has me not owning a kit anymore, and always going to Guitar Center and playing there whenever I get a day off work! (Which is once a week!!!) Grrr, stresses me out 'cos music keeps me calm. Electronic kit, I've thought about it, but they're not the same as an acoustic... You cannot get the same sound, feel, and thunder from an elctronic kit though... I LOOOVE feeling it run through my body, though my blood. If any of you are musicians and live for music, you know what I mean! Arrrrrrggg, I'm done ranting! Hahaha.. I just need drums to make me happy happy happy as hell!
Southrn Timez
You've got to accept the fact that life isn't a fairy tale, things aren't always happily ever after. Things like magic wishes, Prince Charmings and true love don't happen in real life. Magic wishes come from money, Prince Charming's a shallow idiot with a bad haircut and overpriced clothes. And true love? Ha, true love is one-sided, Ace. You love her, she loves someone else. She loves you, you love someone else. Never quite works out does it? So you end up with some actor pretending to be your true love. Real considerate of someone to let you know reality was like that before being thrown into it. 'If you wish, it'll happen.' Well, wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up faster. Welcome to reality. Enjoy your stay. Study what people's faces look like in the moonlight. Set aside time to watch the sun set over the Atlantic. Study colors. Wonder why things work. Take in the smell of fresh baked bread or newly cut grass. Sun bathe. Moon bathe. Just don't forget
Is it a bad thing that im a white male who seems to only like asian woman now? Most white woman look beautiful to me but asians...ahhhh I dont know what it is about them that makes me go crazy. Theres just something about them thats has me at an awe. Hopefully Im not insane and theres others like me!
You Decide

The Thoughts Of The Filth
Subject Matter:: " OBVIOUSLY I am annoyed right now " Gender of the subject matter :: MALE   I am not one of those spiteful hateful females who feel the need to bash every man in the history of the penis, but right now...right this second I have one male in mind who I want to bash across the face with my words of wisdom. ( He is not on this site )   OBVIOUSLY... The word never made me more sick in my life.. " OBVIOUSLY I am annoyed right now..." How the fuck am I suppose to know when your annoyed when your bitch ass called me. " You Ok? " I ask in a sweet tone because unfortunately he is the only male that I also have the softest spot for. " Drop it. " He yells back at me..   Really?... This is how he treats I am utter garbage. He HAS to be bipolar...or just fucking special.   Not only has he cheated on me, left me numerous times and made fun of me behind my back..but each time when his stupid ass goes into the hospital because of his " disease " of sorts..Do
What Do You Think Of
What do you all think of      We have a photo placed in [My -- Photot -- Site Map] ok so next what? Please don't say go to the help on the top right. Already attempted that and no luck. So...??? What do you do next? Also I do not see a option to click on a box and say make bacground, if there is such an option please be so kind as to let us know. Thank You,
Can You Relate??
hey everyone im new to this fubar  wanted u all to know about this new sight.  If you like sex like i do you will love this site. check it out.
Sex Room
after the cheating the lieing the abusing you kissed meafter the stealing and profanity you betrey me with a kiss
Jus Thinkin
1. Nothing under clothing Skip the underwear. Are you going to a party together? Make sure that your private parts are easily accessible and uncovered, so you can sneak away for a secret quickie on the host's toilet. 2. Go directly to intercourse Have a quickie. Sometimes no foreplay. The honeymoon is not only one another, but go directly to intercourse. 3. Steady rhythm The rhythm is the main thing. Nothing good sex without a steady rhythm! Applies to both caressing, oral sex and intercourse. 4. Nicknamed knees Knees is an underrated erogenous zone. Concentrate light caresses there. 5. Sex off the table   Tables can be very exciting to have sex at. Animal Genomic hectic with clothes on. Kitchen table or dining room table works just as well. Sex loose! 6. Have a sex weekend Have sex on a weekend. The more sex you have, the closer you will get to each other. 7. Sting with pain Whipped and spanked can be fun ... A certain dose of pain can bring an extra sex sting. Spank lightly with your
Teasing And Suspensful
You walk in the door, into a darkened house.  In the air, you can smell the cloyingly sweet smell of a candle, and the hit of roses wafting through the air.  The slight glow leads you upstairs, to the bedroom, but there is no one there.  Then you notice the light is all coming from the bath room, so you slip your heels off, leaving them near the door to room, and slink silently towards the you step into the bath, you notice the Candles are your favorite scent, but lighter, as if diluted enough so lighting the room would know be overpoweringly strong.  Slowly, turning your gaze across the room, you still see no other there with you, and your eyes settle finally on the tub.  it is full, the water the absolute perfect temperature, you see the surface covered lightly with rose petals.  You simply can not pass this up, keeping your eyes, open, you begin to slowly remove your blouse and skirt, attentatively folding them neatly and setting them uponthe chair to the make up table.  You
If It Doesn't Rain
Hah this is about 90% accurate lol.. a long read.   Sun in AriesAries is the first sign of the zodiac, and Aries natives are the first to start--and the first to finish--whatever they set out to do. Aries is an active, energetic sign. People with Sun in Aries are direct, straightforward, and uncomplicated. They expect the same from others, and are baffled when they don't always get it. The body comes first with Aries. Sun in Aries people are natural athletes. At the very least, their natural inclination is to use their bodies to get things done. They're not given to long, drawn-out emotional moments; nor are they big on planning ahead. Instead, they live their lives simply. What is happening right now is most important to Aries. Impatience is a definite vice, and innovation is a huge strength. Aries loves to start anything new, and they have trouble sitting still. They are pioneers in whatever they do, and there is a very basic quality of bravery in these people that is unmistakable!
My Thoughts On........
Have you noticed how many zombie movies are out now? Today was all zombie all day on one channel. I cannot believe how bad it is. I know Americans feel confined, but this is getting ridiculus. I want the good old day with vampires that were vampires and not teen angst vampires. I want werewolves that reveal in what they are and ones that agonize over it. Where are they? I want more shark movies. I want more pirahna movies. Vicious little killing machines like Critters. Okay that is it for now. Let me know your thoughts. Don`t keep me in suspense.
Being You
• I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled nights.• I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.• I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.• We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.• I am the man who died alone in the hospital because they would not let my partner of twenty-seven years into the room.• I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away from the two fathers who are the only loving family I have ever had. I wish they could adopt me.• I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I survived the attack that left me in a coma for three weeks, and in another year I will probably be able to walk again.• I am not one of the lucky ones. I killed myself just weeks before graduating high school. It was simply too much to bear.• We are the couple who had the Realtor hang up on
Are You Looking For Jewlery Of Some Sort?
Have you ever not wanted to get out to jewlery shop for any occasion? Then come check out the deals that are going on in my boutique! Its online and right where you are. I have never sold anything online before. But I am desperate for some money!! Come check out the peices of jewlery you WILL find something for someone MALE OR FEMALE!
ill write a proper one after Scream Con.  5 days left for tickets from screen con site.
