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I Was Bored
Well, hubby and the boys took off yesterday for the weekend...I at first, though weeee, yaaaay me, but after about 8 hours I got really bored...I went to bed early last night, got up at a decent hour, then decided it was time to take an early nap, took one...I got a bite to eat & I forgot what a hot meal tasted like lol...I got even more bored, so I took an afternoon nap, woke up and hated my hair *rolls eyes* so I decided to get it cut...I took off and went and got 22 inches cut off it...I actually love it, it feels so much lighter, go figure lol...Yes,  I got bored and felt the need to tell you all...So sue me lol...BTW, I'm going to donate it to Locks for Love...That is all, the end!!!
Perfect Love
The air is my breath   earth my body   trees my clothing   Do you remember?   The sun is my companion    my friend    my lover    Has he forgotten?   You dig into my veins   to take my blood   greedily using every drop   then I choke on fumes   You cut holes into me   fill them with your refuse   then cover them up   allowing the wounds to fester   I shake from the pain   I howl from the pain   Do you feel me?   Can you hear me?   I bathe myself in the waters   but I burn where I can't reach   You used to help me   You promised to take care of me   I try to quench my thirst with rain   but all I have are my tears   Have you forgotten me?   Listen and remember                             before it's too late Not my own words, but follows along thoughts I've had. Meko Love is to not support the ACT I believe that love is not about money, status, convenience, height , weight, or e
From My Sugar Bear Jay
 Poem for an Angel    I'm now at work staring into space Thinking of you I see your face A face that holds a wonderful smile To see your face I travel many a mile And as soon as you see me your face lights up We kiss we cuddle I cherish your touch A touch that I miss when we've far apart But your always in my mind in my heart We never know what life will bring Sometimes your happy sometimes you sing You're made me happy made me glad    I'm no longer lonely no longer sad For I have found someone so wonderful Life with you will never be dull You never thought it could be like this A love so real a love you have missed

I Leveled To Prophet! Must Read
I must say how grateful I am to all the people have loved on me and helped me out the last 2 weeks.You guys are wonderful! I can say this in all honesty.9 days ago I leveled to disciple.In 9 days I just levled to Prophet.That is amazing.I signed up on fubar on February 16th,2009 and look how far I have got with the help of real and loving friends.I had an awesome friend who is a member of Moonlight levelers who went and got his whole group to come help me level the last 300k points in under 30 minutes.You guys really made my day and thanks so much for your help.Some of you may not like me.You may not respect me but if you knew the real me you would.I love my friends here dearly and Ill do anything in my power that I can do for you.I may get grouchy and bitchy sometimes but I do care about the ones who genuinely care about me and not about what pics they get to see.Someone helping me because they want to makes me smile.I love helping people randomly as well and making their day.Thanks f
Painful Misunderstanding
Random Thoughts 2
When times get hard i think of you  When i feel alone i hug my pillow n wish it was you...  When i need a smile i play our song  I'm reminded you love me  Although the distance keeps us apart  I find my self a little each day Starting to Fall more in love What we have started as a friendship Then slowly started to become more real I'm worried one day you'll walk away Which is why I never thought to tell you the feelings I started to have... the day we met was one I'll never forget You called my phone and said 'I'm fallin for you' I felt speechless unsure of what to say Sitting there listening to you A tear rolls down my face 'I'm falling for you too' I reply Every day that goes by I want you to be with me Side by side is how we should be
Fubar Life
Since I have had to start from scratch on this website after reaching the Level of 28 on my old account  I have learned that most the people on this site are greedy and don't give a crap about you.  Unless you give them Bling or you have Autos or Bombs. I have helped alot of the high ranking people on here level at some point or other and have never asked for anything in return. I don't know how many of you I shitfaced or buzz-killed or bombed Autos or not simply cuz you were my friends and have never asked for anything in return. Today I had to pay some of you that I have bombed and rated and blinged dozens of times  in the past that is just Fucked Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since the new levels were added everyone is out for them-self and screw anyone that may have helped in the past and now needs your help. I am about done with this website and the people on it.   You all know who you are and you should all be ashamed of yourself.  I'm usually one that can get my thoughts acro
my heart by mysticgirl38The edges of my aura ripped and torn around megiving room to the blackness that tries to invade methe emptiness reminding me every minute of every daymy continueous struggle seems futilebut not one that i will give up onthough i pray for a match for my soul it never comesto love unconditionally, i ve always donethe souls who i bump into never able to dounwilling and unable to feel the warmth from my heartmy love doesnt smother nor does it judgeit just isno limitations of how much to give or receive this is the love that i will wait for even though i feel its killing methis is the love i must live     Cougar by mysticgirl38Chew me up and spit me out you thought you knew what a cougar is about.Passion and heat, you know she has it now tell her you gotta have it. Nails down your back you moaned like you were on fire. This cougar bit you and now your the prey. Was this part of your dream you had? Like a fool your ace was high and she took it without a sigh. Free
My New Owner
July 4th!!! *smiles*
I dk anymore why is life so hard. I wish it was like when I was a kid. Easy. I just keep thinking about alot of stuff and dont know if I am makeing the right chooses. I am sarting to hate it here and wish I could just up and move or turn back tome :(
Black And Blue
EUREKA! Finally a place to rant and rave like a silly maniacal bag lady on crack!!! I think it would be nice if people would start taking responsibility for their own actions! I mean come on, we are all adults here...or we should be...I think silly two cent words like "I can't" should be permantly abolished from our vocubulary...if you think about it...we have plenty of other two cent words to throw around....Maybe if that happens, doors would start opening....oh who knows? Not very much good comes from a shut down mind....other than bruised hearts....*sighs* just a thought....don't really expect anyone to read this...let alone care what i'm ranting about....but ohhh it clears the air....the clutter in my head has quieted and think!!! depression sinks its ugly fangs in and i go along for the ride...ugly monsters swim in my head no more, but they live in the air between us...
This Is What I Feel...
I Thank You I thank you sir for what you did for me. For the purple heart you got while keeping us free. And Im sorry that our nations gratitude is so dry. And for the memories that you now carry and the tears you now cry. For your trudging threw mud, and fighting til dawn. While losing close friends but still carrying on. For taking the shells, sadly hearing the screams. For living threw hell, that now lives in your dreams. And Im sorry sir it had to turn out that way. And Im sorry more when ungrateful people say the shit they say. But I thank you truly the best I can.                        And I count it an honor to just shake your hand
Lyrics I've Written
Whats Inside   So I walk this path alone, no one I can ever trust The pain of so may trials has drawn me to the darkness I claw at my skin…the cuts ease the pressure deep inside I feel the blood drip from me, each drop is another torment gone But for each torment gone another one arrives…deeper inside   So little rage for so much pain You keep it inside yourself Baptized by fire you will see it through Fix every ones pain…but not your own Kill the sickness…kill yourself   You see the ropes, the ledges all the pretty little pills You’ve thought about them all, how they would make you feel Every little pain adds more of a push, that seductive whisper You know it would help but you always resist…always break down What’s one little life in this world…no one even sees the pain deep inside   So little rage for so much pain You keep it inside yourself Baptized by fire you will see it through Fix every ones pain&helli
Sexiest eyes contest,, plz go rate me..
Love Letters
Since you've claimed me, I've found that I no longer wear makeup when I leave the house every morning, and it's not such a big deal if I wear shorts without shaving my legs. I walk with a swagger and toss back my long blonde hair like the girls I see in the Garnier Fructis commercials. I greet complete strangers I pass on the street. I smile a lot. I laugh loudly. My fingernails, which are almost never painted because I bite them down so far they bleed sometimes, are presently a sparkly Cleopatra gold. It doesn't even really bother me that they've started to chip off. I worry less. I am more forgiving. I quietly hum to myself in public. My dreams are pleasant. I've ceased to obsess over the fact that my BMI regularly fluctuates between "normal" and "overweight". I make a sincere effort not to gossip. I tell my family I love them more often. YOU love ME for who I am and it makes me feel WONDERFUL! (Inside and outside) Even better than this is the knowledge that I make you feel wonderful
Tweedy Bird
i am so not watching it again... you can have fun though avoids responsibilities, people tell them they are childish and need to grow up, would rather live in their head than the real world, wants success to just happen to them, focuses on fantasies more than reality, believes they deserve to have whatever they want, life lacks direction, never know what to do next, does dumb things frequently, inconsistent performance, lazy, slacker, does the minimum to get by, does things without thinking, does not feel they have any reason to accomplish anything, tend to ignore or put off problems, believes fun is the most important thing in life, most people think they are crazy, forgets scheduled appointments, more past than future, gets attention through negative behavior now tell me that doesn't sound EXACTLY like my little stalker bitch... 8-P  
Big Devil's Place
For all you women who think you know BIG DEVIL on here heres a little something to think about  First off i dont know what he tells all you women on here but its proably all lies to make himself look good he is where he is today because i fell for his bullshit dont fall for his bullshit. he preys on women to help him cause he cant help himself he wont find women locally he finds women on here from georgia, west virginia ,tennesse, new york ,montana  he also loves to prey on BBW women in his words "they are easy to get cause they have low self esteem , no skinny chick would put up with me"  he comes here on fubar preying on women and looking for a way out  little do you all know he is not as nice as you think he has a violent temper and was kicked out of his own house as a child for beating up his sister .he is a loser he came straight from the woods with no electricity no working water not a toliet to shit in and yes he has a daughter but lost custody of her because he didnt do what he
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life as we know it ? Current mood:  depressed Category: Blogging    Why I....            Since day one Ive been wronged only to not belong - Even my own family couldnt take the truth -  Im not doing it, Im the undone - Their the ones with guns - I never asked I never delayed - It only takes some time until their done - only to start again - This time making it harder to run - If I knew no one would believe me would it have changed things - Instead its all the unsaid making it harder to lie by their side - Leaving minds to bleed the sight only hearing my crys for why - its not I who you should be afraid of - its the devil you see in their eyes - Lying only to save their own souls - yet they dont even know the whole truth - Instead its I who needs the help - I refuse this time to lie and deny the life ive been dying by -  It wasnt I so why do I cry - when someone else would do just fine - in my head awakes the dead walls spayed red from mass
Ugly People...
My god there are some horribly ugly people on this site. Ya know the type that catches you off guard when you come across their page. They're so nasty that you gotta take another look just to make sure you're seeing it right.  I'm not saying i'm anything special by any means, but there's those ones that make you wonder why they would even post that picture on the internet, for no one could find that remotely appealing...  I have come across a few of the ugliest women i have ever seen on this site. Not only are alot of them morbidly obese, but there's a few with faces that not even a mother could love.  Speaking of morbidly obese, the thing that drives me nuts on here is the fat chicks and their pictures.  You know she's a cow when she doesn't have a pic of her body and posts like 5 fucking pages of pics of her face from every possible angle and lighting combination imaginable.  Though i suppose that's better than a pic of her in a bikini with her rolls hanging out, which i've seen plen
Im in an auction/contest! Come bid on me, if u can't bid at least rate! Every rate counts for contest!!
Southern Sex Symbols
Zatanna **Co-Owner of American Sex Symbols**' wrote the following at '2009-10-23 16:55:39'.. > > > >   > > > > >   > > > > The sexiest Cowboy on fubar... Countryboy Superman has once again brought together the American Sex Symbols... A collection of the hottest Men and Women in U.S.A. on fubar... We are a close group of friends and we are always looking for new members... If you are interested in joining... See the blog marked "How to apply"... This group has been around before and was once the second highest memeber rate group on fubar... and our goal is to get to be #1 > > American $ex $ymbols Group (See Blog to Apply)@ fubar > This Announcement brought to you by > > Countryboy Superman (Leader of the JLM & Southern Sex Symbols) Owned by Zatanna@ fubar > & > Zatanna@ fubar> > > > > > > >
Ecs Custom Graphics
The rules for this are fairly simple. 1.) Do not shout me what you would like. It takes a couple days to complete your request, so by the time i got around to doing it, your shout request will be gone.   2.) Please subject the email ECS Graphics so i dont accidentally delete it.   3.) please link me the pic(s) you would like to use for your artwork. I Don't want to create something for you and you not like the pic I have chosen.   4.) I Will never ask you for any compensation, but donations of FuBucks, VIP, Blast, Whatever is definitely accepted and highly appreciated. It's like being in the hospitality industry. Waitresses are not allowed to ask for a tip, but theyre obviously appreciated.
I Was Tagged...
Instructions......Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.   1. My middle name is Lee..and mys sister's is Dee..weren't my parents just the most imaginative people?!   2. I always sit with a blanket on me @ home..I dunno why..even if it's hot as hell outside!   3. I chew my finger nails when Im stressed..I know its GROSS but I can't help it!!   4. I was born and raised in Germany and I still have a Greencard...   5.  I vacuum my matress...Im not sure if that's normal?! lol   6.When I was younger I had a shaved head..just cos...   7. I got my first "home made" Tattoo when I was 12...I was like the MONSTER child every parent was scared to have!lol   8. I hate school..even though
Still Unbroken
Broken bones, broken hearts Stripped down and torn apart A little bit of rust I'm still running Counting miles, counting tears Twisted road, shifting gears Year after year It's all or nothing But I'm not home I'm not lost Still holding on to what I got Ain't much left No there's so much that's been stolen Guess I've lost everything I've had But I'm not dead, at least not yet Still alone, still alive Still unbroken I'm still alone, still alive I'm still unbroken Never captured, never tamed Wild horses on the plains You can call me lost I call it freedom I feel the spirit, in my soul It's something Lord I can't control I'm never giving up While I'm still breathing I'm not home I'm not lost Still holding on to what I got Ain't much left No there's so much that's been stolen Guess I've lost everything I've had I'm not dead, at least not yet Still alone, still alive Still unbroken I'm still alone, still alive Still unbroken I'm still unbroken Still unbroken Like the wind, like the
A Woman
"Whatever you give a woman she is going to multiply..If you give her a sperm, she'll give you a baby..If you give her a house, she'll give you a home.. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal.. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart.. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So if you give her any crap, you can expect a ton of shit."
My Jokes
A young man from WV decides to ask his girl friend to marry him. So after the question is ask and she says yes they both run to there parents and break the news to them. So the two families get together and plan a big hillbilly wedding. So the wedding day comes and they have a beautiful wedding by hillbilly standards. After the wedding and the reception the newly married couple decide to go to there new home and constimate there marriage. So the young groom goes in the bathroom to get read while the young bride gets ready in the bedroom. The groom comes out and climbs into bed with his new bride. After playing and kissing for a while the groom jumps up out of bed grabs his pants and runs down to his parents house. He bangs on the door screaming "dad dad dad" finally the dad domes to the door and ask "boy what you doing down here you're suppose to be up there with your wife being on your honeymoon". The boy says "I know but I crawled in bed with her and found out she
Political Commentary
Friday, May 21, 2010 Illegal to be Illegal? ARTICLE INCOMPLETEIts amazing just how many people have deep, heart-felt convictions concerning the SUPPORT OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT AND SAFE NEIGHBORHOODS ACT passed in Arizona recently. Imagine how strong their convictions might be if they actually read the bill. Count our president among those with plenty to say about unconstitutionality and racial profiling; civil rights and sensitivities without ever claiming to have read it himself.The fact that the new anti-illegal immigration law is a virtual mirror image of existing federal law hasn't stopped President Obama, members of congress, various pundits and even Mexican President Felipe Calderón from criticizing Arizona. In his address to Congess yesterday, Calderon said, "I strongly disagree with the recently adopted law in Arizona," which was met by an approxmately fifteen second long standing ovation from mostly Democratic lawmakers while most Republicans present remained seated. Jo
So Mad At My Moms Parakeet
The Black Rose
No one ever really listens to what the black rose is trying to say,Many people think that to get black roses it means they are unwanted and unloved.For those that cannot see it`s real meaningthis is what I wish to say...The Black Rose is immortalized, It can neverdie.While you look upon it`s bloody red sisterremember that it will only last but a day.If you wish to give me red roses,Remember I will turn them away.While I look upon the roses, I shall smileand say..A red rose is forever, but a black rose is for an eternity.
