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Taste Of Freedom
Boring Women
Outlaws Prayer (pome)
Dear Lord please hear my plea I'm stand on the galows with death stareing at me. Please forgive me lord for all my sins for it was this world lord that made me the way I am. No one to love No one to care No one to share my life with was she really out there. From town to town I romed looking but never did find is it all in my head or have i lost my mind. The time is drawing close lord the crowed gathers near I wounder dear lord is she hear. If she is her dear lord tell her not to cry for this Young Outlaw is not afraid to die. I'm going out in a blaze of glory one last chapter to this outlaws story. The pappers will tell of all my glory. So unto you I giveith my soul may it be heaven or may it be hell Yea they will remember me The outlaw kid named Jossie Wells.
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M's Story!
UNKNOWN She walked through her door. Alone, wanting some rest. Turning on the light, and putting her keys in the plate as she got in the kitchen. Something didn’t feel right. She felt an unease overcome her. She walks back to her room, slowly walking in, and all of a sudden she feels someone grabbing her. She’s thrown on the bed. She tries to scream, but her screams are muffled. Her eyes and mouth covered. Her fear is rising, breathing getting harder. She calms herself. This person is on top of her now; she slows her breathing thinking what is to come.​​​***​​​​​***I’ve been watching her for a while. She is beautiful. No, I take that back she’s an exotic goddess. Dark skin, long black hair, so skinny, but curves in the right places. She carries herself with confidence. I’m just a white boy, I work hard. I’m not Mr. Universe, but I think I’m somewhat good looking. I want to ask her out, but am so
Green Jello
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..:: Erotica ::..
If A Poem By Rudyard Kipling

Oceansun ....we Need More Peace In This World
Escort In Delhi Escorts In Delhi
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Spring Bling
Hard Choices
Hard Choices
Looking For S Girlfriend
Hard Knocks



Lady In Black
Minaser Blog
Please Let Me Have A Job From Home
I Really Try With All My Heart & Soul.
Thanks To All My New Friends On Here
This Soldier's Story
#cmon Ladys
Which One Do U Prefer? A Quickie Or All Nighter??
I found a woman here that spoke to me by phone for nearly 1 year daily--she pretended her best to love me so she could ask me for prescrition meds--she found out I was ill from cancer and dealing with depression--she faked loving me while she was actually with another or more so I would send her pills--I fought with this woman constantly because after all,no one likes to get caught swindling something out of someone--I heard daily there is no one else--I am not involved with anyone else--I heard this countless times--everytime there was an argument she would show uop with some new guy she loved--the day after telling me she loves me--ZI know people on the internet lie--it is a pre requisite--however,to knowingly go after someone struggling for your own drug habit is just awful--what kind of person does that?--I let this woman stay around for 11 months--our phone conversations were great--we got along well--but this place was and is her playground--she used to tell me how she played on
Plumbers Delight
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Best In The World: The Libertine
Adventure's In Squattinghouse-my Life,my Home;for Free(tekno Incl.)
This Is Not A Blog
Idiots Are Us
Server Technology
Has Anyone Dealt With Or Have Lupus And Is Suffering From The Disease?
Has Anyone Dealt With Or Have Lupus And Is Suffering From The Disease?
Un True Groups That Call Themselves Family
Where Is She?
Awesome Beauty Is All I See!
Let There Be Peace Within
Iamnotsure Why
It's Not All Pussy And Creaming :-)
What Is Your Most Favorite Halloween Costume You Have Ever Worn?
Friday Destination
"super-typhoon Haiyan"

Uncles Speech About My Mom
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