Auction On Sunday
Im in a Auction that starts on Sunday so please come check it out, bid on me and/or rate and comment thank you!!  
Have you ever had someone, just take you by surprise. Sweet you off your feet, before you realize. That the person you once were, no longer exists. Suddenly the fear you had, is easily dismissed. For giving into it is greater, than holding in the way you feel. Absorbing every emotion, knowing it is real. Everyone has that person, that was designed specifcly for them. And when your hearts combine, love is what you'll win. The feeling is surreal, overwhelming yet pure. Free from wrecklessness and taint, yet full of love's allure. I have found my one, he swept me off my feet. And through his eyes I felt his love, and I am now complete.
Already Begun
She woke up for some water, in the middle of the night. Surprised by a stranger, with a flashlight. Blinded by the light, she heard the man speak. He said, don't make a sound, don't even blink. With her child sleeping peacefully, just footsteps away. She had no choice, but to do as he say. That's when he forced her, to lie on her back. Suddenly her body, was under attack. Trembling with fear, and burning with rage. She felt like a lioness, trapped in its cage. Confused by her emotions, uncertain how to react. The fear was telling her to lie still, the rage was screaming fight back! As the battle within herself begins. The rage is too powerful, and wins. She took the light, right out of his hands. Then shined it in the face, of this despicable man. She said, I see you now, for all that you are. You may have won the battle, but I'm winning this war. I refuse to be your victim, another statistic in your evil little plan. I will tear out your soul, for you're not even a
Define This Word For Me
    Finding the meaning, behind the word friend. Is a lifelong journey, that doesn't seem to end. Friends are supposed, to have each other’s back. Not wait for it to be turned, then attack. The roles are reversed, but I've played the game before. I seen it coming, predicted it, but I wasn't quite sure. I gave this one more room, I was blinded and weak. Fearing the words, I was hoping to never speak. Lies are destruction, even ones not meant to be. For how do you know, if they are innocent completely? That's it, you do not, with a lie you can't tell. Putting your belief, in an unwritten tale. But when a person captures a lie, in black and white. That's when you are no longer blinded, have seen the light. Even though you heard them tell many lies, to the ones that they love. Yet, you let your guard down, unaware of. The boundaries they'd cross, the limits they'd reach. An unwritten contract, they seem to have breached. For, friendship is emotions intertwined. A
Squirting 101
  Female Orgasm – Squirting 101 The ability to squirt during orgasm is perhaps one of the more elusive and taboo parts of a woman’s anatomy. Squirting can be a huge turn on for guys and it can intensify an orgasm for a woman ten fold. Many people believe that squirting isn’t something women can do at all, but in recent years it has been proven that women can indeed squirt. So what is squirting anyways? What Is Squirting? Squirting for women is much like ejaculating is for a man. All women have a functioning prostate gland that starts producing fluid when a girl begins to go through puberty. This fluid is what is ejaculated from the vulva when a woman “squirts.” It does not come from the vagina nor does it come from the urethra, where urine is expelled. It comes from its very own special gland called the Skene’s gland. This gland is present in all women and its sole function is to serve as an exit for a woman’s prostate fluid. Howev
Halong tour đang được nhiều bạn trẻ lựa chọn, với 4 mùa rõ rệt du khách có thể tham quan vào bất cứ thời gian nào trong năm, bởi mỗi mùa có một vẻ đẹp riêng. Cũng như vậy để tham quan vào mùa đông khá hấp dẫn du khách, nhất là khách du lịch Châu Âu vốn thường ưa thích đi du lịch vào dịp lễ Noel. Mùa đông hầu hết thảm thực vật trên các đảo đá của Vịnh Hạ Long thường co lại chờ đến mùa xuân. Tuy nhiên như để bù lại cho mùa xanh thực vật có phần hạn chế, thiên nhiên đã “ưu ái” tặng cho Vịnh Hạ Long một “đặc sản” đó là sươ
Until That Day
*** New Club X Grand Opening *** Tonight @ 10 Est
Odd Things
Ok, now I've finally showed my face for everyone to see, sorry. On Tuesday Sept. 19, I got a call from my 5 year olds teacher letting me know that he had taken it upon himself to draw a picture with crayon on the carpet. Suppressing a giggle, I let her know that I would be there to try to help clean it up. When we got there, we saw the lovely picture of a window and a building. My husband sat down with him and scrubbed it away (a magic eraser from Mr. Clean acually worked on cheap carpet!). Not much more was said. The next day I asked him if it was a window he had drawn, he said "No, it was Grandma Jane". About then my heart jumped. Jayne was my mother-in-law who passed away Sept. 19, 2000. Harley (my almost 5 year old) wasn't born until Oct of the next year. He proceeded to tell me that he has seen her and talked to her here in our house. She died in Missouri, we live in North Carolina.
The World Of Lc
I'm so freaking bored! I'm on the interenet and I have completely forgotten how to do anything other than CT, MySpace and Testeriffic. Jeez! I need help, won't someone please entertain me? sometimes i feel so alone even when i'm sitting next to someone. i feel like i need someone to just reach out and hold me. it's times like these i feel eighty million years old ...ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human viens. i often wonder why these feelings come about when i'm surrounded by people. people who love me. and yet this never phases me. i always seem to yearn for that which i cannot attain. i want to be loved more than anything, that is what i desire above all. i think that perhaps my soul is older than my spirit. sometimes i feel i'm only playing grown-up. like this is all pretend. just a fictional world we create as a shell, a filler for our time. do you ever feel like you want to go home but you're already there? like you're waiting for something that fe
Lucky Man
Hot Latin Woman
Teach Me To Do This
Im really glad to be on here i thought i would tell you about myself Im a whiskey drinker. i mean i could probably out drink any girl on here. i wouldnt mind tryin I love to go out and party..perfer boats or beach not into night clubs its to much drama for me. Im tall like a redwood tree(6'0) im a red head love to dance thats about it
Just Another
Spit Or Swallow
Come on ladies, let's hear the truth. Do you spit or swallow and why. Details of your talents are appreciated.. LOL
Mindless Babble
Nate@ Lostcherry
Boob Contest Open

Blueeyedgirl@ Lostcherry
A Bright Smile Look at my smile mommy Why is it so different? Am i still pretty, With my smile so different? Now i am grown mommy My smile is still different But this time mommy A friend is looking past How different my smile is He says he loves me mommy And i think he loves me Just for my smile Mommy we are getting married Today is the big day Are you proud of me mommy? I love his smile to mommy Look mommy at my smile It is still the same But i am smiling brighter Because someone looked at my smile Kelly Lyn Harrison Wrote In 2001 Proud Of You Smiling bright with those little teeth, you are my smiles and my scares when you leave me i can cry because i know your life was good and your hard work was well done. Remember when you leave me kiss me bye and always know I am your mommy, very proud of you Kelly Lyn Harrison Wrote 1999 For My Son Joshua Someone Am i a mistake? I feel unwanted, unloved, mostly I feel as if I am already dead Am
Ive Been Tagged My Tag
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1: I Drink to much coffee 2: I hate wearing clothes of an evening when chillin 3: Ive gotta have my daily Mcdonalds treat lol sex is like McDonalds im lovin it isnt that what the say ;) 4: I hate FAKE people,MEMEME people and liars on the net. 5: I hate microwave meals cause ya know when ya put the right time in and ya take it out its still gonna be cold in middle and ya still taste to make sure lol 6: Im allways checking things twice like the oven plugs ect when im going out or just finished cooking tomake sure everythings ok my worst thing ido I tag Kel Kalin Sweetthing Miz Anna Narco
I'm Pregnant!!!!!!