My Stalker
Heartache To Hope
This note is for every man that has ever let me down, hurt me, abused me, brought me down, broken my heart, diminished my faith and hope, destroyed my mind, heart, dreams, faith, and spirit....for any and every man that has caused any negative feeling in me at all whether you were in my life a day, a year, or a decade; whether you caused a little pain from a simple let down or a lot of pain from whatever; whether you're still in my life or not....and to any one that knows any of those men, feel free to tell them this for me....   THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all the pain, all the heartache. Thank you for ever single time you let me down and hurt me. Thank you for all the mental, physical, emotional, and psychological abuse. Thank you for dragging my heart and spirit through the dirt Thank you for everything you've ever done to ruin me. Thank you for bringing me to the lowest depths that you could possibly bring me. I know I've been strong enough that MOST people h
New Lounge: Heaven And Hell On Earth!!!
Angel Or Demons
Solace In The Backwoods
Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.       Around here the squirrels can often be fairly entertaining. I have a bird feeder that hangs on the front porch so we can watch the birds. A lot of times however, I get to watch the acrobatics of the local squirrels as they raid the feeders too. These are red squirrels and not the grey ones I used to hunt as a boy. These look too scrawny to eat.... probably take a whole bunch of them to make a decent pot of stew. But they're fun to watch.       We have to be careful of what we leave outside. Sometimes when I'm out splitting firewood or working around the farm, I will bring me a snack. I'll sit on a treestump or log and take a break. If I turn my back for even an instant the food disappears. In this case I discovered that squirrels like ice cream cones. Sometimes they'll steal the bread off the top of my sandwiches. Crackers or tater chips disappear too. Danged little crumb snatchers. I don't have a trac
.This is not for anyother reason but to help a friend, not a pissing contest for linux users. I just figured i would post it incase anyone wanted to try it. Having said that, try at your own risk and ask if you need help ill try to get back to you as soon as i can. Also these are written without the care of an english professor, dont bitch just try it.   go here and download the 32bit versions ( 64 is fine, but may require you to tweak too much for what you want, try saving it for when you get good) of the one you want:   Versions: KDE is as close to windows as you can get without selling your soul.   Gnome3 is the product of idiots   xfce is too close to gnome but slightly bit better then cutting your wrists   Lxde is what i use, but may be too striped down and require more effort into setting up   My advice is to go with KDE 32 bit   If you have an ISO burner that's fine use it, if not the best and easiest to use
Whispers Of The Moon
Incoheerant Thoughts And Ramblings Of A Hopeless Romantic.
They say the eyes are the gateway to ones soul. The portal to all that makes someone a unique individaul. I say baulderdash to that theory. I believe the eyes are mearly glipses into a person's state of mind at that particular point in time. The lips? Ahhh now there I believe the true portal resides. Lips are far more than simple pieces of flesh that cover our teeth and hold in fluids and food. Lips can quiver when a lovers embrace overcomes us. Lips can tighten up in a moment of extasy. Lips can press gently against another persons lips to form a connection as intimate as any we have ever known. When we kiss someone romantically, what exactly are we doing? We purse our lips, and open our mouth, so that we can convey the passion and desire that we feel for the person we are kissing. We exchange bacteria and fluids during a kiss. However we also exchange breath. This is the essence of what makes a kiss so uniquely intimate. What is breath? It is a collection of molecules like hydrogen,
The Graduate's Blog
  I Wish I Still Knew. Chapter One   Heather Craig • Thu, Nov 14, 2013   Well, at nearly 38 years of age, I can FINALLY admit, I don’t have answers for everything. I just…don’t. And sometimes, I don’t even have a clue about it. Whatever “it” may be. Im not as smart as I thought I was after all. And that’s all you get, those three confessions of me ever being wrong. But, its all true.Let’s rewind life a bit, to better understand how this came about, me just now finding out that for sure, I really don’t know all the answers. I had guessed a time or two that I could be wrong, but was later proven wrong by the right fate. And I have no shame in admitting, I am a tad bit Naive. And simply DO NOT have all of the answers. When I was a little girl, living the straight up Laura Engall’s life, on my little prairie, out in the country, I had my ma and pa. My “sisters” (no, really
Psychic Tarot Reading
Tequila's Thoughts
Visit My Reverb World
This Place Is Addicting. I'm Using All My Gigabites I Won't Be Able To Do My Online Banking. Oh Well, I'll Probably Lose My Job For Playin
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Being Bi
I find it unusual that my first day on this site and I have a ton of guys asking me sexual questions as their first conversation. Yet I mention what I do for work (cam model) and I get that I'm a gold digger. I never approach these so called men yet I'm the one who's wrong...leaves me not wanting to talk to any guys and that most women online think I'm a guy because I want to find a live in gf. Why does the world have to be so judgmental?
Omfg Really?!
Fashion Electronics Gadgets
Wireless high-CCTV cameras security system is a great investment Wireless high-CCTV cameras on the market is considered to be popular type project. Most of these items are designed on way, and are very easy to use. Te cameras are very easy to install. People can use and installation of these devices with the help of instructions for use. These devices are made from by different companies on the market. Most of these companies have a corresponding team of cares about design and manufacture of parts. They reviewed material, you can choose for their design and produce the finest camera type of material. Their team inspect work these devices. Wireless high-CCTV cameras are be available for in different models with different shapes and designs. Most of these designs and shapes are user friendly. They are difficult to install huge space. Here you can look several shops for the purchase these tools. Ti devices are not so much pricey. That relieves you from complication Electrical installation
Yay Me
I started a new job soon making 130K a year:) i just gotta find someone to spend it
Freedom Of The Mind
Spirit Freedom Free your mind to help unwind the grip they've held so long...Those fibers of prey won't just wear away, your spirit must remain strong.Remember back when's and all emotion ends, to help light your way in the dark...To see the unknown and know what has grown, inside you, your amazing luminous spark.This feeling somewhow surrounds me now, as if it's been here all along...Emotions now know, as I'm letting things go, my spirit is singing my song. Me
Hello All
Just wanted to say drop by anytime you are welcome to chat,like,rate, or leave any messages!Like meeting new people so come by and say hello.I like to keep it drama free just here to have a good time and chill.If you like anything in there dont by shy come say hello.Have a good weekend!
Siraj New Retro Rock!
WWW.REVERBNATION.COM/SIRAJX About SIRAJ X SIRAJ X, an independent Retro/Classic Rock artist, has released his BLAST TO THE PAST 2013 musical campaign,which is quite simply a mixed bag return to the classic rock & roll sounds of the 50's-80's with a unique blend of funky guitar,bass, & other arrangements utilizing totally new & original material cut in the studio from 1987 to the present. While having 50 plus songs sitting around for years may not sound like much, it is of note that most of this material was influenced and made when the pop/rock scene was vibrant and in full this musical journey by SIRAJ X can be considered to be a mini mystery safe of cool jams and honest rock & roll just waiting to be unleashed on a market that has not seen the likes of this style for almost 20 years!! So whether you are longing for a return to some fun retro music or of a younger generation re-discovering just how cool & hip these sounds once were, SIRAJ X
My Song Lyrics Rewrites
So there I was on a new planet, Ending an insurrection! He was so brave, saber in hand, Looked in my direction! Was not what, he's used to What? "There is no passion" Is he really a big tool? Time for annihilation! I killed a Jedi, and I liked it! The blood of his on my boots, stick! I killed a Jedi, just to try it! I hope his masters dont mind it! I feel so strong! I feel the might! Don't mean this will end tonight! I killed a Jedi and I liked it, I liked it! No, I didn't even know his name. What's it matter? For him, there will be no more fame. Nothing to cater! It's not what, Sith Lords do. I come, destroy and I maim. You Jedi look confused It is dismay! I killed a Jedi, and I liked it! The blood of his on my boots, stick! I killed a Jedi, just to try it! I hope his masters dont mind it! I feel so strong! I feel the might! Don't mean this will end tonight! I killed a Jedi and I liked it, I liked it! Us Sith are so maniacal And yet you still dismiss us so Your knowledge, so questiona
I'm disgusted.... FLAT OUT! What is going on with this world today?? People are so quick to judge without even knowing someones story. I know what it's like to not want to go on but i HAVE to. I know i have to pick up the pieces and continue on... NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!!! I paste a smile on, I live my life day by day.... I work...... Just because i don't constantly whine and cry about my problems doesn't mean that they are not there. Just because someone doesn't act themselves with you because you just met them, doesn't mean you have the right to judge them.... Especially someone that would give you the shirt off their back.. So close your mouth and open your eyes, and realize WE ARE ALL ONE..... We will never make it being judge mental or better than anyone else. Tip of the day: Don't judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes, and even then if you don't know them SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.... i feel much better.
Real Shit Coming From A Real Chick
        Some men always try to have sex wiht me but dont even know me    i mean i know im thick and all but i wish you could try to get to know me before  you get in the panties 
Fuengirola: A Refreshing Place For Golfers
Fuengirola in Costa del Sol, España, has the highest number of golf courses in Europe. It is a perfect place for golf holidays in Spain. You will find not only reasonably priced accommodation with a series of discounts, advantages and special prices in Fuengirola but also competitively priced golf arrangements and installations. This location is considered a delight for amateurs as well as the perfect training ground for golf professionals. The warm winters and mild weather conditions of the location have earned the sport immense popularity here. Mijas Golf is one of the many sought after golf courses in Costa del Sol. It has two 18-hole courses Olivos and newly re-designed Lagos initially created by Robert Trent Jones Senior, golf course architect par excellence and world renowned for his work that spreads from the Mediterranean to the Pacific. Trent Jones believed that “every hole should be a hard par and easy bogey”. The designer golf courses here are different in their
Tammy First Blog
Vomit The Soul
Today I will post something.  Tomorrow I will not. But one day, I might put this to use. 
**All about me** by kristen96Basic StuffName: Bruno GhiaAge: 61Birthday: 4/1/52Birth Place: in the forestCurrent Location: Lemon GroveHeight: 5'8"Weight: 195Heritage: British / East EuropeanEye Color: BrownHair Color: BrownPiercings: noTattoos: noFavsColor: blueMusic: jazz, blues, R&BSport: lounge lizardHoliday: FridayFood: Asian, MexicanMagazine: Business WeekTV Show: manyMovie: manyBook: manyColog
idk whose going read this im just fucking around cuz im bored. i had a tooth ache and fucking dentist took out the wrong tooth. the end
That's When The Fight Started
My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed.I turned to her and said, 'Do you want to have Sex?''No,' she answered.I then said, 'Is that your final answer?'... She didn't even look at me this time, simply saying, 'Yes..'So I said, "Then I'd like to phone a friend."And that's when the fight started...________________________________ I took my wife to a restaurant.The waiter, for some reason, took my order first."I'll have the rump steak, rare, please."He said, "Aren't you worried about the mad cow?""Nah, she can order for herself."And that's when the fight started....._____________________________ My wife and I were sitting at a table at her high schoolreunion, and she kept staring at a drunken man swigging hisdrink as he sat alone at a nearby table.I asked her, "Do you know him?""Yes", she sighed,"He's my old boyfriend. I understand he took to drinkingright after we split up those many years ago, and I hear hehasn't been sober since.""My God!" I sai
Religion Is A Cover
I blame religion for a lot of how my life has turned out.  I wasted the better of the last 25 years on these fantasies.  Been through all of it - baptist, pentecostal, charismatic -- and all it did was cover up and hide the true me.  Now I'm 45, and very unhappy.  Religion told me that I would be happy, that it would take my depression away, give me purpose.  Guess what?  All it did was hide it.  I wish I could go back and warn my younger self away, but I can't, and now I'm full of regrets due to my poor decisions.I am not shirking my own responsibility for how my life turned out either - I know I have a lot of mental problems and personal failings that I could have controlled -- but now I believe that things may have been a bit easier had I stayed away from faith.  I'm finding science and skepticism more fulfilling and interesting.
Hate Me Or Love Me Either Way I Dont Care
how many times have u been told i luv u then find out they actually been lu and caring for sumoneelse
Red Light District
Come one come all to the newest and best lounge on fubar . Its called the red light district its the number 1 spotlight lounge today come and check it out if any ladies come right now or tonight i will buy a round of drinks for all who come and check us out . I f you come ladies you know the guys will follow you to it  so come on in.
Speaking Back To You
She stays in your heart as you watch the years roll by. Fear controls you now, with every tear she cries. For she does not realize, that you have loved her all along. Life carried her far away, as she wonders what went wrong. You were her Northern Star, a gateway to her heart. The love you gave her carried her through her own fear of the dark. You may not have known it, but you were with her the entire time. She listened to your voice, while others contaminated her mind. She heard you say you’re worth it, my diamond in the rough. Then she heard you say I love you, and that was just enough. All the strength she needed, to find the love she seeks. And each time she would slip, that’s when you would speak. Directly to her soul, you were there, yet you were not. She carries the battles scars, which the two of you have fought. Apart yet together, for you never left her side. You held her hand through it all, you whispered as she cried. When you would think of her, from somewhere
Dịch Vụ Làm Sổ đỏ Và điều Kiện để Làm Sổ đỏ
Có rất nhiều câu hỏi từ các bạn gửi tới mail: hỏi các vấn đề về sổ đỏ như: thủ tục làm sổ đỏ, điều kiện để được cấp sổ đỏ là gì…. Hôm nay tư vấn luật Minh Việt sẽ tổng hợp lại ý kiến của các bạn và trả lời như sau:                                    DỊCH VỤ LÀM SỔ ĐỎ TẠI MINH VIỆT Bước 1: Tiếp nhận hồ sơ: Quý khách photo cho chúng tôi 01 bộ hồ sơ đầy đủ các giấy tờ mà quý khách đang có về việc làm sổ đỏ Bước 2: Phân tích xử lý hồ sơ: Luật sư sẽ tiến hành phần tích
My Rant...
My Two Cents      Watching a documentary on Charles Bukowski while listening to new age music…what the Hell was I thinking. Bukowski undoubtedly would have gone straight to the hard shit if he knew. But then, he might have dug it, for a while anyway, until the drink ran out and the secret torment devils started their insane forever rant of pain and despair.nothing like a good delirious tremens puke after the first snort…    Thinking about the forces that drive the world, too vast and obscure to encircle, what was the cause of the first urban battle…Lust? Envy? Rape? Murder? The Devil? The real messed up thing about the present consciousness, is the seeming giddy oblivious passiveness of the majority…I mean, who's buying futures  when it's a global understanding that oil, food, financing, and political friendliness between countries,  are scarce and regionally problematic commodities, and even the further rising pollution of  our planet is worsening, a very
Friends Love Ever After
once upon a time a princess met a prince she thought she found a prince well they did fall in love but found out it wasnt true love like a light in the dark it didnt work out so the princess left her castle  so now she sits alone in her new catle two years later feeling very lonely wishes there was a guy w her to have some company  and hugs and kissees so my wish this halloween as i light a candle my wish is hoping my guy my new friend comes to me or he finds me so everyone on fubar wish a happy halloween this year i am going to be a pumpkin i am wearing a very cool pumpkin shirt ok my name is amelia i am seeking a new friend 
Catering Services
Shamar Catering is the Gold Coasts most awarded Catering company. Peoples Choice Award winner for Best Gold Coast Caterer for 2007 making Shamar Catering the only Gold COast Catering company to win this Prestigious Award 3 years running. Shamar Catering provides to all of our clients the most Innovative and Professional service using the Finest Quality products and Services available. At Shamar Catering Consistency of Quality and Service is our Target not just our Aim. Gold Coast Catering
Time to trick the tweakers!!