I've Been Tagged
Have I Told You
Have I ever told you that if I sit really still and silent, sometimes. I like to think I can hear your heart beating in time with mine? Have I ever told you that when I watch you speak to me through lines and cords, and bytes and ram, I imagine your voice, whispering into my ear? Have I ever told you that sometimes, I will reach out, touching your name on this cold screen before me, wishing I could reach in and pull you to me? Have I ever told you that after the first time I heard the sound of your voice, thousands of miles away, I sat up all night, turning the conversation over and over in my mind Have I ever told you that I would give everything up, just for one night to be able to lay near you, to feel your chest rise and fall with each breath you take, just to know that you are real? Have I ever told you, I love you ~
Just Thinking..
I need some luv on my site. I am new to LC, and would like some friends. Anyone out there?
Meet New Friends
Just Thoughts
The morning light glistens on the dew drop leaves as the savory wind caresses my face. I turn to see you softly gazing at me with such love in your hazel eyes while holding an impish smile on your lips. I glide gracefully to your waiting arms feeling your warm and tender embrace. Slightly you tilt my head having your lips meet mine. The passion and love between us breaks forth bringing my emotions to surface. I am in love. The emotion is so abundant and joyious my heart seems to waver at the mere mention of your name. Finally, I wake from my slumber realizing it was a cruel dream. I hear your mesmerizing voice on the line but am unable to believe the words I hear as you say "I love you". I sit here in the soft candlelight watching you sleep peacefully. My heart sings with joy at the coy smile that plays upon your lips and I long to reach out to caress your face. I dare not for if I do I would wake you from your graceful slumber. I lay my head on your chest hearing the mellow beating of
A woman and her boyfriend are out having a few drinks. While they're sitting there having a good time together she starts talking about this really great new drink. The more she talks about it, the more excited she gets, and starts trying to talk her boyfriend into having one. After a while he gives in and lets her order the drink for him. The bartender brings the drink and puts the following on the bar: * A saltshaker, * a shot of Baileys, * and a shot of lime juice. The boyfriend looks at the items quizzically and the woman explains, "First you put a bit of the salt on your tongue, next you drink the shot of Baileys and hold it in your mouth, and finally you drink the lime juice." So, the boyfriend, trying to go along and please her, goes for it. He puts the salt on his tongue -- salty but OK. He drinks the shot of Bailey -- smooth, rich, cool, very pleasant. He thinks, "This is OK!" Finally he picks up the lime juice and drinks it. In
My Friends Page
i am hoping im making this right any way this is a friends page and its a kick ass one please go check it out and rate it its worth a look Michael Myers: The Boogey Man: Happy Halloween!!@ LostCherry
Why I Am Not On Much
Gross Pics:(
You Scored As Angel. Angel: Angels Are The Guardians Of All Things, From The Smallest Ant To The Tallest Tree. They Give Inspiration, Love, Hope, An
Where U From??
Free Comments for blogs and profiles at
Life Sucks
Each of us is stuck being who we are. Sometimes we fight to change ourselves, but ultimately this has little effect. We can change what we do, but we cannot change who we are. If you're a happy person, you don't feel trapped. If you're surrounded by people who you love and who love you, if you can do what you want to do in life, if you are at peace with who you are, why would you ever feel trapped? You wouldn't want to change yourself, you wouldn't need to try. If you're a happy person, hey, you got lucky! I am not a happy person. Maybe you're not either. Maybe you're too fat, or too thin, too old, or too young. Maybe you're ugly and nobody wants to sleep with you. Maybe everyone wants to sleep with you, but nobody loves you and it's all meaningless. Maybe your body is fucked up and you're in pain all the time. Maybe your mind is fucked up and you're in pain all the time. So you struggle with all these problems year after year, and you're getting nowhere, and you
Lets Give It A Defination, Should We?...
as my eyes open from their state of sorrow i feel my blood turn into a frozen river my heart locked shut, and i gave you the key promise never to leave as lies hold me emptiness fills my broken heart screaming your name hoping for a response to look in your face and realized the time we spent the chances i had have drifted away from my fingertips your life, your thoughts, your dreams, your love never tried my hardest and now i cray as the hurt enters i love you and i still love you even though i never showed it a piece of me is gone forever clutching too few memories held so close repeating words of love spoken too late my eyes look all around but all they can focus on is you for in you i find me days will pass and thy death will still linger this coldness will never satisfy me i want to be surrounded in a place where the sun is so warm it burns my insides where love takes my darkest depressions and throws it into the deepest of seas an executi
We Need Hot Bitchs

The Answer To Your Question
~The Answer To Your Question~ Theres nothing to be said, In several hours you'll be dead. You'll drowned in ur own blood.. Its your death I shall become, Pitiless to your cries, I'll rip out ur fucking eyes And shove them in ur face I'll love the fucking taste You'll see it in my eyes Thats were the answer lies.....
The Wreck Of The Day
new today .... too many looking for the sky to fall and too many rethinking the past ! Chasing the past and lost is the present Years of hurts that left all to resent Things that we will never change That left some of us lost and strange Thinking we can change the past over due Fearing the wreckage of the future too And never where we really are Lost in days gone away so far Wishing and hoping with eyes closed What if I had this question posed What if I do it all different this time What if I make the past free and sublime Will the destruction to come never be I will close my eyes and then I will see Foolish minds that refuse to know Time marches on and must move and go That all the thoughts of what might have been Waste the present and make our lives a sin Wandering the past we miss what we should not Living becomes torture and we begin to rot For all that has ever been is gone and done And all that worry and effort changes none This is all we will eve
New Pictures
And I dont see anything wrong with it.. I got new pictures up.. I een really busy with work and the daily routine that I have been neglecting all the awesome people on this site.. sorry guys! but i had a free minute so i posted some recent pics i took and said hello to a few people.. check em out and tell me what you think... Peace love and firearms.. Suicidal
You Belong
Welcome to my house. This is where you belong. There is always love and joy. Peace and comfort inside. Belonging to something is so important. You belong to Me To reach out and know you are loved. In the chaotic world we live in. You can find rest here. If you just close your eyes and feel it. You belong to Me. Knock on the door and you are always welcome. Ask anything and you will find your answer. Seek from me and you will always find, for you belong to Me. Creation wasn't hard for I know you were in it. You are here for me to love. Hold your hand out and I will take it, All sorrow will have to flee. Don't be sad my little one For you belong to Me.
Ocean's Whisper
Whispering breeze of ocean's air That peace of night without a care Sitting here with tranquil thoughts Thinking what the day has brought Taking a breath deep in my chest Smelling the salt and damp caress Thoughts come in from yester year Loves that was lost start to appear. Reaching my hand to Him tonight Hoping this time He will appear to sight Wanting to see His very Face Adoring the One I hold in Praise. Then I see the moon's bright glare Stars and planets in them I stare He created all in the sky And I know He is by my side. Lord let this moment never end Just Being in the Presence of You
New Pics Up Ladies
Friends List
wow! all these people on all my list and i hardly ever hear from any of you!!! i guess ima start taking people off that i dont ever talk to...thought this was a site to chat and have fun have a blessed sunday everyone.....
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Why Couples Dont Have Sex
Dear Wife, During the past year I have tried to make love to you 365 times. I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of once every ten days. The following is a list of why I did not succeed more often: 54 times the sheets were clean 17 times it was too late 49 times you were too tired 20 times it was too hot 15 times you pretended to be sleep 22 times you had a headache 17 times you were afraid of waking the baby 16 times you said you were too sore 12 times it was the wrong time of the month 19 times you had to get up early 9 times you said weren't in the mood 7 times you were sunburned 6 times you were watching the late show 5 times you didn't want to mess up your new hairdo 3 times you said the neighbors would hear us 9 times you said your mother would hear us Of the 36 times I did succeed, the activity was not satisfactory because: 6 times you just laid there 8 times you reminded me there's a crack in the ceiling 4 times you told me to hurry up and
Holy Shit Im Drunk

Picture it ... 7:40am, Sunday, October 15, 2006. So, I'm about to wake up, still more than half asleep, when all of a sudden I feel this violent shaking ... felt like forever, but it probably lasted maybe 15 seconds. I look at my friend who slept over and he is like "WTF". Not even a minute later, the shaking starts up again, this time I could see the walls in my room swaying. My daughter is in her room yelling for me, like I could do something ... lol. I guess she was freaked out because that tremor knocked down some stuff in her room. 6.7 - that was the magnitude of the first quake. The second one was a 5.0. Through out the week we kept getting aftershocks, mainly felt on the Big Island. So, going back to the 15th. Within 10 minutes, power goes off all across the state. Some got theirs back within 2 hours - which was up the street from me ... not even 3 blocks away. I got mine 15 hours later. The last of the state got theirs back 3 hours after I did. Five days
Hey I just wanted to thank eveyone for all of the kind and great welcomes they gave me so thank you all..... Mac Well another day at the office is dragging by slowley and I cant wait to get out of here and head home.......This winter months can be such a drag......
I'm NOT religious, personally, and as such, I've removed the prayer at the end of this. If you are religious, feel free to add your own prayers on the end, as you are moved. I'm posting this because it demonstrates a current trend in government that I am also opposed to. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am most certainly NOT 'P.C.' in any way, shape, or form. I don't approve of the government stepping-in in ANY way to tell us how we can live our day-to-day lives, whether it be in how we are allowed to take care of our children (we're not allowed to discipline them, but we're supposed to take responsibility of how they act???), or our rights in smaller pleasures (like smoking, for instance! Living in KY., we USED to be proud of being tobacco growers! It was one of the things this Commonwealth was KNOWN for! Now that we've caved in, we as a Commonwealth pretty much depend on horse-racing and the Downs both for our identity, and our revenue. Our Government even bases it's laws and excep
Does she see me with a kind heart and love? does she see me with a pain in the simple and easy heart? why does love hurt so much? why does this dream i have each night so hard to be found? this long quiet moments this hateful and quiet times i wish this dream i had was real i wish the girl i dream about each night is waiting out there for me to come see her i want to hold her hands tight and not let go i want her to always smile and do silly things that will always make me laugh other then cry i want her to look at me with a funny face as if she wondering about what I'm thinking of is this dream of mine to sad to be true? is this dream of mine to funny that it will be laughed at ? so please tell me? if there will ever be a girl like the one i dream about each and every night
Psycho@ CherryTAP
You Know You Are In Ems When
You know your in EMS if: > > 1) You have the bladder capacity of five people. > > 2) You have ever restrained someone and it was not a sexual experience. > > 3) You believe that 50% of people are a waste of good air. (Aka "Lealman" or "Gulfport") > > 4) Your idea of a good time is a shooting or a car crash (Rollover). > > 5) You put your finger on the emergency button on your radio when anyone seems friendly towards you. > > 6) You believe in the aerial spraying of Prozac and birth control pills. > > 7) You disbelieve 90% what you hear and 75% what you see. > > 8) You have your weekends off planned for a year. > > 9) You believe the government should require a permit to reproduce. > > 10) You refer to your favorite restaurant by the intersection at which it's located. > > 11) You have ever wanted to hold a seminar entitled: "Suicide...getting it right the first time." > > 12) You ever had to put the phone on hold before you b
What Is Your Sex Life Like?
Dementia Test
Test for Dementia Exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the muscles. As we grow older, it's important to keep mentally alert. If you don't use it, you lose it! Below is a very private way to gauge your loss or non-loss of intelligence. Take the test presented here to determine if you're losing it or not. The spaces below are so you don't see the answers until you've made your answer. (scroll down page for answers AFTER answering yourself) OK, relax, clear your mind and begin. 1. What do you put in a toaster? Answer: "bread." If you said "toast," give up now and do something else. Try not to hurt yourself. If you said, bread, go to Question 2. 2. Say "silk" five times. Now spell "silk." What do cows drink? Answer: Cows drink water. If you said "milk," don't attempt the next question. Your brain is over-stressed and may even overheat. Content yourself with reading a more appropr
When two separate companies get together and share space to market their goods in one location, there are both good and bad effects to their merger. Now, being able to pick up some Taco Bell at a gas station is convenient, and somewhat ironic, but it can make for one less trip, or at least fewer stops along your journey. Not all corporate mergers are as obvious, and some are never truly recognized, but I am sure they happen. In the Special Olympics, all of the participants are awarded a medal, so just for trying, everyone is a winner. I have never heard a word about it, but I am pretty sure the good folks from the Special Olympics are now involved in running the DMV. It seems like no matter how you do in the inappropriately named course ‘Drivers Education’, everyone gets a certificate, and can have a drivers license. I can think of no other explanation why so many individuals that are obviously clueless in how to safely and correctly operate a motor vehicle are garnered permission by t
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THIS IS SOOO TRUE! HOW I FEEL AT TIMES.... I DON'T AGREE WITH IT ALL, BUT IT SAYS SOO MUCH! however my knees aren't skinned and my heart isn't broken now!!!