Give Myself To You
When reaching for the stars, seems out of reach. I offer you this lesson, the one that I must teach. Nothing is impossible, unless you allow it to be so. And the possibility of YOU, I will never let go. You have brought meaning, and defined my smile. You are worth every minute, every day, every mile. The man that you are, and have proven yourself to be. Has only strengthed that possibility. My dreams I hold dear, for you are in them to. And I would wait a lifetime, for one second with YOU. I've heard people say that when you find the one, you'll know. That statement is true, for my love continues to grow. Stronger and deeper with every passing minute. I just can't picture my life, without you in it. For, every since day one, I have been spellbound. That once in a lifetime feeling, is exactly what I found. Regrdless if I'm dreaming, or if I'm wide awake. The intensity of this feeling, cannot be mistaked. YOU hold the key, which opens every door. And  can't wait to sho
Make Sure (remember What I Done)
Wuz Sup FU, Are you wondering who I am?? I Am Dan F. Man! You should google me and see if you like some of my work! Here is a sample of my latest work, this is a RnB Single so if you love Rap just google me for my other work!
This Is Your Soul Speaking!
    Every tear tells a story, of joy or sorrow. Mine tell a million, of yesterdays and tomorrows. A river filled with crushed dreams, new ones brought to life. Sometimes the current picks up, struggling to stay alive. Every day that my heart keeps beating, another dream dies and a new one takes its place. I see, fell it all over again, their disgusting face. Write another story, and get rid of the pain. Experience it one more time, but this time, with no shame. Go back to that day, look them in the eye. Tell them it ends today, then take back your life. The one you would have had, if they hadn't stolen it from you. Do whatever it takes, to make it come true! Be fierce and be strong, defeat them at their own game. Make them regret hurting you, make them choke on your name! For every day they control your thoughts, and take over your mind. They are defeating you, a little more at a time. You are right about one thing, they will never stop! That's why you have to face t
I really hate people that omit, hide, or fake their profiles. I don't really care if you lie about what movies you like, or your hobbies, or what you do for a living. but important information like relationship status should not be hidden to people. I just think its really stupid to hide your relationship status, and you should tell people that you are seeing someone
My Time On Fubar
how should i start this? well joined mostly to play game and show off my sexi body to the fubar members. less then five minutes joined i have drinks, girft, friends request even before i post my picture or anything about me. so i add more pictures and  open up a bigger mess then i had before with tons of guys in my sb and upset that i can't even answer much before i get hit with tons more? grrrrrrrrrr  then i join the mafia game and find it boring at first but now a bit better since i got a toon able to work the list :). the lack of womend here is a real problem with more guys then women at above 2 to 1. most the guy are rude and perhaps me naked has something to do with that? some of the guys are very nice and don't start off  in sb with "nice tits baby" lol  the women here seem sweet but with all this going on i really haven't had the time to meet many.i feel bad that i haven't rated by one profile since i joined or gave many drinks back but there is so much to do here and i do
Thank You Sis
I would like to say thank you to my Sis, Mel, a.k.a. Princess Poochie, for introducing me to the Lost Cherry site. I have made many new friends and I am grateful for everyone of them. I love my Sis more than she could ever know. You see, we are not related blood wise, but by heart and soul. She is my best friend and my sister. I love you Mel. Thank you for being there for me.
Where Have You Been?
More Cause I Cant Figure This Out
I guess I can start this thing out with a Bang......I have a Secret.......I see Dead Ever since i was 13 living on the 200yr old farm . My mom and I have seen this guy. We seen him so much I called him Raymond. He would just be there and look around and then disapate. The only voices we have heard was the night we moved in we heard screaming from the basement. I was woken around the age of 15 to a little girl yelling up my bedroom steps for her mother. And mom and I heard a little girl say mother its cold down here when is Father coming home. They all have very proper English accents Needless to say I have now started to research the farm and the grounds around it. The house was built in the 1700s kinda cool yah know. Also my sister and I witnessed a candle being tossed in the air about 2 feet then tossed out about 3 feet then dropped we were watching TV. When we moved out somewheres around the time of me being 21...I moved out b4 that but was back he
Still Working On
Hey everyone........So now we moved outta the farm....ok no biggie.....I went on to live with Cherds dad.....Who turned out to be a we split..... I bounced around for awhile. The next time I can recall seeing or feeling anything that was ghostly....was when i lived with a b/f in Swedesboro for a bit. The house was a huge old Victorian. We lived in the redone basement. There was alot of anger and deception in that house. When that type of energy is around you might see or feel a so called bad spirit. No not one thats gonna come out and kill yah. He was taller then me about 6ft4 I would say and just an image of a body misty gray and black. No features......but a heavy presence of pain and agony and despair when he/she was there. He /she would come to the doorway and hover there. For a few then leave. I seen him many times while I was there. Then i moved on to a old house in Barnsboro that was known for running the slaves underground hundreds of yrs ago. T
My Visit To Hurghada Resorts And The Wholy Joyfull Times I Had There.
Your type is the girl next door Cute, fun, and sweet, your ideal girl is just a stone's throw away - she's the girl next door. She's Sandra Bullock, Billie Piper, and Meg Ryan all rolled up into one. Naturally pretty rather than glamorous, she's unpretentious and generous. She loves animals and children, and is great with both. You're attracted to her strong values and traditional ways. Although she demands great respect, she's not particularly high-maintenance. Her ideal date is more likely to be dinner and a film than heading out for a night on the town. She's careful yet spontaneous - a bit of the guy's girl, a bit of a cover girl (the nice kind), and just a hint of the hippie chick. But she's got an appeal that's all her own, which is why you can't stay away. Her winning smile, bright eyes, and loving nature make you want to hold on tight and never let go. oh mine i can't ever stop thinking about the great time that i had in hurghada and how the sea loked like i couldn't take lo
Jason Mraz
So I have this friend who told me to be somewhere tonight to meet up. This friend happens to know how much I love Jason Mraz and his beautiful voice, for he shares that love. As I am in line for a warm beverage and thinking why the hell am I here, its a work night, you should be in bed, etc. I look up and it was like a heavenly glow of Jason Mraz standing face to face with me. I know this sounds scary fan esque. But believe me I'm too shy to be like that. My internal energy went through the roof however and my normally loud mouth, was silenced. What's crazy too was I was listening to his cd on the way to this place also. Turns out he was performing there that night by chance and I look at a new text message from that oh so awesome friend say "your welcome - forever in my book he is awesome. So I got to enjoy such an awesome show and was sop entranced by his voice that my legs actually fell asleep from sitting so long and not moving and being so into the music. But I digress and sound l
Gitter Done
Ramblings Of The Rebellion
My honesty has once again caused me some trouble. I was talking to Glen on the phone and he asked me if I liked him. Well we're friends and all and I did actually like him as more than a friend so I said yeah. But then I went and fucked it up by going Hey wait...what kind of like are you talking about? He goes well...what kind did you think it was? Motherfucker. So I go well it's not like it really matters, I like you both ways anyway. AAAARGH well his reply was uuuh mumblemumblemumble I'm over Nicole but mumblemumblemumble so yeah. Which I took to mean as a sorry I don't like you. Which I am okay with. It's just that I don't think he's going to want to talk to me anymore...omfg everyone read the signs wrong, everyone goes and tells me that he likes me and then he goes and tells me he doesn't like me like man. What. The. Fuck. please. I'm a sensitive person and I just officially broke up with my online bf...this may sound anticlimactic, but he still profess
Stay At Home Mom
This was on myspace but I thought it was funny. Stay at home mom A man came home from work and found his three children outside, still in their pajamas, playing in the mud, with empty food boxes and wrappers strewn all around the front yard. The door of his wife's car was open, as was the front door to the house and there was no sign of the dog. Proceeding into the entry, he found an even bigger mess. A lamp had been knocked over, and the throw rug was wadded against one wall. In the front room the TV was loudly blaring a cartoon channel, and the family room was strewn with toys and various items of clothing. In the kitchen, dishes filled the sink, breakfast food was spilled on the counter, the fridge door was open wide, dog food was spilled on the floor, a broken glass lay under the table, and a small pile of sand was spread by the back door. He quickly headed up the stairs, stepping over toys and more piles of clothes, looking for his wife. H
New Shop
new year, new shop, new specials well, we hope everyone had a great new year, & a good holiday. We all did !! but now its time to get back to work & get your ass some new ink ! First & foremost ...we are proud to announce- Libbys doing portraits ! As one of the best artists in the city, one of the few female tattoo artists, & the only portrait artists in the area...she has opened up the opertunity for you to get a kickass, lifelike picture of your family members, pets, favorite crooner, or whoever...either in ink for your skin or canvass for your walls !! prices vary depending on size & content . Second...we are taking orders for custom, hand painted VANS. Tattoo your shoes ! specify size & designs. starting at $150. And this year, you can see featured art exibits at TRU INK . Feb. we will be doing an exclusive showing for Libby & her expresions . More to come in march with a great painting & sculpture artist. we will have a few photographers in as well over the next few months
Lost Info
Hmm I don't know but maybe if I do one someone will explain??
Nito Forever
Do You Have A Joke Post It Here!!!!!
If you have any joke please post them here. Any jokes of any kind accepted.
Random Silliness
Our Lager Which Art In Barrels Hallowed Be Thy Drink Thy Will Be Drunk (I Will Be Drunk) At Home As In The Tavern Give Us This Day Our Foamy Head And Forgive Us Our Spillages As We Forgive Those Who Spill Against Us And Lead Us Not Into Incarceration But Deliver Us From Hangovers For Thine Is The Beer The Bitter And The Lager Forever And Ever Barmen!
Lil Mama
What To Do What To Do ?
So I guess the first one left me sounding a little pissed.......oh wait i was..but I'm over it now that cherry has gotten under my skin it's hard to stay to meet lots of new and interesting people and hope to meet lots more to you all ! So you talk to a person for a while. you begin to think you know them, and what they are about .......and whammm !Right out of the blue they start to first hint for it then they beg for it, crying they can't pay bills, need food or rent....and best one yet they can't afford to buy thier meds.....omg has it come to this? beggin for money online, offering to do things on cam for cash.....Give me a break if you need it that bad get a second job , or a first job even. and most of all have some self respect !
T-bone's Dreams
A friend of mine and I were sitting in her kitchen playing Uno when we noticed a rather large hole in the wall with only dry-rotted boards covering what appeared to be a room that someone had closed off before my friend bought the place. We peeked in and saw a window. Through this window, we could see children playing. Immediately outside the window, there appeared to be something dark. We tore out the wall where the hole was and walked into the room. It was dark, musty, icky, and smelly. The only light was from the window, and the sky was beginning to darken from storm clouds. Further into the horizon, we could see men by pick-up trucks preparing for the approaching storm. My friend and I told the kids they had better head home. A little girl started to cry and said she lives too far to walk and that her mother had dropped her off, so my friend told the little girl that we'd take her home. Then, the girl told us she wasn't allowed to get a ride with strangers, so we asked he
When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her head. When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply. When a girl looks starely at you, she is wondering how long you will be around. When a girl answers Im fine, she is not fine. When a girl lays her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever. When a girl calls you everyday, she wants your attention. When a girl wants to see you everyday, she wants to be loved and pampered by you. When a girl says I love you, she means it. When a girl says she misses you, nobody in this world can miss you more than she does. This is truly the way it is! Ask any female!
Tequila Cookies
Everyday Life
**GlowStiXs** Newst Hottest spot in the LC..! Come and Check us out..!! ~~Hott music ~~Great atmosphere ~~Awsome people ~~Noone cares who you are, just a place to relax ~~Insane music sulection Playliste (always there) ~~Streaming Radio by TemptationX Radio ~~Your Choice playlist or radio ~~First 5 drinks are on the house if your join the lounge~ Thanks for your time and have a good one everyone! Bouncer, James
I Loved My Science Teacher Because I'm Cool
Hellllooo Lost Cherry
Wise Blogs
My Fucked Up Life And Thoughts
why is it so hard to go on with my life. i always get hurt one way or another... some more than others, why do i put up with all the shit i do. why cant i ever be happy for once. you know, not wanting to end my life and not wanting to dissapear, stop all the hurting and the suicide thoughts... all the what if's and how it would be so much better if i wasnt here. not having to cry myself to sleep. not needign ton enforce pain on myself, not hurting inside so bad. i miss not having to worrie about everythign i do. i miss when i was once knew what it ment to be happy... i really dont know what its like anymore, i havent for along time. To know what it feels like to not have all the pain i do. when anything made any sence. i dont remember a time i had a good life or what it was to just not feel the way i do now. how i cant have all the suicdal thoughts... how i cant not breakdown and cry... When Living Wasnt The Worst Thing To Me OMFG IM SO EFFIN BORED someone has got to come
My Weirdness
It's My Blog...come Check It Out
Yo U Gotz Mah Bax
Places Ive Been
The Days
I just wonder how the days just fly by every day and nothing ever seems to change...Must be just me..hehehe
What Were They Thinking? No! What Are We Thinking?
Hlep Me
can some one help me wit something i need some one to talk too
Give me five good times you've had recently or over your entire life then five bad times. You can answer here or private message me.
Good Men Of All Colors
Good Men are indeed all around us. We pass them on the streets, in the malls, and at work. Most we can't see because we don't know what a good man really looks like. He usually isn't flashy enough or rich enough to turn our heads. He might not wear a suit or push a Lexus. He might not have a body like Tyson with a Denzel face. But, as you mature, you realize it's better to find someone who's got your back rather than someone who turns your head. A good man doesn't agree wholeheartedly with everything you say. He doesn't just tell you what you want to hear and do the opposite. He doesn't declare how sensitive, sweet, caring, sincere, etc. he is (he won't have to because it shows). He has his own opinions and yours may clash, but he doesn't have to degrade you to prove he's right. He even admits at times to being wrong, especially if you are willing to do the same. A good man is not going to meet every item on your checklist. He is human with frailties and faults mixed in with all
My Day At Work
yesterday the president of the window factory i work for told everyone to wear their blue company shirts to work today because we was going to make a production video to send to our customers to show them how we make our windows, and to prove that no one else can beat our quality. they told everyone to do what they normally do while they was filming. but when i got done with the window i was working on, they asked me to take it apart and do it over and they wanted me to do everything the same way i did before. after that they told me when to start on the next window because they wanted me to be in the shot when they was filming everyone else. And they wanted to make sure i had everything set up that i needed for the windows the guy next to me was working on. so i took a look at what i had, and let the other guy know which windows i had everything for so we can keep things running smooth. we might not of had scripts, but i think i got a good taste of what actors go through behind the sc
What Woman Want
Check This Out You scored as Smart. Way to go, smart person! People are totally attracted to you by your brains. Keep it up, it's good for life as well!Smart97%Sexual83%Funny80%Beautiful/Handsome80%Different77%In What Way Are You Attractive?created with
Same As Bobbis
Jenn's Blog
Sex Survey
For Someone Special
Goodbye Jo Jo, your kind words touched me to the core, and which will forever remain with, and mean the world to me. love forever, A portrait, in memory of Jo Jo who died on the 29th October, 2006. ~Life is precious~ - Jo Jo Laine.
Needs Love
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years old, Perhap
Montage To Gaming!
A Friend
Someone you can believe in; Someone who is there for you, reminding you to have faith in yourself; Someone who inspires you to follow your heart; Someone who looks forward to spending time with you; Someone who gives you support, and helps you achieve so that you can spread your wings and soar; Someone who offers you advice, gives you a peace of mind, and a sense of pride; Someone who will listen and help you through the hard times drying your tears, so that all your fears disappear in the night And that someone is me.. Even though some of us have never met face to face, We are all together as one, in spirit and mind. i will be here for you, help guide you, help love you into eternity. Please give me a chance.