My Cat
had to take my cat to the vet today since i had him i only had to leave him twice over night the house is so quiet i can not immagine how i will be when i will have to put him down lucky i get to pick him up tommorow
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jade@ CherryTAP Originally posted on wendsday may 24, 2006 my saddness an explanation this is my story: I have 3 children a 5 year old a 2 year old and a 1 year old(boy boy girl) now my 5 year old has been through a lot in his short life his father was abusive to me and my son thought he could protect me but their isnt much you can do when you are only a baby. Well by the time he was 2 he had a mental breakdown, biting himself, hitting his head against walls, putting himself in corners, screaming and crying. It broke my heart! Well when I was 7 months pregnant with my second son my ex decided that he didnt want us anymore and dropped us off in california (this being where I am from anyway) shortly after having my son I got pregnant again and had my daughter exactly a week shy from my middle sons birthday! Well everything was fine for a while and then near my sons first birthday he started to scream and cry for hours on end he would destroy everything in site I almost couldnt han
Entry For December 07, 2006
Entry for December 07, 2006 Santa not happy! A Christmas Story 'Twas the night before Christmas--Old Santa was pissed. He cussed out the elves and threw down his list. Miserable little brats, ungrateful little jerks. I have a good mind to scrap the whole works! I've busted my ass for damn near a year, Instead of "Thanks Santa"--what do I hear? The old lady bitches cause I work late at night. The elves want more money--The reindeer all fight. Rudolph got drunk and goosed all the maids. Donner is pregnant and Vixen has AIDS. And just when I thought that things would get better Those assholes from the IRS sent me a letter, They say I owe taxes--if that ain't damn funny Who the hell ever sent Santa Claus any money? And the kids these days--they all are the pits They want the impossible--Those mean little shits I spent a whole year making wagons and sleds Assembling dolls...Their arms, legs and heads I made a ton of yo yo's--No request for them, They wa
Christmas Recipe....a Must Read!! Lmao
Tequila Christmas Cake 1-cup water 1-tsp. baking soda 1-cup sugar 1-tsp. salt 1-cup of brown sugar Lemon juice 4 large eggs Nuts 1 bottle tequila 2-cups dried fruit Sample the tequila to check quality. (I already sampled it...several times to check the quality) Take a large bowl, check the tequila again. To be sure it is of the highest quality, pour one level cup and drink. Repeat. Turn on the electric mixer. Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add one teaspoon of sugar. Beat again. At this point its best o make sure the tequila is still OK. Try another cup...just in case. Turn off the mixerer thingy. Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit. Pick the frigging fruit up off the floor. Mix on the turner. If the fried druit gets stuck in the beaterers just pry it loose with a drewscriver. Sample the tequila to check for tonsisticity. Next, sift two cups of salt. Or somethi
I Am This Girl
I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because she's sleepy, but because she wants to be closer to you... > > I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than inside your bedroom or in an expensive resturant... > > I'm the girl who says,"ok, but you owe me..." jokingly not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you... > > I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will (or at least try to) have fun because it means I am spending time with you...( well that depends - like definently not a stripper club) > > I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like I want to spend the whole night curled up in their arms... > > I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me... > > I'm the girl who actually keeps her body parts in her clothing in public... most of the time > > I'm the girl who never gives up hope even when I tell others I have... > > I'm
Everyone Should
the little things r the things u do that u don't think ppl know about. it could be a number of things; a mother : some one who listens , is there to kiss the boo boo's away when u r little , helps with home work , and always wipes the tears u shed no matter how old u may be. a father : some one u can count on when something goes wrong , holds u when u need to be held . knows how to always make u smile no matter how upset u may be, always there to protect u from any one trying to hurt u in any kind of way. grandparents: some one who is there to take u places , listens as well , helps when ever they can . sisters : r there to listen to problems that u may not be able to tell any one else . brothers : r there to listen and protect u from others that may try to harm u. a friend: is there when u can't talk to anyone else about a problem . there are alot of things i could say that is good about all that's listed above. the little things r the things that make u
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1.) A REAL MAN respects his mother and places his family first. 2.) A REAL MAN raises his kids, not JUST out of pocket either. 3.) A REAL MAN supports his woman to develop herself. 4.) A REAL MAN doesn't worry about what others depict as a real man. Walk in his shoes first and then tell him what makes him A REAL MAN. 5.) A REAL MAN doesn't Break Promises 6.) A REAL MAN calls you beautiful, not hot, sexy, or fine as fuck. 8.) A REAL MAN CALLS U on a daily basis - NO MATTER HOW BUSY OR TIRED HE IS. 9.) A REAL MAN looks past what he's heard about you or what his friends think of you. 10.) A REAL MAN wants to spend as much time as he can with you & won't get sick of you. 11.) A REAL MAN comes over just to watch movies with you. 12.) A REAL MAN kisses you on the forehead just because. 13.) A REAL MAN doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He tells you what's real. 14.) A REAL MAN should be treated like one. 15.) A REAL MAN doesn't ask questi
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I am new here, but I wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
for those of you that would rather chat in yahoo, feel free in adding me at I chat with anyone about anything either c2c or not. you decide Just drop a note and let me know what you want and i will do my best to accomadate you. Just add me to your friend list on yahoo or on here and i will be happy to accept a new friend always. I love to chat on yahoo either c2c or not so if you want to just add my id oilman18 if you would like to chat either on or off cam.
Minutes run past so slowly right now. When I work, write down a notice, calculated or hung on the phone - I look on my watch and just three, four - at most five minutes have passed... And then comes the emptiness, the void, spreading in my soul, creeping like a cold chill over it and covering my mind in her cold breath... HER laugh has subsided and I start to forget how her voice sounds like - when she comes into my mind, she's so far away. "You remove yourself from me..." you said - and you're damn right - it's time to do so. Sorry, but after all we shared, I can't act like a good friend, not even like a nice good friend. I can't be this less. And we can't set back the time, we can't pull back to old frontlines, when we have pushed them further every night before. Maybe you can, but me not. I feel so terribly abandoned, like being dispatched and put down to some dead end, somewhere in the nowhere. Got the feeling I was nothing more than a substitute, a surrogate, an exc
Can I
can i trust you with my heart I've found a new love full of passion Which has come to make me blind When I found a special someone In a love that's hard to find. You've swept off my feet From the very start But before we go much further Can I trust you with my heart? Can I share my worries with you? Can you handle my fears I bestow? Can I count on you to walk with me Down a long a winding road? I don't want a promise Of which there's no guarantee Can I trust you with my heart, Without you breaking it on me? My heart's vowed never to fall in love again But it's weakened & has come to surrender To be held in your tender hands And mended back together. But I hope you can understand That I don't want to go too far Without knowing just one answer . . . Can I trust you with my heart? MY HEART You have stolen my heart ...... how could that be? I was sure it was tucked away, that not a soul could see. But then you came a long... just a name... just a glanc

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To realize The value of a sister Ask someone Who doesn't have one. To realize The value of ten years: Ask a newly Divorced couple. To realize The value of four years: Ask a graduate. To realize The value of one year: Ask a student who Has failed a final exam. To realize The value of nine months: Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn. To realize The value of one month: Ask a mother who has given birth to A premature baby. To realize The value of one week: Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper. To realize The value of one minute: Ask a person Who has missed the train, bus or plane. To realize The value of one-second: Ask a person Who has survived an accident. Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have. You will treasure it even more when you can share it with someone special To realize the value of a friend or family member: LOSE ONE. The origin of this letter is unknown
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The King is Dead long live the king, my only words i have for him are "your dead mother fucker burn and rot in the deepest pits of fucking hell."