Am I Blessed?
I'm Blessed That You Love Me Lord Thank You for your special touch, For the times i need you ohhh so much. Thank you for my friend, that loves me and i am there when he calls. Thank you for the Prayer Warriors that help me pray, That we get to bring up the hurting to God each day. Thank you for your saving Grace, Your strength and power that stands me up straight soar on eagle wings, when i am before my Fathers throne, And know that He hears me for i am His own. He sings to me so sweetly at night and sends His angels to hold me tight. How great is this God that i serve, i am His daughter and His will i yearn. And when in heaven i will hear, well done my daughter and by Me come near. Yes, Thankful for so Many Blessed Things, But I am Thankful That I'm the Child Of The Most High KING.
Grand Opening
Dinner $45 Movie & Popcorn $23 Finding out she swallows PRICELESS! It pays to discover!
I Am Canadian
SO, WHAT DO CANADIANS HAVE TO BE PROUD OF? 1. Smarties. 2. Crispy Crunch, Coffee Crisp. 3. The size of our footballs fields and one less down. 4. Baseball is Canadian. 5. Lacrosse is Canadian. 6. Hockey is Canadian. 7. Basketball is Canadian. 8. Apple pie is Canadian. 9. Mr. Dress-up kicks Mr. Rogers ass. 10. Tim Hortons kicks Dunkin' Donuts ass. 11. In the war of 1812, started by America, Canadians pushed the Americans Back...past their 'White House'. Then we burned it...and most of Washington, under the command of William Lyon McKenzie who was insane and Hammered all the time. We got bored because they ran away, So we came home and partied...Go figure.. 12. Canada has the largest French population that never surrendered to Germany. 13. We have the largest English population that never ever surrendered or Withdrew during any war to anyone, anywhere. 14. Our civil war was a bar fight that lasted a little over an hour. 15. The on
Which Greek God Are You
?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ?? Aphrodite/ErosTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Try Not To Cry
BUT IF YOU FIND YOU CANNOT STOP UNTIL YOU REACH THE END THEN YOU MUST HAVE A VERY BIG HEART... Mommy.. Johnny brought a gun to school, He told his friends that it was cool, And when he pulled the trigger back, It shot with a great crack. Mommy, I was a good girl, I did What I was told, I went to school, I got straight A's, I even got the gold! But Mommy, when I went to school that day, I never said good-bye, I'm sorry Mommy, I had to go, But Mommy, please don't cry. When Johnny shot the gun, He hit me and another, And all because Johnny, Got the gun from his older brother. Mommy, please tell Daddy; That I love him very much, And please tell Chris; my boyfriend; That it wasn't just a crush. And tell my little sister; That she is the only one now, And tell my dear sweet grandmother; I'll be waiting for her now, And tell my wonderful friends; That they always were the best; Mommy, I'm not the first, I'm no bette
Now i know Rocky was one of the all time great great movies. Actually Some of Sly's better films but dont you think it is time to retire the legacy. Hey dont get me wrong i know i will be going to see it. But still after Rocky 2 none of the other movies quite lived up to the name. I Just hope that this one is better then the last.
Life Live It
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t Supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once And it’s harder every time. You’ll break hearts too, So remember how it felt when yours was broken. You’ll fight with your best friend; you’ll blame a new love For things an old one did. You’ll cry because time is passing too Fast and you’ll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve Never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset Is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back? Don’t be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will Never begin. Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well Preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, Totally worn out, shouting HOLY COW --- WHAT A RIDE!!!!
Damm Im Stuffed
Stuff I Like To Bitch About
hello jello hope all is good in what ever part of the world you are today im BITCHING about people that want to be added as who am i to say you cant request to be my friend ..but see theres a trick to becommin a friend well in my books and its really pissing me off that the only reason people are making these request is for the point out of every 10 requests do to notice that about 3 only leave a message to go with it ..i mean coem on people is it really that hard to say hey ..or i think you cool or something stupid like that ..i soooooooo tired of seenin this that i am no longer taking request' not saying im all that or anthing ...i just think its very rude not to leave a lil something when you make a request..its not like its going to kill you yeah thats is for now ...kisses to all
Indignance Served Cold
Well, I'm totally new to CherryTap. I've been a member of Myspace for about a year now and the novelty has kind of worn off. I'm digging this new community though and look forward to making tons of new friends. I still have a Myspace account, but it's mainly for my old friends and networking. That's about it for now. I just wanted to burst my Cherry - Tap blog thing.
Loose Change Trailer
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Muah To All Im Going To Lunch
Phone #
MENTAL HOSPITAL PHONE MENU Hello and thank you for calling The State Mental Hospital Please select from the following options menu: If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you. If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want. Stay on the line so we can trace your call. If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be forwarded to the Mother Ship. If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press. If you are manic-depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press, nothing will make you happy anyway. If you are dyslexic, press 9696969696969696.. If you are bipolar, please leave a message after the beep or Before the beep or after the beep. Please wait for the beep. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press
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Hear, But Don't Listen
Sorry I was Not there Before the glass Had to meet The wall Nothing I could Have done But just watch Those tears Fall They may have Yelled it in Anger It was done As a pathetic Release But the fact is It hurt you Because you Believed It does not Matter What is said It is by no means True Just remember this One thing The words mean What they mean To you
Need A Lette
God...20 Years
ok, so as most of you know, my b-day was a couple of days ago. but what you dont know, is that im goin through a bunch of tough shit. im on probation,i cant see my daughter for a long time, and a bunch of other stuff. well, i dont know how this "blog" thing works, but im gonna do what i think i should do on here. tell you my life stories. if you dont want to read it, THEN PISS OFF! this is what im gonna be writting about. god im sick. and my eyes are swollen. so most likely today (12-13-2006) i will be sleeping. for all the people that dont get to sleep,HA! anyway, so i will be goin to bed now. PEACE! this story is goona be about the birth of my daughter. when my girlfriend was first pregnant, we were living on the streets. (yeah we were homeless) anyway, her bitch mother didnt want to help her out at all, cause she doesnt like me at all.(for reasons i still dont know) so i had to get her food from stores, even when i didnt have any money to buy them. so, i sto
I Wanna Know
My Christmas Tree
i just thought i would post this blog for all 2 c on cherry tap . i have put a chritmas tree on my profile 2 c how many gifts i would receive . don't worry if u do give me a gift i won't open it til christmas day. i'm glad that i have so many friends on here . i love cherry tap . i'm really enjoying this crazy site. i'm hoping 2 have many more friends on here. well that's all for this blog but don't worry cause there r more 2 come
New To The Scene
I'm new to scene and just wanted to say hey and hope everyone is enjoying themselves. Hope to see some of you really soon.
Free Black Lab Puppy
Central High School's Newspaper Recognized Nationally
MANCHESTER – A DOZEN SENIOR EDITORS at one of the nation's finest newspapers huddled for an hour this week, picking apart their own work, debating content for the next edition and plotting the publication's future next fall -- which most people in the room won't be part of. Welcome to the newsroom of The Little Green, for decades a point of pride within Central High School and now recognized as one of the country's top scholastic publications. The Columbia Scholastic Press Association recently named The Little Green a gold medalist newspaper for 2006. "We were really pleased," said Nicholas Tatsis, a senior and co-editor in chief. "I think that's a testament to the fact that we work together as a staff and we rely on each other." Edmund Sullivan, the association's executive director, said the gold medalist designation puts Central's paper in the top 35 percent of 1,900 entries. While that may sound underwhelming., Sullivan said he lumps colleges, high schools, newspapers
State Flu Reports - New Hampshire
State Flu Reports - New Hampshire Influenza activity estimates, as reported by your state health department. Weekly reports are published about 10-12 days after the "week ending" date, due to the time required to compile national data. Legend Week Ending Activity Estimate Dec 02, 2006 No Activity Nov 25, 2006 No Activity Nov 18, 2006 No Activity Nov 11, 2006 No Activity Nov 04, 2006 No Activity Oct 28, 2006 No Activity Oct 21, 2006 No Activity Oct 14, 2006 No Activity Oct 07, 2006 No Activity Source: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
To Much To Deal
I have never hadd so much crap thrown at me . Normally its one thing here annd there but lately its more then one thing at a time... I am just lucky that I can handle all this shyt. Welcome to the holiday system, The closer the holidays come the more shyt keep coming up .. Well happy holidays Imma shut up now
Bri_t69 Day In History
25 Dec 06 - Monday - Christmas Day 1642 [Sir] Isaac Newton 1899 Humphrey Bogart 1907 Cab Calloway 1945 Ken "The Snake" Stabler 1946 Jimmy Buffett 1948 Barbara Mandrell 1949 Sissy Spacek 1954 Annie Lennox - Eurythmics 1954 Steve Wariner 1960 Amy Grant 0001 1st Christmas, according to calendar-maker Dionysus Exiguus 1223 St Francis of Assisi assembles 1st Nativity scene (Greccio, Italy) 1651 Massachusetts General Court ordered a fine (five shillings) for "observing any such day as Christmas" 1741 Astronomer Anders Celcius introduces Centigrade temperature scale 1758 Halley's comet 1st sighted by Johann Georg Palitzsch during return 1818 1st known Christmas carol ("Silent Night, Holy Night" by Franz Joseph Gruber & Joseph Mohr) sung (Austria) 1831 Louisiana & Arkansas are 1st states to observe Christmas as holiday 1868 Despite bitter opposition, President Andrew Johnson grants unconditional pardon to all persons involved in the Southern rebellion (the Civil War) 19
Sex Change
My sex-change operation got botched My guardian angel fell asleep on the watch Now all I got is a Barbie Doll-crotch I got an angry inch Six inches forward and five inches back I got a I got an angry inch I'm from the land where you still hear the cries I had to get out to sever all ties I changed my name and assumed a disguise I got an angry inch Six inches forward and five inches back I got a I got an angry inch Six inches forward and five inches back The train is coming and I'm tied to the track I try to get up but I can't get no slack I got an angry inch, angry inch, angry inch My mother made my tits out of clay My boyfriend told me that he'd take me away They dragged me to the doctor one day I've got an angry inch Six inches forward and five inches back I got a I got an angry inch A long story short: When I woke up from the operation I was bleeding down there Bleeding from the gash between my legs My first day as a woman And already it's
Impotence A Problem For Young Men, Too
While erectile dysfunction is usually considered a condition that affects older men, it can also be a problem for young males. And some college-aged men are using Viagra in tandem with alcohol or illegal recreational drugs, increasing the likelihood of spreading sexually transmitted diseases, a new study concludes. Just how widespread the use of Viagra and other similar drugs is among young men is unknown. But judging from the results of the new research -- which included 234 sexually active men aged 18 to 25 years old attending three Chicago universities -- the drugs appear to be used by a significant number of young men in the United States. The researchers reported that 13 percent of the young men said they'd experienced erectile dysfunction, but rarely discussed this with a doctor. Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, was defined as ever having difficulty getting or keeping an erection. The study, the first of its kind, was conducted by researchers from Children's Memori
When I Was A Young Mna
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This Is Our Story!!
I found this video at myspace.... after watching this I had tears in my I want to share this with you!!!!! Tell me what you think. HOOAH
Into You
Into You Couldn't see through These rose-tinted glasses Can't see clearly Everything is hazy... Lead me to a place Where I can find peace Lead me to a place Where there is contentment... Lead me to a place Where I can find happiness Don't lead me on nor leave me Instead, lead me to your heart.
Cha Cha Cha
A True Juggalo
WHAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU A JUGGALO/LETTE... 1) you are NOT a juggalo if the only reason you want to be is because its "cool" 2)you are NOT a juggalo if you call EVERY JUGGALO YOU meet a jugahoe 3)you are NOT a juggalo if you think you are more "down" because you have more shirts then someone else 4)you DO NOT have to do drugs to be down 5) wearing your paint in public DOES NOT make you better than a juggalo who doesnt 6)you do NOT have to flash your tits to be a juggalette (but if you want to I'm all for it) 7)getting good grades and carring about school DOES NOT make you a juggahoe 8)you do NOT have to own a hatchetman charm to be more "juggalo" than someone else 9)you are ALLOWED to like other music and still be a juggalo 10) beating people up and claiming juggalo ONLY for that purpose does NOT make you a juggalo 11)claiming juggalette and being a whore beacause you think thats what juggalettes are does NOT make you a juggalette 12)just because you
Living A Fantasy!! What if we lived in a world that told a story. Where our clothing spoke of our fantasies. A sexual world.......... Imagine hosting a theme night with costumes and a mandatory dress code. The theme of course being, Fantasies!! The goal for this "theme night" being: to get people to come out of their shells. Unfortunately, one night is too short a time to change things, the world, men and women. Certain people really CAN identify with a fantasy, others believe it to be something dirty and some people are unable to feel completely liberated. But overall, out of the one's that do show up, the one's who've actually tried their hardest to find a costume, discover a whole new world. Well, maybe not, I am exagerating a little. Anyway,,,,,,Shall we continue...... The fantasies we see at this Soirée vary from School Girl to Millionnaire......We even have a sexy Actress and a Stripper. Wow!! Without actually being the host of a party where an orgy is happe
Looking For Friends
My Girl & I
I am now engaged to my girl of more than two years. Sorry if ya'll thought I was single. I never told people cuz no one really asked. Except one person on here asked me if I did have a girl. And I told her I did. Everyone else just thought I was single. Sorry to tell ya that I am now engaged. My finace and I are gonna be having a baby in the beginning of april! I can't wait! I don't care if its a boy or girl. Just seein my own child will make me happy! Seeing it grow up and stuff just rocks! We already have so much sutff its unthinkable! Just thought I would let everyone know that!
Cutest Kid Contest
Morbidly Obtuse
I adore the people who never make mistakes. They are the best ever. Just ask them, and they will tell you how wonderful they are. Unless you press them on any kind of issue. Then fear and self loathing with a scoop of ego mixes in, their thought pattern is no longer clear, and they start exposing their weaknesses. Their mind. That is when these self appointed superior beings become my favorite video game. I pull the strings and watch the puppets dance. I still have to listen to them though, because there is a really good chance that just because they act like idiots, they may still have some knowledge that I can learn from. Very rarely do you meet someone with no discernable value, but they do exist. Some folks just have ugly or empty souls inside them, and you can really only get from them what you think you hope you see. We all make mistakes. Be it dropping your toothbrush on the floor, or forgetting your keys inside before you lock the door, maybe not seeing the cop before you ran t

I don't know why others are on fubar but I am here to have a little fun. This isent my real life and i think its fun to hear the insults as well as the pos comments so keep on laughing with me or at me it dosent matter as long as your laughing
My Dose Of Daily Laughter !
This is an actual job application that a 17 year old boy submitted to McDonald's in Florida... and they hired him because he was so honest and funny! NAME: Greg Bulmash. SEX: Not yet. Still waiting for the right person. DESIRED POSITION: Company's President or Vice President. But seriously, whatever's available. If I was in a position to be picky, I wouldn't be applying here in the first place. DESIRED SALARY: $185,000 a year plus stock options and a Michael Ovitz style severance package. If that's not possible, make an offer and we can haggle. EDUCATION: Yes. LAST POSITION HELD: Target for middle management hostility. SALARY: Less than I'm worth. MOST NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT: My incredible collection of stolen pens and post-it notes. REASON FOR LEAVING: It sucked. HOURS AVAILABLE TO WORK: Any. PREFERRED HOURS: 1:30-3:30 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL SKILLS?: Yes, but they're better suited to a more intimate environment.
Blaming America For Saddam's Execution
Fortunately for liberals, the Iraqis executed Saddam Hussein the exact same week that former President Ford died, so it didn't seem strange that Nancy Pelosi's flag was at half-staff. Also, Saddam's death made it less of a snub when Harry Reid skipped Ford's funeral. The passing of Gerald Ford should remind Americans that Democrats are always lying in wait, ready to force a humiliating defeat on America. More troops, fewer troops, different troops, "redeployment" — all the Democrats' peculiar little talking points are just a way of sounding busy. Who are they kidding? Democrats want to cut and run as fast as possible from Iraq, betraying the Iraqis who supported us and rewarding our enemies — exactly as they did to the South Vietnamese under Ford. Liberals spent the Vietnam War rooting for the enemy and clamoring for America's defeat, a tradition they have brought back for the Iraq war. They insisted on calling the Soviet-backed Vietcong "the National Liberation Front o
Hello To You!
One Of My Poems
As the InSanItY flows through my viens like that the blood of a normal human being I wish to not wake the day of next for the pain of life is to great to bare.
.Screaming Infidelities.. I'm missing your bed, I never sleep Avoiding the spots where we'd have to speak & this bottle of beast is taking me home. I'm cuddling close to blankets and sheets You're not alone & you're not discreet. You make sure I know, who's taking you home. I'm reading your note over again. There is not a word that I comprehend, except when you signed it "I will love you always & forever" As for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs, and sit alone and wonder, how you're making out, but as for me I wish that I was anywhere with anyone making out I'm missing your laugh, how did it break? And when did your eyes begin to look fake? I hope you're as happy as your pretending. I'm missing you bed, I never sleep. Avoiding the spots where we'd have to sleep. And this bottle of beast is taking me home. Your hair. It's everywhere. Screaming infidelities. Taking it's wear.
Trust Again
Trust Again Why doubt now? . . . when in the past your trust has been your strength. Why doubt now? . . . if you believe love will prevail at length. Why doubt now? . . . new promises, new hopes will be in vain, When doubting still, you cannot see the love that's there, so plain. Face the future smiling, weepers never win, Make up your mind to trust anew, forget about past sin. Forget the hurt, Forget the pain, Remember love, and love again!
April April
April, April, Laugh thy girlish laughter; Then, the moment after, Weep thy girlish tears! April, that mine ears like a lover greetest, If I tell thee, sweetest, All my hopes and fears, April, April, Laugh thy golden laughter, But, the moment after, Weep thy golden tears!
Kina@ Cherrytap
I Am The Infantry!!
I am the Infantry! By LTC Stephen H. White, assisted by Col Francis X. Bradley and SP4 Howard Webber. I am the Infantry--Queen of Battle! For two centuries I have kept our Nation safe, Purchasing freedom with my blood. To tyrants, I am the day of reckoning; to the suppressed, the hope for the future. Where the fighting is thick, there am I… I am the Infantry! FOLLOW ME! I was there from the beginning, meeting the enemy face to face, will to will. My bleeding feet stained the snow at Valley Forge; my frozen hands pulled Washington across the Delaware. At Yorktown, the sunlight glinted from the sword and I, begrimed… Saw a Nation born. Hardship…And glory I have known. At New Orleans, I fought beyond the hostile hour, showed the fury of my long rifle… and came of age. I am the Infantry! FOLLOW ME! Westward I pushed with wagon trains… moved an empire across the plains… extended freedom's borders and tamed the wild frontier. I a
What The Hell
Rulez Of The Bar!!!
**Rules of the Bar** There's more to it then tipping a glass and acting foolish. 1. If you owe someone money, always pay them back in a bar. Preferably during happy hour. 2. Always toast before doing a shot. 3. Whoever buys the shot gets the first chance to offer a toast. 4. Change your toast at least once a month. 5. Buying someone a drink is five times better than a handshake. 6. Buying a strange woman a drink is not really cool. Buying all her drinks is dumb. 7. Never borrow more than one cigarette from the same person in one night. 8. When the bartender is slammed, resist the powerful urge to order a slightly-dirty, very-dry, in-and-out, super-chilled half-and-half martini with a lemon twist. Limit orders to beer, straight shots and two-part cocktails. 9. Get the bartender's attention with eye contact and a smile. pounding your empty glass/bottle on the bar or shaking it in the air are not acceptable ways to attract the bartender's attention. 10.
- Get Your Own
Love How Do You Know When You Are In Love ? Tell Me What You Think!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
Hope everyone has a great day and gets everything they want from their significant other or secret admirer. Now why don't we get drunk and screw!!! WOOT!!!
Sex Iq
WE'RE L0CkED UP IN Y0UR R00M F0R TWENTY-F0UR H0URS & WE COULD DO WHATEVER YOU WANTED WHAT W0ULD Y0U D0 WITH ME? TELL ME IN MY INBOX... CUZ ITS A SECRET... THEN REPOST THIS IN YOUR BULLETIN... YOU MIGHT BE SUPRISED WITH THE RESPONSES YOU GET. THEY COULD MAKE YOU LAUGH OR EVEN SMILE .. LOL. IF YOU DONT REPOST THIS YOU ARE A COWARD. REPOST IT SAYING...u + me + your room + alone= ?? You have a sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
What Do U Want?
Please let me know what kind of pics you want to see?
New To This
Hey I'm new on this site. A Friend of mine send a request for me to join and my first opinion was "OMG! I won't Know how to run all this shit"...But it's pretty easy, and the site is amazing...
You have a sexual IQ of 156 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at Libra You are so popular, you have your choice of hotties. You can easily charm anyone of your choosing, and you often come home with someone you picked up at the bar. Despite your forward and extraverted nature, you are usually submissive in bed. You like your partner to take the lead and show you all of their little secrets. Sex matches: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius Take this quiz at You scored as Chains/Handcuffs. Your turn on is handcuffs and chains. You like being cuffed/chained to the bed, or cuffing/chaining your partner down. You love the pure ectasy of being in complete control... or letting someone else have complete co
Challenge Here is a challenge for any of you that may be up to it. I challenge you to find me a girlfriend(s). I am a Divorced White Male, and I am looking for female companionship. I am 5'8" tall and weight 180 lbs. I have lost over 75 lbs in the past year, and plan to loose another 20 - 30. Clean and safe. Indoors things I like to do: Go to movies, watch T.V., play video games, serf the net, playing a game of pool (not very good at it) and write on my novel. Outdoor things I like to do: EVERYTHING, some of my favorite are flying and watching airplanes, listening to the crickets and frogs, watching the sun rise or set, watching the moon rise or set, sleeping under the stars, walking and playing on the beach, walking and playing in the woods, playing Frisbee, kicking a hacky sac, going to the river or lake and watching the submarine races. I am looking for female companionship. Age, looks, size, shape, color, or any of the rest of it is not important. Someone t
Ok I get it no one wants to show me their tits. This is unfortunate for me. I thought there were more daring people on here than there actually are. I guess I was wrong. If you want to show them to me then by all means do so msg me and tell me HERE THEY ARE. Ok people I just love to see tits. I want to play with them too but my wife would kill me. If you show me your tits I will be a happy man and lets face it you don't want to make a grown man unhappy do you?
I Love Bbws !
Concert was awesome!! Did not know Crossfade would be playing too! Cool!! We will be posting pics soon! Tonight we are going to see Saliva in concert! Been a long time and being 5 months pregnant, this should be interseting lol!!
Just Want To Thank A Few !!
I want to thank these ppl Rob, Dolphin, Sterling, Lost Souls, Carey, Oldpunk, Spanishfly,...thanks u guys on the votes you gave me in the contest..I have give up on my voteing but thanks much i will be doing something nice for the ones i mentioned, you guys are the real true friends that i have. To a few i know that your not able to go to were my pic is an vote an to that i do understand, to the rest hope you never need any thing from me. Thxs The pic is still there if u decied that voting wont hurt or kill you an then if u still dont want to vote well thats fine too!!
My Heart
It’s not only hate Fighting my heart. Cause I do love. So maybe I don’t Fight for myself. But I do fight. My tears are falling Not only from pain Cause I can laugh. I love I fight I laugh. For my friends, for my soul mates. They are what I need the most. They’re my heart. And no Human can live without a heart.
is love real, is love true, is love romantic, is love believeable, is love in you,is love what you want,is love in your heart,is love all around you,is love far from you,is love where u want it to be,is love close to you,is love in your eye's,is love the best,what is love. i love this girl with all my heart i want to show her more and more each day but i don't know where to start she tells me she love's me to but why won't she show me that it is really true,when we talk i'm so happy when we don't i'm sad,what would it take for us to be together,
Hey My Friends!
I just wanted to say i love it here on CherryTap i have met some of the coolest people on here and i wanted to say to my new friends you are welcome to chat or stop by my page anytime. A little about myself i started back at the US Postal Service a few months back and i am loving ever minute of it and i am going to buy my first house in a few weeks so i am very happy about that also it a 3 bedroom and it just me, myself , and I (I am still single ) but i will have my own house and i will be posting pics of the new house on here to show it off. Well everybody have a great weekend. Peace, Jerry
Life, The Universe, And Everythin.
How many times in life must one go thru this. I am talking about epiphanies. For those of you who don't know what that is, I will explain. An epiphany by definition is a life altering event. It could be an idea or an action, by you or someone around you, that changes the very essence of who you are as a person. These events are often times extremely violent upheavals. I have as of this morning undergone one such upheaval that at best has left me dazed and confused or at worst totally fucked. Honestly folks, I was quite happy with who and what I was. I didn't need to have my views on myself drastically changed and quite frankly I am just plain sick of changing. I guess all I'm trying to ask is it just me or does anyone else just want to scream out "Stop the Bus, I wanna get off!"? Caveman So here it is all you neanderthals, what you have been waiting for. The wisdom from the almighty Poobah himself, Caveman is here now and wishes to empart so
Tidy Whities Or Boxers?
ok people, am curious about this question... which one is better, rock and roll or country music? on my part i love rock and roll, heavey metal even some pop music . Country..... each his own. Now let your voice be known...what do you like the best? ok people, this is a poll that i just made up,lol.... let me and who ever else reads this know.. the top question of the day..... which do you like better on a man... tidy whities or boxers? me i prefer boxers anyday to me there is nothing more sexy than a man in boxers. what do you think?
What Ct Is Supposed To Be About!
O.K.. when I joined this I was to the understanding that it was a way to meet new people and have some fun. You get to do more things the more levels you go up, you do this by rating pics, leaving comments, adding stashes etc... Since I've joined I have met a few great people and seen a lot of great pics. I have rated tons of pics ,pros and stashes. In return only a select few have returned the favour! It only takes a few minutes to rate a profile and a pic or two, if not ALL!! The first thing I was taught by my wife(SneakS) was that if someone rates you, you rate them back!! Come on people keep the points rollin', for everyone! Furthermore some people accept you only to not even visit your profile and use this as a way to ask for money for different things. If is to help a charity or a sick kid NO PROBLEM but other than that not cool. There are even some people offering prizes and not following through, but some of us got a blog telling us this and deleted them. I have also seen peop
Support A Great Cause, And Me:)
Hello All, This year, I'll be participating in a very special event called the Breast Cancer 3-Day. I'll walk 60 miles over the course of three days with thousands of other women and men. The net proceeds will support breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment through Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund. I've agreed to raise at least $2,200 in donations. I've set my personal goal at $3,000. So I need your help. Would you please consider making any donation possiable? Please take a look at the enclosed donation form and designate the amount that's right for you. Please keep in mind how far I'm walking -- and how hard I'll have to train. According to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, approximately 200,000 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and nearly 40,000 will die from the disease. That's why I'm walking so far. To do something bold about breast cancer. I hope that you'll share this incre
I Thought This Was Worth Saving
The Words Of A True Biker -- I saw you hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by. But you didn't see me driving behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But you didn't see me when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves. But you didn't see me and my brothers donate our old coats and gloves to those t
St Patricks Blessing
Holy Shit America!!
Why it is important to learn English when you live in the United States? Have a great Day.. See Someone without a Smile? Share.PLEASE COMMENT THIS BULLETIN AS WELL..THANKS,XEROMANCER666.
Dream B4 V-day
some graphic language. viewer disgresion is strongly advised yea. so about the dream. well. i was walking with this girl. n i knew i wanted her n she knew this too. we was walking on the sidewalk and we went under a tunnel, like a train tressal. n i was walking backwards touching her hips n belly. n she kept giving me this "i want u look". so when the tunnel ended, there was a fence surrounding a field. i pushed her up against the fence. as she faced the fence, i was undoing her pants while kissing and licking the back of her neck. then i pulled down her pants and panties. as i kneeled behind her, she arched her back slightly as i began eating out her pussy from behind. i was licking between her lips from clit to gushing hole. then i penetrating her with my tounge. she began pushing her ass into my face. her pussy was extremelly juicy n i loved it. i was sucking on her lips and playing with her asshole with my fingers. i debated eating out her ass too butt i also wanted to fuck
Want Mour-a Marco?
Hello All! About This Site.....
Post Secrets
Ok this site is something that will make u cry, smile, happy, sad, give you goosebumps and prob make u think about sending in ur own they put up new ones every sunday and for the past couple of months i have been going and reading it sure helps to get things out in the world without telling who u are copy and paste the link below and bookmark its a great site ~DR34M1N~
Not So Simple
I Need Some Help
How Do You Like Your Girlfriend? Fried Or Smoked?
HOUSTON - For at least two days, neighbors at a city apartment complex noticed an acrid aroma, black smoke and leaping flames coming from two barbecue grills on the balcony of a second-floor apartment. What, neighbors at the Red Oak Place apartments wondered, was going on in the unit where 27-year-old Timothy Wayne Shepherd lived? What was he burning at all hours, for days at a time? The answer turned their stomachs. According to law enforcement officials, Shepherd dismembered, and then burned the body of his former girlfriend, Tynesha Stewart, a 19-year-old Texas A&M University student. Nothing remains of Stewart’s body, Harris County Sheriff Tommy Thomas said at a press conference Saturday. “I just don’t know what to think about it,” said Louis Evans, whose balcony faces Shepherd’s in the quiet tree-lined enclave in northern Houston. “I thought he was a nice normal person. I guess you never know what your neighbors are doing.” Authorities said Shepherd has confessed to
One Final Trick For Houdini
NEW YORK - Get ready for “CSI: Houdini.” A team of forensic experts will pore over the exhumed remains of renowned escape artist Harry Houdini to determine whether he was murdered more than 80 years ago, the head of the investigative team said Friday. “Everything will be thoroughly analyzed,” said James Starrs, dean of the disinterment dream team of pathologists, anthropologists, toxicologists and radiologists. “We’ll examine his hairs, his fingernails, any bone fractures.” "It needs to be looked at," said Houdini's great-nephew, George Hardeen. His grandfather was Houdini's brother, Theodore. "His death shocked the entire nation, if not the world. Now, maybe it's time to take a second look." Legal paperwork necessary to dig up Houdini’s body from a New York City cemetery will be filed Monday to get the process started, said Joseph Tacopina, an attorney representing Houdini’s family. It could take months before the body is exhumed, although the process should move faster be
My Confessions!
[x] I'm Straight [x] I play video games. [x] Wear boxers to bed. [x]I've slept naked [x] I've thrown rocks at a girl's window.cuz i hated her [x] I've drank because I felt like it. [x] I've been in a fist fight. [x] and won. [x] My friends and I make fun of each other. [x] I have a job. [x]some girls i kno are bitches [x] I'm Cocky [x]I can dance. [x] I'd do anything for my best girl [x] I've acted like an ass on purpose. [x] I play hard to get. [x] I'm fallen for someone [x] I've honked at a guy going down the road. [x]I've hit on a girl in public. [x] I've asked a hot girl for her number that I just met [x] Sports over rules everything [x] I like death/grind/black metal. [x] I like rock music. [x] I like rap music. [x] I can't stand techno. [x] I've been suspended. [x] I've been to court. [x] I wear/have worn eyeliner because I wanted to. [x] I have piercings. [x] I am a member of [x] I drink sometimes because i want too [x
New &
Just wanted to tell everyone that I've been making changes on my display name....and gonna be adding some new music....and maybe even some new knows....just making me know what ya think!!! Have a great day!!! xoxoxox
Help Me, Please!