Passions And Desires
PASSION AND DESIRE If passion were a flame of fire, That burned into my soul; I'd be consumed by this inferno, By you who makes me whole. Just like the moth who can't resist, Who's drawn into the fire; I dance around the flickering light, Of passion and desire. I look so deeply in your eyes, At the hair I long to touch; I hear my name come whispering, 'Cross lips I need so much. My heart is filled with longing, I stand too near the fire. Again I'm drawn by the music, Of passion and desire. My hands reach out to touch you, I live for one look from your eyes; I whisper your name in the quiet times, My love too strong to deny. I dance to the tune of your music, I sway in the glow of your fire. Ever drawn into this inferno, Of passion and desire.
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Things Don't Make Sence, And I Hope I'm Not Getting Played Again
so right now, im think im with a girl and she is so beautiful and funny and sweet. and i love her. but everytime i get close to someone, they end up hurtin me. i don't know if its going to happen this time, but somethings make me nervous. she said she loves me. i hope its the truth. i love her so much
"The essence of nonviolence is love. Out of love and the willingness to act selflessly, strategies, tactics, and techniques for a nonviolent struggle arise naturally. Nonviolence is not a dogma; it is a process." Thich Nhat Hanh
Chilling At School
just wanted to tell ya if u heard abou the bus crash in atlanta i almost went to that schoool(bluffton)to play baseball i woulda been on that bus it was my first choice of schools. yea i almost went there and the reason i did not go to it was bc of my Girlfriend. pretty thankful and makes u look twice at life have you all seen beerfest the movie. I strongly recomend it. while u watched it did u realize that fink is one of the cops from supertroopers (well so are the rest of the guys, but still) let me know what yall thought of the movie. nothing really gonig on here i go to a small school in ohio we only have about 1500 students. i play baseball here so i am an athlete. the people here are awesome theres just notta damn thing to do.
In Darkness
In Darkness In darkness, sit with me In silence, scream Draw my hands to your body And watch my eyes watching you My gaze will rest on you As your body rests with me We know each other And words need not be spoken In darkness, sit with me In silence, scream Naked as we are I long to explore you Open as we are I yet contain myself Reach into me, please Let us be brilliant together In darkness, sit with me In silence, scream
A Flower Wraps My Heart
A Flower Wraps My Heart As I sit here all alone I no longer feel apart, I feel so sweet and pretty As a flower wraps my heart. A flower wraps my heart And a smile's on my face, I no longer sit and wonder Cause everything's in place. The sunshine hits my skin In my soul, there grows a light, It shines forever strong Even through the night. The pain has disappeared And I make a brand new start, I found the love within myself Because a flower wraps my heart.
Well as I said in my No idea one, I talk about my dad alot. Well just because he's one of those things that make me angry. (did I even spell that right?) anyways. He isn't the most postive person ever. In fact I'll say he is the opposite. My dad I guess since he grew up in a miltary way of life he carried that over to parenting. And since he was a Drill sgt. He loved to boss me around. I remember one time he woke me up at 2 in the morning on a school night (I was 8) to tell me that I had left my doll house a bit open. Anal really. But anyways. To be honest I can't remember his favorite colors in order for the life of me. That's okay because he keeps thinking my favorite color is yellow. My favorite colors are Green, White, Black, Orange,pink and red in that order. I dont' really like yellow. Anyways back to the subject that's just to give you a lil background about my dad...whoever you are. Okay love you all much Today my dad called me, at 2 in the moring. I haven't heard from him
I Want To Say I Love You
I want to say I love you But at the same point I don't It's a fear I hold deep inside To let go I must release all of my pride If I say I love you Would it be ok? Should I wait for the perfect day? You tell me that it will be fine With an uncertain question, why? I want to say I love you But at the same point I don't My heart is broken and it scares me so To let you in would mean I have to let go You ask me do I love you? What am I to say? What should I think? I want to say I love you But at the same point I don't I ask you, will you hurt me? Will you ever break my heart? Never, I promise that to you! The answer I wanted The answer my heart needed I want to say I love you But at the same point I don't Slowly as a whipser Then a little louder I udder those three words Yes...I love you! My face gets flushed I await your reply I love you too my baby girl I promise your heart will never break again Let go of your fear and grab ahold of my hand I want to say
Poem 2
%% Your shining eyes and golden hair, Your lily-rosed lips most fair, Your other beauties that excel: Your men cannot choose but like them well. But when for them they say they'll die, Believe them not, they do but lie.
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As silently as the tears slide down ones cheek wondering what life has in store for us, it makes you sit back and breathe. Makes you ask yourself, do all the little things in this life matter, do they make you happy, or is it the actions behind those little things. I guess what one should ask themself is Love about giving someone the power to hurt you, yet trusting them not to?... I surmise only the individual behind those feelings can judge the depth of their love and decide if its right for them. I know for me, I would give my life in a heart beat for the man I love, I would walk to the ends of the world and build a bridge to climb to the highest cloud if it was possible. I love him more than he will ever be able to fully grasp. If you ask me what I have done in this life so far would I do it again, certainly without hesitation, why you ask, simple, one word can only describe it, LOVE. I have been told that no one is that special, well i disagree, I believe that one person is that s
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The best dx party i ever seen before here I go anything
$100 For Sex
Johnny wanted to have sex with a girl in his office... but she belonged to someone else... One day Johnny got so frustrated that he went up to her and said, "I'll give you a $100 if you let me have sex with you..." but the girl said, "NO." Johnny said, "I'll be fast, I'll throw the money on the floor, you bend down, and I'll be finished by the time you pick it up." She thought for a moment and said that she would have to consult her boyfriend... so she called her boyfriend and told him the story. Her boyfriend says ask him for $200 then pick up the money very fast... he won't even be able to get his pants down. She agrees and accepts the proposal. Half an hour goes by and the boyfriend is waiting for his girlfriend to call. Finally after 45 minutes the boyfriend calls and asks what happened...She said, "The bastard used quarters!" Management Lesson: Always consider a business proposal in it's entirety before agreeing to it
Sherden, Tx.