What have I done? I've gone and entered a contest... Please go and rate and comment bomb it! Thanks!
Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a dick and save a smile. Having nice sex burns 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it hurt] burns 543 calories. Take off her clothes with her consent.........................12 cal without......................187 cal Take off her Bra With two hands..........................8 cal With one hand.........................12 cal With mouth.............................85 cal Put on Protection hard ........................... 6 cal soft..........................315 cal Foreplay Looking for target...................8 cal Finding G spot ......................92 cal I don't F***ing care.....................0 cal Entry Holding her..................12 cal On the floor.................8 cal With Differen
The Best Salute Contest..
A good friend of mine "morbid dragon slave" is in the best salute contest.It's just rates no comments so could u please go and rate her? is the link.I would do the same for u if u asked me too.. MORBID DRAGON SLAVE~*~CT WIFE OF GODSMACK GURU~*~Salute Contest@ CherryTAP
They lived and breathed, loved and died My hopes and dreams when she lied Left me to wander these wasted lands Time moves on like shifting sands I follow before me the unseen path Paying a debit of blood for the wrath Life that was passed away in time Gave me the gift for verse and rhyme To speak of my soul and who I became Of how I was changed by hatred tamed The venom ran through me and killed all love No peace to be found and no god above adrift in this life with no purpose found Lacking reason for this heart to pound The wounds in time did heal at last But only after much time had passed I stood before the wall and faced my foe My discovery is mine alone to know Having over come the demon within Accepted that I am born to sin That I will do both good and bad And that there is no reason to be sad It is just the nature of the human mind There is no mystery here to find We live and breath, Love and die A life imperfect is no living lie By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Please Join My Tattoo Club?
The old saying goes "It's better to have loved and lost...than never to have loved at all," but I can't help but wonder if this is the right philosophy to live by. When you allow someone into your heart, you're trusting them with something so fragile. I don't think there are too many other feelings that can compare to that of a broken heart. The moment you give someone that "key" you become vulnerable, and you run the risk of having your heart shattered. Is it really worth it?? Building a wall around your heart can protect you from emotional hurt, but on the other hand I guess it can be harmful to close that door. Completely shutting oneself off from strong emotional connections may end up hurting more in the long run. I wish I had the answers when it comes to affairs of the heart, but I find myself feeling constantly conflicted about what to do. There's a part of me that has been hurt so many times...I am scared to let it happen again. How many tears do I have to shed before I
Why There Is Only Room For One Bitch In My Life...
Someone once referred to me as catty. I don't feel I must explain why I'm not, but I'm gonna' tell you why anyway. I'm not catty, but I am bitchy and there is, oh yes there is a big damn difference. Catty females like drama. I HATE, despise, and loathe drama. Catty individuals love other catty females, because they like to sit on their asses, view their own boring existence and gossip about those they envy on the sly. Bitches, we make the world go 'round. I don't have time for he/she said. I look in the mirror at least 10 times a day reminding myself just how fabulous (sp?) I am! Other bitches I respect, but I must admit, there is only room for one bitch in my life. MOI! Catty females like to present their problems to the world. They expect others to fix them, or butt in and be their saviour. Hello! If I wasn't so petite, I'd be a fucking Amazon, and I'd eat a man for lunch if he tried to be my knight in shining armour. It's one thing to do it because you adore me. I still d
My Underwear
When God Closes A Door He Opens Another,But What If You Don't want To Go Through It?.....ok strange way to start this but I'll get back to that quote a little later...So Friday I saw a movie I;ve been waiting all year..Fuck spiderman 3 Fuck Pirates 3...Grindhouse baby..thats what what I'm talking about.Okay back in the 70's when back when drive-ins were still pretty popular and they had midnight showings at theaters still they use to have low budget films filled with sex and violence and blood and really bad acting and plots..these were called Grindhouse movies..Now if you know the history of these movies one will get a kick out of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's double feature ode to those old 70's classics.Planet Terror and Death Proof are the films shown and at 3 hours and 11 mins it's worth every minute...also the treat of some fake trailers thrown in,is just great...I don't want to give to much away but I will warn you these movies are bloody are violent and are fucking f
Two Patients
TWO PATIENTS Boy, if this doesn't hit the nail on the old head, I don't know what does! Two patients limp into two different medical clinics with the same complaint. Both have trouble walking and appear to require a hip replacement. The FIRST patient is examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day and has a time booked for surgery the following week. The SECOND sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeks for an appointment, then waits 8 weeks to see a specialist, then gets an x-ray, which isn't reviewed for another week and finally has his surgery scheduled for a month from then. Why the different treatment for the two patients? The FIRST is a Golden Retriever. The SECOND is a Senior Citizen. Next time take me to a vet.
Emergency Spiral Descents
Ahh, time for another bloggy addition. I'm actually amazed I flew again. Lately since coming to CNY I've been snuffed out due to weather. All last week I wasn't able to because it was snowing! What is up with that? I mean, I love the snow, I am glad I moved out here. I enjoy the change of pace and this whole new coast, but when it comes to getting shafted with weather that keeps me from flying... I just have to scream, " BITCH" Haha. Today was good though, I flew twice in one day. How bad ass is that. Imagine this : Airport elevation is 500ft and I'm at 5500ft. Above the runway numbers at the approach end of runway 15. Landing gear down, flaps set, throttles completely back to idle, bank to 45 degress, and start to spiral down... Looking out the side window and watching the earth spin around your as you hold the runway in sight. One complete turn. Two turns.. Three turns... Looking out and you are still too high to make a perfect landing so while power still out and only
1. What do you say most when you're trying not to curse? frig it 2. Do you own an ipod? no 3. What person on your top list do you talk to the most? a few diff ppl 4. What time is your alarm clock set for? 7:00 am 5. Do you want to fall in love? im trying to convince myself i am in love 6. Do you wear flip flops when its cold? no 7. Would you rather take the pic or be in the pic? depends w hat kind of pic 8. What was the last movie you watched? wasnt a movie was a tv show but was debbie does dallas again 9. Do any of your friends have children? Yeah they do 10. Anyone ever called you lazy? Does fat lazy bitch count? If so then yes! lol 11. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep? Yes 12. What cd is currently in your cd player? steve holy 13. Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk? chocolate 14. Has anyone told you a secret this week? Yep 15. When was the last time you had starbucks? never dont drink it 16. Can y
Rawr, Bloggyness..
I wish I wasn't alone...or, maybe, at least not feel like I was alone. All I have to say is some guys can really piss me off.
Wiccan Elements
The Elements of Wicca Wicca is a nature based religion. We follow the tides of the moon and the path of the sun in our celebrations. We honor the Earth and the world around us. One of the most important ways we incorporate the natural world into our daily lives and Wiccan practice is by honoring the elements, sometimes referred to as the Quarters or the Directions. Generally, there are four elements that are recognized by all Wiccans. These are Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Often, depending on the tradition a person is working with, a fifth element is recognized, Spirit. Each of these elements has a different energy and fits into our practices in its own special way. Each has correspondences which can help give the practitioner a way to focus on the energy of the element he/she is working with. Let’s take a look at each element individually. Keep in mind as we do, that I work from a general, eclectic Wiccan path, and that I am in the Northern Hemisphere. There may be differences
In My Mind, In My Thoughts, In My World
In my mind, In my thoughts, In my world A world where all is black A world where all is cold A world where evil thoughts strike A mean thunderstorm Where the trees lay dead and leaves grow black Where light can't find its way Where houses are built of broken hearts A place I tend to stay Where streams flow of salty tears and water falls of blood The screaming sound of wounded souls fills my ears Where nothings left and all is gone Where nothing matters anymore Where the million broken pieces of me build a dark shattered wall A world without him Without love In my mind In my thoughts In my world....
i had texas on my mind. i look as everyday goes by trying to count the days that i will be home again. Hello my name is david. I'm currently in baghdad Iraq doing PSD. I live in Marshall,TX and i work with the Army national guard. If you want to know more just write me I am a very friendly person and try to reach everyone as fast as possible oh and im happy single so ladies yep
So very possibly I have seen one of the best movies of my life seriously no joke. I saw the movie stay last week. And I'll admit i had to watch it a couple times to fully understand it. But everytime I watched it I fell in love with it even more. The movie begins with Henry and his family driving down the Brooklyn bridge when they have a blow out and are in an accident; however you don't know how the accident turns out in the end. Throughout the movie Henry appears to be very trouble, he sees a psychiatrist, is in need of medication, and treatens suicide. As the movie moves on the characters begin to see the same people and they begin to repeat moments in time. None of which makes sense at the time. It is not until the very end that we are told or rather shown that everyone in the car crash dies instantly except for Henry. Henry dies slowly on the bridge. As he begins to leave this life is watches those around him and what is happening. Here we realize that the entire film
I Never Lost So Much
Lil Confuzzled..
Yea yea...I know I could jus go to the help lounge..but I am too lazy to do N sides...Friends on CT r there to help right?? I am jus a tad confuzzled about the Bulletins regarding Lounges? Jus wtf r they all about? R they only places to go and listen to music? Or can one actually take part in conversation in these places? Do you have to request tuneage in them? Or can I just be my regular goofy self and do what I do best...blab!! I am sure someone out there can enlighten me and help to aleviate my confuzzlement. Blessed Be xo Boo xo
Final April 07 Weekend
Feeling free to express yourself is one of the first liberties the founding fathers granted to us as a free country from England. You get up in the morning knowing that.. You go to bed at night. You know of people, parties, clubs, gangs, etc that they do awful things. They do hurtful things. Than you have the people in the world who do amazing things. They save lives and help the less fortunate. These great en devours give us hope that our universe keeps an even tilt to good and evil. I started this blog with this brief idea of expression because of the suckiness I feel right now. Not so much that freedom of speech and saying what you want is wonderful; nor dreadful. I see it more as a fact. Something that can be interpreted in many ways. Looked at in different situations and much hateful. Such as when you use slander towards different cultures, races, factions, and relationships you have with significant others. I have people I don't like in music. Such as most cou
Got Some New Pics Up
new pics
Would U
How far would you go? Put "yes" "maybe" or "no" and answer me back Kiss me: Hug me: Date me: Get tipsy with me: Kill me: Love me: Hate me: Hold me: Lie to me: Hurt me: Sing with me: Dance with me: Grind with me: Cuddle with me: Let me make a move on you: Make a move on me: Watch a movie with me: Get me a B-day gift: Caress me: Let me borrow your car: Be there for me: Buy me a drink: Bring me around your friends: Give me a massage: Take me to the club: Go to sleep with me: Do me: Drink kool-aid with me: Take advantage of me: Hangout with me: Take care of me if I wasn't feeling good: Hold hands with me: Do something incredibly sweet for me: Give me a lap dance: Tell me you love me: Let me call you: If so whats yo number: What would you do if you woke up next to me: Will you repost this so i can do da same for u:
Helllp Me Level Up Im At 393 Now
helllllllllp contest is for 3 month vip ...ill hook ya up drinks 4 all 100 plus= big pimp gift... thxx in advance .oh and it ends on the 22nd at midnight central time .
Bealzes Tmi And Nsfw Blog Stuff
I found this at and thought it'd be interesting to see what answers I would receive on it. Now, truthfully I don't like all of the items on this list, but many are turn-ons for me. What are your thoughts?If you are interested, please feel free to mail me your answers. Or, if you're also into exhibitionism, you can just post it as a response to this message... Submissive BDSM Play Partner Check List By Tammad Rimilia This checklist should be filled out by a Sub and provided to their Dom/Top before playing with them. This will provide a quick "head-start" to identifying limits, negotiating and finding common ground for play. Dominants may wish to work through the checklist, to get a better handle on their specific interests. Switches should go through the checklist twice; one persons Dom and Sub interests may be very different. For each item, you need to provide two answers: For experience, write YES o
Would U
You call me "Cracker", "Honkey", "Whitey", "Gringo" and you think it's OK. ...But when I call you Kike, Towelhead, WOP, Camel Jockey, Gook, Nigger or Chink you call me a racist. -You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? -You have the United Negro College Fund. -You have Martin Luther King Day. -You have Black History Month. -You have Cesar Chavez Day. -You have Yom Hashoah -You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi -You have the NAACP. -You have BET. -If we had WET(white entertainment television) ...we'd be racist. -If we had a White Pride Day... you would call us racist. -If we had white history month... we'd be racist. -If we had an organization for only whites to "advance" our lives... we'd be racist. -If we had a college fund that only gave white students know we'd be racist. -In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and r
Something Else About Me!
I was thinking about how I could start a blog. The thoughts went through my mind about sharing stories or poems, or saying a little more about myself. For now I will add a little more to let you kind of have an insight to my inner workings. Haha. I am older, but still like to have the young side to me. I love life in general. Not a dang thing scares me. The only thing that really bothers me is if I am alone without a companion. I do have a sinister, morbid side to me. Vampires and a few other things along that order really intrigue me. The Darkness makes me feel at home occasionally, but then too I have my brighter days. I love snakes, which sometimes scares the Hell out of people. I respect the things that are out there that can do a person harm. I also respect a person's wishes if they do not want to go around things like that with me. As far as the cowboy and country side.....when I was younger I chewed tobacco, got under the hood of vehicles with my daddy, and loved
Cowboy Poems
The Lone Cowboy By: Sharon Gay Watson A young cowboy came up to me And placed his hat upon his knee, His wild, big eyes looked so sad; I smiled at him, and he was glad. The cowboy was twenty, I was sixteen. The way he looked at me was sharp and keen. His name was Joel, and he asked me mine; He asked how I was, and I told him "fine". I knew I had seen him, but I knew not where; But somehow I knew for this boy I had care. As I thought, it soon came to me, That I had been his wife-to-be. Now it's been five years since I left town, And Joel hadn't known what had come down. I had his child, now a girl of five, And I had often wondered if he was alive. The truth was soon told, he was a gunman; And he was chased by a deputy hangman. I cried as he told me he loved me that night; I wondered where he would be, come light. Then he went out, and I heard his steps go As he walked into the street down below. I froze as I heard a sickening cry, And I wept as I
Stop Blaming Myspace
Anybody happen to catch Nightline last night on ABC? In case you didn't, one of the hot topics discussed was MySpace. It is no secret to anyone who reads the newspaper or watches the 6 o'clock news that MySpace has been in the limelight because of "sexual predators" trying to "abduct and corrupt" the youth of the world. To this I say bull crap! I see dozens of profiles a day showing 14 year old girls dressed like sluts, wearing four inches of make up and 32 layers of eyeliner, displaying their age as 18 years old and profile lines stating "Oh, I'm So Sexy" or "Hey There, Wanna Check Up On It?" Come on! The youth of today's world are already corrupt enough due to the undying need to be "older" than they really are. I seriously doubt there are tons of people on MySpace stalking "innocent young girls" who just happen to have tramped up profiles and ages 4 years greater than their own. On Nightline, there was a story of a 12 year old girl who was a drug-addict and attributed it all to M
------ Friends---------------
imagine the mystical your vision would be me walking down paths of destruction unyielding to pain and desolation within me you find solace and i find desire rush to my side delve into my depths leave no traces and i shall weep forgiveness i shall bring comfort to no end deliver me~
My 1st Contest !
Im in a " " Contest ... please if you get a chance stop by and show me some Love !! xoxo Just click on the picture below and COMMENT bomb !! This just started 5/11 and goes for 2 weeks ! Thank you in advance for all your love , support and votes !! But best of all .. thank you for being a friend !! I love each and everyone of ya's !
Who Knows Me Best
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I just want a good man, I just want a good man.. I don't want to live in Beverly Hills, I don't even want him to pay all the bills.. I just want a good man, who know all the right spots.. I just want a good man, I just want a good man.. I just want a good man, who'll hold me all night. I just want a good man, I can wake up to and he doesn't want to fight.. I just want a good man, I just want a good man.. I don't want diamond rings, I don't want fancy limos.. I just want a good man who can make me cry oh-oh-oh... I just want a good man, I just want a good man.. I don't want Mr. GQ, I don't even want Mr. Right.. I just want a good man, who wants to treat me right... I just want a good man, I just want a good man.. I just want a good man, who doesn't to change me, who doesn't want to tame me.. I just want a good man, who loves me for who I am.. I don't want perfection, there will be no inspections... I just want a good man, who does the best he can.. I just want a good m
A Kajira's Creed
Q: What are you? A: a slave girl. Q: What is a slave girl? A: a girl who is Owned. Q: Why do you wear a brand? A: to show that i am Owned. Q: Why do you wear a collar? A: that Men may know Who Owns me. Q: What does a slave girl want more than anything? A: to please Men. Q: What are you? A: a slave girl. Q: What do you want more than anything? A: to please Men. from the Assassin of Gor, Book Three of the Chronicles of Counter-Earth by John Norman
10 Things I Hate About People
1. People that point at their wrist when they are asking you for the time. Yes, I know where my watch is.. where the hell is yours? Do I point to my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? 2. People that are willing to get off the couch and search the entire room for the remote, because they refuse to walk to the tv to change the channel. 3. When people say "you just want to have your cake and eat it too" Well, of course..what is the sense of having cake if you can't eat it? 4. When people say "its always the last place you look" when they are looking for something. Well, of course it will always be in the last place you look. After you find it, why on earth would you keep looking? 5. When you go see a movie with someone and they say "did you see that?" No, I paid for the movie to sit and stare at the ceiling, and have you tell me what is going on. 6. When people ask you if they can ask you a question. Do they really give you a choice? 7. When people say somethi
why do i have 267 friends and i actually talk to about 3? i think CT is a bunch of point whores...omg lol wtf mate you rated me a 3, i will spam all my other fake friends who have no lives to rate you down! wow, i actually had an email just like that because she was whoring for points, for digital numbers to buy little digital gifts and digital messages! i am going to start wiping out my friends list to people i actually talk to! so i got my 86 chevy running again and figured i would write somewher for about it. it is my grandpas truck and a real be rod ;-). so far i have spent almost nothing: -truck $1 -radiator hoses $15 -radiator flush $2 -water and coolant $12 -JB weld $4 amd that is IT! now i need to get my low budget lowering kit that will be about $150 total and some wheels. i want to crager SS or torq-thrust type wheels in like a 17" or get some late 70s early 80s ralley 32 punch rally wheels 8" wide in front and a 10" in the back. boy it
:) 1. Last akward moment? probably a few days ago when I ran into Jbs trash can with my car and a bunch of guys were on the porch yellin about how im so bad at driving. 2. Who do you find yourself crushing on currently? nobody really 3. Have you ever fallen backwards down a set of stairs? thats a possibility! 4. Ever been to a friends house and starved the whole time? nah 5. Ever found more than a dollar in a random place? yeah i find like 20s all the time 6. Name someone close to you who smokes cigarettes? ...everybody? 7. Name 3 things that everyone knows: 1) i love metallica 2) taco bell is not in any way as good as taco johns! ha. 3) if more than 50 people show up to your party, the cops will show up. (and hey, i know that now!) 8. When a friend walks out of your life, do you go after them, or let them go? go after em. unless they really suck and t
My Inner Vampire!
Lost Weight And Wonder Where The Hell It All Went?? Lol
Ok Ya'll...I've lost lots of weight and wonder where it all went to lol. I had weighed up to 274 lbs little over 4 yrs ago when i was about to have my daughter and just over those past years i've managed to lose it all. Yea took 4 hellish long years to do it but just since last year of September when i dumped my daughter's father due to some personal reasons, i started losing weight. I am proud to say i am now down to 196 1/2 lbs!!! 3 1/2 more till i am back to my pre prego weight!!! I am not sure how i lost it all because i don't exercise much on my feet alot but other then that?? LOL course it could be due to the fact that i am no longer under the stress i was when i was with Ruth's dad? Oh well...i'm just so f'ing thrilled i've lost it all and plan to keep on losing it. I don't really eat much anymore like i used to so that could be part of the reason why i have lost so much weight!! Any ways....I Just thought i'd share my excitement with all my friend's and family!
To My Homeez
***This has been updated (((5/8/07)))*** This is to all my bitches... (((In Alphabetical Order))) Aleksandra- Hey I know we just met but I love talking to you... you are so sweet... I hope things work out between you and Hot sauce... and I really hope we can hang and just become the best of friends... we could have so much fun... I hope to get to know you better... Ashley- to all the good days we had and hopefully we can catch up on all the days we missed... you were always there no matter what... I am not even in awe at the fact that we are talking again... because when we said we would always be there for eachother we really meant it... we still have to sit down and watch those movies we made... I can't even believe you kept those... and no I didn't forget anything we used to talk about... like staying up all night and falling asleep outside on your trampoline... the BIGgest crush I ever had on a guy and didn't have the balls to ask him for his number or call and try to talk
Surprise (erotic Story )
This is the first story I am going to share, it's been a while since I wrote a story, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.... SURPRISE Rough day at work as usual, different situations to solve and try to please everybody, can’t wait to hit the 5 O’clock and get into my car, turn on my radio, loud….. Smoke my cigarette and grab my cell phone to call my beautiful slave who is waiting at home. Finally the 5 O’clock, I go quickly to clock out of the office, say good bye to my coworkers and as if I was taken on rollerblades got into my car…. Out of the parking lot, on my way to the arms of my girl… the traffic is heavy, at that hour is always the same deal, everybody is getting out of their jobs, everybody rushing to get to their final destinations…. There, I was, stuck in traffic, taking my shoes off! “aaaahhh that feels so damn good!” I grabbed my cell and speed dial my home number… 3 rings and I hear the sweet voice of my girl “Hello” “Hi baby” I replied…. I coul
...hey peeps! i haven't been around lately, reason being, i no longer have a puter :( ...i miss you all SOOO much!!!... just hang tough....i'll be back on soon :) ...jade roses knows how to reach me...she's on my family list ...hope to be back REAL soon ...ttyl GYPSY
Welcome 2 the Nasty QUIZ. Are u daring enough 2 answer this 4 this person? if so, message them your answers!!! Rules: Answer this 4 the person who posted this and then repost it 4 your self! 1.Would u have sex with me? answer: 2.What position would u ........ me in? answer: 3.Would u suck me up/eat me out? answer: 4.Would u sex me hard? answer: 5.Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u do me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me? answer: 9.Would u use desert? answer: 10.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 11.What makes u want 2 have sex with me? answer: 12.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we sexed? answer: 13.Where would u do me @? answer: 14.Would u do me in front of people? answer: 15.Would u do me again and again? answer: 16.Would u do me in the rain? answer: 17.Would u mind if we did it like ........
Look For All Kinds Of Things
I typed in BDSM and it came up with all kinds of things that have happened. Like the first internet serial killer had a front as a BDSM. Remember to always try to be safe before meeting anyone? You could be a statistic or atleast on a milk carton. Don't think that everyone is dangeous.
Is it me or are girls really that picky!!!I know I am an average looking guy so why can't I find a nice girl to date.Do I have to a ***hole to them to like me.....I am a nice guy so I try to be nice to them and all they say is why are you so nice why cant I find a guy like you-----Duh I'm right here----all they wanna be is friends;I'm not saying that friends aren't bad but I want someone who I can spend my time with...So if anyone has any pointers on why girls are like this please let me know.... How come nobody signs my guestbook...I would sign yours if you had one,so if you visit my profile please sign my guestbook and I would in return do the same...
Please Help Find Madeleine
You must put this banner in your profile and/or Bulletin to all your friends, Click in the Banner to get the Code. Every Second Matters!!!
I Love You
Girly glitter comments from (Everything I Do) I Do It For You lyrics Look into my eyes - you will see What you mean to me Search your heart - search your soul And when you find me there you'll search no more Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for You know it's true Everything I do - I do it for you Look into my heart - you will find There's nothin' there to hide Take me as I am - take my life I would give it all I would sacrifice Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for I can't help it there's nothin' I want more Ya know it's true Everything I do - I do it for you There's no love - like your love And no other - could give more love There's nowhere - unless you're there All the time - all the way Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for I can't help it there's nothin' I want more I would fight for you - I'd lie for you Walk the wire for you - Ya I'd die for you Ya know it's true Every
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INGREDIENTS: 25G softened butter 1 tbsp dijon mustard 1 tbsp freshly chopped basil olive oil 2 veal loin chops about 225g each salt, freshly ground pepper 1> to make the basil butter, cream the softened butter with dijon mustard and chopped basil in a mixing bowl then season with salt and pepper. 2> brush both sides of each chop with olive oil and season with alittle salt. 3> cook chops on a hot bbq or hot plate for 3-4 mins each side. 4> plate and add basil butter on top of the chops. serving suggestion:- some nice cooked seasonal vegies would go great with a glass of white dry wine
Sevendust - Skeleton Song
Sevendust - Skeleton Song (Thanks S...for reminding me) I'll stay right here with all these familiar faces And shut-out everyone else from the world we created Instead of becoming the sick and twisted I'll lose myself in a song again And There's nothing wrong In being far from right Another skeleton song Stuck in my head all night And there's something wrong When everything goes right Another skeleton song Will save my life tonight Was it that hard - to open the door to faith When everyone feels the same A different face but on the same page And I don't need something - that hurts more than nothing So I lose myself in a song again And There's nothing wrong In being far from right Another skeleton song Stuck in my head all night And there's something wrong When everything goes right Another skeleton song Will save my life tonight So I try my best to see How you can relate to so much grief Never stop forgetting why you ca
My Blog
I now know what my life would be like without you. It's the most painful thing in the world. I love you too much to ever leave again. I talked to you on the phone but that's not enough, I want to be with you and be wrapped tight in your arms for the rest of my life. Always smiling so bright and free, When someone was sad you wouldn't let them be. And although you rest eternally, Your spirit lives on in this family. We will miss your happy carefree ways, But they will be remembered for the rest of our days. In your eternal slumber you will forever lay, But forever you'll be thought of everyday. Gone is something you will never be, Because now your spirit lives on forever free. a poem written by Gerina Dunwich I am a Witch With rhymes and reasons. I am a changeling like the seasons. My mother is the Moon, My father is the Sun; With Goddess Earth am I as one. I am a Witch, a Pagan child. Mother Nature's spirit so wild Grows within me, Flows within me, Meandering like
Im Getting Damb Sick Of People Down Rating Me 1
this getting agdemona@ CherryTAPgravating
What better place than a bar to talk about pick-up lines? This my tribute to the best (original) to the worst (that I experienced right here on CT). The originals.. At a grocery store... I really like the way you pick out your tomatoes. Excuse me..I see you're buying the same kind of meet I buy. Can you tell me the difference between the tray and the tube? At a bar...... Hey, did you know some guy gave you a hickey on your chest? I'm gonna kiss you very destructively. At school.... Has anyone ever told you you have great taste in purses? At a house.... Why don't you come in here and make my dreams come true? Some of the worst..... Would I meet those standards? (If you even have to ask, then you don't). Hey, don't take this the wrong way, but I wish I was skinny like you. (WTF?!?!?!) And the worse one to date (which happened two nights ago on CT)... Damn, it should be illegal to be that
Comfort Level
Random Shit...
I heart sandwiches. Now how many of you feel dumber for having read this blog!?!?! Ok. So cherrytap is starting to lose some of it's appeal to me. It's not really fun anymore. To be honest, it was just a way to pass the time. When I come on, and look at the bulletins, all i get are the same few people posting about new contests, lounges, and other random stuff. I rarely see a cool bulletin, or one that makes a difference. I've reposted a few, and I feel stupid in doing that. The only bulletins that I repost, and gladly so, are the bulletins that have anything to do with helping find a child, or ending abuse of some sort. But how can I see them when I have 2 pages filled with "HELP ME WIN A FAKE PORCHE WITH SOMEONE ELSES CHERRYBUCKS!!!" or "WE NEED BARTENDERS/BOUNCERS/DANCERS FOR OUR FAKE ONLINE BAR!" Now, don't get me wrong. I'm glad you all have your fun hangouts online, and people that you can chat with. But I on the other hand, prefer to go to a RE
Alcohol Consumption
Due to increasing products liability litigation, American liquor manufacturers have accepted the FDA's suggestion that the following warning labels be placed immediately on all varieties of alcohol containers: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: - The consumption of alcohol may leave you wondering what the hell happened to your bra and panties. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: - The consumption of alcohol may make you think you are whispering when you are not. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: - The consumption of alcohol is a major factor in dancing like a retard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: - The consumption of alcohol may cause you to tell your friends over and over again that you love them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: - The consumption of alcohol may cause you to think you can sing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: - The consumption of alcohol may lead you to believe that ex-lovers are
What To Do??
Hot Like Yo Mommas Pussy!
Misfit is the hottest thing on Earth....and Canada....since using your own Tears for Lube during anal sex... I looooveeee you Fart face, smelly butt, poop ear , Vagina monster Jodie fofodie babodie fart.... ^ I'd pee in her^ sexy butt everyday....and never pee in another...just hers...not suck wing wong...not her...well....she better...but that's besides the point....I forgot the point.....MISFIT!
Will Be Gone
hi everyone. not sure when or for how long, yet. my grandmother is on her deathbed and I will be going with my cousin to her memorial and such. Her illness has happened so fast and the progression of it even faster...stage 4 stomach cancer. Anyhow...i just wanted to let everyone know that if i all of a sudden dont respond or anything..i am not here. I am on the road. dont miss me too much and i will see you all soon. **mmuuuuaaaahhhhh**
Forever And Always
When I'm with you, eternity is a step away, my love continues to grow, with each passing day. This treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how much I love you... you'll never really know. You bring a joy to my heart, I've never felt before, with each touch of your hand, I love you more and more. Whenever we say goodbye, whenever we part, know I hold you dearly, deep inside my heart. So these seven words, I pray you hold true, "Forever And Always, I Will Love You."
Am I Evil
to day i just lost my 14 foot python (jen) rip to jen the best snake ever and deserves some love so if ya care show some love plesase
Beautiful Thoughts...
Cry Beautiful Tears are falling, From beautiful eyes. Tears are falling, Because of beautiful lies. Tears are falling, Because of what you said. Tears are falling, Onto a beautiful bed. Tears are falling, In a beautiful stream. Tears are falling, Because of a beautiful dream. Tears are falling, Because of your lies. Tears are falling, As beautiful dies.

bye im leaving for good too many painful memories the ones who are my friends know who to reach me just e-mail me all of u know my e-mail address take care of your selves and each other and above all i wish the best for you all there is someone special in my life he is always there for me no matter what i can cry on his sholder he always listens to me and never calls me dumb he tells me that my dreams will come true and i love him with all my heart he says he has a crush on me well.. hes my one and only and i cant think of anyone else i would want in my life he is the first person i think of when i wake in the morning and the last person i think of at night.