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Beauty Contest
There are only two days left in the beauty contest I have come from behind and made it to 6th place I would like to try and make it higher. I need all the bombers I can get. I thank everyone who has given me love and commmented my photo, but an extra special thank you goes out to tbone3209 for really getting me this far. Please everyone help. the link to my picture and the rules are below: THE RULES AND INFO FOR THE CONTEST: 1.Comments decide the winner, Comment bombing is allowed, get votes anyway you want except sticky bulletins. Rates will break a tie. 2.You can NOT vote for your own photo. 3.If there is anything bad said about another contestant by you or anyone voting for you, you will have to be removed from the contest. 4.The most important thing about my contest is to have fun. 5.Everyone gets a prize just for joining, but the big prizes go to the top three. Come and have fun with us, you won't be sorry!! Hey everyone I have entered a Beauty Contest f
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comment bomber need please
My Broken Heart Of Glass
My Broken Heart of Glass" A broken heart is like a shattered glass No matter in how many pieces that glass may sever, There’s always a piece that can’t be found And is lost forever. Eventually, the hurt heals And the pieces of glass are glued, Even though the cracks are still visible Once again, that shattered glass can be reused. Some pieces can’t be replaced And have left a scar behind, But the glass is still able to hold water . . . In given time. Frustrated from picking up all the pieces And waiting for the scars to fully mend, Afraid the water would loosen the glue Breaking the pieces apart again. So fear built a shield To protect my glass from hurt & undue discomfort But the shield wasn’t strong enough To stop it from penetrating my heart. Now I’m trying to start over And forget my dreadful past, So, I broke through this shield Protecting my heart of glass. Even though it protected me From ever loving another, Ironically, it prevented me
Twisted Fate
Twisted fate Thou hast not seen the worst of dreams worlds betwixt in hate mortals dammed to twisted fate yet i see darkness of dreams from heaven and hell it seems lost in their mortal fate consumed by darkness of hate.
I write this for your pleasure. I ask permission to let me guide you as you satisfy yourself. "Please Sir, may I pleasure you?" Imagine me kneeling and naked between your legs in front of you. My knees spread, hands resting palms up. A coy grin on my face. All you have to do is say, "yes". "Thank you, Sir." As you start to slowly glide your hands along your cock, outside your shorts, feel mine take their place. Feel my soft, short feminine fingers gently rub against your bulge. I can feel your cock grow in my hands as I continue to rub, up and down. The fabric feels rough against your dick. Now feel my hands gently slide under the waist band. Not touching yet. My hands slide down the fabric hovering just centimeters away from your cock. All the way down. Down to the base. Now grab with me. My small hands wrap around your ever hardening cock. Slowly slide up the shaft and stop at the head. Picture my delighted face. It gives me pleasure to please you. You can smell my e
Wind and Water, Storm an Rain Who the hell do you have now to blame Sadness brought on by hearts desire Your body containing a blazing inner fire Pieces of her soul floating down a imaginary stream She lays there alone in the black of night, holding back her shattering scream The jagged cuts appearing from all her unbearable pain Her flesh so torn from the razor she slipped upon her bulging vein Streams of crimson lay in a path upon the floor Slowly she watches as her life slips away, as it flows under her bedroom door A few glances of light now fading into darkness For today she had ended her ultimate unhappiness.
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We’re always searching For the divine But them We settle For a good enough find The magic is Out there And so very real It is not Butterflies But a calm That you feel No matter the subject Whatever request It all just seems Ok No type of unrest I savor Our time now Maybe think it The best I look forward To all of the rest A journey worth Taking Begins with Brave steps Just hold my hand As we jump off This cliff
Worst Case Scenario
Being on a sinking ship in the North Atlantic ---or--- Being lost in the Sahara? Be Aware An average person can remain conscious for only about one hour in water 40 degrees Farenheight Most people cannot survive more than three days without drinking water. Prolonged exposure to salt water can cause skin lesions, which are prone to infection. The Sahara can reach more than 130 degrees Farenheit during the day, increasing the risk of heatstroke. This is actually from yesterday (Valentine's Day): Locate a usable window and attempt to open it. If you cannot open the window, find an implement you can use to break it. Strike the center of the glass with the implement. If the hand holding the implement will come within a foot of the window as you break it, wrap it with a jacket or sweater. Punch out any remaining shards of glass. Cover your fist with a jacket or sweater before removing glass. Make your escape. Do not worry about any minor nicks and cuts. Just run
God Said 'oops!'
We all make them It is bound to happen You will create Another mistake Lose something important Forget a vital thing Give your heart to someone Who cares too little To embrace Not see the car ahead of you Say an unkind word Or respond in a way Most folks think absurd Spill this Drop that Misjudge a gas release It is part of being human The silly things you do The only thing you must get over Is always being you
wow new to this cherry tap site. looks pretty cool. maybe i shouldn't have been stoned when i started this thing. because now i am too stoned to figure it all out! bare with me, or help me please! hahahaha
IT WAS LIKE THIS YOUR HONOR Judy actually kept her mammogram appointment. She was met with, "Hi, I'm Belinda!" This perky clipboard carrier smiled from ear to ear, tilted her head to one side and crooned, "All you need do is step into this room here, strip to the waist, then slip on this gown. 'Everything clear?" Judy was thinking, "Belinda ... try decaf. This ain't rocket science." Belinda skipped away to prepare the chamber of horrors. Call Judy crazy, but she suspected a man invented this machine. It takes a perfectly healthy cup size of 36-B to a size 38-LONG. Also, girls aren't made of sugar and spice and everything's Spandex. We can't be stretched, pulled and twisted over a cold 4-inch piece of square glass and still pop back into shape. Belinda flipped her (literally) to the left and said, Can you stand on your tippy toes and lean in a tad so we can get everything?" "Fine," she answered. Judy was freezing, bruised and out of air, so why not use the remaining cir
New 2/18
ok how shold i put this? is it stealing if smeone willingly gives you something? my friend jai is divorcing precious cause shs a lying bitch hes tired of all the lies and of course im getting blamed for it because i decided to befriend him... so now im a home wrecker... (now shes accusng him of stealing a car after )altrhough he just bought her a new one... so shes making him out to be a bad personm but is he? would you put up with shit from your loved one who just think of finding ways to hurt you? i wouldnt been there done that and now is putting vicious lies on here about it... Its a buch of crock she does something and funds away to make him out to be the bad guy... im tired of 2 faced ppl who try to play littler mind games and yes i hope she reads this... Jai im sorry if this makes you mad but there it is... give me your iunput my friends what do you think honestly?