Paranoia, Childhood Fear, Call It What You Will
So... I feel the need to share and perhaps am hoping that someone sympathizes and shares similar feelings. Now I couldnt really remember offhand the last time something scared me or even gave me the jitters. Until last night. I was browsing around the internet as I tend to do when I came across a drawing that flat out creeped me out and sent shivers down my spine. The reason for this is because of a childhood fear. Yes, I was deathly scared of being eaten by a tree and the idea of it happening is none too appealing to me. I still cant help but to cringe and wince with an occasional involuntary shudder just thinking about it. I cant really explain my facial expression except its something along the lines of... I remember watching Poltergeist when I was 4. I cant think of one thing that has ever frightened me more than the fear of being eaten by that tree. I would bawl and beg my mom to tear up the tree in the front yard because I was convinced it too was going
Computer Support
I have encountered a lot of people on here with computer problems, and I think a lot of them are due to viruses and such. So in this blog I am going to give you some sites to where you can get free software. avg- (anti-virus) adaware-(spyware protect) spybot search and destroy (spyware protection)
Old Spirit
It was a grim and chilly night when something so hideous hatched from night Something so dark was surely from hell I could feel its hunger begin to swell Now before I begin this little tale Allow me a preface before my life begins to fail You see I was just out to gather some wood When I noticed the figure who before me stood His name was really not all that important He was merely a sprit who had layed dormant For centuries he watched from his earthly grave Awaiting the moment that he just may Free himself and fulfill his need His only goal was to simply feed To dine on my fair and tender flesh He said he hungered for something so fresh My mind raced with prayers to above and thoughts of never being with the ones whom I love I quickly began to form a masterful plan To fool the old spirit to not eat this man It was risky this I do admit But life is precious, and my goal is to exist I challenged the ghost to a battle of wits It was something that he could not res
as i look at a picture i see a little girl sad as can be wondering the world looking for love love in all the wrong places this little girl about eight of nine pain running through her heart and mind traveling this earth fighting to survive looking for answer to all life question question no one has the answer too this little girl pale as a ghost with long blond hair and blue eyes the prettiest little girl you have ever seen torn at the seam now when i look at her i see a young women with wondering eyes those eyes that wonder whats left why shes still alive in this world where she fights to survive you mission is simple to boldly go no man had before to explore new areas in ways no one else has and concern them for your own this is your mission if you choose to except do you? to reach out and touch me in a way no one else has or ever will again to leave your mark some where deep inside penetrate the walls and knock them down with one might
Early Years Exerpts
Would You?
Would You? If you can turn back the hands of time, what would you do? Would you say something different, would you go somewhere else? Would you sit and wait for the right moment to come? Or would you go find it? Would you look back at all the bad times, would you wish to see the good? Would you search for meaning in a senseless world? Or would you know better? Would you dream a different dream, would you wish for something more?
Fuck Or Pass
Crucify Every finger in the room is pointing at me, i wanna spit in the faces then get a feeling that could break. ive got a bowling ball in my stomach, ive got a desert in my mouth. Figures that my courage would choose to sell out now. Ive been looking for a savory in thses dirty streets, looking for a savory beneath thses dirty sheets. Just what god needs one more victim. why do we crucify ourselves? Every day i crucify myself, nothing i do i good enough for you. my heart is sick of being in chains. Ive got a cat named easter and she says,will you ever learn, your just an empty caged girl if you kill the bird. There is at least one person on your Cherry TAP list that wants to fuck the hell out of you. So lets play the Fuck or Pass! game. The rules are simple... if you want to fuck the person who posts this, send them a message saying "Yep, I'd Fuck you." SCARED? lol this SHIT's funny YOU HAVE TO RE-POST THIS!! and see who replies. There is at least one person
In Time You Will See
In time you will see .... I will not give up on you for you my love will always be true The world could try to tear us apart but no matter what you will always be in my heart In my eyes you are the man that is meant for me and some day you will see You bring a smile to my face even in my darkness days Even though our distance is what keeps us away my love for you grows more an more each an everyday... You may think you have a lost soul an cold heart but I know in my heart you always have control an your heart is made of gold .. Your not worried about what people would say and that is what made me Love you in the first place. A man of honor is what you are to me and A man with such a great destiny .. You will realize one day all these words I always mean an say ....
Plethora Of Thoughts
HAHA...REMINDS ME OF THE NIGHT AT THE RIVER. REMEMBER WHEN WE CRIED OURSELVES TO SLEEP. WOKE UP AND IT WAS FREEZING. I think my friend and i are going throught the samething. I stole it from her stash. Listen to the words. I know you're going through a hard time. Remember I love you! You and I have one thing in common. One thing that you and I can only relate to. You always call me or mom telling us how much you love us and how sorry you are. Please stop apologizing. You're an angel. You've made many people smile. You can't let what happened 15 years ago bring you down. Please know that we love you with all our hearts. I'm asking you to come home with us. You'll be happy here. Just know that in the heavens Stephen is looking down on you.
I'm still here waiting Waiting for you to wake up Wake up from the fog and realize I love you for who you are What you have made me And what you do to me I'm still here waiting Waiting for you to show me Show me your world Let me walk by your side Help you through tough times And share your thoughts I'm still here waiting Waiting and wondering Wondering if you love me What you think when you look at me Where your plans will take me When I'll know your intentions I'm still here waiting Waiting for your love Love that will prove me wrong Make me love you more Hearing I'm yours forever Knowing you promise me your trust and honesty I'm still here waiting So will you take this chance? This past week I found the most wonderful man I could have ever met. We've been through so much already in only our first week of seeing each other. But no matter what, I'm ready to fight for him. He makes me smile, laugh, and just love life. I love you Josh. You mean ev
For You....we Suffer....
SO MONDAYS SUCK BUT THIS WILL SURELY GET YOU LAUGHING.....SERIOUSLY, THE THINGS US WOMEN GO THROUGH TO BE BEAUTIFUL...LOL. YOU MIGHT WANT TO GRAB SOME KLEENEX YOU'LL BE LAUGHING SO HARD. =) Ok so…. All hair removal methods have tricked us with their promises of easy, painless removal - The Epilady, scissors, razors, Nair and now... My night began as any other normal weekday night. Come home fix dinner, talked with the kids. I then had the thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours: Maybe I should get the wax out of the medicine cabinet? So I headed to the site of my demise; the bathroom. It was one of those cold wax kits. No melting a clump of hot wax, you just rub the strips together in your hand and then they get warm and you peel them apart press it to your leg (or wherever else) and hair comes right off? No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be? I mean I'm no girly, girl but I am mechanically inclined enough that I can figure it out...YA THINK!!
Truth Or Dare Game
TRUTH OR DARE So here's the deal...You get to ask me *Up to 5 Questions!!*, no matter how crazy, inappropriate, or just random, and I promise to answer it 100% truthfully (thats the "truth" part) I dare you to repost this and see what people ask you... and creativity counts! Repost in bulletin and blog.
Indepence Day
Secrets of Couples Who Have Lots of Sex Take your get-frisky frequency from every-so-often to off-the-charts with these way simple won't believe married life could be this lusty. There are couples who have sex pretty often -- say, a good three times a week. Then there are those twosomes who burn up the bedsheets so regularly, you have to wonder: How do they do it? They have full-time jobs, a couple of kids and only 24 hours in the day, just like the rest of us. And yet somehow, their desire to get down and dirty manages to transcend these major time and energy (not to mention libido) drains. What's their secret? Well, we talked with some of these extra-passionate pairs and found that the "tricks" that allow them to squeeze so much sex into their schedules are so insanely simple, we just had to pass the info on. Try their advice, and pretty soon you'll find that your day is full of opportunities to tear your clothes off. What's more, you'll get the passion humming
Facing The Truth
Take Me Home And Put Me To Bed, I'm Going To Sleep, It's All Still Fresh In My Head, I'm Going To Bed And Think About You, And Everything We Used To Do. I Wrote Your Name All Over My Heart, I Gave it To You And You Tore It Apart. You Left Me Lying On The Floor, As You Walked Out My Door. Out Of My Life, You Were Gone Just Like That, On The Bathroom Floor Is Where I Sat. Bleeding To Death All Cause Of You, I Wanted You To Kno I Loved You Too. here I Go Slipping Away Into The Dark, Dark World Where I Might Stay, Forever Alone,I Will Always Be, Forever Alone,It's My Destiny. Hold Me Close,Never Let Me Fall. With These Wings,I Have. And Your Arms Wrapped Around Me, Feeling So Safe And Content. But Inside My Heart I'm Confused And Lonely, Having Trouble Reconizing The Problem, As I Kno Now,I Am Not The Problem, Consistantly Trying To Face The Reality Of His Life. Outlooking All His Flaws,Focusing On What Really Matters,He Is All That Matters,As I So Deep In Love
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azboy06@ CherryTAP this guy gave my pic a 4 he gave me an 8 and his friend gave a 4sirhope@ CherryTAP
Can You Dig It
Bbw Haters
this girl is the reason my default is a low rating, she gave it a oneladams87@ CherryTAP
The Fool That Follows
THE FOOL THAT FOLLOWS Between this happening to me and the fact that my ex wife left me......I don't know what was a worst blow to me. Feb 2005...don't remember the date is when I finally opened my eyes and realized something my mom had asked me when I was younger. "Who is the bigger fool? The fool, or the fool that follows?" I now know the anwser to that question and so don't everyone else. Not only did he pull a gun on someone for no reason other than to try to prove that he is another ingnorant black person, he pulled me down right with him. And I fuckin let him, and I let the cops, and his father as well. Its not the fact that we both got in trouble, its the fact his father came to my house after the fact and basically sold me out, and the black race in my opinion. Basically told me he was gonna make sure that I got in trouble for what his son had did. Now I don't give a fuck what drew or any of his so called friends think, it was fucked up period. I wasn't totally inoc
As everybody gets to know me better...You will see that I am not a Blogger..I can never think of anything to say, that might be interesting enough, that anyone would want to read..Also, you will notice that I will rate a lot of pictures, but leave very few comments..again..lost for words..Unlike my wife DesertJules..she Loves to Blog and comment on everything..So I am Happy to let here take up my I have been reading a lot about people posting fake pics on their profile page..I can relate to that..cause I have a few people like that for friends..I don't mind really Because I usually look at the rest of their pictures to try and figure out just who I am inviting...I love people..Period..I am a straight Guy so I don't send too many invites to Guys..I don't want to be mistaken for something I am not..And Unfortunately..What you see on my profile page is the real sad as that may am 6ft at 220lbs..which means I am about ten pounds overweight for my frame..But it
Everbody Wins
We need to ask ourselves ... Are we building bridges from our hearts to one another or building blocks between us? Are we finding the things we have in common with one another or are we focusing on our differences? Every person on Mother Earth wants to be Loved and wants to give Love. Every person wants to be accepted and acknowledged. Open to the Love that you are, beautiful one. There is so much of life to be lived no matter what circumstances surround us. Understand how and what to change so all of life becomes a celebration. Learn how to find the good and feel the good in all things ... including yourself. Living life to its fullest and having happiness always was never meant to be hidden. It all awaits our wanting to discover it. Do we really understand the profound difference we could make in another's life if we would express the beautiful Love that lives inside each one of us? Become the Divine Love that You Truly Are ... because you hold the Love
for the love i have with in me, for the love that no one can see. for the love i have for you, for the love thats never more true. as i write these words of love, and express the needs of my heart. for what we once shared, can never be torn apart. as you read these words i have wrote, and understand my true feelings. let this be my little note, there can still be a new beginning! written by; talented tongue i did something stupid on 7-1-07. i put a 38 caliber shell in my right side over 3 women on here. i sometimes wish it would have killed me, but i'm alive somehow after 2 surgeries. needless to say it hurts like hell now!!! i've been called a liar and everything over this, but it did happen, and i've got pics to prove it as well, i just need to find away to upload them on here. i'm not bragging about it, because it was stupid, but my heart just couldn't take another beating like it had in the past, and i let it get to me way to much. i guess its a lesson lear
There is a genuine reason why I've not been on much recently, and why I am not keeping in contact with people as best as I should be doing. Its NOT that I don't like any of you at all, it is quite a sad reason which I do not want to share with everyone, but just please bear with me and do not assume anything. If you are a real friend you will wait for me :)
Hard Work
to day is tanks giving in canada .. soo00 yea everthing is good to was my frist day off form school and work .. it was good ... i went and made some money on the side and shit .. kool hoping to get some sleep before school tomrrow then i going shoping YAHOOO!!!x0x0x so crazy to day i had to work form 9-6pm but then the other girl that was supose to cover for me got sick so then i had to work form 9am - 9 pm lol .. i had alaugh though i got to work with this new guy he was really funny and laughing all night mad the time go so much faster and know thanx to those extra hours i get off earler on sat ... can wait big party tomorrow night!!!!!!
~~me An You~~
Tonights the night for me and you ,The night to prove we were meant to be. You mean the world to me,and so much more. I would give my life for you, the one i adore. You're the one I think of,when im happy or sad. You're the one i think of, and im very glad to have, Your touch is so gentle, your smile is so sweet, Everytime I'm with you, my heart skips a beat. Together, forever, I know its meant to be, for you to only be wit me, When we hold hands, my heart fills with joy, Just to hear you tell me, I'll always be your boy, When we hold each other close, the world seems to move fast, And it seems like forever, though much time has past. When we hug each other, and i look into your eyes, Your sweet adorable smile, catches me by surprise. Your kisses are so sweet, when our lips begin to meet. To hear you say, I Love You, means so much to me, and I hope and pray that you, will always be wit me.~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~
My Life...
If You Like Naughty Read!
The Waves and the Pounding............... We were all sitting around the campfire on the beach as the sun was just starting to set into the sky. I had taken my wet bathing suit off, and to my surprise forgot to bring panties for under my skirt. I sat on the bench with my legs closely guarded. When I looked up across the fire, I could see that he was staring at me again. We had flirted and played with each other all day, and I could see from the look in his eyes he wanted me bad. There were several people sitting around the fire, but all seemed to be engaging in conversation or just enjoying a cold beer. As I licked my lips, I slowly spread my legs letting him see my secret. It was as if his eyes were frozen on me and couldn't move. When he finally did break his stare he looked at me and smile with this huge grin. I could tell by the bulge in his pants, that he liked what he saw very much. As it got cooler he slipped a blanket across his lap and motioned for me to come over. I had bare
Back Agian
One thing history has taught us about ourselves is we get one chance for for every decision. big or small great or mild, chance to make it. i made a choice to leave ct last week. the cause was justified but there was another way to go about fixing it without leaving ct. as soon as i left i felt a great freedom,and soon after along with that feeling came a heart ache for missing my friends. i have pretty much all my friends on yahoo that i had on ct but it wasn't the same. for whatever reasons you cant converse with your friends as easily on yahoo all at once. people are either not on or hidden or you find yourself unable to catch up with them. during my brief leave from ct i did have a time of clear thought to gather my reasons for being here or not being here. my reasons in the beginning where to meet others, share my music, and my art. to make a connection that could carry over past online and into real life. i can say i believe with almost all of my friends i have that. along t
Obviously, I suck as a friend.... and have to many issues...... all this is bringing me down and back into the slump of hell, one in which I thought I had brought myself back out of.... my heart and soul hurt like hell.... I dont know what to do, everyday is one battle to save friendships after another... Im tired, Im back on taking my meds for this and I had worked to hard for to not to have to take them, and drinking alot, and I know you never find the answers at the bottom of a bottle... My life and I mean my whole life, I have lost everything, I have 3 sisters I havent seen in over 20 yrs, I was neglected, rejected, abused, and everything else you can imagine as a child... I lost my dad back in 2005, he meant the world to me... all I have now is my kids whom most days hate my guts... I wanna just disappear and never be heard from again..... Some I dont think would really care... some I know would, but at this point Im so very lost again... My good is never enough for some... and bc
Come One Come All
i need everyone to please sign in my guest book and leave a pic plz
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