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Tiger Army
"Rose Of The Devil's Garden" There is a rose in the Devil's garden In shadow it grows alone Many things are dangerous now In this garden we call home Be careful as you make your way Some things are poison to the touch You've spent your life here in this place You long to run away so much [Chorus:] My love it is a black rose (my love it is a black rose) Held out to you by the hand of fate (held by the hand of fate now) And as this dark romance grows... It's not from the sun, but the starlight that's so far away Above the Devil's garden The fertile soil of poisoned hearts Fed by tears and nighttime rain Under Transylvanian moon Grows the flower bred from pain Death is pure - life is not So ask yourself, what do you want? As for me, well I want you So pick the black rose and let its thorns cut you [Chorus] "Santa Carla Twilight" Watch the moonrise tonight The ocean looms past bonfires alight I am a stranger in this place And when I see you, I can
Nascar Champ
Harvick looks to be on track to at least make the Chase but I think Stewart will pull out the championship again.
Military Appreciation
Being a military wife-this hits home....
Cumm On
I would really like to know exactly what response my penis would get if a woman saw it. I know it is strange, but only one woman has so I am kinda afraid to get it back out there but would really appreciate an honest opinion of looks and how it stacks up. I know it is strange request, and I do apologize if I offend you. But for those that are willing to peek for the purpose of helping a nerd out, I woul appreciate it. For some reason the pics can only be viewed if I am added. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks
SELFISH AND COLD BY REVELATION THEORY: Your voice is killing me Your words are hard as they come Thoughts that sit in here Fall like bullets to the floor Your heart is pulling me The cut runs deeper as it flows Scars that cannot heal The hurt is covered to the bone 'Cause every time, it gets so complicated While I'm lying down in doubt I'll just tell myself I'm leaving here 'Cause I'm selfish and I'm cold And I feel like the world is ending Faithless and I've fallen again 'Cause I'm selfish and I'm cold And I feel like we're all pretending Careless and I'm lonely again And I am torn On the inside The trust is dead in me Walls close higher all around The cross I cannot bear feels like pressure coming down Until now The world was never jaded Yet I'm left here on my own To pick up the pieces 'Cause I'm selfish and I'm cold And I feel like the world is ending Faithless and I've fallen again 'Cause I'm selfish and I'm cold And I feel like we're all pretending
learn the pathway of the darkside of force ! Star Wars Horoscope for Taurus You are a dependable creature, but you do tend to be stubborn. You like material possessions and love to win at games. You hate being bossed around or losing. You may succumb to your physical strength when upset. Star wars character you are most like: ChewbaccaWhat Is Your Star Wars Horoscope?
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I finally got Yahoo! messenger again, my ID is kandi.angel
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Just Another One Of Them
these are pretty harsh words. why is it when someone gets hurt the first word that come out of our mouths is just like the rest of them. well i met someone special here awhile back and things did not go as planned. yes i let him down because i couldnt change for him. so then i lost him. i know inside i am not just like the rest of i am sorry i couldnot do it because i lost a good friend. so then next time i decide to go the next step with someone the walls will be back up and the trust is going to be hard to get but they will come dowm very slowly i know i will find love respect and trust me it my not be here but i will
Help the new guy out. luvtomud@ CherryTAP
Experience Gone Awry
I can’t keep acting Surprised Just cannot play the Fool again Believe it or Not I saw this coming Long ago When I explain It to you I’ll remember to Take it slow I didn’t need too Many clues When adding 2+2 Simple case of hearing What you meant Not What you said It never gets real Complicated If it comes out of Your head The clouds you try to Hide behind Are merely a Pale fog When you tie yourself up In tall tales You end up mired in The bog Now you are stuck And the one who Wound up shocked Nice to see you Bamboozled Here’s a kiss For luck Even fairy tales Attain conclusions We have touched the page That states The End I once saw a partner Now I can’t find My friend
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The Secret To Attracting And Keeping
The main PROBLEM here, and the thing that stood in your way, is that men aren't easy to understand. And when you find a good man, he doesn't come with an "instruction manual". Just because your girlfriends told you it wasn't your fault, or that he was just "a jerk", doesn't mean that they understood the problem (or that they understand men at all, for that matter). Most women don't "get" men. Your friends who try to comfort and encourage you have good intentions. They're just trying to make you feel better. But they're also accidentally making the situation WORSE. They're trying to blame the situation on HIM, instead of trying to help YOU understand how to KEEP a great guy around. This situation is MOST dangerous when you meet a really GREAT GUY, but you don't know how to catch him or keep him. Let's face it, great guys are hard to find... and when you do find one, you can't afford to lose him because you made a dumb mistake. You can't aff
Shadowed Hate
Shadowed Hate Crying tears of pain Burning my soul with acid Escaping reality with blades Bleeding for your touch Lost admist the chaos within Fighting for my sanity Losing all hopes of you Fingers outstretched for your touch Blood stained arms holding back Tears dried on my cheek Closing eyes of hate Shadowed hate dwells here.

I take Easter just as seriously as Christmas. You can't have the beginning without the end, although it isn't really an end, is it? Anyway, my wish is for the Holy Spirit to touch your heart with the deep love that was freely given to us all. Roy 1.) How many times a day would you hug me? 2.) Would you let me hold you? 3.) Would u come with me to places? 4.) Would you love me? 6.) Would you lie to me? 7.) If I was sick what would you do? 9.) Would you leave me for one of my friends? 10.) Want to have a future with me? 11.) Would you listen to all my problems and help me solve them? 12.) Would you introduce me to your mom/dad? 13.) Would you care about what I do when we go out? 14.) Would you hang out with me AND my friends? 15.) If your friend tried to get with me what would you do? 16.) If me and one of your friends argued, who's side would you be on? 17.) Would you give me your myspace pass
Adirondack Dream
Once long ago in a forested place A little girl with an angelic face Lay in the grass & looked at the sky And dreamed of a love that would not pass her by. She thought the meadow was magickal earth That all of her dreams would rise & give birth So she talked to the maple & pines all around And buried her heart in this hallowed ground. She left this place when she was 11 To her it was her own private Heaven A place of peace & magickal dreams Where she could fly & touch the moon's beams. She finally grew up as girls always do But has never forgotten that color of blue The sky was clear there with big fluffy clouds Where God had listened to her thoughts out loud. So many years have passed since that time Oh how she loved the smell of the pines But no one had found her heart that she placed In the earth on that hill with her innocent grace. One day when she had about given up A man came along and dug her heart up He'd found the sacred spot on the knoll He
Pinch'slap'whip Or ?...................................
No More
No More No more suffering No more tears. I have no life nor have I fears. My angel is gone and my soul is dead. Nor have I water, for my body to shed. My body is trapped in an empty space. I have no blood, for my heart has no pace. I'm left without love I'm left without air. I'm left in a body, without a soul to spare. I told you once, I told you twice. Living without you, is like having no life. No more dreams No more lies. Me without you body just dies.

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